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Full text of "A dictionary of English synonymes and synonymous or parallel expressions, designed as a practical guide to aptness and variety of phraseology"

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The eKerdoii of dotiiing a thought In a completely new set of 
ncreosefl Doth elearnesa of thought and mastory over words. Jt |9 the t 
isoUdthoaBlitthat tt wlllbearuchanga of olotlilng.— J. E. Seelkv. 




;a by Google 

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year IBTl, by 
In tJie Office of tiie Librarian of Congress at Washinglon. 

;a by Google 


' I ""HE miin deanrri cf Ihi-: DictH'iiaty is to provide a reidy 
■^ meana of i ■distance when one is it a loss for a word 
or an eipreisioa that best suits a p^ltlcula^ turn of thought or 
mood oi the mmd, oi that may ohviate an iingran,ful repetifion 
Even practised and skilful writers tre sometimes embanassed 
in the endeaTor to make i venteai e more clear simple terse, 
or ihythmical, hj the substitution of one foim of diction for 
another It is piesumed that they, aa well as notices in tom- 
posifion, will find the piesent woik usehil in overcoming diffi- 
culties of this sort. 

As to the method of U'lmg it Whenever a dcubt arises m 
regard to the fitness of any word, and a better one is not readily 
suggested, let the writer turn to this word in its alphabetical place. 
Under it will be found the words aud phrases, or some clew to 
the words and phrases, which, in any connection, have the same 
meaning as itself, or a meaning very searly the same. That oae 
of them, which comes nearest to expressing the exact shade of 
thought in the writer's mind, will be likely to arrest the atten- 
tion and determine the choice. 

In most cases, aJl the words that belong to any group will 
be found in that group. But in some instances, as when the 
same word falls into two or more groups that are near to each 
odier, or when there are so many synonymes for a word that a 
repetition of every one of them under each in its alphabetical 
place would seem to he too formal and prolix, the inquirer is 
referred to some prominent word among them for a view of the 
whole. Under the word Blockhead, for example, reference is 

;a by Google 

made to the word dunce, — printed, for this purpose, in amall 
capitals, aa here, — under which will be found all the words 
that are synonymous with it. This example is given because it 
is the most marked one in our langaage of a multiplicity of 
terms for the same idea. 

Many nouns ending ia ness, and adverbs ending in ly, have 
been omitted in their alphabetical places, for the reason that 
' their ajnoajmes are aufficieatly indicated by the corresponding 

The aim has been to present at a siagle glance the words or 
modes of speech which denote the same object, or which express 
. the same general idea, with only slight shades of difference. 
There has been no attempt at elaborate discussion of the nice dis- 
tinctions that obtain between words apparently synonymous ; 
but hints of such distinctions have been ^ven whenever it was 
practicable to give them briefly in a parenthetical remark. 

In preparing this Dictionary, free use has been made of the 
following works : Eoget's Thesaurus of Words and Phrases ; 
the Quarto Dictionaries of Webster and of Worcester ; Crabb's 
SjTionjTues ; Graham's Synonymes ; Wliately's Synonymes ; 
Piatt's Synonymes ; the Dictionaries of Synonymes by Fenby, 
Sherer, Mackenzie, and Smith; the Medical Dictionaries of 
Dunglison and of Thomas ; and the United States Dispensatory 
by Wood and Baohe, It contains much, however, that has been 
gathered frora a wide field of miscellaneous reading during a 
long series of years. 

The author is under special obligations to his friends Mr. 
Justin Winsok, Mr. William A. Wheklrk, and Mr. Loomis 
J. Campbell, for the interest they have manifested in the 
progress of the work, and for their valuable suggestions and 

Brooklinb, January 2d, 1871. 







o eUmlsfor 













England uTEii);1lBb 

Gsom " 










Umtea States. 

^" Small oafitals, in, the printing of a word or » phraae indluita a n 
w to tbat vord In Its alphabeUeal place vltere addltlDQal eynonjmea oi s 
brmation In regard to it, maj be f jnnd 




AballenaUoD, «■ {Lcac.j Alienaitlciii, 

transfer, dsmlae, convayaiuiB. 
A1>andoii, V. a, 1. Leave, lellmiiiisli, 

ubjure, Eirewear, give OTar, oast o^ 
retlreftom, withdraw from. 
!t. Sariead.ei, eede, yield, resign, 

CATE, deliver np, giTo up, part witi, 

Abandoned, a. ' 1. Belinquielied, de- 
berted, ftirsaken, east owny, rejeotea, 
dlsusrded, given up, given over, cast 

a. DepraTed, eonnpted, corrout, 
pibfljgate, vlWBB, rin^, wteked, ms- 
Bolutfl, leprebaCe, graoelesa, BhamelsBS, 
unprfnf^plBd, lost, oMorate, hardaied, 

Impenitent, toooTii^blEL * ^.t~.<~•~ 

demoralized, loflt to tmi 

Abandnnuient, «. 1. Abandoning, te- 
linquMiment, deaertloil, derelictlou. 

3* B«nxm(^tlon, fiurrender, oeaalrm, 
le^natlon, abuegaUoD, iLtiluialJon, le- 

Jeotioii, ABDIOATION. 

Abartlculation, fl. {Med.) IXartbtosii!. 
Abuse, M. a. 1. Depress, lower, reduce, 

drop, sinft, stoop, east down, lat down, 

let rail. 
it. D^ade, humble, diraraee, dis- 

lionoij liBmlUate, debsse, bring low, 

,^ ^, ... ^. HepreBsion, detrn- 

__ . n, reduotion, lowerii^, ftll, deterloca- 
tlon, decradatioii, dettasemen^ degen- 
eracy, filiation, perversion, deprava- 

3. HumiUattoB, cocdeecensCoD, sub- 
mladon, snlimia^Yeneffi, resignation, 
hutoiUft, meelmeas humMenesB, lowli- 

Abasii, V. a. Shame', mortify, confuse, 

humiliate, humble. 

Abaehmeiit, n. Confusion, 
mortifloatioD, embarrsBament. 
Abate, - ' " ' 

1. Leesen, diminisli, de- 
w, i»<ju:Ce,lower, relax, alaeken. 
Remit, allew, bate, rebate, deduct. 

Modetate, assuage, mitigate, 

soothe, soilea, guOli^, alleviate, mol- 
^ity, aJlaj, appease, paci^, compose, 
ranouilhae, temper, attemper, qidet, 
lueli: calm dull, blunt 

t. [LOK.i 

Abate, f. n._ 

3. (Za«).) . 
or overilirown 
Abatement, r 

■■ defeated, fruatrated, 

1. Dlmlnuaon, de- 
■, mtljgallDn, awnaee- 
t, extenuatlcm, reijua- 


_ , , rebate, de- 

diu^tion, teduotiOD, drawbooli:. 

Abbey, »■ Monastery, convent, ctdster, 
priory, nunnery. 

AWbrerlatej V, a. Shorten Ifig evtlvi^ 
Hff"), curtail, rednce, contract, retrencU, 
ABBiDOB, oondenee, compress, epito- 
mize, cut short, cut down. 

Abbreviation,!!. Shortening (6j; cu«ijia 
(jf ), cHtt^lmeBt, oontracUon, i 

V. a. Beeiga (or o#ce or dig- 

., Abdicatji^ resignation. 


Lbdomlnous, a. Large-bellied, greats 
bellied, b^-bellled, pot-bellieii, tun- 

away, pull back. 

I Withdraw, dran 

h„5teo., Google 

drawal, withdrawmeutj dra^lii^ away- 
3. Kidnapping. 
Aberdertne, ». Siskin (Cea-Oadii sfii- 

Aberrance, n. Devl^tlcin, departure. 

Aberrant, a^ !■ l>«v}atji^, wiindeilng, 
rambliue, diverging, divergent, devloue, 
erraljc, out of the way. . 

a. Ineeular, abnormM, umiatiirai, 
ouustutl, tdngolar, peculiar, tmoinalaus, 
vnconfoFmaDle, exceptional, strange, 
anomailstio, ecoantiie, monstcoua, pie- 

._, ^-Tegnlarity, , 
lailty, pecuiiarity, * 
formlty, fttionmly, 

a. iQution, deiu^n, Ijallacination, 

monomania, Helf-deceptlon, 

Abet, V, a. 1, Aid, aealaC, lielp, support, 

eoccor, Becond, BustEiin, uptiold, bsjik, 

co-opeiats nilii, tBlLe part with, give 

Abeyance, ^ 1- (Lan/.) lixpeetaHon 
proBpeot, eipeotanc;, waitjns, antldpa 
tioii, oalaoiauon, coatemplalKm. 

a. Snspenas, ceaBrvatfon, intermls 
eion, remiediin, dormKDoy, quleecence. 

AblLOT, V. a^ Hate, alrmninate. deteat, 
loaOie, nanseate, slirtnli from, recoil 
Dxan, Bliudder at, Tien witli liorror. 

Abhorrence, ». Abomination, Iioiror, 
detcelatlon, hatred, loBthlng, diHguet, 
antipath;, avetaion. 

Atrlwnrrent, a. !■ Hating, detecting, 

iftp OEUouB, olE^^vo, Bhockli^, repng- 

Abide, n. «. 1. Siay, Bqloum, tair" 
lodge, rest, keep,. take up one's qni 

a. Dwell, reside, live. Inhabit, sett 
piant one^s selfj get a (botlng, get 

a, Bemtin^ continue, perdst, pen 
vera, atrnaisr, go on, keep on, be sCea 
last, l>e constants 

4. EnCtore, bear. 
Abide, V. a. 1. Await, attend, wait 6 
be in readiness for, be in store Bir. 

constant, continuing, stable. 

Ability, «. I. Power (lo e3:e™(e onjf 
tkiao), ableness, force, patency, might, 
e@icieixcy, efficacy, atrenoUk, energy, 
skill, BkUfulnesB, dextarfty, address, 
clevarneBs, ingenuity, talent, aptitude, 
aptaees, knack, expertness, lacililj, 
quickness, leadineee. 

a. Quallflcatlon, competency, aalH- 

nesB, faoulty, 0a, parts, genius, endow- 
Toent, oaltbre, tank, tarn. 
Aldectj o, Bmo, vile, mean, low, des- 
' ricaue, contemptible^ be^arW, paltr;. 

ble, liegraded, wortliless, poor, servile, 
slavish, menial, eneakiivg, sordid, 
shabby, acuny, miserable, wretched, 
low-minded, baae-nllnded, earth-bom. 

Abjection, 'n. 1. {Bfa-e.'] Humbling, 
9. Abssen. ,_ ... 

AMectness, n. Heanne 
vUeneas, baseness, abaaemenr, aojec- 
tion, contempUblenem. 

Abdoration, I. Benunidation [vpm 
oaih), relinquishment, reJecUon, aban- 
donment, abnegation. 

, ABHEOiTG, give 

a. Kstraet, revoke, : 
withdraw, disavow, take 
Ible, a. 1. Clever, acoi 
enMd, adroit, ingenious 
terous, apt, qoiok, sfc 
proficient, good, veraed. 

i. Qualified, fitted, oompetant. 
1. Cap^la, gUted, powerful, strong, 
■ ity, highly endowed. 
'*--—' •--"-9, telling. 

Abnegation, n. Denial, renuiu^ation, 
rejeellon, abandonment, abjuration, 

Abnormal, a. Irregular, anomalous, 
auomallatic, unusual, unnatural, sin- 
gular, peculiar, aneotitbrmable, excep- 
tional, hetaroclllfi, aberrant, eccentric, 
ei-ratio, etcai^e, monstroua, pretemat- 

Abnonnity, n. Irregularity, uncon- 
formity, anomaly, pecuUarily, singu- 
larity, monstrosity. 

Aboajrd, ad. 

1 board, in the ship, 1 


Abolish, V. K. 1. Abrogate, annnl, dis- 
annul, repeal, raeiand, revoke, cancel, 
□ullUf, qnasb, vacate, invalidate, set 
aslde-make vtaA. 

S. Destroj, overthrow, ettbvert, oblll^ 
raate, exdi^a(«, eradicate, anninilate, 
eMlnguiBb, enpprma, BiBEBTiBUBH, 
do awa;, pat an end to. 

AliDlitlan.n. 1. Abnwatlon, annnlniBnt, 
annalllng, naUlficauon, reaolndli^, le- 
vocatlnn, cancelUi^, repeal, reeiuSBiolt. 
3, BeetTuctlon, overthrow, sahver- 
sion, oblltera^n, exlirpatloii, eradlca- 
tJon, aimlhllatlcni, extinction, cxUn- 
guieiuneot, auMireadon, mbestab- 

1. Hateful, odlouB, 
\d, horrlhle. execrable, 
ahle, cursed, accaised, 

3. IioatlieoiDe, oftfendTe, obnoxious, 
frml, nauBeoua, uaueeatllK, diEguBtine, 
sickening, repul^ve, revoldng, shook- 

I'. Vlie, wretched, sorrj, scQrvy, 
shabby, bad. 
Abominate, v, a. Abhor, detest, exe- 
crate, liate, loathe, nauseate, elirlnlt 
ftom, leoial ftom, shudder at, view 


1. Abliorrenee. 

orlt^al, first, native, Indlgenons, 
AtHurtion, n. 1. MIscaniage. 
uocese, vain effort or attempt. 

. MIscaiTjlng, faiUng, 

Qtlesi, iat 

less, bootlera, Ineffeotoal, inefibcttve 
Snoperative, nnancoeBsM, profltlesB, fa- 
Mle, unproHtAble, Idle, DUgntory, ir 

Abound^ o. ». 1. Teem, awarm, super- 
abound, swell, flow, Inci.'eaee, mnltdply 
be In great plenty, he numerous, ai 
very prevalani;. 

8. Biaberate, ln:iunat«, revet, naii- 
ton, he wen furnished, he weU supplied 

4. Through, over. 
About, <id. 1, Around, here and there. 
8. Nearly, near, approximately, not 

3. Ready, In a state of readiness, on 

ave.pnp. i. Higlier than. 
S. Over, exceeding, more than 

I. Beyond, suiierior to. 

4. Too h^ for. 
Above, ad. 1. Ovei 
in a h^ place, 
a. Bettoe, In a former part. 
3. Of a hi^er rank or order. 
Above all. Chiefly, la the first j^lace, 

before all olher considerations. 
Above-lMHtrd, mi. Openly, candidly, 
Ingenuously, frankly, ^owely, felrly, 
In opea sigiit, without aiUllce, without 
equivocation, witlumt guile, without 
t....j. _ . ScBAPB, Tteat away, 


lb off- 

Abrasion, . , 

blng, disintegration, , 

weeing away, weuiag off, rubbing 

Abreast, ad, 1. .Alongside, side by 

3. -Ag^nst, off, on a line wit£, oppo- 

Aliri^ge, o. a. 1. Shorten [by cmnpreii- 
sion)^ epitomise, condense, conipresa, 
malie on abstract of- 

Z. IMmlnlsIi, reduce, contract, cur- 
tall, lessen, abbbbvU-TE, retrenoh. 

summary, at>stract, digest, s^opslB, 

1, ail. 1. Broached, topped, o 

peaT revoke, rescind, cancel, abolish, 
nullify, quaen, vacate, liivBlldale, over- 
rule, set aeide, do away, make void. 
Abroeatlon, ". Bepeal, I'esdsalDn, rc- 
si^ung, abolition, annnhuent, annul- 

a. Sudden, unexpected, anantiid- 
pated, prei^pltate, hasty, unseaeonahle, 
Dl-tlined, nnlookcd fbr. 

4. Short, blunt, unceremonious, curt. 

5. Inelegant (oi style), stiff, oramped, 
harsh, dlaoonneoted, unconnected. 

Abscess, 1. Sore, ulcer, ffeater, Impost- 
bnme, pnatnle, gathering, bofl. 

h.sios !, Google 


, abstxacUon, preocea- 

jn. uii, tifl^Gt one's escape- 
.!. Hide, aaerete one's self. 
Absence, It. 1. Non-ttttendance, 


patdon, ^BtTacticut, 

brown Btad;, absence of mlnil 

3. Want, OeflidencT, lack, default. 

4. FliTdtlon, neeatlon. 

Absent, a. 1. Away, gons, not present. 

5. AbBtractad, preoccupied, iuattoi- 
tive, dreamily, musing, lost, napping, 

. absent-minded, In a btotm Mudy. 
Absent-mlniied, a. Abstracted, ab- 

Abgeut one's self, Be not present, 

Absolnte, a. 1. Independent, unre- 
Btriotcd, Tuianalifled, onlimiteil, uncon- 
ditional, nncondllloned, complex, per- 

B. Deapoao, arbitrary, tyrannical, 
t^?annou9, Impeitons, impBraUve, au- 
tliorilAtlva, autocratic, dictatorial, irre- 

3. Positive, actual. leat, Teiilabl^ 
determinate, decided, genuine, cate 
goilcal, uneqniTOcal, oeiE^n. 
Absolateif, ad. 1. Completely, un 
cDudltlDaal]?, nithoutlimlE. 

S* TrtjT, actually, positively, iLdeed, 
really, iniaot, In reality, in truth. 
Abaolr' " " 

STeneiw, reality, actuality. 

. Absolutenees, arbitra- 

riuaes, daapotiBm, tyranny, auMeiaey. 
-- iDBolnboryt *^- Clearing, acquitting, 
releasing, pardoning, for^ving, absol- 

AbsolTotory, a. ABSOiiTTTOET. 
AtwDlve, V. a. Acquit, clear, r^ase, 

liberate^ free, discharge, loose, deli — 

wccnlpats, eionerate, excuse, foi^ 

pardon, jubiIBt, aet free. 
Absorb, V, a, 1. Imbibe, take In, t 

up, Book In, auck up, drink in. 
a. Consume, eJtSaust, destroy, 

goi^e, devout, ei^nlf, swallow up. 

i, a. Absorbing, imbibing. 
n, n. 1. Absorbing, 
rossment, occupation, engage- 

, , and, keep 

team indulgence. 
Abatemlons, a. Abstinent (., „ 

saber, moderate, babituaUy temperate, 

sparing fn diet. 
Abetemli ~ 

>BtlTicnce, n. 1. Abataluli^, refi^aln- 

it. Abstemiousness, aolwruess, tem- 

>stinoui, a. 1, Abstaining, featlng. 

a. Abstemions, sober, temperate. 
iBtract, «. a. 1. Separate, dlsunlt*, 
ilBJain, dissociate, ieolate, detscb, dis~ 

^r^Take, seiz^j appropriate, steal, 

. Abrii^e, abbreriate, epitomize, 

S. Occult, recondite, subtile, refli 
abstracted, ABeTCDSB. 
Abstract, n. Abridgment, ^1t£ 

inaiuui, syoopsls, syllabus, outline, 
gest, brief, brc- — — ' — '■ 

breviary, i 

, _— e statement. 

Ab8tiact«a, a. 1. SublSla, refined, ab- 
-'-aot, abstruBO. 

I. Inattentive, preoccupied, Icet, 

minded, in a 


L. SeparaUon. 

lection, digunctlon, Ist 

a. Pmruwupation, inattention, rev- 
f, muse, absence, absence of 

mysnc, myHooai, mgn, aomaot, ao- 
Btracted, nubtile, refined. 
Absnrd, a. Unreaeonabie, Irrational, 
foolish, noneen^cal, lidiculDnB, Incon- 
gruouB, senseless, unwise, ^ly, stu- 

_:j . „ PAaABOXlCAL, 111- 

«d, ffi-adviseS, contrary ai 
&ary to the dictates of oi 

Absiirdltir,n. _, — , — ^-.— - — .,,,— 
rationality, GiDlisluLeBa, fOlly, foolec]', 
extrayaganoa, absurdnem. 

3. Pabihoz, HABK'B 'SKsr, OABtr 
BEFOBB THXl BOBBE, Sbaurd ttUtlg. 

Absordnesa, »• Absitrditt. 
Absurd story, Cook-«nd-bnll-story, 
fiddle-fiidaie, ndther rfiyme nor rea- 

utility, coploui 

enough, great plenty. 
a, Abaunduig, . . Xowii 
plentifiil, pleiueous, co, 
eniJwrtHifc Imnriant, i 

<iyerfiowing, plentifiil, plei&ous, cc^- 

— 1. eniJwrtHit, Imnriant, re- 

largs, ample, good, liberal, 
avlah.ri'-'- ' '— "■■-'- 

bDunidful,'laviikj ricl^ temilng, thick. ' 
Abuse, V. a. 1. Misuse, mlaemploy, 
misapply, pervert, proadtute, desecrate, 
profane, make an ill use of. 

a. Maltreat, barm, injure, hurt, 111- 

3. Beyfle, repioaoh, vilify, slander. 



«ieer at, speak fll of, accuse faisal; 
mn ^itli t^nt praiaa. 
I. Violate, outr^e, ravish, deflour. 
lae, n. 1. Mtsapplicalion, tniaae 

3* Corrupt piRcttce. 

4. Vitupea^tlffli, rallii^!, reviling, 
oontunMlv, obloqar, opprobrium, in- 
BQlt, sonrrlUty, iftaMry, JAW, foul In- 
vecttve, rude reproaeli. 

Abnsive, a. Keproocliful, opprobrious, 
scuTCiloua, ribaici, contumelious, Titu- 
psrative, condamnatoiy, danioatoiy, 
invective, cainmiiious, dsnuneiatory, 
tnsultil^, Insolent. 

Abut against, 1 Meet (end to end or sMe 

Abntopoi^ j tomfi),beooHtiguoufl. 

Abyas, tt. 1' Gulf, ffoi^, great aeptb, 
bottomless enlf or ^t. 

5, Hell, fliabo, putgatorv- 
Acaileiiiii^, I a. 1- Scbolaatie, llter- 
Academiciil, ( a^, lettered. 

a. Platonic, of Plato. 
Academy, n. Scliool, seminary, Innti' 

tnta, gymnaeium, bioli Ecbool, college. 
Acarpous, a. (S7<.) llnftnitfiil, sterile, 

bari-en, fiiiltlesB, nnpindnotive. 
Accede, v. ii. Consent, ^ree, aasant, 

tt«|UleBoe, oomply, yield aaBont, give 

Awelenite, n, a. Hasian, expedil 

bnrry, qnlckcn, speed, precipitate, d 

spttloft, urge forwai-d. push fijrwar 

■ posh on, ptesB on, ui^a on. 

Acceleratlan, n. Hastening, inozea 

of velocity. 
Axxontftt. 1, Intonation, cadence, ton 
modoiatlon of voice. 
a. BttOBioa a certam syllable). 
Accent, c. a, Aecentnate, lay sdeas 

upon, pronounce vlth accent- 
Accents, n. pi. Langnsge, worOs. 
Aooentuatfl,tT.a. 1. Mark witli accent, 
put tha mark of accent upon. 
8. Accent, lay strasa upon, prononnoe 

Accept, w. a. 1. Take lahat is qff^ed), 

a. Admit, assent to, agree to, accede 

bTEaHniate, r^ard, value. 
Acceptable, a. Welcome, pleasing, 
pleasant, agreeable, grataM, gratify- 

3. (O™.) Acc6ptadblll[q/"e3«Sa?we). 
.oo«>tiition, 11. Meajili^, slgnitlcadim, 

ting, hefp] 

jlsting, aiding, al>et^ 


HXBBOTS, a. Assisting, j 
aessory, ». 1. Conifedi 
a. Accompanitaent, attendant, coi 

H^dence, «. Orammar, rudiments i 
ilements of grammiu:. 
Accident, «. 1. Casualty, chance, fo 


. Property, quality, modiScation, 

Accidental, a. 1, Casual, tbrti 
tntii^enl^ Ibat happens by cl 

:, Incidental, advei 

Contingency, (ot- 



, rtaud 

C, cheer, cty, outcry, 
aliaut of applause. 

AccIimaUie, I: 

a. AcctuuiTi;. 

jlirity, n. Ascent, elope litpicarcis), 

rising ground. 
Accmumodate, v. a. 1. Oblige, servo, 
supply, furnish, do a service (Or, supply 
the wants of, minister to the convene 

8. Fit, suit, adapt, m^ce conform, 
make conformable. 

Accommodatflwith, Famish, sup^y, 

afford, spare, give. 

privilege, convenie 
Sly of ^vanfs, p 

a. Agreement, adapfaKon, 
suitableness, conlbrmity- 

3. Reconciliation, aiQustme 
fication, settlement. 

Icoompany, v. a. Attend, eecon, ccai- 
Toy, Ibllow, wait on, be BSaDdated wtUi, 
keep compajiy wlldi, go wll^ go aloi^ 
^ith, go hand In bona vith. 

abettor, assodale (in a 
I Aucompliali, K. a. 1. Complete, 

h.sios !, Google 


schieve, effect, eiecute, perfomi 

to effect^ carry tbron^, earry ou 
throueli, bring about, work out. 

4- Equip, fuTDlsh, supply. 
AcwnuiOiBhed, a. 1. loelructed, 

eated, pjactlaed, experienced, £n] , 

conBummat«, ripe, thorough-bred, 
Tersed, auHlUled, proficient, able, clev- 
er, apt, adroit, expert, talented, akil- 

3. Poliebei^ refined, polite, el^nut, 

e, ^e. 

ice, execntlDn, achieve , 

itlon, fulfilment. 
S, Acquirement, attainment, profi- 
ciency, etock of knowledge, mental ie~ 

safe, ^tiga. 
Aec<H.-d, V, n, Harmo 
agree, tal^, quadrate, 

Accord, «■ Agreemeui 
Aceordance,?*. Accora, cosooi 
ment, cononrrenee, coiicordai 
formity, conformaooii, harmo 
son, usanlmity. 

ordant, a. An^eablc, i 
iltable, conaonanc, congmoi 

Dordiiuly, ad. 1. A^reeaJ 
bly, oonftprmably. 
a, OonBoquantiy, ai 

concefle, rouch- 
oiie, correspond. 

o (ha clrcumstanoeB 

According to. By, In accordance irith, 

confomJ^ly to, agreeably to, 
Aceoat, v. a. Address, salute, greet. 

, ... (Ft.] Man midwt 

ASMUoIieuge, n. [Jfr.] MiduHe, 
Account, n. 1. Beoord, cegiBtBr, lnv( 

8. BHl, charge, registry of debt and 

S- fieekonliiff, compulafJon, calculo- 

4. Description, Statement, narration, 
reidtal, relieacsat, relatic 

chronicle, bistory, dellnt-. . --i,.- 

BantaMon, portrayal, detail, word, ti- 
dinga lepoTt. 

5. Consldoratior 
son, roound, sake. 

S. Oonsequei 
diathictioD, d 

1. Froat, advantage, 
A«c<mDt> V. a. Esteem 
tiLink, hold, consider, vl 
eetlmate, look upon. 

igard, motive, rea- 

iportance, wortJi, 
repute, reputa- 

)gi^, deem, 

.coountabUity, «. Aocoantableness, 
tesponBibility, liability, ohligatioii, bond 

LCconntAble, «. " "•'- — -~~ 

able, amenable, lif 

intant, n. Book-keeper, expert 

AooontreiDieiits, n, pi. [Written also 
Jccoulermealt.J Dieee, equipage, equip- 
ments, trap^ngs, gear, TOQSBBY. 

Aa<]r«dlt, v, a, Orecut, pTe trust or con- 
fidence to, give dealt oi lUDor t«, re- 
ceive as an envoy, receive as oominls- 
sloned, empowerea, or authorized. 

AccrettoD, n. 1. OroirUi iby aeeeieioH 
S. iMed.) Otowlng together, 
a. (Law.) Gradual accumulation (q/' 


at the mouih o^ a ?^ 
,' Mlow, 

nane, be 

adde^, be derive 

Accambent, a. Leaniug, reclining. 

Aecnmiilate, v. a. 1. Pile, amass, ag- 
gregat*, collect, eollect tifflether, gatlier 
up, pile up, heap ap, bring together, 
kiap together, scrape tn^tber. 


Br up, ^y up, lay b] 

Exaotaeea, exaotitade, 
eorrectness, predslon, nfceneHB^ nicety, 
trutli, accuvatcuees, Melltr. 
Aoonrate, n. Exact, correct, predse, 
true, truthful, tUthful, strlot, close, 
rigorous, severe, just, nice, eitqnisite, 

Md, aT 

L. Cursed, unsanctified, 
secrable, Late^il, 


count, take to task. 

■,n. Informer, Informant, plaln- 
Habltnate, Inure, use. 

qnent, regular, urdlnary, every day. 
Ace, ». I. Sh^ point (<n aarda of i 



n, jot, iota, bit, titfla, 

Aoephaloua, a. 1 

A^tio add, T 
Ache, n. Acliing, pafu, c 
Ache, V, ». 1. Bs In pail 

abont, brli^ to pSM, earrjr throi^h, 
carry out, work out, bring to a. dosa, 
bring to conulusiou. 
8. Obtain, aoqnlca, procure, gidn, 

t,B. 1. Perl 

upUBbment, oompletbiQ 

i. Exploit, feat, doed, v 

[»r,a. (Sot 

. Deprive of oolor 

. {Bot. 


Acidity, «. aoutnasB, tartness, afMness, 

AcidneBB, n. Aciditt. 

Acldolons, a. Sourish, aomenhat acid, 

sligbtly aciil, subacid, aoinawha,t sour. 
A^orm, a. (Ail.) AciCDLAB, 
AA^naalAtrmia. (Sot.} CImetor-ahaped. 
Aekuoirledse, V, a. 1. Reci^nlze, taka 

cogolautce of, 1H BwBre of, bold in te- 

a. Admtt, grant, concede, allow, ac- 
cept, Itidoree, Bubscribe to, i^rea to. 

3. Confoaa, own, aTovr.- profess. 

4. Expceea gmutude for, i^is thanka 

e. Admission, Bvonol, conceaeios 
Jlowance, acceptance, Indoraemcnt. 
3. Expneslon of thanks or gratitude. 
Acme, n. Sunuuit^ top, apex, zanltb, 
pinnacle "' ■'•■">"•.» 

pinnacle, ntnuwt 
Aconite, ». n'oU 

'i, h^ihast pi 

1. IWoUiulze, makE 

a. Inform, apprise, tell, nott^. 
aware, make knonn to, mentio 
commuJiiiata to, sfenlfy to, rire i 
to. Bead word to, write word to. 

AcqnaiittaDce, n. I. Pamlliarity, fe- 
miUar knowledge. 
a. Frland {with wiem one is iiot inli- 

Acqiuduted nitli, 1. familiar with, 

a, A frland of {TeithmU b^off intinuUe 

Acqmeace, V. ». 1. Yield, comply, sub- 
toit, bow, rest, rea^ ona'a aeU; lie 
reconcileC be raalgnad, be satisfied. 

Acquleecence, It. 1. Compliance, aub- 

Acqiiiesceut, a, Oompljing, yieldii^, 

Acquire, v. a. 1. Oalu, obt^n, acMeve, 

have, m^e, fukchase, gat posaesaicnL 
of, gat Into one's hands, 
a. Master, learn thoroughly, make 

Acqutrement, «. 1. Acjjolrin j, gather- 
ii^, gaining, maatery. 

a. Accomplishment, attainment, aa- 
qnMtion, stock of knowledge, mcntd 

AcqnIsltlTe, a. A^uiring, deposed to 

AcqulBlttveness, ». ijtve of acquirij^, 

Ac4iilt, B. o. IMscharge (from on ocea- 

atfl, exflu^iate, eiieuaa, pardon, foijive, 

tfinit one's seJ 

[not ona'a self, b 
jne's self. 

Acciuittal, It. Dlsidiai^, rcleaaa, da- 
iivetance, liberation, exoneration, clear- 
ance, absolnlion, acouittajice. 

Acqulttanoe, ». 1. Discha^e, acqdit- 

g, pongent. 

,_^ „, acridity, 

a. Seventy, harshnaaa, hardnasa. 
Acriinenlona, a. [fiore.] 1. Corro^ve, 

a. Severe, harah, hard, acrid, aarcas- 
tic, Mtler, virulent, malignant, oenso- 
rloua, crabbed, enarling, snappish, Ms- 
ty, pettish, petulant, cross, aoor, tart, 
Bplenetio, peevish, lll-temperad, Ul-na- 

Acrlmony, », 1. Sharpness, corroeive- 

a.'severity,terahBesa,aournesa, tart- 
ness, aapenty, virulence, blttsmees, 
acerbity, rancor, venom, crabbedness, 



a. Esotsrio, esoterlCiU, 

AoroatlCr a. 
Aorobait, n. 
Acrospire, t 

I. BBhaTe, conduct one'esell; demean 

b'a ael^ ac^nit one'b self. 

1. Operate, have influence. 

, B. a. 1. Do, perform, execnte, car- 

s' £^t, re^t7, actn^tf, real exlBt- 

a. Personation, representation, sim- 
AcUon, n. 1. Aotiflty, exeri^se, mo- 

3.' Deed {viem^ as regidrlng a caa- 
iintted evgrfion (ifp<noer), perfbrmance, 
exjiloit, aOMevemont, 'pvocednro, pro^ 
oeeaiBE, aotlna. turn. act. 

8> Agency, 


int, confllct,'ij 

test, combat, . 

BldrraiBh, brush, atthir. 
6. Gesticulation, gesture. 

6. Snhject, Ctble, plot, eeriee of 

7. Uam.) Suit, process, ease, proae- 

ing, T^orous, in acflon, i 

2. Busy, diligent, arduous, indue- 
trtona, indelhtigable, unremitting, la- 
borioue, sedulous, notable, at yiotk, 
bard at worS, dil^nUy employed, 
bnsUy engaged. 

S. Alert, nimble, agile, supple, M'isk, 
dapper, aUrring, BPBY, smart, quid!, 
prompt, ready, lively, spriglitly, spir- 

4. EnterprlBiug, energetic, strong, 
efficient, ' ■■ 

«e), 1 


8. {(from.) li-ansillye. 

AotlTltv, n. I. Aelion, es 

a, A!tetlnes3, _ agility. 

8. Player, peribrmer, ct 
gedian, stage-player. 
Actual, a. 1. Real, veritable, true, sub- 
stantial, determinate, decided, categori- 
cal, positive, absolute, certain, genuine, 
very, not Ideal, not imagined, not Im- 
aginary, not supposed or fanoled, not 
flctilioaa, that exlsta in fact, de facio, 

3, Present, now existincr. now in 
' -^—-"-^ aa^ neauy 

^ Jy, reiily, hiuc™, u 

reality, as a matter of fact, it 

prompt, instigate, persuade, Incite, at 

e, eflect, bare in- 

..."Siduce," . 

lot up to. Abide by, conform to, per- 

Icumen, n. Acnfenesa, shrewdnees, 
sagacity ,_ astuteness, sharpness, inge- 
nuity, perspicaci^, djsceriimeut, pene- 

tcumiiuite, ) a. {Sot.) Sharp, ae^ite, 
Icuiuluated, j pointed, cuspidate, 

Icute, a. 1. Sharp, pointed, acttquk- 

3- Keen, slirewd, discerning, know- 
ing, quick, sharp, smart^ bright, sage, 
sapient, sagacious, intelligent, astute, 
ingenious, subtle, penetrating, pierc- 
ing, ciear-sigli.ted, sharp-witted, long- 

fiuenoe upon. 

sagacity, sagadousness, astuteness, 
-'-'-— — s, brightness, perspicacity, dls- 
t, ingenaity, mother-wit, quick 

everlty, IntenMty, poignancy, vlo- 

4. H^hness, shrilhiess. 
Adage,". Proverb, saying, i 
apliorism, apotJie^u, maxi 

ilamond, crystallized 

Spanieli bayonf ' 
temper, fiSliior 

Adjust, accommodate, 
I, quali^, prepare^ flt. 

Adaptability, n. Adaptab 

;a by Google 


Add to. 1 


litinn append 

a. AccnEtom (aonuROR^ in a 
'A, h&l>ltuate, dedicate, devote, 
tbHuaiij/), give, give up. 
I, n. yiare.) Addicteduess. 
, n. 1. Addli^. 
». ^is^ssion, increase, augioontation. 

8. Appenii^, adjunct, ! 

, ... jadded. 

Addle, a. 1. Putrid, tomipt, spoiled 

a. Bairen, nnfrultful, ftuMess, abor- 
' — * ■■'■-e,onpTollfiB,iiiifetMle, 

Addl«£a. 1 
Addle-Uead, ' 

dollJBti, broinlew, eliallow, son, sappy, 
witleas, blockish, weak-beaded, weak- 
minded, feeble-minded, lialf-i>ltt«d, 
sbort-wltWd, Bhallow-br^ned, doll- 
viCted, tbick-skulled, addle-pated. 

Addle-patod, a^ Aj>jHjESEADE1>. 

Address, ». 1. Appeal, Invocation, 
petition, entreaty, request, iQiplotatJOD, 
application, solicitation, suit. 
ff. JMscouTBOj Bpeeob, oratJon, ba^ 

3. sun, art, Bdroitaees, readinees, 
dexterity, expertness, cloTemesH, inge- 
nnlty, attuty, taut, ontFTtoK, 

4> Supeiscilpliaii, direoKoQ. 

IT (M gpeatina to anotiar] 

I. pi. Oonrtanlp, atdt. 

e-a self to, J^reot oi 

AddoG^ v. 

n, give, bring Sor\ 

Adept, B. 'Moaier, profldoat, genius, 
doctor, veteran, expert, dab, dabstbb, 
good band, maater band, capital band. 

Adept, a. Skilled, vereed, experienced, 
practised, proftcleut, good, at borne, ait 

Adequacy, fl. SufUciency, oompeteace, 
cffinpatency, enoi^b, ailequatenese. 

Adequate, a. Sutfcient, eommeuBurate, 
ptoportionatfl, oorreapundent, equal, 
snitable, lit, competent, adapted. 

Adeqoateness, «. AKEqOACy. 

Adhere, V. n. 1. Stbik, ding, deave, 
liotd, cobere, take bold, be &naly died. 

!. Be faltbful, I 

devQtlim, adbe^on 

r, votarj, Bupporter, 

ii. Attuduneni, ._ 

lidlieBlve, a. 1. Stieldi^, cUi^i^, 
tending to adhere. 

Ingto adJ .. 

Stick;, tenaidous, tougb, viecons, 

, smoary, dauoy, r*"' 

Ldien, Hii. FEirewell, good-by, fare- 
well, Qod bless you. 

,dlen, li. Farewell, valedietion. It 
ji _ Ynt, fatly, unctuons. 




A-L.,™, „ 

AcUaeenoy, J vicinage, ne^kborbood, 

projiiniitj, oonOgait*. 
Adjaoent, a. Afloinlne, oonterminouB, 

n^bboTli^, near, close, bordering, 

eontJgiioaB, in projiimlty. 
AAjeotiTe, n. ITeehnical term qT the 

gj-<Bttmarian,] Spith^t, gnalliyii^ 

Adjidn, V. «. [Bore.] Border^ lie near, 

lie close, be cont^uons, be a^acent. 
Adjonm, V. a. 1. Fostpone, defer, de- 
lay, moorMtinate, pat otf. 
8, Frorogne. 
AdjoDnuuent, «. 1. Postponement, 
delay, putdng otE 
2. Fiorogation. 
Adjudge, V. a, 1. Award UudMall]/), 
S. uetarmint^ settle, decide, deta^s 
{^Jndieiat outSoii^), adjudicate. 
Adjudicate, v. a. betetmine, ad- 

AdJudioMa, V. «. Judge, decide, detar- 
i^ne, arbUiate, give Judgment, poes 

AdJiuUcafelDii, «. Sentence, decision, 
determinaticQi, decree, award, urbltra- 

AdJnnct, n. Addition, appendage, ap- 
purtenance, dependency, attackuient, 
addeudnm, aometblng added. 

Adjncatjnn, n. Entreaty {as if to one 
Ixnmd bg oaOi), solemn charge. 

Adjare, t>, a. Entreat {(Mi/'itniferOirtA), 
oonjnre, obtBSf, beaeecb, pcay, suppli- 
cate, beg, conjnre, implore, invoke, 
enjoin aolemn^. 

A^ost, «. a. 1. Arrange, dispose, reo- 
tffy, trim, put or eet in order, put or 



B, Besulation, setHi^, putting r^ht. 
S. SetUement, reconoiliadon, paoii- 

4< Fitting, adaptii^, accommo'iaUon, 
matiiK eiUKible uc conformaWa. 

AcUntant, (t. (MU.) AssiBtant (^ o su- 
perior ofieer). 

AdmeaBurement, n. Measucement. 

Admialster, k. a. 1. Dispense, give, 
dlatribute, supply, oontrtbute, daa! out, 

3, l^Tsct, mimage, conduct, control, 
Buperinteno, preaidB oyer. 

8. Tender, ofifer, proffer. 
Admlnlstei-, c. B. 1. Conlilbuto, con- 
duce, be belpful. 

S. (ZmP.) Act He administrator. 

_.,_.... — ^ — „ . Dispensation, 



, Mani^em^ 

onduct, dlrecUon, 

control, suparlntend< 

3. EieoutiTO department (of a gos- 
emmeat), Prealdent Mr otier eh^f vtag- 
fa(ra!e)a— ' "^'-•- 

4. {Lai . 
(o^ aa hilestale). 

Adjulrable, a. 1. ISore.] Wonderful, 
surprising, striMng, astonfelil — 

IP oiiier eR 
Management of a; 

!. ^Excellent, incoi 

;^' first-rate, w 

ition, n. 1. [Rare.] Wonder, 

I, tdgb regard, Ligti 

[Bare.] Wonder at, 
I astonislied or aiuased 


a. Like macli, tbinli liightr of, hat _ 

a liigh opinion of, prize or valae hteUy. 

Admlre.v.n. lifore.l W ' 

.1 WonOer, marvel, 

Admission, rt 

f ennissible, aUowable, 
, juslUlabla, irarranO 

J. Admittaucs, tntro- 
s, entrance, initiation, 

owl&^ment, assent. 

t, V. a. 1. Receive, grant entrani 

It in, take in, open tne door to. 

, own, oonfiaa, tale ftir gronte 
) to, accede to. acquiesce in. 
Peimit, allow, bear, admit of, 1 
bl6 cf. 
t of. Admit, permit, allow, l>sa 

3n, ehtbSe. 

a. Access, means of approach, liberty 

Ldi^xtore,^ 1. Mixture. 

Z. Spice, dash, Infudon, Bprlnkling, 

aoquaii t notify 

gentle reproof 
S Adsi*^ couiise 

Admonitory a A 

Ado « 1 Tronblt 

1 caution watnb^ 

difll,,ulty labor 

lurry fuss, noise 
petlier oon^idon 

Yonth Jntemlitjf 

minoritT Juniority nonwo 
priiae of hfe flower of life b 

Adolescent a Youthful juvanll 

Adopt ! a 1 Appropriate take 
one s "Plf take or eelett as one e own 

3. Atailate, mtber, treat as one's 
own child. 
doptlon, ». 1. Approprlatloo. 

3' Approval, CBpousajjfluppori, main- 

3. Affltlation, adopUnj, fetherh^. 
dorable, a. 1. Divine, to be adored, 
worthy 01 adoration. 

a. Esiamable, venerable, worthy of 
love or honor. 
doratlon, ii. 1. Worship, davolSon. 

S. Homage, reierence, veneraliDn. 

itt Kavare, venerate. Idolize, honoTj 
pay komage to. . 
di>rer,»t. 1. Worshipper. 

Hi Idolater^great admirer. 

Adscititious, o. Additional, anppia- 

mental, sapplemantary, superaddetC 
Adolation, ». Flattery, flanunery, ex- 
Adulatory, o.' Flattering, smooth, oily, 
fuD of compliments, sarvile In compli- 

uh, dU 

Adult,™. Parson of maturo ag 

Adultei'ate, v, a. Debase, 

vitiate, sophlBticate, alloy, d^i, ' 
teriorate, make impure. 

Adnlter^Jou, ». Debasement, corrupt 
tion, deterioration, sopklstlcation. 

Adulterous, a. Unchaste, rakl^ dls- 

Ad.ult«r]', ». Violation of the marrlage- 
Adniubrate, v. a. 1. Shadow, fiiro- 

;a by Google 


Adnmbratton, n. 1. Sliiulowii^ fort 
tUiit sketch, tsAnt represeuUtlan, 1 
distinct imiige. . 
*). Typ«, imHee, sliadow, Eymbol. 
—-,__-, ^^_ Crooked, hooked, bei 

Advance, v,<t. 1, Promote, a^ian- 
Oiie, emit, aleTate, digBi()', xaEa to 
preferment, E^se to higber rani:. 

& Forward, farther, promote, im- 
prove, Btrengtheii, mate better, en- 
conrjtfo the proEretia of. 

3' Allege, adduce, propose, offer, 
assign, piopound, bring furward, ia; 

4. Fay befbrehand, supply before- 
hand, fatnieb DD ccedit. 

5- Increaae [as pT^ce}^ enhance, aug- 
msnt, make greater, maiie higher. 
Advance, V, fl. 1. Prooeed, progiesa, 
make pn^rcHB, make way, get tbrward, 
go foTwanl, gat on, go on, get along, 
come on, gain gronnd. 

a. Improve, grow, thrive, malie fin.- 

Advance, 7t- 1* Progress, pr<^rea^on, 
macoh, waj, moving^orward. 

3. Payment beforeha d tl i ted 
4' Tender, offer, p pusa oa 

!. Inotsaee (oTjH-icel m 

auc&^aard, a. Y a 
Aa-Taaeemeut, n. 1 Progress, ro- 
gieeaton, pcoiiolencf . 
*S. PromoUon, prafa ™ ** " 

d. ImpioTsment, nd , ^i 
AdTant£^:e, it. 1. Fa^oiable opportu 
nity, vwitage-ground, euperioc sitaa- 
tion or comUtiou, -best eatate, best 

8. Superiority, asoendencj, pre-emi- 

3. :^ena11t, a,vail, profit, gain, emoln- 
ment, return, ntillty, expeoienoy, good, 
weal^Bervlcd, blesdi^. 

yiceable, BHlutary, favorable, expedient 
good, well, far one's advantage, foi 
one's interest, for one's good. 
Advent, ». 1. Arrival, coming, ap 

S. Coming of Christ. 

3. Haz^^ona enterprlBO, bold imdcr 

3. Event, incident, 
actlxm, p^age, contii 

4. (uwi.) SpeciHatl 
Ldventore, v. a. Hazard, venture, risk, 

peril. Imperil, pat to tmzaul, pnt at 

risk, pat m danger. 
Ldventnre, v, M. Dare, venture, take 

the risk, run the risk, iiiauF the hazard. 
LdventnronB, a. 1. Bold, darli^, 

chiviurona, dougli^, enterprising. 

5. Basil, recflees, predi^tate, liead- 
long, foolliaiOy, fall oS hazard. 

Idvei'saria, «. hi. Notes, memoranda, 
remarks, note-book. Journal, common- 

LdverBDry, «. 1. Enemy, fbe, ant^o- 
nlst, opponent, advetES party. 
8. [WiOi The prelisad.] Devil, 

Ldverae, a. 1. Contrary, opposing, un- 

nate, ealtimitoas, diaastroua. 

Mtebrtnne, calamity, 

liotdon, tronhle, au^^iflinff, woe, dje- 
ter, dlstraaa, misery, iu-Inck, bad 
ck, broken fbrtnnes, hard life, frowns 

heed to, lalie n< 


3, alladE 
I gard. 

ulness, mlodfLtiness. 
AdverUse, V. a. 1. Annonnce, publish, 

, rn'omulgate, 

ncdse abroad, giTe no' 

, remark, regard, 
mark, view, give 
-f, my attenUon 

tread abroad, 
of, lay bBfbre 

„ notlcB of tlie 

proMamatlon of. 

». Oa^r for sale. 

AdverUsemest, n. Announcement, 
notiflcaaon, information, noUoe, proc- 
lamation, promnlgatlon, trompeting. 

Advice, it. 1. CounseL sn^ostlon, in- 

tion, warning, caution, eiihortation. 

3. Intelligence, information, notJce, 
notification, tliUngs, word. 
Advisalillity, n, Isxpedieney, advisa- 


Expedient, propei 


, desirable, fit to be odvlaeiS. 

Advise, v. a. Counsel, admonish, si^- 
gest, recommend to, give eouasel to, 

^, Xnfoi'm, acquaint, apprise, make 
known to, give notice to, send word to, 


lely, b' 

. Confer, c. 
el, hold a 

;a by Google 


AdTlsement, n. Consultallon, da 

Adviser, n. Counsellor, inst^nctoi', 
guide^ director, mentor, monitor. 

Advocacy, ft. Ijefenoe, vindication, sup- 
port, countenance. 

AdTOCatA w. a. Defend, support, vln- 
dlcat«, justify, conntenimee, nptial<3, 
i^yoT, pleaid 1q bivoi of, stand up for. 

bairister, lawyer, attorney, soli 
att«™ey-at-law, limb of the law. 

9. Defender, iladioatar, supporter, 
favorer, ^lologlrt, friend, patron. 

Sol; Spirit, STdr!t of Truth. 

4. nflth TAfl pitted.] Ch 
XBiB,n. 1. ^ield, buckler. 

2- Be&nce, protection, safSg 
Aerial, a. 1. Atmospberic. 
2. Acrifbrut, goBeous, v^pon 
real, alrr, empyreal, li^t. 

5. High, loftj. 

Aeriform, a. O^eous. etliereal, vapor- 

onfl, airy, a«tiaL 
Aerolite, n. Meteoric stone. 
AeromtDt, n. BallCDniBt, aeriEU DSMiga- 

Ara^onauUcs, n- AeroBtalJon, halloon-. 

Aeiwttation, n. AEBONAUTica. 

^gtheties, n. [SomeUmas written &- 
thetics.'] Fhilcsophy of the fine arts, 
Uieory or philosophy of taste, science 

of the t 



Afibblllty, n. 1. SoirfaMllty, aodable- 

a. OourtcBy, oourteousness, com 
sauce, condescension, i^viij^, pc 
nesB, urbanil?, comity, amenity, s 

breeding, oblMus xnaniiei. 
<Hi>i>iA n 1, Convorsabie, eomQ 
e, unreserved, open, sod 

<ua, complait 
— 1 — ^ J — fuan:, lan 

a. Coc , 

lite, obligiog, o 
iar, easy, gradoi 
Ing, weli-hred. 

8. Event, 

IS, concern, mi 

n, saUeoi 

, Ung, performance. 

a. mKLie, mgogemeat, ccmbat, con- 
' filot, conteffi, encounter, rencontre, col- 

li^on, sHrmiah, brush. 
AtblT of honor, Qael. 
Affect, o. a. 1. Influonco, act upon, 

a. Concern, interest, regard, relate 
to, bear upon. 
~ "" 've, impress, melt, sub- 

yearn for, aspire te, ^m at. 

Af&cted, a. 1. Assumed, feigned, un- 
natural, arUQdal, in^ncere, canting. 
« *^_^._^?..„ —itending:, preten- 



oudiing, pa- 

thetic, Snpreaalve. 
AFfecUou, n. 1. FeeUne, passion, incli- 
nation, propenMty, bent, bias, tnm of 
mind, cast or ffome of rnlnd. 
3. Attribute, guallty, properly, ac- 

3. liove, heart, a.t 

endeument, i^;ud, ^ad-vlll, tender 

4. (Med.) Disorder, malady, disease. 

Affectionate, CI. Lovuig,fena, attached, 
devoted, warm, tender, Mnd, syinpa- 
tbetio, tender-beattfld, warm-hearted. 

Afflance, f. a. Belroth, euE^e. 

Affidavit, B, TesUnumy (tn wriftBo, 
figned nnd sjoom lo b^i>re a maffiatnm, 
bii given vntho}^ cross-firomiTia^on), 

Aifillate, V. a. 1. Adopt, treat as outf s 
own cbild. 
ft^ nrnmect, a^sotdaie, imltfi. inin. 
to close relation. 

a. Eesemblance, likeness, relation 
coiTeladon, analogy, connecdon. slml' 
larity, similitude, ptu^ 
Bponuenoe, parity, eympa 

3. (CAon.j Ataa<»ion. 
Ifftmi, V. a. 1. Declare, 

main&iD, aesererale, a'. _, , 

allege, say, profess, protest, pronounce, 

a. ConGrm, cati^, approve, cstab- 

ptoteatatlon, avowal, predication, teetl- 

AfHict^ r. a. Grieve, distress, trouble, 
torment, agonise, plague, pain, buri, 
harass, wound, exercise, grmd, perse- 
cute smite, make sorrowful. 

AfOicting:, a. Grievous, paluibi, dls- 

tive, si^, uDbappy,' anfottunaU, un- 
lucky, wretched, dire, deplorable, sore, 
woful, severe, hard, trying, haid to 





mletaTtnne, diBwt^ vldtatkm, stroke, 

I. calamity, adver^t;, 
MBter, tW*"" — -' — ''- 

. _. M oT lortQL.. 

8. Oilet BoiiDW, dlalieBB, wDS, tdbu- 
lation, tria], plagiia, BOfmr^ trontilA, 
liearttiobB, MtferDOM.inliBeiT, -wrotdiea- 
.nese, gcipe, gilpii^, Tiroken lieart, 

AiBuence, n. Wealth, rioliee, opulence, 
ibrtnne, plenty, abimdanee, exuber- 
ance, ample store, ample moans. 

Affluent, a. 1. Abundant, exuberant, 
it. Opnlsnt, wealthy, cidi, roouayed. 

ASfbta, V. a. %. Sup^y, fiunlsb, jield, 

8. Confer, Impart, grant, bestow, 
oBec, lend, Elve, commonicate, spare. 

3. Bear the coat or oxpraise oL 
Affrar, B. Brawl (in a puMo place), 
gaan^ fend, sauabble, wnuigle, eao- 
teat, alwiioadoii, Btilte, row, Cray, bn^, 
fl|^ MBiiHB, tomuU, olstnrhuioe, oat- - 
lueak. KUUPTTS. hreacli of the peace. 
AfMg&t, V. a, Friebten, terrify, alarm, 
scare, daimt, np^], oismayj iVight, 
hitlmldate, Btartle, overawe, puJ; tn 

Affright, B. Terrot, fear, Mght, alarm, 

dismay, eonstematton, panio. 
AfCraut^. a, 1. Insolt, BbnsB, outrage. 
8. Cmbnd, dl^le^e, IrrlCaCo, pro- 

', iiuUKoity, outran, ii^jnv; 


t. Frovoof^on, oiF^nco. 

Aforttorl,. (3j.! Wilh stronger reason, 

Cir a still stronger reason. 
A&ald, a. Te^ul, hannCed with fear. 
Afresb, ad.- Anew, newlj, again, over 

A^a^ (■*''™y ■^•'^ astern, behind, 
AttsFi'prep. 1. Subaeqaent to, later iban. 

a. FoUoiTing, behind. 

a. About, in relation to. 

4. In hnuatlon of. 
After ad Afterwaid 
Afl«r a 1 StuxeediDg snb'ieauent 
Ibllowing later 

a Hind hinder posCeiior rear 

After-BSes, Posterity descendants 
eu [■eeJng times surcocdlig gci ro 

After all Event nllv ulllmatsly 
upon the whole Mhen ^U h^s beei 
conaidered at list m the end 

After^lioiiKlit, n. After-wit. 
ARerwardi, lod. Subsequentlj, o.™, 
AAemards, ( later, thereafter. In the 

Alter-wit.n. After-tbought^ 

A$^n, ad. Af^«sh, anew, once more, 

anoUier time, de boto. 
Aeuin and asain, Kepeatedly, often, 

frequently, over and oser, with Irequent 

AgaliiBb,j>rep. 1. Opposed to. In oppo- 
sition to, contrary to, adverse to. 
3. Fa^ng, fronting, off, opposite to, 

over against. 
3. In provision for, tn expectation of, 

in preparaHoa for, in anticipation of- 
Aswost tlie eraJn, 1. Against Uie 

fibres (qfiDDodJ. 

3. ^ncbivood, spnnk, pun 
Age, 11. 1. Duration of exlste 

^ncbivood, 31 
I. 1. Duiftf 
Period, dat< 

A«ed, a. 1. Old, elflerly, atiickeu ii 
yeai^ advanced in life, with one foo 

a. Havinglived, of thereof. 
Ageaey, n. 1. Inlerventloo, instcu 
mentality, mediation, action, operib 
Una, fbroe. Influence, prnR""iT"mf 

B. Ohaige, direcUon 

Bjrmer, e: 

Agglomerate, D. a. Gtather in a ball or 

mass, gather tc^ether, lump together, 

leap up, pile up. 
AgslinueratiOD, n, Conglomeraldoii, 

Rocumnlatiou, lump, heap, pile, moss, 

Aggloei>»te,p.a. Unite, glue, cement, 


Asgrandize, V. a. Exalt, dignify, honor, 
^vate, promote, make great, raise to 


S. Eioggetafe, OTarstata, raaBnif 
3. [<!f giKiHimable proprietp.] i 
TOke, trritate. exasperale, enrage. 
Aggrovalion, r. 1. A lightening 

a. Exa^eratlon. 

3> [Qfqufs^Ttaf/leproprwtJt.i Pr< 

catton, iFtitetlon. 

AggreeEite, v. a. Amaee, collect, ai 

tnulate, plla, hlbig togetksr, Eatlier 

pile up, neap up, sori^ ti^ther, 1 


Ageretpttt!, a. <Mlec(ed. 

Aggr^ate, it. 

total, totality, 

gross amoont, Bom tol^. 
AsgregiaUaii, !i. CollecUon, maes, pile, 

neap, accumulation, 
A^Kea, e. «. Hake the first attauk, ba 

OS first to attHOk, be the aegressoi. 
AggreraioQf n. Attack, assault, inva^' 
^un, hoAtile encroadunent. 
AB^reBslTfl, a. AttacSdng, aaaaolting, 

OBsailing, assailant, invading, ofien^ve. 
AxgreaaoF, n. Aaaallant, 

ftwker, assallec, invader. 

I, bear' hard upon, il( t 


Asbaet, a. 1. Ave-etruol:, horror- 
Htruck, djsmated, horrified, appalled, 
CeriiSed, Aigliteiied, pamo-etriakett, 
struck with borror. 

a. Araased, astonnded, startled, aa- 
tonlshed, , 'dumfoondered, thiuider- 

Agile, a. Lively, niinl>le, brisk, smart, 
active, i^ulck, ready, prompt, alert, 
eptightay, lively, supple, bprv, willed. 

A^ltty, n. tdTeUnesB, nimbieQese, 
DrlskneES, smarbie^s, acUvity, aoick- 
nasB, readiness, alartuees, sprfghtU- 

3. ExcUs, infBe, rouse, &rment, aUr 

3. Fluster, finrry, hurry, confufle, 

4' IMscuBS, controvert, canvass, da., 
bale, diepata, ventilate, 
A^taUou, n. 1. Agitating, eliaking, 

^. Disturbance, janing, commotiDn, 
convulalon, ferment, stoTui, tumult, 

3. Excitement, emo11on> perturba. 

ticm- trepidation, discomposure, dis- 

traoiion, pdokEb, raffle, flutter, finrry, 

tremor, ferer, im, 
4- Discussion, disputation, debate, 

aontrovarsy, oanvaBsu^, vantilatieu- 
AgltMoc, «■ Incendiary, firebiajid. 
Aso, ad. Past, gone, since. 
A^oSt a- ^a^r, Impatient, excited, 

wrought up, worked up, on tiptoa, with 

distress, pain s 

torture, rack. 

d, harmonize. 

{especiaUy gf ths 
iodi/M pang, torture, torment, dlstrasB, 
rack, throe, severe pain, extraroe auf- 

cur, units, be in urdson, 1 

COiaplV, Buincrivi 
"onsent, liill In. 
3. Stipulate, bargain, pcom 

t, ^ve 

one's self, liind one's self. 

an understanding, come to an agree- 

S. Suit, match, tally, correspond, 
quadrate, coincide, cohere, comport, 
conform, sqaate, 
Asreeable, a. l. Suitable, fitting, fit, 
proper, meet, appropriate, befitHi^, 
aoniormabia, correspondent, accordant, 
coocordout, eoijsonajit- 

S. Pleasing, pleaaant, pleaeniabie, 
grateful, gratilying, aooepMIe, vel~ 
come, good, goooh^ del^{lit^, imarm- 
ing, odeotaE^ d^cioui, dnlcet, aweet, 
to one's tasl«, m one'g nund, after one's 

Agreeable to, 1. Confbrmabla to, suit- 
able to, acoordant wltk, consonant with, 
tallving with, sanaring with, consistent 
wM, that Gills In with. 

a, Plaadne to, grateful to, gratii^lng 
to, acceptable to. 

.^reeably to. According to, conform- 
ably to,Tn accordance nTth. 

Agree with, 1. Chime in with, ftll in 

a. Make a bargain with, strike hands 

Asrlonltur^ «. Tillage, husbandry, 

larmii^, cuitiire, cultivatiop, geoponii^ 
AgrioalinFlftt, n. Husbandman, Sa^ 

mer, tiller of tlie ground, cultivator of 

Aground, nd, 1. Ashore, not afioat. 
%, Stranded, wrecked, cast away. 
Asne, n. 1. ChUlhiafs, oold, chill, 

a. Intermittent ftover, fever and ague. 
Agne-weed, n, Thoronghwort, bon^t, 

ffivar-root, Indian saga, (Si^aiormitt 

Aliead, ad. 1. Onward, forward, in ad- 

a, (Vaui.) Ill opposition {said qf the 
wind), against us, in our teeth. 

Ai, n. TErea-toad sloth (^ra^ijnis fri- 

AM, V, a. 1. Assist, help, support, serve, 
speed, second, bock, bemeud, prosper, 
al>et, co-operata witb, take part with. 


Aid, R. 1. AastatancG, help, LIFT, i 
tliBKmce, oo-operatliin, patronise, b 
port, helping htuid, gooa ofices. 

-decamp, [Ft.] fMU.) Aid. 

co-opecator, ally, auxiliary, abetfoi 
All, V. a. Pain, ironble,' afflict, he 

matter wltli. 
AH, ». n. Softer, Im In pain, feel I 


I yIb*^ olject, end, soope, dtm, 
guu, pbtnt, final cause. 
Afim Bt^ 1. Take ^m at, p<dut at, lecel 
at, direct lownrdB. 
9. Intend, piirpqee, deBjgn, mean. 
S. OrsTe, ifflfeot, yearn Sr, aaplca at, 
aspire after, endeavor aHer, be m^ drive 
at, propoBe to one's self, lia™ In view, 
have in one's eye, liave on eye to, 
strive tbr, attempt to leaeh. 
Aimless, a- Pniwjseless, objeeUess, 

without aim or end. 
Alr,n. 1- Atmosphere, atmospheric air, 

ner, loA, east,' demean 
carriage, bearli^, deporti 

Alr-enfiue, n. Caloric ei^ne. 
AirlnoBs, n. 1. Openneas, eipoBUie 1 

a. Qayety, levity, sprightllness, v 
vadty, Hveliness. 
Alrlms, 1. 1. Bide, arive, waUt, pron 
enade, stroll, exeumon. 





Bulffitantlal, a 

Air-tube, !i. 
Airf-O- If unHuusD 
real, aerifocm, tllln, lo^s. 
e. Light, enbtlle, sublimated. 
8, 8pr^6flT, buoyant, vivacious, 
wanton, voiaale. Jocund, JoUy, Jovial, 
lively, gay, blithe, Ught, light-hearted, 

light of heart, hi sphSte, in good spirits, 
of good cheer. 
4. Showy, gaudy, flaunting, jaunty, 

B. Windy, empty. 

Aisle, n. Passage, walk.' 

Aitclibone, n. Eagebone, natchbone. 

Alar, ad. Parfly open (oa a doer), 

AjDt^:e, n. Spout {fjf a /bun/oin). 

Atiu.a. Khi, related, allied, ltlntlr»l- 
eognale, congenial, hmnoeeneoas, an 
i^ous, fflmll^, parallel, of a piece. 

Alack, inlai. Alas, lacKaday. 

it. SprlghtlhiesB, gayely, cheeri^lnees, 
hllari^, nvflcity, liv^ness, high spirits, 

-good spirits. 

AiaiiLode, [ Fashionable, in the 
bahlon, in vogue. 

A IB BmAe, [Ft.] ad. FaahionHMy. 

AlanUf'n. 1. Alarum, lai'um, tocdu, 

drum, sound of trnmpBt, notice of dan- 
ger, signal of distress. 

a. Fear, apprehension, terror, Oigltt, 
aftt-lght, consternation, dismay. 

Alarm, v. a. 1. CaU to arms, summon 
to arms. 

a. Terrl^, frl^ten, afii^t, startle, 
seal's, daunl^ appall, pat in fear. 

Alarm-bell, n. Toc^n, ALAiiM. 

Alaram, n. Alaru. 

Alas, iiaeiy. Alaidi, lackadaj. 

Alate.a. (Boi. and Anat.) Winged. 

Albeit, ad. Although, nr"--"-'— " — 

( rasnniM J pelamys ), 

Aloobnl, n. Spirits of i 

highly rectified spirit. 


. Glil, ground-ivy IGleehoma 


on the waMi, on the look- 

I, brisk, nimble, a^b, o„^, ^, 
jntiy, spirited, snpple, quick, 
y, prompt. 
It. 1. Watchfuli 

Alert, a. 1, Watchful, vfelli 
spent, waxy, beedful, ~^ ** 

AlertnesB, i 

lance, dtenumiic^u^u, 
. a. AcUvlty, agiUtj 

„ ^ , nimblencss, 
.riueea, sprighthnces, 
[lohness, Bpryness, " 

a«a ollia- sgniMii), calculus, fiux- 

Alsebraj"- Analysis (6b iJi 

1. Fort 

; native, 

... ranged, difiering, r , 

allied, separated, unoonnected. 
^llen, K. Foreigner, stranger. 
Vllenate, v. a. 1. Abnlienate, transit, 

volve, make over, deliver over. 

3. Estrajige, disafiMt, wean, with- 
draw Uie aSbclious of, mtike oniileiid- 



Allenatioa, n. 1 Aball natl b tran 

ftr, iJemlea, coiiYey nui 
S. EstraiKem nt, di8aft>^ n at 

ance, dlvlBlQii.Tup I> h 
Alienation of mi d Insaul^ d 

ransemeitt, lui 003 madu es fi'enr 

crazlness, dellrl m, uanla 
AllKlit, v. fl. 1 S p es (^ 

S. DlsmonnE, deacuod j d wn 
AlifflLti fi^om, Qe f£ 
AUSe, a. . Slmlla ik tesemb n 

analogoiusaliled, enual, of a piece. 
Alike, ad, Squally, la the SMue mamu 

Tianda, OlieBr, pabulnm, rations, feed, 
NonrlsLing, edible, 

Alimentation, n 

Aliped, a. Wlna-footed, awlft of toot. 
Alive, a, 1. Living, titeittbitig, Uva, not 
dead, in Itfs, abore ground. 
S< SandUve, soaceplible, witb keen 

^'Icttm In 
4. Che. ' 

All, aS. Altogetiier, antlrely, 00m- 

pletely, wholly, quita. 
Ail, n. Wbnle, total, totality, aggregate. 

, without . .. 

Allay, v.a. 1. ItepreHS, restrain, chock, 
aabdue, lay, ailanea, aopeaaa, paolfV, 
csdm, giile^ etlU, lull, hush, tranquil- 
llae, smoolh. 

3. Aasnage, aJloviate, aootha, aoften, 
mlttgat«, eolftoa, moaeiate, mollifr, 
temper, attsmper, lessen, abat«, quai- 
ls, relioYe, ease, dull, btunt, p^- 

a. Eioiise, plea. 
Allege, V, a, 1. Dedaie, affirm, assert, 

maintain, say. 

H. Adduce, asdgD, advance, plead, 
produce, cite, quote, bring forward, lay 

AUegliuice, n. Fealty, fldallty, loyalty. 

, , ,, tale 

sua«e, moderata, sooOie, soften, moilify 
allay, quiet, etilt, quell, abate, lessen 
diniiniab, relieve, palliate, ease, dull 
AJlerlatlon, n. Mitigation, palliation, 

Alley, 'n. 1. "Walk, passage. 


I. Tan, lai^e marble. 

I, Union, oorobinallon, coalition, fbd- 

lesfcue, compact, ibdoral compact. 
Allied, a. 1. fieiated, alike, Bimllar 
anali^Dus, cognate, aklD, kindred, of 

H. United, oonfedarated, co-operat- 
ing, in le^ue, in co-opei'ation. 
All-knowing, a.' Omniscient, all-niBe, 

Independent, freehold, not 
jcuuui, HOD of rent or seiYice. 
Allodium, ». (low.) Fi-eehold estate. 
AU one,. Indifferent, equal. Just the 

AUanife, «. Faea, thrnst, lunge, longe, 

tilt, Htab. 
Allon^, V. n. Pass, Innge, make a pass 

Allopatliio, a. Het^ropathlc 
Allopathy, n. Heteropathy. 
Allot, V. a. 1. IMstrilmta, divide, 
measure, iroportion, deal, diapenaa, 

a. Assign, appoint, grant, give. 
Allotment, n. 1. Appocl^onment, dis- 
tribution, partition, dole. 

a. AsB^nmanC, appointment, grani, 
3. Share, part, portion, lot, quota, 
•II — .. - . Admit, acknowledge. 


I peroiLSsioo te 

4. Qcant, give, yield, relinquish. 

Approve sanoU™,]astl(y; 
Eemit, abate, bate, ■'--■--■■ 
', V. R. Make alien 

e, deduct. 

, ... 1. Parmia^on, ., 

license, permit, aathorisation, coimi- 
vance, sanction, authority, apptoba- 
Uan, suiE^anca. 

8. Admission, aolcnowledgment, oon- 
ce^en, assent. 
3< Stipend, salary, pay, hire, nages, 

4. QualUlcation, modiUcatioD, exten- 
di. Batlon, stated qnantlt? Istf/oad or 


^ply of food. 

limit In .„.^ - 

Alloy, n. 1. ComHnation {qf laetah] 

a. BaBM metHl (mtied mUh fiver). 
S. B^BT element or Ingredient. 

AU-uo-nerfDI, a. AJmlghtJ, omnipo- 
tent, ^-snffldent. 

All^aiuts day, n. AU-haUow, the fleet 
of November. 

AU-seeins. a. All-knoirlnE, omniaclent, 

Allspice, n. Pimento, Jamaica pep- 

All-sufflctent, a. Almighty, all-pi 

All the better, So much the better. 

Allnde Ui, Intimate, suggest, i 

nate, hint, imply, tefec to, glance at, 

Allure, ». a. Eotiee, tempt, sad 
decoy, lead, BOlicit, InvlM, atti 
^troll, lure, mib, engage, persuade. 

snare, tma,^ inveigl 

I, engage, persi 
Lveigle, TWEEi 
prefBU Tcpen, 

Allimmeat, ». 1. Sntleement, temp- 
tatioo, Betluoaoii, sedacemr-* '-'•-*- 
^^ -u — tion,wJ^^ — 

lion, indirect mention. ' 
Alln^Te, a. HinHi^, auggestlve, 
blemaiie, tjpical, ~— -"--si--' *f- 


ly of allD^on. 
It, deposit, eilt. 
allay, bottom. 

L. Unite, ]oio, leagne, c 

Ally, c. a. 

feoerate, e , „ 

Z, ISftbe similar, make analogous. 
Ally, n. 1. Oooillntor, co-operMor, aa- 
^uint, helper, aldflTj auxiliary, asEO- 
datB, niend, e011e8«iie, partner. 
it. Abettor, ooniSderate, accomplice, 

AliiiaTiae,!i. Calendar, ephemecls, r^- 

jBtec of tne year. 
Almlerhty, ff. Omnipotent, all-powered, 

Almishty, «■ [With The preflxed.] 

Almonds, n, pf . TonBila. 
II . ™j Hearly, toward, towarda, 


well-nlBli, I 
not ^nite, v 

_. . ^ e, within a llttJe. 

AIdis, n. Obarity, benefaction, gift, 

cbantabla donation, deemosynaiy aid, 
Almalunue. n. Poorhouse. 
Aloft, ad, Aljorei orerliead, ou high. 
Alone, a, J. Single, Bolitaiy, only, lone, 

lonely, iBolated, unaccompanied, by 

one's aeit, by itself, -wiUiout company, 

witbolit anotbet. 
S. Of one's self, of one's own power, 

without help. 
Aloug, ad. 1. Lei^thwise, lungitudi- 

naay, in a line. 
a. Onward, toward. 

Along:,prgi. By or over. 
Alonc-sMe, ad. [Naui.) By ttie.eide 
^', ade by side, 
ind, aa. Loudly, at the fop of one's 

Alpine, <!. Mountainous, high, elovalad. 
Alrea^, ad. 1. Svea n<m. 

% Before that time. 
Also, ad, Lilrewiae, too, besides, tat- 

, Change (parHoUy), yary, 

modi:^, ahifC, turn, transmute, meta- 
morphose, transftimi, convert, make 

Uter, V. n. Vary, change, he ohange- 

Chai^ahle, variable, 

_.,... IMed.) Alte_ 

UoD, «. Chaise, variatton,' mn- 
I, TiidBsitnde, modSfloation, deTla- 

AUeraUve, »■ {Med.) Alterant. 
Altercatioa, n. Dispute, controversy, 
contenUon, strife, difference, JangUng, 
;, rupture, quarrel, Spar- 
-. 1- wrai^iing. 

til^, blokeri^, wrangle, 
dissension, war of wonls. 
Aitemat*. a. 1. Bedprocal, one after 
another (&B tiemsj. 
_S. iBot.) On difibj'ent (idea sacces- 

Altem&te, V. n. Becipiocat«, act inter- 

'■"■ »■" "* a, perfbrm reciprocally 




AlteruiUJve, ». Choice {beluieeii two 

Although, coi^. Thoagb, aLbeiC, not- 
withstanding, giant tnat, Ibr all thatj 

Altitude, n. Helsltt, elevation. 

Alto, R. (Jlfus.) Oouniar, connter-tenor. 

Altog:etlier, aa. 1, 'VTholly, oamplet»- 

ly, entdraly, totally, utterlT, mmonghly, 

threnghonb fnUji perfMtly, TS TOTO, 

oat ODd out, to uie mil. 

9. Conjointly, in a body, In a mass, 

Alumina, n. Oxide of ainmlnnm, ar- 

gillaceons eaith, argil. 
Alnaunons, o. Clayey, ai^Ilaceous. 
Alumnns, «, [L. pi. Jmmni.] Diadple, 

pupil, ibster-child. 
Alvency, n. Beehive. 
Alveolate, a. Cellular, fovose, loney- 

AlTeole, n. Socket, cell, cavity, alve- 


mkj spunky Cienuan 
'iolontly, fordbly, witli 

AmalgamEbtioii, n 

Amiuiueiisls, «. Scribe, oopyist, 
scrlber, writer. 

abie, ondeoaiii^ undying, immorCaJ 
perenoii^ erer^mooming, evflr-Tetnnl. 

Ihta a beap or pue. 
Amateur, n. VlrtoosOf „.. 

OTjlKTiiin;, orltlo, nnan of 

Amatory, a. Anwroua, etotie, tender, 

pRs^onate, Anocreontjo^ 
Auumrosls, «. {Msd,] Drop eereae. 

islunent, palii^ w 

dec, BorprlBe. 
Amazlnc, a. Astodehing, ufoonding, 

atupanaoue, wonderful, surprMng, 

m&TvellonB, ndracnloufl, strai^e, rer; 

Amazon, n. VliHgo. 
AjnbBica),».J'l. l. 'Wtiidliws,turnii^E 
jt, Oironmlooutlon, parlp&rasla, rer 

bod-ty, TBCbiwa, wordinese, diffuiKneSB, 

oiroidt Of woiSs, 
AnkbaBsador, «. Mlniater (cf t!ie high- 

estrasA'" -■—■--■—■=-— - — ~ ■ — ■■- 


eat rani), plMilpotenliarf , snroft legate, 
AmbasBadorSi n. pl- Bmltaasy, lega- 

Ambieut, a. Snrroonding, encompaaa- 

iQg, endrelii^, cirolli^, oitoumjaoent, 

AintdgiMf, n. 1. DaiibtlUneB 

blonaneas, doubt, nnoertaJnty or 

ooOlneaH (as re^eeta tke mambK, . 

tiagle terra), aitphtboloot, Indefinltft- 

ness, TRgDBness, obwuitty. 
ji, GUnCta, pim, omblguoua expiee- 

gUm, double meuitim. 
AmMsucmia, a. Doubtful, dubious, ui 

oartata or eaulTOoal, eu^njaUcoJ, li 

definite, indutiikct, vague, Jndeteiml- 

nate, not plain, not eleai', Busceptible 

of moie tlian cme meanii^. 
Ambition, n. 1. Dcdre of supolloclty, 

desire of diatlnctlon. 
3. Longli^, yearning, asplratU 
AnibitloDB, a, 1. Aspiring, eager for 

superiority, eager ibr distlnclion — 

a. Sbowy, preteJitioua, 

Amlkle Pacing pa e 

Ambros al, a 1 Dallo una luac o 

savory palatable nice 
a Fragrant balmy odoroua a 

matic odoriferooe, Bwaet-acented. 
Amlmlatflry a Walking movmg 
Ambuficade n Amb i^ cover 

treat ludmg lilaui urkli^ p a^^e 


..... _. .__.,beiteo,letitbe90. 

AmcDabillty, ». Accountabilitv, lia- 
bility, teepon^bility, anawecableneaa, 

Amenable, a. Aocoui^able, liable, te- 

Amendo honorable, [Fr.] Apology 
(jbr improper tsvaimeni or laaguage). 

Amendment, n. 1. Improvement, 

a. ConecUon, alteration. 
Lmends, n. CompeDBalion ifn- loss or 
mgflj), *-" " - 


S. SuaTlty, afihbiUly, gentleneaa, 
olvllity, comity, conite^, polileneea, 
nrbtraify, complalBanoe, amiability, 
obligli^ manner, good maimers, gaud 
Anient, ii. CaUdn, A 

ulgniby, amenity, klnd-beartednes^ f^ 
'TW-liybig, gor-" *■"" — — ■' '■ 

._' dIapoaiHon. 

Amiable, a. Lovable, lovely, sweet, 
ei^^ing, ohacmlng, winning, iinile, 
benignant, benign, eweet-tempered, 
kinithearied, tendar-hoaited, worthy 
of love. 

Amiableneaa, n. Amiability. 

AmiantliaB, n. AmlanUi, eaidi-Aax 

[species tfasieatoi). 
Amicable, a. Friendly, broUterly, fira- 

temal, barmonloua, eoidial, ueigbborly, 

AmlcableneBB, n. Amity, IMendllnesa, 


ftlendshlp, eonliaUW, ftftterjial 

frleudlv feellntf, eood nnderatluidi] 

Amid, lad. Anaso(«Mlumtbeingpi.. . 
Amidst.) G^), amongBt, In Bie mldat 

of, in the middle of, enrcDmideil b;- 
AmidalUpa, ad. {Nimt.j Midships. 
AmtsB, ad. Wrong, wrongly, Improp- 
. crly, fanltUy, erroneouBly. 
Amiss, a. "Wrong, Improper, i^nlty, 

Amity.ii. FrlendllnoEe.iMiOABi/Kirass. 
Ammonia, n. Volatile alkali, ammo- 

Ammnntt^nin. 1. Munition, military 

a. Powder and shot. 
Amnesty, B. Forgiveness Iffranled to 
whole clasBes cf p^smaj. general poi- 
don iby m-ockHnation), act of obli^on, 
freedom num penalty. 
Amungr, I aa- AuiD [sihiie matins 
Amongst, ) part qf), aroldat, in the 

midst of, lulxed or mlnKled with. 
Amoions, a. 1. Lovlngj fond, enamored. 
3. Amatory, erolic, temJer, passion- 
ate, Anacreontic. 
AiDOFplions, a. Inregcdar, shftpelees, 

fcrmleau, unsliapen. 
Amonn^ fl. 1. Aggregate, snm total. 
9. E^ct, Hai>stance, purport, leEidt. 
Amount to. Come to, be la the segre- 
gate, lie In tlie whole, 
a. Be equivalent io. 
Amoiir, n. Aftkjr of gallantry, lore 

AiDpliibali^rrT ^- t>oabtfnlneaB, uneer- 
tajnty or equlvocalnefls (as respects the 

3. I^lentlful, plenfeona, ahundai 
abotmdii^, oveiltDning, copioDS, fa 
liberal, rich, exnherant, luxurious, la 
iah, bountiful, hanflsoioe. 

3. Dlfflislve, unrestricted, not coi 

Amplification, fl. 1. Enlargement,' e' 
tension, dilation, ospansion, dev^o, 

a. DIffiiBeneBB, prolixity, diffuse uar- 
i^Te, oopions diBcoinse. 
AmpUfr, CO. 1. Snlarga, extend, au 
ment, magnify, dOata, ex^nd, develo 

AmiJltiide, n. 1. Bnlfc, ^e, bnlMnec 
largeness, b^ees, greatness, volnm 

S. Eange, reaoh, sweep, oompaaa, e: 

I, eUUveii, Bolace, beguile, 

delude, cheat, 

,ve tpif inapviag JirJse fiope8\ 
--•■ 'ivefgle, mislead, Impose 

), ridlcnlons, eouucal, funny. 

(Jfed.) Insensibility 

mlialalicn tff^ Bijpjainc e 

Analeets, ». pi. Selectio 
pieces, select pieces, oollei 

ing, inv^r.atl 
AualepUc, »■ 

1, decamp 

dissect, resolve. 

AnaroliiBt, n. Jacobin, tncbnlant dem- 

Ana^rliy, n. Disorder, mlsride, con^i' 
tion, HSEt of government. 

Anastomose, V. n. l£ot. (mii .^nal.) In- 
osoniate, unite at lie end. 

Aitastflmoslg, n. [Sot, and -inat.) lu- 

AnatliemB, n. Cnrse, m^edlotlon, de- 
nunciation, Imprecation, fnlmlnatioil, 
lian, exeoration, proscription, eicom- 

Anatomize, s. a. 1. Dissect. 

8, Senitlnlae, analyze, alCt, probe, 
examine, lay open. 
Anatomy, ». 1. Dissection. 

a. Sdence of hodlly structure. 
Ancestor, «. Forefather, progenitor, 

Aaoestrol, a. Hereditary, patrimonial. 
Aneegtiy, n. 1. Lineage, family, race,. 

a. Pedigree, stock, genealogy, de- 

Anchorase, n. Eoadstead, road, port, 

Anclior-ico, ft. Oroand-ice. 
Aucboi'lte, «. Hermit, reduce, solitary, 

Anctont, a. 1. Old, primitive, pristine, 
oums, of old time, not moderit. 
3, Of great age, of long duratitai. 



S. AutiQiiated, anljqne, ^ehalo, ob- 

An^lary, a, ■ 1, Helping, helptiil, 

aniiliiuT, iosttiimentaL 
%. SnbBervleDt, snbordinate. 
Anecdote, n. Story [(j^ jwimite ijft), Mo- 

grapMcal Incident. 
Asemone, «. 'Wlnd-flmi'Br. 
Anemoscope, «. Weatharooolt, Tane. 
Anew, (Hi. Newly, Bfiesli, agE^, oret 

Angel, «■ Spb^t, eupemaiui'al being. 
Ai^el, a. \fosUcaM AngeliG. 
As^-fisb,!!. Mont-flsh^SauoStBo OB, 

Aiiifeilo, I a. Seraphic, chGmblc, 
Angelioa], J LeaTenly, oaltBHal, ah- 

Anger, n. Wratli, rage, fury, resent- 
ment, indlgnalion, stasperation, cboler, 
bile, spleen, tbmpeb, auilgeon, passion, 

Ai^er, i>. a. Irritate, iirovake, exas- 
petata, ehtrffe, vex, nettle, tneenae, en- 
rage, inSame, madden, Infuriate, mate 

An!3*,». 1. (^om.) Difl^renoe or di- 
rectlon if^ too Ssiea), 
~ ~ Tf bend, elbow, taiee, ocotcli, 

r, plot 

», i.;ornerf oena, emow, £ 

enap, po^t {where jm> Unks - 
AI^:le, V. n. Fish (iPiiS o md). 
Angle tor. Fish tOr, scheme 

fBr , iry tfl get by artifice. 
Ai^(IeT, «. Fielierman, fisher. 
Aoslln^, a. English {eaid ijf tHe 

A^llGe.aii. [L.l laEneUah. 

Anglicism, it. EialiBh idiom. 

Anglicize, v, a. iMve an EBglish fcrm 
to, f ntcodnce into English. 

Ansljng, !i. Ilaiilag [KUh a rod). 

Anery, a, Pcovokeo, exaspecatoJ, Irci- 
t^teu, iuceneed, piqned, i^tidwnant, 
moody. Bulky, stdwfy, Irale, Ireful, 
wroth, wraitital, Btorming, infuriate, 
mad. In a paa^on, out of hnmor, oat 
of temper, out of tune. 

AngnJUlfocm, a. Eel-Bhaped. 

Ausulsh, !i. igony teapcaiailp <if the 
mmd), loraient, torture, rack, pang, 
severe poin, estreme sufiering, acute 

AnifUlar, a. PoInl«d, nllh angles, with 

Anifular distance. Apparent di^^^ice, 

- dutancessmeaBuredby anangle. 

Anile, a. Aged, Imbacile, senile, doting, 
docrcplt, sunerannuatBd, old-womanish. 

Anility, n. lEabcciUty, dotage, sejiillty, 
decrepitude, superaunualion, weiit- 

ij blame, eondemuation, rcpro- 

Anlmadver^ i 

, Censu 

1, Creature, living being. 

find iJiuS with, cyec 
exception to, protflBt against, ctiticiBe 

S. Bbist, bbutb, linitlonHl as 

ure, dnmb ereature, beast of the i 

Kiwi of the air, denizeo. of the deep, 
Anlwaleulabt n. pt. [L.J Animalcules, 

miorosoopic anlmala. 
AnlmalEule, n. Miotoscopic i—' — ' 

uuuiuiw, fr. u. J.. Quicl^en, InfOrm, 
make alive, give life to, vivi^. 

8. Invigoralfi, foctlfr, revive, ^ve 
vigor or energy to. 

8, Bttoiitlate, waeen, ronse, whet, 
incite, impel, exoile, fire, beat, urge, 
provoke, warm, goad, Idndle, prompt, 
work op, set on. 

4. Encourage, inspire, Inspiri 

blithe, gay, elated. 


vaolty, spr^btlinesi 
Hcity, afrinees, vi| 
str^gtli, ener^, e 

lively, YigorouB, spi^t- 
buoyant, spiriMa, joonnd, 
jlated, full of life, full irf 

■, mdor, force, 
Qaratian, cheer- 
--■— -J spii'its. 

ij rankling, spleen. 

iper (OS ffiaej, by tiinu 

Annex, v. a. 1. Affix, attach, subjoin, 
add, sroeradd, append, tag, tnefc. 

AnnexatlDn.K. 'l. Affixing, attaching, 
Iding, appending. 
%» Junction, jomia 


V. a. Destroy, e 

qaench, k^ exlermlaate, razetblast, 
rjilD, nullify, annul, put an end to. 

Anniveisaiy, o. Yearly (in the eea 
rElTinv^ With tJiej/ear)^ annual. 

Anno I>aiiiinl, [L,] In the yea 

h.sios !, Google 


,, sd. Saarly, by t 

yaar by year, pbb anhcu. 

*"""', V. a. Caned, abrogate, lepei 
revoke, recall, reiHint, eountenaaD 
reierse, reBdnd, aboUsh, dlEonnuI, t 
cate, quBBli, uulllA', supeisede, inva 
date, overrule, moke void, set aside. 

AnnnlBT, a. Iraug-sbaped. 

Auniilet,n. 1. iJttlerii^. 
a. {Arch.) pmat, Ibtei^at. 

Annnliuent, n. Asuulllng, nolllftca- 
tiou; abrofsttion, repeal, Teaaaeion, cao- 
Bening, renxsoUou, abotttlon. 

AnnnntlBtloii, n. Ahhouncgmeht. 

Anodyne, ». 0^te,BetiaavB, narcotic. 

Anoint, B. o. 1. Smear, mb over with 
idl or noDtoDnB matter. 
& Oonsoerate by ancUon. 

AnomallBliti, a. A^fOUAIiODS. 

AnomalouH, a. Irr^ulac, nbaouaaJ, 
anomallBtla, nnaonwrnable, pretar- 
natnral, mmatnral, onnsual, ifingulat, 
pecultar, exeeptlcmalj abarmnt, ecoen.. 
tilo, ^ratic, momtroua, oat of ths 

AuomalTi "■ Irreffnlarit)', abnormity, 
^ngnlartVi peculiarity, nnconfonoity, 

ivpi^nt.Tip.H.ii mnnBtrOBlty. 

quietly, sbortly, im- 

Anon, ad. ^^v^i±, i^u.^ 
mediately, in aehoid^ , 

Answer, v. n. 1. Bbplv iespedaUy to 
guestiaij, HKjoiB, respond, say In, n 
ply, meUe: tmeirer. 

li. Se accountable, be responalble c 

3. OorresiKaid, be like, be similar. 

4. T)o, pass, serve, be sufficient, 1 
enou£fh, do ^ell euougli, pa£« muste 

Answer, v. a. 1. Kcply to, respoml ti 


:. Satisfy, lulfil, be suitable to, be 
Answer, «. 1. Eeply, reBponae, KE- 

3, Accountable, reapouBlble, 
ble, Uable. 

3. Correspondii^, corresponds 
relatlTe, proporOonate, auitablB 


I, competilor, 

oppoBlte, hosule, 

terioiity, precedeuc 
Utecedent, o. Pi 
previoae, prior, i 
precursory, foreruii 
Lntecedeot, n. I. 

ontiadiotion, cla^- 

■iority (in ibne), an- 



I, incidents of o 

L. Date befbre tlie ti 

Antedate, V. a. 

S. Anticipate, forestall, foretaste. 

Anl«past, «. Foretaste, AtrrioiPATiox', 
preubatlon, fcrestallli^ presentiment. 

Anteriar, a. 1. Prfeoeoing, prior, pre- 
vious, antecedent, foregoing, goii^ be- 

a. Fore, front, in front. 
Anteriority, n. Priority [in time), pre^ 

cedence, antecedence. 
Ante-room, n. VesHbnle. lobby hall. 
Antlielinlntic, ». Vermifuge, belmin- 

AnOiem, n. Hymn, divine song. 
Antholofty.n. Selections U>vBniBiW«)n»), 

beauties, elegant extracts. 
AntliraGlt«, tt. Blindnioai, gl^ice-coal, 

stone-coat, barfl-coal. 
Antliropopha^, n. pt. Cannibals, 

I, cap«, va^ry. 

J, Buffoon, locJ, merry-an 

loucb, mount^banlE, 

a. TaJre up befereband. 

c, trieic, &eak, gam- 



iroird b>, count upon, recbcm npou, cal- 
culate upon, prepare one's aoK tbr. 
Antleipation, It. 1. ExpectatloUj 


!!. foretaste, prelibation, Bntepast, 
preeentiuiant, fiio^ee^Un^, tbrcseelnf, 
mro^t, pieedeitce, prevision, fore- 
flioniiEit, fiw60«»^pcaeoncep«oii. 

AntldoUi, ». 1. CounterpoiBoa, auli- 

_. ,, , Bpeoiao, reatoraHve. 

AnUfetuUe, a. Febim^al. 

Antl&brlle,». Febrifuge. 

AntlpatliT, n. Bapi^nEUice (noluroj or 
cojistiiattrmaEij lUw^uHt, ablutrreuce, de- 
teetaHon, hatred, ^ate, loatbii^, avet- 

AntipodBl, a. Oppo^te, otci against, 

diametrically oppoeite- 
AnU-poiaou, ». ArmuoTB, 
Autiqusriiui, «■ Ant^uai^, aiehieo- 

Iwian, .arclisol<^iB6. 

AuMiuarv, n. AiinanABiAH. 

Antlqiiatfltl, a. Oliaalete,' nnfiishion- 
able, antlgne,lj;40ne,BrBhalc, ancient, 
grown olo, out m fuoj out of &shlon, 
out of date, old-&etaloned, gone b;. 

Aiitlgiie,a. Old, andent, ANrrou. " 

Antlane, u. Ancient rarity, pl< 

Ajitiqiiity, n. !■ Old times, the olden 
time, ancient times, days of yore, ADX.D 

A- Am^entB, people of old UmCE. 

3. Anelentnees, ffreat aee, 

4. [ill.] Belles (^ old ^les, 
--''— — -■"- - OanolnaMve, good 

a, ». (JtJiei.) ConlraBt, oppoai^ 

Antitlietii), ) a. Contrasted, placed 

uneaahiess, dlBgulet, apprtdu 

misgiving, peiple:(ity, worrj 

trouble, iMim, aisgnletude, 

Anxlans, a. SoUcltoOB, ni 

way, in onj 
Apaoe, ad. 

imii quick 

, In any manner. In any 

Sulckly, speedily, swiftlv, 
y, post-haste, with apeed, 

^_„ I, Separately, aloof, aside, 

by one's self, by ibeir. , 

S. Asunder, Into two partem 
purtment, n. Boom, cn^nber, hall. 

SBtheHc, a. Unfteling, passlonleaa, 
upEisslble, Impasdve, Platonic, stoical, 
unlmpressible, unsusceptible, insensi- 
^ ^e, senselefis, eouUem, phlegmatic, dull, 

obtuse, cold, slui 

I, eluegiah, torpid, 
indifferent, callous. 

cold-blooded, -without Benelbllity, desti- 
tute of feeling, 
asthy, ». Insensibility, Impseslbillty, 
.roassion, dulness, tor — — " 

hl^m, Indl^renee, ui 

Ape, n. Monkey (nnAout a toil). 
Ape, V. a. Mimic, imitata, mock, oour 

terf^t, take off. 
Aperient, a. (Med.) Laxative, deohstin 

enl^ loosenine. 
Aperient, n. [Med.) Laxatiie, laxative 


Opening, hole, perfbra^ 
, . . . s^j pssaage, eye, eyelet, 

hollow, oavlly. 

Lpert^ire, 1 

hollow, oav 

Ipes, n. Top, sununlt, oeme, »enitli, 
plnuacle, highest point, culinlnatii^ 
point, utmost height. 

Aplkoidsm, n. Maxim, adage, proverb, 
sayli^, dictum, saw, apothegm, by- 
word, senlentloiiB precept. 

Apiary, n. Bee-honae, beeMve. 

Ai>ieoe, ad. Severally, one by one, toe 

Apish, a. 1. ImitatlTe (in a itrviU 

S. A^ted, f^fdsh, trifling. 

Apoc^ypse, n. Kevelatlon, propteoy 
of St. John. 

Apocryphal, a. UnauthenUc, legeod- 
ary, uncanonlcal, of doubtful au- 

Apollyon, n. Satwi, aich-flend, Devil. 

Apol<^etical, a. Excusatory, exoolpa- 


B. Fable Ifoiaided 

mals things], — '^ 

tale, story. 

S, Eiouse, plea, explanation, eiten- 
nation, reparation, akchde qonoba- 

Apastaa)\n. l>eitetiou, desertEoo, back- 

Apostate, a. Treacherous, nlse, n 
less, untrue, I'ecreant, backalldlng. 

Apostle, n. Messenger, mlsgiouaFy. 

Apostollo see. Church of Berne. 

ApotlieBm, n. Maxim, adage, aaylag, 
dlctnm, . saw, proverb, aplwrlsm, by- 
word, B^iteunom precept. 

ApotheoHlB, n. Doflcaraon. 

Appall, V. a. Terrify, fMShtei^afa^ght, 

pat in great Kiar, strike with terror, 
petriiy wltii tfear. 
Apparatus,!!. Tools, Instcuments, uCen- 

Apparel, «. Clotlies, dothli^, dross, 
T^nkent, attire, ABT ' " ""-*'■-«- •-ii"* 


;a by Google 

liBbit, hnbUimDnis, gaib, gear, gai- 
mente, Testmenta, outfit, aocoutce- 
m»nt, aiuipment, suit. Tigging, &&p- 

Vldble, dlacernlMB, 


Biffht, lo 1jt . 
I. Manlte 

evident, inautlfable, plain, 

■Identtv, ol 
■, plainly- 

3. S«emiag, ei 

' Apparently, ad. _. . 

onalj, elearlj, manlfistlj', plain! 

'the flist Unsh, In e'em- 

,__i, phantiwm, spirit, — , — „._ 
lin, Shade, clilmer^ illouan, voiXcB, 
vidon, pteterr-' ' 


a. {Law.) £et^, 
Ifrom ov^ ctrvjrt to Oiivibtvn i. 
Appeal, n. 1. Address, 

[flore.] Sramnon, 
transfer by appeal 

.^peal to, AddreaB, iu>' 
call upon, malte applicati*: 

Appear, e. b. i. Emeise, be In stelit, 
come in sight, he TiBlble, coma Into 
view, HHAYE ai siOht, tr~— '- +•■" 
vieir, present itself, dop 

IT, open b 

n QiB stage, 

3. Open, dawn, break. 
S. Arlae, ocour, ofifer. 

4. Staml in judgment, be present to 

5. Be manitfeet, be ohvious, be ops 
be known. 

6. Seem, look, show, ^ear the a' 
pearancs, present the appearanee, ba- 
the appearance, strike one as being. 

Appeanuiee, n. 1. Comli^, arilTal. 
9, Appearance, speetruM, wliat 

E. Semblance, seereii^. 

Appeasable, a. Placable, fttrgiTlng, 

Appease, v. a. 1. Fa<^, calm, quiet, 
soothe, tTanquilllBe,aUaj,BSSas^ '^'' 

lav, alleviate, mitigate, abata , 

compose, still, LnBh, Inli, dull, gucU, 
blni^ tempsr, attemper, lesseji, ixnalif^. 
S. Prorioate, Toeonclle, make propi- 
iions, make Eftvaiable. 

AppeUaUoD, n. Name, UUb, epithet, 
eognomen, denomination, style, de- 
BcripHon, designatioii, d^criphie term. 

Aippend, o: o. 1. Hang or attachi 

3. Add, subjoin, join, annex, nfflx, 
superadd, tag, tack. 

Appendage, n. Concomitant, attend- 
ant, accompaniment, adjunct, aUa/ih- 
ment, appurtenance, appendix, tall- 

Appendant, a. Annexed, attactiea, cen- 

Appendtx, n. 1. Aajimot, addition, 

E pertain to, 1. Belong to, pertain to, 
J ioeident to. 

It. Begard, caocem, touch, relate to, 
refer to, boar upon. 
Appetence, I «■ 1. Appetite, stmng 
Appetency, J d€dre. 

B, Tenaenoy, inclination, leanli^, 
bent, dispositloii, p'open^ty, fondness, 
Bidna, pBHOHiHT. 

.ppetlte, n. 1. I>edre, lending, cray- 
h^, leUsb, hankering, pruriency, appe- 
3, Hunger, fltomat^, desire of fjoo- 
Appetizer, n. Zest, reUak. 
AppeljzlnK.a. That wliets the appaUte. 
Applaud, t>. o. 1. Oheer, clap. 

2. Pr^BB, commend, lami, a^^irore, 
compliment, extol, magni^, cr; up. 
Lpplanse, tl Accla m ation, acclaim, 
pfandif^ edat, dap^tag liC huids, Bhont 
of approbation, loud praise. 

Apple of tbe^e. Pupil of the eye. 
• — 'e Peru, Thorn apple, stramDnlum, 
,monj, Jamestown weed {Baitmt 

Apple-pie order, ICoBogukd.] Ferfaet 

Appliance, n. 1. Application, use, ex- 
ercise, applying. 

3. Expedient, means, inatrnman- 
tality, resource. 

Appliances, ». pi. Means, expedients, 
Bistrumentaiiacs, appointments, steps, 

Applicable, a. Suitable, fit, fittti«, be- 
flftlng, appropriate, relevant, adapted, 
api^ proper, partdnent, appodle, ger- 
mane, te the point, to the pnr- 

AppUoant^ n. PeUtionsr, soliidtor, 

siutor, eandidale. 
Application, ». 1. Applyii^. 

S. Appliance, use, aseriHae, practice. 

3. SoficKatton, paOtion, appeal, re- 
quest, suit. 

4. Assiduity, industry, peraavaranee, 
persistency, IntenBC Btttdy, close atten- 

Apply, o. o. 1. Lay upon,.put or place 

8. Appropriate, use, employ, axarciee, 
ply, convert to use, put to use. 

3. Keperse, execute, carry out, put 
in practice. 

4. Devote, dedicate, addict, direct, 
engage, torn attentively, bead with 


iply to, 1. Snlt, fit, bo adapted to, be 
nitaWe to, Iw applleable to. 
8. Sollidt, peSldoii, request, aweal 

S. Direct, ordain, enjoin, raquii'e, 
commaJid, decree, ordi^, bid, imposo, 
iiialBt on. 

3, Assi^, allot, de^gafbte, destjne- 

4. Nonunate, namo, conatitata, 

B. iSiciiJeli, eqiilp, snpply. 
Appolutukent, «. I. Appolutli^, des- 
^3,1ion to oMee. 
8. Station, noaltlon, office, place. 

3. As^nanon, agieeineni (iw lo Mnw 
and plff£C qT Jtiestinff), I'RYfiT, B^pnlUT 
tjon, airangement. 

4. Decree, bidding, command, order, 
ditwtioa, precept, mandate, ordl' 
nattoii, enactmeiiti Ian, cequire- 

5. Equlpmant, ec!olpag;e, furniture, 
outfit, appliance. 

6. AJlowoce, salary, pay, aUpsnd, 

T. Nomination, 


5. Opinion, belief, fiincy, auppoaltton, 
judgment, aentlmeiit, Idei, notion 

0. Fear, dread, diBtrnat suspicion, 
aniiety, solicitude, care, contern, mia- 
givli^, alarm, worry, diaquiet, uneaBi- 
ness, vesatlon. 
ApprehenaiTe, a. 1. Quick to under- 
Fearful, dlstinatful, SUBpiciutlB, 

., «ntice, Jl. Learner (q^ a (iiBie) 

Appi^ee, V. a. Infoim, a^-oua 
-itiij, tall, admoniBb, inaie 

Apportion, 4?. a. Allot, diatrlbul«, as 
^gn, divide, partition, part, meaaura 
elinre, appropHiit^, deal, dlspenae, par 
eel oiit^ deal out, pordon out. 

AppoMioiiir -' - 
lotmeut, at 

AppoBite, a. Apt, pertineitt, teleTant, 
m, flttlug, beflttli^, suitable, appro- 
priate, eeaaonai)le, eermane, afbopob, 
to the purpose, to tie point, well ap- 

Appraise, V. a. Value, eflMmate, prlie, 

price fi>r, estimate tiie worth of, ' 

Airpralseiueii^ jt. Valuation, estima- 
tion, estimate, judgment. 
Appi'ficia.te, V, a. 1. Eatimate justly 
set a just valne on, form a correct esfl. 
mate oi; value rightly. 
S. Estimate, esteem, Talue, ral«. 
8. [ U. S,] Ealse the value of. 
AppT«olate, V. n. If. S.J Else in value 

AmnvciatloD, ^ !■ 

B. Just eaMmato, correct 
Apprehend, V- a, 1. Seive, 
take prisoner. 

if. Conceive, ima^ne, see, perceive, 
believe, know, oompbbhesd. 
3. Fear, dread, think of with feat-, 
Appreheni^ii. «. Iliiuk, aappose, iiu- 
agine, conceive, ikncy, OPTNE, lidld, 
■ween, preauroe, be of opinion, take it, 
enteitiiin f— 

irat&nding, intellei^, i 
gence, intellection, mind, reason. 

S, Concepllon, T" ' '^"' 
mind's eye. 

to, diaoios- 
Approximate drat 

S. AccesB, admittance, admlscdon. 
Appimutluible, a. ■ Accssidble. 
AppFobaUon, ». 1. Approval, likii^ 
praise, enooniium, commtindaHon, good 
opinion, favorable apinlon. 

8, Support, oDncurranoo, anent, con- 
aent, sanction, raUflcatlon. 
Appi'aprint«, «. a. 1. Adopt, take to 
one'a sel^ take as one's own. 
8. Take, seise, abstract, ate^, pnr- 

befitl&e, ( 

3. Asalgn, apportion, allot, set apart. 
' ' Pp5! uae, employ, convert. 
.^■JBte, o. AdapTied, flt, itUng, 
tl&g, apt, PAT, BDitable, ptoper, 

jmlD^j oue, Beenuy, ^reeable, con- 

formai>Ie, oongmoUB, germane, conve- 
nient, pertin^xt, appoaLl«, Midtous, 
applleaSie, apropos, to tie pdnt, to 
AppFopnatenesB, v.^ Suitableness, flt- 
nesB, propriety, aptness, appo^t«iieeB, 
pertinanoy, PEBTJiEas, relevancy, fell- 
city, applieahility. 
Appropriation, «■ 1. Seizure, capture, 
takins, taking to one's self. 
8. Ai)plioatlon{&tajiEirMoiiIa<'(i9e). 
3. Sum set apart LftrospeetfieoysBi). 
AppFOv&lt». 1- A^PROBAxiOlr, 

8, Sopport, sanction, OBsent, consent, 
coiu^urrence, ratt&catliBi. 
Approve, v. a. i. Ocanmend, recora- 

_^_.. — I — ijT,„ Ttdalfl, value, 

tUnk highly 


Approxbnate, a, 1. Proilmata, a 

S. Nearly correct, nearly- accurate 

,Approx3niat«, v. a. [Hare.] BH 

Appiro3liuat«, V, «. Approach, eoi 

Anproxtiivitely, ai. Near, ncni 

about, not fet ftom. 

m^id, praise, like, appreidat 


Appnlse, n^ Co]1i^oD« mooting, oomlng 

Hacker, striking tog:6tLeL', 
AppulslTe, a. Impingiiig, striking 


Appurtenance, «, Adjunct, appeif' 

age, depandencj, 
Appvi'li^aiLiit, a- Belongli^, 
Aprloii, [L.] Tlieoretlcullj, before < 

perlenue, before trisj, JKtni asaiun 

Apropos, a. [Fr.J Opportnne, i 
nijlej timely, nt, suitable, apt, apposite, 
to tne point, to Hie purpose. Just tlie 
tiling, ([Dlte the Uiliw. 

Apropos, ad. Opportunely, aeasona 
to the purpose. 

Apt, a. 1. Appo^te, parttnent, buIIe 
Bt, llttiDg, meet, befitting, germ 

me p<dnl» 'to tbe purpose, 
S. Inclined, UaUe, pione, dispose 

3. Quloi, diarp, ■ceady, prompt, __ 
pert, dexterous, able, clever, nappF, 
adrott, liandy,^llfnl. 

4. liodle, teoGlutble. 

Aptitude, »- Tnm, dlspoBiHoii, genius, 
giit, endowioent; talent, &cnlty, eapa^ 
idt;, eapalideiiese, tendency, iDcUnation, 
b1^, procllTlty, pronenees, propen^ty, 
forte, aptnp— 


2. Turn, tendency. Inclination, AJ 

3. Quickness, readiness, expertness, 
skill, acuity, knadt, adioIUieaa, ad- 

4. Docility, leadiaMenesB. 
Aqna-forUs, n. (L.I Nitric eudd (some 

mhat diluted), spirit of nitre. 
Aqna-r^ia, n. [L.l Nitro-muriatlc 

acid, nitro-eliloro-nydrle oold. 
AquarluB, n. lAafron.) Water-bearer. 
A^ieoQS, a. Wa.tery, vaterieh, moist, 

wet, bnmid, damp. 
Aaalliiie, a. Hooked (KJx <m eaglets 

Soi; emptied e^eeialls to ike nose), 

bent, curved. 

Arabeaque, 1. A^orleb, moreer|iie. 
Arabian, a. Arable. 
Arabian, «. Arab, Saracen. i 

Arabic, a. Arabian. 
Arable, a. That may he ploughed, fit 
thr the ploi^b, Bnitable for cultivation. 
Arbiter, n. Arbitrator, umpire, judge. 

Arbitrament, n. 1. Choice, option, 
will, dcterrainatlaD, decision, imipu'age. 

5. (Zow.) Award, adJudicaUan, Sa- 
teraiuiadon, dedaloQ, decree. 

Arbitrariness, ». Xwpotlsm, alnchite- 
ness, absoluUsm, tyraouy, Bat«ota>». 

Arbitrary, a. 1. XTFeaponslble, abao- 
lute, iyiwirdcal, tyrannous, ImperlotiB, 

il^ paas Judgment. 
I, Medlattcm, tnter- 
m, Inteipoeltuin. 

!. Judge, deride, determine, adjudl- 


veutioD, Interceaslon, in 
" "—-"i, detetmi 

aOiffllt, TUDi. 

. Arbiter, umpire. Judge, 

r, ». 1. Bower, ahady reuess, 
ly retreat. 
Spindle, axis, shaft. 

IriMc, ar 

, DondrifttYifl, dendrite. 

n. White cedar (^ C 


1.) Arch, part of a drot 

Arcb,«. 1. (Oeoffl.) Arc, part of a olr- 

». Curved atruotura. 
Apob, V, a, 1. Vault, oovec witlt an 

%, 'Bend into the fbrm of an arch. 
Arcb, o. 1, Ohlef, urlnidpal, oonsiim- 

mate, flrst-rate, of the fl»t class. 

■ s. Sly, shrewd, cunning, wily, astute, 

3> Bi^uisb, wa^ish, mirthful, frolic 

some, sportive, meiiT, playCiil. 
Arcl)feolog:]au, ft. Archsologjst. 
Arcliieolosical, a. Antlqua 
Arcliieoloslst^ ». '"" — "' 

ArohaKOogiy.n. Science of antiiiuities. 

Arcbalc, a. Old, ancient, obaolete, fln.< 
tlQuated, antique, by.«ono, out of use, 
OLft of date, out of S^on, old-firah- 

Archalsia, it. Antiquated torm or ex- 

ArdiblsHop.n. Prii 
Archduchy, tt. Arel 


a. (Sot.) Fornicate. 
«hld'^f,"^'l"- '^-1 ^*''"- 

Arch-fiend, n 

Dbvu., Satan. 

Archetype, n. Pattern, model, type, 

prototype, orielnal, examplar, example, 

protoplHSt, m&roT, paragon. 
Arching, a. Vaulted, curving. 
ATOhltwit>n. 1, DetDguei cf IwlldingB, 

profbsHor of building. 
8. Contriver, make^ fbrraer, author. 
Arehltecture, n. 1. Si^eDoe oi art of 

a. worknuLnshlp, framework, frame, 

stroctara, febrle. 
Archives, <i. ^. 1. Registry, record- 




fl. KBcorda, chronlcleB, regiBters, AN- 
nAX£, lilstorlcal acoountB. 

ATcfaway, n. Arched passage. 

ArctlOt <^- Noithom, boreal. 

Arcuate, o, [Bora] Curved, Iwnt, 
bowed, hooked, crooked, aduncouB. 

AroofrldtKa, n. ffiors.] OuivatuT«, ia- 
ouiTatlon, onrvltjr, fleznre, bend, crook. 

Ardent, o. 1. Hot, hnmliuf, flary. 

S. warm, paedonate, fervent, im- 
pHsaiODed, tagex, iutenee, keen, abarp, 
Tehcment, fl^y, flameab, i^rvld, glow- 
ing, zealouB, deroted, enthuslaatlc, 

a, AlooiioUo, sjdiltnons. 
Ardor, ». 1. Seat, vannth. 

a, Zeal, fervcEr, ffirrencj, flump, aimv. 
en^tement, BhaTpneae, i 
eagemeaB, neartlnefla, devO' 

oaity, 'inteiBiw, , 

.^^ -. &'"^, ii^i,, lotlj, up 


Lce, impetus 

□utlcBlHe^' foil at dMculies. 
Aren, B. 1. Kcgion, rohere, realm, t«r- 

Tltrf>FT, domaJn, dl^tmct, ctrcult, circle, 

defiiute epu». 
a. {Geim^ Supsrflclal contents. 
ATena> n. Iield, llBts, stage, rine, am- 
phitheatre, baWo-SmA, field of battle, 

scans of action, place of conleBt. 
AreuaceoDS, a. Sandy, arenosa. 
Arensse, a. Sandy, arenaceous. 
Areometer, «. Hydrometec. 
Argent, a. 1. Of silvet. 

a. Silvery, brtoht, rCBplendent, Bbln- 

iT^, radiant, l)rilIiaDt, beamli^, eSbl- 

gent, refDlgeut. 
Argil, n. 1, Potter's clay, white clay. 
S. Alumina, ai^UlaceouB earth, D:<lda 

of ainminium. 
ArBillaceoug, a. Clayey, aluminous. 
Ai^ol, ti. Tartar (cniile), bitarCrats of 

potBSli, wloe-atone. 
ATsr">By,''. Carack-gOlleoa. 
Aisae, o. ». 1. Beaaon, plead, oflbr 

reasons, use arguments. 
a. Inspute, debate, chop logic, tty 

otmelnelims, bandy words oi ai^nments, 

hold or carry on an ai^iment. 
Argue, V. o- !• Show, indicate, evinoe, 

denote, imply, betoirai, prove. 
a. DebatB, disonss, vsiitii.ate 

contest, controvert, moot, reason i..^ ._. 
Axener, B. Heaaoner, debater, contro- 

ve^^st, dispatant, diepnl^r. 
Arumiiioiit, n. 1, Keason, reasoning, 

obaln ot reasoning, process of reasoning. 
a. Controvert, luspnta, dlsputaidoii, 

3. Subject, to^c, matter, theme, 

the^ ^uaatlon, snldeet-niattar, matter 


Argumentative, a. 1. ControTcrBlal, 
a. IHsputallouB, eivan to controversy. 
Ai^ruB-eyed, a, InscerDing, perepioO' 

ftry, dried up, parched with 

Aridity, «. Dryness, siooity, want of 

Artelit, ad. Sightly, itltlioat eiror or 

a. det up, start up, gat out of bed. 

3. Bise, appear, come in sigbt, aouie 
into vlaw, present itself show itself, 
discover iteeif, make Its appaaracce, 
reveal Itself, come to U^t. 

4. BeeIii,originate,qjrlng,spidr^iip, 
ba exdled, (x>me into nation. 

B. Coma Into TnHag, eniai upon lile. 
6. Aooine, reault, proceed, issue, 
flow, fldlow, come, ensue, be derived. 
Ariatat«, a, (Bol.) Awned, bearded. 
AristooraBy, «. 1. Govenunent of 
nobles or a prIvilK[ad order. 

Z. Nobility, noWesSa, gantry, peerage, 
body of nomas, the qnallly, parsons of 

3> ICoUogmoi.] Upper classes, np- 

Science of numbers, 
L. Braneh, bougl., projecting 

a. Iidet l<if the leaj. 

" ■" might, strength, 

4. Brandi of military 



I. liqulp, furnish, provide, 

',putii ' 
-a, fit u 

' 3. Prepare, fit up, make r 

Arm, V. w. Tt' ■- "■ 

vided with arma. 

Armada, n, Fleet {especioBsi that flC 
Sjjom ogainsf EnglaiiS in I0S8), squad- 
ron, fiotflJa. 

Armament, «. 1. Body of forces, 

a. QuDS, cannon, arms, munitions of 

iDw-chidr, armed 
re, suspension of 

m strength, human 
tooiyfrifh, inlet. 

Armorial, a. Her^dlo. 


Armpit,^ — 

Arma, n. pt. 1. Weapons. 
2. War, wnillke esploite. 
3> Eecntxheon, acntctieon, ahleld, en- 
s^ BjmDriitl, nrmoriEil beatings. 

Ann;, n. Host, force, troops, leeions, 
armea fbrije, jnUltacy force, body of 

AmlcB, n^ 1jeopaTd's..baiie, 

Aroma, «. Fragrance, perlame, redo- 
lence, sweM Bceot, pleasing scenl^ giate^ 

Aromatic, a, Fcagrant, redolent, 
balmy, Bpi<T, odoriferous, aromat^uB, 
ombiosiiil, high-eQented, strong-e 

- fld, sweet-scented, an-eet-amelling. 

Aromattse, v. a. 8cent, perfume. 

Aromatoug, a. Fragrant, ' spicy, 

Aronnd,!"^. 1. Abou 

©very side of, 
slimalaie, v 

iiJEUle, avaken. 

nepirlt, pr 

etir up, vSke ni 

Arrs^o, u. 
trial, ta^" 

Arralsninflntj «. 
brfn^ng to tnaL 

a. AcooBatlon, eliarge, indlcUnent, 

ATraiu:e, «■ a. 1. Dispose, array, class, 
elBBsIl^, group, rank, tnia, marshal, 
CHstrlbuW, place, range, put or bring 
Into older, eet in order, teduoe to ocder, 
Bot out. aas^n places t^. 
a. Adjust, Battle, determine, fix up- 

3> Plan, devise, Bcbeme, contrive, 
project, mature, organlae, concoct, 
Gonatruct, prepare, faJI upon, bit apon, 

d^^on, m^uid, i 

t. Stmoturo, make, £irm, mode • 
ouildlns; manner of making. 

3, AdJuBlmsut, settlement. 

4. Begulatlon, management, ecou 

rrant^ a. 

•t. loittmouB, yile, : 

Airas, ». Tapeslry, bai--— b„ 

Array, n. 1. Order, regalar dlsporition. 

St. Drese, fine elotbes, elegant attire, 

a. UxMbiUon, Bbow. 

i. (Zow.) Panel, body of Jurors, 
urray, V. a, 1. Rajik, range, arrange, 
place, dispose, matsnol, set in order, 

S, Dtees, habit, enrobe, robe. Invest, 
dotlie, bedeck, deck, adorn, embelUsh, 

, n. pi. Arrearage, 

Lrrest, v. a. 1- Stop, stay, check, 1u- 
teiTupt, obstruct, binder, delay, det^n, 
restrAu, hold, mthhold ^eep back 

S, Seise, apprehend, tak pturs 

oateli, take up, talce Into n tod take 

Arrest, n. 1. Staying, toi 
Bce, obstmctLon. 
S. Seizure, capture, 

Ai'riTO, B. n. 1. Come, g 

fllf-lmpDrtance, u_^ ^. 
BAngliQ^ proud, snpez- 

cuT^ler, overbcaitng, o^meenine, ae- 
euiulnv, niu^tarlo^ df^pnatlc, uupe- 
rlous. Important, smiUing, blustering, 
big, bi^, loKf , stately, Belf-conceited, 
seEr-Buffl^eut, dctibb. 

Arro^Btfl, V. a. Assume, usurp, claim 
undMy, malce nnjust pretensione to. 

Arro^v, n. Darii, ^aft, bolt. 

Arrow-lieaded, a. woclge-ahaped, eu- 

fSB, caU- 

"% Bk!il|' addrflBB, adroi^ess, readi- 
nesa, dexterity, tact, aptitude, apDiess, 
oleyemese, ingenully. 

3. Cunnlr^, astuteness, artfulness, 
shrewdness, arUlice, deceit, subtlety, 
craftiness, craft, duplidty, wlUnesa, 
Artfiil, a. 1. Skilful, ir^enlous, dex- 

■^ Omming, or^ty, astute, shrewd, 
abM^, wfly, Bly, ftay, snalty, f--'-*'- 
— 1, i»«-.o H^i^oLng in"--^ 

diptomaHo, MRatuaTelian. 
AiilDIe, «. 1. Fart, poiUon, branch, 
member, clause. Item, particular, count, 

a. TeiTo, sapulation, provisioii, con- 
dition, covenant. 

3. Tbli«, substance, commodity. 

4, {Grunt.) DeflniHie adJeoUve. 

^ designing, intriguing. 



. _. Cttac dlattnetlj (a 
elemoiiari/ eouadi), rao 

g, CoEBonaJit. 

3. Joint, junGtarSf mD&i- 

Artlfice. n. Cuimlns, deceit, lii>±e[r, 

dapUolty, guile, subSety, flneass, atrat- 

afiem, tiidi:, aubterfnge, wile, ruBe, 

enanee, dod^, donbUi^, MHcblttreliBni, 

&aud, ImpoBtnce, ImpoaiUon, double- 
deolliiff, ooUjUaioJf, ^uxnu-pooiiB, orof- 
ty dOT&o, ~" - — ^ 

aanni^turer, superira m 

AitUloial, a 
art, nf- — '- 

1. FacI 

.1. lictitiona, f^pied, coanl«Tfeiteil, 
Bbam, apurlous. 
3. AMamed, affbalfd, ftmied, strained. 
Artillery, Jt. Ordnance, caimoa, en- 
ginery, great guns. 
Ai'ttsan. m. Meohanlo, — 
woikmuii, labocor, operatt' 
ArUst, n. 1. Designer, oonm*Bt, iiti/- 
Jector, adept, a&tlficv^, hMI^L per- 

3. Sculptor, carver, modSler. 
Artistic, I a. SkUfiU, masterl;, troA- 
Arttstical, ( man-like. 
Artless, a. 1. Ignorant, nnleamad, 
untaught, unaldlfuTinae. 

3. Inartificial, Bimple, natural, with- 
out markB of art. 

3. UnaO^cted, plain, honest, frank, 
fair, open, c^idid, Kuvn, goUelees, 
^ncere, true, unsophlaticated, ii^enu- 
ODB, unde^gnlne, Emthfnl, liouorable, 
aii^e-minded, ^uple-iieaTted.^ntple- 
mlnded, open-hearted, Btr^ghobrward. 
As, atl. 1, In the mitnner tiiat. 

a. IJbe, rimilor ia, fur eiiample, ol 
the same kind with, in the same man- 

3. Viewed like, taken in the okarac- 

5, Because, ^nce, ibr the reason that. 

6. To the degree that, in the same 
proportLock that. 

1. Beii^ of the kind which, being of 
the class wiui. 
As i^r as. To the extent that, to tlie 

Ascend, v. n. 1, Blse, aitae, aBph:e, 

9. C^backwardlBi (ABOj'i&rqfiime). 
Ascend, b. a. Cj^^niB, SoaJe, get up, 

preralent, sotpaesinE. 
Asoendenoy, it. Power, autluirity, 

sway, eonfioL supeHorlty, goT< • 

masKiT,maeteraam,canuuaad, .. ... 
ion, rale, soverelsnty, supremacyj dcon- 

iueuce, Kdvantaee oyer, np — '■— ' 

Ascension, n. losing, eIsb, 

Ascent, «. 1. BlBliie, rlie, a 
9, AcdUtII?, riaine grounu. 
' dk Eleratian, heign^ eminence. 

Asorartaln, V. a. 1. Intomiine, estab- 
lish, £i, BBttle, defliks, certi^, Teii^, 

Id out, get at 
ire, r^id, sevi 

Aaoetio, n. Beoiuee, harmlt, anckoret, 

- '" -illtalre, BBEMITE. 

Austerity, mortlfica- 

solitary, scllta 

Aslies, «■ pi. 


Abashed, confused, p 

a. Ashy, pale, gray. 
1, Remans W ^''Ot 

L. On shore, on land. 

8. To the short. 

3. Agronni^ not afloat. 

Asliy,>i. 1. CineriUous, cinereous, fivil- 

S. Pale, palUd, whitish, gray, ash- 

Aslatic cliolern. Spasmodic cholara, 

cholera asphyxia. 
Aside, EKJ. 1. Laterally, to the side, to 

S. Out of the straight course, oat oT 

3. Apart, separately, away. 
As if. As tho'i^. 
As it "were, So to speak, so it would 

Ask, V. a. 1. QnesUoi], interrogate. In- 
quire of, put the oueaUon to. 

3. Bequest, solicit, petlUon, beseech, 
Implore, supplicate, crave, bM, desire. 

Awry, aside, QSkance, 



AfllaiLt, ad. Obliqjiol;, askaittiOT oakcw 

Aslant, a. OUiqiie, inollaed, elanUng. 
Asleep, a, Sleeidiig, iaai asleep, in i 

Bound Slaep, In flio anna of Morpheuf 

gone to the lana of Nod. 
Aslope, ad. Astim, obliquely. 

3' Appearance, view, light, eondltiou, 
Mtiiation, posildon, atata, attltuda, pos- 

3, DirecJJon, bearing, relative peal- 

Asperity, ». 1. Boughnesa, rnggedueaa, 

a. Acrimony, tartness, aourneae, 
aharmieBa, cauBl^ty, 00no»voueBB. 

MVBTiWi TlrulraiOB, OTahbedneea, bittet- 
nera, churlMmeea, aoerliit;, sulleonesa, 
ill tamper, bad blood. 
Aaperae, «. a. YWs, slander, aalum- 
nlata, traduce, d^uce. acandaUze, 
□xaiign, TOTlle, lampoon, imckbita, 
abuse, digpara^a, blacken, blemish, 

L donib dec] 

K 1)1^7, ds 

idee, daflimatiDn, abuse, vitupera- 
^,.i „™ — ^^ Bcandal, i>aclE- 

tlon, obloquy, reproa^;!], soandal, 
biti^, revlliug, galnaaTing, ii 

. Candidate, solicitor, solioitant. 

toneless, un- 

with a almpie Ijcsathins, not vocal, 

vpilhout vocalltj, without tone. 
Aspirate, n. Hoi^h breathing. 
Aspirate, o. a. rconoonoe with mi 

aspirats or roi^ breathing. 
Ajgplrat«<l, a. ASPIRATE. 
Asulratlon, n. 1> Fronoundng wiUi 

toe EOE^ breat^iij^. 
3, lionging, yearning, hankerii^, 

oraviog, acdent wish oc daslre, 
Aspliv. V. ». 1. Dedre {eamesUy), loi«. 

Aspirer, n-^aplrant, amMUona person. 
Aspire to, I>esire aagecly, wisb for 

ardently, long fbr, aim. at, miiat an^ar. 
Aspiring, o. AmbiHouB, hhSi-r8a<3ili^. 
Asquiut, ad. Askance, a^anC, aivry, 

aMeWj oblimiely, to one side. 
Abs, «■ 1. Jackaaa, donkey. 

e. Dolt, tbol, bloclchead, simpleton. 

Assail, ■B. a. Aaaault, attack, invade, 
oppugn, ^1 upon, fly at, bear down 

Assailant, n. flggreasor, assanlter, at- 

taclicr, invader, aaBHller. 
Assailant, a. Attaaking, invading, os- 

Asaassin, n. Murderer, slayer, cut- 
throat, apfi^alnator, brayo. 

Assassinate m. a. Kill (6j secret as- 
souft), murder, slay, dcspatoli. 

Assassination, ». Murder {bp secret 

Assassinator, n. AsaASSiH. 

AB5anlt,». 1. Attack, onset, onslanght, 
i^re^on, iavai^on, charge, tlirust. 

Assault, v. a. Assail, attack, charga, 
invade, SIOBH, fidl npon, fly at, bear 
down npon, make aggression on. 

Assay, n. Trial (yorlKUiori^ (0 deto-- 
miiu the quantity qf aietal tn on ore), 
test, exandnathm, experlroent, proof, 
tonobstona, ordeaL 

Assay, V. a. Try, test, put to the test, 
make trial of. 

Assay, o. n. Try, endeavor, attempt, 

Assemblase, n. 1. CollacUpn, group, 

IssemtSy, < 

call, call togelbet, bfii« ti^ther, 
Assemble, 0. «. Converse, meet, m 

together, come together. 
Assembly, ». 1. Company, eonooui 
' throng, congiegaaon, gatlieriag, coll 
Hon, aEBemfiBge, meeong. 

a. Oimgreas, ccmreatioii, eoQTOaati , 
conclave, synod, ^et^meeUng, council, 

opbtion), I , , — ^— 

sBbsoribe, yield, yield oesant, ^re 
sent, ftUl In, go wtlh the atrsam, go 

Assent, ». Oonaent, agreement, oon- 
Asaent to^Consent to, agree to, give 
Assert, w.' a. 1, AfBrm, declare, pro- 
ale, protest, avow, prallcate, iay down. 
% Vindicate, d^^nd, claim, m^u- 

Assertioiii n. 1. AfflrmaHon, deelara- 
4.; — „..»,„ — «™ — )te8talion, posi- 

Dn, protes 

p. o. 1. Tax, charge aa one's 

3, Yaloe, appraise, compLitSi sati- 

AssessmoDt,!!. 1. Assessing, valaaHoa. 

». Tax, impost, chaise, rate. 
Assets, Property {partieaktr^ aa 
comparea Kith liabimies), eSbcts, pos- 

Asaeverate,!!. a. Aver, affirm, declare, 


close apjJicatlini. 
AeBldnouB, a. lodusttious, Bedulooe, 
dUiseut, Inde&t^ble, notake, acCiie, 
boay, tmUring, nnwearled, nncenilttiiig, 
peiseverlng, persistent, constonl^ pn- 
tAqvAj stumouB, zealous, nevflr-nrmg^ 

Av^xlnonsueeBt n. A^iduity. 
Assign, p. a. 1. Apportion, aJlot, ap- 
polnVaMTopriate, eaat. 
Z' ^Elx, spoclfr, determine, doBlgnate. 

3. Adduce, ^ege, advance, offer, 
give, present, bring forward. 

4. {Lavr,) Transfei, couTey, imike 

AsB^iatloii, n. 1. Designation. 

iA, Appointment to meet. 
AMlarn dower, [Law.) Sotoff(6j meles 

ana bounds] tne wldow^s shajro. 
Aaslgnutieiit, n. 1. Appointment, al- 
lotiment, apportionmont, 
" "-ho!) Ti'Misfer, oonrerance. 

a, I. Liken, make like, 

Assist, o. a. 1, Help, ^d, support, be- 
filend, patronize, serve, spe^ second, 
abet, Mck, sustain, co-operate wltb, 
lake part witk, gire support to, minis- 

ter to. 

S. Snccot, reUeve, sfeli» 
Asststanae, «■ Help, aid, encco^ UEi, 

sapport, patronage, relief, neliJng 

ImLd, good offices. 
Assistant, n. Ooadjutor, helper, alder, 

oo-operator, oo-ald, ally, ansJDary, abet- 

.__ _ ^ right band i 


._...., , EJigland). 

Assi>olBte, V. a. Join, coiyoln, nnlte, 
conoeot, combine, afBllato, yofee, cott- 
-' - "-k, biing into close lelation. 

sort, keep oompany, 1 

..,, . . _. Compaidon, mate, 
itLiurt, yoka-fellow, comrade, peer, 
compeer, ftUower, cohsoei. 

a. Partner, copartner, coadjutor, 
OOIdiBAG^'DB, ixmfQderate, ally. 
AsaoidatlcHi, «. 1. Union, oonnectlon, 

nipany, bana. 

elnb, ooTamB, OLHtoE, Joint concern. 
AsBOTt, n. a, Olos^ classify, rMik, 

group, arrai^o. distiibute, sort. 
Aasort, B. «. Agree, oossorC, suit, be 

adHplBd, be suitable. 
AsBortmenl^ ». l. Assorliug, arrai^- 

Ing, allotment, distribution, arrange- 

3. Yitriety of sorts, many Idnds. 

pad^, compose, tranquillize 
still, quell, allay, abate, Mmpe 
— , — n^ quiQifJ, relieve, ei 

Hunt, lull.' '' 

Mltlgatjoti, allevia- 

emolUsnt' lenient^ leniljve, n 

3. Aiii^ate, usurp, claim unduly, 

4, Beg, Buppoae, presuppose, imply, 
conuder OK true, take far granted. 

AHBUmed name. Alias. 

ASBumii^, a. 1. Presuming, presump- 

taous, forward, nndacious, bold, shame- 

lem, frontles^ unbluahli^, brazen, 

8. Arrogant, proud, lofty, stately, 

haughty, supercilious, overbearing, 

img, coni^jlled, ci 
Dou-iiuuuelted, eelf-sufUdeni. 
Assumption, it. 1, Asanmlng, arrogat- 

S, Presumption, euppoeilion, conject- 
ure, irvpothesis, postulate, theory. 

a. Haughaness, loftiness, euperoili- 
ousnesB, lordliness, statelhiess, ixinoelt, 
nride. eonc^tedneBB, self-conceit, self- 
1, vain-glory, arrogance, in- 

l. Security, certainty, 

. i^omlse, ei^agement, word of 

3. Affirmation, asBertion, declaration, 
protestation, asseveration, averment, 

4. Intrepidity, courage, confidence, 

5. Bddness, effirantery, brass, inipu- 
denoe, impertinenoe, presumption, 

6. (lou'.) Insurance. 

Lasure,«. a. 1, Make certain or sure, 
dee from doubt or uncertainty. 

-i, Embolden, encourage, enlieatten, 
hearten, make confident. 

3. Declare to [amfideaily <md ear- 


a. Confident, su 
S. [Law.] Insu 
Assnredly.ort. Ci 
undoubtocUy, un 
surely, snre,wifhui. 
Astelam, n. Qentee 

ter oc raillery, delicate nuiciue. 
Asterisk, n. Star (tn;»4nfin$). 

;a by Google 


Astray, ad, Ont of the eight 
the wrong — •"•■ 


Aetnte, a.- 1. Cunning, crafty. Intrigu- 
ing, vOj, artful, sly, subtls, atcb, deep, 

8. SSiewd, B^adous, acuta, sharp, 
quick, discerning, IngeQioiie, perspica- 
oiane, kcan, Iniell^cnt, long-hcaded, 
keea-eiglitaa, dear-siglit^d, quick- 
s^ted, e^e-e;ed. 
AstD-tebeas, n. . 1. Gunning, craft, 
craftineBe, subtlety, artfiilncsa, avt, 
araaoe, elynaaa, deceit, dupUdty, wUl- 

Asnnd^F, ad. Apart, into two parts. 
Asrlnm, n. 1, SanotuHrv, eiielter, rs- 

Otat, retoge, place of refuge. 
S. CbarSable institnUon. 
At a lilow. Suddenly, all at once, by a 

etogle Btrobe, by one efmrt. 
At tfil. In Miy manner, in any degree, 

in bbe least degree, In tlia least. 
AttileventB, At any rats, in any ccse, 

wliateyer be the case, happen what 

may, come what may, let it be as it 

will, dnkor Bwtm. 
At a lose, Puzaled, parplesad, embar- 

Taased, stsegered, posed, nonplossed, at 

one^s vit^ end. hard pressed, at a 

At a plnoh, In an 

dlffieulty, if things co 
At a stand, 1. Inter 

be mienlng c 

, inthout oOQdilionB c 

At ease. Untroubled, oomfOrfable, &e 

from pain, at rest. 
At fiiult, I. Otf the scent, on 1h 
wrong tir"'' 

nigh, close by, liard 

AtJieist, 11. Unbeliever (in (he exlatauie 
<lf God), IHFIDBL. Bcepric, freo-Uunter, 
Atheisttc | a. (Aidless, given to 

Atblete,". 'Comhalmit, cliampiou, con- 
tender fbc ylctory. 

Athletic, a. 1. Stroi^, stout, robust, 
sturdy, brawny, muscular, lusty, sin- 
ewy, nervous, stalwart, powerftd, strap- 
pii^, Herculean, able-bodied, made of 

Athwart^ prep. Across, oyer, (iora one 

dde of to the other. 
Athwart, ad. 1. AcrcsB, crosswise 

Bidewise, obhauely. 
9. Wrong, wrongfitlly, unseasonably, 

unsuitably, n" ' 

At last, EinHj] 

luHJly, in Uie end. In tl 

At length, 1. After a long timfl, after 
a long while, at Isst, in tlie end. 
a. In full, to the full eitent, IN eS- 

Atmospherlc, t "- 
At odi 

1. Moleonla, monad, ultdj 

particle {r^ emy dement), mdiiisible 

El, Uttle, whit, ace 
1. Of at 


Small, mlMile. 

lee. Immediate^, direclJy, fbrth- 
L, fltm^tway, wmout delay. 
- * — ™ — liate, roalce eqdaHoii 

tor, de pwxMicO fljr, anairer lor, pay fOT. 
' '^ - ^ [Rare.] F '"- 

„. rplatjon, pro^tdation, ._ 

tion, reparation, amends, peace-i^er- 
ing, aloidiK sacrifice. 

Atony, nTiSfai.) Weakness, debility, 

Atiablllary, a, Helanclioly, A^ 

desponding, downcaj 

Atrabllions, o. Melancholy, hypoehon- 
driacal, hjTpedi dejected, di^tlfed, 
depressed, gloomy, saa, sorrowful, bine, 
''■^■"""""f, downcast, down-hearted, 
I, low-spirited, cast down, 
e mouth, in ihe dumps, with 

Atraineuton^ a. Slack, in 
At I'andoin, By chance, wiU 

without selection, Jnst as it 

Atrost^ 1. Besting, reposing 

3. Untroubled, comfortat 

free from pain- 
Atrooiniw, a. In&mous, vil 

gitlotis, heinou^ t^oniouE 



teaJ, mauBlioaB, luKiniiil, tieUlsh, bar. 

Atnxd^, n. 1. EdnoiiBDeea, ntrocious- 
nflBs, enonoit;, flagTancy, vlllan;, flsi- 
gltLousneBa, deprovtV < mckednesa. 
a> Ateoowras orfme, flagittous vDlany. 

AtropIiT, n. Jimaolaacis tfi'om imnl qf 
naupbAment), conaninpticiii, maiaamus, 
ileoliue, grsaiml wwt&e. 

At etafte, Homrded, naksd, pieced, 

Attach, v. a. 1. Psstrat, tie, joia, con 
nBct, ramsnli, affii, fix, ftppend, anbjoiii 
ij hitch, make fiiBt, set to. 

n, engage, gain over. 

a. itttact, c 
dear, ctann, wi.., __„ 
3. {Lam.) Take, SB 

a. Adjunct, ftppandaga, apporte- 
nanee, addition, nddendnia. 

3^ {Law.) Seizure, diatresa. 
Attaoli, V. a. 1. ABsafl, aaaanlt, stoeu, 
eneounCev, Invade, ekarge, engage, op- 
pugn, TAOKtE, hsTe a^ set upon, fly 

apring open, have a fling at, have a cut 
at, bear down upon, mate as^reBalon 
oo, lide fall tilt agalnat, eiics into. 

^. Ifflpagn, censure, ciitldaa, reflect 
npon, pass censure on. 

Attack, n. 1. Aesanlt, onset, onalaught, 
ohai^e, tbnist, SncoimteT, lurauon, 
a^readon, dewseut, oivbhgb. 

AtSutker, n. AEBSdler, asaallant, aa- 
aaulter. Invader, sggreeaar. 

AttolD.i'-a. PFoouie(^^jfbrt),aGapiTe, 
get, obt^, gain, win, aecurB, aoMere, 
Gompasa, accimaigh, efi^t, hit. 

ible, a. €oinpaS3i^ble, aohleT- 
racljcable, fea^le, possible. 

Cotruplion of Mood. 

1. 1. Attuning, getting, 

a. Aoqulremeut, aocompUshment, 
ei^ltion, Leajmlng, information, en- 
ll^tffliiuent. wisdom, stock ff kuowl- 

Oil of roses, ottar of 

At(«mper, f . a. 1. Temper, moderate, 
allay, alleviate, soften, mollliy, aeeoage, 
BODtlie, qoaliff, appease. 
a. Adapt, Biflt, fit^opOTtion. 

Attempt, V. a. 1. Try, aaaay, ( 
make tiM or experlinent of. 

B. Undertake, go about, set about, 
t^ce in hand, endeavor U> accompDF^ 

Attempt, V. it. Try, strive, endea 
seek, ^m, make aa attempt, m 
essay, do one's beat, do all that In 
li(», etiain every nerve, leave no si 

Attend, v. a. 1. Accompany, eficist, 
fijllow, go with, go along with, keep 
company with. 

3. Guard, watch, have In k^eplug. 

3. Serve, lackey, minister to, wait on, 
dance attendance on. 

Lttend, V. n. 1. Uaten, hearken, hear, 
give ear, pay attention, 
" '^— ' "rvejwail^ be attendant. 

Service, ministration, w^ting on. 


Atteudimt,^ a. Accompanying, 

vaasal, aervitor, d^iend- 
tuib, ■uLaduei,j)qi]lre,domesUc, IbotmaD, 
lackey, valbt, waiter, aunkey, under- 

3. FntoUBe, pnrsne, 

Attentdou, «. 1. Oam, Jteed, i 
IbeedfldueSB, mlsdfalnsse, notice, obsar- 
vation, condderatLon, adverteni^, olr- 
oumspectloD, wateh, watchTnLiess. 
a. Applieation, imeaHon, study. 
3. Climlty, conriesy, polltenees, def- 
ereaoe, respect regard. 
Attentive, a. Mindful, heedful, obser- 
vant, wary, cireunBpect, watchfid, " 
- ftil, tiiougixtfiT' ''*'' '^ ■ 

Attfintive to, Mindful ol occupied with, 

taken up witb, absorlwa in. 
Atten.oat»,v.'a. 1. Dilute, tMn, late^, 

a. Lessen, diminlah, contract, reduce. 
Attenuation, n. Tbuming, dimiuish- 
ingf contracting. 

dorse, confirm, 11 .._ . . ., . 

port, authenticate, seal, voucli ibr, heai 

oat, set one's liana and aeal lo. 

a. Adjure, invoke, call to wlfneas. 

3, Prove, show, exhibit, luanlfeat, 


AtteSta,Uon, ti. Attesling, anUieiitica- 

correct, ceflued, elegant, polieWi, 

good taste. 
Attto,n- 1> Athenian, Athenl^L anl^r. 
8. Garret, loft, oockloft, npper rtory. 
•""-' — - Atllo idiom or phrase, 


y, ap- 

parBlj ralmant, A 

AtUo suit, Dallcata . __. 

Attire, V. a. Dtees, clotiie, attay, 

Attire, ». Dreas, claHiee, clotbing, w- 

' — ' ■■ AEBAY, habit, garb, 

. ImbUlmenC, veslure, 


— , ., .„_„ -lappings, 

j,u»i>«^Y, wardrobe. 

AtlAtndti, m. 1. Posture {toUh r^ereiux 

to the eJ^ressioa tjf some eeniim&ttjj 


e. Sltoatloa, aspect, pbase, standing. 

Attarne;, «■ 1. Agent, 

». Lawyer, connaellor, counsel, so- 
liiciTOR, adTOcate, batiistec, attotnej- 
a.t-law, lunb of the law. 
Attmct, B. a. 1. Draw, hrli^ into 
proxlmll^, cause to approacta. 

3, Allttre, hiylte, eafloo, engage, win, 
captivate, ItiecIiiMe, eoaeai', cbatm, 

Attraction^ n. 1. Attraeling, drawing. 
3* Allnrement, lute, maoinafioD, 
cliacro, enticement, wltehery, attrac- 

Attraotive, a. I. Alluring, inviting, en- 
ticing, fiisrdnating, captlTatii^, chaim- 
Ing, winning, bewltcning, enclianCing, 
engaging, fiitereathig, prBpoBseaslng, 
taMDg, pleaeing, pleneant, lovel;, sweet 

be atCributcd, 
1, assign, refer. 

Attrition, w. Ahradon 
Attune, V. a. 1, Set k 


a. Tane, ftococd, hatmoniie, modu- 
late, put In tune. 
At variance. Quarrelling, Uckerlng, at 

Aaburn, a. Nut-brown, ehea£nut^!ol- 

oted, taddlsh-hrnwn. 
AaMloa, n. Vendue, cant, public sale, 


a, PresnmptuauSjasBumii^, forward, 

impudent, ineolenC 
AndaidousnesB, n. Audacity. 
Andaeitr, b. 1. Boldness, daring, feai'- 

iBBsness, eoura^, intrepidity, vantuiB- 

S. Impudence, insolence, Imperti- 
nence, Bauchiees, eftVontary, presumpto- 
ousneas, presumption, assurance, foce, 

Audience, n. 1. Hearing, 

S. Andltory, ssssmbly of haarers. 
Andience-clianiber, n. Qlvan, cnnn- 

dl-chanil>ei, »tale-chani1wc. 
Audit, ?. <^ Examine (as accounts^ lo 

aaeertaia whether tkey ore correet or not). 
Andlt,«. 1. Examination of accounts. 

Audimcfl, assembly o 

I Skilful, 

, _ .ne'a elenuL., 

AnsAt^ii. Anything. 
Anirineiil:,?7.a. Enlai'ge, Increase, mag-, 

nuy, add to, make larger. 
Augment, v. n. Increase, sron largei-. 
Augmentation, n. Increase, enl^ge- 

ment, extension, addition, accession. 
Auenr.n. Sootiisayet, prophet, foitune- 

Aogur, K. «. Prophesy, conleeture, pre- , 

d^t, guess. 
Augur, V. a. Portend, ibrebode, pre- 

nage, RrcSbow, foreshadow, pR^osd- 

cata, betoken, foretell, predict, pro- 

phf^, be ominous of. 
Aotlur;, II. 1. Prt^noatioation, prog- 

nostlo, predicHoii, prophecy, vatldna- 

3. Omen, ston, ansplce, portent, pre- 
BAge, pt<%nostic, precursor, forerunner, 
hiU-Mnger, heralil 

Ai^mst, a, Impo^ng, awfol, solemn, 
venerable, maj^c, stately, pompons, 
great, regal, noble, dignined, ^in^y, 
pilnoely, magnifloent, superb. 

AoM lung B]^e, [Scoicft.j Antiquity, 
old times, foi-mcr times, days of yore, 
the olden time, time gone bj, days gone 

Anieate,!!. Gidden, yellow, gold-colored. 
Aurella, «. (ffiirf.) ChrysaJls, pupa, 

AaretSa, n. [Ii,] Hahi, glory. 
Auricle, «. Pavilion, external ear. 
Aurora, n. 1. IMgtMt.) Godd(«s ot 

iS. Daybreak, dawn, morning, mobk, 

sunrise, break of day, opening of day, 

peep of day, first blush of the morning. 
Aurora borealis, [L,] Northern lights, 

polar l^hls. 
Auspice, n. Omen, AratiRY, 8^n, por> 

tent, presage, pri^oatlc, 
Ansplcee, n. pf. Favor, iirSuence, pat- 

ronaiie, protection, siimiort. 
diiBplclDOS, a. ; 

_ "BiaaghiS/ the taslej, sour 

and astringent. 
». Severe, ri^d, strict, (brmal, sfltf, 

Imi^Sg: fitv, 
le, golden, br 
h (5 the tasle 

ting, unrelenting, relents 


fictitiaos, not apocijplial, vrliat it pur- 

a. IrueCffOTtby, itCLiABi.E, anthort- 
tiLtive, of approieii nnthoiity, to be 
' depend^ an^ wortby at beliefs 
Aatbentlcatfl, V. a. YedCj', seEil, attest, 
give credit or v^dltj to, proTO to be 
•-'-— "— "— ,n. Varifleaaon, attes- 

Anthenttoity, n. 

Author, li. 1. Orleinator, invento 
maker, creator, iiiffier, former, ooi 
tiivec, fine oanse. 
a. Writflr, composer. 

Antboritatiye, a. 1. Official, con 
miuiding, bj aathoiit;, ES. oatsi 

imperative, Imperlou 

domlnlt^, .^^^ , ^ 

a. BiUe, Bway, ascendency, snprent- 
aiiy, control, lonuence, Interset, 

3, Permission, warrant, wurant;, 
llbertj, permit, pieoopt, oroec, author- 
izsUon, eanoUon. 

4. WitnesB, teadmonr. 

5, OBdibfllty.TTOlghtofeyldBnoB. 

6. Bespeotabllitj, dignity, weight of 

Autliorize, 0. o, 1. Sanction, InstifJ, 

Antoclitlional, I a. Aboriginal, orl- 

AatocUthonoiis ) glnal, primitive, 

primeval, pristine, primary, first. 

Autocrat, n, Dietator, despot, tyrant, 

Autocrstio, a, Abaolul*, despoUo. 

Automatic, a. Self-moving, self-acUi^. 

Autong;, n. 1. Ocular avidsnoa, per- 
sonal examinaUon. 
a. post-mortem, examination. 

Autumn, «. Fall, fall of the leaf. 

Anxlltarr, a. Aiding, lielpb:^;, aaalatlT^, 
^^idllary, sub^diary, lielpful. 

AnsUlary, n. Helper, ssalatant, i 
lutor, a.fiutaiit, co-operalive, 8%. 
federate, iMt-hs"'' 

t, ptoflt, be of advan- 

rf advantage, do good, 

T the purpose. 

t, advantage, benefit. 

Avails, n.J!«. Proeeads, : 

Lvallable, a. 1. To be availed of, to be 

a. Serviceable, uaefol, profitable, ad- 
yantsAeons. beneficial . 

3. Siltabie or lit (fiir some pmpose), 
Utely to answer the end. 
Avaut'coarier, it. Harbii^er, fbterun- 

ner, hernM. 
ATant-gru&>^d,n. Van, advamjed goard. 
\™rice. «. Pennrionaneaa, cnpidily, 

Lvaj-icIous,a. Miserly,' pennriond, pac- 
atmonlona, sordid, imberal, ni^ardlj, 
roei'cenaiT', close, stli«y, mean, grasp- 
ing, close-fisted, bfltd^stad, ooTBTons, 
eager for gi^ (/In- Sie ealce if Itoardtng 

award juat punishing 

Stile.] Take revei^a npon, treat re- 

AveiigeineBt,n.lffo™.] ATBn^Dg. 
ATenue, n. 1. Passage, entrance, entry, 

luaieBa, way of approach, passage-way. 
a. Alley, walk, street, toad, path. 
3. Ohannol, route, way, pass. 
Avei', V. a. dssert, affirm, declare, as- 
severate, protest, avouch, allege, aay, 

proaoiinoe, predicate. 
Average, n. 1. Medium, mean pcopor- 

Uon, mediaa emn or quantity. 
B. Mediocrity, medial Btandard, aver- 

Avei-ags, V, a, 1. Eqnate, reduce to an 

e. (CSmh.) Proportion, distribute pco- 
Avei'iigs, ". n. Amount to, or res 

verment, n. AfOmmtion, d 
np^ertion, remark, asaeverat 

vowal, word. 
». lMsf«^-i '■ 

SrsbOB, tli6 lowe 

Lverae, a. DnvUllng, disinclined, In- 
disposed, reluctant, loatb, backward, 
aaverae, opposed. 

■ - "I. DiflUie, distaste, dls- 

□atlon, reliictanoe, un- 
Bpognaace, backward- 

3. Abtipaihv, hatred, loathing, dis- 
gust, nansea, detestation, -"■ 

Lvert, i. a. 1. Tnm aside 

9. Prevent, divert, raeclude, BOBB- 

Ivld, B. [Rare,] E^ec, greedy. 

h.sios !, Google 


jeamingi intense flusi 

IS, longing, 

.vooatiim,R. Occasional bu^ness (6Msi- 
nesi Stat calls aablej. 

SHIM, or (feiiaCinp core cm^ fciJAmu^iKwi- 
'Uffeeaertiiffb), eschev, OBcape, bllnfa, 
elode, Xeep aw^ fEom, beep aloof &om. 
keep ont ^ IJlq way or, withdraw troi 
ieap oleat oT, be ehy of, f ' 
bftve nothing to do with. 
S. Forbear, help, te&ain 

Avoset, Tk Scooper. 

Avoi[Ota,i>.<(. AiBrm,ae3art 
deflate, protBOt, nll^e, say 

it shy 0^, 

I. Awake, wEVke, ronee 

alon, deolarntion, profeesm, manltea 

Awidil~ v.a, 1. Bipect, abide, wsit f 

stay for, look for, be In reafllnsaa for. 

it. Attend, beUBtoceCbr, be pcepateu 
for, be ready &r. 
Awake, a. i. Not asleep, 

3. AttenliTe, watclifnl, Tlgilmit, 

Awaken, v. 

from sleep, 

it, Aronse, excite, kindle, spur, inciM, 
stimulate, provoke, stir up, 

A-wahen, v. n. Wake, naken, be awak- 
ened, be roused from sleep. 

Awaliealng, n. BeTlvaL. 

AwBicAiV.a. Adjui^e, dEcreee. 

AwBTd, n, JodsiDetit, decree, adjudloo- 
Hon, aetermination, decMon. 

Aware, a. Mlndfnl, oonadous, oogni- 

Eant,o1ise^ * ''-■" -■-'" — 

Tlnced, pe 

liom4^ at a dlatafice. 

im^at a dlat 

a. Beeoue^t us go- 
Away with. Take away. 
Awe, n, 1, Keverence, T 
erential foar. 

Z. Dread, fearfulnera. 

Abeeut, goue, off, tcom 

aimgM, daunt, mm, iusptre with awe. 

Aw^etriioh, cL Jnamayedj horrified, 

availed, terrlfted, Mghtened, paidc- 

AwAil, a. 1. Venerable, august, srsna, 
etaleb', impeeing, solemn, magestlo. 

a. Bread, dreadfol, feaJfUl, horrible, 
horrid, terrible, dire, direful, frightful, 
appallliw, tremendouE. 

a. [("tuoor.] Ugly, homely, un- 
sightly, m-looMug. 
Awhile, ad. Foe a rima, tor soma ams, 
- - ■■ - while. 

ungraceful, aflff, constrained, uneasy, 
— n. I — ..j. ^a,^iab, lonliah, g — 


'i.) Aristats, bearded. 

. „ , a, eonatraiocu, uueaay, 

riiBtlc. booilfilt, downlsh, lonUsh, gaw- 
■ ■ " irlj;, alone*-'— 

ipy, tilt. 

buqaely, aequint, ae- 

Awrj% a. dbflquB, alanUng, distorted, 

Axilla, It. [L. pi. AxUlie.] {.Anat,) Arm- 

Ajxloui,n. 1. TrDiflm.self-eyidentprop- 
osltlou, intultiTe truUi, neceeaary truta. 
Z. Postulate, eetabhshed principle 
{Tiot ofneoesaity true}, proposltlor —" 
menly received, aaauntcd truth. 
Axiomatic, 1 a. Self-evident, oer- 
AjciomB.tlcal, i tidn, posidve, abso- 

Aiie,'». Shaft, spindle, arbor. 

^i, ! •■• •"■ 

Aye, ad. ^Poetical.] Always, tor ever. 

Azoi«, It. NltrogoD. 

Azure, 3. Blue, cerulean, sky-colored, 

Amre, ™. Blue, sky-color. 

Babble, V. a. Tell i/MisUp), prate. 

Babble, n. Prattle, palaver, oMt-cbat, 
gabble, twaildle, chatter, balderdash, 
plaMtude, flonunery, wlab-wasb, stuR, 
raconshlne, fudge, trash, nonsense, 
small talk, idle talk, childish or fooUsh 
talk, frothy discourse. 

BabbUnfc ». 1. Prattle, babbtje. 

a. Garrulity, loquacity, loguaoious- 

Babe,n. Inibut, baby, narsling, suckling, 
chit, brat, bantling, SAum, little one. 

Babel, n. Confusion, disorder, tumult, 
pother, hurly-burly. ' 

Baby, ii. Infant, babe. 

Babyhood, n. Infancy. 

Baccalaureate, n. Degree of backelof 

Baccat^ a, (Bol.) Of a pnlpy nature 



... ElotouB, reveUing, noisy, 

Bacuhan&Ujui, »■ and a. BaoOBASAI,. 
Bsaclianalg, n. pt. Bevelcy, teielE, 
ar^^Bf cflTODasJ, dsliaucli, dnmken 
{cclia, potiUoo, compotatlon, vossail, 
Saturnalia, drunken lensts. 
Bank, n. 1. Upper part, outer part. 

8. Hinder part. 
Back, a. 1. Remote. 

a. Hindmost, in the rear. 
3. In a backward direction. 
Back, ad. 1. To Qie plaiie of elattine. 
3. Backw&rd, rearnai^i, abaft, in Uie 
rear, towards wbat is beblnd. 
3. In retom, in recompenHe. 
Baoft, v. a. 1. Asslat, aid, second, sup- 
port, oouiileuance, fiiTor, sustnln, abet. 
Bide with, stand by, take part wim, give 
support to, eo-operate with, ijadt up. 

Baokl>iter, ». Slandeier, defamer, tra- 

duoer, caliioiniB,t™, libeller, 
Baeklilting, n. Detraction, delkmallon, 

aspersion, slander, calumny, contumely, 

BncklH>iie, ft. 1. Spine, spinal coluian, 
yertehr^ column. 

i^ Firmness, nerye, resolution, cour- 
age, pluck, hardihood, manhood. 
Ba«klianded, a. I. Inclining to the left 
honit (OS wrUiag), 
3. Outward ^id backward. 
3. Indirect, nnfair. 
Bavk-lutiise, », Frlvy, necessary, Jakes, 

Baok out, [OoUocpdal.'] Withdraw thim 
u bargain, not keep a promise, not 

Support, sustain, assist, aid, 


lelactant, .. , .. 

waYerii^, hesitaHnff. 

8. Da,sluEs;l9h, slow stupid, stolid. 

3. Late, tardy, behindlianil, after t' 

Backward, I ad. Eegresslvely, rei 
Backwards, I wiuiJe, abuck, behir 

■Rnd.n. 'l. Eyll,iU, baneful. <1p1»I»i-i™ 
a, miscMe^ 

5. Poor, Interior. 

Bad blood, Bluicoc, yenom, Mttemees, - 
aciimony, horahikeflB, stemnesH, ^iper- 
Ity, craboednees, churlfehneBS, morose- 
c&ss, solleniiese. 111 lemper. 

Bad foitJi, Perody, dishonesty, im&tr- 
ness, teitJilesBiiees, want of &ith, breach 
of foltli. 

Badge, «• Mark of distinction, token 
ot office, sign of antliority. 

harry, annoy, yes, plague, harass, tor- 
Badinage, n. [iPr.] 'KalUeiy, banter, 

ASTBISM, lieht talk, small talk, triSing 

orplaytiQ dfccourse. 
Bidde, It. a, 1. IHsooncert, fruatrat«, 

foil, elude, balk, drcmuTent. 
H. Confound, bewilder, perplex, out' 

general, out-manceuvre. 

B^iitelle,«.£F(r.] iiifle, email matter, 
tlnng of no consequence or importance. 

Ba^a«e,«. liurage, haa and b^gage. 

Bajpiio, n. 1. BatJi, batblng-house. 
a. Brothel, stew, bawdy-house, whore- 
house, iioase of piostitution, house of 

Bail, It. 1. Security, surety. 
». Handle (5^ acaff, &c.}. 

Ball, V. II. Admit fobaiL 


I. Put bait upon. 

H. Befteshment (on i 

len {bu Jieatj. 


3. E 

yerplus, i 


.. [Low, U. S.) Best, re^ue, re- 
Balance, v. a. 1. Poise, keep in eaui- 
inise, hidd in eqniUbrium. 

8. OounleFpolse, counteract, neutral- 
ise, countervail, oouutei:baIanr:e, com- 
pensate, make up Sx: 
3, (Cbm.) lEqu^lEe, maike flqn&l. 
BalBjuM-flHli, n. Hammer-flsu, ham- 

mei-headed shark (.^gEena vulgariB). 
Bald, a. 1. ■mtHont Kir (on «e keaa). 
3. Unadorned, inelegant, prosaio, 
dull, meacre, va[dd. tame. 
Balderdask, n. „ . . 

twaddle, chatter, trash, stu% i 

erbiage, palaver, 

Balet^il,a. Hur^ul, Injnridus. noxious, 
mlschlevoua, pernicloua, hanefal *^*'" 
ORS, deadly, naught with evil. 

Balk, V, ~ ™— — '-* o.— »-. . 

J iinouH, uuxiouB, 
a, banefdl, ruin- 

... ithevil 

point, ^us 


h^se), unruly, refractory, wayward, 
c»ntiiuT, stubborn, obstinaK. 
B^l,n. i. Globe, spbero, 

a. Dance, entertainment of danidng. 
3. Glame of biLlL 
Ballsfd, n. lAght poem, BenUmantal 

Weight t/Eir steadiness}, 
, judgnioiit, 

Ballast, ». 


sense, wisdotu. 

Ballast, V. a. Put ballast into. 

Ballasting, «. Ballaat. 

Balloauing, ». ASrouftutica, aiirosta- 

Balmy, a, 1. Sootlili^, le&eablng, eas- 
ing, assuaging, lenitive, eeflatlye. 

a. Fragrant, odotlfetaus, odorous, 
aromatic, aromatous, ambrc^l^ spicy, 
sweet-smelling, swest-scenl^i]. ■ 

BaUtmore twlole, Golden lobin, Iiang- 
MrdL flory hang-tdrd (/etents Baitkiuire 
ac wioiat Saamore). 

Banun- [LaaA Cheat, ImpodtloD, im- 
poflture, ftaud, drcumyenuon, trick. 

Bam, II. a. ILoat.] Cheat, bamboozle. 

BamboDzley v, a. Deceive, obeat, dupe, 
beguile, mislead, Inyeigle, galL trick, 

Band, n. 1. Tie, ligature, ligament. 
Jt. Cord, chidn, fetter, manacle, ahac- 

" "— ^ — "'"t, binding. 

body; club, junto, cote- 
society, aodality, asaooia- 

BaniUige.x. Fillet, band, blndiiw. 
Bandit^ n. OuUaw, Tobber, brigand, 
freebooter, footiHHt, bighwaymon, mii- 

Bandilti, ii. pi. Baud of outlaws or 

Bandy, V. a. 1, ToBB, 
to aSd bo. 
3' Excliange, lnt«rchai^e, give and 

Bane, n. 1. PiftBon, venom. 

a. Peat, acomge, cniae, ruin. 
Baneful, a. 1. Foisonoua, venomous. 
a. Destinctlre, noxicus, buitfol, in- 
jurious, nemidons, misdiievous, bale- 
fnl, deoalj', ruinous, &augbt ivitb 

Banewoitjit. Belladonna, dwale, dead- 

ly-nigbtehade {Mropit Betutdama). 
Baosliig, a. [ioic.] Huge, lai^e, meat. 
Bani^a, ^. ipot.) Indian ng-tree \Pitaia 

lb, V. a. 1. Exile, expatriate, o 
ae, expel from. tJje country. 
Exclude, shut out, drive away, pi 


Exile, expatriation, 
, ^on, proBcrlptJon. 
ingr, V. It. Beat, thump, ponnd, etrilie, 
- — i. ^ — 1 imel, thwack, WAL- 

ncck, maul, pommel, 1 
OF, deal roughly wltli. 

merry withj^ay upon, malte a butt of. 

Banter, n. Ksillery, ridicule, mockery, 

derid™, portage, pleasantry, DADi- 

HAQB, A9TEI9M, jOking, jCBtJUg, quls- 

zii^ nivolons talk, small talk. 
BantUos, n- luGint, babe, baby, chit, 

brat, nursliiu, auciding, baikh, little 

child, little one, youi« one. 
Bapti^e.v.a. 1. Administer bapUsm to. 

it. Christen. 
Bap, n. 1. Obstacle, Mnderauce, ob~ 

Btraction, barrier, babbioade, at«p, 

3. iCsil, lailii^. 

3. Tilbunal.Judgment-aeat. 

4. Body of JaTfyeis. 

». Hinder, obstruol^ stop, prevent. 
3. Exclude, eknt out. 
Barb, n. 1. Beard (or exavacencea Bee 
a beard), wattles. 
ii. Horse (q/' the Barbarg breed). 
Barbadoes tar. Petroleum, rock-oil, 
Seneca oil, mineral pitch, mineral tar, 

Bacbarlan, ». 1. Savage. 

^ BrutA, ruMan, hrntal monster. 
Barbai'lau, a. 1. Unelrllized, rude, 

aTinUoiaan, brutal, cruel, unfeelii^, 
ruthless, truculent, ferocious, fleroe, 
.fell, bloody, brutish. 
Bai'baric, a. I. Foreign, outlandish, 
exotic, not native. 

3, Barbarian, barbarous, uacivHiaed, 

Bai'barlsm, n. 1. Incivility, mdecess, 
- '--la]lsm,6(ihiclam, bar- 

Cruelty, savBgeuesB, 

biolali^, bruUiShnees, fsrooiousneas, 
ferocity, inhumanity, trucnlencft hard- 
ness of heart, manners of a barbarian. 
%. 1. Unoivillaed, ro " 
, untutored, Ignorant, 
icultlvated, savage. 


t Uncouth 

rnthleas, fbli, truculent, fleree 

h„steo., Google 

contrary to good 

'%. &aa in ar 

^. Oaparleon, norae-aimor, tfCttrpiiigf 
fbr a horse. 
Bare, a. X. VSakBd, nude, denudei], un- 
ijOTared, unclothed, undreEaed. 
a. Simply abeec, mere, 
B&re^ t>. a, SErtp, imcoTBr, ma^e bate. 
Bar^^flbd, it. 1. Undisguised, uure- 
served, nnconcealed, palpable, conepic- 
QOQB^glarlng, notable, notoriouB. 
9. Inrondent, pTMumptuous, shame- 
Barely, ad. Merely, simply, only. 
Bnrgoln. n. 1. Oompoct, agreement, 
sUpulatloB, ooTBBant, contract oonven- 
aon, oonconJat, trealy, indentmB, 

S. Cheap purchase, purchase on faT- 
orable CennB, good bargain. 
Baricaln, v. ». Contract, agree, stlpn- 

late, oovenant, make a l>ar^n. 
Barlllti, n. Carbonate of soda {impurej, 

Ka^Ir. ,1. B. TOlp. 

tlte wrongs tree, [Coiloqmai.'} 
— — .,. . — ietalie, f'" "■ 

Barm, n. Yeast, ferment, lesran. 
Barm;, a. Yeasty. 
Barren, a. l, UnprollfiO, incapable Of 
bearing ofibprisg, not proMc. 
». ifiifhrdlBT&ultlBiB, nnprodn 

ObBtruction (as i 
Obstruct, block up, 




Barricade, v. a, 
stop up. 

plead at the bar), 
Jawje" -" 


« (admitted < 

ja^iner, atKimey, eoLioiioR, attomey 
at law, limb of the law. 
Barrow, a. 1, Whealijarrow. 
it. Mound, hillock. 
8. Hog (especkijfjf a caairaled IvM). 
Barter, o. «. Make eichai^es, tramc 

Barter, v. a. Give in exchai^, bar. 

Barter, it. ExcliHiige, traffic by < 

Barter avray. Babtbr. 
'»,». h^df- -'■'—' 

Base, a. 1. Ignoble, plebeian, vulgar, 
mititled, nameless, unhonorea, baee- 
born, of low birth. 

S. Vile, low, mean, desplcabte, con- 
temptible, Ijeggatly, abject, grovelling, 
HOtdid, servile, Blaviah, menial, 



lie, dlBgr 

fill, discreditable, dishODorable, scanda' 
louB, inlimouB. 

tnse, n. 1. Ba^ foundation, ground, 
groundwork, lowest part. 

%, iSurinsuynfi.) Base-line. 

3. I CSeml) rriacipal element {.qf a 

^■™^l»om, a. Basb. of low birth, 
ine, n. (5)n-Peyi«g.) Base, 
ent, «. Groiini-aoor, lowent 

taee-iuincted, a. Mean, low, vile, gro- 
velling, bcffiacly, pitliHl, despicable, 
ayeet, low-minded, mean-sririted. 

laseneSB, n. 1. Meanness, viloness, dee- 
picableiieas, oontemptlWenras, abase- 



a. Shy, tdndd, tlmorci 

diffid^^ BbeeplBh, Bhameboed, orer- 
modest, ikot seli-posseesed. 
BaBhfnlneB8,R. Shynras, timidity, coy- 
nesB, diffidence, Btdf-distrnst, excessive 

BssUfsk, li. Codiattioa. 

Basis, ». Base, fou&datl^u, ground. 

\£ua.) Low, deep, grave. 

».(&»!.) Crop out. 

Bassetting, ii. Cropping ont, oat-orop. 

Bastard, n. Love-cMM, iUegitimale 


imter&lt, not 

i stick'}, end- 

iHHtui-ani-', ... Cu^llii^ or bealii^ {on 

the soles qf the feet). 
"--" — "- Cudgel or beat (on (fta 

t, smite, pelt, dash 

eali, shatler, Blilver, 
"*""troy, BtrT ^ 

fosonr^.) Sli 
asonr!^.) Slope baflk- 

hosios!, Google 

bruBh, !" 
»j. Order of 

, colll- 

- , = . ^ w.tof.trifle, 

plaything, ^lacrack, knaCK, £Jiick- 

Bawd, n. Procater, pander, jntnp. 

Bawdy, a. Obaeene, filthy, indecsnt, 
impure, anutlj, lewd, 

Bawdy-honse, n. Brothel, et«n, bag- 
nio, whocB-liause, hniiaa of proBtltnHoii, 

. house of 111 fome. 

howl, ' ' ' -"' 


Baylierry, tj. WftS-myttle {Mgiica ee- 

Bay-nuu, n, ? 

1. pi. Cro' 

:y distinction. 

Bay-»^t,». Common Bait (BS oJrfainffli 

6h evaporation qf seo-ruoterj, chloride 

of soainm. 
Bay-tree, n. Bay, lanrel-tree. 
Bazaar, «. Market-place. 
Be, V. n. fiiOat (w&eHier If «i 

imopinirfiiMi), subf'-* ■^' 

have being. 
Beaoh. 11. Shore, 

t, . - 

oa^ii. 1. GittDEB, piec* 
!. Ray, pencQ, atreiik, g 

in,o.n. Shine, emit ra; 
my, a. Radiant, beaming. 

Uphold, support, snafain, 

3- CMry, tranaporl 

3. Poasees, hEive, Ii 

4. Endnco, a -^- 
toleraW, abide, i. 
ta^e patiently or 
with, anbmlt to. 

B. Admit, permit, al 

10. Generate, b^et, bring fbiUi, give 

11. Exhibit, ntter, show, give. 
Bear, V. n. 1. Snff^, anbmit. 

a. Preaa, puah, be oppreaslvB. 

3. Be frtdttul, be prollfio. 

. rn — - '— ply, intima 

to tkepoint <^ eon^aai). 

Bearable, a. Tolerable, endurable, enp- 
AF a liajid, {Naut.) Be qnlck, make 

^a^dt V. a. Del^T challenge, dare, take 
a pluck by tbe beard, oppoae to the 

BeavOed, a. 1. Barbed. 

a. (Eot.) Aiistate, awned. 
tear date. Be dated. 
Jear down, OverwlielJii, oppreaa, qrnali. 

eault, (iarge, mardi upon, march 
against, set upon, insh npc>ii, tall 

Yucca, Adam^a needle, 

_. tDeportjnent, d 
behavior, oondoct, caitiage, » 

^ Relation, dependency, connection, 

4. Direction, course, aim, aspect, 
point ot oompaea. 

Bearlngis, ». pi, Oharges (to oats qf 

Bearisli, a. Bougii, rude, coarse, sav- 
age, booclah, uucivu, uncourteous, d!a- 
courlflona, impoUte, ungentlemanly. 

Bear one's self. Behave, acquit one's 
self, conduct one's self. 

Bear ont. Maintain, support, defend, 
uphold, jnatiry, make mtod. 

Bear the bell. Be tbe leader. 

Bear tlie cress. Take ap the eroBs, sub- 
mit t« trials or aGBloUona. 

Bear tlie palm. Excel, be superior. 

Bear tip, 1. (JcHnie.} Supptni^ uphold; 
sustain, keep from alilng. 

5. {Passiue,] Stiuid firm, shonr tOrtl7 

Ith, ^Ehidnre, bbai^ tolerate, pnt 
'iblt, have patience ipitJi. 
nttueSB, Teetlfjr, d^ose, state, 
Auu m, declare, aver, avow, say, BWE AJC, 
Beast n. BbiTth {jltfiir Oe lervice (f 
laavi, guadrnped, beast of the Aeld, 
four-rooted animaX irrational animal. 
Beastly, a. Bcattah, lirutal, beati^ 

sensnai, irrational. 
Beat, V, a. 1. Strike, knock, Mt, Uinmp, 
belabor, drub, maul, pommel, baste, 
thra^ thwack, bang, lay blows upon. 

3' Pound, bruise, pulverize, commi- 
nute, bray, break hi pieces. 
4. Batter, smite, pelt, daah against. 

ip idtl^hav 

Beat, -o. n. 1. Fuiaatfl, throb, 
a. Dash, strike. 
3. (^oui.) Go against the wind, g 

Beat^ 1. 1. Stroke, striklra, blow. 
H. Pulsation: throb, beawnir. 

Lt b^k. Repulse, repel, drive back. 



H. Hackneyed, trite, coBunou, c 

BeatlfleTo. BmlBlili^, encbrvnting. 
Beattacatlon, «. 1. Beati&lnK Tesjja- 

cially Sieaclqf/IK fope in decloriiig a 

peratm iug^y after death]. 

Beatttwr.n. 1. S^kli^, ilrubUi^, floE. 

diig, uirwUng, omteelUng, pommel- 

uug, caning, fl^eUnaon, basiikado. 

£ Beat, pnlaatlon, t1u>:>b, ttarobblng. 

Beat into, fcbifoffulaJ.] Teeoh(&v^o>^ 

loufl ^brt), Inetu, iHflnlcate, Implant. 
BestUnide, n. HappineBS, bliss, tiMiAtT, 

blesedneaii, bljs^^e^ b^Hflcadon; 

itODt,!. ,-, -,,. 

it. ExhaoBt, orercoms (vMh JImgve]. 

^t tlie alp, Make Tain efiMa, try In 

tsId, lash the waves, fleh In the air. 

napeH. jack-a-dandy, man of di.__. 
2. Oalliuit, lover, admirer, suitor 

^ean Ideal, [Pr.l Ideal 


Beauj R. I. Fop, dandy, coxcomb, 

', popinjay. JackB- 

luty. Ideal 

Beau-nion&e,n.[Fr.] Gay world, fash- 
ionable world, people of feshion, genteel 

£eaDt«aiis, a. {Poeticai.'] BBA.UT1- 

BeanUes, n. pi. 1. Anthol<^y, aelee- 
tlons, elegant extracts. 
H. Beaatlful pereona {especiaUy becm- 

Beantjfnl, a, Hand8(ane, :^r, fine, ele- 
. gant, graeefnl, psmirr, beadtkoub. 

BBHot^.ir.a.' Adorn, deoorate, embel- 
ItBh, deck, bedsck, BmnzHK, ornament, 
emblason, g^ array, garnish, grace, 
Bet, TXTOK OTTT, Bet off, make beantma. 

Seoaty, n. 1. £legance, graoe, sym- 

I person [e^ecialli/ a 

. 1. For of the beaver. 

t. Fnce-gaard (qj' o fte&ns(). 
>eat out. Be exhansted, be hi 

Beoaaoo,n. F^-eater, fig-pecker, great- 

er pettychapa, garden war' 

i» called. Be named, go b 
of, take the name of, pass 

Z. Detain by a calm (as a ship). 

3. Be shlpwi'ecked. 
BecaoBe, Dotu'. 1. For. since, as, Cbr t; 
cause that, foe the reason that, on Hi 
account that. Inasmuch as. 

Beobe-de-mer, «. [Fr.] Ti'epong, ae 
cnoumber, sea-s' — - 

. Make a s^n, give a alg- 

Beolond, v. a. 
darken, cloud. 

Ch^ge to, be obanged ta, be con- 
ed Into, get to be, come to be. 
— - ~ '■■■■t, betlt, bf — "-^■- 
-, ,j appropriE-„ ,^, 
L. Fit, proper, suitable. 

it. Com 

of, be tbe jnal condition of. 
Be eonSned, 1. Be restrained, be shut 

up, be shut In. 
S. Be brought to bed, lie In, be la 

Bed, «,, 1. Oonch, eerth, resting-place, 

place to sleep in. 
it. Jtaised plot [qf ffnmnd). 
3. Iiayer, stratum, seam, v^n. 
Bed, V, a. Embed. 
Bedaub, v. a. Smear, daub, besmear, 

soU, daub OTer. 
Bedeck, v. a. Adorn, decorate, embel- 

Ush, beaati^, ornament, deck, embla- 

lOH, gtld, array, gaitiish, grace, be- 

b out, so 



v/ei, damp, 

lunatic asylum, hospital, tor tlie ii»- 

Bediamlte, n. Madman, lunatdc, ma- 
niac, erazy pei'son. Insane person. 
Bedonlik, n. Nomadic Arab. 
Bedridden, a. Confined to the bed. 

Bedridden, a. 

Beef,n. Fleab 

St distance, most dire 

leetle, i;. li. Protrude, project, jut Jut 

xloeUe-lieBd,«. Simpleton, tbol, nimcE. 
Beetle-beaded, a. Dull, stupid, ob- 
tuse, foolish, senselees, witless, luseosl- 


Me, sluggish, sinw of apprelianalon, 

Tcdd of understanding. 
Beevee, b. pi. Heat-eattle. 
Bei^U, V. a. Batlde, orectake, liapfen. 

BefiLlI, V. n. Happen, occur, talte plnw. 

B«at, V. a. Suit, At, Become, be en 
ble or proper fOr, be appL'Opritbte fOr. 

Befitting, a. Secomlng, suitable, — 
proper, right, meet, seemly, appropri- 
ate, congruDi-~ 

deluile, cheat, , . 

lioaa:, stulUiJ,. hooawiolt, , 

OTerreach, ]>egufle, bamboozle, impose 
upon, practise apOD, pla; apon, make 
BtitaTe,pr0, 1. Preceding. 
3, Prior bo, prevtooa to. 

3. In the presence of, fees to fiuse 

4. Near the front ot In fiimt of. 
Before, ad. 1. Toward the front. 

5. In advance, fkrthei onward. 
3. Formarly, in time paat, of old. 
1. Hitherto, up to that lime. 

5. Above, in a fOrmer part, 
Befareliaad, ad. Previoaely, in antl- 

BeAvehand, a. Fin^hsnded, In com- 
fbrtablo dicnmstuices (as respeels prop- 
erty/}, wen off, well to do. 

Betbre tlie wind, Willi ISis wind, in 
the dlFection of the wind. 

BefOul, «. a. Soil, poUule, da^le, drag- 
gle, fbnl, beiulie, oirty. 

Be&iend, u. a, Fuvor, encourage, pat- 

beneli^ act as a friend to,' do a' gcoj 
tnm for, be Hind to. 
Beg, V. a. 1. Grave, eolicit, beseech, 
implore, supplicate, conjure, pray for, 
petition for, seek by petition, aek ear- 

geiiuBT, breed, get, be Uie&thei of. 
a. Piodnce, oaglnate, glTs rise to. 
BegBor, ». Henffloaut, pauper, storre- 

ling, poor or indigent person. 
Beggar, v. a. 1. Imporeriafa, ruin, ren- 

lier poor, lednbe to porertj, bring to 

^ Surpass, exceed, go beyond, be 
above, pat at fiinlt, snow to be inade- 

Beggarly, a. 1. Destitula, Indigent, 

ft- Sorry, mean, al^ect, base, low, 
paltry, ehaiitty, rite, eaurvi\ xuleerable, 

lie, dBBpicaMe, pittfril, pltia^ 
Die, Boriue, Blawh, grorelllng, Dose- 
minded, low-minded, mean-e^drited. 
Beggary, ». Tovertj, Indlg^ice, pen- 

dS; ,, 

Beglu,i'.n. 1.0r^inate,arise,takeriBe. 

a. Commence, make a beginning, 

lAke the first step, break ground, break 

Begin, V. a. Commence, instltule, orl- 
glnats, enter upon, eet about, eet on 
. Toot, set in opetaliDn. 
BeglnneF, !t. Tyro, novice. 
Bet^nnlng,!!. 1. Commencement, ont- 

B^drd,f>.a,' l.Glr^,blndwltiiaglrdle. 

it. Surround, encompau, enviion, 
, encircle, enclose, engird. 
Begone, InEfd. 1. Depart, go away, 
haste away, be o^ get thee gone. 

3. Away, let us go, let us be (rff. 

3. Divert, Eunose, entertain, olieer, 

Belialf, «. Benedt, advantage, profit, 

interest, account, behoof 
Be hBi^:ed, Come lo Uie gallawB. 

demean one's sel^ acquit one's s^, be- 

Behave one's self, BbqAtx. 

Bebavior, n. Depoiiment toapariicuiar 
occasioas]f ooNnnor, bearii^, demean- 
or, carriage, manner, mien. nnrt.. 

BeAead, v. a. Decapita 

Beliest, n. Command, conunandment, 
mandate, rader, precept, injunction, di- 
rection, chaise, bidding. 

Beblnd, jirep. 1. Abaft, at the back 

a. After, following. 
Belijnd, ad. 1. Backward, back. 

a. Abaft, aft, astebh, rearward, 
in the rear, at Uie back. 
Be&indband, a. Backward, late, tar- 
dy, after the usual Ume. 
,_.._. -t_ — ^^1.. TTi^^ concealed. 

BeUnd the c 

Bebold, I), a. See, observe, view, dea- 
eiy, discern, look upon, set one's eyes on. 
Bebold, inia^. See, look, observe, lo. 
_ Obliged, indebted, grate- 

knock, iay blows won- 
Belaboi, V. a. OSiump, beat, alrikB, 
knock, Jay blows upon. 


Belated, a. Ketorded, binilorcd, maiie 

Belav, w. o. (Sout.l Faateii, make ^t. 
Belch, CO. 1. Eject (as wtadfrom tlie 
stomach), dlschaive. 
8. Throw out Tiolentlj, oaat ibrth. 
Beluli, V. ». 1. Ebuctate;, eject wind 
team the Aoameb. 
8. Be ^ected liolenUf. 

Beldam, H. Ens, Jezebel, viraga, vixen, 

fniy, »tbe-monHtffl\ iwly oldwoiiLaa- 
BeleaWer, n. a. Bea^e, Inveat, beset, 

lay sfege Co. 
Bel-esprtt, n. [Fr. pi. Seodi-espriis.] 

Wit, man of nit, man of genloB. 
Bel^T, B. ■ Campanile. 
Belial, w. Sa&n, Deth., Apollyon, 

Belie, 11. a. I. Falsity, misrepresent, 

repreaent Msely. 
5. Give tJie lie to, oonvlet of iMae- 

hoodj Bkaw to be fslao, charge Tfitii 

BeUef, n. 

dence, ti 

. Credeni 

Lce, persnasion, 

it. Doctrine, tenet, dogma, opiuioo, 
creed, article of &lth, profesi£ui oi 

BeUeve, V. a. Credit, give cieOlt to, 
thlnt to be true, give faith to, put tMth 
in, rely upon, make no doubt of, put 
confidence in. 

Bdleve, V. n, 1, Exercise f^th, have 
Mth, £ave a firm persuasion. 

a. rUnk, mpposa, oonoslve, iiincj, 
apprehend, imaaiike, hold. oprsE, be 
a Dplnlou, entertain the toes, take It. 

Btiike, oil, iColioquiol.] Probah^, per- 
il^, mayhap, it mar be. It la likely. 

Belladoiuia, ». Banewort, dwnle, 
deadly nightshade (Jtn^a beUiidmaia). 

Belle, n. Boaulifnl yonog lady, &lr 

Belles-lettres,n.jii. [Fr.] Polite litera- 
ture, elegant liCei'atTire, thehumanltleB. 
Belllg;ereiit, a. X. Oacrylitg on war, 
en^rad In war, wsgbiK war. 
a. Of beUieerante. 
3. Warlike, liosljle. 
BeUlgeient, «. Belligerent state or 

Bellow,' o. «. 1. Foar (as a *eaa(|. 

«. Yociferalfl, claEOor, yell, howl, cry, 

bawl, make a loud outcry. 
Bell-penpeF, n. Bed pepper [qftlie gar-_ 

dm. Gapaiaaia amtmBa). 
BAll^ahaped, a, (Soi.) Oampanulate. 
Belly, n. 1. Abdomen, paunch. 

2. OouTexity, sweU, swelliiig, bu^e, 

BellJ-aolie, n. Colic, pain in the bowels. 
Bdons to, 1. Be tiie property of, Iw 

H. Ttegard, appertain to, pertain tK>, 

relate to, refer to, be relatea to, have 

3. Be appeadent t^, constitute a part 
ot; be oonneotea with. 

4. Be Incumbent on, bo the duty of. 

e. Be a resident of, have a legal resl- 

loved, a. Dear, darlli^, muoli loved, 
low, prep. 1. Under, beneaBi, un- 

3. Unbecoming, unwortliy of. 
low, ad. X. Under, beneath, under- 


3. in hell, In the lower regions, in 

the regions of the dead. 
Belt.n. GiHlle cincture, cestus, band. 
Bemlre, v. a, liagele, draggle, befual, 

foul, dirty, 8oUi 
Bemoan, v. a. Bewail, lament, deplore. 


Stnpelled, confused, b 
zr, naif-drunk. 

1, erodk, bow, In- 

S. Direct, turn towards. Incline to- 

8. Exert, apply earnestly, direct at- 
4. Subdue, cause to yield, bring tc 

f. (JWmtf,} 


Bend, v. ». 1. Croo£, be ei 

bant, be carved. 
H. Lean, Imdine, turn. 
Bend, n. X. Curve, curvity, 

fiesnre, angle, elbow, crook 

L. Under, undemeatb, 

Beneatji, tid. Below. 
Benedict n. Married 

vocation of happinesa. 

BeneCEUJtion, n, Qlft, donation, gra' 
toity, grant, ofifering, oontiibuaon, 
boon, present alms, charity. 

Benefice, n. Scdeslastleal living. 

Benefloenee, A. Cbaiityj bounty, liber- 
ality, geTLerosity, alme-glving, active 
goouneee, kind aollon, dang <a good. 

Beneficent, a. Boontjfnl, munificent, 
liberal, generoua, bounteous, princely, 

BeaeSOlal, a. Useful, profitable, ad- 
vantageous, helpfiU, servloeable, salu- 
tary, good, for one^B advantage, fbr 

Benefit, n. 1. Favor, service, act of 
kindness, good turn, kind ofllce. 

Z. Advantage, piollt, avail, gain, 
good, uMUty, behalf, behoof, account. 

Benefit, «. a. X. BetMend, help, serve, 
do good to, be useful to, advance the 

3. Profi-t, advantage, avail, be of ad- 

Beaevolenee, n. Klndne^ ben^nily, 
'[ind-Seartedness, hnmanlty tender- 
less, charitableness, good-will, disposl- 


tlou to do good, milk of haman kina 

Benevolent, a. Kind, beniguant, bf 
TagiXj ktud-nesTted, obll^i^, UumaUf 
tender, ehacltabla, dispoeai to do gooi 

Beuislited.'i. 1. OTertakenwitbiileli 
Z. IniOlVfd In darkneaa. 

Benign, a. 1. Kind, benevolent, ^s 
cioue, eomplidsant, humane, obligin;,, 
benignant, good, amiable, Mendlj, 
Idnd-heaiteiirtender-lieacbed, of a. gen- 
tle digpoeitJou. 
S. (j&af.) Miia, of a mild nature. 

Benlgiuuit^ a. Kind, bbhioh. 

Benignity, n, 1. Kjudneaa, graclous- 
aesa, benevolence, compla^ance, Irn- 
inaiuty, amiability, amenity, iMendli- 
naas, Mnd-head«ane(», Mtow-tesling, 
goou ibelli^, good kumor, good temper, 
oM^g manner. 
a. IS^av.] Uildneas. 

BenlHOD, n. SlesfAog, benedictiOLip ' 

Benne, n. Sesame, Ml-plant. 

pTOUBn^C;, prodirl^, predispo^on, 
piealleotlon, partlBlUy, liking, fimd- 
nesB, proneneeB, appetenoy. 
Bent, a. Crooked, hooked, bowed, 
euived, adnncouB, akodaib, ihoue- 

Benumb, ». a. Stupefy, poralyaa, dead- 
en, blunt, make torpid, render inbensi- 

Be of opinion, Thinlt, believe, conclude, 
judge, suppoaa,- Imagine, t^ney, deem, 
WEEK, OFIBB, iiold, entertain the idea, 

_, ,_ ,-iB caawt. Be 
tion, be upon the tapis. 

pe by will. '^ 

imeni~». Deprivation, loaa (es- 

peciatbi (ffnaida by OeaOi). 
Bemh, », (JfoTri.) 1. SMp'B station. 

a. Bed, plaee to sleep In. 

8, situation, otBca, post, employ- 

Beseeoli, V. a. 1. Entreat, bag. Implore, 
enpplioate, peUtion, conjure, ADJUIEB. 


, petition ft 

«. a, Beoome, befit, be prnper 
, .„ .jppropiiate for, be meet for. 

Be seized ot, Boesesa, have possesalor 
of, be posaoBBed of. 

Be BtOfltb, Indo^ one's aslf, coddl< 
one's eelf, oonanlt one'e own wlskea, in- 
terest, or pleasure; take cars of, or lonk 

d, encompass, en- 

Beslde, I prep. 1. Nea 

of the coaree ot not accordli^ to. 

i. Out of, not in posBeesloii of. 

Beside, I ad. 1. Moreover, yet, 1 

Beeld^ J alBO, fnrflierraore, moifi tl 

aoli, bespatter, daub over. 
Besot, V. a. Infatuate, stalUfy, stupefy, 

beCOol, make aottisk make fooli^i. 
Bespatter, u. a. Spatter {with a 

ijjjHfftj), bedaub, 

Bespeak, u. a. 1. Order, speak B}r ba- 


a. [Aare,] Forebode, ibieteli, predict. 

3. imlicate, imply, proolalm, declare, 

betoken, akow. 

Best, a. 1. Moat good, moat excellent, 

anpeclatively gooi^ good in the highaat 

Moat 1^ ally In th( 




t prolt- 



utageouBly, to Oie 

3. Most intlroately, most tJloroi^Iily, 

4. With the MgheEt qnallflcatjon, by 
the deareat title. 

Be$t,Ti. 1. Highest perfbcUon. 

a. Utmoat, greatest effort, highest ffli- 
deavor, tli9 most that can be done. 

Bestial, a. Beastly, brutal, brutish, Ir- 
rational, senenal. 

BeBtii one's self. Labor, work, toO, 

Bet, M. Wagar, stake. 

Bet, V. ». WageE, lay a wager, make a 

Bet,v.a. Stake, pledge, wi^r, lay, wage. 
Betaka one's self, Feaort, repur, ap- 
ply, have recourse. 
BetblnlE one's sel^ Consider, reflect. 

Betide, p. a. Be&B, overtake, happen 

Betlme, I od. Seasonably, early, hetbre 


Betoken, V. a. 1. Sisnlfy. denote, Indi- 
cate, i-epcBBBnt, ty^, Implj, prove, 
sliow, araae. 

3. Preiigure, fiJreshow, lorasnadow, 
porfenll, angnir, OTealgnlfy. 

BeteaLy.u. a. l. Deliver up (6^ breach 
if lTKs<), SvB up tteaolierouBly. 

9. TiiuaM the canAdence cd) iliscloee 
file saorets of, deceive br tTcacheiy. 

8. meoarer, divulge, rereal, t«ll, tdab, 
Bbow, make Imomi. 

4. UMead, lute, insn^^, eiiti^, in- 

Beti'otb, V. a. Affiance, plo^ in mai- 

riage, engsea to marry. 
Beti'Dthment, n. Engas^ment. 
Better, a, 1. More gooil, mora eieellBnt, 

good In a. higher degree, 
a. More useful, more ralualile. 

3. Preferable, more desirable, moi 

4. More at, more appropriate, mo 

5. Improved in bealtli, le9« iU. 

Better, n. i. Superiority, advant^e. 
S. Improvement, greater gc-od. 


Better, ad, 1. In a. superior 

in a more excellent way, m* 

more completely, 
a. Wltb. greater adviuitage, mt 

uaefully or profil^bly. 
3. More, In a higher degree. 
Better, s. a. Improve, Hmond, emeu 

meliorate, ameliorate, refoim, make 

render botWr. 
Bett«i>liEtlf, n. [CcMogviai.] WU^. 

ment, m^ioralaon, a mell oratton. 
Between, i'f^. Betwixt. 
Betwixt, prep- [Nearly obsoleieJ] Be- 

Be upon tlie tapis. Be under consider- 
ation, be on the carpet. 
Bevel, ii. Chamfer. 

BewaU, V. n. Mourn, lament, s 
Beware ir. n. Mind, take care, b 

Bewilder, v, a. Perplex, eoDfouni 
fuse, embarrass, pnzale, staler 
nonulna, myaUff, entangle. 

Bewilderment, ft. Perplexity, t 
rasBment, oonjlulon, entangleme 

Be witii oWld, Be pregnant, be big, 

beKHOBiNTB, be in tlie Kouily war. 
Beyond,j)rep. 1. On the fiiriher sidB o£ 
S. Before, at a distance before. 
3. Kemote bfoa, ont of tlie reach o^ 
out of IQie grasp at 

4. Farther Ihan. 

teyond, <&!.' Ynider, at a distance. 
lias, »■ Inclination, bent, leanii^, t«u- 
dency, predilection, preposBea^on, pro- 

dispose, predispose. 

oiide of mercury, Corrofdve aub- 

>ar, Bpat, j 

I- Quiver, be^taemiili 

parriag, a , __ 

Oon, sFrlfe, war of words. 

. Dilute, quarrel, 
, B.aj^mg, Jangle, jarring, 
I, sparring, ait "— 

Bid, m. Offer (^oprice), blddir^, pro- 

Command, order, require, 
order, direo- 

charge, enjoin, directs. 
3. oi^, prc^ee, proft^, tea 
3. Pronounce, declare, i^ter. 
Blddiiigr,«- !■ Command, orde 
tion, injnnctjon, precept, beheeii, reqni- 
Sition, mandate, appombmont. 
a. Ofibr (qf apriee], bid, jiroposaL 
Bide, u. 1. 1. £bdure, soifer, tolerate, 
bear, put op witti, Bubmit to. 
a. Abide, awai^ wait for. 
Bid tBir, Seem likely, otfbr a good pros- 
pect, pi'eaent » ftih' prospect, maia a 

Big, II. 1. Great, lai^e, hi^e, bulky, 

a. Hai^hty, arrogant, proud, pom- 
pons. Important, sweUl^, bluat^rinE, 
aBsnmlng, aelC-coDeeited, self-suffloient. 

a. Pregnant, BHCEurrH, witlL cbild, 
in the family way. 
■■"- -—"'-J" ~ Large-bellied, gceat- 

belHea, pot-' 

Bight, n. 1. [Wfiri.l Bend, oiSl. 

3. Bay, hilet, cove. 
BU^, B. Zealot, ISnatlc, entliaala 

Bigoted, a. Prejudiced, crotchety, m 
Sh, intolerant, narrow-minded, wroi 
headed,' self-opinionated, ovar-aealo 
creed-bound, wedded to aa opiEion. 

Biirotrv, i. Pi'ejudioa, Intoleran 
blSld se-' 

b(|~ou,'». [Fr.yjewel, trinket, elegant 

BUontry, «. Jewelry, Jewels, trinkets. 
Bl-labiate, a. (Bat.) Two-lipped. 
Bilbo, «. KaEJar, skort sword. 

;a by Google 

Babaea, SLaokloB, fetters, gyves, 

Blle,n.' Gall. 

Bilednct, », BilliuT duct, hepatli; duct. 
Bilisrr cBlculus, aaJl-stone. 
Slllarj- dnot, Biledact, bepaUc duet. 
Bflk, o. a. Deo^vB (6» vol fdJUIinsi on 

atoaganenf), dlsaptKWt, elude. 
Bill, n. 1. BsD:k, mandible, neb. 

if parUcuIe 
J, IteafC 

, ... , ^rtletter. 

met, ti. a. AralKu {lo a lodffinff ptaoe, 
M mW(iisr», Itl a MUk), apportion, allot, 
diBtrlbute, quarter, place m lodgicgs. 
BUIet-^doux, n. [Fr.^ Lore-lottsr. 
BllUns and Oooli^, Bi.Ain>i3aMGHT. 
BlUlngsgatA, n. Itibaldry, cla-OE- 

QDABDisii, foul or pTo&ielaiigni^e. 
BiUow, n. Wave, surge, bi-eaker. 
Bin, ». Bunker, erlb. 
Blnar)', a. Dnat, double, conslstiug of 

... ._ ..p, put a bandage upon. 

3. Tie, fasten, secure bj a bond. 

4. Eiaage, oblige, o 
responsible, lay ur'*™ ' 

ratifr, SI 

; obligation. 

Id, flUet. 

filn^ng:, n. 1. Bandage, 

S, Cover, coTorinc. 
Binding:, a. 1. Astiii^ent 

8. Obl^ai^tFT, valid. 
Bbutxlde, n. Beutoside. 
Biography, A. 1. Life, ToemaiT, iiistor; 

a. BlDgiapMimf vrltluga. 
BlTd,». FowLDiwlof theait. 
Bir&, n. 1. Nativli?. comii^ into lii^. 
8. Lineage, extraction, descent, race 
family, line, aneest^. 
Birtlu[Bf,«. 1. l^atalday. 

S. Annlversar; of one's birth. 
Blsec^ o. a. Out or divide into tvn 

ejaal parts, out in halves, halve. 
BlHeoUan.n. Halving, cnlting, or dlvid 

ina into invo equal p^ts. 
B1b£»p, «. 1. 'Prelate. 

Bl«liopiio,n. Diocese, see, jurisdiotioi 

or ohorge of a blehop. 
Blsan, ?i. «/. 5.f BniSilo. 
Bissextile, n. Leap-year. 
Bit, n. 1. Mouth-i*ec6 of a bridle, 
a. Mouthful, morse], crumb, firag 

a. Blast, nip (OS frtm). 

S. Setlrand, deceive, cheat, dupe, 
triofe, gull, overreacli, jockey, cozen, 
okouBo, outwit, bamboosle, diddle, im- 
pose upon, beguile, mislead, iuveigle, 

Bitine, a. 1. Pungent, piq.uant, hot, 

a. Serere, sarcastic, cuttii^, caustic. 

S. Cold, freoaiiw, nipping, tneiiiine. 

Bltt«r, a. 1. That testes h^e worm- 

2. Fleroa savage, oruel, mercilees, 
relentless, virulent, fell, rutlUess. 

3. Severe, harsh, sr«m. 

4. Distressing, painfol, grievous. Bor- 
rowed, affiictive, poignant, cHlamitous. 

Bltt^F-apple, n. Ccuocynth, ooioquin- 

tida, bltwr-euoomber. 
Bltter-ononmbeT, n. Bitttib-appi;g. 
BittemesB, ». 1. Bitter taste. 

3. Spleen; gUI, renkling, rancot, 
heart-burning, aninui^ty, katxed, mal- 
ice, malignly, spite, eniMl^, tll-wlU. ' 

a. Asperitj', acerbity, severity, karsh- 
ness, acrimorvr, ill-temper, bad hlood. 

4. Distress, pain, gdef, sorrow, af- 
fliction, heavineas, re^el, despondenoy. 

Bitter-sweet, n. woody idgklshadfl 

ISotanmn dmcama/ra.). 
BiT^ved,!"- Two-valTOd, bivalvnlar. 



&ntasUc, strai^^ 

Blab, «. a. Betray, disclose, reveal, 6 
— ^Ige, let out, speak out. 

'-,f,ii. Tattle, pratUe, prate, BLOi 
tales, tell a secret, lee the cat oi 
of the b^ tel" 
aab, 11. Prati 


Prater, tattler, babbler, tell- 

„. ,,'iokecl, atrocious, vlllanous, hein- 
ous, flagitious, diabolla, infernal, heU- 
Ish, ouijajceaus, monstrous, horrible. 

Blsok, n. 1. Black color. 
a. MoomtiiE, i>laok garment. 
3. !T*TegTO, buickamoarj black man. 

Blackamoor, n. !Negro, BT.AOE. 

Blaek art, So^o, oonjiuatlon, sorcery, 
HEUjaoMAmjs, magic^ art. 

BltiGklHdl.v. a. Bioinde by black balls, 
reject by a negative vote. 

Bla«kOAp, n. Blackcap warbler, mock- 
n^tJnjgale ( Coracca atricf^tila). 

Blafik-ooat, ». Olergymau, minister, 
divine, pastor, priest. 

Blaek-«oefc, «. Heath-cock, black- 
grouse, hlack^Eune ( TfeWuo iciHij. 

Blacken, v. a. 1. Darken, make black. 

a. Vilift'. defame, slander, oalomnl- 

aCe^ asperse, traduce, malign, abuse, 

speak ill of. 

Jaoobiii, preaching friar. 

Tautog (La^ma Amo'i- 
1, predicant. 



Blackguard, a. ScUTilous, ubosive, 
<Hmtiim.e1tcmB, insoltii^, ribald, vltu- 
parfttlve, ronnwohriU, oppcobrlons. 

BlBckgrnBrdlBm, ». BlMUdxy, billiiige- 
sate, scoirUlty, Indflceuc;, obacenity, 
foal or profime languaeB. 

Black kellebore, GitriBliDu rose lIRlle- 
borua niffer). 

Blackjack, ii. [Tfei™ nsed by mmers.J 
"'--«, diic-blende, sulpLocet of zino, 

i^lse aoleaa, mock lead. 
Block-lead, n. Flumbago, nm 
Blackleg, A. Soiabler, sbatpi 

Plmntogo, jrapblte. 

Black-mall, n. 1. Ti'ibuta [paid />»■ 
imaami/sjtom robbers 1- 
B.[P.S.j Hush-moiiey.bribetolieep 

Black man, N^'o, blackamoor, blEick. 

Black Sea, Biixliis. 

Black tea, Soliea. 

Blackt&am, ». Sloe (Pniwu9 sphiosa). 

Blain, 11. FnatuH bliatet, blotcli, eoi'e. 

Blamable, a. Culpable, -cei^uTable 
rBpcOhenallilB, feillty, blameworthy. 

Blame, a. a. Osnenra, reprove, repre- 
hend, reflect upon, lay or east blami 
— n, find fenlt with, cry ont against. 

madveiston, reproof coademnalion, Im- 
putation of fault. 
BlameleBs, a. Irreproacliable, unim- 
peachable, iri'epreheaelble, Inculpable, 
faultless, gniltleBs, unblemished, nn- 
spobted, unsullied, undeflled, spoljcsa, 

Blamewortlw, a. Culpable, censur- 
able, lepiehensible, faulty, blaisa- 

Blanc-flx, «. Pennauent white, sul- 
phate of liBiytB(aJ'(jfl''*a'^ made), 

Blancli, V. a. Bleach, wMten, etiolate, 
— 'iB or render wMte. 

3. WMte, of a wMte color. 

3. Astontehed, couitounded, 

dmnfounded, dlsramceiLed, no 

stmch dumb- 
Blank verge, TJnrliymed verse (i 

cialltt iJiB heroic verse of five fest\. 
Blare, n. Noise, sound, roar, peal, b 

clang, clamor, i 

, ... _. flattery, adulation. 

% Unmeaning talk, smooth phrases. 
Blase, a. [ST.] SilMeited, cloyed, satiat- 
ed, palled. Incapable of enjoyment (in 

ugn, spei 

„,, , Utter bla^hemy, 

nwak Irrevei'ently of God or of sacced 

ElBSphemous, a. Impious, irreveri 

Slasphemy, n. Implely, Ineverej 

Bta$(,n. 1. Sust,8q.naIl,siiddenbTe! 
it. Feai. blare, clang. 

3. EiiQoelon, outbreak, burst, < 

4. Blteht, pestilential Influence. 
Blast, B. a. 1, BllgM, kill, destroy, n 

anaihilatB, wither, Bhilvel. 
3. Rend by en>lo^n. 
Blat&nt, a. 1. Bellowing, braying. 
~ Cltunorona, obstiepetouH, vooi' 

Blaze abroad, Blazb. 
Blazon, V. a. 1. Embli 

a. IM^aj^e^iblt, set lOrtb, make a 
show of, show off. 

3. Proclaim, publish, blaa& make 
known, noise, spread or blaze fu^road. 
Blazon, n. 1. E^zonry. 

Q. Publication, proolamatlon. 

S. ^bchlbitlOD, &how, pompons dts- 

Blazoui'yi n. Emblazonry, heraldry. 
Bleacli, V. a. Whiten, blanch, etiola^, 

malce or render while. 
Bleack, v, n. Whiten, etiolate, groT or 

Bleacbine powder. Chloride of lime. 
Bleak, a. 1. Cdd, chin, chiUy, raw, 

Mting, piercing. 
3. Unsheltflred, exposed to cold, ei- 

poaed to wind. 
Blearedness, n. LIppItnde, dim-alghted- 


spot, tarnish. 

Phlebotomy, yeneseotioni 

1. Stain, snlly, Mur, 
iiiai^ injnre, taint. 

, vlLlQ', traduce, aspkhbb, 

lata, dander, m^lgn, revile, run 
ipeak Ul -' 

epeOk, blur, soil, taraish, fl 

a. Disgrace, dishonor, tep 

Mencli,v.». Shrink, ffind 

give way, lack courage or r 

commingle, ama^amale.' 

, spot, defect," 


Blende, n. (Mm.) Block-jack, BulpliH> 
I'et of zinc, mock lead, faJ^ galena, 

Blees, V. a. 1. Ask or Implore a bless- 
ing unm. 
^ Beltelit, gladdon. ma^e ]iapp7- 

3. "WlsU bapplness to. 

4. Gtlori^, esaU, eelebiate, mngnl^, 

Bleaaedf <c. !■ Happy, 

3, Holy, hallowed, sacred. 
BleHsedneB^n. Blisa, bllsafulness, hap- 
piness, Iblicity, baatituile, joy. 
BleBEine, n. 1. Benediction, bODison, 
iniDcaSon oC t^nplness. 
a. Good, benellt, adrontixge, prottt, 

Peeaienoe (ammiff plants), 



mllilBw, blast. 

t wifix mildei 

Blii>d.'a. 1. Sightless, eyeless, nnsee- 
iDg, stone-blind, etark-bllud, unable to 

nit IgTTorant, undiaceFQlng, imaware, 
muniMfttl, fnattflntive, lieedleaa, in- 
capable of in^l^itg. 
Blind, B. a. 1. Make bUnd, depriva of 

Blind- ,,.. 

hord-ooal, Htone-Goal- 
BUndfoId, f . a. Blind, _ ._ 

the eyes of, lilndei Irom eedng {by a 

bavdage aver ths eues). 
Bllndibld, a. Blinded Ibji a bandage 
. ouerCifleHes), bUndfOlded. 
Bltndslde, n. Weakness, fbibla, Mling, 

defect, weiUi: tide, yrtak part. 
Blink, B. II. Wink, BiOTArE, sea ob- 

Bliok, V. a. Overlook (jmrptwrfj), dis- 
Tegard, avoid, evade, pass ever, gloss 

over, sbnt out of ^it, uiake nf ' 

of, not take into account, ni 
not trouble one'a aalf with, 

felicity, Neesed- 

, bllssibi 


in raptores, in eostaeies, veiy uappv, 
full of Joy, highly blessed. 
BllBte^ n. 1. YaslelB, pustule, blodn. 

ire, airy, bnoront; dajtonair, Mflie- 
sODiB, of good dieer,ln. liiSh. spirits, in 
good splrUs, full of Bl^ fim of s^rit. 

imthewnae, a. Ckeerftl, ^y, buthe. 

Bloat, n. a. Swell, inflate, dlatend, puff 
Dp, blow op, make tnrgia. 

Bloat V. n. Swell, be swollen, be in- 
flatea or distended, be pnftbd or Mown 
op, become turgid. 

iloAtiQg, R. Swelling, dilatation, jn- 
I.1TKIS, expandinE, eipuisioix. 

tIol]l>eiH.]lp. n.^fidcb1lp. 

{Ia1>bep-Upaetl, a. TMek-llpped, 

tlook, V, a. Obstrnot, Cloee, blocoAiiB, 
shut up, stop np^ block up, 

tlock, n. li Thick and heavy piece {at 
qf iBood or tione). 
a. Wooden mould (on w'licA luUs are 

a. Simplelon.ibol, blockhead, SDNOB, 
4. [[r,$.] KsBs^hoaaei {ma square 

a. {Jfcmt.) Pulley. 

Blockade, n. Closure {a» <^ a port), 

ahuttli^ up, bloddng up, 
— " l,n. Shni3elon,K>ol,i>OBOB. 
1. Stuidd; stolid, heavy, dolt- 

BloolE up, Obetmct, BiixiK. 
Blonde, o. Fair, light, flaxen. 
Blood, n. 1. Tltal fliiid, vital current, 
Ufe blood. 
%. Kindred, relation, famUy, consan- 

„ r.., madcap, , 

Bloodroot, n, Bloodwobt, 

Elwdshed, n. Slaughter, carnage, 
butchery, massatie, murder. 

Bloodstone, n. 1. Hematite. 
3. HeUotrojie, 

Blood-^nokei', »■ IieeCh. 

Blood-tliiisty, a. Cruel, savage, fero- 
dous, inhumf^ bai'barous, barbarian, 
fell, truculent, ruthless, bloody, niui- 

derous, bloody-minded. 
Bloadwoi% B, Bloodroot, red root, red 

^oody.o. I. St 

!a OaaaSiiiHsj. 

ludy-mlnded, 0. ■Buoon-' 

a. Spot, BtatD, blur, dlsflguro. 
3, l^amlah, eully, disgrace. 
Blot, n. 1, Obliteration, erasure, blot- 

How, n. 1. Stroke, knock, rap, pat, 
thump, iJab, beat, 
a. Calamity, disaster, misfoctnne, af- 

3. Bloom, blossom, fiower. 


4. U-aw.] BeBBE, o 

troOC, BLOW-fTTT- 

nii.j Blab, tt 

H Drive b; 
I wind upon, 

Blow dowu. Prostrate (fcj/ Oa ini-nd]. 
Blow of^ 1. Drive ftom shore [*y fbe 
vrind,_a$ a sMp ). 

3. betHch or scatter [liy Ote v:iad, as 
fntHJ^om trees). 

3. Let off (03 steamv enter b) eacaps. 
Blmr out, ExIiDEnlsh. 
Blow-oa^ n, XColloqaial.'] CatouBal, 

Blow lip, [Jaiwe.] 1. Inflate, fill with 

it. Buret, scatter by explosion, canse 

make (HBtaateful. 

_ _,, . Riiddy, blowzed, tanned, 

raddr-bced, h^-cDlond, snn-bumt. 

BHHtHer, n. - "WS^ bt. 

Bliibber, vf n, Crv {so ta to swell (he 
eiaet*), TvMne, wifinper, weep. 

Blo^:e<m, m. dab, oudgel. 

Blue, a. X. Aanre, eeiidean, akj-col- 

S. [CoUooVKd.J Melancholy, deject- 
ed, dlsplFited, depressed, sad, glum, 
gloomy, mo^^, downcwiti deepondine, 
downheart^ l^pochondnHO, liypped, 

Blue-devllB, t. pi, Bi.Di:s. 

Blne-flali, n. Tailor, sMp-jack, snap- 
^TUf ma^^erel [ Temtwdon saiiater)- 

BliiflB, n.jiZ. [With M6 pcafijted.! Mel- 
ancholTj d^ectton, depression, despond- 
ency, flypochondria, diimns. vsLixipj* 
m^jTlms, low aplriW, ■• 

Ing, Tapoilne, mnmna, ooarae, i 
BLUST, ^osTuiuTlIab, beulah. 

Blofl^ »■ Pret^dtouB hank {e^BcidUff o 
the mftfffin qfft r^ver or the sea). 

Bluff, V. a. (LtiBi.i Bepulee iby atlvi 
nuaaiari repel, auub, blitf off, eeu 
away with a Sea In one's ear. 

Blunder, V. Ji. Miataie {grosBly\ err 
(fiva v>aaf qfotn-e), malre a ■— " 

Blander, n. BD^ka (qT t, 


hind), otror {from thottghtlessntst), gross 
mistake, bull. 

iderbuSH, «. 1. Short gun (imih a 
' •■)■ 

iderer, blnnderheai), stnpid 

iderbead, blunaec- 

9. Blu---'- 


buss, stupid fellow. 
tlnuderhead, n. Bl.trHDKKB)B. 
{luni. a. 1. Dull, obtuse, poinUesc, 

8. Abrupt, bloff, gnifP, rough, rude, 
tmgentle, nnelvi], ungracious, bearish, 
diaoonrteons, uneom-taous, impoljfe, 

ilnnt, M. a. 1. I>ull,'inal!e dull. 

;;. Benumb, para^ze. deaden, stupe- 
fy, obtnnd, hebetate; make Insensible, 
callous, or obtnse. 

3, Moderate, alla^, assuage, mutate, 
ijoiet, alleviate, aoften. 
nnnt-wltted, a. Dull, Btnpid, stolid, 
doltiah, blockish, obtuse, unrntell^ent, 

BIiiBli,v.». Bedden(wi«ieo*e<ft»),color. 

Blusli, n. Beddenlng {qf the cheeks), suf- 
fusion of the face. 

Blaster', V. n. 1. Boar [as the mittdj, 
make a loud nidse. 

Vapor, swagear, bally, i 


3. Mia_. „ 
about nothing. 


i. yiake a great ado. 

311, Sae, vlot- 

"■'-Mertng, pomponi 
t, arrogant, ar 

4. Conclave, eounoll, c( 

Board, c. a. 1. Cover with boards. 
8. Enter or go on board of (b veseel] 
3. Furnish with meals. 
Boards, mpL [Willi Tie prefliad.] The 

stage iqfa theaire). 
Boast, V. n. Brag, vaunt, gaaoonade, 
ELUBTEB, crow, craok, donrish, eialt 
one's self, magtuly one's salt eive one's 
self alls, TALE Bic, ride a Mgk horse. 
Boast, V. a. 1. Hogniiy (unifu^), make 
mui^ of, boast o^ brag of. 


roi^Lly (as a bhck 

i^, Unsteiirig. BwacEecijie, flouriBli of 
tciimpets, m^ ciy and little nool. 
a. Oaose of pride or laudable exulta' 

Boaster, n- Br^gart, bra^adDCiOf 

Boastful, a. Boastli^, Tftnadng, brag- 
Kii^, vapotiiig, blustertng, esulling, 
tdnmphaJit, codE-a-hoop. 

BoaaUne, n. Vaunt, brag, BOABT. 

Boast one's self, Exult OTer-oonidently. 

Boat-slinped. a. [Bat.) Cymblform 
na-rtoniar, boavboid. 

Bob, w. a. 1. MoTfl with a tek. 

3. Strike (sudden!^ and BjfW%), raj 

3. Clip, ont short. 

A. [Sore.] Steal, purloin, rob, pUfai 
fllch, cabb^, get by iiaud. 
Bob, c. n. 1. Ploy back and fiirwaic 
have a Jerking; moBon. 
9. Angle {with ajeiiatiff 7noii'>it), Ush. 
Bob, »■ 1. Jerlditg motion. 

a. Pendent, ha^ttg appendage. 

Bobolink, B. lUee-brKL, rica-buntine, 

reea-bM, butter-bird, Btumk-blrd, 

Bkunk-blackbird [GolKhonyx orwyvo- 

focesbi , , „-, -.-=-, 

predict, focebode, pmpheBj, be ominous 

Bode, V. n. Forebode, preeage. 

Bo^ce^n. l.Coc^, Mays. 

3. Corporea 
odlly, o3. 1, 

mass), oomploialy, wholly. 
Body, n. 1. Materia SUMI 
rial pari 
flrfrifop Jv*). 

a. Cacossa-napse, dead body. 

S. VlaiblB form or ftame. 

4, Trunk {as disHngjiiahed from 

ling, ludlvidoal, mortal, 

1, Company, band, party, CCR 

socieb', aesoeKtlon, oorporatioo. 

S. Systam, Bmnmary, general 

flney, th 

Bogrn™MorasB, quBgraire, elongh, fen, 

ruareh, aw""" 

Btirln4 back, tiang fli 

. Cranberry. 

BnetrotMr, ». [In denston.] Itishman. 
BagiiB,a. [Casitiena, U.S.] Spurious, 
oountert^ false. 

ikea.n. Black t«a. 

lil, V. n. 1. Be agitated by beat. 

3. Babble, rise in bubblefl. 

3. Be ardent, be hot. 
.il,B. ffi. Seetda. 
<tL n. Furuncle, pustule, gatlieiii^, 

■ilins,!!. EbuUition. 






u:ad, tree tcoia 


S. Conflden 

S. Impudent, insolent, rude, imper- 
tlneirt, aauoy, forward, pnabii^, aasum- 
ing, brazen-faced, bold-Eaoed. 

4. OonsidGuous, sirikli^, prominent, 
standing 00' ■■' "■- "' — 

to the view. 

Bold-iteced, a. Impude 
Boldness, n. 1. Fearl 

I3S, daun 

lesan^B, intrepidity, courage, BBAT- 
:eicy, Talor, aadadty, daring, pluck, 
herOBm, hardlbjood, sv^"^ 

, -cbaraolor ot 

5, Steepueas, abruptness. 
Bold-spirited, a. Courageous, boW). 
Bole, n. 1. Body {ijf a tree), elsm, 

Bolt, V. a, 1. Bounce, start -suddenly, 
spring ont abruptly, 

a. [17. S.i Bat, abscond, wiUidraw 
{eBpedaJJy from a poUUcal partp), db- 

Bolt-nnrlglit, Ei. Perpendicular, qulle 

Bolus, n. Bole, large pUl. 
Bombard, v, a. Attack wlQi bombs. 
Bombardment, b. Attack withbombs. 
Bombast^ «. Fustian, rodomontade, 
rant, inflated style, swelling or pom- 

lombastlo, a. Inflated, turgid, tomld, 
awslllj^, stilted, grandlioqunnf.. nom- 
pous, sophomertcal, hlgb-n^: 

-TiHg, BaaBFAOTl — ' 

:, hlgh- 

flde, iL!l'*BeJSy, truly, aotually, 
•— '- ' ■■ ""Itli, without Etaui 

dncerely, in good foitli, without fcaud. 
Bond,«. 1. Band, ligature, cord, chain, 


S. Obligation, compact. 
' — '"ee. "■ Bervitode, Blavetr, tliral- 
captlTlt;, imprisonment, coufine- 

dom, captlvll^f imprli 
mant, bondHBarrlos, b 

Bcine-&flli» n. Bone-eartb, bi 

eartliy matter of bones. 
Bone-blsiok, n. IvoaY-BLAi 

[Ft.] Good-nature, 

DOB. 11.1UUUI, (luod-natm^d Blmpllclty. 
Bonfto, n. Albiooce, botse-maoketel 

( Ti^taats peianws)- 
BonmOt, n. [B".] Jest, Joke, wltUdsm, 

witty repartee. 
Baune-bonche. n. [Pr.] Titbit, deU- 

cao;, nice bit, delicate mocsel, choice 

morsal, dellctons montlif nl. 
Bonny, a. 1. Handaoma, baantlfnl, 

3. Obeecfiil, blltbe, sprightlr, bnoy- 
ant, aity, gaj, metrj,Joyons, Jolly, Jo- 
cund, winsome, bnxom, playful, Bport- 
iva, jocose, in good aptriW, in TJgU 

3. Plump, round, cbobbv, in good 

Bon-ton, ?(. [Fr.l HiEli xnode, fasMoD- 

able style, style of higb life. 
Bonos, n. [Ii.] Fremlum, reward. 
Bon-vlran^ B. [Fr.] LuKuriouB liver, 

boon companion, jovial compaiiioa. 

Jolly fellow. 
Booby, ■«. 1. Simpleton, fbol, ednoe. 
a. (Omiift.) Saniiet, noddy, solan 

^ose (pSu^ baasoffia). 

Boolcstore, n. {JJ. 

Varaed in boolu. 

.... .-.-., _ . jkaeller'a Bliop 

•uukwoTiu, n, Qreat readec of stodent 

{loUtirna mmrimimitiim and viiihimt 

d^tiiie pvrpoBe). 

toolAj, n. {lriA.J Nomad, wanderer. 

it, oSbilng. 

. Kind, 

■ Bnstlo, e 

9, QayjmeiTT.JoyJiiI, Jolly, convivial. 
Boor, »■ Bnstlo, eloiru,^IiInal lout, lub- 
ber, Bwal n, p BttBant, immpkin, clod- 

Boadsh, a. S,ai^ rude, (downlsh, 
loatiBh, bearlsbj avkvardj dnmr" — 

Bootf «• ti- tOeiteraUjf 'used impersmf 

atly.] Profit benettt, advantage. 
Bootee, n. BooHkin, half boot, short 

Booty, n. Plunder (W be taedformiy 
purpose], mioil, pOlage, PEEI. 

Boozy, a. [Written also Boosy,] Tipsy, 
inebriated, fuddled, dlsguted, maudlin, 
mellow, SLEWED, GKOoev, half drunk, 
half seas over. 

Boi'Os, n. TlNoilv bl.borate of soda. 

Border, n. 1. Eiige, rim, brim, voi^a, 
brink, margin, shirt. 
ft- LiraiC, boundary, confine, frontier. 

Border, v. a. Pat a bonier upon, adorn 

or end of, be oontiguoos to, border up- 

Border upon, Bom>Bft ON. 
Bore, V. a. 1. Parforat«, pierce, drill. 
3. Weary [by tedkm^ r^eiiivm), i^ 
tigue, plague, troable,- vex, worry, an- 

Bom again, Regenerated r^snerati 
converted, renewed In spirit. 

Born days, [Loio.] Life.litetime. 

Borough, n. Town (In Etwlaitd, . 
toum n^resented m f oritomeM). 

Borrow, V. a. 1. ^'ir the loan of, tah 

3. Ta^e, appropriate, adopt, m^ 

Bosom-frlendi n 

[GdOoquioi, U.S.'i Superintend- 
ed, overseer, maater-woriman. 
Boss, V. a. 1. Stud, cover with boseee. 
S. [OoOocnaal, [f.S.] Direct, over- 
see, superlniend. 
Bossy, ». \.CbiidiehterBi.-\ Calf. 
Botch, R. 1. Pustule, blotch, bhdn, sore. 
3. Failure, miscarriage, bad work, 
bad Job, damsy performance, bungling 
piece of worlc. 
Botcb, V. a, X. Mend awkwardly, 
patch oilnmsily. 
a. Put together urrskilfuUy, con- 
Both, a. The two, the one and the 

Bath] cob3. {Frece^ng a vjord or 
pkt^se v)Moh is JbUtnoed hit ^nAi Both— 
and.] As wdl as, not orUy, but also. 

BoUier, e. a. Porplait, worry, harass. 


Bofbet, n, [Oiiloqitial.] Feiplexitj, __ 
atlon, anno janoe, plague, llouble, bore. 
Bothsmtloii, n. [Lour-i Botheic. 
Bottom, n. 1. Lon«fit iiait. 

a. Fonndaaon, IjoMb, groimdw 

4. Ship, vessel, sailing craft. 

a, Stomina, native Btrangth, powt 

t. Grottniis, leea, dMgs, aedinienta. 
Bottom, V, a. Found, establlsli, build. 
Bottom, V, ». Rfst IJis- si^port), 1» 

JBoDdoir, n. [Fr.] Oabinet, private 

room, reared apartment. 
Boi^h, «. BtaooJi, limb, shoot. 
BoulUt, n. (Et.] Stsw, boilea di< 

stewM meat. 
Bouillon, n. [Fr.] Bcol^ soup. 
Boooce, n. !■ Knock, thump, sud 
IS- Bonnd, leap, jump, Brrin^. 
fl- tOitioqviatJ\ Boast^ vaunt, hi 
"-" — '-" Falaeiooa, 

Bonnoe, k. b. i. Bolt, leap or spring 

3. Knock, thump, beat. 
BSunce, v. a. Tbtost, drive against. 

Bannd, v. n, 1. Jump, teap, spring, 

S. Kebound, spring hack. 
Bound, a. [Followed by to or Jbt 

Bonnden, a, Ohlbniarv, binding, ap- 

Boundless, a. Unbounded, unlllnited, 
nnconflned, undefined, immeasutabte, 
illimitable, Intlnit*. 

BouuUfuI, a. Liberal, munificent, ben- 

eHceiit, generons, prineely, bounteous. 

Bonn^, n. I. Liberality, munificeixce, 

beneficence, generosity, 

». Present, gii^ bf-"- 

3. premium (^. 

Bonqnet, n. [Fr.J Nosegay, bunult 

Bourn, n. Bound, 11 
Bonrse, ». [Fr.] Bxcliange. 

[SCO'S.] Conflict, contest, set lo. 
!i. a. 1, Bend, infleot, crook, In- 

Sepreee, dnk, cast down, brii^ 

Hjiv, V, «. 1. Bend, bnclde, be Inflected, 

8. Incline (in token, irf reiped, j-hw- 
ettce, or safuniSBw^ni, muEe a how. 
Bow,«. {Nrmt.) Fore part (qf o «'i^), 

prow, beat, stem. 
Bovrels, n. pi. 1. InteaUnee, guts, 
viscera, inwards. 
». Inside, i-'---— •-'"• - 

!ow-liand. n. 1. f-drcAerg.) The le 

Bow-ivlndow, n. ] ^ 
Bos, «. 1. Case. 

H. Blow, stroke, cuff. 
Box, V. a. 1. Enclose In a hos. 

8. Strike (ipiift Sie hand or fist, at ffu 

Box-berry, «. Wintergteen, tea-berry, 
partridge-berry, mountain-tea [GatS- 
McHo jjrocMiiiieiM ). 

Box-elder, n. Aak-leaved maple {tfe- 
ffwidiwit Ameritxmwrt). 

Box the compass, Kame the points of 

„. BitSnok. ' ■ ' ' 

Braces, n. pi, 1. Snependers, gallowses. 

H. Straps {on VjMcha carriage rests), 
BoylEli, a. 1. Of liovhood, 

a. Childish, puedle. 
Braotiygraplij', n. Sfent^aphy, aliort- 

Biaidi^.a. Strengthening, inv^rating. 

Brackets, 1. jii. (JViTUin^.l Crotchets, 

BraeklBli, a. Saltish, somewhat salt. 

BraKi V, ». Boaat, vaunt, gasconade, 
blust^, vapor, fioTirish, exalt one^s 
std^ magnify one's self, talk biq, 

Brag^, n. Boast, Vf"*^"" '^ 

Boaster, blusterer, 

Biaggiat.^'" ----- 


BrtiK o^ BiH.^., .. 

Bralima, fl. '(tRndoo Mgtlml.i The 

Creator, God, 
Br^&"'| "■ [Written also B™mi«.J 

Hindoo FriesC 

t, nu^nUy, exalt, 


Bnild, V. n. PlaJt, plat, Intertwine, ii 
terwenTe, taterlaee, -weaTe togetlier. 

- - " *. SknUjOKuJun 

Bralna, n. pL „, 

ndud, leasau, Intelleot, <iapa«iCy, inCel- 

Brake, n. 1. Fen). 
a. Tiiloket, ■ ■ 
Brake up, Pncai 

a railway train,). 
Bramak press, HjdraDlic press, hj- 

drostatiG press. 
Branek, R. 1. Boiigb, limb, sboot. 

a. ^Mioot, ramacation, ana, pro- 

enbdlvislon, part, portion, 

. MT^a, ramifsvepTBafl 

Braacb off, ^mltf, BBABOH. 
Branch out, 'E^gaOate, bo diifaBe, 

apeak alffusdy. 
BrancMte,n.K [L,1 Gilla. 
Brabohiug;, rk Bamlflca^on, artioreB- 

Broncklng, a, Aiboreseent, arborl- 
form, dendriform, dendioid, dendritic 
Brand, n. 1. Hce-biand. 
a. Mark((/atoitn™). 

3. Kind, qaaUtj. 

4. Stigma, BtRin, ceproacli. 

5. iPoetieal.-' ' " 

B. it^matlL-, 

Brand-eoose, n. Brant, 

Braudlsk, v. a. FlODflSti, . 
Brand-new, a, QnitH new, flre-new, 

spick Hnd spaa new, span now. 
Braat^ «■ Brent, seand-qoobb. 
Bmsb, a. 1. Hasty, rasb, Impetuous. 
8. ILocal, U. S.] Brittle, fraj^e, 

e^Uy broken. 
Biaag, n. 1. Allor otcoppec and zii 

ftontery, presumptton, audacity, 

waidneBa, mce, iiront^OQEEK. 
Brassj, a. [(blloffmal.i Bold, pert, 

assnmiog, forward, oHEbet, braien, 

Brat, n. [IVfvn q/* oontestpi.] Child, 

uroiiin, bantlJM, Infant, eaibh. 
BrsTado, ». Boaat, boasting, brag, 

I'eatlees {from Ifmperantent), 
^._oi7B, intrepid, d^iliuc, un- 

ited, dauntleBBj valiant, bol^ ehiv- 

atnras, diivah:la, gallant valorona, 

dooghl;, iiendc, gpaitaa, iion-hearted. 

Brave, n. 1. [ito™.] Bully, Hector, 

S. Indian wanior. 
Brave, v. a, T)e^, dare, challai^e, s&t 

lat, dEMi 

IraTO, tntety. Wall done. 

Lranl, u. n. Qoorcal {noisily), dispute 


BrawJ, «. 1. Quarrel, wrangle, dis- 
pute, uproar, broil, iJtereallon, fracas, 
BHualible, fcay, ai-frax, feud, tomqlt, 
disturbance, row, jJOB^Eicy, n tBH . RE . 

Muscular, sinewy, stal- 

Bray, v. a. Pound (into amaii piscea or 
powa&r), bruise, cmsli, grind, corcrrtln- 

Bray, w. n. 1. Utter a harsh cry (tike 

S. Make a harsh sound. 
Braying, a. Blatant, bellowing, olam- 

orona, Yoeiferoiia, noiay, obstrepBCOUS. 
Braze.s.o. Solder with brass. 
Brazen, K. 1. Msde of brass. 

a. Bold, BnAZEV-FACED. 

Brazen-fticed, a. Bold, impudent, as- 
suming, forward, ped^ eancy, brazen. 

., gap, oraok, flaw, fls- 
vlolatloii, infclnge- 

3. QuarreL difference, Tariance, dis- 
agreement, dlssendon, schiBnt, nUBon- - 
doretanding, alienation, dlsafftetlon, 
rapture, fWuli^ out. 
Bread,R. Voodieqieciallj/Jiiodmade^ 
jrrain), sustenance, aliment, nutriment, 
nourlslunent, subsistence, fare, diet, 
' -'lals, Tiands, provisions. 

, smash, batter. 

S- Make bankrupt. 
6. Blacard, dismiss, discliarge, i 
grade, caeUer. 
T. violate, Ini^inge, transgirees, set 

B. Lessen the fOcce of (ii3a./h^). 
9. Interrupt, cease, intermit, c 

, Disclose, open, unfold, lay 

1. Be shattered. 


6. Decline, low health or strength 
Bre^, n, 1. Breach, opening, gap, 
sure, rent, rtfli, ehasm, rupture, il 


3. Dawn, dan'sii^. 
Break away, !■ Eacapo (affoinsS resist- 

3. Be BcuttsreS, be disaipated. 
Break-bone fOrer, Dangua, dBndy- 

Bnjak bidlc, Be^u to tiulaad. 

ikdown," ( JVeirfer. ) 

Breakc , 
Break &ith, ] 

gtld^ one's 

Break itortJi, : 

Break j^roautl, 

Break Jail, Escape from jail. 
Break ID, !■ M^a — ' *' 

r, taSe up'th 

Inimde one's self, tafte up the dls- 
e, b^n to apeak. 
. tfclne, it. Rnphire, fEaotHre. 
Breiik at day. Dawn, dawning, day- 
breatj monui^, oockcro^itg, MOlETf, 
dorsninz, peep of day, pdme of da?, 
firat blusn <^ the momii^. 
Break oit l. Be mpturea. 

a, Befflat, oeafiej stop, ^eava off. 
Eraak oot, lesue, bi'eak Sjitli, burst 

Break the Ice, Make a beginning, pre- 
pare the way, open a way. 
Breaktrater, n. Jett^, pier, mole. 
Break with. Fall out, part fFlendshlp 

3' Mamma, teat, dug, udder. 
Breast, u. <t. Face, stem, withstand 
oppose, reefst, bare the breast agalnat. ' 
Breast bone, n. Sternum. 
Breastwork, n. (Fori.) Parapet. 
Breatli, «. 1. Air Inspired and es- 

... . — jirie, emit, give out, 

3. ^ndsper, lEitar soItlT. 

4. Indicate, manlibst, expnes, show. 
BFeaUie'" ■'-'—'- = .-^-^i-.i 

Breathing, n 

. 1, Resplratton. 
on, wial, desire, longin 
craving, yearning. 
Breat^ig, a.^Sving, ajjve, lire, n 

Breatking-hole, n. Vent-hole. 
Breathless, a. 1. Out of breatb. 

S. Dead, Itfoletn, defunct. 
Bieeob, n. Hlnderpart, after part. 
Breech-band, n. BreeMiing. 
BreeisheB, n.p2. 1. Small-clothaB. 

ft. Tfousctb, pantaloons, 

freechlng;, n. Breech-hand. 

treed, v. a. 1. Nootieli, nurture, foa- 

ft. Diseipltee, educate, inetraet, 

3. Beget, get, pronreata, engender, 

^reed, v. n. 1. Bring fbrlh young, pro< 

duce ofi^prlng. 
S. Be born, be pioduceil. 
Iceed, n. Race w anhwis), lineage, 

pedigree, progeny, stock. 
Ireedine, «. t. lOurture, education, 

dlacipltne, instruction, traicii^, eohool- 

ft. DepoF^ent, n 
SreS9H. s*. Zenhvr, .„., ^^ 

air, gentle gale, 

... Qnarrel, Metuvbance, c-_ , 

noise, tumult, uproar, etir, agitation. 

Bregma, n. (Atiat.) Binolput, top ot 
the bead. 

Brent, n. Brant, brand-goose {Jnser 

Brett, n. Brit^aka. 

Breviary, n. 1. Abili^ment, ^toma, 
compend, compendium, anmmary, 
synopsis, syllabus, abstiaet, digest, 
hrlef, conspectus, outline, anm and sub- 

a. Prayer-ly»k. 

iOrnUh.) Shorl- 

3vit^ R. 1, Briefoesa, shortnem. 

%. Con^aenetti, tersenees, compres- 
lum, aucelnoQiene, pititalnen. 
:ew,ii.a. 1. Frepaie by fBmuaitaUDn. 

Z. Oontrlva, mot, dsvlBe, protect, 
latoh, conooct, foment, eidtfl, atir np. 
■ew, V. n. 1. Make beer. 

ft. Be gathering, be forming. 

give a bribe (o. 
trldal, a. NnpHi , 
al, matrimoDliO, conjugal. 


Idal, n. Maii4ige, weddii^, nuptials, 

,i.uptial festival. . 
Bridewell, 9^ Prison, Jail, penitentiary, 

workhouae, house of correction. 
Biidle,!!. Keatrahit, cnrh, check. 
BHdle, s. a, Bestnun, control, eheck, 

Brlef.o. I, Sliort, conolse, sneclnet, com- 
pendious, laconic, cmti. 

ft. Tranattofy, oeetinE, transient, tem^ 
porary, eliort-lived, eiwemeral. 
Brief, n. l.EpItKBns,cDnLpeadinm,Bum- 
Tnary, synxvda, trllatnu, abstract, 
breviary, ahndgment, ctmspeotiuk 
ft, Pontltloal letter, papal rewnipt. 
3. (ikHO.) Writ, prei»^ 
BdeOjiOd. Ooncisely, in short. In brief, 

Brlg:aud,n. Eobher, blghwayinan, free- 
booter, marauder, outlaw, liandit. 

Bright, 0!. 1. Luminous, Bhintng, re- 
BpTonaent, glowing, luatrona, beaming, 

h.stos !, Google 


refulgent, splendid, beamy, silverj 
a. Clear, transparent, Incld, pell 

3. Uluatrlons, ^oilous, fiunons. 


i. AnB^dons, pcomlslnK, propitiauB. 
IrtehtAn, If. a. 1. PoliBh, bnnjiali.fnr- 
biab, make bright. 
9. Ulaike cheerful, mak^JoTOiiB. 
BrlKhten, «. «. Grow bright. 
BinlslltiiesB, n. 1. Lustre, Bplendoi, 
brilliaiioy, radiance, reaplendeiice, ef- 

3. Cleamesa, transparency, Inctdlty. 
3. Acuteness, Inffannltj, sagaoliy, 
ac umen, astutenese, alacemment, moth- 
er-nit, quick parts. 
Brilliancy, n. Splendor, Inatre, bright^ 
nesa, effulgence, refulgence, radiance, 
shine, sheen, gloEs. 
BriUiaat^ a. 1. SpaAllug, glittering, 
splendid, lustrous, shining, bright. 


IS, celebtal«d, fa^ 

BriDiBtone, »■ 1. Sulpltor. 

a. [CWnmtToiaZ term.] Cane brim- 
stone, FOU Hnlphur, Btiek sulphar. 
Briuded, ft. Brindled, tabby. 
Brindled, a. Briuded, tabby. 
Brine,- " — -— 

I. Convey, b 

9. PnMince, gain, be the caose of, be 
the menus of. 
B. Draw, lead, induce, prevail n 
Bring aboat. Effect, achieve, w 

pli£, bring to pass. 
Briiisl>aclc. !■ Becall. 

bring out, bring lo liglst, make mani 

Bring Itorwaid, Introdnee, propose. 
Bring near, AersxyxuLMTE. 
Bring- on, OiMnate, give rise to. 
Brine oat, ftoduoo, expose, Bhoiv, ex 

hlb^ bring tbrth, Imng to light. 
Bring: over, 1. Bear across, 

a. Oonvart, win over. 
Bring to, 1. Ohsck the conrae of (mi 

a. Kesusoitate, Kvive. 
Bring under, Subdue, repress, reatrair 

conquer, get the better on 
Brine Dp, Edocate, instruct, roar, nurse. 
Brink, n. E^^e, border, margin, verge, 

Brinyio. Salt. 

Brisk, a. AoUve, lively, smart, agile, 

nimble, qulcfa, smart, alert, spry, — '- 

Ited, vivaciODS, sprightly. 

Irittle, a. Fragile, crumbling, shivery, 
f^ajl, frangible, qrash, easily broken 
(inW pieces), eaaly shivered. 
Brttzska,n. Brett. 
Broacl^ v. a. 1, Pierce, tap. 

a. Utter, pubUsh, pioclahn, give out- 
Broached, a. Tappta, abroadi, on t4p. 
traii4,a. 1. Wifle. 

a. Large, ample, extenrivs, expand- 
ed, CKtonded, vast. 

3. Spread, diffnsed, open. 

4. Gross, coarse, indelicate, vo^or, 

.troaden, v. a. Widen, make brood. 
Broadside, «. 1. Cannonade {fiom atl 
'le gjms on the side of a ship). 
». HaeardLblll, poster, band-bill. 
Brocbure, n. [Fr.]' Pamphlet, 
Broil, «. Afi^ay, tcaj, quarrel, conten- 

]ar, agent, middleman, 

^rook, n. Bivulet, streamlet, run, v.on- 
BEL, rimlet, rill, UDBB, small sti'eam. 
irook, M. a, Endore, liear, abide, toler- 

... ,_D^ . — Willi, submit to, bear 

y or easily. 

witji, take \ 

irotli, n. Soup (in lu 
Irotliel, n. Bagnio, stew, bawdy-hoi 

house of Ill-feme. 

er. mntu^ kindness ((uiirlirMfters). 
. Fraternity, AsaooEAnoB, sodal ity. 

' prosatuHoD, 

le, Wendly, cordial. 

Branbeat, v. a. Bully, overbear, tnat 

Brrnvn stndy, Eererie, musing, abstrac- 
tion, preoccupation, absence, absence 

Browse, n. Tender twigs of shrobs and 

Browse, V. a. l^ibbie, crop, feed upon. 

Bruin, n. {Ct^^vifd.'l Bear. - 
Bridse, V. ft. 1, Cru^, squeeze, contuse. 
3. Breok, batter, pound, bray, piil- 


Bmit, »■ B\imiiF, &me, report, hearsay, 

BmitjV.a. Beport noise blazoorapread 

Brnnt, n. Shork heat of onsot 

gentle, oucliil, imgnuloiu, beufah, dlB- 
Bcotal, a. 

ilaii. fell, liu-lmilo, TaUilees, tracnl 
t^oor; IjrnMBh, brute. 

a, OlLnrllfih, griif^ bearish, harah, 
ilvil, rude, Tooili, impDllte, nnmc- 
ij, KOV&QTTB, nngeallfllQaitly^ . 

]. Giosa, Goaise, Bensna], a 

lal, br 

tisb, beMtif, bMtlftl. 
BrotaUtT. »• SaTageneas, iohuuiHiiity, 

barbarity, ornelty, '—"-'■ " "- 

trucolence, hanueaB m -unu •,. 
Brate, n. 1. Bca9T (in a mild state), 

quadruped, four-fOotea animal, feco- 

!. Kufflan, barbarla 

brntal n 

a' stupid, dall, Insensible. 

4. Qfoss, oamol, eensual, bestial, 

Bcutam nilmeD, [I/.] Haimlesa tLun- 
detbolt, load but liormlees threatening, 

3. Cheat, delusion, b 
Buccaneer, w. fliate, ixirNur, nea^i 
ler, sea-robber, freebooter, picaroon. 
Buek, n. 1. Male (qC tfte deer, sfteqj, 
ffoat, TobJtit, <md hare). 

a. Bhide, epatk, g^ast; gay, dash- 
ing fSlIow. 
Bii£bish,a. Gay,dasMia. 
Bookie, V. a. Fasten ivltn a buoMe. 
BnofelK V. ». 1. Bend, bow. 

8. [Aira.j Strnagle, contend, Btli™. 
BTiDlile one's sei£ -^ppty vigorously, 

set one's self earaestlT. 
Bufikler, «■ 1. Shield, aigiE. 

a. Defence, proteotlon, saroeuard. 
Bucolic, n. Eclogue, paateral, idyl, pas- 

Bud.n, ^rm,ge]n,iEndevelopedbrajjch 

or Aotmr. 
Bad, M. ». Spcont, shoot, push, gennl- 

fo^ sh(i 

tudset, «. I. Bag {with its eoHtenlt), 
padc, packet, parcel, packa^, bundle. 

, Msiie ^%oS or buff-skhi. 
Buffalo, 71. [f.«.] Bieon. 
".uflbt, m. 1. Slap, boi, knock, rap, 
blow, cuff. 

a. Oupboftrd, 
luffet, P. a. 1. Beat, boE, strike, smite. 


BnfEnon, n. Mountebank, hatleijuln, 
jester, droll, roerry Andrew, punch, 
puucbinello, down, zany, searamonoli, 
tool, antic, jack-pudding, pioMe-her- 

Bu^onery, n. JeaMi^ Iqf a Imu nort], 
mummery, Bjolerr, tomfcolerjr, harle- 
qiUnade, low pranks, vu^ar tficke. 

Bnir-sldn, «. ^nff. 

Bugahoo, II. ILaut.] BoeBBAB- 

BuEbear, n. Hobgoblin, specbre, ogre, 
HHBiBOO, roKEB, Goreon, Hjdra, 
Wghtful object, raw hoad and bloody 

Bujldii^, n. X. OonstrucUon. 

pUsi rue ure, ce, erec m. 
Bull), n. 1. IBol.) Scaly bnd (jjte ^ 

onioii and the tftUp). 
a. Spherical protuberance. 
Bulbous, El. 1. {Bot.j Of the nature 

of tbe bulb, 
a. Bound, roundish, protabecant, 

swelling out. 
BulfenI, n. Persiaa n^tln Pyeo- 


Bulge, n. Protuberance, Ug b II 

swell, swelling. 
Bulse, V, n. Fiotrude, Jut 
BulK, n. 1. Magnitude, si urn 

greatness, largeness, b^uess ulkln as 

9' Body, gross, minority main pa t^ 
greater part, principal part 

Bullcbead, n. IXanl.j Partition, di- 
viding W£^. 

Bulliy, a. Large, great, big, huge, vast, 
of great size or bulli. 

lict [ismed 
iluiiaer (m 

. Blocklieafl, simple- 


{Pwnefodus GQitu3i. 
Bnlly, n. BlOBtBrer, swagg&ei, Taporer, 

hector, fiH-eaUr, Hotepnr, mock Wo. 
Bully, V. a. Browbeat, overbear, treat 

Bullying, a. Blustering, Bwaggetlne, 

vaporing:, vaunUi^, hectoring, blnff, 

grntr, bEiuisli. 
Bnlljing, n. BlustBrioB, Bwa^Brine, 

blnetei', iantaroiiaila. 
Bnlwarfc, ». 1. Rampart, redoubt, tbr- 

S. Seooilty, Barnard, paUadinm. 
Bnmble-bee, «. Homble-bee. 
Bommer, «. iOoUo^uial U.S.] 'Baider 

{in eemvh ^jjrotifafonsl, lOrager. 
Bump, ». 1. Tliiunp, knock, blow. 
^ SwelllDff, protuberance. 
3. ltSjMooi3a! in a!6isioB to the doc- 
frine qf Phrenology thai pnMSieriauxs 
on Ute skull in^cate facoMies qf ttie 
mJadJ Faiailty, power, enaowment. 


. Kuoc^ thump, SI 

Bnmpidn, n. Huetio, peaeaiit, cloi^ole, 
piougluDaD, conntF 

t, Inbber, awaiu, 

, Protuberance, huneh. 

3. Batch, assortment, lot, set, j 

4. Tuft, knot. 
. Package, pack, paukel 

eel, budget, i 
Bnudle, n. a. TIa In a bundle, pat inW 

bundles, bundle up. 
Bundle, m. ii. 1. Depart hurrledlj-, set 

off in a hurry. 
3. Sleep together {nriiJiout ii/ndres^ 

Bundle off, {jisHne.) Send i^ in a, hur- 

Bundle np, {Jciioe.) Bundle, wrap ap. 
Bungle, V. n. Do any thing clumpy. 
Bonsler, n. Lubber, fnmbler, clumsy 

WD3tni»n, bad hand, tat any thiag), 

&eeh-walei senior. 
Bungling:, a. 1. ClamBv, awkward, 

Qnhandy, nnskilfnl, maladroit, inapt. 
9. ni-done. 
Bnn1[,». [Oollomiial U.S.] Berth, bed. 
Bnnk.D.n. iOiUoqmal US.] Ue(»ia 

bwdc), Sleep. 
Bnnlier, n. Bin, crib. 
Bunt.v. n. Butt, strike with the head 

Float (to iiidieate iliotUe, aa- 

, ..^. _. Float, keep afloat, bear 

np, bear on Ihe surface. 

Baoysacy, n, 1. lightness, levity, 
flpedfie flghtneBs. 

a. Vivacity, UvelineBe, BprlglitlinoBS, 
ckeerfulneas, qavety. 
Buoyant, oi. 1, Tending to float, light. 
S. Cheerful, hopeful, lively, eptight- 

t, animated, spirited, jcyful, 
bUtho, bUfliesomo, jocund, 

Lted, jubilant, in good spir- 
spirits, full of Ufe, fulT of 

spirrUve, elated, 
'lt>^ in bigk spiri 

Burbot, ^. ^&l-WQt (Lota vuigctris). 
Burden, n. 1. Load, wei^t. 
a. Cargo, fte^t, lading. 
3. Incumbrance, cl<^, Impedimei 
inoubus, drag wi^t, tfead weiglit. 

Burdensome, a. 1. Heavy, oppreeSve, 
!t. Troublesome, gtievons, hard to 

Burem^ n, 1. Cheat of drawers. 

a. Office, counUng-ioom, place of 

a. Department tqf Oooerinaent). 
Biu^aU, n. Conner, cuimer, ohoosbi, 

Buralary.R. House-breaking (aij%ft(). 

Burial, !i. Interment, sepulture, inhu- 
maiion, eEtomlnnent, burying. 

Burial.^:roniid, n. Cemetery, grave- 
yard, burying-grouud, church-y^H, ne- 

bS^b' Graver, style. 

Burlesque, a. Comic, oomieal, funny, 

laughable, farcical, ludicrous, jocular, 
, sportive. 
Burlesque, ii. Caricature, travesty, 

parody, farce, Indioinus i^epreaentatton. 
Burlesque, v. a, Caiicatnce, travesty, 


bfllky, strong. 

iru, V. a. 1, Consume with S 
S. Caldne, okar, scorch, toast, parch, 

3. injure by tire or heat. 

4. Shrivel, caose to wither. 
irn, V. ». 1. Flame, be on fire. 

3. Glow, warm, be excited. 
im, n. [Seotiiift.] Brook, rivulet, 
treamlet, runnel, rivulet, till, small 

Burning, a. 1, Fiery, flaming, hot, 

a. Glowing, ardent, fervent, fervid, 

impas^oned, latense, earnest. 
3. Vehement, powerftil. 
BumIiu;-e;lasB, n. Convex lens. 
Burnisli.v.a. Polish, furbi^, b^ten, 

malce brlgbt, make glos^. 
Bum one's flnBers, G^ one'a self Into 

trouble (as by madwrng in Sta t^^Fs ^ 

oOiees, or f/g i^tatMUm,], smurt lOr it. 
Bnrst, V. n. 1. Break open \Jivm inief- 

W^pf66swr6\j fly wan, be roit asunder, 
a. Brea^ out suddenly. 
Burst, w. o. Keud asunder, break open. 

Explosion, disruption. 


Bnry, v. a, 1. Corer {tiitUi earih, £ 

3. IiilflTT Inhiuue, entomb, ^nm, 

la the grave, oon^ti. to the gntve. 

3. Hide, conceal, secrete, shrond. 

Bur; the Iintcliet, Make iieace, be re- 
oouQlleii, abeathe the awora, put up the 

BiiBli,». Sbrub. 

Sicisliel, n. Pout peeks, eight gallons, 
Uiiitf-tWD quoile. 

BngtoeHB, ». 



a. Trade, 

?, employmenl 

, walSof Ufa. 
I, tcatBc, dealing. 

4. Office, dutr, fnuotion. 
Bnekin.n. 1. HsM boot I especUUtj/ m 

wUh kiffh soks, worn by me ai^cient iro 

5. Ti'aj^dly, tcagio drama. 
Bogklned, a, 1. Dressed in btieliina. 

■ ■" re.l Tn^c. 


[Collogniai,] Klas, 

eell, maJtei 

muoh ado about 

tuiault, potb^, commotion, 

Bishop, TOTTRNtTBB. 

, a. 1. iMllgent, aaaiduo 
IS, sedulous, notable, exit 

loved, eueRged, or occtipl 
Briak, Btltring, bnalJlBt 

1, BPBr, oonstanay tn mo 
MedtOlog, -"-■ — ' — 

about noth- 

Busy* V' a- Occupy, ei^uoy, m^e buBV . 
BuBybody, «. Meddler, luteimaddler, 

meddlesoioe person, offlidaiia persan, 
Bat^ co^. 1. On the oUiei band, on the 


i. But that, otbeiwise tiian tiliat. 

Bul^ 11^- Oulv, no more than. 

Bat^ n. 1. Emd letpecial^ Oie larger 

end), but-end. 
3, Bound, boundaiy, mete. 
Bntcher, «. Slayer, tiller, mui'derer, 

slai^terer, aasEiBsIn, cut-t^ioat, 
Batohei, «. a. Kill, iruBDER, alay, 

slaughter, massacre, assassinate:, dee- 

pat«&, put to death. 
Buto]iery,n. Mkkdeb, slau^ter, maa- 

Hacre, earnage, bloodrfied. 
But-end, i^Blunt end, but. 
Bdtt, n. 1. Mark, object, target, point 

aimed at. 

a. Laugiiing-afouk. 
3. Stroke, blow. 

Butt, V. «. Bant, etrike with tbe liead 
01 die boms. 

Butter-blra, n. Bobolink, riee-bird, 
i4ce-bnuting, leed-bM, skonk-bicd, 
aknnk-blaekbird iDolicIumyx on^vo' 

Buttsrfly-Bliaped, a. FapilionoceouB. 
Buttery, n. Kintry. 

Button-holder, it. Bore, proaer. 
Button-wood, n, Syoamgre, pl^ne-tree, 

bntton-boll tiee, vater-bicoh {Platantu 

BnttreBS, n. Store, pcop, aupport, stay, 

Bnxoiu;a. Gay, brlak, apiigbtly, lively, 
ioyouB, joyful, buoyant, vivacious, 
cheerful, blithe, blithesome, wihboue, 
Jocund, aportlve, frolicsome. Jolly, airy, 
debonair, hi lilgh health and spirits. 

" Parohase, bargain for. 

t. Hum, make a bumming 


t. WhiBpOT, 1 

S. WbispetjUjunniir, 


1. j^oi^ (oi the came, or 
«re , nmrfe Ofieaii, wna, by the agency 
of, by meana of, by dhit of. 
». At, on, by way at 

3. From, accordii^ to. 

4. Near t*), close by. 

By'andby, Presently, ebon, before long, 

in a abort Ume. 
By oIiaDce, Perhaps, perchance, possibly, 

li^)ly,PBiiAi)VBBrnBE, maybe, it may 

be, as luck may have It, aa It happened. 
Br degrees. Gradually, aCep by step, 

Tuaety ntao, by little and little. 
By <llnt o^ By, by force of, by means 

of, by the agency of. 
By-end, «. By-porpase, private intereat, 

aecret pnrpoae, selr-int«raated purpoaa, 

clandestine de^fn. 
By far. Very much, in a great d(«rea. 
By fits. Irregularly, fitfully, by dM and 

By fits and Btaits, Bx fits. 

B^n>ue, a. Past, gone by. 

Byliaiid, With the hands, by tbe ase of 

By book or by erook. Somehow or 

other, one way or other, in one vray or 

another, by Miy mer—- 

Byname, n. NioKn. , 

By one's aelt, 1. Alone, solitary. 

By-path, )t. fc-way, private vray. 
By-place, n. Retired place, ont-ol-tli 

1. Private road, unfreyuen 



By '"te,^ mer. 

repotlUon, without 

Bystander, n. Spectator, liiolcer-oii. 
By stealth, Seciette, claiiaeslioely. 
By the board, Overboanl, otbt ( 

By tbe bye. In paadng, BN PAB9A] 

tlie iolj. At a f 
■ wlmieJiA). 

ipulated price (Jirr 

S. Object I 

. By-paUi, priYOte way. 
1. I. Savins, saw, mailm, 
■orecT), aphorism, aputliegm, 
■-'■" ireoept. 

Ctebal, ». 1. OldQUH (far some sinister 
jnajHwel, iaato, ootebib, eet, party, 
BMOg, ^tum, comMnaidon, lea^e, con- 

!l. IntilgiUL plot, OOHPLOT, conepira- 

Cabal, V. n. TiLtiigae, plot, caneplre. 

Caballsttc, a. Occult, Bacr«t, mysteri- 
ous, mystic, mystical, dark. 

CaHant. n. [Tel Tavern, inn, hotel, 
public house, house of enttrtahimene. 

Cabbaite, o. o. tCkiiloqaiaL] Steal, put- 
lolnTSliJi, pUfec, mafie off with. 

Cabbaee, ». 1. Plant cf the genue 
S. [Omiterm.] ShiedB of dotlt, tai- 

BBUill [com, private room, retired i^art- 

g. Ministry, conni^, body of advisers. 
Caboose, n. tWritt«a also Cambooae.] 

Cook-ioom (qfa lAip), Ealley. 
CaoluilDt,«. Sverm-wiiBJe, spermaceti- 

^liale {^If/seta- macroo^iJiamt). 
Caohiiiualaoo,n. Laughter (foud or im- 

aoderaie], laugh, fnfitiw, hone-lai^h. 
OaOkle, V. n^ 1. Laugh {IBiSt a tound 

iifo toe eaeiUnff qf a- goose), oioolb. 

, Prattle, peals, twaddle 
oetbes, n. [L.] 1. Bad habit, bad 

i, (ifed.j Incurable nicer. 
leiwlionons a. Harsh, grating, dls- 

Cacopliony, n. Dlmiord, jarring, jar, 

Cadaverpos, o. P^, pallid, wan, ghaai- 



, cade-worm. 

Otesura, ». Panse(>navera£), break. 
C{et«ris parlbns, [L.] Other things 

betog eiinal, in like circumstances, 
OAf<l, n. [Fr.l PoBtauiant, coffee-house. 
Caitiff B. VUlaUi, wretch, mlacreaat, 

knave, ineciJ, scoundrel, mean Ssl- 

C^ole, D. a, 1. Ooai, wheedle, Sattei, 

a. Deceive (6ji Jbttteryj, delude, In- 

CsdfSery, n. 'l, Flattery, wheedUng, 
mwnh^, coaxing, adulation, blandisa- 
roent, blarney, soft aAWDEn, soft 

Deceit, deceptdon, fmpoeiticn. 

. Harden, so"-"'" '~ 

;m or solid. 


Calamji. . ._, 

uuibctnnate, advei 

. Silicate of zhic (in 

iii-scatreo, aepioraoie, ruinous, misera- 
ble, wietched, dreadful, dlstieBsful, aC- 
filetlve, aad, grievous. 

taBtrophe, mishap, mlsol , -_.—., 

vlsltaUon, trial, blow, stroke, troable, 
' afBlctdon, adverstty, dlsixees, taardsMp, 
easualty, lit luck, lU fortune. 

, „ a, rediuje to aahes. 

S. Oxidise, oxidate. 
Calculable, a. Compotable, 
Calcnlate, v. a, l.-Compnle, reckon, 

it. Ad/ust, a&pt. At. 
Calculate, v, n. Tell, estimaM, make a 
calculftHon, make a computation, caet 

Calculate upo 

>ect, lo<^ Ibtward to, 
louE uuA 1UI-, Twuon upon, count upon, 
rely upon, depend upon, prepare one'a 

Elate, foresee, 
«k out S 
rely upon, 
sdf for. 

, n. 1. Compatatlon, re 

8. iDvestieallon, eiajnination, Inc 
ion, inquiry, scrutiny, explorati 



3* BxpeotDitLon, expflctancfl, anli<^pa- 
tiou, CDut«iipla,Uon, proapect. 

4. Torathoudit, Sae^ht, citnum- 
apooaon, -wamiBBa, eantton, oantionB- 
nesi, diBcretian, deOlberatLcin, prudence. 

OaloiOoiiB, a. abaa, gciUj, 
CalaulnB, ». 1. (ISd.] (L. pi. Cttfcuii.]. 

Hoibid aonoTetioii. 
». l^ug. pi. Oalailtaee.\ Fluxions, 

difibranl&I and Integral iialculus. 
Caledonlsiir *h Soomah, Scotch. 
0&leaaiilaii,». Sootobman. 
CaleBiotiqn, n. HeatiiK, incalescence. 
Calemboiir, «. [Fr.] Pun, quibble, 

CnleD^r, n. 1' Almanac, ephemcris, 
register of Uie yeac. 

5. List. 
Calender, «. EoC preee. 
Calender, v. a, Smootli or glirae {by a 

leiiog:, «. Glaring (by a eai™- 

[Wrlt_._ _. 
r of tlie tioca. 

«_.. ^ rTir..ii._ ^jg CoiiJer.) 

si Tal^t, awlitr, feoolty, endow- 
ment, DHrtH, EenluB, compaaa of mind. 
Oallw.n. l.[£W.] Cotton clotb. 

S. [U.S.] Print, printed cotton cloUi. 
Otiipe»eompaNieB,«.j>L [Written also 

CcuiJ>er-con^a8Be8.'] Callpere, 
COUpeTB. GaxiIfeb-ooiipassbs. 
Call, P. a. 1- Name, term, denominate, 
endtle, etjle, plirase, detigaal^, dub. 


Jl together, 
Lppomt, deal 

Innate, ^ectj ordain, 

&* ^Tofae, appeal to. 
Call, V. 1. 1. EioWm, ery, cry out, 
speak, aloud, la&kt appeal. 
ia. Make a eliort <Mt. 

a, ]>emaitd, cl^in, requiEition. 
3. Sbort viett. 
Goilllngr, ft. Oocnpation, business, pro- 
i^ion, pursuit, trade, craft, employ- 

Call on, 1. Invoke, appe^ to, pray to, 

a. Solicit, apply to. 
3. Malte a vlalt to, pay a visit to. 
Callons, a. 1. Indurated, hardened, 

B, Insendble, unfeelb^, apathetic, 
obtnBo, nnsusceptiWe, Didmpreflsible, 
eli^tlah, dull, torpid, indilferent, deiid. 

Callow, a. Unhedged, unfeathered, 

Call upon. Call oh. 

Calm, a. 1. Tranquil, eerene, i^add, 
qulet^still, smooth, baloyon, peaoefiil. 

3. trndjsturbed, composed, collected, 
ttnraffled, sedate, mild, cool. 

Calm, n. Serenity, aAi.uirE.9i9. 

Calm, V. a. 1. Still, compose, hush. 

Calomel, n. Chlotlde of m 

loll^, moderate, alleviate^ 
Calmness, n. 1. Quietness, trannullli' 
ty, serenity, repose, peace, sUilneeB, 
calm, placlaity, lull. 

S, Mildness, ooolnoss, scdateness, 
'alomel, ^ onioFi 
tochloiide of meri 

ii^, heat-producing. 
Calumet, n. Pipe of peace. 

'^atumnjate, v. a. Slander, asperse, 
mal^u, tradTice, det^ine, sc^dalL^e, 
vilify, revile, aboEe, lanrooon, libel, 
blacken, blemish, accuse fiHsely. 

liMamnlator, «. Slanderer, tradueer, 
detamer, backbiter, libeller, lampooner, 

DslnmnlouB, a. Slanderons, abusive, 
defamatory, contumelious, oppcoblious, 
vltuperatdve, sourrlloua, Insulting. 

::^aliimny, it. SXANDBB thnomt to be 
Jiti^, defamation, asperdon, backbit- 
ing, detraction, abnees, scandal, oblo- 
quy, l^ae occuaation- 

..^ Popn&ee, rabble, 
TnlgsT, tbe peiiple, the 
id, uie ignoble vulgar, 
iBt dOBB of pei^ile, the 


Canada ^na . 

CHjialllV «■ i>i-] Popi 

mob, rlfftafe " " — ■" 

crond, volgw 

low WIO^j ii 

mulataae, th. . , .. - 

dregs of society, BA(1-TAQ--AKT>-B0B- 

Canai'd, «. IFc.J HoaK, absurd or ri- 

dlcTdoua ^brlcation. 
Cancel, If. a. 1. Obliterate, eft^ce, erase, 

eKpiinge, blot, blot out, mb ant, eecatoti 

»1 Abrogate, annul, repeal, rescind, 
revoke, oboliBh, imUi^, quatdi, set 
aside, make void. 

Gandeliibrum, n. [L. pi. Candtiabrai 
Ejig. pL CandeUibrv/ms.'y Ohandeller, 
lustre, branohed oandlesiiok. 

Candid, a. 1. Impartial, t^ir, just, un- 
prejudiced, unbiassed, nprigh^ honest, 

S. Open, free, ingennons, artless, 



ftank, plain, honorablo, NAIVE, guila- 

lees, ekalglitfotward, open-heartod, 

fcank-heEnfed, abore-boata. 
Candidate, n. Aspirant, EOlicitant. 
Candor, n. 1. FalroeBS, honaaty, atn- 

Z- Openness, ln^enuouBncsa, artlcaa- 

nBBS, femkneas, gnlleleBBneaa, trotliful- 

Caue lirlmstone, Ball solphur, stick 

Oau^ala, n. SItIub, dcp-Gtar. 
OanicDlai' days, Dogn^tys, 
Canine madness, Hydrophobia, 
Cankei-, v, a, Gorrapt, corroae, eiode, 

Caiuii1>ale, ». pi. AutliropopliB^, man- 

Cannonaae, v. a. Attack irlth CBimon, 
attaclE irlQL heavy artHler;, 

Oanou, B. 1. Eufe (eepeeialiv w, ecclesi- 
astical laatlersj, law, Ibrmu^, Ibrmula- 

a. Kecelved books of ScTlpture, ca- 

3. Catalogue of Salnls. 
Canonical, a. 1, Beceived, authorized, 
acconllng to the canon. 

n. Begulat, stated. 
Canonicals, «.iii. Full dress (qTo cier- 

Canoniiie, V. a. Deolaie a saint, make 

a BiiJnt of, enroll in the canon. 
Canopy, »■ Avnlne, tilt. 
Canorons, a. Musleal, tnnefnl. 
Oant, n. 1. Whining oi' nlTected speech. 
». KypoorlaR prfience. 

gua^, inelegant espi 

6. Auetlon, vendue, auction sale. 
6. Turn, tilt, slant. 
Cant, a. 1. Hypocritloal, ; 


i. Vul^F, barbarous, unauthojized, 

—^ — ■ ". Orabbed, perverse, 

, te, unyieldli^, rettac- 

ontumadoas, headstrone, wilful, 
' intractable, head;, obdurate, 


, - -. Gallop 

Cantliarldes, n. pi^ 
Canticle, n. Sosq. 


51. pi. The Bong of songs, 


, Bespeak the TOtes of, eoliidt votes 

Canvass, n. 1. DlecuB^on, debate, dis- 

Z. BKamlnatioD, scrutiny, siftilig. 
3, Solicitation of votes, 
aiyon, !i. [Sp. Ck^ioTt], Giorge, ravine, 

«ii(<!liouo, 71. India-rubber, gum- 

ip, V. a. 1. Crown, eomplete, finlali. 
^ ^ceed, surpass, transcend, ever- 

Capable, a. 1. QualiQed, suited, fitted, 
aaaptfid, Eusceiitible. 

g. Able, competent, intelligent, clev- 
er, skUfnl, effiiiient, htgenions, saga:- 
cloDs, gtrted, acDDMillished. 
CapaUenesa, n. Oafabiutti-. 
"-TBdona, a. Bpaotouft - — '" 
ide, lanad, extsudve, ra 

:»paaitnte,<i.a, Qnall^, enable, make 
able, make or render oapsble, 

;apaoitjr, ». 1. OuiaoloiiaaeBS, magni- 
tude (fii iV^rsRoe M amieatt), volnme, 
dimensions, amplitude, extent of reimt 

3. Fewer [i^ apprehension), faculty, 
talent, genius, gia, turn, FORTE, parte, 
brains, aptness, aptitude, discernment^ 
ivlt, motuer-wlt, calibre. 

3. Aiuuiv, ablenese, eapabUlty, 
clevameas, skill, skmblness, competen- 

, ,,„., provlnoe, ehar- 
serricB, ohacge. 

— ,Pr.] From, head to i 

..^ , n. TcaEpingB Lft'o horse), 

bard, horse-armor. 
:ape, rt. Headland, promontory. 
Japer, V. n. Laap{inaJVo2iosomenEoa(f), 
hop, skip, jump, oouna, romp, gambol, 
frisk, dance. 

!apei',H. Leap (i» a/rdSoiome moo^, 
skip, hop. sprii^, botmd, gambol, romp, 
prank, fceab. 
!aplUary, a. Flne(ti&(iAair{, sleader, 

principal, leading, 

good, prime, pccteet. 

Capital, »■ 1. Metn:ipDlls, chief otty or 

S. Laixe letter, capital letter. 

4. (Jrcb.) Head of a coliuun, [nllar 
or pilsater. 

Capital crime. Crime punishable with 

Capital Iett«r, Capital, large letter. 
Capital pimlsliment, PuuiEbmeut or 

penalty of death. 
Capitation tax. Foil tax. 
Capitulate, P. n. Surrender (bp IrealB), 

yMd on condilions. 
Capttnlatlon, n. Sorrendei (621 tnatg). 





J, crotchety, 1 

WMd, odd, queer, fitful, fteaUsh, vary 
Cap^cnm, «■ Cayenne, eayenue pep- 
per, red pepper. 
Oapiaie, v. a. Upset, oTertum. 
Ot^pnde, fl. 1. esse, mapper, envetope, 
(jorering, Hhell, aheatli. 
». (Sot.) Pod, pericarp, aead-Teaael. 
3. (Cliek.) Brapointliigdisli. 


r, military genius. 

Captions, a. 1. Censorious, eaTlIllng 
carpine, criUcal, hypeccritiiia], dieposea 
to owfl, given to £inlt-£ndlng. 

a. Gr^bed, suap^h, pesvisli, pet- 
tish, testy, toucliy, waspish, fretful, 
^ilMiello, oroBB, snarling, — '— - 

Cagtifate, v 

], hewitch, ei 

. Charm, fasidnata, en- 

, h, enamonr, ivin, catch, 

leB:d captiTe, please MiiMy. 
CivtiTe,«. Prisoner. 
CaptlTltr, n. 1. Imprisonment, eon- 
finenient, duress, durance. 

iS, Bondage, thraldom, entnralment, 
servitude, subjecdon, slavery, vassal- 

8. Prii 
CaptoTA 0. a. Seize, eatOh, apprehencl, 

arrest, take hy Ibice, take posseeEiOD oc, 
Capacnin,n, PranciseuiMarorrrionk. 


e,v.a. Seize, eatOh, apprehend, 


turn or qf sV/bUmaivnii, woi 

Caraok, n, IWiitten alee J3 

gosy, galleon. 
Caramel, n. Burnt sugar. 

Ciura.Tansary, I n. Tavem( — „ 

Caravansera, I Inn, public house, 
hon^p iit entetJatnment. 

Bof am- 

Oaibonic acid, ». Cboht^damp, ftsed 
air, foal air, mephitio air, «aibonio- 

Carbonize, v. a. Convert into carbon. 
. Dead body l<f an ani- 

t, corpse, OOKSG. 
Body j™ faUai^t o 

Prin<^pal, chief, main, 

Vii^niEim ni^tangHle {FringiUa & 
Oardinal-grosbeck, n. Carding 
Cardinal poinfa. East, west, nor 

Care, «. I. AmietT, eatefuiness, solid- 
tnde, concern, trouble, perplexity. 

8. Caiftlon, heed, regam, attention, 
drcumapectlon, watchfulness, ligi- 

a. Ohaige, over^ght, superintend- 

CaTe,ii.n. 1. Be an^us, bo solicitous, 
feel concerned, be trcrablM, ■worry one's 

8. Be inclined, be disposed. 

Cei'een, o, a. Xay on one side. 
Careen, v. It, Lean to one tide, incline 

Career,!!. I. Course, race. 

H. Frocedure, conduct, course of no- 
tion, manner of Ufe. 

attaeit value i^^ascribe impoFtance to- 
Caveful, a. 1. (Rare.] Anxious, solid- 

id, untroubled, tVee from care. 
Heedless, t^oughUees, laatten- 
nnmlndftil, incauttoua, untblnk- 

Ibrmtfnl, re:-'— "-" — ■" 

ue^lflclAil, n 

coneiderotenesB, remisanese, iistless- 

Oaresa, c. a. Tondie, enxljiace, hug, pet, 
kiss, coddle, cosset, treat with fonunees. 
Cartas, n. Embrace, kiss, expreaslon of 

]g and cooing. 
Carco, n. leading, freight, losS, l>nr- 

Oorlcatnre, b. Travesty, parody, brce. 

CarmiaatiTe, a. Warming, antispiie- 

- -y -..- ..araeoa), isinglaM, toll- 

tlijocol, ichlhyocolla. 


Capnallty, ». Seuiaatity, grosaness of 

mlTid. signal appetites, flesfily lusta. 
Carntd-minded, a. Woildly-minded. 
OamlfOTons, a. Flesh-eatlBg. 
Carol, «■ Song, la?, dlttj'. 

Carol, V. a. Bins, wurble, elmat, hum, 
hymn, celebnite tn eong. 

Caroosal, n. 1. Kaast, festival, enter- 
tainment, Jtreial banquet, merrj-mak- 
ins, house-watming, seqaxk. 

a. BerelUng, revelry, revel, sfbeb, 
joiriiiFiOA.Ti<XK, bacenanala, Batnma- 
Ila, debanclt, dompotaHos, iraasaU, 
orgies, oarousB, onpa, diinMng bout. 

Cartila^, n. Gristle, 
Cartlla^nons, a. Gristly. 
Cartoum, n. Cartildge-DOx. 
Cai'tddge-box, «. Cartoiieh, 

Carooser, «- Keveller, tippler, t^iper, 

drimkiira, bacebanal, DaamanaBan, 
Corn a^-Cenauie, caiil at, find f£nilt 

Carpev, ». OaTlller, censurer, cenEor. 
OSiTplLologr, «■ Moci^lalJOD, tilnmB. 
Oaivins, i>- Cavilling, et^uiorloaa, oap- 

lioua, comidiiinlug, Ityperciitlc^, 
Oaiping, «■ CanBure, ouvll, faUlt-find- 

inXt l^p6r(]ritlalam, oapttoDH orlttiJam, 
Cai'piiB, «. [li.] [Anam Wiint. 
Carrageen, ( «. [WnWen also Onra- 
Cairl&HOi, ( gfteen.] Mffli moea, cai- 

lagean moss (JWiM orljpiu ot Olumd- 

Carriage, ». 1. TeMBle, conveyance. 
a. Conduct, deportmsnt, behavior, 

Cairlon, n. Pntre&tng flsaL. 
Oarrotry, a. Eeddish-yeUow tsaid <^ the 

Carry, u. a, 1. Convey, bear, tranaport, 
transmit, xotk, waft, fetch. 
8. Ui^, impel, puab forward. 
3. Accomplish, effict, giUn, secure, 

I'fl self, carry it. 
Carry It, 1. Frevnil, 

a. Behave, conduct, demean one's 
self, carry one's self. 
Carry ofC 1. Beioove, take airaj. 

a. Destroy, kill. 
Carry on, {Jhtive) 1, Conduct, manage, 
transact, prosecute, conlinne, help Ibr- 

a. icoUogvM.i Frolic, beiiave wildly 

Carry out. Apply, aiecnle, put in prac- 

Carry througli, 'Acoompllah, oonsnm- 
mate, finish, complcKi, work cut, bring 
to a close, bring; about, bring to pasB. 

Cart before the liorse, CColSoqaial.'] 
Absurdity, absurd thing. 

Carte, «. [Fr.] BlUotteie, 

I. [Fc] Unlimiteaav 

I. Suit, ac 

sidejt st£el, convert into steel {on tha 

Cosejne, n. [Written alss Casem,} Cas- 
eum, cnrd of milh, coagnlable part of 
mlllc, coagulum of milk. 

Caseoua, a. Ctieesy, of the uatore of 

OaaeDm, ti. [L.j CASEitn^ 
CaBevrorm, n. Caddlce, caddie, .cade- 
Cash, ii. 1. Gdn, specie. 

Casliler, v, a, Sreak, dlechaige, die- 
card, dismiss t^om omce, cast off, turn 
away, send away. 

Casino, ». [It.] 1. Cottage, smalt honee. 

Cask, n. 1. Hooped wooden vessel (as 
a hogshead, c&c). 

ii. nelmet, CAeQTiE. 
Casket, n. lAttlebox. 
Casque, n. [FrJ Helmet, caelc. 
Cassava, n. Tardoca {cnide)j manloo- 
Cast, 0. a. 1. Throw, fllr^, hnrl, sand, - 
toss, jatoh, Bling, sht. 

ft- IMva, imp^ fbrca, tiimst. 

8. Shed, put oB, Ik; uUe. 

4. Compute, reckon, calculate, 
5- Found, ibrm in a mould. 

a. Assign, allot, appoint, anportion, 


Cast, n. t. Throw, 'oiag, teas. 

5. Tinge, tint, shade, touch. 

3. Mflnuer, style, air, mien, look, 
turn, tone, character. 

Cast ai>out. Contrive, plan, scheme^ 

oonalder, revolve In the mind. 
Cast anchor, Letgo theauclKa'. away, 1. Beject, discard, 0A8V 

a. Wreck, strand, fOimder, sliip- 


aliond, abmxaoned wracoh. 


Castb}', B^eot, disciuxl, tiiTow airay, 
cast off. 

Cast dmra, Degectsd, depressed, dls- 
coTU'aged, melancholy^ sad, dowucaBb, 
dietiearlcned, ohapKulen, downheaited, 
despondiiK, despondent, blue, dispir- 
ited low-sdrtted, to low spirita. 

CaatB,n. Ols^ order, 

Caster, ». 1. TlhFowu'. 

4, pastor, small vlteel or HwlTellon 

wftiofe AntMMre it roSedy, 
Cast fbtth, fjfiet, emit, threw ont. 
CosUsate, v. a. OissMsa, eorract, pnn- 

ish, diasteu, dlsi^line. 
Ca^Btlfl^atiimf n^ FnnlBhmenti elmsUse^ 

mettt, oorreotion, dIscipUne. 
OastteataET, n. (Lmc.) Trebiu^et, 

tiiuLOrel, diieklDg.^tool, euckln^-stooL 
Castle, n. 1. Fobxbess, citadel, sU'oug- 

Cast in the teet^ Reprooeh wltli. 

twit with. 
Cast oiS, 1. It«ject, discard, abandon, 

... , td.) Caetorenm. 

Castoreiiin,«.[L.]lilfe!i.) Oaatot. 
Cast out, 1. £U«it, expel, oust, turn 

out of doors. 
». Bend forth. 
Oastrsite, f . a. Geld, emascnlate, glib, 

depriTe of yirilitj. 
Castration, n, OnoaoTOM;. 
Ooatrel, n. Windhover, kestrel, stannel 

IFaloo Hiuameiiim]. 
Castnp, 1. <!kiinpni«, calculate, reckon. 

. Ac<ddent, disaster, misfortune, 

oaiamlty, mischajice, eatastrophy. 

CataChrestia, I a. Forced, strBtoed, 

Cataohrestical, f fk,F.fetGbed, recon- 

dite, stndiouslj sought. 
Cataclysm, ». Inundation, deluge, 

ovetiow, flood. 
CatH4!oiiih, 7^ '^^rypt, vault, tomb. 
Catalvps;, n. (Med.) Trance. 
Oatalogme, n. List {ammged in a eer- 

lam Drito-], begistbb, roll, record, IH- 


Cataiuenlal, 'a. Menstrual. 
Catamoant, «. Cougar, puma, NorOi 

Ameiican wger IFelis amcotm-j. 
Cataplasm, ». Poultice. 
Cataract, n. 1. Watecfall, SU, cas- 

s. IMed.) Ohstmoted sight, loss of 
sight (Ji-om opooiiiB qf the eijeioiSrw 

CataiTli.fl. Cold In tbe bead. 

Catastronlie, n. 1, Upshct, issue, cen- 
summanori, conclusion, termination, 
denouement, FiSAJJi, winding up, lln- 
Ishing stroke, final event, 
a, OiLAMiry, disaster, misfortune, 

Catch, o. a. 1. Grasp, seize, snatch, 
clutch, gripe, grasp, lay hold of, tiisten 

g. Arrest, apprehend, captme. 

3. Overtake, come np with. 

4. Tnsnare, entrap, entangle. 

O. Captivate, charm, cncEant, asci- 
n&te,bewitch, win. 
8. Take (as a dJsaMe). 
Catch, 0. «. 1. Lay hold, take hold. 

BLMcou ^j Inf^ctio] 
Oaioh, n. 1. Selznre, oipn 
3. Snatch, sliort effbrt. 

3. Clasp, hook, lUSP. 

4. (Mite.) Enmorous round. 
5* Quantity ^ fish caught. 

Catch at. Grasp at, try to s^e. 

Catchfly.n. Flybane. 

Catehlns.n- Seizure, captnre, arrest, 

Cadshing:, a. XnactiouB, contagious, 

peetHentiaJ, pestiferous. 
Catch triitping, Ftod at &ult, find in 

Catechise, v. a. Quesdon, inteiiogate, 
examine, put qnestions t«. 

Catechn, n. Onlch, gambler, Japan 
earth, Terra Japoniea. 

Catochnmen, ». fapil (jtl Ciristiaiir- 
ity), neophyte, convert, proselyte. 

Categorical, a. Puslfive, absolute, ex- 
press, explicit, direct, emphalic. 

Category, n. 1. Class, head, division, 

S. i'redlcament, plight, condition, 
Cater, ii. n. Putvey, provide food, pro- 
Caterer, n. provider, pnrveyor. 
Catfish, ». 1. JEom-pont, mud-pout, 
' — ■" -head {Pimaiodu£ cattus). 

Btei^ent, cJ „. 

Cathartic, n. Pnige, pni^Ive, phy^ 

pui^ative medldne. 
CathereUOfft. (JIfai.) OausUc 
Cathereflo, a. [Med.) Caustic. 
Catholic, a. 1. Universal, general. 




Outlloliolsill, n. 

Mberalltj, tol«rance,.large]ieM of 

Cnfa-pBw, «. Dupe (in serving anoflir 

er'tpwpoee), gull, onlly. 
«at'>-taU, ». J. ISot.) Catkin, 

B. {Sot.) TbaoQiy, Umotliy-KraK, 

herda'-griias {Fhleanpretaiae). 
S, djnis, TQBire^H-tHlL 
Cattle, n. j)i. Bortne quadrupods. 
Oatae-plagne, n. Mntrain, 
Ctral, n. (niientiim, eplploiin. 
Cansiil, a, Oansallve, 
Ounsatlve, a. CaUBal. 
Oauge, «. I. Origin, ordinal, source, 

Bpiliuc, m^nsgring. 
S. uroimii, taaaoB, motive, eonaidar- 

allon, aoconut, Indncement, Innentave, 

indtamenb, efflideot cause, 

3. FiUTjoee, objaot, ^m, final causa. 

4. EMat, nsclertaking, enterprise. 
0. (Znw.) Snlt^ action, case, trial. 

Cmian,v.a. l.Fioduee, create, orKtn- 
al«, occasion, glye rise to, bring Into 

9. Severe, sarcaatlc, eat^ricaJ, bitter. 

Cauterize, V. a. Saej^um irleli a. hot 
Iron, bum wl^L cautery. 

Cautery, «. Applleatlon of hot Iron or 
of caustics. 

Caution, n. 1, WitrineES, heed, haed- 
fnlness, circumspection, care, iriitcb- 
fiiluefis, Trance, foretiiought, provi- 
dence, pruaenoe, aiecreUon. 

S, Wamli^, admoniUrm, irijuDctloIi, 
advice, counsel. 
3. Security, guaranty, enrety, pledge. 

Cautian, v. a. Warn, admonlsli, fore- 

OaoiUous, a. Prudent, wary, careful, 
heedftil, chary, clrcumspact, discreet, 
iratchfal, vigllEint. 

Cavalcade, n. Procession (qf mo 


— _. jigSit, enueei 

a, chevalier, horso-Boldier 

S. Partisan of Charles I. 

OavaUciT, a. DisdadnAd, hauglity, ar- 

n^[ant, BiEperoillouB,^c<^nful, InBolent, 

^ ^, ... HoTHfl-solcUeiB, troops on 

horsebaok, moimted soMlera. 
Cave, n. (Avera, den, grotto. 
Oavem, n. G-rotto, cave, den. 
Oavernons, a. HoUow. 
Cavil Bt, Ceneure (wlttoii* oood rdoson), 

carp at, find fiiult irith, rajee objection 

CaTlI, n. Frivolous objection, capUoua 

dispntant, fiiyoloi 

CavlIUiiB, a. CapUous, censorious, 
carping, criacal, hypercritical, dis- 
posed to cavil, elvan to ftiBlC-findlug. 

Cavity, n. HolSw, fq>ertnre, opening. 

G^eune, n. Ca^ciim, red pepper, 
Cayenne pepper. 

Cease, v. ». 1. Desist, sbip, stay, brealc 
off, leave oft', give over. 
S. Fail, be extinct, be wanting. 
3. Terminate, end, be at aik end, 

Ceaseless, a. Inceesaut, anaeasing, 
perpetual, eternal, endless, everlasting, 
interminable, continual, unremlttli^. 

Ceda»1ilrd, n. American wai-wing 
{BombycUla Caroii/neitBia or .^mpeliB 

keep, observe, do honor I 

tlngaished, illustrious, ei 


, praise, CO 

. Comi 

Celebrity, n. Fame, renown, glory, hon- 

Celevlty, n. Speed, qiuckness, ewlK- 
uess, velocity, rapidity. 

Celestial, a. 1. Of the firmimieat, of 
the visible heavens. 

S. Heavenly, supernal, angelic, ser- 
aphic, godlike. 

Celibacy, «. Single life, unmaiTied 

Cellular, a. Alveolate, &vow 

Cement, n. 1. Mortar. 
a. Bond of union. 

johi. ' ' ' ' ' 

Cement, v. 71. Unito, cohere, stick to- 

C^uetei'y, n. Graveyard, bnrying- 
gcound, burial-ground, church-yard, 

Cenctapli, n. Monument {io one wJtoge 
Ixidy is flot buriea tmOer U cn-nswit). 

Censor, n. 1. Inspector, critJc. 

CcnsoHous, a. Captious, catpir^. cant- 
iiig, hypercritlcr^ severe, condmmato- 
rj, fault-finding, hard to please, prone 
to tlnd fault. ai>t to blame nr caimnre. 



bla, cnlpalile, blamewortlij, faulty, 
worthy of eawsitre. 
Gensure, n. Blame, disapprobation, 

reproaoli, reprobalion, raprehsuslou, 
rebuke, repi-tmand, aniiandTevEiaa, 
Oensui'e, v. a. Slaine, reptoaoli, re- 
prove, cMde, reprehend, OVEKHAIFTj, 
rapclmana, rate, berate, aeold, find 
Ikult TdUi, paea eenanre on, talie lo 
t8^ brli^ to book, call ever "EJia coals, 
baiu over the ooius, call to account, 
— le down upon, "" ""'" '^™ ""^ 

Cent,!!. 1. liiiiulred, 

». Copper, ten mi; 

dtedtb part of a dolb 

rj, a hundred 

Ceutes'fmal, a. HundretH, bv the liiui- 

Centre, n. [Written also Center]. Mid- 
dle, midst, middle point. 

OentrifuKBl, o. Tending IVom Hie cen- 

Centrjpetal, a. Tending to tbe centre. 

Cereals, n-jii. ^ble grains. 
CerenLent, n. Cer&doth. 1. mte, form, formal 
jremon&il, eolenmlt;, observance. 
&. Parade> pomp, ^ow, BtaFelfnes 

CeribHli^ < 


IttWtalile, nmiQes- 

onteetable, nnra^rorertibLe, nnqneB- 
Wonea, nnalBpntad, nndonbrad, Abso- 
lute, potitive, plidn, past olspnte, 
beyonCf all qoeation. Bore aa fate, aula 
aa a giin, clear as day, nob doubtnil, 

3. Snre, aseared, oonfldent, undoubt- 
Ing, fnllr convinced. 

3. UnfEdling, Infallible, never-failing. 

(. Setliea, determinate, fi 

ueas, crardtnde, fteedom ^m doubt. 

S. TruOi, feet, toed fiujt, aooon 
pushed £wt, real state. 
OerUfloate, ». 1. Voucher, tesUmon; 

While-lead, oarbona 

reapito, discontinuance. 

eSBlon, R. 1. SuiTeDder, lelhigul 

ment, yielding, renunciation, aband 

. Of the whale kind. 

gall, chflgiin, pr 

Chal'e, B, 

3- !Eage, first, fume. 

- 1. Husks, hulls, glmnca. 

nSke, ruflie, offen 
enrage, exaspsral 

I rubbed, be worn 1 

Chaff, n 

Chaffer, f 

I. Connected series, 

;, reake fun o^ i 
Higgle, ha^a, bargain, 

Cha^n: ». MocUflcation, veiaUon, 
displeasure, disquiet, ill-hnmor. 

Chopin, 11. ffi. MortliS, ves, irritate, 
eh^e, annoy, dlspleaas, provoke, put 
ont of tCMper. 

Chain, is. 1. Fetter, manaole, shaekte, 

3. Xnslave, hold In bondage. 
Choir, «. 1. Movable seat. 

a. SiM of Justice, seat of authority. 

3, OhalrmDiu, piesding officer. 

4. Frofbeaorahlp. 

Chatnnan, n. Chsit, preddiug ofOcar. 
Cbaldafe, n. Ohaldee, CMldaic lan- 

Chaldee, «, Chaldalo, Chaldalc lan- 

ChBlioe,n. Cap{ei^>eciallji Sie oanamm- 
ien-cup], bowl. 

Chalky, a. Cretaceous. 

Ohalleng:e, v. a. 1. Defy, dare, brave, 
invite to trial, call to combat, call to 

3. [LaK 

Challeugre, n. 1. Deflaneo, annunona 

to IriiJ, call to combat, oaU to answer, 

B. {Lam.) Exception, olgeolion. 

Chi^lwate, a. Impregnated with hron. 

Cham, It. Khan, aoveteiga prince {iif 


a. Cavity, hollow place. 

& Legifil^UvB body, 
Ohamber-feUow, ». Ctiam, 
CUamber-pot^ «. Urinal, jonlen. 

». Channel, flute, groove, ent fur- 
rows In, cut channels m. 
Cluunfer, n. 1. B«vcl. 

Z* Flutii^T channel, t^urow. 
Ohamp, V. a. Btte, cltew, gitaw. 
Cliamp&lgiDi n. Plat, open country. 
Champaign, a. Flat, (ai tana), level. 

Champion,)!. 1. Caml)abuit(tn6tAa{r' 

qt' olwrsj, Miter, watriot. 
a. Be&B&v, protector, vindicator. 
Chance, «. 1. Adddant, caaualty, con- 

ijngenoj. fiirtuity, Itottune. fortaitonB 

», Elsk, hasard, peril, Jeopardy. 
Chance, v. n. Happen, occur, be&Il, 
betide, talfe place, fall out, turn np. 
coma to pass. 
Chancery, ». J. Couft of Equity, Court 
of Chancery. 

a. [U, S.I Equity, pTOceedines in 
CbBDse, p. a. 1. Shift, remove Ibr an- 
other, set aside toi others. 

S. -AlvTEK, vary, modify, make dlfter- 
— ' — -' lecliangeln. 

, undergo ol^ge. cl 
OhanfM, «. 1. Aiteratl 
mutation, . *""- 

3. Small coin, small money. 
Chaneeable, a. 1. Varlatte, incon- 
stant, nnsMady, nnstcadfast. unstable, 
unsettled, mutable, nncertain. 

a. FicWe. wnvei'lng, vaciHatins;, flt- 



Chang:e about, OBAnac. 
Change hands, Ohange otmers. 
ChanseUug.n. i. CbSi {talcen or 1^ 
in place qrimoiAer). 
8. Oaf. simpleton, ftool, duhoii. 
Channel, n. 1. Passnife, duct.condult, 

r, furrow^ fluHng, chamfer. 

4. Avenne, ronta. way. 
Channel, v, a. Groove, Bute, chamfer. 

out furrows la, cut cluuinelB in. 
Chant, v.a.&n. Sing, warble, carol. 
CbBnt, »• Soi^, carol, melody. 
Ohantec, «. Singer, songster. 
ChanUfileer, n, Oook, rOostbk. 
Chaos, «• 1. Matter in a disorganized 

Btatfi/niatter In confusion. 

a, biBotdei, oDufueiou 

diAoUo, a, JMBotdered, < 

Chap, n. 1, Cleft, crack, opening. 
». Boy, youth, fellow. 

Chaparral, ». Thicket (q/'^cunblca and 
Ihomg flatibs). 

Cliapeao, ». [Fr.; Hat. 

Cliape], ». Churdi, temple, meetjzie- 
house, place of worsb^. 

Ohan-tallen, a. [Spmetlmeg welled 

.,.„-!.»_ . «j.....j^ dispicited, de- 

melanoholy, sad, 

, sd, downheartad, 

despondli^, desponden^ BLITB, crest' 
tWlan, low-Bj^Eed, In low spirit*. 

Chaplet, li. Uarlanil, wreath, ooronaL 

Chaps, n.pj. Mouth, ja^iB. 

Char, V. a. Bnm, scorch, reduce to 

cftqnfliJtelU Dejected, di 
prdeod, d&oouraged, meli 
downciut, disheartened, i 

embleiD, fetter 

«. Constjtuti 

position, cost, i 

4. Beputatto.., .., 
Cliaraet^rJstle, a. 

1. HarK, figure, sign. 

. Tle^gnatlon {qf 

3. DescHbe. set ibrtli the character 
of. specify the pecniiarities of. 
Chain^aal,)!. Wood-coal. 
Charge, v. a. 1. Load, burden, fre^ht, 

5. Intrust, putlnona'akeeping or care. 

3. Ascribe, Impnte, lay, put, brix^ 
home to, lay to one's door, lay to one's 

4, Acouse. arrafsn. Impeach, Incul- 
pate, criminate, indict, tair. call to ao- 
connt, take to task, infbrnt against. 

n. Command, order, tiid, require, en- 

6. Attack, assault, Gill upon, bear 


S. Trust, care, custody, ward, man- 

te. preceptj 

i^hai^eable, o. 1. Ascilbable. attilb- 
utable, imputable, referrlble, traceable, 
owing, to be charged. 
a. Liable to be accused. 




iVilly, carefliUy. 
Chsrltable, o. 1. Benevolent, klna, 

benten, fuu at good will, 
a. Jtenefloent, liberal, free, bountiful, 

generous, munificent, open-lieaclcd, 

QeB-heartBd, open-hamied. 
flluiiltT'i «■ 1- BeueTOlence, liindnese, 

tendemesB, oSbclion, benlenitj, ha- 

manlty, HniJ-heartedneaa, tblbjw^tee!- 

Ing, good-wUl, good-natnre, miUc of 

human klndneas, 
^ BeuefiGonoe, liberality, generosity, 

bounty, alma^vlug, notivo goodness, 

3. Benefaction, gift, alma. 
CbaTlvart, n. [Fi.] iHscatiilaiit mudo, 

Chailatiui, ». QuacK, emtdrlc, raonnt- 

ebant, pretender. Impostor, oheat. 
Charlatapie, a. EmpIiicHl, quacklsli. 
Charlatanry, a. Quackery, empiricism, 

trickery, dec^t. 
Ohaiies's Wtda, The Great Bear, TJe- 

baUajob, The Wain. 
dtarm, ». 1. Spell, enchantment, In- 

— ■■-'■■ — witchery, ma^c, sorcery, 

y, magical power. 

fltion, iaa&iatlon, allnre- 

meut, atltacUTeiiese. 
Charm, p. a. I. Subdue by a charm, 

allay by enchantment. 
H* Fflfieinatfl, enchant, delight, at- 

tracb^ captlTate, catch, transport, eu- 

1, please highly, lead captive. 

F, It. Euehi^er, i 

Charming:, a. Fasciuating, captivating, 
enchantinE, enrapturing, bewitelilne, 
deUgbtful, Wely, very pleasant. 

Charnel-haoBe, ». Ossuary, QKA.VG. 

CIiart«i-> n. 1. Instrument, deed. In- 
denture, act of Incorporaaon. 

a. Bight, privilege, prerogative. Im- 
munity, franchise, ubeity. 

Charter, w. a, 1. Incorporate, estabUsh 
by chatter, grant by charter, 
a. Letorhlre(asMjil. 

Chary, a. Cautious, wary, careful, shy. 

Chase.o.a. 1. Pursue, hunt, track, run 

g. !^boss, enchase. 
Chase away. Drive away, force away. 
Chase^. 1. Hunting, hunt, fleld-sport. 

Cliosm, a. 1. 'Breach, opening, (Jeft, As- 

C|uestrlan, chevalier, mounted 

Cha«te,'a. 1. Pure, undefiled, ih^uous, 
modest, continent. 
3. Decent, not oliscene. 
3. Uncorrupt, unafi^Md, simple, 
neat, in good taste. 
4* Beuied, elegant, classic. 
Cbasteu, V. a. Chastise, .correct, punish, 

1, Cliasteu, correct. 

Chastity, n 


3' XlnatreotedneS^m^^ctty."" 


freedom from obscenity. 

„. „ jdness, simplicity. 

Chat, IP. «. PcattLe-chatter, pcata, bab- 

ble, gossip, confabalato, 

Chattels, n. pi. Goods, effiets, furni- 
ture, movables, movable property. 

Chatt«r, o. n. Prate, pratUe, chat, gOB- 
Bip, ttdk Idly, talk freely. 

Cbattca*, n. Prate, prattle, osat. 

OIiatt«Ter, n. Pa&t, pratllsr, tattler, 
mstip, babbler, gadder, gadabont, rat- 

Ch«ap, a. 1. Low-prlead. 

a, Common,of little value, of small 

Oheapen, f/. a, 1. Bid Ibr, bai^n for, 
ask the price of, try to get cheaper, 
haggle a&DUt, chafler about. 
Z. Make dioap, lessen in value. 

Cheat, IT- a. Defraud, tjick, deceive, 
dupe, gull, overreach, iootey, cosen, 
chouse, outwit, bambooale, circumvent, 
delude, hoodwink, diddle, beguile, mis- 

lead, Inv^^ 
Oieat, - - ' 


B, Deguije, 

tnre, imposIUDn, Joggle, stratB^m, 
dnease, ftaud, circumvention, delusion, 
artMfXj deceit, chDosa, bav. 

3. Tricksl«r, impostor, rogue, knave, 
swindler, sharper, oheatei, artful M- 

UUBI.I uH^uuu, i»u, barrier, damper, lu- 
terference, tebufli represalon, control. 

it. Coanter register, corresponding 
Indenture, corresponding <dpher. 

3. Mark, symbol, ^n. 

4. OrOet Kit money. 

6. Ticket, certificate of right. 
G. Checkered cloth. 
Dhecli, v. a. 1. Restrain, cnrb, bridle, 
hinder, obstruct, repress, cliaatise, oonn- 

iiold in dieck, put a damper upon, nip 

5. BepioTe, chide, reprimand, TO- 
3. Note with a 

, Vmiegj^, diversity. 

Cheoker-berrj, n. Partrldae-berry, 
equaw-viae, winter-olover IMltclieBa 

Checkers, n.j)^ Drftuohts. 
OheoknuU«, v. a. Beai (at cheei), «M- 

quei, TKnccnlBh, put In oneek. 

,n. 1. ^(ile of the face. 

CbSoginalaBiAlnesB, lnipudeuci>, 


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front, etthmtery, brasa. 
G&ecik-boiie, n. ZimoitA. 
Clieek by Jowl, dose las in faimUm- 

iatercoane), &ce tc ""^ """- i—=i''= 

Cheelcy, (1 

n. 1. J&riiTff 

repast, viands, viatai 
3. AoelM — "— '■- 


Comfort, couBole, solace, malce 
Biiliite niUi c^( 

3. Applaud, dm, Blllllte niUi dieeia. 

Olieerfia, a. UvB^, Epri^itl;, ODimat- 
efl, Joyftil, JpyouE, MSib, mlrthfol, 
booyaat, neu^ gAf, oheerf, airy, aou- 
ny, jocnnd, jol^, m good eplnts, of 
rood cheer, Iti Ii^l feafner. 

CbeerfnIneSB, «. IdTOliness, animation, 
joyfulneas, jo;, gladness, mirtHiilnasa, 
cheer, buoyancy of Bpirita, flow of 
splrite, good spfrits. 

Chefm'oen'ne, n. [Ft.] Mastec-pleoe, 
maBter-wort, master-stroke, paragon, 
capital p«(ormeinc«. 

Clieinlse, n. BMfl, amocS. 

Cberlali, - - ■'• -' — 

I. ijuitarei 
etiie iiir, iceM tender^. 

■t, comfort, 

Clierntp, v, n. Chirp, chlirui . 
Chemp, V. a. Ejuwnraee Ifiy chim 
in^), inspirit, animate, cheer, cMfru] 
Oliest. B. Breast, thorai, trunk (lir 

Oheta]i,t(. [Sometimes written CAfeCnfe.] 

asticate, mandocale, 
i. Champ, bite, gnaw. 

Obinane, » 

a. Trickery, sophistry, chicanery. 
Cblcanery. w. Trickery, duplidty, chi- 
cane, BophlBtry, sophistication, aecep- 

OMeooiry, n. Succory. 

Cliiefcadee, ». Black-capped titmouse 
{Pami alriagmliigj. 

OUokaree, n. Ited squirrel iSciaras 

CUde, I), a. Bebuke, reprhnand, oen- 
eore, repiore, blame, upbraid, aOmoa- 
Ish, Wd, scold at. 

Oblef, a. 1. Leading, supreme, head- 
meat, first, Bupreme, moat ambient. 
a. Fri&cipal, maia, prime, Tital, es- 

padal, great, grand, cardinal, master, 
moBt Important. 
Chlet »■ 1- CbJeftain, commander. 

2. Leader, head, corypbens, principal 

efly, ad, 1. Principally, eminently, 
idnly, especially, particiiarly, above 

3. Mostly, tar the most part. 
-"■-'" - Leader (nf a elaa w of 

Clilgre,B. (Sirf.) Jigger, chigoe (PufcK 

X. YoimKpei«>n. 

3. Ol&pil^, lsBU% progeny. 
OhUd-beiuIijK, ». Chtldbihtq. 
CMIdbed, nTParturlMon, ohiujbibth. 
dUDdUrfh, n. Parturition, delivery, 
teayaJl, labor, childbed, cbild-bear- 

OT^dlioadi n. Infaacj, mmorlty, pu- 
pilage, nonage. 

Childlsli, a. 1. Fuerlle, luftuitile, in- 
fKntine, young, tender. 
3. Foolish, silly, weak, failing, frivo- 

Chlldlike, a. DocUe, meek, submissive, 

Children, pi. of omtD. 
CIilliail,7i. Thousand, 

~"' - 17 

' Depreas, d]scourage,"d^eiJti damj)- 

p, a. Cool, OHILL, somewhat cold, 
e, n. Consonance, harmony, cor- 
ondence of sound. 

Harmonize, accord, sound 

Cblmera, n. Ulusion, halludnation, 
delusion, fantasy, phantom, di'cam, 
idle fancy, creature of the imagioa- 

Ohlinerlcal, a. Imaginary, fantasUe, 
fanidful, vMonary, lllusorj, shaioivy, 
wild, Quixotic, Utopian. 

Cliina, ». PorcelaiQ, China ware. 
Cliincapin, ». [Written also Chinqtm- 

pin and C/iinkapin-'] Tiwaxf oheHtnut 


i, cleft, r] 

p, crack, cran- 

3- XCoUoqtaai^ Money, coin. 
Cliinlr, f . a. & ». Jtnda. 
Chip, V. a. Hew, cut DhipB ftom. 
^1.1-. « it»..'-...)nf scrap, smBllpiscfl. 
Written also CR^mmll 
" striped squir- 

CUrography, ». Handwriting, hand, 

I. Pahnlatry. 
Chirp, cberttp. 

,n. [Wrl 

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OMcrap, u. a. Enoouii^a, aaisaa 

inBpirft, ehaet, cbecup. 
CUsel, II. a. Gut, curve, Ecnlptore. 
CbU-obat, n. Prattle, — 

chat, easy converaaUon, 

idle talk, tlee and sasr i 

OhiTOli^Ca. QailiHit,0 

ChlvalrouB, a. tlaUant, odyeuturoue, 

Tallant, brave, warlike, bollL 
CUvalry, n. 1. Kn^ttliood, kn^ht- 

B. V^or, ^lantry, 
Chlorldti of liarlaiu, Unriate of l>a- 

Sta-liydiocMoiate.ot banta. 
oriOe of lime, BleacUi^ ponder. 

chloride of meronry, aulichlori 

CbloToJayii. UUed.) Gceea-siokaesa. 
Cbagret^ B. IMdiim name.] Conner, 

cimner^ bortrall, blue peieh. 
dlolGCr ^ Freferenco, election, selec- 

Cboitte, a- !■ Select, exqnisi^, preclona, 

TUloanle, rare, umjommon, escellent. 

a. Frugal, careful, chary, eparlne. 

Choice^ V. a, 1. Suifocale, stifle, msothei, 

Ohoke, e. n. Be choked. 
Cbolfe-d^^mp, It. PoiU air, carboni 

acid, carbonio-add gaa (acaaiaiUUed i 

vfeU3 and pits j. 
Ohokeful, a. Brimful, anlte full. 
Oboler, n. 1. Bile. 

3. Anger, wratii, ire, fuiy, ra^ 

spleen, eKsaperattnn. 
Cholera r" •^- 

spaamodlt ^^^^^^ 
Oboleric, a. Irascible, itrltaMe, hasty, 

testy, tonchy, petulant, waspish, hot, 

flery, passionate. 
Cboose, ii- a. Select, elect, prefer, cull, 

pl<^, pick out, single out, flx upon, 

pitch, upon, oafch at, make ehoica of. 
CHop, V. (£. 1. Cut {wittt a qyAch blow]. 

%, Hince, cnt Into smEkll pieces. 
OIiDp, c. n. 8hUt, Teer, chaise sud- 

Cluni, n. 1. Slice, piece cat oS. 

Ohop-house, n. Bestanr 
ataas), eatlna-house. 

Chord, It. 1. Stiii^ {qf a masicci k 

3. \G!oia.) Bigbi line anitin^ 

Chore, n. Small Job, light task. 

Ohouse, V. a. Deceive, cheat, trick, de- 
lude, demand, swindle, dupe, gull, 
bamboozle, bam, ooaeu, diddle, over- 
reach, idrcumyant, begnlle, Iiooairlnt, 

». J.TICK, cneat, wiie, vuHa, ujlu, uu- 

postnre. Imposition, fraud, decepticu, 

circumvention, deceit, double-dealing, 

stratagem, finesse, atMfiee, dalualon, 

crafty dBvioB, idece of knBTeiT. 
ChowchoWin-tnUneae.] MlxedpIcMce. ' 
Chowcbow, a. Mixed, of saveral Boris. 
Chowdw, n. Slah acap. 
Christ, n. 1^ Anointed, The MeBAah, 

Jeans, ImmamieL The 8~-' — '™- 

"-".eemer, Tlie MediaKr 

v»sal. The Advocate, Tl 

Soaof God, ThoBonofm] , 

of Qod, The Word. 
Christen, ii.a, 1. Baptize. 

S. Iienominate, name, 1«im, deeig- 

nate, style, oall, dub, entlfla, title. 
Christian, n. I)i3<jple of Cliiist. 
CbFistlan name. Baptismal name {as 

dl&lmgvtihed /rom, the /ami^ name or 

Christianity,!!. Kelson of Ohristians, 

ChcisHan tel^on, teaoliings of Christ, 

tiie Gospel, divine revelation. 

long duraMon, 
Ohroniole, «. 1. Begieter (i^T m 

the order iff'thne), Oisij, journal, 
a. Beo>^ lilmory, aunal- — 

n^rratiye, reidtal, aooount. 
Chronicle, e. a. Becord, reglstor. 
ChroniiHer, n. Hlstoiian. 
Chxanometer, n. Time-keeper, tiine- 

riirysallB, n. Pupa, aiuella, nympha. 
tiDbbed, Jo. Plnmp,CHipKT,bouny, 

it. Throw, pitch, korl, toss, Ehiav. 
Ohnokjn. 1. Tap or pat (vnSa- the chin), 

Chnokle, v. li. 1. Giggle, litter, laugh 
{ooiwumve^, ill, triantph or in d€ri- 

2. Exult, triumph, crow. 
Chuckle, n. Giggle. Mttsr, laughter 

(liaif suppreiiedj, ehucklli^ 
Chuckle-head, n. [Lo-a>,l Blockliead, 


stupid, dull. 
ChuckUng, n. uLggi^tjti^i 

Champ, n. Cknnk. 
Chunk, ». Ohump. 
Chunky, a. [U. S.J Plomp, chub 

short and thick. 
Chnrch, n. 1. Temple, lionse of w 

sMp, house of God, meeting-house. 
8. Body of ChrlaUans. 

3. Ecclesiastical authority lag i 
tmgmslwdfrom (AaSq/' tlie Slate). 

U.04., mioiater, pE 

e, Episcopaliat 

Chncchyard, «. Burying - groand, 

borial-groand, gravByaril, cemetery. 

^B, 1- Giggle, titter, o 

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countrjman, clo^iopper, ' bi 
plomrlmLan. clown, 

a. TJl-bred man, surly feUow. 

3. K^rd, miser, t£inaint, 

Chniligb, a. 'l. Koae, harel , , 

uncivil, impoUta, loi^b, brutal, Hurly, 
cynical, snarllnj, snapplali, waspish. 
a, Grajjbed, moroee, sullen, fll-Mm- 

. 3. Mi^ordlr, miaerly, oloee, cloee- 
Ssted, Bocdid, penurlauB, aangr, mean, 
mercenary, aTadduuB, illlba^, 
OburliBluiem, «. 1. Bndenees, inclvl- 
litF, lousiness, brutalil?, IiulHUlsm. 

^bedness, n 

Hspeiity, hntsliness, b] 
per, bau blood. 


J. Mlfstardllness, atlnginess, penuri- 
onanesB, closeness, meanness. 
Chnrn-onl, ». Goatsucker ,jil^t-^i 

:,. fen^^crtoket {Orylioti^Upa 

Cioatrlce, I „ 

tcisbeo, jt. [It.J tiallant t<^ a m^irried 
vxmait), beau, suitor, loier, admirer, 
dangler about women. 
Cl-derant, a. [Fr.] Former, l»le, quon- 

ClineteT,». Falclilon. 

dmeMr-sUapedtO. Aelnaolfbrm. 

Cimmerian, a. Black, very dark, In- 
tensely dark. 

OiDdiona, ». Quinquina, Peruvian 
brnh, Jesuit's bark Cinchona hark. 

Olnctnre, n. Band, belt, girdle, obstus. 

Cinctured, a. Girded, belted. 

Cinden, n. pi, Smbeis. 

Ctnereona, a. Asliy, cineriUous, like 

Cliina1>»r,». 1. Ited'sulplmret of mer- 
cury (iwiiM), bl-Bulphuret of mercury. 
a. Veimllion, red sulphUMt of mer- 
cnry lart^kU}- 

Cion, «. Sprout, shoot, tw^, branch, 
selon, ofDilioat. 

Clpber, 91. 1. Zero, naught or nongliC, 

9, CuaractBT, symbol, device. 

3. Secret character, priiote alpliabet. 
Clplier, V. n. Practise arlthmeUo. 
Clreeiui, a. Haglcai, enolianting. 
Clrele, ft. 1. Round, plane figure. 

9, ClroumferBnce, perlplierj, ring. 
S. Orb, sphere, globe, ball, 

4. Betutnlog series. 

5. Compafls, enclosure. 

6. Company, society, class, ttaler- 
nlby, coimtiB, OLHtuc, set. 

Oinilet,». Uttle circle. 

Oiioui^ «. 1. Kerolutlon, circular 

;lrcnltouB,<(. Tcituoue, devious, turn- 
ing, wlndlng^dlrcctj round about. 
iroiUsr, a. Bound, annular, rlng- 

9. Spread, be diffused, have cui- 

;lrciulat«, 0. 0. Spread, diffuse, dis- 
seminate, promulrate, prop^ate, giva 
currency to, spread abroad. 
Clrcnlatlon, ». 1. MoUun in a circle. 
9. mil^ision. dissemination, promul- 
gation, propagation. 
3. Currency, money, dtculatlng me- 

drcumombient, a. Surrounding, on- 
' compaselng, encircliDg, eliding, cir- 
cumjacent, ambient. 

ClrEuml^ieiicti, «. Perlpliery, 

Clrenmjanent, a. SuROundii^;, encom- 
passli^, endicllng, ambient, <drBuni-- 
amblent. Lying around. 

OiroumlQCntion, «. Periphrasis, peri- 

Ehraae, circuit or oompoes ot words, 
idlrect expression, loundabont mode 
of Bi'eecli. 
Clroumlociltory, a. PeilphrastJeal, 

CJrcamnavlgate, V. a. Sail round. 

— " — .,^ jj^ Bounds encircle. 

ireumsuectlou, n. 

watchfulness, thoi 
vigilance, attention. 

and, enclose 

Clrcamspeot, a. Cautdoua, wary, care- 
ful, watebflii, heedful, oonBiderate, Ju- 
dicious, valiant, attentlre, discreet, 
^.y..A^^^. ««i. -n.,1* heedless, or head- 

Gautlon, wariness, 
inghtflilness, care. 
- — idenoe, disoce- 

Clrcumstonce, it. Incident, accident, 

Cirouinstancea,t(.7f. Situation, condi- 
tion, poaltlDn, state of al&li'e, pecuniary ParUcular, minute. 

Circumvent, D. «. Deceive, cheat, de- 
fraud, trick, cosen, overreach, delude, 
hoodwink, dnpe, gull, bamboozle, 
-' outwit, aldtue. beguile, mis- 

Cirms, B-'fpi. tft.] l,'(Bi«,) Tendril. 

9. (ZDSi.}FllamBntary appendage. 
3, {Meteor.) Curl cloud, cafs tldl. 

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is, Quotntton, extract, exeerpt, quoted 
3> Eiiuin«raUon, meutlon. 
Cite, B.a. 1. Summon, send (or. 
a. Quote, adduce, eKtmct. 
a. Knumerata, meiidon, bring for- 

Clvli), a. Civil III aistiiipiished /Tom 
miiiiary), muntcdpal, political, not mill" 

Clunk, «. «. Clai^, olaeli. 
Clan, V, a, 1. Pat, strike Eentl;. 

a. Thiuat, Gtrce, put tasUty. 

3. Applaud (6d strVaoff ite haadi to 
geVKr), cheer. 

a. Mnuiolpal, poUCioal, dvic, 

-- -, -- , , ,'obllei 

affitble, deboj 

.t«Bl^O. df 

jurteous, , , - 

1, complaisant, urbiuie, obilelug, 
••-'■ — ' gracious, well- 

ClvlUtles, It. pi. Acta of coucteej. 

ClviUty, «. Courtesy, eourteonsne 
urbainty, polltfluaea, at&bility, co 
plalsance, amiability, su.avity, gc 
oreediiw, elaganeo of mannars. 

ClvlllzaUan, u. Gnltuia, caUlvaCii 

ClTillze, o.'a. Seflne, cultivate, et 
oate, pollsb, enllgliten, improve, 1 
maiiiie, reel^m from liarbarlsm. 

Clock, n. 1. Click, clink, tick, beat. 
». Prate, prattle, babble, babbllnK, 
eofldp, palaver, cackle, gabble, gab, 
Hlefiilk,. !>•-"- 

Clairvoyant, «. Able to see without 

oyeB, aeelngby mesmerio Influence. 
ClQm, V, a. Xjiog [wit/i ffiuihiotts matter). 
Clatnlnr, v.a. Climb {wUh difflcailji), 

Clmaniy, a. Vis , , „ — 

my, lioM, sticky, Bhmy, ropy, ad- 
hesive, dauby, smeary. 

olamadon, noise, hullabaloo, hubbub, 
uproar, blare. 
Clamor, «■«■ Tociferate, cry out, make 

Olatnorous, a. Vrn 
terous, obstieperoi 

■us, noisy, bois- 

brotherhood,'fratcnilty, eodaiily. 
Clandeatine, a. Concealed Or a had 
pwpose), liidden, private, underhand, 

umierhBoded, sly- 
Clang;, <t. Clangor, clank, clasli, elosli- 

nap-trap, n 


lehit, impoj 

ipoatlon, .. . 

Clap-trap, tt. DeceptI ., , 

' — '-" -lock, spurious, tolse, 

gahist each other. 

Claah, «. 1. Collision. 

Z. Olang, clank, claimor, clashing. 
3, Qppc^tlon, contradiction, 
Lshiug:, u. 1. Clang, olant, clangor. 


the Hugers ai'ouud, lay ^( 

3. Embrace, hug- 
Clasp, 't. 1. Hook, eatdi, OASe. 

ji. Embrace, hug. 
Class, n. 1. Rank or order lofperlons). 

~. Set (OS qfpi^iltpunime the same 

S. Scienlifio division (^ ofltewife or 

matnmoie oijeets, inekdinff orders. 

genera, ojwJ species), kind, sort. 

Class, B. a. Arrai^e, rank, range, clas- 

fity, dispose, distribute, Ibrm Into 


ClaBS-tellow, n. Clasunate. 

Clasalc, ». ilrst-rate work iqf litera- 

Classic, Itt. 1. Fitst^rate^oftlieflrab 

Classical, ) class (iu lUerairav). 

a. QreekorLaUn. 

3. Elegant, poUsked, refined, chaata, 
pnre, Attic. 

Classicism, n- CiiASSiUALiau. 
ClassiaoaUon, n. Arrangement, dis- 
poslllon, distribution, grouping, re- 

Classi^, V. a. Arrange, class, distclbule, 
dispose, form Into classes, reduce to 

Classmate, n. ClasB-fBllmv. 
Clatt«», 11. ». 1. Kattle- 

e. Prate, prattle, babble, clack, 
gabble, clatter, jabber, talk loudly. 
Clattfir, n. Eattlliig, olatterli^, clutter, 

Clattering, n. Cr^lTBB, confused 


ClanBe, «. 1. Flirt ot BobdlTl^on {if a 

ji. ArUcte^ provisiftc, provjao, condi- 
tion, eUpnlatiDn. 
Clavate, la, {But. and ZaU.) Clavl- 
Olayat^ J form, ijlul>-Bhapeii. 

ClavlH, "iJI'- A— - 

tJseg.] Kev, aiplaiiauuu, uiavr, (juuio. 
OIaw,n. Talon. T«ar(u>itA<AecIaw3),scratoIi, 

lacerate, lanlate. 
Clay, It. AigUlaceous enrtb (cmtaistiR^ 
jffwicijpally or'afumina wui eiJica). 
C^£aia,a. 1. trnstained, unanoCtsd, spot- 

lees, muoiled, onsullied, immacnlate, 

cleOQ^, neat. 
%. Entire, complete, perfect, not de- 

3. Fnre, innocent, &ee team, moral 
Clean, ad. Entirely, completely, : 

ClHUily, ad. Heatly, In a clean or neat 

Cleanse, v. a. PnrltV, dean, make 

dean, free from dirt. 
CletuiBln^, ». Pnrifloation, parlijlng. 
CleanBing, a. Purifylug, purgative, ab- 

stei^ent, cathartic 
Clear, a. 1. Trtmsparent, bcieM, pel- 


8. UG0l»ttiu;t<d,nn6nciimbered,&ea, 
4. Serene, 6iir, clomJlssB, unclouded, 

eather, cleai 

6. Pass by or over mthont touoUi^. 
ilearouce, n. 1. DlBchai^e, releaaej 
exoneration, acquittal. 

3. iCian.) PermiBBioii lo leave prat, 

ilear awaj, v. n. Be &ir, be fihir 
weather, dear off, clear ap. 
Ileai'-Iieaded, a. IHTELLIOBHT, dls- 
cemlnEf, clear-Bighted, keen-alghted, 
Bbrewa, eaeaclone, acute, long-headed- 
near of, Kid of, free ftom 
Clear off, Be f^, be i^r ' 

away, clear up. 
CleHT-BlKllted,[i. Diaoeming, IMTBLLI- 
OEBT, aurewd, aaeaeloua, acute, long- 
headed, keen-^hted, Olear-headed. 
up, {ifeater.) "- "'- ■— "■'- 

leave, ^. n. i. Aunere, conerc, eacKt 

3. Clu^, be united, be Joined. 
8. Separate, divide, pait, open, epllt, 
ctacJt, be divided, be sundered, be sev- 


hk, breach, gMi, cranny, 

6, without Seduotior 

palpable, evl- 


dent, obvious, 'manSeft,' , 

BpicooDs, patent, imequivocal, u; 
laliable. Indisputable, nndeniable 


8. PersplcacioBs, sharp, acuta 
eemlng, prompt, quick, 

9. Innoceat, unspotted, spl 
gniltJeaa, sinleas, irreproachable 
BlemiBbed, unsullied, nndedled, in 

Clear, v. a. 1. ClariiJ, purl^, refli 
cleanse, make dear. 

8. Free, loose, liberate, emaiiclpate, 
distnUirall, set free, 
3. Acquit, absoli 
charge. Justify, "'-' 

disemb: _. 

B. Net, get or gain over and above 

h-weed t*"^^"™ a?wHnej 

., iaeture.d 

3; n. 1, Lenity, merej, geii- 
eniern^, tenderness, kindness, 
.asion, fallow-feeling, long-sufll^r- 

kind, indulgent, tender, 
ane, kind-heai'ted, tender- 

i, n. Minister, divine, priest, 
rson, ecoledaeac, churchman. 
L. Recorder, registrar, scribe, 

taut Jin aplace of Jntsiness). 

quick, smart, expert, 

8.'\ Kind, benign, amiable, 

miodating, ^ 

itnred, Mnd- 

Ciewi B.~ Quide, dlrecaon, 01.4VIS, due. 

: v.n. Tick, dock, dink, beat. 

Clickl 11. 1. Tick, cloofc, dink, beat. 

~ ■ '-'ent,oatch,tatcliet. 

iiUK, clack. 

1. Bexterlij, adroit- 
ness, aptitude,r— "-- — 

fellow-fedlr^, good. 



Clientase, n. Body of eUants. 
Ollental. a. 1. [^re.] Dependent. 

Cliniacterio, ti. Critical perloQ of lil^. 
CUmate, Ji. 1. CUnifl, zone, re^on, 

S^ weather, ^ais of ibs abmoBpiiere. 
CUuiax, n. 1. {l/het.) Qradation (in 

the atrvctare qf aeittencet), gradual rise. 

3. H^eet point, greatest degroa. 

OUntb, V. »• Mbimt ot ascend (unCA ^ip- 

ouUff), get up, creep np. 
Cllnib, V. a, Moimt or aaoEmd {wiOi djf- 

Scullji], claUibeE, sonuoblo. 
Oliiixe>n. Begion, coimti;, sane, climate. 
Cllnm, V. a. 1. Graap, gripe, clasp, 

clntcli, grapple, lay hola of. 

L. Fan, ambiguity, quibble, 

, ble meoniug, play npon words. 
S. Clincher, cramp, hoM-iUat. 
Oltncher, «. 1. Cnuup, oljncli, hold- 
a. Cooolosdye argnuient. 
CUn^, V, n. Adhere, hold, stick, cleare. 

.^ ... U.S.] B1ot(i 

htmd], tathkoook. 
Ollqiie, «. m:.l tdenavdly i 
6ad>eMS.] Ootorifi, club, E.t< 
aodalily, clan, Janta, oabaii, i 
T^rr.r.Aj party, ramg, set, piivntfl 
elusive BSUKiiaSon. 
OJoak, n. 1. Muitle. 

arsiaak. Tail, coTer, Hind. 

a. Gtomia, efttth, turf, sod. 
dodbopper, ». Bnslic, peasant, coua 

Sman, bdoT, awoln, mnd, bniupldii 
Df^unan, clown. 
Olod-poll, ». Simpleton, fbol, i>niio£^ 
Clog:, V. a. 1. Trammel, ahackle, i^tei 
a. ObBtrnot, impede, hinder, restrain 
embanans, comber, encumber,, 
dog, n- !■ Trammel, &tt«r, shackle, 
drag weight, dead we^t. 

a. Impediment, enoumbranoe, hiu- 
deranea, obstacle, obatrocLion, check, 
Cloister, n. CoiiTeut, monsBtary, abbey, 

amuiery, prlo^. 
ClolBt«nu, a. Beduse, solitary, seclud- 
ed, aaqneatfliedj mouBsHc. 
Close, V. a. 1, Shut, shnt up. 
a. Stop, obetruot, choke, stop up. 
3, OoncLnde, ^"■"T'j terminate, end, 
oomplete, bring to a pariod. 
Close, V. n. 1. tjnite, ccaleece, oome 
together, be brought ti^ther. 
a. Terminate end, be concluded. 
Close, n. ^E^nd, conclnaion, termination. 
Close, a. 1. light, closed, e)iut fast. 
iSt Hidden, secret, private. 


tiTe, not communicaUTe, of ibw nords. 

4. Eetired, wltiidrawn, concealed, 
Beijnded, pent up. 

5> Connned, stagnant, motiohleEa. 
O. Oppreesive, uncomfortable. 
7. Dense, compact, solid, compressed, 
firm, thick, 

5. Near, approaoliing neatly. 

9. Intense, Intent, unremitting, ear- 

distance, Jiai-db] 

Peunrions, pac^DIO 
nious, sMngy, mieei'ly, niggardly, mean 
close, grasping, close-handed, with aj 
itching palm. 
Close-lianded, a. Ci/)se-fiSted. 

)lose op, 

a. Agree with, make an agreement 
3. Grapple with. 
Clot, n. Concrelioii, cosgulatlon, orass- 

ament, oeibsamehHH*;, 
Clot, V. n. Concrete, coagulate. 
Clotb, n. 1. Woven febrlo. 

». [With TIk preflied.] Clergy, cler- 
ical profesBion. 
Clothe, V. a, 1. Drebs, attire, apparel, 
—ray, robe, put garments upon. 
a. frovide garments tor, proYide 
ilh dothefl, famish with raiment. 

with dothefl, f .r^™^ -..^ 

3. Invest (aithaiahorUs, *i'.!- 
lotbfiB, n. pi. Garments, ridment, ap- 
parel, attire, vesture, vfetreents, dre^ 
clothing, garb, costume, habiltmente. 

I. Xabulo^ty, bime, mist. 

shade, shadow. 
a. Variegate (inl'idar'ci'nns or Ipols). 
CloDd-compeller, », . Jupiter, Jove, 
Cloudy, a. 1. Clouded, murky, lower- 
ering, lurid, overcast, 
a. Obscure, dark, dim, not clear. 
3. Gloom.;, dismal, net cheerful. 
OlowD, n. 1. Bustle, peasant, swa!n, 
plDughmui, coantryman, bumpkin. 

loat, clodpola, 
3. Churl, Ill-I 

boor, hlnij. 

, , ntebank, harle- 
quin, Jester, droll, punch, zany, scara- 
muuoh, merry Andrew, Jack-puddiug, 

i5i, coarse, rongh, awlcward, ofi 
a. Itude, impolitt 

iivU, iU-brea, 

;a by Google 

Cloy, V. a. Satiate, glut, surfeit, pall, 

Clnb, n. 1. Bludgeon, cuOgeL 

d. AssodaUon, society, company, set, 

ttateiiM3, sodality, cotbbie, oliqdg. 
ClDb, V. n. Co-operate, unite together, 

act In ooneart, club togeUier. 
Clnb-hauHe, n. Casiko. 
Cine, «. Gnlde, direction, clew. oiAtjs. 

OlamBy, a. I. Unnleldy, ponderous, 

Lsavy, lumbering, 111-sbapecl, ill-made. 
9. Awkward, unbanA^ bungling. 

maladroit, inapt, imekilnil, idtbout 

Cluster, li. Clmap, bunch, group, m- 

Bomblage, coiia. 
Clustor, V. n. Qrow In bunahea, grow in 

cloeMra, collect togetlier. 
Clutch, p. u. Grasp, gripe, grapple, 

seize, oatoli, snatch, lay liold o? tSsten 

Clutch, ». Grasp, giipe, sell 

I. BusUe, clatter, clattering. 

ClutcUes, »■ pi. 1. Fawa, talons 
a. Hands (ini^^in^ rapacils 

Cli^ter, _ _ 

oonfused m^dse. 

S. Conrosed moss. 

Clypeifimu, a. Scutate, ahleld-aiiapad. 

Clyster, u. Injection, enema, lavement. 

Caa4|ator, «. Assistant, helper, oo- 

operator, auxiliary, colleague, partner, 

aider, ally, abettor, co-aid. 
Coagulate, t>,a.£». Onrdle, concrete. 

CoaKiillun, n. Clot. coagulaUon. 
C»-ald, 31, As^tant, coAitJUTOK. 
Coalesce, v. n. 1. Unite, corahLiie 
blend, com« togeUier, become cansoli 

». Concur, fVateraiie, oome tc at 

CiLilden {Qa^a ecerboa 

federal compact, federal union. 
' Coal-measnree, «. pi. Bed of ooal, 
strata ot coal, carboniferoiu group. 
Coal-mine, n. Colliery, coal-pit. 
Ooal-pit, n. Colliery, coal-mine. 
Oual-senttle, «. C<^-b<ld. 
Coarse, a. 1. OT la^e size. 
a. Of large fthree or particles. 
a. Crude, rouffli, iuuuce, unpuriAed. 
4. Gross, broad, indelicate, indecent, 
Tnlgar, not refliied. 

B. Bu<le, Dnpolished, umdvil, impo- 
lile, srufT, blnif, bear^, brutal. 
e. Mean, Tile, Inelegant. 
Coast, u. 1. rnore.] Boriler, bontler. 
3< Shore, beach, strand, seaboard, 
aea^de, seacoast. 
Coast, t>. It. 1. Sail along the coast. 
It. Slide down a hlU (on a ikd). 

Coat, V. <t. Cover, spread a corerlng 

Coating, ». Covering, coat. 

Coax, u. a. WheeilEi, cajole, flatter, 

cog, pei'suadeby fUndung, prevail vpoti 

by flattery. 
Cob, «. 1. Sea-mew, sea-cob, gull, mew. 
8. Soae [elnB-l-Ugged ftnit Ktout). 

3. [U.S.] Spike (13? iHoiie), cor "- 

Cobble,". a. Botch, tlnlier, pat 

mend clumsily. 
Cobble, «. Cobble-at 

Cobble-stone, n. Coj 
Cobbler, u. 1. Mendi 

Cobra-de-Capello, n. [Purt.1 Cobra, 
hooded snake, speciacled snake (Ai^ 

Cobweb, ». Spider's web. 

Cochlueol, u. Cochineal Insect (hUled 
bj/ ba'Uv>g mats; and dj-*--' '- ■"■ ' 

ED. spiral, splry, si 
ocbleate, 1 „ i 
ochleatAd, f ' ' 

I story. Absurd story, 

Cockatrice, «. BasiliBk. 

Cockchatte, n. May-bog, dot, dot-bag, 
ti-ee-beetle, dor-beetle. May-beetle, 
dummador (Afeloatha viUffOriB). 

Cock-crowing;, fl. Dawn, day-break, 
peep ot day, llrst blush of tlie morn- 

Co^er, V. a. [Jlotv.] Indulge (uiujhJji), 

fondle, pamper. 
Cockerel, h. Young cook or rooster. 
Cockering, n. Indu^ence (to esxees), 

pamper*"" ^-.^'-.'t.^^ 

CDciaing;,a. Curling, tuSed. 
Coak-loft, n. Garret, loll, atUc, upper 

Cocksure, a. [Collogulal.] Very sure. 

Salt. ^"'^' ^^ ™' 
Cnd,H. Codfish (MB-r*i(<ufi%a™), 
Coddle, V. a. 1. Parboil, boil slighUy. 
a. Humor, coax, cajole, wheedle, 
court, STUFF, pay court 10, fawn upon, 
curry fevor with, try to win by adula- 

3. Fondle, caress, pet, treat with 
fbndness, make much of. 

Code, n. Digest, coUeutiOD of laws. 

Codfish, n. Cod. 

Codger, n. 1. Miser. niggBid, churl, 
curmudgeon, lick- penny, skinflint, 
Bcriiop. hunks, screw, mitokworm. 


OodlcU, 11. Bnpplemant or poalsorlpt 

Codi^,v.a. Iilg«Bt,systemaiize,te<3uce 

to a code or digest. 
Ccellac, a. Of ttie bellj. 
OoBltao naSBloD, Chioiilc diarrliieii. 
Ci>-eqnal, a, Co-ord]nale, on a level, on 

Coerce, V, a. 1. Itestraia, curb, check, 
put under reaCndnt. 

S. Uompel, force, drlra, constf^n. 
Caereion, ». 1. Uestraint, ctieok, curb. 

a. Corapulalon, constridnt. 
Cuerclve, a, 1. Coetdiig, cUecking, le- 

',. Cuusttaliilng, compelling, oi 


CnevH], <!. Cootaiieous, of the 
Coexist, V. It. Exist together, exi 
Cuexiatent, a. Slmnlloneous, eya 
Cotter, ». 1. Money-ctest, strong 

i, [Arcli.) 

, . uken panel. 
[. Coil, wheeille. 
». Furnish vlUl CDga. 
Cos, "' "' Deceive, oheat. 
CoK, n. 1. Tiick, deceit, tiaoA, chest. 

_ -iiva 01 
J. Tooth (o/o'ioleeix' 

gent, potent, iTre^tthle, n 
;itate, v.'n. Meditate, think, f< 



CoEiilzant of. Aware of, acqu^nted 
with, familiar with conversant wltli, 
having knowledge of, 

CoBnomen, ». Samame, f^lly 

Cohabit, o. ». Live together (cm hmbaitd 

Oo' Joint heir. 
Cohwe, V. Ik 1. Adhere, cleave, ui '"- 

hcdd, stick together, Lohl l^«eHier. 
9. Suit, fit, sjiee, sonare, qnadcate, 

talaf, colnidile, compart. 
OOhnwnoe, ) »• Coiie^on, union, 

spondence, iiam 
Cvherent, a. 

sUoking togetht 

Z. Con^tent, 

Ooliesion, n. C 


Specie, cash, laetallic moner, 

Coin, B. a.' r. Convert (Bietoijiuto mon- 
ey by stampli^. 
iS, Invent, fabricate, devise, create. 
Coinage, it. 1, Coln- 

3. Invenldan, fabilcaHon, creation. 
Coincide, V, ». 1. Cocceaiiond, quad- 
rate, square, tally, cohere. 

3. Agcee, concur, harmonise, be of 
the same mind. 
Coincidence, it. 1. Correspondence. 
8. Agteement, concurrence, conaist- 

Cotncident,a. 1. Correspondent, tally- 
ing, squaring. 
3. Agreeing, concurring, concurrent. 
Coition, u. CopiilaUon. 
Cold, it. 1. Frigid, OEMD, cool, not 

3. CliiHy, chill, shivering. 

4. Apathetic, phlegmatic, stoical, 
ntifeeilne, Dneusceptible. nnimpteesl- 
ble, ptiedonless, coW-blooded, slug^i, 
l«r^, lukewarm, dead, hidlSerent, 

K. UnaJfectlng, uninteresting. 

Falling lather, failing 

lony, agrci 

Colewort, - 

Colic, n. Belly-aohe, pain In tJie bowe 
Collapse,!!. l-FoUingli— "— '— ' 
Infoj ikeeid&tqf ajit^}, 
» . ,r.j 1 ™rostP»tk)ii 

, ITall t^^eUier, ft, 

Collar, It. Xeck-band. 
Collar-bone, «. Clavicle. 
Collate, ». a. Compare, hrii^ In 

lOt direcOy to th 
Jorroboratory, c 

Collea^e, -jt. 

apeetaUff ia ..^ 

jutor, co-operator, aaalstant, 
^der, co-idd, partner, ally. 
Collea,U.Ei. £. Gatlier, aasembli 
ter, bring togeUier, scrape together. 

S. Accumulate, amasa, aggregate, 
garner, heap up, gamer np. 
a. Infer, Seduce, consider probable. 
Colloctlou, n. 1> Assemblage, gi'onp, 
duster, gatliering, crowd. 

S. Accumulation, heap, mass, hoatd, 
store, pile, aggregation. 



College, (1. 1, Society W P^smis en- 

S. TJniverfllty, literary luBtltuUon or 
seminary of (earning [ijf the laghesi 

3. Colleg;eediacaorl)nllding. 

Collide, V. «. raosh, come Into ooUWon, 
strike Bgninst eadi other. 

Colliery, b. Coal-mine, coal-pit. 

OoUlBioii,n. 1. Clasti,snock,conGusslou, 
8. Oppoeitlon, InterRrence, olaellng, 

Oollocabe, t>, a. [liare.] Place, Bet, dis- 
pose, arrange, 

"-" — "* — -. Acriuigement, aispofll- 

Oolloqotal, a. Ci 

Oollop, » 


loquy, n. dsJogae, cDQTerBKtlon, 
uonfercnce, talk, discourse. 

Collude, tf.n. Partldpate in fraud, con- 
spire frandnlently. 

Coiluelan, «. 1. Covis, parHcIpntien 
In fraud. 

"""" -"-^ei nffreefftenl), fraud, d* 

CoUyrlnm, n. [L.] (Me4.) Eye-wate 

iraih. or lottou toe tbe ayea. 
Caloofntli, «. Goloquiadda, Mtte' 

apple, bitter-cucumber. 
Oalosne, I ». KiU-DD-Co] 

Colosne-nater, ) oqne. 
Ooloqnintlda, n. Oolooyntii, bltta- 

apple, bitter-onoumber. 
Color, »■ 1. Hue, tint, tli^s, sliHde. 
». pigment, paint. 
3. Plea, preteiM;, pretence, encoa 

fulse, dlagulBe, sembJiaice, appearano 

make-Blilft, Colse show. 
Color, V. a. 1. Tinge, dye, paint, Btaii 
a. DlBavdse, TatDish, gloss over, mal 



tilled, acliromallc 
Oolor-aei^;eant, n. „_, _._ 

Colonliony, «. Kesdn ifrom ilie pine), 

Colors, n. pi. Plfl^T standard, 

ColoBBol, a. Gigontle, huge, moi 

pean, Karoulean. 
Coloemia, n. OiganUe statue. 
Colporter, n. Fedler (qf religiiMS 

booka), havker of tracts. 
Colt. ». Yoimg horse {male orfenmlej. 
Coltuli, a. ■ E^iaty, rampant^ playful, 

ftoUcsonie, sportiTa, gay. 
ColuiDbory, ». I>OYe-cot, pkffeon-l^onae. 
Coliuun,n. 1. FUlar itiai 6 round). 
a. File, line, row. 


:!oma, n. 1. (Jfa/.) Leth^^y, dozli«, 
stupor, drowsiness {from diieaee). 
H. IJitiva,) Envelope. 
3. {Bet.) Tuft, duster, buocb, clump. 
:)omatofle, I a. Lathacgio, drowsy 
:!omatauB, f Ifrora dlaeme), dozingj 

stupid, Etupeded. 
3oml»t, a. n. P^t, contend, struma, 

Oppose, least, withstand, 

gainst, battle with, stri^gle 
wllh. Vac against. 
Combat, ». Battle, figlit, confliet, en- 
gflgement, action, contest, encounter, 
reneoant^, skirmish, brumi, afl^lr. 
Coin1)ataii^ n. Plgliter, oBAHProN, 

ConiliatlirenesB, n. Propendty to fight, 
Oombinatton, n. 1. Union, conjmic- 
tton, conneetion, association. 

a. Aliliinca, eoaJiUon, eonfederaoy, 
league, complat, conspiracy, cabaL 
3- Mlxtm^, compound, amale:ajna- 

Com1>lne, «. a. 1. Unile, Join togeiher. 
it. Milt, Wend, incorporate, amalgar- 
maie, oompoima, put together. 

Combine, v. ». Oaaleeoe,I>e united, 

Oombiuablllty, ». OontlnisUbleiieeB, 
infiammablliiy, InSammalilei^eBS. 

Combostlble, a. Inflammable. 

Combusttbleiieeg, !!. Combustlblllty. 

Oombnustlon, ». Conflagration, burn- 

Come, f. n. 1. Apprancli, advance, 
draw near, tend hlthsrward. 

arise, result, ibl- 

place or point. 

low, flew, ensue, oi^lnate, be d^ved, 
be due or owing, take riaa, 

4. Happen, occnv, beltUi, beliile, lake 
place, come to pass, ^1 out. 

Come about, Happen, come ta pass. 
Come at. Beach, obtain, get at. 
Come by. Get, obtain, gain, get posaea- 

Comedian, w. Comic aetor. 

Come lioiue, X. Get home, reaoh 

a. Touch closely, interest deeply. 

Come in, 1. Enter. 

a. Accrue (M ^afn). 
Come In for. Make a claim fOr. 
Come Into, 1. Enter. 

it. Comply witli, assent to, fall in 

Comeliness, n. I. Propriety, fitness, 
3. Symmetry, grace, gcacetulnees, 

Comelto'. «■ !• BeoomInK, flthng, suit- 
able, seemly, decorous, decent. 

5. Symmetrical, gracefid, liaadsome, 
haautifuL, pbkttv. 

Come near> ApproJdmate, approach. 
Come of. Proceed, isaue, grow out of. 




l.Conaant, jlaW. 

. .. a ] 

Clome to grief, [CoUoquiai,} l. Fall, 
leault disastrous^. 
3. Be mined, mset wiOi disas<«v. 
Come to hand, Be racelTed. 

Come to pnea, 1. HaDpen. Chfbiice, 
oconr, beiai, betide, foil ont. 

Come to tlie ^lows, 

^ae, Bscend. 

! a yian* front Uie earth), 

teliese, stret^then. 
Comfort, ». 1. Sapport, asElelaiicfl, aid, 

a. Solace, conaslation, euoourage- 

3. [ U^ S.] At ease, &ee fcom pidn. 
Oomfoiter, a. I. Coneoler. 

8. Paraclete, Holj Spirit, Spirit of 

3. I'u. S.] Stuffed coverlet, wadded 

Comfortless, a. 1. Forlorn, cheerless, 

B. InccfUBOlable, disoonsolate, woe- 
begone, h«itrt-broken, brokeu-beaited. 

Comic, I a. DroU, flmny, £ariacal, 

ComlQi], I Indieroos, laoglinble, di- 
verUi^, sporUve, liumocouS. 

Coming, n. ApproBfh, adv&nt, arrlTal. 

Coming, a. FuEnre, to ooms. 

Comlty,n. OoarWey, 

poUlfluese, eoavlt;, oi 
crood breeding, good iu4b4ii.7io. 
**— ""^ - " X. Order, dli 

cbiuilt;, affiibil%, 

s.^nle, gorern, eway, control, lead, 
preside over. 
3. Claim, cliflJlenge. 

OomiuaiLd, «. 1 

junctjoa, mandi 
cha^e, je<iuM 

, bidding. 

. Chief, cbleftalu, lead- 
t, ». Mandate, precept, 
.t, proper. 

a. Be^n, InsUtute, 

Commencement, n. ueguuunj, our- 

Bet, opening. 
Commend, o, a. 1. Raoonimend, be- 

Epaak regiml fOr. 

3> Praise, eKtoI, applaud, land, eulo- 
gize, cry up, spe^ tvell of, say a good 
word for, nng or sound the praiBOB of. 
Com^nend&Me, a. laudiLble, pralse- 

8. Praise, encomlam, eult^y, pane- 
gyric, good word. 

iDuuneudstions, «. pi. K^ards, eom- 
plimetite, reapects. 

;iomiiiendatory, a. Commending, Isu- 
datory, enlogistio, complimeafary, en- 

, a. 1. CommeaBura- 

I, eommenaurable. 

i. Proportionate, equal, oosKtenaive. 

■ment, v. n. Aimotate, make notes. 

exposition, commentair. 
8. Remark, obserration. 
Oommientarv, «. 1. CoHUBKX. 
a. Book of comments. 

. 1, Dealing, trade, trafBc, 

uneroiHl, a. Tradii^, iiEB 
IE, skilled la commerce. 
-'--■^ — - Threatening, 11 

lalgamate, mingle together 
e,K.o. PulveiTze, triturat 
Ise, bray, break to places. 
Ion, n. Pnlverizatlon, tli 

;a by Google 

ate, have pity Cir, sfmpatlilze witli, 
(eel for, (eel aonj fOr, condole with. 

OominlMrattoD, «, CompasBiaii, tjm.- 
patli;, i^t;, coudolenos, CsUav-ibelli^. 

OommlsMon, n. 1. Fen>eli«tlon. 
9. Watraiit of authorilj. 

3. Trnat, cbiuve, office, care, dot;, 
tffitk, employniBn^ errand. 

a. Delegattoii, body of oommiaaioa- 

Conmaiiigioii, V, a, 1. AutloriBB, em- 
power give a oommiealon to. 
a. Depute, delegate, send on a com- 

CmumlsBloner, R. Agent. 
CommlBsure, ». Sesra, Joint. 

fide, gveM trust. 
8. Depoftft, put, iJace, lay. 
a> Perpeliate, enKot, do, perfOrin. 

4. ImpilaDD, send to piieon. 

5. Ei^iag^ pledge, implicate. 

O. Oompromit, endanger, brmj Into 

danger, put St haaiird, put in Jeopardy. 

Oominitment, «, Impiisonmen^ com- 


Camtulttee, n. 

, ». Comtoltnif 

CommixtnTe, «. Intermixture, admix- 
ture, mixture, composition, componnd, 

Cummode, ». Sm^ ^detioard. 

OoumiodionB, a. Convenient, nseful, 
advast^eoDS, ault^ble, fit, proDer. 

Oomiuoalty, «. ArtleieofmeTcnandise. 

OoiuiiLodldLeB, n. pL Merehandisa, 
waree, goods, produce. 

Common, a. 1. Public, belonging to 
all, for tbe use of all. 
it. General, nniverarf, naed by all. 

3. Usual, l^ue]it,babituM, custom- 
ary, every-day, often met ivitb. 

4. Trite, stale, tiireadbare, haok- 

H, OrdinaiT, Tulgar, low, Inferior, 
not dlstii^oisLed (iy high bb'lli, aftatii- 

CmumoDSlty, n. Tlie common people 
(fieiow Ihe omsra qf M&i«(j)), the lower 

OmninLoner, n. Middle-man. 
iCommDn-lafv, n. Unwritten lav. 
CominonpIa«e, a. Trite, stale, Ijaclt- 
neyed, ordinary, common, tlir^Ldbare, 

^ Generality, mass, ordtiiary cla» 
Commons, n. pi. 1. Lower house 
parliament, House of Commons. 
a. Provisions, food, fare. 
Common-sense, n. Wisdom, good 
sense, plain sense, sound Judgment, 
natural sagacity. 
Commonirealtli, fl. 1. State, reali 
nation, republic, body politic, popul 

, the people. 

^ Agitation, disturb 

urbulenco, tumult, dij 
, bnstie, pother, adi 

, icr.s.i 

le Lord's Supper. 

omaulcate, V. a, 1. Impart, give 
^ Disclose, reveal, divulge, declaim 

1. ImparUi^, 

3. Conn 

Communicative, o 




Comiunnian, n. 1. ParUcipaUon, fel- 
lowsbto, converse, interooorse. 
3. Kucbarlst, Sacrament, Lord's Sap* 

Communiam, n. Socialism, Fourier- 
ism, PhaliuiBteTlEm, Humanliarianisin, 

Commnnlty, it. 1. Common or Joint 

S. rWith The prefixed.] Conunoa- 
wealth, people, public, sodety, body 

3. Association, brotherhood, college. 
Commntatlon, n, 1. Exchange. 

e. (Zehc.J SaMitaaon (>^ a leaajhr 
a greoiwjBuifcSiffien!). 
Commute, v. a. 1, Excbange. 

a. Substitute, 
Compact, n. Agreement, contFaot, cov- 
enant, stipulation, bargain, treaty, 
concordat, convention, pact, arrai^o- 

Oomi«iit, v, a. Consolidate, condense, 
compress, Join closely, press togeth- 

Compact, a. 1. Close, dense, solid, 
firm, Gompresaed, pressed togetlier, 
olosdy ptit together, of firm texture. 
S. Ffchy, tone, oondse, laconic, sen- 
tsntioos, shoit,^ brief, amnpendlotis, 
encdnct, pointed, fnll of meaiiii^, not 
loose, not verbose, not proUx. 

Oomminlon, n. 1. Comrade, assodate, 
mate, fellow, qroKBoivr, compeer, boon 

Z. Partner, partaker, participator, 
partJclimnt, sliarec. 
Oompanlonslilp, n. Pellowshlp, asso- 
nWAon immpany, society. 

group, circle. 

Compaoiy, n. 1 

;a by Google 

a, Partji meeting of fiiendfi. aoi 

3. Vfiitor, Tlsitora, goeals. 

4. Fellowship, companlonslilp, Bi 

Eliip, oopailiiwalilp, firm, 1 

Cknaporable, a. To be c»m 
Compai'atlve, a. 1. Comp 
to compare. 
It, Judged by coipparisoi 

Oompare, u. a. 1. Collate (. 
witEi), brmff Into comparlsoi 

resenlbl^Lce ot. 
OompBi'e, V. «. Bout s. compiiTlsoD 

Bdmlt of compotieon. 
Compare, n. [/^oc^ico/.l Comparison. 
ComiHirlBun, «. 1. Collation, cOh 

J. Collate {JbUowcd by 
m (Ji/llovied by to) show the 

a. Simile, shnllituile. 
Oompartment, ». DlvMon, 

separate parE. 
Compass, V. a, 1. Encompass, e 

BDiTound, eiicirote, endose,eiigh 

pnee about. 

I Meflltata, oontct™, 
. 1, S^tch, Teach, ex 

Compasses, n. pi- IMviders. 

Compassion, it. Pity, conuniseiatlon, 
^mpathy, tenderness, kindueBS, kind- 
Uness, olemenoy, fellow-tbaUng;, bowels 
of eoBipassion, mclUiieiDOoO. 

CompHSSionate, o. Tender, sympa- 
thetio, raerdfal, benignant, gracious, 
clement, kind, inclined to pity, full of 

Cvmpassiouate, v. a. Pity, commlser- 

Compatible with. Consistent with, 

cordant with, ogreeoMe to, suitable to. 
In Iceepli^ with, recancilabie with, hi 


. , ^ -., ,.»mrade! 

Compel, r. a. Force, obUge, constrain, 

Compellatton, fl. Style of addreeB, 
ceiemonions title, formal appellation. 

Compeud, «. Abrii^ment, compen- 
dinm, conspeotus, suuunary, abstract, 
epitome, digest, synopsis, syllabus, 
btoYiftry, brief, sum aria aubstance. 

CaiupenBate, V. a. 1. Connterbalano 
counC^rpdse, count«TV]dl, make up fo 
a. Recompense, remunei'ate, rewar^. 
S. Bequite, iiidemul^, make amends 

CompeoEate, n. n. Alone, make com- 

Coinpendtam, n. AbTidsi 

CompeDsate, v. a- 1. Oounterbalance, 

a! Eequlte, hulemnify, 

S. Cegnitol, satistiioUon, Indemnity, 
indemnillcatloD, reparation, amends. 
Compete, V. n. Contend, strive, strug- 
gle, cope, enter the lisle, be riTals. 
Competeose, I n. 1. Abillt]', ablenees, 
Competenof, ) capableness, capacity, 

a. Suf&ciency, adeqnateueea, ade- 
qaaoy, enough. 
Competent,a. 1. Able, capable, quail, 
fiert; endowed, 

9. Adequate, adapted, convenient, 
sufficient, suitable, lit. 
3. incident, belonging. 
Competition, n. Ki7alry, BIVALSHIP, 
emulation, contest {Jbr the Kmte 0ft- 

Oompetitive, u. Competing, prompted 
by emolaUon. 

Competitor, n, Bival, antagonist, op- 
ponent, rival candidate. 

CumpiiaUon, n. 1. Book-maldi^. 
8, Selection (q/' Hterary matler), book 
of selections. 

Compile, V. a. Write (6ii sdeetiag /rom 
other toot^}, prepare, compose, get up. 

Complacenin', ) Ification, pleasure,con- 

S,' CiTillty, courtesy, politeness, com- 

Plcased, satisHed, 

ineu, conmuLeu. 
... Ciyil, polite, courteous, afihble, 
easy, obiigii^, ucb^ie, oouplaisant. 

Complin, V. «. Murmnr, lament, be- 
wail, grumble, croak, find &ult. 

Complainor.v.a. 1. BipreES a feeling 
or sensation of. 
S. Inform against, make ciiBrges 

Camplalnaut, n. Plaintiff. 
Cemplalner, ». Murmurer, censurer, 

grumbler, croaker, th,ult-finder. 
Complaining;, a. QueviUouSi niurmur- 

Ing, Querlmonions, mnit-findjng. 
Complaint, n. t. Murmur, iameutiou, 

plidnt, lament, wall. 





polfteneBS, urbanity, suavity, conde- 
eoeiielon, complBcence, a^billty, )i;oad- 

Oomploisant, a. Courteous, polite, afiii' 
ble, civil, oMtglng, gracious, oomplaceiit, 
debonair, famiUar, easy, well-broa. 

Gouplemcnt, n. Full Eumber, full 

Complete, o. 1. Perfect, full, thorough. 

. 1. Unish, 
nupllah, achiove, pentor 
bat, efi^ctuate, eKecnte, tarmluB 
a, comflade, bring to a, close, give ( 
jshlng touch to, put the miishj 

a, ftolfiiing, flnishiiig loucb. 

nent, peiic^an 

wi X luimneat, icaJizatioiL. 
Oomplez. a. 1. Compounded, eoin- 
poiiiid, oompodto, not eimple. 

Z. Complicated, Gompucate, entou- 
giea, inmcatfl, Involved. 
Complexloii, n. 1. Color, hue, or tint 

a. Appeoiiuuie, aspect, look. 
OQiupleKlti'.n. Intricacy, complication, 

Oompltance, n. 1. Concession, submle- 
fnon, obedience. 

S. Acquiescence, assent, consent, 
agreement, oonourrence. 

obedient, obsequious. 
CompUGata, v. a. Involve, entai^lB, 

msKe complex, malce intricate. 
OowpIJaate, a. Complex, complicated. 
Compllcatfld, a. Involved, entangled, 

complei, complicate. 
Complication, ». Complexity, 

caoy, entanglement. 

tlon, encoudum, laudation, dattering 

— ..ST (6ff expresei»iaijfciBUiit/j. 
Complimeutaty, i^ Commend]itK>ry, 
laiioatc" .— ". 


mee^ satisfy, 01 
F^thral to, caj 

ingredient, oompoiient part. 

import, n. n. Agree, accori], liarmo- 

bi^, tally, correspond, square, ^11 in, 

Comport with, Suit, fit, agree with, ae- 
cora with, square with, eldme tn with, 

mate, compound, put ti^etber, make 

3. Adjust, settle, regulate. 
i. Tranquillize, assuage, soothe, ap- 
pease, pad^, calm, still, quiet, qoeU. 

3. tTnlon, eoi^unctton, comliination. 

4. Writing, literary work. 

5. Compromise, agreement. 
ompoBt, B. Manure, fflrtlllaer, fertil- 

qnnuty, calm- 

a, debauch. 

JoujfKUXiOH, re 
ei, reveinng, revelry, bpi" 
bacchanals, Batumaua, waKiau, uiguui, 
coroQEo, carousal, conviviality, drloklng 
bout, merry frolic, jolly time. 
Coiupannd, v. a. 1, Mis, mingle. In- 
termix, Intarmingla, blend, combine, 
S. Compromise, settle, a<Uust. 

come to terms, come to an agreement, 
malte an arrangement. 
Oomponnd, a. Complex, oomposite, 

Compound,^. 1, Mlxtm-e, medley, oho, 
t^rago, hw^-podge. 

it. [lu Uie Bast Ittdiee.J Yard [roiaid 
a bumiag), enclosnre. 

Oompreliend, V, a, 1. Comprise, in- 
olnde, emdose, embrace, contain, em- 
body, take in. 

a. Grasp imeiitallp), understand ( JW- 
6/}, apprehraid, conceive, imagine, see, 
discern, perc^ve, enter Into the idea of, 
catch the idea of. 

Oomprelienslon,!!. 1. ferceptdon, ap- 
prehension, discernment, knowledge. 

8. Understanding, intelligence, intel- 
lect, mind, reason, mental capacity. 

ComprehensiTe, d. Bxtenmve, wide, 
broad, large, capaidons, ftill. 

CompreAH, V. a, Oondense, pieea, 
squeeas, aroird, press together. 

Com-prcgBlbillty, n. Oondensabillty 

Compressible, a. Condensable. 

Compression, " ' ""•' "— 


Comproml^ v. 
Into danger, ; 
CompulBion, ». Coerdoo, conetFaJnt, 

»P£UlOfttIoii of force. 
CompnlBory, a. Compelling, co 

lng> COOTGiTe. 

CvmpiuicUoil.n. Bepentance, i 
toiiBltlon, peniteEca, Borroip, 
' of conscience, eting 


Computable, a. ca/oulable. 
OompatatiDn, n. BeckoQlDg, calcu- 

la.tF(pa, eatlnuUe, "■" 

Comimto, v. " ' 

lue, ■«■ OompHjilon, oasocini 

milt*, fellow, compeer, Ijoon eoi 

Con, V. a. Stndjr, fix In tlie mind, coi 

mlt to memorr, leambybeart, con ovi 
Con anunv, (&■] 'Witk love, witli pl« 

Bore, wiaj x^ tdth Inclination, wi 

predilection, wltli iiuidnesB. 
Concatenate, V. a. Connect, unite, joi 

link togEtber. 
CODcatenatioa, »■ Seilea, cbsin, i. 

qaence, linhlpe togetber. 
Concave, a. Hollow, ronnded. 
Concavity, n. Hollow space. 
Conceal, v. a, 1. Hide, secrete, cover, 

}t. iji^iae, disseWble, iLeep eeocet. 
Concealment, ». 1. S«!recy, keeping 

3, Betreat, hldli^-^ac«- 
Conoede, V. a. 1. sorcander, yield, 

a. Allow, admit, grant. 
Conceit, II. 1, Conception, iin^e, nc 


, imBgliiation, idea, 
f, illneloc, Oeak of 

3. Opinion, eeliuate, estfniatioa, 
judgment, im^eBBion. 

4, Vanity, conceitedneBs, egotism, 
liiunptloasaeSB, self-conceit, e^f-eom- 
placancy, self-esteem, self-Bof^ciency, 

B. Quip, qulfi, IKdnt, odd ULonght, 
odd turn, aft^cted witticism. 
ConceitedfO. yain,egotlsticai, opinion- 
iitod, ouinionative, RouPTioua, self- 

L^unceiteanesB, b V nl t, 

tumptlouBncBs, se n a 

[innceive, c' a. i Tin gin d Be 
tliiiik of, Ibrm in li mmd 

S. Apprehend ppos b nk 
Uonceive,!), n. i, B^ome pregnant. 

^. Tbink,iinagine«baTeanldea,form 

Coucrive of. Have an idea ot, form a 
conception of. 


.. . .bring 

compass, bring toward a 

reduce by ovtgjoratlon. 

; notion or conception. 

Conception, A. 1, Concaving. 
«■ Approhenrfon, IMAeiHATIOH, 

3. NodoD, idea, tbongbt, fimcy, c 

[k>nceTn, V, a, 1. Affect, interest, touch, 
regard, relate to, belong to 
bear upon, be of Impormnc 

I. Hatter, business, atteii. 

... Importance, inteisirt, moment, 
conseguence, weight. 
3. Anxiety, soueitude, c^e, careful- 

<incerniiiR,BreB. Eespectine, reg 
ing, abont, relating to, »it^ relatioi 
wim r^ard to, with reference to. 

KcBpecting, regatd- 

_., reference to. 

, .. _. Contrive, plan, plot, de- 
Concert, «. 1. Agreement, concord, 
concordance, harmony. 
3, Hnslcai enr^'tainment. 
Concession, n, 1. Yielding. 

S. Grant, boon. 
ConcliologTi t- Malacology. 
Coiieij»:g«. n. [Fr.] Porter, Janitor, 

Conciliate, V. a, 1. Propitiate, nicon- 
cile, paci^, appease. 
a. Win, gaLn, engage, draw orer, win 

Conciliation, n. Pro^tlatlon, padH- 

Conciliatory, a. 1. Keconcilii^, pacl- 
S.T«nning, perBuaslTe. 

Concise, a. Btle^ abort, laconic, sum- 
mary, compendbniB, succlnc^ terse, 
pitby, sententious, comprehensive, 
cUBT, pointed, not loose, not verbose, 

ConcMve, ». Seoret council. 
Condnde, V. a. 1^ End, flidBh, termi- 
nate, cloee, Indiig to an end. 
S. Gather [as a conMMetux)t iuf^. 

3. IletermInetjndge,aeolde. 

4. Uiou'.) Stf^, bar, hinder, rsati^ii, 



Eud, dc^, CDiao to 

3. Termln&tlon^ end, completJ< 
Bhot, cloBe, flnEile, lesua, event. 

Conciosivei a. X. DecdslTe, coBvlcdng, 
onMiBweraMe, Irrefutable. 
S. Final, aliimatfl, without u>peaL 

Oonooct, V, a. Derise, plan, plol 
tfive, de^ga, Invent, pnjeot, orew, 
friune, oompsae, mature, prepare, hatch. 

ConixHiiitaiit, a, Accompajivli^, con- 
. --'-niiant, atteoiSine, oon- 




ftieiulahip, peace, 

untoD, good underatiindli^. 


ilty, unltj, 

coBOOCdanoe, h»r- 

•cdance, «. j^reement, harmi 

>r4l»Liit, a. Aneetng, accordant, 

harmonious, agreealile. 

oncordat, n. Compact, convention, 

covenant, agreement, baj^aln, Btipula- 

ConconrM, n. 1. Conau 

iblagc, aseemblji 

3. Iiuetlng, 

collection, gath«. „ 

Concrete, v. ». SoUialty, harde 

a, Concralad mass, 

icbery, laacivlousneBB, prurlenc; 
ttl dearB, animal appeflte. 
ncupJaceut, a. Lustful, ledii 
bidlnous, lasclvione, ealncione, 11 

e, n. 1. Conjuncture, o 

t. Arreting, barmoD- 

Cononeslon, fl. 1. Shaking, agitation, 

Z. Olatili, shock. 
Oondemn, u. a. 1. SeoMnce, doom. 

1t, CensoTC, bl^na, dlsapprore, ra* 
prove, leptobate, ujibr^d, pasa cengore 

CONDUCT one's self 

3. Adjudge |a aiip) to be unaea- 

4. ConflBoatc, declare to be ftrfdled. 
■dHmnation, n. 1. Sentence of 

, reproof, flleap- 

I, dlaapprcl 
CondenBabili^, li 


.,,.. Compressibi 

Condensable, a. Compressible. 

3. IteducUon, alnidgmeat, co 

Condense, u. a, 1. Compress, c< 
date, coitcentiate; mabe dense, 
pact, or close ; press ti^alher. 

Condescenston, n. 1. Submission, hu- 

a. Deference, oonrtesr, obelBanee, 
homage, reverence, dvlllty, poUtenass, 

Condign, a- [Sold onfy or cft^% itT 
punimmeni.'] xleaerved, merited, solta- 
blc, adequate. 

Condiment, n. Seasoning, Tellsb, ap- 
petizer, sauce, appetizing substance. 

category, plight, predicament, circum- 

3. ConeidaTaliDU, provision, provtBO, 
out arftole of 


s, n. pi. Stlpalationa, proul- 

i, ajmpaffilze with, share sor- 

*, n. Sjmpathy, pitr, oom- 

lon, rt. I^rdon, forglve- 

7. n. Contribute, tend, serve, 
a a tendency, do somethii^ 

1. Conduoing, oontrlbntlng, 

a, DmOTtanent (tn gemral, or as a 
■avMer ^hiOU), susa-vior, demeaaor, 
carriage, bearmg, juannela, career, 
manner of life, aanige of Vie. 
^londnot, v. a. 1. Lead, direct, guide, 
escort, oonroy, 

3. OomnUHid, govern, preside over. 


1, duct, 
Chat, prat- 

Cone-shaped, I 

Confitbulato, t- ■'- ,.»— ..J , rr — 

tie, chattel, prate, bahbla, gossip, talk 

fcaaly, ha.fe a foe and & — '-"- 
ConfabDlattoa, ». IBare 

Bip, prate, oha^ cblC-cha 

Batimi, Hee anil SHe; tall 

Coni^.n. Sweetmeat, 

Coufectaon, n. Sweetmeat, confect,. 

OonfCctioneiT.R. 1. Sweetmeate, con- 
fcctions, eonracta, comftts, candies. 
a. Conf^tionet'Beliop. 

Confederaey, b. OOBtSderation (espf- 
dally cj inaepen^tt statiis\ fedetatioit, 
league, coalition, alllaiice, union, fed- 
stbI compact. 

'•'-'-' — . jUly^ league, oom- 

Dnite, ba leagued, 

.rsa, dlsouurae, par- 
hold a conference, tal^ 

f, ally. 

(ooitotier</(oiPerriHii!.l BeBlow,giTB, 

Confeivence. n. 1. ConvereaUoD, dis- 
coniBe, talk, colloqn j, parley. 
a. Meetii^ for consultation. 
Oontefls, V. a, 1. Acknowledge {as a 
crime or Jixtdt), own, avow. 
a. Admit, grant, concede, tecognize. 
S. Attest, prove, Bhi>w. CKMbit. man- 

Ifeet, be pr<>Mof. 

AcknowledgmeEt, ad- 

friend,- deai Itieni 

reUancB, dependence. 

a. B<ildaeee, caoc^e, 
Borance, flrmnen, seU-ii 

, Mth, beUef, 
I, intre^ditT, a»- 

Confldentia], a. 1. Fdvate, nui, ui m 
dlsoloBed, not to be commnnicajted' 
s. Trnatr, Mtliflil, to be trusted. 

Oonfldentlally, ad. Pilvatelf , In ODn- 
flde^ce, under the rose, between onr- 
BelTSB, between you and me, bob bosA, 
i:i4TBB irotrs. 

ConfiKuratlan, n. Form, figure, shape, 

Oouflne, fl. Boundary, border, limit, 

Conflnes, n. pi. Bouadaiies, borders, 

a, V. a. 1. Establiph, fix, settle, 
, make firm. 

tcenstben, add strength to. 
I^sroborate, substantiate, ver 

. 1. Settiement, esti 
on, eabstanliallon, t 

CoiiflrmatoiT, a. Coirotorating, 
Confiscate, v. a. Cause to be forf^ted, 
Cauflacatlan,». Forfeiting, condomna- 
Conflagration, n. Great bumii^, gen- 
Oonflict, «. n. Clash, be oontcaty, be 

1. Comply, yield aB- 

3. Agree, liarinoiilie, tally, square, 

Confannable to, 1. ReBombling, si 
ilar to, corresponding to. 
a. Agreeable Co, suitable te, consi 

3. Compiiant witik, submie^ve to. 
OonfiiniiatlOD, ». 1. Accordance, co 
pliaucb agreement, conformity. 

a. OmAgoratlon, ettucture, fOi 
flgim, shape. 
CoaJbaaltr, »■ 1. Accordance, agr 

a. Ooirespondfflkce, 
tude, reeemfilance. 
0(Hiibiind,if. at. 1, Mingle {ao that thfra 
can be no iKitnicfion^ intermingle, mix, 

aTFerplei, bewilder, em , — .- 

aPSt pose, nonplus, fiurry. 

3. Surprise, uaaae, aatoniab, astoiand, 
stupefy, bewilder, stun, startle, dum- 
founder, electrify, take by sorprlse, 
strike with wonder, strika dumb, petrliy 
with wonder, 

S timili- 

;a by Google 


4. Ueatroy overtlirow i In 
B. AbHeh coufoee disconcert Cls- 
compoae. Bhiuuc mortify 
Oonfoandcd <t 1 Aatoulahed ob- 

_ S-Abaahed liBCOncertefl nonp assefl, 

I hateful abcmlnable, 

ConfVont, V. 

bring ftcB to 

a ojpuM 

Oonl>i8e, V. a. 1. Mii^e, ictfinaingle, 
mlXf tilend, oonfonnd. 

%. Mystity, embarrass, poae, 
bewildsr, iunj. 

A. Al)asb, shame, morUfv 
pose, disoDnoert, ecr^mid. 
Ooufodon, n. 1. Confoaedness, disor- 
der, disarrsngemMit, deraMBDient, dis- 
arra J, jumble, oliBoe, anarchy. 

iS. Tumnlt, tunnoil, CDtamotioii, tbr- 
menC, atlr, a^tation. 

a. DisttacllDO, perplexity, embar- 

, Befutation, disproof, 

Goagk, B. [Fr.] Leare, fan 
ConsHit, V. a. Preaze, mi 
cold, torn to ice. 

Blmilar, In aympaUiy 

Suited, adapted, agreeable. 
nital, a. Connafe, bom aC Uie 

Om^ratoiatiaii, ft. Fellclladan. * 
Contxatulataiy, a, Qratulatory. 
Congr«ffAte, v. a. Assemble, collect, 

muster, gauier, conTUie, convoke, bring 

Oi>iisresBte, v. n. AEscmble, meet, 

Congregation, 11. Aeaembly, meeting, 

Oongcess, «. 1. MceSi^, aaSBmbly, con- 

■ a. NalionaHcEialature lilfife U.S.), 
-Senate and FToubc of TE«pr^entatlTflB. 


Ck>iig:rulty, n. Suitableness, agreemsnt, 
fitness, cffl^Bt«ncy, confonaity. 

ConsroDua, a. 1. Acccrdanl^agteeing, 
smta e,con ten , conBonan , compat- 

3. Proper, fit, befitting, appropriate. 

meet, serauly. 


Ccuica], cone-shaped. 
a. Fresumpljve, bypo- 


Oonjesture, «. SuppoBlMoi 

gnees, liypoUieBiH, theory. 
Conjecture, v. a. Surmise, 

pose, divine, suspect. 
Oonjectnre, v. n. Surmise, 

pose, sustiect, fancy, dare e 

Conjoin, V. a. Join, unite, combine, 
connect, associate, join tojeflier. 

Conjoint, a. Joined, united, combined, 
connected, associated. 



. Mati 

nubial, uoujugal. 
Conjunction, n. 


3. Ori^.ei 

Tgency, ex^toncy, junct- 
M^io, sorcery, Incaa- 

siaas, enjoin 

pray, entreat, implore, apjdbe, enjt 

Con'jnre, v. a. Chaim, enchant, be- 
witch, ftsoinate, affect by magic arts. 

Con'Jurenp, Summon by enchantment, 
raise up by magic. 

Com'Jure, v. n. Jurale, praoliBB maglo 

Conjurer, n. Ji«glec, enchanter, aor- 
— 3T, m^(iGian^ neciomluicer, diviner, 

connect, v. n. ooux, udiki, 
Joined, haye relation. 

Connected, a. 1. Joined, n 
dated, cr — *"^ 



Conner, «, BluB pecoli, cunner, bnrgall, 

Connivance, k. Volimtary bUndnesB 
(to an acii, pretended ignanmi^, foc- 
beaj'aiue of tusapproval, wlnklns at. 

Oouuive at, Oveuook ipurpose^], dls- 
retfard, pay no regard to, m^fl ]%nt of, 

. pretend not to Bee, Bhat one's eyes to, 
forbear to conHnrej. vlnk at. 

Oouuolasenr, ». Critdc, cdtlcail Jndee, 
man of good loate (lU dbttnguiahed 
fivta the dUeitoniej «A0 inereijf ptetvttds 
to good laste). 

Conunliiid, a. Matrimonial, coDJuEal, 
ooHJoeiiL, nuptial, hynieneal, bridal. 

CoDqaer, u. a. 1. Vanquisli, BUbdue, 
overeome, euttlugate, defeat, overtbrow, 
overpower, beat, rent, dlaoomfit, cbeck- 
mate, master, subject, bumble, Ctu3h, 
get wa better o^ put down, preTall 
over, get the upper hand ol, get the 
whip Band of, aiTE oh thb hip. 
«. Gain by eflbW, win by victory. 

Oonqner, v. n. Prevail, overooma, gain 
aie victory. 

Conqnerar, n. Victor, vanquielieF, 

Oonqnest,«. l.Sn1^ug3lloD,su))>ecUou, 

Wood), affinity, kindred. 

Ooti8oleiice,». Moral sense, moral Ac- 
uity, Che sM small voice. 

Oonseientloiu, «.' Scrupo" 
hooest, Inet, exact, Junior 
cormpt, inoormptlble, Inj 
1 . 1 ■ra^tlbrward. 

Ooaaolaos, a." i'. Knowing, thinking, 
a. Apprised, eenalble, aware, cognl- 

Conscrlntlon, n. Compulsory enliet- 
ment of soldiers. 

Consecrate, v. a. Dedicatfl, devole, 
hallow, sanctify, ord^n, set apart as 
sacred, appropriate to sacred uses. 

a. Concord, accord, agreement, nni- 
Bon, oo-opetatlon, harmony, coherence. 

S. Acquiescence, compliance. 
onsent, v. ». 1. A^ree (a! to a matter 

_. . . IB and erfbct, de- 
pendence of eanse and efibot. 
4. Importance, moment, weight, in- 

Conaeqnent, a. 1. ToUowing, eonse- 
a. DeduoiMe, iiraBRAB[.E. 

i. PoiTipoua. 

1. Following, oon- 
Lceited, self-eufBelent, 

. Preserver, protector, 
1. 1. BepOBitory, store- 

Canstirve.n. Preserve, JJ 
comflt, sweetmeat. 

Consider, v. a, 1. Contemplate, pon- 
der, stady, examine, weigh, mind, bead, 
mark, redect upon, be attentive to, give 
or pay attention to, give heed to. take 
into conaidecafion, give a thought to, 
keep in view. 

S, Keapeot, regard, consult, care tbr, 
have r^aid to, Eave reference to, take 

Itata, ponder, ruminate, mnae, ci^ltate, 
Ibink, take thoi^t, cast about. 

thy of eonslderation. 
2. Moderately large, not email. 

Considerate, n. Thoi^ttDl, deliberate, 
aerious, discreet, prudent, provident, 
clrcumapect, judicious, sober, staid. 

Censldera.tlon,«. 1. Attention, noHce, 
heed, regard, reflection, deliberation, 
— i;.....™ — louB thonght, contem- 


equance, weight. 

E. Beaeon, motive, ground, ai 


. a. 1. Tranefer, alienate, 

r, make over, hand over. 
». intrust, commit, give In trust. 
Consilience, n. Goueurrence, coincl- 

Consistence, it. 1. Con^tency, body, 
degree of density. 
a. [Rare.] Durability, permanence. 

Coaglstenoy, ». 1. Coneieteuce, degree 
of density. 

a, Unifbrmity, oongroity, compatibil- 
ity, conformableness, corrBspDndence. ' 

Consistent, a. Compatible, suitable, 
accordant, confbrmable, unifbrnk, con- 
graoos, barmonJouB, correspondent. 

Consist is, lie in, be contained in, be 
comprised in, be constituted by. 

Consist of. Be made of, be composed 
of, be farmed of, be made up of. 

Consist ndth, Suit, agree with, be com- 
patible wilh, be In accordance with, be 
consistent vdth. 

Consolation, n, Solace, comfort, en- 
couragement, allevIatlDn of eotrow, re- 
lief from distress. 

Consolatory, a. Consoling, comfortin|[. 



I. comDiit, cheer, 

Oonstitutfi, V. a. 1 

m'of." ''^' 
, Appoinl;, depul 

, , ... I. Ooneord, a 

Cossonaaoj, I hamuiny. 

* with, 

compuw with. 
CoDiiiieociiB, n. [L.] Oatline. epitome, 

absaoct, BnmmarT, eompend, eompen.- 

dlmn, s^apals, BjaJabuB, direst, Inief, 

brerliuy, genetal view. 
Cfmsplaumu, a, 1. Viable, ■" 

Ible, percepUble, appiu^nt, cos 

oleBT, In plain ugut. 
a. Enilaent, pie-eminent, iiromtnent, 

dlatlngiilebed, remarkable, not«d, ca^~ 

braled, marked, famed, femooa, illi 

Conspiraoy, n. Plot, combination, ( 

bal, complot, IntT^ue, maeliinaUon- 
Conspire, w. n. 1. Co-operate, eoudtn 

3. Combine {for some eeil desig 
plot, confadei'ate, Inti^ne', cabal. 

CauBpIie, B. a. Plot, contrite, devl 
project, oompaas. 

Constancy, n. 1. StaMUtr, immutabll- 


isolntlon, determina- 
tion, oeeiaion, tanai^tf of purpoae. 
Constant, a. 1. Stable, fixed. Immut- 
able, nnvaded, tnTartable, conUnnal, 
nnchanging, penuAuent, pernetnal. 
9. trmfbrm, regnlaf, atated, certain. 

3. KeEolate, £Jna, Eteaib, steadlliBt, 
etanoh, det«nnlned, unshaken, unwav- 

4. PerBBFering, assiduouB, nnremlt- 

5. F^thful, true, trust!'. 
Cunatellatlan, It. 1. Oroup of aCOirs. 

0»nBternatlan, ». Alarra, ai — ' 

', fright, diamay, pan 



Constipate, v. a. Make cobUto. 
ConatlpaUid. a. CdbUvo. 
CoDstlpaClon, n. Costivenass. 
Constlneut, a. Forming, composing, 

constituting, oomponent. 
Oonstltaeut, a, 1. Component, — 

mont, principle, li^edlent, comjhjnent 

^ormaUon, organ- 

1. Compel, force, driTo, 
Intbral, hold. 

'Onstralnt, n. 1. Compulsion, fbice, 
necessity, obligation, coerdon- 

3. ConAnement, reetraint, imprlBOn- 
Dieiit, incarceration, inl^riUment, du- 

lonstric^ v- a- Cramp, contract, com- 

anstraot, v. a. 1. Fabrioale, build, 
erect, raise, set up, put together. 
it. Organize, institute, aFcange, make. 

Hon, conHguration, form, figure, shape, 
mode of conatructuig. 

3. Interpretation, explanation, tof- 
Bion, rendering. 
CooBtroe, v. a. Interpret, explain, 
ponncU translate, render, put an ii 


, , Eaviah, deflower, 

J, debauch, commit rape upon. 

Conetupf ation, II. Violation, laviEbing, 
ravishment, defilement, rape. 

ConBuetndinacy, a. [Rca-e,] Usual, oom- 

mnv'entlonal.' ' ' 

GoDsnIatfi, n. ConBulship. 
CoHBuI^P. «- Consulate. 
Oonanlt, r. ii. Conf^, seek counael, take 

coans^, deliberate in common. 
Conaalt, V. a. 1. Ask advice of, seek 

Infdmmtion l^m. 
3. Consider, regard, care ftir, lave 

reibrence to, have regard to, take into 

ConHiiltatioii.n. 1. Conference. 

3. Counsel, meeting tor delibera- 

Oonsiuue, V, a. Destroy, waste, spend, 
espeod, exhaust, devour, lavish, squan- 
der, dissipate, use up. 

ConBiinunate, v. a. Complete, flnlsli, 
perfect, accomplish, compass, eSM^ 
perform, achieve, execute, do, catty oat, 
bring aboDt, work out. 

ConBommate, a. Complete, perfect, 

Congnnunatlon, ». Completion, ter- 






minBllnn, flnlsMng, do 

ment, fnlfilment, aohies 

Hon. last Htroke, flnlsli 

finlBh, final toucb, erav 
ConsDinptlonr n. 1. ii^znjicciOfi, ae- 

Btruetiou, waflta, expendltui'e. 
9. PbtmidB, macRsmus, atroplir, 

dOGline, talwB, aradoal waalji^, pro- 

greBdve emodaUim. 
CoittBotitt. Toaoli, JuxiapD^tion, junc- 
tion, GonligQity, cloBO miion. 
Oomtaarloii, It. i. InfMljon. 
3. Contaniliiatlon, taint. ' 
ContajdonB, a. I. Iiif«cUouB, ontebU^. 
3. f estllenti^ pesttferona, polaon- 

oua, deadly. 
ConCidn, tr. a. 1. Gomptebend, oom- 

Coatfuuioatioii, n. FollnUon, defil»- 
■""■• *"'nt, B(ain, InftoUon, Impurity, 
1 ^ ftbonunaUon . 

point tlie 

f, ponder, 
about, re- 

fingers at, laugh 
finger of scorn at^ 
Coiitflniplate, V. a. 
meditate on, dwell 

Ht InCend, parpoae, de^n, have In 
Tiei^ haia in coutemplattoc, lool: for- 

Contemplatlon, n. 1. Befleotlon, med- 
itation, cc^taUon, lucabialiDn, dellbe- 
ralion, study, thonght, apeculaUoUf 

Coutemplat — , 

ous, given to contemplaUou. 
Cant«iiipi>raiieonB, a. Confei 
CDntemporBry, a. Oontempoi 
Conteuuit, n. 1. Dlsdf-" —- 

Bli^t, mean opinion, 
a. sliiune, disgrace. 
Contemptible, a. Deeploable, vlla, low, 

mean, base, pitiful, abject, northleee, 

pallrj, sorry, pitiful. 
" — -^^mptuous, a. Inaolenfc, '■■^•^'••^ 

itoBi; ■•' — ■■ ' 

ITaely, disr^^ii, 

,,..». 1. 

fight, vie. 
_ bate, disnut 

Satis^, appease. 


!. l>ebat 



jatlafied, i 

aension, wrangling, wrai«le, quarrel, 
squabble, teud^ capture, falling out. 
3. Dispute, debate, MoXering, olter- 

woirta,' war of wordal stiffe of words. 

Coiit«n(e, n. jil. What is contaii 
ContermluauB, a. Adjoining, c 

"— '-— -- - ■".. Uiapate, r— 

iti— ' — 

k qnesUon. 
A< dirive to hold, sttnggte tft def^d. 
Jontest, M. ». Conl«nd,fltJive, struggle, 
vie, figtt, compeM, cope. 

war oj worus, 

9. Stn^le, batUe, confliot, fight, 
combat, eneonnter, rencounter, strife 

Contegtation, n. Dispute, debate, con- 
ttovotsy, logomachy, war of words, 
Btciife wf woiBa. 

Context, «■■ Words Immediately pre- 
oedli^ or followli^. 

ContAXtnre, n, ConsUtuQon, structure, 

Contleolty, «. GonCaot, touebing, meet- 
inc, Juxt^ositlon, proximity. 

— Touching, meeting, oon- 

kinti£uoiis,a. Touchlht[,mi 
teCQdUDuB, adjacent, adjolni 

,t of 

of land. 

^mtlneency, n. 1. Acoidentalneaa, 
(octulw, uncert^ntj. 
a. Casualty, acoWent, Incident, oc- 

. Acddental, fiotultous, 

' ' ■ lenlng by chance. 

italn, dependent 

, . Quota, proportion, share, ■ 
propcrtioual pva:t. 
;ouUnnal,<i. Perpetual, uninterrupted, 
unceasing, incessant, nnremltUne, end- 
less, everlasting, etemal, intermmable, 

8. Peraaverance, constancy. 
!ontliiuattoii, n. Extension (in Hme or 
space), prolongation, pcotraotion, con- 

;outluae, v^ n, 1, Remain, endure, 
last, be permanent, be durable. 
a. Abifle, stay, tarry. 
3. Poralat, peraevere, goon, luepon, 

Soutlnue, ii.' a. Extend (in ttiNe or in 

space), proloj^. 
>ntlaalty, n. Cohe^on, close mdon, 

uninterrupt^ connecUon, unbroken 




Contort, V. a. Twist, writhe, distort. 
ContoTtJon, n. Twist, dlstorMon, wcj- 

u«SB, deformity. 
Contour, n. Outline, profile. 
Ootttraband, a. Prohibited, illegal, vji- 

Oontroband.n. 1. Illegal traffle. 
a. PToliiblted aiUcles, 

ContrADt, n. a. 1. LesBen, Bhortsn, 
narrow, diminiah, abcli^, rednee, epi- 
tomize, draw together. 
^. Incur, briu^, procure, get, Hasome, 

Contrast, v. ». 1. Slirirel, ebrink, 

a. Agree, stipulate, bargain, cove- 
nant, make a bai^i^. 

Contract^ n. Oom|ract, bargain, stlpu- 

laHon, covenant, convenUun, oo 

dat, treaty, agreement, pact, acn 

. 1. Shrinking, shrlvel- 

a. Eedaotton, Bjiortenlng, diminution, 
leasening, abil^ment, ahhrevjatlon- 
>ntFBcUct, E. a. 1, I>oiiy, gaJnaay, 

i. Opposition, cantTE 
antagonlam, elaflhli 

Q, claflhlng. 
Contradictory, a. Oppoi 

hicoDElBlent, repagnont. 
Contradistinolion, n, Dislduction (^ 

t^posUe qualUiea). 
CiHitxadiatliiKnlBh, v. a. I^tlnguieh 

Contrariety, n. Oppi»iUon, repugnance, 
antAgosiBta, counadiotion, claBhljiig. 

Oontrarj-, o. 1. OpporfW, opposing, ad- 
verge, oppoeed, eounter. 

a. Anbgomslic, eonfilcUag, contra- 
dictory, conntflracHi^, letroBcUve, re- 
obstinate, Btu'bbom, headstrong, re- 
fractory, unruly. 

Contrast, n. %, Eihlblliou of difibr- 

-wlieel, n. Crown-wheel. 

ountervaSTtiiwart, cros 
obstinct, defeat, hinder, go agatuf 
clash with, rui counter to, iiSllCa 

Contribute, V. ii. Conduce, minister, 
coneplie, co-operate, concur, bear a 
part, be helpful. 
oatrlhrutloo, n. 1. Grant or bestow- 

a. Gift, donation, offerii^, subacrip- 

Cootrivanoe, « 

Contrive, , 

invent, pcojeot, hatch, 
frame, concoct, 

remorse, i^ientaiwe, sorrow, regret, 
self-canaei]mB&tm, Belf-rwroiwh, aon^ 
of consdencB, sonow Ibr fin. 

Design, inveuUou. 

, plan, plot, artifice, 

plan, design, 

upon, strike out, dialk out. 
Contrive, s. «. Scheme, plot, phin, oon- 

^Joutrol, 11. Ascendency, sway, oom- 

mastery, superintendence, {tirectioii. 
-. — . — I .. „ . T.1 — 1. — lage, legu- 

Controversialiat, n. Disputant, ar- 
gner, debater, disputer. 

Controversy, ii. 1. IHBCua^u, diepnt«, 
disputation, debate, polemics, alterca- 
.;__ 1 „!,.. — J. (,( words, strife 

bomnesa, do^dness, psrvereenees, 
pertinacity, heBdiueas, obotiracy. 
9, Disobedience, insubordiuaaon. 
Contnnuilioua, a.' Beproaclifn], atm- 

lent, insnIUug, rude, supercdHoiu), over- 
bearing, arrogant, soornful, disdalnfal, 
Contumely, n. Obloquy, reproach, op- 
probrium, abuse, eontemptuousness, 
insalenee, rudeness, blaekguardism, 
snperdliousness, arr^ance, scorn, con- 



luiloble, proper, 

ter, congregate, oome togellier, liuld o. 

semble, collect, Mnelet, iitli^ li:>getlier, 
^tJier tK>gfltlier, 

a/CoDimirUoiisnesa. accamimida,ticin, 
3. Cause of satisfaction, source of 

Convenient,". 1. Fi 

^pEoprlatfl, aduptec 

fut, Eerricoable, he]|>ful, l>enc^dM. 
Convent, n. Monastery, elolstoT, abbey, 

prlocy, nminery. 
Cirnveutlan, n. 1. Aeeembly, Meeting;, 

^, Contract, compact, agreement, 
Conventional, a, 1. SHpnlatcd, agreed 
on, bargained for. 

a. Usiud, oustomEwy, common, habit- 
ual, irontea, accustomed, ordinary, leg- 
ular, everj-day, 
GpuventuBl, a. Uooastlc. 

Converge, v. ». Tend to tlie same point, 
OonvBFireat. a, Conrei^ng. 

I. Tendency ki one 

TsiBad In, akUled In, pix^cienb In, 
Oonvecsatlon, ?(. Converse, lalk, col- 
loqiiy, parley, eonferenoe, dialogue, 
_t_.. ..^^, fiuniliat dls- 

:alkatjve, inclined 

!ommune, hold In- 

>yPABtrLA.TE, dls- 

af 5^ 

colloquy, conversation. 
~" opposite. 

i. Tti-rincDoally. 


txansfi>nDat^on, obange. 
S, Interobai^, tranapositlon. 

fonu, chaise. 
s. Interuaange, ftanapOEe. 

OoDTerUMA a. Interdiangeable. 
ConTes,a. OibbonB, pi-otuberant, r< 

tag {oaiioardiff]. 
OouTez lens, Buming-glaaa. 
Convey, V, a, 1. CBIry, bear, t 

^gn, demise, 'devolve,' cede, ecanl, de- 
\£a, deliv — '- 


inviotlon, «. 1. Proof of 

guilty, datact in 
inal, felon. 

3. Parsuaelon, sentiment, judgment, 

Convince, «. a. Satisfy (6s pra^ or eui- 

' daux), persuade. 

Convivi&l, a, Festal, festive, social, 

jovial, Jolly, gay. 
Conviviality, n. Fasavity, jovialily, 

jollity, gayelj, marry-niakliig. 
Convooation, n. HeeUiig, assembly, 

convention, coi^ress, diet, synod, oonn- 

Con-vofce, V. a. Convene, assemble, 
sommon, muster, call together, brii^ 

Convolnte, a. (Bof.) Rolled togetber. 

f ..,.1 — - 1. Boiling ti^ether. 

I Aetata, aliake, disturb. 

ulAon, n. 1. Spasm, cramp. 

, Agitation, disturbance, tumult, 

Prspare tJbod) by heat. 

cited, iJacid, quiet, st^ 

3. IruUfibreut, nnconoenied, luke- 
warm, cold-blooded. 

4. Impudent, shameless. 

jool, n. a, 1. Refrlgeraie, chill, moke 
cool, reduce the heal of. 
8. Allay, calm, quiet, temper, at- 

Coop, ». Pen (^pcmarff). 
Coop, V. a. Confine, cage, inc^e, Im- 

Co-oi>«rBte, f. n. Conspire, conduce, 
contribul*, conour, units, work togeth- 
er, join forces, act lolntly, 

Co-oueTation,!). Concurrence, conCBrt, 
joint operation, pulllrffl together. 

Co-operotDF, n. Coa^utor, as^tant, 
Iteipar, aider, auxiliary, ally, abettor, 
joint operator. 

Co-ordinate, a. £qnal, oo-eqnal, of 


8. Firm, honae, eatabUsliment, con- 
cern, compiviu^ joint concem. 

CDpe witJi, Encoimtar, ensure "witli, 
oonteiul with, oompete wiffi, atruggle 
witli, strive wltli. 

Cffpier, n. Transcriber, copyist. 

Ooptous, a. Aboudant, plentiful, plen- 
teous, ample, promise, rich, fDll, koUk 

[■j n. 6ent,' ten mills, t 

m vitriol, BulphaCk 

r shrubs), 

pari; of a dolh 
Iton {cTTfutaUiitdi, 

'less. """I"-*' 

Copulation, «. Coition. 
Copulative, a. UoiUng, coniiecUng. 
Copy,n. I. Transcript. 

8, Fnc-Bimlie, dupBcate. 

3. Original, model, pattern, oiche- 



S. Imitator. 
Coquet, V, n, Flitt, philander, malce 

love, make a ehow of love, afttet to be 

in love, play at couttsliip. 
Coquetry, n. Flirtation, aftMatlon of 

CoqueM«, m. Flirt, Jilt. 
Coqulmblte, ». White copperas. 
Coranaoh, n. [fS^ritten aJao Qfnmack^ 

Cavd, n. Siring, Uns, eicaU rope. 
Cordate, a. Cordltbrm, heart-shaped. 
Cordial, a. 1. Heiuty, warm, anient, 

sitbctlonate, eameBt, smcere, heartfelt. 
8. Gcatefol, pleasant, refi-eshiiig, in- 

v^ratlog, restorative. 
Cordial, «- 1. Stomachic, stomachal, 

e. Uiuaur, oromariEed epirit. 
Cordiality, «. Haartinesa, sincerity, 
aniot of afi^Uoi^ warmth of ftellng, 

CoMlform, a. Cordate, heart-shaped. 
Core, li. Heart, Inner part. 
OoriaseoDs, a. Leathetj', toagh. 
Cork, n. 1. Bark of the Qaeraui subeTj 

en, V. a. 1. Salt moderately, sprlr 

a, muddle, ina 
<e tipsy 

nieous,a. Ho 

rolch^ knee, cub 

Angle, band, elljow, 
i, niche, reined place, 

Cocner.B.o. [(Ji«05uiai(7.S.J 1. Drive 

ftl Nonplus, pose, coniWnd, confuse, 
pmala, perplex, put to a stum, 
Comer-wige, ad. Ciagonally. 

Inference, oonclus 

.. [Writt* 

Coro , 

IMrge, funeral soii^. 
Coronal, II. Crown, garland, wreath, 

chaplet, laaiel, bays. 

Corparal, a.' 1. Bodily." 

8. AfaCerial, physical, corptseal, not 

Corporate, a. Incorporated. 

Corporation, n. Tncom)rated body. 

Corporeal, a. Material, phydo^ cor- 
poral, not spiritual. 

Corps, »■ [B^'l Body of troops, division 

Corpulency, ) ^tness, plompnesB, a 

; fat, st«u 

rtl^e, nunecuie, 

, ,, — , grain. Jot, ioia, 

ut»o, rfUt, a<e, BdntUla. 
Corpuscular, a. Molecular. 
Correct, v. a. I, Kectiii^, amend, mend, 
reform, redress, reclaim, make right, set 
8, Fiudsh, oaal^fate, chastise, disid- 

3. Change the quality of {by soiae- 
thAng Qffm opposite charactei-). 
Correct, a. Fanltieee, exavt, predi», 
accurate, right, true, proper, ftee from 

Ooireotioa, ». 1> Amendment, im- 
provement, redress. 

a. Chastiaeoiant, pmilahment, dlsd- 
piina, east^aUon. 

3, Change (in quality, by somettattg 

manicato (62; hiter). 

reciprocal adaptation 




'ridoi-, n. O&lloiy, passage. 
;m, aatablish, sustain, support, 
-rolioratlTe,' a. Coiifltmatory, oor- 
^Fudet V. ct- 1< Erode, canksr, eat 

■roding, a. Caoslic, catbeietiu, COR- 

^'oslon, n. 1> EroeiOD, eatb^ away. 
3, Wasting, wsailiLE away, 
rro^ve, a, Corroding, conaumlng, 

rroEive guUimate, Bl-cblorlde of 

la, foId,pIaJt. 
ify, reoaer jru- 

. OODtaiiilnatfi, taint, defile, pnlli..., 
set, vitiate, spoil, adulMrata, aophle- 
Lte, debaee. 

laminated, onBound. 

H. Depraved, -wicked, 
salute, piodigata, reprc 

n, infection, vitiation, adultei 

I. DepravitT, depravation, wlcked- 

Cortege, «. [Fr.l Train. 
ConiHcate,!!. B, Shme glisten, glitb 
pleam, sparkle, twinkle, flash, sclut 

Corascatian, n. Flash, sparkle, glitter, 

gleam, scln^llatian, 
iiKi-Dothi. K. rlfr.] Sloop of war. 

,] Leader, chief, golds, 

Coi'yplieua, » 

Cosey, a.' [Written al 

lOujI,] 1. Snug, 

.S. [BBS.) Cbatly, talkative, am 
Cosmopallte. », Citlien of the wi 

ost, V. a. 1. fee had for, 
for. be bought tor. 
X. Beguire to be suabn 

ioat, n. 1, Expense, charge, price. 
9. Loss, detciment, damage, pa 

CostivenesB, n. Conatipation. 
CasUy. a, Expensive, dear, high-priced. 

S. Low bedateml. 
Coterie, n. Club, assoeiatiau, society. 

smaU hoii 

Got, lo^e, bat, o 

«ottDn-woal, o. C 

8. Cronck, aquat 

recline, lie down. 

lie flat. 

3. Stoop, bend do 

Ci>nch,v.a. l.Ei[p 


clofbe in words. 

Z. Conceal, hide, 


3. Lay la spew) 

in rest, pot 


4. Depresa or rem 

ove (a caloTaet). 

Couch, n. 1. Bed, place tor rest 

Concbant, a. Squatting, lying down. 

Coach-grass, n. Knot-arass, dM'a- 
giaas, wheat-graea, witcS-gcass, dog- 
wheat, twltch-grasa(3^^<^(<»i^r^'ffns), 

Cang:ar, n. Puma, pantlier, catamount. 
North American tiger {Filia coacohr or 
Puma connoior). 

Oonlenr de rose, [Fr.) 1. Boae color, 
a. Fair appearance, attractive l^t, 
flattering aspect. 

Coult^r-neb, n. Pnffln, Labrador ank, 
[Atoa a"'"-- — » — *.— .* vj.-. 

of advise 

. jr Fratercuia c 
L. Cabiw ■ ■ 

ministry, body 

!. Aseembly (/<M'eo»si(;fci(ioB),meat- 
111^, congress, diet, synod, convocation, 
CoiiDcillor, n. [Written also Onnici'or.] 

IJonnael, n. 1. Consultation, Inter- 
change of opinion. 

9. Advice, oranioa, suggestion, rec- 
ommendation, luatruction, BdmoniHon, 

3. Deliberation, fjretbODgbt. 

4, Design, plan, scheme, purpose. 

B. Counsellor, lawyer, attorney, bar- 

llounsel V. a. Advise, adra'onish, give 

Joimsellor, ?!. [Written, also OHinseftB-,] 

», Lawyer, attcmej, barrister, eo- 
• uoiTOK, counsel, advocate. 



Add to tlie nnmbet, h 

Count on, Depend on, depend apon, 

rely on, rely upon, count npoo. 
Count, n. 1. Beckoning. 

a. (Zow.) Farticiaar clause . or 
n . I, Aspect, look, mien, 

probation, ^iproval. 
Cannteiuuicfl, t>. a. Approve, eanotion, 

Buppcdj, atd, abet, as^t, tlivor, encour- 

Hffa, paconlzfl, befriend, stand by, aide 

intb, teethe side of. 
Oonnt^p, n, Reckoner, calculator. 
Coonter, ad. Contrary, contrariwise. 
Coimteraot, a. 0. 1. Oppoee, oontra- 

ven^ reslat, erosB, tlkwart, . binder, 

check, delbat, ftustrat^ ran ooonMr 

tOj act og^natj claah with. 
2. Nentrallze, dfletroy the eftbiit at 
OmiDterHctloii, «■ Oppoimon, eontro- 

vention, reslstanoo, fcurtration. 

ConuterbitlBjice, V. a, 1. Gaunter- 

8. fckrantatYBil, compenaata, set off. 

Counter-current, n. £day. 

spurious copy o^ Imitate wronglhlly. 

ij. Feign, eimulat«, ebam, pat on tlie 
appearance of. 
CounterMt, a. 1. Forged, spurious, 
Bnppodtltioua, ftauduleiit. 

S, Feigned, t^Llse, simulated, aham, 
mock, ^ap-trap, BpuriouE, put on, 
Cannteriblt, n. Forgery, n-andulent 

Ooonterititei, «. 1. Forger, fklsiaer. 
X. Pretender, i^cmer. 

Beroke, lesclud, 
inA.'u. n. Matoli back, le- 

%, shop-^eper. 
reoali, abrogate, 

se the dlrecdon of a 

Connterpart, ' 

8. (Lam.) Duplicate, copy. 
■3. CorrelaUTe, complranent 



eni, revo 
4. Matel 

,alo, tally, ti 

Counterpoise, w. a. Counter-balaj 

Countflrpolse, «. Equal w^ht. 

Coontrifted, a. Kustic, rude, country. 
Conn^, It. 1. Region, land. 

S. Butal pacta (oa diiiitt{ifaaked/ran 
CouhUt, a- 1. Rustic, rural. 

». Kude, rough, onrettned, tmoulli- 
TBt«d, countriUed. 
CounWmBJi, n. 1. Compatriot. 

Coan-de-erace, n. [Fcl Deatb-blow, 
deolBlve Tilow, linlBhing stroke, mercy 

Conp-de-iaMn,n. [Fr.] Sudden attack, 

unexpected enterpiise. 
Conp-d' jtat, «. [Fr.) Master slroke of 

poHcy, stroke of stalsemansbip. 
Conp-d'ffiil, n. ^Fr.] QlHnce, hasty 

view, sllglit vlew- 
Conp-de-aolell, .n. [Fc] Sunstrolte, 

atalAsiB, ineolaHon, stroke of the aun. 
Conpl^n. 1. Btbcb, pair, two l^jf tlie 

R. Man and wilb. 
Conple, V. a. 1, Join, conjoin, connect, 
unit^ pair, link together. 

}0. Marry, wed. 
Couple, v. n. Uittte, pair. 
Coaplet, «. Two verses (ihoi rhgsie), 

Conpon, n. [Fr.] Interest oertlfieate, 
Coarase.n. Fearleeeneant/VoinrefecMm 
._. — '■'<'^, heroSm, 

nteea, intre^iUty, her6£m, 
Lrlng, aplrit, reaomtion, ibrH- 
IhoM, plilck, SFCSE, back- 

Mdn™J „ 

tnde, hurdlhoDd, 

CouT^jeouB, a. SeexJaalflmnreflecHoit 
or a jsus qf du^j,' bbavb, gallant, 
daring, valcsons, cbivalrouB, valiant, 
bold, ^kecidc, Intrs^d, danntless, reso- 
lute, hardy, atont, lion-hearted, with a 
bold front, OP TO the bobatoh. 

Courier, n. Meaaai^er, express, run- 

Courae, ti. 1, Race, career. 

2. Route, way. track, road. 

3. Direction, bearing, point of coro- 
paas, line of progress. 

5. Progress, process. 

6. R^ularlty, order, succCRSion. turn. 
1, Deportment, line of conduct, man- 
ner of proceeding. 

8. Series, system, methodical ar- 

9- Set of dfstt^iaiabonfivet}. 
Conrse, v. a. Purane, hunt, chase, ran 
atler, give chaee tK>. 


Caurt, s. a. 1. rjattor, codille, toy to 
pleaee, ^wn upon, pay couit to, 
iS. Woo, pay one's aridreBasB to, mate 

k, aollclt, si 

eaii^ a. Poiite, d 

^, rflBpeetfoi^ < 

PoUtsnesa, Co 

Courtesan, Ji. ProBtltnto, whore, hai 
renot, drab, C 

tlglae, well-bi 

?, ulgbt-Tfalker, > 

■, lewd 

bility, good-breeding, elegance o^ m 

Courtly, Wooing. 
Conct-yaid, ». Conct. 
CouBln-Kermtin, n. First onnsin. 
Cove, n. Inlet, l^t, em^l bay. 
Covenant, n. Agreement, bargain, con- 
tract, compact, stlpulatioi], arranse- 

Covenant, ti. n. Bai^!^, stipalal«, 

agree, make a atlpnlatlon^ 
Cover, f. a. 1. Overspread, 

A. Conceal, lilde, secrete, cloak, veil, 
screen, sbrond, maaS, disguise. 
3. Siiield, shelter, protect, guard, 



terbalance, countervail, bal- 
ipensate, mske op for, be 

1. Covering, tegument, fn- 

a, Soreen, veil, disguise, cIOHk. 

3. Shelter, protection, guard, de- 
fence, Bhield, aafeguoiti. 

4. Plate, dish. 

Covering;, n. Cover, tegument, integ- 
ument, capsule. 

CovorSl' f "■ CounterpanB. 

Covert, ». Shelter, lefuge, asylum, har- 
bor, aanctui^, retreat, ^oefeuce. 

CovOTt, a. HMden, concealed, secret, 
dlsipi&Bd, eluidestine, nnderbana, ely, 
In^loua, stealtl^. 

Covefe, V, a, De«&e, long for, lust fbr, 
hanker alter, HSplie to. 

Ometoos, a. 1. Greedy, eager, very 
" ■ IB lueualki in a bail aease, thoagt 
-eBiaagood sense], ■"-■■'■"-'■- 

, .^ ._,^ .jordid, m..._ 

merceimiy, ndserly, n^^rdly, stingy. 

Covin. «. (Zmc.! Col^alan. 

Covinoug, a. fLcmi.) Fraudulent, de- 
ceitful, dishonest, deceptive, collmdve. 

Cow, D. a. Overawe, inlimidate, fright- 
en, daunt, subdue by fear. 

Coward, n. Dastard, poltroon, craven, 

Cowturdice, n. PuaillaulmUy, poltroon- 
etv, timidity, fear, oowaraJinesa, the 
white feather. 

Cowardliness, n. COWAKDICE. 

Cowardly, a. PusHlaiiimoua, dastardly, 
craven, ifearful, timorous, tjmid, fliffl- 
dent, tkjntv-hearted, chicken-hearted, 
white-livered, showing tlie white 

Cower,f.n. CroRch,cilnge,&wn,9toop, 

M aItbe, prig, man of dress ; vain, ebowy 

Joicombiy, n. Foppishness, vain- 
glory, pr^erj. ^ , 
JoKcomMcal, I a. Foppish, eor--"-" 
Joxeomical, 1 vain, pr^ah. 

Modest, dlfQdent, shy, shrink' 

;, timid, bashllil, i 

ceive, swindle, chouse, dupe, gull, ( 
die, overreach, drcumvent, begi 
vlcumlra, take in, impose npon. 
Dozeuage, n. Ftand, deceit, aith 

tnre, dupliia^, guile, double deal- 

3ozy, a. [Written ^ao COseg.] 1. 
oomlbrtable, easy. 
S. [Sna,] Chatty, talkative, social, 

>abl>ed, a, 1. Soar, tart, rough. 

S. Morose, Builj, testy, louoliy, 1 

growling, snarUng, anapplah, 

tanksrous, waspish, petalaiit, peevish, 
churlish, harsh, ucrimonione, caustic, 
captloufl, oeusorloua, spleneUc, out of 

3. mfflonlC perplexing, trying, 
manageable, toi^.intraoCable, ha 

3. Asperity, acerbity, 
sullenness, moodlneea, c 
harshness. Ill-temper, bad ouiou. . 

3. Difficulty, perplexity, Intracta- 

Crab-graHB, n. Wire-grass, dc^-tall 
graas [EiejUiHe Indicc^ 


S> Snap W a vimt). 
Ora^f.o. l.Breai(iiartia«u),CRAZB. 

fl. split, chop, deave, rend aanndar. 

3. ninp (a> a uAfai). 
Oraok, c. n. 1. BceML, apllt, burst, cliup, 
open to otainks. 

a. Brag, blaBtar, vapor, rauut, bosaC, 


,1. [Cbflbowoi.] Kxeellent, flrst- 

late, ol tlte fitrt olaw, first-oliisa. 

Orack-brained, a. Crazy, cracked, in- 
suie, craned. 

Cracked, a. 1. Broken, spUC 

S, Craaed, erasy, orack-braJned, witb 
a bee in Ibe bead, insane. 

Oroelier, ». Hard blBcalt. 

Crackle, <r. n. Decrepitate, crepitate. 

aptness, expertnese, readiness. 

%, Artifice, artflilness, Gbrei.^ 
BDbtiety, cnnniitg. 

8. Art, trade, employment, busi 

flce^ workman, liand, operatiTe, li 

lUTldlona. intiteuing, tricky, ( 

diplomatic, HacMaveuan. 
Cin!si *>. Bondi, steep rock. 
Cniesied, a. Obaogy. 
Craesy, a. Cm^ed, mggoa, rough, 

brtSen, uneyen, scrajr' 


i'. Crowd, 'm^i^i ™ 

, to satiety, eat greedily. 

8. l&UogM.] Study for eitanii- 

Cramp.n. 1. Spasm, crick, convniBion. 

8. [flora.] Check, restriction, re- 
stiidnt, obaiTUCtlou. 

3. Cramp-iron. 
Cram^ V. a. 1. Aflbct with spasms. 

a. Restrain, obstruct, hinder, check, 

Crump-ftBli, B. Torpedo, electric ray 

Ci'iine-fly, ii. Father-long-lega, daddj 

Crane^e-ltlll, ^ GeraDiojn. 
Oraniognoioy, n. Craniology, phn 

Craniolosy-T "- Craniognomy, phreno 

Cnuiuy, n. Cleft, eraok, fieenre, cbink, 
crevice, lift, gap, break, breach, inter- 
stlee, openlBg. 

Crapnlons, a. [Sore.] ]>riinken, drunk. 

turn, n. [L-l Clot {qf Mood), 
ille.n. <!liit'E cradle, soral^li- 

soUd^ implore, supplies 

lTa4en, r, 

Dastard, coward, poltroon, 

Longing, licking, etrong 

iw, n. Crop^rBt stomach (</a bird). 

, .. i^irayflali, river-lobster. 

Crawl, «. 11. Creep. 

e. IBare.] Break, crack, crueb, grind. 

cracked, crnaed, out of one's head, out 
of one's BenaeB, out of one's wits. 
Cream, n. Choice part, best pMt. 
Cr<!am-o<>lored, a. Pale yellow. 
Iream of tartar, Bl-tnrtrate of potash 
{pm-^fisd), acid tartrate of potash. 
Ireate, w. a. 1. Originate. 

a. Proauee, cause, occa^on, be the 

3. Make, appidnt, consUtuCe. 
>eatlnii, n. 1. Inveittjon, oi%inaUon. 

3. Appointment, constitntion, nomi- 

jj. Animal, llvli^c being. 

3. Man, person. 

4, Depeiulant, retainer, vnasal, pan 
site, minion, han^-on. 

of "belief, not improb- 
Trustworthinesa, cred- 
l!et tmat, fUth, conil- 

Credit, n. 1. Be 


a. Kepntableness, esteem, re 
good repute, good reputation. 


Credit, B. a. 1. BeUeve, giv 

St faltli In, rely upon, • 
abt not, roalte do dout 

[. BeUeve, give Mth to, 
d<niljt of, take 
,a. Place to the credit of, carry to the 


d, a. BiGOTCD, wedded 
I. Inlet, cove, b^t, small 

!(. Fawning, Evcophantic, 

8. (^of-L ™owtiig on tHa ground or 

, Burning lespectailji q 



T^ure of tlie new moon. 

Tni-kiah power, Ottoman Empire. 
Growing, enlar^ng, in- 

. (.Sof.) Limate, 

CrratI n?' 1. TuR, plIl^l^ COMB. 

S. Top, crown, anmmlt, hlglieat part. 

CreBted,a. 1. WiUi HCiest. 
S. lAd.) Criatate. 

CreBtfidlen, a, Cfgeonraged, dislieiirt- 
ened, dlainritadj d^re^eed, d^ectad, 
deepDudlng, ohap-feUBu, melauclioly, 
BBO, down-heuted, downcast, cast 
down, low-ei^rited, In low spirits 

Oretaoeona, a. ClllUlEy. , 

CreTSSSe, n. [Fr.] Creiice, gap, opan- 
fng, ravine, gnlley, odloh. 

Crevice, n. Fissure, Chink, rift, gap, 
deft, craok, cramiy, interstice. 

Crew, B. Company, gai^, band, aet, 
horde, par^. 

Crib, n. 1. Book, juufger, cratch, feed- 
a. Bin, bunker. 

Crib, V. a. Enclose [as hi a crib), cage, 
encage, confine, imprison, shut up. 

Oi^ck, n- Spasm, cramp, convulsion. 

Crime, 71. 1. FELONV^j^gravaUd niis- 

oaoltMf iUflJKMi law), infroclion of law. 

Z^ Sin, transgression, iniquity, wick- 

eitoesE, uniEghteousneee, vnans, deiln- 

minal, a. 1. Wrong, coDtraif ta 

S. Culpable, guilty. 
Criminal,!!. Colprit, dellngueut, off^- 
^-- transgresBor, treapaseer, malefac- 

- 1 Adultery. 

Criminality, u. OuilUneas, guilt, cul- 

Crtukluat^, V. a. Aecnao, charge, ar- 
raign, Impeach, allege to be goiUy. 

Crlmlnntum, n. Aceusatior ' — ■ — 
ment, tirml^iment, Otaacge. 

Crimp, c. a, I, Ouil, crisp. 
S. Halt , fcrm into riitos. 

Accusaljon, impeaclt- 

Hlk^k, BtOO 

Cringing:, a 

Crinkle, V. «, Crankle, ru 
Cripple, n. l^me person. 
Cripple, «. a. 1. Lame, m 

Cronch, iiinn, Imckle, 
Ccouclili^, fawning, oer- 
in and out. 

Might, d 

:, rub, pincli, 

8. Exigency, emei^ 
pufli, crltlKil flltnato 
cl^lspy, } "■ *■ ^'*'*^*' frlaMe. 

S. Curled, ftizjled. 
Crisp, V. a. Twist, curl. 
Crispin, n. Shoemaker. 
Cris^te.d. <Aif.) Crested, 
Criterion, «. Standard, test, touch- 
Critic, B. 1. Eavlewer, censor, connoi- 
senr, judge Iqf ortiaiic laerii). 

a. Cenenrer, caviller, oacpcr. 
CHtical, a. 1. Exact, nice, accurate. 

S. Censorious, carping, cavilling, cap- 

Critldu, V, a. Examine and eBtlmate 
[ai vmvi gfartm-cf Marafare), ismark 
upon {vAtK r^f^Feace to laerita astd dt- 
jB^iB), ■ptet Ju^meut npon. 

CritlidmD, n. 1. Art i^criticlBlng. 
a. Critique, BtrioCureB, animadTer' 
slou, review, diUeai remarks. 

Crltiqne, ». Criticism, review, critical 
„, — , — .!,_ — itioal remarks, critical 

irmur, complain, grum- 

grumbler, cen Barer, fanft-finder. 
Crock, n. Soot. 

Crock, II. a. Blaeken [vrUh eootl, son. 
Crockeiy, n. Earthen-ware. 
Crocodile tears. Affected tears, hypo- 

Crony, n. |Qji;ogutai.] Associate, inti- 
mate ftiend, bosom friend, bosom eom- 

Crook, n. Bend, fteiure, curvatuiB, 


Cro^Red* a. 

8. iSstoIted, ttrlsMd, my, nwiy, 
tuikew, deformed, dlsf^ured. 

a. Petreree, Auwaid, dishonest, nn- 
CUr, dia^onorabls, knavish, unacEupu- 
lone, deceittnl, tricli;, ineidione, crafty, 
intiiguii^, diplomat^, MachlaTsllan, 
Croon, t>. a. Ham, sing softly, eli^ bi n 
Ian tone. 

aTsiinple mdndy. 
Omp, II. 1. Harveat. 

a. Craw, first stomaoii {r^ a bird). 
Crop, V. a. 1. Lop, dip, cut off. 

6. Gatiisr, pluok, pfok. 

3. Browse, nihble, feed upon. 

ChiiMiHii doctrine," Christiiin leligton' 
l._ Trial, 

^1, peevish, petulant, pettjsh, 

spieb, touiSiy , laety, orus 
hbed, captious, ill-natuTf 

3. TraTecse pass g 

4. Thwar hind h n nleif i 

Cjrosa-1tafr«d a 
Crosses, n. pi 

troubles, tna s ( 
OroSB^i'alned a 

nntr]u;table w 

Crossing, n In 
Cr^si^se, r^ 

wLim ak qui k a- 

WliiiDsical, fanlaetlc. 

gary, n 

Orouoli, o. 1. 1. Couch, squat, lie 
stoop low, lie close to tlie gcound. 
JS. Cower, cringe, fawn, truckle. 
Cronp, «. 1. Bump (espoHally qf a 
htff-se), buttocks. 
3. {Med.) Cynanolie ((mcSen^is). 
Crow, o. n. Boast, br^, Taunt, bluster, 
Bwa^er, Taper, triumph, chuckle, ex- 
Crowd, n. 1. Throng, mulUtude, con- 
oauree, host. 
S. Babble, mob, popnlace, rulgar 

mon people. 
Orond, V. a. 1. FUl by compi-es^on, 

ram, ptese, press l«- 
;k tc^tJior, 

nsmerous. come tliiclt. 

wn,«. 1. Diadem, 

i. Boyalty, kingly ijowec, 


3. Coronet, coronal, gacland, chaplet, 
wreath, laurel, bays, 

4. Dignity, lionet, reward, reoom- 

8. Adorn, dignify, honor. 

3. Eecoinpense, reward, requite. 

1. Perfect, camidete, flnieli, consnm- 

Crownine, n. 1. Coronalion. 

2. Perfecting, finishing, consumma- 

Crown-lnw, n. {Eitglaad.] Oriminai 

Crawn.«ost, n. King-post. 
Crown-wheel, b. Contrate-wiicel. 
Crucial, a. l. Traiieverse, intarsectti^. 

3. Severe, searching, trying, deci- 

Cruciate, a. {Bat.) Cruciform, cross- 
Cruolfomi, a, Croes-Bhaped, CEUCi- 

Cruoiiy, K. o. 1. Put to death upon the 


1. Baw, nnooolfed, u 

e. ^mature, unripe, harsh. 

3. Coarse, unreflned. 

4. Unpremeditated, hid^ssted. 
Crudeness, n. Bawness, crudity, 

Crudity, «. IBftwnras, crad 

Cruel, a. 1. nnmerdnl, In 

eilefis, unfeeling, n ' 

inthlen, barbaron 

nnrelenUng, inexorable, sbte 

ciou& brural, sanguinary, t 

blood-tWrBty, Jiard-heaEtea. 
8. Sbtbib, Wd, it — ■'^■ 
Cmeltf. "' Inhnm 

biDlality, brutlshnes 

neea, tcnculBuoe, bloi . 
Croet, «. VM, erase, caster. 
Cruise, K.». E»ye orer the sea. 
Cmlse, «. BoTiM Tojage, 
Crumble, v. a. Crush, break to pieces, 

disintegrate, reduce to fragments. 
Crumble, v. n, 1. ^1 to pieces, break 

™§M n 

. Wrinkle, rumple. 
Palmer, pilgrim. 
I, cruet, caster. 
1. Compress, squeeze. 


a. Break, cmmble, dldntegiats, com- 
minute, btay, OBAZE. 
3. DemuUxh, imaek. dovm. 

enbiliie, quail, oonqiiM. 
Crust, ». Incrostutaon, bard coating- 
Crustacea, n. III. Cbustaoeahb. 
VrustBceBiu, n. pi. 31ioU-fla)i licitk 

thm.joialedgli^), Mkedie hb«ler). 
Oi'uataoean, a. CruBtaceouB. 

CroBty.o. Touchy.testy, pettleli, waap- 
ish, snappish, peev^ah^n^al^l, p«tnlaj\t, 
cross, cliurlisli, crabbed, froward, anrly, 
— '— l^snurllng, lll-temperea. 

. _. Excl^m, clamor, coll, 

lite an oatery, cry oat. 


3. aoream, ficteaoh, howl, yall, ro 

3. Voel&ratB, shout. Hoot, yell, roar, 

Grv, V' a- Prodalm, nubllsh, make pul>^ 

lie, maks piocIamaQon of. 
Ci'y, «- !• Exclamation, ejacalatiou, 
ontOTf, aMlamation. 

a. Fl^nt, lament, lamentation, ery- 
ing, waepinff. 
t. aoream, ~iLDo.-^ 
i. Packofhoanda. 
Ci7dowii,Dacrj, depreciate, condemn. 
ftryiiiR, n. WemiliK, lamentalnon. 
CryluB, a- 1- Wesidng, lamentioe. 
a. Motoiioas, great, eiiormoiia.iieln- 
ona, fl^ranb, nefarious. 
Cry out, Exclaim, clamor. 
CiT ont oeainst. Blame, oensiire, oon- 

oema, complain of- 
Crypt, B. Vault, tomb, catacomb. 
Cry up. Extol, commend, praise. 
Cub, 11. 1. Wbelp, young beast (eapsei- 
aUjf -a aotmg bew], 
a. [/a aaOewt^t-l Child, young hoy or 

Cabell, u. Java pepper {/>ifiEr alb^^a). 
Cucking-stool, n. Castfgatory, trebu- 

chat, tumbrel, ducking-slool. 
Cuckoo-bud, n. Bntter-oup,kli^'s-onp, 

botter-^^er, gold-cup (ifonumru^us bui- 

Cuckoo-spittle, n. Froth-spit. 
CuonllBte, la. 1. Hooded, oowled. 
Cuoollated, I 8. Hood-Bhaped, 
Cua,«. ILoiB.) Quid. 
Cudden.n. 1. Ctown, stupid roaUc. 
a. Coal-flBl. ouddy tOadwa carbo- 

)k&Hiu iff Msriofftiftli carUrntai^), 
Cuddle, e. li. Snuggle, nestle, squat, lie 

close, lie snug. 
Cuddle, v. a. Hug, e 

Cuddy, » 


in [bi t 

..itVieb a cudgel. 
CndgeuiuK, «. Flogging, -whJppii^, 

beattl^, DABTIHADO. 

Cudweed, ». Eyerlastlng, goldylocki 

uo, ». 1. Hint, saggeati 

catchvord, ^nk, nod. 

a. 'RuAiin bilHitrds). 

jiSt,n. Blow, stroke, box 


Cul-de-sac, 31. »---. ,— ^- 

Coll, V. a. Select, elect, choose, pick, 
_._.... ...= ^^ upon, pitch npotL, pick 

CuUy, B. Dupe, gull, cat's pai 

Ions person. 
Cnlly, u. a. Cheat, trick, dupe, gull, 

chouse, decdve, delude, overreach, 

ooaan, diddle, circumyant, beguile. In 

pose upon. 
3id™, ». 1. ^iaUkWarmtgraaset,^, 

3, Qlanca-ooal, blind-coal, hard-coal, 
staOiceiiHe {in tmall parihUs). 
!aliulnatb 0. n. l.£e on the meridian. 
%t K^och the highest point, be at the 
b^eat point. 
inlpabltlty, «. OailtineBs, guilt, cul- 



Dlpallle, a. Blamable, censurable, tep- 
refien^ble, foulty, blameworthy. 
CnlpsblenesB, ». QuUtlHeBs, "— " ■ 

dorit, B. Criroinal, majefactoc, de- 

-Inqaent, felon. 
Ciilt,«. Homage, worahin. 
ColtlTate, s. o. 1. Till, raise crops 

a. Study, investigate, search into. 

mcliorafe, malie better. 
4. Foater, chetieb, promote. 
Cultivation, n. 1. Tillage, agdctlltare, 

a< Improvement, relinement.cnltare. 
Cnltnre, li. 1. A«ricnltnre, Ullage. 
a. Improvement, refinement, culW- 

Cnmber, p. a. 1. Overload, oppress, 
clog, hamper, obstruct, encumber. 

plex, plague, bar; 
Cumbersome, a. 

a. Unwieldy, unmanageable, clomsy, 
awkward, inconyeident. 
CanLbraus, a. Burdensome, ctraiBSo- 

Cnaeate, I a. CnncltOcm, vedge- 
Coaeated, j shaped. 
Cn»^form, a. Ouneate, wei^e-shaped. 
Cunner.n. 1. (Otc/t.)Llmpe!<i>ate»a). 
a. (left.) Conner, bnigail, obooset, 

Cannbig;, a. Crafty artful, aly, astute, 
subtle, wily, shrewd, aliarp, dealgnlns, 
Intr^uiiK, deceitful, TBIUKY, crooked, 
diplomatic, Macbiavelian. 

Cunning:, ii- Craft, art, shrewdness, 
artidce, deceit, duplicity, subtlety, iu- 

Cu^h!" 1. Chalice. 

a. Draught, ^tlon, cupful. 

Cupboard, «. UnSbt. 

;a by Google 

ayance, no 
! of wealth. 

Cops, n. jH. Orgies, revels, bacuhanalB, 

camns^, wasBall, compotation, dtiull:- 

CaratiTe, a, Bemedlal, aaiiaCary. 
OurBitor, n. Guardian, cnsMdiitn, e 

perlTLtendenE, keeper, 
Ciirl>, n. !■ VSEOK, TeaEraint, hlnd< 

ance, lirldle. 
St Curb-fitone- 
Cnrb. V. a. CbeoK, reatrain, ooutr 

bridle, pat nndec teetraint, keep u 

Curb-roor, n. Mausard-ioof, OA 

.nc,>t. Cutb. 

Ourouma paper, Turmerlo paper. 
Curd, H, Caa^e, ceagulum of milk, 

cDnauIated milk. 
Cardie, p. o, Oo^nlate, turn to cards. 
Cnrdy, a. CoagnlaCell. 
" — " 1. Bwnedj, antiaote, specitlo, 
'it, repar^ra, corrective, lielp. 

1. Remedy, Ileal. 
3. Restore to healtli. 
3. preserve (JJmnpMiirefticrioiil. 
Cnrloslty, «. 1. InquMtlveness. 

a. Paenomenon, wonder, miirvel, 
rarity, eight, speotaele. 
Cnrlons, a. 1, InquMtlve, aoniltnla- 
Ing, prying, pearing. 
a. Bare, di^alu. 

. strange, unusuaL 

rl olond, iMeteor.i Glirua, cat^s tall, 

laie's tall. 

nuDdceDn.fl. lAflser, niggard, ctinil. 

^. Olroulatlon, transmlasloa 
lioitrl to band. 

3, Money; t^gregateofcobiib 
notes; i^rcolatiDg luediutn. 
Cnrtent-o. 1. (tommon, genera 
ular, rife, generally teoelved, Ir 
one's mouOi. 

a. Circulating (as mone^), ■ 
from band to liand. 

3. Fiesent, exlsUng, Instant 

execration, imprecation, fulmlnallon, 
denunciation, )^n. 
3, Scourge, pl^uO; torment, afHle- 

blttec pill, thcnn in the d^e. ' 

Oarsed. a. 1. Aconreed, nnsanctided, 

S. Detestable, hateful, abominable, 
enecrable, vlllanous, oonfcunded. 

Hasty, slight, Bnperfltdal, 


i, desultory, trausianC, p: 


Hon, retrenchment. 
CorvatnrQi it. BendliK, bend, fleiure, 
orook, ourvltj, curve, Incurvation, ab- 

Curve, n. ' Bend, flesura, aoavATUBK. 
Carve, v. a. Bend, crook, inflect. 
Ourvet, !>. n. 1, Leap, bound, vault. 

Z. Caper, IMsk. 
Curret, n. 1. Leap, bound. 

3. Caper, frolic, prank. 
Curvity.ti. CUBVATUBE. 
(luBliat,». Itlng-dove, wood-p^onfCb- 



Cnsp.n. Point, angle, born. 
Cuspidate, {a. (All.) Pointed, acuta, 
Cuspidated, j sharp, aonminafa, ao- 

Custodian, n. lilnarilian, keeper, cnra- 

Custody, «! Keeping, care, watch 
guard&nshlp, protection, saf^keep.* 

Cnstom, B. 1. Haeit \o/ a mnjorUyi, 
USj^e. fashion, practice, rule. 
d. Perm, formallt/, observance. 

3. Patronage. 

4. Tax, impoeC, duty, tribute, t«U. 
Customai^, a. Usual, common, wonted, 

habitual, aoonatomed, conventional, 

Cnatomer, ». Pnrobaaer, buyer. 

1. QoEh, incision. 
annel, passage. 

ccnem. Slug, taunt, cutting re 

, style, form, shape. 
'■\ short way. 
g, engraved picture. 


great Sliow, eliow off, out a, Hgur 
Cnt a ^ure, CrTADASH. 
Cnt anf dried. Prepared bofo 

not BpuntaJieoua, got up for 

Cut capCTB, B'rollc, bo merry, b 

eome, pl»j pranks, cnt dldos. 
Cut didoa, Out ciPEKa. 
Cutcbr It. CatooliQ, gambler, onpau 

ewib. Terra Jopanica. 
Cut down, 1. Fell. 

a. IKmitilal), lessen, curtail. 
Cuticle, n. Epldermk, scait-ekia. 
Outis.n. (jjnaf.) I>erm,true Bklji. 
Cut ont, 1, Sbftpe, (brm, fssbion. 

3. Outdo, excel, eurpass, beat. 

3. Debar, hinder, prevent. 
Cntpnrse, n. Pickpocket, tblef, robber. 
Cut BbQrt, 1. Brli^ to a sudden close, 
end abrnpUy. 

3. Check suddenly, hinder tioia pro- 

3. Abridge, dlminlsli. 
Cut-tJiroat^ n. Murderer, aesaBaln, raf- 

- Cymblfori—, ... ., 

Cyuanche, n. [Gr.I {Mec(. 
Wsn of die tbcoat. 

Cynloal, a, CariJng, cenaorloua, aatlri- 
cal saroastio, captious, snarling, snap- 
pish, waapialL pettish, petoluit, Netful, 
peevlah, tbnohy, testy, emaby, (mmrllah, 
ocabbed, orosa, moroBe, ftoirard, snrly, 

Cyulc, n. 1. follower id' Diogenes. 
& Hlaanthrope, mui-hal^, 

CynDsure, «. 1. lesser Bear, Ursa 

a. Point or centre of attraclion. 

lot, whore, drab, atrumpet, 

woman of Ill-fa 
Cyst, - - 

)t, night- wall 
1 (Sfiie towJ 




Dal}, n. Ip Blow, Btroke- 

3. Adopt, ojciK^t, proficient, mastet- 
liajid, capital najid, nice hand, ]>AB- 
BTER, good hand. 
Dabble, v. o. Wot, spattor, sprinkle, 

Dabble, v, n, 1. Play in water, splash 

it. Work superfloially, make sUght 
eflbrts, fritter away time. 
3< Tamper, meddle, taks liberties. 
Dabbler, n. Sidollst, quack. 
Dabclilok,n. Didapper, dobcblok ( Poii- 

Dabstetjtt. ICoOoguial,] Expert^ adept. 

II. {Childish fenaa.] Father. 

■ddy-l'oDg-leSS, b. I. Fattier-loD 

■spider, ham 

itiwldy, t 
iladd- ■ 

Dado,!!. Die, cube of' a pedestal. 
]>s;daltaii, a. Intricate, maie-like. 
Dafllidllly, )n. DaSbdll, csrcla- 

Dait^dotrndiUy, I sua. 
DoffiodiLn. NatdSBus, daffadllty, daf- 
Daft, a, 1. [Local Eag.J Stupid, silly, 

S, [SooUkh.] Playfnl, fiollosoma, 
mirthful, merry, sporUve. 
"Oagser, «. PonlMd, dirk, stUetto. 
Dagsle, ". a, Drs^le, bemire, befbnl. 

tSf, flUhyjoerson, 
Daily, a. IHumal, guotidllm. 
Dainty, a. 1. Delidoua, sayory, nice, 

delicate, tender, palatable, lusciooB, 

9. Elegant, beautiful, neat, fine, 

3. Fastidlons, B^neamieh, scrupulous. 

Dainty, n. DeUcacy, tidbit, tit-bit, nice 

bit, cioloe morsel deUoate morsel. 
Dale, n. Vale, valley, bottom, dell, glen, 

DaJUance, ». Caresdng, Ibndllng, en- 
Dally, ]i.». 1. Trifle, dawdle, lose time. 

, Injury, harm, hurt, detri- 
ment, mischief, loss. 
Daiuag;e, v. a. Injure, impah^, hurt. 

Damages, n. pi. Indemnity, aatlstko- 

tion, fine, fbrfbiture. 
Daixiask-plHiu, n. Damson. 
Dame, n. Mlstreaa, matron, lady, mad- 

DiBnu, V. a, 1. Condema, Jndge to be 
a. {Theot.) Doom Co perdition, doom 


Damnatory, a. CoDdemnatocy. 
Damp, n. Molstnre, vapor, fog, damp- 

. Moieteu, dump. 

s, deject. 

allay, abate. 
3. CMU, dead( 
Dampen, i^. a. ftmiai^ju, i±iua 
Daiaper, n. 1, Gbsdk, mndt^iuivD, uv- 
■'acla, impedlmeiit, lion in tiie way. 

. wet blanlist, cold 

ae, miee, young lady. 
lEou, n. Damosk-plum. 
ce, «. B. Vrlsk, caper, ■— 

J. [OBrupiiora (/] Dak- 

S. rOrfioouiffli.] Aiaar, rage. 
»andlprat,n. Dna^little fellow. 
Dandle, v. a. 1. Dance, toss up and 

8. Fondle, caress, pet, amnee wltli 
triflas, play with. 

Dandruff, n. Scoif on the liead. 

Dandy, it. £eau, fop, concotab, exqul- 
b11«, popinjay, mocaironi, jackanapes, 
]ack-a-<laudy, man of drees, man milll- 

Dan^-i^er, n. Dengue, breaJt-bone 

Itandylam, it. Foppishness. 

Danifer, n. Peril, hazard, rlek, jeopar- 
dy, venture. 

Daagerons, a. Perilone, hazardous, 
uniaJ^, iti9K¥, full of risk. 

Daniile, v. ». 1. Swine, hang loose, 
a. B»wii, hang abont, be oJieequlons. 

Dank, a. Moist, damp, humid, wet. 

Dapper, a. 1. Active, lively, brlalc, 
iteile, nimble, spry, amarl^ qninit 
^ert, ready, 
a. Spmoe, nice, neat, trim, prett 

Dapple, a. Variegated, spotted. 

Dapple, u. a. Variegate, spot, diversify. 
Dare, D. m. Venture, presume, have 

courage, be bold enough, not bo pft-ftid 
Dare, 0. a. Brave, defy, challeng 
Dare-devil, n. Despef ailo, raalk i 

turer, desperate tf^ow. 
Darti^, a. Bold, adventurous, fe 

tsar^intre^d, valorous, valiant. 

ageoos, gallant, ohivalrous, doughty, 

hendc, nndannted, dauntless. 
DarlngTi «- Boldness, Intrepidity, vali 

braveiy, oourtee. 
Dark, a. 1. TIiQllnmlnated. uneulight- 

eaeii, dusky, shadowy, rayleas, sunless, 

darksome, lurid, murky^ clondy, shady, 

light, pitchy. 

ling, discDur^- 
nt, unlettered. 

vile, Infernal. 
Dark, 11. 1. Darkness, obscurity, v 
of light, 
it. Ignorance, bliiidnesa, want 

^. Ignorance, blindness, want of 

S. Gloom, despondency, ckeerlesB- 
nese, Joyless- 



HOI, pet. uear- 
beloved, dear, 

, „ Hurl, throw, launch, Jao- 

ulate. let fly. 

Dart^ 0. n. '»ueli,'fly swiftly. 
Darter, n. {Oi^tith.} Snake-bird. 
Dartre, n. [Fr.] Herpes, tetter. 
Dartrous, a. Herpetic. 
Dasli, t>. a. 1. Strike violently. 

3. Adulterate, deteriorate (Jj) miW- 

4. Disappoint, ftnstrate, thwart, ruin, 
destroy, shatter, spoil. 

B. Surprise, coniouijil, abash, put t« 

" " - Kusn, on 

, ... _ Stroke, 

a. Rush, onset, aoiiden advance. 

3, Infusion. Unge, tincture, sprink- 
ling, sploB, touch, smack, little, small 

4. Flourish, show, ostentations dis- 

. Bush, dart, fly swlftJy. 


1-d.n. _ 

Daslier, n. Dashboard. 
Dashins, a. 1. Rushing, precipitate. 
a. Ostentatious, showy, pretentious. 
Dasli In pieces. Break la pieces, break 

Dash o^ Execute rapidly. 
Dastard, ft. Coward, poltroon, craven, 

Dastard,''!. Cowardly, dastardly. 
Dastardly, a. Cowardly, dastard- 
Data, ji. pi. Facts, ptemlsee. 
Date, n. Time, cpoSi, ci 

I. I'm'ear.'l 

lauhy, a. 

glutinous, SI 

h„steo., Google 

ShlTalroaa, J 
Davy Joueg, ISlUhr's term,] The 

DaWfTA. JiuiMtvif iCorma immedaia]. 

Dawdle, t>. n. Trifle, daJly, fiddle, lose 
time, waato time, idle away time, &it- 
ter away time, fool away time. 

Dawdlei', n. Idler, tiifler, lounger, lag- 
gard, drone, slu^ard, slow-Mck, In^- 
Holent person. 

. Btealt, begin to to liglit, 


Itawii, It. Cockerowlng, 
dayeprlng, dawnii^, brea 

to appear. 

Daybrbak, dawn. 
i. Day-Ume lcKe/ipe«n awtrii 

a. Period or twenty-tonr nours. 
3. Suneliiue, dayUgbt, sunlight, IJeht 

Xtay'bllndDeeB, 91. Nyct^opy, noctur- 
nal aigbt. 

Daybreak, n. Dawn, dawning, ooci- 
crowing, dayBpring, break of day, peep 
of day, prime of day, Bret blnsli of the 


DayltiElit, 1^ 

light of day, 
Day-siglit, « 

Daysprlug, 7, 

it. Sun, orb of day. 
Daise, V. a, 1. Danzle, blind. 

St. Bewilder, confusB, perplex. 
Dazzle, V, a, 1. Daze, blind {bj/ excesi 
qf light). 

3. Aefa>nisb {by splendor], surprise 
ibji briUimieii). 
Dazzle, n. Bnghtnese, brilliiuiey, splen- 
dor, dazzling fight. 
DeaA, a. 1, Ll&lesa, breatblasa, inani- 
— *- -"nceaaed, defunct, departed, gone, 
— •" ■— » '—3, gathersd to 

s lust bou 

3, DnU, frtel' 
nnfeelii^, i^loi 

K. Bntiro, oomplete, 

Dead, ft. Deptli, Efloomieet period. 
Dead (^ninst, Uttsriy or wholly op- 
posed, oat and out against. 
Dead ahead, (JVnuf.) Directly alicad 
[said 0/ the -"-■" 

V, dnll, 

Deaden, v. 

I. Wealfei 

Dead lansnagje, Unspolcen language. 

^. Implacable, rancorons, sangnl- 

Deadly-nlght'^sliade, n. Belladonna, 

bmiewoct, dwaJe (Atropa beUadoaaa]. 
Dead aitoi, Qogd marksman. 
Deaf, a. Hard of hearing, dnll of bear- 
Deafen, rr. a. Stun, make deaf. 
Deaf-mute, n. Deaf and dumb person. 
Deaf to, Begaidless of, heedless of, in- 
attentive to. 
Deal, n. 1. Qnantity, degree, extent. 
9. IMstrlbutlon W cards), 
8. Pine pl!Uik. 
Deal, V. a. Distribute, give, besi 
dispense, apportion, allot, divide, sh 

Deal, V. n. 1. Ti'amc, trade, do bu^- 

3. Distribute cards. 
DoBlby, Treat {either loelloria}. 
Dealer, «. 1. Trader, tratHoker. 

3. Distributor. 
Deal in, Have to do with, be eng^ed 

Dealing;, n. 1. Conduct, behavior, »o- 

•se, business, 

... _. . ,, . inslve, high- 

priced, at a lilgb price, of greM price. 

3. Preoioas, beLoved, darling, much 
'ovedi iii^ly esteemed or valu^ 

arth, It. 1. Icardty, insufficiency, 
leflcloncy, abort eapply. 
8. Need, want, lacS, timJne, short 

leath, n. Decease, demise, dying, d 
aolntfon, departure, exit, end of li 



.a. Exelud 


Ibit, prevent. 



v.n. I^nd 


oT 1. £>w 




deteciorale, impair, vi 

biing low, take down. 

3. Contaminate, taint, defii^ pollat«, 
Bml, befoul, corrupt, soil. 
Debasement, n. 1. Deterioration, vt- 
tiaUon, ndnlteration, perversion. 

16. Abasement, degradation, knmllia- 

Debatable, a. DiBpulable. 

Debate, n. 1. IHspatatlon, controversyh 

rtiBpnte, logomacliy, 

mtes^ era 

;a by Google 


Dismiss, argue, dispute, 
I. Argue, iSispute, dellb- 

Wmpentte inaulgenoa. 
Delianoliee. n. Libertine, rake, rolap- 

tuacy, profligate, man or pleasure. 
Debanahery, n. 1. Excesses, disslpa- 

3. LicBntioaSDess, lewdness. 
DebilitAtOi ». a, weaken, enetvate, 

enfteble, axhaoat, prostrate, render 

weak, make ItmEuid. 
I>«bmtBtlon, n. Weakening, exbaoa- 

Uon, piostratiOD. 
I>ebllit7, »■ Weakness, feebleness, lan- 

auoE, pii»liatioii, exbSiUBtlDn, Infirmity, 

ftrilty, loss of strengtli. 
iDebonalr-O- Conrteous, af^ible, polite, 

redned, dill, nrbaue, complaisant, ob- 

Mtfinr, oroi^oTtE, eaey, kind, well-bred. 
D^&iis, tt. [Fr.] Eubbish, ruins, re- 

l>ecali^iie, n- _ 

I>eciunp,v.n. 1. Breakupcamp,iaardr 

f, pad: off. 

away, go away, 

Hecapitate, n. Bekead, decollate, de- 
IJecapitatlon, «■ BebeadlDg, deoolla- 

,. Jecline. Iviil, det 
wicuer, waste, perish, ba luipaium, 
waste away, fall Into decay. 
H. Rot, piittety, be spoiled. 

Hecsf , n. Decline, aeoaiieiic«, deterlo- 
ration, d^enera^y. 

Veeeaee, n. Dbath, demise, dying- 
Decease, V. n. Die, depitrC 

I>eceaged, a. Dead^ defimct. 

Deceit, n. Deception, ftaud, Impoaltloii, 
impoBttire, Unease, arUflce, duplicity, 
goile, trickery, cozenage, cheating, 
double dealW. 

Xteceitfol, a. Deceptive, delnslie, iilu- 
slve, illusory, MlaciouB. 

Deceive, ]>. a. D6lude,cheat,dupe, gull, 
eoieo, fool, befiiol, ttlok, circumvent, 
ovecreach, ctaouEo, diddle, beguile, 
liood-wlnk, impose upon, make a fool 
of, play a tiick npon, puU vrool over 

Impostor, clieat, trteksteTi 
e, pretender. 

1. Propriety, decorum, 

belitting, suitable, decorous, 

S. Modest, delicate, pare. 

3. Tolerable, passaMe, moderate, re- 

eceptiou, n. 1. ImpostLire, Imposl- 

2. TmcK, clieat, ruse, wile, atrata- 

, Deceitful, deceivli^, de> 

Decide, V. 
]>ecl^, u. « 
Decided, a 

Determine, conclude, o 

it. Unequivocal, categorical, positive, 

3. Unqnestlon^le, luideniable, indis- 
putable, certain, clear, beyond all qoes- 
tinn, beyond a doubt, past dispute. 

Deciduous, ct. {Sot.) Xot evergreen, 
not perennial. 

Decipher, «. a. 1. Unravel, nnfold, In- 
t^ 4. — veal, explldn, expoT ' 

, Concli 

Declaim, v. n. 1. Harangne, epoot, 
speak {rheioncaiijf). 
3. Becite a speech, practise speaking. 
Declamation, ». 1, Declalnui^, ]^ 
languiiig, spouting. 
3. Harangue, set speecli. 
3. Exercise In Bpealklng. 
Declamatory, a. 1. In Uie style ot 

.. R 


asseveration, averment, protestation, 
Deelarative, <t. Explaikatory, jyECL&^A.- 

mulgate, coram 

make knonn. 

Declare, ». ». ] 

3. Announce 

don, degeneracy, 
falling off. 


Ine, deterioca- 

Inflectlon, variation. 



Deollnet V. n^ 1. Lean don 
lit l>Qcayf Blnk, droop, lai 
mi, become feeble. 

4. Seereaae, leasen, dlmiulali, ^ 
taXl away. 

l>ecl!ne, V. (t. 1. lEfifnse, reject. 

5, (Gmm.l Infleot, Viiry. 
Decline, ». 1. Decline, deterton 

d^eneraoy, decay, diminution, 6 

2. Consumption, phthids, maiaE 
iitFopb)% gtoSuai naetiag, progii 

Declivity, B. Slope (itomiiiiirds), de- 

Dedivaiu^ a. Sluing;. 
Decollate, u. a. Behead, decBpitnte. 
DecollaUon, n. Beheading, decapl 

Decoiupoaiid, ti. a. Analyze, d 
rate, v, a. Adorn, deck, orna 

ng, seomly, o 

embellish, beautlf 


able, peep 
flC, decent. 
Deoormn, n. Decency, propriety, 
ilneas, appropriate behavior. 

vei^, seduce, tempt', entrap, sue 
Decor. "■ Luro, alluramant. 
Decoy-pigeon, n. Stool-pigeon. 
Deaoy-iogne, n. Stool-pioboh. 
Decrease, V. n. Diminleli (i;radi«t%). 

Decrease, v. a. Diicinlsli, lessen, make 

Decrease, n. DImlnuMon, leeeening, da- 

Deeree, v. n. Ord^n, appoint, deter 

Decree, v, a. Order, oidaiii, appoi^, 

Decree, n. Edict, enactment, regula 

Decrement, R. Decrease, dlminit 

Deorepit, a. Superannuated, el 
worn or broken djtvn with age, in 
tliroiigh age. 

Decrepitate, o. n. Crsckle, snap, oi 

l>ecrepitude, «. Infirmity of age, 

Decrial, It. Condemnati[>n, dispar 

Deery, v. ct. DLspaiage, depreciate, 

credit, oondenm, traduce, cry down, 

donn, bring lnb> disieputo, bring dla- 

Deouple,a. Tenfold. 

Intersect, cross, divide 
E. Grossed, intersected, 

3T0tod, conseoratad, dedi- 

Dednctlomn. 1. Subtraction, retrench- 

9. Abatement, allowanee, defalcation, 
reduction, discount. 

3. Inference, ooncluaion, consequence, 
Deetl, v~ 1. Act, action, perfbrmaneo, 
exploit, adiievement, feat. 

a. SeaBty, feet, truth. 

Deem, V. a. Think, regard, ooneider, 

lid, believe, suppose, imagine, judge, 

Deem, v. n. Think, believe, suppose, 

opine, fajioy, be of opinion. 
Deep, a. 1. Frofouiid, unfathomable. 

3. Mysterious, Intricate, knotty, diffi- 
cult, hard [to coH^ireliaid). 

3- Spacious, penetraUng, inlelllgent, 
dlscemlug;, shrewd. 

4. Absorbed, ei^rossed, rapt up. 
n. Ornve. low, not high, not sl^^ 
6. Dark, intense. 

7> Great, thorough, entire. 

Deep, ad. DEEFiiV. 
Deepen, v. a. X. Make deeper, increase 
the depth ot 

5. Make darker, make more intense. 
3. BediLce toalonertone, make mora 

Deepen, V. n. Grow deeper, become 

Deeply,' ad. 1. Profoundly, deep, to or 
at a great depth, tir down. 
3. Thoroi^lj, entirely, completely, 
3, Greatly, very much. In a high de- 

—.,1 Qaiiith&^proeumbem). 
Deface, p. a. DiaHgure, deform, mar, 

spoil, injure, soil, tarni^. 
Defacement, «. Dis^urement, injury. 
De l^cto, (L.) 1. In iOct, reaUy, actual- 

3. Befil, actual. 
DefalDnte, v. a. {AppHed especially to 

— »,; ., „«„_..,^^gj IjOp, lop 




backbiting, acandai, 
l>efaina.toT^f a- "'" 

Defame, v. a. Asperse, slandet, malign, 

calumniate, tradnee, vili^, levile, lam- 

nooii, blacken, abuse, Uemlsti, run 

aown, Hpeak ill of. 
Delimit, ». l.OmiB^on, neglect, ^ture. 
a. Want, lack, destitution, defect, 

DefADlter, n. Delinqnent (l»/oiitoff (o 

appear in eourt^ or in accoiaittng for 

■jtumey mtmsled}. 
]>efeat,«. 1. Overthrow, downMl, 

diBcomflture, '— 

pnlse^eat, dlBcomfit, lont. 
S. FrustiaM, bamc, Ml, balk, dla 

concert, disappoint. 
Defecate, v. a. Clarity, clear, puriij. 
DeteeatJon, n. Clai-mcation, puriilca 

Seftet, n. 1. Dc&^ency, 

S. Imperfection, blemisb, flaw. 

Ka^nce,n' ir/atima wbo .i^cqafi-j k, 
FroteoHon, gnaid, bni*lar, bul«mk, 
(teaflcaaon, tower of stceiwlh. 
a. TinfllcaUoil,]nBtlHcatron,apolog 

ablcid, a ^ , 

1. Vindicate, assert, maintain, i 

Defer to, KeBpect, value, yield 1«, pay 
respect tu, tLiuk much of, think hlglil/ 
of. pay dei^rence l4>. 

Defer, P. o. Postpone, delaj, adiourn, 
procrastinate, put oi^ stave i«, let lie 

Deference, n^ 1, Respect, r^ard, es- 

DeSKnce, n 

vll*liun to 


Defiant, a. Bold, daring, courageous. 

Deficiency, n. 1. Want, lack, defectire- 
ness, insumciencj, scanUr^se, short- 
ness, mei^enesB, ueasth, scarcity, DC- 

3. Ftdling, iWlnre, ftailty, infirmity, 
ImperfecUon, foible, tkult, erroi', wcok- 
□ess, weali Bide, blind aide. 
Deficient, a. Bet^tive, inenfflcient, im- 
perfect, incomplete, nut full, not perfect. 

leflcit, n. 

etUR ,. 

Sully, tttiut, poilate, c 

Defile, V. ». File off, march 
Defllenielit, a. FcUution, 



Determinittile, t 


BiV.a. 1. liimit, Douna, eirouni- 
le, set hounds to, &k tlie limits 

Describe, declare tlie properties 

Exraain the meiuiing of, give the 

linate, defined. 

xpianatlon {nT H^ 

Z. Sescripaon (^ a staleBieai Qft^ar- 
ooteHsMo properOaij. 
Definitive, a. 1. Detcnoinate, positive, 
express, explicit, categorical, uncoudl- 

leflectlon, )t. Devjt 
)eflonr, V. a. 1. I 
deprive of beauty. 

Deviate, diverge, ewer' 
've of flows 

I^o™, . 


. Dlsflgure, dofikce, i 

ganoe, diaflguremwit, monslroaUy, wi 
3. Irregularity, deviatioil ^om p 

„„,-„__, -. ffl. Cheat, cosen, trick, 
dupe, gull, deceive, overreach, circum- 
vent, dsluds, hoodwink, chouse, diddle, 
begulte, im|x>Be upon. 

Defray, V. a. Pay, discharge, settle. 

De^, v. a. 1, Challenge, dare, bid de- 
fiance to, hurl defloiice ut. 

S. Srave, dtsregai'd, siidit, scorn, 
spurn, despise, coiilemn, &eat wIUi 
contempt, tram.ple on, set at nai^t, 
snap tlie flugets at. 

Descnevacy, n, 1. Deteriotation, de- 

icratlon, di 

^n^s, declension, 
1, deci'ettae, falling 



I>8seneiate,ii.ii. deteriorate, decline, 
deeay, beoomii worso, grow worse. 

cun-upt, fallen, degeiiei-ateA. 

Xteglntltlon, »'. Swal^wing. 
SeemdaUon.ik 1. Dishonor, dl^raoe, 

^ Deteilomtlou, abasemeut, dobase- 
ment, degeneracy, deaenerttHon, de- 
cline, vitlalion, pervemon. 

3. (So)/.) Weaclng awaj {f^ roeks, 

Deurade, «. o. I, Disgrace, dislionor, 
d&oredLt, break, casliier, reduce to infe- 

S. L[>wer, ^nk, deletiocnte, impair, 
iltjare, debase, vlllate, pervert, alloy. 
Degree, it. 1. Step, atage. 

S. Gloss, rank, order, grade, ijanlit;, . 

Dehisce, v. n. C^eu, gape, gme open. 
l>elilfloeitee, a. Openu^, gaping. 
Debiscent, a. Opening, gapii^. 
I>elu>rtatloii, n. Dixsuualoit. 

SSSSfe)«- ">—— - 

Delflcatiau, n. Apotbeoele. 

Deifr, v. a. Idolize, make a god ot, raise 
Id the rank of a deity. 

Deten, V. n. Condescend, YOaetisafe, 
tlJnk 6t, see fit. 

Detcn, V. a, Gi-aiit, vonelisafb, accord. 

Deist, fl. Unbeliever (i« ChriatUmitff, 
but nut ill the existence qf a Ood), acep- 
Ijc, infldel, free-thinker. 

Deity, n. 1. DIrinlty, Godhead, the 
Divine Nature. 
a. IMyth.) God or goddess. 

D^ec^. V. a. I^Ehearten, dispirit, dis- 
courage, depress, make despondent, 
make sod. 

Dejected, a. IMaheartened, disi^i'tted, 
discouraged, depressed, down-hearted, 
down-cast, despondent, cast down, 
ciiap-^tlen, crest-follen, down In the 

D^ectiffn, ». Depres^n, despondency, 
sadness, melancholy, gloom, djimpa, 
bines, lownees of spirits. 

Dejenner, I n. [7r.] Break^t, morn- 

U^eiin^ ( Ingmeal. 
' S. Luncheon, Innoli. 

Do jure, IL.] Of right, by right, by 

Delay, v. a. 1. Defer, postpone, pro- 
crastinate, put off, stave off, let He 

a. 'Detain, hinder, retard, stop, Im- 
Delay, v. it. Linger, tarry, slop, pro- 
Delay, B. 1. Procrastinafion, postpone- 
Dient, deferrli^, the Fabian policy, 
masterly Inaetivlty, 
%, Detention, stay, stop, hinderance. 
Dele, V. a. (Ii.) Erase, ^ice, remove. 

l>eleetal>le, a. Pleasing, pleasant, de- 
lightful, agreeable, gratifying. 
Delectation, n. tie%htj joy, gladness, 

Ml. 1. Depu 
[St, commit. 


n 'an embassy.' 


li. Deputy, 



DelegaUon, ». Depu 

lea, delegates. 

body of dele^tes. 
Delete, p. a. £rHso, edkce, remove, dele, 

IS, a. 1. Destrncave, deadly, 



ious, pernicio 



t, ponder, oon- 

sider, till 


take counsel wiUi one's self. 

Deliberate, a. 1. Wary 

oauUouB, care- 

rate, thought- 

8. Well coneldercd, well advised, not 




iht, reflV 



ultation, dlscn 




». Dafnty, tidbit, atl> 


»s, elenderness, weakness. 

tact, eensiblKty, nioo perception. 
1. Befluement^iiarity. 

" VKsBBOatf 

Delicate, o. 1. _ __ 

reeable, BATin 
nloe, fllegaai 

,, _. , ple^ng, d*. 

^ agreeable, saTixry, palatable. 

a. nne, nloe, elegaat, exquisite. 
3. lender, slender, weak. 

atable, delica.., , 

g. Pleasant, grateful, agreeable. 
Dellgrlit, M. Joy, gladness, delectadoo, 

rapture, transport, ravishment, ecalasy, 

great pleaanre. 
Delight, «. a. Enrapture, transport, 

enchant, charm, bless, please highly, 

gratify muob. 
DeUght, p. 1. I'ake delight, have great 

Deliglitfiil, a. Cliarming, enelianting, 
ramhing, very agreeable, highly pleas- 
Delineate, V. a. I. De^n, sketeli, fig- 
nre, represent by outUriea. 
3. Describe, portray, depict, set forfli. 
Delineation, n. 1. Sketch, de^gti, out- 
line, drai^ht. 
It. DeecripUoo, account, portiayaL 



Dellnquenc]', ». Fanlt, inieai 

:, ottmce, 


— lluqaent. .. ._ 

lal, wrong-doer. 

I, figure in 

iulprit, crim- 

I>eUrioiu>a. Inaan9(aj infers), mad, 
deraneeil, demented, raving, u^lje, 

Deliiinin, «. Wandering (ojin/euers), 
incoherence, lullnclnation, deran^^ 
ment, fuaanlty, irenxy, ravfi^, mad- 

llnq,aiali, resign, giie np. 

6- Irisciiarge, deal, give ioriii. 
Deliverance, n. 1. BAenee, UberaUon, 

S, ExCricatiou, rescue, ttcqulttance. 


H. Utterance, ennnclatioa, pronnn- 
idotion, apeeoli, elooution. 

3. ChildUrtli, partiuition, labor, tra- 

Dell, n. Bale, dingle, valley, ravine, glen. 

Delnde, v. a, Ueeeive, beguile, mislead, 
cheat, cozen, chouse, diddle, enll, dupe, 
clTcamTent, orcrraach, tn^, mpoae 
upon, leadaBtra?, lead Into error. 


]>slng:a, f, a. Submerge, inundate, over- 
flew, drowli, Dvarwhelm. 

Delusion, «. 1. TrloL Iraposmon, hn- 
poatnre, cheat, &aud, arlilice, wile, 
rose, dodge, Mali, olap-ibap, bau. 

ij. UlnSim, decaplion, Iailac]r, error, 
haUuolnatlon, mookeryf phantasm. 

Delusive, a. mllsiiions, deo^tfUl, de- 
-""""", dec^vil^, lIlnBire, illuBory, 

. Mg. 

Ueiiee, caTl (or, ask fbr.^ 

" "" 'ek, ini;Lalre, r 


Demand, li. 1. Clulm, requisition, re- 
quirement, enaction. 
s. Want, call, deeire to olittuu. 
3. QueatJon, Inquiry, interroeatlon. 

Demarcntlon.n. fHvlsion, limit, bound, 

Demetm ane's self. Behave, conduct, 
acquit one's self. 

Demeanor, n. Behavior, carria^, de- 
portment, conduct, manner, bearing, 
Bb, roien. . 

Demented, a. Idiotic, (boliah, inEatuat- 

Dementia,' n. [£.) [Med.) Idiocy, in- 

DemlPW, »■ Wmnan of doubtful lepu- 

talioD (OS ruptoto duuHlD ). 
Demise, n. 1. Conveyance, alienation, 

tuanater, transfetcenoe, makiiw over. 

Demise, V, a, 1. Alienate, transfer, con- 

1. Popular, of the 

Dem.olltion, n. OvBrttrow, 
Demon, «. 1. Spirit, genius, 
a. Devil, flend, evil spirit. 

Demoniac, la. IHabollcal, devilish. 
Demoniacal, i infernal. 
Demonstrable, a. Provable, capable 

a. Manlfestatioii, sho 

a. Self-asser^ng, ibiward, bold, con- 
fldent, preeumlng. 
Demoralization, n. 1. Corruption of 
a. Depravity, want of principle. 
Demoralize, v. a. Corrupt, deprave, 

emollient, sedati' 

der, ' 
e. Object, r: 

ng, lenitive 


1. Decorons, sober, grave, 

a. Rrudlsh, over-modeat, affcetedly 

DemuFrer, R. (Law.) Objection. 
Den, n. 1. Cavern, cave. 

a, Kaunt, retreat, resort, place <rf 

resort, place much frequented. 
Dendiifiinn, 1. Arborescent, arbrai- 

form, dendntlc, dendroid, branciiii^. 
Dendritic, a. Dehbrifobm. 
Dendroid, a, Dbkdbifobu. 
Deusue, ». ESp.J Break-bone fSver, 


S. Disavowal, diacl^iaer, alburn 

3. EefuBM [toorant a nq^ieat). 
I>eillzeD,n. l.(jEnff.Z«iP.)Natura 
ciUseit, ailopted i^nzeu. 

- 'nhabfllmt, dweller, '' ' 

.»'. l.iTaine,lili3e,styl^ 

S* 8ect, Bcho^ clnea. 
Denote, B. o. SlgnliJ, Imply, betoken, 
ladleate, lypUy, note, mark, designate, 

IMuouement, «. [Ft.) 1. CatasCmplie 

of the plot. 
s. Issue, npehoC, 

p, QnlBhlu^ at] 

Doiit,«. I 

DentlCi'lce, n._ Tooth-pi 

..] Anow, newly, afresh, 

lose, oompaot, condensed, 

encil eargeon, surgeon 


DenUUDii, n. TeetJiing, cutting of tti< 

Denude, !>. a. Strip, dlyeat, make bare 

I>ennnDlatlau, n. 1. Menace, tbreaC. 


ncl&tory, it 

, disown. dl3- 

~ 3," Witiiiifid7iSuse togrant. 
Seabstruent, a. [Med.] Laxative, ape 

Deobstracnt, it. [tfed.] I,axat!Te, ap( 

dent, LoDsenlng meiliclne. 
Deodorjste, v. <c. Dlelui^cti deprive o 

laM, V. a. DEOKimzB. 

Depart, v. n. 1. IKsappe 
9. Oo, Start, set oat, si 

3. IMerdf 
Deport fron 

bid aifieiiVbi"dfa__ , 

eidt, take ons's selfi^. 

a. Abandon, forsake, desert, ^v 
not adhere to. 

3. Deviate from, vary from. 
l>«paptmeDt; it. 1. ^rt, pordou, ui- 
v&toa {esp&ijaUy a terriionai dwtiiim). 

a. Province, f[uic}4oi>, ofQce, station, 
sphere of doty, course of lift. 
DepBTtnre, «. 1. Withdrawal, esit, re- 
cession, letireaient, reiaoval, 
Q. Death, decease, demise. 
Depend, V. «. Hang, be pendent. 
Depend on, Eely upon, rest upon, con- 

I, build upon, depant' 
- - - "assal,!!!! 

Dependence, n 

Minion, retainer, 
Ckmnection, con- 

3. Stay, stair, so 

4. Subordinaaon, sutiJectJon. 
Dependency, ». 1, Adjunct, appurte- 

a. Colony. 
Depend upon, DEVf>Ni> ow- 
DeplctjV. a- 1. Paint, sketch, portray, 

"^arDeaeft^jet forth. 
Deplete, a. a. Sxhaust, drain, evacuate, 

Dep^Hon, n. Exhausting, drainli^. 
emptylne, evacuation. 

Deplorable, a. Lamentable, pitiable, 
sad, calandtoos, ffiievoue, jniserable, 
wtetc&ed, diatreaaing, mournful, mel- 
ancholy, to be deplored. 

Deplore, 0. a. Monm, bewail, la- 
ment, bemoan, grieve Ibr, sorrow 

Deploy, V. a. (Mil.) Open, nnfolii, ex- 
tend, espand. 
Deploy, u.n. (Aftl.) Open, extend, ex- 
Depone, V- it- [Scoliatnd,] Depose, testj^, 

^rm, state, bear witness. 
Deponent, It. Witness la/io maixa oalh 

to a wrUtea ila' " 

Dep^ulate, v. 

Depart one's 

pose,B, n. lesflfy, DEPOS 

a. Lodge, put, el«re, hoard, save, lay 
up, l^by. 

2' Security, pledge-, pawn, stake. 
a. Money in bank. 
4. iSare.] Depository, store-house. 
Depositary, it. Tmstse, guardian, 

DepositlDii, n. [Law.J 1. Testimony(in 
inrifing^ Bigned caul Bjeora to b^fbre a 
'istratE, ttf/er crose-exatnijta^an), 


Dethroniag, dl 





Depot, n. 1. Dapositorr, atorohoiiB6, 

a. Station (<ir a ntihiiaj)), staUon- 
houBS, tailnay station. 
Dnicavatlan, ik 1. Vlllnlion, corcap- 
ma, detertoratlon, abasement, debasa- 
msnt. Impairing, injury. 
Ht DepraTlt;, deoanemc;. 

tajDiuatfl, dQnLDraUze, make bstd. 
DeprnTed, p. a. Corriipt«d, corrupt, 
tMoub, Hibkea, pcofllgatfl, dissolute, 
ToprobatB, graooleas, iLbandonedf Bhojue- 

]>«inivity, n. Oorcuptlon, nkkednese, 
vfdouEnE^B, demoranamlon, viue, de- 

I>epreoBt«, u. a. Pcay to be delivered 
from, seek deliiernnce from, try tn 
avert by prayer, make entreaty ugainst. 

I>epreidB^ B. a, 1. Underrate, ander- 
valus, leesen tlie price of, dlminlEh the 

H. Dlsparaee, decry, traduce, maJign, 
degrade, censure, dud fltult wltb. 
]>eprei^ate, v. n. Fall In price, Jkll In 

value, become of less worth. 
Sepreciatton, n. 1. Fall lu price, dl- 
^, Detractlen, diaparagement, dero- 

DepreciBtive, a. Derogatory, 
Depredation, n. Spoliation, rapine, 
robbery, tlieft, pillage, plunder, pllfer- 

a^r, baccauesr, marauder. 
DenreBB, r, a. 1. Lower, detrude, diop, 
slni, few, reduce, press dawn, lei 


J>epresBtoii, n. I, Abasement, dt^ri 
dstion, detertoratlon, dabaaemant, pai 
varBiou, vldailon, d;^ravatiun. 

S. Hollow, hollowness, cavity, indei 
tatlon, dent, (tint, dimple, axcavatioi 
a. TifilBcMon. rtrfectedneas, sadncE 
neboly, dun 


lownesB of smelts, 
of spirits. 

4. LowneBS, duineos, 

5. (Srtfff.) Couebing. 
DeprivatiDn. 1. Lobb, privation, 

BEAYBaiEMr, dlapoaaeaalon. 
DepFlTe, V. a. pfeposseea, divest, et 

rob, BEBBA.VE, take from. 
Depth, M. 1. Deapnesa, profnndlty. 

3. Middle^ central part, 
i. Diseernment.. naoa/iltv. slim' 
nets, penetratiei 

I>epurate, v, a. 1, Purify, eleansa, 

a. Oarity, dear, make clear. 
Depuration, n. 1. Cleaning, porifiua- 

""" ■" " clearing, darl^lng. 
. 1. Delegatien, eom- 

delegates, l>ody of dale- 

Deputy, «. ' Delegate, "'icpreaentaljve, 
substitute, prosy, envoy, l^ala, agent. 

leranee, V. a. 1. Disorder, confuse, 
nnsettlfl, disarroDg^ displace, tnm top- 

— ' put out of place. 

■'*'^ discompose, disconcert, 

1. Disorder, coufu- 


entnl aberration. 

3. Dlatu 

3. Insanity, lunac; 
delirium, mental a"- 
>erbyaliire-»par, ». . 
oride of ealciiim. 
terellct, a, 1. (Lata. 
llnqnisbed, Bbandutied, wii~ 

S. Unfkittitnl, fniUUess. 
lerellct, it. {Laio.) 1. Abandoned 

». Tract of land (jM/or adtivdlior' 
left dry by tba — ■ ' " '- 

, 1. A 

Jr-Epor, fla- 
} Torsaken, ra- 

DerldeiS.a. Bancui^ioontemptuoiu^i 
or BwiiciDKitiKl mt'- — * — "-'— 
lampoon. Jeer, tann 

._., eatirize, 
jeer, laiuit, dum, Boeff at, Jeer 
at, make fnu o^ make er — 

at, langh at, make fnu o^ make eport 
of, make game of, turn to ridicule, Lold 
np to riiucule, make a butt of, make 

*—■ '-"-n, n. Eidionle, mockery, scorn. 



. Scoffing, B 


DerlTal)le, a. 1. Obtainable, to be de- 

a. Deducible, tliat may l>e Inferred 
3. 'jSiat may i« traced (to oTOol). 
Derivation, n. 1. Deecent, ganaaJi^y. 

S. Btymol<^y. 
Derivative, a. Derived. 
Derive, c. a. 1. Draw, receive, obtain. 


a. Deduce. trace- 
Derm, n. Skin, CUTIS, true skin. 
Dermatold, a. Skln-Uke. 
Derogate f*oin, Disparage, detraot 

ftom, take sometking from. 
Deracfatlon, n. ]>atraction, dlaparage- 

ment, depreciation. 
Derog:ator}', a. 1. Detracting, disbou- 


I>e<Cftnt,n^ 1, ^S&ViiAy {wWivanoiioas), 

•S, CommentaT;, Bsdoa of conunente. 

part in 

madvetC, dilate, tiaaC, dlscov 

DeBcenO, V. «. 1. Tall, sink, drop, go 
dowu, come dOTDl. 
H, BismounC, alight, eat down. 

3. Go, pasB, proceed, be traneferred. 

4. Orfgmals, be derived, take rise. 
0. MaKe an Mtack, moke an OEsuuIt. 

Expatiate, enlai^e, oni- 

3. Extmeuou, darivation, parentage 

t. Attack, Hasaalt, incnmen, foray 

IBM, h<»Uls InTaslon. 

DeBDiibe, v. a, - ^ 

a. feepresent (iji tcords), portray, de- 
pict, explain, reconnt, narrate, relate, 
give an account of, set Ibrtb. 

a, Cliaracteiiza, apecl^ the peculiar- 
lljee ot; set forth the character of. 
Description, n. 1. Delineation, tiacing. 

%. Bepresentatloii, explanMlon, rb- 
«onnt, relation, recital, report, uarra- 

perij^ve, see, behold, 

' aJBht 0^ g( 

St, recognlz^ tind oat, spy out. 

V. a. Frofane, abuse, pol- 
lute, prostitute, mlanee, pervwt, treat 

Deseciratio'u, n. Protination, pollution, 
misuae, abuse, proeUtution, perveralon. 

Xteaei't, a. Unltihabtted, desolate, for- 
E»ken, wild, waBte, barren, unttlled. 

Desert, n. wlldemeBs, waste, eolitnde, 
deserted region. 

Desert, m. a. FoiBake, leave, quit, aban- 
don, I'eneunce, leave In the lute^, tnru 


Desertioti, n. Abai 

qnlshment, deraUctio 

Deserve, V. a. Merit, 

Desiccate, ». a. Dry, 

Deslccatlve,a. Dryli 

DeBldecatum, n. (L. p(. Desiderala.] 
Object of desire, thing wanted, want 
generally felt. 


a, 1. Froject, plan, devise, 
iiiil, mean, propose to one's 
tv, delineate, sketch, describe, 

potuJ, aim, intend, meaning, purport, 
drift, scope, object, mark. 

S, Ske&fli, drawing, outlhia, delmea- 
tion, plan, drai^lit. 
Detrigniite.ti.a. 1. SpediV, partioular- 
ise, distingulsb, define, indicate, denote, 
ithow, point out, mark out. 

g. Denominate, name, entitle, st^le, 
call, dub, term, characterize, describe, 

3, Appoint, a?s^, allot. 
Xtealcnnuon, n. 1* Indication, Bpeclfi- 

9. Kind, class, descrlptioni 

3. Nftme, appollaUon, tttle, style, de- 

Designlne, a. Insidious, deceltfnl, eit- 

^l.intingc'— — - — '■■ — '■■' "■"- 

suunir^, c 

lesh^. ' 

3. Solloit, request, as 
leslrmis, a. E^e^ long 
desiring, fiellne a dealre. 
Desisbu.n. 4:mse, stopj^use, fOriieiiT, 

stay, leave off, break ofl^glveovar. 
Desman, n. Muscovy, uusk-bA-T (Afp' 

gaJe tnoBGliata). 
Desolat«, <t. 1. Uninhabited, unfie- 
quented, desert, forsaken, dreary, wild, 
wHBte, barren. 
a. Lonely, solitary, oompanionless. 

Deslrmis, a. E^^ longing, solidtouB, 

jk, layvFaat,. 

D«9»Iatloii, n. 1. Buin, devastatjon, 

8. o-ioom, gloominesB, sadness, «n- 
happlness, wretchedness, misery. 

Despair, n. Desperation, loss of hope, 
complete or utter hapeleesnees. 

Despair, v. it. Despond, lose all hopiS, 
give np an ejti)ectatlon, be without any 

De^atoli, V. 

[. Send a^ 

ritten also Bispalsh.'i 
I haste). 
a. Km, Slav, siHughtsr, assas^ixatc, 
put to death, send out of the world. 

word, speed, quicken, push or urge for- 
ward, press or nree on, make short 
work of. 

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Itespatcli, n. l. Speed, Iiasta, expedl-- 

a. Meeeaga (a^ieditiously sent), com- 
muulcation, teleeram. 
Desperado, n, Dara-deTil, despecata 

Desperate, a. 1, DeBpairing, liopBleBS, 


Seapidr, bopelessneaf 
... Contemptible, piaful 
abjBct, vile, wortbieaB, low 

dlBdnln, scent, ellglit, diere^rd, liold In 

Bontempt, look down upon. 
Despite, B. 1, Malevolence, malignity, 

malice, spite. 
a. Defiuice, oppoHtioa, ceutempt. 
ZtesplEe, prep. MotwHlistancting, in 

spfte of, in the face of, In tbe teaffi of. 
D^polli "' "- !■ Strip, divest, deprive. 

S. Kob, plunder, pillage, fleece. 
I>eepond, r.n. Despaib, be cast devm, 

aga, be deapendent, 0ve np, abandon 

Despoudency, n. Defjeotion, dlaconr- 
aganaent, depTeaaion, aadne^ U£L.'\.r4' 
OHOLT, gloom, blues, blue devils, low- 
Despondent, 1^ Dispirited, dlsheait- 
ened, dieoonrj^ed, dejected, deprassed, 


Despot, n. AHtoocat, dictator, tyrant, 

abaolute sovereign, absolute riiler. 

Despotic, ) a. Absolute, arbitraiy, 

T. --;!,( Imperious, tyrannical. 


artrftrary rule. 
Dearnjamatlan, n. (Afeii.) ExfollatioQ. 
Desduatiou.n. 1. Fate.lot.doom, foe- 
tune, star, destloj;. 

^ Puniose, design, end, object, aim, 
scope, drift. 

3. Goal, barljor, haven, landing- 
place, reaUng-place. 
Deatlue, V. a. 1. Applet, ordam, allot. 

I>eBtiny,n. 1. Lot, doom, fortune, l^te, 

a. Fate, neoessitv, decrees of fate, 
wbeel of fortune. 

Destitute of. Wanting, wJttout, de- 
void of, unprovided wltli. 

DestJtute, a. Indigent, needy, poor, 

Sennilesa, necessitous, dlaCre^ed, re- 
uced, pinclied, elect of mnney, out of 
money, out of cash, out of pocket, in 

ermrow, Bubvert, raze, ruin, throw 
iwn, nnU down, break up, sap tlie 
ondauons of. 


a. Aimilillatc, quench, put an and to, 
briiigto nought. 

3. wasl*, ravage, desolate, davae- 
U,te, devour, lay waet«, make desolate, 
swallow up, ravage with fire ami 

4. Extirpate, eradicate, uproot, kill, 
slay, oxtl^nlali, carry off, root out, 
grub flp, pluck up by the i-oota, cut up 
root and branch, atrllie at the root of, 

Death, alaughler, murder, maa- 

Deetcaotlve, a, Buiaous, pemlclens, 
daletetloua, baleful, mischievous, iiitai, 

Desultopy, a. Immelliodical, oncon- 
nectad, unaysiamado, iccegular, fitful, 
capricious, ramblli^, wanaerii^, rov- 
ing disoundve, oureoty, el^ht, by fita 

DetEtcli, V. a. 1, Separate, disjoin, dis- 
engage, disunite, sever, iJissever, pairt, 

a. Detail, send away. 

raheMse, delineate, pori^ray, depict, 
enumerate, particularize, describe, sat 
3. Detacl, aend away. 
Detail, n. Account, narraidon, narra- 
tive, reladcn, rental. 
Details, n. pi. Particulars, mlnntiief 

distim^ pane, miner ciiciimet^iiaes. 
Detain, n. a. ' 1. Seatr^n, atay, check, 
dela;, retain, stop, Ireap baok. 
a. Confine, Lola. In custody. 
letect, V. a. DIaaoTer, eiipoBs, descry, 
find out, biii« to light, I^r open. 
lotectlou.n. Discovery, 
letent, n. Pavl, dick, cat^h, rntcbat. 

Deteriorate, v. a, Im^ir, ma 

sxpllcit, positive, express, absolute, 
3. Decisive, oonalutive, dafioitive. 



make ou^ 

'.a. 1. Settle, decido, ad-' 
an, oerij^, vertfy, find out, 
ce, leajl, Induce, give dirflc- 

4. (iow,) Bring to 3D end, put an 
l>eteTiuine, v. n. CoDclude, delude, re- 

XieteiBlve, a. Cleiuising, detergent. 

Detest, V. a. Hate iexiremtl^), ^»mi- 
nate, aldiai, loathe, nauseate, stmnk 
trom, teooU finm. 

Detestable, a, 1. Execrable, abomi- 
nable, odious, Ml«ful, coHjed, accursed, 
abbnired, damnabJe, Bhoeklng. 
8. LoaHiaom^ disgusting, sickening, 

a. Lo ■ ■ 

lare, nauseating. 
1. Hatted; abbotri 

e iwUh a io 

DetonA. , --, — r— — - 

'DetonlzeiB.n. DBTOUiTB. 
Detfmlse, V. a. Dbtonat*" 
iMtotn^ B, [Ft.] Clicultoi 

tflct wB}, roundabant wa>. 
Detract itonD, Cepreidate, 

deciT, Bspene, abiue, calun 

1^, tradtLcs, defame, aeFogade irum. 
ItetrAoUan, n. Depreciatwn, slander, 

cfllunmy, defamation, dlapai^gement, 

derc^atlou, censure. 
Detractor, it. Slanderer, de&mi 

nmnlator, Yai&CT. 
Detriment, n. Loss, damage, InjniT, 
. disadTantago, mlaetief, pHjndice, evu, 

harm, hurt. 
Detrimental, a. Injurious, burtful, 

mlschieTODB, pernieious, pi^udidal. 
Detrnde, v. a. Depress, lower, sink, 

drop, Uirnst down, jtorce down, tbinst 

Into a lower plaee. 
DetmsioD, B. Depression, lowering. 
Dence, n. 1. Two [said qf cards or dice 

8, (Low.] Devil. 
DentoxiOe, «. Blnoxlde. 
. Devastate, V. a. Kavaee, pillage, plun- 
der, sack, spoil, deepcal, destro;, CxiO- 
late, atrip, lay waste. 
DeTastatlffn, ». Rav^e, desolation, 
destraaUoij,])aToo, rnln, waste, pillage, 

close, exblblt, nnrav 

Develop, V. n. Unfold, open, grow, be 

Development, n. 1. Unfolding, dit 

closure, exhibition, unravalllng, dlaer 


diveive, d»- 
n aside, alter 

Ly, Icee on^B 

out 0^ or 
. a. Turn aside, cause to da- 
1. Mvergeiice, departs 

ure, deprcf 

it. DlS^ience, raciation, variance, 
ohauae, alteradon. 

3. Error, ofltoce, In1<iulty, sin. 
Device, n. 1. Contrivance, scheme, de- 
sign, plan, prefect, expedient, shift, re- 

a. Artlhce, Btcatagem, wile, ruse, 
mamenvre, trick, fraud, evasion. 
a. Emblem, symbol, type, sign. 
Devil, «. 1. Batai^ Locte, Belial, 
Apo^on, arch-flehdj arch-enemy, the 
tempter, DbdCB, the avU one, the man 
of sin, the wioked one, the old serpent, 
the prince of doiknees, tiie Ibul nend, 
the Enemy, tbe AAyereaxj. 
S. Demon, evil spirit. 
DevUisb, a. Dlabifllcal, aataolc, inter- 
nal, atreoioTU, Imidous, wicked. 
Deviltry, n. Htaolde^ wiokedness, dla- 

blery, dlabcQlaal amduat. 
Deviona, a. 1. Deviating, enatla, iran~ 
derlng, out of Uie common way. 
8. Earaac, going a«tray. 
Devise, v. a. 1« &mlrlve. Invent, Im- 
agine, plan, scheme, project, brew, con- 

8, Bequeath, dranlse, leave, give by 

Devoirs, re. pi. [Fr.1 KespE 


iiAenlance), pass, be transtirred, be 
handed over. 
Devote, !■. a. 1. Appropriate {by vow), 
Bonsecrate, dedicate, destine, set apart. 
3. Addict, apply, resign, give up. 
3. Doom, give over. 
Devoted, a. 1. Attached, loving, affao- 
3. Ardent, zealons, earnest. 
Devotee, n. Bigot, linatle, zealot, en- 

2. Flel;, religion, devonbiera, . rel^- 
' — -"-■ -■ -levotedness, holiness, sono- 

3. Worship, adoratloiL, iff^er. 

4. Attaehment, aflbotwn, lore. 

B, Ardor, earnestness, ei^emesB, ze 
[tevoUonal, 1. Devout, rell^ans, ploi 

saintly, godiy. 
Devour, n. a. 1. Gorge, engorge, £ 
Jieflrtily, swallow eagecl J. 

3. DcBtcoy, consume, waste, spei 
expand, swallow up. 


I>evoiit, a. 1. Religious, ploua, holy, 
snlntly, deTodonal, goilly, salnt-llite, 

Dew-worm, B. EMili-wotnl, lob-worm 

Dexterity, «. SMll, BkilflilnesB, ndtolt- 
T1QW, expertnesv, readiueHs, ^cillty, 
Btituess, aptitude, address, quietness, 
oleveriLeaBj kaauk, ability, tAct, art. 

SesterouB, a. SkUiUl, sdrolc, exmrt, 
himdy, ^t, ready, qnlck, clever, able. 

Dla]]lery,n. Mlstmeti wlckeiineBB, dev- 
iltry, lUabolical conduct. 

Diabolic, to- Devil] Bh, mlbmHl, Bo- 

DlabDllcHl, ) tonlo, Implona, atrDciauB, 

DJaeoufitles, n. DlapboniCE. 
Diadem, 11. 1. Crown. 

a. .Empire, sovereignty. 
DiB^:nostic, a. ^"•*' 

DlasFam,R. Figure. 
m^ n. Sun-dliU. 
Dlaleot, n. 1. Provinc 
a. Jju^naae, toi^i 
aZ epeeob. 



ialectldan, ». Lo^ciaD, 
'-'—" 1. ApplioaW 

rplled Ic^c. 

science 1^ Uie laws of 

IMalectlcB, n. 1. AppliciLSnQ of 
prinoiplea, applied Ic^c. 


Di&losne, u. Colloquy, confei 
Diameter, b. DlBtance Uiro 

3. lUioubus, lozenge. 

Dlapliaiielty, 11. Transparency, ttans- 
luoenoy, pellucldness. 

Dlaphanona, a. Transparent, translu- 
cent, pellucid, clear. 

DlanhonlcB, a, Diocoiistics. 

DU^luBSm, <(. MIdrltr. 

DlairluiBa, n. fMed.i Eelax, flux, purg- 
li^, looseness of the bowels. 


e, jinippic. 
"^""Tmal U. S.] Ba 
jL. jrrescilbe, duec 
daw, command, order, Wd, rei 

S. yttec (so (ftai anoOisr may repeat 

Dlatat«, B. 1. Injunction, 
order, decree. 
Z' Precept, uiaslm, rnla. 
Dictation, n. Fnscripljon, direction. 
Dictator, n. l>espot, autocrat, alisolut 

Dictatorial, a, 1. Absolute, unlimited, 

a. Impetloua, autboritative, oi 
bearing, doJaineering, tyrannical. 
DlotatorsMp, b. Sespotiam, abeolut- 


Style, phrBseoli%y, lon- 

. 1. Leilcon, vocabulary. 


alphabetical si 

B. EncycL, _, 

macy (i« anu Oeparmeiit nf iauacMge}, 
Dictum, B. JL. pi. mcta.) X. Saying, 
assertion, affirmation. 

a. (£011.) Extf^udiclol opinion. 

ars&it"- ">«»«"■ 

Dldapper,!!. Dab^hlch, dob-chick (/>0- 

Slddle, V, », 1. Totter. 
-)._ Trifle, dav " 

overreach, 'cozen, delude, impose upon. 
3ie, P. B. 1. Expire, decease, depart, 
leave the world, draw the last breath, 
cease to exist, give np the ghost, pay 
the debt of nature, take one'Dlnst eleep, 
shnfBe oS this mortal coll, go Uie way 
of all flesh, go to one^H last home, be 
numbered with the dead, cross the &Eyx, 
crusa the StygUn lerry, roe ois, u-iob. 

heard of no moi'c. 
Die away, Subefde, grow lei 
deoreasa gradually. 

Diet, B. 1. Food, provldon, victuals, 

sistence, provision, fiire, viands, rcgi- 

3. Aeeembly, convention, conndl, 
convocation, congress. 
Diet, V. n. Mat Buaiingly, eat by rule. 
Differ, V. n. 1. Vary, be unlike. 

a. Disagree, be or a different opimon, 
think di^-ently. 

3. Wrangle, qn^rel, contend, bicker, 
IH at variance. 
Difitoenoe, «. 1. I>isslnil1arity, vari- 
ation, diversity, disparity, disaiimU- 

a. Variance, alienation, misnnder- 
btanding, dissension, Jarni^, breach, 
rupture, eolilsm, eontest, quari^ol, diB- 
piite, debate, controverBy, altercation, 
bickering, wrangle, Btrifo, falling out. 

ke, dissinillarjTarioaa, diverse. 



Difltcolty, B. I. ArduoHaneaa. 

pemlexicy, exis:eiicy, t^l, {UlemTOEt, 
emWrmjeniBnt, emeigency, pineh, 
picblo, stand, dend-set, set Sist, deod- 
iDcl:, ciend-atani), Btand-atill, hoi-ns of a 
dilemma, np-biU wmk, eeu of tioublea, 
pack of troublsB, liard row to lioe, Laid 

Ditadeace, n. 1. IMslrnBt, donlit. 

a, BaijlifLilTieBB, timidity, sEieaplBh-' 
neBB, excreme modeet;, dietrust of one's 
eelf, IsOk 01 want <a self-reliance. 

Diffident, a. ■ 1. DlBtcustfnl, duubtftjl. 
t. Batibfnl. timid, sheepish, ov«r- 
aiodeet, dlatrimtftil of one's self. 

Dl&^iae, V. a. Dlspecss, scatter, dis- 
seminate, apread, drculato, propoxate, 
disttibutfi, pour out, send abroad, 
spread abroad. 

Diffnse, a. prolix, cOploae, lambllng, 
loose, -verbose, wordy, dlflmve, long- 
wlndM, long-spall, spun oat. 

Siffnsloni M. DtaparaiDn, spread, ex- 
tsntdon, propagation, cireulation, dle- 

, - — _. Excavate, flelve, scoop, 

lUTCK, hoUow out. 

i. Brealt op (soitA a aparfe, Soe, ^d.) 

(joitft o aparfe, hoe, *«.> 
ve, work wlm a spade. 

3. [At coUei/es, U. 5.] Flodding atu- 

Dlsest, B. 1. Pandect. 
a. Code, system. 

S. Abrid^ent, abstiaet, compend, 
compendium, opltoi-- — 


spectus, breviat7, brit 

Dlsesii, V. a. 1. Metboaixe, systems^ 
tu^ arrange, codil^, claBsi^, dispose, 
niduce to ocdet. 

S. ConcocE, canreit into chyms. 

a. Study, ponder, comdder, con] 
plate, reOect upon, tiiinlc on, meditate 
upon, con over, revolve in the mlnd- 

4, {Chest.) Boften by a genUs hei 
macerate, steep, snail. 
DlgesUoii. H. 1. Methodizing, dlgei 
ing, clfutaitylng. 

rating, i 


1. Stalely, noble, mftlestic, 

a. 1. Advance, promote, 
t^An.L, Diuiuhle, prefer to olBce. 

a. Honor, grsce, adom, ^ve Instre 
to, add dignity to. 
Digotly, «■ 1. Kank, elevation, stand- 
ing, station, place, gcaatni 

exaltation, -' — ^ 

respCQlablll-^ . 
a. Slatellness, grandeur, majesty, 

elevation of aspect i 

ry. iionot, tepiitflbleneaa, 

. dotvn, thtoir dawn, sultbr t 

nilnptdatfld, a. Decayed, 

wafted, in injns. 
Dilapidation, ii. Euln, decay. 

>Uat«, V. a. Expand, extend, enlarge, 
widen, distend, swell. 

>ilatfi, o. !i. 1. Expand, widen, be dis- 

a. Expatiate, descant, enlarge, dwelt, 
bBdfiruBe,lM prolix, launoU oat, OTBQch 
oat, sphi a long yam, beat about the 

Dilatory, a. Slow, tardy, lingering, 
loitering, Slusglali, la^ard, lagging, 
Iwhindhand, backward, procraiiunat- 

Dllomma, n^ .Quandary, strait, diffi- 
cult choice, puzzling alternative, awk- 
ward or bad predicament. 

DUtittante. ». V-t.\ 1, Amateur, oon- 

idy appUcatlon (to sobm 

Diligent, a. Asslduoua, sedulous, In- 
dusttious, active, busy, persevering, 
notable, hard-workiiu, at work, dili- 
gently employed, buaCy engaged, up 
and SHTiing, bosy as a bee, brisk as a 

. Attenuate, reduce, weaken, 

maKe imn, make weak. 
Dllnte, n. Tbin, diluted, attenoaled, 

weak, not strong, 
DUuilam, n. (Gtol.) Drift. 
Dim, a. 1. Dusky, dai'k, obscure, 

a. Dull, obtuse, ^ow to see. 
3. Darkened,obscurBd,clot[ded,Ctint, 
confuaed, shcm of Its beams. 
Dim, V. a. Dorluin, obscure, cloud. 
Dime,B. Ten cents. 
DlmeoBlon, it. 1. Extent, exteuMon, 

8. (Algdira.) Litei-al fector. 
Dimensions, «. pi. Size, magnitude, 
bulk, volume, bigiieas, capacity, ampli- 
tude, greatness, lorgenesti mass, mas- 




> or become less, be re- 

, n. Itecreaso, lessenin" 

decrement, reduction, abatemenl 
UiulnntlTe, a. Little, small, dv 
tiny, pnny, pjBmeEui, eontraote 

Dlu-BlgliCed, a. I^m-eyed, blear-ayad. 
Din, n. Noise, nproor, racket, clamor, 
' clatter, hubbub, hau.abaloi>. 
Dingle, n. Dule, dell, viUo, valley, glen. 
Ulns;, a. 1. Dun, dnsky, bl'ovrn. 

3. SoUed, sallied, dlcty. 
Dint, n. 1. Dent, liMlentaUon. 

DiooeB«, n. ^^oprie^ see, jnilsdlctlon 

or cLu^ of a blabop. 
Dlodan, n. Qlobe-llBb, poB'ec. 
I»loztde,n. Suboxide. 
Dip, V, a. 1. Inuoecse, plunge, donee, 

a. Take ontlteWt a ladle, cup, £c.j. 
Dip, c. n. 1. 1'hrust a ladle (lagi, <Ee., 
iSt Inellne, tend do^vnword. 
I 3. Ei^age ouraoiily, enter slightly. 

4* Dive, plunge, duck, piC^, UU' 

Diplomacy, n. 1, Art of n^otiatii^. 

S. Artful managoment. 
Dlplomatn, «. fFr.J Diplokatist. 
Diplomats t, 11. NegoUator, dlplomate 
Dlre,[i. DteaiUal, fearful, direful. tdiock' 

tag, terrible, borrid, borrible, awful, tor 

mc, tremendous. 
Direct, a. 1. Stralgbt, In a r^bt line 

blgnous, not eqnivocnj. 

sincere, Ingenuous, ^anlt 

8. Order, ccHsmiind, Instruct, 
scribe to, give directions to. 
4. Soide, lead, put upon the rigbt 

5- Address, superscribe. 
Directl»n, n. 1. Abn. 

3. Tendency, line of motion. 

3> Course, bearing, potat of compass, 

4. Management, oversigbt, euperin- 
t«ndence, government, control. 

5- Guidance, lead. 
8. Order, eonunanii, prescripUon. 
7. Address, sspersi^tlon. 
Dlieotlr, ad. l. In a stra^it line. Is a 

vualy, opanhr, wleiiout cicoumlot 
3. Immediately, qalckly. on 
Bpeedlly, soon, presently, ii 

mantlj, esbtah ' — 

witbout delay. 

i'ge,fl. Elegy, funeral BO 
Dirt, It. Filth foul m 

, oespicable, eoncempHble. 
Foul, befool, eoll, defile, 

„. , , . low, grovelling, 

sneaking, pidf ol,paltij, be^arly, scur- 
vy,"- "•■'- 

S. inability. Incapacity, Incompe- 
tence, impotence, taclmalnlity. 
Disable, u. a. ■ I, Wei^en, enfeeble, 
cripple, paralyse, aumun, disenable, 
deprive irf strength. 

a. Disqnality, Incapacitate, unfit, 
make Incapable. 
Dlsabose, v. a. Undeceive, set right. 
Dlsadvsnti^e, ti. 1. Unfavorableness. 
8. Injury, loss, dam^e, detriment, 
dlEseiTlce, prejudice, hurt. 
Dlaadvantageoos, a. 1. Un&vorable, 
ii.i.\(CTit>ie, taconvonlent. 

JuriouB, pr^ udldal, hurtful, detp 

DlsaB^otefL a. A]Ienal«d, estranged, 
dlssntistled, dialoynl. 

DisaHaction, n. Alienation, estrange- 
ment, breach, disagreement, disaaas- 
feodon, disloyalty, iS-will. 

Dlsaeree, V. n. 1. IMlftr, vary, be nn- 

a. IMaaent, be of dlffinsnt opinions, 
dlifei in opinion. 

3. Quairel, wrangle, bicker, fivll out: 

4. Be unsuitable, be unat, be un- 

Disagreeable, a. Unpleasant, unpleas- 
Ing, displeasing, distasteful, oifeiiflve. 

Dlsatfreemeiit, n. 1, mfb^rence, dia- 

siinBarity, unUkeness, dlssimihtude, 

diversity, discrepancy. 

iS. Dissent, diabrence of a[ 

Ing, dissension. Jarring, clashing, strilb, 

Suarrel, dispute, wrangle, Irtckerlng. 
iBllonr, V. a. 1. Prohibit, forbid, 
refuse permission to. 
S.B^Ieot, disapmnve, set aside, refuse 

qoaSh, vacate, aimul, abcdleji, abrogats, 
render void, set adde, do away. 

Disappear, V. fl. Yanlsh, be lost to 
view, pass out of ^ght. 

Disappoint, v. a. Balk, ftustraJe, IWl, 
defoat, baSie, dlaconeert. 

Disappointment, n. F^iure, miscar- 
riage, ftustratlon, ill socceas, want of 



IMBapprobatlan, n. Dislike, dlapleaa- 

uirti, uensiira, cilsa.pi)rov]il. 
DiaapproTal, 3t- I>lBapprob3,C!on. 
DiBappmve, r. a. 1. Sielike, i:aii<2eiiin, 

cenBure, regard as viong. 
a. K^ect, disallow, reftise or decUna 

I>lgana, v. a. 1. BepHva of arms. 

S. DIsablB, IncapacituM; renilerpov- 
ecieet, harraUga, ot iunocnons. 

Dlsarcangje, v. a. Dieotdet, luisetCla, 
deranga, disturb, put out of oi(]«r, tUrow 
fnto d&i»:der, tbrov into confusios. 

DlBBmv, n. ODntudon, disorder. 

TerBs, nlschauce, c^unlty, catasCro- 
pfce, blow, afaoka, cusnaltj. 
I>lBa4troii«, a. Calajolt^us, nnfoitu- 
nato, nnluctr, hftpleea, untowar' ■— 
prospecDUB, Ill-fated, ill-starred. 

. disallow. 

TMscfiJiQ, iUeowii, deny, 

reak up, dismiss tiom 

ite, disperse. 

military service. 

■iBbana.ii.)!. Swiarat., — ^ — , , 

tcr, breali np, reaiB from militai-j 

Disbelief, n. 1. Scepticism^ InfidellCy, 
refusal to beliere. 

S. DlsUiiat, Iniaedalit", want of be- 




Distwlierer, n. Unbeliever, sceptic, in- 


Dlsoard, v. 

Spend, expend, lay out, 
1, n. Expenditure. 


3. Dismiss, discbarge, casblar, break, 
Discern! o. o. 1. Maorlminata, distln- 

ii<~<, ""•" 1^^ disllDCtteitB ot. 

3. Perceive, see, disooTer, descry, b 

m^e ^ttnotlon^ 

' able, to be dl 

Inj;, sa^adone, peisplcacionB, judidons, 
luiate, intsU^ent, Ingenious, clear- 
headed, dear-alghted, kesn-slgbted, 
quick-Blghlfld, eagle-eyed, '-—■'■ — -•■ 

I>iaGeFiuuent, n. niBcrlnainatlou, saga- 
city, sbrewdness, sharpness, t>riglitness, 
astutenese, acuteness, dsveruess, per- 
Bpleadty, ingenuity, penetration, in- 
Hglit, iu<^ment, inleOigenoe, toother 
wit, quick parts. 

Disobiu^e, B. t. 1. Unload, dlsbnrdei 
anbnrden, relievs of a load, 
ft. Emit, expel, excrete, eject, Hiro' 


3. Sot off, fire olf, let By, give vontti 

4. Pay. liquidate, OS 

e, destroy, put away, clear 

9. B^Diove, tolie out (as the cargo qf 

10. {Law.) Cancel, roselnd, annul, 
nulliiy, Uivalldato, make TOid. 

llgchai^je, a. 1. Unloading, disbor- 

a. Emls^on, ejection, expolsion, eir 
creUon, vent, oTacnatlon. 

3. Blring, explosion, blast, burst, 
Sling off, 

4. Obseriance, partomiaBCB, folfll. 

O. Payment, settlement, Uqnldation, 
Batlsfkctlon, clearance. 

Q. !BeleaBD, liberation, exemption. 

T. Aoqulttal, exonsraUon, absolu- 
Disciple, n. 1. Scholar, papH, learner. 

3, Follower, adherent, partisan, snp- 

Dbciplinai'tan, ». MabTINET, enfor- 
cer of discipline. 

DiBclpllue, n. 1. Instruction, ti'aiiitng, 
drilling, drill, exeroisB, educaUon, cnT- 
tuce, Boliooling, breeding. 
a. Sal^ecJion, control, regnlatlon, 

tion, caatlgation. ' 
Discipline, v. a. 1. Instinct, tioin, 
breed, educaW, Madi, drill, exercise, 
form bring up. 

3. E^olate, control, goyem, Bchool, 
bring undci Enl^cction. 

3i Punish, chastise, correct, casUr 

Disnlsim, v. a. 1, IMsown, disavow, 
deny any knowlectes of. 

Disoialmer, n. ' 1. Dlsovowol.' 

a. (Zaw.) Eennnclatlon ((jT a etoim 
oratafe), relinquisbroeni. 
Disclose, V, a, l. Uncover, expose, 
bring to view, bring to llghti 

3. Beveol, divulge, show, unlbld, nn- 
vail, tell, uttei, betray, comiauiilcaie, 
lay open, make known. 
Disclosure, n. Bevelalion, expoenre, 

Discomfit, k a. Defeat, overthrow, 
rout, overcome, overpower, conquer, 
Tanqniah, subdne, Mat, checkmate, 

Eot to fligbt, pnt down, get the upper 
and of, scatter in flgllt. 
Discomfiture, ». Kou^ defeat, over- 

Dlsoomfort, n. Uneaslnees, disquiet, 
inquietude, Iroublo, annoyance. 



Die b anno; 

dleMTflBge, embroil, Jumb 
confuse, diatuib, tliravr in <J 


Discourse, »■ 1. IRart.] Seaaoo, tea- 
SDning facility. 

S. DlsaertatlDn, treatlBe, dlaqnldUon, 
liomllT, sermon. 
S. OonTeiBation, tali, oral commu- 

it. Displease, (Usqaiet, ruISe, agitate, 

s, worry, annoy, plagna, trouble, 

fret, netUe,, provoke, 

a. Disconcert, perplex. 

ompOBare, «, 1. Darangement, 


. Agitation, disquiet, Tmeasincss, 

oncert, v.a. 1. Frnsttal«, defiBat, 
mrt, contravene, interrupt, nndo. 
. Dlecampose, confuse, perplex, be- 
der, ambarraas, disturb, abaab, put 

DlBEonsolate, a. Inconsolable, desolate, 
forlorn, herat-brolian, broken-hearted, 
comfortless, oheerlesa, sorrowful, mel- 
anoboly, aao. 

... -—(;,«, DissatueacUon, uncatf- 

rai^on, BUBpenatcoi, interrupdon, stop' 
page, stop, brealdi^ off. 

DJBcontiDae, D. a. Intermit, Bb^, Inter- 
rupt, break oif, leave off, put an end to. 

IMscoutinnoIul.a. Interrupted, broken 

DiscoTTd, n. 1. Diaagreement, conten- 
tion, stnfe, dissension, 
B. Disaouance, discordance, barab- 

Discordauee, ) ». 1. Disagteement, 
DlBcoFdoncf, ) inoonslstenoj, incon- 

gcuits% opposltian, aonfllot. 
^ 19. iMBDOrd, dlBBonance. 

. 1. Dteagraelng, Inoon- 

B, repufnani^ L. 

j. IHasonant, baisb, Jarring, luliar 

Hjiint, n. Allowatice, deduction, re 

sbame, put out of cc 


dioir disapproi 
■Msooui'^re, v. a. 1, 

jdrtt, depr^s, deject. 

9. IHsenade, deter, — ^ 

S. Disl^ior, discouiLlcnance, throw 

..,j — -■■jTupon, put a damper on. 


e. DlBiuasi. 

a. Embarra 
stada, impedi 
ket. coWwate 

, dehi 

tlscourse, V. ». 1. Speak, expatiate, 
bold fortb, deliver a discourse. 

a. Talk, converse, parl^, confer, 
advise, bold a conversaHon, Sold a par- 
lev or conference, talk toEetber. 

>lBcoi.rse,B.a. ttter, e^lt, give forth. 

>lBC(iuiteoiui, a, Undvtl, Impolite, 
uncourtly, uncomplidsant, uncentie- 
maiily, diBrespectfoL, inurbane, unman- 
nerly, unoourteous, lude, ill-brad, III- 

tisodDrteBy, «. Incivility, Impolite- 
naas, rudeness, inurbanity, ill-breedlnif. 

Maeover, v. a. 1. KeveBl, communi- 
cate, tell, disclose, exhibit, show, mani- 
fest, make mamtest, impart, make 
known, lay open, lay bare, expose to 



I, revelation, 

mdine.lindtng out. 
Irat sight, first view. 
Discredit, «. 1. DIsbeUef, distrust, 
3, IMarepute, dishonor, diagraM, n 

proaoh, opprob ■ "■ "- - 

fenominy. Ill re 

a. Ascertain, detect, find ou 
first knowledge of. 

3. Deaeiv, olscein, espy, se. 
get aiglt of, get a glimpse of. 
>lHcovery,K. 1. 1"-"'— — ■ ~ 
niakii^ known. 

irium, ob^au 


1. DlBbeUeve. give 
cranii m, place no conUdence in, raf 
credence to. 
a. Di^race, dishonor, brli^ re^i 

iflflenue in, 

„.„., : idistaateful. 

Msereditable, a. Disgraceful, diarep- 

>lscreet, a. Pmdent, cautions, jnd' 

clous, wise, circumspect, conaldarat 

bee^ml, wary; npt rash, heedless, i 


DlEcrepiu>oy> i gridty, dieagreemer 

contrariety. Inconsistency, variation. . 
Discrepant, a, TlVkTiDS, dlaagraeing, 

ineongmous, InconBisteni, contrary. 
Dlacrets, a. 1. Separate, dlBtillct, dls- 

Jnndi, not conUunoiu. 
it, IMgJnncllve, disoretlTe. 
Disopetion, n. 1. PbjwBsOB (t» Smigg 

immediatel)/ b^/bre as), Judgment, eau- 

y of 

Dlscretive, a, Diajnuctive, diserete, 
Discrlmin&t«, v. a. Diatingulab, mark 

the difference bcWean. 
Disoi^iiitnate, u. n, Distlnguieli, mafce 

a distinction, note dllferonces, judge 

nlcoly or accurately. 

h.sios !, Google 


Dlscrimiaation, n. 1. Dlslliv 
a. Disoemment, penetratloi 

neSB, judgment, ea^unty, inslgiiu 
Dltcrimlnatlve, a. alsetimiialiiig, 

distJRgulsbing, cliuraoterislug, dtetlnc- 

DlBcaTElve, a. i. Seasoning, argumen- 
' ^Ive, capable of reasoning, 
a. Koving, wanilertne, rambling, des- 
ItoFT, that tahes a wide range. 

"— it^aiek. 

Debate, dn, cunvoss, 
ventilate, agitaM, argue, reason abont. 
DlwmsBlon, n. Debate, ventilation, t^- 
totlon, dlBiuMtlr- •*■—■-'—— — 


:, dispub 


Morti, spurn, loolt down upoi 

contempt^ consider beneatn n 

Disdain, n. Scom, Gontempt, 

mely, liaugbtinesa, arrogance, 

Dlsdainfol, a. Scornful, contsmptuous, 


BaporciUous, oontamelious, baugbty, 

1, IndlspoEldon, 
--1, a. DlBordsrr., 
a, sickly, dott. 

Dlsembatrass, i. „. .^., 

catfl, release, disbUFden, dieenci 
ease, rid, free, clear, set free. 

Disembodied, a. Unbodied, incorporeal, 
Immateclal, epir"""' 


„,^ „,., ji a Hver), dlecbarge itself, 

be dlscUai^d. 
Disembc^ruementjit. Discharge, Isauo. 
IMBembowd.D.K. Eviscerate, embowel, 

take out tlie bowels of. 
DiiMnLbPOil, v, a. Disentangle, free 

froni pecpleillT, eitrioale from confa- 

ItisenaUe, v. a. Disqaali^, disable, 
unlit, Incapacltatfi, make Incapable 

XMsenaliiulb, v. a. Free from enebant- 
ment, deliver llom illusions. 

Disencnmber, v. a. Disburden, dis- 
engage, disembarrass, release, ease, rid, 

Disengage, v. a. 1. Belease, exCricaU, 
liberate, clear, dlsentajiele, disembroil, 
disembarrass, loose, uzuoose, free, "'^ 

Separate, detach, divide, dlaji 

dlsunlle. dissociate. 
- "ithdrai 

can, dra- 



Jniaisae^io9Dtr n. 1. Detachment, 

8. Liberation, release, extrication, 
3. Leisure, freedom from business. 
JHsennuble, v. a. Degrade, dl^caco, 
make Igoable. 

overthrow, annul d acoi 
gate, set aside, do away. 
JMsestabUsIunent, n. (Bare Aboil t n 

aimulmmt, disc 

ancB,ab oga n. 

Disregard, D BFAYOB. 
._- Disregard, dlsesteem, dis- 
like, disrespect. 

DisitsnTe, v. a. Defbrm, deRce, mar, 
injure, spoil, make iKly, make un- 

I>l9agiiPem«iit,n. Deftcement, injury. 

DishwichlBe, v. a. Deprive of a frnD. 
clilse, deprive of chartered rights or the 
privileges of a citizen. 
llsfonSsli, If. a. Unfarnlsb, strip, di- 
vest, dismantle, dl^aiidah. 
■iseiimisli, V. a. DiSFnRSiaH. 
'Isgorge, «■ o. 1. Vomit, spew, east 

a. Eject, discharge, throw out. 

3, KeUnquiah, surrender, yield, ^ve 

Disgrace, n. 1. Pisfavor, degrada- 

S, Dlshonar, discredit, disrepute, dis^ 
esteem, shame, reproach. Ignominy In- 
famy, opprobrium, obloqny, odium, 

Disgtww, V. K. Dishonor, disoiedit, de- 
— j_ ■•-•---fB^ tarnish, st^n, sally, 
ihame, reproach, dishonor, 
ifulrH- Sbamefnl, igaominious. 

scandalous, dishonorable, discreditable, 
disreputable, infamons, opprobrious. 
Disguise, V, a. Conceal [iy tft-esi or out- 
ward ^^pearance], cloak, veil, shroud, 
muffle, mask, hide, dissemble. 

feStota."^ ' " ' '^^' ™™ 
a. False appearance, counterfeit 

Dlseiilsed, a.. 1. Cloalied, masked, 
v^d, in dlsguiae. 
H, Intoxic^ed, inebriatoil, drnnken, 

drnnh, fuddled, tipsy, 



cups, half seas over. 
Disgust, n. 1. Kauseo, disrelish, dis- 
taste loathti^. 

a. Dislike, repugnance, aversion, an- 
tipathy, abomination, detestation, ab- 

Msguet, V. a. i> Sicken, affect wiUi 

one's eiimacli. 
a. Displease, offend. 
Dlsgnsting, a. Nauseous, nauaeatli^, 
loathsome, siokening, i^enulBlve, cevolt- 
li«, offoiisive, distasteful, odious, haM- 
m, foul, abominable. 

;a by Google 

. Dispirit, discoucagR, 

bishem-ien, v. < 

d^ect, depress, 

AlBlied, a. t/flUf.) 1. Ruined, spoUed. 
a. Finetrateil, liaUced, foiled, baffled, 
d!econceri«d, diBappointed. 

IMBhevelled,a. Disordered las tAeftair), 
untrinmiBd, liangine loosely or negll- 
aentlj', »t loose ends. 

Dlshlne, a. Concave, dtsh-Uke. 

Dlsli-llke, a. IHslilDe, coacaie, shaped 
like B. dlsli. 

IMslionest, a. Faitblees, knavish, fltlee, 
imfolr, disingenuous, iraudaleatt de- 
ceiUttl, treBclieronB,BlttipeT;,'iinaBTapn' 
lous, perfidlons, wicked, fOus-liearted. 

THehoneiityp fl, Tmnrobity, ItaliJileB^ 
neu, laiavery, treaofiery, talsehood, de- 
oelWilness, p^Hdiousness, wickednesB. 

IMslioiior, n. Dishonor, di^Tnoa, dts- 
cTBdlt, dlarepute, reproaoli, degrada- 
tion, Bhame, Ignominy, obloquy, infamy, 
opprobrium, odium, scandal, abase- 

, briuf 

*' 'Sande 

„ *, debauch, (avleli, deflour. 


diooa, lnfunoi_, „. _. 

Dtsh-waslier, n. Gooaandei, wngtall. 
dun-diver {Mergiis merffcmser or Mer- 

InslnolinaUon, f^- ladisposltlDni re- 
luctance, repugnance, aversion, un- 

IMsincHne, v. a. Make averse. 
Dislnallned, a. Unwilling, indisposed, 

reluctant, averse. 
DisintSct, V. a. Deodorize, fum^te, 

Dislnffenuoiis, a. ITn&lr. dishonest, 

sly, inddious, decaltfuli kuavish, Ihls^ 
&i1aa-Iiearied, not frank, not open. 

Dlalnteerate, -' - "^ "- —-'-—*- 

fragmBuH '■- 

iMslilce, V. a. IMsreliBh, have an aTei>- 

don to. 
Dlsllmb, D. a. IMsmember, mutilate. 
Dlslocste, V. a. 1. Displace, disarrange, 

S. I^oint, luxate, put out o( Joint- 
Dislocation, Ji. 1. Derangement, dls- 

a. Luiation, di^olntlng. 
Dlaloilge, B. a. Expel, oust, ^ect, drive 

DisIoyt^,a. tTuhdtliAil, unduljful, dls- 
^bcted, Oithless, Ealse, treactiamiB, 

Dlilii7(tlty. ». TTTiPtiHifiiiimm, anduU- 
Mneas, sfithleeBnees, tnwJisry, jpeiA- 
dy, want of loyalty, lack of cdelity, 
derellctlan of aUe^ncfl. 

Disniul, a, 1. Cheerless, gloomy, dark, 
dull, dreary, lonesome. 

e. Melancholy, moumfui, sad, dole- 
Sil, dolorous, sombre, Ingubrioua, fu- 

3. Horrid, horrible, terrible, dhs, 

Disninlg, R. pi. {Wifb The prefixed] 

Mblakcboly, low spirits, the blobs. 
DiBmanUo, v. a. 1. Unrig, strip of 

coverh^, deprive of apporBtaa or tOml- 

a. Despoil, demolish, devastate, de- 
stroy, raze, pull to pieces. 

DiBiuay, D. n. I'errlfy, fttohten, appall, 
aflright, scai-e, daunt, amrm, lutimi- 
dato, paralyze with fbar. 

Mamay.n. Terror, itigll^ aitH^t, fear. 

i, break to pieces. 

. v.a. Exliuma, unbury, i 

entomb, d^ nj- 


DislntliraU, v. a. Liberate, ftee, 

lease, set free. 
IMsJoln, V. o- Disunite, separate, divide, 

part, sunder, sever, dissever, detach, 

IMi^olnt, t>. a. %. I^slocate, luxat«, put 

S. Unlooise, disconnect, disjoin. 
IH^tnnctinn. »- Separadon, discounoo- 
, tlon, disasSLXilatlon, disunion. Isolation, 

IM^iinotlve, a. Dis)cdnlng, discreUre. 
IMik, ». 1. Quoit, mscuB. 

ab, dliyoint. 

lutllate, dlB- 

MsmlsB, V. a. 1. Sendaway,givefe 
to go,permit to go. 
it. XHEuhatgo, discard, cashier, ti 


!, Disoliaiga, 

, perrolsdon to go, 

descend, get dr 

bring down. 

Alight {jyoBt a horse), 

liiediniGe, ». InfracUon or viola- 
Disobey, t 

»■ Tran^res,, , „_, _ 

at deHnnce, go counter to. 
DlBoblii^, V. a. Displease, oShnd. 
Dlsobll^ng:. a. Unaccommodaljni:. ni 

organiiatlon, irregularity, J nn 


. Distamper, oomplainl 

Dlaordor.r.o. 1. I>eriwiEe, fliaMranse, 

diBorgnnize, throw liito coiifiisloii, turn 
lopBy-tiirvy, put out of place 
a. Impair tlie fimeUona of, prodaoa 

rtisoPderly, a. 1. ImmeUiodlcal, Irreg- 
ular, counted, nut in ordoc. 
B. Lawlesa, rebellious, turbulent, ua- 

rolf, tuIUDltUDDB. 

DiBorganizatian, f 

1, Disorder, do 

I, disavow. 

. 8, DeBtPUOtlOn, dlaaoluUon. 
. DlBai^anlEe.v.a. 1, Disordec, derange, 

disarrange, put out of ordor, throw into 

a. Destroy, biealc op- 
Disown, ». a. I. Dlai 

refuse to acknowledge. 
S. Deny, disallow. 
DlBparaKe, o. a. Depredate, deeiy, re- 

piooch, traduce, vUi^, de&une, nudei- 

Tiilue, underrate, underestlmaee, run 

domi, detract Oom, dentate &am, 

speak 111 o^ Inv^gh ogidust' 
IHitpacaxeiiieilt^n. DenreotaMon, daro- 

gwion, detiaetlbn, underralulng, un- 

deiiatli^, indignity, diehonor, diagrace, 

leproadi, dlsyralse. 
Dlspat4ty, n. !■ Inequality, dlflbronco, 

it. rasslnilUtnde, unllkeness. 
Dispart, V. a. Sunder, dfaunlfe, aepa- 

raie, divide, sever, diseever, buret, tend, 

live, cleave, split, break asunder. 
DiBp&Tt. V. n. Separate, port. 
Dlspaesian, ». Apathy, lusenslbUlty, 

sdbllil;, CO 

B, (lolncBS, to 

Dlspassloiute, a. 1. Unlmpassloned, 
inipertnrbable, inexeitable, unexolted, 

.'composed, ooUectad, temperate, undis- 
turbed, untuflled, qnlet, calm, cool, 

Impartial, nnblaased, dMnter- 

1, indi^rent 

pat to death, sand out o 

3. Hasten, expedite, ai 

quicken, &rward, pv"^ - 


i, ealerity. 

. luwoKe, coiumnnicatjon, i 

Dlspel.v.a. Disperse (conl}>^te?!;),eeD 
tar, dissipute, banish, delve away. 

DlspensaUon, ». t. IMstributum, a 
portionroent, allotment. 
a. Administration, stewordeMp. 

4. Examptiun t/Wmi. some law), 

Dispensatory, n. Pharmaeopojla. 
Dispense, i. a, t. Dietribute, apuor- 
tlDU, allot, deal out. 

3. Admlniefer, apply, exeouta, oairy 

liep^so iritli, 1> Do without. 
it. DlEregard, ne^et, set aside. 
3. [llisn.] Eicuse, exonerate. 
Dlspeuser, n. IMatribntor, divider. 
Dispeople, IT. a. Depopulule, unpeople. 
Dispfirse. v. a. 1. Scatter, sepaTate> 
dlSElpato, dispel, dri ve lo diflerent partB, 

3. DilTuse, diBBemluate, spread. 

Disperse, v- »■ Scatter, soparate, be 
scattered, go diiferent ways. 

Dispersion, -x. Scattaring. 

Dispirit, V. a. Dishearten, depress, de- 
ject, diBcourage. 

Dispirited, a. D^ected, dleheartened. 
dBpressed, discouraged, down-lieartad, 
downcast, despondent, cast down, oreat- 
Ihlleii, ohap'fallen, down ill tlie 

place, chains 

3. Depose, oust, dlsmlas. discharge, 
c^hler, ^ect from odlcc. 
Display, o. a. l;*Expand, unBjld, ex- 
ieiid, open, spread. 

3. lixbiblt, altow, bring ' Into view, 
hold up to view, make nianlftst. 
3. Farade, show off. 
Display, n. 1. Exhibition, manifesta- 

iilie, dietaatfi, disapprol 

e, injury. 

Dlsplode, V. a. ji It. Explode. 

Dlspopt, n. [Poeikai.] Flay, amuse- 
ment, diversion, pasUmo, sport. 

Disport, V. a. Amuse, divert, entertain, 
cheer, solace, beguile, relax. 

Disport, D. n. Flay, gambol, fcollo, 
spurt, make merry. 

Disposal, ». 1. Arrai^tement, dispo- 

a. Management, control, govecnmerit, 
regulaUon, dlBpoaote, direuUon, order- 
ing, conduct. 

3. Dispensation, di 

3. Adjust, rogulato, settle, determine, 

3. Incilno, lead, move, induce, bias, 

alfciialo, part' with,' put out' of one's 
poBseeuion, get rid or. 
a. Determine the condition of, arrange 

3, Semove, pat away, get rid oL 


trfbuter.d. .. , 

3. R^ulator, director, go^ 

tlgpoBltlou, n. 1. IMspadng, i 

4. Temper, Inclinfttion, prerllspo- 
^tion, propen^ty, Immor, bent, bloa, 

, diatrlbution, 1)6- 

1. Deprive, dliest, 

1, H. 1. IifpiiiatloD, 
Onstei, dtssaistD. 
. Maniieantent, direc 

S. Disparity, Inequality, nnsuiCabie- 

Dlspropoitionalia. BispROFoitTioi;- 

l>l&pFOp4>rtli>iia.te, a- 1> Unsynunet^ 

8. Ina^Ieqnate, nnsulCable. 
I>lBurave, v. a. Confute, rei^t^ show 

DlBpntable, a. Controvertible, debut 

Me, doubW. 
Slgnntant, n. Contii)iereiEili9t, argai 

deWtar, dlspntsr. 
mspntatlon, «. Debate, dispute, co 

troversy, argumentation, iverluu co 

IMspntatlons, a. Cayilling, eaptioi 
contentious, quarrelsome, polemical. 

Dispute, B, a. i. DtA), dlscoee, ^- 
tato, venttlata, argue, reason about. 
it. Conti^nert, impugn, call in quee- 

oontest,' verbal quarrel, war of words, 
Dlsputer, n. Debater, controvereiatist. 


DlaqaalU'y, v, a. Unlit, disable, 
Dlsqiilet, »■ Unea^ness, leeUeeeneiss, 

disturbance, aniiety, vesatlon, trouTJo, 
disquietude, iuqaietuile. 

disturb, worry, liaroHs, plagne, botber, 

molest, pester, incommode. 
Dlflqnietode,!!. UneaalnesB, dibqdibt. 
Disqulgition, ». Dissertation, treatise, 

discourse, esa^ formal inquiry. 
Dlsregtuditt. Heeleat.eUgbt.conteiapt. 
Disregard, v. a. Neglect, slight, orer- 

ioali, contemn, pay no attention to, pay 

no lieed to, pay no regard to, t^e no 

notice of, turn a deaf ear to. 
Dlsi'ellsh, n. l. Dislike, distaste, irant 

% Aversion, antipatliy, tepi^nance, 

DisreliEii, v. a. Dislike, loatlie, bare 

Dlsreputabie, a. I>iscro(litable, dis- 
honorable, diegraceful, sbameful, scan- 
dalous, infemotiB, omuvbrious, oeroga- 

Dlsreiinte, li- Discredit, dlslionor, dis- 
grace, inglorlousness, degradation, 
dori^atiou, abasement, odium, til re- 

ence, sUglit, neglect. 
3. Iiuavility, dlBCoiirteny, ludeneas, 
Disrespectfnl, a. t. Irreverent. 

8. Uncivil, impolite, ungeiitlemanly, 
diacourtfloua, uncourteous. 
Disi'ob^, V. a. Divest, stJip, undceES, 

Disruptlan, n. Breacb, rent, rnptare, 

bursE, breiAing aennder. 
Dissatisfbotlon, ii. 1. DiscaDtant, un- 

SS. Displeasure, dlataste, dislike, dis- 

Dissatisfied, o. Disconlsnted, uneasy, 

Dtsseot, V. a. 1> Anatomize, cot In 

investigation, sMUng. 

Disseize, v, a. Dispossess, oust. 

Dissemble, V. a. 1. Conceal, bide, dis- 
guise, cloak, cover. 
Z. Feign, simolate, afTeet. 

Dissemble, v. n. Feign, be bypocritlcal, 
play tbe liypoeilte, play a part. 

DlBsemliler, n. Hypoorlto, feigner. 

Dlssemluale, V 

lilfiiso, disperau, 
spread abroad. 

Eion, propagation, scatterlog, apread- 

Disseminatioaf n. Diffusion, disper- 
sion, propagation ---^'--■---- ■* 
ing, promulgation 



DlBSevep, v. a. IHtdoin, dissodnte, die- 
uniw, sepacatfl, part, aundor, dinpart, 
dtvids, rsnd, sever. 

litadfc^diveriiHy, .. . , 
_ -BSlmUltude, Ik DiSBiuiLABCi^. 
Dissimulation, ii. Hypocriay, deceit, 
duplioity, simulation, lelgBluB, double 

dealing, mlse — " 

DissipBte, V, 

it. Waete, eguaiider, lavish, spend 
lavishly, run out, tlirow away. 
Itissipirt^ V, n. 1. VMilali, disappear, 

e. Live dissolutely, prsetiEe dissipa' 

Dlgglpatian, «. 1. Dispersion, soatter- 
ine, vaDistilng. 
%. Waste; squnnderlne. 
3, Dissolutflnesa, proil^acy, eiieaa. 
Diseoolate, v, a, IXitJoin, dlEnoite, sep- 
arate, sever, illssevec, divide, part. 

a- I>econipositioii, putrefioUon. 

~ "— *'■ deeease, eitinclion of life. 

3. uestroy, n 
d'to, break oj 

0, break apart. 

brli^ to an end, pi 

1. Malt, liquefy, be 

3. Vaulsli, disappear, fitde, melt 
iva;, be dissipated. 
3. Ferish, crumble, be desttoyedi 
eouaucB, n. 1. Discord, dlso 
nee, iiaialmess, Jatring, want of ] 

a. Disagreeing, 1 
tdstent, dtacrepanC 

. BebortaUon, dies 


DiEsoasive, « Di<isijasii. 
DigEuaslve, a Disaiiadi 

tory, tending to dissuade 
Diasyllalile, .! Word of 1 
"^iataia, » a IPoelvxU] Slmo 

'istance, n. 1' Kemot^ness, apace, in- 

a. Keserve, coldness, abyneas, distant 

jstanee, a. a. Outdo, sucpase, excel, 
outatrlp, leave beblud. 
Distant, a, 1. Bemote, fni, not near. 

ii, tteserved, sby, cold, cool, eoy, not 

3. Slight, iUnt, indirect, Indlslinct, 

Distaste, n. DSsrelMi, dialacUnatlDn, 

aversion, dislilte, re -" ' 

displeaauie, dlssaldB 

J, malady, o( 

a. IMsagreeable, 
ant, unpleaslDfr 

plaint, disorder, ail, i^lment, 'illness, 
indisposiUon, si " 

dered, out of order. 
S. Immoderate, ' 
nate, unregulated. 
Distend, u. a. Expand, 

Diseased, dlBor- 

ititemperate, Inordl- 

ilote, bloat, 

Dilation, enlargement. 

snalllug, eipaneion, stretdilne. 
Distich, ft. Couplet, eonpls oTvei 
Distil, V.H. [Written also .ZMstW.] 

,„ , , DiHstitt.] Drop, 

drip, trickle, dribble, Oil Indnin. 
i»slU, V. a. [Written also BiBHU-l 1. 
Drop, let ibll in drops. 

a. Separate by evaporattou, extraet 
by heat. 
. 3* Bxtract spirit i^mn. 
DistJnet, a. 1. Separate, different, not 

a. Definite, defined, clear, pl^ 
mistakable, unconfueed, not ol 
not dim, well defined. 
DlstiuDtioii, «. 1. DlsGrtminati< 
tation of diU'erence. . 

9. BeputB, reputation, celebrity, note, 
name, mine, renown, account^ ersdit, 
respectability, eminence, superiority. 
Distinctive, a. DlstlTLguishlug, dlscrlm.- 
■--"— -'— aclerMng. 

, B. 1. Kfferente. 
9R, precision, persplcn 
t>. a. 1. Ghaiacterize, 

linate, discern, perceive. 


I>istinc(iis1uLble, o 

a. To be dlsting 
nized as distinct. 

L, Separable, di- 
ed, to be recog- 



-SlBtliiBniglied, a. IUusMouk, famous, 
noted^ emlneut, conepicoone, cetebcal' 
ed, extraordinu'y, (ranacendent. 

Dlatoi't, V- a. 1, T\Tlet, writtie, wrest, 

S. Fervei't, mlerepreaent, talsttv, 
Btraln tbe senae of. 
Distortion, n. 1. Twist, wiyneaa,. con- 

ttTBst, V. a. Forplax, confuEB. dis- 
HUpoBe, hotaBS, diBturb, disconcert, 
Bwilder, coufoimd, mjstify, smbar- 

ttraotecl. a, 1, Perplexed, confused, 
BwUdered, embarmBBcd. 
S* Beranged, Insane, mad, franllc, 
idouB, rrnuig. 

■■' " . 1. Oonfnsicni, perplKt- 

- ibj, fliimairjuniment, bewilderment ab- 
BtrocUon, myBUUcatian. 

9. DlBturbanca, diBcord, tiuunlt, dis- 
order, division, perturbation, commo- 
Uon, turmoil, figftailon. 

3. l>Bran£ement, madtiGBS, ravir^, 
Insanity, aUenatlon, eiberratlon, incu- 
hereoce, wandeiing, tiellilum, mania, 
lunacy, raving, liSlucinaClon, loss of 
the aenaee, diaordered intellect or Gicul- 
idea, Ioes oC renEon. 
Distrain, v. a. ILmo.) Seize IJbr debt), 

take, attach, dlBti-cnE. 
DistreBB, n. 1. Affliction, calamity, 
misery, mlsCbrtnne, advcrdty, boiU- 
ship, trial, trouble, pBlplexity. 
d, Ang:idsh, agony, pain, sufi^dng. 
■ gripe, erlplnj. 

3* ^ivatlcn, destitution, poverty. 

.i. ILatB.) Take, s^e, distrain, 
DiBtrllnite, «. a, 1. Apportion, as^gn, 
allot, dlapense, mete, divide, share, par- 
cel oat, deal oat, iioitlon out. 

a. Classify, c^BB, aiTHnge, assort,' 
Disti'Ibntlon, n. 1. Apportionment, 
allotment, osdgnmeiit^ dole, partiljon,. 
division, dispenaadon. 

a. Airaiigement, dasslflcatton, dis- 
posal, dispasidon, gi-ouping. 
Dlstiict, «. Keglon, tiaot, territory, 

(drciiit, province, qnapter. 
Dlstpngt, V. a. Sisbelieve, disoredit, 
doubt, suspect, misliast, not i^ ui>on, 

Dlstmst, «. Disbelief, discredit, Bus- 
plelon, misgiving, mistrust, want of 
DlstmstlUl.a. 1. Suspicious, mlstrnst- 
ful, apt to distrust. 
S. Diffident, not confiilont. 
■ Dlstarb, V. a. 1. Agitate, shake, stir, 
derange, disorder, confuse, unsetUe, 
throw into conCu^an, put Into disorder. 
St. Molest, annoy,dlsquiet^ vex, ruffle, 
worry, plague, trouble, molest, incom- 

3* interrupt, Impede, hinder. 

S, perturbation, moiestatJoi 

ice, discomposure. 

3. Interruption, hinderance. 


3. Schism, breach, rupture, fbud. 
Disunite, V. a. Di^oin, dissociate, sep- 
arate, sever. dlBsever, part, divide, de- 
tadi, dissociate, sunder, be separated, 
DiBTinite, v. n. Part, separate, tall as- 
■ '■■ beseparf'-' 

Desuetude, 6 

3. Eivulet, brook, 
Ditty, «. Song, lay. 
Dluiiiia,a. iialiy, QuoHdlan. 
Dlutiimal, a. JLastlng, of long dnra- 

Dlntumlty, it. Long duration, long 
DiTaK»tioi>,ii. [Bore.l Wandering, ram- 
Divan', B. 1. Turkish conndl of state. 

Divaricate, w. n. Mvei^, 


oa, spread asi 

DivaricatJon, n. Divergence, forking, 

separaOon, spreading. 
Dive, V. «. 1. Plni^. 

one point in dlftoBnt L_ „ 

3. Divaricate, separate, branch 

lver|»llce, n. 1. Kadiatian. 
«. MTHilctrfloIl, forking, 

Vaiions, sevoto^ sundry, 
numerous, many. 
Diverse, a, Dinerent, dlfibring, nnllke, 

varying, muldfbrm. 
DivereiS, V. a. 1, Variegate, vary, 
malie dllferent, give vaiiety to. 
8. Dapple, spot. 
DiverBion, it. 1. Tumiiw; aside. 

Z, Amusement, recreation, posdme, 

sport, play, entertainment, r^xaUon. 

diversity, «. 1. Difference, disaimili- 

._. , entertain, rourente, please, 

gratify, del^ht, exhilarate, refresh. 

Divest, w. a. Deprive, strip, dlapcssess. 

Divide, K. o. 1. Sever, sunder, part, 

Bcporate, cleave, disunite. 

~ Keep apart, put a )>arrier between. 

■'''^'"^'~-"^,makediscordant, set 

i. MMehi 

Pari, separate, cleave, 



I. DiMiibutor, dealer. 

ining, foretelling. 

e. Pi-esase, predtulion, propiiecy. 
ina a. \, Uod-Uke, suueiTiumaji. 
S. S&eiell, lioly, spiritual, lieavenlf . 

Divine, V. a. Predict, foretell, presaie, 
Ipr<^nogtloate, Tatldnate, prophesy. 

I>lvlne,v.n. Ooiijocturc, Biiiniise, guess, 
BiippoBe, believe, biicj, tliliik, suspect. 

Diviner, ». J, Coiijnrer, magfcUD, 

a. Coulectni'er. 
Divinity, a. 1. Sdty, Godhead, divine 

S. ^flieologr, ecieneo of divine thli^s. 
Divleiiile, a. Sepaiable. 
DivialoD, it. 1. SeparMton. 

g. Fortlon, eeatlon, class, head, cate- 

a. partition, demarcation. 

4. Comjiartinent, separate pait. 

5. AppotUonmeut, allotment, dis- 

d. DlQ^Tence.dlBagreement, voiinnce, 
breach, rupture, dinuulun, dlsi;otd,Ieud, 
- oJienaiion. 

Divorce, n. SeparoUon {^loisbaad and 
w{fb), disBolution of the marria^ con- 
Divorce V. a. Separate, part, sever. 
Divulee, v, a. Publlttb, dhicloea, com- 
mnnicate, discover, impart, tell, pvf>- 
clalm, promnhtHte, make Imowu, nxake 
public, aproad abroad, reveal W the 

1. Giddy 
ighUesH, I 

, J. Peifoii- , ,- 

compliah, acldevo, bring about, work 
oBt, carry Into efltect 
S. Complete, tlnlsli, conclude, end, 

a. Transact, carry-on. 

4. Confer, bestow, grant, voacbsafe. 

5. Translate, rencfec. 
Do.P.n. 1. Act(iee«orW)- 

S. Be enough, be auScient. 
Do-all, 11. Factotum, general manager. 
Do a.vti.s, 1. Eemova, take away. 

a. DeBlJoy, overtlirow. 
Do}>-cIilcl[, 11. Dldapper, dab-chick (J'd- 

Do 1>y, Treat, liehave to^vards. 

Docible, a. 'TeuiJ^le, D0G1I.G. 
Docile, a. Teachable, docile, docible, 

tractable, apt, ea^lv taught 
Doctlitf, n. Teachableness, 


en. ^dact fiom. 

}octUt7, : 
aptitndCj l^ 

3. Put 111 

, aptness. 

I. Instrur- 

luatrine, n. Dogma on p nJon 
precept, piindiJe 

Da^ge. "■ 1- 1. S ar aside a ft p a« 

rarioata, use artlliefl, phiy 6j|t and 

D<HjLg;e, V. a. Evade (bji storting aside}. 

tiick, subterfuge 


t off, hi; adde. 

8. idolloqiiaL] Fellow. 

3. Andlrcu, sadiron. 
DoK-daye, «. pi. Canicular da;s. 
Dcwsed, a. 1. Snllon, sour, moi 
cmirllsh, growling, snrly, snarl 

a. Stni>biHii,obBlinate, wilful, mu 

Doit^-grAHs, tt. DoG^s-<i}icAs3. 
Doffina, «. Dcctdne, tenet, opinion, 

pi^nclple, article of fi^tb. 
Dagmaiio, I n. 1. AuUioritattve, 
Doipnatioal, | oracnhir, formal, cate- 

a. Positive, conisjent, peremptory. 
3, Arrogant, ovorbeaiing. 
DocfDintlsin, «■ Positivenoss of opln- 

Doe's-BrHH, ». Knot-giOBS, qnick- 

^ grass, conen-gr^B, wheat-grass, doK- 
wlieai, doe.^T8«ft, witoh-grasa, qnlltfi- 
grass, quickens ( Tritlman repnwj. 

Dos-star, n. Slrlos, Canicula. 

D4np£^, n. pi. Deeds, actions, Rets, 

Dole, n. 1. Apporlionment, allotment, 

8. Fart, share, portion. 

3. Gift, gratuity, dcnalicn, plttaniw, 

!. Dismal, gloomy, cheerless, dark, 

ito, divide, ap[ 

, o--, e. del, deal ot- 

Jolesome, a. IMsmal, sloomy, cheer- 
less, dM^ diilcacns, dM^il. 


I>a-UtUe,». Idler, Blucgaul, df one, lag- 
. gordi loonger, trlnaTj doodle^ Blov-boct^ 

Ciefflident peceon. 
Doll,«. eap^t[foracMld), 

l9h, iitmple, Kf ti«ea, l£lck- 

Domain, n. 1. Dominion, empire. 
9. EBtate, lands, Unded estate. 

IKimeBtlE, a. 1. Homely. 

Moke douestii^ 

Domiaile,!!, Hal 

deuce, abode, Uome, mansloi 

iii>o6e, place of leiddence. ' 
Domicile, \v.a, EBtatMSb m a uxea 
Domlciltate, ( residence. 
IKimJnant^ o. Prevailing, ruling, pre- 

dominnnt, predomlnatlitg, necenaant, in 

ttia ascendant. 
1>om]nate, v. n- Previdl, predominaie, 

have sway, be in tlie aecendant. 

Domineer, v. »• Bule (l^inBmicaUff < 

lutugAiibij, tjiiuuil^e, Bwell, " 

blnster, T)nl' '— ' " 



.. lilgt borBe, lay donii the law, carty it 

viCli a high lutnd. 

■— luloiui.H. Piediciint, Jacobin, block 
:, Pleaching Mur. 
lole, n. [SoBlliih,] Feds^i^ite, 
"'"""""■■"", teacher, iDBtTQCtor. 

anpiemacy, Oemiaatisu! 

elgn authocl^. 
y, region, country. 

Donation, n. Gift, grant, largess, bei 
eliictloil, boon, present, oflering, ooi 
tribttliOQ, eubeorlption, donative. 

Sonator, «. [Ii.] {Lc 

Done, p. 1. Performed, executed, ac- 
compUshed^ achieved effected. 

g. Compleleil, tiBielieiil, concluded, 
elided, terminated. 

3, Xranaacted, carried on. 

4. Beemwed, oonforred, vouohBafed, 

', dieposer, 
Trifler, idler, silly fellow. 

&. l>BuUne, appoint, decree. 
oom, «. 1. Sentence, Judgment, con- 
demnation, judicinl decree. 

g. Fate, deaOny, lot. 
oomaday, n, Uay of Judgment, the 

3. [^VuHifiar^j.] Hi 
•or,«. Oooliciuilter, dor- 

"^^.j House. 

. Porter, ooHctfeKGH. 

Maj-bug (W 

dovy'iZais/aber). ' 

^. I/atent, nnexertod, euBpended, in- 
Dcwmant partner. Sleepily partner, 
I Doimar.l 


a dose to, give 

Dot^n. Point, perioc. 

Sot, V, a. 1. Mark with dots. 

a. Variegate, diversift. 
Dotae:e, B. Imbecihty, senility, second 

Dotard, ». Driveller, imbecile. 
Dote, V. n. 1. l>ilvel, be imbecile, be 


Dote o 

vely, be foolishly ibnd ol 


, hollow, 

, J. Foldrp 

'a.'lNcmt.). SaUci 
louble, f. ». 1. In 
H. Betum npou th 

loable, orf. Twice, dOBbly, twofold. 
•onble, p. a. J. Fold, plait. 

^ Duplicate, multiply by two, mak 


elude purstat). 

4. Trick, stratagem, rnae, sMtt, arti- 
fice, wiLe, nuuKOUvre. 
a. OonnteFpart. 
Double-dealer, ». Deceiver, cheat, 
. trtotater, trloker. 

DonUe-deallns, n. Deceit, dnpliclty, 
'■--■- -'--'Tn,5fpocrisj,r-'-^- '' 

n, fcajid, MBlioneaty; 
Donble entente, [Fi 


soiaetliiag in/eiioote), olinch, qalbULe, 
liADBMBOuit, play npou wonle. 
Donble-fitced, a. Hypoeritical, deceit- 
ful, ImaviEli, disboueB^ KilEC, perfidious, 

Donble-headed, <(. BlcipitEll, with two 

. Deceitfnl, tieaoli- 

DoDble-miuded, a. Unsattled, i 

terjiilned, chm^eable, ficXIe, vacillat- 
ing, waverli^. 

I>6ublet, n. 1. fair, couple, two {qf Ihe 

a. Walatcoat, Test. 
Doable upoOi iMU.) Endoae between 

Donblil^, a. 1. Fold, iMt. 

IS. Artmce, trick, eliln, stratagem. 
Doubly, ad. Twice, double. 
]>oiibt, t>. n. 1. Hesitate, iraver, be 
donbtfal, be In suspense, be undeter- 
mined, enterttdn daubla, be in a state 
of uncertainty, not know what to think. 
9- iSare.] Suepect, Saacy, appre- 

Donbt, V. a. 1. Question, iesitate to 
beiloTo, consider questionable, h^ive 
doubts about. 
S. lU^nst, snspect, not conSde in. 

Daubt, ». 1. IndecisloD, hesitatlDn, hes- 

pense, iDlsEl'iBg. 

Ht suspldon, dlstruBt, mistrust. 

Donbtfal, a. 1. Wavering, undecided, 

hesitatlnk, undetermlDed, In suspense. 

S. Amb^oons, dabioas, equlvocali 

obsoure, en^maucal, problemalicHl. 

S- Ibiaeterrolnat^ uudeclded, aucer- 
teln. aneetionable. 
Soncear, n. [I^.l 1. Gentleness, mild- 
nesa, Mndnsss, pleasant manner. 

S. Preaant or gift (eapeaialiy one In- 
taided at a M6el, bribe, lore. 
. 'Daagb.fBtiB, n. iU. S.] Pliable pollti- 
(dan, noae of wax. 
DoasbfiiGed, a. [XT. 5.1 Fliable, weak, 
pnallanjmons, easily inflnenced, wlth- 

DooKhtf, a. Brave, courageous, bold, 
feauess, dauntless, valiant, valorous, 
gallant, intrepid, adventutous, chival- 

DouTB, n. Indian millet, Qulnea com, 
negro-oom {SoTgliuia iidgaTe). 

Donae, r. a. Plni^e, fmmerse, aub- 
merge, dip, souse, put under vratar (or 
other itqmd); 

Dove-cot, II. Golumbary, pigeon-hmise. 
Dowdy, a. Slovenly |,!i dress), 111- 

ilresaed {applied la iconMm). 
" - - Endowment, ^ft. 

Down, prm. 1. From the top to the 

a. Along the course of. 
Down, ad. 1. Downward, in it descend- 
ing course, from a blgh to a low poEi- 

%. On the gioond. tlie floor, &a. 


crest-fbUen, du^ 

ous, frank, open, above-board. 
Downward, 1 ad. Dohh, in a descend- 
Downwards, ( ing course. 
Down witli, (/niperaiiueij.) 1. Eaae, 

overtam, take down, liirow down, 
a. Pat down, lay down. 
Dowry, n. Dower. 

Doxy, II, 1. MIStrcBB, sweetheart, para- 
2. trostltiite, courtesan, atrumpet, 

harlot, whore, drab, street-walker, 

Cyprian, night-walker, punk, woman 

of the town. 
Doze, V. n. Slumber, drowee, nap. Bleep 

liglitly, be half asleep, fie dron-ay. 
Doze away, Faaa dVowsUy, spend In 

'drowsiness, sleep through, doze out. ' 

eavjj sli^- 

Dozy, a. Sleepy, t 

Drab,». 1. Strumpet, coarlesan, doxy. 

S* Blut, dr^gle-tail, low woman. 
Drab, a. DnnTdull brown. 
Drabble, w. a. Draggle, trail, daggle, 

beibul, bemirc. 
Draft ». Befuse, lees, dregs, sediraent, 

Bcnm, rubbish, stuff, waste or woithlaas 

Draft, n. 1. Drawing, asiection. 

2. Bill of exchange. 

3, [Written aiao DraMghi.l Outhne, 
delineation, ro^h sketch, rough copy. 

Draft, K. a. 1. Detach, select. 

^ Make an outline of, make a draft 
of, make a loogb sketch ot 
Drag, «. a. Draw, pull, haul, tug. 
Dra^, V. n. 1. Trait, he drawn along. 
3. linger, move slowly, make slow 
Drwgle, a. a. Trail, daggle, drabble, 
betbul, bemire. 


I>nieg;Ie-tidI,«. Slut, drab. 
JiratmtBan, ». Iiileipret«r (In Tart^jt 

cuia tlie Eatt). 
I>rag;oon,n. Hotee-soldler, OHAsSiiiOK, 

"ir, equBstrian, mountea eoMiec. 

, Compel, (ore 

,' 1. DiBW ok. 
S> Smiity, exIianHt. 
3. Mate dry, eleir of water or m 

Dratn, «. n, 1. Plow off. 

Drain, n. Sewer, ohanoel, trencli> wi 

Drajce, ». Mole dnck. 
Drama^ n. 1' Dramatlo co 
a. Ikfuualic litecatuie. 


lyraperv, n. HaogiiigB, tapsstcy. 

DiBstio, a. IMed.) ¥oveAil{ia apar- 
gtoine), aoUvB, emoftdoua. 

XtraBtJca, ». DJ. IMed.) Fowerfnl or ac- 
tive purgatives. 

DniDghl;, «. 1. Crov! 
0. Potion, omsdoae, 

4, [Written also Drf(fl.] Sketch, ont 

aosIitB. n. pi. Checkers. 

iw, V. a. 1. Pull, (liBS, haul, tag, 

ill aloi^. 

3. Attract, hrhig towards, pnlt to- 
ft, Inliale, hisplre, breathe in, take 
lake oat 

irProducB, bring, bear. 

S* Extend, protract, Btretoh, lei^th- 

9. Deacrlhe^ delineate, Eketch, depict, 
trace, traoe ont. 

10. Deduce, declTe, infer. 
H. Extort, force out. 

IS. Compose, write, prepare, draw 

5. Array, marshal, ibrm In order. 
Braw, n. n. 1. Pull. 

a. Move, come, go, proceed. 
3. Sfcetcn, practise drawing, or tJie 
art of delineation. 
i. Produce InflammatlDn. 

6. Beqoest payment by draft, make 

Draw back, Eetire, «itMcaw, re- 

^^S^;} Approach, come nea 
DtrhW on. Approach, advance. 
Siawback, n. 1. Disadvantage, 6 

ment, luliUT, damaee, ^uititiess, 

peritaction, oaAclency. 
9, .DlBconnt, allowance, deducUoa, 

radaoQoni rebate, abatement. 

... , akelch, picture, plan, 

•utlhie, drauElit. 
_ .■awing-knite, n. Shave. 
Draw In one's horns, [Collogulal,] 
s ardor, restrain one's 
boosting, pall in one's 

1. Fear, apprehension. 
'l. FrlglitfDl, terrible, horrl- 

. 1. TorriMe, horrible, hor- 

S. Venerable, awful. 
Dreaiu, n. 1. Sleeping vldon. 

2. Kaverie, fancy, fiuitasy, coBC^t, 
idle fancy, day-dream. 

Dream, v, n, 1. Have vl^ons in ^eep. 
' ^, Think, Imagine, Jkncy, liave a no- 

3. Give a loose rein to the fancy, give 
the reins to the imagination, indulge 
in reverie, build caetleti in the air. 

Dreoiu away. Spend Idly, pass In rev-. 

Dreamer, n. TIslonary, enthusiast, 

Drear, a. Qloomy, luiBABv. 
Dreary, 0. Gloomy, cheerless, eomfbrt- 

lasa, diemal, dark, drear. 
Dreilee-box, n. Dreflgirig-ljox, floui- 

Dcemrr, o. Muddy, turbid, dirty, focn- 

iBift, fonl. 
Dr^ra, », pi, 1. Sediment, lees, grounds, 

Imbrue, wet til „_,. 

H, Physic, piu^e. 
Drenching, n. Soaking, wettli^, duofc 

Dtess, v.a. 1. Align, 
' a. Adjust, arrangf 
put in order. 

3. Prepare, fit, malie aaitaUe or iit, 
iTet readv. make rcadv. 

. apparel. 

Dress. ~i~. bT ' Be dothed, mak 

Dfcss, n. J. Clothes, clotMi 
ment, garments, garb, habit, : 
attire, liablllment, vestnre, san, <;u9- 

S. Array, fine clothes, rich garments. 



ttressy, a. Showy, fiaelir, gaufly, fond 

Drib, 11. o. 1. Crop, .lop, cut off, loj 

a. EiitlCB, allure, decoy, eons, tweo- 
Dribble, e. n. Drip, trioHe, IWl li 

I>riblet, n. Fragment, Email porHon. 

Drier, n. Daalccative. ' 

Drift, n. 1. Ciinrae, bearing, direction. 

pioiHiiiii], design, aoope, tendency, ob- 

B. (S^) Diluvium, dlluvialforma- 

i, {Mining.) Paasage limder gromid, 
btiweea sli^Te.) 

Drift, p. n, 1. Plont, he Wftfted. 

g. AccnmnlaCe in heaps, ha driren 

Drlftlees, a. AiiDlese, purposeless, w 

4^ (i*toH.> Scud, drift. 
Drive at. Intend, purpose, aim at, tend 
to, be Mter, aspire a^ aspiie alloc, eu- 

ise, haldeiduah, EtulT, fool 

roll, «. 1. Jester [by pri^sioa], huf- 
Foon, Lai-lequln, mounteliank, punch, 

Cichinello, oiown, SHiny, aoai'sjnottoli, , 
L, jaoli-pnddjng, meiry Andrenr, 

S. Farce, comio sliow. 
Droll, a. 1. Oomic, comical, funny, lu- 
dicrous, fordcal, laoghaUe, ridledflus, 
s. Odd, queer, oiieldoiia, wo^ish, 
, , amoHtng^ dlTerUi^. 
i Drollery* ». Pleaaejitry, fun, l^tcetlouH- 

3. Tipple, tope, he a drunkard, b 
toper, be Intemperate {in the ■use , 
Bpirimmt liquors), be of intempecaCe 
habilB, take a drop too much. 

4. Carouse, revel, indulge in a d 

Drink, V. a. 1. SnaUoir, qu^cF, 

Drioliable, a. Potable, that may b 

Drlnldng, n. Appling, toping, intem 

perate ffiibita. 
DrlnMnt^'Iiou^ «. Carouse, carousal, 

revel, revelry, SPRBE, joiuacatjon, bao- 

cliojials, saturnalia, debauch, compota- 

Hon, nassail, orgies. 
I>rink to, Pledge, toast, drink in boiio^ health of. 

I. Dribble, trickle, fall ii 

low' lazy ^OM, 
3. Humming, hummlne 
Drone, v. v.. 1. Lounge, d 


S. Have drops faniiig ftam. 
- LBttalltndropB. 

5. Hurl, sand, propel. 

3. Force, oblige, coerce, compeL 

i. Pr8Sa,uiBe. 

B. Prosecute, carry on. 

6. Gnide (^ retiwf. 

T. Take In a carriage, carry on 

dispel, drive off. 
Drive back, Bepel, TEpnlse. 
Drive off. Expel, drive away. 
Drive out, Kxpel,~reject, eject, cast out, 

Drive, V. n. 1. Be forced along, be ic 
pelled, be ui^ed forward. 

trides, live In 
urone, T'. a. Kead mono&^nuiiaiy. 
DroulEh, a. Idle, laay, Indolent, slug- 

eisli, slow. Inactive. 
Dronte,n. Dodo. 

Drool, V. a. Slaver, drivel, drop Ealiva. 
Droop, B. ». 1, WlLt, wither, £ide. 

2. Laneuisb, Mnt, sink, tail, decline 
grow weak, be disphited. 

Drop, II. 1, Globule. 

a. Ear-ring. 
Drop, V. <t. 1. Lower, sink, depress, let 
down, let fiiu, let go. 

a. Leave, quit, forsake, desert, relin- 
quish, abandon, H)rswear, give np, give 

3. Discontinue, intermit, remit, coaee, 
desist from, break off, leave o^ lay 

4. Bedrop, spot, speckle, variegate. 
Drop, s. ». 1. Distil, fill! in drops. 

3, Fall suddenly. 

3. Ceaac, come to an end, come to 
Drop astern, I jVouJ.) Move back. 
THop down, WaiU.) Move toward the 

a. Kefose, waste matter. 
Irouelit, II. Dryness (iifiiKatlia% arid- 
ityrdrouth, want of lain. 

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% Crowd, collection. 
Drown, v. a. 1. KIU bv Iminsrsli^. 
3, OTOrflow, inundate, lleluga, OTe 
wbelm, Hood. 


Slan, toll, plod, murk 

npi^, «. 1. Hedidiie, tdiyele, remedy. 

H, UnHBlalile arflcle, 
Dmm, n. MflaC). lympaatim. 
Drunk, a. Intoxicated, tips;, Inebitated, 

Aiddled, dlag:nieed, ntaudlJn, drunkuD, 

mellotr, 8i.aniiii>, OBOoaVi in liquor. 

In one's cups, ball sew over. 
Dnmfeard, ». Toper, tippler, eot, c&- 

rouseT, reveller, ba^xmanal, boccb^a- 

Drnnken, a. 1, Intoxleated, diednk. 

Dmnkeaueas, n. 1. Intoxication, ine- 
briety, ebriety. 

,?i. Stone-flnilt. 
. 1. Arid, not wet, 

i>ry, a. j- juin, nut wan. 

a. Tliirsly.otaytogdclr 
3. UidatereaUim,mrren,[lull,]QJi 
meagre, tame, rapid, t.-.".i 

■eaatio, Si 

sly, keen, Bbarp. 

, [Hare.] Donl 

Dubious, a. Uncartoin, doubt&l. eq 
ooil, amblguouB, not plabi, not ele: 
Dnok, V. c^ ImmfliSfl, plunge, sc 

Duck, V. «. 1. dve, plunge, dip, im- 

puH, mullai^oi^, 

Dncblnc, ». 1. Flange, dfvE, dip. 

a. IGilioquiaL] Wsttii^, diencbli^, 

^t £xteuaibld, capable of b^ng drawn 

Ductility, ». 1. TractableneBB, dacUlCf . 

8. Jlxtenaibjllty. . 
Dudseon, fl. Anger, reEentmeat, in- 

dlpiation, Ire, mafloe, ill-will. 
Duds, li. pi. 1. Old clotlilng, tnttsted 

8. {CoiCocmial.] Effects, tblngs. 
Due, a, 1. Oned, U> be unid. 

3. Proper, fit, suitable, appropriate, 
booomlng, befitting. 

3. Omng, to be BEcribed. 
Dne, n. 1. Debt, wbat is due. 

a, BigtitiJusttK 

Dnel,n. AfG^r of honor. 

Dng, n. Teat (qf a beast), nipple, pap, 

Dulcauiata, n. Woody nigbt-abade, 

blttev-aweet (H^o^kujn dulcoinara). 
DulOBt,a. 1. Sweet, luscious, boneyed. 
S. f leasing, agreeable, pleasant, de- 
' Uslitful, cbarmlng, 

Dnfl, a. 1. Stuptd, stolid, doltja]!, block- 
isb, bruUslt, unintelligent uninteUect- 
ual, shallow, blunt-nTttea. 

S. Apatiietlo, JuaenMbla, nnlmpfts- 
alonafl, passionless, dead, callouB. 

heavj, Blugi^iili, alow, tocpid. 

4. Blunt, obtoie, not eliaip. 

5, GtlooukT, and, dlamal, cueerlesa. 

0. D1ro,obBinire,notbi1glit,notvivJa. 

1. iBdloDS, itBatisoma, tiresome, nn- 

>ull, v.o. 1. Blunt, moke blunt. 

a, 8tnpe^, benumb, deaden, para^ 
Ijae, obtuno, liebetate, make or tendM- 

dispirit, dejec^ mal« mehkticlioly, mi^e 

4. Quiet, allay, moderate, assoage, 
mitigate, alleviate, soften. 

Mnte, Epeecbless, 

Qummador, it. Cocltcliafer, dor, dor- 
buff, May-bug, tree-beetle, May-beetie, 
{Mefontna vuwaris). 

Dammy, ». 1. Mute, dumb person. 
a. lOoUoquii^.'] Dumb-waiter. 


3. FourtJi liiuid (lOAeB onJff lliree per- 

soiM play at whial). 
Vaiaplab, a. Sad, OejeoWd, dispirited, 

MELAHCHOLV, despondent, moping. 
Ouiups, n. p^ Dejecttou, depreeaton, 

aurtiieB, MBiiiHOHOLY, Qespondeiicj, 

Diuupf, a. Short and thick (i»iJeranB). 

Dun, a, DbU btovn. 

Dim, V. a, Fresai/iB-adfbS), impartnne, 

ig tetter. 

miomkull, ditiuiii. 

Simpleton, tbol, dolt, leno- 
_. Mookhead, block. 

jjiniHKuii, uiuiaru, tuicitu^TtAU, imuii.- 
Eknll, dunderhead^ dnnderpate, clod- 
poU, beetla-hsad, bnll-head, doll-head, 
addla-hatrf, logger-head, ohdokIjII- 
HKAD, Jalt-heaa, laOk-brain, shallon'- 
hialn, moon-oalC Itelfwlt, o^, ohange- 
llng, booby, noftOLe, gpooney, tony, sur- 
ooMf OOF, niDny, jOBBEOsoyrsj, Ba,t, 
BJiwney, driveller, noddy, natural, BAF- 
KKAB, ass, Jaokase, goose, ooot, loon, 
o«]f, non-oompoB, stnpld feUov, ^Uy 

lOnnder, li. Lees Wcime juice). 

nunderlieud, n. Simpleton, chnoe. 

Dunder^ste, n. DnKCS. 

Diiiidlv«r, it. Goosajidar,' dish-washer, 
wagtail (J/CT-jnia merffitascr or Mergvs 

Duub:, li' llxcroment, ordnre, fasbes. 
Duds, b. a. Manure (iciffe ^mff). 
Duns:eoii, n. Pcfaoii (e^eetallj/ one un- 

tlirgrotrnd (Hid dark). 
nunsmeera, n. pi, CompOBt pits. 
Dupe, n. Got^s-paw, gull, onUy, credu- 

Dupe.f.a. Cheat, dec^T& delude, triuk, 
circumYeat, overreach, beguile, culljj 
fllumae, coaen, gull. Impose upon. 

DupUoate, a. Double, tnofold. 

Duplicate, n. Copy, transcript, eountar- 

Duplioity, ^t. Dlsalmuladcn, cMoanery, 
guile, deceit, deception, hjpocrisy, cir- 

double deling. 
Durability, n. Permaneiice, darable- 

Joastratot, res 

Durlne.^'^. For theHnio of, a>r the 

period in. 
l>iuk,». Tvll^t. 


DutDbgold, F 

Duteous, a. Obedlelit, 

DotUUI.'a. I. OHedlent, enbmlsefve, 
'erenf^, reapectful, deferens 

S. Service, bu^ass, fimctl 
). Tax, impost, toll, Gastor 
He, H. 1. Stope^ing pc 

L, omce. 

I>wBl£ n. Treats, hop o* my Ihujnb. 
I>nBFtv. a. Bnmt,hnidermmgrowtii. 
DtrarflBh, n. Stnnted, dwarfid, nnder- 

^Eed, dimlnntlve, snu^, little, Uuy, 

Iiillipuljaii, Pygmean. 
Dwell, V. «. Inlrablt, reelde, llv& stay, 

etjourn, tarry, abide, plant one's Bell; 

be settled, have a habitalion. 
Dweller, n. Inhabitant, inliabiter, resi- 

HwelilBK, «■ Habitation, abode, red- 
dencG, loi^ng, quariiecB, domleile, 
home, place of realdanoe, place of aboda, 
dwellti^-place, house. 

DwellluK-pIiHW. tl. DWEI^lAlna. 

Dwell on, ) 1. Saag upon foudly. 

Dwell upan, j be absorbed fflth, be 
deeply mterested In. 

S. Continue loi^ upon, occupy a long 
tJtoe with. 

Dwindle, V, n. 1. Kminleh, decrease, 

[ndle, f. 

Dye,». 1, Coiorli^ liquor. 

a. Coloi', hue, tint, tinge, stain, cast, 

Dye, H. a. Color, tli^a, stain. 
Djer'a-weed, «. Greeu-btoom, graen- 

v&sA{Q&iista tiacloria}- 
Kyliig, a. 1. Eiplrine. 
!t. Mortal, pemhable. 
Itytne:, »■ Death, decease, demise, dia- 

Bolu^on, departure, exit, end of 1^0. 
DynamloB, n, Scianoa of forces. 
Dynast)', B. I. Govermnant, aovera^i- 

a. Bace 0^ tufers,' family of sover- 

Dysentery, ». Bloody.-flui. 
Dyspepsia, I n. (^ci/.)IndlgBsHon,dlf- 
I^spepsy, ) ftcnlty of digeeUon. 
Iftspniea, n. [L.] [Med.) Difficulty o£ 


Bacli, a. 1. One and the other (<{/' two), 

a. Every one (qC semral). 
'Eofier, a, 1. Loiiging, yeamlDg, greedy, 
Impatient, keenly deelroae. 

Xl^CemeBB, n. 1. liangii^, yeainli^, 
avidity, greedineBB, Impauence. 
3. AlTWr, seal, vehemence, Impatn- 
'- -oc, fBcveney, 

Biwle, R. 1. sing of blrdB. 

a. T™ dollar»Tf7'. S. gold coin). 

Zi^le-eyed, a. DlscerninE, perspioa- 
douB, qiiiolc-elghled, sharp-elglited, 
lynx-eyed, hawk-eyed, keeii-ejea, Ar- 

Sasre, ti. Bore, great tidal nave. 
Kar, n. 1. Oigan oC healing. 

9, Md^oI pereepnen, Qiculty of dla- 
eriminating sounds, sense of hearing. 

3, It^ard, heed, attention, hearing. 

4.Spike(iif o™hi), head. 
EanKlie, n. Ota^ia, otalgj, pEiia in 

Ear-drop, «- Ear-ring, pendant- 
Early, a. 1. Timely, eeEisouable, In Bea- 

., betiroea, seasonably, 
lain, get, acquire, win. 

Earnest, a. 

eserve, bo entitled to. 
,,_. I. Ardent, xeEilous, eager, 
t, fervid, glowing, animated. Im- 
portunate, warm, hearty. 
a. Intent, steady, died, close. 
EameBt, n. 1. Seriouoiiesa, reality, not 

* «?Fledge, flrst-ftnits. 


Bamest-maney, II. £3tnest, pa; in 

^TOuee (^ bind a bargain). 
Eatninga, «, pt Wabeb. ■ 
X:ai>-rltis, n- Pendant, ear-drop. 
Earth, ft. 1. World, globe. 

' Z' Soil, ground, land, 

Earth-born, a, 

clod, turf, 
Terrlgeooua, bom 

a. Of low birth, of mean e:(tractlon. 
S. Earthly, low, mean, Ijase, abject, 
gtovellli^, earth-bted. 
Eartb-lired, a. "Low, base, vile, atject, 

grovelling, Biirth-tiam. 
E^rth-flax, n. Amianth, amianthus 

ispoMes of AihestoA- 
Earthly, a. 1. TetreBtrinl. 

a. Sensual, sordid, woildly, low, grov- 
elUug, vile, base, gross, earthly-mlsded, 
eait^-bom, not spiritiuiL 

Earthly-minded, a. Sensaal, sordid, 
Eartl^, o. 1. Terrene, composed of 
» Earthly, terrestjial. 

a. Quiet, gi 

qoUHty, peace, 

3. Facility, \ 


tt, tepoee, quleso 
letude, quTetnes 

mitigate, soothe, pacify, quie^ atlll, 
laee away, \No.vt.) Slacken gradoaCy 

Eastern, a. 1. Oriental, orient. 

a. Towards the east. 
Easy, a. 1. Light, not difficult, not buF- 

a. Qaiet, tranquil, nntroabledi eom- 
Ibrtahle, contented, satisfied, at rest, 
at ease, without anslety, without pain. 

3. Yielding, complyii^, pliant, ^i^e, 
sHbmlsslve, aciHunmoda^Dg, comploi- 

4> Unconstrained, graceful, not for- 
mal, not BtJfT. 
6. Gentle, moderate. 
6. Not striutenBd {pecwaarMy). 

I, &U 
knees, eat. humble pie, get a set-down, 

Eat humble pie, Suft^r iinmlliatloni 
endure mortiflcailon, be liumbied, be 
abashed, be taken down ' ' ' 

Bating, a. Corrotdve, on 

Take back wliat 
[Fr.J Colc^ne, col- 

, retwgreasion, redui 
eollne, decay, detari 



decrement, subsidence. 

Ebb, u. n, 1. Recede, re 

a. Dacllns, decrease 

Ebon, a. 1. Dacti, Mask, inl[y. 

ce, I ft. EfterTCSoence, ehalU- 

pscullaF^ 11 
tar, str^ii^ naywanJ, ei 
. erratic, wSiniBtcaL 

Eeoeiitrltdtr, n. Irregularley.peoiillar- 
Ity, odduesE, oddity, Hasulams, vny- 
wardnesa, atrangeoeBS, a^rration. 

Kolii>,n. KcvetlMraHon, reflected sound. 

Kcho, c. B. Eeaonnd, reyerbarate, be 
sounded buck. 

Echo, V. a. 1. Beverber!it«, leScho. 
, iB. Kcp«at, aouud again. 

Ecl^rclaaenient, tt. [Fr.} Explana- 
tion, expllcatlc*' 

Bolat^ n. 1. Acclamation, applause, 

jdanolt, burst of apiilausc. 
S. Bnlllanc;, rotendot, show, pomp, 

luBtre, atrUdng ^rbct. 
Eoleotlo, a. Selecting, ebooslng. 

Scllpae, V. a. X. Barken, obaci 
j£ ciond, veU, sbroud, hide, 
3. Degi'ade, tjiiow Into tlie sbadc 
Edoeue, vt. Bucolic, idyl, pastoral, 
pastoral poem. 

Ident, tbrlfty, ftiigal, not waat^' — ■ 

Economics. «. Household ma 

ment, iiouselioM economy. 
Ecoaonilze, v, a. Save, hnsbmid, 

age Irngaliy, use prudently. 
EconoDilze, v. n. Betrenoh, be friKal, 

be prodent, be ecohomlcal, practise 

economy, husband one^a reaourcee. 
Eotninmy, n. 1. Frugality, Uirin, 

tliriftineas, good busbandiy, good 

3. Arrangement, regulation, man- 
J. System, plan. 

ir.l [flhef.) E 
I, Inlarjecflon. 

tattcal, I 

icstosy, «. 1. Ttaiiea. 

S. Transport, laptnte, tavlabment, 
delight, great joy. 
3. Enthuaiami, l^oatieiam. 
1. Entrancing. 

... iportlna, ra^isliing, raptar- 

ooa, very delightSil. 
EoiuneDlo, I a. [Written also (Gcu- 
Ecumenjcfkl, f menic and <Ecufiieni- 
cai.} Gsneial.i*:^pliGd especUxHy to couti' 
cila qfthe Claa'ch), unlvaraal. 
Edacious, a. Greedy, voiaciDUS, de- 

Eddlali, n. Aflflimath, rowen. 

Eddy, n. 1. Counter-current. 

a. WliMpool, vortex. 

Edge, n. 1, Cuttlna; aide (qT a blade). 
3. Border, ilm, biim, margin, verge, 

3. Keenness, ehavpness, Intensity. 
E^e, V. a. 1. Sharpen, 
a. Fringe, border. 

E^di^bone, n. Aitclibone 

It, Uttle by 

^ natehbone. 
i^nge, border, 
afawe, esculent. 
IMItct, n- rommand, order, . decree^ re- 
script, mandalfi, ordinance, prodama- 

Edlfloatlaii, n. Inslmctiou (wUft r^ir- 
enee to impeovw^ tJa citamelerj, en- 
l^htenment. Improvement, edncatlon. 

Edifice, ». BufliUng, Abrtc, Htrootore. 

Edl^fV.a. InBlXDct(lniBiKrfolDiiinn'a 
the character), teach, enlighten, eda.> 
cote. Improve. 

Xldit, o. a. Conduct (a Blerary wwk), 
manage, prepare for pnblloatlon, super- 
lateud the pubUcation of. 

Edition, n. Impression, number {qf 

Editor, B. Conductor Inf a Uterarg 

Educate, v; a. Train, dlH^pline, tcEich, 
Inatruot, nurture, breed, achool, ediff, 
drill, brnig up, develop the ftcultles <j., 
form the mind and cbaractel of. 

Education, tt. Training, teaching, 
Bciiooling, inelruotion, dlacipUne, oujfl- 
vation, tuition, nurture, breeding, bdi- 
PICA510N, drilling. 

Educe, CO. Eitraot, draw out, bring out. 

Edulcorate, V. a. (Oion.) Wash,puti^, 

S. Force, validity, wi^t, power, 
3. Purport, import, drift, tenter, 

!a by Google 

chieye, esecute, pei'- 

oonipaas, dfeotuate, Imng attoat, liTing 
to paea, eauj out work out. 
BfltwUve, a. 1, Oompetent, adeqnate, 
pOwerAu, IbtdblB, entu^lic, potent, 
Qogeat, au)!Bi^ent| effioocloua. 
8. OperaUre, actlre, efficient, effect- 

£abcU> n. ^. Goods, fuinitore, mova- 

EifectBBl, a. 1, OperatiTe, saeoeaaful. 
a. EticBelous, effectJTe, oolive, ef- 
ficient, of adequate power. 

XUdnrtaat^ »■ a. Accompllah, achieve, 
eStet, Bxecnte, carr; oiiC, being to pass. 

BflbmiuftCy, n, weakneHa, softness, 
tlmldlf?, womaniEk delicacy. 

8, Delicate, tender, iromanlir I'" " 

.. Unman, sottan, 

ilate, emoUiate, make eQcminBte. 
— - " ProUi, bubble, fer- 

™_^___, ... Babbling, ftoBiIng, 

ebnllltloii, fermentatian. 
Kflete, a._ 1, Barren, nnprolific, nn- 

isigeUc, of adeaua 

KfHaaoy, n. Potency 

er, strength, (Orce, e 

cadoDB, e^SeMye, e&totoaL, potent. 

a. Able, enewetio, skilful, ready. 

"■""-' — ' - (Shibs, operator, prii 

„ i,T,». Image, iiguie, tepreseutation, 

lftene«e, efBgleB. 
Effioreace, V, n. JBecomfi pulverulent 

Btaoreaoencei it. 1. Flowering, bloom, 

Hme of aowering. 
a. PnlTemlenra {q/'t'ie mrface). 

Eieort, n. 1. Endeavor, attempt, filal, 
esaay, exertion, strn^le, strain, strain- 

8. Enterprise, undertaking, canse. 
Kffiront«ry, n. Boldueaa, assurance, Im- 
pudence, audacity, lurdlbood, pre- 
Bumptlen, shamelesBiiesa, saucinSHS, 

Efl^iteence.n. Biilliamcy, luatte, splen- 

dmTorifibtneBB.radlanoe, refli^oncB. 
BSblgent, a. ^Brilltent, shiniiig,_^lr- 

KBhB«, v 

Slieii, ai 

.._ _, 1. Outponrii^, afflui, 

S. Shedding, spilling, waste. 
3. Utterance, expression of thougbt. 
Ett, n. Salamandei', newt. 
X^SSfX- Ovnm. 
X^fl^haped, a. Ovat«. 
mgbuitine, «. Sweet-brier (Tfosa ruM- 

Egotism, «. Conceit, yaulty, buuf^ 

TionsBESS, self-conceit BWf-est<ifiin 

self-praise, sclf-cemmenaation- 
Bgotistlo, t a. Conceited, vain, i 
Egotistical,) icnafc " 

Egreglons, a. Extrsordinary, 


, ». Exit, departure, going ot 

3. [(ff doab^ propriety) Eaob [i^ 

Ejaoulation, n. Exclamation, EoFHi 
NE819, brief and sudden utterance. 

X^eot, B. a. ]. Emit, disctaarge, voi 
evacuate, vomit, spew, puke, tUrow ot 

B. Bxpel, oust, diamlse, diacborge, 
casliier, tui-n out. 
3. Bedect, bsnisb, throw aside, cast 

Ejection, ?t. 1. Evacuation, discharge. 
S. Expulsion, dismission, extrusion, 

Ebe out. Add to, supply the daflclency 

Elaborate, v. a. 1. Bestow labor upoi 

2. Improve, refine, mature, ripen, 
"" ■ thcrot^hly. 

, highly flnished, elabarat 

ton, 11. 1. Labor, palnstak- 

Elasl^ a- Springy, rebounding, resll- 

- lent, recollii^. 

Elasticity, n. Springiness, resiliency, 

tendency to rebound. 
Elate, a. Hushed {with success), elated, 

excited, exhilarated, puffed up, in liigb 

Elate, K. a. Cheer, exhilarate oiovate 

Elatei',' n. Fire-fly (if South 

Cttba, So.). 
Elation, n. Exaltation, elevi 

-■'- ■Ion, pride, htohsj-"- 

Elbow, n. Angle, b£ 
Elbow, V. a. Push. 

Elbow, p. 1. Jostle, posh one's way. 
Slbow-DhalT, n. Aim-chair, armei 



Elbow-room, it. Scopo, sHlng, range, 
opportunity, liberty of action, a ftir 
IMd, loom enongh. 


. Older, 


. Senior, aaed person. 

ilderiy.a. SomewTiat old. 

:lderBhlp,n. Seniadty. 
flideBt, a. Oldest. 
Elect, B. a. Choose, select, onll, pick, 

idok out, maJie eltolce of. 
Elect, a. Oioaen, selected, picked, 

Election, ». 1. Selection, prelcrence, 

8. (Theal.) Predeatinatloa. 

£:iectric,n. Non-conauotot (i^efectrici- 


Eleotrifr, «. a. 1. Render el 
chiirge vitlt electriclt;. 
!(, Bonae, thrill, exidte, Etlr, enchant. 
Sle«Hice, «. I. Qmx, beauty, sym- 
metry, proprislj. 
g. Refloement, palish, politeness. 

ioiied, in good ta 

EleslBc, a. MourntOI, plaontiTe, 

rowftil, dirge-1-'- 
Blegy, ». THu , 

mournful song, funeral soil„. 
XOement, «. 1. Simple Iwdy, , 

pouniled body, ultimate pact. 
Zt Constituent, component, ingredl- 

— t, oonslitueut principle, ' 

nent, 'epioedium. 

3. Proper state, proper sphere. 

4. Buoimsnt, titst prindple, essenUal 

Elementary, a. 1. Simple, imcom- 
ij, HudiDientary, rudfroental, prl- 

ElephaatiDe, a.' Hug;e, Immense, g<- 
gimlje, ODloeeal, Cydopeau, Heiisitleau, 
euormoKB, Tory l&rge- 

Elevate, v. a. 1. Bales, lift, lift up. 
8. Bitalt, promote. 

3. Improve, dignify, ennoble, leflne. 

4. Aiuranta, elate, cheer, exhilarate, 
eadte, flush. 

Elevation, a, 1. BaJelnE, eleroUug. 
It. Exaltation, aggrandizementT pro- 

3. Dignity, reflnement, improvement, 

Elf, n. 1. Fairy, fay, diminutiTe spirit. 

3. DwarfjEnome. 
SIfltli, a. £lf-llke, mlsehieyous, eW- 

)eslrable, pcefei 
rthy of choice, i 

cccd in obialjtin 
EUde,«. a. Cut 
Eligible, a. 1. 

IM preferred, w( 

a. Legally quallfled. 
Eliminate, B. o. 1. Exclude, eipel, re- 
ject, tlumst out, drive out, get clear . 

it. Extricate, telei>ae, set tcee. 
3. {Mffebra,} TMsengage, sepai'ai«. 
Elimination, n. 1. SkiSiuion, expul- 

, 3. Separation, 

Elite. 11. [Ft.] Flower fti 

K-t, select body. 
ir, ». 1. Cordial, 
a. {Med.j Goropottpd tincture. 
Elk, n. Moose, moose^daer {CervuB al- 

cea or Aicei inofc^}. 
Elliptic, >„ Ova] 
Elliptical,}'^ """■ 
Elllpe^ «. Oral, oval figure. 
Eloctitlon, «. 1. Speechi focully of 
speeol, powar erf expreedon. 
it. Dnanmca, delivery, maimer of 
.speaking, oral exprCH^on. 
Eli^;e, n. [Fr.1 Eulogy, euloglum, pan- 

,„,^,... IFr.1 
egyrio, iBnerBl < 


... away, ran off. 

1. Oratoiy,art of speak- 

Eloqnence, ... _. ,. 

lug well (in. pwi^wV. 

Z. Qcaceful and v^orona utterance, 
fit words In fit places, appropriate ex- 
Eloquent, <t. 1. Persuasive, impresaivo. 

3, Graceful and vigorous- 
Blse, a. orjHWi, Oflier. 
Else, ad. or coi(^. 1. Otherwise. 

s. Besides. 
Elseviliere, ad. 1. Many other places. 

8. In some other place. 

l^ht u,.... 

Elucidation, it- Explanarion, illustra- 
tion, eipoeition, comment, aimotalion, 
commentary, gloss, scholium. 

Eladdalive, a. Explanatory. 

Elude, B. a. 1, Escape, avoid, shun, get 
away from, steal away ftom. 

S. Baffle, frustrate, Ibil, disconcert, 
di^ppoint, BItB- 

Elnalve, a. 1. Evasive, elueoby. 

8' Eg[ulvocatlng, shufSIng, equtvo- 
.,_-.. T,_.....a^ eludve, delu^ve. 



iBnshmg), purllV. 

EIvlBli,o. ^If-like, .. . . , 

Elysian, a. Charming, deUchtfu], rav- 
ishing, euohantliig. bilssfnl, heavenly, 
oelesflal, exceeding haroiy. 

Elysium, n. 1. The ^ysian fields, 

^ islands of the blest. 

S. Paradise, Eden, delightful place. 



ipate, V. a, Entnmaiiise 

iililem, n. Type, eynibol, eign, capco- 
entatlon, token, tnulge, mart, deilCB, 
ogniianoe, allusive llgure. 
ablematlc, la. Typical, Qenrstlve, 
ablematlcal, ) repreBantattTe, aym- 
.xilical, allnEive, 

Smbleuiatize, v, a, SymboHaa, typi- 

Bmbody, V. a. 1. Invest wiUi a bo^, 

mmiuntMon, 'lllieratian, release, aV 

Emasoalate, v. a. 1. Caatrate, geld, 

glib, depilre of vtillily. 
S. Weaken, dabllltate, unman, efiem- 

Inate, emolllale, malte eSbmlDaCe. 
Xliuaacalatioii, ». 1. Castiation, oit- 

X, Effemlnac;, weakne 
EmlHlIm, c. 1. 1. Presei 
{by arfmutUcs or m^epii 

m decay 

oaka fragrant. 


3. iScont, perfume, m ,. 

Smbaiso, n. Pi-ohibitlon {qf vi 

teavB BOn], 
Embark, V. a. 1. Put (in shipboard. 

HmtHurk, V. n. 1. Go < 


a. HarasB, distreaa, trouble, veit, an- 
noy, plf^iie, liamper, cli^. 

3. CraBoBOidlaoonaert, confound, non- 
plus, poea, damfimniJ, anmfeundec. 
BmbarraBament, «. 1. Perplexity, 
dMcnlty, entaiHlement. 

a. Trouble, dlabeBs. yeiaUon, plague. 

S. Gonfndou, abaahmant. 

. tandlook. 

a. iji^tjon. 
Embay, P.O. ^ 
Embed, v. a. 

deek, ornament adotn, beautlty, aat 

Bmbelllalimenl^n. Decoration, ornB' 

XSmberg. n, pj. Clndera. 

Embezzle, d. a. Appropriate to one's 
own use (ifiaf U Mitrailed), purloin, 
peculate, ateal, come nnlawfu^ly by. 

^^be^Lzlement, it. Peculation. 

Embitter, s.ic [Written alao /uiWifer.] 

Eukblazon, v. a. 1, Blazon, emblaz 
adorn 'witJi ensigns armotial. 

a. I>eok{ipt^Asftiwfyor7«H«eTUs),deci 
rate, adorn, embelUeli, set ml, e 

1. Heraldry, , blaz- 


itegrata, oomtdne, coll^ into 

3. Comprehend, ipcluda, embraoe, 

4. Sys^matlze, methodize, codiiy. 
Embolden, u, a. Encourage, animate, 

inspiiit, Teaasure, make bold, give cour- 

tmbolisni, it. Intercalation. 
Cmbollsinlc, la. Intercalated, inter- 
^mbolismleal, | calory. 
Embonpoint, n. [Fr.) Plampness, 
flesliiness, fatDesB, oorpnlanee, corpu- 
lency, obedty. 
Emboss, s. a, Adotn nith raised notb, 

ornament in reUef. 
Embossnxent, n. Protuberance, jut, 

I rominence, raised work, ligure In re- 
Em.bDUoIiure, n, ^Pr.] 1. Mouth (as 

a. [Mas.) Aperture (^ an inslru- 
ment), mouthpiece. 
Kmbowed, p- a. Bent, curved, arched, 

bowed, arcuated, arcuat*. 
Embovrel.v.a. Eviscerate, disemboneh 
gut, take out the bowels or entrails of, 
&ee from the viscera. 
Bmbi-ace, V. a. 1. Clasp (in Oie ojtks), 

a. Welcome, seize, accept, lay hold 

3. Coraprehend, include, cover, con-. 
tain, comprise, enclose, encompasa, en- 
circle, emoody, take in. 

Embrace, n. Hug, chiBp. 

Embroider, v. a. Adorn with needle- 

Embroidery, b. Variegated neodle- 

Enibron, V. a, 1. Perplex, entai^jle, 
ensnarl, implicate, cotamingle. 

a, Dlstorb, conilise, distract, trouble, 
disorder, diacompoee, throw into dls- 
oi'der, bring into difficulty. 

Embryo, a. Embryotic, rudimentary. 

Embryotie, a. Ehbbvo. 
Emendation, n. Correction (tif a text), 

amendment, rectl&catJon, cliange for 

Emei^v, II, n. 1. Rise (ou( qC a fiiad], 

iB visible, lise into 



DbLu jb, uimonlty, coDJ unctutfl, unexpect- 
ed oceurrenoe, miroreeeen occasion. 
£iueTSIoiit n. 1. EmcTgli^, rMu^. 
a. Idttron.) Eeappearance wter 

SmetiD, «. Yomlt, puke. 

Brneute, «. [Fr.] Biot, popular out- 

XlmtciUioii, n. SciuUllation, apatk- 

Xim^i-ate, V. n. Mi^aM, remore (/nun 

Emigratlou, n. 1. Migration, removal, 

Eminence, u. 1. Prominence, pnjjec- 

a. Elevation, hill, elevaWd gcound, 
bigli mint. 

8. Exaltation, celebrity, dlaCinctlon, 
uote, . Known, repute, reputation, 

Eminent, a. 1. Hlgli, lofty, elevated. 
S. I^Unguislied, conapicuouB, cele- 
brated, prominent, llluBtTioua, OTL^ted, 
famous, renowned, Tematkable, of great 

fimisfiary, n. Messenger, spy, scout, 

secret agent. 
KnolaBioii, n. Ieboo, sendii^ out, throw- 

£iDit, y. a. 1. igect, diaeharge, exliale. 

e (/or ctreviatv^, put 1] 

Suften, efTemiuats, 

BmoIUent, a. Softening. 

Ximolument, «. 1. Bmn, lucre, pay, 
eompenaatlon, wages, aal^, eUpend, 
hire, pecunlarj profit. 
9. JkdTantagB, prodt, benefit, 

Emotlim, ». JTeeling. passion, excite- 
ment (qr Ben^bUilj/j, mental agita- 

1, pledge, put i 

. Empliatfc, I a. Expreaeive, signlfi- 
Emphatical, ). cant, categorical, strong, 

Biuplre, II. 1. Sovereignty, anpremacy, 
dominion, abSDlule aaHiority, supreme 

experiment^ (ipitAoul si 

plrio, la. 1. EiiFerinienlal, ex- 
pliieal, I perienHal, ilom experi- 
ce (of mstbigidsJfed from i^ferenes or 


Kmplriclsin n 1 Dependence on 

S Quackery chailatanlsm cha 

Kmplaelmm n Ui pi Enailasl 

(Med) Plaster 
Employ cat Busj engage, 

^. Use, apply, m^e uae of. 


Jmploymi , 

tion, engagement, pursuit, A . 

calling, protesaion, trade, crait. 
a. Service, agency, office, ikuplot. 

Smparium, «. Mart, market, place of 
trade, eommerolal aty. 

IlmpaverlBli, v. a. [Written also Im- 
poverish.] 1. Make poor, bring to want, 
reduce to inaigenoe. 


a. 1. Auttoti! 
anl^ quall^, give 

Enable, malie able. 

8. Uneatis'iactotiness, vanity, hollow- 

Bmp^ a, I. Void,' devoid, vacant, nn- 

a.^nftiruiBlied,misnpplied, unSIled, 

%. Unaubstanaal. unsatlsiying, nn- 
eatisl^toty, yaln, nollew. 

4. Desolate, waste, deserted. 

5. SenaelaaB, silly, weak. 
Emp^, v.a. 1. Exhaust, drain, evacn- 

8. Dfsoliarge, disembogue, pour out. 
Bmpty, V. n. flow, diseinbt^ue, flow 

out, be dlsobarged. 
Bmptyiues, ft. pt. Xeast. 
EmpvreaT, a. Ethereal, atrial, airy, 

hIgUy refined. 
Empyrean, n. Higheet Iieaven. 
Emulate, v. a. Blyai, vie witli, com- 

with iove 

et Joint. 

, desire of enperioritv. 
1. Competiiig, rivalling. 

St, act the part of. 
a. 1, Enacting. 
It, decree, edict, ordlnanoe. 


EacBoe, V. a. [Written also Tncage.] 

Conmie, coop^ coop up. 
£!ncaiup, v^ it. Camp, pitch ona'a tent, 

Encamp, c. a. Place in a camp. 

x;naainameut,«. Camp. 

Encetnte, a. [Fr.] Pregnant, big with 

eMia, in the femuy way. 
i:iioIu^n, v.a, 1. Bind, aliaofcle, raan- 

tuile, eneiave, hold 4n chaJna, hold in 

a. Hohl, rfvBt, 6x, hold feat. 
Bncliant, V. a. Cliarm, captlvata, taa- 

duata, bewitch, enamour, nlu, catch, 

encapture, raviM,beadfy,pleaa6h^hly, 

lead captlTe. 
Bnchantlng;, a. Channing.captiTatii^, 

&£clm(Ung, bewitching, dellghttnl, lav- 

iahlnET. OiFdoau. 

Chotmer, magician. 

■wllchery, epeU, charm. 

a. ndibt, mcinayon, rapture, ray- 
iehment, traaaport. 
Kncbase, V. <(. I. Enclose <a« a ffeiain 
gold). Infix. 
^ Chase, emlx>SB. 
Vncirde, v. a. Snironnd, encompasa. 

enrfiim, gird, enMril, encloae. 
Ifndose, v. a. [Written also Inclose.'] 
1, Eooirclej earroond, enoompaaa, 
1ml>asom, circumscribe, ^ut in, fence 
3. Cover, envelmi, Trrap. 
BnoloBare, n. [Written alao iMlol- 
««.] 1. Enclosing. 
a. B^ng enclosed, 

. Praise, eulogy, euli^- 

ilogy, m 
latlon, ] 

3. invest, beset, beside, hem in, wall 

Kncoi'e, ad, [Frl] Again, once moTO. 
Xlncoontor,?!, i. Meeting, renooant«r, 
claab, ooilision. 

3, Conflict, combat, flght, contest, 
battte, engagement, action, sklrmiali, 
tirnah, afiSir. 
Buooanter, v. a. 1. Meet Imddenls), 
meet tiu!e ta ta^e. 
9. Confront, &ice. 

3. Meet with, &11 upon, come upon. 

4. Attaelf, ei^age with, contend 
ugainet, join battle with, cope witb, 
compete with, atm^le with, strive 
with, fight vrtib. 

Encoonter, v. ?i. Clash, sltirmish, rcn- 

sttmulate, cheer, Incil*. 
assure, oomfor^ console, bi 
3. Support, fovor, countenance, fitr- 
, ther, arlvanoe, promote, foster, aid, 
Ijelp, abet, patfonize, help Ibrwud. 

Eucdutufert n. Favorer, promoter, 

EncroaeS, V. n. Tienius, intxode, 
^ii^Cj trench, make inroad, make in- 
vasion, advance etealtblly. 

Bnocoaelmientin. Infili^eaneut,trce- 
pjiss, inroad, invasion. 

EncDiu>>er,v. a. 1, LoadiOlog.oppreBs, 
impede, limder, obstruct, overload. 

a. Emlyarraas, perplex, anfangle. In- 
volve, complioute- 

Encambmnce, n. [Written also In- 
cambrance.] 1, Li^, citK, impedi- 
ment, hicderance, dead vSaiii, drag 
- a. I>eb^ daim^llabUtty. 

Encyclloal, a. Circular. 

Encyclopaedia, «. Ovclopffldla. 

lincyclqpediiui, o. EncvolOFHDIO. 

Encyolopedie, la. Tbat embraces 

Encyclopedioa], ) the whole elide of 
learning, enc^opedlan. 

Encvstea, a, Encioaed In a cyat or eao. 

End, n. 1. Extremity, extreme point. 

3. Close, cessatdon, period, explraUeni 
flnale, flnia, last, fiiU of the rnurCaln. 

3> CotiBluslon, compte^on. . 

4, Termination, bbnnd, limit 

0. Final state, n'—-' -"■'— 



a. Close, eonoiuae a oiacourao, cease 

LndaneST, v. a. Hazard, liak, peril, 
jeopariU™, commit, eompromlt, espoae 
lo danger, put at lianatd, pal in peril, 
put in Jeopardy. 

Sndea^ v. a. Attach, secure the afl^- 
tion ol, bind by Ues oC affection, gair 

blandishment, fondling. 
■indeavoi', a. Effort, attemp 

trial, ald'u^le, exertion, aim. 
Undeavor, «. «. Try, attempi 

labor, strive, airQ,mal!eaneffi] 

an attempt. 
Sndemic, (a. {Med.) Of a parUcu- 
Sndemlcal, f lar district. 
Sndemic, n. {Med.) Endemical dlB- 

ble, ui^imlted, boundless, liameasi 
2, Eternal^ everlasting, perpetn^, 1 


3. Immortal, imdjii«, deothiess, 
Bver-liviiig, nKTer-dylng, imperishable. 

4. OlgectleBS, wltLont purpose or de- 

a. FamiBli wlOi a fund, supply wiUi 

qu€Bt, boon, lugeas, bounty, pi 
8. Property ^und, cevanue. 

3. Patience, fortltnde. 

3. [Rare.] ContlnoaQee, i 

a. Suffifer, undergo, eipecieuije, go 

3. Brook, toletate, abide, submit to, 
put up with, bear with, take patiently oi 

Endare, s, n. 1. Beuiiiin. condnue. 
iMt, abide, be 

... _ ... . r, submit, real™ one's 

self, be pWlent, tUts Itiatlently, taSe 
It RBBllv nr quloUy, not &et about It. 

(AfBi.) Clyflter, glyelet, In- 

3. [Witli The pr^tea.] DEVib, Sa- 

, . 'erful, strong, effaotiye, «fl 

tSoaa, potent. 
Ensrelze, B. i. Act witb vigor, 

Energliie, v, a. Givo energy to, give 

EoerBy, ». 1. Force, power, xolgbt, 
elBiaoy, potency, efficiency, strength, 
aoavifr, intenaity. 

a. SpMt, sptTitedneas, anlmaf 
l][e, Ttgoc, DuinitaeeB, zeal, pluck, 
torn, auimol Bpliita. 

Xoervate, o. n. Unnerve, weaken, 
feeble, debilitate, paralyse, break, 
prlve of force or slrengtb, render 

IlnClBeble, v. a. Weaken, unnerve, 

1, com^''obl'^e, for< 

Engasre, 0, a. 1. Pledeti commit, 
promiBe, bind, put under pledge. 

3. Oain, win, Bttacli, attract, allure, 

4. Occupy, employ, busy, engcoee. 

5. Attael:, encounter, figlit wlUi, join 
battle with. 

EnsE«:e, ti. n, 1. Fight, combat, con- 
lend, Bti'ugffle, coitt«9t, join battle- 
3. IQmh^k, enlist, take tlie drst stflp. 
~ Promise, agreOjE'"'" "■""" ' '~ 

take apoiL or 


igement, n. 1. Promise, Blipn- 

). Battle, oonniot, com 

Engaein^f a. AttracUve, winning, ei 
tert^lng, pleasing, intoreBtli^, cat 

ig, taking. 
Engender, v. a. 1, Generate, beget, 
procreate, b — •" 

vatiitg, a 

„, ^oduce, cause, occbb 
to. call forth, 
nglue, n. 1, Machine. 

E^ngird, v. a. Sur 

b^rd, eadrdle^eiu^iiuyuoo. 
EuellBta, »■ 1. English people. 

g. English la^uage. 
Eng™^B, D. a. Qoi^a, devour, i 

HP, Bwftllow eagerly, gulp down, 
EnKOi-se, v. n. Devour food, feed 

greodUy, be gluttonous. 
Ensorttement, K. 1. Engorging. 

a. (Med.) Gongeelion, obstruction, 

Entrain, v. a. Dye in Uie grain, dye 

Bnerave, v. a. 1. Mark by incisions, 
cut, cbleeL carve, htippt,e. 
e. Imprint, Infiit, impress deeply. 
Euiri'aviiiff, n, I. Sngtavcd plate. 

%. Print. 
EnB:ross, v, a, 1. Absorb, ei^age, ba- 

iugroBaaient, n, 1. Absorption, mo- 

uopaly, forestalling, 

8, Ei^^Bsed copy. 
5ngnlf, ", a, [Written also foeW.'] 

Absorb, swallow up, 
Inhamoe, w. a. 1. Raise {aepriee), od- 

S. liicroaea, augment, aggravate. 



Gnliearten, v, a. Enoournge, emhulilen, 

Btimnlale, MSnre, reassure, cumforC, 
couaole, buoy up, 
Bn^mB, n. Bladle, puzzle, daj:k Bay- 


>, fncoi — »'■■ 

Enjoy, «■ a- 1. Take plBasure in, be 
Oelightea with, take dellgbt In, derlva 
pleasiira ftom. 

EnJoymeul^ «. I. Pleasure, gtatAOea- 
rion, delight, happiness. 

Bnjoy one's self, Be happy. 
Bnkljiidle, V. a. i. InSame, ignite, 

2. Incite, excite, CDiue, etlmnl 

instigate, provoke, atir up, 4et 01 
Bnlarge, v. a. IncreasB, auEtnent, 

tend, flKpand, niagn%, amplify, m 

larger, make greater. 
Enlaree, v. ih I. Expatiate, dilate, 

deacant, speak at length, lannch. oat. 
a. Incteiwe, swell, gi'ow, extend, — 

pand, grow larger. 
Enlargement, n. 1. ExpEuiBion, dila- 

2. ExpatlatJan,GoplousdlBcouiae,i 
tended remark. 
EnUglliteu, V. a. 1. Ulumlnnte, illai 

tine, irradiate, make light, mahE 

-ipply with light. 

iL Inform, teach. 

, _. , „_'ii(ited, informed 

idneated, intelligent, refined, highl; 


Insttuotioii, illu- 

nllet, ti. a. 1. Snmll, raster, lecoid, 

S. Engage, Induce to eerve, secure 
the asslatance of. 

s. Embark, engnge, ple<^e one's as- 

Buliven, «. a. 1. Quicken, animate, 
nake, tonse, Iniigomte, give life to, 

3. Inspire, inspirit, exhilarate, cheer, 
delight, ghuUlen. 

En masse, tFr.] Altogether, in a mass, 

Enmity, n. Animosit;, hatred^ hate. 

hostility, malignity, malice, aversion, 

malevolence, rancor, Wttemess, !ll- 

Ennoble, v. a. 1. BjiiBe to nobiUtj, 

raise to tiie peer^e. 
it. F.valt, digni^, elevate, raise, 


Ennui, ». [Pc] LIstlessneBO l/nr «on( 
" nccu/pfUiei^), languor, tei^iuia, lassi' 
le, ^ajisomeness, tiresomeness. Irk- 

P^^^P > 

oelty, ft 

ffls, de- 

, Atrodi 

:boto^ Inordinate, 

..o , 1, excepUonaL 

!, Hi^e, mmiatrouB, Immense, vast, 
gigantic, colossal, prodigious, Cyclope- 
an, Hercnlean, elephanune, very lai^. 

3. Flagitious, very wicked. 
;noi^li, n. Sufficiency, plenty, quan- 

;naug:h, o. Bufpioiebt (to latia/j) de- 

Luongli.air. Sufficiently, satis&ctorily, 

iSare.] 1. Declare. 

-~ — (Proclaim, 

hd, make 

to satisfaction. 

promulgate, state, 

S. Artlcnlate, utfc 
En passant, [Fr.] 
way, by the 1^. 

/«^W.] Ask abou 

I passing, l>y the 
Ask, question, seek 

(bff qmsti 
Z* Hake Investigation, make exami- 

e, s^y 


I,, deck, orm 

. Stala vtiUi blood, 

uB,o,^™,,.,m8,protBC' '•"-'— 
mljle,n. [Fi-.] Thewl 

..'w. a. Shf , 
icreen, hide, protect, harbor. 
■- .] The whole. 

L. Enclose in a shrine. 

embalm, treasure, Cherish, keep 1 

Ensiform, a. Sword-shaped. 
Suslgn, n. 1. Burner, standard, 


Snsmire, u. a. [Written iblsa Iiitnore.] 
1. Entiap, catch. 
ft. Inveigle, allnre, Eednce. 
3. Enfaiigle, embarrass, confound, 
perplex, bewilder, poae, nonplus, Etag- 
ger, myeUfy. 
Bnsiie, V, «. 1. Follow, enoceed, coxoe 
after, be subseciuent. 

8. Isane, arise, eprlng, iow, come, 
resnlt, proceed, acci'uo. 
E;nsiir«, TT. a. [Wiitten also and UBually 
l^'iure.] 1, Make eecai'o. 

ft. Secure a^nut loss, Indemnli; 
agalueC rieli. 
Kntidl, V. a, 1. TTiWefer fbn timlimable 

It (ftjin. 

ssm, S 


Etttangflo, V. €t. 1. Ensnare, entrap, 
eatcbj Involve in conlplicatjou, 

a, CoDfoBe [by ticidHag or cnwtln^). 
Interweave, tangle, ijaot, mat. 

3^ Perplex, ernhnrrnjia nnv-rlfk irm^ 

found, bewjlaer. 

lounu, J»W3UlBr,poBi], no 
lojsUh. . 
Entaa^ement, n. 1. I] 

q. iHWoru, raKiSLHij euroii, note, 
doiin, chronicle, Jot down, take dow 

3. Sbare, pHTlidpate in, be a psrtali:- 

3. SympathiM with. 
Enterprlae, n. 1. Undertaking, adven- 
ture, venture, attempt, eBbrt, essay, 

^ Energy, actJvity, efficiency, force 

Enterpiielng:, a, 1. AdventRrona, ven- 

3. Aelive, prompt alert, eflrrlng, 

aealoua, atrenuoua, eager, on the alert, 

Entertain, v. a, 1. Lodge, treat hospi- 
tably, show hospltaUty to, receive as a 

a. Feed, maintain, enppoct. 
3. Hold, cherieh, hoibor. 

S. Divert, tunuee, please. 

BntertHinment, n. 1. Hospitable treal- 

Enter npon. Begin, eommecce, take 
EutbiuU, V. a. IWrltteo alBO InthraU. 

1, reduce to servitude, put no- 
inent,». [Written also AUAm^ 

, 1. Invest witli sover- 

mental escl 

SntliuBiast, n. 1. Fanatic, devi 
bigot, zealot, reUgious madman. 
« i.,.i_4. _:_: — ry, dreamer, oa 

it. ^alot,' 

EntHnsiasUc, 1 a. 1. PanaUcal, big- 
Enthiwlasticiil, ) Dted. 
ft. Visionary, ejitravagant. 
S* Ardent, eaniest, vehom 
ous, fervent, fervid, bumine. Homing, 
glowing, pa^onate, impasBioned. 
Entice, w. a. Allure (to enit], lure, at- 
tract, decoy, seduce, tempt, coax, in- 
veigle, wheedle, csjole, peieoade, lead 

Uon, Inveiglement, Indi 

EDtiit, it. 1. Wliole, complete, parfeet, 
undivided, mibrohen, undimfnlahed, 

.ry, thoroi^h, u 

ptaii^, entirety, ialagritj. 

Entombment, «. B 

Entrails, lnt*a 
cera, guts, inwarda. . 

sj^e, door, gate, porta 

imeneement, initla- 

bewltoh', ravish, electrify, throw^to 
fentrap, v. a. 1. ^Ensnare, catch. 
». Inveigle, seduce, allnre, entice. 
3. Entangle, involve, perplex, eat' 
barrasa, confmmd, bewilder, mystify, 
stagger, poae, nonplus. 
Entreat, v. a. Beg, cr 

prefer a prajer to. 


h, solicitation, appeal, impoi:- 

, [Fcl 1, Admittance, ad- 

miadan, tree occsbb. 
S. Firat course l<^ diahes). 

Entremets, (Ft.] Side iJtelies. 

!Elutr« iiouB, ffr.J Oon&denfl^y, pri' 
raWly, in oonSdenoe, between our- 
setvas, between ;on Hnd me, under tbe 

Gntrepot, n. I£V.] Ui^asine, nsie- 
bouee, st^reliouse. 

3. 'Passaee Imlo a lumiej, avenue, 
inlst, liall. 
3. BecDTd, note, minute, memoiiin- 

Sntnine, t>. a. [Written also Iniwme.J 
1. Twine, twist together. 
Z. Enclnde, Bunound, embrace, wind 
about, wind oronnd. 

, citaiion, mention, ^tailed 
!. imet.] Kecitpitnlalloii, BomminK- 

iEnnnoiatfi, v. a. 1, Dectaro, ap 
proclaim, publieb, express, relate, 
mulgate, state, proponnd, 

Articulate, e 

X^nnnctatlTe, a. l>eclaraUTe, ex 

bIta, dedaratory, enuuelat^iy. 
Bnnaciator;, a. Declarative, ennncio- 

Enore, v. «, [WrttMn also and osuallj 
Irmre.] iLaw.j Be applied, come into 

£nTelop, V, a, 1. Inibld, inffiap, wrap. 
Ibid, wrap up, pat a wrapper about. 
». Succouna, ecidcole, encompass, 

i. (^oi^. Mound (to a 


i, lAttron.) Cornel. 

, Jealous, disposed to 

ncliGle, envdop, gird, b^rc 

., 1. yi. Neighborhood, TioiD- 

ity, vlchiaffe. 
BuToy, n. Minister, ambassador, plsu- 

, M. a. 1. Hate (/or exc^ktioe or 
m), view with jealousy, feel lU-wiU 

Grui^e, begmdge. 
Envy, II. UTlafk (on aammtqfexcel- 
I success), hatred. Jealousy, spite. 


onsnes^ Hl-wlll. 
Object of' envy, ; 

ebemeTBl, a. Slioit-lived, tianaitory, 
ansient^deetlng, flitting, evanescent, 
" "■ i, fugadeuH, momentary, brief. 

fugitive, fi 
Sphemerig, n. ,^.. , 
], Journal, diary. 

E^C a. Narrailre. 

Bpic, n. KairaUve, poem, epio poem, 

heroic poem. 
Epicedlid, i a. Elegiac, mournful, fu- 
Eplcedtau, | nereol. 
Epteedium, «. Klegy, dli^e, lament, 

mournful ec""' '- ' -^ — 

iSybariti, fiee-li 

>mlcal almana 

I of plcss- 


Eplfinreaniam, n. Dodxincs of Epl- 

caruB, Epicurism. 
Epiaurism, ». 1. Sensuality, luxury, 

luxurious living. 
a. Dootrines of Epicurus, Epicure- 
Epidemic, \a. Oeneral, prevailing, 
]Spideiii1<^, j prevalent, pandemic 
Epidermia, n. 1. Culdcle, scarf-skin. 

2. (Aif.l Eiterior coalJtiE- 

!a. Gondae, lacon- 
ic, terse, pointed, 
, shani, pungent. 

Eptp&any, «. 1. ManilBBtallon, ap- 
pearance [BspectaBjf timt of Gft™« i^ 
the Mot '•Meh gvKSki tAe mo^ji fo Bef fi- 

3. (Eael.\ 1 
Epiplirte.n. -.- 

Epiploon,". {Awi.., , 

£piscoptWT, «. Epiacopallanlsm. 
Epiecoptil, a. Episcopalian. 
Episcopalian, if. Episcopal. 
GplBCopAlian, «. Churchman. 
EplBcopalliuilBm, n. Episcopacy. 
Episcopate, n. 1. Bislioprlc, of&ce of a 

3. Body of bishops. 
Episode, «. Dlgres^on, incidental nar- 

EpieUe, n. Latter, note, written com- 

Epitkalamium, n. Xnpdat song. 

Epltlie(,R. \Te-JaaadtfTmiifOieWieto- 
ricioB.] Adjeotive, name, appeHa- 
Uon, des^arion, title, qualifyli^ word 
or term, descripttve turn, 


I, UBirotmity, 
Evenness, equability. 

Elpitome,!!. Abri^ment, atotract, coui- 
pend, oompenainiB, eonspoctus, sylla- 
bus, briBf, brevlfttj) enromacy, eynopais, 
digest, HQni uid. BnttBtance. 

Spuomlst, A. Abildger, epitomlzer, 
witter ol sn B^tome. 

XSpttoiDlBs, B. a. J. Abridge, abbreri- 
nte, Bhorten, condenee, rednca, contract, 
iD^e aa abBbract of. 
9. Curtail, ont short. 

EpltonoiEer, »• EpiromsT. 

Epodb, B. Period, date, era, age, pcint or 
period of lime (rCTiarJaWe/orsmne eueirt). 

X^oiD..sslt8, n. pl. Bulpbale of roag- 

EqnablUty, 1 

Bquabls, a. Even, uulfOr 

steady, r^oloi, nlways Oie 
EctiiauweaH, n- ICvenness, i 
Eqnal, a. 1. Uke, alike, tauuuuuuiiL, 

equi«alent; of tlie rame extent, meas- 
- uiSj degree, or value. 

S* UnlCCiTm, even, i^ular, equaMe. 

3. Impmtial, uabiaseed, equitable, 
fair, Jua^ even-banded. 

4. Ptopottiotiato, eonmiensurafe. 

5. Adequate, oompel«nt, f.t, of suf- 
ficient strength or ability. 

Eqoal, It. Peer, compeei, fellow. 
"Eqaal, V. a. i. Eguahze, make equal, 
make alike. 
H. Bival. rise to tlie same level with, 
3. Be adeouate to, be equal to, be 

Bqniuitmitf, n. Evannees of mind or 

temper, steadiness of disposllion. 
Xlquate, v. a. Average, reduce to aa 

Bquotoi', n. 1, Squinectial, equinocttsl 

llue, celeetlRl unator. 
R, TerreHtriaf equator. 
BqneBtriiHi, n. 1. Bereeman, rider. 
S. EnlglA, cavalier, clievalier, boise- 

soidier, oeasSMTB. 
Bqaestrituilsm, it. Horgeuaneliin. 
BHalUbTtuiii, !f. Equipoise, eve 

SDce, equality of weight. 
Eqnliiaotial, n. Celestial equator, equi- 
noctial line. 
Kgidnootild, a. 1. Of the equlnocti) 

a. AtthetimeoftheeQulnoices. 
Bqtdnos, a. Egniaoetiar pcdnt, inte 

section <u £lie flquator.nad Uie eclipijc 
Bqnlp, V. a. ' 1. ?nmlsh, provide, an 

it out, enpply with oatflts or appaiati 

a. Dress, accoutre, array, drras out. 

!Eqiiipag:etn. 1, Apparatus, equipment, 

mnuture, ba^age, efi^cts, baj( and t>i^- 

Z* Carri^e, vehicle, turnout. 

3. Train, retinue, attendance, pro- 

ipi^al, candid, unUassed, unprajn- 

:^ed, aven-lianded. 

s. fieasonable, fUr, justlBable, right. 

Equity, 1- !• Justice, right. 

Equivalent, a. 1. Equal, comnieuau- 
rate, tantamoont, bquipollebt. 

a. Synonymous, intercliangeabie, of 
the same meaning or Import. 
Eoulvocal, a. 1. Ambiguous, of iloubt- 
m meaning, to be taken iu a double 

a. UnoertBhi,doabtlVil, dubious, inde- 

;uibble, sh uMe, dodge, 

inlTooatJon, n. 1. Qutbhllng pre- 

a. Quibble, equivoke, double mean- 
Eqntvoke. n. 1. AmbiguouseipressiOD, 

tnre, apparatua, rigging, gear, outfit. 
Bqnlpidae, n. Equillbilum. even bal 

ance, equality of weight. 
XiqaipoUenb, a. [Sm-e.] Equivalent. 

(marlied by omg odiaMtiraUoii or dlt- 
Epoch, period, date, D 

t. ExterminaUoD, deetntcUon, annl- 

Mrasvre,Ji. Dbl)tecation,Eoral«hiiigont, 

ErOtad. [Poeticdl.J Beibre.floonerti"^ 
"re, orep. [PoeilciU.] ' BeRre, prior 
:rel)n8,n. WvOt.) [L] HelJ.Tarta 
Hades, Avemus, the lower world, uie 
infernal regions, shades below, region 

:iect, V. a. %. Setnp, place upright, sot 

a, Raise, build, construct. 
. 3. lilTcaVt, elevate, magnify. 

A, InsUtnte, found, Kim, plant, eB> 

5. iPoetiad.l Cheer, animate, Ins^t, 

Erect, a. 1. Uji^ht, not prone. 
a. Elevated, turned upward. 
3. Bold, undaunted, undismayed, un- 
terrifled, firm, unshaken. 
Election, ft. 1. EreoWi^, settli^ np- 

a. BaMng, bulldlr^, conBtruetiDg, 


Ergo, orf. tL.] Therefore, lonsisjueiitly 

^rcot, H. Spurred rye. 

Mrva, tt. Ireland. 

Briulns, »■ 1. Stio»,t(lllmtelaenni!iea). 

Consume, OeaUoy, canker, 

CorroaioJi, eating; avBy. 

v^rnleiit, er '■ 
a. Amatoi 

tlu, aeiid, vlrnleiit, eatlug, oathei 


Wandering, n 

.. iratB, n.pi. pj.] En-ois {m pr^tiaff), 

mieialces, miapTints. 
Erratia, a. 1. Wandering, roving, no- 

madic, not Btatdonary. 
S. iTTegalar, eccentdc, abnormal. ' 
ErrMne, b. Stanmtatory. 
Erring, o. Sinful, fiillible, peccable, 

liable to ere. 

tneorrect, inexact, 
), blunder, mlaap- 

Error, n. 1. Mistake. 

prehen^n, overaight, timmjuim;*. 
a. Sin, tanlt, oSence, tiespasa, trans- 

gree^n, dellnquenuy, Iniquity. 
Errant, n. pt. (/« .pHntiti^.) Eciata, 

Brae, n. Gl-aelle laneuase. 
Erubescent, a. Reddisb, bluahii^, rabl- 

Bitiotate, V. n. [Aire.] Belch, ^eot 

■wind Irtna the atamaob, 
Emctatlon, n. belching. 
Epo^t^a- Learned, lettered, well-F^ad, 

EFndltton, n. Knowlei^ {ffmned by 

Teadbtg and 8ttLdy\ learning, lore, 

seliDlarBbip, ei^eoiie, liteFature. 
Bruption, II. 1. Explosion, outbarst, 

iS. SftUy, sndden eicnrelon. 
3. (iUea.) Bosb, exanidiem. 
ErfStpelas, n. Satnt Antliony's Are. 
Bscalade, V. a. Scale. 
-' -'CB. I. Improprie^loommiKEd 

It of the 
D. B. 1, Flee, aj, abscond, 


make or efibet one's escape, 
olf, Bl«al away, baaten away. 

S. Slip, pBBB, go by, slip tbcou^ the 
inaers, be passed ovei-, be omittal. 
cape, R. 1. SiigUi. 

8. BKi.e)tia{ danger). 

rp, n. Scarp, 
ar.n. (-VerfT) C 

Esdiaiotlc, B. {Sied.) Caustic, causOc 

Eecheat, ii, ?>. Be forfeited. 
Eacliew, v. a. Avoid, sbun, flee frma, 

Iteep away ftom, keep cleat of. steer 

clear o^ keep out of the way oC, be sby 

of, have nothing Co do witli. 
Escurt, »■ 1. Convoy, guard, conduct. 
a. Protection, aaft^nard, saib con- 


observation, dlscov- 

3. Many, wed, join in wedlock. 

S. Adopt, dstbnd, embrace, maintaEn, 

EspHt de coppa, [Fr.] Class feeling, 
mntual interest in one another (as ie- 
(loeeB memlien if tiie some socieiv or qf 



i. Squire. 

1. Attempt, try, endeavor. 

1. AtJ^mpt, trial, ende; 
efibrt, stri^le, aim. 

a. Tract, dissertation, treaUaa, dis- 
qui^i^n, brief diseonrBC. 
Essayist, n. EBsay-wrilor. 
Eseay'tn^ter, B. Essayist. 
Essence, b. 1. Kature, subsidies, quiu- 

s. Extract, volatile part, reoldfledpoT- 


ISBentlal, «. 1. Nature, first principle. 

%. Clilef point, most impoitant port. 

iBtablisli, V. a. 1. Vix, settlo, plant, 

fomid, Inatltnte, constltuts, otgaulze, 

S. Confirm, raUiy, sanctkin, approve, 
8. Frova, subutontliite, Tei-iiy, make 

a. ConfirmatlDn, roUficatiou, Bono- 
Lbstantlation, ^roof. 

h. Bt^le of llvli^, expenses of liviDg. 
6. Floce of baeineea. 
Estate, ». 1. Stato, oondition, poEitlon, 

t^ Propartr, e 


3, Cla^a i(if tJioae who fmtaHt^ite S 
state or tite gooavmentti^a stale), ordi 

4.. {Lam.) latemstlia any apeciee ' 
permanent pn^ertji]. 

value, rate, reckon, sei a VEilue on. 

a. Admire, like, prize, linnor, reteio, 
leapeet, Uilnk well of, tiiiok biglilf of; 

3. Regard, e™^er,'deam, think, ac- 
eoimC, believe, sappaee, Itoagine, bold, 
vlaw, tOaej, loot upon. 
Bateem, n. 1> Eelimation, eeOmttte, 
apjureoiatlon, vslnatlon, reckoning, ho- 
coatitj opinion, jndgnient. 

& Kespecb, reverence, honor, credit, 
blBli regiira, Cavorobie opinion. 
EatlLetloit, n. [Written iQeo and nsnally 
,^»(AH*ts.J Miloeopliy of the flue arts, 
theory or phliOEophv of taste, science of 
the beautmil. 
KgUmaiile, a. Worthy, good, excellent, 

BBtliuatfl,u.a. l.Tali 
prise, esteem, appreoi 
on, set a price on. 
8. Conrputa, reOkon, oonnt, ealeulate. 
Estimate, «. 1. Valnalioii p-himBf.irm 

8. Oah:iilatlan, compute 
Bstlnuitloii.n. l.Yaluan 
' ment, appreciation, eadma 
opinltai, eateam. 

H, B/^ect, ijonor, regard, revereno^ 
&vorable onlnlon. 

iLaw.) Bar, Bti^, impedf 

Kdraw, withhold, 
bte, maka unfriend. 

, appr^e, i 

m^ appr^se- 

preclude, sC^ the pr 
Kstoppel, w. Bar, In 
Ustranife, v. a, 1. W 

keep away. 

Etat-maAor, [Fc] Staff, oommlBBlonod 

officerB7atafr ofllcsra. 
Et cSBtero, [L.] And others, and bo 

fortli, and so on. 
tteli, V. a. Engrave (Ay of^roBion ^ att 

ttemal, a, 1. Eodlesa, ererlaetine, 
Intei'minable, ever-dnrii^, perpetual, 
censelesB, nnceasing, perennlaL 
8. ImpeilBliable, nndyli^, iierer-dy- 

3, Immutable, undiangeaMe, 
Eternally, a<j. IindlesBly, mtermitiably. 


eclastingfy, always, ever, aye, 

ore, fbr everlasting, Ibr ever, fol axu, 

r ever and ever, world without end, 

il doomsday. 

irnlty, «, Ferpetnlty, endles dura- 

:mize, V. a, 1. Perpetuate, make 

Etliereal, a. 1. Airy, a 
Ught, volatile. 

Etherealize, u. a. SuhtlUse, make 

Etlierealnesa, n. Alrlnesa, rarity, suh- 

tilty, subtllenaas. 
EtJifcal, (I. Moral. 
EtbicH, «. MoraUW, morals, moral phi- 

loaophy, defence of iinman duty. 
Ethiops-mlneral, n. Black enlphuret 

Sthnological, j 

. Ethnic, ethnical. 

•grapky, R. Deactiption of raeos 
,,^j...otiUiff a$ regard niaiDie):d and caa- 
ioms or exIerTialpeculUirUiet). 
Itlmology, n. Science of rac^e itreating 
qf the i^aial OS we« as i^ the pla/tical 
d^^renees qf the races qf masilma]. 
Etholiwy, B. Treatise on ethics, system 

ih, blanch, whiten. 

of ethics 

.iolate, V. ». Became wblte, be n 

ached, be bleaclied. 

Etioiated, a. Whitened (6j) _ 

/mm ligia), blanched, bleached. 
Etiqaetle, n. Preaciibed form 

IWKwr, as that eet dBum 

ticket on Ote occasion qf . . 

eoiirt), feshionable oeremony , 

code, tbtnia of good breeiui 

Uonal decorum. 
Etyiiiolo^, n. 1. Silence of etymons. 


... Denvution. 

8. (fiiYBB.) InaeoUon(ii/'(ftej;ar(3ii/' 

on, n. Boot, radical, radii, prlai- 

Xjord's Supper, GhristiaiL as 



XJnlogist^ «■ Sncomiaat, pinagjriet, 

Knlogdslic, la. Eneomlastie, pane- 
ISuli^Btlcal, f gjiicBl, comiuendatory, 

SnloKT, n. EnlogisOc speech or d!a- 

c^nTBO, TOidfle, eulc>gi'n]u, encomltun^ 
. psuctg'ilc, oommsudBtlan, good word, 

tritrate of prataa. 
Bapepey, ffi. Good djeestjoji. 
jBupbemjam, ni 8i^»ned. expreaelon 

(to OBolit (jpTuiinp by Iianlaiesa or by 


«SEKSSa,l«- «■"»■"■<><'■ 

Bnphor' — 


Xlnp1ioiir,'R. '.igreaSlia sound (m toi- 

Xiapbi-asy, », (£oj.) E;e-1}iiglit (£u- 

Xiuplmlsin, n. f uriGm, finical stvle, 
IbstddlouB dfiUoaoy (m ^ use q^ fcER< 
fvo^l, nfibotad eiejrance. 

"■—" 'a,!!. KnEhanaay, easy death. 

Ziutn^liy, n- Henjfjiy 
Xluxliie, n. Black sea. 
£Ta4>Daiit, a- {fied.) Pu^atLv«, cathaj:- 

Me, alietei^ent, clsanslne. 
XSvacOHut^ n. Oathai'Ho, pui^ttve, 
pnigaUya niedichie. 
' Braonate, v. a. 1. £mptT, luahe emptr. 
3. Slject, expel, excrete, void, dis- 
charge, throw out, fllear ont, dean out. 
S. Quit (m a BOH*e or a eoimfrj/), 
iBBTfl, TefflnqolBh-fbTBaka, desert, aban- 
don, vtUidntir mua. 
Bvaonatlon, »■ 1. Zmpt^i^, 
ii. DieohaTge, (deatfou, exareUoii. 
3. Qnittlng, withdrawal. 
Zhrade, «. a. 1. Eldde, escape, eacapa 
fsttm, stoal away ftaai, get away H'om 


We, dodge, prevaricatft pailer, eivl 
Evanesce, ^. n. Yanlah, disappear, 

Evanescence, n. Tranutocinese, ti 

, ... Vanishing, fleeting, 

tTansltary, transient, pasBlug, flitting, 
fi^tive, fljing, ephemeral, aSort-llvea. 

Bvongelie, (a. Accocdlog to the 

ZivBugeUcal, ) goB)>el. 

Bvan^IlBt, n. 1. Writer of one of the 


Lch the gospel ti 
Vlj off In vapor. 

a. Disappear, be diaeipated. 

. X^dporate, v. a. 1. Vaporine, 

into vapor, disperse In Taper. 

3. Exhale, emit In vapor. 

Evaporating disli, Capsule. 

Bvaporatlon, n. 1. Vapomat 

S. Exhalation, 

dialngenaons eacafia. 

sophistical, eloalve, elusory. 
Kve.ii. {Poetical.] E\-ebjhg. 
Even,!^. Evening, evB. 
Even, a. 1. Smooth, level, plane, flat. 
3. TJniform, eguahle, equal, calm, 

ruffled, unsteady. 

3. On a level, on the same level. 

4. Fair, just, equitable. 

3. Divisible by two, not odd. 
Sven, ad, 1. Eiac bL 

3. Likenisel f lili: m ixner ly 

Strange to 

'uita Im. 

„, JlYE enti night- 
em, dffak, twil g se ^ y, 
Ml of day, decl da g g a 

Evening star, n. Vesper, Hesper, Hes- 

Bvent.'x. 1. Incident, accident, 

rence, adventnre, ^&ir. 
3. uesult, issue, aonse([uence 

coudaskm, termination. 
Eventrol,!!. FuU of incidents. 
Eventual, a. Final, uUimate. 
Eventnat«, v. n. Issue, terminate, 

close, prove, turn out. 
Ever, da. 1. At any time. 

s. Somoolias 
Even-htuided, a 

partial, fiilr,ho 

through all ages, *ili doomsday. 
Ever and anon, ORea, every i 

then, at short Intecvala. 
Ever-dniing:, a. Eternal, 

Evetlastlngr, a. l. Eternal, endlesf 
unending, ever-durli^, perpetual, in 

rnpted, fni^iinlnable, uaoaaaUig, never 
ceasing, never-endli«. 

a. Imperlahable, undying, never 
dying, ever-living, deatWeee, iramor 

Everlasting, n. 1. Eternity. 

3. Cudweed, goldylooks, iuhoh 

Kver-living, a. Eternal.lmmortal.nn 
dying, deathless, nevec-dyiog, ever 

>re, ad. Always, eternally, f< 
ever, perpetually, continually, 

., -or aye, at all tlm-- '- "•- —' •' 

e, thronah all ages. 

the end o^ 
Every, a. B»o& (qT seperoll. 

and tlien, ORen, at shoi-t 

Bveiy-day, a. . Oomtoon, customary, 
usual, wonted, accnstomed, habitual. 

Everywhere, ad. In every place, In all 
plaoBH, i%ht and left, fat and near, far 
and wide, througkont tho world, all the 
world ovM, In every quarter. In all 


ice. It. Teetimanv, proof, groiina 


lee, B. a. Prove, eluddata, de- 

nTOte, &how, maniftiFit. mrl-njsA. 

majiif^, make ci« 

>viDiiB, pal 

EvldeotlBl, a. lodiualdve, evideuUary, 

eViudve, ctemonBti'aLlv«. 
Kvldenwwy, o. EYiDEsnii,. 
BtH, o. 1. TSad. ill, not eooi 

S. Wicked, ^nlul, vicious, COItnpt. 

perfBtBe, Hrong. 

3. MlBcMevooB, 
noiIouB, dflleterloiL.. 

4. Unliappy, nnfortuiiate, csUaml- 
tous, adverse, nnpropitdoafi. 

Evil, n. 1. Calamity, mtafi 


E:vil-dD«r, ... , , _ ._. 

feetor, culprit, of^der, delinqnent, 

Evil one. Devil, Satan, Lnolfei', Belial, 

A^llyon, ardi'^id, the tempter, the 

man of sin, tbe wicked one, the old 

sarpent, the ^Ince of dnrMiesB, the 

Toui&e^ t^Muenw. 
ETliice,v.<i- Prove, deizLQiistriite, allow, 

evldfflico, manlfbat, elnddate^ make 

erldent, moke •Heax. 
^viadv^a^ DemonatraUve, im^icalive, 

flTideolial, evlduitfaTy, 
BrlHceritte, ». a, IMsembowel, emt»wel, 

gnt, take ont the tiowele of. 
Erake, v, a. Siunmou, call fOrUi, onU 

np, aoiUTixon ^irth. 
fivolulioii, n. Evolving, unfiUdii^, ex- 

.tie, provoke, liuliitter, inflame, e: 
a. Aggravate, lielgliteii, Increaai 


9, Afflxavatlon, Ineresse. 

«t, ((■ I. Stnct, scrupulous n 

]dic&l, puuctnib?, nice, critical, l 

;ht, honeet. 

). Accurate, precise, literal, correct. 


i. StridiiEES, r^olarlty, eorupuloua- 

extravagantly, color too h^ldy. 
EiaiKeratlon, it. Hyperbole, rant, 

caiTcature, extravagant Blatement, 

h^k tolonng. 
Exalt, V. a. 1. Kidae, elevate, erect, lift 

S. Ennoble, dignify, aggrandize. 
3. Prolss (/ii^Mj), estol, magnify, 
glorlty, WfSB. 

-. ^_.^ — „ Elevation, diguilj. 

. 1, Inapactum, obaer-. 

3. TrlaHijuatatlooiliiliilTdBrtodiait 
tnult or io teet gtuUMcaivna]. 
xaminef v. a. 1. li^nieot, uhaerve. 

S. SoruMnlze, Investigate, stDCly, oon- 
^der, cauvaea, Inqolco Into, searoh Into, 
look into, Inquire about 

3. Interrogate (i« unfer to eHoif Iruth 
or to leaf gual^ficaiii/ai), oatfichlee, put 
quesUons to. 

S. Inqnirer, iuvestigalw. 

Exanthein, n. (3ted.) Rash, 

ExDntbema, 11. [Gr. pi. . 

Exasperate, b. a. 1. Irr 

-■lofe, — ■ --"'" "-- 

iS. Exacerbi 

ion, exacerbation, 
:. Wrath, rage, 1 

oatliedi'B, DJ.] 

ritatlon, proyo- 
:, fury, violent 

le bench, fi-om 

ExcavMe, v. a. EoUow, hollow out, 

Bcoop out, d^ oat, cut out. 
EscavatlODi, tt. 1. Excavating. 

s. Cutting, cavity, hollow. 
Exceed, v. a. 1. Tranaeend, Burpasa, 
cap, go beyond. 

a. Excel, outdo, outstrip, OBtrie, be 
superior to. 
Exceed, V. n, 1. Go too far, overstep 

Siceedlng^, ad. Very, b^hly, greatly, 
extremely, vastly, beyond measure, to 
a great degree. 


into the abads. 
2. J£xcead^msi»ud, cap, go beyon< 
Kieel, V. n. Be supeiior, be eminen 
boar tie ^1-'— "■■ 

e palm, bear the b^, take pre- 

Xixo^ence, n. 1. SupBriorltj,pri 
% tnuiacaniit — 
Good quflJlti 


food qiiaJlty. 

I. Worth, goodness, uprlghtnefs, pro- 

blty» pmity, 

X^cellont, a. 1. Superior, eminent, 

fliet-ral«, slcrling, peerless, prime, &d- 

mlFable, matcMeas, choice, cracs, ex- 

SaiBlte, transcendent, of tbe best, of tbe 
i-st water, superlattvel; good. 
Z' Virtuous, wortby, good, above or 
beymid aSl pc^ae. 
Except, V. a, Exelude, t^eet, laare 

Xixcept, prep. Excepting, excluding, 
save, leavlue out, mth fiie exception 

S- Instance to be excepted. 
Exoeptionable, a. Otilectimia&le. 
Xizeeptional, a. Irr^olsr, unusual, 
nnccnnmon, utmatuiRl, peamar, anoni' 


Kxeerpt, n. Extract, qnotttUoa, cita- 
tion, seleeted passage. 
Excerpt, V. a. Extract, select, cite, 

Bxeesa, n. i. SnperHultv, radnndance, 
reilandancy, aaperabundance. 

a. Surplus, oterplus, remainder. 

3. IntemperancB, disalpaaon, de- 

itcageoiis, unreaeonabit 

S. InLercb^Lge, bandy, ^ve and take 
Exolionce, n. 1. Sartor, traffic, trade, 

a. Interchange, reciprocity. 

Extirpation, arailioaaon, 

it, iTfitaliUily, ItesclblUty, passlon- 
ataness, liot temper. 
Excitable, a. 1. SenslUve, anscept- 
ible. Impressible, exidted. 

a. Irascible, liTltable, passionate, 
olioletiu, liasty, liot-tempered, qulok- 


3. Disturb, 30tate, dJEcompose, irri- 
tate, provoiie. 
Excitement, n. 1. Inoilfiioeiit, motive, 

a. Agltatjon, perturbation, commo- 

3. Irritation, warmth, passloa. 
X^daim, V. It. Yooiferat^ shout, call, 

Xixolmuatlon, n. 1. Toclferatlon, eat- 
ery, ejaculation, clamor. 
a. (Uliei.) EOPHOHESIS, interjection. 
Exclude, v. a. 1. Bat, debar, preclude, 

3. Prohibit, resttaln, binder, v 
hold. . 
3. Expel, ^ect, thrust out. 
Exclusion, ». 1. Preclusion, reject 

3. Expulsion, election. 
Exclnelve, a. 1. Excluding, debariii^. 
a. Excepting, to the eiau^on, not 

3. III16aral, selilsh, narrow, nnchart- 
lole, only, special. 

pal Ifiom the clHavk), denounce, niu- 
Ecrtbe, anatliflmatiae, expel fi-omCellow- 

d:xci>BunniiIcatlon, «. IMsmla^cn, or 
espalrion Ifrim ike chtireii), denuncl- 
atfon, proscription, anatliema, lian. 

Sxcori&te, v. a. Hay, skin, gall, strip 
the skin from. 

dlxcoriatlon, Ii. Flying, skinning. 

a. Dung, l^ces, ordure, alvine dls- 
Ssoreinfaital, a. 

Bxcrete, v. a. Separate, discharge, 
eject, throw off. 

a. Excrement, e 
Excretive, a. Exci 

1. Separation, discharge. 

_ a. Torture, torment, 

rack, agonize. 

Excrodatlne, a. Torturing, torment- 
ing, veiy patoful. 

Bxcrudatlon, n. 
agony, angnlsh. 

BKotdpate, v. a. Absslve, exonerate, 
acquit, clear, excuse, pardon, justly, 
-^-""' " right, a^<^ae I'ur, make 

Torture, torment, 


( good word 



Shioaraion, n. 1. Journey, tour, trip, 
expeflitlon, ramble, jaunt. 
a. JAgrea^on, epiaoile. 
Xixcorslve, a. XtambUng, wandBring, 

fX..] DlBserlatlon, dia- 
F&rdonable, veidaU 

quiattlon, d 

Excusable, , - 

ETcuaatoTVi ct. Apolcgeticol, 
Kxcnse, v. a. 1. Par<k>ii. foi^re, 
ault, absolfe, exculpate, exone' 
Kloar. mnlta apology for, Bat right. 
iaate,JaBti&, vlncUoaW. 
pt, rebiBBs, Itee, let o£ 

3. Hxemp^ rebuBa, 

4. Ovsrloak, regard 

nable, cucsed, accuTeed, 

1. Apology, plea, Jnstlftoa- 

._Jt, pretanea, co 
semblance, make 

1. Dateatable, ImtefUl, 


Xlxeci-aUoi ~ " " — 


9. (Zaw.) Make a cartlfiad copy of, 
Sxempt, V. a. Excuse, exonerate, re- 
lieve, release, Aee, let off, grant im- 

xempt, a. Exempted, free, Uberated, 

xemiitiou, 1. Iiimunitf, prlTilt^e. 

Lertion, l""^" 

drill, drilHiig.' 

4. Lesson, tasu. 
Hxevoise, v. a, 1. Exert {anatantiy), 

employ, bnay, apply. Bee, put In aoHon, 

5. Discipline, train, drill, break In, 
iliituate to practiw- 
3. Practise, pur 

r, liat«fal tbinz. 
Xlxecute, i!. a. 1, Aecomplis 
elftctuate, pectomi, do, com 

9. Put to death (in purSMance qf < 
j-udiciiU seafeace). 

a. Sign, seal, and delivei: (as i 
IGxeDution, n. 1. Performance, opeca- 
Uon, accompliKiiment, aoMeTei — ' 
oorapleUon, conBummation. . 

8. Elfect, sometblitg dona. 

3. Modeofperfotmance. 

4. Writ or warrant (Jio- carrying oat 
a judffiaeat or lenieiieej. 

B. Uapital pnnlsliment, punlsli 
nf deatu. 

•jutive, a. Executory, not le 


inUvie, B. Governor, chief magia 
ontory, a. 1. Ejtecntlve. 

Explanatory, eiEposi- 

Ksegetlc, j 
Exeg«tical, f l^/ij. 
X^egeticSflt. Exegesis, science of Id 

Exemplar, ». Pattern, model, oi 
example, piMtotype, archetype. 

Exemplary, ■». 1. Meritorious, g 
worthy, worthy of imitation, fit S 


srieise, V. it. Labor, nor^, make ex- 
Exert, u. a, EXBKOISB, use, put fbrtii, 
put In action, bring inlo operation, set 

Exert one's self. Labor, toil, strive, 
endeaTOr, noFk,.(ake pubis, bestlT one's 
self, 1^1 to work, work with a will, 
leave no stone unturned, do one's beet. 

Exertion, ». Efibrij, entteavor, stm^la, 
atlempt, trial, BtrsJn, elreteJt. 

Exft>Iiat«,i'.n. Scale oQ sheU off, peel 
olf, foil off in scales. 

Xlxfiili»tian, «. 1. (Mn.) Reparation 
in scales or lamlns. 
a. IMe^,] Desgimmallon. 

Exhalatioii, n. 1. Evaporarion, emis- 
sion of vapor. 

S. Vapor, fume, efSuvlnm, steam, 
reek, smoke, fog. 

Esliale, V, a. Emit, eToporate, breathe, 
In vapor, throw off in efflBvli 

......... , , deprtve of 

Exhoufit^s, a. ^exhaustible. 
Exhibit, V. a. 1. Bhow,iilBiklay,pi:eseiit 
to view, off^ fbr tnspeodon. 

a. lumlftBt, expresB, Indicate, dis- 
close, make known, brl:^ Mi notice, 
bring into view, point out, set fbrth. 
8. ILato.) Otter, present, propose. 
4. (JMcri.) Admiiflster iHiedicine). 
Ex1i{1iiUoii,n. 1. maplay, ehowi manl- 

a. Exporitlon, laying open to public 




S. (Sag. I. .. 
peneloii, oenefeoUon. 
4. (Med.) AdmlnlstraUon (-y medi- 

ixblitaate, v, < 

. CheBi 

BpMt, inapire, animate: eiata, gladaen, 
lualie merr;, lUHlie gltiA or Joyous. 

ExMLaratiug gas, Nitrous mdae, pr- 
t«xlde of Mtrogeo, laughing gas. 

SishUarailDii, n. 1. Oieeru^, enllvi 
IDE, BDinxaUug. 

8. Animation, gajety, Wlaiity, glee, 
olieer, gladnesB, jojouBness, 011661*01- 
ues^ good bumor, good eplcits, high 

fidiort, B. a. Urge, Incite, stimulate, 

perauailB, encourage to do well. 
Bxliort, V. n. GIto eshortnMon, oft&r 

Bxhortatlve, a, £x1iorlat«i7, 
Kxliartatory, a. Bxhortatl'e, liorla- 

!, i». 1. Demand, ui'gani 
If f neoesBlty, need, want, : 

3. Smei^eucy, arMi, Btral 
ture', OUMiaary, pass, pincl 
criUoal dtnolion, pressing lu 
- - ■■ - Urer-' --'-- 


B^tKoi^, B. Smailnees, wendemei 

flneneaa, eallty. 
ETlle,n. 1. Banishment, expaUJatiD-, 

ostiodsraj proserlptjon, ej^puMon [from 

~"-*f country'^ 

^aniahed pecsoi 

ile, «. a. , -, 

ize, proaoribe, espel(/ 

I. Be, BubBist, have being. 
— the, have Bite, be allTO. 

remain, endure. 

I. Being, entity. 

Tfndloatftlet offi 

lion, acquittal, release, o1earaQi)e,Ja9Cl- 

flca^n, vindication. 

SSKOrdse. o. a. 1. Drire ai 
Jurations}, ca'^' — ■" 

puiih from eiii Inflnwi)... 
EsoreieiD, n. Spell, char] 

Oliver ftom mal^nant apiri 

pi. SfeorrfiwmsJ TutroduetlDU, opening, 
preamble, preface, praem, prelnae, pro- 

EKosmose, ^j, Traneudatlo 
iExoteriOr \ft- Publli^ ope] , 
Eioterrical, ( jafe, not (soterio. 

, \'a. Foi^gn, e 

'Xotlcal, t Indlgennna, net nati 
ixpand,ii. a. 1. Sprea^, open, 
evolve, lay open, spread out. 
». Daate, distena, swell, fill ot 

Bxpanslou, n. 1. Expanding, spread- 
ing, openii^. 
a. Dilatation, dlBtensloii, swelling. 
3. Enlargement, increase, diffusion. 

ExpiuiElve, a. Mffu^ve. 
Bxpatlate, i). n. 1. Eora at large, range 
at will, take a wide survey, 
a. Dilate, enlarge, descant, launch 

E^natriate, u. a. Banish, exQe, ostra- 
dze, proscribe, expel (/ln»n o«e's oHia- 


Expedition, n. 1. I 

S. Antudpate, loot £0r, loot forward 
to, eount upon, reckon ttpon, calculate 
upon-iely upon. 

3. Hope, hope tor. 
lxpeotaiie«, n. ExpectalJDo, hope, ex- 
Ixpeotiyiey, ». 1, Expect&'Uon, hope, 

~ '" '.) Abeyance, prospect. 

.t,a. "Waltli^. 

[on, n. 1. Anddpatlon, pros- 
pect, expectanoe, exnectMuy. 
3. Hope, trust, reliance, confidence, 

Expectorate, <r. a. Hawl[up,coi^liDp. 
Expedienae, In. 1. Fitness, propriety, 
Eipedieno)', I sidtablenesB, advisabfl- 

a. Advantage, profit, ntffity. 
Expedient^ a, 1. Fit, proper, Bnit!it<li>- 
advls^le, desirable. 

a. Advant^eons, profitable, □ 
for one's advant^e, ibr one's InteLHjob. 
KxpeOient, n. Shift, resource, resort. 

Expedite, v. a. Hasten, accelerate, dos- 
palch, Bpeed, hurry, quicken, precipi- 
tate, forward, advance, press ibrwa-^ 

, cele^W, gnickneBB,' pi^mi^ness 
Enterprise, undertalilng. 




1. Elect, disloi^e, ilii' 

8, BanlBli, eilla, eipaWlaW, ostra- 

Xlipend, M. a. 1, DlBburse, spend, lay 

a. Use, employ. 

3. Ejdiaiist, iMsauma, iritste, ili 

Expenditure, n. 1. Claburscmeiit. 

a. ExpanBB, cost, cluu'ge, ontlar. 

Expense, n. Coat, cLaj^a, axpendltv 

ce, !(. 1. Trial, proof, teat 

jwledge [ffoiaeil from trial o 
, experimental luiowledgi 

Tit, feel, undergc 

endnre, pat to the proof (of i 
setauiions), prove by trial, lu 
Seal aoqnafntanoe witli. 
iExpeiienced, i£- "-----''-^ -- 
i^nalifled, able- 
Experiment, n. Tiialj test, 


hughbrad, i 

ip, ». j.jiaT, te 
proof, touchaU 


ert^ a. Adroit, dexterous, ready, 
)mpt, duick, apt, ctevet, able, i^:l]ful. 

Export, 1. Experlencad person, pi 
Bpeoially versw (in a given siiym*. 

Expiate, V. a. AKnte £>r, do pen 

for, make aattaCicaon or reparation 

Expiation, n. Atonement, aatiafac 

BxplratlDn, «■ 1. Emission ot breatb. 
'>. Tit^ant. Am-p'tuf* flemise- 

3. Tarni 


' Sxpii'e, V- O' i 



last bteatlL 

e ont, omit from 

L. Die, decease, draw the 

minate, cease, condode, 

Explfdn, a. a. Interpret, eluidda 
ponnd, illiietrate, antijld, solve, e( 

Explajtname, a- 

be explained. 

t, glv« a 

ling, acceptaU' 

ExpIiuiatoTy, a. niustiativ^ elu<dda- 

liVe, expo^i<uy, serving to expl^. 
Expletive, a. Snperfluovis, rednndimt. 
Expletive, B. Expletive word or ayl- 

ExpUeable, a. Explalnitble. 
E]^licatl(m,n. luterpretaljoii, explui- 

.Mgoone, nnieserved. 

Explode, v. a. 1. Siscliarge, bnrat, die- 

9. i^card, repudial«, scOut, ecoru, 
ccntomn, cry down, treat with con- 
tempt, bring into di^^nte. 

Explode, V. «. Bnrst^ dieplofle, dsW- 
uate, be discharged. 

Exploit, n. Act ie^Bciailt/ '^ heroic 
act], deed, fbat, atudereiiLent. 

Exploration, n. liiunlnatlon, scm- 
^j^, Ingoiry, research, Inqnl^tum. 

Exploi^ f . a. IQxamlne, acmtlDize, In- 
yestlgate, search Into, Inquire into, piy 

Explosion, n. Burst, bursHns, detona- 
tion, blast, clap, pop, crack, sadden 

Exponent, n. Index, reprcaestatlTe. 

Export, M. a. Send out [mavluaidite 
/rom ow aountry to omoiAerj, carry ont, 
send abroad. 

Export, n. Commodity exported. 

Expose, u. a. 1. DiselDse, anoOTOr, de- 
tect, descry, lay open, make bare, hbaw 
up, bring to light. 
a. Exhibit, hoia op to view. 
3. Suiiject, make Qable. 
4' Endanger, Jeopardl^ put In dan- 
ger, put in peril. 

Exposal ». [Fr.] Expo^tlon, formal 

1. 1. Bxpoeura, discloslog. 


SxpositoiT> It- Explanatoty, illnatra- 

t!ve, exegetic^, alucldatlve. 
Expostulate, u. n. Bamonetrate, raa- 

son earnesuy (/or aiasaasionj, nrge 

points qf Oie coiapaeii- 
Expound, V. a. Explain, unfold, Inter- 
pi'Ct, elucidate, clear up, lay open, make 

Expoundert n. Interpreter. 
Express. D. a. I. Squeeze out, preea out, 
a. Utter, speak, declare, assert, set 

3. Bcpresent, indicate, show, sonify, 
exhibit, denote. 

4- Send by express. 
Expi-ess, a. Explicit, clear, plidn, ded- 
nlte, positive, determinate, categorical, 
not ambiguous, cleoily stated. 


3* Meesage, despateh. 
1. Speedy oonveyHnce. 
je, n, ChargB Bit aaj tl 

. Uvely represeiiteUon, etfeolive 
;, Indlca- 

self, make 
S. Speafe one's inliid, say one's 
KipiUsion, n. 1. Expelllag;, diivlng 

3. I^ectiDn, extrusion, banislii 

ETpnnge,K. ~ "■ "^ ■-" 

caneei; blol 

Bxctalelte, a. 1. Nice, exact, accural 
dlacrlmlnkUnff, delicate, refined, 
^ Select, choice, exc^enC, rare, t! 



dry, dry _,. 
Extant, a. Sxlstli^, nndeatmjed, I 

Iwing, In existence, net lost. 
EitemparaneonBiO. Unpremeditated, 
' off'buid, extemporary, extempore. 
Exteiap»rai7, a. Unpremeditated, oS'- 

liuid, extempoToneoua, extemimre. 
McteitLpove, (ut. [L.1 Suddenly, wltkont 

premeditanon, wltbont preparation, in 

an oC-liand manner, on eke spnt of the 

ExtempoFe, a. [L.J Extemporary, 

Bxtempoiize, t>. n, Spealt extemtiare, 
speak wiHioat notes, speak mCliaut 
premeditation, make an otf-band speeck 

9. Prolong, a 

1. Stretch out, reach c 

jnue, lei^tlien out 

p»nd, dilate, enlarge, widen, 
Bogmen^ increase, IIU out. 
4* IMmise, ^>read abroad. 
0. Offer, ylwia, give, Imparts 
Esl«nd, V. n. Stretch, reach, Epread. 
Extendible, a. Extensible, ""'" — "" 
HKteaHiUe, " " ""' 

xtensive, a.' V 

xtenuation, «■ 1. DtmlnutiOD, abate- 

%. i'alliation, excuse, apology. 
xteriar, a. 1. Ontwai-d, external, 
outer, outside, sapei'tldal. 

it. Extiioslc, foreign, from without, 
xterloi', II. 1. OoMde, enter part, 

2. Outwani appearance. 

S. iXfalli.) Glhulna 

!. illare.'i Exterior, outward part. 
-rnal, o. 1. Oatword, outer, ex- 
■" oulBide, Buperfieial. 
' ' ' fcreign, from 

, . pt. Outside, outward 

parts, things OS seen, visible forms. 
Extinct, a. 1. Extinguished, quenched, 

2. Ended, termlnatedj closed, bronght 
to an end, no longer existing. 
Bxitnctlon, ». !• Extinguishment. 

a. UaatrucUon, annllilliiUon, exUr- 
paUon, ejcteimlniLtion, excisioni aboli- 


tion, aboUCion, abollshuienC 
Extiruat«, v, a. Eradicate, uproat, ex- 
terminate, annlMlaifl, destroy, abweh, 

ExUi'patlou, B. Eradication, extermi- 
nation, annihilation, deetruction, ex- 
tinction, excision, abolition. 

Extol, B.o. Pro^, laud, applaad, mag- 
ntfy, exalt, celebrate, glonly, commend 

Extoller, it. Pridser, panegyrist, en- 

Eitort, 'v. a. iixact, wrest, wring, 

wrench, force, get by ftirce. 
Extortion, ». £xactlon. Illegal com- 

Extortlonate, a. Oppteseire, exacting. 

Extra, a. l.'ArtiUtional. 

a. Unusual, extraordinary. 


4. lalatli.) Determine oc find [a rbot). 
Bxtraot, ». 1. QnotaMoa, citation, ex- 
cerpt, pacsoge quoted. 
it, [Med.) InsplsBsted InfoMon or 

gMiealogy, parentage. 

Eztrsdltian, n. Deliieiy or siiiienaer 
l/jf fugtUoes fioia fiishce by one bo- 

ExtnuieooB, a. Foidgn, extdneio. 

Xixtraordlnary, a. Bemarkable, un- 
□sua], ^nal, uncommon, slnf^flTT 
^regious, rare, extra, out of (lie way, 
uniieoTd of, more ttian common. 

Kxtravag;ance, n, 1. EIxcqbb, exorbi- 
tance, enormity, unrcaflon3.blciiefia, pre- 
a. Ircegularlty, wildneaa, folly, ab- 

3. I^odigfllity, ptofi 


j>rbltant, u 

. Excei 

a. Irraeular, trild, foolish, absurd. 
3. TVaBteful, lavlsdi, profuse, prodleal, 
by> liberal, 1^ bountiftl. 
ExtrsTaaatEd, a. Effused, forced out 

{<f dwits or sesaela). 
ExtcaTasation, It. Effoslon l/VontjJucfs 
or twsaeisj. 

^tbest, utt^Tuioat, nioBt dUatant, most 

2. Greatest, li^hest, of Uie MgliGst 
degree, of tbe rarest kind. 
n- Last, dnal, ultimate. 
-— -\ End, extremity. 

«. ^ 1. Extr^oltles, ter- 

Lo^.) Subject and predicate. 
Maik,) Fitat and last terms 1^ 

ExtriixBical, j 

>. DiseutsDelemont, lib- 
le, reUef, delWance. 
a. Kxtemal, outward, 
extraneous, for^gn, not 

Expel, eject, oust, dis- 

Expnlsian, ^ecMon. 

oopious, pleiiteuus, full, plentilul, am- 
ple, replete, liberal, tavisn. 
Ilxudatloii, II. Excretion, secretion, 
sweating, perspIraUan, transmlatian. 

ji,xn^, V. «. 
ereled, be sec 

iclarii), ieap lOr 

mat,a. iiiiuang, ^^ilImphIng,Joy- 
uu=,J^bilant,t^aQ3pD^te<l, elated. 

iory). transport, elation, del^t^ bi- 

Exuvite, 11. pi. Bemains {cf tmimals, at 

sUi\», aMQ, 100.). 
Eye, ■a. 1. Oigan of elgbt, oi^an of 

8, Siglit, Tlew, estiniftte, indgment. 
3. WaMi, notice, vigilftiioe, obserra- 

6. Bud, Biioot. 
Eye, V. a. Watob, ol)serve, view, look 

Eyelet, «. . 
Syelet-hole, n. Eyelet. 
Eyesiehcn. I. Vision, 
a.T'iew, observation. 

Euphrasy [Eapltrasia 
■furafion, apertare, eyo, 


1. COLLYaiBU, H 

t |(i/b bird of prey). 

2. Flot, action, series a 

■ FabH D, It. Fe gn write 4 n 
Fable, V, a. Feign n 
I Pabler, u. FabuUs wri e f t^b ^ 

;a by Google 



Fabric, n, 1, Buildli^, atructure, ei31- 

a. Textuie, eDnfimnatiDD, make, 
3. Mimufiictnred dotlt. 
Falirioate, m. o. 1. Fram 
9. MBmufkctiire, make. 
3. Invent, fdten, ftirga, cola. 
FobrlcaUon, n. 1. Ccmetruoticin. 
S. Man-nftotnre, 

Facade, n. [Fr.] Front {qf a ivUdiits], 

fiKB, elevatioii, front liew. 
FacBf n. It Snrt^oa, extemaJ part, 
S. Vime^ counteuanoa. 

3. rront, fiont part. 

4. Look, appearance, semblance, ex- 
ternal atswof. 

5. Ooi^dflnee, assncance, baldness, 
Impndence, audacity, effronteiy, bi'flfia. 

Face, ». a. 1. Confront, meet In front, 

S. Front, etflndopposit6tt>,Btiuia over 

3, Flit a £iGO or snrlkce on. 
Vaee, f. ii. Front, turn the face. 
Face^^naril, n. Sewes. 
Face to tiace, 1. Oonfronting one 

3. Close, Bide bj Bidf, diaek by jowl, 
la doss proidmitj, tete-X-t£te. 

3. Immeaiatfily, without any tblng 
Facet, «. ^Bll Ihce or sur&ce. 
Facetdie, n. pi, [L.] WltUdsmB, jolies, 
pleasantry, witty eaylngs, aalliee of 

Facetious, o. Witty, jocular, joooae, 
humoroue, -wa^Bh, funnj, comical, 
pleasant, merry, sparHre, diotl. 

FaolUtate, v. a. Moke esey, render leas 

Faculty, n. 1. Easiness (in doing aay 

». fieadlneas, dexlerity, ejiperlneaa, 
qnlcSnesa, Unack, ability. 
3. Affllbillty, condescendon, com- 

FacslmiJe, n. Exact copy. 

Fasten. 1. Incident, event, occurrence, 

drcamstauoe, act, deed, peifbrmanoa, 

a. Keallty, act, fiotnallty, certainty, 

real existence. 
FaoHon, n. I, ComblnaUon {against a 

jfOKcnunaii), cabal, junto, clique, party. 

3. Tumult, discord, dlsaenaion, dis- 

ftactory, given to fiction. 
ITactltioDS, a, Artificlij, made by art, 

broker, substitute. 

i. Agent, brol 

B. {Moth.) MaltipUer, element at a 
Factary, n. 1. iteitidence of foctors. 
S, Body of fectors. 
3. Mannfiotory, mill, manuf^ictmiiig 
Factotnm,^ n. Doer of all work. Jack- 

talent Torte. 

S. Skill, skllfnlness, ability ableneas, 
Jexlerlty, adroitness, expectness, ad- 
dre^, cleverness, aptitude, aptness, 
knack, turn, anioknees, readiness, fa- 

Deparlment, profession, craft. 
_. (IflW.) Privilege, license, ligb 
Fade, o. [Fi'.] 'Wai&, flat, insipid. 

4. (ZflWj Pris 

., disappear, ei 
esCB, ^ss away, be aeeu no more. 
a. Decline, droop, languieli, decay, 

3. Lose co1<^ lose lustre, grow dim, 

YaOge, v! n. [Imu.] Suit, fit, be sult- 

Fceces, «. I. Sefliment, dregs, lees, set- 

a. EKcrement, dung, ordnro, alvlna 
Fas, "- "- 1- I>roop, sinJt, flag, grow 
weary, become fiilicned, be tired. 
3. Dru^e, toil (m maaai aereioe}. 
Fag:, v. a. L Beat, Ummp. 

a. Oompelto drudge. 

F^, n. [SmalaOu ta^Sed ta Englaaid 

to a eohooHai/ wHo does maiial eerviae 

fbr onotAer.] Drudge, menial, slave. 

Fagged, a. Wearied, tired, Ihttoued, 

exl^uelcd, jaded, used up, knoc&edup, 

Fasot, n. Bundle of sticks. 
Fall, V. n. 1. Fall eliort, come short, be 
inEufadeat, be defident, be wanting. 
a. Decline, sink, decay, waoe, Sde, 

, olscarry, Ije unsuccessful, be 
frustrated, end in smoke, come to noth- 
ing, iUl stIU-bom, Sa^ in the pan, 
mm flre, miss stays, fall to the ground. 
B. Omit, neglect. 

6. Break, become insolvent, become 
bankcupt, anepend payment. 
FAil, V. 0. Disappoint, be wanting i«, 

eitpectadon of. 
Fail, n. [Used only in the expressian 
wiffiouijyi.] OmlasinD, neglect, l^il- 
ure, deUnquancy. 



FailinjE, ft. 1. Decline, decay. 
B. BflBoanlsaB, feUuM. 
3. Fault, tbible, CrailtY, lapse, 
slip, EslL0irtc<im1ng, Imper&ctton, de- 
fljaeney, defect, weiUcneea, inflnjiltj, 
weali sme, Mind dde. 
Fallnr^ n. 1. I^^OxiieuGy, defeoljve' 
ness, anoTtcomii^. 

a. Omiedon, neglect, T'AIL, noii-pcr- 
tbrmance, iKm-obserrance. 

3. nUecaiilBge, botch, ill enccese, 
flssh In Uie ^n, labar &ir one's patna, 
losing g!une, irM-gooee cliaee, ^eeve- 

4. IneolTCnc;, bankruptcy, sue] 
lUon of paymeut. 

A- Decay, decline, deolenfilon, lost 
Fain, a. QlaA, pleased, rejoiueo, it 

Fain, ad. Glamy, JojIBl, with pleas 

wltii joy. 

Faint, K. 

!. Languiah, groi 


„. :fened, lie discouraged, 

bo deJecled, 1» depressed, lose courage, 
be dlepirited, be donn-hearted, einl: Into 

3. Small, little, alight, IneonMderftble. 

4. Mm, dull, not br^t, not vivid. 

5. Fearfnl, timid, Umoroos, cowardly, 
daatardly, faint-hearted. 

dlsiieaitened, discouraged. 


nished, nubleraisbed, unsCatned. 

a. WMte, light, blonde. 

S- Handsome, comely, beautiful. 

4. Pleaaont, eleu-, cloudleBS, not 
nloady, not overoaat. 

6. B^vorable, proeperOBS. 
6* pFomlMng, uopefni. 

7. Open, dietoot, plain, unobstructed, 

partial, unbiasaed. 

9> Reasonable, proper. 
10. Pretty good, moiw Hian mlddlln, 
above mediecdty. 
Pair play, Jastlee, sqnity, fiJrnes 


bland, , 

Fairy, «. Fay, elf, ptowl%eon. 
Faltb, ft. 1. Belief J(M prom0t 

turn], credence, credit, truath ^aui 

confldcnoa, dependence, raltence. 
9. Oreed, paraun^on, tenets, dogmas, 

doctrinea, religion, system of ralaion. 
■ a. Fidelity, flJtliMnass, tShful- 

i, by my f^th, upon my 


3cedit( worthy of belief, to 

in loiv, ifo.). 

3. Sink, be lowered, bo depressed. 

4. Decrease, decline, be diminished, 
become lees, die a,"ivay. 

5. Sin, err, transgress, lapse, trip, 
trespiisa, commit a fault, do amiaa, go 

6. Die, perish, come to deatrucUon. 
t. Empty, disembcgue, flow, be dia- 

S. Happen, beEall, come. 
9. Become (stcS, asieer '-■ 

10. Faeo, be ttausfecred. 

11. Be dropped, be uttered carelessly. 
Tail, n. 1. Descent, dropping. 

8, 'fumble, fellli^. 

3. Cataract, cascade, waterML 

4. Extent ot descent. 

5. Destruction, death, mia, over- 
tJirow, downfell. 

e. D^radation, iosa of eminence. 

7. Apostasy, loss of iQuocenee. 
S. Inminutloii, decrease, decline 

O. Sinidug {f^ the voice]/ cadence, 

10. Dfscliajga (qf a rioer), diseui- 

11. Antumn, Rill of the leal^ 
^~ -..- ■■ ritv. slorae. inclination. 

t. I>eclivily, slope, li 

laory, misleading. 

ceiving, illu^i 
disappointing, u>i». 
Falla^, n. 1. Dlusion, deception, de- 
ception, roisappralien^on. 
a. Sophism, sophistry, deceitful ax- 

Fall among. Come among, happen to 
be amoi«, happen to be in fiia company 

Fall away, I. Pine, grow lean, to 

emaidated, Iosa flesh. 
a. BaeluOide, apostatize, fall off. 
Fall Ibaclc, Eacede, retreat, give way. 
FaBIbllity, n. Frailty, ImpertScldan, 

uncertain^, llaMllty to error. 
Fallible, a. FraH, imperfBOt, weak, 

ignorant, nncertatn, errii^, Uable to 

error or mistalie. 
Fall in, l. IMU.) Come into line, form 

into ranks. 

acquiesce, go with the alream, go vrlUi 


;£. Comply with^ a£EeDt to^ come 

Fiill ofT, 1. Drop, be detochea, drop 
if. Withatavr, separate. 

B. BiUiksUde, apostatize, fall awur. 

6. llfaut.) Go to leeward. 
Call on, 1. Drop on, descend upoa. 

S. Attack, aaaanlt, assj^, laah. upon 
. f^lupon. 
rail one, 1 

Pallow, a. i'. Pare red or pole yellow. 

a. UnUlIed, nnsowed. 
Fallow, n. UatlUetl land. 
fall to loge:erlieadg, Come to Hov 

go to logBeHieodB. 
Tallow-«&»t, It. Fallow-finch. 
Fallow-flnch, «. (EoantLe, wheat e: 

{Motacilla isianthe), . 
Fall short, Fall, l>e delciont. 
Fall to. Begin, set abuut, apply one 

Fall under, 1. Come nnder, tie subje,. 
to, be enbjectod to. 

a. Be cltuised nitli, be reekoned with, 
be Included In. 

Fall noon, Fauj 

False,a. Uutriie,L__ 

S. Dlshoneet, perfldioue, treaeherous, 
unTeracious, menda^oua, ^thlem, 
txuttiless, untculliful, dtelngeniious, 
dlBbonoi'able, double-tongued, doable- 
bced, MBB-hearted. 

3. Counterfeit, apurioua, foiled, not 
genuine, feigned, hypocritical, clap- 

4. Incoirect, improper, erroneose. 

5. Fallacious, deceptice, deceiving, 
deceitful, delna™, nilaleadli^, disap- 

False-lieai-ted, a. Pei&dious, treadi- 

erovte, faitblees, fiUse. 
FalBeliood, n. 1. Fol^ty, want of 
truth, Ineonfurmlty to fact or teuth. 

IS. trntcaUi, lie, fib, t^bi-icallon, flo- 
IdDu, false aasertton. 
S* Tmpoatnrej Gounteifeit, cheat. 

3. Violato, break by fitlsehood. 
Falsify, v.fl. Lie, tell lies or falsehoods, 

F^Mt^ n. Faisehocd, 

li. BeputatiOD, celebrity, glory, i 

J-atS'ar "™' T. CiJnvei-sant, wdl t 
qualnted, well versed. 

3. TJnccrcmcnlous, Bociai^occeasible, 


Familiarity, u. 1. Aego^ntance, &k- 
In^xnocy, tbjlowshlp, Mendship, 


rcourse, good under- 

FanijUariwi.u.o. Aoooetom, habituate. 

inure, use, train. 
FamUv.n. 1. Household. 

a. fjneage, x'aoe, tribe, clan, kindred, 

house, lino of ancestors. 

Famine, n. ' Searth, scarcity of food. 
Famisli, V. a. 1, Starve, kOi with 

"sTrastress with hunger, exhaust 

by liui.„._. 
F(unish,«.Ji. 1. Starve, die of hunger, 
polish for want of fbod. 
a. Be distressed by hunger. 
Famous, a. 1. Celebrated, renowned, 
distineuishsd, lUustrioue, eminent, re- 
markable, famed, &F-&med. 
3. Noted, notorious, signal, consplc- 

reli^ioita syl^ect 


Stic, visionary, 

Fanatical, i wUdj riiad. 
Fanaticism, ». Religious fteniiy. 

bl, a. 1. Vi^nary, imt^natiie, 
1, Im^lnory, ideal, Cou- 

whlmsl^uil, c 
8. Chlmerl 
tastlcal, wild 
l^n-ortcket, ». ^ eii-uiiunei, laiuii- 
worm, mole cricket {Gryllotalpa tnil- 
Fancy, ii. 1. ImaqqiatiOM (as ecer- 
oisen in sporHne or uiftimefeai nwodt). 
8. Xodon, Idea, thought, eoncepUon, 
irea^n, apprehension, 
, fondness, InclhuiUon, FEH- 

4. Caprice, humor, whim, ciMtctet, 
quirk, &eab, vagary, wldmsey, maggot, 
fantasy, oddftncy, 

?'ancy, v. tt. Imagine, think, suppose, 
believe, lake it into one's head. 

PAiiGy,v, a, 1. ConcMve, imaginfl-farm 

a. Idte, ba pleaded with,liave afaiicy 

Fanoyga, 1. Imaginative, of thelhni; 
H. Ornamental {s^lher tiran its^td) 

elegant, fine, nice, 
B'aue, «, [Poetical.] Temple, church 
fanfare, ^t. [Fr.] Flourish ot trumpets 
Fanfaronade, n. Bluster, swa^eiing, 

boosting, bra^ng, bullying, BTjArHKU 

i. Cli 

1. lusk, pohited to 

Imaginary, i 
■''sal, o.'"'" 

fnl, ideal7 chimerical, 


Fantasy, n. Caprice, nliin. v 

Far, (Vl. 1. To a great ilisi 

S. AlmoBC, welf-nlgh, iu kibsi pa^i. 
a. Vaiy muoli, In, a great degree. 
Far and near, Evervwliere, far mid 
wide, thiin Dnii to Beerahelia, from 
Maine to Georg a in Cblna p ru, 
from pule to po f m a end f the 
eotCli tu the iitb 
Farotlier, Ve ff n 
FuFCe, M. 1. B u eaqa ca ca re, 
tiiiveaty, parw y a e p eoe » m- 
edj. lnuiGi'olis p es n 

St Mere show Q ul na p jgeaatry, 

FareweU, n. 

Fari-fetclied, a. Beoenilite, abstruse, 
forced, Btridned, catoabieellc, stiulious- 
' ly souibt. 

Farina, n. 1. Flour or maal [qf graiit 
or Biwchjf rcotg). 

2. iCItait.) Starch, fecula. 

3. {But.) Pollen. 
X^Tinaceoae, a. X, Yielding faring i 

3. Mealy. 
Farm, ^. Landed fiHtate. 
Fmnn, v.a. 1, IM out (iaH^, reiMuii 

a. Take on lease (Itnui, resetau 


f^m, do fan 


I.' Agrtoultu 
a.'Coileclor, tax-gattierer; lessee of 

FarmUig, «. Agrioultni'e, husbandry. 

Farr^;o, n. Medley, mixture, juDible, 
hodge-podga, hot<^-potch. Ealmagundl, 
olio, eaUimaufty, Olla-poanda. 

FarrlM, ». 1. Shoer of Iiocses. 
.a. Idrse-dootor, Uoraa-laeol 
nary surgeon. 

Farmery, n. 1. Artot busiaeea of shoe- 

ire i-emolelj, lo or at o grealor dis- 

^ Moreover, besides, fiuthecmore. 

a greater distance. 

:, AddittouaL 

theat, od. Furthest, to or at tlie 

chami, wlbchery, wilchciaft, magfa, 

Foeli, B. a. Vei, tease, plague, harass, 

torment, perplex, trouble, worry. 
Fasb, n. Trouble, care, anxiety, rex- 

Fasblon, n. I. Form, figure, shape, 
mabe, cut, cast, stamp, mould, patteiTi, 
model, appearance, eonfonnauon, con- 
a. Way, manner, method, Bort. 
3. Custom {jKu-twaJas-ii/ a$ retpeela 
drew), mode, style, usage, couYontton- 
allty, convetitionahsm, genetal prac- 

4.* QenUilty, genteel Ufe. 
Faelilon, P. a. 1. Form, shape, : 
carve, make, give figure Co. 
S. Adapt, ac(»>mmodate, at, si 

FHSliiouable, a. 1. Gei 

modish. In fashion, in 

MODE, the rage, bavins 

2. Customary, usual^ J 

eating, go without food, go hungry. 
Fast, n, 1. FasOi^, abatlneBca ftum 

S. Fast day, day of fating, banyan 

S.' Time of listing. 
4. Rof^lio/aslena-nesBfi loawhasf). 
Fast, a. 1, Fastened, Used, close, 

4. Fortified,' sti™^. Impregnable. 

5. SouQd, deep, profound. 
e. Swift, quick. Beet, rapid. 

1. Dlsslpaied, wild, giddy, raoMesa, 
thonghtlera, tjudfuess, extravagant. . 
Faat, ad. 1. Birmly, tightly, hmnov- 

S. Swiftly, quickly, rapidly. 
3. Eittavagantly, prod^ally, reek- 
lessly, wildly. 
■"--'- —^ ' 1, Variable, inconstant. 

Fasten, v.a. i. Seonre, bind, K 
BBND, tie, atttKh, make fast, 
a. Join, unite, hold together. 


ciilja^, daiiitjf ov 


Fa«t, abstinence flrom food, 
ascuesg, n. Fort, fortteee, BtrangboM, 
fiipHtlad place. 

o. 1. Olea^inoiiB, itnotuoua, adl- 
r — i, oily, gteofiy, ^tty. 

0. Pliunpf fleshy, corpulent, obese, 
porUy, pors/, not lean, not slaniier. 

3. Coarse, lieavy, dull, Blaggisb, 
Btn_pl,^ fat-wlttfid. 

4. Bich, piofilabls. lacralire. 

e. FerUie, fraltful, prodnctWe, not 

S. Calamltona, 

fatality, n. 1. Destiny, fete, Inevifa- 

9. Martauty- 
Fate, », 1. Destiny, destination, fetall- 
ty. Inevitable nec^slly- 
Si Doom, lot, preEletermlned event. 

3. Deatli, deeUuctlDn. 

4. IT^al event, nltimate fbitnne. 
Fated, a. Doomeil, destined, appcdnted.!, '"■-•"> ti„.._.„„ i>..^™ 


lie tlie antio'i 

i.ii. FatUei , 

FatberBlilp, n, Fatlierliooi 
Fathei'-Iand, n. Mother Cuuiiuj, un,- 

Fnttier-lonK-lese, n. 1. Ccane^Qy, 
a. ShepEenrBplder, haiveat-man. 

Fatlierly, a. FaMmal, tender, Iiind. 

TaUiersUp, n. Patemltj, falierhood. 

Fatlier npon. Ascribe to, attdbute to, 
Impute to, lay to. Charge on. 

Fatbom, n. Six i^et, two yai-ds. 

FaUiom, 0. a. 1. Sound, ti? Uie depth 
of, measure by a aoundlng-fine. 

a. DMne, penetrate, reach, under- 
stand, comprehend. 

FatliomleSE, a. Bottomless, abysmal,' 

Fatigue, ' 

WeotinesB, lassitude, 

a, Ji^or, toll, hardship. 

3. (Mil.) Brira duty {di 
that ^ arna). 
raljsne, P. o. Tire, vpsarv, eihanat, jade, 
Fatten, v. a. 1. Make fet. 

%, Fertilize, make t^Ule. 
Fatten, P. n. Qtowfet. 
Fatty, n. Unctuous, oleoghious, silj; 

ioD«, a. ' i, Foolish, witless, drlvel- 

g, idiotic. 

% Illusory, deceptive. 

.tiipld,do]l,heaTy, tBi. 

3. Mistake (ti/'imiaineni), error, Indls- 
aBtion, slip, lyiBe. 

4. \Bore.} Defenlt, lack, want 

5. \Qeol.) Dislocation, dlstnrbonoa 
of strata. 

Eiiilt-flnaer, «. Censurer, objector, 
^mplalner, mnrmurei^, repiner. 
anltless, a. X. Perlbct, witliout blem- 

3. Blamable, culpftble, censurable, 
reprehensible, blamewortliy, worUiy of 

Faveolate, a. {Bot.) 

lar, favose. 
Favilltma, a. Ashy, 

tlouB, Uke asliss. 

Favor, d. a. 1. Conn) 

encourage, patronize. 

3> Support, aid, ke] 

3. Humor, Indulge, 

Favor, ». 1. Kindi 

nlll, propitious aspect. 

regard, goS 
of grace, good deed, 

3. Pationase, ckampionsblp, support, 
befiiending, defence, vindlcauon. 

4. Letter, epistle, 01 ■— "-- . 

„. EHft, present, Idkea of good wilL 

e. (ZdiD.) Bias, parUaiity, pr^udice. 

Favorable, a. 1. fropltloua, friendly, 

! A 


... Jnidve, contrlbnting. 

3. Advaiitngeous, bonefldal, conve- 
'--' — itable, adapted, fit. 

a. 1. Deal', darling, beloved. 

Sedally liked. 
se. a. IBot.) Alveolate, cellular. 

. ' ¥artt^lty. 
M.) Alve"* 

. Young deei. 

Fawn, V. n. Crouch, erii^e, bov, stoop, 
kneel, creep, dangle, fall on one's knees, 
cuciy fevor, play the sycophant. 

Fawn upon, 1, Ci^nge to, croocb to, 

a. Flatter, wheedle, cajole, pay court 

Fawning, it. Sycopliancy, servility, 

cringing, moan lattery. 
Fay.B. Fairy, elf. 
Fay, V, a. Fit, suit, jiAa ckwely. 


FesJLly, n. Fidelity, loyally, ftllegi&noa, 

Unmade, ob^sanea. 
Veor, n. 1. Alann. trepliiatlou, draad, 

apprebenaion, l^ht, Blliight, temiF, 

8. Anxiatj, solioitBde, eoiicei'u. 
3. Veneration, ravereiicB, awe, ravsr- 
entlal icgiuil 
Fear, c. a. 1. Dread, apprehend, Tib 

3, Terrible, dreadful, frighlful, 

4. Awtal, to be reverenoed. 
FearleBB, a. Undaunted, danutlees, un- 

terrifled, coaiageous, bold, latte^d, 
brave, valorona, TallEuit, gflUant. 
VeasililUty, n. PraoUoabilitj, fe 

FeasibleneES, n. Prscticabllit;; feael- 

Veast, n. 1. B&nqoet, treat, etib 

3. EnjojmaS, delight. 
Feast, V. n. Eat (pteaj/W;!/), l>e enter- 
tained, Eire anmptnously. 
Fe&st, v.a..l- Bntertidn anmptnoualy, 
feed luxurlouBlj. 

a. Delight, grattij, rejoice, gladden, 
please Idaay. 
Feat, B. 1, Act, deed, exploit, achieve- 

8. Trick, act of dexterity. 
Fsftther, n. 1. Plume. 

8. Kind, nature, apeclea. 
FentlieivlbaardlnB, n. WeaBier-board- 

Featly, ii. Nimbly, ilestecoualy, adroitly. 
8. Cast of tlie fiiee, turn of eiprts- 

Feaze, V. a. Untwist (as Hie eiii! 

Febrifusal. a. Antifelirile. 
Febrifi^, «. AnCUebiile metlldni 
FecQ^ n. Stareb, farina. 

fonl, dreggy. 
Fecnudate, V. a. Impregaate, ma^e 

Feonndation, a. Impregnation. 
Fecundity, n. FriutfulneM, fecUUty. 

Federal, a. Confederate. 
Federation, n. League, alliance, coa- 

llUon, union, confederatton, comblna^ 

tion, coputnershlp, fedei'al urd " ^ 

eial compact. 
Fee, n. 1. Cliaree Ubr jmfeeaw 

vlca), lomnenBition, pay. 
8. Peud, fief. 
Fee.v.a. Pay,. reward, recompense, give 

FeeWe, a. 1, Weafe, not strong. 

a. rwbllitatcd, enervated, Bickly, in- 
firm, langnlshli^, languii^ drooping, 

3. F^nt, imperfect, not tigoroua, not 

Feed, b. a. 1. Give fOod to, furnish with 
proTi^ons, supply with nonnsluneut. 

have deling. 

3. Be perceived {bp fJte ioiich). 

S. Be moved (^ £A4?f^^^i(m«|, he ex- 
cited, be stirred, be wanned, be wrought 
ap, be impressed. 

4. Have the eonsoloumeas of heing 
(Sony, grieved, hart, or ifte lUx). 

Peel, V. a. i. Tench, handle, ibel of. 
~ Experience, suffer or enjoy, have 


i, Sound, try, prov,, j. . — 

Feel after, Search &irW/tlie ImKIl), try 

to find (asinllte dark). 
Feelei-s,!!.^!. (ZoSl., 1, Palpi. 

8, Sensation, perception 1 

3. Sensibility, emotion, 
passion, affecnon, hnpresal-_. 

4. Tendemees, eneeeptlblllty. 
Fee-simple, n. [Zaiu.) Absolute fee, 

B'elijin, V. a. 1. Invent, imagine, devise, 
imbricate, fhrre. 
it. CouuCerMt, (Ussemhle. attbct, pie- 

Felut, 11. 1. Pretence, dap-trap, CilBe 

8. [Mil.) Mock attack, pretended 



.. Congratulatej wish ]oj 

pertinent, opportuns, aeosoiifthle, wsll- 
limAil, happy, skilful, Ingenioiia. 
B. ProaperouH, euccaasfui, Ibrtnnata, 

FelloHj-.M. l.Bllsa,blla3fnlnBSB,ble8Bed- 
neaB, Iiappincas. 

B, AptiiasB, aptituae, pcopriefy, ap- 

3. SuocesB, good luot, good for- 

F^LL, a. CTUel, Inlmman, barbarous, 
rutbless, pililess, aavseB, feroeious, 
saiijulnarj, blooaj, blood-thicsty, Van- 

t. Gut down, iiew down. 
I. Hera (the Umq^a Beam), 
ow, n. 1. Companion, m 

I. Mate, counteFpoTt. 
1, [Snfflaiid.] Hembec {^ a college, 
^,-Ftioipfttinff ta itB insiractitfit ami 

parmipatiaff t 

--Tins ito rest — =~^ 

jip-coiuitrfman, n- Compatriot. 

FellQW-feelii^, n. SympaCliy, oom- 

miseratjuu, compaadon, pit;. 
Fellowship, n, l. Brotlierliood, oom- 

panlonBliJp, ftunllladly, Intimacy, close 

3. FaitnersMp, partleipatloii, Joint 

Felo de se, 'it, [L.] Suicide, self-mur- 

FeloUt n. 1* Culprit, cjimlnal, malefSio 
tor, eraiYlct, outlaw, 
a. Wllltlow. 
Felon, o. [Poeliaal.\ Felonious. 
Fdonions, a, Mal^ant, malli^onB, 

_ , .oiiBwirf),blgbcrlme,lielnouB 

crime, groEs ofl^noe. 
Femalee, n. pi. Femttla sex, l^e fiilr, 

Uie fiiir eex. 
Feme solo, «. [Fr.] (Law.) Sli^le 

Feminidlty, ». Womanbood, l^mineity. 

_. 8, nnmanly. 

Femm-, II. (.*«!(.) Tbigli-bone. 
Fen, 11. Marsli, ewtunp, bc^, moor, 
raas, quagmli'e, alouga- 

uoats and rails, &c 

a. Sbleld, gua, 

Fence, «. a. 1. 1 

a. Onard, KaaSr, defend. 
Fence, v. n. PracUse fendi^- 
Fendas, fl. Mannal defSnoe (iPiiA si 
twarda w Jbtli^ 



Fend off, INaiit,) Keep off, ward olf, 

keep from coUlslon. 
Fennisli,a. Fesny. 
Fenny, a, Mareliy, swampy, Jjc^gy, 

Ferine, a. Wild (as lums, tigers, &a.), 
untamed, fei'odous, savage, aeree, rav- 

_ 1, Teast, Is 

rei-ment, v. a. 1. Set in motion by £er- 

a. Excite, agitate, beat. 
rerment, B. b. 1, Wo'*, *e fermented. 
S. Be excited, be agitated, 

[rei-Dcions, a. 1. Untamed [ISle a wild 
fteasf). savi^Sj fiaroa. wild, raTeuous, 

9. Barbarous, cruel, Inbuman, brutal, 
fell, ratUesa, relentle«e, mereiiess, plti* 
less, sanguioary, bloody, VandOlie. 
Feroeitr, n. 1. SaraganeBs, flerceneea, 
feroidouenefls, wIldneM, i "- 

Ferrooyonide, n. {Cheat.) Ferroprus- 

siato, ferrocyanata. 
FenropmBslntts n. [Chem.) Ferrocya- 

nate, fecrocyanide. 
FerroprasBlo, 1. (Cftem.) Perronranio. 
FerUle, a. 1. Proliiic, fecund, not bar- 

Fetyor, n. 1. Heat, warmtb. 

3. Ardor, leil, aarnesCaess, eagar- 
naas, fervency. 
Fest^, a. Convivial, reSTivB. 
Fester, v, n. 1, Bankle, corrupt, sup- 

S. Became malignant, grow virideiit. 
Fester, n. Pustnje, sore, abscess, im- 

poethume, gatiierlng.. 
Festival, n. Feast, fbte, holiday, fce- 

UVe celebration, joyful anniversary, 

day of rejoicing. 



Festlvity,.n. Conviviality, gajetyjoy- 
oimueas, joyfulness, many-makiii^, gd- 
clal joy. 
Fetcli, T>. d. 1. BTingiTUhenoaegiKiJor 
tlie pta-pose qf bratgta[i). go and bring. 
i). Porlbrm, moke, d&ct. 
S. SeUfur. 
4. (-Wiuf,) Eeach, attain, arriva at. 

Fetch, «. Ti-lck, artlflce, inEe, stiatn,- 

g«m, dodge, Bliurp piactice. 
Feioh a voupass. Make a circuit. 
Fete, n. [FrJ Feast, ffESirvAi., iiolldaj 

festive celcl)vatiun. 
Ffite, c. a. I^iast, lumm with an enter 

tainoietit. , 
F€ttM!luiuip4tTe,n. IFr.I Knrall^tlTa 
Fetid, o. JiancU, aOnJilng, oSfenslvf 

luiiooma, mepliitio, strong-smelUug 

Fetar, n. Stcitcli, Btlnk, offensive odoi 

strong smell. 
Fetter, (I. Sliaokle (/or (fte /W), chain, 

bond, clog, bauper. 

•-i-i 1 ghai*la 

Fetter, d 

a liAa fiet), cl<^. 

trammel, bunper, put fettem on. 
S. ChaHii, hind, an, cooUne, restn 
Fead, n. 1. Qnarrul (eipeciaUp beta 
Jiomllei or elatu), bcoll, eoirtantlgu, 
daslilng, dieaension, Joning, rupture, 
Mckeilng, iUllng ont. 
it. Fee, Hef, 
Feudalism, «. Feudal system. 
Fen de Jole, [Fr.] 1. BunGi'e. 

8. Firine of guns [/or heliday sport). 
Fevei-, n. Heat, finsh, agnation, ^cit«- 

Fever-root, n. Fever-wort, bastard 

FeveF--wort, it. 1, Fever root, bastard 

a. Tborongbwort, bonesel, agm;- 

veed, Indian sage [Supaioriutti pe^^bh- 

Few, a. Hot many, small in nmubet, 

hardly any, scarcdy any. 
Fewness, n. Pancity, small number. 
Fiasco, 11. [It.] FaJlni'e, lizzie, abortive 

Flat, It. Decree, order, ordinance, com- 
mand. ' 
Flb.fl. [CbUimaal.] Lie, folseiiood, in- 

tentional ulttcuth. 
Fib, P. ». ICotloqmai.] lie, tell a lie. 
Fibre, n. Filament, thread, staple, pile. 
Fibril, n. Small Ubre, slender Uiread. 

Inyontlon, &ble. 

steady, unslabla, vBriable, TScUlatlng, 
TC^atue, oliar""""" ''^'^■i i^^^-^^t^ 

steadf^t, llki 
Fiction,!!. 1 , 

S. Novel, romance, work of (lotion, 
feigned story. 

3. Fabrication, Sement, falsehood, 

4. FletlUons literature, 
FietitlouB, a, 1. Feigned, Invented, 

Imaginary, f^ndfol, unreal, not true. 
!< False, countertblt, spurious, sup- 

ue, V. 7j. ±. iriay on a nuuie. 

:. fiiae, dawdle, lose time, waste 

Flddle-de-dee, in/erj. Nonsense, stnlT, 

fu^, moonshine. 
Fiddle-faddle, n. [Loa.] Nonsense, 

tridir«, frivuUty, cock-and-bnll story, 

Fiddle-iii^e, a. [£i)Hi.] 'Foolish, non- 
sensical, tihilng, MvolouB, trivial, idle, 

FlddUi^,a. Trifting, l^ivolons, trivial, 
■ 'le flaTUe-fiddle. 

FldeJity, ». 

. Faitl 

loyitl^, fealty, adlier 

o duty, ob- 

ol good &itli. 
3. Aocraauy, eloeeness, exactness. 
Fidget, p. n. Fret, chafe, worry, be 

Fi^:et, ». DneasinesB, restlessness, Ini- 

piAlence, Mgetlnese. 
Fli^etineBa, n. UiteasiDras, restless- 

FiS^tj, ^ [CMoqaiaLi Uneasy, rest- 

lesa. Impatient. 
Fidactol, a. ConBdent, tmsfful, fldu- 

Fidnciary, ». Trnefae, depositary. 
Fiduciary, a. 1. ConSdent, undoubt- 
Ing, trustful, fiducial. 

3. Trusty, not to be doubted. 

3. Held in tiust, In the nature of a 

Fiel<l, n. I. Tract of land (/or titlasre 
or for paslars), 
a. Battle-Held, field of battle. 
3. Scene of military operations, thea- 

Fieldfiire, It. Gray thrush (T^HIJUs 

Fleld-sportg, n. pi. IMversious of Che 
field iSimting, sRmtitiii, £c.]. 

Fiend, b. Demon, devil, deadly enemy, 
infernal being, Implacablalbe. 

Flendlsli, a, Mcdevolent, . malignant, 
malidoua, inibmal, diabolical, devilish, 
deiaonlaoal, hellish, very wicked. 

Flenw, a. 1. Savage, iteroi^ous, raven- 
ous, furious, infuriate, barbarous feU 

fiery, pa^onate. 
Fiery, a. 1. Jgneous, of fire 
8. Hot, heated. 

fiero^ pas^Diiflta, unpnssloned fervei t 

fervict glowing, 
rig-eater, n. [OmiOi.) Becafico fig 
pecker, ^eater pettychaps ( ''j/teta !tor 

Figlit, B. 11. 1. Combat, war, contend 
(lit ar>a>), draw the Bword, misheath 
the sword, measure swords. Join battle, 
give battle, take up tlie cuc^els, couch 
one's lance, go to war, let slip (he dogs 
1^ war, t«ke up the hatchet. 


Pight, V. a. 1. War against, combat 
againat, contend against, loin battle 
with, breali a lanoe wltt, coma to doss 
quartets wltii. 
1. Carry througli [bgaffhtiag). 
I... _ r, — 1_^ bafUe, confliot, eon- 

. Combat, b 

li, fl'ay, aavaj. 


action, amur, umeu, u-j 
Xighter.n. Cfombnlnnt, 

FlKlLtiiig,n. Contention, Btrite, qnaitel, 

T'teiiientfft. Invon^on, Motion, Cikbiica- 

tum, ^ble- 
Fig-peoker, n. (Omaft.) Fiq-eatee. 
XieuraUre, a. 1. Typical, rapreaenta- 

tlya, emblamaiacaL 
S. Tropiool, met^botic^ not literal. 

!. Ima^ Ukeneaa, ef^, n 

(. Appaaranoe (oj respeclt actim o 

i&, paper, *o.), pat- 

t. Clstlnguistied a| 

e. (fifom.} IMagram, ctia^li^. 
7. (iHieS-J. Metaphor, trope, i 
phoiioal t«cm or expres^on. 

%, Eaprei , .„ . . 
Ky, be typical of, sliadow 

3. Inui^ne, Image, ooniAj 

4. Maine a dvanii^ of, n 


. ik Ma^e a flgm^, make 

Iga™, 0, n. ■ 

a aiBtii«iiisbf _ _. , __ „ 

' tIngDisbed, be con&plououQ^ 

9, Shoiroff, cutadaeh, maksagreat 
Bbov^, cat a fiEora. 
Xignirenp, [OoUoguiaL] 1. Ada. sum 
up, ibid the amonnt of. 
a. Calculate, reckon. 
Filament, n. 1, Fibre, thread, pile, 

a, [Bot.) Tendril, cttrns. 

. Pfliar, 

lind tmoihes'), line, ( 
k Bundle of paperi 

I. Smooth, poliBh. 

. E. «, March la a file. 

. [Modem.] Pirnta, trae- 

Eilii^ft^u, a. Pem-Bhap'ed. 


fjuiurui, tt. iiiiHjuai 
ebaped, long and alendei 
IIU, I', B. 1. Moke full, fill up. 

:& store, supply, fLuiiisbj raplenlah, 

3. Satiaiy, content, qlui, 

4> Occupy faflasMfeD^fruslKhold. 
FUI. V. «. 1. Fill a glass or cup. 

a. Become fulL be filled, fill up. 
Fill, II. FullBupflr. 
I'll! ont. Extend or enlarge (to tlie fall 

Fill ap, [Active.) 1. Fill, malre full- 

S. Oconpy, employ, nae. 
Fill no, (maler.i Become full, be filled, 

be flMed UQ. 
Fillet, !!. Bond, bandage. 
Filllb^, w. [Written also /■ftBifteff.] Kilt, 
FiUy, 1. Female colt, young mace. 
Film, ». Pellicle, tUn akin or coaUng. 
Filter, V, a. Strain, pass tbrougli a 

transude, ainde. 

Impurity, naetinees. 
FiltHy, a. 1. Ulirty, b 

clean, equoliil. 
a. Impure, gross, oor; 
Filtration, n. Filterii^ 

SSSSSIk,!". •*« 

Final, a. 1. Last, la 

Uly, aa. 1, loetly, in oonoluslon. 
i. Ultimately, at last, )n Che long- 



Find A 

{Lato.) Declare a 

ovifle with, flupplj ^ 
OomplBJn, gEumbli 

Find one's selft Be, fere [as to hscUth)- 
Find out, 1. IMscover, iletect, bring to 

3. AeeertaJn, deeipber, soItb, un- 
iiddl«, buke ou^ get at. 
Finding, «. 1. IlisooTary. 

a. {Law.) Vettllct. 
Findings, n. pt. SlioemBker's toola nnd 

8. Slendei, delicate, Ci 

3. LIgbt, of delicate mateiial, of fine 

4, Keen, sharp- 

0. IMn, Bnbtile, tenaona. not gross. 
6. l^qnMta, nice, refined. 
J, BxoBllent, aupetlor, very good. 
8. Biilliiuit, accomidlshed. 
U. Beautiful, hiuidsoaie, splsudid, 

1». dear, imre, unadnlterateil. 
11. IA» a tarn ^' aUglil conlaapt.] 
Bliowy, g^rtsli, gay, liasliy, aicj, spacli- 

Mne. ». Mulct, amercement, tbr&lt, 

forfettnre, peounlary penalty. 
Fine, o. B. 1. Defecate, purliy, re- 

Flueiy, n, Gengaws, trinkets, fine 
tiling, showy dress, tinsel trappings. 

rinesse, n. Triek, stvatagem, artifice, 
inee, frand, deception, cheat, wile, 

floesae, t>. n. tJse eb-'atagem, practise 

Finger, 11, a. 1. Handle, tonoh. 

S. Play on {an inetrmieMj. 
Flngret-, V. n. Use the fingers lin plaj)- 

iag on on insfrunz^nC). 
Flngeired, a. {Boi.) Digitale, 
FLac;eT-posV^- 6nlde-pcat. 
FiiJoal, a. Sprnce, jHMMr, over-nice, 

nice orer-mnoh, aifectedly el^ant. 
Fiuisli, V, a. 1. Accomplisb, eompleW, 

execute, perfiirm, achieve, do. 
' a. Fer&et, polish, elaborate, make 


_. . , _.)se, conclude, 

brli^ to an end, put an end to. 
Finish, n. Polish, elaboration, final 

toucb, last tonch. 
Finisliedi a. 1. Completed, complete, 

a. Polished, perl^cled, elegant, Llgh- 

3, Sxperlenced, practised, qualified, 
accomphshed, thotougli-brea, able, pro- 
Finite, a. Bounded, limited, termhia- 

1. ConflaEratwn. 
It, ai-dor, fervor. 
eAcal.] Llalit, lustre,] 
. 1. iliidle, set on fli 

^ Jncendlaiy, political agitator, 
Fli'e-crBCkor, ii. Cracker. 
Fire-dami;, ».■ Carbnretted hydn^ii 

Fire-do^, n. Andiron, dog. 

Hotspur, mockTiero. 

tter (i^ South America ). 

■s. uioiv-worm IZumpji™ nooiiJueiW). 

ire off, Disoliarge, fire, ■ 

. = — -■ new, qoitB neiv. 


"' — ilde, n"' l~Hearlh," (Ml 
, plooe aear the fire. 
.., Hoine, domestic life. 
Flresiae, i " 

mad, FLAjbuj u t. 
Firing, n. 1. Kindling, setting on fire. 
~ TJisoharge [qf films), firing off. 


, Domesttc 

Isoharge [qf gi 


ipi'BBsed, solid, 

3. Steaib', steadfast, unshaken, reeo- 

4. Strong, robust, sinewy, sturdy. 
Firm, n. Concern, boose, company, 

F&rmanumt, n. Sky, the heavens, can- 

opy of haaven, oelesuiJ. expanse. 
Firmness, n. 1. Solidity, compEustGcss, 

G. FrimlUve, primeval, pristine. 
First, ad. In the iir^ place, at the 

set, la Oie be^ning, first andfOrei 

before any ffine else. 
Fii-sfc-born, o. Eldest. 

At one time or another, 
' Ship of the first glass. 

;a by Google 


Tirst-iate, a. Superior, eKCelletit, cap- 
ital, OEiOK.priin^ pre-eminent of tte 
fliBt claes, of. the best, of the li^hest 

a. ^eoi 

nan, angler. 

Di^ {Mmfela Can- 

FlBberman, n. Fisher, angler. 

Flab Bar, Angle tor, try to get (6ji orti- 

Flsli-glae, ». I^glasa, Icthyocal, Icli- 

Fi^-I>awfc, i II. ' Osproy fishing- 
Vlsliins-haink, i ei^le, l>ald buzzard 

(FtUco AoiiojiBS). 
FlBhtns-easle.ih FI9H-HA.WK. 
Fisbins-fn^, n. Angler {Lophivs pM- 

opening, oliaem, rift, fracture. 

llSSSi,)"- H«», *«■■«.» 

Fit, n- 1. Paroxyam, epaam, andden 
attEU^ etroke of disease. 
Ht Humor, whim, fancy, temporary 

S. InMryiU, tnm, period, spell. 

Mt, a. 1. Quolifled, competent, fttCed. 

it. SuitoSle, approptlate, apt, appo- 

idte, meet, seetnly, becoming, fltflng, 

befitUng, proper, convenient, good. 

Fit,v. a. 1. Suit^ adapt, a<IJU8t, malie 

. . onKaate, provide, qualify, 
e<[alp, prepare, get re^j. 
Fit, o. ». 1. Be proper, be becoming. 

8. Be salWd, be adaptad. 
Vitfni, a, Vtuiable, irceeular, spas- 
modic, imnnlalre, unstable, fickle, 
ifhimucal, mnciful, capriclona, i^taa- 

Fitfully, ad. Irregularly, captloioosly, 
in a fitful maimer, by ilits, by fits and 

Fit out. Equip, nttnish, supply with 

are, make ready. 

!t. i^ttadi, tie, make faet. 

3i Determine, define, limit, appoint, 

i. iavet. direct steadily. 

«. lyvtgarlj; so aaed in the U. i 
Arrange, adjust, set Id order, put 
ordei', pnt (o r^ia, set to r^hts. 

Fii, 1. rctotfcmiiaf, l/.S.] PreaiOMnent, 
dilemma, pliglit, pioklr. 

S ;i^, i ""• "■ ••'•™'" »»"■ 

Fizzle, V. n. 1. Hiss, make a hisdng 
Z. [OoOogtiial.i Fall, make a &tlure 

Fizzle, 11. IColloaaiai,^ Failure, fiasco, 
abortire attempt. 

Fizzle out. Fait, fizzle. 

Flabbei-xASted, a. iLovj.i Confounded, 
confDsea, abashed, ashamed, dlscon- 
ccrCed, nonptnssed, taken aback, thrown 

Flabby, a. Soft, yielding, flaccid. 
FIa«id^a. Sc^ limber, gabby, yielding, 
lax, drooping, kungTy, loose, not firm, 

Lioabetnesa, softnesB, 

FlaccldneBS, j laxity. 

Fl«,o.n. Lirangfoose. , 

a. langnlsb, droop, famt, ( 


iiiuo, become w 

Flas, o. !• Flag-stone, flat paying 

li. Banner, streamer, colors, stand- 
ard, pennon, pennant, ens^. 

Flagellate, v. a. Wliip, scourge, fiflg, 
tliraidi, beat, endeel, drub. 

Flagellation, n. Wliipping, Bcourring, 
beating, flcggliie;, thr^hlus, dmbtliig. 

FlagitioDS, a. Atroi^ou& neinooB, tLI- 
lanoDB, in^unons, sciuumlous, ne£ari- 
0U8, very wicked. 

Flasranoy, n. Noforictj, enormity. 

Flagrant, a. 1. Flaming, glowing, 

8. Notorious, glaring, enormous, cry- 

Flag-stdse, n. Flag, fiat paiing 

Flake, n. Scale, lamina, layer. 
Flake, V. n. Scale off, come off in fiakes. 
Flambeau, «. lorea. 
Flame, ». 1. Blaze, burning rapoc. 
3. Fire. ^ 

8. Ardor, fervor, ferveney, warmth, 

IColioqmal.'] Love, sweetheart. 


3. Border upon, stand at the ride of. 
Flap-dragon, n. Snap-dragon. 
Flare, v. n, 1. Glare, dazzle. 

iSt Widen outward, spread outward- 
Flare, ». aiare, unsteady light. 
Flare up. Fly into "a passion, get anCTj, 

fc of light, 

temper, b 
iomentHry blaze, sudden 
i^i^thievea and gypsies), t^ot 


a. Break fUrtli anddenl;. 
FlaBhy, a. 1. Sliowy, OBtentatious, 
flanncii^, guad;, (awoi?, Jaunty, gaji 

Flat, a. 1. LeTel, liorla 

wlthont promlnencea, 

eround, lala low. 

4. Dull, UfalMS, spiri 
'd, f^gld, tame, piosoi 


eoked, a. Spotted, atreakfid, striped, - 
iappled, mottled, variegate, pleb^d. 
Fledsllng.n. Young bird. 
"lee, V. w. Fly, run, lioeaiap, eeoape, 
ataeond, tosten away, run away, make 
off, TCBN Till, cut and run, 
leece, p. a. 1. Clip, shear. 
8. Strip, rob, plunder, despoil, rifle, 

lelcy, ™'Woolly. 
leer, t>. n, Qibe, euott, mock, jeer. 
leet, n. Flotilla, squadron, navy, AK- 
ADA, company of ^pg. 
I- eet, a. Swift, xe,tiil, qaiiSL. 
Fleetnnffp a. TrouMwry, tranatent, 
-tphemeral, temparair, panlue, eran- 

1. o„_iu_. flittKg, flying, brie^ 

to-d^ and g^ie t«- 


Flat,n. 1. 

a. [OjHoqaiaLI Simple 

Sharp, not ehtill, not 
semitone, belonr true 

ahallow, strand, bar. 


fiiiwn npoi^ carry fa w b 
win Iv adul&tlDU, mak m cb. 

3* Bnooorags by plai^ble repi 
tationB, tnsidre with, fblsa IiDpea. 

Flatterer, a. SyeoDhant,ihwnBr, ,.. .. 
dte, wheedler, toady, flunbay, apanlel, 
Hck-Bptttile, ^ck-Uiauk, liMd^eater. 

Flattwy, «■ li Oompllmenl;, Insincere 
commaidatlon, Mse praise. 

9. ObBeonionsneesi BycophaQcy, 
rllity, cajolery, &wnliigf, admat 
blarney, BOBT SAWDBRf soft BOJ 

Xlatalence, In. Windiness (i» «« I 

Xlatmeni^, F els]' 

Flauntl)^, 1- Ostentatious, shi 
flasby, aidrish, dashing, fluttei 
Jaunty, tawdry, gay, airy, goudj 

Slavor, n. 1. Odor, ameU, fragram 
8. Taste, savor, smack, reUsh, i 

Ftow,' ». 1. Braali. crack, breaob, deft, 
flssnre, rift, fracture, rent. 

it. Blemisb, spot, speck, &nlt, defect, 
3. {2^cmt.) Gust of wind. 
Flawy, a. Faulty, defective, full of 

Flax-Gomb, ii. Hatcliel. 

Flay, M. a. Skin, escoriale, strip thi 

skin from. 
Fleck, V. a. Spot, streak, dapple 

spedile, varlegaU. 

ent, fuElill 
irt-llyeS, hi 

Fleeb, n.' 1. Mn»de and iMIofamraal 
8. Meat, animal food. 

3. Pulp, edible part of frolt. 

4. £oay {OS opposed to s^nHt), fleah 

5. Carnality, sensual appetiles, bod- 

6. Kindred, stock, race. 

efib and blood. Body, hnman system. 
esb-color, ». Gamatioti. 

■eshly.a. 1. Human, of flesb, 

g. Carnal, aensuai,lustfol,]asaiitons, 

FleBby, a. Fat, plump, corpulent. 
Fleiuvde-lla, «. [Fi'.J Yeirowfl^(7rt» 

paeadaaina), flower-de-luce. 
Flexibility, n. PUancv, pliahUity, fl«x- 

"" ■ ness, limbemess, nthenflaa, supple- 
Flexible, a. Pliable, pliant, limber, 

fleslble, iltlio, supple, not sMff, not 

rigid, easily bent. 

lexIbleDees,' n. PUancy, F 

non, mal^fuant spirit, li 

FltckermoHBe, n. Bat, flindermouse, 
FUKlit.R. 1. Flying, soaring, mountiiut, 
a. Fieelng, hasty departure. 
8. Flock ftr iinis). 
4. Volley, shower. 
Fligbty, a. Giddy, wUd, volatile, light- 
headed, wlthont ballot. 
Flimsy, a. 1. SUght, thin, tmsnbatan- 
tiiJ, of frail (axtura. 
a. Weak, feeble, trivial, frivolous. 

;a by Google 

Cwlish, irMlug, llgU, pnerile, shBllinr, 

euperficda.1, ttafity. 
Plincli, w.n. Slirmfi, witMraw, tettaat, 

gwervOf wince, draw bach, hold b^t. 
f lind«nQaoase, n. Bat, MttcrmouaBj 

FIludetH, ». pi. SplInteiB, timaaite, 
Flitiffj V. a- 1, 'I'nrow, cast, burl, toas, 

dait, pitobjfiiit, clnioli, sliy. 
a. Prostrate, overthrow, throw to the 

grotinii, throw down. 
FUue, V, n. Flounce, wince, &j into 

violent motions. 
Flli^, n. 1. Tlirow, eas^ toss. 

Fling a-w&f , K^ect, discard, throw 

Wins open, Thi'ow open, open suddenly. 
Xlins upt Belinq.niEb, abandon. 
Tlil^ianoy, n. 1. Voluhllity, iuency. 
9, Fertnesa, boldneas, Impertinence, 

sancinees, impudence. 
FUwpant, a, 1. Yoinlile, flnent, glib, 

taJKative, nimble of speech, of ready 

j, impertlaent, s 

FUttinet a- MeelinK, evanescent, tran 
dent, transitory, passing, fi^ltlve 

Float, V. m. Swim, waft, be buoyed np 

Float, B. a. Buoy up, beat ap, keej 
afloat, bear on tiie surface. 

Float, n. 1. Baft, floating m^s. 
a. Buoy. 

1. OoUection (qf slieep, <6c.). 

■. Congregate, herd, gatlier in 
. Bent, lash, whip, tl 

S. Great Sow. 
Floodi, f. a. Overflow, Inundate, deluge. 

Om better of. 

lenltUre, n. Cnldiationofflowe 
Floricnlturist, n. Flodet. 
— ■id, n. 1. (PoetKOiJ Flowery. 

1. Fling, wince, fly into 

mm, So.), facbelOB'. 
Itrn^ls (OS on onim 
hSB, tumble, wallo 

FlouT-dredffe, n. Dred^ng-boz, fli 

hmi, dredge-lK 

osist, brag, vt 

nourlfib., 71. 1. UBt^ntation, parade, 
show, display, dash. 

2. BomboBt, grandiloquence, flowory 
Bpeech, hlgh-eouDding words. 

3. lanidful Btn&es (i 
riont, V. a. Insult, i 

deride, taunt, chafl, sc 
Treat with contempt. 
FiDot, V. !(. Sneer, be coniemptuonB 

Flow, II. «. 1. 
on, sweep alonj 

grow, arise, fo 

.ow, spring, teeult, be 
1 along easily or amooth- 

4. Wave, float, nndulate, waver, hai^ 

s. Abound, be full. 
low, V. <t. Flood, Inundate, deluge, 

a. Abandanoe, oopiousneee. 

lower, n. 1. £lossoni, bloom. 

ia. Beat part, flnest parb. 

3. Prime, early vigor. 

4. Figure, figure of speech. 

juvvmc, !/. .1. Blossom, bloom, be in 
flower, put forth flowers. 

FIowei'-de4uce,n. Fieur-de-lis, yellow 

&Ba (fris pseiMioconts). 
Floweret, n. Floret, hctle flower. 
Flowers of Bnlphni, Sublimed EUl- 

Flowwy. "■ 1- Bloomy, full of flowers. 

8. Ornate, figurative, florid. 
Flowiufl;, a. 1. Eunnlug. 
I Z. Maent, copious, smootJi. 

;a by Google 

Flavk,». Fluke, tu 

nova up aiul dawn. 

nCuaUoii.R. 1. Oecillution, nustead- 

:3S, ilElng and &Ulng;. 

t. ■Wavering, Ineonatanoj', yaellla- 

a. volubUlty, glibnese, ceadiness of 
speech, lEOd; utterance, conuniind of 
language, iiicillty of expreMion, aiBT 

Flnent, a. 1. Flowing, gliding. 

Fln^, a. Nappf, down;. 
FlnBelman, it. Pile-leader, leader, dl- 

reoior, fugleman. 
Fluid, a. Uquid, not aoM. 

Fluid, _ __,._., 

X'lQld, ». Liquid, _, 

Finite, «, 1. Gourd-worm, fluka- 
a. Turbot, flowk IPlatessa ma 
Flnbe-worm, «. Fluke, gaurd-i 
Flommery, «. 1. Adulation, 
pbanoj, oTiseqni ■■ " ' 

natte^, ttmpty 

iS. SoWKMB, BOTtidge (iBods qf the 
duet qf oalmeim. 
Flim^r, n. 1< Lackey, livery servant. 
3. Meaa(^ov,>Deaii-apiuts([perBon, 
oltaequljniB peTBon. 

3.\atlo^dal, U. S.\ Dupe (in buy- 
Ivg fftwts). 
Flnor-Bpar, n. Derbvsliirs spur, fluor- 
ide of calcium. 
FluiTy, n. 1, Flaw, squall, guet of 

a^ce, flutieTj n^^ tmrry-^nrry. 
Flmry, 1. a. tbidta, oonfUBe, oiecc 
cert, lUatnrb, agitata, fluster, kurry. 

excite, nuke prond. 
Fliisli, a. 1. QlowlDg, blight, frceh, 

3. Afflnent, rich, wealthy, opulent, 
well BuppUed. 

3. Literal, ftee, generous, lavish, 

4, Level, even, plane, flat. 
Flnsh, n. 1. Beoness, tuddin^s, roal- 

neflB, glov, bloom. 
8. auddan Impnlee. 
Flnater.n. a. j!x<dte, heat, hurry, ad- 
tate, conibuiLd, confuse, dlseoneert, die- 

Flnte^layw, u. Flutist. 
Flutist, n. Flute-player. 
Flatter, «. n. 1. Hover, flap the wli^ 


Flutter, ». 1. station tr m qu k 

a. Contusion, hiuTy, oomtn n peiv 
turbation, flurry, flustsr, huiry-skutry. 
Flux, (i. 1. Flow, flowing. 

a. Mntation, change, transition, shlft- 

%. tooeenass, dlarrheea, dysentery. 
3. Fneiou, melling. 
FlDZbni, «. {MaSt.) IMfferentlal, hifl- 

nitely email qnon'ti^, 
Flnslone, ». 02. {MrOh.) Calculus, i3if- 
itial and integral calculus. 


r, float, wave, undulate. 

4. Flee, escape, decamp, abscond, 
moke off, pack ofl", slip away, Bl«al 
away, Blint away. 

5. Pass, elapse, slip, gUde, ^t, roll 

Fly at. Assail, attack, assault, tnsll 

upon, spring upon. 
Fly, li. 1. Winged inseot. 
a. Fly-wheen 
3. GompHss cai'd. 
Fly-bane, n. Catohfly. 
Fly-blow, n, Fly'a ^g. 
Fly »pen. Burst open, o^n snddenly. 
Fly-wheel, «. Fly. 
Fwl, n. dolt. 

FoouB, n. Central point, point of 
centratlon, point of convergence. 

Fodder, «. Forage, fOod t/br or 

n. [PiKtKai^ Entity, fOe. 
I UK, It. 3sae, mist. 
Foggy, o. 1. Misty, hoaj. 

a, Canfnssd, daasd, bewildered. 
FoKT. n. [Wrltteit also FOgeii.\ OoH- 

ae^ave A» «t ia sense), old ffioy. 
Foible, B. Frailty, weakness, TSJlhig, 

defect, Inflrmitv, unperftotion, ault, 

weak point, weak ^de, blind ^de. 
Foil, B. a. Defeat, fraatrate, balk, dla- 

appolnt, baffle. 

^ J, , ^tltiously. 

Fold, n. 1. Pen Cftr sMep], enclosure. 
" Flock of aheap. 

ingfuUy, into 
n. 1. Penf 
Flock of Shew,. 
Plait, double, doubling, folding, 

p, inwrap, envelop, infold. 

luBiiate, "w; 

idlata, lameUated, scaly, flaky, foll- 

;a by Google 

Tollage, n. Iieaves, elostera of leaves. 
IToIlnM, a. (£st.) Leafy, fuUajKODe. 
Polluted] a- {Mill,.) I^iuella, Laminat- 
ed, lamellate, lamellaWd, achlstose. 
PolItB,n.pJ. iCollagnifil.i People, pec- 

a. Bncceed, coma next, ttead olosf 

5- Pursue, chaae, run after, go after. 
4. Attend, aceompany,goaloiigwitli. 

keep company witJi, 

0. Obey, heed, obe.. 
oonibrm to^ yl^ to. 

6- 8eek, o^Lerlah, enltlvate, aErlve : 

1. PraetSee, pursue, Mtend to, mi 

S- Tmltate, co|^, pattera after, o 

I. Adbetent, disciple, partioan, pu- 

Followuti, Eiamln 

Fol^.'n. 'l. Fooll 
fatoitr, stupidity, d 

tinlze, lures' 

■ok Into. 

, imbecility, 

loUtms, apply warm lotions 

3. Bxolte, encourage, abet, stimulate, 

Fomentatiloii, n. ±. Stupe, locid bat^- 

8. Inetieation, encouragement. 
Fond, a. Doting, over-affectionatB, fool- 

ieldy loving, exceaslvely lender. 
Fona ofV I^Een with, attached to, muoh 

pleaeed ivlth, dellglLled with. 
Fondle, V. a. Carets, pet, ouddle, cosse^ 

treat irlth fimdneea, make much of, 

Fondness, ». ' 1. Warm love, childish 
affbotton. eioaaslve tondemeaa. 
K. Likmg,jH>rtiality, predilection. 
Font, n. 1. Eaptismal veesel. 

3. Fount, assortment of typos. 
Fontanel, «. (He4,j Issue [orli/lciai- 
tj/ cauEed). 


jt, nntrition, 

X:, BREAD, nounsluoent, meat, 
B, victuals, viands, diet, regl- 

subeietence, rations, o 
Foot-lHor, It. Kunaer 

Foo1,n. I. Dolt,'wlflli^,diiYcller,ldlot, 
simpleton, ulnny, nit^ompoop, block- 

3. BnM>on, harlequin, did], punch, 
antic, Jester, zany, clown, mountebank, 
merry Andrew, BCaramouch, jack-pud- 
dii^, pickle-herrlcg. 

FooL V. «. Trifle, toy, play, play the 
Bjol, play the laookey, act like a tbol. 

Fool, V. a. Deceive, cheat, tdok, dupe, 

reaiii, beguile, 3iooawink,'ohonse, cully. 

Foolery, n. Absurdity, nonsense, buf- 
ibonery, fOlly, iomlbolery, mummery, 
foolish conduct. 

FooHiardy, a. Basil, rentmoas, ad- 
venturous, va^ureaome, reckless, des- 
perate, hot-headed, hot-walnod, iiaJr- 
bialaed, headlong, :^Bcfplta1e. 

Foolisli, a. 1. SenMeas, IdloUD, Billy, 
veak, DAST, fltmple. Irratlon^j Insbn- 
sate, shallow, brolnlees, liltleea, thiok- 
skulled, buffle-heoded, diallair-tiridned. 
a, TJnwlBB, unrBQAonalde, absurd, 
ridiculous, nonsengieal, 111-ju^ed, pre- 
posteraos, htdiacieet, Imraadent. 

3. Idle, tdvlal, i^Alng, TsDi, child- 
ish, pueiilB, contemptible. 

FooUshneaa, ». 1. SoOy, ^Illness, Im- 
IfficiUty, stupidity, atuity, ahallowness, 
dulness, doltlshness. 
8. Alisurdity, extravagance, non- 

3. Puer!U», chlidishness, triviality. 

S. Base, bottom, lower part. 

*. {Mil.) Infantry, Ibot-soldieis. 


itstep, foctpriot, foot- 

Pooting, place to St 
1. Foofiiold. 

B. Sum total Iqfa cohmm <iffiaarea). 
Foatit, [CWtogBiaJ.J Walkjgo on ibot. 

Footmark, n. Pootpiint, footstep, 
track, trate. 

Footpad, rt. H^wajman, br^fand, 
Foboer, ueebooter, bandlt- 

Footpatli,fl. Footway. 

Footpviut, n. Footmark, fbotstep, foot- 
fall, traok, trace. 

Foot-soldlerB, n. ^. Foot, luf^tr;. 

Footstalk, II. Petiole, leaf-stalk. 

Faotst«p, ». 1. Footprint, fbotmaik, 
footfall, track, trace. 

Footsteps, )i. pi. feiam'ple. 

Foot tlie bill, [a>fto?uiaJ.] Pay the 




Fuafcway, It, FootpaCh. 

Fop, «. CoiooiuB, dandy, eiqulsile, 
beau, Jookanapee, ]ack-a-4andy, maca- 
roni, po^nJWi BVBU., man-DiUlliiet, 
mut in ^^aSj ¥^ii fellow. 

Foppery, n, Coioombry, dandyism, 
tttp^ffinsBS, Bhowy iblly, vanLty In 

FoppiHli, a. Dandyish, coicomMca!, 

dandified, vain of dress. 
FopplsIineBs, ». Coscombry, foppery. 
TOTiprep. 1, Beeauee of, by leaaon of. 

it. On account o^ G>r tbt sake of. 

3. In Ills place of, Instead of. 

1. Concerning, with reepeot to, with 

5. Toward, towards. 

6. Oonduclvfl to, beneficial to. 

1, Against, In opposition to, as antl- 


d ijin- horses and o 

Foramen, n. {Ama. & Bot,) Hole, 

floe, perlOraHon. 
Foiaminateci; a. Perforated, fora 

mnelt as, beoaiue tl^ In eouslderatlon 
mat, seeliu^tbat. 
Forar, n- [writlen olso Farray.] In- 
road, Itraptioii, nJd, iJrattcal inT-''— 
hostiJe incnrrion. 
Foe iq«, [Poetieal.^ Always, fob 
Forbear, V, «. 1. Stop, pause, khhkv, 
desist, stay, break or, leave off, give 

iJ.Abeeain, refrain. 

ning, absljnenco, avoidance. 

a Patience, lenity, indulgence, long 
Forbid, V. a. PiohiMt, inhibit, Intot- 

Force, n. 1. Strength {regardiA a. ... 
Jwe), power, mi)^t, energy, vigor. 

». EfBoaoy, effloiency, potency, va- 
lidltyjCteeiuy, virtue, agency. 

3i ^oience, compulsion, coercion, 
etmstralnt, enibroement. 

4. Army, troop, legion, host, si^aad- 

FoMe, II. a. 1, Compel, coerce, eon- 

a. ImDei. drive, ni^, press, clap. 
3. KaWsh, viohite, de^ueh, constn- 
prate, dedour, commit a rape on. 

ft. Strained, unnatural, catacbreeUc, 
far-fetched, studiously sought. 
Forcible, a. 1. Powerful, strong, 
mighty, weigbty, potent, impresrive, 
irredstlble, cogent, all-powerfii. 

S. Violent, finpatuoue. 

3. Energetic, vigorous, effective, eiB- 

Forcibly, ad. 1, Powerfully, migbt- 

Z, Violently, YI it ABUia, at the 
point of the sword. 

3. Energetically, vieorouslv, effective- 
ly, with m^ht and midn. 
For*ins-pl£ ». Hot-bed. 
Ford, ir. a. wade tbrougli (a ritrer). 
Fore, t. 1- Anterior, preceding, prior. 

S. Front, not buck, not behind. 
Forebode, v. a. 1. ForetelL predict, 
presage, portend, augur, betoE^ fore- 
shadow, foreshow, pKenosticate, prfe- 
l^ure, be ominous of. 

a Foreknow, he prescient of, have 
foreknowledge of, have prescience of. 
Foreboding:, «■ FrognOBticatiou, pte- 

L. Foresee, anticipate, 
ve, ' plan, pn^ect, deviae. 

Forecast^ n. 1. Foredght, prevision, 
foretboi^hl^ aatjcipation, provident 
i-ogard to the future. 

For vtOecir 1^ make an impres^on, for 
the sake of eS^t. 

Forefend, ». a. [flo™.] Avert, prevent^ 
hinder, forbid, ward oif, keep otf. 

ForesD, v. a. Belinquish, resign, sur- 
render, cede, yield, at>andon, give up, 
part wIBi, let go. 

Foreeoer, b. 1. Precursor, forerunner, 
herald, harlringer, avant-courier. 
it. Ancestor, fore^ther, progenitor, 

FaieBolns, »■ Preceding, previous, 

antecedent, prior, former. 
■" 1, a. Predetermined, deiMed 

epectB property}, well off, well 
Forehead>«. Front, brow. 
Foreign, a, 1. Alien, outJa- 



presidenoo of, hare previoua tnoHleage 

of, Myb foretnoivleage ofc 
ForekDowledge, a. Fareeight, praa- 

cience, pvevious Snowledgs. 
Fmeland, n. Promontory, cape, liead- 

l&udj point of Ifind' 
Foreman, li. 1. PresldiDg ofQcer (qT <i 

tJoned, ibiemen 

Aiorosatd, abov^ 

, Afotesoid, above-men- 

Wurldicai judleM. 
— _i, D. a. PreaeaUnate, prede- 
uujuiiie, preordain, fdreaooio. 
Vorerun, v, o, Pieceda, go before, comf 

,!■ Prelude, prognostic, aign, oman. 
Foresee, o.a. Foreknow, forecast, fore- 
jMde, see betbreliaod, }iave preedence 
nr. Jk. Ticeadent of. 

idoWjCB. Preflgure. fiiresLo- 

TOgnosHuate, preaig- 

^ratall, pT^t 
Faresliow, D. a. Freflgure, 

Foresls^lit, n, 1. Foreknowledge, pres- 
etenee, prevision^ 
" ™"-"-'-'' -^rethought, pT'""--'-''-" 

a. :ArenaBt, * 

, , wiiidpalion, provident _. 

gatd to tiie futui'e. 
Foreekln, n. Prepuce. 
Fm-est.ii. ■Wood(iy'(arjee3rten*), woods, 

woodtond, grove. 
Forestall, v, a. 1. Antiidpate, fbie- 

igrOBB, iuonopoUse, cegralfl, get 
re posseaaioii of (m *^o&- to en- 

'. a. Aa^oipiite, 


lify, betotsn 

^^^ ^. -jt, ad. Always, perpetually, el* 
nally, eDdlaasly, eye- "•^■^"."•^ »« 
mt aje, M all tune& 

)t aje, M all tunes, to tu 
bne ^vitliout end, ^raue; 

Forfeit, v. a. Lose (6n eome offence, 6j( 

nej/ieci, or 6^ breack qf ctmdUion,]. 
Fori^tare, n. I. Loss (6^ Bome qgbnce. 

Forge, n. 1. Smithy L/^ heavy worifc), 

. !*. Furnace iio maJce mm more ma/^ 
0^1. Bhlngllug-mlll. 
Forge, V. a. 1. Beat {metal), fimn (ftji 

^. Derifle, iUTent, frajne, ooln. 
S. Falri^ connterfat, abiloate. 

Foreery.n. 1, CoiuiterteiUng, felaUo 
2. Counterf^t. 
of, let 'slip ftom tlie miod, not remei 

a. Think no mare 

Forgetful, a. 1. Apt to ftorget. 

a. Negligent, insttentive, Deglecttal, 

caielees, lieedless, mindless. 
Foreetfulness, n. 1. Aptness to ibrget, 

ISjTnre of memory. 

2. OBLinoij. 

3. K^llgence, Inattention, carelesB- 
ness, heedieaaneas. 

commit an indiscretion^ 
Forgive, n, a. Paejion (e^eoiniiff/or 

Btmdl <i0^wce)y absolve, excuse, acquit. 
ForglveuesE, n. Pakdob, absolutiot 

remission, acquittal. 
For good, rinally. Ha the flnal movt 

FoiT good and. all, Fokqood. 
Forgotten, a. 1. Gone from one's 

3. Biirled In obll^on, sunfe In ol>- 

Forlc, n. Branch, division, divaitca- 


!. Wretched, miserable, pitiable, des- 
■iivate, helpless, comfortless, dlsconeo- 
iBte, woe-begone. 

rorlorn liope, 1. Vonguald, skirmish- 
ers, advanced body of troops. 

2* Desperate case, donbtfol enters 
prise, basiardouB adventure. 
J'orm, B. 1. Shape {with eyjectaJ Tifer- 

oonfoTmaUon, moula, ^shion, ca^t, cut, 

lary, eslablished piiwUce. 

3. Manner, system. 

4. Eegularity, order, arrangement, 

5. Ceremony, formality, ceremonial, 
couTenUoiuiU^, etiquette, conventicnol 

6. Empty show, mere appearance. 

9. Typa In a ch™e {ready fin- priet- 
ID. Mould, pattern, model. 



sUlf, sCarcti, stsTi^ed, prim, aSectdOXs 
4. ConstituliTS, essential. 

imoDy, couTentioaaJlty, elj 
D, n. Creation, producUon. 

creator, constTaDter. 
Formor.o. 1. Previous, prior, antei 
anceceaoAt, preceding, loTegolng. 

mlii^, fore^ 

d, Firat named, first 

ad. Keretot.-,, ., 

)f old, In times post. In da^ 

erly, od. Heretofore, 

(uuLdtlme, of dldj In times pi , 

of yore, loug agoUn past ekae. 

Fonuidsble, a. Tsaital, <&a3dnil, ter- 
rible. itBDOUST^SLE, fc^litfnl, terrlQo, 
horrible, tremendonB. 

Formnlmn. Torm, rule, model, founu- 

Fonunltiry, n. 1. Book of forms. 
8. Form, model, rule, foimuJa. 
3. Bltual. 

Fomlcato, a. (Bot.) Arched, vaulted. 

FoFray.fL [WrlttenaJsoJ'fln^.] Ijiroad, 
ircnptlon, raSA, aeecent, partial inva- 
sion, hostile iiioordon. 

Forsake, v. a. Leave, quit, desert, re- 
llnquieh, abandon, tenounoe, forBwest, 
drop, give up, eivo over, cast off. 

Forsaker, n. Deserter. 

Forsooth, ad. Certainly, truly, really, 
In truth, in £aot, of & trutb. In good 

a. Deny, abjure, recant, retract. 

sell; take a Mse ^tii, swear falselyl 

bear fi^lse 'wiiness, br^k one^s word, 

break one^H faitfa, play Ealee. 
Fort, n. ForiUcatioii, IbrlreBS, Btrong- 

liold, bulwark, castle, citadel, EaBtnesa, 

farHned place. 
Voite, n. Peonllar tal«it, special ^tt, 

strong eiA&t <djief excellence, stroi^ 
' point, that ut which one excels. 


Forthwitb, ad, Iramediately, dhBctly, 
Instaiilly, niaTiNTB^ without delay. 
Fortlflcaliou, n. 1. Military orchltee- 

etronghold, ca^e, 

. Fortification, fort, sttong- 

Foxtnlglit, n, 

hold, caetle, citadel, fnrtiAed place (^ 
great magnitvde). 
FortnltonB, a. Accidental, cosnal, con- 

3. Fropl^us, anspiclouB, &vorable. 
FoPtnne, n. 1. Gliance, actadeat, luck, 

hap, fortuity. 
S. Uveliliood, means of living. 
B, Estate, sabBtance, prope(&, pos- 

4. Wealth, ricIieB, opulence. 

5. JDesUn^ i^te, destination, doom, 

6. Event, issue, result. 
Fortaike-teller, n. Ai^ur, soothsayer, 
Fommt B. Tribunal, court, court of 

4. Eol4, confident, presumptuoua, 
presuming, impertineut, pert, Slppant, 
brazen, imsnming, braseu-fiiced, bras- 

rorward, i>. a. 1. Advance, promote, 
ikrtliei-, foster, support, fevor, encour- 
age, lielp on, lielp forward. 
H. Qniclien, liasten, accelerate, expe- 


Tmtmre, nasty, squalid, 
^.=d, ifitby unclean, eoUeO, 
sUiaed, sullied. 


dir^, polluted, 
tarnislied, sUiaed, sulli 
3. Di^nstii^, loatli? 

3. Base, scmdalDus, Iu&dii 
MlU'vj\ unDdv, dlahonnrsiH" 
wickea, dark, abemlm 
dlsgcaceful, ehomefuU 

4. Obscene, vu^ar, coaiao, low. 
5* Abusive, Insulting, scurrilous, ibul- 

6. St}ormy, r^ny, cloudy, 

Fsul play. Injustice, onMrness, dis- 
honesty, wrong. 

Fonl-iuouilied, a. Abu^Te, Insnltlng, 
insolent, blaolwuard, scurrilous, fouL 

Fonmsri, «. Polecat, iltchew, 4tj]iet 

2. Break, otmk, brcacli, cleft, fiEBUte, 
rift, flaw, tent, opening, 
'ro^le, a. 1. Btlctle, fran)^ble, ea^y 

i. Frail, weak, feeble, iheibh. 
fragility, n. 1. Bilttleness, ftangible- 

%. Frailty, weakneas, fteblenees. 
Fragiu^nt, n. Bemnant, scrap, chip, 

detaclied part, part broken off, 
Frasnnentai'y> o. Fractional, broken. 

^ tlxefb 


3. Establish, inetitnte, originate. 

4. Cast, Sacm in a mould. 

work, footing, bottom. 

9. EstabUshment, settlement. 

3. Endowment. 
^Sbll&er,'plMiter. * ' ™ " ° 

a. Caster [of sKtah). 
Founder, v. it. 1. Sink (<H a ship I 
JWmguAth toater), go to the bottom, 

3. Trip', stumble, ItiU. 

I. Font, assortment of tyt 

jnent of typee. 
Spring, w^l, font. 

3. Source, original, oi^jln, cause, first 
prlndple. Ginnti^-head. 
FonntlUn-heail, ». Source, original, 
origin, cause, (bnntaln, flrat prlncl- 

Foarfold, a. Quadrnple. 

Foiii;foI(l, a. Ponr times as many, four 

Fonr-Iianded, a. Quadrumanous. 

■" 1— I- — "_ Sodallsm, phalanBterl- 

Fox'Shark, fl. Ihiasber, sea-lbi, bba- 

Foxy, a. Artful, *lly, cunning, crafty, 

sly, subtle. 
Fraeaa, n. Uproar, tumnlt. disturbance, 

row, outbreak, noisy quarrel, 
Vraetlon.n. 1. Part, portion, ftagment, 

seoUon, ple£e, bit, scrap, 
a. lAnih.) Part of a unit. 
FracHonal, a. Broken, fragmentary. 
» ...... „ i-^„ "'UB, petulant, 

1. Bieakj^, 

lence, balmlness, 
^nt, grateful e 


maOc, redolent, bal 


smelling, sweet-scented. 
Fcail,a. 1. FiBgile,fraDgible,BBlTTLG, 
easily broken (aeiuss). 
8. Veak, feeble, fraelle, ibpibh. 
3. Liable to err, ea^y led astray, of 
infirm virtue. 
Frailty, n. 1. Weakness, feebleness, 
infirmity, trannesB. 

2. Fault, foible, detect, imperltofloD, 
filing, weak point, weak tide, blind 

3. Uablllty to err, pronenesB to error, 
want of moral strength. 

Frame, u. o. 1. Construct, build, pat 
s. Form, compose, make, constitute. 
3. Invent, devise, plan, contrive. 

S. Form, Btructure, fabric, system. 

Franehise, ». 1. Right, privilege. 

3. Immunity, exemption. 
Frangible, a. BritUe, fragile, easily 

Frank, a. Artless, candid, open, ingenu- 
ous, free, sincere, fVank-heartad, anre- 
served, without di^olse. 

Fraxik-lienrt«d, a. Candid, open, In- 

gun^ plMh. 

rantic, 0!. Tac\s. 
mad, distracted, w 


B'Tatamal, a. Brotherly. 

ITratemlty, ». AsaoelafJon, sode^, 
company, drOle, broUierhood, sodality, 
league, olau, united body. 

E'raternlaeiB. ». SympatUzs, harmo- 
nize, eoneort, ooal^eoe, conoor, asaoctat« 
(oa brotheri), • __.— 

alt, deception. 


DishoneaC, knavleb, 
ioitfuL, deceptive, ftlue, 
, crafty, wily, onlloeive. 

F'ray, it. 1, CombaC, battle, flglit. 
S. Bioil, qaarrel, riot, afiay. 

vvcim, vhlmsey, caprice, 
crotcliet, ma^ot, vagary, 

it. Gambol, aiiUc, caper. 
Freakish, a, Wlilouusal, capricious, 

at liberty.' ' ' 

8. Kaleaeed, iSeliverea, etoanolpated, 

1, open. 


Preqnenoy, n. OftonneBS, ci 

Frequent, «. a. Haunt, vWt often, re- 
sort to frequently. 

Frequently, ad. Often, repeatedly, 
•nany times, at eliort IniervaJe, — '* 

Fresh, a. 1. New, recent. 

a. Blooming, floutlelilog, unraded. 

3. Good, sweet, of laceut giowtli, in 
a good state, nob et^e. 

4. Florid, healthy, well, hearty, lig- 
oroDS. hardy, strone. 

8. Vivid, lively, not dolled, not im- 

';. Not salt, without salt. 

a. Unobfltruoted, unimpeded, unr 
st<Ect«d, {qwn. 

6* Frai^ iT^enaona, candid, artier 
idnoere, onreserred, bank-hearCed. 

1. GeneranB, lltmol, bountiful, chai 
table, munificent, free-beairted, ope 
handed, not p^Hfmonlons. 

S. Prodigal, lavish, Inunoderata. 

». Ke»dy, eager, prompt, wUUik. 
-" -ratultouB, spontaneoUBTwallin 

a*te, emancipate, 
maiiuuuL, icivmie, dJsinthral, eniciui- 
cliise, aeilver, set ftae, set at liberty, 
a* Bid, clear, dlaei^age. 
FreelioDter, n. Bobber, plunderer, pii- 
la^r, despoHei, blghwaynum, Gjotpad, 
h^and, baudlb maiauder. 
Freedom. ». i, Ijbbbtt, independ- 
ence, exemption from, restraint. 

8. Scope, ranga, play, swing, froe 
play, IbU ploy, full swine. 

3. FrfriuhlBe, immuid^, prlvllege- 

4. FunlllaTlty, lloenee. 
Free-beartAd, a. liberal; generous, 

boimteoiis, bountiftil, c^>en-nanded. 
Free ^lay, lYeedom, range, scope, full 
play, smng, faU. swing. 

Wrce-will. n.' 1, Unrestrained will, 
poWer of choice. 

Free-ivjll, o. Volnntary, epontani 
Fre9xr>jV.3t. 1. Be congealed, be ^ 

Freeze, v. a. 1. Congeal, solidly by 

Freight, P. a. Iioad, lade, charge. 
Freight, n. 1. Cai^, lading, load, 

a. Freiglitage, fbafeht money, ohai^ 
for freight. 

Fre^htase.H. Freight, fte^M money. 

French-pie, Great eput^d woodpecker 
ll'ieua mmorj- 

FrenEy,n. [Sometbnes written P/ireiW!!.] 

Madnees, toge, fury, distraction 

Ing, Insanity, lunacy, derange 
mania, delirium, abetcatiou of m: 


untiained, unekilled, ii 

, unpractised, 

». Student of the first year ( 
Isget), student of tlie loweat class 
l^cet, V. a. 1. Bab, chafe, we 
JHcHon), wear away. 

a. Veit, tease, Instate, gaU,pr 
nettle, afiront, mak angry 

3. varle^te, dlv ^t) 
1^*1, p. ». Chafe, fuin ag h 

netic, STJeeny, capti u 
FretfulnesB.n. Peevlshnees, petulance, 

Fi-lable, d, Gnunbht^, brittle, crisp, 

piilveiable, easily crumbled. 
Friar's lantern, n. losia EATDirs, 

wlilo" the wisp, jaclt-a-lan tern - 
Fribble, a. Trimng;, Mvoloi 
Vribhle,». "■ — - -■- • 


Friend, ». 1. Patron, advocate, conH- 
'dant, adherent, associate, ally. Inti- 
mate, good genlnB, bosom mend. 
3. favorer, encourager, well-wisher. 
3. Quaker. 
Frieodly, a. 1. Amicable, fl^tetnal, 
nelghborlj^klnd, weU-afibcted, on -— ' 

.onfriendlyi. ,, 

EunlUar, o[ intimate Iboting; not 
tile, not Inimical. 
a. Favorable, propitious, salutary. 


;a by Google 

PhrM-p. a. IFos&m'-A Frighteii. 
Friffht,!!. Alarm, atftfgbt, teiTor, dla- 

raaj, oonsloination, panic, sudden faai. 
Fiishten, u. a. Alsi-m, athislit, terri^, 

scare, dismay^ daunt| intimidate, sixoclt 

f rield, a. 1. Cold, cool, os 

liol, of a low tamperature. 

S, Dmi, unanlmatad, Ufelesi 

3. Forbidding, formal, prim, 

pulalva, clilllli^. 

Fi^^tdity, li. 1. Coldness, 

Fi'lciduess, 11. FmoiDiTT. 
friU, n. Rnffle, erMng. . 
Frlngea, a. Fimtirlate, fimbriated. 
Frippery, n. 1. Old oloUiee, east-off 

8, Trumpery, second-hand finery. 
Frieenr, 11. [FcJ Halr-drcsser. . 
FriBlc, V, n. Leap, skip, liop, frolic, 

romp, gambol, dujice. 
Fri^y, o. QaT, liTely, playful, epocaTe, 

ftolicsome, coltMi, lUf of fcoBc 
Frith, n. 1. StraJt. 

a. EstuaiT, inlet, ana of tbe eea. 
Fritter, n. 1. Sm^l pan-eake, doi^- 
nut, &Ied cake. 
a. Fi-agmeiit, piece, sbred. 
Fritter, v. a. 1. Slice, cut into small 

fbol Kvritj. 

Frivolity, ». Lerity, puerility, trifllng- 
nees, tiiviaHty, frivoloususss, fol^. 

FrlviHoiiB, a. Trifling, trivia!, worth- 
less, petty, flimsy, idle, puedle, diUdish, 

lai'k, bander, wild pran^, 

a. Fun, pleasantry, drollery. 
3. Scene of merriment- 
Froltc, V. n. Be merry, be ftolicsome, 

play pranks, cut capers. 
FroUc»nn«,o. Sportive, playful, baft, 
gamesome, gay, lively, Riesy, coltish, 

From for, From a great distance. 
From hand to liaod. From one per- 

From hand to month, Frecarloualy, 
as wBnt reiuiires, by spending the 
wages of bj-day for to-day's necessl- 

Front^. 1 , Forehead, brow. 

3. Forepart, forward part. 
Front, V. a, 1. Face, stand over against, 
stand oppo^te to- 


Frontal, n. Frontlet, brow-band. 

COAST, marches, limits. 
Fiontiep, a. Conterminous, bocdering. 
Fi'ontlet, n. Frontal, brow-band. 
Frosl^ R. Itime, hoar-frost, fi-ozen dew. 
Frost, V. a. lee, cover with ftosting, 
Frost-fiab, ri, Tom-cod IMon-haa pru- 

FrosUng, «. Idng, concreted sugar l/or 



IHeHanllieaaoa Qmodeiiaij). ■ 

Frosty, ff. 1. Cold, icy, wintry. 

S. White, gray-haired. 

Froth-aplt, n. OuCkoo-spittle. 
Frothworm, n. Firogluippei'. 
Frotliy, a, i. Foamy, spumy. 

a. Tiiflli^, light, empty, trivial, vain, 

Frowjwd, 4. Fractions, perverse, re- 
i^actcry, nntoward, unyielding, ungov- 
ernable, disobedient, wayward, peevieb, 
petulant, cross. 

Frown, P. n. Scowl, look stem. 

■^rown.B. Scow' -* — '--'' 

Fn^ral, a. Provident, , 

Ing, sparing, cliolce, chary, d^efiil, 
ihrntf; niit promise, prodigal, or I 

Frug:aJit3% n. Eocnomy, torlit, t 
ness, gocHJ husbandi?. 

Fmlt, «. 1. Frodnce (gf the etaiA fin- 
tfiesv^fply (^ most and imimai^,iiaFV6btt 

i«eoe, young, 

"a^ProHfic, fecljle, (ecund, not bar- 
3. Plentiful, plenteoas, abundant. 

Fruition, n. Snjoyment (i» Die pmees- 
sion orilieveeqf aon thiag). 

FmideBB, a. 1. Unfruitful, unproduc* 
tive, barren, sterile, unproliflc, unfer- 
tile, inf^crmd, addle/ AOASPOtrs. 

S. UseleBS, imaTaillng, bootless, prof- 
itless, ineffectual, nnprofitable, vain, 
idle, futile, abortive, without avail. 

Fmsh, B. il'ftrrlerv.) 1, Frog (^ a 
hovse't foot). 
a. Tiirusn (ifiscosg qf the frog). 

Fmstratfl, v. a.' Defeat, disappoint, 
balk, foil, boSle, disconcert, bring lo 

Fmstrate.d. Vain, useless, ineffectual, 

ftiistrated, of no effect. 
Frustration, n. Disappcintment, de- 


Pry, n. Small fl 
fielea, smaU ftj 

muddlfl, mOke i- 

Fuddled, a. Crnnk, Intoxlcalea, ine- 

^heeCs In t^e niDd, has liad a 

Jtagmye,a. 1. Fleffiig-ijing, escaping. 
3. Tr^nettory, traiEfflenl^ eviineBcent, 

fleeaiig, fljlng, nwadous, flitting, psaa- 

Ins, mom'eutiu?, Mort, brief, Cempoial, 

epnemerfll, Bhorb-Uvea. 
VugltlTe, ft. Bimair^, deserter. 
V-Bgismaia, n. lEHe-leadei, 1ead< 

TBcUa, angelman. 
Fali)nun,«. Snnport ((If o imerl, iiMp. 
X'oMl.v.a. Vt/rMB!a.aiioFa^a.i l.Ac- 

-.i-t ^QinpigLa, eftbctimta, resllze. 


ejKSOBte, bilng < 

sL Obw^f 

discbarge, k 

meat, sall^, enBner, adhere tc 
FiillUiDent, ti. [Written also Fi^- 
ment.] 1. AecomplMunent, realization, 
^■^^n^n,^^ """ipletlon, consummation- 
jioe, dlscbarge. 
■ Hootj, emoky, fumy. 

a. f erfijnniuioe, dlscbarsi 

S. Dusky, daik. 
" - " puled, r 



d, replete. 
Abounding, well etockea o 

Satjated, sated, glutted, t 

„ ^_-^ , ^itlra, perfect. 

f(, Almmlant, plentlrol, eopiona 
teone, suffiident, ample, 
e> Loud, deep, atroi«, cleat, dlatlnot. 
t. Comprehensive, capacious, broa^, 
la^, Biiflnslvs. 
Poll, od, 1< Quite, to the same degree. 
e. Oomplelelj, nilly. 
3, Exacts, predBaly, diceotly. 
■Baa, v. a. Thickened cleanse (cMft). 
Van.-Ai.ive,aH.lCoaogvml.l Atafurioue 
late, SB &Bt as poaslble. 

Folly, wf. Oimipletely, entirely, abun- 
dantly, lai^^, fim, to the Cull. 
Fulminate v. n. Explode, detonate. 
Fnlmlnatw, B. a. Utter with a menace, 
proclaim "with dennuciation. 
' FnlmliuiM, V. ». UtteF, threaten {as ba 
■ ■ ■■ ' ^t\ — !(..i I — . J^uni^. 

ecdeiiaalieal auiho/ii, 

ucl denunc 

tlireateniug,aiial;liema,ljan, 01 
>. Eiplosion, detonation. 

Fnlson.,, ., , _.-, — 

gustins, loatlisome, reroltiug, reput- 
^ve, sickening, rank, btobs. 

FulvJd,a. MTona. 

FnlTons, a. Yellow, towny, fuWd, yel- 
lowish-brown, dull jallow. 

Fumble, V. «. Feel about {awleaiardla- 
or ohUdiBhly ), malie awkwaiu attempts. 

Fnmbler, II. Bnngler, lubber, lout. 

Fnme, v. n. iTsDioke, reek, emit sapor, 

a. Kage, rave, :n:et, bluster, storm, 
chafe, fiare ire, be In a passion, lie in a 
rage, get mad, fty off at a tangent. 

Fumigate, v. a. Smoke, cipose to 
smoke, cleanse by smoke. 

Fumy.o. Smoky, milglnoua. 

Funtuubiillst, I 

employment, ocoupaMon, part. 
Fnnotionary, «. 0£Bj:e-holdei', inoun 

bent of an omce. 
Fawl, ». 1. Stock, capital. 
a. Store, supply. 

FnndamentBl, a. iSsenU^ primary, 
important, indispensable, radical, con- 
stitutional, organic. 

Fandtuuental, n. I^adii^ princtple, 
essential part. 

a. Obaegnles, eseqniea, funeral sol- 

,nt, fui^Da-1 

Fungosity, ». Ejicresi 

Fnngus, n. 1, Spongy excresoenoe. 
a. (Boi.) Flowerless plant (as ClB 
mwsftrown, toadetoot, (Be.), cryptogamous 

Fnnlele.n. Fibre, fllament, small cord, 
email ligature. 

bad odor, offensive sm^. 
Fnnli, D. n. ILom.] 1. Stink, emit a 
bad odor, emit a atenoli. 
a. Shrink back, be in fear, be frigbt- 

, 1, Timnel. 
-fiP?'..., dtou, iir^doal, lu- 

!. Ctlmney 

ertlng, ar 

;a by Google 

Furcate, to. (Eo(.) Foriied, fork- 
ITurcatea, ( shaped. 
FurfaraoeonB, <t. Souriy, branny, aealy, 

scabby, leat^nona, 
FnrtDos, a. 1. RMing.ftanac, infuri. 

aleO, ftenaiefl, taaa, violent, fleroe, tbij 

■ trotulent. ' 

S. Appendages, apparatus. 

tL {mode b^ a 

, groore, fluting, cliiun- 

FiuTow, o. a. Hollow, cut in furrows. 
Vurther, a. 1. Fnrtlier, more KmoW 
i/roni Oie starihig painij, mote in ad- 

^. Additional. 

Further, dd. l.Fai'ther,inoreremotely, 
moi'e in advance, to !i Ereater distance 
(from llui storfingjwiniT. 

Z* Fartjier, moteovcr, besides, fur- 

Fiirtberanoe, n. Piomotion, advance- 
ment, helping fitrwaf d. 

Fnrtliermore, ad. Moteover, beddes, 

FurtlieBt, a 

iBity, YBhemence. 
of Voi^canco. 
virago, ~b^, shrew, termo' 
, Xantlppe, tnrbiilent wo- 

t, liqne^ {by heni), 
>lend togetlier, make 

oilj potato-spirit oil, oil of grain, corn- 

Fusion, »'. 1. Llouefectaon (by heat), 

ij. Amalgamation, blending ti^tiierj 

mailing homogeneous. 
Fnss,n. [Collo^iial,J Ado, bnetle, fidget, 

h"rfJ[j worry, Jur :.—» 


a fidget, uo III a smw, vj III a ^luciLer, 

maiEe much ado about Irlfies or about 

FnsBy.a. [CWtojutoi.J Buetliiig, fidgety, 

busy about trifles. 
Fust, 11. Mustlness, mould, mildew. 

rliodomontade, iaflated style, swetUog 

or pompons phrtteealogy. 
FuHty, a. Musty, mouldy. 
Futil&B. 1. Triaing, ftlvolona, trivial, 
3. Worthless, vdneiesB, profltlesa, 

ftnitless, booUesB, vain, idle, unprofit- 

much ado ^ 
about nouiing- 
. iOoUair^al.] Bustle, b 

B, n. Fnturiw, time lo come. 
e, a. 1, Coming, to come, yet to 

Gab, n. (Low.) Prate, pi'iittle, gabble, ( 

Gabble, v. n. Prate, pratUe, babble, 

chatter, Jabber, talk Idly, rattle on. < 
Gabble, It. Plate, prattle, cbatter, clack, ( 

cackle, gossip, palaver, gab, idle talk, 

small talk. 
Oabbler, n. Praler, piattlei, babbler, « 

chatterer, tattler, gos«p,gadabout, rat'. 

tie-head, ^dder, idle talCer. i 

Oad, V, n, Bove abont idly, ramble witk- 

out definite purpoBS. i 

. Artliclal spur (/i)r fighSiiff 
. Silence, stifie, muzsle, mnfle. 


Gain, n. Fro 

. Pami, impawn, pledge, givs 

Gain, V. a. 1. Get (by ^gbrt), aequlre, 
oblaln, procnre, aehlBYe, Beoure, oarry, 
win, earn, geO posaesalon of. 

3. Conefllata, pereuafle,' enlist, get 
me eooa will of, prevail upon, Mng 
over, win over, gain over. 
3. Reach, abtun, arciv« at. 

Gain RTOimd, Increase, advanoe, pre- 
vail, make proeress. 

GalnfDl, a, 1. Advantageous, profitable, 

a. Luoralive, remunaraUve, produe- 
tlva, pajing. 
Gain on, 1. Obtain loflueuce wltb, win 
the ikvor of. 

3. Qain ground upon, gain upon. 

3. Gettlieadvanfageof,gett£ebeHet 

Ga^iBay, v. a. Contradict, deny, con- 
Gain upon, Gaim oh. 
Gairlgli,<>. [Written also Gorisft.] Glar- 
ing, flaunting, showy, gaudj, tawdry, 
flotOiy, gay, bise, iity, 
Gait^fl. i5alrlaaa,walk,mamierofwalk- 

Oala-d^, ». Holiday, day of festivity, 

day of rejidelng. 
-OalBXT, n. 1. Mllfcy Way. 
S. Splendid aiuemblage. 
Gale, ». 1. Breese, cuttent of air. 

3, Hurrioane, tempest, storm. 
OolenB, n. Native sulpliitTet of lead. 
Gan,n. l.(Jnat.) Bile. 

a. Bitterness, rancor, spite, malice, 
malii^amiesa, malignity. 
S. Xntsiai, gall-nut. 
Gall, V. a. 1. ObaC^, fret, excoriate, 
hurt by rubbing. 

a. Provoke, vei. Irritate, tease, ei- 
asperate, Inoenae, afftont, iai'aBa, an- 

Gallajit, Ei. 1. Gay, showy, fine, splen- 
did, magnifloent, well-dressed. 

trepld,valorou8, heroic, o^ralroiiB,'fear- 
leas, bold, gam^ daring, hlgh-spiriled. 

Gallant, v, a. Wait on (laitk$],^>e at- 
tentive to. 
Gallantry, «■■ !■ Bravery, courage, 

boldnes^ t^irlessness, chivalry, con- 

GalUmBnft^, n. 

.„ Medley, L^rrago, jumme, miscel- 
lany, Bftimagundl, EotOh-poteh, hodge- 
podge, conflised nuitnre. 

GaU'lnsect, n. Gall-Ily, Cynips. 

GaUlnnle, n. Water-hen. tuoor-hen, 
spotted ci-alie iCrex ponxaiaj. 

Gallipot, n. Frankincense, Burgundy 

G^-nnt, n.^ Kulgall, gaa 

Gallop, V. fl 


y, gat- 

,, trldty, 

dynamic electricity. 
Gambler, n. Catecbn, cutob, Terra 

JaponTca, Japan earth. 
Gamble, p. n. Game, play for money, 

practlsa gaming. 
Gambler, n. Gamester, blactieg. 
GamblluB, n. Gamh^, playli^ ibr 

Gambrel-foof, ». [V. 5.) Curb-roof, 

Game, n. 1. Sport, play, amnaement, 

S, Plan, Bcbeme, enterpdse, advealn 

3, Animals <^the chase. 
*. Qulim', prey. 
Game, a. Courageous, brave, reeolute, 
unSlnchti^, fearless, yalorons, chiv- 
alrous, dauntless, Intrepicl, gallant, 

Game, t>. n. Gamble, play Ibr money. 
Game-leg, n. [CoUoqtiial.i Lame leg. 
Gamesome, a. Way, sportive, vlva- 

cloua, sprightly, fiolicsome, playful, 

lively, ft^Bky, full of ftolic. 
Gamester, n. Gambler. 
Gamin, n. [Fi-l Idle boy, blaoliguard 

Gaming, n, Gambling, playing for 

Gammer, il. Goody, good woman, good 

Gammon, n. Imposition, ohsat, boax. 

Gammon, v. a. Deceive, cheat, hum- 
bug, hoax, cbouse, triok, dupe, gull, 
eozen, overreach, outwit, baruboo^file, 
circamvent, delude, diddle, beguile, 
mislead, tavetele, impose apon. 

Gamut, n. Scale. 

Gander, n. Male goose. 

Gang, n. Company, crew, band, borde, 
patty, eet, oi.ieuB, cotebie, cabal. 

Gangrene, V. a. Mortl^. 
Ganfnwe. »■ »■ Moilifr, be motUfiod, 

lose vitality. 
Gai^^e, It. Matils Iqf an ore). 



. PaBst 

Booby, nodd^ Solan g( 

J, Solan goose. 

Cleft, crevice, opening, chink, 
tisH.iij, ctaci, Intel ' ' ■ — 
brealf, nlatae. 

- 1. Yawi 

loutl) {OB m etarmff). 

ij breach, 

8. Open, dehisce, be opened, be sepa- 

Oarb, «- Dre^, cletkefii habit, 
garments, veBtuw, rajment 
fabUlment, costume. 
OarbsKe, ». Befuae (qfjlesh), c 
Qarble, P. a. Mutilate (a gt 
tuidffi pecveit, coirapt, mietepresent, 

Gor-nshr n. Greenbone, hom'flah, sea^ 
neeiJle, gar-pike, Beo-pUra, long-ncae, 
goEe-blll, Bword-flBh, madieTeL-galile, 
snook ISnoa belaae or Beloae tralgaris], 

GOTKet, n. rSot.) Poke, ncke-weed, p^ 

Ctarlali, a. [Written Urn GoiruA.] 

Flaunting, glaring, showj, gaudy, i&v- 

dty, flashy, ge^ ffirra, afry. 
Oarlaud, «. wteaUi, obaplet, orown, 

coronal, boys. 
OaiMuent, "' ""^ 

Gamer, ». j. 

Oamer.v.ti. Gftflier L/brpreseruaUmt), 

store, hoard, deposit, save, huebano, 

teeerr^ collsct, gamec up, treanare up, 

lay In, lay np, lay by, set by. 
Gamer up. Gamer, gaKiflr, collect. 
OainlBli, V. a. Adom, decorate, em- 

belllah, deolt, beantib, grace. 
" ■■■ - "imbeUlMment, decora- 

do, loft, cock-loft, upper 

Garmlliy, n. Loqua^ty, loriuaiuous- 
ness, babble, babbling, talkaUveneas. 

Garrulous, a. Loauaoleus, talkative, 
pcattllDg, babbling. 

Gas, n. Aeriform £ald. 

Gasconade, II, Boast, brag, yaimt, bra- 
vado, vaporing, gi-eat cry and little wool. 

Gasoonade, «. n. Boast, brag. Taunt, 
swagger, bluster, vapor. 

" — .--. — - Boaster, braggart. 

bastio, pompoua. 
Gas-tar, n. Conl-tar. 
Gastric, a. Of the stomack. 
^1ISS2^«,}"- ^Epicure, button. 
Gastroscopy, n. (Med.) Abdominis 

3. Plucli, crop, pick, cull, reap, glean. 

4. Infer, deduce, conclude. 
B. Plait, puofter. 

iather, v. n. 1. Muster, oongr^aie, 

i. Collect, Increase, thicken, be con- 

ing, proonrli^, earnli^, g 
3. Assemblage, aseemli^j, •^•^.t,-^.,, 

gaUon, muster, 
3. Abscess, Bote, nicer, fSeter, Impost- 
Gaud, 1. Trinket, gewgaw, bawble, 

trifle, toy, worthier ^eee of Ilnsi j. 
Gaudy, a. Siowy, say, flashy, dressy, 

tawdry, finical, ghttering, &nntli^, 

Gauge, V. a. 1. Measure [a cask, <Ea,}, 

find tiie oonlents of. 
a. Memure (<» a> a^ms), estimate. 


»vvuy,u. Jin&tpriuu, uOgldnly, i 

isli, boorish, rusUo, clumsy, raw, green, 
unconUi, nngaluly, loutish. 

Gawky, n. (Sown, boor, lout, bumpkin, 
awkward fallow. 

Gay, a. 1. Showy, gandy, flashy, fini- 
cal, tawdry, flaunllng, gairish, daahlna. 
" Merry, llvelyj^ oEeerful, gleaful. 

vial, sprightly, hitbe, 

E, sportive, frolicsome, gladsoi 
., buxom, ■^ ' — -"—-- "■■ 


Gayety, n. 1. Show, gaudiness, finery, 

S. Liveliness, cheerfulness, joyoua- 
ness, Joviality, spi^tlinsss, mirth, 
bUthesacdLenesB, memrnent, glee, hilar' 
ity. Jollity, vlvadiy, animation, good 

. Gec^rapblcal dictionary. 

3. Gearing, tootlred wheels, series of 

Gearingr, it- Gi^ak, tootled wheels. 
Geld, V. a. Castrate, emaBculale, ^ib, 

deprive of vimity. 
Gelder-Tose, ™, Snow-ball tree, 
Oeldtng, n. Castrated animal. 
Gelid, a. [«ore,] Very cold. 
Oelidity,n. Extreme coM, 
Geiu, B, 1. Jewel, precious stone. 

^(Bol.) Bud, genu. 
Gem, «. a. 1. Adoi-n willi gems. 
a. EmbelllBb, bespangle- 

1. ('Bot.j Doubled, twin, in 

;a by Google 


Ckmealogy, n. 1, Pedigree, list of an- 

9, Deaceut, dsrlTaUon. 
Oenenri, a. 1. Of tiia whole {genne, 
clots, &c,), catholic, not partial, not 
special, not patOcular. 

S. Oomman, neiulL 
4i Vogna, liLdflUnite, lax. 
Oeoeral, n. 1. VTliole, toUL 

9. (Mif.) Commouaec-ln-cliJGf, s™- 
oralle^niD, oaptaln-goneral. 
OeneiUUaBlmo, n. Gomioander-iii- 

oMef, gener^, capt^n-general, 
Oeuecalltv, n. 1, Universality. 

a. BaUi, lOEHS, greater part, main 

a. In tl 

it paidculac- 

. 1. Beget, proereate, 
d, propagate. 

1, iprooteation. 

e. Production, tttimaUon. 

1, PFOge'ayt ol^pring, aiicceH^ou of 

ration, n. 

it. liiberalitj, bonnty, bomiteoiiniese, 
iKiuntlfalneeB, chaJity, munlSceDce. 
Generous, a. i. Noble, magnanlmonB, 
honorable, high-mlndsd. 
. ». LibeTal,bonnldfiil,1>eueacent,mU' 
nid^tit, elii^tabla, open-handed, fi'ee.' 

Geatna., ». Gin. 

Genial, a. 1* Fostering, clioBTing, en- 
livening, inepii'iUng, encouiaging. 

3. Clleetfol, pleasant, merry, mirth- 
ful Jovial. 
Gen]t«l8, 11. pi. Soiual organs, private 

liUve^o. : 
iiua,». 1. 

jent, gffir' 

e power, power of 

. 3, Adept, proficient, master, master- 
liandi'mftn <S geniue. 
4> Nature, character, disposiHon, 

5. spirit, demon, tutelary dellj. 
Genteel, a. 1. Keflned, polite, conr- 
teouB, polished, i^vil, well-bred, gentle- 
manly or lady-like, 
a, I'asMonable, atyilsli, elegant (in 

GeaUle,n. fe 
of ISleegoas. 

leatlien, woreliippei 

J, ... jnasB, ooortesyj ur- 

lity, good breeding, good behavior. 

Gentle, a. 1. Mild, bland, 

element, leu 


, , — ulgent, meeli, soft, 

liumane, of a sweet disposition, not 

peaceable, quiet, 

Gentle- folks, 


pafjflc, ^1 

^uoiiy andgood breed- 

alleged, anadulterated, true, real, verl- 
taMe, authentic, not spurious, not fiilae, 
not hctitioas, not apocliryEaiel, what 

ti-UK, or order), assemblage of speoleB. 
Geodesy, n. liand-sniTeyiTefoii a larae 

scale, as when tite cm-oaiure (/ Sic earlh 

is iaeea into aaxnml). 
Geometer', n. Geomelrtdan. 
Geometrli^iui, ». Geometer, 

SPSS.!. )•"*'•-"'■'■ 

GeopQhiofi, ». pi. Agriculture, rural 

Ins, [Ii.] [Aitron.) Ura' 

teievant, pertinent, apposite, a^ 
inte, suitable, fitting, to the pur- 
Ek> tbe point. 
silver, «. Pacltrong, white 

.n-tinder, n. Punk, simnk, am- 

1, a. Legendary, traditional, hla- 
Moke gestures. 


tate, bu^ 1 

Gestio, 0- 


S. Learn, memorize, commit to nn 
ory, got by heart. ■ 
3. Beget, generate, engender, ] 


jng, Proceed, QET ahead. 

Get among, Come umong, cume Into 

company of. 
*i_..^_. (I.*., "leep, fnllaBleeP' 

Get at. 1. bl9cc 

Ciet away, Doaart, go awni 
Get away fr — ^-' '"" 


Get book, IteCuni. 

Get before, Come In (Font of. 

Get beblnd, 1. Lag, 1^ in t^e rear. 

, determine, ftud i 
'"^nlt, les 

GettogetlieF, (. 

Get togetber, tkenier.) Meet, eo 
'— up, l,AcUve.] 1. Prepare, 

Trlnt and publisli. 

1-^, [Neuter.) 1. Arise, rise. 

^, Take a po&lllou behind. 

Ghastly, a 

1, Ie» 

by heart, commit to memory. 
Get cleat. Be releoaed, disengage one's 

self, get n-ee, get Inoee, gat o£ 
Get doim. Descend, come down. 
Get diiinfe. Become intoiloated. 
Get SoFmrOt Proceed, nrogrsBS, ad- 

voaxee, g:et along, get imeaa, gat on. 
Get free. Be culeased, get claai, gel 

into a Hlnreiionse. 
Get In, (^etrisr.) Come in, pass to 
Get Into, 1. Monnt, climb into. 

». Be admitted Into. 
Get Into a mess, {Get into difSculty, 
Getintaaiuius,) get into hot 

Get intobotnateF, Get into dlfBculty, 
get Into trouble, get Into a mess, ge' 
&ita a muss, flsli In troubled vaters. 

Get loose, MaeiKage one's self, get fret 
get clear, get o^ be released. 

Get near, Coma near. 

Get otE, 1. Escape, get clear, get free. 

2. DCTiort, go away. 

3. Alight Rom, desoend froc 

Get over, 1. Climb over. 

3. Kecoverfi™ 

Get quit of, Befb 

Get rid of, 1. IMspose of, 

a. Be iVeed from, be rellered from, 
gee clear of, get quit of. 
Get thee gone. Depart, go away, haste 

Get tne Iiang of. Understand, compre- 
hend, get araioaintad with, get accus- 
tomed to, get used to, beoome femiliai 

Get tlie Etait, Be ttrst, be ahead at the 

Get the start of. Be ahead o^ tuwe the 

advantage of in the outset. 
Get thi'ong:h, 1. Pass thtODgb, go 

a. Accomplish, finish. 

van, oadaverous, 



a. Dismal, hideous, grim, horrible, 
ftlghtful, shooldna. 
Ghost, «. 1. SpiiTt, sonl. 

S. ApparlMon, spectre, Bprlte, phMi- 
tom, Btuiae, ooBsai, hobgoblin. 
GhostIr>a- 1. Spiritual, of the gouL 

3i Spectral, phkntom-uke. 
liant, n. Monster, Cyclops, OobBSna, 
Hercules, huge man. 

Jargon, gabble, J abbet, 
He ^UlE, empty babble. 

Gtbberlns, I 

. Gallow 

.. Vertigo, dissiness, av 

Giddiness, n. v ci ug 

mtng of the head. 
Olddy, a. 1. VertlginoiiB, t 
S. Changeable, eclile, _ . 

unsteady, mutable, unstable, irreso- 

3. Careless, heedless, thoi^htless, 

wild, reckless, iie-^'™" k'~^>~ t-''- 

btained, giddy-br 
GIddy-brafued, a 

less, giddy. 
Olft^ n. 1. Donation, present, befietac- 

tlon, boon, gratuity, grantj oft^ing. 

Gifted, a. , Talented, able^ Ingenious, 
sagaclouB, inventive, Intelluant. 

Caftof thegab, [(l>;ioaMia(.l FIubuct, 
volnbility, glibness, readinara of speaen, 
command of language, facility at ei- 

Glgantijc, a. Huge, vast, enormous, 
colossal, prodigioua, Cyclopean, Heroa- 
laan, giant, very lai^a. 


O^gle, n. Titter, silly laueh. 
O^Sle, V. n. Ifflugh (in a aUly maatier), 

Gild, t>. a. 1. Cosi, with Kold-'lenf. 
a. Adotti, bcigliten, ranke luatFDns, 
make bright. 
GUI, «. 1. QasTter of a pint. 

8. (Boi.j Alehoofigronud-Jyyl^ecefD 

[Writtfia also JingU.] 

Gingle,D. a. TinMe, 

Olngle, u. Tinkle, gingling, ginglii 

eingllns, «- QiNOLS. 
Giraffe. 11. Comelopnid. 

vltji a giiille. 

a SniTound 
enclose, enviroi 
3. Clotha, Invest, "eaulp, furiiidi. 
Girdle, n. Biuid [for the vmiit), belt, 

OB^TUs, i^ctiire. 
Girdle, D. a. 1. (Mrd, Wnd ronnd. 
j^ I^Tlron, BTLOompaaa, flurroiu] 
enclose^ embraoe, ^rb, abut In. 
Girdled, a. Gtrded, oinotnred, beltefl 
Girl, »■ 1. lam, 1a«9le, dtuneel, mli., 
maiden, maid, viralii, Tonng woman. 

g. [P. S.] Miad-serviuit, aervant- 
mald, eaTTimt-girl, female domesljo. 

Girt, 1_ - ^ ^ 

Girth, 1 ^ 
a. r- 

Girt, « 
GlBt, 1 

S. Fandeh, Bapply, afford, spare, e 
commodate "wltli. 

In, {Jelioe.) 1. Hand 

... Abate, dednct, dlacoun 

Give in, (feuter.) Yield, 

gra np, cry goils, cry gnaii^er. 
e one's self up, 1. Rea^ one's self, 
devote one'B self. 

S. Addict one's self, abandon one's 
live one tlie lie. Chaise one with ly- 

Ilve' one the lie in one'B throat, 

Cliai^ one with lying outrageously. 
live over, ' 1. Leave, i;iuit, abandon, 

S. Consider hopeless, eonsidet lost, 

exhausted, spend 


1 handle, aoi 

SVB an oppoTtuTdty. 
e away, Transfer (wifSot 
aleiU), make ovei gratis, pait with gra- 
Give ba^ Ketum, restore 
Give chase, Pursne, follow 
Give eax, Listen, hear. 

J. Yield pi _ 

Glvenp, fActive.'i 1. lleslgn, relinquish, 
yield, surrender. 

3. Consider hopeless, eoneidet' lost, 

live up, (IfeiUer.) Yield, Barreuder, 

give in, ory quits, ory quarter. 
Give op the ghost. Die, expire, depacC, 

deceaee, leave ISe world, draw tlie last 

breath, cease to eiist. 
Give way, 1. Withdraw, reotde, reUre, 

rer, disposSF, 

Glai^, a. 1. Icy. 

a. Of glaciers. 
Glad, a. 1> Fleased, delighted, gratified, 

lloiced, happy, weU conleated. 

^ Obeerful, Joyoos,JoyfDl,gladsome. 

3. Cheeruffi, animating, gratifying, 
^leasiag, exhiiaraana. 
Glad, !>. a. iPoetKid.] Del^t, olau- 


rejoice, blena, ojuim 
glad, please t^fbly. 

, Delight, cheer, 

Gtadsome-fl. Pleased, dellghled, ( 
fuL joyful, JoyonS, glad, gay, t 

. bUtheBome, AeelU, Jovial, jol^, merry, 
lively, Jocund, airy, vivaidDDB, spright' 
ly, spotHve, frOUeBaniB, Ught-naarted. 

Gl^, n. ^hits of on egg. 

. ■Witchery lappUed to the 


t. Take a elimpsa at, look at 

OlBDce-coal, n 

Glare, v. n. 1. Flare, dazzle, glitter, 

glistan, gleam, epaJ'tle. 
a. Glower, loot fierce, look black. 
Olars, n. 1. Qlftter, flare, dazslioE 

l^t. . .. "^ 

Glaaaea, n. pi. Spectacles. 
GlBBB-wort, ». Salt-wort, marsli-BS 

S'llre IStMoomia fterfioceo). 
SBy, a. 1, Tltreons. 
8. Mjallne, oryelal, oi 
<Haiibei'8-Baib " "-'" 

, , , orystall 
Bit, ». Snlphate o 
1. Sea-green. 
" ?Qt glass In [0 

a. Cover irltii a glaasT snbstance. 

8. Galekdt^ poliBh, gloss, buroieli, 
foibish, give a gLoasy Bntiace to. 

GIbes. ». QlaEli^, enamel. 
GliuiiiE, n. 1. Setting glass. 

9. Calendering. 
3. tilaze, enamel. 

Gleam, ft. 1, Bay, beam, glimmer, 

S. Lnsli^ brightitess, spiendor. 
GlflB¥u. V. n. Glimmer, amne, glitter. 
. 1. Qatber {<i«er reaps-)]. 

Glebe, «. sSl (S. , , , „ 

COee, m. Msrrfment mirth, gwety, jo- 
viality, jolUtTi eimlitration, llvellnesa, 
sporliTaiiess, Jocnlarfty, bilarity. 

Glen, It. Valley, vale, dale, dell, din- 

Giil>, a. 1. Smootti, slippery. 

3. Voluble, fluent, ready, talkative, 
flippant, nimble of Bpeeoh, ready in 
speecli, oT a ready tongue. 

Glib, «. a. Caatrate, geld, emasouli 
deprive of virilifrr. 

Ol^, V. «. 1. Slip, sUde, move emoo 

GUmmer, f . n. 


e, slip, eonUnnouB m 
Sbine t/aintly}, glea: 

. Gleam (of. 
ileaan Itgktj, 

Glimpse, glance, tran^tory Tie^, 

transitory view, rapid loolt, 
GUnt,».^ (SooWisfi. 


Glitter, V. n. Glisten, gliBtflr, sparkle, 
gleam, flare, ^re, make a splendid 

Glitier,ii. Sparlilo, glister, 
liaucy, splendor, brq^Uiesi 

Gloat, V. It. Stare, gaze, gaz 


tre, brll- 

{ a. Globular, globose, epber- 

^ , j leal, round, spheroidal, 


I>e, «. 1. Sphere, ball, orb. 
i- Eartli, terraqueoua globe, terres- 
.__al ball. 
Glabe-fiBb, ». Pnflbr. 
"Iffbosfc a. apberical, globular, alo- 
bate, Elobated, round, globe-aliapedT 
lobiudty, «, Bpherioitj'. 
lobular, a. Spherical, globate, glo- 
bated, globo^, ^l>uIous, round, globe- 
'-■—'- - ''-'■•)rule,llttlBglob8,small 

dusky, dleroBl, obeetleas, lowering, 

3. Son, d^ected. depressed, dispirited, 
disheartened, despondent, desponding, 
melancholy, downcast, crest-Mien, 
ehap-lailen, down-hearted, glum, lieavj 

'■"nor greatl, 

(, Brlgbten, roalce brigM, add luatre. 

riotis, a. 1. lilnstrioue. renowned, 

ebrated, &mouB, fomed, eminent, 

i-eminent, disUngulslied, excellent, 

ble, conspicuous. 

t. fieepletident, splendid, bright, 

liiant. radiant. 

?y, n. 1, HoEor, renown, fame, ce- 

Spiendor, lustre, brigbtuera, bril- 

4. Heavenly bliss, celestial happl- 

e.' Boast, occasion of pride, sooie- 
thli^ to be proud of. 

fl, (Paiatmg.) Halo, aureola. 
Olorr, V. n. £xult. vaunt, boast, take 
pride, triumph, be proud, pride one^s 
self, plums one s eelf, pique one'fi self, 
nerk one's self, pat one's self on tbe 

Gloss, ». 1. Comment, note, explana- 
tion, interpretation, selioHiuii, annota- 

it. PreteKt, pi-etenoe, epeolous plea. 

3. Lustre, polish, sliining surface. 
Gloss, H. n. Comment, make notes, 

make explanatory remarks. 
Gloss, V. <!. 1. Yarnish, make lOB- 

3. Extenuate, palllat«, color, apolo- 



GloaaariBti n. 

7 l<^ obscun, 

GlcwBOry, n. DkHonaiT 

asuigaaied, or local loords]. 
Gloasolosy. »■ GlottolcOT, lingaistioa, 

comportiUye pliilolosyi eomparaUvB 

Srammor, »^eBce of language. 
>fiB OTflT, Disguise, varmshT color, 
make plausible. 
Glossy, a. Smooth and sbinlue. 
— -tolosT,". '•-"""^^--- 

Glttw, - 

■ a. SWne brtglit 
3. Burn, be hot 


Arifor, ^^en 

, feel iutenae.. 
e, trbite heat. 

inger), glare, 
.Y iLompyris 

look Unck, look Qerce. 
Glow-worm, ». FlllE- 

Gloze, V. n. Flatter, cajole, 

awn, cringe. 
Gln^M*}"- OddB of glucininm. . 
Glaoose, n. Grape-snjar, starch-sugar. 
Olne, It. Oelaline llmpure). 
Glue, V. a. CamBat {loiih glue). 
Gluey, a. YlsoouB, Tiadd, qIiUtihous. 
Glum, a. Sullen, moodf , Bulkr, moross, 

BOUT, or^bed, oruatj, grum, gloweihig, 

rrDirmiui, epleeny, aoggeA, Btnbboca, 

intractable, orOBa-gr^nea. 
Glniue, n. Husk l(if grain and grasses]. 

Glut, u. a. 


mand, gobbler 

s, nibble, champ, 

a. Corrode, eat uwny, wear away. 
6nomi>ii,«. Stjle(o/'a<iioi|. 
GaomonloB, n. BiallLi^. 
Q«, V. n. 1. MovB, pass, proceed, ad- 
yanoe, malia progiesa, go on, 

a. walk, go on tbot. 

t, getan^go 

h»Te e^ct, be of use, bo of aervlcti. 

S. Se considered, be reckoned, be 

a. Be about, it' on ttie point. 
Oo, inter). Begone, avannt, arornt, get 
you gone, ba off, go along, off with you, 
get along with you, go your way, go 

Oo about, 1. Endeavor, Btiempt, un- 
dertake set one^B self about. 
a. (Scmt.i lack, change the coarse. 
Goad, n. Priot, p<an6. 
CMad, P. a. 1. Klok wlti a goad. 

it, Indte, stimalat«, insUgate, urge, 
impel, spur, arouse, suf up, set on. 
Ga ahead, Proceea, adrance, go on, 
push on, press fbrward. 

2. OUect, end, design, destination, 
ahn height of one's ambition. 

Oontlsli, a, like a goat |estKdii% in 
BttieU or wb hatfidstese), ■ 

Goat-Bucker.n. HieHt-Jax, wbeel-blrd, 
churn-owl iCaprba-algus £«ji5pfflBS(. 

Oo away. Depart, go off. 

Go a wool-g»thertnB:, Qo on a fOol'a 
errand, go on a wild-goose chase, go on 
a sleeveless errand, reckon nithoiLt 

Go bai^, Betnm, 

Gobble, i>. a. Swallow igreedUy), bolt. 

Go beyond, Trai 

. . tweeo, Medi ., 
Go-between, n. A^ent, b 

" " ri" — 

Go by, 1. Pass near. 
a, Faaa beyond. 
3. Act by, act according to, act in 

Go by, n. [CoUoqninl.i Baaing by, neg- 

God, II. 1. Jehovah, Lord, Omnipotence, 
Omnlselenee, Providence, Heaven, The 
Creator, The Maker, Tlie Deity, The 
Godhead, The In^le, The Vernal, 
The OmnhietentL Ttie Preeerrer, Tlie 
PfltherTMe Trinity, The Holy Trinity, 
The Supiema Bebig, The E^tst Cause, 
The Anthor otm OOna, Goil the 
Father. Soveitign of the Urdrerse, The 
eternal and Inhnite Spirit. 
a. Deity, dhlnity, idoL 

Goddess, n. Female diiinity. 

Ciodliead, n. 1. Deity, divinity, god- 

il, given to athdam. 

llltEe,<t. Divme, heavenly, supernal. 



Ctoaly, o. Kous, holy, rlghteons, re 
Ugfous, devout, BOintiy, saint - liks 
Oo down, 1. Deecend. 
S, Be Bwalloweiit. 
3. {iJiv}.) Be rscelved, ba adndtted 

Tm la iltTor of, aa TS fob. 
Go for notliiiig, Be of no use, have 

eflect or efUcacy. 
Go fOrtli, 1. Inane, go ont. 

a. Get abroad, bacomepnbllo. 
G<^tVle> "■ »■ Ecil tlie eyes. 
Oi^Ie, n. Slars, owliah look, atrai. 

G^^Ied, d. Sbalag[as afulior pTomi- 

nenteye), rolling. 
" — '- '. Boiling eye, staring 

Go Iiiu-d with, £e diSBStrons to, Iiave 

aeri&uB consequences tbc. 
Go heelB oierlxead. Make or turn a 

Going: on, 1. Frooeeiiing, adTandng. 

a. Pcogreesing, in pnwreaB, In hand. 
Gaines on, [CMliogiiuii.J Proceedings, 

Go in tor, [CMfDauloJ.] Favor, support. 

Goitre, n. [Written also toiler.] Bron- 
ehocelo, enlargement of tlie thyroid 

Goltuiind, [Ztnv.] Act without caution, 

firooeed recklessly, leap witLont look- 
as, leap in the dark. 
Geld-sop, n. King-cup, bnttereup 

{Htmmicaiat iaS>oeue\. 
Goldema. 1. Of golfl. 

a. BrlgM, Bhlning, splendid, resplen- 
dent, bculiant. 
8. TeUow, of a gold color. 
4. Excellent, preidous, of great value. 
propidouB. ""^ " ' P ^ " ' 

Golden-roliliiii.n. Hflug-bh^i, balti- 
Goldyloelis, ». Cudweed, eyeilaelJng, 
Oonorrhfea, n. {Med.) Ciap, venereal 

Good, a. I. Advautageous, beni 
useriil, profitable, servlceabie. 

a. Soitable, lit, proper, convenient, 
admirable, not bail, well adapted. 

3' Virtuous, upr^kt,re]igioiis, pious, 
lighteous, woittiy, dutiful. 

4* Excellent, finable, pieclona, atar- 
ling, capital. 

6. Kind, benerolent, humane, friend- 
ly, i^vorabie, gracloua, merdful, obl^- 
ing, weii-di9pQsed. 

\ Unb 




.nlhed u 

.panionable social 

8. Able, Bkiifnl ready expert, des- 
■011S well inaliflert 

inperent [pecu ivrnly), of estab- 

Pleaaant^ agreeable, gratifying, 

11, Couaiderabie, great, not small, 
not inaJgniOca^ut. ' 

IS. Eaal,t ' -'-' — ■" 

ood, n. 1. : 
— 'n, utihty. 

S. Welfiire, wea 
S. Kighteoaancai 

, proaperity, inter- 
virtue, moral qual- 

ity, courtesy, urbanity, aaiibillty, good 

Good-^ JihorJiXo:). Parewell, adieu. 
Good olieer, Bountiful Ihia, h^h hying. 

D-Dod fortune, Proaperity, aoccesB, go 

iood gpacea, Friaudahip, favoF. 
lood heed. Great care, due caution, 
Jood hninor, CheeriUneaa, cheer, jo 
onanesa, good ajirits, cheerful fiow 


>ood Inok,' Fi'osperity, success, good 

loodly,o. 1. Beautiful, graceful, come- 
ly, good-looking. 
S. Pleasant, nappy, agreeable, deslr- 

3' Oon^iiei'able, pretty large. 
Goodman, n. 1. Gaifer. 

a. Hn^nd, maatec of the house. 

Keaa, amiability, l>an^\ity, good will, 
Eood f^iug, kkd-lieaiiedneaa, feilow- 

}ood-ii»tnred, o. Benevolent, kind, 
amiable, humane, obii^ng, benignantj 
heulgu, klnd-liearted, good-tempered, 

ioodneBS, «. 1. ExceUence, value. 



a. Commoililiee, wares, mecolianaise. 
Good Bense. Good Jui^ment, isouail 

rn, Service, kind offloe, auC of 

H. EameetneBB, liearttnese, ardor, 

3. [LaiB,] Custom (o/eai eatabHsfied 
plaee qf business), patrona^. 
Good-'woiiinn, n. GOOD-WIFE. 
Goody, ». Qammar, oood-wife. 
Go off, 1. Depart, go iiwaj, be off. 

iS. jExplode, be dfecliarged. 
Go on, 1. Frooeed, advance, go ahaad. 

Ld, Go . 
-Koose cliaso. Go . 

Goose, «. I. TaHor'a BmootbinE icon. 

Z. Simpleton, tool, duhoe. 
Goas»«Ta8B, n. Cleaveie, liarlS, catcli. 

weed, scFatdL-weBd | GcUiiaii aparine]. 
Go oot, 1. Issue, go torOi- 

a. Go abroad, go out of doom. 
3. Espito, beoome axtlnct, be exHu- 
giilahed, be qnenelied, be put ont. 
Go over, 1. liead (cursorily), peruse, 

Study, revolve, thlnt 

T — V oliauge sidBn. 

Malo, pOQObad rat (Pseu- 

i. Pass over, oliauge sidea. 
Goplier, It. 1. Molo, poodle'' 
StUmialiuraariia oiBeomys 

Gor~oo<^»- Beae''onee. 

-cock (ij^p^ ScoH- 
ciotCed blood. 

Gore. «. a. 1. Stab, pierce. 

a. Piece witli a goi-e. 
Gorge, n. Itavine, dedlo, notch. 
Goi'ge, V. a. 1, Swallow, devour, e 

5 littering, btilliont, dazzllii, resplen 
Bnt, m^nllicent, £ne, rich, auperb. 
foi^on, B. Speotce, iobgoblln, ogre 


Gornuuid, n. rw^ritten also and asi 

3. History of Ohrlst {as given in &b 
JfeiB Testameut by one eeaagellsl or otJ- 

3. Doctiine, creed, principle of ac- 

GoSB, fl. Farse, oobse. 

Gossamery, a. Llglit, £]msy, unsub- 

Ooaslp, n. 1. Tattler, babbler, ohat- 
terer, gadabouts idle tulker, 

a. Cbat, obltcbat, tattle, pi'ate, prat- 
tle, cackle, clack, smaU t^k. Idle talk. 

GatMo, a. Ttnde, barbaric, barbarous. 

Gotlitc, «. Gothic language. 

Gotklctsm, n. 1. GoOiic Idiom. 

8. RudeneM, barbarism, Indvilitv. 

Cio througli, 1. Execute, accomplish, 
S. Bear, endure, undergo, suffer. 

Go tlirouirh witli. Do thoroughly, ex- 
ecute eftfotually. 

Go to li^serlieads. Come to blows, 
itill to logcerlieads. 

Go to pot, iCoUoquial.] Go to aestrno- 
Mon, be oestroyed, be rained, go to the 
AogB, go by tlie board, go to lack and 

Go to war. Fight, war, oontend (in 
arms), take op arms, take np the cud- 
eel, appeal to arms, w^[a war, draw 
the sword, unsheath the aword, («me to 
blow9, measure swords, give battle, Jcdn 
batt^, enter the Mats, oouoh one's lance, 
take tlie Held, let slip the dogs oC war, 
%ht it cFut, take up the ha«£et. 

Gonse, ». 1. Hollow oMsel. 

a, tOoBoquiai.'] Cheat, tilek, impMi- 
ture, Impofflllon, decaptioa, fVaud, eo^l^ 

3. (otSoqaial,] Trioketet, impostor, 
n^ue, knave, swindler, sharper, cheats 



Qimrmand, n. [Wiittea also, 1jiit leee 
cammoalj, Go^mand.'] Glnttcm, gor- 

Qont(ooD),». [Fr.]' Taste, reliali, flavor, 
amiuik, Baior, gusto, zest. 

Ooat^ n. PODAQRA 

OoDt^, a. Podagric, podagrical. 
Goreru, v, a, 1. Conduct, managB, 

enpOFvlse, reeolats, have the direction 

of, liave the charge of. 
3. Direct, goioe, steer. 

Gavemeas, n. Gtoreraante, instruot- 

resa, tntoFesa. 
Govemment, «. 1. Rule, management, 

regulation, eonduct- 
8. Direction, guidance. 

4. Follt;, com Dionwealtli, state, form 
of sovereifiity, body politic. 

5. AdmlniBtraUon, body of execntlve 
offlcers, r iiltng power, powers tlat 

1. Enler, dlrei 

„, , inatruotor, gnarSian. 

Go your way, Avauiit, aroyiit, bt^— ., 
Iw off, get jon gone, go along, off wili 
you- get BlDi^ with you, go about your 

Grab, v. a. '[Zow.] Snatch, clutch, 

violently, gripe Buddenly. 
Grace, «. 1. Favor, kindness, co 
eceuBion, henigiuty, love, good-will 

». Divine goodneaa or Tavor, il 
iniuanoe, Goa'e love. 

3. Piety, devoUon, devoutuess, 
uos, teuton, sanctity. 

i. Pardon, Jbrglveness, mercy. 

- "" poliah, refinemeat, ao- 

antj, eymmstry, oomell 

7. Short prayer (ouerjboii o( (Hi 

8. (jfcfiwio.) EmbelliBliment (aj 
ffiaiv/ra, ekaJ^ trUl, tmTt], 

Qraev, n. a. 1. Adorn, decorate, 1 
11^, ambelli^, deek. 
S. Dignify, honor. 

Graoefiil, a. 1, Elegant, comely 
comii^, beautiful. 
a. Ifiiay, natural, unlaboted. 

Graceless, o. Depraved, degene 
corrnpt, profligate, teproliate, dlsso- 
Inte, ahaudoneil, lost, sliamelesa, obdu- 
rate, hardened, incorrigible, irrecl"'™ 

fBVoraWe, kind, friendly, meroifliv 
desceDdhig, oomposaloiiate, teitder. 
jilent, mlla, gentle. 

Gi'adatlon, n. Regular progresB (slejj 
blf step]. Tegular progreBBi'"" 
trade, 51. 1. Rank, degret 
it, Otndlent, rate of aec< 
scent ((IS on a railroad]. 


d^rees, step by step, 11 
Utne and little. 


ark with degrees, 
Toportion, regu- 

iduate, V. n. Talce a d^ree, receive 

a diploma. 
Gradns, ». DleUonary of prosody, pro- 
. sodial dictionat]'. 
Orafi^ »■ Ditch, moat, Cbsse. 
Gr^LA, n. Biioot{wis&^6d in another tree), 

Ecion, sprotit. 
Graft, o, a. Ingraft. 
Grain, «. 1. Seed, kernel, matured 


3. Corn (wAeof, r^e, ooiBj barley, 
iiMtfee, ito.l. 

3. Porticle, atom, bit, scrap, jot, wMt, 
mite, ace, iota, tittle, sidntilla, trace, 
spark, staduWj glimmer. 

1. Twent'-''- — •-'- - 

J, Kbre^ . . 
e. Temper. dispo«tIon, hnmor. 
1. Dye, tint, color, stain, titige, hue, 
shade, unctare. 
Grall», n. pi. [L.I Waders, wadli^; 

Grallatocea, n. pi. [L.\ GaA.LL^. 


Grass-eating, phy- 

, 11. J.. Accidence, science of 
language, ihwa or rnles of language, 
meoiTf of humau speech. 

a. Propriely of speech, right use of 
language, art of speaking or wriUog 

3> Tieatise on grammar, manual or 
handbook of grammar, grammatioal 
KrHmnoarlaiK n. Adept in grammar. 
Si'soaty, n. Garner, com-bouee. . 
ii'iinA, a, 1. Stately, lucdly, princely, 
august, m^eetio, exulted, elevated, dia- 
niited, eminent, lllDBtrioua, great, hl^ 
in power, of great dignity. 

S. M^niflceut, splendid, superb, 
gloriona. noble, sublime, lofty. 
3. Prinoipal, olilef, supeiior. 
>rand-duke, ». 1. Sovereign prince. 
S. . (ZoiS.) Great liociief owl {Buio 

inuidee, it. Nobleman, noble, lord. 
liandenr, ii. 1. Greatness, sublimity. 
a. MlJestv, loflJn«e, staleUncsa, 
state, d^idty, pomp, maguiliceiioB, 

Urandt^theF, ». Grand^re, grand- 

;a by Google 


GraudlloqnenGe, n. Bombaafi, fUstJan, 
tuigljJiby, loICjr laiieuu^ liiMi-gound- 
. In^ woTOB, lof^ Hbfle or apeeoiL 
Or^idilaqaelit, d. fiamPffflUcj t^u^d, 
tmnld, Binillli^, InOaMcl, BtUted, pom- 
pona, deolamatory, rhelKirical, u^b- 
sonnditig, Jiteh-llowi-- 

. 1, Admit, allow, ooncade, 

Grannl&te, v. a. Foim Into ^ 

dues to ernlas. 
Grannlate, n. ». Be ibrmed into grains. 
Oi-aonler n. Small grain, small parti- 
Grape, «■ Frnlt of the vine. 
Gmpe'SiiBaF, n. Qluooae, stardi-argar. 
Graphic, \a. Vivid, lively, plotu- 
Graphical, J reaqna, weU dvawn, we!] 

Graphite, n. Flambago, Mack-lead, 
Giapple.v.o- Seise, gripe, graap, catch. 

claap, clutch, lay hold of. 
Grwple wfth. Struggle with, engage 

wlEh, close with, toafend with [in Dipse 

Grapple, n. 1. Cloae hi^, close fight. 

%. OtappUng-lrons. 
Orappling-irons, li. pi. Grapple. 
Graan, V, a. Clasp, gripe, seize, clinch, 

olntoii, catch, grapple, Jay hold of. 
Grasp at. Catch at, tiy to seise. 
Orasp^. 1. Clasp, gripe. 
a. Bold, possession. 
3. Reach, power of selalng or of oom- 
Graapli^, a. Avarlelons, covetous, mi- 
eerly, n^tgortilj, penurlona, pardmoni- 
oae, close, stlngV, mean, sordid, close- 
fisted, witJi an Itching pali~ 

tivoroua, phytopha^Dns. 

Gi-asB-pIot, ». Lawn, green. 

Grassy, o. GlramineouH, gramlnaeeouB. 

Grate, v. a. 1. Uub, aotape, abrade. 
H, Basp, comminute, reauoe to par- 
ticles by iBbMne. 

Grate, v. ». Be irritaUng, be disagree- 
able, be offensive. 

Graternl, a. 1. Iqankfdi., obliged, 
indebted, beholden, under obugatlon. 

a. Agreeable, pleasing, pleasant, grat^ 
iCyji^, acceptable, dehghtful, welcome, 

3. DelTcIoua, palatable, savorj^, nl 
luscious, cordial, refreshing, inv^or 

GratiOoation, n. 1. Gratifying, pleas- 

a. Delight, satisfaotiou, 
pleaanre, &idblon. 

5. Reward, recompense- 
Gratify, V. a. PleOBB, indu^, satisl^, 

humor, del^ht, give pleasm'e to, maJEo 

Gratifying, a. Pleadi^, agreeable, wel- 

GraUne, a. Harsh, irrltatiog, displeas- 
ing, disagreeable, ofl^nsive. 
GratJs, ofl. [L.) Gratuitously, fteely. 

Gratitude, n. Tlianlifolness, feeling of 
cbllgaUon, sense of obhgatlon. 

GratnltoDB, a. 1. Voluntary, ftee, 
spontaneous, of one's own accord. 

6, Unwarranted, nnfonnded, ground- 
Gratuity, n. Fresent, gift, donation, 

benefaction, bounty, laj^ess, grant, free 

Gratulatlon, ii. Coiuratutatloii, teiici- 

Gratolatory, a. Congratnlatory. 

Grave, v. a. 1. Engrave, imprint, loflx, 
Impress deeply, 
3. Carve-Jorm by cutting. 

Grave, t*- Pit {/or a dead body]^ sepul- 
chre, tomb, ossuary, charnel-house. 

Grave, ii, 1. Important, weighty, mo- 
mentous, cogent, of great consequence. 
a. Sober, seilous, sedate, thoughtful, 
demore, staid, solemn. 

ii (JfiuiG.) Deep, not aeute, low iu 
Grave-dotUes, n-pi. Shroud, winding- 
Gravel, n. Sand, grit, small pebbles- 

1. Engraver, 
in, eugravii^ tool. 
a, II. Cemetery, neoropolis, 
-, churchyard, burlal-gronnd, 

ravUate,B, . _... 
■ ■■ ».- Qi 

~i. Heanm 
3. ^i^uvLcatlon, eer*" 
traction of gravltatic 

ivavltatlon, eentrlpelar&> 
tn of gravltaflc" 
loaghtfalncss, demi 

ly, a Hoarj^blao) 
lylah, a. Grizzly, 

Graze, V. a. 1. Feed with gross, 
a. Feed upon, eat graES from. 
3. Shave, scrape, skim, tench lighUy 
(tnpaS5*?is rtuer). 
Grease, n. 1. Unotnons matter (tord, 
S. li-arAeni.) 
a. ,^ribe, give a donceui to 

;h grease. 


Greasy, a. UnctnonB, ftA, fatty, oily, 
adlpoaaj sebaceous, olesjflnona. 

Great, a. li Lltrgs, 1>^, ''as', hige, 
buU^, ample, InuueiiBB, gigantio, Het- 
eulean, Cyoli^BaB. eiiormoiiB. 
a. Mucli, excesdre, liigli. 

4. ConetderftWe, important, w^lty. 

5. Dlstii^olaliea, eminent, pcoaii- 
nent, exoTced, eWaCed escellent, 
noted, lUnsttloiie, celeT>i:ated, t^xaoae, 
Ikmed-Tenowned, br- Aimed. 

6. Grand, august, lUgnlAed, nolile, 
moieatjc, tmbllme. 

7. Maananlmooa, generous, oMval- 
rous, high-minded. 

S. Sutnptnocs, rich, niagnldcent. 
a. Hard, dUBoult, onerous, Iiurden- 
Bome, grievous. 

10. Uldef. principal. 

11. Supeiloc, pre-aminent. 

Great, ». [Wit6 Tfte prefixed,] Great 
persona, persons of rsii^, people of dls- 

Great bear, «. . [With The prefixed.] 

Great-beUied, a. Abdomlnons, large- 
ballltid, 'big-bellied, pot-belllsd, tuit- 

Greatest g;oDd, Supreme good,' suuuuH 

Great-hearted, a. Noble, miienuil- 
Clous, generone, chivalrous, high-spir- 
ited, iiigti-mluded. 

Greatness, n. 1.' largeness, magni- 
tude, dse, bulk, aimenalonB. 
t. High degree. 

4. iu^ty, augual 

nence, eleva 

Gi-eoian, «. 1. Gree^, native of 

a. Adept in Greek, proficient in the 

Oi^eeic langui^, Greek scholar. 
Gr«etsm, n. di'eeldam, Hellenism. 
Greed, n. Sogemess, longing, obbedi- 

Greedinesa, «. 1. Voraflty, ravenoua- 
nesB, gluttony, rapa«lty, exoesBlve hun- 

8. Eagemesa, longing, greed, aTld- 
ity, intense desu*. 

gluttonous, rapacieus, insatiable, in- 
satiate, v«rj hungry. 
a. Eager, very desirouB. 
Greedy-^tnti ». [I'CtB,] Glutton, gor- 
mandizer, gourmand, gobbler. 
Greek, a. 1. Of Greece. 

a. Qrocfan, clasaio, clastical, after 
Qie Greek, la the manner of Greece. 
Greek. » 1. Qredon, native of Greece. 

a. Greek langnage. 
Green, o, 1, "Verc"""'- 

rienced, unskilful. Inexpert, 

ilrcen, n. 1* Blue and yellov. 

a. Lawn, grass-plot, gntaey plain. 
ireeulioiie, «. GAB-FiaH, saa-jdke. 
Ireen-broom, n. Groan-Tveed, dyer'B- 

weed I Genista Mnofnria). 
Sreenflnoli, n. Green groBSbeak {Coe- 

GoihrauBfea chloria]. 
Sreenhom, «. iCoBoqtiiai.] Noriee, 

ireenliouse, n. Conservatory. 
irreenuess, n. 1. Verdancy, viridity. 

». Vigor, fraBhnesB. 

3. Unripeness, Immaturity. 


ite, nelcome, bail. 


' a. Compliment, expression of good' 
GrevBome, a. [ScotHlli.] Frightfltl, 

Gr^Iag, ». Wild goose (^so- /B- 

Grenatite, n. Groas-stoae, BtauroUde, 

Grief, n. 1. Sorrow, regret, affllcUon, 
distress, tribnlation, woe, sadness, blt- 
temaBs, angulsli, misery agony, heart- 
ache, heavy heart, bleeding heari), 
broken heart, pMn of.miad, mental 

a. Trral,griBv»nce,oanB6 of sorrow. 

jury, buMen, oppresBlon. 

burden, oppn 
Iriaf, trial, ca 

bew^, feel regret. 
Grievous, a. l. -IMstreBsii^, afflictive, 
afflicting, painfol, sad, deplorable, la- 
mentable, hard to bear. 

a. Hurtful, injurious, baneful, nox- 
ious, mischievous, detrimental, d^Unc- 

3.' Atrodons, heinous, fictions. 
Grim, a. 1. Ilerce, ferocious, ruthless, 

9. irrighSji, horrible, hideous, grisly, 
appalling, dire, horrid, terrific, dread- 
ful, of tbrblddlnglook. 
Grimace, n. Distortion of countenance, 

Grijn-filced, a. Grim-visa([ed. 
Grinl-Tiei^j;ed, a. Grlm-t^ed. 
Grin, tr.n.. Stiow the teeth {in fou^AiRti, 

Griu at, iHdicule, deride, moels. at, Bcoff 
at, jeer at, langh at. 



fit Sharpen [by ru^^binff]. 
J. Grate, mil WgetliBf- 
I. OpptesB.luvrasStpgrBecu 

Touble, aMc 

litrlnder, i 


tootli, ilonble 

OrindeiT, n, [Englcaid.'] Shoemakera' 

Grlndery-mareliouse, «. Finiling- 

O-cip, n. [Low.] Gtasp, gripe, clutch, 

bold tiat. 


ze, clntcb, eissp, 


i, aque^oQ, pinob^ 

piucb, stralgbten, 

Hob, hold, Belznre. 
es, i^iipiDgj pinch- 

S. Colic, Eiipes, pa 
3. AffiicrTon, diatrma, gripe. 
Gripes, n. pL Colic, griping, bell j-aolie, 

pain In the bowe]«. 
Grippe, ». [¥r.] C»tarrh, influensa. 
OrlB^.O. ffElghlfiil, horrible, horrid, ter- 

rtfio, Mdeous, appulii^, drdulfol, grim, 
Griatle, n. C^tuaga. 
Gristly, a. Oartilaglnoos. 
Grtt, ». 1. Bran. 

a. Sand, gravel, small peltblea. 
3^ Gritsbonc, eriCrock. 
Oritroek, ?i. Gritatone, gi'lt. 
GHts, n. pi. . QFoots, dialled oate, oi 

hulled wheat. 
Orttstone, «. Grit, grit-rook, 
Grlttf , a, SBjidT, 
Grlaaled, a. Grajiah, erlzity. 
Grlzily, a. Grayish, ^saled, somewhat 

gray, a httle gray. 
GrOHK, V, «. Moan. 
OroBt, n. Fourpence. 
dToKtit, «. pi. Grits, huHed oats, or 

liuilea wheat. 
Groceries, n. pi. [ U. S.J Gbocebi, 

grocers' eomraoditLes, 
Grooerv, », 1. [Bngtimd.] Geooebtes. 

a, [if. S.] Grocer's shop. 
GroBgery, «. Qrog-eiiop, di'ftin-sbop, 

GrDEg:y, a, [Loii^Jl Tipsy, Intoxicated, 

Inebriated. □RUNS. 

Large, big, bnlky, great. 

;. Palpable, manifest, glaring, 

«B, II. 1. Whole, total, aggi'egate, 

!, Twelve doiei 

. I. Greatness, bnlkinesf 

S. I>en>dty, thickness. 

vulgarity, impurity, 

Grot, n. Cave, cavern, grotto. 
- ■ . Fantastic «■" 


eness, IndeUcai?, 


3. Kagion, territory, 

Ground, V 

Lores, fleiil, real property, 
m, support, baas, baala, 

I. place on tbe ground. 
tabUsh, base, &x, aet. 
Run aground, get a- 

ind-hos, 1. 'Woodchnck, Ameri- 
.^a marmot {Arciomya ■moiiax). 
Oround-loe, ». Anchor-ice. 
Groand-lvy, », CHll alehoot 
Ground-nut, n. 1. jflg-nnt, hawk-uat, 
eailh-uut, eara)-qliestnnt(Buiitiun,^ra- 

3. Wild bean (Apioa iuberoaa), 
i. Dwarf ginseng [AraHa tri/bliaoi 
Piamc trifolSatt). 
Gronud-plate, n. Sill, gronnd-sUl, 

" .pi. Lees, dregs, sadimBnt, 



-idsel, i' 
id-squtrrel, R, Cliipmunk, 
id-norb, n. 1. Base, basis, sub- 

Group, V. a. Arrange, dispose, aaslgu 
placea to, fOrm into groups. 

Gronse,™. HeatJi-game. 

Grants, n. pi. ■ Lees, gboundb. 

Gronty, o. [ajtlogutal.] Sullen, moody, 
sulky, surly, morose, erosB, gin m.grum, 
splaeny, cynioul, crabbed, out of inmor, 

Groie, n. FoMaT, wood, woodland. 

1. Creeping, eroTiehine, squat, 
a. Low, mean, base, vile, abject, ser- 
vile, Elavlali, cringing, fawning, heggai- 
ly, snealfir^, earth-tiom. 


Grow, 0. B. 1. Enlarge, increase, ej 
□and. uilflnd, be augmented, becom 
ipp degrees) gtaaMr or larger. 

a. vegetHts, sprout, germinate, shooi 
pollulaCe, put forth, ehoot up. spring xi\ 

3. Advance, improve, make progrea 

4. Become, irax, oome to be, get t 

Grower, n. Producer, ouitlvator. 
Gtav/ t&t, Batten. 
Growing, a. Increasing, enlai^ing. 
Grow out oC Issue, proceed from, come 

Groffiip, Gome to matnril7. 

Orowl, V. n. Snarl, gnarl, grumlile. 

Gmb, V. a. 1%, aradlcate, dig up, root 

up, root out, grnb up. 
Grab, i". ». lag, be meanlj employed. 
Grub, n. 1. Caitternlilar, loivo. 

a. ICbUo^uiaf.] Toon. 
Gmb-axe, b. Mattock, grubbing-lioe. 
GFubblngr-hoe, n. Geith-axe. 
Gtui^.v.a. 1. Grant witb reluctance, 

give unwiilinglj'. 
8. Envy, begrudge, repine at. 
Grudge, a. n. 1. Be reluctant, be un- 

2, Sepine, murmur, grieve, be en- 

Gru^ltu:, fl. 1, £nvv. 
aTRdnetanee, unwilU 

Qmff, a. Hongb, churlish, rude, uncivil, 

nncourteouB, iusraolouB,ImpoiiM- bluff, 

blunt, hanth, buobqde. 
Gmm.d. 1, Sonr,Eurlj,moroBa,Bullan, 

crabbed, glum, obodtv. 
a. Guttural (voice), rumbling, deep 

croakar, censuier, &nlt-flnder. 
GrombUuK, ». Complaint, rnurmnj 

lug, rflpiulng, mult-fioding. 
Grumoos,!!. Clotted, concreted, tblel 
Grunter,". Hog, pig, swine. 

Guurantee, n 

responsible for,' ar 

t. Sentind, sentry, watch, watot 

(. Convoy, escort, conduct, body oi 

i, CireuiDapectiou, care, watchful 
less, oautjon, attention, li^d. 

6. Conduo 


Guarded, a. lyauijuuB, yii 
speot, watoliful, eaceftil. 

Guardian, «. Warden, Keeper, pro- 
tector, defender, preserver, guardian 
angel, tutelary e!dnt. 
..!_.. ^ Protecting, tutelary. 

sentry, guard. 

[Poetiaal.'l Keoompense, 
1. CotOccture, divine, sur- 

GuessJ B. Conjecture,' surmise, > 
B. Visii 


Direction, leadership. 

ulate, Gontroi, steer, preride over, have 
cliarge of, take the dfrectlon of. 
Guide, n. 1. IMrsctor, conductor, pilot. 

BSilor, instractor. 
3, CLiViS, clew. 

Gulde-poat, b. Finger-post. 

GuUd, B. Fratei-nfty, association, so- 
ciety, company, corporation, corporata 

Guile, B, Cnnnk^, craft, subtlety, art- 
fulness, aitiflce, dupludt;, deceit, oecep- 
iJon, trickery, fraud. 

Gaildeu, a. ArUees, honest, sincere, 
nndeidgnlng, DUSOpLIstloated, ftauk, 
pure, truthful, candid, Ingenuoos, 
open, atral^tforward, dngle-mlnded, 
open-hearted, elmple-nearted, simple- 

Guilt, n. Criminality, guiltiness, culpa- 

Galltless, a. Innocent, sinless, spotless, 
unspottfiu, unpolluted, immaculate, un- 
sallied, untarnished, blameless. 

Gnil^, a. Criminal, culpable. 

Gnluea-lien, n 

i shilling 

;a by Google 

a'. [Poeiical.i Air, mien, demeanor, 

«KBer|, gaily, L „„. 

Gules, n. [Aer.] Red (represented by 

Gnlf, n. 1. large bay. 
S. Abyss. 

Gully, H 

I Credulons, easily 

QohOB, ravine. 

Gulp, V. a. Swallow gieeoil;, bolt. 
Gumbo, n. (U. S.] C&ra. {AiAioschm 

GmoL-elaatlfi, n. Caoatchouc, indium 

OnnipUon.R. 1, [OiBoguiai.] Shrewd- 

ment, sMli, cleverness, abillV, eom- 


£,«. (Med.) Bed- 
._ .e, n. 1. Black-gun 
[Sffisa jaiUHflora), 

it, [ U. S,\ Sweet-gum, lli 
iJJiquid-anA'ar etyraci^orc 

lun^otton, n. I'ytoxyllDe. 

Guna, n.pj. Fire-arms, OAhhoh, 
Gurgle, V. n. Eipple, putl, murmnr. 
Gush, V. n. Spout out. burst £>rt3i, ruBb 

fbim {OB a liquid}f flow out suddenly. 
Gosli, n. Bnsli las qf a HguM), sudden 

a. Bellsh, zest, lildi^, gusto. 
3. Biaat, equali. 

Gusto, n. Rellah, zest, liking, gust. 
Gnsty, a. Stormy, tempestuoua, windy, 

Gnt,n. 'l. Inteallne. 

8. Straitjiiari'ow pass. 
Gut, V, a. Eviscerate, disembowel, em- 

Guts,B.pi. Vieoera, Inteflttnes, entrails, 

bonela, inwards. 
"— ^^ sereniL, [L.J {Jded.) Amanrods, 

. Ctannel, conduit. 
,a. Of tlie throat. 
». Drink {greedU]/ or mueh), 

k (greedily or much), 

3. Sclioal, semiDary, academy, high- 

OymnaBtic, a. Athletic. 
GymnaEUcs, ». pl. Atliletic exercises. 
GypBum, n. Solpbate of Hme (native}. 

Gyration, ». Botatfbn, wMrling, rei 
Gyves, ». pi. Fettecs, shacklee, ohali 


1. ConiUtion (rjC tl 

n {qffta iadieiditai), us^e, 

Habitable, e 

Ksal settlem™,,. 
Eabitat, n. Natural locality {iifaptatii 

or ast attimai). 
Habitation, n. Abode, dwelling, loi^- 

1i^, domicile, quarter^ head-qnaiters, 

dweUing-plaoe, place of abode, place of 

HabituB], a. Usual, castomary, accus- 

tomed, wonted, eomroon, r^niar, o 
laiy, amillar, every-day. 


wont, BuVBI' 

HaMenda, « 

[Sp.] Plantation, fBcm, 
Jut (ciiHjis^), hew, chop. 

Hack, a. Hired, mercenary, hlrelii^, 
HaokoB,n. [U.S.] CMpmunit, striped 

Saokle, v. a. 1. Cut 
chop, hack, haggle. 
3.TIatchel, aresB(j» 

■jTunsUg), 1 

;a by Google 



Larix A^i^ricoAa), 

ion, bited, baolc 

e. Common, conunonplace, thisad- 

bare, trite, stole, beaten. 
HadusUef, WouIdii£mlIing1;,gladly, 

or freely, -would aa lief. 
Badefi, «. Grave, invMble -world, raglon 

of tlie deiid. 
Hod like, Come near, hud nearly, ciune 

Haft, n. Handle (al° an watrumeitt), 

IlHt^ird, a. 1. Willi, wnywavd, intrao- 
tjuile, unruly, lefractoiry, uiitained, not 

3. Qaniit, lean, meagre, spare, worn, 

-wasted, rawboned. 
Ha^tisli, a. U£;1y, deformed, Itorrld, 
Bagile, s, n. Higgle, cbaSb)', be tedious 

in a bargain. 
Haffftle, V, a. Ov.t{clt6iasiiy), hew, ehop, 

haas, naokle. 
Eail, -a. a. Salute, greet, welcome, coll 


Lt, -well, In good healtlL 

HallelqjBli, wSeb'. Ho^nna. 
B&lf-Tiote, n. Hlnlm, bi>lf a eemi- 

Hidf-seBH-over, a. [Low.] Fuddled, 
disguised, booiy, muddled, tipsy, mel- 
len, eomed, cmpulona, gbogqv, tight, 

-wl^ drimfe, sll^itly intoxicated, iu 
llqnor, 5n one's caps, the \yorse for 11- 


has Jiad a drop too much, 
Holf-wlt, " ■=— T-"-^ 



sdj enalloff-bralnea, bluii 
uu-wi£tfld, i^iick-skulled. 
'If, a, Seml-anuuaL 

Half-yBOrly, ad. 

B»llai>Te,». IZaSL) Iiugong, 
EaU, n. 1. Xiarge room, chamber. 
3. £ntry (or' a hoase), entiance. 
3. Manor-house. 
HaUabaloo, [Coid.I Racket, clnmor, 

din, npront, hubbnb, onlory, Toeifera- 

tion, dlsturbaiice. 
EEalloo, V, n. Shoat, eall, cry oat. 
Halloo, n. Holla, shout, call. 


Balluciuatlon, n. 1. Eiroi, blunder, 
mistake, fallacy. 

a. Illusion, delusion, monomania, 
self-deeeplion, phmitasm, aberratJoji. 
Halo, «. J. Blng M Ughi). 

8. (Patotog.) Glory. 
- - h,tap hold, stand sf" 

step short, pull up, take breatli, li 


Halt, n. 1. Slop, stand, stand s^. 

3. Ump, llmplkiff Eslt. 
Halve, V. a. 1, Divide Into two equal 
parte, bisect. 

8. Seorf {as timbsrs), join by B. scarf. 
Hamadryad, B. 'Wooa-nymph, nymph 

of the woods. 
Hamlet, n. 

reaolafely, enei-getioally, 
might, lillh might and! 

throi^L thl^k and lliin 

I, [OoHoqiiiiA SB- 
-"".J Strennons- 
1y, 'EealouBly, 
■with aU one's 

ir-heoded shark {Zy- 

laekle, oloe, ohMn. 
Shackle, fgtter, entangle, 
ir, restrain, hinder, un- 

a. ffetter, Bhaekle, oloe, oh^i 
aamper,B.a. ShocklB,i6tt— - 
clog, OQCumher, restrain, 
pede, clog. 

UandjJt. 1. Palm and'flngera, i 
S. Palm, fbur inches (ju etti .... 
tM tieiffht qf a horee], hand-breadth. 
3. Side IrigM or l^). 
i. Skill, ability, talent, faculty, dex- 

9. laborer, workman, operatire, 

PLOYfi, aiUsan, £■"■-— — ' 

lO. Index, pointer, Indlcaeor 
-' "^^ '•y, Wdwritii 


)graphy, I 

Hand in liand. Conjointly, unitedly. 

Hand to Iiand, In close flght. 

Hand and (flove, Very intimats, TOry 

friendly, very ^miliar. 
Hand, p. a. 1. Giie (urffft the iomJ), 
, transmit, present, pass by hand. 

a. Lead, conduct, guide- 
Hand down. Transmit I 
Handbook, n. Manual. 


Handcuff, u. 

. Manacle. 

#i.HJiaciiii, T7. (,, 

Hand'fetter, «■ Handcuff, mauade. 


, liiui^, craRs- 

. Hand, woclQnanBblp, 

HondlcraftBiaaii, « 


I. ]s4nW 


Handle, a. 1. Haft, aloek. 

Handmaid, In. Maid-servant, ( 
TT^ndmaidcn, j jaoie f^rvant- 
inds, «. pi. Cldtches. 

xar, deElal 

L. BsauUful (wUh dt 

style of penmanship. 
Handy, a. 1. Deitarous, adroit, ceadj, 
Biuert, aMlful, Bkllled, clever. 

ft> Convenlsnt, near, at hand, eloae 
at hojid. 

». 'Exeonta (bg flie Jaifer), hai^ by 
the neck. 
3- Attach (w a? ^ ^u^tna). 

4. Incline (the Jiead), decline, bend 
down, let droop. 

5. urape, odom «Ith hangings. 
Hans, «- n- !• Depend, dangle, be bhb- 

B, Incline, droop, tend downwards. 
3. Depend, rely, be dependent. 

5. Be Iwld in fixed attention. 

6. EoTer,aoat,plaf. 
HonfT aroimd. Loiter about. 

Rime; back, Demor, heattafe, be back- 

w^, be rduclant. 
Haog flre, Ba loi^ la diachargii^ (laid 

HanK on, 1. Bely on, depend on, ■^ait 
on, dance attendance on. 
S, Continue, last, be protra'^ed. 
3. Slick, cling, Iteep hold, hold fast, 
hold on, sack to. 
H^ng out, IMapla^. 
Hang over, 1. Project at top, leEin 

Hane^dos, »■ Mean, I 
Hanser-on, rt, Parasl 

K. Death by the halter. 
HanslngB, n.jil. Drapery, tapestry. 
Hang: oae^s head, Feel abhamed, tak6 

shame to one's self, Mde one's lace, Idde 

one's diminished head, draw in one's 

Hang toseHler, 1. Keep united, stick 

together, hold K^ethei. 
a. IColloqviaL] Be const 

parts of a atorji). 
Baaie up ones flddle. Go ogjonl 

Quit businffis, shut up sh g p 

Hanker b^w, COTet, long Bt 

Hankering, «. Lon^ng,cra li% st g 
Hap, ». Chance, fbrtune, acdden h p- 

tunaie, unnappy, wreicueu, lu 
forlorn, ill-aliirtea, lU-ated. 
iaply, <id. Perhaps, perchance, poe^- 
tff,r - 

may happen- 


'. B. Chance, i 

take place, turn up, Ml 

out, i»ime uj pass. 

lappiiy, ad. 1- Luckily, fortunate^j 

by good, tbrtnne. as luck wonld have ft. 

a. SnccesBfiUly, proBperously, in a 

3. Gracefully, dexterooflly, skilfully, 

[appincBS, n. Felidty, bliss, beatitude, 
weBsedness, enjoyment, wemire, well- 
Joyous, joyful, bliaeful, 

S. Pleased, graliiled, delighted, le- 
joiced, glad, gladdened, charmed. 

a. Lucky, fortunate, prospecous, Buc- 

4. Keady, apt, skilful, adroit, iexSw 

b'. Seasonable, opportnne, beltUng, 
perUnent, ISllcitous, well-timed. 
6. AnspidoOB, propltiDUB, favoraWe. 
H»ransuc,n- Dedamatory epeech, pub- ' 

Uo adotese, popular oration. 
Hai'ancfne, v- ^t- I>ec]alm, spout, make 

Harangue, v. a. Address (In a ifeafnin- 

afory i^U), make an haransue to. 
fiaruss, c a. 1. Fatigue, ttce, weary, 

fog, jade, eshaust, tiro out, knock irp. 
a. Vex, plagne, woccy, tease, distress, 

trouble, molest, disturb, hairy, drive 

from pillar to post. 
Hai'Mngei, n. Forerunner, precursor, 

HarlMr, ». 1. Asylum, refuge, shelter. 

lappy, a. 

blessed, b 


Harbor, v. a. 1. Shelter, loage, pro- 

0. IButaEtaln, ohetialiT Indulge, foster. 

3. (Z<MO.) Secrets, receive clnudeB- 

HarO, a. I, Plrni, solid, compact, Im- 
penetrable, imjielding, not eott. 

a. Dlfflcnlt, embaicaaslng, pecplex- 
Ing, pnisUng, inotty, InSieate, not 
eaillT audaEBtood. 

3- liaborlouB, arduouB, toilsome, 1^ 
Wgufng, wearjing. 

4. UD&ellug, imUnd, InBtin^ble, im- 
ansoeptHile, eruel, oppreadve, rigorous, 
Hvere, unjieldlng, infteilble, callous, 
obdiu^tfl, nard-hearted. 

. 6. Grievous, dtetresalag, oatanltous, 
p^nfal, disagreeable, unioeasant. 

T, Hatah, roiieli, sour, acid. 
8. Coarse, unpalatable. 
Q. UafavoraUe, naproBperouB, uii- 
10. St^, constirldaBd, forced, unnaC- 

11. Excesi^Te, LOifrDperate. 
HsTd, ad. 1. Olose, near. 

8. Laboriously, diligently, earnestly, 
fncoBsantly, sneivetlcallT. 

8. With diffioiilty, not easily. 

4, DlstresB^illy, painfully, severely, 

o the leo 


Hard-[l--gort, I2fa 

Haril-B-BtiU'baard, {Saat.) Close to 

the stacboatd ^e. 
Bard-a-weatliei', (Miul,) Closetothe 

windward side. 
Hard blsoult, Craoker. 
Hatd by. Close iiy, very neai. 
Hard. Doftl. AntJiradte, giancB^Hial, 

blind-coal, Btone-ooal, cdlu. 
Harden, V. A. 1. Indurate, malEe hard. 

— w. oaUour 

;. Malie olrfurate, CI 
Harden, V. 

a. GDn£rmed, Inured, aocustomEd, 
habituated, seasonsd, trained. 
- 3. Deadened, seated, steeled, unfeel- 
ing, bejiumbed, callous, insensible. 

4. Depraved, reprobate, obdurate. 
Impenitent lost, abandoned, iDccrrigi- 
Bard-Bimred, j a. Ugly, Ill-favored, 
Hard-ifeatiited, j homely, ill-looking, 

hard-vlaaged, of coarse features. 
Hard-fisted, a. Avaricious, covetotis, 
pennrions, mlaariy, ni^ardlj. sordid, 


Hardliack, a. Steeple-bush [Spir<ea 

HArdliefkd, A. Menhaden, pauhau^en, 

H»rd-heart«d, a. Cruel, unfeeling, 
merciless, unmerciftdi uncompassioa- 
ate, anpiljh^, inthleaa, 1^, plUlaKs; . 
relenUesa, imriienring, ineiorawo, Ijac- 
liarous, savBge, ferocjons, Inlinnian. 

Hardlbood, ». Firmness, fortitude, 
i-esolnHon, pluck, mettle, manliood, 
courage, timverj, intreptdiVi boldness, 

Severeiy, rij 
lly, roi^hly. 

4. Hardship, BUllOT^ig, trttriilatlon. 
Hards, n. pi. Tow, refuse flax. 
HarOshln, ». 1, Toll, fatigue. 

a. Ctrievance, snliering, trial, afflic- 
tion, calamity, misfortime, trouble, 

Hard-visaged, a. Igiy, homely, hard- 

faiurea, liara-featutea, ill-fiivoretli iil- 

luoklng, of coarse futures. 
Hai'df, a. 1, Bold, intcepliL resolute, 

brave, daring, valiant, heroic, manly, 

conra|;eonB, Btbut-hearifid: 
a. Strong, robust, Orm, stont, lustr, 

rlgorons, healthy, hearty, hale, sound. 
Hare-brained, a. Enah,reilliiess,lieiia- 

icino. Tieadless, earelees, wild, nnsteady, 
volatile, fligbly, giddy-brained, 

Harfong, n. Hawk-owl {Siwviea nj/oda 
or Sirii njiDtenX Canada owl. 

Hal'lfT, n. Cleavers, goose^ra^, catch- 
weed, scratch-weed \Qafiyja aparme). 

Hai'k, intcrj. Hear, listen, give ear. 

Hajleaulo, n. Bnftbon, jester, droll, 
momrtebank, meiry-Andrew, piuick, 
clown, zany, sca^'amoueh, fool, antic, 
jack-pudding, plckle-lierring. 

UactequlnBde, n. Masking, mum- 
mei7, masquerade, bnfibonery, Ibolery, 

Harlot, n. Whore, sikdmpkt. 
Harm, A. 1. Injnrr, hart, deiriment, 
damage, prejudice, disadvantage. 
a. Evil, mischief, wrong, crimiiiality. 

Hamifia, a. Injurious, detrimental, 
mischievous, pemlclons, deleterious, 
noxlons, baneful, pr^udlclal, disadvan- 
tagaona, burtfnl. ' 

H^umiless, c£. 1. TimoxlouSj Innocuous, 

9. Xnoaeneive, anoffending. 

8. Uninjured, unhurt, imua 
Hannanlo, I a. 1, Hajrmonious, co 
Harmonlcal, f cordant, consonant. 

S. Melodious, tuneful, mnsicaL 



Harmnnions, a. X. CkmoorflBnt, har- 
ts. Meloilioufl, tuneful, musical, dul- 
cet, mellifluouB. 

3. Correspondent, consistent, con- 
gruent, eynuuetrleiil. 

i, ?rlen<llf , nmlcnble, eor^OI, brotlt- 
erly, fratemojl, ne^bborly. 
Harmoiilze, s. It. 1. Ha^e harmonious, 
a. (ifuabOSetsoDomponylDgpartsta. 
Hainuniiis, o. n. Accord, agree, coc- 
respona, cblme, comport, tally, aquare, 
quadrats, cohere, be in unison, be liar- 

natiaany, n. 1. Goneori] {eapecicUiy 

ou^Tuity, congruence, htuesB, 
*e, amity, fiiendshlp, good 

Horping-liVD, n. Harpoon. 
Harpoon, n. Hai-ping-fi'ou. 
Harpooueer, ft. Harpooner. 

Sairr, V. a. Worry, annny, moleat, 
plague, tormen^ trouble, teoee, vex, 
hairasa, tc&tf gall, chsfe, bore, tncom- 
mode, distucb. 
Harsh, a. I. EoMh. 

8. Soar, aorld, tact, crabbed, hard, 
biting, sliarp, cawtic, cArroelve. 
- '^ ■■ g, discordant, jarring. 

4,'. Crabbi^ mori 


m^roi^ati, ehurm, beatriBh, b 

HarghnesSt n. 1. Roughner" 

a. Austarity, rigor, aavsi 

. Stag, male red deer. 

nil, II. Carbonate ef ammonia 

iioii), spirit of haitEhoro, liquid 

■BDaruni, a. [CWtogiitei.] Vola- 

Hasb, II. a. Mince, chop 
Ha^, n. Minced meat, ] 
Hasp, «■ 1. Clasp [io 

Hasten, be qoiek, n 
Haste, hun 

a. {Bot,} Spear-shaped, 
Eost^, n,' X. Despatch, promptitude, 
guieluiees, expedition, celeiity, speed. 

a,. Hurry '-" —'- 


' ' " " nasie, nurry, move 

^ , jpeediiy, he qnlok, be in . 

irry, ms^e liasfe, mend one's pace, 
no time, lose not a moment, malie 

'.a. l5ineaice,de8pot5i,epeeCI, 

te, quicken, prscipitalfl. press 

uii, LiiKe on, urge forward, pusli ibr-. 

Hastv, a. 1. Quiclc, swift, rapid, &eet, 
' speedy, i^t, brisk. 

3. OutBOiT, eligUt, hurried, 

3. Bash, precipitate, iieadkoig, reck- 
less, thoi«nlle39, indiscreet. 

4, Passionate, Irritable, tout^y, Etety, 

ettish, waspiuj, petnlant, peevish, 
itful, fiery, choleAc, irsseibls, exdt- 
able,kot, peppery. 
Hat, «. Beaver, 

3, Concoct, devise, plan, contrive, 
plot, deuieii, scheme, priject, bren, lay 
out, idiaik out, meditate upon. 
latch, n, 1. Brood. 


L. Bear malice to, < 


Hate, ». Hatred, detestation, HUlmod- 
ty, enmity, liost^ty, antipathy. 

Hateful, a. 1. Malignant, malevolent. 

it. Abominable, deteatable, execrable, 

liorrld, shocking, damnable, accursed. 

3. Iioathsome, dlsunstlng, naneeoua, 

ofibndve, fbul, repuMve, olmoxiooa, 

revolting, vile, abhorrent, rapngnant. 

Hatred, ». 1. Hate, enndty, Seetility, 
disaftbctlon, disfavor, alienation, ee- 
trajigemeut^ odium, animosity, ill-ivill, 
great dislilie. 

a. Abhorrence, detestation, abomina- 
tion, iioFTor, ioathii^, dl^ust, antlp- 
atJ^, repngnanae. 

Hattook, n. Shock (qT corn), stook. 



HimKlitiness, n. ATroeancfl, dlsdoin. 

loffiness, HAOTBUB. 
HaugUty, ct^ Arrogajit, dlsd^nful, 

anper^oufl, aasumlns, proud, lofty. 
Hani, V, a, Jteag, ara«, puU, ti^. tow, 

lug, trail, tiike in tow. 

lint, ». Setceat, xeaoct, den, pl&c« 
uch tiaqnenteil. 

iBnteur.n., [Fr.] ] 

I&ve, V, a. 1. Hold |ivA«IAer one's oiDn 

4. Be the Buljeet of. 

5. Kegord, consider, esteem. 

6. Beqaire, "wlfili, desLre. 

7. Obttdn, acgnlra, recMve, gat, gain. 

8. Be obl^ed, be ander tlie neces- 

10. Beget, be the parent of. 
Have a bee in the bead. Be it little 
crazy, be cracked. 

a Sagec In, Hsve a share In, be 
emed. in, h^va a, hand in. 

cnerloot, , 

Have at lieart, BeaeeplyhLterestedln, 

be specisUr anxious about 
Haf-e done viO^ Have no further con- 

'""n^th, be tlu^l>l^^th, have ceased 

HBTee, n. Kavage, devastation, de^ 
ettncBoB, desolation, wssta, mln, spoil, 
pilli^e, rapine, spoliation, slaughter, 

batter of, prendl o" 

Hawflnob, ». OrcoSbeak (Q/cao^mtas- 

tei vutgarili. 
SanlE, n. Falcon. 
Havrk, «. a. Cry, sell by outcry. 
■" — ' -" a. Sliarp-Bigbtea, ( 

__^ ., Bn-eyed, * ' 

eyed, Argne-ayed. 

li-niqtb, n. Deaai'B-heati moth. 

B»wk-uat,». Qround-nnt. 

Hawtbom, ». Whitelborn {Oraiagnt 

ZaaaM, «■ 1, Chance, casualty, acd- 
-■-at, foctnitous event. 

3, Danger, peril, risk, jeopardy. 
aril.M.a. Trantura, adventure, risk, 
ipard, peril, imperiL eodai^ar, put In 

Hazy, a. Foggy, n 
Head*,". l.'Seati 

It, beginning, 

9. Undeistandlng, tntellact, mind, 

lol^topio, suljeot. 

11. Class, divi^on, section, depart- 
ment, category. 

la. Height {qf vmler tmUcaite to (Je 
drwhtff 0' a waier-wheeij. 
Head, It. 1. Ghief, prindpal, liigh^t, 

3. {Najti.) AAY0r9^{s<pdqf tfi^iBind)f 

Head and ean. Completely, entirely, 

Head and sbouldeiB, 1. Violently, by 

S. Put a iiead on, St nitii a hea^. 
S. Get in front of (in order to siqpi, 
intercept, liea^l off. 
Head, V. n. 1. Forra a bead (so^ ^ a 
2. Tend, be pointed, be directed. 
Headaclie, n. Cephaialgr 

a. Baehly, hastily, precipitately, 
headlong, , 

Headlness, n. 1. Bashness, harry, 
8. ObalJnacy, stnbbomneee. 
HeBdlDK,». Title, CAPTION. 
Hflad.^T4HS, n. Coiffure, 
Headland, n. Promontory, cape, Eire- 

HeadleeB, a, Acaplialoua, 

Headlons, 04. Baehly. hastily, precip- 
itately, nead-foremost, thougntlessly, 
without deliieiation. 

Bead-master, n, Priii(dpal(^a«cAool}. 


aa, capltaOon- 
i, get beDire, 

Head'Vatce, «. Falsetto. 
Head-work, n. Mental labor, Intelleot- 

usl labor. 
Heady, B. I. Hash, Impetnoua, hasty. 

acile, ODmpoee, settle, make 

Be oured, l>aeiiinB aouna. 
pi. Hedaie. 
. Sanative, inratlve. 

SoundT^eea, IVeedom t^om 

Healtli-slvliig, a. 

Heap, n._ Pila, maaa, collection, 

Heap, V, a. 1, Pile, lay In alieap, ih 

a. Amose, accumulate, beap up. 
Heap up, Aiauss, heap. 

3. Begard, heed, gtve heed to. 

4. Try, examuie Juaioially. 
Hear, «. n. 1. Enjoy the sense of lear- 

6. listen, hearten, attend, giTB ear. 

5,, ... 1. Sense of hearing. 

(9, Audience, opportunity to be h^id. 
a. Trial. Jodfefifl examination. 

Hearben, v.n. 1. LiBl«n, hear. 

S, Attend, give heed, pay r^ard. 
Hearsay, n. Bnmor, report, feme, brolt, 

oommoQ talli:, town tallc. 
HMiiL^n. 1. Seat of life. 

^ Centre,1nterior,core,temel,luner 
put, vital part. 

3. Dteposmon, mlud, mil, iaclina- 
Mon, purpose, Intent, ar " 

I, spirit. 

at affeotion, paaalon. 
t, armoess, fortitude, 

Bolable, woebwime, fbrlom, miserable, 
wretJilBd, deaolatB, cheerless, comtbrt- 
lees, biOkeu-liearted, In despair. 

Heartburn, n, CatdiaJgia, cardial- 
Heart-lkarulng:, n- Grudge, resenln 

ment, spleen., gall, ranilii^, atilmodty, 

secret enmity. 
Hearten, v. a. Encourage, embolden, 

indta, stlmulalfl, aaeure, ceassuCB, com- 
fort, console, bnoy up. 

Heart-ltelt, a. Deep, profound, lieatty, 
cordial, deep-^t, uome-feJt. 

Heartli,!!. I^resldeJiome.MarthHSt^nie. 

HearOi-stone, ii. Hreslde. 

HeaiUIy, oil. 1. ^ocetely, cordially, 
from tSe Iksait, wllA all the Wit. - 
■ a. V^orons^, eameirtly, eagorly, ar- 
dently, warmlT, Eeolouily, wltk ardor, 
nlth zeal, with resoluCton. 
3' Freely,la^ely,w1tltffoodappetlte. 

Heart's-ease, h. ISoi.) Paney ( Viola 

' ' -"- " a. Cordate. 

a. Inspiring, anlmat- 

ire, heartfelt, 
e, sound, strong, nell. 

3. Degree of tempsratnre. 

a. Ardor, earnestness, fervor, isi 

Hea^ V. a. 1. MaGe hot. 

a. Eidls, flush, malra Ibrerlsh. 

3. 'W'arm, uiimate. rouse. 
Heather, ». [^coOisA.] Heath. 
■¥B9tii.ooek, n. Bladk-grouBO, h 
I, blacbnck ( Tebvotetriic). 


ithen, n. * ffi. Gantile, pagan, heo- 

i. 1. Heathen, pagan, 

Bajbnrons, savage, cruel, inhu- 

^^. 1. Paganism, gentil- 



tathy, a. Heathery. 

Heat-proddclns, a. 1. 

Heave, v. a. 1. Lift, hoist. 


S, PreatJie, force fr<oa the breast. 
3. Throw, toss, hurl, send, fling. 
,ave, 11. It. 1. Pant. 
a. Swell, dilate, expaod. 

3. Betch, keck, try \o vomit. 

4. Stru^e, strive, make an efibrb. 
Hivein ^Iit, (JVoM.) Appear, come 
n sight, become visible, come into 
'iew, open to the view. 

iave, II. 1. Swell, rising, swelling. 


BeaTtm, n. 1, Hrmament, aky, welkin, 
empycean, oeleBtial apiierH, starry lieav- 

i. ParadiBe, Ely^iun, abode of tbe 

3. God, Jehovah, Lord. 

4. Exalted state, state of bUss, great 
felluity, supreme happln^s. 

HeaTenly, a. 1, CSesMal, of the fir- 
mament, of the visible heavens, 
3. l>lvl]ie, ai^eUc, seraphic, clierublc, 

BeaveMytnlnded, a. Deroat, pious, 
religious, godly, revarant, BplrltuaUy- 

Heaviness, 1. 1. Gravity, weight, pon- 

5. OppreB^venesB, grievoosness, se- 

3. Languor, dnlnsae, stupidity, b1i^- 


Heavy, a. 1. Weiohtv (vritli r^a-ewe 
to oite'B Btreagilt), ponderous, not light, 
not eaay to lift. 

8. OppresEdve, grievous, aavare, Inir- 
densome, oumbersome, afflictive. 

3. DnlLslnrnfah, Inert, inactive, stn- 
idd, torpid, inooIeiLt, slow. 

4. SeteoCed, depressed, sorrowful, 
sad, gloomy, melanclioly, despondentj 
downoaat, down-heattea, low-spirited, 
ereBt-Callan, chap-f^illen, In low aplr- 

10. Stocniy, texopestuoua, violent, 

11* XA>ud, deep, roaring. 
HeavjV-spiu', n- Sulphate of taryta 

Hebdomadiil, a. 'Weekly. 
Hebetate, V. a. Dull, blunt, stupefy, 

benumb, make torpid. 
Hebrew, n. 1. IsraeUte, Jew. 

»■ Hebrew lananage. 
Hebrew, a, Jewish. 
HeoUo, a. Habitual (its t^J^sr attend^ 

iftff c/meun^ion), constltunonat. 
Heotor.n. Bully, blusterer, swaggerer. 

Bully, threateo, ma 

I, annoy, fret, hari 

fioster, swagger,- play 

I. Vex, I 

worry. Irritate, 

«ie bSlJ' 

Hedee, ». Fence (if l-ashes or slirtibs), 

He^^. V. a. Enclose with a hedge. 
Hed£e-bom, a. Obscure, of low bl 

Enclose, environ, surniand, 
, Obstruct, bar, shut np. 

. Tt«gaid, notice, care, atten- 

.1, wary, droamspec^ attenave, prov- 

Unobserving, onobserr- 

HeedleBBness.M. CarelMsneas, thooghl- 
leBBiiCBs, inattenUoD, inadvertence, neg- 
laet, oversight. 
Heel, o. n. imitu.) Incline, lean. 
Heft. n. I, HanOle. 

a. ICollogKial, U. a.] -Wdabt. 

3. [OiSo^iMii, n. S.] Bulk, greater 

Hegb-a, R. 1. Flteht of Mshomet (>^Ijr 

3. EKOdus, departure, going out. 
Heifer, ». Yonngcow. 
Height, «. 1. Elevation, altitude. 

oulmliiattng point. 

3. Hill, mountain, high ground. 

4. Utmost d^rae. 

Heighten, v. a. 1. Exalt, elevate, 

a. Increase, enhance, aogmant. 
a. Iiilenslty, a^ravate. 
Heluous, a. Flagrant, fiagittons, atro^* 

clous, Infiunons, villanous, nefarious, 

ctying, vary wicked. 
Helarnvs, 11. Jutnjdng-rat, jumptng- 

hara (Pedetes c^etai^]. 
HellcWl, a. Sphral, winding, cochleary, 

cochleated, sciew-shapBd- 
Mellotrope, n. HBof.) Turnsole. 

5. (»>,) ElooOstone. 

Helix, «. 1. Coll, circumvolution, spiral 

a. Sn^-sbell. 
[ell, Ji. Gehenna, purgatory, limbo, 
abyss, Tarlarns, Hades, Avemus, Bte- 

if^^al regions, shades 

bus, place oi 

Hellish, a. 

~ '-' -laboiicai, neni 

_ ., I, ftend-llke, 

detestable, abominable, exeoraNe, ne- 
fttrioua, very wickad. 

rolns, post of 
cask, head-piece. 

introl. command, rule, 
the head. 




HelPt v^ a- x< eea^ve, euccorf serve. 

^ AsaLst, anppoi't^ aid, Beoond, tiack^ 

abat, oo-Dperate wltli, take part with. 

3. Bemedy, cure, heal. 

4. Prevant, Iilnder, wltJistimd, to^st, 
repress, ODtitrol. 

5. Avoid, forbear, refrain fl 
Help. V. n. Lend i^ cootribi 

ance, give one a lilt. 
Helj^ B. 1, Asaletanca, aid, BU 

4^ [f. «.^ DomesU'o, honaa-Bervaot 
ipariicuit£t^ a mavi-senfani]. 
Helper, n. Asaletant, ally, aiuuliary, 
eoB^utoc, aider, abettor, colieagne. 

Helpful, a. 1. tJeefuI, beuefli^al, con- 

a. witolaaome, aaintaiT. 
Helpless, o, 1. Weal:, feelile, powerless. 
Impotent, imbecile, <UEniblei], in£im. 

it. Exposed, dslianceleEa, unprotected. 

3. Irremediable. Tjeyond beip. 
Helpmate, | «. WiSa, consort, partner, 
He^meet, r eumpBnion. 
Help on. Forward, fnrtiiec. 
Help to, I. Help l« get or oblidn, 

a. SuppW yiiai, fuinieii witli. 
Helter-fibelter, ml. Feilmeli, irr^n- 
ladj, diaorderly, in disorder, in con- 

HeiTe,». Handle [((/'out oieaora/iiriefta). 
Helvetic, a, Swiss- 
Hem, n. £order. edge, mai^n. 
Hem, V. a. Bordec, etfee, sku^. 
Hem In, Enclose, confine, environ, sur- 
round, shut in^edge Fn. 

Hemeraloplk,!!. IMed.) N^lit-bUnd- 

neaa, dav-aigiit. 
HemlapUere,!!. Half-globe, half-sphere. 

HenOBtieli, M. Half averse.halfallne. 
Hemon-Iiolda,».pf. (Med.) Pilee. 
Hence, ad. 1, From tills place, from 

8. 'from this time. 

3. Therefore, flom this cause, fbrtliat 

-oi'th, ad. Henceforward, t^m 

Jorward, ad. Hbbceporth. 

H^-tree, n. ^Written also Mp-trve.] 

Heraldry, ^. Blazonry, emblazomy. 
Herbaee, n. Herbs, eraea, pasture. 
Herbal, ti. Herbarium, herbary, hortas 

- Herbal, Iiortiia-sicouil. 

Herb-pai^s, it. TrueloTe, oneberry. 

Herouletin, a. 1. Strong, mighty, pow- 
erful, puissant, vigorous, stun^, att- 
ietle, brawny, musoulac, ^newy, stal- 
wart, able-bodied. 

!i. DifScult, toilBome, troublesome. 
laboriouH, operosa, very hard. 

a. Large, great, gigantic, strapping, 
hage, coloBsar, Cyclopean. 

Herd, «. 1. ])cove iqf tlie larger oni- 

S. Crowd, rabble, multitude. 
Herd, u. fl. Associale [as beasts), lieap 

Hevd's-srass, n. 1. [Nea Bttglamd.'l 
Cat's-tail, timothj-grtBs \Pkleiim pro- 

%. [Pertns^fvama.] Bed-top ('^^m^^ 

Here, od. 1. In tills place. 

3. In tlie present state, in tlie preseat 

Hereafter, n. Future state. 
Hereby, od. By this, 
HeredlCable, a. Inheritable. 
Hereditament^ «. Jnlieiilabls prop- 
Hereditary, a. I. Ancestral, patrl- 

menial, by Inheritance. 
a. Inherited, transmitted (Aom o«- 

Herein, (ui. lutbis. 
Here^arali, ft. Chief heretic, leader in 

Heresy, n. Heterodoxy, error, unsound 

Heretic, n. Sectary, schismatic, non- 

Herettoal, a. Heterodox, schismatic, 

schisreiatlcai, sectarian. 
Heretofore, ad. Formerly, before tie 

present time. 
Hereupon, ad. Upon this, on this. 
Herewitb, ad. "With this. 
Heritage, n. Inheritance, pordon, jtat- 



Hermit, n. Anchorite, anchorei 

solitary, solitaire, ebeuite. 
Hernia, n. Buptnre. 

Prindpal oh 

iLtrepid,l>old,daring,g^ant, fear- 
dauntless, noble, magnanimous- 

gallantry, pi-owi 

h„steo., Google 



. Dense, hefflt 
Ileellate, f. 

. {Astroa.} Urlmus, Gei 

B. Dncettointy, doubt, si 


«. 1. Pauee, delay, liem' 

n impedi- 

a, stop to ooDBiaer, . 
In BnqHHise, be doubtful. 
0. Fsltor, stanmier, li( 
meiit In speech. 
Hesitation, n, 1. UncerttunCy, doubt, 
auspenaa, besltaiicy, vacllIatlDn. 
3. Faltering, slaninieriBg, diffloulty 


__jperian,a. [Poetiatl.] Weatem,oi 
EesperuSi ». Haapar, Tenna, evan 


"Wieat-ij iCeddomyia 


Heteroclite, a. Ictagular, anomalous, 

Heterodox, a. Heretical, not ortho- 

Heterogfiiieitj, n. HarEBOQEKEOUS- 
Heterogejieaiis, a. Unlike, diBsimllar, 


HeteroseneousnesE, 1. Haterogen 
disBlmTlarlty, dlsslmmtnde, nnlSiei 
Heteropathic, a. Allopathic 
Het«ropatliy, n. Allopathy. 

Hew dofWH, Fell, eut down, 
HezBliedral, a. Cubic, sis-sided. 
HexahedroD, n. Cube, ^x-s1dad flgure. 
Heydaf , ». f lOlic, play, exultation. 
Hiatus, «. Opening, gap, break, Inter- 

Hibernian, a. 
Htbemlan, n. 

Irishism, Irish 

S. Abstcuse, recondite, mysterions, 
mystic, mysticid, dark, obacui'c. 
Hide, V. a. 1, 8eiiret«, conceal, eoTer, 

Skelter, cloak, screen, tsII. 

[iotD.] Flog, whip, beat, 

, B. 51. Ids Bd, lie concealed, be 

concealed, oonoea] one's self, Ua hi am- 
~ ' ke^ ana's self out of sigkt, be 


Ing, horrible, tetclMe, h 

]ia;g;ledy^l£Kledy, od- ICoiiomUal.] 
Confiieedft, dl9ordecly,nBlljnell, In dis- 
order, helt«r-Bkelter, topsy-turvy, at 

Higli, a. 1. Lofty, elevated, TAI:L, 
heaveTi-klsah^, of great altitude. 
a. Eminent, prominent, pre-eminent, 
tli^niaked, superior, e^iltcd, noble, 

Abstroee, reoondlto, ocoult, ob- 
cnre, dark, transcenilental, profound. 
4. Proud, haughty, arrogant, snper- 

a. :^t^tCul, ostentatious, bragging, 

a. OppteBBlve^ domineering, over- 

7. 'Violent, boisterous, turb'uleat, tu- 


9. Complet*, fifli. 

10. Dear, of great price. 

11, Acuta, aharp, ahrill, k^-toued, 

Hle:lir!ilutin,a. {Colh^nial.] Pompous, 
availing, Indated, turgid, tumid, bom' 
bastio,' pteteutlons, stilted, grandilo- 
Quent, declamatory, rhetorical, high- 
flowing, hlel-souudli^, BOphomorical, 
spread-eagle, Mgh-flown. 

Hl^h-Savored, a. Pungent, plqnant, 

Hieh-floivn, a. 1. Proud, haughty, 
iMly, aupei'cilious. 
a. Fxtravugont, turgid, bombastic. 

ffie, arbiti 

. ... bold,'daiii^, high-spirited. 
Hlgli-iDludeil, d. 1, Proniii, arrogant, 
kauglity, lofty. 

B. Ifoble, honorable, elevaled, mag- 
nanhuous, blgh-toned. 

a~~ hue£B, II. 1. Iioftiness, altitude, 
vatlon, balght. 

a. Acurencsa, sorumass, sua 
HlgA-prloed, a. Costly, dear, . 



Hisli-pi'ie$t,n. Chief priE«t. 
Hieh-reachingr, a- !• Bsachlng ap- 

lit Ajnbt^DQH, as^rlng. 

High-road, n. Higliway, pnlillc road. 

Hieb-solmal, n. School W the first 

etois), sfiailemy, aemlmuy, gTmiiaBium. 

Hlcli-geaBoned, a, f usgent, piquant, 

Hl^Bplrited, a. 1. Spirited, bold, 
^"' — '■■"' -metaed. 


Acute, sharp, shrill, 

>hle, Mgh-mlnded. 
t, B. ftood-mark. 

log, hiEL-mettied. 

, Proml, liigh-Btniiig. 

i-stranS) '^ Froua, 



glvwaymaii, i 
lUldit, brlgonil, 
inUaw, highway 

freeliooter, n 


Tonglit, a. 1. Impetuoua, t 
"hn^aatio, inLpaat ' 

3. Higlily iinlHiied, nlGely elaborated. 
HIlarioiiB.a. Qfty,Jovlal, Jollyjoyfiii, 

Hilarity.n. Gajetj, mirth, merriment, 
joUity, jovlalty, joyouBneas, exhiiara- 
Uon, t^eerflilnesB, ^ee, lilzh Hpiiits. 

(onij, mountjtiBing gcound. 

Hat, (1. ' Handle Inf a twoi^). 
Hind, a. Bacli, hinder, posterior. 
Hind, ft. li Pemale d^ (qf the staff or 
red deer). 

dod-poll, biunpldn, down, jaon^iman, 
bogtrottei, alodliOTiper, oouutr^an. 

Hinder, a. Hind, bock, postfirior. 

Hinder, v. a. Fieve<i.t {taiigiorarUy), 
impede, obstruct, stop, Interrupt, re- 
tard, cheofc tliwajt. oppose, embarrass. 
"--■ — nee, «. _ [Wntten flleo ffin- 

^, Interruptien, 

I, depend, hang, be 

, Mule. 

Hint, V. a. Suggest, InUmate, In^nnaie, 
allude to, refer lo, hint at, glance at, 
Jnat menUon, give an inldlag of. 

Hint at, Suegert, bibt. 

Hint, n. InlfmaHon, suggeetion, inelu- 
nation, allusion, al^W menMon. 

Hip, n. Haunch. 

Hipped, la, [Oblloqiiial.] Melanchol;, 

Hlppleb, J l^rpochondciaeal, blue, de- 
jected, deprSBSSd, low-spirited, in low 

HippDpatamns, «. SiveT-horsa, sca- 

re, 11. Wages, Btipend, allowanoe, 

reling.n. 1. Mercenary, bheii soldier. 
a. ffli-ed aervant. 

Hit, V. a, 1. Stiilce, etiike againac 
a. Attain, reach, gain, win, eeoure. 
3. Suit, accdrd with, be confonuable 
1«, be Bnitable to. 
Hit, V. ». 1. OliuJi, collide, come in con- 
loot, atrlte fogether. 

3. Succeed, be SBCoessfiil, be crowned 
with soccesa, come off enccessfnl, carry 
Hie point, g^n the point. 
Hit,™. 1. Strafie.blow.oomaUin. 

S. Chance, venture, fbrtune, hazard. 

3. Happy remark, apt expresBloii, 

4. Lucky venture. 

Hit off, Imilote, personate, mimic, take 

Hit upon, Finij, discover, ^d out, fall 

apon, llgM upon. 
Hitch, J', n. GobjjeiliB, 
Hitch, V. a. Fasten, tie, attach. 
Hitch, II. 1. Catch, impediment, < 

stacle, kinder,' *--'- 

irk, jerking motion. 
'aat^ Knot, noose. 

r (JVai^.' 
Iier, ad. 

, „^ — , —^ 1 this nine. 

litherwaird, ad, Thia way, towards 

this place. 
IIve,n. l.Habitaaonofbees,bee-Mve, 

, , ... white,gray. 

Hoard, o. a. Store laareil))), deposit, 
sava, gamer, liasbnud, blve, ocCDmu- 

Hoarae, a. 1. Husky, raucous. 

a. Ifoi^, grating, harsli, 
Hoarseneas, R. 1. Husklness, rauclty. 

3. l:toughE]es3, haraknesa. 
Honry, o. Hoar, wMlfl, gray. 
Hoax. », Deception ijbr sp«H), ckeat, 

fraud, ImposltloQ, practical Joke. 
Hoax, V. a. Deceive IjoooielD], cheat. 

Impose upon. 
Hobble, V, n. Limp, halt, hop, waHc 

lobble, o. a. Fetter, kopple. 
lobble, n. 1. Limp, hiflt. 

oulty, strait, pickle. 



. KOT^h (soi<2 f^ « road), un- 

Hobby,B. 1. Hobby-hoTBa. 

a. Favorite object, favorite pursuit, 
Hobbr-liorse, II. Hobby. 
EobjEoblln, n, Qobliu, spsDtie, sprite, 

frightful app^tlon, evil spiiit. 
HobBOn'a choice. That of Bothli^ no 

Hoous-poons, n. 1. Jiuuler, trickster, 

impostor, clieoter, Bwiumer, sharper. 
9, Clieat, ji^le, liricli, dsception, 

imposiljou, imposture, delusion, deceit, 

aclMce, finesse, drcnmrenUon, oliouee. 
HodEe-padse, n. Medio;, l^iago, 

Jnmble, rnbiture, mieceUaoy, sabnv 

gundi, iiotch-potch, gailimnnfiy, olio, 

Hoe-clike, «. [P. S.] Johnny-calce. 

Hiig^sli,a. ll Bwinia'h, brutish, fiiOiy. 

a. Mean, selUeb, greedy. 
Hiw-nut, II, Pig-nut, broom Mclior; 
(^glaiis glabra). 

., Graspi dutch, clinch, 
-etain, bave, ocQni)y,ieep 

judge, esleem, caun^ a 

HoM,Vn. 1. Befl 


unbroken, not brenh, hot ^ve ivt 

nain, persist 


3. Aiihere, cohere, eilng, stick, cleave. 

remain attached. 

4. Be dei'ived, di 
6. Think, bellev 

,1m of opinio 

6. Stand, be tru 

e, prove goo 



Hold,!!. 1. Grasp 


3. Support, stay 

3. Footing, yantiwe^ronnd. 

4. ffort. oastle, tocttose, forafication. 

IbrUfied place. 

check, obstacle. 

). (ifrater.) Harangue, preach, speak 
iS good. Stand, be valid, be ti'ue, be 

in puUl 


Hold in, 1. {Aeti 

on, 1. {AatineS Continue, main- 
, keep up, pnsh forward. 
(Neuter.) CUng, eUch, hold &Bt, 

S. (Vffuter.) CouUnue, remain, en- 
he steady, be 

duce, last. 

3. (ifeiuer.] Not yield, not be anb- 
lold one's own, Haint^n one's pe- 
loid one's tongue, I Be sUil, iieepstUl, 
iold one's peace { keepsileuoB. 
lold tt^etbeir, Kemain united, keep 
Iold up, Clear up, cease tafning. 

Holiday, ». t. Festival, anniveraary,. 

it. Day of amusement. 
Holiness, h. 1. Sanctity, piety, purity, 
devolian, devoutness, gMliness, telig- 

3. Dlvinenees, aacredneas. 
Holla, a. Shout, halloo, loud cry. 
Hallow, a. 1. Vacant, empty, void, 

a. lnsincei% tieHcherous, RiIes, taiOi- 
less, hypocritical, pharisaloal, decdt- 

3. Deep, low. nunbllng. 
Hollow, n. 1. Deplesslun, low spot, low 

a. Oailty, conoflvity, dapression, ex- 
GBvatlan, hole, cave, cavern, dent, dint, 
dimple, pit. ■ 

e, ciiannei, canal. 

Hollow, ok. ' ICoio-l wiioUy, complete- 
ly, utterly. 

Hollow-Iiearted, a. Insincere, false, 
false-hearted, HOLLOW. 

Holocaust, n. Bumt-olt^ng [toioliff 

Holy, a. 1. Pious, devout, reUgions, 
good, godly, saintly, epiiitual, pm-e, 
saint-like, heavenly-minded. 
a. Sacr^, conaacrated, hallowed. 


S^t, Ths Spirit, Tlie SpMt of Ood, 
The Sauctlfler, S^t of TinUi. 
Holr Spirit, eEol"" — — 

. Blessed thieUe (Cto- 

fbiB EasCer. 


Homagje, n. 1. fealty, allegtauc 
loynlty, fidelity. 

St Reverence, o1>eiasjico, reapeG 
dsferencfi, daty, service, lioaor. 
3. Cult, wonmlp. 
Home, It. I>Dmioile,dwelIlnB,realdenQ 

abode, place of abode, abiding place. 
Home, ad. 1, To one's liome. 
». Close, elnaely, potnteiJly. 


. Native, natuF^, 


Home-bred, l'. Native, natural, bome- 

lestio, not foreign, 
■olisbed, uncultivate 

_, contti, rude, plain. 

Home-felt, a. InwSiFd, private, heart- 
felt, deep, pioEiJnnd, deep-felt. 
Homelike, a. Domeetie, bomelf . 
Homeliness, ». Pialnnaua, coarseness, 

Homeli. «■ i-- Domestic, bornelike. 
a. Plain, coarse, uncomely, bome- 

*^s!Vgly,*M4ooking, of plain features, 
not Ixandsome. 
Home-made, a. Homespun, of domes- 

Homeslekness, ii. NosTAi.QU.. 

Homespon, a. 1. Home-made, of db- 
mesUc manui^tnie. 

S. Plain, coarse, homely, rufle, Inel- 
egant, unpoUsbed. 

Homicide, ». 1. Manslaughter, HUR- 

Hnm'iletlc, la. 1. Of homllieB of ser- 
Hoinlietioai, j mans. 

B. Uioiatory, persnadve. 
Homlletles, n. Art of preaching or 
sormoniziiig, art of dellveiing; homilies. 
Hoioii]', ». Sermon, lUscourse. 

■0119,0. 1. Oftheea 
HUB proporUon. 

same sonnd, q£ like pitch. 

lonest, .a. 1. HonnTable, repntaUe, 
credltuile, ii|tht, proper, aqnltable. 

s: Upiigbt, lirtoons, ooneoieatlaiuk 
Jnstu true, ^i, fiiitbful, trusty, truab- 

Jnst trne, ^r 

woFthy, as g>wd 

3. Encore, cai 


candid, frank. 

„,.., 1. Intt^ity, probiiy, up- 

, rlglitness, fairness, justice, virtue, 
eqnity, veracity, truth, truBllnees, 
IMthfiilneas, honor. 

iS. Sinceiity, candor, f^an^ness, plala 
Honey-oomhed, a. Alveolats, cellul^^, 

Honeysiiekie, ii. Woodbhic. 
Honor, n, 1. Kepntatlon, repute, fame, 
conslcieratlmi, esteem, ci'edit, glory, 

3. Dignity, dls^ction, elevaldon, 
h^ rank; dlsHngulshed portion. 

3. YeneraUon, nveiance, respect, 
bomage, dBfsreucs, dviUty, 

4. inteBrlty, piob1t7, honesty, mag- 
nanimity, hl^-mindeilnesB, nubleneBB 
of mind, ntaiuy virtue. 

5. Nice sense of right or Jusaee. 

6. Ornament, boaat. 

Honor, v. a. 1. Dignify, esalt, glotifj, 

spect, pay respect to, pay deference to, 

a. bprigh^ Just, SOQest, Isle, trust- 
worthy, trnBty, true, oonaelentions-vir- 

good as one's word. 
3. Keputable, creditable, eetimable. 


1. Blind, blindfold. 

conen, thol, ^efOol, trlDk, circumvent, 
overteacli, chouse, diddle, begnlla, im- 
pose upon, make a tool of, play a tl'iok 
upon, uulL wool over one's eyes. 
Hook, n. 1. Catcb, clasp, hasi-. 

Hoop, n. 1. King. 

S. fartliingule, crinoline, hoop-skirt. 
Hooper, It. Wild swan ((te""* /eras). 
Hoopln^-congli, n. [Written also 

Wfioopttiff-oouffh^J Oliln-cough. 
Hoop-skii'l^ It. Hoop, fOirtliingale, criu- 

BaDt,'v. n. ' Shout, yell, ory ont. 
Hoot, V. a. Execrate, denounce, hieS] 

cry down, cry out agalrrat, hoot at. 
Huot, It. Shout, cry, out*i^, yell. 
Hoot at, Hooi, cry oat agonist. 


Hop, B. 11. 1. I-eap, liaund, jump, skip, 

• ^ liancB, trip. 
3. 1.tmp, bait, wt^k lamely. 
Hop, It. 1. Leap, bound, jump, spring, 

aifip, CiPBB. 

Hope, 11. 1. Trust, conMence, tcaUi, 
a. Expectftlion {rj^ eomeOtmg agree- 
abiej, Kniect^ice, imUdpatiaii. 

3. BeUaJioe, depandence, eiound of 

Hope, B. a, Expect {seaieBdng agree- 
oSle), long for, libpe for. 

Hope, V, 11. aSuBt, expect, taliayB, in- 
(fulge or entertidu a hope, ibal ooulidout, 
reat assured, flatter one's self, be in 
hopee, lire In hopes, look on Uie blight 

Hope for, HOFE.loi^ftic. 
Hopeless, a. 1, l)esp!driug, deEpeTate, 

g. KemedilesB, Irremedlabls, Inonr- 

3. £npoeBUrle, ImprsclJcable. 
Hop-IioruJ ■ ' ' — 

Hoppevs, ^ ph Hop-scot^li, scoteli.- 

Hopple, V. a. Wetter {an ammolj, liob- 

Hoppiea.n. pi. Fetters (for atiimola). 
Hop-Bcotcb, n. Hoppers, scolcli-hop- 

ang [im 

HorjEontal, a. LeTol, paxallel to tb 

Satn.n. 1. Trnmpet. 

gai-pllie, gai-flsb, sea-plks, long-nose, 

J[ore-bill, BWord-nab, maOkerel-gulde 
Eiae beloae or Sfhae vulgetrii). 
jm of ploDty, Cornucopia. 
Hom-irike, n. Hobs-fibh. 
Hom-pou^ 1. Cat-flali, mud-pont, 

bnU-head (PimeloMa oaUttsj. 
Homy, a. Corneous. 
HorolDge, n. TtoLe-plece IqT ar^ leiadj. 

formidable, appSlli^, d!r«,TiorriCjW, 
borriflo, liatiwlng, dreadful, feaifnl, 
awful, hldeoaa.. 

8. Sbooklng, offbndTe, disgv '" 
revoltii^, lepoMre, odious^ dls 

tamiT n. 1. Fright, aflMgbt, 
fear, dieod, awe, torroi, diEmB 

lion, disgust, loadiing, hatred aaldp- 

3. (Med.) Sbnddarlng^horripllatlon. 
Horrors, «, pi. [With The preflxod.] 

Delirium tremens, uahia a roTU. 
Hvrrar-Btmok, a. Dismayed, borriUed, 

terrified, appalled, frlgbteaed, piUilo- 

Hors de combat, [Fr.l Disabled,' 

of condition to flght. 
Horse, II. 1. SlEBD, 

8. Cavalry, horsemen. 
Horse-armor, n. Capiuieon,l}acd, tr^>- 

Horse-fly, n. Breesa, gad-fly. 
Horeefoot. n. Klng-otab, borse-st— 

hocse-ahoe crab (iisMiMis American 
Hoi-se-Jookey, )(. Joakey, dealer 

HoFSe-lansli, ». Gull^w, cacliinnati 

Horse-leecli, ii. Farrier, borsa-doo 

veterinarian, yeterluary sui^eon. 
Horse'iuaofeerel, n. 1. Boultc, albl- 

cote (r/iimmuB irulgaris). 
8. BlueUeh ( Temm&m sdUa^). 
HoreemaD, n. 1. Blder. 

a. Dragoon, CHASSBtrit, dievalier, 

cavalier, eguesCrlHU, muuuted soldier, 

Horsemen, 11. i>^ Cavalry, bcTsa, liorse^ 

Boldlets,(lra«oona,cha ' " — 

cavallera, equestrianB, jmimiLihi HL,iuu,La. 
Horse-shoe, K. Hing-crab, horeefoot 

(Limuias Amenca3»ie\. 

^nltore, «. Qardenuig. 

b 1%)., 

Hose, n. Stockings. 

Hospitable, a, 1. Kind or attentive 
to strangers. 
a. Generous, Uberal, bountiful. ' 

Hospitality, «. Moapltablenesa, kind- 
ness to SUW^BTS. 

3. Army, legion, armed force. 

4. Multitude. 

Haslile,a. 1. Inlmical,u)tf[lendly,nar- 

8. Adverse, opposiee, contrary, repng- 

Hosmilies, n. pi. ^AS, irarfare. 
Hostility, 1. 1. Enmity, aalmosIlT, 


HoBUer, n, Qroom, Btable-aervant, 
Hot, a. 1. Sumiog, fiery, suaUing. 
^. Truadbls, excitable^ impatuouB, 
pas^nale, liasty, Oholorlc, furtous, 

3. Ardent, veliEDient, fatvent, ^agfit, 
glowing, fljilmatetl, fervill, violent. 

1* Pungent, plqnant, sharp, ociid, 
biOng, peppery, Jiigli-HaToreil, UglL- 

~ " lied, a. Hor-i 


illany, gaUliDaiilVy, 
iiui, ui«j, hodge-podge, O" ' ' 
L, oonfused suxtare. 

'headed, a. Violeut, r , . . . 
to, vehement, rnrlouB, passionate, liot- 

spiu-iif. Madcap, Mood, wild feUow, 
t-bci^ned fellov. 

iiid, n. 'Hog ifr the cliase), biuitlng 

ind, v.a. 1. Indte, urge, spue, aet 

Honrl, n. [Term <f i 
Hymph of Faradl^. 
Hourb', ad. 1. Every hi 
3. Kequently, eoiitlni 
Hoiue, n. 1. I^ibitatlon 

«. FlrD^ pattuetBhii 

mm, Gommerclal eetat 

!'. HotBl, Inn, tavern, plaoe of er 
at, publio honse 

. — ;_, — Burgiarj 

OORunltff^ at night). 
HoQBeliald, «. ' Family, house. 
HoiLSehald, it. Domefitlo, home. 
Hooeeliolder, n. Master of a Amllv. 
HoDse of correction. Prison, jail, 

bridewell, workbooBe, penitantinry. 
Bonse of Ood, Ohurcli, temple, meet- 

— - ■■ " --forship. 

Hooaenife', n. 
3. Huswife,* 

I. MlBtreBsofaftmlly. 
male economist, thrifty 

. Horse-ololh, saddle- 

3. bover5i«, proteca 
Hovel, H. Shed, iiiit, CO 
Hover, II. ih 1. Flatter, 

was, by wliat mode, by 
S. To what extent, (o 

on l/rom Ihe 
, cabin, mean 

"nnar, in what 

However, can}. Yet, etlfl, nerettbeleBB, 

bnt, Uiough, notwithalanding. 
Honl,». Cry(a8q)'ariD4i),yell. 
Howl,v.ii. 1. Cry(ajB<te0),yeU. 
a. Wail, hunent. 

Hotraoever, ad. However, in wlial«ver 

Hub.n. 'NaveliTttwAcs^. 
Hubbub, n. 1. Uptoar, clantoi', din, 
racket, hBUabalOD, aviAiABijaa, out- . 

8, Tumult, disorder, oonfuelOQ, dia- 

HirtbubbM," n. [Z™.] tiy, howl, 

liowiing, waillmf, ululaHon. 
- ; k [irk Swd of a Toad.\ 

Hnddle, v. n. Crowd, press tc«ethei in 

Huddl^ n. Crowd, tumult, disorder. 

Huddle ou. Put on in disorder, put on 

Hue, n. Oolor, hne, tint, tinge, ehade. 

Hueiesa, a. Colorless, uncolored, nn- 

tinged, flOhromatio, free from color. 
Huff, ». 1. Miff, pet, tilf, rage, paasioii. 
anger, ai^y m 

HulSsh, I a, [CWiogiiiai.] 1. Airary, 
Hulls, I petabuif 

St. Blustnlng.arri^ant, insolent, hec- 

Has, "- a. 1. Fmbraoe, daep. 

it. BetiUii, hold fast, clitig to, keep 
hold of. 
3, (JVffuj.) do near, keep dose to. 

Hog, n. Embrace, clasp. 

Hugre, 1. Vast, bulk;, eucrmoBe, im- 
mense, stupendous, gigantio, colossal, 
elephantine, HercuLeao, Cycl6peaa, 
very great, very large. 

Hiu;e:er-mug)j»a', n. [Line.'] Beoreoy, 

Hugsei^mi^ser, a. [Loa.] 1. Seoret, 
clandestine, s^. 
8. Mean, uniilr, base, oontempHble. 
3. Confused, disorderly. 

Basket, din 
oatory, Yodf 


Hum, V. a. Sing lit a low voice). 

Hnm, 11. Bnzz, buzzing sound. 

Haman, a. 1. Uan'9, of moo. 
a. Common to mankind. 

Homanef a. Kind, benerolenb, benig- 
nant, oI>Ug!ng,aoooinTiLodflit1ng, tendot^ 
^mpatlieUo, lUi^table, oonipaeslonate, 
dement, gentle. klnd-lieui«a, tender. 
Learted, good-lieaited. 

Humanist, ti. Student of polUe Ul«Ta- 

Humaiiitics, «.;>;. [With The pre&SBi.] 
Bolleu-lettCBS, polite literature, elegant 

Humanity,!!. 1. Human nature. 

a. KlnUnees, benerolenee, Ijanignity, 
philautliropj, tenderness, Bjmpatli)', 
cliacity, kfrnl-liemtedness, fellow-feel- 
ins, good nature, milk of human klnd- 

Hmnanlze, l^ £!. 1. Soften, make bu- 

2. CiTllize, cultivate, refine, pollflh, 
Impvove, enlighten, euncate, rcelium 
from baibislBm, 

sumiug, unpretending, unobtrn^ve, 
lowly, aubmtBsise, not proud, not 
haViSUKf, not airoeant. 
9, Low,. not lilgn, not great. 

Humble, v. a. Humiliate, ebame, mor- 
tify, deerade, crneji, break, subdue, 
Bnab, Bbaeb, make osliomed, bilng 
down, pat down, take down, put out 

^of eonntonaBce. 

bumblebee, n. Bumblebee. 

Humbleness, n. HuniLITT. 

Humbug, n. [CoUoquial^i !■ Impo^- 
Hon, in.noBtBre,tetdi, deception, fi^and, 
trick, elieat, gammon, doflge, gonge, 

9i Charlatanry, oharlatanlsm, quack- 
ery, mummery, cant, hypocrisy. 

3, ImpoHtoF, oharl^lan, ouock. 
Humbug', V. <l. [CoifoqaialJ] I>eoeiTe, 
cheat, cDzsn, swindle, trick, hoax, be- 
fool, dkblle, Chonse, Impose upon. 

stupid, wearieome, tiresome. 
HnmlH, a. Wet, moist, damp, dank. 
Humidity, n. Hoistnre, dampneas. 
Humiliate, V. a. Humble, mortify, 

down.' ' ' 

Hnmiliatlen, n. 1. Condescension, 

reelgnailon, submission, 
a. Humility, meeknesa, 

lowUnoBB, lownesB, snbmis.. , ,^.^, 
3. Abasement, self-abasement, Eelf- 

denlal, moi-tiUcalion. 
Humility, n. Humbleness, meekness^ 

aubmlBEUveness, lowllneas, modes^, 

diffidence, nelf-abasement. 
HuiulTie,f(. {C/iem.) Humlc'acld. 

3. Temper, diapOHltlon, hant, bias, 
Tefn, propensity, predilection, turn of 
mind, i^ame of mind. 


vagary, erotcbet, i 

6. Pleasantry, facBtlousneBS, jocose- 
ness, jocularity, kindly wit. 
Hnmor, v, a, 1. Indulee, gratify, give 

Z. Favor, suit tke nature of, meet 
file requirements of. 
Humoilat, n. Wag, wit, Joe MUler, 
droll fellow, funm fellow. 

droll fellow, funm fellow. 
[iimOEDUB, a. RicetlouB, Jocnlar, jo- 
cose, droll, funny, sportive, comical, 
witty, pleasant. 

Inmorsome, a. 1, Petulant, peevish, 
snappish, waspish, crusty, captions, 
perverse, wayward, cross-grained. 

S. CapriclDDS, whimsical, faui^ful, 
fitful, fantastic, odd. 
Inmpbaeft, n, X. Crooked bai*. 

S. Unnchback. 
lump-backed, a. Hunch-backed. 
luuclt, 1. Humpi protuberance, knob. 

3, [O^iaquUU,] 
piece, thick slice, 

hunlt, large 
a. Puneb, pnek, shove, jos- 
Hundred, «. C'entur; 



iker,n. 1(7.5.1 Con: 

a.uiiiu,>>. i^iser, nl^^^vi, CI 
codger, ll(*penny, sklniiii.., -, 
Borew, muckworm, sordid wretch. 

It, Search, seek, loi 



, Blight, 

, flespatoh, 

,, iraory.Bli 

m^ or posh 

Huiryt "■ "■ 1- Ast precipitately, l>a In 

8, Haats, basten, move qnlcHy, be 
in liaste, be qnlok, lie In n iinrry, make 
liHate, laend one's pace, lose no time, 
lose not a momBnt, wing one's way, 
ualce tlie bast of one's way, erowd sail, 
clap spun to one's Ivnse. 

Hnrry, n. 1. Freclpltation, flurry, flut- 
teT, ^UntioDj confnslon, bustle, psrtuT- 
bftHon, borry-skuny. 

S. Haate, (tespati^ celerity, quick- 
ness, prompUtoae, espedlUon. 

Hmry-flirarrj, n. lOoUognird.] Flutter, 
flurry, agitation, oonfusiDn, &urry. 

Hurt. V. a, 1. Ijijure, barm, damage, 
mar, Impair, do liarm to. 
a. Pain, wound, bIto pain to. 

Hurt, B. 1. HaiTii, injury, damage, det- 
riment, mIscMef, dlsadTantage. 
a. Wound, brulsa. 

HnrtfDl, a. Iiijurlous, detrimental, 

noxloua, buieiul, pr^Ddlclal, Clisad- 
Tantageoua, bormfnl, bsJelUl. 

Hnsluuid, n. Spouse, married man. 

Husband, v. a. Save, economize, spend 
fussily, manage with frugality. 

HuBliBn(liua&, ». Agrloulturlst, farm- 
er, Uller of the ground, cnltLvalOr of 
the soil. 

HuBlMuiiarr, n. 1. Agrioulture, tom- 
ing, tlUaee, geopoilcs, cultlYatlon ol 
tbs soil. 

a. Fn^ality, tiirlll, i^omesUc econ- 
omy, management of domagUc affldrs. 

Hnsb, B. a. Still, silenoe, ealm, qiilet. 

Hush, iafet^. Silence, wblst, lie still, 
keep qnlet, maks no nolsa. 

Hosli-money, n. Blaokuajl, bribe 

Husk, It. Bind, hark, hull, glume. 

HnslCT. <(.' i. Dry, BlTclvelle^. 

S. Moarsa, rongb, rancons, harsh. 
Hnssai, n. IJabt-armed driven. 

OaiSeTv^. Push, josUe, justle, elbow, 

HDBwJib. 1, HouESwIfe, female econo- 
mist, thrift; woman. 

HnawiftOj, a. Tlulfty, frugal, econom- 

ot, cabin, shed, hovel, pool 
lean dwelling. 

1. Cheet, coftfer, bin. 

{as JiiT rabbits). 

3. [MUmg.) Bosf/or 
Huzza, hiien. Hurrah. 
Huxza, n. Shout, halloo, 1 

Hyaline, a. Glassy, ciystalllne, trans- 

Hytdoid, a. (Anat.) VltrlfOrm. 
Hybrid, n. Mule, mongrel. 
ByT)rid,a. Mongrel. 
HydrB^ n. 1. IMyth.) Many-headed 

e. Spectre, hobgoblin, ogre, Qorgon, 
l>lkbetlT, FOEBK, BITQABOO, Irighbfiil 
oljiect, raw head and bloody hinieB. 

Hydrant. R. IMecbarge-plpB IJrota tAe 
ma^ t^ an aqve^ad], water-plag. 

HydraTg;yraiii, )(. Blereuiy, qnlokall- 

Hydrat«,ti. Hydro-oilde. 
HydraiiUc presg, Bramah press, hy- 

HydrauUo ram. Water-ram. 
Hydroceplialos, «, Dropsy of the 

Hydroolilonite, ». Muriate. 
Hydroohlario aold. Muriatic add. 
B^drocjBJlIc add, PruBtdc add. 

Hydropathtet, «. Water-doctor. 
Hodpnpatliy, ». Water-oare. 
Hydrophobia,!!. (Med.) Oaidnemad- 

Dropsy of the 

Hydroptlialmy, ) 

Hydrostatic press, Bramah press, hy- 

Hydrosulpliiuic add. Sulphuretted 

Hydrous, a. Watery. 

SJ, colli, (Mlll^. 
Hyena, is. Tiger-wolf. 
Hy^ia, «. IMntli.) Qoddeaa of health. 
Hygiene, n. Hygienics, edence of 

Hygienics, 11. Hygiene. 
Hymen, li. (JBj/rt.l Giod of marriage. 
Hylobftto, B, GlbSon, long-armed ape. 
Hymeneal, «. Hymenean, marriage 

Hymeneal, n. Nuptial, connnbial, mat- 
rimonial, bridal, conji^at, oonJUOIAL. 
Hymenean, n. Hymeneal, marriage 

Hymn, n. Song {qf ;praise), deyotlonal 

song, spiritual song. 
Hyoid bone, [AiuU.) Bone of the 

Hyperbaton, n. (JOiet.) InTCrBion, 

transposition of words. 
Hyperbole, n, fEliet. ) Exaggeration. 
Hvperboreas, a, 1. Most nordiern, 

&r nortli. 
a. Very cold. 
H:rperoritica1, a. OTer-crlHoal, oap- 

"Tinolic, r "- 

S^noUs, a. Soporific, , 

Jpnotlc, n. Narcotic, 
yne, opiate. 

Hypnotism, n. ^ . — — =«- 

Hypoohondrla, n. {Med.) Melah- 
CHOtY, spleen, vapors, depresBlon, de- 
jection, hypochonrirt""" Ini-onlvlfo 

ipineSB, lethargy. 
' Wed.) Melah 

i, low sphlM. 



Bvpoclioiidrlac, n. Seflk-sorro 

^pocbondi'lafi, ) spleneti( 

pirltad, dejected, depteEsed. 
HypOEhondriasis, )(. tMed.) MslMi- 

HlpocriBy, n. 

Ism., sanctlmoTU 
sseamed aietj. 

Z. T^eSmaiaUoa, dac^C. decepUoit, 
imposture, pretenf " "''" — """ 

Bypo'crite, II. 1. I 

pfeUBt, religionist, a 

8. Diseemblei', rteceiver, impostor, 

pretender, cheat. 
H jpocrlUc, I o. 
Hypooritloal, J 

OBlucero, false, hoi- 
'rimaiy rocks. 

a. Person, paraonallty. 
8. Frlncipla, elemeni. 

Hypothecate, v. ■«. Hedge {as iMp, 
fieighi, carga, *<j., wUhiMt aeliixry), 

HypotliesiB, n. Supnosifion, theory. 
Hypetbetlc, la. Conditional, tliat 
Hypothetical, j intolvea an hypothe- 

Bysteria, «. 



{Med.) Hyatarica. 

iBjnbic, rt, 1. Iambus. 

Ibei, «. Stein-bon ICo^t 

Ibidem, rul. [Li] In Oi. 

Ice, ». 1. FroBSn water. 

8. Concreted sugar, Ic 

Iceland spar< (Mcaraous apai, oryslal- 

tol. ' 

IChuograpliy, n. Ground plan, hori- 

IcIiior,n. l.(i%ti^) BloodoftheOods. 

Iclionnis, a. Serous, watery, thin. 
Ichttiyvcol, i n. lelnglaBs, flsh-gluo, 
loHtliyooaUa, j OARLOOK, 
Iclnc, n. Frostily, concreted sugar U&r 

cotuatff ca^y 
Iconoclasm, fi. Ima^e-brealiing. 
loonoeiast, ». ImOEe-breaJiei. 
Iet«ni(>,n. (Hed.) Jaunaice. 
1, Glacial. 

It. Cold. chiUlne, &oety. 

S. I'rteld, iodiaetent, oc 

Idea,n. W^tAePlatiBtvi phUosiph!),^ 

eai, opld-heiurtcd. 

ArobetypB [oonMiwedqi'iM exMmgfrom 
elemiljlj, pattern, model, exemplar, 
form, esaBuca (oiminim to monp huU- 
viduol Snags and T^avtenled by a geu- 

4, TmpTeEsion,appreheD3lon,ihoi^ht, 
onoy, coEoeit. 

5. Opinion, beUef, supposition, Jndg- 

IdcBl, I __, 

model otpecfeotlon. 
Ideality, n. Imagination, 

Idem, [L.] The some. 


le and the same, exaoEly tbe 


V. a. 1, Prove to be idenlioa], 

be the same, ascertidn to ba 

l!9 identioai, regard as one, oon- 

c. w. Become Identical, be tlie 

Identity, n. Sameness. 

Ideol<«y< "^ Metapliysios, peychoiogy, 
pnanmatology, mental philosopliy, s3- 
ence of tHe minfl, science of ideas. 

Id est, [I..] That is. 

Idioorasy, n. Peculiarity, idiosyncrasy, , 
peculiar temperament. 

Idiom, n. t. Feonli^ mode a 

lis lo/ a-tangaage), character- 
istic quality. 
3. IHalect. 
Idiomatic, la. Pecallac ias respa.l'' 
IdiouLatlcal, > onsfTtlode^fei^eBstoii} 
IdlosyDorasy, «. Peouliartly [qf eon- 
itiluHaitj, iaiocrasy, peculiar t«mpera- 


MIe, a. 1, Unemployed, n 
unbDsied, inactive, 

2. Indolent, lazy, eloth^, slng^sh, 

3. Vacant, unnsed. 

4. Useless. lnotfectiuiI.booC1oBS, fruit- 
leea, anavailli^, vain, faUie, abortive. 

fi. iTl&ing, trlviu, unimporlant, 
troBb;, fooiffli, nnproiLtabla. 
Idle awftyt "Waste, spend in idleness. 
Idler. «. Drone, sluggaiii, la^ard, 
lonneer, dawdler, trlilei, doodle, elon- 
back, ineillGlflnt perscm. 
Idol, K. 1. Pagan deity, ftUse god. 
a. f aJslty. 

3. Fayoilte, pet, darling. 
IdaliKber, B. 1. Worshipper of idols. 
■*, Adorer,'*-"^'-^- 
atoy, «. 1. Wo 
i. I^Lcesslva lovt 

Idolatoy, «. 1. Worship of idols. 

L. D^fy. 





iiomiiay, n. Dislionor, disgrace, iUs- 
a^dlt, disrepute, sliame, intEuny, oblo- 
juy, contempt, opprobiium, odium, 


terea, uarli. 

a, (ikuc.J 

le slielf, Md on t^ bi 

Idolize, V. a 

Idfl, n. 1, Bucolic, edc^ue, pastel 
pastoral poem. 
8. Siiott poem (Mgftiii wroaglit). 
If, conj. 1. Suppose Itiat, ndmlttiag 
that, allowing t^at. 
a. Wlieaier. whether oi 
Igneous, o. Fiery. 
lenlB l^tnus, [L,] Jack-wlth-n-lantera, 1 
T.... . '— '^cn, 'Will -with -tlie-wisp, 

HI, ad. 1. Badly, not well. 
3. Witlx diffioiilt^, !iot easily. 

ni^advlsed, a. Injndidoas, unwise, 
imprudent, ridicnlous, absuid, foolish, 

niation, n. Inference, dedocUou, con- 

lUatiTe, a. Inferential. 

Ill-bred, a. Impolite, nndvil, iincoui- 
teous, disoourteons, unoomtly, nnpol- 
ished, uncouth, rude, ill-behaved, 111- 

Ill-breedlns, »' ItDpclitsness, inciv- 
ility, rudeness, discourtesy, 111 man- 

lUeeal, a. Unlawful, Illicit, unlicensed. 
IllegoUty.n. Unlawfnlnees, lliicitness. 
nibble, a, Uniendsliie, sot readable. 
lUeeititnate, a. 1. Unlawfidly begoi- 

Ijpilte, v, n. Kindle, i^e fire, catch 
ebdan, vu^r, untitled, 
isslgnUloant, ' mean, 

aekless, unlucky, unfor- 
Ugly, liomely, pl^o. 

, itulance, fcstiness, lll-tempct. 
Illiberal, a. 1. PMdnionluus, stingy, 
misetly, niggardly, peODiiODs, uiigen- 


Dishonorable, dla- 

t of knowl- 

u»bL«u, untaught, 
I,, liiltetate, unlet- 

re of, unacguajnted 

Igiiore, fi. a, 1. Itegard as nnknown, 

ipugniie, not tate into aocount. 
"■— ■ ^t^ect, set aside. 

a. WJLJted, wrong, Iniquitous, naugli- 
3. IndiBposed, ailing, unwell, eiolt, oa 

unlettered, unlearned, untaught, igno- 

Moroseness, sulIennesB, 

'.^.-'■-leBs, OFOssnssB — 

3, bad temjiOT. 

ll'looiilns, a. Ugly, homely, plain, 


U-mannered, a. Impolite, nncivil, 

iinpolislied, .uncouth, rude, iii-ljehavea, 

ll-natnre, n. 1. Malevolence, unMnd- 
ness, hatred, enmity. Ill-wiil. 
a. Moroseiiess, sullenness, ill-temper, 

;ni'ed, a. 

L. Malerolent. 

oblong, nnfrlendly, unanilnble. 
:. IVfoTose, sullen, snlky, cross, churl- 
, cr»bi;ed, sour, perverse, waywaid, 
isty, petulant, erosE-gralned, tU- 


niness, n. Diseaee, ^knese, ludlspo- 
utimi, ollli^, allmeDt, complaJnC, dis- 

lla<^Q% Incorrect, un 
InGonseqiieiLcef incon 

order,' aistem't^ 
Dlogical, a. % 
InuaaeEaiient, f. 


m-proTtded, a. lU-tundshBd, ecsoljl; 

ni-gpeat, a. Wasted. 
ni-atarred, a. Utilmjty, lacUaas, nn- 

Girtnnate, ill-liiteit. 
m-temper, n. Moiosenees, ill-hat- 

ni-i MoroBS, JtL-KiTOKBD. 
med, If- Unseasonable, untimely. 
— J. — inappofdte, irrelevaut, oat 

of ploe.. 
m-tu-eat, c. a. Maltreat, Injure, abnsa, 

m-tnrn- B. 1. Unkind act. 

8. (Otdoqaiai.] Slight lllnesa. 
UlDde, V. a. Mock, Seaiive, dieappoint, 

ninmluate, V. a. 1. Snllglil^n, Ula- 
mine, Dlnme, supply with l^lit. 

3. Adom wltli lights (as a /mUdbi^/j, 
light ap. 
3. Adorn with colored letters. 
ninmlne, V. a. Sid^ten, lltumlDate, 

illume, supply with i^t, 
lUuslon, li. Delusinu, halliwinaUon, 
deceptJon, error, Cillaor, modiery, 

mndve, j a. Deceptlre, deceitful, de- 

lve, j. 

a. IUusi)rative picture- 
Illustrative, a. Ejipliuintory. 
llLustrious, a. ]. GloriooB, splendid, 
bcililant, btiglit, radiant. 

Z. Facooiis, filmed, noted, distln- 

gnlBhed, renowned^ gelebrotcd, con- 

^cuouB, eminent, signal, remarkal>le- 

ni-wlll, II. Malevolence, uiikinuncio. 

enmity, Itatred, rancor, nnckaritable- 

Image, R. 1. Statne. 

Z. Idol, otjeot of worSliip. 

3. Ukeness, effigy, i^ule, shnilitiuli 

tesemblanoe, pieture, reprf"-'''" 

an olaeot Ireal or/aimied), 

4. Trope, i^orative expression. 
Image, v. a. 1, Form on image of. 

Ht IMAGINE, fancy, pictiu^. 
Imoieecy, n. 1u PmtntGsm, phant 
Ti^on, dieuti, t^dful forms. 

5. I'copea, flgnres of speech, flgi 
tiTO language. 

Imagtitable, a. Ooncdvable. 
EmagtiMUy.a. VMonary, ideal, Eincied, 



^iciiU, chimerlooJ, dreamy, unreal, 
shadowy, wild, QnissUc, Uloplan. 
I]Dag:liiaUon, n. Conception {'usiited 
with, the JlKuUff cf ramSibb^g {iJeiu 
so as to/prmofleBJOrMrfisnl, invention, 
idaalitj, FAKCV, creative power, plasHo 

IniaglnatlTe, a. InTentlve, creative. 

Imagine, v- a- 1* Conceive, Im^e, 
fiiiicy, picture, pictiu^ to one's self, Cg- 

%. Tblnk, appreiiBUd, anppoaa, be- 
lieve, deem. 

3. Devise, contrive, plot, scheme, pro- 
ject, frame. 
Iiuoffinb H. ». Suppose, think, opine, 
fanoy, dream, take It into one s head,. 

. Dotard, feeble person. 
-■iness, feeblenai 


dieknees, idioc 

Imiilbe', f. a. 1. Absorb, take In, snck 
ij. Keeeive, gatlier, acquire, gi^, get, 

Imbltt«r, V. a. [Written also SmUlter,] 

1. Make liitter, 

^ Make uuliappy or grievous. 

3. £xaspsmte, luailden, etu'see. 
ImboaDm, t>. a. 1. Hold in ttie bMom. 

UnbTuelio, '■a. [It.] 1. Intricate plot. 
3. (Jompiloatlon, eomplexity, entan- 
glement, embarcaBsingHituatTon. 

Imbrnte, v. a. Brutlfy. 
Imbue, V. a. 1. 1'Inge, dye, Btain, tint, 
tinotni-e, color, 
a. Impi-egnate, inoculate, Infuse. 
Imitate, v. a- 1. Copy, Iblunv, pattern 

a. Mimic, ape, mock, personate, 3m- 
peciwnate, take ulf. 
3. ParnJy, travesty, turn into bur. 

^. Pamdy, ti'avesty. 
Imitative, a. I. Imitatir^, copying. 
8. Mimicking, a^dug, apish. 

. Copyist 

1. SpotlesE 


atahdesB, unsullied, unsoileil', untainted', 
nnblemlahed, untarnished, uudeliled, 
dean pnre. 
S. Innocent, guiltless, Binless, fitnlt- 

immaneace, n. InliereTtce, indwell- 




.i lucorporea], 

ImiaaterialW, V». SiilrituaUty, in- 
Immature, a. l'. Unilpe, ccaue, ereen, 

Imniaturenesg, )»■ Unripeness, ocflde- 

Iinmaturlty, 1 naaB,ermilty,l- 

j)letenaas, gi'eenneea, rawness. 
ImmeHsnnible, a. lUimitaUe, limll' 

Imuiedlate, a. 1. PmninMtB, dose. 

8. IMteut, without othar ^aney. 
3. liiBCantaiieoue, limtant, preaent. 

Immeilialfil;, (Ul. 1, Ciosel^, p!<ai 

9, Lnrectly , wtthont any InteErentJon . 
3. Instaney. ihsiahtbKj ftirtliHiUi, 

jaBb now, without dahiy, this moment. 
Inunemorlal, a. Beyfflid memory, that 

OMUiot be remembered. 
Iminenae, Qi 1. Illimitable, bounilless, 

nnbounded, unlimited, measurelBBS, 

3. Vast, enormous, prodlglouB, liage, 
siganiia, colossal', Cyclopean, K'^"*- 
lean, very great. 
Immensity, «■ 1. Infinity, Infinitude, 

it. Involve, engage, absorb. 

Immersion, ». 1. Dipping, pin 

a. Engagement, absorption. 

3. (^slmn.) Disappsantncs, c 

Immesh, v. a. Entangle (as 

lmmetUudI«al,a.' Unsyslamatlo, irreg- 

nlor.Tmmetlioaioal, oonfuaed, deeultoty, 

ImmetlioOlcally, (uC Irregi 

faeedly, pellmeU, helter-skell 
Iiumlueiit, a. Inipendine, tb 

impendent, near at hancC 
Imiultlsable.a. Hot to be mitigated. 

, — Wicked, vicionB, slnftil, 

unprincipled, dishonest, ui^uflt, de- 
praved, corrupt, profligate, dfesolute. 

mmoraltty, il. WKksdneea, vice, 
aln, dishoassty, depravity, corruption, 

*, at prim^"'- 

profligaey, v 

ever-living, (mperlaliable, fncomiptiWe, 
anftuJin^ tadestmctible, enduring, 

2. Eternal, eveiiastliig, endless, 

petual, ceaseless, "*'~~ 

Immoptallty, «. 

li. :^petuiti 


Perpetidty* "n 

mortaUze, B 

, exempthm fn>m 
1. Exempt ftom 
EC everlastli^. 

^. Steadikat, unshaken, unalterable, 
S, {Law.) Beal. 
[mmunity, fl. 1. Freedom, exemption. 

erty, ohaiter, ftandilse. 
Eniniure, v. a. 1, (Confine, shut up. 

H, Imprison, incarcerate, 
[mmntabljlty, li. TJneliai^eableneEB, 

invoriablenese, invariability, constancy, 

parmanonce, stability. 
Immutable, a. Uachangaable, Invarl- 

coTllsion, shock. 

ImmoileAtf a. 1, Indelicate, Indecent, 

sliauielees, Indecorous, gross, coai'sc 
S. Impur^ obBucnOj smutty, lewd, 

unchaste, tltmy. 
Immodesty, ». 1. Indecency, indeco- 

^ iinpmlty, obscenity, lewdness, un- 
chastitj, emuttiness. 
Immolate, v. a. Sacrifice, ofi^ up, 

3. 'Weaken, enfeeble, enervate. 
Impalpable, o. 1. Intangible, very 
^-- --' palpable, not to he felt, 
.,le by the touch, 
[perceptible, shadowy, unsuli- 

ImpBit, V. a. 1, Give, grant, bestow, 

^, Oommunicate, divulge, disclose, 

Impartial, it. Unbiassed, unpr^iullced, 
disinterested, ennlEable, Inst tale, lion- 
— Me.eTen-lumdef" 

, JuatJuc, la 
3, iMl play. 

;a by Google 


Impassible, a. TmpasdTC, InEcnsiMe, 
Incapable uf HUfferiiig. 

Impa^lonedf <t, PaaeioiiatB, vCbc 
jmpetuoufl, elmvlng:, iutenseT e] 
animated, IbFvid, fervent, zealona, 

Impassive, a. Impassible, Inaen^ble. 
Impatience, n. 1. Slsquietnile, lest- 

leasneas, nueaaineas. 
iS. Veliemence, impetuieitr, Imste, 

ea^emcsa, prcd^tation. 
Impatient, 1. 1. Tlnqaiet, nneasy, 

Impawn, V. a. Fledge, pawn- 
Impeach, V. a. 1. Accnae, charge, J 
. diet, arraign, orlmlnita. 

is. Ceneuie, denounce, coll in qar 

Impeachment^ n. 1. Acensatlon, I 

dfctment, cltai^e, ona^nmEnt, ciimi 

a. Censnte, blame, Tepraach,lmputa- 
Impeooability, n. ShJeaaness. 

Impede, n. a. Hinder, Dl»txuct, al.^, 

clog, check, retard, delay, interrupt, 

Ihwart, restrain, WoeJt. 
ImpeOlment, n. Hinderance, obstruc- 

tloii, obstacle, check, bar, difficulty, 

Impel, V. a. J, Diiye, push, urge, 

in motion, press on, urge focwaril. 
e. Induce, mDTe,,persuade,hiane 

instigate, incite, aetnate, sat on. 

Dupendent, a. Imp 

Ing,' Imminent, near 
Impenetrable, 0. H< 

3nd[i^, threats 
t to be penetrated, 

be pierced. 

Impenlten<3e, ) n. Obduracy, baldness 
Impenitenc;, ( of heart, Beared con- 
Impenitent, a. Unoontrile, nnrepent- 
ant, obdnrata, hardened, seared, loat, 
recusant, relentless, graceleaa, shame- 
less. Incorrigible, irreaal — '^'- 
Imperative, a. 1. Com 
tboritative, peremptory.' 
S. Blndii^, obligatoiy. 
Imperceptllile, a. 1. IiHlsibla, undis- 
cemible, not lo be perceived. 
2, Bine, minute, very amalL 
biperfect, a. 1. DefecUve, Incomplete, 
fiiultT, not entire, 
a. ^eak, frail, errln j. 


[mperinl, a. Kingly, regal, royal, sor- 

impei'long. a. IHctatorlal, magisterial, 
domineering, tyrannical, despotic, over- 
bearing, lordly, liai^hty, arrt^ant. 

Impei'isliable, a. Indestructible, ever- 
laatlng, unfading, eternal, perennial, 
Immortal, never-ending. 
mpenueable, a. Impervious, Impeiia- 
tral>le. Impassable. 

Impersonate, v. a. 1. Personate, 1ml- 
■^ mimic, mock, take otr. 

mate. Invest witb peiaonali t y. 

Impersonation, n. Incamntinn, bodily 
— iuilestalion, investment withperson- 



[nelevance, li 

the matter 


8. KodeneBS, intruelyeneBS, 1^.1...- 
dence. Insolence, Incivility, saneinees, 
forwardneBB, boldneBa, piwumptlon, 
eflhmtery, pertneBB, assurance, iluie, 
front, broBB, oaxBS, brazen Dice. 
mperUnent. a. l. Irrelevant, inan- 
poaltfi, not applicable, not 

not pertaining tc "■ 

not pertinent. 

». InWuBlve, meddling, offlolons, In- 
solent, rude, impudent, saucy, tbtivard, 
pert, bold, m^apert, unmannerly. 

ImpeTtnrbabllity, «. Calmness, eool- 
nesB, composure, callectednees, equa^ 
nimlty, placidity. 

ImpevtDTbable, a. Cahn, cool, com- 
posed, unmoved, nndisturbed, tcanauU, 
unruffled, collected, placid, Inexdtable, 
sedate, not to bo disturbed. 
mpei-vious, a. Impermeabla, Impene- 

mpetuoBlS^, Vahemeoiee, violence. 

[eclpitancy, precipitation, Imete. 

Impetus, ft- Iv 



. , _.._lght60uaroBi, 

Iniqally, unbollneas, prolin- 

Iinpin|j;e, v. n. Strike, hit, fall against, 
strike against, dash. agi^nBt, clash 
upon, ccUlde ^th. 

Impious, a. Iccavarent, ungodly, liifr- 
ligious, blnsphemous, wicked, sinful, 
nnrigliteouB, unholy, IqIquIIous, pro- 

ImplacabUlty, b. Malice, vlndfcHve- 
neas, rBncor,lnexorableneEs, relentloss- 
nesB, erueltj. 

Implacable, a, Mi^done, vlndietive, 

auie, cri 

Implant, u. a. 'l. Engraft, 

^"a! Snafli, Infttsa, Inculcate. 
Jmplement,9V. Instrument, 

Implicate, o. a. 1. Infold b..«i 

3. Involve, make parUdpatei 

to be concerned, bring Into " "~ 



L Implied, Inferred, i 

_. red, nnlieeHotlng, fi' 

andoubtliig, ateaaCast, nnsbaken. 

Imijy, w. a. Involve (at a amsegnence], 
include [A^ in^Uoattoaj, import, ^nify, 

ImiHiIltTi "- Imprudence, IndlBoretton, 
folly, bid poliDf ■ 

ImpolltA, a, LmdTil, uncoarteane, dis- 
eourteous, unpollBlied, rude, ni^ ' 
manly, roug;b, liooclMi, savage, 

InipolJtlG, a- Imnmdent, li^Judiclona, 
indisoteet, ill-advised, Ul-Jndeed, 

Imnnrous, a- Close, compact^ dense, 
solid, tiioiout pores. 

Import, - -^ . 

'vm all ,. 

iL Imply, denote, purport, slgniiy, 

ifiwn atrroad). 
%. 7 — '■■ 

3. Concern, be of Importance to, be 
of caiiBequBuce to, be ol^interest to. 
Import, n. 1. Signiiicaliou, meaning, 
purport. Import sBuae, drift, ^t, spirit, 
boivrlng, tenor, intantioii. 
a. Imparted mecobandise. 
3. ImpoilSHce, consequence, ndgbt, 
moment, ^nlUcance. 
Importance, h. Consequence, w^lit, 
moment, i^nlfioaiice. Import, concern. 
Important, a. Weighty, momentoua. 

Save, eeriouB, mateclaJ, ^gnlUcant, of 
Lportance, of moment, of gieat 
ImportaUoD, «■ 1. ImpoTllng. 

a. Import, Illet^^llandlse imported. 
Importunate, a. Urgent, pertlnaclons. 
pces^ng, l«aaing, busy, eacnestly 

Importune, f. a. Press (ftp ea^eiUj)), 

ui^ (iy repeated reqiieati), beset, en- 
. treat, dun, eolicit earnestly. 
Importanitr, "■ Entreaty, nrgeney, 

insistence, pisflsl^ solicltauon. 
Impose, V. a. t. Fnt, la;, set, place. 
8. Presorllie, enjoin, appoint. 
3. OMmde, palia, i^BS oS. 
Impose on, ( Deoefve, cheat, 
Impose upon, ) trick, befool, lioax, 

ddpe, delude, dicumvent, diddle, play 

upon, put upon. 
Impasini;, a. Qrand, stately, august, 

ImposiUon, R. 1. Impo«ng 

8. ConstF^nt, oppressor 

charffl, Injunetlon, levy, tan 

- 3. IMception,ftaud,tricke 

an, cneating. 

mpossible, «. Impracttcable, nnfeasi- 
ble, onatlainable, unaolitevable, not 
feasible, not possible, oat of tlie ques- 

mpoBt, n. Tax, daty, custom, excise, 
toU, tribute, rats. 

tnuosttimoe, n. Abscess, gaUierii^, 
nicer, faster, sore, paatule. 

lupostor, n. Deceiver, pretender^ 
cbeat, irogiie, trickster, trioker, knaTo, 
liypocrite, Puariaee, quack, cliarlaton, 
mountebank, donblB-fleaier. 
Imposture, «. Clieat, trick, deception, 
ImpcidtlDn, Imax, K'aad, delu^on, atti- 
fice, ruse, dodge, wile, deceit, strata- 
gem, BAM, oliouse, elap-trap, crafty 

Impotence, «■ Inability, disability. In- 
capacity, incapability, incompetence, 
inellloiBncy, wealtness, ftebleiiess, im- 
Isdll^, inflrmig, frailty. 

capable, incompetent, disabled, Inca- 
pacitated, Imbecile, weak, feeble, in- 

a. Cindue, incuse, imprison, slint ttp, 

Impoverish, i>. a, 1. Make poor, bring 
to want, I'ednce to poverty, reduce to 
a. Kxkaust tbe fertlllQ' of, make 

IiiiptAot1ca1>fllty, H- In 

feasibility,. Impracticabli 
Impraetaoah'^ * » t, 

a, Hani to'deaTwItii, 

I. ImpaBsabk 


II. a. Invoke (a curse or 

u,n. 1. Invocation (iiCeirii). 
malediction, cxeoratlon. 


Imprwnable, a. nnasaallable, Inex- 
pngnable, not to be taken by assault, 
not h) be stormed, secure from capture, 
tenable i^^nst all odds. 

impregnate, n. a, 1. Feonndate, make 
pregnant, get with child. 
8. Imbue, infuse, saturate, Ull, tlnct- 

ai (aj(.) Pertilise, make proMc. 
Impreenation, n. 1. Fecundation. 

% fnfusion, saturation, tincture. 
Impress,i7.a. 1. Stamp, print, imprint, 

8. Inculcate, dx deeply. 
3. Press, force inki public service. 
Impress, n. 1. Print, imprint, slmup, 
impreHSion, mark, seal. 

2. Dosice(as«j>onaseffii),niottti,oi«- 
nisance, symbol, emblem. 
ImpresslbiUty, n. 1. Susceptibility to 

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Impressible, a. I. SnEoepliljle 
a. Seiisiaye, eaally aftectad. 
Impreudon, n. 1. Prinliiie, i 
Ing, atamplim. 
a. Matk, scamp, IrapreeB, bm 
3. SenaatlDD, Influence, effect 

S> Edition U^a (wife), aamb^lo/ccp- 

ies) printed at once. 
Im.pleral'v& a, Afifeeting, t^nicMng, 

moving, amrmg, powoi'ful. 
Imprimnlnr, n. [Ul Ueenae to print. 
Impriinls, ad, Dj.] In tlie fiTSt pJ^e, 
' fltut of aU, araCln order. 
Imprint, V. a. ±. Print, stamp, mark 

ImprLsoiimeiit, rt. IncaroeratlOTi, con- 
finement, eonunltmant, restialntj con- 
straint, duress, duranee. 

Impra1>aliiut7, n. Unlikeliliood. 

Impcobable, a. Unlikely, not proba- 

Improbitr, 11. Mslionesty, (Usingenn- 

oiisiiefls, unCilrnefia, baaencsB, lEna"~ — 

tUtMeaaness, bad &lt1i. 
Impramptu, (C Extempore, ui 

meditated, off-hand. 
Impromptu, od. Extempore, o£f-l 

wfthDuC premeditation. 
ImpFomptn, n. Improvisation, ex 

poraneous effusion. 
Improper, a. 1, Uuaultable, unsoltedj 

unAt, unapt, inapposite, inappro 


S, Inda 

1, Unsnltablei 
Indecency, inde- 

acconnt, employ adiantageonsly, moke 

4, Apply practically (as the doctrines 

Impcave, iT.n. 1. Meod, becomebettar, 
get iwtter, get on, gain gronnd, pick 

a. Make progress, taike a slep tOi- 

3i [Com,) Tncreaaa.rlBcbecnbanced. 
Improve on. Make better. 

,0 pcrfec- 

progress, prottoiency, adyHncement. 
a. GoDif nse, benedclal employmenl 
3. PracMcal application (as q? a rft 

mprovident, a. Sbittleas, imntiul 
prodigal, wasleful, wtOiout forec 
wlUiout mrcBlglit, careless of tke fut nic. 

Improvlsate, v. a. £: !t. Jrcprovise, 
speak extempore fin vei^i. 

Improvisatloii, n. 1. Improvising. 
a. Impromptn. 

Improviae, v. a. & n. Improviaote, 
speak extempore. 
mprudence, ii. Indiscretiun, lieed- 

sideratenesa, improviiJence, want of 

Impudent, a. Insolent, Insultii^, pre- 
sumptuous, bold, ebamelesB, linpei-ti- 
nent, mde, saucy, pert, flippant, cool, 
bi'azen, ibrward, bold-£iced, liraEen- 

Impugn, V. a. Attack, assail, oppose, 
resist] contradict, gainsay, call in 

Impulse, B. 1. Thrust, push, impelling 

Impnlslve, a. 1. Impelling, moving. 

a. Pttasionate,raBh, quloE,hot,liBaty. 
Impunity, n. 1. Exemption finm pun- 

2. Exemption from Injury. 
Impure, o. 1. Foul, unclean, dirty, 

ttlUiy, feculent. 

a. Obscene, indecent, lewd, smutty, 
ribald, bawdy, coarse, Immodest, gross, 
ynlgar, Indelloate. loose. 
Impurity, «. 1. Fonlncss, unoleanness, 

». Obscenity, Indaeeney, Immodesty, 
ribaldry, smuitiness, aniut, bawdiness. 

3. Coaraenees, grossuess, lowness, 

ImputaMe, a. Attributable, referrlbla, 
cliargeablo, traeoalila, owli^, to ba im- 
puled, to be charged, to be attributed. 

Impatatioo, n. 1. unputing, attribut- 
ing. ^ 

ee-il coiUE}, itttiibute,reler, charge, con- 
sider ae due. 
InabiUty, n, 1. Incapacity, Incapa- 
bility, impotence. Incompetence, Incom- 

want of capai^ty. 
a. Disability, disQuolificalJon. 
._ '-'— '-ladlfScnlty, 

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. UuaEproathable 

, ... iKAOTIVirV, InflrtlkBBS. 

ImustlTe, a. Inert, 1a,zy, IndolenC, idle, 
Blottafnl, Boplne, tor^d, sluggish, dvaa- 
lahj liunplan, paa^v e, Fablim. 

buuttlvMy, ». Inaotlbn, inertness, iaa- 
nesa, indolence, idleness, sloth, suplne- 
naas, torpoc, torpidity, aluasishneaB, 
FfthJan policy. 

InBdeqnaor, ». 1. Insnfleieiicy, Inade- 
8. Incompleteness, defectiveness. 

luHdeguate, a. t. iQsuiBcieiit, un- 
eqaBl. disptr — 

inapt a Unfl , unsuitahle, inAppo- 

Inaiititad« 1 n Unfltneso, unsnltaWe- 
Inaptueae I ness, inappropriateness, 

inai pll abillir 
Ina tic ilate a 1. JndlstlnEit. 

it J^oal Inarticulated, not jointed. 
InartionloWd i. {ZaU.) Ihabtiod- 

luartiAclal, a. 1. Natural, not made 
by art. 

S, ArUeea, ingenuous, kaivs, guile- 
less, sincere, tdrnple-minded, «i^fle- 

Ina&mnolt a». Since, seeing that, con- 


not to be alloi 
InBdvunce, 1 

3. To be credited fbr motley ndvonced. 

B, tliai:^tlessnesB, heedles&i 
, mistake, hlnnder, c 

^lit, Inacct , . 

Inadvertent, a, Inattentlre, thonght- 

lees, careleas, heedie" ' i.n— -. 

unobservant, n^igei-.. 
Inadvertently, ud. ThaugHJesslv, in- 

oonsiderately, carelessly, heedteBBlj, 

negligently, in an m^uaraed "■— 

InalteiuiMe.a. Hot t^healie 



3. Vanity, ftivolouaness puerility. 
In an under tone Softly with Kited 
hreatb. In a low i oics in a low tone, 

In a, nut aliell. In a small compass, 

Inanpllcablllty, n. Unfitness, unauit- 
ablenees, Inapmeae, inai>tltode. 

Inapplieable, a. Unfit, unsuitable, ic- 
Mlevant, Inapt, isapposite. 

Inapposite, a. Unfit, unsuitable, ircel- 

erant, InappUcable, inapt, iniu%.x uiit^i,., 

not pertinent, out uplace, not In keep- 

b^, not to the purmee. 
Inappreciable, a. Not appreciable, not 

tobe appreiAtted. 
Inappropriate, o. Unfit, nnsuited, un.- 

BniCable, unadapted, unbecoming, out 

of cliacaeter, out of keeplug, out of 

place, in bad tufite. 

ness, thooghtlsssnees, Inconeiderate- 

nattentlve, a. Unolieervant, unob- 
eerving, unmindful. Inadvertent, heed- 
'— '^oughflesE ■" -■— 

voi^le, 1 

egi ning na 

U na 

unfortunate, nnto- 

In Imlk, 1. fil a mass, In an entire 

a. Loose in the hold, not in packages. 
Incage, n. a. I, Put Into a cage. 

ii. Oonflne, impound, imprison, shut 

Incalculable, a. Hot t« be calci 
not to be reckoned, beyond oa 

romaney, iiilchery, witcbo'caft. 
[ncapablUtr, ». Incapacity, inability, 
dlBablllty, Ineompetence. 


Inoapable of, 1. Wll 

Z. Hot susceptible o£, not admltcii^ 

Incapacious, a. Narrow, soaut, of 
vmail capudty, not ample, not capa- 

IncapiiAitate, v. a. 1. MsaUa, malte 

a. Disquolily, unfit, make unfit. 
IncaptudCj, n. 1. Innbilitv. Incana^ 

billiy, disBblllty, Inoonipete 

■xinlinemeiit, conrmitment. 
Inoarnata, v. a. Clotbe vith 6 

embody in flesh. 
^fiatnatlon, n. 1. Ineamadnc. 
a. Hypostatic union. 
3. Impersonation, personlficatlnn 
empUfication, bodily m 


iBpBUi, impuudent. 

Incendiary, s. Inflammatoiy, sedi- 
tious, factions. 

IncendhUT, "- 1. Burner of buildings. 
a. Firebiond, political ^tator. 

Imtense, ii. a. Enrage, eiaaperate, in- 
flame. Irritate, provoke, anger, chal^, 
make ai^ry. 

a beg:limli^. 
Incertltud^R. UneertiJnta', doubtfnl- 

neaa, amb^uitj. 
InceBsant, a. Ceaseless, unceaaina, 

uaint«rrapted, unreralttlug, >xiittlniml, 

perpetual, constant. 
Il»Ml,». ■^ 


a beginning. 
Incident, a, 1. Happenii^, liable to 

H. Belonging, pettalning, appertain- 
ing, relating. 
3. lOpties.] Falling, implngii^. 
bielilent, n. Event, occucrsncs, ciicum- 

ImdOental, a, 1. Accidental, casual, 

S. OccasIonaU adventitious, extiane- 

Invision, n. Out, 

3. Sharp, acute, sarcastio, BBtirical, 
revere, biting, 
icisor, n. Cutting tooth, 
iclte, V. a, Kouae {to action), arouse. 

irompt, 1 

t, stimLtlus, 

lD^t«iuent, ». ^^^^^^^^^^, 
impnlse, spur, provooatlvo, , 

iDolvlIl^, n. Msoourteny, rndeneas, 

ImpoUtenesB, nnconrtSDuBnwE, uncourt- 

llness. tuuThanttf, unmannerUneaa dla- 

reapect, ill-hieeding, 
[ndemency, n. 8evorllJ, rigor, luttHli- 

ness, bolsterauBnese, BMnulneea, tem- 

pestitoiianess, roughness. 
inclement, a. Severe, rigorous, harsh, 

boisterous, stormy, rough, not mild. 
[noUnaUon, n. 1. Inclining, leaning, 

slope, Blant, bend. 
Z. Trending, verging, oblique dlree- 

3. IMsposilion, ptedlleotlon, predis- 
poEdtion, bent, bjas, pronenBse, pro- 
oUvity, tendency, leaning, aptitude, 
propen^ty, penohaht. 

4. Desire, Irish, partiality, ttondness. 

» Dispose, predispose, ti 
InoIoEc,' K.' a. [Written a! 

Cover, envelop, wrap. 
de, V. a. 1. Hold, oonirfn, 

2, Comprise, oomprehend, contain, 
mbiace, embod:^ take lu. 
Josive, a. 1. uieJoalng, onctrcllne. 

iS. Including bath, botii being m- 

•i«M)g:, a, [Uallogfiial.l lucoOHno. 
Inat^pilto, It. (L.l Unknown {in one't 
true eltaracieri, disguised, in dlt^ulae, 

' — inied cliaiaotet. 

,l«. 1. Looseness W 
, ( parts), want of co- 

[uity, inconsistency, incon- 
Jncolierent, a. 1. Ijoobb, detached, non- 



X, iease, Larry, fret, 

e'lJi, fiiafe 


btlng:, prQvokliig, dlaadvai 
nwleluy, awkward, ni 


mniileatlTe, a. Eoaerreii, 

BtH^able, anBodai. 

Inomnparable, a. Tianscendent, pi 
lees, matoMeaa, iinriTalled, nnequaL 
nnparalleled, luimitable, very su 

IncompaUbUlt;, n. InconalateDc;, 

congrulty, unsuitableneaB, want 

^reemenl, wont ef adaptatiuii. 

Incompatible, a. Inconsistent, lac 

gruous, iiBBUitaWe, nnadaptsd. 
iDHompetenoe, I it. 1< Incapacity, ina^ 
lucompetenoy, I bllih. 

9, InbuffldwiGy, Imuieanocy. 
3. IMequBliaoaWon, unfitness. 
Incompetent, a, 1. Unable, Incapa' 
ble, not competent. 
S), InanfBclent, inadequate. 
3. DiBgualifled, incapacitated, unfit, 

i^ete, a. 1, Detective, deQdent, 

_.'Unflnlsibea, uneotiipleted, hnac- 
oonipllBlied, nneicouted, not completed, 

Inoomposlte, a. 1. Untampoanded, 

"'a. iArilh.t trijoe. 
iDDompreliensiblUtf, n. InconcelT- 

ablenoss, luoomprebeiiBtbleness. 
InODinprelienBlble, a. InconoelTaWs, 

-onlma^nabLej not to be compi'ehended, 

Ct finding out, beyond tbe reach of 
Incomprehenslblenesa, n. InoonoelT- 

ableuesff, Incomprebenulblllty. 
InoumpreaslblUty, «. Ineompresslble- 

Not to be com- 


— jelTableness, «. Incomprcben- 

elbleness, luoontpr^en^bUlty. 

InoDuOlnstTei a. Uncoavlnolng, Inde- 
oMyo, not oonOluBlya. 

Incot^mlty,!!. Unsnltableneaa, Inooi 
^tency, tmpropilety, Inammjpriati 
ness, dlsorei^anoy, Incompadblllty, Ij 
coherence, absunu^. 

Incongrcnooa, a. Unsuitable, Ineoneli 
tent, Inappropriate, Improper, incom- 
patible, luoohereot, discrepant, absurd. 


1. Truthfuiiy, emcerely. In slncerlfy, 

ji coBBaquenoe, of ni 

glddf-btoliie^, Ughb-hea^ed. 

lACOiuddeFateneis, n. Thonghtless- 
nese, oarelenneas, heBdleflsneaa, Ina^ 
tenoon. Inadvertence, neeligenoe, im- 
prodenoe. Indiscretion, coahiLeEa. 

JnconslBtency, n. 1. Incongrally, In- 
compatibility, unauilableneea, fnoolier- 

ailety, contradlcUon. 

, IKeconsolaW, iroebe- 
mionusss, heart-biokea, l>rok- 


it. Unstableness, instablUty, muta- 
bilit;, varlBbleness, 
InconBtant, a. 1. Changeable, ftckle, 

^ ar&ustablermulabl^ variable, nn- 
IncoateBtable, a. Indisputable, incon- 

dispnted, beyond au quesldon, 

uc^uiiu n, donbt, past dispute. 
Incontinence, n. LewdnsBB, lasdTious- 

nees, induleence oT lust. 
iDODntiuent, a. Lend, lascivious, on- 

Incontrovertible, a. Indisputable, un- 

qneutlonable, I^OOMTBSTAULB. 
Inconvenience, n. 1. Incommodious- 

Uon,' disturbance', trouble, ' disadvan- 
tage. . 


3. Unfitness, unenitablenees, unsoa- 


jylng, V. 

3. Unfit, u 

Inconvertibilltr, fi- Uncliai^jeable- 

ness, Inconvertlbleness. 
Incoavectlble. a, UndiauEeabie, not 





into one bofly. 
2. Form liito a corpomtlon, form i 

a body politic. 
Inoocpoi'aUon, n. 1, Combinati 

union, blendil^;, mlsture. 
2, AsHoolAtiou (as a body vofiHc). 
IncDPpore^ a. XuunittecM, epinti 

bodiless, not corpai«al. 
JnooTpoTdw, H. SpliituallCy, Imi 

terlabiees, iiamateclBllty. 
Incorrect, a- - 1' Inoxact, luaccur 

enoneoue, faJee, unti-iie. 

, 8. PngrammatlQal, tenllj. 

vereibiB, itremedlcabla 

, incurable, poet cure, yasl, 

iravod, corrupt. Impenitent, 
B, abiuidoned, obdarate, hatd- 

IuaorFnptil>fllty,ii. ImpeiieimblenesE, 

Incormptibleiiesa, ' 


, , Augment, enlarge, 

maJEo greater, maJfe larger. 
^ Enhanco, raise, advance, beighten, 

S. Bxttiud, prolong. 
4. Aggra^^, Intui^fy. 
Increase. ». 1. Augmentation, enlarge- 
' """■■ — ' — , ejtpaaaion, growth, 

Bua, progeny, descend- 

InoTedallty, n. Unbelief, disbelief, 

dlBtrust, BOSpUdam, want of belief. 
InoredtilonBia. Unbellailng, Boepaoal. 
' . iNcoiEASB, augmenta- 


I, Impeach, 

Inoroitii. a. Covav witli a crust. 

Incrustation, n. 1. TncruaUng. 
a. Crust, coating. 

Incubnte, v. ». Bi-ood. 

Jiumtnis, n, 1. N^tmare. 

S: EnoumbrancH, clog. Impediment, 
binderance, drog weight, dead we^t. 

looaloate, v. a. Jmprese, anfocoB, In- 
stil, Infnee, InSaJnei-ait, Implant. 

Incnlcatlon, ». Bnftjroement. 

Ineulpable, a. Unblamable, Irrepre- 
heuEable, Irreprnvable, ineproHCboble, 
blameless, faultless, sinlesa, mnocent. 

peacl ciln 


Olillgatoty dovolT 
Holder (e/" a ben^ee, 

iioutnbramce.n. \Wilttea ali-> Sncitm- 
l^ance.'] 1. Load, clog, impediment, 
incnbne, lilndecance, dead we^lit, drag 

a. Debt, dalm, liability. 

post mending. 
Incurions, 3. Uningrddtiye 
not 'inqnirttlve, destitute < 

raid, descent, partial 

lad, irruption, forray. 

Bend, bow, crook, 
1. [Sot.) Hooked, i 

Indebted, a. 1. Owing, In debt. 

a. Obliged, beholden. 
Indecency, n. 1. Indecorum, Impro- 

3. Indelicacy, erossnees, Immodesty, 
Intpnrlty, obscenity. 
Indecent a. J. Tndecorons, improper, 

a. Indelloate, gross, immodest, Im^ 
pnre, obscene, filtny, nncliaate. 
Indeeidnous, a. {Sot.) Eyergreen, not 

2. Unsettled, wavering, vaclllaling, 
Irceaolttte, heeltattng. 

IndeCUnable, a. Undeclinable. 

Indecorous, a. Indecent, unbecoming, 
Impcopet, oiiseemly, gross, rude, coarse, 
uncivil, Impolite. 

Indeconrasness, ». Indecorum. 

tuaecamni, n. Indecorousness, inde- 
cency, Impropriety, groseimss, mdeness, 
Inciviji^, Imp^teness, violation of 

,, ..irltably, 

Indeed'i1niwj!"'B^'ly, Is It bo. yon don't 
say so, who'd have tiioRglit it, Heaven 

Indefat^abllity, n. IndaeiUgableness, 

IndefBUKabIe,n. ' Unweaifel, unllring, 
unflag^ng, pei'severlng, persistent, sed- 
bIoub, a«Bduoae, miremltling, never- 

IndefotteHMeness,». IndefaUgability. 

;a by Google 


ablB, irveToualile, irntoiitable, Uiat can- 
not be abrogated, that cannot be mode 

Indefensible, a. J. Untenable, that 
cannot be defended. 
- " aable, iDjagtiflaljle, un« 

S. Vague, olwcnre, donbtful, uncet- 

t^, equlTOoai, unsetHeii, loose. 
ludell'ble, a. IneffiBDeable, iiigr^ned, 

not W be blotted ont. 
Indelleaoy, «. Indecenm', ladeeonun, 

coacseneaa, Erosenees, mu^ess, vulgiir- 

itv, want 01 refinement. 
ludelloate, a. Indecent, Indecorous, 

unbtwomlnK, nnseemly, coarae, gtoxa, 

In demand. In reqneat. 
Indemuiflcatton, n. 1. Indemnl^ng, 
securitj {agaiaai loss, iJ^urg, or pea- 

a. Compeoaation (/or lass w injury), 
remunataiion, reimburaement, indam- 
nit;, reparaUon. 
Indemul^, v, a. 1. Senore (agujtut 
tost, infurj/, or peaa^), aave liannleas. 

a- Obmpenaalie {Jbr ioss or it^nrg}, 
remunerate, relmtmraa, requite, maie 

Indent, V. a. 1, Notch, jag, cut notchea 

bind by In. 

I'reedom, liberty, 

„ , _. _. Unrelattd, uncon- 

neeted, free, aelf-dlrecUng, unr^doted. 

Indenture, ». Written < 

SBlPdlrei , — _. 

Independent, a. 1. UnrelaMd, uacon- 

..^1 trsa nslf-rtlvoctiiig, unrffitrieted, 

net dependent, 

"a'tfiioonaTrained, oaay, bold. 
a. Irrenpeetlve. 
Independent of, 1. 1 
oncegtrlcted by, not related to, not 
dependent upon. 
S. IrreapeatWe of. 
Indegccibable, a. Inespresdble, Inef- 

Indeabruotible, a. Imperishable, that 

oannot be dcfitL'oyed. 
Indetenntnatfl, a. Indefinite, unfixed, 

uiicBrtnhi, not eettled, not piedee. 
Index, 't. [L. pi, Indieee. Eng. pi. I 
dexes.j J. Pointer, luuid. director. 
3. Alphabetliial table of Feferenoea. 

■ "■ "--"sllc (i]C a fcpariflBn), 1 

I Fore finger. 

Indian sage. 

. Teat- tree (Ifectona 
. White Lellabore (Te- 
, thotouglii 


tobaooD, n. Lobelia {Sirrth 
-m speciss,^ Lobelia infiata], 
bber, ii, CaootBliouo, gum- 
Indicate, V. a. Show, denote, betoken, 
niarli, dealgnnte, signify, point out, 
shadow forth, he the eign of. 
IndicaHon, ii. 1. Indicating. 

». Sign, matt, token, note, indei, 

3. [Oram.) AfHrmatlve. 
Indicative of. That indicates, that 

points out, that shows, that la a tdgn oL 

elgukcant of. 
Indices, n. pi. ETtuonenta. 
XndlooUte, «. [Mitt.) Indlgolite, bine 

Tndlot, V. a. Accuse, chaige, crhnluate, 

arraign, impea^. 
ludlotment, n. Awnsalioa, chaiwi, 

arr^nment, erimlnatlon, impeaSl- 

Indiflbi-ence, n. 1. Neutrality, impar- 
tiality, disinterestedness, Aeedom Itom 
bias or prejudice. 

S. Tnioouoemedness, apathy, eol.. 
neas, carelesaness, negllgeiLce, heed- 
leeanesa, Inattentjon, want of intc" 

3. Triviality, unlmportaiiea, In^cl 

Indifi^Tcent, a- I- Neutral, impartjol, 
disiatereated, nnblasaed. 

3. ITiioaacemed, unmaved, npat^el^ 
cool, InatlfflillTe, dead, heedleva, regard. ' 
less, anmlndful, not interaBted. 

" "--- — ^' justthesame, 

,. Egaal,allthei ,, 

all one, the aame tMng. 

4. Passable, toleriwe, 

dlnary, so-so, not '■- 

Indigence, n. F< 

slty, privation, (iit 


less, moneyless, insolve 


Indicated, c 

^^n neeu, m want. 
jiu^^esHiu, u. I., uuconcocted, andi- 
eeated, not digested. 

a. Crude, m-indged, lU-adrlsed, noi 
well considered. 

3. Disorderly, confused, not arrai«ed, 
not metltoiiizeil, not aorted. In confOalon, 

Indinestibliity, n. IndigesUbleneES. 
Indigestible, a. That cannot be illgeat- 

Indig:eBtibleuess, n. IndlgestibUity. 



Indteestion, n. Dyspepsia, dj^pep! 

dlBoulty of dlgeBtlon. 
Indlgniuit. a. Angry, iacensed, pro- 

t, tacjj rage, dioler, exospera- 

ludignity. «■ Insult, e: 
fillglit, dIsreBpect, dlBhoi 
obioqay, opprobrium, n 

not dlrsotly ^ 

S. UuMt, dJsboneet, dishonorable. 
ludlBcemlble, a. Undiecemlble, im- 
pet^wptlbl^ mvldble, uudiscoverable, 

IndlscTeet, a, luprodent, InJudldouB, 
unwise, InuonBtderote, ibolisb, raeli, iu- 
catlUauB reGklsBS, heedlesH, lieadlong. 

IniUsoreUon, «■ 1. Imprudence, Incon- 
Blderoteness, laslmees, fully. 

S. MlBtake, FAUX PAS, indiscreet 
act, Mt of Indlsoration. 

Judlacrluhlnate; *t- 1- Undiacrlmlitat- 

»'. ContmM, mixed, mingled, nndls- 
tingalshaible, prcmlscuouB. 

Indispenaable, a. MeoeBKary, essenttal, 
isqmeilo, neeilful, needed, not W be 
dlspenaad with. 

Indispose, v, a. Disincline, render 
averua, make nnflirorable. 

Indisposed, o. 1. I>lBinolined, nnwill- 
ii^, reluctant, averse, loath, backward, 
not disposed. 

% in, nnweU, ailing, sick, out of 
health, out of sorts. 

Indisposition, n. 1. Dlsinolination, 
nnwlUlDeness, reluctance, dislike, aver-, 
^n, baBairardnass. 
a. Ulnesa, sicluiess, ailment. 

Indisputable, a, Inconteslabla, Incon- 
trovsctlhlB, unquestionable, undeni- 
able, Indubitable, Irrefragable, evident, 
obvuuia, certain, not to be disputed, 
beyond all quaation, beyond a doiibt, 

IndisSDlnble, a. 1. Indiseolrable, tbat 
ijantiot be dissolved, that ' ' 

e. Indestructible, stable, i 

ImUsBolvable, 1. l.*IndiB! 

Jndletlnct, a. 1' Indeterminate, nude- 
dnwl, iadefinlte, undistlnguisbable, 
eoufused, not disHnet. 

a. Oljseuce, dim, vague, imperfect, 
&lnt, not clear. 
3* AiabignotiB, uncert^n, doubts. 

IndlBthiBrDJghaVle, a. Indistinct, in- 
determiixate, C07;fased, undistingulsh.- 
able, that cannot be distinguished. 

IiuUte|«. a. 1, Compose, write, pen. 

idlvldual, a. Particular, special, aep- 
Indlvidu^.ti. Person, personage, char- 
Indlvt'dnality, n. Fersooalit^, distinct 
ilarlze, con- 

Indiiislble, a. 1. Inseparable, Oat 
iannot be divided. 
e. (Maih,) Incomtaensiu^ble. 
IndiHdblllty, ii. Unteadiableness, hi- 
---"-■ -less.indoolllty. 

e, a. TlntaiMiable, IndooHe. 

IndodlileneHB, «• iHnociLITT'. 
Xndoelle, a, 1. Unteadiable, dull. 
fl. Untroctable, Bttibborn^erverse, 




Iiida^tir, »• ' 1. UnteaodialileiiceB, in- 
doclbleneaa, IndodbiUty, dulness. ' 

3. Ii^raotoblanesa, stabboEnneBs, ob- 
stinacy, mullalmeak 

Indoctiinate, v, a, Teacli, instruct, 

IndoctJinaitiau, it. Instruction, inlUa- 

Indolence, ». Laziness, slothfalneas, 

slctli, inertne^. Idleness, slnggishness. 
Indolent, a. Lazy, slothful, Inert, slue- 

gi»h, luacUve, listless, supine, lumpl^, 

hiibitually idle. 
Indomitable, a. Unyielding, nnoon- 

queiable, hivlnclble, not to be subdued. 
In doors, Wllhlii the liouse, undar 

l™uper9or£ba, write on the back of. 
it. Sanction, approro, confirm, ratify, 

Indubitable, a. UnqneaUoiiable, indls- 
pntatile, incontestable, undeniable, In- 
oontuoverKble, evident, certain, beyond 
all question, beyond a doubt, past dis- 

Indnoe, m. <l. 1. Influence, Impel, mo' 
prompt, actuate, instigate, perauaj 
uree, iuoltJi, spur, act upon, set i 
w^h witli, prevail on, nrav^l upon. 
a. Cause, produce, etnct, bring on. 

Indneemeut^ ». MoUre, reason, cause, 
con^deratlun, Incitein^it, IncenUv- 
stlraulus, spur, infl.uence, uupnlse. 

Induct^ w. a. Introduce (iHto ojloe), 1 
stall, inaugurate. 

Indnige, !>. a. 1. Qcatdfy, t^vor hui 
cherisb. pamper, COCKER, give irea 
scope to, give a loose rein to, give way 



moFli^, pampering, cockflring. 
3. Kivor, llberaUly, binlty, lanlt 

Indnlicent. a. 1. YlelOing, corapUaut. 

Z. Lenient, mild, clement, tolerant, 

gentle, ^TiteBJing, kind, tender, not 

Indurate, V. a. 1. Harden, render hard, 
moke bard. 
iS, Moke obdnraCe, malte unfeeling. 
Induraliva, n. 1. Hnrdenlng. 

S. Obduracy, liardnesb of beaEt. 

InduBtrloue, a. D1J.IQSNT, aatilduooe, 

sedulous, busy, labm-lous, noblblo, at 

ing, 'oiligeiiiiy BniployM, bu^ly en- 
g^ed, up and etlL'ung, busy as a bee, 

Tn^oMbry, it. Asaldulty, a»dduousneaB, 
eedulousneBe, petsaveiance, autlirlty, 
siLiOBKDEi habitual deration to labor. 

Inebriate, V. a. Intoxicate, make drunk. 

Ineln4atlon, ». Intoxlaatum, diuultei 
nwH. Inebriety. 

■-^». iKBBItriTION. 

tneipreesible, Imfeaoi'ibable, tliat ca 
not be spoken, beyond expfeatfion. 

Inefbeeable, a. Uidellble, ingtatued. 

In elteot^ In Gict, in trutli, rooUy, in 

Inetfeotive, a. iHItFFEOTVAI., InefBca- 

S- Powerless, weak, impotent, feeble. 
Inefitoctnalneas, n. Inefficncy. 
Inemcacious, a. Ineiteotuai., 

Inefflcleucy, n. Weakness, impotence, 

Inefficacy, poweileosneiis, 
Ineffloieut, a. Weak, feeble, impotent, 

Inelegant, a, 1. IFngtacefUl, graeeleas, 

dej lough, homely, homespun, 
coutn, plain, clr ' 

a. Sliftf coiialiHinS, liatHb, oruda. 

f, unpoliBliod, 
^ — sliHlned 



bald, cramped, at 
Inel^ble, a. " 

ed (ft) ojiee). 
a. Inexpedient, nnodvlsable. 

Inept, (t. 1, Improper, unM, i 
able, InappropclHte, inapposite, unapt, 
useless, woFtbless, void, nuU. 

S. Foolish, Billy, nonsensical, sent 
less, stupid. 
Ineptitude, n. 1. Pnfltness, unsait- 
amenesa, inaptitude, useli 

a. Folly, fooliuli — 

Tneiiuallty, n. !• 
a. Vui 

iiity, dilTetenoe, 

ere, a. 1^ InHctive, lifeless, passlye, 
notionleEB, dead. 

B. Dull, Indolent, tDifld, eluggiBli, 
.i_..-ur..i^ Jaay, idle, aupine, lumpi&li, 

SlugglalmeBa, in- 

~[L.] In being, actually exiellns. 
-Ide, a. Invaluable, priueleas, 
met be esUmated, above all 

Inevitable, a. Unay<ddaMe, neoasBary, 

not to be escaped, that must be suttei-ed. 

Inevitably, ^. Unavoidably, certaln- 

Inertia, it. Inertii 

disposition to nioi 
Ineeae, [L.] ^-'■■ 


a. Inoorreot, inaccurate. 
.ble, a. Uni>ai'donable, ind< 
unjDBliflable, Iriemlsslble. le 

able, a. Unrelealing, relentless, 
cable, pilile£s, mercUess, nnmer.. 
unoompaB^onate, liai^, oi'uel, not 
movedV ent,.eaty. 

Igiiomnce, vaut of experience. 

Inexperienced, a. unprootlBed, un- 
ti-mned, uuinltiat^ unechooled, raw, 
onyersBd, uneonveraaHt, nndtadpllueti. 
unskilled, green, wltiiont eKpeiieuce. 

Inexji^ a. Unskilful, imaklUed, awk- 
ward, clumsy, unhandy, inapt, bung- 
ling, maladroit, wltkout dexterity. 

Instable, a. Unpardonable, iiTe- 
miasible, unatonable, ]iot to be aloned 

lueipllcable, a. Unaccountable, unln- 
tellglbte, incomprekeneiblo, hiscruta- 
ble, mysWrloua, strai^e, enlgmatioal, 
not to be explained. 

Inexpreasible, a. Iebffable, unut- 
terable, unspeakable, indescribable, 

IneEpresBlve, a, Unexpresijive, cliar- 
act^riess, blank. 

Inexpugnable, a. i, Impi-egnabla, un- 
assailable, not to be taken by assault, 
not to be sbJi-med, seom'e from captui-e, 
tenable against all odds. 
S. Unconquerable, not to be subdued. 

InexBuperable, a. Insurmountable. 

Inextenao, IL.] In Cull, to Ule Kill 

Inextinguishable, a. Unquenchable, 

that oaunot be extinjsuished. 
In extremla, [L.] In one's last mo- 

Inextrloable, a. Intricate, perplexed, 
entangled, that cannot be disentangled, 

In fact, Ite^y, trnly, In truth, in 

InfallilMllty, n. i. IniMlibleneea, ex- 
emption from llablUty to err. 
a. Cectointy. 


InfliUible, a. 1. Uneniiig:, Dot Uable 
a. Certain, sure, unfailing, not liable 

Lgly, williout ML 

- a. 1. Diarepntabla, of iH 
rapmu, m. «poien of. 

It. Insgcacefal, dlationorable, ahame- 
ful, odlons, detfifltabl^T ecandiLloiia, Ig- 
nominious, baee, rile, nof^rioua, vitlan- 
ona. belncma, atroclona, widted, (Uat. 
Infttmy, n. 1. Dishonor, di^roce, dla- 
oreillt, dlareputfi, aliani«. Ignominy, 
obloquy, opprobrium, odium, eoandiJ, 

3. IHSfracetnlneaa, dishonorablanest, 

al^amefulnefia, odlouauesb, detestable- 

ne^ seaniialoaeneBS, vlokedneaa, atro- 

dty, Tlllany. 

Xntency, ». 1. Babyhood, first part of 

nt, flrat 

aes, chlMbood. 

le olifld~lifi:e 

■'- olifld, 

ILaw.) Minor. 


luibntlle, I a. diildlsh, yoai 
Infantine, j der, cbildlike. 

In taaoi ot, Favorable to. Inclined to 

approve, ivllling^lo support, 
Inibvomifh, Sa^oral by, in tlie good 
, gracea of. 
Inftoasibillty, b. Impracticability, in- 

fi<sBii>innii«i. iinfB^blenese. 

ImpraoUcable, untbaal- 

ite, contamiual 

Infections, a. t. Contagious, pestilen- 
tial, pesUlbroas, oatelilng. 

a. Contaminating, coniiptfng, vitiat- 
ing, poisoning, dellTliig. 

Infecnnd, K. UnfCullflil, Infertile, un- 
produottve, unprollfte, sterile, barren. 

Initeoundlty, «.. Unfcuitfnlneaa. bar- 
rennesa, unprodnotlvenesa, steiillty, 

Infelicity, II, 1. Unhapplnesa, wretcli- 
edneaa, mlaery, mlafortuoe, lalmuitv, 


3. UnfttTOrablenesB, unlbrtunate 

Ini^, K. a. Deduce, conclude, colleot, 

gatlier, congee probable. 
Inferable, a. [Written also Jt</'«TJi&.] 

Dadndbls, ta be iuftirred- 
Inferenee, «. UonclQEleu, deduction, 

Ii^rior, a. 1. Iiover. 

s. Sulnrdinate, sesondary. 
3. Poor, indlUbrent. 
Inferiority, n. 1, Lower Btate or con- 
S. Subordination. 
3. Medloorltv, poor oualifcv. 
Internal, a. 1. Helllsli, Tartarean, 
Strelan, or beU. 

3. Uiabolioal, devilish, demoniacal, 
flsndiah, dendtlke, satanIc, atroclona, 
nefarious, dark^very wlokea. 
Intbrribie, a. [Written alBD Jtu^roUs.] 

dndjveuess, bamnncss, stetitity, G 
Infest, 0. a. Disturb, annoy, veit, Mase, 
liaraes, plague, torment, troable, mo- 

Id tira, IPoeHa^.l Driefiy, in short. In a 

Infidel, n. Unbeliever (in rarei^ed reii- 

giat), ATOiuHT, ecepljc, fteetiiinker. 
Infidelity, n. 1. Dnbellef, disbelief, 

. . ^s iparHevlarty in the 

laasriage rekttinii), untaltlitlilueBS. 
Infiltrate, v. i. Soak (into K jurotM mS- 

atimce), be absorbed, pass by filtration. 
Infinite, a. 1, Unboundeil, boundleas, 

nnllmlted, tUImltable, llmltleea, Im- 

meaanrahle, InCecminable. 

dons, very great, very large. 
Inflniteetmal, a. Infinitely small. 
Infinitesimal, ft. InflnLtoly amall quan- 

luflnltude, fl. J. Bonndleasness. 

Infinity, It. lunnilinde, Immensity, vaat- 

Inflrm, a. 1. Weak {from ageu feeble, 
enfeebled, deci'epit, Imbecile, not 

a. Irreaolnta, vaoUlaOi^, wavering. 

Infirmity, n. 1. Weakness f./Vo?n age\- 
f^ebleneas, debility, ImbeclUty. 
3. Foible, feult, taiUng, defect. 

Infix, o. a. Implnnt, Ingraft, insUI, 
Ineolcate, Infuse. 

Inflame, s. a. 1. Excite, stimulate, 

Inflammable, a. Combuatlble. 
Intlammable idr. Hydrogen. 




Inflated, a. 1. I^titenSed Iwith n 
swollen, 'bloated, poflM. up. 

a, TumM, tutgid, brmbftftlifi. m- 
diloqne-* -i^— *"^-- 

leal, BQ 

Inflatloiii'fl. 1. SweUlue {ij/ air], dl 
tentioc, ejmanslon, blowmg ap. 

% Coucolt, coQceltfldnesB, seB-conoe 
Belf-safltolenoy, self-oomplaceney. 
3. luciense, enliuveiiisiit. 
Infleat, v. a. 1. Beud, bow, cnrve, to. 
feoDi a direct llnO' 
2. ( Qraai.) Denlins ( a tunai of • 
cUve], coDJi^ate {a verb], varyt 
't.iim, «. 1. Banding, cutratni 


a, (Gram.J Variation. 

HoouHoa.) Modulatjon. 

Ii>flexlMIity,«. 1. Sliffl 

S, PerKnadtr, di^adi 
ness, obatlnaoy. 

3. Firmness, resolution, persever- 
imco, tenooil^ of punrose. 

aaexible, a. 1. 
SC. FerunaoioiL 
obs^nate, nurialc 
Btronff, wUfuL ql 

'BB, dogeed, Htabl^om, 
Bldli^, rmactory, liesd- 

Infllction, «■ 1. Indiotii^, impoeiliou, 

2. Punisliinent, jmlgment. 

Influence ". 1. Anthorlty, awaj 

trol, predomlnanee, asoendenoy, 

of impelling ot directing, conti 

powei, dlifictlug agency. 

d. Kepntatdon, oredl^ weight o1 

lufold.v.a. [SomeBoiesv 
1. Inwrap, enclose, 

8. Clasp, embrace. 


Inform against, 

against (Sit waj/ /if ™,-„™.,«™..,. 
lufaraud, a. Irregnlar, out oi tiie usual 
course, not accoi-dlng to tliB ptescdbed 

Iiifai'mality, «. Irresoloiity. 


i, (£aw.)AccuBatlon,co 

Tiolaaon, tran^ceBSlon, 

Infringe, v. a. j>re^u, viuiztiti, 
greee, dUobay, break Oiroagb, 

InMnsement, it. BrenMiig, bi 

inftacUon, ■■'-'-"— ' '■- 


Ini^ring/e upon, InvEide, 

Infundllinlap, ' ~ ' 

1, trausgresaion, dls- 

Infnriate, t 
Infni'lated, ) 

'a^d, ra^li^, mad, 

'jam, J sUaped. 
a. Enraged, raa , 
ised, funous, 

. 1. Introdi 

ngenlons, a. 1. Inventive, gifted, 
able, mgtuauae, clever, bilebt, 
a, I'bat shows invention, eiblblUng 

IngenulU', It- iDventiveoese, ingeniOKE- 
nesB, ability, capoblenr— -^' — ^■— 
faculty, apUtude, aptna 
iinsok, turn, gift, genlnis. 

Ii^ennau^ a, ArtlSBB, frank, open, 

candid, ^r, Encore, goll^esB, i 
downiiffit, etraiglitBirwacd, tri 
MAiTE, ^mple-mmded, Bin"'"-"" 
open-hearted, above-board. 
IngeanousneBB, n. Artlessness, ii^nk- 

unkuown, undlstln^ulBhed, namele^, 
unnoted, unlionoreo; 

Z. Sluuneful, disgraceful, dlsrepD- 
...1.1.. ,„* brious, edlouH, 




Abaseiuent, diecredit, diaTepnte, 
dit^acB, Ignominy, obloquy, 

iss, lowni 

dl^onor, ou^i 
sUoma, liifiim] 

In gooA 

lood condliian, in good 

, 1. Dye in (ha grain. 

^Sf (into/uEOr), UHBli one's sell 
IiigTBtitode,». tntbiinkfulns 

In^ol^'tT.'a.'cVritl^oisoEHSHi/'.] £ 

Borb, swallow ap. 
Inli^bl^ V, a. Occnpy, 

luhaUlt, V. B. DwbU, 

An. Dweller, ceeldent.^li- 

, - _, Insjiite, braathe in, draw 

^S?:SS'k Inha^oidon.. 


lulieTent^ a. Innate, i 

Inberit, v. a. Tslie bi 

by inlieritanoe, come 

ai an lielr. 
liilierttance, it. 

obstacle, obstcnc- 

diet, dlsalla«aniie, embargo. 

Iiibjoapltallty, «. Wont of hosplt^lty. 
TTihiiirtftn, a, Bftrbaions, bruliid, bay- 

AHE, ornel, mtMesa, ^tuesa, lemorse- 

ISBS, merdlees,Ibll,Kroolanis, onfeeling. 
Inbumaiiitf, n. Barbarity, bmtallty, 

savagenssB, croelCy, ferocity. 
iDliume, D. a. Bury, inter, entomb, 

dapo^ft In the oartii. 
Inimical, a. 1, Hostile, nnfrlendly, 

nnklnd, malsTolent, aata^anistic. 

8. Adsarse, unfavorable, opposed, 
contrary, repugnant^ linrtful, perni- 

Jnimitable, a. tTnparalleled, porfeet, 

untlvflllea, unmatched, nnparogoned, 

mntchleaa, paerleas, above imitation. 
Inlqa JtouB, <i. UnJ ust, unrlghteooa, 

un^r, inequitable, wrong, wjcked, ne- 

fiirlous, litinoua, flu^Uona. 
Iniquity,)!. 1. Injuiidce, anrighteoiu- 

Initial, a. 1. First, at tUb beglDDios, 
at t^e hood. 
a. Indplent, oommBncing, beginning, 

3. Begin, oommeiiee. Inaugurate, 
Initiation, n. 1. IntroducUon, adml»- 

a. Instmctton.lndoctiiiuitiaD. 

3. Beginning, InawnrallDu. 
Initiative, a. Inceptive, inltlatOT 
■■"lldatiTe, 7*. Bwln"' — *— *■-■■- 
— itiatopy, a. ImUa 
Inject, o. a. Throw 1 , 
IrOeotioii, n. 1, Injecting. 

S. Clyster, enema, lavement. 
In Jest, Xn Joke, foe sport, not In ear- 
In joke, IH ;nse. 
lujudiciouH, o. Unwise, Indisoreot, im- 

Incaudona, hasty. Ill-judged, iil-advised. 

Injnnction, «■ Gonunand, order, pre- 
cept, mandate. 

Injure, v. a. 1. Maltreat, wrong, abuse, 
do wrong to, do an ill offloa to, treat 
" " "lurt, diunage, spoil, im- 

pail', mar, disHgure, do Imrm 

it. Hurtful, detrimental, prejudicial, 
pernicious, deleteilous, noxloas, deadly, 
baneful, mlseUlevoua, damaging, dls- 
Hilvontogeous, destrucUve, ruinous, 

3. ContumellouB, detractor;. 
Injury, n. 1. Wrong, injustioe. 

S. Hurt, demise, hai-m, detriment. 

lulald.a. Dl verBlHed{6!/ pieces iiWCT-fti), 

Inland, a. 1. Inteilor. 

Inlay, p. a. Diversity {typiecei imeiied), 


Inlet, n. 1. Entianco, passage, plaoe of 

a. Bay, bight, core. 
In limine, [L] At Itie outeet, at tbe 

beginuiiig, on tlia tliiesliold. 
In little, 111 minlatui'e, on a small 

In loco, [L.] In the proper or natuial 

Ixuikeeper, n- InnheldeT, host, land- 
lonl, ts.vsvn-)LeepBr. 

riYenesB, ItmocnouiineBs, InnojfloasneSB. 
St. Gutltleionesii, sinleBsuasa, bloma- 
lessueas, gulleleesneBB, puntr, 
Inuooent, a. 1. Karmlais. inoffensive, 
lunocaoDe, innoiuaiis. 

a. GuliaesE,Bliile>i9,fanltless,1ilamB< 
lees, limusfulate, spotlees, pnce, dear 
clear, guflaless, upright. 
Ijiuocnoas, d. Haimlesa, InoffenMTi 

make changes. 
Innovation, it. Glutnge, Introdactioa 

of novelty. 
Innoxiuos, a. Harmless, inoffei 

innoououB, innocent. 
Id nnce, iL,] In a nntsliell, la a 

ttmatiun, Indii-ect sllnslon, oblique 
hint, sly BU^aeCion. 

Inniuuerable, a. KDmberless, count- 

JnoouJate, v^a, 1, Bnd. 
a, Vaoelnate. 

InocDiittion, ». 1. BaiKling. 

Inod'orons, a. Scantless, vithont odor 

InoSbngtve, a. Harmless, unolKnlllDg, 

In one's onpa, Drunt, drun&en, tntox~ 
IcaCeil, Inelniatad, Upsr, fuddled, raud- 
dleil, maudlin, lUsgulaed, mellovr, in 
liqnor, BLBWBB, Tianr, n^, triPPY, 

SHEETS IH THE WDtB, hElS had a dTOp 

too much. 

InoperatiTe, a. Inactive, inefficar^oas, 
inelfcotual, useless, unavailing. 

Inopportune, a. Unseasonable, un- 
timely, luconvanient, miBultabla, unflt, 
ill-timed, not opportune. 

Ir.ordinnte, a. Immoderate, ejiirava.' 

ulate, u. !i. {Dot ^ Anal.) Atias- 

ulate, V. a. Vaite by apposition 
nlation.n. {Bot. ds Anat.) Anas-. 
ir midst, [OmnHm, ^ •not e< 
.s, among us. 


naturallbas, [L.] Quile . 

[nquletnde, «. Uneaidnees diraul t, 
(IfeiBlatude, resUessnaas. tv 

«, V. a. [Written al Etq 

Inquirer, H- Seardier, invesUgato 
■'nqnire into, Esamhie, m gate 
A, canvass, fiUlcw up, loot to 
nqiilry, «. 1. Interrcgatl q ea n 
query, interrogatory. 

eeariih, serumiy, study, e p ti n 
nqiilBltion, tt. Inquest, dl lOl n 
Inqnlaitlve, a. Curious, prjii^ peer 
'"I. scrutiniaing, given to csea h 
oad,ii.. lrrnptron,lbrra m re n, 

ilubrlauB,a. iMiealtby mwh 

me, nnheaJthfiil, noxious ufa 'ab 


aae, a. DerangBd, crazy razed, u 

Ltio, mad, distrncteii, dem ed dn 

deUrlum, aberration of mina, & 
InBatlabilttr, «. Insatlableno 

_, "Write, engrave, 
a. Imprint, impress. 

3. AddraPB {at a liieTvtnl WDrft), dodi- 
cale {vHih mkJDrmaliW). 

4. (Geom.) Delineate or draw (uritAin 




a. Unsafe, nnproteoted, exposBd, dan- 
getous, liaiardous, petilons. 
iBeourity, ». I. Unesitaliity. 
3. DauLfer. hazard, peilT. 

<tu[>id, iDsenslble, 
1. Torpor, letluugy, 

IngeuBibllitf, - . 

wont of EensibUit J. 
Ifi, ApatJjjf muesUngneBa, indi^4 

3. Bulnee;, stnpidity. 
luHenslble, a. 1. Imperceptible, impi 
teivfibls, not dlHjoverable. 

a. IiisSDEate, dull, atnpld, totp: 

brntdah, Benselae, wtthouC sensibjlil 

" UnEjsling, apfttheao, phl^jmat 

isceplible, uniiiipieiiEible. 

f^lf, ad. ImpBreeptfbly. 

Uent, a. Inert, senseless, i 

senUeDt, witboat peroeplion. 
Xuseparabilllf, ». Inseparableness. 
Inseparable, a. Indivisible, not to 

Insepacableness, n. Insaparalillity. 


egaoresjn.pi, JL.] [Omitli.) Feroh- 
B, perching birds. 
isBorfal.n. lOrmSt.) Perchii^. 
Oe, II. Interior, Interior part, inner 

Iiigldlong, a. Artful, aly, wily, arch, 
crafty, cunnhw, BBbtle, Intriguing, de- 
^nli^, dEceitlDl, ireacherous, crooked, 
Micldffi, miOKY, foxy, anaJiy, diplo- 

8. IHsoemment, penetratimi, qnick 
perception- ' 
Iiudsnia, n. pl. [L.] Badges of ofilee, 

Iiufg:iiifloanc& n. Unimportance, pal- 
trhieaa, triylalliy, emptiness, nothfi^- 

lasisuifloAnt, a. 1. 'Without meaning, 
not Bignidcant. 
a. UnimjiorfaBt, poltcj. petty, empty, 

tial, of Uttle 'conBequancs, of lltUe 


leal, canting. 

, .„, -toi^aBci, double- 

luslncerity, «. Duplicity, hypoorlsy, 

cant, <liuIiiLulatIon, deceitfaluess, dlB> 

fngennouanescs, oni^JrneBB, dlshoneety. 

Insfiiiiate, o.a. t, lutrortoee gently. 

a. Ingratiate, push arifully. 

S. Instil (ar(At%), Infue, Incoicate. 

4; Hint, enggeat, biilmata, allude to, 

— 1_. 4._ _ji™ 4.. ramjna q^ put fn 

le's seKinti 

Infnrion, inatilla- 
iie's self, getting 

-. 3i^rit\eBS. iifeieaa, heavy, stupid, 
duii, Mgm, tame, pmsaio, pcosy, uiito- 
teresUng, nnentennlnlne. 
:iLBiptdl&, 1 Jt I. Tastele8ane«a, vap- 
'iiflinkdikeHB, i idneoe, ma^kifdineQe- 
Dolnera, lUeleeanesB, Btapldity, 

i, insist upon. 
nBJ9l«nce,«. Urging, nrgar 


ori^ually deposited oi 
. [WMti«n also Ensnare.] 

3. Drying In the sun. 

3. Snn-stioke, bikiasis, cotiP'DB- 
»oiMU; stroke of tlie enn. 
Inaolenoein. ImpBridnence, Impudencej 
. -irtnoBfl, maiftpertJiesB, fllp- 

Insol^it, a. Iinperiiiient, Impudent, 
BBOcy, pert, malapert, fiippant, rode, 
abasive, overbearing, domuieering, con- 
temptuous, without bnmillly or eeif- 

IngolnbiUt;, ». Insolnbleness. 

luBolnble, a. 1. That cannot be dis- 

S. InBoivable, inexplicable, that can- 
not be solved, not to be explained- 

InaoluWenesB,!'. InsolntSIity. 

liisolvable, a. Inexplicable, tJiat cannot 
be solvea, not to be explaineii. 

Insolvenf^, n. Banki'uptcy. 

Insolvent, a- Bankrupt. 

Insomnia,)!. [I..I {Metl.) Wakefulness, 
sleeplessness, want of sleep, indispo- 

iDspeot, V. a. 1. Examine, aci'utlnlie, 
investigate, look inlo, pry into. 
S. Superintend, oversee. 
InepectioD, n. 1. Examination, scru- 
«uy, investigation. 
a. Superintandenoe, over^bt. 
InapootAF} ii. 1. Examiner, censor, 

a. Superiniendent, overseer, boss. 
Inapinitlon, ». 1. miaiatioti, breath- 
ing in. 
■ a. Affl 

Inspire, n. a. 1. Inliale, 
a. a^athe into, fill wi 

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Insi^vit^ B. a. Animate, BnliyB„, „. 
CDOr^Q, clLeer, comfort, sUmolate, 

Inspissate, v. a. Thicken, malce tliiclc. 
Inspissate, <i. T^ek, iuBinssated. 
In spoH^ In Jeat, not In oamcBt. 
Instability, n. Inconetauoy, mntalilllty, 

luBtaUei a. Inoonatont, cbangeablt 

mutable, unstable, uiiateadfast. 
Install, V. a. Inai^urate, induct, Istro- 

IiiBtalla.tloii, n. InangnraCIoii, InvaaU 
Instalment, «. [Written also InstaS- 

3. Immediate, quick, InBtantaneaus. 
3, CuL'tent, present, u<fw pasaing. 
Instant, it. l. Momaiit, seoond, tirlnk- 
1^, &iBb, trloe, jt^, MnkUng of 
e;e, smallest conc^TaMa pcdnl of tin 
a. Present monULOitrreiit month. 
iDBtantaneoDS, a. Immediate, quick, 

^ instil t. 
lustinitiuieonsly, ) aS. Immadiatelj-, 

meni'B ueiay, au at 'Oucti, ua uih sjjut 
of the moment, la leas than no tune, 
quick aa thaught, qnlck as Hghfining, 
Ijcfora one can Bay '; Jack fioMnaon."^ 
iistar omuiam, [Ii.] Uke an, a qied.- 
men of the wh^e, au example for alL 
istsntfir, ad. FLO Ihstanti.y. 
I atatQ qno, [L.] In the sarpe state 
He before. 

IBtuiHitlen, n. Kestoration, renewal, 
le-eatabllshment, reinstatement, reno- 
vation, reeouatructlon, redintegi'atiDn, 

astesd, ad. !□ lieu, In the room. In the 

nstiBate, V. a. Incite, Impd, move, 
uv^, provoke, stimulate, rouse, actuate, 
persuade, influeoce, encourage, prompt, 

nstlgaUou, n. Inoitemaiit, uigency, 
encoaiH^nLent, promp^ug, inausnoe, 
eolldtatfon, Instance, Importunity. 
instil.B.a. [WtitteiialeoJiJjiMW.l.l. In- 

8, Inoitloate, imprcBS, enforce, Im- 
plant, li^aft. 
InaUUBtion, n. Infttslon, inshiiiatlon, 

gentle iutrodactlOQ. 
Insttncb, n, ITatural impiUsc, 
iDBtlsotiTe, o. Natoc^, spontaneous, 

Instinct witli. Moved by {a 
nfil impulse), animated by. 

Institute, V. a. 1. Establi 
-- '--JnatB, appoint, settle, . 

. Begin, commence, set 

nstltute, !!. 1. Dootrine, dogma, pre- 
cept, maxim, principle, tenet. 

a. Scientiiic body, Uterary or phllo- 
BOphical society, 

3. School, academy, gymnatium, 
seminary, place of ediicatlon. 
institution, ti. 1. £stablishii^, foond- 

%, EatabUalmLent, oi^iuilzed society, 
3. Investiture. 

l^hten, educate, indoctrinate, drill, 
exercise, train, school, 
ft. X>irect, command, order, enjoin, 

U I>lrocdon, order, command, m 
nict«r, 51. Teacher, tutor, pret 

1. Conducive, sub- 
sei-vlent, serviceable, helping, helpful, 
assisting, auxiliary, ancillary, minis- 

a. Of musical insttnments. 
InstFamflntHJI^f ». Agency, medla- 

tlon, iatetveutlDit. 
Insiibardiiiatei a. Disobedient, luirnly, 

mntJnons, riotous, seditions, disorder^, 

tnrbulentC ungovernable, refractory. 
InsoboTdinatlon, n. Disobedience, re- 

vcJt, Insurrection, mutiny, rlotonsness, 

Insnlate, n. a. Detadi, isome, separate, 
disconnect, dlsnidte, disengage. 

Insulation, n. Isolation, separaHon, 
disconnection, diaengagement. 

t, oSfenoe, ind^pilty, 



laBBltlns, EI. Insolent, 
pertinent, aancj, abusi 
ribalct, blackgnnrd. 

Insuperable, a. In—- 

beEuable, nnendnra 

InlAlerableT nn- 

scure against loss, agri 
nderwrite, praoflae li 

snrer, «. Underwriter. 

. Rebel, t 
Insuimoniitable, a. Insuperable, not 


InsurrecUon, n. Bebelilon, revolt, se- 
dition, mutiny. 

lusnrrecUonary, a. Bebellioua, eeSi- 
tlone, muUnous, inBitbocdinate. 

IsHusoeptiblet a. Incapable, insnseep- 
tive, not susceptible. 

InsiuoeptlTe, a. . Iksusceftible. 

Intaot, a. Untonched, nnli^ured, na- 
huit, iinhaimed, scathlees. 

latoaSibUtty.n. Intangtbleness. 

lutsngibl^ a. Impalpable, Chat cannot 

TaUmSiWe^css.n. IntangiWUtj. 
Jnteger.n. Whole number. ' 
luteKraJ, a. Wloie, entire, total, i 

2. Beotltmae, upriettness, gri 
honflsly, virtus, goodness, pnm 
moral Hoandness. 

, n, GoTetlng, envelope, 

IntelleoUon, n. Appreben^on, I 
Intellectual^ te 

, Mental, or the iatel- 

leet, of ibe understanding. 

edge, acquired hnowle^e. 

». News, tidings, advice, notice 
OeatlDn, insliiioHan. 

3. Spirit, spiritual being. 
InteUlgent,!!. 1. Knowing, nnderstand- 
tn&^Dstrnoted, enlightened, skilful, 
iSOed, elev^, well-Informed. 

S. .d^nt«, aent«, quick, brigbt, apt, 
Bbrewa, aisceniing, olcar-sightsd, keen- 
s^ied, quick-eighted, sharp-s^hted, 
sl^p-wltted, keen-eyed, long-headed, 

InteUtalbUltv, n, CoMprehenslbilitv, 

itelligibleness, «. ISTBLIiIolsi 

eating UquoTS. 

Exces^ve, inordl' 

in drinkint 

toiicattng tlqnors, 

utend, V. a. Mean, design, pur 

of, aim at, drive at. 

nt«nd, V, n. Mean, pnrpose, des^, 

have ths intention, propose to — '' 

iHmsu, IV, I.. Close, strict, intent, 
severe, str^ned, stretcned. 

3, Eioesalve, extreme, very great. 

3. Forcible, energetic, vigorous, pow- 

s, closaiiess, 

ncB, higli'f 
i. Visoc, a 

ig^, power, a- 

Intent, a. Easer, earnest, close, closely 
fixed, resolutely bent. 

aim, en^ meaning', drlh. purport, ob- 
ject, scope, markjpHrview. 
Intentlan, «. Design, purpose. 

Iut«ntJonaJ, f 

laterrnptfObatTucb.ont off. 

.ter, s. 1. Bury iarilh fana^ Htes). 

tercel, v. ». MeSa 
nterpose, plead. 
.terceder, it. Mediator, 
Ltereept, v. a. X. Stop 
,-1 — -._ .1.. passage. 

ion, n. MeSaJion^ ' 

uou, iuitirvent^on. 
Intei-cesBoi', n. Mediator, Interoeder. 
Intercbanee, V. a. Exchange, bandy, 

ckange re^procally, give and take ma- 
Interchange, «. 1. Exchange, reei- 

Intorchai^eBbility, n. Interchange- 

Interolianifeable, a. 




tioQ, mutnal esoiiango 
IntHTdependeuce n MatuBl depend 

Interdict, v a Furlid prohibit In 

an .iffect toucb 
m 01 imporian.* m. 
3, Engage, enlist. 
ntereat one's self, Take an interaet, 
fsel sa interest, be engaged, be con- 

stereat, n. 1. Good, beneflt, proflt, 
weal, adrantage. 
H. Sbnie, portion, put, portiuipa^ 

profit from money loaned. 
InteresMd, a. ParUal, bin. 
diced, not dl^nterested. 

Interfere, v. n. 1. uitermeddle, med. 
die, Intarpose, vm is obb'9 o'" 

S. Clash, croiflict, he opposed, m 
Inia colUsion. 
Interference, n, 1. InCermaddJing, 

3. Olaeliii^, opposition, interfering, 

Interfering, n. Clashing, Interterenos. 

I. In^de, Inner p: 

Interims, o. a. ill, intersparae.'dlvar- 

sif y by mixture. 
JntatUne, »■ i. 1> Write between the 
Unas of. 
8, Write In alternate Unes. 
Interlinear,!"' "^itethiecl. 
Interlink, lea. Interchain, Join cloee- 
Intei^ocntloii,^ b. Malojue, eolloqny. 
Speaker 1*1^ a dia- 

couferenae, j 


lake part (qStdoasly). 
(ntermediate, a. Intervenii^, Intel 

posed, intei'jocent. 
Interment, n. Burial, inhumation, » 


ntermlnaUe, a. Illimitable, nnllml 

Oease, aljate, subside, 
e Interrupted. 
. Intermitting;. 


. , „. _. ___, Imier, Inward, 

ji untinud, not external. 
a. SplriBnal, uotlltBraL 

3. IntTlnelc, real, genuine, true. 

4. Domestic, not (Sreign. 
InterntiUoiial, a. Betwaen nations. 
Internecine, a. Mortal, deadly, mu- . 

tuallv destructive. 
Inter noB, (L.) Between ourselYBB. 
Interpeilatlan, n. 1. Interruption (iji* 
om ivlio is speaHa^), 
e. Intercasslon, InteiliositiDn. 
Interpolate, t>. a. 1. Insert ttnrnng- 
a. (ifuiA.j Introduce (lerms ( 

Interpn^tion, ». TtfedUtiou, interven- 
tion, interpallatliin, Interceeaion. 
Interpret, v, a. 1. Biplaln, aitponnd, 

Interpretation, n. 1. iStplwiatdon, as- 
posluon, eluddaUon. 
3, 'Itenderlng, translation, version, 

Interri«ation, ». 1. Interrogating, 

a. QnesSon, inauiry, Inteirogatory, 

Interro^tlTe, a. Interr<«atorr. 
Interrogator, rt. Questioner. 
InteiFogutary, «. Qneation, Inqnlry, 

1, [ij.] By way of threi 

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lutofiopti V. a. 1. Distarb, be 
nptoiT Mndffi from .proceeding. 
S. Sepftrate, divide, breM, i 

tnteVrnplJan, n. 1. Hinder 

obfitructlDn, obstacleT impedi 

8, Intennlsaion, par- - 

2. laterlaid, mix, dirersi^ bj mlxt- 

. 1. IntBTtoe, come be- 

lutervfiulns, a. IntenaediatoT inter- 

luterTention, !i- 1. Interpcsltion, in- 

ice, parley. " 
ot. By authority of, on 

In the teetb of, I 

spile of, in direot 

meat.] Enslavement, servltade, elav- 
ery, boiulage, rassalage, setMom, thral- 
dom, capUvltj. 

Intimacy, ft. ^Familiarity, felloiTBliip, 
friendMilp, cloee acqnalntanoe. 

Intimatii, a. X, Near, oloee. 

3. ^amlliAT, Memuyj THICK, iiand 
and glov^ hau feiUnr veil met. 

lutimate, n. Qnnfldant, orony, tairifllar 
Mend, tnttioate acqmiliit&Dce. 

Intimate, D. a, Snggeat, hint, tcBlnuate, 
allude to, make aUneiOQ W, nre an Ink- 
ling of, glance at, remind of, .pat In 

liitliuat«lr, ad, 1. Closely, neatly. 

a, PamlUarly, thoroi^hV. 
Intimation, n. Hint, Bt^ee^on, alla- 


IntestBite.a. 'Without s tilll. 
Inteetlnal, a. Of the Intestines. 
Intestine, a. Domestic, nob foreign. 
luteBtines, n. pi, EntrallB, bowela, guts, 

vlaeera, inwarfa. 
Jm tiie family way. Pregnant, lilg, es- 

oimiTiirwiai chiSi 
In the KDod srraces o^ In favor with. 


01 mem, among mem. 
In the Ions run, finally. In the end, 

as a final cesolt. 
In the straw, Confined, lying in, 

ciiild'bed, brought to bed. 
In the wind. In preparation, golu) 


Intonation, n. Toae, cadence, twrtng, 

modulation of TOiee. 
In toto, [L.] EnOrely, wholly. 
Intoxicate, B. a. IiiBbdate, fuddle, 

mdddle, make druiLk, make npay. 
Intoxicated, a. Ibiebdated, dnmk, Uy- 

ey, drunkot, ftiddled, muddled, dls- 

rjBOQQy, tn Hiciior, la one's onps, hali 


Intoxication, n. 1. InebriaHoa, ebriety, 
inebriety, drantanness. 

e. Ii^tuation, great exollflmeat, 
great eshllaration. 

Intractability, n. Stubbornness, obsti- 
nacy, perv6rsenes3, Intractableness. 

Intractable, a. Stubborn, obstinate, 
porverae, leftaotory, dogged, mulish, 
pfe-lieaded, unruly, headstrong, un- 
m^jiageable, ungovernable, indocile, 
obflurate, oroas-gralned, wilful, Infieit- 
ibla, unyielding, contumacious, oan- 

IntractSibleiiess, n. Intractability. 
In transitu, IL.J While passing (ih 

m&vhan4iae from one place to onofAer). 
Intrench ou, Invade, trespass upon, 

enuroach npon, trench upon, intrench 

Intrench, V. a. Defend by Intreneh- 
1. PortiflcaUon 

undaunted, nndismayed, 
nnappallad, unawed, brave 
valoroos, valiant, heroic, s 
alrous, daring, doughty. 



Inti'epldtt;, n. 
lantry, \ 

_ jmpllc^oUi^nbtiielenieQt, InviilnttoD, 
' olHcuitt;, dlffiooll;, lutrlnateneBB. 
IntrtEatb a. EntB:ngleil, campllclltad, 

lUTOlTea, paipleied, oteeore, dlffloult. 
latEloateiies&n. lotilcwy. 

ma^ilnatioii, etiatsgem, manieuyre, 
wtle, flnessa, cuae. 
3. Amooc, love ailMr. 
IntrlKue. v. «. 1. MaiuenTie, fOrm 

, cmokeo, UlplomaOe, polltfo, 

' r, MuchlaTelian. 

(^. , , 

J, 1 (nward, inborn, inbred, 
atoiaJ, ii^iuned, aot extdu- 

». Beal, genuine, (rue, eeeentjal. 
lutrinsieAlIy, ad, 1. KntuiaJlj, inlier- 
ently, In tJie natare of thinea- 
S. Kealiy, truly, easentlaJh'. 
XntrodQce, v. a. 1. Oonauct, leiid in, 
brinein, uelier In. 
3, Present, mnlEe aequajntad. 
3. Bring into notice, bring befOte ilie 
public, br&g !"' 


Todudng, MBh- 

3. Frethoe, prelude, proem, eji 

dium, preliminary part. 
Introanctm-y, a, Prefiitory, proliB 

acy, precurflory, proBmial. 
lutroapectlou, ^- IfOokin^ nitUn. 
Inimde, v. n. 1. Obtrude, force oi 

Belf, thrust one's self, enter where 

S. BacroaclL, trench, infrli^Q, ti 

, Obtrude, ft 

ui, tiicSS in, ffd^u 111. nuiui lu. 

Xntroder, fi. Interloper, intermeddler, 

lutcasion, «. 1. Intruding, obtrusion. 

3, iE^roachment, tobingement' 
IntruslTe, a. Obtrusive, treapBasing. 

llTe in ttuBt, deUveVin iiust. ' 
IntmBt 'wiUi, Oimfide to the caia o^ 

commit to tlie saA keeping -' 
IntaiHoD. »■ Imnutdliiu pe 

fte*i(B«Bo(),JmmBdiateknL, ,_, ._ 

lUmitiva ]ciunrledge, direct cognition, 
apprdien^on at flist sight. 
IntnltlTe, a. 1. Apprehended Imme- 
diately, perceived A once {wilhiml rea- 

3. Immedtate, full, clear, distinct. 
Intuitively, ad. By intuition. 
Intumesce, V, «,, Snell, expand, dilate. 

!, n. Strolling. 

. Inweave, Interweave, 

iterlaca, twine together. 

Inundate, v. a, Flood, dolT^e, Bub- 
metge, overflow, ovei-whelra, drown, 
put under water (or otiier iiguiiJ). 
inndation, «. i^ood, deli^, over- 
flow, cataclysm. 

lupbane. a, Dm^vil, impolite, un- 
courtly, ungentlemanly, uncourteous, 


i. InolvllIty^mpolltenaaE 

Inure, u. re. [Written also Enure.) ] 
applied, come Into use, take efi^t, 

bume, lay la the grave, oondgn to t 

Invade, V. a. 1. Attack, assidl, as- 
H. laltioge, violate, encroaclL npou. 

Invalid, ltn-!j'a;'iii) ». 1, 'Waat, ofno 
weight, of no force. 

B. (iow.) Void, null, of no legal 
fbrce, null and void. 

Invalid, (ii/jJO-JMi) a. Weak, fteUe, 
Infirm., sick, sickly, weakly, frail, vale- 

Invalid, (iii/iBi-irf) b. Valetudinarian, 
feeble person, inftrm person, sick per- 

Iitv^date, V. a. Nullifv, aimul, can- 
cel, overtuow, make void, xtndoc of no 

Invalidism, n. J'eeblenese, Infirmity, 
jllnesa, gickneas, valetudinarianism. 

Invaluable, a. Inestlroable, priceless, 
' — bovB all value, above 

. Unc^ngeablenesSj 

ail pi 

.„ Bari»teie,"fl. - 

oMe, unalterable, 
[nvarlableness, R. Unehaneeal , 

immutability, coBsUincy, invariabil- 

slon, InoutBlon, irrup^on, inroad, £0r- 
ray, raid. 
H, Encroachment, infilngemcnt, vio- 

it'. Satirical, sarcBBtlc. 
jiveigli against. Censure, reproach, 
condooin, blame, denounce, declaim 
against, r^ at, exclaim against, scold 

liglBtP. o. Wheedle, cajole, entice, 

seduce, decoy, beguile, e 

rap, Insi 

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it. Oiiglaiite, frajue buagln 

3> t^brlcatef fOrga, n 
DvenMon, n. 1. Inrentlug gloe 

4. ^bTicatlon, forg ty fi 

inera/iaHJ, or q^ a dsceoasii person), roll, 
achednle, record, accouiit, register, 

or reioMim), teverse4. 
laversion, it. 1. Inverting, placing In 
GQUtrary <HrdeT. 

8. Eeoipcocal change of place, re- 
Tersed portion. 

S. IRnei.j Hjperbaton, tianspoBitiou 

Infer^B. a. 1. Tum upside down. 
Invertebra], jo. (ZdS.j Wlthc 

rie, dest 

Invest. P.O. 1. Clothe, dress, array. 
S. Badow {as ailhimlliorUs or pomer), 

3. Fut at interest (as jmrneji). 

4. [MU.) iEhkclose, aurround, be^ege. 

lavestlBBtfl, V. a. Examine, ECrutiniit 
casTBast study, sift, oon^dec, overbaul 
explare, probe, dieaect, look into, eearc 

— ' 1- .--.^ inquire inbJ, fi>Uow ut 

. BxamlnaUon, Btudj 

_. Yeatment, draia, [obe, gaiiaenls, 
baHibnents^ clothes. 
a. Money iii«»ofo^ 

-___-„-^, ..- luTeterateneas, obaU- 

iiacy, i^roQic atate. 
luTetarBte, a. 1. Obstinate, besettii^, 

oliroiiio, deep-seated, long eslabllBbed. 
3. H^>ituat«d, liabltual, accustonied, 

confirmed, hardened. 
In-vldloiia, a. Olt^nalve, hateful, e^oua, 

Ukely to excite tll-wUL 
Invisorate, «. a. Strengtlien, fortify, 
. anlmale, give vigor te, give life and 

Imiiu^biUty, n. UnconqueraWi 

Inviolate, a 

L. Unl 

be prawned, dc 

- ■ )n,unviola 

it Umiurt, uninjured, unproGuied, 

Invisibility, ». Inviaibieness. 
Invisibte, a. ImpercepUliie, unaeen, 

bat caoDOt be seen. 
Invisiftleneas. ii. Invisibility. 
luvlta Minerva, [L,] Mlne*^' 

nnwillii^, wiHieut genius, Wivu^uv v~- - 

InvltaUon.n. SolicItatJon, bidding, coll, 

lavitlug:. a. Alluring, attractive, win- 
ning, engagiztg, captivaUng, pleasing, 
fasclnaUng, bewitching, preposaesa- 

Invocatlon, n. Sapplicatten, pi'iyer. 

In voKue, Fiubionable. styllsli, genteel, 
modSli, In fashion, i. i^ uodg, having 

Invoice, n. Uat [qf arUciea <^metvftan- 
diae ih^^d or sold), inventory, bill, 

IsTolie, V. a. Implore, supphcate, pray, 
entieM, bee, beaeeoh, conjure, Aojdkb, 
impoitUDe, soUcIt, call npon, pray te, 
appeal to, preter a Teaaset to. ' 

Involnntaiv, a, 1. Instiiketlve, anto- 
matlo, bilnd, independent of the will. 

S. unwilling, reluctant, oompulsory, 
agidnat one's wIlL 

Involation, n. Oompllcatlon, iotricacy, 

Involve, V. a. 1. Bnvelop, inwrap, 

Invulnerability, a, Inmlnerableness. 
Invnlnerable, a- Seciu^ Stam- iiij nry, 

that cannot I>e womided. 
InvulnerablenesB, «. InrnlDernbiUty. 
Inward, a. Interior, Intornal Inner. 
Inwavd, inrf. Within, lnwanUy,toward 

Inwards, ». pi- Entrails, bowela, gul«, 

,, Infold, tnvo] , 

envelop, wrap, wrap up. 
In yoai midst, lOommoa, but not aaac- 

tloned by the beet vfritera-l In the nkldst 

ot joui among you. 



Iota, n. Jot, whit, tittle, bit, gtaln, pat- 

K|^MO,a,l"-' BtBsil-toot. 
^e dlilt, [ill Mere assertion. 
Ii'asclblllty, «. IcrlUbility, iFasclble- 

Irasolble, o. Paaslonate, haaty, hot, 
Itrltable, touciiy, testy, waapfaL, quloi, 
snapEish, splenetic, pstulant, cbolecie, 
peppery, liue tinder, like touchwood. 

IniBidbl«ieB8, ». iTasuibillty. 

Irate, a. [ifsc«ni.] Ai^ry, provoked, 
piqued, Inttated, Ireful, In a passion. 

ife, a, IPoe^alA Wrath, anger, rage, 
liirf, ohaler, ludigaation, ceseutment, 
pa^9um, exokperation. 

Irefal, a. Angry, raging, (urions, pas- 

IriL H. 1. Bldnbow. 

' »• (^0^.) Fioxver-de-tuce. 
Irleated, a. liaDHSoasT. 
Irish, a. Of Ireland. 
Irlsli, n. 1. Irish language. 

a, NaHves of Ireland. 
trleblam, n. Hibernlcism, Hibemian- 

Ism, Irish idiom. 
Iriehiy, it. Irish, people of Irelnud, 

Iriah people- 
Irksome, a. WearlBome (in cOBsejaenca 

qf Mag dislast^id), tiresome, iBDtoua , 

veatyiug, weary, devoid of fnCeresC. 
Ironlrail, a. Dansive, banterii^, moek- 

jng, tliat expresses one thing and means 

the oppeelte. 
Iron-pyritee, n. (Msn.) BlsDlpburet of 

IranB, n. pt. Fetters, shaeklea, mana- 

elee, ohdiis, bampecs, gyves. 
Iivny, n. lU^cale, raUlery, banter,' 

Inttdlote, 1 


lyii^ 'one thii^ 

hiaM, lUntEllne, 
lip. mabe br^ht, 
gkt Dpeit, east 

ble, preposter- 
10, injudicious, 

Irreolalmable, a. 1, Irrecoverable, 
incorrlgibls, hopeless, irreparable, past 

able,' irreversible, incurable, pastmend- 

Irrscoacllable. a. 1. I^ppeasable 
liuplacabla, not to be reeonolied. 
a. Inconsistent, incompatible, Incon 

,0 ba restored, loet £>r ever. 

. Inelrievable, ODt 

^ Lrspnruls, incurable, remedllesB, 
irremediable, iKetrlentUe, Irreversible, 
liopelese, past oiue, past hope, past 
jnending, not t« bs lamedied. 
Irrefrasable, a. Xndispntable, tneon- 
tsstable, irrefutable, Indubitable, past 
dlapnt«, undeniable, unquestionable, 

dispute, beyond a doubt, b^nd all 
Irrefutable, o. Indisputable, niian- 
IrrM^lar, o. 1. Anomalons, abnor- 

fbrmable, aberr^t, excepUoniil, eecen- 

2* ITncertaia.unpunctual, capricious, 
desultory, fltfol, variable, Ohangeable, 


imethodlcal, out of order, un- 

Irresnlarity, n. 1. Aberradon, ab- 
normity, anomaly, anomalouaness, sin- 
g. Uncertainty, caprltdousness, vari- 

3. Want of method, want of symme- 

4. Immorality, incorreotneaa, vice, 
Impropriety, indecomm, laxity, ^n, 

Irrelenmcy, n. InapphoabUitj. 

Irrelevant, <». Inapplicable, Imperti- 
nent, not relevant, not applicable, not 
to the point, fbreign to (lia purpos^ not 
bearing upon UiB point In qneatlon, 
having nothing to do witih lihe matter, 
travelling oat of the reoord. 

IrreUgioa, n. Implaty, nngodliness. 

IrroU^ioiiB, tt. 1. Ungodly, undevout. 


cu&able, i 

IrrepambUi^t ". Irreparablenesf 
Irreparable, a. iRftEMEnlABLE. 
IrreprelienHlble, a. Irreproachable, 

&n]^GaB, Inculpable. 

blamed, not toTiB oe 

IrrepreHsfble.a. Unoantralla1ile,lnanp- 

preisible, not to be repressed. 
Irreproachable, a. Jrrevsebesbi- 

Irresi'stlble, a. That cannot be reslst- 

Irresolute, a. Undetermined, unde- 
cided, wavering, vaultating, unsettled, 

way 'the cat jumps, or wiioh way the 
wind blows; waiting Ibc something to 

1^ not to be 



XrreBpeotlT« of, Itegaxdlesa of, "wltbout 

Imsp(«ud]tle> a. Unaccountable, ou- 

ansverfliblo, not Teaponalble, 
Irretrievable, a. 1. IrrecaTera,bIe, not 

to ba restored, !?-■■■ "- 

IS. IrrepoiaDli 

IS. Irr^uTbblef Moan 
able, THmedllesB, past en 

pub bops. 

. , ij, promne- 

s, pcol^iiltf, blaspbemy. 

H. Biirespecb, dlaeeMem, BllSbt, iwg- 
'lecCj luolvJuly, olficonrteBy, nLdeneae. 
Inwerent^ a. I. Imploiis, pto&ine, 


courteoos, impolite. 

Irreventilile, a, Uncbangeable, 
tra^blOf irroTocable, irrepealaUe 
matabl^ Invariablo, cbai^eloBB. 

ImvoeaMs, a. ITncliangeabla, i 

IrrltaiUUtr, n. 1. IrssdMllty, frettnl- 
ness, testinees, peevlBbneES, f etnl&noe, 
excitability, BnAppl^isesB. 

Irritable, a. 1. Irascible, betful, testy, 
1 — 1 — --L __i..±_». — -miEii. enap- 

i. SnecepUble (I 

a infiaeace q) 

Irritate, v. a. 1, Prdvoka, nettle, chafe, 
incense, esoaperate, sntoge, anger, fret, 
odf^ui, Tex, annoy, tease, gall. 
Z. ilied.) Inflame (% Auction). 
InitaUoii,». 1. IiTitBting. 

a, Sxasperallon, prnvocaUon, wiath, 
ire, anger, passion, eidtemant, iad^- 

inroad, forray, ra 

partial Invasl 
IsoMadlc.o. j.i»ui» 
Isohiaera, n. IMed, 

. {Poetia'dA Island, 
t. Little Mand. 

vnal, a. IsecbroiiDus, dF equal 
cf equal duration (as the mbrtb- 
qf a pemiufum). 
e, v. a. Separate, dlssociata. 


detact, insulate, segregate, plflce by 

liself, set apart. 
Isolation, n. Separation, disconnection, 

inenlation, sagreeation, detaohment. 
IsomornlUani, ». Similarity of crye- 
. talllue form. 
Isoiuornbous, a. Of similar crystalline 

IsopeiiiiietiicaL a. Of equal perime- 

IsTaeilte,«. Jev. 
IfwaeUtic, i- T™i,h 

.LB, final or ultimata lesoit, final 

1. Ofbpring, progen;, obUdren, pos- 
terity, lineal oesoeudaiite. 
S. (Med.) Fontanel, arUaoililnlcK. 
e. (imo.) Point in dispute. 
saue, s. a. 1. Deliver, send ont, pat 

originate, (tollow, ensue, 
SB, be tlie effect, be de- 

Itallon,!!. or Italy. 
Italian, H. 1. Native of Italy. 

3. lianguage of Italy- 
Itallclam, «. Italian idiom. 
ItaUclie, v. a. Print in IttOlCB, dlsUu- 

gaiuli by Italics. 
Italics, n. pi. Italic letters. 

Itclilnc, It. 1. Itob. 

8. Craring, longlne. strong desire. 
Item, ad. ££.] ^ao, as an additJonal 

It«rM«, B. a. Repeat, reiterate. 
Iteration, », RepeUQon, relteraUon. 
Iterafive, a. EepeaUnv. 
ItineraD<7, It. TraTefflng, goii^ from 

place te place. 
Itinerant, a. Travelling, vanderlng, 

roving, roan^ng, nomadic, going fuom 

place to place, not settled. 
Itineracy, ». Guide for travelling. 
It Is od%. It is pi'Dbable, it is lllely. 
Ivory-black, «. Bone-black yhntrros- 

ei-ly caited Ivory-black, vjfaoft ta, smotly 

spcaMnj, preporedfroia Ivory). 


gabble, talk mpidlr, tntk idly. 
Jabber, v. a. Geeak rapidljr. 
Jabber, n. itete, pratue, gab, diatt 

Jabberer, n. Prattler, chatterer, b 

"-'— , oliatterbox. 

, TrtS-^ffie-w 

Bt all txadea, i 

»_^-.of all trades,^ ■». 

Jaofc-a-dandy, n. Bean, fUp, w 
dand;, exq.nMt«, popinjay, ms 
Jactanapes, man of dress, man n 

1. Sido-pieccto/'B jSrfpIace, a 

•wn weed, . ITiorn-apple, 9tra- 
a, Btramony, Apple Pern [DatlByi 

wocde, lisve an idtecoa. 

Jangle, v, a, Soand dleooidantl;, uttei 

1. Dleoord, dlsoordant sound. 

g. Blockhead, simpleton, IinH<^. 
JackdaiT, »■ D&w {Cforvus sitfmtduia), 
Jaoket, n. Jerkin, ehorC coat. 
Jaolc-ketoli, u. Hangman, pnblio ene- 

nck-pnddii^ n- Bitftbon, harlequla 
mountebank, jester, dioU, sany, ulova 

Jacobin, n. i. Dominican, 

bluckmai, preacblng Mar. 

Z, AnanJiiat, turbulent del 

JaooblniDBl, ! Uonary. 

Jacolate, v. a. Dart, throw, launch, 

hart, let fly, 
JaoQlatioil, n. Darttng, throwli^, hurl' 

ing, launohhig. 
Jade, I!. 1. llaek, Ored hocse, wortwess 

3. Hussy, ([uean, baae woman, sorry 

lire, weaiy, Bttlgue, fag, 

Jag, n. Notch, dentleulation, protu- 
berant point. 

Jagged, a. ITotched, serrated. Indented, 
denticulated, cleft, dislded, uneven (on 

Jafl, n. I 

American tiger {^dis dnf a). 
Vritten sdBO, but not com- 
3oLi Prison, penitentiary, 
bridewell, workliotiee, tollbooth, 

Jakes, «. Privy, necessary, baek-boase. 

thick preaerre. 

2. Pressure (JW»nfH?rfWwf], crowding. 

3. Crowd, tSirong, moss of people 
tfirtnpded together). 

Jangled, a. IMscordaiit, inharmonion 

Jauty.a. [Written also Jaunfil.l Showy, 
finical, airy, fluttering, l>ed]zened, gair- 
ish, dressy, ^s, fine, pranlted out. 

Japan, v, a, Vamish, lacqner. 

Japan eartb, Oatechn, tbbb& jafo- 
NioA, gambler, cut^. 

Japanese, a. Of Japan. 

Japanese, «. 1. Nauve of Japan. 
%t Lai^u^e of Japan. 

Jar, V. n. 1. Vibrate harshly. 

2. Clasii, Interfere, wian^, contend, 
quarrel, bicker, spat, spar, jai^lf 
sanabble, tiff, hare words, have a 

Jar, V. a. Shide, a^tate, jolt. 
Jar, n. 1. Sliake, agitation. Jolt. 

2. Discord, disngreement, anarre 
altercation, jarrii^, wrangllng,lilcliei 

Jargon, n. 1, Oabblt^ ^bberish, rlg.< 
marole, nonsense, balderdash, twaddle, 
palaver, flummery, moonehine, 
wash, trash;, stuS; unintell^lble t 

3. Confiloting, Incompatible, inoon- 

Jarrliut, n- %■ Clashing, collision. 

3. Shatli^, agitation, jar. 

3. Qnaii^, dispute, altercation, bick- 
ering, wraMling. 
Jaundioe, n. lii^.) Icterus. 
Jaundiced, a, 1. BUlons. 

S. Biassed, narrow-minded, pr^u^ 

Jannt, ^. Itamble, ^ciu'sion, trip, tour, 

stroll, short journey. 
Jaunty, a. [Wrttfen also Joniff.] Airy, 

sbowy, finical, fluttering, bedizened, 

gairlBh, ga^ fine. 
Jaw, n. 1. Maxillary hone, jaw-bone. 
S. IZoio.J Scolding, abuse, railing, 

vituperation, abusive talk. 
Jan-bone, n. Jaw, maxillary bono. 


menial, T1 


iodem-i Hsaaid, 
c, parll, 

mock, ecoS, spum, despise, contemn, 
dl^' at, sneer at, jear at, rail at, POEG 

Jeer, n. Sneei;, Bees', taunt, gibe, biting 

tTeerer, h. Scoffer, BCorner, moolcec, 

railar, lidiouler, deiidet, dCBplser. 

Jflerb^, H. Mockery, d^Bton. 

Jciluyralii ii. Qod, loni, Onmlpotenoe, 

Omnlsdeniw, Prevldeuoe, The Creator, 

Heaven, Xlie Maksr, Xhe Ddty, The 

'— '^- ''-"iBBd,TliB.Inllnlle,Tlie 

Jmnipotant, The pTa- 

lity, «16 Holy Tilnity, 

uus ji^ne, Tlie FiiBt OanEe, 

LOr of ijl things, God the 

Eamn, meagre, sterile, dry, 

udcc, 1^441, anint«reBtlng. 
Jemmjt ^- [Off^o^iHaJ,] Spruce, flnl- 

oal, oyer-nloe, orec-naat, aSBctedly 

elegant, nice oTer-mnGh. 
Jvaalng, n. Blue ohub. 
deopaEd, V. a. Hazard, Imperil, i-ei 

enuangeF, Jeopardise, nak, patlnjec 

ardy, put at hazar^ put M rink. 
JTeonai'dlze, V, a. (So 

Jeopardy, n. HaBard, 

JeremiBde, «. [Terang'ridiaiie.] Tale 
of eorroiV, Imaentatum, lament dole- 
ful story. 

Jerk. V. a. I. Terk, twitch, pull sud- 

e. Throw suddenly. 
Jer^ «. 1. Twitch, Buaden pull. 

a. Sudden throw. 
Jeikin, IS. Jacket, short coat. 
Jeat, B, u. _ Joke, crack a Joke, peipe- 

i^juBiii, aally, J 

A Kalllery, fun, 

Jastsr. n. 1. Jok^, wag, humotlBt. 
a. Bnffbon, liarleqiim, moantebank, 
aaoy, droll, fbol, clown, punch, punch- 
Jnello, scaramouch, merry-Andrew, 
jack^-nnddlng, ploMe-herrlng. 
JeanMcal, a. 1. Of tbe Jestuts. 

9, [A venae vairodoEed bp partisans 
Sostift to the JesaUt.] Crafty, cunning, 

qnip, crank, sally, 
Jew, n. - Hebrew, laiiwitiv. 
Jewel,!!. Qeni^briUlant, preoioua Btone 
Jewelry, n. [Wrltlan ftlBo JeweUery, 

Jewisli, a. Hebrew, Judaic, Jndalcal. 

Jewry,". Judea. 

• 'pltcli, n. Asphaltum. 

iHl, n. Beldam, hag, fury, ugly old 

Jlii^, »■ \Q>liog«ial.-i Instant, moment, 
second, twinkling, trice, daui, twlnk- 
Ihig of an eye. 
Jlggei> », 1. Throw, potter's wheel 
8. (Evi.) Chipi-e (PtUex penetraai). 
Jlggumbob,)!. [Zoic.] Trinket, toy, gim- 
, crack, kulckknaek, bawMe, gewgaw. 
Jilt, «. Coquette, flirt. 
"■- B.a. Tkck 01 Aeeei-ie Iby playing 

. m)- 

JIlt^ii.K. PlaytbBjllt. 

'InBle, V. «. [Written also Oingle.^ 

Jingle, n. Tinklhig, jingling, TIBTINA- 

"".ATiON, jhigllng sound. 

ling. It. JINOI.E. 

li. Piece of work. 

Job,v. n. Do job-woik, work at jobs. 
''obbemovrl, «. [Low.] "' — '-•— • 

Cheat, ewlnt 
[, s^boots. ' 

liupostor, blaclueg. 

, clroumTBire, delude, hood- 
wink, diddle, beguile, ndsleadiinveigla, 
gammon, humbug. Impose npon. 
Jooose, a. JoeulBr, f&oeUous, iiomor- 
~ , wltl7i wa^ah, droll, ftmiiy, oomi- 

^less, ".""^MnlMity. 

Jocol&r, a. Jocose- 

'oonlarity, m. JoeosenefB, feceaous- 
ness, waggishneee, waggery, drollety, 
sportiveness, merriment, pleasantly, 

ooun(i,o, JoyouB,Joyfu!,merry,frolliy- 
Bomo, blithe, blitheaomo, sportiTe, jolly, 
playful, airy, lively, gay, debonair. 

Jocundity, «. Joyonsnass, jc^fUlness 

jooulartty, gayoty, merriment, mirth, 
good homor, Mgh B^File, high ^ee. 

Joi;,v.a. Fnsh(ff0n»v},noLl^b7&push. 

Jos, n- 1. Push, alight sh^e. 
3. Notch, denticiSation, Jag. 

Joggle, V. a. Shake [by ft&nn^], joetle. 

Jog on. Trudge, lumber, trarel slowly. 

Jog-trot^ «. Slow pace, slow trot. 

Joliii Bull, ICollSguiat.] 1, Englleli 

I. AiJJoin, b 
[. Unite wi 

;a by Google 

Join, V. n. Asaoclate, confedscste, nulte, 
be united^ le^ue. 

4, \Bot.) Knot. 

ti.iBot.) Inl£TiiOde, space betn'eeo 

Joint, a. TlDltedL nouLblned, concerted- 
•Tfdut^D.H. 1, {CarjJfflUrj/.) Join, unite, 

a. Diaioint, dtvide (at the joifaSs), cnt 
np liw Bleat). 

Jointed, a. Articolatad, nit^ Jointe. 

4oia.tac,n. {OarpsaiTy,) Jolutiiig plane, 

joiit beir, Oobelr. 

Jotntli^-plaue, «. Jointer. 

jDlnt^, ad. Unitedly, together, con- 
Jc^l^, In conJuncUon. 

Jolfit, «. Small flooc-timbar. 

Joke, n. Jest, gulp, qaick, crank, ^ttl- 
ciBm, Ball)-, J£D D'BePItlT. 

Jokei K. H. Jest, crack a Joke, perpe- 
trate a joke. 

Uon, vassal, orgies, liauebaQala, satur- 
nalia, dsbaucli, meixf IMic, Jolly time, 
_...._ „ Tn__j i gayety, mirUi, 

JoUitT, ». Memment. gayel 
Am, BoUa, JoTiallCy, bll^tT. 

Jolly, a. 1. Mercy, Joyous, joyfol, gay, 
jon^ air;, mlrthinl, Jocund, pla;fal, 
ft(4io»i>nie, sportlre, gamesome, funny. 
tooelioiiB, JooBlat, w^jglah, sprightv. 
ttTBly, Joound, wanton. 

». Hump, stout, lusty, boumang, 
portly, ohatiby, la good oose. 

Jolt, v.n. Bs sbakrai foa a carriage bjf 
paisinff over rough groand). 

Jolt, V. a. Sbake C"" " eio'riage doet 
aheapaiaiaB oner rough grDiW). 

Jol^ It. Sbaklruc Jolting. 

JifltlLead, n. Slmpletoa, fbol, dunob. 

Jaitiag, n. Jolt, shaking. 

Joua^iuii ' ». Pei^s of tke TTniteil 
States, Qie United States ae a, nation. 

Jorden, n. Urin^ chamber-pot. 

Jostle, V. 1. [Written also Jostle.] 
j. Collide, strike against, hit agalnat. 
a. Shake (^ MjtiHf/), Joggle. 

Jo^n. Iota, ifttls, whit, bib, gr^n, par- 
BOhiillla. ' ' ' ' 

Jot down, Beoord, state, note, cbron- 
irlc, regisl«r, set down, take dor- 
make a — -^ "^ — -1— 

« of, make ] 

Jove,n. {Sfuik.) Jupiter. 

Jovial, a. MeiTy,joyouB, JOYFUL, gay, 
airy, mirthfol. 

JovJalMy, ». Merrfment, gayety, mirth, 
£Un, lWlilo,Jomty, bitojar. 

Joy, n. 1. (^adiiesB, dellghi^ ^ee, exul- 
tation, flcstasy, rapture, ravishment, 
transport, beantnde, beaUfloaWon. 
S. Happiness, Kliidty, bliss. 
3. Gauss of dadness. 

Joy, V. n. ExiAt, rejoice, be ^ad, be 
delighted, be Jojftil. 

Joyful, a. QinS, Joyona, merry, buoy- 
ant, happy. Jocund, bUtte, bUtheaome, 
joUy.Jovioi, delighted. 

Joyous, a. Glad, jotful. 

a. Jewiali, Hebrew. 
•i. Itellgion of tlie Jews, 
Jnck-snlpe [ScoZopiKc gal- 

a. Critic, connoisseur. 
Tndge,' v. n. Decide, determine con- 
cise, form an opinion, pass an ophilon, 
pass judgment, get at the truth, arrive 

S. Apprecmte, estimate, 

!t. Hetermination, decldon, conclu- 

3. (Law.) Sentence, award, decree. 
Jndsnienl'^itiy, n. Day of Judgment, 

Judjpneat-seat, n. Tribnnal, court, 

Jadlcatnre, n. 1. Administration of 

disoreec, conBULerate, TatlooAl, reason- 
able, enlightaietL Bagadoos, providenC, 
sober, souid, stud, solld,^ cool, politic. 
Jne, n. 1. lEnglcmd.] Htcher, ewer. 
a. lOoUoqvial.] Prison, JalL Tou.- 
BOOTH. penitennary, bridewell, work- 


. .«eption, cteal^ trand. 
Ji^sler, «. Sorcarer, maj^dan 
coiQuFer, enchanler, ohHimer, u 

anceTi QXDTcla^ diviner. 


ImpoBtore, cle«eit, Blelglit of 
nlceleBS, 1. 

iplese, di 
sappy, loBh, full of julc 

sappy, loBh, fi 

logethot In dieordar. 
Jumble, n. Disonler, cc 
pix^e, hotdi-potcli, ga 


deily miitu 

Ltnsedly, Uirow 

L, oonfiiaed 

«r, leap over, sMp 

Jump, «. n. Leap, epclag, boana, skip, 

Jamp, n. Leap, spring, bonnd, hop, 

Jnnotioii, ». 1. Jcdnlns, onion, KOisbl- 
Datlon, connBcdoB, linking, conplbu;. 
a. Junotme, joint, place of mssmig. 
JnnetiiT^ n. 1. Joint, Jnnotlon. 

fi. Goiunnctore, cdafi, exlgen^. 
Jone-lieTTT, n. Snad-lniah, Hlma-beiry 
{jiiaetastehto' Ctatade/utia). 
a. fietTii<x-T>etry{tkeJhd(qftlies>iad- 


Tbioket (qf 

•I. Yonneet. 

n. Sweectneiit, delicacv. 

. OASAL, &ctlan, combttiatlon 

I ai?o«e™7««i(), party, ootehje, 

, set, gang, league, Gonfederacy, 

JOilsdlcUon, II. Judlcatuce, exten 

authority, l^al power, 
Jm^BprnOeuc^ n. S<ilenoe of law. 

. Civilian, Jurisconsult, lawyer, 
. Juryman. 

lawful, leoBouable. 

lupt, Tir^DUS, ]u>DOTable, ImpaiMal, 
eyeu-handed, BlralghUbrward. 

3. ISiact, trne, proper, accnrate, cor- 
I'ect, normiil, regolar. 

4. Daaeiyed, merited, 'condign, snlt- 

Jnstlce, n. ±, Equity, eaulFablenees, 
right, JHStnesB, falrnees, mpartlallty, 
rectitude, tsXv play- 

,_. UeKuBlble, warrantable, 

vmuicable, right, fit 

JneUflcBtlon, n. 1 
* exeulpftUon, e... . 

JufitifiaMe, a. 

ince, exculpation, < 
9, {lileolA Abeoli 
j-emlsdon or Bin. 
JoBtlfi^ «. a. J. Vlndl< 

det^^, maintain, exculpate, eicnBB, 
.erate,Bet right. 

[TbeU.) Absolve, acquit, itee from 

ilear tVeui guilt. 

S. ShaSe [irg kittiag), joggle. 

ineas, it. i. Justice, equity, eqult- 

leness, folrueBB, right. 

9, Exactness, aecui^acy, propriety. 

. II. «. Project, protrude, atand ont. 


3. PieiiSng, penetrating, cntljng. 

4. Severe, Mtter, poignant, acrimo- 
nious, caustto. 

6. Shrawil, diBearnlng, quiclc, saga- 
cioDB, astute, lieen-slghtcd, keen^eyed, 
ciear-s^hted, long-headed. 

£een-eyed, a. Keen, keen-Blghted, 

Keenuesa, n. 1. Ardor, vehemence. 

3, Severity, ;^or, 

4. Poignancy, causticity, acrimony, 

5* Siirewdneea, sagacity, astuteneea- 
£eeu-glslited, a. Keen, sharp-rfghted. 

haM ^t. 

I. OS. 1. Beti^, detain, liold, 

'i, Bestrain,' withhold.' 

1. Onard, protect, take care of. 

5. Fulfll, observe, adhere to, be mith- 

;a by Google 

Keep< "■ "- 1- OonUnue, romain. 

if. Stay, abide, lodge, dwelt. 

3. Bndure, lasb. 
Keep, n. SUonghold, donjon. 
Keep an eye on. Watch, mari, ob- 

Keep dtirk. Keep one's own couneel, 
seal the lips, nal bteatbe a eyllabls 
about It, keep Hie matter to one'a 

Keep under, CoDtTOl, lesttoiii, keep in 

Keepli^, !(. 1. Care, custody, otai^a, 
a. Support, maintenance, J^d. 
8, H»nnony, oonfOnuity, oonernlty, 
conaistenoj, i^eament. 
Kelp, n. 1. Barilla, cacbonate of soda 

2, Sea-weed Lftwn wftici barilla is 

Ken, »■ View, cognizance, ^ht. 

harbor, talie sheltet. 
KeetreU n. Windhover, castrel, stcm- 

iiB\{Faico tmRii/ticaiaB\ 
Key, n. 1. Clew, guide, explanation, 

wuutlon, elucidation, UL&vis. 
a. Tonic, liey-nDtB, fundamental 

note, first note i^the scale. 
Key-note, it. Tonic, key. 
Khan, n. 1. Oham, aoverdgn prince 

inr Tca-tan/i- 

Kick the l>eam. Be outneiglied, be 
orerbalanced, be overpoised, be the 

' Kioh up a duat, [Colloqiaal.] M^e a 

Kid, «. 1, Young goat. 

a. KiC, sniaUtab. 
Kldn&p, V. a. Abduct lami Auman be- 

-■-' - - -teal away,nm off with. 

. Man-ste^ii^, abduc- 


tapping, fl 

''i-. a. Slay 

slaughter, murder, 

to deatlij deprive of life, make away 
with, ^Te one one's quietus, give a 
dBath-Blow to, 

Klni n. 1> Bi^tionship {bn blood or by 
nuariagei, coUBanguinltry, atSnity. 

9. Bel^on, relative, klndied, Idns- 
Cblk, connection. 

Kin, a. Belated, iOlled kindred, akin, 
congenial, cognate, of the same nutate, 
of ^e same Snd.of iiie same Ibmlir. 

Kind, a. Benerolent, benefioent, be- 
Tdgnant, humiuie, graoioiui, friendly, 
kindly, complacent, complalsanlj geu' 

- erous, DbliQng, bounteous, accommc- 
datlng, phi^tluo^e, corapsssioDate, 
mild, b^i^, clement, gooil amiable, 
ohaiitable, gentle, lenient, indutoent, 
fbTbearlng, tendet, eympathellc, tOand, 
afifeotionKiie, loviiig, good-natured, ten- 
dflr-heEurted, klnd^Jiejated. 

epeoiK, set, cMss. 


KiHD, iender-lieart- 

Kind-liearledness, n. Kindness, kind.. 

Kindle, n, a. 1, Uglit, ignite, enkindle, 

inflame, set £te to, set on fire. 
3. Excite, rouse, awaken, provoke, 

exaeperate, foment, enrage, set on, sUr 

Kii^lle, c. n. ' 1. Take fire. 

3. Sat existed, grow warm, fly into 

Kindliness, n. 1. Benignilj', kindness, 
benevolence, humanity, clarity, sym- 
pathy, oompaasiou, amiability, kind- 
lieartednees, good-nature, good fealii^, 
S. MUdneEs, softness, gentleness. 

Kindly, a. 1, Natural, homi^eneal, 
congeal, kindred, proper, appropri- 

a. Sympathetic, benevolent, griu^ous. 

Kindness, n. 1, Benevolence, lieneft- 
cence, benignity, immauity. Rsneroalty, 
philanthropy, charity, kindlCiees, sym- 
pathy, tenderness, amiability, fBllow- 
teeling, clemency, good feeling. 
3. Kind ac^ good turn, Mifi ofBce. 
~ " 1. Belatjonsblp, affinity. 

of file e. 
Sine, n. Sovereign, monarch. 
Kingbird, n. Tyrant fly-catcher [Ma^ 

Bcicapa tyraatiaa or Tj/rajt^aa vntrepi- 

Klng-crab, ». Horss-shoe, hoise-foot. 

Kins enp, n. Buttercup, golden cup, 
KinKdom, n. X. Sovereignty, empire, 
dominioo, supremacy, dynasty, sove- 
reign power, rule, monarchy, supreme 

4. Division, department. 
Kingly, i». 1. Koyal, regal, monarchi- 
cal7 unperl^. 

S* Noble, august, imposing, splendid, 
magnifioent, grand. 
Sing of terrors. Death. 
Klng's-XIiisIialit"' Pm-e English. 
'Sitis's-era^ n. Scrofula, atruom. 

""- — '"-' Boyalty, tnonarchy. , 

/, n, TBllow orfiment, 

l^TwIat, knot, entsnglemeait. 

Klna'g-ytJimv, i 

yellow sr'-'- 

•pci in V, w- _. , 

a, WMm, erotehet. 


SH, n. 1. Kia, emau Ci 


'. Toy, jilajtliiii, iiilf 

tsLtarity, adroitneea, dsKteroi 
ill, sUlfulneaa, Auility, aptae 
e, q^uickiieHfi, readiness, audrf 

Snug, ». ICnot (in. iccHDJ), 
Knaeg7> «- Knotty, gnftrlad. 
Knarl, «■ Knot, knob, snM. 
Enai'Ied, El. Knotty, knotted, knurl, 

Knave, n. 1. VUlaln, rasasi, Econndre 

8. Jack (CT'cO'ifa). 
lavetT, li- Vlllany 
jiaWsInese, dlelion 
rickery, wickedneafl 

meaty, orlmlnaUty, 
oneat, nnprlnctpled, 
iBiVEKV, dlslion- 


ty, wlckednesH, 
e«>iin, «. Fatella. 
[c£-KnBi:k,». Toy, trifte. plaj 


icrack, gewgav 

taBsi, horse-Boldlar, ^^^^ 

Knlgat-errantry,". Chivalry, knlght- 

Knigrhtbooa, n. Chivalrj, knlglit-ec 

Knob, «. Pi^otuberanea, l)oaa, buncl 

liuncli, smr.. 
KntK^, »■ 1. Bap lea at a doer), clap. 

tnanlc down, 1. Fell, proetcate. 

8. Knock off Itj/Qucliwi). 
Euock nnilei', Submit, yield, knuckle. 

Sive np, lower one's Am, kisa the rod, 
ok the dnst, eat liumUe pie, drair In 

Cnock up, [Oi^Io$ut<i^] Fatigue, beat 
out, weatVp exlianBt, Ore, taa. 
£i>(ill,». Muiock, mound. 
tiiot, n. J. Entanglem 

Q. I^aulical 'm 

, compli- 


Knot-grass, n. Dog's-Etaas, oouoli- 
graEs, twili^-graEs, wheat-graee, dog- 
Knotted, a. 
Knotty, a. 1. ..^..uvt.; 
knots, knaggy, knuilj . 

&. Intricate, difficult, perplexing, em- 
barrassing, hard, ttoulilfflomB. 
Eudw, v. a, 1, Pecoeive, apprehend, 

aware of, be assured or,'Bee thro'ngh, 

a. Kecf^iBe, be acquainted with. 
3, Dlatlngulah, discriminate. 
Know, V. n. 1. Have knowledge. 

dlscomraent, Jn^ment. 


or.n. 1. Toil, work, exertion, effort, 

tns, dradgery. 

J. Trav^, partnrlflon, ehlldblrth.>ored, a. Elaborate, studied, ci 
fully wrought. 
. I.abDrer, n. Workman, opetaUve. 

uB, a. 1. IndusttiooB, eeduloua, 

>U9, DILIOEST, tolling, hBTd- 

g, painstaking. 

iUcult, arduous, oaeroae, toll- 

tiresoiue, wcatlaome, fet^uing, 

e, hard, Herculean. 

insneas, n. ToJlBOjnenesB, dUB- 

, Grati 

e, perplexity, Intri- 



lAoeraUoii, b. Tearing, raiuiii^. 
Idelies, n. pt, (IjiBe.j Negligence, i 

miasnesH, neglecC of dnty. 
tack, 0. a. Want, need, Da In waat 

be in neefl of, be aeatitnta of, be wil 

Iju*,m, B. X. Be in want. 
3. Bewantli^. 

Lack. n. Need, deadenor, dssUtatlon, 
want, eoimtlneM, Insuffldaioy, searclty, 
deRTU^ default, dMtotiveneBS, shan- 

Idusk-bndn, »• SuupLebm, DCKCE. 
I.ackadidaical,a. SarFawfiil(^f^cf«ff:i), 

end, m^anahioy, gloomy, 
loolfaday, iiiteitf. AIM. 
Idwkey, n. Footman, footboy, eirar-' 

Iiaekey, V. a. Attend {as a cereia 

wsit on,'duice attendance on. 
Idwonic, la. Short, brief, oonrf 
Iiaoonlcal, | Bucoinet, compact, senti 

I,aoqiiHr,n.' Vom'iah(o/'sfteiWao). 
Iiaeqner. v. a. Vomish {toUli laagy 

iMi. n. „ . _, 

yonth, schoolboy, vovkgb, yonng 
lAde, t>. 1. 1. Load, freight. 
3. Dip, bale. 


ErOgbt, cargo, load, bu 
im of ranii, woman of dia- 

3. Woman of refinement, wei; 
woman, genteel woman. 

4. wife, spouse.' 
I^ady-llke, a. Genteel, courtly, te 


I.Bf, V. n, L<atei, linget, eaunte 

b^lnd, move slowly. 
IdSKara, n. IjOltarer, llnaerer, 

Iiolr, n. Oouclt(^adeas^),restli^ place, 
r-alty, fl. Laymen, body of the people, 

the people {as aistitt^iaJted from the 

lAke, n. Fond, loch, meie, pool, la- 

I:au)aiiUne> n. Manatee, aea-eow. 

Xdmie, V. a. Cripple, m^e lame. 

jsjne auck. Defaulter {at tie sfooil 

.atuella, n. [L.I Scale, lamhio, layer, 

— ' "■-■— —,ling, thin plate. 

I a. Laubllar. 


It, n. 1, Wailing, moaning, la 
itaUon, plaint, compli^t. 
[Mrge, elegy, epleedlum, mour 
funeral eong. 
- 1. Deplorable, b 

Xjuuina, n. Scale, layer, coat, coating, 

lamella, tbtn plate. 
IjajoiAar, a. Laminated. 
Idunjuated] a. Ljuninar, LAUELIiAEI, 

X.ampcibn, it. Pasquinade, ea 

Ijaiupoon, 7?. fi. Satirize, abni 

slander, calnmniate, laeh. 

■ar. Javelin. 

1. kurl, tlnmr,_laun 


^aend, fll^, toss, pitch, Jaculale, 

with a 

uid, V. a. Diseiubaik, pat on shore, 

[Hid, B. B. DlBembark, daharli, go on 
shore, come lo land, 
tmdlng.n, I. Oomli^toland. 

3. Landing-place. 
audlns-plac«, »• landing 

r, vagrant, traveller, vag- 

IiSndloi'd, n. 1. Owner, proprietor. 

tandlublier, n. [Sowiw's term of eon 

tempL] 'Laudloper 
LaudraU, li. Coi 

{Orei l/ratmsis). 



ad. IScotUsh.) Long stece, 

I,aj«oage, n. l. Speecli, ttuigno, fer- 
nacular, Imam, dialect, mother'tongae, 
vnlgar tongue, native tongne, oral 

S. S'tjle. BspresMon, pLrneeology, 
dioaon, form of eupcesslon. 
I<aiiKDid.a. l.I'i^t,exbauGteil,ili'oop- 
Ing, plnbiK, IiingiilshUig, filing, weak, 
ifeeble, Jiot strong, not Ttorous. 

9. biOi, toziih, Ust&e, epMtlese, 
iL^Ty, InHctlre, tuow, filuggisB. 
lAmgaldneSB, n. 1. Iiai^iiDi, Mnt- 
aeBB, foeMenMB, laedtnile. 
a. DnlnesB, Ustleeraeee, lieavlne^. 
X.B.nKiiiBli, p. ^t. 1, doop, pine, faint, 
f^ wtljier, decUne, M, became 
feeble, pine away, waste away. 

3. Look leuder, hate tlie air or a 
lAngutsbnient, n. 1, FoeblenesB, do- 

sT'liDak of WdemeEB. 
Idtugoor, Jl. 1. FesWensBS, debility, 

a. Snlnees, torpiduE^a, llstlcBsnese, 


Lank, o. Leon, aun, me^re, attenu- 
ated, slim, slender, starvelmg, sliinny, 
seraggj, EaunL '-—• 


ilnness, sllm- 
i, sleadei, tall, 
I^nugl^oiia, a, (Sot.) Downy, wool- 
Idp, s. a, 1. Fold, tain ovec, lay 

s'. Uckf'Uot up, take op tiitii tHe 
Jiap, V. n. Be folded over, be laid over. 
Ja^fiAaxy, ». Li^idist. 
Id^dewence, ». Lapldidcatloii, petii- 

I«pld]floatlon, «. Lapldescenoe, petrl. 

lApldlat, ». Lapidary. 
Iiapse, «. 1. Flow, gliding, flowing, 

8. Fall, decline, deolanslon, Mllng 

Awli^.C Pewit (IVtiifftti 

Vanellm crtstatua). 
[.arboanl, ». [Naat.) Port, 1 

Larceny, n. Theft, stealli^, i 

robbery, thievery, shopliluni 


~ ' ^■■"*"'T. interlay, innri^ru. 

Slg, great, bulky, huge, 

expanded, Bpiu^DQS, 

:. Abundant, plentiful, ample, foil, 

4. Capacious, compreheueiv 
.anre-Dellied, a. /••'— ■- 
bellied, pot-bellied, 
.argess, n. Bounty, preeent, d< 

3. Intermix. Interlay, interim 
Lai«e, " - *"- ' ■-"" 

a. L 

tmlnons, big- 

tarta, ». Cateriilllar, grub. 

liaaclYlous, a. Lustful, leelieTouH, libid- 
inous, lickerish, salacious, concupiiwent, 
lewd, prurient, wanton, loose, ujichaste, 

I.asli, ». 1, Thong((if auiSJp), seou^o, 

a. Stroke, stripe. 
la^ V. a, 1. Seourge, irhlp. 
S. Beat, beat against. 
3. Bind, tie, tie ti^ether. 

rash the naves, Make rain 'efforts^ 
Ov in -vain, beat the air, fish in tlie air, 
mlU: tie ram. 

Lass, n. Girl, damsel, maiden, laetie, 

lassie, B. [Scotc7i.1 Girt, law. 
Lassitude, n. Weai-iinfaa, exlianstion, 

I.Qs»H>, n. Lariat. 
it. Hfndmoat. 

3. Final, nltimate. 

4. H^hest, greatest, utmost, ex- 

a. Hold ont, be unexhaustfid, be un- 

i^nft, *f. Enduring, permanent, dura- 
e, of long eontinu 

ity, continofliice.fiitet 
Lastly, ad. Finally, iii uiio, bi, laai, ui 

Late, «.' 1. Slow, tardy, long delayed. 

■oper time, at tl 

, J oiler the ftir. 

a, BaeenUy, lately, not long ago. 
Lately, mi. Recently, latterly, lata, o* 

late, not long ago. ■ 
Latent, a. Concealed, hidden, secret, 

oeoalt, veiled, unseen. 
Lather, ji. Foaiu iqf Eoap atid water], 

LaWfoU™'}"' '■^-' Bfoad-leaved. 


IaUd, o. 1. OI iho LhUbs, ot anciant 

Kome, Boman. 
3. Claaeit), classical, in Uie maimeF 

of the I^Uns. 
ZiatJn, ». lAngui^e of ancient Borne, 

LaUn languo^. 
Iiatinism, n. lAtln Idiom. 
I.atlntty, n. I<atln Btyle. 
XAtituae, n. I. Extent, ranga, scope, 

amplitude, oompafis. 
it. Fieedom, liberty, indn^ence, &ee 

3. Laxtl^, loose Intetpretation, iudef- 

>. {Aatroa.) Angular 
i ecliptic. 
itndiiuuian, a. U 

lax, tre6f not OEtbodox 

tile ecliptic 
!LatitndiiuLr1an> <l. lAheTolim opiniim). 

lendable, pralso- 

m, n. Miieture of 

XAudatJon, «. Praise — " 
eulogy, compliment, e 

XdLudatory, a- Com 
Heal, enroBlstic, cc 

__, ... Oomical, droll, funny, 

B, iiirolcal, ildioulous. 

IiBOghiug, a. Merry, mlrtliful, gay. 
- I^ansMuK, «. Lau^t— ' 
toude of mlxr^' , . ... 

I^aneblne^tDQlc, n. Butt |i?f jests), 

oyStif ridicule. 
Launcli, v. a. 1. Ilitoir, Iiurl, cost, 

d^t, lance. 

' ' t (i$klp). 


n. Nitrous oxide, pro- 
itrisen, exliilaratiiie gte. 
!. Lanr'-'— ' '■ 

nncli, p. n.- El 
ant, dilate, laun 

l4tTe, ». a, TVaali, !i 

Idnigh, a. pFofuse, prodigal, thiifUess, 
untJuifty, ivafltfifai, extravagant, too 
tree, over-liberal. 

ree, ordinance, edict, order, ei- 
pTCS&ed oommand. 
3. Formula, prineinle, ibrm. 

3. Code, body of inlee. 

4. JmiapTuaenoe, silence of la'wa, 
legal science. 

K. Mosaic code. 

t, process, litJgaUou. 

I, method I— . — _ 
:9od in Nature. 

1. L^al, legalized, 1 


3. Soft, flabby not firm, not solid. 

3, Kemiss, latitndinarian, not strict. 

4. Licentious, dissolute. 
La^iative, a. Loosening, aperient, deob~ 

Laxative, n. Ijaxative medicine. 
X.axity, w. 1- liOoaanefls, aiaoknesd, iax- 
nese, latitade. 
^ llemisancsa. 

I^arciiesa, n. Looseness, laxity. 
Lay, P. a, 1. Put, place, lay down. 
3. Impose, assess. 

3. Impute, charge, ascribe. 

4. Spread (oh a nu/ace). 

5. Prepare, set in order, get ready. 
6* Contrive, sciieme, devise. 

7. Allay, guiet, calm, atill, appease. 
S. Bet, Bt^e, wager, rlab, bastard. 

9. Produce, bilng tbcth and deport 

10. (JfiHU.) DapresB, bIuIe, sail away 
fiom so as to lose >aght of. 

".. iLaw.j Allege, b'-'^ 



Laic, laical. 

lay aside, S^eet, discard, put away, 

lay on the shelf, 
tay by. Reserve, keep, retidn, husband. 
Li^ down, 1. Beslgti, give Dp, offer up. 

a. Leave, an|t, relinquish. 

3. Advance, propound, assert, allege. 
Li^er, n. 1, Stratnm, bed, LAY. 

S. Courset™ W*™*3). 

3. Shoot or twig [laia to Sie gnnmd 
f^r propagalioit), 
Lay hold of, Saze, catiili. 
Lay In, Store, provide, lay np. 


lag open. Expose, iBTeal, exUbit, die- 
ol<«e» unvallf dJTnl^, pnbUah, show, 

Idi; oat, 1. Spend, expend, dlsbune. 

8. Plan, dlapoae, arranje. 
I^T over, Spceaa over, cover the snt- 

ijQ' siese to. Besiege, beset. 
1,07 to lieart. Feel keenly, be greatly 

mucli a^led by, take to lieatt, take 

Z, Conflne to the bed or the house, 
liSff waste. Desolate, destroy, ruin. 
■.Bzavetto, ». Hospital, infirmary, peel 

house, lazar-house. 
I.azap-lioiiBe, »■ Hospital, ] 

I.ead, u. a. 1. Qulde iby tlie lumd, or 
eomiildiiff comjeeted wrUh the hand). 
a. Condoct, direct, eeuoil;, go before 

B. Pass, apoiid. 
Lead, V. n. 1. Show the way (6» going 

a. Betheconimauder(as^trooj>sj. 

3. Conduce, contribute, tend, serte. 

lAodin. 1. guidance, dlieclJon,leadei;- 

I/end CApUve, Cirry Into oapttvlty. 

leader, n. 1. Guide, director, conduc- 
tor, corypheus, cock of Uie walk, cock 
of the rooBt, llist Addle. 
a. Chief, cMefoain, oommander. 

leadership, n. Guidance, direction, 

XendlnK. a. 1. QoTemlaK, ruling. 

S. Chief, principal, capital, moet im- 

l.ea^ tlie way, Go before (a» guide). 
I«ad off, B^n, take tlie lead. 
Xieaf.n. Blade. 
IieaQet, n. Small leaf 
'"-M Petiole, 

1, ei^ttlon. 


». Thret 

rapklcal miles. 

I«agrued, a. United, 

confederated, confedt 

I>a]c, n. Ftaaure {kttmg a liquid ia or 

_.., -i---'[^ crevice- hole, 

1, Incline ffi-om a perpt 

1), OhinU, crevii 

S, Tend, l^ve a tendency. 
lasai, V. a. Best, Incline fbr mppott. 

an, a. 1. Thin, poor, gaunt, ema^at- 
a. Barren, jejune, tame, prosj, 


iple, not enough. 

Jmnp, bound, spring, vanlt. 

. Get a knowledge 

inted with, make 01 

3. Knowing, skilled, experienced, 
wiMilntf, n. 1. Ac<xul^tion of knonl- 
8. Erndition, ecboIarBhlp, aoqulre- 

igLfcr bold 

eaat, od. In the emallest degree. 
eatliery, a. Tough, GorIacec~~ 

!. Withdrawal, n 

liberty, aUow- 

lestre, c. a. 1. Quit, racate, withdraw 
ftom, depart from, go away ftom, retire 
ttom, get away from. 

a. Abandon, forsake, desert, reUn- 
quish, renounce, put aside, lay aside, 
-"— jp, give over. 

It be,E 

undisturbed, tbrbear to meddle with. 
i. Commit, contjgn, refer. 

', break off, 

allow, let, give leave, give 

leath, demise, devise, will, 

cease, Ibrbear, 

', (Jeiise.) Forbear, desiet 
irom, oreak off. 
Leave off, (i'eutei-.) Deslsti etJ>p, leave. 

Iieaven, n, 1, Yeast, ferment, barm, 
emptyings, fermenting suljetanee. 
a. JPervadIng inluence. 
Z«B.veii, V, a. 1. Prodace or excite fer- 


leave off. 

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Xeaves, n. pi. Folia^. - 
LecheronB, a. Lewd, lascivloiis, 111 
i_„.,-, -\^^^i.,\ "*Tial, Balaelous, l\ 

nnebasta, In 


lection, ». I 


■nil desire, anl- 

teading, .e 

raion, interpre- 

Lectnre, n. 1. I^conree, prelecUon. 
%. Formal csnsnre. lesnaa. 

a. Bepcov^ fbimallj. 


!:«, n. .leeivMa, lee sfie, aide elieltered 

from, tlie wind. 

Leer, V. «■ Look aslcance |it( contempt). 

Lees, n. pi. Dregs, sediment, setOlngs, 
precipitate, duvdsk. 

l«ewaid, n. Lbb, lee ^e. 

leeaey, ». Beoiieet, deilae, gitl: by irlll, 

I,e«B], a. Lawful, Iwltlmate, legalised, 
anthoTlzed or Banctloned (b^ Una), ac- 
cording to law. 

L^Wllty, «. Lawfulneas, oonformlty lo 

Le^nllze, D. a. 1. Authorise, 


K. Sanction, legitimate, legitimize, 
make legal, contli'm l]y law. 
I,^:ate, n. 1. Aubassadob, deputy, 
envoy, delegate. 
3. The Pope's ambassador. 
LegaUon, ». Embassy, deputation, 

body of dlplomatlBts. 
■'---* - 1. Fable, myth. Action, 

raUvB, flodOoua afoiy. 

.9. Motto {rotaid aeovRor am£afd]. 
Iiegiendary, a. Fabulons, fctltious, 

' '----•- - Juggle, Jibing, 


Blelght of hand 

I«glon, n. 1. Army, hi 

fbtce, body of troops. 

a. Multitude, great nun 

XeKlslate, B. ». Sakelawi 

Iiegtalatdve, a. Law-maM 

I,^lBlat ''' — ' — ' 

ii, lecogalaable. 

. Legality, lawful- 

3, Genuineness. 
IieKlUmate, a. 1. Legal, lawful, h 
acoordaaoe with law. 
8. Bom in wedlock, lawfully begot 

.3'. Genuine, not roarious. 
IieslUmate, ) v. a. Legalize, make le 
L^lttmlze, ) gltimafe. 
LeKuiiie,». {Bot.) Simple pod [1)/" (ifl 

J,^Cni>ieg, n. pi. Poise, i^ult of legu 

XelBHTe, «. Spare l^ours, spate time, 
Z«iid, V. a. 1. loan, accommodate 
aSiird, furnish, be- 


' a Iiand, flenderaasistai 
helping 1 

hold 01 


a favor, help a 

LengUi, n. 1. EKb 

prolong, e£iend 

Iienetlieu, !>. n. Become loMer, grow 

longer, increase in leugtli. 
£^S^'}»i. Longitudinally. 
Iiei^rthy, a. Long, leugtbened, pro- 


,(«. Clemei 
,( ity, m( 

lercy, tenderness. 

itlTe, a. Soothing, RiGBna^Te, emol- 
nt, lenient, mitJgauve, balmy, seda- 
e, demnlcent. 
mve,». FalUative, emollient, soolh- 

:98, tenderness, mere; 

™1^! 8" 

Lenten, o. Sparing, meat , 
L^toS,H I^s-siapea. 
Lentltfliioos, a. Scurfy, scabby, aealy, 

scabbed, furfuraceoua. 
Lentfek, In. Mastic tree {Pktacia 

Leopard's-biuie, it- Atnica. 
LepidoUU^n. (Jfln.) £ose mica, lithia 

S. iBot.) Scaly, lepidote, lep^oted. 

Leee-majeety, n. [Praferably wrltMn 
Lene-taaiestv.] Tteason. 

Leeioii,». t.Med.) Injurv, hurt, disor- 
der, derangement, morbid ohange. 

Less, a. Smaller, inferior. 

Less, ad. Hot so much, In a leas degree. 

Less, n. TSot so much, smaller quanlity- 

Leeaen, V- a. 1. l>iminiBh, decrease, 
reduce, abat^ abridge, make less. 

. Lees, smaller, infarior. 


or, «. [Witti Tlie prefixod.J 

BT, Ursa Menob. 

.. 1. Exercise {iif a leamer]. 

I. Keproof, rabulte, li 

, s. Lease, put 

IM, n- Hinaei 

ataole, obatrucl 

I«t be, Leave, by)[oneB be b^gonefl, Let the past 
Let down> Lower, depress. 
tit ^^^' \ I""*^e«' '^ 'o™^- 

let slip, cost nli, let oat. 
IJetlial,a. IBare.] Deadly, morlal, 

- Iietliargioal, 

free, let loose, 

. ,morlal,nita]. 
ij, doll, torpid, 

comatose, mortildl; slee[9- 
I«tliargy, ii- Btupor, forpoi, OOMi, 

atupefiCHOn , hypnotism, stupidity, mm- 

bid drowsiness. 
lAthean, a. Oblivions. 

SSi.,! "■«.>«-'»-'-• 

I>et loose, BelBose, Uberate, let tree, tree 
from restralat, let out, let go, set fLt 

I*t olK 1. Discharge, ejtplode. 

it. Excuse, exonerate, exempt. 
tet out, 1. Eelease, liberate, set free, let 
loose,fiee ftom restrsint, set at Mbecty. 
■ a. Extend, loosen. 

3. Blab, disclose, divnlge, reyaal. 
Let slip, Ijoose, let go. 
letter.". 1. AlpbabeWocharactar. 

a. Epistle, note. 

3. Lileral meaning, literal sense, Ter- 

Ijettraled, a. Learned, literary, bookish, 

well-read, deep-read, book-leamad. 
letters, tt, pi, 1. Mtetature. learning, 

the MeditenaneaB. 
I«vee, II. 1. Time of rlali^. 

e. Ceremonioas party (properZj) in Hie 

3. Embankment falmg a Hver to 

J«vel, a. 1. HoriBOntaL 
8. Even, flat, plain, 

3. Flush, on a level, of the BBine 

4. Of tiie same canlc, condition, i!^. 

. Pulveriaatlon, a 

;hase {<^Uitiu:d bji the 

I, grind, bruise, braj, reduce to 
levigatiai-, ... 

nuuen,- trlturati . 

I«vlty, n. 1. Ughtness. 

S. FrivoUty, fllghtdness, giddiness, 
volatility, want of serlonsness. 
lAvy, f. a. 1. Baiaai muster, call to- 

l>exicoii,n. Dictionary, glossary, Tooab- 

Kieze-ntuO^sty, »■ [Sometimes written 

Zesc-nKU'esi^.] Treason. 
IdabllilT.n- 1. Kespuslbility, account- 

ableness, acoonntobility, hoonden duty. 
Ql, £xposediiess. 

ibel, 1). CI. 1. Lampoon, defame (bj) 
eome pabii&iiitm). 

a. [Law.) Proceed agidnst by a libel, 
bring a charge ag^r-' 
ibeUona, a. t^Srtt 


[.a. 1. Generous, bountiful,! 

beneficent, munificent, princely, ol 
■ " ■ ' ' I iVee-beaned, 

n-hearted, i 

3. La^e, full, uns^ted, abundant, 
ample, [OentifDl. 

I.iberal, n. Liberallst, advocate of lib- 
eral prlQ^plaa. 

Uberallsm, n, Lalitudlnaiianism. 

Liberalist, n. Llbcrai.. 

Liberality, n. I. Oeneroslty, bounty, 
beneficence, munlficeneB, dislnteiested- 
ness, bountlfUhiesa, chatty. 
8. Present, gUl, beneihotion. 
3. Oathcdlcity, tOlerallan, magnanim- 
ity, candor, imparfdall^, largeness of 
mind, hlgh-mjnaednoes. 

LlberaUze^ v. a. Enlarge, make liberal, 
free from prejudice. 

Iiilbera.tfi| v. a, Belease, i^^ emantd- 
pafe, mannmlt, dislntiirall, ransom, 
discharge, deliver, set &ee, set. at lib- 
erty, let go, let loose, let out. 

Llbeiatlon, n. Deliverance, discbatge, 

Llbertliie, n, Bttlie, debauchee, volnp- 
tuaiT. profligate, dlssolutfl man, man 

Libertine, a. lAcenliona, dissolute, of 

;a by Google 


IilberMntsm, R. Liccntiousuess, dieso- 

Id^erty, B. 1. Freedom Ut/ter vreiiiom 
Teiinuntj, llberatiaii flom reatc^nt, 
3. Piivll^s, immunity. ^Bjialiiae. 
B. Iiaaye, parmlsslon, 

Idinoos, a. LasoiTiou 
H, ledieToae, 1ir^ketieb, l 
iBclous, eoncupiacent, ' 

IdbratoFy, a. BEiliincing. 
Ucense, n. 1. PermiBsloii 
leave, riglit. 

3. T^xlty, exeeeaive libr 

tant fireedom. 
Uqensco. a. Permtt, allow, 

axority to, give a permit or 
Licentious, ". DisBolute, 

profligate, raSlsli, llbarHm 

IMtc, 11. OS. 1. Pass tlie toiig 
tt Lap, take up with tlie 

■e, hoM ia 


Idok, n. 1. Taste. 

S. [Loia.l Blow, slap. 

S. Salt-licK. 
UekerlBli, a. 1, Hanlteriiig {to Hch or 
taste), crarlug, longing. 

3, DainJ^y, nice, i^Btldiona. 
UeklDs, n. 1. Lappii^. 

' 9. [Iflw.l "Wliipplng, beating, Sog- 

glng, tbrasliing, castlgation; 
Zilcli^>tttle, !t. Abject paj-aalte, mean 

Idd, ». 1. OoFBT, eoYerelo. 

a. Epiid. 

Ide,». FIB, iateQtioni.1 nntnit.!.. nHm- 

inal JMeelioad, gas 
gestion ^ tohal it 

, __, ooucL, He down, b 

prosttate, be recumbent, 
3. Be plHced, be isM. 

S. Be situated, be located. 

lae to, lA'aW J Stop, 
liieiindei:. Be aulje 

jat. Lie outrageonslj 
mbant on, belong to. 111 

deferred, be poatponed 

C(eaiii lyn note), 
check headway. 

Uef, ad. ■WilUngly, gladly, fteely. 

5 LIGHT ( 

Idege, a. Bound by £ 

Leg^ clali 

"■■■■■ HflL., .. , . 

:tality,Uieiital spark. 

r to proieoUon, at 
rereign, liege lord. 

tEr.) Place, room, etoad, 

^re,... 1, vital-'" A---'-' ■ 

breaUi of UT " 


la breath of oi 

.. rime from Wcth to death. 

3. Animated existence. 

4. Mode OF conree of lirlng. 

5. Coudnot, deportment, beiiarlor. 

affidrs, couraa of thlnga. 
IdfelesB, a. 1. Dead, defunct, extinct, 

3. Torpid, slu^lsh, Inert, dnll, tume, 
splritleas, pEHSive. 
I.l«^ V. a. Raiae, elevate, lift up. 
lAtt, n. 1. Liftii^. rsising. . 

a. [Ckillogmal.i Aid, aasistaiiee, help. 
3. ^Be{ia<^alochiacaaals),aegKa 
of eleyatioff. 
l.ifl>locl[, n. Loaktofaocaiol). 
I.^ment,n. Band, ligature. 
Id^atore, )(. Band, bandage, ligament, 

Idglit, 11, 1. Medium of ylalon, 
e. BimiaionoflumliioRBrays, 

3. Daybbbae, aimriae, dawn, day- 

4. Candle, lamp, toper, Ughf-Jiouse, 

6. Instruction, knowledge, compre- 
li^ialon, InalglLt. 

7. mnetration, explanation, eltiofda- 

8. Window, pane of glasa, &o. 

9. Public notice, 

10. Aspect, point ofTiew. 
lAffKt, a, 1. Buoyant, of little v^U, 

5. Easy to be borne, not bnrden- 

Crom impedimenta, not heavily laden. 

•). Slight, trifling, small, Inconalder- 
able, moderate. 

& Gosaamery, flimay, unsubstantial. 

9. Frivoloas, floltle, unsteady, vola- 

10. Gay, ally, 

11. Bright, ole_., 

IS. WhlUsh, ofa whitislieliade. 

tAght, V. a. 1. Kindle, inflame, ignite, 
set flxe to, set ou fire, apply the matoh 

3. Illuminate, lighten, iu 
I^bt on, 1. Happen apon. 



1. Plash (said qT Kglit- 
.] Grow llgitar, clear 
^ lUnnilnate, Irradiate, 

_4l, Joyful, Joyot — 
Idglit'liorse, n. LiEht-armed cavalry. 
I^ht-hoDSe, n. PGaioe. 
UgrlitniiiK-rod, ». PiSiTOSSEBOB. 
ijelits, )i. vl. ImnKS (of a Jjirfej. 
I^htaame, a. 1. Lnmlnoue, full of 

%. Gay, iuoyant, UtbIt, cleartnl, 
bHaissoiIie, blitlie, men?, 

Ii^ht npoiii laaaT on. 

I^^n-Bloes, n. Agallocb, aloes wood. 

UgneooSi a. Wood j. 

rj£iiliie,». (Cliem.) Wood; fibre. ' 

laeiate,n. IMia.) fossil wood. 

J&e,a. 1. Simitar resenibliiK, analo- 
gous, allied, patflilel, oognaw, of a 

3. LUtelyjCrDbabla. 

■UaUty, liking. 


)r of, m the 

^ Lively, probably. 
LlKe, f>. a. 1; Approre, be pleased inili, 
take ^eaflnre in- 
Z. ilellsli, enjoy, be ibnd of. 

3. Efiteem, mncy, have a r^ard for, 
lake a likii^ io, take to, take a fancy 
to; find. W one'a mind, toete, '- '— 

Iitke, V. n^ ChooBe, prefbr, elei 

tbink fit, be pleased. 
Ukebloxes, {Low.] Furionaly, 
Ukellliood, n. piobabiUty, verialmili- 

I. Probable, credible. _ 

ng, agceeabis, 

4, f CWtooutai, (7. 5.1 Keepeofable, 
wortby, estimable, of good leputation. 

lAkea, V. a. Compare, show fee i-esam- 

ovet. furOietniore, iii addition, ti boot, 
IJlilug:, n. 1. Fondness', partialiCy, de- 

peWty, pTocUvity, pronsnt 

podlioii, aitpeteuoy. 
IitUpnliBn, a. Tii^ 

a^, pony, dwamali,,vb. 
Idly of One Taller, May lily ( CWicoiia- 

r, advocate, attorney, 
1, attomey-at-law. 
•-iiuucc, u. Supple, riltable, pliant, flexi- 
ble, llt!i6. 
I.liul>a, n. Hell, llmbna, internal re- 

giona, ahodea below. 
Limbus, n. [L.] Limbo. 
lAiae, n. 1, Quicklime, protoxide of 

a. linden, lime-tree. 
Uuolt, n. 1. Bound, iVontier, boundary, 


a. Iteetricllon,Tsetraint, obstroctioiL, 
check, Underance. 
Limit, V. a. 1. Bound, circumsciibe, 
define, set bounda to, fix the llmita 

3. Besliain, rostrict. 
I<iiiiit«tton, !t. Beetrictioii, reaCr^nt. 
Limning, n. PaiulJDg (in vraier colors). 
liimp, a. Umber, flaccid, flexfle. 
Ump, V. n. Halt, liobble, walk lamely. 
I.imp, n. Halt, limping gait. 
Idmiiid, a. Clear, luSf, pare, blight, 

transparent, pellucid. 
Umntdilf, n. Cleameaa, brighlness, 

punty, ttanspatenoy, limpidnese. 
I/impidness, it. Liupjdity. 
Ltn, «. 1. Pool, pond. 

it. Straight direction. 
3, Parallel direelion. 
4- Thread, cord, strli^i rope. 

5. Bow, rank. 

6. Bowaf worda(acrDSda^^e). 
5'. Note, sliort letter. 

S. Equalor, equiltoisUal dnde. 

a. Place along the side of. 

Idaea^, n, Proeeny, race, family, 
house, genealogy, deaoent, descendanta, 
line, birth, bwed, extracuon, ancestry. 

laneal, a. l; In a direct line Ifroat on 

a. Linear, In the direeaon of a Une. 
Idaeament, 1^. OatiiaetpariiciiiarlyQf 

the face), feature, trait, line. 
Z.inear, a. I.aneal, in the direction of a 

Linen, n. 1. Cloth of flax, flaxen febric 

Unger, v. n. Lifter, delay, tarry, 1^, 
aauuler, be slow, wait loi^, remaui 

r.lngertng, <t, 1. Delaying, loitering. 

Z. Protracted. 
IJi^o,«. (ZotD.) Language, apeech. 
Uagaitono, a, (Bot.) 'Jor^ne-ehaped, 

Idi^oifit, ». Adept in languagea. 



langolate, (Bot.) Lingniforro, tongue- 

Idiilment, n. Embriication, eoft oint- 

Unk,?i. CoimeotiVB, copula, viKODLUM, 

Uuk.u.Ei. Coimeot,eon)oia,Jiilii,unltt!, 

Idnaeed, n> Flaxeeed. 
Unaey-woDlgey, a. 1. 01 Uueu and 


a iihidtim-framc), 
lAtra, 1. Kiiig of bs 
3. Object of infj 


i Share, Largest porl 

3sa, dlmslsbtea- 

Up, n. E^e OF border {qf tlie jianith, 

laquefacUoiu n. Melting, dissolving, 

l^awii:^, fusion, dfsBolatlon. 
UquWi f. a. Melt, dissolve, fiise, make 

Uquenr, n. [Ft.] Cocdial, aiomatlzed 

l^uld, a. 1. Fluid. 

2. MeillfluuuB, dulcet, soft, clear, 

Iiiqnid, n. Fluid, iiqlOF, Uqaid sul)- 

Uquldate, o. a. Settle, adjust, pay, 

exOngnlBh, pay off, clear off. 
Uquldation, ^- Settlement, discharge, 

iSjustment, payment. 
liiqulititr, n. i^uldity, liouidness. 
IjQiildneas, n. Fluidity, liquidity. 
IJqoor, «. 1. Liquid, lluiti, liqnid suh- 

e. S^iitnons or alooliallo liguid. 
Uaaor of flints. Soluble glass, silicate 
61 soda (or qfpotaeh). 1. RBOISTBR, roll, OAIAIrfXtUE, 

T, schedule, INVOICE. 

ort the edge), eel- 

«. ^jif<,<«., j...,i<7u, annulet, listei. 

Ust, p. n- Wlali, choass, desire, prefer, 

elect, think fit. Chink best, Uiink pro- 

Listel, B. {Arch.) Fillet, annulet, 

list™, 0. n. Hearken, hai-k, Iiear, give 
ear, lend an ear, bicllne an ear, prick 

s. pi. Arena, pakBetra, . 
Lrdlng to ibs exact mea 

i. Boeder, bL_ 
3. Strip {.qf el 

T-ltei'ary, a. 1. Of literature or learn- 
9. Learned, lettered, bookish, well- 
Literati, (L. pi-\ n. SdLoIars, savanB, 

the learned, learned men. 
Literatim, ad. [L.] Letter fBr let- 

LlteratDi-e» it. 1, Learning, erudition, 

Ihe Muses, belles 

I, liCerary 

Utliarge, «. Protoxide of lead {fmed 

and semi-inlF^ed). 
LItlio, la. Umber, flexible, flexile, 

LitHesome, ! pliable, pliant, supple. 
Idthla, n. Oxide of lithium. 
Utbograph, n. Lithographic cngrav- 

Utignte, M. a. Contest in law, defend 

LtUgate, V. n. Dispute In law, carry on 

LlUsatloii, ii~ Lawsnit, suit at law, 

judicial contest. 
Idtigious, a. Contentious, disputatious, 

Litter, n, 1. Vehicle with a bed (6onw 
btf luinA). 
3. Bedding of straw, liay, &c. 
3, Things negligently BCotlered. 

Utter, K. a. 1. Cover with straw, hay, 
&c., for bedding. 
a. Cover with things negligently Boat- 

3. Give birth to (soW iVgiWHfriipaial, 
bring forth. 
Little, a. 1. Small (in else or extent). 

■e, dhniau 


] or easmu 
ot great, not 

8. Small iim QU(nit%, amount or da- 
Toiioi^, not much. 

3, niconsidei'able, petty, alight, slen- 
der, feeble, moderate, scanty, 

4, Mean, seiaah, narrow, ^tcy, coik- 

JAtOn, oA. Sightly, In a small degree, 

IdtOe Bear, ». [With The prefixed.] 

Lesser Bear, UssA Mirob. 
Iiittoral, ft. Of the eliote. 
Idtnrey, «. Bitoal, formolary of public 

Uve.K.n. 1, Exist, bi'eatlie,haTeb^ng, 
have lift), be alive, keep son! and body 
3. Bemaia, continue, endure, be per- 

3. Swell, abide, re^de, have lodgings, 
have one's quarters, be quartered. 

4. Feed, subsist, be nourished, be 
supported, obtain a JivelihoCd. 

5. Enjoy Ufe, iie happy. 
Live coal. Burning ceuL 
LlTB, o. LlviHO, alive, not dead. 
Live In clover, Luxuriate, wanton, 

revel, live luxurlotuly. 


8. ADlina.teil, spirited, sprightly, vi- 
vaiA>ne, airy, gay, blithe, blithesome, 
buoyant, ioyons, frolicsome, bnxom, 
deboD!dr, iTull of life. 

3. Vivid, btigUt, brilliant. 

4, VigoroD^ forcible^ Btroi^, nBivoi^, 
glowing, sptu'tllng, raoy, piquant, Im- 

liyer of 8011)1101, Sulpliuret of polaa- 

IdTSi^leaf, n. UTerwort. 

e. [Laai,) neltvery, 
Idve-fltock, A. Stoelf, domestic animals 

Idvid,a. 1»acdloTed(a3jleshbiialHtiise), 
black ami blue, of a lead color. 

1. Sxistii^, bteatLiog, live. 

Jport, subdetence, ieepiia, eeed. 
, BuieUce, ecclodaBlJoal Hvii^. 
a. Uode of ]i!a, conrae of lifte. 
Iitiiviaia, n. Lye. 
.Id, ivta^. Look, see, beliold, 
IioHd, n. 1. Burden, weight. 
a, I/adiug, caj^o, freight. 
„ T., i. — laaore, dog, in- 


. Magnet, natnral mi^- 

, Idler, lounget, v 

Irfiaf, ». n. [CfaKoouioi.] Lounge, bo idle, 

idle away — '''*' — 

Jjoani, a, AtoiOd. 

Ijoatli, a. Beluclaut, baoknard, unwill- 
ing, averse, diaincliued, indisposed, not 

liOatlie, V. ct. Ablior, detect, hat«, nau- 
sea!*, abominate, feel disgust at, shrink 
tnox, recoil from. 

1jOB,Uiln|f, n. Abhorrence, disgust, de- 
testation, abomination, hatred, anti- 
pal3i7, borror. 

XioatliKiDie, a. 1. Dlsgnstli^, sieken- 
ine, naufieous, nauseaung, npulsiTO, 
onraiMve, reTolting, palling. 

9. Hateful, detestable, odious, ebock- 
ii^, abominable; abhorrent, execra- 

IiObelia, n. Indian tobacco (a n 
^te North American apexes : Iiobt 

lAcal, a. Topical. 


nine the place of, designate 
'(as tracts i^lcmdj, fli the 

uaidon, place, locsJtty. 
t the limlte or boundaiw's. 


iiting, eetabliaijna, 'markiife 
.julls or boundaiws. 
[Sco^NsA.] Lake, pond, mere, 

iMCkin. 1. Lift~lock kfa canal], 

a. Tuft, flock. 
Lock, V, a. 1. Fasten [Willi a loch), close 

a. Confine (Ay tochine). shut up, lock 

up, 1. clasp, Cis 
,.. donflne-alutai. 
IifHOced-Jaw, ] «. Iiismus, tetanne (^ 
lock-jaw, i thej/sw). 
I>ocoAko matcli, Luclfdr matcb. 
Idcomotiou, n, 1. MoUou from place 

3. Power to move ftom place to place, 
liooomoti-pe, a. Able to more from 

place to place. 
I.ocomotlTe, n. Looomofive enginp. 
Locum teuene, [L.] Deputy, SDbsti- 

tnte, lieutenant, agent, proxy. 
Iioonst^n. [U. S., mere tki) name is im- 

ptoperly oppited to the lianicat-fiiy.'\ 

Cicada, harvest-fly. 
IiOdfi, n. Metallio vein, mineral rein. 
Iiodestar, n. [Written also LoaditarA 

Iiodge, n. 1. Cottage, cot, small honse. 

3. Assoolatjon (os if fieeoiasom), so- 

Lodet, V. a. l.'PlacB, put, deposit. 
8, Plant, hiii, fli. 
S. Harbor, quarter, proiide lo^ng 

4. Lay flat, beat down. 
LoiUfe, M. ». 1. Inhabit {far a seaaon), 
dwell, live, reside, abide. 

9. Sqjouin, tarry, rest, STOP, take up 
one's quartera, pltcii one e tent, put op, 
take lo^inge, have lodgii^ 
Idi^i^, n. 1. Place of rest, apart- 

3. HahitaUon '{for a season), abode, 
reSdence, dwelUng, quarters, dwellii^- 
. place, place of residencs, lieadquaMecs. 
loftiness, n. 1. H^it, elevation, altl- 

a. Pride, haughtiness. 

3. Sublimity, dignity. 

tofty, a. 1. H^, elevated. 

a. Frond, ba^bty, arrogant, ma^js- 

3. Sublime, dignifled. 
Iiogaa, 11. Hoeklng-stone. 
Logserliead, n. Simpleton, TtUNOE. 
T — T^ „. < o..i.^.^r. ^e reasoning, soi- 
gbt, analysis of 
i.ppiio'atjoa uf lo^oal 


I.ogiual, a. 1. Of lc«ic 

H, Dialectical, according to the rules 
of lo^ tbab lioiiforiae l« tli« lavi9 of 

13. Coliereiit, consistent. 
1. IllBciimimittng, skilled in te&eoa- 
ing, versed in logic. 
IxttomaOhy, n. Dispute, controveisy, 
aUercatlon, blckedng, wranglingj var 
of words, Tords. 
I«ewiK>a, n. OampBacliy wood. 
J^Tie,«. pi. Reins, Inmbar re^on. 
. iKAler, V, 11. Las, linger, delay, saunter, 
dlUydally, moTe Blo\3y. 
Iditerlng:, a. Dilatoi-j, llnBeiing. 
I-oll, V. n. LoungOj reclme, lean, sprawl, 

I-one, a. 1. Solttaiy, iaolated, secluded, 
lonely, alone. 

a. un&egueuted, deserted, uniuliab- 
Ited, uuocoupled, lonesome. 
I.oiieilnese, ». SaUtailnese, seoludon, 

Biditnde, leUiemeut, isolation. 
Iii>iiel][> a. 1, Apart, retired, solitary, 
eeelnoed, isolated, sequesteFsa, remote, 
dreary, lonesome. 

8. lima, alone, solitary, unaccom- 
panied, componionlees. 
Ifoneeome, a. 1. Solitary, lonely, se- 
duded, deeerted, lone. 
8. DoBOIate, cbeerlees, diema), gloomy, 

I^ng, a. 1, Extended, letigUiy, not 

3. Slow, dilatory, slack, lingering 
tfltdy, not quick. 
IfOi^ nonw, The tomh, the sepnlchn 
the grave, narrow house, house o 

Jtoa^r ad. 1^ To a mvn* HitRnt 
it. A long time, . 
3. Throw-"" ■ 
Iioi^ &tr, , 

after, lust after, pine ^»^, ..»i.v ,v — »- 

ing for, ye^m 16r, aspire aftor. 
l^ng-'bieatbad, a. idog-wladed. 
IionKe. n. £ V, n, [Ft.) Pass, thrust, 

aOoiige, lunge. 
Iiougerlty, n. Long life. 
Iione-lieailed, a. Sagacious, discerning, 

Intillieent, acute, shrewd, ciear-elglitea, 

Ixmsbig, n. Craving, yeamii^, liank- 

ering, llolilng, aspiration, breathing, 

continual wish, earneet desire, wistful 

lidneritudinally, o^. IjengfJiwiBe, ttom 

Iiong-sigbted, a, 7ar-s^bted. 
Xong^spun, a. Lengthy, tedious, long- 

LoDB-snfferius, a. Forbearing, patient, 

not easily provoked. 
Long^uffierlt^, «. Forbearance, clem- 
ency, patient endurance [qf it^ries). 
Xdine-ivinded, a. 1. IiOik-breatliea. 
C Protracted, prolonged, spun out. 
. S. Tedious, wearisome. 
lM)ik, V. n. I. lUrect Uie eye. 

S, Turn the thoughts, ^ply (he mind. 

3. Mjno, consider, take care, take 

4. Front, feoe, be turned, be directed. 

I.od[, n. a. Influence by looks. 
■Laak,interi. See, lb, behold. 
tooktB. 1. ClH«e. 

5. Appaaranca, aspect, oompleKlon. 
3. Mien, air of tlie foce, cast of couu- 

Look after, 1. Attend to, take coie of, 

8. Seek, seorcli ibr, look Ibr. 

3, Mxpect, wait ibr. 
Look domi npon, Despise, contemn, 

spurn, regard with eonlempt. 
Iiook foi', 1. Expect. 

3. Search, seek, look after. 
took Id tke face. Face, meat boldly. 

I^ook out, IXeiiter.) Be on tee i 
liook orer. Examine, cast the eye 
Look sharp, Ee vigilant, have all one's 
Look to, 1. Watch,' take care of, look 

loon, n, 1. ibnMh.) Wsat norther 
diver J Columbus gtaciaiiB). 
:«. Simpleton, fool, DnncB. 
Looper, ». Canker-worm, span-worn 

Iioopbole, n. X. Opsning (™ (fte i™ 

qf afort^oation), aperture. 
3. Plea, pretext, pretence, excus 

way ibr evasion, way of escape. 
Loose, V. a, 1. Unfasten, untie, uubinr 

3, ESease, liberate, fiee, set free. 

3. Detach, dieconnect, djsei«age. 
Loose, a. 1. Unbound, unMea, not (ai 

'■ iflned. 
, not&s 
„ ,..laxed,nL.,_„., „„. 

4. Open, not dose, not compact, not 

a. Prolix, rambling, not condse. , 
e. Yague, indeSulte, iadisUnot, In- 

i. Make lax (as the bowels). 


Iioquaotty, «. TtikaUvenea^ 

Lord, 11. I. Master, ruler 

Bovereign, king. 
a. Noble, nobleman, peer. 

lorgnette, n. IFr.] Opora-glasa. 
IjOrOUnesB, n. 1. Dignity, majesty. 
'!. Pride, haughtiness. 
" -. l.DlgnIfl.-' - 
iVtO, liangbty. 

ZiDrd'e-d»y, ». Snndnj-, tlte Sabbalti, 
the Chxiewm Sabbath, Sret da; of tlie 
week, the day of rest. 

IiOTdsblp, ». 1. Antliority, dominion, 
rule, Bway, comrnandi control, gorecn- 
ment, direction, domination, empire. 


Zare,n. Laarning, erodiUon, hno>rle(lg< 
lloTlot, n. Wlittt^ golden, oriole (q 

Evrop9! Orioitt^ gaunbta). 
X.(>se, p. 1. 1. Be deprived of, fitll t 

keep, let Blip, let slip thiough the fio 

8. Forfdt, fiUI to win, iMl to ot 

d, thro 

l11 behind. 

t. Miss, wander from. 

a. Be bereavad of, ba deprived of. 
Iiose caste, Be disi^ciead. 
Irfise CTOond, 1. Fall beh 

a/Tleoline, lose credit. 
Iiose Jlieatt, I>aBpair, be dlsoonrag 

give np, hope. 
IiOse one's Iieart Fall in love, 
.--^T^ . labewUdared. 

a. Forfijituro, feilnca to win. 
S- Desliaollca], overthrow, damage, 
detiiment, inin. 
t, ■WasteiBQu 

3* ForMted, mlHsed. 

3. UlBBpent, vraetea, 

dpated, thrown away. 

lered, oouCaeed, 
stfocted, benkrht 
, at a losa, at t 

lied, poBGiI, 
Ciult, ia a 

ajjsent-rDlnde^ dreamy, iis,pplog. 

6. Depraved, ooimpt, abaudonec 
jnoi^tfl, dlasolote, reproliate, grace 
lesa, shamelera, otadarate, liaidenec 
incorrigible, iiraclaimaUe. 

lot, n. 
8. Chf 

1, pareel, dlvlalon. 
B. [Cottoqaial U. S.} Great qnanlity, 

DclferouB, boistaronB, 

Lond, ad. Loadly. 
Loudly, ad. Loud, not low. 
lAimgre, n. ii. KeoHna, loll, ti 
lazily, spend time idly. 

wsj^ fellow. 
Jxmtisb, a. ( 

Iiovable, a. A 

Jn, DlDwn, boor, labber, 

1. Have IiAteUonfor,rt«ari 

twv&H.a. _. 
with section. 

a, HaveapaesionateafiecUonfoi,! 
In love with, bs enamoured of. 
3. Like, be plsaxed with, 
love, V. II. IMigliC. take pleasure. 
love, n. 1. AB&cUon, atteoaonata n 

. Cupid, god of love. 
LoTfi-appIe, ». Tomato tLi/copersUnau 
■ " 'aarna Ijfiopersieaia). 

Bastard, ill^Udmato 

S, d^ightCuI, cb 
[LcliannnGf, v""" 
let, ATiTTAnr.wij that iuB^res 

ing, deicotable, erui^mfing, winning. 

Irtiviner, a. AB^Dllanata, Gmd, attaclud. 
Xforlng^cnp, n. Grace cup. 
laTiDK-UudneBB, «. Meccy, fovor, 
tenduncve, tender regard. 

4. Ignolile, abject, deernded, servile, 
slavish, menial, mean, babe, plebeian, 
vu^;^ unttUod, baae-born, common. 

5. nndlgnified, grovellins, vile, base- 
minded, low-minded, shabby, eouivy, 

6. Dishonorable, disreputable, derog- 
atory, unhandsome, unbecoming, die- 
graceful, unmanly, ungentlemanly. 

1. Moderate, not great, not intflnse. 
a. Weak, exhausted, reduced, fee- 
0. Flaia, ^mple, not luxnilous, not 


4. Softly, til a 
a. Cheaplj', a 

Bini, let down, biing dc 

appear gloomy, appear s 

'™fien, 1 

vertiig, ^ Depree^onj dlminnLJ 
vlf^eln: l.'Eiiiniuty,1iiiiablen' 

3. Mean, not great, without dignity. 

i. Ml>dS8t, unpratendlng, not lofty. 

Low-minded, a. Bsse-minded, base, 

menn, earTlla, yllo, gimeUii^, BlavlBh, 

tow-priced, c*. Imw. cheap. 

Low-Bplrlted, a. Dispirited, dajeoted, 
deprifflsed, tUsneactened, dlewuraged, 
down-hearted, deapcmdiDg, cast down, 

Iaiw spirits. Dejection, dejectedneaa, 

dt^iree^on, despondency, MBr,AH- 

OHOLY, hypooliondrla. 
iMyal, a. Faithful, true, not parddlons, 

not treacheroiia. 
lAjaJty, n. AlIcgiMjce, fealty, Mellty. 
lAzense, n. 1. Rhomb, rkombuB, ob- 

liqae-aiigled pacallelogram (jui(A e^ual 

lin^^a. I, SIilnlng,radlant,lumlnoBB, 
bright, beaming, lespleiulent, ^Ul- 

2. Clear, transparent, pure, pellueid. 

t. Sane, sober, aonnd (in, mind). 
Iter, n. 1. Venus, PhosplioiaB, tlie 

1, tie enemy, Ihe aulhorrf evil. 
er jnatdi, liocofooo matoh. 

mdfer jnatch, 
ncifei-onB ~ 

e, fitrtune, hazard, hap, 
y, by good luck, 

l^pha^ard, ikte. 

as ewnJ IndiL would have It. 
jac&lesa, a. Unfortunate, umucXy, 

unprospeionB, uneocceesful, ill-foted, 

l.uckr, a. 1. Fortnoale (in am unac- 

pecikd wajf), happy, blessed. In lock. 
is. Prosperous, auspiolous, propitious, 

Iincre, n. Gain, profit, emolument, pelf, 

lonbration, '». 1. Stl^y (iff llfffM), 
meditation, speculation, co^tatton. 

3. OomposfUen, writing. 
lenient, a. I.ucid, clear, traaeparent, 

idicroiig, a. Laughable, eemleal, odd, 
ridiculous, dn^l, runny, f^jolGal, ab- 

ImB,v.n. (Naui.) Sail nearer tie irlnd, 

brlj^ the bow into the wind. 
Lug, ?. a. Pull, tug, haul, drag. 
Lugr, M. lLo«i.] Heavy load. 
I'U^;Bge, m !• Sagg^s, bi^ aud hag- 

S. Effects, TKi-Va, things, stuff. 
Xio^ubrioua, It. Mournful, sorrowful, 

dolefiil, sad, gloomy, melanoholy. 
Iinkewarm, a. 1. Tepid, blood warm, 

slightly wr — 

lilill, V. <t. Compose, qniet, call 

hush, tranguilllia, put to rest. 
LnH, V, n. Subside, cease, becom 
Xiull, n. Calm, ""' 

ibsiso, li. fUed,) Bbemnatiem In 
ibar region, Loins. 

trumpery, rub- 

"IClU.S.] Sawed or split timber. 
iiinlKr, 0. a. 1. Heap in disorder. 

a. Fill with trumpery. 
iimlier.v. n. X. Trnflge, move heayily. 

a. [U, 5.] Cut limber, prepare 1<^ 

a. Cumbrous, cumberEome, clumsy, 
awkward, unwieldy. 

CuminlferouB, a. LDCiferone, produc- 
ing light. 

Cumlnous, a. 1. Bitioor, shining. 

a. Lucid, olaar, persplouou.. 
iimpi», 1. Shapeless mass. 


;a by Google 


eaTf, stupid, gTDSa, 

I,oiiip-fisli, It. Lump-Euckei'. 
Iiouip-suckei, n. lump-flsh ((^ciop- 

Iiiniacy, n. iisanlty, madneas, mania, 
dei'^gement, eraslneBB, mental abar- 

tunar caustic, mtratsof aUverCJJoai). 
Iinnajic, a. 1. Ineane, mad, demoged, 


linnatio, »■ Madman, maoilac, Insane 
IiunatiD B$7liim, Madhonse, bedlam. 


Lnrcli, (J^atiJ.J Sodden foU. 
Imrol.:«l«. (J/mLt.) EoUeuddenly. 
In™, 11. Enticement, halt, attraction 

Lure, V. a. Entice, alliire; attract, de- 

coy, tempt, eedui 
I.iDrld, a. l3^1aom;, murky, gLastly, die- 
liotk, V. n. 1. Lie lild, lie eonoealed, lie 
4, Skulk, Iteep out of ^lit, keep out 

of the V 

ibush, I 

Liuklng-hole, In. An 
[.iirldi^^nlHoe, J cade, 

LuBclons, a. 1. Honeyed, escesslvelj 

e. Delicious, saTOTv, palatable, grate- 
I.nseni> it. Lyni. 

Iiiuli, a- Jul^, succulent, "watsryj sap- 
py, mofst fall of Juice. 
I.ast,m. 1. Ouiddity, iaardlnat£ desire, 
" " ' ce, carnality, lechery. 

Lost afl«r, 1. Long £)r, dedre eager- 
ly- ■ 

a. Have carnal dedre fOr. 
,nBtfiil, a. Conouplsceat, llbldlnone, 
lechetooB, loscifions, prurient, llcker- 

-.utttiatloii, n._ Piirlfleaiton. clBanalnir. 

^nce, TeerQandenue, reuuittiiiufh 
). IMstlacUou, repute, renoyn, emi- 
ice, celeliricy, ghaj, honor, EOLAI. 
E. Chandelier, oASCHiuBKtiM. 

. Bright, shining, beaming, 
.uuii.uiuo, i-adiant, brilliant, 
lusty, a. Stout, vigorous, robust, stal- 

I.aevs naturse, [L.] Freak o: 

l-nxale, n. a. Kalocate, dlsflolnt, put 

I.iixatloii, «. Displacement (</a joint), 

dislocation, diejointinE;. 
Ivusariance, 1 ». Exuberance, enpera- 
IjiiKiirliui^,) bundance, profusion, 

Iinxiu^ant, a. Exuberant, proKise, 
perabandajit, plentiful, plenteous. 

X.uxur1ate, v. it. 1, Flourish, growl 

a. Eevel, wanton, live luxuriously, 
live in clover. 

ImzurlouB, a. Voluptuous, given to 

Inxunonsly, ad. Voluptuonsly, 

T, n. 1. Tolupti , . 

ness, sensuality, ej^cnrlsm. 
Pleasure, gratification. 

False, mendacious, untruth- 

I.yiiig,n- Falsehood. 
X.ylnu'lii, Childbhth. 
Lyncl, P. a. [U. S.] Punish wlUmnt 

trial, inflict summary punishment on- 
I^noblaw, [i7, S.] Mob law. 

I.yii)>^red, a. IMscernlQg, perspica- 
cious, sharp-^ghted, eagle-eyed, hawk- 
eyed, keen-eyed, Argus-eyed- 

Lyrie, ». Lyric poom. 


exquidto, fop, popiojay, ! 

.,1- ^gg jack-a-dandy, 

01 dress, vain fel- 
dflrti^, make lean. 

lee t^ 

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MacMaveligm, n. Dupllcilj, chioftne, 
gullo, uliioaiiery. trickery, ounnlnB, 
etronniTeiilion, deceit, deception, artl- 
fiee, dlselnmlatlou, double-deiilli^, bo- 

IIIa«hln«,». Ei^hb, pieoB of meohon- 

MacliineiT, n. 1. En^eiy, mechan- 

S. Sapernaturol agency (in poems). 


'^\a- Spotted. 

traoled, lunadc, delMoua, out of ont 

B. FranUe, furloos, enraged, raging, 

3. Anety, eiiasperated, proTolted, 

oensed, m a pnsBion. 
Hadsap, n. Hotspur, blood, vlld 

low, hot-braised or hot-headed i^lloir. 
SJCadAen, f>- a. Irritate, proroke, en- 

mge, imTaiiate, eziuperate, Enfltunr 

make mad, drlTe mad, tai:ii one'B he&i 

lash Into fniy, make one'B blood boil. 
WadhoDBOr n. Bedlam, tnnatio hoapital, 

lunatic asylum, hospital for the la- 
Madman, n- Lnnatie, manias, bodlam- 

it£, Insane person, crazy person. 
Uadness, n. 1. Insanity, derangement, 

critBinese, lunacy, distraction, mahia, 

mental oherraaon. 
8, Frenaj, fnry, laae. 
Modrisal, n, Faatoral poem. 
Ua§;a^ner«- 1- Warehouse, storehome, 

a. Periodical pamphlet. 
Bfatceot, n. 1. Grub. 
^2: Ottprioe, whim, crotoliet, quirk, 
" ■ , Ti^ary, horaor, fancy, whlmsey, 

- 3. 'WMmeicaJ, crotchety, oaprldona, 
tatasth!, fantasUcal, odd, strange. 

Haclc, IS. Sorcery, neoromaney, en- 
ebanlment, the blacfe art. 

M^c, I, 

Magioal, 1 

39[a^4^aa, i^. ■^vit;^ 

H^Up,n.' Gumptii.. 
M^Bisterlal, a. Domineerli^, loi 
imperlouB, proud, arrogant, lofty. 


Magietrate, n. t 
Magnaiiliinlty, «. 

Generosity, distutei 

or noblenees of mind, elevi 
Ghlyalrons spirit. 

hydrous Billoat* 


... __rt1fleial magnet, 
Mi^^etlc, I ^ A thrat 
Magnetica], I ■*^'^™ 
Magnetfsin, B. Power 

lOKnlfiGeuce, »• Ur^mdeur, splendoc, 
pomp, ^olat, grand appearance. 

lacnlfloeab a. Gtand (i» <^pear<mce], 
sirteiidid, poiopouB, Imposing, stately, 

Magnl^, p. o. 1, Enlarge, augment, 
"spli^, exaggerate, make great. In- 
-ease the size of (to the ej/e}^ 
a. Extol, exalt, elerata, oelebrate,' 
oriiV, hlees, laud, pialse highly. 

gloriiV, hlei 


luence, tni^dl^, inflation, fuBtlan, 

donnsh, pompous lai^age. 
Iasuiloqueiit,a, Orandlloquent, boCQ- 
bastlc, inflaled, swelling, declinatory, 
tur^d, pompous, stilled^ bigh-doning, 

dtaniitude, «. 1. Biae, hnllr. vnluma. 
extent, dimension, GAPj 
S. Greatness, imports 
3. IMcUh.) Quantity. 

. MohammedaDiem, 

MaldeDhood, li. 



the m^, pat < 

U^m, V. a. Cripple, mutilate, disable. 
"-1n,a, Chi-"' --'-■' ■ ■ '■ 

e, send by post. 
. jt, Crlpplo, mutlhuAi, uiDa^/ 
. Chief, prinr^pal, leading, m 

3. Main conduit main pipe, ma 

: Force, power, strength, mfekt. 

Main-anrinir, n. Prime mi 
Malu-atay, n. Piin<dpal si 

Maintain, v. a. 1. Susts 
preserve, nphold, keep. 
a. Uefend, yindlcate, asE 

means of living. 


the opini 

Hon, juatilK 

V. n. Affirm, aver, allege, 
md, hold Hie opinion, haaard 

1. Support, vlndica- 

nstenance, food, ' 

— ,_-, imposing, digni- 
le, OTinoely, stately, imperial. 

fied, noh( 

3, Manhe 

Make, v, a. 1, Create, bting laM be- 

S. Fiame, foshlon, mould, Bhape, 
torm, figure, 

3. Produce, effect, be producava of. 

4. GonatitDte, compose. 

5. Perfi>rm, do, execute, pracfJae. 

6. Secure, gain, acquire, get. 

7. Comprf, constrafn, force. 
S. Bepceaent, show. 

wake, v.n. 1. Procaed, go, travel, jour- 
ney, tend, move. 
a, Oontilbnle, conduce, oper^vte, have 

Make,". Stcneture, construction, text- 
Make a clean breast. Make a full con- 
Make a figure, Figure, make a distjn- 
anished appearance, be diatliigulabeil, 

ike agtdnst. Tend to injure, 
jlce as if. Appear, seam, feign, pre- 
tend, make beuave, act as if. 

jtlake away with, Kill, destroy. 

MaUe-beliere, Pretend, Esign, appear, 
Beam, aot aa if, make as if. 

Make-believe, a. Pretended, connter- 
falted, sham, mock, clap-trap. 

/,'Ckoosa, select, pick out. 
MOTB toward, go toward, 

nd to tlie advantage of- 
(li. Treat without oere- 

laiutain, vlu- 
dieata, Justlty, stand by. 

a. f ulHl, accomplish. 

a. EHfabllBh, verity, confirm, prove, 

i. Compensate fOr, matte oompensa- 
Uon fOr, supply b; an equivalent, malie 

Making, Composition 

Make a 

Make known, Publish, declare, bring 
to light, proc^m. 

Make Uskt of, Consiaer as of no conse- 
quence, treat with contempt. 

M^:e love to. Court, woo, make suit to. 

Makementiono^ Speak: oi; take noUce 
of, allude to, refer to. . 

Make merrv, EeMt, be Jovtal, be Joyful. 

Make nmcOi. of, Ohedsh, ibeter, fOndle, . 
nAt -vwTdle, treat with fondness. 

bones, naTeiiosoruple,'m3;ke 


Make uo^diffe 


IS weU, b 

or supporting. 
Hake oath, Swear, take au. oath. 
Make of, 1. Understand, interpret. 
" "■^-' or produce from. 

S. Steal, pUtar, filcli, pucloin, cab- 

niBke out^ (^tiee.j 1. Discover, ea- 
certain, learn, determine, interpret, 
decipher, get a clear undei^tanding of. 

3. Prepare, draw up. 

4. f rovide, famish, supply. 
Make out, (ffejrfer.) Succeed, be able 

Maker,' n. 1. [With The prefixed.] 
Creatot, God. 

5. Manufacturer, tCrmer, builder, 

4. [Lmj>.) Signer 

y, alienate, 

Snbstitola, temporary 
Moolt, ridicnla, deride. 

Make the beet of. Put the Iwst fiice oi 
Make tracks, Sgfabt, go, start, at 

k Oompensate, m^^e good, make up 
i. Supply, furnish, provide. 


le up, (Sealer.) Settle a aiffsreno 

BlakQ np to, [Cotioquiai.] Accost, ^- 

ilrese, epeak to. 
Hake wateFf 1. Urinate, v^zdd niinfl. 
iSt [Naui.) LeaJc. 

S. Claaraway, openapaes^a. 
MBlaieologr, n. Science or moUuslie or 

Maladroit, a. AwkwanJ,- damBy, un- 
BkiWilf nnakilled, Imngun^, nnaaady, 

HaJapwt, a. Saucy, impudent, rade, 
fi>TVJU^, flippant, boM, importinent, 
Impadent, ineoleut, '^vaJior. 

Malapertaesa, »■ inaolence, saaclness, 
iTopudeuca, mdeiieBs. 

Malapropos, ad, [Fr.] UnEeitsoitably, 

Ktalarla, n, Klasma, mia«ra, noitoiis 

eihalatian, bad olr. 
maleont«iit, a. DlBCOntented, dlssatla- 

fled, itnsaUafled. 
BDae,<!. He. 
Hale, n. Hale uilinal. 
HaledlcUon, n. Curse, denundation, 

eiecratlDn, imprecation, anatkema, ful- 

mlnaUon, ban. 
SlalefiiotoE, ». Onlprit, falon, conidct, 

otiminal, outlaw. 
Malefeaeaiuw, n. (Zam.) Wroi^ doing, 

lU. conduct, illefial deed. 
Halenractlce, «. [Written also and 

mreierabl; UALPItACTICB.] Miscon- 

Slalevoleiioe, n. Malic& malldousness, 

fiplte, spltefulnflBB, maugnltyf rancor, 

venom, liate, grnde& lIl->rllL 
Ualerolent^ ^ ' Mauclous, mHlfgnont, 

B^teful, lll-dlBpand, Ul-imtiired. 
Ualloe, ». Malevoleiice, malii^ousiteaB, 

maliMty, rancor, venom, hate, spite, 

Malli^oaf*, a. Malerolent, mal^nant, 
Bpiteflil, 111-dispoaed, ill-natmod. 

Malieo, a. 1. MallcIooB, malevolent, 
ma^raianlh Ul-dlspcsed. 

a. IHjurloii%pamldon8, 
baneful, very bad. 

_ a. ^^Jurton% pamldoHB, unfavorable, 

1, very bad. 

Maa%n, o. a, Bevlle, aland* 

ItralbmancT, n. Mallcs, malicnitv. 
Blallgiuuit, a. 1. Mal^, UAr:ioiODS, 

a. {Med. ) Dangerous, fata]. 
Malteuer, «, Tlllfioi', slanderer, tra- 

•■ -' --'-r, backbiter, Ubeller, 



moHity, ill-w 
a. Virnlan 

IS, mallgnaBey, batrad, a 

._.. hypocrite, ^lam Abrabam. 
MaJl, It. [Written also Maul.'] Beetle, 

Mall.H. 0. [Written also Jtfau/.] Beat, 

Mall,n.' Public wait. 
Mallet, ». Wooden bamm or. 
Malpractice, n. (Written also ifak- 

practice,] Misconduct, —'-■■-'•—'— 

misdoing, dereliction, " ■ 

Maltreatment, ft. 

I, U1 t 


Mam)UH,». IChUdiah ferm.] Mother. 
Mamma, n. [L. pi. MammcB.'] Breast, 

teat, diw, udder. 
MammaT 4j- Mammifer, one of the 

OTammaUa,Js.yi. [L.] Mammals, raam- 
mlfets, vivlpafoua animals tliat suckle 

Mammlfor, n. Mamm^, one of the 

Mammon, n. 1. Bicbea, vealtb. 

a. God of riches. 
Mammotli, n. Fossil elepiiiuit [ElgiiJia 

Mammoth, a. G^antlo, vair large. 
Man, n. 1. Peteon, individual, body, 

somebody, one, personage, 60nl, living 

Shackle Ubr the kandi). 

isr. carry on, have tlio chaivo of. 

a. Bule [mih address or ar^cej, con- 
trol, govern, guide. 

3. Wield, handle. 
Manage, K.». Mantenvre, concert meas- 
ures, contrive ways, direct aSSiixs, pull 

Manageable, a, Xraotable, governable. 
Managements «. 1. Conduct, control, 
direction, cliarge, admhilstradon, bu- 

3. Contrivance,' prudent conduct. 

Monoiplein. Steward (q? a eoi%e),pur- 

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Mandatory, a. Preceptive, direotory. 
Nandlble, n. 1. Jaw. 

a, (0™«A.) Eeat, bflL 
MimdrBke, n. Maj-apple(PoiJ!0)%HtH 

Mandnoaie, v. a, Cbevr, lusstlcate. 
Miuiducation, n. Cbewiog, maatlea 

MaxL-eater, ?£. Canalbal. 
Mim-eators, ». pi. Anthropophagi, oai 

Manege, «. [Fr.] 1, HorsemansMp. 

S, ludli^-BcliooL 
Maneuver, »■ [Written also 

1. Evolntlou, movement. 

•, 0. ». [Written also Mm 

fai mansifemmit, 
Maneuver, v. n. innbuiu Tum 

ieM«re.) 1. PertOHn erolntlonB. 
a. ContriTe, plan, plot, manage, poll 

tlie wjteo or BcrlimB. 
Manenverer, n. [Written atao MiS- 

otuvREa,] Tactiiilan, adroit manager, 

Manftil, a. Cenr^eooB, bold, brave, 

stout, atros^, vigorous, dsJlng, hoToio, 

tntrepM, undaunted, manlr. 
Manganese, ». Blaik oxide of mangs- 
'neeo {ttto oxide haviftg the same name ae 

tli£ ouiitt)^ peroxide or deutoxide of 

Maneel-nuizel.n. ['Written also JWiin- 

SlA-ana-ad.j Field-beet, ecatdty-root 
eta aUUsitaa}. 
Mai^le, B. a. laoBrate, hack, teat (*i 

Maiiirjr.o- Scabby, infeoifidwlUi mange. 
MmSaden,n, [Preferab^ written jKbi- 
hadea.] Hardhead, mossbunker, pau- 

, Tinsanltirope, c;alc. 

.„___._, -, Dnallaiu, doctrine of 
1 supreme wtottlEleB fffood ami cdUj. 
Manifest, a. Apparent, open, obvious. 

declai'e, display, disclose, prove, evince, 
discover, exprffls, sat Ibctli, bring to 
l^t, expose to view, bold ur *'^^™ 
malie Imown, 

1, display, ej _ 
Hftnifeato, ». Dedaratlo 

reiffit or a gmernaaenl). 
Manifold, a. lliuaerous 

various, toany, of dlvara 
Manioc, ». OasBava, lAPi 

witli th« liandH. 

Manipulation, n. Manuj 
IWa.TiiB,!!. Pangolin, BoaJ J 
killer, n. Mnrderi 

, i^lordaof cr 
lanlinesB, b. Bravery, courage, intre- 
pidity, lieroism, firmness, reeolntlou, 

Aanly, ie. Brave, ecurageoua, intrepid, 
stout, bold, firm, undaunted, vigorous, 
stroi^, darii^, heroic, noble, manful. 

Cnn-iuidnlfe, «■ AcgOUcheub, ob- 

Xiinuer, «. 1. Hetliod, mode, fmdiiou, 
form, way, St.- ' 

8. Degree, meat 

4. [Sir ■■' • 


haliit, p 

U>rt, Mnd, sc 

urbane, complaisant, genUemanfr, re- 
fined, weU-bred. 
Manners,R.DL MoraiB,babits, csiril^e, 
behavior, deportment, bearii^, bread- 

ManaeavFe, n. [written also Maaeu- 

artifice, mBe,'tiic^ilae»se| artful man- 
agement, adroit prooedui-e. 
Manoenvre, v, n. i. Perfomi erolutians. 
S. Contrive, plan, plot, manage, pull 
tbe nlrea or atrings. 
Manoenvrer,!!. [written also Mmeuue- 
rer.i Tactician, adroit manager, wire- 
pin of Etraw, Imaginary person. 


, Siilpofm 

Manor, n. l^ordEhip, i^udHl estate of a 


Manae, n. IScollaad.} Parsonage, 'par- 

eonage lionse. 
Mfuiaion, n. Dwelling, Beat, residence, 

Mttu^anglitor, n, Somiclde {vritbimt 

iUaia-alayer, n. Murderer, homicide. 

Mantilla, n. Small mantle. 
Mantle, «. 1. Cloak. 

antel-piece, mantel- tree, mantel- 

V. a. Cloak^ overspread, cover. 
V. n. 1. Bxpand, spread, be 

3, Be suffused [said of Nood nahirtg 
to tile face). 
S. Etf^rvaace, bubble, fbam, sparkle. 

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Mannal, R. Of the liand, by 
Maaiial, n. H&ad-hodk^ 
MairaliMtory, n. 

<iuo3on, fe 

t, Uberation. 

, ., _, Free, liberate, relemie, 

Buiundpate, eiiD'iuiobise, eec me. 

Honnre, V. a. Feitjlise, enitch. 

Manure, n. FsrtiliBer, wmpoat, dress- 
lI^[, &r(dUiIiig mixture. 

MannBortpb n. Cop;, written paper. 

yssaar, a. Ifamerone, majiifbM, v^eus, 
mnltiplled, direcs. 

Manyf »t. Mnltltudej people, many per- 
sons, many people. 

SlBuy'idded. 1, Of many (idea. 

a. Liberal, not narrow, not bigots. 

Many HmeB, Often, frequently, repeat- 
edly, often Umee. 

Map,«. Chart. 

Mar,K. o. Injure, BpoU, ruin, dlsfignre, 
hurt, damage, lifiFta. 

Marasutos, ». Athofbv, eamolatlon, 
decline, gradual wasting. 

mnvmid, V. B. Bove tor plunder. 

S.,n. MHraRiUng, ravage, plun- 



, 1, Walk {by reguiar aiepa 
i. W^k in a aC^dy manner. 
^f"ildiera. "Tnioyemen , pas. 
i. Stately walk. 
1. Pnigresaion, advance. 


. Female horae. 

OE ridioulouB filing ( suc'l asjuags 
tBipose upon ifte crechlioaa by wtty <^ 
Ado^ or ^rofttcof jokey 

MsFe's-tall, n. Circut!, cat's-t^l. 

Wax^in, it. Border, e(^, rim, brim, 
verge, brinlt, oonflne, limit, skirt 

Haiine, a. 1. Ooeanie, pelagia, of the 

a. MaHttme, Haral, naudcHl. 

". Navy, shipping, sea 

f a skip <f Mwj. 

iril ( YbKrra aortiJa]. 
a huBbaod, incident t^ a 

a. 1. Marine, naval, nauiJ> 


Marital, a. 

oai, of tlie . 
%. Near the sen. 
Mark, n. 1. Sign, tokc 

idenoe, proof, badge, 

3, Line, Impress! n stamp print, 

4, Trace, track vestige foutprint 
a. oyeot (atnwri of) 

6. Eminence, cansequem.e disthii. 

a. Stamp, brand, trace a 

}. Notice, 

Hai'k, n. n. Observe, note, remark, take 

ISarlced, <i. Notable, remarkable, noted, 

Market; 1£. 1. Mart, emporium, en- 
trepot, place ^ tr^c. 
S. Mariet-house, market-piaoe. 
3. Sale, oppoctuniw to selL 
MarketaMe, a. Salable. 
Morket-plHce, n. Market-lionae, ba- 

marooD, I 

essential part.' 

Clieetnnt color. 
Of a chestnut ooior. 
1. Mednlla, pith, 
quintessence, beat part. 

». vl. 


wife, lead to the'aftar, Wti 
hand UDon. 


larrii^fe, unite 
lalianit or 

Enter i 
ne the 

Marah-sunpkire, ». Blaas-irort, m 

Marshy, a. Boggy, t^ay, evampy, w 
Vta.vtt'n. Market, emporium, BirrEBPt 

place of traffic. 
Harti^ a. 1. Suited to war. 

S. Warlike, brave, given to war. 
3. rautary, jiot elvfl. 
Martinet, n. FreclElan, formalist, att 

or sevete diedplinarian. 
Marvel, n. Wonde^ prodigy, miracli 

' eKtraordinaiT, most slj'ai^. 
uline, a. I. Male, of tne male se 


2. SnbtfiTfnga, 
pretence, pretext, 

3. Masqnerade 

ce of mnm- 

l. BuUder 

ir brick. 

Uasb, V. a. 1. Pnt a mask on. 

9. UBgnlae, conceal^ hide, cloak, veil, 


aEasqaerade, B. Mask, reval, piece o. 

Uass, ». 1. Lump, Iteap, collection, 
9' Size, magnitude, Sulk, dimensloJ] 
quantity of matter. 

3. Aeeerabli^e, congeties. 

4. "Wliole, aggregats, totallly, body. 
WasD, «. Commnnlon service (in . Oie 

Soiaaa COifioiio C^^im^), oelebratlon 
oC Uie Iiord'B Supper. 

tni, slay, slai^iiter. 
- n. Butoheiy, elangliter, cat- 

a. Bulky, heavy, welghly, 

1. Eoler, director, govamor, 
manager, chief, head, supenntendent, 
overseer, principal, lord, qooduav. 
H, Gemmauder, caption, 

i. Owner, ptofiletor 

5, Proficient, adept, uidoMu'iidjiu. 
laster, D. a. 1. Overpower, overcome, 
oonquer, suMue, eubjngate, vanquish. 

J£,' Acquire, 'leacn thoroughly, ma^i 
one'B BoU maatec at 

^ xt, adrcLC, 
9fBat«r-iuindr f 
Ma«ter-pieGe,A. Gs^e- 

Maatereliln, n, 1, 
a. Dominion, ru 
supreme power. 
3. Suparioritj, 


Haat^ry, it, 'l. Dominion, rule, snay, 

3. Superiority, pre-eminence, aeean- 
dency, supreu^cy, victory, conquest, 

S. Acquirement, attamment, a«qnl- 

t. Skill, deitarity, great picflrteneir, 
iticate, V. a. Chew, eat, mauilucats. 

Mastication, n. Chewing, manduca- 

3>Iaatnrl>at!on, n. Onanism, self-pollu- 
tion, secret vice, self-abnse 

Mat, B. a. BtaidjWeave, plait, plat. 

Mat«li> f>. a. 1. Blval, be equal b>. 
S, Adapt, salt, fit, proportion. 
3. Mair;, give in mmriage. 

MahJlilMB, a. UnilTallBd, nnparaUeled, 
nnequalled, peerless, fnoamparable, ex- 
qnlMte, tulMlalile, excellent, flnt-rats, 
superlaJJvel7 good, of the bast, of the 

Mate, «. Assoctale, companion, fanoiv. 

__, _. Motherly, 

UaUns, n. pi. Homing piajers, 

, , _ mould 

in ivntcti prinierB' lettera are 'cast^ and 

a moUlit m mhleh arm {$ caef), tnatrix. 

MattimooiaJ, a- Connubial, nuptial, 

COFTJUQIAIi, hymeneal, bridal, con- 

MatrimonT, «. Marriage, wedlocK, 

nuptial B&te. 
MaMx, n, Pj.] Mould, uatrice. 
Matron, n. 1. Wife, manled woman, 

mother oi a family. 

S. Elderly woman. 

Matronal, a, MiTRorr-LiKE. 

nCatran^Ske, I a. Mothei 


I. A^dr, business, < 

Matted, a, Entangled, twisted togetlier. 
Matter fl. 1. Substance, body, 
a. StoS; material, raw material. 
a. Topia, subject, guesllon, snbject- 
-""■* — — """r in Hand. 

Uneas, ooncem, thing, 

" 'sfi'imiwe^ cause ofdlstresB, 
«, Importance, oonaequence, import, 

7. Fus, pnrulencB, purulent matter. 

Matter, v. n. Signify, import, be of 
importance, be of coiisequenoe. 

Matter-of-fB«t, n. Fact, reality, actu- 

Matteiw)f-fect^ o. Practical, sensible, 

T^MoCk, n. Grub-axe, grubblng-hoe. 
Maturate, «. n. SuiqiUrate. 
Maturation, n. Suppnrarion, 
Mature, a. 1. Feifected by time, eom- 
plate jerfaet, sire, 
it, PreiMed, ready, well-coutidered. 



MatDK, t>. a. 1. Bipen. 

^ Parfect, brti^ to perfac^on, bring 
to maCnrlt;. 
Mature, v, n. Seoame 

IStHUUin, a. 1. fiitoxtcated, ineliriMed, 
tttddled, muildled, dlsgTdeed, coined, 
11pm-, malloB'/ drunk, hlewbd, gn^jy, 

3. SlUy, weali^ldish. 

nrep. [UBedoniy inbttrleecrae.'] 

-'—•'-— =- erfte of, in Sefi- 

Maul, B. rWiltten also ifaa.] 

oite, ?! 


inch (^ a 
Insipid, £at, rapid. 

S[auvais« houte, ^Fr.] BaaMulneaa, 

false modesCr. 
Mair, ». 1. Stomacli 
Zt Orav, crop, fin 


ISBs, sipale. 
Mialm, ». Proverb, saying, saw, adage, 

aphorism, apoUiegm, lUctum, bf-word, 

Bontentioiie precept. 
MiQ'-apple, R. ttundra^ (Podophyliani 

JOi^be. ad. Perliapa, poEsiblj, Imply, 

May.<beetle, > OCMjUCliflfar, doc, dor-bug, 
Maf-bn^ ) tree-beetle, doc-beetle, 

May-flomer, n. 1. lEtiglimd.] Haw- 

tluini, vhltetbam. 
a. llfete Bnffland.] Tripling arbntns 

(JSp^ffia repeHS). 
TOafliap, a4, rereliance, perhaps, it 

may Iw, probably, bblikb, it may liap- 

H^y-Uly, «- Uly of tlie ralley i Cdtwai- 

kiHa nivalis). 
afaie. n, l. Ilabyclntli, meander, nind- 

S. Intrioaoy, perplexity, bewllder- 

Meadow, n. SlEiD, lea, grass land, 

Uflosre, a. [Written also Meager.] 
1. Leon, thin, omaelated, spare, poor, 
lank^gauikt, BMnnj', tftllen away. 

a. Tame, Ibeble, jajona, vapid, bald, 
barren, dull, prosing, prosy. 
Meal. n. l. nepast, oojiiiixiON. 

8. nour, grifln In powder. 
Mealy, a. Krinaceous. 
Healy-mouthed, a. Ovar-cautloua hi 
speech, aieree to telling the whale 

NTean, it. 1, Middle, medium, averasa. 
3. Intermediate, Infervening, conm^ 

3. Ifenoble, plelieiaE, unliUea, low, 
bass-bom, ordinary, common, vulgar, 

4. Bmb, aljeot, gcoTellIng, vile, oon. 
temptible, despicable, eervile, beggarly, 
sneaking, dirty, scurvy, shabby, sorry, 
di^ngenuous, nnikir, rascally, pitiful, 
base-minded, loir-tmnilecl, lUslionora- 

5* Sordid, penuriuna, miserly, stin^, 
ni^ordly, Ilhbernl, imgaieroiiB, salfi^ 
narrow, mercenary, nBn:ov-.mtnded. 

e. Small, Uttle, paltry, Inslgidflcant, 

e, middle c 


M^n, V. a. 1. Intend, purpose, des^^n, 

a, Signi^, indicate, imply, denote, 

purport, import, ejEpresB. 
Mean, v^ n. Intend, purpose, design, 

have in view, propose to one's aeK. 
meander, n. Labyrititb, inaae, winding 

Heaitder, v. n. Whid, be tortuous, inn 

Meandering:, a. Winding, aecpeuline, 

Xeaniag,>t, 1, Intention, intent, pt 
pose, de^gn, aim, object. 

a, Signiflcaljon, eeoee, afoeplaUi 
e^ianulon, intsrpretafJon. 

9. Import, purport, i^gnlScance. 
McwnoeH, n. 1. Smallneee, littleness, 
scantiness, slsuderoees, lowness, ] — 
erty, mefl^reness, pooruees. 

8. AWeotnesa.vlianees, baseness... — 
tempUblenesa, abasement, despiuable- 

3, llUberahty, ungenerousnest 
dldness, petiariousneea. 

wherewitbal, wi ^ 
Mean-spliitM. a. 

vile, g "- ' 


BleaiitiiiLe, \ad. InQiei 
Meanwtafle,] **--*--■ — ■— 

limited. Immense. 


Meat, n. 1. Food, aliment, nDtriment, 

TiclualB, Tiands, diet, reiiiian, cheer, 
pabulnm, subastenoe, — '^— - '—' 

_ ill Ubrjbod], 
Uee.t'^e, «. 1. Mlnee-ple. 

Mecbauic, n- Artisan, crafCsman^ ban- 
ificraftsm»n,oparatIve, workman, liaml, 

Metdiaalcal, a^ liLTolaiits.r7, blind, 

Meoluuii*!]!, n. I. Mccbiuilcsl actinn, 

mevluuiliial agsncy. 
S. Machinery. 
Meddle. V. n. Interi^Te, intermeddle, 

take BMt (ijffciousfji). 
Med4IIer, n. Intermaadlet, boBybody. 
Meddlesome,) o. Interfering, Intar- 
■"-"" — ' msiMlii^, pragmati- 

3. Medicinal, healing, carittlva. 
Medicaoient, «■ Remedy, medicine, 

Lealii^ application' 
Medicate v. a. 1, Tincture or impreg- 
nate wltb something medicinal. 
9. Heal, Guie, treat with meOii^e. 
MedlcluBl, a. Hewing, curaliye, medi- 

Hedicine, ». 1, Drag, pliyeic, medica- 

a. Eeollng 
MedJoort'- - 

. 1. Infeciotitj, 
'erage standard, 
M^tote.'c a. 1. Plan, 

itrire, do- 

C, Intend, purpose. 
i, etudy, •^lew, rumi- 

nate, think on, reject 
the mind, turn over in mo uuuu, uivdu 
intently upon, chew UiB cud upon. 
Meditate, v. "■ Muse, ponder, think, 
reflect, rack, l)eat or cndffel one's brains, 
collect one's tlioughta, advise with one's 

9Iedit«tiaii, n. CoDt«mplation, reflec- 
tUm, stndy, musii^, pondering, deep 
thought, uleee attention. 
Hediterraneaa, a. Midland. 
Medlniu, n. 1. Intervenli^ ai " 
a. Means, instrumentality. 
S- Mean aTerage, mean pro 

4. (Painiina.) Menstruum 

5. (Logic.) Middle term. 
Medley,™. Mixture, misccilanj.juumjc, 

farrago, hot^sJi-potcu, hodge-podge, sal- 
m^undi, uaJlimaufry, mlah-mash, pot- 
pourri, olic ■■'■ " - ' ■ 

Meeching:, n. SneakliK, aliHlklHg, base, 
creeping, cowardly, vile, mean, eon- 
Meed, a. Itawani, recompense, rcmu- 

Mei^c, a. Humble, lowly, eubmlsaiva, 

mild, soft, geuUo, modest, demure. 
Meekness, n. lIumblenesB, liumUity, 

scansion,' BBlf-abHscment, genfleueps, 

suitatile, snite^ 
Meet^ V. a. 1. Oame t^getlif 

fitang, befltling. 

t with, ligM on, fall 

4. fc'uiai, compfy w 

Meet, V. n. 1. Encoun 

a. Unite, Join, conv 


, conne^te, 

Eutjected l<}. 

MegrlmB. ». pi 

Melanoluily, n. Dejection, depi , 

cfioomlnesB, sadness, gloom, uespond- 
ency, hypooliondila, bRaa, bine derite, 
dumps, megrims, rapors, low spirits, 
deprea^n ^ spirits. 

Meliuieholri <^ Dejected, dispirited, 
depressed, sad, Bonowful, iu-oKAsat- 
BioAL, atraUllous, doomy, hfpaOhon- 
driac, EI.DB, dannjsh, nuqplsli, glu"- 

chap-fallen, crest-MImi, hypped, Ic 
spliited, cast down, in the dumps, w 
a long fiica, down in the month, ont 

MHans^, n. [Fr.] Mjtture, medl 
C&rtago, Jumble, hodge-podge, hOb 
potch,salmagnndl,olio,OLL.A.i'oi>Rii ... 
pot-pourri, gallimanny, mish-iaaFfh, 
Gontosed mase. 

Moee, -n. [Fr.] Figbt (qf eombatimU 
cot^ueedlfi mixed), atftay, contest, ■'"'" 
fray, broil, brawl, buufus. 

MelioraM, r. a. ImpioTe, better, mend, 

Meliaration, ft. Improvement, amend- 
ment, emendation, ameUoratlon. 
MijlUAiience, n. Smoothness, softness. 



MelHttuont, t a. SmootH, soft, mellow, 
UelliflnouE, ) euphonions, euphonic, 

sweat, ailvei-toned, sweetly fiowlng. 
Melllte,n. Honey-Stone. 
Mellow, a. 1. Bipe, loatnre. 

nellUnouB, Bmootti, sUver- 

toneO, sweetly — __„. 

3, Perfecteii, well preparefl. 

4. Drdnk, tipBy, fudilled, dleguiseil, 
hajr seas over. 

MeUow, V. a. I. lUpen, mature, 
8. Perfect, bring lo perfection. 

Melodious, a. Musical, tnnefUl, sweet, 
dulcet, uiose. 

HelddT, n. 1. Pleasine aucceaslon of 
aoutids (as dlsClr^ulsbea troTa harmony 
or (be soneord of Bounds), aweetDese or 

a. Song, desoane, tune. 
Melt, V. a. 1. Liquet ipv heat), fuse. 
a. Soften, make gentle, malie euEcep- 

3. Fart, portion, oonatltuent, oompo- 
nene port, aabordinate pott, 
3. Head, clause, branch. 
Memlwrshlp, n. 1. Behig a member. 
a. Society, aaaociaOon, membara, 
body of members. 
Memento, n. Memorial, remembraneer. 

Memoir, n. 1. Personal nwrative, fU- 

Memopla teObnIoa, [L.] IVtneiaonicB. 
Memorlter, a. From memory, by heart. 
Memoilze, t>. a. Ijearn, leain by heart. 

I. Fame, renown, repatatlon, i 

<ie,Ji. Threat, threatening, d 

pati;!! up, touch up. 
correct, rectl^, leton 

I, a. False, lying, deceiiful. 

-edacity, rt. 

habit of I^iig. 

a. FaJsel^ood, dec^t, dapHctty, ard 
flee, trickery. 
Mendicancy, ». Beggary, mendicity. 

Mendicant, ». Seggar, pauper, starra- 

ling, poor or indigent pereoo. 
Memdioity, n. Bejsary, mendloanoy. 
Menluidiqi,n. [Sometimes written Jftwi- 

haden.i Hardbead, paubacgen, moss- 

eer^ boji 

t, fi»tman, dave. Helot, 
[Written also J/iniuer.] £r- 
Meuaes, n. pt^ Catamenia^ monHily 
Btrual flux. 

. ... ___vent, medinm- 

Diuiuurable, a. Measucable. 
Mensni^ation, ^. !■ Measurii^, meaa- 

8, Surveying, earvej. 
Mental, a. Intellectual, apirltual, ra- 

Uonal, ideal, subjective, psycholi^leal, 

MenUon, «. [Used cbiefly in l^ phrase 

moiB ToenHoa qf.i Cnrsoty reference or 

Montlou, «. a. Declare, naoie, tell, 
state, communicate, impart, report, 

Won of, allude to, refer to. ' 
Mentor,fl. Couueellor, adviser, monitor, 

guide, IneCrnctor. 
Mephitle, la. Fetid, £iul, noisome. 
Mephitical, j uoxions, poisonous, pee- 

tilentlal, baleful. 
Mepliitte air, OaTbouie-add, carbonic- 

aSd gas, OHOKB-SAUP, foul air. 
MephftlB, l«. Whem.) Noxious ex- 
Mepbitlsm, ) liBlatiou. 
Mereiuitlle, a. CoKMBBOiAi:, tfading. 

Mercenary, a. 1. Venal, hired, hireling. 
!i. Soidld.avarietonB, covetous, penu- 
IB, paraimonlouB, stingy, miserly, 
;anOj, mean, edBsh, close, close- 

MerceoaiT.n- Htellng, 
Merduindise, fl. Commodities, goods, 

Mercliaut, ii. Trader iparHmUarl^ a 
whi^eale trader), tradesman. 

Merchantable, a. 1. Marketable, of 
the ordinary qaali»'. 
S. Salable, venmble, that may be 

MercitU, a. Gradons, Mud, eompas- 
donate, tender, beQ^ant, lenient, 
mild, gentle, pitlfnl, tender-hearted. 

MeroileEB, a. Fltilesa, cruel, unltoUug, 
unmerdfol, uncompassioiiate, inex- 
orable, unrelenting, relentless, 1^11. 

Mercurial, a, I. Sprightly, acUve, spir- 
ited, quick, lively, prompt, nhnble. 
a. Of mercury or qulctrilver. 

Mercury, n, Qnlofaallver. 

Mercy, «. Olenienoy, lenity, lenience, 
leniency, compassion, pity, tendernesa, 
kindness, milaness, gentleness. 




Bare, aim 

3. Beceitnil ikgjilite a/u/ui), afmrlous, 

&JaQ, Bham, iiiah^belieTe, not genuine, 

Msrge, 0.- a. Immerse, Immerge, eub- 

MerlLn. 1 


be entitled to. 

, l>eaeit. nortli, wortMneaa, 
credit. ^ 

, right. 
Deserve, have a right to, 

Deservli^, vorthy. 

Whiting {Oadus mei-toit- 

Mlrth, Jollity, gavety, 

arlty, jortality, Bportiveno 

DiouB, ueDouur, vsawm,ngB 
Sfenry-Aadrew.n. Bnfflxin, jamj, unr- 

Immn, Bcaramoucli, fbol, mountetuml!, 

jester, liroll, eohoh, Jack-pndillng, 

Uerry-iDialclnv, }k FeBtival, eenvlvial 

Merry-tluraeht, fl. Wiah-lwne. 
He»li,». :bileiBtice(qr'((net|. 
Blesby, a. Bettoulated, ilecuesat«d. 
MfiemeriBm, A- Animal magnetism. 
9[e9B,n. 1. dBh. 

8. Sat (»fto aot (oj/etterl, eompany. 
8. Medley, miitore, miscellany, mr- 

moo, hotch-potch, hoi^e-podge, j umlile. 

Mess«ngrer, «■ 1. BmisKary, e 
S. Harbinger, forerunner, herald. 

MetapliyslcH, n. Psychology, pnonma- 
to1i)sy_, laental pliilosophy, philosophy 
of tSe mind, mental ecleace. 

Meie, V. a. Measure. 

Mete, H. Measure, bound, limit, l«rm, 
boundary, t«rmlnn6, butt. 

Metrotome,". Aerolite, raeteorio Bbme. 

Heter, ». [Written also JfeAv.] MeaB- 

mlcal anangement (tf agUaileBi 
Metliod, n. 1. Ammgement, system, 
elasaim^tion, orderW disposluon. 
fi. Way (tfietffed tReoreHcaJty)^ mobe, 

Hetliodie, I a. Orderly, syatomatieal, 
ntetliadical, I regular, systematic. 
Methodize, f.<(. Kegulate, arrange, put 

MetliyllG-alcalial, 11. Wood-spirit, 
pyrosyllc spirit, pyrosylio aidd. 

Iletre, n. [Written also Meter.] Heas- 
aie(qf verse j, rbythmleal arraigemant 
(o/j^3!aK«^poeHcal measure. 

Qletrioal, o. Measnrea. 

Metropolis, n. Chief ciu, capital. 

Metn>pi>litan, «. ArchUshop, primate. 

Metropolitan, a. Of tlie metropolis. 

MetUe, n. Spirit, nerre, vigor, ardor, 
pluck, hardihood courage. 

Hettlesoiue, a. Spirited, ardent, fiery, 
lively, gay, brisli, Bprigfctly, oonraga- 

Mewi ». Gall, sea^meir, cob, sea-cob. 

e, a. [ScoilW*.! Much, great. 
«0$m, 11. Little world, Che world 

salt, FbosfAate of soda 

MesMeurB^'tTpi. [Fc.l [Abbcevlat 

jtfemrs.] Sirs, gentlemen. 
■'-■^ — lOTnUc rock^ Stratified p 

, transBgure, change the foi 
urrphoai^ n. Transformalji 

Metaphysieal,' a. Mental, 

, lAm 


IcTDScopleal, f eye.] Able to see 

it. With a microscope, by Uie ai 

3. Very small, very minute- 
id, a. Middle. 
Id-day, a. Meridlonat. 
Id-day, ». Noon, noontide, meri 

), BonBGEOISlB. 

Slidntolit, n. The dead of night, twelve 

o'clock at n^ht. 
Midriff, ». Oiaphraem. 
Midslilps, ad. Amidships. 


Midsl, n. Middle, centre, central part, 

Mldirifif. n. AcooucHBDSE. 

HldwlfeiT.n. Obatetrics. 

Hl«irn- Air, look, aspect, mamieT, port, 
oarriage. dBmeanoi, extetnal appear- 
ance, beartiiff, 

JUlfr, ». ICOl&iiikU.] tlqae, iUgbt tn- 

BQl(' V. a. iCoUoaula!.'] 

please,- ofibM slightly. 
ndsht, «. Power, atreiffitL, , , 

force, main, potency, efflcaoy, ability, 

Hlghty.o. 1. Strong, powerfIil,robU3l 
rikotouB, stutdy, puissaut, eourageoui 
valiant, valoroas, bold, able, capable. 

stnpendoiis, monatrona, Cyclopean, 
Eerculeiuii very great- 
s' Violent, vehement, impetnoas, 
4. Pondble, effieacionB, efl^ive. [CWfcffirfai.] Very. 
Mlgf&te, V. n. Ohange residence l/rom 

onscotattry ioano^tsri. 
MlffFation, «- Change of residence 

,„,. IS amatrfi _ ,. 

Hlarrotorv, o- Nomadic, wandering. 
ViSd, a. i. Tender, kind, gentle. - - 

C, gentle, bland, pleasant, u 

3. Leniare, assoadve, ■mollifying, 
soothing, emollient, demulcent, not 

ailldew,n. Bust, blight, blast, mould, 

Mflltant, a. Flgfitlng, contending, bel- 

MUitajy, a. 1. Soldierly, eold!et-like. 

a. Martial, warlike. 
MlUtary, n. Soldiery, army, body of 

Militate agoinsti Wat HgaiOEt, 

be repugniiiit to, be 
MiUUa, ». '"—'-' — 



id, a. Cowardly, I 

Mnksap, n. 

in milk. 

oon, craven, dastard, coward, 

Milkweed, «. Silkweed, wild c 
Milky Way, n. Qalaity. 
Mill, n. 1. Manuf^Cory. 

8.[ir.S.l One tenth ot a cent 

3. Fighl^ contest. 
Mill, V. a. 1. Stamp (as earn) o 

!. Villi tai doth). 
J. ILc-' ■"— '- 


MUler'B-tiiunib, n. Biyer hull-liead 
ICOOm gobioj. 

.{Anaf.) Spleen 


Milter, «. 

Male fish. 



Ktu^}"' I™1'««'8, 



a. ImltaMve, a 




Mindo, V. 

a. Ape, imitate, 





n. Turret W « 



o. Threaten! 

ng, m 


Inoe-ple, ». Meat-pie. 



Minced- u , . 

Miualne, a, Afi^cted, over-nice. 

"•-' " ' "lu^spirit ' 

, underel 

3» IncUnation, dispo^don, will, wis 
liking, desire. 
4. Belief, opinion, tioi^hts, sen. 

Mind, !). a. 1. Notice, heed, regard, 

atCeuilon to, give' heed to, fix the n^a 
on, trouble one's iiead about. 

S. Obey, be obedient to. 

a.lPamcal.'].^ Kemind, put in 

Mindfol ol, BegH^ful o^ heedflil of, 

observant it, affienave to. 
Mlndlew, a. 1. Seetltat« of mind. 
S. BegordleaB, ooreless, headlera, Ibi- 

getnd, ne^ea<>riil, negUgmit. 
Dune, V. a. Sap, undermine. 
Mineral, n. Inorganic body- 
Mineral oU, Pettoleuin, mineral tar, 

rook oil, mineral oil, Sarbadoea tar, 

Seneca oil. 
Mineral pileli, Aepholtun, naUve bita- 

Mluend tar, MrNKiu.1, orL. 
Minever, n. [Written also afenliw.] 

Ermine, stoat. 
Mti^jle, V. a. 1. Mix, intermis. eom- 

8. Jumble, cmi^und 
ogether, shuf^ togethi 
LnIature,M. SmiOl pc 

imd, blend, 
^use, huddle 

erotchetij, half a 

;a by Google 


creature, dependant, pafablCe, Ii&i^er- 

Mln'lBter, <i. 1. Administrator (of exec 
uiice imlliority}, executive officer {qf 
Ktcavign or iff' a ffOBermiKiU). 
a. AmbsesBdor, envoy, plenlpoter 

3. ClergjniaB, divine, priest, parson, 
eccle^aotlu, cliuichmiui. 
Minister, v. a. Give, afibrd, supply. 

Minister, M. B. Serve, perform aerv 

Illnlstrittion, n. Agency, Inalrnmen- 

Ministry, n. 1. Cabinet, council, ad- 

a. office ol a olergyroaTi,ecoleeliiBt!cal 
Hlnlmu, n. Eed lead, red oxide of 

Mlnlci n. Hlnx. NorUi-AmeiicaD pole- 
cat {Mastefavis/m]. 
Miiuion', n. Minim, pink ILeneiicus 

Minor, a. 1, Less, smaller. 
t. Inferior, snbotd-—'- 
f. Inconsiderable, 
arlty, n. 1. Noq„, 
i. Smaller number. 
mngtrel, n. Mnelciaii, singer, bujd. 
Hlnstrelsy, n. Murio, nielod.y, iiar- 

Mliint«, a, 1. LKUe, siemler, oafiu- 

2. Circumatandal, particular, crltl- 
Mlnntfl, n, 1. Sixtletb port of an 

3. Sixtletb part of a degree. 
3. Nol«, memaranduni. 

Minute, V. a. Hote, take a note of, jot 

SIinntiee,».p2. [LA Minute paiticnlniB, 
minor det^s. 

Milnx, n. Mink, Bortb-Ameiican pole- 
oat (Mwteia vma). 

Miracle, n. Marvel, wonder, prodigy. 

Misapply, V. 

llEemploy, abuse, per- 

BUsappreliend, u. a. MiennderBtand, 

misconceive, mlstajia. . 

ElBiipprelieiisloii, n. Misunderstand' 

ing, mlMoncfflitlaii, mjetabe. 
-lisbeliaTs, vrn. Behove ill. 
Mtsbeharim, n. MlHuanduo^ nilsoar- 

rlage, ffl. eonduot, ill behavior. 
Hisc^ciHate, v, a. Misreelion, 

MiBcarrlage, ^ 

^ mSS.^J 

Hlirror, v. a. Hefloci 
Mirtli, n. Merriment, mi: 

iovi^ity, gayety, roerry-ni 

tUfol, a. Merry, Jo' 
leerfal, locnnd, vlVaid 
-_i, sporlive, frolic-'""' 
Miry, a. Mnddy. 


, ndshap. 

liscellBny.n. Mixture, medley, diver- 
^ty, variety, olio, farrago, salmssandi, 
ho^e-podge, lifjtbb-potcb, miali.-maBh, 
galliuiaufVy, helakob, raiscellaneuus 

MlBoliikuce, ». Misfortune, mishap, ill- 
luck, misadventure, calamity. 
[isciiief, n. 1. Evil, ill, harm, Injury, 
damage, hurt, detrimenl^ disadvantage, 
S, Trouble, misfortune, ill conse- 

MlEcMevoiiB, <t. 1. Hurtful, injurlona, 
detrimental, pernicious, ileelractive, 

8, Vicious, wiclted, sinfnl, prone to 


Z. Misi 
Misdate, I 


:, ill con- 
Mismanage, mannge 
1, Hlatranalate. 
isplain wrongly. 
, [itare.i Unbeliever, 

el, Eceptic 

rogue, scamp, scapegrace, rafflan, vile 
wretch, eaitit 

Misdeed, n. Transgression, trespass, 
offence, delinquency, misdemeanor, 
ikult, misdoing, crime, evil deed. 

Misdemeanor, n. Transgi'esfdon, tres- 
pass, fault,, miadeed. 

— - ■ "linci 

«. 1_.__ 
I, malie 

Misemployment, ». Misuse, abus 
Miser, n. Kiggard, curmudgeon, hi 


uckpentiy, diuri, 



,^ , , _. 1. ijnh&ppy [fls reepecEs 

ihe couditioa w" (he mind], witBTOHED, 
dletreased, afflicted, comfartlesa, dis- 
cojiBolsite, forlorn, Ijroken-boaTted, 

a. WorUdeaa, Talaeless, verj poor (to 

3. Li™, mean, aljjeot, deepioable, 

lovetous, avaricious, nig- 
id, stingy, paralmimious, 
lose. mean, close-fisted. 
L. Dlatreas, wretcUedness, 

nJet, affllutlon, IieartHClxe, lieav)' heart! 
bleedlns heart, broken heut, gteac 

it. Calaioltr, msFOBXixKB. 

MlitEmrtDxe, n. LHsoeter, calamity, re- 
Terse, affliction, visitation, trisl, blow, 
Btroko, adverBitT, distress, iiardahip, 
troHble, m-Inok m fortune. 

Mlsj^ving, n. Donbt, distrust, suspi- 
cion, waut of confidence. 

Missutde, V. a. Mlalead, misdirect. 

""9liap,B. MlHfertuna.mlBchfl 
dvenCnre, calamitj, ill Incli. 

Misinterpret, f 

Eive a folse coloriDe to. 
Hu^ndee, V- a- MistalEe, misapprebei 

mFau^erstand, miBconuelve. 
WUiag.B.a. U Miaptitce. 

SUBmanaee, «. o. Misconduct, mana) 

msnt, iU manMement. 
Ulsnaiue, D. a. Miscall, mlEteim. 
Misnomer, n. 1. [Lavi.) Misnaming, 

mistaiing of Hie true name (t^ a per- 

2. Wrong name, inapplicable IJUe. 
MlsogynlBt, n. VTomaniatar. 
MlBpEaoe. V, a. Mislay, put in a wroi^ 

Misprint, n. Error of tbe press. 
Misprize, P. a. Undervalue, underrate, 

nnderesUmalfl, Bliglit. luM cheap. 
MIsreckon, v. a. MisoHloulate. 

IB, V. a. 1. fail to hit. fiill to read 
il of hitting, ikll of reaching. 
a. Lose, Ml of fljidU^. 
3. For^o, pass by, leave out, t 

Miss, V. R. 1. Fail to hit, tali shorl 

2. Fail, miscatcf, not succeed, 
to nollili^, end in smoke. 

S.' Giri, 1 

tel. maid, Toune lady, 
issal. !i. Mass^ook, pi 


Missal. It. MaSB^ook, ptajM-book, aer- 

Hisshapen, a. Hl-shaped. 
Missile, ». Prnjectilc 
Missile, a. Mlsrive, to be thrown. 
Mlaglon,»~ I. Commission, ot&ce, duty, 
ciiai^, basincss, eiTand. 

S. DeleifaUon, embassy. 

3. Miaaonaty station. 
MisBiomary, n. Evangelist. 
Missive, a. I. To be sent, It fOr Bendb^f. 

a. Miselle, to be thrown. 
Missive, «. Letter. 

MiBS oi; r^" '- --' 
MiBspell, V 





r, iavlsit, mls- 
•^"■■er away, 

t, ftilsiiy, 


W'roi^ step, ^aa step. 

Misapprehend, mis- 

ne fiir aaother). 

. Err, make a mlatalte, be 

.. _ . , ■or, slip, fault, lapse, 

trip, oversight. 
Misterm, v, a, MTscali, misname. 
Miati-anslale, w. a. Misconstrue, mia- 

Mlstress, fl. 1. Female head, female 

a. Inatmctress, female teaclier. 

3. Sweetlicart^ flame, do£v. 

4. Concubine, parami 


~ Fear, apprehend, suspect. 

Distrust, doubt, be 


MlstnisbfDl, < 
Misuttdersta.iu, .. 
misconcdve, mistak 
Mtsnndersiandli^, n. Misappreiien- 

Mlsnse, f . a. 1. Misemploy, misapply, 
desecrate, profane, pervert, put to a 

™"ibu^, maltreat, ill-treat, ill-use. 
3. Waste, squander, itool away, fritter 
anay, muddle away, spend foollslilj;. 
Misuse, n. Abuse, perversion, proelitu- 

Mite, n. Particle, atom, monad, cor- 
puscle, molecule. 

Mitigate, u. a. Moderate, alleviate, 
appease, sootlia, aoftflu, mollify, pacift, 
assume, qnieti still, calm, quell, allay, 
abate, temper, attemper, lessen, dull. 


MITIGATION AUeviition.moderatl 

Mitigatlve, a. XienitiTe, lenient, eoc 

Ing, DioU%lng, assuaging, assuasi 

emollient, miLQ. 
Mix, V. a. Mingle, commiagie, comu 

mute, combinOi blend, amalgomi 

Gamponnd, iucorporale. 
Mlx,B.n. Ba mtted, be biendea. 
Mlxed^ 1. Mingled, blended. 


B. Promlscuoa 

, of rariou 


Model, a. 1. Pattern, prototype, pai 

a. ^lantonf gauge. 
Eodel, V. a. Shape, mould, form, pli 

«. C^eap, m 

3. Eeasonali 

cool, mild, 1 

ferrago, galmagnn 

a. MiaoeiianT, yMTety, diversity. 
Hizzen,a. iNaat.) Hindmost, 
mizzl^ V. n. 1. Bain ((» smaU (fi-ops), 

S. For tlie help of Hie 

.u, ^,mi,.,u., weep for, s^- 
Grieve, mom-n, maie la 

3. Hab-ca^ 
Mob-oap. n. Mob. 
HobllilT.n. SuscepUbilit; of motion. 
DEoblllEe, n. a. {MU.) Draft (froops) for 

B[Dl>-law, ». Lynch-law. 

MoDfc, », 3. I. Ape, nnfmic, imitate, 

coanteiiyt, take iX. 
S. Deride, ridicule, jlbo, jeer, taont, 

BCOnt, GhafN iai^b. at, nialte ^une oi; 

make fun (X, treat wltli contempt, treat 

with, scorn, make a bntt of, makemeny 

3. ^Idda, de^vB, disappoint, ballt. 

Hock, a. false, conntert^t, pretended, 
feigned, assumed, sham, spurious, dap- 
trap, not real, malte-beUeve. 

Mocker, it. Scoffer, scoiner, deridet, 
raiier, despiaer, jeerer. 

Maakery,it. J. lUdicuie, derision, seom. 
Jeering, contanp^us mimicry. 
S. Sport, BUbjeot of ridiooie. 
S. Show, Imitailon, oeanterlbit. 

MaQb-l«ad, n. {T^nn used bji minars,] 
BiiAOK-^TAOE, blende, sulplxaret (^ 
bIdc, false galena. 

Moek-nteliUngale, «. Blactt-cap war- 
bler; blBCk-cap. 

Moefeaan, »■ ParheUen, sundog. 

Blode, ». I. Way fmswed pracHoally), 

., quality, adb^tion. 

3, judicious, deUberate, 

odera4«, v. a. Assuage, soothe, allay, 
raltigate, sutten, molii^, appe^e, tem- 

iimlty, . 

Modern, a. RtxEtTF, late, new, noi 

not ancient, not antique. 
Modest, o. 1. Unpretending, unobti . 

slve, unasemnlng, retiring, hnmbio, 

S. Cliaste, puce. 

3. Moderate, not exoeaaive, not i 

HVnilABtv.Tt. 1. Unobtrueivenesa, met 
Lumjiity, reUring dispoeiili 
from presnuipljon. 
B. .^jiaattij, purity.^meni^trifle, 

amaU allowance, small portion. 
ModlflcBtlom, B. 1. Afiaratlon, varia- 
tion, Qnailflcation, ciian^. 
Z. Form, mode, affection, accident. 
Modily> "• "- 1- Shape, give fcrni to, 
give a speda] mode to. 

ving a run, the rage. 

v.a, 1. Attune, liarmonize, 

a. Inflect [as the voice), vary in tune 

Modus operandi, [L.] Process, way. 

Mohammedan, n. Mahometan, Mua- 

MoiliV. tt. Labor, toil, drudge. 
Moist, a- Damp, humid, da^ik, wet. 
Moisten, v.a. Dampen, damp. 
Moisture, n. Dampneas, humidity. 
Molar, n. Grinder, griiioing tooth, m^ 
lar tooth, double toolti. 

leket, n. 1 -.,. 

cricket ( Oryliolalpa ealgaa'ia). 
Molecular, a. Corpuscular. 

;a by Google 

Btoleoiile, n, 1. Atom, ullimate oiir- 
aele(^ am element), InAvialble parQule. 
it woaD of' atoms (in a oompouad 
idds), cloeiet of alome. 

Mole-eyed, a. Blind, pnrliliDd, myopic, 

Bboit^l^tCed, uear-slgLlfld. 
' MOIest> c a. Msturb, tronlilB, annoy, 
ves, tense, Incommode, diecommode, 
barass, worry, pla^e, bore, torment, 
boHiet, peefar, liarry, badger, Irritat*. 
bet, ebafi, hector, gull, otanirb, dis- 
quiet, bii^Bt. 

HoleiTBrp. ». Mole, monldwarp. ■ 

HollU^, II. a. 1. Soften, malie soft, 
a. Appease, padfy, compoec, eootbe, 
tranquintze, calm, qiuet, 

3. Anennga, mlHt^ta, moderate, ease, 
ftllfty, ttbate, temper, aitempet, railaYe, 
IsBBen, quall^, dall, Unnt. 

M<dluaoB, n. pi. TSouluseb, 

MoOiUkB, ft. >>;. Shall-fleb li^h Sack 
ent^ntSaia, Wee tue clam), testacaa, 

i, second, ti 
twinW ■ 

ad.' Momantly, evary 

. Instantaneous. 

(. Momentarily, every 

, J. Important, we^llty, 

^niAoant, giafe, aeiious, of Impor- 
tanco, of great consequanoa. 

Mameatnm, n. [L.] Impetus. 

portJcle, indiv^ble pai'tlcle. 
a.{Zool.) Minute anlmalcole. 
BEonaMh, «. 1. Autocrat, despot. 
~ 'gn, king, emperor, poten- 

Honarcbical, . 

Mo]uuchy,n. „. , — ^ — 

Mon&atery, ft. Oonveut, cioister, abbey, 

prlflry, nonoery. 
iif.vni.,i«^i {"■ Jnoniasn. 

d, a. Btoh, weaiUiy, affluent, 
t, well o£f, well to do. 

[Eare, SEcept ~" 

ai(wH.] Denier, trader, trafficier. 
Hoi^rel, a. Hybrid, mule. 
RtDiiFtton, n. 1. Warning, admonition 

% Intijrma^on, indicaUon, advice 
hint, notice. 
monitor, n. 1. Adviser, counsellor 

3. Overseer (in a kJooJ]. 
])Ioiikey,n. Afb. 
Mouk-llBli, ». Angel-flail (Sgiioiinc 

, Aconite, ivolfebane. 


LOcllnoos, a. (Bot.) Hermapfiro- 

Jlloaolr^iie, n, SoUIogiuy. 

"HonLomanlH-R. Hallucina^on, illusion, 
delusion, Belf-deeeption, partial insan- 
ity, insanity on one subject. 
lonopolize, c. a. Forestall, engross, 

lonDpDly, n- Exeln^ve pogEession, ' 
tonespernLOiifi, a. iBot.} One-seeded. 
louosyllable, n. Word of one ayUa- 

. ProdlET, monstrosity, 
latural prodnction. 

L. Monstroasncss. 

^ Unnatural, pratar- 

AEoostrofilty, n. 
a. Prodigy, m 

n»turiti, abnormal, prodigious! 

a. Huge, enormona, immanss, vast, 
colossal, stnpandoiu, extraordinary, 

Moiiiufiezi^ 9f 

I. (tf a 

itoody, a. 1. Angry, petulant, irritable, 
snappish, pettish, sour, crusty, crabbed, 

a. Sniien, perverse, wayward, sullty, 
liumorsome, glum, griim, glowering, 
morose, spleeny, miwnli^, stubiHurn, 
dogged, intractable, arD»^ned. 

loau, n. Satellite, secondary planet. 

Hoon-osdf, n, 1. Uonatei, deibrmed 

.^..^wmsililne, n. 1. Moonlight. 

S, Nonsense, liaah, Btnff, liWaddle, 
fudge, Buranvery, lialdecdasli. 
Soor.n. 1. Heath, eztentive waste. 
3. Marsh, fen, swamp, bog, moiaes, 
slodgli, quagmira. 
Hoar-buzzard, n. Harpy, duck-hawk, 
marsh-harrier {Circai mtiginDmsi, 

epotted orake {Gallinvla cAliff'opua, o 
Soorlsli, a. Moresgn^ arabesque. 



Ho[>-board, n. Skirting, waatL-boarc 

Mope, V- 1^ !■ Be ead, b« gloomy, b 
d^ect^d, look do'wncast, look blue, wea 
a long ftwe, langU on the wrong etde o 

)e llsrlesa, be iDattentlvi 

3 stupid, take 


1. Sad, a1 


d^eoC^, dopresaod, desponding, down- 
liBiirted, OMSt-fallen, oliap-Mien, mal- 
anoholy,dumpiali,gliiiQ, BLUE, hypped, 
cast down, In the dnmps, wltk a lon^ 
ftice, dona in the moaUi, oat of 

S. Doll, splritlesa, Uatteas, Inatten- 

ethics, rega^ng duties, touching obll- 

to do what is right. 

3. Viituons, good, just, upriglit, lion- 
est, of good piinidples, 

4. Probable, not demonatrative. 
Moral, n. 1. f ractlcal application lef a 

" ^—-"-allassonWaiiHeoeni). 


Momliiy, ». 


a. Yirtne, goodnese 

ModiUie, V. a, 1. A 

lontl St 

Morals, n-yi. I. MoraUtj, etUea, m 



-,, behavior, Iiablts, n 

Morass, ». Marali, t^, bi«, quagmire, 

MorbltUa. Diseasad, sloklj , , 

unhealthy, tainted, viUated, corrupted, 
Indicative of disease. 

Horbiac, a. Koxlous deleterious, 
wliolesome, uubealmy, peatllei 
pidsonons, nn&voi-able te Iiaaltb. 

MordBClDDs, a, 1. Biling, pungent, 
stinging, cutUog, shaip, — --' — ^ 
2. Poignant, caustic, s£ 

!, punge 

Mordant, a. Bltli^, mord! 
Mot«, a. 1. Greater dcgrei 
amount of. 

3. A^ed, additional, ctJ 
Hon, ad. 1. To a greater c 

9, ^aln, fnrther, anoth^ 
More, n, 1. Greater degi 


8. Else, other thing. 

of, grei 

also, likewise, too, furthermore, more 
than that, over and above that. 

Moresque, a. Moortsb, arabesque. 

Moiibund, a. Dying, at the point el 
deatb, on one's deatli^bed, at deatli'a 
door, with one foot in ttie grave, on 
one's last lees, at the last gasp. 

Moiion, A- Helmet, helm, head-piece. 

Manaoii,«. 1. (2oi;(.) Ooller-naD,Lab- 
rador auk, common pnlfin (JVotercufd 

Mormonlte, ». Mormon. 

Morn, n. [I'oeiicalJ Moknihg. 

Mornliig. «. 1. Dawn, daybreak, au- 
rora, sunrise, mobn, break of day, neap 
ot day, prime of day, first blush of the 

2. Forenoon, early part of tlie day. 

3. Early part, spring-tlnie. 
Morning: star, n. Lucif^, Fhospiierus, 

Morose, a. Crabbed, sullen, churlish, 
sour, suIky,tie[verBe, wayward, spleeny, 
spleenlsh, splen^lc, humorsome, dog- 
ged, glDomir, moodr, oross-gralued. 

'" ----- Orabbednem, eullan- 

. ... black 
Morphia, »• Morphine. 
Mornhiue, n. 1. Morphia. 
Sl Sulphate of morphia. 
Morse, b. Walrus, sea^borse, saa-oow 

( TrKhechus roamarv!]. 
Morsel, n. Bite, montUul, bit Dt food. 
Mortal, a. 1. Sultjact tK> denlli, destined 

Mortal, n. Man, human being. 
Mortality, n. 1. Subjection to deaUi, 

neoeesity of dying. 
a. Death, destiucljon, corrupUon. 

-' 3. Frequency of death, number of 

4. Mankind, humanity, human na- 

Mortai, ». 1. Fiece of ordnance fbr 

Iteowmg bombs. 
H. Cement. 
Mortgage, ». S s, a. Fledge War tHe 

payment qf a debt), 
HortlHcatlon, u, HMed.) Gangrene, 

3. Humiliation, 

»lf~abaeement, self- 

Morticy, V. a. 1. Qangrene, gangrenate. 

^ Disappoint, dissatisfy, displease, 
vei:, baraes, plagne, worry, disquiet, 
chagrin, annoy, trouble. 

3. Humiliate, humble, shame, eon- 

Kottltj, II, B. Oangrene, lose vitality. 


BEortaaryr n^ Cetant&yr 
cburch^ird, buiial-pliico, 
burial grouDjl, dCy of tJis i 

Mortnarr, 1. Of the dead. 

Mosaic, I 


, Mnlmiiioti 

, — . 1, paubau- 

Ben, hardhead. 
lUaSB-plnli, n. Qround-plnlc IPIttox aab- 

MotI>,n. (ferf.l MlUer. 

31otJi«r, ii- MAlou, female parent, 

dam [a^Hed to a betutt). 
Hoth^ a. I. Natlre, natural. 

a, V eruaeular. 
Hotber Cai'ej's chio&en, Stormy i>e- 

Uotlierl;, a. Materaal, affeetjonate, 

^, ImpLilne, prompUng, auggEEtlon- 
3, Propoalnon {eapecialiy one utade in 
a deliberatiiie body i, proposal. 
MotiqoleBB.a. SUll, quiescent, Etatlon- 
ary, at rest, ab a stand, stock still, 
standing EtilL 
MoUve, n. Inducement, incentive, im- 

Sulae, Indtement, sUmnlua, prompting, 
iflltenco, reason, gronnd, principle, 
consideration, cause, occasion, prune 
mover, why and wherefme. 
Motley, a. 1. Variegated, dappled. 

Hoold, n. [Sometimes written Mold.] 

2. MBStinees, mildev. mnuldiness, 
rust, blight, smut. 
a. Mafaiii, matriee. 
i. Form, shape, cast, fashion. 
Mould, K. o. [Sometimes written Mold.] 

Form, eliape, fsstion, oatve, mo<lel. 

Moulder, v. n. Crumble, perish, decay, 

tarn to dust, fall into decay, fall to 


loult. V. n, [aouwUmee wii 
Shed feathers, hidr, &c. 




». 1. Hillock, heap, 
ampart, bulwark, defence, 
n. [Ueea b^are a proper mme 
poetni.] Muuntaln, hlgkhill. 
V. n. ' J. Else, aJc^d, arise, 

3. Embellleh, ooyer with otnamente. 

A. [MU.) Carry, be fumuihed wit^. 
Moa&t guard. Do duty as sentinel. 
Monnt^n, ii. Modht, lilgh hill, yaat 


Mountebank, n. Pretender, charlatan, 

empiric, quack, quack doctor. 
Moorn, V. n. Gneve, lament, be soirow- 

. Sad,' distresainE, afOict- 
amiotive, gnevous, calamitous, 
itable, m^nncholy, deplorable, 

Monrnfolness, n. Sorrow, monmii^, 

Manrninc, n. Lamentation, sorrow, 

H. Weeds, symbol of 
— luse, f. n. -* - ■ • 

a. _Peer, 

ity be- 

^atch mice. 

Mouthi'n. 1. Chaps, Jan 
tween the Jaws. 

a. Apertnre [in a vssael for receiiiiiig 
or dischargiag miy Oii/ag). 

Mouth, V. n. Vodl^ate, r( 
Hputti-piec^ n. 1. Piece 

a. Speaker (in bOntf d 

influence, persuade, induce, prevail 
upon, act upon. 

3. Affect, toncli, impress. 

4. Protfoae fin a dsUbeia^tae body), 
recommend, suggest, offel- fur coneider 

Hove, p. n. 1. Stir, bndge, change plat,e 

S' Go, proceed, walk, march. 

3. Act, live, have power of motbn 

4. Remove, change resld nut 


UCovioB:, a. A^ecUog, t^ucMng, pathet- 
ic, ^npreseive. 

Muoli, a. Abunilont, plenteone, a great 
dsal of, a great quaDtLty or amoimt 

I. Qwotlj, abandantl)', far, 

Y far, to a ^eat degree, 
a. Otten, Uiag, frequantt; 

3. Neurl;, nlmoet, about Itie earns. 
EacllaelnonB, a. Slimy, giunmy, ropy, 
tnuoouB, glutinous, vlaclu. 
[ncbwDrm, n. Mlsei', niegard, cbocl, 
curiau^eon, codger, sklnmiit, acrl — 

L. Mal^e muddj, make 

Mnddled, a. Puddled, Hpey, dl^uised, 

Mellow, in liquor, MJf dedke, balf 

seas over, tlie worse tOt Uquoc. 
1l[<idd}>, a. 1. Mirj. 

arrurbld, dirty, foul, soiled. 

3. Confused, dull, stupid, lieavy, 

muddy-heiuled, mnddy-brained. 
ninddy^braiued, { a. Bull, maddy, 
niuddy-headed, ' ''—•■• 

"F£,'*i.L, .„ „ . 

^ weather]^ 
Mnlct, n. iBIne, omeniement, fliifelt, 

fcirfeituce, pecuniary penalty. 
Hnlcti V. a, Fine, amerce, impose a 

^c upon. 
Hnle,». Hybrid, mongrel, hlnny. 
JHnliebtity, B. Womannood, femtnalitj, 

Mnllsh, c 

e, beadstcong, orosa-gra 

I, dof^ed, obstl- 

HnlUon.It. (JrcS.) Munnlon. 
MaltaoKolaF, a. Polygonal. 
AInltl&rlooB, a. Mnltlfbrm, manlibld, 
vai-iouB, divers, divarBlfted, diflecont. 

; tbie, tbot, or tlie 
1. Many-sbaped, of 

3. ManQold 
MultipUclty, ^ . . .. 
Multiplied, a. Kiunerous, 
HnlUply, «. a. Inorease 
make more, make many. 
Moltlply, K. St. Inorease, g 

1. Host, lej 

"a. KabbTeTMOJ 
Boeuty. ' 

the populace, tbe 

Mnnoh,' «., a. '[tai^Sy™'.] Eat(icfi<ft 

dy, Hpleeny, apleeniflh. 

ill, «. a. [Couagmal.] 

e l^a dosed), maslleate. 

worldly, aaiii 
Mmddli^°'a!' Civic, civil, not mili- 
Mimiaoence, n. Liberality, generosity, 

Mnnifleeut, a. Liberal, bonnlJ^, gen- 
erous, bounteous, beneficent, pr' 

free, Iree-bearted. 

Muniment, n. 1. For^cation, atroDg- 
Lold, citadel, fortress, fort. 
a. [Laar.] Record, litle deeds and 

Mnnitlon, «. Ammunition, military 

HiuiDtou,». (Arch.) Mullion. 
Mnrdei', n. Homicide [tiHili vialice), 

Blauekter, massacro, ASSAssrHAXioti, 

buti^erj, ni:A]4SL,AUOHT£B. 
Murder, V. a. Kill imth moHce). slay, 

ASSASSINATE, dospHtcb, put to deaUi. 
Mnrdei' the kli^e EngUsli, Use bad 

Iriscian'a bead. ' °' ™ m, rea 
Mm-decer, «■ Slaugbterer, assassin, 

slayer, killer, butcber, eut-lbioat. 
MuMeroua, a. Sanguinary, bloody, 

cruel, Bavags, fall, bloodtblrBty. 
Mniiate, «. EydrooMorate. 
Muriatic addf HydrodilcaiG add, ma- 
rine add, Bplctt of Bsa^^alt. 
Mur^, oi Dark, gloomy, obscure, dim, 

clou^, olouded, dusky, lorld, overcast. 

Murmur, n. 1. Wbisper; low, conttnu-- 
oue sound. 

I. Complain, mutter, repine, croak, 
'murer, n. Censurer, complainer, 

MusGbvy-ducb, 1£. Husk-dodE. 

Hnaoalar, o. Brawny, sinewy, strong, 
stalwart, vigorous, powerful, sturdy, 
lusty, athletic, Herculean, able-bodted. 

;a by Google 

1. [PoeSoirf. 

CoHBiaer, pond 

XEoseit. rwitll Ths prefixed.] Tlie 
tunenilMtne, tbe toneful quire ( Calliqpe, 
OUo, Brato, ^uistye, JKewmnene, Foly- 
feniHHO, Terpikhore, Ttutiia, Urania), 

Hasii, n. (U. S.\ SoPAWH, haaty- 
puddji^ [made qf iTidiOfa meal}. 

MuBUroom, n. 1. Ccyptogamons pl^nt. 

8. Upstart, PARVBHU. 

MualmKUDf a. EphefuerA], short-llTed. 
Moatc, «. 1. Melody, fiarmony, sym- 

plLony, mlnstrelBy. 
3. Soience of hannonleal aoimda. 
HnsioaL a, MelodioQe, haTnionlong, 

tunetul, Bymplioaioae, dulcet, eweet- 

Musini;, ». BeTery, abetiaetTaii, muse, 
medEKit]on, cefleeuon, contemplsUon, 
brown study, deep thought. 

Mnsfc-daelc, n. Mnscovy-duok l^nos 

"— ■- — •■ - >. Muaquaah (Ondaira 

muscoyy {Mygale moa- 

ible, oonfuaed atruggle. 
, MahometHn, Moham- 

Zt T>eBm!u: 
Hnae,». Sir: 

'. n. Be obliged to, I 
md to, be ne^eBaiCati 
lessity of. 

required ti 

Qrape-J flics ianfs*ta&ntedi, 
1, mildew, 

congi-egaco, iMiivcuo, uliub together, 

call together, get ti^other, muster up. 

Mnater, v. n. Be asuembled, meet to- 

Muster, It, Ositherlng, ii«uemblitg«. 
muster np, Mobtek, get togetlier. 
Musi?, o. Mouldy, fnety, eonred, Eatid, 

foul, spoiled, stBle. 
MntobUity, fi. 1. 0hangea]>lene3s 

.. Chaiigeable, olti 

ittjed, vaclllatli^. 

ficMe, unstable. 

' ' — .». Mdiaeilitt. 

Chauge, ^Iteratlo 

capable of 

Diuab, unable ki speak, 
iS^nre, m^m. 

Bbitilaldoii, !t, IMBdgnrei 
Hotiiuiiia,!!. Tarbolent.i 
sedltlcus, Insnn'eotJonarT, rt 
unruly, Insubordinate, riotoi 
eeat, rebellious. 
lOutliiy, ». n. Ksbel, ties, 

Motiny, «. Swltion, revolt, 
InBurreotjon, liot^ rleli^, nprit 

Myopic, a. Near-^ghted, eliort-Bigbted, 

dim-filghtad, purbhnd. Near-dgbtedneaa. 
Myriad, M. Tea thousand. 
Hysterlons, a. Unknown, en^matioal. 

Mystery, n. Secret, enigma, riddle. 
MystlDUl, . 

18, hidden, enit 

Tccoudlte, InBCrntatJe, abstruse, dark, 
cabalislio, transcendental. 
Mystic, p. o. Farplex, puzzle, bewilder, 

MyUi, fl. Fable, invenlion, allogory, 

BMable, flcUon, fabulona atory. 
Mythic, lo. Fabulous, mythological, 
MytUeal, f fief- — 
l^UiolOKlo, I 
MythologicBl, ) 

, mytholo) 
Fabnlous, mjlM- 

Nab,«.a. [CollBguiai.] Belse (saddea- 
Igt, catch, olntMi, grasp, anatch, lay 
hands on, lay hold on, tak,e possession 

m of great irealtli, n 

NoAFei^us, «■ 


Ntdadin. (Myih. 
Vla^.n. Clai- - 

I Bmcdl Aor^J, 

a. [iV.] Artless, 


;a by Google 


Naked* a. 1. Nude. niicOTeied, baie, 
denudfldj undotheaf undrflafificl} ik 

~ S. f^poae^T defenceless, unarmed, 
nnprot^eCed, img:u&Tded. 
3. Manifest, umwucealed, erident. 

aenominaUon, dedgnation, desti 
a. Baputstlon, repnla, credit, 

styJe, term, calL dnb, pbrase, chrlst' 

^Ye an appellanon to. 
9, MerlHtai, speai of, call bj natoi 
1. XomiuaM, detignaM, epeciiy. 

£iii]lt oil, mineral o£ 

ScotliaJi.] Drunk, (ndi: , 

, tips;, CDTUed, muddled, 


Stupafyinff, Ktapefactiva. 
a. BelaM, teeice, recomit, 

iocy, ttatocj, narrative, tala. 

... _ jriit^ebi 

a. Contracted, ciroamsoribed, limited, 
confined, straitened, cramped, ptacbed, 

3. KgatedTselfi^, niggardly, mean, 
m^fflnerous, par^monlous, covetous, 
mercenary, lluberal^ 

4. dose, near, willilB a lltUe, wicb 
little to spare, within narrow Umils. 

M^Tow, B. a. Oontcaet, raatrict, limit, 

Barrow house. Grave, tomb, sepnlcbra. 

Harrows, ti. 1>1. Strait, sound. 
nmTOW-mlnded, a. Illlbecal, blEoted. 

pre)udlceii, warped, biassed, paraal, oi 

narrow or oontraotad Tlews. 
Karwhul, »■ Sea-nnicom, iuilcDm~fa3i, 

nnloom-TvhBla IMoaodon monoeerai). 
Xaaoent^ a. Incipient, opening, initial, 

dawning, Incboallve, initiatory, mdl- 

mental, aaglnnlng, oommencii^, at the 

start, In tjie act <£ eraluUon. 
lIsatlneB8,n. 1. FilOi, filtbi 

uees, fimlneas, impurity, m_, 
■■ ' ■ ~ it, Bqnalor. 

9. Obscenity, bmuttluass, indeaenay, 
Nasty, a. 1. Filtby, ibnl, nnclean, Im- 
pm-e, dirty, polluted, detHed, nauseous, 
disguitting, sickaninE, lOBtbsotne, offcn- 

H. Obscene, smutty, gross. Indelicate, 
lewd. Indecent, ribald.TocBa. 
Natal, a. NaUre, of birtb. 
Natal day, Birtbday. 
Natcli-bone, «. Altcb-boBe, ei^e-iwne. 
Nation, n. 1. Slate, commounealtli, 
realm, nationality. 
a. People, commnnlty, populaUon, 

National, a. Public, general. 
Nationality, n. 1. National character. 
3. State, realm, nation, cummoti' 

Native, a. 1. Natal, of birth. 

~ Indigenous, natuial, congenital, 

nome-bre^, not acquir^, bred 

original, genuine, Inlil 

^, ... [CWtoiiulaf.] Neat, apruce, 

fine, Jaunty, trig, trim, finical, tbpplsh, 

Natural, a. 1. Of nature. 

S, Orl^al, Indigenous, essential, 
characteristic, natiie, not Bcguired, 

S. Eegnlar, normal, not exceptional, 
not violent, in, the coarea_ of nature, 

nature, eonfOnnablB to nature, 
4. Illegldmale, born out of wedlock. 
Natural, n. Fool, simpleton, DUNCE, 
Natural iililld, BauEard, love-child, 

Naturalize, f , a. Adopt as a ciUzen, 

adopt as native. 
Nature,!!. 1. World, creation, uniierse, 

system of created tJilnge, a^regate or 

mind, sum of causes and eSMts. 
B. Sum totalofsenslbleobjscts, world 

i. Kind, Boct, epedea. 

e. Temper, dieposiUon, humor, mood, 

V Mind, inlfllhgenae, intelligent ba: 

7', Active principle of the nnlvarse, 
Boul ot the nnlvsree, Ooii. 

8. Regular coarse of things, usual or 
established order rf events. 

S. What Is natural, conformity with 

baSnaaa, iniquity, 
Nauehty, a. 1. wlekad, had, oorrupt, 
3. Perverse, fix>ward, miacblavous* 

hosios !, Google 

Ifansea. n. 1. Senetckuasa. 

3. Qufllm^ fllchnaea of tlie »ton 
Inclination int vomit- 

3t Itis^vst, loathings repugni 
ayeralon, strong cfTelike. 
Naoseate, «. m. Fsel nausea, &e1 

guat» gi'ow qnoJmlsh. 
■" — - — *~ ■■ " ■". Sicken, flisgnst, ] 

I, tndjspensi 
I spared. 

ja or dlBKaat a£ gl^k frcm., 


leong, a. Diagnstlng, loathaoms, 
IseaUng, alckeulng, revoltti^, repul- 
I, dlBtaslefnl, olten^ve, aboininahle, 

aliapeil, oymbitorm. 

ilia veaeel, plougb tlia waTes, plongi.' tf 

ct [in liUlmg), guide tlie i 

y, II. Plaet, ships of 
,aa. LNo. . 
!■ Not only so, bat 

tlliue, SINE eUA HON. 

a. Privy, jakefi, water-doBet, back- 

Necessitate, V. a. Compel, force, oblige, 
make necrasary, render unavoidable. 

NecesEitons, a. Needy, Indigent, poor, 
peimileee, moseyleEe, i^estitute, dis- 
tressed, pinched, reduced, in need, In 

out M pocket, out of cash, 
( NeoesBlQ', Ji. 1. ConipulBion, fatality, 

a. InOSspensableness, Jndispensabll- 
ity, InevltablenesB. 

3. Need, tieedfulneas, urgency, exl- 
gencv, pressing want. 

4. Kegulrement, requisite, essential, 

eek-cloth, n. Cravat, neckei'chlef, 
eclierclilef, I n. Ci'avat, neot- 

ear, a. 1. Mgh, cloBe, neighboring, 
adjacent, contiguous, proximate, ad- 
joining, not for, noC distant, bordering 
upon, approslinate to, dose upon, close 
by, hard upon, eleae at liand. 

S. Imminent, impending, ibrHicom- 
ing, approaching, Uiroatenlng, atdi^id, 

N«GroiiuLiiey,Tt. Sorcery, magic, di 

anieri, alasely attached. 
4. iMrect, short, ■''-^"''' 
Near, ad. M^rlJ. 


4rT>lrfict, short, eCrafght. 

close by, not 

Approximately, not 

well-n^, within it litUe. 

S. Closely, IL- 
Ne»r.slglit«d, a 

opio, purblind. 
Veat, a, 1. Olean, cleanly, unsoiled, 1 
tidy, spoUaas, unsullied, Inur--'-'- 

Necnipolis, n. Cemetery, chutchyani, 
graTeyard, mortuary, burial-ground, 
Burlal-placo, <dty of the dead. 

Need, n. 1. Necessity, want, exigency, 
nreency. emergency. 

a. Indigence, poverty, penary, desti- 
tution, dlatresB. 

Need, V. a. Want, require, lack, ba In 
want of, Btonil in nant ot^ 

Meedfol, a. Necessary, requMle, essen- 
tial, indjepenaable. 

Needle-aliaped, a, AcUbrm, aclonlar, 

,, JS. Nacessartiv. 

I. Cleanness, eleanlineas, 

dalDus, mcked, ini^ous, villiuuiDS, 
heinous, flagitious, vary wicked. 
VesaUon, ^. Denial, disavowal, dis- 

K^Ieot, !>. a. 1.- Omit, leave oat, pass 

Qlar^ard, slfebt, oanlenin, over- 
pay no heed to, pay no regacd to. 


.y Google 


Keclect, n. l. OmlsdonlrfaP'"''"™''"" 
act qf d^), tailure, Oelkuri^ HBGLI- 

S. Sl^ht, dieregHTil, disrespect. 

HegrleoUUl, a. Heedless, careless, neg- 
ligent, tlioughtlaBs. 

N^lteence, n. NnciiECT (as a habit), 
carelessness, thoi^tlessneas, remiss- 
ness, heedlessness, disregSjrd, inattea- 

Negligent, a, CHreless (AaMfuii%), 
UiQushtless, headlera, remiss, legSjrd" 
less, inattenll-va, neglectful. 

Kc^otifhte, V. rt. Treat, baiirain. 

K^otiate, H. a. J. Treat ibr, arrai^ 

Vicinity, vicinage. 

a dissenting 
liixlo0aia, - 
8, Neol 

>l. {Theot.) Batioualism, catianalistk 
Ueopbyte, n. 1. Conyert, proselyte, 

Hon of the Mdneys. 
Nerver n^ 1. Strength, mwer, foEoe. 
a. Conrage, plnoli. fortitude, flrn 
nesB, resoluMon, hanJihooa, manhood. 
iNerre. V. a. Strei^tlien, Invigorate 

Cii-tift, brace. 
Nenrons, a. 1. Of the nerves. 

a. sinewy, strong, vigorous, roJjns 
fOrdWe, powerfid. 
3. Timid, tumorous, easily stated. 
NervonsnegB, n. 1. Strength, forci 

a. [^Qlly, thnoronsness, ticpidi 
Idon, tremor, anttet, nervous agita- 

ITesoieiue, b. Ignorance, 

Neat,n. Anam. 

Nestle, V. a. Snuggle, cuddle, snug, har 

bor, lodge, He close- 
Net, B. Suaie, gin, trap. toil. 
Ne^ a. Olear, iHthout deductions. 

Net, c. 

above e^cpenses. 

n. over and 

I. Lowe_. 

Nettle, V. a. Pret, chafe, ruffle, iiTltate, 
ves, tflase, haraeei provoke. Incense, 
exaspei'ate, sUng. 

Ket-work, B. Setting, reticulated oc 
deciusated nork. 

Neutral, a. IndlfDtrent, of neither party, 
takli^ no part with either side. 

Neutralize, V. a. Counterlialance, ren- 
der neutral, render inert, destroy tiie 
efi^ ot reiider of no effect. 

NeTer,<w. 1. At no time, notat any 

a. In no degree, not at all. 

-■" " '— notwith- 

3. Jnst disoovCTed, recently made 

4. Unaccuslomea, uansed, not Lablt- 

inatiDn, advice, word, piece of 

Newsnionger, b. Quidnunc. 
Newgpanra^ B. Gazette, joum 
Newt, B. m, salamander. 
Next, a. Nearest. 
Next door to, 1. Next house 
a. Neai' to, borderli^ oa. 

critic^ definite, si 

tender, savory, delicious, palatable. 

isnesB, itotidlousness, 

Niche, «, Nook, recess, 
Nick, a. 1. Ccitioia point W '•"»). 
critical moment, fortunata coiunnc- 

3. Notch, dent, dint, indentation, In- 


nnrloDB, sarcfiil, mean, Allbeval, 
Sav^, sparing. 

S. Saviiig, apaiing, charT. 

Naar, adjaoant, aojoinlng, Q 


(^ous, ollBB hj, eloi 

bonlerlELg npoii, not fi>.i- vu, uut uiBukui^j 

a.TipcoxlnuU« to, baM by. 
men, ad. Near, nearly. 
VUfbiPrep. Near, olosa to, cIobb by, not 

ITtehl-ftilli ». EvEKTBO-, dusk, dose ot 

IfWitli^nle, ». Ptflomel, pliUomela, 

{PhUoiaeta tusctiiia-) 
Klebt-Jar, ii. Goat-sncker, wheel-bird, 

Nightly, a. Nootumal^ 

M^ht- walker,)!. SomniunbnliBt, flleep- 

Mihility,' i non-exlBtfflMie, nonenlitj; 

Nimble, a, A^le, lively, brisk, aoMve, 

smart, quick, spry, ready, alert, dapper, 

NlmUeneeB, n. Briskness, smartness, 

agility, spl'yIl^t^ alertness, acUvity, 

HincampDop, n. [Zoiu.1 Nrtmv. 
Nliienlna,n.»i. BkltUes. 
Ninny, ». sSupleton, fool, DtisCH 
Nip, «. a. 1. Pinob, oomproea, sqi 


t. Clip, 01 
■ ^last, ui 
I. Pin 

1, destioy, r 

S. Bi£ small er 

NippW. ■ - "- 


r^ ^p. drink. 

Bippers, 1- £f. 

Nipple, n. Teat, __„, ,_r. 

Niti'e, «. [Written Hlso Jftter.] Salt^ 

petre, xUtrate of potash. 
Nitric aidd, Aqdafobtis, aphit of 

Kltrte' oside, Deutoxide of nitrogen. 

NltroKen, !t. Aaote. 
Mitri^:euize, o. a. Aaotiie. 
Nltn>-i>iiii'latic oriA, Aqoa regia. . 
Nitrons etber. Sweet epirlls of niCn 
NitxouB OElde, lai^hlng gas, proto: 

of ultnssu. exliilaiatlng gas. 
No, ad. 5. Nay. 

S. Not ^ all, in no degree. 

M%, n. ICoUaguial.J Nobleman. 
Nobby, a. IW' '- - 


'tbineas, IcFtiJieBS of charaetSF, 

ible btrlh, patrician dignity, 

:, ariBloocaey, peerage, 

.,,„, ... i. ^.eat, d^nlflea, t 
evated, woctby, esalted, 

" S. Grand, stately, lordly, splendid, 
magniflcent, aubllme. 

Joble.n. Nobleman. ' 

{oblemon, n. Peer, noble, gtandee, 
lord, one of the nobility. 

^obloness, n. 1. Greaweas, dignity, 
magnanimity, elevation, euperfority, 
woilblneei!, nobility, loftiness of char- 
acter, moral exeelfence. 
ii. StatelineSE, grandeur, mognift- 

(oTHease, IFr.] Ariatoeracy, peerage, 

Nobody, it. No one, no psrsoD, not any 

one, not anybody. 
Nostursal, a. Nightly, 
NocturuBlly, ad. Nightly, by night 

_._ .. Head (in 4Tcnten^f ) 

Noddy 1 1 Fool simpleton ddhob 
S {Ormlh j Sooby ganuet BDlaii 

goose (Sierao aoitda) 
Node, « Knot knob, protnberance 

swelling lamp prominence proeesa 

Nodole » knot kode 
Noise n 1 Sound 

tumult, ado,' cry) vonifarati™, liubbul^ 

hurtfu], unwholesome, Insalub 
nnhealthy, pernlcione, ]ni6«hle,._, 
detrlI^ent^, destmctiTe, deleteciaos, 
baneWiPiAonons, posf 

Noisy, a. ClamotouSjJioiateFDua, turbn- 

4oi8y, it- Olamotons, bo 
lent, Todferous, obstrei 

». wanuerer, mjoj,iY- 
NomBdic, a. Wandering, migratory, 

vagrant, roving, strollli^. 
Nomenclature, n. Termliiology. 
Nominal, a. Titular, not real, only In 

Nonage, n. Minority, pnpilage. 
Non-appe™n™, U Absence. 
Non-attendance, 1 
Nonchalance, n, [Pr.] Careleasneas, 

IndUlbrence, uncoacent, coolness. 
Nonchalant, a. [Fr.) Unconcerned, 

indifferent, eareleea, cool, apathetic. 

Nan compos, n. {Contrivcted from mm 
camios HMnris,] Simpleton, dukce. 


a. Nothing. 
Non-essential, a, Adventitioiie, Inci- 

dental, HccldentaL extraneous, ex- 

Nonesuch, a. Nonpareil, paragon, 

pattern, moilel, CHiur-D'iBirTKG, beau 

tDEAD, acms of perftotion, pink of 

Nonpareil, «. Nonesuch:. 
Nonpareil a. Peerless. 
Nonplus, n. Puszle, petplexitj, poser, 

Nonplus, II. a. Pnizle, ,— 

f^9, diecoocert, perplex, pc 

e. trifles, CJi^ge of n 
oc impomuice. 

Hongensieal, a. Alisnrd, foDllsll, eIIIt, 
Benseless, InseuBatB, stupid, Ul-juiigea, 
onreaGonable, Irranonul, prepostetous, 
unmeaning, frivolous, trifling. 

Noodle, n. Simpleton, fool, ddncb. 

Nook, n. Comer, receea, niclie, reticsd 

NoOD^^T, ( n. Middav, noon, meridian. 
Noontide, f twelre o clock. 
Ndoso, h- HJtel], iiinnliig knot- 
Normal, a. 1. Begular, analogical, 
aeoording to lule. 
S. Perpondlcular, vertical, erect. 
North, a. Nortliecly, northern, boreal, 

Northern, a. ^orth, northerly, boreal. 

Northern lights, ACROBA BORGAUS. 
- iBiT, n. PoleBtar, lodestar. 
,,.. Snout, noisie. 
of wax, Dongh&ce, pliable poll- 

Nose, » 

. Bouquet, posy. 
- ' ■'-•' ■ ^omeaic 

Nosta^tia, It. (Med., u 
Hostnun, It. Qnac& m< 

NotaMUlT, n. Notable 

extraordinary, signal, distinguiElied, 
noted, worlto of notice. 
Notable, o. Active, diligent, sedulous. 
Industrious, ae^duous, busy, w atchfnl. 

attentive, car^l. 
Notaiy, n. Notary public. 
Notch, ». Nick, indentation, dent, dhiC, 

Notoh.B.o. Nick.eutnolcbesln. 
Mot^ n. 1, S^, symbol, token. Indi- 
cation, cliaracter, mark. 
S. Memorandnm, minute, record. 
8. Comment, annolaMon, schollam. 


6. I»stlncdon, reputation, eel 
ame, repata, renown, credit, ai 
ons^uence, respectability. 

id to, take notice 

a. Becoid, make a note of, make a 

set down iit wilting. Jot down. 
3> Deaignate, denote. 
Note-book, n. Memorandum book, ad- 
versaria. Journal, oommonplaca hook: 
roted, a. Dlstiugniskcd, celebrated, 
famons, &jned, renovmed, conaplcuoufl, 
eminent, iUustrioua, well known. 
r^.n..__ .. . m™ — '-•■— ~e nlhlllt" 
itity, notl 


ingnecs, n3l 


_. fllit, KOro, idplier. 

3. TilCe, iK^atelle, small matter, 
thing of no Importance, matter of no 

Nothing, ad.' Not at ali. in no degree. 
Nothingness, «. NIhlUCy, DilSlism, 

uou-exLSteuce, nonentity. 
Notice, n. 1. Nole, heed, obserration, 

regard, cognizance. 

inlelligence, aunouncement, 
Notioe, V. 


Heed, regaid, mark, n. . ., 
uuMcvs, nuuirk, attend to, advert to. 

Noticeable, a. Observable, worthy of 

Notification, n. 1. Information, notice, 
ajlvlce, intelligence, annooncement. 


3. Opiidon, Bsntlmant, apprehonaion. 
Judgment, belief, view, impression, 

Motional, a. 1. Im^lnary, t^tastlcal, 

ideal, chimerical. 
Z. whlmaical, capdciouB, viaionary, 

crotchety, freakish.' 
S'otoilety, li. Eepula (generally in a 

baa sense), reputation, celebrity, l^me, 

name, note, vogue, figure. 
S^otorlons, a. 1, Open, overt, patent, 

manifest, obvious, apparent, evident, 

Z. Conspicuous [geaeraUj/ in a bad 

settee), noted, celebrated, IhmouB, &med. 
Ifotivlthatandlng:, prep. Despite, in 


XourlBhliis, n HutciUon 
MonrlBblT^ « NutrlUousT nutrltlTe, 

Btmngtltenliig, InT^oratuig, tieallMuI, 

Monrtsliment, n Food, ailment, diet, 

ly-BMne, TurSey 

a, unusual, late, 

d parable. 

mixlern, recent. 
iova, n. Tale, ro 

■Nml<iB,n. 1. Probationer. 

8. Tyro, Iwglnner, learner. 
Novitiate, II. FcobaMon. 
Kow, ad. At this time, at once, at tlils 

How and then, Occaidoitally, once in 

a while. 
IfowadayB, mi. In tbeee ilaya, in this 

ng^ in tlie present age. 
Kowav, \aa. Not at all, In no degcee, 
NowSs,! In no manner. ^ 

NowiAe* ad^ Novoy, iioffiryB. 
N»xliniB,a. In]mtoti8,liiu-tfUl,tianefal, 

^, deleteriOLiH, 

, . *! pestilent, deadly, 

baleftil, deetmoara, poiaonoua. 
Nozzle, n. Soee, snout. 
NiHOena, «. Kernel, core, centre. 
Node, a. Bare, nncoTeieil, andreeseil, 
undlbthsdj nsiied, expoB&i, denuded, 
Btark Tudced, In a state of nature, xx 

Nudge, V, a. Fntb genfly. 
Nndee, n. Gentle posh. 
iradHr, ». Nakedness. 
NnsstoiT, a. 1. Trifling, fntUe, yaln, 
insignificumt, ttlrial, llivaloua, worUi- 

2f Inoperative, Ineffectual, IneMoa- 
ctoQB, unavailing, useless, bootless, 

Nt^^et, «■ Lump. 

""■■""" " " ". AnnoyHjnce, plagae, bane, 

urae, sooHi^e pest. 

a, !n»alia, uselase, nugatory. 

luinber, ». 1. Figure, numeral, (lis^t. 

is- Many, mnltitade, great many. 
fiunberone, ICoaoqaiat.] Oiie'aaelf. 
iunibers, ". pl- Verses, poetry, song. 
4tiiubiieES, n. Torpor, insenalblllty, 
dea^eaa, paralyala, palsy. 

mlcal, melodJouB, 

a. Oi'al, not written. 
Convent, cbilster, nJ)li^, 

Nuptial, a. Bridal, matrimonial, hy- 
meneal, connubial, cosjdoaii. 

Nuptials, «. pl. Marriage, wadding, 
bridal, eapou^a, nuptial ^tlval, ma^ 
liage ceremony. 

Nurse, v. a. 1. Nouriah, nuttute, supply 
with nourishment. 
S. Sncble, feed at the hreaat, ^re 

3. Oijerfsh, fOater, encourage, auecor, 
NnrsUngr, «. Inf^t, babe, baby, SQiA- 

Noctore, n. 1. Nourishment, fbod, ^et. 

schooling, breed- 

discipline, tultloi; 

Nni'ture, 0, a. 1. Feed, nourish. 

a. Train, educate, instraot, jwliaol, 
rear, breed, discipline, bring up. 
Nnt«mU,«- Gall, MUl-nnt. 
Knfaliuent, n. Ailment, nourisbmeDt^ 

dst«nce, provision, faie, crimen, ineat^ 

piiulum, grub, EEEP, PBOTHHDEB, 
FODDBB, ro ~ -^ — 


Jjii^tioue^ I a. Nourishiiigi e 
Nutritive, () cnlng, wholaaor" 
NjoW*ppy,!t, Day-bllndneBB, 1 

Nymph, «. ^lamsel, maiden, rr 

1. l^ourishlng. 

Nymplia, rf. (Eat, 




Oof, ». CliangelliB(iDfi«ia/i)i)iiBft child 
is ^ in p&e <ff another), simpletim, 

L.OY, Mabbonmess, dt^gednera, hurd- 

wiff "heart. 

i. luipeuitetioe, depcavlb'. 

.nrste, a. 1. HHidened, obetbiatc, 

. Depravea, gcncelesa, aJiamelese, 
—■— *3, lost. Impenitent, iireolaim- 

OoDipUant, BUbmieeive, 

_. . . . , iuUfut reapeetful. 
Obcdsance, n. Salutation, reverence, 

bovr, courtesy. 
OI>eUBk,n. 1. FiUar. 

a. Daeger ImprhiHsig]. 
Ob(«e, a. Fat, ffenhy, corpalent, stout, 

plump, portly, bounoWig. 
Obesl^, n. Fleshiness, fatuese, cotpa- 

ienca, corpulency, plumpneaa, emeob- 

Obfuscate, v. a. Darken, cloud, ob- 

Obltuary, B. Necrology. 
Object, ». 1, Mark, butt. 

a. End, aim, intent, puipose, de^n, 
view, scope, drift, gonl, final cause. 
Ol^ectlon, ». Excepttoii, difBcnlty, 

OUectiibiialile, a. Exceptionable. 
Ot^eot to, IHBapprove, protest against, 

taks sxcspUon to. 
Oblation, «. OS^ine. sacrifice. 
Oblj^a*^ "■ "■ [I'ie&etmt.J Bind, ob- 

, ...dof duty. 

S. Eneagemenli, conlroct, agreement, 
3. Debt of grHUtude. 
Obligatory, «■ . Blndii^, coerelYe. 
Oblj^, V, a, 1. Compel, force, ccerce, 

btlfr, dt 

uodate, pleai 


3. ObLIOATE, bind, bring under obll- 

Obllgliig, a. Civil, complaisant, Mnd, 

courteous, polite, friendly, gantleiaanly, 

urbane, attible. 
Obllqne, a, 1. Inclined, aslant. 

fl. Indirect. 
Obliterate, n. a. Efiice, erase, expaiwe, 

caooei, rub out, rub off, blot out, scratcb 

out, wipe out, strike ont. 
Obliteration, n. I^cement, erasure, 

fiittnctioa, blotUi^ out. 


ens, a. Fotgettul, mindless, b 
lareioas, ncgJigent, neglectfuL 

:etf ui, mindleffi, head- 
Obloquy, n. ' 1. "Eeproaeli, 

'de&maUon, baekbltii^, tradi 

), InAuny, 

a. D6honor, dl^aco, si 
opprobdnm, odium, enant 
ObiuolODS, it. 1. Liable, subject, 

a. HatelU. nnpleasiug, odious, o 

Oboe,'«. Hant^y. 

Obscene, a. 1. Indecent, indelii 

Immodest, Impnre, ribald, gross, coi 

broad, unobasifl, lewd, iniwi. 
3. Mrty, iUtby, foul 

Obscenity, ». Indeceney. Indelicacy, 
liomodesty, unohastilj. lewdr — 

Obscnre, a. 1. Dark, gloomy, 
darkBoroe, unlllnmtnated, ui 
ened, dnsky, somb"^- snmhrfti 
ehadawy, n>u^, i 
3, Unintemglbli 

iiuve, dis- 

... ^-ila. Incomprehensible, 

indlsQnot, Indefialts, Tagae. donbtful, 
enlgnurttdal, mysWrlons, mystic, mys- 
tloM, recondite abetruse, caballstii 
tranmendentalj li^li. 

3. Unknown, nndistti^rnlsbcd, name- 
lees, unnoted, unnotlcccl, rcnownlesg, 
unjionored, hnniWe, Inglorious. 
Obsonre, v, a. Darken, cloud, eclipse, 
dim, anade, obfuscate, cast in ibe 

Obs<nu4ly, n. 1. Dariinesa, dimness, 
gloom, floomlncE ---j- -■--- "-- 

4, sbade, o 

Obsequious, a. Fawul 
cclnging, servile, elaiieti 

I. pL ^equles, fnneral 

qnlonsiiegB.fl. Fawning, cringli^. 
ruity, slavlshness, Buppleneea, ayeo- 

ofleeablB, lemar 

ObservBiics, n. 1, PerCbrmance, fulHl- 

m^ntdlMMrge, aognittal. 
a. Form, ceremony, ceremoninl, 

practice, caeiom, luaee, faeUon. 
Observuit,a. Hllidfiil, regardful, 1 



Obaerver, n. Belioltler, speototor, bj- 

Obsolesoent, a. Becomine; obsolete, 
going DUC of use, falUng fnto desae- 

Obsolete, a. Antiquated, aisused, aee- 
leoted, un&shlonBible, old-^aMoned, 
out ofoate, JOllen ]iit« deenetnde. 

Obsta<ae, »■ Hlndscouce, obsliiLCUiai, 
^impedtment, dlfflanlfy, ahock, bardflr. 

Obstetrics, n.J>i. Midwifery, tocolt^. 

Obatlnaoy, «. StubbonineBa, ilo^ad- 

nasB, lieadlneBB, TvUfnlnesa. pei •-- 

ooutaTDOoy^ al>daracy, InfleidDll 
tinticity, pereietfinoy, pig-' 

Obstinate, a. SCnbbom, Uvee<"v '■^^-'- 
mnclous, nnyl^ddlng, Infl^ble, per- 
Terae, muUsb, otduraiated, oplTiiona- 
tivOi ivllfnl, heady, beadBtronff, i^rac- 
tory, nunilr, OTow-graJned, fn&aotable, 
oanta.DkerouB, obdarate, pscelstent, 
self-wUIed, piq^heased. 

ObBtreperonB, a. Xfjod, noiay, clam- 
oroufi, tnrbnlent, tDmuttuonH, Tocif^r- 
ouBf boietei'ouBT aprcarioua, blatant, 
brawling, blustering. 

Obstrnot, v. a. 1. Cloae, bar, stop, 

blocl^ade, barricade, block up, dam np. 

8. Hinder, impede, oppose, retard. 

ObstruetloD, «. Hlnderanoe, obstacle, 
impediment, ban-ier, cbeck, dlHicully. 

Obtain, a. a. Prooare, get, acquire, 
acbiflve, gain, win, earn, seonre, get 

Obtmstve, a. Intrasire, Inclined I 

bloeklBh, atockish, Seavy. slow, unln- 
t«l]jgeiit, nnlntellectual, bIihILdw, duU- 
wltted, blBOt-wltted. 
Obtaseness. n. 1. Blantuess. 

S. Dulneas, stupidity, sEolidlty, dolt- 

Obvlou^ a. Plsln, ev 
clear, paJpablc, visible 
ent, uiunlstakable- 

OccaBlon, fl. 1. Occuj 
c^ualty, event. 

orabie time, nick of time, gidden oppor- 

8. Nece^ty, need, exigency. 

4. Oauee [iMxtdaiiai), ground, reaaon. 
Oecaslon.v.a. 1. Cause, produce, orig- 
inate, breed, create, bring about, glYt 
rise to, give occasion to, bring to pass, 

a. Induce, luflu^we, persuade, move 

der a cffver, ui 
Oconltatton, »• 

Oceaaioiial, a. Incidental, accidental, 

casual, Irr^nlar. 
Occident, «. West. 
Ocotdent^.o. Western. 
Occult, a. Hidden, secret, unroToaled, 
^nkIlOWll, undiscovered, mysterious, 
lystlcal, recondite, cabalistic, 
fitrnss, veiled, sbrouded, un- 
der aolond. 
uooiipiiii^,n. PosBeeslonl.^ (fte (BBB), 

tenuiB, boldi]^ use, oocupatiou. 
Occupant, n. Possessor (7or the Ume). 

occupier, bolder. 
Occupatjion, ii. 1. PoKfflri.on, bolding, 
tenure, use, occupancy. 
9. Employment, business, calling, 

salt triide, ccofi, walli of life. 
Occupy, o. a. 1. Possess {/or !fte (Jme), 
keep, bold, bave goeaaBBlon of. 
9. Ckiver, fill, tnlie up. 
3> Employ, busy, ej^age. 
Oconi', P. n. 1> Appear, arise, offer, come 
into view, present itself, be met wIOi, 

I's head, fiash on the t 

adnd, I 

Occurrence, n. Incident, 
dent, casualty, advf-"-— 
action, proceeding. 

Ocean, 11. Sea. mail 
gceat sea, bigb sea. 

,ppen. Ml out, take place, 
I, atliilr, trans- 

Octagon, n. Eteht-sfdad figure. 
'■-- a, a. ^ht-slded. 

dl'vjslble by 2. 


a. Unmalolied, single (q 


centrto, fimtastlo, wfilmsioal, pacu 
comical, diDll, Bi&ABBS, grotesque, ex- 
travagant, 07tt of tbe way. 
Oddity, It. Singularity, strai^eneBa, 

OddB, it- Hng. ^ pi. Difference, dlspar^ 

Odds and ends. Fragments, remnanls, 

scraps, refuse, orts, off-acourings. 
Ode, ». Lyric poem. 
"•■ions, a. 1. Hateful, detestable, eie- 
rable, abominable, Bbocklng, dlsgnst- 
-S*--'-,, repidsive, obnoxious. 

dislilte, dto- ; 

lug, <^II8 

3. Dishonor, disgrace, 

quy, opprobrium, Bconc 


Odontalg:ia, n. {Med.) T 

Odor, n. Scent (ffond or *• 

furoe, fragrance, redelen 



.... Od, odyHic ftirce. 
„___iieiilcal, B. [Written also jEounieit- 
icaJ.J General (oJOJHal espedaUy to 
Councils of the Clwrch), nnivereid. 
CBsopliasug, n. Gullet. 
Off, p}'w. 1. Not on, not upon. 

S. Vauliig, franUng, ngaiiut, opposite, 
opposite t^. 
Off, a. Most Uieiant, on ttie farther side, 

on the rUIit Me, 
Oa, ad. Away. 
Oftel, n. 1. Garbage, 

a. Waale, refuse. rubblsU. 
aetenoe, II. [Wiitteu also Qff^nteJ 

(0^ in tjie expresaifnt weapojis <jfqff!snce] 
S. Displeaaure, anger, iudignatio!! 

3. IiUniy, injustice, a^ont, Irraug 
■ insalt, uiflignlty, outrage. 

4. Ti-eapoas, tranegreBeiou, misdeed 
ddtnqneiie;, misdemeanor, crime, Bin. 

CMfond, «. a. J. Afftout, displease, vex 
diafe, annoy, Irritate, provolie, nettle 
tret, gall, gWe olfence to, make angry. 

Offender, n. Transgressoi, culprit, tres- 
pfissei, criminal, delinquent, malefae- 
tor, f:onvict, felon. 
Offensive, a. 1. Aggreadve, assailant, 
attaoliing;, invading. 

Z. Diegastiug, naneealdng, nauseous, 
dckenliig, loatusome, repuMve. 

3. Diaagreoable, uupkaflant, anpal- 
atable, dispieiudi^, leroltli^, shockliig, 
abominaLle, detestable, hateful, eie- 
orable, obnosdouB. 
Offier, 1). a. 1, Present, tender, esMblt, 
proftSr, ffittend, bold out. 
it. FuinisL, propose, propound, show, 

i. Biaiasprke). 
Ofeec,v.n. 1. Occur, present itself, be 

8. Voluutear, propose, roaks an offer. 
Oifer, n. 1. PropusEa, proportion, ptuf- 

a. Bid. ' 
OfferiniE, n, Saccilice, oblivion. 
Off-hand, a. Unpremeditated, nn- 

Btudied, Impiromptn, extempore. 
Off-Imnd, oa. ^aarapoiei impioniptu, 

at tlie moment, on the spur of Uie^mo- 

ment, wttbont premfldllation or study. 

*•-- " * f*>-^^ — l^tmf^Fed by att- 

Omce, n. 

thoftty), t^-T , p , 

, 3, Ciiarge, trust, bnaness, — ^..^ 

meut, duty, sei'viee, funeljon, capad^. 

3. Place of bu^uess, countii^-room, 

OAcer, «. OBoial, funotionary, ma^ls- 


IB^et, R. 1. Sprout, slioot, slip, branch, 
oMioot, twig, scion. 

a, Coont^poise, oounterbalanee, aat- 
oif, sqniTalent. 

Of&ntbig:^ lb. Issue, progeny, child or 
clilldren, descendant or descendants, 

■i old. Anciently, a long while ago, in 
Ihe olden time, In ancient times, in 

, O that I had, would that I had. 

Oft, ad. yoeiicai.l Oetbs, fl-oquently, 

' ), aa, Frequenfly, repeatedly, no 

om, many times, not rarely. 


■I tne nrsE ^ate^ Of the htai, or lugj^- 
«at excellence {saH (f it gem). 

Ogei>,n. lArch.) Cymaldum, cyma. 

<^1^ n. Side glance. 

Oece, It. Spectre, go&lln, hobBoblln, 
Eugbear, poker, bugaboo, Bfelitful 

Oil of vitriol, Sulpiiuric aoid, vitriolic 

Oll-piant, n. Sesame, benne. 

OlUness,!!. Unctuousufas. 

Oily, a. XlLOtuous, gi'easy, oleaginous, 

selHceouB, adipose, Mty, fat. 
Ointment, n. Unguent. 
Okra, n. Gumbo [Abelmoichus esculen- 

Olii, a. 1. Aged, elderly, not yoiii«, of 
advanced ^e, advanced in years. 

S. Ancient, anti^jne, antiquated, old- 
fttsMoned, oblen, not modern. 
8, Of long date, not new. ' 
*, Qidng to decay, woi-n ouC 
Olden, a. [^ors.J Anuient, old, not 

Old-t^Uoned, a. Aatjquated, antique, 
ancient, old, arcbafc, out of fashion, 
out of date, f^en into deanetude. 

Old'tlms, a. Former, quondam, late, 
or-DBVAin, in ibrmer tjines. 

Old.wouuuilsli, a. Anile, aged, doling, 
Imbecile, decrepit, superannuated. 

Ole^Inons, a. Oily, unetaoas, greasy, 
sebaceous, adipose, iktty, &t. 

OUbunnm, «. IfJtAKKiMOENBE (q/" &a 

Olio, «. Medley, mixture, jumble, far- 
rago, hodge-podge, hot^h-putch, miscel- 
lany, salmagundi, galiimaufty, ou^ 

Olla podrlda, [Sp.J Mixture, medley, 

Ombrometer, 5!. Eain-gauge, pluvl- 

amet«r, udometer. 
Omen, n. Prognostic, presage, ai^ury, 

fbrebocling, poi1«nt, ansplce, sign. .. 
Omentum, it. lAtiat.) Caul, epiploon. 
Ominous, a. Portentous, moiutory, 

Omission, It. Fnllure, neglect, default. 
Omit, B. ft. 1. Leave oat, not menlion. 
a. Neglect, miss, let slip, let go, pass 



Omnipotent^ a. AlmlgLty, oil-power- 

Oonnipatent, It. [With THe pce&xed.] 
a — rniia AlaJg' ■- 


' UblaaJty, un 
UbiquitouB, 1 
.. Infinite n 
a. God, The Omulpotent. 

idlesa kuowlec^e 

„. God, Tlie Omiili, 

Omuisdent, a, Intmitely nise, all- 

■devourlng, panto- 

On, pr^. Upon. 
On, to*. Forward. 

a. Evenly lull! 



Jtven^e, Taking a mean of en 

aiB&s, taking tlie UTeFage. 
Ouanisiu, n. -MaBtuibatlon, self-pol- 

1, self~abi 

Onoe, ad, 1. For one time. 

Z. Fonueilj, In former timea. 
On-dit, «. [Fr.l Kumor, report, bmit, 

the town talk, flylnr report. 
One, a. 1. Single, inalvidual. 
i. The aame. 
3. United, uDdiviaod. 
One, «,. 1, Ifnlt. 

Z. IndiiMuul, Mreon, human being. 
Oae-berrr, n. Trae-love, berb-patie 

{Paris guadT^lia). 
One day. Some day, Booner or later, one 

of ibese days. 
On end. Erect, upright. 
One of tliese days. Some day, onB day, 

OoeronB, a, Bncdcneonie, oppressive, 
heavy, we^ty, laborious, toilsome, 
operoae, bard, dlffloult. 

On exMMtfoti, Displayed, exhibited. 

On hand, 

Ou-lookei', «. Spectator, beholder, ob- 
server, by-standee, looker-on. 
Only, 1. Sole, solitary, alone, single. 

Only, ad. 1. Merely, barely, simply, 
anil nothing else. 
a. Solelj, singly. 
On one's own hook, ICOHoqiaai, U. 8.] 

s^(. ™^ * """ ™™ ' ^ ™ ^ 
On tlia qnl live. On t&e alert. 
On aB^t,, For sole, to be suld, off^ed Ibr 

Onset, I n. Attefk, assault, ohaige. 

Onslaught, I storm, stormiug, first 

On stilts. Fretentious, pompous, bom- 

On tap. Tapped, broached, broach. 

On the alert, Watfihine, watchful, at- 
tentive, vigilant, on Uielook out. 

On the anvil, In preparation. In prog- 
reaa, in process. 

On the contraiT, 1. In opposition, on 
the olher aide. 
%. So fas from being so it Is Just the 

On the liochet, [CMoguioC] Inhand, 

On the look oot, Watchful, OS Ton 

in the mending: hand. Convalescent, 

getting better. 

'n tlie passage. On tne way {eipedaUy 

On the spot, Immediately, at once, 
On tlie way. On the passaoe, bK 

view of all tiie circumstances, tflliing 
every thing into acoonnt, upon Ihe 

On the vtlns. Flying. 

On tick, lOmogviaL] On credit. 

n"^^' larf- Foi-watd, in advance. 
OnivardB, ) ' 

Oolite, n. Roestone. 
Ofrae, <'. Mire, Blime, mu 
Ooze, V. n. Percolate, fi 

Oozy, a. Miry, slimy, muddy. 
Opacity, II. Opaquenesa, want c 

Opaque, a. Hot transparent. 
(^aqnenesH,!!. Opacity, want ( 

Ope, «. 0.161. [JVMcot.J Opei 

nncfosBd, be patted,' be simdered, be 

>peii> a. 1. Unclosed, not shut. 

a. Expanded, extended, broad, net 

S. FranK, onreseryed, candid, h 

disguised, undeaigning, am^ 
undlsaembllng, sincere, gulle&s, fair, 
honest, Bingle-mluded, above-board, 

4. Liberal, generous, munilcent, 
bountiful, open-handed. 

5. Exposed, unprotected, unde- 

6. Public, UTO'estrioted, oleM, onob- 

mnnlficent, honntiful. 

b frosty, not 
reus, liberal. 



Open-liearted, a. Candid, fianli, ait- 

IflBa, gnlleleaa, open. 
Opening:, «. a. Anectnte, hole, orifice, 

perfoiaUon, breacb, cbOEm, cleft, gap, 
. flseme, tent, ritt, flaw. 

8. Opportuiaty, cliante, 
Opera-glaBE, n. IdTgnette. 
O^ierate, p: «. [Followed by on or upon.] 
Act, -fnai, have efibcC, have jnfiDenceL 
OperaCJon, li. 1. Action, agency, force, 
iiflusiioe, effect, 

8. Peribimance, procediue, process, 
proceeding, nmnlpn&tlon. 
3. MOTement, nioaon, monceavre. 
Opwatlve, o. 1. Acting, actiie, in 
acttonj in operation. 


Opute. n. (Min. 

rer, artisan, ]aix>rii^ 
, actor, petformer, 

1, difficult, tedious, 
gerpsntJuo, greea 

OphthaJmy, «. (M«(.) OphthalmiB 
InfluaDjation of (he eye. 

Opiate, li. Anodyne, narcoijc, BedatiTf 

<^iie, w. ". [Obiomte or cotloguial. 
Think, ] ndge, believe, suppose, coneelTc 
apprehend, fancy, VBES, pteeDme 
take It, be of ophdon, have an opiniun 

Onlnlon, ». 1. Judgment, notion, rte» 
belief, idea, concepuon, Impieaslon, sen 

oal, opinlonative, 


OiHbioDative, (E. Opiniobated. 
Impouent, It. Antagonist, adversary, 

rival, compelilor, enemy, foe, adverse 

nmely, JW, enitable, tivorable, pro- 
pitious, auspicious, tbTtunate, lucky, 
APBOPOa, well-timed, to the pnrpose. 
Oppartnnelr, ad. Seasonably, In the 
nick of Ume, all in. good time, in the 

OpportnnM;, n. Chance; fit, suitable, 
or fovorabls time : good chance, Atttng 
occasion, nick of t^me. 

Oppoee, V. a. 1, Beatat, vltlkstand, con- 

, ^Tene,tliw»rt,orjinen,combat, strive 
i^alnat, set ont^slace artist, malce & 
Btand agijnat. 
S. Contradict, gainsay, deny. 

Opposing, a. O^idicting, counteract- 
1^1 aatagcnietie, adverse, oppo^te, 
hiHtile, InuolcaL 

Opposite, a. 1. Facing, over agiunst. 
8. Oontraiy, repugnant, diverse, un- 
like. Incompatible, inconsistent. 

S. Adverse, opposed, opposing, autag- 
oniBlla, lioeldle, inimical. 

OpposlUoio, ». 1. Oontrartety, repug- 
nanee, diversity, InooiiBistency. 

I. Oouuteiaotion, hostility, ceateti 

rnellj, tyrannize i 

Hardship, misery, 
3. iyranny, severity, cruelty, injns- 

. ClOBe, nncoml!>i:tab!e. 
Oppressor, n. Tyrant. 
(riinrobiiouB, a, 1. Beproaillifal, mnr- 
lilous, aba^ve, vituperaUve, Insolent, 
andemnatory.dBinnatow, scandalous, 
iontemptnouB, offenBive, Insulting. 

e. lommouB, deeded, Bhameful, diB- 
lonorable, disgracenil, disreputable. 
Opprobiliini, n. Beproach, disgrace, 

Infamy, ignominy, obloquy, odium. 
Oppugn, V, a. Afsall, attack, combat, 
tceist, oppose, thwart, contravene, with- 

Option, «. Choice, election, preference. 
Optional, a. DiseiBttonal, elective. 
Opulence, n. Wealth, odluence, liches, 
fortune ■ • ■ 

Opuleiil^ a 


rick, B 

Sush, minieyedl weii'oif. " 
Oracle, n. 1. Divine oommunioation 
a. {Je-mgk HiaUaV.) Samitnary, H 
OS Holfffl. 
3. (GredC Mslory.) Deity or ! 

1. Ftopketic, dngmaUcal, 

J, magisterial. 

a, Smo, wise, grave, venerable. 

, _ J........ — ,.., inpatiTB, 

■•U^u-. ,. 

parole, not 'written. 
Orallf, ad. By word 

CISC, address, speech, 

Pnblle speaker. 

OFStory, «■ Elonuence, art uf spealdng 

well (iiiiniWic). 
Orb, 11. 1. Globe, spliere, baU, 

8. Circle, orbit. 
Orltionlar, a. 1. Splierical, globular, 
globated, globous, globose. 
a. Ciroiflar. 
Orbit, ». 1.0rb,clreularpath(iiraMle>- 

Z.iAnai.) Cavity of the eye. 
Orcliesti^li. 1, JPlaoe for muslciaiis 

(t» cm orchestra), 
Oroliotamf, n. {Med.) Emasculation, 



Ordain, v. a. ], Appoint, caAl, elect, 
coDEBcrate, destine, eet apart. 

a. Establish, Inatttnte, legalate. aet 
In ocdei, arrange. 
3. Decree, enact, ordec, preserlbe, 

Ordeal, n. Trial, Met, touolstone, proof, 

assay, experiment. 
Order, «. 1. Metliod, regularity, ajm- 

metrv, r^ulac iircongement. 
S. lit condition, pioper alate. 

3. Kt^laaon, role, canon, preaorlp- 
tdra, law, Btandli^ rula. 

4. Mandala, precept, iniimcMon, com- 
mand, direction, Instriic^on, bidding. 

5. Bonk, olasa. nade. d^iee. 

6. iSoi.) Family, tribe. 
■* """!.) Sub-clBBs, BQbotdinalfl 

, 1. B^ulate, arrange, eya- 

, __, , jiethSiii... 

8. Manage, conduct, cacry oi 
3. Command, Inettact, dire 

reqnire, give an order 

X. Decree, edict, law, 
lony, observance, Ba«ra^ 

OrdlnEiry, «■ 1. Common, nanal, cus- 
tomary, babitual, settled, eat^Ibhed, 
wonted, erery day. 

i, erery day. 

3. Plain, u^y, liomely, inel^ant. Ill- 
looking, not liandaome, cot fine. 

OrdliiKry, n. EallnB-houae ItOliere a 
m&tlimff^reda£ a aettied price), TAniJi 
■D'sbrrs, public table. 

Or^natlon, n. Conaecratlon, Induction, 

Ordnance, ». Cannon, great guns. 

Ordnre, «. Bung, eitorement, ftacea. 

Organ, n. Instrument, means, medium. 

Oiganlc, I n. BadicHl, fundamental, 

OrganlcBl, i constitutional. 

Oisaniam, n. 1. Organic structure. 
^- Organization, organized being, or- 

Oreanizatiou, n. 1. Constructiun, con- 
antution, organizing, forming, mak- 

I, orgauiiied b^ng, organ- 
(bp (osign- 

Organize, V- .... 

parts (/Br sp^iai/mcti/ms), oonstruot, 
fOnn, make. 

Orsdes, »- pl^ Kerels, bacobu^als, aatur- 
naliaj catoasal, revelry, wassail, de- 
bauch, drunken t>out. 

Orient, a. 1. Eastern, oriental. 

it. Bright, shining, glittering, sp^- 
lii^, brifliant. 

Orient, «. East. 

Oriental, a. Eastern, orient. 

Origin, B. 1, Source, rise, spring, be- 

origtn^', tbuntain-head, startii>g-£»int. 

Orlsinal, 3. 1. Primitive, abor^nal, 
prnueval, prinkary, primordial, pristine. 

B. Archetype, model, pattern, type, 
prototype, protoplast, exemplar, tirat 

3.' [CoSaqmai.] Oddity, eccentric 

OrfElnate, v. a. Create, breed, bring 
into ejiiatence, be the author of, be the 

Originate, v. n. Arise, riae, be^n, 
spricg, proceed, emanate, flow, take its 

OiiginatDr,fl. Inventor, anUior, maker, 
creator. Either, fbrrtoc, Jirst oanee. 

Orison, n. Prayer, supplication, peti- 
tion, solicitation, 

Oruvdn, 11. Mosaic gold, 

" ■- - Embellishment, decora- 


. Embelliehing, serving 



Oni^e, a. Onmmented, e 

decorated, hedeofced. 
OFrerv, n. PiaoetariBm. 
OrtliwaaBe, «, Fslspai. 
OiiJiodox, a. Sound (in reUgvMB mnib- 

(DNs), of tlie true Mth, not heretical, 
Ortliodoxy, «■ True ^th, aonndnesa 


Ortliograpliy, n. SpeUing. 
Osdllatfl, V. n. _ Swing, vlbrat 

Vibration, swinging, 

OBdUatory, o. Vibratory, swinging, 

oscillating, vlhratii^. 
Oscitat^ p, n. Gape, yawn. 
Osier, n. 1. Willow, 

S. 'Wloker, withe, willow tw^. 

eshibt^d, presented, vialble. 

neSB, paBeRUtry, tii^ pretension. 
OBtontaabns, db B^stJul, vidn, ^lowy 

^orlousl ibnd of d 

pets, with beat of drum. 
tstracism, u. Banishment, ex 
oxclnslon, eioommunlcatlon. 

h.sios !, Google 

V. a. Bnnisli, exile, ; 

plelaly, tLoi-ouElilj, nttarly. " " 
8. taiSeetioe^.] Complete, thorougli, 

Oat~1>alaiice, o. a. Oyerwelgli, over- 

biHiuiGe, ovecpolse. 
Outtii«ak, ». 1. Eruption, exploaiaD. 
e, lOot, row, ftay, affray, broil, eon- 

fliot, l>ce»oli or tlie peace. 
Outbnrst, n. Eruption, outbresk. 
Outcast, «. 1. ExUa. 

a. Keprobalo, oostaway, v^abOBd, 

Parlob, abandoned wretcb. 
Outcrop, li. [Oeol.] Baaaeting, cropping 


I. Cry, Bcrenm, screech, yell. 

.oo, noise, line and cry. 

itdo, V. a, £xcel, encpass, exceed, 

leat, ouC&trIp, oatvie, ont^, go b«yond, 

it-dooTB, ad. Aliroad, ont-oMoora, 

Ontflow, n. Effliuc, eUMon, flow, out- 

Ontgih H. a. 1. Ontstrip, go beyond. 
8. Surpass, excel, exceed, oatdo, otit^ 

vie, beat, be Bupeiior to. 
Ontso, n. Expenditure, onOay. 
Oot-Xtemd Ueirod, Be very extrava- 

, n, liot naUve, Suit' dom^Sc, 

from abroad, 
a* Barbaroua, mstlo, boorish, rude, 

OutlHW, «. BobbH', bimi^t, bcieoud, 

fteebooter, highwauiuan, marauder. 
Ontlay, ». Bxpendi tare, outgo. 
Outlet, »■ Exft, ^ees, vent. 

aTsketch, plan, drai 
drawing, rough draft. 

ost, a. ueniotest, furthest 

f/i. From 

By means of, m ooneeouence of. 

Sit In. 

Abroad, not within. 
5. Beyond. 
_t of cIutracteF, Inapproprlata, ii 
proper, unsuitable, out of keeping, o 
of place, in bad tante. 


id with. 

Oat of date, Antlaoitted, antique, ar- 
chido, obaoleta, old-ftshioned, out of 
ftahion, gone 1:^, fWlen Into desuetude. 

tnt-of-doore, ad. Abroad, ont-doors, 
in the open air, ont of Clie liouee. 

Int of fashion. Our of eatb. 

tntofliumor, Irritated, rnSed, vexed, 
anpy. sullen, peevifih —*- — 

»ntof Joint 1. r' ■ 

><itarsapt^ 1. HI, unwell, ailing, sick, 
indisposed, laid up. 
S. (Printiag.] Without an assorts 

Ont of temper. Out OB Himoa. 
Out-of-the-way, a. Uueommon, un- 

al« ^ngniar, strange, rare. 

)f tune, 1. HaraS, discordant, not 

Ont of tlie ft^ing pan into the fire. 

From bad l« worse. 
Out of wind, I Plane, eien, level, 

Out-pourlt^, «, ESiiBion, e&ax, out- 

Onti'age, «. Insult, affront, indignity, 

abuse, oiftiice. 
Ootrage, V. a, Insalt, abuse, maltreat, 

oflfend, shock. 

-■ 1. 3. 1. Furious, violent. 

Id, mad, Aantie, infuriate, 

Atrodona, heinona, vUlanona. 
a. Excessive, exorbi' 
Outi^, a. [Ft.] Exiravi 




Outr^ht, ad. 1. Inimediately,inst3ntly, 
at ODce, wiciiout delay. 
B. Completely, utterly, entirely. 

strip, outgo, beat, go beyond. 
Outset, 71. Beginning, commencement, 

opening, starung-polnt. 
Outside, II. Exterior, surface, snper- 

ficies, external part, 
Ontsidco. Exterior, exletnal, outward, 

outer, on the aurikce. 
Ontslih't, n. Suburb, border, environs. 
Ontstiuidiag:, a. Unsettled, unpaid, 

owing, due. 
Outstrip, V, a, 1. Outgo, ontmn, go . 

Bsuel, exceed, surpass, 
'l. External, exierlor, 
S. 'CxUJn^c, extraneona, odventi- 
Overliaiance, over- 


Outweigh, V. a. 
poise, overwB^h. 

Outwit, w. o. 1. Outgeneral, ont-man- 
(euvre, l>affle, stealamanjli upon. 

a. Overreach, cheat, dupe, deceive, 
circumvent, awindle, demand, victim- 
ize, cosen, gull, dionse, diddle, talie In, 
impose upon. 

Oval, a. Elliptical, 

Ovato, a. E^-shaped. 

.y Google 

Ovation, «. Triumph. 

a' Across, athwart, trom one side of 
to tlie other 
3. ThroughoDt, through, Qiroi^ tha 

. Across, atliwatt, traBsversely, 

fuU, 1 

>t, in addition, into 

>mpletelyj itonk be* 

irant, plen- 
, plenMful, 

ample, replete, liberal, ia>wu. 
Overawe* v. a. Awe, intimidate, 

frighten, aSMght, ciaunC 
Overbalaiioe, ?. a. Outneigh, over- 

poltto, overw^gh. 
■" ■ - Ovarpower, overwhelm. 



Overcast, a. Clonded, darkened, ob- 

Overchaise, v, a. 1. Burden, oj 
Bnrclinrge, overload. 

overlay with ornament. 

vanqulah, snbji^nte, overtjirow, 
vbeDu, overturn, overbeai", over | 
.OTerinaster, de&at, crush, beat, iiiiib, 
diseomiit, ehok^set Che better of, get 

Ov^oome, v. n. Prevail, conguer, gain 
flia victory. 

Ove^Donfldent, a. Itaah, venturesome, 
presuiaptuous, overtveening, headlong, 
predpiC^te, incautious, imprudent. 

Overdoue, a. 1. Ovei'wrought. 
e. Oooked too mucli. 

Overestimate, v. a. Overvaine, over- 
prise, overrate, oialie too much of. 

Overflow, v. a. 1. Inundate, deluge, 

S. OverBpcead, oven-un. 
Overflow, m. ». Ovarruii, run ova 
Overflo-w, n. 1. Inundation. 

a. Superabundance, exuberano 
uriance, profusioii, excess. 
Overfond, a. DoHi«, too fbnd. 
Overfull, a. Surctiai^d, overolii 

overloaded, surfeited, piethorio. 
OveiliaDl, V, a, 1. {JVool.) Ove 

reprove, reprehend, find fault with, p 
censure on, take to taak, bring '-■ '— 
call over the coals, ijaui over t 
call to account, eonie down up 

Ovepbead, ad. Above, aloft. 

iveclfty, r. B. 1. Cover, spread over, 

a. Crush, smother. 
»v«rli]>entl, a. Lavisli, profuse, prod- 
igal, thriftless, nnthrtfty, eiitravagant, 
waetefal, too free. 
Overli>ak, v. ct. 1. Supedntend, super- 
vise, ovaraae, inapact, liave charge 

3* Exeus^foi^ve, pardon, pass over, 
forgive and forget. 

3. Disregard, n^lect, miss, bunk, 
case by, be inattoitive to, not noMoe, 
not think of. 
.ivemiaetor, v. a. OVEEPOWGR. 
Overmodest, a. SaalifUl, e^y, timid, 
timorous, coy, difiident, sliamefocod, 
flheeplah, not Bclf-possessad. 
Overplus, n- Excess, Burplns, siirplus- 

overivhelm, overoomej c 


. defeat, ront» crash, 
beat, vanquish, flubjugato, discomfit, 
ohoke, get the better o^ gee the upper 
hand of. 
Overpri9«, 1 v. a. OveresUiuate, Over- 
Overrate, I value, make too much 

Overreach, v. a. Deceive; cheat, dupe. 

^Burpasa, super or , 
i. ■ 1. Control, govern, 
I, rescind. 

Override, t*. a. 

8. Oatwelgl 

take preoeden 

OveTFnle, V. 

its, reooU, x^ect, repudlale, 

OverrilUng:, a. ControUlng, governing, 

directing, prevailing, prcdonunant. 
Overrun, v. a. 1, Kun over, spread 

2. Kavage, devastate, despoil, lay 

Overrun, B. B. Overflow, run over. 

Overseei-, n. Superintendent, Inapeotor, 

supervisor, director, boss. 
Overset, v. a, 1. Overturn, upset, cap- 

8.' SubvertTover throw, dratroy. 
Oveiraleht, ». 1. Superintendence, con- 
trol, dii'actlon, management, supac- 
vislon, inspectlDn, cliaige, cai'e, snit- 

i. Error, blunder, mistake, slip, trip, 

miss, inadve 



V. a, Oateli, come up v 
iUbvett, proettata, Isve 

. i. Snbvsrdon, proBt^' 
.ion, demolitloii, ruia, ebtp- 

a. Encel, transcend, entpaas, eioead. 
Overture, ii. 1. Propo-' -'*'- — 
S. [Mm.) Orcheitria 

ToducUon t 

Overweentngr, o. Conoeitea, liauglity, 
prond, !iiT<^ant, oplDlonated, egotisu- 
Old, nonaequentl^ aapereUlons, Tain, 
valn-^lorions, pufKd up. 

Overwhelm, o. a. 1. Ovocflow, spread 

is. Subdue, Tuiquiali, conaner, detbat, 

OverHToiight, oi. Overdone, elaborated 

Ovule, ». {£01.) Buaimentary seed. 

Ovum, B. [Upl. OuB.I E^. 

Owe, w. a. 1. Be indebted to, be bound 

a. Be obliged to ssorllie to, be obl^sd 

Onins, a. Due- 
Owing to, Attributable to, Heetibable 

Ownei', «, Proprieter, posaesaor, hi 
Oxidate, v. a. Okidiie. 
Oxidize, 1), o. Oxldata, caldne, coi 

into an oxide. 
Oxj^enate, o. a. Oxygenize, uni 

impregnate wiH oxygen, 
Ox^enize, v. a. Oxygenate. 
Oxygon, n. Aoute-ai«led triangle 

e, ». 1. St«p, tread. 


PaciOcatian.n. Tranqnlllisatcon, teeon- 
ciliatlon, reoomdlement, acoommoda- 

Paciflmtor, n. PeocemalEer. 

reel, paeket. 

t. Burden, load. 
1. Colleotion, 

ile, paoSage, budget, 

t, knot, band, clan, 
«3 {into a bundle), 

t, It. 1. Package (^mallj. 

■ a, Teseei IfOr freight and 
between aittttd ports ), 
Faekfoi^, ». [Writ 




jk off, Ijiettse.] Despatcli, bi 

BBnd away, 
Paclt off, iSealer.i Depart, go, E 

set out, set off, be off, get off. 
Pact, n, Ciompaet, contract, a^ceenteut, 

bai^^n, covenant, stipulation, conven- 


n, ceneordant. 

e Ifor ike saddle), saddle- 

Pcean, 11. TrlumpLal sons. 
Fi^an, n. Heatlien, gentile, idolater. 
Pagan, a. Heatlienyi. heaCliea. 
Fsganism, ». Heathenism. 
Page, n. Boy-servant (oitoulinff aro^ 
01- miWS peramiage or a legislature), sejv- 

Pag^eant, ». Spectacle, show, display, 

P^eantry, fl. SIiow, display, parade, 

flourish, showing elf. 
Pain, ™. 1. PonStv, punishment. 

1. Suffering, distresB, ache, pang, toi:' 
mt, toituiB, anguish, agony, uiroe. 



Fain, t>. a. 1, Tormaut, torture, radi, 

a. IMaquiet, tioubls, Hiflict, gdeve, 
AiggrlBve, dlaplease, annoy, plicae, bore, 
hiu'asa, vex, worry, teaea, drafe, fret, 

PldnCnl, a. 1. TormantliB, tortniing, 
agonizing, racking, dlstreadi^, dlatreaa- 
fiQ, exerudiriing. 

e. GrleToiiE, affiletini, afflictive, dis- 
qnlaUng, troiiblafiome, olBpleaBii^, pro- 
voMi^, antioyinE, vexttUoos, unplaas- 

3. Toilsome, atdaous, dlffluult, liatd, 

.„___1B Bffljrf. 

Painatablnff, a. JAbGiioaa, sednloas, 
dilleont, InHuBtrlQUB, carafnl, plodding, 
udtlnaiis, etrenoous, liard-worldng, 
persevering, gpaiii^ no paina. 

PainetBJdRs, ». I^xa, IMnatry, asal- 
dutty, diligence, petBevaranoe, oaieftil 

Paint, D. a. X. Represent {bg eolors}. 
a. Color (lotift a pigmeat], coot with 

8. Depict, delineate, deaocibe, BkeMh, 
portray, pencil, eeb foith. 
Point, n. iigmer*- —'— '- 
Paln«.^,B. Pit 

Palase, n. StaMy m 
Palatable, a. Savoi 
luBalon^ delioata- 


., -^ .. . e, glbberjali, atnff, traah, 
i^Ldge, noDB8DBa, platitade, mooiiBliine, 
wiUL-vasli, flonuuaryj Jargon, BensalaHS 
pralfi, ttotM lUeooursB, idle talk. 
Pale, a. iTP^lid, won, asliy, wliitiab, 
colorlesa, oadaveronaj not Tnooy. 
S. Dim, Bombre. 
Pale, fl. 1. iicket stale. 

S. Enoloanra, drcult. 
Palfrey, «. Baddle-borea. 
PaJing;, ik Pence {made i^palei). 
Palli^eneala, n. [dr.] Palanganeais, 
palengenasy, regenaraiaon, eociond birUi, 

P»U,n. iloak (((r staiel, n^nOo. 
Poll, V. a. 1. Moke vajdU oc ineipid. 
9. SafJiita, cloy, sari^t, sate, gli 
gorge, fill (o repletion. 
Pall, V, », Become insipid, grow laete- 


Palliate, v. a. 1. 

gloss, aeOlo^ze fUi. 

BiUwarK, sflfeguart 

abale, mollify, laeeen, diminish 
dnll, blnub, quiet, still, quelL 
'aUlatlcm, ». 1. BxtsuuatiDIJ. 

diminish, relieve. 

... SQtigatdoa, Bllevtatlon, leliof. 
PaUlBttve,n. Lenitive. 
Pallid, a. Wan, wldUsh, aaby, ■ 


Falling, a. Nauseating,' loathsome, 

Paltai, v. n. 1. Goncaal In the palm [ob 

a Jugoler). 
3. Impose (6» frond), obtcade, posa 

Palmer, n. Pilgrim. ireiu,i-ned from the 

Holy CtBHi), cruBiider. 
Pulmlped., a, 
Palmlxtry, n. 
Palm off npc 
Palm npDDi, 

thriving, liappyJoyouB.hHloyon, 

Iden, Sati 

L. Tangible, taoUle. 


eeen, very perceptibLe. 
Palpitate, r. n. Pnlsate, throb, flnttflr, 
go pit-a-pat. 

boating, pulsation, throb, 

P»lpl,«,jj;. [Ii.) {Era.) Feelers. 

PftlBy, «. Paraly^. 

Palsy, V. a, Paralyas, benumb, deaden. 

Palter, «. II. Equivoeate, sliullle,doi^e, 
qnlbble, evade, prevaricate. 

Paltry, a. 1. Small, little, dimlnnliva, 
inconsiderable, liiBiaiiilloanlj nnimpor- 
tant^ petty, miserable, wretoned, sl&ht, 
Blander, feeble, trfflli^, trivial, <rf"no 
oansaanence, of no iarportanoe. 

a. Besa, vile, abject, grOYelliJig, low, 
mean, be^orly, pliltul, cta^iioable, con- 

Pamper, V. a, 1, Feed to excess, teed 
S. Indulge (utuiu^), coclier. 

Pamplilet, n. Bbockijre. 

Sn^nMvarBal remedy. 
Pancake, n. Flapjack, fritter. 
Pander, «. Proooier, pimp, male bawd. 
Ptmdei' to. Subserve, minister to. 
Fauesyric, n. Eulogy, anlo^um, Bnco- 

□Liuni, tribute of waJsa. 
Panesyrio. I«. tEnonmiaeOo, enoomi- 
PanecyricBl, J aslical, eulogistic, ealo- 

glstical, commendatory, laudatory. 
Faoeevrlze, V. n. PralBe[AisA^),ertDl, 

Pane^ n, (Zcw.J Array, body of ju- 

Pang-,!!. Paln{sAorpaBfi«Mrf!ien),tluDe, 

PaiwoUn, ». Mauls, scaly ant-eater. 
Panic, n. Friglit, alftlght, alarm, terror, 
consternation, sudden fear. 

•T ifiompJ^s), sidt oi 


Faner, ». (Bol.) Heart'a-eaaa, gardBn 

riolet ( Wo trtcolorj. 
Font, P. n. 1. Puff, gasp, blow, breatha 
bard, loeo bceath. 
a. long, yearn, hunger, tblret, sigb. 
aHoonB, ii. pi. Trousers, breecbes. 



^, .. J. Nipple, teat, dug, 

a. Food {'node sqft fio- infants and 
weoWinffB), nattiment, nourlsliment. 
Fnps, «. fatber (so used by chUdTen). . 
Fapaveroo^, a. Poppj-lUce- 
Tapei, ». 1. Doeumant, writing, writ- 
ten IinstramenC. 
a. Newspaper, journal. 
8. (OHn.) U'otea, bank-notes, diufts, 
IdllB oTexciuuitie. 
PapUlouaceaDa, a. Bntteray-sMped. 
Paralae.n. Fable{lnuAlcAwAatia sfoted 
(M./itct M »i]£a£ie, or vM^ It fimided 
on the oraittary incideTiia qf daaJ^ l^'h 

flctiUons nWratfva (intended to Cas- 
trate some epirVmil tratli), 
Farabolio, lo. J^niatiTe, expressed 
Parabolical,; byaparuble or simili- 

Parade, n. 1. Ostentation, aisplay, ce 
monj, sbow, pompous exhibition. 
a. Pageant, speotacla, pompons p 

Ptirade, P. 11. IHsplay, flaunt, sbow i 
Parade, v. n. Hi&s a sbow, show offi 
Paradise, n. 1. Eden, the garden 

a. Kearen, Elysium, abode of I 

PaTadnz, n. AbButdlty (as appears ai 

first i^M, yet not so ia/Cict), ee — ■ — 

ParBdaxicOI, a. AbBord (fti obom 

-ytt coi^tirmdbts to/act), Inerediblt 

Elii^, Inconc^rabie. 
Paragon, «. Model, patteiii, maater- 

noQesuob, :^nl!. 
Paragrapli, n. 1. Fassi^B, clauEe, 
ilon of a discourse. 
a. It«m (as in a jieuBpqpsr), remark, 

Parallel, a. 1. Equidistant throughout 
I"' Hnetj, 

t. In confbrmlty, In hatmony, in 

Parallel, n. 1. Parallel line. 

a. KeaemblBBce, efmllarlty, likeness. 

3. Compailson. 

Para]ysi8,i>. Falay. 

Paralyse, v. a. Palsy, benumb, deaden. 

n — ,. — 1 — 1 « Soplustry (uninten- 

ioiim), lk,lse reasoning. 

e, superior, pce- 

Faiapet, n. iFoH.} Breastwork (on a 

a. Breiist wall (as m a bridge). 
'BraphemHlla, n. pi. Appendages, 
ornamenlfl, ttappiiigs, equipment. 
Paraphrase, n. 1. Explanation (6y 
ampt^ing), flxpoaitlon. 
3. It^'ee tiaoBlation. 
Paraphrastic, ( a. 1. Explanatory 
Pai'aplirastlcal, j Jfiv ampl^aHim). 
S. Free, loose, dlniie, not llter^ not 

ratonnere, n. [Fr.] Lightnii^roa. 
Faia^te, «. Syoophaiit, flafiersr, toady, 

fawner, wlieedlet, flunky, spaniel, ilok- 

spittle, plck-t^ank, toad-eater, Ume- 

aerver, hanger-on, 
Fai'asltlD, j a. Sycopbantjc, fawning, 
FarasltlCBl, J flatteflng, wheedling, 

eervfle, slavish, meanly submissive. 

S. Set, lot, batch, collection. 
3. [Law.] Piece, part, portion, tract, 
plot, paioh. 
Parcel out. Divide, distribute, aj)por- 

FaroA, e. a. 1. Burn {aligMy), sooroli, 

B. Dry, shrivel, dry up. 
Pardon, v. a. 1. Remit, overlook, pass 


Pardon, n. Foi^i 

omAc^on, and 

penaUu maurred), i 

Pardonable, a. Excusable, venial, that 

may be pardoned. 
Pare, b. a. 1. Peal (Jj/ tts use (tf" « 

3. Clip, cut, shave off. 
Parenttrae, n. Extraction, birth, de- 
scent, lineage, pedigree, stock. 
Parents, n. pi. Father and mothar. 
Pai^:et, P. a. Plaster, cover with plaster. 
Pareeter, B. Piaslecer. 
Parhelion, ». lOr. pi. Parlieiia.] Hook 

Pai'iahiX. Outcast, vrretch, Troglodyts, 

Parity, i*. Equailty, analogy, close cor- 

. Talk,ci 

e, dlsooura€ 

bold a oimterenca' (especia&y witft a 
dotty be- 

amd Imlmul). 
Parlor, ». Dc! 
Parody, n. TJ 




ijce), talk, discoui: 

t. n. Wnuse of 

(qf Oreat Bnt<Hi 

, burlesque, caii- 

h.sios !, Google 

Forol, )ii. 1. iLani.} Word of mi 
Parole, f ocal doolatatiOD. 

B. (jUii.) Word of honor, won 
piomieo, iiJighted fidtlt. . 

■" B. 1. jjlftd.) ExH«erbi 

H, psv)dKaUy], dt, cot 

PaiiT.ii.B. Ward off, tum sBlda. 

Fai^umonlDiuk a. Stingy, doas, avarl- 
doiiB, niggardly, mleerWi mean, penn- 
rlous, grsaping, CDTStooa, closs-flated, 
Boidia, TMy saTing, exoessively fti^al. 

Poffiliaoiir, «■ 3tlngiiiee9, niggaidll- 
nraa, penurtoaaaesB, aTaiice, covetous' 
aeaa, cupidity, meojmosS' 

PaitHui, «■ Stinleter, pTieet, olecgyman, 
putor, ecelsBlaslJc, cEucdunuiu divine. 

Fart^ ». 1. Piece, portion, fraction, sae- 

9, Member, organ, oonstltnent, ele- 
ment, component, liwrodlent. 

3. Share, iilloUnent, lot, dividend. 

4. Bnsine^ clmrge, duty, offioe, 

5* Side, party, Intereat, concern, &c- 

t. Quit each o 


', take leav 



Part flrom, Ijeave, be detaoliea from, be 
separated fVom. 

Fa.rb witllf Bellnquleh, realgn, surren- 
der, lose, giva up. 

PartaAe o$ Farilcipate, poitake, diare, 
have a ehare of, take a part of, have a 
part of, partlt^pate In. 

Partaldiis:, «. PartlidpatiDn. 

Fartake, v. a. Share, partake of, par- 
ticipate In, have a part of, take a part 

Fartalcer, n. Participator, ebaier, eom- 

Part«rre,n. [FrJ nt, parquet. 

Partial, a. 1. fiioomplete. Imperfect, 
limiWd, not entire, not total, not gen- 
eral, not ujiivereal. 

& Biassed, pr^udlced, prepoBseBsed, 
warped, Interested, untMr, nr^ust, one- 

Partial to. Fond of. 

a. Fon 

coafiHlerale, abettor, si 

. 1, trnfalrnees, iuJoMioe, 

, ]ltli«, 

hcrfectJy, in 

part iu, take a part .... 
PartiolpaUoii, ». Parlaklns 
Partldpatar, ». Par'-' — - 
Partide, b. Bit, ji 

coFpuBcle, mote, jot, iota, tittle, n 

grun, scrap, mtte, scintilla, ace. 
Fartlcular, a. 1. Kapaclal, spei 

specific, not general, 
H. Individual, di^le, separate, 

Unot, distinction. 
3. Minute, exact, preeisa, nice, e 

—'-us, fasf -" — 

4. Peculiar, odd, ^ngnlar, i 

PaiilcolBfity, ». 1. Eiactnesa, pre- 
idsenese, preindon. 
It. Detail, item, parUcutar, special 

Peculiarity, Bli^iilarlty, eharac- 

particulars, m 

Particularly, ad. 1. E^ieclally, spe- 
olallj, Bpecifically, itoinmatantially. 

9, Separately, ^ngly, disUiictly, in- 
Pai'tlng:, n. 1, Breaking, rupture, dia- 
ruptlon, severing, tearing asunder. 
S. Separation, aeCacbment. 
3. Leave-taking. 


Isciple, champion, ^ 

, ... _. L, separation, 

a. IMviding wall, bdi:.kqbai>. 
Partition, tf. a. 1, Apportion, share, 

divide Into shmes, parcel out 
a. Divide bv partitions, 
PartiUvc.a. (Gram.) Distrlbntlve. 
Fartitive,n. {Gram,.) tBstribntive. 
Partly, cui. In part, In some measure, 

in some degree, not wholly, not eatite- 

Partater, n,- 1. Assoelate, colle^ne, 
partaker, sliarer, participator, portici- 

H. Member of a partnership, member 

PajFtaersmp, n, 1. Union, connection, 
Interest, partldpation. 

H^ (Copartnership, company, associa- 
tion, society, Arm, house. 
Partii^re-beriT, ». 1, Wintergreea, 
teaberry, deerberry, boiberry, moun- 
tain-tea {OaattheriajR\x!HmbaiB). 

J(. (iieokerberry, eqaaw-Tlne, wln- 
t6f~cioveT {MiUhma r^?eTtB). 

— - '•"ftiea, endowments, gifts, genius, 

a. Qaaitete, re^on 



jTHftnnouiir »- DeUveiy, lal>or, ^av- 

bIL cfalLd-lifirtli, bringlDg mrth. 
Puiy, n. 1, PacUini, oAsAJi, auntm, 
mt, junto, ooxxbih, dide, combina- 
tlou, league, oonfaderaa;, aUltmce. 

a. CoBkpaaj, aassnibly, body, gatlior- 
Ing, eocialaasemblage. 
3. Participator, pajtidpant, partH^- 

i. Lttlg'ant, plainUff or defendant. 
S. Feraon, IndlvlduiJ, man, one, 

Bomflbod;, aome one- 
Party-colored, a. Variegated, piebUd, 

many-colored, many-hued, dlvors-ool- 

ored, of all mimner of aolors. 
PartJ-man, n. PiUTISAH. 
Parvenu, n, [Fr.] ITpslare, mnehroam, 

snob, preteatiOBB fdlow, prelender to 


fSiGK'"")-- i".-u !..,..„. 

Fasqiiluade, 11. Lmupoon, satire. 
PasQninade, v. a. [Bare.} Lampoon, 

"o, move, proceed, go on. 

make a tr 

1)6 spent, pf 

Passe, a. [Fr.] Paat, worn, fedad, outof 
:cr, n. Traveller, waytocBT, voy- 
ad, [L.] Hece and tliere, overy- 
^viow, revise, recon- 

3. Yan^, disappear, cenEe, fade, 
die, be loet. 

4. Octiur^ happen, take plaoe. 

6. Be enacted, be sanctioned by a 
mworlfy of votes. 

7. Be deemed, be considered, be held, 
be [searded. 

8. Answer, do, do well enoi^- 

9. Go nnheeded, go uiiiegarded. 

FajBSt v. A 1- Allow to proceed, let go. 

3. Go over, go across. 

i. Undergo, experience, live throi^, 

t, Overelep, go beyond. 

S. Exceed, surpass, excel, transcend. 

9' Be enacted by, be passed by. 

10. Bnact, ratify, sanoEfon by a m^or- 
ity of voles. 

11. Utter, deliver, pronounce. 

3. Passport, permls^on to pass. 

4. Conjuncture, state, condition. 

6* Thrust, pnEh, aUoi^e, lunge, tilt. 

Passable, a. 1. FltfOrtravellasariwuf). 

3. Tolerable, middUng, moderate, 

ordinary, so so, mediocre, pretty -— ■ 

PasBage, n. 1. Passing, transit. 
3. Bead, path, way, avonue, 
thoroi^hikre, channel, route. 

8. Act, deed, event, oecurrenoe, 
<t. Olause, sentence, par)^[^aph, 

6. Corridor, enlry, entry way. 

8, Buaobmait, passing. 

T. jJWtuk.lPhraso, part of ai 

apse, &pse, pass, 

oas by, o'vetlc.-, — 
no notice of, pass over. 

ly. Overlook, disregard, omit, take 
-' ->asBover. 

Be received, be admitted. 

" Qf Chri 

a. 1. Suffering {apeeifieaUff !& 
i ^ cruc^arionj. 

glow, strong feSliffi. 
3. Paihos, Wmiii of 

flery, enthusiastic, fervent, Rowing, 
burning, zealous, violent, furious, im- 
petuous, impul^ve. 

H, Iroseibie, ej:c1tahle, choleric, hasty, 
tonohy, hot, peppery, hot-tempered, 
— '-•- ■^""" — ed. 

I. 1. Impajeeive, nnsus- 
ipres^ble, apatlietic, cold, 

out pas^on or feeUng. 

a. Cool, calm, ooUeoted, onmoved, 
ImpetCurbable, of a calm temper. 
■- - Holy Week, week 

Pass muster. Answer, do, pass, serve, 

be sufBcient, do well enongh. 
Pass off. Palm, palm oS, impose by 

triclt, Impose fraudolentlr. 
Pass on or upon, 1. Befall, happen to, 

a. Impose upon, palm upon, palm off 
upon, pass off upon. 
Pass over. Overlook, diar^ard, omit, 

Faesport, "h Pasa 

Password,™. Watchword, countersign. 

Past, a. spent, gone, ended, elapsed, 

gone iiy. 
Past, n. Past time, time gone by. 
Pasti prep. 1. Beyond, out of tlia reach 

3. Ailer {{a time). 
Past, ad. By. 
Pastime, ». Amnsement, entert^n- 

Pastor', n. 1. sriepkeiil. 

9. Minister, clergyman, priest, par- 
son, ecclesiasuc, churdunmi, divine. 



idylf cclogi 

Faatoralitp, n. PHEtorat«- 
PdStnrage, ». Paature, graalng land. 
Pasture, n. Herbafe, liarto, paeturage, 

grass, grasing land. 
Pastoi'e, p. o. Supply witJi pasturage, 

i_ ^^^opaatnta. 

Fit, apt, pertinent, 

_, .-p.Mt, lie 

dab, tap, strike lightly, 

Patch, n. 1. Part, piece. 
a. Tract, patcel, plot. 
Patfit ». Head (m aludicrooB f^nse). 
Patella, n. [L.] I. Ejiea-pan. 

3, (Qwicft.) Ijlmpet, 
Patent, «. Open, apparent, evident, 
plain, obvious, manifaat, dear, public, 
mmsjacnouB, linooncealea, palpable, nn- 
mlstokabte, glaiing, notDiious. 
Paternal, a. 1. Fatherly. 

a. Hereditaiy. 
Paternal estate. Patrimony. 
Paternity, fl. Fathetship, £itlierbood. 
Pater noster,«. tli.J The Ixird's prayer. 
Path, II. 1. Track (trodden), Gmt-way, 
2. B/kid, way, oouiee, route, passage, 


uniroadea, trackless. 

I. Pasrfon, warmti of fi 

Path: _^, 

, ... 1. Endurance {fCiilumi 

con^lami), fbrtltude, re^gnatfon, suti- 
missian, sufigrance, long-suSisrance, 

a Psrsereiance, peraisteiiea, indefat- 
^bleness, constancy, diligence, asd- 

Fatient, a. 1. Submissive, reined, 
uncomplaining, unrepinlng, passive.- 

S. Persevering, persistent, dUigent, 
as^duouB, indemtlgable, constant. 

PatnesB, ». [CbKomifciJ.] Sullablaneas, 
appropriateness, fltness, propriety, apt- 
ness, pecUnenoy. 

Patois, n. [Ft.] Rustic or provinidal 


.tic, h^h-born, not piebeli 

, K. Nobli 
P^ricfan, a. Noble, 

{of ancietit 
>1, aristo- 


Fatrlf^sm, ». Iiove of count^. 

^atron, n. Defender, advocate, protec- 
tor, snpporlar, itiyoier, guardian, ^>od 
genius, tutelary saint. 

Patronage, «. X. Favor, oonntenance, 

n, good-irilI(rj/'<[B.e»toWfeAei( 

V. a. Favor, countenance, 
I, assist, help, beftrlend, malie 

S. Specimen, sample, example, In- 

3. Figure, style, shape. 
Pattern tilter. Imitate, eopy, follow. 
Paucity, Tt. Fewns£a, small nun:[ber. 
Paahangen, n, [ladian name.) Men- 
haden, iardhead, moss-hunker. 
Paniu^ n. 1. Abdomen, belly. , 

Panperlsm, n. Mendicancy, indigence, 
destitntion, beggary, penury, extreme 

Pause, n. 1. Stop, ceesaUon 

stoppage, slopping, 

delay, rest, breathe,'stay, fcreak off. 
3. Hesitate, demur, delibecate, war 

'ave tiie way. Prepare, make ready, p 
ready, make preparatjon, smootti th<, 

PavflioD, n. 1. lent. 

». [^jio(.) Anricle, estemal ear. 
Pavonine, «■ Iridescent, lilsated, nacre- 
Paw, «. 1. Foot (ly teasla imlh claim), 

a. Hand iijt&mtempt]. 
Pawl, Ji. Click, detent, oatoli, ratchet. 
Pawn.n. Fie^ W a cliattBi to secure 

Pawnee, ^.(Zauj.) Pledgee. 

Ps^, M. a. 1, Discharge, settle, liquidate, 

a. Compensate, recompense, requite, 

remunerate, reward, make payment to- 

3. Punish, take revenge upon, rel«rt 

4. (IfaiU.) Sm^T(mUh it. ,. ,.., 
Pay, V- ft. 1. Hake compenaalion. 

5. Be profitable, be remunerative, 
make a good return, be a good invest- 
ment, give a good interest. 

Pay, n. Comperiaatlon, reomnpense, re- 

saJary, stipend, hire, allowance. 
Pay down. Pay on the spot, pay on dfr- 

Payitor, 1. Give an equivalent for, bear 

•■^^ --ipense of. 


PaylnB, o. Keniuni 
gainful, that pays. 


Pay off, 1. Pay and discbatge [oB hired 
a. Punieli, pay, take raranga upon, 

swolClnlffie, uiaki 

raij-ap, lOoliogmal.] Settle, pay anears. 
Battle an acaoaat, square accounts, quit 
wtorea, atrlks a balance, pony np, SbeU 
out, fori: oTor, pay the bUL pay tbe 
Idper, BOJ the fiddler, come down with 

- ^™ ,'l. Call ■ ■ ■ 

cord, hoj 

iofflibi^o. 1. Peacefol, paolflc, free 

9, Oentle, mild, amicable, Oiendly, 
isposed to peace, not gnarrBlanmfl. 
3, Quiet, tranquil, placid, 

Quiet, calm, stlil, tmdia- 

Le,'k?ndly, ft 
1. Mediator, lumin^m^i. 
a, Oimciliatory, mild. 

PeaDe-o£^rii^, n 

oljTO-brancli, Intereaa- 


in ot lean, be- 

Pea^omt, n. Grouod-nt 

PeBrls«]i,n. Sab-carboni 
{impure), c^dned potash, 
Pearl-TKnrder, n. Pe4ri,-whitb. 
Pearl-wbtte, n ^'■'-' ■"•" 

>£ potassb 

Fehlile, n. Stone (ij^ emnU eke), pebblt 

Peocalilllty, n. Frailh', ioflcmlty.w^k- 

oesB, UaUlity to elo. 
Peiwa1)Ie. a. Frail, weak, tmperftet, 

efTiDg, inning, liable to ^n. 
Peocadlllo,)!. Petty fault. Blight offfence. 
Pecoant, a, 1. Sinning, erring, guilty, 

3, Morbid, mEilignant, corn 
Fooalatlan, », Emhazalament. 
Peculiar, a, 1. That specially ps 
that belcngB oxcltiaively. 

H. Singmar, particular, chara 
tio, Bpedal, exceptional, rare, no 

'oouHarity, n. IndlTiduallly, Idlocrasj, 
irtioaynocaey, charaoteristio, speciality, 

^ecimiarj', a. Monetary, flnaacial. 
'edasi^rn& B. [A confempiaom term,] 
Sclioohnaster, teacher- 
Pedant, n. Pretender to iearning. 
Pedantic, I a. Conceited, pragmail- 
■^'' — iticiil,; cal, vain of Imoffleage, 
UUouB of learning. 

hoaatful dieplay of knowlei^e. 


. Foot 

■aveller, Iravellec 

Pedigree, n. Lineage, descent, anoeetcy, 
genealogy, st^xJt, breed, ikmily, race, 

~ " ' ~ Ibyslrippiagorptillin^j, 


hull, BheU. 
Pesl.i'.n. Erfoliate,comf 

HihJ), peel off, shell off. 
Peel, 11. £ind,eltin. 
Peep, V, n. 1. Chirp (as a cAioI^en), pule. 

r, look alyly. 

prune, prime of day, brcE 

^. Companion, asBoclate, f^low, eom.- 

3, Nobleman, lord. 
Peer, a. ». Peep, pry, look closely or 

PeerlegB, a. Unequalled, unmat^ted, 

unaucpasBed, maibhleeB, withoot an 

equal, without a peer. 
Peevlali,<i. Fretful, patiUant-qnernloufl, 

irritable, waspieh, snappish, pettish, 

capUouB, cross, crusty, snarllr^, testy. 

Pelf, 11. Money, riches, lucre, mammon, 
gahi, wealth. 

FelllEle,n. fllm, thin ekin, thin coatii^. 

PeU-pieLI, ad, Confneedly, iirwularly, 
disorderly, in con^aloa. In c^order, 
IielteF-akelter, at sixes and serena. 

spicuous, limpid, diaphanona, crystal- 
. line, bright, lucid, translucent. 
Pelt,n. Sltin(q/'i>6«asf uiiti^ffwAaii-on 

U), hide. 
PeltB.ti.jii. Sfclna (as oiona), peltry, hides. 
Pelt, B. a. Strike {milh eaaiimiiie ihromii, 

beat, batter, assail with inissues. 

JSSSh,}"-!*"-! «--»■»«>. 

Feltlngr."' Beating, hatterlng. 

Peltry, n. PeltB, hfileB. 

Pen, v,a, I. Write, compose. Indite. 

a T — c — — jlose, im- 

shu6 up. 

shut In, 1 
Pen, 11. IS 

fold, pound. 
Penal, a. Pnmuva. 
Penally, n. 1. Punislime; 


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Feucliaiit, n [Pr J In Unation bent 
propen^t^, ptonenesB pcocliYity d bi o 
^t[on, t«naeDc;, tnm, leanli^r predls- 
poBlUon, liktnff, fandnesB, premlfictlon. 

Pencil, n. 1. Brush [tmuje if Aair or 

a. Crayon. 
Pencil, V. a. 1. Fi^t, depict, delliieEil«, 


S. Ear-ring, eai-diwp, 
3. (JToirf.) Pennant, pbbhon. 
Pendent, <t. Hailing, pendulous, ea 

pended, pensile. 
Pendente lite, [L.] Wliilo the suit 

PQudlm'. pendliu' the enlt or action, du 

PendlDK, a- Depending, undecided, -ai 

deteriuned, unsettled. In susbense. 
Fending, ^ep. Di 

Penetrabl^ a'. Pe 

Penetrate, «. a. . 
bore, enter, tranaflL. 
S. Discern, undecstand, campreliend. 

Penetrating, n. Wsoemlng, intelUgant, 
Bagacious, ^ip-wittad, clear-^Eled, 
acut«j keen, qMck, ebreird, Keen- 

L, Fkrca, perforate. 



PenCtld, n. Pen (fbr ciH^tiing ttrayed 

beaiis), philbld , ponnd. 
Pentteoce, ». RepeniancB, contrition, 

compunctionLTegrat, remorse. 
Penitent, a, Bepentaat, contiite. 
Penltea^ ». B^>entaat 

BUlLa. Bet 

PenltenUar;, »• Prison, Jail, Inidewell, 
-vork-lunue, house of DDrrecUou. 

' - , Writer, scribe, cUrogra- 

araphtat, onlll-dmeT. 

lalilii.n. <M;ogniphy. 

BennaBt,n, (iTattt.) Pendant. 

Penniless, a. Moneyless, destitute, poor, 
necessitous, needy, indigent, distressed, 
pinched, reduced, short of money, out 
of money, ont of cash, out of pocket. In 

ard, flag, colots, ensign. 
Z. Wli^, pinion. 

FenMle, a. Hanging, suspended, pen- 
dent, pendulous. 

Pennon* n- Allowance (fitnn a govem- 
msaiJbrpaBi services), annuity. 

PensiTS, a. 1. Thoughtful, meditative, 
reaecMve, dreamy, sober. 
it. ExpressiTe of sailness. 

Pent^onal, a. FlTO-angled, flve-cor- 

Penteo'ost, ». Whitsuntide, WUt-Sun- 

syllatOe bat one, penintjmale syllable. 
Pennltima, I Pituni/p 
Penurious, a. FarsimoDions, covetous, 

avaricious, illiberal, • ■ - 


idlcancy, pauperiun, 
People, n. 

Indigence, destitution, beg- 

Peuple, V. a. Papnlat«, 

FcppGr-grBSSt n. Pill-wort (Pi£u2aHa 
g. Papper-ffort (ZgiidijHB »o!iBBjn). 

Pepperl^^, n. Tupelo Sour-guOk, 
BOUT gum-tree (^yssa mmSifiora]. 

Pepperidge-bosli, n. Barberry, 

Pepper-wort, n. Peppar^raas (Zepiii- 
Iwn saHmaii), 

Peppery, a. 1. Hot, pungent, high- 

3* Irritable, iraeciblo, touchy, testy, 
waspish, BDappiali, snarling, churlish, 
choleric, petulant, excitable, pas^cn" 
ate, hasty, quicli, like tjnder, tike touch- 

Peradventure, ml, [ffiire.) Perhaps, 

Perambulation, is. Eound, circuit, tour. 
Per annum, [L.) Annually, by the 

Per oapita, [L,] By heads, by polls, 
acccrang to the number of persons. 

Perceive, p. a 1. See, diacorer, note, 
notice, remark, observe, descry, baitold, 

». Feci, bo sen^ble ot. 

Pct cMtam, } ^^'-^ ^^ *"* hundred. 
~ iptible,'o. Visible, disci " ' 

iptjou, ^. i. Seeing, discernment, 

& truderetandiog, notion. Idea, ap- 

Perch, n, 1. BooBf. 

arPole, rod. 
Perch,!'. ». Boost sit on a perch. 
Perchance, ad. Perhaps, poaalbly, by 

be. It may be, as luc]£ may havo it. 
Peroliera, n. pi. IneEseoBEs, perching 

PercoJal*, ii. n. Filter, transude, oOi», 

Pei-colution, li. Filtration, strainixig. 

h„steo., Google 

ForciiBsloTiT n, CoUiaLou, clasli, shock, 

Per dlBm)"^f 'bj tlie day. ' 

Perdition, «. 1, Euin, cieatmcaon, 

overtlirOT, meek, atranall, utWr Iosb. 

a. Eternal deatb, futuro mieery. 

PeieKriiiBtloa, n. TiaTeiling, travel, 

PeremptoiT, a. !■ I>ai^ve, express, 
authoiilatlTe, catogoiicat, imperative, 
po^Uve, absolute 
ta, Di^matlcal, arbitrary, despolio- 

Ferennlal, a. Lasting, eiidurli^, per- 
manent, constant, continual, undylna, 
unceasliuE, Mcpetoal. nninterrnptea, 
tmperiahable, ifeal- -'^^-- 


without Mn^ 

FerTect, ». a. Blnish, complete, conanm 

xoate, elaborate, make perfect, bring t 

i. Excellent Quality, 
Perfectly, mi. Pullj, entirely, totally, 

oomplel^, exactly, aeourately. 
Pertectness. ». PcBFEOiiON. 
FerfidlouB, a. Faitbless, nn^thful, 

treacbecous, Mae, dishonest, disloyal, 

Perfldr, ». Perfldlouaneas, Ireache 
iieaaon, defeotion, dlaloynlty, brea 
of faith, fbnl play, Punic tHiOi. 

Perforate, t>. a. Pierce, penetrato, here, 
tr^iefix, drill, bore through. * 

Perroratlon, ». Hole, aperture, open- 

Fei^orm, t>. a. 1. Do, eiscute, efTect, 
aocompUsh, achieve, compaas, bring 
about bring to pass, work out. 

8, Observe, falfll, meet, diadiarc 
eatisty, complete, adhere to, bs foitht 
to, comply -wiBi. 
execution, conxplelion. 

2. Action, deed, act, acbievemei 
exploit, feat. 

Performer, «, 1. Doer, 

a. Actor, player, Btage- 
dian, tragedian. 

— _ . "riHraQie, balminess, 

S Incer-- ■— 

8. Sweet-smeUing substance. 

Pei^iuiie, V. a. Scent, fill, Impregni 
or imbue ■with grateful odor. 

Perfumery, n. Perfumes. 

Ferfanotury, a. IndllSrent, earele__, 
dovenly, heedless, reckless, negligent, 
slight; done, but not well done; done to 


I'of (is^tAmU a due sense qf Miga- 

lance, maybe, 

. l,Bot.) Capsule, pod, eeed- 

ined ovary. 

u^er, liaaardj jeopardy, ^sk. 

of dan| 

1. 1. Cycle, clre 
n of thne, round 

i._End,' limit,' bonna, I 


), proposition. 

4. iRh 

-■^"Sdi^i''- Reo''n1iig(™i/«iarl!(). 
Perlodlcallr, ad, K^ularly, statedly, 

-" stated limes, at regular times, at 

3d periods. 

Peilpatietlc, a. Aristotelian, of Arla- 

Perlpliery, n. Circumference. 

Perlplinise, a. CireomliHiation, peri- 
phrasis, circuib of words, roundaboat 

PeriplLraals. n. [Ii.] PsoiPttRASiL 

Ferisli, V. n. 1. Decay, waste, wither. 

Perishable, a. 

Ing, liable to de 

S. Dying, mo 

tnke, scratch. 

Peijare one's self, Fort 

false wltnesa, break one's word, break 

one's faith, gjay lyse. 
Perjury, ». Fa&e swearlr^. 
Pei'li, V. n. Be perk, iie proud, be perky. 

Perk, a, Peri>,PllRKY. 

Perky, n. Port, smart, trppiaa, proud. 

Permanence, l it. DnraUon, dncabll- 
toMnoe"t£edEoss!' * '"^nesB, co 

Fermaiient. a. Lasting, abidli^, fixed, 
endniing, continuing:, durable, stable, 
Bteadeist, unchangeable, immatable, 
perpetual, invariable, constant, per- 

Permeable, a, PervicnB, penetrable. 
Permla^ble, tt. Allowable, admis^ble, 

lawful, legal, letftlmate, proper. 
PemiiEslon, n. Xeave, license, liberty, 

allowance, consent, permit. 
Permit, v. a. Allow, let, snflte, license, 

mission io, give leave to, give catto 
blanche to. 
Permit, n. Leave, license, permissioa, 

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PerpendlcolM.a. i. "Vertical, upright, 
8. At tight angles, malilDg a riglit 

Perpetrate, P. II. Do{as eometliing base), 
comioie, perform, exeoate. 

Fernetratlaii, n. Commiaaioii {as if a 
cnme), doing, performh^. 

Perpetnul, a, EndleM, unendii^, eTSt- 
Issling, etenml, erer-diiring, ceaseless, 
conUuiuii, hiceaaant, unmtermiCte'lT 
nnlntemiptea, constant, lEtarmlnable, 

Perpetuiite, v, a, £t«niiaB, mti,i£ per' 

Perpetoity. >>■ Eternity, endless daia- 

Pernlei, f . a. I. EntBOgle, tungle, 
plfcHle, InvolTe, snarl, make intc 

Ferplcxliu;, a. Troublesome, puzzUng, 
eifijarraaie, liewllderh^, confuaii«. 

PcirpleiltT, n. !■ InWtcaey, Intilcate- 
nees, oomplexlty, obscuiity, hatdness, 
aHnplloatCiii, InToluMon. 

9. Gimeem, care, anxiety, solicitude, 
tioabla, embanaiisment, distractloD, 
donht, csonflulon, hewilderment 

hobble, pickle, critical dti 

t, diffluulty, staJf, 
jODie, pir ' -■*■—*-— 

Petse,'tL.] Byltoelf. 
Peraeont^ o. o- Oppress, hai 

moleat, dislreea, worry, hunt 

down, pni-sne maliganntly, 

pillai io past. 
Peraereraace, ». Steadlne 

enee, persistency, """'*■"-".' 
Persi- - ' 

, afflict, 

. PeteiBt, be steady, bo 
— tant, go on, lieep on, 

. , one's ground, stick to 

it, not give it up, stand firm, stand Sasi, 
move heaven and eactb, go Ibrough 
hre and water, go all lex^ths, stick at 
Fersifli^je, n. [Fc] Banter, raillery, 
lidicale, Jeeiii^, moolLery, qulazlng. 

a. Pbsskvekb, be steadi^t. 
PerBistence, 1,,^ 1. pEBSEVKBii 

S. 01jalanaoy,iontnmaoy,d[^s_... ., 
Btuhbomne«s, perTerseness, pertinacity, 
obdoraBy, haadinesB, pig-heaaeflne~ 
Fersistent, a. Perseveiiag, cons 

party, son 
being, hui 

IS one, intofl^enl 
Ing^ human b^i^, human oreatare. 
). Body, bo^ly substance. 

on, great person. 



rsonal. a. 1. Indiv 

Idual, pr 


%'. Citporal, exterior 



Personality, n. Individuality, distinct 

Personally, od, 1. Individually, as to 

a. fc person, by bodily presence. 
Fersanate, u. a. Flay, act, act Uie part 
of, take the part of. 

'ersonadon, n. BepresentatiiHi, acting, 
Fersonlflcatloii, ». {Ehel.) ProBDpo- 

Perspectlve, 1. Vista, prospect, view. 

"»erspIcacious, a. Discermng, aoute, 
keen, eagadons, shrewd, clear-^hCed, 
keen-^hted, Marp-witted, kean-vrit- 
ted, loi^-headed, eagle-eyed. 

-'ersplcactDosness, n. PsBSFtoAOirf. 

Ferspicaidty, n. Pecspicaciousneas, 
acuteness, sharpneBS, shrewdness, dia- 
^mment, peneu^tioo, sagaoily, astute- 

j'splcuity, »■ Clearness, luddness, 
""iparency, plainness, inieUigibility, 

Perspicuous, a. 



Clear, lucid, plain, 

1. Exudation, aweat- 

3. Conviction, creed, belief, doctrine, 
tenet, di^ma, way of tidnking- 

Persnastve, a. Convincing, cogent, logi- 
cal, valid, sound, weighty. 

FersuBSive, ». Inducement, Indte- 

Pert, 3, Saucy, forward, bold. Imperti- 
nent, Impadent, flippant. 

Fertaln to. 1. Belong to, appertain to, 
be the property of- 
3. Behoove, bsilt, beseem, be Incuia- 

8. Eegard, oonceni, relate to, refer 
to, answer to, have reialJ&n to- 

flrm, determined, resolute, steadfast. 

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Pertdnadty, n. 1. BcHilution, i 
mina^on, ateadlneas, constancy, fi 

at purpose. 

a. StubboranesB, obetlDacy, i 
nesa, doggednasF '—•" "-' 



Partnr , ... _, , „_,._ 

Hon, diaquieE, nneaam^BB, exoltomei: 

dlBcompoanre^ worty, vexation- 
I'sTtiirbed, a. Distiubeil, djaquiete 

dietrrased, affttated, discomposed, « 

dted, woirled, vexed. 
Pemlu, n. Wig, peclwll, scratch. 
Fernsid, R. Biding. 
Peruse, o, a. Kewi. 

barb. Cinchona, Jeaoll 

baik, Cinchon 
pasB thrci^h. 

right). \ 

-meate, penetcBte, 

rough, t^ dlasemmatec 
1. DiBtortod {from Ou 

li Croae, petulant, irasplah, captious. 

snapplaii, toaohr, t«ety, ct 
iidi, cEubbed, famarC, mo 
Baarlinei ill-tanipered, jll-ni 

11-temper, perven 

1. Distort, stretch, £il^^, 

IJltal epidemic. Infectious disease. 
a, COBtamlnatlon, nelson, taint, bane. 

Pester, d. a. Distntb, annoy, harass, 
provobe, nettle, tronble, pl^ue, Tex, 
tease, heolor, harry, molaat, Iwther, 
worry, fret, gall, bote, Incommode, dis- 
quiet tultet, torment, badger, chafe, 
ftcita,ta. '' 

Festilence, n. Plague, pest, 

contagious distemper. 
Pestilential, a. i. Peetjfetoaa, inf^ 

^ua, contagious, catching, malignant. 


Pet^ a. FaTorlt«. especially liliBd. 

Pet. V. a. Fondle, indulge, caiess, make 
much of. 

Petiale,n. (£ot.) Leaf-st^llc. 

Petition, n. Request, prayer, supplica- 
tion, entreaty, suit, solicitation, appli- 
cation, appeal, addrass. 

Petttion, t>. a. Entreat, pray, supplloata, 
solicit, oraie, ask, beg, apply to, make 
applleaaon to, prefer a request to. 

Petitioiier, n. Suppliant, Bolleltor, ap- 
plicant, alitor. 

Petltlo prlnclpll. [L.] ILogic.] Begging 
ot the quesUon, taking for granteit tha 

Petlt-mi^tre, ii. IFr.) Oojcoinb, dandy, 
fop, beau, exquiaito, popinjay, jacka- 
napes, jacU-a-dandy, man of dress; 
vain, showy fellow. 

PetrltV, «.'o. 1. Change to stone. 
8, Make callous, mate obdurate. 
S. Astonish, amase, astound, dnm- 
fbunder. confound, stupe^, take by suc- 

mineral pjteh, mineral isr, Barbadoes 

tar Seneca oil. 
Petticoat,™, Skirt. 
PettJfoSKer, ». Petty hiwjer. 
Pettish, a. Peevish, fretful, PEnrr^Anr. 
Petty.K. 1. little, email, timing, trivial, 

frivolous. inconsii3erable, unimportant, 

Ins^lllcaQt, slight, of small moment, 

e. Inferior, of a low grade. 
Petty-chaps, n. Fir-pecker, flg-ei 

becafico, garden warbler »™~ 

chaps {Syieia ItorlensU). 

Peevishness, ITetfulness, 

tishnaas, snapplshnesa, Irritability, ill- 

Petolaat^a. Inmcible, irritable, fretfnl, 
peevish, hasty, touchy, testy, crusty, 
pettish, vasplsh, chideTlo, snappish, 
snarling, otOBB, crabbed, eapUouB, oen- 
sortons, aoiliiionlous, perrerse, &owaid, 
ill-tempered, out of sorta. 

Penlt, n. lesiwtag (IMnjra vaneaaa). 

Ph&liuiatA4iuilBm, n. Fonilerlsm, so- 
cialism, hnuumitaTlBnlBm, Si^t Simo- 

PhantBEnu^Wrla, n. 1. Ma^c lantern. 

8. Illnslvo images, opUealilluslons. 
Phantem, n. Phantasm. 
Phantom-Uke, a. Spectral. 

" " ' Sandjmonious, hypo- 

pletiam, phari- 


diam,)!. A-pv^Msaix lai If ihe mom or 
■ aplmiet}, aspect. 

Phenomenon, «. M. PfteiWBBena.] 
1. Appearance, vliat la seen (as 4ts- 

1, Codiiet, SIrt, make lore, 

,„ of love nff-nttnlioinlovi. 


Flillantliropy, R. Homaulty, love of 

numkbid, eenetal 'beuevDlence, good 

will to Jl men. 
FliUlbeei n. [Written also and usnally 

FiU^.] Silt. 
P}iUlpplo,n. InrecUve. 
^iomel^ ("■ Nlghtli^ale. 
Fbllosopliei', n. 1. Seatcliei sfter trntb, 

Btadent of Slit piinidideB, seeker of 

a. Tlieorlst, tbeoriser, man of Bb- 

, , .— -Jiuir ■ 

parinrbable, atcdcfl], Ptatonic- 

ndtoaaphy, n. 1. Soience of 

first pilai^ples, science of the Sibsoltite, 
tlLS iclence of sdances. 

^, PrinclpleB (qf any d^partmetd qf 

S. Hypotheals, theory, flystam, doc- 

Fhllogopliy of tlie Aoademy, Philoso- 
phy of Thito, Platonic philosophy. 

FbUoBOphr of Uie Omaeii, RiUoso- 
phy of Epfonrus Bpleurean riillosophj, 

PbUoaopbTortiii 'Lyceum, Philosophy 

PtitlteFt *t. Love poUon, leva charm. 

Tblx, B. [SKmoromln so used.] Face, 
visage, countenance, plij-siognomy. 

FliIebatomF, n. VenesecUon, blood- 

Phlegm, n. 1. Mncua, execemenlitioas 

3, Apathy, Insensibility, dulnesa, In- 
difference, cmdneffi, slngvlshneea. 
lilegrmBtto, a. Apatlietlk stoical, dnll. 

FlilegrmBtto, L.. _, , , . 

sluggish, tame, cold, frigid, nnfeoli 
unsnsceptiblo, impassible, impaasj 
indifferent, oold-bloaded. 

Phouetlcs, «. Phonics, phonology. 

Phonology, «. Phonetics, phonics. 
PhospharnB, b. [Poefieoi.] The motn- 


H. Idiom, peooliac ospresBlan, tnm 

a. style, diction, phraseology, man- 
ner of eipression, mode of BpeecL 

denominate, entltiei designate, clirls- 

Fhrsgealo^, «, Diction, style, plirase. 

Fhnns.,, - , __. 

' Hadnesa,ragB,fucy,deliilum, 

lunacy, aberration of mind, 
riitlilBls, ». fMed.) Oonsumption {par- 

tj/of tie lanes). 


nary consuiiptlonr^^ 

PliyIact«Fy, n. Charm, amulet, tallB- 

medicam , . 
a. Cathartio, £ 

Physic, B. a. Purge, drench, give physic 

pii^cid, 1. MateiiaJ, oocporeal, bod- 
ily, natural, Eeaeibie. 
2. MediciuaJ, catliartjc. purgative. 
DooWr, ruedical m 

Physician, 11. Doctor, medic 
Physics, «. Nature pliiiosoi 



e, cast of EO 

ilfb, animal 


ires^r. ,- — - 

vegBliJljie eccmomy, soieiK* of „ 

ganlzed betug^ Bdenos of tbe fiuid^ns 

of aoimals and vegetableg. 
PhytiTOroas, a. Grass-eating, grami- 

nlvorouB, phytophagoas. 
Phytophagous, a. Phytevobous. 
Picaroon, n. Pirate, corenir, buccaneer, 

3,n. [It.l Ootava flute. 

■. o. 1. Pluoli, puU off, pick off. 

Dpen ias a lock). 

ZJhooae, eeieot, cull, aingle out, 

nut, ta upaa, pitch upon. 



3. Choice, aelecOon. 
Pioliaxe, n. IWritten 

I. Stake, pale. 
I Sentinel (ore i . . .. , 
guard, w'atclunui,^ guardsroaa. 


Picket, B. 1. State, pale. 

8. (*fil.) Sentinel (ore the oulposisX 
'uard, wati-"- ' — 


iiwis, odds and ends. 
Pickle, n. 1. Salt and water (for pre- 
senimg meat). 

a. vinegar (Jbr preserving meats or 
3. Sorry ooadi 1 n, sad plight 
Plckle-hePiine:, B ft n li 1 quln 
monntebanfcTest d 11 p h Vy, 
aany, soaramou 1 f I y iudc w 

Jack-puMing, p Ulu 11 

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Piofc off, 1. Fluck, pick, pnll oS. 

S. Kill lbs ahoomff, as a marksiaan). 
Pick oat, Saleot, cull, ohooae, dngls 
oat, Sx. upoxi, pttca apon. 

PictuKSoae, a. Beantlilil (as a scene 
in a jtfcfiirel, gcaphlc. 

plotnre, n. 1. Painting, drawing, en- 
graving, print. ' 

~ dellnaaM, ^na an image o£ 
piAdle.w-!!- 1. (Jiitra.l Trifle, act with 
leslty, be busy about trifles. 

petty, unlmportaut, iueigniilcaiit, lirt- 
mal^TlaL Inconsiderable, woitJilesSf of 
little value or coneeqnenoe, of uo mo- 

dlvets-oolored, of yarioaa eol- 
Fleoe, ^ 1* Part, portion, aectlen, ^ag- 
B. &oniposiiJOn, writing, lucubration, 
literary produetion- 

-„je-woifc,ii. Job-worfc. 
Fi«d, a. Tarlegated, pibbald. 
Fierce, v. a. 1. Transtix, penetraW, 
perforate, drill, bore, enter, force a way 

pierce, ». 1. Penetrate, 

Pleroins, c- !• Penetiatli^, pecfUrat- 

ts. Sharp, keen, acn.Ee, tlirilUi^. 
piety, «. 1. Filial reverence. 

8. Godlinaas, religion, dovolion, boll- 

Poke, poke-weed, 

garget J/^ioiaoea decandra). 

headBtrong, intraottffle, perverse, en 
grained, selT-wUled. 
Pigment, n. Paint, color, coloring m 

PiewidBeon. ". Fauy, elt 
Pile, n. 1. Heap, aecumnla 

4. Filament, tbread, flbra, staple. 
Pilce, ». 1. Turnpike^ate. 

a. [U.S.'] Turnpike, tnmplko road. 
3. libft.) Luce, true-Jack. 

D^ect orgatber intp a jieap. 


, (Med.) Hemorrhoids. 

r, «. a. Steal (by peO^ tt^), filoh, 

PUfer, v.'it. Steal, thieve, practise petty 

PUgrlmaee, n. Journey lespeeialli; to 
some IttUtowed place), expedition, tear, 

PUlaee, II. 1. Spollatioii, depredation, 
J... — 1,__ a i-u — pinudering, 

4poll, prey. 

Plll^^ V. a.' Plunder, apou, despoil. 

Pillar, n. 1. CotUMK (Jbr suppOT-ilnp 

». Prop, support, supporter, m^n. 

PlUaw-biook, n. Plumber-block. 
Pill-wort, B. Pepper-graaa {PUvioiia 

Pilot, n. Steersman, guide, oondnetor. 
Pilot, u.B. Gnide, direct, conduct, steer. 

Pimento, n. AUspice, Jamaica pepper. 
Pimp, li. Procurer, iMUider. 

Pimple, St- Blotch, eruption, pustule. 

». Straw (OS aomBflttno of no vahie), 
fig, bntton, tush, feather, futbing, 
bi-ase flkrthli^. 
Pin, V. a. 1. Fasten wltli a pin. 

a.'Fasfen, flx, make faat. 
Pinch, V. a. 1. Nip, squeeze, compieas, 

a. Oppress, straiten, distress, 
Pincb, v. «.. Boar hard. 
Pinch, «. t. Nip, gripe. 

it. Emergeuoy, exigency, cri^e, strait, 
dlfflcnlty, push. 
Plnolibeok,». Dutch gold. 
Pioolied, a. DlatreaBed, strMtanad, re- 
duced, indigent, destitute, needy, poor, 

need, in want, out of money, out of 
ca«li, oat of poQltet. 
Pine, V. n. Languish, droop, flag, waste. 

Pinion, n. 1. Wing, pennon. 

3. Fetter 'JbrtAe arms!. 
Pinion, V. a. Restrain {b^ bbiding the 
anas], bind, fasten, ehackle, fetter. 


. Chitp (M 
.race, Calim 


Je, ^ctly, 
1 WlnCer- 

Piqiutnt, n. 1. Puiieent, bitine, prlek- 
liig, sHngliig, higli-flavorea, Mgi-Bea- 

H, Sbarp, tHrt, eevflre, cutting, |>o!nt- 

Plqne, n, Kaaentment [slighij, grmjge, 
ombni^ o&bnce, woundsti prtile. 

Plqnei r. a, 1, Somulata, Imdts, urge, 
Suetlgate, sTmr, goad, set oa, Btir up. 

8. OWma. diepleftes, nfliont, provoke, 
Inceoee, IrrltaCe, obaf^, nettle, tcx, 
fret, Btme, ex»petate, wound, give 

'lame one's self, ta^e 

, w. Corsair, buccaneei, picuoon, 

FlniUoal I "■ 1'''''''"*^ preaatoij. 
Flsb, inlei^. Paliaw. 

Piston, ». Plnnger. 
Pit, tt. 1, Excavation, hole, cavltr, hol- 
low, Indentatlou, dent, diut, deprefiaion, 

S aiilf, abyss. 

Pit against. Set to fight (as eocfe too 

t. fMm.} Elevation 

teat), fix, plant, place, 

. MtUe, B"*-"'-'' 

Fall, plni^e. 

station, locally uttle, est 
Pitoli.w.B. Fall,plni^€ " 
Pltcb-coal, n. Bltumi 

Pitch dark, Dark aa plfch. very 

Eiivu iiiHi, [CWtogitiof.) Attack, aa- 

Pituhy, ». Dark, black', diamal, lajlesa, 

Pit-coalSn. Mineral 

Fitfioua, a. 1. Soirowful, mournful, 
woful, doleful, mefu], affect3og, dja- 
tresslng, grievous, movttg pitf, eioiting 

:'. Essence, quintessence, eubetanoe, 
t, auul, Chief part, essential parl^ vital 

I, Wefeht, moment, Importwica. 

'itaaWe, o. Deplorable, wratdied, mis- 
erable, pllfioue, deserviog pity, to be 

tender-heartol,syinpaUietic, kind, mer- 
ciful, lenient, miii 

Z. Mean, base, vile, lovr, paltry. Berry, 
abject, laacally, contemptible, despl- 
c^e, hiMgnlflcanb wortmeBB, 
ss, 0. MerdleBs, unmerciful, w 

fragmeut, small 

Puy, n. Compassion, commiseration, 
ipath J, leilow-feallng, bowels of com- 

, .. . non, melting mood. 
Flty, f . a. ' Commlseriite. compassionate, 

sympathiBe with, feel ihr, have pity or 

compassion for, feel so y fo cond le 

Pivot, H. ffl. Turn, hue depe d 
Pivotal, a. luTDuig hing ng d pending 
PlacabtUty, n. PEi,,a eneas fti gi mg 

Plocatile, a, Appeasab e re .o llab e 

PlauableneSB, ». Plaoab uir 
Placant, n. PoaCe bll haul bill 

Placittil, P, a. l.Ad e ti ei jj/la co-la), 

publish, aimoiinca, make known, blaze 

abroad, spread abroad, 
a. POS^ expose to obloqjw. 
Plaee, ". !• Situation, portion, locality, 

location^ station, spot site, ground, 
8, Office, charge, function, eoxpley- 

3. Ilaak, standing, grade, coudiUon. 
oocnmLtion, calling 

abode, dwc 

0. village, city. 

0.^1 . „, . 
Place, V. a. 1. Put, set, staUon. 
settle, deposit, commit, locate, seat, nx, 
establish, dispose, arrange. 

Placeuta, n. Soeundines, after-birth. 

Plaeld,a. Quiet, trajiqmr undistorbeii, 
unmoved, nmruffied, calm, peaceful, 
halcyon, palmy, serene, composed, ool- 

Pladdity, n 



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FIa«l»Flst, n. PlMiary. ' 
Plaiue.n. 1. Fesfllence, peat. 

a, tormenc, thocii 


,„, ,_,, ,-. , haraaa, harry, 

dtBtuI^, bei, gall, Ghalia, bore, Inoom- 
— 1„ i.„.i,™ — .,. ijadger, lector, 

_ _, I, V, n, Splaaii, dabble in 

Plaali, n. 1, Dash, eplasli. 
- Puddle, pool, collection of 

Plaater, n. I. Mortar, stiiceo. 

Plaster, V. a. PEirget, cover v 

. _ ... linquielT 
^Plain, a. 1. Even, lerel, Emooth, flat, 

H. Manifest, visible, obyions, clear, 
unmistakable, apparent, certain, p^- 
paWe, conspicuous, notable, notorious, 
^rine, pMeat, opes, evident. 

3* Unequivocal^ unambiguous, dls- 
tinci, expudt, intalligible, perspieuoiis. 

4. ample, unadorned, unvamieUed. 

6. Homely, oglj, m-looliing, lU-fH' 
voied, not hondsDme. 


unsej^isilcaied, ingenuous, andE«^a 
tog, Btridglitfoiwiuil, single-minded 
ap8n-lieart«d, above-board. 

!, trudifulQesa, p 

ity, ^ncerity, 

Plain-spoken, a. Frank, oandid, bionl 

open, fiee-spokeu, plain ofspeecb. 
Plidnt, !!. Lamentation, lament, moan 

iFail, et^, complidnt. 

Plaintive, it. %• Oom^i^ulng, lament 

I'. MouTinil, sononful, sad, piteom 
wofnl, rueful, gilevoHB, ctii^-like. 
Pb^t,n. Pold,doubling, doable, FUOA 

TOSG, KBtUet. 
Plait, p. a. 1. Fold, double. 

8. Btald, plat, weave, mat. 
Plan, l^. 1. luan, sketCb, plot, drawing 

t, prepare, baS'. 

:6, ^eat, lay 
Plaiwi a. £evel, Sat, even, smootli, 

Plane-tree, ». 1. [U. S.J Syca 
button-wood, bntton-ball-treo, w 
beech (PfoAunu OoddentaUs). 

it. [Sootkatd.] Sycamore maple iAcer 

PIaiietaEliDa,». Orrery. 

Plant. «. Vegetable. 

Plant. V. a. Six, establleb, settle, found. 

1, Brritf weave, plait, ro 
Plot; piece of ground. 
. 1, Lamina, layer. 

Plain (eleoaled), table-land. 
PtetitudBi ":_. .1.' Inslpi^T, datness. 

"latitude, ... . 

dulneea, mawklt ^^. 

3. Twaddle, verbit^, palaver, trash, 
chatter, atnif, fudge, nDUsense, moon- 
shine, ^ommery, wish-wash, halder- 
daab, jargon, nmisense, Benselesa prate, 
boms dlBODuise, Idle talk. 
Flatonlo. a, 1. Aoademle, of Plato. 

g. Contemplative, epeouIatiTe, phllo- 
sopbioai, theoreUeal. 

3. Pae^nlCEs, impassible, unlmpree- 
siljle, eold, apathetic, cool, calm, serene, 
latter, Ji- llarge dlah. 
laudl^ «. Applause, acclamation, clap- 
ping or handi, acclaim, about of appro- 

laiisible, a. Specious, colorable, seem- 
ingly fair. 

U Sport, dispoct, fKiiio, 


&isfc,gani — , ., 

meny, make fun. 
9. Trifle, toy, wanton. 

Pluylp. a. 1. Pat & aci 

a. Perform on, play or 

5. iJ^gi^a in, take part In. 
Play, 1. I. Sport, frolic, ai 

pastime, gambols. 

a. Uroma, tragedy, comedy or force, 
dl^amatjc performance. 

3. Practice, use, manner of dealing. 

4. Scope, Bwhig, elbow-room, oppor- 
tunity, liberty of acUun, a feJr field. 

0. Kamhig, gambling. 

6. Motion, movement, activity, exer- - 

Playfnl, o- Frollcflwne, Msky, Hporttve, 
merry. Jolly, mirthful, DiTc, game- 
some, dobimair, vlvadons, Hvely, 
epii^tly, fun of play, fnll of fun. 

Play blse. Break one's word, sell one's 
self, turn traitor, go over io the enemy. 



Pli^ second flddle^ ICotf^qmal^] 
aubordinate, take a suboratnate pat 

Play tte devil (or the deuce* "ii 
[(hiloqv^al.] ImpoirfBpoll, injui 

t£a IniflbDii/aot ID . 

of ous'b ma, plur tdolig or pranhe. 
Flar nwrn, 1. Arftjrm upon Imam 

Meal mstriaiejit). 
3. ijnpD&e upon, make ftport of, mal 

fun of, msM Dierr; irlth. 
Flea, n. 1. (£i:kui,) Allegadou. 


, 1. (Lour.) Make ai 

I suit. 

Reason, argoe, ofter reasons 

Apoli^se, oSec upology or ji 
m, make defonce. 
, V. <(■ 1. Allege, oSBr In exci 
Argue. flisoQSB, defend, mai 
1,, argumeiHa. . , ^ ^^ j. 
der. ' ' ' 

Plead, guilty. Confess guilt, acknowledge 
tbe charge; onn the soft impeaehmf ut, 
ovypeccam, sing mUerere, mal^e a cle8~ 
breast of it, be down on ona'a marroi 
Pleasant, a. 1. Pleasing, wreeable, de- 
lightful, dplectalile, gratifying, grateful, 
pleasurable, acceptable, welcome, 

a, Cheerfnl, gay, lively, sprightly, 
vlvaelous, merry, good-humorecl. 

3. Witty, tftcetiona,liuitoroua, joeoae, 
joonlar, sportive, amnah^. 
Pleasantry, "■ 1- Qaye^, merriment, 
sport, fun, frolio. 

a. FaeettoiiBneM, Jocularity, jooose- 
nesfl, drollery, good hnmor. 
3. Lliely or nitty remark, sprightly 

Please, v. a. Gratify, delielit, gladden, 
rejoice, TioELE, make glad, giye joy to, 
take one^e fauir, tickle one'g ^mcj, do 
one'e heart gooo> 

plense.M. »- 1. like, pcefer, ohoose. 
a. Goudeecend, be pleased. 

Pleadng, a. Agreeabie, grateful, graM- 
Mng, acceptable, welcome, pleasant, 
deleotable, pleasurable, charming, de- 

Fleasurable, a, Pl^EASIHQ. 

Pleasure, b. 1. Enjoyment, gratlflca- 
tioQ, ootofOrt, delight, Joy, gladness, 
temporary happiness, 

3. Sensuality, TOlnptuimsnesa, lux- 
ury, anlToal gradflcaUon. 

3. Will, oboloe, prefflrsncB, purpose, 
wish, mind. 

Plebeian, a. fcnoble, low, mean, baas, 

PlenipotfintlBTy, »i 
Pleultnde, ». 1. 

1entirtil,a. Abundant ample, copious, 
full, plenleous,_producMve,lniltfiil, ex- 
uberant, luxnr&at, profuse, plbnty. 

ance, e^tuberance, profu^on, afdue 
fsrtiuty, overflow. 
Plenty, a. [IneSegaitl.] Abiindant,fj 

Eedundancy, difl^isenesa, 
undant expres^cn. 
Kfldundant, tautological , 

tautolc^y, redun^^nt expre^cn. 

... SuporabundMiee, aupei'fliiity, re- 
dundance, redundancy, eioeas, surfeit, 
more than enough, enongb and to 

, ov^eliEirged, o 


a. Of a Ml Latdt, affecKd with ple- 

Pliability, n. Flexlbl«ieaa, suppleness, 
pliancy, plIi^lenesB. 

PUable, a. 1. fleslble, £exlle, pliant, 
supple, limber, lithe, litlieBome, easily 

S. Compliant, yielding, manageable, 
tcBctable, Douaa-FAOED, easily per- 

PUubleness, n. PtiABiLiTY. 
Pliancy, n. PhablenesB, PLIAniLUT. 
Pliant, a, Fliablb. 
Plicatnre, n. [Sure.] Fold, doubUi^, 

double, plait, gather. 
Pl^ht, M. a. Pledge, pawn, hypothecate, 

put in pledg6,_^ve as security. 
Plieht, n. 1. Hei^e, pawn, gage. 

^. Couditjon, state, situaHon, case, 
, qat^ory, dilemma. Fix, 

Trudge, jog on, trarel 

drudge, ni 
uu, »™y a It, work L 

Plodding, a. Hacd-w „. 

Plot, <^ 1. Plat, piece of ground. 

S, Plan tof a j?wce qf l^ad), draught, 

3. Schema (espamUp /or a bad par- 

cabal, n^cMiiation. 
lot, V- fl. Plan ijbr B/mte vditchi^), 
scheme, contrive, lay a plan, form a 

*lDt, V. a. Plan {as something mi8» 
ckiewiisi, concoct, contrive, prqleot, 
devise, Rame bcev, hatch, lompass. 




. [Written also Ptow- 

'longUanq, n. IWritt 

kmd.) 1. Till^e land, 
a. Caracato. 
PiDOIc, K. a. Pull (qidcily), twitoli, 

snatcb, Jerk, yerfc. 
Plucfc, ». Spirit, courage, xeBolution, 

stiengm of ivlQ. ' ' 

I^nCk np, 1, Eradiouls, exterminate, 

^. Summon up (as cowage\ gathar 

Pliut, n, Stopple, stopper. 
». . ^eathe- 

Plamb, a. 

IT (A> ^ Iton- 

Bl^ek-lead, £Taptiil& 
i,». Pillow-Tjlock. 

Plnme,R. : 

g. Crest, luiL 
Plume one's self. Boast, ^ory, ptide 

one's Bslf, pigne one's sel^ take pride. 
Plmuose, a. eeaOiarj. 
Pltiinp, a. 1. Stent, eorpnlent, portly, 
Iftt, bounidng, chubby, flesby, round, 
bonny, obose, burly. In good case, 
a. Complete, fnli, downright, direct, 

Flnmpness, n. Corpulency, stoutneas, 

. Kapine, booty, spoil, 
1 ana Western TJ. S.] 

PIiuw% V. B. IHve, pitch, thrust one's 

self, east one's self. 
Flunse. n- Diie, dip, ducking. 
Plui^rer, n. 1. DlTer. 

Ply, M. o. 1. Employ, apply, keep 

^"a^EierdsB raotlae utin raetlae 

Fneiiina.tlca, n. Science of elastic fluids. 
Pneumatolosy, n. Psychology, mata- 

physiGS, sdeuoe of mind, doutrlne of 

spirltoal eobstauces. 
Fneumaiila, n. {Med.) iDSammation 

of the lungs. 
PnetLDioiiio, a. Pulmonic, pubnonary. 
Poach, «. a. l. Coot subtly (ns eggs). 
8. Steal, fllob, puclotn, pilfer, oae- 

BAGIB, BOB, plunder by stealth. 
PoH«h,I>. n. Steal 


ra, «- (Men. 


Poem, n. Metrloal composition, ^deca 

of poetry. 
Poesy, It. PoBTBY, yetse. 
Poet, n. Bard, author of poems. 
Poetaster, a. Bhymeat^r, petty post, 

lufeiior poet. 

fsaj"- »•"-• 

Poetry, «. Verse, rhyme, poeay, metri- 
cal composition I numbsra. 
Folii inXerj. Pshaw, pi^h. 
"-- ■ - • Slmrp, severe, plotidiig. 


3. Keen, p'olnl 

Point, n. 1. Shar 

[, aeild. 

, canetio, Irrltat- 

4. Spot, place, station, stage. 

5. Degree, grade, state, conditio 
«. Otfeo^ and, aiiii, purposa, Ai 

V, Mark(aflQfimflc£wi<i4m),charac- 

i. Dot, speck. 

. £.,11- Trittiidsm, flsali of wit, 

^. Sharpen, make pointed, 
evel, direct, 
.ta, dee^atSj show, point 

show, direct attention 
Poise, n. Balance, equlUbtJum, equl- 

Polse.'v. a. Balance, hold or place hi 

noxious influence. ' ' 

Polsam, D. 1. Infect, taint, contaminate, 

corrupt, canker. 

3, (fioi.^ uai^c, pjgaoU'OeiT 

weed {Pls^u^aeca secaadra), 
PokeiB-.n. Gropa, feel one's way. 
Poke fUn, [Co^fosutaf, V. S.] Joke, jest, 

Poke ftm 'at, tCWtoguioi, U. 3.\ Jeer, 
ridloule, deride, ftout, taunt, mock, scoff 

Poker, n. [Aw, U, ^.i Buobcas, bob- 
goblin, Bpactre, ogre, frightful oD|ect, 
raw head mid bloody bones. 

Poke-weed, n. Toke. 

Polander.n. Polo. 

;a by Google 

L. Extremity [qf an a. 

i. staff, rwo.^ 
1. Bod, percn. 
V. Siah, thill. 

5. Polaiide-. 
FoIe-CBt, ». J. (OrBHTope.) Htdiew, 

*, ((»■ North A 
rmteftt vison). . 

% IHspatntious, 
FolemfOB, n. p^p Ooatroyersy [eajiecii^iy 

on Steotogicai BU^feate), dlgputation. 
Folestar, «. Horth star, polar etar, 

FoIlc7, n. 1. Administration, manage- 

Dgament, CDUtsa erf acUun. 
S. Cunningj art, addFeee, ekill, pra- 

Folish,' f. a. 1. Bnmlsh, fnrbish, rub 
np, brighten, make gloaay. 

biightneaa, brll- 
mlsbed,iuadfl htlgbt 

eompf^nt, courtly, Erations,' nrhane) 
pollslied. well-behaved; well-mannered, 

FollteneeH, n. Oouctesy, ciTility, good 

bilitj. oomplaJaanoa, comity, amenity, 
Buavllj, Oeoocum, good-breadlng, good 
manners, oblirina maimer. 
Folltlo, a. irCliIl, polilloal, oiTio. 
~i, Wifie, pTndeiUM judldcmH, disoreet, 
nieious, prndantfal, wary, provMeot. 
■"^ ■ ;, Shrewd, intrigu- 

Bagatious, pr 

lag,' sly, wiiy, enbtle,' Ibjy, MaoMaTsl- 

PollHcal.o. Civil, OITIO, pnbllo, poUac, 

FoU(ioi>u>, n. 1. Statesman, statist. 

», FarUsau, dabbler in politics. 
Polities, n.;ii. Political science, poUa- 

Follty, 11. Form of government, i^yil 

FoU, It. 1. Head, 

2, person. Individual. 
Foll.n. IColioqiaal.} 
FOU-tax, ». (mpiiatic 
■ 1. Defllf 

s, ». iWiiatio 
uuuiti,v.a. 1. "-'"• 

a. Cotrnpti li 

c, poiBon. 

FoUatJon, n. Defilement, contamina- 
tion, foulne^, faint, Impm^ity, □nolean- 

Polyeainy, n. Plurality of wives or of 

Folreon, n. Many-oided fignre. 
Polype, n, (ZM.) Poiy_pus, 
Polypus, n. [L, pt. Pahjpi-l {Zool.1 

PollysjilaWe, n. Word of many sylla- 

- . [Writtflji also Fuptmet.'] 

1, protuI)erant part. 
id, V. a. [Written also Pummd,} 

iiupoeitf , li. BoasttnlnesB, boasting, 
iretenaion, OBteiitatlon. 

stated, (ofty, grnnd, 
ficent, superb, aplend 

8. Swelling, innaceq, DomoasQC, 
gld, pretentlouB, stjllod, boastful, gi 

njficence, pageantry, splendor, sts 

tion, pamposiCy. 
Fouder.u.a, Consider, weigh, conta 
plate, study, meditate, think on, red 

Ponder, D.R. Think, mnse, reflect, 00 

tats, meditate, study. 
Ponderons, a. Heavy, weighty, m 

PoMr'nl 1. Pond '(amaa), mete, loch, 
S. Puddle, plash, collecUon of stand- 
Poor, a. 1. Indigent, needy, dastltate, 
necesdtona, pinOliea, distressed, pen- 
niless, moneyleee, rarxoiiKioiTB, seedy, 
reduced, siunt of money, out of money, 
vrltbout a penny, out of pocket, out 
of essh, ont at the elbows, ont at the 
heels, In need, in want, hard np, in dls- 
fress, llvli^ &om liaud to mouth, not 
worth a ^thlng, not worth a son, not 

d. &maclat«d, lean, thiit, meagre, 
lajilf, gaunt, ^nny, shrunk, mien 

3. Barren, sterile, nniinitfii], onlfer- 
tlle, unproductive, finitleBS, unproliiic. 

4. lFifl!ng,triTial. slight, small, Blen-, 

;a by Google 

maan, ancry, beggarly, pitiful, shabby, 

«. Teeble, laiunid. wea'k, baM, tame, 
Jejune, vapid, cSi, frigid, dull, pr^ng, 
proey, pcOBaio, spiritless, 

7. Miserable, wretolied, unfortnnata, 
lucklesa, Ill-fated, ill-stoirsd, unlucky, 

[With The preflited.] PtHi- 


Pop. ad. Saaae 
Pope,B.' Pont^ 

ip of Rome. 


Fop, ooxcomb, dandy, ei 
L, PETiT-UAiTits, maca 
ipaa, jaek-a-dajidj, man 

rjirnmoualty, rabble, mob, 
iTovd, ike mulUtiide, 

le vulvar 


tliB mll&DD, ette peasuitry, 
herd, 1^ comuum p»pLe, tne iow«r 
olauee, the vuIkbt, the huniblei olaseas, 
BOani ol BOOfBtyjdrBeB of aodalj. 
Pofml&r, n* !• Plain, &miUar, aas^ . 
9, Beo^Ted [bv tAe peepie), Hcceptfld, 
accrodlted, HiTCo^tB, llted: 

__, -J. . 1- Fayoiiof tlie people), 

popular regard or aoeeptance. 
a. Fame, repute, celebrity, Vi^ne. 
P<ipnlate, v. a. People. 
Fopolatian, fl. Inhabitants, persons, 

numbBt of penple. 
PopnJons, a. Ciowded, ttdob^ settled- 
Fop npon. Come upon landde'ug]. 
ForoelBln, n. China, china naio; 


a. n^tli TA^ prefijied.1 Tie Stoic 
philoBophy, phlloBopby of Zeno. 
ore. n. Crmce, spiracle, small opening. 
- 4 steadily. 

Pore, «. Orifice, spiracle. 
Pore, 11. «. Brood, dwell, 

fix the atMntion, ^ve on . 
PoAer, ■"■ Hiw, rag, sow, Bwine. 
Por1b«, n. iMed.) Scald-head, 

P(ttt,n. 1. Harl>or, hiTen, roadstead, 
a. Entrance, passage-way. 

3. Embcasnre, port-hole. 

4. larboard, left aide. 

0. Demeanor, behavior, beaciBg, air, 
mien, carriage, deportment. 

Portable, a. MoTable, llaht, handy, 

convenient, easily trauapcrted. 
Portid. «. uate, gateway, entrance, p 

Porte, n. Turkiah court, SubUme Foi 
Fort«-moiuiHte, «. [Fr,] Pocket-bo 

Portend, k. a. Presage, forebode, fo 
token, betoken, foreshow, foreshadi 
aagur, pn^noBtlcate, tlireateij, in 

ir, n. I . Carrier. 

. COHCdEBQB, janitor, door-keep- 

Port-hole, n. Embrasure, port. 

, Porch, vestibule, entrance-way. 
Portion,!!. 1. Part, place, ftagmeot, bit, 

a, Sliare, allotment, division, parcel, 
lot, qnantity, dividend, quota, oontiii- 

ForUoiiiD. a. 1. Divide, allot,dealout, 
distribute, parcel oat. 
2. Endow, snppiywilh a portion. 
Portly, ic 1, Stately, grand, majesBc, 
magisterial, d^nlflad. 

a. CorpulenC stoat, plump, fleshy, 
obese, round, in good case. 
Portmanteau, n. Valise, travelling 

Portrait, n. Kepreseatation(c(/'3jhMor 
a penon, drawn er painied), likeness, 
dagia rreoty pe, photograph, portraltm-e. 

^_. J , ., , ,p]dntii^, 

representation, sketch. 
a. DesoripUan, account. 
Port-wlnB,«. Port. 
Pos& n. Attitude (Jbrnw^^j) assumed), 

Poae, V. a. PuEsle, stager, embarrass, 
bewilder, perplex, mys^iy, nonplus, put 
out, put to a stand. 

Poser, m. 1. PuMler, close ejtaminer. 
e. Mddle, enigma, mystery, knotty 

place, locality, post. 
It. AtUtDde, postore, state, conditioa. 
3. Proposlt^ou, principle, the^ dlc- 

resft, direct, explicit. 

true, absolute, existing in &ct, not ideal, 
not im^tned, not ne^tlve. 

3, Confident, sure, assured, cftrtidn, 
fuUy oonvmoed. 

4. Dogmalic, stubborn, peremptory, 
ohBtinat«, over-confldent, tenaeioas. 

PosltlTely, ad. 1. Expressly, esplldtly, 
precisely, categorically, deltnltely. 

3. Actually, leally, truly, in laot. In 

3, OertjUnly, surely, assuredly, confi- 

4. Peremptorily, doirmatlcally. 
FossegB, M. (£ 1. Own, have a Htle to, 

a. Have, hold, occupy, control. 



FDSseEfilonB, «. pt. Property, estate, 

eSfeets, aaeets. 
FoaseBsor, it. 1. Owner, proprietor, naas- 

tL Holder, occupant. 
Possibility, «. Potentiality. 
FoBSlDle, o. 1, Potential, ur possb, 

9. PracUcable, tentlble, likely. 
FosBlbly, <«*■ Perliaps, perelianco, PER- 
iuVEMiDBH, nmyliap, haply, maybe, 
it may be, as luoli mn; have it- 
Post, «. 1. PlLLAE, COLUMN, support. 

a. Station, position, seat. 

3. OSIce, employment, place, ettMVr 
Hon, capa^ty. 

4. Foatman, courier, letteT-carrler. ' 

1, set, put. 

e. Mali, 
fix, establlBh. 
make known, blaae abroad, spraaii 

3. SfiEmatlaB(*spu6ficjui(Me),vlilfJ, 

4. ^ut in lie ledgec, carcy to the 

i. Mail, put in the mail, po 
Foated, a. !• Fliuied, ^tnated. 
», (CoUo^ial, U. ."• " 
well-inKinned, pofrted up. 
Ftnted up, [Oolbqtaal, U. S.J Posted, 

vdl-lnfumied, booked up. 
Poster, n. Flucnrd, bill, handbill, broad- 

Fosterior, n. 1. Subseqneut, iblloning, 
later, after, sncceeding, ensuing. 
^ Hind, hinder, baclt, rear. 

Fosterity, n. Desoendanta, offepiii^, 
progeny, aftfir ages, sueceadlng genara- 

Foat mortem, [L.] 
a. Autopsy, post 

Postpone, V. a. Deifer, delay, adloum, 
procrastinate, put olf, stave off, let lie 

Postscript, n. Appendix, supplemei 


j^otte^ asaumplion, thaoi 
) Self-evident problem. 


a. Slate, oondltion, rttuation, phase. 
Posy, «. 1. Nosegay, bouquet. 

a. InBorlpHon (as m a riiig), l^ond. 


>. Drinkable, Uiat may be 
Potasstt, pivitoxlda ot potas- 

S, Ddiik, draught. 

Pot-corapanlon.n. Pellow-d ker 
Potoney, n. 1. Power, mig ffloa y 
ibroe, Strength, energy, vigor 
a. Authority, Influence, sway eon 

Potent, a. Powerful, m^hty Ibr Ible 

pulBsant, strong, efllcacious Ol^oiit 

Potentate, «. Monarch, sovereign, king 

emperor, prince. 
Potential, a. Possible, in posse 
Potentiality, n. Posalblllty 
Pot-bellied, a. laree-bell ed great 

bellied, big-bellied, tnn-bellled abdom 

Pother, n. Bustle, tumult turmoil 
flutter, ruiapue, oonfu^on pudder 
huddle, turbiSence, hurly-b rly 

Potion, n. Drai^lit [especi itj qf ^t- 

hotch-poteh, hodge-podge, f^rag ,j m 

Potter, V. n. TriHe, putter, busy one B 

self about trifles. 
Pott«ry, n. Eartlien ware, day ware. 
Pouch, «, Bm (maUi sack. 
FoulUce, B, Cataplasm. 
Poultry, n. Domestic Ibwls. 
Pounce, ». Claw, talon, nail. 
Pounce upon. Seize (a3UiiI1c2ai<i3),&U 

Ponnd, V. a. 1. Beat, strike. 

^. BkA-Y, bruise, erush, piilrerize. 

a. Cat-flsh, horn-pout, homed pont, 

bidi-head [Pinuiodiu eoflcu). 
Pont, V, n. Jjook Bulleu (iu protmcUiig 

the Upg)f lof^ black, show Ul-temper. 
PoreMTi »- IniHganne, penury, want, 

destitution, need, neceBalr, pnvaljon, 

distress, smJlened circumstances. 
Powder, n. 1. Dust, pulverized aub- 

a. Gunpowder.- 
Powder-post, K. lU.S.J Dry-tot, sap- 
Powdery, a- Dusty, mealy, pulvemlant, 

Power, n. 1. Ablenees, efficacy, ability, 

efficiency, e<^ency, competency, might, 

capabiUty, fbrce, energy, strength. 
a. Faculty, talent, endowment, gift. 

3. Antlu>rilj,authoritariveness,rule, 

Sreri^ative, sovereignty, sway, control, 
mnhiation, dominion, influence, com- 

4. Sovereign, potentate, governor, 
ruler, monarch. 

6. Divinity, angel [good or bad], 

■». iLow-i Good deal, great quan- 



., - i. M^ltj, potont, aett™, 

puiesant, potential. 

[orous, lobust, sturdy, etroDg, 

Pra«D[oa1>1& a- F8aBlbl«j perfonuable, 

p0S(dbie> a^evatOe, att^nable. 
Fraetieablenefls, «. FaA,c7I€ABfIJTY- 
PinuiUcal, a, l. Adapted to pcacUce oc 

turned, ^oalified, pi^cUsed, 
thoroughbred, able, AU FAIT. 
FractJce, ii. 1. CuBtom, habit, i 
Itequeiit repeMaon. 
8. Use, us^e. 

i. Ei[erolfie(as ()f aprqftsKtot), ftppH- 

PracUse, v. a. [Written also Fraetioe-i 
1, Do IJ^'Egvejiilj/\ porfarm. 
a. BieTcSee, apply, parene, carry 

Fractleed, a. Experienced, Inatruoteu, 
verMd, lAoroughbred, qualified, skilled, 
trained, accompllBlied, pro&oient, able, 
practical, AU FAIT. 

Pragmstloal, a. Meddlii^, offli 

a, Estol, eulodze, panegjiizt 
3. Minify, Blorlh, exalt, b 

blesB, do homage tOj do honor W 

fr^seworl^yt f. CoTDmeni^^le, laud- 

Prankr n. Capsr, antic, trick, gambol, 

fteak, vsgaiT. 
Franked out, BedlzQDed,]iuit7,showy, 

fiJDlcal, airy, gali^h, flashy, 
FranUsh, a. Sportive, playlul. Jovial, 

ftollcBome, gnmesome, Ittll of play, fnll 

. Prattle, chat, chatter, tat- 

of fill 

tie, EiabWe, gabble,' palaver, ba loqua- 

Ptate,' V. a. Tell iJUMailii), hobble, 

Prate,'». Prattle, gabble, chatter, twad- 
dle, palaTer, idle taOi, oMldish talk. 
Prater, n. Ghatteier, lattle-head. 
Prattle, o. ». Pbatk, chatter. 
PTBittle, n. PbjITB, clatter. 
Pray, ». a- Aak leamelllnj, request. 




Hgtoas disdouTss), declare, publish. 

a. Inculcate, teaoh. 
'reach, v. n. Deliver sermons, discourse 
on reUgfoua subjects. 
<acMuK friar, Blackftiai. 

ble, n. Intrednction {especiaily 
egi^Uve act), pre&ce. Introduc- 
tory pi^L 
Precarloiua, a. Uncertain, unsettled, 
'lady, donbtfol, dubious, equivocal, 

Precaution, n. Forelliought, timely 

tone), g , . _ , _. 

anterior to, take precadence of, 
-'recedenee. In. 1. Prlorily (*» time), 
Precedency, f an tarioritr, antecedence. 
" "—'- loperioritj, pre-emi- 

Precedlne:> a. Antec^lent^ precedent, 

Precept, «, 1. Commana, injunoHon, 
order, mandate, edict, commandment, 
■ behest, diotatfl, decree, law, ordinance, 

%, Doctrine, principle, maxim, role, 
Preceptor, «. Teacher, ti 

luary, ooraer, irontier, □iar<di» 
.. District, terntorlal division. 
PreidODS, a. . I. Costly, of great price. 
a. Very valuable, of great worth, of 
great value. 

3. Dear, beloved, darling, very esti- 
mable, h^ly eafeemed or valued. 
Precious metals, Qold and EilvGi, 
Precious stones. Jewels, gems. 
Predptoe, n, Cll^ crag, steep, abrupt 

B, j». 1. 

Haste, hurry, jire- 

Preidpitate, n. (Cliem.) Precipitated 

Pre^ltat«, a. Hasty, hurried, rash, 
heaffiong,_r--" - •-'■- ' 

may, preoipi 

a. Bashness, rectilessnoiE, thonght 
iFemesa, heedlessness, ibolhardinees, 
laconsiaeral«ness, temerity, prcenmp- 



PreidpltoDB, a. 

3, HHatf, ra9ll,heHd;,iiei><lloneiP'^ 
ijpttat«, reckless, IndlscEeet. 
Precise, a. 1. Exact, correct, liefinlfe, 
strict, 6xt>T«BB, distinct, explicit, nice, 

8. Formal, ceTemonione, elllf, staroli, 
starclied, prnn, punctUlcns. 
Frsdalan, ». Formalist, macMnet. 
FredBlon, n. Exiuitness, piecieeneee, 

Frectade,'c. a. Invent hinil'ec, dabar, 
impede, leatrain, proMUt, inhibit, etop, 
bur, stint out. 

FrecotdmiHi o. Fremature (e^eoia% Jn 
7/ieniai detteltqment}, b» forn^rd. 

Preeoidtr, n. pcematureness {qf Oie 
mental facvltki). 

fceconcert, o. o. Premeditate, prede- 
termine, consider befo[Sliait([. 

Fiecurgor, «. 1. Forerunner, predeces- 

». Meaeengcr, iiacbinget, herald. 

PreoorsoiT, a. 1. Foreruaniug, pre- 

cedii^, precedent, antecedent, anterior, 

». trelualve, preluaory, Introductory, 
Predaolaiis, a, BapaciauB, pheda- 

Predatory, a, 1. PluEdering, piilag- 

a. lUpadoas, ravenous, greedy, vo- 
raoione.Tiungry, preying, 

tioR), foreru] 
:ar, Ibre&tht 

, p — irdain, prede 



Predestine, V. a. Preaeteruiiiie, kre- 

Predetenuinatitm, «. Pbedestina- 

Prodetermlned, a. Foregone. 
Predicable, <!. Afflrmable. 
PredlDoment.R. 1. Sitoatlou (espedoiZn 
" liad sHaatvm), conditjou. state, posi- 

L, poBtnre, attitude, pl^t, ease. 

. iCothgtdai.] Pass, pinch, puah. 

black Mar, preaohlng friar! 

dflslare, allege, piopouaii, say, asserer- 

ato, avouch, pronouuee. 
Pcedioatlon, n. Affinaatlon, assertion, 

deoiaratlon, averment. 
Predict, ti. a. Foretell, proplieey, prog- 
— ^ur,'ol¥inej tore. 

Lte, pres^fe, ai^ur 

, ... Frophecy, pcogooi 

, ai^ury, iVtreboding, Taticiru 
divinaljon, Bootheayiiie, lorefeUiai, 
Prediotive, a. PropfieUc, presaging, 

pt^Uotar, n. Foreteller, prophet, 

Predilectjon.n. Prepossearfonfin/bwir 
'" partiality, prefwenca, inclination, 
ig, fondneEB, love. 

Pi'edispose, V. a. Incline, dispose, 1>las, 
£t, prepare, make realty. 

Predispositloii, n. Ineflnation, diapori- 
tion, willingness, JncllnatioD, propen- 
sity, proclivity, leaning, benl^ bias, 

Fredonilnance, I n. Supremacy, ascen- 
Predmuiiuuioy, ) dency, preTalence, 

superiority, sovere^nty, mafitsry. ' 
Predominant, a. Prevailing, prevalent, 
me, ascendfflit, overrming, domi- 
— - — ' Frevajl, dominale. 

a, prapc 

acy, precedani 
Pte-emLoent^ a, Superior, supreme. 
Pre-eng^e, B. o. Preoccupy. 
Freftwe. n- IntroducUon, preamble, 

SroBM, FSELUSE, prolegomena, exor- 
luiu, ^koIjOO-ub, preUininary. 
PrelakoTr, a, Jntroduotory, prelimin- 
ary, prelusiie, pcelusary, precursory, 
proemlal, prep^atory. 
Freite, v. a. 1, Offbr, present, address, 
brinybrwatd, sot ftffOi. 
& ttalse, ffiralt, promote, advarkce, 
3. Choose, select, elect, pick, pick 



ict, pick, 


, Choice, eleofion, at 

tion, predilection. 

Pretorment, ». Promolion, advance- 
ment, exaltation, elevation. 

FreBenre, v, a. Foreshow, betoken, 
fOreehadow, portend, ^nl^, indleata. 

Pregoaat, a. 1, Knoeditb, 1^, with 
child, in the &auiJy way. 
a. Fraught, i^lete, full, teeming. 

Predudg»,1'.o. ForeJudm, prejudloate. 

Ptejiidcnient^ «. Fr^nilioe. 

Prfjodlcnte, v. a. Pkejodqe. 

Pr^udlce,«. 1. PreJu^ment, prepos- 
session, bias. 
9 ITarm, mischief, hurt, detriment, 
f, daruage, dlsaavant^. 

PrMudlolal, a. Hurtfal, n 
injnrions, detrimental, 
damaglT^ disadvautageou 

pHJndlcfHl, a. Biassed, bl 


JB, preparato^ Bt«p. 

.nae.n. Introdivitlon (to a .;»«» ly 

BHuic), preliminaiy, preface, preamble, 
proem, mouooirx, exDrdinm. 



Fnlusarv, f preourac 

Premature, a. 1. Precocious, 
ward* ripe t 

e. a. Preconcert, consider 
n, n. Foretlionght, pre- 

. Preface, lay doira be- 

BUbJeot, state baforehand. . 
Premise, «. Antecedent propoalUon. 
Premiora, ». Eeward, recompenaa, 

bounty, prize, tonus. 

Premoultlan, n. Caution, wamii 
Pi^eooei^atiant n. 1. Prepoasea^ 

lousiiia;, abeence, muse, aliseai 
mind, brown stnijj. 
FreDoonpied, B- j--"— ■■i-- - 
absent-minded, lost 

ming, mueiDg, 
m (t prown stuuy. 
Preordain, ». a. Predetermine, pce- 
establisli.ftireociaoin, predestinate, pre- 
destine, foredoom, appoint befSira- 

Preparation, n. Provialon, making 

Preparatory, <t. latroducteiy, prelim- 
inary, pratatory. 

Prepare, v. a, 1. Fit, adapt, equip, 

3- Provide, procure, get ready, put 
In order. 

Pvepnre, V, n. Get ready, put thii^ in 
order, set one'g house in order, make 
arrangements, malca provision, talie 
steps, olsar tliB ground, clear tlie way, 

action, open tlxe way, paya tlie way, 



Prepouderatlon, n. Outw^gljlng, pte- 

PreposGeBs, V. a. Preoccupy, i^ave prior 
possession oC. 

PrepoSBoBstne:, a. AttracUTe, engag- 
ing, winning, fascinating, taking, cap- 
fjTafJng, bewitching. 

PrepasBeeslan, n. 1. Preoccnpation, 
pMot poseeesion. 
3* n^jndice, bias, one-sidednaas. 

Pr^HiBterons, a. 1. Perverted, liaving 

dity, nn- 
, IboUah- 

Frerr^atlve, «. Pnvliegs, 
r^ht, liberty, ftanchise, ad^ 

— J. Forebode, divine, 
are a praeenMmant of. 
I, predict, prophesy, for&- 

ft^byop^}"- F-^aigl'tcdnaBs. 
Presbyopic, a. Far-s^kted, presbytic. 
Preabytic, a. Far-algbted, praabyoHo. 
Prescience, n. Foreknowledge, fore- 
sight, forecast, prevision. 
Pi-esoient, a. Foretaowing, (Orsaeeli^, 

Prescribe, v. a. Direct, order, appoint, 
ordsiu, dictate, enjoin, decree. 

Frescript, n. Direction, dcccBO, ordin- 
ation, tnle, ordjnanee, law. 

Prescription, n. 1. Castom, usage. 
a. {Med.i Becipe. 

Freseuce, ». Mien, ^, carriage, port, 

:>fesent, n. Gift, donation, donative, 
benei^Uon, ofibni^, gratuity, largess. 

3. Give, bestow, grant, oosveo, ^tb 

4. Hand, pat into one^a hands. 

Z. Exhibitfon^ represenlation, Betiing 

5. Bestowal, donation, ^ving. 
Presentiment, n. Forebodii^. 
Presently, ad, 1, Direetiy, immediately, 

a. Soon, akortly, pretty soon, befbre 
long, by and by, in a short time. 
Preservation, n. 1. Malnl«nanoe, oon- 

8. aeon'iity, saffety, salvation. 
Preserrative, n. Preserver, means of 

Preservative, a. OonsecvatiTS, pre- 

PreBsrvatory, a. Preservative. 

Preserve, «. a. 1. Keep, guard, pro- 
tect, dMOnd, secure, slil^d, uphold, 
sastain, m^ntain, spare, save, watch 

3. Conserve, keep sound, save from 

Preserve,™. 1. Sweetmeat, conteoUon, 



', protector. 

a. Praaervative, i 


Press, E. ». 1. Bear iieavliy. 
S. Hasten, hurry, pusti, rosU. 

3. Crowd, tliroi^, force a viaj. 
FreSA, n< 1* Pilnmig-pFesH- 

8. Literature, literary pabllciitlona. 
8. Crovil, fkhrcmff, maltttnde- 

4. Uigenaj^prenure, bjory. 
Fresfdugr, rf. Utgaut, Iraportniu 
FreBgiiTe, «. 1. Campraa^g, sqi 

cruHblni IbMe. 

8. Drgeney,. . , 
Fresomoble, a. Probable, reanonablE 

Ukely, i^redlble, tbat stands to reason. 
Presume, v. n. 1. Suppose, conjeeture, 

tblni^snrmlBfl, believe. 

...... OoDBlder, deem, tblnk, 

uoiivTe, suppose, take for granted. 
FMsnmptloii, n. 1. Opinion, belief, 
Bopposmou, oesjeoture, guess, 

Zt Arrogance, IbrwarimeBB, audacity, 
ansurance, effl-ontecy, brass, cheek. 
I. Ptobabllity, gcouEd for bellev- 


evidence. _ 

eumatautlal evldem 

ftirif ard, preaun: 


d on probable 

1. Arrogant, bold, 

PreflQppofle, ff. a. Ireply, 

poae, take £ai grantedT 
Pretence, ». [Written a 

1. Shcnr (to cmiieal a thhig t 

a, Subt*rfi^e, evaaioi 
Pretend, V. a. Feign, a 
connterfslt, aliam. 


U Cladm, demand. 
7, atsumpMon, proltealon, 
iB, niake-belieTe. 
^- - — .celt, pietentlousnesB, pertness, 
PreteatiODS, a. IBeeent.l Assuiaing, 
oonoeited, yaln, part, flippant, prl^aE, 

Fretematoral, ». Irr^ular {as bekig 

, natural, luei^licable, strange. 

I>retext, b. Sbow (to cmtseal c 
done), appeaituioe, afibotaHou, i 
tdoa, mask, color, rsEOBsea. 


Pretty, a. BeauUful (loiJSou/ i%j(J^ or 
ffra7idear]j oAsDBOJUEf elegant, comely, 

Pretty, ad. Moderat^y, tolerably, con- 
riderably, in some ilegcee. 

Prev^I, T, n. 1. PredomLoale, prepon- 
derate, succeed, proapai', nave the 
superiority, gain the advantage, l>e In 
the ascendant, get the upper band, 

sway, havfToarreoEy, be Tu vogue, be 

Prevollti^C, a. 1. £ff» 
prcdojainant, efQcaci< 


3, Kecelved 'lai He preseiU time), 
current, established, ordinary, usual, 
pBEVAtKST, widely extendea, most 
Prevail on, I Peranade [bg argwmenl). 
Prevail upon. I Iniuenoe, Induce. 
Prevail viitb. Persuade log on appeal 

Prevalence, n. 1. Superiority, success, 
predominance, preponderance, ptos- 

^1 Influence, efficacy, power, force, 

3. Unlveraallty, wide extendon, gen- 
eral receptloD. 
Prevalent, a. 1. Superior, Tietorious, 
predomln^t, successful. 

a. Powerful, efflcadouB, efibctual. 

3. Beo^ved (ffenemlb/j, oetabllahed, 
eurrent, ordinary, usual, fitEVAiiJtia, 
widely extended, most generaL 
PievatlDat«, v. ». Quibble, alniffle, 
cavil, palt^, do^Eu, evade the lint^, 
BQUITOOATX {by looee or indefimite e«- 

, p. a. Obstruct, hwdbb, stop, 
I, tdwart, intercept, iiitarrupt, 
I, preclude, AmsUate, forefeud, 

Preventive, a. Prophylactic. 
Preventive, n. Propliylaotio. 
Previooa, a. Antecedent, prior, fbrmer, 

preceding, anterior, foregoing. 
PreTlooS^, 0(2. Befi»re, antecedency, 

Prevision, ». Forealght, foreknowledge. 

(or nponl, 1. Plunder, ^dllage, 
ivonr, feed upon. 

1, Value {in money), charge, 


PHck.v.a. l,Pi6ro6(«rf(*astBnii Aofe|, 

9. Spur, goad, Inoite, Impel, urge, 
TOnBe, Biv^nse, Bldniiilat^ drive. 

3. Sting, 'WQUiLd, palu, hart. 
'FHclk, V. «. Spnr, itae, gallop, hastan. 
Frlok,x. 1. GosA, point. 

~ AoIcLeoi 
ok, bTsUo 

3. HaaghtiuesB, lo^nees, loFdlineeB, 
BuparclllouaneaB, asBiimptlDn, Inaoler " 
TMn-gloi'y, arroganoe, hhheuk, j 

*™^™atloii (q/" eSoraciei-), dtgn 

show, lustra, bi'^htnaas, effulgence 

Pride one's self on, Boast, take pride 
In, rate lifeMy, glory lu, pigue one's 
Bslf eii, plums on^ self on, Btnnd "iv"!- 

Friest, ». Clei^ymiui, divine, ml 
pastor, parson, eccle^astlc, c' 

Priestly, o. Sacerdotal, 
Prig, «. Puppy, coxmmb; con 
pert, eaucy, arprogmatical iblloi 
Trlggery, ». PartaieBa, conceit, 

PriSKlsb, a. Conceited, pert. 

, , Formal, stiff, precise, Stan 

starohed, stiait-liwed. In bnckram. 
Primacy, ''«■ Primatasldp. 
Prima fiKle, [Ii.] At fiTBt sigHt, on t 

Primary, «■ 1. Primitive, al)oi^n_., 
oclglnd, primordial, pilmeval, prisSne, 


Z- Chief, principal, laadb^. 
3. Eiementary, lowest. 
PrlmtUw, n. AicbblBiiDp, metropolits 

Primateship, ». j. 

Prime, a. 1. First, original, prim 
— . — 1 .,.: 1 — j—oraiai] pfi 

pdmal, primeval, pilmordi] 

9. Higheat, OMef, principal, best, capi- 

il, firet-rale. 

me, n. l. Be^nlng, oj 

ut, oarllast stage, 

». Yontb, spring of life, early di 



Primitive, o."°l.' Prbnev^, . 

piime, primordial, original, aboriginal, 

loistlne, primary, first. 
it. Bumcoi, nnderlved. 
Piime minister, n. Premie. 
Primeral, a. Ocigiaol, pbtuitivb. 
Primitive, a. 1. Origlaal, primeval, 

primal, primordial, abotiginsa, prime, 

primary, piistme, flrst. 

S. Kadical, nnderlved. 

Primness, ti, 

Primordial, a. Original, 

, ?i. 1, Soveia^, ruler, monaroli, 
Sovereign's son (e^tedal^ the eid- 
L Royal, regal, imperial, 

HbEA-al, bounteous, bountifni, noble. 
Princess, «, 1. FemBle ruler. 
3. Sovereign's dai^ht«F. 
a. Prince? wife. 
Frinelpal, a. Chief, main, first, higbest, 
supreme, leading, cardinal, most ocn- 
^oerable, most iiapavtant. 
I^DCipal, ». 1. Gblaf, bead, leader, 

8. Masler, head master. 

rhjirlmo m 
i. Memant, 

6. Integiity, npiigbtness, rectitude, 

Kobity, honesty, Tictue, I'^bteousness, 

n™ t..n<H«™ worth, honor. 

a, dress ^ideally. 

, . _. , .impress, mark, 

a. Engraving. 

3. Kewspaper, journal, 

4. Oalieo, printed cotton clolh. 
Frintins, "- Typography. 

Prior, a. Former, preceding, previoos, 
— ..j,_ — 4.„.j__. precedent, forego- 

ing, precnK 
Prioilto, »(. 
Priory, K. Convent, 

itecedence, antoiiority, 

', cloister, 

Snectrnm, Solar spectrum. 

wkliouBS, house of correo'tion, 

Isoner, «. Captive. 
istiue,<t. Primitive, primary, original, 
borlgln^ primeval, primordial first. 
Ithee, l^oc 1 prOff tAeeA Pray,plaase, 
0, vouchsafb, be so good as, nave the 

tt, seulo^n, soli- 

PrivaM.n, 1. Secluded, n 
tered, isolated. 


Pi'lvatioii, n. 1. ]>aprH 

a, Poverty, destltutlotL, waut, need, 
pODury, necessity, aisttass. 

FiJidleKe, n. Prerogative, r^ht, olalniT 
aasawiige. Immunity, ftanobiae, lib- 
erty, fovor. 

Pi:£»lty, II- Knowla^, ct^nlzanoe, pri- 
vate coitcimence. 

Privy, o. t, IndlvMoal, speclaj, private, 
pe^DOal, pecuUar, parbloolar. 
e. Secret, clmdestlne. 
3> Cognizant of, aeqnalnted witJi. 

Frl-nr, n. Neoe«i!iii7, bacIc-houBa, Jakee, 

Prize, «. 1. Reward, premlnm, trophy. 

3. Captore, 
Prize, p. o. 1. Estimate, rate, appridse. 

■!. EBMeio, value h^lily. 

Proliable, a. Mtely, nroHumible, tiiiu- 

Ible, reasonable, to be expected, tiiat 

stands to reason. 
ProbaMy, ad. Apparently, to ftll 

pearance, in alt probability. 
PFoI>a*lDn,n. 1. Kovltlate. 

a. Horiil trial, 
Probotloner.B. Novloe. 
Probe, 0. a. Sorutinlze, examine, search, 

fiOlind, explore, sift, IooIe into. 
Prolilty, ». Inlegrity, nprightness, hon- 

eel^, ^QTtti, rectatode, virtue, goodueHa, 


ustice, equity, iUi 

Probtem, ». Qaeation (to 
enigma, puszle, riddle, E 
point in tUapute, pitot to t 
settled, question at issue, vexed ques- 

Pmblematloal, a, UncertalD, doubtful, 
duldouB, queellonabie, disputable, enig- 
matical, puzzlli^, unsettled. 

Pcabascla, n. Snout, truufc. 

Procedore, n. 1. Conduct, practice, 
conrse. process, manaKement, course ol 
mode of opeiaHon. 
- '- '— deed, action, pe- 

it. Act, transai 

formance, ptoceedlng, measure, step. 
Proceed, v. m. 1. Proyess, advan 

get along, hold or Iceep 

8. Ailse, apring, coma, issue, emanate, 
ordinate, flow, follow, rasnlt, ensue, 
accrue, come out, go fortli, be derived, 
be caused, take rise, be owing, be 

'rooeeda, n. pi. Product, produce, 
income, yield, receipts, returns, avails. 
Process, n, 1. Coarse, ptc^ess. 

a. Operation, procedure, proceedli^, 
stion, performance, step, trausaotlon, 
xaeaeare, conduct, manngement, series 

of meai... 
8. iLmp. 

node of oi 

Inai.) Prg/eoljon, profuboranc 
iaa, n. Train, cout^k, tun 

dare, promulgate, adverttee,' trumpet, 
broach, (zy, nMke Mioim, hlaie abroad, 
spread abroad, ni^ae abroad, give notice 
. ij, ma^e proolamation oL 

Proclaimer, n. Promulgator. 

Proolamatioa, ». 1. Announcement, 

pioncness, propensity, bias, dispodtion, 
leanli^, bent, aptitude, predisposition, 
direction, determination, beating, drift, 

ProciTistlnate, n. a. Defbr, delayipost- 
pone, aSjoutn, put off, slave oB; lay 
over, let iiia over. 

~ ■ " ■ Delay, wait, iag. 

Procrastiaate, . . 

loiter, be dilatory. 
ProcrasUnatlon, n. IMlatorii. — , , 
t^g Dlf, delay, tardiness, slowness. 

^roeoreiutiii., i^. 

triyance, agency, 1 


X. Generate, eagenaer, 

TOduoe, propagate, bring 

Generatioa, begetting, 

Generator, fitlier, sire. 

0, prooura- 

cnration, ». 1. Agency, tEOOtTBE- 
i, Anthority aS an agent, autliority 
, (into.) Agent, proxy, 

Kir, 7*. 1 
y, deputy. 

In, achieve, g. 

X. Contrive, < 
ProdUcal, o, 

I, provide, fiir- 
, cause, e£^ct, 

■Wasteful, lavish, extrav! 

„ ,„ i, too liberal. 

Frodteal,». Spendthrift, waster, squai 

ProdiS^lty, «. WaBteitalnesB extrav! 

gance, excess, prot^ion, lavishness, ui 

tnrlftlncss, squandeilug. 
Frodlglons, a. 1. Marvellous, wondei 

surprlsh^, astouiidimr. stranve. star 
lii^, extraovdinai'y. 

drous, ridraculL 

'ery strange, u 
monstrous, huge. 


PntdlgT, n- l* M^vel, portent, wan> 

der, sQrade. . 
9, MonateF, mouBtroBtty, mooncalf, 

mmatatal product. 
Produce, v, a. 1. Exhibit, bLow, liElDg 

(tawaia, bHnfi out, bring into view, 

bold ^ liO Tlflir, lirii^ to light. 

^aCs, moke, 

B. ]£xt«nd, pTotraoi, pialong:, draw 
out, Ira^Uien. 

S. Agdcultui^ products. 
Frodaot,n. 1. PFodnce, yield, proceeds, 

8. Itesalt, efitet, wock, fi'uit, produc- 
tion, perfbmuuioe. 
FTodiiotlon, «. 1. Troduoe, prodact, 

Ppof^aUiin, 1-. 

mlaose, abuse. 
Proline, a. 1. Irceverent, IrrelleiouB 

blasphemous, wicked, aaotllagiouB, im 

a. UnhoEowea, Impura, pollttted. 

Profane, »■ a. Desecrate, pollute, deflle 

2. Pro&se languaige. 
Profess, V. a, 1. Ayow, acknoii 
ovn, oont^, declare, affirm, a 
brer, all^e. 

ProfiUees, a. UseleBs, worthlesB fruit- 
lesB, booHeBe, uaprofltaWe, viUueleee, 
of no use. 

'j'ofligate, a. DepraTcd, oorrnpt, disao- 
luifi, corrupted, very wiolied, graceless, 

Prp^;ate, n. Debauoliea, rake, llber- 

a. Penetrating, eagacioas, skilled, not 

8. Lively, vivid, sttong, deep-ftlt. 

4. Lowly, humble, BubmisBive. 
ProfiHidity, II, Depth, deepness. 
Profuse, a. 1. Laviab, pi-odigal, !m- 

Srovident, extravagant, wasteful, too 
Qer^ too bonntlful. 
a. Exuberant, over-abounding, in 
ProfusenesB, n. Frofusioh. 
Proflislan, ». 1. LavixlmeBB, sxceSB, 
prodigality, extrav^ance, waste. 

Prog," '■ ' '"* ■ • - ' 

a. Pretend, lay claim 

i), callti^, occupation, 

a. Skill, accomplishment, ocqulrs- 

Proflt^mt, a. Skilled, sklimi, conver- 
Bant, contpetfiut, vell-tersed, qnalidod, 
t^actlEed, trained, aocomplislied, able, 
tliorougbbced, finished, good, at 1 

■D__o_.__. _ A.i™t —pert, dab, uwc- 
Ltal hrmd, good 

return, avails. 


Progeny, n. Offlipiiiig, ddli 

, stock, tmeage. 

VtrrgnoflXAo, n- Sign, token, preeaga, 
omen, indication, augury, forabodiiig, 

Progiiostiaate, v. a. Foretell, preCiict, 
foi'etokcn, betoken, prophflHy.foreslunv, ^ 
Ibreshadoiv, Indlcats, portend, augur. 

FrognoBtlcaldoii, n. 1. PboOkostio. 
it, Ai^uiy, prediction, vaticination, 
prophecy, indlcaticn. 

Pmi>n.d¥ninA. 9t. Order of exardaes. 

. Advancement, advance, 

S. Growth, increase. Improvement. 

Pro^reflSt v. ». Advance, pcoceed, go' 

on, get on, go aiiead, set ahead, get 

forward, get along, mako Iiead, make 

I, 11. Advancement, ad- 

PiMbibit, B. a. 1. Hinder, prevent, 
debar, preclude, restrain. 
S, Forbid, inliiblt, disallow, Inter- 

ProMbition, n. Intardicflon, Inferdlot, 

inhibition, disallowance, embargo. 
Prohibitive, a, f bozibitoev. 

iMbltory, a. Restrictive, prOhlbit- 

3, DeiineatisiasasplierejgioaaptaM). 
PriiieGt, V. n. Protrude, jut, bulge, Jut 
6at, stand out, be promlueat. 


dsrise, design, 

. Flan, Echeme, c 

, ... ,..j1od, throwing. 

Planning, daaignlM, eontrlslng. 
Prominence, pcotobei'anee, bulge, 

Fcoletarion, a. [flare.] Mean, vulgar, 
PraletarlBt, R. PROLSIAIBB, ]ai>oiiag 

Prol«taryt ^. Chorl, peasant, rnEUc, 
clodhopper, oounltyman, plougliman, 
loue, clown, boor, hind, laboring num. 

FiiilUlc,!!. Fruittid, f^Qle.prodncUie, 
generative, teaming. 

ProUi, a, 1. Difi^BO, wordy, verbose, 
loose, long, long-Bpun, spnn-ont, long- 
winded, alsoiiiMve, rambling, not oon- 

a, TlreBOme, tedioos, uninteresting, 

FroUxi^, «. Ciffuseness, prollEnese, 

YOrboalty, tedloua length. 
FroUsuess, ». Proiixfly. 
Prolocutor, «. Speaker, epokeemon. 
Prologne, ti. IntrodaoUon {to a pl(^), 

**---' " '". liengtben, pFotra,Gt, ex- 


Tromiae, v. a. 1, Pledge, engage, cot- 

S. Qive eicpeetatlon of, excite a hope 

Promise, u. n. Engage, osree, stjpnlate, 
bargain, be sworn, pledge ono'a aeli; 
pllglie one's word, pass one's word, give 

iklsiiie, a- Enooura^g, giving 
lund of hope. 

- note. Note of iand. 

I, v~ Headland, foreland, 

a, Forward, advance, fur- 
rage. Iielp, assist. 
«, exalt, raJse, pref^- 

PromoUoa, n. 1. Purtlierance, eBCoar- 
agement, advancement, 
a. Blevatloii, preferment. 
Promot, a. 1. Keady, quiet, apt 

it. Sarly, timelv, pnnctual. 
Prompt, V. a. 1. Indte, induce, stjmu- 
late. Impel, engage, incline, dl^oaa,, 
ui-ge, set on, draw on. 
Z. Put in mind, give the cue to. 

Fi-omptitnde, n. P£0>ifTKESS. 
Pionmtness, n. Keadinsas, qni<^Jieafl, 

alacnty, aiertneaa, prompticude. 
Fromulsate, u ^ ■-* ■ 

abroad, ucase abroad, give noUoe ot, 
make promulgation of. 

TerUaement, pnblicatioa, deelaratioa. 

Prone, a, 1. Prostrate (teith t&e fane 
^mnvtrsrfy), reoumbent, iTlng, flat- 
Si 81opii«, inolinii^. 
S* TMsposed, tnclinod, l«ndii^. 

ProneuesB, n. IMspoaitlon, tendency, • 
procllvlly, IncllnaUon, bias, bent, pro- 
pensity, aptness, torn, leaning, prodi»- 

Pronounce, n. a. 1, Uttar {with proper 
•Kcent amaloiie), speak, eanuoiate, AB- 

9. Seclare, affirm. 

3. Deliver ((« ok. trrat^n). 
Pronnnclament^, n. ProolamatLan, 
annouacemenl^ declaration, manifesto. 
Proof, n. 1. Test, trial, essay, exparl- 

3. Proof-flbeet. 
Proof-sheet, ». Proof. 

[d np, shore 

itain, nphold, 
:, stay, brace, ruii- 
Pcoxuigate, V. a. 1. Multiply, increase, 

g. Spread, dlShse, diaaeminate, dr- 
culate, extend, spread abroad. 

3. Generate, beget, engender, pro- 
create, breed, produce, bring into 

Propasation, 1. MuiapllcaUon, i 

a. 6iasemination,' diffusion, exti_ 
sfen, enlargeuLent. 
3. Genetatlon, procreation, breeding. 
Propel, V, a. Impel, drive forward, 
push forward, nrae on. 

Pi-openslty, rt. Inclination, . 

Proper, a. 1. Particular, pecullai, 
dividual, spedal, specific, — ' - 

9. Fit, flttli^, 1>efltting, BuiCabie, ap- 
propriate, meet, seemly, eonvenSen' 
adapted, becoming, right, lo^tjmats. 
Property, «. 1, Qnality. attrlbuC 
pBculiarity, cliaracte- '-■' - — ■■ — 



tjon, raljclasttcm 

Propbea;, V. a. Predict, foretell, 

noslloatB, TATICINATE, divine. 
Fropbebn. "—"-'— '-.-'.i 

eootheayer, ... _ 

Froplietla, a. PredloUve, ibratelllug, 

Propliylaotf«f <$. (Med.) Freve 

,', fotetellar, eeer. 

. (Jtfed.) Prerenal 

Propiaff„,- _. , 

- bea^n, kind- 
le. AoaidciouB, locky, Itappy, fbrtu 
nate, ^voraMe, opportune, prosperoui 
ptotolaing. In a fair way- 
Proportion, n. 1. Symmetr;, STmmel 


Froplnoulty, 1 
iU, vii&riS, L_. 
a. Kindred, at 

FroplUata, V. a. Concllialfl, appeit 

pacli^r rflGoncUej gain Uke ^vor 

nittke pro^tlons, make StTorable. 

Fropitlaitloii, n " " — ■"-■'-- - 


liare, lot, part, portion. 
Proportion, c. 3, Adfiiat {mjin 
■ laiiaits), regulate, gradnate, put 


. Offer {qf tomeSiia, 

Propose, M. ». [fieoeni.] Intend, design, 
mean, pnrpoae, have tne intention, pro- 
piKB to one'B eelf. 

Prop^etor, n. 



a, deoeney, good behavior, 

Froroeue, v. a. Adjourn [aa I'srfia- 

Fposalc, a. ■ 1. Prosy, unposticid. 

9. Dull, Aat, bald, 8tuiad,unlnt«re8t- 

< — .„.....^jj^^ tli'eaome, tfldjone, 

, hamUrnm. 

tanish, exile, ont- 

3. Exclnde, Interdlot, problblt, r^eet, 

3. iWiounce, censare, condemn. 
roBOrlptioii, n. 1. Banlsbment, exile. 

follow oat, caccy out, carry on, perse- 

it. Acra^Q, talie the Ian of, bring 

Prosecatlon, n. I. Purmiit. 

^ Arinl^unent, biil^i^ to trial. 
Proseoutor, n. Plaintilt, aceuser. 
Froselyte, n. Convert, catechnmen. 
Ftose^te, V. a. Convert, bring over. 
Fi-oser, n. Bore, buttonMilder, tedious 

Pi-osopopiBla, n. {Rhet.) 

3. Landsoape, eoanery, ploture, 
blrd'a-eye view. 
3. f^peutaUon, antidparion, contem- 

seeii^, promise, lo^snniptlon, hope, 

ProspecClT«, a. Fntnre, coming. 
FntspecUve, n, 1. Distant view. 

a. View, prospect, contemplation, 
ProepeetiTely, ad. In tlie futoK, here- 

Fro»pectus,n. F\&ali^alilerar«a!ork), 

outfine, eobeme. 
Prosper, v. a. Favor, beftiend, aid, ibr- 

ivard, help, mal<e succegsful. 
Pi'(»t>eF, V. n. Succeed, ffouilsb, Hiiive, 

go on well, ba EDeceeafnl. 
Prasperity, «. Bnocess, tbrift, welfiire, 

liappinefla, weli-baingj Inck, good fin.'' 

tune, good luok, rim of luofi, palmy 

daya, baloyou deyB, uoIIbs of fortune. 
Frasperoas, a. t. SueeeBstal, tbrivlng, 

fionrisbing, tortnn^a, loelty, iiappy, 

weU off, weU to do. 

good, golden, briglit. 
FrostJtat«, p- a. Mi 

apply, pervert, make 
Prostltote, ». Courti 

Ld u^ S. " 

hosteo., Google 


FroEUtntton, ti, 1. MiBQse, abuse, per- 

Tex8i[>nT proraoaHon. 
^ Unlawful sexual intercourse (on 

tke part (ifawoitmnj/b^'Mrf), harlotry. 
Prostcat^ a- 1. TiostFated, prone, 

S, Ex^usted, t^utUig, ^Dldi^, ever- 

Prostcata, o. a. 1. OveriLrow, otbt- 
turn, level, fell, demoliflli, destroy, ruin, 
tiiiow down, la; flat, bring to the 

Pnwr, a. 1. Proaalo, unpoeHoal. 

a. Dull, flat, Btupid, uninteceiiiing, 

iinentertliJIiiiiggtiraBomB, t«dloiis. 
Frot«ot, o. o. Defand (by a ™™™nni 

guard, Bbleld, soreea, Miell 

, house, 


1. Shelter, dafeu< 

cotltj, safety, refoge, enard, pi 

a. Shield, ffigi8,bucliler, palladium. 
ProtecUve, a. DeTenalve. 
Pivtector, 1. Guarillan, oliampiorii Se- 

Pro tempoi'B, [L.] For the time, for tht 

time b^ug, for the present occailon. 
Protest, V. n. Declare isolami2yj, aver. 

Protest, n, a. Deo!are(aoiannii/), aseect. 

type, exemplar, example, arolietype, 

Protract, B. a. Prolong, continue, draw 

out, lengtheu, spin out. 
Piatrnde. v, a, l. Shoot out, thrnet 

forward, push fortii. 
8, Seefle, Jut out, haiwf over. 
ProtmdB, V. «. Project, Jut, bulge, jut 

Protn^eranoe, «'. I^omlnence, projec. 
tlon, swellii^, hnlge, process, excree- 

Protabenint^ a, Prfjeoang, promhient, 

salient, bulging. 
Plovd, a. 1. Oouceltad, OYer-veeulng, 
egotlstloal, assuming. 

}^ Arrogant, haugiity, supercilious, 
ptesumntuouB, lordly, lofty, valE.^lori- 
ous, h]gh-aidrlt«d, h^-etruug. 
S. Grand, stately, noble. 
Prove, V, a, 1. Demonatrate, show, 
manifest, conflrm, establish, evidence, 
eyinoe, snlfltanaata, vei'liy, make good. 
8. Trs, fat, examine, make trial of, 
put to the test, experiment upon, sub- 
mit to the test or proof. 

fin- brutes), Kidaei, 

. Food {as hay, co 

rovide, w. a. 1. Prepare, procure, get 
read;^ make ready. 
" Supply, furnish, stock. 

de, V. n. 1, Cater, fumlah sup- 

L. FoietbODght, fore- 

Provident. "■ Careful ifi»- the future), 
prudent, dleereet, cautious, fereoastli^, 
frugal, ecDDomical. 

Froviiice, n. 1, Territory, region, tract, 

a. Dependency, colony. 




J. Preparation, provident measures 

3, Stoat, store, hoard, fund. 

vi^ana, n. pi. Food, vlctuids, prov- 
der, ibJ^, eatables, viands, subsist. 


tOj, for t£e 

. OondiUoD, provision, clause, 
a1 sUpulation. 

, simulant, Inceottve, pFovocs 

Afi^ont, oS'eiice, indignity, insull 

exdtea or provokes. 


la^ Inst^ats, 

iiralien^ Incite, move, kindle, 

3. Exasperate, Incense, enrage, chafe, 
ai^ar, irritate, exacerbate, aetUe, 
ofl&id, affioat, infuriate, give ofifence 
or nmbrage to, put out, put oat of 
liumor, work inte a passion, lash int^ 
ftiry, raise one's ire, raise one's dan- 
der make one's blood hail, drive one 

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ProsiiBBtfl, a. ]!Tait, neacsab, immedi- 
ate, close, not cemotfl. 

Proximity, «. Neamesa, eontieulty, 
a^aceucy, vicinity, vlcini^ej neigaber- 

n. [L.I Neit month. 
Proxy, n. Subslitute, agent, deputy, 
repceBentattsB, locum tbnenb. 

DD, eardulness, e 


^e,JnilioiDnane8a,Jii^niant, wjadom 

{igipltBd lo till DTiMnarn oHMo qf l^ej, 
aenee, tact, onuFTioTi, imflaat. 

Prudeot, a. 1. DlsoraeC, c 
fnl, drcDmspect, vaiy, nana 
JaudcmB, pnmdent, pioaenUol. 
S. Frugal, aoonomloal. 

Prodeatlal, a. Po""- - 

Prndery, ». Coyni 

ProtUslii a. Coy, aemure, reserved, oyer- 

Pmne,n. Dried plum. 
Prurience, In. It^lili^, loT^lng, lust, 
Pmrioncy, ( lianliering, onpiditj'. 
Proi'ient, a. Itohlne;, longing, hanker- 
ing, cravicg, loatfur 
PrDSSian bine, Ferrocyanlde of Iron, 

Prusdo acid, Hydrocyanlo oeid. 

Pry, V. B. Pear, pry, search, look closely 

or natrowlr. 
Prjing;, o. CurlonB, Inquisitive, peerli^, 

Psalm, B. Sacred song. 
PgalmtHly, ». PsaJm-Bingine. 
Pgaliu-BlnjCiniTf ^- P&olmody. 
Psalter, ». Book of Fsalmii. 
Pseodonyine,!!. False nuns. 
Paliaw, Brfei^' Poh, pugh, Uddle-stiolt, 

Psora, n. tL.] jMed.) Scabies, tlie itch. 
PsyohoIofflOH], a. Metaphyeica). 
Pi^^diolo^, n. Metaphydos, pneuma- 

tolDEy, soence of mitid- 
Pnhlte.o. 1. Of the whole, not private, 
a. Open, notorious, generally known. 
8. Oommon, genersL 
Pnbllo, B, [Preceded by The-J Persons, 

men, eoeiety, thepeople, the oommanity, 

PubUcan.n. Tax-gatherer. 

pinducUon (book, 

11. Injt, tavern, house of 

notoriety, eurrency. 

on, annoimoe, uetlare, dis- 
ilge, reveal, adv?-"— '— 

VubUt3i,v.a. 1. Pi 

. Issue (oi a boolij, emit, 

ron, n. PlaiU-lonee, yiue-fretter. 

puts ATI ON 

a. [ mtnw.] Confusion, bother, per- 

S'esity, agitation, fiorry, bustle, flat^ 
r, exdtement, dlscomposuie, &ver, 
iVet, tremor, perturbation, Fuss. 
Pudder, n. Enatle, tumult, turmoil, 

confusion, pother. 
Pnddii^^stone, n. Conglomerate. 
Fnddle,. M. Pool {tg" dirty (cater). 
Puerile, a. 1. Boylsli,cbildIeh,javeiiile, 

Puerility, n. 1. Boyishness, ehildlsh- 
nees, youUiEalneBs, Juvenility. 
S. Folh'. IboliehnesB, nonsense. 
Puff, II. miff, sudden gust. 
., , i, pu^ 

Pcalae iexirai^gamtly). 
Puff op, Inflate swdl, blow np. 
Puffed up, Ooncdted, proud, liaughiy. 

Puffer, ». (Ich.) Globe-fiBli. 

PufBn, n. Coulter-neb, Labrador aulc 

[Alca arcHca). 
Fu^, o. 1. Swelled, swollen, tumtd. 
S. Bombastio, Inflated, extrayagamt, 

targid, tomidgjpompons. 
Pi^h, iataj. Fsliaw, poh. 
FugUlaiu, H. Boidns, AsUeuffi. 
Pug:lllst, ». Boxer, bully, prize-flglitei. 
PnenBcloiis, ". Qoarieljiorae, fightdng, 

Pnguacity, ». Quarrelsomeness. 
Fi^nis et CHlcibns, [L.] With flsta 

PuiBEaace, «. Power, force, strength, 

m^lit, poten^. 
PulBsant, a. Powerful, strong, mighty, 

Puhe, V. «. Vomit, spew. 

Puke, V. a,- Vomit, spew, cast up, throw 

Piile, «. n. Whine, wldEoper, cry. 
Pnll, V. a. 1. Draw, haul, tug, drag. 

i. Teat, rend, draw.apart. 

'in one's bornB, [cSi«ogi«ai.] Ka- 

preSB one's ardor, restrain one's pride, 
oease hoaBling, iraw in one's horns. 

Pnllolate, o. n. OermlDate, bud, shoot, 
sprout, reeetato, pugh, grow, put forth, 
burst niFtli, shoot fortL 

Pullnlatlon, n. Qermlnation, budding, 

PnlTnp, i.lJctive.] Draw up, haul up. 

a. lAcAve.] Extirpate, eradicale, 
d^troy, plnck up. 

3. [JVeuter.] Stop, halt. 
PiilmoDtuy, a. Pulmonie. 
Pulmonic, a. Pulmonary. 
Pulp, «. Soft part, soft mass. 
Pulpit, )'. Desk, sacred desk. 
Pulsate, 11. «. Beat, throb. 
Fnlsatlon, «. Beating, beat, throbbing, 

FoU, u 

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Polsatory, a. Throbbing. 

Poise, n. 1. Beating: or tluobblng of aa , 

S. Legumes, niiiC of Icgnminoas 
Pnlverable, a. Cmmbline, brittle, fri- 
able, cdap, pnlTeriaable, oa^ly cinm- 

PiiLverizable, a, Tai^\ss^BhE, that 

may be pulreilzed. 
Pulverize, v. a. Irltorate, eommlnate, 

brnise, grind, bray, levigate, reduoa to 

PnlTemlent, a. Duslj, powdeiy. 

Pun, P, n. Quibble, plaj upon words, 

PaDi£. M. a. 1. Perfotatei.bore, piaroe. 

8. Push, poke. 
FniioIi,». I. Borer. 

g, FuBb, poke. 

3. Horse {short and UikIi), 

4, Boflbon (qT aptippet-aliow], clown, 
harlequin, punobinello, mercy-Andren', 
aany, Boaramouoli, E»l, antfe, pickle- 
harrijig, Jaok'-pudoing;. 

Paminel, n. (Written also and preftr- 
',] Knob, protuWant 

Piuamel, V. a. [Written ali 
erably Pomrad.] Eeat, ' 
fii^, drub, bang, maul 

bruise, thiasb. 

Punctuality, n. 1. Nice^, Bornpnlo^ty, 

Punctuate, D. a. Point. 
Punoture, », Small bole. 
Punotniv, V. a. Priuk, perfoTftlfl. 
Pui^ency, b. 1. AcrldneBa, acrimony, 
oauatidty, poignancy, piquancy, aharp- 

^ Keennees, pointednesg, smarirness. 
Pungent^ a. 1, Singing, Brimulatliw, 
pricking, abarp, biting, burning, hot, 
peppery, pleridng, penetrating, piquant, 

Pnnio.a. 1. of the Oarthaglnians. 
3. Faitiiless, perfidious, treacherous, 

Pnnlc (WUi, Treaoiiery. perfldtonsneaa. 
PunlBli, V. a. Chastise, castrate, lash, 
chasten, discipline, correct, sconige. 

Blunted, uitpuHan. 
Pup, K. Puppy, wlielp, young dog. 
Pupa, n. Cliryealls, aurelia. 
Pupil, n. l. lAtiat.) Apple of the eye. 
" ■ — ■— diaclple.sti^ent. 

3. [Lam.l Ward. 
Pnpllag:e. n. Nonage, minority, boy- 
Puppy, ». Pnp, whelp, young di«. 
Purbilnd.o. Dlm-slghted, near-sighted, 
ahort-sigbted, myopic. 

itained, undedlej, 

, ... Bai^lJn. 

Fui'cIiHser, n. . Bnyor. 


, Euiltless, guileless, true, 
ignt, honeat, incorrupt, 

), unadulterated, unmixed, 

e, p^sio, catbartle, 

real, perfect. 

4. Modest, ch^te. 

5. Merc, absolute, sheer. 

6. Classic, classical, Attic. 
Pureness, n. Puhity. 
Pui^ntiTe, a. Catbaptlo, a 

Pui^:at1ve, ^■ 

Poreatory, n. Limbo, hell, infBmal 

r^ona, shades below. 
PnrgB, V. a. Cleanse, dear, puiUy, 

clarlfr, free from Impurity. 

Purge,". PURQATIVB. 

Pnisliig, »- tiled.) Diarrhoea, relaii, 

Purlfloation, n. 1. Cleaning, purtCy- 

H. Defecation, clearing, clariflcatJon, 

cal style. 
pl^SSSd,!"- Strict, rigid, ascetic. 
Purity, St. 1. Cleanness, dearneas, im- 



4, Mod) 

4, Modesty, chastity. 

Purl, V, n. Murmur, ripple, gnrale. 

Purlieus, n. iJJ. [ (fied nmerauy in a be 
sense.] Environs, auburba, nraghbo 
hood, vicinage, border, limit, outskiri 


. steal, lob, pilfer, fllct, 

Vnrpatt, «. I>ealgn, meanlns, slgnlfl.- 
cation, ImporC, s^lnciince, dnft, lenor, 



. Inteud, 1 

L, olfl'eet, enii, drift, 'view, finid 

Purpose- V. 

meditute, tl 

. Intend, deaigQ, mean, 
k of, liaTS In mlod, te^lre 

Intend, aeaign, mean, 

Purposely, ad, InfenHonally, derfgn- 

ed^, by deai^, on parpoae. 
Pnimuince, ». Pnranit, prosecuaon, 

following out. 
PuTSuatitto, .^leeable Co, conformable 

to, sfcordli^ to, Inpuiaaance of. 
Pursue, D. a. 1. I^ow, chaae, hunt, 

ttHek, bound, go alter, give chase to. 
- >• ,4.1 4., -ondnoe,l(eBp 

on, peralat In, e 

t. Seek, stiive Ibc, try lo obtoio. 

suit, n. 1. Chase, race. 

i. PoiBoauce, proaecuUon, fbllow 


deavor oftei 
Pui'sy, a. 1. Fal^ lotpalent, 

iS. Siort-br 
Purulent^t j tlon of paa. 

Purvey, r. n. Provide, oater, pcoonra 
provlalone, provide food. 


■^ Provider, caterer. 

B, jostle. 

h, ». 1. Tbrust. 

). 'IVial, test, ex^ence. 

lergenej, ^noh 


Put, «. iC' 1. Place, aet, lay, deposit, 
i, Tinpose, enjoin, levy, infliot- 

' cutting remark, atlnc by a ahoip le^y. 
PutBlmut, (Afau*.) iack. 
Putative, a. Keputea, eopposed, com- 
monly esteemed. 
Put away, 1. Lay away, set aside. 

Put by, 1. Lay by, lay aade. 

8, irlirust aside, turn off. 
Put aown, 1. Deposit, lay down. 

8. Kepress, crush, hijffle, overUuow^ 

a. Segrwile, hnmillate, abash, shcmie, 
disconcei't, huntble. 
Put forth, [Actioe.] 1, Exert, brti^ 
inb3 ^ay, bi-ine into ocUon. 

2. Ilstend, thinst out. 

Put fijrth, [Jfeirfffl-.] >. Leave port, put 

it. End, shoot, germinate, pullulate, 

] !bit^duce, inecrt. Id- 

I Make a liarbot, enter 

Put in for. Make a clahu, offer one'a 
self Ibr, be a candidate ibr. 

Put !□ otic*B o&r, [Ck)Uo^vi£-] Inter- 
fere, meddle, intarmeddle, thbust 

Puto^ [ActioeA 1, Discard, renounce, 
r^ee^oast aside, lay aside. 

a. Defeat, (mstrate, disappoint, turn 

3. Del^, delay, procrastinate, post- 

t. Get rid of, dispose of. 
Put off, [jr*Trfer.J Leave shore, put to 

3. Impose, inflict. 

4. Impute to, charge upon. 

8. Extend, protmde,hold out, streteh 

i. Extlngntsh. 
S. Publish, iesue. 

t. Confose, disconcert, interrupt. 
S. OS^nd, displease, ai^r, provoke. 
?ut out of conutenance, Shame, mor- 
afy, abash, PUT TO BHAMB. 

Putter, B. It. Xu. S.] 1 

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Tabulate, set i 

Pat to' rislits, AdJiiBi 

oriler, He^to r^hte- 
Pnt to aea. Set uiil, put fOtUi, put off. 
Put to slunne, Shame, abash, morlif 
mal^e asharoed, put to the Mush, pi 
Dot <^ oonntenouce, put down. 
Put to the bltuh, rwr to shaue. 
^nt up, 1. Store, paofc avray. 
9. JBixpOBe, oBer publiclf. 
3. Put nwa;, la; away, set nside. 
Pnti up, Iiodga, stay, stop, take todg- 

ira (tviOoat 

.__, J, BUtfer, FOl 

0, mn](e the beet of. 
Putre§, V. n. 

yiafa^ b( 

n. Eo^ decay, _c 


become puicW. 
ea, dei^ayed, cc 


ilder, eontOond, stagger, 


zle, n. 1. Bidille, enigma, mystery, 
J. Pecplfflti^, embarrasament. quan- 

Pygmy, n. Dwarf, hop < 
g-gm- - "■ — «-i- "■ 

ly thumb. 

Fjre, n. Funeral pUe. 
Pjrifonu, o. Peai-shaped. 
Pyrollgneons spirit, n. 'Wood-aplrit, 

Pyrosis, n. (JMal.) Watec-brleli, wafcer- 

^Totei^iiio, U Offire-worka. 
PyrateohnlcH,«. Pyrf-- ■.- 
Pyroteclinist, n. Man 

Pyrotecliny, n. PyrotechnJes. 
E^Toiylic Hiiid, li. Pyroxylio spirit. 
Pyroxylic spirit, Ji. 'Wood-apklt, wood- 

narlitba, methylSo alcohol, pyroxyllo 

acid, pyroUgneons sidrit. 
Pyroxyline, n. Gnn-cotton. 
j^rrriunilBin, ». Sc(n;itlctBm, unbelief, 

laciednllty, uolvecBal daabt. 
PyFrhoaist, ». 8csptlo, doubter. _ 

1u)si is kept), 

tluU t» wAkA fUt 

anodnuisoliir. a. JTotiT-coruered. 
nadi'ste, «. Square. 
Qnadi'ate witli, Fit, snlt, agree wllh, 
correspond wlm, tally with, cohiclde 
wiUu comport with, square irtOi, ftll 
In with, cldme In witb. 
Qaadiilateial, a. Four-sided. 

H^mple/a.' Fourfold. 
Queere, «. n. [L. ip"""^^' 
seek, question, see. 

Eh, swamp. 


Drink (oopiouj^). 

, fen, ^ough, morass, 

uH»u, ^ , shrink, flinch, &int, 

blench, qiftke, tremble, be qaelled, give 

Quaint, CI. Odd, strange, Jugular, 

ordinary, unique, curious, droll, ftin- 
taattc, fouelful, &r-fetc5ied, out of tUe 

QuBlce, 1. n. Shake, tremble, shudder, 

Qnaker^. Friend. 

S. ModlflcaUon, limitation, r 

3. Abatement, dimi 

tion, allowance, gri^nL 

ualll^, V. a. 1, Fit, adapt, oapadtaie, 
g|.^ eiiable, — -'-- ^' 

make suitable, make capable 
a. MOdl^, lunlt, restTOt, re.. 
3. SaB«n, abate, diminish, mi 

esse, assume, 'moderate, temper. 
Qnalit^, n. 1. Property, attnbm 


make flt. 

Ibute, Tia- 

I. Bank, condition, station, eianding. 

a. sickness (of the sfOnwcftX nai 

3. Twinge (.y'nwwoiejicej.scrup 

QnulmiBli, a. Sick (a* tte stomad 

olined to vomit, queasy. 
Quandary, n. Iiifficully, pe^li 

ment, nonplus, strait, dilemma. 


Qnautlty, «. I. Amount, aggregate, 

2. Part, portlen, ehare. 

Qnantiua Hofllcit, £1/.] Enoi^b, as 
mudi as enffices. 

dnapreli »• Brawl, fend, atl^ay, fiay, 
oolitention, altercaUon, wrangle, ooii- 
teet, nqaabble, bmll, Jar, bieach, rnp- 
tOJSj dlfi^anca, dies^Leemsnt, dlEsen- 
EtoD, biekeiiDE, quairelliug, strife, 
tiTeeze, MUng out. 

QuaxEe), «. n. Wtm^le, aqnabble, biOk- 
er, BHAWL, diaputa siiar, jangle, iifp, 
fell ont, have words, liave an alfeiiia- 

jdGk, pick a qnarrel. 
Qnwrr^tng, n. Qdakhgl. 
QaairelsoKue, a. Iraaoible, cholBrfc, 

irritable, pecolant, cross, oonteutlous, 
' dlapulatloua, lltlglonE. 
Qiuiirj^ n. 1. Stone-pit, stone-bed. 
a. eref {eepKlalli/iluit qf the hmiHng 

Jltlam), game, object of the chaBe. 
Quarts «. Ino pints, tdurtb pari; of a 

Qnarter. «■ 1. Fonrtti part. 

3. Slslilct, region, territory, locality, 

S, Mercy {i/?Ytjrfeif bv a fXflwtterar). 
QuaTtei-, V. a. 1. Divide in £mi eqnal 

3* Lodge, biijU^t, furniah with qnar- 
tera (us sotdi&-s\.. 
Qiiarter, H, n. Lodge, abide, have lodg- 

Qaartera, n. pi, 1. Stations, posts, 

S. Lodging, dwelling, abode, habita- 
tion, headqaarters. 
Qu»rta,ii. SlleK,allici 

repress, suppresSj 


uppdHbe, ajieviaie, nioiniy, BOIK 

soothe, blniit, deaden, 

laencli, a. a. 1, ExUngulsh, pnt otit. 
ij. Destfoy, slill, stifle, repress, check, 

suppress, pnt an end to, 
3. Allay, slake, cool. 
QoerimoniouB, a, QiTCSULOira. 
Querist, it. Inqnlrer, loterrogator, in-- 


ruermouB, ct. . Oomplslnli^, muTuiur- 

ing, querlmoniona, petulant, peovisll, 

cross, dlBeaMeSed, di8conl«ntea, fiinlt- 

Qnery, ». Question, inquiry, interp^a- 

Query, V. n. Make Inquiry, aalt ques- 

Query, P. <t. 1, Question, inquire into. 
H, Doubt, oontrovert, dispute, lie^- 

tate to believe, consider qnesMona- 

Queab «- Search. 
Question, n. 1. Interrogation, examln- 

!. Interrogatory, query, inquiry. 
I. DiseusJon, dJsquldtion, Inyestl- 

1. Disputa, controverBj, doilbt. 

i. PropositiDn, motion, topic, point. 

Question, v, a. 1. Interrogate, ask, 

eatedilse, ejtomine, inquire of, put 

call in question, 'hesitate to be&eve| 

oonstder questionable. 
Qitestlonable, a. Doubtful, unceHatn, 

eqitifooal, woblematical, disputabla, 

controverUblB, debatable. 
Qulbl>le, n. 1. Eva^on {by nertal tub- 

itetg), caill, snbt«rfuge, piemrication, 

eqniTOCation, sophism, quiddity, trifling 


19. j!j^ji4^-iiui;e,eighthofasemibrevej 
qnariei' of a mlnlra, half of a crotchet, 
Qnay.n. Wharf. 
Qnean, n. Jade, hussy, hose woman. 

e, hard to please, 
ge, singular, droll, 
curious, fantastio. 

Qaell, V. a. i. Subdue, suppress, crush, 

3. Kepress, restr£Jn, Cheok, emi 
ourb, biMle, lay, rein In. 

3. Quiet, calm, still, compose, 
La A, tranquillize pa^. 

OAi:EKBonB, play 
avll, ahufHe, preva- 

upon wordi 
InibWe, V. 
noata, eqi 
BTade the uum. 

3, Pun, play npon words. 
Qnlck, a. 1. Active, nimble, agile, alert, 
brisk, prompt, ready, 

8. KEipid, swift, maedjy, fleet, hasty, 
expeditious, hurrieiT, flying. 

3. Dexteroos, adroit, slolfu], expert, 

4. Aenie, clever, sharp, shrewd, keen, 
Intelligent, sagaclons, discernii^. 

5. Hasty, choleric, passionate, testy, 
Irritable, touchy, waspish, petulant, 
irascible, peppery, snappish. 

Qnick,fld, Quickly, 
Qnicken, v. is. 1. VlvliJ, i^ve, reaus- 
citate, r^nvigoral*, refteeh, mate alive, 

speed, lurry, 

exclta, incite, 

espedite, liespatch. 
Inlckeus, n. (Julcai- 

h (Ew: 


;a by Google 

Hitcli-graBS. giill 
.TVilto- ' 

'--^ok'lUne, ». CauBdc iimo. 
iokir, ad. Speedily, BwItU^, rapidly. 

soon, qnloK, immediately, _ 

'Hitliceleilly, without delay, post-hat 

Qoiaknew, n. t, Calerlty, oxuedltlv/u, 

velodQ', speed; ipeedlnees, fleetnees, 

rapldl^, strlftaesa, despatch. 

a. Aottvlty, brtuknees, nlniljleness, 

, ptomptneBB, promptitude, 

teas, expertnofls, 
aptitude, fadl~ 


tty, knacK. 

4. Sharpuees, pe 

acuteneBfl, s^acfty 

Qulck-B^lited.a. I 

eyed, qulck-fly«d, 

Qiyckeflver, i 

-eyed, hawh- 

Marcuiy, hydioieymm. 
1. Wttty, smart, iilnilil&- 


Qaid,». [Lbib.] Cnd. 

Qniddity, n. 1. Beeei 

it. QoibUe, cavil, < 

sahterfago, prevfljicai , ^-, , 

trifling nicety. 
QaiaaiifV.n. [OolhqakU.U.S.] Dawdle, 

waBte time to trifles, be basy ai>out 

aQuitldle, I n, [(Wtoguioi, U. S.) Tcifler, 
Quiddler, J dawdler, 
iliitd pro quo, PJ.] Eqalraleat. 
uldnimo, 3t. NewsmongeT. 
uleeceDce, ». 1. Best, repose, quiet, 

Qnlejwenb a. 1, Qnlat, i 

dormant-moldoiilesB, -' — 

atook-Btlll, Btaodlng I 
a. Silent, not souti 
Qnletin. Eest, repot-, , , , 

tranqtiilllty, calnt, oatomesB, quietude, 

quiescence, gnietnees. 
Quiet, V. a. 1. Stop, suspend, arrest, 

tnt^TTUpt, Intermit, diacontiaue, put a 

a. Tranqnillize, calra, eompose, lull, 
pacib;, appease, soothe, sober. 

Qiil«tnde, n, QuniT. 

Quletoi^ fi. 1, Rest, repose, death. 

S. Acquittance, Hnol discbaree. 
4J»tU-drlver, n. 1. Writer, s