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I N AR Y, 
















A Dictionary, Hindustam and English, accompanied by a reverse part, English and 
Hindostaniy has hitherto been a desideratum in thiis country. It must be obvious to every one 
that the student of a foreign language, desirous of speaking and writing, as well as reading 
it, should have not only the words of such foreign language explained in his own, but also 
/ the words of his own tongue rendered into that foreign language; and that any Dictionary 
oonfined merely to one department is essentiaUy defective. 

lliirty years' experience in teaching the Hindustani language has convinced me that 
this deficiency, added to the exorbitant prices charged for Hindiistani Dictionaries, has 
greatly impeded learners. I have therefore endeavoured to remove this impediment by com- 
piling a Dictionary of the principal colloquial language of India at once copious, portable, 
and of a moderate price. These objects have been attained by using a small but clear and 
tlistinct letter-press ; by employing the Roman character wherever it answered^ the purpose 
better than the Oriental ; and by excluding every thing not practically usefiil. By these 
means I have been enabled in the following work to comprise in a single volume, of con- 
venient dimensions, both parts of a complete Hindiistani and Hindi Dictionary, including, 
at the same time, not only more words, but more information really useful to the student, 
than will be found in any Dictionary of the language hitherto published. 

** It IS proper that I should here give a brief account of the sources to which I am 
oidebted for the materials of this Dictionary, and of the mode in which I have compiled both 
its parts. The basis of the first part is the ^ Dictionary ^ Hindoostanee and English* in 
2 vols. 4to., published by William Hunter, M.D., Calcutta, 1808. Upon this foundation I 
have superadded at least fifteen thousand words and phrases from the following sources : 
Ist. A vast number of useful words, both Urdu and Hindi, from the eccentric, but copious 
vocabulary appended to Dr. Gilchrist's ^Hindee Moral Preceptor y 8vo. London, 1821. 
2ndlj, -AU the usefiil words and phrases occurring in Oladwin's ^Dictionary of Mahomedan 
Law and Bengal Revenue Terms^ 4to., Calcutta, 1797. 3rdly, A great number of new 
words from * A Glossary of Indian Terms/ 8vo., Agra, 1846, by H. M. Elliot, Esq., 
Boigal Civil Service. 4thly, Many Persian and Arabic words (which occur in Hindiistani), 
from Profess%>r Johnson's last edition of Richardson's ^Persian and Arabic Dictionary/ 
dthlv, Several thousands of Hindi words fi'om Dr. Adam's * Hindi Dictionary/ 2nd edition, 
8vo., Calcutta. 6thly, From the Vocabulary accompanying the 'Prem Sagar/ 4to., Cal- 
eattii, 1825, I have extracted all such words as were not found in Hunter^ Dictionary. 


7thly, From Thompson's ^ Hindi and English Dictionary/ royal 8vo., Ddhi, 1846, 1 have 
culled many pure Hindi or Sanskrit words«not to be found in any of the sources above 
mentioned. 8thly, I have inserted, in their proper places all the words occurring in the 
Appendix to the ^Dukhnee Unwari Soheilee/ printed at Madras, 1824 ; also many words 
from the * Qanoon e islam/ by Dr. Herklots, London, 1832. To the materials collected 
from all the foregoing sources I have added numerous words, phrases, and significations 
that I have met with in the course of my experience in teaching the language."* 

In preparing this Second Edition, neither toil nor expense has been spared on the part 
of the author and publishers, in order to render it the most complete work of the kind 
ever offered to the public. The improvements and enlargements now effected are the 
following — 

First. All the words contained in the Hindi Dictionaries of Dr. Adam and Mr. Thomson 
have, in this edition, been incorporated each in its proper place. By this means the student 
is now enabled, for t]ie first time, to read by the aid of one single Dictionary, any production 
that may fall in his way, whether Urdu or Hindi. 

Secondly. All Sanskrit and Hindi words are given both in the Persian and Devanagari 
characters ; while words from the Arabic and Persian, together with those peculiar to the 
Dakhan, are given in the Persian character only. This enables the student at a glance to 
distinguish the words which are purely Indian or Hindu, from those which are Exotic or 

Thirdly. I have inserted all the words contained in the Persian text of the Gulistan 
of Sa'di, so as to enable the learner, by the aid of my Persian Grammar and this Dictionary 
alone, to qualify himself for passing the requisite examination in Persian. 

Fourthly. To my friend and quondam pupil, Robert B. M. Binning, Esq., of the 
Madras Civil Service, I am indebted for numerous words and phrases peculiar to the 
corrupt dialect of the Dakhan, or South India ; besides many interesting explanations and 
definitions of words purely Hindustani, that have never before appeared in any Dictionary 
of the language. These, when of some length, I have, in justice to Mr. Binning, marked 
with his name or initials ; and I feel both pride and pleasure in thus publicly acknowledging 
how much I have been benefited by that gentleman's kind and disinterested services. At his 
own request an interleaved copy of the first edition was, some years ago, forwarded to him 
in India ; and the result has been that the same was in due time returned to me, well filled 
with sound and valuable information. 

Fifthly. I have also to express my sincere thanks to Dr. Charles Rieu, of the British 
Museum, for his able and hearty co-operation throughout, both in prcpanng the work for the 
press, and also in correcting the proof sheets as they were issued in the course of printing. 
Dr. Rieu, with a view to improve, or, more correctly speaking, to complete, his knowledge 
of the language, has, within the last four or five years, read the following important 
works; Urdu— the « ^M/aJ» -HTw^," the *' Khirad-Afroz;' ihe '' Gvli BakawaVi;' 
the " A'ra.ishi MahJU/' and the " IMwanu-S'Safa ; and in Hindi— the " Baital PacJusi;* 
the '' Singhasan Baitisi" and the ^* Prem Sdgar" He used an interleaved copy of the 
first edition of this Dictionary ; and marked down in its proper place every word not already 
included in that work, by which means a multitude of words and phrases has been collected 
that had hitherto escaped the notice of lexicographers, myself among the number. 

* Pieface to the Tirst Edition, 1848. 




Lastly. I hove to acknowledge my obligations to the valuable work recently published 
by Professor H. H. Wilson, Librarian to the East-India Company, kc, &c., entitled 
** A Qlotxary of Judicial and Sevenue TermSy and of useful wordf occurring in Official Docu- 
menu relating to the Administration of tlie Oovernment of British India." From that 
work I have here inserted all such words as are Arabic, Persian, Hindustani, Sanskrit, or 
HindL Many of them never before appeared in any Dictionary, and a vast number of 
others may be met with in Dictionaries that have not attached to them the significations 
they bear in official documents. All such significations I have carefully added where they 
were wanted ; and when the explanations were too long for insertion in full, I have referred 
the student to Professor Wilson's work for further information. 

I have been enabled to save a vast deal of space by making a free and legitimate use of 
the Roman character, according to a fixed system — that of Sir William Jones. The economy 
of this plan will be seen at once by a reference to the words «^T ahhh, ** the eye;" J> dii^ 
** the heart ;" (l^ gvl^ " a rose," or to the numerous compounds under the particles 13 be, 
b no, and ^ la^ &c. ; where I have, in one column, given as much matter as tiie great 
quarto Dictionaries furnish in four or five. This has been effected by rejecting the Oriental 
type, which has enabled me to use a much smaller Roman type afler the first line of every 
article. The use of the Roman character in all phrases and compounds, &c. originating 
from the leading word, as, for example, under /^x)! onM, &c., is just as unerring as if the 
Persian and Devanagarl characters accompanied it throughout Every Roman letter has its cor- 
responding symbol in either of the Oriental characters; hence there can be no difficulty or 
uncertainty in converting any word written in the former into either of the latter. If the 
reader has tiie least doubt on this score, he has merely to cast his eye over the following 

Deranagari characters : — 

to \ArK * CO w%rj 

U«*VA«W ^ 

IMA »t*V W\^ WW w^ma 

aXA Wft«\« M. c 

IDMiai, XI 

bVlJUVblJ, OtI\A 

PerBian. RonuiD. Devaoagari. 



Roman. Devanftgarl, 

Persian. Roman. Devanagarl. 

\ a m 














\ U 7 







T 5 m 







j< a 1ft 



















if\ e ^ 












t/ at \ 










Let it be remembered^ that in all Oriental wordd a is to be sounded short, as in ^' happy/' 
" America/' — t, shorty as in " fit/' " fin /' — «, short, as in " put/' " push /' — a, Jong, as in 
*' war," " water /' — o, long, as in " pole," " mole /'— «, long, as in " rule /' — au, like our ou 
in *' sound/' or the German au in "haus/' a house; — «, like our ea in "bear/' or the 
French 6 m dS, only longer in quantity ; — ^i, long, as in the words " police," " machine /' 
and — at, like our i in fire," " fine," or the German ai in " Kaiser," a CsBsar or emperor. 
The anomalous Sanskrit vowel ^n is expressed in the Persian character merely by j (r^ with 

a kasra) and in the Roman character by ri, sounded as ri in " rill," " rip," &c. 'the Arabic 
termination JL is represented in the Roman character by a or a, according as its sound is short 
or long. 

2ndly, A Table shewing the agreement of the consonants, Persian, Roman, and Deva- 
nagari — 

FeniaD. Raman. DevanSgari. 













t ** t 














^ A^ 





































































' (> 






PeniaiL Roman. DeTanigarL 






W &c. 





• ° 




































The Arabic consonant e is represented in the Roman character by an apostrophe, thus^ 
c\iO ha^JL This can neyer lead into error, as the apostrophe is neyer used (in the Oriental 
words) for any other purpose. The symbol kamza of the Persian character is indicated by 
a similar mark (,) at the bottom of the line, and the imperceptible s A at the end of Persian 
words is represented by the short vowel a, as may be seen in the word » jJli fm,ida " gain 
or advantage." The nasal sound of the letter ^ is indicated in the Roman character 


wj », and in Devanagari by the mark * above the letter with which it is connected : thus, 
J^^ wahan n^ « there ;" IJL-J^ hansna Itm " to kugh." The terminations an, in* vn, 
denote the Arabic nunatio^, and the ij? denotes the Persian j which in some words is not 
sounded, as in ^rpdhj i\^. Lastly, the « indicate the short sound ofj in a few Persian . 

irords, as ^^ ^ud. 

did. A Table for converting the Devanagari characters into the corresponding Persian 
and Roman characters : — 














% i 
























^ ttj 





















_J (ji (ji or ti^ (j« > 

m «& <A M « & 



v^ f%^ Vhj ^ 

• « 

bad bid 













It may be observed, that the Devanagari letter n has sometimes the sound of a 
cerdMral r ; in which case it is marked with a dot beneath, thus T, and corresponds with 
J orj in the Pernan character ; as, ^?T bara, " great,'* \v ; and in like manner 7 dh with a 

dot fceneath becomes >^ rh, as in ^J^THH '' old age,'' l^Uj^ burkdpa. The various nasals of 
lih^ SevanagBii are represented in the Persian character by the letter ^, which will bs 


found sufficient for all useful purposes. The letter ^ is generally represented by (^ ; but 
sometimes by ^ ; and the letter ir is more frequently ^ than {jf*. The compound ^ 

, is generally represented by ^^ chh or ^^^thj more rarely by ^jti AjtA, its proper sound. 

The compound ^ is represented by ^; as, VST agya (ajnd)y 1-aI : its real sound is that of 
ffn in the French words champagne^ ligtiBf &c. 

It appears, then, that the Devanagari alphabet may be represented with tolerable 
exactness in the Persian character ; but the converse does not hold, as the Persi- Arabic 
alphabet has fourteen letters which have no exact counterpart in the Devanagari. The plan 
adopted in this case is to represent the letters in question by such Nagari letters as approxi- 
mate nearest to them in sound^ which in printed books are generally distinguished with a dot 
underneath; thus. 

In some printed books, for instance in Dr. Gilchrist's " Hindee Story-teller" an attempt 
has been made to form distinct Devanagari letters for the various forms of the Persian and 
Arabic z, which, it will be observed, are all represented by If ; but in reality the object is 
not worth the labour. In the first place, the Hindiis, who alone use the Devanagari 
character, are sparing in the use of Persian or Arabic words, to one or other of which the 
various forms of the letter z belong; and secondly, such words as they have in the course of 
centuries adopted have become naturalised, or rather corrupted, so as to suit the elements of 
the Nagari ; thus, {jj>o\^ is generally written and sounded flftrtt kajim. The letter c 
is generally represented in Nagari by employing the vowel with which it is connected, in the 

initial form, with a dot under it : as, o^ ^ff^ haUd ; ^ |f^ 'tZm ; j^ ^ 'wmr. This 
method is sufficient for practical use ; but it is by no means satisfactory, as may be seen in the 
monosyllable iTV^, which in Persian and Arabic is sounded ha^d (the a uttered from the 
bottom of the. throat) ; but according to the rules of the Devanagari alphabet it makes ha ad. 
In fact, the Hindiis seem to view the letter e as a vowel, and not as a consonant, which it 

really is. 

In the compilation of the Second Part, my principal authority is Dr. Gilchrist's 
" Dictionary, English and Hindoostanee," 2 vols. 4to. with Appendices, Calcutta, 1798, 
reprinted, &c. Edinburgh, 1810, in one volume, 4to. The merits of this work have been 
amply appreciated by Hindustani scholars for more than half a century. The first orientalist 
of the present day speaks of it as "a work of great merit and labour: the collection of 
HindiiBtani synonyma for every word is singularly full, and peculiarly adapted to a language 
which, varying in the use of words though not in structure, in every province abounds ^vith 
synonymous terms, each of local and restricted employment. The whole (edition 1810) is in 
the Roman character, a singularity in its compilation which alone is indicative of no ordinary 
industry and perseverance." Such being the case, I have, as a general rule, availed myself of 
all the words occurring in Dr. Gilchrist's Dictionary, subject, however, to a strict course of 
correction. In Dr. Gilchrist's early days, the Hindiistani language was in a manner 
unformed, and its orthography unsettled : hence, in a multitude of words he gives the long 
i (oo) instead of the short «, and vice versd. I have throughout endeavoured to follow a» 




mj guides on this head the standard writers of the language^ such as Mir Amman^ in the 
**Ba^ Bahar;" Iknim 'AH, in the ** Ikhr^onu-s-safa," &c. &c. To the very copious 
collection furnished by Dr. Gilchrist, I have added scTeral thousands of Persian and Arabic 
vords (known to be used in Urdii) from the "Dtc/i(mary, EnglUhy PerHan, and Arabic" 
by Dr. Wilkins, London, 1810, 4to. From Adam's *^ Dictionary, Englvih and Hinduwee,'* 
I have extracted many pure Hindi words which escaped the notice of Dr. Gilchrist I have 
also found many useful words and phrases in the *^ Dictionary, English, Dangalt, and Hin-* 
distant," of P. S. D'Rozario, Calcutta, 1837, 8vo. Lastly, I have added numerous 
synonymous and expressive words and phrases which my own exprrience has supplied. 

It will probably be thought that the Second Part of this Dictionary errs on the side of 
excess ; but I have deemed it the safer course to run the risk of inserting a superfluous or 
even a vulgar word, rather than omit one that could by possibility occur in writing or 
oonversation* It must be recollected that the Hindustani is, in more senses than one, a 
vulgar tongue, and that it abounds in a class of words, for the eschewing of which the great 
Dr. Johnson is said to have been once complimented by some elderly lady, to whom the 
polite lexicographer replied, '' Yes, Madam, I have omitted all such words, but I find that 
jou have been looking for them." 

In Part First, compound words are generally to be found under the first or leading 
member of the compound ; at the same time, it is ])roper to observe that the Hindustan! 
language is capable of admitting or forming thousands of compounds not to be found in any 
dictionary : hence, the learner should bear in mind the more general rules of composition, ajs 
laid down in any good grammar of the language. The same remark applies with regard to 
the rules for derivation, particularly those relating to the formation of causal verbs and 
abstract nouns. 

The few contractions used throughout the work are the following : The letters a, p, s, at 
the end of many definitions, denote that the word is from the Arabic, Persian, or Sanskrit 
respectively ; the letter h distinguishes such words as are aboriginal or purely Indian ; 
and d such as are peculiar to the Deccan (dakhan) : the few words marked t and g are of 
Tartarian and Greek origin respectively. The other contractions are, m. denoting the 
masculine gender ; f. feminine ; a. an active or transitive verb ; and n. a verb neuter. The 
letter v. imports vide, and pi. the plural number. 

In Pail Second, and occasionally in Part First, the following contractions are used in 
the formation of compound verbs : k, for haitia (or the Persian Itardan), *' to make ;" 
/i, for hona, "to be, to become;" j, for jdna, •' to go, to f;e;" r, for raknna, "to keep, to 
have;" d, for dei.a, " to give ;" /, for Una, " to take ;" d, for dalua, " to throw;" and h, for 
Imdhna, " to bind." These, with the exception of tlie first two, are chiefly used in the 
formation of intensives, and consequently they have then laid aside their own primitive 
signification. As a general rule, compound words have their parts or members separated by 
a hyphen, thus, diL-nishtn, tan^dunist, sar-gardan, &c. Such compounds, when transferred 
into the Oriental characters, are optionally written entire as one word, or distinct as two. 
The short f, denoting the Persian izafat, is indifferently written either as the last letter or 
the governing word, or separately between the two words, as dardi sar or dard % sar, the 
sense being abundantly obvious either way, as no Persian word ends in the short t except 
it be in a state of construction with the substantive or adjective following. 

I have avoided cross references, which are very embarrassing to the learner, retaining 
only those in which ttie word referred to is either close at hand, or is attended by a long 
explanation which it would be needless to repeat. 


Some good-natured friends have oocasionallj expressed to me their regret that the 
Second Part of the work had not been giren in the Persian character. Had it been so, I 
must either, in the first place, haye added the pronunciation in Roman characters to each 
word (otherwise the work would be utterly useless), and this would have increased its size to 
at least six times what it now is ; or, in die second place, omitting the Roman character, I 
must have given all the vowel marks and other orthographical symbols, which would have 
extended it to at least ten times its actual bulk| without possessing one single advantage over 
what it now has.* 

In conclusion, I have only to add, that amidst sucn a mass of small letters, it will not 
seem surprising that an occasional error of the press should occur. I trust, however, that 
the number of such errors is small ; and I am confident that the generous, the learned, ana 
the experienced (and it is only thMr good opinion I am ambitious to obtain) will not deny 
me their kind indulgence. 

* Two lines of even the smallest Oriental types in this country would occupy at least as mlich space as 
five lines of the Roman character used in Part II. of this work. If the Towel-pcints, Ac. be used, the 
spaces between the lines must be nearly doubled : hence the truth of the abore remark will be obvious to those 
at all conversant with Oriental typofcraphy. 


68, fiURTON C'RESCUli; 

January. 1857. 




\ aUff the first letter of the Arabic alphabet ; 

in anmeraUoii it oounte om. ^ a or a-karet^ the 
Unt elementacT sound in the Sanskrit alphabet; 
'at ii a name of God, or Vishnu, As an inseparable 
Wtftide prefixed to a word, it signifies negation or pri- 
vation; as, ordkarmt injustice, or irreligion, from 
Aam, justice, &c. It is akin to the alpha privoHoum 
flf the Greek, the in of the Latin, or the un of the Ger- 
man and English. As in Greek, it becomes an before 
a rom^ as a»-^mta, endless, or without end. 

mJ\ WW abf now, presently, just now, a lit- 
tle while ago ; by adding A:^ ke, kh it forms an ad- 
jectiTe^ as ah-kd zamand, the present time, h, 

\ JJ^ ibf thus, as, in like manner, s, 

\ ah (contract, from ^\), a father. In 

BUnddstinl, the plural is of most frequent occur- 
in* aba lydad, lathers and grandfathers, 

i o^, m. water, splendoor, elegance, dig- 
nity, lustre (in gems), temper (of steel, &ci edge, 
•httrpneas (of a sword, kc). The word ab in Persian 
is used in a great many metaphoric and idiomatic 
ex prcrt oos. p, 

V^\ t2»a, m. denial ; tba-k^ to refuse, deny. a. 
bt ahcLf fathers (pL of l^^ ^^ 3i\ 9*^*)* ^' 
i3^^^ ohdbilf m, a swallow, a* 
KZ,f>\>\ ibahat,£. permitting, giving liberty, a. 
i>VjI abadf cultivated, peopled, pleasant ; full 

of buildings and InhaUtants ; used in composition in 
the sense of city or HUfi, as akbar-dbad, the city of 
Akbar, or (as the Americans would say) Akbar-viUe, 
the dly of Agra. p. 


^V>bT abaddn, synonymous with abad, p, 
^bUt abadant, f. a habitation, a cultivated, 

" populous, pleasant place ; population, cultivation, 
abundance. In HinaOstinl it is seldom used except 
In poetiy, abSdi being the oommon expression. p» 

t^M i>bl ahdd-hetkxf f. first assessment of 

• aeiHy-aettled or cnltiTated land. j>. 
j!(^t abdd^kar, the original or first settler 

'* OB Waste land. p. 

*|jj> dbT ahad harMf a. to build, cultivate, 
nialrf a place habitable and populous, p, 

\^c\^\ wmm abadhd, f. segment of the base 
<c^\ff abadi, synopymous with abadant. p. 



^Jo} '9^TKHJ ubdmd, a. to set at liberty. #. 

Ojb\ 9^Ktff uhama, a. to keep in reserve. A. 

«-iJb\ Willlfi a-bdkf dumb, speechless, s, 

USb\ TVnV'in ubaknd, a. to vomit, reject. h» 

^b\ ITfT^vfT tibalna, a. to boil, to make 
boil, h, [sian year. p. 

^^\j\ dbdn, m. the eighth month of the Per- 

Ub\ T^TRl uband, a. to sow, to plant, h. 

^ul dba,t, belonging to or descending from 
one's ancestors, paternaL a. 

^]\> <^l cib t hdrdrif m. rain-water, p. 
^jO \^\ db-bdzi, f. play or sport in water; 

"swimming, p. 

L^t dhi ba$ta, m. ice, glass. p» 
^JXkjj] ysifk^m a-bibek, m. want of discri- 

mination ; abibekh indiscreet ; abibekata, folly, s. 

ij^^ ^\ db-pd;sht9 f. sprinkling water on 
- fields, &c. p. 

^^\ db-tdb,f. splendour; s.hodbotab. p, 
u.^7>\ ab'tabf presently ; ab-tab h, to be in a 

dying state, to be all over with one. A. 

ejl:;^! dbtdba, m. an ewer; generally written 
^tdba, and sometimes aftawa. p. 

\d^\ ibtiddf f. beginning, commencement^ 
exordium, a, 

i\6Jj\ ibfidd,af!, in the beginning, at first, in 
the first place, a. 

JljCJ^ ibtizdlf m. vileness, meanness, servi- 
tude ; carelessness in preserving any thing, a. 

Jb\ abtarf worthless, spoiled, wanton, dis- 
solute; ofttori, worthlessness. a, 

^LmJj\ ibtisdm, m. cheerfulness, a smile, a 

. * ^ till now, hithertOi yet, up 

dl^\ ab'talak, ^ ' ^ 

\jj^^ ab'tori, 
^g|yj\ ab'tort, 
^lo\ ibtild, m. sufiering, misfortune, a 

to the present time, as 
yet, still, notwithstand- 
ing, h. 




( 2 ) 



—1^1 ibiihaj, m. gladness, alacrity, cheer- 

^ fulnefis. a. 

{2;^^ TWl( a&-^a,tn,till now, till this time. h. 
{jy>^ ^BT^ ab'teriy from this time, hence, k, 
^2^^ "^^Z^ vbtan, m. a detergent suhstance 

for rubbing on the body ; a cosmetic : also ubaf, or 
ubfi, or ubfana, same as upfan, q. v. h. 

\^\ ubatndj a. to rub on the body the cos- 
metic ubfan or upfaiu h. 

^\ W*f obja, m. the nyniphaea or lotas; 
^*the moon ; a conch ; a species of tree, t, 

i^j^s^^iabi'jart, m, running water, a stream, 
rivulet, tears flowing, p. a. 

i^\ abjad, m. the alphabet ; a mode of reck- 
oning numbers by the letters of the alphabet ; the first 
letter.counting one. the second two, &c., according to 
their ancient arrangement. — ^Y ide Persian Grammar, 

. p. 23, or Hindustani Grammar, p. 20. a. 

f*y^S:f:^ abjad-khwanj m. one who is learn- 
ing his alphabet, a. p, 

^T ab-jo^ f. a rivulet or streamlet, p, 

{J^fr^^ dh'josh, m. gravy, soup, p, 

K^fr S-*' ^bijo^e^ f.the water of a rivulet, p. 

^) H^^ a-^acA, that which has not escaped, h, 

y^\ ^Byftr^TK a-bichar, m. want of conside- 
ration, injustice, s. 

{jj^^ a-bichdi't, m. a-bicharin, f. an unjust 

"man or woman, or a man or woman destitute of consi- 
deration or reflection, t. 

UbtJ*- ^ \ ah'Ckarha?ia, a. to whet or polish 

one's sword. &c. p. h. [tears, p. 

I abi chafhm, m. water of the eye, 

I ab'Chasht, f. giving drink to a child 
^or the first time (generally about six months of age) 
preparatory to weaning him. p. 

J^^ ^Blftr^^ a-bichal, motionless, unmoved, 

unshaken, resolute, firm. s. 

]j^^ ^TSnCT ahclihara, f. a female dancer 
in the court of Indra ; also apchhara and apsarS, q.v. s 

J\j>' L^\ abi Iiaram, forbidden water, i\e. 
win^; insincere or hypocritical tears, p. a. 

\L^j***>' K^\ abi hasraty m. water of desire, 
wish, appetite, lo^iging. p. a, [immortality, p, a. 

Ol^ L^ I abi hat/at, m. the' water of life, 

^^^-»>- L^ I abi haiwan, m. water of life ; a 
fabulous fountain so called, p. a. 

djl»- L^T ab'khana, m. a repository of water, 

a reservoir ; a cellar, p. [lations. a 

IJ^} abkhira (pi. ofjUS), m. vapours, exha- 

dA«M>> L^ I db'khastf a water melon or cu- 
cumber, p. 

^T abi khizTf water of immortality ; 

inspired knowledge, p. m. 

Jjtfl abkhal, very or more avaricious, a. . 
j^ L-*>T ab-hhur, "Im. victuals, food and 
^j^ (^1 db'kkv^d,) drink ; fortune. t>. 

^j^ <— ^' ab-hhuroj m. a narrow-moutbed 
vessel for drinking out of» a cup for drinking water, p, 

i3j) ahad, m. eternity, without end* a. 
\i^\ abadaQ, eternally, for ever ; never, a. 
jb^->T ab-ddrj m. the person intrusted with 

the charge of water for drinking, adj. polished, of a 
good water (as genLs). well tempered (as steel), p. 

^Vi-j^t>c--> I db-ddr-khwia, m, a repository of 

drinking-water, p. 

^^J)JJ I db-ddrif f. sharpness (of a sword, &c.) j 
polish (of gems); oflSce of aMar. p, 

f^*^\ %bdd\ m. the production of something 

new. a. [one thing for another, a. 

J^jjf ibdM, m. change, exchange, substituting 

J^tiJ^ abddly m. a religious person,, devotee, 
enthusiast, abdatt, of or relating to a devotee; an 
epithet assumed by A^mad^ the founder of the late 
Afghan dynasty, a. [ab o dana. p, 

^bc^l db-ddna, m. food and drink: also 
j^kndL^ I db-dastf m. washing the hands 

(particularly after any unclean action), p. 

' (.^^jJt^L^ I dbi danddn, m. sharpness and po- 
lish of the teeth ; debility, p. 

^(yj\ ^BTW a-badh, sacred, inviolable, s. 

J^tV^ ^RV or^wfiy a-budh or a-buddhi, stu- 
pid, ignorant ; also s. f. ignorance, t. 

U Jj\ V^VT abdhdj f. a segment of the base 

of a triangle, s. [intelligent • 

^l^i^^\ Vjf^HIH a-buddhimdn, stupid, un- 

LL>^t^\ ^SN^ abdhut, m. a kind offakh 

or devotee. This class are worshippers of Shiva, 
fem. abdhutnu s. [not to be slain, inviolable, a. 

tfi<^\ V^W a^badhya, not deserving death, 
(^()j\ abadi, eternal, without end. a. 
bj^^ 'Wfwirf a-bidyd, f. ignorance. $, 
I3yb 5JJJjT db-dida hand, to shed tears, p.h. 
j^\ abVf m. a cloud, abri Jtfydh, a black cloud. 

abri ^IjfUifit a thick cloud, abri Sgitr, a cloud without 
j^\ WW^ abar, now, at present, k, *'™*'*" ''* 

\j\ ^niTT altrdf m. the outer fold of a double 
garment ; distinguished from asta»t the lining. Writ- 
ten also abrUf q. v. h, 

j\jy\ abrdr (pi. of JJ^), just men, holy, pious, 
dutiful (to parents), ifrrar, victory superiority, a. 

'\i\j>\ vbrdnd, a. to keep in reserve, (same as 

ubarna), h, 

j^)j^^ Ibrdhlntf the patriarch Abraham. 

Ibrahim Adham, name of a pious sovereign that for- 
merly reigned at Balkhr «• 

i3j\ abrad, colder, most or .very cold. .a. 
(^jajy\ abras, leprous, a. 
2jA abrak or ^j>^ abrak, m. talc, mica. a. 
^\ '9WV^ ubamd, n. to be kept in reserve, 

to remain over. A. 


( 3 ) 


;j^1 abraT^an, )a bracelet, an ankle orna- 
[jFj^j>\ abranjin,) meat of gold or silver, p. 
tU>\^ abru^ f. the eye-brow, ahru par girth 

Mnil, a. to frown, p. 

jj> I abru^ f. honour, character, renown, ele- 
gance ; the name of a poet dbrii-uiama, a. to disbo- 
noor, disgrace, dbru^bar-bmd-dena, *• to lose one's 
ovncharacter. or destroy that of another, abru-denh 
a. to bestow hononr or reputation on any one, or to 
nurender or lose one's own. dbru^ez, a calumniator. 
o^ri-rezA, t slander, calumny, dbru-kamh »• to treat 
with respect. ubru^Uau, a. to . take away one's cha- 
racter or reputation, p. 

^^pj>\ ab-raivan, m, a very fine kind of mos- 
hn or rauze, which when spread out on the maa is 
said to have been scarcely visible. The art of manu- 
facturing this stuff is now lost p. 

^^jjAa-birodhj m. quietness, tranquillity, s. 

J*<>jj^\ vr^OrnH') a^^iroJAim,! quiet,tran- 

f^^jj^) Wf^tWt a-birodhi, J quil. jr. 

iji\abra, m. the outside of a garment; same 
•• ofcrow p, [jewels, &c. ». 

{^j}\ abarhan (vide ^^i;^^)* ^' ornaments, 

i£jl>\ abri, clouded, variegated, abri kwj^az, 

a kind of thick and shining paper clouded, (from 
Cashmir). p, 

jiji\ ab-rez, a pot for sprinkling water, such 
as a gardener's ; used also in baths for pouring water 
ow the body. p. [ing silk. p. 

j»l^t dbresham (also abresham)^ m. sew- 
i^^l^l abreshml, silken, made of silk. p. 
i3ity^ t6rU, m. an ewer, a water-pot. a. 
^i^^^a^ar-^Aadar, Goarse,rough,common. A. 
jjl^ a&t-2ar, water of gold ; white wine, p, 
U jj ^«^l obi zulaly m. pure limpid water. p,a» 
{jr^y^n^ CL'baSy powerless, without choice, s. 
J^l abwlf m. a vineyard, a garden, p. 
M abistOy pregnant (a woman), with 


joang (an animal), new-bom (a child). I'he forma 
£At«f. abistaatt and abistSn are given in Gilchrist, p. 

^^Iw^t abhtagi, also abistanx, &c. f. preg- 
-nancy. p. [dothes. «. 

A WRR a-basatif naked, without 

f^^^ wf%V«f a-bisaUf without desire, in- 
dUferent s. 

\Lm3\ 9W1RT ubasnoy n. to rot, putrefy, h. 

{j^\^\ nfir^^nr or ^firoro a-hisTVas, m. 
want of confidence, distrustfulness. t. [trustful «. 

\y^\ a-biswasiyabvirvdsiny abisTvasini^dis- 


K^ - 

UW1 ub$anay a. to cause to rot. h. 

^y^ \^\ ab-9oh\ 

^^ \ , >from this time. A. 

^L^Y ab-tey J 

j^ M^^ ob-se avr, is an expression of those 

viMraftn describing a past misfortune, pray to be 
BTfcd from a repetition of It; q.d. Far be it 

jwl ab'shary m. f, a waterfall, cascade, ca- 
taract, p. 

(^^Uij^l ab-shinwtf the lead-man, or per- 
^ son who takes the soundings in a ship, a pilot p. 

jy^\^\ dbishor,m. brackish or saltwater, p. 

^jy^ ^\ ah'Shora or dbi-skora, m. water 
cooled artificially by means of a solution of salt- 
petre ; iced sherbet p. 

y^^\ dbshoid (Dakh.), same as dbskora. p, 
cdljLl^\ a-bishek or udi^^l abihheh, m. 

sprinkling- water, which the Hmdus (after pronouncing 
certain prayers over it) use for cleansing their per- 
sons, and other utensils used In sacrifice, holy water ; 
accession to a throne, inauguration, v. abhishek. s. 

jUfl^i absdr (pi. oTjja^), views, looks; per- 
ception, understanding, a. 

JUa^l ihtdl, m. abolition, act of destroying 
or annihilating, refuting, a. [vain, ftc. a. 

Jia^i abtaly comp. more vain or fruitless, very 

*>wi ab'dd (pi. of <3jo), distances, divarica- 
tions, a, 

«3^i ab*adf more distant, very far. a, p^te. p.* 

^^jJ!^ L-*>l dbi ^askratf wine, semen geni' 

1£>1 ibhdt m. confirmation, establishment, pre- 
servation, rendering permanent a. 

^\ ab-hdy ab-kCf and ab-kiy of or belonging 
to the present time, from ab. h, 

j^\ db'hdr, m. a distiller (particularly of 
spirituous liqnors) ; a water-carrier, a sprinkler ; a 
wine-merchant,or seller of spirituous liquors ; a drinker 
of wine. p. 

^^ojI db'hdri^ f. the business of a distiller; 

rt^venue derived from a duty levied on distilleries, 
^ also on houses for the sale of spirituous liquors, 
eating-houses, houses of entertainment, &c. 

\jy6S\ 9W«ii«TT ubkdnd, a. to cause one to 

vomit, h, [ing. h, 

^^Iwl ^^oRi^ vbhdyh f. the act of vomit- 

C^^ ^r^?h abikt^ hidden, unintelligible, s. 

^-^1^ cl*xO wf^Wrftnf a-biht ganit, f. 
arithmetic of unknown quantities ; algebra, t. 

(jt> u-^i db-hash, a drawer of water; 5ft- 
kashtf act of drawing or carrying water, p. 

Ui^^ 9«i«iini ubakndf n. to vomit, h, 
j>jl> ^\ dbukaumr, m. nectar, p. a, 

f^i i ^^ ^nr^ljft abkeshi, without fruit, 
" barren (tree), s. 

j^isj] db-guzdr, a ford, a ferry; an express, p. 

jtXOi nb-guzaVy acanal orchannel forwater. /?• 

1*^(^1 dbigarmy warm water, a hot-bath. p. 

C^^^\ dbigosht, soup, gravy, broth, p. 

^S ^\ dbi gohar, water of pearls, pure 
limpid water, p. 

j)^ u^l db-gir, a receptacle for water, a 

pool, pondt'ditah; a weaver's brush, p, 



( 4 ) 


iJjLk^t ahgina, m. a mirror, looking-glass, 
a drinking-glan ; wine ; a diamond, p. 

Jj^ ^f<5 a-fta/, weak, without strength or 

power f. 

^^ WW^ OrhdlOf f. weak, powerless; a 

woman, s. 
^^^ Wcj^lMI a'balapa, m. weaknessi 

frailty. 1. [to arriye. a. 

^^\ ihloffhf m, conveying, sending, causing 

^y^\ ^nr^TRT ublana^ a. to cause to hoil, 

(by the hands of another) ; to boil anj thing w> as to 
be fit to eat ; to cook, h, Qitj. s. 

(^^3 Vir^'l^ a'bald,l, f. weakness, dehi- 
J^l ablakf piehald, black and white, partj- 

colonred. a. [starling, a. 

lftb\ abhidy m. a bird of the raaina kind, a 

c-^^f vHl^V a'bilambf m. quickness, di- 
ligence, s. 

Ubf Trt^tfT ubalndy n. to boil or bubble up. h. 

^^\ dbluj (also a2>/ucA), sugar-candy, p. 

*bT dbila, m. a blister, p. [pox.abnbo. p. 
ciSji ^&bl dbila,i farangt m* the French 
ftbf ablaky foolish, silly, ignorant, bashful, a* 

t^^^ Maht, f. folly, silliness, a,' 


i^} WW^ flfcafi, f. a row, a range, a con- 

" tinuous line, s, 

iX>\ IHRA a-bati, weak, powerless, s* 

^jMjkbi iblis, the deyil, Satan, a. 

^^l t&n, m. a son, a child ; ibnu-s-^abil, a son 

of the road, a traveller ; ibtm-l- ^ha rax. a selfish per- 
son ; ibnu^l-g^ib. one of whom little is known, a 
parvenn. a. 

\jj\ abndf (pi. of ^^)sons; people; tribes, a. 
(^U^^ vfv«n9 a-biruUf m. safety, s. 
^^U>\ a^binattl, safe, entire, free from loss. J. 
iJl^j\ ^\ tbn-ul'Tvaht^ a tirae-server. -a. 

^jmA>- -^U^^ abndfijins^ pi. companions, com- 
rades, equals; those of the same rank, quality, or 
species, n. ahnaye dahr, or abna^ rozgdft sons of the 
tune, contemporaries, a. p. 

jdJ^\ ^f^Wa-bindu, without point or dot. s, 
tjij (^! dbi tiukrOf m. quicksilver, p, a. 
(^j»»y^\ dbnus, m. ebony, p. 
^^yjj dbnusi, made of ebony, p, 

^^\ wn^ abnt, f. the earth, world. 8, 

•• • •" 

^ u*^ I a^f7at, m.* the straight tube of a 

" ^^a, on which the chillam is fixed, p, 

^^S\ nOfvl^ a^binai, m. wantonness, pert- 
ness. s, [tnlant t. 

OoJjI wf%«Aw a-bintt, wanton, pert, pe- 


^\ abuj m. father; the word is frequently 
used as the first member of a man's name or epithet, 
thus, abu-l-btuhar, the father of the human race, Adam. 
abu'bakr, the father-iu-law and first successor to Mu- 
hammad, abu-turdb, *Alh the son-in-law of Muham- 
mad, abu-l'fivfl^ the name of the secretaxy to the 
Emperor Akbar, aburjaiil, the name of an unde of 
Muhammad, noted for his stubbornness, abu huraira, 
one of the companions of Muhammad, ab&-*ali smo, 
a celebrated sage and physician, commonly known in 
Christendom as Avioenna. abu -fawariSt the ass, lit. 
the father of horsemen, abu-bakr^ the name of an 
atabak prince to whom Sa'di dedicated his Gulistan. 
abU-nasr, the name of the minister of the last men- 
tioned prince, a. 

<— .>ly\ abrvdb (pi. of t-^b), doors, gates, 

chapters, sections ; in the revenue language of India 
the word means almost any kind of cesses, imposts, 
and charges levied by the offidals of government, a. 

f^^^ *i^»tt. a-bajh, stupid, without under- 
standing. %«. [comprehensible, h. 

W"y' Tipsy a-bujlidf not understood, in- 

^Jyf W^ftvt a-^odkf m, ignorance, stupidity. 

adj. ignorant, stupid ; puzzled, perplexed, i. 

«JL»xib4>^\ Vi|)i|i|n| a-botLh-gamyaAincom' 
«jd^4>y\ V^HmiiIii a'bodhantyat J 

hensible, unintelligible, i. 
Jy^ 'Wt^ a-bolj silent, h. [to sQence. h. 
^y>\ W^t^ a'boldy disposed or accustomed 
&>^4> J \^ \ db o ddtuif water and grain, food 

and drink, p. [mate. p. a. 

!^J Ol a^ Aflft-a, f. atmosphere, air, cli- 
^\ vfir abhi, a particle denoting priority 

in time or place, prefixed to Sanskrit words, s. 

t^\ ^ ibh or fbha^ m. an elephant, ibka- 

jDo/a^, the keeper of an elephant, i. 

l^ I vmr dbhd, f. light, splendour, beauty, t, 
j\^\ WftlK a-bhdr, light, of little weight. «. 
jl^f T^ITT ubkdVf m. swelling, tumefaction, 

plumpness, h, 

^j<^^ wnT«n ubhdmdf a. to raise up, to 

exdte, to persuade, to plump up. h, [steal, h, 

\j^^\ 7HI?«IT ubhdrnd, a. to take away, to 

(^^l^t ^TPmr dbkdsy 1 m. a preface, a 

(^1^1 VT^YPT dbhdshf j preamble, an in- 
troduction, &C. 1. [misfoitune, iU-ludc s. 

\^\^\ ^nnf a-bhag, also a-bkdgya, m. 
l^l^^f ^cnrnn a-2>/ta<7a, also a^bkaginl and 

a-&Aa^i, unfortunate, destitute, t. 

Jl^\ IV^n^ abhdl, m. a cloud. A. 

aI^^ ibhdmt m. the thumb; suspicion, am- 
biguity ; covered, concealed, unknown, a. 

I3l^\ 'T^TRT ubhdndf a. to alarm, disturb. A. 

«V^1 W4T^ a'bhdfO, m. absence, non-exist- 
ence, vrant ; as in this proverb, raja keghar meilk, kvd 
tnoHvoA ka abhd,ot Is there a want ot pearls in tba 
n^a^ house f s. 


i 6 ) 



tbe feet or of wonhipping, on obeinmoe ; also an in- 
»»«■ «• iMabhibad. ». 

^^^^ ^1**^HH, abhibadan, m. the same 
^^^^^ ^rfiWH abhibhuia, subdued, do- 

nuneered over. «, 

g^;A^) ^irfinmi abhipray^ m. sentiment, in- 
toitkm, opinion, dedgn, wish, purpose : the main pur- 
port of a book, &a 1. Mr r^ . --^^ 

^^^■^^ ^fWftnr abhijit, m. the 2l8t nak- 

^J^* or Innar asteriara ; the 8th mmMbrt, or divirion 
of the day. i. [spell causing death or disease, i. 

^v^ W filmic abhichar, m. a charm or 
^\^^\ VftrvPT abkidhdn, m. a dictionary. 

^ctlj speaking, it denotes a list of the substantives 
of the Sanskrit language, such as the " Amara Ko- 
sha," kc «. 

j^y Wf abhra, m. the sky, a cloud. $. 

]j^y 'W^T3 ubhrd, unladen (as a cart or 
boat). *. [tin it run over, h, 

W;4>' V*irnn ubkrana, a. to fill a yessel 
tdJ;4?^ ^mnr abhrak, m. talc, mica. «. 
I ^Jj^^ abhraki, made. of talc or mica. s. 
p^\ ^EPi^si a^haram, without respect s, 
i^j^ ^rWT^ abkaran, m. jewels, oma- 

iiients, decoration ; i!so abkaran, Tiith the initial vowel 
short s. 

^j^^ ^MTSfT vbkamd, d. to overflow, k. 
{j^\ ^mro abkas, little, few, $. 

o^L^^ Vfil^rfcvr abkisdrikd, also abki- 

tin and o^AiMrmi, £ (a woman) gdng to an assigna- 
tion with her lover, a lewd woman, i. 

C-^1 ^wfWPw abkiskikta, installed, bap- 

tiled, anointed to office, enthroned. «. 

4^*4^1 ^rfW^ abkiskek, ro. bathing, 
aaofaiting, royal unction; a religions ceremonj oon- 
Mting in sprinkling a person with the water of the 
uangesi «. 

^i^y ^HW ubkak, m. a bear. k. 

C«^^ Wfti a-bkakti, f. disregard, want 
of desire, indilTerenoe, unbelief, t. 

^Vi:;^^) a-^kaktimany unbelieving, indifle- 
i«nt to. «. 

U^^)^^ lir«l4|i| abkiUuk^m.&nd abkildska, 

^ t vidi, desire ; {generally written ablulakh), «. 

(^5l^^ wftl^nA abkUdsklf wishing, de- 
'^riofr longing for. #. [sire. t. 

4f^y abkiiakk or abkilakka, m. wish, de- 
i:y^y wfimtif abkimdn, m. pride, haugh* 

tiaMs, self-conceit, s. 

fi o^^^ nRlMMJl abkitnana-putra, m. 

nkt^n-^tm, «. [axToganee. i^ 

^-^U^jl ^rfiimviin abkifnatuttd, f. pride, 

^h4>^ abktmdnl or abkimanya, proud, 

fmi II t • 



C-*^^ Vfinnr abkimat, consented to, ap- 
proved of. chosen, agreed, accepted, t, 

^^^♦4?^ ^rfWinniT abhimatatd or abkimaitd, 

L desire, love. i. 

^ A^ » A.^ ^ ^Wftrj^ abkimukky present, before. *. 
^^^^ ^HfWymn abhimukkatd, f. presence, 

prozimitj. *. 

^i^^^ ^U«i«i abkinavy new, quite new. «. 
«^W ^WfiWfT?? dbkivddy m. abusive Ian- 

«^*«««- '• [stration. s. 

(i)«^l^^ ^fW^T^ abktvdcUin, m. bow, pro- 
0^< V^JTf a-Mfii, non-existent. *, 

•j4?^ Whra-Mq;, also a-*A{>;ya, unfit to 
^ eat, not eatable, i. [fasting. *. 

;jj^j4:>2 ^"W^ a-bka^i, not having eaten, 
cr^^' WHR dbkuskan, m. ornaments, 

jewellery, finery. «. (Commonly written in the Per- 
Bian characters as follows) / 

^2)^J^\ dbkukkan, m. jewels, omvimentB, s. 
sLfy^\ V^ a-bkog, unfit for use, unpos- 

sessecL Sm 

(im^^ ^ afc-Aiii, hitherto, yet. A. 

^jg;^\ ^rft ab'kly even now, just now. k, 

f^^\ tnm a-bkay, without fear, fearless, n. 

^^\ ^W ubkaya, both (used in Sanskrit 
•* phrases.) [yellow myrobalan. g. 

\j^\ ^Hin abkayd, f. name of a flower, the 

O^U^^ WiTTO abkyds, m. practice, medi- 

Ution. study, the frequent repetition . of a thinir in 
order to fix it on the memory, t. 

j^Ia4>\ W«iuft abkydsi, studious, practi.^*- 
** ing, repeating, s. 

CLS\j^\ wninnr abkydgatj m, a guest, a 

visitor; arrived. «. 

j?uA^l innnrw abkaya-patraA m.assurance 
(i)'*^:^^ ^H»ni^ abkaya-ddn, > of safety or 

^1^*4?' m>nm^ abkaya-vak,] protection, 
an amnesty. *. [unalarmed. & 

Co^^ m^ a-bklta, fearless, undaunted, 
Caa^^ ^nrtfir a-bktti, f. fearlessness, s. 
OumAa^^I ygiAf^ a&/iip*tV, *! loved, wish- 
^^A^^ W^ abkiskta, j ed for, s. 
^^\ abklck (dakh.), same as abkl, now, 

^^ just now 

«Xj^< vd^ fl-ftAerf,1 united, fastened toge- 

^x^\ ^^ a-bkewj ther, known, cele- 
brated, s. 

Jl^\ WWft^ dbktr, m. a' cow-herd, s, 

j^I dbl, of or belonging to water, aquatic, 
watery, moist, humid, p, 

(3^ ^ abe, an interjection of vocation 

- 'expressive of scorn, as Sirrah I h. 




( 6 ) 


1^1 ata, now (goinetimes used for ab-hV). h. 
C>Vjo^ abt/at (plur. of d.^A>), houses, (and 

more usual) distichs, verses, o. 
jljL)| ab-yar, m. a waterer, a sprinkler, p. 

{j}^\ ah-yari, f. irripratioii ; a kind of thin 
"linen cloth ; a species of dove, p, 

j^^ ^ff^iT a-bij, grain that does not per- 
^minate. ». [able. i. 

j(S\ ir^ a-her^ f. delay; late, unseason- 
j^i^ ^^'^tt. ablrf m. red powder used at the 

holt Saturnalia, s. [shilling, t 

(^>-^^ ahyazj white, very splendid or 

t— >^ Wl npn^ a Sanskrit particle ; prefixed 
to words it denotes inferiority, privation, separation. 
It is much used in compound words from the San- 
skrit, as apaddn, m. taking away, the ablative case in 
grammar; ufMHg, m. the outer corner of the eye; 
apahhdshd, f. the vulgar tongue ; also applied to the 
language of foreigners ; apabhahsK f ungrammatical 
language ; apachay, m. loss, diminution ; apashabd, 
m. vulgarisms, slang; apakrisht, worthless, little, vile; 
apakarma, m. a bad actiou, misconduct ; apamrityu, 
f sudden death, dying without an^ disease ; apavdd, m. 
censure, blame ; apavadh censorious ; apahartdy m a 
robber, a thief; apaharan, m. seizing forcibly, carry- 
ing off; apafinav, vn. concealment, i. 

C->^ "n npa, a Sanskrit particle, denoting 
vicinity, or resemblance in an inferior degree, as upa- 
veda, the sub-ifeda or minor veda, 

L^\ ^S(m ap, pron. self, yourself, used in- 
stead of the personal pronoun of the second person 
by an inferior when adoressing his superior, fi, 

c— >1 W^ ap, m- water, s, 
bl ^nmapa,f, an elder sister j self. h. 
i-Jbl ir^m a-;7aj?, guiltless, without crime, s, 
C^l c^t ap-apf m. selfishness, egotism, A. 
3\>\ ^iTTf Q'^pdtr, unfit, unworthy. 8. 
jj^«>b^ ^niT^PT apadan^ m. taking away; 

the ablative case in grammar. «. 

jj^4>b^ 7U^R «/>ac^an,m.. cause, motive, s, 

^iib\ vmv upddh^ f. violence, injury, in- 
justice, s. 

Jb(^\^\ 'Vmfv vpadhi,m.s. virtuous reflection; 

deception, disguise ; a nickname, i. 

t^ch\ TfmV^ upadhif violent, unjust. $> 

^\j^i^\^\ "^mrffnT ypadhydy, m. a spiritual 
' " preceptor. *. 

bU^t^b^ V9TUII41 upddhydyd,^f.B.Ti mstrviO' 
tibjb^b\ ^muinft upadhyayt, > tress, the 
^U^j^W Tjxnun«rt upadhydni,) wife of a 

•' spiritxial preceptor, s. 

jb\ WfmK a-pavy boundless, excessive. $. 

jb\ ipavj thyme, wild marjoram, p. 

vIjo^j^S ^mftriT M;?5r;ft, acquired, gained. *, 

^»jb^ ^nn^^ updrjan, m. acquiring, gain.- 
ing. s. 

bj'b\ ^niwn vpdrnd, a. to root op, extir* 

pate, eradicate, i. 

(j*>bf ^rimi upas, m. a fast, hunger, s. 
b*>bf ViTHntt|7a«a, hungry, one who fasts. #• 
(■ll^b^ 7^QTIFi|l updsakf a worshipper, b 

servant s. 

UM*b^ ircjT^fn upasandy f. reverence, woi^ 

ship, attendance ; v. to reverence. «. 

^^b\^9iinrt«|7a«i, serving, worshipping. «. 

AJUtfb^ TQT^T updxya, worthy of reverence. «• 

ft>^b^ V^ITSR apdshraya, helpless, desti- 
tute, without shelter, i. 

ui)b^ wmv a-j9aA, raw, nnripe, undressed. $* 
^U^b^ ^MIIMIH updkhydn, m. an old 

story, a legend, s. [laying. «. 

^^jCi)b^ 7719^ updlamhhy m. abuse; de» 
^b^ ^Bnrnf apdn^ m. emission of wind 

(backwards), t. 

bb\ T^rsn vpana, a. to create, produce, 

earn, adopt, contrive, h. 

vfp^bl VinV ^P^^fff ™* ^^^ outer corner of 

the eye, a sectarial mark on the forehead ; adj maimed^ 
crippled, apdng-darshan, m. a side glance, a leer, * 
wink, i, 

jW "^m^ updfOf m. remedy, redress. *. 

^b\ ^^TW^a-pdvan, defiling, polluting. #. 

^b^ iriil^lf apdhaj, lazy, cripple ; a per- 
^ son who never visits any one. s. [preparation, t, 

(cbf V^inT upde, m. remedy, plan, scheme, 
j^-bl w^m apdya, injurious, destructive, s. 
(jbl ^r^inft wpa^i, contriving, remedying. «. 

i^U>\ innn^ apabdd, ra. complaint, accu- 
sation, s. [an acciuer. «. 

(^(3lo\ lem^r^l apabddi, m. a complainant, 

/JL>^ ^njftnr a-^dbUr or a-pavitr, impure, 

unclean, s. [ness, impnrity. «. 

bjojl irnfrwin a-pabitrata, f. unclean* 

^j*-jj\ ^nnr?l apabax, also Vi|<l|M apabo' 
shya, absolute, independent, i. 

^^^ T^^H ttpaban, m. a grove# an arti- 
ficially planted wood or garden. 5. 

L^l^^ ^MMim apabhdshd, f. low, vulgar, 
or obscene lang^uage. «. 

Lr^j4H^ ^Bni49 apabhran$hy\m. common 

^jti^J^^ ^nW5 apabhanshf J or vulgar 

language, ungrammatical speech, m. 

l11o\^\ ^MMIH^ upapdtah, m. a ^eat crime, 

such as the killing of a cow, atheism, tic. «. 
iSj^\ V^T^ upapati, m. a gallant, one 
who keeps a woman to whom he is not married, ju 

(JloJ wmw or ^n^lfll) dpat and apattu f. 

calamity, misfortune. a/>a/-*a/, m. time of diitrew. • 


( 7 ) 


iiIU>l W apia, true, trustworthy, g, 
vZ^ W^fv apo^ty f. diBgrace, dishonour. «. 
b)| mUT dpta, f. quotient, an equation of 

a device s. 

*y^^^ ^raiTV upatapf m. sickness, pain, 

beat. i. [tpriiig, childless, s. 

jf^ H^ also IV^'W a-putrf without off- 

C^yj^ imrNdAI a-pativratd, an unchaste 
woaaai, aooortesan. «. 

0^>A V^^ a-path, m. a wrong path, error. <. 
^^^jj^ msq a-pathya^ indigestible. «. 

^^ ^Vmn a-patya, m. offspring, race^ s, 
^\ irofirm a^atiyd, 

i-Sk>\ VQ7 a-patu, awkward, uncouth. s» 
^^ijo\ w^fZ^ Q'-patakf one whose hands 

and feet are become useless, paralytic. A. 

i^^ "^niT^f uptan, 1m. a paste for scour- 
Ul^f V^rsn uptandt) ing the skin when 

battling. K 

^*^} 7i|7«n upathnd, n. to be tired, or to 
be sick of a bosiness. A. [the chorus, h. 

f} T^Hf ypaji f« the burthen of a song. 

9a <f^a, 1 fa i th less, trea- 

a^patit/drdyj cherous. s. 

^WC^ ^mTTTT upjdnd, a. to produce, to 

make to grow, k, 

j^^^ vmilS upjdfii, fertile, productive, h. 

C*^^^ Tf^lftni upajit, produced, propa- 
gated. «. [exertion, t. 

(Jisf^ 9M^il«l vpajatan, ni. preparation, 
. ,'^ V^nnv apajaSf m. infamy, disgrace. «. 
>^ Wmnft apajasif infamous, unfor- 

~ tunate. #. 

VjfifJ "^^TiniT upajnd, n. to spring up^ to 
grow, to proceed, h. 

OjiflsT^ amiini4il upajtvikdf also l!Mlf)V«! 
aipa/ivaii, f, livelihood, means of living, t. 

{fyjsf^ 4Mli)q1 i/ijeylvi, dependent, living 

l^oron. #. 

i^,\ T'niTt upachar, m. service, remedy, 

prsctloe of physic, usage, t. 

4^J^ fnnv a-puchhf without a tail. s. 
^^"^ ^nUKT a-puchhd, f. name of a species 

of tree. s. [waste, s. 

f^^v^ ^ra^TV apackayOy m. loss, detriment, 

it m^ dpadf or \»3J1 ^H1R[T apada, f. 

misfortune, calamity, apad-groita, inTolved in ca- 
laoiity. 1. 

V&i>^ ViRfl ttpaddf f. a meeting, a. present 
■ide at an interview, s, 

Jj*H^ ^^1^ upadrav, m. a portent; vio- 

loMCbiignry. s. [vour. «. 

(JM>i3ij\ 9in(l(| vpadansh, m relish, fla- 

0\jft«X>\ T^rvni upadhdtu, m. a sort of 

inferior mineral, s. 

(j«J.*3j\ '^^ upades, ra. advice, counsel, 

exhortation, admonition, s, [adviser, s. 

^;^»H^ ^M^f^H upadesin, advising, an 
^j^,i^^ ^f^Vf^ upadesi and upadesah, m. 

** an adviser, i. 

jA 'WKK, aparj another, a second, opposite. «^ 

j>\ ^ro^ upar (also ^ilft tipari)^ over, 
above, i. [non-acquisition. #. 

<i^^^^ mntw a-prdpti, f. non-attainment, 

o^^ WWZX vprdtd, m. the west. d. 

Cl^^\j^ INMOf^ff a^pardjit, unerring, in- 
vincible, s. 

b>5;)^ ^nrtrftnn a-pardjUd, f. the name 

of a twining shrub ; called also koy/iUt or kawwa^fhenfi, 
crow's- beak. Clitoria ternatea. s. 

\jA W^miTl a-pardjay, m. victory. *• 

(J^];^^ ^MO'^rtrf a-pardchtn, modern, re- 
cent, s. 

ti^d^ irocni aparddhy m. crime, fault, s. 
i^f^);^ W^trftR aparddhin,^n. criminal, 
ij^f^l)^^ ^HRnft aparddktf J a sinner, 

** an offender, s. 
\Ji]j>\ '9U\^\ uprdl, over, above. cL 

^^^ Vin9 vprdidf m. aid, assistance. 

uprala kama, a. to take one's part, to protect, stickle 
for. A. [wards, h. 

Cl^\jl\ ^TlPff vprdnt, after which, or after- 
{Jj^]jl^ ^RNi^ vprdwarXf quarrelso;ne, 

"wrangling. A. 

^ib\j^ ^nroj? apardhna, m. the third 

pahar; afternoon, s. 

W^^ WIM a-prabhd, f. darkness, dulness, 
want of splendour, s. 

j^bj^ VUr<MI^1 a-paripdti, f. deviation 
" from established custom, i. 
C-->^Jj\ wmrni a-pratdp, m. want of acutc- 

ness, of power, or of fortune, s. 

j3^^ VITifT^ a-pratdpi, blunt, powerless, 
"* unfortunate. *. 4 

UbjkJLO^)^ ISUnC^MI a-pratibandhd, m. an 

undisputed inheritance, «. 

l^xlSy)^ VHPriVI a-pratishthd, f. want of 

respectability, s. [a-jwa/ya*«J, q. ▼.) s. 

(j£5C5^\ ^nnnf a-prataksk, secret (properly 
\^j\ Winn a-prathdy f. deviation from 

custom; secrecy. ». 
OjJ^^ vrnrtTT a-pratitf without credit, s. 

fj^jl^ WWlftirt a-pratiti, f. want of con- 
fidence or of credit, mistrust s. 

fiiCt>^\ WITTKr^ apratyahska, invisible, 
not ODvious to the eye. s 


( 8 ) 


fj^j^ ^WWR a-pratyatf, m. distrust, unbe- 

-lie£ *. [trustfuL s. 

^^t^J>^ ^TOWft a-pratt/at/i, doubtful, mis- 

iij^j>} WlPTOl OrprcLchandy without dig- 
nity, not strong. $. [trial or proofl «. 
l^>o\ VMr<^l Orparichchha, f. want of 
i^^djA WWJm a-pradharij little, mean, 

powerless, subordinate, not chiefl «. 

(wJ^ ^nrt apar$j m. the state of a Hindu 

after bathing previous to worship or to eating, during 
which it is unlawful for him to touch any one. Le- 
prosy, from Arab, ahras. vparast m. a kind of red 
t*hik\\r ; bitumen ; a subordinate flavour. 

^Wtv^ mnn^ a-prasad, m* disapprobation, 

disfavour, s. 

i^d\u»jA XtxmV^ Or-prasadi, that which is 

"not presented to the Deity. «. 

^tW^\ invfra a-prasiddhj unknown^ hid- 
den, not celebrated. «. . 

^2;^j>^ unrro a-prcuanfia, disagreeable, dis- 
satisfied. 8, [nate. ».' 
(^y\ Vl^ apurushf impotent, effemi- 
{J^^y^ Vll^lll Orpraka^^, m. that which 

is hidden or obscure. #. 

A< ^^^ inniF7 a-prakaty unmanifested, not 

apparent, s, 

^ y\ TQT55I uparla, superficial, the outside 
of a cloth or raiment (opposed to the lining), h, 

-^Uj\ 1R11ITT«T a-praman, without proof, un- 
true. 9. [tic, without authority, i. 

(■dliUy^ ^nwrftwf a'pramanihy unauthen- 
ftj^lcj^ ^OTim a-pramdnya, want of proof 

or of authority, s. [finite, i. 

jbAJ^ VM<mi a-^aram-par, boundless, in- 
iJL*^j\ X[^fxS^lt a-parimit, unmeasured, 

unlimited, i. 

U j\ 7^T^«n upamoLj m. a scarf, a covering, h* 
f^\jj (^Vy^^ ^^m^ TIT^ tiparrva,t tar- 

w5,», t surfeit, mort de chien, cholera morbus, h. 

^JU jT H|il%^q ap-rup^ m. self, self-formed, 

the Deity. Dakh. strange, wonderful, rare, h, 

Jbiij j\ ^irtlV vparodhf m. partiality, sup- 
port, favour, kindness, s. 

*^, y\ ^^r^Nr upraunckd^ m, a towel or 

^ doti for wiping the body. adj. superficial A. 

^ , j^ ^ni^hr a-pravxn^ unskilful ; apror 

vlnata, f. want of skill or of experience. *. 

tc^\ 'Wftni (^-priy, hated, disliked, un- 

"friendly. «. [dislike, t. 

C^ j\ ^nftftf a-^rtti, f* enmity, hatred, 
\iX> j\ w uO^ l aparikshd, f. want of trial 

or poof; an insufficient trial of any thing. «. 

^^\ %citH a-prem, m. want of love, enmity, 

• ' hatred. ». 

V ^'^'T*^ uparndf n. to be rooted oat, 

to be pulled out ; to be skinned. A. 

\jj>\ Wi|?«n aparnay n. to come to hand, d* 
jj«i>l ^inwr 5/?a«, pron. recip. themselves, 

one another; hence kindred, brotherhood, fellowshipb. 
apas mtfil rethna is applied to signify adultery, kc h. 

fjt0>\ '9^9 upa$y f. Stink, staleness, putre- 
faction, rottenness, h. 

^jji**i\ '^^K'^ upastrl, f. a concubine. i» 
j^ur^ T^FI upasfhf m. f. the organ of 

generation of males or females. #• 

Os^jLjI 7^fl9^ll upasihit, ready, present, 

at hand, arrived. #. 

U«M>^ ^ra^ apsardf f. a female dancer in 

the court of Indra. s. 

\l/y^\ '^vmA upasarga, m, a particle or 

preposition ; a portent or natural phenomenon, s, 

\^mJ\ VM^K apasmdr, m. the epilepsy. «• 
UmJ\ T^^RT upamd, n. to become musty, 

to rot h. 

0>,y^^ V^^ra apanavya^ m. the right side 

(or half) of the body ; adj. opposite, contrary, i. 

ju«ftLS;j\ 9^^llsl upojthditray m. sciences 
connected with or derived from the sh&stnu «. 

tJv'A^^ 904911 vH vpashdntat calm, pacified, 

appeased, t. [p^ tranqml. a. 

^\Ji^\ 4 M 91 1^1 t^pa^Aanfi, one who is calm 
SjJ^\ V^IV^ apashabdf in. wind broken - 

baclLwards ; a disagreeable sound. 5. 

5^^i*% \ ^ uPlH a'pushpit, without flowers 

(a*ree or p&nt), that does not bear flowers, not in 
flower. *. [!««»• «• 

iJUij\ Mn apaskt, hidden, secret; a-pusht, 
^j5wJ^ H MWH apashakun, m, any unlucky 

omen or portent, also apasakun. 1. 

*^\ Tni^ upashanif m. patience,calmne8s. j. 
s_^s \ irinv a-pak, or inni a^pakky unripe. «. 
^^ cJ[ wnmm ap-*5;, 1 attending to 

.p^\^tJr ^M^iy t dp'kdjlj one's own 

- business, attending to one'i own af&irs. «. 

j\Jj\ HR^iK apahdvy m. a hindrance, detri- 
ment, ix^ury. «. 
.Kj\ ^HHK updkdry m, favour, kindness, 

protection. 1. [fa»S- •• 

^\Jj^ ^iniTT!^ upahdrxf beneficent, aid- 
(Jl}j\^\ ^ MifcK* upakdrak, m. a friend, a 

protector. «. 

l:;;^^ V^^l^rr orpahtd, f. immaturity. «. 

(JLu^io^ ^nrav apakri^Ua, bad, inferior, 

deteriorated. «. 
^iS\ ^WHW upakranif m. deliberate com- 

^mencement of an undertaking ; a stratagem, t. 

^jio^ inre4 apakarnif m. a mean or un- 

' worthy action. ». 


( 9 ) 

ei^l ^^WOT upaharan, m. the ioBignia 
of so jBlty ; m«ui% materiali. #. 

{J^\ W^^^a-paksh, without wings, with- 
out MsuUnce or protection, t. 

il^^' VU4i^'l apakalang, m. an iDdelible 

CaO< vqiTir ttpagat, promiBed, agreed. «• 
l^^ «M^^ upagrahy m. a prisoner, a. man 

or animal in confinement «. 

jiXii «^«i«i upagam, m. agreement, promise, 

^ approacfa. #. [ctoua atone, a jewel, i. 

J^! IW tijpa/, ID. a rock, a stone; a pre- 
^\ ^JIT uploy m.acakeofdriedcowdung. h. 


ajdavy ro. bathings ablution, j. 


orer. #. 


C<»bl vm<g A opZtt^, bath 

m. an initiated hotiseholder. 

JJ' WI^Tfif apcdajjy 1 impudent, immo* 
;^«^* Wqigrwt apalajji,) dest, shameless, j. 
VsH' VU^^I apaUjja, f. impudence, shame- 

lenneia. «. [omen or bad aign. «. 

(£;AfH\ llMcj^H|lU apalachckkan, m. a bad 

(2^47* HM^HI^ upalachhan (properly upa- 
kkdum), DB. a figure of apeech. an elliptical ezprea- 
non, a ajneodoche. t. 

^%«*i' ^ragn^^in apalachchkana, 1 of a bad 
^J^4^' WiV^l^nft apalachchhanlyj omen, or 

** of 8Qi|dcioQa appearance, unlndEjr. «. 

jl>^ mrr /^T^^v, m. bathing, ablution. $, 

^J^ TSn^ upU, f. smaller kind of cakes of 
** ooiTHlmig. A. 

I— «jJi>l V^l^^ «jMi20p,m.smearing,plastering. s, 
^;^f 9M^M«1 vpalepan, m. act of smearing, 

plaatering with cow-dung. #. 

U)t 9^qilT upama, f. comparison, simile, that 
thing to which another ia likened, i. [laat «. 

(2)U>) Vt|srt ttpamon, m. simile, &c. as the 

^^ ^mni apaman, m. disgrace, an af- 
front «. [graced. < 
OoU}) HMHir^W apamamt, degraded, dis- 

lIUj^ inWT^ apamant, or WliTRT a;?a- 
aiaaya, diagraced, abaaed. «. [likeneea. t. 

Ca«}^ V^filfir tfpamili, f. resemblance, 
l4rH^ m>[^ apamrityUf f. an unnatural 

oruntimeljdeath. «. 

^T W^ opon, pron. recip self. A. 

^1 IRV t^nnOf afflicted, gained or ac- 

qoired; one who cornea to another for shelter. «. 
Uj) ^niT apna, m. 1 pron. of or belonging 

<^I wrt ofmi, f. J to self, apnt ga,ond, 
tOilBf ooertownpraiaeB, to«gotiae. h, \ 


UU>\ WNIffT apnanSf a. to make a thing one^s 

own, to convert to one's own use. h. [kindred, k. 

C-oUj^ ^mnnr apnayaty f. family relations, 

V-H' ViNt apanpa or apampd, m. one's 
self. Used only in the accusative, as apaApa b<uhanA, 
to guard or protect one's eel£ A. 

^i^^ "V^ a-panthf m. a wrong road, or 

bad road, a devious track ; heresy. «. 

^^^^SiJ^ ^ vWt a-panthi, one who has lost 

- his way, devious, heretical, a heretic. 

siS^ ^Hfimq^ upanishady m. sacred texts or 

extracts from the Vedas. i. 

^^i^t VRftw dpanihy m. an emerald. «• 
li^l ^mjp vpang, m. a kind of musical 

instrument «. [a^J. wicked, void of merit s. 

^^ ^3^ ^P^^y^f ni- uncharitableness; 
^^^ ^MiM upanayay "Ira. the initiation 

<jji>^ ^^T^nnT upanayanj of the three first 

classes of Hindfls ; investiture with apeculiar thread 
or cord worn over the left shoulder. Vide Wilaon. #. 

f^\ ^r^^ tipanetray m. spectacles, glasses 

for the eye. $. 

^\ V^Jipr apunya, m. uncharitableness. s. 
'^^y^^nnx^apavddy m. complaint, reproach, 

accusation, i. [accuser, t. 

</«^\^l ^M^l^l apavadi, m. a com plainer, 
O^'^l V^^SfTfl t/pat?5<, m. fasting, a fast. *. 
^^'^t Vnnft ujmvdsi, m. one who fasts. «• 

'^^^^r^a-pii^, childless; undutiful (child), j. 
j3^1 V^f^tr a-pavitra, unclean, defiled, s* 

\3^^^ VlflnnfT a-pavitratd, f. uncleanness, 
filth, s. 

^^^ apu^, pure, unadulterated. </. 
^■^^^^ ^"T?™ «J3H/aA, ungodly, irreligious.*; 

*^^' W^3ir opvjyay that which is not 
worshipped, or not a proper object of worship, t. 

^.«>^^ V^Pnn upavidyd, f. profane science^ 

(opposed to sacred). <• 

S^^^ ^B^JCW a-purby new, unheard of, ad« 

mirable, uncommon, remarkable, a. [ardljr. a. 

(ji;^^ ^W^f^^^ a-paurush, unmanly, cow- 

C/J^^ WRil apavargy m. liberation, deli- 
verance, emancipation, t. 

Ciy^^ V^ a-p5m, m. a fraction ; adj. not 

full, incomplete. «^r»-A^ premature, nntimelj. «. 

^j^^ ^i^SKi a^pumatdy f. incompleteness, s* 

{^jy^} V^1#!f upavaman, m. a minute 
description, a. [ralleled, eminent, unheard of. i. 

*l)^ ^R^ a-purvoy unprecedented, unpa- 
(ji^^ V^ftR upavhhy m. a narcotic. «. 
^j^^^ ^'RH upavan, m, a grove, an aKifi^ 

daily-planted wo6d. a 


( 10 } 


c1a2^i 'V^^^ upavit, m. the brahminical 

thread. <. 

i3J>*>l 7^^ upaved, in. the Puranas, &c. q.d. 
depending on. or derived (springing from) theY eda. s. 

O" 4^^ ^MflU upahds, m.laughter,funy8port.«. 

^]j^^ ^nxxm aphranoj a. to feed one so 
that his bell J swell ; met. to give one (money, &c ) to 
the utmost extent of his desire. Also used in a 
neuter sense, h, 

^J;4i^ 'nsnt aphra,t, f. gluttony, a surfeit, h. 

w^\ ^Rl^h apahartd, m. a robber, a plun- 
derer, s. [ing, purloining. 

(*);xi^ ^nnpOT apaharan^ m. act of plunder- 
^;4i^ VW.HI apftarna, n. to swell out (the 

belly) ; to gormandize, to eat to satiety ; to become 
very rich. h. 

^;4i^ WSftTT aphariya, f. a subdivision of 
the caste or tribe called abhir or oAir, q. ▼. h. 

^y^\ Wm^ a-phal, fruitless, barren, s. 

OJ^^ M^i^ff a-pkality not in fruit. $• 

U4>\ VYfif^in a-pJialitdy i. barrenness, non- 
productiveness, s, 

Ua^\ '^mS(\ uphanndf n. to boil over. A. 
^i^\^K^Jpfapahnav, m. denial,concealnaent. $• 

5^1 ^Hf apku, \r ' L 

T '^ - ,- f f • opium. A. 
j»A^I "mWR aphim,) 

^^^j^\ W^ivf a-^Aen, without foam. s. [stlnate. s. 
VSjj^ ^V^?Srr aphendd, self-conceited, ob^ 
^^\ w^ apBf same as aj9, self, ape son 

- apBt of one's own accord* spontaneously, h 
fS\ ^cnAl. a-pir, without pain, g, 
^jtjj\ ^V^^ {vpayash^m. infamy, disgrace. 8. 
tj^} Wnrjft apayashl, infamous, unfortu- 

- nate. *. [qualified. ». 

OiuJ^ '^n^ upayukta, worthy, fit, proper, 

LliS^\ ^r^UfT apekshd, f. expectation, hope. $• 

CUl^^ apekshit, expected, waited for, hoped 
for. t7 [a4j. expecting, waiting for. 

i 11^18(7 apekshuk, m. an expectant ; 
_^ IV^T^ apekshl, expecting, hoping; 

^^an expectant. 

^<jj^ ^9 apehhf invisible, unseen, s, 
l^^^ 7^W ^9^^ upekhd, or upekshd, f. 

trick, fraud, stratagem, s. 

\jo\ irfNl apirtf light, lean. ^ 

tt<jji>^ v4hr9 aptnas, m. dryness of the 

nose, want of smell, a cold. s. 

tSyi^^ Trnftnt vpayogx^ useful, suitable. <• 
/Lo\ ^1^ a-peya, unfit to drink, forbid- 

** den liquor, s, 

C^\ Wir fltt, a particle denoting excess, 
used in ooiopounds. as ati-pant m. a drunkard, or one 
who drinks to excess ; ati'parakram, very powarfuL t. | 

C^t ^ it, or t7a, here, hither, Tlfut,ot 
uta, there, thither. 1[flf iti^ a word usually 

written at the end of books, letters, &&# denoting 
that it is finished, like the Persian expressions, tamSM 
thud, ziyada chi, &c. s. 

Ol wnf a^ m. custard apple. Annona 

squamosa, h. 

\3l imn a/a, or ^riTTaYa, m. father; a custard 

apple. Annona squamosa, p. K 

\i\ or JlSI jw( ita, or ^1IT9 itdl, nowi «t 

present. <j. 

^1 fWT t^/a, this much or many. h. 
V)\ Vin utta, that much or many. A. 
(jiJLjlif atdhah m. (q. d. ataheg, the lord 

father), a master, teacher, a title given to kings or 
prime-ministers ; name of a family who occupied the 
throne of Persia from A.D. 1148 to 1264; Safdi di- 
dicates his Gulist&n to a prince of this family, p, 

j^\ TKTl. utar, m. descent, vtdr^dendf to 
bring down ; met. to disgrace, dishonour. A. 

j^li) ^iflU utdra, m. answer; ransom, selfr 

devotion ; cast-ofF or second-liand. h. 

(o;^^ Virn?f utdi'an, f. a fragment descent, 

disgrace. /». 
^j^\ 9AKH1 utdrna, a. to bring down ; to 

tear off, cut off, or break ofl^ (a portion of any tfain^X 
utare huef pi. engagi^i with desperate resolution in 
any enterprise (metaphor taken from cavalry, who 
dismount to fight on InoU with a determination to 
conquer or die), h. [stances, d, 

^U\ utdmd, a. to act according to circum- 

J^\j>\ atdlih, m. a private tutor, atdlikit pri- 
vate tuition, education. L |_on the back. A 

^^\ TfTHT utdn (also uttdn), supine, lying 
U\3^ VITRT uidnd^ proud, conceiu?d; also 

supine. See chit. d. [despatch. A. 

l3j^^ 9AI4<j^ uidwal, f. qnicknesss speed, 
^j^f QilN^I utdwldf m. ^ swift, quick, 
^J^^ 9dN<^ vtdrvti, f. J speedy. /*. 
(^\3\ ^nn^ a/a,t> m. one who sings and 

dances gratis, h, 

^}^^ wnnftnT dtfdyin,') m. a felon, thieff 

(Jf^\ ^BT^rrat dtidytf J murderer, in- 


cendiary. t, 

jIjjI 'Wfil^IT. atihdrf very frequent, j. 
JjjI a/^a' (pi. of Xf> or «^\3) followers^ 

dependants. Ubff and tt/i^S*, following, obeylq^ 
obedience, a. 

ll^\ vfimR atibaktd, m. a great talker» 

a babbler, j. 

Jj3\ ^rf%T^ atibalf very powerful. «. 
\^\ ^rfiMlT atibhdr^ m. a very great op 

excessive burden. #. 

,3JiV^ ^«lfilR^a/ifte/, frequently, very often, s. 
T tnini atoj9, m. sunshine, sunbeams, s. 

OU>1 VHtir vtpat, m. violences injuslicei 

n ; 


<^li>^5< ^grfimnWi atipatah, m. a heinous sin. s. 

^^^1-3^ ^HnMlil^i atipatahu one who com- 
mits a very great or heinous am. «. 

^P*%3' 9MI{t| utpataUf id. plucking out* 
eradicatiDg. s. 

^j/>^51 iSrMl^fl utpadatif m. producing. *. 
jj)^^ VPifMH atiparit m. a drunkard ; excee- 

eessive drinking, inebriety. «, 

C^\ W^d^uipatti, utpatt, f. birth» origin, s. 
^Z^\ '9ini yftaptot anxiouBi excited, s. 

\iS^j^\ "^Ht^ utprehshof f. TOdHTerenee, 

cai^essnefis ; illnstmtion (in poetry, kc), m. 

iy^\ TR^ vtpalt m. a species of the lotus 

iower. M, 

^2^\ ^VFRf utpaTUif produced* gained ; s. m. 

produce. «. [a guest s» 

0^\ ^rffffiV atiiha or attthU m. a stranger, 

\Ap\ Vinn d'tatkot powerless* without au- 
thority. «. 

AJ^t VlfrfiM atithyat \ hospitable, at- 

ft u^T) \ Virdifif atitkeya,) tentive to a 
guest, s. [acrid ; very pungent s. 

^.IJjuS^ ^sfrnfi^ atiiikshnOf sharp* hot* or 

^^^ vPflillll. atijagarf m. the black cur- 
lew; a4j. very wakeful, restless. «. 

viJ^^ wfinftif atijog, yerj worthy. «. 
^^jjvas?\ vfil^tl a/t/irwa, very old, decayed, s, 

1^^ ^rfw^TTL aiickar, m. the rapid motion 

of a planet from one sign to another, i. 

d\^\ iitihadi m. union, concord* intimate 
fiiendsfaip. a. [berality. f. 

^^^^ vfif^lvT atulan^ m. munificence* li- 

s\iV) llPfl^l^ aiiddh, m. great heat, violent 
inflammatioB. s, [culty or distress, s. 

tJLAjSi\ ^wfcTCTlf atldargaU f. great diffi- 

J^Si\ ^BlfrfdMil. atidushharf very difficult. «. 

j«4^3\ ^rfHTT atidur, m. a great distance* 
^s&roff. * 

(j^jjj\ Ivfin^V^ atidoskf m. a great fault. «. 

j5\ TJII^ uttar, m.' an answer; the north. 
Adj. posterior, subsequent s. 

y^ ^R atra^ here, in this place, s. 

j^ ^3H tVttr, affected, giving one's self airs ; 
playful, wanton, coquettish, gay; other, different. 
low, vile, itar-tok, people of low caste, t, 

/I ^nrc alury grieved, sick, perplexed. «. 

)f\ VHH utiara, northern, northerly; f. 
Mrth-wlnd. s. 

j6^S\ji\ Tirnf^^vnt. uttaradhihart m. an 

inheritance, f . [sn heir. «. 

ij;J6^Ci\^\ ^KlfHWO uitaradhiharu ra. 
Jb(3jly1 ^HflTT^ uttar-drdh, the second or 

last half (of a book, &c) #. 

Uj'L5j|y\ ^nrrniTTT uttardskarkdt . f. the 

twenty-first lunar mansion, f . 

tiJVp\ ^/roA (plur. of ^^)^ a Tartar or 

Turcoman, a. 

li^V "^TTOfT utrandf a. to boil over; to take 

down, to pull down (by the hands of a third person t 
to do it one's self is uidma). h, 

w|j3\ ^piTTfT itrand, a. to give one's self airs» 

to act with affectation; to act in an unnatural or 
musual manner, h. 

^^j\y\ 9V<I4^ uttardivany m. a place 

where fish throng to. A. 

^y^\ 91IUf1 uttardhd^ of or belonging to 

the north, i. [wanton, h, 

\S\j3\ ^fnrr itrdt/a, affected, playful, 
I3yb^^\y\ ^iTT^ ifti^n utrdfi'hona, to be 

tiiankful or grateful, d. 

^^JP^ "^Urnitf uttardt/ariy m. northing; 

the six months from Maght when the sun is north of 
the equator, s. 

C^.d\^j\ 4%m\^^^ itiiar-hhadrapadf m. 
a mansion of the moon (the twenty-seventh), s. 

(Jby\ fliTCm<J|) atarpdl, m. land that is left 
uncultivated s. 

diOj\ ^Vwf^ a-tatpitf dissatisfied, j. 
Ci05\ ^snfH a-triptay restless, uneasy, s, 
t^Jll^y^ "^TTCWtnrt uttar-phalguniy f. the 

twelfth lunar mansion. $. 

^^\ W^R atraUf m. name of a climbing 
plant used in medicine, (Cynanitum extensum). d. 

M^^ ^i!T«T utran, f. a fragment, any thing 

taken off from the body ; cast clothes, rin se utran^ 
hondt to be freed from debt h, 

lip' <SflVHT utarnd, n. to come down from 
a height ; to pass over; to go off; to become in- 
sipid ; to fall in value or in dignity, nasha utra, his 
intoxication is gone off. h, 

Wjy\ Jlri ' iH I«tT vtarwdndf a. to cause to 
be brought down, or lowered. A. 

j3jj3\ ^flO w r utfarotfar, m. further and fur- 
ther; a rejoinder to a reply in law. t, 

ilAy\ ^irfin&n atirtg, m. consumption, m, 

j4Jo[/^ ^^iIMkj ! itrl'phal, m. an electuary 
composed of myrobalan with coriander-seed and 
honey, d, [another. 4. 

j>\ ^^ uttar^ placing one thing over 

j\Ji\ ^H^nt. afisdr, m. dysentery, diar- 
rhoea, atisdrakl and atudri, dysenteric, aflOicted with 
dysentery. •. 


( 12 ) 


$\^\ ^imif fitstah, m. joy, gladneas, plea- 
rare; peiBeverance. i. 

%l/j»Ji\ Tionn utsarg, abandoning, conse- 
crating ; m rule or precept, s. 

axAmS) UPri^i^il atisanchaya^ ni. a hoard, 

great accamulation. ». 

yJi\ Tm^ utsav, m. rejoicing, public de- 

moDstratioiis of joj. i. [Hmum. », 

^^m3\ mraft a^^i, f. flax (Ztnum tuitatii- 
^Jm!) I a^uA or atash^ f. fire, flame* /». 
s:\^\ ^jL)l atUh-afraza^ m. a rocket« ]9. 
\mi\ (jM^t atish-afroz^ kindling fire, fuel, p, 
^Jlj\[^\ a^uA-o/^an, casting or throwing 

fire. 9. 

j\(331 ^jm3I athhrandaz, casting out fire, p, 

jxii^\ ii3\ dtish-angez, kindling, spreading 
or stimng fire ; an incendiary, a wditiouB man. p. 

jb ,jtJ>l atish'bar, flaming, fiery, raining 
fire ; a fire-lock, tinder-box. p, 

j\j ^ji[>| atish'-baZf m. a maker of fireworks ; 
atish-baxh f> « display of fireworiu. p. 

S.b^jM3l atish-pdra, m. a spark, a lighted 

coal ; a beautiful person ; an exciter of quarrelt, 
quarrelsome, p, 

^'^jl (jm3| dtishrparcutj m. a worshipper 

of fire, a guebre, of the sect of the magi ; dHsh-panuH, 
fire-worshipping, p, 

9j\^ ^jm3 \ dtisk-hhdnaf m. a fire-temple ; 
park of artillery, p. 

\^ ^ji> I diuh'lihipdr^ m. a fire-eater, a bird 

■o called (in Hind. Chakor). A variety of Tetrao 
rtf/itf, Linn., a salamander, p. 

^^b (jtiT dtish-ddn^ m. a hearth, a fire- 
place, a chafing'^ish. p. 

j>j (jm3I atish-reZf pouring out fire; an 

incendiary or exdter of quarrels, p, 

lJ'^J LT^' dtixh'zadagi, f. a fire (i.e. houses, 
«* kc. on fire, accidentally or by design), p, 

^tj ^jtST diish'Zanf or *Jj ^j-3T dtish-zana^ 

m. tinder, touchwood, any thing combustible ; a tin- 
der-box, with flint and steel; atith-taint or atUk- 
tanagif the act of striking fire, jk 

^\Imm1jT atishisidn, f. the region of fire, a 

place where fire abounds (hence applied to a hot fire 
of cannon or small-arms in battle) ; a large fire ; a fu- 
neral pile, p, 

xjji^ ^j&3l dtish-tab^ of a fierce or fiery dis- 
position, p. a. [cano. p, 
^\JLiJ^>\ dthJi-fiskdn, scattering fire, a vol- 

i^fi (J«^T atish-Jiganf fire-dispersing, p. 

idLlS \ dtishahf f. the venereal disease, p. 

CLfi^\ Wfir^n atishakta^ very powerful. 

atUhaktu t great power, aiithaktaia, £ heroic valour, 
prowess, t 

h^^J^l dtinh-hada^ m. a fanmcei grate, 

chinmey ; the temple of fire-worshippers; nania of a 
recent biographical work in the Persian language, p 

fr^ (jm3 I dtish-mizajf fiery-tempered, p, a* 

v2Jli f^ t dtish-nak^ fiery, hot. p. 
^Ji5\^lfirfnati9hay,exce8sive\j,Yerj mucb.j. 

tJ^\ dtishtf 1 fiery, hot, irascible, chole- 
^j;Jt^\ diishin,} ric. a/tfAi a,ttta, a burning 

lens. afMMniid, red wine; hot tears. Stishingold, 
a bomb-shell, jk. 

Cajl£L>\ vDl^il atithtt, excessively cold. t. 

uJbo^l ittisdft m. description, qualification, 

excellence, praise, a. 

jUa3^ ittisdl, m. conjunction» adhesion, union, 
attachment, neighbourhood, contiguity, a. 

^li!>\ ittifdhf m. equality; friendship, union, 

concord, similarity of disposition; chance, fortune, 
accident, lot, success, incident, opportunity; proba- 
bility. tl^t/'^KAr, to unite. if/i/a^-A, to happen, to be 
agreed. Ut{fa^'ie, accidentally, jointly, conjunctly, a. 

^3Mo\ iitifdhant accidentally, by chance, a. * 
Ol5li3\ ittifdhdt (pi. of Jvi3\), accidents ; 

successes, occurrences, events a. 

ajum»- 3^^ Htifdki hasanut m. unexpected 

good fortune ; agreeable accidents, a. 

^Jf\i3f ittifaiif accidental, concurring, a. 

\sLi\ ittikd, m. avoiding, shunning, abstain- 
ing (from vice); piety, abstinence, a. 

u^lftJf t^^t^a/*, restraining one^s senses; pray- 
ing and fasting, as in the month of Bamsiin & 

\m\ atkiyd (pi. of ^^)» religious men, de- 
▼otees ; the abstemious ; those who fear God. a. 

(Ji3^ ^int itakf 80 much, this much. A. 

^\ ^rfVnCT atikdt much, excessively. A. 

^.\£> I dtkdrif a caste of silkweavers in the 
Dakhan. d. [time. «. 

JK]>\ vOlill^ ati'hdU m. delay, a long 
iJULjC3\ TnVi utkrishtUf good, excellent 

utkrisfifa-bh&m, m. a good soil. i. 

lK3) TnQP utkalt a name of the province 

of Ufisot vulgarly called Orissa. §, 

l^xi^sol 7?mST uikantkd, f. regretting, 

longing for any thing. #. [great «. 

tlJCj^ ^ifinrfir atigatu very much, very 

^\ W?T9 a-tvU unweighed; that cannot 

be weighed, i. 
J3\ mrgf a-/a/» the name of one of the 

seven patilas or infernal regions ; literally, bottom- 
less, s. 

^\ 7W9T uild (v. uidwa]A)t swift, quick, k. 

( 13 ; 


^^ mni uttanif great, principal* first chief. 

the besL mttam-fmnuk, an excellent man. «. 

jt>\ ^UFt atnuif in. self, soul, life, body; 

moch wed in tiie eompoaitioa of HindQl irorda, aa 
mtmm-wttad, self-evident ; atmorpalak, aelf-cheriahing, 
•elfish; dtmo-^Ao^aelf-nmrder. s. 

^\ aiamntf more or most perfect (from idmm, 

■ perfect, complete), a, 

W 1 WiWT afTjiQ, f. the soul ; the body ; the 

lieait ; the lUMferstanding. g. 

^^^^ itmanif perfection, accomplishment, 

* oompletion. a. pedge. t. 

«lbjjL^I VlWjf^ atma'lntddhit f> self-know- 
^>3JJL»> I V M<l ^ atma-bandhu, m. one's own 

kinsman, t, struction. t. 

Si3^f«]>l Win 4^ If aima-bodhf m* spiritual in- 
C23JL«>t a^/Ra-^>a2aA, self-cberisher, selfish, s. 

^\ ^VTlinf atmaj, springing from one's 

^ self; m. a son. 5. 

V^^ \ WTVmiT atviOrjaj f. a daughter, i. 

0^jSy**»%y\ Viwd^f atmorsandeh, m. inter- 
nal doabt. «. [restndnt. i. 

^«.»t5t Vlwd^H a^ma-Mvi^am, m. self- 
y*.<^*.^\t wM^inft dtmorshakti, f. inherent 

power. «. [praise, t. 

l^^Ll^t mwill^im dtmct-shlagkaf f. self- 

c:lU>l Vlfw* a/mt^y belonging to self. 

own. <. 



bOl Vlfiil^flV dfrnikata, f. identity, same- 

ul^\^ C, »> \ Wi^MId atma-ghatf m. self- 

morder. a/ma^AdlaJfc and o^iiMifAd^ one who commits 
snidde. i. [ledge, s. 

^LOl Vllil9l«f dtma-gydnf m. self-know- 

^U«^t 1III1IHI*A a/m«^na7iit, self-evident. «. 

IJi^^T "Wnvrf^fOT atma-vidi/Ot f. spiritual 
knowledge, i. 

^fyS\ WWfinpft afma-mkrai/Zf one who 

*** sells himself as a slave, i. [seUl i. 

cIjypT WwH^il dtma-hiU beneficial to one's 

Lj[|V>7 VlinffUl dttnorhatydt f. self-destruc- 
tion, suicide. $, [selfish, i. 
*x,5T wftWor WWft^a^wtya or a<»iiya,own, 
^^\ WiR a-^aw, Kamdev, the god of love 

among the Hind&a. s. 

V2) ^m ffna, as much as this, this much ; 
Une-^HtH, in the mean time. Jk. 

l^\.'9Vn utnof as much astbat^ that much. h. 
C^\ mnr aiant (properly atyania)^ very 

much, ex^eding. #. 
• i^ii)T IHffV atonfc 1 m. fear, pain, affliction; 
Kli^ imhf dtang^ J pomp, dignity, show. #. 
i«XS\ 'Vlhv vttunjf high, loAy. «. 

y^ TW^ t/ff5, m. plaits of cloth ; mar-har 

uttu banayd uske /a,tik, he beat him to a mnmmj ; 
lit that his body was marked like the plaits in doth. A, 

yf ^in itati, same as itndf this much. A« 

yl wr^ diu, f. a female teacher, a go- 
verness. A. 

j)y\ l^r^TK itrodr, m. Sunday. *. 
(^fylvfilillll ativdSf m. a rigid fast observed 

on certain occasions, i. [poison* j. 

{j^^\ nfflOm ativUht m. an antidote to 
liiy^ ^PilPim ativishd, f. a tree whose 

bark is used in dyeing. # . 

Jy^ Wift^ a^tol, un weighed. A. 

^y ' ^"^ dtun, "I f . a female teacher, a 

^ji^\WfK^dtimji,i governess, h. 

^'l W ath, ra. the beginning, commence- 
ment, an indeclinable particle, denoting now, here 
goes, &c. s. 

\^\ wm athd (for a-thaK)y deep, unfathom- 
able, out of man's depth, i. [thing up. 9, 

^l^^ T^n^«T uthdpant m* act of raising a 

(^^l^^ ^fiffro itihds, m. a story, fable; 
history, tradition. atihSSt m. exoesdve laughter, g. 

Af^\ ittUidtn, m. suspicion, censure ; inlaw, 

a charge, an imputation, o- 
^1^3^ 7?VR vtthdn^ m. rising up, awaking 

from sleep ; effort, exerdon. utthan ekadashh or de- 
vofhdjit the 1 1th of the ikukl-oaks^ of kdrtUc, when 
Vishnu awakes from sleep ; during the months tliat 
he sleeps it is unlawful to marry. «. [able. s. 

l\^\ W^m^ Or-thdhf m. an abyss, unfathom- 

^l^\ ^^^n^ O'thdtin, f. a place where peo- 
ple meet to converse and amuse themselves. «. 

d^^ ^rf^ a'thit, unstable, unsteady, s. 

^^j(^^ WTWT (properly V^lt^), aiharhaiu 
name of one of the Y edas. i. 

^l;^T vnitor diharwan, m. a Brahman 

versed in the AtharvanYeda. i. 

c^Jl^f V^Pi a'thakp unwearied, insensible 

of fatigue, h, 

J43^ irq^ a-thal, unstable, unsteady, wa- 
vering ; land farmed or rented, t. 
^l^^ T^l^ uthldt shallow, shelving, s. 

I3^k^ (S^I^Ml) uthldnd, a. to cause to turn 

over, or to be oVerset. t, 

J4H J^^ '^ 5^ uthalrfuihalj over- 
turned, upset, topsy-turvy. A, 
Ui^^ 9V$^I uthalnd^ m. to turn over, to 

upset (of itself) ; uthdlna puiJuiind, to be overset K 

U4^\ V^nnn athmand, sunset, the west. «. 
\^\ ^I^RT athaV2, or, or even. «. 


( 14 ) 


ij^ ^flf iti (vide C->1 tft), a word nsaally 

'written at the end of a letter, book, &c, lignifying 
that it is flniflheii^; 'as the Latin Finti, && i. 

j3^ WfH afi, much, very. «. 
4)\j3\ ^9VTf^ ityadit et caetera, and so forth. «• 
.Lj3\ (W^1^r<) ati^r, frequently,very often. «. 
l^^^Ju^f vfirwW atibakfa/ a great talker* a 

babbler. «. [of game. h. 

(Jb^l wnAmift a£i/9a<t» f. name of a kind 

iJL/j5\ WfffK aiiU m. an ascetic, or devotee 

•• -I 

among HindQs. t. f 

CI^oJi WfTrir a^t/» gone by, elier|Me|l,^ expired. 
atU'kal, m. (in jcnm.) the past or preterite tense, s. 

CL^j^\ VH'ifQK atifnktaf much* excessive. 5. 
^j;ijO< 9fflif| if^iranf worn* cast off (clothes* 

jewels, &C.X ». 
^jj^^ ^nW tt/ftma, arrived, rescued. & 
(jmjJ\ Wil^ a/ix, m. the name of a root used 

in medicine, s, 

.cfijJ^ ^^ fteh, 80 much, this much, k, 
(^l^\ tVi/io^ (same as iWids)^ m. a history, 

story, fable. 5. 
LL>\ at (dakh,), eight. Properly ^' I, q. v. 
^T 'WCT 5/5, m. flour, meal, any ground 

grain; when sifted, the finer flour, called nuUda, is 

separated from the coarser <neal, called suji. A. 

1 1:1 _. , 

ui ^IZT a/a, m. art upper room, or story. A. 

|^\^'\(J|^| VI^W^KI aUatharOf perplexed, 

distressed, d. [room. h. 

(^jvi'i wnCi a/ari. f. a thatched upper 

^b'\ ^l^t? i^/^^ *^>^ stack, a rick (of 
^^^^^J^kI^^'^^^^ ^^^ b<«g«ge. &C.X q.d. im- 

*^\i\ Wnip^^SRai m. a heap, furniture, h, 
\fiw'^ VJifcl&iil attalikdf an upper chamber. A. 

Uyb ^*UuT m^lill^ IJ^^sn dtdmati kona, to 
be utterly destroyed, or undone, h. [disorderly, k. 

if^\jUy\ IStZ^ti^ atpafdngj poor, wicked, 
^^ILj)\ V^q^Uf) ixtpatdnffi, wickedness, 

** absurdity, ft. 

A'^^'^ ^mA afpa^Al,1 thoughtless, hicon- 
^^Jjj\ WZ^St otpafi, J siderate, irregular, 

"unstudied, h, 

(JLJ^ W^ atat, coarse, strong cloth, h. 

•dX>\ ^9nr atakt f. prevention; bar, ob- 
stacle, name of a river, the Attock. h. 

^\ ^RTVT athd, m. a vessel for performing 
ablution ; also the pot in which victuals are dressed 
for the public, at the door of the temple of Jagannith ; 
part, aground, stopped, hindered, a. 

u\x3^ ^rnrnn athandy a. to prevent, to hin-> 

der, to stop, to restrain, to detain, to challenge M a 
sentry, h. 

J K3 \ «^ 411 (f atkdw, or atkayoA m. prevention, 
^j^\ V^4k1«r«1l atkdntaTid,)^ arrest, stop, 

a challenge, h, | . *" " 

ij^j*^^ ^^9tK^^ utakkarlaisy precipitate, 

rash, acting without consideration. A. 

J^i^ ^BCTT^ atkal, f. guess, conjecture, 

judgment, opinion ; quantity, size^ afkal-baz, a good 
guesser, an appraiser, atkal-paehchuy m. one who 
guesses at a venture, or wilhout the slightest grounds ; 
adv. by guess, at random. affuU-mafkal, name of a 
kind of play among children something like our "£^ess 
ifyo|^can." h. 

^J^^^ ^ITV^RT atkalnd, a. to guess, to con- 
jecture, to judge, to think, h, 

Ui3uUc^*\ VTHim atak-matakf amorous 

dalliance, fond tricks and gestures, d. 

\jSiJ\ V7V«n atahndt n. to be stopped, to 

be restrained, to be prevented, to adhere, cease, rest, 
remain, h. 

^3iiftC>\ ^ITJk;^ atkhely wanton, playful. A. 
^.^C3'\ fld^\^ atkhetif f. wantonness, an 

" affected (also a graceful) pace or mode of walking, k, 
(jJ*^ 1H^^ a-fal, immoveable, fixed, of de- 

termined resolution. . A. 

J>\ wzm atam, m. a heap, pile, or mass. A. 
jJ^i Wimt atanibar^ a crowd of people, a 

tribe, d. (plur, ofoj^X A.. 

^\ ITT^f atan, a balcony, an upper room ; 
UJ^ ^I7«n (Undf nl. to be contained, to be 

filled ; as, kua a^gaya, the weQ i« fiUed up ; also to fill 
up (actively), h. 

t, fh 

fjiix>\ Tt'nT utangaiif the name of a riyer 

near Go»Sliir, the name of a plant h, 

^^\ vnA op^h f the horn of a bow. s. 

y 1 dto (for 5fAaii), the eight, the entire eight, d* 

iJLj\y^cL>\y\ V^<IU#I^^I8 atwdt'-khatwdt^ 

f. the state of a person who in great affliction remains 
bedridden, afkufafi-khafwdfi lend, to be confined to 
bed by severe sickness, h. 

^\y t 5/?van (for athwdn), the eighth, d. 

u*>y1 wtt^ atobf m. nature, constitution, 

essence, power, d. (Inexhaustible, a. 


(JL^a^i W^ a-tut, not liable to be broken, 
tjV^iJ^^ athn)a(t''khapvdfif f. being bed- 

**riaaen, (v. afwat, kc), 

Ui3y1 witm a-tokf unrestrained, uninter- 
rupted, without hindrance, unquestioned, k. 

Jyl W^t^f a-tolf unpolished (stones or 

jewels), and hence when applied to persons U de- 
notes rude, unmannerly. " A rough diamond.** A. 

(cy\ V7^ atvl, f. forest, wilderness. $» 



( 15 ) 

«4^ W athf eight; a/^ ath,ansu rond, to 

•bed floods of tears* to weep exceediQgl v. afh pahar, 
perpetnalljr ; lit dnriiiK the whole eight watches of 
4mj and night dfh-pahari, one who is constantly on 
duty, an eight-watch man. d^ khambd, a canopy sup- 
ported hy eight posts. \ 

l^\ attha, the eight at cards, d, 

W^Xj \^\ Q4lf^4HI utha-bithdna, a. to 

lead into error, cause to err. d. 

< ^ A *A.^ ^^^ IWIWrt utha-baithi, f. act of 

"frequently rising and sitting down, inconstancy, rest- 
lessness, h, 

^V^^^ WTRf athdrahf eighteen, atharahtvan, 

Also atharwdn, the eighteenth, A. 

^^^^1 WJTBft athdsi, eighty-eight. A. 
^^^ '^Zt^ uthdrif m. an area, or court; 

£ act of appearing, arising, h. 

ViV^'^ HdHf uthdndf a. to lift or raise up; 

to contract debts or purchase on credit, to drive away, 
to exhibit utha-d, to abolish, to do away witlL h. 

i^yl^\ ^VTnni athdnawtve^ or athdnwe^ 

ninety-eight^ A. 

$*}^^^ ^TTW^ athdnnin^ fifty -eight. A. 
(^^'•4^1 ^«i5,« athd,iSf (aUo athdmts) 

twenty-eight k. 

l;i^*/^^ TJT^'ftn vthd,t'f/ird, m. a plun- 
derer, one who pilfers, h, p. 

^^ * } m ^'> \ "TO^ vth'bfiith, f. n^tlessTiess ; a 

kind of exercise. utli-baifJt lagnd^ n. to be uneasy in 
mind. h. 

{j^^^^^^ ll3fff^1ll atktalh, forty-eight, /i. 
j^^ ^fVf[t athnttar, seventy-eight. A. 
(j-aI^\ WTlAn afhfUy thirty-eight. A. 
^ I m.^ > i WZW9 atksath, sixty-eight A. 
cijM^ ' VM%\h1 dth'kontf eight-cornered, 

" octangular, i. [tonneas. s. 

i^i^\ vai^l athkeli, f. playfuhiess, wan- 

j^^^'^W^Jfl.^^fl^j ™* bathing (of the bride and 
bridegroom together, the third day after marriage), h. 

^^!^\ ^79RT ithlond, a. to walk affectedly 

or ooquettishly, to express tenderness or Icindnftm by 




(^L^*) UTivni atkmdSf m. land constantly 

pkmghed (for sugar-cane) fn>m the month of os^fA to 
the month md^k, both inclusive, i. 

1 V 14^*11 dthmandf the westy io op- 
position to tigmund the east. 9. 

U^i 77^ uthnd, n. to rise up; to go away. A. 

^pCi43\ '^tn^ utkangalf out of order^ with- 
4Nit manner, dull, heavy, stupid. . d, 

l^^>\ "Wtf^ utkangan^ m. a prop, or 
iq^port A. [ness, &c. A. 

^yt^ '•Wrik aihwafiy (vide atnrdt), sick- 

S^y^A ITTTTt athmdra, m. the eighth day 

after any other, a week. A. 
^^^ \ WS^dthwdfifihe eighth ; (from eUhyiu 

w\^^\ 9d^lHI uthwdndy a. to cause to be 
raised up. $. [dred and eight A. 

^-*;3^) 'llJlAi4l atkotar-sau, one hun- 

bj^^^ ^93^hn uthwaiyd, that which rises or 

goes away. i. 


jX^i Vd<fl< athhattar^ seventy-eight. A. 
^^L^\ VdViml atlie,dsstf (for athdn\ 

" eighty-eight A. 

yL^'\ apiednam 1 (for athdnarve) ninety- 
(/y W*^ athednawej eight. A. [pushed.^ t. 
J^^ ^Vo9 a-thel, immoveable, not to He 

jl^^\ athekatiar^ (for athhattar), seventy- 


^1 VS? a.<,fi, f. a hank or bundle of thread; 

"a cant word for a turban. A. 

ji^\ wtr ater, f. the name of a town. A. 
^^Ji:>^ Wixm ateran, m. a skein or bundle 

of thread, a reel ; the lounge or circle in the manege. A. 

UjjJ\ V^T«n afemdf a. to make up thread 

into skeins, to reel ; to lounge a horse A. 
i^Xjj\ t|^ Ortekj without support. A. 
l1^U\ asd/t, household furniturci wealth, 

goods, money, slaves, cattle, &c. a. 

Cl^xx)\{^\j\ amS'Ul'baitA household fumi- 
«)b\ asdsa, j ture. a. 

jU! dsdr, (pi. of j\), signs, marks, traces, 

vestiges ; histories, traditions, memorable events, the 
traditions of Muhammad ; a weight of one nr, nearly 

two pounds avoirdupois, a. 
t^\>\ asdml, m. a defendant in a lawsuit ; 

** a culprit, a criminal a. 

C^lol iftdtf m. f. confirmation, afHrmation, 

proof, certain knowledge; Dr. Hunter says that its 
gender in Hindi (when used in composition) depends 
on that of the object (or word following), as, isbdti 
vmdda.a kiyd ; ifbati takrir Ai ; but this is a well-known 
rule in the language. — Vide Hiud. Gram, gender of 
oomp. words, a. 

j>\ (uarf ro. a mark, sign, effect, impression. 
tisar-pa^^r susceptive of impression, effective, a. 

^yh] ashal, very heavy, heavier. A. 

U>\ €Lpid, m. the middle, interstice, interval ; 
as ajpid-t-roA. in the middle of the road, I. e. during the 
journey ; a fold or plait a. 

jL^\x>\ imd'O^har^ the twelve, in reference 

to the twelve Im&ms. a. 

jXi\ anr^ m. aether; adj. marked, chosen, a. 
j^\ a$im9 m. a liar, sinner, criminal, a. 
^\ Vir q;, m. a goat ; (also the same at dj) 

tcvday, now s. 


( 16 ) 



^. ^i«« q;, to-da^. aj-kalt to-day ot tcv 

morrow, soon, in a few daya* 4/ A^^n or i|; ^oi 
batdnd^ to procrastinate. A. 

Wl WTilT ajSf m. a paternal grandfather. A. 
j>'\ wm ajdf f. a she-goat. 8. 

u^W^ t;a6, m. (in law) the first proposal 

made in a contract &c. by one of the contracting 
partiei. a. 

doU-f ijabatf f. consent* approbation, a. 
OW^ ^nnv a-jat, expelled from one's 

caste, s. [hu caste. «. 

^W\ inrnft a-jath m. a man who has lost 

iJ^S ijarOf (alsOjli^-^ ijar\ m. a farm; a pri- 
vilege, or income of variable amomt sold or let for a 
fixed sum. ijara-datt m. a farmer of land or of reve- 
nue, one that has pvicbased the labourof another ; the 
holder of a monopoly. \jarchddri» farminj^ or contract- 
ing for rent or revenue, {fardart-paffd, ^ar-patf^ and 
ydr-ndmOf a lease, any document under which a lease 
or farm is held. a. [hemp. A. 

^W^ ^tntrw CLJafj m. canvasy cloth made of 

fcA "JfHTf ujar, deserted, desolate, aban- 
doned, ujaf'k, a. to raze to the ground, h, 

^y^\ "WKltHt ujdrnd, a. to lay waste, to 

desolate ; to'izgure, to expose to loss, as maiA ne ter& 
kyd ujdra, in what respect have I injured you f h, 

<jj\>.\ ^Wn^«;ar«» "*• * spoiler, destroyer, h- 
iJ^\\af\ ijazaty f. commands, orders, permis- 
sion, leave, dispensation, sanction, ijdzat-hhfodht a 
petitioner, one who asks leave or permission, ifdxat' 
noma, m. any written order or permission, a. 

9'\ infUK ujagaVf splendid, gaudy ; cele- 
brated. A. 

^V^ ^nngrr ujalay m. light, splendour. 

ujdle Ita idrd, the planet Venus, h, 
U)m Vin^Rf ujalnaf a. to cleanse, to po- 
lish (metals or jewels). A. . ' [brightness, h, 

^\>^\ "^W^ ujcUi, f. light, splendour, glare, 
J^V^ wmftrj ajamilj the name of a great 

sinner and penitent #. [cent K 

^J^\ ^miPf a-jdUf ignorant, simple, inno- 

^W< T9fJH ujaUf m. the direction, or part, 

of a river which is opposite to the course of the stream t 
up the river. A. 

ISWT ^vnrnn d-jdndt n. to come pud<?'^ ^ 
to befall, to happen, to come. A. [city. » 

^J,\>'\ Wfnft a-jdnlf f. ignorance, simpli- 
CA»-f irf^ a-jit, unsubdued, unconquered, 

invincible, t 



J-J[?-\ ijtimd\ m. act of assembling or ga- 
tnering together ; conjunction (in astronomy), a, 

u..>U2^\ ijtindby m. abstinence, continence a 

i>V^^ ijtikdd, ra. care, effort, diligence ; car 

lying on war against infidels, a. [o 

i^^\ajddd, (pi. of 3u>-) ancestors, forefathers. 

1 ^nipl djudh (proj)erly ayxtdk)^ «• 

a weapon. ». Qrant, downish. A. 

9'\ 7fR ujaddf inconsiderate, rash, igno- 

\ ajr, m. retribution, reward of good or 
bad actions, hire, fare. a. 

\ ^sm, a-jar^ ever yoang, not liable to 

decay or old age. «• 

^\ ^rffl^ ajir, m. an area or court, s, 
^\ ijrdf m. performance, execution, ijra^hp 

to perform, to put in practice, a. 

aU^-I ajraMf (pi. of w>-) bodies, a. 
O^^ tijrat, f. reward, wages, hire. 


U^\ Tinr«n ujarnd, n. to become desolate, h, 
\3Vjs>-^ ^Hf^MI ujarwdndf a. to cause to be 

laid waste (by the hands of a third person). A. 

\y^\ ajzd (pi. of ^ q. v.), parts, portions' 
sections of the ^rdn, of which there are thirty, a. 

ijM»-f W9l^ a-ja^f infamous, disreputable. «• 
i>Lm>>^ ajsdd (pi. of 
\ ajsdm (pi. of 


bodies, a. 



Ll«5^^ WHIR a-jukt \ f. violence, oppres- 
iSjXs^\ wniV^ a-juguttJ sion, compulsion; 

a^J. unfit t. 

•\ VipTK a;^^ surprising, wonderful, s. 
[i|J|<. ajgaVf m. a dragon, a kind of 

large snake, the boa-constrictor; lit the goat-eater. s» . 

J^f ajalf f. death; delay, a stated time, 

respite, period for the payment of a debt ajal-rasida 
or (yal-girifta, seized by fate, on the point of death, in 
a situation that leaves no hopes of life, djil, (in law) 
procrastination, or suflTering such an interval to elapse 
as to render complaint inadmissible, like our statute 
of limitations, a. 

J^^ ajall, comp. more glorious, a. 

Jj>>\ T^BQf W^h clean, pure, shining; 

blown, expanded s. 
^k>*\ ^91I9T ujidf clear, bright, white, light «. 

^^^^li^^ ijlds, f. act of sitting, especially of 

a court of justice like our word sessions, \fldsi kdmil, 
a full court, a. [mean people, a. 

t^^^\ ajldf, (pi. of u-il>-) wretches, tyrants, 

J^)l>-^ ijlal, m. the bestowing or acknowledg- 
ing of gpreatness, respect a. [to brighten. «■ 

U^ll>'\ y4<#M1 ujldnd, a. to cause to cleanse 
vJ1Jl>>^ falf^jbA ujjalit, pure, clean, clear, s, 
\s\s*'\ TiT^RT ujalnd, n. to become clean, 

to shine, to be bright. #. 

d^\ ajillaXp^. of JjjU)glorious,illustrion8. a. 

^\^».\ fjmd\ m. act of assembling, an as- 
sembly, senate, council, court of justice, a crowd, a 
collection, amount the whole. iJTnff-i ummat, m, g;ene- 
rnl assembly of the people, unanimous consent t/artfi 
sa^dbat, the unanimous authority of the companions 
of the prophet on a point of law. a. 

( 17 ) 


J1U«^\ ijmal, in. an abstract, abridgement, 

compcndiotts account, synopsis, summary; also applied 
to joint occupancy or possession. 

^W>»\ y in a/i, abridged, compendious; in law 

' it denotes what Is held in common (as an estate) undi- 
vided, unpartitioned. \fmali md^l, an undivided 
estate, a. 

(jpu»^\ ajmatn, (pi. of ^^\) the whole, a. 
J.*»-\ ajmal, comp. more beautiful, perfect, a. 
^y^s>- \ W^-j^ ajm ud, T m . pa rsle v . {Apium 
\^y^^\ ^Rift^ ajmoda,) involucratum. 

Roj[b.)t common carraway {Carum CaruV)^ a kind of 
lovage {Ligusticum Ajoioan). p. i. 

{^fT'^ (^■ftf'T) aJ9n, m. the bide of an ante- 
lope, lion, ti£;cr, &c, on which the religious students 
* sit or sleep. «. [tels, kinds, sorts, species, a. 

(^j^\S»-\ ojnas, (pi. of {j>»^) goods and chat- 
\ ajnabf 1 foreign, strange, unknown 
AsP'\ ajnabi,) person, a. 

^lAJua>>\ ajnahiyat, f. strangeness, the cir- 
cumstance or state of being a foreigner, a. [s. 

jc>\ ViTSV a-janma, unborn, and un begotten. 

ja>'\ ajinna or ajinnat^ (pi. of ^ju^), em- 
bryos, a. [gusticum &c (v. ajwayan), k. 

^— ^\ ViRTH aJTvan, seed of the Ajowan li- 

\3y^\ H^iHI ujfvand, a. to order a person 

to pour from one vessel into another, k, 

{2Xi}y^^ ^«nnnR ajivayan^ f. the seed of a 

plant of the dill kind {Ligusticum Ajowan) A kind of 
aniseed, ajwayani ]cfyurd8ani, henbane, h, 

^aJ^^I V«|c|l^«f1 ajwa,iniff, a kind of caudle, d, 
i^y^\ Vijhr a-jot, without splendour, dull. s. 
\^yf'\ ^niTT a-jutlidf untouched, untastcd 

(victuals). A. 

^%y*'\ ajura, ra. hire, wages, fare, ajura-ddr, 

m. a labourer for hire (whether paid by the day, or 
for completing a given work), a. 

ijj^^ ajauriy f« advances, particularly to 
agricultural labourers, h, [rare. A. 

¥y>'\ WiftT a-joTy without joining, matchless, 
%^^\ "^TRg^ ujjwalf clean, bright; blown, 

expanded. *, 

%lJ^yf-\ ^^iifijif ujJTvaUt, pure, clean, clear, s. 

t3^^ ^IJjI^iM ujjwalid, f. splendour, ra- 
manoe. s. 

gif*'^ ajautif f. perquisite of the lower castes 

"from the threshing-floor, h, 

^y^^y wwifajan, bithertbo, as yet, to this day. h, 

\ji\^\ '9^\k^H\ ujkdlnat a. to pour from 
one Tessel into another, h, 

J^\ (IMI^ or T«Ef) ujjhar, ignorant, illi- 

tesate^ clownish, h. [spy. h. 

Mx^A 9IUH1 ujhaknot a. to observe* to 

J»^^ ajhal, more ignorant, very ignorant, a, 

vjA^^^ 79H^c^HT vjhalndj n. to flow, or be 

poured from one vessel into another. It is also used in 
a transitive sense, like ujkdlna, q. v. h, 

y^\ Wifir ajhii, to-day even, presently, h, 
J>4^^ ^«d^ a-jhol, of steady pace (epithet 

of an elephant), h. 

(j^t^^ ^airt aj'hun, yet, hitherto, even 

yet, this very day. h. 

>'\ ^enfi aji, an interjection to call, or 

** bespeak attention. In Bengal it is always addressed 
to an inferior, or in cases of g^at intimacy ; but in the 
western provinces, often to a superior as a term of 
respect h, 

^^\ '^^f;^ a-jai or ajaya, unsuccessful, sub- 

"dued, not victorious, m. defeat, i. 

'^fJ^ i WnftftnBT djlbika, f. livelihood, sub- 
sistence, means or mode of living, s. 

Cax>.\ ^r^ftiT a-^*i^ invincible, unsubdued, s, 
(^dAA>-\sH»rtil^% a-jit-bama, m. leprosy (of 

a bad kind). 9. [adjutant. 

** ft 

^j;Ju>-i ajitan, m. a corruption of our word 
*^A>.V ajyady very best, good, excellent, a, 
j^\ ajtr^ m. a slave, ajtr-i'mushtarih a 

general or common hireling, a. 

m;A>"^ ^ni^ Orjirna, m. indigestion, sur- 
feit, flatulence, adj. undecayed, unimpaired. «. 

{ji?r^ ^"Ah ^jjaifiy n>- the name of a city 

and province, of old the residence of Fikramaditya or 
Bikramajtt, «.' 

A>.\ ^ni^ a-jiw, lifeless, deprived of life. s. 
J^t IJTift^a/iw, m. livelihood, profession^ 

subsistence, s. 
o^J^I ismrftftnn djivlka, f. subsistence, 

means of supporting life (v. ajibika). 1. 

^^ "^X uchcka, high, lofty, (for unchd), s, 
l>-t ^FTTac^a (for achchhd), good, excellent, h. 

cLoW^ T^Pnr uchapat, m. taking up goods 

on credit; also, the goods so taken up; money bor- 
rowed, h. 

wi!^l>.\ "3^17 ychdtf sorrowful, dejected, sepa- 
rate, uchap-ht to be tired, to be disgusted. A. 

/^v^» IS9U«| uchcfidtan, m. the act of vex- 
ing, or rendering sorrowful. «. 

ljJl^\ ^^nrff vchdtnd (act. of uchatnS)^ 
to separate, &c. h. [paration. A^ 

jP\>-\ V^rrt uchdit, f. sorrow, vexation, se- 

jlj-^ TirnC uchchdr, m. pronunciation, utter- 
ance. «. 

jVj't ^n^nr dchdr or ^^K achdr, m. man- 
ner of life, common practice, rule of conduct, reli- 
gious observance dchar-varjit, irregular, out of rule, 
out of caste. «. [pickles, h. 

A>-\ ^T^Tt, ^TT'TR achdr, al«o dchdr ^ m» 



CJj\>-\ VmHlir uckcharit, pronounced, ut- 
tered. §, 

-^jV>-^ acharaj (for in^4 dchan/a\ m. an in- 
structor in matters of religion ; a learned pandit, s. 

^yl>-1 ^n^TOlT achdran,m, manner of life, 
religious observance. ». [utterance. «. 

^Kn uchchdrarif m. pronunciation, 
^^^ 'QlRtiV vchchdrna, a. to pronounce, lo 

utter. ». 

i^J^^ ^\^\K\ dchari, a strict observer of 

religious ceremonies. «. [ceptress. s. 

V^l>-I VI^l^T dchdryd, f. a spiritual pre- 
^^b^ld-l VI^iSmI dchdryaviif f. the wife of 

an ilchirja or religious instructor, s. 

A^W) Vim^iQ dchdrya, m. an instructor 

(especially in matters of religion), the founder of a 
religious sect i. 

M^^^ TVR uchchdn, f. height, elevation, s, 
\j\»'\ ^^n«n achdndy a. to wash the mouth , 

after eating , to drink. A. 

\j\^ 9^T«n ttclidndf a. to lift up a burden, 

to raise, elevate, exalt, hoist up. h. 


{.^l^y^yA 'Umi^^dli achdnchak,') suddenly, 

cd]bU>-\ V^l«i4k' achdnahf J unawares, 

unexpectedly, h, 

b^^ ^5^9T^ Mc/f 5/1-5, m. raving or talking 

incoherently, as in one's sleep ; the night mare. A. 
^J^^ 'W^^ achpal, coni.1 restless, playful, 
^U»-l W<IMc$l ackpaldf m. r inconstant,wan- 
^Ju3-^ ^nrr^ achpali, f. J ton, brisk ; ob- 

"stinatc, unruly. A. 

viLJb^)u>-\ ^ir^n^n^ achpaldhatAf, restless- 

^J^l W'^M^I achpali, J ness, play- 

fulness, vivacity, inconstancy. A. 
CLa^- \ ^fn uchit, proper, becoming. «• 

KZ^rJi WIT a-chchut, m. a name of Vishnu 

or of God, (q. d. which breaketh not) ; incorruptible, 
immortal, s. 

\j^ T9fn uchchta, f. height, s, 

\3\jL»-\ V^HHT achidnd or achtdnd-pachtdnd, 

(v. achhiand)t to regret, to repent A. s. 

jl>-l ^^^3^ a-chaiury stupid, inactive. «. 

Ujls>»\ ^^^?r«n uchatnd, n. to separate, or be 

separated (as plaster from a wall) ; to slip, slide, re- 
bound ('as a sword striking obliquely a hard body), to 
be broken or interrupted (sleep). A. 

j^ V^TC a-chaVf immoveable, inanimate, s. 

f^j^\ or -r-^^ ^I^t«f or '^an^TC^ acharj or 

acharch, m. wonder, admiration, astonishment adj. 
astonishing. A. 

^^j^ Wl^^Xff dcharan, m. manner of life, 
conduct custom, pracUce, institute, religious observ- 
ance, s. 

( 18 ) 4^1 

U *>-^ ^^fTfT or ^IRfffT uckamd or uchcharna. 

n. to separate (as the skin from the flesh, &a) ; to 
speak, to pronounce ; to be uttered, pronounced, h. 

ilf^j^\ T^xyi uchrang, m. a moth, h, 
o^^ T^T^iT uchakhd, m. a thief, a pick-pocket, 

a swindler; (in Western India)swindling,theft uehakkd* 
pana, m, robbery, theft A. [up. A, 

U\>.>^f V^nvniT uchkdndf a. to lift, or raise 

(^jX>>\ Vfiq^il achharx^ f. wantonness, lasci- 
viousness, wickedness. A. 

(jmx>-\ ^V^TS a-chahshUyhWnd. f. spectacles. «. 

[J*^ V T'V SRff Q'^hikkan, rough, unpolished, s, 

Vji^^ VnnTT uchakndf n. to rise, be raised, 

or lifted ; to leap, bound, spring up. tcAoAna, to grlo, 
to shew the teeth, as a dog. A. [pick-pocket A. 

^_^s>-^ ^nrmf^ uchakkt, f. a female thief or 
J*>-\ ^ni^ a-cfialf immoveable (either from 

strength or weakness) ; an aged person ; m. • moan- 
tun, nll-achal, the blue mountain near Balasore. t. 

^l>-^ ^TW^ a-chald, f. the earth, supposed 

to be immoveable as the centre of the onivene. i. 
II>^1>>^ 9^9T«n uchldnd, a. to order a person 

to separate (one thing from another). A. 

\j^\ a^^^HI uchalnd, n. to separate or be 

separated. A. 

l^f*^^^ W4^ achambhd, also ackambd^ m. 

a wonderful thing, astonishment, cause of astonish- 
ment adj. rare, wonderfuL A. 

/^,*>-T ^Vrmnf dchaman, m. act of rincing 

the mouth, sipping a little water out of the hand and 
spitting it out again; a ceremony performed before 
eating. *. [quence. #. 

„v^\ ^wf^lT a-chin, without note or conse- 
\^ja>>\ %[^Hl achambhd, or achambd, m. a 

wonder, marvel ; a4j. strange, wonderful. A. 

C>J^r»^^ vf^T^ a-chinty thoughtless, rash. «. 
Ijio^f ffff^nsn a-chintdy f. disregard, absence 

of thought 

J.£ici>-\ ^^^V^ a-chanchaly fixed, unmoved, 

firm, inactive. «. 

«1>^\^N9 a-chandy gentle, not passionate. «. 

jj^^-^ tl^<IM^ achmdnl, f. caudle (v. achh- 
" want). A. [marksman, a dead shot A. 

td3«^ ^cr^nir a-chuky unerring ; hence, a good 

^^\ W^ achkf m. a die, cubic or oblong ; 

the spots on dice. ocAj^i, m. the eye. #. 
•^^ ^ fc/iAii, f. sugar-cane. #. 
\a^ ^SCtKl ackchhdj {^ood, excellent, righteous, 

healthy. acAcAAa hona, to recover, aehchhd-k, to cum. 
acAcAAa-i^na, to become, beseem, to be pleasing. 
achchhe »e acAcAAa, best of all. s. 

\^-\j^idickhd,f. will, wish, desire, ichckhd" 

hhoian, food agreeable and abundant to the utmost 
desire, a [ments ; a covering, cloak, && s. 

^lil^^T WI^I^H dchchddan, m. cloth, gar- 


( 19 ) 





^^?^' ^*l<ft*ll uchkalna, a. to throw up a 
thing (aa a ball. &c) and catch it in the hand. A. 

U^^^ ^^»i achhan, not strained, impure, h, 

Lp^^^ ^r^i^ achhamh, m. a decree of 

latitude or longitude. *. 

»^f-l '^n? ttc/icA/ifl^, ra. joy, gladness, h. 
^^4fA?"^ V^JHPT ackk-bhaa, m. a decree 

of latitude. #. •' & 

^1*4^' Va[ir or W^W ackhat, or o^.v/i/i/, f. 
infiUKble, indelible; m. whole or unbroken rice used 
in obUtiona. achiat tilak, f. the ceremony of puttinir 
• ,7^ gTMOB of rice on the forehead of an image when 
a Idreaaedp or of a Brahman when invited to an enter- 
tainment, t. 

CiA^d-^ mww achkat, remaining, existing, h. 

ll'j^^ Iffiwro ackhi-tard, f. the pupil of 
the eye, #. 

*^%S% li\jL4-5-< ^numn ^roinn ackhtana 

paekhtanS, m. to repent, regret. *. A. 

, ^ ^ ^ftpC achhir, m. the thrush, a complaint 

to wiitch children are liable, h. 

\ m^X or w^ achchhar or akihar, m. 

letter of the alphabet, i. [sugarcane. 9, 

\ ^^W ichhu-rasy m. the juice of the 
^jft^^ ^IRfl uchhamdf to leap or bound, to 

apring (a fountun), to &j up. K 

iJ^SiJ^^ ^i^^rt ackkrautt, f. orthography; 

•"a mode of playing on a stringed inatrument 80 as to 
express the words of a song, k, 

g?;4j-\ Wlirt or V^an^ achchhari, scientific ; 

^ writing an elegant hand ; lettered. 1 [up. d. 

05^ \ uehhajma, same as ^J^\ to be rooted 
j Vw^^ l 1[^|«R ichhusdr, m. molasses, raw 
"^8^- «• [of Tictuala; leavings. #. 

^-* " '4 g "^ ^ftnr uckchhisht, m. the remainder 
(^l4f^ti[^a[9,l^^ ichchhak or ickckuk, wish- 
ing, desirous. *. [sugar-cane (iSsceAanim munja), 1. 
'^'^♦^^^^^np ichhu'kdnd, m. a species of 

^5JJ4?^^ vchhal-papia, n. to become en- 
raged, d. [ther to throw up any thing. A. 
^5*4^^ ««i<?i«ii uchhldndf a. to order ano- 
^*^>-' ^IRRT uchhalndf n. to leap or bound, 

to spring up (as water in a fountain). A. 

f ^ * iy ^ ^ynft ichhu-math f. the name of a 

river in Bengal, the Issamutty. 

^^*if1 ickhumehxy adj. diabetic. «. 
^ ^ilf ichchkant m. seeing, sight, g. 
iO^^ VftW uchchhinn^ ruined, laid waste, 

dertroyed. A. .« 

U^^-^ WWn ackhnd, also dchhnd, n. to be, 
to remain. dL 

(j-»'^^^ 7^m uchchhrods, m. breath, breath- 
ing; bope^ expectation ; division of a book. s. 

^^^^ WfWI^ achhwdni^ f. caudle. A. 

^-?4^^ ^«n« a-ckhutd, intangible (victuals 

dressed for saints, &c.), inviolable A. 

C;^*^-^4?"^ ^^act^ achchhodan, m. the chase, 

hunting, s. 

{J^^^^ ^^f^ or "^S^^^ achchhauhini, 
" (properly akshauhini), f. a complete army of 109.350 
foot, 65.610 horse, 21,870 chariots, and 21.870 ele- 
phants, t. 

^^S^^ ^^^ or IRffij achhai, imperishable. 

-achhai briks^, an undecayable tree, ach^i^hk, m. 
heaven,^he imperishable world. 1. 

^i^^ dchhep, ra. reproof, sarcasm. 

abuse. «. 

^»^^ ^BT^inn achhaiid, f. durability, im- 

perishableness. *. [cellent A. 

ejrj4^1 W^ dchhen, adj. plur. good, ex- 
O^-*-^ W^ a-chetf oat of mind or senses, 

senseless, thoughtless. «, 

C^J^\ W^a-chyut, firm, fixed, steady ; im- 
perishable, eternal ; m. a name of Yishnu or God. «. 
wL^^ Vildl a-ckitd, unwished forj not 

painted (paper. 8us.) A. 

^^^ ^"^03*11 uchdnd, a. to separate one 

thing from another. A. 

e;^*-^W^a-cAatn, uneasy, uncomfortable. #. 
— I uhf an exclamation expressing pain : it is 

often reiterated, u^u^ a, [a^, singly, a. 

liUT dkdd (pi. of iy>'\), cardinal numbers j 
tlo..iU\ ahddts (pi. of v^,j^), f. traditions, 

particularly traditions or sayings of Mu^nmad, as 
constituting the basis of the lunnat or traditional law 
lit news. a. * 

AJ^W^ ihdta, f. surroundincT, inclosure; be- 
sieging (generally means the thing surrounded or in- 
closed, as a park, &c.) a. 

tj-o.^ ahabb, adj. comp. more beloved, a 

friend, most lovely, amiable, a. 

c-^U-\ akbdb (pi. of vufa.), friends, a. 

j]j<a^\ ihtirdZf m. abstinence, regimen; ab- 
staining from improper actions of any kind* for- 
bearance, controlling the passions, a. ' 

jV^^ ihtirdk, m. strong desire, burning. «. 

/il^y ihtirdm, m. act of honouring, pay in f'- 
attention, treating with respect a. 

^.^uJL>.^ ihtisdbf m. making up accounts* 

superintendenoeof police, censorship; superintendence 
of weights and measures in a city or market a. 

jjLj».l ihtisdbi, m. the superintend ant or 

** clerk of the market a. 

l»llS»-i ihtishdm, m. having many followers, 

&ft; pomp, retinue, magnificence, a. 
j^il>^\ ihtikdr, in its literal sense signifies the 

1!^°?!,"^ ""^ ?°^ *^°f • ^'J^ ^"^ *^^ language of the 
law, the purchasmg of gram, or other necewariea of 
We, and keepmg them up. with a view of enhancing 

js^Ijl>1 ihtildm, m. nocturnal pollution, a. 


( 20 ) 



iJ^^ iktimalf m» act of bearing orsnpport- 

ing ; doubt, uncertainty ; probability, i^itndl-h, to be 
^ probable. i^timdl-k» to doubt, to impute, a, 

^UjI>.^ iktimalan, probably , very likely, a. 
^li«X^^ ihtimall, probable, conjectural, a. 
^\ji^\ iktiyajy m. necessity, want, occasion, 

need; plur. t^tiyajdt, requisite things, wants, a. 

kLl»-\ ihtn/af, caution, circumppection, fore- 
sight, scrupulousness; /}/i^a/5(? or i^^t^ajfos, carefully, 
cautiously, a. [mares, a. 

J^ ahjdr (plur. ofjs^j, stones; brood 
6>'\ ahadf unity, one, an individual, ahadu- 

i-t<irqfain or al^u4-muta]shasimaiHtin law, denotes one 
of the two parties concerned in a suit. 

cli>\j^\ ihdaSj m. act of makinpror producing 
any thing new ; a novelty, a rare invention, a. 

{C*3^^ ahadt, a species of military corps (in 

India), a. 

{lj^,ii>9'\akadii/atff. unity, concord, alliance, a. 

j\^^ ahrar (pi. of j*-), the noble, the free 
bom. a. [fire. a. 

^]^^ ihrah, m. act of burning, or setting on 

J^l ihrdTTif m. act of forbidding or inter- 
dicting; determination or resolution. At a certain 
distance from Mecca the pilgrims interdict themselves 
from all worldly enjoyments, &c. ; here their resolution 
is fixed to complete the pilgrimage, and hence the 
word means the resolution or intention then formed. 
It also signifies a mean dress, worn by pilgrims on 
visiting A(Ucca or Medina ; also, the act of putting on 
such a dress ; also tlie period of the pilgrimage, t^ram 
bdndhndt to make one's vows as a pilgrim, a. 

^^^J>-\ ahzdn (pi. of (jj*-)* grievances, sor- 
rows, a. 

^Lm>'\ ihsan^ m. benevolence, benevolent ac- 
tions, beneficence, benefits, favour, courtesy, kindness. 
i^dn-k, to oblige, a. [ntandi, gratitude, a. 

«3J^U««>\ t/ban-fiuz7ui, obliged, grateful, ih^an^ 

^^yt*>'\ ahsarif better, more beautiful, more ex- 
cellent, more agreeable. aJ^an-allShUt may God be 
gracious. a^antOj bravo, well done. a. 

\JL>'\ ahshd (pi. of l^l>'), the contents of the 

thorax or chest, a. 

aII^"^ ahshdm (fl. of ^J^), servants, re- 
tinue; a kind of militia or armed police, a^ham 
dqftary the muster-roll of militia, &c a^ham-dqftar- 
ddr^ the militia accountant. a/MAam-ja,e^tr, an assign- 
ment of revenue for the support of irregular troops or 
local militia, a. 

•\ ihm, numbering, reckoning. Id-ihsd, 
innumerable, beyond calculation, a. 

^La>'I ihsdUf restraining, circumscribing, a. 

X»a>'\ thzdr, m. act of making to appear, or 
of calling, a summons, a. [serving, a. 

jf>'\ ahakhy com p. more proper, more de- 

^\a»-\ ihJfoky m. act of proving or establish- 
ing the truth of a doctrine, restoring to rights, admi- 
nistration of justice, a. 

A»-\ ahkavy more or most contemptible (a self- 
humiliatory expression), a. 

Mi^\ ahhdm (pi. of ^x^), orders, commands, 

decrees or decisions (of the government or of a judge). 
(^dm-ndmaf written orders, a. 

^D^\ ahkdmtf one who is ordered or ap 

"pointed by the ruling powers: such Is the a^Smi 
zamtnddr a. 

^^\ ahkam, stronger, firmer, more stable, a. 

iX?"* ahmad, comp. more or most commend- 
able, or praiseworthy ; the name of Mti^anunad and 
others, a^mad-ma^mud, a term applied in law to two 
persons who have combined to defraud a third, a. 

^^^^\ akmadt, of or belonging to Ahmad; 
name of a gold coin. a. 

tiu^i^^^ akmaddbddf name of a city in Gujrat, 

and of another in the Dakkhan ; the latter called alto 
ahmad-nagar, a. p, 

j^\ ahmary red, gold, barbarous, a. 
J^\ ahmakf a blockhead, most foolish. ahtnafL 

ki dum (d.)t a fooL a, 

^Ia^\ akmahdpan, m. folly, stupidity. a,h. 

dj\sil^\ ahmahdnaj foolishly, stupidly; figu- 
ratively, it is applied to money which an *dmU te 
obliged to pay, to make good the deficiency of the 
revenue. a,p, 

(jiij^^ ahmak-pan, folly, stupidity (same as 

^i^\ ahmaki, f. folly, stupidity, a, 

^}^^\ akwdlf m. condition, circumstances, 

events, occurrences, state, account ; a report of the 
particulars of an affair, or of the condition of a thing 
or person, a^wdl batldndt to state one's condition. 
aJ^wdl-purs or -pursdn, one who inquires after ano- 
ther's health, a^wdl-pursi, inquiry after healUi, cir- 
cumstances, &c (L [double; a. 

Jj>-) ahwalf squinting, one who sees objects 
L».\ ahj/d (pi. of ^), living things. %5, 

m. act of giving life, saving, preserving, i^yd-l-mawdt, 
lit reviving of the dead, applied to the process of 
bringing waste land into cultivation, a. 

\iL>-\ ahydnan, sometimes, now and then, 
from time to time ; in the event, in caae, ahbuld. a. 

^\ akhj a brother; mM> inter, sound of cough- 
ing; a&ft-a&i, an exclamation of joy. a. 

\»^\ aMM«> an exclamation of surprise, a. 

Xi^\ akhfidr (pi. of^;j>-), news, a newspapf r. 
a&i6ar-naipiff, a writer of news, an appointed intelli- 
gencer, such as "our own correspondent." iisJ^tdr, 
m. act of giving intelligence or information, a. 

i^Af»-\ ahhbas.yery impure or contemptible, a. 

. '^^\ akhpa kh. m. understanding, wisdom, in- 
^telligence. p. 

'\ uMttf f« a sister; adj. similar, congenial, a. 
J:S»'\ iWitdm, m. completion, fulfilment, 

* finishing, a. 

jLip-S akhtar, m. a star, constellation ; good 

fortune, good omen, horoscope, aihtar-shumdr, an 
astrologer. aWar'Shumdri, the calculation of oiieV 
horoscope, p. 


( 21 ) 


%\f^^ ikhtira% m. invention , inventing, dis- 

oorering, faocying. a. 

XfO^\ ihhtuar^ m. abridgment, act of con- 

tncting, redudng, carteiliDg. a. [tion. a. 

(„^LiA2^^ ihhiuatj m. peculiarity, appropria- 

lai»>1 iUutf^y m. act of hiding, concealing, 

l9i>:S-\ i^Udtf m. friendship, intercourse, 
ocmrenatioa ; act of mixing; mixtarp, oonfoaion. a. 

i^^ZaA ihktUaf^ ra. difference of opinion, 

opposition, (tisoord, disagreement, miiranderstanding 
between (Hends, coolness ; pi. ilstfilafaU a, 

\jX»A ikhtilal^ m. interruption, obstacle, a. 
«I»-t dkhta^ also akhtOf (literally, castrated) 

a gelding, af^thmurgk. a capon, p. 

j^X^\ ihhtit/dr, m. authority, power, will, 

dioice, option, election, i^iyar meH hona, to be in 
the power of. or dependant on. itb^iyar-k, to approTe of, 
to adopt, to choose, ij^yar-navuk m. a power of at- 
torney, a. 

«^\xS-\ ihhtiydrij f. approbation, choice, au- 

thorit J, power ; a4|. in one's power ; subject to elec- 
tioo. at one*8 disposaL ifs^iydrx tul^, in law, an op- 
tional compromise, ij^iydri-sab^, the killing of an 
animal for food by cutting its throat, as is done by 
Jews aud Modems, a. 

\ akjZf f. objection, cavil, hostility ; taking, 

aening, intercepting, akhz-k. to seize, assume, accept, a. 

1 dkhir, the last ; m. the end, issue; adv. at 

last, finallr. aitir-ul-amr or a]^iri kdr, at the end, 
finally, at last, dj^ri shah, the end of the night, before 
dawn, al^jtri sa/, the end of the revenue year, a, 

^^^ ikhrdj. m, expulsion, turning out of 

possession, eviction; expense or disbursement; pi. 
a^ajdt (oorrapted attflrjdt), expenses, disbursements ; 
allowance for expenses. isJu-djati aurang, expenses 
incurred in the manufacture, storing, and transporting 
of salt and other goods, a. 

t dkhtratf f. futurity, a future state ; the 

world to oome, in opposition to dunya, the present 
world, a. >^ 

I dkhtrashf at last, finally, ai^r all. a, p, 
'\ ^^(Sz akhrotf m. a walnut. (The fruit 

of the Alewritet triloba is also so called.) h. 
%S^ ' d-hhiri^ last, late, of or belonging to the 

end. final or ultimate. dH^rt ^isdb ]sbarch, a^yustment 
of revenue at the end of the year, alsl^ri nikda, final 
settlement of an account, a, 

^«J^I dKhirvu last or latest comers; poste- 
rity, oji^ria (or/, a decree of fate. dJsbjirtn dam, the 
last breath, a, [mean, a, 

•\ akhasSf more avaricious, meaner, or very 

i^\ aUasSf t Hire especial, more excellent a. 

\i^\ ik^fdf concealinettt 'tZmt ikhfd, the art 
of rendering ones self invisUte, like Jack the giant- 
killer* or J^ieas U Carthage a. 

^jJi^\ akhfasK tmv wbc has weak eyes, one 
who SNi better by niglit thai by day. a. 

J^t athgaTf m. live ashef*^ a spark of fire. p. 

(jio^k>-l ikhldx, m. affection, friendship, love. 

ij<hl&9-k or rakhnd, to esteem, &c. HH^df-mand, afiWc- 
tionate, friendly, a friend. ihMdpnatuR, fnendlinesB* 
afi*ection, sincerity, a. 

l9^k»>) akhldt (pi. of Ul»-), the humours of 

the body of man and animals, a^l^ti arba'a, the four 
temperaments, a. 

^y^\ akMdkf m. (pi. of ^^l**), disposition, 

the good properties of mankind ; ethics, morals, a. 

j^,^>>l akhnt'puldo, a kind of stew, d* 
^jl^l i^thwdny \ (plur. of ^\), brothers, 
Cj^\ ikhivat, J friends, companions. 

it^ani zamdn, cotemporaries. a. 

jl^l dkhor or dkkur, f. refuse, offals; a 

stable ; waste grass of the stable, p, 

^^T dkhoHf master, lord, preceptor, d. 

,.j5^T dkhufiy 1 
• . T - , , - , r ™» tutor, preceptor. ». 

{J^\ akhawif brotherly, fraternal, a. 

U>-l akhyd (for t^\)y m. a little brother, a. 

jU^I aihydr (pi. of jv>'), the good, the ex- 
cellent 0. 

^U>-l ajthydftj a brother or sister, by ihe 

"same mother but difi*erent fiithers. a. 

jf^\ akhiVf last; m. the end, accoroplishmenty 

completion, akhyar. better, best, a, 

|^»-) akhtranf at last, in the end. a. 

1^1 7^ ud (same as TIT ut)y above, over. «. 

d\ ^ ad (same as dcUi or adh), half, s, 

d\ ^«n^ dd, or ^rrf^ ddi, m. beginning; the 

first, originally : as a termination to a Sanskrit word 
it denotes " et cetera." «. 

I J) add, f. blandishments, coquetry; discharge, 

payment, performance; voice, add-k, to liquidate, 
to pay. aad-bandit the fixing a period for the per- 
formance of a contract, or payment by instalments. 
add'fahtn, one who understands by signs, a. p. 

bt Wr^ add, m. ginger in the undried state, s. 

L^bl dddb, m. (pi. of L^t^l) etiquette, de- 
voirs, ceremonies.politeness, forms of address in writing 
and speaking, salutation, respects, a. 

C0>\(^\ addt, f. a particle, in grammar ; a tool 

or utensiL a. 

0)4^1 7?[nr uddtta, m. the acute accent, a nigh 

sharp tone ; gift, donation, a kind of musical instru- 
ment, a large drum. «. [beloved, t. 

\3ljl "^^nn uddttd, liberal, generous, dearly 
\5lj) ^BI^fTTT a^ddtdf also a-ddnty avaricious, 

stingy, t. 

j\d\ '^f^uddr, liberal, generous, munificent. #• 
\3.b1 T^TOTT uddrtd, f. liberality, generosity, 

munificence, s. 

(^^bl T^^ra udds, dejected, indifferent, sor- 
rowful ; m. loneliness ; (in agriculture) a sickly crop. 1. 


( 22 ) 


L*»bl T^RH udasdfTu, a cord worn as a shoulder 

belt. d. 

^>*»^j\ ^^nrft udasif f. dtjjection, sorrow, 

"solitude, lonelineBs; xn. a class of faiiirt or devotees; 
adj. lonely, retired, dejected, i. 

^^^XiM\d\ ^r^TJhf udasin, in. one who is com- 
pletely detached from the world, whose family is 
unknown, and who has neither friend nor foe ; a class 
of mendicants of the Panjab, an hermit, a misan- 
thrope, a stoical, indiffierent person, an umpire, i. 

&ULb\ adama-Udh, may God preserve (him 


^^b^ 7^^ udan, m. one of the five vital airs, 

that which rises up the throat and passes into the 
head. s. 

^\d\ ^n^Tf adan, m. taking, receipt, ac- 
ceptance, adan-praddn m. giving and taking. §. 

d^ibi W^^ ad-antj adj. from first to 
last, from beginning to end ; m. tlie beginning and 
the end. s. 

^b^ ^r^T^ ti-dam, avaricious, stingy, s. 
^j\S\ addni, (pi. of ^Jd\) low, mean, or 

contemptible people, a. 
iiLJb\4i\ TS^JfZ uddhat, 1 f. brown colour, 

t/b\ "^^ udd,r J brown ness. «. 

(0;i&b^ 4I<$I^<I(| uddharan, m. an example, a 

simile, a comparison, an opposite argument; one of 
the five modes of logical reasoning. «. 

j^ti(^lj< add,e dain m. payment of debt, a, 

K^d\ adabf m. act of preserving the boun- 
daries of every thing; good-breeding, politeness, 
respect, urbanity, polite literature, adahk, to respect, 
to behave politely. «. [ruin. a. 

;bt>\ idhdry f. misfortune, ill-luck, adversity, 

^Oy*il "37^ udbodkf m. recollection the re- 
cognising of any thing. 5. 
«^(^\ cuibich, among, in the midst, d, 

tS^t^^ ^Wff adbhut, wonderful, admirable ; 

m. surprise, astonishment, s. 

^^\ "^n udbhaVf m. act of fieing born, of 
springing up (as plants from seed), birth, produc- 
tion. *. [names of Vishnu, i. 

i^j>,i^'\ WTf?g^ ddi-pumsh, m. one of the 
lL>S\ ^Brfi^ir aditi, f. the proper name of the 

mother of the gods. «. 
O^T ddit (for Wfi^ dditya), m. a deity hi 

feneral; a deity of a particular class. The Hdityas are 
2 in number, and arc forms of the sun as distinct iu 
each mouth ; the sun. aditya-h&r, Sunday, adit is also 
met with in the same sense as adik, et csetera. s. 

OO^ irftfiT ndit, risen (as the sun), dis- 
tinguished, shining (as valour, &c.). ff. 

\Z^^\ W^ a-datta jT\oi given. In Hindu law 
it is applied to an illegal donation, consequently void 
and resumabl'). «. 

\i^\ ^a^ a-daitdf not given in marriage 

(a female), s. 

{Sy^^ adatri, hanging ; infirm, d. 
^«3jj3(^^ wnjfflff^fl adiii'Tiandanf m. a deity^ 

t. e. a son of adiH. s. 

ybi ^vrfi^ dditwa, m. priority, prece- 
dence, s. [same as SdUffabdr, u 

j\^(^l wrf^Hnrt dditya-wdr^ m. Sunday, 
AX) J I wT^ ddityayXa. the sun, etc See ddit, $• 
J\^i>f idkhdlf m. entering, introducing, a. 
^i^i^i^^ T^fH udadhi, m. the ocean, s, 

jd\ WT^ ddar, ra. respect, regard, Qct of 

treating with attention and deference, politenesa. 
adar-man, reverence and honour. «« 

jd\ "5^ vdar, m. the belly. Tf udra, m« 

an offer, (dakh) udar, that way ; adar, this way. 

])d\ ^irjj ddrd, f. the name of the sixth 

lunar mansion (probably a Orionis) ; the beffhmin^ 
of the rainy season, s, [in anotner. a. 

mX^^ t^''^9 ni* ^c^ o^ inserting one thing 

X^^ idrdr^ m. involuntary discharge of 
urine; hard- rain, liberality, a. 

jCjl;«it idrdj-t, a pension, allowance, a. 
vZ)^i3\ idrdk, m. understanding comprehen* 

sion. a. 

t^y^^^ 4<^UH4| udardmay, m. diarrhoBa, dy- 

"sentery. ». [worm. #. 

vJIa^ ^^j*^^ "^^nw vdardvesht, m. the tape- 
-.LJj«>< "^r^rf^l^lT^ udar-pisdchf glutton, 

voracious, one who devours every thing, one who hag 
the devil for his belly, s. , 

^j*j.ti\ a-dris for W^;^ a-drishya^ 1 invi- 
{j»^j^^ 'W^^ a^darsan or a-darshan,) sible. 

unseen. 9, 

\^j^ ^i<5[mT adarsdj m. a kind of very fine 

muslin ; a kind of sweetmeat h. 

(Ji>jdf\ W^ a-darskf T invisible, unseen; 
cLJ^i^\ ^TTV a-drisht, J m. unforeseen 

danger, fortune, fate. s. 

(ji.*^! HT^^ m. a mirror; a commentaryi 

original manuscript; a copy, a sign. s. 

^^^^\ ^^^ a-darshan, m. disappearance ; 

adj. invisible. 9, 

i^J^^ yBf^!^ adrohj m. ginger in an undried 

state {Amomitm-ximiber). «. 

^J\^\ W^ adraki, f. a kind of sweetmeat A. 

Jji^ V^ftS "darll "I p„t.beiiied, fat, cor- 

pulent. s. 

[honour. «• 
^jUjiiT W^Wnf ddar-mdrif m. respect and 
ji.t>\ ^^Hl^ lft udarint, f. a pregnant woman. <• 
U ^\ w^tf^ a-drok, m. mildness, moderation, 

the absence of tyranny. « 

^jii\ mfw udarin 
^J;Ji^ "9^ t/^ari 


( 23 ) 


L^Jj*^' ^ff!^ a-<?roAi, innocuous^ mild, s, 

{jjti\ '9^ udartf f. enlargement of the ab- 
domen iromdropej or flatulency, a^j. abdominal, s, 
\j^j^^ fdriSj the Arabian name for the 

prophet Enoch, a 

(JIamO) vfl^ a-disht, m. misfortune, fate, s, 
\fiS\ iddi'a^ m. the act of demanding one's 

right or jnst daims. a. 

ftAPi3^ ad'Hfa (pi. of lp«>), salutations, con- 
gntnlations, compliments, prayers, blessings, a. 

^^df\ idgham^ m. duplication of a letter by 
tashdSd ; coalescence of letters (in Arabic construe- 
tioo). a. [difficult a, 

\c\ addkkf more or very subtle, abstruse or 
itfri^\ adakchaf m. a cover, a wrapper, p. 
^^C^ "9^ udahy m. water. «. 
tili^l o^tA, (for ^rfWv adhik), more, much. rf. 

v^Ol vrfi^ a£2£A, relating to the beginning ; 
(m oomp.) and all the rest, et oetera. s. [cause, s. 

^2^^o«>l ^wftpiPOT adikaran, m. a primary 

\^^\ V^H^I adakcha, m. a cloth for 
GBTTTing things in ; a covering. See adakcha, 

^i<ff^) ^H^fii^T ad-khild, ^ half open, half 
^^ii\ H^^^l ad'kkola,) blown (flower, 

^l>«>^ ^9V1T tf^f^ar, m. vomiting; sound. ». 

CZ<oi>\ "WSW udgaty vomited, cast up. s, 

1|(y>«>\ adgadra, m. fruit fully formed, but 
ooripe. d. [stake). A. 

V>pi>t H^JISfl ad^arhd, half driven (as a 
iSifS\^iS\ W^ufisit udgkafitf done with effort, 

exerted; opened. ». 

I2;?l^i>1 71177 udghatan, m. the rope and 

tmcket of a well, a leathern bucket for drawing wa^ 
ler ; an instroment for opening, a key, etc. «. 

iJtV Ji>^ ll<4*K(<$ adl'hadly 1 exchange, 
^(X>^i3^ W^^IWl^^T adlah^idld, r alteration. 

tJ*V<j*^' V^Ci^^^^l adli'badli,} adl-badti'k, 

"to exchange, to swop or barter; to confuse, displace ; 
alao adlA-badU-k and adl ka badl-k. k, 

i3j1 adiUa, (pi. of Jj3«>) proofs, indications, a. 
^t adam, Adam, the first man ; also, a 

man in the abstract a. 

f^\ "Vf^ uddim, m. endeavour, exertion, 

prafessioD, trade, calling, employment, s. 

£\^\ 'V^'n^ udmddf m. lewdness, wanton- 

(^dUi3\ T'^n^ udma^R f. a paroxysm of lust ; 
■i^. vastoD, lewd.- «. 

jff»C\y9^n, udumbarf m. the glomerous fig- 
or gfllar-tzee (Fkui glomeraiU^ 9, sect of briLh- 

half dead. h. 

j^j*«il ddam-khur, or Jt^ ^fvdr, man- 

devouring, a cannibaL a. p, 

)fOfi\ W^iTCT ad-mara, m. 1 

(^j*^^ ^W^Wtt ad-mari, f. J 

\y^^\ ^BT^iTTT adamrdf breathless, dead, d, 

0]jA«il adani'zdd or ddam-zada, descended 

of Adam ; s. man, mankind, p. 

J^M^\ ddam-gar, humane, benevolent. p. 

j^jJj4iil ddam-garif f. humanity, benevo- 
lence, p. 

\yo^\ ^V^^%n ad^mUfdf m. half-dead, h, 
^^Jl ddrni, a descendant of Adam ; a 
human^ being (man or woman), individual, people, m, 
CiAXctil ddmiyatf f. humanity, civility; 

admtyat-k, to bebave with humanity, admlyai pa- 
karna, to become civilized, admlyat sikhlarw or ad» 
mlyat men Idna, to civilize, admiyat u^^jdnS, to be- 
come savage, ferodous, and frantic, a. 

^^«il Wf^ a-diiif m. an unlucky day. s. 

\jti\ adnd, inferior, little, low, mean, a person 
of no consequence, a. 

jit^i adantar, also adantari (same as adatri), 

pendulous, &c. d. 

i^^\ W^ a-dand or wt^ a-dwandj quiet, 

tranquil, firee from strife, s. 

S^C^ wi^ adand, unpunished, m. impunity, s, 
^jf cuinq, see adnd, little. Sec. a. 
jiil HF^ ofi^at^, at first, in the beginning, s, 
O^j j1 adandt (pi. of Ob\), particles in 

grammar, a. [act of revolTing. a. 

j^ji>\ a^^n^ar (pi. ofjj«i), revolutions; idivdr, 
(^\^^^ ^inpfR adwdn, *) f. braces for 
(i;^.^j«3^ ^<*INH adwdyanj tightening the 

tape of a bedstead. A. 

t^\^^\ 9^«ii^ udvdha, m. marriage. «. 
Oji>^ W^ftfT arfo<, without splendour. «. 
*-:3j«i^ wflfflfhr a-dwitiya, peerless, matchless, 

unequalled ; only, without a second, s 

^g;j«i^ ^BlfW adauri, f. a kind of food eaten 

byHindOs. h. [Unm. «u 

lWj*^^ ^5^ ttrftiMfl/, m. a gum resin, bdel- 
^2^ji^\ ^fdM udvigna, perplexed, dejected, 

anxious, troubled, s. 

^^j«i\ adwaUf very mean, or wretched, a. 

di^Ci\ WW^a-dwand, quiet, tranquil, free from 
strife, s. [equalled, i. 

(^^j(^^ ^VllT a'dwaity peerless, matchless, un- 
^^j«>^ miN anlrvesh, ^ harmless, not ma« 
^^^^j^\ wi^A a^dweshtj licious. & 

J>» ( 

%£Ji%d\ islFf udveg, m. pertarbation (espe- 

ciaUy^ from pain), consternation, anxiety, perplexitv, 
exertion, care ; the fruit of the Areca cat^u, betel- 
nut «. 

^^jii^ ^Wt vdvegi, perplexed^ anxious^ 
"perturbed, agitated. 

&lj«i^ adrviya (pi. of \jd), medicines, a. 

^ti\ ^^B^adhi, a particle denoting superiority ; 
upon, over, above (the reverse of the particle (^w). s. 

J^t^\ W adha, down, downwards (the re- 
verse of the particle ut). s, 

Jbd\ ^W adh, in composition denotes half; as, 

adhmuA h&if dead, s, 

>t^ I ^rrf^ adhi, m. mental agony, anxiety ; 

expectation, calamity ; a pledge, pawn ; location, fix- 
ing, site, &c. ; engagement. «. 

\Sbd\ '^n^ddkd, half (in com^, adh j adh yad).s, 
J^^\ ^S!X^^r^adhar,\ m. food, aliment, vic- 
j^i^\ W^TK. adhdr, J tuals, nourishment, h. 
jUb J^ 9^K. or "^VTC uddhdr or udhar, m. debt 

(especially not bearing interest), loan, trust ; deduc- 
tion, discharge, deliverance, raising up from any place 
or state, t, 

J^cA %[P^}J^ddhdr, m. a patron, supporter, one 

on whom dependence is placed for assistance; com- 
prehension, location ; a dike, a canal ; a basin round 
the foot of a tree. 9, 

i.dJL«)Ub(3\ V^nf^ll adhdnnih, 1 unjust, an- 

{j^j\Sbd\ wnnf^V ddhdrmik,} righteous, 

wicked. *. [rate, to discharge, s. 

liiUb4i\ 7VKHI or ^^KHI lidhdmdj a. to libe- 

(^Uj! yaiVird ddhdri (in compos.), an eater; 

as, dudh-^dhdri, one who lives on milk. Ju 

j^«-jb-j'vi)j\ Vin^Tft adhd'Sislf 1 f. pain af- 
^^ ^ kt^^jbi^] ^QRrt^ ddJia-sisif J fecting the 

"half of the head, hemicrania. t. 

^J^c^ ^VTH adhan, m. oils, unguents, h. 

^\jb4il Wlin*T ddhdn, m. pregnancy, concep- 
tion ; a ceremony performed previous to conception 
as conducive to it ; a pledge, a deposit, a surety, s. 

c^ljb4^l ^rrvrfVrv ddhdnik, m. a ceremony 

performed afler cohabitation to procure or favour 
conception, t, [duce in equal shares, s, 

^J^^!LsiS\ WHmZJ^adh-batdftf f. division of pro- 
J^f^^ ^nnR adh-har, in the middle, h, 
Vjiljfctil ddh-hagrd, half cleaned (as rice from 

the husks), d. [pared. A. 

K}J^Ci\ ^iX(%w(\ adh'hand, half-made, half-pre- 
jAJ^«3^ ^TW^ adh'hichy in the middle, h, 
K,,„^^\ ^fin adhipa, m. king, master, or 

ruler s. 

jb>4i^ ^WinT adh'pdfO, half a quarter, h. 
C^Jid\ WK^adhpat, properly ^rfv^fk ae^At- 

patl, m. prince, commander, ri^i. 9, 

auL^t^ I VirMMA ddhipatya, m.sovereignty,go- 

vemment; lordship, s. 

24 ) c2ijb>1 

0J«^(^^ Wf^K adh-^akkd, half ripe. s. 
C1^S\ Tnrv uddhaty rude, arrogant, ill-bo- 

haved ; m. a king's wrestler. «. 

(^^i^f adhatrt (v. adatri), pendulous, &c. 

ji^d\'W^adharf low, inferior, vile, m. the lip, 
the lower lip ; pudendum mnliebre. s. 

J^^^ Wit adhaVf m. empty space, the space 

between heaven and earth ; adj. suspended, separate^ 
at a distance ; in the middle, h. 

jf^^\ ^n idhar, here, hither, this way. idhar 
udhar, about, around, up and down, here and there. A. 

jibt^l'm udhar, there, thither, that way. h, 

\^d\ TKU udhrd, opened, undone, unrolled 
(as the seam in a garment, or thread which was rolled 
up in a due). A. 

I^Ubi>) ^crNrni adhi-rdj, supreme ruler. «• 
e^jbCA VlfVfilsif ddhirdjya^ m. empire, iii« 

preme sway. 8, 

Jb(>^ Jb(>\ ^tfCWT idhar-udhaVjUAA way and 

that, on all sides, all around. K 

C0>j^\j^C^ VllKIHri adhardmrit^ m. the mois- 
ture or nectar of the lips. «. 

^^^C^adharpand,m. (for adher-pand) middle 

age, manhood, d. [a sort of doth. K 

\*M^ii\ WftjP^adharsd,m. a half-piece of oloth, 

A^t^^ wA a-dharm, m. injustice,' impiety; 
* sin, crime; adj. unjust, impious, adfutrm-ehdn, un- 
righteous, wicked. «. [crime. A. 

bj A;ib*3\ WUft^^TT adharm-pand, m. injustice, 
IXc^t^^ ^vni^fTT ac?Aarma^a,f.unrighteousness.<. 
^^lL^J^i^\Wiffi^ (idharmishth, very wicked. «, 
^e^j) ygxpff a'dharmx^ unjust, sinful, cri* 

"xninal. t. 

J^i^\ijJbCi\ adhare-adharj separate, aside, d. 

0^>4i\ udliarnd (see udhernd), to undo, un- 
ravel, d. 

(^Jjht>\ ^rf^ adhihj more, greater, abundant, 

excessive, additional, augmented, adhak, a half, a part 
(less in iise than adha or adh). s. 

(JLXs^d\ TSr^ uddhah, m. asthma; act of gasp- 
ing or panting ; plethora in the vessels of the head ; 
headache, indigestion, s, 

jKfc4i\ H<rMqfcK adhikdr, m. possession, extent 
of dominion, a kingdom; the bearing of royal insignia, 
authority, rule, privilege, inheritance. ». 


** reign ruler, autocrat, an owner, one possessing autho- 
rity (absolute or derived), right, title, or privilege t 
one empowered. *. [increase. «• 

UKjb(>f ^Brfv^n«n adhikdnd, a. to augment, to 
;^K^ji^ ^rfV^n^ adhihd,ty f. increase, aug- 

** mentation, abundance, supremacy. «• 

^\^Ss^i^\ VMobmc^ adh'kapdU, f. a pain af- 

•• fecting half the head; a nut of Areca, shaped like • 
hemisphere (probably from two kernels being con- 
tained in one shell) : to such a nut the virtue is as- 
cribed of curing the disease of the same name. (. 


( 25 ) 


IjMdl ^rivVfTT adhikiay f. excess, addition. «. | {^J^^^ ^V^ItA adhaufi, f. 
U^43^ Winrr adh-kackcha, m. adk-hachckl, thick Btrong kind). A. 

half a hide (of a 

t half ripe ; a kind of soil in SahiranpOr. A. 

];^^i>^ V9V^IT7 adh'kach'd, m. adh-kachrty 

I half dressed (vifitnals). K 

j^(3\ mnR adh'kar, m. half the tax, or duty 

of anv kind, the other half being remitted. odMcari, 
t an instalment of eight anas in the rupee. «. 

L>|Mi>^ laf^f A adhikrit,m, asuperintendant, 

an inspector of reodpts and dishunements, an oaditor 
of paUic aooonnta. i. 

j^^\ lrf^l?FR aMtharma^ m. superiDten- 

* deuce, supervision, government, adhikarma-krit, m. 
a supervisor, s. [title, right. «. 

^2;ljt>t VHpM^i^U adhikarany m. superiority, 

^c^^l ^ram^ adh-kari, f. an instalment of 

"eiglit inaa in the rupee, or half the government im- 
post, jb. [pronounced, h. 

l|Mi3\ ^nrV^ adh'haha, half spoken, half 

«A^«>T WiftRKI adhihyay m. excess, an over- 
plus, abundance, s, 

\y^^^ adhgadray half ripe (fruit, &c.). d. 
j^^\ adhamy a dark or dusky horse* a. 
j^^\ W9I adkamy mean, vile, wretched, con- 

■ temptlble. s. 

j^^\^Ci\ WPTWV adhamadhamy extremely 

mean or base. «. 
;^^\^0^ wftWT^ adkimas, m. an intercalary 

month, which happens once in three years, when two 
lunations occur within one solar month, s. — Hind. 

i|m3U^(>I vf\l^l9 adhimansy m. fiesby ex- 
crescence of the eye, cancer of the eye. i. 
\j^C^ wqmj adh-maray 
^j^^^ V^mxiiT adk-maran, 
^^i3\ ^iranrT adh-muydy 
/o^«>) ^B^lpT adhariy m. water set to boil for 

the dressing of victuals. A. 

l^C^ ^WR a-dhan, poor, destitute. 8. 
ciillbi^T Hinrd^ ddhuniky recent, modern, 

belonging to the present time. s. 

li^a^4>l Wmftl^in ddhuniktdy f. recentness, 

the being modem novelty, s. 
vl&^t^l Wkn adhang, m. palsy affecting half 

the body, hemiplegia, «. 

^Jo^t^l ^rt»ft adhangiy palsied, paralytic, s. 

^Jj»i>l iwft a-dhaniy poor, indigent. «. 

^yb^\ ^WTO adh'fvdry half (generally ap- 
plied t» pieces of doth); a half-web. K 

3^^\ Wit9t adhotary f. a fine kind of 
doth. A. 

]lj^i>Y W|tl adhurdy half ready, unfinished, 

lialf dressed; immature (a foetus). adhHra^fand, to 
(a female). A. 

half dead. s. 

i^Xo^t^l irvt>i?( adhfhmukhy with the head 

downwards (a posture used in the tapatyd or austere 
devotion of the Hindus) ; drooping the head (firom 

Srief or shame), headlong, Inverted, turned upuda 

lown. 8, 

^^(^1 wn^ adhwany half of any thing, h. 
\j^d\ nfvn^fll adhivinndy f. a superseded 

wife, s, 

^\3>^(>1 adhondd, half and half, nisfa-nisft, d, 
ulJl3)^^i^) ^(\|ti<rH4 adhivedaniky m. 

dowry or alimouy given to a wife who is supeneded 
by a second marriage. «. 

^(3 1 mft addhxy f. half of a ddmri (a 

small coin) ; half a piece of cloth, h. 

Ujb<>t ^ini>n ddhydy division of produce be- 
tween two parties in equal shares, one furnishing the 
seed and the other the labour. Ju 

c^bUlb4^l vurnrv or WlUIIUlh adhydpak or 

ddhydpak, m. a teacher, one who instructs in the 
sacrea books, s, 

^\jJt(>l ^rvvni«T adhyapatiy m. instructing^ 

teaching the sacred books, s. 

jUibt^l "VfiRTC. adhiydry m. a man who passes 

half his time in one village and half in another i of 
such a one it is said, adhiydr karta hoi, " he acts as 
adhiyar." h, 

^Ulb jl vhTm^iO adhiydriy f. a half-share, h. 

UUfci^t ^nOTsn or vfUllHI adhydnd or adkir 
yanot a. to halve, to divide. A. 

^J\Jf^^] ^ranv adhyayay m. section, chapter. «• 
^^g^C^ adhyachh, for WttPSI adhyakshy m. a 

master, superintendant, &c. ; a man of rank. s. 

j^i^\ wJn a-dhlr, confused, perplexed, 

hasty, precipitate, irresolute, impatient, unsteady, t, 

\J^^I W^ttiH Ordhiratdy f. impatience, per- 
plexity, haste, precipitation, fickleness, unsteadiness, 
confusion. #. 

^j(;Sbd\ ^^<9| a-dhlrajy m. perplexity, dis- 
traction, unsteadiness; ad^. perplexed, distracted, un- 
steady, impatient, feeble, irresolute; also a-dkairj* s, 

W^ii! VVlisll a-dhlrjdy 1 perplexed, dis- 
ls^J^'^^ ^nflrssft a-dhirjiyj tracted. V^^ 

Ordhairjdt m. instability, want of firmness, s. 

U^t^l ir^C«n udhemdy to undo. See udhepia. 

jA^i^l ^T^ adher, middle-aged ; just past the 
prime of life ^applied most frequently to women), h, 

jjJbi^l "5^ udheTy m. unravelling, unweav- 
ing, udher-bun^ perplexity, h. 

UjjjJb(3l Vl^dMHI adker-pandy m. the middle 

period of life, manhood, mature age. h. 

1 to 

undo, un 

0^i>l 9^t9n» udkerna, 
^JjAlbjl ^JV5%t» tidkernaunyj ravel. A. 
l^^LjJbt^l ^R^fhn adhiskwar, m, an emperor, 

a king paramount, s. 

^|2^5uJb4>l frui^ adkyahsh m. a master, lord^ 

governor, Buperintendant. «. 

^j^ijJbii) ^Wlfrsf adhyagni, property or settle- 
ment given to a wife 'when superseded b)r a new 
marriage on the part of the husbaud : it is given 
during the marriage ceremony, over the nuptial fire. ». 

iLfc jl vii^T arf//«/a, m. half ajoaf-sa (a small 
coin), amounting to 1 2^ dams or 4 damrU, h, 

^Jjk«b»>\ ^ri);^*^ adheft, f. half a rvpt ; also 

"a kind of measure used for com; also half a gold 
mohur. h, [half-share, h. 

UUlbtil ^wf^^ adheliyd, a proprietor of a 

^^jl or ^^JJbi^T ^BnltH or ^mihf adhln or 
adhin, submissive, obedient, obsequious, humble, do- 
cile, dependent, s. 

^jEVlb^\ WTiT adhyan (for adhyayan) m. study, 

application, especially of the sacred books. 9, 
UjjJbi^l ^NiAHin or ^mihnn adklnataiY. sub- 

^ljjjJb4iT ^l^flilll^ adhtnatd.t, J mis- 
sionrobedience, obsequiousness, servility, dependence, 
slavery. », 

^yj^til ^NhA adhtni, f. obsequiousness, ser- 

**viUty, submission; petition, i. 

icd\ ^^ «c?ay or udaya, m. dawn, sunrise, 

ascent ; the east, in opposition to attOj the west, the 
eastern mountain from behind which the sun is supposed 
to rise ; light, splendour ; prosperity, vday-h, to rise 
(as the sun), uday-asta tak tumhara raj ho, may your 
■way extend from the east to the west. «. 

ijd] "VnX adya, first initial. «. [pity. #. 

bt^l ^BT^ a-daydy unfeeling, destitute of 
tlrr-^^v^l "^in^r udaydsta, from sun-rise to 

sun-set, from east to west. 5. 

Joj\ adyan, (pi. of ^^.^), religions, religious 
rites or ceremonies, a. 

^bj| ^m^ udydn, m. a royal pleasure- 
ground, t, 
t-^,*il adib, m. a teacher ; adj. courteous, a. 
(JUo«i^ ^5l{hr uddipia, illuminated, n, 

^^d) "^^N^ uddJipariy adj. exciting, inflam- 
ing, as passion; m. blazing, glowing, of a luminous 
body. «. 

C^Ci\ "^Wif udyatf m. a section, a chapter; 

adj. raised, held up; active, persevering, labouring di- 
ligently and incessantly. #. [trace. *. 

\^Ji^ ^^ uddeshj m. a scope, a vestige, a* 

ij-J>t>T HT^ ddeshy m. an order, a command ; 
a salutation of Jogli ; in grammar, a substitute. <• 

uibiil adiky (same as adxk or adhik), more. d. 
^i^\ "WWmudyam, m. strenuous exertion, per- 
severance, labour; calling, trade. «. 

20 U^I 

I Jt>d\ adim, goats* leather perfumed^ which 

they bring from Arabia. Pers. the face. a. 

vZaJJ(>T mv^ ddyanty first and last, begin- 
ning and end ; a^j. from first to last, from beginning 
to end. 1. 

dJJ^t^t ddina, Friday, p. 

O^i^l WBrtif a-dyotf \\'ithout splendour. 

udyotf m. light, lustre. 

{ji^^ijC^ ade'7V€tde,m, procrastination, ade^ 

wade-kt to put ofi", to evade, to shuffle, d. 

ufjy.«3) trrft^ ^dyogy ra. exertion, perseve- 
rance, continued endeavour, s, [severing. «• 

iJytP^ ''flft'ft udyogiy active, laborious, per- 
->3I l^ift udayif prosperous, flourishing. *. 

1(5 1 ^rnp ddddy m. a stand or station where 

porters &c wait to be hired ; a stall, booth, shop. &«. 
ad4ardart a palki bearer or dak runner, v. Wilson, k. 

jiuii Vi<7S<. adar-udavy m. a ditch and 

the mound of earth thrown up from it, forming tfac 
boundary of a field, h, 

ff'6 \ ^BITTff^ ddamhary m. charge sounded 

bj musical instruments ; commencement ; pride, ar- 
rogance ; anger, passion ; happiness, pleasure. «. 

__vjui 9.s^ udup, m. a raf^,.a float, s. 

Jj^l yscit^ a^doly immoveable, unshaken. A. 

(Jjl^i^l Wimddhaky m. a measure of capa- 
city (for dry measure), about 750 of our cubic inches, h, 

d\ iz or 1^1 izdy when^ lo, behold, azdy vexa- 
tion, injury, a. 

J lit azdr or dzdVy name of one of the Chal- 
dean months, nearly corresponding to our BCarcfa; 
d^ari, vernal, a. 

^,lila^a»,f.the summons to prayer8,gencrally 

proclaimed from the minars or towers of a mosque, a. 

dlX>i\ uzhah (fem. uzhahn%)y an Uzbek, or 

ond of the Tartar tribe so called, p, 

jil dzuvy m. fire ; the name of Abraham's 
father (Terah) ; the ninth solar month, p, 

^^il dzarin m. camomile flower, ox-eye. p. 

^\P(^) izduy m. obedience, submission ; con- 
fidence, beliel a. 
a5^) azuka, or dzukay m. food, nourishment. |i. 

j^^\ azhdr, (pi. of j>i) praises of God. 

ij^ar, remembering, praising (God), a. 

\^'^\ azkiydy (pi. of ^J^'d) people of pene- 
tration and understanding ;*'the acute, the ingenious, a. 
Jjl azall, base, most vile, abject, a. 
^^1 t^ or azUy m. permission ; dismission. 

ostn, chanting the |Mr,an ; hearing, a, 

dSjCli azuha or dzukay m. food. p. 

^Ub^l azytidn (pi. of ^^ii)^ geniuses, intel- 
lects, capacities, a. 


( 27 ) 

C«»>3l a^aiy f. wanton injury^ oppression^ | B^X^Vl aram gah, also aram-gah, f. a resting* 

I ^dutrmi, vexadon. a. 

' •! ary (r. of dnrardan) bring thou ; used in 
onnp. ; as» bmr-ar, frnit-bringing. fertile, p, 

j\ Wltar, f. a goad, a kind of ladle; the ar- 
tificial spar of a game oock. A. 

j\ or, if; (contraction for j^l agar), p, 

j\ TC ur, m. the breast tir-/. to embrace, to 

careM. ^f^ mru, t the apper port of the thigh; 

u3^, large, great, ample, ^ff^ ari, a foe. », 

j\w^arUy(jBame^8jy), and, more, again, k, 

M mtlara, m, a saw; asboemaker^s knife or 
awl; the name of a district, Arrah In Shah&bid. A. 

. ij] arc, or arcLfey in composition, denotes 
adorning; as, JoAan-ora, world-adorning, p. 

\ ajIjI arabay in. a wbeeled carriage, gun-car- 
riage. Ice, a cart, p, 

OKl VKlflf drati, m. an enemy, s. . 
; ^^ ^vtr^ arratdf m. a loud and prolonged 

I lonnd (aa from the diBcharge of artillery, or the fall 
I of a building), h. 

l/^WU drd'jdriy f. (for ana-jdna), coming 
and gUng. d, [(a country). », 

Cil^-U ^RTlfV a-rdjak, destitute of a king, 

Oi>U trociat,! m.de6ire,incl ina tion, wish ,pu r- 

ld\^ irada , J pose, design, p1an,intention. a. 

^i>M WTCniH drddhan, m. worship, ado- 
latioii, aniqplication ; accomplishment, gratifying. <. 

^C^j\ 1IKIV«1I (or VUMHI) drddhvd, a. to 

lionhip, to adore, to 9erre, to accomplish ; t service, 
vorship, adoration. 9. 

^^]j\ VTCIVI drddhya, worshipful, vene- 
nble; name of adaaa of brahmans. «. [base. a. 

J^y arazt7(pl.of (J«>^1),lowe8t, meanest, most 
])^ ^ron ardrd, m. marks of nails left after 

■entdiing. A. [going, d, 

(^])U drdzdrx, f. thoroughfare, coming and 
J^y ardzilf lowest. See ardzil, a. 
(IcLtttT drdstagiy f. dressing, preparation, 

"getting Into order, regnlarity, ornament, p. 
lg^\j\ ardsian (r. 5ra or drdy)^ to adorn, p. 

luusU drdstat prepared, dressed, adorned, 

cmbciliahed, regular, decked out. p. [tions of land. a. 
^U aro^i, (pl-of(^)^^) lands, detached por- 

CJS^^ irdkaty f. spilling, pouring forth, piss- 
fag, a. • [grove. «. 

|i)jt ^mpr aram, m. a pleasure-garden, a 

Jjl aram» m. ease, rest, health, relief, re- 
' paae: ardai^ to rest, to repose, ardm^nd, to reco- 
nc iram-ydab, idle, slothful, a lover or ease, drdm- 
girifim^ to beeome quiet, to take it easy, p. 


place, a bedchamber. ^rifotw-aram^aA, resting inpai 
dise, an epithet ap{^ed to Mu^ommul Shall oTDelnL 

jJxiU ardmily (pi. of a1^\), widows ; dis- 
tressed, poor, in trant of victuals (females), a. 

if^)j\ a/ am, a lover of easc^, idle, slothful, p. 
5jjk(«\.1 ardmida, (also dramida), at ease, 

tranquil. j9. 

U\j\ ^TfT arrandyii, to produce a continued 
sound, as a mill (imitated from the sound). A. 

jJSjU drdyixhy f. embellishment, ornament, 

equipage, preparation, dressing; In dakh. artificial 
flowers, trees. &c., made of talk and tinsel, d, 

L^\ ^r^ arhy one hundred millions. ar5- 

kfiarb, innumerable, s, 

L^bjl arhdb (pi. of ^j)t possessors, lords, 

masters, arbdbijdh, possessed of dignity, arbabi" 
su^arif eloquent persons, poets, {trbdbi-nishdtt dancers 
and musiciaus. arbdbi-himmat, men of high spirit. 
ttrbdbi-mdl, officers of the treasury, arbabi 3utr\ law- 
<^cers. eo'bdbi ma*tn, spiritual persons. A. 

idi\>j\ hAtW arhdhy low, yile; adv. at first, 

formerly. «. 

S^S "^P^ arhudy one hundred millions. $, 
\j>^ ^Wtl urbard, f. fertile land or soil, t, 
^l;^! Vii^iMI arbardndy n. to hurry, to be 

confused, perplexed, agitated. A. 

i^^ tW^ urhadiy name of an apsardy or 

"female dancer in the court of Indra ; an ornament 
vrorn on the breast. «. 

*^I arbuy four, (also ar^a'a). a. 
^^j\ arbaun and ^^j^J^ arba^riy forty, a. 
^Uil ^TT^ drbaly f. age, duration of life. #. 
t3jJ»l ^lf%^ arbindy m. the lotus {nymphma 

nelumbo), t. 

v.^Jl^\) ^lA^arbkaky m. a Bon,a child,a pupil, s. 
^j^ v4?I7 arpan, m. an offering, the making 

an offering ; delivering, entrusting, arpan-k, to pre- 
sent an ofl^ring, to deliver, entrust, arpan-ndmot m. a 
deed of gift, especially to a temple or idol. s. [«. 

Vbjl vninn arapndy a. to present an offering* 
0.1 arat, (corruption for arihy q. v.). d. 

Oil ^BTO <^'' ^B'T^ ^^^^ ^^^ drtOy grieved, 
a£Bicted, disturbed, confounded, drii, t pain, dis- 
tress. «. 

\3.1 VRHT drtd, m. a ceremony attending 

marriage. When the bridegroom first comes to the 
house of the bride he is received bv her relations, vvbo 
present to him, and move circularly round his head, a 
platter, painted and divided into several compart- 
ments : in the middle of it is a lamp made of flour, l311« 
ed with ghl, and having several wicks lighted. A, 

Lbjjt xrtibdty m. friendship, connection, a. 
Jl^l irtihdly m. death; act of marching or 

travelling, a. 


( 28 ) 


^ti33^l iriidad,m, apostasy, recantation; refus- 
ing, oppotiag. a, [a distiaguishing mark. a. 
^L-3,1 irtisam, m. plan, painting, writing; 

LiijI irtishay accepting a bribe, (a judge) ; 

briberj, corraption. a. 

(jJ^J irii'ds, "l m. tremor, trembling, tre- 

(^Ijo.1 irii'aiA,/ pidation. a. 

cXsiiJ irtifcLy m. elevation, exaltation, ascent, 

height, grandeur prosperity, a. 

u^\£>.l irtihahy m. perpetration or commis- 
sion (of a crime) ; commencement or undertaking of 
an enterprise, a. 

^1 wk^ artaldy m. a patron, protector, h, 

^^ 'Vnr uriuy m. crimpling, plaits (as of 
clothes). urtu-gOTt a crimpler or plaiter. h, 


ing* signification, sense, acceptation} intention,_ de- 
sign ; request, begging ; riches ; cause, sake. tt^Muydrth, 
for devotion's sake, for devotional purposes. «. 

0\^jl wftrw artkat, videlicet, namely, s. 
^^IJ^I iriihany m. act of receiving any article 

as a pledge ; a hostage, a. [ing* '• 

iSi^^SjI W^ItwC arthdntar, m. another mean- 
^d^ ^1 ^^ffrf^ ariha-siddkif f. success, x. 
y^\Ji» ^j\ V^^n^ artha'Shdstra, m ♦he 

science which teaches how to obtain things, as friends, 
money, or any other object, s, 

^_^^l wtf arthi, supplicating, desirous, hav- 

"ing an object to accomplish, self-interested, designing ; 
m. a petitioner. «. 

^^^.^3,1 ^«rtT arihty f. a bier. h. 

Vl^S,! ^8n(hn arthiyd, m. a prot^g^, client, 

person recommended; a client, agent, broker, h. 

^^j\ ^ffUjft drti, f. a ceremony performed 

"in adoration of the gods, by moving cirfcularly round 
the head of the ima^e a platter contuning a burning 
lamp with several wicks, s, 

wl^l ir$y heritage, inheritance, a. 
-pjl arjy worth, respect, honour, p. 

-rJT ^ntWor WD^ drajy drj, respectable, reve 

rential, honourable. «. [tuting. a, 

p\j>^l irjay changing, returning, or substi- 
A>.j\ arjaly a horse with one white fore 

foot ; a large or tall man. a, [jpy, blessed, p, 

d!x^^a^\ arj-mandy beloved, dear, noble ; hap- 

^^j\ W^ arjan, m. act of gathering toge- 
ther ; acquisition. «• 
^^j\ ^«rt^ arjuTiy m. the name of a hero in 

the Mahabharat, the third son of Pandu; the name of 
a tree {Term'malia alaia glabra), s. 

\j^\ W^ifT arjand, to gain, gather^ to ac- 
quire, s, 

U^^^ WUmj^ arajhna, n. to be ravelled or 

entangled (as thread or hair ; met. the heart) ; to b« 
bound (as m fetters) ; a. to quarrel without a Cause, 
or unreasonably, h. 

^j\ V^^ftl aruchi, f. sickness at stomach ; 
nausea; aversion, dislike, want of appetite, disgusC 
^fn archi, m. flame, light, splendour, s. 

\»j\ ^rtr archd, 1 f. devotion, adoration ; 
l>jT WI^T drchdyj an image, s. 
Clo-jl 5Brf^ arckity worshipped, adored, s. 
{j}^j\^Am archaky adj. worshipping; m. a 

worshipper, an adorer, s. 

U>^t wltlT archandy a. to worship, to adore, 
to honour, to treat with ceremony; i, worship, 
homage, s. 

aU-jI arhdm (pi. of ^j), wombs, matrices ; 

relations by the mother'b side, uterine kindred, a. 

^j] arkam, more or very merciful, arham' 
^ -ur-ra^imln, the most merdful of the merdful, an at- 
tribute of God. a. 

(^Up ij^J t>M«>«'*wan,m. act of loosening 

the reins ; unruliness. a. 

«yl ^ urdy 1 m. a kind of vetch (cMichcs 
^dj\ T$ urdhj piloms). h. 
dj] drd, m. flour, meal, ard, anger, rage, p* 
Jljjl*yl ^Ir^tT^ urddhegnt, f. an armed fe- 

" male for attending the ladies of a royal harem. A. 

(^j-jbjl m^ arddsy f. representation, offer- 
ing to a deity, h. [meal. A. 

\j\dj\ ^rtPTT arddwdy m. coarsely-ground 
Ca^i>,I urdibihiskt, name of one of the 

Persian months, April, p. 

jdy Tf[ urdroy m. an otter, s, 
jdA ^m^ drdra^ wet, moist, damp. i. 
\jCij\ ^"§1 drdrd, f. name of the sixth lunar 

mansion ; same as adra, s. 

cl)j*>,T ^^nfys drdrak, m. ginger in the un- 

dried state. 5. 

^j^i^l ardshlvy name ofseveral of the Persian 

kings; Artaxerxes. p, 

jdj^ urda, m. an army, a camp j a market. 

urdu,i tmealla, the royal camp or armv (generally 
means the city of Dihll or Shahjahanabdd t and nrdu^ 
mu'alla hi zaban, the court lanj^ge). This term is 
very commonly applied to the Hindustani language as 
spoken by the Musalman population of India proper. /. 

^i>,l 5?% arddhuy the half of any thing. «. 
^(^1 '^roi urdhy m. (the same as urd)y a kind 

of vetch. /». 

\lf\^^^} ^rffWT ardha-hkaffy m. a half. 

ji3J^^(^.l v2^ fiardha-chandr a yXn.H crescent, 
a half-moon, a semi-circle. «. 


( 29 ) 

liClw^l ^^frjf ardhdfig, m. half the body, 

palsy affecting one tide, or half the body, upper or 
lower, hewupUgia. t. 

^J-^^f^^ vilJll ardhangt, a person afflicted 
"with the above disease; f. a wife. *, 

j*^^^*^' ^«'^ 5i arddha-chandra, m. a crescenty 

a half moon. i. 

/j^'b ^i^""* ardha-ratra, f. midnight. «. 
vlXi^4>^l "V^ urdhang (also urdhag), m, a 

diiease occasioned by the mounting of wind upwmxls ; 
flatulency, s. 

t^»>|l urdiy f. the first month in autumn, p, 

fjhy arzdl (pKof Ji,), little, mean (people) ; 

the mlgar (properly the refuse of any thing), a. 
J<ij' arzal, most mean, vile, ignoble, a. 
^^y araranUf n. to scream out. d. 
jy arZj m. price, value ; quantity ; esteem, 

veneration ; honour, arz-p-bdzar, price current, mar- 
ket price. oBrx-i'irsdl, invoice, particulars of the de»- 
patch of treawure, &c. p. 

jj\ aruz or aruzz, also urz, ra. rice. a. 

jlj;l arzak (pi. of ^j), riches, possessions, a, 

^Jjy arzan, cheap, abundant, p. 

^JJ flf^aftt, f. cheapness ; abundance of pro- 

nrions. arazani-rakhna, or (p.) arxant dashtarit to pre- 
aeot, give gratuitously, p, 

^IJjl ar2«/^ (corruptly for azrak), blue, azure, 

oenilean; having cafs eyes. ara:a||:-cA«u/ifn, blue- eyed, 
CBt-ejed. a, 

jj^l arzan, m, millet-seed ; (Hind, china), p. 
^jj\ arzir, f. wish, desire ; hope, want, dis- 

ti«B.^;p. [longing, p, 

«U«j|^l arjsu'tnandf also drzu-kask, desirous, 
</*^jJj ' drzumandi or ardi-^a^/ii, f. eager 

denre, wiahiog, anxiety, p, 

{:)'^j^ arxidan, to be worth ; to suit p. 

j>^j\ arziz, f, tin, base or light money, p. 

il&jj) arzhangy m. the house and gallery of 
ifiiat, a celebrated pointer, p, 

{j^y ^BJM a-ras, without juice, sapless, taste- 

lot. dull, flat (as a composition), 



{jt»j\ "W^ arusy m. name of a medicinal 

plant or tree (Justicia adhafoda and gondarussa), t, 

(ji*yt ^BITTV draSf m. weakness, laziness, in- 
activity. #. 

{ji»} irit or ir$ (y. trxi), an axletree. d. 
JWl trso/, m. mission ; act of sending, espe- 

oaDy a writiiw* letter. Sec : in revenue language it 
denotes month^ coUections of rents, &c, forwarded 
to head- quarters by the subordinate revenue autho- 
titica. irsal-ndma, m. an invoice of goods or rents, &c, 
imrirded aa above, a. 

(j*;J^,^\ wft^artf'pars^ m. partial bathing 

(Ovmriag a verv little water on the head with one's 
Mnd» instead of bathing), sprinkling or aspersion ; act 
fifloadiing. «• 

^^' ^v«8i arsattd, m. guess, conjecture, 

valuation, appraisement; a mediator, a broker; a 
monthly treasury account of receipto and disbune- 
ments made up from the daily entries, arsaftd^nan*, 
the clerk who keeps the monthly accounts. A. 

#4***^' orsath, m. a monthly account (of re- 
venue), h, 

(j-jJUakia,! aruiatans,') the Grecian philo- 

^kM»^\ arislu, J sopher Aristotle, g. 

^;^L*»^i arsldn, a lion; a man's surname; 

name or epithet of several Persian kings, t. 

^jMj\ fV«, f. the axle of a wheel, d. 

^j\ ^mnft arast, weak, lazy, indolent, in- 

'* active. *. 

^^^1 ^TRff or WT?ft drsi, f. a mirror (but 
••particularly applied to a mirror on the thumb). A, 

~ L^^' ^^^^^•n arsile-naind, with weak 

eye?; with eyes as if just awake, h. 

H^j ' ^rnCW drasyaj m. insipidity, want of 

flavour or spirit «. 

i^w,] irshadf m, command, order. It is fre- 
quently used by an inferior as a respectful interroga- 
tion, in the sense of " What is your will or pleasure To. 

U^jiU^y ^t^V^ arsh-parshfin. partial bath- 
ing (throwing a little water on the head with one'a 
hand), sprinkling, aspersion ; act of touching. *. 

ii-*^! vft^ arisht, m. garlick, the nimb tree 

haelia azad-dirachta) ; a crow; good fortune; mis- 
fortune, sign of death. *. 

^t arshad, more or most upright, most tena- 
cious of the right way ; a person who explains oixien, 
commands, &c., particularly of the deity, a. 

i^jOj] arZf f. the earth ; a portion of land j 

pt/arofi, lands, a. 

^^J) arzt, terrestrial, earthly, mundane, a, 
J^j' «r?5/ (pi. of Ji^ rati), m. a measure 

of weight SQ called (about a pound), a. 
(J3^J o-'^gLanuh (Op^avov)^ m. an organ, g, 

u\i^J ar^awan, m. a plant whose flowers 

and fruit are of a beautiful red {arbor Judaa) ; a red 
colour, p, 

^3^ ar^ziawawi, of a red colour, p. 

»\5jl irfah, m. enjoyment of peace and the 

pleasures of tranquillity ; bestowing affluence* comlbit- 
mg. cherishing, a, 

(jioijf arfaZy an obstinate heretic, partica« 

larly a bigoted SJiVa. a. 

nij\ urfa'f more or most high, sublime. a« 
Jjj\ irJsdm, m. act of writing, a. 
^l3^\ arhdn, m. jaundice ; mildew, a. 
Li)j\ ^A arkf m. the sun ^ name of a plant 

{ccdatropus gigantea) swallow-wort s. 

tfJ^t ^it»«R druk, m. a drug brought from 

the hills, of cooling properties, s. 

^9j\ ^tncVfZ arkdt, name of a city in the 

Dakkhan ; Arcot. h. 



^^w;' WC^nrt arhatlj m. a pilot. It is sap- 

*'p08ed they ^t this name from the only pilots for- 
merly, in this part of the world, being in the service 
of the Nawwab of Arkdt, which seems very probable 
(Gilchrist's Naval Vocabulary); ailj. belonging to Ar- 
hdp. arkapi rupiya^ an Arcot rupee. A. 

(iT**^^' ^4lJ|*l«! arkdskman, m. a crystal 

lens, a ruby. *. 

j^o^l arhariy (pi. of ^*yj)j pillars, arhani 
jdaulatf nobles, grandees ; lit. pillars of state, a. 

{j^^j^ V^t^T arhdns, m. a digit or twelfth 

of the sun's disc. m. 

Oijl wms arakta, red, blood-red. >. 
iJLSj] ^tlMZ arhaty f. vigilance, activity, cle- 

Temess, ingenmty. A. 

(jf^j^ vin;«f ark' din, m. a solar day. s. 

iS^JiSj) wfllffV a'rakshit^ unprotected, unde- 
fended. 3, [of the sun. s. 
JjjM tJLij] xAsR^9 drh-mandal, m. the disc 

cH^' V^M^ arkopal, m. the sun-stone, a 

ruby ; a crystal lens, s, 

U^j^ ^^1 W^^ ark'Varsk, m. a solar year. s. 
cL^I 'WK^ urag, m* a snake. urag'Sthan, m. 

the infernal re^ons. <• 

^1 H^TT ar^a, separate, apart, on one side. s. 

^^1 WCTTTF argana, a. to separate, to put 
on one side ; n. to be separated, s. 

f^^j^ V^TT^ argdyif f. being silent, s, 

^j' ^mm argaja, m. the name of a per- 
fume, of a yellowish colour, compounded of several 
Ingredients, h. [garments. &c.) K 

^JFj' ^R'nift argajly dyed with argajdj (as^ 
** > ^ 

^^^^1 ^rfhft argarii, m. a rope stretched for 

"drying clothes or similar purposes ; a wooden rod, or 
bamboo, stretched horizontally, has the same name, h, 

0^ji ^A arghUf m. Jibation, an oblation 

of eight ingredients offered to a god or a br&hman ; 

(n pouring 
moon, &c., while performing their worship, s. 

act m pouring out water in honour of a deity, the sxm. 

1^1 v^ arghd, m. a vessel shaped like a 
boat, used by the IHtmIus in their devotion^, for per- 
forming libation, s. 

^t 9i.<^| urldy adj. hithermost, of this side. h. 
a;) tram, m. name of a fabulous garden in 

Armbia, paradise, a. [inclination, p, 

^U;) armdn, m. desire, wish, longing, hope, 

(^Uil armdnty desirous, hopeful, p. 

^4f««t mt^ drarnhh, m. beginning, prologue, s. 

>lu^^ aramzddy desirous, without resource, d, 

^^U*jJ arniaghdriy m. rarity, curiosity, pre- 
sent ; a piece of money, p, 

^^ am^an or irman, Armenia, armantf 
also irmant or armamya, an Armenian, h. 

30 ) jjj 

(i)«v>J^^ dramtdagan, (pi.) those at rest; die 

dead. p. 

^ JJL^ I drumidan, to be at rest, to repose. j9. 

9(>xcjl dramtda, quiet, at ease. p. 

{2)J^ W^aruriy m. the sun; the dawn of day ; 

a dark red colour, s, 

^t WTJin arnd, or amd hhainsd, m, a wild 
buffalo ; cow-dung found spontaneously dried in the 
forests (used as fuel by the native apotnecaries in the 
preparation of medicines). A. 

vijl ^^tii arnd, 1 ^ , . 

i; T >-n. to stop, hesitate. A. 

^1 '^flTj^ atma,j 

(^U;I Vnni^ arundyty f. the dawn, colour of 

the dawn, a dark red colour, s, 

L^j^ amah, m. a hare, a rabbit, a. 
tS>j\ drinda or dranda, m. a porter, carrier, p, 
arandy m- the tree from which 

castor-oil is made {Rieinus vulgaris orPalma ChrUtiy s. 

{jiij\ ^na^ arandiff. the fruit of the Sicinut 

"vulgaris or Palma Ckristi ; a sort of fire- work, s, 

^j\ W^ arnaVy m. the sea, the ocean, s* 
(J>ji5;^ ^^1ff4^9 arunopal, m. a ruby. s. 
{^^fj>j\ W^$^ arunoday, m. the first appear- 

"ance of the dawn, s, 
^^\ W^JSH arttiy f. a female wild buffalo. A. 

ft^l ^n^?EV drartya^ m. a forest, a wilderness. 

aranya-sabhdf f. a forest court, a court for a community 
of hermits. aranya-shashfhi,{, a religious ceremony 
observed by women. «. 

— -ij^l arwdh (pL of —.•.), souls, spirits, a. 
L^'^jjl ^sm^ drop, ro. a transmutation, a 

change, s. 

*--*ij^' 'Jl^tHliI dropH, deposited, intrusted; 
transformed, changed into, feigned, s, 

(ji^j^ wn&^TO dropariy m. planting, s. 
)j^j\ ^9<l unvard, f. fertile soil, yielding 

every kind of crop ; land in general, s. 

>jt^ il Wki4 drurh, mounted on a horse or 

any thing else, elevated, megh-arurh, seated on a 
cloud, s. 

kjj\ arogh, m. belch, eructation, p. 

U^j^ ir&T a-rog^ 1 healthy, free from sick- 

jjl W^WJ a-rogt,) ness. «. 
»jpjjt wnctni drogya, m. health, freedom 

from sickness; adj. healthy,(prop.a-ro^j/a or a-rogitd), «. 


jojj^ WCW anvan, m. the first cuttings of corn, 

presented to the household gods. A. [n^umbo). a. 

i^^j\ VCf^*^ arruind, m. lotus {nymphisa 
li^JJjj! VII&M^I drundhndy a. to strangle. 

kanlh-drundhant m. strangulation. A. 

^2)^jj\ wC\t^ drohan, m. rising, the grow- 
ing of new shoots : ascent, staircase, ladder. «• 



( 31 ) 



ifXr ^^'ft arwi, f. a species of arum, the 

not of which is used in food (called also ghoyaA 
otghuym, and in Bengal, kaehiL Arum cdoctuta), h, 

i^jji M^\ artt,i, f. (corruptly for aruchx), 

ndra<>t8 at atoroach, arii^lDg from pregnancy, h, 
l^ arra, f. a saw. arra-hash, a sawyer. 

arn nr far ckaland, to oppress anr one, to commit 
vicdenoe. sir par arrt ehalgaye tau bhi maddr maddr, 
he has incurred punishment and disgrace, yet has Hot 
lefiMtned his manners, p, 

lj\ fnt: ara (for dra), m. a saw, &c. h, 

kL»^j\ Vi'f7 arkat^ m. an engine for raising 

water; the same as rahat K 

jl^l Vtf^ arhar^f, a species of palse (^Cytisus 

a^am) ; caHed also tu^ar, A. 
^j\ ^ftlffT urihndy m. reproach, reproof, h, 
C^j\ vt^ arkant, in. a $tigat, or follower 

of the doctrines of Buddh. «. 

(/;^ WT^ arfl,i, f. the root of Arum colocasiay 

a goad at the end of a whip. h. [an awL A. 

^j\ wrd art, f. a small saw, a hand saw, 
^j\ "VT are^ a disrespectful mode of calling 

or address ; fern. orZ. «. 

i^j\ ari, yes, yea verily, p. ' [kind. A. 
bjT VT^hn ariya, m. a plant of the gourd 

V^;' ^^ or W^ ureb or flr«6, f. compli- 
estioD, deception, m. guilt. A. 

t}*>j^ arebaUy stratagem, deception. d» 

\l*lj\ H^fir a-ritiy f. ill-manners, impolite- 
nesa, indTilitj, 01-breeding. «. 

{Sj^Sj^ are-re, alas, woe s me. d. 

IJ. I m^ dryoy of a good family, respectable, 

venerable. 4. 

jT ^TO dr^ f- a screen, shelter; a kind of 

Isdle used in sugar manufactories; protection; a 
protector; an horizontal line drawn across the fore- 
head ; prevention, stop, hindrance, h, 

jT ar, m. stop, hindrance; hence the boun- 
dary of a field &c. ar-gir, a^ strip of sward encom- 
pMsing a field, h. 

J^ ar, f. contention, objection, fault, contra- 
riety, obstinacy. ar-k» to stop, to be obstinate (as a 

jT Vlflr art, m. a bird, the Sarali {iurdus 

]tI ardf oblique, crooked, acrpss, transverse; 
B» a prop, a sbdter ; a large saw, a shoemaker's knife, fu 

VjJ^jjt ard-dendy to abandon, give up. d. 
jlj! ardr, (also urdr) m. outhouses fpr cattle, 

harvMt floor for the blossoms of the mShwa ; also 
Ilia sleep bank of a pond or river. A. 

t^ inflfl ardrd, m. high steep banks, of a 

gFjIj-l arari, f. the measure of a field ori- 
ginally established in a lease or grant to which the 
occupant appeals in preference to an actual measui«» 
ment or adjustment h, 

^)y\ ^TJTif Mr5^,capableof flying, fledged. A. 
li^Ul^'l urd^mdnid, to rob, to steal, d. 
M^jl ^TR urdn, f. act of flying, h. 

^]j\ ^TRT urdndf a. to cause to fly; to 

spend extravagantly, dissipate, blow away, disperse, 
filch, entice, urana purand, to squander, h, 

^j^ ^^Iri! ardnd, a. to make to stop ; to 
fasten one thing to another ; m. the name of a tune. A. 

j4?^^» ^li^ wrancAAt/, m. flying away, dis- 
appearing; fraud, deceit, a deceitful stratagem ; en- 
pne« A. [rasol. A. 

(jfj'i WTTtft ardni, f. a large fan or pa- 
J ]j\ irrrai urdyU, m. a spendthrift, an ex 

travagant person. From urSna. A. 

^^*\j\ ard,% (for {^^jS) two and a half. d. 

\jOj\ arbdlj a very distant relative, a pre- 
tended relative. </. 

j^j\ ^WOT^ arhar, m. words without mean- 

ing; adj. uneven, rugged, arhc^ baknd^ a. to speak 
inconsiderately, or without meaning ; to rave, to talk 
absurdly, A. [tions. A. 

ijjyj^j] ^i^VX arhar ang, m. foolish ac» 
{^jij^ Vy^'pft arharangi, inconsiderate. A, 

M>'j\ ^IT^'^ arhandf m. a cloth worn by 

Hindus, passing from the wust, between the thighs, 
and fastened behind. A. 

lGjy\ fl^^ifl arhangd, crooked, uneven, b, 
L^j\ "WT^ urapf m. a raft, a float, s. 
^j^ ^J^ ^T^ ^^«^ arapjharap, need, 

necessity, arap-jhafap men /lona, to be hard up. A. 
^jJCj-1 artdVis, forty-eight (for athtdlis), h. 
viJbjl vrtak, m. housing of a saddle, d. 
^j\ WOT^ artald, m. protection, shelter, h. 
{ii)jjij\ artuk, m. hindrance; adj. erring, 

astray, d. 

^j-jJy\ arti.% (for atk-tts) thirty-eight. A. 
jc^iy}^ W5^ arthi 1 m. a broker, agent, 
u^-1 W37^ o-vV^yd J or salesman; one 

who conducts business on commission for a principal 
at a distance ; a banker who grants and accepts balla 
on other bankers or correspondents. A. 

•'^^•I urchak, a thief, robber, d* 

S^C^ffl ur-chalnd, c. to walk with a 

stately or afibcted gait A. 

^-j] arckan or archiny light, uneasy. 

QTchani, £ lightness, d, 

y^ urud, black grain, a kind of pulse, d. 


( 38 ) 


^J^\i^j\ urddbeganl (for urdahegant), f. an 

"armed female, d. 

1j\^*1 ardawdy mashed grain mixed with a 

little oil and water given to horses, d. 
\jJ^j\ ardanddf m. stop, impediment; a 

bolt, a bar (of a door &c.) ; a yoke for oxen ; a4j* 
athwart, awrj. d. [horses, a. 

fjji^\ ardanQj m. the rheumatism in 
j^i urduy (for urdu) a camp, &c. d, 

0^^*\ arzdt, a villain ; base-born, d, 
\j\^\ arardnd, m. to lament aloud, to 

shriek, d, 

0**j^ '^ ttra*, m. the common bag. h. 
\jiknj\ arsatd, and iJ^J^^, arsatagi f. laziness, 

sloth, d. - 

,^Xm»j1 arsath (for ath-sath) sixty-eight, d, 
ti*^j^ ar^zdmint, a counter security, or a 

"surety for a surety, mutual responsibility, h, a. 

dj^\ij\ ur-fakhta, a fool, a simpleton, d. 
m}^ arakf a surname, epithet, title, d. 

^j\ arkdf a small brass coin, the eight part 

of a Madras fanam. d. 

^/j\ ar'karnd, n. to stop, to hinder, h. 

^__ — ^J^ ar-kash, m. following a trade (a 

Hind&) different from that of one's ancestors, d. a, 

LT^'^ (j«Sjl argas-bargas, m. lumber, worth- 
less things. d» [firmament, s. 
^jSy\ Viniff urgan, pi. the stars ; the stary 

u^le^'l armdp, m. measure more than the 

standard, d, 

M^\ armdn, m. deposit, pledge, security, d. 
JbuU^'^ armof|fyai, silly, indiscreet, foolish, d. 
OJ^ "^flf adj. flying, on the wing. s. 
\jj\ "WHI tirna, n. to fly j to soar. h. 
j>j\ urnd, (same as urhna)^ to cover one*s 

self; to be dad. d, 

\jj\ %[J^ arnd, n. to stop, to hesitate, to be 

restiTe (a horse). A. 

IWT ^trpd drnd, to afford shelter, to prop, 

to support h, 

*jj^\iyl 9ff||JH ur-ndgan, f. a flying serpent 

c^ dragon. <. 
%£jjy\ ^rbl arang, f» a manufacturing town ; 

a warehouse where goods are sold wholesale; the 
place or d^p6t where goods of any kind are manu- 
&ctured, wheUier a town or not ni / ki afong, an in- 
digo fisctory. 

J3vt Wpn urangdf m. a mode of wrestling 

with feet; an obstacle, k. 
jS{ mjC arii, m. a peach, unii much given 

to venery (a male animal), as a stallion &c. k»*pt for 
procreation, d. 


^j3 ^nS^ arujdf obstinate, perverse, mulish, h, 

jltJ*' 'rs^TR dr-wdfy f. a prop j obstacle; shel- 
ter, adj. stopping. A. 

dj^'1 urudj ro. a kind of vetch, black grain. <2. 
^T^n arusdf m. a meSicinal plant 

(Justicia adhenatoda and ganderusta). 

D^JjriD^JL;*' vfNwfrtr aro«-paro«, m. neigh- 
bourhood, h. 

Jbj\ in? arhf f. a kind of fish. h. 

^j\ drhy in the dakhani dialect this word 

denotes alternate, or an interval of a unit between 
two measures of time or space ; as ycJc roz arK every 
alternate day. yak kos drK Q^ery alternate kos. dl» 

^\^j\ '9^HI urhdnd, a. to put on clothes, to 
cause to clothe, t, 

4^ U^'\ ^S^S\% arhdjt, two and a half; when 

used with a noun of number, tvrice and a half the ag^ 
gregate number ; f. a full gallop, h. 

iJL^j\ W^or ^CTK drhat, arliat, f. agency* 

commission, sale by commission, brokerage. A. 

•A^Jbjl T^pinrc urhak'parf a broach, a Ult. k 
Upi-iiibj*^ 9a44h<HI urhah'hy n. to seek, o# 

cry for an absent person (applied only to a childV K 

\ji^j\ ^^'4i«n urhaknd, n. to be overseu 

ufhak-par, overset, a tilt. h. 

^j\ 7^ HI xirhndy n. to put on clothes, to be 

clad or covered. «. 

[•^^j\ 'TOTH urhavgan, m. any thing placed 

under a vessel to prevent it from upsetting; a prop^ 
support, h, 

Jy^'1 WCT^ arhwaly m. a day-labourer. 4. 
U^Jbj'1 ij^IhI urluiund, m. clothing. A. 
ij^J\ inf^ drkya, wealthy, rich, opulent <• 

IjJbj^ T^in urkaiyd, a wearer or putter on of 

any dress, h. 

\jJbj*\ V%^ arhaiyd, m. a weight of two and 

a half sers ; also a measure of the same capacity, k. 

cfj\ WTp art, m. a protector, supporter, a 

small saw or knife. H. [mode. A. 

^1 mrt art, f. a tune, a kind of musical 
^'u[j*' ^'^ ^^ vivHI dre-dnd, or are-dnd^ 

to'screen or shelter ; to be protected. A. [Ifh. A. 

^J^'l iwns cLfyolf obstinate, perverse, mul- 
J^^ ^7^ arenck or ^^ aratncA,also araimh, 

^' f. enmity. ^ A. 

\\ az, from, by, than, with, out of. p, 

j\ nZy f. avarice, p, 
^\\\ dzddy free, solitary ; a kind of fahv\ 

who shaves his beard, eyelashes, and eyebrows, and 
vows chastity, but considers himself exempt from all 
the ceremomal observances of his religion, dzad 
karnd, a. to manumit ; set at liberty, p. 


[Ji^y azadagan (pi. of azada), those free 

from woridly cares, religions men. p. 

,^3jt azddagi, 1 f. independence, release, 
if^h^ azadi, J manumigsion, freedom. |>. 
»^jl azada J free, &c. v. a;ra^. p. 
^j\ azary m. sickness, disorder, disease; 

^oable, affliction, outrage, injury; ueed in compoei- 
uon IIS dil-dzdr, injuring or outraging the heart, p. 

j\y tzar, f. drawers, trousers, izai^-hand, m. 

the ttring with which drawers are tied, izar-bandi 
riskta, connection through a wife ; petticoat interest.^. 

I>,y azar-dih, one who gives trouble or 

bJQiy. azar-dihi, f. the act of troubling, p, 

ifjy azariy a sick person, a patient, p, 

ii\j\ vzala^ m. removal, abolition; (in gram- 
mar) the eHaion of a letter or vowel-point from a 
word. a. 

^y az-an, thence, therefore, az-ani^ belong- 
big to. az-an^d ki, for aa much as. p. 

j>y az-bar, by rote, by heart, by memory, p, 
{S^j>j\ az-bara^^^on account of, for the sake 
j^j\ az-hahri J of. p. 

oji az'pa^ lit from on one^s feet, az-^pa dar 
imadan, to iail into distress or trouble, p. 

aU>«3ji izdiham, m. a crowd, a concourse* a, 

j^j\ azdoTj worthy, proper, suitable ; some- 
times improperly used for axhdar, a dragon, q. ▼. p, 

{Sj^j^ ^^dariy f. worth ines8> fitness, p. 
Chdj\ izdiyddy m. increase, addition, a. 
^J^j^ azurdagtf f. vexation, affliction, dis- 

"pleasure, sorrow, griel p. 

^jj\ azurdan (r. azar), to vex, to grieve, p, 

^^jy agurda, afflicted, sad, dispirited, sor- 
rowful, vexed, displeased, weary. azurda-iJ^tir, or 
ixardtt^dil, grieved in heart; vexed, oflfended, dis- 
tmted. p. [beryl, a. 

Jjt azraky blue, blue-eyed ; pure, limpid ; 
a^jl azamif modesty, mildness, p, 

ifJUj^ az-ru,ef by reason of, in conse- 
QMooe oL p, 

Uj\ azuia or azuka, m. food, nourishment, p, 
wjy(^\ vzak-tuzaky m. pomp, splendour; 

Ihe hshits or fashions of a king ; the king's seal, t, 

Jjt azal, f. eternity without beginnir^. a. 
CJjt azallatf f. injustice, injury (suffered 

vilfaovt power of redress), oppression ; straits, famine, 
icardty.-oHnnter. N.B. This word not in any Persian 
ir ArsiNC IMctionary to which we have had access, a. 

|^\ osa/t, eternal without beginning, or from 
Adenily. « C°^ty. a. 

C^j\ 0Zafyat, f. existence from all eter- 


( 33 ; U 

-ojT azma, trying, trial (used in comp.). p. 

y^\xj\ aztaan (pi. of j^^Uj), times, seasons, a. 

UU)| azmana, a. to try, to prove, to examine 
to touch gold, &c. on the touchstone. A. 

\J^!^j\^azma%juhj If. trial, proof, exami 
^J^y^j\ azmudagtj nation: in revenue 

*^I?"^®?f ' '* denotes an estimate of the crop while in 
tne field by an officer of government azmayish- 
gumashta or -mutofaddh the officer who estimates the 
crop. p. "* 

*^'' ^J^ina (pLof^^Uj), times, seasons, a. 
^^iiy^l azmudan (r. dzmd), to try, test. p. 
»^^jl dzmuda, tried, proved, examined; 

axm&dor-kar, experienced in business, p, 

^^j\ azwaj (pi. of -j-j : or &>jj), spouses, 

wives. 0. ^ 

-liV jj' ^zu^hdzu (for ds-pas), all around, 

on all four sides, d. 

*5j3» azuka or dzuka, m. food. p. 
i^j^j^ji^ az'har-dare, of all sorts and kinds, p. 
j:^\ azhdavy ' "I 

\^j:>J\ azhdarhd, l"' * '^'^e serpent, a dra- 
U^M azhdahd, J eon. p. 
Cj\i>^j\ azkdhdt, m. bell-metal, azkdhdtt, of 

or relating to bell-metal, s, 
^\ is and t*«, inflections ofyih and wuh,q,y.h. 
{^\ ^ftr asi, m. a sword, a scimitar, s. 
{jt»\ fr^ am, m. life, breath ; the five vital 

breaths or airs of the body; reflection, thought, or 
the heart as the seat of it ; affection, s, 

(^\ ^m as, or L» I ^rmr asd, f. hope, depen- 

dence, confidence, trust, reliance, as, added to words 
signifies inclination, and dsd, possessed of that incli- 
nation, as from the root pi, drink, piyds, thirst, and 
ptycua, thirsty. *. 

1^1 dsd (in composition), like, resembling; 

soothing, tranquillizing, p, 

^\J\asdhi (pi. of ejju«\), weeks, a 
l'Si\aJi asdtiza (pi. of ilX**»l), teachers, a 
^\jJ\ ^ranr a-sdth, addicted to evil com- 

P*°y- *• [an unknown person. ^ 

L5^^' ^JWfta-«aMi, an upstart, a stranger, 

^^\u»\ wmv or ^nmr a-sddh, evil-minded, 

thievish ; lazy, without desire or energy, t, 

^^\^\ ^rar^ a-sddhu, unrighteous, immoral, 

wicked, s. 
IXfc^Urtl V9TVin a-sddhutd, f. wickedness. «. 
«^^U»1 WSr^ a'sddh\/a, weak, powerless ; 

impossible, incurable, t. 

• - 


( 84 ) 



jL*»l VHR a-sdr, sapless, pithless ; vain, un- 
profitable; hollow (like a reed); foolish, weak of 
understanding, s. [style, vestibule. A. 

\j\Mi\ '^mu usdrd, m. a porch, portico, peri- 
\jj\^\ 4i^Kfil iisdmd, a. to remove, put out 

of place, h. 

J^'A*^\ ^RTT asdrh, m. the name of a Hindu 

aolar month, during which the sun is in Gemim ; the 
first month of the rainj season, and consequently of 
cultivation, s. 

fj>j^\ wrot asdrhi, f. the full moon in 

'*a£afh, also the harvest of aaafh. s, 

^^\u»\ asds, f. foundation ; a pedestal, a. 

^^\j^\ "W^im v^^dx, m. breath, breathing, h. 

\ji**»ImJ\ TnrPffsn usdsnd, n. to breathe, h. 

1a^L*\ a-ad'aty f. an unlucky moment, h, a, 

\*^\ ^sm^ a-sakhj without credit or re- 
putation. K 

CJ\^\tA \ ^a-sdkhdty 1 in the ab- 

OUil-.U ^^^'Ja-«aA«^5f,J sence oi,$. 

-c4^^^ W^IWt or ^sran^ a-sdhhiy m. a false 

''witness, one whose evidence or testimony is inadmis- 
sible. 9. asdkkya, m. a want of testimony ; adj. with- 
out credit or imputation. *. 

j^\ d»dm, name of a province, Assam, h. 

^y^\tJi\ UTITH^ a-sdmarth, weak, power- 
less. 9, 
^Ji\^^ asdmi (pi. of ^^),namcs5 (for^_^u\) 

"a defendant (in a lawsuit); a tenant, renter, client; a 
person, or individual; f. oflBce. place, appointment, 
substitution of one person to do the duty of another; 
ex. ham apni asdmi parfuldne ko rakhjdte Aoin, Heave 
such a one in charge of my duty. a. 

.L^^-mJ\ asdnii-ivdr, including all the names 

applied to revenue settlements made with the pro- 
prietors in detalL a. 

..jVmJ I dsdrif easy, convenient, commodious, p 

UU*^ "^HT^n usdndf a. to winnow, h. 

\j\m»\ ^mm usdnnd, a. to boil, to cause to 

boil. A. 
^\^1 dsdniy If. facility, easiness; ha- 

C^UjT dsdniyatj) dsdnxy easily, p, 
^Ub^.Uj^ V^mMM a-sdvadhdn, careless, ii.- 

advertent. s. 
i^j^^\ «r?rT^ or ^wnsmiT^ asdwari, dmnari, 
"f. name of a rdg^ni or musical mode ; a kind of pigeon ; 
a kind of cotton cloth, s, 

JjU>\ hdwaly m. a pursuivant, i, 

uI^ijUjjT VI^N^W asdwantf expectant, de- 
pendent. ». [pitiful. A. 
«j:J,^«m>\ ^^n^^ d-sdwantj fearful, unquiet, 

jjli^,U*iT dfidyish, f. rest, ease, tranquillity, re- 
pose, quiet, indulgence, enjoyment, p. 

\ athy ro. ahorse (properly L-^uPt,q. v.). j!*« 

u^VjuisI asbdbf m. (pi. ofui,»iitf) causes ; goods 
and chattelsi furniture, tools, apparatus, baggage, a. 

i^lfMft^ asbdt (pi. of lijui>),the tribes of Israel, a. 
^Jjuj>\ asbaky past times, days of yore ; most 

excellent, surpassing, a. 

c^jL»^\ usbu\ m. a week (from ^f«4 seven), a. 
gjL^jurt\ ^n^ a-sabhya, rude, unfit for society, 

unpolite. s. 

i^At^\ asp, a horse, p, 

OL*«s\ ispat, m. steel of a tough kind. A. 

O^^D^ ' VIUMKI ds^dSf m. vicinity, cir- 
cumference ; adv. all around, on all sides. A. 
(>MM»I Wt^B[^ djtpad, m. place, footing, rank. «• 
J^^l is'par, upon this, hereupon, tw-par, 

thereupon, h. 

^j*l^^ ^Rinff asparsi, palpable, tangible. 

"The word is properly sparstt to which the alif(a) is 
prefixed, to avoid the meeting of two quiescent conso* 
nants in the beginning of a word, wnich cannot b« 
pronounced by the Persians and Arabs ; chtparsl, in- 
tangible (by prefixing the priv. a to 9pard). 8. 

9JjjJl»jXJi\ V44|^f04| d'sparshaniyaAimfuref 
duui»y^l irm^ a-sprishyaf J not to 

be touched, s. 

^y9j^\ isparmid, m. name of a plant said to 

be an antidote to the bite of a snake {ArutoUekim 
Indiea), h, 

\^j^\ ^^7 i^prthd, f. inclination, desire. «• 

fji'r* -^^ ^nnV a-spashfa, indistinct, s. 

Jyujy*! l^aghvly m. seed of flea wort or plan- 
tain {Plantago p9yHiumf), p. 

(.dLotfl aspak, f. bridge of a musical instru- 
ment; a little horse, p. 

iyi>,^fyl ispandy m. a seed of the henna plant, 

burnt at marriages, to drive away evil spirits. In like 
manner it is burnt some days after a child is bom, 
particularly at the door, to prevent demons. Ice., from 
entering. It is often mixed on these occasionB with 
mnstard-aeed, and hence has been oonfonndcd with 
it p. 

^^L^l ispahdn, or ^^^^1 isfahdn, the oapi- 

tai*of Persia (till very recently> p, 

^j«jk>^jrfT dg-pts (v. dS'pds), all around, d. 
(JLa^\ ^nnr a-Mt (for asatya, q v.), unholy, 

ungodly, non-existent, nntme, false, s, 

C^ ^Brer ast or a«<a, setting (as the 8an, &c.). 

att-h, to set (the sun). «. 

IjumI ^Wl usid, m. a barber. A. 

J>-\ju*»l ^WW<j> astdchal, the name of a 

mountain in the west, behind which the sun is sup- 
posed to set *. 

^ILjjI istddy standing, erect, p. 

^'jL^I ustddf m. a teacher, a preceptor, a chiftf 
in a department ; adj. skilful, competent, a. 


^J>^1^\ Utadoffi, f. firmness; reeistance. p. 
I<>vIm»I isiada^ standing, * set up, erected ; 

hence, a pole, enngn-staflT, hCy particnlaTly a prop for 
tnpporting the door of a tent, not the tent-pole, p, 

(^3vIm»I lutadi, f. teaching; adj. masterly (as 
vorkmansh^. fee.), p. 

i^Umi^ ustaz (the same as ustad), master, &c. p. 
JlttA istar, a weight of 4i miskals or 6j 

drams, a. 

J«f«lL«»f isfamhol, also istanbol and islam- 
M, the citj of Conatantinople. p. 

^UutfT agtdn, 1 m. a threshold ; a fakir's 

uUutfl astana,) residence, astan-hos, one 

"m^ pajs a Tint to a superior, iutdn-hon, f. paying 
a respectliil Tisit p. 

dijjUMit Utibdadf m. absolute dominion, des- 
potism ; insisting upon a thing beiqg done. a. 

JjaLm^ uiibra^ m. cleansing j washing one's 
hands of a business, or desiring to be freed from it • a 
womaa after being divorced firom her husband, waiting 
a certain time (three months according to Muham- 
madan law), to ascertain whether she is preg^nant or 
not, before she can contract another marriage, a. 

^j^jJMsf isiahrdkjm, green colour; silk, cloth, 
or satin, whose colour seems to change agreeably to 
the light it is seen in (particularly green sue), a. 

C<i m «ja L» I VI4d*4W astahyast, dispersed, scat- 

iMed, confused, perplexed, t. 

CUm A W^V aHvt (for stuti), f. praise ; an 

anthem, a hymn. t. 

Jj!La\ istitar, m. act of concealing, a. 

JI. 5 juLi » l istiskalf m. heayiness, trouble, im- 
portunity, a. 

U£L«>) istuna, m. exception, distinction, a. 

l^\-3*^' ixtijahatj f. accepting, consenting ; 
hearing or receiving a petition, a. [menses, a. 

m\^*** istihaza, m. immoderate flax of the 
i3\^^ uiiJjtaUZf undergoing a change ; being 

ImposBible or absurd, a. 

UpU^**** istihbabf m. contracting friendship ; 

SB action, the peHbrmanoe of which is meritorious* 
hut the omissioa of which u not criminal ; work of 
supererogatioiL. a» 

OjU^' istijdzat, f. asking leave, begging 

pennisnoD. a. 

( 35 ) il^\ 

»^\j5***' istikharaf m. judging from omens •, 

l2j>M^ ^' istihitan^ m. approving, praising, 

taking or considering as a fiivonr. a. 

Aitf^^' istihzar, m, calling, citing to appear, 
nBBMniiig bsifore. a. 

SSJ^* igtihkarf m. despising, vilifying, scom- 

im, treating 'vrith contempt, a. 

^iSJ^^ utihkak, m. demanding justice ; 
verit ; s(bi1ity ; in law it denotes a claim of right pre- 
fimd by others, to the subject of a sale. a. 

Jii^ utihkamy ra. confirmation, firmnessi, 
' loaigth. Ok [an oath. a. 

kif^li^^' ittiilaff causing to swear, exacting 

augury. «. ^ 

Ji^jfi*^' istikhdam, m. employing, makin<ij 

use of the labour of another ; asking or getting em- 
ployment, a. [extracting, a. 

fTj^ istikhrajj m. expulsion ; drawingforth, 
u-ilii^ istikhfafy m. despising, holding in 

contempt or in small esteem, a, 

(^ilaS*** istikklaSf m. desiring to liberate; 
liberty; freedom, a. 

^1^5***' ustukhwafif m. a bone, kernel of the. 

date fruit, &c. ustuH^ufon-band, a splint or fillet for 
tying up a broken bone. p. 

vJlMljXk«»l utidamat, f. assiduity; wishing to 

be quiet, permanent, steady, eterxtal, perpetual, 
everlasting, a. 

cl^l^XJuu) f^^ufana^, desiring to borrow: in its 

common acceptation it signifies contracting debt ia 
behalf either of one's self or of another, a. 

c^l^tXJuul istidrak, m. comprehending, under- 
standing ; reaching, overtaking, obtaining, a. 

lp4>Ju*>l istid^dy f. request, desire, invitation, 
supplication, petition, a. 

J^ JjLmI istidldlf m. asking proofs, arguments, 

or reasons ; demonstration, a, 

jiM\yg^asiray m. a missile weapon, a weapon 

in general, astra^dya or astrorved, the military 
science, astra-ftm, unarmed, s. 

ji*») astar, m. a mule, istar, a harrow. p» 
J^m] astar, m. lining, ahtar-hdri, plastering. j9. 

1^1 usturd, m. a razor (for Iji^] q. v.). p. 

I/umI HWil tutard, m. a barber, h, 

O^l/uwl istirdhaty f. ease, rest; sleep; re- 
pose; tranquillity, a. 
^jj<u«*l Qud i«/ar5w,gratis,free,for nothing, h. 

eUyu«>\ istirjd\ m, returning (to God); 

having recourse to God during ai&iction ; repeating 
the sentence (firom the (ir'aii), " Yerily we are of Goct 
and to Him we return." a. 

^hjiiJ istirdddf m. demanding restitution 

of any thing, whether given, deposited in trust, or 
taken without consent; Spelling, driving, forcing 
back. Utirdddi nilam, reversal of a public sale. a. 

\fcj^\ istirzdf f. desire to please, willing- 
ness, alacrity, a, 

v^JjIm»I astarak, m. storax. g, 

9fW») ustura, m. a razor. This is one of the 

numerous old Persian words still preserved in Hindu- 
stani, although they have become obsolete in the ori- 
ginal. The modem name in Persian for a razor is 
"<^<iaZ/aiti" (note by Binning), p. [man. s. 

(/>**>' ^i^ ^sirl or istiri (for stri), f a wo- 
4_f^' ^Sft istrif m. smoothing-iron, m/*-^- 

kama, a.. to iron ; to smooth with an iron, istri-wald, 
one who irons linen. A. 



( 86 ) 


i>IiumJu*»i istis'adj m, desiring happiness; being 

fortunate ; considering any thing aa a happj presage ; 
conceiving weli of any thing, a. 

•• M I 

ULmJuia)) istiska, m. the dropsy ; istiskayi" 
zil^kh the anasarca ; ittis^ati-j^lh tympany, a. 

4^\^dljkM»i htisi^hady m* taking evidence ; sum- 
moning 'witnesses; bringing testimony or proof; 
felling a martyr to religion, a. 

cUia1m»I istUncLy m. a requisition of work- 
manship, forced labour* pressing into service. «• 

(^I^^aIma) istismab, m. approving ; consul- 
tation. 0. 

CiAPUAjLtl istitd'aty f. power, possibility ; 

dependence, submitting to. a. 

^l |Vi j [ »*»l istizhdr, m. imploring assistance; 

remembering, calling to memory, a. 
S^IajLi*) Uttdray m. borrowing ; using a word 

metaphorically ; a metaphor. ittVSra-kamdt a. to be- 
seech, to beg earnestly, a. 

c1oUju*») isti*dnaty f. asking assistance, im- 
ploring help ; assistance, protection, a. 


J\j^^**»| isttjdlf m. hastening, accelerating, 
ordering one to make haste, despatching any business 
soon ; wishing to make haste, a. 

dljjaM»t isti'ddd, f. ability, means, capacity, 

merit, readiness, a. 

Ujuu«»I istxfdy m. asking forgiveness ; de- 
precating, a. [siring promotion, a. 

^IjuumI Uti'ld, m. superiority, exaltation ; de- 
JUaIm»i istVtnaly m. custom, daily practice, 

use. istVmal-k„ to use. a. 

^\,^juLm*I Utividlty fit for practical use, 

**used I m. fine rice. a. 

&>UIm>! viiffhdsa, m. asking for help; de- 
manding justice, complaining, a. 

LfJ^jk*^] Mghrdhy m. great admiration, 
amazement, wonder, a. 

IiJuLmjI istighrdkj being drowned, im merged 

in thought, drovmed in sleep, eng^rossed, ^olly em- 
ployed, &C. a. 

jlaiju**) tstighfdTy m. begging mercy, craving 
grace, deprecating, a. 

di5]^ft«L-»l astaghfirvlldhy I entreat forgive- 
ness of God (or God forgive me ! an expresnon signi- 
fying negation), a. 

U»JUk*>l istiglLnd, independent (in point of 
fortune), contented ; m. content, independence, a. 

9^\aIm*I Utifdda, m. seeking for gain ; profit, 

advantage, a. [learned man. a. 

\::ftlMjt istiftd, m. consulting (a lawyer or 

el^AjL*) istifrdghj m. vomiting, belching, a. 
.L«.ajLm)I istifmry m. asking an explanation ; 

searching for information, inquiry, interrogation. 
Uttftdr-kamd, a. to inquire, to interrogate, to demand 
an explanation, a. 

^j\ Qj>»»i t«f«/»ari,f. the statement of a pros- 
ecutor suhicct to investigatioD. a. 

I^l^iju*>l istifhdm, m. inquiring, inquisitive- 

ness; asking for explanation, desiring informatioD. 
^arfi itttf'hamt an interrogative partide. a. 

^I^AL*»I istifhdmij 1^ interrogative (a term 
aui«\^AjuMl »<t/%amtya,/ used in grammar}, a. 
aJlAjuAil UtHalay m. requiring one to cancel 

an agreement a. 

iJli*><)\pju*>) istihdmaty f. rectitude, integrity; 

residence ; firmness, constancy, a. 
jUftL^I uiihbdlf m. futurity ; the ceremony 

of receiving a visitor m the open air by advancing ta 
meet him ; encountering, meeting, a. 

l^ftXktfl iitihrdy m. reasoning from induction, a* 
jt^iuM»l istihrdry confirming, ratifying, a. 

UaajLm*^ tstf i!r«a,curio8ity,8trict investigation.a.- 

J^lLAju*>t istikldl, m. intrepidity, resolution, 
perseverance, vigour ; absolute power, perpetuity, tu 

tj^Ajiutfl is<itAZa/t,f.confirming in possession, a. 

<.^Juiu«» t VTfWVa^/t^,a believcr,pious,faithful.«. 

j\axju^1 isiihbdr, m. pride, presumption, a, 

sl^xjkM*! istiki-dh, f. aversion, reluctance, a. 

u*>\.*Aj[>rtl istikskdf, wishing any thing to be 
made manifest or laid open. a. 

J\»xLol istikmdlf completion, bringing to 
perfection ; wishing any thing finished, or completed. m» 

^IpUkMil htilzdm, m. necessity, rendering ne- 
cessary. 0. 

cULm^ ixtimd\ m. hearing, listening (to mu- 
sic, &c., particularly) ; tidings, report, rumour, that 
which is neard ; in law it denotes hearsay evidence, or 
indirect testimony, receivable only in particular casea 
and under certain restrictions, a. 

c:^UL«»\ istimdlatf f. encouragement ; com- 
fort, consolation, a. 

^^x»Ju*»^ ^If^cT*^ or l^'ISRf (utambh or istambhj 

m. the trunk of a tree ; column, pile, post, pillar. «. 
aU^Im*^ istimiay m. enjoying, reaping the 

nTruits of, being deU^hted ; celebrating the solemni- 
ties of the festival ofxSiecca ; eigoyment of a woman, a. 

>\i>.«jLM»^ istimdddf f. begging assistance, a. 

j\j^Lm\ istimrdry perseverance, continuation 5 

in law it signifies a rent not liable to alteration. 
ittimrar-ddrt the holder of a perpetual lease, a. 

,^^^^jLm»^ istimrdri, perpetual, permanent. 

Utimrari jam\ fixed or perpetual aasesiment of rent 
istimrarijoit a fixed or permanent tenure. tMtimruri 
mdl-gusarit permanent or perpetual revenue, w/im- 
rart patta, a perpetual lease of a farm, istimrart paffd- 
ddr, tbie holder of a lease of lands at a permanent 
rent. a. 

^U^Lm^ istirmdj, asking an opinion ; search- 
ing out one's purpose or intentions, a, 

^ULm^ isiindd, leaning or rei^ting uptm. a. 


( 37 ) 


h\jjL0i\ istitnbat, in. deducting, extractinff. 



'fiLil utinja, m. pissing; purification after 

a natural eracnatioii. a, 

^L«Aju«>l istinskdii, m. throwing water into 

the DOfitrib, when peribrmiiig the Waz&i Bnuffinir up 
the air or odours, &C. a. 

}y^\ ixtiwd^ parallel, equal; Matti-istiwd, 

the equator, a. 

jU:-»l ustuwar, powerful, strong, firm; 

brave, reaolnte, aolid. ^ 

<^^^L-1 ustuwdrtj f. strength; resolution, 

flnmeaa, stabilitj. p. 

Ca«m3^Im»i WB^ro asiavyast, dispersed, con- 
fused, scattered, s, 

^fii^\ «fw astki, m. a bone, asthi-hkang, a 

fra<^re; a plant of supposed efficacy in fractures (eissttt 
qnadramgularU). aslhi-bhed, fracturing a bone, asthi^ 
jm;ar. m. a siceleton. atihi'Shokh, m, dryness and 
d«»y oi the bones, asifusandhi, t uniting of a 
broken bone. a. ® 

^A-»l ^l«l 5*^5, f. prop, Stay, place or 

means of abiding ; effort, pains, care. *. 
(a^^^^ ^mtH astkdn (for sthdn), m. place, 

abode, residence, g. [ing, not fixed. *. 

jy^^^ W^n^ a-sthdwar^ moveable, mov- 
j^^ ^fw^ a-sthir, restless, unsteady, un- 

fltaUe, unceitain. «. 

j(^\ ^fiwH isthir (for sikir), steady, firm. *. 

^jfi^\ Vf^unn a-sthiratd, f. unsteadiness, in- 
^itabiUty, fickleness. #. [steadiness. *. 

'i;4**^1 ^r^Miill isthiratdy f. rest, tranquillity, 

5^1 istihzd, m. derision, laughing at, a 
joke, jest, scorn, a. 

J4*-»' WW^ (uthiU(foTsthal), m. place,home, 

fixed raidence, dry or firm ground, isihal, a pUu» or 
*uidofa/i4«r. *. 

Ci) > |lM»^ istihldkf m. ruining, destroyino-, 
WMuming ; wishing death or ruin to any one. a, ^ 

J>|2Mftl isiihialy m. appearing of the new 

BOQo; the noise made by a child at its birth, a. 

Oj^^t vta«IM asthimaif bony, osseous, s. 

v3^Ca-»1 fl#/.Acwia, n. to set (as the sun, &c.). a. 
^jfi^\ ttsthi, m, a bone. (See a9thi), s, 

'^Jtfi^^ ^»^A^ a-sthaifjy m. instability, un- 

ti^\ mnft a-satvif antrue, a liar. s. 

1^1 aatSj (for ajL^ I ) easy, gently, softly . p. | 

ij^\^nnh a-sati, a bad or unchaste woman. 
n milfa , untne, false ; m. untruth, t. 

i^Ujums) llHA^l^ a-ULtya^hddtj a teller of 

i^A^t igR^lj m. destroying, eradicating, 
: ^ by die root^ extirpating, a. 

l-^UjuL*! istVdby m. asking in a present, tak* 

ing (tlie whole), a, 

\Ajj^\ ist'ifa, m. satisfying completely; pay- 
ing or receiving the whole of what is due; renoun- 
cing, relinquUhing; retiring from business or official 
duUes, vacating or resigning a situation, a, 

J^w) Wild, m. predominance, conquest, a 

^iljuurtl isfilddy in law, signifies a claim made 
by a man having a chUd bom to him of a female 
slave, which chUd he acknowledges, as of his own be- 
getting, a. 

^^*S**»T dsiin, f. a sleeve j dstin kd sdmp^ a 

domestic enemy, an enemy who wears the mask of 
friendship, p. [sympathy. «. 

(j*>Ujuua< uttnds, m. familiarity, intimacy, 
*JUm*I ^RfW a-sati/a, false ; a-Mtt/a-bddi, one 

who speaks falsehood, s. 

(j^\ VBTWif a-mjjan, unfit, untrue, im- 
proper ; not respectable, or of good family, s. 

I ^i^l ^r«sf«ii usijfid, n. to boil, to simmer. A, 
^' 'ra^ a-such, foul, impure, asuchi, f. 

impurity, pollution. *. 

Jl^l is,kdk, m. (a man's name) Isaac, a. 
»^**»' asad, m. a lion, the sign or constellatica 

Leo (in astronomy), a. 
^iXtJi ig-dam, directly, this moment, k. p. 
^d^\ Wftri a-aiddhaf not effected, invalid, 

false, unripe, incomplete, s, 

>*^**»i ^fWg a-suddha, wrong, impure, inaccu- 
rate, mistaken, s. 

j**»i ^^ asuVf and nm^ dsur, a demon ; 

the a«t»r* reside at the south pole: they are considered 
demons of the first order, and in constant hostility with 
the Gods, dsur, a form of marriage in which 'the 
bridegroom gives to the bride, her father, and paternal 
kinsmen, as much as he can afford, s. 

j**»^ W a«ra, m. a corner; hair; blood; a 
tear. a*ri, f. ten millions. *. 

j/*«»l ^IBl dsrd, ro. hope, dependence, defence, 

reliance, retreat, shelter, abode, house; ambush, con- 
cealment, shade, hiding-place. «, ' 

j\^\ asrdr, (pi. of JJ^), secrets, confidential 

concerns. «>rar, act of concealing ; also, divulging or 
communicating a secret, a. 

i^\jM] isrdf, m. prodigality, dissipation, 

abuse of wealth ; ruin, extravagance, a. 
Jji5y*»? itrafUf m. the name of an angel 

who will sound the last trumpet at the resurrectioa t 
a seraph, a, 

Jdol^l isrd,il, Israel, bani isrd^tl, the Israel 
ites. or children of Israel, a. [diction. . 

^^^/*>' Vrftr^T^ dsi7'bddy m. blessing, bene- 
CJjt^\ Wrfvff d8rit,\ one who relies on an- 
^jmA ^n^asartu, J other; a prot^g^. s. 

\^^jmA ir^ITT asraddhdj f. want of faith or 
confidence, unbelief. «. 




CUmm<»\ ^rf^ a-sishta, rude, indecent^ ill-be- 

f^/^^ VTWI asraviy m. abode, residence; class 

' of mankind, or religious order, whereof the HindUs 
reckon four, viz. the Brahmacharh who devotes his 
life to religious exercises, austerity, and celibacy. 
2nd. Grihh who lives in the world, and rears a family. 
3rd. Vanapraatha, who retires from the world with ms 
family, and passes his life in devotion in the forest 
4th BhikshUf or BhichchJiu, who lives on alms. «. 

,Jjb^^\ asarmel, 1 m. the Afistolachia In^ 

Jjjj^l asarvely J dicaj a plant supposed 

to be of great efficacy in caring snake bites, v. 
isparmul. d, [protected. «. 

^^j^\ W^fUH or iR^^mr a-saratiy helpless, un- 
^J>jt^\ '9H^^\ usarndf n. to retreat, shrink 

from, recede, h, 

^jM>\ isrinjy m. minium, cinnabar* p. 
^j»A ysc^asru (or asru)^ m. a tear. $. 
{Sj***^ ^mrft asurif belonging to the asurs, 

demoniacal, diabolical ; a division of medicine, surgery ; 
curing by cutting with instruments, applying the 
cautery, &c. «. [of demons, f. 

\j\^j*m\ ysiW^tHXm asufn-maya, f. deception 

do a«>T ^niflT asrait, hopeful, trusting, con- 

iOjuA WPTO asroydj m. a refuge, asylum. «. 

haved ; profligate, irregular. 9, 

^JjilaMJ^ istabal, m, a stable, a. 

^ jliM*1 is'tarah or is^farah-se, in this man- 
ner, thus, us'tard^, in that manner, h. a. 

U^^LliMif usturlab, m. an astrolabe, ff. 

C^\ .m5Vim*\ t^fUij^u^a/, (pi. of u^/tiAttf) ele- 
ments, principles, ustukusdti uf:lidtts, Euclid's Ele- 
ments of Geometry, g. 

(jMj^^^lxMjt ustukhudus fVrench lavender. ^. 

Jjum\ a^W, more happy, most happy, a, 

j\iu>l asfdr (pi. of^^ft*-*) books, volumes; (pi. 
of sqfar) voyages or travels, adventures, a. 

^l3lft«A»^ Ufanaj, m. spinach. j9. 

Ji^tl a^aZ, inferior, the lowest a. 

^.flM>1 isfanj, m. a sponge; a yeast dumpling.^. 

jb jjkfl^l isfandiyary the son of OUhiasb, of 

the first dynasty of Persian kings. p» 

^l^fl«#»1 isfafidny Ispahan^ the capital of 

Persian 'Irak (the ancient Parthia). a. 

^\a««»1 iV/5/, m. causing one to fall ; miscarry- 
ing; taking away; dying (cattle) ; procuring an ab- 
ortion, a. 

^^AMi\ is'kadar, this much, to this extent, k. a. 

AjSl»m\ iskxly m. a squill, a wild onion, g. 

\Z>^iu»\ Ukdty f. pacifying, soothing, si- 
lencing, a, 
UKMi»t '^^irrvn uskdndy a. to light a fire or 

wndle ; to excite, to instigate. A. 

38 ) j^t»* 

iJLoLa\ wrrsir or VQfiir, dskat or (juhaty f. 

drowsiness, laziness, tardinets. s. . 

\ZSuA ^r(W% dsahta, addicted, devoted to ; 

intent upon; fascinated, enamoured, diligent, sea- 
lously active ; trusting to, confiding in ; eternal. «• 

C^vJT ^mrfli dsaktiy f. attachment to one 

object or pursuit, diligence, application. «. 

U^.:3kl«» I in^onrnn askatdna, or ashatdna, n 

to be lazy. h. 

^Jf^\ VIHiirt or ^R^QRnf), dskatt or (uhail 
** drowsy, lazy, remiss, k, 

j^yHy^A ukandavy Alexander, ishandar t 

ruml, Alexander of Greece, or Alexander the Great. «• 

i^iXJil*)) is/tandari, of or relating to Alex- 
ander, a. 

^43JXM»t »^andariya,Alexandria in Egypt, a. 

^JJ^ImI iahandk (for shandky q.v.), a sec- 
tion or portion of a poem, a division of a book, t, 

.|^^->^ ^nr^ a-sukh, m. sorrow, pain, rest- 

lessness, uneasiness, affliction, t. 

, (^^nrfT tTTfTRr dsikhy m. benediction, admo- 
nition, instruction. «. [flicted, unhappy. <• 

rt^^^ W^ O'Sukhty restless, uneasy, af- 

^jH^) VTHT^ a-mgaUy m. bad omen, h, 
9fc3JJlM»l V1I1«V axgandh or Ugandli, m. the 

name of a plant used medicinally (pAysaZts^KexttMa). «. 

^Jji4*l44(<^ usal, form, figure, itsal pasaljand, 
to be agitated, tossed, to get into confusion, h, 

^L*i1u/a, consolation, comforting; causing to 

forget, a. [fathers, a. 

9^U>I a^Zq/* (pi. of u.iLi»), ancestors, fore- 

^^LmI tsZam, m. the religion of Muhammad, 

orthodoxy (according to Muhammadans). a. 

Jy^^u*») isldm-bol (for igidmbol), the city of 

Constantinople. <. 

^^LmI is/ami, 1 faithful, orthodox, a fol- 
«ju^L«*t uldmiyayj lower of the Muham- 

madan religion, a. 

UWJ—^J^I 9Vc#M4l<:$^MI usal'paial'jdndy 

n. to be agitatated, to be tossed, to get into confusion, km 

i,^^L«»l uslub or aslub, m. manner, mode, 

method, order, arrangement, uslub-dar, symmetriea^ 
of fair proportions, a. 

j^ tsniy m. name; a noun or substantive in 

grammar, itmi ist{piamt an interrogative pronoun. 
umi ukarOt a demonstrative pronoun. Umi fonArir, an 
indefinite pronoun, itmijdmid, a primitive noun. Mms 
a*^m, the Almighty name, one of the ninetv-nine 
attributes of the Divinity, the utterance of which is 

jective. Umi Ja*Ut a noun of agency, the nominative 
case. Umi wuful, the past or passive' partidfAe. 
9\fQt, a noun of quality, an afi^ective. «, 


( 39 •) 



WmaI ioma (pi. of ^1) names. ti»ma,d htutna 

or iiHS,e '«iaia, the^ninetr^iiine names or epithets of 
God. c 

U«*»T annna or anna, heaven ; adj. high. p. 

w^^l^MAi ^nmni a-samapta, anfintshed^ in- 
complete. thMmSpHj t. inoompleteness. «. 

.l«««»l asmar (pi. ofj^^), stories^ erening en- 
tertafnmentB. a. 

i3^U««>^ ifma*i/y the name of a prophet; 

lahmeel, son of Abraham, a. 

^V«M>^ VHHH asaman, different, unlike, un- 

«q;iia]. «. 

l^\.i»M»t HHmm a-^Amman, m. disrespect, dis- 

graoe. «. 

I2^V»M»T agmoHy m. the sky, the firmament, 

heaven, the oelestia] orb. asman par hxdam rakhn&y to 
ffive one's self airs, to aspire, to be vain, dsmdn par 
Tkkainchna, to be proud, to affect greatness, dsman te 

girmd, to fall from the clouds, is applied, particalarly 
bj women, to sig^nify an acquisition that has been made 
Buddenlj and unexpectedly, without labour or care, 
and the valne of which is inconsiderable, p, 

fj[j^-x->\^.Mi I dman-glrif f. a canopy or 

awning, p, 
^l^^t asmanif heavenly, celestial; azure, 

cerulean, skj-colonred. asmani *ir, &c., an arrow, &c. 
shot in the air. atmani farmdntt provision against in- 
juries arising from calamitous seasons, &con the part 
ij£ A zamn-dar, p, 

i ^ » ""« V j^ inn ba tntuamma, worthy of the 

name (it bears), whoae name ia expressive of its qua- 
litiea. a. p. 

^Sa »>j1 ^hHtv a^sambaddkf not joined, un- 

eoonected. t, 

j^ i i^i rt l ivibi^ a-sambhav, uncommon, incon- 

iirtent, nnlikelj. s. [perfect, s. 

WA^ a-sampuma, incomplete, im. 

>l V4l*Hil a-sammat, dissentient, averse, 
eontnij. thiommatir t dissent, dislike, f. 

xL>j^^ ismriti {<ee ttmriti), f. the Hindu 

law. «. Winfw a-mriti, t want of memory, forget- 
fiilneis. «. 

-4^^«Mii mnr^ a-samarth, weak, powerless, 

unable, incompetent. <. 
\^j^^ 1W<^ a-STtiaran, m. forgetful n ess, 

oblivion. «. 

Jfc w »ii » ^ U7na*il^ liihmael, from whom the 

Arabs daim descent. (Same as Ismail,) a, 

^tiH-*T VI^H^lif asamantat, adv. all 

foimd, on every side, wholly, altogether. «. 

^ranwr a-gamanjas, m. doubt, sus- 

ndon ; unconformity, disparity, difference. 8, 

jjf^ tsnt-ipar, entry in statements according 
to the order of persons' names, a. p. 

A TOVY a-iamay, unseasonahle, out of 
a time of misfortuae, distress, an improper 

^2^\ irWtT asan, m. the inside or under part 

of the thigh ; a stool, a seat; a small »Arpet on which 
the Hindus sit at prayer ; seat, posture, attitude, sit- 
ting (particularly the attitudes used by Jogis in tlieir 
devotional exercises, of which they enumerate eighty- 
four) ; the withers of an elephant, the part where the 
driver sits, asan tale ana, to come under subjection. 
asanjornd, to sit on the hams, dian ^oittd, spoken of 
a holy man, who, perceiving by supernatural intelli- 
gence that some one in distress has called on him, in- 
terposes in his behalf, asan se asan jopid, to sit cJose 
in contact with another person, asan lagdnd, to sit 
obstinately in a given posture, till one's request be 
obtained, asan mdrnd» to sit (particularly in an atti- 
tude practised by the Jogis); to retain one's seat 
firmly on horseback. *, 

(^;**»! wrftfrf asin, m. the sixth Hindu month, 

in which the moon is full near the stars in the head 
of Aries (September— October). *. 

^^;^\ **l^tf asan, also asan, m. the name of a 

tree on which the tasar silkworm feeds. (Terminalia 
alata tormentosa), t. [named tree. #. 

;^' W^ftf asan, m. eating : also the last- 
U**»\ T^fffT usna, hoiled (from usannd, q.v.). h. 

^\m\ amad (p\. oftijuy*), prants, and 1;m\- 

papers in ^neral, documents, isndd, an allegation on 
the authority of another, a. 

4«iU**»l isnaf, m. a snipe, apparently a cor- 
ruption of the English word. d. 

^U**»l aman, m. bathing (see ashndn). «. 

\>\S*tA 9^i«ii usndna, a. to cause to boil. i. 

(JL^wi a 1^\ H M ffg a'santushta, discontented, dis- 
^ •• • ' ' 

pleased, dissatisfied, t, 
^yi^\ ^TOlftV a-santokk, or fT^if^ a-san^ 

tos^t m. discontent, displeasure, s, 

^— ' j^^ V^RPT a-sanjog (or a-sanyog), m. 

want of opportunity, s, 

j^^ti***^ Vld^|4| a-sanshaya, undoubted. «. 

jt A ^V ^ji v^^ a-sankhya, countless, innu- 
merable. #. [bad. *. 
dxC**»l IffllTW a-sangat, absurd, improper, 
^L>i*«l ^^«iif| asanmdn, m. disrespect, s. 
CL^^^J^\yamitni fl-5fl7w,TOa/,dissentient,differing 

from, averse, contrary. «. 

\^>^^^ ^nm tisannd, n. to boil, to simmer, h, 
j^y-»*>i '«Ki«i1 dsonl, f. a small carpet, &c. on 

"which the Hindus sit at prayer, s, [tunity. «. 

cf/^JUu*>i fi^^tl a-sanyog, m. want ofoppor- 

9JSmA ira^ a-sneh, harsh, uukind ; m. un« 

kindness, want of affection, s, 

y^!^ V^ asTva, m. a horse, s* 

^-»l ^i«H dsav, m. a kind of intoxicating 

liquor, distilled from sugar or molasses, mm. «. 

^ij**»l SUi^l^ dsndd, m. savour, relish, s, 

Jiy*»\ asndr, m. cavalry, a horseman ; mounted, 
riding on any thii^g, as a horse, a carriage, a slnp,Scc p. 


( 40 ) 


^J^\ydi\^r'tr^asivarurh,moniiiedon horse- 
back, t. [with battle-axee. p, 

\^yy*^ asTvdri, f. riding } a mode of warfare 

(^^^1 W^nn aswdSf m. completion, cessa- 
tion ; comfort, encouragement, conBoIation. s, 

^^^ei4M\ya\ is-waste, on this account. uS'Waste, 

"on that account, h. a. [^ly* ' 

^^1 iraW a-sohha, shapeless, ill-made, 
CL^y*i\ V^^fW asroa-pati, ra. master of 

horses, a title used by some of the HindQ r^jas. s. 
ff^yytA ^9^7^ aswatth, m. the sacred fig-tree ; 

(Ficus religiosa). t, 

^^1 WIJtiT CLSoj^ ra. the sixth solar month. <• 
0^yt*^ ^nnill a-sujh, invisible, incorporeal. A. 
^^\ mft^ a-sockf not contrivable, tliat 

which cannot be efTected by reflection or study ; not 
to be regretted. A. 

d>^ya\ V^T^ a-satccha, m. social or legal 

undeanness, as from the death of a relation, &c. s. 

^^»'y^\ irat^ a-sochi, careless, indifferent, 

"unconcerned, h, 

dy*»\ aswad, black, or blackest, powerful, a. 
ij'^y^^ asudagif f. quiet, peace, content, p. 
^(>^M»I asudauy (r. asa), to beat rest. j9. 
l^y^\ dsuda, full, glutted, satiated, saturated; 

quiet, satisfied, tranquil, at ease, contented, asuda- 
khafirt or asuda dilf or dsiida-^lt full, replete; con- 
tented, in easy circumstances, asudot in a figurative 
sense means dead and buried, hence plur. asudagdnt 
the tranquil ones, i. e, the dead, p, 

Jbiiy0*\ W^hf! asaudha, m. legal arrest. Jt, 
^U*>^\ vm^ll^l asrva'ScUdy f. a stable, s. 
CLfSy^S h-waktf now, at present, tts^wait, 

then, at that time. h. a. 

fJL)y*A W^^ a-sokj (for aihohi)^ m. ease, 

tranquillity, cherfulness; a kind of tree(/oMe«kx €isoca). s, 

\lJy*A ^wftn a-iog^ m. ease, tranquillity; 

a tree called also Deva-ddru (Uvaria long\folia), s, 

\jb(3ji[^l ^RPTW asTva-gandhd, m. the name 

of a plant {phystdis fiexuosa). s, 

iJy*A IWt'ft a-sogt, at ease, unmolested, s. 

^jy^\ ^Sitt ason, this year. k. 

ijy^\ tif^^pft aswini, f. the name of the first 

"lunar mansion, of the form of a horse's head (the three 
stars in the head of Aries). *, [der. «. 

b^M»l ^VV^^T asuydf f. detraction, malice, slan- 

J\^\ iSfhdl, m. loosening, opening, purging, 
flux. a. [intolerable, i, 

t\ fril^lV asdhajj or a-gahij, insufferable. 

J^\ aSfhal, more or most easy, a. 

{*;^^ ^V^n(«T asahan, impatient, not bearing 

with, unable to endure, t, 

aaI^I Vfl ^ h1 ^ a'Saham^a,^ intolerable,nn- 
jUL^t V)EF9 asahyay J bearable. «. 

^^^\ W^ assi, eighty, k. 

^^1 7% use^ him, that, &c. ^ ise^ this, t« 

"this, or him, &c. h, 

^^\ asi (forvf9aW),m.asword,8cimetar. t, 
^^\ vm dsai^ m. meaning, intention, aim; 

scope, theme, subject ; an asylum, abode, or i lUiigt. «. 

VjumI dsiydf f. a mill, dsiyd-sang^ a mill- 
stone. p» 

^jIjumI dsiydna^ m. a whetstone, p. 

ujjumI dsehi (or dsib\ m. a misfortune (ge- 
nerally means such misfortunes as are the mnsngnnmm 
of the shadow of a demon having fallen on one, aad 
so forth), trouble, calamity, damage, p, 

Usf^' 9^1t|HI usijna^ ^ a. to boil (food, 
U^aft***! 9^1«b;«1l ustjhndf) &c.). A. 

l^a^ a-<icAa,unirrigated (same asa-«uk;Aa). s. 
jw»l a»r, m. a prisoner, a captive, anr % Sb 

gU^ attached to one's native soil. a. 
jl^\ 9^1 uslr, f. a grass, the root whereof is 

sweet-scented, and used for making faffu (andropogom 
murieatum), 9, 

^bjj^g*) 'wrfWr^ or wraMr^ aslrhdd or dsirbad^ 

m. blessing, benediction, salutation. 3, 

{^j^ asirif f. imprisonment, captivity, a. 

(jmJum) VrA^ or ^nrHr am or asis, f. bless- - 
ing; return of compliment from a (Hindu) superior. «• 

Lju*»\ ir^fhlT usisd, m. a pillow, a cushion, 

head of a bed. h. 

(J2ju«»\ ir^a-;)e<A, without remainder,entire. «• 

l»ju«»l fi^/hn a-«ima, unbounded, unlimited, s* 
jk^jUMl dsimaf amazed, astonished, sar'dslma, 

bewildered in the head, astounded, p, 
(^;iM>l ^ralfff d^n, seated, sitting, s, 
\J^^ ^m\hlt a-sinchdy not watered, not irri- 

gated (a field, &c.). «. 

ly^l ^rd^ a-.set/*a, 1 m. disobedience, inat« 
^^ju*>1^ra^*Ta-««t?an,J tention. «. 

U •xm\ T^^fH usenmd, a. to throw out the water 

from boiled rice. h. 

(^\ ush, interj. fie, &c. (vide t^). rf. 
(^T asA, f. meat, victuals, viands, soup, broth, 

gruel, pottage, dshi-jau, barley-water or water-gmel. 
ash'pakdna, a to combine in any design ; to conspire, 
or contrive any tiling against another, dsh-malt a por- 
ridge.stick, a pestle, p. 


( 41 ) 


^^ ^im? dsha, f. hope, desire ; dependence, 

relkDoe^ trust. asAi-prajo/a, incceseful, posaessing the 
wared object oMha-bmdht m. confidence, trust, ex- 
pectation. dtha-bhoMg, disappointment, asha-want, 
f«pectant, hopeful. ofAo-Ain, despondinr, despair- 
ing. «. 

W ^^ t»Aa, tn, early moming, dawn, day- 
bR«k (also Mft^ita0.f. the wife of Aniradha. »- 

CJjXmA isharatf'\{, a sign, command, signal, 
B^Uii ishara^ J hint tam-t-txAara, a de- 

monatratiTe pronouii. a. 

/M»U»l ^^itff a-«Aa«/ra, unlawful, illegal,irre- 

ffoiar. a-«iMfrry^ contrary to law, inooBsistent with 
theruleaofsdeooe. s. 

>j^' ^mc or Wm7i ashdrh or asharh, m. 

the third solar month, (see Jb^^l). 4. 
^Jlil mvT^ aiharht, f. daj of the full 

"mooB in Askafh. «. 

jiLjT a«^am, drink, (in comp.) drinking, as 

«i«^i^Aam, wine-drinker, p. 

jj^«X*«J-i»l ashatntdan, to drink, to qnaff. /?. 
Ca>U»1 V^rnir a-«Aan<, restless, anxious, unre- 

■gned. a-shSnti, f. anxietj, restlessness, s. 

{fjj\^i ^^i«iO </«^ai»«ri, f. a ragint or mu- 

■acal mode ; a kind of pigeon; a sort of cotton doth, s, 

C^y**»\ W^n^rer askdrvant, fearful, unquiet, 

pitifoL s, 

^IfH aMdhy (pi. of^kJL) hodies, objects, a. 

-4*-»« lOT¥a-5AttJ7i, unfavourable, unpleasant, 
iaaospicioos. eril ; m. misfortune, distress, s. 

iflntA dshtdivdAtn. an ewer &c., same as 
Ij\jL»1 dshtdwaj dfidba or abidba, q. v. ^. 
iUImI ishiibdk, m. doubt, ambiguity, 

Mroplc. a. 

^Uliil ishiibdkt, suspicious, doubtful, a. 

M^Hl ishtidddf m. confirming, strengthen- 
ing, increasing in Tiolenoe. a. 

^i ttx&<t<r, m. a camel. p» 

]f^\ ishtirdf m. buying, selling, commerce, a. 
;^|^^ itktirdk, m. partnership, a. 

JUjmIi^ ishttdlt m. burning, inflaming, light- 
ing s lire or candle ; fomenting,instigating a quarrel, a. 
iiD'jUM»\ iskttdlak, (dimin. of last word). 

itkti'iUtk d£nd, to foment (quarrels), to encourage to 
W actions, to abet a. [study, a. 

JUam»1 ishii^alfTD. occupation, employment, 

^SliA Uhtikdk, m. derivation of one name 

from another, a, [firm, p, 

Jill Msktulum^ celerity, violence, injustice ; 

JUmi\ itktimdl, m. comprehension, contain- 
\^iA fdUiha, £ hunger, appetite, a. 

jlfl^l Uhtihdrf m. publication, divulging, 

feme, rumour, report, renown. Uhtthdr-nSma, a writ- 
ten or printed proclamation or public notice, a. 

^y^\ dshfi, f. peace, concord, reconciliation, 
''agreement, convention, confederacy ; amour, intrigue, p. 

jUlil hlitiyakf m. wish, desire, strong in- 
clination, a. 

viLuM»\ ^ i*ht^9 desired, wished, approved ; 

worshipped, reverenced ; cherished, beloved ; m. a god, 
a deity, whatever is worshipped ; an ob(|eet, the tiling 
wished for ; a beloved penou. s. 

^JLJ*^ HV asht or ashUty eight, ashfa-prakar, 

incessant, the whole day and night. athpa-^mmgtU, m. 
ahorse with a white fece, tail, breast, and hoo&; a 
collection of eight lucky things to be assembled ou 
certain occasions, as a lion, a4>ull, an elephant, a water- 
jar, a fen, a flag, a trumpet, and a lamp. s. 

(j-oim inn^ ashtd-dash, eighteen, s* 
fJUKi»\lM\ w I ^n fir ashtdshtti, eighty-eight, s. 
i^\l^\mWX^o8htdng, m. eight parts of man ; 

adj. of, or with e%ht members, ashfang pranSm, pro- 
stration in salutation or adoration, so as to touch the 
ground with the eight principal parts of man, viz. 
with the hands, feet, thighs, breast, eyes, head, words, 
and mind. «. 

d^JL ^ yJiJiA ^nnft^rfiT ashtd-vinshati, twenty- 

eJgl»*- «. [fifty-eight *. 

iJlj^\fi (JLiA VSMMI^ff ashta-panchdshat, 
^^i^t^WIflisktaid, f. desirableness,reverence. «. 
jM*-*l l[Vil< isktatar^ dearer, more desired, s. 
iSA^^Ji<2^\ mufi^^fashta'trinshatfthiTty' 

eight. «. 

^•Juu*>^ ^n^ isktatam, best beloved, dearest, 

most desired. 3, [rinshat, forty-eight «. 

Ca ^ *^)j |^A»» s^LJm) ^fVifmft^ashta-ckatfvd'' 

C^UbJo^l ^rvin?r ashtadhdtu, m. the eight 

metals, said to be gold, silver, copper, brass, tin, beU- 
metal, lead, and iron. ash^dJiatJj, f. a mixed metal, a 
compound of eight metals. «. 

jjul>) Tff ushtra, m. a camel, s^ 
^^yuLMtf cLa^I Vf mrfil askta-saptaii^ seventy- 

- eight, s. 

J»Sm* a J1»] WSffsfv euthta*Hddkif ro. the eight 

siddhis, the name of a superior order of beings, a per- 
sonification of the powers and laws of nature ; wlben 
they are subjected to the will by holiue«f and au8te> 
rities, whatever the fancy desires, may, it is said, be 
obtained ; universal sovereignty may be acquired, and 
implicit obedience to any command enforced; the 
magnitude, weight or levity of the body may be in- 
creased or diminished at will, and the body be trans- 
ported in an instant to any part of the universe, s. 

> ^i' . * ,» *»( JLu t jl wnfv ashtasliashthiy sixty- 
eight #. 

fjua) inpf ashtam, the eighth, s, 

^^^Juil WfWt askfafnlf f. the eighth day of the 

'*moon. janm&thfami, the eighth of BhSdra Kruhn» 
paksh, the birthday of Krishna, t. 

J>^ ( 

j\j^ ashjar (pi. otjair)^ trees, a. . 
J^\ ^^r^ a-shuchi, impure, unclean ( 

^moniaUy); f. impurity. *. 

I Wl^«4 ashcharj (for ashcharya\ ni. 

42 ) 



amazement, aatonishment, Borprise ; adj. astonishing, 
wonderful, ashcharjyata, fl wonderfulness, astonish- 
ment^ J. ^ [people, a. 

;jo\ai*^^ ash^as (pL of c^ioJ^), persons, 
t^uwlil ashaddf more or most Tebemeot, severe, 

■trong, violent, excessive, a. 

>(Xi^l 1R1[ a^huddhf impure, inaccurate, 

wrong. ashuddJuUa, i. inaccuracy, impurity. <• 

U^ Jw£*\ l|i[(j4|| €hshuddhiya, one who speaks 

or reads wrong. <. 

jM»l askatTf vicious, malignant, atrocious (or 

more vicious, Sec), a, 

Jli\ WOT aahra, m. a tear. s. 

^j^\ ^inw dshra, 1 m. cheating, fraud, cir- 

g?^l ^n^TO 5«Ar/iy,J cumvention ; proxi- 
mity; a retreat, abode, a house; a means of defence; 
bavmg recourse to protection or refuge; trust, re- 
liance, hope ; a patron, a protector, s, 

Ob|^l ashrabdt, drinks prohibited bj the 

Muhammadan law, such as wines, &c a. 
. ' ' 

.1^1 ashrar (pi. of j^^), wicked, wretched, 

criminal, seditious (people), a. 

f^Lil ashraf (pi. of u-ft^;^), nobles, gran- 
dees, gentlemen, men of high extraction. In Rohil- 
kund,Oude, and Benares, the term is applied to a class 
of cultivators who claim certain privile^s. a. 

^j»*^ ishraky m. splendour, bcautj, lustre, 
lit the rising of the sun. a. 

^Li»* iskraJiif eastern, oriental. Uhral^i- 
"-fiamSzt morning prayer, a. [partnership, a, 

<^|^^ ishrak, m. participating, entering into 

CJji» I VlftnT dshrit (see asrii)^ a person pro- 
tected, &c. a. 

J^ijiA W^TVT a-shraddkaf f. aversion, con- 
tempt, disgust, loathing, distrust, disbelief, a. 

i^^JiA ashraf, more noble ; m. a gentleman, 

a person of noble or genteel birth, a nobleman, adtrqf" 
ul 9nai2^u/!-a/,the most excellent of created beings, man- 
kind. ashrqf-tU bilad, the finest of regions, a, 

^J^J^^ ashra/i, f. a gold coin so called. The 

Calcutta (uhrqfi, is about 1/. 1 1«. Sd., and the gold uf 
it is better than English standard gold, by five shil- 
lings in the ounce, or about one-sixteentiL By the 
Regulations of May 1793, it should weigh 190-804 grains 
troy weight, generally called by Europeans, ** a gold 
more * (vide muhr). The gold more of Bengal is worth 
16 rupees, tliat of Madras and Bombay 15 rupees, p. 

^^\ W^SPT ashram^ m. (same as dsram), 
abode, &c. &c. (v. atram). s, [less. 3, 

^o/^' ^V9^ o.-^harariy without shelter, help- 
{jj^^ ^nm ashray^ m. same as ashrd, q. v. 
C'^i>l ^n^ dshraitj hopeful, trusting, con- 

ficfent. #. 

tg;?^l *HfOi1 a-*Aartri, incorporeal. «. 
(j«**>l VrfijRI dihiSy f. blessing, benediction. <• 

known, revealed, p. 

nngoverned ; under the dominion of evil habits arisiog 
from a neglected education ; rude, barbarous, t. 

jUil ash'dr (pi. of\«-J*), verses, poems, a. 
JU*<*I ashgbnl (pi. of ^3*^)» employments, 

occupations, cares, ith gl^ . being employed, a. 

Jlill askfdk (pi. of ^3ii»), kindnesses, fj|- 

vours. ishfalpf compassion, tenderness, a. 

»jA*^\ a5/At(/){<i, wretched, miserable, distressed, 
distracted, uneasy, disturbed, ashtftor^i&l, distrened 
in condition, athufta-lsbatir or a»kt^ta-dil, afflicted in 
mind, athuftor^nu^ with disheveUed hair. a*hufUh$art 
or, -cfM^ or, -ja^, distracted in head or bndo. p, 

^^ ^i iH* I dshuftagi, f. misery, distraction, un 

"easiness, p, 

^JiiJM dshuftatifto di8turb,to be confounded, pm 

^j£»\ ashul^y gum-ammoniac, p^ 

l^iil askhiyd (pi. of ^SJi»), thieves, male- 
f«cton. a, 

dlA^I ashk, m. a tear, tears, ashk'hdry mourn- 
ing, shedding tears. ashk-Jtarl, f, weeping, pu 

Jil^ dshkdry 

\J^\dshkdrd, ^ "PP""*""'' ^^"''•^ P"'^^'^' 
9jIXm>1 dshhdray, 
Jlxliil ashhdl (pi. of t)^), appearances, 

figures, shapes, semblances, forms, a. 

Jlki2l»t uhhdl, m. difficulty, ambiguity, sus- 
picion, painfulness. a. [lude, to wheedle, d* 

lj3\CMi*t Uhkdlnd, to deceive, to tempt, to de- 
^Km*I ishhdUf one who excites doubts or diffi« 

** culties. a. 


able, powerfuL dshakti, f. attachment, fondnesisi 
power, might, s. 

d^ylJA ^cr^nC a-shaktay powerless, unable. 

a-shakti, f. impotence, weakness, s. [rant t, 

cLa^Ix^I ^f^lfHIif a-skikshit, untaught, igno- 
^^^xm»I V)|RK«T a-shakun, ^ ro. portent, evil 
iji^^ V9pnir a-shugun, > omen, askakuni 
^yCi*! ^nnrjT a-skygun,} or a-shuguntf 

portentous, boding evil luck. t. 

8J^J^] ^t^l^a-shakya, impossible, s. 

AJ1»] ashally having a disjointed, withered, or 

paralytic hand. a. [distich, j^ 

c^^]u)\ ^rs^ ashlok or uhloky m. verse, 

\^$aLil») ^riNr ashUhhd or ashleshd, m. the 

name of the ninth lunar mansion (five stars near the 
southern daw of Cancer), t. 

V^l T^^TT ushmd, f. warmth ; wrath, i. 
A^Jlt) ishmdm^ m. diffusing odour, shedding 

perftCime; giving to a quiescent consonant a slight 
sound of zamma or kasra, but so as not to lengthoi tbs 
syllabla, or make one syllable more. «• 


( 43 ) 



(I*i2»l ^<ilirr uthmata, f. heat, warmth* s. 
^fj-Ji»\ ^^snA ashmari, f. the stone or grayel 

(tlie disease); strangury. «. 

^yjiA ashmal, more or most perfect, complete, 

sajpsssin^ transoendjuit. a, 

^^\ ^lil ushna, hot, warm, pangent, acrid ; 

m. beat, wsrmth. s. 

(^^ miR ashan, m. eating food ; also ^TT^R 

&ftaa, the dtan tree, on which the tatar tilk-wonn 
feeds (Termmalia aUiia tomeHtota), «. 

UmiI osibna, an acqaaintance, lover, friend; 

iiini par ast, friendly, p, 

Um»1 TmiT u^ff^nna, n. to hoiL A. 
I^^Uust VHII^ athnatif m. bathing. #• 
(^Um»T ashna,if f. friendship, acquaintance. 

scfcao^j-Jt. a. to onite, to associate. Sshnd^i lagfUL n. to 
beoonie intimate, to be united in friendship, p, 

*AAjJl»\ dthnayana, in a friendly manner, p. 
\jsL\ "SWilT ttshnatOf f. heat, warmth, i. 
kdijJlA ^IW a-shanka, fearless, undaunted, 

MCBre. Sm 

^^^1 "Vf^l^ ofAan/tfa, f. fear, apprehension, 

awe, danger ; doubt, uncertainty. <. [dem. «• 

xL\ TiqfN ufAnWi, m. a turban, a dia- 
ashfvOf m. a horse. 8, 

ashtvarurhf mounted on a 

horae; m. a honeman. <■ 

{jjyi»\ vrariH ashwasy m. completion, ces- 

latioD. comfort. «. 

U->^l ashoh or a5A«&, m. tumult, clamour; 

inflanimation of the eyes ; terror ; misfortune ; storm, 
tempest; an impostor; in oomp. exciting, p, 

^y^\ V^ftaT a-skobha, f.ugliness ; adj. shape- 

icK. ugly. s. 

Oj^^ WOfir aahwa'patiy m. a person of 

rank, attended by horsemen ; a horseman. 9, 

4)^^ inrTVa^Awa^^Aa, m. the holj fig-tree 

(Fkm9 TtUgiosa). «. 

^^^1^^^ a-shochf m. content, tranquillity, 

absence of care, a-shaucht ni. impurity ; mourning, s, 

j^y^\ Vmyi^l ashwa'shald, f. a stable, s, 
ii}yL\ ^tn^^a'-shok, at ease, unmolested ; m. 

tnnquiUity ; a plant {Jonetia asoka). s. 

Ujj^^\ WiVFVT ashfva-gandhd, f. a plant 


{fhf$mUt JkxMosa), 

^t\}AynA m^ askrva-^medhj m. the actual or 

emblematic sacrifice of a horse, an ancient religious 
c eiemou y among the Hindus. This sacrifice is one of 
ihe h%Dest order, and, when performed a huudred 
tioMs, entitles the sacrificer to the dominion of swarga 
or psaradise. it appears to have been original ly typical ; 
ihe horse and other animals being simply bound during 
fStut fetfonntmcK of certain ceremonies : the actual 
•Mtitke IS an introduction of a later period. «. 

l^fXM ^nf^n dshfvin^ m. the sixth Hindii 
' (Iteptembci^-October), a. 

(3^^ irf^ViJt ashmnif f. the name of the fint 

" lunar mansion (see aswim). <. 

j^^ylA vmcfii. askrva-vdrf m. a horseman. «• 
^^\ V^mi aihwa'yujy f. the first lunar 

mansion, t. [proot a. 

4^l^\ ishhadf m. taking to witness, bringing 

ii\^\ aghkdd (pi. of «Mb\M»), witnesses (such 
as have been present) ; eye-witnesses, a. 

(ma^^ ashhab, white, ash-coloured, a. 
J^\ askhadu, I testify, I declare, a. 
jf^\ ashhar,more or most celebrated ; known, a. 

f^l Wt^^ dshayay m. meaning, intention, 

**aim; an object of desire; theme, subject; shelter | 
the mind. t. 

ljuS*1 ashyd (pi. of ^y»»\ things, effects, a. 

/o'j^l dshiydn, 1 ** . . _, ' 

• I*** T - f . - r ™* * bird s nest. p. 
a^UmiI cuhv/ana,J 

CAJui»T Vl^flOr o^Attt, eighty, s. 

j^\TnfffK.ushtryf.3, fragrant root of gras8,cal led 

in Persian J[fta« {Andropogon muricaium), s. 

t^b^A^ I m^fl^l^ askir-bad, 1m. bless- 

^^ji^\ Vl^ll^^H dshir-vackan,} ing, be- 
nediction, s. 

(j^Um»^ ^r^ asheshf boundless, endless, all. $• 
(ji^JbI»T VT^ffNl Wljfhp dshUh, f. blessing, 

benediction. «. 

ji'\jo\ asdgldr (pi. of yudl), little, mean, con- 
temptible, low, poor (people), a. 
dJlol isdlat or asdlaty firmness, integrity, 

^ solidity of judgment ; genuineness, a. 

\j3Lo1 asalatan, radically, originally, alto- 
gether, absolutely, in proper person, a. 

L^\^\ ashdbf (pi. of u«A>-Ud), grandees, 

lords, masters, companions, apostles, friends. In com- 
position, it signifies possessed of; as. as^dbi 'ilm, learned 
men, Sec. tu^dbi ktbar and cu^&bi guztn, the select 
frienids and companions of Muhammad, of^bi ka^, 
the (seven) sleepers of the cave, £smed in oriental ro- 
mance, a. [ing. a. 

Ss^\ Uddr, m. producing, appearing, issu- 

j\j^\ isrdr, perseyering, obstinacy, a. 

i^\j^\ Urqff m. expenditure, waste, prodi- 
gality, ifr^f'kt a. to squander, &e. a. 

ilfla^l istibd^, m. dipping, baptism, a. 
^Ulx«0\ istibaffhiy one who baptizes. ITahya 

'*/«|t6^g&i, John the Baptist, a. 

^JjIxo\ tf^«&//(yulgarly affa&a/),m.a stable.^. 
ji^ istak^r, the ancient name of Per* 

sepolis. p. 

Ui^^jlx^ot usturldbf f. an astrolabe. ^. 

-.^tlxi^l isiilahy f. a phrase, idiom, general 
^acceptation; a figure in rhetoric, c 


( 44 ) 


OW^Ua^l UtUahat (pl.)» idioms, phrases, 
forms of »peedL a. 

(^>Ja^^ utildhty technical, metaphorical, 

**oonveiitioiial. a. 

j^\ as^j^r, less, least, smallest ; the minor 

term in a logical propoBition. a. rtpinosa), a. 

Aol asaf, m. the caper tree (Capparis 
'I asafy the name of a man, considered to 

have been Solomon's tpozir, ifttf-ra^, pmdent as afo^. 
ifttf-ud-dmUa, the atrfoi the state; a title generally 
applied to a wazir, a. 

J^\ asfar (pi. of jSuo), ciphers, a. 
j^\ a^aVf yellow, saffron-coloured, a. 
^l^A^o) isfahan, m. Ispahan, till recently the 

capital of Persia, p. 

J-»«^ adj f. lineage; origin, root; foun- 
dation ; a capita], principal sum, stock in trade, ofl-^us- 
siu. m. liquorioe. a. 

Vwi0i aslan or asld, hy no means, never, not 

at alL Of ZeQ mujM^t absolutely never, by no manner 
of means, a. 

^V^i Uldkj f. amendment, cure, correction, a. 

U^t aslahf best, most correct, a. 

^^^\ aslif pure, of a noble family, noble, 

** essential, radical, original; a registered village, a. 

^* asammj deaf; a surd number in arith- 

* metic, opposite of muniik, jasgr-i afamm, the square 
root of a surd. a. 

uJU^I cunaf (pi. of v»ijL<o), sorts, kinds, 

varieties, a. [reputations, a. 

Ol^l afwa^, (pi. of CJya) voices, sounds, 
Jj#ot tifu/, (pi. of (J^t) causes, roots ; a 

mood or tone. a. 

jl^-tfl af,A»ar (pi. of jfjo), near relations, agene- 

ral term for all relations by marriage within the degree 
in which marriage is prohibited, a. 

Jju^l asil, well-born, noble, genuine; f. a 

maid-servant who is free, in opposition to iaun4i, a 
female purchased slave, a. 

OiUit izafat, f. addition, an adjunct, an 

epithet ; it is in grammar applied to the short vowel 
Kturat between two Persian nouns in the formation of 
the genitive case, or on the addition of an acyective. 
^dlati izqfait the genitive case, a, 

ti\j6\ izafaf m. addition, junction, augmen- 
tation, attribute, a, 

i^\Jsij6\ iztirdb, m. agitation, perturbation, 
restlessness, anguish, trouble, chagrin, a. 

^\pa^t iztirabif f. haste, impatience, a, 

jj^la^l iztirar,m. 1 violence, constraint, agi- 
^Cj\^eLti\ iztirdri, f.J tation. a. 

^^\Juc\ afdf, double, iz'af, act of doubling, 
duplication, a. (impotent, a. 

6\ azqf, very helpless or weak, most 

6^Li^ azla, (pi. of ^^) districts ; sides (of 

a square, &C.) ; ribs; convexiti^; archet* a. 

lIaPU^I i!^*at, f. subjection, obsequiousness, 
reverence, worshipping, obedience, nibmiBsion. a. 

JfjklUdt atdWk, m. preceptor, a guardian or 

governor, atalt^ instruction, p, 

U^t atibha, (pi. of u»ai>V>), physicians, a. 
(»i|^1 atrdf (pi. of (»i^), sides, environs, 

confines, skirts, districts; all aroima. a. 

J4)(^g;k\ tfri-pAa/,lm. a kind of electuary; 
^^Jh^ itri'falf J vide itrt-phaL 
\i^\ itfa, extinction, putting out (a fire), a. 
J\i^! atfdl, (pi. of Ji^), children, family, a. 

c^Ubl ittila, f. manifesting, informing, de- 
claring, investigating, knowledge, information, tj^i 
ld'-k,t to acquaint, imbrm. itf,Uff-nama, a written de* 
claration, or notice in writing ; a summons or citatioi^ 
ittila'-mand, informed, acquainted, a. 

^^U^l itjdkf m. setting at liberty; divorcing; 

freedom, di^engagedness ; in law, the office and re- 
cords of summonses, also fees thereon, a. 

^j«*>y jiU^l itidft-navis, ro. the officer who 

keeps the register of Bummonses and of the fees there 
upon. a. p, 

(jJ^t atlas, m. satin, atlasi, of or resembling 

satin, made of satin, a, 
elj^t itmdy strong desire, longing for. a. 

^UiJ&l itmtndn, m. tranquillity, content, 
security, repose, rest, quiet ipninani iftfiftV, peace of 
mind, a, 

L-^Ul^l atndb (pi. of Cy^jJg) tent ropes, a. 
jljtl atfodr, (pi. ofjjld) manners, behaviour, 

devoirs. H^Ji-aiiffart well bred, a, 

Jji^l at/(;a2, very long or tall, prolix, a. 
j\^\ athdr (p\. of ^^), the pure, ithdr^ 

purifying, purification, a. 

Jib\ azlam, more or most oppressive, a. 

X^\ i^hdr, m. demonstration; revealing. 

publication, erincing. a. 
^;^1 azhar, very clear, more apparent, a^^- 

hcuru min ash-shamsi, clearer than the sun. a. 

CJ^\^\ i'ddat, (also tdda), f. repetition, re- 
vising ; visiting the side. a. 

JUpI tidk, liberation, manumission, a. 
clo\p^ i'dnat, f. help, aid, succour, favour, 

assistance, a. 

jLjtl t*<iJar, m. belief, faith, confidence; 
respect, esteem, veneration, reliance, i'tibdr rakhti, 
or Vtibar-k., to give credit to, to believe, a. 

{jj\iJ^\ i'tibdri, trusty, confidential, a. 

JIjJpI t tiddly m. evenness, equilibrium; 
temperateness ; rectitude, temperature, moderation, a. 


j\d^\ ttizar, m. an excuse, apology, ^i'tisar- 

90ma, nualetterofapoloigy. a. " 

ifjiis] ttizdri, one who apologiaes. a. 

{j^\Jifi\ ttiraz, f. refusing assent, objecting, 
dwca«ion; criticism, animadyeFsion. displeasure, op- 

^ypl ttirazl, f. displeasure, anger; one 

uJ]^) ttirafy m. confession, acknowledg- 
ment, ayowal. a, 

j\^\ i^tizaz, excelling, overcoming, a. 
J]jlp\ ttizal, secession, dissent ; abdicating 

or withdrawii^ from office, a, [«in. «. 

I^UoIpI i'tisamj preserving one's self from 
lilftlpl ftikad, m. confidence, faith, trust, 

belief, a. i , **u t, 

(^<>l£lp) tiikadiy one who has faith &c., or 
in whom faith is placed, a. 

i^%J^\ ttikaf^ m. restraining, curbing one's 
pasmon from religions motiyes. as in Lent ; continuinir 
m the mosque (particularly at Mecca), a. 

aUS^I ttimad, m. faith, confidence; hope, 
dependence, reliance, a. 

j^«iU-pl i'timadiy one in whom confidence is 
placed, a truatworthj person, a. 

USp| t'fma, taking pains, anxiety, care. a. 
/^ fjoz, TO. disappointment; a miracle; 

wonder, amazement, astonishment, surprise. Vjdzi 
nan^l, miraculous cure. equalUnff the wonderful 
cores of the Messiah, a, 

j^' a^jam^ a barbarian, a rustic : the term 
is itiictlj emplojed to one who does not speak pure 
Arabic, but it generally denotes a Persian, a. 

Wl aVa (pi. of J JkP), foes, enemies, a. 

V];^' tVo^, m. a vowel, the using of the 

voweUpcunta. ^rah, the wandering Arabs of the 
desert, a. 

yjSs\ arabtf an Arab of the desert* a. 


^/\ traj, crippling, or making lame. a. 

(>];P1 irazy flying from, aversion, i'raz-k., 

to tarn away from any thing with abhorrence, a. 
fmJ\j^\ araf, m. purgatory : according to the 

Mnsafan&ns It is a kind of neutral space between 
benren and helL The poet Sa'di says that •« to those 
m heaven A'raf would seem hell, but the hellites 
voaU call A'r&f paradise." 

^^\ arajy cripple from birth, a. 
jlj^l tzaz, m. respect, attention, a. 
lj^\ aizza (pi. ofj>^\ very excellent,worthy, 

flrdcar (penon8orpeople> a. [sinews, a. 

^\^a^\ a$ah, (pi. of v.j^-oP') nerves, tendons, 

V-flPi a'zoj (pi. of^-iP) members of the body. 

iTaM tmand, organs of generation, o'yfi.s ra,Ma. the 
vttal pans, as the heart, bndn,&c. a. 

jApI a'|»ifft, greatest, or very great, a. 

45 ) 


5U? aVa, \ 
Ji^l a7a, J ^"P''®™®' ^'g^» t^e Most High. a. 

jftil^l ildm^ m. proclaiming, indicating, ao- 

noundng; a warrant, notification. «. 
^j)5>^l tVan, m. publishing, divulging, a. 
jj^i a'^m, most knowing or wise. a. 
Ufi^l a'ma, for ^\ blind, ignorant, a. 

JUp! i'ma/, applying. aWZ, (pi, of A^) 
action, conduct a. w^/ 

J^i a*»ia, blind, ignorant; a desert, a. 
U^^ «V«» (P^- of ^jjp), eyes ; grandees, 

nobles, a'yaaj ^o^rof, courtiers, a. 

IpI 5^5, a master, lord; an 5^5. t. [agaria^. 
U^.J^' o^^aHjiiTi (d^o/Micoi/) common 

jSA aghaz^ m. beginning, commencement. 
4g&5z-A:., to begin, p. 

^\f\ i^rak, submersion : in rhetoric it signi- 
fies excessive praise or censure, a. 

ftllPl dgliishta^ mixed,macerated,poIIuted.j9. 

JiT a§^U (also a^H) a sheep-cote in a 
mountain, an enclosure for sheep &c. in a plain. 
a^ftoA a bar or bolt. />. 

J5lp\ ighlak, m. diflicult to be understood, 

abstruse ; an obstacle, a. 

Jilil ^^ZaZ (pi. of Ji-), yokes or chains 
for the neck. a. 

A^l ighlamy m. inflaming with desire, pro- 
voking to venery; sodomy, a. 

u-J^l aghlabf supmor, stronger; adv. most 
likely, for the most part, ag^ab hai, it is most likely, 
it generally happens, a. 

(jS^l ughalmishj a king of Turkestan, de- 
scended of the great Jingis Khan, t, 

^\p^ aghUf f. the bolt of a door; same as 

afdanda, d. 

(jtfUtl ifjitmaz, m. dissimulation, supercili- 
ousness ; (^ling, coquetry, a. 

j^U^I igh mazij one who is supercilious, 
"proud. &C. a. 

IjCpI aghniya (pi. of ^^yP), the rich. a. 

1^1 f]^72/*a,m. seduction, temptation. f^Yva-^., 
a. to seduce, to lead astray, a. 

{jfi^X a^shy f. an embrace; the bosom, p, 
jUp* a^yary (pi. of^), strangers, foreigners, 

unknown persons, rivab. a. 
4^Up) aghyarx^ f. strangeness, rivalry, a. 

^» w/t fve! pooh! for shame! alaslu/^^., 
to disapprove of, to lament, '^f hthjdnS, to Ixjoonie 
ruined, a. 

uJt a/*, the sun ; the musk-deer, p, 
Otil dfatf (pi. of dJl) calamities, evi 

misfortones dangers, a. 

*lp\it afaghina (pi. of ^liil), the people of 
Aff^nUtOn, the A^b&n ivoe. a. 

jj«T ^ife (pi. of Jjil), horizons, quarters of 
the heayen, the worldor univene, regioDS. a. 

C^\9l ifakaty f. 1 convalescence, recovery 

«2%1 (/aAa, m. J from a swoon, &c. a. 

^^^\ afanin (pi. of ^j^i^il), branches, a. 

fj^\ afat, f. misfortune, wretchedness, cala- 
mity. ^fcU-rtuida or ^fal-zada, involved in mie- 
fortune. a. 

u^Uil 4/^' ™* ^^® ^^'^y sunshine. q/i;a&- 

parast, a wonhipper of the sun. ^ftab-^Miratfi, f. the 
vrorohip of the tun. qftab-gir, a parasol, p. 

A^^jk9\ aftaha, m. an ewer, a water-pot. p. 
^j^JLit aftabit f. a parasol of a particular 

" form ; a tar^t studded with gold, fr 

^SJi\ vftadagi, f. a fall, the act of falling, p, 

^di\jj\ uftadan^ to fall, to happen. 

S^Uil uffada, fallen, prostrated. pU uftaaa' 

gan, the fiillen, the unfortunate, p, 
^\Isl uf tarty falling, uftian o khezan^ falling 

and getting up, met, with great difficulty, p, 

^^K}i\ aftdwdj m. an ewer (▼. aftdba), f>. 
\j$*» iftikhdr, m. glory, honour, elegance, 

gracefulnen. a, [tation. a, 

\jj\ iftirdf f. calumny, slander, false impu- 

^oi>-|/^ afrdhhtan (r. afrdz), to raise aloft, to 

extol, a. [numbers, gingle ones. a. 

d\J\ afrdd (pi. of d^), individuals, singular 

d\J\ ifrdd, m. withdrawing from society, a. 

'S^\ afrdz, exalting (used in composition), p, 

{,^\xkf»\j\ afrdsiydbf name of an ancient prince 

of TQrSn, one of the heroes of the Shahnama, ulti- 
mately slain by Ruf tam. p. 

^\j9\ if raff m. excess, superfluity, tfrdti- 
dkbJlai and \fiati Wm» plethora, a. 

jJil afranjlf a Frank, or native of Europe, a 

**crusader. a. [mined, p, 

aj[»>ji1 afroJihtaf set on fire, kindled, illu- 
^Jk^jJ\ afroKhian (r. Qfroz)^ to set on fire, to 

bum, to kindle, p. [composition.) p, 

!• it afroZf inflaming, enlightening (used in 
jlfiX^ iT 5//"i ia-^ar, m. the Creator, p. 
-jiVJ JT afndan (r. 5/ri»), to create, p. 
SJJ> yT dfridaj created, a created being, p. 
^yt dfrtUf bravo! well done I (in corap.) 

creating, trnjahdn-afrin, creator of the world ; m. the 
Creator, a/rink., a. to praise, to applaud, p^ 

•jSjjil afnnishf f. the creation. p» 

S JjJ^ J ' afnnand/t, creating ; the Creator, p. 

46 ) 


\^\ afita or afzdtSj (r. of afrudan), increase 
ing (used in comp.) p. [ing. p. 

\^f^\y\ afzdyish, f. act of increasing or add- 
9*jjj^\ afzdyanda, that which increases, p. 

(>jji1 afzud, m. increase, addition, abun- 
dance ; adj. more. p. 

^Jjj^l afzudagif f. increase, addition, p. 
^lijjil afzvdan (r. ^5), to increase, p. 
^^^ q/2;t<n, more, manifold, greater, much, 

increasing, p. 
t3jyi^ afzunt, f. increase, enlargement* /?. 

djUJ^ qfsdna^ m. a tale, fiction, story, ro- 
mance. afsdna-gOt m. a romance-teller, t^fsdna-go^, C 
the profession of a story-teller, p. 

j^mi\ afoar, m. f. a crown, diadem, p. 
^c^^mJI afsurdatif to wither, to flag, p, 

^^^J^\ afsurdagi, f. dejection, melancholy, 

** lowness or depression of spirits, p, 

$^j^\ afsurda^ dejected, dispirited, melam 

cholv, low-spirited, qfsurdorji^tirf depressed, displ- 
ritel, afflicted qfsurda-dil, faint-hearteo, low-spirited, 
dejected, p, 

(jrujuJ\ afsanttn (aylrivdiov)^ wormwood, g. 
(^j»»y0^\ afsos, m. vexation, sorrow, concern; 

interj. ah ! alas ! qfso$-k. or qfsot-khdna, to express 
sorrom or regret, p. 

^^mJI afsun, m. incantation, verses used in . 

spells or enchantments, fascination, sorcery. {{f$mn^^ 
a. to enchant, to use spells and incantations, p. 

jlM»^^MJt q/sun-«a2,) who 
^^^--il afiun^gar^ ) uses spells, a sorcerer. 

qfsunsazi or qfsun-garit £ enqhantment, witchcraft, p. 

\iJ\ ifs/id, m. divulging, publishing, a. 
^UJ^ afohdn^ dispersing, scattering, (used 

chiefly in composition ; Mtgul-({fshan, strewing ruaes; 
zar-afshdn kdgkax. paper sprinkled with gold), p. 

^ji^^Uit afshdndany to scatter, disperse, p. 

^l\JLi\ afithdni, f. dispersion, sprinkling ; scat- 
tered Ofrer; as, i^thStu Ar^gft^ P*P^ sprinkled over 
with gold dust, p, 

$djlj\ afohurda, squeezed, filtered, p. 
ijLi] ctfshura (for db-shora, q. v.), lemonade, 

sherbet d, [correctly. «. 

^aj\ afsaJji, very eloquent, speaking very 

JUai^ af^dl, (pi. of J-ai), graces, favours, 
virtues, {fifdl, benefiting, making to excel, a, 

J-ai\ afzal, \ 
j!Lai\ afzaltarj 

j\lx»^ ffidr, m. breaking a fast. (/?ar-^.,a. lo 

break one's fast in the evening after fasting all day 
as the Musalmans do in the month ofjtamafdn, a 

more or most excellent, a 


( 47 ) 

</;™' ifiari, that which is proper for fast- 

brealdng. «. 

JUit a/al, (pl.of J*i), actions, conduct, a. 

Lf^^ ^ (properly Uul a/a), m. a ser- 
"peat a. *^ 

U^' «/5^aji, lamentation: interj. alas! p. 
^^wl a^2S^?iy the name of a race of people 

who inh«bU the amntry to the N. W. of Lahore. 
uUed alaoPafhdns : they are tuppoaed or rather they 
themaelvei pretend, to be of Jewish extraction, a. 

j^lii^ o/^ani, of or relating to the Af^^ns-, 
the Af^^ language, a. 

^5*' H/^> ™- the horizon; a tract or region 
of the earth; (poet) the world, a. 

^\ afkar (pi. of^), thoughts, meditations, 
opinkma, eoouBela. a. 

jlG! afgar^ wounded j^m. a sore {on the back 
of a horse. &c) p. [poiition. ja. 

(:;^' ofg^m, overthrowing, (used in com- 
t)«ii^* afgandany to throw down, to cast. p. 
ItXlfit afganda^ overthrown, cast forth, af- 

gamdagi, f. act of overthrowing.^ p, 

{j^J^ i/iag,ja. bankruptcy^penurj, povertj, 

want ; aometimes written {/lati. a, [Arabs), a. 

^^5li1 aflatun, Plato, (so called by the 
<J5li1 afiak (pi. of iJiM), the heavens, hea- 

mljapherea. a, [or heavenly spheres, a. 

,^5lii ajla/it, celestial, relating to the heavens 

^ly \ ajwaj(pl of ^y ),nrmie8,cro wds. afwajU 

Hkhra, a victorious army, qfwaji-shaiydfin, a host of 
oevtb. met a multitude of children, a. 

»yi afn>ah(p\. of »y),ra. mouths; f. doubt- 
ful news; fame, report a, 

J^^\ afmahh famed,reported,noi8ed about, a* 

M^\ etfim, f. opium, h 

\jT(^^ ofifnchi, m.^ 

4^aA» 1 afiman, f. 

^^•A9\ afimlf m. 

^\ afyun, f. opium. The inspissated juice 

ofthePi^paser soan^/^rMB. a. 

I^i-i' a/gmt, an opium-eater, a. 
VI a$a,m. master; owner, p, r^^ ^ 

VjW akarib (pi. of «->>^), relatives, kin- 
US! a^%a, the acacia ; also the expressed 

Jafae of its fruit g, 
sJW Oola, the cancelling of a sale, on con- 

2£rflK?^'°*w*" ,«I«*^«J«n* for the original 
F»« of the article ; breaking a contract, a. 

an eater of opium; 
(fig.) a sot* A. 

f^ a^atoHf (pL of ^), climes, regions, a, 

C^9\ iiamaiy f. resting, staying, abode, resi- 
*— dwdBog. & 

JUi't tjfta/, m. prosperity, pood fortn::e, feli. 

city; acceptance of a bond or bill, i^bal^a'wd, coa* 
xeflsion of judgment a. 

«iiJU3l ikbdl-mand, prosperous, of good for- 
tune, i^bal-mandh f prosperity, good fortune, a. p. 

(j^UXjI iktibas, m. borrowing (fire from 
another); acquiring, procuring, gaining ; asking, beg- 
ging; quotation, a. [to imitate, a, 

\*yU\iktidd, imitating, following, iitida-k., 

j]sxji\ i^iidar, m. power, authority ; excel- 
lence, dignity, a. 

j.UjL3\ iktisdmy m. division, partition, a. 

jUaUn iktisdr, m. abbreviation, abridgment, 

restriction; determining or fixing the bounds of 
any thing; failing, wasting, a. 

lolii) i^izd, claim, requisition, demand, a. 

J^S9\ i^ddm, m. intrepidity, resolution, firm- 
ness, spirit; endeavour, eflfbrt, diligence, attention, 
care. ii:ddmrnamudeM, to approach, a. 

^)»>4>5* aftdas, very holy, or most sacred, a. 
j]f\ ikrdr, m. promi8<», agreement, assurance, 

gestation; confession, confirmation ; in the language 
of the law it means the notification or avowal of the 
right of iinother upon one's self. tjr5r-*., a. to pro- 
mise, i^rdr-nama, m. written agreement, indenture, 
bond, contract, a deed of assent or acknowledgment 
In pneral. Ua-ari *dmm, a public acknowledgment, 
declaration, or confession; a wiU or testament iTtrdr- 
danapatra, a conditional deed of gif^. a. 

(^yi tjrari, one who assents, acknowledges 
or confesses, a. 

S^ Vjl;*' ^rdri-asdmif m. a prisoner who 

"pleads e^ilty. a, 

^^\J\ akran (pi. of ^^Ji), equals (in age, 

rank, &c.). a, 

u-^1 akrab, most near, more near. a. 

byl akriba (pi. of u-UjS), kindred, friends, 

*^.f- * ^ [ments. «. 

tLil a*«5« (pi. of lv*-S), portions, instal- 

^•LJj aAta^n (pi. of w!), various kinds, of 
every sort a, ' 

Uoil fl^M, I extreme, very or most distant, 
^^\ ahsaj extremely, a. [of land. a. 

gUoSl tj/a', cutting, dividing, an assignment 
Jil ajfltt, less or least, very little, a. 

juji'l ahkal'bar, the Indian shot-plant 
(Csnfia /aJico), a beautiful flower. The word seema 
to be a corruption of some Arabic term. (Binning) d, 

*.-ib) al^laf, m. a Muhanimadan whoforsomo 
adequate cause has omitted drcnmcision, but is not 
thereby disqualified from giving evidence in court a. 

j^jAil ikliniy m. climate, country; according to 

Moslem geographers, there are seven a^dltm "climates 
or countries" Which occupy a fourih part of the world, 
called the rub'i maskwi "inhabited fourth part" The 
other three quarters of the globe are supposed to be 
utterly uninhabitable. (Binning), g. 



( « ) 


J^y\ ahwalf (pi. of Jy), words, sayings, 

vgreementfl, promiaes. a. 

J^y\ ahwdm (pi. of <»y ), tribes, nations, a. 

ii)T '^nw 5ft (Dakhanl, 5^), m. curled flow- 
ered eigantic swallowort {^sclepiat gigantea), cele- 
l>ratea amone native practitioners for its many me- 
dicinal qualities ; a sprout of sugar-cane. «. 

ull\ ih (for (^ij*3) one (chiefly used in com- 
pound expressions as) ik lauta^ single, s. 

0^ t'Ma, single, incomparable, superexcellent; 

m. an earring of a single pearl ; an ornament worn 
on the wrist, often hollow, containing perfume; a 
champion, who serves alone, without ^ing attached 
to any corps. «. 

o\ akha^ ra. a father ; a dear or intimate friend ; 

f. an elder sister, d, 
j>^\ ahdbir (pi. of^^fii or j^m) the great or 

ffrandees ; people of rank, akdbir o ofSg^r, high and 
low, rich and poor, a, 

tgX\ V^mi a-hdj, m. loss, detriment; hurt, 

injury, prejudice ; uselessness. «. 

tjr^^ WBFIlft fl-ftq/i, useless (animal, thing, 
**or person) ; a retarder. «. 

Js\ WMXtdkdr (corruptly akdr), m. appear- 
ance, aspect, shape, statue, likeness ; hint, sign, token ; 

the letter W. 


X\ a-hdr, 1 useless, of no avail (pro- 
C0^Ji\ a-kdrat,} perlj a-kdj^ath). d. 

0^j^^ ^fWir^ a-kdf*ath, unprofltable, fruitless, 

yielding no return, vain, h, 

^^j6\ 'VWTVS a-kdrariy m. absence of cause; 

adv. causelessly, groundlessly. #. 

(^jJi\ ^i^ni^i dkd.^ or alias, m. the sky, the 
Armament, the heavens; space; air; the fifth 
element of the HindQs, more subtle than air, sther. 
dkas'bdnh f. reveUtion, a voice from heaven. «. 

CJ^j)(^jJi\ ^TWV^f^^ dhdS'hriiti, f, subsis- 
tence not derived from any certain funds, or depend- 
ing on any particular person; living from hand to 
mouth. «. 

fjj>{^j^^ I Vll4hl^ri|ll dkds'hritti, one whose 

subsistence is fortuitous. 4. 

Jjj^^^oT Vl«lil^l^9 aft5jr-Arf,f.the air-creeper 

Cttscuta reflexa t) : it has no root or leaves, but grows 
on the tops of trees «. 

^gj[^O^o \ vlflll^m^H dhdx'pawan^ m. a vege- 
table growing on other trees; air-plant or dodder. 
{CusciUa rtffiexa), a. 

[fd {^jJS \ VI4il 91^1^1 dhds-diyaf m. a lamp 
which the HindQs bang aloft on a bamboo in the 
month of Kartik, a beacon (in Daklu, Akd$'-diwa), «. 

_^Cs {^jJS\ Vllkl^l^lfll dkM-mukhtf m. a 

•• devotee of the Saiva sect : his devotion consists in hold- 
ing his face up to the sun, so that, after dome time, it 
is difficult for him to hold it in the natural position. « 

JiiJ^;^^©! Wr4il9i^99 dkds'fnandal, m 

the atmosphere, the celestial sphere. #. 

AA*)(^^\il VI4iI^h1h dkds-nimf m. a plant 
' growing on the nim trees (a kind of Epidendron) t. 

cibo**^ inwrjRnift dftds-wdntf f. a voice 

** from heaven, revelation, t, 

^J**^^ ^WRft ikdsif eighty-one. h. 

^^^o I ^I^ITT^ dlidsif aerial, celestial, atmo- 

** spheric, dkdsi-bama, cerulean, aiure. «. [aMs)^ 
(j!^ vT WT^vnH akdskf m. the sky (same as 
{j6\ ^Wl^ or W^n^ a-kdl (or dJtdl), m. a 

famine, a general scarcity ; unseasonableness, extce- 
mity, pinch; adj. unseasonable, untimely, prematuve. 
a-kdl-brishti, untimely rain, akdl-phal, a fruit pro- 
duced out of season, j. 

{j6\ akkdl, a glutton, an enqrmous eater, a. 
^01 74il^«|l ukdlndf a. to boil water, km 
J6\ ^nSTR a-kdm, unprofitable, fruitless. #• 

\-lx)\^l Vl4ril5|l dhanhshdf f. wish desire, ex- 
pectation; purpose, intention. «. 

d*. * . C> &r WI4iifV|4' dkdnkshitf desirous ; de- 
sired, expected. *. 

^__^i^o \ ^fTTsriiB^ dkdnhthty desirous, full of 
*■ hope, expecting ; asking, inquiring. «. [om. h, 

v^y 01 44l«fd ikdnawwe or ikdnwe^ ninety- 
[2)3^^ ^4l<l«f ikdwan, fifty-one. A. 

j\Ji\ ik-bar (for ek bar), one time. k.p. 

jsi\ akbar, very great ; a man^s name. a. 
^]/]j^^ flAftar-a/-ra,t,l presumptive evidence 

ij^j{jji^\ akbari-rdyi, J sufficiently strong to 
convict, a. 

^c^^ akbari, of or relating to the Emperor 

Akbar ; name of a sweetmeat ; also of a gold ocrfn 
worth a guinea and » half of our money, a, 

l^i^\ ikpechd, head-ornament. h.p, 

CLfS\ "V^W or Tili ukaf or ukti, f. speech, what 

is spoken, language ; contrivance, invention, ukat ba- 
ndndt to make up a story, to invent, contrive, ukai L 
to discover, to find out i. 

Cldj\Tr% ukta. Spoken, used in law documents 

for " aforesaid, above named.*' «. 

U.l::^t V^ril^l uktdrna, a. to promote, to 

forward, h. 



uhtdruy an instigator* promoter. A. 

^jmjJI:;;^! ^fhl^^ln ihtdHs, forty-one. h. 

U\X^\ 9MH< uhtdnu, n. to fret, to be me- 
lancholy or dejected ; to be out of humour witb, to 
be tired of, to tire. A. 

\mmAJj^\ iktisdbj m. gain, acquisition, a. 
Ul^\ ihtifdf f. sufficiency, contentment. tA- 

tifa-k., to content one's self; to stop short «. 

i!i^\ l(jfsm> ik-tah^tATing with a fixed look. s. 
^\ ^nra a-kathf 1 not to be spoken, 

9Ji^\ "CninBV a-hathya, J unfit to be men 

tioned ; unutterable, obscene s, [grand^ra), 

^\ aktly f. the agati tree {JEschynomem 
{j^^ ^^inrNr Iktu, thirty-one. h. 

e^ ( 

izM TWS ukaty contrivance^ inyention. h. 

uU>\ 79CT«n uktmta, a. to dig up slowly a 

th'ng which is buried in the (^roand ; to extract a 
•ecret gradiully and artfullj ; to pump, h, 

liil ««i^m vkatnd, to be dug up,&c. (neut. 

fbrra of uktana ; a. to dig up), h. 

1^^ ^«KOi i hatha, 1 together, iu one 

(^v^^^ l«UI«f ikthan, r and the same 
'j(^^l ^cft^lu ihthaura,} place, united, s. 

jkt\ ahsavy most, many, much; adv. often, 

oraallj, for the most part, generally. aksflr-auJfiat, 
often, frequently, generally, a. 

^^\ ahsariya, for the most part, chiefly, a. 
vli^f?^ f^r^liC ih'chit, of one mind, unani- 

mom, without wareiing. *. 


'"i/ri *--*4^ * ^▼anroir«'¥ Ih-chhat raj'h,, 
to rale everywhere!! j. 

j>^ ^raJCa-//flr, duty-free, exempt from duty. s. 
j^\ xii^K ahar, f. aborigines; mine, quarry," 

■ource; multitude. «. 

y i Vifli<, dhar, f. the den of a lion or tiger; 
feonjonct. part, from and), having come, h, 

y» ^niTf akra, dear, costly ; f. a kind of 
grass eo called, a kind of vetch, h. 

J^\ akram, (pi. of j»j> ), favours, kindnesses, 

obligations ; honour, respect, a. 

Ay I ikrdm, m. honouring, complimenting, 

ticatiug with attention and ceremony, a. 

l\J\ ikrdh, f. horror, aversion, abhorrence, 
detestation, a. 

»>Vji\ V^iiqi ahardydj f. ground not pro- 
paly cleaned for receiving the seed, s, 

Cj^\ ^tnifir dhritij f. shape, figure; like- 
ness, image; the body; species. «. 

(jM^T VTcvf dhai'sk, m. attraction, fascina- 

tkn ; a magnet, a loadstone ; spasm. «• 

L^ viqif^fi dharshity 1 attracted, 
vili^l wr|E? dhrishta, J drawn. «, 

i^Jlt^ VlHi^V dhar shah, m. a magnet, a 

ktdstone, any tlung which attracts; adj. attractive, 
angnetic (also akiorshik), 

(^J^ vnri^ dharshan, m. drawing, at- 
traction. 1, 

^^y I linriT oAar^/it, attractive. *. 
^/^ ^raJFR a-harhas, soft, not hard. s. 

fff akram, very kind, merciful, a. 

f/i Vl4 o-Aarm or a^harma, m. bad action, 

^ Hot, wkkednesa. «. 

Af l^mpt akram, m. ascending, superiority ; 
' :• niniioiinting ; invasion, a seizing. $, 

I ... 

49 ) jS\ 

Upl ^Wfftr a-harmd, idle, unoccupied, p. 

tii/cp^ loiflB^sii a-karmak, intransitive (in 
gram.), t, 

iM^j^ %i«ii^9 a^harmanya, useless, unpro« 

fitable, good for nothing, t. 

^^J'^ WWfft a-harml, a wretch, sinner, s 
^^f\ ^«nirfr a-hamx, inconsistent, indecent, 

" unsuitable, not proper to be done. * . 

cL^jj^n ahrot, m. (for Cj^jA), a walnut, s. 
J^J^^ V||t ahrur, not cruel, mild, humane, 

gentle. «. 

^^ ^flUf ahdr, f. crookedness, strut, pride, 

conceit, airs, h, 

)pl ^S^ ahrdy stiff, affected. A. 

UVlil ^^!?RT<2^ra«5, distress, to impede. A. 

jb^l ^qis^iin ahar-hdz, an affected person, 

a fop, a swaggerer, akar-hdzi, swaggering, fopplst- 
ness. h, p, -» *«- 

^5 V ^1 ^W?^ ahar-hd^t, f. the cramp, h. 
j£^J^\ ahar-pahar, 1 m. stateliness, af- 
jCj?^ ahar-tahar, V fected airs, pride, 

j^jCv^\cjAraw-faA.ram,J haughtiness, h. 

Upl ^lypn aAfl.rna, n. to writhe, to ache, to 

cramp, to be cramped, to become stiff or distorted, as 
one's limbs ; to strut affectedly, h. 

XP^ "5^ ifhru, m. the posture of sitting on 

tlie hams with the soles of the feet on the ground, 
M'VrM baithna, to sit on the heels with the knees up.' 
wards, h. 

jj^\ ^iW^ ahru, affected, proud, conceited. A. 
«JlojJ\ V«(i%ir ahraii, an affected person, a 

swa|E^erer, a fop. h, 

jUi\ ihmr, (v. yah-sdr), similar; of the 
same sort, h, [to trim (a Iamp\ A 

oL*S\ "^^iHRTvIT uhsdnd, a. to excite, to ro'jsc^ 

^^i-^^ T«ifW ihsath, sixty-one. A. 

j^\ ihsar (for yaksar), single, in a body, all at 
once, p, 

Ol**-S^ V^iWIif a-hasmat (lit. without a 

wherefore), immediately, accidentally, extempore, un- 
expectedly, unawares, abruptly. «. 

\j^\ <i<nin^i uhasnd, n. to be excited, moved, 

to try to move, k, 

^_^»*i^\ ahst, f. a tree, the leaves and pods rf 

"which are eaten as vegetables ; probably the same as 
akti. q, V. ' 

ji^\ t/.x7/-, alchemy, chemistry ; the philo- 
sopher's stone (or rather a calx of quicksilver uped 
in transmuting metals to gold), air elixir, dust, filings a. 

{^J:^\ ^ETBf ahha, m. a die, cubic or oblong 5 
the spots on dice. akaha-bhSg, m. a degree of latitude 9 

(j^l ^f^ ohshi, m. the eye. ahshi-tard. f. 
the pupil of the eye. s. 



( 50 ) 


^jSi^ T^ ihshu, f. sii«rar-cane. ihsku-raSf 

m. the juice of the sug^ar-cane. ikahu-sar^ m. molasses, 
raw sugar, ikshu-kdndt m. a 8])ecies of sugar-cane 
{saeefutrum munja) ikshU'tnehi, diabetic, s, 

^jS^Lli ] ^^t^ akshdnsh, m. a degree of la- 
titude or longitude, s. 

CIa.m^I ^nsfir a-kshat, infallible, indelible; 

remaining, continuing, m. whole grains of rice used 
in religious ceremonies, fried gram, akshat-tilak, f. 
the ceremony of putting a few grains of rice on the 
forehead of an idol when addressed, or of a Brahman 
when invited to an entertainment. «. 

j^\ VT9T afishaVf m. a letter of the alphabet. 

aksharh lettered, writing a good hand. « 

^J^l Vtfi^fc? a- kushal, unlucky ymAuspicious^, 
tSJ^\ ^fiA ikshumatly f. name of a river 

** in Bengal, the Issamutty. s. 

jJjb^^l ^'^tf^^ akshauhini, f. an army 

**(see achclihauhiut), s. 

jjliil ^^JT a-hshay^ imperishable, undecay- 

"able, akshayata, f. imperishableness. akshay-briksh, 
m. an undecayable tree, akshay-lokt m. the imperish- 
able world. ». [abuse. #. 

^ ,.iL*.C \ '^[J^[^ dkshepy m. reproof, sarcasm, 
^^\ aJtl, m. food ; eatinp:. akUo-shurb, meat 

and drink, eating and drinking, a. 

J^T ^rrj^ dkul, confounded, perplexed, 

confused, distressed, chieflj used in compound words, t. 
il^t ^ITf^ a/(t/5, fleet, swift J peevish, h. 
^^ ^Ik^l ihldf alone, single, (v. iklautd). k. 

<^^\ ^4<^l|^ ifddfi, f. loneliness ; name of an 

article of dress, h, 

U^l V^($l«n ahuldnd, n. to be agitated, to 

be distracted, to be confused, to be out of order, to 
tire, to weary, to be astonished, k, [made, s, 

(JUa3^1 ^pSKf^mf a-kalpit, not artificial, not 
CaKT ^T^f^W dhulit, agitated, distracted, s, 
UKT mic^fl T dkulaid, f. agitation, distress, s. 

\jii\ 'n^W^ ukalndf n. the intransitive of 
ukalna, to boil, be boiling, h, 

^\ ^"Wf^nft a-kuUniy f. a woman of a 

"low caste or family ; adj. bad, base (woman). A. 

\3^^ XK$^Mauta, "1 single, solitary, 
\j3 Jil ^«<i<gf tn ihlauhta^ J alone. «. 

j)iT ^TTW^ dhViy f. motion, agitation (par- 
-ticularly of a carriage), h. 

..UK\ WraiTO a-kalt/dn, ominous, unpropi- 

tious ; disconsolate, uncomfortable. «. 

1^ ^, M \ ^dli^^O uhlesarif of or relating to the 
""town of Bklesar, famed for its paper manufacture, h. 

A}ji\ A}i\ ihrdu'l'jabal, m. (tlie crown of 
the mountain), an herb smelling like frankincense, 
rosemary, a. 

eiiU^ JaK^ ikUhi'l'malik, m. (the king's 

crown), meliloC a. 

IIaKI WoF^fTT a-kulind, of no family, ple- 
beian, of low extraction ; ignoble, f. aJMini. «, 

JU^i ikmdl, m. perfection, accomplishing, a. 

^y^\ akmal, perfect, very complete, entire, 

full. a. 

0^»^1 W^Pmih a-kampit, finn, unshaken. «. 
Oa«^ I ^T^il^^ a-^777j9t^,8haken,trembl ing.«. 
^^^^ \ Vl^u|'<^ dhampafit m. shaking, trem* 

bling. J. 

&.^\ ahmahj born blind, a. 

^ 1 WHFT aAan, grass and weeds collected 

from a ploughed field, h. [confines, aides, a. 

\^^\akndf{^\,o^\.^iM), environs, borders, 

^^JLjLb^ ^nmsv a-kantakf free from thorns, s. 

^^^ fl04iM«1 a-liinchanj poor, needy, desti- 
tute, akinchant m. poverty. «. 

^y^i^ aknuUf now, at present, jt?. 
j^\ ^rWt^ aAor, f. a bribe; coaxing (a cow 

that has lost her calf, that she may be tractable). A. 

iS)^\ wWf akorif one who receives a bribe. A. 

J^^ afivl (same as J^i^^), a glutton, &c. a. 

J ji^\ V^lf^ ^W, m. a plant, the oil of which 
is used in enchantments {Alanghim hexc^talum). s. 

i^^\ ITBF^ a^7)*an(/,m.swalIowwort(^«c2^piaf 

gigantea), h. 

T "VlVn dhhdj m. a riddle, a sieve; a bag 

filled with grain, of which two are carried by it bul- 
lock ; a pair of grain-bags used as a pannier. . h. 

j^^ ^^fT? uhkdr, f. rooting up, extirpation. A. 

)j^^ ^r^TTfT ahhdrd, m. a palsestra, or place 

for wrestling, a scene ; any place of assembly; coort, 
circus, hidr ka akiidra. ludra's court h. 

\jj*\^\ 7?n?«n uhhdrnd, a. to root up, to eradi- 
cate, dislocate, k. [eradicates. JL 
j!j^-^ ^^T^uhhdru, m. one who digs up or 

Jl^i^ TW^ uhhal, m. act of vomiting ; an 

emetic, ukhalpukhdl (also ukhdl wakhal), m. cholerft- 
morbus, vomiting violently, h. 

^\^i\ 9ltflc^«fl ukhdlnd, a. to vomit, h, 
^U»U^\ '^T^nrRTO dkhu-pdshdn^ m. a kind 

of mineral, a loadstone, s. 

Ca^ I ^n^nr or W^nr dkhat, akhat,m, (same as 

akshat), whole or unbroken rice, employed in obla- 
tions, s. 

J<^^ ^^r^ ikhattar, seventy-one. h. 
^J^^ ^B?nrtlf akhitjf the 18th day of ^at- 

sdkht a HindQ festivaL A. 

Mf^^ ^^^Tgl ihhattdf together, in one place. A. 
^ 79T«n ukhatndf n. to trip, to stumble. A. 


^^1 VTHTaAAar (v.^l), m. the den of a 

wild beast JL 


( 61 ) 


j^ WWC akhar, plenty, abundance, d. 
^j^ W9k a-kharb, tall, long, large, s. 
^3j^^ ^^^akhrot, m. a walnut; the fruit 

oi the aleurites triloba, h. 

J4^' ^nre akhar^ undisciplined (soldier), bar- 
buxnu, uncouth, ugly, h. 

JJA^^ ^riRf ahhra^ rude, ill-shaped, akhra 
J^tt, an ill-formed piece of writing, h. 

^j^\ ««5i^ ukhrana, a. (same as ukharna), 

^ pluck up, eradicate, h. 

vijji' W7^ ukharna, n. (intr. ofukharnd). 

**>J^«X)ted up, plucked up. raised up; to slip out (as 
a bone, Ac). ukJu^iia ptikkarna, to be plucked or 
*«»*«*«?• *- [whole, all, every. *. 

J4^^ ^«<S> or ^rf?r9 a-kfiql or a-khil, the 
O^ '^W^ ukhalf ") m. & f. a wooden mc>r- 
^J^ 9^^1 uhhlt, J tar for pounding rice 

"or other g^rain. «. 

^*i^^ ^^•I'l ukhmaj (for T^IHI uskmaj), 

^ gnats, fliea. musquitoes, &c, insects produced by 
^e«t- *. [whole. *. 

iVi^J^W^rV a-khand, unbroken, entire, the 
Otil^f lUNfl^ir a-khandit, unbroken, con- 

tinnous; unrefuted. 9. 

^y^\ flllH? akhoij m.^he walnut tree. h. 

^^54^1 Hfni akhai, everlasting, not liable to 

"decay. akh€u-bajr or €tkhai-bj-ikk, the undecayable 
tree. s. 

VJ^I mil'n afihya, f. name, appellation, s. 

OV^ \ WlWId dkhyaty said, spoken ; deno- 
minated, named. «. 

OU^^ ^T^mrr a-khyat^ unknown, obscure, s, 
*£aa^T ^ST^ akhety ra. (v. aher), the chase, 

bunting, pursuing; terror, fright. 9, 
y dXt ^\ lll%ir<S4i dkketik, m. a hound. «. 
1>^A^ 4I^^HI ukkerndj a. to eradicate, to 

pladc up, root up. A. [pluck up. h. 

^^^j^i\ TI^'OTT«n uhherwandy a. to cause to 
\»\ VJrOT akniyay m. one of the sacks or 

huketa of a pannier, h, 

^j^\ Wirtfil a-kirtif f. infamy, disgrace. *. 

oS^ ^I^Nl i/fAi*, twenty -one. k, 
3lU(\ ^r^^ a^e/a, alone, single, solitary, A. 
Ijii^ 9J|^H1 ukehia, a. to turn up. h, 
lii* mf a//, f. fire; o^ uthdna^ a. to raise 

dbtarbance. to enrage, to provoke, ag bag-h, to be 
holly enraged, ag bujfUina, a. to extinguish ; to ap- 
pease a tumult, to pacify a quarrel, to stiU resentment. 
Sbaraima^ u. to rain iire (applied to the extreme heat 
tt« sun. or to a hot fire of cannon or musketry in 
little), agbamat n. to be enraged ; to be very anajy. 
% hkartabA, a. to inflame, ag bhaknd and dg phankna, 
•. to ^peak idle wordff» to boast ag pajma, n. to be 

enraged ; as men baton se us-par Sgpajii hai, he la en- 
raged at my worda. dg dend, a. to apply the fire, W> 
burn a Hindu corpse 5^ sulgand, a. to inflame, to 
excite sedition, to iomeut a quarrel clandestinely, dg- 
karnd, a. to make any thing exceedingly warm ; to 
excite envy or anger (used among women), dg lagdnd, 
to set fire to, to inflame ; to enrage, to raise disturb- 
ance, dg lagdke pant le danrnd, a. to play tricks, to 
deceive ; to pretend to appease a quarrel which one 
has purposely excited. 5^ lagnd, n. to take fire, to be 
enraged, to be very hungry, dg Inge par billi kd mut 
dhundhnd or mdngitd, a. to put off, to delay, or excuse 
one's self on vain pretences (the literal translation, 
though highly expressive, would sound somewhat 
musty), dg lene ko and, n. to come to get fire, is spoken 
of a friend who goes to visit another, and leaves him 
quickly.^ dg men pdn'i ddlnd, a. see dg bujhdnd. dg 
men kinl^ ki Jahid, or lofnd, or ghair ki dg menjalnd^ 
a. to bring reproach upon, to accuse, to suffer for 
another, dg mcA lotnd, n. to be afflicted with grief or 
melancholy, dg hond, n. to be enraged; or, as the 
vuIgate hath it, « to flare up." *. 

yLj 1 df/f m. DakhanT, for dkf q.v. 

IT I ^Brnrr d(/d, m. tho front, the space in front 

of a house ; the fore part of a turban, agd lend, to 
take the lead, or precede. *. 

^j^^^^^^ ^Tm "^ftm wnn dgd-ptckhd-k. 

n. to hesitate, to waver, boggle,demur, to prevaricate, k, 

0^(^\S\ '^XniM nTW[TtV^a-gadh or afjddh, bottom- 
less, unfathomable, agddkald, t extreme depth, un- 
fathomability. «. 

jS\ WUTTKagdr, m. a house, s. 

JS\ ^TTTC ogdr, avarice, covetousness. d, 

^j^\ ^^nUi igdrah, eleven, igdrahwdh^ the 

eleventh, jr. [a<lvance «. 

i/jo I ^ Ml lift dgdrxj f. money, &c., paid in 

]j-ol ^illfl agdrd, m. the name of a plant 

said to cure the bite of venomous reptiles {AchyrtmOiCW 
aspera). Same as chirchird, h, 

^iFj'o\ ^RTT^ (^(J^fh before, forward, further 

on ; f the ropes with which a horse's feet are tied ; 
the front, tlie fore-part, agdfl mdrtid, to attack in 
front, to defeat a hostile army in pitched battle, agdfi 
pickfidfi lagdnd, to confine (particularly a horse). A. 

{^jti\t\ agds (v. a/;a«), the sky, &c. d, 

j^y*»«\ ^nrnft agdn^ m. f. a turban; a terrace 
" in front of an upper room j the cry of a kite. A. 
\jS\ ^JMcji «^«/> m. that which is spit out 

after chewing any thing (particularly betel leaf), dp 
kd ugdl merd adhdr, your worship's leavings are my 
nourishment, i.e. you are my support and benefactor, h, 

^^W^y Trnr^J^Ttf ugdl-ddn^ m. a spit-box. //. 

j^« I WTTfrt dgdml, coming, about to come ; 
- future, *. 

lio^ ^PTRT ugdnd, a. to raise, cause to grow, s, 

^\S\ ^nrni agdyU, adv. before, in front. dgd,u^ 

jdnd, to advance in order to meet a person coming on 
a visit ; m. an advance of money. «. 

501 dgdh, informed of, acquainted with, in- 
telligent, p, [to aoeummat«. f, 
U^l^I THT?^ ugdhnd, a. to collect, to gather, 

^o T dgdhi^ £ intelligence, wariness, p. 
- e2 




( 52 ) 

Jb\S^I ^TTT^'t ugah'if f. usury ; the trade of 

**lending money on interest of one fourth, the payment 
of which is received by instalments, h. 

dL>^T ag-bot, a steamboat. The latter part of 

this term is English, the former signifies " fire." h. 
(A word like this can hardly with propriety be in- 
serted in a Dictionary ; but it is now so commonly 
used, that it may be considered a naturalized Hindu- 
stani term.) Binning. 

CUv?) ^SPVR a-gupfa, unhidden, unconcealed. *. 
^ZJ\ imit ugaty growing, springing up; 

prodyction. h. 

l1a?\ ^nfiT a-gatiy dishonoured, disgraced, 

without character ; one whose funeral ceremonies are 
not performed; f. distress, disgrace, inconvenience, 
damnation, condemnation, s. 

C^il ^nnr agaty come, arrived. *. 
jS\ ^n^^ agattar, coming, arriving, s. 
^Ji\ ^mft agtt (for ^J^^), the agati tree. s. 
CLa^I ^PTJ agaty m. a butcher's stall, h. 
\1jS\ ^17^ agatncLy a, to collect or assemble. 

ttga^nd, a. to revile, to give abusive language, h, 

ji\ agar, if, though, although, when. p. 
S\ ^BTTC agcLTy T m. wood of aloes^ a kind 
J\ WT^ aguruy J of fragrant wood, agal- 

lochura (JquiUaria agallocha) : another tree which pro- 
duces bdellium {Amyris agalloclta); the sisu tree {Dal 
bergia sisoo) ; light, not heavy. ». 

il ^ir ugra, m. wrath, anger; adj. wrathful, 

cruel, savage, s. 

J\ W^ agray m. the forepart of a thing ; 

adj. prior, first, agrorgami, preceding; m. forerun- 
ner, agra-grds, m. the first morsel, agra-sar, m. a 
g^ide ; adj. preceding, f. 

j?7 VPTt cujavj m. a salt-pit. h, 
\S\ ^Xn tiz/ra, angry, cruel, wrathful, s, 
\i\ agravy m. a village inhabited entirely by 

Brfthmans; the quarter of a town or village occupied 
by Brahmans. d. C*®!* *• 

(^jti\S\ aggros (for agra-gras^mJiYie first mor- 
(^i\ ^nrm agrasy 1 m. victuals offered 
^^]/\ ^nmnr fl<7ra5aw,J in oblations, sa- 
crifices, &c to the gods, s, 
^i\ agarchiy although, though, p. 
y^i\ «XWC agra-savy m. he who goes first, a 

leader, a chief. «. 

-.^*^.S^ 'WXr^^ agra-sochy m. providence, 

foresight, precaution, forethought. #. 

,»-M*»»^ ^ urfl^ agra'Sochiy provident, en- 

•• dued with foresight, s. 

, i\ afjru, a species of bird, the thrush, d. 

tj^j i^ " WJK^ ^ cjS T ogar-rvaldy a race of mer- 
chants, of the Vais tribe (from Agroha, a place to the 
west of Dihll). h. 



^^jj>l agi'Uyiy f. fire-cotton, t. e, tinder, d^ 
i^\ agra^ m. the city of Agra ; also called 

Akbar-abad. h. 

55/ 1 SBIlil^ agrahy m. favour; seizing, sur- 
passing, surmounting ; power, ability, i. 

^.Ijb^T ^rnr^nWU agralidyan, m. the first 
month of the Htnda year (November — ^Deoember> ». 

(^.libp I WTf^T^nrft agj'ahayani, f. the day of 

* full moon ill the month Agrahayan ; a constellation of 
three stars, the first of which is Orionis. figured by an 
antelope's head ; hence also mrigshiras. ». 

i^jS\ yspr& agariy If the colour of the 
\jji\ WTfl?n agariyoyj wood of aloes. 9. 
(.5^?! wrtt agariy m. a manufacturer of salt. A. 
jS^I agar (for akary q. v.), strut, pride, d. 
T WPRT agrciy m. an ear of corn or rice 

. which has been blighted, h. 

jby^ ^nrVT? agar-hagary m. trifling em- 

ploymenf ,'or talk ; trifles, trash ; a^j. promiscuous, 
composed of odds and ends. h. [lamp, d, 

\3LJ\ vgsana, to snuff a candle, to trim a 
CL^\ ^Plfm agasti (for agastya), m. a sage 

celebrated in Hindu mythology : he is represented of 
short stature, and to have been bom in a water-jar ; 
he is famed for having swallowed the ocean when it 
had given him offence. At his command the Yindh^B 
mountain prostrated itself, and so remains. Name of 
a tree {JEschyinmene grandifiora) ; name of a star {Ca^ 
nopus). s, [tribe of ro;-ptt/*. *. 

L V.,.C \ ^J|(n|c4rc a^astwdr, name of a smnll 
J^T agaly before, in front, agal, m. a bar 

or bolt. d. 

'!^i\ ^mgr ^17/rti prior, preceding, former, the 

foremost, the first, the chief, the best ; ancestor, an- 
cient ; other, second, next. h. 

lIO^T WT^JPff dgalanty up to the neck. s. 

\ii\ 'Wn^m ugahidy a. to spit out, to vomit ; 
met. to refund property ■urreptitiously obtained, *, 

S\ ^nTT dgam, m. futurity ; a Hindii scrip- 

' ture dicUted by Mahadeva; a shSstra containing 
siiells and incantations ; a shastra or work on sacred 
science ; (in law) a voucher or document dgamrbdndk- 
nd to determine the future, to foretell, d^am-jdm 
or df^am-gHydul having the skill of foreknowing, pro- 
gnosticator. dgam-bidyd, f. the art or science of fore- 
telling, dgam-bakldy foreteller, predictor ; Shiva, one 
who tells tlie doctrines of dgam. $. 

J\ Vn? a-ganiy ior ^ip^ a gamy a, impas- 

' sable, impervious, bottomless, deep, unfordable, unae- 
compUshable, incomprehensible, unattainable a. 

^^ jn. uoa,n, m.,. becoming, rf. 
^^T WTH^ agamauy ra. coming, arriving, 

proceeding. *. 

\ ;^ Cy ^HH^ agmandy m. the advancM 

guard; adj. adventurous, venturesome; forward, 
early (as fruit). #. 

^^fS\ in*nft a^amt, m one who foretells the 

" future, s. 

ftA^ v|m( a-gamya^ deep ; impassable, in ac- 

oenible, impenetrable, impervious. «• 
^^ ^f'tf affni (vulg.flr/7in),in. fire; thesoulh- 

c«it; (in Hindu mythology) god of fire, and regent of 
tiie ■outh-e«Bt quarter; also the name of one of the 
Pnriaas; the fire of the stomach, the digestive fa- 
coltj, appetite, izgni-bant m. arrow of fire, a rocket. 
Qgm-prastar, m. fire-stone, flint, tuini-pariksha, f. the 
fiexy ordeal, bj a heated iron or boiling oil, or passing 
through fire, eigni-semskdrt ni. funenu ceremonies, as 
homing a dead body, or any ceremony performed "with 
coosecrated fire, agni-garbha or agm-mani, m.the sun- 
stone, a &balou8 gem, supposed to contain solar 
heat «. 

j^ 'wHin offin, m. the name of a bird ; sort 
oflaiL K 

^ W^ a-gun, unskilful, ineffectual, void 
of good qualities ; m. a defect, a fietult «. 

w» ku^\ ugna, n. to grow, to spring (as 

pknts) ; to rise (as the moon), ugte hi jaljand, to be 
withered as soon as it springs up, is applied to a hope 
or expectatioa which is blasted m the bud. k. 

(jjlfiM ^rivifwra agni'hany m. a kind of fiery 

misdle, a rocket «. 

J ^,{*P^ «r'IH'*IN agin-hayO (or agni'ba,o), f. 

the tucy, in horses ; an eruptive disease in men ; ery- 
sipelas, s, [counted. «. 

CaJLM W^f^inr a-ganit, innumerable, not 

^mT agandan, to fill, to cram. p. 

(iljol f|p«|4| agnik, m. an insect of a scarlet 

eolonr, the lady-bird. «• 

{fy^\ uPd^J agni-hotriy m. a Brahman 

who maintains a perpetual fire in his house, t, 

jil agntj f, (see irfrtf agni)^ fire, &c. «. 

f\ ^^P\aguy forward, before ; heretofore, h. 
5jM vnrr agwaf foremost ; m., also agutciy a 

guide, a forerunner, harbinger; one who adjusts a 
msniage. ft. 

yl fRT^ o^a^ also aguyRy m. a pommel, h. 
^jf\ VWIt agwavy a portion of corn set apart 

ftr village serraats, like the customary "sharping 
eon" in England. K 

\^^ ^VnrTTf agmdrdy m. the front, the fore- 
pnt; the space in front of a house, h, 

^1^ vnnrt agwdsiy the body of the 
"flooghshare. A. [binger (see o^tpa). h, 

Jf\j^ tfWrrt agwdntf m, a guide, bar- 

l>y \ WWT^ agfvdkt,\f, burning, confla- 

i!fy\ VWT^ agwdyty J gration (of a city, 

foimU fcc.). h, [ship. j. 

«^yi VWT^ agwdyty f. guidance, leader- 

jpjfl Vfhrc a-gockar, imperceptible, unseen, 
MrfUe; m. the Invisible, Supreme, i. 

63 ) j^n 

jy\ ^mtagaur, m. an advance of rent. k. 
jy\ ^nh: agory "1 m. one who watches 

^.jy^ ^^ftftlTT agoriydy) over the crops, &c. 

agor-bafa,i, a division of the crop after reaping, h, 

\jj^\ ^iilKHJ agorndySi, to watch, to guard, h. 
^.jy^ wftfblT agoriydy m. watchman, or 

guard, (v. agor). h, 

lj^\ ^iJJ a-gurhy easy, manifest, evident. 

aguf^blidtO, open, honest, candid «, 

(^yl ^'i\^agori OT^nTt^agon,'\n advance, 
beforehand. A. r,,^^ ^ 

w^^ ^pft^Pn agolndy a. to watch (v. agor^ 

^fi\ ^^agaundy the top of the sugar-cane 

cut up for seed. s. 

^Jfi^ ^nhrt agauni, f. the going or sending 

■•forward to meet and receive a visitant with honour. 
agaunt'k., to advance to meet the bridegroom at a 
wedding, or a visitant on the road. h. 

^\^^magh, m. sin, guilt, wickedness, s, 

■0^\ dgah (for dgdh), informed, wary, p, 

CL^I^S^ W^TT a-ghdt, m. land held in perpe- 
tuity and not alienable. «. 

jl^^^^'^K agkdr (v. agdr)y avarice, d. 

j\^\ wmrt dghdr, m. sacred food, which 
Hindus place before an idol ; ghl, or clarified butter, h, 

i£j^^ ^^^V^aghdri, affected with avarice, h. 
]3^\ v^isT aghdra, m. name of a plant said 

to cure the bite of venomous reptiles, h, 

^3*^1 TqwiT iighdrnd, a. to discover, to un, 

veil, to pull off. A. [or unveils. A. 

Jlj^\ ^^TJ^ ughdru, m. one who discovers, 

^^f I ^NUI aghdndy a. to surfeit, to satiate ; 

n. to surfeit, to be satiated; adj. satiated: rich, 
affluent. A. --«,«-, 

{^^^ IMI^ aghd,%y f. satiety, surfeit, h. 
lij^S^ ^M%ni ugharndy n. to be uncovered, 

opened, pulled off. A. 
^^^^?\ v«i«iH aghmayy sinful, s. 

^J^^ ^-i^n agkauy m. the name of the eighth 

Hinda month (during which the sun is in Scorpio, and 
the moon is full near Orion's head (November De- 
cember). #. [grass. A. 

U)^ V c:r4^^ ^rfW ''ETO aghin-ghasy m. lemon 
vi)>*>\;^n ^CTTRT^nV agh-ndshak, adj. puri- 

fylo^i freeing from sin. «. 

^_^1 WII5^1 aghant, relating to aghan ; the 

" produce of that month, aghantfafl, the cold harvest 
weather, s, [terrible, j. 

j^\ "^^ aghoTy m. a name of Shiva j adj. 

4:ijj^\ ^IWkiro aghor^pantky m. a parti- 
cular religious order among HindQsw «. 

54*^ WlftrWi' affhorpanfhi,\aaedaa 
Wfhi^ aqhori. 

54 ) 


ikoin, I ) stantive- 

I7, professing aghorpanth, an order.of religious men- 
dicants, who eat every thing, however filthy, even 
human carcasses ; hence, a gross or filthy feeder. *. 

(Jj^^ W^hft aghorij covetous, greedy, d. 
^^e* «i7«^<^ ^« (v. agahV), information, &c. p, 
^^\ wf\ age, before, beyond, more, ao:o, al- 

•• ready, in future, formerly, forwards, onwards ; hence, 
or henceforth, rather, sooner, age dhar-lend, to get 
before, to outstrip, to surpass, to pass (as a horse in a 
race), age-ana, to come forward ; to return, to revert ; 
a. to haaten, to accelerate, age-lanat to bring forward, 
to advance, s, 

^J\ age ! O thou ! (applied to a female), d. 

^ I WITT or ^sr^ a^.yi', agya (or agnya), f com- 
mand, order, agyd-patr, m. an edict, a written order. 
dgya-bhavg, m disobedience, insubordination, dgya- 
kdr, or agyd-kdri, obedient, executing orders. *. 

^\ ^mm ogaiyoy a disease which affects the 
rice plant, which thereby is parched up. h, 

4^' ^r^i«<i ag^ya, m. the name of a bird 

{Alauda Aggia, Buck.), t. 

J^^l ^mntTngr agya-baitdl, m. a demon 

who rules over fire, h, 

OUil ^9 1 It a-gyat or a-gnyata^ unknown, 

inexperienced, ignorant, simple. agAyata-Jaubana or 
-yaxtwand^ f. a full-grown girl, arrived at maturity, and 
surprised at the symptoms which then appear, not 
knowing to what to attribute her sensations. «. 

4>jU/l %StUP:^ agyart, f. kindling the ^re at 

the time of devotion (by Hindus). A. 
(j*>\^Ia?1 agya-ghas, m. lemqn grass, d, 

^Ia51 ^9iff a-gydn or a-gnyan, witless, igno- 
rant ; m. ignorance, s. 

uIaSI ^'i4fir|T agydnd, a. to burn vessels of 

metal for the purpose of cleaning them. h. 

^^j^U? 1 ^^tfiTrT a-gydn-pan, state of igno- 
rance, s. [pidity. 8, 
lSiU?l Wgn«Tfrr a-gydnatd, f. ignorance, stu- 
Li^l ^^1*!^ a-gydni, ignorant, unwise. $, 
^y^\ agefi, f. a chafing-dish, or brazier ; also 

"a flower-pot. d, 

B;jp t ^fk: agaira, m. the first sheaf of the 

crop, presented to the samlndar. A. 

f^yif\ dgiUf full (used in comp.). p, 

*A?i ^rsr a-gya, idiot, stupid, ignorant, s, 

ij\ at, the, the Arabic definite article (vide 

Hind. GranL page 18). a. 

Jl 'WfcS oli^ m. a large black bee, a scorpion, 

an Indian cuckoo (cuculus indicus), a crow, spirituous 
liquor, s. 

\j\ Wf^ «/, f. the name of a treo, from the 
root of which a red colour is extracted for staining 
leather, dyeing silk, &c. {Morinda citr\folia) ; m. yel- 
low orpiment. h. 

j! 5/, f. children, progeny, descendants, off- 
spring, race, dynasty. N.B. dl is commonly nsed to 
express a race or family by the mother's side ; in con- 
tradistinction to auldd, a race &c by the fitther*! 
side. (Binnmg). a. 

J I ^ifo dlif f. a female friend, a damsel. «. 
^1 ^icpi did, m. a small recess in a pillar or 

wall, for holding a lamp, &c. ; a^}. wet ; running (as 
a sore) ; land saturated with (rain) water ; a basm or 
hole dug at the root of a tree. A. 

*1 HW ilia, m. a wart. A. 

^1 tlld, besides, except, otherwise, unless, if 

not ; sometimes a superfluous negative na is added to 
this particle, a. 

t-^^T VT^JHT or ^V^ror dldpf (corruptly aldp\ 

f. prelude to singing; m. intercourse, conversation, 
association ; enumeration of the questions in an aritb« 
metical or algebraic sum. s. 

^^^ dld'pdld, m. the leaves of trees, d, 

C^jVV^^' ^IcJIM^kI dldp-chdn,f. the act 
of tuning the voice previous to singing. «. 

Uo»^' ^T^mm aldpnd or WT^SPRT dldpnd, to 

tune the voice, to run over the different notes previous 
to singing, to catch the proper key, to sing, to tune. s. 

05)1 dldt, n. (pi. of CJT), tools, instru- 
ments, utensils, apparatus, a. 

,^y^\ aldtunif vague, undetermined, d. 

W^^ ildchd, m. a kind of silk and thread 

doth. d. 

j^_5^^i \K?\^ ildchiy f. large cardamums. 

" Udcht-bdiipnd, to distribute cardamums, a kind of mar- 
riage or wedding ceremony, ildchi-pan^u, a kind of 
wild fruit ildchi-bon4d or -^ora, capsule of car4»- 
muras. ildchi-ddne, a kind of sweetmeat, h, 

^^1 ^cJliHI uldrnd, a. to cause to sleep. A. 
6^^ uld ghf m. an owl. U 

j*l ulaky f. a kind of small boat, p, 

^J^\ alakx f. (pi. of ^\),question8,problems ; 

"misfortunes, a. [to one side. i. 

W^i T^T^Rt uldlnd, a. to overset, to lay over 
J)i \ dldm (pl.of J\),care8,griefs,misfortuDes. a. 
^lo\ aUamdn^ m. mercy, quarter; calling 

for quarter in battle, a. [ClaudUm). U 

^J^'^\ aldmdn, a German (Lat. Alemanni, 

^JVl wr^tT dldn, m. the post to which an 
elephant is tied, or the rope that ties him. «. 

fj^\ al-dn, now, the present time, al-dn kama 

kdna, now as formerly; just as heretofore, as usual, 
as formerly, a. 

\j!)i\ ^^iffT alldnd, n. to bawl, to scream, to 

squeak, h. 

\j^\ Hand, m. race, family, kindred, ttlditdy 

act of what is vulgarly called " throwing up in one** 
teeth," or " reminding one of former services." 


( 55 ) 



^*i ^ISW aid/>, 1 m. a bonfire, flame, a 

)yj\ S^nr alldTvOf r blaze: it also denotes a 

*j^> Mfpm aiaway J fireplace, especially ap- 
plied to a hole in the front of the shade where the 
paraphernalia of the Muharram show are deposited, 
and in which a fire is lighted every evening during the 
festival, h. 

y^ji^ 9CPi^*ii ulahna, m. reproach , chiding, 

complaint, h. 

^y^ ^^nWT Udyachay m. (v. ildcka), a kind 

of ck>th vroven of silk and thread. «. 

j^y^^'J)^ ^^JIMMI ild,ecki or ildyachin, f. 

large cardamums. «. 

jjSjVI dldyishy f. fiJth, pollation. p. 

JUJ! Vl^^l^ albdU m. a circular basin round 
the root of a tree for the purpose of watering it. «. 

sLJI al'batta, certainly, indeed, \eril7. a, 
IjjJI alburz, a celebrated mountain in Hama- 

daa, in Persia, famous among the fire-worshippers, p. 

3^4jJ) V^d^ aZMe/a,Tartles8, simple, inno^ 
5Uji^ V<^^<#l aibeld, J cent ; ra. a fop, a 

beao. alheli, a belle, a coquette, albel-pan^ or albel- 
— 1, foppishness, frivolity, airs and blandishments, h. 

Lm^\ WSH alp, little,8mall, few, short, alpatd, 

t smallness, minnteness, insignificance, alpahar, mo- 
derate, abstemious ; m. moderation, alpdiari, mode- 
rate. a(payv, short-Itved ; ^oung. a/p-frtMf^^Aj, ignorant, 
sillj. alp-bal, feeble, of little strength. alp-prabftao» 
insignificant, of little weight alp^raman, of little 
anthority. ^ alp-pramdtuik» credulous, resting on little 
evidence ; of little weight alp-shakti, weak, feeble. 
alp-matr, a little only ; a short time, a few moments, j. 

i2^\ ulpaf, m. name of a stroke in sword- 
play ; 8 reilez or inverted blow, d, 

^^\ alpin, m. (vide alfxriy &c.), a pin. d. 
CJT alaty f. a tool, an instrument, appara- 

rstns; the running rigging of a ship ; a rope (in the 
Bngo of Indian seamen), membrum virile; vereirum 
mtumalium, a, 

131 V^nn or ^n^fWT altd or dltd, m. cotton 

strongly impregnated with the dye of lac, ready to be 
used for dyeing, &c, principally used by the Hinda 
women to stain their feet red. t, 

{^\mX\ ilttbdSf being obscure, ambiguity, 

perplexity, ■■ double entendre." a, 

\Jf^ iltijd, f. a request ; flying to in cases of 

necessity; a petition, refuge, protection, iliijd-burdanf 
to seek ref age. a. 

Aj^ Utizdmy m. being necessary, expedient, 
being aasiduoas, taking on one's self. a. 

C>\flj3\ iltifdt, f. friendship, kindness, obli- 
gilioii,eoiirtesy» respect ; (In rhetoric) an apostrophe.a. 

^Uj3) tUimd.^9 m- ^* beseeching, petitioriing, 
■mnJiwiiiig, prayer, reqnesk a. 

U^^ altamgbfl, or dltanighd, ra. aTurkish word, 

signifying the red patent, the impression of the impe- 
rial seal affixed to mnts tWc. being in red ink- It 
is a grant of laud under the royal seal, conveying the 
property to the first proprietor and his heirs, ia per- 
petuitjT, and escheating to government only in default 
of issue, or forfeited by delinquency. It also detiotes 
a kind of tax levied on travellers. Among the Turks 
it signifies a stamp on gold or silver plate, to certify 
its being of standard purity. See further, Wilson's 
Glossary, t. 

^^^ %iQinn1 altaniy f. the rope round the 

-neck of an elephant, in which the driver puts his feet, 
as in stirrups, h, 

\^\ iltbvdy hanging back, procrastinating, 
deferring, a. [ment, &c. A. 

^d^ ^c^^l i//</i5, m. translation (of a do;iii- 

Vi^l^) iltihdb, in. burning, heat, a, 

\j>^\ V9W ulathna, n. to undulate, to be 

, agitated (as the ocean by storms), h, 

f\jji\ iltiydmj allaying, soothing, curing, a, 

viLJl Tfgn? ulatf m. act of upsetting or over- 
turning, h, 

VSll ^55rr ulta, reversed, turned back; re- 
verse, contrary, opposite; m. peose-puddiug, akind of 
pudding made of the meal of any pulse, id^l-pulfd, 
topsy-turvy, higgledy-piggledy, all in confusion, h, 

UU3^ "^^STRT uhdndy a. to turn upside down, 

pervert, overset, overturn, thwart, h. 

oUb UU3\ HrgjTT«n jgjCTSn ultdnd pultdnd, a. 
to reverse, modify ; to interchange. A. 

viLA^cLJ^ ^^^5^ ulatpulat, higgledy-pig- 
gledy, topsy-turvy; f. confusion; interchange; decep- 
tion, imposition, h. [Bower. A. 

JyxJ()^ "W^tk^^ ulat'kahwali ra. name of a 

ulatnd, a. to pervert, to subvert, 

to thwart, to overturn, to reply ; n. to be reversed. 
ulaf-jdna, (Dakh.), to be proud. A. 

ol^\ ulthdndy a. (same as ultdnd), to per- 
vert, upset, &c. A. 

siL*b ^\ uldth'palat (v. ulat-palat). h. 
U^\ ulathna (v. ulatnd), to turn, &c. ulthe" 

pa,ofi, on returning, ulfka tndr, a reverse blow or back 
stroke, ulflu takrtr, a perverted speech or declaration. 
ulthi samajhy a perverse or absurd idea. A. 

c^ al'ju! interj. used in complaining of 

hunger ; lit. the hunger t a. 
U^afc* 79*R7^T uljhdnd, a. to entangle; to 

ravel or entwist (as thread), to involve, to embrdU. h. 

y^ ^^5Wn^ uljhdfOf m. entanglement, per- 
plexity. A. 

^^4^4^ ^<SHiM<i5»^IHMr ulajh-pulajh-j.^ 

n. (see uliykna, to be entangled, &c.). A. 

^^;^ '^fWf^ uljhan, f. involution, the 6tat9 

of being entangled, complication, a. 

U44- T^nfivfT ulajhnd or ilajhnd, n. to be en- 
tangled, to be involved in a quarrel or difficulties ; t« 
quarrel, to debate. A. 



( 66 ) 


^jiA^ '5y%?T uljhea or iljherd^ m. the state 

of being entangled (see nljhan). h, 

^^ ^cf>'^«fT ulachna, a. to throw out the 

water from any thing; to drain, h, 

^\^ ilhah, importunity, urgent solicitation.a. 

«>W t7//ac?,impiety, heresy, idolatry ; atheism, 
unbelief, (as to the Mu^alman faith), a, 

J^l^ al'hasil, in short, in fine, a, 
^W iUjdht m. addition, junction, coupling, a. 
jl^ al'half now, at present; just now. a, 
^W ////aw., m. note, sound, modulation, tune, 

an air in music al^n (pi. of la^n), musical notes, 
melodies, a. 

jtW al'Jwzar, (used as an interjection) be- 
ware ! have a care ! a. 

iu^^ aUhoflz, (lit. the Protector), interj. 

God preserve us ! a. 

Jf^ flZ-i^a/e or al'hahh, true, right ; in truth, 

verily, the truth is, a, 

ftU ji^ al'hamdu4illdhi, God be praised ! a. 
J\ g/tMy (a contraction of 5^T ^^) used 

in the sense of " et castera, and so on." a. 
JfJlifc alkhalah, f. a coat, vest, garment, a. 
Umi alddnB, to scream out, to shriek. cL 
^pl ^c^VHI ularnd, n. to lie down, to rest. A. 
'ji\ alar, imperfect, not grown up. d, 
^^\ VH<JJi^<#f alar-halaf, f. trifling talk or 

employment, h, 
^\J\ ilzdm, m. blame, reproach ; conviction, a. 

fj^\ ^rgm or 'Wr^y^ alas, dlas m, laziness, 

drowsiness, sloth; adj. lazy, slothful, drowsy. *, 

OLJl V^'f?HI alsdnd, n. to be drowsy, to 

dose, to slacken. «. 

cLuJ^ llQ&4ld alagat or alastd, or alastd-gl 

or a£sa/i, f. apathy, sloth, indolence. «. 

AVMkJ\ al'Saldm, farewell, peace or safety be 

upon thee ! a. [guages. a. 

«U< fl^wna (pi. of ^^LJ), tongues, lan- 
*JuJt VI 1^4^ dlasr/a, m. laziness, adj. lazy. 

(see alas). $. [slothful. #. 

j^^l ^HTcByfl or ^rr^PSf^ dlasyit dlast, drowsy, 

j^^l *l(^Jfcl1 ahl, f. linseed. (Linurn usitatis" 

"simum. h, [perior. t, 

(jm)1 ulash or ulush, m. the leavings of a su- 
u-iUaJl altdf m. (pi. of u-iU), kindnesses, 

lavours. a. 

JjjiJ\ al'*ahdy a form of counter-signature by 

a subordinate clerk or ofBcer ; lit. the slave or servanta 

aUHJoa)^ al-azamatU'liUahi, great is God, an 

ejaculation expressive of surprise, fear, denial, Ac. . a 
j\ii\ ilfjhdr or alghdr, m. rapine, devastation, 
as during the inroad of a hostile army ; the forO!4 
march of an army through a district p. 

{JoJ^\ al-gharaz, in short, upon the whole, in 

a word, finally, a, 

»J^1 alghuza^ ra. a whistle, pipe; or smaU 

flageolet p, 

Ll>lAi3\ td-ghiydFf m. complaint, complainiac;, 

demanding justice, interj. alas ! help ! a. 

u--4A!^ al-ffhaib, that which is hidden, seert?:, 

or mysterious, al-^ib Hnd aimi, God knows what 
18 hidden, a. 

v-^^ alf, a thousand, alif, the first letter of 
the Arabic or Persian alphabet, a. 

UJ\ alfn, m. a kind of dress worn by falirs, 
like a shirt without sleeves, and open at the sides. «. 

I2>\i5< alfa^ m. (pi. of ka)), words, articular^ 
sounds, terms, a. 

jJ«-iJ! alif-he or alif-bd-td, f. the alphabet./?. 

tlAft)^ w//J?r, f. friendship, affection, attacU- 
• ment, kindness, familiarity, intimacy, a, 

*SaJt dlvfta, astonished, frantic, insane, p. 
»t3i^ f^^lii\ ulfati-handa, attached from frip/^'l- 

ship (a slave or servant), a. p. 

^\ alfi, f. see li)l alfd (cloth, &c.) covered 
**with marks like the letter al\f. a. 

(J^^ ^ifi9 I f. a pin, (so called in Dak- 

Cj\^\ al/indt,y hanl): the word is appa- 
fjii\ alfinnl, J rently Portuguese. 

«)i ilkdf m. throwing down, flinging, ilkd, e 

i^^f^f throwing a stone, an ofi^ence prohibited by i;ie 
Muhammadan law, whereby the person throwing « 
stone at any article was compelled to purchase ii, a. 

i^\Sl\alJidb (pi. of L-^), m. titles, honoraiy 

names ; forms of addres's, &c., in letters, a. 

euAA)* aUhinsa, in short, in one word. a. 
CiiDi ^S^m alak, f, a lock of hair. s. 
L^\ alaky aside, apart, d. 
^\ T5Kr vlltdy f. a firebrand; a meteor, 

flame, fire. s. [c'ir\\ 

Jj»5^ VlcjJ«hHr(5 alakdvali, f. a row of side 
{J^\ ^X^"^ alaksh,') invisible, unseen : a 
^\ ^^y^ alakh, J form of salutation 

among a class of medicants. t, 

f^2x^^ ^®«|<u a-iakshan, m. a bad sign or ill 

omen. $. [fated, g 

f^J^Sa) ^^^^ a-lakshanif unfortunate, lil- 
J^l alhnn, stuttering, pronouncing badly, a* 
ljja^lV<$dhH«<l alak-nanddj f. a stream that 

runs from the Himalaya mountains, and falls into 
the Ganges near Srinagar. t. 



#4*^» W^lf a-lakh (same as a-^lahsh). unseen, 

«ilookedat. M, [SaivawHTt. /. 

^^•13^1 alakh-ndmt, m. a mendicant of the 
vl5'^^na-%,separate, distinct, a-lagalag, 

or alag'talag, separately. #. 

W W^m a/^a, separate, apart, distinct, free, 

MOCK, unconfined ; nu a BftnH«ii, j, 

w»^' ^^'iitfi algand, a. to separate, to put 
one side.' ulgana, to cause to leap over. i. 

(/ J^l ^9«ii^ fl/^a*!, f. separation. *. 

vSaQI tttya;, act of leaping over. s. 

UCl alagna^ n. to be separated or disjoined. 

^lagna, n. to ■pring or bound over. #. 

^y^l ^^9*1 til alagni, f. a line for hanging 

"dothet on. A. 

U^l alffoja, m- (see a^tba) a pipe, &c. p. 
^» ^CP<9«ii ulalna, n. to be overset, or laid 

over to one eide. A. 

«13^ fl//a/r, m. God; the Supreme Being. 

•UShu akbar, God is great! an exclamation of sur- 
prtie. resignation, &c. ailah, alldh I Oh wonderful I 
excellent 1 aHdh4nHah-Udldh, I Bwear most solemnly, 

^\ ^K^ alam, sticks set up for the support of 

creeping plante (like our vines, *c). A. 
J! alam, m. pain, grief, allliclion. fl. 
J' ^K^ alam, enough, abundance; able, 

adequate, or equal to. «. 
{Sj^^ ohnan, f. a chest of drawers, a bookcase ; 

<the vord is of European origin : for example, the old 
English term is "almarie;" and the Scotch word 
•■awmrie," or "aumrie," is in common use to this 
day). A. 

(jalji alma», m. a diamond, almax-farash, 
m. diamond-dust ; adj. cut into angles (as glass), p. 

^j^\^)al7nasi,cui into facets (like a diamond). 

"tiwati-rang, of a diamond colour ; m, a bright clear 
vfaite coloor. p. 

yfJI Wi(9%«i dlamban, m. dependence; a sup- 
port, protector. «. 

J^^l aliam'^aliam, m. trifling talk or busi- 
ness; toying; vanity, idle excuse, p. 

*^' ^«!M^ vlmuk, m. a firebrand^ burning 
veod.chaR»aL «. 

(^)U«)I alam-ndkf full of pain or sorrrow. a, p. 
«UmJI al-mmnatu liltdhi (God be praised!), 

a ejaculation expressive of surprise, fear, denial, &c. a. 

\j^\ alniaira, m. (v. almdiT), a press, &c. 
^1 a/ttfy, a sort of wild plum, a sloe. p. 

^i^x.ulandndy a. (v. ulendnd), to pour out a 
j»iJ' H^VR alankdr, m. ornament or jewel ; 

Artoric, ornate composition in prose. «. 

vI^^^mII li^[^a2anArito,adorned,decorated.«. 

57 ) 


jl^xDI alanhhdr, the treble notes in music d, 
j^LS^I ^T^ alang^ f. side, way, corner, in- 

trenchments ; u alang, this side. A. 

'^ L^^'^ oj' 'f^HF ^^long or alangy naked. «• 
uLxajJ dlang, intrenchment, trenches, p. 

^iiJ I ^kf^pjirn dlingan, m. the act of em- 
bracing. *. [overleap. A. 
^-^^' ^c?'i*!t ulangd, n. to bound over, to 
^j^^ I "^^PTtft aZa«^«i,f.( v.a^<7ni),a line,&c. A. 
(i;4^' ^WW^ ullanghan, in. the transgressing 

of ajule or custom ; transgression. «. 

^CiJ I ^1%3^ dlitigl, adj. embracing, s, 
_y I VBiiQjor^rTc? 5/5, m. an esculent root (Arum 

campanulalum), a potato ; Rat-dlu, a yam. a/«,c SDiakar- 
kand, a sweet potato, &c. dlu, in Persian, signifies a 
plum, but in India the word is taken to signify a potato. 
It is singular that this vegetable is named by the Per- 
sians and Arabs, as by the French, " groupd apple,** viz. 
Persian, iibi zamtni» Arab, tuffd^-ul-ardh, dlu,i buthdrd, 
dried plums, prunes. ( Binning), p. 

y\ dlOf a portion of unripe corn, h, 

j^\ 'W^^iiUu, m. an owl; met. a Btupid fellow, 
a fool. *. 

y\ '^F^ulu, 1 f.akindofgrass(jSa^cAart<?n 

yi'^^P^ulwdJ cylindricum, Willden), L 

-.IjJl alwdh (pi. of — ^), tablets, planks, &c. a. 

Jyl >HI<J*llcy dln-aly ra. a basin for water 

round the root of a tree. «• 

^^1^1 ulu^l-amr, men possessed of command 

or authority (vide iUu), a. 

^y\ aln:dn (pi. of ^^), colours, sorts, kinds; 
adj. of various sorts and colours, a. 

^^I Wci^M alop, concealed, defaced, retired, 

run out, destroyed ; apparent, alop-ho-j.^ n. to vanish. «• 

^^yl T^^tf ullu-pan, m. folly, stupidity. *. 
^^1 V^iMHI alopndy a. to conceal, to hide 

one's self; m. to lie hid, to be concealed, s. 

A^^l alucha, a kind of small plum, p, 

d^ I dlud (v. dludd), soiled, &c. p. 
{^ju\i^^\ uUu'ddSy 1 stupid as an owl, a fool 
(^j**»\i^^\ uUu'ddsriyj or simpleton, s. 

cbjJI al-rvidd', adieu ! fare thee well ! a. 

^J^ I dludagiy f. contamination^ stain, foul* 

**nes8, defilement, p. 

^^^1 dludarif to stain^ defile, pollute, p, 

SJ^I dludoy soiled, stained, smeared or de- 
filed ; overwhelmed, immerged, loaded with, p, 

^jIjjII uluahy m. (see ulasli), leavings. U 
^^y^ ulufy thousands (pi. of ^.^t). a. 
(^j!l ^c|^<afc uluky m. an owl (same as uZ/u). b 


( 68 ) 


ii^^T IRTSTNt alok, m. sigbt^ looking; light; 

flattery, panegyric «• 

<^J^j)l Vc^Hbh^ a^laukihy unpopular, not cur- 
rent, BupematuraL », [visibility. $, 

(2;^t V<^4«1 a-lokauy m. disappearance, in- 
{2^!^^ ^WT^<^R dlokan, m. sight, seeing, 

looking. «. 

J>4\;^t 7c7?(R[^ ulukhal, m. bdellium, S^gummj 
sabstance ; a wooden mortar for cleaning rice, t, 

^^^'^^T VI<^MIik alu-gackhj m. the potato 

tree ; the tapioca shrub. A. 

J^l *r^5^ a/o/, f. prambol (generally applied 

to a horse); adj. steady. «. 

J^ J^l W^(^f^S^^t9 alolkalol, f. {rambols, 

wantonness, playsonieness (of young animals), h, 

^jJI ^ff^fhOT or ^^fttfT a-lona, fresh, not salt, 

Insipid, s, [madan. p, 

i^j^\ alwand or alwand, a mountain in Ha- 

C-o^^l uluhi^atA deity, divinity, the divine 

«JJb^l uluhtyay j essence, a, 

&) t dla, m. (see dlaf), tool, &c. a. 

&)l t7a^ (v. id) I), God, the Supreme Being, a. 

l^t YITq^ al/iay the name of a Hindu soldier 
and poet, from whom a species of poetry takes its 
name. h. 

A^\ ilhdm, inspiration, revelation, a. 

Ul^l V<;^Hf alhdnd, n. to rejoice, to be 
cheerful, h, [unskilful, h* 

j^^ ^<^if alhar, young, untaught (animal), 

Ui^l 7^7«1I ulahndj m. complaint, accusa- 
tion ; reproof, chiding. vlahiuL dena, to reproach, com- 
plain, abuse ; n. to grow, to r^etate. h. 

^^\ ildhl, divine, the Divine Being ; used as 

** an interj., O God ! Name of an sera instituted by Akbar. 
ildhigaz,the standard yard measure of forty-one Angers, 
instituted by Akbar. a. [musical mode. h. 

U4)) ^r^in alhaiydj f. name of a ragni or 

OVx^l ildhiydt^ divine things or studies; 
metaphysics, theology, a. 

CUa^I ildhxyatj f. divinity, the godhead, a. 
jJT W^ft dlij a land measure, equivalent to 

"four hUU ; adj. of or belonging to the al tree. A. 

fj I ^HT^t ally f. damsel, female friend ; m. a 

** scorpion. 9. [of the lotus, s, 

/Jl ^V^ a/i, m. a large black bee, enamoured 

/Jl i7a, up to, until, ila-al^n, up to the pre- 
sent time. a. 

^T Wl^ dlai, m. a house, an abode, s. 
US] UTi^nn aliydj name of a tribe of banjd- 

ras. h. 

UbU3\ H^MI^^'^I alaiyd'halaiydy f. sacrifice, 

WcTim ; lighted wisps, with which the HindGs divert 

themselves at ^e season of the DewilL h. 

i-iAASi ^n^ a/6p, m. liniment, plaster. «. 
U^ l^fhRT uUchndy a. to throw up water, 

to bale, h, 

<^l^^jl *lc^lc'f dti-rang, m. a colour ex- 

tracted from the al tree (Morinda eitr\foiia), h.p. 

LT^' ^^9 iliahy m. a fish, the hilsa or sable 

{Clupea alosa). t, . 

w^l ^VQJhir atik, m. falsehood, untruth, any 

thing displeasing or disagreeable; adj^ false, na- 
pleasing. «. [elating torment, a. 

^' a/i/7t, painful. *azdbi alim, an excru- 

uJjjJi 4^4|i«fl ulendnd, a. to pour water. A. 


A I ^i«i am, m. a manofo (fruit of the MangU 

fera Indica), provisions, victuals (undressed) ; sickness 
disease ; a^j* raw, undressed, unripe, «. 

fA umm, f. a mother, a. [ever. a. 

Ul ammd, but, moreover, nevertheless, how- 
\ic\ WfH\ ammdy f. a mother, s, 
jL-iUl lilHlfri^li ama/t«ar, m. dysentery. *. 

AJ0U1 WHTT amdtya, m. a minister* coun- 
sellor, t. farrows at. jn, 

^Ul amq/, m. a mark or butt to shoot 
^jUT dmddagif f. readiness, alertness, p. 
9jU| dnidda^ prepared, ready, alert, p, 

jUf dmdr, calculation, investigation ; an ac- 
eount-book or register, p, 

C«>^UI imdratf f. dominion, authority; a 
district under the government of an amir. a. 

dj\A\ amdridy (pi, ofdjA) beardless youths, a. 
9^l«^ ammdra^ domineering, imperious, a. 
(^^Ul dmdsy m. swelling, drnds-ky to swell, 

to effect a swelling, p, 

{^jj^\ ammd.% the conjunction of the sun and 
moon, the days about new moon. d. 

^U1 amdkin (pi. of ^^0^), mansions, ha- 
bitations, places, a. 
jU\ imdlay m. (\\t, inclining) a change of 

vowels in pronunciation as kitlb for kiidb (a book), a. 

jXc\ imdm, m. a prie^^t, a leader in religious 

^ matters, patriarch, prelate, chief; a large bead in a 
rosary, which remams fixed in the hand, and is not 
turned over in counting (called by the Hindus At- 
meru). a, 

]jlx«U^ imdmbdrdf m. (also imdmbarit f.) a 
kind of temple in which the festival of the Mnhorram 
is celebrated : it is generally a square building'with a 
cupola on the top. h, 

dA#eUf imdmatf f. the office of an imdm. a. 


^\^^Ul irndtn-zdmin {oT-zdmini), m. the 

protecting Imam, or one's ^pxardian saint imam-xn- 
min kd ruplya, a piece of com dedicated to Imam Za^ 
min : it is ^tened on the arm of a person about to 
leave home as a charm for averting evil : if in want 
he may spend it, not otherwise, a. 


( «» ) 

1 of or relating to an imanu 
J an epithet assumed by the 


j^\<J mami, 

foUowen of *A1L a. 
^j^U^ amany f. grace, mercy, security, safety, 

protcctioo; aa an ioteij. it denotes, "quarter! spare 
me ! " and is generally toonded aman, a. 

^Ut wrm amanna, m. raw rice or grain ; 

proviiiona nndresaed. «. 

^JCi\ ^vnrt ammdtt(ssime as amma),a mother, s, 
bU^ iniPIT amdna, n. to be cgntained^ to go 

into. s. 

C^U\ amanatt f. deposit, charge, any thing 

given in trust ; £uth, religion. amamU-dart a trustee, 
or dcposita^; adj. faithful, honest, amdnat'ddri, f. 
gnaidianship, agency, trust, charge; faithfulness. 
amanai-rakhnd^ a. to consijp or deposit, amanat-dc^tart 
a registry-office, amanat-jarl, assignments of revenue. 
amaaat-ma^dl, an estate, amdnat-ndtna, a deed of trust 
or deposit, a. 

jjUWmanafi, f. goods &c. given in charge, a, 
uj3U^ lIprrrRfhl a-mdnamyaf incredible, not 

lit to be beliet^ed. s, [vrithout pride, bumble, s, 

j3Ul tnrnft a-mdni, incredulous, inattentive; 
^io\ amdnu f. security ; trust, charge, de- 

-posit; adj. (applied to land) thatvrhich is in charge of 
a collector on the part of government (in opposition 
to ijara, that which is farmed), a. 

w>U\ ^PTPT a-manya (see amdnamya). in- 

"credible, not worthy of being believed. *. 

OjUl^iTRTtfwaniaf, m. the inspissated juice 

of the mango (v. amot), h, 

^jW ^Hirran amdwaSf 1 f. the conjunc- 
aam»«M ^PfR^ amdvaaya, V tion of sun and 
j^j'-a! \IMI^U^ amdvasi, J moon, the day 

"of new moon. t. 

t^^ m amhy m. a mango, a mango tree. 

saiMt, m. water. «. 

Utl^R^ amhdj f. a mother, (same as ammo), s. 

Ob^T ^nVTH dm-bdt, m. a swelling, which 

comes without pain and goes off as easily, even without 
uedidne, a windy tumour, s, 

(/;U«I ^ninft ambdrlf f. a canopy, a litter 

naad on an elephant or cameL p, 

CaJmsI ^r^nr ambaty sour, acid or acrid, s. 
^'^\ m^nrVHJ ambatdnd, n. to grow sour, 

to be acidulated, s. Inelumbo), s. 

^\ ^rjir ambujj m. the lotus (Nymphcea 
j^\ WR anibar, m. clothes, apparel ; the 

»ky or atmosphere ; a perfume (ambergris). ». 

if*T mWT ai/*6tfr, f. ambergris (v. ^ahbar). a. 
^\jL»\Wit\%ambard,i, f. a mango grove, s. 

U^l li^^ ambarchd, m. an ornamental 

dnving. - * 

ii^lSjbs^ ^m amhashthf m. a man the off- 
ttnag of a BrShman and a Yusya woman, by occupa- 


\^1 wfisrarr anibikdyf. a name of the goddess 

PSrvati. #. 

^^yAamboti, f. a species of sorrel {Oxalis 

comtculata). d, [lesa. A. 

J^I ^Wt^ ambol (for an-2)oZ), silent, speech- 

^^^f«t W^rtW ambhcj, m. the lotus, s. 

Uf«i vf^nn ambiydyf, a small unripe mango. «• 
C<A/«t ummaty f. people, a religious sect, peo- 

pie of the same belief a. 

CL*/«1 wf^ a-mity unmeasured, undefined, s. 
&/«l dmmaty one of the ten kinds of wounds 

compensated by a fine. a. 

^V*:*^ imtihdn^ m. examination, proof, trial, 

experiment; temptation, a. 

i3i Ja<«l imtidddy m. protraction, prolongation, 

prorogation, extension ; adj. protracted, a. 

^IjUI imtild, m. repletion, indigestion, a. 
cUXa^ imtinaj m. restraint, prohibition, a* 

^\ ummattf m. a believer in, or follower of, 

** any particular sect. a. 

jUXo\ imtiyaz, m. discrimination, separation, 

distinction; pre-eminence ; good breeding. imiiySz-k^ 
a. to discriminate ; to treat with distinction, a. 

grj^JH^^ imtiydzty having the quality of dis- 
criminating, worthy of distinction, a. 
(JL^\ ^fkZ a-mity indelible, undefaced. s. 

J\i«l amsal (pi. of JjU), examples, similes, 

equals, fables, parables, a. 
Sa^^ amjady very or most glorious, a. 
^^' a»i;i, f. compulsory service, d, 
j^^» ^QPT^ amckury m. parings of the 

mango, dried in the sun. i. 

i\ol dinad, f. arrival, income, dmad-dmad 

or ama^j o rq/if, f. access and egress, dmad-ihud or 
amocf MtM^, intercourse, thoroughfare, p. 

d\^\ imdddy f. act of assisting, i^iding, or 
abetting; succour, help ; extending, a. 

f^d^\ dmadan, (r. a or dy) to come. A. 
^t\cl dmdanl^ f. the season in which any 

"merchandise generally arrives; perquisites; any 
thing gained over and above ; ways and means ; Igp 
come, revenue ; import, p. 

OlcV^I 7H3HI umddnd, also urndd-d,, a. to 

cause to overflow, to flood, h, 
\jSa\ 9H$HT uinadnd, n. to overflow ; to let 

fall (as tears), to shed, to swell and increase or prevail 
(like a river, clouds, an army, the heart, &c.). A. 

jic\ amr, m. an order, command; an affair, 

transaction ; (in gram.) the imperative mood, amr-bor 
yad, lit. " your business is in your own hands,** which 
uttered by a husband and agreed to by a wif^ oonstl 
tutes an irreversible divorce, a. 


( 60 ) 


w«f amir, one wbo orders, a commander, 

ruler, a. [indica). i, 

ja\ '^TPJ amrttf m. the mango tree (^Mangifera 
y^ ITOT a-7nar, undying, immortal, lonpj- 

lived. perennial, everlasting; a god. Amara Sinfiat 
the name of a Sanskrit lexicographer. «« 

U«^ ^BWT or ^HH^ amra, m. name of a fruit ; 
hog-plum {Spondias mangifera), $, 

\j^ umara (pi. of Jk/*^), nobles, grandees; a 

noble (generally), but more especially applied to those 
of a Muhummadan court, a, [eases, a. 

^^\J«^ amraz (pi. of c>^)> sicknesses, dis- 
liyy^ ^Hil^fO a-raarawatij f. the celestial 

"city of Indra. s, [mangoes. », 

%^\f^ ^RtT^ amra,i, f. a tope or grove of 
^3J0^1 ^H<V^ amar-hel, m. an epidendron, 

or parasitical plant similar to the misletoe. «. 

iVv«l ismvi^amarpadf m. the state of an im- 

mortaV; immortality. «. 

CJyA wni a-mrit, m. the water of life, 

nectar; an antidote; any thing sweet; water; wine; 
a guava ; immortalitj, linal emancipation. «. 

.. I f ^fRXf(\ amartd \ 
u,*i -s . - r ^' immortality. «. 

-^ L ^miTTrr amritta ) 

^J^jc\ WTiniTff amrlt'hanf m. a variety of 

tne J^efa, or plantain, s, 

j3^\ V44ri^ or ^JHlft amriti or tmnii, f, a 

** small vessel for drinking out of; a kind of sweet- 
meat; a kind of cloth ; adj. nectarious. h, 

S^j^ wrtSr^ a-marjad, T f. indignity,dis- 
\j\s>'j0c\ ysimdti^ a-matjddd, j honour. s> 
^\ amradt beardless, handsome (a youth), a. 
jj^\ dmurz, act of pardoning or forgiving ; 

amurz-gflr, he who pardons ; an epithet of God. p. 

(ijj^cl dmurzixh, f. pardon, grace, forgive- 
ness of sins (by the Deity), p. 

^wwcl dm-raSi iiispissatod juice of the mango 

(see amot). t. 

Lpi*\ ^IHN dmarich, m. anger; wrath ; envy, 

impatience of another's success ; peevishness, f. 

i^^jic\ ^WT^^ mnar-lohy m. heaven* the 

region of the immortals. «. 

Ojj*\ WT^W amrut, m. a guava. (P*y- 

dium pyriferum). s. 

^%yt>\ amrudf m. a pear; also a guava. p, 

j^y^^ imroz (for in-raz^y to-day. imroz-fardd, 
to-day or to-morrow, i. e, soon, imroz farda-k,, a. to 
put offt to procrastinate, p, 

lS^^J^^ ^^^ ^ ««/", m. commands and pro- 

**hibitions, orders and counter-orders, commanding and 
countermanding ; hence, sovereignty, authority, a. 

\t>b^^ vrt^T O'lnaryddd, f. disrespect, indig- 
nity. (Same as a-marjadd.) «. 

iiichyc] ^H^ I n^^ a-fnar^a£?t^,disrespected. «<• 

{j»t^\ ummas, resolution, firmness, strength, d, 
(JL*-^^ immk, ni. parsimony; abstinence; a 

medicine taken to prolong pleasure; scarcity, want a. 

JL^\ imsdl (for m-sdl), this year, p. 
\l»^ 9«iti«iT umamd, n. to rot, to putrefy. K 

(jiUl -vkA^n^dmishf m. flesh, food, enjoyment; 

object of enjoyment, a pleasing object ». 
t— A-i-«^ imshab (for tn-«Aa5), to-night, p. 
J^^l WniTI^ dm-shul, m. the cbolic, pain 

arising from indigestion. ». 
jLo*^ awwar (pi. of^^-a*), cities, large cities, a. 

iJLa^\ imzdfi, despatching, transinitttng. a, 

jh^ ^J^9^M^ irrCdni na^, looking attentively, 

contemplating, a. [son, «. 

^JXo\ shhw amuhf such a one, a certain per- 

cdl^l b t^M KH«Hll|H4l amhd-dhamhd, 1 m.tri- 

K^S\i-^\ HH^IdHqfc l amkd'dhamJtdy J fles, 
trifling; a person of little estimation, k, 

^J6a\ imkdn, m. possibility; contingent ex- 
istence (in opposition to vntjubt necessity, or neoeaiary 
existence), a. 

^W imkdm, potential, possible, a. 
iu^x«\ ^irg^ a-mukhya, inferior, ordinary. «. 
y^ amaU m. hope, expectation, a. 
^\ tlT^ amaZ, m. intoxication. amaU jins, 

intoxicating liquors or drugs, h, 

J-«^ V^ am/ or amZ^i, acid ; sour. s. 

J-«^ tl"!^ a-mal, bright, pure, clean, clear, s. 

^M imldy m. orthography ; writing correctly; 

completing, filling up. imla-dan^ one who writes oor- 
rectlj. imld-natvU, the same. a. 

51m«I WlHc^l d'nln, m. the emblic myrohalan 

(Phyllanthus emblica). 9. 

(^^^ amldk (pi. of (.^U), possessions, pro- 
perties (generally applied to land), a. 

^^^ W^l«f a m/an,m. globe amaranth (Com- 

phrena globosa) ; ac^. clean, dear. «. 

(^^kA\ imtdh m. possession, property ; laud 

held rent free. a. 

j_y3 Jx\ HHci&M^ amal'pattl, f. the hem of 

**cloth, a kind of stitching. A. 

Ui«\ W^KT amlatd, f. sourness, acidity, s. 
(^^Ubo^^if^nrreama/^aj, m. CcLsdaJistula, km 

KUT "Wdfi-^^akl dmlikdy f. the tamarind tree. «. 

^Ji^l ^irf^R a-malin, clean,^pure. s. 

jA*\ ^Hj&l or ^^ft^S ^'^i^ or imlif m. the tama- 

" rind-trce {Tamarindus Indica) and its fruit i. 



^\ vmam (pi. of CldS])^ nations, sects, tribesy 

berdfl. a. [difl^rence, stoicism. «. 

\^\ ^ntfin a-mamta, f. disinterestedness, in- 
^^1 in^nf aman, m. winter rice-crop, h, 
^^\ amn^ m. security, safety, amn-aman, m. 

qaarter, crjiag out for quarter, amn o Sman^ in safety 
and security, a. 

Ijm! amanna, yea, verily; lit. we believe, a. 

U«Im»IuI VltilfllUl amnd'samnaf m. opposi- 

tian» oonfrontiDg. A. 

\jixu\ 'Wkwm umandna, n. (see umadna)^ to 

oferflow, abound, to swell* to increase, to be poured out. 
'-^ umamd kar rona, to weep violentlj. A. 

b3yU\ 9iiT«fT umandna, n. to be proud, con- 
ceited, dm 

>A.MWa^ T f a^manusht/Qf 1 unmanly. 

«A^xjM^ J ^ I a^manuhhya^ J OTnanujA- 

ya/o, unmanlinen, inhumanity, t. 

kIH^ T^it umangy f. transport, excessive 

J07, exultation, ambition. A. 

J^^ vqfl^ a-mangal, m. a disaster, a cala- 

nuty; an evil omen, ill luck; a4j. inauspidons, un- 
:iicky. #. Doy. A. 

UGbs\ Tihnn umangna, n. to advance with 
ij^\ ^iMt umangl, sanguine, desirous, am- 

"lations. k. 

(^•». Jm\ ^nnfNViT a-manojog, m. inatten- 

tioo. thmanafogi, inattentive. 9. 

Caa) Jm^ vnft^jhr amanonit, disapproved ; 
vepc^te. s. [pleasing, s. 

jfcyb«\ Vil«n^<. a-manohar, disagreeable, dis- 
umjm\ amniyat, security, repose, a place 

of safety, a. [to face, h, 

^Im»^T vrirRrit amne-samne, opposite, face 
liUT fflKftf^l dmanigay f. knd on which 

tbe winter crop of rioe is sown, h, 

O^^^iiTOrraf (pi. of Caa*), the dead. a. 

OL«T ^nsmv amvat, m. constipation or 

torpor of the bowels with flatulence and intume- 
scence, the wind being supposed to be chiefly affected.^. 

Jyt\ amftqj (pi. of ^^), billows, &c. a, 
(^1^) lRnT9 amavdSf the new moon. «. 

J|j*\(»m7ra/(pl. of JU), riches, wealth, goods 
and chattels, personal property, a. [learn, p. 

(J^jfsl dmoi^an, (r. dmoz) to teach; to 

u>j«* dmoMia, learnt, taught, trained, p. 

^T ^nt^ omoc?, m. fragrance ; pleasure, s, 

jyA K«vr (pi. ofj*^), business, things, affairs, 
aedOQSj eommanding, ordering, a. 

Ojj«\ll^ a-murti, formless, unembodied. s. 


( Gl ) ^^\ 

Jyc\ dmoz, taught; used in comp., 88 doit* 

amozt taught by the hand, tamed (bird), jv 

W?N a-moghj produolive, fruitful, 

effectual, infallible. #. 

J^^ "cnf^ a-moU invaluable, above price* «• 
J|^\ ^Hf$ a-mul, destitute of root or origin, s. 
fj^y\ umumai, f. the condition of being a 

mother, maternity, a. 

^j\ ^nft ami, f. the water of life ; nectar. «• 
/Vl ^VT'ni dmaya, ro. sickness, disease. «. 
/<s^ t^mmi, uneducated, unable to read or 

** write ; unknown, unacquainted, a. [raj-putt, h, 

\x^Jf<^ niird^l amethiydy name of a tribe of 
9JJ^\ dmehhia, mixed, mingled, p. 
^^^jLj^'^T. dmekhtanf (r. dmez), to mix, to 

mingle, p. 

dJAi\ ummaid or ummed, f. hope, expectation, 

dependence, trust ; (in Hind.) pregnancy, ummaidse 
hondt to be pregnant, ummaid-war, hopeful, expect- 
ing ; an expectant, a dependant, a candidate, ummaid" 
todrtt f. expectation, expectancy, dependence, p. 

ikS^dJjo\'%i^VB[a-inedfiya, m. fceces, excrement; 
adj. impure. «. 

i^tyif^\ uinmedi, an expectant ; adj. hopeful, 

sanguine, p. 

j^\ amir, m. a nobleman* a prandee ; an east- 
em title nearly answering to Lord, amir ul umara or 
mmiri kablr. Lord of lords, a title given by eastern 

f>rince8 to their ministers, &c. amir-war or anurana, 
ike a noble, amir-zada or amir-zddh nobly bom ; 
amiru-l-baiirt a commander by ciea (hence admiral). 
aminU-muminlnt commander of the (true) believers, a 
title assumed by the Caliphs, a. 

^SJ^^ amh-i, f. a principality, an earldom, 
the dignity or office of an amir. a. 

JjL^I dmez, mixture; (in compos.) mixed, 

mixing, fraught with, as mihr'&mez, fraught with 
friendship, p. 

^j|ijjL««T dmezish, mingling, mixing ; f. mirth- 
fulness, sociability, bonhomie, p, 

(j;vo1 arnin, a commissioner, a trustee, an um- 
pire, an investigator, an arbitrator; a supervisor or 
officer employed by government to examine and regu- 
late the state of the revenues of a district. amii»- 
dt^tar^ an office for auditing the amint. a, 

{jy^\ dmln, amen, so be it. a, 

^jjfc\ aminl, f. the office of amin; trust, 

" guardianship ; security, secure, a. 

^\ ^nr an, a negative prefix of the same 

effect as our un or in, as an-dekhd, unseen. In worda 
purely Sanskrit it is prefixed only to those beginning 
with a vowel, as an-anta, endless; but in^ Hindi it is 
used indiscriminately before words beginning with 
vowels or consonants, as an-ddar, disrespect, anpafhd, 
unread, &c «. [weapon. «. 

^1 nftl ani, m. the edge or point of a sharp 
^1 W^ anu, after (in time, place, and rank), 

according to, in imitation o£ a. 


( 62 ) 


^T an, that ; he, she^ or it. p. 

^\ an, f. time, hour, minute, a, 

^^ W5f an (for IW), other (for ^BTT^), or- 
der, command, t. 

^1 WR dn^f, a graceful attitude, an affected 

gait ; affectation, pride, p, 

^1 WTH dUf f. dignity, honour; modesty, hash- 
fulness ; adv. on oath, an-mdn se» respectfully, ho- 
nourably, h. [applied to boiled rice). 9 

^j^ ^Rf ann, m. food, victuals, (particularly 
^\ Jjf{ in and 7«T tin (pronouns in the oblique 

case), these, those, them. h. 

U\ ^Tin anna, m. the husband of a nurse, h, 
l^I Wf tH ana, n. to come, to be, to become. A. 
Ul ^erTTT ana, m. the sixteenth part of a rupl; 

a measure of land equal to sixteen rusis. In most In- 
dian dialects the term ana is conventionally used to 
denote the fraction i^ ; thus a man is said to have a 
four anii share in a mercantile house, which means 
that he is entitled to one-fourth of the profits, and- 
karat m* a fee of one and in the rupl. K 

Ul ana, delay, opportunity ; a seasonable hour. 
inndt as to us, verily we (used only in Arabic pbrase8).a. 

Ooli\ inabat, f. penitence, repentance, con- 
version, return to the true laith. a. 

Ji^\ Vtflrii andiur, healthy, vigorous, s. 

^13\ V«rni a-nafk, without a husband, with- 
out a protector, without chief or sovereim; helpless, 
an orphan, andtht-banjar, m unclaimed land, lands 
vdthout an owner. «. [pronounced ndj), s, 

— U^ W^rf{ cindj, m. com, grain (incorrectly 

j\*-l3l VcVIMR an-dchdr^m. improper con- 
duct, neglect of religious observance; adj. immoral, 
ill-behaved, an-dchdrit immoral, indecorous, s. 

C^'^ ^'A ^ffTf'fff andchity suddenly, unex- 
pectedly, andchitl or onoc/it/i, f. ignorance, thought- 
lessness, d. 

Ci\>\an-dd for ^RTfifan-a^fi, without beginning, 
eternal, andii-banjart land that has been waste from 
time immemorial, dnad-bhumly land transferred by 
mortgage, anddi-twa, m. eternity. «. 

jd\j\ WS([^ an-ddar, m. affront, digrespect «. 
jU\ andtf m. a pomegranate; it also denotes 

a kind of firework, p. 

^^\i\ VHKMH andrpan, m. silliness, clum- 
siness, inexpertness, ignorance, h. 
9j\i^}j\ andr-ddna, m. a species of millet, so 

called from its resemblance to the seed of the pome- 
granate, p, [nate. p. 

*\ andrt, of or resembling the pomegra- 
(CjU^ tnnd anari,! unskilful, clumsy, inex- 
^jn'li) VSTrftanari,/ pert; s. a novice, a 

bungler, h, 

^k#»\3) Tfnft undstf seventy-nine, s* 
Jui»\3^ Wrnpr an-dskya, indestructible, s. 

U\i liT a7tan/a-5na«, constantly, every minate, 

incessantly, a. 

j6\j\ ^^WR. an-dhdr, shapeless. <• 
^3olil ^Hl^iliUl dnd'kdm, f. turning a deaf 

" ear, overlooking, winking at, purposely neg Jbeting. 
dnd-kdnd-d., to pretend ignorance, to ignore, k. 

Uiy \j\ ^H1W*in andkrdnid, f. a sort of 

prickly nightshade {Solanumjaequini), t, 

dj^\j\ VtilJ|H| an-dgamya, unapproachable, 

inaccessible, t. 
j^j\ andm, mortals* the world, demons,genii. a. 

Ca^O^ andmat (per metathesin for amdnat)^ 
deposit, trust, &c. a. [fingers, a. 

J^U\ andmil (pi. of *Ui1), fingers, lips of the 

^ul dndn, those, dndn-kiy those who. p. 

(^^UU^ andndSf m. (v. anannds), the pine- 
apple. Part 

OooU^ andniyaty f. egotism, boasting, arro- 
gance, a, 

jUU\ ^RTfR an-dhdvy m. abstinence, starva- 
tion. <m-ahdrtt a^j. fasting. «. [o*J* '. 

(^jA»bl3\ fnTRTO an-dyds, m. ease, facility ; adj. 

^\ anab or inab^ a kind of grape, the egg- 
plant, a, * 

^T ^^f\m dnb or dmby m. a mango (v. dm)» «. 
(.^f ^re ambi/h ni. water. $. 
U3\ ^Tin ambdy f. a mother (same as ammo), s. 
\p\ ambdr, m. magazines, heaps, a stock, p, 

VjijUil ambdrly f. a canopy ; a litter or how- 
dah used on an elephant or cameL p. 

\j^\ ykm^ ambdrd, m. ) the esculent plant 

c^'Ui' ^NTrf^ ambdfi, f. J hibiscus, com- 
monly called the Rozelle {Hibiscus cannabinus), A. 

j\^\ ambdz, m. a partner, an associate, p* 
(CjUi^ ambdzi, partnership, association, p. 
^J^\ ambdn, a kind of soft goat-skin leather; 

a purse, a clothes-bag, wallet p. 

^b^T VTHVI'I dn-bdn, f. spirit, proper pride, h. 
Oj3\ ^nnr arnbat, sour, acid. k. 
131jj3\ wahI ambatdnd, n. to be acidulated. A. 
J>>\ ^!^ amhuj, m. the lotus {Nymphaa 

nelumbo). s. 

jii\ ^m. ambar (v. ^^), sky; clothes, h. 

jj3\ ambar, m. (corruption of^jJoP), am- 
ber, &c. a. 
v^Ui^ W¥n^ ambardyl, f. a mango grove. «. 

^UmJJ^ imbisdtff. gladness, joy, delight, cheer- 
fulness, recreation, mirth, a. 

Kj3\ ^rftnVT (see ^^^)» the goddess FarvatT. s. 

^^\ anbhau, J session of land, enjojing 

(}jj1 ambilf a kind of pottage. cL 

jVjjJ^ V«|<V«fm an-hanayO, m. discord, dis- 

seDtioo, mifiimdentanding. A» 

^JjjJ^ IIH^h/) anubandhxy connected with, 

"stladied. tf. 

J^^ ^nnft5r or iret9 on^bol or am-hol, 

•peecUeaa. A. [coune. p. 

ty»j\ amhoh, a crowd, maltitade, mob, con- 
&f>) amba^ m. a mango (see am). |>. 
j\^\ a9i^Aa,o,^m. caltivating or taking pos* 

proper^. <l. 
(j2^^l^jj\ HtfTH^m an-abhilashy m. indiffe- 

renoe, abKnce of desire. an-abhilash%, indifferent. » 

^^\ ^V^^ anubhav or anubhau^ m, com- 
prehension in the mind. Judgment, conjecture, ex- 
perience, result, consequence. «. [guessed, s. 

Oj^l V^^TV anubhuty experienced, felf, 
li.^^f ^mtif ambhqjy m. the \oins{Nymph€Ba 

\lf^^\ anbhog (t. an&Aa,o), possession &c. «• 
i^J^T am5i, that which grows spontane- 

"oosiy. d 

\xx>\ ambiya (pi. of ^^^), prophets, a, 
l^\ ^fw^ ambiyOff. a small unripe mango. A. 
\>Uj^) VHHi^I^I an-biyaha, unmarried, s. 
Uja^^I ^R^HT an-bedhoLf unbored, unper- 

Ibrated. «. 

\ut^\ amhikf m. a still, an alembic, a. 

^KjuSt am^tAar, a sailor, pilot, d, 

uil5L>t VfJMMil anvpatak, m. a heinous of- 
fence short of a capital crime, s. 

J^^ wsnil^ anu-pan^ m. a yehide ; (in 

medicine) any thii^ in which a medicine is mixed, to 
fecilitate the tsJdng of it ; or which is swallowed after 
the medicine, s. [drink, s, 

li^M^ WIlMlvfl ann-pdntf m. victuals and 
ilSS)\ inniTil an-apatya, childless, without 

progenj. «. 

M^jj^ flH^im an^aparadh, m. innocence 3 

adj. innocent, sinless, anaparadhtt innocent, s. 

^^Ai^ V^ II 1 9*1 anna-prcutan, m. a kind of 
coemooy, the first feeding of children with food made 
cfgrain. t, 

bjjj^ amparna^ n. to come to hand. d. 
C^-^Laif H^mPwA an-upasthitf not ready, 

■ot present s. 

J^l ^m^ anupal, m. a second (of time), s, 

f^\ ^rfim a^nipufit unskilled. «. 

^^1^^ ^VlSptTf f* satiety ; name of a god- 
a« Cares of the Hmdna. «. 

( 63 ) 


^^(ol VM|[4Sl, n. to happen. A. 

4;^ ' ^''Scf!^ antt^tirr, f. order, method, a 

rank, a row. ». 

l^ ^> ^ V»|^«f an-apeksha, f. disregard, care- 
lessness, indiflRerenoe. #. [J^g* <> 
«4^A^\ W«T^^ an-apekh, disregarding,unheed- 
CLo\ ^tCRf ant, f. entrails, gut, tripe, ant 

a,ofia, n. to he afflicted with the coming down of the 
rectum, ant gtma, n. to void white glutinous stools, s. 

CLo\ ^ihr ant, m. end> completion ; perdition. 

destruction; mind, heart, honndary, limit; a^j. final, 
ultimate ; adv. after all, at last; (for on^or) in, within. 
ant-kOf in the end, at the last. «. 

iJL^\wfl ant, m. intelligence, news, account. A. 

CL^\ ^RiT anat, elsewhere, somewhere else. «• 

C1a)\ tot unnat, high, tall, unnati, f. in- 
crease, prosperity, rising. «. 
Ci^Uj\ W^irni anutap, m. repentance, regret, 

remorse. emtUapi, penitent, s. 

\^ji\ VHilKI atmtara, m. a satellite. «. 
(j-jJIjo\ Ttlin^hr untaRs, thirty-nine. A. 
J^\ ^Pffif antaj, ro. a Shudra, or man of low 

^^aste. a. 

u,^\i^' intikhab, m. selection, picking; mak- 
ing extracts from hooks ; election, choice, a, 

ji>\ ^iffK antar, within, between, amongst; 

without, except ; on one side, out of the way $ m. in- 
terval, intermission ; period, term ; hole, rent ; a cor- 
ner, side, quarter of^the heavens; distance, space | 
heart ; a pause, a stop ; difference ; opportune time ; 
the midst; the heart, the supreme soul; a4j- other, 
similar, antar-bhao, internal or inherent nature, em- 
tar-bhutt in the midst, antar-jamit pervading the 
inward parts, acquainted with the heart (the Deity). 
anlar-jat, inborn, innate, antar dushp, internally bad, 
wicked, antar-dwar, a private door within a house. 
antar-gati, f. emotions of the heart, inward sensations; 
a^j. forgotten, antar-manas, sad, perplexed, ctntat' 
vcUntt a pregnant woman, s. . 

J<>\wi9 antar, f. the entrails, bowels, viscera. <• 
ji6\ tnrUT anuttar, unable to answer, without 

reply. ». [out. «. 

]jiy\ ^RTTT flw/ara, central ; near; adv. wilh- 
\j<^\ ^BWIJ antar a,, m. a verse, any verse of 

a song, except the first A. 

iJL^)jb\ H^iKIMiM antarapatt (for antard- 

patya), pregnant, with child, with young (any animal). «. 

i,^]ji\ V •!( il ri M an iard-tap, f. an intermittent 

fever, a tertian ague. 9. [space, s. 

vj);6\ INvflil^ antardl, central ; m. included 

«3wJ>j6\ fPinf^ antarbed, \ f. the region of 

^el^JJJb\ ^npf^ aniarbediyj Kanauj be- 
tween the rivers Ganga and Jamuni, commonly called 
the Du,ab. s. [screen. «• 

Lil.Oj3^ ihrOI? antar-pat, m. a curtain, a 
Oyj^ ^ImTm antarit, inward, internal. s» 


( 64 ) 

JU-y3\ antarjdlfXn.^L Bi\ck used in ^resiVmg.d. 
i^\t>'Jx)\ WJT^Tft antarjami, acquainted with 

** the heart, an epithet of Krishna, s. 

0>^j^^ ^niffirtS antarichhf^m, the sky, the 
^^^Jx>\ ^•afVBf antarikxh, J air, the firnria- 

ment. s. 

^\^djjj\ ^RnrSlrf aniardhdn, "1 m. disap- 

^o^*>pi^ ^riUII'H antardhi/dnj pearance^ 
concealment, antardhyan'-hond^ to disappear. «. 

<jjyj I ^rrf^ini a»/rtA,, visceral, relating to. the 
bowels. 8. 

lC^p3\ KM^Jjrl antarganga, m. a kind of 
water-plant bearing a white flower, t, [friend. 5. 

ti&jki^ ^•iK.Jr antarang, m. a relative, a Aear 
jffjjol ^W^ anfri, f. eiitrail (v. antri). s, 

anirii/d, m. intermittent, an in- 




termitting fever. 

c-a>;j6\ IHirt^ anfarlpy m, a promontory. 

kumari antarip. Cape Comorin. «. 

^4^^ I ^HirtllJ antarichh, T m. the sky ; 
jjtij Jj^ ^riOu| antafiksh, J adv. in the 

air ; out of eight, antarikshf heavenly, celestial ; m. 
the firmament, 8. 

^jjSJ\ Wnrfkj^nfpft, or "otJ antrl or antru^, en- 

' trail, intestine, bowel, gut. antfiyan jalna, to be very 
hungry, autri kd bal kholna, a. to eat a bellyful after 
starving, antfiyan hil huwa-lldh pafhna, n. to be very 
hungry (the bcily saying there is but one God), antr 
yon men dg lagnd^ to be very hungry. «. 

jLljki\ inthhar^ m. confusion, want of regu- 
larity ; dispersion, explanation, a. 

jUaJji intiziar, m, ^ looking out (for any 

^CjliajJ^ intizdrt, f.J pei-son), expectation. 
mtisari'k., a. to expect, to look out for. a. 

^\iajo\ mihdrn, m. disposition, regularity, 

r order, arrangement ; the dispensation of Providence 

or fate. a. [stumbling, a 

{JS*\foj\ inttdsh, recovering one's self after 
AiLX>\ intifd\ m. profit, advantage, a. 
JUuil intihal, m. transporting, travelling; 

transferring, circulation (of currency) ; departure, de- 
cease, dying, a, 

JsiX>\ intihdm, m. revenge, retaliation, inti- 
* Itow-/., to retaliate, a. [hour of death, s, 

^J^\ScJ>\ V*fl^l<^ ant'Iidl, m. djing moments, 

^jiuj\ VinWOT aniakaran^ or antak-karan, 

or antaskaran, m. heart, mind, nnderstanding. «. 

Jo^ vf>3nT antim, final, ultimate, s, 

9X>\ ^ff^t (in comp. same as antar). antah- 

jMtl, included. anteft-sAorir, m. the internal and spi- 
ritual part of man, conscience, soul. atUah-karan, m. 
the understanding, heart, will, conscience, soul. «. 

\^\ intihd, f. end, termination, summit; adj. 
finished, completed, prohibited, a. [mentc. #. 

^ftjj\ ISC^JO. antah'pur, m. the inner apart- 

1 m. 
t, J a 

a Shudra» 

l«i^ WiqiR! aniya-janwu^ J a man of the 

lowest cast, antya-janmantt f. a woman of the laaie 
cast 8. 

{j»*ip\ ^Hfll^ wn^w, twenty-nine. s. 
j^^^juo^ v«f)qitn antevdsi, m. a disciple* a 

pupil residing with his teacher. 8 

^^^•juo^ >H«i<im$ antya-rarnat m. f. a man or 

woman of the Shudra cast *. 

&Ajb^ trftrW a-nityat not permanent, fleeting, 

perishable, anityatd, f. frailness, transient existeDce. 
a-nitya datta or a-nitya-dattaka, that which is tempo- 
rarily granted ; a son adopted for a certain term. #. 

ciLol ^sn^dnt, f. a knot; envy, h, 

ui\ ^nfHantdym, a ball, marble, antd-gkar, 

m. a billiard-room. A. 
C1a&-\jo\ W4(Cir^ri antd'chity unlucky, whose 
fortune is exhausted (a term of abuse), h. 

{jjt^^\ H\^\ii\A anidkorl, f. a cord with 

which cattle are tied neck and heels. A. 
l1LoIm*cLo^ ^nFnrniS dnt-sdnt, f. partnership; 

intrigue, h. 

UJii^ WlIS«n antndf n. to he contained, to be 

filled up (a well or tank, &c). h, 

Uu^ I WIIKHI dntrid, a. to fill (a well or tank), 

to come or go into, to reach, h, 

\j\yj\ W?H^IHI anpvdndy a. to make contain, 

to cram into, to cause to be filled, h. 

13^)l^^ ^4Hc^I«1I anthldnd, a. to twist, to 

writhe ; n. to swagger, to strut, to give one's self air^ 
to walk affectedly, h. [latioii. A. 

tJ^\ ^Hnpft dnthi, f. stone of fruit ; coagn- 
tS^^ ^B(J^ dntka,t, f. a tick (the louse that 

** attacks dogs, &:c.). 8. 

^Jol Wnprt dntu f. a handful; a bundle of 

" grass, &c. . a small faggot ; a skein of thread, a har.k. k. 

^ .. ^ ^nsayant, L|^g^^^ testicles, eara,&c.a. 

^^;JUlo1 umaymnu I 

^\ ^V^ni anvjt younger, junior, s, 

\s^ I dn-jd, there, az dn-jdt thence, p. 
A:&\ anjdniy m. end, termination ; accide^it, 

vexation ; in comp. ending, &c. p. 

U\d^\ ^ifmmanjdmd, barren (land) in which 

nothing will grow. h. [oondnde. jk 

^(^x•lJ2\ anjdmtdan, to terminate, to finish* 

^lai\ ^RifTrf an-jdrif unwitting, unintentional, 

unknowing, ignorant; m. a stranger, anjait^ to 
assume the stranger, to pretend ignorance of a pierson 
or thing. 8. 

UW\ tl«rsn«n an-jdnd, unknown, a stranger ; 
ignorant an-jdne, ig^urantly, unwittingly, h, 

fA^\ an-jdni, f. ignorance, negligence, k. 


^ ( 6$ ) jJl 

C/U\ anfa^i, a mongrel or hybrid animal, d. j o-U^ V^f^rm unchaSf forty-nine. s. 
j\A^ anjahdr or injibaVj name of a plant 
from which a drink is prepared for obstinate colds, 

■pitting of blood. &C. p. [honej. s, 

(j^Affil anjabln (Arabic form of angabm), 

]j^ anjara or injara, ro. a nettle, p. 
(j-|*i ^HM^ or WtHI^ anrjaSf m. infamy. & 
Jai< aiya/, m. (v. 5Ua\), two handfuls, &c, 
lM^' WSftf^y or ^oniir^ ann-jalf m, victuals 

and drink ; Pew. db o dana or ah-dana. s, 
V^ ^^cpi anjia, m. two handfula, as much 

tt can be held in both hands open ; the junction of 
the two hjuidt to form the shape of a boat ; Scottice. 

ati-jald, unburnt, unscorched. *. 
t/r* '^^tV? anjli f, (same as ifnjld), it also 

"denoCea a mode of salutation by cariTing the two 
hands joined (as above) to the forehead. *. 

1^ anjum ( pi. of ^), stars, constellations, a. 
«iU^ injimad, m. state of congealing or 

ooogdation. a. 

l*;^ anjummu f. an asseniblyt meeting, 

oompanj, banquet, p. 

{J^^ ^i^n dnjanj'\ m. a collyrium, an oint- 
^:;^^ ^«ii anjan^ J ment applied to the eye- 

lashes with a view to blacken and improve them. ». 

o'T^ ^HR a/ijarif m. a kind of grass, much 
wed (in the upper provinces) as food for cattle, h, 

^» 'wnnni an-jandt unborn ; m. an inferior 

kind of rice. A. 

^» VT^fT dnjndf a. to tinge the eyes with 

^' ^^ni anjndf n. to be tinged with anjan; 
1 the mother of Hanum&n ; a lizard. «, 

/^{:jrf^ ^WTOR cuijan-sdrf m. collyrium. s, 
^^ ^i^finST anjanikdt f. a kind of newt 

arfizard. «. 

S&^t^ V%l«i<lO anjanhdru f. a stye (or 

itHhe) on the eyelids, h. 

J^ ^ii^ftft anjanit f. a woman perfumed 

with sandal, fcc a medicinal plant used as a sedative 
and laxative. 

^Ja^dnju 1m. a tear; (see ^*JT 
i^ 1TO, dnjhuf J dnsu). h. 
jS^ Wifhcanjin m. a fig. p. 
Jj«H u^ m.tlie New Testament, Gospel, g. 
^1 %ihdnch, f. heat, fiame of a fire (not of 

aoadleX glare, ^la^e ; (ui Dakh.) ashes of cow-dang. A. 
\f 1 im unckd, high, lofty (for wichd). L 
«|i mtehSt m. the post for letters, a stage or 

rtifioooBtherowl. d. 

height. 8, 

U^^^ *^m vnckag, f. height, elevation. A. 

j^Uil unchdn, height, elevation; d, 

\i\^\ 9%itii unchdnd, a. to raise, to take np. «. 

J ^' ir^^ unchdfVf m. 

^-i^U^^ *^Tf7 unchdftnt, f. 

(_/^t *^Tt vnchd,if f. 


C*»^W\ Vlti^l^if an-chdhat, not desired 5. 
C-*ji» ^nrPw an-c/ii^, unaware, sudden; adv. 

suddenly, h. ^^^g^ , 

^■* ^ ' Wgrtir an-uchit, improper, unbecom- 

j^^ ^^^< anuchar, m. a companion, a fol- 
lower, an attendant anuchari, f a female companion. *. 

)j^\ ^TTO anchrd, J 

m. the hem of a cloak 
or veil,- a border at 

the end of a veil, shawl, &c. «. 
Jj^^ ^W^ ancfiaU 1 m. breast (of a woman 

lMT ^i^<9 dnchaU J or lactescent animal) ; 
the hem of a cloak or veil ; a border of a veil or shawl. «• 

i^f2\ ^^cpi anchld, m. the hem of a cloak, 
&c, tf sheet, used among Jogis. «. 

^UjJI dn-chvn an, even as, just aa. p. 
^^1 ilHrt^ vnch-ntch, ups and downs of 

life, vicissitude, high and low, particulars, s. 

^\ WT^anc/iM, m. the raspberry, kdld dncku^ 
the. hill bramble, h. 

«j^l an-cAt, that which, whatsoever, p, 
^^\ ^ifinw afi-ichchhd, f. indiflTerence, ab- 

sense of desire. 9. 

%^ \ VfRftgn an-ckhlld, unlicked, rude j 

unpared (as fruit, &c.). h. 

^j^ L5l?** {^^ "^<^^* «>/« charhnd, to 
to mount a high ladder, U, to obtain a high rank, d, 
li-j^! anchend, m. valuation or estimate of 

growing crops : it is also called kan-kut, q. v. d, 
i^\j^\ inhiidf (in Dakh. also inhirdfi), de- 
flection, inversion, change ; met to prove a turncoat ; 
recantation, deviation from the meridian, chiefly ap- 
plied to the bearing of the temple of Mecca ; declina- 
tion of a heavenly body ; a disease, defect, distemper, a. 

jLo^l inhisdr, m. surrounding, encircling, a. 

u-iUii\ inMifaf, m. levity, lightness, a. 

^2^\*^\ middkhtan (r. anddz), to cast, to 
throw down. p. 

\1^\*^\ anddkhta, cast away, thrown, p, 
j\i^\ anddr, a narrative, story, tale, fiction, p. 
)y^\ \^\K\ inddrd, m. a large well built of 

solid masonry, h. 


j\sy\ andaZf ^ m. valaation» guess ; weigfa- 
tj\dj\ anddzaj ing, measurement; time 

in music; mode, manner; (in comp.) throwing, as 
barJ[-andaZt a thrower of l^htning. a matcUockman. 
andaz-patfi, t an estimate of the value of a growing 
crop, p. 

M^t^S andam, m. body, stature* figure. a»- 

dami-nihdni, pudendum nmlierit. p, 

ji^\ andar, within^ inside, inwardly, p, 
ji^\ !^ indra, m. the king of the Devatas, 

the regent of the visible heaven; the thundercr. 
indra'dwddashit the 12th day of the month Bhadra, 
a festival in honour of Indra. 9. 

jJJ^ ^rf^ a-nidr^ awake» sleepless, s. 
\jdj\ indird, f. the goddess of wealth. «. 
-^1jj3\ iridirajt m. becoming extinct(a family) j 

being folded together, insertion, a. 

^^\js^\ ^[$T?nr indrdsaUf m. the throne of 

Indra. «. 

j3^*3J^ ^ijnrt or ^ynft xndrdnx, f. the wife 

** of Indra; the name of a medicine or plant (VUex ne- 
gundo), s, 

Uj!;*^ ^^^^^^^ (^« indrdyan) d, 
^^j>!^*^\ t^SP^ indrdyan^ f. colocynth, wild 

ffourd ; a fruit of beautiful appearance, but bitter taste 
{Cucumis coloeynthu) ; hence a beautiful but worthless 
person is called indrdyan ka phal» the fruit of I'a- 
drdyan. «. 

^S>jdi\ ^^[^^ indra-'badhu, f. name of an 

insect (a species ofacarus, of a scarlet oolonr like vel- 
vet) ; the wife of Indra. «. 

^^Ltf*^ .i3ot ^7^1^ tfidj'a-prastJia, one of the 

names of ancient DihlL «. 

bfc'^^jj^ ^MgljtrfMI indra^rohitd, f. the 

asterism PusliyS. t. • [dra. #. 

tJjiJ'^^ ^i5grttWra-/?«rt, f. the city of In- 
jU-^tXi^ ^^^1^ indra-jdl, m, deception, 

cheating, Juggling: trick or stratagem in war. m- 
drajali, m. a conjuror, juggler ; a4). deceptive, un- 
re^ t. 

f^jt^\ ^'S'W or ^vfTin indra-jaUf m. name 

of a medicinal seed that grows on the plant kard^ija, 
q- v. ; {Sparrou^t tongue, Nerium antidyienlerlcum), t. 

j.i\3\ andaraZf m. last will ; last advice, pre- 
cepts, or admonitions, p. 

\^di\ W«T^[^ an-darsdy m, a kind of fried 
sweetmeats, a kind of doth (see adareS). A. 

Jjo^j3t ^^f|1c9 indr2'nily m. a sapphire. «. 
(jiiL'^.^3\ ^^[«A^nf indra-nUahj m. an 

emerald, s. 

j^j » ji\ andancdr (for andarun) within, d, 
U3J*^^ ^^^^"^ within, inner apartments, 

interior, p. 

aJj^i^l andaruna, internal, relating to the in- 
side, p. 

i3«.(331 andarunx, internal, intrinsic, p. 



(^Jjt i^ ifidrxy 1 f. the senses (inCcrnal 
(^i\3\ ^fw^ indrxyOf j and external), organs 

of action and perception (those of action are the hand« 
the foot, the voice, the organ of generation and the 
organ of excretion; thoee of perception, the mind, the 
eve, the^ ear, the nose, the tongue, and the akin) ; 
the privities, men^rum virile, veretrum amwuilinm, 
indrijuUdb, a diuretic medicine, indriya-gyan, m. the 
figu:ulty of perception, sense, consciousness. #. 

^^^*^^ ^^tS^^ indu-rekfid, f. a digit of the 

moon. «. 

c vj31 indifd\ m. warding off, repelling. <k 

{i^s>\ andak^ little, small, few. andakh f« a 
small portion or number, p. 

jO j3\ andakdr, m. ^ darkness, obscurity ; 
^<[^o jji andakdrif f. J adj. dark. d. 
^j3\ aruUd (for andhld q. t.), blind, dark, d, 
Jlo«33^ indinlcU, m. recovering, getting well 

of a wound, a, 

^2)*^^ ^f^f^ anudin, every day, daily, s* 
j(^l ^n*^ dndu, m. the chain or rope with 

which the feet of elephants are tied up. «. 

j1jJ3I ^^^inc indumdr^ m. the day of the 

moon, Monday. «. 

Al»-jj3i andoHfaf acquired, gained; m. 

gain, acquisition, p. [crusted, p. 

i^jjjl andud (in comp.), besmeared, en- 
JL?*^' X'?^ indur, m. a rat, mouse, s. 
J^Jjl ayidoz, in comp. gaining, acquiring, p. 

vJj«33\ VH^^m andolndt n. to swing, j. 
Sj(3j\ andohf m. grief, anxiety, trouble; an- 

doh-gJn, full of grief, sad, af&icted. p. 

> JjI IRI andh, m. darkness ; adj. blind. 

andh-tamast m. great darkness. «. 
Ijbjj) ^(VT andfidf adj. blind, dark, andhd 

dhund, blind, blindlv. andka dhund ron&t to weep ex- 
cessively, andfui dhund lutdadt to squander, spend 
extravagantly, andhd ku,d or andhd-kup, m. a well 
filled up with rubbish. andha-l]^uch (Daldi.), prodi- 
gality, extravagance. «. 

K\lftjj\ andhdrd, dark, obscure, d, 
^^j\i^SJ\ andhdrZf f. darkness, obscurity, 

dondiness ; a blind over a horse's eyes. d. 
Ij^JJ^ W^9in andhafd, f. blindness. <. 
(id)>433) ^RHV andhak, m. a blind man ; a 

man's name ; adj. blind. «. 
jKib j3\ ^hmt andkahdr^ m. darkness, s. 
\j^t^] andhakdrd, m.l darkness, obscurity, 
OpKi^jii andhakdri, f.j cloudiness, s. 

tJjbi^t lRf9T aii£?A/a (see UbJjf andhd), 
blind. «. 

^;>^^j3l vmc^lUH andhldpan^ m. blind- 
ness; intellectual blindniss; acting aa ifona were 
blind. A. 



{^^^ i^ indhan, m. fire*wood. s. 

(^»^' ^Wrni an-dhan, m. wealthy both in 

grain and ooio. properly amaHihan, i, 

lij**3i» W^ihn an-€^A^>ya,un washedyunclenn, s. 
j^jjl andht, f. Btorm, harricane, tempest; a 

darkening or loorlng of the aky. andhl-h., to en- 
gage keenly in a bad action, h. [darkness, s. 

\j\ji^i}j\ mf^mmxj atuUtiyara^ blind, dark ; m. 

j»^^\ irtr andher, m. darkness, misfortune, 

calamity, ii^astice, tumult attdher-k., to tyrannize, 
oppren. A. 

V^0J\ l(^l andhera, dark; m. darkness. 

(See aadhiySrd), andherukofhri, f. dark room ; the 
beUy: the womo. A. 

ijji^,^\ W^W andliert, f. darkness, a blind 

for a hone, s, 

{j^S^\ MHH\h an-adhtn, independent s. 
ySJ>j3) andeshy thinking, contriving; used 

in eomp. as bad-amdesh q. ▼. p. 

k^\sLxxj\ andeih-nak or andesh'-mand, 

thoughtful, anzlona. p. [anxiety, p. 

^j^^JjLi^\ andeshnaki pr andesk-mandi, f. 
«JL>j31 andesha, m. thought, meditation, sus- 

picion, care^ ooocem. 
tate, to fear. p. 

andetha-k^, to reflect, to he>i- 

iXibcsiL>fc>j^ andesha-mand, fall of anxiety, p. 
^^AMtg * > jj\ andesha-mandi, anxiousness, 

oooioenL p. 
(^j«3jl1>iP\ andeshtdan^ to consider to reflect, p. 

^^<^t ini^flTaTtcigMa, not yet seen, undis- 
covered. inTtdble. h. 

4^)1 HH awcf (vulgarly jjI and or a«r), m. 
Falma Chiiati (iZiemiu tw^orw). A. 

tUf mg and, m. an egg; a testicle, and-kos 

or oad-AesA, a hernia or rupture. «. 

3j 1 ini9 or ^vni^ and or aiir, in. a testicle, 

the KTotum ; semen genitale. t, 

lii\ H^ andd (also dndd), m. an egg. s. 
r^' IMBH andq; (lit. egg-born), oviparous, 

ahird. m, 

iJiSj\ andra or andra, m. an egg. <2. 

v*vil ^IW an£?Aa, m. an egg; also used for 

ikkd, a pannier, or rather one of the hags forming 
aptnnier. A. 

^y «3j\ lifl4itM and'hoshy m. the scrotum, 

fte testSdes ; rupture, hernia. #. 
Uw) iffid!a/ira, a. to pour out water, &c» d. 

Uwl andalnd, to consider, to determine or 
stftOe. d.' 

^1 VTl|^aiu?«, having large testicles, dndu 

AtiHa buQ. In i>aAAa»i it Is said to mean a bull with 
MMtsstide. «. 

|^<^^^||VT »ff^ii,a, m. a head cushion for 

CDiyi^i a burden on. A. 

67 ) • ^\ 

i/'jii) a7?in-a,i, f. a swelled testicle, d. 

</J*^* ^?^ tw^w,i, f. a head or crown orna- 
ment ; also a cushion, ▼. in^u.a. A. 

\*i^XfM^^'Si\ ande-sehndf to bring forth young; 

to keep one's own house, ar4e meA ki zardJ, applied 
to one who is raw and inexperienced, d. 

tH*^' ^nS9 a7idelf oviparous; pregnant 

^bird). 7i. 

UUiii^ V^^^RT undebid, a. to pour water, fu 
U»>yi ^r^TTMT anuradhd, f. the 17th lunar 

mansion, designated by a row of oblations ; stars in 
Libra. 9. 

^]j[:)^ «3<«*i anurdg, m. affection, love. s. 
wKil «»}<|i|til anurdffnd, n. to be in love 

with. », [loving, caressing. #. 

(J\)[j^ ^3M«n anurdgi, making friendship, 

0^^\ W«rlan-ar<A, unmeaning, fruitless, ab- 
surd, hnproper. #. [restrained s, 
>Jp^ vfflfvi a-niruddlMf unobstructed, un- 

Oi*/^ Wfinr an^raSf m. want of flavour or 

enjoyment ; disgust, nauseousness ; coolnesa distaste* 
misunderstanding between friends. 9, 

0*i;;j' UfTCIf ann-ras, m. chyle. *, 
jj^l wftf#5 ar-nirmaly dirty, foul, s^ 

^J[j>\ Wftfii? a-nimatfy m. uncertainty. «. 
^Jj>\ W^^ aw-rint, unindebted. 5. 

;^' ^{JW anurupy like, conformable; m. 

conformity. 9. 

i^jjyf vffl^^fOil a-ntrracAani^a,^ not fi^ 
jil Vir*f9iM a-nh'vackya, J to be 

spoken, indefinable. *. [ness. «. 

^ly^il W^ttV anurodh, m. service, obliging- 

C^jil inrthr an-rlt, f. unmannerliness, ill- 
behaviour. 9. 

j^ I ^n?^ dnr, m. a testicle (v. and), 
J^l tnzaZ, m. emission, sending down; 

emi99io 9emini9. a. 

CJjj^\ anzaruty m. sarcocolla; (gum-resin, 
said to be from Peiusa mucrcnata), a, p. 

llp' tw;2;twa, retinng into a corner or cell (a 

reduse). a. [thing. A. 

^j-^T irtH ow^, f. the fibrous part of any 

(jM>1 ins^ men, mankind, the human race, cu 

\^)\ uns, m. friendship, love, affection, so- 
ciety, companionship, a. 

^jJ\^ ans or 'parish, m. a part, division, 

share, right, possession; a degree of a circle; a frac- 
tion, the numerator of a fraction ; essence, oji^o- 
patra, a deed setting forth the shares of a property 
between the members of a Hindu family. aik9a hari, 
ra. one who takes a share of an estate ; a co>heir or 
Joint sharer, tw; «• . 

P 2 


( 68 ) 


(^Lij\ ansab (pi. of u^ ***>), generations, 

families, a. 

jL*j\ V^^K anusar, alike, according to ; 

m. conformity to usage, antudrl, a^j. following, ac- 
cording with or to. «. 

«jLm3\ m.\dn, m. man, mankind, a. 

«m»3Lmj1 ^hgf^ a^^an.^ or anshansha, m. a sub- 
division, a sliare of a share, s, 

^LJI insant, of or belonging to bumanity, 
** peculiar to man, human, a, 

OujLJ^ r/isantyatf f. humanity, human 

kindness; affability, a. 

OyMj\ ansab, advisable, most proper, a. 

d^^^.M anasat, f. intimacy, use, cheerfulness, a. 

^^^^1 4H^'<3 unsath, fifty-nine. «. 

j5jUj3(^\ vi^fMllS ansdhariy successful ; (in 
theology) incarnating, s, 

li^— i\ V^HiHI anusarna, n. to follow a per- 
son, to follow on some previous liircumstance. s, 

tiL-i^ ^ftR|a7W?7«,a partner; a proprietor, s. 

^CJ) ^Rfra fl«-5/M,wnlearned,untaught. «, 
1^36^*^^ ^^ri»WO r/7i-.«<am;7/a,not understood. /*. 
U*.J\ ^BRTCtn aji'sundf uriheard,disregarded. h. 
^Jjb,ysAJ>\'^7V^F^SJ^ anusajidhdn, m. inquiry, 

investigation, s. 

\Jj>^Jm^\ VtfUfi^ mKni ansunt'k^f a. to pretend 

not to hear what is spoken ; to disregard, h. 

y^\ ^H a/w?M, m. a tear, dnsu bhar-land, 
to have the eyes filled with tears, s, 

j\y^\ VI j^K anuswdra, m. the nasal dot or 
character in Devanagari. «. 

AmJ^^^mjI ^ih^IQ: anmansa, m. a measure 

of land, twenty of which make a pilwdhstL, h, 

(J^JLH' tnf ojinn, m. men and spirits, a. 
i^^ ySM\ or W^ a««i or anski, a partner, 

** sharer, co-heir. «. [taught. «. 

I^CjuJ)! Vti^l^l an-nkhdy uninstructed, un- 
(J^JUM3t umiyain (for unsit/aini), the two 

testicles, a. 

\J;j\ inshd, writing, composition, elegance of 
style, the belles lettres. insha-pardazi, f. writing, let- 
ter-writing, a. 

^^^^\\^\ in-shd alldhu to' did, if God the 

** most High willeth ; Deo volente. a. 


\^x^\^sf^W(an''iskthd, f. unstedfa^tness, un- 
iteadiaess. s. [forbidden, s, 

^dJi^\ ^ftfftlff an'ishiddha, unprohibited, un- 
j\jeL>\ anmr (pi. of^^U), assistants, friends 

(of Muhammad), applied to the inhabitants of Medina 
who first embraced the leliim religion, a. 

/CjUai^ ansdn, a tribe of Muhammadan 

S'Aai'lc^tSuppoMd to have come originally fromMedina a . 

«^La3^ inmfj m. decision (of a cause); equity, 

justice. infSjf-ialabt one who seeks for justice, a, 

^^^4A^\ imirdmy m. completion, end. a. 
l^ljbA)^ inzibdty f. beinor bound or determined, 

restraint; self-control, a. [printed, a. 

e\jiA>^ intibaf being impressed or stamped, 

j\]aj\ anzdr (pi. of^^), looks, eyes, a, 
j^\ in dm, m. a present, a gift, indni'-i- 

ikram^ an honourable gift. iiCdm-Jca-paisa, prize money. 
in*dmi alttnng\a. a grant under the royal seaL in*ami 
JcdnungOt an assignment of rent-free land to a village 
accountant. an*dm, gifts, a. 

iJ^\j6\ indmat, f. a gifl, a benefaction; an 

assignment of rent-free land. a. 

(^jA»K«31 inihdif m. being turned upside down ; 
reflexion (from A mirror),repercussion,reverberation.a. 

j\ij\ anfdr (pi. ofjio), individuals, persons, 

soldiers, servants, a. [rits. a. 

(^jA»Ui! anfds (pi. of ;j«i>), breathings, spi- 

&ii^* anfikha, m. rennet, leaven; a substance 

tending to produce fermentation ; a term in medicine. 
(The word is apparently a corruption of the Arabic 
infant), d. 

(JLaiS^ infisdl, m. decision, termination (of a 

cause) ; division, separation, settling. i^fifdl-k„ to 
settle, to decide (corruptly it{/lfdli). a. 

(JUAi\ injidl, m. 8hame,confusion,modf8ty. a. 
^^IjJul inhibdz,m, detention, constipation, a. 
aLma31 inkisdm, m. division, dividing, a. 

\jaS>\ inhizdf m. the expiration of any term ; 

adj. elapsed, ended, fulfilled, accomplished, finished, 
completed, a. 

ftUaSi^ inhiid\ m. being broken, cut off, cessa- 
tion, failure, separation, adjustment, a. 

u^iUi^ inkildb, m. revolution, vicissitude, 

alteration, change, inversion, transposition, a. 

d\jSi\ inkiyddy m. fidelity, submission, obe> 

dience, compliance, a. 

cdJoT ^\m dnky "t m.aletterofthealpha- 
^^ii^ V^[ or ^hs ankj bet; a figure, a num- 
ber (in contradistinction to sun or sun7ia» a dot or 
cypher) ; the stamp on coins, plate, &c ank-kar^ m. an 
assayer ; a mark (on cloth, pointing out the price) ; the 
flank or part above the hip ; embrace, the bosom ; (for 
anff) a share, portion, dnk-ddr, a sharer, t. 

L^\ dnah, m. a kettle-drum, a kind of large 

drum beaten only at one end. s. 
Jij\ inhdr, denial, rofusal, disavowal, a. 

U\^\ ^TiirRT ankdndf a. to cauj^e to value, 

to prize, to examine (as cloth), to approve of. f. 

,^sxjX>\ ^lUfhft dnk'bandi, f. an adjustment 

of rents, h. 

CLm\ ^ifmit ankit, marked, spotted, paged, 

counted. 9. 

CIM mwm an-ukty not told ; m. a trope. *. 
uxi^ ankattaAm. a bank, a prop or support, 
9jij\ ankata, J a dam or embankment in a 

liYcr; a lock. d. 

jX>» ankar, more or most wicked, very offen- 
nve, displeasing or detestable, a. 

jiit wmT ankar (for aAar), having come. *. 
j^\ ^iwt anhur, 1 m. the first sprout from 
j^^ "^5^1 ankurdj a seed (after planting)^ 

a shoot, a plantlet, a genn. s. 
f^f^\ ^nnm anvhram^ m. orderi method, auc- 

ceseion, series, s. 
KSr^^ ^Wt ankr'i, f. a kind of vetch (^Vicia 

aatha) ; wet grain ; a young sprout *. 

t/ii^ Vi4i0 ahkriy'\ f. {also ankn), the 

i/^ii \ W?n?t dnhrtyj barb of an arrow ; 

a cirde. a hook» tenter, catch ; a tendril, a cirrhus ; 
a lishlng-hook. h. 

(j-x>\ dn-kas, that person, whosoever, &c. p. 

fjSj\ 111 441, ^^ti, ^iwm dnhas, ankas, or 

aikut, m. the iron with which elephants are driven, 
a goad, aukus mdrnd, to bring to obedience, to reduce 
to Bubmisaion. Some European ^Titers (probably the 
King of Dude's cockney barber) have corrupted the 
woid into "hawkuss" OT"horku88/* vid. Lib. of Enter- 
taining Knowledge, vol. The Elephant p. 15. » 

j\^m\ inktJtdr (corrupHy fwAtVart), m. being 
routed, humility, want of courage, de^wndency. a. 

<^L.x>\ inhisdfy m . being eclipsed (the sun ). a. 

<^Llx)\ inhuhdf, detection, disclosure, a, 

^_^«iX>\ w^fil or ^inft anksi or ankusi, f. a 
* hook, a tenter, s. 

LT^^ ^nra or vii^'V ankusk or dnkiuhj same 

as amkas, an elephant's goad, s, 

vdlx)^ ^hnr ankah, m. an accountant, arith- 

metidao. s. 

U«x>f liH4H|| anukampd, f. tenderness, pity. s. 
Uxi< iNrT anknd, n. to be valued, prized, 

examined, approved of ; a. to mark, page a book, dis- 
iiogulsh a thing by some mark. s. 

\iX>t VhFfT dnknd, a. to mark, to page, to 
write numbers ; to value, to examine, to approve of. 8. 

.'jxi^ ^hmt ahkwdvy f. an embrace, the 

bosom, tmkwor bkama, to embrace, s, 

^J^O^ VVf[7 anno'kut, m. a festival cele- 

biBted by Hindus on the day following the Dewall, 
by oAsring a large quantity of meats to the god. «. 

\ifi^diX>\ V^HmI anka-vidr/df f. arithmetic, s. 

^Vi . •- - r°^- * sprout, s, 
j^\ ^nra anhurOfj 

5P ) 


)jjl^\ ankordf m. a large hook, a kind of 

grapnel, d. 
J^xi* W«jf <!# oyittArii/jCoincidinnr, favourable. 

conformable, acting in concert with, anukulatd, f. coin- 
cidence, concert, concord, dnukulya, m. assistance, 
patronage. «. 

»jjl da-kif he or she who, that which, p, 
^^\ ITO dnhhj f. the eyo. dnkk-anjani, f. a 

sbre on the eyelids, dnkh ani, to have an inflammation 
of the eyes, to bo blear-eyed, dnkh bachdnd, to steal 
away privately and unseen, dnkh da<fa/»?a, to withdraw 
one 8 favour or affection from any one. dnkh hardbar 
na kar saknd, (not to be able to look stedfastly in an- 
other's face), to be ashamed, dnkh band kar lent, to 
turn from another, to treat one with neglect ; to die. 
dnkh bharke dekhnd, to look till one's curiosity is fully 
satisfied dnkh bhar land, to have eyes full of tears, to 
be ready to cry. dnkh pasdrnd, (obsolete) to open one's 
eyes, to stare, to be wise and prudent, to discriminate, 
to discern, to be judicious, dnkk pathrdni, (from pcU- 
thar, a stone), to become dim (the eyes) from long ex- 
pectation, dnkh phafaknlt to feel a pulsation in the eye, 
considered as an omen of some desirable event, as the 
meeting of friends, is me^ ddhnx dnkhjoApharki, dil meh 
shdd hu,d ki xjih shiigun achchhd hoi. On this, feeling a 
pulsation in the right eye, he (RiyaDushmanta) rejoiced 
in his heart, conceiving it to be a favourable omen. 
Sakuntald Ndtak : (a pulsation in the right eye of a 
man, or the left of a woman, is a favourable omen, the 
reverse disastrous), dnkh phutnl, to be blind, dnkh 
phufi, pif ga,h the eye is lost, and the pain is jjone 
(spoken of a contention, which has ceased by the object 
of it being lost to both parties), dnkh-phofd, m. a 
midge, that flies into the eyes at night, dnkh phopil, 
to make blind; to expect or watch in vain, dnkh 
phemtt to shew aversion after friendship (see dnkh 
morni). dnkh pher lend, to turn away the eyes (as from 
grief, displeasure, &c.). dnkh phailand (see dnkh jmi- 
sdmd), dnkh fhandi kamt, to have consolation by 
meeting friends, to be glad, dnkh jofnt, to look sted- 
fastly (inelegant), dnkh jhapaknd, (to have eyelids 
joined, to move them quickly), to fear, dnkh churdni, 
(to steal eyes), not to attend to, to avert eyes tlirough 
shame, dislike, &c., to avoid the sight of any one. dnkh 
charhdnl, to be angry ; to be intoxicated, dnkh charhna, 
to have eyes marked by debauch, dnkh cfiamkdnt, to 
make the eyes dance (to roll one's eyes) in anger, or 
as a blandishment, dnkh chhipdnt (to hide one's eyes) 
to be ashamed of an improper act dnkh chir chtr 
dekhnd, and dnkh chirke dekhnd, to look with great at- 
tention and deep meditation ; with anger, dnkh ddbnt, 
(to shut one's eyes). V) forbid by siRns. ankh dikhdni 
or dikhldni, (to shew one's evesj, to friffhten, to restrain, 
to brow-beat, dnkh dekhke kuchh kamd, to do any 
thing after consulting the inclination of another, dnkh 
4abdahdnl, to fill the eyes with tears, dnkh 4liaknh 
(obsolete, to have eyes shut) ; to die ; to be ashamed. 
dnkh rakhni, to love, to entertain friendship ; to have 
hope ; to discern, dnkh turi^ kami, to be ang^. dnkh 
u dekhke kuchh-k,, to do any thing knowingly and with 
reflection, dnkh se girnd (to fall from eyes), to become 
contemptible, dnkh aehkni, to contemplate the beauty 
of any one. dnkh kUi se roshan-k,, (to obtain a look 
from any one), to meet (visit) a friend or person of rank. 
dnkh kisi ki dekhni (to look at one's eves), to receive 
education in any one's company, dnkh kJiafakni, to have 
pain in tl^e eyes, dnkh kholnd (see dnkh pasdrnd). dnkh 
garm kamt (see dnkh senknl). dnkh ghuraknd, to look 
at with anger, dnkh lafdni, to wink as a hint, to com- 
municate a secret by signs, dnkh lajmi, to encounter 
the eyes of another ; to meet with one's lover unex- 
pectCMlly. dnkh lagdni, to contract friendship or affec- 
tion for any one, to fall in love, dnkh mdrni, to wink ; 
to stop any one b^ a sign ; to make amorous siffus with 
the eyes, dnkh michawwal, m. dnkh michault, f. blind' 
man's buff(Per8. sanndmak). dnkh fRt'/ani (to exchange 
looks), to contract friendship, dtdth milnt, to look 


( 70 ) 


itedfnstlj. Snkh minch jana^ to die, to perish. &nkh 
mortii (see aukh pitemi). dnkh mundke rk chtz ka il£]f 
tiyar-k.y to choose or accept precipitatelj or inconsis- 
tently, ankh mundnl (see anlch band kar Unl), dnkh 
mundaurd, m. biiudmau s buff, dnkh na rakhni (not to 
have ejes, not to loolc) to have no hope or expectation ; 
to be mentally blind, dnkh nam kamd (see dnkh bhar 
Idndy, to have the eyes full of tears, dnkhoii par baifimti 
(to sit on eyes), to be beloved, to sit or cause to sit on 
a very elevated place ; to become dignified. mikhoU 
kd guldbi kamd (to have the redness of the eyes), is 
applied to a look of intoxication or wantonness, dnkhoh 
ineH dndt to intoxicate (applied especially to wine). 
dnkhoti mert phirnd^ to be always present in one's eyes, 
to be ever in one's mind, dnkhan men pen lend, to be 
at ease, secure, &c. dnkhon meH cftarbi chhand^ to be 
wilfully blind, to pretend from pride not to know one's 
old acquaintance. dnkhoA mei/k Ubdk ddlnd (lit. to throw 
dust in one's eyes) ; to commend or puff wares of an 
inferior quality ; to pilfer or snatch away any thing 
quickljr and privately, dnkfion meik khufaknd^ to be 
seen with envy and dislike, dnkhoh meA ghar kamd, 
to be beloved or esteemed ; to persist in one's own 
. erroneous opinions. dnkhoA meil rat kdfnd or lejand, to 
pass the night awake. dnkheA-wdld, m. (lit. *' a man 
with eyes "). a spy, an inspector, one of the secret po- 
lice, dnkheii dekhnd^ to study one's temper or inclina- 
tion ; to behave respectfully towu^ another. dnkheH 
nlli pill Ararnt, to change the colour of the face from 
excess of anger. «. 

Ll^l^x)^ an-h/tdi, m. dislike, aversion, d. 

J'vft*^! ^gfll<J anukkdl, m. a creok. s. 

lil^x)^ vn9i«n or ^tlTRT ankhdndf n. to be 
angry or displeased, to be peevish or fretfuL h. 

y^x>l VNIIfCIV dnhhdfU, m. valiiation (by the 
eye without measurement) of a growing crop. «. 

i^j^^ ^Wft ankhri, 
{Jj^^ ^i^nf\ ankhfi, 
U^l ltf9^ ankhiydj 
^^X^\ anhhan, m. the space between two pil- 

^IjL^io^ ^iftflrt ankhiyan, f. the eye?, amo- 
rous glances. «. 

ijj!>\ ysAn ailgj a demand on each head of 

cattle Tor pasture, an agistment, h, 

vlJiA ^9nf an/jj'\\n. the body, a limb, ang 

\jjj\ ^tjf anga^i ko lagnd, to be firm or 

confirmed ; to have effect ; a member, portion, anga- 
nydsa^ act of touching different parts of the body as a 
religious exercise. # . 

\±^\ VjT anug or anugoj ro. a follower^ a 

servant ; adj. following, succeeding. «. 
LG\ ir^ angdf m. a coat or npper-garment, 

a long tunic worn alike by the HindOs and Musal- 
mans : the former tie it on the left, the latter on the 
right breasL s. 

J!i\ inP ongd, f. a nurse, a maid whose basi* 
ness it is to hold, watch, and amuse a child, h. 

f. the eye, a glance 

of the eye. a 

pars or beams, a. 

fdrdy J 


embers, sparks ; 

\j\C>\ W^glU angdrdy J wrath, rage; a fire- 
brand, fire, a spark, a bit of fire, m^dr or angdroU 
car lopfid, to be niffhly enraged, particularly from jea- 
lousy, angdr kd kifd, m. a salamander. A. 

XiJS Hyrft angdriy f. a small fire-pan. 


^i3J^ui\ angd/idanA to reckon, compute, 

^'LL'X)\ angdx/itan, J suppose, imagine, p. 

j^lCil wyifft anugdmi, following, conse- 
"quent upon, devoted to, imitating. «. 

^^;-fCM angabtn, m. honey (Arab. anjabin).p. 

Ca G ^ Vl^ilfl anugat, m. a follower, adj. 
gone after, dependent on, attached to. «. 

CLm\ !^f)fir ingit, m. hint, sign, gesture; 
motion ; inquiry, research. «. 

AJ>«ix3i angaddiya^ m. a man who carries 
money or jewels oonoealed in his quilted dothes. A, 

i/lr^^ ^W^ angrdyi, f. yawning (v. an- 

gra,t). h, 

^j^\ fl'Kfll angarkhd, m. a coat, gown, 

jacket, doublet, an upper garment s. 

tfi\ ^V^V^ anugrahf m. favour, kindness, 

indulgence. «. 

(^TyG^ ^3^ anguri (same as anguU), f. a 

finger, a finger's breadth. «. [England. 

j>j^\ angrez or irtgrez (vulg. angrej, &c.), 

{^j>,j^^ angrezi, English, the English lan- 
guage (the term is of Portugoese origin). 

\^jC)\ ^lu/tWJangrtkhd, m. a vest, coat, &c. 

(▼. angarkhd, a. 

^\jC>\ H JfilHI angrdndj n. to yawn, tostretch 

the limbs), to osdtate. h. 

S^l/^^ ^nf?T^ ^r ^V^^ojngrd^ or angrdfi^ f. 

stretching the limbs, yawning, kc A. 

lji^\ WiTW an^garhy '\ un wrought, un- 

^jCy\ VfPT^ an-garhdyj formed ; unedu- 
cated, unlicked, unfinished, unset (as a ring or jewel). 
angarhi bat, inconsistent or ill-arranged speech. A. 

vJiA.±j5f angmhty f. a fi nper. angushti-hairai 

ddntoA meil rakhnS, to bite the finger, or place it be- 
tween the teeth to express surprise, p, 

^\jJL^\ angushidrif 1 m. a ring (particu- 

&3ljLl£t angushtdna^j larly the one worn on 
the thumb); a thimble, p, 

(CjlUCSt anguxktartf f. a ring, particularly 

one worn on the finger, not applied to that on the 
thumb, p. 

U3<J1^.^«CM angushUvumdy one who is pointed 
at, famous (in a good or bad sense, but in India most 
frequently in a b:id one), notorious, angiuht-nurndtlt 
act of pointing out with the finger, p. 

,4jLIJ5\ W^ aiujushtha, m. the thumb. «. 
JJ5t '9ff9 or ^^9 ungal or angul, m. the 

thnmbt a finger, s. 

^ULJlC)) inglisfdn or anglistdrif England, p. 
f^^^ int^f 'nrSt, ^ysft tingU, angR, or an- 

"guli, f. a finger, a finger's breadth, pair ki ungli, a toe. 
folmnkiumgli, fore- finger, btch kt ungli, middle-finger. 
kan ungHt uttle finger, vngli kd nok, tip of the finger. 
ungli kdfnd, to be astonish^, s, 

vjLJJ5\ ^b%7 a;i^/^f,f. appearance, person. A. 


( 71 ) 




^^^Cy\ angUs or ingUs, Eaglisb, the term 

b gcnerallj implied to an invalided soldier. 

i^^tiiST ^rvgmi ang-man, f. yawning, 

itrelddQg the bodj (a dog, be), k, 
^^pfj^ 1I4'IH<| anugaman, m, (the going after) 

applied to the ceremony of burning a Hindu widow 
wiio haa heard of her husband's death ?rhen from 
home. «. 

^^\ Wjpi ungatiy m. dozing, drowsiness (from 

opiom &8c) ; jpeasing a wheel to set It asleep, to 
prevent creakmg. A. 

^'\ wqgn angany^m. (also dngnd) a yard, 
VlG\ ^l]pn angndy j area, court, inclosed 

■pace adjoining to a house. «. 

\Jj] m^Owi an-gindf uncounted, number- 
less. mKgimS mdhSna, the eighth month of a woman's 
pcegnancy. A. [(same as anjroa). *. 

4^*ViG\ ^npn^ angndyt, f. a yard, area, &c. 
iZ^lCA H«lD|IVff or V«VJ|f)llfl awginat or 

aa-^oMil, vncoonted, beyond calculation. «. 

i_Jjj3t H^lOl^fll ati'ginti, uncounted, count- 

*leas^ mimbcrlcsB. s • 

^JJ5t ^fV^A un^, f. drowsiness, &o. (y 

jp\ angut in front, before, preceding. d» 
Oy3\ Vff^KI angwdrdj the proprietor of a 

small portion of a viUage ; mutual aid in tillage, h, 

i^^\ wiitZ angoty f« appearance, person 

(same as atgef), A. 

\^Jj\ ^i^[9T anguthd, m. thumb, angufhd 

Hkkarna, an attitude used by women in blandishment, 
as a token of prohiUtioo. to brave, defy, &c. angiifha 
ctiawM, to filter. «. [the linger. «. 

^^y5\ ^it^Rft an^r^^ f* a ring worn on 
\4>>y5\ ^Mtld angochhd, m. a cloth which 

HindOs fittten round their waists when bathinf , and 
afterwards wipe themselTes with; a towel, a liand- 
keiehieC k. 

j^\ angur, m. a grape ; granulations in a 

Iwalingaore. omr hmna or hona, to become sound 
and hnlthy (appBed to a wound), p. 

^•yS] ^n^tn dngordy m. a midge, a gnat. h. 
gr^ySI anguri, of or belonging to the grape. J9. 
«>l J5^ ^^fX^I angauriyay m. a ploughman ; 

abo^ allowing tlie use of a plough instead of paying 
wages in money or kind, h, 

ItyQt angjuzOf m. assafoetida. p, 

\i>jfj\ 10H>IT angaungdy perquisites from the 

HoesbiBg-floor to the Brihman, OvrO, fcc h, 
iJ5T oA^h (for dnrgdK) then, at that time. p. 
fi^\ wn anroghy blameless, free from guilt. $. 

f|G1 tmghar, stupid, ignorant anghar-pan, 

■kSD^pMUiy. Ai 

^£\ yg^ angiy corporeal, bodily. «. 

UCt ^rf^pn angiydy f. m. bodice, stays, k* 

ljjr.>t Wiryr anvgyd, f. order, command. «• 

viLuJ51 V^ an^^, f. appearance, person. K 

^^^jjSt angeth f. (▼. a^?») a flower-pot. d. 

^^^tjiGI H^^A or ^WW angethx or angtthty 
**f. a chafing-dish. A. 

^j^^i; t angekhtan (r. dngez,) to excite* stir 
up. />. 

JjlG) angez, exciting; (used in comp.) as 
jCtaa-ON^ss, strife-exciting, p. 

U|jJ51 angezndy a. to suffer, to experience, 

to bear, to excite, p, A. 
jOjJC31 l|jn'4n< an//iA5r, m. agreement, pro- 
mise, acquiescence, avowal, reception, accepting, 
agreeing to. attgikar-k., to accept, agree to. «. 

0;5CXM iftvAvVfirn^Urtf, agreed, promised. «• 

J3i vf^T9 anUy f. wind, breath, air. s. 
J31 W1I9 ana/, f. fire, a flame, a plant {Plum' 

bago 9ey Iviica and rosea). «. 

\^\ tnnorfndf for, surely not, only. a. 

U^t ^rfiinn animdt m. a superhuman faculty ; 

the subtle and invisible state, assnmable by austere 
devotion. 4. 

d\^\ 9fini;t<nma^;^m.madne86, extravagance.^. 
Ul«3t iV«in!^ unmdddy mad, in»ine. «. 
^Wt VJfPf anumdny m. inference, logical 

conclusion, reasoning. «. 

^U>f T^nnr unman, m. a measure of size or 
quantity. «. 

;^)3lpT VlWlffl^i anttmamA, inferable, sub- 
ject to inference, probable, specious, t. 
Ca«>^ VWirfir antfma^t,f. order or command, 

consent, permission. «. 

CJ^\ 7«inr unnta^t^ mad, insane, crazy ; 

(3^1 "9^ tinmo^, J drunk, lustful, furious; 
saiadous. tmaMi^/a/d, £ insanity, intosdcation. «. 

(2^1 ^V^^imr anumaran, m. dying with (a 

husband), or following in death, applied to a HindQ 
widow. «. 

«4^) T^UfT tinmukhy looking upwards. 4. 

J^t lrf9iT9anmt/,discordant,heterogeneous.«. 

l2M>f irflipnf antntan, m. the same as antnta. 

\j^\ V^ifSRI anmand, thoughtful, agitated, 
regretting, sad. troubled in mind, sickly, dissatisfied. «. 

viL>Vlpt anman5tf doubt, perplexity, d. 
\j\x^\ anmandnd, a. to perplex. </. 

J^^ V^nfl^ an-fnol, invaluable, beyond 

price, f. 
i/ltA TpSlM Wimesh m. winking, twinkling 

of the eyelids, f. 




{ 72 ) 


Jj^l ^n^ an^mel, heterogeneous; dis- 
cordant, s. 

fj^\ WR«T anan, m. face, visage, mouth, f. 

order, s. 

UoT vtifT anna (for ana), n. to come. s. 

^1 ^vnn a/tna, a. to hring. s, 

\jj\ ^TTf anna, a kind of male nurse, the nurse's 

husband, h. 

{^jJJj\ flvf^H anannasy m. a pine-apple. A. 
^NkiU^f anannasu made like a pine-apple. A. 
OJL>^ Vvfir av-anf, adj. boundless, endless, 

eternal, infinite ; ni. a name of the serpent that sup- 
ports the earth ; a name of the god Vishnu ; name of 
several plants ; a cord with fourteen knots, which the 
Hindus tie on thfir arm on the fourteenth day of 
Bhadon^ Shuklpaksh, which is sacred to Vishnu, and 
called Anant Chaudas or ChaturdashT. anantata, f 
eternity, anant-rashiy f infinite quantity, anant-rvp, 
multiform, anant-vat, m. rigidity or paralysis of the 
muscles of the face and neck. «. 

gjuiu,)! V«nir ati-an/ya, infinite, endless ; m. in- 
finity, eternity, t, 

S^\ ^ntTC anand (or anand), m. pleasure, 

dcli{^ht ; ease, tranquillity, content ; God, Supreme 
Spirit, anand'fnay, blissful. «. 

C^Ji^JiT VMr«4ri ananditj overjoyed, de- 
lighted, i. 

0(X3l vAiPfi^A a-nindity unreproachable. $, 
li>(X;3T Hlfi^ril anandata, f. joy, delight. $. 
tMJJl3 1 1IM«<)I«< anand-kandyBovLTQe of joj; 

an epithet of Krishna. «. 

(^(Xl)] VH*^ anandij delighted, rejoiced, s. 

(jmJ^^ ^nt^ an-ansa, m. one who has no share ; 
excluded from a share (of ao inheritance) on account 
of some legal flaw. «. 

i±f!ji\ ^t^an-anfff m. (literally, bodiless), the 

god K&ma, the HindQ Cupid, t, 

^\ ^wit anni, a female nurse, h. 

yl 'vX^anio, m. the glutinous whitish matter 
or mucus voided by people afflicted with a tenesmus. «. 

y I ^ra am, or anu^ m. an atom ; adj. 

atomic, minute. «. 

ly \ W^PTT anuwa, m. the place where men stand 

when throwing the hoka^ or water-bucket A. 

^!j(i)' ^^'^^^ anuvad, m. repetition; answer. «. 
(^4>ly\ Vfjill^ anuvadi, a defendant, op|)o- 

nent. «. [splendour, a 

}y\ artn-ar (pi. of^y), lights, rajs of light, 

Ojty^ vftmftff a-nivdritf juncbecked, un- 
opposed, i. 

l.^lyl V^nn anivasd, old, stale, pcasoned ; 
m. a handful of com or graaa cut in reaping, h, 

UMily\ ^iHHHI ann^dsnay a. to season (a now 

earthen vessel, by letting water remain in it some 
time), to rinse, h. 

cly^ anwa (pi. of ^y)/ sorts, kinds, varie- 
ties ; adj. various, diverse, anxoa* o a^tsam, all sorts 
and kinds. & 

v^y) V^ anup, incomparable, best, rare; 

m. a watery or moist soil. #. 

^byl V^iJOTpl anupdny m. a fluid Yehicle 

wherewith to swallow medicine. «. 
Oy\ wf)W anvit, connected with, possessed 

of, fraught with. «. 

vIL>y^ WtT^ anwatf m. a ring furnished with 

little balls, worn on the great toe. h, 
V^yl V^[7T anuthd, rare, wonderful, un- 

common. A. 

^llfti^yl W«nnnf an^ivadhdn, careless, inat- 
tentive ; also an-<wadhanata, f carelessness, inadver^ 
tence, indifference, s. 

j^\ anwar, splendid, shining, resplendent, a. 
ijj)>^ anwari, nnrae of a Persian poet p, 

l^ju«iy\ VtTV^VT an-avasthd, unstable, un- 
steady; incontinent; f. instability, absence of fixed 
state; uncertainty; incontinence, i, 

j*^y^\ V5W1R a-navasar, busy, having no 

leisure ; inopportune ; m. want of leisure, unaeaaon- 
ableness. s. 

l^y \ W«l^^, Vf^^l anolih a or annuhhd, rare, 
wonderful, uncommon (generally applied to man). K 

Jy^lhr^flrwwoZ, m. the after-birth, secundines. 
aHwal-nal, the navel-string of a new-bom infant A. 

^yl ^rrtl^ dnwaJdf ni. a frtiit so called, a 

kind of myrobalans {Phyllauthis emblica). h, 

Xt0»^^\ aholdsdr, m. a sort of brimstone so 
called, s, [new-bom infant «• 

JU JyT a^7i'fl/-waZ, m. the navel-string of a 

^^Uyl anumdn (v. anumdn), inference, logi- 
cal conclusion, s, 
I3y\ VvftHI a-nond, without salt, s, 

«3| ana (v. dnd), the 16th part of a rupee. A. 

,^\ 7^ unh and ^[9^ ink, oblique plural forms 

of the pronouns imiA and yUt. (Vide Gram.) h. 
;cy\ W^mi avvai, or anvaya, m. race, lineage \ 

interpretation; making out the natural order or con 
nexionof poetical style, t. 

^j^,y^ ^IR^^^ir anveskany m. itiquiry, re- 
search, investigation. «. [tive. «. 

^^^.yl H^^ anve$k%y searching, inquisi- 
j\^\ anhdr (pi. ofj^), rivers, streamlets, a. 

\^\ 9«^K unhdvy f. mode, appearance; 
a4j. like, similar. #. 

(jV^I ^l»^TtT anhdn, m. bathing, washing. A. 
U\i^f 1B«fHI anhdnd, a. to bathe, to wash. //• 
%Z^\ VfTf^ an hit, unfriendly, hostile ; hos- 

tiUty. s. 


( 73 ) 


j^\ ^R^HT unhatfar, sixty nine. A. 

JkX|3\ inhidam^ m. perdition, act of abolish- 
ing, extennination, demolition, a. 
.0^) VH^UfK. an-ahankaVf m. absence of 

pride, homility. an-ahankdrif humble, s. 

Ul^t ll<^^l«ll anhmahdy a, to wash, to 
bathe, to caose to be bathed or washed. «. 

^^1 vfVr^ anthauhy aor. first pers. sing, of 

amma^ to bring (obsolete form), h, 

J^y^^ Vv^v^K an-honhar^ hopeless, unpro- 
mising, improbable. A. 

\3^) ^IS^t«n an-hona^ impossible, not to be. h, 

^\ wfi^y^Bnfki ani^ ani, m. f., or^vraftani, f. the 

point of a spear, or of an arrow, the stem or prow of 
a boat, Iec a, 

^\ ^nf^ anni, f. a nurse or female attendant 

"on a child. A. 

^\jo\ vafPT a-7iya^e or a-nyayay m. injustice, 

"ontrage; a complaint of injustice. 9, [lawless. «. 

(^U;\ VSinijt a-nyaytf unjust, unequitable, 
l^«^l V«il^||l anya-purva^ f. a woman who 

has been previously married, s. 
C^\ inflfv a-nitiy f. injustice, impropriety, 

mdeness, impolicy, nnmannerliness. t. 

jdj\ wsn anyatra, elsewhere. «. 

^IaS\ wsinqn anyathOf otherwise, in a different 

manner ; inaccurately ; a^j. contrary, s* 

^'^^ ^r4t^ vniddy unshut (eye), sleepless; 

expanded (as a flower), s. 

jj\ anyary Yery bright, most luminous, a. 

{j^^ "V^fNt untSy nineteen. A. 

yUL)i ants or anu-jaHs, m. a companion, a. 

^^mA)! anUun, m. aniseed, g, 

<^Ia)1 v^ au'ehy much, many, abundant. 

iarjbaifcar, multiform. on^A-ra^^, multiform, of various 
lands, of variable mind, anek-kdl, adv. a long time, 
otfir gotra, one who is a member of more than one 
ptra, or family, anek-vidht various, of many kinds, 
n different ways. s. 

ii*yl 1l«0r4«f) anlkinty f. an army ; a cer- 
tttn force, one tenth of an akshauhini. s. 

A)l V«i|jftH| anya-^oira^ of another race or 



«A)1 ^Pl anyay other, different, anya^janamy 

■• another birth, regeneration. anythmanMy fickle, 
vsnstale. «. 

u>^l «?ij^ anyonya, reciprocal, mutual, s, 
^^\ MHMIK aneyavy m. the time allotted 

ftr agrieoltiural labour In the hot season, from sun« 
list ^ noon. I. 

jl auy conj. and (more com. aur). h, 

^ (in Pers. and Dakfa.) third pron. he, 
Ae,it; tltt^roc>tiTe inteij. O ! 


J I <«i^ ava, a Sanskrit prefix denoting uega« 

tion, disrespect, or dispersion; from, down from, off. «. 
Ij I ^TTTT amd, m. a potter's kiln ; a furnace. A. 

j^^ijl VTVliA dwdtty f, the coming of an army, 

"the approach of a friend ; the season in which mer* 
chandize is expected to arrive ; advance ; rumour, ti- 
dings, h, 

c/V^jl VNI^ll^ drvd-jdyiy f. coming and 
going, intercourse, dancing attendance upon one. h, 

*J^\j^ ^y^TRT a-vdchyoy dumb, speechless, s. 
^Ij\ awdkhir (pi. of j^l), extremes, ends; 

the last ten days of a lunar month, a. 

jjblj 1 arvdddn (see dbdddii), dwelling, &c. d. 

^b)^\ andddnt (v. ^^bb\) d. [crop. A. 
j'jl "^^K UTvdr, ploughing up a standing 
jl^' W^R afvdr, f. delay ; injufltice,tyranny. s.p. 

'jy^y awdnjay 
^ijl dwdrija 


m. a diary» a rough note* 

, ^ , book or account-book. ». 

v"J J ' dwdrcaQy J 

^$J^^ dwdragiy f. vagrancy, profligacy, p. 

8j^jl dwdrtty vagabond, wanderer. dwdra-Ly 

n. to wander, to be distressed, to be oppressed, to be 
miserable, awdra-k., a. to harass, to expel, p. 

J^^l djvdzy f, sound, voice, reporf, famo, echo, 

a whisper, sentence, dwdz-ufhdnd, to raise the voice, 
to spread a report, dutdx par kdn rakhndj to hear, 
to listen, dwdz papid, to be reported, dwdz baithud, 
to be suppressed fthe voice) from hoarseness or 
otherwise, divdz-baithd, hoarse, p, 

\\\j\ dwdzdy \ m. report, fame, rumour; con- 
Sj^jl dwdzdy) versation, loud talking, p, 

(^>*tjl VT^T9 dwdSy m. a house, a habitation. 5. 

jaM>1j1 awdsit (pi. of laA«0^)> middles, tiie pe- 
riod of a lunar month between the tenth and twentieth 
days. a. [ley (v. supl. Gloss), h. 

^<*>^j\ VNI41I amdsif unripe corn, chiefly bar- 

^2X^\^^ VHNIHH rtwa^aman,1m. coming and 
^jjf^jT W^I'Nvf dwdgavauy J going, trans* 

migration, s. 

J|^^ ^BHCT^ arvdly inclosed space formed 

by a cluster of peasants' houses. A. 
ai^I dwdmytn, loan, debt; colour, p, 

^1^1 dtvdn (pi. of ^1), times, seasons, a. 
^1^1 VICII^HI dwdhauy m. calling, summoas 

a respectful invitation, s. 

t^^j^ ^nr^ awdyif f. approach, advance ; a 

saddle cloth adorned with fringes, &c. ; a kind of 
pickaxe, h. 

\j ^jl ^n^rf^ ditdyly 1 f. rumour, meiJti'>n, 
j3^jI tnmft dwdtty J tiding?, report, h. 


( 74 ) 


Jj)^^ awOfH (pi. of Jj^)f tn. commence- 
ments, &c. ; the first ten days of a lunar mouth, which, 
consisting of thirty days nearly, is divided into three 
decades. 1st. au;a,t/, 2nd. awdsilt and 3rd. aw&lsl^r. a, 

(j^b^f atibaxhf m. a rake^ a dissolute fellow ; 

a mixed crowd of all natimis and all sorts of people, 
but especially of the meanest ; the mob, the canaille. 
aubdsh-h., to become depraved or dissolute, aubdshdnat 
li)ce a rake, dissolute, p, 

^Sjbjl aubashi, m. rakishness, dissoluteness, 
"attending at games and spectadeSi p. 

\jJbj\ ubdlnd, a. same as \jJb\ ubalna* d, 
viLOj^ TKWZ or ^iN? ubat, avbatf impassable, 

steep, inaccessible, s. 

Ubj\ ubalna, same as Ub\ ubahia. d, 

0^^\ 1M iitbhf m. oppressive heat, languor 

brought on by the effect of heat. K 

iuk»-l^j\ vfwiall a-vibhUJi/a (in law lan- 
guage), indivisible (as property, etc.). «. 

cLa^j^ ^hl7 aubhat, steep, impassable. «. 

CaV^>jT WR^Tf^K drvbhakf, f. a civil re- 

or dmbfuikti, ception or 

d^C^^jl WR^TW or VN^lfff j salutation, 

dwbhagat or dicbhagatiy J welcome, 

oourteousness. k. 

U^ji ^SmfTT ubhtidf n. to be agitated or op- 
pressed with heat ; to be angry or dissatisfied. A. 

4-^j^ ^ftif 07?, f. ornament, beauty, elegance, 

grace, brightness, polish, h, \up<4na), d. 

Ijubj^ upatna, n. to exceed, &c. (same as \sjd\ 
Vjdgjt vpajndj n. to grow, &o, (v. Ua^ 

upajna). d. 

^cjgj\ ^ftinft opc/ii, ra. an armed man, armed 

** with weapons ; a man armed In mail. opchi-^flnOt a 
guardhouse or post of armed men. /«. 

j>j^ ^WT upavy above, on, up, upon, upwards, 

over, outside, past, top. Spar-tet from above, iitfan 
upar te c?utld gayd, the storm has passed over. «. 

^)^^ uparldy upper, superficial ; m. the sur- 
face or outside, s, [strange, s, 

ijjij^ wrft uparl, upper or external; foreign, 
Ojl V9lif afVt or ^iil ut^ m. one who dies 

without leaving issue ; an unmarried man ; (in HindO 
phraseology) a stupid person, a blockhead. A. 

Oj^ Wtif oty overplus, surplus ; nbatemt-nt; 
convalesence, recovering from sickness, h. 

^j\ '^SK\ >•)] ^hin utd or otd, so much, that 

much, h, 

i>\3j\ atvtdd (pi. of Sij), pegs, props; met. 
chieft, nobles (being the props of the state), a 

jUj^ utdr, m. (for uidr) descent, reduction 

in price ; ebb tide, or low water. 

^t>j1 ^RifR or iftirrc avatar or auiar, ra. 

birth, descent; Incarnation of the deity (the Hindus 
reckon the foUowing ten of the god Vishnu: — 1st. 
maityOt a fish ; 2nd. kachchhapat a tortoise ; 3rd. vardha, 
a boar; 4th. nri^singha, a man-lion; 5th. vdmana, a 
dwarf; Qth, parashurdma ; 1th, rdma; 8th. 6a/araJiM; 
9th. IniddJtaf 10th. kalkt)i a pious or distinguished 
person in the language of flattery is also called an 
twatdr, or incarnation of the deity ; a tirth, or sacred 
place; translation; crossing. «. 

^I3j) litdran^ m. stripping off, act of dis- 
mounting, d, 

UyGjl vtdrndf a. same as \jXi\ uiamid, d, 
JjUj^ utdrvalf m. same as ^jK>\ q. v. d» 
lja)j\3j^ fitdwal-pand, m. haste, urgency, rf. 
Jij\ tUar, m, an answer (v. uttar), d. 

bpj^ nidi*!! or wirT«T avatamd or autamd, 

n. to descend, especially as an incarnation of the 
deity. 1. 

UPj^ utamdf n. same as \jy\ utamd, d, 

jJjT WWlft drvadf f. approach, advance, the 
*' season in which merchandise is expected. A. 

dtX^ Ji j} ^7^ otsuk, 1 m. anxiety, per- 

9jf>*00>j\ vlwW auUuhya^ j furbation* re- 
gret ; eagerness, impatience. «. [or many. h. 

cll3j) ^S^flRF or^rfinv otih or utihf that much, 
oi;Cj\ lAnut autharsh, m. excellence. $, 
b3j1 'innn or ^itinn «^na or otnd, that much 

or many. A. 

cL^jf ^ri^ Of, f. protection, shade, shelter* 

partition, screen. o^A., to conceal, to screen, of^ to 
be concealed, s . 

bjl ij^ofa, m. a partition- wall, or screen. A. 
bbj) autdndt a. to make hot, cause to boil, d, 
(^Jj\hCLf^\ Uk^M^IJI ut^atdngfpooTf helpless, 

destitute. A. 

^^^lbcL>j\ IMMdlSfi ut'pafdngif one who 
"speaks inconsiderately, without preparation. A. 

d-^iSjC^jl ^JIT^ITV ut-patang^ m. absurdity, 

nonsense, what is without meaning or foundation; a4j. 
poor, helpless, destitute, in disorder, up-pafangi, the 
same as i^pafdngi, A. 

^jf ^A^ autatif boiling, evaporation by 
boiling ; m. a knife used for cutting tobacco. A. 

\jJj\ ^hzm otndf a. to defend, screen, shelter; 
to thrumbt to separate the seed from cotton ; to catch 
as a balL A. 

\x>j\ lihnTT autndf n. to boil (as milk), to 

evaporate oyer fire ; to coasmne with rage or yez»- 
tion ; a. to bum, to parch, or dry. A. 

^^\ ^ri^ ofh, m. the lip. s> 

bl^*y tithdnd, a. same as bl^l uthdnd. d. 

Ul^L 1^9 Mlf^^MI uthd'bithdnd, a. to ex- 
cite, to stir up, to urge. A. 

)j^iy^J^ ^WT^rtXT uthatt-^rd, m. a kind 
of robber, who plunders by day; ^ey are commonly 
followers of an army (same as nfha^hgird, q. v.). A. 



^ ( 

U^jf vthnuy u). same as U^'\ vtknd. d, 

— j^ aw;, m. height, eummity the top ; dignity, 

preferment, promotioD. auj ifalak, the seoith of the 
■kj. a, p. 

^j^j^ Hjarnoy rame as OjV^ ujarnd, d. 
JU^\ ifM 1 (for JU\ f/>/, &c.) bright, 
^Vj' w75^5,J luminout!. ^Z. 
^;?^j^ vjarnay n. (v. Uj?-' ujarnd)^ to be 

desolated. <f. 

(j^^j' Wk«i«i o;a#, ni. light, splendour; mani- 
frrtaUon ; strength, vitality (especially in the foetu8> «. 

J»-j\ ojal (v, ojhaP), privacy, shelter, &c. A. 
J^-j^ SfflZ,"^ (fortj^/a/and t*77a), clear, bright, 
^j^ H;^«f J pure, Ac. d. 
UU.j\ tt;aZiia (for ujalnd\ to shine, &c. d. 
*^y ^m, q;A, m. entrails, stomach, guts. A. 

V4?^5' ^m^ (>jhd, m. a diviner, a wiznrd, a 

magician (probably from examining the entrails of a 
tictim like the Roman **8nispex*). h. 

j^y wifCf or invc^ ojhar or anjhar,t. tlirust, 
pwb; in Dakh. iijhar denotes awkward, clumsy, h. 

d^ji^ ^tfBS ojhal, f. privacy, retirement ; 

•dj private, hid. oikal-k^ to conceal, screen, t^hat-h.. 
to be concealed. A. 

j^y ^f^r^flta-vfckar^ m. want of judgment 

oreonsiderBtioD, injustice. «. 

Oj^^jl ^ft^nftw a-vickdrit, ill-judged, not 

investigated, unconsidered, t, 

i^yTji^ wftf^rrd a-vichdri, m. 1 destitute of 

«3j^J ' "^^irivft a-vichdritn, f. / conside- 
ration, nnjost. t, 

^f^^^ ^W? auckat, 1 suddenly, unexpect- 

vii^^l liHlV auchakj edly. A. 

J^j» vHl^^ O'Vichcd, motionless, unmoved, 

firm. s. 

•4f^l ^AiJ auchh^ m. name of a root from 

vidch an orange colour is extracted (Morinda citric 
fiUa), A. 

l^f-jf lihltT ochhdf adj. light, of little conse- 

SjDonce; mean, base or low-bom; absurd, trifling; 
niitlcM. ocAA^ hcmd, n. to want. A. 

U!^>j\ uchhdlnoy a. same as U)^>-t uch" 

iaAti, q. V if. 

^A^jl uekhat, retirement, retreat, d. 

U^>.jl icAhalndy n. (for U^»-\ uchhdlnd, 
q-v.). rf. 

^yl^^jt ^nn^^tfeAAa/niyf. themultipHca- 
"tioBtable. A. 

dji ^ at^, m. an otter, s. 

75 ) j^\ 

Wj\ Wt!|fT o^a, wet, moist, damp. A. 

ii3ji'9i^ ufid, m. brown, of a brown colour. A. 

L^bj^ ^^nr auddty white, white colour, s. 

A^Oj\ ^[fl^il auddiya^ m. munificence, li- 
berality. 9. [liness. «. 
4Um>)Jj\ ^^I^ Quddtyaj m. solitude, lone- 

^bjl V^«T tiuddn, m. gratis, what is given 

over and above, or without purchase ; to boot. s. 

ULi^ljjl ^IJ^Tf? uddhaty\ f. brownness of co- 
«Jbjl ^R?Ti( uddyiy J lour. A. 
«^4>*\ ^rir<^|c| ud'bi!d,o, m. an otter. «• 
^42>ji ^1^ 06/aw, m. boiled rice. 8, 
j3*> J ^^ffto{fa?/i, f. a pIant(iSt^acor£2(/b/ta).«. 
>4>jl ^rw awadhy f. the name of ayodhydf 

vnlg. Oude. avoi^A or otMufAi, agreement, promise, 
time, boundary, s. 

>t3j^ ^nrfV avadhi, m. limit, term, period ; 
(used adverbially in oomp.), as far as, as long as. s. 

fi^dj) W^Pi avdhi (forabdhi)jin. the ocean, s, 

j^J^dm\ udhdr, ra. (same as udhar) debt &c. «{. 

^vit4>j^ V^T^ITfT avadhdn, cautious, attentive; 
m. caution, attention, s, 

J»43jl ^Rif^ udhar y thither, thitherwards, on 

the other side. A. 

^J^l ^ran tu/Aam, m. noise ; impudence; re- 
bellion, disturbance, uproar. A. 

ic%>4>^l iracft i/e/Aawi, making noise ; impu- 

"dent; rebellious, h, 

yb43ji "11^ udho^ the name of a friend and 
companion of Krishna. *. 

Cm>^^^\ ^sr^^nr avadhut, m. a kind of reli- 
gious mendicant, s. 

C^^dj\ ^r^^ avadhut or audfiut, large, 

gigantic ; frightful as to form. s. 

^i3jl V^ odhe^ adj. possessing a right or 

** title to; m. a proprietor, supreme ruler, t. 
\jrjJ^JtH udhernd (same a^ udherna q. v.). d. 

Ajjb jj \m^Bia'Vadhya,noi fi t to beslaughtered.^. 
t/4>jl ^rm^ diOdi, name of a tribe of jdts, A. 
b^jl %[fn avidydf f. ignorance, s, 
^43j^ ^r^?f^ avadichf the name of a tribe of 

Gujerati Brfthmans. «. 

^j«*^.»3ji audesA m. a strange or foreign 
Im>4>^^ audesdf > country, audesl, a stranger, 
&M»4>jl audesa,} a foreigner, jt. 
uJi^3j\ audAan^a, improper, out of place, d. 

j^\ whCor, f. orijjin, boundary, limit; way, 

side (ward), tw or, that way. or nibaknd, to be con- 
stant to, to protect (for ever). A. 



( 76 ) 



j^\ wlrattr, conj. and, also, but; adj. morp, 

other; aur ek, another, separate, distinct, else, our 
nahln to, and (if) uot then, and in that case then. 
aur hit quite different, extraordinary, h. 

tjl dwar, in compos, bearing, having; as, 

zor-dwart powerful, having force, p, 

^^j\ aurdd (pi. of ^j^)f daily lessons (of the 

Kur^ua), oommemorations, devotional exercises, a. 

jj^j^ aurak (pi. of Jfjj), leaves of a tree 

or book. a. 

J^'^jV ^if^^^l'^ nvirbhdyO, m. a developing, 

manifestation, becoming visible. (. 

0^4>jjl wrfWiT amrbhut, unfolded, mani- 

festecT appeared. 8. 

OijI ^I^H dvrit, enclosed, surrounded. «. 

OjjT ^arraflS avri//i, f. order, method; a re- 
petition of the same thing, a resolution, s. 
iks>.jl dmarjay v. **>^«jT a day-book, &c^. 

^4>t J ! ^ffT^ drvardd, f. the allotted period of 

one's life-time. (. 
^^f^j^\ dwardan (r. ar or dwar), to bring, to 

relate or record, p. 
»3,jT dwarda, that which is brought or 

carried, divarda-nawis, m. a writer or reglBtrar of 
accounts as delivered, p. 

**^»>;j' "54 urdh or urddhy superior, above. 

urdh'bdhu, with arms aloft (a posture of Jogu), *. 

Jjulb3.j^ "wil^^urddh'pund, a perpendicular 

Hue delineated on the forehead by the vaishfuwas or 
worshippers of Vishnu. $. 

{,^X^pjbdj^\ ^H^^^^f^ aurdh'dehik, obse- 
quies; whatever is given ot performed in remem- 
brance of the dead. s. 

Uj Jb43,jl '9Jr^ urddh-retd, a kind of ascetic 

or risht, one who lives in perpetual chastity. *. 

^j«*iLjb4>.j\ 'Qdrvi^ urdh'sdns, m. a gasp, deep 

inspiration. «. 
(w, jl ^^ auraSf a legitimate child, i.e. by 

a i^e of the same tribe. «. 

O^J.^ (wij^ auras chauras^ all around; 

breadth and length ; m. neighbourhood, d. 

\^j^\ ^>Wf or7ndy m. the name of a particular 

kind of sewing, stitching together two breadths, h, 
jojjl ^n^nUauaran, m. a shield, a covering. «. 

cLSjj' aurang, m. a throne; places where 

goods are manufactured for sale. p. 
c«^: ^^j^^ Aurang-zeb, name of one of the 

Mog^ emperors, who died A.D. 1707. p. 

^jL> JcL^j' aurang-zebi, m. a kind of cloth 

"so called, p. 

^U»uL^jj^ aurang-shdhi, m. a kind of silk 

"so called, p. [fire. s. 

J3I^ .^1 ^i|PT^ aurvdnaly m. submarine 

-i^t^jjj^- ^ff^^ avarodhy m, the seraglio of 

a palace, the queen's apartment ; a place, a covering: 
hindrance, obstruction, t. 

Jfet^jj^^ ^ift^ fl-t?f rod/i, absence of contention, 
quietness^ avirodhi, m. avirodhintt f. quiet, tranquIL s, 

^5j jl ^bW orif a protector, partial ; f. the 

eaves of a house ; bank of a pond or rivulet to the 
water's edge. h. 

ij j^ ^sftfi ord, m. a basket, pannier, k. 
^oj'j^ ^4*1 oran, m. a shield, target. A. 

li^* J I orndf a to ward off a blow : it is also 
used for orhrid, to put on dress, &c d, 

lij'jl upid, n. (sameasUj'^ upid) tq fly, &c.(f. 
jij*«l orwi f. (v. orhni), a veil, &c. d* 
lli^'jt ^t7«n orhndy a. to put on (dress) ; m. 

sheet, doak, or mantle. A. 

iJ^j^ '*ft'fHi orhni, f. a smaller sheet; a 

"veil or woman's cloak. A. 

iSjy ^RTrt fljori, f. a kind of basket (used 

in a sugar-mill. h. 

\3jU;^j*^\ ufi'mdrndy to dive, to plunge, d, 
j^Jjl auzdr (pi. of .Jj), m. the rigging and 

implements of a ship or boat; asylnms; loads; 
weapons, tools, apparatus, a. 

j^lj jl anzdn{^\* of^ojj)i weights,measure8.a. 
;j*»^^ isft^ 0*, f. dew. os ;}ar .;am, to fall in 

value, to be less in demand than formerly, m, old 
form of the oblique pron. ust him, her, &c. h. 

%j\m»^\ tt.?ara,m. gamboge. The name seems to 

be a corruption of the Arabic or Persian name *u»dra^ 
rdwand (Extract of rhubarb), which this gum, from iie 
yellow colour, was supposed to be.^Binning.) k, 

^Im*^^ vNiT«T auadUy m. sensation, sense ; 
courage ; presence of mind. h. 

^o^_^^ W«I4IM avasdiif m. the end ; conclu- 
sion ; completion ; death ; boundary, limit s, 

viA^(j*»jl ^ft^l^ os-barg, m. the name of 

a medicine, h. 

(3ljuMj\ ustdd, preceptor, master (v. taidd). p. 

lltlMAjl V^UMI a-vastutd, f. insubstantiality, 

unreality, s. 
I^jLam^ W^FH ava-sthdf f. state, condition 

(frequently used in an unfavourable sense) ; any par- 
ticular state varying with the progress of time, as 
youth, ago, *c. *. 

>>'i\.>-\ "fp^^Q^ a wast hi, one of the subdi 

"vision of Ranaujiya Brahmans. #. [heedless, n, 

^^ ^^t^ ausuch, without consideration, 
-*»j\ ^«Wirt or ^iltiR avasar or ausar, m* 

time, leisure, occasion, vacation, opportunity, s 
.»Aijl ^^ oaarj f. a hf^ifer. h. 



( 77 ) 


^^ utar (same as uihar, q. v.), barren 
(land), s. 

f^y ^ihrn osra^ m. turn, viclssitade. osra- 

esrh by tama. altcrnatelj. A. 
j_^^^I umraltiy f. a chameleon, (f. 

liMiji aitsnf, middlp, intervening; m. the 
middle, medium, interval ; mediocrity, modieration. a. 

^jAi^^^aHMiii, midmost,middIing, moderate.a. 
Uui«jl VtKvfT ausna, n. to become musty, to 

rot, to pntrify. A. [him, her, &c. d, 

^J^J^ vjie (old form of the ace. pron. use), 
j^^^ WH^ auser^ m. anxiety , solicitude, h. 
\,>,. » > rt ^\ lilHlm oma, m. the head of a bed ; 

a pilloir, a cuahion. h, 

^j) ^iW Ofhy f. dew (same as os). h, 

U**j^ ^f^a-vashf subject to another,helples8.«. 

(j-jl wftR a-vish, anti-venomous, not poi- 

BODoni. s. [the son of KSma-deva. t. 

U>ji "^muxAajnameof the wifeof Aniruddha, 

^^La^^I Vlf^ avishtf possessed (by a demon 

fcc.), engroeaed (by a feeling). «. 

<41m»^I yitW oshth, m. the lip, especially the 
upper, oshfh-rog, m. a morbid affection of the lips, t, 

^c^^jl ijhrt osktht, f. a creeper bearing a 

"red flower, to which the lip ia compared {hryonia gran- 
dis, or momordica monodelpha), t. 

>i}m«jI ^^ni aushadh (also auJthadh), f. me- 
dicine, drag, herb, mineral, cure, remedy, physic, an- 
tidote, t. 

^jJ»j\ vNfil. ^Nrfil, or IVhnft oshadhi, 

"aartnrffti, or aus^adhi (also auk^adhi)^ t an annual plant 
or deciduona herb, aushadhiyoj medicinal, an ingre- 
<Bent of a medicine , luateria medica. t. 

jM>^1 9^t ushar^ barren (land), a spot with 

i5»m^<j\ H^f^ avtuhishty lef>, remaining, s. 

(jfMtj^ mm wtJuin^ m. black pepper. 8. 
(jal^j^ vf^lHII^ n-vv^hwax, m. distrust, un- 

beKef suspicion, a-vishwasi, nu Or-viskwdsitt, a-visltwd- 
Jtal, t distrustful, unbelieving. «. 

(^/^Mijl IR:^ avasheshy m. residue, remnant, 

SBrplus. eHoUhesh, ra. a want of distinction ; acy. in- 
dacriminate. s, 

(^Lyly V|(|^i|% avashyah,'\ necessary^ indis- 
i^jt V^^ a-vashya, * peitsable, inevi* 

a-vashyahy] table, actoal ; 

eertafnly, neoeasarily, absolutely, poaitively, really. 
«M4y^<^ o*" dvasbyakta, necebsity. s. 

uiliOjl at/saf (pi. of L-i-D^), praises, com- 

nendaliona, endowments. CMfaf-i ^amidat noble pro- 
perttes^ pniaeworthy qunHficationa. a. 

«j\ auiiya (pi. of ^_^j), preceptors, guar- 
esecntors, administrators, a. 

ftUij^ awara' (pi. of x^j), breeding, behaviour, 

politeness, address, manners, &c. a. 
]j^y oghra, m. a kind of dish, flummery, a 
kind of Bick-man*8 gruel, vulgarly called ** conji ". p. 

oSjl avlat (pi. of d^j), times', circum- 
stances, etul^t'ha-sarlt f. pastime, amusement, employ- 
ment, au^at'ba-sar or 'basarijt,, to spend one's time, a, 

ul*A5ji uhlyaty f. an ounce of silver, or a 

silver coin of that weight, value between six and seven 
shilling^, a. 

<-i)j! ^9PfTa7va^,m. insurance or assurance.//. 

v.i)jl xi^qi o/f, m. a house, a dwelling; an 

asylum, a refuge ; sickness at the stomach, inclination 
to vomit ; a draught of water from the hollow of the 
hand. h„ 

v.iJj^ TK% ulf, f. error, slip, mistake, k, 

;jiojl xi^ciii^i nva-hash, m. leisure, opportu- 
nity, interval, space, s, 

Jojl fHalil^ auhaU T untimely, out of sea- 
^cloj\ ^n)ir((!^l aukdlij son ; a child born 

" before its tinio (properly ava-kdl, &c.). t, 

^Oj I ^n^lib7«T a,o/idn or doakdn, straw and 

grain heaped up. h, 

d-Ojt ukat (}{ame as tiktor t£^fa),speech,&c.i£. 
^^1 aukal, restless, uneasy. aukaUhehaly 

very restless, d. 
Uij^ ^iVTOTo/i7i5, or '9nir«n uknd, n# to vomit, fu 
^^\ '^3im«TT ultnd, n. to miss, to err, to tri]), 

to mistake, h. [cinarum). s. 

0^j^ '^f€f nhky f. sugar-cane (Saccharum offi- 

IJjl^jl ukharnd, a. (for Ujl^l uhharnd), to 
root up, &r. d. [canes, t. 

{Sj^^^ '^B^nft ukfidfiy f. a field of sugar- 
Jl^j\ uhlidly m. an emetic, ukhdl-julldb, 

cholera morbus, d. 
U}l^j\ ukhdlnd, a. (for ukhdhid), to vomit, d. 

«Jb jb^j I aukhadh, f. ( for au^/toc^A), medicine. «• 

.*.1^^\ MKM ukh-rajy the day on which the 

planting of the sugar-cane commences, generally at- 
tended with some festive ceremonies, h. 

J^i^t W^^^ dyokhal or dvakhaU land re- 
claimed from waste, h. 

ij^ijl v1lMc$1 okhli, f. a wooden mortar, s. 
t^*^^^ V^Rir^ avokeshif barren, s. 

mm ^ 

9ojl ^hrrf augdhy deep, unfathomable, s. 
8oj^ Vqnr^ avngdhy 1m. bathing, ab- 

#o^o>a1 Vct^ll^vi avagdhan,) lution. s. 
Cl^j\ ^RTff avagaty known, understood. 

avagati, f knowledge. *. [ 

j^^\ agar Am. a kind of pottage or gruel (cor- 
\^^\ ogrdf) ruption of o^rd, q. v.). d. 


( 78 ) 





>j\ W^n^ff avagun or ^ftira aw/^ww, m. 
blemish, vice, defect, demerit, worthlesBncM. *. 

UJjl ugnoLy n. (for vgna)y to grow, sprout 
«P»*«5. d, [position. «. 

^^•>jl «l*iyiu1 augum^ vicious, of a bad dis- 

4?j^ 1»N oghy m. multitude, aggregate, col- 
lection, s, 

<i^*4>jl ^H< augkat, steep, inaccessible. A. 

j4v ^^*9^^'*Tj awkward, unpleasant, in- 
discreet, d. 

»ji ^rnft ae/^i, f. a whip likr^a waggonor's, 

"in length about seven cubits, used in training horses ; 
an ornamental edging of superior country shoes (pe- 
culiar to Delhi). A. [regard. $. 

W^l vqKpi avagya, f. contempt, despite, dis- 

C^j\ VM^llil avaglty detested, reproached, 
wicked, vile ; m. reproach, blame. ». 

Jjl atvtral, first, best, principal ; (for aula) 
proper, fit; m. beginning; adv. at first a, 

Uy Wt^y olf m. name of a vegetable, of which 
the root is eaten {Arum campanulatitm, Roxb.) ; a host- 
age or personal security for a debt. k. 

jlj^ ^^ old, m. hail; the name of a sweet- 
meat, ola hojand, to become cold. f'oA. sir mundaya toU 
oh pare, I had no sooner got my head shaved, than a 
fihower of hail came on (spoken of one who has just 
engaged in an enterprise which turns out unfortu- 
nate), h. 

i) •* aula (for aula) better, preferable, anma' 
toBt in the first place, firstly, a. 

d'^^\ aulddy f. (pi. of tjjj), children, descen- 
dants, progeny, offbpring. a. 

Ui^jl a,olaniyay a tribe of ja/< so called, h. 

^^jl Wt^ift olt%t f. (v. or 
** house, h, 

Iju3j< ulatna \for ulatnd, 

. j-q.v. 



U^Sj^ uiathndj Bnd uktthvd 
{2f^^y W^TBTO autachhan, of evil oi 

fortunate ; m. a bad omen. s. 

li^jt vlachhnd (for vlachhnd), d. 

^j^L^j] Vi^cJ^HfUr avaldhshan, 1 of 

{2;(fiy W^?nT aulakhan, J ci< 
omen ; m. a bad omen. «. 

C5^^ Jj' ^rft^SWhft ol'hobt, f. the vegetable 

"commonly called knolcole. A. 

t-.Ai)jl W^I9V avalamh, m. asylum, protec- 
tion ; a4). depending, hanging down. 9, [gence. «. 

Uj^iJj^ ^rf^RW a-vilamb, m. quickness, dili- 

CiAfiJj^ vfVci^rUA a-rilambit, quick, expedi- 
tious. ava-Uunbitt alighting, descending; protected, 
cherished, s. 

UiijJj^ ulindnd, n. (for ulindnd)^ to be poured 
out, &c d. 


ulu, If. 

IT v/t«,a,J 


a kind of grass used in 
thatching (Sacckarum 


jJj\ «/«, prefixed to an Arabic noun denotes 

possessed of, endowed with. a. [seen. s. 

*^^j' W^gfrf^iT avalokity a Jam saint 5 adj. 
C:jfyj^ «INcjfl*^ avalokan, m. view, sight, 

inspection. «. 
^-yj ' VlcjtW^ avalokndy a. to see, to look. *. 

^J^^"^^^ avail, orWmf^ avail (vuljr- «f//i), 
•• f. a row ; a line ; a series, a lineage. d,oli, t mode of 
estimating the produce of land. s. 

Uji aula, better, best, most proper. «/<?, the 
first, &c. (fem. of avwaQ. a. 

^J^i tt/i, possessed of, endowed with, uli-l" 

"ajni^, winged animals. ulUrUm, poaseased of < tdenoe. 
uli-l-abtar, wise, prudent ulhrazm^ resolute, a. 

^^y uUlf f. a chisel, a carpenter's tool, d, 
^J^\ oti, m. (same as ol), personal security, 

"hostage, h, 
^jl dyole, m. twins, (also d,ole'jd,ole). d. 

^J^ I ^in^T^f^ dfOli, f. a mode of estimating crops, 

"the produce of one biswa is measured, thence the rest 
inferred, h. 

UJj^ auUyd (pi. of Jlj), friends, companions 

(particularly of the prophets^; the apostles, the saints, 
the holy. auHy&'i-alluht friends or God; in law it 
signifies the next of kin. or other person entitled to 
exact retaliation (v. wdK), a. 

C^^\ awwaUyaty f. priority, pre-eminence, 

excellence, superiority, a. 
^/uJj\ aulq-tar^ better, befet. a. p. 

^jjW Jjl auh chd,ole, a twin, twins, d, 

^jl arvwalln (pi.), the first, former, ancient. 

owwaTm uJiJijtnnt the ancients and the modems, m. 

(•J^ W^il ow, the mystic name of the Deity 

prefacing all the prayers and most of the writings of 
the HindQs: it is said to imply the Indian ^Riad 
or Trinity, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva. $. 

^y W^M avam, low, vile, inferior. «. 
(j»**j\ umas, m. (for umas), resolution, &c. d. 
bt\lc^\ timandnd, m. (for umandnd), to be 

proud, &c. d. 

^j^ "^rt umt, f. an ear of com (half ripe). /*. 

^^ 1 WH or ^9PT ttw, f. wool, gddar awi tin hah 

baifhi chare kapa*^ ** I bought the sheep for (furnish- 
ing) wool, and she is eating up the cotton" (spoken of 
any thing done by way of economy which turns out in 
the end very expensive). $, 

^^1 un (for ^) un), oblique pi. ofrvith, he,&c. d. 

^y IR 5na, less, defective, minus ; prefixed 

to a Sanskrit numeral it denotes "one less:" thut. 
una-trinstiat, one leps thirty, twenty-nine, so Sma- 
trinshatatn, the twenty-ninth ; hence the modem forma 
in HindQstinl, units, twenty- nine; tmchalis, thirty- 
nine, &C. s. 

^j ^ dyOn, m. faeculent matter, mucus. c2. 

;;^^i ^Vl^ dwan, m. coming, approach, ar- 
rival «. 



( 79 ) 



eu' tiu' 

aiMin-arvaR, f. tidings 
ofarriTaL «. [come. «. 

aYoafia (old form of ana), n. to 

una, m. a kind of sword, a scimitar^ a 

knife, Icfr, worn down by grinding, A. 

(^X>j\ vOimsd a^naxA, exception from loss, 

nfety. a-vtaosfti, safe, entire, firee from Ices, ever- 
laating. «. 

K:3j) irtflnn avan^tAa^lf. the name ofacitj, 
^ji w4llft avanil, j Uyain, anciently 

(^^jubjl undSf Dakhamfor tm<l«» twenty-nine. 
v£a>j) "is untf m. a camel; Dakh. ont (for 

km^\ the lip. &. 

jU> v£j^) "^UTTTT unt-katdra, m. name of 

a thistle of which eamela are fond {Btehinopt echina- 
hu, ilArfr.). A. 

UI>j1 aun/na, n. (same as autna), to boil, h, 
ij^y '^X^\ untnij f. a female camel, h, 
4^jl yNi ontky m. the lip (com. honth), s. 
i^j^^ "WrA 5n;art or t<n;ari, f. a jimall heap. 

of com aet apart (bj Muaalmins) in harrest-tiine in 
the name of aome aunt. A. 


eminence, exal- 
tation, tallness, 
steepness. $. 

^jl TW unchj 1 h»gli> tall, lofty, 
\i^'in unchdj J loud. um;A-mr/f,up8and 

downs, inequality ; viciMitndes in fortune. &c. vnch& 
M holma^ to tpeu with pride, uncha sunna, to be hard 
of hearing, fkaeka-kanh f. deafness, uuehe hoi ka 
sndA aicAo, the prond ones are degpraded. s. 

(jmI^jI unchax (for unchai), forty-nine. d. 

(^'^^1 "Jl^ra unchdfj f. 
yljij\ ^hro ww^Aan, m. 
yvjijl innti^Aa,0, m. 
iiLi^^^\ Jnif 4tf/icAaAa/,f. 
^J'^^^ i^\\ vncha^t, f. 

^ja)l^j) «iicAa& (for KftcAo/M), thirty- 

^Uijl Ji^MI icncAaiia, a. to raise, elevate, x. 
iX>jl ffinnJ or dwandj m. a pan, a vessel, p. 
^y trf%«?f a-vindUf without point or dot. s. 

>3i^l ^rffil ondhj m. the cord with which 

lalbtB or frames for thatching on are pulled into their 
|laoe, and futencd till the roof is finished, k, 

viSJji whft aundhd or iVtViT ondhd, upside 

down, overturned, anndhd-bals^t m. misfortune, ad* 
vcne fortune. ammdhUpeMftdiii, short-sighted, unfor- 
tmle. amdhd lefnd, n. to lie on one's face, h, 

W^iUjt l(piHI oundhd/id, a. to turn upside 
iomi, to reverse, to overturn, to spill, h. 

' y (for unsath), fifty-nine, d, ( 

Ujb jjj^ ^Ht^TT aundhndy n. to lower (as th« 

skj. A. 

Ijijl ^rffsT aunddy or ^TOT on^a, deep. A. 
Ubt!yjj) undelnd,H,(for undelnd)yto pour out.r/. 
^UkJj\ unmth 
^^ImJjI unsath 

y**>j^ unxaUf one less a hundred, ninety-nine. d» 
jDJjI ^((li onhdvj m. the mysterious syllable 

o»n. «. [son.) 

jjXyj I amlngilR, a mode of torture, (v. Wil- 
UCjjI ungndy n. (for unghnd\ to doze, d, 
„^SL>j1 "91^ M/s^A, f. nodding, sleepiness. A. 

(^^l^xJjI ^nvm unghds, If. drowsiness, nod- 
i/l^xJj^ ^inn^ unghd.t, J dinp, sleepiness, 

droojping (especially from opium). A. 

U^Jjl ^Nrt utighndf n. to nod from sleepi- 
ness, to dote, to droop. A. 

^c^-^j' ^fMi avngty f silence, dumbness. A. 
5l3ji ^rfltgn aurddj d,onId, or dtonlOy m. 

(same as am/a). the emblic myrobalan (phyllaniktu 
*embltca). aunld-^ar, m. a sort of brimstone. 

^j»-^jl aurddj liunldy a twin, twins, d. 

^^jl unan (same as ^^^t vnhon), those, 
them (also unrl and unaii), d, 

^jyjl ^n^^«ftawanflt«n, n. (Braj.) to come. A. 

e I 

J^y vnhattar (for unkattar), sixty-nine. J. 

^^jl ii;i//i//i, an interjection, denoting re- 
fusal or negation, d. 

{^X:(^3^ ^^' tt»//i;i (for wonhin)^ exactly in 

that manner, even so. A. 
^^1 "Wft or^Btft tint, woollen, made of wool. «. 

** a a 

^iy u-ne (same as ^kt^y us-ne), he, by 

"him, Sec d. [want of submission, s. 

ijl vfinni a-vtwy, m. pcrtnese, wantonness, 

ij^^tj^^ ^ififtrtt^ aune-paunet partially, 

"more or less ; on occasion. A, 
jl^jJjT vmf)^l< dwanehdr, 1 the future, 
\\^ iPj^ "WIMHilKI dwane-hdrdy J that which 

is about to come. «. 

vJ^*j3«I wf^tilii n-vinity misbehaving, acting 

improperly, a-vinttdf f. an unchaste woman, t. 

j^^Ijjl ^rf^WT^ a-vivadi, not disputatious. «• 

«JLbjj\ ^ft^ a-vivekf m. want of discrimi- 
nation, iudiscr^tton. mivektUa, f. indiscreetness, incon* 
siderateness. mivtki^ indiscreet, inconsiderate, s. 

>j' ( 

0^y Wf uhj m. reasoning, logic, s, 
«j I awa, m. a brick-kiln ; a forge, p. 
^fcjl ^ftift oho9 interj. heigho! alas! A. 
i^jl ^ w,i, interj. Oh ! oh fyel A. 
Ca>^^j1 ^r^nfl? a-vyapti^ f. the not diffusing 

itaelf : not pervading, s. [poeed. «. 

Ji^b^l vi«Miaii^ a-vyaJtul, calm, firm, com- 

^^PkatfjT aweM^an (r. awez), to hang by, to 
cling to, to be suspended, p. 

djJ^j] awekhtat suspended, pendulous, p, 
j>,y ^r%^ awer or aver (for a^her^f delay, 

lateness, &c. «. 

)j>.y ^nftn a-vira, f. a childless widow. «. 
J>^1 ci»?tf2f or awezan (in comp.) suspending, 

adhering, atvez-k., a. to hang, to suspend, p. 

8lf J I dweza, m. an ear-ring, drops or pendants 

worn in the ears as ornaments, p, 

JjJBj^jl arveza-bandf an ear-ring, p, 

d*X>jl ^En7^ a-ryahta, adj. indistincr, tin- 
apparent, invisible ; m. the Supreme Being, or Uni- 
versal Spirit ; the soul, nature, temperament *. 

l^Lh*»y.jl fm|{|fiqi a-vyavasthcLy irregular. s» 

Ca^Im)^^^ ^nO^Wif a-vyavasthitf not regu- 
lated, undisciplined, not put in order, t. 

ic^.^1 ^T'TO a-vyayay m. an indeclinable word, 

"a particle ; a name of Vishnu ; a^j. economical, parsi- 
monious. s» 

l\ ah, f. sigh ; inter), alas ! ah hhama, a. 

to sigh, ahijdn-kaht a heartrending sigh, ahi jigar* 
80Z, a heartburning sigh, dhi-iord, a cold or sorrow- 
ful sigh, ah-khainchnh f heaving a sigh, p, 

S^ uh, interj. Oh ! ah ! hah ! p, 

>> ^9f^ ahiy m. a serpent, a snake. s» 

^\ ^ ih (for yih), this, ih-hal, m. this life. 

ih'lok, the present world. Mi, this verjr. iht-thdn, 
here, in this very place, h, 

Jbl vrf^ ahi (Braj.), is, exists, h, 

1^1 ^ETT^ fiha, alas! woe's me! bravo! well 

done ! d, 

j^\ ^IfR vhar, m, a covering, a cover of a 

litter or palki for women, h 
j\j^\ W^rC ahdr, m. starch, glue, paste, k, 

jW wrgK ahdr (vulg. ahdr), m. aliment, 

food, victuals, s. 

3j\a\ q^KHf ahdrnd, a. to paste, to starch, h, 

Jljbl ahdii (pi. of Jjb\), inhabitants, common 

people, ahali mawdli, the people at large, rich and 
poor. a. 

80 ) 


^j^libl W^ ahdriy interj. do not, no, nay. h. 
dA>\jbl ihdnat^ f. contempt, disdain, enmity, 

affront, insult a. 

\i^^-^\^l H^l^l^l ahdhdhd, interj. used in 

praise; also expressive of surprise, pain, or plea- 
sure. «. 

(^Vj^ I ^n7T«T dhhdrif m. a call, imitation, sum- 
mons. $, [venom of a snake, u 

(jrv^Jbl vfi^i^vl ahi-phen, m. the saliva or 

C^i ^fffijff a-hit^ an un-friend, enemy ; en- 
mity, want of affection; adj. hostile, prejudicial. 
ahit-kdri, inimical, acting unkindly, ahit-maniy ini- 
mical, hating, s. 

I ^TCT dhut and ^n|fif dhuti, m. offering, 
oblations with fire to the deities ; a bumtofferlng. «. 

\dJSb\ ihtidd, being directed in the riglit way 

(spiritually), a. 

^^1^1 ihtimdm, f. diligence, solicitude, 

anxiety, care ; inspection, superintendence ; a sub- 
division of a province, a. 

.u^l^\ ihtimdm-ddr, m. a superint^ndant 

of the revenues, &c of an ththndm or district, a, |k 

^UjJbl ihtimdmi, m. a curator or manager, «. 

*JL^\ Wf^ dhat, f. sound, noise, clack, h, 
^\ ^?T ahar, name of a tribe of raj-put », h. 
jitl ^n?ra^ar, . la small pond* a salt-pit, 

^,5^1 Wf^^ dhari,} a drain, a trough for 

watering cattle, s. 

JbW^l >Hl^l.«||^i dhar-jdhar, f. coming 

. and going, h. tnl. «. 

iS^^\ ^Tff^ a-JuLTshit, unhappy, sorrow- 
^j^U^bl ahrimdrh m. the spirit or principle of 

evil (among the fire worshippers), p, 

lijb^ '9^<HI uharnd, n. to subside (a swelling 

or inundation, h. 

^jSi^l ^l^^5 ahar-nishi, day and night, s. 
^1 ^I^I ahy'Oy m. a reservoir for collecting 

rain-water to water the fields ; fuel made of oow- 
dung. «. 

{jj^\ ^BTf^ ahrt, f. a small pond (v. dhar), h. 
^JiL«J^l dhistay'i (or dhastaf/i), f. slowness, 

** delay ; gentleness, softness, p, 

«juJbl dhista (or dhasta), gently, slowly; 
softly, tenderly, dhista-raw, slow paced, p, 

^j*^l dhiiste (vulg. o^/e), gently, slowly, 

easily, p, 

<.diibT aAa^, m. quicklime, cement, plaster: 

it also denotes an abwabt or cesb* upon time, dhmh 
t4\fta, quicklime, p. 


( «1 ) 


J*' ahl, m. people, master; (in comp.) at- 
tached to, poneased of, &c., as ahl uiiah, people of God, 
derrises, fakirs, ahU ijtthad, qualified jurists, afdi 
t^rcu^ people of wisdom, ahli bait, Cemiily (i.e. wife 
and childoenX but generally means the family of the 
Prophet. tMi tnku^, powessed of rights, or of Just 
claims, ahli-dil, derrisea, liberal, brave, generous. 
QMU-iia»k, addicted to pleasure, a voluptuary, ahli 
mgir, skilful, knowing the world, ahli zaman, time- 
•errers.^ oA/i zostui, an inhabitant of the earth, ahli 
saM, piottB, devout, ahli numat, the followers of the 
traditional as well as the written law : the SunnI sect 
in opposition to that of the Shl'as. alili shar\ a leeis- 
Ittor, a lawyer, one who obeys and observes the lavr 
of the Prophet, akli faja, possessor of purity t a sUfi ; 
a voluptuary, ahli jAiiia j^, men of intelligence. ahU 
tffat, faithful, obedient to God. aJtli pibKa, one who 
does not observe the precepts of Mt^ammad. ahli 
Sarik, an observer of the laws of Muhammad, ahli 
farf, noble, ahii 'trjan, learned, ahli *a1cU ^nae. aJdi 
'i/r, scientific ahli fazl, virtuous, ahli kdr, a work- 
man, a clerk, ahli kitdb, a learned man ; a person of 
any leligioa revealed and contained in books (the 
Uusolmans allow that the Jews and Christians are 
aUi kitab, whereas the Hindiis are 'Considered as ido- 
latersjf. ahli karam, liberal, generous, ahli majlis, 
an assistant, a member of (genteel) sodetv, a courtier. 
ttkU-masar^, a proprietor, ahli-nufath, toe holder of 
a rent-free tenure, akli ma*rtfat, possessed of the 
knowledge of God. aldi mansab, a minister, a person 
in office, ahli nasrat, colleagues, ooac^utors. aJUi 
tafak, infidels, enemies. There is no limit to oom- 
poonds of this sort : two more I may here add — ahli 
wf, a military man ; ahli ^alamj a civilian, a. 

J^l ^fnp^ dlialf m. freshness of soil. li, 
^T m^^T dkld or iJilOf m. inundation^ de- 

Inge, 6ood, overflow. A. [festivity, s. 

•ilUT inKT?f dhlddj m, joy, gladness, mirth, 

O^SUT IBTJff^ dhlddit, joyful, glad, merry. 

L^J^^ ihldkj m. destroying, ruining, a. 

^T VTf^ oA^, inundation, flood, &c. h. 

^^^JJ^^tMihtdokyWAhis present world, s. 

\^\akltydy f. a wife, sftrd^ ahliyd, the wo- 
mcn^s a{iartments, hence '* seraglio." 

^t ^V^^in ahalt/a, wife of Gotam, and 
dangfater of Brahma : one of the Apsaras. h, 

Coll^l ahliyaty f. worth, worthine99, excel- 
lence; ponession. a. [tant business, a. 

\ ahammy important, ahammi kdr, impor- 

\ W^ ahamy pron. I. aham-matif spiritual 
conceit, self-love 



JU^I tAmo/, m. 1^ negligence, indolence, in- 
J^\ ihmdli, f.J attention, delay, care- 


l^iW^akaUy don*t, not, no, nay, //. 

akan, m. iron. cJion-j-uhdy m. a load- 

e. Shtmrgar, an ironsmith or blacksmith, ahan- 
fvidietrade ofanironsmith. p. 

\mi^\'^ifpgi a-himdy f. harmlessnese.^ s, 

ijlmM nf^H^ a-kinsak, liarmless, inno- 
caoos. i. 

^£i^\ Ml^[W dhnihj m. the constant or daily 
•noMBictof religion, daily work ; adj. daily, diurnal. 
Aaiki, m. of or belonging to a day. «. 

I J6^\ iff^^fT^ aAanAar, m. egotism, arrogance, 

haughtiness, pride, s. 

1,1^0^1 V^]{lO ahanhdriy\ haughty, arro- 

CJjxijbl v^4*ff ahankrit, J gant, proud, 
an egotist, s, 

wlXiibI dhang, m. design, purpose; sound, 

melody ; one of the Persian tunes or modulations in 
music p. 

^i^I dhant, "1 made of iron, dhanln-panjay 
^^jo^l dhantUf) iron-handed or iron-fisted, 

strong, powerful p. 

yb| dkUf m. a deer; a vice, defect, fault, a/tw- 

bara, m. a fawn, ahu-chashm, having eyes like those 
of a deer, dhu-gir, a deer catcher, ahu-glri^ the act 
of catching deer, p, 

ybl «^ aho, interj. O! holla! sign of the 

vocative, wonderful! A. 
j3Kybl W^tu^ aho-rdtra, and night. «. 

^^^T ^(TfJli dhwdn, m. summons, respectful 

invitation. «. 

^^\ ^ ahe, interj. O ! sign of the vocative, s. 
(J^ ' ^^ '^" (fory?Ai),this yerj. uht (fonvuhi), 

"that very. A. [tive. # 

viljJJb^ ^r^inv a-hetvky careless, without mo- 

l-AJkSI ^Jl^hn ahltd or ahita, a person nppointed 

to watch the grain when ripe, and see that the dues 
are paid ere it be removed. A. 

j^\ Wf^ ahlr, m. a particular caste in India, 

whose business is to attend on cows ; a cowherd. For 
a full account of this tribe v. Wilson's Glossary. «. 

j^^ ^f^ oher, f. prey, game, hunting, aherut 
f. a plant {Asparagus racemosus) A. 

^ojvi^I V^1<W aJuran, ^ f . a woman of the 
j^jUbl ^fliiul ahtrnl, } caste of ahtrs ; a 
i/rvJbl ^1^^ ahiri, J cowherd's wife. h. 

ijj^^ ^R^^ akei'i, ^ m. a sportsman, a 
^^1 ^ff^ftin ahcriydj hunter, a fowler, h, 

^j\ ni, interj. O ! the vocative particle, p. 

^j\ ^ e, interj. O! a respectful particle of 

address. «. 
uf I ^WT^ a.i, f cominff, arrival, s. 
t^T wni di/u, f. age. hm-dye mama is a phrase 

apparently connected with dyu : it signifies, " to die 
before one's allotted time," or " in spite of fate." «. 

b 1 dydy an interrogative particle, whether or 

not ? inter), ho ! hark you 1 p. 

V>J WUf^ dyd, f. female attendant on children, h. 
ObT dydt (pi. of dot), signs, marks ; 

sentences of the ^r,dn, a. 

j\j\ aiydz, name of a favourite slave in the 

household of Ma^mud of Ghaznl, t. 




0**^.I ^Snn^ 5y5«, m. fatigue, weariness. $. 
^\ ayaghy m. a cup, a drinking vessel, p. 

Jbi ayal (forya/), f. a horse's mane, the 
lock l>etween a hone's ears. p. h 

IaJU] iydlaty f. dominion, government, a. 

l»^' aiyam (pi. of w), days, times 5 season, 

weather, a. 

^bi aiyamty durable, for a length of time. a. 

^y W^TffT a-yandf ignorant ; m. a fool. a. 

U>l ffta, making a sign with the finger for any 

one to approadi {tmd denotes a similar sign to signify 
departure.) a. 

'' ' I .,-,.,- edi y, all at once. a. 
jAAP^l atbu'^tbuj 

CIa^J V<^ ''yu^, ten thousand, a myriad, s. 
OjJ ^mnr ayat^ long, large, wide ; m. the 

sunshine, sunbeam. «. 
0J*J ^VnVW ayatta^ dcicile, tractable, ayat- 

tats, f. docility, tractableness. t. 

C^yi ayatj f. a sign, mark; a sentence of the 

^mr,an, contained between (signs) semicolons, or stops 
nearly equivalent thereto, ayat-i muila^, a stop (m 
gram.), only used in the l^ur/m, nearly equal to a 
comma, a. 

l^J ^VT eta or flTT ttdy so much, this much 

(Dakh. now, at present), a. 

^}\^ itdl (for tVa/), now, at present d. 
\5j^.' CTT^IIT etd,otd, on this account, for 

tills reason. «. [only tills, s, 

jf>l»ijll>l l!iim«4IH etdrvaH'tiiatra^ thus much, 

«^j^^ ^inj^ etad-arth, therefore, on that 
account, s, [acting afibctedly. A. 

jlOi ^11^ liar (v. itrdna)f affectation; adj. 

v^il > 3 ^finv f^f'A, this much or many, h, 

uJ^L^I i/t/q/', m. familiarity, friendship, so- 
ciety, connection, company, correspondence, a. 

Ji}} etam, m. a large lever for raising water, 
commonly called a patotttu d, 

U^^l WVf^ etna or ttnd, so much. h. 

j'y^.l 'HRK etfodr (v. itwdr), m. Sunday. #. 

^c^iyj\ etfcdrlf m. a man confined fur debt, 

who avails himself of the Christian sabbath for ap- 
pearing abroad, s, 

^^^^y^, I d,eti-pd,et%, low down, d, 
cLoi It, f. (same as tnt), a brick. «. 
lja>\ aitnd, n. to be pulled, dragged, d. 
,^\ ^i£A,reverenced,desired,&c.(v.uAto). «• 

Jj) Iti, f. a spear or lance ; the cat in boy's 

"play. ifi-dan4u, the ball and crooked stick In the 
game of chaug&n. d. 

82 ) J\ 

JiA fuir, presenting, offering* a. 
<— ^^S' V^9 «>• rendering necessary ; (in 


(3^) tjdd, m. invention ; invented, ydd-k., a. 
to iuTent. a. 

J^< V^^9 abridging, curtailing, epitomising 

(a book, &C.). a. 

^»^\ W^ dyudhf m. a weapon in genereU «. 
0^«V.' tfV Idruh, thus, such, like this, jk 
^*3Jt\ ^Ht idhar (v. idkar), here, hither. «: 
l(X>f Ira, f. pain, trouble, vexation, distress, 

affliction, hfa-dlk or qto-rMon, one who gives aimoy- 
ance, &c ; a regular bore. a. 

^^j^ erdb, m. the keel of a ship or boat. d. 
jt^jV 'TO^ erdpfieTf m. ^exchange, inter- 

ing attendance. A. 

(^jit^j^ ^'OflA erdpheru fJ change; danc- 

m. \i 

^\j>\ trdd^ f. citing, adducing, bringing (a 
charge), irad'k, to impute blame, a. 

j^yj i/*5», Persia, trdn wa turdn, Persia and 

Tartary, or Persia and Transoxiana. a. 

ci];?.' Zrani, of or relating to Persia ; a Pei^ 
sian; a man of the ShI'a sect p. 

C*>j|^J ^TT^ airdvaty the name of Indra's 

chief elephant, a. 

(3j]^*' $H^lft airavati, f. the Rati river in 

** the Panjftb. «. 

u T & - T- I f- »g^» lifetime. #. 

*^.» ^fT^^T ayurda, J 

^^.^ ^^ tfffhd, *) f. emulation, envy, spite. 

ImJ^^J ^^ f/'«Aa, J trghdlu, envious* «. 

vU^.^ ^^<9 erandy m. or erandt* f. the castor- 
oil plant (Po/ma C%rttfl or BicUms ommmoms). «. 

^^1 ^rft C7t, interj. 01 a vocative particle 

for females, h, 

(^jfS^^i^j^} ert'pkefi,, barter,&c. A. 

jA CT er or erf, f. striking with the heel, 

spurring, a sort of spur, &c. for urging on a horse. 
ejrmdma, to spur. A. 

oj^\ vnx erkd, a large he-goat trained for 

fighting; a kind of fireworks. A. 

J^j>} FVnil ergaj, m. a medicinal plant used 
for the cure of ring-worms, r. 

(JJ^} ^^ ^fh ^- ^^'6 fa®<*^« ^r» rf«^Ao (look 

at your heel) look at home, a phrase used to obviate 
the efl^ of an evil eye. h. 

^j>\ uul, God. izidtf divine, any thing be- 
stowed for the love of God, p. 


( 83 ) 


{j^ f^ Jv, "I God, a lord, master, su- 

^jSj^t ^ Isfk^j preme ; a name of Shiva, s. 
(j«3) ^imnr dyasu, m. command, order. A. 
(jm3| vnre ayttf, f. age, lifetime, s. 
L^f ^?ir a£«a, like this, af\er this manner, 

■OBedmet Joined to other words, at mard-maa, like a 
nan; ai$d Iosm or mad waisa, eo to, indifferent, in- 
diftrentlj. k, 

^L^ji^t ^^ini tsan or tshdn, a name of Shiva. 

in»-A«i, the norCh-eaaL k. 

Iju->^ ^fVVT isiid, f. lordship, sapremacy. #• 
^3\jLpt tstadaijitf f. erection, stability. |?. 

^^ILmjI u/ac2aii (r. ist), to stand, to he erect ; 

to staj. ^ [raise up. p, 

tCt\lm»A xsidday erected, set up. uidda^lt^y to 

Jm^) iaa/, m. a winged white ant* d, 

y»<M WVm ayasUf m. order> command. A. 

{^y^ ^ihf uttoii, this year. A. 

ijM>^ ^ aise^ \ adv. thus ; m. this man- 

l^^t^ ^di aisenfj ner. h, 

II3I ^!^ isAa, f. the beam or pole of a plough, s^ 

^Ll>f eshdn (pL of 0); they, those, p. 

^Ll>\ "I^^IH uAat, m. a name of Shiva; 

I%ht» apleodoar. Uham hm, m. north-east, s, 

\lr-A i^n uhatt adv. a little, somewhat. $. 

UL1j>\ ffifin uhitdy f. 1 supremacy, one 

ijlljt ff^fV ishitwa, mj of the eight at- 
tributes of God. «. 

jr^^l^^lMi'^r, m. raler,lord ; God ; a name 

of Awe, of JTant-dcv, of Zktrga, Lnksfsmt, Sarasweitit or 
an^ other of the Saktis or female energies of the 
deitiea. ukwar-adhtn, subject to God ishtoaradhtnata, 
sabyection to God. ishttKW-drddhnd, f. worship of 
€od. idtwar-bhao, m. the divine nature, s. 

QjyiJ} ^^fnrr hhwaratd, f. divine natare^ 

fivinitj*. the godhead. 5. 

9>l^yLAz^^Aaishivanfa^m. grandeur, pomp, 

stale, supremacy, swaj ; the divine faculties of omni- 
fnsenee, omnipotence, invisibility, &c. «. 

Wa>1 aizan, even, also \ again ; the same ; 
Bkeirise, moreover. & 

Uj3 i^ ro. performing a promise, paying, 
aliiijiii|r. i/S-A., to make good, a, 

%iiA eky one ; frequently used like the article 

« ar aa, with ns, as eA mord, a man, Ac. ; it is also 

Id lorming compound adjectives in imitation of 

ek-du or ek-ehit, of one mind, deter- 

ifaoJnte- ek-zabdn, of one speech, or of the 
nAid or sentiments, ek-se din na rahwe, is ap- 
lo a change of condition, most commonly from 
t» eftU bat aometimes the reverse, ek ki das 
to nglj ten (words) for one (spoken of one who 
It maoBf «Dra% especially in giving abuse), ek 

mnfht (Dakh.) agreeing, unanimous, ek is freaueutl^ 
united with the following word in writing, as ekdin or 
ekrozt one day. ekdam, in one instant ek dd^ or ek^ 
ddh, one half, some few. ek bar, once upon a time. 
ek'bdrgi, ekd ek^ or ekd ekh all at once, suddenly, ek 
daxt ot ek jro/am or ek-laJsJ^t altogether, entirely, ut- 
terly, ek na ek, either, one or other, ek digar, one 
another, s, 

(^^DjI F^iT^ ekddashy eleven. #. 
^^>a>l V^K^n ehddashif f. the eleventh day 

'* of the lunar fortnight, e, 

^_5^*^^J ^^nftnfif ehddhipatiy m. sole and 

"absolute monarch. aUcddhipatya, m. absolute sove- 
reignty. *. 

joli^j <«iii«iU. ehahdr, alike, uniform, s, 
{^^^} CTT^ ehdhkf pne-eyed, blind of one 

eye ; m. a crow. «. 

^OJ),^ ^^TrA ehd',i, solitary, alone. #. 

jSoJi ^^Vni ehagrOj intent, 6xed on one ob- 
ject, undisturbed. ekagreUdf f. dose attention, t. 

CIa^djI vmx^ ehdnt, aside, apart, alone, so- 
litary, uninhabited. ' s, 

y 0J>^ ekdnaw or ekdnaume (for ikdnafve)^ 

ninety-one. d, 

^^^OJI ehdwan (for ikdwan), fifry-onc. d, 

Uii^Qo\ ^wrffV aihdhikf quotidian, s. 

(^ojl ^ni!T^ ekdit f. unanimity, unity; so- 
litude, loneliness, s, 

^^. ^^} WWJ^M^ ekd-ehi, all at once. s. 

^^^^Uiol WWl^ ek'hdchhtj distribution of 
any tax or cess levied upon all lands at an equal rate. h. 

Ll^i^^jiol ^^KH^Ii eh'hhahty worshipping one 

deity, ek-bhakti, of one faith, believing in one deity. «. 

ij^^ 4!*fcMi>ti ek'patnif f. a faithful wife, 
" one devoted to her husband, t, 

(jM5a^\ ^^iniflf ekpaksha, m. an associate, a 

firm ally. «. 

CjioJ vrrnii a-yukt or a-yukta, unfit, im- 
proper ; m« violence, oppression, t, 

^A>l ^nsn ehtd, f. unity, union, equality. «. 

JU55J ^^iVffT3 ek'tdl, m. harmony, unison, 
adjustment of song, dance and musia s, 

jj-jJUSol ektdfis (for iktdlis\ forty-one. d. 

^llx>l mfn«T eh'tdjiy closely attentive, in- 
tent on one object ;. m. musical unison, t. 

jXijl JHK^ekatr or ekatra, together, in one 

place, s. 
]a5ot FVHT ekatrd, 1 m. a sum total ; in- 

sJiio\ ^psn ekatra, J te rest of one percent 
per month ; adv. together, in one place, s, 

j^)y^} VMKTn^ ehatrd-JTodrt m. a tertian 
ague or fever, s. 

^ a2 

1^.1 vmm el.utha (-r ehiha, \ together, 
\^ii}vm^.V^ektkaorehattka,} collected j 

ni. a «uiaU boiii, rowed bj one oar. ekiha-k., «. to 
galher. lo colluct. a. 

i^jii} V^Z% ek-tak, m. a fixed look, tlare. s. 
(^^■^ rwfT* ek'chitt, intent on, absorbed 

in'ooe thing; of one mind, ftgreeiog. t. 
1^.1 W^ ekada, once, once upon a time. ». 
^J«,^3 ^T' «''-'''■"''' oue-eyed. i. 

pathiiiQg. sliaring jo}"'aiid sorrow. I. 

^lij.l g ^ur^ l ek-rw=hi, f. a heap,a crowd. *. 
/ .1, Cil vq;^ ek-rvp, like, similar, s. 

V^l ^flWT cft.'S, 1 

.^.^\ VWmi.ehsai; ^ similar, identical. A. 

J^^\ VWVm ehstut,} 

^,i.Sol ?*^IdI eh^haran, one only refuge, 

aiiplied to a deity, i. 

j}^\ VW^rcrt ek-sharir, of one body or 
biooi. i. [•'*■ 

_lSSl i;^ll iAi'ian, m. sight, seeing ; the 
^^•iJ^\ eh-farcR, \ land prodncing only one 
Lai£i\ ek-faiR, } crop annually, p. 

'^-^ «"''«H alone, solitary. .. 

JiJl ?l|ig[ ekal J 

J\i5o\ TlTWrgS ek-kal, pi. one or the enme 

time. e*-talin. coejal, limultflDeoui, contemporary, i. 

^^»-lJcilj.l T^milt eh-gachh't, f. a canoe 

■'hollowed out of one (ingle trunk of a tree. ». 

^^wl/Ciijl C«4IIHlia eh-<j>amxn, of the some 

town or Tlilage. .. [preceptor. .. 

A^^\ Wn^ ek-guni, a pupil of the same 
Sy Jo3 TTtm eftof'o, a sum total. A. 

Jol 9W^ eh vnrna, of one caste, of one 

TOloor; m. BD nnknowB quanUly (in algebra), t. 

jjjiil TW^^f-eiforni, beating time by 

- dapping the hand., an instrument whidi beat. time. 

eA'iB'VisAa, the twenty-first. i>. 

J.^)\ ek/iallar (for ikhattar), seventy-one 
li^l eh/iatta (for ekatha), collected, in i 

plaHe. &c d. 

\j^\ TWfTI ekahra, single, solitary, alone 
^*»\^.l eAeoii (for ihaii), eighty-ODe. d. 
Ij-jlSj.1 cAm (for t'AU),- twenty-one, rf. 
i^iSj ?#W eAatA, singly, one by one. 
:J^1 ekela (for aAeia or ikeJa), alone, 8 

wry. d. 

^Xi\ $V aikya, m. oneness, sameness; 

jj^l $^ rt7V?an,ni. unskilfiilneas, ettipidit 
Jj\ (3(ya/, uyya' and ayyil, a deer, h 

wild goat of the mouDtabi. a. 

Ai\ el, f- a gold or silver bracelet won 

males only. d. 

%\ V^ eld, f. small cardamums, the sed 

Elecieria cardamomim or Alpiaia cordoMoniuta. i 

^1 i/o (lit.) swearing ; in law, a vo' 

abitain from hiving carnal knowledge of a wif 
four montin. the KlMment of which i« equivale 

/^\ ailar otJ%} aiiar, on this side. d. 
^J^-\ elchi, m. an ambassador, agent, 

-. ' — y_ envoy, efeji-jwno, m. or elchigari, f. 
ignity of ambaiaador, ambassadorahip, tg 


act the amlnuador, &c ; ' 

4<J.\ IW ikh, f. sugar cane (same as SAA). 

of the Araiihi Ma^l, thi 
noonced ikh in the provinCB of DihlL and 
if Oude, Lakhoau, &c. I. 

iii\ ai-ki, b1.i« that, pity that. p. 
J^3 Iwrm Vih-raj, tho day o 

planting of the sugar cane commi 
uttfddtS with fMtire ceremonies *. 

hich the 
:nce<, generally 

jUjJ iijziST' or e^r (for ilj^ q.T.) 

forced march of an army through a countcy, t. 

JjlriaiM or Uam, m. an auction or public 

' (((DB-^Ino, to aeil by anctfoQ. i. 

\^\ y^fp elmd, m. aloes. A. 

UjI Vyd, Elias or Eli ; Jerusalem, a. 

jj^\ Jjl en-eiailah (for la iiaka iiia^l 

there'ib l>ut one God. d. 

j\jAi\ aihwir or atUrvar, on this side. • 
\^\\ma, m. sign, nod, wink (indicatinf 

parture); emblem, jyroptom. a. 

A^\\mdn, m. faith, behef, oonBcience, 

' guTu. imin-laf. faithful, true. imSn-dar'i, f. fl 
tmth. imon-Wita. to believe. iiiiaii-l.,tobe on o 

^\^\ xn^ni, faithful, of the (Musal 

- fidih. a. 

Lj\ ?;Jigft aimU, name of a tribe or cai 
j^l WI eman, m. a musical mode. » 
,.^\ aiman, more or most happy, fortuni 

^^aimani or emtni,f.Becurity, protecti 

^^ ( 


»^ aima (for a,imma, pi. of ^Ul, Imams, 

aunts), m. land given m a reward or ^favour by the 
lung, at a very low rent, a fief (when no rent is paid, 
iLf I ^ la-kharaj) ; a grant of Und. &c., to the 
people who attend at the tomb of a saint, aimadar, 
one Who holds aima land, a feoffee, aima mauza\ a 
Tillage given as a charitable endowment to learned or 
religiooa persona, a. 

e^i' In (Pers.), this, these, ain (Arab.), 
where f m (Bakh.), shewing, or exhibiting the teeth. 

*^AAi^ f^ tn% f. a brick. tnUgariy brickwork. 
tnf^waid, a biickmaker *. x 

^1 WT ainfd, ra. a snail, h, 

^tmj vitayciy m. a kind of dove. A. 
^*«^iO int'hariy f. brickwork, h. 
l^;^ aintarij m. the strings or bands of a 

spinning wheel, d, 

^J^' "fesfT aintna, n. to twist, to writhe, to 

be racked with spasms ; to walk or njove stiffly, h,' 

A amftn, f. pride, peevishness, d. 

yhS aintu^ proud, peevish; stately, aintu- 
fma, Btatelineas. d, 

4ili» W aintk, f. a coil, twist, convolution, 
t^htening; strut, fii^ (Dakh.) fop mA q. v. 

Ul4Si>\ ainthanBj a. to twist, &c. (in a tran- 

•itive sense), h. 

li^Ai^JTOinfltTif/fwa.a.toticrhten; n. to writhe, 
to cramp, to twiat; to stmt, to stalk, to walk aflectedly.A. 

.' r^ ainch (also inch and ainchu), m. re- 
8WVC. aecttiity, attraction. ai«cA-A:/«aincA,quarrelling.*. 

W^l V^ni ainchna (or tnchna), a. to draw, 

to attract, to polL A. 

iiMU-jAi>3 ^Tjnvrf^ aindra-jalik, ni. a jug- 
gler, amagidaD ; a^j. of or relating to magic, illusory^ 

J[^«^' f^ inrfwr, m. (also indur)^ a rat ; a 

»ji>l ayanday in fulure, futurity, jt?. 
IJJj^l^jjjit ayanda-ravanda (pi. ayanda-ra- 

wmd^fOM), one who is passing to and fro. /», 
t>*«3i>i fhR indkan, ra. firewood. «. [about, A. 
I>«iii1 ^HC^I aindndy n. to strut, to stalk 
'j^*^^ 't*^'*l indhu,d, m. a roll or round fold 

on which a burden is carried on the head ; a pad on 
the top of the head for supporting a water-jar. h, 

iili>< waky lo! behold! there for you. p, 

J^ ^3^ in<7ar, m. red lead, minium, p. 

jb! mu or tno, this, these, d, 

ji^ ^^ era, even so, verily, indeed, s, 

j^ mn dyuy also dyuy f. age, lifetime. «. 

y^» CTU:: aifvdra, m. a cow-shed (in a 
jviflle). k. 

Ujij>\ otfpan, m. a hall, a gallery, a portico; 

applied generally to a royal palace, p, 
V^3>1 wAuiT ayodliyd, f. the name of the 

md dty of which Bima was sovereign ; the 
fcingdom of Oude. s 

So ) 



.' alas ! woe is 

j/ijt^l ai.wa,i, j interj. alaa .' 
*ljt/' ai'T^dhy J me I p. 
^^}jiiyiby m. the patriarch Job. a. 
Jt!;^J ^ij^c? a^r5a/,|f. age, lifetime, du- 
*^WT Wm|T aywrrfa, J ration of life. *. 
J>>1 ^f^ cwar, m. a flock of goats, h. 
*J^y.^ "MHi'H a-yogyay unfit, improper, s, 

^3^} Wiftnnn a-yogyatdy f. want of fitness^ 
l«^^ ^^ evaw, thus, so, even so. s. 

*^j ^T^ dyay m. receipt, gain, profit, h. 
*?.I aj^a (v. dyai)y a verse of the hurfifu a. 
4^.1 ^ iA (for ylh)y this, he, she, it. h. 
J^^ ^ t^^an (for yahan), here, in this 

place. A. [sent world ; worldly, mundane. #. 

^-ii^il ^ffV aikik, of this place; of this pre- 
^.1 ^iJlm 5yi<a, prepared, ready. *. 
^i^jJI a,in, m. regulation, lav, rules (common 

law ; the laws delivered by Muhammad are called thar' 
those established by princes djn); institute, custom* 
|f»°?«^- JP;^ ^. [ferior. rf! 

<J^ij^ cj^ ' a,t«rt-j»a,i«/i, low, under, in- 
C^'*^C:H^1 a,tn-ddn, m. one skilled in the law; 

but it generally signifies a man who practises on the 
simplicity of people by his knowledge of hiw. hence, 
a pettifogger, a rogue, p. 

*AX> I a,tnaj m. a mirix)r, looking-^lass ; tha- 

kneepan. djna,e Uhandari, a celebrated mirror said to 
have been made by Aristotle, and placed on the sum- 
mit of a tower built by Alexander the Great at his 
newly-built city of Alexandria, p. 

jU&ix>| dfin^'ddry m. the mirror-holder, an 
officer at eastern courts ; met. a mendicant ajjiadari, 
f. the office of holding the mirror, p, 

^^b^dJO I dylna-ddn, m. the case ofa mirror, p. 
jlM>eu^ I dylna-sdzy m. a mirror-maker. a,tna- 

ffa«i, the trade of mirror-making, p, 

JJ!/*^I d'tna-farozy or d^xna-afroZy or d^na- 

zida^Ct m. an instrument for polishing mirrors, p. 
J^^dx>| d^ina-mahally m. an apartment of 

which the walls are covered with mirrors (in eastern 
palaces), p. a. 

^ hey the second letter of the Arabic alpha- 

bft. It is sounded like our &, and in numeration by 
abjad it counts two. It is often prefixed to Persian 
and Arabic words with the sense of by, to, for, &c. In 
Arabic phrases it is alwavs united to the noun it go- 
verns, and sounded hi. In Persian it is sounded 7>a, 
and may be united to its noun, or it may be writtt?n 
separately with the weak or imperceptible A. a. p. 

-^ W hoy is the corrps ponding Devanagari 
letter, and in words from the Sanskrit it is frequentlv 
substituted for », as bardJta for vardha. It stands for 
haruna, the god of water: it may also denote the son, 
the ocean, or water in general. A. s. 

J 'W^ ba (for ^ va), eonj. oi", either, r. 

^ ^, wiih, by, possessed of (in opposition to 

. . . lively. io-iUIai, 
aceorduice with good inanneTi. ba-in-H. notwilh- 
■UndingthBt. ia-iman, faithful, rctii^oiu. ba-ladbir, 
prudeol. vith dellberalion. ba-Hmn. diacrtet, Jndi- 
cioui. bd-js/^bcr, intdligenl, bd-^ayd, modest, bi- 
(Au'itr. wise, intetllnnt. ba-iSida. according to rule. 
6a nurStmf, humane. 6d oaiA, tuleful. deliciouL 
ba waif or bd imtjuil, ootwitbatuiding. bd tcax't re- 
ipectfullj. bd uiq/a, rincere, faithTuL p. 

i_jb bab, m. a chapter, section, or anj^ divi- 

■ion of a book : a door; nibject. head, afblr, budnm, 
point, natter, reaaon, msnoer, mode, apeciei. method, 
•ort; bdbn-t-laubal, the door of repentance. In reve- 
nue language a head of aoconnta, a tax, a ceu (vide 
the pi. nbwSb). bab-iear and bab-y^. cliulfled. Itemi 
entered (aa lielda. Sic) under their proper headi. 
bd/t-v/Sri, r claBsiAcBdon. a. 

ob ^ 

1 baba, m. father, si 

n Bengnl it i: 

OJb bahat, f account, head, article, ilfm 

Inulneu, affair, matter) on account of. Thii tern 
with ita compound!, ia much employed in revenue ac 
counts; aa. ^Aol.uur, according to entr7. babat-vdrl 

-atemeaC of accounli. baliat-y^ft. th 
ema of any charge, bdball, any ceaa Q 
enue : the Fenian pi. babalda ii also 
' ■■■undriea," miscellaneoua itemi 

ji\> TTWT tofcnr, ni. n kind of BWeetmeat; a 

•pedes of graag (r. beb). k. 

jj*.jjb W^^ babtoKht (for bamarckt), m. 

a cook. tabarcAi-^ni. a cook's ahop or kitcben, 
vulgarly called bobberchy-canmtr by the Don-reading 
Europeace. male and female, p. 

jyUjjb mvfVui babariyaa, a Iiead of hair, 

lODg and uncut, d. 

Jjb hnbul, Babd or t]ie city of Babylon, a. 
^\) ^TW^ habnt, f. a snake's bole. A. 
y^ WT^&o^, m. a child ; a prince ; maeter, 

■ title among HindOa eqalTaletit to our Mr. or 
Squire, and it la bo* at common aa the Utter tenni 
are amoi^ ua. A. [Ion, Babel. 0. 

Jyb batMl (same as hahul), tbe city of Baby- 
yjjb WTTt' babon, for tlie sake of. d. 
t-Jf-i\-» babuna, to, caraoinile; wild ivy 

{Richardi), p. 

', hop, m. father. bap-k.,ti. to consider 

fct*-? » 


I of aurpriae. grief, 
U— *i^ ^ifiwn baptUma, in. baplium (this 
wurd hsi been receotiy introduced into the Indian 
dialecia by the Chriatian Hiaaiooarie*. g. 

. jb WT^ baprau,'] 

-'>' ■ nielplc8s,poor,desiitute.A. 

>)jb WPrel bapra,} 

^b Will biiph, {. steam, vapour, j. 

,jb Tfft hiipi. f. a large oblong pond or 

^^md. commonly called a tank. t. 

Ob <rnr bnl, f. speech, Ian<ruage, word ; ao- 

count, nibject, queatton, catue. bat bdnJkni, a. to •■>. 
phialicBte, to prevaricate. 6df iorftaiin, a. toprolongk 
-^.^,_^- j.^. i.;.=_= ^ .- T plot, to apolL bit 

' bigapia, a. to 
miiiana. a. HI make up a elor 

poae. bdt ftbernd. a. to equl^ 
Jeer, to mock, to apeak .1 


effect one** piu- 

idf fhenkn&, a. to 


chat, bdt-dbari 

off, to erade. bit ^/ai, a. to th 

toaaklnvain. &al ratAfl(i, 

ray me'a worda, 

ly, Mlroftita, n. -„... 

lied or accompliibed (declarationa), to ancceed. tc 

(,,g ^^^^g^ ,„ ^umenta, to be ac 

perfect, bdt kd oalakkar-k., to mol 
luch on little, bdt kdtna.^to inter 

tiply woma, lajK mucn on uiue. i 

[opt. 1«< jca JSR. Id ihorl. bat tin 
bat iurn-niikia-k., to 

S). bdlkopina. a. to have patle 
otalk.toapeak. bdtkibdt.i 
Ida not expected to be obeyed, bdt iS 

I worda) have effbct ot 
make impreaiion. bil gbsl-k., to determine, lettle. 
bat lagdnd. to calumniate, bdt mdmA. to turn of, to 
evade, to divert (a diaconrae. Ice), bdt maa meA band. 
a. to recollect, remember, lidt neii kachh-k., t 

purpoae, to (apeak ac 

loae n 


a. in a 
time in doing any thing, bdimnkgire 
opponent) in argument, bdteinatdna, a.(o aouae, » 
apeak huahly. M(eiiituma.a.toreceiveBbaae orhuah 
reproof, a- f^ttam. J 

C^b wnr bal, m. pain in tbe joints, rheamB' 
^l»-^ybb bataAMatii, talkative, d. 
jVftSb ba-itlijak or bi-itlifak, with one oon- 

aent, harmonlonal j. a. [Etawah. k, 

(^b WlflR batin, name of a tract of land in 

'>yb m^ilt baiint, '1 conversable, enter- 

\^j3b miirH<ll baluitii/a,} tain ing, talkative, 

i^tty; Btalkadve,eaterlaiiung,conTenahlepenoa.]L 

^^b W^ ball, f, a candle, a wick ; a tent or 

"bougie put into a wound to keep it open. t. 

t^\j WT7 bat, f. a road, highway, bat aari, 

a traTeller. a wayfarer ; m. a weight, or maaanra of 
weighCwhetherofatoneormetaL ia{-cUap, the alamp 
OD weighta and meaaurea to guarantee their being ga 
nuine. bSt-chbSpi, fee for atamj^ng welghta, &c a. 

ub i|TZT bata, m. a share, portion, ti. 

^V wrfm batiha, m. a villa, t. 

UjV WIT^ battia (also bathiui), a. to ahare, 

to portion out ordi'ride; to spin, la twIaL d. 

^'b YT^ bail, f. B habitation, dwelling-bouM, 

" home ; a garden-bouie. a. [other, k. 

|ji^?i^'b ^^^tJ bafe-ghate, aomewbere or 
y\ b bd-asar, with effect, effective, p. a. 
f.\i wni baj, wilhont, in the absence of. d. 

_.b &q/, m. a tax, duty, toll, import, &C.; tri- 
bute, originally, that takeoby one king from atralher. 
baj^ddr ot bdj-gir, a tax-gatherer, or collector of tH- 
bute or revenue, bdj-gutar, one who paya lau^ 
duiiei, Ice p. 

;rV ( 

WU ^rwi bdja, xn. a musical' instrument; 

DaB& hajS'lMy aniar, or 'bajattar^t band oSmwAc, 8, 

U.\J\^b ^rmnrnfT ha/Of^dja, m, the sound or 
danfor of ▼arioue musical instruments. #. 

];>-^ ^HM hdjrdy m. a kind of grain so called ; 

ladliaa com {Holcna spictftus). h, 

ifjf'^ ^mnft bajriy f. same as hajrd only of 
asmaDerkind. A. [instruments, s. 

'^^•^ WTHf bdj'ffof, m. sound of musical 

jir^^ bdj-gir, one who receives or collects 
taxes, &C. p, 

(^ V ^fW«f bi^an,m, pLmusical instruments, h, 

^^ IHRT bdjnd, n. to sound (as a musical 

inctniment) ; to be {mUished ; a. to play, strike up or 
perfbnn on mn inatrament. k, 

Wt;?*V ^V^HI^MI bdjan-^ajd, m. pi. musi. 

cal instrwnents. h, 

«i5p3»'b wnrar^ bdjantari, f. a tax formerly 

exacted from mnsidans and dancing^rls. A. 

j»>b IT^^i, m. a kind of ornament for the 

ann. k, 

a^'b bdja^ m, (y. bdjd), a musical instruments. 

^^b mwl\ bdjl, m. a horse. #• 

^b ^rnil bdchd or t^o^^^a, f speech^ affirma- 
doB. agreement, promise or pledge, s. 

viJUb wrvv bdckdk or rocAaA, speaker ; (in 

grammar) an explanatoiy particle, t. 

4^0 WTil bdchhy f. selection; the comer of 

the lip; adj. useless; in reyenue language, it denotes 
tlK proportionate rate or division either of lands or Ua- 
bOities attached to them, baehh-harttr, an adjustment 
of liabilities, &c. s, [animal). «. 

*4^b WTKT bdchhdf a calf (or young of any 

J^^b ^wnm bdchhal, a tribe of rdj-puts 
aboat'Aiig4trh,ke. k [lect k. 

u^b WTW*n bachhndf a. to choose, to se- 
u^b ^JWf bdchya or tdchyaj m. a sentence 

(in grammar) ; any. speakable, fit to speak, s. 

»^b ^ai^o, m. (for ft^-b q. ▼.) a tortoise, p. 

J^\} bd't^bavy careful, intelligent, p, 

I2^b hd^an (r. (d?) to play, to sport with; 
tocndaager. p. 

&\i bdyua^ played, lost (by play), p. 
«^b baUaj m. a tortoise or turtle, p, 

y^ bud, f. wind, bdd-se bdt-h.j to go very 

faieklj^to be ▼enr swift, hddi fund, f. a stormy wind. 
Wrfyaia i g or bad-ra/iar, swift as the wind (generally 
aigplled to a borse). hadi Msnim, f a hot pestilential 
rad. hSd-tamf, idly speculative, vain ; one who builds 
QMIIm in the air. bddi shurta, f. a fair wind, a favour* 
*hla wind, hddifwamg, St Anthony's fire (the pox i), 
Mfmmh, a musician or minstrel, literally a seller of 
wL bSdimmUfiltf, t a contrary wind, bddi fdbd,t the 
"■ ' — *- le cac , a sephyr. hadi murSd, f. a fair wind ; 
laagoage it denotes a remiasion on account 

87 ) 


Sj had (for burvdd, precative form of budan^ 

to be ;) may it be, or may it continue or be perpe 
tual. (also boda). p. 

(3b "^[^ bdd or vdd^ m. accusation ; assertion, 

asseveration, afflrmation; a claim or plea; rheuma* 
tiam. bdd-k,t a. to argue. «. 

j^43b ^I^K bdddr, a large house, granary 

rused on piles. A. 

^V>b baddnif m. an almond, also an Indian 

fruit resembling the almond, the catapang of the Ma- 
lays, p. 

jbeUb bdddmaf the aurelia or silkworm in its 

nymphean state ; a kind of silk ; a dress made of rags 
sewn together, ivom by Jakirs, p, 

^\jb baddmi, almond-coloured; almond- 
-shaped; a kind of eunuch; a kind of dish of whidi 
almonds form a main ingredient* p. 

^b^bb Yt^Tim^ bdddnubdd, m. altercation, 

dispute, &C. 8, [tic), p. a. 

^'b^b bdd-bdi^, f. subtraction (in arithme- 

^b^b bdd-bdn, m. a sail ; a vessel in which a 

lamp is placed for protection from the wind. p. 

b^b bdd-pdy having feet like the wind, fleet, 

swift (horse), p. 

iu>U-«3b bddrkhdya, m. the rupture, p. 
j^^b bdd-khor, m. a disease in horses, from 

which the hair falls off. p. [pitU). p. 

I^^^b bad-khordf a scald head {Tinea ca- 
j^b ^T^ bddar, a cloud, (v- badal). A, 
jCh inW badur, m. a flying fox ; a bat. #. 

^j^b bddranjf an orange, a kind of 

citron, a species of 

large cucumber, bdd- 

roHJ buya or badrang boffa, Axabian balm, moontain 
balm. p. 

AitJ .(3b bdd-^resha, m. a whirl, a circular piece 

of wood at the end of a spindle ; the round piece of 
wood at the upper end of a tent-pole. p. 

AJ|.<>b bddriyay m. a ventilator suspended to 

the roof of a house, to increase the circulation of air, 
and drive away flies, p. 

sLl^b hddshdhf m. a king, a sovereign : this 

is an Arab corruption of the Persian word padU 
8hdh, q. V. p, [of a king. p. 

•«^\>L^>b bddshdhdna, kingly, in the manner 

(Jl^lil^b bddshdhatf f. a kingdom, govern- 
ment, p. 

8^1j5liM»jb bddshdh'Zdda, a king^s son, a 

prince. badthah'Zddh a princess, p. 

^Li^b bddshdhl, f. royalty, sovereignty; 

**adj. royal, belonging to a king, badshahl aammd, a 
royal tenure, or gradt of land rent-free, p 

A^^b bddshah (same as &a(i<AaA),aking,^.p, 

fj^b bddranjj 
i*^^b bddrang, 
^2^jj3;db bddrangtn, 



(j-fjb bad-hash, in. a. fan, a ventilator; a [jb TTT bar, " | m. perquieite of tbenAiror 
l,b ^rn bara, f cow-herJ in milk, general! j 

the milk of ever; eightb iaj, A. 

\j\j bara, m. wind, air, atmosphere, d, 
t^ijljb wrtn^ baradari (v. barah), f. a 

.innkah; belloi 

ijfib ija,?-f7)V</, a wliirlwind. p. 

ij^b TT^ finrfH?, m. a cloud, h, 

5lib TT^^ i5rf/5,\ m. gold or silver thread, 

s3jb iii^^: hadla,) brocade, &c. A. 

^Jb llijc^l fca</afi, silver cloth ; cloudiness, k. 

ajb hadam (for badam), an almond; spi- 

ccriei. p. [anikc'B tiiU. fi. 

Sj^jb had-itiukra, m. an antidote for a 
yWilb badinjan, ihee^ plant, p. 
VJjb torf-nuwra, m. a weailiercock. p. 
(lib 6a(/o, m. wine, spirits, bada-parwi/, ad- 
dicted to wine, barla-kash. wine-drawer, bada-neih, 

^i^b ^ni bad/i, a lesser division of an estate; 

■ plain, a detert. i. 

>iib inv badh, m. prohibition, hindrance; 

a chord, s atring. i 
UiiiV ^Wl badha, f. pain, Bnguieh. s. 
iZ^ii\i WtfVH badkit, obstructed, impeded, 

pained, lormeated. >■ 

(o^jb ^nn bat/ Ann, m. pain, act of obstruct- 
ing or oppo^Dg. t. 

(C Ijftjb had-havcd^, f. fruitlessaees, useless- 

neu ! wants, p. 

SJJ»<ibwn>li>a(^Ay(i,whBtoaght tobestopped.j. 
ijih bmn, flutuleiit, troubled with wind. p. 
(«jb Y1^ badl (for vadl), an accuser, a 

plaiDtiff. an enenij. badi ehor, an InTelerale thier. i. 

^Sb 2ia(/i, beginner, an author, a. 

^,bilb badiyan (also bot^t^ana), sweet fennel; 

juib badiya, m. a bowl, cup, glass (but ge- 
nerally made of brau or l>ell-me(al). p. 

Aj^b badiya, ra. a desert, a wilderness, a. 
)tib ^T7 badh, f. stubble. & 
b*db TIT^ badhna, a. to cut, to shear, h. 
jib bazih., the juice of grapes, sligfalljr 

,b 6ar, m. load ; timp, once ; a court, a tri- 
bunal, litlinE of a «overeigti to givesiidiince; repeti- 
tion; fruit; leave, permission, admiaaion ; pregnancy, 
bdr-dQT, loaded, fuli of fruil ; pregnant, bar-aena, (o 
load ; tu give charge : to impoBe, to give trouble, to 

karki, after aevcral limei ur turn*, f. 

jb ^R bar, f. time, occasion, delay ; vftrge, 

edgei • girl not eiceeding aiileen; ni. day of the 
week; dcx>r; water; child; hair; prohibition. ot>- 

- -unmer-hoDse. A. 

'J-J-oijb WUffi'lI bai-at'mga, m. a stag (Cer- 

c« clapkia). k. 

i^^^sTjb TTTTW^ barnhhari, f. the combina- 

- tioa of the conBonsnta (ia the Devauagari) with tha 
vowel ajniboli. A. 

(^ijb .bara/t, m. rain, the rainy season, p. 
^jljb bdranl, f. a great coat, or cloak for 

" keeping oH* tha run ; nnirrigated land, i^. land da- 
pending on the natural raini of the leaaon. p. 

i\j\i Troy barah, m. a boar, a hog ; the 

thiHincamaltonofViahnu. i. 

,_y*]jb WTO?^ baraht, f. land ; adj. relating 

to ^rdA. the third incamatian. A. «. 

jbjb bar-bar, repeatedly, often (also baram- 

bdr), bar-bari-k., to procraatLoate, delay, p, 

j^ Ujjb WTTTTT^ bar-bata,i, f. division of 
the crop! by eheates or ahoclu, befom the com It 
trodden out. A. 

j3j\j barbar, burden-bearing (ox or ass), p. 
jljj^b bar-bardar, m. a porter, a bonilfin* Jjb har-bardari, f. expenses of travel- 
ling, coolie-hire. csrriage-Ure.iiieaiu of conveyance, fi. 
*:jb ^ftw barij (foruaryfl), m. the lotus. 

AJrijanayan, having ejea like the flower of the lotai.<^ 

OWjb barjdt, an oppressive custom, forcing 

the oaliieB to buy gooda above the loarket price, p. 
fC Wjb barja,e, a ciiPlnm of forcing people 
buy gooda at an eiorbilant price ; likewisa, a free 
ml of a inot of ground made by the lammdara and 

of their rtlali.ea, the rent! of 

1 loaa to the donor, are aMcned 
Dpon the r»t of hii poaaeuiona. p. 

t_.>\»-,b bar-chap, a kind of cloth, d. 

tjflU^b bdri-M.^t> f ■ private hall of au- 
dience, p. [miik4. p. a, 

jl»U-jb bari-^fltir, load or distress of 

«Jl»jb bar'^ana, m. a warehouse, p. 

\'^j^ bari-^«da, Great God. p. 

^b Wrft^ bdrid m. (for varid), a cloud, t. 

ijj bdrid, cold, frigid ; established, a. 

Jjb barie, a term in arithmetio, the sum total 
or grata amount, p. 

(_)i,b 6amA, f- rain } a shower of rain. p. 

^\Pjbl)ar-t-'a>n, in. public hallofaDdienGe.p.a. 


( 89 ; 

<^y Wlftril bartkf m. rain (for varih or 

vSrid). A. 

«Ui^^b harah^allah (God prosper you), a 

pbme ezpresaive of admiration, a. 

{J^J-^. har-iashj lit. " burdcD-bearing," ap- 
plied to elephants, carts, porters, &c. p. 

i\?;b barffdh or A>.b hargoh^ f. a court, pa- 
lace, place of audience, bar-gah-i-lchaf, private court, 
privy-coancii chamber. hargah'i-*amt public court, 
where ererj bodj ia admitted, p, 

^j^ haragi or hart/x (used in coiup.), time, 

"or torn. p« 

y^J^ bargiTf m. a horseman (soldier) who 
does not find his own horse ; a beast of burthen, p, 

j^;V ^nrw baran (for varan), m. forbidding, 
prohibiting, prerentUig ; an elephant. «. 

^J^ WR?n bama, n. to leave off, to sepa- 
rate, to quit ; a. to forbid, to prohibit s. 
\ijj ifirsn bdrnd, a. to light, to kindle. 4« 
}i^j^ ^rtWTt bdrambdr (for bdr^bdr), often, 

Kpeatcdly. A. 

ijj^b ^rrtwt bdramba, m. fruit of mangoes, 
lercnne derived from mangd groves. A. 

^JJ^b bdrandagi, f. rain, raining, p. 
ijSjb bdrandaj that which rains or showers. |>. 
(3 ib ^[T^lft ^artfni, f. spirituous Hquors. s, 

j[;V ^VTC bdru, f. sand (vide (aZu); m. a 
ckOd. s. 

jjb iarii (for &arii^), f. gun [)owder, saltpetre, p. 

^1j jb iarfron (for ^oraAn^an), the twelfth. A. 

C>j .b ftoTtti,^ ^ , 

.^ ' >f. saltpetre ; gunpowder, p, 

^JJT bdrudj J 

tjj ^TRf bdrah, land next to or surrounding 

avfllsge. k, 
l\} wm^ bdrah, twelve, barah-dari, f. a 

ssBunerhoase (qii. with tweWe doors). ftoroA baf hona, 
0. to become a Yagabond, to be ruined or harassed. A. 

>^b bora, for the sake of, in behalf of, as in 

tbc phrase dor bara^ man^ in my behalf; (in oomp.) 
ton, time ; as, du-barOt twice, over again, p. 

Ij^b har^hd, often, repeatedly, p. 

\S!j*it%\> ^nn^fll^ bdrah-singd, m. lit. '^ a 

tw tl i c ^tiner ;* a stag with horns of twelve branches 
{Ctnms elapkms). A. 

l5|b bdrey once, one time ; it is used by some 
safton in the sense of at last, at length, lastly, p, 

ifjj bari, m. a name of the Deity, the 
Ckeslor. bin tc^&ld, the most high God. a. 

CpA> ^Vn9 bdrt, f. a garden, an orchard, a house ; 

awiadow; ao ornament worn in the ear and nose; 
sjwng girl not exceeding sixteen, a. 

^jb Wid bdtn, m. the name of a caste of 
I whose business it is to sell torches and leaves 

i art used as platters : the same crste occasionally 
Mkss bathers. A. 

^^b bdri, tour, turn, bart-ddr, an attendant 

who waits in turn with others. Adrt ki tap, an inter- 
mittent fever, p. 

L-^bjb bdr-yaby admitted at court or into com- 
pany ; one who has the entree, p. 

^b^b bdrydbiy f. admittance at court or into 

** company ; having the entree, p, 

^^Sljo bdridan, to rain, to shower, p, 
(iii^b bdrxht fine, slender, minute, subtile. 

barik-bin, intelligent, penetrating, quick of apprehen- 
sion. barik^miydn, 8lender>wai8ted. p, 

i^.J^ bdrikl^ f. sublilty ; minuteness, p. 
jb wrt bar, f. edge ; name of a place near 

Munglr; a fence, a hedge ; a line (of soldiers) ; a mar- 
gin, bar-pakrand, to urge on, to instruct barjhAjjiM 
and bar ufdnd, a. to fire a volley, bdr-bdndhnd, a. to 
inclose a field with thorns. Mr-rakhnS^ ^hima, or 
-^hirwdndt a. to .sharpen bdr-dend, or -dilwdnd, a. to 
sharpen, to g^nd, excite, to instigate. A. 

)fo wnf\ bdfdftn, an inclosure } alm$«, charity. A. 

jjb ifnr? bdraVf . 1 m. submarine 

<Ji\jJ*b ^lf^M<|i bdravdnalfj fire. s. 

Jbj^b ^n? bdrhf f. a flood 5 promotion, in- 
crease. A. 

Ul^j'b wra^ bdrhna, ^ n. to increase, go on, 

y^^ YT7«ft bdrknau,) advance, rise, swell ; 

to be promoted, to amount, lengthen. A. 

Jbj-b WTTi^ bdrhly f. usurious profit or inte- 

"rest taken on grain ; interest in kind paid upon seed 
grain. A. 

t^'b ^Cf^ ftari, a kilchon-garden; a house 

with the garden, ordiard, &c, attached to it; also 
cotton (see bdri), s. [knives, &c). A. 

byb VlfrOT bdrif/d, m. a whetter (of swords, 

jb bdZf m. a female falcon, a hawk, bdz-ddr, 

m. a falconer, bdx-ddrl^ i, the charge of hawks, keep- 
ing falccms. a, 

jb bdz, adv. again, once more, bdz-dnd^ n. to 

decline, to leave off; to refbse, to reject, to desist. 
box rdkhnd, a. to hold back, to prevent, to forbid. &d«- 
rtUind, n. to decline, to reject, to leave off; to refuse ; 
(in comp.) it denotes a player; as, tiiatranj-bdz, a 
chess-player ; $u|:^a-fra;c, a juggler, p, 

j\\\> bazar, m. a market : according to Glad- 
win it denotes a constant and established market, in 
contradistinction to hdf, an occasional one. p, 

{S)^j^ bazdri, belonging to a market ; market 

people, common people, bdzdri bat^ low or vulgar 
language; patois; Billingsgate, p. 

i^j^^j^ bdZ'purs, 1m. reiterated inquiry; 

iJL>^^j\j bdZ' hhrpdstj J minute investiga- 
tion, p, 

^^^JUJjb bdZ'pasin, last, hindmost, p, 
j^Ojjb bdzarffdn (for bazar gdn), m. a meiv 

chant, a dealer in the market, p. 

^^nXt^b ba^kdrtj f. ^rden cultiyation, bu- 

j^jp\> ba^^-walaAm. a gardener, the owner 
o'.^ ha^fvaat, J oftL garden. p,h. 
l^^b ba^ifidf pi. gardens, orchards, p, 
j^b ft^z^i, a mutineer, traitor, rebel, a. 
»^\> ba^fktclta, a little garden (v. hagliclia), p. 
c-ib 55/", (in eomp.) weaving or woven, ki- 

"T.'^A*''^^"'**^^*^* «"•»-*«/. a gold-lace weaver; 
•Icmd of doth interwoyen with gold, p, 

ilob 55/^, web, weaving, tissue, texture, p. 

»I»o hafta^ woven; m. a kind of cloth; a 
eoloor in plgvoos; buttons woven like mohair; (in 
oomp.) it denotes woven, wrought, as zar-bt^fta, wrought 
m gold, embroidered, p, 

»yh bo'tfraty in abundance, copiously. p,a, 

Si\jib hafanda or bafinda^ a weaver, p, 

jJb bakir, abonndtng in wealth and know- 
ledge, one who is deeply learned, a. 

^\»yb bakir'Ahdni. f. a kind of bread or 

" cake mixed with butter and milk. Dr. Gilchrist sng- 
l^csts, in hia Vocabulary, that this kind of cake took 
its name from some nobleman called Ba^ir-j^n, as 
oor word sandwich is said to be so named after Lord 
Sandwich, a. 

2lSb bahla, \ 

*Eb bakila, / ™- * ^^"> * P^» ? potherb, a. 

^ ftoAi, remnant, remainder, balance, ar- 

" »*»» ; adj. pennanent, durable, eternal, hakl-dar^ 
owing a balance ; a revenue defaulter. bS^'Tohna, n. 
to remain, to be left, to be saved, a. [rears, a. 

0\j5b bakiyat^ remainders, balances, ar- 

(iJb hak^ m. fear, apprehension, p. 

wb lini bah or vaA, m. languap^e, dialect, 
qicech ; in the language of revenue officers it is used 
to denote a verbal estimate of the produce without 
neasoring the field. «. 

Ipb bakirOy an unblemished virgin, a. 

jjh'b ^n^stt bakrif f. a cow advanced about 
M Bonths in pregnancy (also a small bui!Uo). h, 

{j^mwn ffdkas, m. a bush of which charcoal 
ii nade for the manufacture of gunpowder {Juttieia 
9Aat9da\ s, [^i/a). h, 

^b Wni^ bdkldy m. a bean, a potherb (v^ 

«>i*b "^rni^ hakandf a portion of the crop, 
■bout two-fifths, paid as rent by the cultivators to the 
tanladte. A. 

•Jpb ^niR bakkar, l^m. name of a drug 

J^b ipH^ hakhaly) used as a ferment ; a 

Insse, an inclosure i several houses contained within 
sue indosure ; an area or court-yard. h. 

wb'^fm bahya (for vakya), m. (in gram.) a 
•aHenee; speech, a word. «. 

I wb ^nn bag, f. H rein, a bridle, bag-mornd, 

' litKuflM reins : it is applied to the drying up of the 

ViAfOB: when the pustules begin to blacken and 

^ 19^ Ifccy say tUli or maid ne Iwg nwfi. bag hath 

" ''^^fib wpower of choice to be lost to any one. A. 

91 ) 


ilA) bag (Dakh. for ^b), a tiger, bag ha 

INi^, a tiger's cuK [dresa. A. 

ob ^i«ii bdrjdy m, a vestment; honorary 

jjtifb ^|J|dH bagdor, f. a long rein with 
which horses are led. h, 

\ WnrC bagar, ra. a hedge of thorns or twigs ; 
name of a tract of country belonging to the raj-puit. h, 

W*\0 bagriy a native of Bagan A. 
j«>b ifTTH bagam, m. any cultivated spot h. 

•X^b bdgnakh, the claws of a tiger set in 

silver and worn round the neck by a string as a charm 
against- sundry evils. A kind of weapon made of steel, 
resembling huge claws, and fitting upon the hands. 
With this instrument the celebrated Sevajee, the Mah- 
ratta chief, is said to have murdered the Muhammadan 
governor of Bijapur, while embracing him under pre- 
tence of friendship. (Binning), d, 

'A^b '^T^ baghy 1m. a tiger, bagh-bakri, f» 

v^b l|T9T haghfif j tiger and goat, a kind of 
children's play, akin to our *' fox and geese", s. 

^^Ai^b ITNw^ bdghambar, ra. a tiger^s skin, t, 
^^b ^J^ baghanA 
j^b ^Tinft baghntj ' * '^'"^' 
^nft bagJiiy f. a bubo. A. 
b '^Vffi bagt, a horseman, a rider. *. 


Jb ^7^ bal, f. a girl not arrived at the age 

of maturity ; m. a child under five years old ; a^i* in- 
fantine, childish ; ignorant, uninstructed. s, 

Jb WT9 bal, m. hair; a child, bal btka n« 

hojt (let not the hair be bent or disordered), a mode 
of inculcating extraordinary care, bdlbal^ hair by 
hair, every hair, bal bdndhi kaufi mamat to shoot at; 
not to miss ; to act with great care, not to mistake. «• 

Jb baly m. a wing, bdl-ddr, winged, p, 

Jb WT^ bal, f. an ear of corn ; a crack in a cup 
or glass ; m. the thread on which sugar is crystallised. 
bdl-dart a cracked vessel (of china, glass, &c). A. 

Jb Tl^ bdluj m. a drug commonly called 

el&-baluk «. 

Jb baly m. heart ; power, a. 

^b bald, above, up ; m. top. bdld-baidndf or 

'dend, a. to baulk, to circumvent, to dupe ; to put off, 
to disappoint, to prevaricate. bdld-bSidr deo^tf^y, 
fraudulently; secretly, bala-dast, superior, p. 

^b ifT^ bdldj m. a kind of grub which eats 

the young plants of wheat or barley when about six 
inches high, h, 

^b ^T^ bald, f a girl not arrived at tlie 

age of ma'turity ; a medicinal and fragrant plant, of the 
roots of which fnffu are made (Andropagon muricatum), 
commonly called by Europeans "cus-coss"; m. an 
earring ; a male child, a boy, bald chdnd, the new 
moon, s, [that laps over the thigh, p. 

J^b bdldbavyxa, part of the angarkhd (q.v.) 

(3JJ^ bnld^bandt m. part of the native dress, 
a kind of turban ; a coat of a particular kind. p. 


( 93 ) 


liy's> bi-l'trojaj in truth, io reality, a. 
vi^b W1$^ haluhf ui. a sort of poison. *. 
jjV ^*c?^ fr^/«, f. a fcmale-ffaild ; ear-ring 

worn in the ear, passing through the centre of it : it 
also rignifies an ear of com. 5. 

^V ^1^1 ha^^ m. name of a monkey, the 

"sonoflndra.kiHedbjRSma. «. 
^jSj^\i baHdagif f. vegetation, p. 

\!>y»5«3jJb hoRda hondy n. to vegetate^ p, h, 

^jtj3b «ii<p1^ haluhj m. pain in making wa- 
ter, from grayel. Sec «. 
^oijJb ht-l-yalitny assuredly, certainly, a. 
^b hcJUnj f. a pillow, a cushion, p. 

ftJb WIW halya^ m. childhood, infancy. 5. 
ft^Jb ^I^IT haleyoy 1 m. name 

Cl)U>«AjJb MI^M^m haleyashahj of a plant' 

J^ ^91>T ^ain, f. an eel {Ophidium simack, 
Budt,); m. the left (side); an enemj. «. 

^b 5am, m. an upper story, a terrace ; the 

monuDg dawn, p, 

*b frailly m. a fathom, a measure of six feet, 

or three and a half cnbita. d, 

li-^ub W11IVT banf-ang, m. the lefl side. «. 

jj^b Tmft bdmbkt, T 

^^^b ^IUIhI bamblmij 

(>^tV«b bamdad or bamdddany f. morning, 
dawn, Aurora ; adv. in the morning, /i. 

^b ^liTif bdman (for ramaita), a dwarf, 

one of the incarnations of Vishnu. «. 

y-bftawwn, 1 

. , __ _ rm. a Brahman, o. 
4*«u bamanhyj 

^y^y^b ^HVvf?^ bdman-hattt, f. name of a 

"plant (Orieda0«r/Mr«;/a/a,Au&.). A. 

^2^b 4|li^«| bamhan, m. a Brahman. «. 
J^b Yl^^tfl bamknt, f. a stye on the cye- 

fidi; a species of lizard, k, 

(^b ^li^til bdmhfii f. (for bdkmani), the 

vifeof a Brahman; name of a medicinal herb. s. 

yb ^Tf ia«, f. temper, quality, manners ; 

n. a rocket used in battle ; the boar or swell of the 
tide; a kind of rope made of mQnj. A. 

(:)b^1ff ban or van, m. an arrow; the name 
ofanasor, Bonof Bl^aBalL «. 

^b 6aji, m. name of a tree {Ouilandina 

■tiMj^a), whose aeeds are called "k/obh-vl-hSnt bennut, 
Mr aeeovding to some, Bakain {Melia sempervirens) ; 
tkat which ^elda benjamin of benzoin (Styrax ben- 
^^\ atice the leaves and flowers of whicn are sweet- 
called bj tlie Persians bed-mashk, p. 

snake's hole. s. 

^^b fta/j, keeper or guardian ; (used in comp.) 

as dear-ban, a door-keeper, bamhan, a gardener, p, 

bb ^ini bandy m. habit, profession ; a kind 

of weapon ; fashion in dress, peculiar to individuals, 
or bodies taken individnallj (so regimentals may be 
called ftana) ; uniformity ; the woof (in weaving); a 
veil, bdna bdndhnd, to be ready, to be determined. ( 
In the Dakhan! dialect it denotes the basin or metal 
bucket of a pcKottay or lever for raising water, h, 

bb ^nn hdnd^ a. to open or spread out. A. 

Obb Wnnw bandit f. broad-cloth, h, 

^3bb ^TRTirt bdndtiy woollen, made of 

broad-cloth, h. 
^^bb bdndn (v. bdydn), the left hand or side. «. 

u-A>b ^f^ bdmby m. (also bdmb-andhuyd^y an 
eel, snake (see ham), A. 

bp ^b ^b ^ TTTW bdn bdn-h., to prate idly, 

to tattle foolishly, h. 

j^^^b ^Jiisfi bdmbkni,') 

^^y^b wi»T^ bdmbfia,it >f. a snake^s hole. A. 

J^^fib ^t»rt bdmhhi, J 

#^*-*;J^b ^ I tf 1111(1 bdna-prasthy m. the state 

of an anchorite or hermit (see asram), u 

<iiOb irtr bdnty m. share, distribution ; a 

weight (f. e, the standard by which things are 
weighed) ; food given to a cow while milking her. s. 

bbb ^TT bdntdy m. portion, share. <• 
cLAia>-cLob '^vffz bdnt'Chont, share, distri- 


bution. s. 

bubb WTT'IT bdhtnd, ^a.toshare, todistribute, 

U^b ^rhRT ^>a^//i«a, J to divide, participate, 
dispose of. Abo bdnt-leia, the same. «. 

jib ^tw^ Id/ijar, (land) lying waste or 

fallow, h. 

#^'b ifT^fil bdijh (Dakh. bdnj)y barren (ap- 
plicable to fcnuvles, also to land or soiL t. 

*J^b ^niTyV Ldiiji/a, ra. trade, commercCi 

merchandise, s, 

UatAj ^rffT bdnchndy a. to read ; m. Dakh. 
bdAcftnd (for bachna) ; n. to escape, to be saved, s. 

l^^b ^t3[T bdnchhdj f. wish, desire. «. 
CU^b ^ftnr bdnchhity desired, longed for. s, 
t J^>b ^(\:^ bdnddy -4he name of a place in 

Bandel-khand. h, 

\s>\> m^bdndd {for ban dd)y'm, kind of plant 

which grows on trees (epidendntmt particularly tesMl- 
latum, Roxb.). s. 

jlj^b ^H^lt bdU'ddvy a rocket-thrower, h.p, 

jS>\j ^ri^ bandar, ^m. (for bandar), an 
U«^ib ^f^il bdndrd,} ape, a monkey. «. 

jj^JJb HI*<i.H^ bQndarni,\f. 
v^ji>ib WI^O bdndn, J 

a female ape or 
monkey. ^ 


UjJb bandna ( 
^ jjb WN baUd 

tribe Intubltlng p 
Mop water, to emb 

Id wbich the clot): 
Tcnt the puti tM 
plat, plao t a kind 

jfcjjb Wtin bm 
nun,* Mend. $. 

IjJb Wtn band. 

a lerpeot whicb hu 

yb ^m banar ( 
^^b ^tW fcnnjt, 

eicavHlioni in gea 

ctiauka). bdAa pa 

L-Jb wtal fcawc 
the cbaaael thrao 

jj^jij-Jb wni* 

a oal( who oDrk 

(jFj— jb vnnlt Aa 
t^^i—jb vln^ ia 
(Jwb TT^t^ 60 
^-Jb ^?ft baiu 
~of bamboo. «. 
L^b ITV iani, 

blade; an exerd«e 

lilib wNriSrtA, 
Kjb wt^ bdnka. 


comb. Su. A. 
U;j;^ib WlW^IJI 
tearing with (woode 

debaacherj; diaordi 


jji'jV Vlf bawan, tbe left band or side. $. 

O^^jV II^^HW bay<hbatas^ f. calamity, 

miifortnne, particularlj soch as is believed to result 
from tlie evil inflaenoe of a demon (see aiib). A. 

Jv*r[;4^J^ *^»^ 6Aari-AAat of no intrinsic 

value ; Ut. a akin fall of wind. d. 

*i*^^V Wnitms ha,o^hahf T a prattler, tri- 
^■ii^^^j'^ WnftiB?! bafO-jhah J Bing talker. ^ 
wjb ^l^HT bajOta,\ m. a flag or banner ; a 
»^ VWl 65,0/5, J sail ; a sort of armlet 

'worn bj vromen. «. 

^j*»^l^ 5a-iim;iaf, notwithstanding. 5a-nm* 
jWi ddfcj; notwithstanding that. p. 

j^b ftofoary m. belief, faitb, confidence, troth, 

cr«Ut; acy. true, credible, bawar-k., to credit. bS- 
mar4L, to be credible, p, 

j^V WPn6an9ar,m. a kind of sweetmeats. A. 
ijl^V ^l^n bdfOra or 55n7(7r5, mad, crazy. «. 
l^j^^ bawarchinf If. a cookmaid or female 
{fij^^ bawarchimf) cook. f. A. 
^^^>-^jV> ^ofvarcAt, m. a cook, bdrvarcht" 

"ii&M, m. a kitchen, cook-hoose. *' This word seems to 
be one of those c^d Persian or Turkish terms, of which 
several are now preserved in the Hindustani, which 
are do lonicer used by or ^nown to the Turks and 
Persians. The term implies " coniidential person,*' as 
a cook nnqoestionablv should be, particularly in the 
Esst, wh^e life is so frequently attempted by poison." 
(Bionini^ I. [art. t,p, 

%fj^j^ bawarvktgari, f. tbe culinarj 
kfjj^ '^Tvt^t 55,ori, name of a tribe of ya- 

grsnts to the west of Delhi. A, 

dTjjV ^T^ ft5,ori, \ 
t^ I ^ - - - f !• a well, pit. a. 

Jytf^b vm^ ia,o-«i/, nh tbe cbolic. s, 

(Jb0j b ba-wasfj jet, notwitbstanding. p. a. 
Vjb ba-wafdy faithful, trusty. j9. a. 

»i^b inwi bawag, m. .seed-time (same as 

K.fl»i). K ' [tulency. s. 

^jfjV ^T?»ft^ ha.o-gola, m. the cholic ; fla- 
^jV ^TW^ boyOla or bawald, mad, crazy, s. 
fj^^ ^wftgft bdfOitf f- a large well into which 

"people descend to get water; the drag (thing or ani- 
■si) with whicli hawks, dogs. &c, are taught to hunt ; 
a trick. bd,oli dend, a. to initiate, h. 

^jV ^n^m bd,olendf m. the name of a 

defect in horses, h. 

^jjV WWH bdivan (for vdmana), dwarfish, 

dtwiintive ; m. the fiftb incarnation of Vishnu, t, 
tj^U ^WR &5/ran, fifty. two. k. ^ia„an). ,. 
^^\> if|^«iT bdfOna or bdwand, dwarfish (see 
iM^ ^ni'hA 65,ani, f. seed-time, sowinfir. A« 

( 96 ) ^^b 

»b ^ bdhu or WTf 5aA, f. an arm. i. 
»b i>aA, f. virility, manhood ; coitas. p. 
^^ 'Hfl bdhd, a water-conrse, channel. A. 

^^4f*V ^"J^ bdhu'bhuskdy f. an armle^ 
an ornament worn round the upper aim. s. 

^ V ^^J% fc5AM;, m. sesamum growing wild 

or spontaneously. «. 

^i3^b mfl^ bdhudd, f. the name of a river 

said to rise in the Himalaya mountains : J^bably tbs 
modem Behut. the classical Hydaspes. s. 

^b ^npc bdhar or ^nflf^ 65Atr, without^ 

foreign, s. 

j^\j bdhir, superior, excellent; open, public, a. 
J;^V Vi^M bdhard or bdhara, tbe man who 

stands at the well to upset the water frtKn the leathern 
bucket or charas, q. ▼. A. 

^jtb\j bdhir-kd, from without, strange, bdhir' 

ka fS^ib dyd. Isobar dijog "a strange gentleman la 
arriyed, give notice;" an exclamation used by the 
darwans or gatekeepers in Calcutta on the arrival of 
a stranger, to give notice to the family within. In my 
time the above sentence was pronounced (by the non- 
reading gentry), " Barker sawb ftyi, cover the Jew !** #. 

5^b WiffTIF bdhirahy m. the left side (in 

sword exercise, inc.). t. 

i^J^^ ^1^0 bdhari, a foreigner, a stranger ; 

outward, s. 
^4^V ^'S«M bdhuli/dy m. 1 plenty, abun- 

^jy*b ^I'l^Bldl bahulyatdj f,j dance, quan- 
tity. #• [one with another, p. 
^b ^aAafn,together,mutually. bd'ham-dtgarj 
;^i^b TrnR bdhman, a Brahman, s. 
^y^i-^lbb wisi«if^ bdhtnan-katti, f name of 

"a plant {Ovieda verticellata). s. 

iJ^^ ^Tir?ft hdhmant, wife of a Brahman ; 

^a Brahmaness; adi. of or relating to a Brahman. 
hdhmam badatj^ the chakwa or Brlhmany duck. 
bahmani chil, the Brahnlany kite, v. garuf. s. 

luLl»i»b WTV^TT bdhmanetd, son of a Brah- 

man ; a young Brihman. t, 

J^b TT^^ bdhu-mul, m. the armpit. «. 

(^V ^l?«T bdhan, m. a carriage, s, 

^b m^^ bdhan, m. fallow land (root of 

bdhnS), h. 

b^b ill^HI bdhnd, a. to plough, to till j to 
shoot or discharge a weapon ; to comb the hair. A. 

Jbjjsb ^TT?^ bdhu-yuddhy m. close fight, 
personal struggle ; boxing, wrestling, s. 

{J b ifT^ fta,t, f. mistress, lady (among Mah- 

rattas) ; a dancing-girl, fra.t-j?, the mother bawd ; the 
old abbess ; " la bonne." k, 

j^b mut bd,e or ^^6a,i, f. flatulency ; rheu- 

matism. bd,i pachni, to be mortified, to be depressed, 
to die away, baj mefi bharakna, to prate foolishly. 
bd,l tama (see bd,o samd). s. 

^ •-•' 



( 97 ) 


fV^ biphai (for vrihoipati), m. 

" Tfaunday. JL 

Ji*? iHhrt bapatit, f. paternal estate. *. 

Ca^ flfirW/ orf%^ 6i« (for w«), m. wealth, 
nibstsoce, ability, power, means, s, 

O^ Jif 6if<, m. a hazard table; a blow with 

thefisL &. 

C^ buty m. an idol (hence, figuratively, a 

Wored -woman ; a darling). btU-parast, an idolater 
Ml-fonu/i, idolatry. &i(/-<ard«A, a maker of idols, p- 

do baty m. a line drawn to distinguish se- 
parate names in a catalogue, or articles in an account p. 

iLo '^Wbaty m. the worm which is so destruc- 
tive to shipping (Teredo)', contraction of 6a/, a word 
(used in compositionX as bat-baharh external, foreign. 
hat'hitrhd,a, m. prolixity, talkativeness, chicanery, 
wrangle, bat-band, an orator, a sophist, bat-kahdo, 
m. talk. conTersAtion. Contraction of bat, wind, used 
in com()o«ition, as bai-smkhd-k,, a. to ventilate. A. 

li^ fVW! bitidy m, a span, a hand's breadth. /*. 

ll> "JWT buttd, in. overreaching, fraud, trick, 

uke in. buttA-dend, to orerreach. A. 
U; ^HT batdy m. a bamboo lath ; a thin slip 

of bamboo; an «>uiong stone on which powders are 
levigated. A. 

^^ 3*ivq bufarad, a name given to an extra 

cess upon the cultivator. A. 

0^\I^ TOni baids, f. wind, air. batds-pheni, 

t a kind of sweetmeats, sogarcakes. t, 

^^ ^iTTHf or W?rT9T batdsd^ m. a kind of 

sweetmeats, sugarcakes (of a spongy texture, q. d. filled 
with air); a bubble filled with water. A. 

U»\jj bafdsihdf ro. (see 6a^a$a),a bubble,&c. fi, 
yljj ^TifTff baton, place of assemblage of 

csttle at night in an open field. A, 

b\jj mn^ batdnd, a. to point, to shew, to 

explain, to teach ; to appear; m. an upper turban ; a 
small bracelet of metal. A. 

^^ filWTHTfttiana, pass (time), to spend. $. 
vit> 3'*^ buidnd, \ 

^^HP^f^uj batdfci ntmbii, m. the shaddock, k. 

*>wiS hut'khana. an idol temple, p.. 

ji} WIR batar, land in a state fit for the 
Ptoogh. A, 

ji? hatar or batfar, worse, very bad (con- 
tncted from bad-tar), p. 

yf haiar, cnrtailed (animal) ; destitute of 

good qualities (see abtar). a, 

xf^\^ fnm^biira'bandi (v. bila-bandi), 

. a Und of settlement. A. 

ifij^ but'tardshj an idol-maker, a statuary.^. 
wy? WlWn batrdnd, a« to converse, talk, s. 

^^, ftrroj bitaran (for vitaran), m. giring 

charity, alms, a donation, s. 

^J^ f^nvni bitamd, a. to bestow, to grant, s* 
v-Jb ^f^ batsd, m. a kind of rice, h, 
J--J^ Hwc? fta<*«/ (for vatsal), kind,loving. i. 
CiJjb ^THir fta/aA, f. (v. c^lUa^), a duck. p. 
8 J\jo but-hada, an idol temple* a pagoda, jp. 
jfij ^Hmf batakhar, loquacious, talkative. A. 

\*^ YH^^V bat'kahd, loquacious, conver- 
sible. A. 

j^^ W'lf*^!^ bat'kahd,o, m. 1 loquacity, 

(^^^ii^ Trffllifi bat'kaht, f. J conversi- 

bleness, discourse, dialogues. A. 

'^iloo ^ffcl&Hl batldnd, a. to shew, to explain, 

to point out, to teach, to inform. A 

jjjjjjbittam'bittam, bit by bit, gradually, d, 
Uuu ftnnfT bitnd (see 6i^na), n. to pa88,elapse. $» 
ifj^juo bfi'tang, lit. in straitness. ba-tang and 

or Aona, to be in great distress, p, [dung. A. 

l^yj fifftlU bitaurdy m. a heap of dried cow- 
^yj ^KhS batauriy f. a flatulent or cede- 

matous swelling. A. 

iSjy^ TJXt baturt, f. a species of cAana 

(q. V.) ; a small kind of grain. A. 

(jjy^ ^iftrH 5afora»,l gathering or collcct- 

^^y^ ^Jrt^T batolan,} ing the grain in the 
time of harvest. A. [a mm. a. 

Jyj batuly f. a virgin averse to matrimony, 

^Jy^ liftc^l batoUy f. buffoonery. A. 

j3»jj ^ijff^ baiurii, a tattler, an idle talker. A. 

^^yy> ^mX^V^ batworiy the preparation of land 
for the reception of the seed. A. 

^^ i^nn bithdy f. pain ; affliction, s, 

0,^1^ Hl^Kfll bithdmd, a. to cause to scat- 
ter, to cause to sprinkle. A. 

(j^l^ fTV^t^ bithdrif f cleansing the warp. A. 
^]j^ r^ViRI bithrdnd, a. to scatter, to 

sprinkle. A. 

^j^ f^'Rjn bithamd, or f^'^tfT bithuimd, 
n. to be scattered, to be sprinkled. A. 

\^^ ^Y^ bathUfdy m. name of a kind of 

greens {Cfienopodium album) ; also a kind of weed which 
grows with the spring crops in the vicinity of water. A. 

Ix^ ^f^V^ batliiyd^ a heap of dried cow- 
dung. A. 

^j> ^lA batu f* a word, speech. «. 

H • 



^^ ^Jfl bathna, n. to enter : (in Dakh.) 
to be twiBted, plaited, or woven together, as ropes. A. 

j4« Ij^i bathuyO. or bathuma, a kind of 

( 99 ) 


haJT'oghatj (lightning- 

herb, k 

9 S 

[j^^ WT^ batha,t^ f. the art of making gold 

'thrttd. also ftoAM: *- [gpirit^ A. 

^^1^ft6a«i, f. a candle; a still for distilling 

Ua? filfeilf bitiya, f. a daughter. «. 

Ua> ^4^1 batyd, f, a silken cord adorned with 

three fringea, which women use to tie their hair be- 
hbd. k. [alley ; a small measure of weight. A. 

^ ^Hbhi bath/df f. a narrow passage, an 
J^v^ ^%^TW batte-bdzy m. a juggler. 6a£,^6- 

ft^ f. peiforraanoe of a juggler, slight of hand. h. p, 

/^ ^ix bater, m. f. a kind of quail (Perdix 

•ti«aera« Buck), a. 

Lri^ 1^ &a/esy m. a passage, pathway, h, 
4^i^ ^a^ batenthf m. the proprietor or 

kdUer of a share (same as hafaniifS). A. 

Us ha-jdf in place, all right, proper, true, ac- 
CQiate. becoming, fit. p. 

jUs ffWT^ bijdr^ ra. a bull, a stallion, h. 

^U| YHTV bajdk, in. a kind of serpent. A. 

^ flfHT^ bijdid, seedy, turned to seed, 
sboanding in seed. #. 

^^U{ ^l|l<$l«|l ba-jdrldnd (in Pers. ^a-^'ei 
mrartfaa,), a. to perform, to obey, to execute, to ac- 
complish, p. A. 

\^. 6a-JaA,tQlhe heart, soul, or life, ba-jdn 

, to be in imminent danger or distiess. ba-jdn 
ns/Uoa, to be rezed to the soul. p. 

««? WRT bajdna, a. to sound, fo play upon 
SB utttrament of music ; to perform, to execute. A. 

^^ hujdfid (for bvjhdnd q. v.), to extin- 

i/^ ha-jd^^ in place of, by way of. p, 

i/U{ 1%in^ h'tjdyl^ f. a portion of seed corn 

^idi the poorer dasses are allowed to take from the 
idd. JL [ment for the arm ; a bracelet. A. 

4*W5 i^im* bijayath, m. a kind of orna- 
'^^ WWWilTsn baj'bajdnd, n. to efiervesce 

^^ aoise in potreijing. A. 
/jl hajattavt 1m. (for bajantri, Ac. q.v.) 
i^^mC htjattarij a musician, &;c. s. 

^^•H? ha-jidd'hondy n. to be importunate, 

^ Ml 190a anj thing; to tempt, to urge (a per- 
■•> a.A. 

j!{ W 6tf^ (for f)ajr\ m. a thunder-bolt ; a 
•■■•4; adj. hard, hajr pare ui par^ Ice., may light- 
^jt mX ob him, && ; this is nsed in cursing any 
i*^* s. 

yh ITO 6ff;r5, m. a boat for travelling in, a 

!••■«• boat (of a larger kind, q.d. heavy or hard), 
cMmiiIj called '« budge-row **. A. 

struck;, any sudden calamity, especially if viewed as a 
judgment from heaven, s. 

y^jfi* '^^<M{ bajar-battu, in, name of a fruit; 

a large kind of seed, of which necklaces are made. A. 

lLoV^^^ ^VllNt'T bajar-ikdnQy ra. tobacco. A. 

*• This appears to have been the first name given to the 
weed, which was introduced into India, as is supposed. 
In the time of Jehanghire. It has now been superseded 
by the European name — see tainbdk&." (Binning.^ 

viLai^ ^irtfe bajrkit, m. (lit. "lightning. 

insect"), a species of the armadillo, calfed by nato- 
raltsts Pangolin or Manis ; and sometimes " the scaly 
ant-eater". — It is termed in the DakhnI dialect AAoa/a- 
manjd, (Binning), s. 

*^^ 'Wlf bajrangy m. a title of Hanu- 

niiln. s. 

{,^/fi 'ntJF^ bajra/uri, f. a kind of tilak, or 
"mark, made on a Hindu's forehead with red lead. h. 

Ij^^ bajra, m. a pleasure-boat (v. bajrd), h. 

i^jsfi fWt bijrl, f. (v. bijli), lightning, s. 

J<5 ba-juz, besides, except, p, 

jj^ fvnW^bijli,^. lightning; athiinder-bolt.A. 

\j^ «|^«il hajnd, n. to be sounded (a bell or 
gong &c.) ; doB haje, ten have sounded, t.s. it is ten 
o'clock ; to be famous ; m. a rupee (used among 
brokers). A. 

UfS Vlpn bujnd, m. a cloth used by men- 

struous women, a pessary. A. 

U^ friRT bijnd, m. a fan, a punkah, j. 
JiJ^ bajanfar, m. (v. bajantri), rf. 

i^Jkx^ TIRrt bajantri f m. one who plays 

upon musical instruments ; f. a tax on musicians and 
female dancers. bajantrUma^l, m. the quarter inha- 
bited by musicians ; a brotheL A. 

j^ ba-jinSy in kind, in some sort, p, a, 
*aj ^"Trt bajanl or bajnl, f. quarrel, fight ; 

**uproar, a row. A. 

^ biju (also biju bdyOrd), m. (7. beju), an 

animal that feeds on dead carcases, the Indian 
badger ; (some say the ichneumon;, Urnu Indicus. A. 

bl^ ^sfctlfTT bajwdnd, a. to cause to sound, 
to cause to play on an instrument A, 

^j^ W^ft^TT bajornd, a. to strike, smite, a. 

^yfi ftiftn bijog (forvijog), m. separation, 
absence (especially of lovers); adj. parted, separate, s, 

^J^ flr^fWt bijogiy wretched, one who is se- 

"parated (from his beloved, 81c.). s, 
^4f! YTO bajiidy m. marshy soil. h. 

^—^^-4?? y^''^ ^^j^^'^^^} adjustment of ac- 
counts. A. 

b^4f? 5*Kpn bujhdndj a. to extinguisli, to 

put out ; to damp or depress one's courage, to cuench 
one's thirst, as p'lyds bujhdnd» A. 




( 101 ) 

Vij: h^Ht hachnd, n- to be saved or spared, 

to escape, to renuiin UDezpended. baeh-rahnd, to 
avoid, to take care against, h, 

'^-'yj? ^-^ni*! bachnag, name of a vegetable 
poieoo. c [espoiued. «. 

^•^c;?t MIH^ff bachan-^tta, betrothed, 

»jj? hichu^dy m. name of a plant. cL 

(3j?? fil^*ll*fl bichivanl, I m. one who in- 

^3fi fti^fift^l bichauliyoy Ker poses, a me- 

iJ^. f%^^ bichwayt, J diator, an um- 

pire, an arbitrator; an agent or ambassador. #. 

«^ hackchaj m. the young of any animal, an 

infiuit, a child, bachcha^an, m. the womb, bachhe- 
win murghl^ £ the hen and chickens ; a name given to 
the Pleiaidea. p. 

t^.'nbticUfiy orV^ '^(^bachhdy m. a calf.«. 
^^•4?s tVijnn bichchdidy m. a stinging^ 

nettle {Urtica mterrupia). h. 

vb> l^ I^TitT ^^ bichhd'dend, a. to spread ; 
met. to knock down, to drub, to floor, h. 

^l^^ PwiftMl bichhdndy a. to spread ; m. a 
bed. bedding, carpet (Dakh. bickhdnaik). h. 

^Ua^ badicha^dny m. the womb, p, 

];4J: W^rci bachhrd, m. a calf L bichhrd 
(Jhikh) separation. 

^1;^ tW^^IHT bichhurdnd, a. to cause to be 
separated, to separate or sunder (actively), s. 

sl^\j^ bichhurdhaty f separation, act of 

sepuating. Also hiehharaka^ #. 

^J(^, firenn bichhumd or f%irc?n bichharnd, 

B. to be separated, or set apart, to slide, to slip, to turn 
avajr the uce. x. 

3j^* ^T'^ bachhruy m. a calf or colt. *. 

'Jjj: ftrWIT hichkardy m, "1 separating, se- 

^l54?5 ^^TW^TJ 6icAAar5^,f./paration, part- 
ing asunder, a. 

*^l5ft?? ftrKTnn bickharandy a. to cause to be 

»T»> ra ted ; to part or divide (actively), s. 

J54J: ff^SI^ bichhurdyOy m, act of parting 
er separating, sefteration. *. [away. #. 

•^'Jte? bichhrdhaty fern, separation, turning 

W/JjS ^^^flT bichhurnd or f^tAitll bichhar- 
■H n. to be separated, to turn awa j. s. 

jjtgi 'WWf^bachhruy m. a colt, a calf s. 
^''^ Ol^^HI bichhalndy n. to be separated ; 

te^ to sUde ; to slip out of place, to sprain; to turn 
■■a^tiiefroe. A. 

Wf! ftm bichhndy d. to be spread, h. 

♦i'WiJS W^fffl bachckhrndgy m. name of a 
imildile poison. #• 

«fl^ Uchchhuy 1m. a scorpion, the sign 
j^f^ffjnibichkuyd,) Scorpio. «. 



a small stiletto with a curved or serpentine blade ; ao 
ornament worn on the toes. A. 

^^3^, ftn^^Ttn bichhjvdndy a. to cause to 

spread. A. 

^>4?? flndpn bichhorndy a. to separate. A. 
y^4#5 f*f*J^HI bichhaund -or f^^ bichhondy 

m. bedding, carpeting. A. 

^j4?? ^^B[fzrT bachhontdy m. distribution of 
an aggregate sum on several individuals. A. 

'.^4?: ftraftf bkhhohy 1m, separation, ab- 
^.^4?: f'raft^ bichhohdj sence. A. 

^/^4?: bichhujty f a ring or ornament worn 
on women's toes, d, 

^^5^^? W^ bachhi, a female young animal. j9. 

^^ ^fttin bachhiyd (diminutive of bachh%)y 
f. a female calf. A. 

S&J4?J ^ft* ftacAA«ri,1 . , «„ , 
lL^I^ bahhdsy a great disputer, con trover tist, 

arguer. a. 

jl^ «»tAar (pi. of^), ?eas, gulfs, &c. a. 

Jv^ ba-kdl, happy, flourishing, prosperous ; 

reinstated (as in service) ; restoration to a former con- 
dition, or continuing in the present state. />. a. 

jjl^ ba-hdli adj. of or relating to a former 

state; f. restoration to a former state or con- 
dition, ba-^i sanad, a grant restoring a person to 
the possession of somethioff that he has been deprived 
of, or confirming to him what he at present enjoys, p, 

v--A^ bah$, f, argument, discussion, alterca- 
tion, controversy, discussion, ba^-k., to dispute, a. 
^^^\J^ bahsd-bahsiy f. controversy, discus- 
"sion, argumentation, a, 

lii^ bahasndyR. to argue, to dispute; totalk. a, 

iX^ ba-hadd, or a^J^ ba-hadde hi, to such 

a degree that ; so that. p. 
j^. bahvy m. a sea, a gulf, a bay ; f. metre 

in prosody ; a fleet, a, 

^^. buhrdn, m. the crisis of any disease (as 
fever, Ac), a. 

ijfj^. bahriy maritime, naval ; (for bahrf), a 

kind of falcon, a. 
{^^ bahrain, lit. the two seas, generally 

applied to the Mediterranean and the Euzine ; it also 
applies to the two waters, viz. the fresh and the salt a. 

i»«**»* ^ bahasb or ba-kasbe At, according to, 
in accordance, in such a way that. p. a. 

ba-hdhk or ba-hak^iy on account of; in 
the case of. p. a. 

( 102 ) 


aX^ ha-huhm or fra-AwAmt, under the com- 
mand of; by diat of. p. a. ^ [lutiou. p. 

J^ />/A?Z, (for fct-Ai7,**let alone/') pardon, abso- 
tfU^i^^ ha-hamd lUaht, by the grace of God, 

God be praised that. a. 

5^ huhaira^ a small sea or inland lake, a, 
jlic huhhar, m. steam, mist, fog ; glowing 

heat from the ground, or such as is felt in a fever ; va- 
pour, exhalation, fti j^r-ni Aa/na. n. to break out (as 
an eruption on the skin), bukhar dil meik rakhna, a. to 
entertain enmity or malice in the heart, a. 

\j\3^ huhhdra, name of a town and conntry ; 

the ancient Bactria. p. 

i^^ldf hakhari, of or relating to Bukhara, a 

native of Bukhara, p, 

d^tf bahht, m. fortune, prosperity, luck, fe- 

licity, hdjcl^-awar, fortunate, bails^t'hali, lucky, for- 
tunate. &aj[j^/-6azt, f. trying one's fortune, bd^ 
jalna, to lose one's luck, to become unfortunate, bak^t- 
bJddr, one whose fortune Is wide awake, a prosperous 
person. baJsbt-bargashta, unfortunate, bdfs^-f^/ta, 
one whose fortune is asleep, unlucky, p. 

d^, hahht, m.^a quick-paced camel (gene- 
fjsA hukhfif f* J rally used to ride on, and not 

" for burthens), a. 

.bukitf bakhtrt/ar, fortunate,prosperous. bakhti- 
ydrJ, f. prosperity, good fortune, p, 

jjjg bakJiray 1m. share, portion, lot, allow- 

IJA, bahhrd,) a nee. p, 

tf T*5 hakkn, \ 

^^ , ,, . r partner, sharer, p, 
- )^ bahhrait.y ' * 

^jSJs! haJthsh, ni. gift, donation ; pay ; pardon 

or forgiveness ; share, portion, lot. baJs^h dendy to 
give, to bestow ; in corap. it denotes giving, bestow- 
ing, forgiving, as iamar-baJrhsh, productive of fruiti 
tdJ-bakhsJu bestowing a diadem, p, 

\3\uliKS bahfidnaf a. to cause to give; to procure 

pardon for another, p, 

jjijl^i: bahhithddsht f.afavour,forgivcness. j:?. 

^jt-ljtf, baki'^hixh, f. a <r\fty gnituity. bakh- 
thitJi'Udma, a deed of gift, p, 

liiJES baMshtid, a. to give, to bestow, to grant, 

to spare, to pardon or forgive, p, 

**\i^jJiJtf bahhsh-ndmay ra. a deed of gift, p, 
^jjuiJ^ bakhshandagi, f. liberality, gene- 

"rosity; forgiveness, p, 

SJjulif^ bahlishanda^ he who bestows ; God, 

the forgiver. p. [forglver. p, k, 

l.'jb^^,ijtf haMahan-hdrd, m. thebe8tovver,the 

^iJtf bakhshl, m. (lit. the giver), n pny- 

** master; a general, commander-in-chief. bfifchshluU 
vttvndlik, a title or rank, equivalent to commander-in- 
chief, bnkiishi-khava, m. the pay-office ; the generars 
Oilice. baj^hiydni a'zam, the supreme commanders, p. 

OljL^Jtf bakhMydij name of a division of 

the JaunpGr district p, 

^(XjlIg^ bakkshldan, to bestow ; to forgive* p. 

\^$fJ^ bakhshugarif f. office of general, p. 

J.*: bukhL m. parsimony, stinginess, ava* 
rice, sparingnefls. a. [dtioo. p. a, 

u.3^tj^ ba~khildfj on the contrary, in oppo- 
(^9^ ba-khublf in perfection, thoroughly, p. 

^y4 ba-khud, liU to or into self, ba-hhud dndf 
to come to one's self or one's senses, p. 

jy^ bakhui'y m.perfume,odour,frank incense, a. 
4 ba-khushij with pleasure ; joyfully, p. 

j^ ba^khairj in welfare, well, good, p* a. 
jXiA^ bakhv'f ni. report, news, intelligence, d. 

JjJs! bakhllf a miser, a niggard, a. 

^JuJts bakhilij f. stinginess, niggardliness, a. 

juJg* baJthiya. m. a kind of stitching j quilt- 
ing, sewing very thick and strong, p. 

(V bad, evil, had; much used in the formation 

of compounds ; as, bad-dl^^tar^ of an unlucky star, 
unfortunate, bad-aihldh of bad habits, bad-nslubt 
ill-shaped, ill-made ; of evil conduct, bad-ofl or bad-- 
Usui, low-bom. bad-atwdrt ill-mannered, bad-^t/^dl, 
of evil deeds. bad-Vtiljcddt mistrustful, bad-cndesk, 
inimical, evil-miuded. bad-d^tn, of ill manners, o1>> 
serving no religious precepts, bad-bdiin^ internally 
evil, oad-hdki^t unlucky, unfortunate, bad-bar^ evil- 
minded or disposed, bad-bu, foetid ; f. stink, badparhez 
not controlling one's inclinations and passions; in 
tsmperate. bad'Chdli, of bad conduct, bad-chtuhm, 
malignant, envious, coveting other menii goods, par- 
ticularly wives, bad-^l, in bad circumstancea, ill- 
conditioned. bad-l^awdsSt senseless, stupified. bad" 
Isliifdl or bad-ikaflatt of a bod dispcraition. bad-khatt. 
writing ill. bad-kfyilkt of evil nature, iU-dispoaed. 
bad-Js^t of bad habits, bad-ktwdk, wishing evil, bad- 
du*dt f. curse. bad-diU suspicious, bad-dima^ dii- 
satisfied, displeased vrith every thing, bad-daul, ill- 
shaped, ungraceful, bad-sat^ tow-bom, of bad breed, 
wicked, vicious, bad-^fui, stupid, slow of apprehen- 
sion, bad-rdhj wicked, sinful, bad-rikdb, ill-paced 
(a horse), also difficult to mount bad-r<ig, of a bad 
vein, ill-natured, malevolent, bad-rang, iMid colonr, 
bad kind, bad-rau, ill-paced (a horse), bad-zaban, 
indecent speaker, abuser; f indecent language, abuse. 
bdd-zabdni, f. abuse, bad-zeb, ungraceful, bad-sffui, 
f. an unlucky moment, bad-saj, ungraceful, ill-lookin|^. 
bad-sirisht, of a bad composition, ill natured. bad- 
saraiydm, of a bad end. tfod-^igdl, malevolent, bad" 
suluk, unfavourably inclined, maltreating, bad-sirat, 
ill-tempered, of bad disposition. bad'Shakl, ill-shaped, 
ill-looking, bad-skugun, of evil omen, inauspicious. 
bad'Surat, ugly, ill-conditioned, bad-tariljh nu bsd 
habit (in a religious sense), bad-tinat, malevolent, 
iniquitous, bad-iinati, i. malevolence, iniquity, bad-" 
wmn, suspicious, bad-ahd, faithless, treacherouB. 
bad-f^l, m. evil deeds ; of bad habita (particu- 
larly in a religious sense^ ' bad-farjdm, of evil 
end or issue, malignant, bad-kdr or bad-Jdrdar, sin- 
ful; a malefactor, bad-gumdn, suspicious, bad-go, 
slanderous. *bad-guhar, of bad origin, bad^iagdm^ 
hard-mouthed (a horse), not obedient to the reins. 
bad-mast, dead drunk, bad-maza, of bad taste, ua-> 
savory, bad-mazagi, unsavoriness, tastelessness; cool- 
ness between friends, bad-mizdj, of evil temper 
iMid-mu^annOt suspicious, bad-nufath, of a bad pro- 
fession, of an infamous trade, bad-mu'dmala, of unfair 


( 103 ) 


deaKng. rogoiah. 

Uadnen. bad-ndm, in&mous, calamnioos. ^bad-namh 

had-mikri, 1 diaobligingness, un- 

£ infamy, bad-jutsalt of a bad race or breed ; a ba»- 
taid. bad-nasih, unfortunate, bad-nazar, ill-looking. 
tmd'Mfi, tripping (a horse), bad-numd or bad-namiut, 
I nngraceliil. in^^ant. had-nihad, ill-diiiposed, of bad 
I intention. bad-wa^\ ill-dinioaed or iU-behaved. bad- 
I Aozn, of bad digestion, bad-hal^, ill-formed, mis- 
shapen. had-ywnn, evil-<Mnened, unpropitious. N.B. — 
Ail the preceding adjectives may torm abstract sub- 
ttaatiTes by the addition of i, as bad-dls^a^tt depravity 
of m<ttmla. had-uslubl, malformation, &c. p. 

tX) i|?f 6a<fy f. a bnbOyOr swelling of the gland.A. 

•V 1^ hid^ f. a little pit into which children in 
play endeavoar to throw balls or marbles. A. 

^ ^[^ hadi, f. the wane of the moon ; the 
dark half of the lunar month, from full moon to new 
moon. 9, 

i«3J f^^ bidcij f. dismission ; taking leave, 
fiuewell. adieu, bidork, to bid iarewdl, to dismiss, t. 

i*y> hidoj f. beginning, commencement, a. 

IjJ ^r^ hada, predestined, fated, h, 

%^X>\jJ ^^IW^ bada-hadiy with emulation or 
rivaUhip, oootentiously. A. 

^22jW r^^K*l hidaran (for vidaran)^ m. act of 
teariqg, breaking, severing, rending, or dividing, i, 

^W f^^K«ll bidamd, a. to tear, to rend. «. 

l^^ W^nA baddmly f. a species of rice. k. 

(2)^ bad-dn (for ba-dn), lit. by that; thereby, 
tboiee. p. [oongratttlatioD, &c 

\^\s} baddhdf m. (v. badhdwd), a song of 
vl«^1t\> baddhat, unexpected accident, a. 

^\s> r^^l^tfl biddhndy a. to turn the plough 

over a field, after the seed is come up, and also to 
plough immediately afler sowing, for the purpose of 
oovering the seed ; to harrow. A. 

Ca>1«^3 or ftJi^tV hadatfaty commencement, a. 
M^dJbaddyt (pi. of *«Jt*3>^), wonders, rarities, a. 

V^'V W^JWnn bad-bdchdy m. a false or frau- 
dulent ftocA or division. A. 

iSJJJ WR budbudy m. a bubble, h, 

uU^iX) Vf^MI budhuddnd, a. to mutter, to 
Snimble. A. 

OiP flfi^ bidity known, famed, renowned, s, 
^^6} badloTy worse, inferior, very bad. j>. 
^^ badakhf m. a duck (for bataih)* d. 

^i^^ badakhshdn., name of a region near 
ttc BOnioe of the Oxus, famous for its rubies, &c. p. 

jAf hadvy m. the full moon. a. 

j^ ha-dar (to the door, or at the door), with- 

MtODt ho'dar-fuiwisi^ writing off objectional items 
offliaeooant; auditiugor taxing an overcharged bill.p. 

y^ 1^ badrdy m. a cloud, cloudiness, s, 
^jSi ba-dafj, by insertion, per invoice, p, a, 
9fyA} hanlarajat in, or to a degree, p, a, 
|i^ hadar^aUf f. a drain, a sewer, p. 

&5^tX3 badarha or badrakoy m. a fellow-tra- 
veller ; a convoy, or guard on the road ; any thing 
ordered to be takei^ with a certain medicine (as water 
gruel with salts); a vehicle (in medicine — see anupdn); 
also a charge (of one per cent.) formerly levied as the 
expense for keening the highways and rivers free from 
robbers, badraia ^db, an invoice of goods sent ; also 
transit duty. p. [ten thousand dirhams. p. 

BjJJ badroy m. a bag of money ; a weight of 

Sg;*V '^^{^ badriy a place of pilgrimage in the 
north of India, s. 

^j*^ r^qJ bidrty f. a mixture of metals so 
"called; a kind of tutenag inlaid with silver, (so called 
from Bidar, the name of a city and province), used Ibr 
^ukkast &c A. 

^J^y^j^ 'W^ijdl^^^^mbadri'patrahy m. asortof 
perfume, a leaf. ». 

^4A*V W^^WI badrx-phald, f. a plant, 

the blue sephalica or nyctanthes. $, 

^*H?"sft*V I^O^ft^l badrl'Chhadd^ f. a kind 

of perfume, apparently a dried shell-fish ; a tree, a 
species of the Zizyphus, s. 


the HimSlaya ranffe, and a celebrated place of pilgrim- 
age, the Bsdrin&th of modem travellers ; or a town and 
temple on the west bank c^ the Alaknanda river in 
the province of Shrinagar. s. 

dAM»jJ bordcLsty in hand, or into hand, p, 
jj^f^ ba-dastuTy according to custom ; as 

usual, in the usual manner, p. 
i^**»t3^ ^f^H^TT badsaldy m. a hog-sty. h, 

C^Si bid'aty f. violence, oppression, wrong; 
schism, heresy, blasphemy, a, 

fj^*^ bicCaiiy a tyrant, oppressor, a, 

^b3J baddk (same as &at), a duck, d, 

Cif3s} ba-dikhaty with toil or difficulty, p, a. 

W*V '^f^W^badakndy n. to move, be moved, h. 

Js>, badaly m. exchange, substitution ; reta- 
liation ; prep, for, on account of badal lend, a. to 
exchange, to take in exchange, badali mdl, m. price, 
barter, badal-^ttuhdhara^ m. stipend given in money 
or kind to public or private servants, a. 

J*^ ^r^5 baddaly or ^^ badaly m. cloud. /*. 

[ji^ ba^dil, with the heart, heartily, sincerely. 
ba dil ojan, vrith heart and soul. p. 

^«V ^?^ badldy m. exchange, lieu, stead, 

a substitute, recompense, revenge, requital badla 
iendt a. to alter, to revenge, badle, in exchange, in 
return for. a. [of the English word. d. 

"^^ budldy m. a bottle, probably a corruption 

^^»>^ bad-ldm (for bad-ndm), infamous, of 
bad repute. J. 

li^iV ^^^HTT badldnd, a. to cause to alter; 

to change, to put one thing for another, a. 

(/^•V ^TOT^^^wKa,t,f. price of exchange, a* 
ViJcV ^^cpm badalndf a. to change, to alter, a. 
^*V ^i<i^^ badRy f. cloudiness; a small bit 

" of cloud, a. 

thing;, a. 

^Ai budli, 
^ ^^ 6 

tha eoimten 
,ilJ badan 

Id lettle. to I 
to aduunrlc 

ii badna, 

Ijorrower (rf' 
iiu- below th 

,S3 hadari 

•a him, be 
kJ &ar/u, a 


n. capital pi 
f/iofi, f. apli 

lUnding. bt 



Cr^^-V Trt^J badha-vamh, m. the slaughter 
of a whole mce. «. 

LC^-^«V jftn^N buddhi-hxn^ ignorant, silly, a 

foot te^Ai-Aimoia, f. ignorance, folly. *. 

;^*V ^ITT baddht,f, an ornament worn round 

"the neck, hanging down to the waist, and crossing be- 
hind and before ; a belt, a sash, a pair of braces. A. 

\^sy ^fmir hadhiydy f. a bullock, or any 
castrated animal, h. 

f^jS*s^i\y '^it^^huddhindriya^ m. an organ 

of intellect or perception, as the mind, eye, car, nose> 
tongue and akin, s, 

8^S> "^Ui hadkya^ deserving death,condemned 

to death, hadkyaia, f. fitness to be killed, hadhya- 
Ikvad, f. or hadhyasthant m. a place of public exe- 
cntioo. s. 

{^S^ badij f. badness, wickedness, p, 

i^S> if^ badu f. the dark half of the lunar 

month, from full moon to new moon, t, 

^y^ flWf hidya (for vidya), f. science, know- 
ledge, intellect, s. 

^^boj r«l CI I Mi. bidyddhar, m. a Vidyadhara, 

a species of dancers that perform before the assembled 
dciHes in Indra's paradise, s 

y^J^^ flrarrtf bidydrthi (for vidydrihl), 
"ra. a seeker after knowledge, a student. «. 

U'^^'V r^^NI*! bidydrodn (for vidydrvdn), 

scientific, learned, t, [foreign country, i, 

^j>*yyf i^F bides (for videsh), abroad, a 
<j*^^ ftl^Uft bidesif of another country, a 

"trsTeller, a foreigner. ». 

Ji*>J hacff, rare, strange, wonderful, curious, a, 

^1^ badm (for ba-m), to, for, or in this. p. 

**>«3J badiha,m, an extempore, an impromptu, 

unpetoosity, any thing done inconsiderately, an unex- 
pected erent ; an axiom, a. 

^J^'yi badihif unpremeditated ; apparent, a, 

w iRf badd (see bard), greatt large, s. 

I3j buddd, old, aged ; an old man. d, 

\y\hbudddpd, 1 ,, 

i« , " T ,- f m. old age, senility, d. 
^ItU buddapan^) 

**;'J^ f^CKHI biddmd, a. to drive away, to 

tam away ; to effiuse. «. 

^JJ budpan, also budpand, m. old age. d. 
^ TO buddhd^ aged, old; an old man. 

hiii^aQfihiuit an old sinner (a term of ridicule or 
iqpnadi). hmdihorkkank, an old fellow. $, 

^h Tmddkdpd, 1 

C^^Ui? buddhapanj'^' ^^^ '^'^ ^"^''^y* '• 

^^^^ ^JS'Tyi budh-ganga, the old bed of 

tte CSngM, where it has shifted its stream, h. 

y*^? ^<W! badhiyd, m. a disease affecting 
^ Indian com, Ac, which prevents the head 

105 ; 1^ 

^•^ 5^^ bud/iiyd,\ 

^h^budi, /Mn old woman. •. 

«31.i^ bi'zdti'hi, of itself, independently, by iti 

own essence, personally, a. 

J JJ ia«r, m. seed, bazr-gar, a sower. £?. p, 
Jik> i>a«;, m. expense, gift, a portion, a. 
eis> bizla, m. a garment for daily use of 

which no care is taken, a. 
Ja> bazla, m. a jest, raillery, pleasantry, a, 
j} Jt bur, f. Pudenda foemina, vulva, h. 

j} ^ bar or var, excellent ; m. bridegroom, 
a son in law ; a boon, a blessing, a choice, a good; the 
Indian ftg-tree; f. Asparagus raamostu; coni. but, 
moreover, even, bar-ddi, giver of a choice or bless- 
ing, -r. 

j} ^ bar, m. breadth (of cloth), k. 

jf bar, f. bosom, bavrndi-nd and bar-hank nd, 

to boast; fruit, produce, result; prep, on or upon. 
oar-andt Pers. bar-dmadan, to succeed, bar- land, Pers. 
bar-dwardan, to accomplish, to bring to a successfui 
issue. bar-anddJshtan, to overthrow, to vanquish, p, 

ji ^ 6a;T, f. a wasp, h, 

ji barr, m. land, barran wa bahran, by land 

and sea. birr^ a fox-cub. a. 

y ^n ftflra, m. cakes made of pulse-meal, 

and fried in butter or ghi ; a^j. large, great (for Aafa). i. 
]j> yd burd^ bad, worse, burd mdnnd, a. to 

take amiss or ill, as an aflfront, to be affronted or dis- 
pleased, burd lagnd, n. to be unpleasant. A. 

y? ^TT barrd, m. a kind of rope used in a 

village game on the 14th of the light half of 
V. Wilson, h. 

\j> fir^ birrd, m. gram and barley sown in 
the same field, h. 

]j> jfr burrd, ra. the interior cavity of any 
thing, the belly of a drum, d, 

j>\ji bardbar, abreast, even, level, like, plain, 

uniform, smooth, up to, opposite, equal, exact, accu. 
rate, alike, straight, bardbar dnd, to overtake, bard- 
bar-k.t to smooth, to compose, bardbar-hond, to ter- 
minate, to allow, to suit. p. [kind. k. 

yjrji ^^iTWTR birrd bardr, m. collection in 


i^j>]j> bardbart, equality ; competition, ri- 
valry, bardbari-k,, to vie with, to compete with. p. 

O]^ mSK bardt, f. the company and atten- 
dants at a marriage>feast ; the marriage procession. «. 

OU> bardty f. a commission, a warrant, as- 
signment, a letter, a draught, a. 

C^\j> bardt, f. the 14th day of the month 

Sha*bdn, which is appropriated to the commemoration 
of ancestors ; this is generally called s?tabi-bardt,q.\. p.a, 

^w ^Onl bardlt, m. an attendant at a mar- 
- . 

nage procession, i. 

iJl>\j> f^ni hirat, ro. tlio embodied sf 

l^^y ^TJTT bai-atha, m. a washerman. A 
Vij-y flnjsnn fiiVSjna, n. lo be conspici 

or iplendid, lo enjoy ooe'i »elf. to liie in health. 
coateat, and iadepeadence. t^ 

jil\j baradar or biradar, m. broiher- i 

rfar-poniiflf, kind to friendi sod relations, bar 
IsliKdndagi. profeulon of fraternal affection, p. 

jjljil'o haradnrana, like a brother, becoii 

a tn'othcr. p. 
Bdlj i\jj haradar-zada, a nephew, ji. 
4jiVji>lj haradar-zadi, a niece, p. 
i^jil^ fcrtraifart, f. relationship, brotherh 

»d]. brotherly. fr«tenisL p- 
wJ^jJuroiia, m. filings, saw-duBt. p. 
,b 6ar5r, iil. that which brings up, t 

paH. iorar-i-fror, mcceufol accomplUhment 
aSair i taiatton in general, p. 

l\ji ■ron bamra, f. a lliong, a rope (p 

ciilBTljofaewing). *- 

i^ljJ ^irff ftoroj-i, m. a ph.areholder pa 

hi* proportion of the bardr taxation, p. 

:b baraz, ra. stool, motion, excrement; fi 

log (eapedally in .Ingio combat), a. 

(^'^wnW Jaro*, anger, rage; adj. an 

^\j> ftlj* biroit, eighty-two. ». 
wi-TjJ 6or-a*/io/io, exciled, distracted. 
iUsU har-vftad, fallen off, dwindled awe 
M^ J har-afro^ta, set on fire, inOami 

jIj 6ura^, the horse or Pegasus on m 

MuhamniKl went one night from Jer "Mlem to h« 
Mdthenc«™tornedtoSlecca. N.B. Onr lexi. 
phera, Hichariaoo. and sf^er him Hunter and a 
Sthen, will have it thet Ibii spirited quadnipe 
■i^ou 1 on what aolhority 1 know not o. 

jU harrah, flashing, shining, brilliant. 
^\j &ar»afi,f. brilliancy, splendour. . 
JjJ ftm 6tr5m, uneasy, unquiet, a gitat 
6^^ bar^mad, f. lit. up coming: issu< 

Hnditure ; informing (more particularly of bri 
accowtion. bar-amai hvna. to ■uead, appear, 
forth, p. 

SJ-iTj bar-amada, m. a verandah, bale 
iiane, expenditure, diaburwment. p. 

,*i*T,J bar-amadi, an accuser, p. 

^Jj} baran, time, turn, vicissitude, d. 

yl y burran, sharp, cutting, cleaving. ; 

\JV ^Wn barrana, a. to talk in one's t 
or io a deliriDm. h. 

^J { 107 ) 

«^ barlM^ a species of lute or harp. g. 
t>^ ^TWr barban, a north wind. A. 
^^ifi 3^tPi hur-bola, scurrilous, abusive. A. 
*A-4^ I? ^THfNnn barhhanva. or WAirnj i i /.w*^ 


»«ijrtf. affected, an old person who affects the man- 
■"«« of joath. A. 

*!;? ftaf^^a, on foot, erected, established; 

fSrtf'^LT*^ ^-f^-^^^^, a. to pitch, to raise, to 

«Is«^-r2v t*?** V **"■?" *^^ <>' ''^»«' to be or re- 
main cstabUahed. A. 

CJj> OT &ra/, ^^ ftara/, or W& fcar/, m. a 

^ • 'W, a meritorious act, rite, or penance ; use; 
part, flamm^. biasing. «. 

O^ flf* Wr*, a right, custom, privilege. A. 

<*-y WW baratj a disease which affects rice 

CPW; a l^tbem girth or large cable; the rope at- 
tached to the bucket of a well. A. 

O^ ^ffif ^r»<«, m. a proxy in the performance 

of religious duty. *, 

^ji T*^ ^TMti (corruptly bart), f. a stipend, 

a pension, income, estate, means of livelihood. *. 

. .. 

y^j} Wnn bartd, that which has been used. h. 
^ f^^Wlbirta, m. purpose, substance, power..v. 

\ijy fm brifa, m. a grant generally of land 

to a religious person, or to a tenant on certain stipu- 
tatkNu. A. 

^^y, ^^1*11 bartana, a. to distribute, to cause 

to be used ; m, old clothes. A. 

^^^^j^ ^^lil hriltant or briiant, m. account, 
Bsrratiou, story; intelligence or news; circumstance. 

jI>Co\5y ^VIHIMV^ britant-patfar, the re- 
^coid of a dedsion given by a panefiayet, s. 

^ iarter, higher ; excellent, superior, p. 
i^j^j> bartari, f. eminence, superiority, p. 
LrV ^^S^ bartush, land sown with sugor- 

cane after a rice crop. A. 

i^j) ^iWin bartamaHf the present tense in 
gnsuaar ; existent, present ; commenced or set in. «. 

try W*f or ^KM bartan^ m. a dish, plate, 
!(&. utensils, vessel, bason. A. [fleet. A. 

l*y WTinn baratnd, a. to consider, to re- 
vy ^iff hartnd, a. to use. A. 

^^ W?I5ft baratnl or bartani, f. ortho- 

P^^ *• [of jungles. A. 

*|^ YTI ^am<A, land situated in the midst 

«5y bnta, m. (v. ftr»7a), a grant of land,&c. h. 

y^jf ^ britha, or tm brathd (for vrithd), 
Aortive, vain, in vain. s. 

^ji Wrt ^a/i, m. one who fasts ; adj. en- 
PV^ in the performance of a vow or penance, t. 

jjj;^ f^ift ^/r/I, m. name of a plant (a spo- 

" cies of Pauicum). A. 

^j> f^rfWuT UrUydy a tenant who holds his 

lands on a fixed unalterable annual assessment A. 
j^ji barr-titary m. the Indian grouse, com- 
monly called rock partridge. A. 
^ Wf bruj (or hurj\ m. a cable, a large 

track rope, (a small one being called gtm). A. 

fTji ^^K?9 ™» a bastion, a tower ; a sign of 

the zodiac, a constellation, a. 
'^jf ^^^ brajy m. a name of a district, con- 
taining the several villages of Mathura. Gokul. Brin- 
d&van. &c, about 1 68 miles in circumference, celebrated 
as theland where JTrwAna passed his youthful days. 
braj-bdii, an inhabitant of Bry, an armed attendant. 
braj-bkasha or bkdkha, the dialect of Hindi spoken in 
the district of ^rq;. «. 

\^j} bar-ja, in place, true, accurate, right, p. 
H^j? WiMfiiMi barjatiya^ m. an innocent 

kind of snake. A. 

^J^J^ 5^ ^^^^^9 ^- a term of abuse ap- 
plied to a woman, such as brimstone, strumpet, &a A. 

^ ^**» y j} barjasta, right, proper, opportune, 

exact, d propof, prompt, p, [hibit A. 

^i?^ WnPTT harajna, a. to forbid, to pro- 

^yrji ^T^5ar-jo<7,marriageable (a girl).*. 

^^^ burji, f. a small tower or turret (the 
"cutwater to the pier of a bridge), a. 

^j^ f"TTftRT birjiyd, one of the subdivisions 
of oAirs, q. v. A. 

{jr^ji birjis, the planet Jupiter, p, 

^j> barcha^f m. (v.5arc/A/ia,&c.),a spear, p, 

{^j> f^lWf bii'chan, m. a kind of flour made 

from the fruit of the ber tree {Rliamnus jujuba). A. 

0^j> "^ brichchh (for ^^ vriksJta), m. a 

tree in general, a plant, s. 

1^5-^ ir#T barchhd, m. "la (long, slender) 

f^^^j> ^^ barchhiy f. J spear, a javelin. 
"barchhd^ barchhe, or barchhi-barddrt a spearman. A. 

^■^ rV^ f^tftpS birchhik, m. (for vrischik), a 
scorpion ; the sign of the zodiac so called, t. 

CL^x^j> irW barchait, m. a spearman. A. 
^^j> barchl, f. a spear, (v. barchhi). A. 
^j> bar-hakh, for a certainty, rightful, p.c. 
^ barkh or ftirM> little, few, some. p. 
Ca**»1>-^ bark^t, f. recalling or removing' 

from office, going away; a breaking up of a conn of 
justice, p. 

^^^\^J} bar-khdstan, lit. to rise up ; met to 

go away, to cease, p, 

iiU-^ bar-^ildf, on the contrary, p. a. 


^j> ( 108 ) 

^j^j> har-hhurdf success, enjoyment, j). 

i^^j^jt ^orkhu'dar, hnppy, enjoying long 

life, prosperity (male children are so called, q. d. en- 
Jojing the fruits of life), p. 

i^ji harkhe, a little, few, somewhat, p. 

U>-y harhhiyuy the father of Asaf, q. v. a. 

^j> WT^ bar ad, m. a bullock, a bull, s, 

Cij> ^f hurdt m. lit. carrying off, a term used 

at chess when only the king (on one side) remains on 
the board : it is a species of victory, but not so credi- 
table as checkmate, p, CSJ^^ ^' 

^J ftrr^ hirad, m. fame, reputation, pane- 
^j> hardy m. cold, frigidity, frosty weather. 

burd, a kind of striped cloth. ^ burd i yamani, striped 
cloth of Yaman, or Arabia Felix, a. 

jI*3J ^Ij^li. hardavy wide broadcloth. /*. y>. 

S^j> bardar, bearer (in comp.); as sonte-bar^ 

ddr, stick bearer, &c. iulrie-bardar (or more com- 
monly Ijiulc^a-bardar), the servant who takes care of 
the hookah, or the luxurious qui hy pipe, p, 

{jj^^ji bar-ddri, act of bearing, means of car- 
riage or conveyance, p, 
iS^^dj} bar-dwihtj f. endurance, patience; 

stores, supplies, barddsht fshflnot a temporary store- 
house, p, 

93J^\iy^, bar-dashta, raised up, elevated, p. 
^^3J 1|<<;IH bar-dan (for vara-ddn), m. a 

wedding-gift to a bride from her betrothed; the 
answer to a prayer addressed to God, or to a saint, s. 

jb^ burdbdr, forbearing, mild, patient, p. 
iSi^^ji burdbdri, patience, forbearance, p. 
SXAdj^ burdmand, productive, fruitful, p, 
^^dj} burdan (r. bar)y to bear, to carry, p. 
liSii^ 6?r4an/7,1 f. a missile weapon shaped 

^J^^ji birdanglj like a sword-blade, and 

"made of ivory, horn, or other hard substance. It is 
thrown with the hand, and much resembles the 
" boomerang " of New South Wales. (Binning.) d. 

»j^mdJ bar-dokhta, sewed ; fixtd or nailed 

upon. p. 

»*3J barda, m. and f. a slave, barda-farosky 

a slave-merchant, burda (in comp.) denotes bearing 
or possessing, as nam-burda, named or having a name, 
the gentleman aforesaid, h. 

^djf ^1?V baradh, m. a bullock, s. 
j^^j> n briddho, old, aged. s. 

'^'^jiT^ H^d^h ^' vegetation, increase, s, 

^^j> f%^ biruddha, opposite, opposed to ; 

against, contrary. «. [to be bulled, h. 

^j\^dj> mH\^\ bardhdndy a. to cause the cow 
Ujb^ WWffT baradkndy a. to cover or bull 
a cow. &. 

(tfdV ^K^ bardij f. a drove of cattle loaded, s. 

{^^ji bardi (for bard%y\ the papyrus, a. 
^•^Aji ^^^ bardait, a panegyrist, a bard. A. 
^^^4>(3^ Wtt^ bardaiht, f. compensation for 

" pasture-ground. A. 

MSj} '^TtfT barddy m.1 any kind of sandy, light, 
kjiiji ^rit bardi, f,} or stony soil. h. 

\jj> W^ barrdy m. a rope, a cable, h. 

jj> barZy m. a sown field, agriculture, p. 

rJJ^ &flrzaM> ni. interval, bar, partition ; in- 
terval between death and resurrection, purgatory, a. 

uJj^ ft'Jr^flw, m. a mansion ; a street, espe- 
cially a large and spacious one, a quarter of a town, p, 

{^j^j> ^ bris (for vrisha), m. a bull ; the 
sign or constellation Taurus, s. 

{^j»»j> ^"ITS baras, m. a year; rain, raining, s. 

{^jt»j> ^t^ baraSj m. an intoxicating drug 
made of opium, h, [bari^). i. 

UoJ mm bandy m. the rainy season (see 

C->U*0 ^^TIT or ^T^Tif barsat, rain in gene- 
ral ; f. the rainy season, the rains. «. 

^J,^J> ^^nft or ^rtlift barsdtty f. the name of 

^ disorder in horses ; the farcy ; adp. relating to rain. 
barsdli/cul, the rain crop, or what is sown during the 
rains, h. 

U5U*»j ^^ifl^rm barsdUydy a servant en- 
gaged in cultivation who contracts for one yearns 
service, h. 

aVmdJ barsdm, m. the pleurisy ; an inflam* 

mation of the diaphragm, p. 

\j\m»j ^RT baradndy a. to shower down ; to 

cause to rain ; to winnow grain, s. 
jU*»J ^^ra barsdyUy raining, rainy season. A. 
tS^ji brhpatl (for brihaspati)y m. Jupiter ; 

" Thursday. ». 

Lii^ J wftj^ brischik (or vrishchik)^ m. a 
scorpion ; the sign Scorpio, s. 

HKHHW baras-gdhtky f. literally, 

" the year-knot ;" the ceremony of tying a knot on 
the anniversary birtliday of a child : hence it cornea to 
denote a birthday, anniversary, s. 

i^j> T^ barsaiiy m. rain, or raining. «• 
Kkt^j) W<M«1I barasndy n. to rain, to be wet. s. 
U**o Ori^ilHI birasndy n. to stay, to remain. A. 

f^y**j> ITilA^IH baraswdrij anniversary, an- 
nual. ». 

^,^y**j} W i^*^n;^ T harsodiydy a servant en- 
gaged by the year. The word is also written bar- 
soUyd and barsdliyd. k. [or rent. «• 

{jjy*»j> Wi^^l barsaufi, f. an annual tax 
^^jm^barsiy m. annual ceremony in com* 

"memoration of deceased relations. «. 


U^J? ( 

{j^ji WW harxh (v. har€Ls\ m- rain; a year. «. 

{jf^j> WW 6rwA (for vrishd), m. a bull ; the 
sigh or oonsteUatioa Taorus. «. [ness. ;?. 

;ji|^ hurrishj f. cutting, cleaving; sharp- 

^j> WWT harshd, or W^T harhha (for varshd), 

1 the rains, the third leason (of the six), from the 
15th of Ashdrh to the 15th of Bhadu, rain. s. 

C^l**j^ W^l^if baj'shd'f bai'khd", or varahd- 

ritu^ l, the rainj season, s. 

^^<S»\Jj j ^ H^l^H barshdshan, m, yearly pay 
or BttlMtatence. «. 

JdIm»^ W^TWTT^ barshd'f barkhd-y or varxkd' 

kal, m. the rainj season. «. 

I3li^ W^TWT barshdnd, a. to cause to rain, 

to Mower down ; to rain. s. 
y*-^ w5T3I barshd, 
3^i;> Wirra barhhd, 
*4f^? ^JWH brUhabh (for vrishabha), a bull. 5. 
w*^ birishtOy fried, broiled, i?. 
JISJ^ i|^4il(^ barxh'kdl or varsh-kdl, m. the 

rainj season, the rains, s. [sary, jr. 

{2)^ji WWWTW barshtvdn, annual, annive- 
f^y^jy ^kfA barshaufi, f. an annual fax 

part, raining. ^. 

(K-rent. h* 

^joj> bo7'as^ in. the leprosy, more especially 
the white-spotted or scaly leprosy, a. 

\^yoj> bar-tarafy aside, apart ; dif^missed (as 

a plaint) ; also as a subst, discliarge ; dismissal from 
office, bar-^af-k., a. to diaftiijfe, to discharge, to turn 
off. hoT'taraf-hima, n. to be dismissed, dlBchain^ed, or 
turned offl p,a. 

{Jf^ fear- to r/1, f. dismission, discharge, jv. a. 
ip^j>, bar-*akSyOr\ the contra ry,in 6piteof.^.<i. 
lIm^ ba-raghhat. with avidity, eagerly, p. a. 

\3>li^ ba rgha ldnna (for warglialdnnd), a. to 
deceive, to wheedle, &c. A. 

ui^ bnrf^ in. f. ice, snow. baif-pai'Tvard, 
iSerbet, &c. cooled in ice. p. 

{jj} ^^Kf^f ^* * ^*"^ of sweetmeat ; adj. iced, 
"or cooled by mesas of ice. p, 

jj? barhy f. lightninj;. bark-anddz (lit. 
throwing lightning), a matchlockman ; also a watch- 
man, gnard, or escort, a. p» 

^ijf bar-kardr, firm, fixed, established, p. a. 

Pj> burha, m. a dress, or kind of veil cover- 
ing the whole body from head to foot, with eye-holes 
to it burla'-posh, one who wears a inar^a'. a, 

^j>^[^brik, m. a wolf (properly vrika). s, 

Ol^ bnrakdt (pi. of CU^), f. blessings, 

Mspidousneas. bd-barakdt, fortunate, prosperous; 
fartanate in every undertaking, and communicating 
good fortune to every thing one is concerned in ; pro- 
ductive of advantage and success, a. 

C^ barakai, f. a blessing, abundance, pro- 
iperitf, aus^doosness ; an inherent prosperity which 
or abundance, a. 

109 J (.y 

a^j> flTWrfr bh'halj m. a kind of ascetics 

who have relinquished the world ; adj. wearied, dis^ 
gusted with the world, ascetic «. 

{J^j> ^ brikah or vrikska, m. a tree. *. 
^jjl2l>j^ bar-kmhidany to pull up, extract* ji. 
^j> W<«li<j>1 barkaldy an inferior clan of 

Tdj-puti. h, 

^Jj^ bar-Jtandan, to root up, to eradicate, p. 
&^ birhtty m. a pond, a small well, the basin 

of a fountain, a. 

^j} ^ brikh, m. a tree (same as briksh). », 
^j> W^ barkh (for varsha), m. rain. s. 
^j>, W^ W^ barkhd, if. (see barshd), winy 

season, &c. s. 

U***^j! W^mw barkhdsan, m. yearly pay. *. 
*^i^j} "^^Wbrxhhabk (for brisk abh), a bull. $. 
U^O WWWT barakhnd (v. barasnd), to 

rain. «. 

vl/j wft bargy m. an assembly of people of 

one class, a multitude of similar things ; a class of let- 
ters of the same organ, as the dentals, palatines, &c. ; 
the square of a number. », 

^j) bargy m. a leaf; knapsack containing 

provisions or necessaries for a journey ; a kind of 
musical instrument, melody ; a kind of warlike appa- 
ratus, p, 

^j> Wtrn bargd, m. a rafter. A. 

O^ WT?T?r bargaty in. the Indian fig-tree 

{Ficut Indica), h. 

^'HJIt? ^«^-^«^*^> chosen, selected, p, 

fi^.i s bar-gashtagiy retrocession, apo- 

" Stacy, p. [apostatized, rebelled, p. 

bjJLSj bar-gashta, changed, turned away, 

^2^J} WTIff bargauy partition, a share. /<. 
ijj> "WHt bargt, the Marhdtds are so called. «• 
^y^j> '^[^ii^ bargelym,2i\\ ortolan (Alauda), h, 
^ WT^n burld, m. a wasp, k, 
^ fWT^ birld, scarce, uncommon, rare^ 

wonderful ; delicate, fine, thin. s. 

U»> birmdy m. name of a plant (Trickosarir 

tkes irtcisa), d, [worked with a string, h 

Uj> W^ barrndy m. a kind of gimlet or borer, 

UUj W^lWT barmdndy a. to bore. k. 

UUj fqrWTWT birtndnd, a. to stop; to tame, 

to reduce to obedience ; to allure. «. 
jUj r^iHI^ fezrma^u, taming, tamed,allured. 8, 

^W(V^ fw^HHT birm-bkdt, a subdivision of 

the bhdf (or bard) tribe, h. 
s^^ji bar^mahaly one who is appointed to 

the charge of a district, p. a, 

^Le^ Wm^ barmaldy public, conspicuous, k, 
IXo r^<HWT biramndy n. to stop, to remain. «. 

— i 



tk^j^ birma, in. (v. hirma) name of a plant, d, 

"^ji ^*fT harmha, the people of Ava are so 
called, vulgarly the Burmese. A. 

y^j> W^^tf(Kbarmhotar (for WBr^brahwa- 

fi^fra), a free grant given to Br&hmans for religious 
parposes. s. 

Cil? ^<5^ barun (for varuna), m. the p:od of 

water; name of a tree {Cratava tapia^ or Capparis 
tr\foliata). 8. [even, but even, rather. *. 

^2)ji ^ or WT!T bararij conj. moreover, and 
^j^ W^ barnuy or WOT baran, m. colour ; 

a daas or caste ; one of the four tribes amone Hindus, 
«ds. 1. brShmanat 2. chhatriya^ or ksfuitriya, 3. vaishya, 
A. shudra ; a letter of an alphabet ; praise, description ; 
fresh earth carried into hollows hj means of water. 
baran-k., to hire a priest for the performance of a sacri- 
fice or of any religious ceremony. «. 

13^ lK*li barand, a small river near Be- 
nares, s. [{Cratava tapia). s. 
u^ ITTTT barna, m. name of a fruit-tree 
^^j: mA\ bamd, n. to burn, to be burnt, h. 
^^ won barndf a. to marry, s. 

0^ barndf m. a youth ; adj. young, bamd 
wa fnr, the young and the aged. p. 

tj^j^ji W^lTiH^ bai'Tidr-matti, f. coloured 

"soQ of two kinds, one tinged with yellow, the other 
with yellow and white. A. 

^ j> biranj (or birinj)f m. rice ; brass, p, 

k^j^ji birinjdrl, a grain- merchant, a camp- 
follower (with gram, &c.), a suttler. p. 

iy^^j> birinj-pkal, T m. name of a species 
J'^fT; birinj-phul,) of rice, h, 
^^ birinjif made of brass, brazen, p. 
^ j> fwftfti birinchi, or f^Tfi? biranchi (for 

virittcAt or viraauiha — see hidhatS), Brahma, the Deity. «• 

j3p ^ftrtwci (for vrinda), m. a heap, a mul- 
titude, a quantity, an aggregation. • s. 

1«33jl >f^ brindd, f. a sacred plant, commonly 

called t*fUl {Ocymum sanctum,OT sacred basil : this shrub 
is said to be a female metamorphosed). ». 

^^JJ^ ^^n^lf brindd'ban, the forest of 

Brindd in the vicinity of Mathwra, celebrated as the 
scene of young Krishna's sports with the Gopts ; a 
forest of tulsi trees, s. 

tS>j> baranda, bearing, a bearer, p, 
jJSsM,^^ ^^IM^ bam-mnkarf m. a person of 

a tribe originating in the intercourse of a man of 
one tribe with a woman of another. «. 

L^J> ba-rang, in kind, in the mode or 

manner, p. 

^^ci^ W^*n^ bam-mdld, f. an alphabet, s, 

^j> W^ or WTfT baman (for vaman), m. 

description, recital, explanation ; praise, baman-k., to 
extol, to praise ; to describe, to explain, s. 

110 ) ■ ,j 

U^ «i^*fi barnand or barannd, a. to describe, 

praise, s, 

\^ji %^^1 ox'myfibarani^ f. an eye-lash, barni^ 
an advance made for cultivation or manufactuK». s. 

{^ji r«ri.n1 Wrni, f. a wasp ; a small grain, h, 

^ji ^^ barOf name of a high jungle-grass. 

baru, the kalam or reed used in writings a tube, coa- 
duit, or canal, h, 

\j/ ftrWT bh-wd, ra. a plant, a tree ; the 

labourer employed at the basket used in raising water 
for the purpose of irrigation, h. 

\jy. ^^11 barwdy f. name of a ragiiii in mu- 
sic, by which deer and serpents are said to be tamed. 
baru,a^ a soil consisting of sand and clay. A. 

J^3ji ^T^T bar war, name of a class of people 
engaged in cleansing and selling rice. A. 

(^'jy f^T^n^ birwdhx, f. an orchard, fttr- 

foaAt-Ar., a to make an orchard ; to inclose with a 
hedge. A. 

^*^.'4^ M<*<IT* barwd,eh, name of a class 

of hereditary clutuki-ddrs, or watchmen, near the Se* 
walik hills. A. [barabar.) p 

jt^jt barobar^ even, breast to breast. (See 

^^j} f^W^ birup, disfigured, ugly, bhup fu. 
to be disgraced. «. 

^^3ji ^^^"^ ^' whiskers, moustaches, p. 
Ojj^ HK^n barwat, f. a kind of snake. A. 

{^S^3ji ^^^ baraiki^ name of a tribe of 
**aAtr«, in the Mynpur districts, (v. aklr), A. 

^X^ W^W barwat, m. a tumour in the 

belly. A. [washerman ; a vestibule. A, 

^Jj^ ^Cl«i barothd or ^^cNt barauihtl, m. a 

rA/? ^^^M} (p^' ot ^j^), bastion?, towers, 
celestial signs, more particularly those of the zodiac, a. 

Otijj^ burudat, f. Coldness, chilliness, a, 

*^(^jj} ft Oh birodh (for virodh), m. quarrel, 
enmity, contrariety, opposition. «. 

^^dtkj> fnO^ birodhi, quarrelsome. *. 
CIa^jj^ bar-waht, in lime, ^ Za donTte heure, 

seasonably, opportunely. /). a. [absence, j^ 

vl/j^y ftrttT 6f><w7 (for virog), m. separation, 
^jj^ r*lO'H birogan, m. sickness from the 

absence of a beloved object ; adj. f. separated, dis- 
tressed from separation, s. 

{^3ji ftfd^ft birogly a separated or distressed 

"lover; a4j. separated, s. [(•oil), jiw 

JJmsj J barumattd, fortunate, happy ; fertile 
(JL?^ ^'^■'''* (^"^r fce^-iiw), also buruUf in ithout, 

outside, external, p, 

\Sb*y>^j} ^fltwf bnraundhd, m* cotton-land. &« 


( 111 ) 


^f^Ui ^^IP barankhd, m. a species of 9ugar- 

ame with long thin jointa. A. 

^Jji Vn^ barrohy a name given to the uplands 

on the right banks of the Jumna, barteat m. the name 
of a bird that feeds on fish. A. 

^3ji ^^ harwe, a kind of measure or ca- 
dence in language. A. 

^j> fn^ birah, m. separation, absence (espe- 

dalljr that of lovers). «. 

^ f%^ birrot m. grain and barley sown to- 
gether in the same field. A. 

lj> barot also barra, a lamb, a kid or fawn ,• 

the ngn Ariet. Ao-roA, on the road; provisions for 
a jonmej. p. 

W ^^ barka, m. a channel for the passage 

of water from a weU to a field, or from one field to 
another ; a field where a>w8 feed ; a rope or string. *. A. 

\j^ ^fl burhdy wicked, bad. h, 

\j^ f^llift birhhy m. separation, parting, ab- 

•eooe (especially of lovers), a kind of song peculiar to 
WMhermen. ». A, 

^j> burkan, m. demonstration, proof, a. 
^^jj r^ijIHI blrkdndy m. land in which cu- 

Qaary herbs are produced. A. 

^J barkdft (v. barhaX)f ni. a carpenter. A. 
t ^*'»^j} HV^^d brihafpaii (for vrihaspati), a 

name of the spiritual preceptor of the Devatas, cor- 
responding to the Thor of the Northmen, and the Ju- 
piter of the ancient Greeks and Bomans ; the planet 
Jnpiter; Thursday. «. 

Ac^j y ipp^sifiKWttbrihaspatP'bdr, m^Thurs- 

dsj; Z)j«t/<W«f. ff. 

Jy mi brahm or Brahma^ m. God ; the 

dl-pervading, the divine cause and essence of the 
j worid, from which all things are supposed to pro- 
ceed, and to which thejr return ; spirit, the very soul. 
ydm-QstrOt a fabled weapon which deals infal- 
lible destruction to those against whom it is dis- 
I eksrged. AroAaia-AAo;, feeding of Brihmans. hraltma- 
fiUra, in. a kind of poison ; the Burampooter river; a 
pboe of pilgrimage, probably the source of the stream. 
M'sAsia.fwiri, £ the Saratwaii river, braftma-tatwa^ m. 
the true knowledge of the Supreme Spirit, brahmaftwot 
BL Godhead. brahma-Jaitma, m. second or spiritual 
Urth, investiture. brahma-ddrut ro. the mulberry 
{Monu Jndiea) brahma-^Uurbha, f. a plant {Ligusticum 
JfWMs). brtutma-^Umd, m. a curse, an anathema. 
mmm i aityg , an apparition, Satan, ghost, brahma 
nhkat^ a kind uf ghost or demon, brafitna-rdtri, a 
l%llt of Brahma, comprehending 1000 yugas or ages 
cf Uie gods, said to be equal to 216,UUu,uuO ages of 
■KKtak. brahma-tuHtrup, of the nature or essence of 
tke Godhead, bntknut-tesh^ the leavings of Brahmans. 
^wAaa-xAofo*, m. an edict or grant, &c addressed to 
Brthmans. brahma-gya^ m. one wfcio has spiritual 
*lidom. brahma'gyan, m. spiritual wisdom, divine 
bovledge. brahmt^okt m. a division of the universe, 
^eternal residence of the spirits of the pious, 
-m'rvaa, in. absorption into the Supreme Be- 

b|^ brokmtMndU m. a follower of the Vedanta system 
w ^ilosophy, one who nmintains all things are 
9^« u expounder of the Vcdas. brahnia-hatyii, 
wt Border of a Brahman ; sacrilege, braftma-hatydrd, 

^1)^ one who is guilty of the murder of a 

j^j> bar-ham, confuted, entangled* spoiled; 

angr V, vexed, sullen, bar-ham darham, entangled, con- 
fused, topsy-turvy, barham-zant an exciter of quarrels, 
an embroiler. Aar-Aam-zont, embroiling, putting a stoo 
to, interfering, preventing, bar-ham-zadan, to embroL^ 
lit. to strike together, p, 

U*^ Wn brafund, m. (see vidhdtd), the 

Deity in the character of Creator, or matter personi- 
fied, s, 

{jf^^j} slVf<^ brahmddayay m. any grant 

or perquisite bestowed on a Brahman, f. 

i^jl^y irirnp brahmdnd, m. the top of the 

head ; the mimdane egg (of the Hindus) ; the globe, 
the world, s. 

JLJ^J mn^ hrahmdxtra, m. a fabulous 

weapon, said to be the gift of Brahmft. s. 

fj*M\^J m^mH hraJimdsan^ m. a posture 
suited to devout meditation. «. 

O^l^lb^ ^^X^^brahmdmartta, m. the coun- 
try to the north-west of Delhi, lying between th« 
rivers SaraawatI and Drishadwatl. s, [mastra). s. 

^IjL^jb^ mnrnr brakma-bdn (same as brah' 

^j\^fj^ 4<l^ir<4lA brahma'Chdrini, f. a wo- 
man leading a life of continence. «. 

{Sj^'^^^j} ilUMICt braJimu'Chdrtf a religious 

student, a Brahman, from the time of his investiture 
by the sacerdotal thread till he becomet a house- 
holder; a person who continues with his spiritual 
teacher studying the Veda, a pandit, an ascetic By 
the taniras, this name is assigned to persons whose 
chief virtue is the observance of continence, and it 
Is assumed by many religious vagabonds; the life 
led by a young Brahman before he becomes a aoi«M- 
holder. s. 

^..j^ji WH^ brahma-charya or brahnut' 

eharj, the profession or way of life of a Sf aAiM- 
chdri. s, 

^^j^jf mrtV brahma-randhra, m. the 
aperture at the crown of the head. t. 

{J^t^^j) HWI^^t^ brahma-lok, m. the world 

of Bndima, the regions above, t. 
(^;^jf 9W<i brahman, ro. a Hindu priest, a 

Br&hman, or one of the sacerdotal caste, s. 

U^^^ju^jb^ Al|iu4)i|t|r brahnanO'bhojand, f, 
distribution of food to Brfthmans. «. 

i^*^ji '^Tll^ brahmafii, wife of a Brahman ; 

acy. of or relating to a Brahman, s. [nua. a. 

UUx^ib^ "^^RTl brahmanetd, son of a Brah- 
djl^^jf KW^ brahma-hatyot m. the murder 

of a Brahman, s, 

te^jf barhamlj confusion, sullenness. p. 
^^j> f^^^tf birhan or birahan, (a woman) 

BufTt^ring the pangs of love from the absence of her 
lover, a female lover whose beloved one is absent, g, 

ifi^ji barahnngx, f. nakedness, p. 







( "3 ) 

yj> tkpn hirtay m.1 purpose or object; 
djf flfflft hirtl, f. J power, ability, his 

6^<;wr tattd pantt for what purpose do you call for 

hot water? a proverbial expression applied to a man 

^who has not done his matrimonial duty over night, h. 

ci}^ iar/i, f. (for barhti), increase^ advance- 
ment, BDccesB, promotion, s, [cal. h. 

*^^Jr? 1«^\ burchod, m. a scoundrel, ras- 

Jji hurury m. a basket-maker or a mat- 

"•*«' <'- [thing falUng. d. 

«^ ^jpr burah (also JwrwA), noise of any 
V^ WT^ ^ar^a (same as hara\ large; elder 

(brother or son). A. [cylinder of masonry, h. 

t>«rj} 'i?^*!!*! harkuyan^ a well without a 
J)>fwpAbirki,f. (y.birar), a drove of bul- 

" locks, &c *. 

bar-gat, the Bengal fig-tree. *. 

-J^^J? ^T^HBIT har-gujar, one of the thirty- 
six royal races of raJ-puts. K 

bur am t the noise of water, d. 

^j> ^^ barna (for barhna), n. to enter. A. 

'jj? ^T^ banco, f. a mare; the nymph As- 

wini or the asterism designated by a horse's head. *. 

yfljjj? ^nWlfr^f barfvagnU m . submarine fire. «. 

•4**!jJ? ^rTOTyw barwamuhh, m. submarine 

^; the infernal regions, s. 

J^liJ? ^WT5f9 barieanaUm, submarine fire; 

in mytholofry, a being consisting of flame, but with 
U» bead of a mare who sprang from the thighs of 
lirva, and was received by the Ocean. «. 

dsji ^?^ barotly f. progres8ion,ad vancing. d. 
'tr^3ji Wi^T bariinkha, m. a kind of sufrar- 

csne with long joints, h. 

V^ 3?mT burhapa^ m. old age. A. 

^^'"^ ^dl^MI barha lana, a. to bring for- 
waii to l^ui on (an army). A. 

"^ ^dWI barhana, a. to increase; to 
Jttfthen ; to n^ake advance ; to raise, to promote ; to 
^ngnish; to shnt up (a shop); to remove the table- 
au sad eatables, &c' t, 

y^j^. WCTI barha,Of m. advancement, pro- 
I<)*Vrtioii, increase, promotion. ». 

b*j? ^?l<fl barharva, ra. population ; excite- 
■at, iattery. #. 

(d^^ barkdrcan^ a round cake of cow-dung 
"■mas a charm against the effect of the evil eye. A. 

i/T*jj barhafi, f. advancement, increase, &c, 

\J^y ^S^^^ burh'bhas, one who aflTects in 
<tt ^ tlie manners of yonth. A. 

"•jfWyiT ftar^/a, m. 1 increase, overplus, 
^Wfir barhti, f. / promotion,advance- 

J^ ^"2^ or <rs^f^ barhal, m. a sweet and 

acid fruit of yellowish red, and nearly i-ound. A. 

^*;^J^ ^^ barhan, f. a carpenter's wife (see 

barhaj). s. 

^j^ %6ni bnrhnd, n. to increase, to go on, 

to proceed, to exaggerate, to grow, to rise, to swell, to 
be promoted. *. lbarhla\ 

Caa^^ ^^ barhant, f. increase, &c. (v. 
ij^Jf \e*ti barhm, f. a broom ; advance made 

for cultivation, or manufacture, or contract. A. 
1^^ 5?^ burhrvd, old, advanced in years, s. 
y^ji «l«lHi. bar hot ar, m. T interest; pro- 

i^y^ji ^^rftfm barhotarl, f./fit, advantage, 

increase. A. [/>«/* near Benares. A. 

W^J> ^f^in barholiya, a branch of r«;- 

^J^ji'^barhx, profits (same as barhotari). h. 

^j^ ^^ barha,ty m. a carpenter. & . 


Tn burhiya, j 

an old woman. A. 

^y ^fe^n barhiya, name of a kind of sugar- 
millstone extracted from the Chunar quarries; a spe- 
cies of pulse ; a grain measure of one sir. A. 

^y'^fsmbarhiyay high-priced, costly ; name 

ol a small clan of raj -puts. A. 

^J^ ^rf^ barhaiyd, name of a species of 
pulse ; also a grain measure of about one sir. hafhea, 
a species of sugar-millstone from the quarries of 
Chunar. A. 

^'j^j^ W^^rn barheriyd, one of the sub- 
divisions of the chamdr caste. A. [swine. A. 

"^ji 1fcjJ« or ^^^^I barhela, ra. a wild 

grV^ burrh sowin^r seed by dropping: it by 
the hand into the furrow, rf. [6ari). j. 

{^j'> ^ri barif f. a dish made of pulse (see 
4jr/^ bart, f. a fireball made of charcoal for 

the ^u}:Jra (also called the gtd). d. 

(•^ ^ji ^?xrTWf bariyd bhum, a rich and 
fertile soil. A. 

W^ ^rL?? Wi'rt^^ar^^ miydn, m. an old man; 
great sir, addressed to an old man. A. 

^ e^ U^J;^ ^pt^H fk^m baryaun tmh 

milttdf to associate with elders, to be grown up. d, 

j> buz, m. a he-goat, buz-dil, a coward, p, 

j} bazz, ra. fine linen, a. 

2J.) ftaza, name of a species of bird. A. 

j\ji bazar, m. (for bazar, q. v.) a market, p, 

Jy^ bazzdz, a cloth -merchant, mercer, a, 

\j\j> bazzdzd (also bazzdza and bazzdzistdn), 
the cloth market a. p. 

i^j]}> bazzdzi, f. trade of mercer, haber- 
dashery, the business of a draper. a.p, 












( 115 ') 


a lizard. A. 

^S^W basian (r, hand), to bind, shut. p. 

^jL^y ba^tanl, f, a cloth for binding together 
* bandlet of p^>er. books, mk-stimds, &c. p, 

iXUj«J1amO bast-{hband, an agreement, set- 
tlement, p. 

i%^5^ bis 

(k^^m hi 

basia, m. cloth in which any thing is 
folded up, a paicel, a bundle (see bastii), p, 

^^— > W^ bastl, f, an abode, a village, a 

" peopled place, popnlation. *. 

bussad or busadd, coral and its root. p. 
fra? buad, white, pure, clean, s. 
\kSm^ WJHI basudkay f. the world, the earth, s. 
basar, at, or to, an end. basardnafto 

come to an end ; to sncoeed. to get away from, ba-sar 
jimi, to be finished, to pass away. basar-K to bring 
to /^_«*d, to execute; to pass (one's days), ba-sar 
h^fona, to finish, to execute, to acquit one's self of; 
to outstrip, batar-hona, to be finished, to vie with or 
riTaL ba-unr amadou, to excel, to be pre-eminent, ba- 
Mr httrdoM, to finish. bO'Sar-shudcm, to be finished, p. 

j0^ fim: buar, m. 1 forgetfulness, obli- 

CLf\^ frerr? bisrat, f.J vion. «. 

^jm^ ^^(tH buram (for viskram), m. pause, 

a stop, a point in writing; rest bisram lend, to rest, 
?£?*** ^^^^ (particularly used by wandering 

/4irs}. *. [to forget, to mislead, i, 

\>]y^ fW^Mm bisrdna, a. to forgeU to cause 
r-^. f4m«fl ^uranf f for vishrdnt^. rested. 

leposed. bisrdnti, £ rest, repose, cessation from toil 
or occupation. *. [finish, to pass. p.h. 

ba-sar-lejandf a. to outstrip; to 

•i;-^ flnr^ bisamdf n. to forget, to be for- 
gotten. «• 

V*^ f^'^^'n bisumdy n. to sob. A. 

^i^-j^^--; ba-sar-o-chaskm, with head and 

eye, i«. moat carefuUy, heartily, p. 

tt-j boMt, diflliisiyeness, distension, a. 
^U-J birfataj, ^ m. a medicinal root, poly- 
Jli-J bisfd,tj, J pody. a. 
jH?{jr^ frawro bis'kkaprd, m. the name 

of a medidnal plant (Trianthema pentandra) : it spreads 
o?er the ground, and forms a circle of nearh" a yard in 

rbi^LT^ ^««'^MM bU-Jihoprd, m. the name 

cf SB animal of the lizard kind, about a yard long, and 
■id to be yenomous {Lacerta iguana), h. 

*} WHfhw biugii or basgat, f. residence, 
1, site of a Tillage residence, h, 
U-4 hamnd^ m. staining (particularly men*s 

WnM; itaintng the 1^;b (by the women) so as to 
■m the i^pearance of having light drawers on, where- 
at fbtj an in fact naked. pL 

jU**^ fVnmnc bumar, m. the name of a bush. A. 
J;%-^ bismil, sacrificed (any animal), bismil- 

^., to sacrifice an Anin^nl, «, 

^\^ hismilBh, in the name of God : this 

phrase is generally used by good Musaknans in the 
beginning of aU actions, written works, &c.; hence 
oismtllah-k.t to begin, to commence, a. 

1^ m^ bismiUdh'hu,a, said of a child 
who has just commenced learning to read. a. *. 

»^*^ basnia, m, a colly Hum, or tincture for 

dyeing, p. 

f^^g***»i f^Vm bismai (for vismaya), m. amaze- 

"ment, astonishment, surprise. *, 

{^;^ WHT basan, m. a dress, a habit, a suit 

of clothes, opparel. *. 

(^r^ ftRR buan, m. evil, fault ; desire, lust. s. 
^'^ ^fWsn basnd, n. to dwell, to abide, to be 

^ peopled, to be built (a city, town, &c.). s, [cloth. *. 

vW 1TW basndf m. cloth, a wrapper, pack- 

,j^ r^tinMC^ bisan-patf^m. a habit of 

_ ._•-; ftnRifxnT bisan-panj indulging de- 
sire. A. [n„^ g^ 

'HciT^ ftfTRH?^ bhan-pad, a hymn to Vish- 
C *ifc. w.^ M^m basanty f, the spring ; one of the 

f^s or musical modes of the Hindus; the name of the 
first of the six seasons, including from the 15th Phagun 
to the 15th Baisakh ; the small-pox (phrase peculiar to 
the Bengalis), basant-phulnd, n. to put forth the blos- 
soms of mustard plants. aiMchoik meA-basant-phulnh to 
dazzle, basant ki jcjpibar. knowledge of or care about 
futurity, basant panchaml a Hindu festival on the 5th 
of Magh, formerly observed as the betrinnincr of 
spring, s, © » 

^J^^ **ti»n1 baaantt, of yellow colour (this 

was Krishna's favourite colour), h, 

fj*»^ r«i«Wl bisnh m. a rake, a debauchee, a 

lecher ; adj. delicate, nice, showy in dress, h, 

fj^ ^^nft basni, f. a purse. A. 

_^ fw^ biswa (for vishwd), m. the universe 

the world. *. * 

',^ fror bisjvd, m. the twentieth part (par- 
ticularly t^f a btghd of ground). «. 

j\y^ biswdr, a mixture of spices, &c,, for 

making curry, d. 

{^yy*^ WHrJ basrvdri, f. a bamboo-garden.A. 

0-t^-*J ftrero bisTvds (for vishwds), m. con- 
fidence, faith, sincerity, dependence. *, 

9^^\y^ fNn^Rnr: biswdmay m.1 a fraction of 
^^^yy^ ftwrhft bisTKdnst, f Ja bisrvd. a. 

0*»Vj(j-? ^tTlim bas o bds, m. home, coun- 
try, dwelling-place, residence. *, 

jl^\y*^ fr^jfT^XPC bisTvd-bardr, collecting by 

the btswd, or twentieth of a btghd, q. v. A. 

jy^ Mm< basaur, a bamboo-garden. A. 


J-^ ( 110 ) 

~j>^ ft^ti^feiMima.a. to cry dowly, tosob.A. 
UjS^«j l^m^iil bitma-karma, the artificer 

ofthegod«; Ihe Indian Vulam. i. 
"sy-^ ^f.^ Aa.4u/a> m. a kind of axe used by 

carpenter), an adie. ■ *. 

Jj— J ^u^l ioiufi, f. an instrument for cut- 

"tiDgbricki. ji. 

IjwJ ikw bitjvir, m. the twentirtli part, par- 

ticuliir1}> of I blgha ot grmiad, bttwa barar, iineinment 
br Itae biitea. b'liaa-dar. tbe holder of n ahftro or 
■bnrei in ■ coparcenary village, h. 

teAiijM) OlMQI^ dtfn)a-<2ari, a tenure of 

independent tillage*. K 

i^j— J^V^ft6Mn)i(fo^l'M^n'^),wo^ldly,belong- 

^;^-J fV^ binnA, f. alienation of land, on 

the payment of flne> in adfance. h. 

\-^ fHo^ biSfhS, venomous (as reptiles), i. 
tjf^ ^V^ bUahru, t a buyer; apur- 
^Jjt^ fWHl^fcVl biiahrv,a,) chaser, k. 
iSn^ f^^I?^ f- a phlegmon or boil on the 

hand r a porcbasar. &. 

_^ bate, abundantly, much, many. p. 
UwJ bixyar, many, much, very, abundant ; 

biiyari, abuodaace, aoperflnitj, p. 

Cfl-) ^n^ basil, the bead man of a vil- 
lage, alu called maiaddam, or palil. k. 

jA-o ftfinre biniyar, yenomous, poisonous, t. 
Ijl.^ ^^ batera, m. a time before erening 

when tirda return to their neitj a nighl'i lodging ; 
a bird'i rooat, a bird remaining on It* rooat. btuera-k., 

\jLjt— Jft■^h^^6t>e»(o(io^0MAei^Aa/a),f.abun- 
W••^ baiit, simple, uncompounded, elc- 

. ".< i...< ^^4iA baiikat, inhabited, peopled. k, 
4^1..^ flni' biielih, {for vislie.fli), m. a parli- 
cuUr rircumiiance ; adj. peculiar, ipeinal, parlicularj 
abundant ; ad<. particularly, tpedally. (. 

^}jl»J fw^r^ bi*ela, venomous, poisonous, s. 
^jk-J 6a«m, afiable, courteous, a. jpUt. h. 
jjj— ) fl»^ bisen, a powerful tribe oi raj- 
U>JIju-j "V^irv^ baaendha, fetid, stinking, h. 
l UJhTn' ^S basend, an edible root found in 

pondi, &c b. 
jjtJ 1V^6i<A{fortJHAa),m. venom, poison, t, 

C^J,Li batharat, f. glad tidings, o. 

(jISj batkara, m. a dream, a vision, a. 

(ji'.ij bashnhiith, in eood ^pirilSi pleased, 
delighted, < 

(.Im^Hj bash!uhat,(. cheerfulness, alacrity, a, < 
tZ^> f^r^ bUktj^m. a kind of ta'aUuk-dar 
>Ji*— J fwT 6!>A?, Jor landholder whose of- 
fice i> )d the gift of govemmeDt ) 
^^1^ fwn biththa, f. ordure. $, 
i_^^ fwti bisfUi, f. rain. & 
I. "JiiJi.} ba-shiddat, violently, forcibly, p. a. 
ji-i baihar, m. man, mankind, mortals, a. 
|si^^ finm bu&ram, m. rest,ea8e, pause, bitk- 

r&n I.,to reM,to paw thenlgbt (particnlaHj nied by 
vMidering laklra): *. 
<JLti\^ fw^TPff buhrant, rested, reposed. 

biihrinli, f. i««t, repoae. *. 

»^,_^jLi ba-thartp-ki, on the agreement that, 

«o that, on condition that p. a. 

tjt^ baihara (also buikara'), m. countenance, 

the outer ikioor catlde. a, 

(C^ bashari, human, relating to man. o. 
d^^ Ii(i«/irt^a(, ma nity, human natnrewi. 
SjaCIj firi(*U: biih-knpra, m. a species of 

graiauKdln medicine [TriBiilhema ptHiiadrri). I, 

Ui_SLij, rwi(4i>(|I bkhhant/a, f. lilerally, 

"■•Poi»n-dam»cl" A female nho Hal been fed 'oa 
poison* from lirr infancy. Such damaels. it In uid. 

constitution of the young lady could immediaUl)- in- 
fect and kill an anwary lover. Ladies of this descrip- 
tion are said to have eiisted before the days of Co. 
lumbui.nnd the importation of anew diseaae from the 
new world ; othcrwiBe the nature of their T»lsonnju 
quality might be guesaed 

JL> f%^ hhham, iinpquallpri (in a badaense), 

1 rf!mr„lt ha.l. Piresni.,". dimcultofcure. f. 

.fficult. bad, 

frww: bhkam-jwar, m. a violent 

^^jLi ftrW buhan (for Vishnu), m. (in Hindu 

mythology) the Deity in the character of preserm. *. 

ijj^jij ftrani? bishan-pad, m. a particnUr 

song in the name of Vishiru. h. 

fS*iji^,jLi fvmi^fl bitkn-prH, land faeldreot- 

free by religion* peraoni, eapocially follower* of 
Fiihmii the term Biihaollar lias the lame itgnifl- 

j'JjJjJjyij (^lill^fl^li bishn-prit-dar, s 

class of BrShmans to whom has been anigned granla 
of land in the name of »"ii*nu. h ■ 

l^jlij IVW^ bishno,i or bishnatei, a wor- 
shipper of Tiihnn. name of a Qinda sect 1. 
^i^> f*rV^ bishtu, m. a rake, a lecher ; adj. 
"delicate, nice, ihowy in dress, i, 
^4^ ftl?! bUhha, venomous (as reptiles), a. 
^iiJ frw^ft bitkal or bitkayi, aenma]. 

( 117 ) 


^jSj ^m^ hhhayay m. any object of seuse ; 

"anj thing perceptible by the senses, as colour, smell, 
flavour, and contrast ; an affair, matter, s. 

jiJL} bashir^ a messenger of glad tidings, a. 
jiJLi (kf^MK bishiyary yenonious. «. 

{J'^ f^^^hish&tfiA a particular circum- 
0^f^f^^nbishekh^} 8tance,&c.(y.&i96^A).«. 
^^^;r^ fV^^ bishela, venomons. s. 
lfcuiA.>t> r^$H4l bisheshatd, f. abundance, s. 
CjJ^basaraty f. sight^ seeing, perceiving, a. 

6^ ha'$ad, by a hundred, used only in 

Persian phrases, ae be^-fod mUnai, Trith a hundred toils 
or exertions, p. 

basar, m. seeing, discerning, vision, 
s^t, understanding, knowledge, a. 

^jiO} batroj the city commonly called Bas- 
•onh, on the Persian Gulf. a. 

J^ baioly f. an onion, a. 
Oj^ddJ ba^surat, in the way or manner. p*a. 
^a> basir, seeing (met. blind), a. 

OjAifl3 basirat, f. sight, perception, circum- 
spection, prudence, a. 

Muo^ Sa-iiyifta,. in the degree or mode. p.a. 

CaPLa^ bizd'at, f. stock (in trade), capital ; 
sgene^, oommlssion. a. 

a) bat^ m. a goose, a duck. a. 
JUi^ battalf yery foolbh or yain ; false, a, 
ilJ\k> batdlai, folly, vanity, falsehood, a. 
Ji> ^te toy ^ m. or f. (dimin. o(bat), a duck 

(ilk^ batakyj or duckling ; a yessel formed 

in imitatioa of a dock. a. 
jj^ borUurz^ in the mode or manner, p, a. 

uJ^ boriarafy aside, apart. |7. a. 

J>jlu Ja-(ariJ, by way of, /?. a. 

(^^1^ dajf^A, power, severity, sternness, a. 

Jkj ^ajf/, ro. rendering vain, abortive, of no 

^^Ua; builan, abortive ; m« falseness, yanity .a. 

^^ &a|n, m. the belly, womb, inside. baU 
M| h^d bapda, generation after generation, a. 

ji^ fta-tettr, by way of, in manner of. p.a. 

^^ batyfif m. interior part ^ heart, mind ; 
t^ooneealed. a. 

^^ (a(t, slow, dilatory ; tedious, a. 
i|k> bitMh* a melon^ a musk melon, a. 

^y&^ 5a-goAtr, 1 in appearance, extei^ 
jmW fcfl-2:K/ii£r, J nally, ostensibly, p. o. 
i-iA^ k^ii m. eiciting motive, cause, a 

6jO bad, aAer, afterwards, subsequent, a. 

(\jO 5u'(f, f. distance, remoteness, a. 

84^10 ba'dahUf after which, then, however, a. 

LajO ba'zd, f some, certain ones, a, 
ba'ze, J 
ba'ziy some, certain, sundry, bd'zi 

"bab, various or miscellaneous items, gundries. ba'zi 
ib<irch, miscellaneous expenses. ba*zijam\ aggregate 
of revenue derived from other sources than the Cus- 
toms and Excise. ba*:ei zamin, in official language, 
denotes land exempted from the payment of reve- 
nue under various denominations, as altam^a, at' 
tna, &C. 0. 

Ldlj J uj balbdky the city Balbeck in Syria, 
formerly Heliopolis. a. [of. p. a. 

CmAn\ ba-iUaty by reason, or on account 
L^j^jluo ba'alzabuby m. Beelzebub, a, 

{^yo ba-irvazy in lieu, or instead of. p. a. 
^2)yO ba-auuy through the aid of. p. 

6StO bald, far, distant, absent, remote. ba*%d 

*akl se, foolish, absurd, far from wisdom, a. 

«jjjo bi-'ainihiy himself or itself, in persou, 
exactly, clearly, a. 

\jO bughar, 1 m. a breach in a wall ; a 
5jU> bugkdray) gash» a deep wotjnd. p, 

OjU^ bu ghfd watf f. rebellion, opposition to, 

and defection from, the rightful Im&m ; ▼i<dence, plun- 
der, breach of law. a. 

OU^ ba^agbflndy a. to boast ; to bill or 

coo as doves ; to low as a cameL d. 

«s^ baghcha^ m. a little garden, p, 

\,^ bughdd, m. a cleaver used by cooks or 
butchers, a knife, p. 

i^i^ baghdddf the city of Bagdad, a. 
{j'^ bughdif m. a kind of camel (of high 

cost), p. f {_tewa,iik). p, 

UJLj bughra^ m. macaroni (also called 
(jtdJbJ bugt^j m. malice, spite, reyenge, 

hatred, h, 
^^jO baghaly f. the armpit ; embrace, baghal 

jana or iKhjana^ to go out of the way. baffhal-men lendt 
to take in one's arms, to embrace. ba^MbaJana, to be 
highly pleased, to be in triumph ; to jeer, to jest. 
bagl^al suHgna, to be penitent, to regret, ba^htil garm-k,, 
a. to embrace a woman, baah/al merk daband^ a. to get 
possession of another's goods by fraud, bagtal gandh, 
stinking armpits. ba,g^-gir, an embracer In the Hin- 
dustani mode, bag^'girlt f. embracing. b^gh/al-meH- 
mdrndf to conceal ( under one's arms) ba^hfU vieik mun4i 
4dlnd, to be ashamed, p. 

U^l»^ baglddndf to make way, to get out of 
the way. p. under the armpits, p, 

jjj ^Jj(^ bagliaUhandy m. a kind of robe tic 








( 119 ) 


yj WVn hakra, abe-goat. (in Bakh. the 

noid b often* but erroneomly, applied to a ram), t, 
j!^ f^nrar hikrary 1 terrific^ ^^^y ^^" 

A|Si ^nmhikram^ m. great power or strength, 

prowesa, heroism ; act of overpoweriDg. s. 
\Zj^\^y^ fwiPfliftw bikramajit, the name 

cf a celebrated sovereign of Ujjain (for vikramadltya).*. 

\Sf^, ^Wd hahrtf f. a she-goat ; m. or f. a 

fCOftt (generally) ; (in Dakh. improperly applied to a 
sheep). «. 

{s/^ fflA bikrit f. a sale, a demand, s. 
Lij ^mn baksot astringent. hakscAat, 

astringency. h. 

Cj^y> Oivrnil frt^oji^ expanded, blown (as 

a flowerX delighted. «. 

UuJj fildMHT btkasna, n. to blow or expand 
as a flower, to be delighted, to smile. $. 

t^^ij ^rwwi baJmLfa^ m. the tongue of a 

i^A^ V j i|'4|9^| baksailof astringent. A. 

JO in9 bakulf m. name of a tree (^Mimit- 

mpseUngi), «. 

J^ fWvgf &t Aoiy restless, uneasy, troubled. «. 
J^ Y99 &aAAa/^l m. skin, rind, shell (of a 
^ ^[^I^T bakla,j froit). «. 
O^lxj YV^TSfT ^A?a7ia, n. to talk incohe- 

reotiy to one*s self, to act or talk foolishly, t. 

Jj buhm (pi. of 1*5^1), dumb, mute. a. 

J^ WVT bakkam m. (y. 1*2^)9 sappan or 

- red ivood {Caesalphua sappan), p, 

\jX) m«n bakna, n. to prate, jabber, s, 

Ux; ri|4«ll bikna, n. to he sold, to sell (in an 
iotrazisitiTe aense, like the French '* se vendre"). bik- 
-jmtu met. to be dependent on, to be obliged. «. 

^^ ^pK«ft bukni, f. a kind of digestive 

'powder, h. 

Afj ifm^ bakfvddf f. foolish talk. s. 
{fCi^^ WVIT^ bakrvddi, m. one who talks 

fiwlishly, an idle talker, s, 

O^^jV Y^S^I^ bakwdsy f. talkativeness ; m. 

SK ineessant prattler. $. 

^fj fnnrR bikrvdn, a subdivision of the 

OMtf^at (t. Wilson's Gloss.), h, 

v^^M flfli^HI bikfcdndf to cause to be sold, s, 

^tjM ^44lf| 5aA7i?a/ia,m.l chatterer, an idle 

(/'j^ WV^nfi bakwdhi, f. J talker, h. 

^yt ^pJtT^n bukatnd, n. to lacerate with 
to Kntcfa. to daw. K 

^^ 44^(^1 baholdy m. a covering for the 

head, as a piece of blanket &c. used by fakirs. A. 
liy^ M'^t^ bakoli, name of a green cater- 

pillar destructive of rice crop^ fu 

0^f^ fiw bikh (for vish), m. poison, venom. 

biJch-dhar, a snake (lit poison-holder), s, 

f^ '^^ bakh, the world, the universe, k, 

l^V ^^^^ bahhd, m. grass for pasturage, h* 
jl^^ W1STC bahhdr, m. T a storehouse, a 
jj^l^Sj 'WT^^ bahkdrt, fj granary, h. 

^l^io 'WWH bahhdny m. explanation, praise, 

description, account, s, 

U3l^ ^T^n^ bakhdnnd or bahhdn-k., a. to 

. praise, to commend ; to explain, to define, relate, t. 

j^l^ ^ITC bakhar (v. bdkhar), a kind of 
plough ; also, a house ; an inclosure ; a cattle shed, h 

^ji^ fV^^HI bikkarnd, n. to be scattered, dis- 
persed, or dishevelled ; to become angry, to be amazed 
or confounded, h. 

{Jj^ ^^Tft bahhrif f. a cottage, a house, a 

round granary of grass, reeds, and mud, raised on 
piles, h. 

b;^ ^^ Pc^T bakhriydt m. a householder, h, 

\jkff t^ (V«i^HM bikh'khajyrd, m.a medicinal 
plant {Trianthema petandra). s, 

)A^ '^ ft'TOt^n bikk'khoprd, m. a kind 

of lizard about a yard long, and said to be venomous 
{LMerta iguana), s, 

j^^ ^rWH bikkam, odd (number); difficult, s. 
^U^ frWR bikhmdn, m. the name of a 

medicine or poison. «• 

l(^(^x> f%^^ bikhhd, venomous (as reptiles), s, 
^^^^ ''TSft ^aMiif.the side under the armpit, h, 
tc^ i^^^ bikhai, m. any thing perceivable 

"by the five senses; affair, matter, &c. (v. bishaya). '. 

U^ ^fT^m bakhiydy m. a kind of stitch, 

strong quilting, h. [quilt. A. 

1!>U^ Yftnn«n bakhiydnd, a. to stitch, to 
U^So W^Hc«TT bakhernd, a. to scatter, h. 

\jii^ ^^tJl bakherdy m. wrangling, a tumult, 
contention, dispute, uproar. A. 

^'3iAr^ ^r?HVm bahheriyd, quarrelsome, a 

wrangler. A. 

^■A ^> f^lftf^ bikhayi, sensual, worldly, s. 
^^ mH buhJd, f. a cloth brought over tho 

"shoulders under the armpits and tied behind; a hand- 
ful, bukkl mama, to pass a doth under the armpits 
and tie it behind. A. 

^^ Tgjt bakkl, talkative, a prater. «. 

^^ fwSl bikki, m. a partner (at play, &c.). k. 


( 120 ) 


^ WV^ bakel, twine made from tlie root 

of the dhZi tree. h. 

^ W%a bahelu, m. the root of a graBS of 

irhich rope ie made. *. 

L^ Wn hag, m. name of a I'ird, a crane (same 

as'ta*). bag-chal. f. walUne Blowly (like a crane)_i 
(contracteJ for ftii.i'i) a tiBcr, hence l.n« ctAanrfa (apna. 
n. to he itunilled or petrlUed with fear, aa one feeli at 
theiight rf a tiger, i. 

J bvgtia, a fountain, jel d'eau. d. 

ti ^iTrt latjar, m. paslure-ground: it also 

denotes forced lahoor for which no rewacd is giwiB- *. 

'Jj huQara, m. a large hole or breach, p. 
j'jj irmTn haghrna, a. to llirow away ; to 

'J5 ^ITTT liQar, m. injury, violalion, diffe- 
rence ftrrfir-*.. a. to qusrrel, to forfeit friendship- 
*'D(u- and. n. to be ready to quarrel. *. 

damage; tocauiemisu 

j-Uj ftpTT^ ftyaru, m. a spoiler, viobtor. A. 
)16 hi-gaim or hi-<jhna, Btrange, foreign, on- 
known {for be-gana, q. v.). p. 

Jj^^ ii-jaiwiri, BtrangenGS9, fee. p. 

l\j£i WnWf hag-j)at\, f. tlie side under the 

■armpit. S. [cranei. ft. 

jjui ^nUT'lft hng-panCi, f. a row or line of 
^rfJo fVrifil higati, f. b<idiie*8, misdemeanor. ». 
5.,rt^ »riT?T hag-ekhvt, f. galloping. 6fl^ 

chul-da^ir-i. to set off at full gailop. *. 

jlji) ^mfmr hagdana, a. to cause to return, 

to put 10 .he ronl. h. ['poUed. ft. 

IJiC) ^n^^ bagadna, n. to return, to be 
» jG ftnr? ioffraA (for vigralia), m. quarrel, 

atrife. .. 

jf^ T»nft &n<7o;'i, a species of rice, cultivated 

chiefly in the proyince of Benarea. ft. 

ijji? Jj Vltlfft hagrendi, f. the name of a 

piBDiV'^'"p'"' ="«"• ^'"-y *■ 

IjiJo yim bagra, m. trouble; elieat, deceit. 

basra-k. ' to evade the payment of one'a debta, or the 
pSforraanceofapromi-e. h. 

U^i) f'PTI'n bigarna, n. to be spoiled, da- 
maged, or marred, to fail, to miacarry; to quarrel, to 
diiagree. to be enraged. A. 

^s'■j^ fHTTt li'gr', f- spoil, damage, war, battle. 

mii^oderstanding. ft. 

\i'jSi} Tnffin hagriya, m, a deceitful person, ft, 
b.j*Jj ^rraftTIT hagaariya, a small clan of 

' riS)-n"fiU in the MurfidabSd diatrUli i ai«o of a brancL 
orEaon..J BrShman.. ft. 

U...^' f^fn%^ bigasna, n. to blow, to expsn 

<a Bower), 8=c. (v. frit/ua^). .. 

^J^ ^n g l 6ii<7/a, W^tgi bogula, m. the nan 

of a bird, a while crane or herfn, commonly called I 
Euroiieani "the paddy bird" ^.^rdea Mrra and jw'i 
Jucft.). basla-bhagat, a hypocrite, ft. 

jUjQ ^^IHTt bugmar, m. a musketoon or bin 

derbuBS A. 

JiSsii ftipfl bigandh, f. stink, fcetor. * 
^yj ^Vn^ bo^Za, m. a whirlwind, h. 
\^ fwp bigka, m. a quantity of land co 

taiaing twenty kaUhai, or IW feet aqoare. h. 

jV^Jj W^H bag/Mr, m. tha spices which a 

mixed with food to give it relitb t ■esaoaiag. ooo 

lij^^ imC'll baghama, a. to season, ft, 
^Ji^ f^l?^ bigak(i, rent per bigha, fix 

"on landa. A. [veotioo, interruption. 

(^^^J^ ftren highan, m. hindrance, slop, pi 
'vj.^ iratn&c>7Ana, m. the teeth and nails 

H tiger which are hung round the nei^ofacUU 

aerve a> a charm, i. 

fj-j^ij TI?' bag-hant, m, the name of 

bird, B grey gooae. i. 
\i^ W^iT^ biighnaka, m. name of a me 

tdnal herb with a fragrant root. (. 

^^ ^^ boghl, f. a horse-fly. h. 
f^x^ W^ bughd, m. the name of a Iri 

of rflj.jiii[j (lit tiger's whelpi). ft, 

51*^ ^^^ haghela, m. a raj-put of I 

btighel tribe i also a tiger's whelp, t. 

UC ^ftniT biigiya, 
W^ ^rft^ bagicka, 
tJjiSj ^iW ftiJirfi'i, f, an orloli 
Jj W5 id/, m. a coil, twi 

a little garden, p. 


„„^_ u.,,. bal-dar, crooked, twilled, coi 

convoluted, bai-dtna, a. to twist. bal-khoHa, U 
twisted, ft. 

J^Tg bal, m. power, strength ; semen vir; 

the elder brotherofKrishna, Bala-Rdmai {forWJ] 
king ot Pil'd. or \hf\nfenuiKipoaa;f " 

, I bal-jana or bal-bal-J. 

Jj ^/'fl/t, on oblatior.. a religious offWrii 
preaeotslion of food to all created beings ; one of 
five great jacramenU of Hindu religion ; it conaisi . _ j 

throwing a «mall parcel of llie offering, ghl. rice, or 1 

the like, into the open air at the back oTthe honKj ' ^ 
an animal fit for an ohlalioo ; a king and ZJoifju; 
also Malii-bati. the virtuous sovereign of Maliahalijmr, 
tricked out of the dominions he bad obtained over 
earth and heaven by Viahna, in the Fau« or dwarl 
Atialar, and left, in consideration of his merits the 
sovereignty of PitSla, or the infernal legioni. i, 

Jj ^ bill, f- vuha fceminea. k. 
, , ,'.',- fm. a hole nr burrow. •. 


( 121 ) 

2w W^gJT ba!a, m. an aquatic and medicinal 

plant {Sida rkombifoiia, rbomboidea, and cord{foHa). *. 
ib bala^ f. misfortune, calamity, accident, 
22;«««»«* evil. OT mischief, baia-zada, one who is 
wreck with misfortune, bala-kash, one who suffers 
under affliction, &c hala-gardan, that which averts 
«Ti. bala-noMib, one of evil destiny, a. 

3^ Wa, without; W/5 iaraddud, without he- 
sitation, bila /mcuJtJw/. hastily, speedUy. hUa-nHghfi, 
onhentatinglj, without delay, a. ^V 

3b ^rW 6a//a, m. a pole or boat-hook. /i. 
3b fror WZ/a, ro. a male cat. $. . 

3b WZ/a, m. a breast-plate or badore as worn 
by peons, policemen, &c : a Ublet or Oat piece of me- 
tal ; also a string confining the hilt of a sword or daI^ 
ger to the sheath, d, 

3b ^ bulla, m. a bubble, h. 
^3b balabar, a kind of jacket, p. 
J;3b ^l^rv^ balabal, strong and weak. *. 

^J^^ 55nHiRT^tt/a-&//e;«5,a. to send for, 

to invite. A. [plaint 

<^3b ff^mv bilap, ra. lamentation, co 
^3b IV^nRT bilapnd, u. to lament, to 1 

wsiL «. 


balatkar, m. violence, op- 
prcaion. exaction ; (in law) the detention of a debtor 
snd violence exercised upon him to recover a debt s, 

W3b ^^rfHwr balatmika^ f. a sort of sun- 

fcwer {HelioiropiuM Indicum). s. 

^3b Y^T? baldf, m. a sort of bean. A. 

i33b bilad(ph of *xb), cities, towns, countries, 
provinces, territoriea. a. [dothea. p, 

j«i3b baladur, m. a nat used for marking 
j[^«33b baior-dur, averting an evil omen (lit. 

••farbetheeva"). a,p. 

j3b fr^TT fctfir or fnnt bUldr, m. a male 

cat ff. 

U*»3b ftr^lH bilas, m. pleasure, satisfaction, 

•^cfigfat «. [pleasure. *. 

(^3b f^^nrt Mio^i, voluptuous, addicted to 

U**^ ^^5nj balash, m. the phlegmatic hu- 

^!lb 6ii2/a\ an enormous eater, a glutton, a. 
C«P3b &a/a^^^, f. eloquence 3 maturity, a. 
j3b ^M|4| bulaky m. an ornament worn in 


'3b ^^nn bdlakdj f. a sort of crane. A. 

W^b M/o/, the name of the crier who an- 
maoedto the people when Muhammad said prayer8.a. 

^3b l^^l^l bilala (v. bilalld), foolish, sim- 

^5l3l> 4^I^MI buld-ldnd, a. to summon, h, 
"2b V^l^^i balalak, ul the Caronda {Co- 

rins esrajufof). 



^*^ ftf^SRT hildvd, a. to cause to vanish, to 
dissipate ; to dispose of; to distribute; n. tb retire, to 
vanish, to be lost. A. 

^3b flnrPTT billdnd, to weep, whine. A. 

«^3b ftr^rn? bHand, f. a span, h, 

^3b ^r^nf^nrr baldnchUd, f. a sort of riwo 

or lute, called also RdmtCs lute. », 

<-^y3b «i<pir«<fff ft tf/a?w(7i/, Strong, powerful.*, 
j^ fW«q?i«i bild,09 m. a tom-cat. *. 

J 3b ifc^iq baldjO, any thing very cheaply pur- 
chased ; adj. dog cheap. A. 

'J 3b W^TW biddwd, m. act of calling. A. 
J3^ ftr^n^ hildwar (v. bild,o), a he-cat. *• 
Uj3b f^^nr^ bildrval, f. the name of a ra- 

gin! in music, h. [mons. h, 

^-iiA^3b 5^n^ buldkat, f. calling, call, sum- 
^3b ^<«&|^T baldhar, a low-caste servant* a 

village guide or messenger, h. 

^^5b iTcfSI^ baldkiy m. a worker in hides and 

** leather (v. chamar). h. 

i^3b f^^T^ bildft^ f. a she-cat; a grater for 

scraping pompions, &c bildyhkand, m. name of a me- 
dicine. «. 

(^Vj bald^e (same as bald)» f. accident, mis- 

fortime. bald,e boghmot trash, stuflf, filth, matter, a. 

t^3b inRT^ balldyi, m. a kind of village ser- 
vant, for cutting wood and preserving the village boun- 
daries. A. [of a medicine, h, 

c^c^^ f^^T^iV^ bildfi hand, m. the name 
*i3b W^Vf baldya, ro. a plant (Capparis 

tr\foliata), t. 

^(i^3b q<^l(^^«n bald,eh lend, or W?n^^ 

bauL^t Una, to draw the hands over the bead of another 
in token of taking all their misfortunes upon one's self, 
a practice peculiar to females, h, [its fruit s. 

L^J^ filfsM bilb (for vihajt m. the bel tree or 
u.JiJ ba-lab, at the lip, or to the lip, applied 

to one in great distress, when the soul is ** come to 
the lip ;" balab^nd, t. e. when lie is on the point of 
death, p. 

];^ J^ ^ToSmr bal-bakrdy m. a person who 

dies in a battle, &c., without doing any thing. «. 
(Jfb bulbul, f. a nightingale: in Indie, a 

shrike. The ^usaini bulbul and sultani bulbul are two 
very beautiful species of this little bird, which bear 
no resemblance whatever to a nightingale; neither is 
the Persian bulbul at all like the English nightingale, 
but a rather smaller bird of the same genus. The 
^ustuni bulbul has a white body, wings, and tail, with a 
black-crested head. The sultani bulbul has a reddish 
or chesnut body and wings, with black crest. Both 
species have very long tails like the bird of paradise.—- 
Binning, p. 

3bJl^ <lc$4<$l bulbuldf m\ a bubble, s. 
U3bA^ Y^^^^nvfT balbaldndf n. to ferment (as 

sour milk, curds, &c.) ; to be inflamed with lUft ; to 
make a noise (a camel) from lust, h 

to be lorm 

^ TWr 

man; them 

epiibet app 

(fn the Pre. 

-^ toddy tree ( 
as robbei^, 

h»ir). .. 




■ name of E 
,JM^ ba 
t<iij baldt 



I* ( iss 

haUam, m. a spear, hallam-harddr, 

a fpeuman; adj. having a rerj laige and broad 
bead. A. 

m. a loYcr, a husband, s. 

viUb Hffcp^iinf bilmana, a. to allure^ to tan- 
talise. A. 

hilamhy m. delay, long stay. $. 
'^A^ ftr^SlRT bilambna, n. to stay, to tarry, 

to delay, j. [long stay. *. 

f ^h^ i ftl^Wr bilambh (for vilambh), m. delay, 

U^J j f^^SW^ bilambkna, n. to stay, to 

tarty, delay, a. 

W^ PlcJJ**HI bila/nna, to delay, tarry; to 

tt<^, remain, a. [flaccid. #. 

e;!^ f%3ff balin, sfarivelledy wrinkled, flabby, 
^ ?9*TT balna, n. to burn, to be burnt. A. 
JjJj bvlandf high, elevated, exalted, sublime, 

tall, buland-paya, of high rank. Imlimd-^ausila, am- 
bitious, aspiring, buland-nazar, of exalted views, aspi- 
ring, hukmd-himmat, ambitions, of lofty intention, p, 

^J^ ^^Hiilf baUnigrahy m. weakening, re- 

dndng strength, a. [ascend. K 

^JmL f%91F«n bilangnd, a. to climb, to 
jl^ fif9«A bilntt f. a stye or stitbe, the di&- 

oider in the eyelids. A. 

Ijb if^nr balmd^ m. a tumult, riot, sedition, 

■ntiny, alarm. A. 

Ijb 'VSWI &aitt,a or baluwaj sandy. s» 

f I , , - > powerful, strong. $. 

i^^. ^5WR balfcan, J 

^^^ Hf^mni btUfcanaf a. to cause to be 

caSed or sent for A. 

^jl? ^9^raT balfoatiay f. strength, power, s. 

j^ biUaurf m. a kind of stone, crystal; cut 
1^. a, [ing, ennobling. «. 

i^^^ Wi^ni H bat-varddhany^dj.stTengthen" 
^j^ Wc^i«1l balunia, a. to scratch, to tear 

(with nails). A. 

\Sj^ hillauri, made of crystal or glass : the 

ims Ukri, billauriH, and bihrln are also in use. a, 

J9jb bal&tj m. an acorn, an oak, a chesnut- 

ticc. a. 

ijb fruZi^, m. I puberty, adolescence, 

Pjb bulu^at, f. >- the attaining of a mar- 
jPjb bulimy at, f. J riageable age. a. 

^jb rf<^4^l bilokna, a. to see, to look at. «• 

) ^ • 

^^ ^T^^ 5afi<K, m. a bubble (of water). «. 
^^ Pl^^f 2>t7o»a, 1 a. to chum (also 
^^^fk^t^T^lbilominaJ bUauna). $. 
<-l*>^ 'W^VK balrvant, powerful, strong, s. 
4iw>jb balwand, powerful, strong, d. 

L^^ ft^flO bilaungiff. a species of grass, A. 

&b fca^A, weak, silly, simple, ignorant, un- 
skilful, a. 

ftb billa m. (v. 6t7/a), a badge, &c. d. 
jV^ ftf^fK 2>«/tVmr, m. 1 sacrifice, bali' 
^j^ CiCP^iO bali'harufj harl'jana, same 

as bal-jdnd, to be sacrificed. «. 

•>^A^ ftf^fW^ bUah'band, m. settlement, 

regulation. A. 

t^ji^&b fv^^^^s^ bilak'bandi, an account of 

the settlement of a district, specifying the name of 
each ma^all, the fiirmer of it, and the amount at which 
it is let. A. 

];^ ffSJfn Mlhara, m. a kind of basket 

(lonff and narrow) generaUy used for holding cAu or 
betel leofl A. 

^j^ r^cJ^O bilahri, f. a ladle for taking 
ont oil ; a small basket for holding betel leaf. A. 

ij^ ^!c?^*f balrhanf m. phlegm, t. 

{^^^^ IcJ'^ balhtf f. a fagot. A. 

{J^ 'RH^'T bal'hijif weak, infirm, ftai- 

Aiflo/a, f. weakness, prostration, t, 

^^ "V^balit strong, powerful j f. a wrinkle, 

"skin shrivelled by age ; the fold of the skin in stoat 
persons upon the upper part of the belly, between th^ 
cnsiform cartilage and the uaveL s. 

^ ^r^ baU, any thing offered or sacrificed 

to an idol, such as flowers, rice, goats, &c a. 

^^ ^i^ft balli, a climber, a vine. s. 


f^ TWt bain, f. a prop, a pole, a long wooden 

"'stick to move or steer boats, balli-mdrnd, to steer, to 
push (a boat). A. 

^^ ftrS^ billi, f. a she-cat. billi-Iotan, m. 

** valerian. #. 

^Jj bale, yes, true, so, well, right, p, 


H^ U^ Y^MI^HI balaiya Una, to take or 

invoke another's misfortunes on one's self (v. hald,eii 
lend), A. 

dAJib baUyat, misfortune, calamity, a. 
t3ab baUd^ stupid ; a dunce, a simpleton, a. 
jH^. ^^Hi. balesar, a subdivision of the 

Gtt/ar tribe, q.v. A. 

k^ baligh* eloquent, mature; copious, a. 

J^. ( 124 ) 

^^yjiU (^irt^j^ billl-lotan, m. valertan ; bo 

named froni iti effect on cati, which are laid to be ao 
delighted iirith lU frograace. u lo roll about in th«ir 
ecatiuieB. h. 

•IaIj haleia, ta. the belUric myrobalan. />. 

iJojJj V^$TT ha/enda, m. a vhirlwind ; a lidge- 

pole (of B collage), h. [cottage). A, 

l^Jojib Vq)A halendt, f. a ridge-pole (of a 
i^b ^^ batva, strong, vigorous ; m. semen 

Virile. #. 
f^ '^^ bam, f. a spring (of water) ; a btbom j 

'^ ■ meuuring-md of 31 cDbita. *. 

J Tf 6flm,an interjection addressed to Shiva; 
mncb lued bj [dlgriiiu to tba temple of Baifnlth or 
VaM^uiMb. 4. 

J bam, f. a bass part in music; a bass or 

loweat MrisK or dram; h»ing the deepnt tone; deep 
■ound (u that of the Urge pipea of sD organ, n 
dram> a. p. 

(jV f^'TlT biman, m. the chariot or vehicle 

of tbe god> (rametimee ■erring u a throne, and at 
otbera carrrlaR them throiurh the ikiee ■elf-moviiuF and 
•elf-direct^). .. 

' _ 'I* f^B bimb, m. the name of a tree bearing 

a red fruit (AftHnardini mmadtlpha or BjroniagrtmMt).!, 

^-»V ^n bamb, m. a revenue defauher, one 

who owea a balance to the atate. h. 

\xti bttmba,m, a pump(from the Englieb). d. 
y>tJ hambtt, ID. a bamboo, the species of cane 

•o called. (Tbfi haa doI been borrowed from the 
EaKli'h, aa aoma hare ■uppoied.bDt theEi 
itaelf baa been denied from ttte Hiada 
Southern India), d. 

<ljf*j bambud, a disease in elephants, a kind 

of ulceration of their lover eitremitiet. d. 

. d. 

^ji^ bumbi, f. the na 

^J^*^ W^Ji^ bamtele, name of a raj-put tribe 
"in tbe Dtfib: they are of low repute, h. 
ijjl*^ ba-miil, like, resembling, p. a. 
(>jaf^ ba-mujarrad,\ nBtantly,ironiediately.p.o. 
t>Jb*J ba-madad, by aid of, by means of. p. a. 
u3j.«j ba-martaba, in a degree, to some ez- 

'tent.' p. a. 

ijj*> bamfi, interj. alas ! bamfi mama, to 

bewail the dead, in the Hindi! fubion, nimelj. by 
ottering loud cries and aUppiiig tbe moatb with the 

M^ bor-maa or ba-m\ 

f bor-muhtazi 

, along with. p. a. 
e, by the eitection ( 

ba-vailofa,! Ia-cAari,tbrongbdieeTbel[d< 

Ui^ ^»niB!T bamahna, d. to swell. A. 
•4^-^ ftlJW bimuhh (for vimukh), having the 

taca averted, turned from, avene. (. [dean. i. 

iJ-*J ftr*l5 bimal (for vimal), free of filth, 
^J-*J ^'ISJT bamla, a hole from which water 

ipringa up. *. 

^r^ Wnr hoTnan (for vamaiC), m. vomit ; i 

emetic banua-k. to TomH, to ipaw. (. 

j^ baman, a Brahman, d, 

^j^ bamant, a female of the Brahman cast 

' of or belonging to the Brlhmantcal iect. d. 

c-uK-j^J ha-mujih, on account of, by reasi 

of, in couformilj with. p.s. [nun), a Brabmao. 

^;A^ ^^t^ bamkan, m. (for bakman or bra 
J3*'*4«? WK'ltt bamhangavr, a class of t 

Gaur RItjpQtt. h. 

^i^ ^H^^ bamhant, light red soil. A. 
Ui^^ ^iTff^nr bamhanit/a, a subdivision 

the Kachhi tribe, q. y. h. 

''i'*ft*.' fiifiAanefa, m, a young Brahman. 
'^AA-»J ^iftTT ftamiifta, m. a term applied 

anthilla (alao to a anake's hole) in Upper India, t. 

\y*^. wA^ hartiil, la. the name of a grass. 
^Jt W^T &an, m. cotton; a crop of cotton, 
jyJ TT 6an, f- a forest, a wood, han-jiiapi 

-marai, or majhariA, a. to beat the foreata. baat-km 
and Im-iioafAa. cow.dnng found in the foreata. k 
jalra,t. the pUgriniHge through tbe 84 foreata otBriga 

^ bin, m. (contract, of j^'X ^ son. a. 
^J> bun, m. coffee before it is ground (for th 

it takea a new name, ^mi). a. an allowance of gn 

jyj bun, f. basis, root, stem. p. 
(jrf fw^ bin. 
Uj ftRt bin 

f^ tw^ bin, "1 with oat, unless. binjaM,wii 
iS,J out knowing, unwitting 

\JJ «nTT&cna,m.bridegroom;(part.of&ann( 

made, prepared. &c ; land dreaaed and ready for i 

eeed. h. 
IjJ 6ina, f. foundation, basis, a. 
Uj WWT &onno, n. to be made, to be prepare 

to be mended or adjasted ; to chime, to agree, to I 
in with, lo do, to answer, to aene, to be, to beoome, 
anuL to counterfeit, to ancceed; m. a bridegruc 
bma-baHdi/a. ready, finished, complete, entire, perfi 
bana-fKannS, to lie fully adorned, decked out bai 
chusa. dreised, decked out. Aoits-mAu, to renii 

Vu banna, m. a mason, a builder, a. 
tJJTffT bvnna, a. lo weave, inlertwine. k. 
\jj ftrer &tnNa,a. to knit; to weave; n. to 

picked. A. 

j>\m bina-bar, on account of, owing to. p. 
(^Jj\i> bina-bar-m, therefore, with this vi< 

or Intent, p. [tribe of r^^fi(». 

j^Uj ^IIOk binnapkir, m. the name of 

OU^ ^'H\H banat, f. woollen cloth, broa 
cloth. A. 


OU> banat(p\. of Cxb), daughters, banati 

9ahat, the tender herbege. a. 

(ji*J' C^li> ftana<tt-n-«a'4A, m. the constel- 
lation of the Great Bear. a. 

tiU^ ^ninl &a7iali. woollen. A. 
j«>Uj hanadir (pi. of^oi?), porU, harbours, a. 
O-^ f^HTW UhdSj m. death, annihilation. «. 

(Jir^^ *HI4llW) bandspatti or hands-pattki, 
t forest leaves. *. 

yU^ banafar, name of a tribe of Yadu-bann 

rq;-pi/« in Oude. A. 

(jijSlb bind-goch, the cavity at the lower 
pwtoftheear. p. |T>ring. A. 

^J^ <<i«ii<pi«ii bana-lana, n. to make and 6a-n5mt, in the name of. p. 

^^ ^nini banana, a. to do, to make, to fa- 
bric^, to prepare, to build, to compose, to perform, 
to sdjnat. to adorn, to pluck (a fowl), to mend, to In- rectify, to dress (victuals), to mock, to feign, h, 

^^i:;} ^H^itti ban-ana, n. to succeed (in life), 
to be fortunate, to prosper. A. 

jU^^ifTW 6ana,o, m. dressing, preparing, deck- 

( 125 ) ^ 

^We;? ^Wfer ban-bhanta, m. wild bain- 

gan or egg-plant (Solanum tnelongena), *. 
^jpAJJ bumbh f. the navel, d. 

^^^yAW bambt, f. harvest crop ; a stack or heap 

of grain ; (same as Wrman, q. v.). d, 

.i^itrt y O;) mnm ban-prasth, m. a Hindu who 

has reached the hermit stage of his existence, (t. 5#- 
rom). t, ^ 

^ji(^ ^HMsni banjparna, n. to succeed, to 
answer, to suit, to come to a conclusion, t, 

W^ banai, m. lace; a riband studded 

with spangles, h. 

bint or binat, a daughter. bintu-U 

'mab, wine, daughter of the grape, a. 
^ ^fnni banita (for vanita), f. a wife, a 



and means a " cram." or •' tough yam," a purely made- 
up story. K ' 1 r J 

*^j^. r^ni«m bindmat, act of weaving, h. 

^3^ Wsmz banawat, f. make, invention, 
aifeetation, contrivance, fabrication, fiction, sham, h, 
^j^. r^niitf bindwat, f. weaving, h. 
^jfy ^11^0 bandnan or band,ort, f. the 

act of getting ready, preparation. A. [pare. h. 

^5^? %«n«i»ii bandjOnd, a. to make, to pre- 

ij^ fWHT^ 6iiia,i, f. weaving, h. 

"V^^ ^HNIilHI bandyd'jdnd, n. to be 

making, to be in hand. A. 

^^i^ finrnW bindyah (for vindyaha), a 
Bane of GoaesAo. «. 

S-^ ftw tfiwA or vimba, m. the name of a 

bw bearing a red fruit {Bryoma grmdit, Lin,, Momor- 
wa numadelpha, Roxb.), s. 

Jfij WT bambd, m. a well; a jet d'eau, the 

ipoat of a fountiun. A. 

U*'^ 'fHMW bnn-bds, m. one who dwells 

So the forest, a hermit g, 

\f^ fH^l^ll &fln bdn, adj. dwelling in the | 

6mt ; £ life of a hermit s. 
y^^ ^'^if^i^im ban-bila,o, m. a wild cat. s. 
j^hamhu, the cane called bamboo, d. 

(Jy C:;^ Wnrat ban'tard,t, f. wild tard,i, a 

"kmd of plant {Luffa). A. 

^P^> ^nnfv**! bantariyd, m. a class of peo- 
ple who formerly acted as wood-rangers in Gorak- 
P**'- *• [soUdtation. *. 

fj^ H*nl bintt, f. an apology, submission, 
^^Sb 4«ifii bantdnd, a. to share, distribute, 

to participate, h. [shared, to distribute. A. 

^|>Aju H6«iifii bantn'dnd, a. to cause to be 
V,y^ ^3^^l bantfvaiyd,\one who shares or 

ClAjui; ^ bantait, J distributes ; a di- 
vider, distributer. A. 

U^Sb banthnd, n. to be braided or plaited, rf. 
^ banj, henbane (Arab, form of ^tSjj). a. 
Si Wftm banij, m. a merchant, trader ; the 

sixth of the astronomical periods called Karan, cor- 
responding to the half of a lunar day. *. 

^ ^r<un banij or ^^^ banaj (for ^TOir 

b(^nijya), m. trade, traffic, merchandise, s. 

]y^ ^•ini<i banjard, m. a grain-merchant; 

also a carrier of grain. The term banjara or Wrm- 
fara is also applied to a distinct class of vagrants. 
They are HindOs, but do not belong to any parti- 
cular caste or part of the country. They live in 
tents, and travel about like gipsies, s, 

i/j^ '^•miO banjdri, f. a kind of tent used 

by banjaras J adj. half-boiled (grain). A. 

J^ ▼fnrr banjavy f. waste land ; land which 

has not been cultivated for five years and upwards. 
banjar-Jadid, land brought into cultivation af^er lying 
some time fallow, banjar k(tdim, land left fallow for 
some years, banjar- kamt, abatement of rent for fal- 
low land, banjar t^riji jam*, waste land excluded 
from the rental, h, 

{j^' TTftR banjin, lands close by a village ; 

name of a weed about three feet high, which springs 
up among harvest crops. A. 

( 126 ) 


f^ fn^m binjan, m. sauce, condimeDts ; 

psrticularl]> v<>geUblM dreised with butler, tic and 

added to fleih or flili j (in gr»roiiiar} a con*oii«Qt, i. 

lJj^ TK^nA hanjkotx, f. a medicine taken 

"to produce barreDiieGfl. h- 

«Jjp TfiHiT banijya, m. trade, traffic, t. 
'JW? "'fWn banchana, a. to make or hear 

Olji^ baAchatM (for haekana), a. to Bave or 
pnrted. i. [tection. d. 

jl^y bancha,o (for 6ocA5,o), m. safety, pro- 
j^ 'T^mt ban-char, m. literally, " wood- 
goer"; anj wild ininiBl, such M a monkey, lui: it 
b1» dcnotea ■ toreiter or woodman, i. 

yfj^y ipT^ fconcAart, a kindof high jungle- 

gtatt, of which wild elephanti are very fond. i. 

\^ -^^^ hanchtia, n. to be read orpernaed.A. 
jjj hand, m. a fastening, a knot, a bandage; 

binding, lltemlly or flgQr«ti»ely, an a tie. a cord i 
fetten, impriwinment ; an afpeemeot, pledge, or pro- 
Bilsei a contract; a regolatioQi sdyke, mound, dam, 
or embankment ; a verne of a long conmatiny oTtwo 
or three oonplel»: belt, roll. rtSng, joint, knockle. 
ioad-jA&ui, m. a priaon. ionif-baiuIAna, to reatralu an 
InundaHon with dykes. land-me*-a>iS, to become a 
capdve. baai-rahna. to be eogiKed in abnslneaa. 
bmd-biapmi. to lucceed in an affair, hand pakapia, 
to object to the ai^umenta of an opixBient. hand- 
(UD fopiS, to become •■-" i—'-*—''-™!''™" 

!e'(ai'rheumaliim,&c.)allooe'a]oiot». haaiH. 
or baad-kaT deni. a. to make ful. to ihut or bar (a 
doori In compo«ition it denolen faitcniog, enchain- 
ing, or fUiog, a> --" '— ' - '■'-'"—■'■ -"•- ->•" 

u'i-iond, a blsckamilh. < 

. dai-band (epitbet of an ai 
dent hero), the encbainer of demoni. In Persia 
band denolee hope or wi«bi alio ■' a trick of fence 
a ttrstagem. bmd-fannidan, to impriaoD. f. 

.ijj hand, the limbs, memberB. d. 

^ fip^T i'"''. f- a 'pt, dot, mark ; the na- 

liWJ V^ banda or ^ill banda, m. mis- 
tletoe, a kind of epidendron {Epideadrm Uinllaide; 
Bmb.). I. 

Ixj W^ bunda, ta, a drop, point, a dot. ». 
1.JJJ binda,m. a bundle, a sheaf, a faggot, d. 
\iiM T!?! bands, a grein-magaKine above 
Ujjj bandard, m. a shore, or coaat. d. 
JliJJ fw«?I^ biTidal, f. a medicinal herb. k. 
\j\iM bandana (for bandhand), a. to caufie 

to be fasteoed, be d. 

jUjJJO THJWJlt band-batp,'i, f- account of 

each ihare of aaienment ia grain, h. 

tl^bj JJJ hand-barddiht, an account of 

the ihare o 

be paid by each vi 

^j^ JJJ TRJ^T^ band-behri, f. statement 
of the amonnt of each money inatalment of a vil- 

jui>\^.>j>j band-phanta, an acconnt of 

aharei of the liabilitiei of a Tillage, p. h, 

JUjJo il^Jilltj! band-tal or -tal, damming 

a water-couTK for the pnrpoae of Irrigadon. A. 

•, '^ ■■•~ ^u band-hisab, an abstract 

«^jjj bandi jant, the act of allotting 
each eultivator an equal portion of good and 

jjjj W?^ bandar, m. a monkey, an ape. 
jjjj bandar, m. a city, an emporium : 

port, harbour, a trading town to which numbei 
foreign raerchanti reiorl, a mart or market, p. 

iZ^j^i^ ff<mn bandar-hkat, m, a i 

(jjiijkj w^d bandari, f. a sort of chintz fi 

Hachhli-bandar ; a iword from BUbandari i Dain 
a grsH nied tx fodder for catlte. a- 

(^jJ-y ^^Z^ bandn, "If. a female m 
b.iJJo ^n^ft^ bandariyd,} key, «. 
,_y^iiJkJ band* tel, a contract of sale. p. < 
(_)M^ bandiak, f, lit. lying, binding, 

making up; preparioKsfalKBtory, making npa 
account of a tranMCtton, intention, contrivance ; 
nncj (of Btyle). ionduJi-franlAna, a. to coDlriv< 

iliS'jJO bind-hwihad, m. temen cUo emill 

awrio nfictiu. h.p. [ilaTei 

^^\^JjJ bandagdn (pi. of banda), serva 

l/uJJj bandagt, f. slavery; devotion; 

"lice, compliraeot. bandagt me* }Qgida,i-k., lo i 

authority wbile in >erVitude. p. [rio 

JJJO V^^ bandR, a species of Rohilc 
0>Xa <W bandi muddal, a stated period 

the lettlement of an account, p. a. [hind, Ii 

\iajj bandnd (for bandkna, q. v.), a. 
jljiiW ^^pHR bandanivdr, f. a wreail 

wayi on manii^ or public festival!, i. 

ij-jyjjj band-7iams,& clerk, an accountai 
\j4^ bandu,a, m. a prisoner, a captive 
^^....w aVi 6an(i-o-6o»(, m. literally, "bin 

and fastening"; ■eltlement, regulation, dispos 
ecrangement; economy, management, governi 

batti ffl! 'ad or -lor-jori, temporary or summary ■ 
mcnt. hmil-o-iu'i tnujl, the sum total of the 
nueof a kingdom or province, p. 

j5*-jjijj ftflnrf-o-6as(t,f.arranging,econo 

' b4]', of or relating to aeItlemeBt,&c. ba«d-t-bait 
wdna or la»ad, patent, warrant, or deed of leltle: 
btpid-^baitl tar-Tishta-doT, a rovenue-offlcar alt 
to wme coocta in Bengal, p. 


( 127 ) 

J^iVb W^^ handory f. a female elaye. h, 
j[^<3jJ banduky f. a musket. (Whence comes 

the word bandu^f It is not known either to the 
Torka or Persians. The nearest approach to it I have 
erer heard is the Africaa-Arahic term bunduljciyya, li- 
tendlj rignifpng "Venetian." and formerly applied to 
a cross-bow, but in recent times to a gun, as the de- 
feendants c^ the Arabs in Egypt, Morocco, and Bar- 
baiy obtained these weapons chiefly from yeuice. — 
Binning.) a. 

fe^j43JJ handukckt, m. a masketeer. a.t, 
Jjt^j^ in^^i^ bandoly m. the child of a slaye. h, 
\>jjj^ ^^^f} banduhdf m. a whirlwind. A. 
JbiXjj ^T^ bandh, m. a pledge, a deposit ; m. f. 

bindiog, tying^ bandage, a tie, or fetter ; a bank, a 
dyke, a moimafor confining water ; a village boundary ; 
bood^^. imprisonment, bandh meilk papM or and, to 
beocHDe a captive. *. 

^^ V^ handhu, m. a kinsman, a friend, 

(v. haadhu). handhutSt f. a multitude of relations and 
ninds ; relationship, friendship, bandkuttoa, m. re- 
htioDship, friendship, bandhu^ant a relation, a friend. 
bandhhdatta, given by a kinsman ; m. the property 
given to a bride by her relatives, bandhu-hin, friend- 
u«, rdationless. s. 

S«vb banda^ a slave, servant, hmida'parwary 

cherisher of servants (a respectful expression used in 
addressing a superior, ie. your honour), bandage- 
dargSkt the slave of (your) threshold, banda-zada^ 
ion of (your) slave, i. e. thine humble servant, banda- 
asapoz, cherisher of servants or dependants, p. 

Uji> handaha (pl.)» servants, slaves, p. 

^\^«3jj ^^Hff bandhan, m. pension, a fixed 

slknranoe to any one ; raised earthen embankments 
for flooding lands; purchase of grain in advance of 
hsrvest t. [shut, &c s, 

^y^Sk> ^HH'til bandhana, a. to hind, fasten, 

jjU JjJ Y«Mlftl bandhanl, m. one whose busi- 

" ans is tocamr stone or timber, ko., over his shoulder; 
a pen3ioa«!T ; a gunner, an artilleryman, h. 

t^>^ W^^n\ baruUia,t, f. bond, binding, 

"tutening. s. 

jji ^iVjJ W«M4<4 bandka-tantra, m. a com- 
plete army, or one with its four divisions of elephants, 
duriots. hone, and foot, v. ehaturanga, t, 

«J^>i3jJ ^*M^14 bnndhu'jiv, m. a flower 

{Penlapeles ^cenieea). s. 

f^/9^bandhnr, ni. a flower (Pentapetes 

fbanieed); a drug, commonly called blrang / a drug 
csUed m&oM; a crane, s. 

Sjj tTTO bandhurd, f. a whore, a prosti- 
tute, g, 
dl^jjj ^pra bandkahy m. a pledge, a pawn; 
hmding, confinement. 9. 

|i^*vi> i fMl^ilil bandhahi, f. an unchante 

"WBBMO, a h&rlot; a barren woman. «. 
^^iiX^i^bundhan, m. fastening, bandage; 

olH licit, binderance. bandhan-rajju, f. any rope used 
^ lying. ftoiiif^kaii-^raaiHm. the knot of a ligature. «. 


Uj^jjj T'VSfT bandhndf n. to b^ tied, to be 

fastened; to be continuous, to be kept, enclosed, 
formed, or composed, bandhi mi^fii, an undisclosed in- 
tention, s. 

IaI^jJ^ Hiv^HI bindhndf a, to sting, to bite ; n. 

to be bored or pierced, s. 

^ljJb(3J^ W^^n^nr bandhanalay, m. a prison. 
jI^(3JJ W^bandJiu, W'^ bandhu, or W^V^ ban^ 

dhava, a friend, kinsman, but especially a distant cog- 
nate, subsequent in right of inheritance to the gentile 
Sugotra: the bandhu is of three kinds, the kinsman 
of the person himself of his fiither, and of his mother ; 
a flower {Pentapetes pheenicea), s. 

\«^i3jD T'^VT bandhuM, m. friend. V^«ll 

bandhuwa, a prisoner, s, 

o^ybi^jj ir«V4||fiT bandhwdndy to cause to be 

bound ; to accuse, s, 

(^jMlyb(3JJ W«M'^ra bandhwds, land embanked 

all around so as to retain the water. A. 

j^dSf bandhur, m. purchase of grain in advance 

of harvest h, 

UiJyb JjJ T^^li bandhuk, m. a shrub hearing 

a red flower (Pentapetes phcenieea) ; also applied to the 
Ixora bandhu; a tree {Pentaptera tamentosa). ban- 
dhttk-puthp, m. the blossom of the same tree. t. 

^ds> iff^inn bandhiydf an embankment (v. 

bandhan). e. 

Ui^43JJ ^PW bandhydy f. a childless woman ; 

a barren cow ; a perfume called bala, «. 

2^43JJ ^W9f bandhej, m. parsimonj; sta- 
bility, steadiness, persistence. A. 

ltA^V* c^*^ iT'lft*?^ bandhi mutki, f. an 

undisclosed intention, h, 

ifj^t^ WvURi bandhya, barren, unfruitful ; de- 
tained, confined, s. 

(^(^JJ bandi, f. a female slave or servant ; m. 

a prisoner, captive. bandi-]chana or bandi-grlha, a 
prison-house. In law and revenue language bandi 
denotes agreeinent. arrangement; distribution, allow- 
ance ; deduction or charge : it is also the name of a cer- 
tain dry measure, p. s. 

^JjJ ^P?^ bandi, f. the name of an ornamnit 

worn cm the forehead ; a dress shorter than the Jama ; 
m. name of a tribe called Bhat, a bard. s. 

<5i3J^ r*|*<l bindi, f. a spot, dot, mark ; the 

nasal dot anuswara. s. 

b JJ^ ^fttj^l bundiyd, f. a kind of sweetmeats 

(like drops), s, 

(jdgjj^ W«^Nf«f bandi-jaut m. a kind of orna- 
ment ; a bard. h. [captives, s. 
,J»JC>JJ^ t|«<>lJ|^ handi-grika, m. a hoase for 

^fc3jj i|«^^| bundela, a spurious tribe of 

raj- puts, who give name to the province of Bundle 
cund {Bundel-khand), h, [soner. s 

^^y^«>jj ^^I^IH barid'wdn^ a captive, a pri- 

( 128 ) 

\ JjJ ^ ban^a, m. mistletoe, a kind of epi- 

dendron. h. [rticki. or straw, &c *. 

\5jJ binda, m. a faggot, a bundle of firewood, 
\ JjJ ^nPT fcwn^a, m. a kind of ornament worn 

on the ears. h. [A^"^ *• 

\^^^ *ft?T bandohay m. a whirlwind ; a 
^Jjj ^rt &andi, f. short robe, a short full 

jdma. h. 

^cljj bandi, f. a cart or carriage of any kind, 

caUed by Europeans in the Camatic •* a bandjr." d. 

^/j>AJ>i "n^ banderl, f. a ridge-poie, the 

ridge of a house, h, 

U^ W^^ro banrcLy m. a bridegroom, h. 

i^^ ^^ banri, f. a bride, h. 

^\jj *(r bans (for vansha\ m. a descendant, 

offtpring ; race, lineage, family ; a bamboo. ». 
UJj im bansa, a species of grass which grows 

in rice-fields : it is used as fodder for cattle. A. 
JjUi^ '♦^T^ bamajvan, f. a genealogy, s. 

C..JUJJ ba-nUbat, with regard to, concern- 
ing, p. a. 
^^Llb ban-salamu f. a fee exacted by the 

^amtndSr from the cultivator for permission tr coUect 
the juice of the forest date- trees, f. a, 

ur^^ LT^ ^ ^^*^'*^** ^(^^'^ockan, m. the 

' manna or sugar of the bamboo (it has been found by 
analysis to contain much siliceous earth), t. 

Xusrh fV^T^RT binasnOf n. to perish, to be- 
come spoiled. #• 

ir^ft or W^nft bariu, f. (for vanslu) a 

-flute; a fishing-hook ; a kind of wheat with blackish 
ears: in comp. of the race or lineage, banst-ba^m, 
the fig-tree under which Krishna was accustomed to 
play the lute. 


t.LiuJ banftfiha, f a violet, p. 

tiijj^ bank, m. a bending, a curvature; 

reach of a river. *. 

^^^ Wftt hanha;i, f. a bending, a curva- 
ture, the reach or bend of a river. *. 
pviijJ w ftK^j^ banik-putrOf m. the son of a 

mcTchknt, a young merchant, bamk-putrh a young 
woman of the Baniya tribe. *. [merce. *. 

4jj(jJuJ w tV j <|;MH| banik'path, m. traffic, com- 
V^b -iWtX banhta, the crop on the field ir- 

recoverably spoiled, h. 

\i^ "^H^ ban-kati or ban-hatti, f.a fee paid 
^''^forcutting timber; the right obtained by clearing a 
jungle and bringing it under cultivation. /*. 

buiuj nmbd ban-katah/d, m. name of a 

"prickly plant (v. bang-katiya), h. 

Ay ^^s^iSfX, bankavy sponlaneoas produce of 
i^Kle or forest land, such as ^ms, honey, &c. ; also 
Revenue from woods and forests, h. [ropes, h. 

^1^ irmnr bankas, grass used in making 

o iRmpBT ban-handd, cow-dung found in 


a jungle or forest, and used for fueL h. 

]j(f^ VWra bankhardy lands on which cotton 

has grown during the past season, h. 

jj^^ WH^ ban-khandy m. a forest. $. 
j^jj^^ inra^ ban-khandi, m. the name 

" of a celebrated forest in IncUa. *. 

i^JjJ bangy f. hemp {Canabis saliva) ; an in- 

toxicating potion made from the leaves of hemp. p. 
(^^ WV bangy f. calx of tin, given internally 

aa an aphrodisiac ; name of Bangala (Bengal). «. 
UCb bingd, crooked, awry, distorted, d. 
\i^'^[Jf\bangay m. a joint of bamboo rootj 

a kind of soil ; well-water slightly brackish. *. 

^U!jj inr^T bangdldy the province of Bengal. 

bangali, m. bangalm, f. an inhabitant of Bengal. «. 

»lO bungahy f. bago^age, luggage; the tents, 

stores, furniture, &c., of an army. p. 

j^?*^-^ ^llF^n^ banig-bhaOy ra. traffic, 

trade, c. 

, rvJjjJ ^npft bangfiy f. an ornament worn on 
the wrist (properly of glass), a bangle or bracelet made 
of glass or lac A. 

Kijj 'WJfWX banghdy an aquatic beetle that 

eats rice-plants, ft. 

^ cL^ ?* > l *r^M l bang-hatiydy a species of 

BOlanum resembling a thistle (not of any use). A. 

ZCj Wyrt banghiy a species of rice.culti- 

**vated in Benares, h. 

'^XjJ WW^ bangldj m. kind of thatched 
house, commonly called by Europeans a "bungalow-; 
a sort of betel-leaf so called, h, 

VAOj iryfi^T bangliydy 4iame of a species of 

"rice*, h. [iu forests. *. 

l^Siyo^ ipfiftlPT&a«-i7a«n?^a,cow-dungfound 

Jtjj ^5^ bangiy f. a humming-top. h. 

"Jtij bangxy m. one who intoxicates himself 

"with bang. p» 

jUi> TWr^ ban-mdly f. a garland of va- 
rious flowers (usually those of the tulsT) reaching to 
the feet $. 

fi\^ ^ HH\k^ ban-mdli, one who wears a 

- ban-mal ; an epithet of KrUhra. $. 

*> \^ >> W HHM ^ ban-mdnusy m. a man of the 

woods, a wild man ; an oran-utang. #. 

Ujj banndy binndy bunnd. v. U>. 

^J^^ ^^^rft banndn, m. one of the names 

ofKriihna, «. 

(ui^yJ ^PffT^ ban-vdsy ra. separated from 

one's family, living in a wood; met, disinherited (a 
son). #. [made or formed. A. 

UUjJ W'W^^ bamvdndy a. to cause to be 


< 12& ) 


4^ ly^ Wvl^n^^anfcoyiy f. price paid for making 

anj thing. A. [weaTing. K 

pIm-> ftrWI^ hintvafly f. price paid for 

vl/^^ ^«l)iV'i hanotsarg, m. a ceremony 

performed in honour of a newly-planted orchard : it 
•omewhat resembles a marriage ceremonj. (▼. Wil- 
son's Glosiarj). «. 

j^ 4^ bannnir, m. f. a creeper, vine. s. 
^y^ niHir<i|| binauriya, m. napie of an 

herh used as fodder for cattle, h. 

^y^ i%«ilc^l binauld, m. the seed of the cot- 

tin-tree (it is said to be very fattening food for cattle). 
Mmk/3 ehabna^ a. to say unpleasant things, k, 

^J^ frfl^ buiauli, f. hail (of a smaller 

'knid). A. 

l)y> fVnfhn binaunttf a. to adore, to venerate, 

to revere, to laud. #. 

iiyj tHf hanwandi m. a creeper, a vine. h. 

Ijiy; W^l^in hanwaiya, ro. maker, manufac- 
turer, k. Pioutehold fhrnltnre. j), 

«b huna or bunna^ m. hasis, root, domestics, 

yj W«^ banhdf m. a conjurer, h. 

jV^ ^f^fTT ^antAar, a labourer whose ser- 
vices are paid in ftoaal, or in kind. A. 

{^^it^, wr«fm«f ^anAt^an, m. a bridegroom. A. 

(^l|:;>^*fT^5an/ia,i,f. a female conjuror, an 

cvduntresa. A. 

ifV^^F^Tf^ binahar, m. a gatherer of cotton. A. 
^ w4 ftani, f. a bride. A. 
^ Y«ft 5afii, f. a small forest ; a wood. «• 
^j> IWHiV &ffU7y (for vinaya), m. humility, 

' hnmUe entreaty, courtesy, good-nature, t, 

^j> bant (pi. of ^^), sons, bant-adamy sons 

'of Adam; men. bant isra,tl, children of Israel, Is- 

j> liA bannty a portion of grain given to a 

* Isboarer as a remuneration for his services. A. 

\^'^l^vn oT'^fiifm baniyd (also banyd), m. a 

Ao^Dseper, a merchant (usually a corn-chandler), a 
Biiidu mou^-changer : in Calcutta this term is ap- 
ffied to the Hinda partner or cash-keeper of a Euro- 

fnn finn. t. 

oUHJ bunyad, f. foundation, base, origin. 

kmgSd dUaa, to lay the foundation, to found (a 
c8^. fccV p. 

uiiUb W^t||l|^l banaiyd-handd, m. cow- 
Aag dried for fuel (not made up). A. 

^^ WfvTVt hantydn or banyan^ m. a trader, 

(v. Aoaiya). p. 

^¥i ftiMyait, f. foundation, basis, a. 

^j^l^b ^rf^nrPR baniydyan or baniydfin, f. 

wife of a Aoaiyd (a trader). A. 

g^uuj wrft baneti or W^^ ^anatti, f. a torch 

* lighted at both ends and whirled round so as to form 
a double circle of fire. A. 

j^ W^Alf bantj, m. trade, traffic. «• 
C^MJJ ^nflM bamk, m. a merchant, a trader, s, 
^^^ ^"^91 biiiidd or ir^9T banaild, wild, of 

the forest. «. 

(^AJ^ ^f^^ banaint^ f. wife of a baniyd. A. 
Jij^ Yvfl^lc^ ^anin^oZ, a subdivision of the 

BAon^ caste. A. 

^ bu (for ^t), father; possessed of ; gene* 

rally used in composition with another word, as Afi-/* 
*ajab, iather of wonder, or possessed of wonder, mar- 
vellous, a, 

^ bo or bu^ f. smell, odour, bu-lutsh^ one who 

inhales the scent or odour of any substance, p* 

y> ^ ^0 (root of &(ma), sowing, cultivation. A. 
^ Wt bau^ the fee or perquisite of the' za- 

mindftr whenever a daughter of any cultivator in hit 
village is married. A. 

^ ^rVT buyd, f. sister; also an aunt by the 

father^s side. A. 

u-^ly bawjvdb, a janitor or porter, a. 

^«>\^ ^f^rr^ bawddd, m. a kind of herb, some- 
what like turmeric. A. 

^r^ 'iVwRf bOfdrd, m. seedtime, sowing. A. 
<Ja4M^^ ba-^dsita, by reason, because of. p,a» 
J^^^ bawdsir (pi. of j^b), the piles or 

hemorrhoids, a, 

CJ^W^ j^ bu'l'kamas, desirous ; m. a block- 
head, a wavering, fickle person, hu-l-iawast, t whim« 
caprice, a, 

Ur^ iflVMI bojdnd, a. to cause to sow ; n. 

(from bU, smell), to stink, to emit a smelL A. 

s\^ fr^n^ birvdh, m. marriage, s. 

^\^ ^"^mn bawdhdf ppcky, affected with 

lues venerea, A. 

i/ ^^ ^^'^rr^ barvdyif f. a kibe, or chap on the 

foot, a chilblain, s, [seedtime. A. 

^ \yf Mtw^ bodfiy f. sowing, the act of sowing; 

L^y ^hw6o&,thesowingof grain by the drill.A. 

by "fftWl bobd, m. goods and chattels, pro- 
perty ; a bundle. A. 

<^by bvbahy m. an old simpleton, d* 

yy ^ bubv^ a sister; (in the west of In- 
dia) a lady (for 6<Ai); a favourite concubine, or one 
of superior rank. A. 


\ij> bota, 


ij^ buta 

&».y be 


Rive oo. 
i«A tu- 






'j^ ^ ^™* m. a coaree kind of sugar; 

n^wt; powder; redeemable mortgage. A, 

\f^ WttI bora^ m. a canvass bag (particularly 

rfii^lfi? *^ ?? "^''"^ ^ "«)• * wck ; a kind 
oTbeaa bke French beans {Dolichos caUang), K 

^jj> Wtrr haura, m. mad, insane, h. 

H]|^ 'ITTWfT baurd-pd, Im, madness, state 

e^l;^ ^^i^n baurd-panj of insanity, h. 

^jjj? 'fnCRI baurdna, n. to be mad, to mad- 
den, k. 

cijy fciirani, f. a kind of food, consisting 

of the fruit of the egg-plant (Baingan) fried in sonr 
milk. p. 

^];y ^ftTTfT baurdhd, mad, insane. A. 
«^jy bor-hachcha^ m. a leopard, rf. 
Jj^i bvrak or baurah, m. borax, a. 
li,y ir«r«a, a« to shew, to scatter about, d. 
^^. 'rrft 6aro, m. rainbow; marsh rice(Elliot 

Glots.); the name of a kind of rice which is cut in 
lUrcb (Hunter), boro fatU the season of cutting this 
™*' *• [Jo/awi for writing, p. 

^*> burn or boru, a tube, pipe ; a reed or 
tjj> bura, borax; nitre for soldering, p. 
»;y bora^ m. redeemable mortgage; a sack 

for holding riee. A. 

^j^ wKff baurhd, mad, insane. A. 

4^^ 'iW bauriy f. mad, an insane woman. A. 

l>jy horiyd or buriydy m. a kind of mat. bu- 
nyo^/, a mat maker, p. [catsang). h. 

5j? %T fcora, m. a kind of bean {Dolichos 

1&? iora, deaf, dull of hearing, d. 

v*jy Wf 1^^ bur-mamd, n. to be drowned, 

to (lie by drowning. JL 

rjii 'fi?'!! borndy a. to cause to dive. A. 
^^ Ipn burndf n. to dive; to drown, to be 

^UBOged. to dip. h 

•jj? l^T ftarAa, m. an old man ; adj. old, 

%«d- hufha-drha, aged, of mature years, h, 

H*Jj? ^cmi burhapdy also ft5rA5-pa«, m. | 
•Mage. *. 

^y ^ ^"."S ^- ^ point of a spear ; a spike 

ktibeendofa sUff. h. 

. fe? ift^ buriyd, m. a diver. A. 

"jbf fc», m. cream*co]oared (a horse), p. 

5jI tisi (vulgarly* bozd), m. beer. &ilr«. 

• jy^i'tf^^P* * " boo«ing-ken ;" the latter term 
gJ S~y ■ corruption of buze-J^na, introduced 
■ ^wnnpt by the gypsies, p. 

*w5^r, ro. a brewer, a maker of or 

b Che stuff called buza. p. 

131 ) ^^ 

i^J)j^ buzagan, f. brewing (p{huza) p. 
*yy fctf-JTw, also fcoarna and boznina, m. a 

monkey, an ape. p. 

»j^ ftosra, m. the name of a bird (Ibis denu^ 

data T Buch.) ; a kind of beer (▼. huzS), p. 
**?Jy buzina^ an ape, monkey, p. 
O-^ Jo* (in compos.) kissing, saluting, p. 
C*1^L»^ ba-rvasatat, by means of. p. a. 

(i)^y ^<>*'5n or bustdn, m. a pleasure-gar- 
den ; name of a celebrated work by the Persian noet 
and moralist Sa^di, p. *^ 

jU-> J O^y fto* o Atnar, m. kissing and toy- 
ing; dalliance, p. 

&a»^ ftMfl, m. a kiss, bosa-bdzi^ f. kissing 

and toying, bosa-deud or /^na, to kiss. p. 

;^y 5oit, kissing, used in comp. as ^adani- 
"bosi, kissing the feet, !.«. obeisance, p. 

Ci)*^55***y boddaUf to kiss, embrace, p. 
*'H**»y hostda^ stale, rotten, bondagi, f. rot- 

tenness ; also part having kissed, p. 

^y 5o24» a wrapper, a pouch, bo^-band, m. 

the doth in which any thing (particularly a saddle) ii 
wrapped up. p. ' 

]j^^ boghrd, m. a dish made of boiled meat, 

flour, &C. hogl^a nikalna. to be well beaten ; some- 
what akin to our phrase " having his gruel." p. 

U^y bogkmd, m. trumpery, trifles, scraps, 

rags, &C., the stores of a wallet; ugly and fat 
(woman), p. 

Jjy buhj m. a trumpet, clarion, a. 

C^y> ba-wdhitj at the time, in the time. p.a. 

^^y &ii-JaZamiin, m. a chameleon, (hence) 

any thing of various hues ; adj. various, wonderful a. 

&l?y boUd or buklay m. potherb, a. 

ti)^ 'pF buhy land recovered by the reces- 
sion ofa river, h. 

<jjy ift^ boky m, a he-goat, a ram, a tup. #. 
^^ T*^ ^"^'^» ^' powder ; small pearls. A. 
^^. ^ft^ bolid^ m. a basket, pail, or leather 

bag for throwing water to a higher elevation. A. 

I;l>y 'j^i^i bukdrd, land (previously reco- 
vered as buk, q. v.\ but rendered useless by a deposit 
of sand, h, ' *^ 

'/y ^Awn ftoA;a, m. a he-goat. s. 
^y*l> ^frtnj ftoAn, f. a she-goat. «. 
jf^ JoAar, m. a he-goat (big-bearded), d. 
^y ^[^^ ^jiiAna, a. to powder, to grind, to 

reduce to powder. A. 

«>y boltOy m. a basket or leather bag used 

for raising water. * 




( 133 ) 


^ bihf good, better. WA or WAt, a quince. ^. 

l^ baha^ja. price, value. 5a^a,^ AArln, blood- 

monej (paid to the relationi of a peraon slain), bahd^ 
Oi^f^ a tax raised in order to defraj the exQenae of 
bonoraiy dxessea. bak&ye ka^u^ an allowance for 
oflioe paper, red tape, &c. h. 

^^ HHIT. bhabar, name of a lai^e forest at 

the foot of the SevaUc hills. A. 

i^^ HWft bhabhly f. a brother's wife. h. 
{j\i> 'iwft bhabHf future, about to be, pre- 

«4iW ^^^ bhaphf f. steam, vapour, s. 

^i;4iV ^flf^HI bakd'phima or bahd-hahd 

phirna, n. to wander; to be in a distressed condition ; 
to be intoxicated, t, 

^^ Jnwn bhaphnd, a. to conceive, to 
gneas, to ecHnprehend. A. 

OI4J Wir bhdtf advances to ploughmen 

without anj interest, k, 

Ol^ «inr bhat, m. boiled rice, food, s, 

Qv^ HTilf bhdtd, m. an extra allowance to 
troope on service, commonlj called batta. A. 

^W ^117 &A^, m. a bard, a minstrel ; a ge- 

nedagist or familj bard ; name of a tribe. A. 

(2^l4> )Vrs? bhatan, the wife of a bard, a 

frmde mioatrd. A. [the ebb tide. A. 

^^^ )V1^ bkatha, m. a current or stream, 

^jt^ HtA bhatkl, f. bellows. «. 

154^14; mt^ bhdthif f. down the river, with 

^% current. A. 

JU4SI4} Hff^inS bkafhiyaly m. down, below, 

down the river, with the stream. A. 

>^^**^**?f' If. flight, 

war, J ® 

running off. h. 

>^? Hnrf ftA5;\ 
\^^ ^innf bhdjan, m. a plate, a dish, &c.; 

(in arithmetic) division, a. 

^^? HWIT bhdjnd, n. to flee, run away. A. 
^^? «innn bhdjna, a. to fry. «. 
^\^ mift ftAaji, f. greens. *. 
j^^ *inrt 6A5;*i,f. portion or share of food, h, 
i^^ mHI bhdjya, divisible, to be portioned ; 

a portion, a share, an inheritance ; (in arithmetic) 
the ^idend. «. 

jft^ bhaehar, a large earthen pot or jar. d, 
jS^ bahaduTf brave, bold, valiant, courage- 

eas, invincible; m. a hero, a champion, knight; a 
tide bestowed on military officers. **It is often accom- 
Mahd with the word jang, war ; thus, baJtddur Jang, 
btbcible in war. The English (that is to say, Indian- 
l^^di) langnage has adopted tliis word : a *' bahau- 
ttr indicates a martinet, or proud and haughty 
Mrtil draMed in a little brief authority " (Binning.^. 

>% inX bkadra, 1 m. the fifth .solar 

i^jdl^ *n^i^ bhddra-padf J mouth (see bhd- 

^S>j^^^f(T^y(^bkddra'paddff.2L name common 

to the 26th and 27 th lunar asterisms, distinguished by 
the epithets prior and subsequent, or purva and uttar, s, 

{^j>^^ bahddurt, f. bravery, gallantry, p, 
^jI^ vrn(f bkadoAy m. name of the fifth 

solar month, August — September (in which the full 
moon is near PurwAhSdrapada), t» 

^j^yjtil^ HT^Wt bkadonwl, of or relating to 

the month bhadoik; the autumnal crop. $, 

V1>(>1^ YfT^vfT bahd'dend, a. (lit. to set afloat), 

I to demolish, to destroy, to ruin, to impoverish, to de 
prive of felicity or fortune, s, 

J V ^^"W^ bihdr, m. diversion, sport, amuse* 

ment; name of a province, bihdrasthal, place of 
amusement «. 

jl^ bahdr, f. spring; beauty, elegance, de-- 

light. bakaristdnt m. a place adorned with the blos- 
soms of spring ; name of^a Persian book by JimL p. 

j\^ HR bhdr, m. a load, weight, fagot, gra- 
vity, a weight of gold equal to 2000 palas. i. 

jW ^'^ bhdVf out, without (v. bdkar) ; adj. 
external, outside, d. 

)j^ HRI bhdrd, m* a load, burthen. «• 
f*)])^ bakdrdn, the spring season, p. 

U^jiJ^ HR^ bkar-brikshf m. a fragrant 

substance, commonly called kakshi considered vari- 
ously as a vegetable or mineral product s, 

^j^ HKiT bhdrat or bhdraia, m. the heroic 

poem which contains the account of Yudkiskfhh^t war ; ' 
m. name of one of the nine divisions of the world : 
India proper, so called from Bharata, the son of 
Dushyanta, whose patrimony it was. s, 

V;^ >iniT bhdtjd, f. a wife; wives of the 

RSgs, or deities presiding over the HindQ musical 
modes, hkarjatwot iha condition of a wife, bhdrjafik, 
m. a henpecked husband. «. 

'tIj*^^ HTtSni bhdradwdj, m. a skylark.*. 

^Uu«^l|j bahdristdn, abode of spring, or of 

beauty ; name of a Persian work by the poet Jaml. p. 

^oiVi''^^^ ft?*Aaran, f. sweepings, h. 

^j^ IJ^I^HI buhd}md, a. to sweep, to ga- 
ther. A. 

lIjW ^T^TTrft buhdj*7i$, f. a broom, a besom, h, 

jj w ^T^TC buhdrUf m. a sweeper, h* 

alj.l^ ^IM1€ bhdr-wdh (also bhdra-vdhik), 
m. a porter, a bearer of burthens, i. 

{Sj\} ^^V^ buhdri, f. a broom, a besom, h* 
i/J^ HnS^/iarijheavy; of importance (met); 

big, weighty, fat, large ; valuable ; patient, steady, 
grave ; strong, thick, troublesome ; ro. a porter, car- 
rier of burthens, bhari-bkarkam, grave, sedate. /;/iar< 
patthar chSmkar ehhofna, to vrithdraw from a difficult 
or impracticable undertaking, i. 

t^\^ bahdri, vernal, relating to spring, p, 
lSj^ f^V^ bihdri, sportive ; a name of 

Krishna ; name of a Hindi poet s 




f 133 ) 


^^^ bkany f. (for bahin, q.7-% a sister, /f. 
^)^ fk^m bihafif ID. morrow, morning. A. 
01^^ )fnn ^Aana, a. to pleasei to suity to fit, 

to be approved ot, h, 

^\> Wl^TtlT bahanay a. to make flow, to set 

afloat, to UandL s. [time), h, 

^\>, ffinn bihanOf n. to spend or pass (the 
til^ bahand (for bahdnd)^ m. pretence, &c. p. 

Cji\^ HTir bhant or mftT bhdnti, f. manner, 

mode, method, kind, aort. &. [sorts. A. 

ilol^ <^^^ bhdnt-bkdntf various, of many 
(JLol^ vits bhdnty m. a medicinal plant {Cle- , 

roiimiroit ti(/brhuMif am, £t«. ; Volkamerla infirtunata, 
Baib.), s. [melongena. «. 

l&l^j HfZT bhdfitd, m. the egg-plant {Solannm 
^. ^ fr^aiy, f. twist. 8. j.^^ ^ 

Ul^^ Him bkdnjdf m. a nephew, a sister's 

U^V^ viri|f|T Ma/ijna, a. to put into circular 

motion, to twist, to turn on a lathe, to wave, to bran- 
dish, f. [daughter, t. 

^j^\^ ^rilft bhdnji, f. a niece, a sister's 


i^^ Htlft bhdnjtf f. interruption, hinder- 

'anee; tale-bearing;. hhdnjl"]^r, m. an interrupter, a 
tale-bearer, bhdnji khana, a. to give a malicious piece 
of intelligence, hhanji-dena or 'mama, a. to interrupt, 
to pot a stop to, to break in upon. A, 

LVuW ^H^KI bhdn-chdrd, sisterhood, 

state or relationabip of sister, d, 

*^^ ^'HIR bhdndf m. a mimic, an actor ; 

a small earthen pot : stock, capitaL «. 

\ii\^ m^ bhdndd, ro. a large earthen pot ; 

estate, equipage, hhandd-pkufna, n. to lose one's cha* 
racter. s. 

^Ijj*.^ ^n^TX bhdnddr, ^m. also bhdnddr^ 
^jjl^ )IT9Tn bhdnddrdfj khdnOf a store, 

a place where household goods are kept, a storehouse, t. 

^\jj\^ imsrQ bhanddfif m. a house-stew- 
ard, a treaaurer, purveyor, s, [mimic «. 

^\^ )TTfi9 «f bkd}idin, f. an actress, or female 
l) jj'^^ iin9«n or Hlftir bhdndndf a. to abuse, 

to edamniate. s. 

^JjW *irtlft bhdndaiti, f. mimickry, buf- 
hooaj ; a female mimic, an actress, a. 

jjiil^; «ltth.5Aa»£5r,m. the Indian fig-tree. «. 
^^> bkdtts (for bans q. v.)« m. a bamboo, d. 
ijJl^ MaiUi (for frcbm q. v.), f. a flute, 

-fct i [shrub. A, 

uS^^ vit^inri^ 2>Aa7iAari, f. name of a 

}j6^> ^vivfl 6AaitAf a, ro. a fop, a parasite, h. 

«l6l^ Htn bhang y f. hemp {Cannabis satU 
mi^ oCwfaieh an intoxicating potion is made. «. 


l^^l^ 6/ia/2^ra,1 m. one who is addicted to 
j^l^ bhdngiy J the use of bkdng. $* 

1^x31^ Htito bhdngerd, m. a seller o£ bhang, s. 

^J*(^^ WtfiTTft Man-ma/t, m. a female jug- 
** gler, an actress, t. [handsome, t. 

(J^oW ^'T^'^ bhdnumatiy adj. f. beautiful. 
U>1^ HT«nn bhdnndy a. to turn (on a lathe), 

to put into circular motion, to twist, wave, brandish ; 
to break, destroy, h. 

y^ )VTtT bhdnUf m. the sun. s, 
jlyl^ HTH«lli bhdnuwdr, m. Sunday. $. 
jy^ Ht^ bhdnwavy If. revolution, circa* 

v^yl^? ^*l^1 bhdnwjnj lation. bhdnmrt 
phima, to circle ; to be sacrificed, t. 

cJy^ bhdnoliy f. a sort of bread. d» 

&3l^ 5aAa;ia, m. pretence, evasion, contriv- 
ance, excuse, pretext, p. 

Li^. f''?'^ bihdne, early, soon. A. 


j\^ Hm bhd,Of m. price, value, rate; friend* 

ship. k. 

j^ )7n bhdWf m. state or condition of being; 

natural state, disposition, nature; meaning, purpose; 
sentiment, passion ; will, notion, idea ; living, l>eing. 
existence, tning; choice, liking; blandishment; ges- 
ticulaatlon, acting, pantomime, expressing a meaning 
bj signs ; a sudden idea or emotion of miad. bltduh- 
baiana, to gesticulate, s, 

y^ ^Vl[n bahdfO, m. flowing, a flood, s, 
O^l^ VII r^H bhdvitf animated, inspired; 

thoughtful, anxious, apprehensive, alarmed, s. 

^y^ ^n^nn 5Aa,o^a, amiable, dear, beloved. A. 
fr3^ Hnm bhdmajf f. a brother^s wife, also 

the wife of a wife's'brother. t. 

^j^^ ^n^li bhdwaky m. the external expres* 

sion of amatory sentiments ; a friend, a lover, s, 

c^j^ vnf^ bhdwiky natural, innate, senti- 

mental, relating to feeling, s, 
tj^^ wm(^ bhdioU or bhdmaUy f. rent paid 

"in kind to a zanunddr^ distribution of crop between 
the zamindar and cultivator. bhaMi-khiU land recently 
brought into cultivation, bha^oll-pd, land long culti- 
vated, h. [ceming. in respect to. A. 

/oj^ MR«f bhdwn or bhd,on, regarding, con- 

bjl^ WTOT bhdvand or bhdfOnd, f. mental 

perception, recollection, the present consciousness of 
past ideas or perceptions ; imagination ; religious and 
abstract meditation ; looking about, observing, investi- 
gating; consideration; apprehension, contemplation, 
thought, doubt, fear, concern. s» 

Ujl^ >rrERT 2^/<a,onaor2)Aan;72a,n. to please, h. 

Bj^4^ HPST? bhdfvah, f. a younger brother's 

wife. *, 
l53^? W^ bhdwi, 1 future, what is about 
lJ3^ HT^ bhdn)a,tj) to be, predestined, a. 


/4? ( 137 

ji^ hihiary good, excellent, well, better, p, 

^^ ^flR bahattar, seventy-two. h, 

J^ WCT bahutra, in many ways or places, s, 

{jiff} bihtari^ f. superior excellence, welfare. j9« 

f2)>j^ hiktarin^ best, superior, p. 

\m»l1a^ '^TireT bahut'Sd^ a great deal, very 

miidi. h, [a demon, a, 

Ul^ )l7«n bkutna^ m. a small devil, an imp, 
^^^ ^TiRft bhutni, f. wife of an imp; a fe- 

'maledemoa. #. 

^yti ^"S*^ bahu'iwakk, m. the Bboj or 

birch-tree. s. 

b^ Y?7f bakuifva, m. plurality, multitudei 

abaodaiice. «. 

aC;^ HVt bkattaj m. an extra allowance for 

tztx^ when marching; batta. A. 

If^ vm^Mu^/iAa, devilish, peevish, fierce. $• 
tilx;;^ ^iflPTRT &Att<tyan<i, n. to be like a 

denL «. 

^^^^HifNlT bhai^ayVEL, nephew, brother's son.j» 



^Jft^ mftlft Matt/i, f. niece, brother's 

* dangbter. t. 

[gl^ ^S^ 5aAt<t^a, very much. «• 

Oi^ H;? bhatj f. misfortune, curse ; an oven, 
a fiunaca, a kiln. hki4 popi^ n. to be coned, to bt 
aBfbrtnnate, to be lost (lit to fall into the kiln). K 

slf^ )V7 bkaty m. a warrior, hero, soldier; 

a ^^t^rifp or outcast of s particular tribe. «. 

\S^ Hf bhatt^ m. a learned man, a philo- 

•opher ; a title of ICaharatthft Brihmana. «. 

U|> H{l bhatta, a ploughman's wages in 

kind. JL 

U^)I{T bhutta^ m. Indian com (Zea mays)', 

anj large bunch, the head or ear of com ripened, h. 
U^ hhattdf m. a pair of bellows, d, 
7 jV^^ )l{ni1^ bhaftacharj m. (for ^Aa.^ 

lidhorfa), the moat learned of the learned ; a title 
givca to the Kanaujija Brahmans : it is also applied 
to Qoe who teachea any branch of Sanskrit literature. «. 

Kl^ nm bhathd, astray, wandering. A. 

UKl^ M{4iHI bhafkdnd, a. to baulk, to mis- 
lead, to deceive, to scare, to cause to wander, to lead 
artray. A. 

<^Ia>4£a^ yirV7T!( bhat-hatd^, If. the name 
^i£«^ ^{#^111 bkat'katai 

|hBt (Atowm JaequtHh WUld.). h. 

' ^^^^ M^^T-m bhat'kcUaiya,) of a prickly 

^i/^ >17^fti|T bhat'hariyd, a class of infe- 
UC|l if^iRT bhafahnd, n. to wander about ; 

•» go aatiay, to mlaa the right path, h, 

(j^Q^lVpfK bhat-gaur, a subdivision of the 

^U^ ^*f^ bhatuld, m, a kind of bread mad€ 

from the flour of the other and other sorts of pulse. At 

tdUu^ v^Z^tnJbhatndgar, a tribe oiKayathnM, 

f^^^^ fWTvft bhitni, f. a nipple. A. 

yi^ H^ bkatUy interj. O sister ! A. 

^y^ HSl<$i bhatolar, lands allotted to Mat^r 
or bards ; also lands given to Br&hmans. A. 

dJ^ bhutta,m. Indian corn, any large bunch. /t. 
l^ji^ )|?T bhatthd, m. a furnace, kiln, oven, h, 
lS^^ ^^ ^^^^W^h or )7;A bhathi, f. a small 

"fire-place, a kind of furnace ; a liquor-shop, distillery. 
bhafpA-dan one who keeps a spirit-shop. A. 

J^^ij^^ ^^^'^ bhatthi'dar, a person who 
manufactures and sells spirituous liquors. A. 

I;^i4% Hfipmj bhatkiyardy m. (or bhathi" 
yarit f.) a sutler, an innkeeper; one who prepares 
victuals for travellers in a sara. A. 

^jU^A^ hHs^KUH bhathiydrpan, m. the 

business of a bhafJuyard. A. 

*^^jW^ ^ft^lK^R bhafhiydr-i^na, an 

inn, a caravanserai, p. 

C2;^^^4%^ )TfiniTft«l bhathfydritif^f. a female 
</>^W^ ^fo^l l O bhathiydri, J sutler. A. 

JW^ Hftnigj bhathiydl, with the current, 

fl.e. down the river, and not with the flood tide ; m. a 
kind of margiya, or elegiac verses sung in praise of 
Hasan and Hustun, A, 

UU^^^) HfT^vnn bhathiydrid, n. to go down 
the river; to ebb (the tide). A. 

(_^^ ^^ bhatft, f. a furnace, a kiln, an oyen, 

** a still ; name of a raj-put tribe. A. 

^Ji^ )T7^ bhataji, f. praise from a poet 

"(bhaf). A. [(in Bundlecund. A. 

Ijut^ ^rfinn bhatiyd, the poorest kind of land 

tjUS^ )Tf<nnn hhatiydrd^ m. (same as bhathi- 
yard), a sutler, an Innkeeper. A. 

^jUa^ HfinirnnT bhatiydrpan (see bhathi- 

yarpan). A. 

^:)J^ HftinftjfT bhatiydrin,^ f. a female 
gTjUS^. Hf^in^ bhatiydriy J sutler. A. 

Ulju^ ^rfjljnn bhattiydnd, the country of 

the 6Aa/lt rdjputt. h. 

^^ )nr ^At/;, m. the arm above the elbow ; 

one of the shorter sides of a riglit-angled triangle (t.«. 
the perpendicular or the base.) s, 

\af^ vtm bhujdf f. the arm above the elbow, s. 
UW^ ^^V^HI bah-jdnd or ^rfV^tinn bahi- 

jaiM, n. to flow, to go or swim with the stream ; to be 
ruined, to be destroyed. A. 

UW^ ^mniT bhajdnd, a. to cause to flee. A. 

UUp4^ ^nn«n bhijdnd, a. to cause to be wet, 
to wet, to moisten ; to cause to send. A. 


fragnudt grass {O/penu pertemtis), $. [eordtfolin, t, 

ii^Jj*^ ^S^^hI bhadrodm, f. a plant {Siela 

(Jbt)*^ ^TJE^r^^ hhadra-walliy f. Arabian 

"jsnnine {Jtumiman xambac)\ the large Bengal creeper 
\G0trt9era racemota), 9, 

^^»H^ ^'^n^^ hhadr-honay n. to be clean 

er purified bj Bfaaviug one's head and beard after 
mooming, or in a holy place. «. 

\fj^ HTjft bhadri, m. an astrologer; a 

pahntster. t. 

^^ ^lfJV^ hkajdra-yaVy id. the seed of the 

BMa or Wrightea aiUidysenitriea, s. 

K»«>JiX^ W^^fNf^ hahU'dvgdkiJia, f. a plant 

jieUEmg a caustic, milkj jnioe (euphorbia of various 
sorts), i: [sugar-cane, h, 

j1j*H? *»^P^nC hkadwar, land prepared for 

b|^i54> ^^^ifljill hkadawriyay name of a tribe 
alraj^iU. A. [bad. •. 

U^J*V ^^1^^ bahu-dosh, full of faults, very 

U j.^ mn bahudha, in many ways, sorts, &c. ; 

Qsos]];, often, a. 
U^ ^fVT bahdhOf f. pain, distress, obstruc- 

tiog, hindrance, prevention, s. 

C^J^ WfVPni bahudhagat, dispersed, 

icsttered. s. 

^i3^ WlWf bahu-dhan, wealthy, rich, s, 
fj,^ H^ bkadayty the produce of the month 

J-J.i^ H^^S9 bkadesal, 1 ill-shaped, ugly, 

^LjiXA^ iT^^S^ bhadesalayj awkward, h, 

U^ YVIT bhada or H9T bkara, a kind of grass 
osed for fodder. A. [fY.4aJcaut). h, 

^'^ Hlft?n bhadariydy m. name of a tribe 
f^ bahar, f. a fleet, bahri, on account of 

i*Aar, in every (this is used onlj in phrases from the 
Persian)^ a.p» 

j^ ^bhar, full ; as much as, as far as ; all, 

evoT, sixe, bulk, whole, up to. hhar makdur or mii|b- 
dm-mar, to the best of one's povrer. '»fnr-6Aar, all 
fifetime. It is sometimes used in composition, without 
eitpi n silii g any meaning, unless it is " a," as ser-bhar, 
a Bsr; btUks Ihar, (the height or length of) a bamboo ; 
Apt Msr, a kos, whereas bhar hot would mean a full 
koi,lcc; «. 

J^bkir (also bhir), m.a species of insect, a 

VM a bee, (perhaps from the Sanskrit bkring, q. v.) 
^n.Bd— This word occurs repeatedly in the liamaHu-f- 
mpagnll3to 116. A. 

j^ ^1^ bahur or ^^ bahuri, again, h. 

j4? ^ bhavy name of one of the aboriginal 
aecscfladia. A. 

j^ ^iff^^^tr, out, without, bahir ana, n. to 

to oome out. bahir-deth, remote or foreign 
r. AaAir-«NiAA, the neglect of an j moral or re- 
doty; a4|' impious, s. 

( 139 ) j4* . 

\j^ *l^ bkarrd, m. a panic, fauj msM 

bharra pafS, the army was seized with a panic. A. 
\j^ HT! bhardy full, overflowing. «. 

U^ Wipj bahrd, or ^rfifU balm'a, «'eaf. fu 

^\j^ OTIT bkrata,\ 

.-I , , - . I ni» orotner. 

<^];4^ H!^ Mra^rtA, 1 fraternal, bro- 
*i/|;4? ^''^** bhrdtrtyay J therly. «. 
3j[fxi ^^^1^' bahrdru, m. an upstart, a 

stranger. A. 

J^ bahrdm, the planet Mars ; name of 

several kings of Persia; Yaranes. pu 
J^]j^ HHRI bhrdmavy m. epilepsy. «. 

Vii5/*|;4^ >|prft hhrdmarxy epileptic. «. 

(i^^^r^ HfT'ni bhrdmaky m. a cheat, a rogue. «• 

^Ird^ HTT«n bhurdndy a. to wheedle. A. 
U]^ ^JTHT fta/iurana, a. to bring back, to 

cause to return. A. 

^ W ^ f^^ ^H f bahirdnd, a. to divert, toamuse.A. 
uU^ HTTHT bhardndy a. to fill, to cause to fill ; 

to cover (a mare). «. [blundering, erring, i. 

.^^^)j^ ^^ bhrdnta, whirled, revolved^ 

do\^ )7Tf^ bhrdniiyi error, ignorance; re- 
volving, wandering «. [a wanderer. «• 
Ijj]^ )n^ bhrdntdy one who is gone astray, 

(oUj^5;4^ Hlftnrnf bhrdntimdny adj. erring, 

wandering. «. 

jJjL^ ^fPtft bhrdntty f. erring, wandering. 5. 

kL>^\j^ MKA^Z bhardwaty f. act of filling; 
any thing in which they fill any substance. «. 

^W/^ Hl>Tn^ bharbhdndy m. name of a 

prickly poppy {Argtmone Mexicana), A. 

\a!A} ^^^Hn bhurbhurdy dry and in a state 

of powder. A. 
^)jisij^* ^^^•'T bhurbkurdndy a. to throw 

or sprinkle sugar or salt upon meat. A. 

Ul^j4^ H^WntTI bharbhardndy2L, to swell and 
be glossy (particularly the face, as in fever). #. 

(Jj^j^ M^f^ bharbhariy f. a swelling, a sore. 
bhurbkuri^ a light sandy soil. A. 

UU;^ ^Tt^RT bhar-pdndy a. to be paid, to 

receive the fuU amount; met is expressed when a 
person is disappointed ; as, mai^ ne bhar paya, I am 
paid ; or still more idiomatic, <*I am paid with a witp 
ness." A. 

c? ^i^ H^^ bhar-pdyXy f. a receipt in full. h. 
\y>,j^, Ht^nrar bharpatwd, a subdivision of 

(he AAar tribe. A. 

J^ ( 141 

t^-^. 'f^ ^^'P«^> f- a kind of wasp (Fespa 


stiiiaria), a large black bee, a humble bee. 
^kaSt m. the hc^ pbim. s, 

i^^J^' ^%^^ baku^rangl^ of many colours, 

"met. fickle, opsteady. «. 

(3j^ HT'ft hhamiy f. weft, woof, s, 

\},j^ ^mft bharant, f. the name of the second 

~ hmar manaion (three stars in Mutca), fiffured bv the 
pmdendttm muliebre, t, [or load. «. 

\i'jj^ vrWRT hharwana, a. to cause to fill 
vlA>^^^ )2^T|F ^Aru-^Aafi^, m. a frown, s, 
^jjti ^yS' bahu-rup, adj. multiform j m. 

mimicry, s. 
^3jt} ^T^IW bahu-rupa, m. a chamelion. ,». 
cijjt? ^J^^ baJiu-rupt, 1 m. an actor, a 
Ujjj^WJ^ftRT bahu^rupiyay mimic, a per- 

•m aasoomig varioni characters and disguise. «. 
Hijjt^ ^5^*^ bahu-rvpya^ m. mimicry. «. 
^JLlA^ ^rthrt bkarautly f. a release in fiill. A. 
Wj^. Httel bharotOf m. a load of grass or 

hay. km 

^Jj4^ H^^ bkarosUf m. hope, dependence, 

ftith, confidence, ^arosa k., to hope, to rely, t, 

y^3j^ *rdlfr bharosau (Braj. for ^Aaro^), 

hope, trust, &c. s. 

tt!L^ ^^^bakuron, again, a second time. A. 
(j[^j4^ ^ 6Aricii, m. pregnancy ; a foetus, a 

child, bkrum-katifd, L murder of the fcetus. causing 
sbortion. «. 

Vi4^ 'rt^fT bharauna, m. a load of wood. A. 
»;^ hahra, m. property, fortune; quota, 

ifaare, portion ; profit, gain, advantage, bahra-mand or 
hakra-war^ or bahra-^tnaoz, fortunate, prosperous, pro- 
fittble. bakra-mandi, f. prosperity, p. 

ifj^ ^ bhatiy f. the weight of ono sicca 

rvfi, or one tola. «. 

^[l^ )?^ bkarCy a grass which grows in the 

jnogles. nsed for thatching and making tatties, h, 

ifjf> Ar^lft bihrif f. a subscription to raise a 
certain sum, an as s e s sm ent, quota, shsre. h, 

i^^^buhrt, f. fried or parched barley. A. 

ify^ Y^t!^ bahrtj f. a falcon, female hawk 

(Ales calidut, Lalh,). bakrl-bachat the male of the 
issse species. A. 

i^j^ HT^ 6Aara,l, f. a kind of cess or tax. A. 

l^^f^Wlft'IT bahriya^ a stranger. $. 

Kj^ ^'^[ft'n bahuriya^ f. a daughter-in-law. a. 

^J^ ^ift^lT bhariydf land watered by im- 
itation. A. 

) J4? 

kj^ bharya (for ftAara), full, filled, d. 
j^ ^^i^f m. a species of insect, a wasp, A. 
<^j4^ ^W bharait,\ 

^^^ ^5^«i bahu-rekhd, m. pi. wrinkles, 

furrows, s, 

J^ W JAar, m. a large boat, a lighten A. 
j^ W bhur, f. a hole through which water 

runs out h. 

!/4^. ^ bhara, a kind of grass, v. bhada. A, 
Ujj^ftnfTHT bhirana, a. to join, to place close 

to, to dose in battle (armies) ; to cause to fight. A. 

i/]j4^ f'^TTT^ bhirdyt, f. the closing of two 
armies in battle. A. 

^ HWfRT bhar-bJiarand, to flutter. A, 
l^J^j^^ HWftfin bharbhariydy simple, can- 

did, without guile, h, 

^y^j^ ^?^i[^ bharbhunjd, m. a man who 

parches grain ; name of a caste of HindOs whose occu- 
pation is to parch grain. «. 

{^y^y^ ^?fH]iR bharbhunjatiy f. a woman 

who parches grain. «. 

U^J^ Wlftm bharariyd, m. a conjuror. A. 
\j^ bJiarara, m. the beleric myrohalan. d. 
^J>^J^ HWT^*tAara*a,tn, m. v. &A5r. h. 
^J^ Hyv bJuLrak, f. splendour, blaze, fl^ash, 

show; perturbation, agitation, alarm, starting (in 
animals). K 

U\>J^ W^Sftft bharkdnd, a. to frighten, to 

scare ; to blow up into flame. A. 

[J^j^, bharkal, a large door or gate. rf. 

U^4> ^IWi'n bharaknd, a. to start, to shrink, 

to be scared, to be alarmed, to be blown up into a 
flame, h. ucoy* A. 

bharkel, wild, untamed, shy, 

'^%> M'iM!\f^\ bharkild, splendid, glitter- 
ing. A. 

^ j^. f^'^J^ bhirndy n. to close (as two ar- 
mies), to come together, to be joined, to shoulder, to 
join, to be placed together, touching each other ; to 
be continuous. A. 

^^^•^j^ ^^T9 bharangy simple, undesigning, 

sillv, artless, having the -quality of telling secrets 
without reserve. A. 

Uj"^ HTW bharu.d, m. a pimp, one who 
lives on what a prostitute earns. A. 

iS^jfj^ >TTOT^ bharuydyl or bliarnm,iy f. pan- 

derism, pimping ; the wages of prostitution. A. 


* fa 


{ 142 ) 

\a>J^ fWfT bhirhS, m. a wolf. f. 

C^j^. «fl bharait, 1^ ^^^^^^ j^^ ^ 

JJJ'^J Hfirt bkarailt,} 

Lr4? 9f &*"*. ™- ^T^^> husk, chaff. iAw 

MT barSI (IIL an antgnment on chsff), f. «. «n uslgn- 
ment from whence nothing esD be obtained, t. 

^J^ vn bkas, m. aslies, cimlera. ■ ». 

(j.^ ftm 6Ai», the edible root of the lotus. A. 

\\\.Ai mnn hhaaaTia, a. to launch, to set 

afloat. I. dcairying grun. ft. 

^ijU-AJ WWW^ 6Afl»arofl», a tax on boats 
\t„i-' ij-iJ WiSinn bkat-hhata, weak, soft, 

flabby (a« meat), ft. ["«")■ '■ 

'X-jJ W^gHT 6aA«-«*(5, f. a plant (aspa- 
KL-^J »rtfirw 6A(W-(«A*5| m- » steak, chop, 

orcollop. A. [niimn««ri», », 

J— ^J iraij bkatad, f. pudendum maliebre; 
V-ft? wro bkutra, m. a kind of inferior 

whEot."* ft, [enake). J. 

UjK-.^ >nraTT5TT ftAiwAania, n. to hiB3 (as a 
y K ■ j^,' ^FVIT tAtuJUra, m. the breathing 

orhiuing of a BDake. d. [down, fc 

UJ^^ innniT MamAna, d. to fall, to drop 
J.„^\ inr^ bAiMuI (flame as bkutera). t. 
ULm^ finikin bkUalna, m. to be daizled 

(the'iight). K 
^,...|^< WEX bhasvta or >Wni bhatam, f. ashee. 
an, art of imeailDg the bodf with the aihea 


l^\ ^ A i tr^m bhamuili. 

e of the 

lj,tf,„,r^^ tir^ni^ bkaima^garblia, f. the <wu 

tree, or a varlcly of it (Daibrrgia ii»). J^ 

tj^fi,„^' vfVPg bhatmant, m. ashca. >. 

L.j > ,.„,(^> vrprtVlT 6Aaflni-iri(, reduced to 

Bfhei'; calcined, i. [cining. t. 

<* ,...[i' vtvfiwVB bhntmi-karan, m. cal- 
U-^ >nnn iAiww, n. to float $. 
li-*J T?»nn 6aAo«»a, forUi^, q. v. a. 
.„ ^ ^pB bahU'iu, {. the mother of many 

children, t. 

iCibaAJ *Wfrrt bktaauri, f.l the place in a 
^jw^J »W^9T frAuMuIa, m./ dwelling-house 

for keeping itraw, ta «. 

iV'.-i f^' iT^t^ bhu*aunda, m. a hole, a ca- 
tU;, a place lo put chaff in. « 

' jh '-^ } yfn 6AK«era, 
^U^ gii^ bhvMla, 
)j \i i—(f i !]dlETr bAiueArd 
■4* ^. wpnw froAi* 

MAwfti, f. Par 
FandiM; m 
jU^fJ ^^ bahu-^hai: 

JXi^J fw»5 bhUhtal, 
1;^^ »lfi(ro 6Aa*Atrd, 

BengaUntU^ a, 

i-d-^J W^ boAuA, m. I 

gtaiUa). I. 

i^j9^ bhiioTi, m. a b€ 
J^. WJ^il^ bahu-kal 
Ub^ HlpliTin bahhano, 

•prAat, to miilead, lo deceli 

O^ Hli &AaAt, m. an 

deifoted hlni»lf to a relij 
a Hindu performer, a danc 
devoted, pioiu; detlrona. 
•out. God. bhakia-la, devi 

CJ^. >TfTS bhakli, i. 

faith, attachment, deaira. 
iJl-^(^' vnt bhukta, eatt 
yU*i^ irftpTR bhaht 
iZ*^^ vffwni bhahti 
,j«3 r ^ Hftwirt bhaktir 
iJlOjjiJ^ H^q^ 2>AaA{i 
l~^ mmr tAuAfo, na 

raj^jmtt. ft. 

j—j;^ »nnft 6AaAn, 

~roam in which revenue d 
are coQ&ned. ft. 

Iti^ fifWT ftAtA*Aa,- f. 

gar*! bowl, a wallet for coll 
^ " , . .*-<(^ ' iffqir 6AaAiAii 
t ^n* ^A' >nTV bkalahi 

dona 1 a feeder, an enter. 
i;iXi% ftrg* hikshu} 
tji^ wq^ bAaAiAan, 

: ■ 


/ 143 ) 

^^/^ *n|f^ bhaksht, m. an eater. ^. 

H^^ *rei hhaJuhyay eatable, s. 

li^. ^c^«ir bahakna^ n. to be baulked, 

to be diapp<^ted, to be deceived, to Btray. to be in- 
toxicated, k. 



hahu'kantak, m. a prickly 

plant (Btdjfsanm alhagi) ; the marshj date tree, t, 

l>^ HfW bhaku,a, foolish, stupid, h. 

^'^J^. ^t«HI bhakti,ana, n. to be stupi- 

^^*^ *• [atuir. to eat. A. 

^j^ H^fhsSfT bhahosna, a. to devour, to 

^^A^ fiw^f^ bhfkhdrt, m. a beggar. #. 

»8j;4*4^ ftninf^ bhikhrty f. an unfilled grainy 
aahrivelled grain. A. 

1*4^ HW^ bhakhna, a. to eat, to devour, s. 

ilx4> WT bhoff, f. tn^/tJa; prosperity, su- 
preme power, t, 

l^ ym bhuggoy simple, foolish. A. 

^^ Wnn bhagana, a. to drive off, to put 
toffigbt A. 

^^ fifJIFTT bhigdnd, a. to wet, moisten. A. 

C*% ^JTSr bhagat, m. (for fcA^A/, q. v.), a 

regions mendicant, bhagat-k,, to diBgniee. bhagai- 
**«l«a,n. to be disguised, to act (a play), to mimic. 
ntgat-kona^ n. to be initiated as a devotee ; to be 
aflfiated to a reli^ona order. This is peculiar to the 
WW tribes. The initiation consists in putting a neck< 
lace of beads round the neck and marking a circle on 
the forehead; after which the initiated person is 
bound to refrain from the use of spirituous liquors 
and flesh, &c. s, 

\S^ ^nnn bhagtd, name of a tribe of ahirs^ 

/^^' *• [requite, to cause to enjoy. #. 

li\I%> 4J|ril<!1 bhugtdnd, a. to distribute, to 

i/^ HiniT^ bhagaid,}, f. sanctity, life of 
a devotee, s. 

CjWft^ ^TinVR bhugatrndtiy^t to enjoy, de- 
soviog punishment «. 

{*p^ ^nnni bhagtany f. wife of a Bhagat ; 

Onmiaaiy) a lewd womana a prostitute, a whore. A. 
«SnJ^ WiRT bhvgatnd, a. to enjoy, to suffer, 

to receive the reward of virtue or punishment of a 
crime, s. 

Wj? ^^^(fimbhagh^d, m. a dancing boy. h. 

J% HJigr bhagal, m. affectation, hypo- 

oiif , trick, deception, bhagal nikdlna, a. to play a 
tnck, to pretend poverty. A. 

^(J^. ^nr^hr^ifT bkagH-gahnd, m. false 
iewils, trinkets. A. 
y% W%irr bhagliydy m. trick, cheat, im- 

impostare; impostor. A. 

ert^ ^itJ^ bahu-guriy m.T many times; hav- 
^^? ^'Jij^' bah u-gundy f. J i ng nwny good 

i HTSf bhagna, torn, broken ; defeated. «. 
UX^ »?7fn bhagna (also bhagind), m* a 

brother. «• 

0*»^^H^ ^'•ii^ bhagndsy disappointed. *. 
jiXl^ H'ln^^ bhagandar or bhugandar, m. 

a fistula (in ano). #. 

^(^1^ w§«i«^ bahu-gandh, m. olibanam. «. 
UtXlx^ YJ'l*m bahu-gandhd, f. Arabian 

jasmine, s. [sister, i. 

j^^ ^OhI bhagini, or Hnft bhagnt, f. a 

^^ Wn^ftAa^^, m. a deserter, a runaway. A. 

Q^'^Xj^ M*i«im bhagwdn, adorable, divine ; 
m. the Deity, the Supreme Being. «. 

(i)'>Cft? Wnt bhagn-duy m. cloth dyed with 

^erw, a- kind of red colour or ochre. A. 

\>\y^ M*i^\n\ bhagwdndy a. to cause to flee 

or run away. A. 

(O^X^ HT^ bkagatvaty divine, glorious; 

the Deity, the Most High. A. [serter. A. 

)j3^ HiffeT bhagord, m, a runaway, a de- 

^^^^ fWttTI bhigondy a. to wet,' to sleep. A. 
^"^y^ ^'iq»ir bhagawant, divine, glorious, 

illustrious; the Deity, the Most High. «. 

^^J^. ^'ir^l bhagonhd, m. the reddish co- 
lour extracted from geru ; a kind of ochre. A. 

"^J^^ Wftr'I bhagirathf m. a king whose 
austerities brought the river Ganga from heaven, s, 

(Jj^^ Hrf^ bhagely f. overt!) row, defeat ; m. 

a runaway, a deserter. A. 

Ji^ Y^ bahaly f. a two-wheeled car (for 

riding in, not for baggage), oooch, carriage. A. 

J^ H^ bhaly good, well, blial-ghoriyd, 
well-mounted; m. a cavalier. s» * 

l)4^ )T9 bhal, m. side, direction, sir he bhaty 

head-foremost. A. 

Jt^ ir?9 bahuly much, many. «. 

^l^ )T^ bhaldt good, excellent, benevolent, 

kind, healthy, virtuous, righteous, sound ; strange, 
wonderful, admirable, comical, droll, bhald ddmi, m, 
a person of respectability, a gentleman ; (iron.) a silly 
fellow, bhaia changdt in good order, perfect, in 
health, bhald mdnndt to take well, s, 

5)^ ^|R5T bahila, f. barren (generally ap- 
plied to cattle). baJmld (in S. India), the dark fort- 
night of the lunar month. A. 

CL>^^ ^^T? bhuldt, f. forgetfulness. d. 

U^^ ^c^RT bhuldnd, a. to cause to forget ; 

to inveigle, to mislead, to deceive, to fascinate, to 
coax. A. 

^^^^ *I^^Ttn bahldnd,^. to divert, to amuse.//. 

Ijil^ ^l^rnsrr bhuldnd, m. deception, fraud, 

a cheat, deceit, bhuldwu deiia, a. to deceive^ to play a 
trick. A. 

t- ■■ .1 - * ^ 1 

u^ ( 

IaI^ W^T bkanddf m. a large eailhen pot. 

iUa«^ /i&i^, Q. to be dudoscd (a secret), t, 
j^^^ H^R bhanddr, m. a place whore 
boua^ld goods are kept, a storehouse. *. 

]j\sx^ H^mrr h/iandard, m. a feast ofjogh, 

tOHjfdsis, &C. A. 

^jjj^ H^isiO hhandari, m. A house^steward, 
one who has charge of the storehouse, a treasurer. *. 

y^ji^ tr^TTR: bhiindsdr, If. the provision 
JUl;4> ^HOTl^ bhandsdlj which is pre- 

noosljr reserve J for years. *. 

^>u»Ji^ )44HIII<$1 bliandsdUy m, one who 

rescrres proTision for years, s. 

^"^^ HV<i bhandak, m. a wagtail, s, 
<J*^^ ^3^^ bhundUf f. a kind of worm 

' covered with hair, the palmer-worm. h. 
^^^^^'^^^hRbhandauwd, in.satire,ribaldry.^. 
fj^*^i^ H?pt^ bhajidoViy f. two or more jars 

"borne one over the other, d. 

t/*^^ fir^ bhindly f. the name of a v<>gc- 

tsble (fli^tjcKT esculentus). K 

*)U- j^ii^ f^l^lSH: bhinde-khdna, m. the 
room appropriated to the apparatus of the ^u^^a. h. 

^3i^ H^pfw bhanderiydy\ 

u s. -s rm. an actor. «• 

%^ H%9T bhandeldy J 

^ ^^MS^^ bfiandelan, f. an actress. «. 
y*- * 4J firw^ bhmsdr, m. dawn of day. A. 
*;««f^ 4lRT bkansardy a subdivision of the 

afrir tribe. Il 

^ fc'-J^ ? )Tinn bbamnd, n. to float. A. 
C* ^^ j*<» ^^ ftnrtwf^ni bhinna'sankality m. 

■ddiUoD of fractions. «. 

CIlij^^lirarftAflw^AorfiliniP bhinaky f. a low 

•mid; a rumour, report ; hum of insects, t. 

<^^^ t^VIRi bhinnaky m. a heterodox seo- 

tey, a scoeder, a Bauddha or Buddhist. «. 

ViM^ finfVtn bhinakndy n, to buzz as a fly ; 

to be eptered with flies, to swarm. A. 
^^^^^^^ bhang, f. hemp (v. blidng), s. 
ilfi4> *l]f bhavg^ m. breaking, destruction, 

Ma^ sporting; adj. broken, torn, defeated. «. 
*>4>WJ| bhangdy f. hemp, name of a species 

tf tM ; also name of a species of Insect. A. 
^^Vt ^nn^ bhangdn, m. a sort of iish ( Ct/- 

frmt hmiggana), h, [bird. *. 

Jjilfi^ Hff^ni bhang-rdj, m. name of a 
^W 'QFf hhangra, m. the name of an herb 

(Iri^ or Ferbenna jtrostrata). $ 

1« ) i:;*? 

(j^^ *Tf bhangarty f. the wife of a A^z/aZ- 
ifior, q.v. A. [bhang. $. 

cT^-^ ^npr bhangatiy f. a female drinker of 

U^i^A ^ry^ bbangnd, f. a kind of fish. A. 

^^^iXi^^ fW^nnnr bkinna-gunarty m. multipli- 
cation of fractions, t. 

j3^Xx^ ftr^enft^ bhinna-gotra, m. one not be- 
longing to the same family, s, 

-j)^-^ ^rytficm bhangoi'iydy name of a tribe 

of togas, q.w, A. [tiou. ,. 

C^i^^ fW^^^R bhinna-ghanym, cube ofafrac- 
^^J^. H|^ bhangi, m. a caste of sweepers, or 

"(a/aZ-JE&orf. A. 

^^/^ ^ni^ bhangi, m. a drinker of bhang ; 

**f. fraction, division ; fraud, trick. «. 

(.^V ^T^^ bahangt, f a bamboo stick with 

'*roi>e8 hanging from each end, for slinging baggage ta 

which is carried on the shoulder, bahangt-bti^dar or 

halumgt wata, m. the man who carries the bahangl. $. 

)jk^^ H^ bhangerdy m. one who sells 

bbang. *. [Bells bhang. «. 

iziX^^ H^nr bltangerauy f. a woman who 

"^h^^ ^HR^T bhangeldy m. coarse hempen 

doth ; also a sack or pannier made from the fibres of 
the bhang-plant, t, 

^^4^ f*^^W ft/tmwa-i?a<,di vided,scattered. s. 

j^y^ ftnft^^ bhinnodavy m. a half-brother, 
a brother not by the same mother, s. 

jj^ fif^^ftr bihnaury f. a seed-plot, nurse- 
ry (for plants). A. 

jy4^ WC bhanmavy m. a whirlpool, eddy; 

a lai^ black bee, a creeper, s, 

1)^^ ^Hn bhanwrdy m. a large bee; a 

climbing plant, creeper, s. 

{^)^^. ^^<*ciJl bhanwar-kaUy f. a kind of 

"halter (for horses or dogs, &c). A. " In South India this 
word denotes a swivel." (Binning.) 

*^-^y4? fWw^fl bhinna-varg, m. square of a 

fraction, s. 

«^l4*4^ '^f^ hhanwagy a small class of ?-a;- 
P**'** *• [m. substractf on of fractions. #. 

*-^yju;4^ fWwiW^rfgrir binm-vyavahalit 
fc/^yr? ^^•1^5. bahiiOyty m. a brother-in-law 

a sister's husband. *. [sister's husband. *. 

.^i^ ^T?^ bahneyU (same as bahno,t)y a 
tit^ 5^^ />>«//?», f. handsel, first sale, earnest- 

" money. A. 

jjj^ ^^•Icpl baharieUy f. an adopted sister, «. 


( 146 ) 


^ WffcaAfi, f. daugbter-in-law, son's wife; 
a wife. 9, 

^f >ft bhaUy m. fear, dread, terror, s, 

^> >T hhy, f. the earth, the world ; place, 

site, land or soil, s, 

^ ^^ fc^fli?, m. bein^, existence ; the world; 
name of Mahadeva. bJuwa-sdgar, the ocean or world 
of existence, s. [iphere. ». 

^ 11^ bhuva, m. heaven, ether, sky, atmo- 
1^ HW bhuycty f. father's sister ; a worm^ 

caterpillar. A. 

.^^^ V|r?m: bahuyCiry 1 in. name of a fruit 
A^ msciK bahuvar, J (Cordia myxa). s. 
\Jf^3^ v?^T»ft bhawant, f. Parvaix or Durga^ 

" Mahadeva*8 wife, name of a HindQ goddess* the pa- 
troness of those miscreants called fhags, s. 

J^«4^ WT55 bhubhal, m. hot ashes. A. . 
^— M^ >ni 6/(M/7, m. a king, a sovereign. 8. 
b^> rf^ bhopa, m. a kind of fakir ^ a ma- 

*gician. «. Cr5j^ *• 

Jbj^ wm^ bhu-pdly m. a landlord, a king, 
^b ,^J HimgS^ bhu'pali, f name of a ra/^twl. «. 
CL^^^^i H^ bhu'paiijXn. a king, sovereign. «. 
O^j^^* HIT ^//w^ been, become ; existing ; past ; 

m. H demon, a goblin ; a malignant spirit hauntmg 
cemeteries, lurking in trees, animating carcases, and 
deluding or devouring human beings ; the preterite 
tense in grammar; one of the elements, which among 
the HindQs are five in number: viz 1st, the earth ; 
2nd, the water; 3rd, the fire; 4th, the air; 5th, space 
or ether, bhut hona, to be distracted with rage. In 
I4W it denotes the real fact or state of the case, t, 

O^ ^fW bahuf^ much, many (same as 

bahut). d, 
K>^ Whn bhoia, blunt, obtuse. L 
W\5^ Himwr bhutaima, m. body, vital prin- 
ciple, cause of life, t. [dance, d, 
dXiy^^ bhuiadf muchf many; excess, abun- 
,^J4JJ ^nnf^bhutdrL m. aspafoBlida. s. 
cL^,\5*A) umftF bhutdvishtay possessed by 
a devil. ». [a devil. •. 

Lr^.3^^'- ^^ ^^'^^^^^'^f ™" possession by 
\jc^C^^ KHIRT bhut-jatd, f. Indian spike- 
nard [Valeriana Jatamantt). t. 

\^C0>%^, Kir^PiTt bhut'sanchdr, m. pos- 
session by evil spirits, t. 
v^iJj^ >ftfiniMtfW^»7i,rclatingtoevil spirits.*. 

^^0^43. HH^TO bhut-gan, m. a class of sprites 

or goblins, s. 
Ub^O*^ ^TWipin bhut-gandhd, f MurOy a 

sort of perfume. *. [trial globe. *. 

J3^^ W!C^ bhu'taU m. the earth, the terres- 

^UC^^ viHHUIH bhut-ndskan, ra. mark- 
ing-nut plant ( Semicarpus anacardutm) ; the Eleocorpat > 
seed. *. [ogress. «. 

{^^^ HTfffl^ bhutnt, f. a she-demon, an 
0*»'J'--^^ HiT^TO bhut-vdSf m. beleric my- 

robalan (Terminalia belertca). s, ; 

(jSJ?^j0^4^ HiW^ bhut'vrilishay m. a tree , 

{Trophis aspera) ; Bignonia Indica. s. 

\^jO^ ^ilf^fMI bhut-mkriydy f. epi- 
lepsy, possession by evil spirits. #. 1 

lX>y^. Hftinmn bhavitavyatdy f. futurity, | 

destiny. «. 

^l)j J^^ ^H^ift 65^^?«/ii, f. a species of 
"Nebari {Nyctanthes tristis). s, [become, t. 

djy^ (Vf^lfB? bhamtavyoy what is to he, or 
Li^ ^Tt?ft ft//ort, f. labour, work. A. 
j\^^ Hhfhnr 6Ao/iAar, a labourer. A. 
(JL>^ ^ ^^'^-^ ^^"^ irretentive of water. A, 
C->^ >ite 7^/'of, 1 m. a country, pro- 

\jjj\jy^ >fhST9 bhotdngy) bably Bootan. i. 

Uy^ >nr<sm bkotiyd, m. an inhabitant of 

Bootan. s. 

7:3^ ^^^ ^^^*^jf ™' eating, feast; name of a 

raja celebrated in the Singkdsan haiisi, a soTereign ol 
Ujjaln, who is supposed to hav^ flourished about the 
end of the tenth century : he was a celebrated patron 
of learned men, and the nine gems or poets are often 
ascribed to his era ; a country, Patna and Bhagalpore, u 

t^V ^ ^^l| bkaU'jdyiy f. a brother's wife. *. 
Jl^fT ^ *^^^'T^ ^^^^'P^^f name of a country 

near Chhapra. *, 

jHr^ Htinnr bhoj-patra or bhojpattar^ m. 

the bark of a tree, said to be a kuid of birch, used 
in making long tubes or pipes for the Jfujcka. t, 

sjLS^^ Wt^nii? bhqf'katy m. the country of 

Bhoj. the present Bhojpore, or the vicinity of Pataa 
and Bhhgalpore. s, 

ij^^. '^^t^C^bkqjan, m. eating, food, victuals. 

bhojan-k., to eat. bhojan-Jsbflreh, table expenses. «. 
ya»-^ HIT^ bhu'jambvy f. wheat ; the fruit 

of the Yaikunta (Flacourtia sapida), c 

(J1a1»- ft^ )T1Hr bhu-jantu fTn.^Jk earth-worm. s. 
«ja>4^ *ftinrt^ bhajantyaj 1 tobeeaten,ed^- 
^u^•A> ^ftalT bhqjyay j ble; 
13^34^ ^frift bhaujxy f. a brother's wife. *. 
Ak>-^ )TW9 bhujelj m. a species of bird. <. 
tiJL>-^ >ft^W bhauchak (inelegant),agba8t. f. 
.\i3^ )T^ bJiuddvy m. a hog. s» 
^jb^^ H^ bhu-dduy m. a grant of land or 

of the revenue thereof. bhu-ddfUL-patra^ a d»ed of 
grant of land, &c. s. 



( li7 ) 



-7^^^ ^J^ hhundhary m. a mountain, s, 

3i^^' 'J^ hhu-det)j m. a Brahman, a. 

^3^ *|^ hhu'Ckahray m. the equinoctial 
^"•^ *• [number (in grammar). #. 

dTytf ^5'1'^n hahu-vachan, m. the plural 
>-^^ ^jfiw bahu-vidh, various, multiform, 

of numy kinds, x. 

•^^ ^ hhuday a light or sandy soil. A. 
jy^^^hhoTyS. dawn of day. bhor-hoTia, n. 

to be finished, to be terminated, h. 

J^ ^ &Awr, f. charity given to poor people, 

sloii. bkur-banpta^ a. to mve alms to a numerous 
snembly of the poor; a sprmg, fountain. A. 

jy^ ^ bhiiri or bhur, much, many. *. 
]j[^ ^ bhura, fair, auburn, or brownish (as 
^^y *• ling, h. 

1)3^ ^'to bhoroy simple, artless, undesign- 

]^ ^ bhuroy land belonging to a village 
forthett from the inhabiUnts. A. 

)j}X> l^vi bahord, m. a shopkeeper or monied 

man in a village, who makes advances to or on account 
of tbe cultivators. A. 

Aj^3^ ^g^!^^hkufj'paira,m. the Bhoj-patr, 

stoee crowing in the snowy mountains, a kind of 
bfach ; the bark is used for writing on, and for making 
M|a snakes. *. [illustrious. *. 

C^'*^^ ^ft?IWH bhuri'dhdmany splendid, 
•4?^j54? ^ft^TW bhuri'ldbk, very profitable, 

n. great gain. «. 

^jI^ *i?^ Mi«r-ioA, m. the earth, s. 
^'^J3^ ^iJOTi bhu-rundi, f. a sort of son- 

flover {HeUotropium Indieum), t, 

3jjX^ W^d bahorOf a kind of sloping path- 
vsj £9r bullocks drawing water from a well. A. 

^J3tf ^^^ bahu-rangij many-coloured, 
'dangeable (v. bahurangi). $, 

{fj^ ^rt bhurif light sandy soil. A. 

H/^ WJlrtf^ bahU'Wihiy ra. name of a class 

^oonponnd words used as attributive ; as, ftcAc-m^^, 
ksving many necklaces. «• 

jj^ H9 bhufy f. sandy ground, soil in which 
' amdi snd is mixed. A. 
kfjf^ fflft bhurart, com still remaining in 
^ ear sfter the prnrni of treading. A. 

^&4? 5J5f bhural or hIv^ bhoral, m. talc, 
■in. A.' 

(ji»j^^&Attf, ^ m. husk of com, chaflP, 
^^ ^]VT bhiisaj straw. «. 

l«»^ ifkirr bkosd, m. (also bhosfx f.), /^t//t<!a 

Mtfia^u. «. [canying grain. A. 

^Lsj^ HVn ^Attjraivan, a tax on boats 


ir^^ 5^RT bhuBrd, an inferior kind i^ 
wheat. A, 

^J^^y**3^ ^Wnrt bhu'swd/ni, m. a landlord, 

"a^landholder. *. ISumeru, s. 

^jy^^ ^^^ bhu-,,warg, m. the mountain 
^jy**3^ bhusauri, ^ an apartment in a house 
^y^3^ bhusaula, * where straw, &c., is 
]n^^ bhusehrd, J kepf. h, 

u^^ ^ ^h^h ^- chaff, bran. *. 
*-^^^***j4i^ ^if'tT bhuskitj adorned, arrayed. *. 
(i^^ ^jTOA/iiw^aM, m. ornament, embellish- 

nent, jewel, s, 

*^^ Hf^^ bhavishya^ ^ future, about 
**^^^^ ^«T?r bhaviskyat, J to be . «. 
uijv::.Axi>^ )?r^U(ri<j|y|ii bhnvuhyat'vaktdym. 

one who foretells the future, a prophet. #. 
^.^ ^ ^^^^> hunger, desire, rf. 
^3^ ^ ^hukdy I hungry, destitute, de- 
jr^^ S[*? bhukarj sirous of. rf. 
4^*^(54^ *J^n^, bhu'kadamby m. a plant 

{Ligustieum ajwaen). s. 

U^3^ ^it^rar bhokas, m. a wizard, a sorcerer, 

a magician. A. 

V*^^ ^"^ &A«- Aawp, m. an earthquake. *, 
4^^4^ ^ ft/*ii/tA, f. hunger, appetite, bhu- 

khon marnd, to starve, t, 

^3^ ^ bff^khd, hungry, starving, s. 
U^3^ ^i^ bhuhhany m. ornaments, jewels. «. 
^^^ >Tt^5RT bhokknd, a. to bark (see 

bhaunkna), t, 

^3^ Htn bhog, m. enjoyment; the food 
dflTered to an idol ; pleasure, satisfaction ; possession ; 
eating, victuals; (in aritlim.^ the numerator of a frac- 
tion, bhog-bandhdk, a bond granting the use of a 
pledged article, bhog-ddr, one in the possession or 
enjoyment of any property, bitog-lab/i, usufruct in 
lieu of interest, bhog-k., to enjoy, to suffer, s, 

ci^ Htn bhog, m. abuse, mdeness. h. 

\iy^ ^ftm bhogd, m. fraud, trick, deceit, il- 
lusion, deception, imposition, treachery, roguery 
cheat.. A. 

jlii^l?^ HtmfVnSK bhogddhikdr, m. the 

possessor of. the usufruct of mortgaged or pledged 
property. «. [gage. v. bhog. A. 

Ciijbc^if(^4^ HtnWM^ bhog-bandhak, a mort- 

J^j4^ WT9 bhugal.m. ashes, embers of afire, h. 

^3^i ^Tin bhognd, n. to enjoy, to suffer, to 
live stoically, to take pain and pleasure as they come. t. 

Jy^ ^^ft^ bku-gol, m. the terrestrial globe, 
^^ l2 

the earth, s. 



{ 148 ) 



yy^ M\'l\% hhogotroy a grant of revenue 

for the uee or enjoyment of an iudividual, especiallj 
a Brahman or religiow person. «. 

idy^ ^rWt hhogtj jovial, jolly; the person 

**Ttrho enjoys or possesses any thing; one who pursues 
pleasure, man bhogi karm daridri, by nature fond of 
pleasure, but condemned by fate to poverty. «. 

\x^^ 41f^V^ hhoghiya, a small basket in 
whidi the sower carries his seed, h, 

9J^^ ^fi^ hhogya, that which maj be en- 
joyed or possessed. «. 
Jj^ H^ hhul^ f. forgetfulness, an error, 

mistake, blunder, h. 

^ A^ H^ &Ao/a,simpIe,artIe86,ande8igning. h, 
Li«J^«^ M<j^lf^llU hhuta-hisrcij 1 missing 
Ka^*^^ ^<3N44iI hhuld bhatkdyj the road, 

generally a person who calls on another in consequence 
of some acddent,&c., not intentionally, to pay a visit.A. 

U^aA^ hhulana (for hhvlana)y\o mi8lead,&c. h. 
^13^^ H^<jMra bhola-natk, m. a name of 

Mahadeva. h. 

U)^ ^I^RT bhiilna, n. to forget, to err, to 

mistake, to blunder; to miss, to omit, to stray, to be 
forgotten, h. [of mankind, s. 

(^ JL^ Hl^tv bhu'lokf m. the earth, region 
iJ|9^. ^^^^ bftoH, f. innocent, artless, bholt- 

fcoteii, innocent prattle, h. 

^^ ^IH bhumi or bhum, f. land, soil : tke 

^ earth, place, scite ; the base of any figure in geometry, s. 

f^3^. Wtf bhaum, m. the planet Mars, bhaum- 

6ar, m. Tuesday. ». 

i^,^f^j^yf(a(bhompym. ahom,&c. (v.Wionp).A, 
y«^. Hftni bhumijy (lit. earth-born) a caste 

^ oflow Hindtts. ». [{Premna herhaeea), $. 

i^^j^ft^ ^jftni^ bhumirjambUf f. a tree 
(.^JLo^^a^ Hf^T^vcn bkumuckampak, m. a 

piwat {koempferia rotunda) s. [chief. 8. 

elJU j^,^ hAhV bhumikf m. a landholder ; a 

^-^V^4^ H6nS''l bhumi'kamp, m. an earth- 
quake. 9, 
tfy^. mft bhumXi f. the earth ; ground, land, 

"soiL hhumt'dar, a landholder, a headman or chief. 
bhunu-ddha, being burnt or reduced to earth (a 
corpse), t. [trial, t, 

t^y^. hW bhaumlf adj. f. earthly, terres- 

Vjb<^ HfMn bkumiya, a landlord, proprietor 
of the soiL A. 

jUo«A> ^i!in9 bkumyal, a resident, native 

of a place, also one's natiye country, d. 

JU«^. ufsmr? bkumiyalj proficienff accom- 
^•hed. d, [plundering. K 

»a\jL(«^ Hfinn^ bkumiyawat, f. a general 

Lij^(«^ ^rBnTWrt bhumiydwaH, an imar- 

gent chief. «. 
1j^>^ WWttT bhomh'd, f. coral. A. 
U.54^ ^ ft/i/i«/n, or W^ bhon, f. the eyebrow. 

bhttui^ferhi'kamh a. to browbeat, to look angrily, rais- 
ing the eyebrows, to frown, to scowl, bhau^ tamu, 
to jcnit the eyebrows. «. 

C:)^ *T^^ bhawan, m. a house, a habitation, 
sdte, spot, a temple, s, 

U^ ^^ b^t^wan, m. a world ; water; hea- 

yen ; man, mankind, s. 

y^ ^ftm bhaund, n. to revolve, s. 

^^ HTT ft^unna, to parch, &c., see U3^ . 

{j»M^ ^fhtm bhaunds, m, a large and strong 
post to which they fasten elephants. A. 

ij^^^ H^vilQlHl bhavandMni, f. the Sarju 

** river, which flows from the Himilaya unto the Gog- 
gra. s, 

\l/^^ H^nn bku-ndg^m. an earth-worm. «. 
^cU^^ bhaundfl, m. brother-in-law, sister's 

husband, d. 

i/^^2)^ *Jht^ bhun-bfidfi, a man invested 

by a proprietor with a portion of land, which he mmt 
not dispose of to others, h, 

^^y^ ^^f^ Ma9iip,1^m.ahorn,awindinstni- 
yj^ ^ii^bhowpuj ment. A, 

, . .2» , , , - f hlunt, obtuse, h, 

\j^3^ *nHTO bkonthra,} 

J^y^ H^^^ &/uit?anfi, a house surrounded 

by a dead walL A. [an earthquake, a. 

J\Jt^ )(t^l!9 bhaunkkdl also bhun-ckdl^ m. 

La>-^^ )|^^Rn bkHn-champd, m. the name 

of a plant {Kampferia rohmda), «. 

(^ JJ^ 4j?T!t bkundart, land given rent-free 

to rillage servants. A. [po*® npoiL d, 

^i^y^ Ht^^in bhondnd, a. to deceive, to im- 

j^3^. "nif^bhonilu, silly, quiet, mild, artless* 
simple, h. (In Dakh.) deoeitftil, artful. [qgly. A. 

Ijj^ W|^ bhonddy ill-shaped, uselesg, bad, 

I j3^ WltfsT baJiandd or &aAa«fk?a, land given 
rent-free to the village diankldir or watdiman A. 

1^j3^ vn^^ bhund-paird, unlucky, ill- 
omened. A. 

;c .jj^ vnpift bhundarif f. a small patch of 
cultivation alloted rent-free to village servaiiti.' k, 

b JJ A^. Kf^RPOT bhvndiydy m. one who culti- 
vates with a borrowed plough or hand inatmment k, 

j^ ^ftt bhaunr (v. bhanwar), m. a whirl- 
pool. 9. 

j4? ( 149 ) 

]^^ *flftT hhaunray m. a large bee, or rather 

bee^, enamoured of the lotaa. In Dakh. a whirlpool, 
, .*° jL *• Par- *. 

y^ ^mO {^Aatiiira, m. a cavern^ vault, cel- 
Jfjy^ ^ft'CWsft bhaunr-kali, f. a kind of 

"halter (for horses or dogs). In Dakh. a s^veL A, 

i£?J^ ^ftd &A<i«mi, f. feathered hair ; name 

ofa defect in horses. *. [6A«M*r«> t. 

%g}^. *flW bhaunri, f. a female bee (vide 
^V^ *ftftllRT bhavnHyana, a, to whirl, 

to turn. #. 

M^ ^ ftAiejMa, m. chaff, bran, bhunsa- 

J^ an kindsof gnun in hnsk. A. [n. to bark. A. 

'i-^jA? ^ft«^ bhaunsna, or i^l^ bhumtid, 
iS^^ hhwui, f. damp, mouldineas. rf. 
^^ ^'^ bhonk, m. a 8tab, a thrust, h. 
sf^ ^3^ M=Nnwhft bhonha-bhonkl, f. 

**b5Bg and thrusting. 4. 

!jr^^Wlf«l Membra, very fat. ii. 
Lrr^ HPSir bhonkas, m. a wizard who 

prejf npon children for men or women). tOl he brings 
ten to thcgrare. A. [to tali fooliahlj. 1 

^j4^ ^fhm bhavnkna, n. to bark j (met.) 
^^ ^^twm bkonkna, a, to throat, to drive 

j-ansfl). K [pent. ,, 

^^ 5^ bhumang, m. a snake, a sei^ 
^S^ ^»nt 5Ai«»^fl,i,T f. a kind of tax on 
(y^3^ iP^ bhnngaylj forest produce: 

>BijpOMcc^ h, [vem, a cellar. #. 

1;^^ W^f^n bhon-ghard, m. a vault, a ca- 

^)*? ?Sn bhunna, a. to parch, to grill, to 
^»«wl. to toast, to roast, to inflame, to fey, k. 

^^ *jftre bhu-nimb, m. a species of gen- 


^^ ^5''T^ bahU'Vtj, having many or much 

seed ; m. the custard-apple (jinnma sguamota). $. 

**?V^.^ ^I^M bahU'Virjya, m. belleric 

myTohiL\asi{Terminaliahelleriea). «. 
c;^.^ ^^ bhuyan^m. a chief, holding by 
Ur?.jA? ^ bhuyi J military service; head- 

"man of a village. A. 

C:rij4^ g[t' bhuytn, f. the earth, ground ; a kind 

of caterpillar covered with hair and destructive to 
plants, flowers and trees. «. 

^^C^i-^jA^ ^J3^!'^*'ff bhuM-champa, m. a kind 

of fireworks. like a flower-pot (resembling that com- 
monij called onar). *. 

^^^i:^^^, ^jt^'W bhu,tn.dagdlia, gifts at 

marriages and funerals, t. [quake. 

^3'^ul^^^, ^^(^ bhu,th'dol, m. an earth- 
J^.-^*^ ^l^nSf^ 2>Au,t«.»2a^,a low caste of 

"HindOs engaged in the vilest ofllces. A. 

J^/^ ^i^ bhu,trtrkar, a tribe of Hindus 

settled in Gorackpur, &c. A. 

^J^^^3^ hhu.tnrhan, land let at a low rent 

to military retainers. A. [again, repeatedly, a. 

H^y»^ 1?^ hhuyobhuya, again and 

*A^ ^^ bhavya, prosperous, fit, happy. 
**«y«i again, afterwards. #. 

^jn4^ HfTTm bhahrana, n. to shiver, to 

tremble, to totter, to stagger. A. 

f^ biht, a quince, bihl-^na, m. quince- 
"seed ; (from the adj. «A, good), goodness, welfare, p. 

<^5-t-? ^ bhai, m. fear, terror, s. 
^j^ ^ bhi, conj. also, too, even, and. k. 
i ^, fem. of bhaya, was, became, s. 

flm. commonly called eheraUa (Gentiana cherayta), a <-^ ^^ ^^'"> ^- * "^°'^> "<>*^ Stitched at the 

^M' >flN^*gft W««««rar.*«K, f. a kind 't^'^'^^^^rl^lt^k'ffj^^^'^.f 

'sfUter (for horses or dogs). A. 

4^4^ ''iff bhonh, f. the eyebrow. #. 
Jvj4? ^tf^ &Att«Aar, name of a tribe of 

Hhdfis. 4. [raneons dwelling. A. 

Wj4? 'Jfin bhujihara, m. a kind of subter- 

T)4? ^rnMi bhuniya, ra. the headman ofa 

Irfttf j^irr 6Au%ara, ra. a cellar, cavern, d. 
«^ ^' bhun,my f. the earth, a kind of 

•>>Bnifllar(seeAAa,t}i). A. 
^M?^Mo,i or ^bkuyty m. a chair-porter, 

•fiBd bearer (generally pronounced *• boy " by Euro- 
|i« ladies): a white cat. A. [teller. *. 

%4? *fw bhaivaiyd, m. a dancer, a story- 

ll^rfe A^'-.^?"'"" ^"^ *«^*-**«-i a day-b^" 6^,/! 
^on. a merchant's or bankei^s book. A. 

Va^ ^ bhaiyd, m. brother, comrade, s, 

\x^ Wn bhaya, was, became ; past tense of 
an obsolete verb " to be, to become." t, 

*^VW ft'rmnp bkaiya-bant, brotherhood, 

fraternity. A. ' 

^^ 9 m^ bh aiyapa, jm. brotherhood, 
CLo\x^ Shrnnr bhaiyapatj friendship (also 

ohayapd, bhayapat). s, 

/^ ^"nji: bhaydiur, terrified, astounded, 

distracted with fear. «. 

J^^ ^^n^m bhaiya-chdrdy also bhanjd- 

eharh a conamunity of brethren, or of people from 
one stock. A, r i — 

j^t? Wfipnr hahii/ar, Imids at a distance 

I'rum tbe village, h. 

OjU^J >?in#Mflyar(i7, friglireoed, afraid, t. 

l_r^'(^4? ^^ Wiai-flw, division of property 

or lutnreiU amoog brother*. «. 
<^^ Hill* /)Aoyana/e,l terrific, frighl- 
OjL^ miiq>II bhayamana,} ful. ». 
j^i^ hliiya,o, m. marriage, cspousale. d. 
I— iA^J ^TT bhaibat, 1 paying and receiving 
jljji^ ft^T^ bhaimad,} on the footing of one 

of«'frBtcr.uty. A. [tilled. «. 

'-^Jift M A .' "will bhay-bUtta, frightened, ter- 
^.—JkAJk^H^^ fiAar;;ansi,'| thesharesofabro- 
i_jO*i4^ ^ffSit bhaihissl,} tberhood, espc- 

'cially iDilielundsofa village or township, k. 

iJ^ i ^J >ftff iiAE/, f. a wail (or breadili of a 

wall), mound, embtLnliineiil, the veatige of an old 
house. ocJihe ki pril.JoA balu kibhil, the frlendahipof 
the mean ia like a niUlof >aad (i.e. unstable). (. 

lIaJl^) M^ bkU or Mifa, terrified, afraid, 

alarined. bliili, f. tear, alarm. (. 

CJj^ Wlfil bhlti, f. fear, apprehension. «. 
^Cx^ ^HT bhaita, m. a stunted crop. A. 
^,JUk^ Whn: bkilar, ffitliin, inside, t. 
(Sf>>i^ ^11^ bkitari, innard, inside, in- 
ternal. 1. 
vjjjt^ iflnftm bhilariya, m. an inmate, the 

people who live in a houie, not ittangen, domeatic; 
men who preside at a temple i Ihoie ainoD^ tbcKUefta 
lat a weddiug-fe.-ist who eat In compaoy with the rela- 
tivea of the briilei thoie who partake of the Jeaat 
without an called baliariyii. t. 

i*i^ 1%T bahetu, m. a vagabond, vagrant, a 
>^}i^-i^ il'hfW bhVauri, ground-rent paid 

for the site of a houae by a ilranger. i. 

d*i^_' HZ bhet, f. meeting, interview ^ a pre- 

■ent (to a luperlor). bhcf-bakra, a preient made lo a 
nev;ly.ap|}<tinted governor by the viLluflera. bJief-jm/rOy 
a deed of gift on the abov.; oocaiiun. b/ill. the mound 
of a tank or artificial irand ; the veatige of an old 

Ujk^J ^Zt bh'tta, m. an old houae, a former 

reiidence (provided tome veatige remain), b. 

f^^-iAi d?^ bhetan, to meet, act of meeting, h. 
VjJu^j ^7^ bhetna, n. to meet, to join ; to 

jXi^ '^^bhetu, m.')a3tBlk,8tem. 6Atfi,same 

^Jx^ ^ bhetlyi.] asfr/tit, q.T. A. 

A^ ^m bhej, rent, an instalment, bhej-ba- 

riir, name of it kind of vumplex tenure (t. Wiluui'i»o. *. 
\stV wm blieja, m. the brain, h. 

\^^- »flw bhija, 
'^^^ ^Wn bhej 

Urfift^ »mRT6A, 
ela»4^ *TC or 

aghatt. Marting. t 
l*jl4^ »rt^SfT bhi 

.i^ d^ bhed, I 

rence, kind, tort ; 6 
a. to .py, to pry L 

(Jjj^ d^ bhi 

breaks or dividei, a 

jCii^ H^^n: bh> 

diiuniOD. i. 
US' Ja^J ^^ftWT 6, 

j.iJ^ d^ b/tedi, 

other'a aecret, a con 

ifiJ^ ^ bkeiii 

^ Juk^J dt^ bkedi. 

u,u^ ^ bhedi 

kept aecret, worthy 

_j^. dr bker, f. a. 

itrument, a kettle-d 

j*4J H^ bliirtl, I 

(AiparagHa racenumi 

J^ W^ 6a Air, 
JijJ W^ bahir,^ 

■oldien live. h. 

\j^ ^^ bahera 
J1.J4J Sh^ bhairc 

horrible i m. haired 

eight of which are 
Aiilangn, Rum. Ch 
than, and Singhar. i 
mind or body i the i 

aocompenying an ar 

aim W "'"'• 

or muiical mode, aua 
by Mahadeva with tt 
hiihead, and this r. 
MahSdtva't month (i 
A name of Mahadaia 

^jjjj^ Jhjrt bltair< 

the wife of Bhairei i 

ijrjj^j W 6Aert, 


( 151 ) 

^J^ H^5i bakerydy name of a clan of raj- 
pSta in JjinnpOr and Chanar K 

*"^* Wtf 6/iir, f. znultitade, crowd, mob ; a 
ofwork, trouble, dlfBcnlty. h, 

n hhevy m. a ram ; f* a sheep, ewe. *. 
5V ^1^ ftflAir, m. baggage, &c. of an army^ 

ft camp-foUower of any kind. A. 

)/V ^%F ^a^«» m. the name of a fruit 

(the hOerw myrobalang Ternunalia Ulerica, BoschX *. 

]3i4> ini m. a ram, Dakh. a wolf, hhlra^ 

erowded. throng. A. 

«xu5^ ^^^T'^ongay m. the rabble of camp 
ibllowen, the •• impedimetUa •* of an army on march, d. 

j^4^JA4^ Whm? bktr-bhar, f. a crowd, multi- 
tude. A. 

^Jii^ Hpn bherna^ a. to shut, to close, h. 

i^F^J^ ^^ftm bhefif f. a sheep, an ewe. *.. 

V^J4? ^rfS^ bheriya, m. a wolf, hheriya 


i>a43 ^ fcA(?/5, ra. a kind of nut, used for 

marking clothes {Semiearfnts oMacardimn), s. 

J^J^ Hgsi^ bhelsel, m. alloy of metal 

(in coinage, &c.)- ^. 

i^J^ ^^ hheUy f. a lump of coarse su^ar (or 
**^r). generally conaisting of five or six sirs. h. 

Wt^ Wf%in ^a/re%a,m. a fowler; the name 

ofatribeofHindOa. A. [terror. *. 

I*A^ *rti? Mim, fearful, terrible ; m. horror, 
j»A^ ^^if hhiniy or 5A?ma,1 the name of one of 
^ b^^^i A ^ ^>T^ bfiim-genj the five Pandu 

princes, the second brother ofJadhishpUr or YudhUh- 
fhira, s. j-^ , 

C:)^*Jb4? ^^^^n hhayamani frightened, alarm- 

^^A*^I*H^ Whl^ bhim^enljf. a kind of cam- 
phi re. h. 

^j^i;^ ^ bJiaimt, f. the eleventh day of the 

** bright half of the month of Magh. «. 

(jry^ fttAirt, best, most excellent, s. 

d&asan. m. a multitude crowded topether like sheep I MrjA^ 4 bheUt the earth, the ETOUnd : the bleat- 

in a pen, the act of following the example of another, i, 
yj'i^ W blies m. (for bhesh), appearance, 

assumed likenesa, counterfeit dress, semblance, hhU 
(for bhitha), the edible root of the lotus plant, i, 

i:)v^i,x4^ •niFinT bkaya-sthda^ m. seat or 

part exposed to peril or hurt. t. 

^J^ nH bkeshy m. (same as bhei), appear- 

•Bee,ftc. #. [kind of fennel (A'i^e//afa(f tea). «. 

f ^ i^ *WI| bheskajj m.a remedy, drug; a 

(i^4 tf *rt^ bhuhmoy horrible, fearful; nl. 
konor. f. 

\;yr^ Whro hhtxJian, horrible, formidable; 

m. horror; the <^banum tree {BotufelUa thuryera), t, 

^^hhJ ^ bhekf m. a toad, a frog. «. 
(dL^ MU, m. (for bhikh), begging, &c. d. 
^j^ ^UraniTi bkaya-karak, terrifying, 

fr^Sktening. «. 
(£;oJ^ bhikarif m. a mendicant. £f. 

•^XJ^ 4W bhekhf m. (for bhesh) disguise, as- 

mned appearance, dress, &c., semblance, bhekl^-d^arl, 
a^ putting on a disguise, assuming an appearance. «. 

«|^ W)?l bhihhy f. begging, charity, alms, s 
^i^ irvt bhekij f. the female of the frog, 

era anal] frog; a Idnd of creeper {Hydrocotyle Asia^ 

HO^ 5. 

wCjJ) lAftfT bhtgna, or W)*^«n bktnffna, n. to 

kewet ra/-Mi(giia, applied to the night passing in 
■Ml and musical entertainment. A. 

Jil? 4I9 ^At/9 ni. the name of a wild race 

of mountuneers dwelling especially along the course 
if fte Naimada or Nerbudda, and subebting chiefly 
kjr^uader. s. 

ing of sheep. 6A«ii-&A«fi-A., to bleat as sheep A. 

^AJ^ ihn b/iend, f. a sister. A. 

^^^ M^ bkind, wet; m. sister's husband, 

brother-in law. A 

<^^j^ Wtn bkint, f. a wall (v. bhtt). s. 

^*^ W ^ bhenty{, interview ; visit; present. 
hhenp-mula^at, f. a meeting. A. [gft. h. 

^>jJi-4> ^17^ bhentndy n. to meet with; to vi- 

** A 

**^^44^ bhendy m. a kind of reed or aquatic 

plant (jEscht/nomene paludosa), from the stem of which, 
resembling pith, bein^ exceedingly light, are made a 
variety of articles. Bern? a non-conductor of heat, this 
substance is admirably adapted for making hats, covers 
for wine-bottles which have been cooled with ice or 
■altpetre, &c The article commonly called " rice pa- 
per*' is nothing more than this substance cut in very 
thin pUtes. The plant is also named shold q. v. 
(Binning), d. [in UrdQ, ramturd,i, q. v.). d. 

4^*^^H^ bhendiyf, name of a vegetable (called 
^j**ij^ ^ bhains, f. a female buffalo, s. 
L-ii^J >hn bhainsd, m. a male buffalo, s. 
*5UU*;jL^^ ""ihrr^ bhainsd-ddd^ T m. a 
t>l jUj^4^ ItfiBrm^ bhainsiyd'Cldd,] kind 

of ringworm, s, 

\,^ yJx x ^ bhainsonddy a fax or cess for the 

privilege of grazing buffaloes. A. 

,^^^ ^''l^ bhayanhar, terrible, terrific. «. 
IG jl ^) "hiTT bhengdy squint-eyed. h. 
U^Ia^ bhtngnd, n. (v. bhtgnd), to be wet. h. 

jJ^ >T^ b/ievy m. a state, condition; iunnte 
property, nature, f. [was or bec.ime. A 

^A^ >nit hhayau or ftAa^o (Braj. for hhnyd)^ 
^^^i^ bhaindd (v. bhaibat), paying, &c. /«. 


( 1S2 ) 

j^J^ H^^ bhihary name of a tribe, supposed 

to be the aborigines of Rohilcund, Upper Da,ab. h, 

^^ H^ or Hit? bhaihu, f. sister-in-law, 

younger brother's wife. «. 

^S^ '^hhafi, fern, of hhaya, was, became. A. 
•• > 

l3 ^ fei, a vocative particle used in speaking 

" to uromeo ; contraction of bi-bl, a ladj, mistress ; conj. 
(for bht) also, even, h, 

^ ^ 6e, a vocative particle, used contempta- 

** • 

ously, as "you rascal," "yon sirrah." Jl 
^j be, a privative particle or preposition, de- 

"* noting in the Persian Language " without," " void of." 
When prefixed to nouns, it forms compound adjec- 
tives, corresponding with our words of the same Icind 
beginning with in. ttii, im, ir't &c.. or such as end with 
less. All these compound adjectives may again be- 
come abstract nouns by the addition of <, as be-adab, 
unmannerly* rude, be-^ab-h uamannerliness, rude- 
ness. It is impossible to give a complete list of these, 
as the employing of them has no limit but the taste 
or caprice of the writer. The following list will be 
fouud useful in the meantime ; — be-ab, without water 
Hustre, temper, dignity, &c.). be-dbru, dishonourable. 
oe-itti/a}:^ discordant, without union, be-ajfar, without 
effect be-ajal, lit. without or in spite of fate, untimely 
(death i tte-ihtiyat, incautio«is, improvident, impru- 
dent oe-ij^iyart without choice, in spite of one's self. 
be-adab, rude, presmnptuous, impudent be^adabi, rude- 
ness, presumptuousnesa be-drdm (vulg. blr&m), rest- 
less, siclc. be-asbdbf having no eiTects. be-i'tibart not 
trustworthy, be-ttiddl, uneven. be-Vtilrdd, incredulous. 
be-iitifat, regardless, be-uffai, unsocial, averse to at- 
tachment or friendship, be-imtiydz, undistinguisbing, 
ill-bred, rude, unmannerly, be-mtihd^ endless, bound- 
less, infinite, be-avddzo^ immoderate, be-infaf^ un- 
just, be-auldd, childless, be-imdn, without conscience, 
without religion. be'bd*i{, without reason, be-bdk, 
complete, without arrears, paid up in full. be~bd\l, 
f. completion. be-If&k, fearless, be-bdl o par, withoitt 
power, be-bad, without blemifh. be-badaL incompa- 
rable, inestimable, be-bar, fruitless, barren, be-barg o 
boTy fruitless, barren, poor, be-bas, without power, 
without authority or comman<I; helpless, be-bafar, 
without sight (generally applied to the mind,) sense> 
less, undiscerning. be-bdkd, frail, perishable, not eter- 
nal, be-balt without power, weak; wretched, poor. 
be-band o bast, unarranged, without order, unsettled 
(fls a country), bcbunydd, groundless, unfounded, be- 
bahd, beyond price, invaluable. be-baJMr^otii of season. 
bf-baJira, portionless, unfortunate, be-pdydn, bound- 
less, be-parda, unveiled, immodest, be-parwd, fearless, 
without reflection, careless, be-panvd^i, f. thought- 
lessness, carelessness, independence, tranquillity, in- 
differeuoe. be-par o bdl, weak, utterly helpless, be- 
parhez, incontinent, be-parhezt, f. incontinence, be^ 
phdb, shapeless, be-pir, having no spiritual guide, vi- 
cious, be-pir, cruel, pitiless, unfeelmg. be- tab, faint 
restless, be-tdi^r, oif no effect. be-ia,ammul, rash, be- 
tdl, out of time (in music); ill-timed, be-tdn, out of 
tune, be-taj^shd, inconsiderate. be-ta*aUu^, without 
connections, independent. be-taJtstr, innocent, blame- 
less, not guilty, acquitted. be-iakaUuf, without cere- 
mony, be-tamannd, content, be-tamiz, silly, indiscreet. 
he-tatoajjuht inattentive, unkind, be-tosha, unprovided, 
destitute (a traveller). be-tauHiJI:hi\ hopeless, without 
expectation, be-tafi, bottomless. be-lhaur-thikdne, 
groundless, be-gabat, unstable, be-samar, fruitless, of 
no result, be-tadbir, incautious, unwitting, inconsi- 
derate. &^-;;a, ill-placed, ill-timed, inaccurate, be-jdda, 
variegated coral, be-jdn, lifeless, faint; valiant, brave. 
bf-jdn k., to deprive of life, to slay. be-jur,at, cowardly. 
be-jurm, innocent, faultless, be-jirm, without blemish, 
ipotless (a jewel), bejigar, cowardly, bejamdli, f. 

ugliness. Imperfection, be-jawdb, unable to answer, 
be-ch&ragi, f. necessity, helplessness, be-chdra, withtmt 
choice, without remedy, nelpless, poor, be-chdl and 
be-chdll, unprincipled ; £ misdemeanour, ill-behaviour. 
be-chirdg\. lampless, desolated, childless, becha^im, 
eyeless, be-chun, unparalleled, incomparable. &r- 
chun, restless, uneasy, be-^dsil* fruitless, without re- 
sult &<?-^a/, ill-circumstanced. be-^jdboThe-kijdhaMa^ 
unveiled, openly, immodest, be-^add, boundless. &e> 
bHmutt, disgraced, be-burmad, £ disgrace, be-lfiss, in- 
sensible, senseless, be-^sdb, counUess, immoderate, 
inconsistent, be-^ikmat, unskilful, be-b^avuds*, beside 
one's self, out of one's senses. Ae-^oyo, shameless, 
immodest, impudent. be-Jc^dr, without thorns ; with- 
out anxiety, without fear or solicitude, be-lduui o 
mdut without house or hall, destitute. be-J^ya, m. 
^lit. without a testicle) a eunuch, be-ihabar, incautious, 
imprudent; unwitting, unintentional, be-l^ahri, f. 
imprudence, heedlessness. 6s-j[iarc/i, without (mouej 
for) expenditure. be-J^rad, without understanding, 
stupid, be-jctpr o Jstflwind, without a master, without 
an owner, be-k^^ar and he-khaira, free from danger, 
safe, be-tii^b, sleepless, be-kbfpdbl, f. sleeplessness. 
be-it'pdhish, without inclination or spirit; without 
pursuit object or hobby-horse, be-l^fy/ui, beside one's 
self, enraptured. 6e-ij^i £ ecstasy, rapture, be- 
tt¥^ Is^db, vrithout inclination to eat or sleep, rest- 
less. be-Uppesh, friendless, be ddJd^l, dismissed, set 
aside, not admitted (a claim), be-ddd, unjust, not 
doing justice, lawless, be-ddd-gar, m. an oppressor. 
be-d&di, f. injustice, lawlessnei*s. be-ddsht» careless, 
inattentive, negligent, be-ddshti, t carelessness, in- 
attention (particularly not taking care of cattle), be- 
ddgj^ spotless, be-ddna. seedless (fruit), be-dakhl. 
ejected. be-d<^sM-karnd, a. to exclude, be-dard^ piti- 
less, unfeeling, be-dirang, without delay, be-darr^, 
undeniable, incontestable, readily acknowledged ; un- 
sparing, ungrudging, liberal, not refusing. be~dast 
pd, (having neither hands nor feet) helpless, without 
power or authority, be-dastur, ill-bred, unusnal. be- 
dctwd, free from claims ; (in law) one who relinquishes 
his claim or suit. be-da*wd patra, a deed acknow- 
ledging the abandonment of a claim or suit he-dil, 
heartless, dispirited, melancholy, dejected, sad. be- 
dili, f. dejection, heartlessness. be-darn, breathleaa. 
be'damdfl\. ill-tempered^ impatient irritable, eofily 
provokedT be-damdghh £ bad temper, irritability, be- 
dawd, incurable. be-daiUat, destitute, unfortunate. 
be-dharak or be-dftarkd, without fear or hesitation, be- 
dos, innocent faultless (little used), be-dahshai, fear- 
less, be-dayd, unfeeling. be-diydnaU irreligious, un- 
just 6e-^}t, without religion. 2>f-c{a«/, shapeless ; un- 
educated, ill-bred, be-dfudt, ill-shaped, be-dhamg, un- 
educated, ill-mannered, ill-bred. 6e-sa«Xr, having nci 
relish or desire for. be-rdh, unprincipled, dissolute. 
be-rabt, contrary to rule, be-rabm, merciless, be-razd^ 
without leave, be-ru, shameless, inhuman, he-rozt 
unfortunate, be-rozi, destitute of daily bread, unfor- 
tunate, be-rok-fok, without let or hindrance, he-riyd, 
without guile, be-raib o riyd, without g^ile or deceit. 
be-rUh, beardless (a youth), be-resha, without fibre. 
be-zabdn, dumb, speechless (applied to the brute 
creation), be-zar, without money or the means of get- 
ting it, nelpless. be-zar IsJuxrid, (taking or getting) 
without purchase, be-zan ofarzand, without wife or 
children, be-zawdl, unchangeable, imperishable. 6«- 
xor, weak, impotent. be-zeUtra, without bile, patient, 
forbearing ; indefatigable ; shameless, be-zeb o ztnat, 
ugly and awkward, inelegant in dress and person. ^- 
ziUt unsaddled, be-sdihta, plain, undisguised, artless. 
be-sdk^tagi, artlessness. be-sdz, unaccoutred, without 
apparatus, tools, &c. besdz o sdmdn, without appa- 
ratus, be-sabab, without reason, be-satri, impudence, 
barefacedness. be-saj, shapeless, ill- made, be-sulitaa, 
taciturn, be-sudh, senseless, beside one's self; enrap- 
tured; entranced; in a faint, be-sar, unequalled, 
peerless be-surt, stupid, be-tar o pd, without head or 
foot, utterly helpless, be-sar o sdmdn, without apparatus, 
helpless. be-s(Uil:a, inexpert, without method. be-sU, 
shameless. 6e-*Aa/t»rf, without evidence, be-sharqf, xntXu 
out honour or dignity, be-sharm, shameless, impudent, 
immodest, be-shu'dtt ignorant, a blockhead, be-shqfkat. 

( 153 ) 


I I 


harA. nnklnd, unraerciful. be-^tak k o shubh or be-thttkk 
•rati, cntain. doubUen, indubitable, be-shumdr, count- 
letB» Bnmberlett. much, be-^br, impatient, reetless. be- 
faii^ iU-advised.headfitroQg. 6e<»i6f,wanton,tiTegu1ar, 
nnrntrained. be-afabf-ndfit without order or connection. 
be-^htt, bejond the power of endurance, be-^aii, 
nOQ-endaranoe, weakness. be-idlC^ destitute of good 
fiwtone. unlucky, fte-juro^, ill-mafinered, unciviL be- 
Ja{«5, uncalled for, unsought, be-tam*, free from greedi- 
ness, disinterested, be-taur, ill-mannered, be-ibrat, 
mvamed by example, unawed. be-*izzai, withont ho- 
nour or dignitjr, disgrace be'-*ail, stupid, senseless. 
be-*adl, unjust, lawless. be'*aib, faultless, without 
Uemidi. ber^fivat^ boundless, be-^l^il o g^ash, withont 
trouble or anxiety, be ahtrdf. mdependent, disin- 
terested, indifferent. be-aSam. without anxiety, be- 
glsxr, without consideration. be-g^iraL wanton, im- 
pudent, in&mous, rude, be-ghairati, f. disgrace, &c. 
oe-jajdot profitless, useless, vain, befkr, contented, 
thoughtless, tranquil, be-fakmldt stupid, slow in com- 
prehending, be-fab^ unprofitable, possessing but not 
bestowing (as a learned man who does not communi- 
cate his knowledge, or a rich man from whose wealth 
BO person reoelTes adTantage). be-hAbUt without re 
ftrsint, out of one's power, secure against surprise oi 
attack. bt-%ffida, unarranged, irregular, without orde 
or rule, bc-hidr, of no importance, worthless, h 
laror, restless, nnsettled, Tariable, inconstant. K, 
kvrin^ C restlessnesa, fluctuation, variableness, insta- 
bility. bt-huHTt faultless, innocent, without &il, com- 
pletcly, entlrelr. *6«-2-a/a*t,untinned (a pot,&c ). be-haU^ 
Cuthless, perftdions. be-ki^ds, inconceivable,contrary to 
the common order of things, incomprehensible, im- 
mense, bt-iaid, unrestrained ; irregular, be-kdj, or 
&r-Jbar, useless, unemployed, frs-itam, frustrated, dis- 
appointed, be-karant immense, infinite, boundless. 
Maty friendless. be-ktuJt destitution, be-k^fatit un- 
•hrooded. be-kal, restless, out of order. be-kaSi, un- 
easiness, be-kam o kdstt without decrease or diminu- 
tion, all right, accurate, be-gdh^ untimely, unseason- 
able. be-grnmoMt without suspicion, doubtless, be-gundh, 
innocent, faultless, be^haf, inaccessible, (a river) 
without «tep6 or a quay to it be-ldj, impudent, sliaroe- 
lesa. Ae-fi|djs. inattentive, undistingulsliing. ill-bred, 
vsmannerly. be-lutft unkind, ungracious, be-iitgdm, 
■nbridled, licentious, be-lagd.o, unconnected, inao- 
cemMe, candid, categorical, without reserve. 6e-fnan, 
disgraced, dishonourable, dishonoured, be-mdnand, 
ineooiparable, unparalleled, be-mdya, without means 
of sabristence, poor, indigent, be-miidlt incomparable, 
BneqnaUed. be-mm^asaMt, without calculation, at a 
venture, be-nmhdbd, without respect, unceremonious. 
Af-sM^oi/, out of place, improper. be-muruuruKUt un- 
kind, cruel, be-maza, tasteless, insipid. bema*Nit 
fbolidi, idle, vain, unmeaning, absurd. 6e-fRa^«r, 
without authority : without resource, miserable, poor. 
ie-SM», spiritless, be-minnatt independent, unwilling 
to incur obligation, be-mujib, without cause, without 
tcasoo. bemauH out of place, unapt, unseasonable, 
inopportune, inconvenient, be-mikr, unfriendly, un- 
kind. Ae-aofli, without character or reputation, be- 
aaa • mfJUa, without name or character, be-iuuibt 
■nfevtiuiate. be'suuart incomparable, be-^amak^ in- 
iipid; saltless; ugly, ordinary, be-nang o niifnii^, with- 
out name or character, be-ruxwa, indigent ; m. a kind 
ddarwesh who shaves his eyebrows and beard, be- 
osmJ begging, mendicancy. bc-nthdifai, endless, 
vithont bound or limit, be-niydz, without want, an 
^ithct of God, the Almighty, be-wdrii, without 
Mrs. he-wdrii-mal, property that escheats to the 
gvvuuucnt in default of heirs, be-wdlt^ without pro- 
inlsr. be-igajk^ without cause or reason, be-icatan, 
vtthoot bome or native country, an exile, be-tw^fa^ 
Ablest , ungrateful be-uHifd,u f. infidelity, faithless- 
Mm. fo-«iaftf, out of season, untimely, ill-timed, be- 
Miir, or ht-vMikdr^ without fame or character, dis- 
komrahle. be^wuki{f, ignorant, inexpert, stupid. ^- 
bmSL without compeer, unequalled, unrivalled, be 
iimmi, miambitiotts, humble, miserly, vile, slothful, 
ktf, iadolent. beJaauar, unskilled, be-hangdm, un- 
*■ ' ir-fa«A,stupUied, senseless. ^-AecA, without 
purpose, or motive, p. 

U^ W^ baya, a person appointed in bazars 

to measure grain, h. 

U^ W^ baya^ or ^IIT haiya^ m. the name ot 

the little bird that learns to fetch and carry, &c., and 
that the HindOs teadi to snatch the ornamental patch 
or wafer from the foreheads of their mistresses {JLexia 
Indica) ] an assizer, biydt m. seed. 

jjb\jo baydbdn, or biyabaHf m. a desert, a 

wilderness, bayahdn-gard or -naward^ one who tra- 
verses the desert, a wanderer, baydbdm ^</«, the 
wilderness of Jerusalem, p. 

j^bl-j bayabdni, of or belonging to the wil- 
derness or desert p. 
IjjLj biyd btyd, come, come ; a mode of 

calling pigeons, falcons, Ac p. 
jbljj ^^R bydpdr, \>iisines8, affair, s. 
(^jblx^ uflMlO by apart, a man of business 

in general, a dealer, a trader. «. 

UjU^ urnnn bydpnd, n. to provide, occupy, 

to eflfect, to operate, to work, to act, to affect or in- 
fluence, s. 

l^\jL> bydthd (v. by aha), married, d, 

-,ljt>. unW byqj, m. interest ; delay, bydj- 
ISJ^t one who takes Interest, a usurer, h, 

— U> ^ifTIf Jfydj, m. pretence, pretext, s. 

^\jL> 'Tni bydju, m. the principal, or ca- 
pital Bum put out to interest A. 
Jb«3\jL> iimi byddh, m. a hunter, fowler. 5. 
Jb43L> virf^ byddhif m. sickness, aihneoty 

pain, anguish, disease, s, 

libi^lA^. 'PrniT byddhd, m. a fowler, hunter. «. 
C^^^.'^'l^f^byddhit, sick, grieved,paincd.5. 

^bt^bo vnvft byddlii, ill, sick ; m. a fowler, 

"hunter. #. 
jbj ^mr boydr, f. wind, air. h. 
j\)J biydr(\mper.o^dwarda7i), bring thou. p. 

j\fj Whr^ bt,ar, m. a hole (of a smake, rat, 

.. . 

&C.). s. 

^jLj ^«n^ bydrthf vain, of no effect, s. 
«-fj^ fWlTT^ ft;yari,ffWTd W,ari, f. supper, fu 
J^ci ^rtWf bi,ar, seed-bed ; evening, h. 
jU> bydz m. (for bydj, q.v.) interest, &c. d. 

(^^bj 'vmtbyds, the name of a wuni or sage, 

who is said to have compiled the Vedas, the Bhdgmmt 
Purdna and the MtUiabhdrata (property vyojta), also 
the founder of the Vedanta philosophy. «. 

(^^bo* f^iTRI biyds, land cultivated and pre- 
pared for being sown in the following year. h. 

^J*»\x>, nm^ baydsi, bydn or be,d9i, eighty- 

two. 8, 

(^bo baydz, f. whiteness ; a common-place 

book, a blank book, a. 

( IM ) 


stIeBf, agitated (ia 

n, m. explauation. t. 

Nl^ baiyala, flatu- 
1e (eKulenU). t. 
'iiyalu,'m. supper, h. 
S bat/atU, 

m, relation, bayan^ 

relate. hajfSiMBar, es- 

laiyan, m. birth, act 

>, a CO* (bat hw olvad 
, tuTiog produced twa 

T baiydna, to be de- 
r to lirute inimali). t. 
^a»), birth, &c. t. 
'iiyah, m. mnrriagc. 

1 marruffa. bjiah k., to 
I In marHaga, to bring 

biydha, m.l mar- 
^biydhtdjt.j ried. 
■ man). bi/Slii-jaaSitabe 

'<o/j, marriageable. «. 
[l(|f l|r, biydhna, n. 
Inud) I a. to ntMitj (L t. 

m^ biydkan, m. 

')yditan-jog, fit for 

[quidte. A. 

a weighmHo's pcr- 

labour. eiertioo, ex- 

a grass from which 
•d in Itutching. t. 
t a diEtance. h. 
vulgarly a wife), k, 
ffic, merchandise, t. 
n. a merchant, a 

ratan {Calamut r 

J)j^ ^IfT? ^efa' or ^ITt^ baitdJ, name of 

a deiDuc sappoacd to occupy dead bodio. j^ 

^1^'C^. bait-ul-hardm, m. (eacred house), 

^ the teinpTe of Mecca, a. 

^Jc'i,!*^ bait-ul-iifiS, m. a necessary office, 

a privy." a. 

j" ^^'"'1.' ^if'-tu-M^ar, m. bell. a. 
<_j^1i.l>A> hait-uth-iharaf, the manmon of 

eminflDca, tlie higheat mauiioo of s beavnilf bo^(iD 
atlrologf). a. 

j.'ftrn^'vr.-^'. bailu-t-taiiam, an idol temple, a. 
ftUICiMk}. bait-uUdh, m. (the house of God), 

the tmiple of Meoca. a. 

jyi(Jl*JJ. hail-vl mal, m. lit. the treasure- 
hooK : the public treaiury or eidiequer, ioto whiii 
paymeoUoQvarfouiaccaiiatfl are [nade,and ■ccoidiiig 

' to the iourcc» from which thej are derivedi applicable 
lo the aupport of diOercut cIbikb of penona; an 
etcheat, propcrt.v that bllB to tbe crown in failure of 
beini met an unlbrtiuule fellow, (t. Wilaon'a Glot- 
■ary.) a. [or city of Jeruaalem. a. 

(^t>A^tjI.oo bail-til-muhaddat, the temple 
jlx) %1rt. betra or betar, a cane of willow, 

betra-baxdi, an allowance for mala or wicker woriu 

for pacUng gooda, i.p. 

1A? ^"^ baitard, f. dry ginger, j. 

(jJoJ. ^ITOlft baitamt, f. a river, according 

to the HindDa, which ia to be croaied bj.the dead oa 
their way inio (lie world ofsplriti, like tbe Slyxof 
tbe aadenta; a river la Oriua. t. 

i.Z»^^5ouL). ^^jn bit-hhet, land cultivated 

by furced Ubonr. jL 

j^juJ baital, unlucky; vicious (an ablirevi- 

atioQ of huf'Kl-HHf). a. 

ij^, be-ian, iinpemonal. be-tan mdl, an 
eacbeal ; property devolving on tbe Male from want of 
legal clalmanta. p. 

Ujjk^ <I^X<n bittid, n. to pass, elapse (he time); 
to occur, come lo pa**, t, [elapted. i. 

'SMj i vnrtit byalit (for vyatit), passed 

(,i>jb), ^^ bit; f. duniT of any animal ; a bc- 
tltloui ult coDtaioing luiphnr. i, 

tJLoj ^^tzblt, a kind of agistment, an allow- 
ance per bend of cattle, paid to tb* cowheid. h. 

'diJ ^7T beta, m. a sou, a child, a boy. beta 

kar-Una, to adopt a Km. JL 

IjJaj ^^TfTT bltna, a. to (ipill, to scatter, k. 
.^JuL) ^bel/i, sandy unproductive soil, bith, 

f. the dung of birda, balth, nine of tbe gorenuncat 
abare of jmiduce, the amount aettled on land. k. 

^J^ iftTT bitlid, m. an annular cushion pat 

on tbe head tor carrying a pot of water, k, 
I^UJ ^31 baitha, xa. u paddle. A. 
IJ^^Saj ^snn laithdnd, 
Uj\^l^ ^TTTUT baitkdmd, 
\ji\^j^ ^dl4*IT baithdlnn, 

a. to canse to sit 
down. A. 

( 1«5 ) 



jl^AA^ ^i^m baiikdfOf m. position, allocalioDi 

■itiutiafli. A. 

;Jv^Lj haitha^ f. seating, allaying, (f. 

c dl^JUL ) ^7V baithakf f. I a sent, a place where 
o^Ajj %7VI baithkuy m. J people meet to sit 

and converse, a bench ; also, the act or state of sitting, 
•Ittxog; a kind of exercise, h. 

b^l^Aja 9d^MI baifhldna, a. to cause to sit. h. 
^2^^Lo ^Tff hethan, m. the envelope in which 

doth purchased is folded up, to which the purchaser 
is entitled; p«ck-cloth. s. 

U ^ L) %F^ baithnd, to sit, to be idle; to 

ride (on a horse); to visit a person in grief for the 
purpose of condolence ; to sit in dharna, q. v. ; to sub- 
ride or abate ; to perch (as a bird). A. 

ii^Vft^ %7^n^ baifhtvdn, flat. A. 

^Ji^ ^i\ betif f. a daughter, a damsel, h. 

^ ^ft^ btjy m. seed ; Sperma genitah (viri 

mUmalieris). s, [rest 8, 

Jd^y W^ ^AifT^Tim btjabarkhandj m. a fo- 
1^* ^ftiflT bijar, seedy, abounding in seed, s, 
{f^ wNt^ bijdyif f. a perquisite of a certain 

allowance of seed-grain. A. 

jfi' ^tWC btjar, soil in which the cerealia are 

generallj grown, h, 

y^i^' ^jhl^ byakf m. a ticket tied to goods, 

or on bags (of grain, See.), to mark their contents, 
pfiee, &C. ; a list, an invoice, t. 

*A^^' ifl^m^ btj~kkddf advance of seed and 

food Id agriculturists. &• 

CJjS^' iftipfflnr btja-ganit, name of an an- 

ciait HindO work on algebra. «. 
^M^'^fW^ haijUd, a species of black pulse. A. 
jU^* ^fNlivnc htj-mdr^ failure of germination, h. 
^j^- 4lii|«fl btjnd, m. a kind of fan. b^nd 

(Dskh. ^r bhejna), to send, t, 

fji^* ^Ipift baijantt, f. a flag or standard ; 
" the standard of Visinu. t, 

jl\|Ji^' ^IIhAhI^i^I baijanii-mdldf f. a neck- 

Isee worn by Vishnu in his several forms. It was be- 
lieved to be composed of the following jewels pro- 
daeed from the five elements : via. the sapphire from 
csrtb, the pearl from water, the ruby from fire, the 
topsi from air, and the diamond from space or ether, s, 

ifi'W^ b^u, m. the name of an animal that 

fteds on carcasses (Ursus Indieus, Shaw; Indian 
bidger. Pennant). A. 

^j^ 'ftlRR btjwdr, perquisites of the lower 

consisting of a portion of seed-corn from the 

Oji^« be-joty untilled (as land) a farm that 

is given np by the cultivators, p, k. 

^il^' ^WSf bejhd, m. a butt, or mark for 

]j^^*WfK^be}hard, m. a mixed crop, generally 

grain and b.ir1ey. h, 

^-fc^^- %lm.*ii bijkndf a. to tenr up the earth 
with the hoofs (a bull) ; to push, to shove, to shoulder, h, 

^^^^* ^ftfldftWT bijfioniydy a tribe of »•«;- 

puU in JaunpQr. h, 

V;;i4^* 'ft^fl^ btjherydi name of a clan of 

rajpuU in the district of Gorackpur. h, 

^^5^* ^»ft iiyi, f. a weasel, a mongoose (^t- 

- verra ichneumon), h. [Urdu, shal, q,r, d. 

j***^' bij'tsar, m. a species of tree called, in 
^ wHf htck, in, into, among, in the midst, 

between, during; m. middle, centre; difllbrence; 
quarrel, hostility, hich-parnd, n. to differ, to raise a 
quarrel between, btch ki ungli, f. the middle finger. 
iiehoA McA, the very middle. A. [trafiic. d^ 

(^5^^^' bechdrbdchxy f. buying and selling, 
2h^\^ ^*NnfNr blch-d-btch, the middle, in 

^the middle, d. 

8j\^« he-chdra, helpless, wretched ; pi. fte- 
ch^agan, heeharagi, helplessness, t, 

jl^^ *fl^fN'^l*l bichr-bickd,o, m. mediation! 

interposition, arbitration, bich^bicha/h-lct to mediate, 
to interpose, h. 

J^' 'rt^ bickrd, m. a bed for growing 
plants to^ transplanted. A. 

^J^* ^^(RT beckndf a. ^to sell, to dispose of. A. 
^^' 'fl^**l'rt fticAwani,! m. an umpire, an 

^^' ^H^\\b'ichwdyX J arbitrator, a mid* 
die-man. K [tent pitched without a pole. p» 

^^' he-choba m. (lit. poleless), a kind of 

l^^* "^^^l b'ichhdy\ai. a scorpion ; the sign 

^^' Wt^ bichhUf) Scorpio, s. 

^ behh, f. root; origin, foundation, bekh" 

kaut an extirpator, a Judge (as extirpating thieves); 
also, a thief (as destrojring the subjects). />. 

43JJ %^ haul, m. a physician, a man of the 

medical caste. *, 

dA> ^ bed (for veda), m. the name of the 

Hindu scriptures (namely, 1st, ri^, ?nd, samaj 3rd, 
yajusfi,, 4th, atkarva), which are believed to have been 
revealed by Brahma, and arranged in the present order 
by a sage called Fyasa or Veda-vydsa; met. certainty, 
faith, tf. 

*3J^ bed, a willow ; ratan. bed-bqf, one who 

works on ratans, a basket-maker, bed-baft, weaving 
with ratans (as the bottoms of chairs and the panels of 
doors or windows), bed-mushk, musk-willow, cele- 
brated for its fragrance, p, 

dJJ bid, a street or lane. d. 
jljjL> beddry awake, beddr-baihty fortunate. 

bedar-dil, alert, watchful, quick of apprehension, be^ 
ddr-diti, t alertness, quickness of apprehension, p, 

v^^Joo beddrty f. wakefulness, state of being 
awake, p, 

CiOtjj^ %^Pir beddnt (for veddntd)y m. the 

name of a particular HindQ philosophical system, s. 

( 1S6 ) 




^J>\*^ ^^nift beddnttf m. one who is con- 
versant in the bedant school of philosophy, t. 

^•^^•^^ ^^^ heddngy a class of studies or 
sciences, subservient to the Veda*, «. 

{j^M ^?ff^ haida^y f. practice of ph jsic. <• 
j«yjo ^l^ tiiar, a sort of rake or harrow 

worked by oxen. A. 

J^t^jj hednstavy the castor beaver, p. 
JjJjJ haiddkf the pawn at chess, a. 

^dJJ %f^ baidik, m. a reader of the Veda, 

a Brfihnian well versed in the Fedeu. s. 

c^tXJL^ ^^ baidak, m* the practice or science 

of physic, i, 

vtXx> irfipirr bedikd, f. an altar^ platform. «. 
ClJi3>y bedalat (for be-daulat), unlucky, i/.^ 

.. ^ , H' pain, sickness, ache. «. 

bi^^f^ bednd,} 

1)^ ^^ bedwa, m. a reader of the Yedas. «. 

«^t3jj ^ 2»6<//<» m. bore^ crack, hole. 8, 

U(3jo ifKn bidhd, settlement, arrangement. A. 

c^jibt^jj ^^JW be-^fiarakAfenrleaSf without 

0^t\A^ %ir^T be-dkarkdy J doubt, p. A. 

U^t3JJ ^lltfT bedhndy a. to pierce, to per- 
forate, f. 

f^SJ^ ^>ft 2^<?e^/a, 1 m. a borer, one who 
UlbjJk> ^finrr bedhiyd,j perforates pearls 

gems, &c. i, 
V|^JJ^ ^T(t bedi, f. an altar, a platform. «. 

t<i>i> ^AVT biddj m. a mound, a cluster of 

mounds^ A. 
JO 'ft^ Z»7/', m. a hero ; a brother; adj. brave, f. 

JO ^ftr H/-, f. a sister; a tusk; pusturage, 

grass laud. A. 

JO liH fcir, m. a jewel worn in the ear; in 
the Delhi and SSgar territory it denotes pasturage. A. 

JO %^ baWy m. enmity, revenge. bair-L, a. 
to revenge, s. 

jkj i?PC ber, m. tlie name of a fruit {Zkypkus 

jvjuba), also the name of the tree ; jujubes ; time, vi- 
cissitude ; delay, while ; the lotus of the ancients. «. 

SjfJ MtlJ bird, ni. a betel-leaf made up, &c. 
(see bira), a quid of tobacco, a cheroot or cigar. «. 

)jj iftXT bird, m. (same as blran) a brother, h, 
j\x^ berdr, a village registrar or accountant. d» 
C^jH bairak (for bairak), a banner, a stan- 
dard, p. 
iS/b^^];^ %rriW bairdkheri, f. quarrelling.^. 

*^ V|U %t!ni bairdg or bairdgya, m. penance, 
devotion, the act of leaving the pleasures of the world.«. 

ul^ nKX^bairdgd, m. a small crooked stiek^ 

which a Bairdgi places under his armpit to lean upon 
as he sits. j. [also the same as bairaga, s, 

^p[jO ^XPm bairdgan, f. a female bairdgi; 
fj^lJt^ %Tnft bairdgi, austere, recluse; m. 

"the religious ascetip who abandons terrestrial objects, 
thoughts, passions ; a kind of wandering fakir^ who 
practises certain austerities. «. C*^)* '* 

tjSjjJ %IFn| bairdgya, m. penance (v. hai* 
^)jii 1<H1 berdnd, m. a grove of ber trees. A. 
j^b^jj bir'^bdnl, f. a man^s own wife. A. 
^^Ji^ji^ ^itrm'^J^ bir'bakutti,y{, a small in- 
i^y^ij^ iftlTOst blr-baJivfi, J sect with a back 

"of a bright re<l colour^ the* scarlet or lady- Ay, oom^ 
moiily called the ** Rain insect," as it makes its ap- 
pearance when the first rains have fallen. It is covered 
with a downy exterior resembling velvet, and of a 
scarlet colour. A. [peatedlj. s, 

jiij^ ^T^ bei^'ber, oflen, frequent ly* re- 

^j>^ ^ftan b'irid,f, heroism^ valour, prowess. *. 

^j^ W)4 birj, m. power, strength ; seed ; 

sperma genitale, m, 
il^. bairak, m. a banner, ensign^ colours. p. 

^jii %XMt bairakh, m. a banner,, ensign, co- 
lour (corrupted from Aatro^). A. 

(o^ ^tHH bairan, f. a female enem j. s. 

^j^ ^1<Tfl blran, m. a brother. A. 

m;J^ *flT^ blran (also blrandkhar), a kind of 
tough grass spreading over uncultivated lands. A. 

i^Jji^ bc^'un, out, outside, bervn-jdi, coun- 
try, in opposition to town. berHn'Jaii, rustic, oouo- 

try-bred. p. 

t,jjX> ^^ft bei^, f. the ireeoi Zizyphusjujuba. s, 
jj^j^ %^ beri, f a betel leaf made up with 

spices, &c. ; the colour which adheres to the lipa from 
chewing beteL s. 

i^jXf i|W blrl, f. a betel-leaf made up with 

"spices, &c. ; the colour which adheres to the lips from 
chewine betel ; a composition, which being rubbed on 
the teeth, stains their interstices of a reddish colour. A. 

iJfj^ %T^ bairi, m. an enemy, an adversary. «• 
sJjX> ^M blrya (for vlrya), m. valour, &c. «. 
Ujo beriz, m. sum total, the entire revenue of 

a farm ; also a government tax. A. 

'jx> %y ber, m. an inclosure. ber bandt-k,, to 

inclose a field. A. 

]%> ^^ berdf m. a i-aft, a float; the rafl which 

is floated by the Muharomadans in bonourof j[&r«i4;a- 
thizr. Besides the anniversary bera offered to propi- 
tiate him, hundreds of smaller ones with lamps may 
be seen on Thursdays of the month Bhddoik partica- 
larly, which are offered by the Muhammadans to this 
saint, bera bandhna, a. to collect a crowd, befo. pdr-k. 
or lagdnd, to relieve from distress, to remove difficul- 
ties, to help one through a business (lit to ferry over 
a rafl). bcfd ffisi kd par hand, to be propitioua, to 
succeed : in Dakh. it denotes a fence or. inclueure. a. 

J4? ( 157 

]|a^ ^ijt hira, m. a betel-leaf made up with 

a preparation of the areca nut, spices, and chan&m. 
Imju itfAano, a. to undertake a business, bifd ddlndt 
a. to propose a premium for the performance of a taslc 
(the expre«loDS originate in a custom that prevailed 
of throwing a bljra of betel into t)ie midst of an assem- 
\Ay, in token of proposal to any person to undertake 
some difficnlt affiiir then Ttqutsite to be performed, 
and the person who took up the betel bound himself 
to ptffonn the business in question), h. 



IjJO lAlT bira, m. a thonc; tied to the hilt of 

a sword by which it is retained in the scabbard, a 
sword-knot, h, 

^jii %7f berka, m. palings railing, inclosure; 

adj. bent, crooked, ft. 

^Ji> ii^vfl berkna, a. to inclose with a fence, 
to pound (cattle, &c.); to drive away cattle (as in 

t^V ^tt befi^ f. iron fastenings to the legs 

of criminals or of quadrupeds ; the baskets used to 
irrigate fielda with, frif?, a small parcel of betel nut 
(v. hifd), A. [Hind&s, dinun. of hefcU h. 

^jH ^H^pn bertyuy m. the name of a caste of 
Ja> hex, in comp. diffusiDg, dispersing, p. 
j\jL> bezdr, displeased, augrj^ out of humour; 

(TnL)stck. p. [pleasure, p. 

i^Ua^ bezat'tf f. anger, bad humour, dis- 

^jt^ %9 baiSf m. the third of the four Hindu 

castes, whose especial duties are f^griculture and trade ; 
a name of a tnbe of rdj-jMits, giving its same to the 
provinoe of Bauwdrd, in Dude : a prince of that tribe 
fionnerly reigned at Ditm^ia-kherS, His dominions, 
which extended over a great part of the province of 
Onde, on the north bank of the Ganges, are still 
eslled BmswSr&- «. 

{j-si iftn bh, twenty . baU (for vayas)^ age. s. 
Lo^ lAnT bUd, m. a score ; a dog which has 

tirenty nails, t. 

f^iiUjj %9RI baudkhf m. the first solar 

month of the Hindds, the fbll moon of which is near 
yiskakka (four stan in Libra and Scorpio); April — 
May. «. 

^^P<*^ ^ITTffT baUdhha or ^HfrrafT baiskakhoy 
m, a cmtch ; a dub armed with iron ; a dub conse- 
crated in the month oiBaisakh. s. 

^€(f^*i^ ^VHA baisaliht, growing in the 

^Booth of Baisakh ; t. a large kind of myrobalan or d- 
troofrnit; the day of full moon in the month Baisakh, s. 

«33L»u ^FT^ baisdndu, sedentary, idle, h, 

C»niA> bisty twenty, a score, p. 

(^^yujJ be^nituny of no foundation, insigni- 

fleant besitmn or bi$tuu, name of a odebrated moun> 
tsin in Persia, p. 

»«*> ^Air^ btsar, gleanings lefl in the field 

fa the lower orders to ^ther. h, [nose. h. 

jmfj %9^ besar, f. the small ring worn in the 

^ma) ^BTT besardt f. a kind of falcon, the 

ftntle or hen bird of the spedes called dhott, q. v. 
(#!awBwK«). A. 

\jm^ ^Mdbe-surdy out of tune. A. 

jX»**y) %^% baisah, a spot in a jungle to 

which cattle are sent out to grace : the term is also 
applied to an old aud worn-out animal, h, 

Ji^.jL) baisak (for baitkak), a seat, sitting, d. 

U^LmJJ baisldnd, a. to cause to sit, to set. d. 
^2r*^ ^^^^ &esflw, m. the flour or meal of 

pulse, particularly of chuna {Cicer arieUnum)t the sane 
18 used as a substitute /or soap, h. 

x> baiftnd fXi^for bait hnd)t08\t, to remain, d, 
jdS,^ %^f^bai8a9idar, m. fire, or its deity. «. 
^yyi<^^i ^H^a bemauti, f. a cake made of 

**peameal. h, [caste, s, 

^J'^ %[W^ baisniy f. u female of the Bais 
^J^>^ ^?nft besani, made or mixed with 

• besan, A. 

^y^ ^^T beswd, f. a courtesan, a prostitute, s. 
]j\y^ %irfnT bais7vdrd, m. the residence of 

BaUt the nativity of Bad, q. v. h, 

^^^^ Whfft blsi, f. twenty j a score, a measure 

**of grain ; alao a land measure egual to 20 nails, t. 

^**mJ^ ^^'H best/d, f. a prostitute, a harlot, a 

courtesan, s, 
^jfcjo besh, more 'y good, proper, well, excel- 
lent, elegant, delightful, heah-kardr, trustworthy, betk- 
baha or besh-^mat, of great value, costly, predous. p. 

Ujo beshd, m, a forest, jungle (v. heshd), p. 
LT^J^LT^ besh-az-beshy a great deal. p. 

JlIjo beshtar, better, more, exceeding, gene- 
rally, for the most part, t 

^xIj^ ^HV^i %^!tbai8knau,re\9ii\ng to Vishnu. 

m. a kind of mendicanC, a follower of Vishnu. «. 

i^yjjj ^WA baishnavii or bishnavi, a fol- 
lower of Yishnn. baisknavottarf lands granted rent 
f^ee to the worshippers of Vishnu, especially those of 
the mendicant order. «. 

f^Lr^ ^^^ ^ ^^> ^^ore or less; not much, 

a moderate quantity, p, 

eJLiJ besha, m. a forest, a jungle ; a desert, p. 
^^Ijj beslii, f. excess, surplus, increase, in- 

"creased assessment, besht jam\ increase of revenue 
on that of last year, beshl zamin, increase in the lands 
under cultivation, p. 

(jAjJ baizp.m, a mark 6xed to public writings 

by the magistrate or any prindpal ofBoer. a. 

\^AiJ baizdf m. the sun ; whiteness, yadi 

baifa dikhdnd, a. to distinguish one's self in any work 
(an allusion taken from the luminous hand of Moses), a. 

iO\^oX> baizdna, m. the perquisite of the ma- 
gistrate, &C. for marking public papers, a. 

^^\^ax> baizdfvlf f. the author of a book, con- 
taining a commentary on the |bttr,djt. a. 

{^yA^ baizawiy fashioned in the shape of an 

egg. JsJ^x^i-babfawit m. a form of the Persian Nasla'llJc 
character, in which the curved tails of the letters are 
segments of an oval; opposed to J^pp i d/tdbit in 
which they are portions of a circle, a. 

( 1S8 ) 


'■'AU baiza, m. an egg, a testicle, a. 
.UajD baitar, a horse-doctor, a. 
uJ fraf or ^r, f. baying and selling ; com. 

merce, ■elUng. baP'k,t to sell, bm' hl-l-wafit a con- 
ditional sale, depending on the final decision of the 
seller ; also a pawn or pledge, haff hi-l wafa-ddr^ a 
person haWng the use of an article conditioxudly sold 
to him in acquittance of a debt, froi'-iidfiia, a deed of 
sale daf pafta, a lease or sub-lease obtained bj pur- 
chase, hai^ sultdnh a sale by order of government. 
bai^ taljih, a temporary sale, btu^-ddr, a purchaser, 
a possessor by purchase, a. 

9j\jo^ bai'dna, m. earnest-money, a. 
jliiVi^b jy bafbH-wafa-ddr, a person having 

the possessiqn and usufruct of a property on its condi- 
tional sale to him. p. 

\jj (JIaaJ^ batat-k.f a« to become a disciple 

of some saint, a. h, 

j^SmX} baVdar, a proprietor by purchase. a.p. 
l^Lj ^jhi bik, m. (same a? bik), a wolf. s. 

Kjj ^fNrr bikdf crooked, awry ; injured, da- 
maged. (▼. bdl,) h, 
^^^^ %«T9 baikcU, m. afternoon, s. 
jKjj bekattar, ruffianly, brutal, cruel, d. 
(m5uJ bekas, a kind of grass used for fodder ; 

adj. helpless, destitute. K p. 
tC'MJ> be-kasif f. destitution, forlomness. p* 

^^jujCj 4^rq9 baikunthf m. a name of Vishnu; 

the heaven or paradise of Vishuu. This name was 
alto applied in the time of Ja'fir Khan to a kind of 
pit, in which revenue defaulters were confined until 
they paid the demands against them : in this sense it 
was evidently used ironically on the part of the Mujial- 
m&ns in ridicule of the Hindfis. t, 

„^Cj ^ bekhy m. a habit, dress, garb. s. 
\}^^^^o ^fT? baikhat, a sale, selling. A. 
d^^ beg, m. celerity, haste, rapidity; 

adv. quickly, soon ; dung. *. 

JLiJjJ beg, a Muglyal title corresponding with 
lord, master, &c. U 

\Jjj htgd (v. b%ka)y awry, crooked, d. 

.\JoJ %in3C baigdr, a name of the Kharwar 

tribe, h. 
\fx> ^rnr. begdr^ m. a person forced to work 

with or without pay. hegar pdkapM, to press one into 
service, p. 

t^jUjo ^irrtt begdrty f. the act of pressing 

or forcing to work, began lena, a. to take forcibly or 
press. wiSi or without paying for. begari-pakrela, m. 
a pressed man ; one compelled to work, p, 

j51JIj^ begdnagi, f. strangeness, shyness, p. 

Z\J^ begdna^ stranpe, not domestic, foreign, 

unknown ; m. a stranger, a foreigner, p, 
•JoJ begar,m. gold-tinsel ; tinfoil; varnish, d* 

jX^ begam, f. a lady, a queen : wocics. of 

rank are called begams (pL beg€and^ t, 

U^ begmd, f. (dimin. of begam) a young 

lady of rank, t 

{•)^, ^Hnf baigan, m. the egg-plant (^Sola^ 

num melongena), h. 

^J^^ %'i*n\ baigantt, f. a sort of wood. $• 
^j^ begnxy f. the wife of a beg, U 


l^^ 0^1 btghd, m. a measure of land con- 
sisting in Bengal of 20 kafpids or 120 feet square, or 
1600 square - - - _ .- . 



gM. btgha^dniy rate levied per blghS. bighd-dttftarit 

a record of the measurement of lands in a districL «. 

^^^A> ^ift begi, quick, swift, speedily. «. 

^y^ W9 bail, m. a bull, an ox ; met. a block- 
head (in which last sense the Scotch say, ** a stof^ i. 

Jj^ ^5^ ^^h ni« the name of a fruit {Cra- 

taya or JSgle marmelos), bel or belir f. a creeper, 
climber, tendril (of a vine) ; descendants, offspring, s. 

(Jj^ h9 ^^^9 I3Q. the name of a flower (Jicu- 

tninum zambac). bel-phalne, to attain one's precise or 
utmost wish, h 

^Jj^ bel, a spade, hoe, mattock ; a spot in 

which the receiving-pans are placed, where angar is 
manufoctured; a creeper, a tendril, a pole for direct- 
ing a boat ; a welL p. 

^^ ^^ beld, f. a while, a time. $, 

^^ ^^ beld, f. name of a shrub {Jasminum 

stambac) ; a cup : an instrument of music reaembliiis a 

fiddle. A. 

y^ beldf m. a bag of money carried in the 

hand of a person of rank for distribution among the 
poor, bela-bardar, one of the retinue of a great maut 
who scattera money among the populace. beid-J^prd^, 
expenditure in alms-givii^. p, 

^Ij^ %9T baild, m. a species of bird. A. 
by JjJ i)9«{2l belbutd, m. a shrub, bush, 

or creeper ; flowers (on doth), h, 

UW belchd, 1 
,1^ I m. a small spade, a hoe, 

/* \ ^ small mattock, p. 

fttfT^ belcha, J 

jljJuJ belddr, m. a pioneer ; a class of Hin- 
dus employed in digg^g. p. 
^ISljJ bailkdn, name of a city in Armenia 

near the Caspian, p. 

v^ILo belak, f. a small mattock ; the iron 

point of an arrow, p. [zier. K 

tS^ %€rst belkl, m. a cattle-breeder, a gra- 

/Jlx> ^<^«! belan, m. a rolling-pin. 8. 

ULj ^9«TT helnd, m. a rolling-pin; a. to 

spread out, to laminate, s. 

Ji? ( 

^^ ^9^ belant, m. a branch ; a small 

foUiog-piii. A, 

^ M^belv, m. act of rolling. A. 

^ Y^t ^-icitfy dispirited, heartless, p. k, 
^Jxy ^^ beB, f. a creeper, climber ; tendril 

"(of a vine). «. 

^ 5h», m. fear, terror, dread, danger, p, 

l«A> iAtI btma, m. insurance ; also the rate 

of insimuiGe, or the per-centage pcud for that pur- 
poie. A. 

OltJJ %RTfr bematt f. a stepmother, bemat- 

Mo,!, a brother bom of a different mother bj the same 
&tber (a half-brother bjr the father^s side). ». 

J^ %fWf baimdtra, ra. a brother born of a 
difTerent mother by the same father, s. 

jUa> btmar, sick, indisposed. btmar-Mana, 
m. an hospitaL p, 

jbjUA> btrndr-dar, an attendant on a sick 

pemn, a none. p. [sick, p, 

(«^b^UjJ lUmat^dari, attendance on tho 

i<^Ujj Inmartf f. sickness, illness, p, 

M^ ^tM biman (v. Kma), m. insurance, h. 

^ifhl 5in, f. a kind of stringed musical in- 

itrmnent, having a long narrow body, and a large dried 
cslabssh at either end to concentrate the sound. It is 
Strang with steel wires, i. 

^ ^ beuy ^^ benu, or 4h bcAn^ f. -a flute, 

pipe. fife. i. 

^^bain, m. f. a word, speech. *. 

^ batyan, m. explanation, interpretation. 

fatyia. dear, evident, manifest, a. 

^ bbif see thou (r. of didan) ; in comp. see- 
ing as 'alam-bht, world-seeing, an epithet applied to 
the son. p.* 

^. ^atit, among, between, interval, a. 

lu) ^fff baind, m. sweetmeats, cakes, &c. dis- 
trihated at marriages. «. Tforehead. h, 

tjJJ%«n baina, m. an ornament worn on the 
Uj^ 2>ma, clear-sighted, discerning, p. 
\ Ua) ^^ bend, ra. a fan ; the name of a grass, 

ifttt-jklai (Amdropogim nmricatmn). s. 

U^ILj be^ndp, unmeasured, unsurveyed. be- 

«ip ka paffa, a lease gnarantedng that the average 
lata of lanl remain as before, p. A. 

i^Iaa; blnd,i, f. sight, vision. p< 

la^ijii bain-bain, betwixt and between, so 
», passslk, tolerable, middling, a. 

«AAiu^ KMndf a. to cut (clothes), d* 

159 ) _^ 

tl*xJ yh bent, 1 m. a handle of an axe, hoe, 

UjlO '^ baintdj &c. A. 

^^ fciw; (for blj), m. seed, grain, d. 

j_^^ Vipft bainjm, purple (the colour of 

**the iS^toninn melongena). A. 

^ ftincA (for hich), in the midst. dL 
Vi^Uj ^l-^^ii benchnd, a. to •ell. benck'ddlndf 

to sell off. A. 
JjLj^ ifh^ ftinrf, m. a reed, a rush. A. 

\jjuJ ^nJT baindd, m. a mark on the fore- 
head, as a preparative of devotion among the HindQs. 
btstdd, a kind of rope made of grass or fibres of the 
arhar plant. A. 

U^(\AA^ ll«IIHI btndhnd, a. to boro. s. 
U^(\ju> ^^^nn bendknd, a. to plait, to braid, h 

(^3JUJ %i^ baindiy f. an ornamental circlet 

made with a coloured earth or nngnent on the fore- 
head and between the eyebrows ; an ornament worn 
by women on the forehead. A. 

\ JjlJ ^4h^ bindd, m. a roll of paper ; a kind 
of rope made of grass, or the fibres of the arhar plant A. 

\s^ ^OT bendd, crooked ; met. absurd, h. 
Ulb jJjJ W^ITifT bendhnd, a. to plait, to braid, s. 
(tf«!ijLJ ^tit baindi, act of throwing up water 

from a pond or reservoir with a basket, for the pnrpoee 
of irrigation. A. [plaited) behind, (a tall), u 

(CjJoJ ^ffit bindi, f. the hair twisted (or 

^^^mJu> \^ baindf a subdivision of the Oujar 
** tribe. A. 

(j«ju> bifiish, f. seeing, discernment p» 
tl/jJO %Jf or "^ beng, m. (for vyanga), a 

frog, puddock, toad. «. [casm. t, 

i^JJL} ^ byang, m. (for vyangya), sar- 

OJTai*) ^^ bengal, seed given to an indigent 

peasant at the time of sowing, to be repaid with in- 
terest in harvest. A. [lanum melongena), A. 

^^^jCJlJ ^ifff baingan, m. the egg-plant (£fa- 
^jUljj'^^ft^ft baingani, purple (the colour of 

" the Solanum meUmgena), h. 

U^^^jlJ %«fhn benaudhd, the country between 

Allahabad and Sarwar. A. 

^i^ %rfi' berii, f. the hair twisted behind, s, 
blnl, f. the nose, bint-bwnda, one 

"whose nose is cnt off (a common mode of punishment 
in the East), p, 

\^ bewd, f. a widow, p. 

y*-j bewd'pdf 1 . . - ., 

* -\- state or situation of widow- 

^^.^efva^pan, ^^^ ^^ 

^^ befvd,i, J 
jl^ ^^^^7 account, explanation, d. 


(^\^ WTHT haroaiiy m. the vcllicle or self- 
moving car of a Hindu deity; a(HiadQ)bien 8, 

1^^ "MisK hyoparym, trade^trafficybusinoss. s, 
v^b^ •M^siO hyoparty or ^«|qiO be,opdri 

(same as baipdri)^ a merchant. «. 

C->^ tw^tt^ (pi. of <JUo), houses, a. 
C->^ i>iwfl<, fit (of a suit of clothes, &c.)« ^• 
C->U^ bvyutat (additional plural of buyut, 

pi. of btiltt a'house) : the term is used in several senses 
as outhouse, house- expense, house-tax, &c. a. 

l)^ 'HiM hyora, or %^TT heora also by,auray 

m. difference, distinction ; account, explanation, his- 
tory, detail of circumstances, an account of particulars. 


or detailed account (in book-keeping). 


j^^^yii} W^mK beore-fvar, explicitly, dis- 
tinctly, h, [of lovers. *. 
vi-^JO fWtT biyog, ra. separation (generally 

f/^ f^^ft^A biyogit on. a lover suffenng the 

"pain of absence, t, [tinjf out clothes, h. 

C^^ ^^^ byonty m. shape, the act of cut- 
"^^ ^^f^«n byontnd, a. to cut or shape 

clothes, h, 

^y^ '^ff'TT byongdf m. the instrument with 

which leather is scraped and cleaned, byonga phtra 
nahint his liide has not been curried yet (said of a spoilt 
child, &'c.). h. 

(^^ 'ff'rt byongt, f. (see byonga). A. 


i^ bewa^ f. a widow, p. 

jljfc^jj wft^R byokdr, or ^^^R be,ohdr, m. 

{>rofe88ion, calling, negoctation, transaction, money- 
ending, custom, s, 

J^^ '^'^^byohar, or %^^&e,oAar,Tn. a loan. «. 

\^yh! *M^^^' byokard, or 

W^[^^ befOhardt 
\j>yb^ ^^t^fmbyohariy a, or 

^mffjjtl be,ohariydf 
^^^ bewi or bemizan, a widow, p. 
i^ ^ Wi, m- a hole, a perforation. «. 
»J^ behuda (for ^^AfM^a), foolish, stupid, 

silly, p. 

[^ ^?TT behrd,') m. grass kept for pas- 

ij^ ^^ behraj turage. h, 

i^j^, %^ 56/irt, f. a subscription, instal- 
ment, hekri'harar^ collection on shares of the revenue 
in kind, bthrt-handh an allowance for repairing roads, 
&C> hehri-d&rt the holder of a behrh h, 

«^^ %f^ behar or bihar, uneven, abrupt, 

rugged, waste land. land full of ravines, h, 

fj^jL> behush (for be-hosh), senseless, p. 
^Il^jlj beJildf m. a bag of money carried by 

Ereat men to be distributed in charity when travelling, 
c. behla-bardaTt the carrier of the behla (v. beta), h. 

a trader, a mo- 
ney-l<'nder. «. 

^^^^XJ %^lfT behan, a nursery for rice plants; 

bihan seed. h. [(of cotton). A. 

Oi^ ^n^^l hehinudj m. a comber, a carder 
j ^ A^jo ^^'h)c behnaur, ra. a nursery for rice 

plants. A. 

^ii^^jo be-hudagi, f. absurdiiy, frivolity |r. 

Bt^^jLj be-hucldy absurd, idle, vain, fruitless, 

unprofitable, be-huda-go, a babbler, p. 
(^j^JU^ be-hoskf senseless, insane, p, 
^^i»j^.v> be-hoshiy f. senselessness, insanity, p. 

^«^A^xO ti/uw, better, best, swiA-paced. p. 
jcXJ ^api ?»yflf?, m. expense, expenditure. *. 

UjJ ^nr 2)^/?/a (v. Ia> baya)y the name of a 

little bird. «. [diture. r 

j\^xy 'W?!^ byttyhdry m. expense, expen- 

pg, the tliird letter of the Persian and 

Hindustani alphabets. It does not occur in the lan- 

f^uage or alphabet of the Arabs, and the letter/ or h 
s substituted for it in such Persian words aa are 
adopted into the Arabic language : thus, farxl for partit 
and bddthah for pddthdh. In reckoning by abjad^ pe is 
the same as (e, vi2. two. 

'^pa, m. the corresponding Sanskrit letter 

in that language denotes the wind ; .£olus, the god of 
the wind; anourisher or protector; act of drinking: 
as a termination Hn Sanskrit words) it denotes tuppcwt 
ing, Perishing, holding, also drinking ; as from Mi, 
the earth, bhupa^ a king ; lit. the earth-protector. «. 

b V[{ pdy a masculine termination added to 

Hindast£ul substantives or adjectives todenote abatract 
quality ; as, burhapd, old age, from burkdt old. A. 

b pdy m. the leg, the feet ; pd ba-zanjiry 

having the foot in chains, fettered, pd dar rikdb^ foot 
in stirrup, ready, alert, pd-thikasta, broken-footed, 
infirm, reduced ; in comp. (as the root of pd,idan) it 
denotes permanency, continuation; aa, kmn-pa, of 
short duration, transitory ; der-pd^ permanent, p. 

J^«plb pd-anddz, m. a carpet spread at the en- 
trance of a room, on which the feet are Cieansed. p, 

Jjjb pd-bandy m. a rope with which the fore- 
feet of a horse are tied, pd-band hondt n. met. to be 
married, p* 

(^j*»«^b pd-boSy kissing the feet, t,«. adoring, 

worshipping, revering, pd-bos hond, n. to worship, to 
reverence, to adore, to pay respect, p, 

(_<**yU po-ftoM, f. worship, reverence, adora- 

**tion. pd-boshk., a. to worship, to reverence, p, 
u^b VJ^ pdpy m. a crime, a sin, a fault. «. 
bb mm pdpdy m. a weevil, an insect bred ie 

rice ; also a father (v. bdbd). K 


t— »b 

( 101 ) 

IJl^w iinni>n papatma, m. a sinner, a repro- 
bate, k. 

^^(^^ ^IMjQl pap^tiddhi, eyil-minded, 

wicked. «. [gallant, s. 

C* l L^^ mwih[ pap-pati, m, a paramour, a 
O^^^ MfM J|i?i| pap-purush, m. a person i- 

ficsti<m of all sin. 9, 
^j ^ Cy^b mM^^ pap^keli, f. a plant com- 

"raoalj called Aknidki (Cissampelos hexandra). t, 

iJ^J^^^ Mm<l((r pap-darsht, malevolent, 

"looking at laolts, «. 

{^y^^ <^b m i| ^Hl H pdp-drishwan, conscious 

of guilt, knowing an act to be wicked. #. 

j>^ ^inrc papar, a fertile soil. A. 

li^.v^b VJ^^pap-rofff m. a disease consi- 
dered as the puniBhment of Bin in a former life ; small- 
pox, leproejr. #, 

jjb unif papar or papar, m. a thin crisp 

cake made of any grain, papaf belna, to undergo great 
hboor or pain. «. llai^olia Jtoxb^, s. 

I^b qniiT pa/7ra,m.a kind of pi ant (6^ar^^n /a 
il^lj^l) m^il^U paprakhar (in Dakh. je?5- 

^afJkAar), m. aahcfl of the plantain tree {Musa paradi- 
mae9\ lued instead of salt for seasoning the cakes 
called jwpor. «. [sin. s, 

C*»Jui>L->b 111114) Oi if pap-sammit, equal in 
4Sl>b inftv paphktha, very wicked. 4. 
j^(-«^i|nnn pap-kar, wicked, abandoned. 5. 
O^L->l3 iinrVir pdp-krit, 1 sinful, wicked ; 
Gj'u^b MIM^ifil pap-karta,j a sinner. *. 
^(-^b ^inr^ pdp-ffrah, m. any ill-omened 

aspect of the stars, as the conjunction of the sun or 
Bodh with the moon in its last quarter. RaJm ; Saturn ; 
Mart. a. 

yjfv^-^b ^rnm pap-ghnay removing sin. s. 
C'^«^\}'^t^^ffX pap'tnati, of a corrupt mind, 

deprated a. [aln. s, 

C ArfU >b ivriy*nii pdp-viukta, freed from 

. »' n,.. n - - M * female delinquent, sin- 
^ * ^ ^ ^ ' I ner, criminal, &c. 5. 

or Mi\H^ papint,) [destroying, s. 

^Uw'b i|l^ H 1 ^ pdp-^ashi, purifying, sin- 

^jrr P^'poih, f. a slipper, p, 

^b irnft popi, m. a sinner, criminal. 8, 

yb inf^nr pdpiyd^ the castor-oil tree. h. 
^^^^pdrpiydda, on foot, walking, p. 
^b wni pat, m. fdllingr; sin, wickedness; 

alirf; ao ornament worn in the upper part of the 
'i a draft or cheque on a banker, pataii a-Iofitd, 
' to trees, indicates the fall of their leaves in 
; met it signifies that one's power or ability 
Mted: it is often applied to patience exhausted 
Wthe ioora of a beloved person, or to a destitute cod 
■ttott from adverae fortune. «. 


b V^i^pdtiy m. a master, lord, husband. ». 

b*b Tnirr patd^ m. a leaf; adj. preserved, pro- 
tected. «. [dals,8tc |>. 
w\3b pd-tdba, m. a sock ; the straps of san- 

U^^ ^'fll^ pdtdlf m. regions (according to 

the HindQs) under the earth, or towards the south 
pole, inhabited by a serpentine race ; infernal regions, 
heJl; a sort of ap^iaratus for calcining and subliming 
metals, formed of two earthen pots, the upper one in- 
verted over the lower, and the two joined together by 
their necks with cement, and placed in a hole contain* 
Sng fire. s. [and debts of an estate. A. p. 

^^JjuJib pdt'handl, a st|itement of the assets 

vIU>b infifH pdtit, lowered, depressed, hum- 
bled, i, 

^b V[fK pdtr or pdtra, m. a vessel in general, 

a plate, a cup, a jar, &&; a leaf; a receptacle of any 
kind; what holds or supports; adj. worthy, able, 
eligible, fit, capable, s. [rishes. s, 

j^b JHK pdtri, who or what protects or nou- 
Jb xnij pattroy ra. a preservative from^sin, 

a preserver, a saviour, a. 

yb TWrtpdtar or ^tJftpdtur, f. a prostitute, 

a dancing-girl; adj. weak, lean, piinr-hdz^ a whore^ 
monger, h, 

jib pdtar, m. a moth, a butterfly, d. 
b^b^n^Tn;?a<ra<a,f. capacity, fitness. ^ITHHT 

pdtriia,, m. a plant (Ocymum pilosum). t. 

ISpb xrr^in pattratd, f. the quality of a pre- 
servative from sin. a. 

jijb pdtarni, f. (of pdtar)^ a butterfly, dl 

b^b Mlriflill pdturiydy a whoremonger, h. 

Lil3b '^XW^pdtakj m. sin, crime, vice, s, 

tiJiSb If Iff oh pdiuh, m. an aquatic animal of 
a largo size ; figuratively the water-elephant, h, 

tiJfib mftRT patik,m. the Gangetic porpoise. .?. 

I^Xjb ilTir^nn pdtakwdy m. a messenger. 9. 

tj^^ Mlri4 pdtakl, criminal, wicked, s. 

jJ3b Mlfdic^ pdfili, f a small earthen pot 
"used by religious mendicants, a. 

Jai'b ^in^^ pdtanjaly m. the Yog systoin 

of philosophy, a. ^thar). s. 

^b "m^pdthar, m. a stone (sameaspaf- 
li^^b VJ^ltd pdthndt n. to make up cow-dang 

into cakes for fuel, k, 

&juk^b Vl[^ pdtheyay ro. provender, provi- 
sions for a journey, a. [leaf, a 

^^b wSt pail, f. a letter, note, epistle ; a 

*L3b pddla (also pdfila), a kind of wide- 
mouthed saucepan used by confectioners, p. 


( 103 ) 

(;;««*V>1> M1^lll«l padasan, m, a foot-stool. «. 

(jtfbl> padashy ") m, revenge, retaliation ; 

CjJ^Kib pdda*htyj recompense^ retribution, 
lewud. p. ftoe. «» 

•^llil^bb Vl^»|ir padangushthy m. the great 

o llxjbb in^TWflrVT paddngushtkika, f. an 
onuuiient or ring irom on the great toe. t. 

^bb m((|«|)«f padd-non, m. black salt, pre- 
pared br melting common nit with a small proportion 
of afro^oIoM: It contains flolphnr. A. 

C^^V^b ^I^T^ pdddhaty kicked, trodden, 
toadied by the foot. s. [for the feet t. 

Ui'^b ^n^ pddapy m. a footstool, a cushion 

bi)b in^ pdti-pdf f. a shoe, a slipper, s, 

{^^j>^^^ m^UW9H pdd-prahslidlant m. 

imiluBglfae feet «. 
AU^ob m^lHIIH pad^prandnif m. bowing to 

the feel, prostration. «. 
\l^u^«>b qi^M^^I pddap-ruhd, f. a creeping 

or panttite plant «. 

jll^i^b ^n^HflX padrprahdr, m. a kick. «. 
J^i>b i|Rpi9 pad'talf m. the sole of the foot ; 

sdv. under the feet t. [fourth caste, s. 

r^b ^1^ pddaj, m. a axtdra^ a man of the 

uJ^Wdb Ul<{^m<i| pdd-chdpcdya, m. beat- 
ing or shnffling with the feet t. 

J^^\ ^n^l'TOC pdd-chdr, on foot, s, 
(^W>b m^^lO pdd-chdriy m. a footman, a 

foot soldier, s. 

jyi»>i>b m^^|4ii./>a/f-<rA<i<n7ar, m. the religious 

flg-tree {Fku* religiosa), s. [feet a chilblain, s. 

(^bi>b Vl[^^^ pad-ddfif f.' a chap in the 
^^^jM-daraZy contented, tranquil, at ease. p. 

J/*^^b ^|j[|<ilsi pddra^kird. the ant lion, 

■a insect which constructs a hole In the ground as a 
tnp for ants, on which it feeds, k. 

b^^j;^^ "^I^OfV padrTohan, m. the Indian 

4rtree. s. 

(^b pairi, m. a Christian priest of anj de- 

■ wnhiat ion (the word was introduced into India by 

j^^b padzahvy m. the name of a medicine, 
apdkr of poison {Bexoar tiont). p. 

dij^iMs^b m^44JI^ pad-gphoty m. kibe, chil- 
Uni^ an ulcer in the foot s. 

^^^b m^lllfil pdd-shdkkd, f. a toe. «. 
ll^^b padthdhf a kiug, a sovereign (same 

ii Udtkik). padskSh-zada, a prince.' . padshah-zadt, 
aprinoss. p. [a king; kingly, p, 

uUIm>\^ pddshdkdndy fit for, or worthy of 
C^Ut^l^ piddihahat, f. soYcreign power. 

^Li^b pddskdhiy f. royalty j adj. of or bo- 

** longing to a king* royaL p, [feet s. 

tXflob ^n;^r^ pad-shabd, m. the sound of 
^yMi\j i|T^[^fhf pdd'Shotk, m. swelling of 

the feet, gout, i, 

vi)jb '^iK^ pdduk, who or what goes on 

foot or with feet t. * 

w3b mjWT pddukd, f. a shoe, a slipper. *. 

l^XjS^\j Jft^WZW pdd'katak, m. an orna- 
ment for the feet or toes, t, 

{2^j^^^ ^rnpr^lff pdd-grahan, m. respectful 
obeisance, touching the feet of a superior, t. 

jiof^lj ul^ilQlii pad-gandir, m. morbid en- 
largement of the legs and feet s. 

i;?^*^^ MI^MI^il pdd-ghdbrd, frightened out 
of one's wits. A. 

J^(>b i|T^^ pad-mul, m. the heel. s. 

b(>b t|n*[in pddnd, to emit wind (backwards), s. 

j^b m^pddu, f. a shoe. s. 

cdJi^j^b ^l^'^^^E pddodakf m. water for the 

feet especially that In which the feet of a Brahman 
have been wasned. s. [farer. s. 

uiJj^b m^^Wpddvikf m. a traveller, a way- 
(^!JL^j«3b Ml^^^# pdd'ValmVi, m. morbid 

enlargement of the legs and feet. s. 

l^^b in^ pddhd, m. a schoolmaster, s. 
^iJ^Vfciib MI^^K^ pad'hdrahf m. one who 

takes or steals with hlB feet t. 

dAJb^b ^i?n^ pad-hat, trodden on, kicked, 

struck with the feet A. 

(jM^^b ^T^^;^ pad' harsh, m. tingling of the 

feet, caused by pressure upon the crural nerves. «. 

(/^b qr^ft pddi, footed, having feet ; m. a 

footed aquatic animal, an amphibious animaL s. 
(^^b in^ pddi, rice in the husks. A. 
ftJt^b mv pddya, m. water for washing the 

feet s. [vessel for washing the feet. «. 

^^*Jt^^ ^TflRTq pddga-pdtra, m. a metal 


\^^\^m<fn pddhd, m. a hog-deer (v. pdrhd), s. 
^^*3b X([^ pddhi, f. the act of crossing 

"a river, h, 

jb ITR pdr, m. the opposite bank or shore ; 

adv. over, across, on the other side, through. pdr~k^ 
to ferry over, to cross; to finish ; to perforate ; to re- 
lieve; to carry off. par-ho-jana, to escape; to at- 
tain refuge, s. [man. d» . 

]^b pdrd, m. a sentinel or sentry ; a watch- 
Kb JVJJ pdrd, m. quick»ilver, mercury ; f. a 

liver, said to flow from the P&riyatr mountains, a por- 
tion of the Vindhya chain, pare-ka kafur, calomel. $. 

j^);b MKiqK pdrapdr, m. the two banks of 
a river, s. 



( 1«4 ) 

kar, m. a name of ihe poel 
Vjou for the eoadoet of the 

araakari, m. the religious 

lug psHpd through the three 
uieholder. and auctic, lead* a 

amar, on both sides (of a 

raKat, m. a sort of ebony 

raicati, f. a river in the 
SthtAintna nticalata; a form 
3 cowherdt. «. 

yan, m. totality, complele- 
ng a Pwaa oKitiiiaally, without 


a lecturer, 

pdribhavt/a, m> a drug, a 

IjKcietat). I. 

-bhadra, m. ihe coral tree 

the uimb tree ; a tort of piae 
tanil 1 alto a •ort of piae {Paau 

wtra, m. name of a monn- 

portioD of the 

■kirti the proviai 

V pai-ipaiilhih, 

Irilallij/a, f- a trinket worn 

; the hair ia parted, i. 

V pnrilofliik, gratifving, 
. ■ reward, gratuit;. i. 
tbahi/a, m. severalty, in- 

hiv, earthen, terrestrial; 

> klngi BO earthen teueL >. 

irijat, m. a tree that grows 

tree {Erylhriaajulgeiu) i. 

r par-jayik, m. an adul- 

frafrmcnt, piece, scrap; 

. quicksilver, a. 
Jr-daTJya, m. adultery. *. 
^r- i^rtsA tviin,IoDg- sigh ted , 

[a country, part of OriNa. >. 

jiai-dandak, m. name of 
9ar-(fesA(A,foreign,abroa<I ; 

\r-deilit, f. 1 belonging 

ar-defhyaffn. J to another 

r, one gone to aDOtt>«t conotryi 

(jujb VXtM paras, m. the philompher's 

■toae ; a touchifono for genu t adj. Paruao. i, 

(wjb pdrii or pan, m. Persia, p. 

Uiijb parta, abstemious, cbastCi watchfol; a 

holj man, a devotee, f. 

JLu^b par-ial, the year before; last year. p. 
i^i^nSi parsaii, f. chastity, purity, abstineacc, 

holiueu. p. 
j^j,,ja^^^UX^iVt.parai-paUkar, "1 m. th« 
J^(_j»jb ^\l.»i}im^ parai-^Uhal,} pbilo- 

■opbet'i ((one. Thepanu;iaUAar,accordiiigtoHindB 

legendi. wu a itone wliich. on touching aoT noetal, 
imiDediaitl; converted it into gold. Il wai louod in 
andent tiinea by a graMcutter, who. accidciitally 
touching it wlt)i his Bcylhc, wu astuaijhed to find that 
implemfnt turned into gold. It then found its way 
into the bands of the r*ju of that part of the country, 
who one dav, in a tit of geBerofitv, presented thb ia- 
Taloable ilone loa Br&hman. The Brnhman. not know- 
ing the virtue of thegifl, and bcinRdia pleased st receir- 
ing a preBent apparently so worthies!, threw the fltorw 
into the Nerbudda. AVhen he wai informed of what he 
had done, itnicli vtith sbnnie and remorae, he | lunged 
ifpageible. but (he 

That part of the Nerbudds 
hence, unfortunBleiy, no i 
the iloae aforeiaid (Binuii 

could o< 

reach th 


X {Wbiic 

parai-pxpal, m. liie 

popidjuoidtt, Roib.); alio tb* 

partik, m. Persian, t. 
(jujlj paml, ra. a Persian, the Persian Ian- 

"guage ; a follower of Zoroailer ; a fire-worahipper. p. 

i^JjkMijb qKlHw pariih, m. (same as parn), 

Penian, the kingdom ofFeniaiaPanian horn, he a. 

i>— »;b ^ftfl? parishad, in, a spectator, a pcr- 

•on preaent at an awembiy. i. 

_j-^b in^ra pari/uiv, m, the son of a Sudra 

woman by a Bribman : a *oo by another^ hUb. an 
adulterine j an iron weapon (, 

y^'^t ^^ parithTva, nenr, proximate, by tbe 

aide of; m. a aide. Bank. «. 
^— ^W.}^^ ^T4>nn panhtea-bha^f m. tbe 

■<de, flank, i. 

Jj^^ujb ^4nM parthwa-tkvl, m. spasm of 

the cheat, atitch. i. 

f^^Xi mfftw pafuhtoik, lateral; m. a par- 

ti»n. a rideamaD, a companion, i. [ride, h, 

O'iaMiV^ Mi4'lfl parihira-gal, close to, bc- 
partliik, same as parnA, 

«'A^^ m^^ parvikya, m, aloe wood or 

asallochuBi: in taw, thb term denote! hanhneaa or 
Tiolcncc. ijnn^a.j)arajAjrii, Btaanlt and battery, nik- 
parathya, ilunder, calumny, libel, i. 

i.iJjl) imr parah, what purities, protects, 

dieriabe* ; what enablea one to croM (a ri¥M] oi gu 
through the worid. t. 


( 165 ) 


' ' 

{jT^rJ^ ^iflWTH^ pdrikdnkshi, m. an 

"maoetic, one who lives in devout contemplation. *. 

{,f^j^ '^i^Wl pdrhhi, in. an examiner. «. 
WjVj MKi pdrafff crossing, going over or 

bejKmd the world. «. 

C^b Mi^Mff pdr-gat, crossed, gone over; 

pure, hoi j ; m Jm, or Jain, deified teacher. «. 
(J;lj mKfS pdraly m. name of a plant (^t^ 

flffiia ehelomoides or Bignonia swiveoleTu, Roxb,), $. 

"^^^ "TTft^tftni pdrUaukiky belonging 
to the next world, t. 

^ii^^m^ UKHlPQ^ pdrmdrthik, preferable, 

best, most desirable, m. 

•V ^nrpral ndramnari, m. traditional 

pjA^jV^ Hiv«l«| paramparjy 
lastrocdon, tradition, continnous order or succession. «. 

Lri*H^?L^^ VKVM«iiri|^5l pdrampaijopa- 
du^ m. traditional instruction. *. 

^^yv) "'nnr /^aran, m. a cloud ; eating or drink- 
ing after a fast «. 

*i^J^ "'nftwi pdrindya^ m. property re- the time of marriage by a woman. «. 

v^^ li^ni pdmd, a. to finish, to perform, s, 

^^ 'IKHI pdmd, m. breaking a fast. «. 

j'jj^ "^FWT^ pdrrvar, on both sides (of a 
river); ^te through, through and through. «. 

Ojjb 'in^V pdrvat, m. a tree called the large 

nimb {Mdia t mnpe rw rem), «. 

Q^j jb iji^ift parwart, f. daughter o^parwat, 

"a moontain, q.d. mountain-bom ; the goddess Durga, 
the wife of Shiva ; the olibanum tree {Boswellia tnu- 
rf/bw); another tree {Celtu arienkUU), s, 

*^jjb ^AA^pdroat'iya, adj. mountainous. «. 

(2{5jb i|T^ pdrvan, m. the general funeral 

otremooT to be offered to all the manes at the Parva» 
or Jnoction of the sun and moon, at which double 
oblations to the ancestors are offered, s, 

[yi l>ara, m. a strap, a slip, a piece, a bit ; 

ptv-dn, m. a patcher ; a tent-maker, or one who ap- 
plies, the leather parts in tents, screens, &c. p. 

<^b i|nft part, f. time, tour, turn, s, 
^bjb i||fil|IV pdriydtra^ m. name of a 

Boantain (same as par^Mtra). s. 

jjiijb ^m!hc pdrlndra, m. a lion ; a large 

■Qske (hoay, «. 

*AJ»jb pdrina, ancient, past, elapsed, pdrina 

^f^ftar, an ancient recoid. p. 
jb VXU par, f. a scaffold, s, 
•jb MW pdrd, m. a quarter of a town, ward ; 

ai0iUL)acaI£ h. 

w^jb pdr^parnd, to sustain an injury, to 
nMiTtablow. d. 

^^ Vpd pdrnd, a. to let fall ; to collect 
; (l>akh.} to finish, to aoocomplish. h. 

Ijjb ^\^^} pdrrvd (same as salkh, q. v.), rf. 
^^ "TOT pdrhd, m. a hog-deer (Cervus 

porcinus). A. 

^^j^^ TO'J pdrhty f. crossing a river (when 
"travelling on it) ; a joung buffiUo^ a calf. A. 
J^j^ pdzahr, f. bezoar stone, p, 
0**b vmpds^ m. a rope, a noose (v. pdsh). s. 

0*»b ura pds, near, about, at, in the posses- 
sion ot t. 

(^^b pds, m. watch, guard, defence; a space 

of about three hours (the same as pahr, q.v.), obser- 
vance, preservation, pds i ib/aiir, attention to (one's) 
wishes, p. 

U-»b TITO! pdsdf m. a die (pi. pose, dice), the 

long dice with which chaupar i" played) ; a throw of 
dice- *• [tinel ; a shepherd, protector, p. 

^U**»b pds'bdn, m. a watchman, guard, sen- 
j3U**»b pdsbdnt, f. watch, guard, protection, 

** keeping, p, 

^12m»Ij pdsidn, former, of yore. p. 
i^\iyM»bpds'ddr%, f. watching,guardianship. p, 
LL^J^bpd^sang, m. a weight or make- weigh t» 

an equipoise, a balance, p. 

j_^b wA pdsi, f. anet ; a rope with which 

"the legs of a horse are bound, t, 

j^b unft pdstf m. a fowler; one whose 

** business is to make t54i or tafi (so named from the 
rope round his leg when he climbs the tSf tree). *. 

^^b past (from pa*), a watchman ; (ours were 

"called " watchy," from "watch," in my young days), p. 

(jib pd8h,(\n comp.) scattering,sprinkling.|?. 

(jib in^ pdsk, m. a fetter, chain, tie; the 
string for fiastening tame animals, the net or noose for 
catching birds, deer, &c. ; a noose, a weapdn of com ' 
bat s. 

U*»b tqffjTT pdshd, m. a die, a throw of dice. *. 
^jjU*b Miqi<u pdshdn, m. a stone. $, 
c?»i^e)^'^ MIMIHlJJ^l pdshdn-bhedif m. a 

plant {Pleetanthut seuteUardde*), s, 

^J^^jib ^V^m^ pdsk'baddhajnoosedf snared, 

caught, bound. *. [vered. d. 

(jibcjib pdsh'pdsh, broken to pieces, shi- 
^iiJ^^b ^Ijir^m pdsh-bandhf m. a noose, a 

snare, a halter, a net. t, 

-J*b ^nfi(nr pdskit, tied, fettered, bound, *. 

^^Vo-^ ^^nwr pdsh-chdtya, adj. behind, 


being behind, subsequent ; western. 

<^£^b VX^^ pdshah, m. a die, particularly 

the oblong die used to play chaupaf. ». [feet A. 

<^il^b IIT'TV pdskak, m. an ornament for the 

oJuMib ifnr9 pa«Aan£?, ^m. a heretic, an 

(CiXjuMib trnn^ pdshandiyi impostor, a secta- 
rian, a Jaina, a Bauddha or Buddhist t. 

Muvtl^ pSthna or pathina, 
u^lj pa-Aoj/a, m. feet-' 
i_^b paaki, f. diffusion, s 
(<*'4 ^H^ pa'M, m. oin 

^iJ^b paihidan, to Bpri) 
t^b JsaA, pure, clesn, upi 

to cany cleui off. pak-ti^^ 
utterly, p. 

uilb ilTT paA, m. bd ele 
j\Afb pak-bat, undefiled 

yfj'jil^ poA-ftazi, f. pui 
J^.OJli HreUff pak-pha 

( Qiritia earoaJui). t. 

l^l^t^b pah-daman, chi 
ji*lj./^ paA-rfamuni, f. cl 

of the Liaaiu auiia. i. 

jjti)b pak-rqu, upright i 

vA^ mvt pakar, 

b^^ irwfnt pahariya,. 

(Fi'CHt twnsu). A. 

><i1:i:llb pah-xada, a was 

'tIcc, >b«]di-'dce(lhi> la ■ r 
•trumcDt wlilch n* [Dtroduct 

^UtLl)b q|«^9I pak'ih 
«S<±^^ inv paAift^D, belt 

psrty. ». 
uJlrffjiJ'^ pak-tafy pure 
^l0iiJ\^ pajt-fo/l, f. poi 

Ji\^ imr? poAai, prodw 

puralive; m. Coiba tpieitm. 

Jiij iir«f^ pahali, m. 

tOflifida). «. C(^ 

^^ W^t^ paAafi, f. 1 
ViS\jilTlRTp«Ana, n. tobi 
l^Sb ilrtn paA/ia, m. a shi 

iag leining at^iuC the wall o 

^X^\jTfrVpa pakhanor pa 

I j^\^ ynrntpalihar, f. an i 

defence of ■ hone or elephant 

■ . JJ^Sb iinr^ pakhand or 

wickednelI^ deceit hypocriiy, 

\ Todac IllndQ. adopting the 

clAues, but not reBpecling theo 

■ ici:.4»b -^mV^^palihandi 

daceitlul. hypocritical, heretic 


( 167 ) 


^fi^ ^H^lft palki, f. a litter, a sedan, com- 

nonlj called bj EuropeaDa pakmkfeH. pStH-MOwar, 
one who ridea in a paOn. p^ki-mishiH, entitled to be 
emied in a palki (tiormeiij thia privilege waa granted 
to individoala b j a king or vieeroy). h, 

(^^ ^f9^ polan, m. bringing up, rearing, 
breeding, a. 

^^ l^FH po/na, a. to bring up, to breed, 

to adncate ; to guard, to protect ; m. a cradle. «. 
<V^^. ^n%^ pdlindf m. a sort of jasmine 

(Jatmimm pmbescent), a. 

^^«^^ mf^^palindlit, f. a plant commonly 

"called laari (Cemvohaius tttrpethum) the black aort a. 

idijlh 1IT9C p^nkf m. olibanum tree (i?o«- 

wettia tkarifera) ; a aort of beet-root (Beta Bengalensit) ; 
a hawk. a. 

LT^^ ^T9V^ pakinki, 1 f. incense, tbe gum 
^^^ ^'4iM' poianht^d,) or resin of the 

dibannm. a. 

ilti^l) pd'lahang, m. a tether, a halter, p. 

Jl^ V!f^pdiif who or what nourishes or pro- 

"teda ; m. a cowherd ; f. a battle between birda ; a place 
vhere bixda fight i a covering of a pot. h. 

j^ palez^ f. a melon-field. p» 

U^ ^PIT pama, f. cataneooB eruption, herpes, 

aeabu a. 
j^^ ^mrft pamdrif m. sulphur, i. 
JUb pd^mdl, 1 trodden under foot,ruined, 
Jtii^ pdf0-fndl,) devastated, p. 

*^i *u - , -•- r f. ruin, devastation, p, 
JUj^O pthe-thaU,) ' ^ 

j«l> ^mtpdmar, adj. wicked,vile, base ; stu. 

pid, idiot, fooL t . Qoor. p. 

(^y^b pd-mardif f. strength ; resolution, va- 

i//«^*^^l7nf(;'amari,f. silken clothes, silk dress ; 
the wife of a man of inferior caste, h, 

(^^ ^PR pdman, diseased with herpes. 4. 
^^ ^I«f j9an, m. act of drinking ; drink in 

general ; betel leaf (leavea of Piper betel) ; (in Dakh.) 
a leaf (of an/ plant in general )u pan vfitana or pan 
Ina (to accept or take the betel leaf), to consent, to 
^pee. t. 

{^ '^Vlf^ pani, m. the hand, g, 

^^ ^nn panot a. to get, to acquire, to find, 

to enjoy, to anffer, to overtake, to reach, to accept, to 
obtain; m. a plant growing in stagnant water, a. 

ftii^ Mlfinyi pdni-bkujf m. theglomerous 
|^4ree. {FSeus glomerata), a. 

^^f^^pdmpf 8in,crime (y>pdp); also agony, 

Vgiidi, torture. ^ 

/l^b ^|ffqni|'^n-;pa<ra, m. a glass, a drink- 

l^gvend. a* 
^^ ^hft iwiiipi, wicked, criminal, sinful. A 

d^b i|fir pan/, f. a line (of writing); a rank 

of aoldiera, a row. a. 

jSib irtHT pdntar, m. a desert field. $. 
#4^^^ Hl'T pdnth, m. a traveller. «. 
Jfib lihft pa/iri, f. a row. s. 
j»b in^t joaiyar, m. the ribs, the side; aside 

or quarter (aynon. with iarqf), a. 

^\^vi\npdnch,&ye; (in Dakh.) an emerald, s. 

J^b ^ift^l^ pdnckdlf belonging to the coun- 
try of Panch&l ; m. the aovereign of PanchSl ; the com- 
pany or aasociationof five tradea, viz. carpenter, weaver, 
barber, waaherman, and shoemaker, a. 

<-iblA^^^b Mi^ift^l^ pdnck chhatdhk, a toll 

of five chhataikks (q.v.) in a r%7ra worth of rice or 
paddy, established in large cities to defray the expense 
of inspectors of weighmen, stationed in the bSz&rs, 
&cto prevent fraud in the weight and measure of 
commodities sold therein. A. 

^I^b iinnt pdnckfvdn, the fifth, s. 
^ffj^b pdnckt, f. a kind of weed growing in 

"tanks and pools, d. 

j^ljib ^Tf(^j^ pdn'ddn,m. a box for holding 

betel and its apparatus, a. p, 
«3^b JW^ pdndUf pale or yellowish white; m 

pale or yellowish white colour ; name of an ancient 
king of India, and nominal father of the five P&ndava 
princes; f. a plant commonly called Mashani {Glycine 
debilU), a. 

f3^*^^ ^^^^ pdndu'bhum, m. a country 

with a light-coloured soil. a. 
jiOjjb Vlf^y^ pdndu-putrayvn. son of Pandu, 

either of the Pllndava princes, a. 


i^4>3b MlPllCf/) pdnditt, f. scholarship» learn- 

J jib in?P^ pdndar or '^t^St^pdndur^ pale or 
yellowish white ; m. pale or yellowish white colour. 
pan^oTt the many flowered jasmine. pdn4'Ur, the white 
leprosy; vitiligo, a. [cane. a. 

^iSib ^rtin pdndrd, m. a species of sugar- 

K^^jil^ UWiy fulfil pdndar^ushpihd, f. 

a plant commonly called sitdla (perhaps Phrynhm 
dickoiomutn), a. 

^^.t3jb MWi$jH pdndur^drum% m. a plant 

{Echites ontidyaenterica), a. 

\SJi»S>\> mHi^lJbCI pdndu-sharkard, f. light- 
coloured gravel {disease), a. 
JjW$j3b MW4iU9 pdndu^kambal, m. a kind 

of stone, limestone or marble, a. 

UJjjl^ m^K^Hlpdndu-lomdt f. a plant (Oly- 

cinedebilie). a. [opal, a pale soil. a. 

\C;*jib MWfjHd^l pdndwmrittikd, f. the 
ViLA3jj\^ MI4|1«IUI pdndufidgy m. a plant 

{Rotleria tinctoria). a. 

J j3b X[[^^ pdndav or pdndava, a descendant 

of kinff Pan4Ut but more especially his five sons dis- 
tinguished in the great wars detailed in the AfaAd* 

Iharata, a. 

■ ■-.. ..^^.A. 


( 1<» ") 

^^ji3b ^14^«liQ pandU'Vama, adj. white; m. 

whiteness, s. 

Ij Job ^XW^Jpandufvay m. ^ light-coloured soil; 

a mixed soil of clay aud sand. t. 

t^'^Jb m^ pande,^ m. a title of Brahmans, 

cjfpb "qr^ panre, J a priest, a teacher, s, 

z:iybpanzdah fifteen, panzdahumfifteenih.p, 

;jM^b v!w pans, m, manure, a dunghill, pans 
hojdndf n. to rot, to become mellow (land). », 

^_^^b ilin pansu, f. a rib, the rib bones, s. 
Uwjb i|r9T pansd, m. (lit. a throw), a die (v. 

paid) h, 

bu^b vUvtm pdnsna, a. to manure, k, 
^«Jb ^^^ pdnsaUf^fiYe hundred, pdnsu, a 
^<-^b xrt§ pdnsai, J rib bone, $, 
^^»-3l> '^i^i pansi, a net for carrying grass or 

straw. A. . 

(jJ*>b irf^ pdnshu, m. manure. $, 

j?L)(j5ib ■qii'nnr pdnshu-putra, m. a pot-herb 

{Ctienopodium album), s, 

^-i«*>b vfi^^ pdnskuj , m. salt extracted from 
^ soil, rock or fossil salt, s, 

\xl3b Tirt^lin pdnshuhd, f. a fragrant plant 

{Pandanus odoratissimus), «. [phuret of iron. t. 

^j(«»***»Ok^b Ulv|«||^l4| pdnshukdsu, m. sul- 
J«-iob qjv|<<jSI pdnshul, m. a kind of tree (C7t- 

salpinia bonducella), s, [quagmire, t. 

Libb xfiiHipdnk, m. a bog, mire, mud, slough, 
ClA»>b Jf % pdnktOy linear, in line or row. s. 
cL^b qnr pang, mud left by inundations ; 

alluvial soil. A. 

bl>b xifin pdngdf m. culinary salt, obtained 

from the sea-sand, as by the process in ose on the sea- 
coast of Bengal. A. 

^;J^^^b mU^U^Uipdni-grahanf m. marriage, 

the junction of the hands of the bride and bridegroom. 
pdni-grahanik, matrimonial, s. 

bLjb^ ^^b mrinJ]Clfll pdni-grUdtd, f. a bride, 
one wedded according to the ritual. «. 

^^b MiniQftf pdnini, m. a muni and inspired 

grammarian. ». [the grammarian, f • 

&JJb M 1 Ckj h1 M pdnimya, belonging toPanini 
yb Tfm pdnWf m. leg, foot, pdnw utamd, to 

be dislocated (the foot), panto uphand or chalaHO^ to gp 
quickly, ftdhw ufdna, to interfere unprofitably in any 
one's affairs. pdHto hafh&nd^ to take the lead among 
one's equals; to desist from one's former courses. 
ffdikw bhar-jdndf numbness of the feet, sleeping of the 
feet, pdnw-pdikw or pdiioi^rpdnoA, on foot, pdnw par 
pdiiw rakhnd, to imitate or adopt the conduct of another; 
to uralk in the steps of another ; to sit at ease, to sit 
cross-legged, pdikwparna^ to entreat submissively. 
fMut paxarndt to beseech submissively; to prevent 
one from going, pdiliw pujnd, to honour anotlier ; to 

avoid another, pd^w phaildkar sond^ (lit. to slee] ivHh 
legs extended) is applied to signify i^uit a penon is in 
perfect content and security, pdnw phailund, to insist; 
be obstinate, pdikw phuk ph&e rakhnd, to do any thing 
carefully, pdikw pitnd, to stamp with impatience. 
pdAw t€Ue malnd, to give one pain, to annoy. paiii0- 
topid, to desist from visiting any person ; also to visit 
one vei^ often ; to be tired, pdnw idbU rakhnd, to per- 
severe firmly in a resolution. pdnwjaiMindtXo stand firm* 
Iv. paAu; c/ui/-/ana, to totter, to beooiue unstable. poAw 
dho dho pind (lit. to drink the water with which one's 
feet are washed) expresses perfect confidence, pdmo 
4dlnd, to prepare for and commence an andertwcing^ 
pdAw dignd, to slip. pdAw ragajmd, to go about foolishly 
and unprofitably; to be in the agonies of death, pdnw 
scatnin par na thahamd is used to mdicate exceMive joy. 
pdnw'Sondt to be numbed, t« sleep (the foot), pdnwst 
pdHw bdTidhnd to watch one close, pdiiw se pdnw 
bhirdndt to be near, pdnw ijka,tf»i-ilr., to occupy a fixed 
habitation ; to adopt a new resolution, pdikw kd 
angutiul, m. the great toe. pdnw kdmpnd or tharthtsrdnd, 
to fear to attempt any thing, pdikw kisl kd ukhdrnd^ to 
move any person from his place, from his intention or 
resolution, pdnw kUi kdgale men 4dlnd, to convict one 
by his own arguments, pdnw ki unglt, t or pdmo kd 
angufhdt m. a toe. pdikw gdpid, to pumt one's feet, to 
stand immoveable, pdi^w lagnd, to make obeisance. 
pdnw nikdlnd, to exceed one's proper limits ; to with- 
draw from an undertaking; to be a ringleader in a 
criminal action, dabe pdnw dnd, to oome gently and 
unperceived as a spy. «. 

(SV^^^ ^1 M d iipdnm-rofit f. a kind of loaf. A. 

Ij^b ilt^Tr pdnwrd, m. a cloth or carpet 
spread for great personages to walk on. A. 

^yb. Vit^ pdhon (for pdnwon, pi. of poiiw), 

the feet ; the first nun, being nasal, is generally omitted 
in writing, and a hamxa substituted, as pd,oilL h. 

^)b MU^ii pdnkar, m. a kind of reed. A. 
(jbiynft/^a/w, m. water; lustre, &c.; sperm; 

" pdnl bhamd, to confess inferiority, pdni pap>d, n. to 
tain, pdnl pi pi kosnd, to curse excessively (i.e. till the 
throat being dry must be moistened by drin king), pdnl 
jdnd, n. to be afilicted with thejfuor albns; to be dis- 
graced ; to shed tears, pdni chcUnd, be afflicted with 
the fluor a! bus. pdni a., to ofiiir a libation of water to 
satisfy the manes of a deceased person after the corpse 
has been burnt pdni se patid-k,^ to abash, put to 
shame, pdni kd bulbuld (a bubble of water) indicates 
instability; pdni-k., a. to abash; to facilitate, pdni- 
mama, n. to dry up, to be evaporated; to exhibit signs 
confirming a suspicion, pdni mdmd, or pdni topia, to 
draw, in nautical phrase; as, yih jahdz kitnd pdni 
mdrtd (or tortd) hat t " What is the draught of this snip f 
How much does she draw f" pdni ineik dg lagdud, to 
revive a contention which had subsided ; pdni ho- 
mdngndt to be slain with a single stroke (of th6 sword 
&C.), and die instantly. «. 

c^ilULjb ^n«l1^|i4<$'4k pdniydmalakf m. a 

fruit {Flacourtia cataphraetdj. s. 

j^b ^rtxnrt parly ait f f. the foot of a bed. s, 
&:2^b m^iipdnii/af drinkable, to be drunk* «. 
^ftlij;^ *Job IImI^^VvI pdniyorprishthajy m 

an aquatic plant {Pistia stratioites). «. 

LdJJ^« euSb ^«l^i|H<$ik pdmya^mvlak^ m. a 

plant {Serratula anthelmintiea). <• [otter, a 

Ji3 2u3b MIHlv«iJ<j^ pdntya-nakulay m. aa 
jb Vl[^ pd,o, m. a quarter, fourth part. i. 
Ojb Tnf^ pdviff purified, s. 


( leo ) 



\j\l^TWW^pa,(hiaki or Um^^Z) payO-takty 

*£ the present fee 'of a ^miii-^o (q.v.), allowed by go- 
Terament, at the rate of four anSs per handred rupeet, 
oo the Bet rewnoe of each district, io defray the ex* 
pensea of the establishment h. 

iJjl^VmA pd,oti, f. what one gets, gain, in- 

"eome; fa.i/i,akindoflamp. h, 

jlbjl^b pOfO-zahr, the bezoar stone, d. 
(^jb ^n^?r paroasj m. the rainy season. & 
viJjb ^THRi pamakf purifier, purificatory ^ 

BL fire ; a saint, a pexsoii purified by religious abetrac- 
tioD : a tree the wood of which is used to procure fire 
by attrition {Prewtna tphuua); lead wort ( Plumbago zey- 
lamea) ; marklng-nat plant (Semicarpus tmaceurdiunu 8. 

'iy^^^ff^^ pa,ola, m. a quarter of any coin, 

SI of a rupee, &c. s, 
^UjV) in^iTTif pdjvaman, purificatory, f. 

(j{^^ '^FR pafcan, sacred, holy* purifying ; 

B. wster : penance, purification by acts of austerity : 
the eleoearpns seed ; a kind of grass {Costut). «. 

y^-^b Tjiwf pa,6h (pi. of pa), feet, pchon par 

ktka nir-Und, to hit one's own feet with the adze. i.e. 
to occasion one's own failure. pa,oi^ dhult calamity, 
misfortune. A. [shell, t, 

01^^ U^^ ^V<4t|Mr«1 pawan-dhrvanif a conch 
^j^ ^VHRf pdivna^ a. to get, to obtain, &c. 

(see pajia) ; m. a plant growing in stagnant water. #. 

i^j^^^ViPii pam, who or what purifies, s, 
OUb in?nr pdiidU m- the mulberry tree 

{Utm hidica). h. 

^^b ilTflir pahdny\m, a stone ; the head- 
f^\>,'^^pil pdhajif J man of a village, s. 
J^b 111^9 pdhal, the ceremony of initiation 

bto the Sikh religion and community, h. 

{•^^^i^f^^ pdkuHj m, a guest, s, 
U^b ^nfffTpaAuna, m. a guest ; son-in-law. s, 
^b "mpft pdhuni, f. a female guest, s, 
^^ in7pa/m, m. a person, individual, h. 
j_^b inift pdhi (also pdht-asdmi), m. a non- 
resident cultivator, pahi^kaskt, cultivation by non> 
residents, k, p. 

(/-^b ^!^pa,0, m. a peasant residing in one 

viQage^ and cnhivating land belonging to another vil- 
lige. k 

(^^b ''n^ ya,i, If. a coin, the fourth part 
fcji^b irfi^ pa fin J of an ana. s. 

f/'^^ pa,»f If- pi"8 used by weavers to 
tli^b iffij pd^tHf J wind off the warp from ; 

Ihc wofd iM,i li frequently used fiir pahh q. t. a noo» 
be. A. 

i^^bpa^, m. foot, leg, the foot or stand of a 

table. dudr.lEC pa,€-^»N2 (tied by the leg), met. en- 
•■rimd with a famUy. pa^ bdkU remainder, balance 
tnisBd. pa^-tatk^t m. the royal residence, or place of 
tesidenoe of the royal familT. pd,e-turab^ m. 

the first stage of a journey Tit is usual to make ont 
short stage at the commencement of a journey, and 
there to wait a few days to collect every thing neces- 
sary). pd,e-jainat drawers, trousers. pOtC ^ab lanS, 

to settle accounts, pdje-ddmt m. a gin, a springe, a 
snare, a noose, paje-zanitrt (chained by the leg) met. 
encumbered with a family, pafi-zik^ m. a loop or slip- 
knot tied to the legs of falcons, &c. ; a staple, pa^xeb, 
a female omamenC worn round the ankles, paje lagna, 
n. to make obeisance by embracing the feet (a token 
of respect paid by the HmdOs to Brftnmans). pa^-mal, 
trampled on, ruined, utterly subdued. pd,€'indl-k.t to 
trample on, to destroy, to lay waste, to ravage, pd^e- 
nta/i, f. destruction, ravage, ruin, occasioned by an army 
or cattle overrunning and trampling fields, &c. ; /Ml,e- 
mardi, f. courage, resolution, p, 

bb pa^df m. the foot of a bedstead, &c. p* 
U<^bb pdydbf fordable, within man^s depth ; 

m. a ford. p. 

^bb pdydhif f. quality of being fordable. p. 
(i^^.^ P^y^^t ™» \ end, extremity ; comple- 
^jbb pdydni, f. J tion. p. 
^ji^i^b pd,e'po$h, a shoe, a slipper, p, 
»^\5(^>b pdre^tdba, m. a sock, a sandal, p. 
^4^.^ '^im^ pdyath, m. a scaffold. A. 
&«b^ v> pdyejdma^ m. drawers, trousers, p. 
ailig bpa,£-M^na,m. a necessary, a privy, p. 

jW ^ pdye-ddr, firm, steady, durable, per- 
manent p. 

i^jw, b pd,e'ddrif permanency, stability, p. 

lJj>, b pdyCJ% f. foundation, basis, d. 

(j-J*.^ ''inro pdya^j made of milk or water j 

m. an oblation of milk, rice, and sugar, s. 
Jj>b pdyiz, the autumnal season, p. 
JO V> pd,e'Zahr, the bezoar stone, p. 
(^Ju^b inf^TV pdyihy m. a messenger, harbin« 

ger; afoot-soldier. <. 

jOj^ \^ pd,e-1idry a person who purchases 

goods from the manufacturer to sell to the merchant ; 
a non-resident labourer hired to cultivate land. p. 

<Jl*i*»o^tf b pdyC'Iidshtf (land) let out to non- 
resident tenants ; pa^e-kasht xamm, land cultivated by 
peasants not residing upon the spot. p. 

5Uj>V^pa,c-r/a/i,m. rank, dignity; a stable, p. 
ck^ M!^9' pdyal or ^if^^ p5yi7, firm of foot, 

steady, easy paced (elephant) ; f. an ornament for the 
feet; a bamboo ladder, jd. 

JU(C v^ pdyC-malj subdued, trampled under 

foot. p. [tion. p, 

^U (^ b pdje-mallj devastation, destrue- 

** At 

\y^{S H pd,e-moz, m. a kind of pigeons* p. 
^,*b pdftn, low, lower, under, the lower 

part. p. 

^^.j>*b irt^ pa,tn, f. pins used by weavers to 

wind ofi" the warp from. K 

( 171 ) 

> Hlfciw patitwa, HK the conjugal state, s. 
^ ftW^rt pitt-JTvar, m. bilious feyer. jt. 
^ Mnm^ pat-jhar, without leaves ; f. 

the «al! of the leaC autumn, pat^har hoHa, to lose its 
^w^ autumn (a tree); met. to decaj (a person 


i^}¥^^ Vnm.if\ pat-jhafi, f. autumn, h. 
i:)^^ ^ilflj^ pat'din or pati-din, daily, 

■Ivay** ooQstantly. s, 

/J ^ patra or i»Wi: pattar, m. a leaf j the 

jesf rf the Lwriu cassia; the leaf of a book, gold 
icaMte.; a sheet or plate of metal, a letter, epistle; 

J> 3^ putr or putra, m. a son, a child. *. 
jA> ftrrc piVar, m. (pi.) fathers, ancestors, s. 
Ji ^ P^^ri (same as pt7a), a father (this 

fona is used in compound words). «, 

y> ^^/wfra, m. an almanac; an ephemeris. s. 
*^1A ^^^^ patrank, m. page, paging, s. 
^^]jk'^^^ P^^rang, sanders (Ptero- 

eaqmunii^inus) ; red or sappao wood (Gesaipinia tap- 
fn) ; the Bhojpatr, a tree so caUed ; a kind of birch. #. 

{S '/J ftnncit pitra,i, m. a kinsman, a pater- 

ikI relation from three generations. «. 

i/ \p> fWTT^ pUra,t, f. verdigris, sub-acetate 

of copper, s, 

^^yi ^^^T^ pitri'bandhu, m. a remote or 

cognate kinsman by the father's side. *. 

C^yj ftlH*lftR pUrihhakti, f. filial duty 
to a father. *. [fered to the manes, s. 

CJ^^^j^ ftr^*itiR pitrUkafan, m. food of- 
/J/i ftfftl^/?«Vrt-pi/rt, m. a paternal grand- 

^*'»«'-y- [a iather. patrimonial. *. 

^UA *^»inil piiri'prapta, received from 
r!;>/J ftr?W pitri-prasu, f. a father's 

anther. «. 

y^^ ^nH»H patra-pushp, m. a red sort 

ofbasU (OrymioBjDi/MiHR). «. 

*^^ri ^^3**^ patra-puskpak, m. a kind 

rf Wrch from the bark of which hukka snakes are 

SJi;A>rJ <^^?TM|?«Vrt-<tr<A, m. Gaya, the city 

so caUed, where the performance of funeral sacrifices 
t™«^5 ^;i^^ peculiarly efficacious; the part be- 
tween the middle finger and the thumb, sacred to the 
ma n e s, s. 

^i^^pitri^jag, m. obsequial rites. * 

_ i S'^iTh putra-jtv, m. a tree, from the 

imilffl!jS%.''^^^*^ •" "^«' of supposed pco. 
^iocemcacy (Nigellapuirangiva). s. *-*-— i*^ 

o'«^A ftqqin pitri-dan, m. gift in honour 

of deceased ancestors, s. 

e;^^ ^r»t95| patra-ranjan^ m. embellish- 
ing a page, illuminating, gilding, s. 

^\4l-»^ ft^HFTR pUri'Sthan, m. a guardian, 

a protector ; the abode of the manes. #. 

W-iH^ ftlJTSlBrT pitri'smasa, f. an aunt, 

father's sister. #. 

Iriri ^^r^iM patra-skira, f. the vein or 

fibre of a leaf. *. 

^4il^ipj f\f^^ pitrushraddha, m. the oh- 

sequial ceremony of a father. *. 

JlAjH i^^WJ putra-shreni, f. a plant 

" (^g/Mi iia cucu Uata). t. [sequial. s. 

mA **^ P«Xr«*, paternal, ancestral, ob- 
*^ jfWT puMha, f. a daughter; a doll. 

putrika-putra, m. ^e son of a daughter, appointed to 
raise issue for the father, s. ^ [a letUaT r 

V> ^f^wm patrika, f. a leaf, a page, a writing, 
frj^Ji ftnrmiftpt^W-*ar7,m.ob8equialrite8. s. 
^^ JT^THH putra-hamya, f. wish, or 

affection for, progeny. «. 

ri'karm, m. ] obsequial 

jH/if^^^ pfM-paksha,] ro. the first or 

RjH fwrW piiar-pakh, J dark fortnight 
ofUw famar month ^nn. «. [from son to son. s. 

!^H;*J S^ 'ft ^1^11 putra-pauti^, descended 

A/yi fty^lrtv pitri-tarpan, m. the part of 
^•Jttad between the middle finger and the thumb 

rt^ir"_w^* naanes ; gtfb in honour of deceased rela^ 
«y>mstriboted at the thratkOuu or funeral ceremo- 
■■; Hi c act of throwing water out of the r%ht hand at 
■■•"» « ablution, by way of off'ering to the manes, s. 

Hfiji ftntfirf^ pHri-iithi, m. day of new 
■•• «a wBidi she rises invisible, t. 

^ WTH patra-gupta, m. a species of 

euphorbia. *. *^ 

/-A ^^^n? Vitrugrih, m. burial-ground. *, 

^,>rJ f^V^ piM-gan, m. a class of pro- 
genitors, the sons of the Ruhis or Prajflpatis. #. 

*^^(A ^^^nnn pitri^hatak, a son who 
is hostile to his father ; a parridde. «. 

^jiA ^**^*)?«Vn-/o*,m.the world or sphere 

of the manes : it is variously situated, but prindoallv 
in the Bhuvar region, or mid-heaven. *. "****"/ 

ji^iio^ (^^Kr«^< pitrUmandm m. the pater- 
nal mansion; a cemetery. #. 

\fj-U;ij ^WlPf «T patra-narika, f. the fibre 

or vein of a leaf. «. 

^^yi ^Tflf patrajig, m. red sanders (P/^ro- 

carpus fORttZamif). «. 

^^->;A> imftyr patringa^ m. name of a bird 

the flycatcher (^«rc^ ririrfw). A. ' 

jjA} ftnrf^ pitarau, m. (dual), the two pa* 

rents. <. 



■ p 





( 173 ) 




^Tji^ 'IWr^ZT paithar-chata, m. name of 

ft kind of greens; m skin-flint; name of a serpent; 
name of a fish ; adj. one attached to his own house, 
who remams there even in distresa. h. 

ji^»^;4H ^''l^ff patikar-chur, m. name of a 

plant {PleeinutkHi aromaiieut, Boxb.), «. 

3^^;^ ^^i«MI pathar-kald, m. a firelock, s. 
kjfj^ VT^l^ pathriy f. the flint of a musket ; 

a gizsard ; grit, gravel; stone in the bladder. «. 
5^l4l> ^^0#! patkrUd, stony (as soil). $. 

v^^jJ ^ifVlUT pathiky m. a passenger^ a tra- 
veller. 9, 

^^^^I) "^f^nr patkin, ro. a division of hell, s, 
\*^ '^W^ pathydj f. yellow myrobalan 

{Termhuilia ehebula). t. 

«A^ Vnpaihya, proper, (it, suitable, agree- 
ing with (chiefly with respect to diet), s, 
^^J ^*^ potUy f. a leaf; hempf of which an 

'intoxicating potion is made; the hem of cloth; (for 
fttti, q.v.), a husband, lord, or master, s, 

»i>'^ pataif straw or grass thrown over a 

* field to protect the fresh planted roots from tfaesmi. t. 

\^Vfinn paiiydf f. a. written opinion given 

by Pandits on a point of HindCk law ; a letter, a small 
note, i, [brother, s. 

\x:> ftfni pitiyd, a paternal uncle, father's 
]J^ ^Hinira paiiydra, m. belief, confidence, 


^IjC> mPiI^imi patiydnd, a. to confide in, to 

trust, to depend on, believe. «. [land, h, 

OaC) ^nflir paitty m. uncultivated* waste 
^^i^oC> pattt'hamty f. a decrease, occa- 

"dooed by lands being lei% uncultivated. h,p. 
t^j^^^^lf^ pottri, f. a kind of mat. «. 

Jj^ ^nft^ patil, thin, fine. h. 

JjO pai% m. a match for a lamp, a link- 

■tock, a candle-wick, paitl ton, f. the stand or support 
of a lamp, p, 

^4^ '^nft^T ptWUd, m. a pan, a pot. A. 
*lj^ paitla (v. patil)y a match, &c. p. 
^^VnSpatf m. a shutter, the valve of a fold- 

fa^-door ; a sound ; adj. upside down, overturned, h. 

*^VX patj m. the sonnd resulting from the 
fclBng or beating of any thing. ». 

^S^'^pat^m. cloth, coarse cloth or can- 

^tt, a ehedcered cloth on which chess &c. may be 
|iay«d. s. [gent, sharp, m, 

^2^ ^ patUf clever, dexterous, skilful, dili- 
i^a) ^ patt, m* wove silk ; a plant (Coi^ 

tktnu cUtorhu) from the fibres of which, called jute, a 
OMve isdcdoth and cordage are prepared ; a royal 
fiMrt or fudet written on copper, stone, &c. s. 

^S^^put,m. a menstruum, solvent, flux. $, 

Ia> "^^ patd, m. a foil, a wooden scimitar for 

cudgelling with ; a board on which HindOs sit, whilst 
eating their meals or performing religious ceremonies. 
pafe-bdzt a fencer, a cudgel-player ; met a coquette, 
a wanton, a strumpet ; pa/a kapndt a. to discharge from 
service, h. 

li> "^JT ^a?/a, m. a lock of hair; a dog-collar; 

name of harness; £ an ornament for the forehead. 
paffa iufdna, to flee, to run away. A. 

UJ VUp pottdf m. a deed, particularly a title- 
deed to land ; a grant or lease, specifying the quantity 
of land possessed by each tenant, and the amount of 
rent with which it is charged. pcUfa-dar, one who 
holds his lands by a written engagement, paffd dah- 
sdiot a lease for ten years, paffd jandjat^ leases granted 
to tenants individuaUy. pt4td td'allulii, a dependent 
lease, paffd fhikd, a deed assigning land for farming 
on certain conditions, f. 

\jJ puttd, m. an ant-hill, a snake's hole. 

(Snakes are usually to be found in old ant-hills, where 
the ground is burrowed in every direction to % con- 
siderable eztent^B.) d. 

ci-^U^ M^IMd patdpaty m. the sound of beat- 
ing, or of the foiling of drops of rain. «. 

j^Uj x?TnrC patdpar, m. name of a fruit. &• 
U\j3\jb Tfp dSMI patf^ turdnd, n. to run 

away. K [cracker, a squib, h, 

L^UU patdkhdf m, (properly paidkd) a 

l^ljb fMSIil pitdrd, m. a large basket, a port- 
manteau, square boxes much used by persons tra- 
velling. A couple of them are slung by ropes to 
either end of a bamboo, called a bahangi, and thus 
carried by a man who runs alongside of the palan- 
quin.^B). d. [(v, aghorX), t. 

•jlL fvZT^pitdru, m. an order of mendicants 

isj^ 0|3K1 pitdrt, f. a small basket, a port- 
manteau, a hamper, a panuier. t. [in rice, &c. s, 

iSj^i f^ilZXKt pitdrty f. a weevil, an insect bred 
<-^^ VZXW patdky m. a crash, explosion, 

report of artillery ; a kind of bird, h, 
wU> ^tnmr pdtdhd, 1 m. a squib, cracker, 

\^\h'^Z{Wn patdkkd,) fireworks; f. a flag, 
a banner, h. 

^U> patdlariy m. a regiment, a battalion. 

(The Urdfi version of the English word is palfan), d 
VilS) M^MI patdndy a. to irrigate, to water ; 

to place the beams on the roof of a house; to pay 
money; to prepare a cHaukd with oow-dung dissolved 
in water. A. 

j^J^ V^ZV^ patdwy irrigating, flooding a field ; 
roofing a house with tiles, &e. A. [ing- t. 

ciLo vJL*> VZ^ patpatf f. the sound of beat- 
USJj fMgf^r^ ' ^^l pitpitiyd, adj. combing or 

carding (wool, cotton, &c.). h, 

^ '^IJifT patutd, f. 1 expertnessjadroitness; 
t^^,V[^patutjva,m.j eloquence, s* 
iJ^diJL^y^i^^^^patt'devi,f.^ principal 

jS> ( 174 ) 

uS> ^7n patra, m. a plank to sit on, a plank 

on which a washerman beats dothes; unripe grain 
(Cieer arielinum). paifd kar dena, a. to deprive one of 
his power or strength, to convict an adversary and 
leave him without reply, h, 

J,\^s2U>^ MeO«d pat-rdhi, f. a queen who is 

installed or consecrated along with the king. «. 

wi6pi> '^^gVg patt-rang, m. a plant used in 

dyeing {CasaTpinia tappan). «. 
jtfyX) ^Z'Ci patri, f. a tile. s> 
g?/) ri^ patri, If* a plank to write on; the 
c^**^ TJ3^ patfij vanes of a Venetian win- 

'^dow ; a firm seat on horseback ; a narrow slip or plank 
of wood, h. 


Ijjb T^ZJl patrd, m. a plank, &c., Beepatrd. 

jUrtVJLw) '^zm^ patsdly m. a college, a read- 
ing-room, a Bchool-honse. t, 
^J}\ M^HH pat'Satif m. a plant, h. 

<^11a> ^IJIinir patt'Shdk, m. a sort of pot- 
herb (GwcAontf c^pwlorw). f. [of the teeth, s. 

ciU> ft^ pittah m. the tartar or excretion 
\^ VZW\ patkd, m. a cloth worn round the 

waist, a girdle, xari pafka, the golden girdle, an en- 
sign conferred by the Pethwa on generals who are in- 
vested with authority immediately by him. pafkd 
bdndkna, to determine on, or prepare for any act. 
pajka-pakapiat a. to hinder, to obstruct. <• 

UV\i^ Mg^ l i l Hm pafkd jdnd, n. to fall from 

one's rank or estimation, h, 
W^ M^^KH l pa/Aarna,"! a. to dash against 
\j^^JWKl^ patkdndf J any thing, to 

throw on the ground with violence ; to knock, h, 

^J^^ T(ZW^patkan, f. a knock, a fall ; patkan 

khana, to fall down. h. 

Uiub imRT pataknd, a. to dash against any 

thing, to throw on the ground with violence, to knock ; 
n. to crackle (as wood in the fire), to sputter, to fret, h, 

\lld^jU^^ TizWf(\^[^ patkani'dend, a. to dash 

on the ground, to throw against any thing with vio- 
lence. \ [the ground, &c. (same as last), h. 

*^.*^^.^ M^^l^^ l pathi-dendy a. to dash on 

JSj ilf^ pattilt m. a plant (CtBsalpinia 

bondnecella). t. 

^^^^ mP^^S^H pattilodhraf m. a tree» the 

bark of which is used as an astringent ; the red species 
of the lodk {Sympheos racemota), «. 

^^ UTT patan^ m* roofing. A. 

{:fy "^Jff pattan, m. the name of a city. h. 

er^ ^Ipf pottan^ act of ordering goods from 

a manufacturer, h, 

US> HZ^\ ffitndy n. to he paid, to be pro- 
cured, to fill, to be watered, to be covered, to be roofed, 
&c. ; m. name of a city in Behar. A. 

Ua> ftrnn pHnd^ n. to be beaten. A. 

(jM^^^ fM^HI^I pitankdsh, m. a speeies of 

pike (Esox scolopaz\ ff. 

li^^^^ rM^^I^I pitankdki, f. colocynth. f. 

^^> ^^h1 patntj m. a ferryman. A. 

j^ MjhI pattant, commissioned goods, or 

" goods made to order. A. [pnrpet i. 

yj W pattiif m. a kind of woollen cloth, 

Syl^JVSWlpatUjd or patwd^ m. a man who 
strings pearls, a braider, a maker of fringe and tape. #. 

^jl> VZ^ patTvdf irrigation, patwd-zanm^ 
land artificially watered. h,p. 

tyE> "qpn potu,d, m. tow made from the 

Hibiscus cannabfnus, h 

j\^^VZ^lT.patfvdr, "Im. one who keeps 
i/j\yJ>^''Tr^ patrvdrtj accounts of lands, 

a land- steward: he keeps the aoooants of the rents 
realized in his village or department, and aoconnts for 
them to bis superior. The pafwdrt is also eraplojed 
on the part of the husbandman, to keep an account of 
his receipts and disbursements, and no village U with- 
out one of these, h. [to water. A. 

Olyj ^^tCTTsn patwdnd, a. to provide money ; 
Oyb '^ pafM^ m. 1 vigour, virility, acti- 
\3jl> Vjm patutd:, f. J vity, skill. *. 
{2^yi VftfR patotan^ m. roofing with planks 

or boards, transom, h. 

^A HpH patuhd, m. a cloth worn round the i 

waist, a girdle, patiika bandhna, a. to determine on or 
prepare for any act pafOka pakapua, to hinder, to 
obstruct s. 

c3 A Tirf^sft pataunt, m. a ferryman. A. 

bJbjSj inftfipn patohiydf m. an owl. A. 
Jjy^patn'tgar»m.(Y.patu,d)ffihT2L\deTftcc. A. 
,^ inr path, "Ira. a young full-grown ani- 
^jb Ji^patthdfJ mal, a youth, a wrestler; 

a sinew, a tendon ; a plant virith long leaves, a. 

sjj ^ paffa, a lease, &c ipattd). lu 

l^ TOT putthd, m. the buttock, the hip (of 

an animal). A. 

ij^^Sj "Wnr pathdn, name of a race or dynasty 

that reigned in Delhi ; also an Afghan race settled in 
Rohilcund. h. 

Ul^Sj VZimpathdnd or pitkdnd,\vL. to send, 
\3*^ i|fhn pa^Aattno, J to des- 

patch. A. 
0^^lfi^rpa<At^ read, Studied; recited. A. 

jb«^ y^f^lC patta-ddr, a leaseholder. A. 
^o^J^ ^'T pot^o,n^ ni. reading, reciting. A. 
\JC;;^ "'iftryT pathingd, shelter, refuge, -d. 

U^Ij ^ifinn pdthiyd, f. a young full-grown 
animal, generally applied to kids, fowls, Sec. k 

( 175 ) 

^i '^^m pathakfa, part, sent, despatched, k. 
^Jy '^paitl, f. plaster; a bandage, a fillet ; 

*"« quarter of a place ; the side pieces of the frame of a 
bedstead ; a written order, charter, or patent, a lirt, 
■tatemeot, or invoice ; documents of any kind ; laths of 
split bamboo ; spokea of a wheel ; a row ; a kind of sweet- 
meat; divisiona of the hair which is combed towards 
the two sides, and divided by a line in the middle. 
paf&pakofke AJ2<erdbtta, expresses excessive weakness 
and laxineas. pt^fi topta, to be bedrid, pa^ te paffi 
mUama, expresses the most intimate proximity. «. 

^Jiputfu a basket for catching fish. d. 
UAj ^ftm pafiya, f. a slate or slab of stone. *. 
Cm> iftw patait, m. a cudgel-player, h. 
y^iSi P^ft^'-^^f a patentee ; a person who 

holds a tenure hjpaffi; one who has a share in a co- 
psrceaary village or estate, pafti-ddri, a coparcenary 
tenore. A,j». [grass eaten hy elephants. A. 

]jiJ> vizTX patera, m. papyrus ; a kind of long 

Jj^^^|>a/e/, m. cudgelling ; sovereignty; 

a title among the KunbJ tribe; a title of Marhattas, 
the headman of a village, peifel 4Sln&, a. to interrupt, 
to throw obstseles in the way of a business ; to beat A. 

SIaaJ ^a^pateld ot'tH^ pataild, m. a kind 
of large and flat-bottomed boat used for merchandise 
on the Ganges; a log or beam used to roll or harrow 
grooad. A, [to beat A. 

vi^ M^<3f«n pafilna, a. to exact, to subdue, 
l^dA) i|^^ pateli, f. a flat-bottomed boat, h, 
UaI> iF^in p'lttma, m. the planks on which 

doth is spread for printing, s. 

Viuj i|;s^in paltna or pataina, m. the name 
of a bird, the green fly-catcher {Meropt viridit). h. 

jbi^ pottiwar, according to shares or assess- 
ments (v.potti). A. p. [shipping. *. 

H^ Vmt^ pujapdy m. the apparatus of wor- 
^^ V:^(^t pujana, a. to fill, to accomplish ; 

toesosetowofship. A. 

1^^ V^fi^o, (t. pajdma) a brick-kiln. p. 

^^^ 341^*11 pujamanOf a. to cause to wor- 
*lp. «. • [kiln. p. 

h^ ;Mi;anMS, m. (corrupt. oipcLzdma)^, brick- 
J^ pajar, diatillation, dripping ; also a foun- 

t8fai,Jetd'eaa. d. 
V|d§ pajamd, to drop, ooze, distil, d, 

^'jfS 'nwn pujwdnd, to cause to worship 

tocaase to fih or complete, t. 
!&fv ^nftll pajaurd, low, mean, shabby, h, 
V4^ ^t^p^J^^y ^« ^^ ornament for the feeUp^ 
£(Wpic4ii, m. a sort of leprosy. «, 

^©{J M^ltl^HI pachd dcUnd, n. to digest, 
teiot «. 

yp ^n^puchdrd, m. a thin coat of clay 

■r Isyiag on a wait ; the sponge of a gun. puekara 
M— <^ to sponge a gun. puchard dena, to lay a thin 
oM of ciay on the walls of a house ; to whitewash a 

««n. A. 



U-^ ^^m pachas, fifty, pachdnvdn, tte 

fiftieth. «. 
{J^^ 5^rt^ pachdsi, eighty-five. s. 
^^ "^nfTtfT pachdnd, a. to digest ; to cause to 

rot ; to rot, to ferment #. [five. #. 

;/y vjg ^^ifiii padidnaivwe,pachdnfve,n\netj' 
j^ '^nj^ pachd,o, m. digestion. *. 

pach^pachftn. the noise made by 

walking in damp places ; adj. soft or pUwhv, as soU, or 
rotten vegetable matter and mud. A. 

_.., , ^ ^.^ ^, pichpichdf soft, flaccid, moist, 
flahby, watery. A. [to he wet ; to sweat A. 

^^^^ "^^HmAJ pachpachdnd,n. to be damp, 

U535 ^nmi pachpan, fifty-five. h. 

^^ H^ifini pachtdndy n. to regret, repent ; 

to grudge, to grieve. A. 

j^jg M^niH pachtd,Oy Im. penitence, re- 

'j'j^ ^^?rrn pachtdwdj pentance, concern, 

8^«^ A- [doth. A. 

y>^ ^Wlftf^ pachtoliyd, m. a kind of 

•^-^^S ftniT pichchat, m. inflammation of the 

eyes, ophthalmia. «. 

jJ5 ^niT pachchar, f. a wedge, pachehat^ 

suSma, a. to tease, to harass, f# distress. A. 
vilfltf ft?^ pkhuh m. a plant {Fangueria 

tpinosa). a [large nail. dL 

];jg pachrd, m. a kind of wedge, a spike or 

ij»»j^ puchras, m. a kind of bronze, a com- 
position of iron and other metals, d. 

'^ ft "3*' pichukhd, m. a squirt 7*. 

1;^ J^WRT j^wcAAara, m, (same as puchdra) 

a thin coat of day, sponge of a gun. puchkdra pJtemd, 
to whitewash a wall. A. [sTnnge. A, 

^y^ ftl^*tO pichkdri, .f. a squirt, a 
^»J§ ftnniTilT pichkdndy a. to squeeze, to 

press together, to shrivel, to wrinkle, to burst A. 

fM^*^! pichaknd, n. to be squeezed; 


^Vjtf ^^^cmpachkhd^ f.six days from shrdvana 

to rn^t, on which days several kinds of work are 
unlawfuL s, [or divisions (a house). A. 

U^\^ T^Wn pachhhandy having five parts 

cte f^"3<9 pichulf the tamarisk tree 5 a plant 

(^arrtag^onwacM/aa^o); the diver or water-crow. *, 

I5U5 H^KJ^^lpachlardy consisting of five rows 

or strings, as a necklace, &c. (v. pSAch lajrS). paeh- 
laft, f. a necklace consisting of five strings. A, 

li^ljj M^tjTinf pachlond, m. a medicine com- 
posed of five kinds of salt. «. 

pachampachdf f. a species of 

to be shrivelled. 


curcuma {Cttrcuma zanihoi^hizon), A 



( m ) 


^^^ tr^W^^ pachmahaJlaf consisting of 

five stories, roomi, or apartments (a house), h. 

^r^ fty^ pichu-mardy "1 m. the nimb tree 
iSl^ fiTfR^ pichfirfnandj {3felia azad- 

dirakhta). «. 

Ja^ 1P*^ pachmel, mixed, confused. *. 
^ xnrfjjacAan, what cooks ormatures,&c. s, 
\j^ Vl^m pachna, n. to be digested ; to rot ; 

to take pains, to labour, to be consumed. *. 

Joag fq^^ pichand or W^mpichind, m. the 
belly. *. 

^^jj firiftCTIT pickandika, f. the instep, s. 
Jli^ fr^fiff^ pichandil or ftf^T5(ff;5 V^' 

chindil, big bellied, corpulent. *. 

BJ^ TWtinCT pachotarn, m. a duty of five 

per cent, on merchandise (v. panchatara), *. 

^^ IT^W pachuha, m. a squirt, a syringe, h, 
^^P^^^rro^ pflc;iw:a,t,y. an intoxicating 
^^^J^^ pachwly J drink made from 

*^^ . [ofatonk. A. 

rice. A. •- 

J^ fWrt pc^or, garden-ground &c. in rear 
Sl^ ^nfhft pachaum, f. the stomach. ,^. 
^AiS Jf^pachh or 19 pfl^^, m. confirmation, 

piUection. defence; partiality ; a feather ; a fortnight, 
or division of the month. ». 

4^ ftrat pkhchh, m. the tail of a peacock, 

a tail in general, h. 

4^ ins puchchhy f. a tail. *. 

A^ xnnt|?McMar,m. asking,investigation. ^. 

'*\A^\^![%Vaghhar, f. a fall, throwing down ; 

"^ thT act of winnowing, vachhaf khana, to faU down; 

to suflfer pain. *.' 
\j%^ JT^TZmpachharna, a. to throw down, 

to abase, to conquer, to upset. A. 

^jf^ fVranft pichhan, f. the reaf; the 

hinder part of an animal ; the ropes by which a hone's 
hlSd legs are tied ; adr. in the rear, behind ptckhart 
SlS^5!to attack in rear. A. [of the sun. *. 

. ^ ^ pachhan, m. the west, the setting 
Ul^jJ ftraWl pichhdnna, a. to know, to be 

acquainted with, to recognise, h. 

Vi jb j^b4a5 'pichh pa,on hona, to r^reat, 

fall back, withdraw, d, 

ViU^ ^nmrm packhtana, n. to regret, to re- 
pent of, to feel vexed. «. 

UU435 ^fl[inmpadt///aw5a, m. regret, concern, 

grief, contrition, repentence. «. 

jI^^ra^/>«c/»Aa/far, seventy-five. A- 

\iiLi (Vrfsarfinn pickchhitiha, f. the «i5ti 
• (7 J(,er^ia iiiu). *• [overcome, h, 

OUJ^ i HftiHMI pachhar-jana, n. to be 

^%^ ^r^ysn pachhapid, n. to fall, to tum- 

ble. A. 

ik^dtf ftra^ pickhla^ hindermost, last ; mo- 

dero, recent (in opp. to andent). pichhle paAw hafni 
to withdraw from one's agreement, h. 

^^ ftlfsa^ pichchhiia, f. the silk cotton 
iteeiBomf'ax heptaphymm); tupotherb (Banlla r«^« 
and lucida) ; a timber tree {Dalbergia ««), an eaculenl 
root {Arum Indicum). a. 

Lf ^^v J4.^ fM^^^ll, pichhal-j)a,t, f. an ugly 

"or frightfol woman, one who is a satire upon the sex. 
an ogress, h. 

^^ J4< f^^cj^< g>l pichchhal'dalay f. the ju- 
jube {Zizyphusjujuba). s, CP»fr *" 

^J^ f^r55R pichhalan, m. sliding, slip- 
^J^ pichkalaii, next, second, again, d. 
UJ^^ fri^i^^ pichhalnd, n. to slip, to slide. $. 
A^ jl^Sj^ pachchham or ^?n5M pachchhtm, 

west, western. «. 
UiUi THRT pflc/i^na, m. the act of scarifying 

(tStooing) ; inoculating j a scarificator (name of inatru- 
ment)^ A. L*"8* 

j^ Tra^ pachhnt, f. scarifying (tattoo- 
\1^ 'TWT pachhwd, f. weatern wind. 5- 
U-I^^jg ftTCTTTI pichhwdra, m. 1 rear, rear- 
^fv'^^jg ftra^nrt pic/iAtiart, fj wards, hin- 
dermost ; the back yard of a bouse, k, 

L^^ fy^^eiH pichhrcdn, tailed, having a 

tj^jl ''*;^^ [m. back of a house, f. 

Oa^ ftraKpicAAuf, afterwards, behind; 

5,^^ fqjlo |)tcMaMra,l m. a cloth or sheet 
U^^ ftr?Nl ;>«<?*^««.^^ J ^®''" round the 

wa?8t. or thrown carelessly over the head, a tabledoth. *- 

i^^4j5 fuJD ^ ;>icAAattri,l f. a small cloth, 

kerchief. A. 

\jy,^j5 M^fj^fil pachhorndy a. to winnow with 

a basket used for this purpose. A. 
0[M55 P^chhort, f. a sheet, cloth, Ac. d. 
b^Ajg n^^ puchkwaiydy m. an inquirer, 

interrogator. *. 

^^ inaft pachchht, m. an ally, an assistant, 

"an advocate, patron; a bird. #. 

jlj^^ T(f^;impachhii/d7V,f. a westerly wind. «. 
C^o^^ ftrilT pichhefy m. the back of a house ; 

a yard or compound behind a house «. 

^ inrft pachchi, adherent, joined ; (met. 

in music) in unison, paehchi-k&n. f. mcwjic; patching 
or darning of damaged cloth. /wcAcA. hona, n. to be 
stuck together as with glue; to be m unison ; to be 
strongly attached by love. A. 

^j^.^ i|^^ pachts, twenty-five. «. 

( 177 ) 

pachm^ f. a game, so called, 

pUjed vitb cowries instead of dice. It is so named 
mm the Iiigheat tiirow, wliich ia twenty- five. <. 

^paU, interj. Oh ! bravo ! well done ! pikh, 

getawBjl begone! p. 

jVig pak^al f. (for pahhal), a large leather 
iMg for earr3rliig water, generally on bnllocka. s, 

\ji^ pukhtari. f. cakes (or bread) which 

are laid over dishes when bringing to table, and under 
which the meat is kept warm ; cakes embued with cla- 
liflcd batter, from being laid over certain greasy dishes, 
mdopnfazm,tic These cakes are very soft and savoury, 
whenee wtSma pmj^ariydiik kkana, to eat cakes of this 
description prepared by his mother, is applied to a 
person aocnstomed to luxury and incapable of labour 
or fiitigne. p. [ot the world, p. 

^J^ pukhiagtj dressing, ripeness, experience 
JiX pukhtan (r. paz\ to cook, to bake ; 

to eoQoocC in the mind, or imagine, to entertain 
an idea. p. 

ijjj pukhta^ dressed (as victuals); ripe; sly, 

kaoinng, expen«nced (in the world), wise ; built of 
est or polished stones (a house), puthfa kama, to 
Bskc strong. putbta-kari, sound workmanship. 
ftj^-mixij, oi mature disposition, experienced, p. 

[^^pakktkj trodden, expanded, withered. j9. 
03 ^ padt m. the foot ; footstep ; rank, cha- 

racter; (in gram.) a word ; place, station ; a foot or a 
line in s stanza ; (in law) a head, title, or topic of legal 
or jai&isl proceedings. «. 

\^>^^piilda, m. a species of small bird, h, 

dV.M^>^JJ Mqif^fVl^ padabhiskikta, anoint- 
ed or installed in rank or oflioe< «. 

OU) i^^ni' padat or padati, m, a footman, 

a fint-soldier, a pedestrian ; a pawn (in chess), r. 

dCU>i|^irri4^ paddtik, a peon, a footman or 

int-soLdier; a pawn (in chess), s. 

<4^^*H ^^iT^ padarth, m. a thing, substance, 

a good, a blessing; a rarity; a delicacy, or exquisite 
fiiod; the meaning of a word ; a category or predica- 
Sttot in lof^ic, of which seven are maintained, viz. 
mbtlsnce, quality, action, identity, variety, relation, 
sad DoneDtity. «. 

VjW ^^^^J^ jHiddrgh (for paddrghya), an 
dfcring of curds, honey, &c to a guest or Brahman. «. 

\j^^ ^Q^re padds, f. inclination to break 
viodbsckwards, flatulency, s. 

«>»Vx) '^^^^ paddsdy m. one who is inclined 

Is kesk wind ; adj. flatulent, t. 
\l<>*U> ^f^ra«T paddsan, m. a footstool. «• 

^Vl) ^^Ifll jmddndy a. to cause to break wind, 

(Ml.) to frighten, or to put to flight «. 
^m^S^jm^paddnh^ m. footmark, vestige, t, 

ijk^l^lft padbif f. title, titular name, snr- 
wm, patrooymic ; rank, character ; a path. «. 

^H^^ ^HV4 pad'bhanjan, m. explanation 

^'H ^^^^ padcJtyuij fallen from dig 

nity, disgraced, s. 

ji^l padar (in Hind, pidar), a father, pidar^ 

tnixSjJ, a representative father, or one who has adopt- 
ed a son. p. [bottom, beneath, d. 

jS^ padar (same as tah, q. v.), fold, &c. ; 
*^1;'H podardnOy paternally, like a father, p, 

'^3j'H P<^drudj leave, dismissal, farewell ; 
padriid-k., to bid adieu, p. 

{jjS^padari, paternal, fatherly, p. 

i^'4^> f'f^ p*dTh ^' ^ tomtit, h. 

LiliW ^^* padakf m. an ornament of the 

neck ; (in Dakh.) a flat plate of gold or other metal ; 
badge. «. 

j^*H "^I^TPI pad'kram, ra. step, pace. *. 
aJ^^ 1?^ padam or ^IHT padma^ m. the lotiift 

(Nelumbium tpedosuntt ^ittd. or Prunua eerasus) : it is 
often confounded with the water-lily (Nymphaa) ; ten 
billions, according to the Shastr, or one thonsand bil- 
lions, according to the Dastur-uWamal or the royal or- 
dinances of Akbcur. s. 

V*J^ ^nn padmdf f. the goddess of riches, 

Laksimi; a BmaW tree {Hibiscus mutabilis), «. 

cIL^UjJ "mn? padmdt, m. a sort of cassia 

{Cassia tora). «. 

(^;M*1«J^ "vninnT padmdsan, m. a posture in 

religious meditation, sitting with the thifhs crossed, 
one hand resting on the left thigh, the other held up 
with the thumb upon the heart, the eyes directed to 
the tip of the nose ; a scat made in the shape of a lotus, s, 

j^l^Jk^ Mfll4|i. padmdhar^ m. a largo deep 
pond, in which the lotus does or may grow. «. 

.Ci.>jU«\> 'mn^ir padmdmat, name of a cele- 
brated princess, whose adventures are related in a ro- 
mance entitled Padwdwati. s, 

jjjUtyj MUmfl^ padmdmaltf f. the wife of the 

" sage Jaratkdru ; the main stream of the Ganges be- 
tween the Kasimbftzar river and the sea. s, 

J^Miy^VWl^ padma-patra, m.a sort ofcostus 

{Costus speciosus). s. ^{fVebera corymbosa), t, 

CA^^tX) ^nnrB? padma-pnshpf m. a shrub 
(i|V(»*H MH^irc^U) padma'Chdriniy f. a 

small tree {Hibiscus mutabilis). s. 

^^Jmj^^S^ xrH^^hr padma-darskan, m. the 

resin of the Piwts longi/oUa, s. 

.ii/V^j.^ Tf^flX^ padrna-rdgy m. a ruby, s, 
diXcSl'^fnSpadmnk, ni, a kind of leprosy. *. 

«^jkM»0^i^ Mfl4l9 padnia-hdxhthy m. a fra- 
grant wood, used as a cooling and tonic medicine. «. 
>iX> V^it pndrnahiy m. the Bhojpatra or 

"birch tree. The bark is used for writing upon, wrap- 
ping shawls, &cc. «• 

^_^^^iV> ^ni9?if^ padma-mukhif f, a sort of 





( 179 ) 

*iRV5;J W^nrw prafapatya, m. a form of 

«Mm«e, the gift of a girl respectfollj by her father 
to her' lover; a name of Allahabad or Prayilg; a sort 
of pepance, eating once a day for three days in the 
morning, once in the night for three days, subsisting 
three days on food given as alms, and fasting three 
dan more; a particular sacrifice performed before ap- 
pcdnting a daughter to raise issue in de£uilt of male 
heirs ; the astensm Rohini. 


'*^|;J ^<Snn parajit,conqaeredf defeated. *. 

{^y, ^ro^R pardjai or pardjai/a, m. over- 
throw, defeat, discomfiture, s, 

ejW?"Vi ^TOinwnff pardjaimany adj. over- 

OMning, conquering, surpassing. «. 

jX^ji W^R prdckaTy contrary to rectitude, 

deviating from the ordinary institutions and obser- 
vances, s. [pupU. #. 

rJ^\A W^!*8 prdckdrjy m. a scholar, a 

«-^};J ^<l fti * pardchit, m. a fine or penance 

imposed on religious occasions as the price of abso- 
latioa, atonement, expiation. «. 

{jf^]ji W^ prdchl, east, eastern; f. the 

"•■it «. [fence, a wall, a rampart *. 

ji/^-ji HWftr prdckxTy m. a bound hedge, a 

UCJ?-!;* Mil^H pardchxn or HT^Atf prdchtn, 

<dd, of former times, ancient ; t a broad hedge, a 
fence, a wall. «. 

^ii^lyj HI^IhI prdchindy f. a plant (Cissani' 

peUs kexandrd). 9, 

lilLsUuL^l^ mW)«IIH4^ prdchindmalah, m. 

a fiuit {Flaeourtia cataphraeta). 9. 

Lr^Ui?"];i lfl^«1M«t« prdchtn-panas, m. 

a tree {.£gle marmelw), 9. 

^^^Hr^)ji UI^IHiII prdchinatd, f. antiquity, s, 
'^[A ^^^ prdcht/a, eastern ; m. the eastern 

coontry, south and east of the Saraswatl. 9, 

^^j^^jr HI^^H prddur'bhdo, m. appearance, 
naaitestaticm. 9. [ambulation. «• 

4J^i>^ IIKjruitll prddakghinya, m, circum- 

U*^1H ^^^^ parddan, m. a horse of the Per- 

oaahreed. 9. [superiority, f. 

M)\^ J^ Wrarf prddhdnyaf m. supremacy, 

ji^^\j> VJXf^mTt parddhikdr, m. another 

perMn's oflRce orpoat. parSdhikar-chareha^ f. officious- 
Bcn, interference with another^s concerns. 9. 

VtfS^^J;* ^ilwlH parddhinj in t"be power of 
iaoCher, dependent «. [dependence. «. 

^-i*^«>U> m.lHl Hill parddhinatd, f. subjection, 
U^^|;J W^ prddesh, m. place, country. «. 

^ JJ^iri Wfij^W prdd'Vivdk, m. a judge, 
aaagistrate. 9. [mordica eharantia). 9. 

Jy,^^ pr/m/-tt, m. a kind of gourd (M(h 
^^}jt, WXjH^ prdrahdK f- fortune, lot, fate, 
f W toU nation, chance ; adj. begun. 9. 

^];?. ^"TO^ pardrth, having another object or 

sense ; designed by another ; m. for the sake of another. 
pararthvddi, officious, meddling. 9. 

*^^'j1H ^^^ prdrfhit, asked begged, soli- 
cited, s. [soUciter. s. 
^-^-^jbv ^'^^ prdrthak, asking, a.n asker, a 
^^yji W^ffT prdrthnd, f. asking, petition, 

prayer. *. 

*AMi;];i w5«il<* prdrihntya, to be asked or 

begged ; m. the third or Dwapar age of the world. 9 

'^•^U ^'^^ pardrdhfOOf m. a lack of lacks 

of crores, or a number equal to half the term of Brah- 
ma's life. *. [mencement 9, 

^j)ji Wt^ prdrambh, m. beginning, com- 
{J^}ji '^^m pardSf m. the name of a tree 

(Buteajrondosa) ; oakum, made of the bark of that 
tree. 9. 

Ly*]ji Tfm pros, m. a bearded dart. s. 

U**]ji M<wiw prdm, dead, expired, s. 

^^)ji UTTfT^ prdsdd, m. a temple, a palace, s, 

CU*^\jl ^OW pardst, defeated, s, 

^IH "iro^ifT pardsuid, f. death, extinction; 
drowsiness. *. [piation. *. 

Caj^**!^ m.\ri^^ prdschit, m. atonement, ex- 
^di^Jl ItWW prdsakf m. a die, dice. s. 
<— l^i^};JIII^rjf*pra«an^iA,innate»inherent..j. 
j^]ji ^TOPnC pardshar, the father of the poet 

Vyasa. *. [dent 9, 

^j^^ji ^rof^nf pardshrit, subject, depen^ 

i^j^\jl MOTO pardshartf m. a beggar, a wan- 
dering mendicant. 9. 

i^j^^ji ^ro^SR pardshrai, dependent, relying 

upon another ; m. dependence. 9. 

\^^\jyVJX^(mpai'dshrayd,f,a parasite plant.*, 
^]A ^i.\^ pa7'dkf m. a religious obligation 

of an expiatory kind, fasting for twelve days and nights, 
and keeping the mind attentive and organs subdued ; 
a sacrificial sword. 9. 

^\;i Jfim prdk, before, prior, preceding; east, 

eastern ; at dawn, early. «. 

J wU> TtmXt prdkdr, ni. an inclosure, a fence, 

a rampart, particularly a surrounding wall elevated 
on a mound of earth. «. 

^jiil^j^\j>^ in^ni^iptft prdk'phalgunly f. the 

eleventh lunar asterism. #. 

^;I^1;> HHFTpraA^an, old,prior,former. prdh- 
tan-karmot m. any act formerly done ; fate, destiny. 9, 

O^jj iraw prdkrit, low, common,- vulgar ; 

natural ; belonging to the Praktiti, illusory, material 
m. a dialect derived from the San9krU, 9, 


( 180 ) 

popular dialect formed from the Sanskrit language. 
In the Sanskrit plays, the illiterate, and generally the 
females, speak Prakrit. The Prakrit and Palt are 
very clearly Sanskrit corrupted, smoothed down, and 
simplified. Some"have maintained that, on the con- 
trary, Sanskrit is merely a refinement on the former. 
This is about as rational as saying that Latin was de- 
rived from the present Italian or Spanish, t. 

U^/^-/U ^n ^^' ^ H^J^^ prahrit'pralai, m. the 

'* total dissolution of the world, t. 

j^o/y^ Wfinr: prahnt-jwar, m. com- 
mon or usual fever, s. 
^o/1^ Wf irftnr prakrit-mitra, m. a na- 
tural friend or ally, f. [valour, f. 
J\jl Jmrm parakram, m. ability, power, 
^gilj ^ronift parakrami, bold, powerful, 
"stout f. [or time. t. 
J\J(-i3b Hil^m ig prdk'kdly in. former age 

{jJ\j\VTX^ parag, m. the pollen or farina of 
a flower; fragrant powder used after bathing; the 
name of a mountain, t, 

\lf\^ HPI prdg, m. the ancient name of 

Ilahahad, vulg. Allahabad, f. 

3^^\)\ inWTO prag-hhd.Oy m. prior exis- 
tence ; superiority, excellence, t. 
,\^L> inn^PT prag-abhdfO, m. antecedent 

privation, non-existence of a thing which may yet be; 
the non-possession of property which may yet be po»- 
aessed. t. 
^^^\jl nm^r^M prag-jyotishy m. a 

country, Kdmrup, part of Assam, the scene of Brah- 
ma's penance, t. [precursor. .«. 

^^?ii/\;> in"nift prag-gdmij going before, a 

wAji^\y UPra^J pragalbhya, m. confidence, 
boldness, arrogance, s, 

^J^\y^paragandagi,f. dispersion, defeat, p. 
l^j>^ pardganday dispersed, scattered, p. 
^Vi ^'^ prdgydy f. knowledge, understand- 
ing ; a clever woman. *. [dom c. 
« jjlj inVi? pragyatna, ra. learning, wis- 

Ji^\j\. UnjWT^ prdgya-mdn, m. respfct for 
learned men. pragya-mdnh adj. respecting learned 
men. t. 

*J^V^ inni pragya, chief, principal, s. 

^)jl ^^ P'^^gy^y ^*®^> clever ; m. b pandit ; 
a learned or clever man. s. 

^-iU>. inisft prdgyt, f. the wife of a Brahman ; 

a clever woman, f. 
J^> JltX^ pared, f. straw, stubble. «. 
^j^lU> 1|i;gm pardlabdhj f. fate, predestina^ 

tion, venture, chance, t. 
a^^U\^TnHTirp'a//ian!!ya, ni. a troe {Justicia 

adhenatoda) ; madness, frenzy, intoxication. «. 

ciliUl^> R|iVlf4ir«| pramdnik, adj. possetsing 

authority ; a president, the chief of a trade ; aleanied 
man, one able to quote his authorities, s. 

&j3^^^ lIWnpi/>r5wa7iya,m.authority, proof.«. 
O^^ '^XJW^pardmarshf m. counsel, advice, 

consideration, reflection, diacrimination, judgment, s. 

VjJbi^^J^ m\H\H^\ pardmodhandt m. coaxing, 

wheedling, t. 

^|^> ^pmr pMr5» or |9urana, m. the Hindu 

mythological books, generally reckoned eighteen in 
number (v. preface to Wilson's translation of the 
Vishnu purana), t. 

(J[ji UTO prdn or pardn^ m. breath ; soul, 

life ; sweetheart, mistress ; poetical talent or inspira- 
tion ; a title of Brahma, the supreme spirit; an aspira- 
tion in the articulation of letters, t . 

(^\^^ VXX9 pardnntty adj. living at another's 

expense ; m. food supplied by another. «. 
li|^) JTTUr purdndy old, ancient. $. 

^\j\ MilHI pardnd, n, to run, to flee. «. /?. 

V>U> HtWT purdnd, a. to fill, to make full ; 

also (in Dakh.) to pierce, to bore, to string pearls. Au 

\j\y fq^Hi pirdndy n. to have pain, be pain- 
ful, s. [taUL «• 
^J^^hi W^im^lO prdndpahdri, deadly, 
^Uib4>0\j irranftnTfl prdnddhindtk, m. a 

husband, as lord over life. t. 
C*oO^> UTOTif prdndnt, ra. death, i. 

uiJuoU|^. mmir*a^ prdndntik, fatal, destruc- 
tive of life; m. murder, f. 
J^\i\j UllurilliV prdndydm, m. breathing in 

a peculiar way through the nostrils during the mental 
recitation of the names or attributes of some deity i 
the Vaidyas close the right nostril with the thumbb 
and inhi5e through .the left ; then they close both 
nostrils, and finally open the right .for exhalatkm. «. 

>ii\j^L^iniinfTOpr5«-fc5</A,m. extreme peril, 

fear of life. *. [another's cost «, 

l5^.^c:>1H Mi.lW^'iftl^flranna-fcAq/Viving at 
C^^U> nrHRftr prdn-patiy m. soul's lord, 
a husband, s. 

^^^jiu]jl W'Unrfirei prdn-pfoiishthdy m. 

the ceremony of imparting life to an idol. s. 
\dy^\jT[(^tnil[^ pf'dti'praddy.f. a medicinal 

plant, commonly called riddhL «. [end, «. 

Oib irnir prdnt, m. edge, margin, border, 
iLf\^^\j^Jimmnprdn-fydg, m. abandoning 

life^ dying, suicide, t. 

UjLil.> nnprr pardhthd, m. a kind of cakr, 

paste. A. 

J^\ri WWf^ prdnjali, f. putting the hands 
together to the forehead, a mark of respect «i 

Uii(o\rt UTOVTOff pran-dhd^aUf m. sus- 
tenance, supporting life. s. 


y. < 

w]/, MMn«i pardtfsdf f. the practice of me- 

dictne, adminirteruig remedies, t . 

U->^»;> nrainn pran-sama, f. a wife, con- 
■dcred as equal to life. «. 

f^(Jl)i W^rtnW pranrsanyamy m. a pecu- 
liar religknia ezerdse, suspending breatb. «. 

«>];> Wnwr prdnak, m. an animal or sentient 

bdng; a plant {Celtis onetUalisy, «. 

^♦^];J W^m^prdn-mai, endowed with breath 

or life. prSM-mtti4u>th, m. one of the cases or i«oep- 
tades of the soul, the vital or organic case, t . 

'ii^^{:)]ji llWRm pratirnath, m. a hiwband. *. 
CauJ^ III4UHI prdnant, m. a sort of colly- 

ximn. «. 

(^];J limml pranarUij f. sneezing, hiccup. «. 
ji^;:)|;J WiraR prdn-vyai, m. loss of h'fe, 

"^death. «. 

tf;^C:^!;i TOn?nf> J3ran-Aari,1 deadly, mor- 
/tt)!H «Wt< prdn^har^ ) tal. * 

J|;i Wift prom, endowed with life," an ani- 

y^'ji TOinini prdn-ydtrd, f. support of 
Bfis, aabsistence. «. [animals. •. 

ijiivil/e OTfWto |>rani^ira, f. cnieltj to 

LTS^IH ''I^H prdneth, m. a husband, as so- 
vereign of life. «. 

H^»;J wdlTT prdneshd, f. a wife. #. 

^'^dil^J WfllUMI prdm-mdtd^ f, a mother. *. 

*^ J];> WWftfipr prdnuhit, favourable or 
good ibr liviiig beings, t, * 

'-^cij/J UnrtfltUT prdnhhinsd, f. doing 
hum to a liriog creature, s . ^ 

^1H "'^ prdvatj m. barlej. #. 

'^y, ^iW# pardvart, m. reversal of a 
■ntenee. iMirdtiar/.5yaoaA^, m. appeal (in law). #. 

^j]H ^O?* pardvritt, reversed (as a 

Ji4gment). [doat «. 

^j!;i W^ prdvrit, m. veil, a wrapper, a 

^jM "fftr prdvHtti^ f. an inclosure, a 

ftoee^ahedge. ». [about Julj and August #. 

cAjIh "T^ prdvrish, f. the rainjr season, 

t^^J^ln tt'^"*W^1 prdtfruhdyant, f.cowach 

^rtji|^j;i W^^ prdvrishenya, m. the Ka- 

iamktx^ (Naudeacadamhay s. [fulness. $• 

«Wj]|JWft^prai?Miya, m. cleverness, skil- 
•!;i TOf pardk, f. flight, a general emi- 

Ifftioo ; m. the next day. «. 

C^U ^'^ pardhna, m. the afternoon, the 

litter part of the daj. «. 

181 ) ^ji 

k|/, MM<fi pardyd, strange, foreign, belong- 
ing to another, s. 

**-^lri ^<^^W pardyatt, dependant, subject, s, 

*5S\ri pard,icha (pi. of pdrcha^ Gilch.) 
scraps, bits, &c. p. 

<^^-*^*^-5// W'rf^ prdyaskchitt, m. expia- 
tion, penance. prdyaafieJUtt-vidhi, f. rules for pe- 
nance, f. 

^}jlVTPf^ pardyan^ m. adherence to a pur- 
suit, attachment to, dependence on ; acy. adhering or 
attached to, depending upon. s. [death, s, 

{:^}ji Wnro prdyan, in. death, voluntary 

^}ji W^ P^'^ya, adj. like, resembling; (in 

comp.^ m. fasting to death, as a religious act ; quan- 
tity, abundance, t. 

L-^ VIT^ parb, m. gem, a flat diamond, k. 
^ji "^fW parab, m. a holiday, anniversary 

feast, a sacred day. t . [travelling, journey, s. 

O**^ IWrra prabdny m. residing abroad, 
{,S^xA TWTRft prabdslj one who resides 

** abroad, a foreigner, stranger, traveller, s. 

i^^jif 3<^l^1 pur-bdsl, the inhabitants of a 

dty or town. *. 

U^ji WT9 prdbil, m. coral. «. 

ti vi parbdnlj f. a species of tax assessed on 

" the cultivators of the loil. a. 

*^ yfWT^ prabcJi^ m. tide, stream. «. 

d*^ irtir parbat, m. a mountain. «. 

^J>j>^ ^rtlft parfta/t, m. a mountaineer, a high- 
lander. «. 

^5^ ^l^lft parbati, f. la production of 

4-*iri ^^fd^l parbatiyd, m. J 
kind of pumpkin, s. 

'**H;i 115^ prabuddha, wise, learned. *. 
|J^^ "irow par-brakm^ m. the supreme 

being. «. 
^j^5 Tf^ps par-basy dependent, precarious, 

depending on the will of another, t. 

ts^ji ^Wi^ift par-basxy f. dependence. *. 

(J{;J ''IW^S par-bal or 1IW9/7ra-da/, predomi- 
nant, superior, prevalent, violent, t, 

5b^l|CT5Tpar-Z>a/a or n^^ j9ra&a/a, predo^ 
minant, &c. (v. |wr-6a/). t . [periority. «. 

^jJw|) U 4| ^ A I prabalatdj f. predominance, su- 

<^*^^i WW prabandhy m. a kind of song; 

style, composition (of a discourse); continuous appli- 
cation, unintemiptedoess ; a connected discussion or 
narrative ; prabandh-kalpna^ £ a fiction, a work of imagi- 
nation, s. 

^^^ji 'f'ftil prabodh, m. vigilance, wakeful- 
ness; understanding, wisdom ; consciousness, awaking; 
demonstration consolation, persuasion, s. 

the hills ; a 



ragmi), f 


tempt, d 

Ing abai 

perior, ] 



-yt UMPh* prapanchit, erring, mistaken ; 

deceived, beguiled ; declared fully, treated at length, s. 

^jp^^inwt prapanchi or "JH^wt parpanchi, 

isntloas, irandideiit, artfuL «. 
^yiy^HKHini parpotd,m, a great-grandson. A. 

J^l^i ^T^fhrt/wrpo/i, f. a great-granddaugh- 
ter. h. 

j>j>^ m41 ^ prapautra^ m. a great-grandBon. 

/in^paaM . 1 a great-granddaugfater. «. 

C-o-^>^ ''rft^ftlir paripvjity served^ wor- 

•Mpped, adored. «. [adoring, t . 

U^HtJ ^f^i?**' paripujan, m, worshipping, 

^J^iji 'VL"^*! prapufika, f. a prickly nigbt- 

■hade (^alamiM/aeyiimJ). *. [ftiL #. 

cy>\/« ^^H^ P^^P^^'yjto or parpurauj brim- 

(;jl^>^ "fft^ paripmmaf full, complete, 

eonteoL fof^pfimata, £ completion, satiety. «. 
*iAij»33y^> VmNi^Hv prapaundankf m. a 

flnaU faerbaoeooa plant, ued in medidne, and aa aper> 
lome, commonly called punderyd, t, 

J^ij* '5'' P^o,phuUj blown, as a flower; 

•m^inff. glad ; thining. prapkuU-nayan, having fnll 
or tpaikllng eyea. prt^gmUl'Vadan, having a cheerful 
■miung coontenanoe. «. 

0^>^ VJSrini praphuUit, blossoming, in 

l)Ko»om; gay. lively, diecrfiil. s. 

4^t/* '^^^ parpaHkf m. a duplicate (of 

a bQl of exchange). K 
Jtlji ^ift^ paripd, m. a fragrant grass 

{Cyptnurotuadusy •. [a stratam. h. 

O^ ^Ril parat, m. a fold, ply, layer, crust, 

C^j>,Vlhf prati, Sansk. prep, (used in comp.) 

it generally denotei repetition, continuity, retaliation, 
or retribution.* #• 

CjJTOnpar<afm.a reel (for windingthread)./i. 
^^ ^ItifT porta, agreeable to, conformable 

vHh. jmrta, fully, completely, s. 

U>\3^ paridb, m. the range of a musket, 

amnr, fcc. p. 

uA>^ WW pra/op, ra. splendour; courage, 

^Dty, potency, prosperity, felicity, t. 

u>^3j3 qfiiira paritapy m. pain, anguish ; a 

fiviaonofhelL t. 

g»>\3^ mm pratapas, m. the gigantic as- 

dc{iM with white flowers. «. 

(2^G^ViirV«f pratopan^ m. a hell. #. 

u'j V^ AHIM^IH pra^5p-wan, "I glorious, 
%fi/^ Winft pratdptf J potent, /i, 

O^^WnfCfJWYi/artY, cheated, deceived. «. 
^P/r Wnr* pratdraky m. a cheat. *. 

183 ) OH 

^2)j^j> Wfnw pra-tdrany m. 1 fraud, cheating* 

U^13^ HHrorn pra-tdmdy f. J deceit. «. 

J\3^ irc?n9 partdl, also partdl-jarib, re- 
measurement of a field. «. />. 

^)^, Mfiin pratdn, m. a diseasct fainting, 
epilepsy. 5. 

. itTn n^ ^ ji?r(i tibirfth, vXsopratibimbhfXn. 

• »• 

an image or picture, the reflection of an image or figure; 
from a mirror, t. [prohibition, obstacle. «. 

9«yjjL>^ nfinnv pratibandk, m. iuterruption, 

tiUiiJukS^^ hOi ^I •M* pratibandhak, one who 
forbids, impedes, or interrupts ; m. an impediment, t. 

V4f>;> HftWT pratibhd, f. understanding, in- 
tellect; sharpness; light, splendour, s, 
^V^f3^ VflMT^ pratibhd,Oy m, corresponding 

character or disposition, t. [vided. «. 

j^^^jJ^ nffff^V pratibhinn, separated, di- 
^^j\ Vf9P\j)ratibhUf m. a surety. $. 
^_^4f5^ irffOnr pratibhai, formidable, fear- 

**ful; m. fear. s. 

^Ojl^jJ^ nf^I^^ff pratibhedan, m. piercing, 

penetrating; dividing. «. 

^^*i\J^ VfffMl^ff pratipddan, m. gift; ascer- 
taining, determining. «. 

J\^^ nfinn^ praUpdU m. patronising, tui- 
tion, fostering, rearing, breeding, cherishing. «. 

i^\S^j>^ Hfinn^^ protipdlakf m. cherisher, 
patron, t. [rishing, &c. (v. pratipal). s. 

^jP^^S;^ 1lOvMI9*T pratipahtiy m. act of che- 

UJU5y>^ nfd'mc^fil pratipdlnd, a. to foster, 
cherish, rear. «. 

0>*>^ VfW^ pratipat, f. the first day of 

a lunar fortnight ; rank, consequence, t. 

cl^o^ HfllMfVl pratipatti, f. fame, reputation ; 
knowledge, ascertainment, t. 

(3j3j nfiHT^ praiipady f. the first day of a 
lunar fortnight ; adv. step by step, continually. «. 

y^j^j>, irfinra^ pratiprasaOf m. precept for 
an act which, under other circumstances, b forbidden. 3, 

(jijJJ Iffir^^ pratipvTtishy adv. every 

man, man by man. «. 

^;^i;> Hfinni pratipantiy known, certain, s, 

{jSa^yjiS^^ Ufinnnir pratipujaky m. a reverer, 
one who does homage, s, 

icf^^A ''^^T?^ patiipujany m. exchange 

of civilities, mutual reverence; offering homage. 5. 

,y^j{TfiWBS^ pratiphaly m. return, requital, 
retaliation. *. [melody. «. 

JIjS^ Uffffllc^ pratiidl, m, a kind of air or 
\^jl lir< l OH| l pratijihvdt f. the uvula, or 

soft palate, t 



( 184 ) 


^jjd2jj Hrfl9i1«t«T pratijivarif m. resuscita- 
tioA. f. [repeatedly, meditating, s, 

(J^^jl Hfiff^lR pratichintan^ m. thinking 

i-^jl wans, partachhj obvious, present, ap- 
parent, public ; adv. before, in the presence. «. 

bV^d^ fVPfl^W praiichhayd, f. an image, 

a statue, a picture. «. 

i^^'^A Rrn^M pratidany m. the return of 

a deposit ; barter ; giving back, or in return for. «. 

\j^33j> irfiTf?^ pratidiska, adv. everywhere, 

all around, t. 

M^ji 'JrfTrf^ pratidiUf day after day, daily. «. 

^^SijlT(ff(tia[m pratidhwan, m. 1 echo,re8o- 

^^f^iji irftwftr pratidhroani, f. J nance. .•?. 

j3lp^ Hfiro^ pratirdtrOy m. every night, f. 

^j]/yi ''ift^TO paritrdjiy m, preserving, pro- 
tecting. *. [ing. *. 
^*y^yj>, Ttf^XV^ pratirakshan, m. preserv- 
L^jJ^j nPri^^ pratirupy m. a picture, an 

image. «. [impediment, s. 

jbty.j3j irfirdv pratirodh, m. opposition, 
L^^^yjJffir^VMpratirodhakf^m. a thief, 
l^'^^AA ^^^^^ pratirodht, J a robber, s. 

VitiJL-J J irfH^nr pratvtparddhd, f. emula- 
tion, rivalry. *. [emulous; refractory, t. 
(J^'iriHi^/ Ufif^li^ pratisparddhi, enviou?, 
•L3j ir^TETl. prntUaVy m. cicatrizing ; a form 

of incantation; a string worn round the hand at 
nuptials. «. 

lLAJJj irftra^ pratisarg, m. the portion of 

a Puran, which treats of the destruction and renova- 
tion of the world ; secondary creation by agents of one 
Supreme Being. «. 

a^Ulj^ HrHism^ pratUydyay ra. catarrh. «. 
iJLjJ^j>^^^fKJ[i paintuahty pleased, delighted. «. 
«AjH3j irflTV pratishth, famous, s. 
IaI^J J irflTVT pratishthd, f. consecration of 

a monument erected in honour of a deity, or of the 
image of a deity ; celebrity, renown ; endowment of 
a temple; portioning a daughter; a form of metre, 
consisting of a stanza of /our lines of four syllables 
each. 8. 

^IajLIjj irfiTfTif pratishthdrif m. site, situa- 
tion ; the capital of the early kings of the lunar dy- 
nasty, opposite to Allahabad ; the capital of Saiivahan 
in the Dakhin. s. 

Ov^li^ ITfirflni pratishthitf famoust cele- 
brated ; consecrated ; endowed ; situated, established, s. 

Jbs^f!^ Kfnfn pratvthiddIui,(orh\ddeny pro- 
hibited, f. [or doubt. *. 

KLIjj uOl^liHI pratishanhdy f. constant fear 
»A-15^ Hfin^ pratisfij/d, f. catarrh. *. 

JbSxt5j>^ Vfl(^ pratisliedhy prohibition, ex- 
ception, contradiction. *. 
jOJ^ Hfri^K praiiJidr, m. revenge, rela- 

liation ; remedpng, countelucting. s, 

\^^ji^ irPd^^T pratikarmd, m. retaliation, 

requital ; remedy, redress, t. 

bjX)^ Hfffrwill pratikriyay f. return, re- 
quital ; remedying, counteracting. «. 

{^X^j>, Vlhc^pH pratikshan, adv. momen- 
tarily, every moment, t. 

J^i5^3 Hfrf^^ pratihulf contrary, adverse, 
inverted ; contradictory, perverse. «. 

\:i^j>^ Urri^K^dl praiiknlatdy f. oppoBition, 
hostility, t. [verberating. «. 

\^j^Jt, Hrril^*! pratigarjafif echoing, re- 

iylSyJ HfifXr? prafifrah, m. proper dona- 
tion to Brahmans ; the acceptance of snch a pit «. 

0\^jl3^ irf^nnif pratighat, m. a return 
blow, rebound; warding off a blow ; preventing, j. 

^l^JtJ^ JlfinrTK^ pratighdtan, m. killing, 

slaughter, s. [tile, opposed to. a. 

ciW^iri NfflMlill praiighdllf repelling, hos- 

LjjCjy) nfirirT praiigya or pratignyd, f. an 

agreement, compact, stipulation, engagement, promise ; 
(m logic) the proposition, the assertion to be proved. 
preUigyd-patrak, m. a bond, a written contract. «. 

OUG;) jfiniK pf'atigydt, promised, agreed, 

admitted, asserted, t. 

J5y> M<d^ partaly m. f. the baggage of a 

horseman, carried all on one bullock or fa^ (a pony). 
portal ka fattu, a pack-horse, a bat-horse, h, 

{J^ji inr^S pratalf m. one of the seven divi- 
sions of the lower regions, s, 
SU^ MMcJ^I partald, m. a sword-belt. A. 

^^jjJ3^ Hffl^j^WY pratilambhf m. censure, re- 
viling, abuse. «. 

/*^ji II Til <^^ prnfilomf left, not right ; re- 
verse, inverted ; low, vUe, base. 8. 

3 J pirtam, the earth, the world, d. 
j^j^ MiflH partam, greatest, supreme* «• 

U3j HfirRT pratimd, f. likeness, image, sta- 
tue, picture, p. [moothly. a. 
(^jiX^J KfH^V^ pratimds, every month, 
^\^> irfinTR pratimdn, m. resemblance, 

image, picture, t. [of rot. a. 

Km>^ J lirri^f^4l pratimiishikd, f. a kind 

li5^ ^ri«!l pptndy f. an armyj a division 

consisting of 243 elephants, as many chariota, 729 
horses, and 1215 foot «. 

4>llij Xff^T^pratindd, m. echo, resonance, x. 


( 183 ) 


- J^J9 

i^jj^ VflffffVl pratinidhiy ni. a resem- 

bbuice. Image ; a snrstj ; a substitata «. 
(jli3^ lir«r«19 pratinish, by night, every 

night «. 

yj^ partau or partav, m. light, the sun- 
beams, rays of light, enlightenment p, [ply. f. 

p*^^ rfiRl^ pratirachy f. an answer, a re- 

^^*>^J^ UPilNI^I prativadi, m. a defendant, 
aretpoodent. t. [neighbouring, t. 

j_^'j5^ HfiWlft prativasi, a neighbour, 

VflFTflPI prativdkya, ni. a reply* an 
. <• [echo. « 

i:ff'yji HfiWWfT /waiiwocAan, m. a reply, an 
(jij?;J ^'jfinft^ paritosh, m. pleasure, de- 

B«hL «. KBetuia). $. 

t«j?;> HfifflRI prativUhd, f. a plant 
u>«j?^ Hfifft^/^raiminJ, m. a resemblance, 

image, shadow. «. 

ii^ji Hi^ pratunif f. pain shooting from 

" tiie rectum along the bowds. s. 

i3^ ^ftilt paritay aroand, all round, s, 
'^JtTH P^^^f^' the fifth monarch of the 

■olar dynasty in the second age ; the name of an an- 
oent ri^i. son of Fena, rijft of Bettur. He was mar- 
ried to a form of the goddess Laks^mij taught men to 
cnltiTste the earth, &c. &c ; f a pungent seed (Nigella 
bdictt); a medidnal substance commonly called 
Sagi^ru s, [morial custouL t, 

^Jl^l^ prathdy f. fame, celebrity ; imme- 
(jF»^j^ "Rfirfni praiikds, m. a shrub. (Ne- 

rmmodonm). i. [declared, t 

C/^l^ IVfqV pratkit, famous, celebrated j 
C*i^jlT(Mkprathiti,f.ce\ehT\tjy notoriety. «. 
«IiA|3^ Vfil^ pratihatj disappointed, op- 

poied, obstructed ; oTerthrown. 9, 
%I^j>^VtfK^^pratihati, f. disappointment «. 

(^1^>^ V^V prathukf m. the young of any 


^J^jlK^M praihak or ^ipf priihakf sepa- 

nte, apart. prithak-j)anu, f. a plant (Hemionifes car- 
'(lUisL pritkak'tufo, m. individuality, separateness. 
fr U kak- tw ocha, t a plant, commonly called Murva 
j^mmriera zqflanieaS prithak-krit, separated, sun- 
wnd. pritkak-karan, m. separating, distinguishiug. s, 

Ulii^^ tJHilllNI pritha^tmdt individual- 

lBds|iuit,or that of an individual as detached from 
Hm vniTersal s(»rit. prithag-gun^ having distinct pro- 
' **" prithagvitOi, various, diversified, t. 

f^j>^ VW prathamy first, in the first place. 
'— *• **^-t, the first or lowest degree of punish- 

^j^jl IWft* ftRS^ft, '^['^prathmtfpirthami, 

**«ffjttasii, f. the world, earth, ground. «. 

^^^ ViMpn pratihiiud, f. retaliation, re- 

J'^^Jt V^^ prWiudar, large-bellied, coppu* 

lent ; m a ram. *. 

^y^ji T^ PPif^^^i or ^fWt prithivi, f. the 

earth. prithhUtai. m. the surface of the ground. 
pruhwl f. a- pungent seed {Nigella Indica); a medi- 
cmal substance and condiment, Hingupatri, », 

J^^y^ji ^ii^ prithm-^kar, m. a species 

of the atyasti metre. *. 

J^vS^^^v ^ftra'^^n^ P.rt«Am^^^ ]m. a 
**^S?.^AiH ^jfWWif prithivi-pati, 
^^^yifbi Y^^^^'fl^ pfithivVndth 

reign ; lit. cherishcr or lord of the earth. #. 

L^J> 1^ PTM^^^ or pirfhiy the earth, s. 

J^(,r4l;i 'J^Higj/^WiAl-^aZ, ^king, sove- 

'^^<-f4iri ?^r«r pritfa-nathj reign ; lit. 

cherisher or lord of the earth, t. [ground, h. 

J^ "TOrt par/i, f. waste or uncultivated 

^-^2-*i>U3^ IVTnfi^ pratydduhty removed, 
set aside ; informed, warned ; declared. «. 

LT?.*^^^ U W l^^f pratyddesh, m. information, 

apprising, warning, declaration, s, 

^^ji Wn^rr pratydshd, f. hope, expecta- 
tion, desire, pratyashi, hoping, s. 

ii/^J MfkiqiM paritydgy m. abandonment, 

quitting, parityagi, a4}« abandoning, s. 

J^^iirJ Hw^^ivprfliyoAar, m. (in gram.) com- 
bination of two or more letters of the alphabet to form 
a class of letters. «. 

J^^A "M ig M 41 < prafyupakdvy m. a return ot 

kindness or assistance, praiyupakan, ac^. returning 
a kindness, m. 

CoS^ Wfhr prattt or ^TOftir parttt, famous, 

renowned ; f. faith, confidence, partit-k.^ to examine, 
to believe, to trust s. 

C^a3^ inrtfil prat'itif f. knowledge, under- 
standing; fame, notoriety, s. 

\zri^ji in^WW pratyutpannat reproduced, 

regenerated ; multiplied ; m. the product of a multi- 
plication, t. 

J^pjiTt^fftpratyuitar, m. a retort, or return 

of answer for answer, s. 

U^A^>ri lJW?«rnT pra/y««/4an, m. rising from 

a seat as a mark of respect «. 


fj^jl Hnl-^l pratichiy f. the west quarter. 

"praiichin or pratlchya, western. «. 

(ir^*N^ Ijgp'Pf pratyudffanwn, m. rising 
from a seat, going forth to meet any one. «. 

jOj> Hrfiipra/ir, m. a shore or bank. 9. 
^^;'^i^jlTf7(^H^^praiya8hman,m, red chalk.». 

tiLo^ lldfl^ pratih contrary, adverse, re- 
versed ; m. a limb, a part. & 


( iw ) 

cd^J^ HTP^ praiyak, satMeqnent, uniform. 

pratyak-pami or pratjfok-fmthpi, f. a plant {Achyranthes 
aspera), prcUyak-Arem, i. a plant, commonly called 
DtoUt ; a plant {Sakf'mia cucuUata). 9, 

jOoS^ Vi^PtWn^prattkar, m. revenge, retalia- 
tion ; obviating, remedying, s. 

Caxj3^ ^<TftiinRjpa7*tVyaA^, void, deprived of; 

abandoned. $. [^P^J* '• 

C**Vjo^ HiUOHi p7'atyukti, f. a rejoinder, a 
(jJM^ IfRTHTpra/yaAj^, perceptible, evident, 

apparent pratyakth-darshan, m. an eye>witnesa. 
pratyaksh-pramdn, ocular or visible proof! «• 

V-iij^ Uri^Hfl pratiksha, f. regard to, consi- 
deration, expectation, prattkshak, ac^. expecting; 
looking at. pratikshan, m. looking to, considering; 
expecting, pratlkshit expecting. «. 

^J^^Jt. TniPSfi pratyakshu adj. seeing, per- 
" ceiving. pratyaksht-krit, manifested, made visible. ». 

^A WW^ pratyalia of HiIY^ pratyaham, 

every day, from day to day. t. 

(J1aju3.3 mipif pratyanty bordering, conti- 
guous, m. the country of MUchfias or savages, t, 

4*Xj3j TRflJf pratyang, m. an organ of per- 
ception ; adv. on the body, or the limbs severally, s, 

jSjjjJo UnHmc pratyanantar^ adv. next in 

succession, t. 

Ui^^^j3j> mrt^nr pr^rtvop, m. calcining or 

fluxing metals ; throwing one substance into another, 
adding any thing to a medicine during or after decoc- 
tion ; a public calamity, a plague, t. 

ijUjjj m^TPT pratyavaya^ m. disappear- 
ance, non-production, t, 

it^^jrscmpratyuih^m.iike morning,dawn.<. 
\Lf^J irfinftn pratiyog^ m. opposition, 

contradiction ; co-operation, association. prati-yogUa^ 
t mutual co-operation ; opposition, pratiyugi, m. an 
opponent ; a partner, an associate, s. [one. t. 

c£lju3.3 l^nV pratyeky each, every, one by 
t^jl WTO pratyay or pratyaya^ m. belief, 

"fiaith, trust, confidence, pratyayit, trusted, confidential 
pratyayt, trusting, believing. «• 

j^UjuJ^ lYdl^^M pratiyamany adj. being 

believed or trusted, s. 

^ J ^^ P^K^f ^' ^^^^ ^^ ^ musical mode or 

rdginJi a handle of a shield, parj-ddr, baskei-hiited 
(sdmitar). t, 

Uo ^^ih parja or UlfT praja, f. a subject, a 

tenant a renter ; people ; progeny, ftrajd-dharm, m. 
the duty of children or subjects, prajd-^iit, good for 
children or subjects ; kind to them. «. 

djt>\^j>^ vmmfx prajd'pat or praja-pati, m. 

a name of Brahma; the epithet common to ten divine 
personages, who were first created by Brahma: a 
prince, lord of subjects; father; son-in-law, daughter's 
husband; potter, t. [room, t, 

r>Uo parjd,ef f. custom, manner ; place^ 



C1a»-^ ^iPvifi parjit, conquered, subdued, l 

" * ^,L_ ^ • . r™« traveilmg, s. 

^^'?^ >^ f<«i n parija n, m. attendants, followers, 

suite, f. 

^-^^^^?Lrv ^^'^If paijankf m. a bedstead. «. 
^•j»l^> U^hI parjant, f. a sort of Ctfrcvma 

** (Curcuma zemthorhizon), «. 

CL>^»0 '^m^parjawatf m. quit-rent, tax. 1. 
dJ^ •> U 14 r<i$ ^prajmality blazing, radiant <. 
&>U>-y) i|dini parjyayaf m. order, arranger 

ment, series ; manner, kind; opportimity ; a series of 
of synonyms for one term. a. 

(^^^AvAmpaijyatany m. wandering about 

roaming. 5. \A'^* ' 

<J1aJlo».> vA^ parjyant, m. limit, term, boun- 

{Jjj^j TpS^ paTJyanh, m. a bedstead, j. 

^^Lmh^jon^ qiS<l 411 H parjyavasdn, m. end, con- 
clusion. «. r>>*tenceL i. 

^^j^> HiA^n ^a;if an, m. livelihood, sub- 
«jj ftrfi?* pirick, a saucer. A. 

IjO "q^/wrcAa, f. (v. jKxrtcA^) trials exami- 
nation ; m. demonstration* prool «. 

^j>, m^n^parchdror Ut^Kprarhdr, m. pub- 
lication, disclosure; appearance; custom, usage; con- 
duct ; currency, s. [an attendant i. 

<^ .l>o Mfi'^K^ parickdfak, m. a servant, 
^^j^, ^HH«fT parchdndy a. to introduce to a 

person, to engage in conversation. 4, 

d-'^jl parchat, mark, trace, effect, d. 
Ca>o Jffn prachit,m* a species of metre. 4. 
(J1a>^ ^ifcf^ pa^cAt'^ known, acquamtea 

with. «. 

f>-;> H^R/^rac/iur, much, many, s, 

C<>»>;y> irvfcif j^TOcA/u'tt, pursued, practised 
(as an art), c. 

^Jt^v ijftviT paricharjyd, f. service, de- 

pendence ; veneration, worship. «. 

diij>j>^vAw purchah, f.deceit,trick,coaxing.A. 
ini^n( prachalatf prevailing, circu- 

lating, customary. prachalU, current recognised (ai 
a law). prachtUatit m. being customaxy or current s. 

j^A parcham, a flag, streamer, vane, tasse), 

pennant, ensign, p. 

Ul>^) iV^^pn parackndf n. to be tried, intro- 
duced, to be made acquainted, &c «. 

(3i>^ innpT pracAan£{,excessi vely hot or burn- 
ing; intolerable; wrathful, passionate, raging, 
predominant prachand-mSrti, m. a tree (Tt 
UBva), i. 

; mighty, 
apia cror' 


( 187 ) 


j0^ Wf parchau^ m. examinatioiiy &c. (▼• 
^*^.^^^ 1I^H?{W prorchodity prescribed, di- 

icdsd; tent, pra^hodan, m. ttyiiw, enjoining, pre> 
■cribing; a role, a law; aending, directing. 

ii^y^'A *i^fi?Hl pra-chodintf f. a prickly 

night-Bhade (SolauMmjacqutni), i» 

^^A ^^^?^ parchmty f. the act of selling 

* ter, meal, he A. 

^3r^/ ^l^ftWl parckuniya, m. a meal-mer- 

diant, a teller of Hoar. A. [cloth, web. j». 

*?l;l porcha^ m. fragment, scrapy bit, rag, 

\^A ^^ parchka, m. self-grown paddy ; a 

tpndle for winding thread on ; a^J. cleared up (a> the 
ikjr after rain), k, 

^^j> Y^P^^^^^^ ^* asking, question, s. 
^Jl ^ffraCf parickchha, f. examination, s, 
U^'^frH ^^ parchhan, 1 f. image 

wV^'^yi^l ^^^^ parchhanrvdn, > (from 
t;i^^>^ 'TSt^* parchha,m^ J jAa^fe or 

n^fion), shadow, shade. parchhaM apni te hhagna, 
to be frightened at one's own shadow, t . 

^^-""^^^^^US^i^portchchhit, examined ; pro- 
per name, grandson of ArjiauL r. 

J^jt ^riNft parchhatii or vifl\ parckhatiy 

* 1 a nosll thatch thrown over mud walls, t . 
^J^^Aporchhatty same as tbe last. c^. 

iX^^O ira^ parchchhad, m. a wrapper, a 

ener. ;. [defect in another, s, 

j^i^-y, M^flftJ parchhidra, m. a fault or 
^^IAJ^^^BW prichchhak, m. an inquirer, 

an inTotigator. «, 

t'4?lri ^'^SW/^a^AcAAanw, covered, clothed ; 


^>K«iaed« private, secret, concealed ; partial, not uni- 
vend; m. a private door, a lattice, a loop-hole. 


iOtl^A ^^ro prichchhany m. asking, in- 
quiring, t. 

^fiA ^^'VM parachhna, a. to move a lamp 
« candle over the heads of a bride and bridegroom, to 
dnre away evil spbits, propitiate good ones, &c ; to 
kindle (a fire). A. [dressing, inviting. *. 

H?^ innr prachchkana, f. asking, ad- 

'^ti>A'^f^^ pari'Chked, m. segment, divi- 
^ ■on ; section, chapter, t. 

yfjj ^ft'W pari-chai, m. acquaintance, 

j^*jy>M y» pari-ehefo, adj. to be known as an ac- 
qvatance. «. [viated from. t. 

*^*-f^ H^ pra-chyutf fallen from, de- 
US^// '^ prachd, m. a yellow, fragrant 

.***• *• [ftJ. p. a. 

)i>;> |mr-Aflair, full of caution, very care- 

K ^A parMfl*hy m. war, battle, conflict ; 
*■■■"'**"" disturbance, tumnlt ; violence, injury, op- 
^ inqnisf tion. p. ^ *^ 

'*iri p«rrfa (for parda)^ m. a veil, a screen, 

&c. ; adv. to-morrow, the day after to-morrow, p. 
cll-^^ii^ pardakhtj f. patronising, p. 

{J^^^Ji P^rddkhtan (r, parddz), to finish, 
to accomplish ; (hence) to leave off, to have done, p, 

W*>^> V^Jf^ parddild, m. a great-grandfather 

by the father's side. A. 

(/«^^^ ^r<?l pardddi, a great-grandmother 

by the father's side. A. 
j^*^ ^<?K par-ddr, f. another^s wife, par- 

dar-gamam^ m. adultery. «. 

j^^j>^parddzy performing, finishing, &c.; (used 
in comp,) as kar-pardaz, effecting the business, p, 

U^*iri H^R praddn, m. gift, donation, s. 

^^l parddnd, a. to conceal, to keep behind 
a screen (inelegant), p, 

U—SJ^ pradakshtna, J ^ I round an 

object to which respect is intended, with the right 
hand always towards it (a religious or superstitious 
ceremony); circuit, circumambulation. This is pre- 
cisely the ceremony called decuail, practised formerly 
among the Highlanders, and alluded to by Scott in 
the *' Chonides of the Ganongate." i. 

jjj} U^ pradar, m. a disease of women 

(menorrhagia), *. [another, t. 

t5^4J*^ ^^9^^*^ por-drohi, tyrannizing over 

CiT^*^^, IWr^ pradarshan, m. shewing; ex- 
plaining; proph-tying. pradarahak, m. a teacher, an 
expounder, a prophet pradarshit, mentioned; ex- 
plained, prophesied, t. [perty. c 

HJj^ ^^'ICT pardravya^ m. another's pro- 

U^*i;J '^fiW pradUhyV[* intermediate point of 
^^j>, irtjW pradik, J the compass, or half 

quarter, s. 

\xtSiyj>^ pradakshind v. pradachhind. 
'^'^ji^^^^par'dukh,m.ihe pain of another.*, 
^J|^, pardagiy f. a modest, chaste woman, 

"one who confines herself to home, p, 

^*>^> parduman, (for V^ pradyumna) 
Kama (or Cupid), son of iTrifj^fui, was married to Rati. a. 

^•>;J ^^ parddan, m. wind downwards, 

letting wind. t. 

jl^Vv ^<9i^< P^^dwdr, m. a city gate. s. 
U^J^/ ^f(^ pradoshy ra. evening, the fimt 

part of the night ; fault, offence, defect ». 

U^J^ji ^"J^S^ par-dosh, m. another's fault, 
par-dosh-kirthan, m. scandal, slander. 

r> ^<f*rti)ar- dweshu hosti 



**^i po-rdoy ra. a curtain, a screen ; the sail of 
a ship ; a musical tone or melody, a key or mode (In 
music) ; modesty, parda parda dekhna, to pry or in- 
quire secretly into any matter. porrfaparrfa-A., to do 
a thmg secretly or privately, parda^ bint, the cartilage 
that separates the nostnls. parda-potht, the act of 


( 188 ) 


eoooeajtng a blemish. f>€trda ehhopiSt to let fall a cur- 
tain ; to lay aside concealment, parda-dar^ confiden- 
tU- parda-dar, a betrayer of secrets, parda-darit 
betraying of secrets, parda-rakhnd, to gfive obscure 
hints, or relate a matter in such terms as only to be 
understood by part of the hearers, parda-fdsh, be- 
traying secrets, parda-k,, to conceal) parda kisi kd 
phapM or kholna^ to reveal the faults of another, parda- 
niskin, remaining behind the curtain, modest, parde 
meiksurdth-^'* spoken of a woman who secretlpr indulges 
in licentious practices. parda,e haft-rang^ lit. the veil 
of seven colours, the world, worldly vicissitudes and 
vanities, p. [diac of the sim. «. 

^i>^ ^RfftfW paridhi, m. circumference ; the 

^ll^ J^ HVHT pardharty or pradhaUf m. na- 
ture, the natural state of any thing, or the cause of 
the material world; the Supreme God; chief, prin- 
cipal; the first companion of a king, his miuister, his 
eunuch, or confidant ; a courtier, a minister of state, 
a president, leader, chief, pradhdn-ta,^ f. excellence, 
supremacy. pradhdn-dlidtUt m. semen virile, pradhdn- 
numtrh m. prime-minister. pradhdnoUam, eminent, 
illustrious, t. [clothes, s. 

^2)^^Jl ^iftWf paridhdrif m. a lower garment, 

M^^j> ^toA par-dharm, m. another's duty 

or business, s. 
^(3J '^K^^ par-dhatiy m. another's wealth. 

par-dhan-dswadansukh, m. feeding luxuriouslj at 
another^s expense, s. 

iiM3y>(3;> Hi8t9 pradhrvanSf m. destruction, 
loss. pradhwaAsi, destroying, annihilating. «. 

^^s.SjS^ H^h? pradip, m. a lamp. «. 

^^pJJ[^l:^^prad^pan, m. a mineral poison 

of a red colour and caustic nature, j. 
U^J^A IJ^^I pardeg, m. a foreign country ; 

adj. of another country, abroad, t, 

^^'^J^ ^R5^ par-deny m. foreigner, a 

"stranger, t. 

LpiAA ^^ pradeshy m. a place in gene- 

ral, a district ; a foreign country, abroad. «. 

'^i^ pur-devta, f. the tutelary deity 
*i*V^ 11^ pradeh, m. unguent, unction. «. 
^ J i|^ par-rUy m. a potherb {Eclipta 

proitrata). f. 

h^j>^ pttrza, m. a scrap (generally applied to 

paper), piece, bit, rag. frippery, purxe hona, to be 
severely wounded in batde. p. [dividual, s, 

tjnJ TrK^puru$ or purttsk, m. a man, an in- 

rjaJ VJ^j^ras, m. act of touching, a touch, s. 

{j^^ pur*, (in comp.) asking, inquiring, p. 

O^y "q^w parusy m. the knot or joint of a 

cane or reed, f . 
\^j pursOf m. condolence, inquiring kindly 

into one's condition, p. 
V^ J vfn pursd, of a man's height, the ex- 
tent of a man's reach when extending the arms and 
fingers (a iathom). s. 

oi a town. 

^^,*^J>^'^^}^ prasady m. favour, kindness, bless- 
ing, propitiousness ; viand, victuals, food that has been 
offered to the deities *, leavings of a great man or spi- 
ritual guide, s. 

^^4>U»^ ITEmnr prasddkan, m. accomplisU- 

ing, effecting, prasddhak, one who accomplishes. 
prasadliitt accomplished, completed, s. 

f^dLnj>^ ^|f5c^TVtf/>aH5arfAa«,m.accomplbh- 

ing ; determining. *. [monly called riddkL t» 

jXfcjU**^) II4IIV«|1 prasddhaniy f. a drug com- 

^i>LaJ H^i^^ prasddi, offered to deities, s. 

J^jlT(mi.praxdry 1 m. spreading, ex- 

^^J\**»JlJmT(!!lpra8dranyJ panding. prtudrity 

stretched, expanded, pratdri, adj. spreading, expaad- 
ing #. 

J^/J |9ar-<aZ, last year (par-sal)* p. 

iJU*^ pur-saUiy aged, full of years, jp. 

^2)^jipursdn (v. |)Mr*), asking, inquiring; 
(used in comp.) as d^wal-pur$a9i, inquiring after oas^i 
condition, p, 

•Jb-o jpa^np^n^axpary mutually, reciprocally. 

paraspardnumaiit f. mutual ooncnrrenoe or assent. 
parasparoptdcdrh an ally, an associate. J. 

A*#0 irW prasphuty blown, expanded. ». 

i»pporafty (in comp.) adorer, worshipper; 

as, kliudd-parast, a worshipper of God; &ii*-fwro»«. an 
idoUter, worahipper of idols; ataah-paraat, a worship- 
per of fire, a guebre of the sect of Abraham, Zoroastei; 
or the Ma« : ^ud-parast, a worshipper or admirer of 
himself, selfish or self-conceited, p. 

u^\ju*»^ WSnprastdhy m. mention, occasion, 

opportunity, s. 

tdbll^ Tm^f^prastdbik,') BUggested by 
tiJ^lS^ Tmr^M prastdviky) previous men- 
tion, well-timed, a-propos. opportune, seasODable. «. 
Xi^j>, parastdry m. an adorer ; a slave, p. 

^^l^jijrmSX^prastdyOy m. opportunity, 'season; 

eulogiura. *. [ment, introduction, a 

\i.\L*»J HWW ^Tt prastdyOnd, f. comraence- 
tj:.JL-^ TOif prastuty celebrated, praised; 

said, declared ; accomplished, done. s. 

y^J. 1TOR. prasiary m. a stone ; a jewel. ». 
jUu^ parastish, f. devotion, act of wor- 
shipping, p, 
9j\>'ifiS^j^ parastish'Mi'^inay m.1 a place of 

5l^^j£ju^^ parastish-gdh, f. J worship, 

church, temple, mosque, p. 

tiyijuMj> parastandat a worshipper, p. 
^aL*»j V[^pra*thy expanding, spread ; m. a 

measure of quantity, 48 double handfuls; Uble-land 
on the top ot a mouotidn. praath-puslip, m. a sort of 
UUsh or basil, with small leaves. «. 

^l^Lj^ iranrf prasthdpan, m. sending 

away, mission, prasthapit, sent, despatched, s 


( 189 ) 


(J^^ji IIWrsT prasthdn, m. going forth, 

•ettin^ out, departure, s. 

^jjltf*^ parastidan, to worship, to adore, p. 

>(W;> n fU«/ira«l^d!Aa,celebrated,renowned ; 
idoraedfOnumenled. pnuiddki, f. fame, celebrity. «. 

j^j«»;> TOW prasraVf m. urine. *. 

j;*«;J ^irfOW parisram or parishram, m. fa- 
tigoe, vearinea. «. 

j^^;;**;^ M ft. wfl parisramlf active, laborious. 8, 

{^^Jl pursishy f. inquiry, asking (generally 
meant wAmg after health, &&). f. [afaipping. 4. 

j^Ji ^I^SBKI^ puraskar, m. honouring, wor- 
C*xmi^ HW prasakta, eternal, constant ; 

dbuined, attained ; attached to, deroted to ; ady.oon- 
timuUjr. prasaJtti, 1 adherence, attachment ta t. 

Oi3jxm»j> V^sAqWI praskandikdf f.1 purging, 
(2^«XAXua^ IKsfc^*! praskandaUy m. J diar- 

ifaoea. «. 

Col|M»^ ilftjHHIU parisamapia^ finished, 

eompleted. parlcoaMp/i t & pariiomawm, m. entire, 
eompletion. «. [foigetting. «. 

Oj»-»j> V^jfir prasmriti, f, forgetful ness, 

Aa »Ma^ ^iltl|{ paragmaipad, m. the transi- 
tive or acdTe Jimn of a Terb (in Gram.). «. 
^j;-*;) WHW prasann or prasanna or parsan, 

nj/aittA, pleased ; gradoos, kind, pratann A<ma, n. to 
acqoiewe; to like, prasmn-kama, to please, pra- 
•MMfa, £ ta.roar, kindness, orattmn-mukh or prastom- 
MdbU, smiling^ agreeable looking, s. 

Umi;) parasna, a. to worship, to adore, p. 
^^•^ im«|T parama, a. to touch, s, 
>jji U i rt y> imv^ par-samhandhj m, relation 

« cooneetion with another, parsamhandhl, related 
tssnother, belonging to another, f. [kindness, s, 

^^Jl TOlilT prasannatd, f. acquiescence ; 
wbi*^ inhlT prasansa, f. praise, eulogy. #. 
^ t> i« tf ;> M filial parisankhi/a, f. complete 

ononeratico. paruaakhydl, enumerated, t. 

vi&-»^ mry prasangj m. association ; mon- 

tfeo; insertion, prasatg na lagna, not to associate 
vith. «. 

j^j{ TOW prasaVj m. the act of bearing a 

chUd. praMOB-bandhan^ m. the foot-stalk of a leaf or 


y^J^ TO prawy f. a mother, s. 

^y^v ITJl prfl«5t or TR9V parmt, m, a 

lover, fruit; the disease called fiuor albus or the 
vUtes; part bom. produced, prasavai, bearing. 
fmSH, t bringing forth, birth ; offspring, s. 

^y^J^V^ prasutd, la woman who 

driA tAjA prasautt, * has borne a 

ipj^ TOW'jft prasavanti, J child ; a puer- 
(sia, woman, j. 

the first of the three Ramos, and the sixth incarnation 
or awiidr of ^is^u. He was the son of Jamadwui, 
and was contemporary with Dasharatka Rama. He is 
called Jdmadagnt, and the deity descended in this form 
to destroy the Kx^triyas (or Cj^frf j), who were be- 
come tyrannicaL RenttkSt wife of Jamadagnit was 
interrupted in bringing water from the river by Kar- 
tavirjarjuna, a prince of the Ks^riyoi, who was 
sportiuff in the water with his thousand wives, for 
which Parathurama't father {Jamadagni) cursed him. 
The Ksiatriya nrince killed Jamadagm, and Jamadagni 
(the son of the latter) vowed not to leave a Ksbatriya 
on the fSsce of the earth. He is said to have extirpated 
them twentj|r-one times, the women with child each 
time producing a new race. They say there has been 
no Ksl^atriya since that period, those so called being 
of spurious breed (or Fanuuankars), t, 

{:xy^^^^ por^on, the day before yesterday; 

the day after to-morrow, s. 

CXJ*^ 'T' ;?ra«fi», born, produced ; m. a 

flower, a bud { fruit, s. [young, s. 

i^y^ VWUprasaviy adj. having or bearing 
«**j^ pursa, m, condolence, kind inquiry, p. 
^**»;J ^Wf^TT parsiydy m. a reaping-hook, a 

sickle, h, 

j^lijU***^ parsiydwshdn or parsiydmishdn, 
m. maiden-luur {Pteris lunulata). p. 

U*^«*^ P^^rsidccn, to ask, to inquire, p. 
(i^u**^ trfciAin^ parisimanf m. boundary, 

extreme limit, s. 

l^ji ^1X5^ parash, m. a kind of gem. $. 
O^ 3^ puyt//f/f, m, a man, a male human 

being ; God, the Supreme Being, purtuha, ancestors. 
punttharth, m. a human object, as the gratification of 
desire, discharge of duty, &c. ; adv. on account of man. 
pumshddhikdr, m. manly office or duty, purtuha- 
dham, m. an outcast puruthashJ, m. a r&kshas, a can- 
nibaL purtuhayu, m. life of man. pui^ktd, f. pw 
rushtujOy m. manhood, manliness, valour, purush- 
dwethit m. purutk-dwethhUt f. misanthropic, purusk- 
kdr, m. manly act, virility ; exertion, purush-mdir, 
of the height of a man. purusfiottamt m. an excellent 
or superior man. purusk-varfit, depopulated. «. 

(Jt»j>^^^ paruskf m. harsh and contumelious 

speech, abuse,- yellow Barleria; a sort of tree {Xylo- 
carpus tranatum). parush-bachan, m. parush-vdch, f. 
parushakth f harsh language, abuse, paruskoktik, m, 
an abuser, s, [resembling a hatchet. «. 

U^ ^1^5 p(ira8huy m, an offensive weapon 

^ji 5^5^: purtishd, people of old, predeces- 

I sors, ancients, s, [yHing. s. 

^^j> mPmiih parishdpy m. cursing, re- 

^^ji ^TTSBT? parshdd or praghdd, m. favour, 
kindness, food, Ami. (v. prasdd). s, 

^li^ ^^irr4 purushdrth, m. thdt which is 

becoming a man, as valour, generosity, kc s. 

KD^^"^^ m^lWHT . prashasauj m. governing, 

ruling. 4. 

C^\iiJ>^ m^iitfi prashdnt, calmed, tranquil- 

lised. prashdnti, f. calm, tranquillity, prashdntdimd, 
peaceful, composed in mind. s. 

* * 

^,«M»^^ HipY (for mn) prashahj m, the act of 

bringing forth (young), prathab-hona, n. to be deli- 
vered (of young). «. [discharged, paid, s, 

^iX2l»j>i|ft9IVpartjr/tt^</Aay cleaned, purified ; 
^L^ IK^W parashurdm, see a^^am^. f. 
viL*,^^ n pmAf, asked, inquired, s, 
U^> mPT prashta, adj. asking, demanding ; 

a questioner, t. 

m^l^jl ^ prishtkp m. the back, the rear. 

prishih'drishfi, m. a bear (from looking behind him). «• 
^aJjJ HV prashth, a leader; prior, prece- 
dinc^; chief, best. j>ra5/^^i, the wife of a leader, t. 

t3s^.jtf**J 7?^^ puraslichhady m. a sort of 

grass {Saccharum eylindricum), s, 

do^»> ^rfcWW parishrant, wearied, ex- 
hausted, parishrdnti, f. fatigue, labour. «. 

^bJ^A ^Oft^mr pariskravif m, labour, toil, fa- 
tigue, parishramit laborious, s. 

Ou--Ij;J inm prashast, happy, well, right, 
good, excellent. proiJuuH, f. ezoellenoe, eminence, 
eulogy, f. 

jyu^ pttr'8hu*ur, wise ; most sagacious. /?. a. 

j\do 19(V>>%IX. pariMdr, m. splendour, de- 
coration, initiation, puriflcatloD. s. 

O^j^^ ^'ft'fW poriskkrity adorned, em- 
bellished; purified by initiatory rites, parithkrit' 
bhumi, f. a ground prepared for a sacrifice. «. 

^;«^^ inpiR prasliamanf m. killing, slaugh- 
ter; pacifying, t. 
fo^2l»J iw prashn, m. a question, praskn^ 

duti, f. a riddle, an enigma. «. 

iiji{:Ajt ^J^'^nwff pruhnipaml, f. a plant 

" {Hemionites cordifolia; Hedysarum lagopodioidet). s. 

\,,>,V% in^ prashamd, f. praise^ applause, 

flattery. «. 

prashansaUy m. praising, eulo- 

• * 

giiing. pr<uAail<an?ya, to be praised, praiseworthy, 
prashahsit, praised, s. [(P«*/»a ttratioitet), t. 

y)n/N^. ^fOfVT prishnikd, f. an aquatic plant 
*jC^li;> T^ftmipft^ pariskankanii/a, adj. to 

be doubted, to be apprehended, i. [f^afloJle<). «. 

j^^inftp'fl«Afii, f. an aquatic plant {Pistia 

^dyi»jl Trft:S[ftH parModhf m. cleansing, pu- 
rifying ; discharging (a debt). #. [morrow. *. 
^^wyio ^K^V9 par-skwaSf the dny after to- 

(^y!l»j t|fn[ft>T patishoskf m. drying, evapo- 
ration.'' s. [pletion, «. 
ii-ju^ l|ft%R JoflHsAe^A, ra. remainder, com- 
j^jfOj\ pur-zarur, very necessary, most es- 
sential p. a, 
\ij WT prihhd, f. a gramineous plant (Trt- 

t^onella corniculata)* s. 

( ICO ) cUjJ 

^^ ^Trvm T^ar-^q;, m. the business or affain 

of another, t. 

L^ V» '*^*1''*'' par-kdjtj attentive to the busi- 
"ness or Interest of others, serving others, beneficent a. 

yij^pur-kdr, thick, coarse, fat ; efficient, well 
executed, p, [eompasaet (r. jMrglrX p* 

jzA P^^^^^» compasses, parkdrt, done with 
j^ JfWK prakdr, manner^ method, kind, 

sort. 4. 

i£)\A P^^^^'^h f* thickness, coarseness, p, 

O^ Vv ''''^ prakds or parkas, m. light, 
daylight; adj. dear, apparent. «. 

L^ V« P^'^^^h ^' & discoverer. «. 

O^^ ITVTir prahdsk, m. light, daylight, 

ishine; expansion, diffusion, manifestation; 
open, manifest, blown, expanded ; fiunons, ceJebi 
clear, apparent. prakdsaJitd, f. manifestation. Inmi- 

sunshine; expansion, diffusion, manifestation; e^ 

, expanded ; fiunons, celebrated 
prakdsaJitdt f. manifestation, 
nousness. prakashitp evident, manifest, promnlgateo. 
prakdthakt what irradistes, manifests ; an iUuminatoia 
prakashmdnt splendid, radiant. prakdsIuMt m. illumi' 
nating, making manifest, ^raJbosAi, m. a discoverer, a. 

^zA P^^^^f ™« & Spark ; pane of glase. p. 
{^Ji ^<4il«! parkdn, m. a trnnnion. A. 
^^ji. ^TOWtfT parkdndf a. to accustom, to 

habituate, h, [excellence, happineaa. t. 

*^^ji initIB prakdndj m. the stem of a tree , 
^ifjH ITjftnr prakupiiy enraged, incensed, b, 
V^J^ Mr<<ivn parikathd, f. a tale, a story, t, 

^*i2-A^ TnX prakatf displayed, manifest, pra- 
kafit or prakafi-krit, manifested, made visible. «. 

<-2l*^ iriifT parkat, m. a heron. «. 
^jJ^^risit/?arAAa<i,f. the waved-leaf fig tree 

"{Fictu ii{fectiota). «. 

j^inST/?raA<ir, m.aloe wood (agaHochuvn).s. 

0;0 iref? prahrit or prakriti, f. property, 

quality, nature; the passive or material cause of the 
world ; a goddess, the personified will of the Supreme 
Being in the creation, identified with Miyi ; a itansa 
of four lines, each line containing twenty-one sylla- 
bles ; temperament, predominance of one of the hu- 
mours, prakriti'taral, volatile, flcUe. praktUi-Mtkm, 
natural, innate, f . 

Cj^Sa iryv prakrit, made, accomplished, s. 
i^Sa 'nrt praharsh, m. (in gram.) the 

effect of the prefix pra upon roots, s. 

vjLw>.0 nV prakrishty chief, principal. 

prakrhhfatwot m. eminence. «. 
mJj> mW jrrahram, m. proceeding, going, 

leisure, opportunity, s, 

Ujiy MOilkHI parikramdf f. act of going round 

to the right, by way of adoration, circumambniatioo. 
a superstitious ceremony (v. pradaelfhinay. «. 

j^jfj irerur praharan^ m. topic, subject ; 
paragraph, section; prologue, prelude) a book, a. 


( 191 > 


ij/ji ^VftM fKtrikray^ m. redeemingt pur- 

thaiiu y back. t. [Bigoia. t. 

l^^ VfVKT prakriycif f. bearing royal in- 
^w^ ll^l<j^9 prakshaian, m. cleaning, 

mihijig. prakthalU, washed. «. 


CaiI^, MfXr^A parikshit, a king, son of 
AbhifluoTU, and grandson of Aijnn. t • 

fy^ji ^Qt%Y par'-k$hetry m. another's field, 

anodiei's bod j, anothei'a wife, s, 

(J(JL0 V^Nr prakshin, decayed, wasting. $. 
Ca)^ ^ft3VfiBnr jtMiriAa/jpi7,niade,inTented. s, 

if^j MArpH pariklishf m. vexation, trouble. 

ftriklUhf, Tezed, annoyed, i. 
ua^ W<I praftamp, m. Fbaking, trem- 

Uioff. prakampaman, adj. shaking, trembliog vio- 
knt^. ^irdboDRpaii. id.; ul a hell. «• 

^^ ^TV>IT paraktia, n. to be habituated, to 
seqnire a habit ; to inspect, examine, prove, try. s, 

ViOl f^^ prahop, m. irritation, provoca- 
doo. prakofdi, irritated, prakopan, m. irritating, 
ptovoking jB. 

'♦vi ^ro^ parakhf f. examination, trial, proof, 
irapcctton. ». [human being. $. 

4^ 3^ puruJch, m. a man (wr), a male 

l^ il^m purukha or Wh purkhd, m, an 
old man. s. [fort. Sea s, 

\^j^VftMl\ parthhUf f. a moat surrounding a 

^^^ ^«IMI parkkana, a. to cause to exa- 
mine, trj, prove, or inspect s. 
jjl^^ ilifimH^ ygrMawflm, f. examination; 

ssHijhig of coin, &c. *• 

s^f\^JVX!91%parkhafiff. the price paid for 

osnunaiton, trial, proof, inspection ; the act of eza- 
ttiatcg f. 

jl^jl TOT prakhaTj very hot or acrid. #. 
^j>^OI(9f\ paraJthnoy a. to inspect, to exa- 

■ine, to prove, s. 

i^ji 5^ pvrukhe or "^j^purkhe, m. (pi. 

"idpnrkhi), ancestry, ancestors, t. 

^^1^ ^rorft parkhty m. a banker who exa- 
■DMs and proves money, s. 

OU^I^ H^qTil prakhyai or qPi^lff ;>art- 

i%i/. famoos. celebrated, prakhyati or parlkhyati, 
tji otoriety 

^J^jJ^tlhnpflrAAiiiyajIm. an inf^pcctor, 
Ijl^ TOta par AA^o, J 

exammer, provcr, 

opedally ofcetna. 

O^jJ Wftft prakirii, f. fame, celebrity. 

fnUrftf. dedaied, ezphuned ; celebrated. «. 
^3^^ U(V*^S^ porihtrftan, m. telHn«r, talk- 
isg oC boasting, s. 

{^xxfj* 'WW jE>raArim, promulgated, pub- 
lished ; expanded ; m. a cAoaH, a cow-tail used aa a 
fan; a chapter. «. 

«Jui^ pur-htnoy malicious, spiteful, p, 
9^j> ^rafhl parktya, belonging to another. 

parkiya, t another's wife or mlstreai. s. 

'^^jl VltFVfW pargachhf m. epidendron. A. 
J Vv P^^9^^*9 ^' * P^^r of compasses, p, 
(Jlf^ji pargarit f. work done with compasses, p, 
f^J^yi Hfl^ pragarhy m uch , excessive ; hard , 

difficult ; hard, firm ; m. pain, privation, penance, s. 

*V» P^^V^^y Straw, rubbish, any thing 

worthless, p. 

(JLo^ JPTZ pragat or pargat, obvious, noto- 
rious, public, manifest, s. [licity. s. 

VlS(;J HTCTT pragatata, f. visibility, pub- 
Uu^. VTU^ pragatnd, n. to appear, be made 

public. M. [assuming. «• 

{2^Sj>fltfX!f^ pragrahaUy m. taking, seising, 

«4j1^ Vr9T pragalbk, bold, ready, resolute, 
strong, pragalhhata, f. energy, boldness; power. «. 

^^y^OufnT^'rat/aman, m.progress,advance. s, 
OU^ pargandt, 1 pi. of jt^ar^ana (the last 

Cj\^j^ parganajdt,) form may be called 

the pedantic or barbarouB plural), used in revenue 
documents, p. 

iS^ji pargandtiy of or relating to baronies. 

** parganatl-jam*, the amount of the revenue received at 
the head office of the pargana from the several subdi- 
visions composing such pargana^ after deducting the 
charges of collecting in ^ach. narganait'tSareht 
charges of a district to be deducted from the gross 
revenue. pargandli-nirlch, rates of valuation, &c. p. 

dJ6j> pargana, m. an inferior division of a 

country (less than a i^tf), neariy equalling a barony ; 
the laiigest division of land in a zamindari. pttrgana- 
ddr^ m. the superior officer of a pargana ; lord of the 
barony, pargana-wdrt according to district (settle- 
ment, &C.). 

^jl pur-go, talkative, loquacious, p. 

^^?;> ipft^ni pragaj}an, m. protection, pre- 
servation, ff. [tongue, i. 
iS^^ji, P^^'ffOfl, f. loquacity, volubility of 

(JLa^^ in? praghat or parghaty apparent, 

dear, t, 

^y^Ji^U^ praghafi or '^K^^ parghafi, f. 

**a mould in which silver or gold is cast, previous to 
working it ; apparency, clearness, f. - 

{j^A IHR praghan, m. a sort of bean 

{Phateolus mungo). «. 

UO injT pragydy f. a clever woman ; under- 
standing, wisdom, pragydwan^ wise. t» 
C>U^^ nVTir pragydt, known, understood, 

u >ti>ri<'us. 5 


( I'K ) 


{^j>, WTO pragyauy m. knowledge, wis- 
dom ; adj. wiae* learned, t, 
\JjSjif pdrghn, f. an ortolan (a Bpecies oi 

Alaudfi). p. 

THjr fragyay wise, learaed. f. 

11^ parld, of the other side, k, 

->^ H^jnr pralap, m, unmeaning prattle ; 
diflcoune. «. 

'^^ji IRft** pralobhy m. desire, cupidity. 

proZoft/ion, m. allarexnent, attraction, t. 

^0^5 Jj H^l4tf prahthariy m. rolling on the 

ground, tossing, pralofhitt adj. rolling, tossing, f. 

^^A ^Wgy^l par-lok, heaven, paradise. 

pttr-lok-gam, m. death, x. 

,J;> TI^PT parZat (for pralayd), a general 

**de8tniction,8uch as at the flood or resurrection ; death, 
dissolution, fainting, syncope ; (met.) vexation, fatigue, 
oppression, languor, disgust, i. ^besmears, t. 

*jfliiK % J(^;^twpralepahy whoor what anoints, 

^ '^^ param, best, first, supreme; used in 

comp. as, paramdtmd, m. the Supreme Beinff,the soul of 
the universe, paramadtoait, m. pure unltarianism. pa- 
ramarth, m. superior aim,the best end ; virtue ; spiritual 
knowledge; the best sense, paramariht,^ seelcing the 
best end, religious. paramageUh translation to heaven, 
beatitude, paramdnu, m. an atom, the lowest measure 
of weight, or time, paramdnn, m. an oblation of rice 
to progenitors, param-anand^ supreme pleasure, chief 
object of refuge, parom-gati, f. eternal felicity, para- 
mayuj m. the longest period of life. param»raj»^ m. a 
supreme monarch. param-hanSt an ascetic, a religions 
man who has subdued all his senses, s 

aJ purum or pyrnm, a lead and soiinding-line 

used on board ship (the word is borrowed from the 
Portuguese prumOt plummet). prum-4alndt to heave 
the lead. A. 

lo inn;?/'flwia, f, true knowledge; conscious- 
ness, perception. «. 

*^V!>Uj lIHMW^t pramata-maha, m. a great- 
grandfather on the mothePs side ; f. pramatamahh s. 

liUj vm^pramadf m. Inadvertence, careless- 
ness, error, p'amoi/t, heedless, inconsiderate. «. 

^.lo t|On^ paramarth, m. the first pur- 
suit, the chief end, virtue, merit ». [tnoua. «. 

i^j^\ ^ITHrtT paramdrfhh religious, vir- 

^i^Uy infTO pramdn or parmdriy m. cause, 

motive; limit; proof, attestation, verification, autho- 
rity, Instance, example ; adj. actual, authentic, sub- 
stantial, real, parman-charhna, to rise to a high rank 
(the word is used sometimes as a man's name), prama- 
ndbhao» ra. absence of proof, pramdn-fntrushy m. an 
umpire, an arbitrator, pramdnt-karany establishing or 
admitting as authority or proof, s. [proportion, t . 

^Uj ilfbn^ panman, m, dose, quantity ; 

L^lo im\Ul^%pramdntk, proper, creditable ; 

reverend; m. chairman of an assembly; (in Bengal) 
a chief of a tribe among the inferior castes, pramd- 
nikd, f. a species of the anushfubh metre, s. 

<X*«y ""TOR^ or V^KH^^param jt?arf,m,eminence, 

high station, heaven, beatitude. «. 

^xoj Vl^P^parampaVf traditionary, heredi 

tary ; m. a great-great-grandson. 8, 

Kxo MljUlU parampara, f. tradition ; com- 

munication from one to another in snroession ; series 
succession; race, lineage, paramparint herediury 
traditional. «. 
Ca^ "^Wnt par-mat, m. a different opinion.*. 

Ca^ "^ftfim paHmit, measured, regulated. 

parimitdhdr or paHmit-bhuJ, eating moderately, tem- 
perate. M. 


measured, pramtdkshttrd, f. a speciet of the jagaU 
metre, t. 

l^io Turin pramathdy f. yellow myrohalnn 

(TervUnalia ehebtda), J. [abode of pain. ». 

^l4A*;> innn^ pramathalayy m. hell, or 
tio TfH^ pramad, mad, intoxicated, impas- 
sioned ; m. joy, delight, pramadd, f. a woman, a hand- 
some woman. 8, 

,3-0 v:v(^pramudoTpramudiU pleased, glad. t. 
^lijxJ M<.H^ I H param-dhdm, m. paradise, s. 
J^Ji^ Unis pramukh, chief, principal, best, 

firsi ; m. a chief, a sage ; a tree used for dyeing {Bott- 
leria tinctorta). pramukh-twa, m. superiority, predo- 
minance. 8, 

^jlc.) Vmni pramagn, immersed, drowned. *. 

A<jl 'Tftn^ parimal or h<«ic9 parmal, fra- 
grant ; m. trituration of perfumes, and the scent aris- 
mg from it ; parched grain otjoAr or bdjra, q. v. {IM 
CU8 sorgum and spicatus). f. 

^^Uy) qfi^^H parimldn, soiled, stained ; 

withered, impaired. 8. 

^j>^ pirmanyihe yard of a sail (see ^^^V^). h. 
i3j^ J qfiH*^ partmandt slow, dull. *• 
Jjsjy^ ^rfnn^ parimandaly m. a ball, a 

a globe, a cirole. par%man4aitdt i. rotundity. #. 
i*j>'y^j\ IPJt^nr pramochan, m. liberating, 

setting free, pramochanl, a sort of cucumber, c. 
*^y*Jr ^'^^ prainodf m. pleasure, delight, pra- 

modit or pramodi, happy, delighted ; delighting, a. 
^y*/t inft^ P'*flw^^^» "^* fascination ; fainting, 

insensibility. «. 
/^i^j^ Mfi*ft^H parimohan, m. fascinating, 

beguiling. sparivMht, m. parmoMm, f. a4|. fisadnatin^ 

bewitching. 5. 
j*^0 iR^tBr^joaram-ci/iW/ir, m. the first and 

supreme Lord, God, the Almighty. #. 

^W ^1^ parmeWyXm. a (venereal) clap; 
»-^y H^ prameh, J a gleet, any urinary 

afi^tion. f. 

^jWJj^paranS^nvcTj quick timein music. A. 
M »> TPSpran, m. promise, resolution, vow. «. 
ti^H P^^'^^^h great-grandmother. A. 


( 193 ) 


^J ^ jHim or puma, m. a leRf, betel leaf; 

the pelis tree {Butea frondosa), pam-toain, f. the 
Mine tree, pam-skald, f. a hut of leaves, a hermitao^e. 
parn-lata. f. the betel plant, pam-nar, m. a man of 
I^Tet. an eflSgj stuflTed with leaves, made to represent 
a penoa deceased whose body cannot be found, s, 

cfoJ inffl^ pranad, m. a disease of the oar, 

a bnzang in the ear. s. 

{jJ3j\Vi\f9 pimad, m. a sort of basil ( Ocy- 

wmm tanctutn) with small leaves, t. 

{J^''^j\ inrnji prana$hy m. loss," destruction. 

ftOMashi^ destroying. 

a conduit, 
a gutter, 
a drain* #. 


Jli;> irai^ or HHM pranal, m. 
J^ ^Hl^l pumalay m. 
J\i;>1Rn^ >rinngft/>rana/i, f. 

J<3j iffn^ni parinam, id. maturity, fulness, 

end, last stage ; sequel, result, pariaam-darthl, who 
looks forward or to the end. s. 

^ rniT or V^fPT pranam, aslo pamdm, m, 

fialntation, bow, adoration. «• 

Ul) J iT^«11«ir par-nawa, a greatgrandfather 

(bj the mother's aide), f . [sance f . 

*^^3^, lri5|riini pranipat, m. salutation, obei- 
(;ri^ UPiSMflH pranipatan, m. saluting, 

bowing, s. [obeisance, s. 

vloJ mifir pranati, f. salutation, reverence, 
C^ ITC^ parantUj but, however, on the 

ot^ hand ; afterwards, also. t. 

jI>^T|^«9^cir</n/ra, 6uhservient,depcndenf. 5. 

OJ|J parandy m. a bird. paraiuUho-janay to 

move with great rapidity, p. 
j^Ur^ jmrandar, m. a sort of popper 

(Pi/«r dkosya). a. 

l»ji^ paranda^ ^y\^g ; a bird, parande ka 

par ua suinia kinjdgah meik, is used to express a place 
quite inaccesaible. p* 

[^'^jf, HDQ^IH pranidhany m. grent effort, 

stress ; profound meditation ; access, entrance, s. 

JWls^yj Ml&HI'm^ parn-machal, m. the 

ivBrda^a, an acid fniit {Averrhoa carambola). s. 

yy^nn pranavj \m. the mystical 

id|^ ni^rV pranavakyl name of the 
My. 9, [a hermitage, a. 

^9jit ^Wifew paimotajj m. a hut of leiivc, 
jljijj y«r-Ji«r, illustrious, enlightened, p, 
^j^ Wn pranay, m. affection, regard ; ask- 

. \a^ Bolidtatioo ; final emancipation ; trust, confidence ; 
wvcreoee. obeisance, pranayl, affectionate, kind, in- 
; m. ahosbandor lover, s. 

|lJl4p/-aRt, resolute, bold, dcterminod. .«. 

■l^lHrrffi, f. a ferule, a tube, a thimble; the 
of a mtts1c«t ; a bugle or oblong bead, d. 

^Jjl "rof parrih m. a tree (Butea frondosa) ; 

f. an aquatic plant {Pistia stratiotes); the leaf of the 
aS8afcctida(?). s. [patron. *. 

Vti^i NJkffiin puraiiiya, m. an old man ; a 

^ji ^if^u^ii. giiff^f, mIPhiII puraniya, pura- 

naiud, or puraimya, ra. name of a district and town 
in Bengal (vulg. Poomeah), h. 

U^A J'^^'i^y^w, ra. a kind of fine painted 

silk (from China) ; also garments made of the same. p. 

^j>.Vik parv, ra. a festival, a holiday; parv- 

kartt a Brahman who performs ceremonies for hire 
out of season, parv-gamlt a man who associates with 
his wife on festival days, t, 

jjl 5^ P^^^^t "^' n«nme of the pixth monarch 

of the lunar line ; the farina of a flower ; f. the name of 
a river to the north-west of the Saraswati. s, 

J^H P^^^^'^f f^ care, concern, anxiety, vexa- 
tion ; inclination, aflfection, concupiseence, desire ; 
rest, quiet, kuchh parwa nahlH, (vulg. kuch-parwd-ni), 
no matter, it is of no consequence, p. 

i_5j^ ^IqT j5W7'/rcf, f. an easterly wind, s, 

»j^. ^r^^l parirca, f. the first day of the 
moon's increase or wane. f. 

'^^Jjl ^fV^ii^ parivad, m. abuse, reproach, 

accusation, parivddak ovparwddl, an accuser, a plain 
tiff, a calumniator. '«. 

j'j^ Tifi^R par? war, m. family, dependants. 
pzrtt<;ar>/a,f. subjection, dependence, t. [position. *. 
{^j'^jtt lT«ii<<ff fra'varan^ m. ])rohibition, op- 
{j^^Ji^pavivarxy fattened or fatted, p, 

^5Jh P^^'^^'^-j flying, flight, pai-wdz-karndy 
n. to fly. parwdz-kundn, flying, on the wing. p. 

0*»Vri ^^f^M\^ parivds, m. abiding, abode, s, 
0**b^i ITOF j)ravds^ m. a foreign country 

or residence, dwelling away from home, pravdsal, a4j. 
absent, dwelling abroad, pravdsan, m. sojourning 
abroad, exile, s 

i^\^jlpravdsi, a foreigner, one from abroad; 
"one Uving away from home. f. [city. t. 

ij*^^?. M<*ilHl pur-vdsi, adj. inhabiting a 


J'j li ^^l<^ pftrwal, m. a disease of the eye- 
lids, in which the eyelashes fall, a stye or stithe. h. 

^^y^Vi^^partvdrif m. the yard (of a sail); 

parrvdn cJihaj-hnat to grow up (a phrase peculiar to 
women), k. 

liV;i 9^1'HI purwdnd (caus. of purdnd^^ to 

cause to be filled, h, 
C*>l:^|j •> partrdnajdt, m. (pi. of parwdna), 

orders ; passes, licenses, p. [mission, p, 

lJ^^^Jv V^^'^^dna/fi, f. command, order, per- 
*iL .^ parwdna, m. a grant, or letter, under a 

great seal, from any man of power to a dependant ; an 
order, a pass, a licence, leave, command, a precept, 
warrant ; a butterfly, a moth, paru/dna Msi kd hifrs^ 
to be desperately in love with anyone (an allusion to 


the moth and the candled. 



( 104 ) 


l\^jlparrvah, f. (the same as partva, q. v.)i 

care, concern, &c p. [overflowing, s. 

l\^j\ ^^ift^Jf, parivah^ m. an inundation^ an 
l\jjl iro^ pravah, m, streamy current of a 

river. «. 

K^Uji) innfipW^a»5AtAa, f. diarrhoea, s, 
^A^Jparwa,t, one who stands in need of, 

necessitated, wanting, having occasion for. p, 

ii/l^^ J TlftnnT pravibhag, m. division, a 

part s. [titioned, shared. 5. 

tl^i^j »i Hft^TO pravibhakt, divided, par- 

vice, admonishing, t. [of others, beneficence, s. 
J^IjA Mi>^» i i. yg^<>P<»^g^> "^- t^® helping 
<^;^^JLri ^^^**^ paropakd7n, aiding others, 

beneficent, hospitable, t. 
C^. J Tf^ parvat, m. a mountain, a hill. 

parvat-ashray or parvat-vdsi, living in the mountains. 
parvat'kdk, m. a raven, parmftva, mountainous; 
m. a mountaineer. #. [of &sh {Silurus pabda), s. 

Cj^jI ^fkKparv^t or "^Aff parvat, m. a kind 

l\^jj>Titmi^protsah, m. effort, exertion ; sti- 
mulus. proUahit, instigated, stimulated. protsShak, 
m. instigator, protsakan, m. inciting, stimulating. *. 

lij^- '^f^l/^ parautl, land which is kept out 

** of cultivation for a short time, in order that the soil 
may recover its strength, h. 

Vj5j .y ^rtfirar i?an>a%5, m. a kind ofpump- 
"kin.'*. [gence. *. 

^^^y, ^Ithnr parojan, m. purpose, use, exi- 
\^d^y.V[^H\ purodkd, m. the family priest. *. 
.J J pai^ar, (in comp.) a patron, protector, 

nourisher, cherisher; educated, cherished. as^ri6 
parwar, cherisher of the poor, saya parwwr, eduMted 
in the shade or at home; soft, delicate, knowing little 
of the world, p. 

.y i||X parwar^ m. the name of a kind of 

gourd ( Trichosanihes dioica, Baxh,), s, 

J3ji' V:^pravar, m. offspring, race. 8. 
jJr ^^ pravir, m. a yellow fragrant wood. s. 
uiV];^^ Vfaan^parivrdjah, m. a religious 

mendicant, t. 

C^j^y^ll^W pravarttay engaged in, under- 
taking ; m. excitement, stimulus, s, 
C^.^JTm[pravrittay fixed, determined ; en- 

cnffed^ in, occupied, prwritti. t activity, occaipation. 
active life ; perseverance ; addiction to ; tidings, in- 
telligence ; continuous flow, stream ; Ujjain, or any 
holy place ; (in arith.) the multiplier, f. 

Ojj t> ^"rft^ parivritia, gone round, re- 

• volved ; exchanged. *. 

Ojj y ^rftsrf;?^ Ht?ar«a, m. going or turni njr 

back, revolving ; exchange, requital ; the end of a 
period of four ages, destruction of the world. «. 

tiiSjjjy^ 1W#^ pravarttak, inciting, stimula- 
ting ; m. an instigator, s. 
Vji^-jj^^ "^ft^nn parivrnjyd, f. the life of a 

religious mendicant, s, 

j^^j^jl parmafdagdr, m. the cherisher ; an 

epithet of the Deity, p, 
^^j^j>^parwardany to cherish, rear, foster, p. 

»>jji •> panvarda, hred, reared, brought up 
(used substantively) a slave, a proteg^. p. 

U^J3ji parwarishy f. breeding, fostering, 
rearing, patronising, education, protection, p. 

CJJjj^ IT^t^rfisnf p^'avar-laUtf m. a spe- 
cies of the ashtt metre, t. [risber. p, 
5.3Jjj|^ parwaranday cherishing, the che- 

^^jjjJ ir5^^^urttrat?a5,theson of Buddha, 

and second king of the lunJar dynasty, f . 
^cjj J parrvari, f. education ; m. one who 

educates ; (in comp.) cherishing, rearing, p. 
0^j^jl ifte pratirhj able, clever, full grown; 

confident, bold. praurhU f. enterprise, confident 
exertion; investigation, praufhoj a woman from 30 
years of age to o5. praurhata, £ strength, firmoea, 
breadth, s, [hood. «. 

0**Jl/, UTtH paros, m. vicinity, neighbour- 

U*>j|J ^n&^ parosdy m. a dish which is sent 

to a friend. «. 

^jui^J^^parwaati, f. cherishinp:, patronising: 
" especially applied to the cherishing of old servants 
past work; care, protection, favour (probably a cor* 
ruption of the Persian word parwarith), d. 

cr***JLri TW'J pravasan, m. going or dwell- 
ing abroad s. 

Uu*jij J qCt^HI parosndy a, to take up dinner, 
to distribute, serve up, to divide. «. 

^jju*»j^ "^^rrf^ parO'SandJti, ra. the full 
and change of the moon. s. 

l/**JJv ^^^ j}arosi, m. a neighbour. A. 

U-ijy^ qOl > <ll parosaiyd, m. a distributor of 

victuals to the guests, one who serves up dinner, a 
waiter. *. [dent *. 

lAjLJv ''^^ par-vaskt subservient, depen- 
c«^, J ijftfW parivisht, surrounded, en- 
closed, s, 
cLa^j J "Uf^pravisht, entered, engaged in. «. 

^^^^J'^proshthyin. a sort of carp {Cyyri- 

nus praiutus). proshfh-padd, t the 26th and 27111 
asterisms, containing the stars in the wing of Pegasus. 
praashVi-pad, m. the month Bbadr (August— Sept). 
praush'fh-padi, f. full moon in Bhadr. *. 

cJ^**^. mOuiH pavoshni, f. a cockroach, f. 
CJ^^A iftiR prolity said, declared. #. 

i}^ ^j\V[^[^paroh9.hy invisible; absent, past; 

m. an ascetic, a hermit; invisibility, absense; (in 
gram.) past time or teuse. «. 


( 195 ) 

jjfi*j^ liV^lff /?roA<//an, m. killing animals 

in sacrifice, impiolatton, slauprhter; sprinkliag, with 
water. &c-; a text to be recited when animals are 
ofTered. prokshit, sprinkled ; killed, offered in sacrifice. 


^^^3ji TirH^lfif pravihhyati, f. celebrity, 

U3y, M^^Kfi parwcdy m. a plant (Tricosanthes 
^Jji ^Wtt pirond or parond, a. to thread 

(as a needle), to string (as pearls), to spit ft. 

^3ji ^riftr*! parvanikd, f. specks attended 
with pain on the edge of the cornea of the eye. *. 

hji ^''^ pravah, m, one of the seven Vay us 

orwmds. *. [of leather, h. 

^JL/i ""id?! parohdy m. a water-bncket made 
^^^3 A S^'V* pyrohit (also iMwTf prohit), 

m. a priest who presides at the performance of reli- 
gious ceremonies ; family priest 9. 

<3^J^ 5^ftfinrnft purokiidntf f. the wife of 

"a^KTO&il, or priest, q.v. «. 

{:^3ji ^*^^^ parohan, m, carriage, vehicle, 
instraments of transportation, f, 

-J^ ynn puncaiydy f. easterly wind. 5. 

^^-3 A ^'ft^'^nv parivyddh, m. a tree (Pte^ 

rmpermum aeerifolia) ; a sort of reed growing in water 
{Coldanu foMciculatu*). s. 

^^3jr ''^ pravetf m. barley. «« 

t^^/J ^rfr^^ parivedan, m. anguish, pain ; 

■MJTiage. *. [a chief, i. 

ji3jiTf^l^pravir, best, excellent ; m. a hero, 
lKjL^ H^ proves or pravesh, m. entering^ 

arrivii^. s. 

\J^3ji ^R*Hr*f pariveshtan, m. surround- 
ing; drcnrnference. pariveshfil, enclosed, surrounded, 
oofned. s, [serving up food, s, 

t;i>jf^ Vff^im parivesltan, m. surrounding; 

cr^J^ inU«T prnveskany m. the entrance ; 
entering, praveshak, who enters ; m. an entxy. t, 

tr^Jji H^ipj praveksharij m. foreseeing. 
ftmtdt^U, foreseen, pravekshyat, adj. foreseeing, t, 

Jij^ H^ pravely m. the yellow variety of 

the kidney hean. $. 

C^Jjv /wrctn, m. the Pleiades, p, 

j^jl^inftlTprflrin, intelligent, skilful, wise. «. 

^3^inrt?nfT praxUncUdy f. widd)>mf intelli- 
gence, akiH s. 

|4ijj> wWt pravenl or H^ftir praveniy f. the 

hair twisted and undecorated, as worn by women in 
the absence of their husbands, s, 

j^jH WfK. prahdry m, the act of beating, 



i^J^ji ^l^jO prahdri^^ m. one who beats or 
itrikes. «• 

{^^ji VfTO prahds, ra. loud laughter. |wa- 

/id«i, laughing aloud, causing laughter. «. 

L>^^^. ^(V^i^l parihds, m. jest, joke, jeer; 
mirth, pastime. parUias-vedi, m. a jester, a wag. *. 

<-l^, Vjfifn par-kit, friendly, benevolent , 

good for another, s. 

j^j>^ Kft prahar, m. a watch of the day or 

night ; a division of time, consisting of 8 gharts or 
about 3 hours, s. 

^^^^^j>V!^^ praharshit or JT^ prahrhkt, 

delighted, very happy, s, 

Jr**i;^ ll^fSlul praharshiiiif f. a species of 

" the atijagatt metre. $, 

{:)j^y^ ^ ^K^K^ partharariy ra. seizing, taking; 

leaving, abandoning, t. 

^:i;^ IT^tSWf^^iT praharan-kalikd, f. 

a species of the sarkan metre, a. 

^^ji ^iftfTHT parihamd, a. to leave, to for- 

Bake, to abandon, to desert, to take away, clear off. «. 

Sg;^ WpS praliari or ^n[ft?n pahriyd, m. 
a watchman, a sentinel. «. 

J^\A S^'^ pura-sar, one who goes first, a 

leader, a preceder. «. 

(i^-J^ H^^R prahasan, m. loud laughter, 

mirth ; sarcasm, ridicule, irony, prahatat, adj. laugh- 
ing heartily. #. [mine. #. 

^jJ-L-ib^ HfTRrt prahasantiy f. Arabian jas- 
*^^^/i IT^T^ prahldd, m. pleasure, joy ; the 

name of Hiranvaksha's pious son, and regent of one 
division of Fatal prahlaait, rejoiced, delighted, i . 

jifi^j^ parkeZf m. abstinence, forbearance, con- 
tinence, control of the passions, badi-parhez, abstain- 
ing from evil, parhez-k., a. to control one's passions { 
to abstain from ; to observe a regimen, p, 

J^jiftA parhez-gdr, one who controls his 
passions, abstinent temperate, p. 

i^j^j^jl parhez-gdri, f. abstinence, control 

of the passions, p. 

^ji^jt P^^^^^y fit f*^^ ^ person under a regi- 
men (also the same as parhez-gdr, q. v.). p. 

oijJb;3 ll^r^^l prahelikdj f. an enigma, a 

riddle. 8. [prived of, deserted by. #. 

{J^j^^ ^ft^hlF parihin, waned, faded; de- 

{^y^'^pare, beyond, yonder, pare rahnd, to 

remain at a distance, s. 

gr^ party f, a fairy, pari-paihar or part* 
chihrOt angelical, £ury-faced. />. 

i^j>puri, f, fulness, completion, p, 

(jf^ irft puri, f. ( same as pur, &c, ), a city, 

I town, t. 



( 196 ) 


ijj>^ ftni prit/Of m. beloved, dear; m. a hus- 
band, a lover ; a sort of dinig commonly called Riddhi, «. 

b J ftnn priycLy m. beloved, dear, a sweetheart, 

he priye, my dear 1 *. 

L>^^r?. innTI prayas, m. trouble, labour, de- 
sire or pursuit of any object, f . [tidings. *. 

eijk^i\> J fll^lW priyahhyoy announcing good 

klA^.jl ininT prayag, m. the modern Allaha- 
bad, a celebrated place of pilgrimage at the confluence 
of the Ganges and Jamun%, together with the supposed 
subterraneous addition of the Saraswati, according to 
the Hindu creed : in comp. it applies to several places 
of reputed sanctity, as. Deva-prayag, Rudra^ayag, 
Kama-prayag &c. *. 

Jb J finn^y priydl, m. a tree commonly 

called piydl (Buchanania lat^olia), s. 

b J iniTO/;ro?/a72,m. going forth, departure; 

death, march, invasion, praydn-kdl, time of departure, 
death. «. [ing kindly. *. 

.j^\ajj>.;) fH44*Jimu priya-bhasharif m. speak- 

^lA ^^ P'**^» ^^"^» affectionate, beloved, 

dear. m. delight, s, 
lLo ^ Xftfn prit or prtti, f. love, friendship ; 

the second of the 27 astronomical yogs, priti-purvakt 
adv. through kindness ;prifi-da«, m. a friendly present. 
pritiddya, ra. a gift of affection. |»ri/*-»ian, kind, affec- 
tionate. '. 

C, lj>^ iCKpret or "nftwparet adj. dead; m. a 

spirit of the dead, a ghost, pret-paksk, m. the dark 
half of the month, pret-karm, m. funeral rites, vret- 
erih, m. a cemetery, vret-lok, m. the region of dis- 
embodied spirits, in which they remain one year, or 
until the obsequies are completed, pret-vadh f. the 
river of hell. *. [yam), h. 

\jji j^ TjtSIT paretd, m. a reel (for winding 
\jjj ftma priyatdf f. love, affection, s. 
flj) fanrit priyatar, dearer, more beloved. ». 
Jj ,^ Hlnn prttam or ftpnm priyatam, dear- 

est, most beloved ; m. a lover, a husband, s 
i^.j> TXV[f^ prayatna, m. continued effort, 

exertion; act, action; caution, care, prayntnawan, 
active, zealous, persevering. *. [yam), h. 

to J Tsfrinn paretna, a. to reel (thread or 
^1> J WWift prefnly a female pret or ghost, 
'aghi^tefis. ». [testing (gold or sUver). ». 

\4^J (inflW for-q^T) paitchhdy f. trying, 
dli^j> ("irfJ^r* for ''Itt^^) partchhak, m. 

one vrho tests or examines. ». 
tJ^'^iJA P«''»-Mwaw, m. a nuigician, one 

who '"calls spirit* from the vasty deep." p. 
\,^^J parn-ddfy one who controls fairies ; 

also one who is spell-bound by fairies, p. 
/^ '^.jl ftn*?^ pnya-danshany handsome, 
* goid- looking, m. a tree {Mimusops kaukL) s, 
jj J partdan, to fly, to soar on the wing. p. 

(^^\jb jjJ mOiIH') pafidhdwt, m. the forty- 
first year of the Indian cyde. «. 
CJ^jyAVfrnprerit, sent, directed, despatched. «. 

jL-J>-j^^^> parhrukhidry angelic, fairy- 
cheeked, p. 
^j^..j\ TOff preran^Vaa, the act of sending; 
\>j>j\^^iKJ({ pr&rnd^ ) command, t. 
JjOtv P^''*-'"''* fairy-faced, a beautiful woman, 

plur. pcari'Tuydfin p, 

,^\j^jlparizddf fairy- born, i.e, beautiful, p. 
^J3^{jA part'Sidn, m. the region of the 

fairies, p. 
^A^CmJ J ftnWII priya-sakk, m. a tree (Mi- 

moia calechu.) #. [friend, a confidante. ^ *. 

^^Cm> J fijiTTOt priya'Sahlity f. a female 
^^i^j^,j>^ ftPTOi^ priya-sandeshy m. a 

tree bearing a fragrant flower {Mtekelia ehaa^^aea). «. 

Lr^.rJ ^Om purufh, m. faeces, excrement, s. 
^jl£j>J pareshdn, distressed, wretched, dis- 

Sersed perplexed, dishevelled, ruined, pareshin-^, 
istressed in condition, parefhdn-kalma, to talk fool* 
ishly. p, [dispersion, destruction, p, 

Xjf^jl pareskdm, f. distress; perplexity; 
^^11j J TtSpreshlhy most or very des^r.preshtha^ 

f. a wife, s, 

^^ji ff(V[^ priyfik, m. a tree {Nauclea ca- 

damba) ; another tree {Bmtaptera tomentosa). 9. 
j\^'iya'kdr, or tm^prty a hrit, 

kindly, doing good, a benefactor, s. 
a^^lin^iprayuhtay endowed with, possess- 

• ing ; connected witli ; compact ». [prooC * 

liio J irt^ parVishdy f. examination, trial, 

llij J ^^ prehshd, f. seeing, viewing, ob- 
serving. ». 

^j^^^ ^^y q jlfitfii jhirikshftj the name of the 
grandson of Arjuna ; adj. examined, tried, proved- #. 

CUliS.^ pf^ prekfhity seon, beheld, looked 
at. «. * [mines. &c A 

tdl-5;*^ »> ^Tthipi parthshaky one who exa- 
*, <^^ » Trrt^gpiff p'frVishav, m. trial, experi- 
ment, examination. ». [spectacle, sight. «i 
;;X^ ^ ^^|1!r prehshnv, m. a public show, 

V^iS .) Tj^W parekhdf m. repentance, regret, 

concern, /i. 
\^*\ t|^W parehhd, f. (corrupted for ^n- 

/wja orparTcVia, &c), trial, examination, search. «. 
o J iSR prem, m. love, friiMidship; prem- 
^sdgar, name of a well-knovm HinJi work eo callei 

which details the history of Krishffm. «. 

^l^ j} f^MHl^ g prhjmndriy beloved, affectio- 
nate 9. 



( 197 ) 



•Mne dear to. priifam-bhavukta, f, amiabUity, be- 
coming beiOTed. *. 

jt^jl^ntprem-par, affectionate, loving, s. 
^h^^^j^A M*lijfild! premnrang-rdtd, co- 

loored with the dye of love; atroaglj in love, ena- 
"««««*• *• liDaturd), 8. 

^y^^A ^^ puri-moh, m. the thorn apple 
v^^rJ ^prenti, affectionate; a lover, s. 
iiM 5^ puren, f. the placenta ; the plant 

of the /«Catf. k. 

^^-A^^f^ prtyangu^ m, a medicinal plant 

and perfnme. or fragrant seed; panick seed {Panicum 
Uali eum). $ . ^^^^ , 

'^jj ^^?Nt pariwd, f. the fii-st day of the 

l^ji wT parewd, m. a pigeon. A. 

^^AA ^^"^^^ parivddy m. reproof, censure, 

**«»•• «• [flatterer. *. 

^^^A, ftl^Ml^ priyorvddiy sweet spoken, a 

j!^^ VO^i^pariwar, m. dependants, family, 

«*^«- *• [flow. *, 

*!ji;J MO^If 2>ariwaA, m. inundation, over- 

^^ArA* ^^^^ pratfcjak, who or what 
caoies or indoces any act; who or what deputes or 
sppomts ; m. a fonnder or institater of any ceremony : 
aleigislator. s, ^ j* 

C^^^ mftWf prayojan^ m. cause, motive, 

need, occasion; intention, design; use. exigence, 
jvojf^fla-waa, designing, purpoung. prayMonh neces- 
■aiy. requisite. *. 

^^A-A* ^^^ P^f^y^dy^f m. capital, princi- 
pal; a servant, a slave. *. [barter. *. 

^jA-iA '^^^^ parivartta, m. exchange, 

^jAAf flinroff P^y«-wi»^t,f. a creepingplant 

(SiMUtJruiescens). s. 

O^JWLri pori'Wask, fairy-like, angelic, p. 
^A-At '''^ P^^y<>9i m- occasion, cause, 

Oiotive, object, result ; device, contrivance ; example, 
cooiparison ; act, action, prayogi, having some object 
la fiew, calculated for a particular purpose, s, 

4i;i ^ft? pareh, ro. soup made of rice (v. 

'^Af^^P^^^^f 1 m. land watered after 
^ij> ^l^;wre/*5, J ploughing, or flooded 

Iwfore the final ploughing and levelling of the ground. A. 

•ijj ftR priych dear, beloved (see iJA)> 
C^Ui fi M<I^I4I parVids, m. mirth, sport. 

^]j> ^T?RT parand, a. to put to sleep, to lay 

down, to cause to repose ; to cull, to gather, pluck. A. 

J >-i '^^V^ pardw, m. halting, resting, sleep- 
ing; halting-place; camp, encampment; an army; a 
crowd, assembly. A. 

^IjrlH ^f^W^ parparand, n. to prattle, to 
chatter; to throb with pain (as the tongue from an 
aad substance). jPa;yar-raA«a, to chat, pratUe. A. 

^VjrJ Hftiini par-jdnd, n. to lie down; to 
cease, as the wind ; to repose ; to abate. A. 

(J^'ji ^nr^TT parchhatiy f. a small thatch 
"thrown over mud walls, d. 

^Jji "*«»v^ii par-rahnd, n. to be utterly 
helpless, to be in a reguhir fix. d. 

(^^param, m. a coarse kind of cotton cloth 
nsed for tents, &c. d. [immodesty, rf. 

ijjiji ^fi'if par-marfft, f. shamelessness, 

^5J ^Wn parnd, n. to repose, to lie down ; 

to fall ; to befall, to happen ; to encamp; to drop; to 
be confined to bed by sickness. A. 

'jJriP«rwa> m. a large boat; a ferry boat. d. 
^'jj> (^i^Ml pirmdnd, a. to cause to press, 

squeeze. A. 

0^3ji ^fff^paros, m. neighbourhood, s, 
i:^Jji ^ (^ ^^ ^parosin, f. a female neighbour. «. 
U^jji HfiWI|?ar(Mi, m. a male neighbour, s. 
i^jji ^fpfiparwi, a sort of sugar-cane sown 

in autunm. A. « 

^% ^parhd, read, learned, of much read- 
ing. parAa-^na, a learned, experienced man. «. 

^l^J> ^cilf parhdnd, a. to teach to read, to 
instruct, to teach to speak (or sing) as birds. *. 

cA!}l '^^ parhan, f. reading, the act of 

reading, s, 

^2;^J> '^ftpl parkin, f. a mullet. A. 

^j^ ^ra^ parknd, a. to read, to repeat, to 

say, to speak, to quote or recite, parhne-wala, m. 
reader. «. 

parkanty f. study, reading; a 


It; *. 

*% JP P^T^> *"• * '^''ge parcel (of physic, 

fce.> para, m. the boundary of a field. A. 

'i^ 'nm^lt pardrpdnd, a. to find, to get 
«dy. &• 

j^TO^paropflr, with reiterated strokes. *. 

^^^)i M«<«ltf| parhmand, a, to cause to be 
taught reading (v. par/iana). A. [made. A. 

g?J> 5^ P'^Th ^' a skin with which a drum is 
^gJJ "^ft pari, f. a measure (v. paimdna.) d. 
UjJ ^finn /mnya, f. a parcel (of physic, &c.), 

a dose of medicine in powder. ». 

Wji ^fr'H pafiyd, f. a female buffalo calf. h. 

^j{Jji ^njTf^ pare-rahnd, n. to be in a 

hopeless or desperate state, d. 
JjJ^ '^^ni^ paryal, f. sweepings, h. 

j\ pv^ or paz, (in comp.) cooking, baking; 
framing or contriving (in the mind), p. 

( 198 ) 

^•»5H1"''-«-«' I f. a brick-kiln. ;,. 

3'^J^y^ pa^hmurdagtj f. rottenness, faded 
"state, p, 

^dj^yi pazhmurdan, to wither, fade, decay, p. 

^j^^ pas, after, behind ; at length, then, there- 
fore, finally, pas-andaz, savings, something laid up to 
provide for old age or want of employment ; labourers, 
&c. call it maya t tawakkul, p. 

L^ V:m pasd, m. two handfuls, as much as 
can be held in both hands open (same as dnjld, q. v.). s. 

u-^Lj pisab or pishab (for peshab), m. the 

act of pissing, urine, p, 
-^Lj ftnETT^ pisdch {{or ff^^ft^ pUhdch, q. v.) 

ra. a spectre, apparition, vision, a demon* s, 
.j»-L1> ftrar^ pisachi or f^^X^^ pisdchnt, 
"f. a female spectre, an ogress. «. 
^.Uj '^mXJ pasdi'd, m. expansion, the act of 

spreading out pasdrd-k., to procrastinate and find 
obstacles to an easy matter, f . 

\ijUj M^ f iH I pasdrnd, a. to spread ; to dis- • 
tend ; to stretch otit, to expand, to open, s, 

^tf,Uj qmO pasdri, m. one who sells spices 

(v. pa^sdri). A. 

^^U*^ fij^M pwan, m. meal, flour. «. 
\3L.> fijlllft f pisdnd, a. to reduce to meal, 

flour, or powder; to grind, s, 

'oL*^ 'q ^R T pasdndf a, to skim ; to pour ofl^ 

superfluous water. «• 

^cA,*^ ^TOT^ pa5a,i, f- a kind of rice, h, 
^A^ fW^pwa,i,f.pricepaid for grinding.*. 
b^^pas-pd orpas'pdfe^ silting cross-legged 

(like the Asiatics), p. 

or pashu'pdl, 

paZtf/i or pashU'^dlak,, 

^U***J M9imc$«t pasu-pdlarif the rearing and 

tending of cattle, one of the duties of the Vmsya 
caste, s. 

UftlbbfMi^ pas-pd hand, n. to decline ; to fall 

In the rear, to slink behind ; to retreat, to flee, to de- 
sist from an attempt, p. h, 

^3iLri ^^^ P^ P^^ (^^'^ I'^y pushja- 

putra)t adopted son. pui-put k., to adopt as a son. s, 

OuN^ past, below, low. past-Jitratt of in- 
ferior understanding, of a mean disposition, past* 
himrnat, unambitious, past o buland dekknd, to con- 
side** and take precautions against the vicissitudes of 
fortune, pas-at, behind thee, p, 

^\:L«iJ pistdn, m, the breasts, hubbies, p, 
\yc^^ ^Wl^ pastdvdy n. to regret, repent, s. 


-* ^ 

m. 1 i t . beast-feeder ; 
acowherd, acow- 
feeder. s. 

igigrv pustah, f. a book, a volume. $. 
pistOj m. a pistachio nut. p. 
j^pastij f. inferiority, lowness. p. 
lt^j^Js^puta;%rang, m. pea-green. />. 
t^j^\j*>^p(U*t!mrda^ m. leavings (of food). 

dregs, <ML. p, 

j^Vmt pasary f, grazing cattle at night, h. 
j^ pisar, m. a boy, a son, a child, pisar- 

sorfa, a grandchild, pisari^bl'pdnda.Vk ndxi^^^iM. 

Sisri ai^dfl, a step-son, son of a wife by a fonner 
usband. pisri-mutabaHnd, an adopted son. ptsar- 
^tjffpdndagi, adoption of a son. p* 

\3~-^ Tifittnpa«flr«a, n. to be spread, stretched 

out, expanded, s, 

mjiu»> pas^au, or pas-raWy m. a follower; 

dependants ; tridn, equipage, p, 

^^jj^pa^-rflTci, f. following; equipage, p. 

(^r^ pwari, f. boyhood, infancy, p. 
y^ Xys pistol or pii^tuly a pistol, e, 
Cl^Mi'ip*^ pas ghaibaU in one s abeence. p» 
*^oH P<^h^^ ^' 'kaddy a dwarf (properly 

past-iadd). p. a. 

LTmJ** pas'kash, m. recoil, retraction, p. 
\3^Lm> (^HffilHlptsldnd, a. to cause to grind. A. 
ik*-^ "^^1^ pasliy f. a rib, the praecordia. 

pasli pharaknh a thrilling over the ribs, ia applied to a 
perception of the condition of an absent person. A. 

**33U^j«J pas^idnda, left behind, a sur- 
vivor, p, 

U*-*> flWRT pisndy n. to be reduced to meal, 
to be ground ; to be ruined, distressed ; (met.) to be 
desperately in love. h. 

iX^M*) pasand, f. choice, approbation ; (in 

comp.) agreeable to, pleasing, as dil-pasand, pleasiiig 
the heart pasand-ht to please, p. 

^«3J»(3JImO pasandidan, to approve of, to be 

agreeable, p. 

^^S^*^l pasandida, chosen, approved of, 

agreed to. p. [weight, fcc jx 

ICmJ pasamjdy m. (the same as pdsang), a 
y^^ V^pasu or pashuy (see (J-^) m. a beast ; 

an animal, f . 

jr^ f^^ pisu or pissu, m. a flea. A. 

LT^LT^ pa5 pesky m. lit. behind and be- 
fore; evasion, prevarication, pas opesii-k., a. to pro 
varicate. p, 

U»>9M^ MU«|«{I pasujndy a. to stitch. A. 
^^^,> innj^ paSyhiy f. a kind of wild rice, 

"growing in shallow ponds, h. 


( 199 ) 

Ar^ J^^jf proYisioD for a journey ; adj. 

readj, prepared, p. 

bj^MlAl|«||j9aj«/ffa,n. to perspire, to sweat, 
to melt ; to conipaauoiiate. «. 

^;[u»>paAn, last, posterior, modem, p, 

^if^ pasint, modem, recent; pL pasiniydTif 
the modema. p, 

Uju»> ^nfhn pannd, 1 . ^. 

* >, '^ I m. perspiration, 

V^^juJ '^^^^pasevDhdyj 

\J>>,WApa9hUy m. an animal, a beast; cattle. 

pathu^l, m. a herdsman, pashu-paianr m. tending or 
rearing cattle, paskutd^ f. pashuiwOt m. nature of an 
animal, beatiallty. pashu-dharm, m. action or pro- 
perty of animala ; promiscaoua cohabitation, the marry- 
ing of widowa. fKuAtf-ro;', m. a lion, pcuhu-rajju, m. 
a itring for fastening cattle, pashu-ramant m. the 
bair of an animal, peuhu-kriya, i. copulation, pashu^ 
fiyo/rt, f. a verse whispered mto the ear of an animal 
about to be aacrificed. «. 

^\^^f^(^tWpiskab (for peshdb),m. urine. |?. 
^ll) f^niirv pishdchj m. a sprite, a fiend, a 

q«ctre; an infernal imp or ghoat, described aa floce 
■od malisnant. pishdch-dru, m. a tree anppoeed to be 
haunted by goblins (TropAJs aapera). pUkSek-grasta, 
posKsaed of a demon, a demoniac pithSehnl, f. a 
female sprite, f . 

^^^^y(Wm pashdrif m. a stone, a rock. s. 
L\ jn| pushp or puskpa, m. a flower, the 

the car of Knyera ; specks on the eye, albugo. 
fBii6pra;ali/.preaenting flowers held in both liands liol- 
Wwed. auikfMi-|MlJk, m. the vulva. pas^pa-fMcr, the citj 
of FitSiputra or Palibothra. puahpa-phal, m. elephant 
or vrood-apple. ptukporchdmar, m. a plant {Artemisia) ; 
a frsgrant plant {Pandamu odoratissirmu) having a 
brgebushy flower, pushpct-dant, m. the elephant 9f 
the north-weat quarter, pushpet-rat, m. the noney of 
flowers, fuckpo-rdlr/a, nL a shrub (Hibisctu pkceniceus). 
jmApo-remi, m. Uie farina of flowera. pushpa-rochan^ 
DL a plant (Mema/trrea). pushpa-tar, m. the honej of 
flowera. puskportamatf, m. spring, pushportkunt^a, 
flowcrieaa. pmskpa-karandak, m. Avantl or Ujiam, 
or the grove in ita vidnity, aacred to MahSdeva. 
pukpa-kStn, m. calx of braaa. ptuhpa-kift m. any in- 
sect alTecting flowers, pushpormat, m. spring, pushpa- 
via, t a flower-garden, putluaarwat, flowery, pushpa- 
km, flowerless. pushporhma, t, the glomerous ng-tree ; 
a woman whose menstruation hM ceased, puthpl, 
flowering, a. 

U^V^ 3^ W*V puskpdnjani m. the calx of 

M^J nfbnr puskpity flowered, in flower. 

piuMia, t a woman during menatmation. puihpitagra, 
t a nnn of netre. «. 

CLl) ^vn jntfApaA, m. calx of brass* the 

carof Kuvera, god of richea; specks on the 6ye; a 
bnodet of jewela ; green vitrioL pmhpdk&tish, ul the 
CKui anlfriiate of iron. s. 

^^ ^^^>TV ptishpika, f. the tartar of the 
toeili; the mucua of the glana penis or urethra. «. 

Jff^ ^StMHi^CJ^ pashu'palval, m. a fragrant 

{CffpetMM roluudiu). < 


3 pushty f. ancestry, a generation of pro- 
genitors ; the back ; a aecond, an assistant. pu$hl ba 
pitshtt generation by generation, pusht-pd^w, m. an 
inflammation or phlegmon on the upper surface of the 
foot, puiht par kin ke raJma, (lit. to be at the back of 
one, or to back one) to support steadily, pushi pandh, 
an ally, a support, pusttt ^m, hump- backed, pushti 
diut kisi par mama or muhti pa tndrnd, to reject, to 
abandon, muht dena (in Fen, pasht-dadan), to flee, 
run away (fit. turn one's bnck, " terga dare "). p. 

^2*^ ftrf^nn piahitd, f. spikenard, s, 

l^llSo ;7W.if/i/ara, m. a load, burden for carry- 
ing on the back, p, 

UIxSJ pashtdndf to regret, repent, d, 
ijllij pa*htdwdy m. regret, remorse, rf. 

jl3J*% pusht'iiar, m. an artificial hand of 

ivory, &&, set in a long handle to scratch the back 
with, p, 

ti^J^j. pushtak, a vice in horses, plunging and 

kicking up behind. pJ 

pushtu, the Afi^n language. p» 

J pushfa^ m. a buttress, a prop ; a bank, 
a quay; a hill, an eminence ; heap, load, a bundle, p, 

^^XOfCii^ puskta-bandi, embankments of a 

river, p. 

M A 

-M A 


V V 

of the universe. 

ptuhit,m, backing, alliancp, aid; a prop; 

**the cover of a book, pashd-hatt an ally, a supporter} 
puM'bani, f. alliance, aid; support ptuMi-k^ to 
aasist, to support, to second, to back. p. 

iUlJ 3? P^^hU nourished, fat ; restorative, 

provocative. puif^angOt &t. t, 

iUlj ^fFpiKAtt/.nourishing. pushti doy^^]. 

nouriahing. puth^-da, f. a plant (Phytalis Jtexuosa). 
push^i-kar» m. any nutritive substance, a provocative 

fn^ pishtapy ra. a world, a division 

»• [restorative power, s. 

^IjlIJ g»ni pushtaldy f. fatness; invigoration, 
Cilll^ fn^pishtaht m. a disease of the eyes, 

opacity of the cornea, t, [cative. «. 

{J^^^ '^!^P^^t^9h f- at^j- restorative, provo- 
Ol^v VW\ pashchdty after, afterwards, 

behind ; westward, pashchat-tap, m. repentance. «. 

JJ<^'^fV^pashchim, west, western ; behind, 

after, s, 

OmI) VIJ^WJ pashukdf f. any small animal, s. 
y^^ y^ puihkary m. the sky, heaven ; a 

lotus {Nelumbium specioswn or Nymphaa nelumbo) ; a 
drug {Coitus speciosus) ; a place of pilgrimage called 
Pokar in the province of Aimir; one of the seven 
great dwlpas or divisions of the world ; a mountain in 
the same dunpa ; a pond or lake. pushkar-miUak, m. 
the root of the costus speciosus. s, 

ijj^^ MMlfi^lrt pttshkarini, f. a large pond, 
"* a lake, s, 

^JjL^^'^af^ pushkal, excellent, best ; much, 

many; full, complete; m. tlie mountain Meru; tha 
holy place, Pushluir. s. 

( 200 ) 


^jiiwJ pish-kash (Jor pesh-kash), a present, a 

tribute, p, 

JLiJ piMU, dung of sheep, deer, &c. p. 
JL>^paxhmy f. wool, hair (pubes turn maris 

' turn foemina). fioshm par mama, to be perfectly con- 
tented and independent, to despise, disregard, pashm 
samajhnd. to despise, pashm na ukhaptd, to soifer no- 
thing: from the enmity of another, not a hair of the 
hefui to be touched (spoken in great contempt of an 
adversary), p. 

pashmaky a kind of sweetmeat, p, 
J pashmi, 1 
^jrv^^ pashmin, > woollen, made of wool. p. 
^'u^M.> pashmtna^ J 

^-1j firarr phhimy wicked, relentlesF, cruel; 

vile, low ; stupid, a fool ; m. a spy, an informer, pishun- 
vakya or pishun-vac him, m. evil speech, slander. *. 

^JJ^^ Pm^HI pii^huna^ f. a gramineous plant 

{Trigonella comiculata). s, 

vl,^-^ ftr^V^f fuhang or pishangl, tawny, 

brown. pishtangatOf f. tawniness. s. 
\^^'*'"l pashang, a mattock, spade, hoe ; also 

a man's name, the father of Afrasiyab, p. 

:\^-iJ pishtcaz, f. a gown, a female dress, p, 
d,JLl pasha or pashsha, a gnat, a fly, a mos* 

quito. p. [hog^plum. *. 

^j^„jX^v ^ni^lf «lft pashu-haritakh f. the 
JjumJ pash'iz, a small piece of money, p, 

^l^jJL) pasheman, ashamed, abashed, dis- 
graced, penitent, p. [morae. p, 
j^UxiJ pashemaniy f. rogret, penitence, re- 

Tf^ push/Of m. the eighth lunar asterism, 

compriiting three stars, of which one is Cancer ; the 
month PaiM (Dec— Jan ). puslya-^utr, an adopted son. *. 

f^X> f^eij jti//, f. nJinie of a biid (Cuculus 

Jndicns) ; the kokila. plk-bayanu having a voice like 
the pik. s. 

Lib frnft pihh, m. a young elephant, s, 

udb xr^ pahk^ ^ ripe ; boiled, 

io V^* "TJET pnha or pahha.) dressed (op- 
posite to raw) ; baked (a*» bricks), Tnade of brick ; cun- 
ning, knowing, pakkd-k., to establish a claim, or an 
agreement, or a proposition, so that no doubt or sub- 
ject of dispute can remain; to build with bricks. 
paka-pakdyd, ready cooked, pakka-ghar, a house built 
of baked bricks or stone. pakkd-chiUhd, an authenti- 
cated, revised, or accredited account, pakkd-ser, a ser 
of full and standard weight, s. 

xij V[^ftTt,ptikd7*, f. puhnra^m. a cry a shout, h. 
\j3*>j^ ^T'SrC^'n pw/<a/'-(/e«a, a. to proclaim 

publicly, to call, h, 

\>}L> M4KH1 pvharncLi a. to call aloud, to 

bawl out, to cry ; to call or summon, h. 

^jtS \i> f^niiTW pikahsha^ m. a vegetable and 

perfume, commonly called rochani. t. 

^K> M«liHI pahana, a. to ripen } to dress 

victuals, to cook, to bake, s, 

cL^^ f^mjf pikdjigf m. a small bird, called 

also chdtakiyeu s. £<. 

iX)3K^. Cm 4 M '^pihdnandj m. the spring seasoa. 
jK^ ^niiT^ pakdir, m. suppuration. paJia,Uj 

suppurative, s. 

#^K> 'T'liT^ pakdyij f. dressing, ripeness. «. 
>(3Jjij f^tnnnv pik'handhv, m. the mango 


tree. «. 

jjjui^ fM^M^nl pih-bayani or (^llAffl pik" 

" beUnl, t possessing a voice like the kokila, «. 

^)^^ M4^«1 pakpan, m. ripeness ; cunning, 
cleverness, expertnesa. ». 

J^C1^^> ^{^§ll\^pahtir$hu^ m. inflammation 

of the bowels, cholic. . f. 

^JJi3io pakdandi, f. a footpath, d, 

I pakar, f. the act of seizing, seizure, 

capture ; objection, difficulty. A, 

13^J^ q«|i^M1 pakrdndy a. to cause to be 

caught, seized, or laid hold of ; to deliver over or giv* 
in chaise, /i. 

v^i3joji^> pakar-handi, f. proof, evidence; 

capture, seizing, d. 

U)^ inKTrrrp^^^r^^, a. to catch, to lay hold 
of, to seize, to apprehend ; to object, h, 

ijtiS ^mi pakahy m. half a lunation, a fort- 
night ; a partisan, a friend ; a side, a flank, pakfkagh&i, 
m. palsy, hemipelgia. pakslta-pdU m. partitanship, 
partiality, paksha-pdti, ra. a partisan, an adherent. 
paksha-patita, f. adherence, friendship. pak$kata^ C 
the taking up a side, partiality, paksha-dhar, m. apar 
tisan. 8. 

j<li3 Tf^ pakshi, m. pahshiniy f. a bird. 

"pakshi-rdj, m. king of the birds, Gartt4(u pakshi-thaU, 
f. a nest, an aviary. «. . 

5li3 VM^ pakld, m. a sore between the toes, 

produced by moisture, h. 
USo. ViWm pakndf n. to be dressed or cooked ; 

to ripen ; to suppurate (as an inflammation, boil, &c.) i 
to turn grey (hairs). *. • 

y^V^pa^i'ivn^ ripe, cooked, mature, perfect; 
able, shrewd ; grey (the hair) ; digested, pakvasbay, 
m. the abdomen, the stomach. pakufOrkrit, m. the nimh 
tree, tlie leaves of which are used to induce suppu- 
ration, s. 

^^^ ^aii^R pahrdn or 
m. sweetmeats, victuals fried h 
cookery of any kind. <. 

\3Ux> M 4i 41 «1 1 pahrvdridyK. to cause to be dressed 
or cooked ; to cause to ripen. «. [cooking, h, 

ijf^^^ ^^^\\ pakwdfi, f. price paid for 
]j^ V^^^tfJ pakord, m.1 a kind of dish 
{jjfi^^ V:^^tjl\ pakori or r made of peameel 
M^lilil pakauTh f* J *• 

^,^-w ^^^.w, y,„,w.-» X,. ^«p^ pakndnna, 
m. sweetmeats, victtials fried in melted butter or cnl. 



( 201 ) 


0t^'^^pokh ({6rT^paksha,q,Y,),m, a pe- 
riod of fifteen days, fortaigfat, half a luoation ; two ; 
m iwfince, protection, s. [of a bow. d, 

Ul^ «i«i6i pa&hdta, m. the horn or comer 
^^4^ M^IWI pakhama, a. to wash, s, 
J^X> M9\^ pakhaly f. la large leather 

5)\^ 1^101 pakhala, m. J bag for carrying 

witer ntuallj double, and thrown over the back of a 
bollock ; abo a leathern bag for raiting water from a 
well f. 

{J^l i^i^l pakhaliy m. a water-carrier, s. 

(jj^H M9H pahhan (for pakkan\'\ m. a 
li^^J ^WRTpaAAana, j stone. «. 

rJ^4H '*«''«'« pakkawajy f. a kind of dram, 

a timbreL K 

{^a^n ^WWfift paJihawajiy m. one who 

beat* the pakhatcaj ; a drnmmer. A, 

r];4H y''^ puhhrajj m. a topaz ; name of 

a Innar mai^ion. A. 

J^ » M^U^I pakkrantay m. a bit of gold 

or nher leaf covering a hlfa or mouthful of betel, h 

Vft^ imfl pngha, m. (the same ag />a^a), a 
rope, tether, h, [or ateel. A. 

J^4^ ^W^ paghdly m. a kind of hard iron 

^.^^ ^M\H\ paghdya, m. a dealer in cloth, 
metals, &c. h. 

^^^4^ (U^<^\^\ pighlana, a. to melt, to fuse; 

to soften (an angry or a hard penon), to assuage, a. 
jiJ^H f^^^^S^pighldrv or pighld,o,m, fusion.^. 

^^^4^ ftro^HT pighalnd, n. to melt or be 

melted, to be in fusion. «. 
^•^ ^1^ paghaiyd, m. a trader in cloth, 

iron, &c. A. 

^J "^nin J»a^iya, f. a turban. A. 

[}i ^paly m. a moment ; the sixtieth part 

of a ghari or dan4 (2* pals are equal to one rainat^). 
pal marte, immediately, instantly, in the twinkling of 
an eye. pal mama, to wink, to move the eyelid, p, 

J^7?wZ, m. a bridge, an embankment, a cause- 
way, pul'gusar, a bridge toll, pul bdndhna, a. (to 
miUce a bridge) to limit ; to abound, p, 

^ ^?^ paid, m. a spoon, ladle for taking 
out oil, &c. puld, m. a small bundle of plants or 

-./: , -i 1.1 - e - * 1 n ■^^^■* *' [*aramipt//a, a bastard. A. 

'j4*JpflMira or pakhUfd^ m. a side, wing, 

flank, gable end of a bouse. d» 

^}tri ^^^t pakhotdf m. a wing, fin of a 

flrii: side or flank. <;. [bhuic. «. 

!j^4H ^«'^fi pakhaurdf m. the shoulder- 
J-rtH ^'^'^ pahherv, m. a bird. «. 
Lr-4*i ^Wm pahhes, m. mark, stamp. A. 
^iw xpi p/,y, ni. the foot, pagpat far bajnd, 

to beat time with the foot, pag-dandi, f. by-path. 
m^mtdi-Und, to track, to trace. *. 

VwiPTT^fl/^a, m. a rope fastened round the 
w«k of a bullock, a tether. A, 

J^^'VTd. jtagdr, mud kneaded for building 
or plastering walls ; (in Dakh.) pay, salary, wages, s. 

-lvO;>a^aA, f. dawn of day, morning, twi- 

%kt p. 

^i^^pagdlitar, f. early dawn of day. p. 
u^UiXi^ MJimiHI pag-dhdrnd, n. to travel, 

tedepart. s, [chew the cud. A. 

^]ri ^^-Ml pagurdnd, n. to ruminate, to 
^5H ^mrt pfl^n* f- a turban ; a species of 

J*^ ^^-W)- |M»r» o^oAna, to >e obstinate, to 
P«Mt or persevere, pagfi ckhapat^i, a. to act falsely 
w treacherously. A. 

*2_^'|5| pagldy foolish (phrase peculiar to 
mnpA and the easten parts of HindQstUn). A. 

^ ^ppfi pagnd, n. to be dipped in or co- 
•fcrt «Hh vfmp ; (met) to be in love, a. 

V^^nPTTpo/Za, m. space, distance ; assistance ; 

a border of cloths ; a sheet (generally applied to chinta 
or shawl) ; a bag ; labium vulva ; one shutter of a door, 
&c. ; border, margin. A. 

5b palld, m. one scale (or side of a pair of 

scales), palld-bandhnd, to enter the lists against an 
enemy, palld-kash, partial, palla-kashi, partiality. 
palle par kisJ ke dna^ to assist, to favour, to side with 
any one. palle-ddr, a porter who has bags to carrv 
burdens, palle-ddrh f the business of a porter, p, ' 

«^5b i|<jpi^ paldd, m. f. a Rahshas or demon, 

male or female. «. [humour, t, 

^^ "^91 ly palagni, m. the bile, ihe bilious 
;_^ib palds, m. very coarse cloth, p, 
O^i^ HK^i^i paid.< or paldsh, m. a tree so 

called, on which the lac insect feeds {Buteafrondo$a), 
j^as paprd, m. the seeds of the JButea frandosa, used 
in medicine, s. 

L^^ HQji^il paldsi, m. luime of a village 

(vulg. PlcKsey), famous for one of our earlier victoilM 
in India. «. 

Cji^ V[^T^ fffldxfty m. a tree (see pafds), 

ftjL^^li^ ^^l^||4!m paldsfidkhga, m. assa* 
fcetida. i. [clinata ; the polos tree. «. 

vil^^ ^t^i^r^ 'paldshak, m. curcuma re- 
j^^ ^<pi;ti1 paldshi, f. lac; m. a goblin ; 

asortofmimusop8(fii. AottAi). s, 

Lr^^ ItV^ pldksha, m. the fruit of the Aa- 

hiscus populneoides. a. 

fj^^M^i^ paldn, a space of ground between 
two occupied lots, left for future dispoaaL A. 


( 202 ) 


^^palan, 1 m. (corruption of pa/5«), a 

U^ palanoy j packsaddlc. p, 

13^ tl^mi paldnd, a. to run a way, to flee, 
to escape. «. [ply with drink, h. 

^^ f^r^n«n pUdna, a. to cause to drink ; to 

^^ ^^Nl paldnnd, a. to saddle a horse or 

bullock, p. 
«3J^ M<#MH paldndu, m. an onion. 9, 

uL^^ "^I^TIF paldng, m. the Gangetic por- 
poise. *. 

Sh ^'ran'ft paldni, f.\ 

^. ^ ,. nhatchinff. A. 

jV^ ^dSIM pa/aiw, m. J 

9^ ?n? ;^/at?. ro. submersion. «. 

j^> puldyO (properly pildv), in. a kind of 

dish made up of rice, spices, and flesh or fowl. Jtawd 
kd jula,o, a castle built in the air. ** Lord Byron has 
been laughed at by many an ' old Indian' for writing 
this word 'pUaff,' making It rhyme with < quaff,' but 
the fact is, that his lordship's Anglified term comes 
innch nearer to the real word, which is Persian, than 
car barbarous Indian corruption of it." p, (B.) 

^3^ "'I^STPn paldfOndf n. to flee, to run 

away, s, [away. *. 

^j;U>^ M($|i4^r<l paldt/amdn, adj. running 
#Mi^ ^f^ynR paldyarij m. flighty retreat. 

palayan-parayan^ fugitive, s. 

</*^lU pw/-&aw</i, f. an embankment, dykee 

or mounds raised to prevent inundations ; keeping a 
bridge &C. in repair, also a tax levied for that purpose; 
sodomy. pul-bandUk., to ravish, to violate, p. 

^}Alpilpil, m. popper, p. 

iUb ftl^ftl^n pilpUd or ^c^tj^j&l pulpuld, 

so^, flabby, flaccid, h, 
U^ub f^c^rM^MI pilpildnd, a. to doflen. A. 
^5^b yc^M'^MT pulpuldnd, n. to fear, to 

dread ; to take a morsel into the mouth, and from the 
want of teeth being unable to chew, to turn it about, h, 

vilJb^uJj fVj^rM<jH^^ pilpildhaty f. softness, h, 

<wJb^Ub ^^M<#1^7 pulpuldhatf f. fear; the 
act of turning about a morsel in the mouth. A. 

dA) »if plutf m. the protracted utterance of 
a vowel, being three times the length of a short vowel. ». 

Vi|UV4dL;'q^5^nn:'n (also M<#4WIH0 palthd 

(or paltita)tndnid, n. to sit down on the ground resting 
on the buttocks, h. [the buttocks, h. 

^^^^ m^ ^ paUhiy f. a mode of sitting on 

Ub 1|q^ paltd, m. turn^ -stead, exchange, 
recompense, revenge, retaliation. A. 

0U1l> M^^IHI pcUfdnd, a. to cause to turn, to 

convert. A. 
UI^U)l> M^Z} 9T«n palta khdndf a. to turn 

over head and heels ; to overturn, to be tilted, to re- 
bound. A. 

Ua)U)l> palta-lend^v, pa^t-/.),to revenge,&c.A. 

^\^ '^l^im paltdw or paltd,o. m, contradic- 
tion, reaction, rebound. A. 

UjJcLJi y^^^HI palat'lend or paltdlend, a. 
to take in return, to revenge, to exact retribution. A 

^^^ V^Simpaltan, f. a battalion, a regiment. A 
Ujib T^^z^ palatndyJi^U} return, to turn back ; 

to retreat ; to overturn, to rebound ; to change. A. 

\3.*w«l^b Jf^^ mX9{\ paltftd-mdi-nn, n» to siC 

down on the ground resting on the buttocks. A. 
J^^Vf^^pu/ijyXUnt land which is cultivated for 
every harvest, being never allowed to lie fallow. A. 

V-l^ f^c^'NHI pilachndy n. to adhere, h, 
V-;b ''T^TfT palrd, m. a scale, i.e. one side of a 

pair of scales. A. 

^.gjb r^^^l piln, f. a kind of forced meat A. 

cL'LJ^ pUsdt, f. yellowness, yellow hue. d. 
1»Lm»^ pul si rat or puli nrdt, m. the bridge, 

over which Musalm&ns pass into panuUse. — ^N. B. the 
wicked are sure to fall thence into the bottomless 
pit. p. a, 

CLo..tii> pilishty polluted impure, unclean ; 
(met) f. an adulteress, a stnunpet p. 

(.dlb 11911 pa^A, f. the eyelid; a moment; 

palak daryot m. clouds ; palak mama or -auf^affo, a. 
to wink, p, 

04i> 5^fi*Tt pulkU, joyful, rejoiced. 8. 
^jSidj m plahha, m. waved-leaf fi^-lree 

(Ficus infectoria); another tree (HibisctupomUMeoide*)', 
the holy fig-tree {Fictu religiosa); one 01 the seven 
Dwlpas or divisions of the world, s. 

t^l ^^9^ p^l^u m. a sort of Kadamb 

"{Naucleacadamhd), s. 

(^ ilf^Sf pulin, m. an island of alluvial 

formation, a small island or bank left in a river upon 
the falling of waters, s. 

Li) fVl^ffT pilnd, a. to attack, to assault ; n. 

to be bruised, thrashed, trodden, pressed, gtoond. «. 

^l VW^P^^^f °« to ^6 reared ; to be fatten- 
ed, to thrive. (. 

43Ji> ^figlfi pulind, m. a barbarian, an outcast, 

one Inhabiting mountains and forests, s. 

^jJ^ '^f^^ pulhidd, m. a bundle, a parcel. A. 

i.^Xi> ^79W po^f^t ™* & hed (without cur- 
tains), a bedstead, palang-posh, m. a coverlet, a coun- 
terpane : this last compound is commonly called a 
**palampore*' by Europeans, palang tin cAor, **the bed 
and three thieves," the constellation called '* Cbaries** 
wain " (B.) p. 

cI/Jl) palang, m. a tiger, a panther, a 

leopard, palcaig-afgan, tiger killer, a fierce warrior, jk 

v±/Jl) ^^HFy puling or ^f^9 puUinga, the 

masculiue gender. «. 

{j'j^^^'^9Wi^P^^^9^h ^' A small bedstead. A* 



( 208 ) 



^^f^paiangt^ of or relating to a tiger, tiger- 
"Uke, fierce, ferocious, p. 

^ mplav^m. a diver, a bird so called (Pe- 

ikamufiukollis) i waTed-Ieaf fi^tre« (FHcus infectoria) ; 
a lort of gran {Cyperus rotundm) ; fragrant grass in 
generaL a. 

^ ^ffmpallav, m. a sprout, a shoot, a branch 

with the leaves attadied. «. 

^^^pailu, m. the hem of a garment, the 

border of a garment pallu-dar, a garment with gold 
or silver border. A. 

^^f^V'dlu, m. \ 

^|^> y^jllli palmar, m. a kind of boat of 15 

to 20 tons burden for carrying goods ; applied chiefly 
to the slow heavj craft in the Sunderbuns : it is consi- 
dered to have come originally from Dacca, h, 

ifj^yi ^^^iO pahvdri, m. a boatman, people 

belonging to a boat or palfffor. h. 

^yj ^^'vmi palrvana, a. to cause to be 

a worm. s. 


icsrcd or nourished. 

VA ^JWtn pallautha or pala 

{i^^ pahila uthd or pakla nfha). h. 

^^^nWW pallavakj m. a kind of fish 

(Qpriaiu deniieulalus). t. 

Uj^ ^^«I5 palwaly m. the name of a plant 

(TnekMnUhsM dimca, Raxh.), palwal-laii, the plant of 
f**^)- *. [fion. *. 

(^ 3WI plavan, m. a delugp, an inunda- 

*1> j»o^,m. a side (as of scales), (v. palla), p, 

•Ij pttia, soft, tender ; hollow, d, 

V^ filfT p/iA5, f. the spleen (v. pViha). s. 

^^l 5*^MI pulhdnd, a. to persuade. ». 

5^ ftnR plUian, m. the spleen. «, 

^tl> ^Vf^^^ palhinda or palihndd, ra. T 

1/*^ ^nB^4|il palhindi or palihndi, fj 

1 ibelf upon which water-pots are placed, a pbce 
where water is kept. A. 

^ ftl^ pila,i, f. the. spleen ; a disease 
frwn enlargement or inflammation of the spleen. «. 

J ^19^ ptffi, f. a ladle used to take out oil 
wiftL k. 

1^ IRft palli, f. a small village ; a house 

"^" ^ ^ [of a tree. A. 

4^ ^5^ P^^ii» f a young branch or spraj 

C^ paSt (for pa/trf), polluted, unclean, p, 

*S^ 'qgfhr pant, m. a ghost, spirit of the 
4m£ a. 

T»J^9hn;>a/i/a, m. a match (of a gun); a 

iMdIeu palltd ckaf-Jana, to flash in the pan. p. 

tlfiU}'^^^ paletkan, m. dry flour laid 

aid over bread when it is rolled palethan 
to contrive the ruin of any one. palethan 
tL to beat severely. A. 


c3jA> piltd or palid, unclean, polluted, p. 
j^JjAj paRdif f. uncleanness, excrement, p, 

^ '^f^ pale,o, m. soup, pounded rice or 

flour put into soup to thicken it. palev or paUfi, laud 
watered after ploughing. A. 

^^^^ 5ft^ pn/ia, f. \^ the spleen ; the organ, 

r. |, 


{^Ai^i SfffT pUkan, m. J or the disease of it ; 

enlargement of the mesenteric glands. §, 

j^A^ 5ft?Tft plthdri, m. the holy fig-tree 
(Fieiu religioia), deemed an enemy to spleen. A. 

>i4i^ Jl^^i-; pliha'shatru,^m. a medicinal 

w4H*^i 'fiW pUha-ghnaj J plant, com- 
monly called RohinI orRohera (Andersonia rohilaka), s, 
vA^ ^^^m pampd, f. a river in the south of 

India. «. 

ui 5^ P^^> ^* puna, or gftf p«m, again, 

also, afterwards, puna-puna or puna-punar, again and 
again, repeatedly, i. 

CirJ ^P^n (for ^Sipuni/a)y m. virtue,virtuou8 
action, charity; (opposite to fault); merit s, 

{jl fn pin, m. a sound, noise, s. 

(^l ^TO pan, m. an aggregate number, con- 
sisting of twenty ^an^ (q.v.X that is, eighty Araurls 
(and sixteen pans make a AoAan); a vow; promise; 
a bet, a wager, a stake at play : it is also us. d to de- 
note money in general ; wages, hire, price; business; 
an agreement, a stipulation or clause in an agreement; 
(contr. of pan), ob, pan-bafta, m. a betel-box. *. 

trJ ^^ P^^f * termination affixed to nouns, 
answering to the English terminations </»/>, hood, nesa, 
&&', as, larak-pan, childhood, bdlak-pan, boyhood. A. 

^^ pan, conj. but, yet, for. d, 

^ ^nn pand, a tenni nation added to words 

to denote trade, state, or condition (also the same aa 
pan), Mjauhari-pana, the trade of a jeweller. A. 

VaJ ^sn punnd, a. to abuse, revile, h, 

^l ''TSn pannd, m. a beverage ; the upper 

part of a shoe ; a termination answering to pan, q.v. A. 

^l '^Wf.pannd, m. an emerald ; a leaf, s, 
li> ftl^ pinna, m. a cake of mustard-seed 

remaining after the expression of the oil, which is 
given to cows, &c for food. «. 

1;^ ^*fivT pandrd, m. 1 a drain or pipe by 

t^Uj VmrCi pandri, f. J which water runs off 

from the roof of a hoxise, a spout. 9, 
t.i)Uj f^m pindk, m. the bow of Shiva, a 

musical instrument of one string shaped like a bow, 
the trident of Shiva, s. 

^J^\ ftnnwf pindhl, f. a sort of viol, s, 
lL/Uj ^9[tT\punndg, m. a tree from the flowera 

of which a yeUowish dye is prepared {Rofleria tine 
toria), 8. 

"^^M^KpipandldtTn.] (seepandri); a spout. 
^\i) ^ff l<^1 panoTi, f. J panaU parnd, to be 

"very fat (a horse). «• 


UUj qnni pananciy a. to cause the milk to 

come into the udder of animals, h, 

»ljJ panahy f. shade, shelter ; protection ; 

asylnm, refuge, panah-dih, a protector, panah kisi se 
mdngnd, to seek protection, to avoid ; used in corap. as 
jaitdn-jMnah, asylum of the world, your Majesty, 'ada- 
to/.panaA, refuge of justice, your Worship, p. 

IL^^ V:^^^ pan-hattdj m. a betel-box. h, 

ftjj^ pumha, m. cotton, pumba ba-gosh, deaf 

(lit having cotton in the ear), pumba-dalian, silent in 
company, taciturn ; mealy-mouthed, pumha-doz, a 
carder of cotton, p, 

bl^JJJ '^fHTTI pnn-bhattdf m. a mixture of 

water and boiled rice (for drinking), h, 
Va ^> V1(H^ pan hhatta, m. a betel-box. h. 

-JjjJ pumba,ty made of cotton, p* 


liUij vmi ^U pampana or I|J1MMI panpana, a. 

to cause to flourish, to promote the prosperity of ano- 
ther ; to refresh (little used), h, 

\jlMl> i|HM«il panapna, a. to commence in- 
creasing in bulk (a man, tree, 8cc) ; to prosper, to 
flourish, to thrive, to shoot, to be refreshed, restored h, 

\iUjUL) fTTf^nrnn pinpinand^ n. to twang, to 

whiz. A. 
d^UjjJ ftnrftnn^ pipindliat or H«iM«ii^6 

panpandha^, f. the whizzing of an arrow or shot A. 

lyjJ ^Hrt<<l pantarvf't, ni. a kind of sweet- 
meat, h. 

,4Xi> ^IWI panthf "1 m. a road ; b sect, a reli- 
l^Ib "iF'n panthdy) gious order. «. 

jc4>H ^'''ft panthi, m. a traveller ; a sec- 

"tary. afollower of any peculiar sector master ; generally 
used in comp., as kabir-patithl, a follower of KabJr. », 

S^Vl^punj, m. an aggregate, the whole, a 

^Tieap. *. 

xj panj, five, naye panj, of five years old. 

nuUe panj. of ten years old (these applied to horses 
only), panj *aibi shar*i, very vieious (possessed of five 
vices. i.e, robbery, adultery, gaming, drunkenness, 
falsehood), panj-dyat, the five chapters of the IpirMt 
which are read during the mourning of a Musalman. 
oanj tani pdk. the five holy persons, i.e. Mul^ammad, 
*Jli, Fdtima, Hasan, and Husain. p. 

U-'^H pavjdbf m. the country inhabited by 

the SUchs, so called from its being watered by five 
rivers, p, 

fjf\^ panjdbt, of or belonging to the Panjdb ; 
** the language of the Sikhs, p. 

Vlj^ panjdrd, m. a cotton-carder, d. 
CjJL£>\A!^ panj angushi, m. cinq-foil p. 
t\^ panjdhj fifty, panjdhum, fiftieth, p. 

iJLc^ tnZpinjatf m. the concrete rheum of 

the eyes, s, 
jSjH fnr, piV^^f yellow, tawny, reddish 

yellow; m. abay orchesnut horse ; yellow orpiment s. 

( 2J4 ) ^, 

jjH M%(^ part jar J m. or panjn^ f. a rib. «, 
jSjH ftnilC pinjar, T m. a cage ; a trap, pinjra 

\j^H fM^tU pinjrd, J hond, n. to be or grow 

lean, s, 
{Jj4^ '^f(^ pajija7% f. a rib. s, 
JU*>XJ panj sdlf m. ^ye rears ; a five-ycor 

old (horse), p. 

lUjbldjH panj'Shambay Thursday, p. 

c,^ac A:>^panj'*aib, very vicious (v. panj). p.a. 

\iiv "^f^rwi panjikd, f. the register or journal 

of Yama, the record of human actions. «. 

K:^ r^r%|4il pinjihdf f . a roll of cotton from 

which the thread is spun, s, 

ftilGjH panj-gdna, fivefold, p. 

iM^ii^y j9an;-^o«Aa,1 five-cornered, pentaii- 

\lij6i patij-gund, J gular, quintuple, five- 
fold, p. 
xiS^ panj-ganjf the five senses, the five 

stated daily prayers enjoined on all good Musuimms; 
the name of a collection of five treatises on Arabic 
Grammar, p. [grass, used as a vessel s. 

jj^ fra^rt pinjli, f. two blades of hua 

2t^ panjum, the fifth, p, 

tj^ f^%|«l pinjan, m. a bow used for clean- 
ing cotton. «. 
^jiyjHft|^ptn;f«A,m.the wax of the ear. «. 

Jyf^ f^T^5 ptw;5/, m. the wick of a lamp. «. 

lu^ panja^ m. a claw, the bunch of fives ; a 

sort of link or torch resembling the five fingers, which 
is also called panj-shdi/^t a hand made of ivcM'y. &c , 
to scratch the back, panja-phemd, to overcome, to 
overpower, panja-k., a kind of wrestling wherein the 
antagonists lock their fingers together. panJa-kasK 
m. an iron instrument revembline a hand, with which 
wrestlers exercise themselves by locking their fingers 
into those of the instrument ; a kind of bread bearing 
the marks of five fingers, p. 

Vo^ rMPu^lU pinjiydrdy m. one whose busi- 
siness is to beat and separate cotton. A. 

^jU^diif^l^ pinjet, m. the concrete rheum of 

the eyes. t. 

fSjt^ '^^^ff^ panjiri, f. a medicine composed 

of sugar, ghl, flour, &c., given to pnerpenl womtBi 
caudle, s, 

J^W^poTtehy five; m.a council, an assembly, 

a meetine, a company ; arbitrators, panchadhjfav, m. 
five readmgs or chapters; f. the a^gr^ate of five 
chapters of the Shri Bhagavai, detaUmg ue sports of 
Krishna with the Gopls. panchagni, m. five fires 
amidst which a devotee performs penance. poHchdmia, 
m. the aggregate of five add plants, viz. the juiube, 
pomegranate, sorrel, spondias, and citron, paacndngt 
m. five modes of devotion : silent prayer. Ifunit olTer- 
ing, libation, bathing idols, and feeding Brahmaos; 
an almanac ; reverence by extending the hands, bend- 


( 205 ) 



faig the knees and head, and in apeech and look. 
pmek-itmdkt m. a fine eqoaJ to the fifth part of any 
thing loit or stolen, pattch-bhadra, in. a horse ivitn 
five ansindoas marks; a sance of five ingredients. 
pntek-lfhut, m. the five elements : earth, air, &e, water, 
and ether (alcds). paneh-hhutatma, m. num as formed 
of the fiTe elements, fonch-patra, m. five vessels; an 
oflering made in five vessels, pandi-prdn^ m, the five 
airs supposed to be in the body, patieh-pami, f. a 
small shrub. pORch-^phriya, any person, HindQ or 
other, vrho vrorships the five plrs or saints of the 
Musaimans ; a caste of ^alUl^rs. ptmeh-^Mllav, m. 
the aggregmte of five sprouts used in religious cere- 
mooies: vis. spondia, rose-apple, bel or loarmelos, 
citron, and wood-apple. panch-^panehanakK m. five 
kinds of animals allowed to be killed and eaten ; hare, 
porcupine, alligator, rhinoceros, and tortoise, pancha- 
lapa m. an ascetic making penance between four fires 
and *be sun above, panch-ttrthh f. five places of pil- 
rrimage: Viahr&nti, Sankar, Nairn ish, Prayag, and 
roshkar ; bathing on the day of the equinox, pancha- 
TUtna, m. five precious objects : as, gold, diamond, 
peari, ruby, ametliyst. pancha-sugandhak, m. five aro- 
matic dni^: cloves, nutmeg, camphor, aloe wood, 
and kakkola. paneha'tuna^ m. pi. five things bv which 
smmsl life nuy be accidentally destroyed : tlie fire- 
pUtte. the slab on which condiments are ground, the 
broom, the pestle and mortar, and the water-pot. 
ftmeha-tkakka, m. the hand, poncha-kanna, m. five 
actions of tlie body or modes oi evacuation, pancha- 
kdtki, m. pi. the five sheathes supposed to invest the 
souL ptmcha-kiUt five spices: pepper, ginger, &c. 
pmtAa-kon, m. a pentagon, panch-khand, consisting 
of five itoriea. panch-gun, five timet, five-fold, pancha- 
fsaya, five articles derived from the cow: milk, curds, 
(hi. urine, and dung. pancha4akshan, m. a Pur&na, 
cumprehending five topics : the creation of worlds, 
their destruction, the geneali^es of gods and heroes, 
file rngns of Bfanus, and the actions of their descen- 
^Mts. paneka-lck, m. a compound of five metals : 
copper, uass. tin. lead, and iron, patieha-nutsya, m. 
the koil or Indian cuckoo. paneha-mGl^ m. the aggre- 
nte of five roots: the beU Premna longfolia, cassia, 
GQmena arborea, and the trumpet-flower, pancha- 
■«n, t the ^Kregate of five smaller roots ; Hedysarum 
pageticamrU. la^podioides, Solanum melong^na, 
ajsoquini, and Tnbulas lanuginosus. pancha-mahd' 
y^gyot m. the flye peat sacraments of the Hindds, or 
the wordup of spirits, progenitors, gods, Yedas, and 
DMokind, by oflferings of perfumes and flowers ; obse- 
quial rites, oblations with fire, the study of the Vedas, 
sod hospitality.^ paneha-nadt m. the Panjdb, or 
ttnxBtrj of five riyers. panehi-mtkht m. any animal 
hsnng five toes, as the elephant, tortoise, ti^r, &c. 
fOKkendriifa, m. the five organs of sense, vi*. eye, 
car, nose, tongue, and skin; or those of action, as 
hands, feet, windpipe, anus, and parts of generation. «. 

i^ VT^ panaehf f. a bowstring. «. 

^fA^ctJi Vmrm^panchadhyOfh f. the ag- 
gregate of the five chapters of the BhdgaotU Purdmit 
comprising a detail of the sports of KrU^na with the 

ur*-^^T9 panchalj deceitful, cannings m. 

% (oantiy in the north of India. A. 

^jr4^ ''Wnf panchamritt m. a kind of 

•wcctmeat made of five ingredients ; or the term may 
lespplled to the ingredients separately; and these 
•e lud to be curdled milk, cream, ghl, honey, and 
mv. s. [a lion, a, 

i^^'^X^'panchanan^m,^ name o( Shiva; 
tOT*^''WI pancharvan, fifty-five, h, 
•^V* ^WWir ponchayatf f. a meeting of 

the same caste as the litigant iMirties. panvhdyath 
IslSflngu a domestic settlement or family quarrels, &c. 
panchdyati-sarkdrt a court held by public authority. 
panehdyat-ndmoj the written award of a court of arbi- 
tration. «. 

j/>^J*v I|%||I|a1 panchayattf f. (same as pan- 

** eiidyat, q. y.); also relationship, affinity: the sentence 
or award of a panchdyat court s. 

^Q^ ^nm pancfiaia, t. death, dissolution of 
the five elements of the body. $, 

yuk^v ^nnn? pancha-ialwOy m. the five ele 

ments or principles according to the HiudOa, viz. fire, 
earth, air, water, and ether or space ; the five essentials 
of certain rites. s» 


iypsrticnlar sodety. generally as a court of inquiry ; 
* Jgyi an inquest, originally consisting of five inem- 
wi. pmnASyati-Jdil, an arbitration by persons of 

jS^H ^nnr pavckatra, a fee or duty of five 
per cent levied from a successful litigant, c. 
virWj9ancA^i^n7a,m. deatbydissolution. s. 

y '^^^ panchadas or panchadasky the 

s. [fold. s. 

UbJ>^H "R^MT panchadhOf in ^ve ways, five- 
(jjIyH ^raw paTichak, f. a bowstring ; adj. 

five, relating to five, made of five, &c. ; m. an aggre- 
gate of five. s. 

dL^f^^W^ panchakf taxes levied by the za^ 

tnlnddrs, over and above the fixed revenue, k, 

consisting of five floors or stories (a house, &c.). «• 

iS^^ M«1^9EI ponrchahkxf f. a water-mill. <• 
d^^^ya^^VI^PT^ pancha-gavya, m. five things 

derived from the cow, as, milk, curds, ftc. «. 

V'i^H irV^IT panch-lardy consisting of five 
rows or strings (a necklace, &c). A. 

gr^^f^ M^<j&A panrhlafij f. a necklace of 

five rows. s. 
^^^^ "^^T pnncham or panchama, the fiAfa ; 

m. name of a rag ; also of a tur, or musical note. s. 
tg^i^^ W^pfi panchamit^Uo panchaniinff. the 
*' fifth day of the moon. s. 
»3*s^ Mflj^flT. panckotarot m. a transit duty 

of five per cent. ; a deduction from rent, &c., of five 
per cent. ; a custom-house, a toll-house, s. 

lj5^«Hir?frtT'»i MH^il 7?tfnc// earthen 
vessel with a narrow neck, and baring a hole in the 
bottom. When filled with water and the mouth 
stopped, no water flows from the hole below till the 
hand, or whatever stopped the mouth, be removed (it 
is used as an experiment to illustrate the doctrine of 
the horror vacui by the followers of Aristotle), h, 

^fcSfH V^ pa7icJion, m. associates, friends, s, 
Ca^«.s;H M^ni^ffil pancha vinxhati, five- 

and-twenty. *. [the twenty-fif^b. «. 

Ju^j^^ ^WPiipfinW panchavvishaiitam^ 

^l^^rH inVT^T panchhaldn m. the tail of a 

paper kite, s . 

_^.i^ "^^Vft panchhi, m. a bird. «• 

pandf in. advice, admonitioni mora) 



( 2(X5 ) 


\Ss^ pindS, jonog fruit just formed, d. 
yt^pindar (root of pindashtan), m. thought^ 

imagination ; pride, self-opinion ; (in oomp.) imagin- 
ing, &c pand- dr, one who takes or listens to advice, p. 

jlj.i^ij pandrarvard, m. a fortnight, d. 
*j*^ ^*ii. pdndrah, fifteen, pandrahwdn 

and pandrahwtn^ the fifteenth. «. [Vheedle. A. 

U^tXjJ 4vr^n«fT pandhlandy a. to coax, to 
3j^ ^n? pand, m. a catamite, a eunuch, s. 
JJJ XHR pandu, m. the name of a eovereign 

of ancient DelhJf and nominal father of Yudhit^fhira 
and the other four Pan^ava princes. «. 

(XJ f^np pif^d, m. body, person ; balls made* 

of flour or rice, and offered to the manes at a religions 
ceremony of Hindus: they are afterwards thrown into 
the river or given to cows. pin4 farnd^ to follow, to 
pursue, to he intent on. pind chhurdnd, to avoid, to 
escape. pin4-pushp, m. the flower of the asoka tree 
(Jonetia asoca); the China rose; a lotus; a flower 
( Tabcm^nnwtana coronaria). pin^-pushpak, m. a pot- 
herb {Chenopodium album), pin^-phala^ f. a bitter 
gourd. pifi4-taUakf m. incense, olibanum. pind-dan. 

pin4'Vtj, m. a flowering shrub {Oleander odorum). e. 

\S1> pindd, m. body, person ; a lump of clay ; 
a bundle or ball of string ; balls of floor or rice (vide 
pin4}' «. 

\3jJ inpT panda f ni. a minister or priest who 

presides at the temple of an idol ; f. wisdom, sdenoe. t. 

iCjOJb^\«ii> fV|4llfV|4kli!) pind ddhi hart, m. 

the superintendant of a funeral, usually the nearest 
relation, to whom belont^s the right of presenting the 
funeral calce. s. tJ^^)' *• 

^^JoO f^^Jl^pinddr^ m. a *Tee (Trewia nudi' 

UiS-1) ftnBTO pinddra, m. a plunderer, pil- 
lager (among Marhaffas). h. 

^\jjJ PMIfilcA pinddlu, ra. name of a fruit 

{Trewia nudijhra, Lin. f Hqttlera indlca^ Willd)% an 
esculent root, described as sweet, cooling, and diuretic ; 
(in Dakh.) yam. s. [coot, the diVer. A. 

{^^^ ^V^S^ pf^ndubty f. a waterfowl, the 


J^iij>^ V^^ pandit, m. a learned Btahman ; 

adj. learned ; an honorary title signifying doctor or 
philosopher. The pan4itt are the only men who un- 
derstand the Sanskrit the language in which the an- 
cient writings of the Hind&s are composed. «. 

^\53jJ ^flRilH^ panditdni, f. the wife of a 

''.pan4it. s, [larship. t. 

/c-^\!>43jJ Mf^fll^ panditdyi, f. learning* scho- 

A}l>-C^3a> pandit-hhdnaj m. (a corruption of 
handi-lsl^na) a prison, lock-up house. A. p. 

(jJb^JjJ iJ^fcO^ pundarih, m. the elephant 

of the south-east quarter ; a sort of snake {amphisbana) ; 
a sort of leprosy ; a white lotus. «. 

•-i^;*^ 5^lrihW pundarii/ak, m. a flower 

{HibUais mutabilis); a drug commonly called punde 
riyd. f. 

fjMyh xn^lP pindnh, m. a turtle-dove, s. 

gTj'viij pifidri also ^gjij P^'wrl, the leg, shin ; 

calf of the leg. h, d. 

^•Sj^ fMflli^^l pindild, f. a sort of cucumber 

{Cucumit madratpatamts). ». 

^^*^ ft?P^ pindU, f. the calf of the leg. L 

^33^ panduf fruit in general, d, 

4^^<ijJ Xf^p;^ panduri, f. the name of a bird 

{Falco), h, 

JjiXi) finpE^ pindolf f. a kind of white earth 

(used for whitewashing walls). pin4oli^ f. orts, learixtgi 
of a meal. «. 

^/JjJ ftnpTTp'Wf^t, f. the upper part of a Shiva' 

ling ; a lump of any thing that may be contained in tht 
fist ; a small clue or ball of string ; a smuall altar of 
sand a cubit square, on which oblations are offbred to 
the manes of deceased persons ; the same as pin^ balls 
made of rice, &&, offered to the manes ; a long gourd 
(Cucurbita lagenaria) ; a sort of palm {Pfuxkix dacifii- 
/era); a flowering slirub {Tabemamontana eoronariot 
flor. plen.) «. 

ciijOJJj f^n^hnv pinditak, m. a tree (Fan- 

gueriaspinota) ; a shrub (TabernanunUana coronaria), jl 

jCjSj^ f^V^lfjnTt pinditagar, ni. a plant, a 
species of the Tabenuemontana. s. 

^bl:> ^^fiOTHR pandiydyan, f. the wife of 

a pdn4et or priest, q.v. f. 

-/v y^ P^^^^ ^^ ^^nrrnr punardya, again. 

pimor-^Att, f. a widow re-married, punar-uttkan, m. re» 
Burection. punar-janma^ re-bom, bom again, pumir- 
ukta, repeated ; m. tautology, punar-ukti, f. repetition. 
punar-navd, f. hog-weed {Boerhavia diffusoroUita). <. 

[j-^iyi TfiA^punaj'basu or punarvasu, m. the 
seventh mansion of the moon ; Castor and Pollux, i. 

(jm1> '^^^ panas, m. the bread-fruit tree 

{Arlocarpus integr\folia). «. 

UmI) Tlim\pansd, insipid; f. a pustule, pus- 
tular and phlegmonoid inflammation of the skin. «. 

ljJb.L«jJ liUK^dl pansdrkatd, f. dealing m 
spices &C. h. 

VAJb.L-b MHUK^^I pansdr-haitdy m. a quar- 
ter where there are many druggists' shopa. k. 

(j^LJj inrapj pansdfi, m. a druggist, a 

dealer in groceries, spices, herbs, &c. A. 

JLji> M«f^l<^ pansdlf 1m. a stand where 
^LJj MH^l^l pansald, r water is provided 
^LJj imW pansalld, j for passengers, s, 

syL*!) i}tr punsiwa, m. semen virile ; viri- 

Uty. u 
^^-«*i^ "^^[^^ pun&avan, m. a festival held on 

the mother's perceiving the first signs of a ooneeptioa. s, 

^^yJs^^ y^f{4^panso yi, f. a small boat so 

called, vulg. panchway, A. 

^jJLm*j.) vdO pnnyertf f. a weight or measi:re 

of Ave ser4. A. 

(in^* ^ftj3|'77awAc/i?7i«fl, m. the pcMfi. j. 


( ---w ) 


water hen. d. 

liilj "^ pank^ m. mud, mire, clay. pa7i/i' 

prabka, t the hell of mire, pank-dhum, m. a division, 
of hell, pank^shnkti, f. a cockle, pank-ktr, m. a lap- 
vinff. fMvk-grah, m. the iiusi^ar, a marine monster. 
pamk-garak, m. a small fiah {MacrogtuUhus pancalux), 
ptmk-cas^ m. a crab. s. 

;»*> Mf-i^p/iw^ar, m. an aquatic plant (FiaZ- 

Unfria, also IVa;w bUpinosa), s. 

l^izA ^n^M«i pankaprd, m. soft cloth 

wetted and applied to a wound or eore. #. 4. 

^J^^ ^^^^ pankttf f. a line, a row; a stanza 
rffonr lines often syllables each. t. 

fH ^nP^ pankajy m. a lotus. «. 

filr^ ^ J"^^ pankrichar, m. an osprey. *. 
>ii*> Mn^ii punnahshairaj m. an asterisra 

under which males are procreated, s, 
{Sj»3*^ponftuhri, f,\ 
ijxij pankajvwa, m. J 

•4^ ^ l^onhh, m. a feather, wing. *. 

^4^ ^'VP««^5, m. a fan. s, 

fJjtr^r'^lM^P^nkhri^ f. a petal, flower-leaf A. 

KjirH ^^ ponhhx^ f a small fan ; a bird. j. 

\S^^ lf^ po^khi, f a kind of woollen cloth, 
"which comes from the hilly countries. *. 

«4*^ ^HS'*! pankhiya, f. a pniall fan ; m. a 
kind ot/akir who fans every body ; a wicked man. s, 

j^^ f^n^l pinlit (for p'lnah), f. intoxica- 
tion from eating opium ; drowsiness, nodding, h. 

*;i^i^|f^/>a«A{«r«A,m. the Indian crane, s, 
vl>^i> ftrjf pinff, tawny, ping-chakshu, m. a 

crsb. jnng-kapUha. t, a cockroach, i. 

^-^ ^ P^^ff^t 'anae, a cripple. «. 
I - vi^ ^RPTpann/?^, m. a serpent, #. 
' l^ ^IJT pflw^o, lean, soft, delicate, s. 

V^ ^nninn pangacha^ m. a field covered 

and saturated with water. A, 

U-l^^HfTO pangas or f^lfT^ pingcuihy m. 
Mme of a fish (5iUiirtM sagiitalus Buck or Pimelodius 

fM^OItM). A. 

^-*^ 'HP pangat, f. a row, or line. «. 
tCb'iyilT/Jaw/Tti/a, f. deformity, lameness..^. 

Jwjftqf 55^/j?^«/, m. art of measuring verses; 

Mn» of a fabuloas being in the form of a serpent, to 
whom R treatise on prosody is ascribed ; adj. tawny, 
pde; the fifty-first year of the Hindu cycle, i. 

JCjW^ panguly m. a horse of a glossy or 
•Bwty white colour. $, 

'^ ''f ^T pangla, bandy-legged, lame. *«. 
•ICijftl^fi^*! phignliha, f. a sort of crane, s, 
r^'^ pongu, (for pangu, q. v.), a cripple. 

ij)^ ^nnftrt j^an-^o/5, f. chicken-pox. &, 

•0 ^^-^ p.._ _. . -,- fni. a cradle. A. 
^y^ ni|Rn pingvla,) 

^-i^-*4^ 'HTW panghatf m. a passage to a^ 

river, a stair, a quay for drawing water. #. 

l),)^^ ^^!^ p(tnghurd,\m. a cradle, same 
^^^'^r^ pa}ig?iuld,J SL9 pingurd, kc. h. 
^"^-^^^ if^^nf p^n-ling^ m. the male organ ; 

the masculine gender. «. 

j^ punam, religious merit, the reward of 

merit in futurity, d* 
j»b punhn (v. badr), the full moon, d 

jW^ ^^RTn: pan7»ar, a soil submerged so as 
to be incapable of cultivation, s. 

iUb panmalldy m. a betel garden, d, 
yyi ^^^TIT panrvdr or puhwdr, m. the name of a 

plant {Cassia obtusifolia) ; name of a raj-piU tribe t. 

\^y^^ iJ^RT pnnwdrd, m. a story, tale, fable, L 
[f^JrH ^^^^ panrvdrd, m. a plate or dish 

made of leaves, s, 

i^j-y^y, ^f^rd jianwdri or ^?Ru!l panrvdri 

f a oetel-garden. *. [story-teller. A. 

^Jl^ ^iW panndriydy m. a bard, a 
'j\^ ''NTTr/7«;2n'rtra, m. a story, fable, tale. h. 
S^*'yi ^^rrt panmdn, f. a betel-garden, jj, 
^J•^•i> ^^rffm panwdriyd, m. a bard, a 

story-teller. A. 

O^y^ MHm«il punivdnd, a. to cause to be 

abused or reproached by another. A. 

V^^ MH^<SI panold, land watered after 
ploughing. A. [repeatedly, t. 

*i> 5^: |?t<«a, again (see pun), puna-puna, 

1|J0 pankdy wide, broad, spacious. ^>. 

]jVi '''njTO panhdrdy m. a man who carriei 

water in pots on his head. s. 

^j^i^ ^PTpPcf panhdrin, T f. a woman who 
(^j\^ MH^lO panhdrt, J carries water 

on her head ; a faithless person, promise-breaker, s. 

^^jj pinhdtif secret, hidden, concealed, p. 
lil^ iin^iw%\ panhdndf a. to cause the milk 

to come into the udder of animals. A. 

^V*v ^^H?nn pinhdnd, a. to dress, to put on 

(clothes). A. 

eiV^- P^i^fiont, f. concealment, secrecy, j?. 
\1> ajj yn ^jffT puna-puna, f the Pumpun 


river in Behar. «. 

];tH ^H^M panhardf ra. ^ a man or woman 

^^^ iR^fiCH 7)a«/mnn, f J carrying water 
pots on the head. s. 

( 208 ) 


^_^ ^^^ jianhl, f. a slipper. *. 

(cJ-UyaJ ipTf%in^p(iBAit/S,i, afflicted with the 

Jlaoralbiu. i. [illpptr, i. 

liX:^, ponkiA, f. (the satne as panlii), a 
fj> ^W pvnya, m. virlue, a pood action ; 

'fame; aiij. pure, holy, ri(rhlEon». jmnya-bhu.oi jmaya- 
bhumi. I. the lioly land of lh« Hindas, bounded on Ihe 
north by the HimiUya, on the aouth by the Vindhya, 
and on the eaal and *eit by the w^a ; the mother of ■ 
male child. punyo-fxAoJ. m. the reward of good actloni. 

Cinua-trin, ro. white trua graM. panya-Urtha. m. a 
Dlyihrine. fmnya-doriftiin, m. the blue Jsj. punya- 
HhSn, m. a ucred place, jmnya-ihil, yirtuoui. ■ punsra- 
ii<inna.ploua,virtiioui. punya-gandk, m. the champak 
flower (MieMia (hampaca). punya-M. m. paradise, 
puNjia-Bidn, virtuoui, ploDS. *. [o( PalhaM. h. 

i»l ^nft prinni, f. linfoil ; m. name of a tribe 
^ftrift pinni, f. a kind of Bweetmeat. h. 
Uij Vhrm paniya, m. water ; a water-finake, 

or any thing living in water, t. 

Ui> veaputiya (v. »-*i)i ^' '''^ comtnence- 

menl of collecHou for the new year, u 

W^ flWHn punyalma, charitable, vlr- 

IjLiJ <lft<Hni pattiyard, inundated. >. 
uii^i^ ftWW pinyah, m. BBsafelida. «. 
^Uii nftnngn paniydld, m. the name of a 

f^t (Kacmrda eatufracla). : [water. *. 

UUJj ^if^ffllT paniyana, a. to irrigate, to 
^/'liiJ TIU!^ pwyoji, f. a Tirli;oa8 action, 

"performed (acmrdinfj to thoae wlio hold the doctrine 
of laetcmpaychoiij) in one itale of exintenec, the re- 
ward of which i> receded in a future tranBrnigralion : 
merit of BD uncfitor rewarded in the person of hia 

j*W patui; m. cheese, pamr-maya, rennel. p. 
(CjjkJJ paniii, clieeey, or made of cheese, p. 
Cl}jui^ "vfiW panira}i,\f- a young flower- 

j^i^J^ JVft^ pitnyoday, m. good fortune, 

a* reward of the meritoriou* acta of a former life. i. 

s*ij ^m puni/a. virtue, &c. (v. ^) ; ilie first 

day ofthe collectiom, when the head officer of gorem- 
ment in lliii department elta in Mate at the iachaliTi 
orofllce, and adjust! the amount oflbe reTenue to be 
eollected in the eniuingyei- - 

*jj3 Vft p"nya, m 

adj. laleable, Ycndible. 
^JJJ <Hft^ pamlia, 
thing living in water, al 

_jj po (same as par), on, upon, a 
^ 4f p<t«, f. Itie one or ace on die 

where water i* pnwided for paaaennera 
1i.g of low lands in the runj- - -■ "" 



Lliwa (the m 


IjJ ^Ht pavwa, m. a quarter ; e 

meanire of ■ quarter of a aer. » 
Ijj ijrtn po,a, m. a very young 

nunltng of any animal; a plant, i. 

U> vtn pii,a, m. a pancake. '. 
(pljj pawaj, mean people (pi. of 
\f\j>^ pateard, in. narration or exf 

J'^J iWT^ ptin-al, f. Blraw (also ] 
Ul^l litmfn ;)0,5«a, B. 10 warm 

or the iteam of water, to baik. t. 
i^f^}> iJ^ pawa,i, f. a chain 
lioraei' legi to prevent their being Itolei 
which the legi of a criminal are tailene 
a boot or itocking. i. 

L-»^ I' T''P' "■■ " '"'''^- '• 
cj^y. ^' ^ pti/jofi, f. a cake ro 

"or barley, half-baked or fried, t. 

"Hsi T^ ^iS/iia, f. a sort of 

fried. I. [<"* 

^^ 'ft'I^ popla, one trbose teel 

i>i.?l 'irt^ popnt, f. a wind ins 

' music) made by children of the seed* 
the leavei of the BoriuPtt i any wind ii 

UiiJy ii1iu<(I po-pkatnd, also 

to break forth ai the daylight, to daw 
daybreak. I. 

O^ iftlt pot, f. a boat. ». 
O^ ^ pof, m. nalura, dispositi 

glau beadi ; an Baaetament on cullivntt 

Oy ^ pit, m. a son ; the yo 

animal. pil-zoBibira, m. a youog tnoc 

C-»jJ ^ifm patJtt, purified, clean; 
C>y, fV^ pivat, adj. drinking. 
\j^ iftirr po'2, m. grandson, son 
Kiyi pola, m. ihe scrotum, the tes 
Uj^ri ilinWT putatma, ni. a sainl 

a man of a cleanly peraon, or porifled. 

J4^ri l?"**^ joif-pAo?, m. the j: 
;^^^ nfinit^I puti-phala, f. a 

Tolta nrUifolia). '■ 

A^AJy, ^fini55^ pSit-pftafi, f. 

plant (&Trfl(HJn anthelminiica^ »■ 

Jj>^ iThnr po'nj. m. an animal t 

young at once without the interyention 

eiephanU and wmc other anlmalt bd 

. carry the young without the aid « 

jJ^ ^N pautra, (v. pota), a gn 

jJ^'_ <rf^ paritr or pnvilra, pur 

from tin, m. Ihi- brohmauical cord 


( 209 ; 

y^ ^flniT pavifra, in. a knotted piece of 

Ivka gran used in porifictitioD, the brahmanical 
thread ; a string of silken beads, f. holy Basil (Ocy- 
niisi smetum); a river north-west of Haridwftr, the 
Pabar; the twelfth of the light fortnight of Skrawan, a 
liestirs] la honour of Vishnu. «. 

1^^ 'ftlTO potroy m. baby-cloth?, clouts, h, 
^J^^Mf^nr pavitrata, f. purity, sanctity, s. 
tiy^ '^rftw pautriky belonging to a son, or 

a grandson, s. 

^A ^F^ P«'»'i> f- a puppet, an image, s. 
%f/A ifilHil pavitri, f. a ring of ^u^/ia grass 

(Aw eynosuroides), or of gold, silver, or copper, worn on 
the ring-finger and fore-finder by HindQs during rell- 
gioas worship, (t. jpavi^a). t, 

^^^ iJHft /witt^ri, a grand-da Qghter, son's 

dsngfater. #. 

^^'ftlll potrof m. baby-cloths, clouts, A. 
^A ^^^ potri, £ the afler-birth. A. 
Ujli3^ ijiriiyinuill puti'Shdrija, f. the pole 

or rivet cat. «. 

liU^ ^finv pu/f'A, m. grey bonduc {Ccesal- 
^HK;^ ^rfinciY puti-hashthy m. a sort of 

pine (A'jnu d«vcufanf). $, [shelL «. 

.^K3^ ([TimiHfl j9?<^YAa-mtfAA, m. a bivalve 
wdiS^^ ^Ani^V puti-kamahj m. fetid ul- 

eeratioo of the ear. i. 

^A 1?^ putld, m. a pappet, an image. $. 

<^^ 4Hlf^SnF pavttalik, m. a worshipper 
ofidols. «. 

ti^^ ^igft /mfH, f. a small puppet; the 

apple of the eye. «. 
ISji ^JtlRT poind, a. to plaster, to besmear. A. 
U)^ ^nn putnd, f. name of a giantess, who 

i»ai kiUed by Krishna; yellow myTobalan-( 7Vrmin<i/ta 
tMtUa) i atrophy and wasting in a child, ascribed to 
tbe inHiience of the female fiend Putna, «. 

•*H po/a (v. potd also/oto), the scrotum, jt?. 
4^^^ ^ pothj m. glass beads, nature, &c. 

^p^ ^iNt potkdy m, a large book especially 

rascript book written on long separate leaves of 

palmyra connected by a string through the 

-^ s. [eyelids. *. 

iM>^ ^iftV^ pothki, f. red pimples on the 
Ji^jl^ir^^ poihld, m. a porter's load, espe- 

JUI7 of grain, h, 

«c|p^ 4t^ pothl (also putlii), f. a book like 

fril^ oifly of a smaller siae. ». 
^Wjt^it^ potkif f. a clove of garlic, h. 

|M 4M pod, f. a grand-daughter, a Fnn's 
^ "' ' ; £ the young (female) of any animal s. 


U5^ TJtffm potiyd, ID. a cloth worn at time 

of bathing ; the name of a plaything, k. 

*^A ^?TOp%awc?, m. the musk-deer j an 
insect with a fetid smell, the fetid bug. g. 

^A ^pot, f. a bundle, a bale, a package; 
a spout h. 

^A ^ P^f* ^' "a™® of a bone lying over 

the tail of a cow. h. 

^'A ^fter potd, m. an unfledged bird ; the (eye- 
lid, the crop or craw (of birds) ; stomach ; the mucua 
of the nose, snot ; f. a woman having a beard, h. 

{^f^A 5^^ putki, C the anus, a term of 

"abuse, h. 

J^*^ ^fteng? pot-gal, ra. a reed {Arundo 

tibialis) ; a sort of grass {Saecharum spontaneum). A. 

5>J^ ifte^T potld, m. a large bundle, h. 
f^^ slcofl potli, If. a small bundle, a 
^^^^itSfi^^WJ potlikdj small packet. /*. 

'^A ^P^ffif m. the buttock, the hip. h. 

^A ^ puthd, m. the paper or pasteboard 

cover of a book ; (in Dakh.) pofha, m. the stomach ; the 
crop of a bird. s. 

Vji ^l^P^ydyf. devotion, worshipping, ve- 
neration, homage to superiors j idolatry or idol wofw 
shipping (by Hindus), s 

^J^A "i^i^P^jari, T a worsnipper, an 
^^^A'V^P^J^^* / adorer, an idolater, 

a priest having the charge of an Idol temple, t, 

*^-'*?"^ T!^P*^^^» adored, worshipped, pujatt 
adj. adoring, worshipping. «. [of adoration, s, 

CjW"^ ^JFTni pujaindn, venerable, worthy 
i^A 'V^ PV^n, m. act of adoration, See. s. 
^A ^^^ W««> a* to adore, to venerate, 

(but being a HindO word it generally means) to idol». 
truce ; to elapse, as time ; to be accomplished, s. 

^ ^pnr^ pujaniya, worthy of adora- 
tion ; right worshipful, s. 

l;)W-^ ^?«|HIH pujyamdn, being reve- 
renced or respected, t. [father-in-law. #. 

*^.H ^^ PH)2/^} venerable, adorable ; m. a 
— ^ purh, absurd, obscene, inordinate, pvch- 

go or puch-b^f, an obscene babbler. pSch pa dor kawa^ 
nonsensical, p, 

'^A ^ p^chh, f. inquiry, investigation, s. 

J^'^'h'A P^chh'pichdr, investigation disco- 
very, d. 

^^^M^A ^J5T^nW puchhd-pdchkdy m. in- 

vestigation, inquiry, f [terrogation. «. 

'^'^^A, ^^^^ puchh-pachk, f. inquiry, in 

U^y^ ^iftHI pnchhnd, a. to ask, to inquire i 
(in Dukli.) /KicAArm, to wipe, to dean. «• 


( 210 ^ 


L^?"^ T^ P^^^^h ^* the tail of a fish. ^ 
lsT^I' P^^^h ^^ insect, d. 
OU»-^ puchiydt, foolish prattle. p» 
(3y |?i<ci?y warp, web^ cloth in the loom. p. 
jbji^ pod-dar (for fota-dar), m, a person 

whose business it is to assay coin, or examine whether 
it is sterling or not ; an examiner of coin ; also a cash- 
keeper, a clerk whose business is to reckon and exa- 
mine money, p. 

\i«3%^ yt^HI podnd, m.^the name of a bird 
ii^^ Mt<«fl podnl, f. J (Sylvia olivacea). h. 
^«5y ^fttl patidhf 1 m. a young tree or plant 
U^^ ^Wt paudhdj for transplantation. A. 
^lub^y^ uiv^l paydheld, ground on which 

plants are sown for transplantation, h. 

9X>dm} podtnaf m. mint (^Mentha saliva), p, 

o ifrt por, f the space or interval between 

two joints or articulations (in the body, or of a bcm- 
boo, sugar-cane, &c.). porpor, every joint #. 

jyi, P^^' (*" ^^^^' P^0> ^' ^ ^^' P' 
y w pvr, a city, town, village; much used 
in comp., as Sultdn-piir, Sultan's town, Kingston, s, 

.y "qH paur, f. a gate, door ; m. a fragrant 

grass, h. 
)j^i igtj purdf entire, complete, exact, full, 
perfect, total, ripe. ptLra-k., a. to fill, to reimburse, 
lo fulfil, accomplish ; (in Dakh.) pora, m. a complete 
set or assortment of any thing. «. 

tiAi^j*) » fl<l(Vi< l i paurdnikj belonging to the 

Purinas ; m. a Brahman well read in the Puranaa. «. 

^cAy iro^ purd^j f. fulness, satisfaction, 

welfare. «. [^dj. eastern ; former, ancient. $. 

*— ^jy xixi^" purah or V^purhay m. the east ; 
'^^^J^^ ^I^^ pwr5arrfc^//<j, m. the former or 

prior half. c. 

^y wff jjwrfct, f. the name of a ragint, sung 

** before evening; adj. eastern, from the east; a kind of 
rice from the east of Bengal. «. [tion. d. 

^jijyi P^^^'-p^r^^) ^^ discharge an obliga- 

Oi^ "^f^ purif, filled complete. «. 

0.y wf8 purtt or purtttf f. fulness, s. 

jj.y Jt^ purtttf adj. fillings completing. *. 

«uAC*»jy 4)i.llW paurasahhya, m. fellow- 
citizenship. 8. 

LA)>i xreil purushy m. man (see puimsh), s. 
Cjijy. ^ftr^P^wriM/i, m. the height of a man 

with both arms elevated ; virility ; semen virile, poo- 
rufhtdt t manhood, manliness, s, 

diij^ ^?i purakf adj. filling, completing. 8 

^^^ ^ purna or i^ puran, complete, per- 
fect, pum-pdtr, m. a full cup or vessel; a vessel filled 
with clothes or ornaments which are scrambled for l>f 
the guests at a festival ; a vessel filled with 266 hand- 
fuls of rice given to the superintending priest at a rp. 
ligious ceremony, puran polh f- » ^^t»d of brcsd 
purna-kam, satitfied, satiated, pumakumbh, m. a vm- 
scl filled with holy water, used at the consecraUon of 
a king ; a full cup or jar. s. 

{i>j3i T^ puran, adj. filling, completing ; ra 

act of filling, making up; multiplication; a fragnot 
grass {Cyperus rotundut). «. 

^jH ^S^ pumd, a. to weave (as a spider) ; 
n. to be filled- chauk puma, to make chequen ot 
squares, s, 

iZ^\jj^^ "qiSl^ pumdhuti or purndhut, f. 

the oblation presented at the conclusion of a religioiii 
sacrifice ; the final oblation, the consummation. «. 

^^l i^fiftifT pumimd, "^tfSfid 

f. the day 
of fuU 

paumimd^or J^mpumamdf 
L^^Ujy^* "^^SHrtt purnaTndsi 

or MJl^Hl^^ 'oauimamdsu moon. i. 

{^j^A^j^ "q^TTB pumamds, m. a monthly sft 

crifice ofTered on the day of full moon. «. 

^^ VJj/t puniiy f. the cross threads in weav 

ing a piece of cloth, t. 

Jjyl ^ purva, m. the east ; adj. first, prior, 

former, ancient, of yore ; before, in front ot fmnA- 
bhyds, m. former practice or experience, purva-parmi, 
m. the eastern mountain, from behind which the son is 
supposed to rise, purva-paksht m. a proposition, tiie 
first part of an argument ; the first half of a lansr 
month. purva-dUh or purva-dik, f. the eastern region. 
purvordesh, m. the eastern country. purva-deA, m, a 
former body, a prior existence, purva-ratr, m. the 
first part of the night, purva-smdhyd, (. dAwn. mrtor 
shall, m. the eastern mountain, purva-kdl, m. toriner 
time. jDttrwo-AraJin, andent. pttrt»a-Arri7, done formerly, 
in a prior existence, purva-ganga, f. the Nermada, 
formerly called the Ganges, purva-lakshan, m. pro- 
gnostic, s. 

Ui>i '^P^^^f ™' * small village, s. 

I? jj^ tft'CWT poruydf m. a joint or phalanx of 

the fingers ; a joint of a tamarind, c 
fcX^.j^^Wl? jV ^MI j[y^ purvd-bhddrapad, m* 

the 26th lunar asterism. «. [the east i. 

A^^A'bjJv l^^^^S^ purvdbhimukk, feeing 

LS^W)^jyl ^'^TiWWift purvd'phdlgunu f. the 
** 11th lunar asterism. «. 

^vL.o vj^ji purodrddJiaf the firet half. J. 

\jbyLi»Uj^> M^im^l purvdshdrhdf f the first 

Ash&fha, or 20th lunar asterism, containing two star^ 
one of which is Alpha SagittarlL «. 

JVi^ Mti^lc? pormdly name of a mercantile 

caste of BindOs in fifalwa. K 

_jbfj .^ ^^IJlptt/ToAna, m. the first portioa 

of the day. «. 


( 211 ) 


'*H->^Wjj^ ^^^IfiM^I funoa bhadrapada, f. 

the iinC ^ two lunar aBterisnw called hh&drapad&f the 
26th of the whole. «. 

t>^^*4;>i ^^'•Wl'ft purva-phalffunt, f. the 

'fint nAo/^mi, or eleveath lunar asterism, figured by a 

eoncn, oontaining two start, one of which is Leonls. s, 

V3)yi "jhf purvoj, born before, elder, born 

in the east purva-ja, ancestors, the deified pro- 
genitars of mankind, s, 

vil^^«.^ Mt9^r^4 pavrva-dehik, belong- 
ing to a former bod j or existence. *. 

i^njyi^^Mpurvak, prior, before, precedinf^. <• 

^3jyi "^^i^^^ paurvikf prior, primary, for- 
mer. «. 

y^JjA Y^ftlTpSrtJoWar, id, the north- east. s. 
'^Jj^i ^^n^M pdurohiiyay m. the office of 

&nu]y priest s, 

^3J^f ^rtf purviy of or belonging to the 

eastern region, oriental ; £ name of a ragml in music ; 
s kind of rice from the east or BengaL «. 

^jA ^^ P^^9 ^' ^ j^*"t ^f bamboo, &c. ; a 

stiff strong kind of soil. • f. 

ijjy>^ V^ pwiy f. a kind of fresh cake, fried 

m batter or ghL s. 

<«^H "^H^liatiii, f. a gate, a door, s, 

^jy>, ^tHt^ pauriyd, m. a doorkeepert a 

porter, s. [moodorni^^L K 

b^ ^[ft^ puriyOf f. the name of a musical 
Ij^'OfT puro* m. a kind of cake made of pea- 

■esL A. 

b^^i^pa«rAa, wide, broad, extensive. A. 
Wj^ ift?T paurha or ift^ porhd, strong 



</Mj^J^iJteT^ paurhd^t or "4^71^ porhdyt, f. 
itRngth, firmneas ; breadth. «. [sleep. A. 

^jy> 4)^«|l paurhndy n. to lie down, to 
^^ ^ftA port or ^fl^ or pauri, a stiffstrong 

spades of solL h. 

jlj>|Nb, m. lip of a horse, p, 

ifijj>^pozuhj f. excuse^ palliation, apology, 

IRtence. pretext, s. 
JUj^ jriczmo/, m. a cord twisted tight round 

a horse's lip or ear to enable the farrier to manage 
«■. p. 

^j»K2a,n). the lip (of a horse particularly), p. 
^g^ imzi, f. part of the ornamental accoa- 

taBCBtsofahorse. p. _ 

inHiPP^f m. the name of the ninth solar 

the fall moon of which is near pusiifa, the 
di^ih lunar asterism. «. 

tSiM*^ po$ty m. crnst, skin, rind ; poppy 

,., |hift; an infonon of the poppy formerly much used 
Wt diow poison, past barpo^tt crust upon crust, or 
"" skbi. p. 

ti^y^ /?o</i> m. one who intoxicates bimselt 

" with infusion of poppy-heads ; (met.) a lazy indolent 
person, p, 

CXH^ji postin, leathern (garment); a fault, 

blemish, posfin-doz, a furrier, or maker of leathern 
garments, p. 

U-rf»j^ M^HHI posnd, a. to breed, to rear, to 
educate, to nourish, to tame, s, 

U>**3v P^^^^f 0^ comp.) covering, wearing, as 

pd-posh, (covering the feet) shoes, slippers ; sahz-posh, 
clothed in green ; kuiah-poth, wearing a hat or csp. ji. 

{jjL^>^V[^ pu^hy m. the eighth mansion of the 

moon, containing three stars iikCancer ; the mulberry 
{Moms Indica). 9, 

O^^ iftcf poihj m. nourishing, cherishing, s, 
O^^ ^^ /'at/^A, m. the ninth Hindu solar 

month (see/»tf). «. 
^Lwj^ poshdki f. vestments, dress* habit» 
garments, especially costly ones. p. [(cloth), p. 

ti^^ poshdktf fit for making garments 
imm^Jiiy^ ijt^ paushpa, flowery, floral, s. 
dlXJ^y^ 'qt^acnr pauifhpahf m. the oxide of 

brass, used as a collyrium. «. 

ir^^^^ft^A patuhpi, f. a name of the city 

uf Pataliputra or Palibothra. s. 

i^Ml^^, '^ifm paushtikf preservative, pro- 
tective; nutritive, t, 
LtA^v poMshj f. dress, garments, vestment, 

concealing, covering, p. 

^^^^^'^if^^n^poshakj ra.a nourishertcherisher.j. 

^jSCSi^ li^bdhfillfl patishknrint, f. a large pond 
** or reservoir. «. [fostering, cherishing, a, 

(j^yl '^ft^!^ poshan, m. bringing np, rearing, 
Umjj^ ^fhrar poshnd, a. to breed, rear, foster, 

cherish, tame, t, 

i^^ ^'ft^ paushi, day of full moon in the 

** month paush or pus, s, 

^Jmm»^ poskidagi, f. concealment, p, 
^Jjlm>^ poshtdariy to conceal, to hide, to 

cover or veU over. p. 

liyJis^^ poshida, concealed, covered, p. 
ftju^A) jftwf poshya, adj. to be cherished. 

poshya-futrat m. an adopted son. poshyorvarga, m. a 
class of persons or objects to be cherished, as parentis 
children, guests, and the sacred fire. s. 

%J$^^ pok7% m. a blackguard, a low fellow. 

pokri-log, low, vile people (querSt Is not this word of 
JPrench or English origin t). d, 

J^yif "^ p^^hy ^' ^^ eighth mansion of the 

moon, comprising three stars in Cancer. «. 

J^y>^ 'frtit pohJiary 1 m. a pond, a tank| 
\^yi, "^^nCI pokhardj a lake. «• 
\xf^y>^^^it9mpokhnd(y.poihnd), tobreed|&c, 



( 212 ) 


vUlj nn pvg, m. the betel-nut tree {Areca 

fanfel or cateehH) ; a heap, a quantity ; the fruit of the 
faiifel, the hetel nut. pug-phal, ra. the areca-nut. «. 

CL>^S^ Vinii^ pug-roty m. the marshy date- 
tree (Phoenix or elaie pabtduta). »• 

Sj/1> '^ft'nB pogand, m. a boy from five to 

fifteen years old. «. 

J^ poly family, ofispring ; a litter of cubs or 

young of beast or bird. d» 

J^ ^f*9 p5/, a court-yard ; a gate ; a ward 

or quarter of a town, having its own gateway, ft. 

^♦i H^ puluy m. a bundle of grass or straw. 

piOe tale gusran kama (\i%. to live under a bundle of 
straw), implies a very destitute condition. #. 

^y M1<$I poldy m. soft, hollow, h. 

3^^ poldd or pulddy m. steel in general; the 

finest Damascus steel, which, with that of Kum, is 
esteemed the best in the East. p. 

JA 4tgy^ polach (also polich)y land con- 
stantly under cultivation, ft. 
^yl U\<^4 i polah, m. strawbands at the end 

of a'itaff; used with a charkhl to frighten and restrain 
a furious elephant, a. [ton* *• 

J^ iftgrt potty f. a term of abuse, simple- 
fj^ poUy f. a honeycomb, d. 
IJA ^ ^"^' ^* * ®°**^^ bundle of any grass 

^'^r straw, &c; a smaU quantity of com given at har- 
vest to village officers and servants. «. 

J^ ^t^ pauVty f. a gate, a door. h. 

U^ "iftf^nn poliyd or ^HigPH pauliydy a gate- 
keeper, a janitor, ft. 
\JL> puliyd, the poolias are persons who pro- 
**fes8 a species of Muhammadanlsm. extremely corrupted 
by the Indian superstitions. The Muhammadan Arabs 
in India propagated their religion by buying slaves, 
to whom, after they had been circuradsed. and in- 
structed in their doctrine, they gave their freedom ; 
the latter in time became a distinct people, inhabiting 
the coast of India from Goa. round the peninsula to 
Madras : they go by the above name in Malabar, and 
by that of Coolies on the CoromandeL rf. 

^^^ puUcht, m. a degraded race of men 

"who inhabit the forests of Malabar, where they are 
not permitted to build huts, but are obliged to make 
a kind of nest upon the trees: when they are pressed 
by hunger they howl, to excite compassion from those 
passing: the charitable deposit some nee or other 
food IS the foot of a tree, and retire with all possible 
haste, to give the famished wretch an opportunity of 
taking it without meeting with his benefactor, tf. 

l:^^ xit^^pomchdy m. a shady kind of cloth, 

a dress from Jayanagivr. ft. 

y ^puhy m. a sound of the emission of 

wind backwards, ft. 

y^ T^fr paun or IWJ pawariy f. air, wind. 

* wLoan-buadhu m. wind, as affected morbidly, or rheu- 
maJism, &c. pawan cftaJfcK. f. a windmill, pawan, m. re- 
Mnt of the winds, and of the north-west quarter. ^ pa- 
Sow W/)«.ra. the son of Pawan,U theapeaonuawn.*. 

^y ifnTpaart, one quarter less (than any given 

number); three quarters, paunt'm, two and tbne- 
quarters. t. 

CJ^ fT^ pivariy adj. drinking, f. 
^^^puUy m. a ferule or cap of metal; mounlp 

ing of a sword-hilt, walking-cane. &c. A 
Uy '^^ pondi a. to make bread; to string 

(pearls), to thread (as a needle), ft. 
\3»^^^ paundxiT ponn, m. a spoon with holes 

in it like a colander, for skimming, Ac. ft. 

J0«^ ^n^n^y pavandly m. a kind of grain 

{Andropodon saccharatus). s. 

\ji^^x^Z\pontd, m.snot, &c. (v. potdy h. 
^vw^ ^fz\ponthi, f. a kind of small fish 

"{Cyprinus chyrsopareitu. Buck,), *. 

^fy TJift punjh f. a capital in trade, slock, 
"princip^ sum. *. [riving, d, 

>y paunch (for pakunch), f. arrival, ar- 

U^y paufickndy n. to arrive, to come. d. 

^A^y "i^punchh, f. a tail. «. 

A^y vrnXpunchhary tailed, having a tail. <. 

^^j4y T^^m punckhld, a tail, s. 

^^y lR^^[fT ponchkariy m. any thing thrown 
away Ifter wiping ; a rag, &c with which any tUqg 
is wiped, ft. 

Ua^ •^ "^f^i^ ponclihnd or ^^RT punchknd^ 

a. to wipe, to clean, to expunge, ft. 
\s>yl ifNl paunddy m. a kind of sugar-cane. $. 

(j13 .jj«^ 4hOTf paundraky m. the pale atraw- 

coloured species of sugar-cane ; a man of « m}^ 
caste, from the Vaisya and female of the diatUter 
caste, whose business it is to boil sugar. #. 

iJ^'b^J'^A ^ft^wiH paundra-varddhany m. 

one of the divisions of central India (Behar). «. 

Ulbliy 'fhrm paundhndy a. (v. paufhnS) to 

repose, lie down. ft. 
jA^ jiy ^N^ pavnar-hhavay m. one of the 
sons or heirs admitted by the old Hinda Uw, the son 
of a woman from a second marriage. $. 

C^J^^^t^^^^paumr-uktayin. tautology. $. 
tffi%^yl ^JTB^nt pufMaldyly f. a thin roller, 

on which cotton is prepared for spinning, ft. 

^y 4lNrR paun-savauy m. a religious 

ceremony performed when signs o^^»g^P^ 
appear. «. \na9aiu\ a. 

Ki^ ifNr ponhdy m. the ship-worm {Teredo 
Vi^o ifiNrfT ponknd, n. to be fluxed, h. 
Mj^jifm pongdy m. a blockhead ; a sort of 

drum ; a thin joint of bamboo ; a^. empty. A. 
^jjJi^ pungrdy m. a male child, a boy. d. 

Jliy ^ pungt or paungi, f. flute, pipe ; a 

-kind of pipe played upon by the juggleia. * 



( 213 ) 



yy* ^ pvnau, |f. the day of the new 
iO^^'^punoh,) moon. s. 

wyj^ ^"^^ pon!anaun(BnLJ. forjt?ona,q.v.), 

to thread « needle, to make bread, &c h, 

*^A^^^P^unahy m. a spoon with holes in 
It like a oolander. for tkimming. ki (tee pama), h, 

d^iVf^ ^^ ^ P^ni, f. rolls of cotton pre- 

jwed fi»r spinniog. A. 

dA ^^ paune, prefixed to a number denotes 

13^^ l«f.MiMiw i«a. aqnarter less three, or two 
and three-foartha. k. 

^A'^iha pauni, a collective name for the 

kwer castes, sach as barbers, shoemakers, &o. h. 
y^3i H^P^yo, f. the day of the new moon. s. 
J3i ^^^ paufca, m. a quarter ; a quarter of 

a NT. A. 

'^^l'^^* f- dawn of day. A. 

*3i ^ P^xuh, m. a stand where water is kept 

nady for tiavellen. h. 

t»^ ^ poha, the cattle of a village, per- 

nitted to grace on waste land. A. 

^Ji ^^^ pohda, m. a young tree &c. A. 
^A 'N'n pohnd, a. to make bread, h, 
(/^ ^ pari, a dyke cut either to let water 

in or out. A. 


{Sy^ ^ po,e, f. la kind of vegetable (Ba- 
^A ^ P^if^> ro- / ieUa alba vel rubra), h. 
U^A J^^^ putfalas, m. suppuration at the 

Joints, white swelling. #. [dcr, A. 

fi^^A puytdan or po,ldan, to run, to wan- 
y^ ^1^ pavera, act of sowing seed by the 

kand. A. 

t^iy ^?Rp«ya»,l m. pus, matter, discharge, 
*ijJ ^P"y«> J from an ulcer. ^. 
«J>j>poyfl or p5ya,m . a canter or h and-gallop.p. 

Crs*y ^f^|?» po,M, inter, ho I hallo! (calling 

te inopie in the road to get out of the way), have a 
care. p. 

4> VpAa, the aspirate of the letter ^pa. 

«i W: pa, (for par), on, in, at ; conj. but, yet, 

and ddefly in verse. A. [to grow luminous. A. 

«> If jmA, f. dawn ; pah^hatnay n. to dawn, 

*iA^ W? pAa.^, division of revenue, assess- 

■m among the aharers in joint tenantry. A. 
^^S^^^OMphalaky m. a gate ; a large shut- 

•» ; an ohstroetion, impediment, a check : the bar of a 
^-'*— " Aep' • — - - - 

^^_ ,^ 5, where Ae plaintiff and defendant take 

tM^ stiljon s a watchman in charge of a gate, phafak- 
•■■ft imprisonment, safe custody, under lock and 

^S\^ m^^ phatnd, n. to be torn j to be 
'^'^ kc s. 

jVJ '^V^pahar.m. a mountain, pahar n 

ra<(fj|, long and tedious nights (especially of sorrow) A. 
jjW^mt phara, torn, broken, split, rent. *. 

)j\i ^?T¥T pahara, m. (in arithmetic) the 
^ multiplication table ; a story or feble. A. 

^^^ **^HT phar khana, a. to worry ; 
^ to Mte a nd gnaw, s. [ravenous beast *. 

J^^ WWra phar kka,u or -AAa,o, m. a 
^i'^i ^Snpn ;?Aarna, a. to tear, to rend ; to 

split ; to break ; to cleave (as wood). #. 

Sd^ ^^ pahariy f. a hill, a small moun- 

h^nba^' ^I ^^ '*^*^°« **^ *^« ^^"- P«*«n W«V. 

^J'^ti '^frfwr pahariya, m. a mountaineer; 

a^j. belonging to the mountains. A. 

wl4^ inn phag, m. red powder thrown over 
one in the time of the HoU ; the act of throwing co- 
7?"??fuf®wv®" f?_*^®J??^' the gambols of the Holl 

po' , ^ ^„ „, ^^ 

(in Dakh.) the forms phak and phak-fa, are used. .. 

t;^^ VSPm phagan or inipf p'hdguny (also 
phalgun\ the name of the eleventh month, the full 
moon of which is near/wtwpAa/gua«. (Feb.— March). $, 

J^i HIT^ jt7Aa/, m. a ploughshare, s. 
J^^Wgf^^«^> ^- a lump of betel-nut (Areca) ; 

a step. A. 

^'•4J^''3nn phaUa, m. name of a fruit 

■{GrewiaAsiatica). (in Dakh.) pAa/wa, a shrike. A. 

C^r^^i HwHn phalgun, the eleventh month 

(v. pAogiin) ; a tree (Pentaptera arjuna). s. 

iS^Wy '^'Rf^^ phalgunt, f, day of the full 
" moon in the month Phalgun, on which the Holl festi- 
val is celebrated ; a name common to the eleventh and 
twelfth lunar asterisms, distinguished by the epithets 
purvd and uttara, #. 

^^^phdlna, a. to spring, leap, jump. d. 
J^i phali, f. a kind of small pillow, a child's 

"napkin, d, 

^i^ "^St^:^ phampndf n. to swell. A. 

j^^^VhXphamphar, m. a hole,an orifice. A. 

^-^^ ^ phdnty m. a village register. A, 

^V^ phdntdj m. a branch of a tree, a neck 
of land. d. 

^^^phahj,2^ noose, snare, &c. (y.phdndd). d. 
Uil^J pkdnjnd, a. to chop, to score, d. 
^^'^ phdnd, I m. a noose, a net; met. 
Iii3l4iiir^ pAa«fi?a,/perplexity, difficulty. A. 
U*>31^ liii<;^| phdndnd, to leap, jump, or 

spring over ; to imprison, to tie, to ensnare or entrap, s. 

i^'^^^'Ri^ phdndi, f. a bundle ofSOor 100 

sugar-canes, s. |-fcc.). A. 

U^^ 'BI^ phdns, m. a splinter (of bamboo, 



( 214 ) 



(j-i^J ^bNc phans, 1 m. a noose ; an impedi- 
\^^^ ^^Am phansaj ment; (in Dakh.) a 

die far playing, s. 

\i^>\^ iiiNrT phanma, n. to noose; to 

throttle, to choke ; to be perplexed ; to be impeded ; 
to stick (as in mud), s, 

i<-i^J Wrft phansi, f. a noose, a loop. 

"phdM papid, n. to be hanged. phaM dena, a. to 
Htrangle, to hang, phdi^l lagana, a. to kill one's self 
by strangling. «. 

j\ii»^\^^Mi^^ft^{K^phdnst'ga^^ a strangler, 
J^^^^^'Wftm. phaM-gar, J a sneaking 

sort of highwaymen, of recent notoriety under the 
name of thags (vulg. thugs\ who first strangle the un- 
wary traveller, then take possession of his money, &c h. 

d^\^^Tfiwphdnk, f- a slice, or piece of fruit, h. 
j^Wy '^^1^ phankar, 1 m. a fop, a vain 
)j^Wy ^"^^^ pkankrd,) silly fellow, k. 
Uiol^^ ilA^PIT pkdnkndf a. to chuck into the 

mouth from Ae palm of the hand (grain, meal, &c.) ; 
to squander; (in Dakh.) to elapse (aa time); to vanish 
(as clouds. &c). *. [fi™**- *• 

^iol^ irfilft phdnkif f. a slice, or piece of 
^l^j Tihrt pkdnkt, f. (in logic) an objec- 

"tion. s. 

l^) 1KR phdwy ra. a small quantity given 

above the quantity purchased, to boot. *• 

j>^ Hir^ phdward or phd,ord, m. a mat- 
tock, a spade, a hoe. A. 
Ufj^A^ XS[^:it phdyorl, f. a crutch on which 

ajogi leans ; a piece of wood, or staflf*, with a support 
at each en4, which is held in both hands and laid hori- 
zontally, in performing the exercise oidofidf an in- 
strument like a small rake or hoe for removing a 
horse's dung. h. 

\jb\4> WfJ phdhd, m. a flock of cotton, wet 

with *atar, or scented water ; a plaster, a pledget A. 

ftiV^1Wir:|>Aaya,J [dress, h. 

t^^^^xg^ phab, f. embellishment, ornament, 
UjlAJ Wnn phdbtd, pertinent, fitting. A. 
^jL^ TSmc\ phabth ^« ornament, conjecturing 

" what a person is by his dress, phahti kahna, a. to say 
or conjwture by one's dress what sort of person, or of 
what caste, he is. A. 

UioA) iwnn phahahnd. n. to shoot forth 

(a^ branches) ; to grow, sprout. A. [ment. A. 

^As jfi^ phaban, f. embellishment, orna- 
Uj4> "qprTr phabndy n. to become, to fit h, 
iUj^ TWt^ phablld, becoming, fit, proper, h. 
u-*^ Hjq phup, ^^ pakup, or Jpl pukap, 

a flower (v. pus^p). t* 

U^ phtipd, \ m. the husband of a paternal 
^^phupu, ) mni {y. phupphd). h. 

joU^ ^^nrrc phupkdr, f. bubbling, blowing 

or breathing into any liquid. A. 

l^^ X^phvpphd, m. the husband of a pa- 
ternal aunt h- 
UM^A^ifiqrin j9Aaj7/i^a, swelled; insipid* A. 

j^AjAi "Vimrc phuphkdr, f. the hissing of a 

snake. A. [tnake). A. 

^^^4i^ WHk^lHI phupkkdmdy D. to bias (a 
4^J>lfe4.> VBfg^ phaphundi or iVg*^ pka^ 

phundi, t mould (on fruit» bread, &&, from damp- 
ness). A. [temalaunt A. 

3^i^l m phuphu, m. the husband of a pa- 
^^^A^ mijll^l phapholdf m. a blister, pha* 

pholephupne, n. to be blistered; (It is figuratively ap- 
plied to the mind) ; hence it signifies to be afflicted. 
phapkoU dilke phorne^ to satisfy a revenge that has 
long been rankling in one's breast «. 

^^bA^Al ^'■''1'^ phaphundi, f. mouldiness. h* 
^_y4-4i ^od phupphiy f. a paternal aunt; 

"father's sister. A. 

U^^^sjA^i "gftlPimra phuphfyd-sd^f f. the 

sister of a father-in-law. A. 
^;— »U4^ ^m iw^^phuphiyd'susur or -IBW^ 
-tasttr, m. the husband of a father-in-law's sister. #. 

^^x^^'^^ phupherd, m.l descended from or 
i^j*:^^^Witdphupheii,f.J related through 

a paternal aunt phuphera hhaj, the son of a patema. 
aunt phuphen ftoAtn, daughter of the same. A. 

vJIa^ Wiphuty interj. expressive of contempt. *. 

JiA^ phattar^ m. a stone, phattar kd phvly 
lichen, rackmoss. phattar bandl, stone work, maaomy^ 
paving, d, 

ijj^ phattari or phattrl, f. a flint, d. 
.\ij;^mnn^j7Att<Aar, arrogant, disdainful, s. 

viiA^i^ fVSS phit, m. curse, malediction ; adv. 

fye ! phihphif, curse on it ! fye upon it I A. 
fJL^ lU phut, separated, odd, unpaired, h. 

U^ iRCT phatdf m. a crack, phate men pd^ 

dend, to interfere in any thing. A. 

liU^i fte^n phitdndy a. to beat up and mix, 

to froth, phufana (tr. <^pkup»a), to increase, ttc A. 

^ Mb& ^ §^ 1 phat parndf n. to be pro- 
duced plentifully ; to become lat suddenly ; to be con- 
founded with too much business, atman phaf pofWh 
n. to rain hard. A. 

\i\jE^jui^ i^iMlff T phutpkatdndf a. to shake 

or flap the wings, as birds just goln^ to fly ; to give m 
soimd. as the shoes of a person wallong. A. 

vii%> 'mSV phafah or vft% phatikf m. 

crystal. A. 

viiS^) fijft'I phi ik, a snare, net, cage. a. 
jKa^ fiVTVrt phitkdr, f. curse, malediction, 
remolding something to a distance. A. 


( ^15 ) 


^v^ flmnc«ll phitkamaf a. to curse. A. 
>.y^M«?*«r, odd, unpaired; eepa- 

Tate, dispened (as a honeman). A. 
(,jF;xI^ nufliO, Dwilil, or iliraV^y phifkirt, 

pUttarh or pkatkarh Qn Dakh.) phafakn, t alum, 
■altpetre. <. 


phatakndf a. to winnow; to 

dost, to afaake or knock off any l%bt thing wliich 
d^htly adheres, as crumbs from a table-doth or dust 
from a table; n. to be separated; m. the tape in a 
peUet bow which strikes the balL «. 

^J^'^X^ pkatkl, f. a fowler*8 net; a largo 

"cage; a rope tied to a tree to fiighten birds with its 
sound; (in Dakh.) saltpetre, alnm. h, 

^y^\ ^mft pkutkif f. a blot, spot, stain ; 

"adj. odd, not paired. A. 

vil^J TUSfi phatna, a. to be torn, split, rent ; 

to be broken, burst, cracked ; (In Dakh.) to be paid off 
or liquidated (a debt). #. 

l*^ yni pkutna, n. to increase, to obtain 

advancement, d. 

u5^' c^fti ^Aa<i-a«AAi, blear eyed, d* 
^l^ti ili^^ni pahckan, f. acquaintance, 

knowledge. JL 

w\fti ^if^f^ paJtchanna, a. to know, to 

recognise, to distinguish or discriminate, to understand 
orperdeTe. A, 

^>4i P^<M phiMb the imitative sound 

uttered bj birds, d, 

^'-^^ ^i^V^Tsn phadphaddna, n. to fer- 

ount (as sour milk, curds, &c) ; to be inflamed with 
lBst(v.^6a^j«a). A. 

phudaknd, to jump, to leap, to 

hop (applied to small birds), to dance about in token 
ofdelight. k. 

^"^ T^A phudkly f. the name of a bird 

{Certkiauaa). K 

{^•Hi phaddif finally, at last ; hence, d. 

j4> y p/'»r, true, right. A. 

j4> ^phurr, m. the noise of a bird, as a 

partridge or quail, suddenly taking wing, or of a small 
quantity of gunpowder exploding. A. 

j4> Ak phir, again, then, afterwards, any 

SBOR. k. 

^ ^ft pahoTf m. a division of lime consist- 

bg of seren and a half ^A^qif ; or, more strictly speak- 
ing, the pmhar is the fourth part of the natural day or 
BJgfat, and consequently it must vary in length from 
as to nine fbaris, according to the season of the year 
— 1 the latitude of the locality. For example : in the 


l^g the whole year (v. ghari), s. 

j|> IfC phar, ro. a fruit ; a shield. « 

]j^ ^Hn pahr'dy m. a watch, a sentinel ; toui 

of watch ; a corporal and six. pahre-wald, a sentinel 
watchman, guard. poAra dend^ to watch, pahre msii 
ddlndf to confine in a guard, pahre tneik paTna» to be 
confined in a guard. «. 

b'jj^ lit 1^1 pharrdtd, m. a piece of bamboo; 

a sound made by the flying of a flag, or the breathing 
of a horse. A. 

0*»);4i ^^sItB pharras m. the name of a tree 

(its leaves resemble those of the Cypress or of the Ta 
marisk, and make a whistling noiae in the wind, whence 
the name). A. 

^|;4v ftrcRT phirdndf to cause to turn, to 

whirl, to return, to change, to roll, to shift, to wan 
der. A. 

^2;4J ^^IRt pharrdiidf n. to fly (as a flag). «. 

^J;tv ^"^^H^ pahrdndf also pahirdndf a. to 
cause to dress, to clothe, to dress, s. 

^^]j^^ f^tCm phirdv or phird,Of m. turning, 
a return, restitution, rotation. A. * 

(^];tv ^fi5<i'«*T pahirdnan, m. 1 vestments 

tijl;^ ^f^TWft pahirdrvani, f. J bestowed 

on guests at a wedding, dress, clothing, s. 

Lijirti ^'V^^'fl pahirdwm or 'T^twft ^flA- 

ra,ont, f. a woman who dresses the guests at a wedding, 
a tirerwoman. «. 

^/-^J^ftro^l^/Atra,!, f. act of returning. A. 

^J^^jiA phir-parndy to be dissatisfied, d, 

^IrAO^ ^9^'^' phurphurdnd, n. to trem- 
ble ; to wave (as hair in the wind). A. 

S&Ai,^ ^^5^ pf^^rpkuri, f. trembling, 

quivering, tremor, palpitation. A. 

*^^j4i ^RRW? pharphand, m. deceit, trick, 
wickedness. A. [treacherous, wicked. A. 

^.♦^•^Ai/AJ 'W.Hrf^^l pharphandiyd, deceitful, 
O^ftjClf J»/«Vflf,m. rejected things; money 

paid by a lewd woman to her paramour. A. 
0;4> ^ phurty f. activity, alertness, s. 

]^b\5^ phirld'hdrdf m, a whirlwind, d. 

^J^j^ fwin Km\ phirtd rahndy n. to wan- 
der, to perambulate, to walk about. A. 

{J,j^^ flrort phirti, returning, homeward- 
bound. ^Atr^i Jca bharSt the hire of a return boat, 
carriage, &c. A. 

ijj^ WPtphurfi, f. activity, quickness. «. 
"^j^^^^Ft^phurttldyqmckymmhle, active, s. 

UWj^ fiHIMI phir-jdjid, to return, to re- 
volt ; to be distorted ; to warp. A. 

^j^^ ^VST^ pharchd, m. fair weather; dis- 
persion or clearing away (of a crowd of people, or of 
clouds, &c) ; a decision, definitive sentence. A. 

liW^ l|K^I«TT pharrhdvd, a. to decide, to 

give a final sentence or decree. A. 


C 210 ) 

^?^;4i l^ftl pharckhd, m. fair weather (same 

aa piarclid), adj. pure, honest ; fair (not daudy). 
pliarchliai..t.ti>clean,tOKltlf,to sweep, pharchha^., 
to dear up, to become fair (the weather), h, 

Ul^»^) iHin'TT pharchhana, a, to clean, to 

wipe, to settle, h, 
^j^ ilitVT pkariS, m. air axe, a tiatcbet. t. 
'^j^ W pfiarah, f. flutt«nng, palpitation ; 

m. mhield. A. [to flatter. K 

^^j^\WMT^ pharhana, a. to agitate, cause 
U£^ tUmr pharaknd, n. to flutter, vibrate, 

to tbrobt to writhe, la^ (t. pharaknd), A. 

^j^\fif!t:^ phirhi, f. a whirligig; anything 

"turning ai an an axil ; a reel for thread, h. 
^j^, ftunn phirna, a. to turu. to return, to 

valk alwut. to wiiirl, to wheel, to wander, to diange- 
to revolt, h. 

\j^) iIg(,HI pahama or trf^TSTT pahtma, a. 

to put on clotliea, to dreu, to clothe one'i (elf, to wear. a. 

ti-4i ftrff phinii, f. a whirligig, any thing 

' Turning on ao axis ; a whirlwind, h. 

jj^^VH^ P'llira, 1 ni-awatohman,a sen- 

\°jj^V^^Vt f)nhru,a,} tine] (fi\eopahrv,S).s, 
\jtj^» fiHTT^I phirrvand, to oause to be 

retarued. A. 

t^jj^^TS^^W pkaruvah, m. a het«l-l>ox. (. 
\*.j^) iKCgl pkarulia, m. an inBtroment for 

raking together. A. 

tj^>_pahra,isi. a watc h man, sentinel, t. pa Aro. i. 
<A'*j4i iK^nlt pkurkan, f. horripilation, i. 
]^Ai ^STH pliarahrd, \m, a vane, a pen- 
(jjft^ t K gift pharakrij dant; adj. half- 
dried. ». 
4/4v ^ p/ia»>. f- " shield, a tai^. i. 
ij\^ iRft pkaii, f. one of several fishos. A. 
i/.-rJ ^^^^ pakari, "1 m.awatchinanjaaen- 
bj^ q^fC^T pahriyd,) tinel; a village ser- 

•nnt nod mcHCDger, alto employed to keep watch, i. 

b AJ. isfCKT pkariyd, f. a kind of bordered 

veBlmeDt. worn by HladQ<; a oontractor for reajung. h, 

W mi phar, f. a gaming-houBe where dice 

are played; a place where goodi are eipoaed for anle; 
the "hat\» or pole of a carriage. phaT-bai, td. a player 
at dice, a gamester; a prater, a talkatiTe fellow, phar- 
bazi, I. gambling, playuig at dice. *. 

*J^}%\ plt'tTo-phari, f. war, battle, fight, d. 
blj^> Tf^rm pkardna, a. to cause to be torn, 

aplit, ordeiTed. h. 

^)j^rW. pharpharat, 1 agitation, flutter, 
^^^'jfiij^lP^''?*'*''^^''-' ^'wjuietnde. k. 

■Hj. iwin. . 

^J4i ^ 

liKjftJ IBS 

flutter, to a 

(met.) to ah 

^3*1 ^. 

eyelids ant 

writhe (tilt 


boil. A. 
(J-4J pitl'l 

gant). A. 

UL^) Iffl 

(aain mud, 



not rigid, 

UK-4> IS) 

aplit, to bre 
fashion (Tid 
gnnmd will 
to break, j 



u-4i ( 

^^* "^l yi^im phuslana, a. to coax, to 
wiieedle, to instigate, to entice. A. 

^^^^**4i JMItflV pkusla,Uy m. a ^vheedler, in- 

•tigator. /a*iu^o» wheedling, coaxing, flattery, h, 

^* " ^ > fiS99lf? phuldhat, f. slipperiness ; 

^a «lip» an error. pftau^oJ^ cajolerj. seduction. «. 

|«VuLm^ phisal-'bandd, m. sliding down a 

smooth bank, a fiiTonrite sport with children, h, d. 
{ ^ **' ^X fiw^S^ phhldrtf m. act of slipping or 

dSding: error, h. [to err ; adj.-alippery. s. 

'J* " ^ ^ Owi^jk^l phigalna, n. to slip, to slide, 

idMcdIer. a coaxer. K [slippery, h. 

^" '^ l OmIc^^I phisalha, m. slipping; adj. 
^ ;9Ai»ii (y. pasti), f. a rib, &c. (f. 

phasnd, n. to be stuck (as in mud 

or in a narrow passage) ; to be canght, to be impri- 
nned, ensnared, entangled, in^oWed ; to be impeded, k, 

y h" *^ \ hAi^KI phasrydra^ m. a strangler, a 

(hag {w. fkaJksi-gar), h. 

^fi^f^phish, interj. pish ! pshaw ! A. 
^j^ phak, a soand, voice, noise, d. 

^^ Wff phahhdy m. a small quantity of 

parched grain to be chucked into the mouth. A. 

o^ pkikkd (v. phtkd), vapid, tasteless, &c. d. 
^J^ fiWTCn pkikdmd, a. to uncover the 

head, to nnphiit the hair of the head. A. 

^^H> ftpV1«n phikdnd, a. to cause or teach to 

titrow. A. 

J^> ii9f phakkar, m. wrangling, mutual 

^ rsillerj. ^AoAiti^-^dc, an abuser, an indecent 
— A- [with rudeness. A. 

phahfif f. the act of treating 

■Hi^^^' phakkikdy f. a sophism ; a trick, 
ilUuion, firand. s. [b^wn into a flame. A. 

I ^Vi|T phuknd, to be inflated, to be 

>^V^ phukndy m. a bladder. A. 

||4itil phukni, f. blow-pipe ; a fire*. 
lodtorpisloL A. 

kfj^ ^Ffifr^T phakoriydy m. a fop, an ah- 

nd prstUer, an indecent talker. A. ^ty. A. 

*^^jHi Wftft^nr phakoriydt, f. absurd- 

\r<K Sfini phakiydy f. a slice, a piece of 

**• *• [&C). A. 

^^«^l^ftAir|7AtAaf<,m. a thrower (of a spear, 

^fyji,W^ phagu^y m. the same as Ao/t; 

pCMBla made daring the hoR holidays, s. 

^Kf^^*9"^» ™' ^ «^^^ puff out, enlarge, d. 

J4^ V9 j»Aa/, m. fruit ; effect, result, ad 



vantage, reward, equivalent; the iron head of a spea 
or MPow. &c ; children, prt^eny ; a blade (of a sword 
11^ ii? ?*J? **' fragrant berry and drug commonlf 
called AoAoit; a nutmeg; a ploughshare ; theqnotien 
of a sum. phal-apeksha, £ regard to, or expecUtion of. 
oonseqnences. phal-dshh living on fruits. phaU 
akankshi, f. hope or expectation of good consequences. 
phal-bhog, m. enjoyment of reward or consequences x 
usufruct phal-bhogi, who receives the profits. oAa/. 
pak, m. the ripening of fruit ; the fulness of conse- 
quences; the Coronrfo. phal-pak-antd, f. an annua. 
plant, dying after bearing fruit pAaZ-pawa. a. to reap 
the reward of (^ood or bad actions), phal-prapti, f. oh- 
taming the fruit or desired result. pfuiUtrik or «Aa^ 
tray, m. three sorts of fruits collectively; the three 
myrobahms collectively, phal^anak, producing fruii. 
pfud-ehamoi, m. the bark of the Indian fig, ground and 
eaten with curds by wajr of penance. phalntiddhU t 
attaining an object reaping the fruit of an act. pkaU 
*ampad, or ph^samwit, f. prosperity, success, phal- 
ihreshfha^m. (best of fruits) the mango. phaUkdmnd, 
f. desire of reward or consequences, phal^khandan, m. 
disappointing, phal-graki, aai. bearing fruit" pkal^ 
Jir»ri«i,f. final consequence or result phal-nithpatti 
f. producing fruits, or desired results, phairtiw.-itti f. 
cessation of consequences. o//a^AaRt, ^ loss of fruit 
or profit, t. 

J4^TBgyj9Aa/, form, shape, figure, d. 

J4> WSphulloy m. blown, opened, expanded 

(as a flower). *. 

{Jti'^^^P^^^h m. a flock of cotton ; begm- 
">*ng» aggression j the side of a rectangular figure. A. 

^ ^»?^ pafild (also ^fi;^ pakild), first, 
the firrt; before, rather; soon. pahU pahal, at flrst 
m the first mstance. A. [ract rf. 

5l4J;?Ai/Wa, m.a disease of the eye, a cata- 

{^'^^'^fST^ phalds, f. a leap, spring, bound; 
m. a step, a stride. A. 

ir*^ 'JSn^RT pkuldsardy m. flattery. A. 

^iJ^ HKpinij?AaZ5wa, a. to cause to produce, s. 

liSl^ •QC9i«ii phuldnd, a. to cause to swell ; 
to fatten ; (met) to make proud by flattery. «. 

vlXiii^i iK^iy phaldng, f. a stride, leap, 
bound. A. 

JtA^J^?- "WJ**^^^ phaUbujkaumal, m. 

the name of a game (also called mankela), "think of 
ble it add ten to it. take five from it, &c. 

a number, doub , ^ ,^ ^ 

how much remains?" " twenty-^ne :" •'The dumber 
was eight" A. 

vi44^ ^IRW^ phal'bhoff, m. usufruct, re- 

ceiving-the produce or profits of any thing, s. 

j^i^v ^*5^ phalpur^ m. common citron 

{Citrus medica), s. 

i^j^hM ■M'fcglO phal-phatari, f. variety 

of fruits or of dishes made of fruit, s. 

<^4e ^«*?nf phalit, fruitful, prolific. Xif^ 

phalat, yielding fruit, profit &c. s. 

4>;^J^ Trf^rrrt phalitdrth, m. a meaning 

implied though not expressed. «. 

J^Su ^S^nrw phaUtdr, m. the fruit-bearing 

taft the female palm. «. 

J ._ 


( 218 ) 



{Jj^^^ i|9«C^ phuljhafi, f. a k'md of fire- 
work like a fountain. #. 
d^^ T»^ phalad, 1 adj. yielding 

\3bj4> Mkj&^lrt l phaldata, J fruit; m. one 
who rewards a benefactor, phalad^ m a tree. «. 

.bJ4> l l^j'K phal'ddr, fruitful, bearing 
fruit. A. p. 

^\ji^ iliM^IHH phuUa'ddman, m. a species 

of the Atidhriti metre. #. 

tjJiA> phcddd, 1m. the blade of a sword, 

Vf)^ phalra, J knife, &c. d. 

UuJiA> ftji^inn philama^ n. (per metathesinj 

for phUalna)^ to slip. A. 

■ijf)^^^ Tg^V phalak, m. a shield; a bone; the 

OB frontis ; a plant (Metuaf erred), », 

Kl^nniT phulkd, inflated, puffed up; light; 

m. a blister ; an area or arena for wrestlers ; a kind of 
cake or small loaf. «. 

UjKi^ M^4iK«l1 phulkdmdt n. to inflate, to 

sweU out, as a snake does his hood, to expand, c. 
jc^Ki^ ^u^d^iH phnlkari, ra. flowered cloth, s. 

jil^ ific&M phalkaTj a branch of revenue 

arising from the rent of orchards ; profits of an estate 
arising from fruit-trees thereon, t. 

{^^^^ 'Qf^npOl phal'krishnay m. a small 

fruit of a black colour {CarUsa carandtu). ». 

di^^J^ Mk^^'^M^i phal-koshak, ra. the 
scrotum or testicles. «. [nut tree. «. 

T'^ J4i Ui^«ii4K phal'keshar, m. the cocoa- 
^^^ifti Mk$«^ phaUti or ^_/l^ "mSC^ phallakt^ 

armed with a shield ; tcl a sort offish caught in ponds, 
commonly called PfuUaji {Mystus capirat). s. 

iS^i'^^ P^^^^h ^* ^ cake or raised bread, 

" fritters. 9, 

cLA^ W^ phalgUf f. the Ficus oppoiitifolia ; 

a river which is said to run underneath Gya ; a red 
powder, usually of the root of wild ginger, coloured 
with sappan-wood, and thrown over one another by 
the Hindus at the Holt festival, s, 

^jiC^^W^t^ phalgun, ni. the month Phdlgun. 

phalgunif same as phalguni, «. [firnit «. 

^J^ ^BSR phalan, m. fructifying, bearing 

Ui4> lfk$«ll phalndy n. to bear fruit ; to pro- 
duce ; to be fortunate. «. 

^kS^^Tfi^f^phalantdy fruitful, bearing fruit. «. 

<2.^jJ^ phalange f. a stride, leap, bound, d, 

^1^ pahlu, m. the side; the wing of an army. 

paMu tihi-k., a. to refuse, to decline* to evade, p. 
Wjl^ iRcnn phalufd, m. a knotted fringe, k. 

^J^y^v ^^'TR^ phulmdriAf, a flower-gar- 
<^jl^^il9^nrt p/mZw5ri,i den. s. 

(j^j^J ■M^l«(^ pkalwdHy fruitful, fruit-bear- 
ing, f. [ing. a. 
i:)^^^ 'tiiniff phuUa^^dnf blossoming* blow- 

;oV^ pctf^<^^^n 01* pahlamdn, m. a hero, a 

champion, a stout fellow, a wrestler, p. 

(3 V^- pohalrodnl or pahlarvdni, f. heroism, p. 

0^> M^^j&^A phal'wat, adj. fruit-hearing, x. 

l^j^> ilk^TIHI phalottamdy f. the highest re- 
I ward, arising from sacred study. «. 

^Jl^ mO^^^^T pakilautdf first-bom. h, 

^C(3ji^ iR^fl^ phaloday, m. profit, result ; 

happiness. «. [results, s. 

(mJi^J^ iC^Sli^ phaloddeih, m. regard to 
(/iJl^'^^hft/'Au/auriyf. bread or cake made 

of fruit and pulse, and fried in ghl or oil. «. 
4< Jl^ paklavl, of or relating to a hero ; the 

language of Persia in its transition from the Zand to 
that now spoken, p. [beating. A. 

V4J^J4^ m^%^ phul-hatthdf m. cudgelling, 

A^> 1T^ /)a///« or l|ff$ pahile, at first, in 

the first place, soon, rather pahU par, on the other 
side, h, 

A^> m^ phaHy m. a sort of fish, commonly 

'called PhalaX (Mystus kapirai) ; f. a shield; a medi- 
cinal plant, commonly called Priyamgu^ s. 

1^5 ftsgrt pkUR, f. the leg. A. 

A^, mft phuUtf f. a disorder in the eye, the 

albugo ; (in Dakh.) an ornament worn in the nose ; the 
tumbler nail of the cock of a musket phuUi Aft^ the 
star pagoda, a gold coin worth three and a half rupees, 
or seven shillings sterling. 

a cod» a pod (or the 
seed) of any legami- 

^^W^/?Afl/i, |f. 
\j^^Vll^ phaliydj 

m. a 
by which 
fruitful, prolific 



the holes 

the top; adj. 

^^jJ^ MbT^^MI phaliydndf n. to bear fruit, jr. 

^i^/J^ ^V$^^ phcUeruhd, £ the trumpet- 
flower, {Bignonia tnuneoUns). t, 

Vj^^aI^ phuleri, f. romping, playing, d. 
JjA^TR^pAti/e/, m. oil impregnated with 

the essence of flowers by steeping them in it. s. 

<uJ^ VS^phalya, m. a bud, a flower, s. 
(^) WS or i^phan, m. the hood of a snake ; 

his expanded neck, phan upkanot a. to spread the hood, 
as a snake, phaa-dhar, phan-kar, pkanr-wan^ a snake, 
phan-manlt m. a jewel supposed to be in the head of a 
snake, s, 

^^^ pahan, m. width, breadth, ampleness ; 
a4j. wide, widely, extensive, p. 

U^ TiPIJphand, a snake^s hood; the ford* 

castle of a ship. s. 

I . 

wt*. ( 

\j^^phunnay m. tbe silk lash of a whip. d. 

^A^^pahna, broad, wide, extensive, p. 

\1^ '^f^pahanna or iff^WT pakinna, a. to 

wear, to dress, to put on ; m. dress, clothing. », 

liU^ V|^ni«ii pahnandy a. to clothe, cause to 
be dressed. #. [raiment, t, 

'j^J 'IITTO pahnawdj m. dress, clothes, 
jljU|;paAt*a»r5r,1 ample, wide, broad, spa- 
jjU^j pahndwar, J cious. p. 

iS^^^ pahndjU width, spaciousness. /?. 

U ^ ;4y^ > MHHHHI phanphandnd, n. to hisa 

{m asnake); to spring np suddenly (as a fast-growing 
pbnt); to move about briskly (as a playful diSd). « 

#4^ lira phampk, land that requires to be 
left fallow for some time, k, 

V^i MfyMfil*! phanji-putrikdf f. a plant 

{Sabmia mcullata). «. 

^iaj^iiSfiBniT phanjikdf f. a plant, (Sipko- 
Ms/Jhu iudica); a species otHkdytarum {H. alhagt). m. 

til^i ^AmE^ phanijjhaky m. a plant, 

csfled alto manuu t . 

^i^**^ isflMniT phanijjhakd, f. a plant, 

ooDimonlr called Ham Di/t, apparently a sort of basil 
with Hnall leaves, s, 

iti ^^S^ pahunck. m. arrival ; access, ad- 

mittaDcc ; sagacity, penetration ; a receipt h, 

•^ 'm^^ pahunckd, m. the wrist, k. 
vi'-Ai yff^mm^pahunckdndy a . to send, to carry, 

eoDvey ; to cause, to occasion, to bring about h. 

^^^^V^t^^ pahunchnd, n. to arrive, to reach, 
to oome, to amount, to befall, h, 

^'jp^ IJ^^^HT pahunchwdnd (caus. of pa- 
*«*«aa), to cause to be carried, conveyed, &c A. 

\j^^ ^^^pahuvchty f. an prnament worn 
'<m the wrist, a kind of bracelet A. 

^^^^W^ilpkanddy m. a nooae, a net 5 per- 

l^exity, difficulty. A. [to leap. A. 

^ «^ V^RIp/irtwrfana, a. to cause to jump, 
^*^Hi ""W^l*!! phandldnd. a. to catch in a 

mare, to entrap. A. 

^^^^'^i^p^phandnd, n. to be imprisoned. A. 

^*^^ yPn phundnd, m. a tassel, h. 

{jr*^, phannas, m. the jack fruit, also the 
liee bearing the same. d. 

uL4^ linifll pkansdndy a. to ensnare, to 

favolrc. A. 

^m^^ii^X^ pJiamdw or phamd,Oy m. en- 

feogiement A. [stick (v. phama). A. 

w-i^J iS^mphanmdy n. to be entanjrled, to 

•^,J-*4i ■■w'*fi pharmvand (caus. ofphan- 
■iai) to cause to be ensnared, strangled &c. A. 

219 ) 


ur^ IJHrfl pkunsiy f. a pimple. A. 

V*s;***^ hS^mias phansii/d7'dy'\m. a foot-pad 

nst-gdry J 


who strangles 

passengers or travellers : the term is more especially 
applied to a well-known organised gang, called piag$ 
(vulg. tfuigs), $. 

^^^'^f^ phankdy m, a handful (or rather 

mouthfuH of any thing eaten by being chucked into 
the mouth, phanka mdrnd, a. to eat bv chucking into 
the mouth, to chuck food into the mouth. A. 

Ki^ ^ri)^ pahnikdy f. a plant (Pistia stra 

tioites). s. 

J^^v "J^K phunkdr, f. the hiss of a snake, s. 

^j^^^ Hi^Ktii phunhdrndy n. to hiss (as a 
snake). #. 

i^j^^^'^^xd pkunkdriy f. hissing of a snake. 

phvnkarl mamdt to hiss (a snake). «. 

^i^^ Oi**ff phinhndy n. to be thrown, s. 
J ii A ^ ' A ' v MiRu^c? phani-khely m. a quail 9, 
i^f^^'^^^ phankiy f. same as phankdy q. v. 
j t.^^^ ilftri^ phani-keskar, m. a plant 

(Mesuaferrea.) a. 

vC^^i^WTor i^n^u phangd,m, a grasshopper. *. 
< -*K;^\ fiqpv phingak. m. the fork-tailed 

shrike. #. 

^_^^J14> j9A</n^ni, f. a pim^ile or pustule, d, 

c.r*4v ^Pl^ phungiy f. a sprout, bud, tbe point 
*"of an ear of com, &c A, 

ciXli^^'yiJf jjAwmiw^, f. top, summit. A. 
y^v '^gi^phunnoy f. penis puerilis, A. 
J^'"]^ pohnav, m. the name of one of the 

degraded Kshatriya races sentenced by Sagar to wear 
beards. *. [rain. A. 

I jV^i^^ T«pt phunhdvy f. the small drops of 

1^1^^ ijlfTtT^AuTiAara, m. a fountain, a jet 
d'eau. A. 

L^^''^ paAtfnfl,i, f hospitality, j. 
^'^ ^'S'ft pAflfWt, m. a serpent ; a wedge. «. 
^J^^'^ phunm, If. a tassel, a knot; 
^-!^i i«r«i««i phuniydj penis puerilis, A. 
j>-HH4i MrfUl m^phanhhwar, 1 m. the great 
J ^1^ 'RWft'5 phanindrOy J ■erpent Jtumta. s, 
^^^4^'^^pAi/,a, m. the husband of a father's 

sister ; a lizard. A. 

^•^v ^^ phvtphdy^ m, an uncle, the hus- 

j4i^- '"K'R phuphuy J band of a father's 
sister. A. 

^j4i ^M"J»^'«* V* ^" ^""^> applied 
j_^4Jj4^ ^WA pAupAi, J only to a father's 
"sister. A. 

ir^^ 1^^ phupkerd, of or relating to a 



paternal aunt, phupherorbhdtl, a oousin, son of a pater- 
nal aunt. A. 

CL>^^ 7 P^^^tf ^' & ^^^^ of melon (jCucumis 

momordica, Roxb. ); a ripe cucnmber bunting ekutl. 
cally (as the Cucumu utilatissimus, Roxb. and Momor- 
dica mixta. Roxb.) ; odd, unpaired ; difference of opinion; 
separation ; a flaw, phuf porna, to have disagreement 
to arise (dissension), phuf fhu^, or pA«^ kar rondt n. to 
weep excessively. pMif rahna, n. to be broken ; to be 
dispersed ; to be unpaired, phiif kond, n. to be divided 
in opinion. «. [m. whey. $, 

^j4v ^HjpAttf a, broken, cracked, phvtd dudh, 
j^A^<j<JL>j^ lur^mu phiU-bikherd, confased, 

dispersed. «. 

^*.94v ^F^ phutUt, bad or false (coin), s. 
eK^ IF^ ;?/iw/an, f. wrangling, disagree- 
ment, misunderstanding. <. 
^j4v ^Rnn phutndf n. to be broken ; to be 

dispersed, to be separated ; to be unpaired ; to burst ; to 
be made public ; to arise (as a smell), or to burst forth. «. 

Ul>^ pkutnd, to get promotion, advance- 
ment d. 
f^^^^'^ phufi, f. disagreement, disparity, s. 

^fjijj^ phurtriy f. extravagance, prodiga- 
lity, d, 
^j3^ iftST pkordt m. a boil, a sore. k. 
1jl^4v lifNT phaurd, m. a mattock* spade, hoe. A. 
^j3^ ijtfifT phorndf a. to break, to burst ; 

to disdose, to divulge, phor-h, to be wounded. «. 

fAj^ litlvft phorntf f. explaining* &c. (v. 

taujlh). h, 

0^>fti V l?Aitf, m. old, dry grass or straw. 

phus meii chingirt dalnSf to excite contention or strife, h, 

)/**^ Wm phiurd, 1 m. a rag, or bundle of 
'jH^ ijwnfl phusrd,} rags. «. 
i^^ ipft /?A«4i, f. chaff, rubbish, s, 
(2Jj43 ij^ j^AoA, m. dregs, sediment; adj. 

hollow. Jl 

ilLS^^^fir^SZphokat, m. an indigent person. A. 
S^^ nnc phukar, m. a fine sensible young 

fellow. K 

j^3^y ifi^VVi'AoAar, m. dross, refuse, trash. A. 
Jij^ phokal, empty, void, d, 
U^4A> IKIPPIT phuknd, to blow. <. 
Jla> iii9 j^Att/, m. a flower, a blossom ; boss, 

stud, bunch of ribands, cockade ; a kind of bell metal ; 
an attack or assault ; the menses, of which children 
are the fruit ; bones of a dead person, after the fleshy 
parts are burned; lights or fire (seen at night); 
a swelling; a ceremony performed among Musal- 
mans in honour of a deceased person on the third day 
after his death, on which occasion a portion of the 
jki(r,af; is recited and flowers are placed on trays in the 
midst of the assembly, phul ufhnd, to be performed 
(the funeral ceremony above mentioned), to complete 

the forty days of mourning, phui pajmS, n. to break ool 
(a fire), phul baiUaui, n. to be glad, p/tuljdnd. n. to 
swell, to be delighted; to become fat fkul-patfi,^ 
cockade ; a knot of ribands. pAtU jhapia, n. to speak 
eloquently ; to fall from a lamp (dropa of boiiiiiig 
oil). «. 

^3M ^^^ pholdj ro. a blister. A. 

^j4v ^^ phuld, swelled, blossomed, phuld 

na iantdnd, not to be able to contain one's self firan 
delight, to be oveijoyed. phvld-phaldt flonrbhii^ «. 

j^j^ ^prry phaidv or phuld,o, m. swelling, x. 
jA^^ V^lh}f phul-jhdr, ( (also |>Aii^ 

i^J^3^y, TR^^R^ phul-jkart, 1 cAari), f. a 
species of firevrorks. h, 

c3.^jM '^^^kV^ phul^kobi, f. cauliflower. A. 

^j4v ^^^^ phulnd, n. to blossom, to blow ; 

to be pleased, to be in health and spirits, t. e. to bloom; 
to swell, to be inflated. pAul^ind, n. to swell ; to be 
delighted, to be pleased ; to become fat. pkiil ufkna, 
n. to be performed (a ceremony in honour of the 
dead), s, 

^Jy^ i|^ phulif f. a disorder in the eye, the 

albugo ! adj. flowered, having a flower. «. 

C>j4v 4 phun, m. a fop, an aflected person^ 

a rake, a swa^^rer. d, 

(^y4-i^ ^siW pfumphi, f. a pipe, a tube; 

"any tiling perforated or hollow. h» [{v.pahwuhnSy 

\j^y^pahunchnd or pahonchnd, arrive. A. 

U43J>^^ phundnd, m. (for phundnd), a tassel, d, 
diX>^^'^^tW p/ionk, f. the notch of an arrow; 
a4j. hollow, not solid (particularly jewels), k, 

ijX>^ WR phunh, f. act of blowing, a puff, 

a blast, pkunk'phunk'ke pdAw dhamd, a. to act or 
walk caremlly and cautiouiBly. phunk-dendt to set on 
fire. 9. 

JiJ^VfWltphunkdr, f. hissing (as a snake), 

snorting, s, fsnake), to snort, s. 

U.\^^^ lisHIMT phunkdmd, n. to hiss (as a 
IV^j^x i{ij|it{ r pkunknd, a. to blow^ to inflame. 

set on fire. 


f. small drizzling 
rain, Sootcb 
misL A. 

jly^ 5^^ pAtmwfir, 
J Vl^ ^Rf^t phonhdr, 

Kljj^ pkuniydrdy m. a jet d'eau. A. 

^j4v ^^ phuhdy m. an artificial pap or nip- 
ple made of cotton, &c., by means of which milk is 
given to an infant when in want of its mother. A. 

jUj^ mpc phuhdr (the same as phonhdr), 

mist, &c. 
J^3^ WTpAtiAar, undisciplined, uneducated; 

stupid; obscene, foolish, rude (applied to women): 
f. a bad housewife a slut or slattern, h. 

b^j4i ^V I'AuAra, talking obscenely. A. 


( 221 ) 




^ j^^ ^^?^nn phiiharpana, J ob 
feUy, BilliDeas, affectation. A. 

\^^ ^^ j^AttAiy f. small rain. A. 
(^b^4v i^/itt^oii (also pAttyi^), small rain. d. 
jVfti ^l^n^ phuhar, f. drizzling showers. A. 
^In^ ^l^tnn phahrdna, a. to make fly (a 

banner). A. [&c.)l A. 

^^;t^ liinC^/iAaA/iriia, n. to fly (as a banner, 
Uf^ Vf^^pahiydf m. a wheel (of a carriage^ 

(jmaJ^ phtpas, flabby, flaccid, d. 


the lights or lungs, d. 

t^^^^> vi^ phephafU f. inability to move^ 

adv. again, afterwarda. h. 

(Sa^ TSS phetf f. the waist when bound 

with a belt JL [band without a fringe. A. 

^^^^^SSt phetdj m. a small turban ; a wuist- 

^^J^ii^^SS^phetnd, a. to mix by trituration. A. 

jv^TKpA^r, m. turninjr, turn, return, change; 

meander, nune, corrature, twitting, coil, fold ; diffi- 
culty, distance; circumference; equivocation, am- 
bignity ; adv. again, back, f^ter papM, n. to differ. 
plkPT-^Aor, alternate. pherphar'k,,A to alternate, pher 
ienoy a. to restore, give back, pher meik 4^na, a. to 
dirow obstacles in the way of another, pker-khana, a. 
to wind (as a river) ; to go nrond about ; to meet with 
perplezitiea. A. 

jj^'^l^j'Aertt, m. a jackal. A. 

!iy^ ^pkerBy m. turning, circuit ; a roll ; a 

wooden liaae with which lime, sand, &c is mea8ared.A. 

[^ pkerdy ro. a set or assortment (as a set 

of dieesmen, a dinner service, &c.). d. 

^St^^JtM ^TCf^ pkerd'pherif f. walking 
backwards and forwards, going and coming; returning, 
dteraating. fu [men. 3. 

iJ^Jb^ pher-hottf f. the paunch and abdo- 

v£^ ^tPRT phemdf a. to return, to invert, to 

nvert; to turn awaj, to make to walk backwards and 
fenianis; to bring or carry back, to shift; to plaster, 
to stroke, hath pkema, to caress, to fondle, sir par 
AfiA pheni, a. to deceive by coaxing. A. 

Xt^^^lB^p^erav, fraudulent, crafty ; a rogue, 

s cheat ; malidoos, injuiions. A. 
i£|^ %fCt pAeri* f. going round to the right 

byvay of adoration; [r,partkrama); the knuckles. A. 

\fJt¥^pfitri, f. a set or assortment (▼. pherd). d. 
j^-Jt^, w^ pheri'ddrj m, a vagabond, a 

vagraat. A. p, 

^!)*^LM^* ^rA^!9I phert rcdtdy m. a pedlar. A. 

v^A^ pherna^ a. to accomplish, perform ; to 
IV or liquidate a debt, d. 

Lilj^.Td^;?/iiA, f. the point of a scourge. A. 

oo^ ilfl^ll phikd, weak, vapid, tasteless, in- 
sipid ; pale, sallow, light (in colour). A. 

U>JL^. %pitii phaildnd, a. to spread, to ex- 
pand, to difilise, to widen, to publish, to proclaim, to 
branch out. pdi^w phailand, to insist, to be obstinate. 
Aa/Aj9/iai/ana, a. tobeg. A, 

j'ihi^^^^fT^ phafldiVf m. spread, expansion, 
diffusion, extent; plenty, profusion (also|}Aat/a,o). A. 

ij^U^ T|l^;J^J phaildmd, m. prolixity. A. 

phailndy n. to be spread ; to be 

expanded ; to be diffused ; to become public, to spread 
abroad (as news, tec.). A. 

iWi ^^c^l pakelij f, a riddle, an enigma, s, 
(jri4^ ^ pft^ \m. foam, froth. pA^n, cuttle- 
^i^l'^pn phendfi flsh bone, supposed to be 

the indurated foam of tbe sea «. 

^Iju^ ^FTRT phaindnd or '^RPTf pJiendndj 
n. to foam. s. . [frothing. «. 

^U>Ua^ qiH I ^H I «f j9/t67»a^aman,adj. foaming, 
<JSaaa^.> lis phent oryiss phaintf f. waist-band^ 

belt, fob. phen$-bandhna, to get ready, to resolve. A. 

^JUA^^JCT phenta or'^tTT phaintd f. a small 

turban ; a wust-band ; a fob. A. 

^jj^^^^Tig^ phentndf a to mix, to beat (as 
eggs. &c.), to triturate. A. 

tJuuk^^fiA^/i^n^i, f a skein (of thread, &c.). A. 

T. * 

Ui^'Mv xA^TifT phinchrid or p/itnch-ddlnd, a. 

to wash doth, to rinse, to squeese. A. 

^jmJO^ i|^ /?A«nu«, m. beestings; the first 

milk of a cow, &c. after calving. «. 

v^JLaa^ iJnTi'A^A, f. throw, cast./? A6;?A-</etta, 

a. to throw away, to fly a hawk after game ; to rush olT 
on horseback at full speed. A. 

Kjj^ i|f)%rpAin/<a,( V . ^ Ai/ra) pale, dim , &c. A. 
j^4> iS?n7 phejikdJVf requiring to be 

thrown. A. 

UijJk^^fiaiMfT phenhnd, a. to throw, to flings 
to let fly (a hawk), to set off (a horse) at full speed. A. 
VfJClJL^ phengrd, lame, club-footed, d. 

Jju^ ^nftrS? ^Aent/, frothy, foamy; m. the 

soap-plantfjSi^tfiJtM detergens) ; the fruit of the Jijnbe ; 
tlie fruit 01 the vangueria spinosti, s. 

i^h^^^S'^ pheni, f. a kind of sweetmeat. $. 
^^ ift j»i or fpn piya, beloved ; m. a lover, a 

**^ sweetheart a husband. «. 

j3 P% f. fat, grease, tallow, p, 


^ paif m. the foot, the heel ; a nerve, tendon, 

"^sinew. pat an&y n. to have a splint (a horse), pai-k., a. 
to pursue, to seize, to be importunate, pai-d-pai, step 
by step, successively, p. 

^ % or ^^pai, m. milk, any thing to drink; 
(postposition) on, upon, over, nevertheless, yet; hot. «• 

( 222 ) 


— X 

^J V:^ pat, f. a faalt, vice, blemieh. h. 

^ fWjoiya, beloved ; in. a husband, a lover, 

sweetheart, h. 

5i3\jj piyada, m. a footman, a foot soldier ; 

a pawn at chess ; a species of foot soldiers employed as 
servants or attendants : they are armed with swords 
and targets, and sometimes carry matchloks. ptyada- 
pd, on loot. p. 

JjJ mn: pt/ar or ftnnt piyar, m. f. love, 
affection ; name of a tree and its fruit pyar-K »• to 
fondle, t. 

.Ix) TnnTpfl^ar, a species of grass, k. 

Llu mrn pyard or fmtlpiydrd, m, beloved ; 
pydrajdimd, a. to esteem. #* 

jc,\jJ xqr& pydri or ftlUnS piydri, ?• beloved, 

pleasant, a sweetheart. A. 
jUj piydz, f. an onion, piyazi, of or resem- 
bling an <>moii. piyazi rang, m. a reddish colour, 
crimson, p. 

(^^\jJ im^ pyo* or fllHTO piydSf f« ^thirst. 

/>y5» %'Aana, a. to quench thimt. pyds lagna, n. to be 
thirsty, pyds tndmd^ a. to suffer thirst pyds mamd, 
n. applied to thirst which vanishes without drinking, s. 

U>U> xqPBrr j^yoiS or fi?irraT piydsd, m. thirst ; 

adj. thirsty ; pydse mamd, n. to be very thirsty. ». 

j^U> unift or ftninft pya^i, f. a kind offish, «. 
J^ fW^ piydl or ^nn;^ pydl, f. name of a 

fruit {Chironjia sapida, Roxb,, Buckanania lat'\folia), s. 

JU) ilin^ paydl, %^[t^ pafycily or Tin^ pydl, 

f. straw, dried grass, s, 
*JljJ piydla or pyala, m. a glass, a cup ; a 

priming pan (of a musket, &c). piydla niwdla, food 
and drink (in the slang of debauchees J. piydla bhamd, 
to be proud, conceited, piydla hand (in the lang^uage 
of /a|rf r«), to die. p. 

^JU> piydUy f. a small cup or goblet, p. 

A JL> payam^ m. a message, news, advice, in- 
telligence, p, [phet p. 
Jf^^y p^yotHhaVf a message-bearer, a pro- 

^tfj^*\jL> puydmhari, f. office of prophet, p. 

^^bt) i|i||f| paydn or ^HT^T paiydn, m. depar- 
ture. «. 

liU> ftnn^ ;?/ya?ia or uqinn pydndy a. to give 
drink, to cause to drink ; to water or irrigate. #. 

c-aJJ ^ftW pi^, f. pus, matter, purulent run- 
ning. », 

\i\jujt) iftfinn«n pxhiydndj n, to suppurate. «. 

cLJbUfA) ifir^4l^^ ptbiydhat, f. suppura- 
tion. «. 
u«Ajp ;9ij9 (^ame as pth), pus, matter, &c. c{. 

La) /'^a, m. a pipe* barrel, cask. e. 

JjlO ^jhl5 ptpal, m. a species of fig-tree 

{Fiau rtligiosa) ; f. long pepper (Piper langtim). «. 

^J^i'^lft?^ ptptd, m. the point of a eworJj 

(in Dakh.) long pepper, h. 

jyc^^^ ^'fHgSTHT pip/a-mwr, 1 m.the root of 

J^iLij M')q<j^|ij5J$ pipld-muL,) the long pep- 
per-tree, s. j 
OuO 'iftlT j»i^ or "tWirpi/ijf. love, affection. ;?i< j 

hi pit raJte aur mtt kd tnlt hath lage, let friendship oa- j 
tinue, and the sweets of it will be obtained; as an ad- { 
jective, pit denotes yellow, t. 

UjJ Tffjdp'itd, m. a father (Jot pita). cL 

j^UjJ ^'ftWtBT.pttdmhary m. a silk cloth of a 

yellow colour, a kind of dress (generally worn by 
young Krishna) ; vulg. a silk cloth. «. 

bUjuO iqftinn^ ptt-pddd, f. a small bird, the 

myna {Turdus salica), «. 

JiyJuL? qfHMUff ptt-pami, f. a plant called 

" biehhaU; a kind of nettle {Tragia itwoUtcrata). t, 

<__ ^ * ,,> iftini«T pit-prnhp, m. a species of 

kanukdrd ; a sort of TaJberruR fncnuauu «. 

■^^,Ja> Tftirjwft pit'piuhpi, f. yellow Bai^ 

"leria. *. 

j4-dU) ^ftirni5;>i<-pW, m. Trophis aspera, u 

\juU> mIhAI p'ltaidf f. yellowness. <. 

jjjujj ulilj^ pHt'tund, m. the taylop-bird 

{Sylvia sutoria). s. 

^jj^?^ Mlri^t<H plt-chandan, m. a yellow 

species of sandal wood. «. 

.^jjjj ifld^l^ plt-ddrUf ra. a sort of pine 

(Pi»iM devadaru; also Pmw longifolia). #. 

UuJ ^iR! paitard, m, flourishing about be- 
fore cudgelling, &c. h, 

^^ JjJ ^ftlTTH ptt-ras, m. turmeric. «. 

CLA(iJ''rtlTORp«'-^«A^m. a yellow-coloured 

gem. s, 
c.ihjjj ^TJV or ^fw paitrikf paternal, ances- 
tral, hereditary; inherited from a father. paUrik- 
bh&mi, f. fatherland, a paternal estate. «. 

jLJjJ TftlTOR ptt-sdry m. sandal ; a yellow 
gem, topaz, a tree (diangium hejsapetalum). «. 

LdJ4AM.;jL> i rtif4Wfe4B pit-fphatik, m. a yellow 
gem, topaz. #. [tera}, a, 

Jlllj ^hr^n^ pit'shdJ, m. a tree {Pentap- 
tiluia^ ^'OTT paittih, bilious. 8. 
,^Klo tfhninw pit'kdskthy m. yellow San- 
ders. «. 
f^JM} xft ri^nt pit-handy m. the carrot- #. 

li»5^ii>^ t fltnH^ pit-ghoshd, f. a sort of 

creeper with yellow flowers. #. 

^J^ ''iftirgs pUa/, m. brass. «. 
^bjk M T^ i l ffl p'lfldy brazen, made of brass. fl» 
^dJp %1T^ paitaldy shallow. s» 




»jtx> ^in^pi^pH-khy m. yellow brass, queen's 

BKtsL s, [a sweetheart, a hiuband. «. 

l»Jaj 'ftiR pUam^ most beloved ; m. a lover, 

jM-J ^if¥i pitambar, m. (v. pitdmbar), a 
dlk doth of a jellow colour ; vulg. a silk doth. «. 

^■I { ,..i j j. > ^Ai4U# ptt-masiahy m. a i^mall 

bird (Xwria pU/ippennff). s. [topaz. #. 

jj^^J ^n«i(W pit'waniy m. a yellow gem, a 
Vi^AA) x/hn^ piUmundy m. a gallinulo. «. 
ti^ij ''ftiR /?t/fln, m llie liog-plum (Spondiax 

nagnifera) ; a tree {PenUtpiera tomentosa) ; the waved- 
leaf ^-tree. *. [mine. s. 

oftb A^ l ''ftw^^ pit-yuthi, f. yellow jas- 
HT />5^, m. tbe belly ; pregnancy, the 

womb; the bore (of a gun. Sue); cavity, capacity, pef 
aM, n. to be purged, pef hdndhna, a. to eat less than 
one's appetite demands, jtet barhand, a. to eat vora- 
doosly. to encroach on the share or rights of another. 
pef biar, bellyful, pe/ bhamd» a. to nil one's belly ; 
to be satisfied, pef p&ln&t a. to be able to live decently ; 
to be selfish, pef pant hona, n. to be violently purged, 
luTe watery stools, pef pakna^ n. to burst with laughter. 
ftfrvatu or pef-poeu^Ot glutton, pef ppficAon, the last 
dmd of a woman, pef phuinat n. to burst with laughter. 

Spifk ek hona, n. to be greatlv emaciated, pefpifh 
Md, to evince extreme weakness, to act submis- 
■Tely. pe/jariA<ma,n. to be fluxed, to be purged, pef 
jdaa, n to be very hungry, pef ekalnd or chhufndt n. 
to be purged, have a diarrhoea, pef dikhand» a. to com- 
pisin of poverty and hunger, pef ddlnd, a. to procure 
abortion, pef rakhdnd, a. to get with child, pef rahnd, 
n. to be pregnanL pef ee, pregnant, pef se kcnd, n. to 
be prqpiant. pef kd pdni na hilnd^ n. is applied to the 
steady motion of a horse, &c. yfhich does not agitate 
the nder. pef kd parda^ m. the omentum, pef kdfnd, 
a to pinch one's belly, to starve one's self; (in Bengal) 
to be griped, pef kd dukh dend, a. to starve, pef ke 
pato bdkir nikdlnd, to perpetrate villainy ; to shew the 
doreo foot, pef ki dg. t, maternal affection ; hunger. 
pef ki dg bujhdnd, to eat something, pef ki hdteh^ f. 
bosom secrets, ^f glrdnd, a. to cause an abortion. 
pef girnd, n. to miscarry (a female), pef gargardnd, n. 
to have borborygmi, pef lag Jdnd, n. to be starving 
vith hunger, pef la^ raknd^ n. to be very hungry, pef 
mama, a. to commit suicide, to stab one's self, pef 
met oaifknd, n. to worm one's self into the secrets of 
notber, to become intimate, pef metk lend, to bear or 
pat up with, to endure, pef ivdli, f. pregnant, pef 
lofbarSnd, n. to have a griping or indination to stooL s. 

v«> VIZI petOy f. a large basket, s. 

y^^ ^3TO petara, m. a large basket, a port- 

msntean. k, 

yf^J^w ^CT^ j^efarfAii, 1 gluttonous, eptcu- 
^^Jj-i^^SZVtf pefdrthi,) rean. s. 

^^^^ ^7V petah, m. a basket for holding 
dothes. Ik. s. 

Ia^ ^4hnfT pitnay a. to beat, to thrash, to 

4mku to strike, to knock, comminute, ehhdti pifnd, to 
kaent, repent vuaih pifnd, to wrinkle one's mouth 
linigv. s. 

^u; X(^ petUy gluttonous, epicurean, s, 

^^yii ^fNn petaukha, m. a looseness, 
fVjBii^flQz. A. 

( 223 ) ^, . 

4ju> ^ pith, f. the back, ptth kd bdnsp the 

spine, pifh par hath phemd, a. to encourage, to pat on 
the back, pifh phemd, a. to turn one's back, to depart, 
to flee, to leave, to withdraw, pifh fhaknd, to encou- 
rage, pifh dend, n. (terga dare) to run away, to flee; 
to turn, to shrink from, to veer : to turn away in dis- 
pleasure, pifh ke pichhe pafna, to seek shelter of any 
one. pifh ke pichhe ddl lend, to afford an asylum, to 
protect, pifh lagdnd, a. to throw down in wrestling. 
pifh lagnd, n. to nave a sore on the back (a horse) : to 
mount a horse, s, 

4Sjl> xrhy pith, m. a stool, a seat, a chair, s. 

.^5jo fte paith, m. a duplicate (of a bill of 
exchange); entrance, admission, access, r. 

«4JUL> peth, a village or small town ; used in 

comp. like the words pur, pa^fan, dbdd, &c. d, 

v4^ ^ pethd, m. a kind of gourd, s. 
V^AJJ ifizj pitha, m. a kind of food made of 

rice and flour, s. 

^^JU> ^gRT paithalnd, a. to force in, to 

make penetrate, to thrust, to push in, to introduce, to 
insinuate, s. 

^14^ ^^^^^ po^ithnd, n. to rush in, to pene- 
trate, to enter, to pervade. A. 

^^4^ "^ftJhrr^^i/Aawta, ro. page of a book. A 

^J^^JUO ^{^m pethiyd, a market, a bazar, h, 

^•^^3^- 1 A *A^ ^filUliY*' pithiyd thonk, 
dosely. t. or I. 

j^yAj ^peti, f. a belly-band ; a portmanteau ; 

"a large basket, a box, a tumbril; the thorax, chest. 
pefi larnd or mdrnd, a. to copuUte. pefi tharik, a co- 
parcener in land, s, 

buL^ ^finn petiyd, m. a pension, daily food. s. 

^ ^ paij, f. a vow, a promise, paij-k., a. 

to make a vow. h, 
^Vvi ^I'i'Hl pi-jdnd, a. to drink to tbe 

point of intoxication, to absorb ; to stifle one's passions ; 
to refrain from answering. A. 

^ peck, m. twist, revolution, coil ; a screw ; 

perplexity, difficulty; deceit; complication, pech ufJidnd, 
a. to suffer loss or distress, pech ukharnd, n. to loose 
(the twist of any thing), pech bdndhnd, a. to grapple in 
wrestling, pech parnd,u. to become difficult or intricate, 
to occur as an obstacle, to be entangled, pech chalnd, 
n. to prevail by stratagem, pech chunnd, a. to bind the 
twists of a turban with care, pech-ddr, twisted, coiled. 
pech-dar-pech, coil within coil, entangled, perh dena, a. 
to drcumvent, to deceive, to twist, &c. pech ddlnd, a. 
to throw obstacles in the way; fin playing with paper 
kites) to entangle the string of an adversary's kite. 
pech-k„ a. to deceive, to trick, to complicate ; to seize 
in wrestling, to grapple, pech khdnd, a. to be perplex- 
ed, to fall into difficulties, to sustain a loss, pech 
khulnd, n. to be untwisted or upscrewed. pech kholnd, 
a. to untwist, to unscrew, pech lend, a. to fight paper 
kites (each party endeavours to entangle and cut the 
string of his adversary's kite) ; to meet, to embrace. />. 

Jjj) Jft^pich, f. rice-water, rice-gruel (see 

pichh). [colocasia, t, 

^ ^^ pechu, m, an esculent root (Arum 
^ ^^pechd, m. an owl, 




/j^^ pecftany twisted, coiled, p. 

^(3jj\^ pechanidan, to caase to be coiled or 

twisted, p. 
\^\i^i^pech-tab, or pech o tab, m, restless- 

neaa, alarm, suspense, perplexity; folds, twisting, knots. 
pech toA khana, a. to suffer distress or anxiety, to be 
Taxed, p. 

ifi^pechuh, f. inflection, contortion, writh- 

ine; trouble, perplexity; pain in the bowels, Unemus, 
gnpes ; circumvention, contention, p. 

(dl^^^nv pechakf ID. an owl. s» 
i^iy^peckakf f. a ball or cine of thread; the 

bottom on which thread is wound, p. 

Ui^ ^A^RT pichna, a. to tread under foot. h» 
•^ ^ifhr plchu, m. the fruit of tbe capparis. h> 
{2^3^ ;?ecAw?a», twieted (generally applied 

to hu^lpa snakes), p. 

<^\3j^ pech'O'tabf m. restlessness, alarm, 

suspense, perplexity (▼. peck-tab), p. 
^A^ ift^ pichhf f. rice-water, or that in which 
rice has been boiled, rice-gruel, slip-slop, h, 

\4^ "^hft ptchha^ (also pichkal and ptckhu)9 

m. the hinder part, the rear ; pursuit, persecution, 
absence. picA/ia-pAerf»a, a. to leave. witndraw. picAAa-Ar., 
to pursue, to chase ; to recoil (a gun, &&). ptchha lena, 
to pursue, to importune. $. 

\^^^^ "^frBTIT pichhrva^ m. the hinder part (^of 

a saddle particularly). #. [wards. 

0*-4-^ mI^iI pichhut, rearwards, after-. 
t^^^ ^rt% pichhe or pichhen, after, behind. 

"pichheparna, n. to dance attendance, to importune, to 
dun, to persecute ; to be outstripped, plchhe 4alnd, a. to 
leave behind, to outstrip, ptchhe lagna, to pursue, to 
set alter, s, 

^jj^ pechidagi, being twisted, p. 

^ft» ptche (for pichke, q. v.) behind, &c. d, 

(j«\^' pechidarif to twist or coil (as a worm 

&C.) in a reflective or neuter sense, p. 
»(3Jk^ pechida, twisted, coiled, p. 

J\2^ j»<itM5/; m. dung of birds, p. 

ViS^ ^^mn ;>«Mwai n>. a puppet-show ; a 
plaything; the artifices and pretences of a woman, h. 

\j^^pth^ray m. a drunkard, a sot. d. 

\i^ paida, bom, created, produced, exhibit- 
ed, discovered, manifest, evident, invented. paida-k,» 
a. to discover, to produce, to find, to get, to earn, to 
invent, to procure. poidS-ioar, m. produce of a field, 
fruit, profit of trade, &c. paida-hona, to be bom, to 
be created ; to be found, to be earned, to be produced, p 

ifS\s*>, paiddyishf f. birth, existence j earn- 
ings, production, profit, p. 

«/j^^*^ paidawa7'i, f. statement of the pro- 
duce of land. p. 



(J,j^{^ pai dar pai, successively, repeatedly, 

one after another, p. 

j^'iXA) id^^l pidrt, f, a tomtit, h. 
JjjL> ^^ paidaly on foot ; m. infantry. «. 
jA> i|t^ ptTy f. pain, sickness ; feeling, pity, 

compassion. #. 

JJ pir, m. Monday ; an old man ; a saint, 

spiritual guide, pirt tflrthat, a spiritual leader (amoDg 
theSQfis). p. 

jii\ ^J3«t^> ni. the foot. A. 
W "^ftn ptra, yellow (v. pxla), A. 
]jL) paira, (in corop.) adorning, from, 
^jPlw*^^ patra«<aw, to adorn , decorate, p. 
ci3|jO ^flX^pah'ak, m. a swimmer. A. 

j/uJL> %rnift pairdki, f. swimming, the art 

"of swimming, a female swimmer. ^ 

Ci^Ih^ pi^^math 1m. a circuit, circumference, 
^^\^> pirdmtin, J environs, adjacent places ; 

tlie skirt, lappet, or flap of a garment ; adv. about, 
around, p. 

iii^jiA P^^^^* ^' charily lands (bestowed on 

the poor in honour of a saint); also land granted for 
the erection and preservation of a tomb over a Mutal 
man saint or man of piety ; Pers. pL old men, talnt^ 
sages, p. 

U\jL> %lpfi pairdnayB^to make float or swim. h. 
&^\jJ ptrdnay elderly, like an old man; 

growing old ; belonging to, or connected with, or 
worthy of, a saint p. 

m\j^^%U^ pairdw or pairdyOy deep, or beyond 
man*s depth, where it is necessary to smm. k, 

\j\j^^pairdn'd, tillage, cultivation ; a garment, 
dothing, (a corrupt form of poirdAan). d, 

^Lji> pairdhan, m. a long robe, a kind of 

loose vest ; a shirt or shift p. 

iJ^^jiA ^^^^ p'ifOth Tn. name of a tribe or 

caste who beat a kind of drum Called ^E&o/, q. v. A. 

icAjJJ %JJ^ pairdfty f. place of swimming, 

or distance over which it is necessary to swim ; art of 
swimming ; wages for teaching to swim. k» 

*4\jrt P^^^y^' ^' *" ornament, p. 

b JJ perpdf m. a large earthen veaseL cZ. 

Jba> ;)ir-pa/ (v. pirdn), a graut of land to 

a pir, &C. p. «• 
jc.\jj jj pir^attdri, f. an agate. d» 

CJ^jX\ptrt (forprif, q. v.), love, friendship. dL 

^Vj^ pir-zdda, m. the son or disciple of a pir% 
a mendicant, also a priest attached to a moaqve. js. 

«J^j jL> ptr-zdla, \un aged woman, p. 
^^^pirzan, J 

^. ( 

^J*jA P^r-fMrd, an old man. p. 

^jH ^tmpairna, n. to swim, to float. A. 

13^ perna, a. to sow, to plant, d. 

3jii ^ peru, m. a kind of bird, a turkey- 
fold. k. 

J^P««-»^tt or|»ai-rflt>,folIowing, a follower.;?. 

^VH P^^jy ""• the turquoise (seefiroza). p. 

jjjH piroz, victory ; adj. victorious, p. 

^^jH poi-ravi, f. following, pursuit, hunting 
after, p. 

^A J"*"* ^- ^^^ «gc, decrepitude, p. 

9jfj^> TO pairt, f. an ornament worn on the 

JH ^ W> ^- * tree, a plant ; trunk or stem 

efabce. per /^V&mI, a. to pUnt trees. A. 
JL) ^ /Mr, f. pain, labour (in childbirth), s. 
^ patr, noise of a blow, or knock, d, 
'3t ^ P^r^9 ™« * kind of sweetmeat made 

with cnrda ; m globular mass of leaTen prepared for 
bski^g. t. 

|5i> ''ftif pira, f. pain, sickness, anguish. 

fifa-Jfrar, giiving pain, afflictmg. «. 

OJa> iftftn pirt7, sick, afflicted, pained, s. 

*^|5*J ill* p«r<'A> '^hat causes pain. 5. 

wjij ^inn perndf a. to press (oil by means of 
a mill), to sqneese, to rack. «. 

jJH ^^ f^r^y ™- the belly, below the navel ; 

die pobcs ; (for peru) a tnrkej-lbwL A. 
^jA ^^ ptrhdf m. a stool, a seat. s. 

>i^bUj^ ^^m*M ptrhd'bandh, m. a pre- 
free or preliminary disoourse to a book. «. 

l^jA ^iW pirf^tf f. a small stool ; a race or 

"series of generationa, progenitora, or deacendaota. 
yqii bm fnfhl, for soooessive generations, a. 

4^^ ^^ pefij f. a kind of sweetmeat made 

witk cards; a kind of betel leavea; the indigo plant 
after being once cnt ; the tmnk of a tree. A. 

^^ %ftpatri, f. a ladder, a staircase, a flight 

ef steps; the inclined plane leading to a reserroir of 
isirtav on which the oxen travel for the purpose of 
Mskin^ or drawing water for irrigation. A. 

j^ paizaTy f. a slipper, a shoe, paizdrd 

wA^ ^^ poisSf m. the name of a copper coin 

, ^ i, L fighting, or mutual beating with alippera. 
fflVirim^ or -kdri^ act of beating with alippera. 
fb^-tilpr, abject, mean, base (q.d. fit or deserving to 
■ l>bssten with slippers), paizar te, an expression of 

apt signifying It concema not or aifecta not me, 
I Oft not pttixat khand^ a. to be beaten with 

L W 

If^pt^Mf m. a Steve ; a riddle, p. 
;]Mi, the leprosy p. 

nearly equal to our halfpenny; the aixty-fourth part 
of a rupl : in common parlance it ia used for money 
in general (aa we say*' the dibs " or *' the browns") 
paisa urand, a. to apend extravaffantly ; to take the 
money of another by theft or deceit, paitd pherphdr-k., 
a. to turn the penny, paisd dnbond, a. to aink money, 
to lay out money without return. . paud dulmd, n. to 
be aunk (money), paise aoii darbdr bandnd (Dakh.), to 
bribe. paUd kh&ndt a. to apend extravagantly, to 
waste; to aubalat by wagea or the produce of labour; 
to takq bribes ; to eml^zzle. paise lagand, a. to lav 
out or expend money, paise wald, monied; worth 
one peusd, k, 

^^*--> ^fNn^ plsacky m. an evil spirit that 

haunta the places where dead bodies are burnt or 
buried, a. 

^LmA> ^VTV paUdck, demoniac, diabolical ; 

applied to a kind of unfair HindQ marriage, such aa 
the violation of a girl when asleep or unconscious, a. 

jUmJO tNi^ paUdr, m. access, ability, admis- 
sion. A. 

^^1 Jjumji> paisanddzif rich, wealthy, d. 

u**-x> ^1«ni pisndf a. to grind, to triturate, 

to bruise, to powder; to gnash (the teeth); m. the 
com or grain for grinding, pis pds-k,, to grind down, 
to triturate, a. 

UmJO paisna, n. to enteo to plunge in. d. 
IMlVflvfl payasminxt f. milch-cow. $, 
iJO pesxy affected with leprosy, p. 

U*--o ^m^QT payasyd, f. a shrub (^Asclepias 

rosea) ; a medicinal kind of moon-plant, t. 

(jSjJ peshf promoted, advanced, respected, 

confided in, possesalng influence ; m. before, front ; the 
▼owel point *, called sfamina by the Arabs, ia named 
pesh by the Peraiana and people of India ; (aa a prep.) 
before, in front of. pesh dmad, f. aoceaa, admittance^ 
pesh- and, to come to pass, to happen, to await ; to 
treat, to behave, to negotiate, pesh band, m. the belt 
that passes over a horse's breast to prevent the saddle's 
slipping back, pesh bandi, f. foresight, timely prepa- 
ration, pesh- bin, prudent, wise, pesh-ih^ima, m. a 
tent or other baggage sent on before, pesh-dast, sur- 
pasfcing, one who excels, pesh-dastj, f. excelling, sur- 
passing, pre-eminence, pre-excellence. pesh-ras, early 
(fruit grain, &c.). pesh-rqft, making impression, suc- 
cessful, efficient, effectual (generally applied to words 
that are attended to), pesh-rav, a precursor; the ad- 
vanced guard, pesh-raoh t act of preceding, pesh- 
^ab:f, m. a kind of dagger, pesh-hadami, f. alacrity, 
alertness, activity, pesh-namdz, m. he. that precedes 
In saying prayer, pesh-iii/idd, m. custom, regulation, 
habit, example, model, profession. pesh-gir\ftan, to 
adopt, select p. [strangury, p^ 

L-^Ll-j> peshdh, m. urine, peshdb-bandf nu 
#7^-^^ %lgt^ paishdck, demoniacal, belonging 

to a pisach or goblin ; m. a mode of marriage, the 
ravishment of a girl by her lover (v. paisdch). a. 

ui^AjJ p^hdvii, f. the forehead, the brow. p. 

j *^' ^l pesh'tar, before, prior, formerly, here- 
tofore, peshtar az tin, before now, heretofore , pesh as 
an ki or peshtar az an ki, before that, " antea quam.* p, 

y^^^^ pesh'kdr, m. a deputy, ageAt, assistant^ 

a minister, a manager, p, ^ 


^JiJLjJ pesh'kdn, f. deputysbip. p. 
^titxy pesk'hashy m. a present, a tribute ; 

a fine, tribute, or quit-rent, paid to govemraent as an 
acknowledgment for any tenure, pesh-kaski bazar, a 
tax upon stalls in a public market, peshkashi, of or 
relating to land held under a quit-rent. p. 

sICIa^ pesh-gah, f. a portico, p. 

tj^^^^ peshgi, f. an advance; earnest-money 

"given on confirming an agreement, &c. Scottice, " arles 
pennj." pesbgi-dar, a lender of money to enable a 
person to pay m advance, p. 

^^jJ^^Vpn peshanf m. reducing to powder; 

a hand-mill, muller, any apparatus for grinding or 
pounding ; a plant, a sort of ettphorbia with three lobes, 
commonly called tekautd-slj, s. 

^ji*i^^^^ peshanif f. a stone slab on which 

' condiments are ground with a muller. #. [ness. t. 

ftAV*>A> %;^fs^2)aishuntfa, m. depravity, wicked- 
\^i*^ peshwa, m. a leader, a guide ; a title of 

the Marhaffa minister, p, 

j\yi^ peshwaz, f. a gown, a female dress, p. 
f^-^I^^JJ peshwdfty f. office of peshrvd, the 

honourable meeting and reception of a visitor, p, 

jyJLx>^ peshaur (properly peshdroar)^ m. name 
of a country and city between the Indus and Kabul, h, 

(/j>^ p^shauriy f. a kind of slipper, made 

in Pethaur ; a kind of rice. p. 

ilIjo peska, ro. trade, profession ; custom, 

habit, practice ; in comp. it denotes an agei\t or doer, 
asjaur-pesha, an oppressor, p, 

j\^8JL^pesha-^vdrf\m. an artisan, craftsman 
j^dJLjJ pesha-warj or artificer, p. 
JLx^peshtf f. an advance; precedency, su- 

" perior rank, p, [mantt), t. 

t*l*> ^?ft j9««At, f. spikenard (Valeriana ata- 
^j\JL>Jl peMnt anterior, ancient, prior, former; 

ro. the afternoon, p. 

^UjjlIjJ peshiniydtiy (pi.) the ancients, p. 

jUjJ pai^dr, m. a ditch, a furrow, p. 

^Ux> pai^dm, m. a message, p. 

^W>U\ju> pai ff hdmd-pai ff hdnitf f. mutual 
**me88age8, mediation, correspondence, p, 
jbaUjJ paitj^dm-bar, m. a prophet, a messen- 
ger, an apoetle. p. [prophet, p, 
tC^KkiJ paic^dm-haru f. mission, office of a 

j^^txypaigbam-baVy m. the same as (pai^dm^ 

bar), a prophet, &c p. 

^jX^a^ pa ig hambarx^ mission of a prophet, p. 
tiU> iftw pihy f. the juice of the betel-leaf 

chewed and spit out plk-dd», m. a vessel for holding 
betel spittle ; (in Dokh.) m. ripened produce of a field ; 
cropk harvest, p. 

( 226 ) 


(JLIjl) pnik, m. a messenger, a runner; a watch- 
man employed as a guard at night ; likewise a feot- 
man or runner employed on the business of tkM 
lands, p, 

J w^ vmXpaikar, m. a dealer, agent, or broker; 

one who goes about with goods for sale, a pedlar or 
hawker, h. 

jOJJ paihdr, war, battle, contest, p. 

^ojj paihdrfy f. the head of an arrow or 

javeline ; also any pointed missile ; (plur. of pmk) 
armed militia or watchmen; also revenues of Isads 
for their maintenance, p, 

J^^ paikar, m. fac(», countenance, visa^, 

form, appearance; a portrait, a likeness: used in comp. 
it denotes similitude, as k<^-paikar, like a mountain, 
** instar montis." p» 

]j^ H^^ paikard, m. 1 iron chains on a 

U^^C) ^^BffT pai-AarAa, m. r culprit's legs; or- 

gpO wV^ paikart, f. j namental rings 
worn on the ankles. « 

U^ pVtndy n. to be produced, to ripen, to 

grow, d, [eooMdf. 1 

^J^4^i ^^RT pehhndy m. play, farce, sham, 

U^XA> H^nn pekhndy a. to see, to behold, i. 
\jX^Cx^ VMffplt pekhniydj m. a phiyer, an 

actor, h, 

iSi^ ^i^ paikl^ m. one who carries about a 
'*^(|» for hire at a fair or in a camp. A. 

ji^f^tl p<^igo^htXy a collector of market dues; 

" a policeman who patrols at night ; a guard who goei 
about from station to station, d. 

^i^ ^ paigUf m. a sort of green-coloured 
stone (imported from Pegu), h. 

^3^^ pily m. an elephant ; the name of the 
bishop at chess, tnl-band, m. a term used at diess to 
express that a bishop and two pawns mutuaUy sup- 
port each other. A. 

f3A> ^ pely a shove, push, thrust. ». 

^\ Vhy pUuy m. a tree; seepi/u. »• 

JsJJ ^^y pail^ n. prop, a sage, the promul- 
gator of the Rig-Veda. #. 
Jj^ ^ pely 1 m. a testicle; fault, oppres- 

5)uo ^51 peldj sion ; a prop, a support, k 

ikj^ ^^1 p'ild, yellow, s. 

^Lo ^^ paildy m. a vessel for measuring 

grain, h, 

j^Uj paildr^ removed in time by a whole 

unit, pailar ka boras, the year before last, or the year 
after next. d. 

A^luJ "^ft^HR j»i/5m, m. satin. Chin. 

jc^iiuJ '^rt^ntpl^,*, f. yellownesB. «. 

^Uljj pVrbdny m. an elephant driver or 

keeper ; one who has charge of elephants, p. 



( 227 ) 


^UL> fnl'bani, f. the business of taking 

". care of elepfaanta. p. 

UL> pUpa, afflicted with elephantiasis, p. 
J^J-> ^9^f^ pel-pal, pushing, shoving, s. 
eJ^UjJ piZ-jooya, m. (an elephant^sfoot, hence) 

a pOkr, a column, p. [PUpay, p. 

i^-^ULj ptl-pae, name of a sage; vulg. 
i^;-^ m1^ H^ p'ilti-pami, f. a plant {Bryo^ 

" ai« grandU), «. 

(2^3^ pil'tan, having a bod j like that of an 

elephant, gigantic p. [ivory, p. 

^i«3J^JjJ pHl'danddn, elephant^s tooth 

i/^W Jf'^^^^^A V' measuring; the mew- 


measurement and 

or survey of a 
allotment of laada. 

paimaAsh-ddr, a surveyor, natma.uhi kampds, a tiigo- 

(by theodolite and compass), p. 

a testicle, h. 

'j^^V^^pdar, 1 
^^^Wt pdraj^' 

^^il^l ''j^^ni pilak, m. the large black ant ; 

it is also the name of a pretty little bird called the 
orioie or mango-bird. [push. $. 

l^'^jjo Q^j^HKHI pel mama, SL. toshovcy to 

^JiJP*^*'**"'M> 3 turkey- fowl. p. 
4j^ pailan^ m. the first-born (child, &c.). 
adT. first, foremost, in the first place, d, 

^**ij ^^RT pelndf to shove, to push ; to stuff, 

to ersffi (particularly in eoiiu) ; to express, to squeeze 
oot s, 

(j(ii) JjJ piUnishin, an elephant rider, p. 
y^ ^ft^ piluf ra. the name of a tree (^Salva- 

dtraperdea ; also in the Dakhin, Careya arboreal Rogb.), 
also applied to all exotic trees ; the blossom of the 
Suehantm tara ; an insect, s. 

tA ^ pelu, a wrestler, an athlete. $, 
jiy*> paUrvar, yonder, on that side (v. pare), d. 
jl^ pUawar, a pedlar, a druggist, p. 

*lA>pi/<i, m. a silkworm, the silkworm's cone 

erenTdope. p. 

I ^}(k>.^wn peihra,r- 

lJ-> 'It^ pUi, f. a gold mokur. s, 
^j^^poUe, {for pahUe), first, at first, rf. 
<^^4?v^ ^ftgftrfhr piU-hhtt, the name of a 

to«D in Bohilkhand. A. 

jyrH pailervar, yonder, on that side. A 

d\ W pern, m. love, friendship. ». 
j> paima, (in comp.) measuring, travers- 

er*il poinian, ra. a promii^e, agreement, 

tie^f, oonfirmation, security, an oath, asseveration, 
eoavention. compact, jb. 

wUiJ paimdna, m. a goblet ; a certain mea- 

a testicle, h. 

far goods, dry or liquid, patmiana'umr kd bharna, 
J^ fin up the measure of one's age. i^ to die or 

nometrical survey 

jA^ payamhar, m. (the same as paigb^m 

6ar), a prophet, &c p. 

(^g;f»-J payamhariy f. the mission or office of 
a prophet, prophecy, p, [lover. «. 

^^»J^ ^ peml (for premi), affectionate, a 
{J^y/^ pain, or ^j|ji> T?i[ pa,tn, m. a reservoir 

of water, a rill, g, 

ejO ^ ;nn, heavy, fat, corpulent, s. 
jjfOlf j9ew, m. an imitative sound, k. 
li-> ^ paind, m. a goad ; adj. sharp, h. 

UaJ i(hTT plnd, a. to drink ; to smoke (to-- 

baoco) ; ra. act of drinking ; the dregs or refuse (of 
linseed. &c.); the oil-cake. #. 

^^^ ^ni^pk paindld, m. a gutter, a spout. «. 

jfcUjO ^^nf paindm, a division of a province 
(like the Ridings of Yorkshire), h, 

^\-iJ^ ^viivii paindnd, a. to sharpen. A. 
;j-JUkJJL> %hn^?EI j>o,intdliS, forty-five. A. 

^^^^S^n\n\ pehtdnd or %rRl 7?am<57?5, m 

the foot of a bed, the side towards the feet. s. 
(j->:!ij^^^hrt^ paintts, thirty-five. *. 
4xu^ >te penth, f. a market, a mart, painth, 

a duplicate bill of exchange (y./w^). K 

^i^ 'flyHI pinjnd, a. to clean cotton from 

the seeds. A. 

^^^ "^Nr^ jpew;ni or ^fipft painjnt, f. little 

" bells fastened round the feet of pigeons and of chil- 
dreo. t, 

^JL) peneh (for peck), twisting, &c. d.p. 
1^*^*Wt painckd, m. return, retribution, a 

loan, repayment of a loan. A. 
Ua^*J "^NffT painchnd, a. to winnow. A. 
^*3^ in^T pendd, m. the bottom (of a vessel, 

box, pot, &c), breach of a cannon, h, 

*5^ ''fhB ptnd, m. a roller, h, 

iiAj inp ;?e7*£? or TO paind, f. pace, step ; 
a rising ground, eminence, h, 

^^^Vm\paindd, m. a road, highway, path. 
pain4d mdrnd, a. to stop a road, to rob in the road. s. 

{j^^^ •fl^fti ptnas, m. a disease in the nose, 

cold, catarrh, s. 

{j»*^, 41«tti pina«, f. a kind of sedan or palki, 

a kind of boat or barge, a pinnace. A. 
i.( ^u <.« A> iHl? painsath, sixty-five. s. 

^•IMI ptnasi, adj. having a cold. a. 


( 2-28 ) 


Ldii.o xrtvPV pinak, f. intoxication and drow- 
siness from opium ; stupefaction, h, 

iSX»*>l ^In p^9 f. the exertion made by 

people in a swing, when two persons keep the swing 
m motion without assistance from bystanders ; m. the 
name of a bird (Gracula chattareaht Buck.), h, 

UjuJ penna, to clothe^ put on (clothes), d. 
^^ ^'ft p^ni or paint, f. sharp (y. paina), k. 

jJi> ftn pf,u or pvv^ adj. dear; m. a sweet- 
heart, a lover, s, 

\^ tft^ piwdf f. water, drink, s 

j^i^^ '^vfNKpayodhar, m. a woniatrs breast ; 

a sort of rush {Scirpus kysoor) ; a fragrant grass {Ctfpe- 
rus rotutuius). s, [bone, s, 

Llijbt>jjL) ^j^rMW payodhiky m. a cuttle-fish 
j^ ■'Wtt p^yor, m. the khayar {Mimosa 

catechu), s. [oemoMif). t. 

^jyhl ^ft^^ p'lvn, f. a plant {Asparagus ra- 
f^'^, ^t^^peycrlf f. a kind of yellow colour 

(said to be obtained from the urine of a cow fed on the 
flowers of Buiea frondosa^ or, according to others, on 
the leaves of the maugo-tree). h, 

;jrt^ ^^^((^piyus or ^^^peyus, m the milk 
of a cow for some days after calving, biestings. », 

•jr,^**>jj^> pairvastf f. junction, connection, 

friendship, p, [tigulty. p. 

|JsIm»^jo pairoastagu f> attachment; con- 

{J^3iA paiwastanf (r. paifvand)^ to join, 
unite, tie. p. 

jub#» ^> pairvastat joined ; adv. always, con- 
tinually; m. the year before last, paiwasta-abru^ 
whose eyebrows join above the nose, p, 

L^^iA ^"^^ pewsiy f. the milk of a cow some 

"days after calving, s, 

tj^^l '^f^ift^ P<^yoshniy f. a river that flows 

from the Yindhya mountains. «. 

jf^y, "^NlEf plwakkar or pewaJikar, ra. a 

tippler, a toper, h. 
(33aJl> paifoand, m. junction, conjunction, 

connection ; a relative or kindred ; a patch ; a graft 
or bud. paiiffttnd kari, f, patching, cobbling, p. 

«Jbi3J^ M4)ffif\| payo-nidhi, m. the ocean, s, 

4^j3^ paiwandi, engrailed, paiwandi be?; 

m. an engrafted ber (Zizyphut Jujuba). paiwand* much- 
hen, {. the mustachios joining the beard, paiwwidi 
gtidfi, patched garments, p, 

Ojj^> ^nftHif payo-vrat, m. living upon 

milk for a month as an expiation ; offering of milk to 
Vishnu, t. 

^^ pihy f. grease, tallow, p, 

aJk^ f^ piyUf dear, beloved. See piya, 

^Ax) xfl^i. pihar, m. kindred, relationship, 

mother's family, h. 

f^\3 /9at ham, thickly, close together, p. 

y^ ifNt plha, tn> a flea. h. 

\x\ Vmi pO'^yOy m. a wheel ; an allowance of 

half an om on each rupi of revenue set apart for the 
pafwarh or village accountant, h, 

tctoJ ^ paihai (Braj), aorist of pawa- 

"fuitiii, to get, acquire, h. |lover. c 

yXiJ ifhr piyUf beloved, dear, m. husband, 

(,j»»^^^t^ peyus or piyux, 1m. the food 

(^^JUL) ^iJJI peyush or ptyuah , J of gods, am- 
brosia, nectar ; the milk of a cow daring the first 
seven days after calving. «. 

«-jL> ^ peya, m. water, milk, drink. «. 
^_^ ^ pett or ^ift peyt, f. a small basket, 

"a portmanteau. A, 

"^ ta or te, the third letter of the Arabic and 

the fourth of the Persian alphabet. In numeration by 
abjad it stands for 400. 

l> W tOy the corresponding letter of the De- 

vanSgari alphabet: it has various odd significations 
in Hindi, as, a thief; nectar ; an outcast or barbarian; 
the flank ; a tail ; crossing ; a wicked man ; a tree, il 

il-> fv ti, \\ii the Braj or old Hindi dialect is 
5, J the i] 


inflect, of the third per?, pron. 

sing, him, her, it : the syllable ti also denotes three 
in a few compounds, as ti-barat thrioe ; a house with 
three doors. A. 

U ta, to, until, so far as, even to, in order 

that, to the end that, in such a manner that /a fo- 
zUt, while life remains, ia bakait how many, how 
much, till what time, when, to what length, ta ckmd, 
how many, by how much, how long, ta chand bar, 
how often, or many times. tS chuntM, hitherto, thus 
far. ta ^al, till now, yet, hitherto, ta zaadagi, during 
life, ta dixmi zist, while life remains, ta Icuja^ how 
far. iaki, so that, to the end that, till, until, so long, 
whither, ia ma^dur, to the best of one's power; as 
much as possible, ia-ham, yet, nevertheless, td hcuuz, 
yet, still, hitherto, till now. p, 

L^\3 tdbf f, power; heat; endurance, brook- 
ing; twisting; rage, fury; light, splendour; contor- 
tion, tab tilUt f. an induration of the spleen attended 
with or preceded by fever; spletutu, ague-cake, ti^ 
ddr, bright, luminous ; twisted, tdb-t^not a. to twist 
tab land, a. to be able to bear* p. 

b\5 taba, m. a frying-pan (v, tabd). p. 
^b\3 taban, resp1endent,8plendid,glittering. j». 
^b\3 tabani, f. splendour, light, p, 


^tjj\j tab-dan^ m. a lattice, a skylight; a 

window of coloured panes of glass : it u generally o# 
carved wooden work, with small variegated paces in* 
serted in the open interstices, p. 

jyjjXi ITRTlftf tdbar-tor, successively, re- 
peatedly, h, [mer. pu 
^IImj\3 tabistan, m. the hot weather, sum- 


( 229 ) 




^ULj\3 iSbistamf resembling or appertaining 

* to nmiDer, pleaMtit as the summer, p. 
JmjIS tabish, f. heat; brilliancy, splendour, p. 
clJU9^0»\3 talhtqkatt f. power, ability, p, a. 
»^3 iabi% dependent, subject. tab%*'dar (much 

la HindOstia, though ungrammatical), depen- 
dsnt, foflower. idbff-dSri, allegiance, obedience, fide- 
lit/. tibV-k , a. to control, to subject a. 

^^6 tabi'mAm, (pi. of *^\3) foUowerSj 

j^6 tabeun, I 

(j[uo\3 tabt-tn^i attendants ; the term is ap- 

slied fmr egeeUenet to those Mnsalmin doctors who 
nOowed the immediate ofJlidb, or companions of the 

(i)\jjl3 tab-nakf hot, passionate; brilliant, p, 
fJdJi^i iabandagiy f. brilliancy, light* p, 
ijjj\3 tabandaj shining, luminous, p. 
Oy\3 iabut, m. a coffin, a bier ; the ark of 

the covenant, presen t ed by God to Adam, and which 
(seooidi]^ to the MusalmdMs) contained the portraits 
of sU the pcophets. tabSt-gar, a colBn-maker . a. 

«>13 taba^ m. a frying-pan, a skillet, p. 
k^ IT^ tap, m. warmth, heat ; feyer ; met. 

sffliedon of mind, distress, passion, t&p-titti, t (same 
■ Ob-HUi) induration of the spleen, ftc. (under tab), 
Isp fUad^ fever and shiTering; ague. «. 

d)b\5 tapdkf m, friendship, the anguish of 
love, solidtnde of firiendship, alftction. p, 

ilA>C wrf^ tapitf inflamed ; distressed, 

psmed. s. [does penance, an ascetic, s. 

^fi innr tapa$y m. a devotee, one who 

<^\3 m^nv tapakt m. fever, morbid heat; 

a^ burning, inflaming, s. [flaming, s. 

^\3 iTini iapafif m. the sun ; heating, in- 

^C irnnn tapna, n. a. to bask in the sun, or 

sflic^ to warm one^s self at (or over) a fire, to warm, 
tolieat s. 

(3^3 inA taptj f. name of the Tdpti or Surat 

nver; a name of the Jumna river ; adj. oppressed bj 
best, heated. «. 

(^\3 topi, f. a bricklayer*s trowel, d. 

H^ ira tapya, m. a mineral substance, sul- 

fhnret of iron, procured from the Tipl river. «. 

OG TTV ^at, m. father ; hot, warm, heated. 

iils^ venerable, respectable. «. 
CC nvT <ala, m. hot, heating (food). 8. 
JSG tatar, m. a Tartar, the Tartars, p. 
g^OG HTPnr «a<j!?ar;,"\ m.object,purpose; 

%j^ im4 iatparyay J meaning, pur- 

|Mrt; explanation; the apprehension of an implied 
vUier thought; need, occasion. «. [time. s. 

«^i^G Vim^V tatkalik, of that very 

J5B vnrv 'a'o^Au 

warm* #• 

y3\3 wnniV ^a^nau,1 of this» that, him, her, 
fj>^ Wnnft tdtni, J it. A. 

^13 HT^ <ato or ^a-^«», from that, thence 
" thereby. A. 

djKi tat, m. hemp ; tow or flax ; sackcloth : 

a very coarse kind of cloth made of hemp^ commonlj 
caUed " gunnj." d, [in the ear. s. 

dlMJ^ KtiW tdtank, m. an ornament worn 

j>^^ ta,a$9urf m. penetration, passing through, 

impression, a. 
jJ\i taiir, f. penetration, passing through ; 

an effbct or impression (pi. iafirat, effects, &&). a. 

fr^ <q;, m. a crown, a diadem ; a cap ; a 

crest, the comb of a bird ; name of a suit in cards ; the 
paclc (ganjifa) consists of eight suits {rang)^ each con- 
taining twelve circular ca^s, viz. a king or mir, a 
vfozir, and spots from one to ten : in every suit the 
mir is the highest card, and the wazir the second: tlie 
suits are divided into two classes, L Beihbar, in which, 
after the mir and wazir, the highest numbers, from 10 
to 1, are most powerful; these are, 1. ^o; (a cap), 
2. zar^uM^fttid (a silver coin, or the moon), 3. skamsker 
(a scimitar), 4. ^Au/am (a slave or boy). II. Kambar, in 
which the lowest numbers from 1 to 10 are most 
powerful : these are, 1. ^mdsh (representing a loaf uf 
bread), 2. barat (an oblong inscribed with characters 
representing a warrant or assignment), 8. ekang (a 
harp), 4. xar-i-surih (jjsold coin, or the sun); the mlr^ 
of every suit is seatedon a throne under a canopy, and' 
the wnir on horseback ; except that, of sor-t-iarieb, 
the mir represents the sun, mounted on a tiger, and 
the wazir also rides a tiger; of glfuldm. the mir rides 
on an elephant and theccoxtr on a bullock; and of 
chang, the waxir is mounted on a camel, p, 

(jfiJ^^\3 tdj'haihsh, a great king, an emperor, 

one who gives away crowns, p, [crown. p» 

jVxif'U tdj-ddr, m. a king, one who wears a 

(^\ji>-U idj'ddny f. royalty, sovereignty, p. 

^ (^ja^^J^ ta^i-kharos^ m. the oock^s-comb 

flower {AmaranthuSt or Celatia), p, 
>>\3 tajir, a merchant, a trader, a 
»-\3 tdj'War, m. a prince, a king. p. 
f^jy^^ tdj-rvarif f. royalty, sovereignty, p, 
j^3 tdkh* m. a veil ; firewood ; darkness, p. 

CiA>>\3 tdkhtf f. assault, attack, incursion, in- 
vasion. ta]sbt-k^ a. to assault, p. 
mX^ d^^ tdkht'tdrdj or tdkkt o tdrdj, m« 

assault and plunder, depredation, devastation, tal^i 
taraj-k„ a. to ruin, depopulate, p, 

^oJ^^ tdkhtan, to assault, to rush upon ; to 

invade, to plunder ; to gallop or run fast, p, 
^\3 ta^a hhkh ur^ m. delay; retarded, post- 
poned, follovring. a. 

A»-\3 tdkhtr, f. delay, procrastination, impe- 
diment, tdktfr-k., a. to delay, to postpone, a. 

yj^*^!,>\S in?(T?R| tddaimya, m. likeness, simi- 
larity, s, [orit, &c. «. 
AJu2j.t>l3 inTT? tddruhya, such like, like him 


( 230 ) 


iMAJ>.(>w tadib, f. correction, cliastisementy 

amendment, erudition ; (in law) a notice or sommona. 
tadib-k„ a. to instruct, to correct a. 

Jo tavy m. a thread ; a wire, the string of a 

musical instrument ; a note in music ; dark, obscure . 
also darkness, obscuritj. tdr-bdndhna, to continue or 
repeat an action without interruption, tar fuftid, n. 
to be disjointed, to be separated, tori 'ankab&t, spi- 
der's web, cobweb, tdr-kash, m. a wire^rawer. tar- 
kashi-k.t a. to draw wires, p, 

Jo inft tan, f. a key, clasping of the hands. $, 

\Jo UTTT tara^ f. and m. a star ; the apple of 

the eye ; n. pr. the name of the wife of Raja Ball, 
tdra-path or tdrd-mandaU m> the firmament, the starry 
sphere, tdre-ghmd, a. to count the stars, t.e. to get no 
sleep. 8. 

fr\)^ f^^^jf ^' plunder, devastation, taraj, 

k,t to deTastate, lay waste, spoil, p. 

j\jjjl3 riKMilli tdr-patdr, dispersed, &c. /*. 

U3^j\3^\-> tdr-tar.holndy to speak in detail, or 

circumstantially, d, [crimination. », 

9^Jo tfKilMl tdrtamya, m. distinction, dis- 

3*^^ AKiHs m. a kind of sewing, or needle- 
work, open work, pulling out some threads, &c. h, 

^Jo tdrakhf the root of the tonguo, the pa- 
late, tdraiih ^ojlb naiii lagdnd, to prattle much. d. 

^J3 WKV tdrak, m. a protector, a prese^^ver. s. 

cd)il5 td?^k, a deserter, tdrihu-d-dunydy 

abandoning the world, abstinent, sober, chaste ; m. an 
anchorite, a hermit, a. 

d^J3 tdrak, m. the crown of the head ; a 
hill, heap, head, top, summit, p, [star. $. 

^Jo K\ftM\ tdiikdy f. the apple of the eye, a 

iJMjo mfiv idrkihy m. a philosopher, a lo- 
gician, a sophist, idrkikd, belonging to the science of 
reasoning, logical, s. 

«o;^ iTTT^ tdran, m. a raft, a float ; the act 

of freeing; salvation, deliverance ; one that exempts, 
sets free, or delivers, tdran'taran, the saviour and the 
saved (v. taran). t, 

Oi\-> BTODl or fllMI tdrnd, a. to free, to rid, to 

exempt from farther transmigration, to absolve, to 
save. «. 

jii\3 Wlft^ tdrint, f. a goddess peculiar to 

the Jains ; a name of Durgi ; m. a deliverer, t. 

jj^ irrc td7*Uy m. the palate, s. 
^jJ3 tdn, f. darkness, obscuritj. p, 

(^jG ind tdrt, f. the clapping of hands; a 

key; abstraction, absence of mind, absorption in 
thought or devotion, s. 

\j\'^ ijji tare tornd, to act deceitfully, d. 
zjo tdrtjih, f. date, era; annals, history. 

tart]^ul-h\jratt the era of the hijra, tdrJih-wdr, 
periodically, according to dates; at stated times or 
dates, a. [blind, dim-sighted, p, 

iJlXiJo idrik, dark; obtcure. tditk-chashw, 

^^J'^ tdrVil, f. darknesK, obscurity, p, 
J3 irnr tdr, m. the palmyra, or "toddy-tree." 

tar ban, a gfrove or " tope " of palmyra trees. The In- 
dian-English word *'tope" is originally Tamnl. Dr. 
Gilchrist errs in stating that it does not belong to any 
Indian language. — f Binning), tdf-paira (also tf/o- 
patra), the {ml m-leaf prepared for writing on ; a doco- 
ment so written. {Borassus Jlabelltformis)^ tdr-pbal 
the gelatinous pulp of the palmyra, s. 

«\3 WT? tdr, f. understanding, tdr-hdz, intelli- 
gent, quick of apprehension, tdr-bazi, quickness of 
apprehension. A. p, 

V3 tdrd, m. a wink, &c. (v. ghamza), d. 
^jO irnnr tdjrah m. a reprover, punisher. jt. 

^oJ'\-) HTTf tdran, 1 m. beating, whipping ; 

13j'\3 AlfHI tdrand,} admonition, reproof, pe* 
nalty, punishment taranO'k^ a. to reprove, poni8h,fce:«. 

lij'\5 AlfHI tdrnd (or tdr''jdnd)y a. to andei^ 

atand^conceive, to comprehend to gueaa. A. 

ci)L>j'\3 irnrif tdrank, m. an ornament worn 

in the ear. #. [of punishment, i, 

ftj6j\-> fll|«l1^ tdrntya, reprovable, worthy 

lSj^ Wnft tdrly f, the juice of the palmyra- 
tree, vulg. toddy, tdfi-wdldf a man who dimba pit 
myra- trees, and extracts the juice therefrom, t. 

{^j^ Ifnft tdfi, f. hilt of a dagger. A. 
Jo tdz (r. of tdkhtaii), running, race, assault. 

tax tagt toil and labour, p, 

ijj^ idzagi, f. freshness, plumpness, fatness, 
"tenderness, greenness; pleasure, jd. 

ijo tdza, fresh; fat; young, green, tender, 

raw ; happy, pleased, tdza-k.^ a. to renew, to refresh, 
to re-create, tdza-kdr^ one who renews. tdzorkdri.wA 
of renewal, tdza-hond, n. to be in good case, to in- 
crease, to flourish, tdza-ba-tazot fresh and blooming. 
tdza-dam, m. good spirits, hilarity, cheerfulness tdsa- 
ufdrid, new-comer, or, as nicknamed in India, **a 
griffin." p. 

^jjj idzi, Arabian ; the Arabic language; 

"Arabian (horse). ^a«t Aru/Zd, a greyhound. Ui9ilsipain» 
dog-kennel. p» 

&3\^0' tdziydna, m. a whip, a scourge; 

tdziyana-japtd, -lagSnS^ or -mami, a. to apply dia 
whip, to scourge, p. 

^<Vj\5 tdzidan, to run, to rush upon« p, 
LihJ3 tdzik, one who is ignorant of Persian, 

or one who speaks it with an Arabian accent and 
idiom ; a colt of a mixed breed, or an Arabian oolt 
reared in another country, p, 

{^j»»^ KW tds, m. the cardp, a game at cards ; 

(for tdsht q.v.), brocade, doth of gold. h. *« The vrord tas 
(Persian tdi) is applied to the Indian playing-cards, in 
contradistmction to ganjlfa, the European pack. The 
Indian pack contains ei^lit suits, each suit consisting 
of a king, a tcaxlr or minliter, and ten earda having 
variouH figures represented on them, from one to ten 
in number." — (Binning.) [&e. k. 

^J3 imv tdsu (Braj.), him, her, it, or of his:. 



( 231 ) 

uJ«*»w ta^assuff m. brooding oyer affliction, 

^ pining lamenting, grieC regret a. 

\iuJ3 ta^asgufany with grief, or regret, a. 
jXm»\3 TRNfl tasu-'kauy of hini| her, it. A. 
(^U;^\5 <a«-fia5,de6truction,(v.«a/yana«). ^. 
(^C TITH /a<A, m. cloth of gold, brocade, 

tinsel, gold foil. A. 

^ ta^f m. the poplar ; the elm ; tamarisk ; 

a pomegranate ; an ensign-staif A. 

^\3 to^i, (properly ^U^) rebellious, a. 

«• mm 

^\i taftattf to shine ; to twist or spin ; to 
tomavaj the laoe. p. 

<Ci\3 tafia, m. a kind of silk, taffeta ; a 
ooloiir in pigeons and horses, glossy cream-colonr. p, 

^^ taht, defective (horse), having the eyes 

of two diflbrent polours ; t a kind of hat t. 

i^Jl> VTV tak, f. a look, a glance; an aim, the 

ad of aiming, point (of a dog), tak handhna, a. to 
core^ to point as a dog. tdk-^ohna, n. to aspire, s, 

fjSi tak, f. a vine, a creeper; grasses, p. 

^^ol5 uniTiinA tdkd-taJd, f. mutual star- 

ins. «. 
d}bu!J\3 wniwnr tdk-bak^f, nick of time. h. 

Udb lTV«n tdknd, a. to stare at, to aim, to 
peep, to see, to spy, to Tiew, to look for. «• 

^^ tdkld, f. confirmation ; superintendence ; 

asoertaining, injunction. UUnd-k,,tu to ei\Join strictly, 
loiiige.topreaa. t, 

^fS^ idkidi, emphatic (in grammar), a. 

ilA> iTf /o^, "[m. la thread, tdg^tor, m. 

o\3 TPn idga,) lace. A* 

«>m3 ITPnn taffnd, a. to thread, k, 

J^ 119 'a/, m. a pond ; chime, time in mu- 

nc; slapping the hands together or against the arms 
previmis to fighting; the name of a musical instni- 
aent of bell-metal or brass (a kind of cymbal), played 
virh a stick ; name of a fruit and tree, the palm-tree 
{Bom$$u*JUbelli/ormU). tal^te-tal, out of tune, tal dena, 
ts chime, to slap the hands before fighting, tdl mama 
or •fftAJbM, a. to strike the hand against ue arms pre- 
psrstocy to wrestling. «. 

V3 U^ taldj m. a lock of a door ; a lid of a 
nsKl Ice t. 

U^^C taldb,^ m. an artificial pond, a reservoir 
^/S taldw, J of water, a tank. p. 

\:^x3 TT^T^'n tdldkhya, f. a perfume. 8. 
[ J^^ 'it9^^ tdl-paira, m. a hollow cylinder 

tf gild iKirn in the eai; s, 

]^l^ Ik^Mtf tairpanu, f. a sort of anise 
i! lil^G ingnS^Bra tai-pushpak, m. a medi- 

^hI application to the eyes. s. 

^gjv^UU talish pain, f. name of a restrin- 

gent plant; a fragrant stomachic {Flaemufia eo/o- 

<^\-> in^V talak, m. a bolt, a latch, ». 
2\i ta,aUum, m. melancholy, grief, torment, a. 

13\^x« Jlji HI^'iffVMI fdl'fnakhand,mAhe name 

of a medicinal herb {Barleria longifolia). K 

^J>J\5 m^'Sgrt taL-rnvri, f. a plant {Curcu- 

" ligo orckioides). s. 

^13 J(T^ idluy m. the palate, the slit in the 
roof of the mouth ; a disorder In horses, the lampreys, s. 

CLOji^\^ in^^pir tdl-vrint, m. a fan. s. 

^Jl3 irrgrt tdfl, f. a key ; clapping of the 

" hands ; a species of the mountain palm(Cory;>Aa ialiera)^ 
a plant {Flacourtia eataphracta). tall ek hath te tx^ni 
is used to express an impossibility, tali hajan&t a. to 
dap the hands, not in token of approbation, but cen- 
sure and ridicule, to boot, to clap the hands in ridicule 
of any one. tali mama, a. to hoot, to damu (in a thea- 
trical sense) ; also to applaud, t, 

u.ftjJ\3 tdlify f, composition, compiling; con- 
necting ; reconciling or joining in friendship, a. 

&fijj\j idttka, m. a list, catalogue, inventoiy 

(corrup. of ta*li1cd, q.v.). a. 

J3 tdmm, peifect, entire, complete, full. a. 
lol5 JUm tdmd, \ 

Kfo^i) iHBT tdmbrd, ra. a copper colour (in 

pigeons); a false stone resembling a ruby. t. 

J^fol5 in^[(9 tamhulf m. betel-leaf, the areca 

nut f. [pulse {Ervum lent), t, 

^^-^J^^ Rl^c^iMI tdmbul-rdg, m. a kind of 
(Jb vJ^^ HT^jgS^lft tdmbul'Walti, f. a small 

"plant bearing a pungent leaf (Pfper betel), which, with 
the areca nut, caustic lime, or chunam, catechu, &c 
form the pan or betel of the Asiatics, e, 

jjjfolS fllU'^ idmbuli, f. bettl (Piper betel) 

**or its leaf ; m. the pan bearer ; a servant who prepares 
and furnishes the pan, s. [copper. ». 

(^JL>-^^ nW^Hll tdvi chint, f. enamelled 
j*l3 ITO Idmra, m. copper ; a coppery red ; 

a dark red kind of sandal wood, tamra-papf, m. a copper- 
plate, such as HindQ grants of land «c are frequently 
engraved upon, tdmra-pami, f. a river in Dekhan, and 
the district in its vicinity, tdmra-ptuhp, m. a kind of 
ebony{Batthiniavariegata) ; a plant(iC<*m;/frta rotunda), 
tdmra-pushpa, f. a trumpet fiovrer {Bignouia suaveolens), 
tdmra'pusitph t Lytkrum fruticoium. tdmra-phal, m. 
Alangium hexapetedum, tdmra-sdr, m. a red kind of 
sandal {Pteroepermum santoUnum\ tdmra-kdr, m. a cop- 
persmith, tamra-kami, f. the female elephant of the 
western quarter, tdmrorgarbha, m. blue vitriol, or sul- 
phate of copper, tdmra-^rikslta, m. a sort of sandal 
wood, tdmrorvami, f. the blossom of sesamum. tdmra^ 
wiUli, f. Bengal madder {Rubia manjitii), tdmra-vij, 
m. a kind of vetch. «. 

v^^U VTQTV idmrdku, m. one of the eighteeo 

divisions of the known continent «• 

{^j»*j^ lU^(tM tdmras, m. a lotus [Nymphma 

nekanbo) ; copper ; gold. <. 


( 233 ) 


u!Lc\3 inftrKT tamrik, m. a coppersmith, a 

brazier. «. 
\^13 mftrwr ^amWAa,"! f. a copper vessel for 

ijjAG imf\tdmri, ) marking time, a 
"copper cup of preKJribed capacity and perforated by a 
•mall hole at Ae bottom, answering the purpose of 
an hour glass : it is put into a vessel of water, the 
water gradually filling it, and the sinking of the cup 
marks the time that has elapsed, s. 

\ycKi imwi tamra, m, a gem of inferior value, 

of a copper colour. «. 

(j-^\3 HT^Wr tamas^ m. darkness, illusion, 

irascibility ; ad|j. partaking of or influenced by the 
principle of inertness, ignorance, or mental darkness ; 
inert, stupid, ignorant. $. [dark. * 

b'u 71*1^ tamsi. irascible, vindicti 


J^\3 ta,ammult meditation, reflection ; pur- 
pose. ta,ammul'K a. to collect one's self; to consider, 
to reflect, a. 

tl*-UG HUVfisrV tam4iptf f. a district in the 

south of Bengal, Taniluk. «. 
jCLe\5 irm^ tamalkl, f. a plant {Flacour- 
" tia eataphracta), s, [of copper. #. 

ly**^^ KWI^ntamesmarf m. calx or scoriae 

i^^J(T^tanf m. f. a note in music, tone ; stretch- 
ing, tension, knitting (the eye-brows), tan iornS, a. to 
crack a joke ; to drop a word which shall excite quar- 
relling or induce conversation, to animadvert; to 
strike up a tune. t. 

^J3 taUj m. a species of vervain, d. 

\i\5 TTfT tana, m. the warp, the threads that 

are extended lengthwise upon a loom. tana-han&-k., 
a. to fidget, to dance attendance, tane tanna, to wan- 
der here and there without profit «. 

U\3 ITRT tana (for tawiia), a. to heat, assay, 

twist *. [nate. a. 

^^li\j tana tarez (for JiyS^^^), unfortu- 

\{i^JfiWttdmbd (in Dakh. <am^£) m. copper. 

t&mb(4-gar, a worker in copper, brass, &c, a plumb- 
er, s, d, [the chase, d. 

Ijjli tdmha. food for a falcon or bird of 
IjffiG iri^TO idmbrdf m. a copper-colour (in 

pigeons) ; a false stone resembling a ruby. s. 

Jjj3\3 tdmhel, a tortoise, turtle, d. 

C^\3 irtw tdntf m. f. catgut, sinew, the string 

of a musical instrument, tant bajl aur rag hujha, he 
understood from the first word, tant bdndknd, to put 
to silence an idle talker, s, 

C>o\3 ntK tant\ m. a loom, a weaving appara- 
tus ; also thread, fibre, &c k, 
lx>l3 iriin tdntd, m. a string (of camels, 

horses. &c), a drove ; train, series, t. 

i^JbKi illf*il* tdntrikf ra. a scholar ; a fol- 
lower of the doctrine taught by the Tantras. «, 
jp\3 irtift tdntl, m. a weaver, s. 

\jj\3 tdnddf m. a caravan of merchandise 

carried on bullocks, mules, camels, &c ; a large body 
of travellers or traders travelling together for mutual 
security, d. 

«Jj\3 jn^n tdndaVf m. dancing, especially 

with violent gesticulaUon, and particularly applied to 
the frantic dancing of the god Shiva and bis votaries. <. 

^mJ\5 ta,annusy m. acquaintance, a. 

\Jij\i iri^ tdngd, m. a small two-wheeled 

car (without covering, and en which one person only 
can sit) : (in Dakh.) it means the rostrum or forepart 
of a Hinda car, to which the bullocks are yoked. 
tanga-tawdrt one who rides on a tango, A. 

AlCJ\3 tdngal, m. a small tank or pood. d. 
Ui\5 imn tdnnd, a. to extend, to stretch, to 

expand, to pull; to knit (the eye-brows). taaM- 
tdnna, to pitch tentt. «. [elder brother. A. 

t3\3 lA'm tdiifU, m. a paternal uncle, father's 

jjlS ITPft tdnt, f. the warp of cloth (v. idnd) 
" the price paid for weaving. «. 
j\3 ta,annt, f. delay, procrastination, a. 
(^j3\5 tdnts, f. the feminine gender, a. 
j\3inw taWfin. heat; passion, rage; strength, 

power; splendour, dignity; twkt, coil, contortion. 
taw denot a. to twist ; to stroke the whiskers ; to heat 
(as iron), tdw-kf^id or taw pech khana, n. to be 
heated, to be angry, p. or «. [assay; speed. A. 

j^Wim tdWy m. a sheet of paper: proof, trial, 

4^\j> TT'^I td,Uf m. a paternal uncle, fathe/d 

elder brother, h. 
^^\3 tdmdn, m. retaliation, recompense; 

debt ; fine, mulct ; loan, tawdn is used in oppoaitioa 
to ^Mf , and means the price paid for blood, idwim 
bdiidhna or lend, a. to fine, to mulct taw&n lagatm, m. 
to amerce, p, [loan, j^ 

^lj\3 tdwdnif f. compensation ; debt; fine; 
Oj\3 in^ tdwat, so much, so far, so many, 

until, the correlative to yawat, «. 

Uj\3 irnRT tdrvnd, a. to heat, to raise heat by 

blowing with a bellows ; to prove, to assay ; to twist t, 
^^\5 idwUf f. explanation, elucidation, in- 
terpretation, paraphrase, a. [plexhy. p. 
&\3 tdhf f. a plait, fold, ply, multiplicity, per- 
,Jb\3 irf^ idhif pron. to him, her, it, or that k, 
^Ci^\3 dlf^^ tdfiirt, f. a kind of dish, vis. 

rice boiled with barh which consists of pulse (PAaseoAcs 
radiatus) ground in a wet state and mixed with ganger, 
pepper, &c, and dried in small lumps. A. 

^\3 tajohkul, m. marrying, establishing a 

family, a. 

(C^\3 in^ td,u f. an aunt, paternal uncle*B 

wife, father's elder brothei^s wife ; an earthen frying- 
pot A. 

b>^ ffpn tdt/df m. a father's eldest brother, k, 

\_y^'^ tdfiby repenting, penitent, a, 

(JLo\3 lTn[iV tdfit, m. an amuleU a charm. A. 


•vJu ffljtt/, f. aid, assistance ; corroboration ; 

a written Toocher in corrobontion of a <^1*^in. M,t<f- 
Mwif, an aaiisUnt clerk, a. [&r. a. 

Ol*yJl3 ia,xddt (pi. of jjpl3), helps, aids, 
JgJt) /5,«ra, bom of a father's elder brother. 

tdttra &Aa J, m. or id^ bahin^ f. a cousin, d, 

L-*J W /aft, then, at that time ; afterwards. 

tab-iak, tab-tofi, tab^ajilk, or tab-lag, till then, up to 
that time. «. 

jU3 tabar, m. people, nation ; a tribe, family. 

Aakriyari *uR tabSr, a monarch of an Ulnstrions house, p. 

If^ flWTO tibard, thrice, or three times ; m. 

a hall or room with three doors. «. 

iiJ;U3 tabdrtik, blessing, being blessed, tabd" 

«*B,^ used in Arabic phrases, as alldhu tabdraka wa 
ttrala, God, he is, or may he be, blessed and exalted, a. 

i;l-3 tibdra, thrice, three times (v. tibdrd). s. 

ivf) iabdhy bad, wicked, depraved, abject, 

■poOcd, ruined, wretched. te&aA-*5/, ruined, jb. 

^lu tofta^i, f. wickedness, depravity, ruin, 

'vre^perditioii. teMAiiUafii, a. to be afflicted, tabahi- 
tada, mined, afflicted, distressed, p. 

(^4^ tahdyuriy difference, contradiction, in- 
CDodstency ; (in arithm.) incommensurabiUty. a. 

j^ tabahhur^ m. profound learning, a. 
>i^ taba^tvr, walking very stately, a. 
OM tabaddfd, m.1 change, alteration, sub- 

Ji.U) tabdil, f. J stitution ; difference, 

tnn^xMition. tabdlli makdn, migration, a. 
jp tabaVf m. a hatchet, an axe. tabar-barddr^ 

sn sxe-bearer, a woodcutter, tabar-zan, a woodcutter, 
a faatdiet-num. tabar zin, m. a horseman's battle-axe. p. 

^ 1abarru% doing any thing voluntarily; 

giving gntnitottsly. a. 
^j^ taharruhy m. benediction, congratula- 

tioD ; a portion of presents (or what is left of food pre- 
■ntod to ^jeat men, &c), given to their dependants, 
Bioed rehcs. iabarrvkan, by way of blessing. The 
word is employed idiomatically in the sense ofmaking 
Me of, or tasting auj^ thing (used in a respectful sense) ; 
*» example : after the arrival of a visitor, the ^fd 
is introduced : the host offers it to his guest, who 
*iD probably say, atcwal dp' tabarrtdc farmdiyOt "I)o 
700. Sir, first make use of it." (Binning.) a. 

S^fjki tabar-gun, hollow-backed (a horse), p. 

Ai/* tabfid, f. act of cooling, refreshing, a. 

jfj^ tabnz, the city of Tabriz or Tauriz, in 

%£fj^ tabfizi^ belonging to Tabriz. Shams 

Mrist,naiBe of a distinguished saint or fl(/i. p. 
fmA> tabasmm, m. a smile, a. 

/•*> tabamtr^ m. sight, distinct perception, 
^ t*'* conrideration. a. [subjection, a. 

toib^iyatf f. obedience, dependence, 

( 233 ) ^• 

JfU> tablahy a bundle or file of papers, a* 

W^ tabliif, playing the devil, a. 

«^ tabancha, m. n pistol, tabancha mdmOf 

a. to shoot with or fire a pistol, t, 

^jxi tabanni, f. adoption (of a son, &c.). a. 
«fi tabah (for tabdh, q. v.), bad, wicked, &c.;?. 
(j,-^ H¥^ tab'hi, at that very time, tabhl- 
" to, then, indeed. rai-Ai-*e, thence, thenceforth. $, 
^^lAtabai(m Dakh. /afticA), exactly then. h. 

tahi aty f. following, dependence, a. 

iR tap, f. heat, warmth; m. the hot sea- 
son, summer; prayer. adoration, devotion, penance. #. 
tap, f. a {'ever, tap utarnd, n. to go off 

^j'lVV^^'x. *^^ c^rhnd, n. to come on (a fever), tapi- 
rfi**,f. a hectic fever. /ap»^«7», fa tertian fever, tap- 
ka mutjana, n. the breaking out of an eruption on the 
lips after a fever, tapi larza, m. an ague, tapi mu^rik, 
™,\f° aylent or burning fever, tapi naubat. f. inter- 
mittent fever, tapt^dld or tap-uchJtR, f. pimples on 
the face ; cuteneous eruption, p. (jogj, ,. 

Ui inn tapd, m. a worshipper, an ascetic, a 
UJ HUTT tappd, m. division, district, parish, h, 
k^J^ fn^iO tipdri, f. a fruit, commonly called 

Cape gooseberry or Brazil cherry, k, 

0-^5 mim tapds, f. sunshine, the sun- 
beams ; toil, labour. «. 

wi)u> taj)aftf m. affection, esteem, regard^ 

love, zeal, ardour ; consternation, affliction, p. 
^Jj3 tapan, palpitating, growing hot. p. 

UUS nMim tapdndy a. to pour a libation, h. 

^^-3 mrnn tapdnd, a« to beat, to warm, to 

make another person warm himself at the fire, or 
m the sun. t. 

^^ jMi*!! tupdnd or topdnd, a. to have 

buried, to cause to cover, h, 

CIa*) mi tapta or fflHT tapat, liot, warm, fer- 
vent, burning with heat, pain, or sorrow; tapti or 
tapat, f. heat tapta-krickfikkra, m. a sort of penance, 
drinking hot water, milk, or ghi, for three days. #. 

Jls^ tap'khdla, m. breaking out on the lips 
after a fever, the thrush, p, 

J^^J^ W^rfiCfTH iapai'ihdfUf land cultivated 
in small patches among the uncultivated portions of 
an estate, h, [an acclivity. /*. 

4^ ICfpft tapri, f. a mound, a small height, 

^jM imH iapas, m, religious austerity, pe- 
nance, self-denial ; the region inhabited by devotees 
after death; virtue, duty: thus the tapag of a Brfth- 
man is sacred learning, of a Kshatriya, the protection 
of subjects, &c. s 

^^y^ iHrfi^ tapasmin,^ ra. a devotee, a 
{^y^ iTTOt tapasmi^ J jogi, «• 
ijy^ tapaswinij f. a female devotee. $. 



( 234 ) 


if^ Hyptt tapasi or IHV^ fapassi^nu devotee, 

** performer of austere devotion; ai^. devout, ascetic* 
tapasi macMitit f. the mango-fisb {Polynenius paraduea),i* 

Ijum^ fPT^QT Uipasya, f. austere devotion, 

prayer, penance, mortification of self. t. 

<jL><,x> ini^ tapasya, ni. the month Pbalgun. s, 

yM>3 tapish, f. affliction ; heat, warmth. p<. 

iapsht (v. tapasi), devotee, &c. s> 

tapaskya (v. tapasya), austerity, &c. s. 

iopahf m. favour, friendship ; a sledge- 
hammer, p. [musket, t, 

(.^I^ H^nv tupak, f. (for topah, q. v.), a 

^c^^ t(fpukclii, m. an officer formerly em- 

" ployed in the management of revenue affairs. The 
duties of this functionary are fully described in the 
Ayeen Akbery. The etymology of the word seems 
to be doubtful 

UiL> innnrT tapakna,