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Dr. Frank E. Plaisdnll 








Valuable Works Connected with Dentistry 

PtJBldIBfi£t> BT 



HARRIS (CHAPm A.), M.D., D.D.S. 

The Principles and Practice of Dentistry. Tenth Revised 
Edition. In great part Rewritten, Rearranged, and with many new 
and important Illustrations. Edited by P. a. Austen, M.D., FrofeaMr 
of Dental Science and Mechanism in the Baltimore CoU^e of Dentkl 
Surgery. With nearly 400 Illustrations. Royal octavo. 

Price, in cloth, 6.50; in leather, 7.60 

HARRIS (CHAPm A.), M.D., D.D.B. 

A Dictionary of Medical Terminology, Dental Sur- 

gepy, and the Collaleral Sciences. Fourth Edition, 
irefully Revised and Enlarged. By Ferdinand J. 8. Grorgas, M.D., 
D.D.S., Profesaor of Dental Surgery in the Baltimore College, etc 
Royal octavo. Price, in cloth, 6.60 ; in leather, 7.60 


A Practical Treatise on Mechanical Dentistry, Third 
Edition, much Enlarged. With 185 Ulustnitions. Octavo. 

Price, in clotb,4.00; in leather, 4.76 


A Practical Treatise on Operative Dentistry. Fourth 
Edition, thoroughly Revised, with Additions. Over 100 II lustrations. 
Octavo. Price, in cloth, 4.25; in leather, 5.00 


Dental Pathology. With Special Reference to the Anatomy and 
Physiology of the teeth, tmd notes by Tuos. B. Hitchcock, M.D., 
Prof, of Dental Pathology, Harvard Univereity. 105 II luat rations. 

Price, in cloih, 3.50 ; in leather, 4.60 


Handy's Text-Book of Anatomy and Guide to Dis- 
sections. For the use of Students. 312 Illustrations. Octavo. 

Price, cloth, 3.00 

Dental Caries and Its Causes. An Investigation into the 
Influence of Fungi in the destruction of the Teeth. With Illustra- 
tions. Price, cloth, 1.26 

SEWILL (H. E.). M.R.C.8., En?.. L.D.B. 

The Student's Guide to Dental Anatomy and Sur- 
gery. With 77 Illustrations. Price, paper, 75 cU. ; cloth, 1.25 


Chtoroform. Its Action and Administration. Price, cloth, 1.50 


The Advantages and Accidents of Artificial Anaes- 
thesia. A Manual of Anteethetic Agents, Modes of Administration, 
CAC Second Edition, Enlarged. 26 D lustrations. Price, cloth, 1.60 



Medical Terminology, 





CHAPIN A. ^ARRIS, M.D., D.D.8., 









No. 1012 Walntjt Steeet. 

Entered, aeconling to Act of CongresB, in the year l"!??, bj 

In the Office of the Librarian of CoDgi'esa, at Woahin^n. 




UR rwTDR or m lALTnrat* oouMi or nnrrAi. inoikt. 








TEN years having elapsed since the publication of the third 
edition of this work, which has for so long a period enjoyed 
the confidence and favor of the dental profession, the object 
of the reviser in his labor upon the present edition has been 
to bring it thoroughly up to the present requirements of the 

To accomplish this object, the medical portion has been as 
carefully revised and added to aa that devoted more especially 
to dental science ; and the hope is cherished that this edition 
will be found to answer all the requirements pertaining to the 
collateral branch. While a number of obsolete terms and 
methods have been omitted in the preparation of the present 
edition, to nearly every one of the seven hundred and forty- 
three pages of the former edition, corrections, additions, &c., 
have been made, and many new processes, terms, and appli- 
ances described, some of which are not to be found in any other 
work now published. AU new articles of the Materia Medica 
employed in the practice of dentistry have been described, and 
the dental uses added to others before referred to in the work. 

All works relating to such subjects as are essential to a 
treatise of this kind, have been freely consulted in tlie prepa- 
ration of the present edition, and justice done to all in the 
description of new appliances, methods, &c. 

The reviser is also indebted to Professor James B. Hodgkin 
for several valuable suggestions relating to Dental Mechanism. 

Baltihobb, November, 1877. 


IN the preface to the second edition of this work suflBcient 
has been said, hy its lamented author, of its objects, and the 
sources from which the materials composing it were obtained. 

Since the death of Prof. Chapin A. Harris no new edition of 
the Dictionary has been published, although the want of one 
has long been felt, not alone by the dental practitioner, but by 
the dental student. To supply this want has been the chief 
object of the editor, and, in fulfilling it, he has endeavored to 
make such corrections and additions as the rapid progress of 
Dental and the Collateral Sciences demanded. These additions 
and corrections are, necessarily, in a work of this kind, scattered 
through its text, and, as it involves many details, it is probable 
some errors may be found, for which it is to be hoped the difiB- 
culties attending its progress will form some apology. 

One great difficulty has been to prevent the work from ex- 
ceeding the limits of one volume, and for this reason many 
articles have necessarily been condensed. 

Between two and three thousand new words have been added 
to the present edition, and additions and corrections made to 
the definitions of many others. The doses of the more promi- 
nent medicinal agents have been added, and it is hoped that 
the work will be found worthy of its title. 

Many of the old formulae, which have not been sanctioned by 
an enlarged experience, have been omitted, principally those of 


powders, pastes, and washes for the teeth and gums, while 
others have been retained for their intrinsic merits. 

As the description of the treatment of many of the diseases 
of the dental organs, and the manner of performing certain 
operations, is the same in the former editions as in the author's 
Principlea and Practice of Dental Surgery, such have been 
omitted, £md reference made to the work in which they are 

The intention of the editor has been to do justice to all, and 
he wishes to express the obligations he ia under for a number 
of articles describing recent inventions, the manner of pr& 
paring certain materials, &c. 

All the best works accessible to him, and relating to such 
subjects as are essential to a work of this kind, have been con- 
sulted, and free use made of them. His acknowledgments are 
due to Dunglison's and Hoblyn's Medical Dictionaries, Thomas' 
and Cleaveland's Pronouncing Medical Dictionaries, Wood and 
Bache's U. S. Dispensatory, Mayne's Expository Lexicon, and 
Ure's Dictionary of the Arts. 

Baltimobk, 1867. 


THE steady and constantly increasing demand for this work 
having long since exhausted the first edition, the author is 
encouraged to believe that he was not altogether mistaken in 
his opinion that a Dictionary containing satisfactory definitions 
of the words and technicalities belonging to Dental Surgery, as 
well as to the other branches of Medicine and to the Collateral 
Sciences, was needed. But in the preparation of the first edition 
he omitted many of the terms belonging to the lasMneutioned 
departments of science, fearing they might be regarded as out 
of place in a lexicon designed principally for the student and 
practitioner of Dentistry. Subsequent reflection has convinced 
him that a more extended view of the subject was necessary, 
since the scope of professional education for the Dentist has 
become so widened that general Medicine and Collateral Science 
are now, to a considerable extent, embraced in the curriculum 
of Dental study. He has, therefore, introduced into tlie present 
edition, not only the words and phrases purposely omitted in 
the first, but also those that have subsequently been added 
to the literature of the above-mentioned department of science, 
thus making it a complete Dictionary of Medicine as well as of 
Dental Surgery. 

The present edition contains about eight thousand more 
words than the first. The introduction of these without very 
greatly increasing its size, which the author was anxious to 
avoid, rendered it necessary to rewrite and compress the heavier 
and more elaborate articles into much narrower limits than 


were ori^nally assigned to them, and to strike out the Biblio- 
graphical and the Biographical departments altogether. The 
last was done the more willingly, as a work embracing these 
subjects, by a very able pen, has already been announced as in 
preparation. The character of the book in this respect being 
changed, a corresponding alteration of title became necessary. 
All the words, technicalities, and other subjects belonging to 
Dental Surgery proper, have been retained, and all new terms, 
descriptions of subsequent discoveries, and improvements in the 
art and science, have been carefully added. Numerous syno- 
nyms have also been introduced, and it is believed that no 
important word, in any of the specialties of Medicine, which 
has at all passed into general use, has been refused a place 
and a minute and careful definition in the present edition of 
the work. 

The author has, of course, as stated in the preface to the first 
edition, made free use of the various Dictionaries of Medicine, 
Science, and Art; among which he would particularly mention. 
Hooper's, Cooper's, Dunglison's, Gardener's, Palmer's, Hoblyn's, 
Motherby's, the first three hundred pages of Mayne's Exposi- 
tory Lexicon, now in progress of pubHcation ; the French Dic- 
tionary of Medicine, Surgery, Pharmacy, Physics, Chemistry, 
and Natural History; Brande's Encyclopaedia; tire's Dictionary 
of the Arts, and Ogilvie's Imperial Dictionary. It was his 
intention to give due credit to each author for all original 
matter taken from his pages, but this was soon found to be 
impracticable, inasmuch as a very superficial comparison of the 
several works of the kind, in our own and other languages, 
served to show that definitions had been considered common 
property, and transferred from one work to another without 
acknowledgment, until the paternity was beyond satisfactory 
ascertainment. He has, therefore, availed himself of the 
common privilege which seems to have been claimed by all 
lexicographers who have preceded him. For the definitions 


of the terms belonging to general Medicine and the Collateral 
Sciences, he claims no special originality ; although, where 
alterations seemed necessary, he has not hesitated to make 
them, and in all instances he has endeavored to be aa concise 
as possible, and in moat cases to give the definition of each 
word in immediate connection with it, without referring first 
to one, and then to another and another synonym for it, as is 
frequently done by most lexicographers. In these departments 
of the work he has confined himself, for the most part, to mere 
definitions, but on all subjects connected with Dental Surgery 
proper, as well as with the anatomical structures, diseases, 
treatment, and operations on the mouth and adjacent parts, 
this Dictionary will be found very full. It also contains many 
words belonging to the literature of general Medicine not found 
in other Dictionaries. 

Besides the works aLready referred to, the author has availed 
himself of the best standard authorities in all the departments 
of Science and Art, the terms, phrases, and technicahties of 
which this volume professes to contain. In short, he has 
spared neither pains nor labor to make the work desirable and 
useful. To what extent his efforts will prove successful, re- 
mains for others to determine. 

While the book was passing through the press, the author 
received many useful suggestions and much valuable aid from 
Professors A, S. Piggot and W. R. Handy, to whom he begs to 
express, in this pubUc manner, his most grateful acknowledg- 

Chafin a. Harris. 

Baltikobc, October 9th, 1854. 







A. In some words of Greek deriva- 
tion this letter is employed as a prefix, in 
a privative sense, denoting the absence or 
privation of anything; as, aeephalaut, 
headless; aphonia, voicelessnesa ; apkyl- 
Untt, leafless. 

A. or AA. is an abbreviation of the 
Greek ava, ana, of each, and is used in 
medical prescriptions to denote that an 
equal quantity of two or more ingredients 
is to_be_talcen. See Abbreviatiok. 

AAA. In Chemi»try. a contraction of 
Amnlgama, an amalgam. 

AbnIlena'tloD. From oft, from, 
and alie'no, aliena'tum, to estrange. The 
loss or failing of the senses, or of the men- 
tal facnlties. 

Abaptls'lon, AbaptWta, from a, 
priv,, and pann^u, to ptnnge. The old 
trepan, which was shaped like a truncated 
cone, to prevent it from suddenly plung- 
ing into the brain. 

AbBrtlcnIs'tion. From ah, and 
artieuiut, ajoint. That species of articu- 
lation which admits of manifest motion. 
See DiAitTiiRosis and SfXAiiTnitosis. 

Abbrcvla'tlon. AbbreTm'tu>;from 
brtrit, abort. In Medical Preteriptiamt, 
letters, parts of woi'ds, or certain symbols, 
by which the thing meant is designated. 

A. or AA. Ana, of each ingredient, 

Abdom. Abdomen, the belly. 


Aht.febr, Absentefebre,iutheab8eno« 
of fever. 

Ad, or Add. Adde, addatnr, add, let 
there be added. 

Ad deliq. Ad deliqninm, to fainting. 

Ad gr. Acid. Ad gratam aciditatem, to 
an agreeable sourness. 

Ad lib. Ad libitum, at pleasure. 

Admov. Admoyeatur, let it be applied. 

Adtt. fiibre. Adstante febre, when the 
fever is on. 

Aggred. febrt, Aggredieute fobre, while 
the fever is coming on. 

Altern. hor. Alternishoris, every other 

Ah. ad*t. Alvo adstriclA, when the 
bowels are confined. 

Amp. Amplus, large. 

Aq. Aqua, water. 

Aq. bull. Aqua bulliens, boiling water. 

Aq. comm. Aqua communis, common 

Aq.ditt. Aquadistillata, distilled water. 

Aq./erz. Aqna fervens, hut water. 

Aq.font. Aqua fontana, spring water, 

Aq. tiwrin. Aqua marina., sua water. 

Aq. plitf. Aqua plnvialis, rnin water. 

Aq. pur. Aqua pura, pure wnler. 

H. A. Balneum arenra, a sand bath. 

Bain, nutria. Balneum mariic, a salt- 
water bath. 

Bain, tep, Balnenm tepiUum, a wann 





Batn. vap. Balnenm vaporis, a vapor 

Bait. Balsamiim, balsam. 

Bib. Bibe, drink. 

Bit ind. BU indies, twice a day. 

Bol. Bolufl, a botuB. 

Bull. Bnlliat, let it boil. 

Carul. CternleiiB, bine. 

Cap. Capiat, let bim take. 

C. C. Cornu cervi, hartshorn. 

C. C V. Comn cervi ustum, bnmt 

G, M. Oraa manS, to-morrow morn- 

C. N. Oras nocte, to-morrow night. 

C. V. Cras vespere, to-morrow even- 

Coehl. Cochleare, a spoon, a spoonfnl, 

Coehl. it\f. Cochleare iQbntis, a child's 

Coehl. magn. Cochleare magnum, a 

Coehl, mod. Cochleare modicum, a des- 

Coehl. part. Cochleare paimm, a tea- 

Col. Colatus, strained. 

Comp. Coinpositns, compound. 

Con/. Confeotio, a confection. 

Cong. CoDgias, a gallon. 

CoTit. Conserva, conserve. 

Cont. Gontinnetur, let it be continued. 

Cop. CopiosuB, abundant. 

Coq. Coque, boil. 

Cort. Cortex, bark, 

Cratt. CrastinuB, for to-morrow. 

Cuj. GqjuB, of which. 

Cujittl. GqJDslibet, of any. 

Ci/ath. Cjathns, a glassfal. 

Cyallw thea. A teacapfiil. 

D. Dosis, a dose: 

Deb. tpiM. Debita spissitudo, a proper 

Pee. Decanta, decanted or ponred off. 

Deeub. DocnbitiiB, Iving down, going 
tu bed. Attitude of one lying down. 

Be d. in d. De die in diem, from day 
10 day. 

Bg. alvi. D^ectiones alvi, alvine evae- 

Bep. Depuratus, pnriGed. 

Be»t. Destilla, distill. 

Bet. Detiy, let it be given. 

Bext. lat. Deictrura latalis, right side. 

Bieb. ah. Oiebue altemis, every other 

Bieb. Urt. Diebns tertiis, every third 

Big. Digeratnr, let it be digested. 

Bil. Dilutus, diluted. 

Bim. Dimidium, one half. 

Bi4t. Distillata, distilled. 

Biutum. Dintnmns, long contlnned, 

Biv. Divide, divide. 

Bonets. alv. aol.Jit«r. Donee alvua so- 
luta fnerit, nntil the bowels are opened. 

Braeh. Drachma, a drachm. 

Ed. Ednlcora, sweeten; Edulcorate 

Ejvtd. Ejnsdem, of the same. 

Sleet. Electuarinm, electaary. 

Emp. Emplastrnm, a plaster. 

Bnsm. Enema, a clyster. 

Exhib. Eshibiatur, let it be given. 

Ett. tuper. alut. Extende super aln- 
tam, spread upon leather. 

F. or ft. Fiat, let it be made. 

F. Pit. Fiat pilula, make it into a 

F. V. S. Fiat vennsectio, bleed. 

Dsb. dur. Febre darante, during the 

MU. Filtra, filter. 

FL Flnidus, liqnid. 

Flor. Flores, flowers. 

Fol. Folinm, a leaf. 

fbt, Fotns, a fomentation. 

Fraet. Bot. Fracta dosi, in a divided 
or broken dose. 

Fruit. Frustillattm, in small pieces. 

Or. Granum, a grain. 

Gt. Outta, a drop. Gtt. gnttm, drops. 

Gum. Gnmmi, gum. 

H. D. Hord decnbitus, at bed time. 

H. 8. Hor& somni, on retiring to rest. 

Hot. ijiterm. Iloris intermediis, at in 
termediate hours. 

Ind. Indies, daily. 

Jt\f. Infusum, infusion. 

Inject. Iiyectio, an ii^ection. 

Inj. enem. Iqjiciatur enema, let a clys- 
ter be given. 

In. Pulm. In pulmento. in gruel. 

Jul. Jnlepni, a julep. 

Lat. dol. Lateri dolenti, to the pained 

lb. Libra, a pound weight. 

Lim. Limones, lemons. 

Ziy. Liquor, liquor. 

Lot. I.otio. lotion. 

U. Misce, mix. 

Mae. Macera, macerate. 

Man. Manipulus, a handflil. 




Jft'fi. Hinimnm, minim, the 00th part 
of » drachm, hj measare. 

Milt lOitm^ a muibire. 

Mitt. Sang. Mittatnr aangnis, let blood 
be drawn. 

Mod. prat. Uodo prteacripto, in the 
maQcer directed. 

Mor. toL More aolito, in the nnial waj. 

Mue. Macilago, macilage. 

N. Noote, at night. 

No. Kiunero, in namber. 

N. U. Nnx moHohata,.8 nntm^. 

0. OotaridB, a pint 

01. Oleum, oil. 

01 Lint. Oleum Lini, Linseed oil. 

Omn. nit. kor. Omnibus alterms horis, 
VTcry other hour. 

Ana. Mi. Omni bidno, ever? two days. 

Omn. bi&. Omni bihorio, every two 

Ann. hor. Omni horA, vnrj hour. 

Omn. man. Omni raane, ever? m<Hiiuig. 

Omn. noct. Omni nocte, every night. 

Omn. quadr. Bor. Omni quadrante 
horffi, erery quarter of an hour. 

O. 0. O. Oleum olive optimum, best 
olive oil. 

Ov. Ovum, an egg. 

Ox. Oxymel, a syrup of honey and 

Ot. Uncia, an onnoe. 

P. IS.. Partes sequales, equal parts. 

Part. vie. Fartitia vicibne, in divided 

Pil. Pilnla,apHl. 

P. rat. at. Pro ratione ntatis, accord- 
ing to the age of the patient. 

7*. r. n. Pro re nat&, as circumstances 
may require. 

Prox.lue. Proximalnce,th%daybefore. 

Puh. Pulvis, powder. 

Q. P. Qaantum placeat, as much aa 
you please. 

Q. B. Qnantum snflScit, as much as is 

Q. V. Quantum volncris, as much as 
you wish. 

Quor. Quorum, of which. 

R. Hecipfl, take. 

Rod. Radix, root. 

Ita». Rasuree, shavings. 

Reet. Reotificatus, rectified. 

B«d. in. puh. Redactns in pulverem, 

Reg. hep. Regio faepatis, in tbe region 
nf the liver. 

Reg. wiib. Regio tnnbtlici, the umhili- 
oal region. 

Sspet. Repetatur, let It be repeated. 

S. A. Secundum artem, according to 

Saeeh. Saccharum, sugar. 

S«m. Semen, seed. 

Semi-dr. Semi-drachma, half a drachm. 

Semi-h. Semi-hora, half an hoar. 

Seq. lues. Sequenti Inoe, the followint> 

Sere. Serva, keep ; preserve. 

Setquih. Sesquihora, an hoar and a 

Seiune. Sesuncia, an ounce and a half. 

Si op. tit. 6i opuB sit, if there be oc- 

Si eir. perm. Si vires permtttant, if 
the strength will permit. 

Signat. Signatura, a label ; also, eigne- 
tur, let it be labelled. 

Sing. Singnlorum, of each. 

Sol. Solutio, solution. 

Soh. Solve, dissolve. 

S. O. S. Si opus sit, if there l>e oeca- 

^. Bpiritua, spirit. 

8q. Squama, scale. 

St. Semi, one-half. 

St. Stet, let it stand. 

Subtep. Snbtepidns, Inlcewarm. 

Swx, Succus, jaice. 

Sum. Bamat, let him take. 

S. V. SpirituB vini, spirit of wine. 

8. V. R. Spiritus vini rectlflcatus, rec- 
tified spirits of wine. 

Syr. Sympns, syrup. 

T. O. Tinctura op^i, tinetnre of opium. 

T, O. 0. 'noctura opii oamphorata, 
Paregoric elixir. 

Tr. or tinet. Tinctura, tincture. 

TVit. Tritura, triturate. 

TroeA. Trochlscns. a troclie or lozenge. 

Umb. Umbilicus, the navel. 

Ung. Unguentam, ointment. 

U»g. ut liq. anim. Usqvie ut liquerit 
animns, antil fainting is produced. 

Utevd. Utendns, to be nseil. 

Vent. Ventriculus. the stomach. 

V. O. 8. Vitello ovi sohitus, dissolved 
in the yolk of an egg. 

V. S. VenBBeotio, bleeding. 

Zz. Zingiber, ginger. 

H. Minimum. A minim. 

Or. Grana, A grain. 

3. Scrupnlnm, A scruple. 




5. DrBohma, A drachm, troy. 

3- Uncio, An oance, troy. 
/. J. Flaidancift, A flaidoonce. 

lb. Libra, A poond. 

M. SemiBsis, half; in., seeqni, one and 
A half. 

j, one; ij, two; iij, three; (v,foar,&c. 
See Pkmcbiptiok. 

AbC«a. See ABaossa. 

Abdo'meD. From ahdere, to hide, 
because it conceals the viscera. The larg- 
est cavit/in the body, bonnded enperiorly, 
by the diaphragm ; inferiorty, by the pel- 
vis; laterally and anteriorly, by an ex- 
pansion of muscles; and posteriorly, by 
the Inmbar Tertebrte. 

Abdom'lnal. Pertaining to the ab- 
domen, as the abdominal muscles, abdom- 
inal viscera, &c. 

Abdominal Aor'ta. That portion 
of the aorta below the diaphragm, 

Abdcnnlnal Aponeuro'aia. The 
coqjuined teudoni of the oblique and 
transverse muscles on the front of the 

Abdominal Oan^^Ua. The Semi- 
lunar ganglia. 

Abdominal Preffnanoy. Pregnancy 
when the fcetus is above the uterus in the 

Abdt^nlnal Beffiona. The abdo- 
men is divided into three zones: 1. The 
epigastric, or upper ; 2. The umbilieal, or 
middle; 8. The- hypogastric, or lower re- 
gion. Each of these is subdivided into 
three compartments or regions, a middle 
and two lateral. The middle or the up- 
per, situated over the small end of the' 
stomach, is the epigoitrio proper ; and the 
two lateral, under the cartilages of the 
ribs, are the hj7)ochondriaG regions. The 
middle region is divided into the central 
or viiihilical, and two lateral or lumbar 
regions. The lower region is divided into 
the central or hypogiutrie proper, and on 
each Mde there is an ilia^ or inguinal re- 

Tn the above, anatomists have added a 
tenth region, called ihe regio pvbiea, and 
situated on the front surface of the pubic 

Abdominal Ring, The opening on 
each side of the abdomen, external and 
superior to the pubes, through which, in 
males, parses the spermatic cord. It is 
also called the Inguinal King. 

Abdom'ilinlte. From abdotHe»f 
peitaining to the abdomen ; ventral. 

Abdomlnoaco'py. Ahdominoteo- 
pia; from abdomen, and aisoiirtu, 1 view. 
Eiamination of the abdomen for the de- 
tection of disease. 

Abdu'C«nt. Drawing apart or from. 
The siath pair of nerves are called th« 
nerri abdueentea. See Abductor. 

Abdac'tlon. Abdvetio; from abdu- 
eere, to separate. The action by whioh a 
limb or part is separated from the axis of 
the body. In Surgery, a fraotnre near 
the articular extremity of a bone in which 
the fragments recede from each other. 
Ccelius Anrelianns uses this word to ex- 
press a strain. 

Abdac'tor. From abdveere, to sepa- 
rate. In Anatomy, a muscle which sepa- 
rates the *part or member to which it is 
attached from some other part. lt« an- 
tagonist is called adductor. 

Abductor Aurioularia. A portion 
of the posterior aoris. 

Abduotor Indicia Manua An in- 
terosseous muscle of the fore-tinger. 

Abduotor Indicia Pedia. A mnscle 
of the fore-toe. 

Abduotor Labiorum. The elevators 
of the angles of the month. 

Abduotor Medii Di^itl Pedis. A 
muscle of the middle toe. 

Abduotor Minimi Dlgiti Manas. 
A muscle of the little finger. 

Abduotor 2Unlmi Diffiti Pedla A 
muscle of the little toe. 

Abductor Oculi. The muscle that 
draws the eyeball from the nose. 

Abduotor Folliois Manua. A mns- 
cle of the thumb. 

Abduotor Folliois Pedis. A muscle 
of the great toe. 

Abduotor Tertii Diffiti Pedis. A 
mnscle of the foot. 

AberrR'llon. Abtrratio; from ah 
errnre, to stray; to wander from. Devi- 
ated from that which is natural; irregu- 
larity ; deviation from the healthy con- 
dition in the appearance, structure, or 
functions of one or more organs ; the pas- 
sage of a fluid of the living body into an 
order of vessels not destined for it; the 
flow of a fluid towards an organ dill'erent 
from that to which it is ordinarily directed, 
as in vicarious hemorrhage ; mental alien- 
ation. In Optiet, a deviation of the raya 





of liftlit ft-om a tme focna. ta certain teoHa, 
r>riii1iir)n)! a dlMorttd »r rnlonx] tmitga. 
WhuD tb* Inui^ In iltntdit^d, tli» abamt- 
lian Is Mid to b« tf/ierlotil ; wb«n It li 
nriMl bv jiriiiuarlf! bu««, ic U callix] a 
mnfii! ativiration. 

Alihnl. An AMHtio trvW, obtnin«>l 
fmiii II <iiri-ic« of cy\wtn, iuppoM<l to Ix) 
an nniniMuign|iti«. 

Ablvcu Tbe Ftr; a gmnti ttt pbinta 
of tba onUr On)frr#. aUxiDilinit in reaitL 
Alt UiAsa tiwHwlilelt, like tli« spraco. ()i« 
iwilar, md th* larcJi. bare tticir louvn 
soljlnrj-. Hl&tlnct al tlieir base, •ml iW 
vtiua at Die vont aviso und tbis. Far iho 

Alilr'tiP Add. Ad b«M reoeallr 
dUciivi-rrHl in thm tvtim of tMM of tli« 
gcniw AI-<<-«. 

Ablell'nv. A tllvUion of th« nnui- 
rat onlvr nf v»iiirvrgui> jilaiitB, inrladinir 
Xhtr firK |>itiM. ' nni) nmiu-aria-Nke pJixvt. 
uf whirl) Itare cunt-j< wiUi iiiaiiy rows 

Abl^llnt*. Jf'iVHna. A reotiuKU 

taUtntirv. otitaim-d frum ths StnslMirg 

Ablf^lM ni^litA. TfaD*. er frulc- 
Inccnec: die raalnof the »]iriic« iilnei. 

Ablo'Hbi. Kroin «, and Bioj, "Ufa." 

Abirrlla'llan. AklrriMio; from 
<ail, prir., ami irrilatio, iniuition. Ab- 
■(inr« nf iri-itnlinn-, deMlity; nalhonta. 

AblHcUa'tloil. AhlaeUo; ttcm ab. 
]»riv., uDd f4Wt9. lo givB BDck. Ccasatlon 
of tbe p«rioilii of diickbni;, u rognrd* ih« 
mutlicr. The *aroe {i«rlod with ngord to 
lliv child !• ivftDCfi wcHDlng. 

AblN'flon. Af'!.tlii); ttfon »vfir», to 
r«R>ov« lt«aioyiL] or K-t>arutiun of « part, 
llnb. ctrpn, or tnuior. bjr neddiwt or aur- 
gieal a^reratliiB. 

Ablep'Niik. From n.priv., and flUm, 
In sc«. miniln«!t*. 

Abln«>Bl«. Abiwntim ; from nftf^ifvi, 
lo waali. iHt^TftaU; etM&iing rciat>- 

AMa'llfMl. Ahiurln; tovashawnr. 
Tlw aet ot fi|(>Hn«iin{ or pitriiyiui; with 

Abaar'oanl. Frmo uK IWm, and 
MMM, m)«. Not oAnft-miiM^ lo nilc; 
IrTwfuUr : coiitmrj- tu the natural condl> 
tiim: oDttatiimL 

Aboll'llon. AMUb>: from <A»Urv, 

la almltflb. Coexntion of the ftiiwtinn of 
liw wbnlo, or part of dtp body, as llie toM 
iif ^tt'ht, bmrinR, iif. 

AboiNn'itilK* Ahomatvm. Tbefunnli 
Moiiiarb of row I II n tin >r .laiiimlft, tli<i oiio 
f^om wliloh. in Mlvfu. r«nn<<l U forrm^. 

AIkifI'. Abari'rt, Ti> iiiiM-'urrr. 

Ab<ir'tl(Hl. jibm-flo; miarurniuK : 
osptilMun of the ffvttiB tiefore th« aixtJi 

Ab«r'llvp. i4A«rt^Ma;lWim aJhiM-r^. 
-a raiBMrrif4Hi. In Mfdieint, that wblod 
baa tlie |M>fc-«r of excilioK aborlioii. In 
Botany, ptanU that do nn[ acqoiri: ibeir 
iisual perfenlMni; a Bower ohIt pnrttnl);' 
formed, or a toed wliioli oontaim no *in- 

AtxirfiiN. Alxmlon. 

AhoiH'he'aneni. AiMMtomoaia. - 

Atina 'chill. Proin a, pHr,. and 
Iitui f (ui . I liu nrro. Abworo of arms. 

Abmn'<'bllll4>. From n, prir., oik) 
llpajVin. xillx. Viliinot gtilk WVt tbe 
«Mrlli*womi, th« Imh. Ap.; baring no 
or^^n* ^if re>jiirutM>n. 

Abrn'»lnn. AhratJe ; tram lAnirr^, 
to »cTap«. Tbe aot of w«arinf[ or rahhInK 
off; alfto, tUo Unt4< of a part dom^ of which 
b(i» lii*n worn off liy ntcrltinn In Ptttiitl- 
o^if. iiipurlh'tfti ii1)-«<rntliin, uiib Iom of 
*iihHtanc« In *tir«d« of th« mte^iitial mu- 
coii'4 nH-inbraue; al<H^ excoriatiuii luul al- 
cerntton of lh« >il:in. 

Abraalon, OlMintoal. A Kradnftl do- 
Mnictlon of tb« onamcl and dtnlino of the 
erown of tlie tooth. It Is tbongbl to bfs 
CHUitoil br no Kfiit Ninlalnwl in rlie miii'iia. 

Abrasion of tb« Oatttntr Bdvoe of 
tbeFlrontTeetli. Spontaneous, S|)<)n. 
l«iM>oai ahraainn of ib^ <-«ltiii^ Mlgas of 
Uie frnn; Icvili, is nn aAWllun of rnro or- 
riirrpiictf. It ponimnnrm on tbe uvotral 
inrisors uf both jaws at tltu mme llmv, 
and fnmi thrnoe prtwtiHl* to the lateral 
incisors. Ihc encpidnti. and MimetiiMa. 
Mio4i)>It not verj ofton. to tlic firrt ltiftis< 
piiU. )n utbar rcvpMta. lltttv vr no in- 
run viwit'iiri; iH ciporicn<x'l from it until 
llttfcntvrniior IbealfeiMwl teeth iir«>n«arlv 
dcalrnvcd. S<x' llarri«'H Prin. and Prtcl, 
ttf IkntUtry : %\*o I>KMrt)l!n) or 7BX 
THBTn. of which It U n vnrl*iy. 

Abraadon of tho T««th. Odt-nf— 
irihe. Wearing owuy of tlic twlli : ^tiiduoL 
Ion »f a portlnn of the «ubRia»R» of 'ha 
l<>«th, wliich m«5 be produced *lth«] kj 


niQohui1«a) or dtcmicol caaMs. Vh«n tiy 
tlie foru«r, it w called meckanieal, aod 
wliuR 1>y the Intter, tp^nrtPiMM ahrttwn. 

Abrb'slon of th« Teeth. Ueohanl- 
oal. Wbon iJio loctMrfl and cnff^datt nf 
llifi ii|<[-^r jiiir »liut o*«r tlic oorrMpood- 
log ir«ili of the lo«-«r. It rnTQl; happens 
tltai uiucli 1(MB or •Dti«tii[K>e froiD tneebani- 
mI cuukm tAkc* plM« ; it i* nnlv in thn«o 
citSM where the formor fnll [ihiinli nfMin 
tliM latlvr, thai tiiwchanical attraMon. la 
■nj vei7 (wnsideratild d^ro«, occurs; but 
«'li>*n t)ir¥ coiiiQ toKvtli<^r In llil* iiianaor, 
tlittir crowns arc lotnctimtis worn down to 
the iruou, or Ai )«asl, ttiuM occapviDg ilie 
nsterior part of th« nlv«olar arcli. Tlio 
roHonuf ihia is obTions. Vhen the upper 
and tower front ti!«tb strlhii apnti cacli 
othor. tlio latanl BWtwos of tha jnv ar« 
not 111 ih« leait resiTloLed: con»«qa«atly 
tho cutting iHlgoaof the tnetMtrs and poinU 
»f the OMpidati, aa veil as tb« vntf* of 
tlie btcoapida aod luolara, tUoagli not to 
tliD tuuno extviit, ar» huIiJooimI to an 
aaoviiot of frtctiou to M-faicli th«r ar« not 
vxpuMil in »ay oC the other rclikiioiuliipa 
vhJi-h the ti|i|ior and lower toHh auatwo 
to encli olh«r. 

The weartDi awaj of iho crowna of tho 
L«oih would ejpofo (he lltiing nHmhraDe, 
bnt for a moat curioiia aud siofmlar pro- 
vblou of nature, whicli oniuisiB la the 
([railiiAl (iblitorxtlon ol' ihn pulp cavlliea, 
by tho coDvoi^ioD of th« pulp into mCt*- 
Jmtiaf. ]tr ihia wiHb pruviHion of naturi^ 
(in evemt from which the nio^t painful con- 
M<)n«ncva wonld rMult, la prevented, »o 
tlinl but little ioounrHDivncr ruults fVom 
It, OP nt niif rate, uot until the crowna of 
the ui'th mu wom dowD lo th« gnni*. 

Aliro'Hin. From «, and Bjduoic, 
'■fiii'fl " Al'niim-iicij, 

Abmp'tlwll. Jhmpli«; ttnm •>- 
niMfffrr, ti) trar aiiiiider. In Stirffirrp, 
Midden sefiaration tir one part of a hone 
'•iim iiliolher. 

Ab'ruB PrertttoiinH. Jntnaicn 
wild ]ii)uorto«. Its >e«da, of a bnsht rf*!, 
witlt a btack upot, were formerlf eniplured 
for Dccklaocs and rosnriea. Tlw roots and 
teavci conlalD uiii«llii{re, and tu« coiim*- 
timoa iiBcd lu demuWota. 

AIm> A» a pre6i, having a ne^atlre 

Ab'ncnm. Ahtmumi; from atttetJa, 
1 acparate [rou, or depart. Au liupoa- 


ifattmc. or boil : a ooUectioo of pua Iti ttia 
cellular tlnane. ur •ouia other part, reunit- 
ing from inrtamntntioQ and fuppuntiion. 
AnahsccM i»aeiiie when sitcreedlng acale 
iDflaininBiIon, and rhrwtk or ter^uluHi 
when rpRiilting fram (^lironic or Mrofjiloiut 
disease; iiwpathie. wbeit nccttpylDK the 
KRmu Kite ait the pruvious aflei^iou; and 
tgMptumntit- at oifttutntie, whell OOMir- 
rlnit In A remote ttitoaiKHi. Atwcowea an 
dvsignuted looordiBd to tha part in whi 
they are'nlaatad, d> Alveolar ab«««MV 
Loinbar abaceaa, Itanmary abaoMa, Ao. ; 
which tea. 

Ate«C«wniR. AbMeai. 

Abf»aoasuB O&pitia Saoffuioeus 
Neonatorum. Cephalipmaitmift. 

Abaeeasua OansnaBOaua. An- 

JLbaoemoa Ciumborum, Lonibar 

Abaoaaeua Mainiiu». ■ Mauuiary ab- 

Abaoaasua Oooll. Mypopion. 

AbBOOQgua IPectorJs. Eupyeina. 

AbecwBua PulmODum. Empyema. 

Abwte'filnn. Ahatiuio; {r^^mahtel- 
ifrr, lo col olF. Tbc excision of a morbid 
or aupertiuona part, eipeclally of a aolt 

Atmelfwlo PnrpnIII. Oirctuuci- 

AlmiD'lliKle. A uili. of ilio nbsin- 
tliic *•:>•]. 

AlMln'lliia. AUIittlkiM. The bit- 
tor iiiiL-ryiitallUablB prineiplo of sbsia- 

AlMln'iktr Acid. Jeidvm a 
Ihifum. A peculiar at^id of alHdnthtnm. 

AbMln'thiam. Wormwood- 

Ak'M»lnle Al'cobal. ltM-tin< 
spiHt in it» ttnliydi-ous Mtnle, and of a 
rlUc Kravlty of b.T^A. It In (Kuerally pre- 
parotl hy additi); ]A unm'oa of lim« to one 
pint of r««lil1cd *pii-il, And oxpnhinit ih« 
inixlure to n Kenllo heal, uml diatilliiiK "If 
Mime 17 ounPVM of al»oh)l« alcohol. A 
sitnpte method of preparititr it is to add 1 
piart of i-arhonate of pidanh lo 4 parts of 
PomiiioDsloohol. In /'Annuury. absolute 
■Icohol is employed aa a tolvent. in JMn- 
tai Practire ii >a a osonil nitcDl for dryi 
rariiiee preparatory to lining them, as 
at ontw AVHporatea and nanaos alinoat pt 
foa absorption of noiatvrv. 




Ab'acdute IKUier. Sulpburic Ether 
frevii Iniin iti« small portion of alooliol and 
»ul|>t<ur(>n* ii«i<l it eoDLaJiia, b; the proMaa 
uf rwitificntiuu. 

Abaor'bc-nl. AbttrbtM; from a>- 
tirrhtt*, i» tui-k up, to IiiiIhIm. In Anal- 
»my, a tli>lical» traitspftront vcmcI, wtiicli 
«si)roiw-« iti« AiOL-lion of abtuM-ptlon. In 
ifaUria ilrdieit, Mxy niodicinu wliioti (!»■ 
•Irojs iK><)ttj lo ihv eUutiacb pihI bowels, 
«» uajnwMa, clmlk, isa. Id ^MrTery, tlinl 
part i>r n watw driMHiuff wliJch alMorbs 
lliv pua as iar^ na it !■ rvrnivd. ll Is vuid- 
poacil uf »!<) r»x«. from Iiimhi or cotton, 
■nil) Pi DDL I; worn, am} ji pljiced over tbo 
•iftvr. S.'i Watk* I>icic«*.iNn. 

AbaorbeDt SiyBCem. The n«tel9 anil 
^antU of Did \wi\f whieb oxweiM Uia 
fliBtitioii of «!>Bi>r|>livD. 

Abtiorp'lloa. Ahtorjitia. In Phyt- 
Uliofy, an oigunic funvtimi i»inniun to all 
IliiufM eoilowt^I wi()i liftf, |i)aDta or ani- 
nals; wliervV the fomivr take up froiD 
wiLhout. ami tfa« Utter frorn the iolerior 
of iheir u^«o body. lli« mau-rinU De«v*- 
M(7 to llirir '•aKtcnanRL\ In Chfmutry, 
tbe aniion of i^riain aolkU and llqalil* In 
iHlcint; np muv* aiMl vnpora, whwh inay or 
UMj not enter Into ehemical cumpunitiuo 
triLli llio nbaorlmnt. 

Absorption Cutftn60us. Afunvlion 
of tliw akin, by wlii<:lt twb«iaiu-c« applied 
tn the inrfncQ of the bmly am inlton inio 
tk« oironUlloD. an4 pra<!a<-« tlio aamc no- 
Uuo lu vltLii takiMi iiiccriinlly. 

Abaorptiou IntarttUUiU, Ttio fnno- 
tii.n t-» ulilch lilt l'in'k]vai>f lliu ttastie 
n '■ ■ i)ir-iuf llinnipitliiry network 

or' ,11 a» in ihepupinary membrano 
of the fi*tii«, ■«<! in tlie development of 
the mIU In huue. 

A iMUCm hkltH. AhtltMiiiu ; tnun abs^ 
wiLltuuE, aiiil Uinelam, iriuc. Ab^lsining 
from the nw of irtne. Aim teniiwmte 
liviniT. villi ri'irrknt lotlivt, Ae. 

Al>Mf«r'|ccnt. Krotn at-tcryfrt. to 
dnuiM. Any applii-ailnn wlik'h oWnoM 
lb* port to which ti is uppliiHl; a ileier- 

AlM!tlr»i>'ll»n. Proin oitfraha, I 
4(B«t off. In Oinnittrg. lliti dinttllatloa 
of a Ii']a)(l from aiiy •nt-nianow. 

Abu til. rnn.>irB Ursva. 

Aea'eiat, itaam. from sk?, a point. A 
feaiu of «piny tm^ nnil shrutM, wiMi pin- 
tnt«il iMTaa, of the order Ltgumituma. 

Aleo the PlianDaoopo-ial iuua« ftr 
Mnbto. Si'o Ac»<!u Gum. 

Aoa.'ola Oatocbu. Tho tree whirh 
prxdiiws iJk> Cal««hD. or Turra Japcniun. 

AoschwOuin. Gum Arnhiu. wLtdi ia 
eolorlwaor of a pale yellow; it U harO, 
hrilllo. eohibic iu vater, bat not in alcohol. 
Itia fuii<TiIai;inouii. and uaod aa Ailfiiiulcfnl 
anil for »>i^]>i>n<ling oily inuilK-inv*. 

Aoftota V«ra. The K(;jptinu Ibom, 
urhioh yield* iIh-' Gum Anthie. This Mib- 
stance la alto prodnved from other spwi«s 
or tliia ^nna. 

Afiile'ph**- 'n>' netlle- 
Acnlypliu. A gemitof plontaof the 

Aoalypba Betul)n& ttiivti- leaved 
ncfih'phn. Thv Iraiv* havo nu aroinatle 
o4li>r, dimI at-n uMd in IMia «a a *loniaclilo 
iu ilyi>{n'|HTa and cliolern. 

Aoalyi^iB Indioa. A IJalnbar |>lunt 
poMewiuft outhelmintio pro|K'r1te«. 

AoiklTphii VirEinioK. Mvrunryweed, 
(miihI in m»»t parL« of tbo United Stntea, 
ntid iiaid to act aa an es|i«c1oraat and 

Atwmp'itllk. Prom a, and utfiim*, to 
b«nt|. An indexible state ot' a jolttl. 

Acnn'lliA. Frutn c-v. a aliarp point. 
In B<ilanji. a thorn or priukle of a phuiL 
In Hn-rrouty. Ilio fpinoni procteo ofo v»r* 
tchrtc, also the spina dor^. 

A«in'lhui(ll*l1l«. Bear's br»o«b. 

Amr'dlaCi Acar^ia; frotuo, priv., 
Mfxtdi, the heart. Vilhoitt a heart. 

AvanllohiB'Bila. Proni e. priv., 
•HV^, lli« bviirl. A dcfictODOr of blood 
in lite hmrt. 

AcMPcl loner' vin. A deflolene; of 

ncrvoov H\li"H in lln- litmrt. 

Artirfllolro'phla. Pr«iu a. prir., 
ui/mImi, and rpo^, nuurUbmeDt. Atropliy 
of th* heart, 

A'caroM. From a, priv., and uipu, to 
cut. too Nuiall to B14 dividtNl. A nnnivron)) 
Itennd of inaeda. Tbe tick or mil«. 

Aoaras Autuninftlta. Tbo harveat 
boji. or wheat Injieot. 

AoBJ-ua Domestlotw. Pomc^lic lick, 
foiiiii] in ibo bead and near gnngrenoua 
M>i-c>. nnd nn lU-ad bodicii. 

ACA.I-UA Dye«nt»riie. DywDtcry lick. 

AoBTusFolUoulonim. A tU-k *sid tu 
hv found in llii* fotlii?I<« of the skin. 

AcATua Soabiei. Tlie itch tick. 

Aoania Slro. The cbeeae mite. 




Aent'iU4*p»y. AraUit^na; from «, 
prir.. knd uiroAau^rw, to Aftprebend. L'n- 
OMtaiorf in dUgnonia or progiiow*. lU 
0ppniU(« U Catalepai*. 

Acamposta. Fw>in ", priP., •nd 
•s(miir(iv.d«elutIl)oD. Inability ta swallow. 

Acaolca'rmil. From «. prir.. umI 
■ciiAff, A «T«in, In /IdtANy, apfttMntljr 
irttbiitit • iWttt. 

Arrelern'Uvn. .irrrttrntia: from 
ntfvttra, 10 baatcn. In pkyMofy nnil 
/\ilAab{Qr, incrcuud mmJod of thv benrt 
■ltd reapirulorr i>r^n&. 

Arcpleni'l«r VH'niv. a initMle 

of ihii prnte. 

AM'Onl. Inflection of lh« voir*. 

Awe^Hlon, Jiwswio ; ftttm of^fi^rr, 
I MppflMnli. TIio cutum«iir«in£tit of B tVu- 
Mse, but aonallr r^rii't«i] to tli« pli«- 
DomeOii wtiii-li ^ifn)al)» th^ reonrrervt^e of 
prriwliral iliH-»<ici>, urinlrnniltciil fercr, 
Domprelwodin^theirrald, hot, uid swcMt- 

AcrCMMtrll Willlnll. Tb« roks- 
•or; aerT«* of Willii, u> nitiii«d frwn lli« 
dUcoTorcr. Ttic «ti parlor rMplrntory 
MTvea, ft pair Arising fivin lb* iqrinal con) 
and joining th^ ptr vagntn. 

Ac't>4^WM>rJ. AeeMtoMmt; tram of- 
txdtrt, 1 ii{ii>i-t>iic)i. <?Dnn«rt«d «rllh or 
dfpendeni upun nnjrtblng: helping to pro- 
da«4 An «itf«i>l. In Anal^my, ft nniiifl trlr«n 
10 seriiTft) ftuxlliftry maArleH ftml n«rv(t4, 
joinvil Uf irihor niriilnr {wrt*. ami luwiai inn 
Tbnn in th«ir functions. In Botitny, nddi- 
tioiial unpcrnatoirarv. 

Aooeaaary of Uw Parotid. A nniBll 
glnni] «rliU>}> nrp4»n|>Anici llii- pAlv>tiil diirt, 
atti! if iM>iiHlly a mere praloiigstlcm of the 
pftroiiil it'vir. 

At-'eUlont. >*(W»JI«i»»,-f'«««MW*'v, 
to bftp|)Mi Literally. 1b« occurrence of nn 
event nut fur«M-en tir oxpect«d. In I'a- 
lA»liiyy, tltifi iin(>K|H>rlv(| o«s'iirr«n''e o1 uny' 
tbioK in till! oiiarac ofii ditieunv b<*x cwvh- 
liatljrcunHMriwI withit.flndti«n<>ptlin«rin^ 
frotft aninlieronlsymptoinorplienonionan. 
In Siryrrn. li«n)orrbft|tc, oryHpcliis and 
•ftvrre pals, eomtitulc tlie necMents of a 
woand. In Druhtl Aut^trj/. nn ii^nr* in- 
flicted «iMiii ■ur part iif the m»atli In Die 
perfomisnoo of an oi>«rat)<m. or fnnii iliv 
iippHcfttion of ft r«m&d7: a», fraotnrM of 
\\tit ivclli and ulvcotar procrsxex, and beni- 
orrbag* after tlwextfftrtion of i«*ili. Thi! 
i* -m I* olito applied, bv Frcttch dentfait*, lo 

the morbid pbenain«n& whleli derdop 
tJi«tnii«lv(m dnring: dentition. 

A«cidca<'al. HappcoingbjeliAticfl; 
CftRtisl. In UtirbM Annlamn, oil ilriM:* 
tnrea d«Tdo(>ed as tb* oooMqftviios of 

Accidental Oolorm. Oeolar eiHMitrt. 

Acclp^llCt*. Tha Ifavk : from aceif- _ 
ert. to take. A iiania iif«D to a liandag«^^| 
applied orar lb« noae, from lia likeneM lo^l 
tbe elaw of a hnwk. 

AceH'MilllMl. Climati aaattia; 
from lid. and rtima. climoto. Arciuit mad 
to a Bllmate. 

At>ei»»cli^. A woioao wbo luta Just 
lain Id. 

.4«<«nelic'uiriil.rartiiritlnn; sbEld- 
birtb. the cxptdsmn or cstrnctivo of tb« 
f<i-ti]» fVoin tba ui«ni«. 

Acf>an<*lif>nr'. A »•» wbo pntPtwM 


.%(><>onrbptiiM*'. A midwife. 

A<s>rf>'llaii. -tfffftUt ; tram oil, nod 
erwevr*. to inervaK. Omirtb; aim, n 
KTowrint; togcllier of pnrta nalorallj sepa 
rate. Tb* prooc** by ttbteh nnlHrnt pnr 
llclee are added to tbe Tano«» liaeti«8. 

AfM*nin1»rni. Lying a^nlut tiaf' 

Arrpb'ulobrach'aK. Ar^kal 
hr^ehia ; from a. priv.. lata)^ bead, and 
^fHir, Arm. A fn-tiiit withnat head or 

AfK>pb'al«cliernDi. Fromn. piiv., 
w^P^, h«Ad. and ^Fi^ hand. Afn-tiiaborD 
witliout liv'iid or Itnndn. 

Ace|»b'iil«»r|'Ml. From n. prlr., 
w^S^ h«<l, onJ mwr-.f. blftddcr. The hy- 
datid, or hcadlcm bladder worm, llrdatl- 
Tonti T(wl«le. 

Aceph'iil«ffn*'(«c> ^■t"" «• r<^^-< 

^r^l7JI, liMid, }nnr^, Nttntiarb, A firtti* 
bum wiUuKit iKe heail, chvst, and np^er 
part of Mie abdomen. 

Acc|>bnlo«''lonia. Frtrni a. firtr., 
ti^?i!, heatl. nnd m,ni, tnontli. A flMna 
withont a hfrad, but with an opening At itt, 
uppvr pan rDscmbliDDT a inouili. 

Ac^phnlvtbo'rtiK. Fri>ni o, prir.. 
o*o3ir, lii-ftd, Sui-i-, .-liwrt, A fattiB bom 
wlthmir. tu'ari or rltoil, 

.4<>4>ph'nlnK. Aivjihala; Tttnna,pnv., 
and u^Jf, head. Without n bt-ad, In 
Aaat*my. ibv Tonns: of anr animal bora, 
frtiiii defdot of un^nlutiun. wUliom a 
ho«id. In Zoo!«^, one of tho divihians of 




■ dftw aF Uonnf«A«* ftDimalt, which b«v« 
iio Ittfit^ aa lilt) oyster lui'l miiwcl. 

A '4irr. A gvuui »f tnws of tti« onl«r 
Ai^fo't*^ tha innplo; nlso, n«ritl, «h«rp. 

Aoar Qooohsii'Dum. Tbo Hgar m»- 
j>I<>, & tall ire«. IVviii iwii (o tlirte foet in 

iiDVlor, uonlAiniciit « l*r^ (|iuiDlitf of 
'inp io tlu- i^riiMT nf ihv JCAT, fnita wbiob 
■Ofnr mniF he «stra(*t«<l. 

Aocrnle. A adt of th« H«pf4 add. 

Atrrrb'llj. Attrhiltu; from Avr, 
A mur. Iiilicr. nnd uErlnguaLUM*, 
lic« n)«t Kitli in »ome kind* of on- 
ri|Mt fmic 

Arvrlo ,i«>t«i. A piwalUr M*d «i<l 
U exiM in l)i« BKp of Um MMnmon aupla, 
.Imt mmpatrr, in tli« •Ute of •oerale of 

Aer'ridtn*. From «. pHv-. mi<! «i|M>f, 
Vftx. A piMter irithont wiu. 

Af'frOM*. .4rKra»K«,-froinA>Mi4,«>Mflf. 
In Buttnji. ohKfiy ; aIm Imfm uparinf- to 
• point )ik« a t3«c<)lp. b» iIium of ■ pins. 

Acvrv'ulun Orvliri. A nuu of 

]lo«r. mdiIf cotteretluD*. oollecUd ttnd«r 

)t«Urtiorti)<J«a. n«ar tite )M>»tcnor roni- 

llnore of lb4 brain, nfter the ige of pv- 


Arm'ri'nt. Affirm*: from «(m», 
to crow toar. TurnlDK (oiiri « tandfiCkejr 

Aecia. Plnr«l of Jf'^oi, rhamia- 
ticnl proiMuntiaB uf vincgv, S«a Aoi- 

Acrtabaliun. From nttptm, v1ii«- 
ir. bccwiMc it tL'xwinblofl tlio oM wncer in 
lUeli vtiit>|isr wus lielO. A nuoe given 
la the navittr whii^li TM>«lve« the heibd of 
tho a» funioH*. -tr ihtixb bono. 

AM4ttl. A «ilor1»H liqnid, reMMH- 
flnic «lh«r, wiib It jMirrullAr vlnoas wlor, 
[M>i"« >t 300° to 204*. It i» forniL-j by 
■111' aotWi uf irlntiunia Mack on llie vaiwr 
at Bleobi)! wtili ihw iirtMaoaof oxygwn. 
It *■« (1i«cov)>r«<l Irj- IKtlwrvlner, wbo 
■scIImI it u;it|.'>'U-<tilii>r. 

Ac^niion*) Planla. Fran om- 
tnri^i, ■ >iiln<!. i'lftnlt iin.-] for Ml«dai m 
l*tlurr. Kiii-ianl erfu. <'iiiliv(i,i);o. 

Ac'pliut. From ajv'vm. vitw^mr. A 

kit fOTiiivU by lliu Hnivaof Kotic ^cinl 

LlFilb an vnrthr. HlkBlintL or mciailic bn»e. 

kn acMai*. The medidnul iinctntes are 

IlLoM of wnrnvnU, pota***, xinc nnd Iva4. 

Ai3Bta« Anunottln. Ac«tato of am- 

Ao'etaa FmtL Ao«tat« «f iron. 

AxjetaaHydrarvyri. AM'ioiuof mvr 

Aoetas Morphbe. A««Ut« of inor 

Aoetas PlumbL Ae«Ute of lead; 
•ninrof 1?«<1. 

Aoetas PotaoBV. Acetate nfpotaam; 
a Kit GMmed bj tfa* anion of potaiua aniJ 
aMti« ftM*!. 

AoatBS Sodee. Acidaio of soda. 

Aoetss ZlnoL A«etAt« uf itn^. n rait 
tbon«(l by th* anion of irlnc and B««tie 

Av'VtaM. AftUit, A mIc of actttlo 

Aoetata of Lead. PluniM actnaa, 
vliit'li *vv. 

Ar^'lC Ae^tima; from ae^hin^ 
v'luvgar. SeloDxiDK Io vinegar. ' 

Aoedo Aokt. Ariditm imlieiun. 
Tlie aeid of vinegar. The war iirlnaipU 
irliich cxirt* iu <rin«^r. It csiaU fr«a 
and coDiblDiid wiili baws Ln ocvcral Teit- 
«lablO'prodoe4a, anil U Hut pnaripiU rnmll 
of acetou fartouitAlion. tl niiiu-H rqadilj 
villi nicMt of tlic eartlin, and orta tJowly 
D|iiiii llt(> levtb, iniTvAfiiui tlieir fton.iihil' 
tlf, an<i pul-ttDK lUom on t^gv. Id Jfoi/i- 
KtNA il ID iinnl a« a riilicrnriml. l>o4c of 
tbe ililnled aoid, 31} to y. Id ffailnl Pnte- 
lift, il U ctuplu^etl in ciiiitiritiii tirii, tnUu- 
lent ulcnrt of tbr nwutli, scurv;. &n. 

Aoetlo EKher. See Etuck .Acetic. 

Aeo'Ura. I'hanniK>«u(ical pnparn- 
tioRK, n>mi9iin;c of vegoCaltle pHnHpIo 
diaaolved in vinegar. 

A4'4^t'incilli*n. From aertum, and 
fatio, to ruaitf. Tho act or [iropiiw «f 
making vinegar. 

A«eCaai''M«r. An iD<lranient fur 
ascertaining (h* atreogtb uf vinefrnr. 

Av'^tmnt'. Prom artttiai. -in^^ar. 
ASMwtiitttd uritb Ftrn-aoelio epiiit. Er> 
rane«D»)y called naphtlia nm) trnnd naph- 
tliA. TLo mmi i» aJi<o appt'iMl lo Pyr- 
flxj'l'ie (pirit. A limpid utlarlM* ti-piiit. 
barinx a piwtilinrly pvncuntintr nm) \\ig]il- 
ly emprrouRiatic odor: wiili a di«ii|r-9v. 
able ta«l& like Uint of poppertnTnl. It ie 
obtained kfdblilliiit; a raixturc of crj-8lal- 
liiod ac«UUo of Irad and <|uirkliiii«. It 
bas beea iwcd in pMhiiili pulninnrdia attd 
atanMteiUnl iucLronic broncliit ic ]>oae, 
irtt. X to irii. I3S. diluted irtih water. 
FurmolB, C,II,0. 






AF4>lf»njl. Thfl bypotlictUwl rndicttl 
n( lU'eloOi'. 

Aeclo'Mi. From at*c, t« Iw lour. 
ItuHtrr jirtloaa; Sorrol. 

ArpCoftpl'la. From iti5«fMrt, aoiT«t, 
IioCuom- i'I' iIiv H^u^ilv of il« Imv<-i. The 
vrtrMl sorrel, cd dccuudI of tlio |;rateful 
U«l« of Its leairoA. \« tHinioiimcs uwmI in 
baI»<U, bnt th«i oxnti^i sdc) which it con- 
Ittinn iti cxreLiltiiKlj hurtful ta llie leeth. 
iiiMiiiiicti OK it lin* a inudi utrxMiger Rltia- 
itj for the Htue of lh«se orf^aiu tbui tlio 
l>liwf|>borio aaii\ with wliicti it I* iinitcd. 
Tlie L«et)i of ftemons in th« conntr? whvra 
Borrel bIkkw^s, aru ofl«n Injured by biiiig 
ft^iiiMitl.v rubl/v«l with iU Ivut'ci fur Lbu 
|iun>u»c of i-emoviog stsias and disoolont- 

Ai'v'lBin. From (lew, Mur. Viii«gBr; 
a Boiir liquid, produced bj fertnentatioii. 
TJioru are four Tnrlclt^ii, vii. ; niti* rin«- 
gsr, malt vinc^r, attgar vinvgar, nnd w>od 
vtneitnr. Cotninoii rin^car coolnliu \tm 
Ihan Hvo p*r c«nt. of pnra soctio soid. 

Aoetum Aromfttloiun. Aromatic 

Aoetum CanthsrldiB. Viaegar of 
oiinthiiri<li.-». r«<H] M B vc«i««iit, 

Aoetum Colobloi. Vln«Karof mmd- 
ov uillVon. Do>>«, 3>>a. to 3jiw. 

Aootum DistUlatutn. DUtilled vine- 

Aoattun l40b«U». Viii<>piaF of lob«- 
li«. D«««, 80 to fliJ drops or inor«, 

Aoetum OpU. VineiKVof ojiium or 
bliK'k dro|i, eompoeed of opium bdiI dis- 
tilled Tin«(tnr. I>o»«, glL x, equal to one 
fCTsin of opiiint, 

Aoetum Soills. Vinegar of sqmlls. 
l>o*e. 3i»- l"^ Sij- 

A<-el}'l. A llrIH>lltl^tio^l cocngmund 
radicul, produced b,v the DbHtraction of 
two utoiDB of oxvfren from elliTl, \>j do- 
fx^iluling prao«aM«. It derives its natoro 
from aectie a«ld. which, tvlilt n MriM of 
titbcT iMMnp4>i]iid*. It perradM. Aldeh^e 
la it« liTdratL'd oiyd, lu formula is C,H,. 

AchrrilR. From o, priv.. and x''^- 
lip. A maliurmnllon, oonaitfing tn adu- 
flneacy of on* or both lips. 

Ac'hvl'roMs. FroiD4i. prlT.,aiMl,;t*^ 
banil. Without hnmlii. 

AchUle'n. A (t«>ntis of plant* of Ui« 
order ComjHtrilm. Milfiill; yarntwr. 

AcblllMt Ase'ratum. A plant \nu- 
e<M«ini; tlie ^aalitice of tari»j'. 

AohUlo'b Atra'tik. A plnat yti saem- 
ioig Ihe same or Mmiliir properitva. 

AobllleaMUIdfo'Uum. Tb««oinrooa 
jbmtit, or milfoil. 

AohUlea Ptartnim. SrvexewortiOr 
biutnt-d pellitory. 

Aflilllln Tendo. The Bt roog round 
t«Dthin !>/ tlie gtiiil roeti«miil9 and »oI«4M 
maitcli'* of the ht-v). 

At-lilXM. DimneM of figliL Opieitj 
of tb« eomuL 

A'cholMU. From a, prtv., and x«Xf^ 
bUe. UeAcietiojr of blla. 

A'cliar. A iwlnted piutate, couUln- 
ing a Uglil, atraw -colored matiflr, and 
clianging into a bronn dcub. Cntata lao* 


A'chorlKlnB. Frttm a, prir., unii 
jt«^itUi to Htpnrato. A iH^tn or aymptotD 
nhiuh iiiviirinhl; ncruinpanloa a [NUtlcitlar 
Mate^f he«li}i or dl»«iiM!. 

Ach'riMb Cruxta Untn. From a, 
priv.. and tpoa, color. A coloHeM sum 

of Uiu iLbill. 

Acltromnt'lv. F^oin «, priv., and 
Xf^l^ color. A Irn* onuxlnictwd 80 aa to ' 
oorrect tb« rwfl'aDgibiliiy of ihv cotnnon 


AelllWBiatop'ialR. Fi-om a. prtv., 
xpvfin. color, anil onrn^ai. (o **.•». Inabll* 
ity t^i ilielinguisL diUornat culora fronLj 
eaoh other. 

Ach}'l««lia. From a, pri<r., aud;piXef, 
jnicf. I<vtii.-i(-itl cbyltlicutiuii. 

.4€h>'maMlii. Fmiu a, and xv^, 
cbyitiit. DcliL-ient rbiiiiifienlion, 

A^le'ullir. From aeifnln, a liltl* 
needlti. Ill O'jtraCnIXn^ra/iAy. nefMlle-stiaped 
cryHlali, aai] in Bflong, leaves tliat or*; 
lODitt sti£ and pointed. 

Acid. In common langua^ anj llqnM. 
aohd. or gaseoiii body, impariint; to tha 
orftnns of tjutt« a itour Mn>ntii>n. In Chtn- 
itCry. a compMind ca|>aI>V uf neiitrnlijinic 
an Alkali ; thti elwtro-oeitHlivo <>oiii|>oniid 
of a Mit, fonftisting of nioi-e tbaii two «lv 
nicnta The a<ti<lii roiL-tiititle ■ very on- 
nieivuNdaaaofvlmnioalfiatKianeea. Tlie; 
ara enllcd inin«ntl or orf^nt<>, n« rbfry ut 
derived IVom inufnanio. or urgituie budloa. 
Th« nainea uf tbo»e formed from (be sama 
bnae, elian^in their tenninatloBitaMord- 
iug to the aiua&tity of *>xyt;tn Ihey are 
preatiitivi] to contain. Ttione ahtr-h ler- 
niinale in i>, eoniain lJ>a tarc-^at propor- 
tjut) of vi-igea ; tbuMi in *vt, a len anM>unt 




TltoM whidi tMirin with h^pt, ilenote on 
•xcMM nf osydAlion ; ItioM will) A^jm>. iho 
^IdwwI pm|)(>rli<Ki. Wben cotuliiiiMl with 
Ibt alknlim' And oihvr baiim, the; form n 
oliiM of botliea ralM ultc. Aoids tre 
Kvii«*iillv rofrigeruit umI aaU>«i>ti». 

Arldrn-rouH. From dr«Jiiiii. an 
■rill. iiu<! /fro, u> benr. BaatIii^ or eon- 
laininc idii, 

Arldld'Rble. C«iubkofbeliiKOon- 
ETonwl into an aeitl, tijr nnitlng «ltli «u 
' ■citUft'itif (•riDoi|>l«. 

ArMIAria'Uon. The ual of being 
clinii};oil inii> an sciil. 

Ac-ld'liy, Froin on^n*, soar, iumI 
./lirjff. ii> mnko. To mak<! mot, or aciil; 
In nmrert inio AD Bdid. 
AddlOlnR Priurlplr. ThM 

wlllrli liiilii-. nil ,iri(]. 

Apldliu'fter. From aeuium, an 
KeiJ. AiiJ latTjM-r, X iiicii-vii'tf. An iiwtru- 
nient for racBBuriBg the fttTsngtb Dfacldi, 
or Ihe niD«>aiit »( fr^o acid. 

Aeld'lly. SounicM. 

AHri'ulHlr. To render •UcliUriiciil. 

Avid ulonM. Kli^liU; sciil. 

ACidiiiii, Fr<'ii) <tfi^, wKir. Anftcid. 

AciUuui Aoetioum. S«e Acme 

Acldum Ao»tloom Cantphora- 
taxa. C:itt)plioriil«l mccllr «i;id. 

Acklum Aoetioum Conosotra- 
Conf^ntnti**! acid of vlovgMr; 
rviDei^v (l«>t>rivoil nf lu wat«r. 

Aoldum Aoetioum Dilutiim. I>i- 
)ut« At-^'tic sHd. 

Aoidum Aoetosum. Aceium. 

Aoldum Araenionuu. H«e Auasxi- 

Aoidum Bensoloum. &» Benzoic 


AolduiQ Borko^oum. Sm Boiuuio 


Addam Ou-booloum. See Cab- 
noxn- Arm, 

Aoidum Ohrooaiaum. S«e Cmmno 

Aoidum CltTloom. &«« Orruo Acid. 

Addum Oallltium. ScofiAtuc Amu. 

Aoidum UsrdTocbloiioum. iljdru- 
rhlnrin AclJ: Uiirintic A-'iil, 

Acldum HTdrocyaDioum. SmIIy' 
"»•'-^ tfir Ann 

Aoidum Lactlouu. SmLiicticAoid. 

Aoidum MuH&tioum. See McBt- 
, iin- Ann, 

Ao'ldnm Htuiatlcnun DDutum. 
Dllutv Uluriiitlo Acid. 

Aoidum Siftriciun. ^NcrsicAaA, 

Aoidum Kltrloum DUutiun. Di!ul« 
Nltri«! A I'M]. 

Acidxmi mtrioum Porum, I'ui'v 
Nhrip Arid. 

Acldum Nitro-muriRtloum. So« 
\itk':i-mcwatio Acid. 

Aoidum Nitrosum. 8ro Nnmn 

Aoidum Ozalloum. 8e«Ouuo Aorr^ 

Aoidum Pho^borloum. Bee Vnu^- 
v»(tKic Acid. 

Aoidum Pluwpborloum Dilutum. 
l>iluccd rhcN^lioric Anld, 

Aoidum. PTTOllsnaum. 8eu Piito- 
ur.Manfl Acid. 

Aoidum Buooinloum. See Srcotvio 

Aoidum Snlpburetum. Sm Scxmittk- 
QKt Acid. 

Aoidum. Sulphurloum. See SrL- 
nirno Acid. 

Aoidusa Sulphurfcum Aromatl- 
oum. Aro'natKT Suljilmrlo \vu\. 

Aoidum Sulphuricum DUutum. 
Iiiliittil i^)ll|•ll^m- ,\<'iil. 

Aoidum Sulptiurloum Punim. 
Pure Sal[tliurie Aei<l. 

Acldum Tumioum. See Takmo 

Acidum Tnrtnticum. 8«c Taktakio 

Aoidum Valeriauloum. See Valb- 
UAKic AaD. 

At^um TltrloUouni, SeoSiarnrino 

At>t««. Ak^ a >bar]» point. A ntiniv 
for Iron wr &(*«]. 

.Iiclrala. Krutn o. iirir.. and nnis 1o 
i:4i[in.-iv«, liiirronneu IB fctnalts; Ini- 
IiilltT 111 ruim-ii-p. 

.4v'lfbrtn, Frutn iMtut, a needle, and 

Jonaa, fiTiii. SvcdIV'vfaaj'cd. 

Arlnc'nla. Frotno, (>nv.,aodniito(c, 
iminohillij-. I.ntai of Riotfoii. 

Ac'lnm*. A irragie elvfie. In Aatt- 
omjf- tl>^ nltininttr it«(!r«tiiifr fullinln of 
(llninK Tlie ^ranulntitina of t'uii^lomiir- 
ftttf ttlaodii. w in ttiv iirvr, Ac, arc cBllcd 

Af'nir. From j!iii.>v, the top. To Pa- 
fAi>f<u/y, ilii; licitflit of a dtflcase. 

Ae'iw. Ston«-pi>ek: maititM piinpJe; 
B itiiftil, ilowljr uif ftirfliiDg pimple, oeenr- 

ring. mow. rnH]n«Dtlv, on tliB fx*. Foor 
viuicti^a Arjt efi<tnn«rat«d. 1, Aenttimplfr, 
fimitle pimple; 2. Aeiu pmteMa, niivtrxot 
pimple: 8. Aenn iiuiumla, Rtonp-pm-k ; 
i. Jeiitf rMUM, rosj--drop; carltiincM 

Ao'ne Ra(ia'o«a. riniplca on llii: 
frtrf: tlio <?rtiw|iidi(iii« eruption, of « brlplit 
rotT liu«, on tlie nose tad &c« of dmiik- 
«r«l«. C<iU*»l n)«y-<lrop, 

Avn««'tl«. Froni a, priv., uml Marnv 
to trrnicli, Tlinl part of Ui« Wk l>o- 
ivreeo the shfMiMin^bliuleit. 

ArAl'ofH'. Afitlf^ia; fmrn dnwr, a 
rom^ly, and ?^iir. » iliwoiirMt. T!i« dwc- 
Irino of t)i«rnpeiiticttl ageiila. 

.%'C«nll<>. MnnkobfHMl, walfs-tHUie. 
Tlio i^Mnimiii name for Aconiluiu Napd- 
liiR, nnd ill ohianml in Riirope aiifl Ai<Ul 
A >!<>nn3 of plants, of lh« ord«r lUniinrn- 
luciMV. Posif of if«wd. tOoU itr. J to jrr. r. 
It li nn active polaon. a pnwernil M-ctntire 
t« the tiprTona ijvtvta, and redaceii tiio 
force of the ciroulatiou. In Dtntal Prae- 
fwv the tincture, comblnwl wliL an winnl 
•junniiif of titiAivtf^ of l<Mlini>. I* cni[>Iov«d 
•unrnuifiillT in the earl.T ittages of aheoUr 
periostitis iind a)w.'i'tu>. It h a\v) iiovful 
(iroployMl alon« iis an applinition to nn in- 
flamed ilcDtal pnlpi aliKt in pulp cavities 
to provvnt peiioMMil in A mil mat iun. 

AM^nl'lln. An alkiUoid conatitnttng 
tlie aotlvo princlpteof aconite. A pow- 
•rfnl poiMKi. 

Aronrili" .4c4d. A wltilo crysul- 
Bdo ovii). ubuiincd ^ra Uie aamUvm na- 

Aoonltio Bther. Araniinto of oxvd 
of ethyl. A colorloM oily liquid, whJi an 
odor like rnlarau. 

A««HltlnC. Af/mitina; from ««*»■- 
tvm : t)tc iiniiii' of a plant. A very pol- 
unnoiii Hlk».1(ii<l itxtmolrtt from aovrral 
apccim of nccnilniii. 

Aeanlltim Anllio'm. (Salutary 
monkfhii""!, a pniwimms plant like tho re»t 
of lh« pcnn* 

Aoonltum Nnpcllus. Aoonllti; tb« 
OORimon nxmkshiind, or woIfH-baDe. It 
t* an aallvfl nllroott^(>■lu^ri(l poinnn. 

Acsonltum Poniculatuin. A ppt>rle« 
pO«H'>^irig priipertlei •iiialiir in the Imt, 
vary juiJi-nniiLiM, 

Aconu'ftl. From mo«, aQdltJoa. 
mw>r. diii««»e. Dt»ea»c« of tbe Mn omd 

A'«or. Fnitn aetn, to bo loar. Aeld- 
Ity ; MrimoDj. 

Aeo'ria. Prom a, prir„ and nywu. to 
uttflfy. InMtiublD liaoger; euiinenpfte- 

A'<«ruii. A Kcnus of plant«y of tlio 

Aoorus Oalamtis. Sweet flag; calA- 
mns Bromaiicus. 

Aeoljlr'doo. From a. prir,. anil 
wrv^v^uv, It wed-Iobc. Viibont a cotyle- 
don : pinnis whirlt have nu »«(d ItiliM. 

Acoam'vfrr. Kmm a*tim, to hear, 
and furpcw. a iiieiutare. AninRtmment In- 
vented by Itard, for mefl»tiring tiio dc- 
gnm of the senK of bearing, 

Acoaoph*'nltu C^fAwia; Tmrn 
OKtttv, I hear, and fun), voice. AnNcullio 
invent I;T!>I><>d tntm the aoutxlt pruducvd 
by pprcflMton. 

Aoom'llf'* Acauttictu ; fntm aan^ 
I hear. Betonirintf totlie ear. u theacaoj- 
tic nerve neouatio medicine. dt«. 

ArouH'Unt. The sclcw* of the 
oiiiinc nnliirc, nnd phenomena of aoanda. 

Acmrpllla. Reinediea agoJnU tti« 
cll'«ct:« of drmil^cnncKB. 

Acm'lea. Fmjn mpoc, oxtrBBB©. Th« 
I'xtromiiit*. Rs the handi>, feet, head, evi^ 
noM, 4ce. 

Acna'nla. Fmin a, prir., and kiwww, 
ernDium. DelJeieney of a part or tfa* 
vholc of llio eroniuui. 

Arnk'nlll. From n. priv,, and tpairir, 
mixing. Wine anmixcd with water. Heor« 
drunkirnaeas nnd iol«ntpernm:e of oQ aoftj^ 
wliciher !n VAtintf. drinlctng, or vener?. 

Armtl'a. From n, prir, and i^Mn>c 
i<trvii).'th. luibevUity; weukiiem, 

Ac'rld. From nwr, aharp. IlaTiog 
a hot, pungent taste. 

Ac'iimonr. AcrmetM ; from nwr, 
tJiarp. A qaiilitj in sulistiinees whicli Ir- 
riinioa, eorrode*. or diadolves other*. 

Arrl'Ma. From u, priv.. nnd «piv«, 
to juilKr. A Mate of di»ea»a. with record 
to u-liieh DO correct judgment cun ba 

Aprllp*. Acrifti : from ntpir'^r- tntlia- 
eemi(>i(^ ; iio ealled becotiae of tbe tbtKHoe 
or indi»tinction of the ncrvoun fyrtom. 
The Itiw^i division of the animal kln^ 
doni, oonipi»>f(l of the Alnawa ofojifitr, 
pvlnri, ji^iigiutrie^ tUnlmimtJka, and 

Acrv^f s'lla. From ovof, th« tip, 




and Bki, to cover. Tlie extremitf at the 

Ap'r»d4n><. From «*<w, estrcmit;. 
(ir Kiminil, &Bd arVnY. nWrnir. a Itintli. A|i> 

i.|>livtl by <lircn tu walj uurit tintlnj; t««tii 

Eit.jtf>M<l to tlio fummU of alveolar riilic*- 

ArrfMlf 'nia. From a^iMt, cxtn-iiiii/, 

nivil .-f.v.T. [.nin An nffMimn sUondod 

..Willi ^reai piio in the tendons of tbe 

Avrolt'lnp. In Cfi^mufry, a vnlalilg 
Otir. {luiitK'Ot li'iuitl. olilntnr<3 by buililid 
^blD, tint enpecUllr hv [he desinKtiTfl ()!»• 
tlllBriitn of Rlvwrtn*. 

Arramati'la. Frvm w^ior. vstrone, 
^ii'irj. [niiilnc^R, Inmrablc mntlneu. 

Afro'mlnK Afr^ini'ilia. PerUtin- 
iDi; l'> t)io ■':rviiii(>ii. 

Acromial ArUsry. An artery oridng 
from ttif Kiitwlor [Hitl of tlie laillnrT sr- 
lety, (rpfi'sxlt tlio upper cils« of tltv pc«- 
Inmlb minor. It divides into two 
brsndKM. i)m! wiiiertnr anil Inftirlor, 

Aoromidl lT«rvos. IlniiKihvs of llic 
fourth ccrvirnl ni-rv«, dlAtrlbutttd to iliti 
Kromlal rCffion. 

Avramio-C'onkCoM. B«1onfni>K or 
TcUiinir 1(1 ilii- ui;r<i:iii['t) jind corticuiJ 

ArrQ'mlon. Frow aifint. ftstpcrn*. 
aiid w^Mif. the stionldcr. A proccM tcnoi- 
nnliii)! iliL- aplnc of ilit^ scii[>iiU. 

A<-r«iu'phnli<>it. 'I'ho roiddlo of 

till' IIU\t'l, 

Ai*rai>'nIbo«. A dliwftw at tli« lop 
of itXij orjtan ftt on ths aitr£u« of tb« 

A'croplit. Frt»rr>(i*;wi'. ibftonrBmlly. 
and W'. tb« voicv. Kuult; trticalolion, 
^frofs <I<-r^-l ill tbo tuii;,'U6. 

AcrniMi'rtlntn. From Mtpt, vx- 
'i>l ri'tf. font. In Zootofff, tbo 
I, ...' "f iIk' irlWe fowl. 

Arrvti-riit. The uitrauiliM of die 

Acratfrliw'niiin. Ampolution of 
an njiEri'iiHiy. 

JltfrM'it*. From atp^, mmmtt. T)U- 
•AMS affMiing lh« ut#nnl tarCt«« of tli« 

AcrollMn. From «.]iHr.. tuitljt/wror. 
jmiIfO- [>«fi»-l of jtnlrc; tiifdiynla. 

(dar'a. A f:*-an9 of plnnts of the 
onl*r fctn vnrwfu^m*. 

A«taea Amoriooim. Wliit« nnd red 
oil>i>*li, adniAtJc I'urgatlve. 

AotoBa Racemoea. UU«k sofllic-root. 

Aotffia Sploaca, llaaAberrj-. 

Aclino CbrmlHlrjr. From turnv 
ar«rof liirtil- Tlisldefiarlmeniof cbein- 
Ulry w\i\eh treats of tb* aatlMl of iIm 
tfitt'f nxf. 

Actln'olilP- Front ainr, a ray of 
li^t. A v*ri«v of bornbUnilti. 

AcUnoia'eier. Fkkii amv, and 
^(T(MK>, A meunra. Auinntruiiipiil U> rums' 
nrv ibe iniifnsily of the nnn's I'tglit. 

Action. JofM; fmin atftrr-, to act. 
ThitrKTtioDof puKcrorfurvv; llwopera- 
liuo of hh bcUvu power. In Ptiftioloff^, 
ibv fierronnanrp of a fnnctUm. Tbo func- 
tiim« of iIic body mnj be divid«d Into iw/- 

vnl'iry arc proJnccd l>y net* of lh« wH!; 
tlie ('(»K>/itoftiryuiv either nWin/f, tbroiivli 
flit- n«rrit and ojilnnl marrciw, ui' imiat^ 
iImU, h6 tliOHi of irrilaliil'ity i niid to Uio 
muvaf Iwlunff iliv iinu »f rcjipirniiuD. 

Action, Morbid. A doraiimtieat of 
ibv ordiiinry fniK'tJoiia of (b« buly. 

ActlTe> Aetiru*. Itinl ublJi acta 
orpottfKintoaciion; enAfK^ic. The term 
is apjdiMl to iiii>diviD?» mid di9utt.->tM. 

Aii'lial* Tliis won] is a|)ptioit to 
aoyibing «ndnc<I with n vperiiJ |in>p*n^ 
iiitioi'int III Itii4>ll'. [( U tliu rcTonra of 
IiulMitial. Tliiis. 

Actual Oaatery i» a rMl-ltot Iron. or. 
a flra, uliilo a poii-rtitnl raillery ia ■•iil; u 
cbemirnl rntiuin. Tlia fminer vim natv 
iniK'b uhimI by itiir|iv«iiK fur ttio oxlii'piitioo 
and euro of tutnoik ami ntJior di>ait«eB. 
Tli« actual rantery for ilntruyiuK tlie 
dvoia) |>ld|^ coiuitU bi bvHttii^ a win* to 
H vrliiti* Ueal, and ihrattitig it itilo tiie 
l>til|> ciiiinl lo iltc n|>cx. 

Am'IPRlr. Frnin itftUtit. a prii'kro. 
I'l-M'kljr. In lUfttij/, thv t-iirTaet cov«r«d 
willi I'licklrA. an ibc Htvin of a roM. 

Arii'tiiluMtr. Poiiiied; ivnnlnatlng 
In a pit int. 

A'mprfw'nllHt. AcvpreMtrrf, From 
ufiM. a iii;mJI(i, uuil prvmo, prrMnm, to 
prvM. Dr. J. Y. .SitapSDn's plan of B«>euP- 
iufC ncnin^ livniorrba^cc Id n*uiinil», or 
opi-rntli>iui. by tnperlinft a D««dl« tlii-migtl 
rbt' 'kin Mow tbedivldt-d reM»I, and ru- 
U)iii!i>)c lis point to the rot,iDci»u» viirfnco 
BKnin, ibc end* being left out to a satHcioDt 
I- 1 lent. 

Ariipiincl'urc. AttipnHffi-'r^ ; 
fV'triTi •itKt, A ni'vdle, nod punetvra, o |iiuic- 





tni-c. Tho piiiKlariafc of parti wiili n 
Binall tiee<]l«. It is efTected br pssstog 
ilciitl«r nvMllw tnto th« p«rt. nnd tllow- 
log tlicm to rotnain from a few inmutca to 
ujvontl hoDr*. fiir the parpose of i>roda»- 
iDft roRnter-irritation. 

Aous Oannula'ta. Atrowir; a crii- 

AcuB Interpiinoto'rlB. A coochinfr 
n«c4lli'. iii^il in operating on tlie vve. 

Aoufl OpbUial'mlOK. A coocbing 
or o[>Iirh9liiiic aeedl«. 

Aous TYiquetra. A trocur; « Ibrae- 
ComereJ Re«)]I«. 

Acuir'. Rlinrp. hi PatAatoffg,* eiiuy> 
|ittin; mlis^Hw clinrnrl^rUadlt^a oeriflin 
<K'^n;« of MvAi-ilv, or w)iich \t ntlvaddl 
b> viulont »vin|>toiDs. and runs Us conne 
in A few daya. 

AcnteBBC'nlllin. P^rtf-^iguint. A 
nL't^Dc-li older. Ad insinini«nt for acca- 
ra\*\j Ifljlng hold of a nondlo. and |:iviug 
it )(r«al«r Ivnfftli, wlion it U »o lin« and 
na»\\ that It cannot ho held Uj tli« lln)i;vn>. 
It Id of Rtp«l or idlvw*. sboat two indiM 
)<rit)t, awl lhK>n)tliOUt (be w hr>l«, almwt, 
of 1(9 IvD^h, divided into two brnochoa, 
en %i to fonn a kind of forvep* cojinUlo of 
bring ptf>»ed by nioftrnt of n sliding rin({. 
Dr. Phvaiclc's modification of tliin inxtru- 
nionl conoioiH »r a fitrof'iin so conslruclod 
H« \o )iold in its «xti-«uiity a netyllu urmed 
villi a liiralnre The haiullus of ttio for- 
Wpnoro fnittenpd toother, tempnrarUy. by 
n tHM\n^ or catdi; Bn<l wlivn the n«edlc 
Is Wrly placed boacatli tbc <leci>-*cai*d 
nrlery. It h diii?n^ilj;oil from the fortvim 
niul drawn out. Ic'uving the li^Rtnro be- 
hind, which Min be (itd without Oifltciillj. 
Dr. FlulliliCD Iniuiittyl nil inntriimonl of 
thi» kind for p^is^ini: lli<> n«e<Ile tbroaeh 
iliit olfft edic«^ of ihc wift palate, in ihu 
optraliori of «ln|>h»!!>™phY. 

Aoutenaoulmn, Dr. HuUlben'*. An 
tn^tnimuui invratcil by Dr. S. P. Ilidlihca, 
to bo used in pAsning the needle thruugh 
the elcA «d^e«i»f the toffc palate in Uio 
Operation of staphylorapliy. 'Iliis tiisiru- 
mmt )> (NfiiipOMMl of two |^1^l*. a atarf and 
fl *Ud». TKa utafT \* ft ^nisH ctc«l bai', hx 
Indies in length, two-eiKlithti of nn inrli in 
br^adili. and onv-viglith of an inch tn 
tliickncM, with an ami nt the superior 
utid, rinlnn at n cnrved right anglo fnim 
tbe atalU and half an Indi long. On the 

external or luperior aide of thb arm. a 
duplicate arm ks relainuO by a M(«t spring 
atcaehmont, which hnagf th« two amia 
in close ronlact, fonriitig the Jaws of thv 
InMriiiiietit. flrtwoon th«ati two anna and 
on the dnplicature H a uaall Rroore forcned 
to receive the livntnre. and when tlie 1iipi- 
inre \» pn«sed between the jaws at ih« 
inslnimvnt, they ojrcn and it flidef to tiio 
point designated fur ita rcvepilon. Unnie* 
diately beti>w which, the ^wc arv jM>rf(>- 
rated with a hole for th* introdnciioii of 
the needle during; the etaploymeal at tfaa 
Inalroment in llio operuti'in. Two inch«a 
from thtt inforior^ndof the alaff; a pairof 
rin/^ are alSied lo recviro tl>e ihnmh and 
indwx fiagvr, the rings etnndin^ pArallel 
witb ttie staff, and sidewavf to the dirvo- 
tion of tlic anns of ib« instmntent. A 
alide is rormed of steel, eqnal in Icn^h, 
tliiokneat, and br«ftdtli to thit stall', nmde 
to fll the apper surfiu-c of the ttafl'. aad to 
move with eiwo np «Dd down on glides 
placed on the tame. From tbo auptrior 
end of the slide la n short, atrnixlit. apcar- 
ahapwl D0edle,con)ttruot»iL JnstbaHcof ita 
|H>3nt, with A email notch opening to it 
from tlt« upp«r surfacu. 

When tlie ligature has been tilted in Ita 
p1a<>e of rvcoption In tha Juwa uf the in- 
Htrumcnt. and ilio slido a<Uusied to the 
sUff. (be slide is furt'M) upward, tho needlti 
and jnwii approach c»e-\t otbor. and tlie 
neeille psMes lUroii^i tlie bote in Ihi; lal 
lerJiixLtindrr theligntar*, whinh i«catiglit 
in the noti^b of the needle, and as the itlidv 
\n drawn bscJiwaril, ilie eye of lliu nci>dle 
is throsdcdand t he ligntnre drawn through 
tlic v«Ium. and tho in trod action of th« 
stitch completed. 

Acyanoblcp'Hln. From a, priv., 
ittiiM<, bine, and ^Jlxru, to ace. Innbility to 
diittlnguish bine, from defttttiru vbnoo. 

Apj***'n1m. Inability lo conoejve; 'af- 

Adar'lfl. From n, prir^ laxnAm, % 
digit. In Zoolofffi, a looomotlve extremity 
withont a digit. 

Ad'nmant. From ■, ptlr^ J^flBH, to 
Nnhihui liiiimond wa* n>nnorl; M named 
from it*- hafdno**. 

AdAWSinl'Inc <'-«:meDl. A nos- 
trum Ti>t'd for filling teeth, oonsisting of 
(ineiy pulvc-tiied silcx or puinioc- stone, 
mixed with an umali^ia, of incTcnry and 
aUver. See IkHAuaut. 




AdMnanflna 8pRT. Th« crrAtaU of 
Dnnuliirn wt^ so Bamcil tVotn ib«tr hord- 

Adsra** Appl<>. Sm PnHFU Aiiami. 

Addeplin'Kla. Kroro iMn, raucb, 
'an<l 04i:u. lu rxu a vonidcMtt «ppettt«: 
'm»atU)il« irrnriiijr for ftwd. 

.AdditJt'nii'alum. A amiU suture 
*oni(Miiiio4 r<)<iQil nihlwl to Uio Uitnbiloid 

Addu'i*C-ut. JJditeetn; from nJ, 
ukI Jiftrt. to ilrair. A l«nii applied in 
Analomy. to muscle* wtiiob perforin iLe 
function iif jidiloction. 

Aflilnr'ilon. Tfaoacttoabjr which A 
fmn Isdmvn inwards tlio udiof tbAbodf, 
or i>f K liiiib. 

Addli4*'lor. From od, and dHMTV, to 
draw. lu .jii/jfvniy, a moacle wboH oIUm 
podhUu in ilmwin^ tbo limb, or p«rt 
m(>v«<I hj it. loirorda the axli of the 
Itodv. or of the ntember to wlileb it 

Adduotor Brovla Pemoris. Th« 
•Imrt aJilrirliir of llio ttiiitb. 

Adductor Indicia Pedlfl. The ad- 
Juc*.ur uf the tint to*. 

Adduotor Xxiafnu Pamoris. The 
bitij; nil'Iii-'t'ir of iliO lliij,-'*. 

Adduotor MafrauB FomoriB. Tbe 

• Adductor Minimi DIffltlPedia. Tbe 
ndilitctr>rrif the llt'.Io lo« 

Adduotor Polllcia U&dus. Th« ad- 
dnvtnr rtf the thnmb. 

Adductor PolUois Pedis. Tbe ad- 
daotur of (lie •mat (o«. 

Adduotor Tertil EHglci PodLs. Tb« 
aiMu*'i>tr i>f i!i<^ itiirit i<h). 

ttltH>'lii, S«4liiUvt«. 

idrl'phlii. FrommAlfor. ■brt>l>i«r. 
In Jtoittny. a t<-nn ii|>|iliei1 b.T l.innieiiii tu 
tbniw iilnnu io wliioli ifie stumens. io- 
«ti»tl <)f irrfuinx BJKittv. cotiibin^ into one 
(ir moTv porcoln or brotberhoods. A 

Adnno'n Ir. FVom cUftanv^ t am 
criuTonilr I'lniiciiiML ReatlflasneM; ans- 
Ictr ol iiia>d. 

A 'd«ti. Ml*. A gland, ft bnb«. 

IdrnfirKln. I'*r<rin aitv, and aXjec, 
pwln. Path III ft k'taoil. 

A'dpnotnphmx'la. From oArv, ■ 
HUnd. aii'l •i.^,.'j;j^, obsrruoliuD. Olaadn- 
Inr iib«trDr!ii>n 

Adfn'in»mi. AA'emoid; tromaitpf. 

n frlaud, and /ormA, roseiublaDoe. Hc- 
•cmbltng a gland. 

Afl4>n'lll«. GUiidnUu- inrtamniiition. 

AirCIIMljIl'lA. 8w AOMTXl/lIA. 

AdtrnoK'niphi'. Fruma<fvi', nKlan'l, 
and ytiuotj, 1 ilt'scnttu. A dt-scripi-iiin of 
Che ^Inml^. 

Ad«n*l '«Hiy> AdetMla'gU : froiu 
aSv'> A gland, and ^ay^, a diaconrac. A 
trentivo tin ibu frlimd*. 

Adeno'tnn. From ••<>iv, a ^\ntn\, 
and omii. An adenoid tauior; a Kltindu- 
lar fTOtrlh. 

Adi-roonwl*'^*. Frona o<^v>>, l 
gUnil. and ^lai^iua, •nftvniRK. SofU'il- 
Ing of a ginriil. nr iiir>l]v«ocin«?e. 

AdMao>ni«Miriitrrl'li(i. Ttoma^trw 
a fjland. pm^, mUlsl; *nd tmpov, inicn- 
titis. Infljutun&lion of tbe Mewoterlo 
ffUiitls, Tnbc* in<i»At«nc^ 

Ad'enon'coals. FroraaiFimnelftnil, 
and Bfxau, to iwell. SwolliDg; nf h 

Adeno-phurj itKlll»> Frum uiIqv, 
a yUad, so<l 9oi>«}i. tb« plutrynic. Iii> 
flaiiinnntiAa of tbe ton*>ils and phnrynx. 

AdetHtphtbal'mla. From odv*. n 
(tltnd. and iK9a'i.tia^. the eye. Indamma- 
tidn r>f tliK M<-i1'<<rniftn gtand*. 

Ad»n»«clero'aiii. From (u*p-. a 
^Isnil. and etXitpot, hard. A nainu |tiv><n 
by Sw<.>dttkur to tnmefa«lioa oad indurn- 
tion oftlw ^binds. wbtoh do not torminntc 
in •cirrbna. 

Ad'envM^. From oV.tjtl and. Hav- 
Ing tnnnjr )tlai>d>, ^nndotoad. 

Ad«n»'»lM. Froiu oJ**, a i^lnnd. 

Adenot'oiBj. AdeH^tcm'la; fi-orit 
aAw, o gtimd. and riftiK*, I out. Dinection 
of 1I10 (tUnds. 

.4dep«. l.«rd ; chu fat uf tho bog. 

Adepe AnserLDUs. Gooae greaoa. 

Adep6 Ovillua. .Mution tomt. 

Advpe PrEBparata. rr«pam) \mpi- 

Adope Suillus. [loffslard. 

Adlic'itloii. Aiih-rtio; trmn tJ- 
hatva. to slick to. In Pufiaiayy. Ihe 
tnorliid iinii»D of pnrlt natarallf fH^DtigM. 
ous. Initnol adbci-Gnl. bjadhe«iTeinftari- 
matioo. In Surp^ty, th« r«niiii>D of pnrti 
whlcfa hav« b*«ti Mpanted b^ accidcal cir 

AdtaPMlTi* InaHnimntlon. In- 
flaiiimittion wbjdi '.eritiiuu(«a bv ui nd- 

Iiusiun of Uie inflaMied odiI vcpfinUed 

AdbeeiTe Plaster. A plat.lpr f*>»- 
setKwd or aOhmive qu«Uti«8, u»vd by Uir- 
Ittuns. Comniaa aaaa tw the EmplAt* 
triim netiniD. 

A«linn'liim. From a, pntr., uad 
ittum. to tiiOMtcn. DO ooIImI liccanM the 
leaver tannot be made iDoisL A genus 
of fern*. S«> ArifLKXim. 

AdiantumCapiUusTonQrifl. M«id- 

AdlHphore'Mlat AJiop/i.trttU; H'oin 
o, prlv., nnU Jio^o^icw, to (lusipaia. Dtfvvt 
of cutKiiKoiii* p)Mi>[>irflliua. 

Adliiph'iH>*ti«. l-'i'utn a. ]iriv., and 
dM^fut, il. diri'vn, A Tulalile luiil Juudor- 
iiiiH principle obtained fmm tartir bj di«< 
tilliLlion. Xenlral; apjili^d t<i mediciaes 
vrbich liaru no ciTcvl oitbcr for sotxl vr 
ill. Alto iudl to pi|ir«Bs Deairal aalls. 

Ad'Ipic Acid. A voIAti!i^ aiiil fuilble 
ncid, obtained I>y trcaliug uUic willi uitno 

Ad'IpiKwre. AiHp»Mra, from Mhpt, 
flit, aittl <vm. wax. A rat-lihu auLatatuMi 
into vblcli the ImniiU ttodjr is cuDvwled 
by Iniif imitiufiBOD in wittjir or apirit, or 
by burini in mgiiit earth. Cli«vrvul flhoircd 
it Ut be an iiaiHrrlc-ctl; aaponified hiimaD 

Ad'ipoMr. From ad*pi. fat TAtXj, 

Adipoae Ar'tertee. BraDdic* of th« 
illA{ihra)t'Ti'tiio, i-npntiliir, and renal arte- 
ri««, whioli aappi; the fiit rtHud th*lrid- 

Adlpoee Membrane. Msmhrana AHi- 
ptfMft. Tlio iiicmbroue wtiidi iodiMo* the 
uilepa or fnt. 

.i(ll|»o'HN. Ese«Miva futnaM. 

.iilipHiii. From «, prir., nnd AV«». 
tliirnL Ah'ciiru of ihtrM, ilMiuUjr ■jrnip- 
tomatia of fcri'ltriil diMnee. 

.IdlpMiun. AliajriDfcUitrel. AppHcd 
til molii'iii-^i' untl n-uits bo avling. 

Adjnviinl. Fr<nn aJJura, to aid. 
A rooiitiiii- added to a pttwHption to 
MnaiaL th« operatloo of Llie priiwlpal 1d> 

Adnn'liu In BoUm/f, tbia tem ie 
nppli«>d to iKirtM wbich or* oluewlr utiiiml 
to 05« abuiht'r. In Anftlimti/. the Innica 
mlnala \» Lliiit portion iif tttc coqjnnctiva 
whicl) covers the acterotlc coal of tlia 

Ad'nHte. Fi-oin ad, to, and aoaMr, 

luitwt, to be t>oni, to e^w. Conneclcd 
or KTitwii t<i3i[eLbcr. 

Adoled'cenve. From ttdoUaefr*. to 
(trow. Orowinft; Qpp]i«d to th« liuliittii 
rave: llic pcnod lictirrvu piibrriyond Uio 
full devolopnwnt of tlie bodj. 

Adop'tcr. AiafHtr. A fluifnicnl 
Tcsiwl «ilh two nocJCB, pUred Wtvr«cii a 
raturl and reociver. 

Ad Pondiw Omnium. T<^ tie 
ireight of the whole. I7»«d in prcWTip- 
Itonw to ti)di«at« ttie propdrtion of toaut 
pnrlit-iilar ingrMtiont- 

Adiiln'rlm. A laincrol, the nan 
porfecl varietj of fvldipor. 

AdnltK|t«, Tb« age uwceediBg ado- 

Adiilt«ra'tlon. TTiendtniTtnre of 
noiidUB or tn«rt iDgrodi«Bla v-iih that 
whicfi is pure. 

AdiM'lloa. Adiati'a ; from aditrtn, 
to burn. CaDteHtallon; tbu notion of 
beat applied to tlio bi^y- 

AdllH'liiH. Itiirneil; pnrehwl. 

Afllcntl'tlUlltt. Adrrnliliiu ; from 
odtttKM, i cowfl to. Accidunlnii not in- 
h«reol. In McJifint, a>L'(iuii-vd diacaaea. 

Adjr. See Pauu Adt. 

Adflia'iniK. ImjrottnUa; from 0, 
prir., dinmjuic. power. A defecl of rtlal 
|ioii-6ri debililjr. 

XiAoi'tu The pudouda. 

.^dOl'lla. From aidnin, puilru'lu. and 
iti*. inHnmraation. IntlamniiUton uf ttia 

^EdopMopta'la, A name preo hj 
Saiiragca to n fetid lUr iiunilnjf fhioi the 
VBf init or nrothre, 

vK'glde*. Small vlilie apota od llie 

.Gftld'ion* A coll.vritiin. 

<KbIIo|im. From mf, nQnr. a put. 
and u^, ibe ejis A aoro andor tlio ihikt 
nnjtie of tb« evf, no called 1m:c«ii*ii p>ala 
wcru KippuRod to l>e subject lu it. 

.4^»ph'«n7. J^»fh«'nia; fVoto 
tui. injtx. a goat, am] «m-v< Toico. A po- 
rntiar arnmd of tlie roloe rpMinblirtj; ibe 
blt'uLiiifi iif n iffMxt. It I* a din^ustio of 
pu.4 in the pleural aac 

jl>illpll«. A hollow mUnlllc halt, 
wit)) a oroiill pipe fur tbu cnnvi>rBioA of 
wut«r into st«nm. AI»o an olcxdivl blow- 

AVr. knp. Air, goa; nftcn nwl ni a 
profii dnotlng tbe pretuic* vt air or km. 


A'vr AlxiM. Fixed ait, or urbouu* 

Afra'ted. ImpregnaUd with olr 
AUn ti<|tilJ« ImpnijtDnEvd wlUi OHrtroiilv 

Acrlul Actd. Carboiilc acid gut. 

A^rirerciltH. Afr. nnd /rrrr, to 
c«rrv. An vpiili«t for InbM witivll VOO- 
Tcr nir, ii« llii- Inryni, treolidn, io. 

Aerlflns'nN. -i^w. and jUnftt, ^lu- 
vin, |<t lldw. Iliu diaclitrgc of gn*^ nml 
t)ii> It^tld cmuiuitiuus IVuin Lbe sick. Flat- 

Aeii'fbrin. Alr-Hko; a t«nn ap- 

pliri] to criM^HId HM^ 

A**r»l'n|[f. Airohyia : fmm nityi. 
*ir. on-i /"i"-, n iliwoorw, Th« i)«<.'triu« 
*>f llw iinHirn nml [«ii|";riu* of sir. 

A4^roiu'4>l(>r. An iDstrumuni for is- 
MrtMning iLe w^igkl of ulr, or bulk ct 

^EroMo. Pmm «/>, (»«i!f, co|){i«r or 
lifsM. l)f tli« ttaini-o of oo|i|(«r; oop- 


^m'|c». V«iidi|trl»: prop«rtjr t)i« 
roiil i>( im.'Ut, titt MpMMltjr of ooi'per. 

.f>. F«. Cupper: brodS. 

.l^'choM. A'dtif, Deformity dFUk 
bti-ly (i.Ti rdlT. f«r of tttan purl. 

iff>'rnlinr. An nlkuiuid diM-uvcrod 
In llip ^I^n/uM nifrpv<iuliinnin. 

XA'vnXwt^ From fl«i*o, fooil. IlofM- 
climtnat. A {{roasof trau of Ibo order 

.aiBOulus Hippooaa'tanum. 'Hio 
lK)r*e-tibi!«U)Ut trvu. 
JQwcmTum. EVont iujl ItraM. 
.C»th«'klH. from iii<rAiiMi,»ii, to feel. 

Per<'cp!iv.? .i.'ii-Mtti'Jii : rvclinK. 


,1>'CUi>li<>jil. Dkifcaaid or B^nU 
slfwiift? tl'i* M-tUAtlon. 

.J>ir%tlii. >'roin aatat, tammvt. 
B«l'iO(.'liU til inimD>«r. 

.KmCuii'IIo. Artlor; •bollttion ; for- 


jEM'Inn Tola'tloUM. Vtmn mtn*. 
h«sl, ami f.'.v. Ill lij. TrBiD^eni Lent, or 
dusliinii »f t)i«' Tiioc, 

.t'.'thRl. See Cnru 
.ClUcr. Trwnt «»*vi>. Air, « hlgWr 
voUilift and Influnjuoble flaid; oiyd of 


jB'ther Ajoef lous. Affoilc «th«r. 

fiuffiUnrin f'vmpviliai. HotlVnita*! «ao- 
dviii) (ointion. 

£tb«r Banlroayan'louA. Cvtiuurot 
of I'llijl IJjdnic.vsiii'- «alinr. 

JBther Muriat'ioua Ckkirid* of 
uttivl. Miinatic otli<?r. 

.^hfir Hltro'auB, Kiirons ciber. 

MQ3BF Reotmoa'tua. Rcolltiod 

Mther Sulphu'rloua SulpliBric 

vlrllbrrVfl. *n<*> vi!j..i-». 

.Kllif •'!-«■« 1 Oil. ' »l-'.im iMlieriam. 

<1^thi>rlui'llon. SiiipefjrJRg wiih 

^■h'lopH. rroin oitftvy. mnbomts 
swariliy. \ lemi ompIoTwI bj- (be ru- 
clenUtodttl^Hiialtidvml blark povdbi-«, 
oxides, anlpbtirets, Ac. 

JBthiODB Antlmonialla. A onm- 
ponnti ••)>titin<-<t I>,t treating biMk «Blpliiir»t 
of nierrory with HnlpliOTOL of «nliiiiiinj-. 
Huibnm'* fonuula wiu tu rub np ni6r«ur}r, 
$iv, KBtphurM of aniimonj, JiiJ, and ml- 

JBtbfope Martlalts. Dvutoxido uf 

iSthioEM MiaorallB. Black nilpkurct 
of rnoreury. 

.Olthlop* V«getabUls. A speclu of 
cliarronl obtaloed by bnitiitif^ tbe /^ttw 
miettlMix Imra-nak) in ft cnv«rod cntrlbb) 
nnd rodnring it to \>owAw. It eontsina 
Iik1Iu«, and was eiuplo.rad in glmMliilnr 

.r.l li ninf d. tthmoid. 

.lltliDSi-ii. Ftoiri 9i#ur, brtltiant, 
jTtvrfini, lo tM.>(!onie. A coinpiiniH} of b(iron 
nixt nilroi;en, i>o coIImI fmni rho bhlllant 
pb(r»|ibi>rrM.'cnt ll^ht it pvtu when ItNilod 
befixy a lilou plpi-. 

^Kl h 'rlfMiCOp^. From liiSfxe, MMTno 
w<wllior. and CB-frrrv, to •.'ximiintL An in- 
■trnmrnt invaniefl by Hir Jobo l.^iv. fur 
io'Iiciitini; Ilia po«-ar nf lli« douds in pra- 
vvntinK iKdtntlufl of henU 

jVUbn'HM. A ((i»m» of unMi^irvm 

^hbuaaOyna'pluin. Fuol's pnr»l«y, 
or lencr iiriuloi-k, p<>HCMing jxiiiionoua 

.t:tl»f rfaU-hc^. Actio} f^^'.MgU 
Ti-in*. Ti'tiiponil vi'lnn. 

XMiit'oKy. .h:(uilo'fia; from AitMy 






fc taate. awl Mytt. ■ ducouree. The doe- 
triitfl uf Uie cBDtos of dlMaae. 

Allhir<-A. McnfM. 

AU'«N>'llon. 4ftetio. la StedtciM*. 

urtiiiMH.'; in eommou lan^uftf^ei, mi eina- 
lion or nioililicBlioO of tho inilid. 

irrrmit. Ajfet^. I Ifring. Ooni-ey- 
innririU. Tlit> viwh'iIk wlik-ti Mitiwy 

itrcnnilcdiitTcrviil; «!»•> iivrviw wliicli Cdii- 
v&v itnpr«8rioiit to tlio brain. 

Afllu'lly. 4(|»"if.w. In CAtmutry, 
»tiraiM)DD. or that lonilvncv wliick Jiffer- 
ent lubttancea hA*« to nnlte, and form 
umtlicr hciAy. Chomfeiil altrftclKiti. 

Affinity .Ooonpound. AfAnliyiacMll«d 
eoni|iuiiii(l. oIk-ii tlir<>i> or nwiru bndi**. bir 
tlioir niucitnl ftttmctioii. unita luid formosft 
lintnD|!Cite<iii» body. 

Afflnity, Doubls. Ik>vbt« tUtlit* at- 
IrA^tinn. "Wlipu iwo bodios, ft&cb eon- 
twtiiiK of (wo ek-iii«ntArf p&rlt^ conic tn 
contaol, nnd are decomposed. »o (hat their 
elmiMtt 1i«come reMprocallv nniudond 
produce two DOW von)[>ouiiil l>ixlioai llio 
dueoinposiiioD \t tht>n termed d&compoal- 
Hod by danble affinity." 

Affinity, EUoot'tve. Th« pr«rcr«iic« 
ttiantfriited b; od« bixly to rniiibiiiu with 
anoDivr, rutlti>rltifln willia third, afoDrlJi, 

Affinity, Slnfl^ Tbepowerbjrwliidli 
I vto uliMis^nXATv bodies combiite. 

AMa'tiiM. Fn>m ajfhn, to Mon- 
npon. A Urm Applied, in PatMit^j/, to> 
«pc«lM at cryiipoliu, wliich nitAck* per- 
son* aiiddfoly. 

AMux. Prom afflnfn ; to flov in. 
Thp d^rvrrni nation nf flntdB lo ti part. 

Afnii\'iMn> ArrtiiiiuUiiou iirriiiid.-(, 

Airi>'i>i»il. Affntia: tn>m a^lfundrre. 
10 |u)iir upon. The pouring of any liqaid 
n|mn llii- ("kIv. 

AtliT-Blrlh. The plnwnlffl and 
ic)nTilii-nni.''>ol' thv oriim orssucAtli'd fVoin 
Ditiir b«tnt; «K[>«ll«d after Uio ddir«rT of 
the fiTtiifi 

Aiter-Palns. Tho pains sucoMdiag 

Acace'mcal drM Drnfii. T«et)i 
Mt on «<l^«. canned bj cioi&ct of auiils. 

Aicnh. Int«rmiltcnl fuvAr. 

A'iranMniM. I'romn.prlv.. and }nf<or, 
marrlnce. A term appllwl in Botany 10 
trfplt^ittttvt pUtitA, frnni (h* Bnp]MHil>on 
<Jiat lli«y di> not poa»«aH wxiial orgaut. 

Acar'lom. A^'arit. Tbo genorto 
name of (IiP intisliroom familj; oi4ei; 
Fungi; cliM. CtyyU^mw, couiprobtHid- 
iug Bov«ra1 ^pMrics. 

Aorartoufl Mlneralla. Ona rrf tha 
piir««t ftf th« DAtiro oiiPb<KMd«» of Ump, 

Afaxioua Flpera'tiaa Tbo pepper 
mosbroam. em- pcpfwr agaric 

Affnrlcus Quoreus. finUttu iyni/t- 
Htt*. Agnric of ibe oak; a fiinsiin for- 
merly uited for nrrefting oxtcrnal tiwoor- 

A«arIoue Vloloo'eua. VIuI«t tnosb- 

AgiltC A TaHc^ed ebalcedonj. 

Aga'ire. A ^noa of ploita fbnod in 
«>m« parta of America. r«Maabltag aloM 
In lU m»<]A <if growth and nppraniiiAO. 

Atravo Amerioana. UL-xican aloe. 

Aaava Oubensifl. Amrrinan nioej 
Iho root* of whurh r«<«mblo llio ««mpit- ' 
rilla uf ilie nhups. 

Age. In //mimin PAftiotttj/f, the i)itr»- 
tion of th« lifcof matt; also, a cortaio pe- 
riod uf Ufonmrkodbr adifforoDceof ftatff. 
Tl» aDcienls divid*>d life lolu six wtRgM: 
1. Iufnnlia iv( jtve^ilM, ntckonod from 
birth lo llw Fiftb year of ago. 2, Ad&le~ \ 
itrnti'i. irtiu hma; .voiilli rrckonod lo til* 
ffightccnth, and yoiiDi. properly so «all«d, 
H) the Ivrenty-fifth ywir. 3. Jvr^ntia,', 
from the twotity-gftfa to the Llilrt]r-fll\h.j 
year. i. Virilin al'U,*ttu^rt/K$t<i,thirt^2 
yvars; «(« eontlaru, forty yrare; ataa 
mtttitnt, fifty years; nianhond, ^n tli» 
thirty-finh to 1li<« tifty-lifth ywtt. 5. St- 
tiicttiM. altu jtrvrrcUi, irltu mvla ; old afc^ 
from tirty tn «itly. it. Cnjiita aUu, mttu 
tn^ritffx-.w^ crhw JUrrepiUt. rta» affteta, 
itl'it tjtrirtih otaa rxfrrma ,* ilocrcpiC affl, 
vnding in dpnlh. 

The most oominon division of lifu 1* Into 
four *tnt;c#, ur ajicr; nnmely, iu/aitep, 
fientli. miiiiAomi. and old afft. Dm the 
dix-iftjon of Unlli «««nii to h« more dis- 
tinctly mark«d by cbnntiof in lli« eronomy 
thaa any ntlier. He diridiw Ufa into. 

fa/aniy. «xt«nding from birth to the 
M^vniti year of age. To tbin, three sob 
tliviniimn hnve Ifocn pivpoMol. 1. 1'be pe- 
ritMl uf tW (■utntntDci'ineiit of tlid i>rnpllati 
of the Icrtipwrury icrib, wbivb in i»itaUy 
aboai the tercnih monlh from t>lrtb. 2. 
Tlio period of the (>otnp)ui ion of Urst don- 
tllion, which it ordinarily about cwu and 
a half years nfler birtli. S. When ih«1 




tcmporarv tfintli bo^n to 1m n^UooA hj 
the perniflnent teeth. 

Chil/iAaoit from the ■OTcnlh to the 
fiftceotli rifU. (luring which period Cbe 
«l>ulc cuntouf or tlie tiuv aai vxpnadiaa 
of Itie canni«EiAnov la rliungod by th* 
|tloDi^i«B of tb« J«v«, ilovclopitient of 
Ihe aJveoUr hordera, and il«Dtllkin of all 
tbo {»rTn&nenl 1«cUi, except tlie ilvntvs 
MpicntW, or Uat molan. 

JitaUnefnM:, or ail»le»ctntia, esteodiaf 
from ihe lidweiith to the tweotf-liftb .vesr 
of iif^e, iliirini; vthicb period tb« jawa 
iloRxato eiillii-imlt; lo admit tho last 
■nlant, tba eruption of wliicli compleloa 
Cli« J^mtition of tli« p«nuaai-ni tc<ll>. 

Adutt dfTCs or cirilitnA. a period of life 
KttetidiniiC 111 nuin fnitn ibe tu eut.v-tlfUi 
tci tli« eUti«tU vv&r of age, ami in woman 
from the twenty-tlrst lo iho fiflictli. TtiU 
eriod i« divl(l«d again, told innroasing, 

4nb1UhMl. mill tliMjrMMng virility, duriag 
rliidi, tbv tntti) iiDclergo no cliaiifcc ci- 

fit that vhidi th«jr vxporiecM from 

Old ayr, or arorrtua, embroclag that 
P^imI wli>-n thii pow»ni of tbo IkkIj- ara 
rde«linin)f. cndinij in dcitth. Dnrini; thb 
tlnii- til* nlvcolur (wope»i»«» ofi^n wa«t>e 
■iTDr, ttaoBiog the teetli t« loown and 
drnp out. 

Ageae'idR. Asfmitnin : from a.prii., 

to bcfeU 1. Iinpoteoro; mala 

'^UAnlitjr- inabtlity ti> liagtt ofTxpniig. 2. 

.Aimpltj Bod Imperfect tle?etop(iieni of tile 


.4 'sent. From asw. to »tt, A Dyihing 
mf.irli prniliirri an ^wt. In Palhilayf/. 
mfthytf agftiU Iii J7irr.ti.fMtii^, AnvlJiin;; 
uMvl in llic trvaiDtcuI of ilint-siiu U 1<.-Tm(d 
a ti^irpntif i^al. In Cl^rmittry, any 
Mtb<iiiBe« vapiilile i>f prodnoinf^ clieinical 
Ai-iitiD. is t<nn«il a rhfinieitl agent, tm. 

AfE^UH'tln. Frutn a, prtr., nnil ^fto- 
^uu, |;i>ih>, lo Tallin, LoH or ilimiDntion 
ijf tafir, 

Aintlom'cimle. Prom aggtomtrar*. 

I wind Bp, lo M>l!4vi iP-dticr. Applitd 

< tunif>r< or fc^nndt in iigK'<'icAtlnni 

llnlinu'ilon. Fii-rn uw'"*'"'**"*, 

logrllit-r Tin* iu-[ !•( i";Tip;linit«il 
of iPiuc UiioricBR wlmtaoco. 
gr, lli« adlivsionuf ilivblea] parlo, 
aa thii npa (4 a vroand. 

Ac'grecs<e> J'/frtjatv*,- ftH>in djr- 

fiugv, to Asaeinble loseltie'r. Ttmllea of 
tlw uuia kind, wliuii aiiitvd tofrvttiitr, arn 
«Bll«d an ag^N^te. GUimIk wMob ara 
in olantera arc nllcd ffhudnliM tyjr^ 

A^rcvn'tlofi. A form of atu-so- 
tioo uaaally termnl cohctdoii, by wbioh 
paTtic]Mar*afq[ragRt«dvrrataiD»(I is iIm 
Male of a solid. 

As'hviil. A'^l, AUha'fii. Atlxtniy 
■hntb of Pefiia. which affords iDAiiDB. The 
toatres are par^ttve. 

AglUl'tloil. AyiUtio; from ajn^, 
frei. of ay<t; to act. ReAlleaMeis ; con- 
alint liiovARiont of a paiii'iit ; tnijatctude. 
It often ariMs fruiti tlio irrilnlion alt«&il- 
Ing de&tilkin. Bev DxitTTnox, Mukbiii. 

Ak'Hoiu. a gltiKty iiibitrola an the 
fa«e ; hIbo, b while ^•^k ou tlie «y«. 

Ai^om'mIk. Frixii a, pHv., and )-JUMio<t. 
the tongue. Ab««BC« of tbo tongue. 

ABUMk ^a"**- A7A<H gen. ay/Mroi. 

Agnatolof^'la. Ay^a and Ao^ik, a 
d(!i>pHptiin. Till' d.tetrin* of flraeiarM. 

Axiolaaled lilandii. Tcyef's 

AROall. lIuvBtil. 

AffllM'thln. From n, priv., oni) 
Yv\it)'-r„ jaw. A nialfonnation ooDMrting 
in Ike want of Uio jaw, eap««ially of tb» 


AlfBorK. Atpum. From «, prir.. 
and )'ivwmcu, I kaow. Want ot tneraory; 

Ag'nilN ('NN'luit. The cbsil* tree; 
a BjHfi-icd* of rilrr; lilvi. emtarM. 

.4ennipliriiMlM> A^n>™pka*i»; fnitn 
i>, prir., mill ;."/.<y>u, I nail, l.noscniiss nf 
the lopth, (lennlly ^^UIlM>ll by diaeiiiv ill thii 
Kiicnn HUil the gradual dertmction of the 
alveoli. SiwlirMa. DiaKAaBHOT; alao. Ai- 
VBOLAB PiMMTtasKa, l)isrr«pOTios op tjik. 

Ag'omfi, Henbane. 

Aitoii'lB. ImiKitence, Kerlllty. 

ARAnls'fli'a. Ayui-, Bpombai. Very 
cold wntvT, givca iDternaliy toealm febriL« 

Affiknfw. Barren. 

.^Knw'tUM. A>i<#Tnt', fWim fjv, I lijod- 
Tbe forearm from llicclliow to titvfinKen. 
AUn. the [inlm of the band. 

A|ntt> A}^<>s I *«tl» bold of. A •«!' 
ore. 03 Odoatagrs, a (ootli aeiznre, tootli- 

Affreft'llB, VUd. Vhm applted to 




disease hy the old writers, it meaiiB vio- 
lent, UDmaniigeiible. 

Afir'rla. Holly. Also, ft malignAnt 

AK^rlmonla Enpatorla. The 
oomiuoii agrimony ; a plant of the natural 
order Rotaeea, 

Agrimony Hemp. Eupatorium 
ran n a bin urn, 

AKriothrm^la. From aypios, wild, 
and dtyiof, disposition. Furious insan- 

Agrlpnl'mB. Motherwort, or wild 
palm. Leonurut eardiaca. 

Altrlp'pa. From aypa, a capture, 
and ToiT, a foot; or perhaps from ogre 
partus, bom with difficoity. 

Jkgrj^'nivk. From o, priv., and rirvof, 
sleep. Sleeplessness; watcbfulncaa. 

Agrypnoco'ma. From aypwma, 
sleeplessness, and ku/m, drowsiness. Leth- 
argic watchfulness. 

A^gnc Trembling; shuddering; in- 
temiittent fever. 

A^ue and Fever. Intermittent fever. 

Ague, Earaas-Foundero'. A series 
of morbid phenomena, resembling ague, 
in thdse who are exposed to the fumes of 
zinc in brass foundries. 

Affue, Brow^. Neuralgia frontalis. 

AiTue-Oalce. A hard tumor on the 
left side below the false ribs, caused by 
a visceral obstmction, generally of the 
spleen, which may be felt externally. It 
is the effect of intermittent fever. 

Ague, Dead. Agut, Dumb. An ir- 
regular or masked intermittent. 

AfTue-Dropa. A solution of arseniate 
of potassa in water. Fowler's solution. 

Ague-^ree, Laurus sassafras. 

A«U6-Weed. Eupatorium porfolia- 

Agn'los. From a, priv., and yviov, 
limb. Mutilated or wanting limbs, weak, 

A^r'las. A>^/)(c, acollection. Opac- 
ity of the crystalline. 

AlKre. From acer, sharp. Acidulons. 

AlKUllle. From dim. of atmt. A 

All. Disease. 

Allinont. See Ail. Disease. 

Air. Av. Aer; from au, I breathe. 
Atniospheric air; an elastic, invisible 
fluid, surrounding the eurth to the height, 
it is said, of fifteen or aizteen leagues. 

Alr-oeUa of tbe Lungs. Bronchial 

Air, Fixed. Carbonic acid; mephitio 

Air, Inflammable. Hydrogen. 

Air lQjeotc»-, Hiotanan'B. An ap- 
pliance designed for use witb the Dental 
engine. A rubber bulb or bellows is com- 
pressed automatically by a simple mech- 
anism, which is connected with and driven 
by the engine pulley. The air is forced 
from the bulb through the connecting 
rubber tube to a fixed nozzle at the hand- 
piece, wtienoe it is thrown into the cavity 
of the tooth. The air thus driven out of 
the bulb leaves a vacuum, which is in- 
stantly filled again with air, so that a con- 
tinuous stream is kept up. This appliance 
is intended to keep the cavity clear of 
bur-dust and cuttings, and also to keep 
the bur cool while in use. 

Air>PaBSages. The larynx, trachea, 
broncliia, &o. 

Air-Pomp. A machine by which air 
in a vessel may be withdrawn. 

Air, Vital. Oxygen. 

Alfltbete'rloii. .^thtUrivm. The 
tenwTitim eommune. 

Altch. Fain. 

Allboiiio'ina. Ai^i^c, black. A black 
condition of all the humors of the eye, 

Altla. AiTia. Cause. 

AI. The Arabic definite article, 

Al'a. Pinna; pUryx. Awing. Parts 
projecting like a wing from the median 
line are designated by anatomists by thia 
name, as the alanati, ttc. In Sotavy, the 
lateral petal of a papilionaceous corolla. 

Ala Aurle. The wing of the ear. 
This is Iho upper part of the external ear. 

Ala HasL The cartilatfe which forms 
the outer part of the nostril. 

Alabna'ter. A variety of compact 
gypsum; it has a white or grayish color. 
It was at one time mnch used in denti- 
frices, but at present it is seldom employed 
for this purpose. When used upon the 
teeth, no matter how finely pulverized, it 
gets between the free edges of the gum 
and necks of these organs, where its me- 
chanical action is often productive of 
much iryury. There are two kinds of ala- 
baster; 1. Gyp»e<iv» alahatter, a natural 
semi crj'statline sulphate of lime, forming 
a compact gypsum of various colore, em- 
ployed in making statuary, vases, &c. 2 



ind Ralphatfi of liim.-, ilcfKKHits] lij i)i« 
driv)iiiisr or wiiUtr in MnU^liitc onrM. 

AliiToriu. Alr/.'fmiji Fixnn ah, « 
wine atii\ y^rmiK u r^M'iittilance. lU'scm- 
bl'm^ A n'ltifr: win^-Htmjwil. 

llir MHjorcM. Libia fztcnu of Ibe 

Aim Ulnorv*. Tlic wyw^fcp. 

Ui«rit1 or in<»rii1)lc niHiliiKim>iu imruof 
tlie nmo. 

Al86 VeepertJllonls. Il«t«'infc«. Thv 
bronil liztimcTits l(«twocn Uie tit«nis nnd 
tht> PailMpion tube*. 

Altinln. Analknlnldobtniniylbj'AM- 
ltiroii.-il'I>.'li}(l aJDiaoula with livilrworitaic 

AlJin'tlnO. [nulin^ awhiiiiili,«tAi«li- 
)[!(« «(i1'Man<!c e.Tlrftcwil fmni the n>i>lB 
nf (ii«i fniilit firUnivm. natl nf ri*f/-Afr«n. 

.klarcs V«nir. Tlie Miperiii-iiil r«in« 
at ilif tit-ti'I i>f iIki nrrn. 

Alttriik (»«Mt. Tti« l&l«ral prooMttoi 
■>f ihf 4|>I>paoid bone. 

.tlilHii. From «f'^ II wini;. WinR- 
llkr , t>i>lf)n).'In^ to a trin;. 

AlbAtnen'lant. Tho wblio of an 

ewE- All)iimpa. 

AllM'llao. Al^tio. Tb*Kfltort>«- 
MthIri.'^ whit*. 

Alblran'tiaCor'portt. Fruianl- 
IHtv, t» lifrtitna vhiio. 8iM CV^kpoia Al< 

Albi'iio. From (I'Aur, white. Afl]>flii- 
lft)i wun] appliw] li^ thv tvhilp prniri-ny of 
ncfrro {tarcHts. Tti« skin )iu h {mtliil line; 
the hftir on ererj imrt -rf I In- bo']_v re^otn- 
He« Mmi-hrf! rt*T: (!"• fHi Iiii* n |ialc rwl- 
>ii ' that it CAti 

»■ J J. The r«rm 

b aImi HppllMl tu all perauDM who have 
lb«M AliaradertatlcB. 

Albllr. Si>4ft fcltUpor; nin1in«t« of 
uliitniua [rouewiinK pr<^en>M tlmilnr fa> 
r<ninifi»Ei fi>|r1)|>«r. wlllt tlia aalistltntion of 
•<«]» r»r |t->tik*li. 

Albnr'cu. An olit iiatM for mBraurv. 

Athollm. Tiin>puilii.', 

AltMiuln'eii <K'nli. Th« vhiio 

Clbmii-* irii'iiilmino nf the eve, nlumii.!il 
■Ritfwlintrly iiiti fur (lift onyunutivn. Vho 
wliiie of tiie iiyp 
Albtidnea Teetia. The thirk, whit« 
metabrmike wUtvli ituuii'^llftlelv in«««ts llie 

.llbniEtn'rwaii. Fram a^Au^, white. 
A Itrui rspjIiiV! lir iinatmiii«» lo ii^.vmrM 
iini] hnmor* wliich nro vliitik 

Albu'ffo. From illiu*, whRo. A 
ivhir(> iiiiuiiiiy of the roriiea of the e»„ 

Alhn'in^n. A ]>mt«in ooniponnd, 
tht »-hi<tf (rAUariiutnl of tli« lnHiy, or ml liur 
the miilorlal fniin whirh tho tiiuiiiM iu'» 
nialnl.t fumiHl. It in found in ftvnt alinn- 
ilan«« in t4>« Mmm of t)i« hlwid. aimI nfii- 
stUaiM th« while of theeuL wlivnae ila 
iittiiii«. 1lt*al, nttnaotl*. aiul iLk M!idm(«X- 
oi'piing ilio (iwtic) cKUfmUti; it. 

Fcfff'iA/c .f/Aiiaii-n, foiiiKl III mnrt vege- 
tntit* jirif i>«. it j^leDiioal wiiti, nni] \f- pnili- 
aU,v lilt- lonive <*f. aniniul nlh'inii'it. 

Albttmen O'vl Thv whlU' of no 

Albo'ttiinaU'oriKodil. Wh*it at- 
bmiifii U tTMkled with tn^da, it h(M« mine 
of tu prn|>erti)ai. Heat dnvM nul v>iiifriiliil« 
It. but eltnn^iM it to u jellr. Wli^n tli« 
wlatlon U boUeil, n Aim fivmn on llii; arir- 
fiuv ntHcjnlil)ii(i thai of niiMMi uiiili>r niait 
Ifir ^iP4.-aiii»tni>iiu8. 

Albu'ntlnoMt. 6«c Farroxis. 

Alfaii'mlnowi. Of the tiatare vf, 
or •-oiiifiiiiiiitt 111 tiaiii'in. 

AlbumiuouB Oroup. A tenu of 
Primt's rl(L*iirirniiiin, tItrvilViiiif ilmt. hIsm 
of nntinftl and aliinonlitry eiiliai«tin<.-s th4 
noinptiAlkin of which ift aciakvmna to nl- 
htlllien. Il itiCtadiM tilf'iimrit^Hhrin, glutfit, 
tfjfum in.pKibvlin, fm*in, atul li^fujxtiinmw 
eatftii oxiJivi <t/prt>ttin. 

Albiunlnil'rla. Adi-waM-in which 
the UFhM miiilaiiis nlhumeti. Ii is eom- 
iii'.mly a;>|>Iii.'4l to Britclit'v disoAH:. 

Albur'ntioi. Tho »ol\ while inil>- 
Munt^e TmiimI hetween the innop hark and 
wiwwl of IrecJ; in tim* it bwomw* wood. 

Ali-ulfM'ca'Ml. IIcukdIiih alkaliae. 

tlcwll. Alkali 

.4I<-Ann -^r AlkAnn. Thu uaiu« of 
llio ro<il: Aiid Icaveo nf the LaaMinia liier- 
mlK a planr onqtioyed In the Ea«t fm- ily«. 
iiu( th«llnil^ Ivitih. awl hair, A«, I'miiit 

3ltcArinifilt IfrnlutT^ to oolur WAX. 

Alfnr'Kfit. Cfti'iHklif at-itl. 

Alrnr'Mln. Oxide of kHkodyl; i> 
li<|iiid iiliiiiliii-d by tn-alinr arctiitnif |>ot- 
n*ti and urirninni acid, retnarkahle fur it« 
inoiipportable odor ab4 fpoaiatieoas In- 
ituiiiiiiHliilitj in air. 

Al'«'nt. A tfenuiufiuolvAceoasplAatA. 
The hollylioek. 

ALC 88 

Al'oea Bo'ae». Tko oommoa hollv- 

AI'vliOiulM. Od* wbo pnt«tUM ol- 

Al'diemfi The mrsurioan lu-t wlik-]) 
]>r«t«nd8 to traasmtile the buor raeUlN 
into ffold, ud to And a |«iu«m for all 

AI'chllniR. Tb« oil of Juniper :«l»o 
tlie niiniv nt' tht dcnilfrica of 31v>m«, nn 
ancient ArA(>inD plijslclAn. 

Al'twhol. Pdr« or bi)i:lil]r rectlAed 
•jiirit* uf wino. It is a [iovr«rt^il diltbflilil* 
aLiuiuLutU and Is uaoJ Iwth aaa mcdida&l 
and plianiiiiMatlc afCMit. C)i<iinically |itir« 
ak-olMl i* etjl«il aittlttU alt>eh»l. 8«e 
AHsoi.utR Alcubol. Il U Dii oiijiijdratc 
of Uhjrl, nod in rfprM^nted bytliefomiulii 
AeO, HO, Ae, or tnUjX. b«in|r CM*. The 
c^npiricnlfonnulaidhorcbrDCilIiOr T))« 
COiumoii alcohol 01" th« shoju, however, 
oontaiitf a viirlabli> qititniitir of WAter. 
Vhtn diliil«^ n'ith au eqaiU iFeigbt of 
water, it b teniivil Pn)ulN|)irit, orSpirlm* 
tunuiuf of llx' l^liHriiiniTojNt-ift. 'I'lio tir«t 
|>ruduct of lltu diatiilatwii U IcvlinicaiJIy 
called t»m itiite. and in iii;ain RutijecUnI to 
dt«Ulliilii>a. Tho latUif t>ontoiis of wkst 
oovDw over are csllod friut4, aod nni rv- 
•erred for a fiirtlior prowM in the waah- 
•Cill. Tb« wcoDd product H t«nn«d rMW 
tptrit, aad wbcn oiiaiii dUtilloiI U oa]]«d 
iwf^rtaif fpirit. riie ilroogvat alcobot is 
Mlled Abaolaie Alvohul or Aithydrou« 
AI«oliul, to denot* tla entire frrodom from 

Aloolutl, Absolute. See Aiwoldtb 

Alodbol Ammonlatum. A eotul>i- 
natlon of nli^oliol mid aTntnunia, 

Aloohol Amrllcuna. S«« Pcsn. 

Alooihol of Sulphur. Sulphnrot of 

Alt'oliolHlm^ Officinal mcdiciaod, 
ii Hrliioh ulcoliul U first tiiipre^'iialed wiUi 
l»6di<-lniil priticiplvn ti,v miwuralion, and 
liicti bydiMillnilnn. nu tbat it oaljrrvtaina 
llie vubiilo (forlioUA. A\kk ra«ip«iindB of 
ali'iitiol tritit mtlt. ohIImI alciMTCK. 

.ilcoiun'rleri From a!<«M, and 
fiiTtmv, n meiuure. Ati iit*inunent for aa- 
nirtAinliio iIm) ^uanlitjr of nlcubol In any 

Alrornoqne. Ahanuieo. lliebark 
of .i/trAi/r'nrii tal\fo'lia^ ot JunaiOB, •!- 


tolltd a* a spwific in fibtliini pvlatonaJa 
Tnuic aud aairii^'iit. 

Alvyo'nlnm. BMian] apoaira; [)ia 
Mh<n of wbich were fomcrl^ used as a 

Al'debjde. T1iBh7drai«dpro<ox1d« 
ofBeety), anethi'realfltiid. Abridged from 
alcohol dthydraiiftuil'iK, alnibol de|iiriv«d 
of IijrdrvgcB. Sec A^ijRBTBBTIc. 

AI'der. Betnla alalia. 

Ale* Alia. A fomicnted infitaloa of 
EQalt, iisnalty combined with bopt. 

Alel'|»bR. From »U<^ to anoint, 
iledicaicd oil. 

Ale'aoti. Froino. prir.,BndAtfMic,liiui- 
^r. Anything which wiitflea hunger. 
Boiled nival. Farina. 

Aletn'blc. JfcM^irtM; aveuel niad« 
of Klass. motsl, or eutltonware. for the r«- 
Cfjitivouf votalilv product* from a retort. 

Alvm'brttth NNlt. A i-x^mpound of 
birhloride of mervor; and sal anitnoiUBO. 
riic !>aU of Wi»<f«m of tb« alchetoista. 

AJelrlH Fnrf naiuu Star-^rBsa, the 
roiit »r which \* i-iiipliiyod n* a tonlo. 

Alrxiplinr'mlr. From a?»iur, Xo 
r<-|Mjl, pafifiatiiw, |K)ii»un. An anildote to 

Al'ese or Al'cac. From oi^e**, to 
prevent. A clotJi folded noreral limea in 
order to protcot ihe bod from dUchargM 
of blood, iko,. 

Al'icm. Meovrau; sea-wo«L 

Al'i^n. PInnU whicli vegerate etcln- 
dvely under wat«r, and aro do«tit«t« of 
aoxnal orfjan*. 

AI'KHrolli. Powder of. From 
Atfiirotfi, llio uiitae of a fibj ^iciati of 
Verona, lia Inreator. Oxfohlurlde of an- 
liinonr. " 

Als«'4o. From »^r^. psift. Pain in 
the region ottba nvck of tb« Itladdar and 
annt, eftused bjr sudden anppreaidoD of 

Algl'd* Ft'briN. A tonllKiii 
fever, ebaracteriied b; icy eoldaeas on tbe 

AI'Kor. Chitlinem, ri^r. 

Al'lble. From alo, to Dnarkfa. Nn- 

Al'lccs. From a>Aiu, lo sprinkl*: or 
it/im, ■ kind ol' itrnin. Ai>ri tbeir tiUe. The 
NKidinb BpolA (rtiich appoar on the iJtia 
pTOTlonaJy to llio eruption of tD)«ll-|M>x. 

Allena'lton. AKnuilio; from iili- 
4no, tu cttningo. Applu-<I to a wandeiing 




of ibe tnliul; ingAttitf; mvttta) dtruijo- 
ntent; dvliriom. 

Al'lfbrm. Ali/armiM; from ata, a 
wine, ttiid /"rma, liki'nvw. Pl«rj)fvUl; 
Willi; lik«. 

Al'lmrnt. Atimntvm; tnna ato, lo 
iiuiirljili. VoQtl. Anv nutixtiiDco wliirh, 
wb<n introdiioe'I Into (tic aVnti«atar/ oaDal, 
nrnj, nftrr lie^ni^ nulgmMrtl to tlio lUitM'ii of 
tl)« digoslii-e organs, afford noariabmoat 
If tti(t I>m1/. 

AlfmraCary. PvrUbbg to food, 
or dlineot. 

AHmiiDtarr CanaL A mnwnlo- 
Oianibranoaii tiibc. tliix>»)i:b which tlic food 
panel. It eitenda troia the moulh to tb* 

AUmantiUT Duot. AlimuoUrycAiul. 

AllmenUt'lloii. Tin- act uf doot- 
j«)iiii|r; f )ii> ntoiiTiiilntl'ii] of fowl. 

Allpar'no*. Vrvm a, KUil J^touw, lo 
mtOic fftt. A|>[ilird U> vi*ry k-nn |iN«ons: 
tlio to dr/ vxtemni reiaedi««, •• pow- 
dcr», 4c. 

AUlR'ni. FfOiD life, noil ri all men L 
The proeessaf assitnilatloti or natriUtiti; 
fond or DcnriiJiRic'iit. 

AllBorlne. Tlin red coloring maltor 
of niinl<!«T- 

Alknli^'tfnl. Any egb«laitc« oon- 

luine Miiuitrrsl nlkiilitii' |)t<>i-4'rlit-4. nr in 

lidi tlti;M< [iri>|>i.'riiir« nra (xwuiiiing du- 
Tplopcd ur jin-duniiiiiilc, 

Alltnll. A tcrni applied lo certain 
nitdM, Hilulile in waler, jiotiMMiinf; llie 
]H*w<rr i)f a«utra1uiii|| nfldi. m> ii> Iv fonu 
n mIIdv oumponixl, and uf olmiiginir t»oin(> 
Tir^rHalile liluek lo ^racu, and *mu9 vege- 
tatilo yvlloUi'* to biowiL. Tbcro UMd to 
W reckoned tbrte kinils nf nikalleat 1. 
Tba p^oftiiMt, or p>>linih: t, Tlie tHinemi, 
or Miif't,' iirfd S. Th« .tuim»i, nr nm'nfnia, 
alan calkil ide rpl'itUr nli-ili. Mu-lurn 
ab^mi'try lina nddiHl lo th<!»o, iilJtut. 
Sodtl and pnlnM« arv tixoal allcali««i whJKi 
VDiiionia i' a vi<Util« alWl. 

Allcall Oaiistioum. Cjiuatio idkalL 

AntaliFixum. KiT«daIbali. Applied 
to piitiUili airil rn-is^ liunauni: tliey nru pi>r- 
maticnilv In a wtliil «i.-ii«. 

Allcali, Vstrecabla. AooUicr t«nn 
for putiult. 

AJkali. TcdaUle. Anmhcr aittnc for 
smmnnin, im n''''>innt ciritB vrtUtile nnitiiv. 

AUtttUlE'moiiH. .I/I<i't', Hixl }riiuu, 

(«n«nitc. Prwiiiciug alkalitic qunllliiM. 


Alkalln'eler. An instninu.-nt fat 
detonniniug tb« purity of tL« alkalies of 

Al'kallav. f>«b*lRncw whiob rob- 
taiD, Of pariak« of tb« natare of aii oUull 

AlksUn« Butbe. Eanhi> wbich 
fotit nikalitio proporliM. umagiMBiL lini«, 
bun til, &111I xiruiilia. 

.ilkiiKxn'llott. Tti« litiprvKiidtion 
of anyilting uilh aD alknUn« tall. 

Arkiil«14. A MliflaTilo boM eziHt 
log; as a tMoxiiunle pfiniTipIv in Hitnv vcice- 
UbiM, and piNw«>ul&|i; lh« pruperljus uf aa 
alkali In a grt-itl<jr or Itstt dvgrev. 

Alltanel Bool. See AscncaA 


Alk«nn'«M. A MffhraKd tAeOtoMy^ 
In wliivli kwriiioa U tb« baiiis. 

AII'smIIV. a uiincrnl of n browulid) 
black (xdor, baring aMuciatod with ll mica. 
and fvldHfwr. 

Allaolo'lc Flnld. U« flaid fill- 
inpap the fipacv lictiVNa theallaatoisand 
llio einiiiwn. lu Ihw cow it oataisa alliui- 
lina. albinnvn, In«;tul««, pfaiwpliaioa, ami 

AllltMlo'tnr. A cryMalliiM viib- 
alance olilainod from the allnnloii: Ha'tA 
of iliu sow. Its formula \» C,II.\.0,4- 

AIIndIo'Iii. ifeoihraua altitHHiidea; 
from a/.'fiti:, a mnwgo, and fifcf. likunoM. 
A muiul;r»u4 of llitf fivlue, found in iiK>«l 
of tlic iiiuininalia. utuut«d beCirovu llie 
chonoti and amnion. 

Allfo^M FttitlMc mileloiM Ce- 
UltMll. A C'nipiisitiun U>v iiiiUiiiK oiuitlo 
por(!0lainteelli tuaplatennd tovacliultier; 
tb« luo of wlilch U «««iirfd to l>r. John 
Alien, by loitcni-palrDt. Sco llanis'a 
/Vi'w, "luJ pTiief. ij/" UrntUtry. 

AJIIll'ec«IUi. AUiat^M; tfomiUi- 
nm. gaiilci I'ortolnbg to itarilo; liiuilar 
to (larlic. 

Allla'rin OflclnallM. Brytinnm 
altiarM. U^e« ita>'ii<:> Ihfi twHt are 
diarotio, diaphoratic. KOd axpvctoratiL 

Alll|tH'll*n> Prom alliffoi. lo beitd. 
An nritlitndk-nl foriuala fbr a-^rcrtfliiiiiijt 
ttic proportk)DS of lliu con«lilu«nis itt a 
tniitnre ti-hC'n ibey liave iitiil«r|ton6 uo 
chanp) of %'o)iini« by cbutnical actiiio. 

Allilnrlc Aol(i. An arid Kunerated 
whin alUiiUiinc la hoilM) wild bydro- 
cblirHc HI id. 

Al'lliuu. Garllo. A genu ofplanu 




of the order AtpkodeUas. Allintn is etimn- 
lant, diuretic, expectorant, emmenagogiie, 
diaphoretic, and antiielmintic. Externally 
it is rubefacient and repellant. Doae, 3ss 


Allium Asoalonioum. The shallot, 
ft bulbous plant resembling the garlic. 

Allium Cepa. The common oniou. 

Allium Porrum. The leek or porret. 

Allium SatlTum. Garlic. 

Allium Soheenoprasum. The ohive. 

Alloeo'sls. Alloum»i from oUojow, 
to change. Alteration in the character 
of a disease, or in the constitution. 

Alloeot'lca. From a7^, another. 
Alterative medicines, 

Allogno'sls. From a^Xor. another, 
aud yivuoioj, to know. Perversion of mind ; 
incapability of distiuguishing persons. 

Allopnth'Ic. Allopathkia. Per- 
taining to allopathy. 

Allo'pathlst. One who practises 
or advocates allopathy. 

Allop'athf. Allojmthia; from aX- 
Xoc, another, and n'sdof, disease. An em- 
pirical designation applied to the practice 
of medicine, in contradistinction to hoinre- 
opathy, or that system of medical practice 
which proposes the cure of disease by es- 
tablishing in the system a condition oppo- 
site to, or different from, the disease to be 

Al'lophnne. The name of a min- 
eral, of u blue, and sometimes of a green 
or brown color. 

Allotrlodon'tla. From a>Jj>Tpioi, 
foreign, and odnu?, a tooth. The trans- 
plantation of teeth. See Travsplantixo 

Allotriophagla. From akijrrpioi, 
strange, and ^>-u, I devour, A desire, or 
morbid longing to eat inedible substances, 
as chalk, leather, coal, &c. ; depf-aved ap- 

Allo'troplmn. Allotropy. The prop- 
erty witnessed in elementary bodies, as 
carbon, sulphur, &c., of existing in dilFcr- 
ent mod ilical ions. 

AUox'an, Erythrio acid ; purpuric 
aci'l. Its formula is t',H,N,0|o. It is 
formed by the action of nitric upon uric 

AUoxaiilc Acid. An acid discov- 
ered by Wohler and Liobig, in decom- 
posing alloxan with alkalies. Its formula 

Alloxan'tln, A orystalline rab- 
stance formed by the deoxidation of tl- 
loian. Formula, G,H|K|0,o. 

Alloy. A compound of two or more 
metals by fbuon, the least valuable being 
called the alloy. See Gold Plate ; aJ*(^ 
Gold Soldkb. 

Allspice. Jamaica pepper. See^Tiv 


Allyl. Oil of gurho, obtained by dis- 
tillation of garlio with water, aud pnrified 
by redistillation. Formula, C.H^ 

Al'mond. The nut of the Amyg- 
dalvt eommun'u. Amygdala. 

Almondfi. A term applied in pop 
nlar language to the esterior glanda of 
the neck and to the tonsils, as the al- 
mondt of the ear, &o, ; the almonJt t^f th« 

Almonds, Bitter, OU of. Volatile 
oil of almonds. A golden-yellow oil, 
obtained by distilling with water, or with 
water and salt, the cake of bitter almonds 
from which the fixed oil has been express- 
ed. It is a deadly poison. 

Almondfl, Oil of. Fixed oil of al- 
monds. A bland fixed oil, usually ob- 
tained from either sweet or bitter almonds, 
but chiefly the former, by compressioo. 
It has a mild, oily taste. See Oil of Al- 

Al'nuB. A genus of plants. The al- 
ders. See Bbtula Alnus. 

Alnus Qlutinoea. Oommon Eu- 
ro pean alder. 

Alnus Serrulsta. Oommon Ameri- 
can swamp alder. The SaTnbucuM Cano' 
iU:)i»u is also called alder. 

Al'oe. A genus of plants of the order 

AroeB. The inspissated juice of the 
seveial species of aloe. The throe prin- 
cipal commercial varieties are. Cape, So- 
colrine, and the Hepatic or Barbadoet. 
Cathartic, emmenagogue, anthelmintio, 
and stomachic. Aloes acts ohiefiy on 
the large intestines, and produces cathar- 
sis by increasing the peristaltic or mna- 
cnlitr action, and not by increasing the 
secretions. Dose, to act as a cnthartio. 
gr, ij to gr. x; as an emmenagogue, gr. j 

Aloee, Oape. The aloes obtained 
from the Alo? tpicata and other species, 
which grow in great ahimdance in Sonth- 
em Africa, neoi' the Cape of Good Hope. 




Thli rutWj u iifled altntHit exoliuivalj in 
tJi« railed SlAteft. 

Al'oee, Hepatto. BarVBdncit nlue*. 
Tlvtr iinnie wsc tiriirinADy ii[iplletl to n 
)>riHlu<^t ft'tni tho Eiui ImJie*, bni from n 
»u[)|*u!tiiil rtriMinibluiotf iMtHTecn litis nnil 
iht Ktofn rnun l}i(t Went Iiulii-i, tlie name 
l4 now v^ry Kon^ritllv n|i|>lt«l to thci 

AJoee, SoootrltUk Th« alow pro- 
dnoed tn the lilnnil of fincolrii. Th« 
HtificlM irf nW wlilnh Tielib tlii« rwirtr, 
uaiipp«wMl to W lliamnvxs tboso wlikli 
pnxlai;!! the Cupu oImi. 

AloOH, Wood. Lignvm ilott. A tru- 
gnal rtAaoan >DlMtftnc«, coosisliug of 
lh» InlvrioT at tba trunk : tbe 'i^Hitaria 

Alocw'ln. Tb« jiMolIor Uiter prin- 
eiptc of -M'K!. 

AIopI'Ic, Aniodicftlproi>«nUloDcoD- 
tainiiti; *li>ti«. 

Aloetlo Aold. j1/ariin»e aeiit, Tlio 
(Mvcipiitt* ol>t«m«d bj hunting luUio oqmI 
on iitoM. 

Al^C*ir«ph'la. Froa aXajnc, dis- 

)•' : '''. Btid T/v^u, Lo noiiriitli. DU- 

{if I- niilxilino. M iif lli« lintica 

to Mcl.«u. Jfy\nieVKif\ij of H purl or 

Alolii. HiK l>lili?r |trincl[i}e of docs 
u/ter ;Iic r^kin ti. ri'iiiovcd. 

Alopi>>la. I'rom nJwntf, « fox. 
Falling oTf iif itic tialr; haMii«tuk 

Alont'b'l. A glim obtsinwl fh>ni tli« 

Alpnni. AMtlabar«linib.lVoiBwhich 
U) iiiniriit'til Tor the Iti^Ii la niaile. 

Al'pllold. Fi\>ni alfih-m, a nklti (lt«- 
C4W, I ike Al[lh<^^ a* l.epin nliilioidps. 

llpliofi hIh. An iiLiirimit^iit for ilin 
t- ' ' :llc-u,iK>eklM rrvm iImi nftmc 

i>: iHT. 

Al ph«W. AX^nc GrtKti aX^tnt, lo 
cl'unx-'i !>(>f»it*n ii rh»ri|;«>« ili« color of 
thp ekln- l«|'ra ti)|>liiiiilc», 

AII#nut'Un K«>p*rnM. N«rvons 
Bitpriinrtfa. Saoh na «[>lritiio(u ll^jaaM 
uiil nan-iitii-*. 

Allcru'llon. AUeratio; IVom attar. 
itkor. I n ilft\ /'.i/Aof^y, > choitfce In 
til* Birn.-inrp i«'nn nii'sn. or In llio naliire 
I'l ■,' pnthiilo^p: 

K( I' I '.r.-Tir in lli« 

Mnii:Lure cl lliv troitrin < Hf, »r 

tlifl ilpaiinal lUtiiu of i:i< . i„ _ri-. from 

lbs avlion of morbillQ t^atii. AJso, to 
iihuf;(« wbleh take iiln<^ In tli« gami. 

AI'terutlTC. AltrroM; from aUen^^ 
lo ulianpe. A medicine (tivcii fitr tlin yi 
p<iM of r«atoring tlie hc4lth.v fnm^lioiiaof 
llio bodv bf Bolbip on murliM Rtmrtum 
and i.'ODilitions viitioni raiittii^ auv Men- 
nitilft «racnation ; acting In nn in>cR*lbl* 

Allhir'a. A trenu* of iilanti of th« 
oritur MnUnfUT. Mnrviimatluvr, 

Altbsoa Offlolnalia. I'lioftjratenwtK) 
niimi; uf iiimiitimiillotr. 

Alltae'ln. ADiilknlitiostilistaDmidia- 
cororvJ In th« laarBhinaltow, uiiillar to 

AKbion'lf.trld. AnnpiilobtalDoO 
(roni Ihv rovMua of iLv prvpimlluD «f olo- 
flant gna. 

AlliiuXri'. Fi-om alluA, lil;U, nnd 
ftffaw. t-j iiK'n«iir«. 'rh« art of iiica»uniig., 
heights or altltutles. 

Aludel'. A iiililiming wwol rcaeni' 
bling lite liua<] of an alcuibio, uswd in dia- 
lilltnR mercnrj'. 

Al'nin. Atv'mm. A 8aT|ili&to of 
aiuitioiriK and aliiniiiia, crvKlallixi-d from 
solution in water. A while, sligtitlv dfln- 
riwceat uilt. and la ixtrlnKunt nri'l K(;)itui, 
and i« oinpluy«d W)i «xli>riW!> and in- 
iVTtially. Dibc, gr. x to m. In larg 
(loH«n it ia ntit'iio. I>riiMl nliim n aUto4 
u»«d «xtM-na|ljr. In l>tntiil Praefiti* drkd 
aliini ia ^mfiloyed a» a aiT|ttH, aim in i>i»- 
nutiiiia, diwajiM of ftnm. mncram oris, 
iilc«r«. nod l>tagMiafirunulatWn*. 

Alum Curd. A coagnlum mode hf 
Itrfoklv apltaiio); a dmelini of alnni with 
lli« vli!l« of an r^. 

Alum Enrth. A niaaalve mlDwal otj 
a t>liii'ki>.li-l'r'i«'n color. 

Alum Ointrnflot. Comraon lfir|>cQ- 
tJnu. lard, an<] iHiwdrn^l nlum. 

Alum Root. iU'iiclivni i'<Hiiti*a. 

AJum Stone. A ailicious iulMiuljdiati 
of nintiiinu. 

Altim Wbey. A vlic,r made 1>7 holl- 
inR two <lra«ilima of ainm wltli a )>int of 
mllV, and tlicn straiaili4;. 

Aln'taon. Aliun. 

Alumon Catlntun, Potaah ot cam-' 

AlumoD Oommu'n*. Commnnalinn, 

Alumeo Bjtslooa'tum. I)H<.'d nliimj, 
I'unii ulum : ahun iD(>lr«>l until uliullltic 
('ea«)s. I'sed ai an cuharDtlo. Sae AlcUiI 



JJtt^en Plxum. PotMti. 

AUimou Koma'Dum. Kotoas alam. 
r>i-il nliim Tlic imrcM vulely, ooalaioiog 
Du aintiiuiiiii. 

Atumeu Bupeum. N6Aiv« alum. 
Rock nlutii. 

Alii'mlna. Alnmine. A snbfltiuioe 
wliivli occiw very ubundanUy in DitnrOt 
to the Male of BilicaU. ua in fuld^ar wid 
ita sMnclftted nilnGrali, nnd tn tlia rirlonii 
Riixlilicitlions of clay U>«uoo doriv«d, Th« 
enrtii at [iiire clay. 

AInmlna* HulpbaM Pusas. AJn- 
mon (XfiofAtam. 

Aln'mlDlte. An »i>n(|uu, dtill-vrliUo 
niin«rul; lliu bjdnitodBubKulpbaLo of Alu- 

AlumlnnmnrAlaoilnlaia. Tfaia 
mMal was lirst obtained by Wuhler. and 
ia prepared in (lie inme manner a* ruog- 
nccaniii, but vrith mors liifliculty. It U tlio 
tueioUlo base of aluininu, and nniil r«- 
«&ntlj ho* been known la clieinUl* aa n 
gray powder reMinbliti^ Rpongy Jilatitnim : 
bill It ix HOW prodoeed in larifa qnantitiea 
fta a [wrfvct intiial, )iik\'in||; ii tiMtni aod 
vkllcnctd aJraoHl ct)ua] to stlTcr. Wlicn 
ciMi inio infotM it i» aoft like oitvor, aad 
Uu a. density of iM, bat after barDRieriiif^ 
or roUiiig it it olrootit a* linrd a» wrought 
iron, and liaa ■ density of 1.67. Bansen 
Oblniitod ibU tnetat by eleclroIyiK a* did 
iUm VovillD, wlio has pro[Nhr«d it in largo 
liiKulA trvm the rlilurlde of Hlumiulum by 
Mdiiim. It U oi>t4Lln<x! on a Iniifo aoaU by 
heating, for somo thirty luinntea, wivai 
parU of chloride of imtiiiwiiiia und cryo- 
lite will) two pnrls of fudinin nnd five of 
taryolile. The chloride ui i>utas»iuiu fti«6it 
tbo Ruoridu of todiiini wliicli i» formed. 
Vhenouldth? melted iniLS8i% inimeraed in 
wnlcr, and al\«r twelve hourait iHunislied, 
and rlic globiilcs of iLlmiiinuin wparnted. 
To nhiatn a maj«, the piubales of alami- 
UQtii ui-c melted witli cMorldu of partus- 
^uiu. The proportic* of tlil» motnl render 
It |i(ictiUitrly jiilipti-d lor tiuo ai a ham fur 
Artiliciai leclh. but iho noldoring; oiul cwtt- 
iiiit of it Iiave been aiifDded with mttcli 
diltipolty. 801110 Kreueb artiilM, howromr, 
•iioeeefted in Boblorinft the nietnl in no at* 
iDOipliLTO of pure liydroKtfn, The late I>r. 
J. B. Uoan, of Ittiltimore. porfw^ttpd, with 
groat labor imd vriKitinl r^nenrch, n method 
of cnsliag Attiminum plmeiti but it proved 
I failure. Svaged AIumiDiuii pktea are, 

howenr. still osed mrceMAtUy in eombl 
natioo with Vulcanite, to wUoh niatqr^ 
It adlierati with Rrcat tenorit) . 

Ala'Hln. From a^vu, tu become in- 
Muv. Illunion; liallaci nation. 

Alv«v'rlnni. From alrearr, a bee- 
bive. The bottom of Uio eonebn or bnllow 
of tho onr, terminating in llio ineHtu* audi- 
torial este^nn^ or cilei'Dal nudilury isnaL 

AlT«*-IJiblMUB, The buocioator 

Alve'olnr. Atrtolaru; from aUem, 
a canity Pertainiui; lu lb" alveoli. 

AlTOOiar AbeoMB. Uum-hail. A 
nolloetlnn of pas bi a Me formed in tLa 
•ookel of a tooth at the «stroinity of tb« 
root, which Kcnerally iMonpCJ ihroDnh 
tJio Rum- Tbo {K^palnr dtMicnation of tb« 
utTeciion is pnin-bile. or ^m-boil, a nam« 
that by uo means eonveya a correot idea 
of ita trae chanetcri inamnoh as the 
gums are only secondarily airwte)!. wtule 
tiie scat of the dlscAse U always within 
the alveoli, ilonico, Mr. Iloll baa given it 
the more appropriate name otalrtoiant^ 

Absocas b one of tb« uost common 
aflVtion* to wliiixli the nlvcolnr caviiitu 
are liable. Its oflects ore always exceed- 
iaiAj pemtciouat not only tu the auoket in 
which it is seated, and the gams oonrr- 
Ing it, hut, also, very often to tbo geiiBrml 

Whenerer severe inflsniniaillon of ibe 
perloHtenin of clia root of the tiMib, or of 
thai of the alveolna is eseiiod, an elf^idon 
of ooainiliibk lyiiii>h uikct plaiyi, which, 
hanlening, atlaclieti it^vif to the root, 
around ■!« apex, aud ultltnatuty a aao is 
form«4l. Tilts, as suppiiral imi laVet pUco, 
distends and pretses ogaincl (he «urronnd- 
ini^ wall of the ntv^olub, eau^ing an open- 
ing to be fornwl throufrh the socket and 
gam for the ewnpe of (he nialtor. 

A direct lateral pntsiiKe. bowvvDr, ia 
Di>[ always ctrected ihrointb the akcoliis 
nnd guio. Tlie ooiiRntMl iiiHller soinelinic^ 
mokea for it Ml f a piuso^e tb roii^b the roof 
of the mouth, tlie check, or lower p«rt of 
iho faoo; at other tiroes it imversea tlia 
Jaw for a r«>n«idorable distance, divasting 
it of ita |i<>rioBieiiiu, caaslng ucprusia mmI 
exfoliation ; at other iliuca again It is di*- 
obargcd into tha niaxllUrr sinns. 

llie fonnatlon ofon aluoew la thealve^ 
lufl of ■ dwM supkutiw of tite lower jow. 




banniAthiiM att^ad«il with ntnn Inflani* 
BMtioa ud (Welling of the Umcila, »o oa 
n»t uD)'r«<|ni:nily to render dtvluiitiun ei- 
omdiitfTly iliflirtitt. At othor limM it tn> 
diWM Inltummaiioa and riipdii; of Ui» 
miurlw uf tUt clii-vk. 

Till' liimiLiliaic csnM uT alveolar HbauMi 
U, iiiHkititnotlnn of ilu' lining ar [nvMtltig 
meintranK of th« tooth, nntl n-IiM«T4r 
ImmU to prMltir« ihiii, iiu; ti« ra)t»rdod u 
III txi'itiiig canM. It uftvn ha|>i>«ni> llut 
m filling ill a lontb, in wbidi tbo lining 
meiiihrUKf ha» l>(«n deslrojrMl, jclvu ri»« 
lo Ibe rornmliun itrahncem ti.v [irevonling 
the eersfe of ll)« matter fonninf ftt tbe 
ttpei of III nml. ria cst^m being tlms 
prvTMited. H uwiiriiiIiiIcsl and bsooniM a 
•onrr« of Irriiaiion to tUe in<r«otinK mtrni- 
hnnv in It* !niraiH]i«ie victnitj, wlik-li, in 
(■II'' tliirkenii. (onu* a tiil>i<rcli'. 

ail : i_v *n [•[>Qriil<«. Ttie root* of 

teetb, too. im which mtifirial crowns nro 
|iluwd, fnr the awine reaaon, oAen give 
ri«« lo at)«eeu. S«« ffurrit'* PHh. dud 
/Viifl. i{f Dmtutry. 

Alve'olBT ArobM. The margiiu uf 
the rwo ,iaw« tn which tb« teoth Af« irn- 
plftDtnl. Thvr nrn inuri) or less «lll|iti<-al 
in thetr shofio: the lower mere «o than 
th* a;t|M<r. Tbe itiiniber of «aviti«s which 
tlicTviiDialiietprrisiiuods villi tlivaniiihcr 
aud •hnpcuf the TiMiU of the teeth. Tbcy 
eon*i*t of two luxiy platfit, n&cxIorRftl and 
an tnternni, with Uaaarerfto septa, whiflb 
fiirm tho alvtwli. 

At Rnt. th« irrowtti o( the alv^otnr 
archm IcMpfl paoo wiib, and, fur a lime, 
aataui|« that of thu teelU, inoliMin^ th«iu 
tn cella[, hy which a<lmirik!>l« proviMon of 
natarc, a lirm Mipport is ffivta to the 
gfUiH itrvtioiialy tu tha eruption of the 

Tlt« ■tmctsra of ibe ontor and Inner 
ploica of tliGM arcbea )■ coinpnct. while 
inl*fUtr\<f, ft U <^«Iliilftr. t-jich alv<>«1ns ia 
|i{«rc«d ftt the ballom wllb oae vr more 
minntv foramina for the Intannuuofi of 
ihe tfwtU and nervca whJih go tu the 
llnlni; ni«rnli nine Iff tliu tooth. 

Alveolar Artery. Thia artwjr arisea 
frotii thp itiiartial mnxlilnry, and wind« 
artxind ih*- msullla^y inh«rn»ily fnxn be- 
hii' ' Mndin^ olT Iwly* thnnii-li 

II.' : ■l«iiUl ranal* which soiiplj- 

the mnlii'' u-uili, mill fo to tlie iniisIUnry 
<muB, wliiii- tliv main hrutcli panea fur- 

ward, famtahisff Uia gunia and olveoto* 
detital perioetonni. 

Alve'olar Border. L{mbM.ilr(»h'rU. 
Tho partm of Ihu jnwn in which the olvro- 
lar cai'itioB are eitoaled, 

AlTooleu- Bxoeto'aU. 8m El 
siaor Till Altcou. 

Alveolar Necro'ela. See XR(»Mia 
or Tiis Alvxou. 

Alveolar ProooBaeo. Tbe alveolL, or 
•ockuta of th« loelh. 

AivoOlar Prooaasoa, Dostruotion., 
of tbe. A itntdua) wnslinfEnf the nltreoV 
caiiMntt the loeth to Ioom'r and wiiiietitiiea 
to drop out. It ie an alTeclioa of IVe<|UCiit 
ocvarTenoc, and in the ra^cHtir uf {.-an 
resnlta fnmt a iliaeaaed iMmliiion of It 
Itunii. See Unrrii't Pnn. attd Pnet, ^' 

Alveolar Slruotor©. A name given 
l>t Iicw»<>n to the miniito snpvrficial cuvl- 
lic« oliscrrpd in the rocicoua metnbruie of 
the Moniach, cMophn^a, oad siuoU Inles- 

Alveolar Vcdn. Tbe dI«itiibatU>n of 
this la similar to that of the artory. 

.ilv^'All. The Miniiw in which tbi 
routi^ tif lliu tmtb are irapluitctl. 

Alveoli, Ipflammatloo of 
Odt>nt*ioliri' tu. The iininodiale Cant 
of thU Btl'o^tion U 1 nil mil in at Ion of tbe 
ttlv(.H)lii.<li<iital jivriuHlriim. and when con- 
tinged fvr a Coiu>idural>le K-iiclb of litne, 
and r»|HTiallv in bod Habits of bodf, it is 
apt to it-rminBte iti oecroaia, 

AlT«'oUn>rni. Altwtvt. Foinwd 
liku alvouli. 

AK4''aIo-IN>ntiil ForiOMtvun. 

Till! iiiuinhrnn* whx^h liiXTittlii^ nlvt'nil und 
inveitia the ronla of the te«tb. It in at- 
tached lo ihri gt\iu» flt tlin inTka of the 
tcclh. and Sir. Thoo. 11«I1 is of t lie ofiiiiion 
that it alM) furuintlie lin'to); iticinliraiiv nf 
titvtin oTfRim. "Tbe perioatentn of (ht> 
maxillary UoBefe," aaya Iw, "after oovor- 
ing the nlrmilnr pr>ice»»cn, di|(S down into 
eadi alveolar ravit)-, the parieiea of whlob 
<t llae*. From the botltmi of ibe cAvllv, 
wlioru Lho resaela and twivc of the ilHj 
lemal nimnlirnno enlvr. It a{>i>enrs tu 
reflected Of tr th<. roo* of th« tooth, whl 
It caiircly covers aa far a.i tbe neck, 
aliii'h jimi it bevooMS intimald7 von- 
nented with the gnm." 

In mninemtiiiK th« aiviiihrmiM<if tlio^ 
leeiti, he dividea them into if<viWuew anH' 




penittfni. Tht fen»«r wiuliu of two 
lamvlUc wliich rorm llio h&c. apj vliidiL, 
uftor pei-Torailiut C)ie faoctkiM aa^jptei 
tbcRi, «ra Nht>3r)>«l; tli« lutor, derived 
fi-oto Iho pcrioHldDm ot th« nwxiltvr 
hones, mnsista of the porloateam of the 
Intomnl 'lontnl ravlty, trliicli, durltieihv 
forrnutiou uf lb« toolli. liitd porfonn<4 Uio 
ofl)c« of sfcreiing Uie lione. lite perioc- 
t«am of llio root, siiil ihtt |>ort08l«Bin of 
tlie alveolus, of wbicb Ui« l««t DMQtioncd 
Is n ruflecilun. 

l>uiiilMirr«. oni] oih^r wri(i'r»,«reof tlio 
opinion Ihnt tlio alr^oln- dental pcHoe- 
t«am ia derived frota the niMohrance of 
tlto MC. **|>M!iiillr ih« »nt«r, aiiil thai it; 
fi continoouB with the gums. 

Alve^oltu. OJoiUaiotM'riitm. A di- 
ininuiivfl of m/ivw, a oavitjr. The boaj' 
K>«ket of a tooth. 

AI'tcim, a cavitj, 

Alveus AmDuUas'oeiiB. Th« en- 
larf^ [Mtrt <if the thorade dnct. 

AJvotts Commoi^. The coromoD 
duet (if the aiii|mll» of th« Mmlolrcular 
eaniih »f tlio iii(«irn&l cnr. 

Alvliln'pli. From altut, tlie hellj, 
and livra, \o draw. l*nrpiii^ mcdiriiiH. 

AlVlflax'lM. From oImm, and /«*, 
ttf flow. A diflrrhoMi. 

AI'Tlnr. rrom o/tMu. the beUj-. Re- 
lating to the belly or bov«l*. 

Alvlae Oonoro'tioo. EnUrotitAtu. 
A cnlcalua in tho stomuch or bowels. 

Al't'Ui*. The abdonKm, «loinaoh, and 

AItus Aatriota. CooatiitatioD : cos- 

Alvtw CobO'tA.. Co»tiv«nM«. 

Alvus Xtenum. The pelris of the 

Alj's'mn*. From a3iv, to be vexed. 
Aiixict.r: r(.'M.1«cH'n«Mari!iinKfr<>in diMiOM. 

Amndon. [.iti>nilly, touchvood. d 
kin<l of run);ii<t. A mibstani-e u»od in (tradu- 
atod i^im|irc)wcn: also to support varioiMo 
peins, and protect alirBded rarfnoeH. 

Araul'BRm. Aia/tljama ; trnm nua, 
to^lhor, and %aftrir, to marry; or a/ia 
and /tuiarrij, to soften. A oomhiiinilon 
of maronry with oomo other motal or 
metals. One fomi of aTtialiram la cnin- 
|Mwed of jinre silver, five ourioea. of pore 
tin. foor ounces. Some prepuratiuns con- 
tnm tmld RlinifB in (wnibinatioa with tlic 
■ilver and tin. Others are Mid to contain 

platinum: And some ^Id and platinnta. 
Tho foltowing dircctione wore given for 
prcparine: Amalpini: Put Into a small 
wcdji^woad orgloM mortar, a small qnan- 
tily of meroary and so muoh of th« filings 
as may be retiuired for the time belns, 
and with the pe«lle rah tho i-onteuli' Into 
a stiff paMe ; add a drachm of alL'ohol. and 
continue llio rubbins uultl the Hqnid b«- 
romes <inlts dark: then pour It uH!. and 
rcrnoi'e the Amatsam to ■ dry dolh, Titb 
which completely abwrb the raoUture. 
Press out tho mi[>vnihtiri'lBiil ttirrriiry by 
nieaiicof flat plioi-s, and il t> n-ndy fiw □•«. 
Id one fonn of Lbu prviMiration uf .\nial- 
Ksni. a Mitu'.iuii af tlitt bivarhonitlA of soda 
U tif«d for VHthmf^ it. instesil of aleoho). 
The wi^glit of testimony, however, is tn 
favor of omitting the washing, as nnini' 
portant, if not irOnrion*. Recent i«> 
Marolm seem lo show thai the ideaa 
formerly prevalent uf the Iqjurtous effeeta 
of .\mAl^m on the htnlth wero in.ilaljr 
nnfonDded. The rotupo«ition of ihcae 
alloys has, of late, been much improved, 
jiifl llioir vnlue mh a iiiiiti>riiil for filling 
greatly increased. The tceih ficftt adapt- 
(nI for Aninlipun rIDiniri nre ilio.<e belooft- 
iag to Class First. (See Tscru, Cn«B- 
AcrsnnTKv or.) Bn( Uiia proparntion 
shoald not be usmI la any onsa where tt 
il possible to use )^M or tin foil. 

Amol'ffam Corrior and Ploraer. 
Aa iiiJ-iiuNi*iiit desiifm-d for csirtlng aud 
intrododng Amalgam into tho eavlty of a 

Atoolottm BSantpuIfttor. Aa in- 
Btnimotit omnl by dOBlista for preparh^ 
amnlKnm llUiiiipi. 

AitinlicaMiM'II«ii. Id ifftnlltirgjf, 
the pi-o(!t-sa of e«mbiain$ merimry with 
some uthvr metal, as praotiaod in separat- 
In; silver nnd ^1d irota some other eret. 

.AniunlliiMnacnFln. FlyamoQlia, 
a plant pu«fesfiui; a itv'imvava^ priocipl*. 

AlKIUl'ltln. Avai'inii, ftuigi, Tb* 
poisonous prjnoiple of fuiitfi. 

Anianl'llnv. Anamegtven byLo- 
tilliui- [(> tlic fioiponouB prindple of fon^ 

AniRrii IfeuIolH. Uittar-awe«t. 8m 

Amara Hedlonmonta. Bltl«n; 
Amartn. Tb* bittor principle of 


AmK'ritii. Bitter. The 




tiittvnt omh] fur m«diollial porpucoB w, 
K«nti>io, (iDftidlA, coluioba, clncl>i>Da, J:c. 
AmRMt'alK. JniuaU: tVom a, priv., 
axu) pae^vif, initfiictitiuii. Irapairail or itn- 
jwrfvct mmlimiion. 

Aniinnt'HlH* FroiDivMi)M«,toiUrk- 
vn uT uliKorp. Uuita aercna. t'uriitil or 
toUl low of tijrbi. ntihuot u),r ii[>|(Areiit 
iVrfttiDD in tlto «t*, uifling frmn pamlj-- 
(if di« o|>ti<i Dfirrft Biiil geuerAlly chv 
K«t«;i/«4 Ujr ililiiiiun vt Uiu {>upil, imniu- 
bilil; of Uit ina, and want of dmIiuiU 

Atniinral'Ir. AITwiwl frith umu- 

Amaiirotlo Oat's Bro. .-ImTi^^aptn 
tHtiVur. An ninniirittio nffMilioD, nrourrioj; 
c)u«(l? ID ver; M ['vmitia, uoil apcohi- 
{■uilnl )>« remiirkiitilc [wiIqdi'm erf llip irit. 
.%lll'lK>r. i^KZ-'iMim. A haril. Itritlli'. 
tMti'Icoe, ^•iliimiit'i'ti 4<il>*U>no«. fcoinulimca 
transparent, hiit niien Kint-tniDspnrcitL or 
opai|ii«. It 1» mot witli of ail ralon, bat 
i» itiuvil froc|u«atlj j-riUow Vt vmtgt. S«« 
6ii-(iSic Alio. 

Am'lM^rsrU. JmbroffrUra. Aeon- 
«r«io •nlMiiiinoft, cxtiiillng a plvaMUitanv 
tiJUUi otlor. toaati In irrefn>Uf iruuaw 
drtHlinff nn tli« H'*. tK'nr Itio Moliiooa lal- 
anda. Viutnfm»(-sr. T^nriintrn, on Iba e4iMl 
vt Currxtiniidc], llrn^il, Auiutica, ritinn, 
[ and Jji|>ui. h in tliiiiiiitit l>r »ofiivi to be 
I pfu>luf.-<l in ilir iii;c8!iiir9 uf i]i«< wliale. 
L Aaibltlcs'trr. AmpKiJtriua ; (Voin 
b^Mta. Imtli. and <r<-.rf«r, ri^Ul. One who 
^VM^ 1">'>< l<nnri« will) e<^nal t'acilit;. 

Aiublu'nlit. Miti'ArnHffO ; abvrlton. 
Aniblyupb'tii. Frau afi^ivt. dull 
ami uAi. luiii'b. Loas qF th« tenso of 
tiKlrli or 4;rnT'rnl fi:vliii|.[t 

.4Ril>l>K'anllp. A pho»phat« at 
ataniliuk mv\ litliiu. n rarenilDtrol. 

AkiMva'iiIa. Ft'xit •fiiXHt dull, 
ail ' vff. JJlinoeu of riglit ; imir- 

iiti -,«. 

ArablyopliL DlMMomm. Sliort- 

AmhlyopiA Proxlmorum . Lotig- 

AnatHtn** ThvmantliuiDftticvKtktftii 
la iftKir!) Uu-jte Wnift iir-e Uxliwl- 

AtM'breoM. .tm'-rftu. A uli runnvd 
trt'Tii j«iiil>Nio«cul wiUi a wilirittt'I* Vatrti. 

Ambro'lC Arid. A iKV'iibr acid 
obtattMHt Uj traaliitg aiubniaa with nitric 

Am'bivla^. Jmhrtina. Tli* fattj 
aal>4tunc« wbleh fomtii lli« gi-Mici- jiarl 
of atnborfris, and i» wmewliat unaUj^amj 
to cbolecierlae. 

Am'bnlanoe. Proin nmhuhr*; to 
inotv at>oiit. A Jlglit waKvn, fiiiliis)ii-il 
Willi «Tarjrililitg MotNuar^ for atti-ud'ugj 
npan t)i« womdoil in tL» fteJd uf boU] 
Lk; alw na«<l for ooDvv;ia|[ Tuonled 

Anbiu'llon. ^nAuafto; from nm- 
itt rif, to liurn. A liurn or vcald. 

Alii'«lln. A &eir baw pr*oii>il«led 
In Uw nlkalino MtliiliuD, fi'Oin wliivti divIb- 
Biia lioa b«cn d«i>«»tt«d, oo Ic'iuK aui»vr- 
MttiriUcsI will) iu'imSc acid. 

AmHln'lc Arid. Anacid^neratctl 
I'V tin- a.'tiiKi i)f i>)iK>Htn) ii|M>n culToin. 

Aincnomii'nln. ■Iix'tmim. ptvaaant. 
A gay or i-ln-cTiil fiitm of ouuiia. 

Amrnorrbfr'tt. From «, prlv., j»riv 
a rauntJi, aiul ^m, in ilout. A pnrtiol or 
totally nbolnictt^l iii«n»t run lion. 

AucnM'ccAiiB. R«sc«iV)ing Aa 
atnvnc r>r thurix; growiuf; ia nn amrnL 

Anic>ii'llu. From a, prlv..aod 
til* miml. Iiulietllliycf mind. 

Amm;!'. The l-iitcrprincipk prodooed'^ 
by dtg«ii»ling Dliri< tu'<>I •m rnw nlk. 

Anvr'IfHii C'cnluiir}-. :l'u!ibAlia 

American Dittany. Cuaila tnariana. 

AnMrtoAn H0U«bor«. V^ral rum d- 

Ameiioa& tpeoacuanha. Kuptior* 
bla ipuciK'tianlia, nnil KilUnui Irifotinta. 

Ajnerloan Sanlole. HencItenAnMr- 

Amexioan Senna. Coiaia RiarilAn- 

Ameoioan SpUconiu^ Aralta race 

Am'clhyM. Froina,pri<r„an(I/(r#w, 
to be InloiUalod. ruii>l» rock orjrctal, a 
vurii't.T of (juarix. 

Aiiiflri*. Intomp^rADc*. 

Anilitn'ibaM. Fruin a, prW„ aail' 
maivu, Iri jwllulo. Uuiintain llnx : fl^V-M- 
Ins, nn in<s>mbti«iibl« mineral, ooofiistinff 
(if llnu*ilkf fibrvs. 

.4iii'ld<Ha. -SalliM compoundn rnfl(a1n> 
iaf! n liaac roiDpoHe'l of oufl atvm of nitro- 
gen and two of hvdrwci'n. 

Amld'ln. Till- ■<ilul)l« part of stnrph, 
itliiriined by Mlution of tli« Utter in iiot 



Aniitt'oK^'n. A contpouDi] or nitro- 
(Ci-n nuil liytlrojrtm, VH* viittinic In rom- 
MiiiuiiiD uiili B Ton- metslf antl orgtmio 
KibslADcn. Km« ngtitin ti a« Uie tasla 
of oil ilio (uuiDoiiifirJil romimunda. Ao- 
ronling la him. Kmrnonis u an amide (Ad 
11). ADd ftmrnooinni k eutttmide (Ad BJ 
of Ii>-drOK«Q- It* •JMh^i'I I* Ad. 

Am'llln«>. AmpUn. A liqaM hyiiro- 
rarlion. i>btHine<l bjr ilUiillinp hfilratcd 
oxide of Htnjl with aohrdrviu {ilioitpliorii.' 

.ifii'tna. A triin. 

Ani'ml. A gvnuv of ambellifcrotw 
plants ; It ish op's- weed, compmiog Mrdrsl 
kpcdes, of wbli^h the Ammi m/^ti* tUr- 
nlvliM ArofiiAiic *tti«, tovmtriy tmploj'ud 
BB a cnrmiaalive and tnnio. 

Ammo'nia. A tramparent, oolor- 
lou, elastic, dlcAlliHF gut, of a p«n«tr*linf( 
odor and acrUl tasta, obtaliMd b; lk« dv- 
atrnotive dbtillntlon of nnimal mailer*. 
It !• vompoHMl af ibr^^ft |tnrtji li/drof^n 
Btid (too nitTOgco. and ii sappDiwd to con- 
lain a motalUc boM. anrnmiStim, Bj 
PrlesllfV it wiw ^alli-d nUtthnu .m>. It 
b <-idI«d tbo Tolatilc alkali, to distingtiisli 
It from Uie fixed alkaU««. aodn an3 poUwb. 
Ita prefect itnme is d«riv«d from mJ ttm- 
ntotiMc, of wlikh it coiiatUnte* a biuie. 

Ammu'nluo. Mnrintoof .\iiinionia. 

Ainmuiit'iii'iil .il'nm. Adonldo 
■alt coutiieting of sulphate of smrnonia and 

Amiuo'nlftco. A t^rm pr»fii«d to 
m)I4 iu wKJcli ammonia has beon added 
in MilKcirnI (|iinn;ity to oomlMne with 
liotti i1ii> acid and ilie btue. 

Aminoiii'nonitt. Gum-ammnniac. 
Tho inspiwalwl jiiirx- of the Ihrtma sm- 
fflonjnrsivi. ao ninbellU'emns plant whicb 
prowa in Persia. It U Urou^ht to llila 
conntfy in Hnuill white gluhalos, cldRteml 
toe«tlier. or in Iniopsof a brawniah dolor. 
I>(iM, ^r. X to XXX. 

Amnio'iilie AcctallM IJqiior. 
Aqvn ammonia af^tttta. A soUdlon of 
nputnl^ "f Hiiiri:onm. 

AmmonUe Carbonan. Snbc^arbon- 
Ale of ammonia. It b jtiimalanC, antacid, 
i)tai>horeLte. nitd antta|ik«uiod»c. Do»e. gr. 

T lO XT. 

Ammonlffi Uquor. M^aur of am- 
monia. Spiritai of hnrtflMint. A ooRom- 
trAt«d sololion of snitaoDta. 

AnuDDniae Mutiaa. Muriat« of am> 

monia. It ia aperient and ditiretie, bat 
neMotn u.tcd internally. Rxieniallj. i) la 
»oipl(iji4>d, prodticimr cold daring ita *olu- 
tion, in inRatnnuttlotu, Ac 

Aioioonla Nitras. Xitrato aC am- 
mooia. CompOMKi of iiilrio aiid awl am- 
monia. It is dinrelio and deobetreent. 
Externally it in dincHtient and oiahi^iigBa. 

Ammoniw Phos'plias. Pliosiihat* 
of annnpnia; eioitaol. diaphurelic. aad 
diwutivut. H t> rvouniDivudcd in ffont 
and rttL-timatisiR, an a solvent fortiricai-id 
cfilnnloB and for diaeaaea of tlie lilhlo add 

AmmoBlie Subcaxbtmaa. Sobcar- 
bonaie uf ammonia. Soe Caiibo.vxtk ov 


Ammcmlai SnlxsarbonattB Uqnor. 
A aolation of fiDl»carbonai« of ammonia. 

AmmonleB Snlpbaa. Sniphal* of 
amroonia. Formed by ftdding ±ulpiiarIo 
ni'ld lo «h1 ammnnlip, ur lo niniiiunlamt 
li<[nor. ll«iprop«rtt«fi aro Minilar ti,>thoee 
of marince of amn>onia. 

Ammoniie Tartraa. A ult com- 
}M]«wil «r tnriarir nrid and' ammonia. 

Atwwuimijft Valflriaoaa. Vulerian- 
ate of ammonln. UMod in nenropatbio 
afli>oli«n&, libe ralenan, dfc 8«« Vaut-- 
iua:(ATK OP ANMo:tiA. 

Ammo'nlaiM. A namo cWon to ■ 
hyjwDiotiral romi<oiini) of brdrofrpn aad 
nitroitco, NUk the supposed n>«<*lli« boae 
of itmntmia. 

AmmMil'arrl. A compotmd of am- 
monia uim] a ineldllto ocidv. 

Atnnr'alii. Proma,|>riv,, nnd^miotr, 
momon,-. Loss of memory; forgetfulaeM. 

Ain'till l.l<|nor. Th« fluid con- 
tainoJ in x\iii amnion. Seo Aicnoo. 

LlQDOB oil. 

Am'nlAB. Amniat. The innermoaL 
DHKnbrano which surroands tlta fcctiu im 
vlen». In Jlobmg, ibd innermost mem- 
brane wlilch siirrotmd* tlie aewlfl. 

Aiu'nl«H,lJ4|»oroC lifwrAm- 
»ii. The Hull) exhaled by tire omniea, 
and trhicli envnlopi the fataw dnrinft the 
wlioU period of ut«ro-g<*lntion. The 
falw Ll^tnor Amnll in the lliiid foniatntxl 
betwix^n i)i<i nninion and chorion, in ilia 
early pcrimlit of fwtal «xi»t«n«e. 

Ani'iilolHlr. Amniotic add tioak- 
bloacl with a baet\ 

Aronlol'lc AeM. Saom m iDttr 




AniA'ainin. A genus of ZiUfAt' 
rar^otu plant*. 
AtQontuin Oardaino'i&iini. Caf- 

Atmvmum miimt. IjxafT runlnmoinuRi, 
ttn EmI India plan% tlie seeds of which, 
«lirn rbnri-il. intjinrt tn ilie mituUi k 
irraleru] aromnlir wdrnith. 

AxDomum. Oranum ParadlAl CW- 
riirmomiimmi^tu. Thv plnnt irliidi nflbrds 
lti« irmin* if [wni'liM, op the greater car- 
lUmouimti wv^li^ 

AnKsnuin Se'pena. Tl»e plant pro- 
diirin^ csrtUtiiuin *e*-'\ : liut Ihl* In cliiflllr 
ol'tuine'] frudi the Alpiaia CiudaiDoninnL. 

Amomuin Vcruin. Ttie une stonj- 

Amomum Zbi«ib«r. Tbe pl«nt whi«b 
oflbnlg piciiTor. 

Aiuor'plin. The oaioe of a ^enos 
irf |ilunt*of llip iin!i-r firfiinJrii*, (rf wliiftli 
onlf one «|)eri«f> b known. Tbe brulMd 
rttni of itiii In ukl to pAMSU inll-odOD* 

.Iniorph'am. Oruiirregi]lar«h*|M; 
williiiiiC » ( I rl 4^11 mill 13 form. 

Amorphoue Quln'ln«. Tho mb- 
«tant-« QiiiiioliltiK? ; m> nimud b«o»nM ita 
■altsmnnni Iw crj-itnlliroil, 

j(Bip«l'U' .%<*lil. .^n ftoid obuiaed 
from lnIf iiT {-itntitintxi! KcliiM. 

AnplinrlH'IrroH. From n/>«<. hotli. 
nndo^u^i^^, l»l\ liaiKiitd. Awkwnn) witli 
tlii^ bamla; oppoKtl hi ainbiJoxtcr. 

Amptiemerl'nin. Prom of*^, and 
V^n^, a 'jiiotiillan (aver. 

Ani'plil. ^ifi- A Greek propovitioD, 
at*A m» n prHti, di^ifi'iuf; aboDt, on all 
iLlivi. A.''*, 

AmpliLuHfaru'plik. Proni s^#4, botli, 
uai) ■/ji3,i>.«Tjf. an art inn, \ miXiil 
B'fJ'*ttltiti'tn. in wliipli thv arlinulsr wir* 
fi^ - iitilt^l l)y nit intor- 

III' < , wliirli oilinilK of but 

Uule inotkio. as tlie rerlebne hf Itie in- 
l«rrtTt«W»I e«rtitnin'«. 

Ampklblon*. CiipntilD uf linng 
tn l«>t oUmoniR. nlr and water, aa the 
cnxKMltl*. beaver, froi;, Ac 

AmplilblrMml'dvA. Frotn ofi^- 
^Syt)/w 11 ft^c ticiil ml,-., a reaeniblumi 

fotiriilrir ; llkr -i n't. 

Atnphftlfnrthro'ata, From aifc, 

lioUi. -i 'le arlifrnla- 

tiwj, ) itrliciilftllon 

iiaD aeaiiTDnl t<v lViii*li>iv. WcaiuK it par- 
take* both of (TM^h mil* anO artlirodia. 

Ani'pborB. Froin a/tfoflnx, that 
which (iftn be <-arr1*d on bolli »i<!*«, by 
reioaon of Ita two haodlM. A meanre 
used hj the Romans. eoBtoining, as is eap- 
poaeil, nbotit iiinu pillonn. 

Amphor'lc. K4>Motuuic«. From 
iuitfiA0ra, H veMel. A stetliuscajtio sooml 
like that h«ard on blowing ioti>ii ilcsinntvr. 

Ampnl'lll. A tcnnB[iplie<lin <!!^<;"i- 
utrg, LQ a larg«-h«I!it.xl buttlv ; ia .liwil- 
»my, to the dilaloJ part of the membra- 
nanentiKMnilcliviilarrntialln themr; and 
ill PiithpUffy, to a watar-tilnilUur oo the 
»lda ; hence pcrophigus is eoiuetinies called 
Fthri* ftmp'illMti. 

AtupiillHM «^H«. 8«ffi AuniM Am- 

Ampul'InlK. Din. or ampulLt, a 
botil*^. A teiin BometimiM sppliiMl in 
AnaUmt/, toasaa atiglitlTeahirged In Uia 

ABipula'lloit. AmpaUitio: ftomnm- 
pHtar*, Co <!ut (itr. The removal of • limb, 
or any |>rq|eciing jinit of tbe body, by 
mean* of a caltinit insininienL 

Amput&tlOQ, CiroiUar. Wbera lh» 
inieKuments and ninaclea are divided dr- 

Amputation, Tlap, When one ivr 
Iwii l)ii[-n nr<i left w iMlocovvi ibcelninp 
wlii^n the limb has t)«eu remored. 

Amputatton, Joint. Rrarf-i^ult'tio. 
Whkii tbe limb ut reinoTcd al an orlkula- 

.Imjreriiu Fromo,prip.. andyi«i»f, 
martovr. A uionetrosity, in which there 
hi n pAiTial or compleLe absence of tlie 
xpinal marrow. 

Amjir'tfala, Crom ivi<fw, to elrain 
milk, rnmi (ho n'Mrmblnnceof ihcMnnrbcd 
ntiniin<l tncnnl. urriiilk Klrainvl and sepa- 
rated frofa its semin. Tbe aiTimnd, uf 
n-liicb Ihore ore iwn Viniln, the nmgsJtxln 
iinuini, and ntayyJaU ilaieU. I'tiB tonsils 
arc ftl«* called ((wyyii/iw. 

AmyK<Iala Amara. The bitter n1- 

Amygdala Dtiltds. Tlie sweet nl- 
inoD'l. Sw; Oil or .\i.)iomi». 

AmyBdniR' IMeuui. OU of al- 
mondu, wfal<^li Mt. 

AmjR'tlale. Tbu tonxil. 

Amyc'dnllne. The bitter [xlnclplft 
of almrtOil*, 

AnrKdalUbi. Amtndala^iLttUm- 
stl*. TnftainniatioQ of tlie tonaUs. 

AKT 49 

iftntj-g'dnlold. Amfy'dala, ha ol- 
tQoti'l, nn<l tfiTuf, fomi. Ilnrins tliv Fonii 
of an aliiioD'); ai the ami ^Jaloid ^Untl*. 

Amj'^dulitB. Tbeoommonaliiiund 

Amygdalus Oommunla. The •.t»- 
looiaito iiAinc of cha iitaot firiin whicli tlio 
t:oiiuiion nlinon'I is proourct). 

Amygdalua Per'aloBr. Tlic peAcJi 

Am'yl. Thft raJieal of a claw of 
liodic^ r<«oiiilitinK llie Tllhrl t^oriev. ll 
Us lis now olitxiiK.'ri. it coIhHokb, Irans- 
pftTcnt diii'l, »r flilgtitiv eth«nc mlor, ubJ 
TKTving livit«. It i* fmiDil iia an oKvliy- 
drnte iu OimI oil from jiolato wJikko}-. 
ltd formula U CwHa- 

Amyla'roons. IlaTliig the proper- 
tU« uf «lurrh. 

AM'ylvne. A componnd of 04(aBl 
fMifts of carbon ami hrdru);ea. Obtained 
\>j ilUtilliiig fiiM-1 (lit Willi n)ilciriO<M>r tine. 
A tiAro'tie [WiMin, S«e AxjMTitBTi(«. 

A 'ni} In til. .Surfih. 

Ainyliiiri Miuiiatm. ArroT>rool. 

Am'yos. Weak in muitrlo. 

Ainyo'iilM. Iiiipcrforuta iria. 

Am'yoiH. Unit, ntnscle. Vitbont 
nuK-lA. HmIiI^m. 

Anirrldn'rew. An onJor of diro- 
t^lnluiiaai plant*, aboundinijr In fVngi-ant 

Am'jrrtea A geana of planta abouod- 
lag la realn. 

Ainyrls Bnomifara. Tko |i1ant fi-nni 
whk]) t\t9ffim tlemi is obtained. 

Amyris Onofuteosls. Tint nmae of 
tlii> pUnt from wliicb llii< opohiltamum it 
tfblniiifil, T)i« butiu vf Gil«iiil tru«. 

Amjrx'la. Froiu <3, priv., uitl ^icfo, n 
mouuB. [>i;li4!iQDoy uf tniiiMia. 

A 'nil. A word, io mcdicitt jrrt*rrip- 
Uon4. liipuWmf. of cncli. Iu nltbrviin- 
tinDa, & and uii, are more fre«)nently ein- 
pl«jud. ll u alM ni'td hs a pcv'ix, 
di-uiiliii^- fAr-y.v/A. itAMrc. ttpiearJ, Ac. 

Anab'HHlH. From aw,?ol1■i^ I im- 
oewl. Adgtotalation or {mvox^sih of di»- 

Aailbvx'lit. From «««,}vrru, to cough 
np. E)ip«c1or«liou. 

AaMblvp'Hbi. Trom mti. aicnin, and 
(Ulrru. (o E«» lEecorory of wight. 

Anab'ulc From atv, op. and ^^J^*, 
Tcaat. Vomiting: cxpectorutioa. 

ABabroell«'atB. Fnim on, ■gain, 


onil ^fM^iu, tA abaorb. Beabtorjitinn nf 

ADnrHTdln'ccte. Tfaecasbew tribe 
of (liRotfiAdonooii iitantA, whloh aliMind 
in reMtioiit, aometiuee acrid, and very 


Anavar'dlnnt. A gunns of planu 
uf tbe Older Anttairdineea. 

Anacardlum Oooidentale. The «•• 
sli^w nnt. 

Anaosfdiiuo, OQ of. A volatile' oil 
diixillcil from the eaatiutr not. ll is puir- 
crfnll/ Irritant and TCtucant. 

AoAcanUum Orientele. Tb* lb- 

lace A blMUL 

Aaacatliar'BlB. From a»% upward, 
and w$*ifita; (0 parge. I'lugation Dp- 
yrard: oipe^mraliim. 

AnacatbarllvUR. Kxpocnxttol or 

ABJirlimnp'Hl*. EaaftuidfltL 

Aaiu'la'MtK. From invi*>/t(^ to b^nd 
back. H«( iirviitorp of nny |iart. 

Aaacallc'iaH. Fnim mt, tfifother, 
and Ka>.<l«u, I ^Iiiv. A I'rillTriiim (Himpoiwd 
of aR;;'"'>iaiini; Rib^tntm^cd, an.! «inck on 
tho fori-licji'l : itloo, linitiri^ m^ditiiio*. 

Annroiic'liyllii'aitm. From ovnvff- 
jpuij,'u, to Konnd M h aholL A )riirgiiri*iti; 
so catled, beRiiuBo it tnnkc» a noW in tbo 
thmat lilie the «ound of a sfaoll. 

Aancle'ahi. From av«i,raofini, to re- 
cover. Itccoverjr of Btmtigtb; tecovory 
from alcknvMi. 

Anadlplo'nbl. From nn, <i)mib, 
nnd ^i-?^tu, 1 double. A rfdouMini; ur 
ri-viBvnt return or pKroxyuuia, or iIin* 

Amtd'oni. Excuriiitiun. 

Aiiie'uila. From a, pHv., and alua. 
hlood. Exaangninitf : dotit-iviii-j ol tilootl, 
itriniig «ithur from ropi-ntcl hi'fnorrllngea 
orditoaM. nnd charade ria-d b.r lutenen 
nf Iho (nee. lips, ami gpnonil snrfli.-c of tlie 
bi^dv; quick, foublv puUu, iiu[rairt*l appe- 
tite, &c- 

.liUPtnol'roplaj'. .iHtrtutlrapMa; 
from a, prir., mita, bliK>il. atui rfx-^if, otmt- 
ifihnient. l>cricicoGf of unguincou* aoar- 

AmcMbc'Kla. From a, prir^ tai 
luafianiMu, 1 feel. Waui of fmllng; kM 
of th« wuM of toucJi; iD)H.fUdbd[tj. 

Auairtbe'Ue. IVriAlnlng lo vattt 
of feelings na «nmlAttie agmU, tboM 
whidt pr«veDt IttVuvg. 




Aiueethe'tlo Agents. Th« ogenta 
ernplofed to prevent pain during Rurgical 
operAtioDB and parturitioD. The mhala- 
tlon of the vapor of ether, chlorofona, or 
of nitroaa oxide gas will have this effeot. 
The practicabilitj of producing it by the 
inhalation of a gaseoos aubstanoe origi- 
nated with Dr. H. Wella, a dentist of Hart- 
ford, Ct., bnt the credit of foil; detnon- 
vtniting that the inlialation of the vapor 
of aulpharic ether would do it, has been 
very generally awarded to Dr. W. T. G, 
Korton, a dentist of Boston, thongh the 
idea of employing this particnlar agent in 
this way, is said to have been suggested 
to him by Dr. 0. T. Jackson, an eminent 
chemist of that city. More recently. Pro- 
fessor Simpson, of Edinburgh, discovered 
that the vapor of chloroform would pro- 
duce the Boine effect, and more promptly 
than that of ether. A recently published 
article by Dr. J. Marion Sims, presents a 
strong array of evidence to prove the 
claims of Dr. Crawford W. Long, of 
Oooi^a, as the discoverer of the anes- 
thetic properties of ether. A mixture of 
chloroform and ether, known as chloric 
ether, is also used to produce nnfestheaia. 
Its advocates claim for it the prompt ac- 
tion of chloroform, and tlie safety of ether. 
Another mixture for inhalation, known as 
strong chloric ether, or as alcoholic solu- 
tion of chloroform, has been recommended 
by Dr. Warren. Other agents have also 
been used, suoh as chlorohydrio and nitric 
ethers, blsulpliuret of carbon, chloride of 
olefiant gas, amylene, benzine, aldehyde, 
light coal-tar naphtha, &c. See Nitbocs 
OxiDB Gas. 

Much judgment and care are required in 
the employment of these agents, as loss 
of life has resalted from their nse in a 
number of instances. In general surgery, 
and during parturition, they may be often 
n^. no doubt with great advantage, but 
they should seldom be resorted to in bo 
nmple an operation as ttie extraction of a 
tooth. See Rkscscitatios. 

A variety of instruments have been in- 
vented from which to inhale the vapor of 
these agents, but the usual method of ad- 
ministration consists in pouring three or 
four teaspoonfuls of ether, or from fifty 
to a hundred and twenty drops of chloro- 
form, into the interior of a hollow sponge, 
or on a pocket handkerchief or napkin, 

and holding it to the mouth and nose. In 
this way the vapor may be freely inltaled, 
and the desired effect will generally be 
produced in from seven to ten minutes 
with the former, and in from thirty sec- 
onds to two minutes with the latter. 
Rapid and deep respiration of the ordi- 
nary air is claimed by Dr. W. A. Bone- 
vill OS a partial on esthetic. 

Aneeethetlos, Local. The fatality at- 
tending the inhalation of the vapors of 
auffistbetic agents, led to the introduction 
of what are known as local aiuEtthetie*. 
Among the earliest of these is the method 
of producing insensibility of a part by ap- 
plying a mixture composed of two parts 
of ice and one of salt. An instrument for 
applying this mixture to the tooth to be 
extracted, and the gum surrounding it, is 
known as Branch's Apparatus. See 
Branoh'b Apparatus. The danger from 
this mixture is in reducing the tempera- 
ture of the parts so low, that reaction will 
not follow, the result of which is loss of 
vitality and sloughing. 

Another apparatus, known as Richard- 
son's Spray Apparatus, invented by Dr. 
Be^j. W. Richardson, of London, nets upon 
the principle of directing on a part of the 
body, such as a tooth and the surrounding 
gnm, a volatile liquid, absoliiie other, 
having a boiling-point at or below blood- 
heat, in a stale of tine subdivision or 
spray, such a suhdiviBton being produced 
by the action of air, or other gaseous sub- 
stance on the volatile liquid to be dis- 
persed. Dr. Richardson prefei-a absolute 
etlier, for use in this way, to any other 
tluid. Some prefer rhigiilene to produce 
the freezing, as being more sure, more 
convenient, and more easily I'ontrolled. 
See Rioiiardbon's Spkav Appakatus. See 


Another method of producing local an- 
testhei^iii i.-< by the application of the ulec- 
tro-giUviuiic current. One pole of the 
battery, either the positive or iie(.Mtivo. is 
attflclied to the handle of the fui'iepa, and 
the other to a cylinder of lin, ivliich is 
held liy the patient. The liaiidles nf the 
force[>s are either wrapped witli silk, or 
coated with some non-conduct ing suh- 
stance, as gum-sliellac, to iHivent the 
shock from being communicuied to the 
operator. This method was brought to 
the notice of the dental profession by Mr. 




Praack in 18S8, bnt u ^try uncerUin in 
iM ramlts. Uan; other mnliod-! for pn>- 
dacing loeal anvsthMA Iibt^ lie^n tried, 
neb M compr«^i'>n, tlt« nM of b«otiniU- 
Ing or obtuodiDg niUlar«», &o. B«c Pu» 

AMBMhetiM'IfftB. Tk6 MBditian 
of the nwvon') svtti-m iinluced hy onars- 

Aancal'IU Arren'iilK. Suriet 
plnipenttil ; a plant of tlio order Primu- 

A'linl. r>'rtBiiiinj^ to tli^ aniift. 

AB«r<ltn. UcfcciWc Dairitioo. 

AaHl4*p'Hl9. From amKoft^ouu, to 
rc«lor«. Kidwvi'rjf of MTCoinh «ft«f dii*- 
«ti»r. In A'wrjrrry, the »«]ii'<iii of a frac- 
Uircd limb \ty iii«ntuuf ■ *iiit»U« ftpj>a> 

Analrp'llc* Rwiorutiv^^ iiji;<li«(l to 
in«<liciu«> »ii<l fuod wbirh rc»lor« hcnltli 
and Asederate thu i»rojp-eaa of canroJoa- 

A nalo'nliK. From orniieut, to con- 
Kiinuv Alni|>)iv; wjutling. 

AnHl'yHlH. From ani?.i<b>, to rc«>lvc. 
The M!|iamtiiia of nuv eomponnd suh- 
siMica into lu primary and voiutUiiunt 
paria or •;teiiiviil'*> 

AttlimiifM'tlc. Fn>ni niiraf^ivvniM tn 
romerttlii-r. A t«mi Hotn»tiine^ applMxl vt 
nivJiviiu'i whiob liav« tit« elTtcl of iiiT!|;- 
oraliD); aiul imprurini; the uicinorr. 

An'Mndrla. Want of iimobood. 

An'ii|>liin. \.n** i>i >H!n«i' of taiioh. 

Alifl|>h»i-f x'lH. From «tvtOAyn'tn>u, 
to i;rin>) down. Ilie r«dnctioD of Kay- 
tbiu^ <o a finv i^otrdci*. 

AnN|>hr«Hlltt'la. From <t, priv., 
and ai^fAiTv, tlio lir(«tan naini) r>f Vnnu*. 
lTti;M>k'i)c«; from organic, ftiuclional, or 
oibcr mux-*. 

An'npliuitlp. Siirpoal nrtof irfliM- 
planiiiij^ tU|'<i of shin or intecumetit ; also 
nu a;;cni; wliiWi incmufn t.Iiu amoant ol' 
tUiitcie In llic Mutxl. 

All'MpluM}'. A.a, a^n; a»l rJ-oBUM, 
li; fonn. t>nrgical operations for reslom- 
tioB (d'1<Mt |ittrt>, orforreparalton of cer- 
tain dvrof>niti<u>, or nattirnl dcfoeta in the 
Mmrtnn' of t!i« iHxIy. 

Auniil<>ro'«lM. From ntwrXnpmt, to 
mi af(ain. Tlia reilitiition of waated pArla. 

AHMplen'MlN. Kri)iniiiiir?j4s(odual. 
\jaowava of aD exfuliatdl liotio, or of a 
400tb. For tlid lall«r, Mt> CioupiiiAau. 

Annplo'Hln. From mo, ud »n>m*, 
I unfoIiL Hii'l r»M. (jrovtJi. 
Annpavn'MlH. From aianvw, to re- 

ppire. KMpirntioD. 

AnMp'noc ]{e*]>iratioo. 

AnaptOKb*. From oHrnrru, to lUl 
back, A relnpae. 

AiiMrrlifr'n. From an, it|i, mid iww, 
to How. An Hill UK of fluid tu ili« li«ad or 
towards (Kt» Bjtper part uf llie l<{>d5. 

Annr'llirnif. WiUioot a joint, 

AtlMMnr en. From mo. lbroii(;K and 
<n,»f, flcah. lt(Mieral dropay. or an aom- 
uolation of •drum in tbs cvltolst town- 

AnWiCal'tic. From RwrvUfa^ 10 
ooDlra<^L Styjitic ni«diciaea. 

Anil»l<iui«'«l». From ova. tlinw|^, 
and rr4#in. a muuib, Tlio pummunieatioa 
uf brandies Iff vimbcU willi «n«h ulbor, 

AnaMlOKIo'tl«4 Amutawotu^tu. M«d- 
icin«8 which v«re lhuu{{ht (o op4n tbo 
pore* and tituulh^ of veoools. 

Au'ttUiMe. Pvrnniidat tttat^nm or«. 
It U pare tiiauit* acid. It onaara Ui oeia- 
hcdral or tubular C17M4IS. lie color ia 
brown of variooa aliadea, pajudns into 
indip> bl»« or grooniKli-yallov b^ iraoa- 
miltcd liKhU It i» Hid to BocoraiMnr 
natire Hianrum in the ida)n> fniin the iron 
famar«« in Orantfo Contitjr, New Tork. 

AnAt'ams*. From am, and rc^nnv 
tocfil. Tlie diMix;tianurur]pitiiEcd bodin 
HO nu lo ex|io«e tlie «trtietnre, ultitstloB, 
fiiid UW" of t\tv vsridiis parm. Tho word, 
Q» At preMni n««d, ha» rtifiTi^nr'ft ai«o to 
tlip ntidv oT tho |)arls oforgnniMHl bodiei 
nnd lli«ir me. la n vrord. it maj^ be 
propcHj" rallvd ibe strlenne of ormuilai- 
tion. though it in commoaly liuiliA] to the 
»tudy of the human bodv. 

Anatomy, OomDara.tlv«. Zootomj. 
The comporativi- Khhlf of the orgRtw of 
animals jttnerallj. 

Anatmny, Descriptive. The anat- 
omy of the varioas orsuos nf the hunukn 
body, incladint; l)idr shape, mutual rela- 
tions. &c. 

Anittomjr, Oeneral. ThiR tr»Bta of 
tho Atraotnrw and proportiM of tbo dlH**!^ 
ent ti»ii«a rotmnoa to m\'eml onniiiw 
■•mlirncinK an einmlnation of Ihs g»Di»ral 
charncTpr« of a11 tho ori^ana and hWDat«. 

Anatomy, Morbid, or Pncholosl- 
oal. Tim tr«at9 of diseased Maioa or 
altarattoiu of alractura. 




Ajist'omy, Special. Tliis tr«ats of 
tito liMilthjr vlatc vf tlio oTKuns of a tinglo 

Anatomy, Surgloal. An erainina- 
tion of tli« vuriuut orgniu;, with spMikl 
rtferwife lo aitriin^rr. 

An atomy. TrAiMO«nd<mtB]. Tlio 
aiTCfij^AiioD of tht plan or inixlcl upon 
v> ti li-h tti« liriog frame anil it» or^iw ant 

Anatnr'ala. Frvm on*, aad nrpow, 
to {wrrnrntn. A perforatloo Uk« that 
RiHilv by tr<K|>ftniiiD(r. 

Anot'rlbc* Anolripti*. From suv 

uftbt. \a mh. Frirtioa n|>oi) itie body. 

.In'niroii. Soda. 

Au'iUr»|M'. Turuin^. 

Aniiu'tllii. From a. prir.. aod ordf, 
(lie f^tt-L-li. i'rlvalUin of *^iut\\. I'alii- 

Annzoln'iia. From «r, and fuv^Min, 
atate, nntl myui'. ariii«. A Tarwtf of 
abnmw 4lii)r«»U, in wlti«h tb«r« i« n iIg- 
flcI«i>C7of mo. 

Aa'chllops. From ayx'- no'u' to, 
»D<] w«', the r^c. An iaIlMnniaCorj lamor 
in iUv inner niiL'li' of llio ere, 

.t ncliuni'l tM. A nama appUvd ui 
ih* rtvriioiil {'roFcaa. 

AnHiUMi. A KQiitwnf iiIantHof tlio 
order Jttfajfitt*tr. 

Anohuaa OfflotnalltL Tb« officinal 

Anchuea Tlnoto'tiB. Tb* nllcana of 
tLi! riijii'riini>0|iiKiaA; tlio uUttHtt pliinl. 
D«eil in iiicchanicjil dentiflr; lo c(^or trai 
U)T tokliiK tmpiiMBloiis. 

Anrlin'Mln. A rcsinotis c«loni>K 
maiti-r. i-ttniru-il from alkancl. 

AnrliylO'MlM. Aiy-gtMit. AnJrylotU. 
Fr^'fii nr>>T j^.crooktd. A •lifl'jclnl. Truo 
Am ljjio<Ui t« A joint pi>niiaiit:til1y n^H. 
l'MX*e AnrbjrltMt* ia a Miff ji>int iloi-int^I 

Anofaytoela of L>ower Jaw. Silif- 
n#*« unil hmniitillllj' iir ihv l<'in[>iiro-inai- 
lllnrv artiiuUtion. It rcnulto froin obrouie 
rlii-iiiiutLJMii or guilt, or olil atrv. or Ahiiii 
..• of th« »(miv"nil nit'infT^nc, 
'b" JMini, or jiilii-iiUr *»iiTfl<-» 
or «i 'Ik* bnmi. Furitiiiiiti-lr, 

aa ll • 14 of tore, it U an alTei- 

ti<ru i>r rare oocnrrfiDCC. 

Am'eoa. From ayan^, «ibow, The 
«lbov; tbj) ulveranun pfo(>«aior the otaa. 

Aoconir'os. Fi>ori n/un, tli« allow. 

Tbo name of a ninBc]« aimaiwl on tbs 
bock or Ibv elbow. 

AnoonsBUS Bxtemus. Trinvpa m- 
ttnwir cnliili. 

iiiron'oid. ]lc»ciuliIiog; llio elbovr. 

Aliv'lcr. A fibula or rlasp to cod- 
noct Ilia ailg«« of n wouml. 

AncvHBiKn'ta. A tn«t»trnaUng 

An 'cm. From a^nuv, th* elbow. Jl 
diiturUJ vr MilT •^II>ow, 

Ancyl«bl**|»h'anM. TxvmaynX^ 
MiDtrafliion. and |33(4d^av>, an e,vclid. A 
(liMaac of ths ej«, bj whiob the cj^clida 

AnejIofflMCimm. From a>vi'>i;. 
contmcltDn. and }}.ueea, tlio Ioii«[D«. 

Ancylct'Hitu Anr^ltxIoislM. 

An'dn. An KiiplinrbiACfoitt iroc of 
Itru/il- Friim tbo m-iil an ifi! in iibininml 
pnRsi<K«in^ strong raUnLTlta properliiM, 
whicii hfts also an emetic eH'i>ct. Tli« 
elicit IK sMtring^ent. 

Aii<l(>. Brvalh. 

AntlI'm. A ^oq> of ptanla of tho 
order J/immoz. 

Andlra iDermla. Tfi« ntbbnga Imi. 

Andnuuil'oni). Aiwh man. bnd 
wvnyHn, to viK tip. r>i»Miclion of ifie 
bumao boJv. [t«nii-u1iiHv tb« male. 

Andr«K'}-|infi. From «vf^ n innn, 
yiTo. a woman. An lionniiphrodiie. An 
effeminate man. 

Andrttiua'ula. From a*wi • ni«n, 
and uai'iu. fury. N'Trnpliomiuila. 

AnilroHi'i-dn. A ^enns t>f idania 
of tbo on)«r Jiriaatra. Attnn^oni nn4 

Audramsda ArborMi. 'Hid non-nt 
tree. The leave* bav* an acid linl«, iind 
liuvu bc«n UH.'d in <tc>-<>ctIoa in f«Ti>ra. 

AodromAda Marla'na. Urand-leav- 
cdmoorwort; It-nthor iMf. 

Aiidn»mto'lit. Aadnfl^am ; finia 
av<ti', a iiinn, nnd rr^i<u, to vnt. Tb» ilia- 
BMtion of tba liumait Um}y. 

An'dmnii A uume glvon bv Kivmp- 
fpr to u Sfwcies of tiydrtiori*. wioiuv.'trd 
witb ■^IvpbnntiHfi'i, endomlo In the aotitb 
of A-»i» 

AiM^'blnm, Fram omSoivu. io tv- 
c«ni]. Tlio nlknn«t \i w> called bwnnse 
of Its i]ni('k Krawth. 

Anocpye'tnn. Tbat wbi«h u not 
like) J to luppurale. 



Anciuom'eivr. Kroiu attfutc, wfisd. 
anil p"r,.n. a niMMire. An iii«tmin«nl 
for luawiiriDj; itiv furci; or velocttjr of llie 

Anrni'on4>. A imins of RiuiaMala- 

CuotlB |^nllI^. lln- «ilil tlvWCT. 

Anemoce Hepat'ioa. The Jltymtita 
nabihi, iir hi^-li (riuiljr- 
Anomotw Komoro'ea. The syatcm- 

Rtir ]i;<irje of /I'mnucu/vi iif/iv*. 

Anemono Praten'ste. MvudowitwiD- 
Ancma'nlii. A camphor obu!n«d 

}i'itj(ittitlri, ttiiO }'r*tUa»i». Its fonniil* 
in,. ibnlml witli l«iryt4 w«tur, ii 
is convcritH] into tin/nonir aeiii, C^UiOi. 
Anrufcpli'alntt. IVvni a, priv., 
tyATM^'Ur. tJie tiraio. A rooDaiiv vilbuut 

.iii4'ii(-n:'i». Debititr. 

Aiii'n'lvrfkiiit. Fi'Oiii cvrrjinv, an is* 
tcalinu. Wiiboui InUrtiB**. 

Aii4''niH. From niiwM, lo remrL B»- 
iiru*ii>ii iif II ilioCAHv nr nvinplocn. 

Aiifl>'lhum. A j;«Duii of ouilHtllifer- 
(iiH [ilaiit!!. 

Anetbuni Fcento'ulitm. Tli« f<DDii>- 

llllllll of l)ii' (lliljtt; KU'lXit fl'lini't, 

AnothuiD Orav'ooloDB. XIm ava- 
touimic Unilu' of aliLtUtiui. Dill. 

AiiPl'lpn. Kroiii e\i\iu, to rpniit. 
Mtnliiiu^* il.iii «aw pa'iD. ADoJtUM. 

An'flaHi Afnnc. • reminiua. A 
gciivric a.itiip Tur JnleniiilltfnL fuvor. 

An'Onrbtlli. Ai^Tiamaltr^ttnurrvfMf 
MO. Ill ilitiiUi or dixtv'ihl. A ttiinur formod 
by tlie ditatAtiun of nn onery, or of lli« 
beurt. Tlicrc arc ihrc« vsriclkn of an* 
eorlnii. 1. When iho Mood In ilie <11likiei] 
Mriviy iI(M-« nut r«-fl]uj. Hut i« ctiiurvd by 
ti>9 nrtvnAl piiats, il id ciille'l Tf»< an- 
nrrinut. 2. Vbi'D lliirrc in nn ii['niinj[in 
tlie nri«rr. ami (lie blood MW(i[i<^'b inio Ibe 
C«1)>ilnr tiwiiie. irliiiOi form» a «« nrotind 
It, il i* ralird Fnlu or •ftpuriitwji aiteurimt. 
S. When, in nfienint; a voId. an nrivry U 
wmiciJei), ami li]oiti o»ca|H-4 lot-i livt v«in, 
anil miiw« Ii ti> Wcuinv raricusuL it is L-aIl«l 
Viirir-.'tf .lamrum^ 

Aneurism hy ADas'tomo'els. A 
pitrpli; i>|><>l in children, vaiu^ by odoi- 
tomosi* of the ininato arteries. 

Anaarinm of Haart. Enlargement 
«r dilatation of the heart 

Ancnriii'iiuil. Itetouglog to iua» 

Aneurtemal Needle. A fitniwt tn- 
slnitiiiMit for giavtiniT n l>cuinr« uuder an 
artvry in onler lo tie il. IThhI in u[iara* 
tlon* for anonriun. 

Anourlamal Snc or Csrsfc. T1» »r 
or ponch nf an aiieuri<i[n. 

AneurlxmiU Vorlx. Tbo rlilalatlon 
and pi.ils.tii'>R of a vein froni the pa>«ui^ 
of blood iii<<' il from nn fkrttry. 

Aal>m<rlno»'lt)'. Aufnfttu; tmin 
am. around, and /Vvc^r«, brokvn. A w lull- 
ing or oiirvalnta; applied in JiiiiU>Mg U> 
a windiof; di!|*ro8eiun or gmara. The fur- 
r«w« whi<:b'M:|>anUfi Uia roiiTotntioit» of 
ib» bruin are called etrArat nt^f'riteluMi- 

AnRf'Inl. From aynuiv a roucl. 
Vaucular: almuudlitg wJUi, or full of 
tuttiiite rc*»fiJ*. 

AuK<*IorOK,'l> !^CV ANfltOLOVT. 

Antfi'iopnibl'a. From «>7<mv, a 
iroNMil, ntid na&tc, a ditwaM. IHmmso of 
the Towels 

AnK^lunlro'Hfai. Frutn un^un.-. a 
vo84«l. and lertu^ti, oeMtiCfltioa. OmIA- 
oation of riMMtil*. 

AiiKcloCniii}'. See Atoiotomt. 

AiiKcricji. s<j (Hil>>d from iia nap- 
posed angtiic vii uies. A Bctuua nf umbel- 
liferous plaut«; ibe jtimlin nnKclIra, the 
roots (ff wlttrh have u fru^rHol <Aut and 
-pUUKv'Qt U»tv, \ivs9t:m\avi Mvmn\'K and 
nnrniiiiative pn>pi>rlii-a. Tlicy arc uicd 
by ihc I.nplnnilcr>i in puctorol atTeirticina. 

Aogelioa Arobaogeli'oak. The name 
fur tbc snerticn of \.\\e shops. 

Atieelloa Sylves'tiiB. Wildimirtlica. 

Anvel'lc Acid. Anacid fi)ui»<l willi 
rateriniiii' acid in tbe jootji iif tiivfflim. 
FuriiiMlft. ll(>,f,.H,<V 

Anijtfli'iiii* C'otiox. Hie liarit of 
a tree of Orenada, niltt^d by that tuuiie. 
Anihvliaintic and cathartic. 

Aa|El4^*'lnfiiM. Ajj-t'ov, a wsmA, and 
firnai{, Gitcn»ion. Dilatation of a vcsm I, 
as anenriim. ^n. 

Anffl'nn. From •tnf^rc, to «tran$l«. 
lolluiiimuiioii of the throat and oir-iioa* 

An gi n a Unllgna. MatignAnt eor* 

An gli i a Parotidea. The tniimpH. 

Asfflna Poo'toris. Adi8«nit<>cliarao- 
teriaed by aevcra pnln obool tha luwor 




at Ih* ftt^mnm. Ai<i-omfnnki1 with 
Oillinill br«ntlitUK. inl[)itAt>i>n (tf lliK 
lifmrl. nnd ^nM aoxivty. Noiirftl^iA of 
thv litnrt. DiMMM« of tlw ucrvM vf llic 

Angl'naTonsillaJ^ Cvfuu«li« ten- 
liltoriv Qnin*y. 

AoKina TraohaaUa. Crnnnoho tni- 
cliGftlh. Omnp. 

u)j"™> * TcMcl. auJ i-imAw. I d«»cril>o. 
A dt»eti\AM!n of ihe viiitel* of ihe 

.tn|[lornK7. AnQtiahy'ia: fmm o)- 
fTMii. a vi'iisi:. iibi) ^)n>^, ft iliu>nliri>ii>. I'lio 
il<>i'lriii<> <•( liiK vo«eI». 

.tnKtop'aihy. AugiopathU; from 

aJ7rin». ■ VWmI, anil rrfnr, tllMXlM. A 
IWIM a|iplki] ill /'ofjSfl/njy to PABCnUr 

OioewMi, Rr ■ orartiid afTfcttun of tlie ree- 

.inKloplrro'ttto, Vmmtifywv, and 
f„ niplctinn. Ktiipnirenwnt of th« 
Is : raMNlsr r«nitcMKto, 
AMglOt'»tiljr. Attpidtomia : from Of 
}«Mi-, n VMwt, un<l r((ii%j, to cut, DUxL-f^ 

lion of thr VflHvtM. 

twu Man. stniglit ur ciirrL-d; ttie point 
vtiere tvo line* or iitrfAr«« )ncc4. In 
Anntomj/. tho tPTin la a|>|iliml to' |»rt* 
whicli l)»w an Hn^niW slmgi^, ns the CX' 
tcniHl And htliK^jil hhiiI* or rli« ejM, tho 
Uic^n iif th« Irtwcr jaw, Ac. 

Angle, Fa'oial. TIk- riu-uil siiitle. ftc- 
conllnu to r*riti(ir. In fonm.-'l liy lh« iinlrtn 
of twolinwn; hIhj ilfwwn frmii tUc innrt 
)iraitiitte»L pnrt of lli« foroli«ivd to Ili« 
rd?!- "' llif nlrtKiln'- Imnlrr iif rlii- upper 
-4: tliculfi«r. frpm 
'! <temii''lnlti«*jiiin* 

{KiiiiL hi ilic •liu^ ui' iliU nniili! It In itni'l 
tb* rvbti*« ptr>(nirti(itii« of tho cnmiiim 
lutil bootiutvbe ati-^MaiiiM, nnd \u s r«r- 
tMBcxirnt. it m thouglit bj'Kunie. Iral vrilli 
In* ranrh prntiabililwof Ixiith ili« niitlior 
h itikI'Ia '1 ur. the iiTnonnl: of int^lli- 
(Knt'v p'HHnwil tiy I n't ivi' limit and rnii- 
nul<. Tbrw l[n^» fonn tin nnalo, in ibe 
»h(lovflriolSw «r Ibe Imniun *j«!ol»s, of 
•Wnt Wl"; in lhi> niym, of from M* to 
TO*. In ■U«-fniilnc ilie si^lu of nniinals 
ilii> aii^lo :;ri><iM !«'■< jiod leaa UDtll It 
ftltni<«l (.'[irtrfl.Y 'li^njiitour*. 

Anvlo.OpUc. VtMiAlanpIe: tlioiin;:to 
fomad b}- two rajrs of light procMdlnjj 


{mm dtfTcrent pojntj), Diitl meoling la tbe 
pupil of ibe *•}». 

An'KOHC Ftoin ayxu, to (triin);l«. 
A ni.Tv<nc!i ronairictitm of (lie fiiuvfs. In 
bjrilcrif.iki wiiMK'n. nttviiclml with n f«el- 
in^t of <iiiir*waiioo. JIwvoii* ipiliwr. 

An'R«r> InlffDHi; pnui uboal Iht* «pi- 
gMtriiim. .iiitini)(>it with groat uuivt]'. ind 
ofUo wirh pfllpitaiion. 

An'gnlnr. An'ju}aTii>: ttngiht, no 
angle. Hi'lout:!!))!! lo nii aniilo- 

Angxilar Artery. Tlio »nd of tba 
fiielal artcrr, wtiiph mD»riil«le« nt tliu 
Inner ild« of ll)« orbit with lW opbltint- 
III i A nri«r,r. 

Angular ProoMMS. T)i« orI>4iAPX 
proetane* of llie o« fKtoliA. 

Angular Vsln. 1*1hi win trblvli nc- 
coinpatiiex tlie ansntnr ui-lwry. 

.knKiiln'rlM N<-»palir. Tlui it 
lor angiili uapiilrp, 

AnfCWHlti'rn BMrk. Tho prtMluct 
of a South .Aincrirna ttvirnrniiMi tnw. It 
poRseesM t>itl«r, ammniic t'lnic propi>r- 
i\in. Aod \» but litEl« inferior to l.lie Cio- 
i-lioOA ti«rli, 

Angtutura Bajit. Psto». A poii-nn- 
om iMirlt, w)ii<-li uii4 (•iiin^riyootimioniillv 
nilxpil with llie goiiuuM> iiniTUi'tiirH burk. 
and wtU<<h prodiu^d lutiic unlucky itud- 
d«nl«- It rnniiiln« th« alkaloid hrti^it. 

Angafrtur'ln. A iKtitrAl prinripK 
oMnintNl li/ mbmltltnir ili« ali'oboli« ilnr- 
t»r« of anguitars hark to N|toiitaDOOua 
«vapo ration. 

.tnlivlu'llMi. Auhrlatttt: thrm 
«nti'/', I [wnt. Wiortncas of bivnlb; 
pnnlinf;. cviiipUiiiativ of lv»ion <>f tb(? 
pnlmonarr funrliooa. Short and rapid 

.iulifrilUM. P«niu)g. 

AnblMC'uiii*. Without orgnnW lux- 

Anlij'drllp. A»liy(Irooft||^p«uiii. 

Anhj-'drotiN. From a, |iHv., and 
tAjfi, water. A Icnn appliwi in fAmu- 
trif to a Mit which ooniains nn wal«r of 
rryst nlliutiMU ; nlto, to uiy tHiIfalanrc <ie- 
privvd of wni«r. 

An'll. Hie plant from which \tidlgo 
ia prv' pared. 

.tnll'lr or lnill|[«»l'li' Add. An 
a«ld forinc'd bjr the action nf niiiic add 
on indi^. 

An'llliH>. An nlknloM obtained by 
llio dcMTUdiifln of vnrioui orgaaW nuh- 




sUncM. It H ■ volatile, colorluu, pan* 
Rent Itqnid. F<wintila, C^H,. It is 
ttmud in coal, tw mJ, uid in Dipp«l'B olL 

An'lmn. From acr^iof. wind or brMlh. 
A wonl ust-d to tlcnutv tb« princiitlc of 
life. At»o. n wuL ur tlie tDtclkom») uiBni- 
r<Mtntluiuof iBAii. 

ADimn Aloee. I'ctincd alov*. 

Anima Uepatls. Snl uutrtis; Bnlpbata 
of (roil. 

Anima Puliaoouin. Tbe ■onl of Iho 
luDgs. A luune given lo haAWio, (m nc- 
cutiiit of lt» boliig usi,>(l in ititbtiMS. 

Anima Rhabarbari. Tbe b««t rbu- 

Anima Sutuml. Sugar of load. 

Anlma Veueris. A pr«i>nraIioa of 

An'tmnl. An orgairiiod nnimntod 
bein^. i?inl..w(«d with ihe jvower of loco- 
iDOliun. Tlio ti;nn. iK-mrdinx to H» ooiii- 
mon arccptocion. ia nislricloil to irntlMiiinl 
arMtur««. Animals arc divided b; Cuvier 
into four olaMoa, viz.; 1, Verttlrntta; i. 
Jtotltuof; 3. Artifvlata; and ^. Ruiiatn. 
The r^rtehraieii onlmalft ar« tboM vliich 
bav9 a f]iinai cobinin. cixdj-om^I of rurto- 
l>rH!: the rm-Utara are ttioHe wlii^b Ituve 
hmD lMHlii>9(. tvilh iiii (Miwiuii fniiiiiiH'ork, 
afl llio »iivll-fUi ; tltc artievlnltti itrc tliOM 
(tIiosc l7Uilk*» niv iiit[>|i»rt«<l t<v a bard tX' 
lerniil t'nvvlfipu, (liriili.«1 into nnmorous 
pit!C*», articulnlvd Iv^vtber br a mem- 
bnuio in sacb a manner na to admit of 
free niAiioo, and which are morcd br 
incDM of miisok-tf iittauhcd to thorn in- 
lerlori;r ; th« niJiatrd, bnve all tbclr parli 
attarhivl in a rtmular matiiier, with tlivir 
iiifriilh iu lh« rcnirc. 

Animal. Ailjiinii-e. Thai which Ire- 
liinjfK ((> iir ronrf-rtiit tiiiitnak. 

Animal Acid. An acid entftlinx in 
niiiitinl tiiMlieit, ur which caii be obtained 
ffurii I hem. 

Animal Alknll. Ammonia or to1«- 
tik- ulliHii. 

Animal Charcoal. S«e Oiuhcoai, 

A KIM A I.. 

Animal BcoaoniT- Tlic conduct of 
naluru ill tlicjiniiHirvailon of ibeorganitnL 
Tbo urganixin ilaett 

Animal He«t. Tbv hvut or caloric 
of iIk ImhIv of a liviiiit otiimnl. rMQltini; 
friim. and nereasar; to, ita riiality. and 
which «n«ble* il to preatrve nckrlr a tiiii- 

fonn temporaturo, whatarw ma; b« tba 
ext«nia] changiM. 

An'lmal Jetly. Sco flitt^Tix. 

Animal ELinffdom. The whole aariM 
oraniioaitxi beings, from man lo thelowMl 

Anbnal Hasnetism. Mumerkm. A 
theory of F. Mesmer. of tlie year 177". Te- 
fi^rrtiiit ull plicnurnvmi uf life to a nrnxnelio 
dnid, nnivcrsollv diif\iMd. which fluid, it ia 
nlle(^. i« Indaeaccd hf extemnl agents, 
Wpvciallr by certain llidiridiliiI«|>«CtllUr1y 
endowed with Diabetic power. 

AnlBuU'tnilo. A very stmall aniuul, 
inviitibl^ U> thu nskod 0t«. A inii<>roi>«^pio 
animal. Tboeeb<«i knovrn are: 1. fi\/'M- 
avry Animnleii*», /n/tJutria. Obnwrwd tn 
nMirly all lliiidti impta-gnalrd with an^ 
animal or veKdatile MilialaiK-e. S. Uptr- 
malic AHimiilettUt. .'^iippoHMl tu liava 
b*'on iliscovt-rwi in th» 'viiii'ii, 

Aaimullua'tlon. Tb« transforma- 
tion of the nnlritivr pflrt«(if food into the 
lirinf! stnicturea of the hodj. 

AK'Imc Unmml. A remooai nb- 
slauce obtained from the trnuk of Z^ 
fUfnira Mtttlaril. or locn«t-lroe. 

An'lmnn. See A:cima. 

Ad'Iod. a term applied by Faraday 
tu the bwly which |M«#e« to th« poaitlr* 
poto — to the anm/« of tlio dc«atnvodng 
body —na It l.i wiiaratod by eUiclriciiy. 

Anlfi«lte' de BmirdPAux. A 
Frfflch li>iuor made by distilling ani«e, 
fennel, uinl rorlandcr seed, with brandy, 
aiigar, and wattT, 

An'MNeinlDA. AniM>«d. Th«»Mda 
of the Piriipiuvllaaiiisum, Much osod u 
a oarmi native. 

Anl'^nm. Pimplnella avisnm; tlie 
nni»p plant, 

An'kle. Tfic mnllpnltiR. 

.4iik)'l«t»lcph'iiiwn. From oTipiZf , 
n clafp, and 0>j«oim; the crolid, Adb*- 
aton of the ey«!id« to each other. 

AnkyloftlOK'ttla. From o}**^, 
crooked, or eoniractcd, and yhjava, tho 
lonitiio. Itealrlcieid or impaired tnoUaa 
of tli(> tori^iv. 

AnkyloBietis'inaK. Frxxn a;nlf, 
a mnlraclion. ami ^riinf, a ]>«rt. ilorUd 
&dh«t>ii>n helwwn parts. 

Ank} I»'hI»«. t^e« AycOTLoau. 

Ankjlot'oiuaa. From m^wtH^t 
irrooktNl, and ri/iKtv, to cut. A cnrrsd 





toh«tt. ToImlM anilt'oolslavily, ufj^Me. 
(Colli, (ir iiiliiT iiii-labi. 

Annenl'laK. The prfxita ot tp^y- 
intr lii'Ol til a mcUl for tbo imriiow of r«- 
niuvinir britlloneM and incr^aKing its ilito* 
tilitT nod niflUeAblHly. GIit«^ U i-tHi<lef«<l 
IiMa frmuililo bv tbo Hiinc pro<:«m. With- 
uiit nnnenling. glius Hiei t» pieces very 
rMdilj, u nm; be M«n in Prioco Rtipeft'a 
drufi!'. lo BHiii; of tha arts tlio prurcaa 
of aoHaling U « niaLl«r of preM Uiipor* 
t&iwyt, nai in none imirootltiin that at the 
dniti^t. (lerUiD lomia <if go4d «n|iluxe<l 
for flilinit ItMtU. tiiilvu lhoroa|[hlr iml 
tiDifontiW Anncalo']. ctinnot hv inirwln^vd, 
in « AulKoii-iilly ihiinm^h «nil 3ul)>luiitlal 
innntivr. Ui prevtint if* linhttilv ot cuiiiiiii; 
out. itm) «1 the 3ain« lim^ lu tvrare Eh« 
perfvot prt^crTitiion of th« urgnu. Jte- 
c«nil« prepnrcd gM tail iloca not rHjilire 
nnticAliDji, bnt ftflor il has Ixren expiMcd 
for t)<>m« tin>« lo tlio indurnw of tb* Kt> 
tDiMphero. ihtH procMtt Is aecmautj. 

[■uriiifr iho pruocn of nuknnrMtiirinK 
gold into foil, it ifl necoearr freqacntlj' to 

bj«<ci It la th« proeeiw of uuimIIdk, 

liich ivin4i»(ii, ufti^rit is rvdiintd tulenti.'A, 
llilii'iitini:tw:h lvitr»vpnritli;lT loaclictry- 
m) h«Ht, oltlior o)cr ihu l)iiuii.> uf n i>|iiri(> 
)>nip. or iH) A (ilnlo of «tun« or RHi(«1. over 
• rnrnMiv. Itnt in uin«ftlinii ir<>l(i f"iK 'lif* 
ferrnt mc^rhofls arc adopioi) l>]r ditTorent 
luanufJif-inrinv. (ii«e GiiLtt Fmi^f In au- 
ovnliuic levld. diirinf: il« pieporaliuu fur 
plklc. less nlcel.T l» mjuiri-il. It Himiiljr 
onn*t>U»lti ttriiiKlitii thi> niriiil, Hfl«r il ItM 
li««i ca»i into itifi"'*. Morv it be j''""- 
bliitl. iinil (il'^t fri-i|ui'tillv iIoriiiK ilN Initii- 
natioti, Ici*cli<>iTy-ri><l. hT[iiiltiBgtli«goUl | 
W|nni nlinrmittl, rirritlfHM-iK-ntii. whicli bsvfi 
m more o<|iiuI iiik) liiri>lT Aatiiv. Kiid ouver- 
Ine it qnile iipmid takiU); uare that th« 
thin porta vf the irold do oot li«c(Hn« 
lKiti<:r thkn tho thk-k. Whrn tbo e<Ad 
Itu bv thi« piwou acviaired ite proper 
beat, it bIiohM be ren]fiv»d lo hot uh«l 
Iv omi. nilliuiit rMiiiiift hi cwiiUot. inure 
iKkd piiultjlo. n^lth the oulO air. br wbieli 
iu ic^rniKi-ultirv wonlil ha tan niiddctily 
cban|if«I. Iliit tn^M ai»l »vi-ii eiiTer are 
not *u nmrb ittftH-tMl by a Miildtin iranai* 
liuD tnxm bi'nl tu niiM, lu >n> insiij of 
Uw other ineliklA jct It dooa, lo auufl 
ntejit, {rctoiim tbuir brlttlapofc 6m 

from annutvt, a Iiti!« rin(t. The lowett 
onler i>f CiiYiurc i'Ium Artirvlnfa. Thoif 
bixlj- rrontiMf of a nniiitiKr of AOfttuunl*. 
«M-h nf nliich it) a ciii?. Tlio lc«di luid 
(■art)) -norm li«'h>tii; lo thi» wnlur. 

Anil<»l'l«. Afntitl-i. A hrowiiith- 
ni mibiKsnci; ohtainril fruin tb« pi.-IltrIiM 
of tlie seeds of the Bint ortHana, a Sooth 
Anioiican triM. In ibe Art* Ithiu be«n 
utvd for dtriMuK xtlkn and cutlvn an uraii|rD- 
yetlow ; and la Pharnttttj/, to oolor pliia- 

An'nDlart Ainularui; fWnn anNs- 
/tw. n niiir. l^liapH) liku a rlnit. 

Annular Bone. CirrulMf Mitu*. A 
Cirriiliir I'Oiiv, .-lilUKtiM Lfforn the CAVitJ' 
of \.\w liiiii'^iinin in ilu" fij-tiig. 

Annular Cartilage. The crieoid «ar- 
tilitiK of the larf DK i> so callGd from Ita 
rewrnblnnce to a rinp. 

Annular Lienmoiita. A namii f^ven 
to corlaiu li^atiietitowi b)Uid«, ns th« an- 
ni>/iir tiyanunt uf i)i« ntrfiw. whivh u of 
n librti-eartila|^noa« »ti-iicinre, mid wbicli, 
will) the leeoer BlfEiiioid i)ic cilii- 
l\u, fontm a rii»t anmiid th« biwd uf th« 
rndiofl; and Ihe iinwlnr lignrnruf of lliu 
enrjtw a»d (anvm, to cocb of wUwh (hei'O 
are 1 wo. * 

Anntilar Vain. The oaniu of a vein 
ftiiiaicd h(rtwc«n tite annular, or ring 
dngcr, and littlofttigror. 

An'nnlnrls. The finger between lh« 
litliu and niiildl« tinj|;«rfl i« »o called, )>» 
canae this i« the ooe uu wbicli the wud- 
(llng-rlng I* worn. 

An'MUlMlCa ijiii>«la'i>4. Tumivltod 
with rin^ or belts; Mirroumk-tl by rii^ca. 

.4ii'Dnlait. A riiiK, In Aaitlmn}/, o 
eimilnr oritiro travorimd by n tul>*, vranol, 
or ulber orK'iit.i. lu Ifotang, tliu name uf 
the itii'iiibmno Mbich Kurruuiid* lti« ■t«m 
of the fun^i. 

Annulus Abdanlxils. Tlie nbdcnnl-' 
nal nag. 

AnnulUB AlUdtia. The cdlUrr li|^> 
moDt. or circle. 

Annulua Oralis. The ruuwli^ burder 
on Ihn Mfitnm, occupying th« pl'icc uf tlio 
fbrsmeD ovale In tba fistiiB. 

A'no. A prwflx. denoiins abor*. 

Av'odv. From um, upward, unil .ultc, 
away. 11iat jiart uf Uta nirfiKC of a body 
■)pc<>nipiisiD|r nndvr tlie iniluearv uf eluQ* 
liicilf, St which the enrrvBt eaUn; th» 




plate oi nii>tal fonnb^ tlia pcwitiro p(>l« 
of a bat Wry. 

An'odlc. TeodiDic npward. 

All'fHinn. From n, |iriv., aQ<1 imImt. 
a Irinili. Ill Xtatofff, the tiBtne of a jrmn« 
of lamrUihranehiatt hhnlra. tlic nlicll i>f 
wliWli has iM artioolnr prooMsos, or tveib, 
•1 th9 liiti^'. 

An'wdoVK. £J^nln}uf. FVotDo,priv., 
sikI oAmit, a lootfa. Villioal tc«Ui; loolti* 

Aa''oil>'ne. Jn«<jy>itiii. From ay, 
priv.. hikI odiiq, pain. A inedHbe vrhlcli 
r«li«i'M pflin: M.i oiilnni nod hcllailonna. 

Anodyiw, Hofftnnn'«. -SJ-iWiw* .£VA«- 
ri» ilulj'hiriri /.'"mjMVtilus ; wblHi wc 

An'mljiila. AIjh'iumi nt [>niH; iii- 

AniMt'yiinni SInr'llnl*'. Amnio- 
nio^lilMriile (if iron, iHwiqjiiiatvd Irou 
WBtor liv poTaioia, 

Anndyixum MinenUe, Nitrato of 

Anonmlolro'pliy. Frani a, priv., 
owoAof, tvKulitr, auU r^«9V, iHfurisliiDvnt. 
InvKalar nutrition of origsni. 

Anoin'nlona. From a, pr\v., Hnd 
oy*n/w, rttrnliir. IriYKniar; dcmtivn from 
lliul wliirJi i« nniornl. In Mnlifinf, eoini'- 
tiling tinn«iia1 tn tho syniptomf which 
pmpcrly Wloiijt to a ilixMMj. In ftJvulol- 
et/j/, ■HMiJi-lliiiH! tiniistiinil in Dip oonrui-uia- 
llun fw ^•ruu-lli of a toolli. or of the 
alrimlar a(-(ilto»; and in JJattti Palhofvyjt, 
to tli« ph«n«ineoa of the dUeasea to which 
the ImtIi are liable 

Aaoin'aly. OvvUiltonfromordiDAr? 
Inwa; na nmnflirrM mmii in lli« d««vUi]i> 
nent «>f o(>n»in orinins or i>arta of Iht 

Anaiiioc<>pli'iiliiH. From a. priv.. 
toitar, rule, am) wfaJtih ti^ail. Having n 
d«fiirniv<l ticn't. 

Anom'pbalm. From <r. prir.. n;i<W- 
J«(, the BiveL Wlilwnt a nav*i. 

Anonn'ci-ip. The f"'irlh order of tli« 
JnulKUun (>\'Nt«nt. it mniains nine Ki'^cra. 
all two* i)r Mirutj*. and mnwiy iropir-al. 

AMan'XM«m<. From «, pri<r^ and 
mtiftii. Dnmiv WilLoiit n name. 

Aao'pliroilln'lae. From ui-. priv.. 
•hd aifM'i-!;. V rim*. T!ks oppoiitu trf 
Alilir<wli«iii<'; wliioli aoc. 

AnoplilliHl'miiH. Auamamtitt. 
From or, priv., and ••tdn^iof, an cja. A 
BioiiBl«r wliiiDUt e/ea. 

Aaop'Kla. Ftuin Bv. prir^ end «<», 
the eye. A eaBaof monBtrosit^, In which 
th« Kye mil] oriiit ar« want^n^. 

Anftr>llldf>ii, Froni nr, pHv., and 
'flX't- *> (^licl^- Su'<h n* are born vlth- 
ovt lctiti('lv» nrtr au tcmicO. 

Anorfx'Ifi. Fntiii nv, yt\v., and 
0|Uf>r. apiK'tittV TV'nnt of appollt* wltH- 
ovt loathtDK of food. 

Apor'nial. Altn«rm/il ; from imtr- 
law. witboni rule, irropilar; not in ■«- 
oordanov with urOiiiar:' Uwa. 

Anwrlhop'ln. Frxxn op»ot. npt^^R, 
and nfvr, vit'uni. Viaiim in n-IiIi-Ii p«rwns 
arv uual>l<r to d«l«riuiiM vrlivn ut>Jceta Kta 
niit lAimlli'l ur mit nyninwlrim). 

AlMW'lll. llenlrh. 

Anos'nla. From a. priv,. and M^q^ 
odor. \a»« of iho i*C0M< of *lii<;lliii||[. 

AnMcrl'tia. Silver wimh], or vlld 

Antnr'idH. From anti, i^ain>t. and 
neida, ncidi. A^nta whicfa u«alraUi» 
•cidiiv bj comhininir with ihn arid an^l 
cvDDtcmctiog it, an prrparvU dialk and 
lime-wal«r: al«u medlcim-* whWJi rifinvtra 
iicJdliT lnth« Momn^'h, b« the cartionar** 
tff aoJa, tDomctiia. dee. 

Anliis^onlM. .■inliifftmi»ln ; roan- 
icmt'iinf;, A t«Tm apjilied. in AM^l*m]f. 
to mnM'.Iro « hl<'h avt In iippntitllttn to 
each otht^r, as the flexors ami vitvowr* 
of a limb. 

AmIiiI'bIi'. From arrf. a^nat, Ksd 
af.j^. paiiL Uodi«inoa vlitch rdlar* 

.4n(iirknlln«. From m-n. agaiBat. 
and iilhili, an alkali. Hint which nen- 
tmliicA nlkalifn. 

AnUiphrodte'lar. Antiphrodifie; 
fi-om mrt, a^inst. and (i4t>«ii0.«Har. a»hro< 
■U«inpaL K lerni appllMl \a mnllduw 
ahich f«|>r«Mlhi)g<)tiiln) a|>ptftito. 

Antapoalo'uN. From atTURo^iAfu, 
I return In i>xi-linii)fe. Hui-vnmou nail 
rtrturn of fcbrilo pnro:trinn*. 

Anlarthrll'lr. An(iiTth-itiev»;trtim 
awrt, AftainM. and ap&ptrif, goul. tl«n»> 
dica against pfvtit. 

AaU'bnifh'lal. lidotlng in tlie 

Ante<'cn«li>irila. The pret»onll«t7 
xytitpl '-'111' ".A •Vi3v»>t. 

Antrlu'bla. From an«, bofont, uil 
labiik, i\>a Up*. Ttifl exircinltf ui tha 





;AliU'm'l>nfkl«. From ovrc, tp^ast, 
W3'i|ij)a,>^, 1 nittr. Tbe muiiiiil nev^ 
tion of b.Kit- 

AnlrMt-iu'raoa. From avri, RRninKt, 

tnadiMiU III vrliU-h ibn |>nliisiit alliint>l» 
lib iiwn lifft. 
Ant«a'nfr. In Ztmloyy. corintD Hp- 

pMMlttfTM ln>rDe Ifl t)l0 )>««iil of InMVtA, 

orouiwuiDA. oihI KHue niallitska. 

AolVrior Anr'tii. Thr nnnie of a 
taU'eW "f ttn> wir. 

Anberior laterooetal K«rye. A 
iph of tb» grvnl Intarroalal nvrvit, 

;ven off ifi th« ihnnu. 

Anterior SplLot. Aft|>1iiit ?on>triict«il 
of Iruo wire, tiie invenlion uf I'roT. N. H. 
Kmith, of th* IlnivMJilty *»f Mnrvlnnd. for 
Iho treaimcnt of fhiotiirrfl of tlic k-a. By 
the u*n uf Dil* Bplini. the patient « ith a 
fra^tutpil lilttb 1* [•lai'«<l In a [xisliton »f 
eiUMt ttod nel. ioittvBil of In'ing in ou« ita- 
mornlilt- itml con.*: mined. 

Au«>Tt>r'Nl«ii. Prom anU, twfote, 
asil t*rf", to tiim. I>i«i|>UoMw<>fit of tho 
atcru> ia wliirh ll>rr^ li a m^irbid IndliiU' 
tioB i»f tAi' fiiniliiH fnrwnnl. 

Ant'brUx. Soo Aismiiaji. 

Anllnrlinln'llr. jlnfAi-lMiHrurM; 
(W)ui 1IJ^^ lu^iilust. and (v^^rf, a wann. 
A ntwod.v for Ui« -dutrnction or «xpul- 
ikm of wnnn*. 

An'lliPUiiii. From ai-<*«H to bios- 

m. A gi'dito "f I'laiil* »r tti« Ordvr 
tta. 11iL' nliniiiuiullc. 

Anthrtmlfl Coltila. Tlie Ji;«taiiiatlfl 
uaniv of IIk' {il:>iit caUmI tf^fu/ri fatida. 
MajMci-d. d«i|t-f«unel, or wild cliBino* 

Antben\is Nob 'Ills. Tli« srttl«Mati« 
iMiuu I'l ilii- roniiiioii rJiitmninUA. 

Antbomia Pj'nitlinun. Tbu plaol 
from wliu-li i)ic [lyrailirain U obtained. 
Tli« S|taimh rLaniumiI«. or pcllitoi'r of 

An'lbfr. Ptxvn ov^m^ 1o MoMotn. 
Tbt; itidle M-Maa1 (itKan in [flanla, funn- 
iiV til' wimiiu'- uf ihii •taineti. and otn* 
t«lnltig tb« polira and r«outi<lailtig «ut>- 

AalllP'lilM. From hi-^ka Iu blotum. 
Tha {tenuil vli'.-n Hnwvrs (ixpAn'I. 

AnlfalttVlii. Tho arrtiv«|>riii(ti|ilciif 
a )piin-r(Miii, tiliUioixl f^uin |lii> Anlhiarla 
lAxiMria, tlie BtoM deadly of tli« iip«a 



An'lliony'MFtv^.SiUnt. AooiImt 

luimi' fi»r t'n-«i|iT'Iii«. 

Aa'lhonfc. From nt'n, H(fniti»t, niiil 
Anfift, cormjitiitn. A iitrni a|f]rtiDd in /tot- 
»nf to a KaropeaB «|ieolea of Aounitnni, 
or woIfiiliiii«. 

Afilhnt'riii. From arAfiai, coal, 
Carbuncular cxnntlMtu, An ornplion of 
imiierfeetly iiip|>nrRiipg tumora, miih \n- 
(luratc>I cdgi?s 

Anthracia Peetia, The [ilnffue. 

An'thmrin. A i-olatilo «iib*l.'in^fl 
obtaiDwd from tlia diittilUtii'O of roal In 
C(Hitpai);r with nafilJiaUn. Fnniinla Cm 

Aa'4bmolle. From a>*i>»;. a l>um- 
inir ciml. A >'ii<t'i« of »f-ur -fval, con- 
tainlag no biinmiuoiis jiiibstiinc«. and 
jioldiiig DO iiMlaiauialilc guacs by diiUl- 

Aallira«o'«lB. AnthraHa, 
ffjifft^rMntm. fcoin ari^iai, OoiU. A 
cics uf tartiunclc, wbicli nilai-lui the ej 
lUt* nml pvctialU. 

AnIlinikwk'Mll. r ..(^^V 

unO lafi, jiiitiiuu, A ri' ' Irviit' 

mvint of ciitatirijiifl nlf>t<'iii>iii>, <)i>iisiHtin7 
of carlmnnto of pota^sa, liiiK-walvr, and 

Aatlinix'. From «in»;M{, poiiI A 
hnnJ. c)r<^uniicril>»<1, mflAtnmalory tumor, 
rewmlillng n boll, aeaUrd in n rellular 
m«inbrnD^ nntl ulcin un ttiv btick, wliinh 
M>oii l>u«nin«s gaiigit>noii«, aixl d<»rltarKe« 
AD «xnMil[n|t1y fcftid mnle*. .\ cnrbannla. 

ABllirO''po-. k'roin o.*V*utf«f, a man. 
A pr^^x to many words, fti^iiiljiui; liii- 

Aniliropctg'ony. Aniiropitffenitt ; 
from nSpvwiff, ntta. nod ^nygif. |fi;il«ri»- 
tion, Tbe Mtidy of the (ilicuotuuut uf itio 
g«ii«rniion of ninn. 

An(br«por'ril|»bj. From m^fu- 
roc, a. man, nni) jpu^ to writ* A i*> 
«oi'lptlon I'f ihe haiiian orpinlnn. 

AH(lir*p'o1ilc. From «»#,~r c, • 
titnn. and y-tOof, a atone. A l>at/il!ii«ti>>i| 
uf tiHinan hoiien. 

Aalhr*l>or*irj. ,,^aUiv7v>%K 
Froni stt^iTDr, a man, iinil htyof, a du- 
ootirM. The dix'trino uf the itlraolara 
and functions of Itit hnmaa liody. 

Antlir»p«»m'4'tr}*. From oiiV-ir"!* 
a man, and pirtmr, nu'SHare. Tlic admuus- 
urement of the proj'ortlons of ib« dilTcr- 
cat parta of tlio btiman budy. 




ft maD, Olid poiu, 1 cut. C'«uoib*luiii; 
feeding on bDinnn Aeili. 

Anttir^poftttny-. Avl^mpotamia ; 
from <i><Vx^tVi s nituu uid nytvu, I cut. 
ThH ilvmnptiou of tli« luitnni] hixljr. 

Anthypnot'lv. Anthgpnefieta ; 
frxMn niTi, iiKnin^t, and Mrvwruot, MupelV- 
iog. A retiwiljr agaiiut >l0«p or drowai- 

Anilij'pwchon'driae. AntXypv- 
eionJri'otnu : from <i»t(, ogiiiDct. aai mro- 
toivf/iioidoc, h.vpocliondriao. A rvmetlj tot 
llT^►^>cln>^ninu^iI«, wr lowjpirilwJiKW. 

jkiilh>^li'r'lca. From u>ti, H^iiiosU 
and Mirtpx, tLe wuiub. Mediiuiivs whlcb 
r«Ucv« \ijfUr\tL 

An'tl. Ai^i. A Greek prepoailion 
si^iir.vlng agnlnst, nppoawl to. 

Anll'iideH. 'Hip ii>n»il«i. 

Anltudi'lili. IiiflntiiiuAtiua of llie 

Anlln'frri. From ovtmt. ft tomU, 
And ii'ii-i, II i>"rr. Fu'vUinK ')f ilii' lunnMs. 

Anlliu-llirl('l<>. Antiarlhrit'iaut; 
fixnn ovn, acainst, end itf/d(KT4(, tiie gonL 
A remi-dv a|iu>nst gunU ' 

AntlnMlimai'lc Jntituthtnal'i- 
tilt; fn>tii ni-ri, a{|;n,!riBt, nnil u^/io, lutlirna. 
A remedj against a»tliiua. 

AllllHlr»|>ll'l4>. AnlialrnpA'ieut ; 
tixrtn TtTi, n^«itiBt, ninl sr^M^iD, nn iitrofiltjr. 
A remedy oeaiosL uu-opby or waaUng 

A iiClbra>li Inl Aponeiira'slii. 
A puitiun v( iliv iipuii(;u>\>ii« slwalti. 
whiok eordop* the vtbolv of th* upjwr 
limb, U i« torniMt. 

Anlibrn'mlr. Fi-om uvri, and fi/ru- 
ftat, l'a<i>r. A di-iMlonxei', or deodorant. 
Ad agent that dMtraya otFenaive odoit — 
ae cMoi'idc 'jI'hkIii, etc. 

Aiilirnetioo'lie. AnlwuAo^iiim; 
from nvri. aptioHt. Hiid laxriut, * nu'lioxy. 
A ftiiiivdj OKHliiiil cacLexj or ■ bad JiabU 
of liodj-, 

Anllc'an'(M>ron«. AntUane^n'tv* i 
Anlieitrcino-T. \jIo<i4 ; frvm aifi, a^iiat, 
and taiMnw'ii. ■.'iincv'r. 0]>puM.-(l u> can- 
ear. A riMncdy Afinituit annoer. 

AB<l<'ar'dliini. Front ocn, ii|niin»t, 
awl luipiia. till.* heart. Tlie scntbkuliu 
fiardiH, nr [)ii of ih« iit^iiiacb. 

Aiiltraliirrb'nI. Anlicatttrrlia^'iu; 
from AvTi. B4,iiiiiat, and uimi9«>u(-. a catarrh. 
0]ipu<«d to, nr a reiutdy for, catarrh. 

Anllohelr. Th« thniab. 

An<l«*nr'raluiii> llw sh'to. 

Aatlcol'lc. From luTt, aitaltuit, and 
Aa}.uuif, th« coUe. A roni«djr «^n»t tb* 

AnIl'cuN. Aiit«rfor. 

AnlldiurrlicB'lc. Arom«df agilHt 

Anildl nlc FrcHD avtt. a)n!n*L,aiMl 
rfiwof, vtirt>^'i>. ModioiOMUMd Ufjuiniit cer- 

An'tllltHe. ^ntuf'dtum; Trom orr., 
tgaiosC, and Aiv/u, I girc. A remftdjr fbr 
rotubaliDX or counteruoling ibo eS'ecto of 
imiMiO. Seo rciisojia. 

ADtJ<tota. Bibroa'a. An antldoto bo 
tliu ]>vitoii of tl)o rattieaitako. and otlitr 
s«r|j«DU, vrhirh. wlii^ adminixierMl earl/ 
nnd uuuli»Ui<d for a HutEri«nL Wnnth of 
tiin«, it hu b«un ouDoei>'««l, [iiived e/- 
rerlual. It l» i^mpiMcd of poiaMai imltdi, 
^r. iv; bydrargyri cbluHdi corro^ivi, fj. 
\ji brommii. 3r. H. I>om>, t«u <lrv]>k, in 
a tabteapoonful at wins or brandy : to W 
rt'iicat«d if nPcvMary. Tu ba kept in a 
vell-fltoppod bottlo. 

AnlMyaenler'Ic. A miJgttneer'i- 
eat; from am. ii|jHin«t, and ^Mfrrefw^ a. 
Rax. Op|KMWd to, or r«DMdy lur, dytatt- 

AilllemPt'le. Antinael'ifVM; from 
BIT., against. *nd f/^rtnof, a vomit. That 
which |>reveDta vmuiltD^. 

AnCleplllal'IIV. AntifphUlUaa; 
from aeri, iigiiin''t, and t^oiriK. tb« niKht' 
ninre. ITiiit which is opjiotcd lo night- 

AntlrpllCp'tIc AttU^iUftioat; 
frwni aiTi, AKainvt, and tsiJjiifia, the i({- 
lepay. That wtiieh b ojtpoaad lo epL 

Anttlbb'rUe. JnHtAfrn'fM; from 
m-Ti, agaiaal. and/tffrru, n fovxr. .A f*br>- 
fkifTc. or lliat which oii^Kitfii frror. 

A nllhev'tlv. Anti/iM'ticu*; tnm 
ait I, KjtnilUl. icttKOf, hvctic toTtT. A 
roiticily iipiin&l hectic fev«r. 

.4ulllie'lls. From a>^(, ncnluol, 
and ikii, ilitt IkVk. Th« inner circle 
of iho «nr \s so nameil froro ils oppo- 
sition to the outor, which {• cullvd Om 

AnllbemoiTllold'al. AntiAmmi^ 
rhvidalit; Irotii mri, aKninit, aod mfff, 
sntitu bomorrboids. Rcmediea 
the pUea, 

ABtlllPFpct'lv. AntiAerptfieuM; 
from ovf >, RgwiniiL, aikI ifr^tf, h«rp*>. Tlmt 
«'hich ia o[>[ioscij to lierpet. 

Anllb;druptaob'l«. Antilifdro- 
yhtth'u**; SrtMji mn, agsiDflt, t^ttp, water, 
nnd av/lDr, drexil. OppoMil to h^dro- 

ADlllij^droil'lc AntiligdrKfp' icii4i ; 
tnm avTt, mruiint, «»l •■tfur4^ drapsjr, A 
ntnedr fur drops t. 

Alill'l«lor'lc. Fmim ovri, ii((ftio(t, 
niiil la: ipoi', Jaundice. A remedy ngBinst 
Jan Dill !e. 

Antimh'lMi. AmUliik'iM! tnm 

atrTi. itfUDst, ii9oi, a stoiM. Rvincdic* to 
|irr*i<nt tliR fiinnutitm nf iiriiiarjr mlooli. 
.iMlil«'blntH. Fi-oin atri, ■(•ftinat, 
aoil ?a^, ihr Ikiiiod) of ilie «ar. Tluvt 
|<nTt of eIio nir wtiicli u o{r|M«t« tlw 

Anlllormlr. Anlihi'miefai tkom 
ovrr, afmiRKt. and hufioc. tba plague. Op- 
poM)) ti> ttie plfl^uo. 

Antlmo'niul. Aniim^nia'tk ; th>m 
Anttmonitiat, lutltmonj. A preparation 
in wbii^b antimony !• on ingredient. 

Antlmoalal Powder. A |>uro]ililt? 
of Ktitlmony cuin1>ine«l wiilt |iIius|)hHl« vf 

Anlltuonln'lv t'ttuiil'lruiu. 
C)il''i'i<l» «r iiniiriinny, 

Atitlmo'nln Add. Aeidum *(i- 
buMim. A ctmibinatioD v( ana part of 
■ntimoar with firo of oirgDU (.^>0j). lu 
Mils ar« calleil UDllmonUl^JL The bast 
knowD vftlicHtif nnlimvni-itf ^Uad,tbii 
yapte* 'jelitiit of iJie pnlnt«ra. 

Anllwo'nll «il PttCaa'aw Tar'- 
■ra*. Tnrtiolc i>f Antimony and pota«h. 
Tirijir Eintiir. 

Antlmopil Oxydum. Oiide of anti- 

Antimonll Bulphuiv'tum Praeoipi- 
Uitunt. rr«cipjlai«d salpbarec uf aaij- 

Antimonll Sulphure'tum Bubrum. 
\'.v\ ■iil|i!i(irct uf nniimony. 

AntimonU TortarUatl Vl&um. 
Wine i}f tnrtaHuil antiiiioiiy. 

Aatlmonli Vltrum. Glass of ostl- 

ARllmo'iiloiui .ield. Aei4wtn(i- 

»vm, A uliltw |H>ni|ur rurni«)d by oii- 
^iatiftfCBDliinnny wiihnicrioadd. Itoutlu 
L'ltllud anUn)onit«a. It colon (Iw* 
(iflivdain yelldW. 


Antlmo'nlniu Dijiplior«t'l- 
Cllin. ^^hite ostdo of antimvoi. 

AMllii)0'M)r. A»tiin<mhuit. Vmn 
aiY', ogatDiti, ftid junwAf, nlnna, bovsmw it 
if eot found bIoiic; w, ivccorilinctci^t't'^'^' 
frofu otri. nj^kinat, nixl moine, niiuitik, Tw- 
cjiu(«, OS nmie atlirni. Valentine, by ft 
cAivli'ui iidininivtraliuD <if it, jniMoat^d hia 
l>rot)icr monks. Antimony is a ticoTv, 
•olid, brittle miMalIi« »ubBlaii<>«, aetdom 
found in ila luUiro Matt, It Itiw « *\'\g\.il 
ioolinalion to a mvtalllo lostrv nnd a Htc«]- 
gray color. Iln «yiiiti(il U Sb: lt« coni- 
bining nnmhcr I29.S4. Sp gr. 6.S. 

Antliieiihrlt'lr. AntinrpKrU'kui; 
from awTu. oirniiiiil. and m^ptrrc, inituninu* 
tiin of tbe k>dn«yi. .\ r«a«dy for in 
flaMiiiinioEi iif till' kiiliiyy. 

Aul i n«*tiroiMit li 'Ic. Kervioe. 

.kiilln4'iiroi'le. Nervin«. 

Auti<Mlonlul'Ki<^< Antiod«ntaVfi 
ma; frora avn. agaioRt, ind w6avta>.yia, 
tootlinche. Reinedtea agninst toolbaebe. 
6m OtWNrALoia. 

AnClfHunilj'l'Ic. Anlifaralfft'ictn; 
irnn\ oiti. asniiul, and tro^ioAifif, tbe pal»y. 
iJctlicinv* ii;;iiiiiNt piili>y. 

Aii'llpnrHAln'tto. Indammation of 

Ailllp'Hikjr. Antijnthm ; ttomavTt^ 
afiaini^'M'iion. Av«i^ 
Eion lo pnH icular ubjiM-Ha or thlnpt. 

AnllprrlKl»ril4-. Anliptritlal'ti- 
e«4; from arti, and -iptariU^u, I coinprean 
or GODLraet. Anything which obiariivtH 
tb« pvriftaltic motioo of th9 InivstiuiJ 

.fcnClphnr'mlV. Antifharmi'eug; 
fruiu avrt, af^ioBt, uiid fopfumo^; a jwiiou. 
PrtMinrBtive* Bfcuinat, or reniwlivB for pi^> 
BOO. A Donnter-poiaon. 

.%nflphl*Kl«'U<-. AnHpAl«yiyU- 
rnn; fivm avrt. aiininat. nnd v'^ryu. I burn. 
TIiM wbicli oppoM^ inllaminiilion. 

AntlplithiN'lv. AntifKtJtWicut: 
from ayri. ajfainsi, aod ^mic, coniuini)- 
tion. OpfioMcd to Mtittiimpttoo. 

Anlipli>''iUo. Aftipti^ti'ewt; from 
OITI. nnd avcau. t» blow. A rar- 
niiiitklivtv or roiiU'Jr B^riiin^l tlufnloncu. 

Anllplmt'llc l-'rorn ot-n, ofnioit, 
and vhtaaiti, tofiiriii. riifnvorublelohoal* 
iiw or gniiTii]inii)n. di9'>rgnni3ing. 

AnIlplcurlC'lc AntiyUvritiev*; 
from avTt, airuinM, iind TAtvpint, pleurisy. 
A reiDL-dy agaiiut plvumy. 




Antlpodiig'rlr. AtttIjml»ff'rtp>M ; 
trwn am, atrnia*!, snil t^iayiM, Vrn g<iat. 
Opposed to th-e gont. 

Anllprax'lH. TVom nyn, imniinrt, 
on<l r-p»eeu, I WDrk. A coQirBi7 Mate of 
ditTor^nT |iArt* In t)i« harm IndividnAl. 

AntlpMir'Ip. Pir>iiiavT(,n^-ninftt.iuid 
fufui. the lli'li. Cuiiitire uT tlio Stcli. 

Anll|»r'tc. From ovri^MdEVM*, pus. 
Preventing Mipiiurstion. 

.Anll|>>*r»f'ie. AntijiifTet'iett*; frT<fn 
mTi. Kf^iiiBt, Mill Ti^r<^, fcr«r. Ol>{>«««<l 
lo fever; & febrifittte. 

AallpyrfM'le. Fitim avu, and frtfK 
fira. Cnrative of burns. 

Anlfqaniinnn'rlam. Vrtim avti, 
agoiti*!, find ^rcrrbinA, a qtiirlitD fever. A 
remi-ily fur i[iiiirt*n ferer. 

Anllrmclili'lp. AntiradiiViem; 
ttvta or^i. it^iiin«i. nnd rivKitit. th« ritlk- 
etA. 0|i|>(Me<l Ici tlie ricltetiL 

AaUrrhl'naRi. A g«ntis of pIiuiU 
of tbo order Sert/pAttliiriiua. 

Antlrrblnum Blatl'ne. Thei^aiom- 
Atic name of tliv pluni CAllod fluotten, or 
female speed weU. I'be elatlne of tlie 

AnIiM'ol'IC. AntitMt'ieut; tnnti 
avtt, ngiittfl. iiud ou']«f. a worm. Op- 
pOMd lo tcomif. Anllielminli)'. 

AnliHCorbu'tlv. .1 ndVnrfti'liVu*; 
frutn atti. ii^'iiiiie't. uai\ tatrb'ttvA, llic 
wurvT. Keiiiediifi fur ihe wiirvy. 

.inllNcrofulow*. JtiMti-HfiKt'tfu*. 
OppoMid r.o ^crofiilo. 

AiiliM^P'lie. .<! iiA>«ir^U«M ; from 
am, flpliOHt, And >ti;>tu, U> pntrofr. That 
wblcliLaoppoBcdtupuirefACtiou. Applied 
to mliMjineei nIiIcIi piMsintfi Ilia power uf 
MWTcctinj A lenAifncy to pmrojieomw. 

AllliH|MiiltKl<Hl''lc. Anti»j»unwi'- 
iru»: from ttiTi. npiiinxi,, and (Wdo/inf, «' 
epnun. That wliiob pi^>>M«s<>* (he pow«r 
of Hllnj'iax or rviuuviri;; 9|»i*iu», luid uoin- 
pusin^ nerruus irrilalion wrillioiil uny 
fpMlnl or d«cidM] l(>n'laii<7y to tlie bruin. 

Anibipaa'tlc. Froui am, MidffT«M, 
todritu-. CnuDtcracting kpnxta. 

AiillMlmmo'HUii. Antltcroftitons. 

.inllthf'niir. Abduct^^r poliici* p«- 
dlft, a in'iHi'Ic uf lliD fuol, 

Anlltmtc'iouH. Antilnii^aa; mamM 
nnucUi ft tW •.'sr. 

AiilitmK'iiH. From aim, R^ntt, 
and TfM>«r. ttio trofri*- An ciiitnenec up- 
l*owt« lli« tragus of th« outiir «ar. 

Antlvrne'renl. From ni^t, agMlDHt, 
and rmtmnui. vt-nerMl. A i^taedj (W lh« 
vQD^i'cil diiiM«e, 

Anllnrui'lp, Frcui «m, nnd jtyiact 
jenst. Tlinl which prflventa or iuT«it» 

Ant'lln. A avring«. 

AntUa. Oastiioa. 8toina«k pump. 

Aiii«Ml'f nnii. Anodyne. 

A III r I'll!*. From anf rvm, ncftre, anil 
itit. a TerroiDAl Btgnift-in); lntljiinniaMnn. 
Inflamrnallon of mi^' eavirv of iliu bod;, 
fiap^eiallj of tji« maxillary hIiiu*. 

An'lrani. AiTfuv, n cnvc or tajtn. 
A oarit; wlii<;li h«* A MRinll opening into it. 

Antrum Aurla. The cirahUa vf iba 

Antrum Bentale. The pnlp-eavitr' 
of a twfith. S*e DiurrAL Catitv. 

Antrum HiahmoriAnum. AnlruiO' 
of Hiffbiiiorft, fslli'd BO alttr III* name of 
iho Bualoiuist who pivc the (trft comKG 
de«criinii>ii of it. See MAxnjaRT Sixna. 

AntTUZO Mbx1I1bj«. MAitllury Mdul 

ADtrozQ Pylort Acaviijruf Ui«>lan>- 
arli nmr ilie pylomv. 

Ann'rla. From «, priv.. and mff^ 
iit-ine. Lit^ralij, withAnt nriii«, tint lb* 
Icnn 13 usnally iised aynuajrmouiJj irith 
mMitHa, rfrUotion of nrioe. 

A'nnm. A eODtro<>ln>ii of annttlM, a 
ring. The ojiening at the inferior nxirem- 
liy wf Ibe rectnm. Ths term onus U abu 
Applied to an <^flin^ of the lliii-d ventriel* 
of the brain, which cotomnnicetu frith 
tliu fonrth. 

Ann*, Artlflolnl. An nrtifiRial open- 
in^, iiinUe )<• isufipljr llio naiurul naiu. 

Anus, Imperforate. .\ mairorma- 
tiiin in wbir-.h lh« ftnu« La wflnting. jm- 
perfitratioii of ihe auua. 

Ab'tII. a maM of iron with on* 
MDOoth mrfiiee, on vliioh metals are bnra- 
rnvrcd and rhapod. It U ur^-i by Mullbat 
Jeu-elloD. and iiieclianical [K'titiBlH. 

A nx i >t J. Anxit'tM. n«3tlenoess; 
a^iaLioni frcorral indispwitivn, vith • 
dlKtrM^iig Kiue of oppreukn about tb* 
opigatitrio rufri'iiL 

Aochle'slli. From a, prir., and •.(ftACi 
dixliirltaiire. OuIinneHs; trauqidlllty ; a 
«tale of roal. 

Aor'lik. From aeprv, a v«»mi1. Tb* 
KTMt truiilt t>i lh« ariorlal ayblttiu. It 
ariE«» from Llio Ivlt vviilrivic i>f I liu hfnn, 
paoevH Upward, forma ■ v»rv« and d»- 



■MDilf* 10 firopt, raUier on tht left Mt nf 
tlie rptatf, ioin th« slHlonM-n. ViUva li 
nmeln* the niH<IIe «f ilw roiirtlt or tifllt 
Itmibiir vcrlc^rn it Infurciitcv (<• tcUt> ori- 
gin III tlie i-oinmon ilikcs. 
A«r(curya'Mn, or Aortcnii«'- 

ttUU liyn^.allUaMBinmttOtilUtC. Aacil- 
rism n( ihcaortn. 

.4onl'liM. rrom oo^fd;, ftnil if^ lo- 
■lamiiiitiii'n -if lli<^ norlo. 

.to'lUM. t'nmt n. fi^v., uiJ mr, ftl) 
tmr. A iixrn^tfr vriilivut war*. Alto, « 
Rctiiia ^if AtLttralbn plnnta. 

A|Mltaa'l«n. From oraiarvt, toft- 
Dam. t«nil«rtieM. Air<!i«lvnial IvsioQB, or 
ilvfimjiiltc* of Mift [ijirta. 

Ap«nlliro'py-, Apant/iro'pia:tTam 
fitr^ ftoni, luid oiff^uTi^-, II infliL tleinO' 
tfbolir. wiili avcTRoo lu Hidvlj. 

Apnrtbro'«la. Fniamm*,uiiapdpov, 
a Joml I •iartlirombL 

Ap'atlljr, Apnlhi'«; IVoin «. priv., 
M>il miiTor. nii'cciiDQ. MorbUl lincnsibUilj". 

Ap'illile. yal4v«p1)oapl>n(*of liino. 

Apol'la. Vnm u, |iriv.. uA jttlU, 
skin. SIx-rlDMe uf (lit) |>rcpac«. 

Aprp'nln. From •, j>riv,, $,oA itr^rtf, 
to rnm-oct I>jii|ieptUL 

Ap9'rl<>iil. vi/i/^rirtw; rromfl/Mtrtf*, 
to (^wo. A tnil'1 [i^ir^Htirt, or nictllcine 
whlfb tii>erale*)!ftiily ujhhi (be bnH'i>t>>. 

A|K>rl>bit'iiiii. A[HTki:kii»ii; n 
tmall iik-er ix^t raminiulvj t<v iiillitninia- 

Apvw'tor Opnll. The levitor pal- 

A*p<'x. The [Mint or «itrciiiltr ot a 
pari. 05 ilie iipex of tlte totiyuc, now,, root 
nt H tiH>ll>, iki^. 

Apbirr'eNlM. Tltc itini>otniiua or «2- 
liryiiiiiiin iif • •u)M>nli)i>uH Of iiijiirvil (larl, 

Aphn'Clll. From a, priv., uiiil ^;u, 
I tu! Iiiii)'j1iijr lb liiko CikkI. 

Aphn nltt. Krnrii «, mxl ^w'* to Mjr. 
A fomi ft •'|>i>m'Ji)«MB«M wliiob isof ew«- 
l*ral orli'ln. 

AphVlx'la. Krom •^Htt. I Mtparato 
nr Ahstrwt A iIiwam irhloli iniliuwa lib- 
•eoc« ur alMntciiiin »t imuJ. 

A|ib'««iH. from u^t^u. trelAi. Th« 
r«n-.i^loii or ir^unlloB of a diniMi.iiV. 

.iphloeU'flrlAMip. Fromn, priv., 
nmi D^^:. ,i llnin>?. A lump wblcb liiim^ 
will nnt 4 tlitJiie. 

Ap'lioduM. EsorvmcoL 

Apfao'alN. From a, prir., and fwi« 
tlic vuiee. A loe« or priratiun of vote*. 

ApbA'rln. Frxun a. friv., and «f|H<,j 
to Ifcnr. BanvnnrM; Mcnlily; innbilityl 
to poiKeive i>irspHn^. 

Apli'oriMiu. JyA«fi»'i>mi; from 
•Mtvuifu. lo iil«iir4(alab. A prinriple or 
uiBxItti Ml furtb III fow wuriln, or lu a 
sliort (i^nititirr 

ApbrtMliarn. From a0p>^rr,V«iaa> 
Veasfvni ojnunrn-i'. I'ubwrry. 

AphrodU'lnv. Frwn fippoSwi; »*n- 
cr^. A tortn a{)[tlic<l to (bod ur uicdirijM 
wblrh (•trltco llic vrni<n'iil npfwtilc. 

AplirodU'liu Mwrbtih. Svpliilis. 

Apfa'lhir. F(utR<irTTu,[inll»iiie. ApU- 
tli* cuii»:itnie ihe chBmoi«mti<i «yiiiji- 
loiTis (if iIiiuaIi, a diMflio whiob oouiista 
III' i-oimill*b, |icili-l-i'L>li>t«I iiluvm or vni- 
!]>■. upon Uio luoguo. KUioai, and ii 
wulU uf ibe niuotb. KmeliRM:* DXt«Ddli 
llirongli tbvu'boUof ibcslimfintarj'citnitK 
and geiutrall; tenuinatlnic U cnid-llt 

ApblliPUH uluert aro suppoaeO bj I*ro- 
IV*M>r Wimh] lu bij ibw rwxull iif 1«-Mcular 
priipiioii (if tbo nioutb, and in ln>stin^«)f 
tbcdisMiiK:, lie «iy»: "Tb« vcwrle ivMtiall, 
iival, nr roDiidbb, white or [ithH colorod. 
and i^onilNi* of a tranbpurpni m<i-oiu Moll] 
xri^er the clcvalvd cpillictiuoi. luaf«W 
diivH ihe vpitbvliutii bri'aL*, ihe )U>rtiiii 
i!M'iipn< mid A Kitiiill ult'cr foniit, imn'o or 
km i-umful, wilb a ubiti«li botioiu, tmU 
nsitall; n r«,'al circle uf inibiiumatiim uruiind 
it. Tb* Twijclvf are amatjlim^t dititinia 
and si-«tl«r«il. KMuetlinet oiinivTons iitid 
coDllneuU The diMJDCI varielt. tbuutiEti 
pftinfii]. ii; H U(;bt afl'eciiun, couilniiiii^ in 
^eiivnil "n\y a fvw ilnyi or a wo«k. nnd is 
iitinaII>coniInci| to the in out b, [l prM] iicc-a 
Jiule nr mt lonMlliiliiHuU diM>]TliT, liiuiigb 
it tiiiiy W iitHKinCird vrltb fur^r and giiMi'ia' 
1iTilaLl«n nd an vfTe^it. It altacks ojiialljr 
cbiUlri-ti and ailoUa; but il is «s)il mil lo 
be Torf ooinmon in wly iaTanov. In 
adulla it in frtr(|itentij ocraaionni by ilie 
irridUioii of decavwl tcclh. Tb« oonflilcm 
Vfln«t7-ii niiicb more Mver« nDd ubvliiinlo. 
Till* frojneully eitvnda lo ilie (naev* and 
pttarrnx. mod in even aid lo rvncli Uie In- 
Untiniil CBiuil. tboiigli it niar Iw donbtoil 
wliftltur ibv nffdction of ibu I'tnniarb ami 
briwC'U il idi'iiliral uitb ibnt nf ihv tnotiib, 
Whrn il w^ciipie* Ibo fiiiici-^ it retidvi'i 
dfelutillou luiinful. It b KiinctiDiea at 


l«oded yi\\h putric uKC'SHneM, roniiUDg. 
and Intestinal \iiini\ nnd illnrrlxirA. Ftrer 
OGcaRionnlli' pr«:Mlir« il, nw] it mixIdrBlt* 
witbont *niir*lv t«mttf nivon tli« ii)>|>Mr- 
■nue of tb« efu])tJuii. Tli« fcrer tuino- 
times wismnM a typhoid ohariioter.'" The 
cumw of the (]ia«flBe U ol)«car», thonf'h it 
is. probiib1;r, dcpcoilcnt tipun ■ vitiati-d 
stale ufllie Lqidui's of (h« body and «cid- 
Itjr of the piitric Jui«c<. 

In the treatment of tb« dlseme, Pro- 
feuor Wood unjui "Uo^Hfala irny be 
I!iv4>n to corrMt iwiditjr. nw! thv diet Ttg- 
ulflicd by Uio state of llie sioniacb. In 
tli«> ivrturer pumi^ fever sbunkl be ubvlnied 
hj refrigcrtot catbsrtica nnd disphorctic(\ 
nnd b,Y a liiiuid fariiia^ri-ou* or demnli^ent 
di«t. When Ibo (Ii9«iitw attackstho Tbiicm 
nr phnnnit. it ooeiisioDs painfbl swallow- 
ing. Mid b attcndwl wiili mnoh fcref and 
•troDg pulse ; ^-neni] bk'odiD^ may be- 
come ceepasary, and. stil^equeDtly, tho 
Kppticiitiun of leeches to thi Ibront, Di- 
■TTh<ra most be counivrsctcd by the (unal 
remodlcB ral^nlnted to reltere inleHrlndl 
imt«tk»t, niitoof; «-hi«ti msy be mi.iiti«Ded, 
as eapwlully ii*cftiL emollient appllcatiiins 
lu tlio ulidomun, nml tbn wann bftili. 
IVlieii tbe fever OMumes t ty{>butd fonn. 
n tonic nnd siipiwitinjtri-Jitmcnt insy bo 

*■ t» ibe esrlystaffea, Ibc Iocs) treatmtDt 
diwuld consist i>l' dcmnlrciit iippli rations, 
ns flaxseed t«a. tnnells^ of pim arsbie nr 
nltnond ^muUion. witli or wilbont « little 
Inailounm, or some preparation of iimr' 
pliia. Itiii nflcr Iho iaDaminuiion bnK 
»oiiicwliBt Au1)»id«il, and uloers are left in- 
dls|KMcil to Ileal, at(tHnt;eiit irnMlirs mXy 
bo rwMprttfd In. dilution? of acotati^i of 
lead, sut)>)iat« of xino. and alum; vraler 
RcidulalGd nilti niilplmric or intiriatic acid;* 
nnd swoi?tcned uiili l)i« IinneT of roses : 
<ind vnrious ve^able estrintteni atir) (onio 
IiifaMon^ htive been reotNnincDiIcd. Tbo 
author nsimlly eniplo>-B a sironir Bolmiou 
of Bulplinle of xine, in lb* proportion of 
DAean to tu-cQly ^rainit to tbv ounce of 
wator, which be applies by means of a 
eomelVbtii' peai^l, «r<!hi^e«lj to tho 
alvcTN witb the almost uniform ofl'oct of 
disposing tJieiii to lieal : and, eves in the 
cniptlva stagA, IIiU appllcaiion will odeii 
la fboiul to fitftct ao almost imracdiato 

Dr. Itor^, ph^Hiuian to th« Cliitdna'a 

62 APN 

ripsplul at ^tocklttdm, r<«omm«Dd> Ihi 
uite iif alkfllios and their rArlNinntcs, pr* 
ing; tb« pri-ferenre to swla. fur «un«iiiu^ 
the disiirdered coudllion of the digesti'd 
fnnvlivits, arhin^ fVom suporabtindaiit fnr> 
mation of taeiie, bat.yrii<, neeiic, and eah 
bonie seidt; and wb«n exeeiuiT* dsTetnp- 
meiit of paa comieaL linie-wnier and tua^ 
aeitla; when attended by nolicky pnlm^ 
he adviM'* the a*« of untispattnodleA. 

With rcfard to the local trcnlim-ni, llil 
lBBt-name<l writer says: " Art«r th^ apb< 
thons erauti Isll off. Kttls mor« U nvcaat 
far* than to wasli Cb« affMlod perta witi 
toft and tepid iratar ; " be aim advtsM 
tbt UMi uf a tolntioB of aDbeartMniato of 
»oda and benu, varying ibc stren^tb a<y 
cordlne to !li« neoMaitjrof liie eatv. Ni' 
trateof siksrhna beao used in i-mn rrrj 
with advanlai;^ 

Wlioii il orciini in females dnrio^ Initf* 
lion, weaning ibe child is someUmes found 

,t|>irtlinii«. AITtcied with apbthift 

Apfirp K)'. Apoplexy. 

A'pln. Aa alkulcid found ia panlAj'r 

Api'rin. A Mibslanec obtained bj 
Blxio, from Uio thilt of the Qmn tapt' 
dm, by exlmctiiv wUb wat«r the hydro 
clilorie aeid, and prcoipitattnK will 

Apl'l««. Apitf riitvm, FrotniRrecj 
a peer tree. Wine of tlw poar or ehvrrr. 

A'plntn. A ^enos of plaaia uf thi 
order VrnMU/rtiT. 

Aplum Orav'eoleDB, Tlie htt\ 
Muall-aga. Wlwn culllvaled il la can* 

Aplum Petroeeli'num. Th« F1»r< 
mnfOi)'«icul name of L-omntoD iiarsley. 

Aplas'llC. Frocuo, prii-., and <T%o«M 
to form. Not plnsitc, A term applied U 
tbote eifTustoiis which ore ansatceptlldi 
of orjranixatioa; ai tubercle, do. 

Aplcn'rlK. A, and ;biiM. a ribi 
Absenoe of ribs. 

Ap'l^nc Tbe name of a *trj rtui 
mineral ; a vjiricty of crystallized gnmaC 

Apl«l'i»Bi]r. A iimple Indiriaa. 

Apn««roaj. Apii*t>it>9t'«- Fran 
onraia, toes of breath, and ^«r, dboOVCMi 
A treatise on apna>a. 

Apnon'rlii. A. and wmvpur^ iM 
lung- Absence of lungs. 

ApilVaH'llH. A pIliVB, 

Apiiw'tt. From «, pHr., tad nns 1 




rMplre. DUGontt r«pintk»). Soflbcs- 


A'po-. J CO. A Greek prepotHlon, 
slfn)lf>'<nii: rroin. oK, out, and Baed ta a 
comiDoo pr«flx. 

Apooena'Dla. From <m>, out. ukI 
wTou. to erncitite. A ntorlilil flnx of 
MmhI or tAh*r tloltU. 

Ajpoc'o|ie. i'rom arv, and ici>:rru, to 
nit. AtM^iiteioD; >tuiiauti'>ii; extirpa- 
tkin. FrMliir* wiUi loM of |iMt Of a 

Aporr^li'lv Add. A darknyilored 
And, MitikMu ID (ratur ftntl alooliol, TouikI 
la •villi, apriniT). ^'> It in inaDifeatlj a 
prodnct of d«r«tnptMitian. Tt U forracd 
Witficiailr by treating wlmiA or AumIh 
Wltll llilH<:- w-'ui. 

Apocjp'Hbi. From an «ih1 kvw, to 
brfag funb. rnniirillon; bringise forth 

4po<>jnn'(*4'», A« ord« of Dico- 
:iMoiiuii<i iibiiia. nfArljr airrMtn^ with 
A*^fyt'l"t«tr, biit of mor* sw]»ickntt prop- 
erli«ft. TfMfl or alirnta. nouAllT with 
milky Jnir«: Imhh* opiKwitp. wimelime* 
ini«rle<l; ttrr^lln n»>nOf>«Uloafl, b*po«y- 
nogs; aiamm* iiu«rtc«l mta 4h« corallii; 
vrariM two: /rtrit ■ rollIHe, drupe or 
iMtrry. nin^k vr ilonbl*. 

ApAo'rntnt'. A Wlterprindplofrom 
Api)tj/«uK nmn-i'iiniint, or Inilisn hvmp, 

Ap«M>'ytinni. \ ircniK of ptimui a( 

tlie "irrfiir Ifyjiof^nnf^a, Dog^hitne. 

Apooynum AndroeeemUbliam. 
rVie:^l<(Ui(! : Iklitk-wc«>J. The rout poawu- 
ta einwii) properll«a.— thirty graliu pro- 
dnelntr •lio'iil iti« ■nniV offbot t> tWABljr 
flf ipcncuftntin. 

Apoomnm OuuiKbl'auin. Iixlinn 
linnp. lliia FtHtrtee U |»t«ri«rfiilly omctlo 
ml cathurtir, tai •nmriiincs prvHliicwt 
dlorelir nn<l >VnipliOreti« vlTecta. 

A'p«d(**i* Fnitn n, prir.. luid >raiv, a 
Ibnt. A lerm nppliM Id Analttwtj/, to 
•alinal* ilmiiiMie of feor. In Znoloffj/. to 
fMtlow onitnaU^ abJ tiJi«« wliich baT« 
fla n-ntrll tias. 

ApofpilitctlM'niaK. Vramianffa>jix- 
-.;■_, trt w«fln, UVaniD^. 

ApoC(^iri4«. Prom aro ami jnnfnot, 
!'• iftitf !riij.Tiiri-il '•'ii»'H nf laste: agsufifa. 

A|M>lrp'sl», Tr'ni mr^atiil Ann^i-w, 
lo uk« fViiiii. A •opprcwioD or reteatlon 
«t ao; of lli« nalnral flvacaalhMM. 

Apom'cll. From ano, from, and 
fuJn, hoaaf. An oxymrl or dvcoclitm 
made of boner. 

Apontyle'nnk. From nm/iviiam*, 
1 inikc> a vty miiiitii. Projection of Ihe 
lipn \ty prC44inK tLvin ii|in>DBt va<'li ulhcr; 
it ix frtdicliiiica n fyinplom of ilinease. 

ApoKiyx'In. NhmI inacai. 

Apo«««ro'HlM. rnxn am and mpw, 
a nerve. A ilbntnii or temlliioaa MCpaS" 
rion. sappumM l>j i)ic nneicnU lo b« ttt- 
Youh: li«noe its uaiuo. 

Ap*neurot'lo. Itulntiiig t4>i 

Aps'nlo. Fr«u 0, priv., Mul nm/of, 
pniii, TTitlimit pain. 

.ipoiKKlK'nlfi. Fraio ar»aDd irritMs 
to jump fivtn. A Iiunliva. 

ApophlCKtim mIh. Prom mm and 
^Xrvjin, pliir-^tn. A di»ic!mrfro of intu-tis. 

Ap«plllCKinnt'f(*. Jp&phlfjmat'- 
KIM ,- froRi oiro anil «>jrpa, pb)«gm, Aptf 
phltgrHittitan'tui. Uedlotne* wlilnli ex- 
(.'it« itiociM Mcrvtion* frgm ttiv niociis 
tniMnlimne of the inoatb and nooe, &c. 

Ap4iph'ylll(e. A miiivral: an lijr- 
dnit«d Mli(-nti' of |>Ota»*fl and liiii«, 
times AoDiaininf llDnrino. 

Apoph'yslw. Frnra o^^mi, to pr 
c«ed from, in Antt^mg, n projoclioa ' 
proreu (if a Imihi-. In Utttany, Uio en* 
UrjrM bafiu of rha eafMnle adhering lo 
the frixidtwe iit<<w«s. 

Apoplec'tl<'. From itmvi^m, a\x»- 
plet/, Itolonging ti> npoplexjr. 

Ap'opl^xy. Af^plAn'i't; IVom «it» 
and rrlvt*iu. to »trtlci^ or lioo«k down; 
becaoie when a p^«an it aiiiii'kvd \%f 
thtA diteaHV, li« *n{l-l«nly f^lU Joirn. A 
diiMiMt <:hnnirl«riit«I lir ii •nd'lfn Ini* of 
avnM and molioo. uml «<?rl'jr«Mw hrmMi- 
iiiiff. The I«rm is itso"! liy si>me l" deni^la 
a mmIiIqd elTVi.tloii (■! hlii«d inin ilic siit>- 
fttanra of or|tuu» or ( i«Mie«. hut it !■ antnliy 
reitrlctvd to Uie brnin, and tb« above ara 
among ibo phenoniena whicli cliaraotcrim 
eornliral ajwiplon*- 

Apoplexy, Outanoous. Sudden de- 
i^rminnitnti of Moot! to ibe ^In and «iib> 
Jnci-nt rvliiilar liBinia. 

Apoplexy, Pulroonftry. A violent 
drtorminalion of Mu>^i to llic lunjr*. and 
effitHioD into tiie broophlal co11(^ followed 
by tatlbcatioD. 

ApopHlx'la, FraroairtxrMjw, Istran* 
gle. Su(rocatl(>|L 




Apopto'aiS. From airovitrru, to fall 
down. The falling down of any part from 
relaxation ; the relaxation of bandages. 

Apo'rto. From a, pnv., and itopof, a 
duct. Restlessness caused by the stop- 
page of any of the natural secretions. 

Apo'sln. Absence of thirst. 

Apflsl'Ha. From aro, from, sad a,- 
rof, food. Loathing of food. 

Apoapas'ina. From an-nrn-au, to tear 
off. A violent severance of a ligament or 

ApospliftOell'flla. Mortification, 
UMUaJly resulting from bandaging wounds 
and fractures too tightly, 

Apo'8taxlN. Distillation. 

Apoftte'ma. From a^ior^/u, to de- 
part from. An absoesa. 

Apothc'ca. From awoTi&ri/ii, to place. 
A place where medicines are kept. 

Apolh'ecary. Apolheea'riu* ; from 
oiro, and Ti^^ftt, jiono, to pnt; so called, 
because liis employment is to prepare and 
keep tho various articles of medicines, and 
to comjiound them for the physician's use. 
In every country, except Great Britain, 
one who sells drugs, and puts up prescrip- 
tions. In addition to this, apothecaries in 
England exercise, in certain cases, and 
under certain restrictions, the duties of 
the pliysicinu. 

Apotli'eina. Atto and Stfia, a de- 
posit. A brown powder deposited when 
vegetable extract is submitted to pro- 
longed eviiporation. 

Apot'oiiin. Amputation. 

.1 ppnra'tiiH. From iippnro, to pre- 
pare. A colk-tlion of instruments or 
means for any business or operation what- 
ever. In A'i''tii)i'i/, an assemblage of or- 
gans which «ork for tlio aceoniptishment 
of the suuie vnd, or a system of organs 
tormed of a similar texture or having 
analogous fiinctinns. In Oeuend and 
iJtiit'il S'ln/ei-;/. a collection of the vari- 
ous instruiiieiiiM and appliances necessai-y 
for an o[)eriitiou or dressing; also certain 
methods of i>|n'catingfor stone, hi Chem- 
ulry, the irisiruiiit.'[its reijuiied for chemi- 
cal cxperiiiiL-ilts and investigations. 

Apparatus, Dental. Kee Dental 

Apparatus, Pneumatio. Instruments 
by wliicli ai'i'il'ortii Huids iiuiy, in distilla- 
tions, solulions. jmd otiier oiierations, be 
cnnght, coll^^cicd, and properly managed. 

Appa'rell. Apparatns. 

Appendlc'nla. AsmallappendagQ, 

AppQudioula Oieoi Vermifonuls. 
A vermicular process, about four incbei 
long, of the size of n goose-quill, wliioh 
bangs from the intestinum ccecnm of the 
human body. 

Appendioula OerebrL The pitui* 
lary gland. 

Appendlc'nlae Eplplolcae. The 
adipose appendices of the colon and rec- 
tum, which are filled with adipose matter. 

Appen'dlx. From ajipendere, to 
hang to. An appendage ; something add- 
ed to a principal or greater tiling, though 
not necessary to it. In Amitumy, a part 
attached to, or continuous with, an organ. 
In Botany, the parts which project from 
the organs of plants. 

Appendix Aurloularis. A process 
of the anterior and upper part of the 
auricles of the heart. 

Ap'petency. From ajipetere, to de- 
sire. The disposition of organized l>eing8 
to imbibe and appropriate sucli substsnoes 
as serve to support and nourish them ; also, 
ardent desire for an object. 

Ap'petite. From appetere, ad, and 
petere, to desire. An internal desire, 
which warns us of the necessity of exert- 
ing our digestive or generative functions; 
a relish for food; a desire for seoauol 

Ap'ple. The fruit of the Pyna ma- 

Appla, Aold of. ilalic acid. 

Apple, Adam's. See Pomum Adahl 

Apple of the Sye. The pujiil. 

Applloa'tlon. Applitatia; from 
<i]i}>liciire, to apply. In Tlieriipevtio, ex- 
terna! remedies, as opposed to medicines 
designed to be given internally, 

AppoBl'tion. Adding to. sittingto, 
addition, accretion. In Dental Protthetit, 
it is sometimes employed synonymoosly 
with coaptation. 

Aptyn'tos. From a, priv., and irrvu, 
I spit. Without expectoration. 

Apyrct'lo. Apyrel' Uu» ; from a, 
priv., and avp. fire. Without fever. A 
word a]iplied to those days in which there 
is DO pai'oxysm of disease. 

Apyrex'In. From a, priv., and ira- 
pei":- lever. Absence of fever. Intermis- 
sion lietween the febrile paroxysms. 

Apyr'ouB. From a, priv., and mp, 




fire. A torra applied to aabstAnees vhkh 
ooaiatn t Umatc UmI wltlmnt olian^o oT 
sh«p« &r ntli«r prop«rti««; refractory. 

A'qan. U. B. Auy iMUtal wnlvrof 
goo4l qiiaiiiT, Thit wbrtaiKe. vU«n in n 
par« •lAi«, U n tntuipArent li()nid, vrithout 
color. ' • I'ffil. wwl >» o'tmptwwl of 

Mte ff.. I 411(1 eij^it of oxjrftMt. br 

v«lf;)it. uuJ uf tvro of lijrdrufKD and un« 
Ol ox;-|Cvn by vo1ain«. 

Aqua Ackll C&rbonloL Cvlwiiic 
■eld WKier. Ariificiiil wlimr wutor. 

Aqua Awimrtritja W&l«r of Bm- 

Aqua Amyirdala'nun Coneeo- 
tra'ta. Wnt«r uf l(iU«r almuutU, 

A(|UB AnfltU. I>ili onler. 

Aqua Brooobla'ri. A aappoMd rtyp- 
tJfc wbicli ftl >mc (into nltrMt«d onoMdvi^ 
Kbie micniion tu France, bot wkhdi If Mid 

to puuevS ail efflcflOT. 

Aqna Oaloia. Linw walsr. 

Aqua Oaloia Oompoelta. Con- 
pAnml limu wiKor. 

Aqtta Oamphone. Oninplior wat«r. 

Aqua Oartwnatin Sodm Acldula. 
Aoidiilouni water of <.'arl>ooiil«< uf Huiiia 

Aqua Oarui. CnrHYfBjf wal«r. 

Aqua CaasUe. SVaier of ciwiia. 

Aquft Chalybea'ta. An aMiflolal 
raiavral waUr, •.-><fn>i<'tiui; ofailraU-of iron 
liixltl r (lirirt^-ul witli rvlioDlcacid (fna, aixl 
Aavoftxl t.y A Illilo nn>nlAtil^ tymp. 

Aqtia Chlorinii, UMorine wAt«r. 

AquaOlnnamoml. Ciauuiiinn wn(«r. 

AquaDistillata. Di-HillMl wutar. 

Aqua Bx Nive. Snow vraitr. 

Aqua Florum AurantU. Oratigo 
flowi-r water. 

Aqua Fluvlalla. Itir^r WHtcT. 

Aqua PcDDicull. Fennel water. 

Aqua Pootaua. Sprinir wnt«r. 

AquaFortte. Wimli »»•! iinpnrvnitfK 

Aqua Oladva. Ico w«tor. 

Aqua Laaro-ceraal. Clierr.«-l«RrH 

AquaHftlina. 8«a«ralor. Saltwal«r. 

Aqua HenttUB PtperlUe. r«|i|)«r- 
mint waive 

AquaHenthasFnleall. PenDTrojral 

Aqua MoDthiB Vtridls. Spoartnint 

Aqua PteiJi UquLdw. Tnr o,-al«r. 

Aqua riiueutsB. Piiimutu wstttr, 

A'qua Pluvlalla. Rain voter. 

Aqua Besta. Amixtaroof nilriosnt) 
tniiriatir itAi(t-t. 

Aqua RoesB. K4«« waler. 

Aqiia Sambuoi. Rlil«ir woler. 

Aqua Styp'tioa. A pourarfW astrin- 
iccnt, coinfi'Mcd of aulpbat« of irupptr, ffnl< 
plial« uf alumina, and wilphurlo ai^. 

Aqua Toplda. Lnkewartn water. 

Aqua Tofltaaa. The namg of a Hob' 
lild, »Ir>W'f«nRiiminjr poiinn. propared by 
a viimnn I'f liiut nuii>« in Sicitj*. 

Aqua Tlt». Hnutd;. 

Aqua Vulnerarla. Fnmi cu/nim, a 
troflnd. A renHHlji ajiplivd to wounds; 

A'qan* Dliallla'lJV. Diotillod wi- 
ter& made tiy |knMing mini, pennTrnjrnl, 
4en., into a titiJI wUb wnci-r, and drawing 
off t» much at» Is imprugoatcd wllli itio 
prapL>r1ii>9 uf l)i«) plant-*. 

Aqu» Forro'aae. Mjiwml. Clialy- 
b«tn(e wnlcrs. 

Aque MInaralee. Htn«ral wat«ra. 

Aqu» atUlaU'til* atmpltOOS. Sim- 
ple dUtUlcd waters. 

Aquso Btillatl'tinSiDlrltuOMi. Spir- 
iin'tnfi di^UM wat«r. 

Aq'niedact. AqtMdne'tvM; ofiM- 
itutl; from sfwi, water, and dwttrt, to 
c«nT«r. lu Aititvxy. a twtii ii|<|>|j«d to 
cerialn (.-Aoala, otyjuri-iag in ililTvrtut parU 
of i)ii) boil/, Itwaoaa thvj were aup|MMMl 
lOlTarrT water. 

Aqueduct ot Fallo'piua. A canal 
in tlia jiucrouit puniuQ nf llw tMn)M)ral 
booe, lirM aontiralcly dewriltiHl br Fallo- 

AqtueduotafSjrlvlus. Acanaleou* 
mtintcalinx HulwnL'ii ibo third nad fourlli 
wcntrii-lc* *>f ilii' hniin. 

Aquip<lnr'lun I'cr'ebH, S*o I». 

ril.lil-IIIIM'U •!* TtIK IIkIIK. 

AqufloduotuB Cocbloffi. A narrow 
canal {iranrndin^ tri>m tli« i >iii[i«niu acnla 
of tbe ro«hl«a, to th« [Kwiiflor odgo of 
the fvint fi^troM, 

AquSMtuotus Vavtfb'iili, A canal 
proGeetliRi; from tUu vMtilmle near ili« 
couitnun iirifivo of the Iwn •uniidmilar 
cannlB. and opening at ihv poniedor stir- 
flua of tite p.u-* fnffiua. 

A'queean. VVntvr/: --inpowr] 
walitr, or rw)>-inljlti)f' it in i-:<i>ir and 

Aquaoua Humor of tbo Stjrs. Tb« 

'^■' •" 



Hm|>i<I flnid which fittn liotli obftmbcn of 
Ui« uye. 

Aqulfo'llntn. Froio ATM. a necJi^ 
And /olivMy a l^t; bq callfid becanae it 
kasnpr!«k)v leaf. IlKtafti{/otium. Uollj. 

A'qnila. Litcrallj.nnrajrif. Anamo 
g^v«a by itie AloItemlfiCB lo «al amnvoDlAC, 
precifiitnted mcrctirj-, artcnio, iuIphsr.Biid 
tk« pliiluftop tier's stoQP. 

Aqulla Alba Phllovopbo'rum. 
Afttila titha Gatj/ttoJu. l>ublilUttted sal 

A'qullte Vv'nip. Tlio tomporsi 

AQIllle'lcia. A Kt-ntia of ptanU of 
lh« iinlvr HttnttnruUictir. Tbe berb Co- 

AquU«cia Vultr&'rls. Colninbino; n 
perenninl herbHoeous plAOt. formerly cod- 
Rfdcr«(]<ltnrati«,diApbor«t)c and nntiM-or- 
bfllK. It has been eniplDjrcd uicriuill; 
U a vuln?rnrj. 

Aqnu'ln. Dlmlnnlii-fiofd^tfit, water, 
ll^dalii). A TOiiill aqueous tnmor, 

Aquula Aooua'tloa. Tl!« fluid In 
Uia cavitj' uf ib« vMLibulo of Uio inurnal 

.ftr'dblc fiinm. Sr« AcActj. Gum. 

Ar'nbln. Tbe chief constiUM&t of 
Guia AraUc. Furtimlo. Qtil^Ow 

Ar'afw MIra. A ttirub found in the 
llraziK the roots of wl)i«b are »>td to b« 
diuretic itml nntidj^MiiIcric. 

Amrh'iiold. Armknoi'da; from 
opt^X*^' * *pider, »r «|ildef 'a treb, and i<Aif, 
likcoow. C«bwi-ob-likG. 

Arachnoid Membrane, ifrmfmina 
artieKnvitln. A tbin tJUTubrBtie, without 
ru»»cl» and Derret, tietweea tlie dura and 
pia nintcr, aod turroiinilinff the cerebrum, 
rerulwllum, ttiotliilla ottlongatn, and iiii!- 
dnlU i<|>ina1i«. It* nsc is lo jiroteol 1b« 
l>raiii. uiid to >ecreio a lluid l^r the jmr- 
|xi»u uf ki-ojiiiic: it in ■ proper cmditini). 

Arnt-li'iioiilUiii. <j' Arnvb'nlli». 
InlliiiiinMilioiiiif itii^ Hrai:linu)dtiii.'itibrune. 

Arwoilfeler. Arevrntlfr. Vtotn a/iai- 
a{, tbin. und urr^iw, n uiniuur^. Kydtxtm- 
ei«r. An instnimcnt for asccnainingthfi 
■|)««i!ii- ijriivliy of liqulda. 

Aneo'liea. From apw^t^ lo rnrofr. 
Hedldnes luppascd to poMeas ibn quality 
of rarefying tlia Bnida of tl)e ba<)y. 

Ar«'ll«. A geaos of plants of tb« 
order Arvliao$as. XMurciic and I>iapho- 


Aranis Oacoden'Bis. Ginseng. 

Aralla His'plda, or Dwnrf £ld«r. A 
plunt ascd io dropiy in llic form of tlvooo- 

ArallB KiuUoaulfa. Fnlf« Sanapa- 
rilla; vitd Santaparllla: sinRll spikenard. 
It it a i^tle »UrDa!aut and diapboretic, 
and la aoraetimea used in rbenmatio, syph> 
ilitic, and nulsiiena* nfl'eciloiis. 

Aralia. Raoemo'sa. I.iUfiw qtlkteard. 
Mid lo {>WMM pixfpctties itiiiiibir lo thoe« 
ot tb« oihiTnjK.'C'iMi. It baa been rtn»»- 
nicndcd aa an application to ehronte ul> 

Aralla ^Inosa. AtiKoliratr^e; tooth- 
Kohatroe; pricLly anh. AniiHlig^noosar- 
bor#f«ent ihrob, powesaiDft rtimnlaDt and 
diaplioretic propertied. An infnsion at 
ilm rcoent bark is emetic ami cathartic. 

Anino«'riuuTela. Cobwebs. The 
web of Uio coiiimoD house-spider. It i* 
often nMtd n% a dwDiMtH: ivniedy lor amic; 
aim. fi>r srTOAlin^ tlio How of liloud tmta 
a »li),-bl M'liimd. 

Amn'UI i'nrnom. The tutMrolea 
OD the Koniiliiiiiir valviia ot ifiu great an»- 
rUw at Llieir origin, tsa culled frtuD Jnlina 
Cftsnr Anintiu*. an annii>mlt>t of Bologna, 
born in 1^71, who lirsl dM«ribed them. 

Ar'bor. A tr««. In Jiotitnff. it lif- 
niflea ■ plant having bat one imnk. wliiok 
rises to a prcal height, la darahle, moody, 
and divided at iU lop into ninny bnmclieik 
wbicb do nol perish in urintct. lu Aitat- 
Mxy, the ward Is ^ipltcd to [wn> wbleb 
raniify like a tr«o, as tb« arbor tiMd of thv 
cerebellum: aod in OiemUtrif 'n is applied 
lu eryMalUxattooa which nmiify like th» 
branclivA of a troo. 

Arbor AJ'ba. iltflilevea tntnor,- the 
pinnt wliii^k is Mid Ut ntfonl tlio CfO'I'Ot nH- 

Arbor Dia'nsB. Tbi)(iik«rir««; made 
by prcripiititiajt a ttolultun uf aitrato of 
silrer wilh mercury. 

Arbor Ha'ris. Coral. 

Ar'bor Toxica'ria. Tlie Tpm Mfi-. 

Arbor Vl'tse. Liieridly. the tre» of 
Hfc. A tcnn Hpplif^d tn Jnalomy to llie 
arhoveaci^ni; appoarnnce of tbc ccrcbcllom 
wbuu fUL variii'iilly. 

Arbor Vita Dtorl'na. An epitbat 
npr>1<<-'d t« tlic arbur«Bceiit folds of iJis In- 
terior of The renii nl«ri. 

ArlM>ro«'oeiil. Having the appgv. 
nm-e of tt trte, as diatingutBlied tnna that 
of a dbrub. 




ArHbaliM. A geno* of |>laBU of the 
order JSVkik*^ 

Aibatua Uvn Ui^ Bear'i berrjr ; 
bcBr'i whorOftbuTj. The leavM an u- 
tringcBt, tMuo, und ciii()Jojr«il in ili»eu«« 
of iJie orlnarr orguia. Dow, ^r. xv to 3aa 
of tliopiiwdw. 

A re. From «mu, ah Arcb. Ardi ; a 
trrtu np(itleil in Amifojnp to ati/ part 
wliM-li liiw the Bhnp« of an arch. 

Ar'CM C'or'dln. TUb pericanlium. 

An>«'«niM. A »f>mt: a Mntntin. 
Uie (>r«pHnkiioEi of whioh U b«|it a iwret 
to enhance iti mpiKMcd value. 

AroanoxD Duplex. Areanmn dupli- 
MfoHi ; a oAiaa formerl; glvca la lulpliau 
of potjuaa. 

AroaQum TartarL Acetate of po- 


Art^ll. A t«nu api^tio) \a Anatomy to 
an; pari whkb exhibit* the figon of an 

▲rob. Ahrft'ttlmr. &M Ai-TcotaR 

Arob, Anaatomo'tlo. Th« nnloa of 
two vcMffla. which aDutomo«e bj dfl>M-Ib- 
Ing a rarYod lln«. 

Arob, Den'tal. 8«e Dlktal Am-iiu. 

Arab, Fem'oral. Ad nrcti rumivi) 
o»er llie concavs bonlor of llip pctvii. 

Arch of tbe Aorta. Tlie curvtMl 
psrta bfltwMD tho aKeodiag and dctoood- 
ing portloni. 

ArebiF'ua. Arekt^tin fWini apxn, 
roiunii:nL-«(urnl. A word tdopl«J bj Vaa 
MvIihore.aiiiI nacd l« dnl;nate Ihe Mtire 
|>riiu-ip1«of tliouatoriiil wnrhl. This iini- 
*■ > u-IoVbii lloliiiufit. 

I- ■ -, whicli vx'Ma ill 

t' -'.i<m. Mtd presides 

r' . v«)r>pniei)t of thft 

txiilv. anil iiviT iktl <ir)fn[jic iihrnouieBa. 

An-tt'cMsrUic I'lU'nie. Two En 
Damt>«r OB each tide of tho lliroat, one 
eallwl tho aaierior, the ntlier tli« poate- 
riw. S« PjiinTa. AiNTiin uv. 

Ar'4'lill. A violvt-rvd dfo. cw pn«t«^ 
ptrparvrd ftofa Lieken roettlU, and other 
Ipadna of TJek»A, nt\\vt\ KurrfU.i lin^'-rm, 

rwJoMil Id A pulp anil tr^ntc*! with itnpnrc 
■Rimnniaral ii<|i]<ir, jriclils a rich porple 
Itni^taro, ^allod ruiniH or tnmMl«. MCd la 
cLumlatry us a twt fur arid*. 

Arrbvplo'iiui. From apjpjf. anas, 
•nd iTfVTu, to fall. ProlopMW ani. 

ArclHMjrr'lBK. A^^o^, aau*, atul 
o^fir}(, a pip«. Annllicr term Urr jittvUi 
to aHo. 

Ar'CllArm. From ar«m. a l>ow, and 
Jbrvui, ilkuDoiM. A iiTin applied by Solly, 
to a MfC of ciir<r<.-il tilii-M proee«dtDg from 
\lw wr^>ai prrsint'lali'. I>ui«ath tlie tiorpui 
olivaro, to llio ixrvWIlQin. 

ArvU'dO. Frain areto. I make bar- 
row. Cont>a«tloa of a natural opening 
aa of a caail). A coiisLipaticut of tbe la- 
twiJBea iVoni InHiumnallon. 

Are'Unm I^p'pii. HnrdoAk. th« 
mnta nf whinb arc dinretio, aparlent, and 

Aretn'rM. From arfjA, I acmi(^t«B. 
JuHninmatlnn of the Hnir«r camwd l>x a 
null itrowH tiiLo ihv Hl'^Ii. 

Arcanl'l)*. Arrutf, to Uind likfi a 
bow. Applied U> the coronnl suture, and 
to the Ipmporal banes. 

Arran'll*. From Attvt, a b«w. An 
•aterior gibhoeitj of the ateniatu, donal 
vsrtebne, or ttbln. 

Ar'vnlnCvr'dls. Tliuporieiinlliim. 

Ar'fulir. A diiniuulivo of orvn, a 
che4t. Tlie MH'ki'ts of tlic*. 

Ar'fUH H4>lirilM. UimD'Rr ormind 
tlid ronicn, <Hi<.-tir<*iiiK in atUaBOvd Ufe. 

Ar'dctit. ArilfHA; fi-um nn/arv, to 
burn. Miimio);, or ardt^nt: applUd to f«- 
v«ra; n\to to HlooholiL' •jiirito. 

Ar'dor. From arda% to burn. Bam- 
ing or intciue heat. 

Ardor Pobrtlla. Fev«ririt li»at. 

Ardor Uri'nBa. A acalding seoaatloD 
proHtKod bj the nrine In tlia urethra. 

Ai-dor Vontrlo'ttll. Hi>»rtl.tirn. 

A'rco, A vacant aimcoi a lenii «[»- 
|<Ii(<d by t.'i<Uiii 111 iwo kimli' ivf haliliu'tv: 
I. Atfii rft^uMw, c(i«V4iBtiiiii of lial'l plula 
oa iJiu tcalp of an indvlenninattt ftgnre; 
aud 2. Arfa Mrpen». baldues^ oomtueBcIng 
at the oocipBt oad winding l« each ear, 
and aomctimcH to ihe foruliMtl. 

Area Pellu'otda. The nreaied q)ai<« 
fodnwl, after a few hour*, aruuBd the Itret 
trace nf iliv fiiiW.Vd In the Inrubaicd v^g, 
lijr the middle jwrttun of Ihe ifemilnal 

Area Vaaculo'sa. Tlie Mvoiid spore 
nmand Iho ar«a pclloridiu in whirit IiIimmI- 
veuelt are formed. 

AroaTitoUI'na. A tliird >t>aco, snr- 
rooudlng Ihe area rascnlou. whitdi ulti- 
mateljr IbcIoam tlie whole jolk. 


Atv'ca. A gtaxa of pnliav, tVBt« and 

AreoaCat'«ohu. Ar^aJndiea. Ymm 
lli« mil: of thin plnDt two IhikIn of cktocbu 
are c3lniH««l, the mUoMiittiw mod eail- 

Arcf)l4>'llon. Tfa»procOM of drying 
■I 'x>.uiwi»pie*ionslj' lo pnlrcrlrin; ttiem. 

Are'ntl. Sund. An iM t«rin np^itii'i! 
U> gr»vtl i)v|)Oeit^ in orin«. 

An'nn'llo. From arma, onn'l- A 
MiKl-tiiiti. or tli» •i>plifntmn of liat »nnil 
to llitt IiAiIt, lit Anrilatn^, » t«rte ■]>]>li4>d 
tn lliir timnll iiilvratWn of tbe culliilwor 
ollior twitim; iu>d lu I'ath^toijji. Co fla in* 
HaiD«(1 rin|f Rrovad pa3tuli<& 

Ar'rnciH«< Ar^na, vund. Sniitly; 
full "t luimi. 

Aro'oln. A ditniDotm at otm, n 
Toid ^>acc. TIk circlu vliivli »iirn>nnil» 
itic i>)[']>1m or feiiiolo*. Id fathnio^. tlic 
i\*k whif-h nrroiiDd* pu>itnlnr inttnnmi*- 
tioDo of the akin, nl»o iDtefslir*^ belweeu 
lllirr* Sen Akkoi.,*. 

Arv^olic. 1'tio plnrsl of ar*'otm, \% 
iimhJ I>7 MiialoTRMta to deiiiit« tfcc tiiler- 
•ticM WwpMi Ihfi fllirOM of an unian. or 
betvwa vM8«1s tnlerlaeing with eiu'ti 

Are'olnr. ApipenainiDgln Aaar«ola. 

Areolar Tlsoe. CoUalnf ti««a«. IH- 
vidi'Kl intu ariM>lw «r small tgxirM, 

Ar«M»iir*>l<T. '^<fK AiinivrtTK. 

Ar KHiKl l.atiipM. l.ani|>H <riih hol- 
low or circular wicks, >o called froui tli« 
Dnniv of ili» invpiKor. 

AP'K4>nin. From Bfrf«^, wbil« A 
■mall 'vliiti' nicer of tlj« tji. 

ArKi'in'oiie. A (r«in"of plaata of 
ih« aiHtit I'lijtareraeta. 

Arffomono Moxioa'oa. Thorn pop- 
py, jiiirklj I'oppy; the insplMalccl Juke 
nf M h'r^li i« «fiirl Xn \\e x\M-Tn\ tui a lijrilra- 
£(if;iii> in ifrupaf and jnonilice. 

Ar'iccnltin. Ofrrnnn ftllr«r; na tS\oj 
of iV)[i|MT, nicki'I, liiiH riiii', 

Ar'Brn<nleor.iiiimo'nin. Ful- 
mtaniio); iiilvcr. 

Av%pn'tk C^annre'lnm. Oj«th 
ar«t of silT»r. A lAaicle^ wiii(« {towder, 
IinrlQit no mtMltail iiwh. 

Ani«ati Ni'traa. Argtn'twn niln'- 
t\"n ; fattttUtiM Innate. \itm(6 of titv^r. 
Lnnnr cnuirtif; a whito Mill. In elio form 
of hfird bhtile atioka, havio; an int«n*el]r 
bltur tiuta; la le«ned tonto, alttirallve. 

68 ABX 

and Dntiipavmodto. u nu internal mnodr; 
and cxiomall; it ia cniploji«d a« a HMt* 
cant,MiinDUiii, alteraiive, and awliaruilc 
ArKVHtlf c^romi. ArgentHm, Mtvar, 
and, r'etvy to bear. AcMdcntallj- <>oni«iB< 
ing tritvor Applied to niinnfaU or iirM. 

ArKOn'lHiu. At^jg'^*: fii>Bi •itn«T< 
wbiti*; Lci-iiUM! it b of a vbito oulur. 

Arg«ntuin Folia'tum. Silver leal 
TliiK, vthro Dot toil thill, in wniclimra 
a««d for tilling teplli, hut ia «>ont«<]DonMi 
vf il5 h(irdn«M nod finnA linliHtty U' W 
arlnl npun \tj the MNrrel ions of iho idimlIi, 
it ia »<HdoRi emploircd for LUia purpOM. 
Itn i* \>y far preT^rablfi. 

ArseDtum Musi'TUin. Mosaic aU- 
T«r; a preparaitoo of tin atid liUmalli 
mdlMl to^tbw, with U>« addition of 

AnrBntum Nltra'tum. Nltraia of 

Arffdutum Tl'rum. QnioksilTor ; 

Ariciriia. From «rt^, whiio. /pgil; 
vliiio (dnr. Set Au-tiiM a. 

AririUa Pu'ra. I'ni« argil, or at»> 

Ancllla'ce*!!*. Of, or bvlofigiiig 
to nrKilla. or aluntlDon* earth, clay. 

ArgmmonciaM Tooth PoUBber. 8m 
Twrm PvuMiHR, Aaaiu.ACKvt'a. 

Ar'fclllold. Aryiliii. dajr, and tirfoc 
a fomi. IlnaiiiUing tip\. 

Ar'|Cf>l. Ar-i>il. Uiti«-«ioD«; cade 
tjiTlar; a ronoreto n(iiduloii«M]t,di>|KM(tr 
«d bj vitifl. 

Ar'Orrla. Atmpn^, «il*er. Diww* 
eanicd bj tu«, or nbuHr nf nAii, of oilver. 

ArU'l'nn. An Blkalivi<t, snalufiom in 
ha propcrlio to cindionn and ijiiiiua, 
fuond in Ciiwu liart>. 

Arld'lly. Ariii'itat. A lem em- 
plnvod in I'.ttJn>>«^ to oxfiroM drynew 
of any pari, Mp«Dlftlly of the cliia and 

ArUI'luiM. A ualal ditoore*^ hj 
M. riicren, of Siockbotm. It b r»iind in 
t\m iiitneral diroroate of li-on i>f KcoiWk 
ItA oxidip* are^>nii to tlioa« of irM^ 
bat ex)il)>il distiuci reActiooa. 

Arlli'in. In tMany, the ahatp, «W; 
brifrtle-like appiiridii(;« from lli« bask or 
^liimi' of (;rBnM.ik Id Zo»i"yj/, iho loof 
•lender bouM in the muscular atractiira 
of fishes, nneonneoted with ih« akelfltM^ 




ealloA rJi» OiAieuta- MtuetiloruoL, %lA vtrj 
nuiiiurou» ill th<> s)i«d. 

ArtMlnllliir'M. Altitm'ii. The eom- 
Hmhi miinli mill 111*. 

AlidtolOClira. From «p«rTdc b««t, 
nnil A^x-a or koxtta, [iiiriiiriiioa; Wckam 
it wu iii|>|io*ed to rtid in ^wrlnriti'Tn. A 
guDus uf pla&ta uf IIm urdur Jiritt»i«rhi»- 

Arlstoloohla Axwnloi'da. Tbe 

UMkv-killUij; l>ii(hwarti aii|tpoeod U tw 
BU ontlilule for the Uile of acrfivatth 

Arlatolochl& Serpenta'rla. ViTglnlk 
•aftk^rool. Thill iipc«ie9tAf AritlnlocliiAi* 
Ml berbMseooR jtlaut wlili niterennlalrmit, 
con*i>)tinx c>r DQinaruu<' Hleiiiler fitnirt, pro. 
«««i|in|t friiin n tltprt ItoriMninl <<iiail»K. 
It In A nliiuulnul, tuiiii:, dlu[i buret ic. uiU 
diurvtic HU'l. vhtn tnk<?n in Imtkv tloMtM, 
(Hwuions BAtiMt, K'''P'°8 pBititt in tb« 
bowelfk wxauthnvN vouiiUu(E> awl d.vwta- 
terir tcncMiiniis. 

Arknn'MM Sf»m». A «nn« uwl 
1>jrdi;nti«t> f»r rcwuvinj; fileruiirks Ooiii 
Uiu furTocw ul* ■ lilting umI niDotitliius tlt« 
abrad«<l eur&c« of tooth tisau«. 

Ar*a. Brocltinm. TliMt pM-t of lite 
appcr cxcruBtLj bclnMn UiS afaouMcr 
Mwl «lbow 

AmMi'rlnm. jfi-nM.aroA A»iof4 
of tnetliitiit.o. iciHtrumi-iiu, ^. 

J&rme'ntaa Bole. tv-« Bulk, As- 

Arailllik. J rmi/Jn, a bfiu'dkt. Tbe 
saint* t>r ihit metahra lions li^nmnnU uuu* 
filiiag IhA I^imIoii* of ilie car^Mis. 

Arviont'rliP Rwdix. Tliuroolof 
lfa« CaehSraria itrmameui. Uurse-rxdMl 
root. Bn IIobsk-uaouk. 

Ar'ninu A gcntu of pbinU of th« 
oHer C-EM/Mtibs. 

Arnica MoDta'na. T)io «vBt«itiA!ic 
nunfl fur Ibc arukn of tbe Plutmuu'i- 
prrlta. Leoiuinl'M-baiw. Tlio pisiit, tluir- 
tn, tM4 foot, ftr^ n»n'Otiet ^limubuil, vm- 
intiiiie»i(ti((. koJ itiutctiu, Mill bnvo been 
BM«I in rnnaanm^ pnrBljtis. oil uervoui 
affVoliont, rhenmnlikm, |;oiit, Itt. Tbo 
flant •{fplivij to bniioM is ktnu t-lfiouciou; 
«lB(tlh« llRrluri!. Ijiriie iioM>4 arc ilan^r. 
OVA, BctlCf; •■ fto &<?ru-Biircolln p<Jiu>n. 
Tbo nalidot<! i* Tinncwr. I>o«e. gr. t o x 
at the pow<l*r; of \\ir linciiir« gti. ix tn 
tSi- '•* Z'^'"*' Pt-t^Hf/i tliq ttni-toro iif 
■niluftiB Quiploj^ for irrilatilu pulpn cf 
tMCli, fllw ill alreolur p«Hum1(1m tu pruvcnl 

Kip|turallon, nnd for woamh of tnoeiu 
ni«tiib«ui«. I^rgelj ililutod it forms sa 
efS<iieiM raoaili-wash ilarinit o|>arati()ii« o* 
tbu lovth. It »i»a pravoaia weliyitiutiA 

Ar'alcln. Ar»*ri'iu%. A liitienvnn, 
0)4' uiilivc |>riiiri|tlti of Artiiitii UunlntM. 

Aro'inM. Kpuff, |>urfiuuv: from a^<, 
in(('ii»-ly. uml ai,i*. to «ri)cll. i^aritu* rrc- 
tor. Tbe o<li>r(KU prinoiplo of plMil« mmI 
olbor eii1mt«nM*. 

ArAHniU'le. Aimnut' iaut ; trom opu 
HO, UD udur. AuvtbioK wbicli Iim Kgrutv 
lUl fpiej Kent, and an agromble ptui^Mit 
tiirtd, a* «innatnon, ginjtM; oardniaom^ 
mint. &c. 

AromaUo Vlu'egax. An aoMio *ol»>j 
ti<>n lit c-an\ph<iT. i>il of cIuVM, nMVRIi 
and lavciMl«r. 

ArmclK^'niirnt. Frnm arrarh^, lit 
taar ont. Tbo Mparatioii of a twrt •<{ Ibo 
budy, tenrtnicit from Ui<:> purl witb tnUich 
it uriM raiin>.wt«d. Tbv trmt i* •ometimw 
applitKt to tlio exiraolion of a toolb. 

Ar'nis«nllCi AmiiK-ntofa amen- 
i»)i. pcarly-)iru; cvlur. It is a L-arlMiiut« 
of lime, (MBtaijilng a liule carbonate of 

Ar'mplioia. Prom a, prir., mi 
^«-j(, a Kntur*. H'illiout Biitiire. A (arm 
nppliod to tliD eraniiiRi nltcu it bas iw 

Arrhw'a. Fnnn n, priv^ am) pitt, I 
flow. Tb« i'«|iprv«'itoii of aaj aatttral 
iliix. AmmiirrliinL 

ArrlCM*' I>rut. Deiu Mnrf'uiw*. 

A wivilull) tt>t>lll. 

Ar'row Root. Tb« rcoala of t)i« 
root of ibe Jfiinmra arititdiimeta, a pin 
wbii>b gmv» in tli« Went InJicn. 

Arwil'um. Nymphomania. 

Arne'lUMc. Vmm inri'ifum, ar- 
•viik. A wit forniutl l>;r a nombinatUm 
iif »rH:'nii' mill njib tuUiflabk Iwm«. 

Ar«6nlat« of Atomonia. Jmm&nt 
artmi-u. A (iryclalliud unit, formvl by a 
oumbinmioa of ar«onic ai>id and aninoBia. 
or oarlKUiale nf Mmrannio. 

AnMiniato of Iron. Ferri antnl 
A mI[ luriiied by double deoompoxliiiy 
hyaildinf,' a inltiiion of iinlpbntoof Iron fo 
no« nf ni'M'iiialc of mmIh. It (irt^cipitaiM 
in tbf fiinii iifM Oiny urvcu (toA'dur. 

Ar'wotiiVi Artpniftim. Tim nmiD'of 
k iiivul of a IrUrkisb or stccl-grny colur, 
U In I'uiind Biillvi.*, an aa oxldi;, and a aol- 


pltnrat. lui srmbiilb As; hsc«mMaI»ff 
namlwrTKS. Anwmk' B.nil lu various ll^p- 
kraiions mv among tlie tnoet >ictiv« of 
nil poiixniii, Tlie oulf kmiirn siitiilotv h 
th« livdrntfii SMqiiioxide xtr p«ruxido uT 
iron, tt «b«old l-e preocded by th« na» 
of cmetica, or Difl >l«iniKh pnnip^ 8o« 
AxBEXiarB Acid. 

Araonto Acid. JcJrfum Anfnifun. 

Araonic, Iodide of. Jrtfnici Miditm. 
AninibiDatiAQofarMalcKDdlodiiw. D«ed 
in (.'iilxiK^nfiii diimu«M; nlmt in form of an 
oialninittii lli« proportion of ilireegrnlna 
to the oittK^ of larrl. Internnlljr tlie doM 
u a tvniti ur n grnin. 

Arsenio, Oxid« of. Wliit« &n«iiic. 
AmonicMU ncid. 

Aisanlo, White. Oside of WMalo, 
or nraenions nci>). 

An»en'l4>«l Cann'tlc. A prepora- 
tlod ci)iupus«d uf lu-ti (inrta or lorl^nted 
nntiinoD; and on« of whitv ancDic. 

Araeoloal Pnate. Pate Aneniealf. 
A Frviii-li poin|io<iiilon, nowl tm uk ajtiili- 
oatiou to tnalif^HRt iil««r«, cotuposcd of 
Mv^ntT puna of dnnaliar, twentj-lwo 
parts drfl^uir^ lilood. wml cift)>l psrt* 
■rMtiiuus ucid, niado iaio n pa«(« wilti 

AfHcnlni'llH IJqiior. Fooler's 
tolutiou; nrKiiicnl •olutiou. 

AnieK'tcam AIIiudi. Wlilu «r- 

Ame'nionA A<-t4l. Wbita nrwinle. 
Oside of sncnic. 1'hia nmipound h pro- 
pnrcd hy dlgiMting Ilio metal In dlltKo 
Ditnc Jicid. It m>mtiinM wUh lh« oArthjr 
nnd ntkiillno bnoea, fumiint; nrseulreH. In 
Hmnll ilrMvs of tV '" 1*1 "' * Kriun it ia 
ionic, allw*ti*-*. and anlip*i-if«rw, wliil* 
in Inrgt d<MWS it U * vinik-nt irriuat pui- 


Thle poir*rflil iif^nt has been Ml*n- 
sivcly ctnp1ov«d, t<vtli in America and 
Eumj'C. fur deAtroyin^' ih« pnlpa of de- 
cnyai t«>(h. bnl in foii*i>qncn(-ft of the 
greftl I'lHUIltvof a tooih. after the destmo- 
lion of ila lining iii«ml>raih». to utva riae to 
inllanintnlinn tvf ilio alrc»In-<lonU) mtm- 
brnne. and kIkhn-'ka, Its Indiacriinlnate OM 
ia ra[Hdl<r rnlliiiy liito diiir<r))iit«. 

I>r. SprifHipr, of Montn-al, wiw (he (irsl 
|u iim; nrwniuua acid for the dewimvtivn 
wfnn pxiin«c<Id«nlal pnip, Iiiit Uisdbcov- 
ery wa<) first made Itnowti to the dental 
profcanon \ij bi> bru4li«r, Dr. S. 6poon«r, 


70 AET 

of N£w Tork, throngli llie tnedlani of a 
popnlar lr«aliM an tb* teeili, puUiah«d 
ia 1«3«. 

Tbff ft|>i>licattoD of a foriMli or f{fti«tli 
[lortof a ^nin, with an vqaal qiuratity of 
rbfl aa)|>hali> of innrpbia. to an expiMWc) 
dvntal pnIp, nil) dealruy ita vtinlity in 
from thrM.> to M<v«n liour«, ami ulten 
trithoai canting any nnplcaaant g^tisaLioii. 
but in moot inrtnncCT it i» pnnlortivc of 
mor« or l«aa pain. It abntild alwaj* be 
lilted with ^re«i oaro. to pr«i'cni it 
cumlDg in contnct wlih Ibe inDcous 
braiie of ibo tnoalb, or fWmi beoi 
diaplaoed and baingaimllovod. Tn pra- 
vent any ncddcnt of tbb mtU the cavity 
ID tlift tooth !>lionM W lixbtly ami Mcnr«ly 
aealed Dp with wax, or l-oIIod utnreted 
vrith Mndamch vurnivh. The follvirinf 
preparations knotrn aa nerru pwtM art is 
ane: t|. ArseDloaa add. pr. sxx; Snlpluta 
of morphin, gr. xx; CVi^aaolc, q. «. H. 
To form a tliick paste. R. Araentona 
acid, gr. x ; Rnlpbnto of morphia, gr. xx; 
Ormtrato, q. a, M. To form a tbirb paato. 
ArsenioiiaacldUalaa employed to obiond 
MmniMllty of duntino, btit U « daDt[«roii« 
ag«nt, as i<a «<r««ta often «xt«nd to th« 
pulp of tbo touch. The apintoa ao ^ntr- 
ally eniertnlned that dan-ertn the pert- 
doDtol mcinbraiitt and aocktt of the loot!) 
might rcanlt from nllowlng thn araenluua 
Moid to remain tongor in iho pulp c^rfry 
than i« npcoesary for the dvviialization of 
that origan. I.i ooint«at<Hl hy Dr. I'la^. 
The theory ao long huld that nrM>nio is 
aalahle tn crua40l« is alM> dlsprovfrd ; nor 
U it probable that the addition of morphia 
is ntefnl in allaying the pain ianideot to 
tiic iiclicii of llii.' urn,'iitc. 

ArWuIn Pottu'MW. Arecnlte of 
put ash. 

Ar'f»cnU«, A «Att fom»<4 by lb» 
uoioD of nreonious ndd with a baae, 

Araenlte of Copper. 8cbo»lc'« prcan. 

Areenlte of Potaah. Uqoor armai- 

ArHpnorl'iilp Add. An acid pro* 
dntvd by the action of nrseoio npoa 4I- 


Art. Th« appttcatioo of a ayatam of 
mlea to the perrormanra of c«rtalll aotloiU. 

Art, Dental. The application of the 
mica of dental anr^ry to the Irealnieat 
of t)ia diBea«eB of the tectli, and tlia t^ 
plaoetueat of the loaa of tlitiav orgasa. 




Art, HoallnfT. Tb* npplioatioii of the 
mleti of medicine ta tbc Ux-atniviit of ilu- 

Armu'CHpk. ArwBtc. 

Arlan'llir FJonKn'In. TbePlur- 
m«ri>|»i'Mi luiiiir! I Iiiib. Vh.) uf tli« malloo 
pUiit. S.N? Matico. 

ArteMtH'lu. &o futtfi htomw it 
wni Qr»t u-<^ b.r ■ iHwn of tlint utaa*. or 
frttta Apfti^'t. [>i«iiiL. becsnM it vu lor- 
in«rlr vinj^ov^ in tht dbvnava of womeA, 
ortr wliocn !ih» prMiJed. A f«iiDs of 
pluiu of lliH ordi^r CampotiU^ 

Artemiida Abrot'&Duxa. Coramon 

ArtembitB Abdn'tliluin. AMi^ 
(Ai«wt Tutfore. CViniiiou vonuirood. 
Don of *)»inl)iitmL 3j lo ^. 

AitetnisiH Ohin«n'ela. M^MjapM- 
ica. Moxwort vf Cliiua. 

ArMmbdK Qlmoia'liH. Uouataio 

Artomuda Judn'iiHk. AmlMfMnn. 

Se* Aitnutuu SisioxiOA. 

AnoinUia Marlt'lma. AMntAlum 
i-«irt((JU'*"i, Sea wormwood. 

Artem l«la PoD'ttoa. AitmAium 
jumlitMm. Itmnun wunnwood. 

Artemisia Rupea'trls. CrMpiag 
wormwood; xirkli vrnrruwood. 

ArMmlBla Santon'ioa. Tbe TartK- 
riao FOdtliiTOWood, or vrvrniMwd. 

Artemisia Valaa'rls. Mugwurt. 

Arle'ria. From aifi, air, and rtpr/i/, 
lo Iteeji. bccniuc it was ftoppoMd by lL« 
androU that thejr nmuiiiicd air. An ar> 

AHr'nac A ii)«)lk'ii>« pr«eoribed 
for diM':iK'< iif tliu intrliL'o, 

Arfc'rlir (dlpn'up. Tht artwiM 
wlikli ■4^ri.<to Div tiki ubout Did kldticyv. 

Anr'rlnl. Arl€ri«'mia. Bdonging 
to tile arii-i-ioi. 

ArtoTlal Blood. Tti« T*d M<«d U w 
rallvt) ti4«aiiM> ii 1« (xmtalned in ttio Krt»- 
riiM. Til* piilntfioary voiiu alio i^ontaiR 
rail bkKMi. on wlii^'li k««aaut ttioj bnv* 
tw«n nUi^d iuieH«l vvin». 

Arterial SsrBt«an. All tl« nrt«rUM of 

<ll« b.-|T. 

An«'rliilJ««i'tUm. Tlic oi>nvvn!<iii 
(iT i)io rrM'XJ info arienal Mood: a Ivrm 
■pjillvd t» th« fI)Atif« whirli ih« iilo-^ nn- 
derf^ots oa ll pM»v« throunti tlw lut>trs 
jirtxlucvil lijr itu> avuliitioa of carbooio 
tcitl wxl llt» wbiorplioit of oxygen. 

.4H(>rrola. A small axXtrj. 

.irlc-rlol'wKX. ArttrwU>^i«; from 
opnttiut. art-orr, and ii^Toc, ft diticourw. A 
trMtiH on tbe on«ri«a. 

ArlrrlOH'tcle. From ofinsxA, kr- 
tHrr, bdO oerioi. a l)oii«. Oultlc«liaB of 

ArtcrWnnn Uuc'liM. iJooDDcrcB 

Artertvfomy. ArUnaUmA'in; from 
iiftrtf>«]. an artery, mmI n/ivu, J euL Tb* 
ofi'niiijt of nn artery to draw bk>od. 

Arl«<rribl. Fnnn apr^a, an »rtvrj, 
■ii<l iti», iuliaiiinuitign. Jnflainraatioa of 
an arlri-T. 

Ar'lery. ArWria. A firm aiid etastl« 
ry lindrical tulnr, coiii|>tfiii'<) oT Uir«« ni«m- 
braues, a votittnuji or exlemal, a muarulnr. 
ami an intenial. Knr conreyinft llio b1i>i>d 
from lb« livart. Tbcrt are but Iwo tunin 
arUritxh th« pnlmunnrjr ari«ry and tha 
aorta ; nil the i-Mt are Imnoboa. The firM 
orij^iuttM from tbo riirlit vcntriciv of tb« 
livait, BOd tbe aecond from thr K>n. iL la 
b.v iiivanti of tlic arlurli;* tiiut ike blond la 
conveyed to «v«ry part of the budf. Tb« 
|)iiUnil»n<if llio anerlea oorrespoods will) 
ihnLof Lltohrart. 

Tbc principiO nrturies of Hio body are 
nviiiiotKN] in tliu followtii|; tablo; 

TjtBLi or res AnziuM. 

I. Tlio pnJmonary tfrf«Ty. 
Tlie |>iitnioi)Hi-y art^rj. eoim after enic 

Ing rruiii tito right rontrioli uf tbv livart, 
illvldcN iniu LMo brancbm. A rifcbt and a 
left, wliinli are iliMrlbulod to ibv iuujpL 

II. Tlie rtwfrt. 

Tlio ni>ri> urii^fl froin lli« left ventricle 
of ili« hc-art. ami is (h« ^mat Iriink from 
w)ii<.'h the '>llier Arlurie« t>f tlie Ixidy are 
d<<rivnl. Tbne ar« (d^vB off in the t'ul- 
lowing ordvr. Al Its ori^ it inrei oIT: 

I. The /tnt«rior tarJiaa, or right tor*' 
nary arterj/. 

i. 'V\ivfi)tUrioTrardlm,OTlrJte»n»»rf 
arUrji. At tlM areli is give* t>ir Uire* 

(») Tlie arUria iiuMminala. u-lik-b di- 
vide* into tlie rtfrAf tarAtid aiut rifJit (u>- 

(b) Thu Ic/1 (larotid. 
C/> Tb* tfft mManan. 
Tbr mr«)lidtt are dlviilvd into eit«rmal 
and intrrmil. 
Tite external gives off: 

1. The mtpcriar tiyraid. 

5. Tho UagiuL 

3. The liMM or foaaU 

4. Tlid ii\ffriar phar^^taL 

6. Tilt oetipilaL 

e. TUa /nM(ericritirrit. 

"!. Tlie internal maxiilaty. vrhloh (tIrM 
off lli« iplsuMu art«ry of Uie dnra nial«<r, 
tho maxillary, iind several brUK:l>«»wbicli 
go lo llir |>Alat« and orbit. 

8. Tbe tump&roL 

Tha ft>lli>wing t>r*ti«liM «r« ^v«a off 
from lh« ioienuii cHroLlds: 

1. Ihn ojAlhalmie. 

2. Tho wi«/.//rf otrAmt, 

8. The mrnmMnMHtiu. 

TIh* riilluwinicuru the lininohM gir«R olT 
\iy the Hitlfolavioii art«riM; 

1. The internal Ninmnuiry, wlilch Made 
off Ike lAymin. nrmra jiArenirK fteriairdioe, 
««d p^ffnief^-pericitrdia* nrlerifO. 

i. The iufWior tAffraid, from wfaioli Uic 
•tnKiAail. aiemiii»y tkyrvid^ and tfaiutvr- 
4titii AwNMrt are dorired. 

i. 'n>e rfrbi&m/, whiob forma within tbe 
-orimluin tlichjjM'Juparti^, wblch (rlvueatf 
tli« lamUrinr <wittcJ/i, the fucbPMr mtwM, 
«Bd UMijr oihur IrADchMi 

4, The Mrrieaiu pr^fln^ 

5. TlieMrt><Av/bnijr«7WaU«. 

0. The *itp«rior iiiMtMhiA 

7. Tliu taprattuptlar. 

Wh«n l)lt^ milKilnviiui BrrirAo at tho uc- 
111a, it re«iivee the najno of liie ariUarjf 
urlfty. and i h« latl«r. vlien it readiM tha 
ann, i* cgille'l bi-otJiUtt. 

Tho f<jlh>wiu^' nrp tho brancbes given off 
by tbe luillar^ arl«rj: 

1. Fmit m<tmmary artcri/t, 
t. The mih-tettptihtr. 

Z. 1^ piiilrrior firfHmfite. 

4. TIh? nntfriar lirovfiyU*. 

The fbllowlag branrhes are givfto offlij 
tt« bi-Hokial artery : 

1 , M'taji UlrraJ AnwurAM. 

9. The ptt^uaila humeri tuprrior. 

5. The pirofuiuta humeri in/'trii/r. 
4. The ffrftff. a/tattMiM*iMy artery. 

At tbtf imnA uf tlie ami. tlie hraehial 
&rUry ditidea into lh« ulnar and radial 

"the iilitflr ^ivfis off: 

I. Sft«r\tl rtfurrftt hrapehtt. 

%. 'Hiu <mtiimiiii ini<'ro«H«nl. 

8. The pulnarit mupK^ttcialtf, the pal- 
tncr arcA, and th* Jiffitai. 

Tbo rndUl «rtai7 givos off tbe foUowlis 


1. Tltt rwlial reettnvnt. 

2. Tbo mptrjkialit fvt», aRer whlcli It 
dlritle^ Ittto the fakatirit pr^utuiii, uui 
t)io digil^s. 

Tbe art«r>e!t {Iveo off by the t)UOKXt>> 
ISO AocTA in the tlwrss an-: 
I. rXm hrvr»Ai*l. 

3. Tlw atophas/cat. 

8, The tfi/iri*r t«t«rcMtab. 

4. The tVirrop Ji^pir<iymotit, 

In ibc abdomen tbv aoriB (circa off: 
1. Tliaealin*, whiuh, at the d[«ianeo of 
half Mt meb froot Ue origin, 'llviile* joto 
three hranohee: iaj tbe f/Mtrie ur oaro- 
narff arUrff, {h) ibo ktpiMe, and i«) tbe 
tpUnif, Tbe hcfMitia artcirr, before it 
rciochea tlie liver, ifiym niT: 1, ilic ri^iL 
yattr&^piptcif, aod 2, the i^tfe nrtofy. 
Hi* aH'Btc artvry ^vos off th4 jnmmv- 
■t^MU nw^ao, the left fOMtrvcpiplMe, aad 
the «aM brtKia. 

9. Tbe «iijM-Pwr »iiM««/<tr«, wbioli givH 
oK (a) the ««/u>i meifia, (A> the n^Jiiw (b«- 
(ra, and (e) ibo iUa-MlUa. 

5. Th« infrriir »r*rH>ftif.. 

4. Tlio emulgrtit or renut arlcritt. 
fi. The«pmad{(M. 

8, The /v«|J!«i»'or«(tr»« 

T. The mi<ldU tiural. 

After i^vitif; (iil'tlie forecolnir. the aorta 
divides into Iw ImaK-hut, railed th« *»- 
Unuit bikI mrntal ititu: ariiTua. 

Tbe iiileroai iliac or hji>ofa»uio artmrj 

1. Tlie il4»-tvmiar, 

5. The laUrAl muraii. 
a. Tbe oAfwrvifar. 

4. The middle humwrrlufidat, 

G. liM glutml or pMttvior Hiaa, 

5, Th« McAfotiA 

7. Tbe pitdinx iutrrtut. from trhhJi th« 
t'l^/Mitr AjpiniirrAAii/ii'ii, iho f rumi ^ m p»- 
rinnttl, and tl>» 'lAntliJi ftmit ariiit), 

Tbe e.ileninl iliac urxnsatartoryufUia 
lower «ilri>iiiity givw uff: 

1 . The tpijpulfie. 

2. The nrewnrfnci i7i£ 

Aftor pMOilif nnder foupurt'ii tigameul, 
Hie arierjr of the lower exlremity tokca 
Ihe nain« at Jttuvrat MtnTy, aad give* 

1. Thtprt^nda. 

i. The (j/KMf'/Mi«(foa, 

Wheu it rtai'ltua tbe bom. It U calUd 




tint ppplitMl artery. It berft gWea oflT 
ttrtunUtr branrbt*, and ImIaw t)tu joint 
diviiirH lolti tba diiMrwr aod ptmUrior 

Tlie nnterior titiUI givM off: 

1, The remrrrnt. 

5. The tiifrriuii maiU^lar, 
8. The rtlrrtuil malUoUr, 

4. The drMrt/. 

0. The mflat.jTtal. 

6. Tti* itarMilit haitneit. 

The |iue(urior LibUl ^tu off tbe follow- 

1. Tb« jMivn/<«/ or /l^Idr. 

5, Tlie nutrilia tibim. 

S. Tilt iii(e>VHi/^/(>i»(iir. 
4, Th« trt'rnnl pj,inlar, wtiuh (MUMS 
I- «ii<] fortrartlt tu th« 
. miAriiiil liun«. U tlion 
tomi olli(]iii^iT iawartls to Ilia iatorval 
betwBfD tli« (mm* o( l.lir lint awI tK-cum] 
metatarMl boiM*. where it inoscnlstM 
with ch« vommnnlciitiiiit brmn«li from ttt« 
don«l)a |>««li^ this ooin|>lo(Iiiit tlip ^/(in- 
ter «raA. Tlie Digitai SmntJiea srw four 
fa tliimb«r. and ttiip{>]r thft thrM i>Qt«r 
I aaii Imirilic »«--odi1 io«. 
'tery . Angular. SeeFiauiAvTERr. 
Arthnn'ltln. A iwyatalline wb- 
•U^^'<: t'XKi'l III (U« rw>t of th* C^vula- 

Arlhml'Ktu. ArtJktviuiyfim: trcm 
ofi^pia; n jiiint, and oAjnci PMO* Pain In 
Um Joint*. 

Ar1liriri4>. Jnhrit'iaa; from c^ 
4|Mnri tiic ^ut. Putaialng to tb« goat. 

Al4hrl'lfai. From ap&pw, a Joitit. 
Tlif l^l'^. .S.'-.' t*iin*n«ji. 

.IrllinK^'nce. i'ttta apSfim, AJoiiits 
and niMjij. iI>'fi,-cL I)i>M<e at thu ^nta, 
■nd e«|'iv-iiilljr caHw of tlio tniculw >ar- 
fcooM. Til* t««ii u kloo ttpplitd to ijiiiu 


Arlliro din. From ofitfin, s Joitit. 
A muvjiMc nrtkutatioa or ounnectioB of 
twRM, In wliicit iliv head of ono i» iq)p|[eil 
In ft U]|i»rfii>iul cNvitf cif wiotliur. w> iJtftt 
it ron ho inoval Jo «vcry direction. 

.4rlltro4ra'la. Yroincfliiim-.iiioint, 
anri oitw-Q. I'ftiii Knin in ii juiat : eliroaio 
rlwiKiinU'iii, ^vv RiiKiitiATilut, 

Arlbror<t|Cr- .irthmloffia: from 
B«i4pm>, II Jninl. Nn<l in^m, a doNcrlption. 
JV.droi-rl!tllMii t>r t)t« julQla, 

Ar'ihmii. \^pvr. AJolnt. 

Aitbron 'COM. J^t^c**; « ^oint, atid 

Cfm»t. > IBttU, A ■WalUog. A iliullWl DUO 

tilBginon* 1>«d^ (one or ttior*) wliiob 
•omelirDM fomif withta the kne^-Joint. 
SonuitijuM Rpptiod to tUBMAotioo of ■ 

Anbmpiitlil'a. Apipn; tmi ' m<tor. 
An afiVctioD uf the ghimliler-Jolnt Willi 
violent pain and BWvlliug of Lb« brachial 

Arltareplilogo'Khi. AtApm; utd 
f^>«u, lA tnfluu«. iBflanmntion 4>f ft 

Arllimpiio'iito. Prom apipMf, ft 
joint, eod n-*. pn*. Snppnrfttion, or ftj 
colleulloo of puH in > Joint. 

Anhro'ftUi. Ftvin apd^uu. to articn- 
lat«. Arthnii^; inHiiinm«1ioD of tht 
joiiilt. A Rctiii-'' of diMMume in Gooirftj 
^'mAoKj, ^Qibmcing rlivumstiMD, gout 
and vhii4> sw^lliof;. 

Arihro'Nhk From opd^ow, lo ftrtloa* 
late. An arliculalion. A joint. 

Aniiri»Mpon''gus. From at>4pi». ft 
Joint, uid anorjoi^ ft »|K>ngO. A vbit« 
toa^on'i tumor of the joints. 

Ardo'ninr. ArUeularU; IWxn or- 
tKutw, a joint. l*«rtainiD|; to ■ Joint. 

Articular Arteries of tbe Eiiee. 
&«v«m] miflll Imnotice nra givan off from 
the popIil«itl artcrj. wlilch Kurrtxisd lli« 
tibiO'fei Moral nrticulatioo. and fiuiii tiMr 
HituKliun, aro dvi<i)riist«d liv lliLi name,. 
Tlittf nre dtridwl into fuptirkir and in 
forior, nod Itiere ai-e geDerallx thr«e of* 
ibe former ftwl two uf tb« Uiter. 

Artioular Vaizia of the Xnod. 
generalljr folluw tlitt oourMi uf the BTierl* 

Anlculu'la. A term npplied in 
Zf'lo'jp to u pritiiurv divitjou of llii; ani* 
inni kintcilutn. cliaruolariud bj an exl«r> 
nul flrti4!olated corflring, enDU^tinj^ of a 
tcrios i»f rii)it», corr(j:<putidiii)t (o tlic inUr* 
Hal ikelftuD of rertrbrali-d iinliimla. 

Aniftlln'llon. ArtienlaUo; 
^rlicalvt, a joint. Tbe cono^ollon 
liiinfw wlUi t^-wili oih«<r. ArlirulaiKin* aro 
^iiorally divide tiy anatoniiats into thr«* 
kinde; uainvly, diMrUtrorin, ifpt^trlkrutia, 
and ampKiarthrxmU. Jn Ph^Hohni/^. the 
fi>nna(H>D of dUliuet ajriliblu or vorda 
\ij tlia PTRBna of HitL-vch. Ja BoUtRff, th« 
iNonnootioD of tbe paru of a planl b; 

Artlonlatlon, Falae. A ftiM julnL , 
funninl bi-lwm-o ttiv iinitvd pxtri^iniciuai 
a fra«tnrod bone, or between tbe articula]^ 


6XtT«mU7 of a luxated bone nnd tbe pmrts 
with wMcli it 1« in mntnct. 

Amoulft'tlon Of DoDtsI Sab0tt- 
tutea. Tlie AilJuKtmect aud nrraiiirvinriit 
vi DDir or mora anitictal tl^(T1ll. no ttiut it 
b. tittj, if there be more thno ooe, whoa 
plaoed in tbe nioutb, »I)bU vnvUiin tlio 
Bame retAtiunsliip to tbe orfcans with 
wbkli the; aDtafrotiize. wLeo tbe Jnva 
■n> cloMd. u tliG natural teotb ilo prc- 
vioBalf to ihcir Iom. 

Artlontatloti of Models. 8ea Uod- 
xu voB Aktii'ioul TsKin. Astaooxuixo. 

Artloulatloa of tbe Teeth. See 
Tutrtit. AitTim;i-*Tnw or. 

Articulation, Tomporo-Haidllarjr. 
See TKMii>Kn.MAiiiLi-iiicT Airncci.ATiitx. 

Arlh'nin'lor. An iriBlnntiriit nued 
in iMiani^l J^ftitUtrtf for boldtoit tlie 
laotli^ls in ji"'''"*'' "blip the nnifirinl 
teetb nre Woi; urrasgeil kii<1 ■ntagoniEi'd 
upon ibo filritv*. 

Arllt-aliil'Hn. Artie'vUM. JtMntod. 

AFllOe'lMl. Arlijiei'alii. That whlcb 
fa fnriiUKl hy Art. 

ArtlfloiaJ Deotine. A prepAratlmi 
COiiii>(i44k1 of |»ii*u giiitn-jMirclMi, vliila in n 
Boftened states mix<4 witb rainenvl sub- 
itaarrea, anil uihmI for temporvj fiUiagt. 
8ee Ilii-L'aSrowiyo. 

Artiacial Eye. A >i>rt of boltovr 
hemlsjilici'i'. paiiiltd ao as to represent 
the anterior fan of tlie globe of the e/o, 
aoil enamelled, applied b<in»Alb tbo e;e- 
liil. Tlio innniitaoUire of arlitluUI ejea 
lias bticD brotiglit to ancb iierfuetlon in 
Paria, that it i* diffiL'nit for h common 
obaerrer to disliiitrui''b the diffbrcnce bo- 
tween them nnd the aniaral orgaiu. 

ArtlfloLol Joint. A fracture united 
b; tbe broVun enda of the bono boooming 
rounded ond sm»nili, and connected hy a 
tibroii*. ligaiRi'iituu* anbtftiUM; a ftlao 

Artinclal Lower Lip and Obln. It 
Bonivtitiies hatip«ns that persons are tie- 
privrd of tbe luwer lij) nnd cbiu by 
wounds or oilier canM«, ao nA ^mntlf to 
iuterfer* with tbe ntteranoe of apeeoh 
end thu /otculitju of iJio salira. To 
rctnedr aueli low. Tarioua ooRtrivancea 
bav« been invonled, vAriod in cnn- 
sU'iiotloii to Biilt tlie [)er-aliar!ij of tbe 
taaea to wbinb ibuy have lii-en applied. 

In Il>» conotriioiioti of an appliance of 
tbia aort, itw firat. lliInK to be done is to 



74 ART 

talce an Inpreaalon of the Up and cbln of 
A iMir»nn, rewunblinir. a* nnr m pnatlbtc^ 
ill tbeee part* of tlie fnce, the itidirtdnal 
requiriiiR •iidi aab»tttut«. Froiu [bis tm- 
pn.w«i(>n. Kiiitable plaster and iiietaltio 
modcia moH enanter-modeta are obtained. 
Butveen tltcee s plntina plate may be 
8latn|i«il, wbich. after bein^i fitted tu the 
parti to wliicb it is to be ajiplivd. ihonltl 
be (.-namvllvd and properlj ctjiored. 

Diit the beat sabstitale of this 
wbieh baa been invented, !■ deaeri 
U. i>ctabarr* in bis TVuil* d* Ic 
MneAani^w io FArte dn Chtrvrghn 
tittt. It Gon*bta of a ibin layer of gttm 
«l*«d« in solution, applied to a pla*t«f 
model After thb liaa beonino dry, 
another and anotbvr i* Bpi>lied, ilten 
piece of hempen clolb, aflvr wbidi, tlirea 
more layen of a eolutloii uf iruni-c1itatJo 
are put on. Cpon iheae a jiiecii of An* 
linru iit aprend, and ever ibe whole ft 
|>iece of kid, properly colcired. bi itltiod. 

This subtititDie ia kepi in pinee bf 
lu^an* of two ttrapa of ctetb, covered 
wfiih kid, properly pointed. 

if tbo mibJeoL be a man. falao wblaketri 
are ai>pti«>l, wbieb will mom etTectnallf 
n>nc«nl the moile of ai tncbmcat. To ib«; 
end iif vaeh strap a {riooo of matal may b4 
Bied. and bent »o ait to 1m> ««c«r^i tn ib< 
var. or tbe strajw may be fa>>iviied bcbind 
the bead. For greater &ecadty it i<i roeoui 
raeiided that inctnltii; plnles bu iix«d ta 
the sidee of the artificial rliini »bicb may 
be iiinda fa«t, and concealed In the fUdi 
of the cravat. 

Arttflo'Ial Koae. As hi the rjae of 
artiTicinl lipa. it w iropoeirible to oofiatrvet 
a aubetltute for the noae tbat ran 1>« werC 
witlioiit some ineonTcnicnci.\ yrl ibolattef 
ia by far tnote frequently ealled for, and 
bnppity caa be made to dubaerre a infl«bf 
bolter purpote, as it can be more perma* 
ncntly and aeeurelv apptiud. 

Themolbodaof atlAchnK-nt Are varionai 
Tlie ainiplertt Is by tiieann of a nlip of 
teatlier. jHiiiitml HtMh ndor. pn<vin^ sp 
aver tbe middle ef the forebea«l, ami iDait« 
fiist under the bair. But lliia iiiL'tbod b 
obJectltJDable. Tbe leather la visible, and 
it iloos not afford a lina aidl «cbiir«i inifh 
port tn tbe artificial applinni'e. Anntbif 
Bietbud eouai^ta tn aiiai'h'nx to the \nr 
teriof of the aoae a anpoHor and tw4 
lateral wiiigst which are uuule to not tboT< 




ukI od «»h ftidci in vncli a wftf u to ra< 
Utn Ui« |ii«c« ia its |>lBC>«i b»t it liubMB 
k1 lliat thet* noM n»i im\j a toM of 
•of\ (isuias agaiast which tli«f ant 
nado to ncU l>nt I)m1 th«r are liabl« Ut 
lv« riic to diMMM. Vr. Bnllif, liunvvcr, 
I the ooM) ot B woman who 1mi>] Iu«t 
nova ta cunneqiieocA vf ■ MV|iliili(ic 
. flor whom ht cuiuAractttd an nrti- 
aubMituie wiih ihnw wings, wbioli 
li« laovMl hj mean* of a kprinf; mtAe to 
work hj ineaos of a battoa lixcd ta on« 
of ttiu Bu'triln. jVlIbough it cauMxl a 
link pain at tintt. ho »tatft« ihnt thl* did 
not last liiiiir, aiid Lhal she did not nltt- 
nialvly nutlvr any Mvnoiix incouvvnioiK* 
from it. The r«ffatlj dtMorerad sab- 
alancv (.'c Haiti id (whidi *ei?), from ita plaa- 
Uvit? and tiaiiiral flush color. produMH 
the b«it r««iilu ; the lost fM(«re idb; tbiu 
bo rertored in a must lifn-lika manner. 

Wbeo ihplooaof tlieor^an U the reanh 
of diaaaae, aa ii alinoit alwaja th6 <uue. 
It la geoerallr comirlicintMl with the Iom 
of otbar porta, geowallr of tbe hanl and 
acrft f«1«l«, wlilch alao, a» far fta pratili- 
(vble. r«iiRir« r«f>lac«(n«Dt ; nuJ in ilia 
caM iIm! two iiiHj Ik <'onn«cu-d tom^Uiiir 
la mfh n vnj ni to aerva M a nintniil aup- 
purt fur t>ncli vllivr. 

Artlfla'l&l PalKte. A necbantcal i-oa- 
tr[van<>« f'>r »i|>i>lvioxth«)o*anf ibe wholA 
or a portion of the haul nr aoft pnlato, or 
botb. Tti0 altni>lMt d«»cri|i<lon of auhMl- 
tut* of Ibia aort, nonaiMa iu a Uiin |dai« 
of rold, fitted to the guma covering the 
palatine pmiioa of tti« nl vvular hunler, bo- 
hiod iho dtnial aroh ; eonrtiv* inferiofly, 
and cunrvx iii|i«rioi'ly, and coutinMl bj 
mcana ofdnAp* fltlMl to one or more tectli 
o<n«B«hald»ofthemoutli. Kill ihta, while 
il fHwrettta. to •oiuv extiMtt. tbe paam^c of 
fluhla and tnuA from the mutiUi iDto the 
iKMc. rvKivdtea but vcr^ pnrtialljr tbti do- 
foctit-Q nttrrnnro of sp«vrh, while the 
afcani rdffi- of the i^Iaie |>r>«tofiorlj. If II ]*o 
axitinilMd «atlioii<atlj> far baok lo aeparnt* 
Ik* biK-cflJ frotii lL« naanl oavitiva, i« apt 
lo int«vf«rf> wtih anil Irriialo iliu tonRUS. 
Bat wbal«f«r rimT bo ilw dvaciipiion of 
ratmlilvlo enipliived, the fidiMDldj.'vs de- 
riYt"? fr>Kn i! will KTcnilrdeprnil ii[Kin (ha 
•<' ■" adaptnlioo and tlie exlent 


In the a|>|<liantloB of an artlUcial palaio. 
It «Ren bwomaaaa B tam/f ta eonnuet with 

It nn» or more arllllAhU teulli, whli>h can 
eaa>lrb«don«l>7ext'fadinfr the pUto orer 
ao mnch of tlie alveolar ridffe aa m»j be 
ruquired for thv InaC-uatiiw] uihriUutv. 

Delubnrre, Dfiiirahwie, 8iearn4. Holli- 
licn, Itlandf. nod Kifur-li-j (in\e tnvrnled 
subsliturcs of this aorl. aoroo of whicili, 
c!>pwiullj Kinicoler's, aiii>ii'«r a mn*t ex- 
cellent pnrpoM). For a fall dvneripliuo of 
tbe various nppliKDrea wh'toh hnvo been 
emi'loyed for reinodyln^ dofeota of tbe 
IMilallne or^ana, the reader is roferrod tg 
llnrria'a J'rin. attd PraeL ^ Denliitrj/, 
tooth edition. 

Artlflo'lal Reeplratdon. &e« Bcsn- 
fUTiux. jVimriniu 

Artlflolal Teoth. ContHbnt'mg, ai 
th« tcetli do, to Uio iMnutj- and pleasing 
expreaaioa of the roiinleniini.-ti — lo cor- - 
reot cnnnciation. to ih* ftinolion of mafti- 
cation. which tlie^ nro the ohivf mci-nla 
In jMvfonRing, and to the henlth of the 
whole orfcanlnRi, — It la nut anrprlaing tlut 
tbelr loaa sbonld be considorod a Mirioua 
nt11icti»iL, and that art ahouM b<> Invoked 
to rcplat^o audi lo«a with artiKi^ial aolMUl- 
tulu*. Ho irr«ul, indeed, la lliellahility of 
tbe liuinaa t«olb 10 decay, and vo inti«h 
n«^Iect«d are moana of Iholrpreaervatlon, 
that few pcraona rcaeb erun adnll age 
withont loiln^ one or more of iheae In- 
valaable nr^na. Itiit ltflpt>ily for aaffor- 
ini; bamanlty, tlicy can now he rer)>la^ed 
with artilScml tnhttltiilea a» I'luncly re* 
aeniblinethoi^e pinntod in th«> Jnwa hy the 
hand of nuLiiro, as alnioHt to cinde dciM- 
tioo. erpD by tho moot cHEini) and prac- 
tised oboervera. ThoDf;h (li«r« i« a per- 
fection in tbe worka of nature that can 
Dercr be equalled by art, anitlrial teeth 
OAtL ncverthelMa, be ao tiinstruni^l and 
npplivd aa lo siibaorrn, to a oonaidorable 
extent, In tbe majority of itaaMi the i>ni'- 
[Miaaa of the natoral or^an*, lliou^'h not 
as perfeetly, nor with ibo same cuove- 
nienne to the penmn wrarinf ihnn. 

There are iliffictillie* oonnoMoxl with 
the iitsertiuD of arliHcial Iwlh wbicli n»ne 
but an experienced praotittotier has any 
ido* of. Hesldc-i Ihoao of j>roper!y eon- 
atroctinft and applying them in eiirh a 
manner, as that Ibay may he eaaily re- 
moved and rifftlaewd b; the piiltenl. and 
at the aaiae time bo securely fixod in the 
mouth, and in sn<:b a way ni not to pro- 
ducw iigury to tho parts with wb'ch tbej 



tr« oooacoud or MMKiBted, tb«r« are 
•HDMilDWOtJiHrawiiiallj-dillicall to ovvr- 
«OBnA. For«iainpl«: lb« Iom uf a (ooth 
is one jaw is goners]!]' followed br tbe 
grwtual pfxrlfdRian rrom ita aoekei of tlia 
(Mb vriilt <rhi«h it antkgcnixod in lli* 
oilier. »o ihal if tliat b« ropUccd with an 
anilli?lat t'K>tti of iK|unl «izv, it vill mrikv 
and prevent. tli« ottict Ivelti fmm w>iniiiK 
mgWlwr. T)ii« tvmlencjr of tti« tooth in 
om Jaw to protrude is alvnirs in propof- 
liun to tliv Biinib«r lost in tbe otli«r ; hdJ 
if nut soon counterartod by tlie f«[ilace- 
in«ot of the latter wltJi artBeial aulMti- 
taU», it often giro* ria« to an obatAclo to 
tlieir proper applicath». ttrhioh will re- 
qnire no llrtio {n^ffliiiiy nml taM to urnr- 
evmv. If it were net-cMaty, tlie aolliur 
could Rienlkni oibar dilHcultlea connected 
vithtbi* branch o(pra<!tica,«iinall.T- great, 
but will let it suffice to elate Uial (lier« 
are few. fomitdiibto m iiwy on«atitim 
ar«, wlii<tb llio w«|]-JnfonD«d and skilful 
dentist cjiuuol overcome. 

Svhitfinfn Emphf/nl for Arl^fieM 
TettA. — AiDong tb« sabstaaoeB wbicb 
bav« been epiplo(«d fvr rvpjaciog tbc lff» 
of t«eth, are, I. Tbe erotttta <if hitman 
UeOi ; a. Tbw ttelA ^ ruat eatlU. »he*j>. 
<£c. ; 3. Tli« I'rory p/* {As ettpian Ci and 
hifipopotumiu'i ttul; and laatJy, )ni»irat 
or f»re4lain Utth. 

Human TtviA, — Tli« orpwna wf ktimnn 
tc«th arc iirrfeniblc) to nay otiier osHons 
■ubitancc, and wben ased for tliJa piii^ose 
tht* «HouM be of th« wiao vIom na t)io«c 
wlioae place thoj are deeSfned to aiippl^. 
If well wUoii'd, and pK>pe>'ly Inaortwd, 
the artificial ooDDoction wlib the alveolar 
ridKv c.uiinot eaailir be detvctnd. 

riK-<lural>ililvorihe«ete«lli, wbeDlhns 
empluved, dtipendii un tbe iIvtMit.v of I bcir 
■trucMiriv lliu Mtundtiw of ihcir ••namd. 
and tbe (wodilioo of Ibe moulb !ii wbich 
thej arc placed. If they nrv of a dow 
tetturo. and bavo aotind and perf^t en- 
amel, and are inserted In a iMalihy month, 
tilt; will laM bvm six to twelve, or a 
greater number of jcara. 

TeetA t{f CaUle. ~ tit lh«i variotia kindu 
of oMeouii Miil>eliioo« e(ii[>loy<-d for dental 
nibalitetea, the t«etb of iirat rnitW Are, 
p»rhap«. after the liaraan iwtb, the beet, 
fly tligbtljr ullerinf; thrir kbajx Itiey mnv 
ba made to rcwioble verv closd; tlio in- 

76 ART 

eisora of aomo peraom : bat « oonfigura* 
tioD similar to tbe euspldnti cannot ba 
(Ci'tn to tbcts; and iu Ibv Ru\}orltf of 
oaaea they are too wbile and gloaaj to 
loalcb anj of Hie bnnmn ie«*h. 

There nro otluir ot^i.-etiun* to tbe iia* o(l 
IbcM teetJi. In the iint place, lUcr ar« 
only eoTcnrd oiiu-riurlj vrltti •■iiimtoi, aml^ 
In tbe awond, their 8tnieinr« ia )tt* d«n*« 
than lliat of bumnn tttellt, and 
ilueniJy Uirj' ure mora ttMiljr aoted 
clieinicid agenta. Th«7 are, 
durable, aekkni burting more tiwa boai' 
two 1o four years. 

Uippoptft^mm. — The Mnployiasnt of 'w 
for artiSoinI leelb hiu bevn aonctioncd 
aaage from the earBeal parioda of tlio ar< 
iatenoe of Una bnincb of deotieto'. but wti 
miuL not brace eonrluda tbat It haa 
approved by oxporiaiwe. On tbe 
trarj, of all tbe aebatiuu-te tbat Itu 
utcd for tliis pun>OM\ tlii» ia 
moat olfjectionablei 

Tbu ivory of Uie eUpbuL'a \vA b ra< 
penneaUe tlum tlint oUaint^d from 
tooth of tbe hijiipoputaniDS. So rendO; 
doea it abeorb tbe lluida of th« dmi 
lliat, ill llinre ur four buun atlt^r li 
plftpod there, it Ixx-uini-H winpltjUly 
irutf<l witfi liietu. ('onacqiivntlr it 
ble to I'liefukol diaogee: lUid wIku 
iMlb, fbmed from it, are worn, iIm>j aHM 
the brralli to vwdi a decn« oa Iu rvtuler il 
exceed m^ly offensive. 

Tbe ivory of the tnek of tlie bippopoo- 
muB 18 murb Bniicr ia ita tvitnriN nnd, ol 
it la covered witb a bard, tliiok enamt^ 
teeth tnajr ba cut trvta It, which wI]I,bI 
tint, very mvoh roMmlilft tboee gtven « 
by natunk 

Tlioro is, however, a j«DeuliBr4n»«ma#wi 
uixMit the natural t««Ut wblvfa ijioae aoA 
from ibis aubstannj doDOt pna a a M . The}^ 
inoroover, soon cbange tJieir eolor, auoni- 
ing lint a yellow, mid ibeo a ilinj;? 0< 
d&rk UniRh hne. They ore olao, like tboH 
Jtut mentioned, very IbUo to dwuy, and 
to (fivo to tlt4 air, retnrnod Chom the tua^ 
an in^uSentbly offensive odor, wbldi cos* 
nut txi eorrecled or pn.'veiil«d. Ibey mnjr 
be waabeil half a Actva tiium n diiy, an4 
tjJiefl out and cleanaod agMn at uifrht, and 
it will (til) lie (tniooly porccpilble. 

Hill olijecliimnblc a« tliia snba: 
is Btill rmpliived by a Dew pi 




on4 tvmty jtiu* mo it frna itMd liy one- 
hair oT t)m dpniUU in tlin rnyanirj. 

Minrral ttr P</re*li»in Tttth. — ^Tbemaon- 
fnciiin- i'i |>on-«1dn teetb AM ncpi for a ]ud(^ 
ItruntiM to be of much advunta^ to 
iiHgj- h%\ by tha iogvaait; uid indo' 
I esertluns of a few, lliej have ■!- 
ij sn|)«r*»<l«l cv«ry odier kioil 

Tii« t'rmr)). wiUt vbom the iiiTcatlon 
of Ummo l«o<b origiaalwl. Mwooniad lti«ir 
nMnitfiuitnrp \>j favondiU nolioea; and tliv 
nwonla ulT«re<l b^r aotne of tlit lettrneil 
and uriontiliCRot'idiv^uf Puris ounlrilmUi) 
niiicli to tli«ir improvement. Tliej^ wore 
dlill. bvvrevvr. dcfident ia to ntuiij quuli- 
tiea, ibxt lh«T r«<vir(H| ihr nppnilmlion of 
wvy few of the pn»f<EflUi)B, and tli«n ooljr 
in Mints JfMT oBMi. 

It ia prindfwllj to Am«ricajt deniiit«, 
that we are indelited for Hut wbUili tlie 
Frffndi >o long Uborcd m tud to kCooiD- 

A vant of menihliione to natural teeth, 
fa color. trftn*)DiNiDi>y, and animndon, «a« 
the grutt obJcctiuD w|^ oguuut the por- 
cuhifa]; will, had not rhesc ubJectioBR tweii 
obviftUd, ii>«;r would havo: pr*v<^i<itl yhvm 
ever tielii; eitrnaiTilr etnptov«<]. Fiir- 
marlr. all thai werv niiuiiifmtured hwl a 
di "i ' ^ippcarafKe, whir-li rend^-rcl 

Ih' •(itccti(in,wli«-n |>IiK-t.->l nt'.<n)[- 

ildtf oi iliv oAtural t<«th. and gitvti lu thi> 
n«uth ua ojibekhhjr Kud ■icicljr fw|>i)i-l. 
B'lt an great Iiato l>e«n the bnproreioi-nlA 
in thalr iiuutafurtura, thnt fvw cttn now 
di«HDgui*li nny difffronoo bctwe«o lli«Ri 
and ihv ontunl urpuia. 

Tlir oilvnnlaiie* wliloh (hme twib pus* 
over v^<rtj »ort of antrnal BUlietouM, 
nutncnMu^ Tlwy r«i tm more lUfrJy 
IUmI In ilif! niMilh, ami be wnm <rilh 
gTMivr i>onvMieiw«. Tb«y do n<'>l itlw>r!i 
ha AwrvtkiM. and uonecqneotlr, wlion 
prup«r alteoUon It pohl tu thc^r cJeaniMiM, 
llu-<rdn n<it umiominato tlio bn-nlli,r>r bo- 
cuDH- ill iir.i wftj", olTcnaiT^ Tb<7 ivevw 
r)> 'liir. Tliejr aro nut »^tt«l 00 

)if II:. .itoi^iilDfoiiiwIiii th^tmonth; 

■ad botinc tha niilUc hKUiTUptllile whiilt 
h.ti bi'vn ttiriii t(i tbiini. 

Appljl'—^. — TIm; nMb'"lo vf apj'lviiifr nrli- 
ticial tttitb are. t, <ht iht nttts of iltf ruii- 
wni/ tr*lA. 3. f/n a pliitt tfitA tlatfit. 3. 

yntvn. T)iDpecaliaru)rM)laK««nf Mch 
of tltceemeLkiMlswuKliall j loi tit unt brio Ayt 
aa wcU M th* mhi* in whifih lh«T are fv- 
ticularlj apptlc^de. 

Artijieinl Teeth Plartd Mt JCatiint 
Slotrt*. — IhtH niclboil tfriiMonloi^ *rtig('lAl 
teeth, on acconnl of \i* mmpticilr, iriu 
fornioHj nioro vituiudveljF practlsi-d lliua 
aqj oth«r. If th^ root* on wbk-h Uiey uiWi 
placed be sonnd ami bcultliv. and the bnck 
part t>r die jnws tnipplivd with naliiral 
tec4h, HO iM to prevent IhoM with whtHi 
the artifinal iml«|i;oniw fniia MrJkh^; llwni 
too ilirecily, they wit) sabeerte llio puf 
poace of t}ie nntoral urgana vciy pt-rfMtlj. 
When thiu ploMxI, ihcy m\ no finn biuM^ 
and If ibev arv properly fillcl nml »m-uml, 
their eonneetlon willi ll» nntiiml nxris 
GMiaot oarilr be dolectei]. Itnl, iinf-irtu- 
naleljr, the Inciiora ond riiHptiliiii uf the 
upper Jaw, arv Ute oiilj' tcvih which it ia 
proper to rcplnoo in this way. 

Tlie (nsenloD of oa ortificia] tooth no 
a diaooaed root, or on a mot linvia; a 
diwaecd itoi-liet, t> alwaj-s foltowMl bf 
iiOnriooi effects. The luorbU action 
nlmady cshting in the mot or iia sui'ket, 
\* t^^TKvulnA b/ tho opvnittnn, atHl often 
cnnnual to uslcod'to the ■■oniieiitntn |kirt% 
and, Mnnetiiaes. «\-en to tlio whole iiufulb. 
Nnr i» it alwev.i pro|n.T to apply n tooth , 
iiiitiK'ilinlely iiArr LaviniC pri'imrvd Uid < 
root. If any Irriloliuti in iir()dui<od by ihia 
prtrporatory pn>c««a, the looih sboiiM not 
lie iiMerted nnii) ii hna wholly nubxidctL 
Tb> neglwt of tbi* {tr^autliio not nnfrfr- 
i)ti«ntly Rives rJM to intlaminailon of tho 
alvM^onlentAl periufttetun and ulTuohir 

For (he inAoner of pr»p>*rinjt a ro^t and 
applyini; a tooth to it, »«v lUrriB* Prin, 
and Prtttt. of fientutrjf. 

ArUfifiai TWii 3f&it»Ud en n Pl^tl4 
viti Cl'ttpt. — This invikod uf iiit|'lying 
UliBelal teeth, oo ai>eouni of iu mure ex* 
lan«lr< ap^icnhllitj, muy tie roooiderevt mi 
more valtinble «iea than that of plaiiogj 
thi»n on Ruiuml riN>t«. By iliie meuu^ 
the )o«a of a tingle t^wth, nr of >«v«ral 
tootb, in «iib«r or loth jaws, iiiny be eup- 
plicd. A plot* may be to htioil to tn 
tipertnr« ia ibe dental eirck'. and Mcor^d 
with ulnapa to Uie otltcr tcvlh. a.-* to afford 
a firm «iip|iart to sis. eifrht, t«n, or tvclr* 
ortiticiid tcoth. 

Teeth appLiod in tliia irey, wbta prop* 




erfj constrnclcJ, nujr lust for ni&nr Tc«ra. 
Unt i[ ia DMMsary to their dtmbUit; thai 
the^ Rhoald be oorrtctly aituikM, mcq- 
nt«lx fitc«il, iukI snbstaotUly scvarcd to 
tbe plaM, blIm) ilint the plflt« tu«)f be 
piTOfieptj adnptod U> \h*> ffamt, and At- 
tacliod to tbe teotli that are driDly Axed 
in llietr BockcM. 

Oo]d WAX Tor A loR); rime idmf>tt tho 
oalf metal eraplnvctl for m&kiog the piste 
md cImihi. TIiIl, Uit the funner, should 
b» ftxim iVMity t» )w<nUy-unit ciiral* fine, 
and tmia eighteen lo nineteen for tbe litt- 
ler, ir ii»Id nf an inri'rinr qiiRliiy be iiacd, 
it will he linMe to be nrtod on b; tbe se- 
oretioiu or l)i« inouLli. PIntinft, when tbe 
taetli ftro to hv tin'xtvi to t1i« pinto bj 
means of a Aisible (iltciotu ocmcot, anstrera 
a good purpo«e; but tU^re ar« few |)er< 
Miu in iitv Cnitol 9tat«a wlio nnderatond 
Dwltin; and reMnc«tting tbe seropi Into 
pUt«; Mid n-h«R ibis cnnnot bo dune, the 
n»c of it is attended wirh loss. 

Art(fitiaf Ttetit with Spiral SpritigK — 
Whiui oltA^bMl to fiUto*. tbe oiAj AWvt- 
enc« between the method last uoliced. of 
ApplirlDgiLnlBrin) icelb, and tbu one mxr 
to be wmaiflowd, eoneists in tbe manner 
of confining tbvin in the movitb. Tlic 
fnmier is apjilioable in cases vbere there 
are other 1«t't)i ui tb« mouth to which 
clups nuky he applicl: Ihu laltor is de- 
eipied for eonfintng irbole iiett and parts 
of fL-tA, where dnsfM tir other mciuu nf 
atuirlimeni cannot be conveniontlj cm- 
ployod Air their rvlenlion. 

When platwartxtniplo.Tod. tb* te^th are 
atlAcbed to thctn !n tho aame manner na 
when (-laKjM aiviiMH!; bnt iaNTend ofb^init 
fiwtened in tbe momli to tb« other teeth, 
tbe/ are ktt)»t- !□ {>Uro Ijv iii«aiu of apiral 
•priugs, one on eiilier nide of the artilictnl 
dentore, between it and the ch««k», paasing 
from one piece to th«.- other. 

Almvphnic or SatUon ifttkod <tf Ap- 
plf/iof Art^tuil Tetth.— Tho niethiid Uwt 
dcvcribod of conHnlng nniliebl leelh in 
the Rumlh. \* oDen hmpplkabl^. ineftlHent, 
and irouhlMiunie, (■■pertnllv for lliv upptr 
jaw ; and it is in sndi coms. mure particn- 
larlv, t]iitt the ntiiiiMidTeric or >uclii>n 
raeihod U valuable. It wnsfor a lati|t time 
tbongbt to be appUfjiblo imlj fvr aw entire 
upper trl, Ix-rniiK' it w-u« KiiitiKBeil thai a 
|)late aallieietitiv IsTge to afford tbe neees- 
my ODioiint of inifnce for tJte a.tinoaphi;!r« 

to art npon conlil not be fbmisbcO b; I 
pi«ee eonlainluf; a Kmalter number of ic«tb 
Esperietice. however, ha« proveo this c^iO' 
ion 10 be Incorrect. A mgle roolh nia| 
be inonnted ujion a ptate pri-iKntinii i Hif 
faco Ini-fi^e enough fnr tbe al iiii>*]ib . *e U 
act upon It suf!ii'!t.'nilr for Its rvientiou li 
the moQiJi. Fur a hko roa«oa it voa 
thotight thm the- narrovnoM nf the tnfo- 
rior alvoolar ridpe would preclude ihl 
npplimtioa of a plate toll ajMn Ibb pHn< 
eiple, and in xhhn opinloD the auilior pait 
ticipaied: bnt be bse (Uceeeded >a pur 
feellj in confining lower pieces hjr thi 
rntuin^ that ho rnrolr Itnds It ncceatarj ti 
emploT «[Mral epriogii for douUe wlo. 

spiral sprlnin are now boteeldooi iixi 
and onir in c«w« whero malfonuation n 
hts to anch a decree oi to render tb* oa 
of the aUnfMjiberic method, or f«l«tltIoi 
bv means of elaupa, impowible. 

Tlie fimitieM of the *dbeeioo of Ibi 
plate or buKc \o tbe irumH, to whicrh th 
teeth nro ntiaehed. depends npon the es 
tent of the iinrface which tbe plat^i pra 
aenta, nnil tbe accamov of Ma ndnptalioi 
It 19 a)w> iniponnnt that tbe teeih shonli 
l>e »« 8m«n^<«l and nniagonizMl, that th4 
vliall atrikc thow in the other Jaw all ilu 
way around ot the same instant. This i 
o mntter that rbonld never bo overiopkc^ 
for if the? meet on one side, befure the; 
com© logeihor on the oilier, the port a 
the piftte nr LrM' not pre«ied an, will b 
iletnclied, and the adniiwiion of air bel w«M 
it nnd tbe iiiniiji will eavue it to drop. 

The application of artificial teeth on tbi 
principle linH been pracllaed fnr a Ion 
tiniB; bnt tbe pl.itvs rormeriy ow«l w»fl 
irory tnuead <d* itold, and could M)d«4l 
bo Utieil will) cnffirienl aerurnc; to til 
motith to exotnde the air; so that, in fiH 
it conld hardly he said that they were r« 
tnincd br its prvwurc. Unlet* titled in llri 
mo»l perfect insnncr. tlie ploce is coo 
Mantly liable to drop, and tho amuuat <* 
snlislanec nece»«n-j- for Bucb a ha«o rctt 
ders It awkward and ctnmay; and beatdai 
ivory ahaurhx the fluid* of lh» muuib a 
readily, that nfler beio^ worn for a fei 
week* it bei^ome* exccwlinitly ofTenalvi 
Gold, Plaiinn. Vnlcaniied Ktibl>er, Alnml 
□uni, and Cellulvid. aro tb« biu'ee npoi 
which iiriifirinl lei'th an now pinoed, 
all of Thew< materiaie answer an 
lent poq'uM: for plat«a ooB«truoUiI 




•ttiKMpIieric or aimiioq tnetbud. See Alo- 

Th* n|>{>lk)ihoii of Arti(i«uil twth npoD 
this pribfliplr originated with tlic liUe Dr. 
Ganlptie. af rhiltidetpIiiB : unci ire believo 
ftiAt ftoon an«r Lo mnUe hU fint «necawftil 
cip«riin«iit, Kr. John WpficnOnle. uf Ntrn- 
York, i»iiBtni<'i«i) a deDiiil tub«titnt« for 
th« uppfrrjntr, wbicli wa« retained in llio 
taoatli in Ui« samo wat ; ant] at the time 
Iw did b be wiu oot awara that It had ever 
bMn done by aay ono eiw. 

Tb« adhcnoD mBT t>c great); inorcafcl 
bj tbe fonnatloD of an Bir-«ltiunbcr in Iho 
plnta op»jiiti2 ti[)OD ilio gum or roof of the 


Olbftr mplbods, m the Ugalur* and 
irsni{>lanluitf. huT« b«»D eniptoyed In lh« 
Rpp1ieAth>n oforlilMal to«t)ii bnt aalh'-j 
have hmcHiDr-H \'e^^n nhandoned, ndeKtriii- 
lion nf thi<m in tbit p\iiKt la not deemed 

Artifio'tal Upper Lip. In tbecnu- 
■tnirtibn nf *n appt>r lip, ih» invibud of 
procedar« U Y«ry aimtlnr to that for rii|) 
pljlii^ tbe In** of the lowar; tbe onljr 
dilfervoca conmtta in (he metitod of av- 
tncbueitL Be4de> tb« straps covered 
with beard, ivo plstt* are fastenod lo it, 
vbit^h |ia«s op ahiDg tbe dok, and secnred 
lo m pair nf prMerrttn, wboM bnui«b«a 
aerrc n» a uivani of attachmtnt. Wc 
ftboiilil tbiiik ib« baat mMbod of retain* 
in^ an arlilii'iul iipfwr Up in its p1ac«, 
would be t<j Ks iiieaiu of atlu<:)i<tient on 
the inner nde. irhivti mifttit b« vi-ciirod to 
tli« leorh. 

Out a ■nl'Stitnta for ettJior tb« i>|»i>er or 
}onr«r ll[i cannot be ao conslrticUN) m lo 
b« worn wliltout IbctitiTenlcnN, and It la 
fortnnntc tliat Ihcy arc tcUlom r«<|uif*'i. 

The m«ibod of procnliira con«i>*ts.flri«t. 
in tnltinff nil arviinii<i bnpnuiiina of the 
T< !i I'd bv tbi' ill'*) ruction of tlio 

11.1 11, ihon tnnkinc ft inodul to fll 

tbe inrrjuit:iliPii of tlio |iitrl«; and uflnr- 
««rdi> ublaiiiiai; 11 inelnlhc ino<)<!l nnd 
raaDter-niodrl. bul«'r«n wltleb n thin 
plate nf sold or plaiina U awagv*!. After 
fi«tnff tbi« nociiraloljr lo (be |>»Ha, it 
ih'tutd if rmtnrlled and paintrd to cur- 
rcapond with tbe re«t of tbu face ; oroella- 
I«id !unv lj<r rinplor^ tnatoad of m«taL 

Arlonir'ptta. From ufirnc. l>reiid. 
and tapncr. fruii. A genus of plania of 
lb« orOor ArtM^trpm, 

Artooar'pua Incdfla. Tltcbnad-f 
Artooai>piia integrUbiia. Tbe Jack 

froit tree. CWnlcbooc, 

AHom'ell. A catnplaun of bread 
aad bonejr, 

Aram* Ag^nmorplanlsof tbesatu- 
ral order A-rpido». 

Arum Dramm'cultis. The lyitein^J 
atic nniiie of dratfonswort, 

Arum Maonla'tam. Common nmm, 
or wakB-robiiL The root \t tbe incdirinaJ 
pari of thix plant, and when rc««Dt b 1 
ritnonioaa Thcro are alwi Mveml 0lb4 
tpeelea of Aram. 

Arttndlnii'revas. From orunJd, « 
reed. liecd-like: pcrl;iiDing to a reed. 

Aritn'do. A genu* of planta of tb« 
order f^raminM, A reud. 

Arundo Phargml'tea. TIii> irocnu)oD 
rexil. It linf )>«ftn UMd in »>pbili)>. 

AniDdo Sacchftrirera. The wigar- 

.irvl'nn. OM nan* for hogalord. 

Ar'^nni. Volvi, 

Aryttr'no. Belonging to the arTla 
noid cartilafTe. 

AjytMiuvBplslOttldiB'iia, M> Ary- 
tffino-Ei^glot'tdcua. Tlini wblnh b«- 
lonKH to tht* ar.TUenoUl vartrlagctf and epi« 

Arjrl'irnold. ArytanoiftUt. Vnm 
ofitmutn, a fanuel, and nA'ai. ahspe. A term 
applied In Afuitatng to Iff-o cartiinge* of 
the larynx, and the mnactMi ^Jtad^ Ac, 
ranne«ted nith ibeim 

AiT'Uenold OartUnSM. Tlie u»« 
of Lvo uarLJln^os of tho larjni. 

AirtaBOOOld Olanda. Small RlamlolAr 
n-bltinh bmlic*, anterior to tlio arjtanoidj 

Ar}'l*F"<*l*l*''l>*< ^'i^ nani« of n 
iiiKiu'li' vliii-li |i9a)ii-« from ono nrTtn>naid 
i'arti1«L(;e to llie nibcr. It i^ divided bj 
Kitiio {Ui»ti>r(ii*t» Into t.brc« portiuii*- 

ArytaenoldouB MbJot. See Anrr*- 

S<i|t>BCB T«*!«HVSIMt'». a 

ArTtWDOldeua Miaor. Sea Aitn.E- 

Ar7t«eDoideu8 Obliquua. Tbe 1 
uf n mau-lt of tlu- zlottis. 

AnrtseooldeuB Ttransver'sua. Aa 
azrf^t or Mn^1« niuti<>le of tbe gli>ttla. 

Aryth'iHiiH, Apfn'd/ioc: fmma, pHr., 
■Dd pnt^iDt. 'b^tbni. meiwire, A term 
■oniellinea applied to on IrmgQlar ptilM. 



A''mbt Sm BonoaAiL. 

AMllte''Uda. Auafi^tiHa ; from the 
Bobrow wonl ibm. to IhaI. A (ma-Kwii; 
tbe concrete juice uf The Firnia nmifi^ 
lUa. An L'inlwtliferoDB jtlniit. ll ia sBli- 
fipasmndic <uipc<;toraiit, ciniiMtnag«fnK. 
■nd Mithelinlntk when injected into the 
PMlDm. I>c«e In pill, gr. x lo S**- 

AM'niilii. [>raj;tm'a bloud. 

AxiiKrir'aOttla'taa'lls. Thetuune 
of iho |ilnni rn>ifi whlcli to obulnod th« 
alkftJoid c-er4tri». 

AwiphJK'Inni. From o. prir^ and 
oa4n, elenr. A ratiuivwit afrcotunt. OM- 
watiuh' of i-ullcctiviia iu tlie Mtiaccous M- 
liolcM of tli« nkin. vhicli, «'}ten |>tvmm1 
otil. look likp (rtnal) t>1iu.'k-ti«»(Ic<I vrorms. 

Awiphl'M. Frotii «, [iriv., and so^tc, 
clear. Ilcffcltro nlterancv or arUcuIntiun 
raauliin^ from di«cAse of llie [tnlate. 

Awtrnbnc'ca. From atarum, a kind 
of pkuts and fromn, bcrrx. A sinal). al«m- 
leaa, hard; Earo{>Mn hertmceoos pltmL, of 
th« ord«r Arutolafhiiu^a. 

As'arln. A sort of Rtcaropteoe ob- 
titlned n-om ih« Atarvm EurofMmum. 

Av'nrnm. From n, prir., am) ifnifinr, 
toitdorn; twcollod becuuw it wua nut sd- 
tnitted into anciont cnrunn) wrmtlu. A 
getmt of i>lBnU of the order JrulclMii- 

Aaanim Caoacten'ss. A»trur» Qtro- 
Ufiin'HV^. Canoilit anak^root; wild gin- 

AHbt^'IOM. Aihet'tiw. A mlueral 
nnrc or !.->.4 rtoxlhle and fllimnii. The 
am'ieQls t>iiiniirav1i)ri;»d doih froin It for 
wi«|i]ilntc uj' d«ad bmli«a when eiposed 
on Hie funeral I'ile. In coiwc'jticHfp of it^ 
biiag a non-i-uudnctor of oilutic. the »p- 
pliCKCion of It to lIiu ^otloin iif c«vitii'a <M' 
viarj ■>CD<)ltii'o Tenth wft« rarmnmeiided by 
Dr. 8. Kro«ti. in Ibe Amrricim Jonmtl 
^flmlal .1-irtwyi, to pn.'»cnl. The pnioliil 
senwlirwi HoiTiL'timce prixluned in r<n»e« of 
lliin onrt. bj c>>UI or hoi fliildH. or- iilr, whun 
^akvn Into the itioiiiIi. Am n noii-i.'ondtK'- 
tor of oftlorir U paMeMeK every defitmlilu 
propertv, and It Is aa indestratlibU In a 
too<lh ns c:n)i\. It ia also used in iftffiani- 
mI fMutintrff, mixed with jilaiier, aa a 
mbttituia for und, to fomt Ih6 inraet- 
mcnt prvparatory to eoldvring. 

Ascnr'ldm, See .\m<*nim. 

A«'4Mtrta, \Anrnl AuMfid**. From 
M<Mpi\u, lo leap. A geDBa of intettlnal 


wonna compro)i«nding u grant nmnbi 
of Bp*pie«i 

Air'carlfl Luxnbriool'des. Ttiv Inn 
ronnd worm. 

Aaoarls Vermioula'rts. Tlia ita 
or mair-worm, fonnd in ihv rocliim. 

AMVll'llenil. From «tifmlrr*, 
nwcnd. Aws-nding. A 1«nn Hpj'lwd 
AnalotR^ to parte wlilch tiAve Ihirir origl 
lower Llian thoir teniilnntion.' 

Aa««n'«ait M«rM. The iuic«at 
increase of a di»ea«e. 

AMCi'trw. From aavx. n aai-lt, or bol 
tie; ''<> oitllnd l>ei>a»<w of its IkiUIo Hk 
protnberaopi;, JJroptt* t>f Ihe «l»luni' 
HIT rathrr oi'llKi|it'i*iiiinciiin, eliAmcteriM 
\ij Hnotualion, incrwaed din uf the sbdc 
Tn«o. Ae. 

AM-lv'pliM. Uilkwcnl. A g«noa 
pUnit of the ordei' Aaetfpiadanv. Tb 
jUKie of thia plant, wh«n enrnji-iQitili 
initli sulphur, is vuli^ninble^ unil ha 
beeo sncceuflillf D«e<l aa n ■abalUntc A 

AboIoiMas Aifthmat'lca. .^ <^re«p 
ing plant of the late of France. Cora 
mftbdvl ip^raMiiinhn ; iitippn«cHl to b« 
Hpwiflo ill »."iliiiin. 

A«Ql«plas OHj^antA'a. Mudar; i 
V.aft Imlian ptnnt pos^tessiBf; ptir^attvi 
nllrrcktivci, and diophonlie prnpnrtiuk 

Asolspiaa Sjni'aoB. 8;rinn dngs 
hfliK, the Jiik« of which la in ft<TU fo 

Asclaplas Tubeo^'aa. Ituiterflj 
WM'il; plrnrlnj'-ront, Tli« root U 9fim9 
times used in pwli[ii>r>arj allWiiona; h 
diaphiiretio, himI HliKhtlr fatlianiiv 

Aso]«[ria8 VlQoatox'iottTn. Finn 
toxieum. ^wnllow-woft. It m said 
jiOHMiNi hrdraitoKUv proportkiv and 
fffrmwij ilwRght lo he benelklnl la « 
tuieouN cruplivB). 

AiKf»''Kia. From «rt«or. a twltle. TJi 
Mninenr« of the puhes of feniHli'4 it thi 
nRc-<>f {<uUTlr K po called frftu ita fha(4 

Awp'm. From a, priv., r.cil c^n^ 
to piiiTffjr. A tfirta applied to wubrtaBi 
not noliject to pat refaction. 

Aali'ea, The remain* of (.lid combiH 
tion of or^nic snbManraa. 

AMiat'lv PIIIh. riHa «itnpo««d 
onefcnrteenth of d gniD uf aramlva 
acid aiid a little more than half a 
of l>la«k pepper. 

Aa'lawK. Tbenss. The milk of tb 




I* AM w giv«B to p«(l«bU RNffwrintf 
tUMlor [liiUiinIa Of ileUlilnteil vluiuach, lu 
Winf iiioni eu; of iliifMtioii Uian cuw's 

ARit'lM. From a, priT„ aod «>n>r, foo<L 
Alininvoce tront food; (rant of iip|M)i:ileL 

AfM'd^A. rri>in Mor, 4i<Vii*t, ullety, 
A fi'Vff aitcoded with Bwoaoof nnMseat 
loailiiDg. nod |jrrt}ut interanl heat. 

Aspnr'BSva. A guiu of p\kat» of 
til* vnJor ^tpAiM^/ow. 

A«parB«ua Ollloina'Us. Connpon 
Bspara^ia. TI14 rout in »npfioMd U> l>« 
diBrvtla nn<1 the yuunit oIumU ara much 
priicd a* uH irtklv at tl'M. 

AHfH»r'amld«. .4i7Mtp'*yiJi,JifA«ia, 
MuUmiit. A pcrolW pnDcipl«tliMorttre<l 
la ttio Jiiirv of njtpHrntm*, llt» root of 
tnarahirisllon-ii. and lii|iiorka 

r~ L, A«p»r'nil<! Acid. AtparCie <Kiti, 
pbtMnfuM arui. An Aciil ulituioeil fruui 
A»par'lat«% A*par't'u. A combi 
nntinn of Mpnrfic »e'v.\ villi a baao. 
AApn'Btil. A )m11 uf vrood aankad In 
InfMtftk of jftlK DK-l to c<rn*lr{iig« tlio 

A«'ppra Artc'rla. Tlis traeb«a; 
•0 C«11>hI frcttt t!io iflcqualitie* of ll» CAr- 

ANptnr'liy. RoDftinew, A l.-rin ap- 
|tliM in An'itamn lu lliv iiii-'lunlJIi^i) tXi 
\ht kiirfiii'« of Inidm, n*iiall]' nvnttiiK ftir 
tb* t|i"''ril"(i rif U'niliviu of muacJM: Hod 
>• ' II I'/itiurlrffj/, to indauuitailuD 

tii <\ irti aiviiunl of tliv wmim- 

tioa of roupliDrM kIiWi otlenils tli« 
meretnents of ilieM orgna* nyoa the «7»- 

Anperma'iilA. Y'mm a. |>riir.. and 

«rtfifM. iSrA l>i-()(?lfrne]r cr WOJit «f a»- 

Aaptr'ninionii. A fpfrfaatvt. ot Am- 

p*rrr,<ii. |'>0(D O, (iriP,, BDl) owtpfia. Mail. 
Willi. .tit M^l 

Avpr-r'nlon. Ai^/rraM. frttmiupfr- 
gtrt 111 t'v-'iirjiikii^. Til*! at'l wf sjtrlnk- 
IIo^ Wiilvr or uliter Aiiid <m tfa* aurfAt^ci 
of tlic WJ*, »>r any [lart nP It 

AMphnl'tuui. A IiIlniiiinnuH iiiti- 
aXBCK foaiKl in a lufl lii]aiil «lat« lan Ih* 
anrlWcc of the I)eitd .°ea, wlilcli, W affi!, 
iMMumea linn) bikI drt. A lirown colnr- 
iBg nutter b fumifrd (htm It, whlfh, 
when ilin-ilTM ia nil of tiirpeniine. \» 
■tinUrtii»[>ar(>iit, and l)« iimh] ita a (lasa. 

Anplaod'eliK. A g«n(la of plonta of 

llii- imlvr AtfAodtUa. 

A«phiod«tus Etauno'aoa. 'n>e nan« 
fvr lli« uflicinol, or braiiclivd ii9i>kod«l. 
Tli« bulb vroa furnicrljr suppnawl to b« 
diaratic and emmcBa^oipje. 

Aspliyx'lik. Frtxita, priv.. amlofpffc, 
pain. This l«i-iii wna orli:iuall j (>mp{o/C4l 
to alftilO priVBlioa of puluu )>ut It b now 
applkd totiupoiuiioii of all xht vitsl ph«- 
nonMna prndaevd by ckiimm opfrnitog on 
tb« reapiraior; nr^ana, Imi in wliirli lir* 
ia Rut iirtn;tlly nxlinfit. I'r, Julin Maxin 
tiomldlriiliMaapbyxiatnlo t'tmr varlatiea; 
1. Anphyria m^omtia^iM. impliyir pro> 
Sliced hy limiting at druwuinir. fi. A»- 
phffxm mepltititu, ohukwlnmp. ur «aplijsj 
l>r»)ucvd tijr inlialinit mrUniic acitl or 
aoiiM utiior invspimlilu oxliulfltiua. S. 
A*f}tytu\ eltctrka, duulrioiil «>(''■/''.*'• 
priMliKXKl lijr a olnikt? of li|ilitiiin|t «r olw 
Iriciiy. 4. Anphj/^ia alfjidtK fro^-liUtea 
UMpliyxv, i>rodn««d hy intviiMt L»ld. 

Die cltVrin of HSl>hjrsin a|M>ii l}>o t«vtb 
are peculiar. It caiHN their boay or oa- 
M>on« ti«TO« to b« aUgtitlr ^mM widt 
rod blood, girlng to iImiii a faint red or 
|juq>li*}i tlajfu. riiis In pnrtlL'ulju-ly <ib> 
•ervablv ia iW l«oUi of pertK'na n Ito liav« 
been ilrowDfd or Iiudr:, ut wtio Imvu dted 
of llii' iXttiaUfl oltolttTA, anil wit* ospjHr&fni 
to dtfiiioiiittrnt49 tl>« fnacalgritji of I he tt&r<) 
tiMutu ii( ihetct orfaiw. Hev RicM-ocir*- 

Asphyxia Idiopsth'loa. Fatal nys- 
ffoi«^ nii|-iil ^ly rrl*»,iti(Hi nf lliv bi-nrt. 

AsphTxiB, LooaJ. naiitfrniM. 

Asphyxia Neonato'rum. A terni 
applivd lu nfpliyxy of iM>n-lii>ni iafuuL*. 

AMpld'Inni. A ureniu of plauia of 
llit< order Fili^n. MaJ« Tarn. 

Aspldlum Pl'lbc Mm. Malo foro; 
polypody. Tlie root has ai'ijulied \iivu. 
fiiW'\<n\ ; (<vr lu tfTMta i])<'iii la[Ki worm. 

Anplm'ttiMi* Inspirnlloti. itiilrll>iilon. 

Ait'plak. .^Dirif. A*p, Ar/tie. Thv ■!)• 
nil-Ill nuin« for tliv K^yptinn vi|^r, >ki|>> 
joisfd lo ho tlia &er}ienl Mhiob killM 

A<i|ili>'nliiiai. A gcini< of foi-i» nf 
till? Dolor Fili't*. 

AAplenlum AdinD'ttim Ntcnim. 
|j'i.<k furii: Mnck niaiil«tiliair. ti««d aa an 
flslHriKcnt and pM'toral. 

ABptoniom Oot'enwfa. Tho ityntcnt- 
at^c aame of apleeowDit. Hiltwr^te, iu«d 



In Tllitniiw af the chMl and in n«phriiic 
HiiJ <-nlciiK>U!> ttlTuclK'ii*. 

Aiipls'iiluni PUlx Fae'mlnft. Fe- 
nule lera. 

Avplenlum Hu'te Murft'rta. Wall- 
me; wliitr ni^Hlciilinir. [thu twvn vtcd 
ai n TMne'lv Tor abscou of ilie liinga. 

Asplooium Soolopea'drium. Th* 
■jstciuKtlcnaine of Mulopcndrliim. Uart'* 

A«pt«niuniTrlehom'iino«. Tti««y«- 
U-iimtio n&mu oi invhtnunttvi. Comiuoti 
intidonhiiir. or H[ilwiiwiirt. 

A8pr«'do. fir. Srn. rpaxvita. A9f>^, 

rmicli. A liHrdnem nnil jtneiqaal rougb- 
IIMW bet«r««ii llio«v«li<1«. 

ABBafac'lldll. S«e As*p«Tn.k. 

Ak'khIb. Ulil nnme for tlto RUtnirs. 

AHWiy'. Krom llie Frencli, eMaj/w. lo 
irjr. A «ti«iint<!al j>rM)c«i. the objent of 
wlikb is to dctri-niliM tlio qnantitr of 
iiiMnl M>ntnin«d tii nny tnlD«riiL or ma- 
|«)lir mixtiifo, ti^ AnAlyrti^ a xinitll fkart 
«f It. 

'Phtp ir* two proceuc*. lh« rfrj/, anil 
the ittmiel or ici-t B» lh« /twf the metal 
ii eitracl«^l by the aBCiinjr of fire nnd 
Aoxea, and it is bj t)ii« aw*y that on* nni 
hniiftht and *o\A. Tb« m«M(J in inor« a«- 
fiOratv, and is accotnplUbod bjr dissolring 
Ilia ore or other antMianvM In acMa and 
pp^cipHatiiift tli« rnoul* f^m tlia (mlnilon. 

When ilio iei-m aaeay la iu«d alone 
withuiit iho ijtmlifyir); DAxn^ of nnr nwl- 
ala. it asDaUy Hlliult^ to th« analriii^ of 
an alli'v of enlii or nilver, or Iwth : Mid i« 
•ometimeF (n^niTnIent io parUnf. 

AwiDilln'tiOM. AuimilMi*; frcm 
amimUarr, tn make liku to. Tlic convcr- 
Hlon of food Inlo nnlrimcnl, a ftinctlon 
cnmmtm to all orf;HDle«d (lilii^ animiil 
nod vegetable. Nutrition. 

AntO'dCS. Amxle*: A-MD aav. loAth- 
in^, A fever a<tGnd«d with Ini«rDa1 fcvvr. 
aaxi«[v. and Ivatliioi; of food. 

AMal'lP. From a. [irir., and rtraiA to 
atati<] A l<irtn 9|>|tli<>() tn tlio niftgnetiR 
dit'vctioo of one n««dl« neutralixed by 
anoilicr. the two »tan(l!n|c>n any jk nit ion. 
bnt not GOtuiaulIy norlli and aonth. 

AlltllOll'IC. J«rAeft'M,* froma, priv,, 
and aOtvm, strvngtlL Di'bilitr: wont of 

AHllienol'oKjr. Tb« Kicncc of dis- 
ea»«!i arising fW>m debility. 

Aattaeo'opla. WefikacMortbeo7«. 


AMlb'tnn. From Ao^yHi^w, to brealbe 
wilit difBoiihy. DifBoult re«frir»tion, n- 
ctirrinjc al inlervah, altcudi'd wHli a acaae 
of •triclar« a«ro«9 the breast, and In the 
lirefn, with n wbevnng coaifb. It b 
placed by I>r. Culten in ttw ctaaa JiTnt- 
mm, and order ^lamn. 

Anlhmnl'le. AtfMt«d with, or re- 
Utinsio asibitio. 

Aftllg'inallHm, From ■, pri*-^ ttid 
trnyfio, A mark, ej>Ot, or ^gti of anything; 
terminal, to/u<(. A UrnoUiral error or 
tnalformaltoB r>f liiu dry ttalliuo lena. oana* 
ing diinh«M of viuoa. 

An'IOniKK. Affriyiof, fnirn n. prtr, 
and »reaa. a moulh. Willioiii a mouth. 

Aatmff'lUns. From *rf,»i»>iia«f, a, 
die : iKi colled hMniiM of it« *nppo<^ r*- 
semblnnce to the die n»«d in the aaomit 
garac*. In An-itvmg, a ahart hotke «f tba 
tarmn. *nU« dooa. In lhftnn\f, a geMM 
of legnmisonf pUnli. 

A.atr«saJu« Oratloiu. Attragatua 
tmg.tfmttha. Oelan milk-vetch, a plant 
which waa nipiMMeil to airiird llie gntn* 

ABtraealus Bx'soapua. SternleM 
niilk-veirh. «aii1 \o l>e aniJNy|>bt1itic. 

Aetra^AluBllragaoan'tba. 6a* 


Astraffalus Taurus. (roAtVtliorB; 
rnilk-Tcti'h. Tho gniin-tra^ciinEh nf eom* 
muroe Ifl Mid to lie principally derived 
fnim thiMfitioHe*. 

AKlmti'tliu A genus of pltnu iif 
the orilvr Ifi'ittnii}. 

AstruitiH Ma'Jor. .'l«rmnfui tvf- 
garit; A»tmnti(t oi^m. Ulack mniter- 
Kort ; the roul ix iiiirgalUe. 

Antrlo'tlOB. Amrieti*. Tbeaotlaa 
of an AMtiinppnt. 

ANtrlu'crnl. Atfringftu; tramM- 
tri-n^o. lol'lnri. Tli:tt frhtclihu th*prT)|» 
orty i>f I'unirwtin^ md noHerivjf inori 
Biii'id the orgnuif Icxlnroa. Astringents 
npiillnl To ibc Ijiitniui hudy protluce con 
TraRliitri tuiit 4-oti'litMMition. nnd increaM 
the duttsity nnd f'-ir* of I'ohesiou. 

AstrlnBent Principle. A Trp^iabtn 
Itrinrtple fuund in ttw bttrk itf ireM and 
plants, called tannin or lannic acid, wliirb 

Ai*tro1'«|;)r. Affr<>tfijtiit;tnaairrpm^ 
a (Inr. utid /.v^of. a diKCuurvc, Tlio art 
Oirintng by insiH-rtin^ the atars. 

Abv'oII. Swt. 




Al'mwimma, Tromal'aut.uioMgnn'}- 

mn or aoe«su>F, iidftflnful^. Tlie ronp- 

100 of on anomaly or ili«oiMi\ alia 

liod bMii loM in otw or mora gensn- 


Aliut'la. AUute, Prom ft, prir., and 

atrw, to order. Id Pkfwiaiofg, Irrvgu- 

rjtj in tli« ftanctioiu of the bcuty, sad In 

Paik»l«gy, ia U>» aymptouis of a dis«a»«. 

AlCt. A urmiBoUs ■ylliible, which, 

lad Ut the nsnw or on acid mxtiDg in U, 

tWpreaam a oomliioiition of thai acid wiLb 

I boM : OS nitrnl* of lilvor, ur a oumbiDa* 

' tioit of nitrir Bicid with the oiidoof ailver. 

Alct'h'nla. .-Inaj^^TWmo. 

Aletec'UutoPulns'nnm. /Wu- 

■(«Jmi£mEil Imparfaetdtlntattonoftbo 

■DSS *l bliili, or coiitiuj; oa oocasiooallx 

Plhiritig the Am wealcn nf life. 

ACelCA. knJjK. In Zooton ft gmu 
of luOAlvya. In Atmhmy, imperfeot. de- 

Alelorbvllln. From orf).vf, im- 
perfect, and x*'^' tip- Imperfect de- 
vrluptnt'ni nf |)ie lip. 
Afel»vn««ph»'llli. From or*^, 
frot. Bud (TM^;,nr, th« enctphatoo. 
ip«rfort doTclopment of the hrtin. 
AlctoBloM'alli. i'rom anlit^^ imper- 
f««t, and 7%Mr«a, tun9i»«. Imperfwct d«- 
relupment uf the lonpi«. 
Aldofpim'tUa, From •t*3uk, tm- 
ct, and Tvo^of, tLc ^w. Impvrfect 
rdopmMit nf (h« jaw. 
Aleloniy«l'llt. From artXK, tinper- 
f««t, natl oorAof, lUMTOvr. ImporfMl d»- 
Telopinont of tlie epinal marrow. 

Aleli»priNio'plii. Fniin attJj)i^ iin- 
perfiMl, unil spoawin; till foici, lta]>^rf^vt 
dovdnptnrnt of the fam. 

AlHoNtoni'lii. From arf2«f, im- 
^r^Ml, and vruoo, iiiintb. Imperfect de- 
irdupHicDl of tlic miintli. 
AllmiaMa'tii. From Athiuna& In 
!ii«Mtlr. A g«uiiii of ambellifsroiu 

Athamantft Oraten'sla. CmAy mr- 
rot. Th« lecda om oamiiiMtirii and din- 

AtbiunaDtaOreosnll'num. Tbe(jr»- 

^Icmatin nivme f.n- ih* o(fi«innl nrrotthoHm. 

fll/uk moanlnin pnrHlt-r. An oil, oMiiimrd 

trom lh« tc^d ttT <Ii«tilliilion. wm esteemed 

. *aliiahl« ud-mtiilgic rtimtrdy. 

Albanuui'lln. An alknlold obtain- 

ttom tha lMt-nam«d planL 

AUuuta'ala. From «, prir., and dox- 
«ra(, death, t)«4raosi>itcflovr«re donol«S8i]y 
wlUivr. Ttuipv, Tlio t«rro lina abv beiw 
applied to te^ernl inediciiMO. Ita regalar 
meaning ia inimortnlicjr. 

Atheliw'iMiu. Froni «, prir^ and 
^ikn, a oipplif. [nabillt; to give nick, 
either fivxA vanl af a nipple, or tome 
otber cnnae. 

Atbera'mo. From nAvpa. pap or 
pulp. An vncyMod tumor, containing a 
•oArabitanee uf Iheeondialtaoeofapinl- 

Alhev«Bi''filo<ia. PutAiniog v, 
atbvromat oa an athcrvrn'tUxm twnw. 

Atbanmubtoiu Disosae. Fatty de- 

A(UeC'l«. AlMttie*!. PnweesiDK 
grenl miiM-nlar slrenftth. Vlnoron*. 

Alln'ciir. Morax. 

Atlan'titl. RcUlttif: to tli? uilae. 

Atla*. From urJUiA 1 uistain, t)«- 
canse it aaatoins (he heitd; or from the 
fnMo of Atlas, wlio was EOppowd to Bus- 
lain the world iifion h\* sbmilder*. Tlie 
nitTn» of tho tfmt vi>rt4l>rA. 

Ataktetri'a. MnidiatriM, From 
oTfioc, ropor. fk*, aoA i»Tpna, UMluient. 
The treatment ofdis^oM byib* actioo of 
Tupitrt or mae*. 

AlKMHH'eter. Atimtditm'«Uf. From 
ar^of, vapor, ond furpM, n inenaiire. An 
inatminvnt invented by I'rot'c»ar Leslie 
for iBcasDriag the i|aantity of rnpor ex- 
luileil froio a moUt fiiiWiico in a ^vi>n 

.il'nitMpht*re. From ctr^Mf, vapor, 
and n^'fM, a ^Mm. Th« da^tic invi^lile 
lluiil nliic'b surroniidii ibu cnrtli. 

.ilBiofq>taer'lr Pmi'wure. vt 
w<<it!ht of iht> atmo^|ilii'ic. i» rinnunid-il 
hy the h'tiiith uC a (-oliiiuii of mtTcury. 
A nicrvDrlnl roluniu clittiy im^beH In length 
preNOC* on n ^Vfn tarfnoi' with the «ame 
force as the oimo«phorc nl tie ordinnrjr 
atnie: hrniie the furi^ of a iiiiity'inoL 
cMtliiniB if eijnal tn itio pr«n(tiro of tvo 
nlliinfplivreci, that of fiflet-n Imhos to tmlf 
an atmiiH|ihvr«. that of on« iu«h lo one- 
thirl ii-ih uf tilt* nlmoapherlr pretMijre. 

Atmoepberio - Preovure Cavitjr. 
A rnviiy fonned on the psUtine «urfitru 
uf a set of artificial tf-otii, to retain Iheui 
in tlio momb. 

Alo'rln. From erMUc. *mot„ which, 
with the anriento, ri|^i5«d barrenness, not 



from pbyriMl c&af«i. bai from itvoidMtM 
of tlie inaiL HnrrennoM; Morilltjr, 

At'on. Fmn a, priv., nml rr^i<u, to 
out. A p«Kicl« or iualt«r iuc«|M)bl« of 
flirllier <livi>iiiii. Tn Chonittr^ it is qr- 
tiDDvinotis Willi tqtiiraUiitt. 

Atom, Oompo'Dent. Tbai wliioh 
tiri1t«« with no<i;lior uf Jitfcront DAttiro to 
furiii n ihirO <ir i'i>iii[ii>iin(] ul«ni. 

Atom, EIlomon'tiLry. Thnt of k nb- 
etan<-« ii>ii tli>L'i)niii(i4oil, 

Atom.Organ'lc. ThalofsiaharaDce 
f->niiil unlr in nr^nnii' lioi)i<>>. 

Alon 'Ir Thcvrr. A lIivoi? tor m- 
plaiiiinu iIk> Ibw» (>r ilvliniu- |>rtf|Kjrtioi)V 
in plieiiiiciil (^omtiinaliuDs, funiiilMl on tUe 
bclkr tlitit matter wiiMnts of ullimutv 
intliTiiiililfi {iDTCidcn. culM atcou, in tlw 
wmc liodv, fmt flifferiuf? in weight in dif- 
ftT«iil liiHlie». nod tliut bixlicf t-utiibiii* in 
ditTcreiit [irt>]K)rll(iKs villi r«for«Bca to 
tho«c w»ig;lils. 

AComlsed riu'ltlM. In JUtdidne, 
tnf'tii-iniil nttvnif iviliicvl In n lltii<I slnle 
«D<I ftppliwiile not only lo exiermU porta 
uf llio Ixxily. but ul«t). by mrant) of ioitv- 
niona tDBtniDieiiia, lo the iaterior of ttie 
Urrnx, pOKtorlor nitru*, nlMiu, luiil blad- 

At'anilE<>F. An InBinimviit bynMunii 
of n'lii<-li iiH'UioiiHil iiloiitiw*! fluiOa are np* 
plinl. Sec ArnMiEKn Fi.riim. 

Afon'iP. Attmifut. UitoiiUBlipd tu 
to miiiviiilnr pnwor or l<>R«. 

Al'OHy* Ataniit; from a, prIv., and 
rwH. tunc. Debllttjr. Want of tone; 

Atrabll'larr. Atnhitioiu. From 
ater. Iiliurk. nml bilit, liilr. Hliurk tillt*. 
An eiiilliol applMd bf tb« Aa<-K>nt« to 
tndnnt'huliii ond hj iiurlioudriuc di^jtu^i- 
llouH. beniuse it htsa beliovi-<l iJuit tli« 
•trnbili* prMlomlnni«il in them. Aim 
nppliMl lo llie ntnol or saprn-ruiiul i-tip- 
mlf.* iir glandf. and to the arteries knd 
ruiftH l>; whirh thi-ruro >.ilpplffi). Iiix-fiai« 
the.v vr«rv formerly tlioughl to itrudure 
Mark MIf. Sw KitxxL<iLjixD. 

AtmclMllH. From rt. priv., and 
t"»«ijpeS«(, the rwK-k. Sbort-ntntked. 

AlnuH«n'lnin. Iiilt- It liu hwn 
iiwd lu uu astrin^isnt. kn'I an extpmal up- 
plicAtton in hirrpctic crupliuiu, 

Atr«>'»lll. Ftnm a. prir.. and diou, 
to p«rforAtci. Iniporforation, oBunll; np- 
ph^d tu dflfioiene; uf • oalurul op«iikU){. 

64 ATR 

Alrc'IOH. Froni a. priv., mhI rpw. 
Id perrunite. Iiiip«Hci»te In the ahiu or 
l>uri« lit ^Deration. 

Al'ricl. (>mfallBii)(w«»iiboatth«Miii«, 
but whicli do u<7l [•trfornlff tbo T«rtvtii. 

Alrlplrx. A goDos of ploau oTHm 
onlu- r/ift,o/ioJ!aMa. 

Atrlplex FcBt'ldn. 8m CuisoroinrH 


Atrlplax HortaA'sla. Atnpl*i *>• 
tita, (irau-lesTed sm-<M«ch« ; tb« licrii 
and aeeda aro »M lo ba suti*n>rbiitir. 

■A'trluna* A n*in« applivd to mrtAit 
cnvilles of llie bodj; u atriuM rayut*, 
tlHi triMtiliulnia va^;iiiii«; atriun evrtU$, aa 
auric l«. 

Al'ropfl. Tn>mAr(toni>t, tbegiMltlcaa 
of difitiny.Hi called frota its fatal eRecta. 
A Rciini of plnuia nf tb« order Solaimtf*. 

Atropn BollBdoa'tia. UellaJMUK. 
Oemdii iii;ilil>lii(ile<ir duals; a powarftil 
liftWiilico-acHd p«>is>:in. It is jH>»"!rfnl]y 
narcotic diapbvn-tic, dinrrtii.', and repel- 
lent. It is applied la the eye lo dilat* 
the popil prt^vion* to opcralioiu, VoMt, 
gr. i. jirtadually iDoreuod to gr. j dailjr. 

Alro'plH. Afropin. A p«cnllJU■■^ 
IcdlinA prlnnpl«. foniid In Atropa ReUa- 
tlunna. It b 1iii;)ilypobonnuK ntitl In tlw 
muKl tTiiiiutc pn>]iurlion liii« iho jinipvrly 
of ■lil(iciti)' tliv pupil of thv eyo. 

Alro'piic Hnlpbaii. Hulphate of 
Airopio. i'lupftriHl by diMokiD^ atropia 
In siroiif! elli«r, to whi^^h BAluiton a lull- 
ttirc uf ."ulpliuric acid and strung alcohol 
\s added, drop bj' &to{\ until a prvoipiiaio 
t» funnoil.« Bollndiiiina, it ia ano- 
drno anil ontlspaainutlK:, but uHiru ciiar- 
(Ktln hi ll> action. Dotw, i|) {3=^)4 of 
A gmin, to m iv, (\, of a gi-ain. ri>U>iiioiW 
vflt'i-Li follow larKvr AofVa. Th« aiiliduta 
i» infusion of pulls and lirno-water. Ural 
«vanuitiDfr the^b. In Df-tat Pttif- 
lift. eulpbnio of atropin i» i-mpluycd io 
ni*utu in II an I time I on. depending; upon a]- 
v^nlftr |i«rio*>iiiB ^nd abwc«K«, to M»j llto 
senHltiv catena of inilained dcuial pnlps^ In 
fai-ini nounilKift. in the form of an oini- 
iiioni, iv>n>'i#liiii; of gr. i to lard 3^. It it 
attio fiiu ployed oa aaubaliLntf fonuorjiUia, 
tn a form of ui-rve pa»te. 

At'mpllj. Att\}f>hia. From n, pric, 
and TfK^tt, tv nourish. 31ara»iuut>. At- 
mpliy. .A frruduul wtaMinx '>f the body. 
iiF^iifllK atleiiiloil by fcror, lins oT app«- 
lit«, ajwl itu[>ain.>d di|iv»liou. Any 





oi the ttoij tbus ftffMlod la ttid to 1m 

At'ropliy of the Teath. fMotitatro. 
fkia. An •flciHlon *linrrtr)(jrii!*(l cither 
b* perfnratiutu in. or <)iK-'>lorr<l i>)iuli T<ti, 
liiK efUimi<l. of n sliriTel]«kl. j<.-!litn is)i, or 
lirowniiili <upD«t, of Ivo. four, or more 
tcoUi, in cacfa Jaw. Bat th« *lrkt np[>ti- 
ralillitr nf ih» lenn atrapliy. am tlie Ivo 
prinHpul \'iirii-tU'>< ot l)i« iiffwliun ron*itl 
rullicr in m cimgi'niitil dorMt, iumI moitt 
fr«i)ucutlir or MHnc {funluii of i)»c cnainel 
(if two or muni U>i>tli. ihu wa*iintf, fVain 
WAnt flf nonri^hmnit, of «ny of the il«ntikt 
tlsMMit rnav. porhspa, be eonslderad sa 
■iiiovwliat •jiioitliottable; mxl tlibi wcniil 
MWB lo b* rv'nilofMl nttU iniira no t>y the 
Itct tliat Bctlltcr of lliu two priocipal va- 
rieilon iwniM MuWinK-ntlj to tliu Enma- 
tinn of liiit rniiBMfl. Kilt iw Uin (>ort(t«itiul 
l<inn I'f lUi iltituA8« i» eviilenllr the rwult 
of KlU-rM) fancliiiii in a puTti«i« of onia or 
more onita fomialit-? orgatw. iTnot of b1>- 
•)>li]t« <lef;«ti«ratiwa from ricioiis tiulntion, 
tb« term nia.T, ['tHinpN \v rrirnnlf^ im the 
neat applicable of any iliai can be a{)]>lied 
to it. 

Atrofiti* of tho ttclh tna^ very prop- 
"l<id knio l)iri>« riirictiM. each 
I 'itvo i«)nilmrilii>» which ehar- 
tcu-tjrx It friini tliliw of tlifl oiher*. 

Tlio ,flrtt rarielif i« rtinrnf^orir^ by 
vliit«, light, or <l«rk-t>rvwn Irrvpilar- 
•Iiaj)o>l »]>tiLt OQ Uie Inliial or Iium-aI aur- 
fawj lit lb* KlInrlMl fnoth. llii* rnrii'tr 
oocnrs oneowr tlian Hid thirtl, and i«aa fr»- 
qttnillr tliiui thr tnonnil, ntrd.V api>rnrli)|C 
ou imirv IbaB on« or two le«th In the wun« 
m<'iitb. Th« t«nt|H>rnry t«^l)i Mr« tBrelf 
aJTcciinl bj it. Tliv aixe and a)iap« of lb* 
aputa nn> cxf^odtntrlr viiriabl«. 

Tho f«n>iuf rarviy, which maT very 
pri>[H)H.T tio teniitt'l furfentting '-r pittitty 
autiph.*, I9 ctiurarterized by im-frular de- 
prbadoiu or hulea In tb« anamri. cxtnnd> 
\ag traiirr«nely airroae and ar»nD<l llic 
looih. Tlioaa holM nr plla an umwt'anir* 
•vparaivil PUft IVom aB»ih«tr; at iitlii>r 
tintot tbey ar« ounQuonl, formiBK nn trrvn- 
alar borLcuiUitl (troovo. 'I'hey M>ni<>tiiii«« 
ptMtrals tint a iliort tlKtUtorf into ilxr 
MMIB«1; at ot)i«r tim«> tlit-y «xtc-ud vii- 
tirelj tbnniftb il, xii* wirl'iif* of xht wiilla 
prianlipg ui in-ririilnr Imt nenally a 
g|<i«ay Attd pi>ltil)i«i| o|ii"'/inuiC*, a pc^-ii- 
Barily whkh alway< diitingnUic* this 

T&rwty fmm «miiiMi. Tcelh nrs aoine- 
tiuM* nisrk«d wjih two or Ibrw row* of 
tbrav pita. 

Two, f(>iir, aix or moro oomiciKindiiig 
tcctb of each Jaw are alvaya ii(Tvvt«*l at 
Ibv Mune Umc, tbv dioivvc iivicr Wiii^i 
eontin^d to a aJDftk tooth. 

In th«! third raritljf, |]i« wliole or O 'y 
a part vi tho cro«'n of llic tootli inaj l« 
aff^otod, the dentine being oltcn iDipli- 
«ntc-d on w«]l ft* th^ enanti'l, and In tliii 
variety tJio affcci(<«l orpan bos a fudv 
yellow, or browalvb and •liri^elled ap- 
pflirMiMi II In abw pai-tUUy or wholly 
dWcHted of eitnwel, and Its HrU£lliilltv ninl 
KaKr«pt)tiilily ro ^xtt-mal imjinuaotiK aro 
(lITMtly iiM'rea«i^. Tlin diM-iiu> U i>ftcn 
00iilin«il to a fiaf\t tuutli. but uinre bt- 
qtitintly it »tiiiwi> lliwlf on ivm rnm>i>p<>nd* 
ing te^-tb in tb« same jhw. ntid thr liens- 
jiidn 6r< o^vncr MttsrlcH Ibnii the inriiwnt, 
cuspids, or tnnlam. 

Th» Drat variety »eena to Iw the reaalt 
of the aclioD •»( ^onie nuM i«)iabh> of 
denroyin; the bund of nnlon belweoii tbe 
otuunel and the rabjiuymt ilcniino >iib«o- 
qnoDtly to tbe f^imalioo of (lie crown of 
the trtotb. When ilie nfTerlinn r^ccun 
pmvioniily to tbe vrtiplionof the tuolli, lb« 
intennodiary inufabratir, wbWbii.Hi'ililutM 
tbU 1>oml nf union, may, nt ilie alfL-riMl 
plaevt. bnve porlibfd. b> n I'linivijiii-nee 
oittn.>r of local or r«ii»litiili'>i)itl di>-<^iui«-, 
but wbeti tlie atrophy tHHiim »til«csjiii-jii]y 
to this period, thn ilfHinutirm of iliia 
tnembraae «i the atmptiieil (put ii, ilfXibt- 
les)^ the rt«ndl of ■niX'hnniml I'tolem?*. 

Tbe aeeond variety of dt^nia) utrofihy, 
whl«b I* always eon|;aiitAt, wc biivc evury 
reason 10 Sc1iv<vc mnlta rmm oiMWtiLn- 
tlonal dlaeme. whereliy the u>er<-<ion »f 
eanby Ntl1«,dejio<!died in thccnninvl eidln, 
or secretory duna of tht- eaiunel mrtU' 
Iitwie, in InlerrupiMl, nnd by orauiTliig u 
the lim* thin ptVHyiM in p)ht^ on, pr<tvc*.t« 
tbt-ni h«m Iwini; fllltd. cuiwin^ tbviii t" 
wither ant) (loriitb. aitd bwDi-v the pilled 
appenrftiiM' which rbanu-lvrinw Ibia va- 
riviy of Iho affetrtion. to other worda, 
till- ttvTCtioii »r the inoritnnir roiiHiiiueDta 
of IheennnKd )>i'iiigiiiti.<mipl«>d l\iraH!ii>rt 
tiiuc. tbe bvriivitlul row wf r^lU in the 
enamel fiivnibnuiOi iRt<> wbich ii tliuiild ti« 
deposited, will nnt l>e filled, end. m a ctm- 
•eqi>en<'e^ a* mifcht natornHy Ite «ap|<(ijied, 
they waste away, leailog a citonlar row 


of pits wroond the crovn of the tooth ; bal 
u soon lu tlio eonitlltotlimid dbcttM Iiu 
run iU couTK, tlic Mcrctkin of earthy 
luntlcr Ibr the «twiiel flbres will be r«- 
auint»(J, nnd nolen tti« chiM •iiH^riuuMM « 
rtliipMi. or Imw a aMoad attftck uf dU«uo 
utjinbtt: iif interrupdug Lha ■ecretory ftanc- 
tloiisoT l)ii> oi>ll«oirtti« •aanwl mcmbrano. 
Ui6 other t^rU of tli« eoamtl vrltl be w«U 

It in t(i Uw iKwotTMiPu of i.>rn|itiv« dis- 
oiuve Uint tlid tnt«rruption of thit {xxvliar 
liiivcliva Huviuit ut b« piindpaUjr »Uribii' 

Atrofihjr, chfirHterUwl br an iinperf«et 
(loTvlopntviit vf (b« (KHK-MW pnrt of Uw 
vruvrn of n touth, iIlsoolofisticuL &«., of 
Ibe pnunel. U lioubtlesa tbe result of ilia- 
«aa«l wlion in t)i« pul|i nt tli« tun« ot 

The nnUiFs of Un» affwtioo. aader oon- 
viilcrttt.itiil. if nuch lut tiol to (ulinil uf i-arc 
Thu treatment, tlicrcfurvi, most be pro- 
ventive rxttior tbaa curative All Uittt 
<«n 1m don« li m loixigtUt Ui« ecv^rit}- of 
BMb disooaeB m are oiipposod to pimluoe 
It. by Che sdnilulttraUQU uf pntpcr raiit»- 
iUm. R} Mm tDMiiD th« <^«t*» maf, 
invlia|>ft, })0 parliallj or wliollj counter* 


It soltlom tiaf>p«nii that atroi>bied Kxilh, 
wlifii iho ftininpl aloDu in implicated, itn^y 
moru n-adily titan otbi-rs. «> tbm the only 
eril MHiiiliiitt; from ihe aScdion ii diidigti- 
nlion (.■{ tho ornanf-. in ihc (titling form, 
wb«n ibc'Ienliue is implicnteij, theop[«- 
tlt« mAv b« tb« «aait; h«nca lh« proper 
IrMtmcnt ia to fonn the pita into properly 
•hapcd cAVlciH nn«l to ^tl Ibem. Wh«ti 
tlic cottinft cdfTM of the Ineiaor* onlv ar« 
affcL'lcd, tbv diMiniwd part may fontclirnc* 
be ri'tnovivl with a file without tuHlrting 
it^jiiry t<i Ibii t4>('lh, nr th* lout parlinri may 
be ] v-loi'ini V itb gnJil if iieoMiMry. 

AC'ropllie. Atnt/iia. Attvpvi. A 
highly poiHiiimii)' oriraiiin linw foiiiiil in 
ill pitrtf ef Atrupu livlltiionua, and pov- 
MHwinc iIm) pniporrT. iii the iniunlcttt pni- 
linnion. of dilating the |i4>pil nf the «ra. 
Oue-fi(^)Hb of a Rrnin U tlauK«roua. It la 
n nan-oiic an'l jtow-vrAiI ttrOntive. 

At'lnr iinl. Aftar, Msenoe, and 
yuL \ ro«<!. Aliar or Oito of row*. 

Attar of Boaee, or Oil of l£oa«s. An 
««.<«>Di'^ ptopart^d from ihe pctnl* of t)i« 
dlunMik roao bv divlillatton with water. 

Tite oil eolle^na and floata on tb« aurbo* 
of the watvr itIu'Ii it cvwlii. 

AUcn'nanlli. AUmvan*; frmat- 
ttnttv, to nakf tiiin. Mrdidnoa wUicli la- 
ctestio tho fluidity of tlic Mood. 

Al'l«»uallon. Kmnciation. Ap- 
plied to a procras by wbidi a flulil fae- 
coioea of 1«m ■i(>e(-11ti< irratii-y. a* wlieo H 
■nid&rgoea fvrmcDtation iukI parte wiib 
carbonic acid. 

A.I'Uta4«. I-aw LAtin. apUtuda: 
trttmaphm, hi tit. Situation or posCim 
of tho body. Ii b a vory imporlaDl potat 
tB ftorni-iology- 

Alf»l'l«iM. From «K»U«, to HA 9p. 
A tvfia applied in Aaat^mg to ctrtaia 
mnaciM^ th« pocolinr fnnotioa ot which (■ 
to lift np tbtt (Mirta to which tbnf arv at- 

Attoltoiifl Atireoi. A tltting intUKle 
of the ear. 

- AttoUcas Oculi. A lifting mnacJe 
of tlie eye. The rwiua aaperlor. 

Alton rttm. ThuBdarvtmek. Ap»- 

AHmc'tlMi. Atlrwcth; from at* 
trahe. to atlrant. Affinity; Umdvnoy of 
bodiM 0<r partil^lM of matter l^ approach 
ona annUier and adhere (optlncr. 8n 

AttTAotioa, Capillary. Th* pow«r 
by H'liifli X 1i'{iii<l ri.ics in n Snv liibt* nr 
b«tw««n two plate*, bigher than ttie liquid 
which aarronnda it. 

Attxaotlou, BlectlTO. Chcntical aC- 
traction. Tito ti-ndrm-y of thow aab- 
eianoea in a miElnre wbirti hinii thn 
•IroDfteet allloity for varh other to niiita. 
Tboa. if snlphnric acid bo poarud into 
a eolation coDtainiop baryitk ma^oeala, 
and foda, it olcrt* tiiv bnryia, and fornix 
by irt nnion with ii. sulphai« of baryta. 

Attraotlon, Eleotrloal. Tlio «]»• 
proach of t-odicn diMnnilarly rlc>'trilicd. 

AttTBOtion of AfQnlty. Tb« un- 
iloiii-y iif the iitoRift of (UffiTi-Rt IxHltea in 
coiiibiiiQ to funa clxtioiv-al i-tiniponn.l*. 

A ttraotloii of Cohesion. I'nbeeloR; 
the (orw whivh unite* iiiiallar jiaitldca 
into DuiHCA. 

Attraction of OraTlt&tloai. Tha 
mniual tendency oflKxItr* In rai-ti oiber. 

Al'lrnliona. Allri^^rtt; from itJ, 
to. and fr.TliB. I ilrAw. lIi-nitdiM which 
Bliraci tliiid* to flip parte to wbirh they 
aro applied, ^imnlants. 




Thv Mibcior Biirls Dinw-K which draws 
the «nr ihrwanl unil iii)Wanl. 

Altrl'tlon. From ltd and Urtre, to 
bndM). Frictimi ; Imiliiiiij;. Ancitsall/ 
•|i|)li«(l to Bevvre canlUliiia. 

Allrr'Ins. <"ii(iHn(t. 

A'l>'pl(*> .ityftv; fmina, priv.,«u] 
Twrar. « typ«- LirwiUlr. without tjrpo. 
A t«nn apptted to [4riodi««J dIftUMs wbiftb 
Imt« dd rffuW t7)N). 

An. SjnttiMl fur f^>ld. 

Auan'Mlw. I'«7'ng- 

Audll'lou. Knim a«^^ lo bttr. 

Aadllo'rtttN Mf^'lOH. Krtornal 
opening ()/ tin' CAT. 

Au'dllorjr. .-IWif^nH*; from a»- 
<<4r«. lo liaftT. ittJon^nj; to the organ «t 

Auditor? Artariea and Veins. The 
will wUnh enter th« widitoty auMla. 

AnditocT OnnftlB. 6«» MiATVt Av- 


AadltocT Norre. Ibv portio mollis 
d Uitt MWDih pair. 

Aa'cltr. A;r(wii,l)lack,(irlirt>vnniin- 
tr*l, r-iuii>) in volcaniD rodt wul IhimIIm. 

An'm. FnitD uu. to bnwtho. Aojr 
•abtllf VH|><>r or ciuiuuulon. A stnsMU. 

Aura Bloo'trica. A LS>ld tcuMtioo, 
ttwc at wind blowtngr on « |«vt, oocMiotwd 
by tba ncepikoi of declrivlty Cram a ih&rp 

Aura BpUep'tloa. Ttie iXM-nliar wn* 
Mtioo oxtwHoBcffI boror« mn oltuck of «|ii- 
ki>»v, OS of coM water risiiig towaiOa tb« 

Aura Sati '^Inla Tb« odor oxfaakd 
from Mo'l unnuHliutd; kflerbviaKdnvn, 
Tbo tialilua. 

Aura Semtna'UB. TIio Milillle una- 
tuUion friim the wmcli. (=iipfio««d hy Rine 
J.) — ' - '-'^loliniiivfmalo UieoTiini; b«l 
i: of iliiacnniitnul Mtatili«)K<cI. 

Aura v'italla. Tlie vilnl ]irin<,-i|>I(>. 

AnrMada'oovh, TIiuurauKotrilicur 

AnrHii'lll A'<|Ua> A^ua fiorvm 
^vntitii. Ornn^i" tl»wi'r wMer. 

Aurantlt Oor'tax. Oraagw poeL 

Anrvp'llnr. Jtmintin. The bitttir 
priniHpIc of Ok- onugtf rind. 

AMrati'llnat. Th« orange-tree; a 
I of CitfM. 

Auran'tlum CiimniiaTrnn'Mn Tbe 
CnratBoa appka or vmuKvtk Immatura 

Au'nMe at Anniu'pliu Fulmi- 
uatiiiif gold. 

An'rloAc'Id. Hm poroxida of gold, 
«o callwl from it* prop«rtjr uf forudng uU* 
with alkalinii bixKe. 

AnrlchHrcnni. Bruw. 

Aa'rii*le, Th« oxUnud oar. 

An'rlrlrfi of thv Heart. The 
two cavities of tb«> hnart wltiili rL-c«ive 
Mm blcKxI from every part of \\w bod;; 
Uio right troiD tltv two renio oavo) aJOd 
ooroaarf rein, and tlM left tnm the four 
jiofaDUnitrv VL'ina. 

Aaiic'nlA. IHtninuttvc of aurM, tlia 
oar. An aiiri<'lv: ilie prominent pnrt of 
tho ear; aba a nBiae ofplivd to two oivi- 
tiva uf llio bvurt. 

AoMr'nlMT. Auriailaria; fromau- 
ri*, the i>ar. I'ortaiaing to th« ear. 

AaricalM'riM Abdud'or. Amiu- 
clo o( iJ(o litllo finjitcr. 

Attrl(.''nl»-Vi>ntrl«'alnr Open- 
lllK>*. liic v[>i-iiiiw! bctuc<:n 'A'v utiri- 
iJnt aod veDthdca of Uh: bt-ai-t. 

Anrle'alim Retritbeuica. Ti)rt*e 

uius'k-n uf tlitt ear. 

Aurireroaa. vfu'riom. kwU. »Jid 
^rtir'tf, to bi-nr. BT«r)Bg or contaiiunjc i?wM. 

An'rintrm. AuTi/vr'mititromav'- 
rU. L-nr. Fonntid like lite vat. 

Anrt'ffo. JaiiDdioo, 

AurlptKRira'laHi. From avT>im, 
Kojil, iinO /liffuirnfitM, piunL, Yellow orpl- 
luent. .S«-«iiiii-Mil[)huivt of arM-iilc. 

An'riH. rbuvar. 

AnrlM>jilp'liitn. From tntrts, Ute 
aar, and teaif*, to »cr«pe. An ear Kxaper, 
or dvaoiKr. 

A ii'rlM<op4>. An instrament for ex* 
ploriitg tbo ear to aweflala tbo vondilioa 
uf tb» EtMachua tnba. It roMniblca ii> 
iV'tiiblf »telhmu:>]te. 

Aa'rlat. Frutu mcric, lb» oar. Ons 
wiio (Kcopies htni<Mlf wttU the tr«almwBL 
uf iho iliai.w«r« of tiio ««r. 

Anr'lBtn Tliini'fUM. Ituxring or 
rin^iitit >ii tlio rart. 

Aii'ran. OoU 

Aurum Folia'tum. EtennLDFnii. 

Aurum Furminaas. AvnUnfAm- 
niAaiVi. Tim f>r>-ii|HlHl«- fomwl liy pulting 
amnionia inio a wlulioii of gold. 

Aurum Oraiih''loutn. A goiH ore. 




Au''rutn Horisontale. Oil of i-iniui. 
ooB >Bd mgar. 

Aurura ItODro'sum, Antiinonr. 

Aurum MuHt'viim. Howie ^i ; « 
|>reparatfon okJ m it pif^mont for ^rtng 
la p]»AeT fifarrf a t^lden color. It b a 
l<Ii>ul|>hiiri-t of tin. 

AiiTom PotaTjile. Dtaolved go\d 
Vt\Xf\ willi Dil t>f rriBfinnrT. 

Anm'alta'tloii. Avtftiitatia; frotn 
avMfvlii), to 1ln«n. Aarieular 6xp)oratl<>a, 
ami ut u inconi* cif dutgnoais in diK>aKti of 
the liiDgs. iMMit, Ap. AiucattMion is tdtlm- 
medialf or inmtdiaU. In Uw \nttcT the 
ear is aj>]>lip<l dtrrctljr one tho walt« «f 
tlie i-h«M; JD the fomier a stulbrMcope 
i* IntcirpnKwl b^twmi 1h» «flr luul tho 

AusctuUntlon, Immediate. Th«l 
I>rw:liB«l dirci-lly by the e*r of tho prac- 
(ttfoncr, niltiKtil iiiA nf tin iitKtrumviit. 

AuscoltatlOFii, Mediate. ThnI per- 
fomtcd br nuploving k steUioiieope, or 
eCNnc siniilnr inalroinctrt. 

Ant«it'enoas. jHtoff'entu. Atrac, 
llwlf, .inJ ^rru, ta Iw horn. AppltMl in 
Cfini-arttirt Aiwtcmjf, hy O'-en. to parts 
rtcve1'i]W from Astinct and ImlqiLiuk-iil 

Aniomat'lr. TVoinnM^^n(u,toKt 
»ponlsiii>on»!y. A ti-Tiii >!>[illi<il in Phyti- 
alitfjf tti lh*i»5 fnncifM!.-" whi*h mn ft-r- 
faniiod iii(ici>cn(l cully of llic will. 

Auunnatlo Mallet. An Inatmment 
fnr iv/Tiitfiirin^ |iY)hl *b<1 Hb foil in Rllui)i: 
tcdh, vliiHi ii opcratod by pruatiog tho 
|ii>iQt upon the pitd in tfu> oivily. in the 
nann^^r nf an nnlinftT* hund-phif ^t>r ; the 
pocket bi'IOioK tdu point rvcvdun iuto tho 
IuiikIIi' a (hurt diHtAai-v, nnd n blow in ipvvn 
vrhith CAD ]!•.> I'ariwl in int^Dsitv nt the will 
of rtie opc'iii'T, 

Automatic Mallet, Redman's. Au 
iiiftrnnipiit In vrlArki llie blow ta oimTntt- 
nicated t>y an outeide epnnp, of snob an 
arrauci'tiH-nr Kt xa f>tv» an (^laatir MitiVt. 

Automatic Mallot. Salmon's. Id 
tlib (oiin of UislrUTUrnt lh<.- iiniiiiner b 
omtrMl hj the spindlr to [>r«*i-nt fni-tioii, 
aail iiiiit«Hd of a ifii^cl s^Hiiiir a catrli-plute 
u ntliirlirKl to the coil of the homnur, 
wtiirh fngapea with the sphiille. and is 
op«rii!(<d tiy ft fiiK' wih- spring. Thi- liimi- 
mer (!aa lie lood^<l with \<»ul. so iw :u give 
a liluw liico tJuu |iro<!nf^ hy the lent] 

Automafic MaOeC, Bnow A I^aip- 
10*9. This iT»tniin»nl bjw a eeriee of t«r» 
iliAiuct gruiet of UuYf*. wvgn\HlM by a 
Uosioo knob on the top of ilie huidl«, uiil 
by tho cituuioa of tlw MR^kot piv^co t 
hiUnmer b allowod to dvacmd throo^l 
condderalile «i»fv. Tim dlllurcnt di 
of Mnvrt ftrc ol't.tiniy) hy irieftna nf tlti 
tollled btiad iip<.ii Uie lop uf ih« handle or' 
«■««, wliieb, Iwina tani«d, rMrri-w n f rrw 
foilowcr down tipon Die npirnl ^HnK. th 
mnipnattnii); tlxs tfurlng and n^iilnting 

Automatle niiEreier, Btioklagtai' 
bam'a An iiutnimrnt sdaptt^l to the 
fl. B. T1iit« form of the ftoMti Engine, 
whii'h th* forr*> of th* hlovr i« diuniMl 
b« entirely under control, IkIaic ileteniiiD' 
by a «ot Mr«w, w b«t lummi «iili«r rijdit 
left la increase or le^iMo ilic fnnie. A eol- 
lar on llt« bsiul'pivov kwfw the fonx iim 
oontrol, it beins niored np or down by thi 
thninb, aecordi&ft to the forra dortrod 
tho blow. In the Mane nuuiDer llio blow 
rim he inspeudMl Altogether at any instant, 
wUlmiit intnrfi^nfr with the rfijthmicAl 
movomeat of the foot propelling the cn- 
^ne. Till? bii-hohli^ tia« a hriiII ^lirel 
spring at Its inner end. wliieh, after oAeb 
blow, draw* It Wik iprtiuiUy fu r«vciro 
the Doxt tJow of lite plunnrer. IQ^Ieea 
hundred Mow* per mitiiile ean he ffiren 
by thif instnunent when tho cnttinc is mn 
at mtxlenite speed, or, if destrbd, on nioi 
thitf} M'vbnty-Bvo or on« bandrvd 

Aoloooui'In. From aula, jind n/MTi 
law. The pecnliar TneebaniflD of an or- 
inniKd body. 

AHlopbo'nla. From ovrsf, Milf. and 
^uri}, voice. An ntijmiltatnry pmocM of 
noting oov't own \-u4i-e when ppoaking 
with tlic head rkne to the patient's diMt, 
whleli, It I* laid, will lie modlSed by tha 
nindition of the suVjacotit orftrnts. 

AuloplaH'I}'. Tlii; rwtonttjnn of lint 

Aulop'nlH. Frvin arrof. hiiniKjf, anJ 
q<^v(, Ti»ion. Omliir examinatiofL Dineo 
lion uf & dead body. 

ABxII'iiUT. A»>i*ting. That front 
wtiirh n!<sistan1^e is oblainfd. 

Avfllnn'M <'mlh«r'Uon. Th6 
purKiilivc nut of lliu JtlrvpAa eitreas. 

Ait^'iiR. Thv iini plant. 

AT«'tue Keialna. Oats. The frail 





of ibt Atma Satita, at tbe ordw Ora- 

Ave'iuB Forl'uB. Oat-mool ; Hcd m 
an arttctu of dirt fur iliv »\tk. 
Avenlfor'raU. like a ;raiii ot 

Avo'nlaM. VmhIikm. In Ftofany, a 
tettn iii'ptkvl lit learra which harv tw vriiia. 

Avnl'Mlon. Ar*>l*i*; tTvn<K^IU,t6 
tear BMiBd<:r. Ilininn or l«arine tron ; * 
mdlng or f'Tivilile 9C|Miriilio«u 

A«e Wone. A »p«c»m of nepliritey 
a loD-^ii silico-mnjniunian stan& 

Axirin. TtM annpit, or envit^nnder 
U>« tunt. 

Ax'lllarj. AeitWriM; from oriVJo, 
th« «rtii|iiL Bt'loiigltif to lh« urilla or 

AxlHary Artery. ^rto^^nVforla. 
Ill* luiUary nrtrry in a ooiitintiation of Ui» 
^^^|briMrlati. PilcfKling from lli« flar»et« to 
^^^H|Hkrtii)ti of the pe(;t<inili!i nin^. 

T4itHaiT Nerve. jVittm axiUarU, 
Anlrnlor Dr^rTi-. A branch of tb» bf«- 
dual plttXHS, and noiDL-tiroc* «f the rndia] 

AxUlary Plexua. Tba brachial 
IilriiLA, fiirtiiMl hr iha laA Quto ccTiHcal 
aad Um flroi ilunuil neni«a, 

AdllBry Vein. Vma atiUarU. A 
cnnttnuntinn of tbo hrarJiIol rvioii, wliich 
tcrniinflt«« in the vnlwlnviaa. 

Ax'lnllr. TrMR afn-f, on ax«. A 
jotiKnl, so called from H« u«-iibi4>«d 
crj-alala; an itliiialiu^Ulcate al Ibne aiul 

Ax'la. From 090, to act. A rin^t 
lim [MMini; thnmeli the oenlm of a body. 
In Anahimy, tiio M-i'utiil v<'rl«l»m oS th« 
nevk ; •Ic&lntitg. lu Jhlany, the (jjtit 

Iorouml wliirJi partlrular orf[ana are ar- 
Axan'itlA. Frum nm. An axletroa, 
and vntfti". to otimnt ffognlard. 
AiWIra- Knim a^a^Mf, drf. Aganoa 
of Wmiiifiil iilnnK no iian)«d froa their 

AsAtaa Pon'tlaa.. Pnntic aitalva. It 
eirodiN a n«ctar«ORtk ititoxicadn^ and pol- 
aonam Jnlre. 
A»*lit'lr AHd. An o(4d dnoelT' n>- 
eemlilaii: ih- •B(>crir; a product ol tfa« 
nhrlr or "Mr nriO, 

AxAlH*» 'xlde. A nihataaee obtained 

by hradni: a mixlorc of nilro-beiuide wKfa 
an alootiolk! solaiion of jtoUaaa. 

Aaocar'brlii. A oamv appli«d bj 
[<a>wi£ to arganio rodicala, eompaacd c^ 
nitrogen and iiarbon, a* q^anogen, |iars- 
ban, Stf. 

AM>orrlh'rin«. A raloHuf prtn- 
H|ili- iiliiiumil rn>iii arcliil. 

Aiwllt'inHac. A dt^ rod cotoring 
niDllt^r ulitniiicd frum littnaa. 

AEoodyna'mln. From u, pri*.,;Mh 
lif^ nnd Amaf>4i, stmigtli. Privation or 
dim ill 11 tt< III lit tlif vital potvcn. 

Axo'liinc A umpuiiod of etilonaa 

Amte'. From a, prir., Cwq, life. One 
of the FODiititueuU of aluKi^iilicfflo air. S06 

Azote, Protox'lde of. A i^aeoua 
oxii]« of iiitroffvn. 

Aso'f If Arid. Nitric a<<id. 

Ab'oIIxc4|. Iiiiprvgnntoil wiiJi aiolo 
or nilrogw; niirogeaiiod. 

Asotll'rie, a ebiaa of di>«aMB «hai>> 
nctfriurd hj a gnai inmsaac of urea in (be 

Aml'iulc Acid. A lilwic miKtanfl* 
dqiii.xiiitl iliiriiiK tin.' »|>uiitiuivou!i i]iM)om> 
[Mjoitiun of l.ydrwrjnnir Add. 

A'nirc. UltranariBcs « blnisli grwa 

Azure Stone. An lunire blno min- 
eral, tho Ltjrit latuli, fri'iu iviii<-h ths 
uflchangcabla bin* oolor, ntfranMrifw, la 

Ax'iirtl«. Mamatic amro spw. 8m 


As'ysiNi. From a. prir., nn<l C'T^f, a 
7ob«, btt-nnso il hna a<> fcll'tw. A pp1i«d to 
.litiKlu iiiiiacJiR^ TC'ivs 1mn<^ tVc 

AzTEOe Mus'cle. A muscl« Oif the 

Asysoe Proa'oea. A proccM of the 
^henold boDe. 

Azygoe D'vuln. A imoll mtiada of 
ttK- nvula. 

Axye>aa Velzi. rcmi tlitr pari. A 
H"in >iitiial«l in th« rijrlit cavitj^ of ttie 
thorax, nxidviiitt fta liluod from ilio vcrte- 
l>riil. iiitrri-oatnl, hniiiclitiil. iwrlcantiar, and 
'liuplirof^nti^ v<>ing, nod diacfaiirgisg It tuto 
th« vena cava aupcrior. 

AB'ynaiiH. rnfcniicDi«d bread. 

Ac'Ble T«<>aU. M'llnr teeth. 

B, in the ohemickl ftl{kbalH>l, is mercury. 
It Ib oIbo tho olitniical ejmbol of bonw. 
BA. Tlie dhonlcal ajinbol ot bariam. 
B.A. Bat'nwm Ar&'nm. AMud-liAtli; 

Bnc'Cll- A Ixirrir. Fruit having seeds; 
■ pidpjr jierk-Aivliiim tncluwia^ Modii OOD- 
DucUd hj ■ dvUrutu niviubmie, i^Bpened 
thronich the pulp, m in th« (toowberTj. 

Bflt«>lii'i(. From btieehui, wine. A 
r«d or pitnplnl Inoo rtMiltina from uit«m- 
ptiranoe. Oatta Roaaceft. Acno. 

Wt»eeWtmmm. Fmm ftueo, u Uny. 
Berry-bearin;. I'lofitA which hear borriM 
Kro rnllt'il !iy itiiit unmo. 

Bao'ulnH. UiornllT-artidk.aiul h«nco 
Uio noint! of II lozenge, ttittf^ into * litU«, 
iFiorc roll. 

Ilnc'nift. A bKthing-hott»e. 

BK'krr*nltch. Afp«a*ti>t Ptori'- 
tuit if^f^i'M. resv1tin4( from th« irrilAting 
ijufijitlo* of yoarf. 

Bnranre. Dilanx; Ufxahu, twice, 
imd litiu, n dish. Uteraltr, the double dlih. 
A )>air of k-dIm for weighing bodlw, can- 
tdtitintr of a i/enin 9iis|i«niil«d exactly in th« 
tiiiihllv with It Njilu or hiuttn altarhed to 
«ach i-ttrtriiity of txjnftl woi^liL 

Balance Electroineter. An in^tra- 
neul for csciitiiitiiif; the mnlnsl oaiaclJoD 
of oppotiitelr eleclrilinl ■iirfiiow. 

Bol'anios. Agcm,»M>rtofeorbunc)e. 

Bnl'iinlMm. BoAowf, a |>Mwjr. The 
HIi[>li<'ulii)n \i{ s pMaar<r. 

n«likiit'll». Indamnation o( tha 
glan!' y-;\w ami pri-pneo. 

Bfi'Inuo-l'OHlhitlM. Ineammation 
nf ttll^ [iliiiM (uTiiv HfiJ j.rq.uiv, fLttonded 
b; n fi'ti'l. niiico- purulent diKhai^fB. 

BMlnnoH. ISiilnnu*. Anacom. Tha 
glisrw jii'iiia. 

ItaraniiA. Sn^t^c. anacom, a i^aud. 
Till' |,'taii« {»-in.4. am) KltiL* I'litoridiii. 

Ilnl'hiiH. TouKti4>-ti«<l : n t-lnintnorer. 

Itjilbll'tlw*. Fri>m^/^ri<:>, toatain* 
mer. Btiiiiiiiu-nii)f; a iltrFMt of ardciilnUon, 
the aiuHOH of wliidi aro buc liul« unilar- 

nMlllw'miw. From BiMfu, lodance. 
Clii-rc'i: St, VitiK^'sdniioo. 

Balloon'. In Phnrmofy, a splitriital 
l^aa tosmI wiUi u cjlindricol ncctk, to tenro 

Tb« iHuiil-bnlh. 
In Chm»i*trtiy 

w a rooeiTor In wndoutnif n|Mns from 

UHllollemem. [Frtfich.] Tbewo- 
tiun im|MitM] lo tbo faius i« uUrtf, hjt an 
unpnlw of the flngen or hsad. 

Ifiilni. TIm» name of anveral ptanti or 
ahrnlx; anything whioli sootbM or niHl- 

Balm of OUaad. BhIrbui ot 0U««]; 
U«ooa Bnlaara. 

BAlncol'oKJ. A Ircatiwa do bath<; 
the aclence of luubs. 

Bal'n^nm. A Imthorbnlhlim-tioaBa. 

Balneum Aalmolo. An Miimal balL 
A t«nn umM lo tndlcaU tliat npplkatioii 
hciil wbii4i wtw nada hy opunhig a ne«' 
lcill«d aoimal am) apfdying it to a part 
Hie whole uf lh« liody. 

BolDOum Ax«ntB. 

Boloeum Maiiea. 
•nit- water hath. 

Balneum Slcouin. Balninim areae. 

Balneum Vuporia. Tb4> atcani-liatli. 

Ital 'nam. BiUatu^tm ; fxvm htutl ««- 
flii^. II>-iiri-w. Tha nanio of any naiiiral 
VflptaU* rwiu. «oncrotl^ or Eiquiil, haring 
A Biruiii; odor, liiflamniabiG, not Milulile in 
wnu-r, but rviuJily diwolroil in irolaCilo oil, 
Aldibol, or «th«r. Them aiv liv« natural 
1>alnaiii«; nnmdy, tliose of Peru, uinI T<da. 
B«QKMii, *4>Iid slynix, and liquid ityrax. 
BiMidcs l)i««e, tJiore ore n number of phdT- 
niaoeutii'id itntpnration.i uiiil ri'niKoOK >ul»- 
atoiHXO wideli have a balsHtnic odur. thai 
h&To •KwXtiA the name of babam. But 
ihvac liut are termed art[fi«ial balsams. 

Balsam Apple. Mninonlioabnlkanilna. 

Balaam, Oaaadn. (^nnmln turprntia*: 
baUiun of fir. (lie product uf tJiv Aiiitmhal- 
tantea. U \a trui»{Min>nl wbrn frnji, uf a 
■Ufjlilly yKllowiith oulor, of ilio <y>nid(il«ai>e 
gf honey: ba« anacrl'l biiWrinb tait«,atMl 
a elriiiiK wn-WLlili' mlor, 

Balaam, Oarpathisn. Tho prodirt 
of tlic P'lt u* femhr't, -ir Siitriatt rtptt* pint 
<•( tbv .MpHHiid rnriiiithiAn Mouiilniiift. 

Balsam, Chalybeate. A miirtura of 
nilrutv uf iron, alcohol, and oil. 

Balsam , Commaader'a Oomimnad 
tlnetnre of Ben/iHii, 

Balaam, Cordial, of SonnertiMi. A 
stlmolaot, Gompoaed of tniudc, ambergrii^ 





Mid Ibeoilt orcitraD.elii>Te6,fla(l cannatnon. 
D<3M S to ISdrvpo. 

Bsl'sam, Frbu's. Tr Benzoin oomp. 

Bftlsam, arean, of BSets. A i^reu 
Mtisli« oil UMtl in *(i>Qi<] nicer. It u oom- 
pOMil of lUed oik, lioliUug in Mlatloa mb- 
Mfboiuu* of DOiijwr, ffilphattt of rJac, tur- 
}«atiiK, aloM. ud the taBcntkl oib of 
dovn aiiO JunljiiT. 

Balaam. Hungarian. A iiiwIdm oC 
tli« Aim jtumi/tM, gnrwing in tk«inou(>- 
talnniif ^wiut'rluiiil, Auxrla, uiiil UuDgarjr. 

Balsam, Hypnot'io. A prupwatiun 
pt «pHRa, byoacfaaoM. ««inphor, <ac«., iu»4 
•xtenuUjr lu proeure liee^. 

Balaam, ByBbar'lo. A [»ix>|iitratiuii of 
0|rt«ia. hIom, iuiAfiel»d& coittur, Mb of rnv, 
ombeT. Jeo. It is lirli] to lIio DOW, or rub- 
bed on the slidaaiea iir bj'sturioal ttem. 

Balaam, Indian. JUbun of P«rD. 

Batsnm, Hephrit'Ui (PuUer'a). A 
Uqalil lunlinlflo obtuioeil hj the DG4ioB ot 
iul|iIiurio ftckl on eoruin olli, fmIiu, bbiI 

Balaam, Ksnroua. Auolulmenlcotn- 
posed of r*(, v>>l«til« uil«, balsAii) of Peru, 
CKin|ib«r, Ac., u>cd io vjiniins mimI rbcu- 

ff^lff" of Xrocaum. An ointment 
made by locUinK Kii^Uier 3 paiW of mutloa 
net sud 1 ul lard, I J of taqimtio*^ and u 
mudi r«Mii. 

Balaam of Cc^>alva. Tb« jukuof Uip 
Cbpcit^ivio ^ffleinalu luul otlivr BpeoJos of 
evpii/tr^ i>0*«, gtt. XX t4 oj. Se4 Oo- 

Balaam of Flarabraa. ABpuiUM-Dl> 
a«nw7 buLuuu, nMitiuood by Uomat<«. 

B^aam of Floraveota. This name 
bM boao aiiilMd to ruious |irotln<fts of tbo 
diitilUlioB of rctiooiU gjid iMlwuiio mb- 

Balaam of Fir. Bulram of Cnnnda. 
Chtuula lurjHVtino. 

Balsam of FouroToyorof Laborde- 
A HaliiMMiMedincfaHp|>«>l ikin uidcrsckMl 
aifipkia It \* oompuMxl of aromtttii! |>l*ti(», 
biliMinia, nma, ■!««, turpvailint^ Uicrinc 
■ad ullrv oU. 

Balaam of Qenevtsve. An oinm^'nt 
used in ronlii»ei) woiiniK fsnjcri-o^ tlK. 
It I* iiuhW of WHi. lt)r]wniiii«, uil, rmt Miin- 
dsn^ aad nnmplior 

B^IT'^'*^ Of OUead. Saim ^ OilnaA. 
A nmitoa* jutm of iIm A m^rrM GUendeiuit 
wkkb, bj azpoMre, beconiss nMd. 

Bal'aamof Hoarbound(FoTd'a). A 
Itlicturi; wf ACTjrAou'*^, iiftt«rie« T«ct, **n»- 
yiAor. D;TiHm, ftfMmn, dried 9q»UU, M ^ 
aawMwJ, and Kotiey. 

Balsam of Hooey (BUl'a). A pM- 
torn] mixtiirL'. mai\t- of uAh^ hoHef{lA III. 
J), flii'] *;'i>if (II |>HlIon). 

BttLaam of Lfldotouro of Condom ot*. 
Vinceiiulne. A atrongly Mimnlant and 
aroitiiktic mixlun) of caiBphor, MflVon, 
mni>k, and ambergris, diiMlvcd is 0M««itiaI 
otlx. Tiw KDuScriU used It for dhpollijig or 
OTvrconiing unplcasODt odon. 

BalaamorLlfe(HoAa&u'8). Astiia-' 
alant (inctur«, ooro|ioMd of cMcnti«l oQt^ 
and aiDb«r. 

Balaam of LooabeUI, or LuoaMUL 
A niiitiirv formorly admlnhiei-ed in pbilil- 
irit. It U ciinipo««d of vxx. tA\, Inqwn- 
tin«, »pwrr7, aiKl bstnam of Pam, colortl^ 
with red Miinil«ni. 

Balaam of Parslra Brava. A d»*] 
m««tie eamponad of bnlMia, r««iA, ohlo> 
riilo of aiDTonDiain, and powder of live root 
of Panira brata. 

Balsam of Peru. Tba juic« of Jfy-J 
n>tj/l«n totv(fmmi. Ttotc gr. x to xxi. 

Bwlawin of Raokasl'ra or of Bale- 
aal'ti, A yelluurUb- brown eubf4ADC«. 
Iiroogbt from ludla in goon) -all ells, and 
n««d in di««a*as of th« nrioarir uid gofllul 
orgnns, MpMialtv la UaanorrtM^a. 

Balaam of Saturn, A lotiilioo of 
iKvinlvof lead in inrpvntiDe, evaporated 
and mix«d with pinnphor. 

Bolsani of Sulphur. 0fnim jii^u> ' 
ratntit. An eiifetiii-iv fvAd. ai'dil. vinddl 
fluid, mulling from ihv Tcaction of aiil- 
plmr upon olive oil at nlil^b Ivnijierat Hr«. 

Balaam of the Samaritan. A lini- 
ment iiiadi.' bv iHiiltiti; toKctWr iMjiiol l>arte 
of wine und oil. 

Balsam of Tolu. The jalee of tlie 
MfirwgUa Ulutfinm. Dost, gr. i to 

Balsam of Turpentine. The Nd j 
roaWliiv of tbo dialiilalton of oil of tarp*D-' 
tine ill A gla^ retort. 

Balaam, ParalTtic. of Hynatoht. 
A liniinont. of llio (>*>HHiial oils of diflVN' 
eiit ariiuftttlo pbuit^k of turitentine and 

Balsam, Bl^n. Baivtmutn fai-pali- 
emm. Tlii:i JDK-c of ibo juun; tnife uf tbs 

Balaam, Sympathetle. An mtgneol 




mnAe of iiiooA, hunan fal, nnA the mvp- 
infr* of tti« lium»D i^kiilt, «p[<li<*<1 to tho in- 
•Immenl whirli infiltiKMl llie wound. 

Bal'sam, Tblb&ult'e. A tincltira of 
nTrrth «loe4. drai^iin'e bIo«d, lijptrlcaiu 
fowen, fin<l Cliinii tllrpl:ntin(^ 

Balsam Traumatieum. Vulnerarv 
b&lMTn. ComjiOimil tincture <^f WiiEom. 

Balsani. Vervain'H. Tiactura Kea- 
loini compositi. 

Baleam, Vulnerary, of Mlndara- 
rua A linitueiit tnado of tgrjivntioe, 
rvMn, oil of clenrl, oil of byjMricuiii, nnd 

Balsam Weed. Jenol-weed ; tonob- 

BnlMHinn'llo. T>i« proecas of «ia< 
buliiiint: ili'uil liiitlivit. 

Babuiiu'lr. JialMiniir«4 ; n'om ^■ 
•bftlMin). Ilavinif the ^ualSl!e« of 

BttlMnmodoii'dran nyrrtia. A 

ptnct of tliu unler T*r*l'ittlltAe*ay lti« tro* 
wbk-li yicMs tliv gnm-rcelti mfrrb. 

Bal'«ninnin. A bfltaun. 

Balanmum Conadenae. OaaAdft bul^ 
Mill; t^lik'ti iH*(T. 

Balsamum OarpaUoum. &ee Kioa 

Balaatnum QUeadeuae. S«o Bu.- 

tAU Of (ill.EAU. 

BnlMiZDum Ubanl. Sco Rial Bal- 

Balsamum ParUTtanum. SwBai^ 
SAM fv I'rnr. 

Balaamum Tolataniun. See Bal- 
BAK or ToLi:. 

Balssmum Vitss. A n&me fonoerl* 
np|ilii.'<i lo Btvcrnl wrtillciiil bnlnuiiu, 

Balilx. A name B|>plie<l to iron BiiDds 
coDfoinini* pn\A. 

Iliiiiibii lla. 8caroiii«nii);. 

Itimiliiix'. Col ton. 

Kamlioa'. A plani or the rce<l kind, 
gro" int: in InilU na4 other warm climatOB. 

BauMD'a. Airofiini] tree; AaperfM 
of the UuML, the fruit of whh^ la exteo- 
lively UAcd ru nn ai-ticl« of di«t, 

Ban'dncp. A piece of olotb for rar- 
roiiniliiiK [iiirii iif tba body in siir^nd 
«l>etitlit>n», or bitidins np n wound, A 
buitdaire ntji}' bv aimptc or annpauiuJ. The 
am oonsifU of a Ninplfl pieee of cloth In- 
tefided to c«Mirol« it limb or imrl. Tli« 
•eeoDil, of two or more pivcee unttLil. 
Samot expraalve of tba manaef of lu ap- 


pllration and lt« titapft hare Wtn giftnl 
tlio bitnda);«i a» ihowrruW, lh« tp 
t)>e fjnm. iho Jtfvre-nf-riaht. lh«f T ia\ 
iiaff», Iho reeuwrwiU, the /onr-laUftt. &e. 

lu the tirvulnr bandaije Lite turav paM' 
ncsrlr ItorixoniaDr around {lortlun* of tlia 
limb, of equal diameler, one mm overl 
\iins, tho other at fixc^! ttitcrvala. 

The f'intl bandage nsrends a moro 
IcM poniral portitm of the Ibnb, each 
co^ieg lurn partially overlapping tb» 
otbcr at fixed bitervabi. 

The tpiea handoff* b named IVum tbo 
acmblnnce of the lomt to the poMtloe 
the icmiott OR BO wtr of iThi»l. 

The _tiynrf^f-tifhl hiindaffe U p'n«-all>- 
appliod about iho jointa. Whta *[-|'[u-<] 
ool.r to (he kiwe, aod unt a coaiinoatjoii 
of a b*o<Iaire down lhi» lii&K it ts oon- 
neaoed with two circular fold* or liinia 
around tlic^ leg jmt bchiw th« joint, ami 
the oxlind«r carried oblitiuoly upwanlt 
noros9 the ham. arontid the thij^h, 
BKain downwards as bofure deecribod. 

Tlie T &aadti(re oonabiu of a «ini|>1» 
dflge with one or two piMM sddod at rij^lit 

Thr rrmrnntbaudafft ia al)onl tin jvrii 
loiif; and two inchea wl<Ie ; ll i* uppliwl (o 
the bvnd at) follows: Tho rollor h fine 
pBMvd two or three tlinea around ih^ ti«ad 
in a line running Jn*t ahotro th« oyebruu-*, 
ihe eftrK and below the onrlpllal protoWr- 
ance ; next at the oviilrw uf the foruhvad, 
the cylindor It rav«r»«l ami nrriod dU 
rcctlv over the head to Ihu <^lrriiliir tarns 
Milml. where It !* n^ain reTerfed. and 
carripil Itaok to the ftmhead, overlapping 
the foriwer about one-third, AS uKUul: tbcM 
rAiri>rM9» to be nmtiniii!!! uitiU tirsi one 
nnd theoUieother side of tho bead i*rov- 
ered; nnd the whale ia completed br two 
or three lirm vircular tiirna, na al Uie ooiii> 
Dienoement. Tite reveraee an to be bib* 
bj Bu aMivliuit. 

Tlitt fiHT'laUai b/tada^ oonsiata of • 
(ueee of maillii. als or eiphi InohM wide, 
and n yard or inor« in lon^h, tom nt 
cither cxlremlty to within ihrre nr fiwr 
bichei of tho venrru. It l> applh-d to the 
lower jaw M follows: The r«ulru bcinff 
placed over the Rbtn. tha up)ii.T nlip* ore 
rutrric;*! Iiiieli hehiild the nvok ami li<ril, or 
nrn««ed nn'l pasfed around tbv fi.>rt-li<nil 
oi»ne or twi<:o, nnd smured br pma at tlw 
side ; llio hiwer strip Is passed lUrecUjr np 




to Um T«ftox, vhoro H is tiod. or tgtia 
brouiilit ilown ui(] lied under tbe cliin. 

Ban'dacv, Fox'a. 9«»Fus>UA:it>AnK. 

Ban'dj E<cs. A Ivr ia whic<)a l1>« 
boDCA arc cancil outirard or iuwunl. 

Bimif. An InifixicaiiDg liqnor (in- 
pArnl ftotd ihu IckVM of tti« CianahU /•- 
ifw-rt. or Iiiilino lienip. 

Iliinil 111. E)iiil«ndruiii vnnUhL 

Ittt ot>uU. Tha AdftDiionla digitAtiL, 
ft pl[Hnii<^ irujilral tree. The imrk has 
tM«n u*4-il M ■ kiilxtitiitv for iuii<'t)4>nii. 

Bii|»'lk*ilCoc'CB». 'ITm fcenn« In- 

BapllMln Tlnot«'rla. WiM In- 

iigo. I'lx' rxMt in hhoII iluaoo is laxaUv^ 
but in lurgv <1om.-> li> CTni-tio ntiJ <:atli«rli<:. 

Bnrtm'rla. Klmliarb. 

B«r bury 4«nBl. A variety of gutii 
.til-, BOid (ti bo vtiMinud fmin tlic Aea- 

Bffr'blvrn, Atcrmnpptiet] toApAr*- 
tTli<- ittltviK-n of 1I10 uvjtlf^ fullnwcd by 
toM of TolciQ, wnaclation. ami [irnHiratlua 
of «tra-uaili. A aptfoics of parnl^iB- 

llti ril»ii 'a. Burdock. 

Burtl'lA. ImfiurAMxIanbulned (Vom 
tiM uliiM of ilitTervnt ])lsiit)> llisl i;row ao 
Ott *««-t4iore. 

HB'rfnnL. Frnm ittryta, ftwn wliich 
It ift oktniD^d. The metallic hwtia af tlio 
wrth Imrrla. 

nark. A oamo formerly iitplied to 
tlire* (jivHe* of Cinekima. 

Bark Carlbo'Mt, or 8«4nt Luoici'a 
Bark. 8(MnoiliDe« InipruiwH* ciilkd '■»• 
dAm'hi) Cariitr'c. TI10 IiaHc of iho £ki#- 
ttm'mi t'arihjt'tiM. It is a e4«ful atiltitt- 
luiefor Hnrkonn. and tlton^i it coutaina 
nrithoF ijiitnia nor cim-Iioaa, is udq i>f tite 
iWMt vnlnaUc uf tUc apnnoaif bnrka. 

nnr^t^. Tic fniit of llie J/vritum 
tU»tidi»n See II<ti)i>Ri Sctiixt. 

Bar*at'ei«r. From /)o^^. wviciit, 
and tLnfui. (U(.-a»iire- An inairiiin«nt for 
W>r!-lalliiU{; (tie oci^rlit of air. 

Bar'ofiooiK'* B««'«tr< H^ittlit. mid 
n«nw, lo olMtrVtf. .A iMrnnctvr wnailile 
to th«t •li^'faiMt atmoepheriv varinUuna. 

Rar'ra*. The reain which Mudua 
from iTwunJa miule in tb« Wk of tlr- 

BHr'rfti. rnfrulifiil, >U'ril«, A l«nu 
Dpl'.'ii-l in Dutauf lo a ilower whirb lin» 

DO [lUt I 

nurtliollnlAme Uliandulic. 

Tha snttUnfTaal piluda named after Bnr- 

Uar'wood. A red dye-wowl bronclil 
from Afi-i<-*. 

BKryecai'll. From ^^ni, iHtavj, 
•ad mm*, he«rin||[. DtoftMac 

Baryooc^'alAu. Tha Datum Sira* 

Barypha'ny. yrom jlufKc, hMvy^^ 
^wi>v, the roiee. Difflcultv uf apee«di. 

Barjr'to. From ^omv. heavj; ao 
cftlled becAiiu nf lia |HiD<Ier<ii*Il r- An 
oxidoof iMtrinm. A umpip alkntino Mirth 
uf a ttraj* co1<]r, Tcry potuloroua, aikd not 
vanity fuwd. 

Batyta, Hydrtodata of. lodids of 

Banrt«.Marlat«or. Chloridocf ba> 

Iliirj tem. Itaryln, 

ItUHnul. S.a iDdiuatree. the !«■««• 
of Khirh, inad« into a il<Mw>ctiun. are ' 
a» a ^n^Ie in di»«nH;s of lli« faiic-fu. Thi 
kvTDeU of ilie fruit ant anibelinliitlc. 

BtiMill'. Trap-rvpk uf a dark f;rit«u, 
cnit, or black color, coDatMlsK of wlica, 
alumina, uxiik ul iitin. Iitii«. and maRDwia. 

IIbh'hiiMo. A varlnly of eilioioua 
fllato, fomciimea uacd Ua tMting tht 
liuritr of ((oltl \ty the «aIor of ita Mrealc. 
Moi-Iatc fur pnlv«rixiiig fnodiviltea ver« 
fvriiivilj' mndv of it. 

BaMeillH'tlon. h word of FreiKti 
il^rivution. iipplitd to lli« half evvoaw 
muvcuicul vf lliu utvrujt, tu vxanititttiona 
of ilint orgitn in rctroTgrMon. the fundua 
Itelnt; [trefcwl upwanl and the carrix 
<lru*D duMmvuifl. 

Bjum^. Aum, froiti 3aiiM. I ito, I rwt, 
I mppoK vnyi4i\t. Tlio foumlntlon or sup- 
port iifoQj'tliinx; ibc prtncipul ingralicul 
of a co[n|>oiind. Id nrmUiiy ii U ap- 
plied to alkidi«a. uarllio, UK'Uila, nuljilni. 
reto, oi-|;aiiio and otiivr (.■omiKtiicxlH, iti 
lli«ir rvUiiuiia to ncid). rnvtullokd*, and 
iult^ lu MrdU/ti S'retfrifA^ion* and ilMr- 
miu-y, tbc prin<'tpnl cvnatiluvnl of n i-um' 
pound. In Ikntal Svrffny, ■ tnclallir. 
Ivory, I ndbi- rubber, or roiltikod ptalo nvtA 
iti a support or allacbmoDt fur urtilit-iul 
tovlti. In AnatvBif, the lower or broader 
poi'tiuD of a bone or urxaB. 
Btt'M«r«r Arllllc'liUTeclli. In 

1I1V I'Dd'^iiK-lion >if a tix-sv Inr arlilk'tol 
ii't'ili. a imnniVr or mmk'! of pim^i-r of 
I'aria b Dral oblaiaud. TIten a ui«UJli4 




tnedfil aail connter-niodel, If tb« boM is 
to bo of ni6tKL is procured, itnd b<-twccn 
Ibeso a plate of siitcable dee uid tlikk- 
ii«M i» tyrngci. In Uii> wot it if mi4e to 
fit ancomt^^tf the lurta upon which it is 
to PMl. tl' llie )<uto in to be (<najilFnc4ed 
from the ivor^ of tit* ol*i>h«nt or bijtpo- 
potatniu'H iii-nk. tlio plo-ticr tiiwlcl xloncls 
iutlbjitot. 11i(t iviirr \% out tv \ht fra^at 
«26 uti tbon c«rr«d until it fit« tb* 
iiMidd. Itiit iror; U nvw MMotn iumkI 
for this porjioM. If the haM ii to he of 
Tulc«iiizvd tndiB-mbli«r or Celluloid, th« 
(rliwter model is aiillicicDt, no melAlHo 
diea being DMemarjp. SeeJIrrALucUuK. 
Oiutor* Bahs, Uiifrkat. Bau, VvtOAVns 
Uass, nnH CsLi-ctoiD. 

RuHlM'tor. Orbtoutkria oris miiMtv. 

Itii'Ktc. Ik'lon^ng (o, or of 1h« no- 
tnif uC a \tmaie. 

BAHlby'aL. From htuia, hMS, iin<i 
Ayi»»/<t*, hvoiil. A term in C^mpnr-itirt 
Aaattnttff u|ipllc<l to two Kiiinll (•ubcutiicnl 
bonee on sach side, fbnninfr the hodf of 
the inverted hyoid arch. 

BaM'il. Br« Ociiirv. 

Bni'IIiuI. Same na I)u!lar, u«»] 

B«a'llltr. Satita'rit. A numi.* jrivi-n 
to HUveral [mrtR of the bodf which f«rre 
as base* to othcra; toward) the b«M of 
ibe tMnW. 

Basilar Artery. ,^n artery of the 
litain, fni-m»l by t!)« noion of two vcrto- 
hral aMcri« wHhIn tlie cinniuin. 

BesUar Foam. A fuHM in the upjier 
face of the basilar praceas of the o«- 
ipttnl bono. 

Basilar pTooeBB. 

of till- uccipidil li'Mlc. 

Basilar Surfiwio. 
ihe baallnry (itvk-v^h. 
Bnallar V«rt«'bm. 


BiihII'Ip. UmUleui; from ^giXitoc, 
r«val. A nniiie (i;iv*n by thiy aiici«nla tu 
partd wbii-h were Mippinod to phiy an 
imimrlant part in i)ie nnitnal eooaotnjr. 

Boslllo Vein. A loive vein ninnin^ 
along lilt! internal pitrtoftlie ann; at the 
fold of tlie clbuw It ILet over the hutneral 
artery. Tho mMum AutiVie win eroMM 
ihiM at the becd of the nrin and jotoa tba 
P«al win. Kither of theae vein* may be 
oi>«ned in the operation M bleeding. 

BasU'lcon OlmUucal. An oint- 

The inferior angle 

Inferior ■oifiioe of 

Tlio la*t Inmbar 

uettt oompi^Md of pildi. reaan, wax, and 
oil. The Ctra'tttm r«i'«ur iV. S. ni 
Land. Ph.). Composed of Are p*rt« 
reaan, eight of lani, and two of yelU 
araK. Uwd aa a stinralatlng nppllratic 
to blbtered aurfaeea, indnlont n^eer 
bum*, Stc. 

BsMIU'cua. Sypblll). 

Bft'Blo. iltiMclee originating fWmTtl 
haailary proceea of the occipiul bone 
so ™II«1; a prelli denizing Conner ir 
with the batilar proccsa of the oocipit 

Bask>-Oo'rato-G'loeeu8. A noiue 
given to the hyoglosaoa maade. from it». 
«onn««tlon with the bae* and bwr« of llie, 
hyold bone and tlie lonftoe. 

Batio-Oloeaus. That portion nf Ihe, 
hyut;U>MiiB itiufrclc inMrted into tlie bate 
of lln- hyiiid Ij.ine. 

Baslo-Pharynij^'us. The eunstr 
tor |'!mr_vii;;ii iii<rdiu« inuvclv. 

BaMlorclp'ltal. I-'rotn b'j*U. haM,? 
and oniipita'le m, the neeipital hone. Ap- 
plied in Comp^tralite Anafomj/, by Owi 
lo bone botnologoua with the bn 
pri>r»ni of the ocelpltal bona. 

Bn'slS. Abaae. Tbeenbetanoe witli 
wbirli nn tu-id h rombhied wilh a iall. 

Baala Cordis. Tlie ba«eof the heart. 

Bnaliaphe'noill. At'\-l'tvi\uJn<ilO' 
mf/ and VomparaUnt Aniylinnj/, liy Uwco, 
lo a bone homologoiiii with tbehaaeof the 
4|ih(<n'>ii1 lii'ine. 

B»HHn'rit CJuni. ■^ giim hrangbt 
fhim ibv uu)ti<ib<irlti)ud uf Uaiururs, on lliu 
Cnlfof IVrria, in irregular pieoea of »ari- 
oUN KirM, white or yeHow, Inlertncdiatg 
in the degrw of Iranspartfocy between 
gum Anibto and tragw^anlh. 

Biuw 'rio. A conatituent part of 
Basaara gnm, ai aho of gum trogneanth 
and of *ome gaia-reainn. U dooA nr>i <li»- 
aolve iu water, bat twells and fonaa a 
m(ii-iln!,'e with it. 

ItitNtoril. KaUe; spuriona. 

IliuMVcn 'Ire. The alidomen. 

BttH')'!^. From Haei^, a baae. and iJ*, 
natnre. A term applie4l by Mr. Rmbam 
to tJiO inctnllic Twiical of a anlL 

Balk. Ba^jiivMK. SalMum. A bath. 
A receptacle of water for ]»er»oiis to wuah 
or pbingo in; a baUiiagpUcr. l}aiha 
are eitliei hot nr na)d. naliirnl or arilfit-ial. 

Bath, Aold. Acid hydrochloric ti. 
ij, n<itm; i-uti£. ixrj. 

B&th, Alkftltpo. If&lf B fvaai at 
ptarhaait «r cartKHuU of coda, K> iiity- 
ris itoll"B* nF wnt«r. 

Bath, ADimal. BoIiieuDi onunal*. 

Btttb, Anllpao'rto. Sulpburet of 
ptilMtinin ^iv. diMotvod ia vr«tor, cwig. 

BaUi.AntiayptiillVlo. Twodricfamii 
lo HI) ontttQ o1 oorriMire sui>litnKt« dia- 
»olv«iI in nixlT gallons of water. 

Bath, Artlflolal Sea-Water. A 
Intli of nn« pni-L ot eommoD lalt to ihlrty 
parte of wAter. 

Bath. Blood. Buths of huDan blood 
WBffl fiimtiirly nswl ngningl l«|inMj. 

Bath. Obemioal. Aji appanitiit lor 
nipilDlinB: ilw h«at in t'ariotu dMniical 
pcaMM««, l)^ interposini; und or other 
mbibuico* bi-twotio tke 6n aod tlic let- 
■el lo bi- lii-ftted. t^e« Bath. SxXd. 

Bath, Cold. A liMtti iho tnm|t4'rntur« 
of whicb 19 fr«io IW to 60* Fahr. 

Bacb. Oool. A bitih ai no* to 76" 

Batb, DtT. A batb ti»ed bj ibc sn- 
ei«nt«, ciiui[>nMd of mIi«i, ealu und, &c. 

Batb. EleotTto. An «le«trl« bnth 
voariita in pWiftg a pvreoo upon rut io- 
Ktlatii<d »ioiil, (■oniicoritd by & m«t«Itio 
wira with llio principA) nondactur of aa 
el«ctric nuiiibioe ia ntitluu. 

Bath. Fcxff. Pfdilir'tium. A bnth 
far tlie (wi. 

Batb, Half. Soniea'pinm. A batb 
adapted for ohIt ImJf of iti« body, aa for 
tb« bi|i« or «itfoi»iii«ii. 

Bath, Baud. Muniiv'tium, A batb 
fiir tbo haiul*. 

Batb. Head. Cipititu'r!tim. A bath 
for the lii'ml. 

Bath, Hot. Balnmim cal'idiim A 
hall] bavfag a Unip«rati)re of 98* to 113* 

Batb, Med'lcatOd. JilaneHin mediett'- 
twm. A bitib coniiiMtlnft of d«coction« or 
Inftutooa of ccftain rc;e«labl« »b*taiK«8 
04- an/ tiiwIIHns) liiKrwIidnti, 

Bath. Nttro-Utmatlo Add. A bnth 
onnaiMiaf nf dilute nqna reKla, employed 
by Dr. Bcolt, of India. \n hepatic di»- 

Bath, Sand. Mititevm Art'n^. A 
veaav) AIIhI wiih saod ant) pliicod over a 
0n; into ifiii anotlter i* placed eontAin- 
log tb« »iit>ft«n<'« (0 )m- vvti|>urated, 

Bath. Sbover. Jmptv'rium. A batb 

vbero tbv water fiitls lik« a •bower on tht 

Bath, Steam. TLe IntnHhietioB of 
stoam into a ctoflod reeeel or room, in . 
pWe of water, 100' to 13(1° Fabf. 

Bath, euooanrton. 'i'ratwitioa bath. 
The rapid mirMMiou of iMtJMof diifcrvtit 

Bath, Bul'pburoaa. Water in which 
aulphurcl of potassimn la diseolvud in tliio 
proportioD at four oancca uf tba Utter to 
lidnj pilloDM nt tJve former. 

Bath, Tan. An aitrinitunt Iwtli mtulv 
byaddingHdectxIionof twoor ihrmbiuul- 
fnk of ton to th» voter oS a balb. 

Bath, Tem'perate. A balJi at from 
73* to 65° Fnlir. 

Bath, Tepid. AbathatSS^toMOFabr. 

Batb, Vapor. A bath at 133° to I<U- 
«• Folir. 

Bath, WamQ- A bath »t 92" or OS" 

Bath'mla. Ikifhmui. Frora ffauiv, 
to enter. The seat or baae; the eavitjr of a 
bone which rcoci*es the bead or protaber- 
ance of another. 

BJttll'rMi. From ^Apw, tMoeh. An 
tMtnunaat iavoited bj Dippocrvtw for re- 
daduft froolJanu niid luxaitona. 

But'pactana. Rtumln. 

Bwllnrlfi^inilWi KattitlWmua. Frcim 
fiofnifiiiv, to stauiitier. t^tsniincrintt. "ith 

Boi'lery, I-:iec'tri««l. A term 
npplimi to ■ eotnbioulioii of LrTdcn jars for 
coUeciinK eleotrieiiy, hJI of whidi may be 
clinr^-d atti dtKbarged at Ibe miiut linio. 

Battery. Oalvanlo. A luoie applied 
Ui pitin of xiiin Aiid eop[iar ^klAtuit. Svnt 
Galtamc IJAnEBT. 

niit'llej-'HNoln'llon. Li^nvrvjiii 
tedativiu. A nareotic pTV)>iiraiiDn of whit^h 
oeeUte of moTjiliia ia ttuppuvcd to ]iv the 
nc<ire injireilient^ 

Biiu''hln, VBlv«l>r. A name given 
to a transvorw valve eitnaivd where tli« 
iletini npetu Into the orMrara. 

BmalMV. An Arnliie aaaw for nitre 
or Mtlt in general. From this wonl cohich 

B«Te. Thick, frothy. 

Bny'-BerrlVH. The berme e( the 
T^wrun n^fiilit. 

Bay-Rum. S^iirit Sarorcd with lioj- 


Boy-Salt. Chloride ^ wiivnt. bnlt 




obtoinod Iiy GVKporating M*-wat«r Ity ttia 
ma in warm couatriet. 

Bay Sora. A dbeaae endemk at Ilun- 
duras, uud su[i)KMH.>d by Dr. Uusele; lo b« 
m trae cnuMr, etfiiim«aciiif; willt »an^iiu. 

Boy, Sweet. Soe Lackui Kunii-iK. 

Au aillimivu plaeUr cuinpofctl of six 
(Inchina of radn and one poiuid of lltli- 

BayntCQ'e Bftodagd. ISuipe of s«l- 
livHivf )>;r rvKnliirlv eJiciri^liD£ Uie leg, 
u)d ilV(^^b{>pilIg ecwli otbar. The; ktv 
tiwd ill tliL- tr«>ulinciil of uloors. 

ndfl'lii. A loecli. 

Udpl'lliiiH. A gum-rwin nMmbling 
itiipurt tnvrrb. 

Bdeltoni'et«r. Fnmi^A2«,BlMc]i, 
and fitrpav, inwumre. As Inftrmneat pn>> 
\XMv\ 8» a MuUtilalv for tltc lowl^ in ordor 
Uiat lli« ituoiitit; uf blood druwD amy b« 
ucerUinod. ll cuiioUts of n <'ii|>[>iiig-)iliu», 
to wldcli A »vari)kator and «FxliaiuiUnK 
ivriiiict' iir>> sttdrlicd. 

Kdi'lj-y'iMlA. NaoiOB, or dulike for 
food 1 alM a dti«iutlnjS ftlor. Bdolu. 

Boul Proof. An upithot denotJiig 
Iba •Irviii^h of (i{tirlluoii» liquors ea ibouru 
bjr tlie cuuUauHiio* of b«ad-liktt bubble* on 
lli« unrfutv. 

Beak. TIm bill of a bird; a pcant; 
th* jawa of f-incpi wnploycd (or tins ex- 
trBCttuD of i«i.-lli oi-c ttiiiuifiiiiiu ao caUed. 
In CJk^mittrff, Uio tabular porlion of a 

Bmn. A t«Tm a|>plled lowvvral Iclmlit 
»f Itgnminiiiiii somU and tbo plant*. [>n>- 
duciiij; i}iviii. lltey b«lonK to eerorul gi-ii- 
crrk parlimlnrlj tlio Vieia, Phawtut, iumI 

Bean. Froacb. The kidnoy Wiiii. 

Bean, Malao'oa. The fruit of ibe 
Stntearpy)* itn'miniium, n treo gmwing In 
Ual&bar idkI oHivr parU of India. 

Bean of St. Igtia'tiue. Fuha Suivti 
IgM'tiL Tbi- fniil. of tbe Str^rhnot fiinn- 
tih a *>■(■«. natiio of th* ['ltili]>)>ino liknilH. 

BeHr'H Uvrrj/, 8ee Axbhtus Uva 

^^H Bear's Breeah. t^ee 

^^^ Bear's Foot, HiiakiuK hellebore. Soc 

■ Hiu.iJisoBr« F<Krini-a. 

I B«nvni« IK' Vie. ^alm of lifa. A 

I i»nipotiiid iki-octiiiii n{ aliwa. 

I Bebc^r'ln. Htbttrine. An olkiduid 

L^^ uMuiatd frum t]>v BvbMm, or graeaheart 

tree of BrilbJi Ouiaoa. lu nUpbote Imi 
bo«D Deed a« an «Qiiiwi-i<K)ic. 

B«c. A Frenrlt ik'iir<l sttniifjltiit beak. 

Bee d'Anei A iihiim pven b; >*m- 
vhard to s trfinvliuiil <-luMl')>oiiilcd tnnlni- 
iii«in emplaned for tJi« remoTal t)f ulirarj 
mill 'III II <. 

Bec-de-Oorriu. A ewpcol itutmnent; 
furLi^pM for Uin t-itrnction of l««lli. 9t« 
EXTRjttmoK UP TRUtii, 

Bec-do-Ouiller. A jur):i>.-4il itulrutnffrtt 
for tl)i; fittniiiuii of bnlin from tnnK^ol 

Beo-de-Llevre. )[art.-ltp. 

Bco de Porroquet. An inslntmpnt m 
callMl, by Fnuc^liard. from tLi nw«inbliuico 
to tbe iKiint of \Xm bill of a porroc, for re- 
moving aalirary mlculiM fnm llic UMIl 

Be'olllCB. Be'thica, hte'tJtiett. ttam 
^C, a coogli. Ucdiciiwa for rvrioving a, 

Bee. A nutntroiw r^wi.'iiM of inswcta 
of the (^Bos Api*, bill of wbicb til* boiuy 
bee ApU MtUirirt, U llii.' itiosl iniportiuit. 

Bcef,£i'»enr«or. ThiHitinuuleby 
pulting Bwily ctit Icon boef into a bouto, 
cvrkiag it. mill then inimivsinit il iii boiling 
vraXur. Tliti Jiiiov erf tlie DKat. lil^^bl; eon- 
c«otnittHl, it found in tlio Uittlc. 

Beef Tea, Jua h^rinam. An iorut>ioii 
of bvtt. T.iko two piiiiiifbi iuhI abnU of 
bei-f, fr«o from fnl, vtil tl in 6if. ]>i«c«9 Into 
tlirrv piDls of viitt-r, in all L-nrtUcn pipkin; 
lettl siiiiiner, buln<;vi<rli»il, lili it t» r»lac«d 
U> n pint uni] a bnlf : itivii slmiii oirtfidljr. 
ll <i!iiiiilil tit- entirclv fri-v' froiii fat. 

Beer. fVnvM'i'it. A forni4>m«<1 Info- 
wob of nuJtcd bark-y and l>otn<. Tti« tern 
la also applied to vn^lo(l^ &iu-i.-ltnr^iii} Xvrtt- 
H^^ in a xtjitv i>r viiioii« formcnta- 
tioii.diili-rcnllyfliivuK-J. iiftcpnicvbwr, Ac. 

BccMt'lngn. Tliu tin<t niilk taken 
from tlie coir after mU-irtg. 

BcM'Wftx. ^i- Cinu. 

Bcc'Btn. From (it,oartt, to coa^h aft 
to expoL-torate. to aiilt. Expectorated cnat- 

R<^Ko'nljl. A gvniis of pbinf of th« 
ordi-; Jit^trituteei*. Tli^ rfMfai of *onia of 
Um l■pc^n«« nro ti*«t in Peru in dlwaM* ot 
tli« rhetC oiitl in s(-tir% v. 

Be'gulirH Siul'pbttnilcd Spl'* 
rll. II«pHlU4<<l aniUM>iiln; lijdrusnlptMle 
uT ammonia, 

Beleta'InK. XmctAftoo. 

BclWMPOt'dOH. Fruui ^tl^^Ma^ a 





ilsrt, »dS itiat. tona. nitrlnjt ttw ienn of 

Btf Mxuiol'dea Frooea'soa. Tk* at^* 
IcNd proc«««s, 
U«>ll»dan'uA, Sm AthopaBklu- 


B<>llHllun'nlat A volnlioe alk«lliie 
|>rim".[i!i- fiiiiwl ID ti«l1iiilunaa, wid to 1-u 
(Itntiin-f tr.'Ui iitr<>|>i«. 

BrII MfI'hI. An oltor of cofiper, 
liar, tin, iiml anEimonv. 
Bel'l«la«. The betiiM of ebe IJ^m 

Bel'lom. An hutmnuiDt for propd- 
Ubg sir ilirou^b k Inlie or uiull oriRoe. It 
k wkiQsly Rotntrur-tcil amwrdtog tu Ltio 
piiqiiiHO tiiT wlikh it la dwilfiwd to t» nwiL 
Th« nir, l«'iiig pornutliMl lu MC4p4 only t>y 
a 4ui;ill ijriliiv, ruslics ant with i^rvnl tl-)ik> 

Bellows and ^ow-pipe, Van 
Smeu's. A dmiUr U;lluw> iiiiie or t<,'ii 
inchm in itiamvtcr. witli a ttnaU ^nini-vlii»- 
tk tot^t, ikrM or fotir fMt in Ititgtli, tcr- 
fflitn"lE la a ta|»vrinij[ mvtallic tuUs, to l>o 
inwrtcul in h Uow-pii.* liKulii^ from it 
Th* IkJIows k worked bj lltu (mit, vrbilo 
witii the lj|ifn*-pi(f« lii.'liJ in thv luund, b jot 
o^ : > H lunp iiijtv' Ih: |ir<iji,-(ii,Hl on 

)>i -igDtxl ti>lK?Iioai(sl. Altliuii^h 

iUviKiiil (■•[ UtcMn,'u( ill!) iiK<r)iniiicuiili>n- 
lt*L. It \aay Ut' ftniili^jiKl luliiiiitHtireousl.v Uy 
choaiin^^ tiiiin-n.l(j(jiiti, uud jcn lOIuis. 

Bellows Souod. A jHttnliiu- miioi) ni- 
■Dililiiiii lliu pri><Iiji>o<l Viy n |Mir of k-Uonit, 
•Mttc^inwM tu-itril tliroaitli a Al>Mli<Mbx>po, M 
A tnofliiil iilicnuiitcuou ttiiliintlitiK lmlarK(^- 
nent of till* liiRtrt, ur ntntmcliun of il« 

Il4-I'l>. Tin- itUlofiiun. 

Drl'nnold. Hi'i'i'j], ■ bulkia, uti 
utat,hfomi. ApplicdttiprucMScdofbone; 

Urlnt'rum. Frutu }it>.if. adiirl, uA 
iJU^ 1 lir'iu vu[. Ad iiklrumHii otoA Uy 
»nji;oont fur tit* irxlrnctiva of *\art» and 

IlFii \ul. rtiv frntt of tlic Muring 

Ben Oil. The upretwd ull uf Lite 
Bur mil 

Ben«4llc'|jt l^siill'tK. RUti- 
ImtIi, lul tli«l«oitivuiilc«tuiirjc, Cotifectia 

II<*iili['ntaM. B«nl|ea; u-^ iD>li)!- 
tiiiLi, iii'i-MtU ttf uiild fonuft uf JiseoM. 

D«B'iKniln, or Bensoln. Btl- 
miiL A <li7. n-niaoiis. lirlllle sutiitttnc%, 
»blaii>«<i fruin tli« ttyrax hetinoin. Sm 
firrHAX Hkxjmiix. 

Beojamlu Flowere. H^oKiio mAi, 

Rou'MPa ^Miitnum oi-iciiliilii. 

ncn'uini Idr. A bhImuuh* uhinlniMt 
l)\ uiiii'jiiltij; I'lilariilt'oriMiiimti' Willi dry 
amiiiniii*. nml wiMhing to rcmor^tb* tns- 
rinie urniiimunltt. 

Bcn'zldiim. An oil nf a liatil yel- 
low t-o)ur, Qbiuincd by pAHinj; snlpho- 
reitvd liydrt^D tlirooiHi nitto l>«uKi<l«H 
ll U Ideniirfll wttli Anilin and Ii^f^aobi. 

Uvn'xile. A Mb)itfinc«ohtiiin#d by 
pawing a stream of chlorine giu Uiroiigb 

Til Mil lHt|IZ()tll. 

licnsll'le Arid. An Mid «biaitii<d 

frciiii /'I n:ilt. 

li(>ll'Kln. St-e IlKKZCILK. 

Ilrii'£lii4^, Miiioral turpentine. A 
■ulHiiuirt >)l>iiiint)t) from cool oil. and u"ii] 
an .1 Kiit>«iiiiiii< for t)ir|]cntioe. 

BV1IIM»'I« Add. AcuiUm ^AMttltm. 

Flowers of Boi^atiiia. An acid Ql)lahlPd 
fVum pini beuzuin, b,f sulilliiiaiiou. li 
ftxiito, howcrtr. In nosrlr all rlto biiluuai. 
Itfe eallM art) &tntMtn. lu> Igml ai'lion n 
lU'rid, iiiwl trhtti •wiillnit-4^ rmix"! Ih^I 
ond anriililj ol'inontli,(niiroi.,nn<l Ml-inacl). 
U in >tiiiiiilaul and (^niiinvi a* an r.vpoC' 
torani duiilitfut. Duw. ^. x lo ^m. Id 
JJrhhii Praetie* It liiu lk4M« ciiipWtd lu 
AD antiM.')i^lc in patrld pnlps iil' it-vlti, also 
as A ttx-nl ha-nioidai )o fn ciuoM«iion HilJi 
p4>vri)i<riHl alum. 

Bvnico'lOt A l>»Uun or tttin, ob- 
laiiinil ((uni toclaiotia madw in ilid rtyrfti 

Ueit'ibolr* Benrin: Jtenttne; Pime: 
fjy'>/r»r'f nf i'hrn'ffU. A c(ili«liliieJit of 
KuiI'pMB tar, otrtaincd hj dt»<!tllitv-' «>■)»! 
DBphtlia. Il \t a colorivM. oUr li<iuitl, 
with lui iiiT'L-a-uttli- udtif. Id the I'unii uf 
au oiuliiiuiit.i-oiup(Mc<l of otM iinrtfrf lf«n- 
itioI« imil fiJiir p.irt» of tard, tl luw Uwn 
nK'd with tidvaniaKu In lloh,iti»l pnraxil*! 
uf tliv oilin : and in nuiirslnpik nnd r!i«>ama- 
tiuii in itr. |iure htatc. 

Itcn'snut'. A ralorlca* tA\y lluid. 
.priMliiPitl l>; aiBtUllng, in the dry way, 
li«U7AKite (if liin«. 

Hea'xonllrlle. A cleiir, rolorleaM 
]ii]ii>il. fii'tiiL^l ■luHtiK tho fnaioti of bMU 
zoutu vf iiiiinioiiia. 

U«n'suU>. BiiuoyU, Vromhtnuin^ 



anil ■'An pnnai^*. A «>m|>ooti4 <tf car- 
Iwo. bjrdrogcn. and oxyi;eii, ea)>r'<^ol ^ 
be ihf li»»n of twiiiok ockl. 

ner'borin. A j-*iiow, frrRulHu 
tKiWiiiUve obtaioed froni tits root of tb« 

norbe >ta. A poitw of plant* of th« 

onKT /ifrbfri'iitCM). 

Berbeds Vulff ■.'lis. Rarbtrrf. TIia 
licrrica of i)il& sbrnb are refrifeeraiit. a«- 
trinv'i'iil, nml notucorbutic 

Urr'^aiiiot. A species of citron or 
stnAll Amn^e. of nn uprMiiblc UMt and 
I>l«iiMni imIct. Aq oQ is obtaiiMd IWna 
Its bark, wliirii in inucli niied aaaparfttme. 

rB«>r'llK Bine. rnoMui blae. 
Brr'r}'* f^ U»cca. 
p B4>r'tln.SponiEjnane«o£. Two 
■Bali. Irinn^'iilnr, Invbinnti'd boa^ often 
rDtmil bciivnth tliv small opening of tlie 
apb^noidal sinuf. 
nV'r'rI. Airni-marin*. A valtiable 
minernl of a gr««ni»h-}^tUow nolor. 
Be* 'fa. A (KQin of planta ut Oio order 
Ch*no}>eilMefir. Tbc Ih-*!. 
Be^ Rubra. Th« red Wet. 
Bets Vulsa'riS. Tli« f^ninioD be«l> 

Bc'ld* PiprrheUi. An Inilinn plant, 
whkb, wlien rlitwed, blackens tbe teetli. 
Its |>rr>p«rtif* arc said to bo toBio and as- 

Belttn'iva. A gfnm of plants of 
the order LnbinUr. 

Betonloa. ODaolna^ls. V!^M^ hvi- 
onv. ,^ pcnnttiul Enrniiean hsrl), linrinET 
a w-nrni v.rA somcwbat astriiu^nt taate, 
bighly cfUiMiicd by tli« aocivnls, luitl oni- 
plu.ved In niinKToita disease*. Tli« leare* 
arc «nUI to piH>Mu> ajierlent, and th* riwt 
emtttic properties. 

Bel'ony. ntiimicft odiHrmlls. 
B«rtony "Wat*-. Sc* Siiini-vuiiiA 


llei'llla. A |j!<Niii<> uf plants of tli« 
onler lietiiiKnt. 

• Betulo. Al'bn. ^^faite bireli. Tb« 
leavM am) bark are alight}; astrioeent 
iiTiil Innto. 

Bstula Al'nue. TUo atnta of the 
Pbnrinnnipa'ia*. Tli« cumuon Earaptan 

Brs* From finooa, to cwtHl). A 


HrxuKulll'o. The wbile Ipeciun- 
aaliit v( l'vr>i. 


Hfcn'liitn. >'i>"il hf7r>nr. 

a dir*tro,vcr of p<jisot>, Ljipis biMdsudtli; 
etw; nn <<aTthj coni-rellon fonnd In 
atonach. Imteetinn, and bladder of 
malt. ThsM beuMr« were formerly ni 
poMd to pinaoas wond«rAil aWxiphaftili 

Hexonr'dlcaBi. lietoardio moi 
Hop. A niim« friven to nDtn«ron« ixunpl 

Boeoardioum Javinle. A 
powder, contposAd of tin, antlronn.T, m< 
ctirT, nnd nitric acid, nwd as a dlapbo-' 

Bmowrdloum Ltina're. A prvpai 
tion of sihernnd ntilimobv. 

Bexoardicnim Martiale. A pmi 
ration of iron nnd nDtimonv. 

Bcxonirdloum Mlnera'lo. Dentoxlda 
of ail union .r. 

BeBoa.rdteum Satur'nl. A prepai 
lion of anlinK'UY and Ivnd. 

Betoardlaum Sola're. A prepa 
lion of g'jl'l lilinfpi, niiriu acid, and hi 
tor of BOtimnny, pwueaatng diapbore' 

R^Bonr'dlcnH PhI'tIs. Pulver- 
lu-rl oriental t<eioar stoiM. 

ni. rmniAfs, twice: praAittl towoi 
usm) in anatnnif, ebetnirtry, and boinnyi 
mvanlni; two. twice, double, a pair, &1:. 
Alto, when fllandin; alonv, lb« cbomlnl 
lyinbol fur Blsmntli. 

Blartlc'nlntc FrD[n&i's.lwi(% and 
nrii^ifnt, a joint: two-joini«d. A temi 
ftpplifld lo til* antsnnio of hweola whldi 
bave bul two joints. 

Bluurlo'nlate. From bh, twire; 
and .1 Wf-i>>i/<i, an auHcle. A terra ap]tK< 
tn Covtjutnitite At'it^nny to n lieart iril 
two anriclM, ns in moil Urn]T« 3i 
Insm, die. 

Blbn'Hlc. A t«nn npfltod Hi C^ 
iatry lo acids wtiieli cui»biii« with > 
atoms of ba»e; alio, to aalubavlng iwa 
diMiact basos. 

BIbe. Drink. Used In [>mrrt|illoni. 

RlltlKi'rlUN. Jiibiloriau*, froin Aftd, 
to drink, for tli« reason Ibat wben ibe eye 
is dr.iwii inward lowud th<! niws. It 
raases iboso wlio drink (o look into tbi! 
nnp. A nnuM formerly applied tv tb« 
rrfltig itilrntu$ oruli. 

Blb-'«I<HM. Having tbe proprrtyof 
absorbing wat«T. 




Btb'nloua Paper. V»ti in DifntUtiy 
Tut ilrjiii(i rHtittMt [>nf|>iii-Bt«ry lo liilro- 
iliiiiiii; till' filliii[;, 

Blcfip'<«ulMr. In UoUinf, haviaii 

Ulcnr'lH>niU«ArMoftil. SoOw Bi- 
CMrlmns*. 8t*iui C«rbonate uf l^oiln. Is 
obtahiv^ b? th(» nrtion of carboaii! aoid nn 
th« (wbtniktA or soda. It la aninckl, 
alU'ralivti. uiL nihuntriptlo, uti i«uxlcn- 
•Irvlv DKd In tlM prejiaratloD of wda and 
S»lillltx pavdrr*. Dow nf powder f;r. x to 
xl. It Is addod to «omc dtndfricca for its 
antni'l'l iimiHTiy 

niL-nrboaHlMi. Stitt wlilnb oon- 
Uih n ilr.iil.l.' i.irtioii of carbonic odd. 

nic)iii<ln'lli4. Two-isilwl. Some- 
tiin(<4 ap|ili«d to tlie PoUtrior avri* 
muvclc, vVxh oonMnte vf two biuoJ) ban- 
dtca of fibre*. 

nicwplmllmi. A Barmma or the 
li«vl *o Isrgc a<> lo ip)r«Br litco a wcond 

Kt'cpim. From Aii, twice, ttul rapvt^ 
UfnA. Twd-bvuidnl. A t«rm ft|tplied to 
inusctes vbirli bare two Imuds. 

Bloep* Bxter'niui. Tb« long portion 
*f the lri*cp« oiiteii*>r enbitl. 

Hoeps Flox'or Oni'ria. A mowlo 
ftUtiat«>d i>n tbe back |inn 'tftlic Ihigb. 

Bioepe Floxor Ou1>lt]. /Kktm 
Draehii. A flvxor njudrltt of ibc foraina 
od thfl (ore pnrt of tb« oa bnoieri. 

ni ehM, CHBilt' or. A bhaII round 
hide iibuVF [lie pineal gluod. <^nins Into 
the Uiird veolHL'Ieaflbe tiroln, vailed alio 
the Ancbmnd Ciail. 

Blebl4*h'lfP. Old pectoral trorliea 
nuHl« of li<|iirjri>-A, intpir, ktarcli, trajta- 
rttiitli. Almond*, and niiieilage of qtiiitoe 

BIclilor'Idp mt Carbon. See 

Tn'R*< *ii4-»iiie i-v Carrok. 

BlcblorWe of Moroury. C<MTMirB 

Bkrlp'llnl. A term opplied to any- 
tbiutc rcUtini; to \\\ehi<rp». m iXivhififritnl 
gtitmt lwl»'«'n ibi- tiil>oro»i(iv<i of lliu os 
hmneri, wbi< ' <h« t^ridon of llio 

looj; bt-u'I ut . tin*l tli« hMpiltl 

^f^Tn*|■ty new i'tc H|<iK;r cilmmuj' of lb* 
railtna, wliicb ^tm nttacbineni to tbi) 

Blctia'pld. JtietwptJatHt, fkt)ra hU, 
Iwine, and etujrit, a ffxsar. Having two 

BloQB'pld Teeth. /Vn/n lttnuip{&^ 
BiKHtpiilfM. or I/i'irtaputiiti, tiiu plural of 
biftirpi*, which !« dwivoil from ftw, lwi<-», 
and ttitpit, n [>i>int. TIh- tiro i««tili nn 
end) side of vach jan-. tie1Wi-cn the c)i»;>i- 
dati and th« first uiularsL Tbt-y ore 40 
called fW>in their hiTiDi; ttr<Bdi<>tinrt tn- 
berclca or onopa on their grlniline anrfare, 
OTieoul«r*(vdnne inner. Tliulr crown* art 
filipbtly flaU«n<!«l from Iwforo backward, 
and their IraiwYcnte diameter la ^ntXer 
thnn tlioir i«it«r&-po«terior. Tito cnpps 
upon their friniloa or |i;HuiUnK»iirfac4-8 are 
Mf]>arat«d fiomMchotherliyanirrownm- 
Btnii in th» dii-octioo of tb» ali-frolsr nrcb. 
The external cutti) Sa riiori- prouilni-ul thiui 
t)i« internal. In Ibv IoWit Jaw tliv ctwim 
are smaller (ban in tb« n|i|>t.'r. as are alou 
tbotcetli tlieniaclvva, and tbegroovii w liiob 
sepnralos tbcm )• not ao deep. The tmtiT 
taboreleof aflrathlcatplaiD the lower jow 
\t aomctiniM wuiliDg. The rOolt of tht 
blcaapida are generally abnple. Ixit ban a 
vonkal groova en ibnir aatorior and pn^- 
terior e<irfacc«, which l^ifjaenllT tinil4> in 
tlie upper jaw, forming two nnits, each 
having SB O|>onin|( for the veiMl* and 
nerres to cnl«r. 

Tb« binitplil tt-dh K-luae to wirflnd 
dentiiioD. and repUre th« (<nn[iorary or 
DiUk roolar*^ Tltey are oornetimca 1«nn<.^l 
Muall molars, 

BfAwM. A geoBB d planic of th« 
ordpr fiiii,fKttit(r. 

Bidona Trii>artl'tik. IImhii asrimony, 
fonniidy npiwsed lo be divretie, BudoriSi^ 
and Tiiln»r*ry. 

BItlen'fal. liiifntaiu*. In Zo^togtf, 
■niiJinU M liii-b ht\\f nitly two (i>«ili, a" rho 
I'hgttftr liiJrni. Itfa-ttvitArd Ciu-lialot. In 
Batons, iiri;nni wbk-h have rJie bidculid 

BCdln. PImxDel. Tlie rddnoiu or 
^niniy i«irliiin of tliu Wlc. 

Bli>it'nltll. Crery two yeani 

nicn'nlH. BirnniaL In BAtimy, a 
tvnn Dpt'lk-i] lo ptania lliat ore in Icnf oiit>' 
year ami in dower the neit. after wbicli 
lh«y perish. L«s3 atrlplly, (t hat heen 
naod to demote Ibc fnictifioHtifni 'if iwivii- 
ninl pbn's like wme oak*, which li«rar 
fmit only cwry other year. 

Bira'rloiM. Arramied to two Mttc* 
or opposite row^ 

Bi'n>r. Biffr»ua. Applied to pinnu 
thai bear fruit larlw) In ercry year. 




Bind. Fmm hi, tvn, and jM*. to 
cli'uvo. [''orkcil - iliviilml in liru. 

]ilftor'oRt«. Kpi>iii6(,iwf>,»iwiyi»p«w, 

a fork. I>itidk'(l iiiUi twa, like- tt /ork. 

Hinirvw'ltoit. /firitn-Arin. rri>in £i'. 
iw.>, itit-i/Kff.i, a fork. DirisoD into two 
hfiuH'lm, tmot a l<><>tli indi >wo n>wta; of 
tliv trarhM vul of tl*e iiuria ioio two 
brMicliw. It In •(ifn«tlitM4i npplifid to the 
nnt;)^ or spur* where the divinoo ocvara. 

Bi'Kiu*ler. A roiuu-Je li.tviog tiro 

Ili|rn»'iilti. A gtaia ot ptnnta of 
tin- iiriliT liiijaouMfttT . 

BUrnonlB. Cai»«ola'ta. The rout 
an<l plant nr<? empJi^yvil iu iufwfloti ttnd 
deoix-tion for sJphili^ clinmic rlicuina- 
ttsni. Aro. 

Blffnonia Oatol'pa. TlivcaUilpatrve. 

Bll'ilbe. Ad inalrumutil t<tr vstraot- 
iiu> fi>n4>m bodies from tl>e tit udder, through 
tile iirHdr:!. 

Blla'binle. Two-llppcd; a tcnn ii|>- 
pUvil in l^dinjf. lo nil or najr of tho parts 
«f w tluwur (litniknl ialo tvo |MUXM>is or 

Ililninclln'tilfi. llaTlnittirobuDlnii. 

BllftI'mil, H:i«-m(i Iwo Hvmrnvtri- 
cnl ^ili'Sv III .''Vr^/fri/. iiiiiiliwl fi' iin "JUT- 
■li'Hi in wliieti iiiuii<>ii« nri' in!iil<> inm iidlh 
•id«> "t nn orfciui, m Uw UlBtvral apurslioii 
for <lii' ^ti'Df. 

Rllr. Hilit. A bilter. rvUuw, KTC«D- 
i^li rliii't. MMWlcd by tlu> liivr. Tli« eall. 
Bilv iidintlupii.'-tiL'd int^ ^^nVt'c nnd Cj/ttie, 
Un) fiMinor flows dirwllj- from tiie liver, 
uiul thi- Iniior from the gaJI-liladdcr. 

Bll'lmr. lii'i'i'rU. from Mm, llic 
bile. I'erlainliic or boIoDfirtng to ihf tilUi. 

BiU&ry AppruvtuH. Tho pnrt« con- 
cernvnl in I lie »ccri'lioD and vM-retiDn of 

Biliary Cononi'tions- CoDcralionii 
fmiifl ia euiav pnrU ot tht btliarjr •[!- 
p»mi iw. 

HI'lln. Pier^md. 11*8 wwnoOB or 
"pumni' ("jftiuu of Ibe bUe. 

BirionN. Rilio'na: from ^iVi«, Idle. 
rvTiainiDg to, containiD)^ or pradiici^ 1),r 
bik. A tvnu Appii«<] to o«rtiiin ooamitii- 
\\on\ noil lo diwoMs Mippowd to Iw pro- 
Jdcm] !.>>- too ci^aat ft Mcretion of Ul«. 

Blliphi^'ia, .^'f^ (ukI ^x^c. o( a 
tiroirn rolor. The tiMx^t impwrtiuil. <M>ltiriiif{ 
nnlti-r '>f Ihp liile. 

BiUT«r'dili. A Boine glvi.ii bf B«r- 

lelluf) Ui th« jrrecn ixvcEphola produncd ' 
dnijtpiii^ M-itU into tlui yellow 
inalur ..f thv \AU. 

BIlo'hHte, Tnro-Ioltcd. A tens np 
pliiKl in liotattjf to orgiBB nf plmts dividad 
into two IoImw hj an otitnM idnu. 

BIIoo'uImt. mi^ulnri*: from Bi, 
two. nml lot-iiliit, ft IilLl« wU. Having two 

Bl'mniiaa. Fmm 'Vf, two, anil mmtim 
t huuL Two-hanilwd: a i«rra npplivd 
ioMf u> a num. 1iik«ii«o li» in Ibv 
aaiDiul tiial has two pvrf«ct hondo. 

Bi'nju'f. Itinu'rivM. Atcnua|>] 
in CA^niXry to a coinpuwul of two ainp 
'ii' <?lt'iTU'til«ry Hili^ton*!**. 

Bl'nnlr. Jlinatu*. lo pnirt. 

BIniM'alRr. [{vtming ti) or affn 
ii^ I>oth uyovi ne hhiwitl'ir tUha, 
one «I>jii'l with Ixtlli eyc^ 

Binocular Hiorosoope. A aoft^ 
•cOfio fonlrivtd lo I'O iintd bj liitli v)r« 
Itjnvw a wonderful dirtinolnts^ and cU'i 
tion to (itijiyiu I'lominMl throogb iL 

Ulnoc'llltNt. Fri>in hinw, donl 
and oeuiu*. tlir ejre. Uaiing two e^M] 
bIku. a ImiidnKt' fur Imth ejcA. 

Blnox'nlalC A cotnliiinAtioD of 
Mi'tH* of iiiulir lu-iil with a )m»(\ 

Bloobym 'Ija. Viul Cltpmistrf. 

Biodj niiiii'l(«. B'*?. lir*-, ihtwfit 
pow.T. TIkt iliK-lnni! or ci»urv uf tlH^ 
vital fon»a. 

BlVl'ogr. Biahtgia; from ^o^, Ufa, 
aoil An}^, a diiwoarae. The dootrina «( 

BlAlyrb'illoii. Sinfj/fJiHitm. Ani- 
mal lieoL 

Btol'jala. Dwlmrlion nf lif*. 

BiMyl'lO. I>.-<trnying ilf^ 

ItiuulillCIIFtiH'lUtM. Il">r, Ud nuif ■ 

ntlii'inw*. tiiu;.'RHiNin. Anotlitrr maiM for 
aniiiinl iniitnivtinm. 

B^o<4^. From ^io(, lifv. lifD. Al«>. 
lliat whiclt [« ni-<^i')Btirr fur it» prwwfvatiun, 

BI*llittn'Hll. Kr>.>iii ;iiix, viol* r^ --. 
or ^«(, lift', aoil i?<iiar«<. iWth. Ant'^ni 
■IT MiOiIi-u death, an H tliprv wijre nn spaw 
brtwi^rn lift- nnd d«iith. 

Bipitr'dle. JliftrlU'U. A term In 
BaUMitif, upplioil to aa urpui dindnl oliuott 

to iitt )lSJ!>.>. 

Bl'pod, J)ijt»; from hi, two, and 
fiM ptidin, H foot. Two-foolrd. A t*tnu 
tn Zooloffi/, applied to all tvo-foolvd osi- 

Btrd'llaie. A (rlutinotu mtaUUKc 
pnp t rvi f rtxu I he mlildlo bark «f '-lt» holly. 

ntnh'worl. Sw AwrrouKnn*. 

Illwt'lii-. f'ifrka. Djr9ent«r,* of a RiA- 
G<iuitit i:Lartknt«r, whkli ofLen pntv«ila ia 
ttic Miuiil uf TrinMLuL 

Bbt'cnll. JtittMiting. Vnm frji, 
tvko, mA tvit, bak«d. \ tiaia« ipplicd 
to pnrrttUIn paste, which, ufter liaviof; 
Imwd muiitilvd or cMrvtul. Ium Immi «uIi- 
jnitHl to a n«l bnit iii liiu miilile of it 
fiutuict) or a. rb«rc<utl ftni, f«>r the ixirpoM 
of hanlt-nin)t it suffii-it>nllir for triininiD;, 
and to rw«iv« tUc eiuun«j. Tfait prvvMS 
b tccuinl bwouliiii; or crudas ponclahi. 
Boe BtxMiK Tkktb. 

Bltt'MUUl. BiimvtAum ; vintu- 
tiwm; nyit/u <^ bitmalk; mareatiti; 
ti* flam. A mdul i)f a yvUawbJi-wbitu 
onlAr, t>iiti«wliiLt •lifTcfent Irom IhaA, pc>»- 
■Midiiir bin ilttli; nuUmhilUr. UiO fntulild 
•t 400^ KKhrpnlwiL Wh«n cotubined in 
Um propiyr |ir<r|w>Mion wllh tin Uid lo«<l, 
U><f alluT bi Litunn Uj iIil< noiue of D'Ar- 
^'» uAtl. futLil)l« at thd lcRip«rntur« of 
lai; iirAtcr, aii«l "riw at vnr tiuo iiiwd 
ig t«th, Soo IVAnrnr's MetaU 
uth, Buttar of- Clilomlt) of tiU- 


Blsmutb, Flowon at aabHnied 

OItlll< tif ItifMBlh. 

Blamuth Suboitrato. JiUmvl/ivut 
alhitm, Si'inutA tritnitraU. An Imnto- 
ble, toodoroiu, tiwtii|«aa, bMnlitBllj whitd 
poirdtf, callod XM&A powder, Bpiuiish 
wbite^ and nugfaitor; of himnth. ft is 
U»kt ud uuiHpdoiDodio; I}o9e, gr. j to 
gr. x». 

Bismuth, Valeriaaate of. A aalt of 
biMDuUi uul ToIariBBie luid. It U ii ii«r- 
viiM tttMlicioe. D<u>o, ir. ( lo gr. ij. In a 

Bta'torla. Palg^nwahiHona. SiMlfo 

BlK'UNirt C:M«k«. A IriirtoaiT. the 
Itlado of which U QMnitfiltxl in n ibuatb 
Ut>1 Uikit* oiil -^i i>rvH-in|t n ■pritlK' 

Blti'tufirjr. ri-nni Putari. a towt) 
nnrv inrloliru'.i'rl for Uie manufiutiitw nf 
tlif*^ irr-;r'iiit.iit». A «in«ll fcoif* wiih » 
ilrslglil or i'umr<l htwlo, plain or iruanlwl 
■t th« iNiiiil. tiM><l in Muvfi?. 

Bliml'|>h«n. DinirlphMtf. A cmhIm- 
oatton 'if iH" ■'jiilvnU-nts uTauIphuric at'iil 
villi UDe uf Ui« Imh. 

BiMll'|>IUI«v A ootntttaaUoD of two 

eqnivolvnU of mlpbnroiu und with ob« 

of tllO blLM. 

nimr'lral«. AmperHatwlth lwi<^4 
■• iiinuh tartai-iit eold M Uw octrr««|>ond' 
in)* nciiErui ult. 

lilt l«r. 8m Aif*nc». 

Bitter AlmoodB.'Watarvf- A jir^pa- 
ration «!' Hiiitvvn mininis "f th* i>i) •'if hit- 
ter almuitdalo two pinia uf walrr. or half 
■ minitii lo ft lliiii) 'lUBre. Used b& a vo- 
liicl«fi>f o(Uerii>cdiiiDa8inn«rroDiiw>uf;tii 
and kpniinndic nlTtsoLfonit. 

Bitt9r Apple. Tlw frnit of tli« Omen' 
mi* <»lvctfnthu, 

Bittw Salt. SnlphfltD of iimpHMia. 

BItMr Spar. A l«mi nppliMi to oar- 
Dilc, Dryetall'iMd vaiivliv* vf dvUi^iU, or 
doiilili^ rar)M>nntM of linio nod majtimtik 

Bitter Sweet S«lit»vm dvlettmam; 
a plant p<>M«p«ibK r««bl« nerootic profwr- 

Bitter Wood. QtiMKia. 

Ull'lvrn. Tli« tD<>4h«r wi«t*r whloh 
rcinuiii»ul\er ihu crvKiiilliiatloiiof TlMreall 
in a^A or m\t «prln^ wfil«r. 

Bll'l«r». Mcliriiivvvf a blttor tsato. 

niln'mea. Abphalitim, of vhkli 
l)ii-n> iirv Huvt-ml varlwliM. M)n«>ra) |illeh. 
Siw AaiitALruit, NAMrniA, stitl I'mto- 


ftltn'tnlitotiH. Of tli« natnrfl of 

RIven'ter. PromHtwo.sndr^'nftfr. 
s hvllr, A nBni<> n|i[t)ii.<<l ■'■ iiiiiki'Im wlitf^h 
litiv« two Wllit-n, M die t)iKa»tricua nud 
liivv>nt«r eKrtioid of thd Inwfr jaw. 

Blx'n. AfTenuBirfplaDtsoriliH order 

Blxa OroUa'na. The nanio iif lite 
plant arTonhit)^ lh« torrn orolUna OP 
anotto. u mbiitauco uoi-d in Jainaioe, i& 

niHcVlH*. ItnhunU; mojutlm. 

Illn'clfl, IMnlit^. 

Klnrk'lM'rrr. Tb*rniit ofthe ffwfci/* 
ffin-tiftMHi. A4lriii(r«int. Dow. rr. x to ss. 

Blnck Ohulk. I>rn«'inif vlatu. 

Black Ih-auKht. An inl\>ak>n of wfluk 
niifi K]Hiini (nlia. 

BItick Drop. A formcnted aromatic 
viiii-crar •'if i^>'rriit|. On« drop U e<|Ual to 
lhr*i> of lanrfntinm. 

BItkOk Flux. A mixturi! •irtfirl-iiimte 
of |MtliMli aitd rtiarroal. ohtaintMl \>y dulliu 
ffrnttnff nvam of tartar with half iU 
weight of niUe. 

Blaak Jack. A muno applied bj mi- 
nere to Biilpliiiret wf zinc. 
Blaok Lead. Flamliago. 
Black LioQ. SypbiliB, att«Dd«d with 

Blaok Mmphtha. I'etr^Utim. B<Kk 

Black Vomit. One of tbe fatal sjtnp- 
tDRid of yeUovf fcv«r; ateo, ft luttno hf 
wbifh D diRc^flM) that mtootiraee praTaiU 
dai'lnii ttie months ot Aaguat and Sepieni- 
' ur. id Hi>iii« ortliu WotiUprn in<) Soullioni» i>{ lli« L'iiit«<l Slates, is designated. 

Black Wadd. One at Ui« um oT 

Black Waab. A lutiim of calgip«l 
ui>i1 lime vralttr. 

Ulnd'drr. S«e CniXART Biju>DEa 

not] '•'SI, I. Itl.AUlrCK. 

Rlir'nilnn. From i&Hiu, one who 
lilaiuitii't-M. itiflocunitu i-'tiunciatJou of kf- 
tiniilnlo souoda. A distortion. 

BiMln. An okvatloo of llw cuUolo 
fillwl witli a vr&tvry llutd. 

Blan'cnrd'a Pill. A pIU of lodidA 
ipf Iiuti made dirtctlj froin its vlenieola, 
|>colM'te(I by Imoey, Itioiight to llie piln-' 
lar i.-on9tKl«acv will) powiloruf marthmal- 
low, rolled In powder of Iron reduced A-oio 
tliu oxiiUt, mi'l vHi-iiiiilii.'<] with a thin coal- 
ini! of tt^n l>v dippiiif: it tmce or twl«« in 
nil vllicri-al •iiliniim ai iho LhUmii of ToIu. 
It U an exeelti;iit tonio for aonmio obil- 

Blanc de Tray-c-n. i^paoiali White. 
Propnrod dialk, or the Ovla fr^parata 
of tbe riiamiacopaeiM, 

Blanc-nnnB«. An anlmaljelljr to 
whirli lituk bfi-II :t•lltl^d itugar, itiillc of al' 
niomls, iiiad ati arotutLtic. 

Blnnrh. Ti> uliiu-n. 

BlnHl4''ma. Knmi ]i^^>?rn(u, I gor- 
tniiMIi'. -^ Iiud ur »liuut; » K^rui; a toA, 
plaKtiv. p:lBtiiionf ma-t»; tin- rudimctic of 
an OHLiiii in a state of dvv^lopuieul. 

RI»t4o<lcr'inu. From jA«or<n'u, I 
IteriiiiiiHit'. -xai Atpiia. akin. Tbe geroijnal 
ineiiibrsuti. A niiuiilA tbin niviiibrauo nn 
tJ e Hiirfnci; of the vulk of an egg. 

BlaHt«der'inl« V«Mlrle. A dis- 
tinct i^aiilar eDveli)p(> itiimeiiiatelv aar- 
roandiiit: llio vflk vf o bird'n vrk, and cov- 
we<l by tUe Titcllino moinbrane. 

Biaatacea '«*■«. paeroi. a aptont, 
and )iv(oi[, geaeratioii. The niultiptiva- 
litm of plunta \>y menna of bud«. 

BIcarli'liiK. A cbrmlnal prtMMOiflC 
whilenlo)^ linen or wtxiltca vlutba. 

Blaeobiaff XJquld. OxytniirlaUe al- 
kaline uatvr. 

BleaotilDg Powder. Chloride of Umfc 

Blonr V.yo. .\ rbriinic oatarrhal in- 
Uammattuu ut tbe eveUd*. 

Bleb. A bultiL. ur bladdvff loiDor, or 
unall vcalcla of tbe sUn. 

Blecd'InfC* The operation of hlood- 
letUiijc: nlH>. itiF ilitrharHe of blood. . 

Btondc. Tbe native snlfiltnreC of 
zinc in blar^k nn-ntal?. Tbe term is Miat- 
tlmM applied to other an». 

BIcn'iiK. BP'Ma. BimiM. ituma. 

Blflnaa Narltun. Usena from tbe 

BI«nniWlenrila. InflaminatiAB of 
tnooous folliolML 

Bleiindyl'rlH. From ^Elawt, nin> 
CDS, find r/> i,j:ii', a aheath. Satsa aa Lea- 

Bleniieai'f^lH. Moflova voiaitinK. 

Bl4>niionl4>'rla. ly\*v«iwj, 

Bleu'a«a;<-uU'« BA<vwi, mticita, nod 
>ivHiu, 10 Kentirate. OvncTiitllilc nineaa; 
til iiirii>a reus 

BIfiiiivplilhaI'mla, Pumltni 

Blt^iiuMp'tjKla. From pmvm, and 
tiTtiu, 1 aplL KxpectoratioB of inuoas. 

BIt'nnorrhit'Kin. GoDonhoM. 

BIriinorrbw'a. From ^rro, ma- 
CUB, and p<u. I flow. Dbcbnrgo of macna 
from any of the mniroiu inrfooM^ but par- 
tjonlurij- &om tho arctbm, 

Bleiino'iMn. Calarrbal atTeoiloiH of 
tha BiDooiu tt«mi!a. 

Bleiiii u 'ria. Cjaton-hrra, 

mfitnj'mvD. A mnooos mna* 

BlciinyiumrUn. Inflammation of 
B mucous racnitirnnt, 

Blepliamdvai'Us. Opbi)>altnt« 

Bl^lmrrtla. From p,ttaon; lb« 
oyoliii, iikI iti; a terminal ■ifrnifyinir in- 
flainiiinlioii. Intlaiittnatii'ti of (!i<r rvvlid. 

Blpplmr«bl(>uiiorrl»i>'a. i'uni- 
leni I'l'liihiitiiiiii. 

BIrph'aron. B>£9«|MI-. The ejrlld. 
From ihta wurtl variooi olliora Mtt oom* 

BIcpbaroplifharmln. From 
;nsfii^i>. Ibv ej'elid, ami o^al^a, • dla- 




ttmO lit tlifl eyt. liifiiiraiiiaUoa of thu 

Ult'pbMroplaii'lf. FortQAlion of 
un «T<?li.l from liie nvi^libdring iatvfit- 

BI<'phnro|>l4»'nlit. From ^t^mpr^, 
til* eraliU, uid vrumf, l!ull. Prolspw or 
fidlinr of tbe ap|>er «T«li4. 

B1«pluurMi9«a'ni«a. From in«^ 
VM'f th* «3^><l. wxl ffraa^, iiuuni. A 
■pavnwlto notion of tbv a^AUd. 

tll««trlM'mtlB. lUnildMiMas of ibe 

Ili4-'fn irim. Milkr aria«. 

Itlljcht. A term uii|>lied to ibo mil- 
dvn tlwatti of plonU, or i)i» uiihe<nn^ nnd 
tirvlag ii|i of M>ti>e of Uivir Ivutcm udiI 
kntni^tiisii. Id /'otAo/w/tr, a kllslit psby, 
CAUWcl by Kitildi-n cold or d«ni)i. 

BlIad'avflMi. Cmihi*. i>«privativit 
of tho jmnvr oT riniiin. 

BIlH'Irr. VMieatarivm. An; inb- 
■tuDoe wliinh, wlicn |'Ut »a Uic »kiii. niiM4 
thv ciitiole in the forin uf a Tnicl4t. and 
oou'lanii n Mruuk •e«r«4lui). Th« cut- 
tbftriilM, or blbttring Siw, ore nost fi-v- 
qoMiLly emplovfrd fur thta (xirptMe. bnt 
then! w ulh«rnibtilsiicwvliicli witi pnt- 
duo* ihiM vfTvct on tbc t-utiolo. AInu, vie- 
TStMin of tlir cmiclo witli a dv|)<Maliun of 
wuuu^ (luid UDderneHtli. 

Blfs'lcrlnRFIy. fWCAimuBM. 

Bll'lnm .iiufrlraiium. rii>u>- 
laLi'ii dt^'itndra 

BI<K-k Tri'lll. Two or nior« ftrii- 
flcinl Ueih ctii-r«) from a [>icco of ivory, 
or cMfvud ui' iiiiiuidod from n tntm ol fH>r- 
cwlitin piMil* and anurwiirilH WItrd ami 
eumidlMl. Ttic funner >uilihtitiir& At pren- 
«ni. U Milduni tii><?<l Tut ctiiR pur|Ki»«. T)io 
]*tlpr )>ii» licrn l>ruii)tlil. to ft V«ry liif;h 
■Uita of |irrfivii^m TItu iulmdrivtion of 
Tulf^utilv h»» tTMied ilii) DwwMky of 
inKkitii; iMlb in Kwtlon*. Tbty are nii>d« 
In •ectlims of S, a, or 4. mod jrhen niraly 
JoiniMl i>f*Miil a vnifori)) a|»i»«imBmf 
fnoro aloMly n:*«Rtt<liii9 tbv aatural mm 
lliuti ctua l)c ntUunud Ii.v tba use of tdncle 
l«ytfi. TIm'o)! tniitildfikfvniniloftKd urnrkod 
■a diMK-riliwl Hnd«r 1'o«ckIj>i.v Tkktu, 
whirli •«■, • 

Blook Teetb, Blsotiitlntr or Cruo- 
Uui of. Tilt* limlli, aft«r boinn nioiildvd 
iir curvod. %ip pUoed va a alldo atMl pat 
in tbM iubDIii iif a fumaca mmI fliihim-iwl 
to • lirixbt ni bent, b* wbicb procvw 

tli» portleles become iufficirntly nft^iuti- 
nalud Knd luu^lcn«<l to rc««iv« tli« «imm«I. 
TliU l> cnlltrd himnitiay or crtifiufi. T)ie 
blufkt idtould now b« rcinoTcd h-iiiii llie 
fbnuict, Bud aflur tltey have IrWonie >tif- 
fieieiitly oouL urv rudr for the vtiiun«l. 

Block Teeth, OajnrLng of. 'H' bvii dva 
li»l* c«r>-.-.| tii« t«-th th«j- iwed in mnking 
aetti, the fnllowlag U a dHcriiitlon of tbe 
|>r<w*M |»iniii»d; A plaiu »f tbu prnjMF 
hna i> tirat slmvlc up, to scr^t a» a !•*•• 
for llie Mirok*. Uprni tliinn HaAidriil quao- 
Lily ul' ll)fl fiut« fur ilid biuly it, riidel; 
luvdvUod, Atid |dalintt rtvrts tniKTlod o|>- 
fiosilc llic buck of cnrh tiioih, i>r tiie iniMH- 
lioD of Itic rivets ma; b« delay i>d until the 
blo<'k» aro tnitcuitvd. Al^ir it hik« driv4 
nnfltckatly. U intiM t>e oarvtrd m illi a small 
kiiif« Ku an t4) rviirciwiit ns n^iu-ly a* yivnA' 
\Av lk«abs|>««f the natofal t««ili. This 
partuftbvprocCM iniut beroiidiiDlvd with 
graat cara to pre<ri<nt ortiinMinit iho bndjr, 
Tb« block U now rcmvTwl from [h« mo- 
lallio tiaa« nnd iitacrd a|)oti flitely jittlrur- 
livd •Ilex un a !did« or tile, [icnniliing only 
llio^nrfacts irhif-h is to ml iipou tbvplato, 
l« come In n^ntact with tlin nilex. 

Iiioarviiift block* for an «>iitire dcnlnl 
circltt, vortio «r« in tbii babit uf inaklnii 
tbrw pjdccs. ono with (hi^ i»<.-iKorii nnd 
CDitpidaii, and each of the oilier* with two 
bictiffid* and two molara; uihc-n divide 
the arch Into six piecca or hlorka. 

[tl(iftkiinroitoni«tltnMnliArliMl tna bun 
by iiivaiia of gfid >rina soldoruil tr rirutml 
to ibe plate and poaalitg thmn^li enrit 
tooili, ni otbar tlmM bjr ni««n* of \na» 
(MtwiiiiK viilr about two-tbinln tbn>trj:li. 
Rut the ln«-mumioiiwl mrthnd will not 
hold the bloeka uiffieienily wi-nre lo |>i-e- 
vont thc<a from loowniiiK ond f-nmiuitofl! 

BlooIcTootb. UnamclliiiB oC llav- 
Inj; a (jaiiDtUy of tie i-rmiiinl puMe pre 
pnrvd of lite e«nii»l«nc« of ert-atii. luid in 
Buveral |iaroels of dltTeivni tint« uf color, 
it la lo be applied toihe fare of the tool b. 
prvviwiuly well rieaoud, with a miiK'lV 
hfllr pencil, in a r«Ku)ar. utilfirnn niai. 
h sboirld vxtwid liiH'oiid thi> i.-nllln|f pd|n 
of the tooth, t«j a» to irivu tUat |'»rt of It 
iiR appropriate imni|)nri.-ni-y. (iront rare 
raast be taken lo prevent (ho ru^y irnni 
fiOMD*! rrom |!tttlng on tb* t<wtl>. a wcll- 
■hnp«d fcatoon beJng fonued nroniid caob. 
The linta on the crown ofllic tooth lUBit 
bo ini:orporal«J far«fully, >o aa lo blftnd 




or tha^t oft into th« other «ii«i)«), wIiIIm. 
llwgtiin feruiji ■ obarp. w«II-dcliiK<l fc«- 
(ooo. To ilo tbiR well, the ootore^ en- 
wn«U olionld be pUced on llii> umtli ftnd 
«ov«ri^ bv n lJ)ln layer or enun«l, mixed 
with Bit iiici'i'wt^d (joantity of wktar m as 
torvndor It flulil. 

"Il in usual In c/titiT tltA [mrl of Iho 
crown nvnl to tlio at-ek of th« tooth yel- 
low, nnd the ti}! blue. If the pro<|nmt- 
DMit oolor of tbe teotb to hit imitali-il i« 
7«llow, tli« Thtn ooat tntty b« of vellotr 
onamol, uid on the contrarj', if ihr; nro 
to be Mne, tbts Ujrer majr b« pitt on with 
tlw blua nniunct. 

"TliQ huij of Iha tootb nhoiild olTsyi 
ti« oolorMl to harmonize vith ibe enamel, 
or the pfToel will doI b« good." — Coii- 

After ibe etiatne) liai become dry. the 
bUN-kh ATv again iiiacail on KniJr [>itlvor< 
ited eilex ud & sUde <n ibc luonoer b«forc 
dewrrilNil. Tbiii done, tlioy arc r««dj to 
be put into tbc furiiu*. 6m PuimtLAiN 

BI<mmI. Sanyitiit. A timI liuTiiniiene* 
on? nu)il, Tomied chiefly from «byl«, of a 
Mitifit IaiCv nnd ({lotinouit «iii'i»lenc«, 
cIrculatinjL' In the cai'iiie« of tlie heart, 
mttvfifA, mid vi>iii«. Thuiiri.'rai^'Oiioauiirf 
of thia iluid io nn adult U e«iiiniili-d ot 
tWMit.T-iriirlit jiittinda. nnd tbe r«liiH iii« 
atipfHi^'d to contain n«nrly four tiinp« th« 
(|iuuilU; ibut tbv Hrlvn^ti do. Thv bloud 
!b tlio arteries u af a Honil r«d ; in tlir 
veini it i» of B dark brownish- red. oxccpt 
io the (lolinonar? vc«»vl«. Ilcrv ibe color 
U revcrAod, ibc orterico cuDtainioit the 
dark and the velna the ri-d blooO. 

Illimd ID conipowd of water, albamen, 
Abtin. till unirual oulorinK inatLei-, a lillltr 
fat, and wvarnl iulu. 

lltiKxl, nftor bviu); drawn iiiid left to it- 
self. hcoiinrR Kolid and iirpaniU;* into two 
dUtiut^i! purls. — the *n%in, or uiitfry tu- 
ftrualntti Jiuiii, atnl Iho ertior, foafulumy 
muMrniriif irm, or tint. TIm aeniin la rJilelty 
wBtvr bciblinx albiinivn In ■oliiliott. nnd 
the iialu of Ihc bliM>d. The clol (sintnina 
ifae fibrin, ei>)oriait tnaltor— hivinalmin, 
a little serum, and a mnall qiiaiKiljf of 

BIood-IiDttltifr. Every aniflcinl di»- 
cfcarfff of MiHiil pi-omred foe the proven- 
tkm or mrc of dtaeaao. Ao operation 
wUA evtuisut in op«n)iift a tmmI for the 

CKtraMtnn of Uood. It in dli-fdrd Into 
jpriitfrii/ and tvpical. VniftrrtiuH a 
wUrwUmtr are exainple* orttio flrM 
tho (ip plication of Icvcbos, nr ntfipii 
glaaseo, after aoariDcatioiL of Ibe Uitsr. 

Blood-IlOOt. Saoirnibarin Canadenais. 

Bkxid-StoiM. lliFtnutiit, A dark 
green altivloni mlMml, rnrlegatoil by red 
spot*. It i« a nntiv« oslde of Imn, 
bdn(( an>r«pCib)e of a vory lii|;b j'oTiah, 
it M>iii«tiin«« naed by jfWfU^rt an<I>*M> 
ehanieal Amtitb w a lynmiAlwr. 

Blood- Vesoel. A ve«evl conininbf 
ttnd rouveyinK blood. 

IIIo<m1'aIi«I, DUtenrion of the »«•• 
seta of the eyeball with rod bltiod. 

niiMMl'r Flux. l>yBent«ry. 

Blew'-plpC. AcyHoiliVnhnlH' (Vo' 
twtlvi- tai i'i|;hitfii iiirhi's \<ti\f.. nliDiit 11 
an InrI) In dT.inii'titr al one ond. and 
nally tapering to a line p"lnt or no»»' 
wliirh ma} be Htral|rl>l or henl iiL rl| 
HDicIo*. BivimliiiB til ibr piiriiuocn for wbiol 
it is to be used. With an instrnnunl of 
lids sort, "a j«t of ftir inay be ii\)vet 
into tlie flame of a lamp or c&nJtv^ to 
to divert It In a long and slender 
upon a piew of charcoal or other ra)>- 
i^aiire plnrtol lo ii-r<^re it." Tb» 
est heat of ii fUme wbon ibnfi nrjted 
JunI iMrond the extreniily i-t tbo in* 
Hanie, for tli« reaiwin that tlio irr*ai 
amonnt of com Im si ion If a* this ptrtnL A 
more iL^cfiil fonii uf mouth blflw-|iip« \iat 
a sinall hollow ball or cylinder to rrcHve 
tlio eonden«ed inotstiire. Inserted wtihUi 
thre« inofaes of tbo Oanio cod. t'lber 
forms of hlow-pipea. worked by anlflrlal 
lihwt, are in Ui», nnd are dtvidvil by I'rof. 
Aastcn into fonr cls»oa: 1. Alcoholic, 
!<el(-aiitfn); hlow-p'ipes; S. Meclianli-a), 
bellowK blf>w-pip<>H; 3, llyclrntlalir titow' 
pipew; 4. Oxy hjdropen. ornerit-hydroitoti 
blow -pi[iv». Ki>i' II dfM'nptiiin iif the da 
foreni elassee. set.' lIuiTis'* I'rin. und />aei 
of l>tnf.Mry, ttnlli (-dition. 

B1ow-plpe,En liot'« Com pound 8eU^ 
SOtln^. .\ eiHntiinniion of tli« enmiDOti 
with IheEclf'iKtiiif; hloW-pipc. ', 

Blow-i>ipe, Hook's Self-aattniT' A 
bru^);lo1>« (-'>iiipt»wd of twn bi-niiiipherea 
finiily fiifti-iifd t<n,-e(her.lia*intt an orifie* 
at tW top for ihr psitHiso uf iiitrinlncl: 
nlmtho! sinil n tnlN> leading from thx of 
to \\\y tlariif of n ■|>int'laiiip pUi><! miil 
neoth llie braaa globe W ItcU thit \> jxirt 


in J 


filled vitli ftlMhol, ud a Ivnp [iaofA an- 
domealli it, thu ntcaliol u soon c^>rlv^J^tcd 
into vapor, which, fln^ine on vrnL, sxcv^t- 
inc ibrcKH^h k nuall (nhe, ra«he!i directlj- 
■tn>>ii*t tlicilntjiv 'ff Ihc liinir>, vhirh ik'n>t«> 
it Bitd ruriim « jet of Hoiiid uf i^vnt iu- 

Blcnr'-plpe, Oxy-hydroffoo. Se« 

OlX-UYtil[Il«)KN BU'W-VII'E, 

Blow-pipe, Parmiys SolT-niottiMr. 
Ab, n('(>nrittu.i inveiile4 hj Dr. Juliwl 
Pariulv. of Sbw York. eonsl<iinK of « 
eopf>ar ^Io!w, alwiat five iai^lie^ awl a balf 
tn •limnctcT, imA tn-u olcolivlic rcuorrnira, 
arninii:«<l iu a fonall portftblo Japnnnctl tin 
OAWl (Iiiii nt ili» ranerVDlra Is pbood bo- 
nrntk iUi> f\obe oa tlic floor vf th« cnsv. 
trblrii it c:ur!i{'ki«1y roren. This Is nbuut 
an incti nin! a tiaJr4lc«|>. nod In itn MMitra, 
iiDni^diut-^lr (h-ovu'Ji tlit^ glulw. « l>urit<.>r 
U [iliwrvd. TJi* ullwr i-fti«trvoir iit of llie 
NUne aise, afl4 |ilacvd immiwliat«ljr nb<i*« 
t)iV^'>l«- ]ti il>e tif of on« wije aftlitu, 
oiM citn-mittr uf a curved tnbc or »i|>tiuii. 
provided witli ■ slop-oook. eul«r«, while 
ttic oth«r cxlreinKy paiotvv down tlirvii^li 
a Itrulnlieranrc on the topof thcftlobi;, ta 
ntuf iii<> t-ii[t>m of the gtobe. Ttimii);)) 
tlii* tutw *lr<oli<'l in iritrodtK-iMl fn>m (Ke 
upper nrMTVoir inUi itie gM>e, ivad whttn 
s BUlllni>nt «iipplv lijii lircn i«t in. llip 
■dip-cock i» d***-!. mtf\ the oommanioa- 
tinn Iwdrrcn llip two ciit ulT. In tW lop 
(if (lie oclier iriilo of tli« uf^M* r«Mrvoir, 
■ buncr i« (lied. A Kitle above lliia, n 
tube, cotainQDioatliii; with tho prolnbor- 
aiir* In Um tup uf the ^'tobe. t^nulnnti-a. 
Wlieii I'iMi Imrtiutu ar(r liftlit<sl, tlic rnpor, 
p-nirrul(il in the (jluli* from ilie aliMilinl 
b/ thi> lival fri>m thi' tom-r biimiir. ru«b«« 
throititli tliv (u'li) lusl ilnwrilMNl. into lh« 
f1uii)i> fruin tlic npi'vr iiurnvr, igaltca, and 
tliniw) off a J«t of (laino Int«rnll7 (tv« or 
tie Inrfat!* in l«a^h. Eavti bi>rn«r la pra- 
vldml with an eitln^nitJicr, wliicli can I<e 
Hu ninnaKMl aa tn Increase ordiinini«h the 
«i>luniu of Haiair proj^oted tal«ritllj hy tlk« 
Idiiw-ptpc ur vapur-tulio. 

Aritimpiinriiii! tlip blow pipe i« a imjtll 
, ali««t'l'<>» fiirn^tRA, for k^atln^a piMe of 

^^^broHi tirfiirir nut'lerin;;, nn>l nlwi for melt- 

^^^BB^ metal* for ciuitiiiir inixli'ti. 

■ BUxw-pipa eod Pumaoe, Somor- 
I by^ An ap|Kiraio4 !nv(initi) \iy I>r. K. 
I Snuierb^, uf LoaiMvillu. Kj., iMh'i^iinje of 

■ a furKan- and tilow-plpey arrenffcd in an 

iron frame, rapplled witb air tram a bd- 

Blow'-pips, Snow's O80. Thtsfbrm 
)uia aronneiMton (or Ikorli (rosnnd air. made 
with inibbcr tubing, to give fniSIlt; in i'l- 
raclint' tlio HuutP. Tliu j^as mixe* with 
ihe aif In It* pn*s,i(]|u thnm^rb lbi> Wow. 
pipe, and bgms wliboni Miiokt. Motion 
la given the nir-pip« hy a lni:i;<>r, and a 
poinied flam* obuinwl at plca^nro, A 
valve in the (ai-pipo upvm and nloaea 
antoinaikallr. M llist when tbo Itlo^V' 
pip« I* hnn^ np by Itn irin^f it nill purtlal};^ 
abut ofF tli« giu. Whun the instrument 
it hold in the proper position for nse, tlie 
pBSMge of jpu 1.4 imobsiriiered. 

Blow-pipo. Warm Air. CoiwiaU of 
a unalt blgw-pi|ie. with n (-.vlindcr nn lonb: 
lonif, and half mi ini>li in diniui'tvr, made 
of li«»vj metal, or 6ll«d with wire t« re- 
tain h«i»i; on the oilier end U an Indln- 
mkbor bnIL with an opi<niiift one-fimrtb 
inpb In dinineter. Cwd lor dryioK cavi- 
ties in teuih, preparatory to lulling tlipm. 

Klit4> nbiMi)W. See dtasoflia. 

Blue Joho. A Dame ^ivcn li; naincr* 
to tinnr fi[iar. 

Blue HnsB. Wiw PUh. Merrnrfal 
Pill«. Composed of mercury, eonfvctien 
of nwws and ll'pioriec roui- Tlier are 
miK'li eiDpluivd fur prodii('iU{t tbo aialo- 
)I<i«!n<; ami allerutire action of nivrour/, 
nnd are amon^ the mildc4t of lli« mcr- 
onrlnN TKHe. irr. v to x. 

Bluo OiDtm«at. Pn^umtwn hifdrai^ 
yyri: atning taercnrlal olnuiM.'Dt. 

Blua Stone. Cujiri »ulpia*. SulphuM 
of (■"■p]"'r. 

RInni Hook. An lni«rai»eni usod 
bjr oIieMrii-iiiiiii to draw down tlt<> foluit. 

ttoA'y. tf<*eniil_v, vvvry eubsranee 
witioh ia oognlublu by onr Mmaca. 

It i'l applieil by ilie mwinfaotiirers of 
poreoioia t>.>elli to the pastil ■■oinpo^liift the 
prinripa) portion of ilw urtiRnid ortmn. 

Body. In AnnUtmi/. the coUeetioo of 
or^ni wbi^b r^ni|xMC tho animal \tt*Ay, or 
tfie innln part, or trunk of Hiih hody. u 
diiittn)niiotuil from tin- livadniid Hm^M: also, 
the prlni-ipAl portion of a hone or tnncnic, 
III {'hy*ie*. a portion of iiinlter con-irtin^ 
of molvctilm iiniKd by robiMiive atlrw-lidn, 
the existence of wht«hcan lio pprrwvnd Ty 
any of oor *eiiW4. Bwlici nrr *n/i''f, U'/uitl, 
or 'jtttetna. arvording to the fomui in witioh 
thfy vxirt. 


noi'lhr'nao. Trota flaitut, to oU. 


Ba fkr<>l m. TIui rieinit tiommaniM, 
nKtl Of u tnloctagogBO or stiianlaat to Ui« 
Bow ot milk. 

Hall. i^t« FvRcnouLra. 

Bole> Bu^, amnw. An vgillseeoiu 
MTtli, iuu.ll Hit no ftbfurtwDt uid jJexiiituu-- 

Bole, Arme'niaa. Soiti»Arm<nim. A 
red, rtu>i>v curilt, nD)i|i<t9o(l to pcnwM ■•• 
Iriiiltuiil hikI »lTjiiio prnpsrtifls. It consii- 
tDt<<* n prinripftl tn)trt<i)k-tit iu muj ol Ui« 
ti^ti-[iuwiii.'rit vonilnl id the aliupa. 

Bole«'lt! AvM. Aeittmm Bttetitvm. 
An acid obiuood from Um juioo of tb« 
JJotetiu pteuda-iyniariiu. 

BoIo'Um. a pmaii of tuiip, eJuTK- 
teriMd by nqiooroiH vertical lattM trraagcd 
IwacMlli the pilenH of (lie plant. 

Bolatus E!BOul«n'tus. Tbe oct«Ue 


Boletus Itrnla'rius. Tli« flj«t«inatio 
name nf ilic- n^'uricna of Ute Phannacopoliu. 
.\giiric iif tlioonk; ttntcbwouil bolvtas; fo- 
miUc Q^nirio. Tt va* f'irmisly niucii n^ud 
11* u iily[ili<; liy fnirgconsL 

Boletus Pur'gane. B^Utvi larwi: 
Lateb >gatu\ s dra«lic purnative. In the 
dow of froni nnft ta Iwn ilrBvlitot. 

BoletUB Suavo'olcos. Tbo Fitngud 
Sati^.U ot llti' Pliiii'iniirtipujliu, ftinnirrly 
giv«ti ill [ihthiuH Ii>i!rii»iiAlu.tiiMliu4tiinii. 

lloloK'niMB Mlonr. A atXifv mU- 
(iluUr of t'ltrxia, TouikI nt BuloRiin. It bo> 
«itnc» K puwurful solar plioa(>lii>rtia mhen 
li«at«.i] witU dtDfvoal. 

JRo'lnK. Bu^«(. ■ balo. A liolui. Any 
tnedicint.' tiuvin;^ tli<; phupe of b large [)iU. 

BoLuo Annenim. IM<.\ ArmeiiuD. 

Bolus Armonieo AlbuB. Tli« vbtte 
Amivnlun )>mW. 

Bolus Oftllioufl. FroDoh bol«. Bolar 
enftli, iif a imlo r«d color, with Irregular 
varitiritfil vi.^iii at wblte aad jrellow, iio*- 
ttimntc Al»nrb.>rit and MttAoiil i^niiliti««. 

lIoni'bMS< A genua ol very \atfo 
trMH, ooutauiiiiK niiuij *f**ivt of th» order 
Bonltf^a. The i^llmi lrc«. 

Bontlilc At'ldi An acid obtAioed 
from the wlknronn chrvBolia. 

Bou'biw. fi^A^. Arint^orbttzz- 
iog in the von, mnivtimco nnompnaifid hy 
a nnHmtloB lik« what inicht be supposed to 
ho prvHiKiyl by binw* tupcuUud u tMrtaln 
bitervala. b«e Tisitiriis AcBttm. 

Bonan'ula OOloluaUji. WhlU 


Bone. Ot, MVTMf. Bot)t4 ana hu^ 
insensible orgauUod putouf lliu iiody. of a 
wliitiah Dolor, and ■ affoo^. o(»i)[>4i-i •i/tic- 
tnrtu TbeyeoiutitntodMkoItil L-iuni-work 
of tbc bodicn of aniinals uf tliu iiipc-riur 
cloBsea. Tbey aerre as a KUpiuirt and pfi>- 
t«<llon to otb» orftuu, nn<) t^vn atlach' 
in«iit tomiiKies. Viih U>r vnot-iniAo of 
tbe ctxiwiui of tha t««Ui, llioy are ourcred 
irfth a fibroiw and rueolar miMnKraD^ 
called tbe perioatvum, tnaa whidi tlit>y ora 
Ult«rslly Mipt>llvl vritli v^mu^a fur tli«lf 
nutrition. Tbe boneaof an onlniul, iiDlt«d^ 
coiuliUi(« tlw tkcloUNi; arlifteial, wbea 
united by artiBcifll t&Mna, sitcti an wiraa. 
Ste., and natural, when coiuiociad by t)i4ir 
own ligainooU. 

The texture of botiM vnrlot. Tba mid- 
dle portioD ot looff bona* {• coiniient, with 
a cavity in their ornlrc: tlioir ritrviidtiea 
are>{N»igy, " and ibe central cavity !»««:«• 
plud by a lung n«tw(»rk. funiiMl v1 Utin 
Iklatttf and librM^ catkd th» reticulated ti*- 
BUe of tbe bonesL" * " Thu jti^iitrr nuinbvr 
of bimos hare iier«ral priK'cwM and cavi- 
tioa, wbio.h ore dutinpiidK>d fmtn Uhtu- 
fipiro, sitiiHlion, tuu, Jw. Tbii». pruocasca 
extending from thocnd of a botie, if unuotli 
and round, are ooUed Am^a and <VN<fy/<* 
when riattened uitlinr nbuvu or lal«raUy. 
Tiiat part wlik-h ts beneath the hcwl, and 
wbinli «xcrc<l» tli« r«at uf tha boii« in alttall- 
tKis« and leiity, is csll«d th« Deck. R'xi^ 
tmeqaal proc««es are called tufr#ra«tVi/*, or 
tvlxrclM, but tbe lonfcer and moro accle^ 
tjiituiut or *t)flMd proocBues, from llidr r»- 
wnibluc* to a Ibon. 11»eir lirutwl pro- 
oeaaoa, with aharp «itreu>itie«, ure known 
by the nams ol crUtte or 4iarp rd^m. 
Ol)u>r pmci MWca aiw diiitingniahe«I by ib«ir 
form, and called alar or pUry^id. ai^rit- 
lary or mattaid, Jtmli/'vm or rK{<ntf«fd. 
Sic Olhers, from their silnaiiun. arecaOed 
tuptrMr, inferior, mUrUr. and inUri^r, 
Some have thar uinua from Iheir dirvr- 
tioQ ; aa Miifiin, rtrtfi'jhl, fniuJrrrM, dca, 
and M)u>4 from ihelr u«o, m trothantm, n>- 
tcttrt^inc i\imne*. ili^>r*uiBni^ and oaet- 
(iM, are deatineil elllier for th» rtvrptioa 
of rontiguous bonM lO form an arti<>ula- 
livu with tbum. whan tkt>r arc cnfltnl «rfH-- 
vlar caritif, which arc faMinlimi-s ile«(>er. 
MimeUm«s shnltuwcr ; or ther receive hard 

■ WlMara JlaaUiny. 





dI do not coiuttilute a iaitA witb 

Aci.'nnliag to tomo analAiniRU, tlier* w« 
two buoilrad ontl fort}-«isbt bonte in tlie 
liuinaD kilult, oaiuclj' : 

rroM4l, .... 


Omi^iEuI,. . . . 
Tr-mikanl, ... 
KitunoM. . . . 

£«)>'r EBiixIII^ . 



L4(tiriim*l. . . 
I'tUiioe. . . , , 
Infa'r ■panK]>, . 


\a1r'r tuxlll., . 
Iflcitora, .... 
Cut|ii4l>ii, . . . 
BieutvtJa, ... 8 

MoUr* 12 

H<r«i<lra Of, . , 
MallBiu. .... 

tiKUk, ..... 


Orbleuliir* at, • 

(CtrviMl, . 
I>»rMl 11 
Loaibiiir, . 





Bonti of Ik* eraiti'm* 
«r ilrull, 

Boan ti lb»/> 

^•mM* or Jwd. .... 

Bona ar Iba tom^fif, . 

Buaai adbuMr, within 
I lie Icaipanl busM, 


_ I 

1 1 

The arm, . . . 

<h>pM Or mriH, . 

M Tlwlv. 

Tlia lltyt. ... 

/ CUvlol* * 

I Sffulo S 

lIuiBcri of, . . 8 

UlM. a 

lUdiuc 3 

Harioulare v*, . 3 

Lunar* ■•>.... 2 

Cnnsiroioit oa, 2 
OrUculnr* of, , 
Trapaiiun ai^ . 

TtKpMvnlM Dl, 
HMKnnni m. . . 
OMifom* o«, , 

I Or tflrf, 



ramnr, 3 

PalBlta. .... 3 
■RbU 3 


(■Hid biMM i»r Id* tb«iab ami grwii 
w«w caaartanaflf faan4 

T»U1 Ui 


I'lIi.'aHvaa, . . . 
Cuutifoiint aa. 


TLfl un-Ut w )ii>7liiil<<id in liie abov« 


table. Graj, oielnding tbe t<«ili, makM 
the nnmber £M, u Toltavi: 

VuriolirRi ("I imtn I wcnini nnd cne- 

C71 Inclndt^;. SO 

CrAnium, 8 

OmjcoIji «iiditua, or boniw i^ tbo 

enr, fl 

Fii«#, U 

Oa )i}oid«. stenmiu, uid ribs, . . SS 

Vp|Mtr flxtromlti«», lU 

Low«r «zlreiuilie«, 60 

In thU cnuiueration tlie pnitiila), nnd 
other MMinoid bM)««, n» wrll u tho 
Worininn boa«a, sro also eidoded. 

AoconliDg lo IknsetiiH, tr«r,v oito him- 
dred |>arta of bun* in mno e&nt«iii, 

Cuti)ng« (gvlatfn) euinitlttdf 

wlutiletii waUr, 9S.17 

V««.-l.% 1.18 

N^atrnl f)li(K|iiinte of iime^ . . G].04 

Cnit'onatv of liiiK-, tl.80 

yiuulo ot liiiiv, 2.00 

Phosjibatti of ma^ouA, .... l.IO 
&vtl«, with a ttntU imiKntioD 

of cUorUe ot sodiiuii, . . . 1.20 


Bono Blaok. Ivory lilmJc ; vliorml 

Bone SarClL TIm) inorffanic bwil* of 
the boDM or ontmaia, oonii»(in(; ut )>ho«- 
pliftte uf linw. 

BoDe Hlppora. Forc^jia whli onUiDg 
c(l|[cs, foruUbMl wiih atroDg liiuii)1i<ii, amd 
b.v inrKvona for culling uA' »|>linlvrs of 
btiiio, Aoi bx d«ntUt« for tlio excision of 
the deoftjritd «rownH «f i»uih. 

Bone Spirit. Impure ammonia, o1>- 
taicivi] in llio pntcvaa »i nmiiufiK'luriRi; 
nsimal olmrRoaJ fioiii Iiontx. 

B*ne'Nei. EiipiUurinm perfoIiBUum; 

Babcn, ^(«^4^nlnK of. Uoltitivj 

Bomo'l<> .fcdd. Ariitvm Itoraeium. 
The ariil of borai. It waa rogardod a« n 
onlnlivtt tliKiv, gr. T to gr, t, 

Ito'nMJte. Nalire borate of raainie- 

Itnm'KO. A fctnat of pliula of tbo 
oriior liff/i^/in'trdr. 

Bora^o OtBoina'lia Bortf^; a Eu- 
ropean plant, fonnerl; utcxmcd u a «w 
dial and diuretic. 




Bo'riM. BoTiie. 

BoTiis Sodm. Borat« of Soda. 8m 


Bo'rnlc. A suit of Bontcic acid ami 

• uliiislile haae. 

Bitwrat* of Soda. A aolinv omnpound of 
liomcio avid nod aoda found In k nallro 
fttnto ; liiit oon b^ ]<r(i|i«rc<l ArtitiriAlly hy 
ho\l\af together in proper pr«pirrliiKis 
bofiicic ackl Kill] I'urlioiiiilv of suda. Whf ti 
piirili«<l. honx is white, tmnnparcnt, pre- 
aentiiiR in Its fmctiirv n xrvosy oppvar- 
ue«, and affMtic^ tlie form of lix-sid^d 
prisma, t«nniDitUii7 in chrN-alded or aiz- 
sUUd pyramids. Borax » a mild rcfrigor- 
ant and dinratin. nod is much hmm) n« a 
(Mf-rjfMit in «phlhfl>, Diomaiitiif, morfinrinl 
aallvation, ii-c., applied In soffar, or ruU- 
Iml np in honor, cntlod Mrt Horadn, 
honey of borax, oompo««4l of pf>ird. boras, 
3i, Harifiml lioney, Jj- Coinbiowl wiili 
Ifljrerine in the proportion of boras, 2J. 
glfc^rinc, fjfv, call&d " gl^'Mriniini bora- 
ois," it fui-m« a raluable lotion. Boriu ta 
alau u»ed an a flux In metalluf(;y. In 
eoM«ring, or nniting piocc* of gold or rU- 
rer, k in the priiicipal vtiv employed. 
Added to pliiUor it han]«ns it. 

Bortwrys'mils. From pofi^pvfu, 
I mukv a dull doim. Rnmbling noleo in 
the Imetlinea eaiiwd by niitns. 

Bor'dcr. Alvc'ohtr. Alveolar 

lt«r'n(>«n. Ttie onme gin-n to a 
eompi'Uiid of carbon and brdrof^en fotind 
la valc*io acid, whirl) a(H]i)Ire* the prop- 
erlica of Jturntfi eamphvr oo being «x[ios«d 
to ntoiftuiv. 

Borne* Cnm 'phor. A v>iiir. fbti- 
aceou*. i^rypilftltiiie noUil. •uiiniewhni traps- 
lOMnt, of an odor Analo(^tu>i to thnr of 
onminon oaraphur. found in longihidinul 
BiairM of iht> lirjfitbiilniii'jt trrra. of llio 
lalanda of Sumatra and Burnon. Thv'iu 
tr«n also yiold a fragrnol lipoid, (--oiled 

Bo'ron. h*ri'vtn. A nnlid miti- 
■t«iioe of a preeiibli'blnok coliir, foim- 
init tlw oombtiMiUe bsM of borncic 

niir'oKull. A iliwianc sadeini? on 
the ahorea of the river 6«nepil. Ii af- 
l^ta tha gonital orttnn*, bnt diflitra ftani 
aypbilla, tliouglt arblag Groin venvraal «i- 

Bor'nrrl. Borlam: «l4ch »cc. 

B4mn4>rila. A |E«nna uf plaula of 
the "r<ltr ? i !•(■/.( nrt'i<W. 

Boowellin Serrate. A Inr>» trao 
growing in the nuMintaiua of fndla, (Wnd 
vliieb tli« India ^tb-inuta ia obtainML 

nolnl' Fom'Bien. Tlie fonuaoa 
ovattf of tlio hfturt, 

BoI'MltlMl. Bttin'ieu*. Oiio who 
imdersrandf tiie nniiii-e nnd litntory of 
pUnU; one akilled in everjtbtng peitwn- 
in^ to pluita. 

Bol'any. Ar&fii'aM. Dsnn-wqL. from 
iloriif g. an herb or irnuH. nrhleh la derived 
(Vom ^ott. or iWku, to re«d, becaiwe gnm 
is the chief food of unim&ls tooAt lUH-ful to 
man. TfaoMkBccofpluniii: a knowlvdgs 
of evtrytbin^ r«lnUng to th« naltiml bi»- 
tory of thu vegetable kinifdotn, i-inVr.itrlnt; 
l)io itiriiiiniitoKj, clnwiiicul ion 
aeosilil? qnalittos, anntomy, | _ 
lie., of plants. 

B<»lbrl<»cepli'ultuiLjUa«. Vntm 

/)ad/it«v,aptt,Mfa^tb«b«ad. TfuUltwU. 
The broad Lape-worm. 

Batta'rIOR. 0«*f>u)0. A llltia ptu 
A small CATity ; the aoelcet of « tootb j » 
amall, deap ulcer of tho coroea, 

Bn'llnm. A brunotiooole. 

nolH. Tlte Inrt-iD of the horse l^adfl/, 
found In the atoinadi and Intcatinfi of 

Ilotulln'lc Acl«l. A poiionofK, 
fally acid, prodnct-d by dccompoeing MD- 

Bongf^. Uternllf. a wax oaa^a. 
A ^lender, flexible Inatrninertt, d<nlcDcd 
to be in(rtKltK«d into th« bladder thrbugh 
th« urethra. 

Bouerle, Armed, or Btnutto, Oana'- 
tic. A boiieie with a pie«e of lunar uana- 
tio fiswi in its extremity. 

Bousie. Soluble Medioated. A 
boiigie medicated wiib different rauidlM 
for ii(« in gonorrhtra and gjlMt. Ittef 
i>r« lutrudiired and loll to diaaolve, vbleli 
oix'tirii til line or two hours. 

Uoulltn'ln. From fi»vc, on ox, and 
?j^m(. Iitiiitn.^r. A canine or Toraduiw sp- 
peliiv: init;iiiable htuiter. 

Hoiir<l»nnc>m«>nl. A name given 
bv tilt !■ rtmh lo cvrlniii tiounds hi:iird by 
pertons Hhitr nndvr ibo iudiimnc uf di»- 
eOM, toniiod, l. SffriffmuK or aioging tn 
the ears; H. AfMrrM*,or nbiuEingaoUDda; 
8. BonAv, or beating MMiods. 

B««'-I>rlll. A drill turned bj & ' 
Bto^k wit li H l>ow aU'l Atriii^r or c«rd. 

Bos Pllll4>. A inetaUir jiUte with 
an mir li^ht rhftniKer, n«*<J b^ nn obiurft- 
tor, nr in coiiiiMtioD vritli urtifiriAl 1<>rlli. 
for the rc|)!N<'eiueut nf lite liwa of naLiiral 
■tru.'tnre. fwf Raui:i> Baku. 

6ox-1Vq« S«o Uosi's SKursBTiRRxs. 

Box-Wood_ Sue CoRsrs Flouoa. 

nmtfliv'rlum. Krum brafhinU, a 
bnu^clot. A tni» vr b«tuln|t< for licrtitA. 

Untrhltr'n«. I^mni- a» RraHiin]. 

Bru'clilltl. UtaehU'lu. That wliJcfi 
b^lfiittrr- !■■ lilt; iirrn. 

Bnidhial Aponmiroois. Ad apon- 
•aroNe eavoloiiiag the masnlM of Uie 

BrsohioJ Alterr. Jrleritbrudpitit. 
A eaaiinuiillanortlM nxiUary Hi-I«rr, niD- 
hing 'lown on tin- fiild of ilic «rin to Die 
bonti iif ititt HboN, wliftr* li divlilea IiiIm 
lb* rmtliAl aitil culiilnl itrli-rlt-i. 

Bnuihi&l MtMolo, Anterior. A ma»- 
cle Hiliuitril nn ilic anterior aail iitfi.-rii>r 
part I'f t)ii> Hriii. 

BrtMbifU Pldxue. Pi^rvt ItrvekinU*. 
A nnrvoii" I'li-sun -.cutcJ "liviJy in llw 
buU<iir of il>» kiilln. oitunilinii in ih« ln> 
fvn»r nnO InU'riLl piut t-f iJio n<><tk. 

Brachial Vdna. Twa vulua, irJilrh 
fDMiuwniK nnHsimnruiu «Uli oub othar, 
tioi itcr«'inp«ny iht aH*ry. 

Bmrblal'viH. Brathium. xhv itrnt, 
■od axjnr. |>»tn. I'liiu of ilie nnn. 

BrartalA'llaExlfr'niiB. SkThi- 
am EatnicsifH t'lniTi. 

Brachlalls loterDUs. A inuiiolo of 
Iht fixcarm. 

BriM-bl nte> UrwJtia'tv; fVom 
/S^jtuD, tin artn: untioil; br>?li>ut«)]. A 
l«Ftii la HftaHi/. ii|>pli.-<l to ili« t>niiH>liM 
of » jilant ur tnir, a Ulrli iro DfT nt nevljr 
riicbl unii'iHt friirn ttio Irunk or Mvm. 

Bni4'liltii''viiim. Auami tiftih. 

nrt>'i>lil(»<<'n'lillHl. Il«li)(i)png to 
thr hrnritiqrn itnd rntijltia or ntiUL 

Braohio-Kadl&l. SntfKit t^^UfU. 
Ilvli-ft|ciiiu li' tlti- linicliiuDi nuil rft>liua 

llm«-lilnrrlla'Nlii. From ^U'>vM•, 
iin iinii. (ii»i .iv,i-MiTi{, rnrTAltlii'. l"»r;tl_v- 
idft or loMof [Ktwnr froia ranrm^ire uf tltt 

BmcbloB'riifi. Fmm Jt-ixfi; iIm 
vm, itml T>>an(. • ewcUiuic. A tumor of 
UlC ufiu. 

BiiH>lil»'p<MM. rrom ffpajivr, an 

arm, tnd iron'- a '•>*'■ Arm-fwitM «ol- 
maU; an oritr vt IiomUcm l>iriilT« Mvl- 
luw-iMui animnl'i. 

Ilni'oliliini. f^.rHH'. ih« arm. Tb« 
arm from itio ahouMcf lo die irrial. 

Braohlum Axterlua auil Braoblum 
Postarius. Two rMuiilod iiroM!«*«ii w liirli 
pAas from lli« lal>(rrculniiaad/ig«min.i into 
ibc nptic tlinlainiiK. 

BriMliH'nR. Sljraphonunia. 8.itjFr- 

Bnu^brnn'cltc-n. BhortoerVed. 

Kni^-hj'Knii'lliiiH. Krum ,ipaxK, 
9)ii»rl, nii4l >mCii{. » j«"f. A oiolial«Mt'ltti 
too shoi-l an iintlcr Jnw. 

And n«uv to brMtliC. I>ilVivult]i ul brcnlli- 
ing: HburtocBs of tircalli. 

Bni«k)*p«nr. Penotuiwlin drink 

Bmct. Jlmelra. A ICTiil In f!ota»]/, 
apjtliod lo a l^allet stlnalfld bvlow tlio 
|K>int of the iaMrtioH of flow«r«, ned 
wbiob It M«iil« in covering [>rovit<uxJy tv 

Bm^S imtlir'nli). From Spa^, 
iliflif^lt, mid ujo^i/etf. MUisAtion. tin|Miir^ 

Itrii«l)f<-oi'ii. DtafncM. 

nrii4l) lo|c In. rHfflL-ulir of *|M)Mfa. 

llriidyniHMP'HlH. Sr^difwitm »it; 
from lifMfti, ilillicuil, atid ita«t«ii, tawtl- 
cation. DiAcalt tnajtlvalioa. Dynnaa^- 

Bru<l3|M>p'(tia. From A>a^. llov, 

xrrrw. lo concoi't. iSlow ili{CO!itiont 

BraUysu'rla. From /^Nntef, illffl* 
imit, and viyKiv, to [ku> tbe urliic. I'idnfiil 
CTacuMioM of iirinv ; djHiria. 

Bmin. Tim <>pral>riin) ; tltn |it;ilji,<al 
nn>l liirg<->d ]i<irtiiKi uf lli» vtici-i'Wuu; loLt 
nf:4-(jnUiit; to Ibe pufiiiUr ■ccvtitiiliuii of 
ilw wurA, tbo rutin wnttfiU ot Ui« ct&- 

Brain, Little. Tbe wrelxJIvm. 

Briin. t'lir/ur trititi, 1'li« pn |>er 
i>.ui rt( wliMi, rye, or oibcr (Anunooaiu 
irriun. »c}>anilt;d rrtmi tliv IIuvkt. 

Branch. From ^rH^iwr, an wna. bo- 
rAUM- brani^lK'H of a tri^., tic, fsf aH Hko 
an ana, (iirni'r&Dy npiilivd to the pHin-i- 
[•al divitiioii »r an arU-ry or iit'rri!. It i» 
umaBjr emplojed lu snionj-niou* viib 

Brnneh'a Appnm'lHS. An in- 
fitrituiaiil for jiroJiKlaf locnl itntMlh«^a, 


Iijr menns of fl Tnlxtnre rumpoM^ of two 
pui» of ioe and ot>« of «alt, apiiliod Ui tho 
gam and tooth t« be «xtmt-t«il, invented 
bv F>r. Brancli of Chii'iiKO. Il mtutiMH of 
n boUewlslM, about en inch and s foartli 
fn diain«l«r, with abotil fivo-dj^litiit t)f an 
in(4i ciit <Kil nt one iinil on rilJicr niiIc, tIwI 
fl raajr rcfidiljr be [>lfic«d ovist a t«i>th. To 
tim i» attftcbcd a uoV of finely pKpsred 
rnc«nl)renc lartrc cnotiKli to liolil a tn1>lc- 
spooiifnl of the fj'eering miirtnrv. Th« 
li«llo<v of ihv tul>» li oc«u{)i«d by a ft^cl 
wire spii-al siiriii^'. Jasi before nsinp it. » 
sufflelent qtiautitj' of Ihe fnwxloKiiitituro 
i» put in tbo tnli« ; the cnd of th« latter is 
|iIiK«<1 over tli« toiUh, wti«it the tco fuid 
•all nrv forced up gently oronnd it bjr 
|>reMinK on l)i« »fr\aft ftt Ihe cAhtr «- 
tramil]'' of Ihi; inslrumcnt. Two lubes 
an «m]ihiy(iil: uae etrntght. for teetli In 
tlte fWmt pnrt of the ntotith, iho otliw 
hcnt new ono end. for the more convc- 
nieot ap|>lication of the tnlxtiirato a molnr 

Bmn'rhic. Fiwn fltxtYX^- hoamt- 
nesui. i«iri>l!ing nf llic louoll* niid tbrroid>!. 

Bran 'rhlfc. From $pt-rx'<u llie gills 
of a fisli. GilN. The i-c*>piratori>' orgnna 
of tbou> ftDiinnU ivl.lch «x1ra(>t oxygen 
from air contahwd In water. 

Bnuiehl»'|MMlR. From ppayx'^- 
ftilln, and tmi, n f.ioi. An oihIw of crus- 
taoeanA In whlrb tlte gilii perform tlie 
funclioiM of ri>«l. 

Bratl'vbni*. From lifuiyxot. lioarse- 
ueHs. Sore llaiiAt; nverxirainiMg of the 

Brnirtlr. f^ptrftia GallUut. A 
powrrfiil niid ■lifT'i'iil'le simulant, obtained 
br iii*tiIliiiion fmin wine, 

Bruiiki. MiKriji- 

BritM tInr'M OiHTn'llon for An'- 
eiirfHBi. T>lii(.' (he nni'Mrlitmnl v#«wl 
on ibc ditin] f\t\t- of thi' tumor. 

Bmti'nin. Iff<t*mot, tVoro fiparoa, 
to boil. FiTtiiriiliition. 

Brasqno. A Freodi t«rm to <[enote 
till* lininK of n mumble or a fonuM with 

BffftSS. A yellow meital ; on alio; of 
cop|)er and xinir. 

BnM'Hlra. CabbBjc or colcworL 
Alw, tb« nuint' of n gcnna of encifcrons 

Braairioa Flor'icl&- The csnlillower. 

Braa'slea liaotur'rla. Th« Smaf 

Braadea Na'pua. Wild narew, or 

Bwat fa a Ra'pa. The RtnUp. 

Braaeloa RulTra. R<i cMmift, U 
which ihere are WTcral Tari«lie«. It U 
nsed as a test for adds and allcaliea. For 
Ihif purpdW it if tapimyr to iltnina; alka- 
lioa turn It gre«D. and »cidi tnm It reiL 

BrasBtoa Satlva. Anwr1«aa gnrden 

Bni3r«'ra Anlbelmlo'tloa. An 
AbjndDtmi trwtil (he family AWi<^«p. Ab 
infusion ^if tlie duwen ie twtvumvd by tltu 
niAivM da of itrvsl vnluo aa a Tcrmtfngv^ 
oapedally ogmnsl tape- v am. 

Bmsll'-Wood. Thff wood of ih< 
Cir*ilpinia linuilitntl*. It ia umiI fn 

UiVHd'-FniK. TlMfraitof tbe.(r- 
Uicarptia infiaa, a tree of the iitta of the 

Break'-Bone Fe'ver, Cotomna 
nanie for Datgttf. 

BrenM. The mamma; also the fore- 
part of tJift ihomx. 

Breast Olaea A irlan rmemUinir a 
email eap. odnpted to thenip|i ' ■'. 

forthertfiec|iiionof Uicmilk ni. . i 

in loo large a qaontity. 

Breast Pumt). A email. lK>n-»liit{>i<il 
gliuM, fiimiidml with on lur-piunp or «< r- 
inge, nnd nied for the pnrpose of drswiaj; 
Uiti milk from tnndd lireaitD. 

BrOIC'mtl. Trom ,'V'j". to nioii«*tl, 
Tlio (iii)('i|ittl or iippvr pari of the bead; 
t]io jiini'tiiiti iif itie |inrieial boDM. 

Br^'rln Va'tia. Short v«aMh. Aji- 
plii^ tu K.-vt:r»l bi-anrliea of tho spleaiA 
orteriw nnd veinK. 

Hr«'Tl8 Cn'bltl. Tbe ODoaneau 

Hr^TlM'nlmiiM Orall. Tbe obB- 
qntia lfi(t'ri<*r. 

BreK'llln. The colorinc matter of 
Brnztl wiwd. 

Brl4>k. on or. Oil of Spiko. 

Brick 'liiycr*!! Ilch. A opcrkd uf 
lOlItT on tilt' b:iiid« nf liriekljiterK. pro 
dnoed by the ootilart of lime. 

Brl'er* H'lld. Rom oonina. 

Brll^lil'ii IMMnuM*. A ^mnalnr ■)#- 
genctatioD of the kiiJo^r. iKnerally at- 
tciKlt.-0 by tlte I'CYMoec of albiinK-n ia tj>a 
urine and a train of oOmt morUd pkenora- 





ena. The inipurliiiil nynpWta w nlliu- 
miiwtu nrin& Ncpliri'tis Allxunino'sa. or 

Brim or III p Pel 'Till. Th« i/i*- 
p4efiiuai hat lowlinf! from th« tnbo^titiflB 
of tbc ona pobk otilwird uml bacl(w«ril, 
U> Ow protiitD<irnt pninl. of \ln> sucnim, ill- 
rMinf tin.' caniy of Uie pdrU from tti« 
CAviij- pf tdc iMomcn. 

BliRl'st0a«>. Snlplmr. Tl*e mh- 
Uinod HDlpliiir of Iba Pfasmuu^aqwett Is 
U-noM) tlixi'vn of briiDsloDO or of MUpbvr, 

DrlM>pl«rrt* .trtU'nl^. [Frenrli.] 
All in^iriiiimtiL fur l>rt'aling sion?* In tli« 

Brlt'Uh C3nm. Stitrrh mlm-i^ in a 
pini'lik^Htnic l<v lic9nphcvit«dt'>70'J°Fatir. 

British Oil Common pcit-olMiiii; ■l'^) 
B nilirtM'it'Ul liniment, for lliv prrjtnratitxt 
of wliicli thi?iv art! fariuuB fomtnbn. 

BnuMTh. Waicli'iiBak«t^ Aflve- 

«dwl Mefl tnslniDent, Uiroe or four Indies 
lonfL with s nattemA point, very enkdmiJl]' 
ifirrvMiilt^ in rii« toivun] ilm ^jUtiuitjr in- 
toQiKil fiK- till- haodlo. It is sonicllinca 
iiMil by ilontiiiu fur enUricUm tbft cnniU in 
thf KH>T| An<l il>« of-cnlnfc into « ()«cfty<»] 
mvilv in ihi- cmwn of n lvi>lti. 

Rro'cbn*. Awonlinptotome, npcr- 
inm vh.-— t'<-Ut (•r<'>j<'<?t, 'V on* who liu IV 
prifjnm>.'iit iifijHrr lip. 

Br«'«llnm. Juyeulum. Tholiiitior 
In whii^h iinvtlilnfl in Itoilnl: bmdi. 

Bro'mn. Iti/Vwmn.k to cnt. Fotxl; 
(innhmc numltntlMl. 

Bro'utnlei Hf«mai. A MtnliiBfttkMv 
lit tiptiRiie oriil witli n iHUHt. 

BrMimloR'niphy. ffromatoynifh'- 
Ia. Vnvn ,■!,».. mi. f'-iKl. and 7^m<u;, a <1<- 
•cri|-li"n A il-'^oTiiili'm .>f iiliiiicnt«> 

Rmninlnl'OfQT. lirvmali>Uig'ia^ut.i' 
•i'*ff$. rrr-m !\(>^i,a. t<MM\. niul ito^, a 
dsroww^ A IrvatiK- on food. 

llronK^'lln. A (fenm of pliuitu of 
ihi? finli-r Jlr'-m/-U/tai«. 

BronutUa Ana'aoa The plni»-4|t]>lv 

BromolU. Psn'viilii. Hmju1-'«avt>tl 
viU onnaii*; I lie plant tluit prodaoM th« 
fMniRln fnili. 

Ilro'itilc 4cU|. A cv)niltinMlnn r>f 
bivminc ar.'l '-x^ffi-n. otitiiini^l \>y ([toitm- 
pming brnnaio of tmryu witli tmlplinnc 

Bro'nildl^. A nxnpATinil fonncM] h; 
the union »f liromin* Mi(h a bae. 

Bro'mlde of Potusslum. PaUarii 
JifdutUvm ; whVch tm. 

BrA'tulne. From Pi>wp«, a strong 
ndiir. A l)i|niil, niiti-iiit'talli» irtoincnt oli- 
tamcd from wii-vator mA Milinu (pritigt, 
of n verv in/lntilc lutun*, nfFcnMvu mbcII, 
nnd DUfTuraliiif: odcir. rovniMing clilorlna 
and lodln«. In lu pure Mate \\ b ai-an«li« 
irritant, bwt when pmpcrly <lilnl<i| it \» 
tonic, dinrrtl*', ami rwoltpnt. With oiy- 
|t«B It foniift tliv bruinift »fiA. 

Bro'mliini, l>oe Ubouixk. 

Dro'iuolorra. A cnmUtmllon wt 
1>niiiiitit' itint r«rniic arid, MinK-wbal analu- 
fcixu ill it» «ff«<rt« t« clilvruli^rui. 

Bron'rhln. liran'ehw : Imnthi ; 
from Awj.x«f. iJiB throat. The two tnli^s 
wliirli nrim- fn-D llif IntnrcDliun* of ihc 
InK'hca, withtScir rnralfiratiotM. 

Bmnrli'iul. Rnnekia'lU. Belong* 
injl !<' Mil' l-r< n<')ii&. 

Bronchial Artertea The arln^os 
(Tltfpn nff Ij tin- tliutacii! anrU wliidi (to 
to tho litiig« nml accompany th« bruni-Jiin 
In their nunlOtntlont. 

Bronchial CallH. The air-irellB at lh« 
t(i'-iiiinn(i<'ii of itiv bronchia. 

BroQcbiaJ Qlands. Knmcrone blnrli- 
bh ^IniidB. sealed In Uia ooarM of th« 
brAnohin and tnichtn. 

Bronchial Nenres- The nenrea of 
\\i« broni-bin, riiniishi>il by tho Iwu pul- 
monary pli'X'ist*. 

BroDobitLl Tubea. Thv niinnto nimi- 
fioatinn* of the birm^Iitn. lermlDnting In 
tbc hi-i-nchijl or nir-cvllt of tliv laajn. 

Bronchial V«ins. The veins wlilch 
arise iVum th« lelldiWulon of the bronnhlftl 

Bronphl«>4>'(aMlM. r>ilal>ilion of 
no«> «r iiinn' .^f ttio hroni'hiiil InhM. 

BronfhiMtlcno'Hin. Conlroclioo 
m nnrifiwinK iiftlie brnncbl. 

RrfitirlirilM, InllaininatioR of tlio 
linin;: iii<Mi)l>i'iin<) ofthc bronchial tubes. 

BronrblPinini'tlB. Croup. 

BroRf>boc«'lr. From ?ir^x'*i' <hs 
»-iii.|pi|.(>, AH-I •ci>-i. B tiiinor. Till- Porby- 
shirr imtW: wi-n; )Coitr». A lumur on 
tbu foropxrl <if tli#fi«rk.roMi1lin)t Arom an 
tnlnrco'in-Hl <if ihv ihyrnhl iilnnil. 

Broncltaph'oQji-. ftronrliinl renn- 
nnnoe or tlie voirt-. TIi.' •■Hind a( iho 
v-jii"*, lii-anl t'v ii?ciii)<i ol'ilm nictlin?iiv)pi^, 
in thi? bronrbio- 

Br»n>li«<Pnf>umo'nlA. From 





AMyjAf, hroiKltua, Mid jHMtim«hia. [q- 
flnuitiiiitkri -f tbu brotwiitft itnd loilSl. 

Bruiichorrb«c'n. Frum fifiuyx-t, 
broni'liiH, mill pi**, 1 Mov. luervawl M- 
urvtivi) uf (iiQcuH frOfn lbs air-pUMgM. 

Bratitilot'oKij'. £ninrA»l«»'M ; 
ffoui /(/"Ji"!'. lite nimlpipe. BDd rrjii<w, to 
cut, Trii<:livvk>ti)v; im 0(i«raiion wtnfili 
ooDBisls Ld miiliinK nn o{)«Diii^ into the 
Itryni (If irui-lifii fur ttiv removal of for- 
«igi) bcxJios, or lli« adwiMion ofkir U> tli« 

Broti 't>h iiH. Tlio traclMw, or wind- 

Brciiiz*'. An nhoT of copper utj tiD. 

nr«>oh llnir. Veroalni liocoabiingB. 

Bmwn S|>Hr. f-wr/ Spar. Sid^ra- 
ealritf. i\ ivliiio, rod, hi-oKH, or Mack 
i[Mr. linriU'r tli«n the o«1car«oi». 

Brit'4-<*a. A nvont uf (ilaattof Ui« 
orilor Ttrfliiithiteta. 

Bniooo Furrualn'oa. AnAlivMinSsn 
elirub, iJh> I'lirk of w liit'ti is ^nifiluvMl \>y 
tlw luitivcn ill Ui« euro of djMiiterr and 
diarrhipn. 'I'lie twcnnil bark lb kootm bjr 
the Mnie of f«lt)e ADirn«tuni. 

Rrn'cln. Brveine. A rtgvXnhie al- 
kuii. vxirniHtN] fruiii Uie bark of lli« falfte 


BrHliMH>nicitl. A French tern fur 
Oil- jjniriri|/ IrtiDur; same na llrult. 

Rriill. i^uiiiKl. A l«rm fKxii the 
Freai-'li. iiji|ilivil ia P'tthoUffff to Ui« 
Bountln litntrd oti 4U)»cullalion kod jm>k*m- 

Bruil de Craquement. limit itf 
Cuir yf{K A sw«i»I rVBcmblioK ibu 
crviikliii; of new ImiIkt, |inKl>iCc1 by Uio 
frictiui) of itii- twosiirfim<8 r>f Uib jwri- 
canlinin wlitii rollKllvnl^d b\ in (I a in in nt ion. 

Bruit do Di&ble. Aaoundresemlling 
tlint nf itii^ liiiiiiiiiing-io|). Ii^ai-d tii (lie 
vftin* r-inl arivnv* of tli« ii«i'k, nnd (knot- 
Ing liiii'"i'«'>'"li'nviit of llie Mouil. 

Bruit tlo FrottamOQt. Frii'iiuii 


Bruit rie Moitohe. A m>iui<1 like tlMn 
bumnf ••( n tlv, iicafl in chlorosis. 

Bruit do Parohemin. rnrcbni«nt 
Mound, uid til t>o limnl M-|jcn ilioralm 
of tlie \u!»rt aro llilckcneil luiil ttiS. 

Bruit de Plnooot«lr. l.'t«ro-pln(<«»tAl 
muniiiir in niisi-riltikiii>n, 

Bruit de Pot Feie. S>i>intl of vrnrked 
TMMilfi, b«ar4 wb«u ]>crcu«NOii ia mo^Ie 

over neKv«ra in Dm 1nn|^ fillwl villi air, 
and Idtving' a njurow i>ntlinv. 

Bruit de B&pe. KitipiDK 
beni^ in rgriotu nlvnlar ilheaseaAf 

Bruit d» 8cd«. Saving annad; re- 
sembles I be litst. 

Bruit de Soufflet. B«i)ow» miodiUJ 

Bruit HuaottlalTO. Tkir tlrsi 
(rf iho boiirt. 

Bruit ^Topaniquo. TTiii|<Hnii' »ouii 
ibe I'luar wimitl olittuni!d bt |it:riiiis 
urer tlio Htiiiaadi or Jnivslinw wbvn tboM 
orpaai are inflated « ith air. 

Brun'ner'M GlJUldB. lirHmnrri 
glanAulnf. The madpamua fblltrlea 
Dated betwMD tlte villooa and w^i 
coni» of tlie wnoll iiit>vit!nf!t. 

Bmno'iilnn Tlioorjr. A arnnii 
of tnciiinnc fnundtd !■»■ JfiJiii Itrown, in 
vrhlcb itll cban;;ej of Lliv uciulilv |>ii« tt* 
BTO attntiiitHi III ]in.>viiiiix «ii<iiviti>';i 

Ur«i*i4'wlvk Gi-««n. l' 

Grun. An Ktiiiiivii(i»dil«iUo uf cnppcr, 
u>e<) u n pigment. 

Bmiili. An in«traineni for olMatioj; 
the teeth, for fliiMhinp inculHc appllancea 
for Ibe inuulli, niid for the apptic-utiao uf 
a wiluliun of borax to pU'i^v^of oetal ibat 
nte lo he nniu-il by •uldtriitj:, t^-e Tmnii 
Ititrsii, PoLtsiiixii KnrMi, uad I'ev : i - ' 
[trufJitc are bI*<> nsMi f'lr olltor |>i>r , 
aa nibbitif,' tlio surfac* at tJi» bu<ly. paiiil- 
tng. Ac. 

Bm'ta> Junipenu miitiHa. Thai 
. tin plant. 

Bra'tlM. A reninoaa pitoJt, nblAinml 
frorn Brntta. in Itaty, an) tiaod t« 
the (Hium Pieiavm. 

Bryit'niiM. }i|nrr^nt, SMAtr 

Uii'h. tirindinfc-'il' the tu«tb, 

Brj'o'nia. Fruiii jitf*, to nl 
fi-->iii (In ii1>nii<lnn>-«. Kryony :*alMi a fa- 
nOf of |iliiiif» "f tliu iir<Ii-r Curnrhilitrtn. 

Bryonia Al 'ba. While hrj>/ny. Tito 
Rnil In pnrjiativft, Iiy(lrni|r<>9ii<i. tun' 
(Cv^tK't Oiiirvlic, uiiil. wtivii (ivftb,< < 

Bryonia Meohoocan'na Kt'ffri- 
oana Conrolcx/i/* jntapa. Tbe jaL 

BnhaHtrror'dlnai. AHemlaU \ 
ffriru. Miigttort, 

B||'1k». Yttan iimAjf, t!i* grijin. A 
tiitiior of Tbe ^Unilt nf ibo pttiii. Hnd kI«o 
of lliOHxIlliL reHuldnu iroiii lorn) almrp- 
tiou of trntulin^niutivr, auob ua vemrrarii 




poiaufi, or it msf 1m •yup^^'inouo at oun- 
ttitaimanl illae«d«. 

BalMMi. \aJtotimg,tkgmQaoifHni» 
or tttp HI iler VmbeiUf^a. 

Buboo Galbiuium. The nftmo oi 
lh« |i]nnl t'rviii wliicti the offlda«l gtilbu- 
Diitii, nl lint itgutntny reMDun* juic«, lint 
wliiatti MOD WcomM i^oncr<!i«, a oliUinod. 

Buboo JAaoedOD'ioum. Tli« iuuu« 
of ttic filnnt wliicli uffi>nl» lli« ^irmtn /*•- 
ti**tHiii if«e*daniti of tli« ahop«L Uoco- 
dunluii |<.iri>Ki;r. 

HnbonwrKlK* From /)oi>^, th« 
gnxti, aiiil o^jof, p&ln. Pitla in the 

BMbo'nlnm. Aplunt fofmcrlj atetl 
in (liMa>-'< r.i ilii. ffroiii ; a Kpoci<M of (tikr- 


Biibonooe'le. Vnm ff<»,'iut\ Um 
groin. umI 1^9. ft tninor. lagniiml lieniia, 
or mitturL- or tiin croin. 

BnbDnori'K'bi. From ^atjlut\ th« 
polii, nnr) ^n'tf- <^ niptarc Bubonocel* 
ftoooniponieU It; diviiiun of lliu iHintu- 

Btlbon'nlllH. A palnftil nrdUiig 
of tbi' I ' - -H the peon osIeniliDx 
iJuef : : (if thai uriinii U> Uiv 

in^in. It <>c<«wiotMlly ucomiwniea ^n- 

nup'cit. ^ivicAm. Tlie moutb. Tbe 
holliju- »{ iUi chctiks. AUu, tlie valira. 

Bnc'ral. RMtatiU, from bntea, iLe 
mouilj. or miliar cbe«k. BelwDKiDg to 
lh« ninaih, ami nafifObUI; (lie cIimiIul 

Baocal Artery. TIm MbuuuUlarjr 

Buoonl Oland. FoUMm 1b Um buc- 
col m'li'dii* f>i<^iiiLraa<. 

Buccal Membrana Ttie idiimmm 
mccnt>ratii< wliioli lin«a lIm OATity of tlio 

Btiocal Kerre. CnllcJ alio the Bue'- 
fo-lA^uilu. A ItrutPli of lite liif^hur 
nwiillnrj- ii«rT« going to lli« DacciMilW 

Boooal Teetb. Tli* iveifa Iwhtod th« 
CAJbiitP* Of* Ml rallMl locaiiM' tli^r krt «i(- 
iutc<t] iiu (lie i[i«ul« t>f llio rlie«k«. In tin- 
liumjin utiliJirrL, tlicy ttni ilio tiiriiKjiiil« uiid 

BH<''c'4>a. Frnti) Jrvmi, the i-lieek. A 
|iwl]r|Mii ut thv ii>Mt>, t>t>canM it wu «]»- 
(m«kJ f> r^nio fn'Ri tlio moutb; ■]«>, ft 

Umi'Wr!, M llti'illlirMl, 

BBCCellA'Uo. A metbod of aitmL- 

init )ivniorrlia«e, b^r tlio AiiplIcsUoi: 
aoiall pi«oeB of lint to tlio bl««Jiiig v« 

Buc4'lnii'lnr, Krom buecina, « 
trampvt; io named fi-oro in Agcncjr in 
fofviiig the wind iaio tliv traiii|ivt. lite 
buoclnutor. or truni(>ot«r'« mui-rlc whjdi 
ia brniMl nnd tial, formtog » Urjitu [lontiHt 
ofibk' %vMllit of ihocbeek. 

Buv'co. Bliib*clie«k4>l -or wiilv- 

Buooo-Faolal Obttirator. An in- 
struiDcnt for ciMingHD upviiion'ciuMt-il by 
a wouDd or diseu^. tltruoj;!! the oJiueJc 
iiilo the cnrity of the tnotiih. The incun- 
vonioaca resuhiiiK from a vetv c<>ii.idor- 
nh\b i>]ii-nibg ffoin tlia luitiiUi tLrotiiili tliu 
wall q{ ihe cltovk, i« a vtiy buih-iu odm, 
nnd tW fltnure. i>r rujiliMiutiieui >■!' it w illi 
an anifimi MitiMiiiito iIiai r«n l>« worn 
with curivvnionue, bei:uinc« uii vbjvcl uf 
pn-at iiniicirtanc*. Whva it can \k done 
with iiatui«l integiimenu bjr mt^juw of ■ 
plulio (>])aratiwD, it n ovrtuiolv boKur 
than au> mere mocluuili'ol a{i|i)ianca, 
liiit Ituwiaiieh nt It cannot iilnAj* I>a 
closnl bv ineiUtB of « wirciral ojwrni ion. 
U) ATlidoinl »Miinitor tiiiiiK>liiii(<s U-couim 
iniliiipen'dhle, nod !□ FrnnD« it Itns bMli 
>U(.'rT)>ariillv uppliud. 

In tmting upon biirvo-fucislubinrBton, 
M. Dolnltnrro an.rt: " In order to «uii(ti>ueG 
a t>rD|ier and ra[ial>le inRtruiiiciii fur Slllng 
tills iiii] trai ion. It \* only n«cv»«nr>' i*' '■^'c* 
an iip]>r«iwiun uf t)i« wound with Mift wax. 
Fniin Ui« niodul vi'o<'U'vl t'n»ii thU a iti>l<}, 
fiUiltiA [i)r rvlliiloid] ca|> i> furtnvd. rttin- 
posud t>t two|>art3. •rnlvriof^ lh(.< i<iu' » ilhin 
Uiu other, uvvervd with a sliie;i] ■.■t [ii*tc. 
Hiat for ilia maiilh shnnhl lie vUjhtl; i-nD- 
ravc, wbiUt that for Ihe fiMV n^iiulil Ua 
alightlj convoi. If Uie Iom uI' >>i1i»1iidi~u 
einlirnraa tb«dui't (hiiii UioKlainl, it wLIJ 
ho n«>vci»nrv, tur llio rucaiK iif Iha wilivA 
ill ili« nmuth, to fonn a new chnnnvt, lijr 
iiiaLinti it yuuti thningh a i>i]>v fLifmt<l iii 
thi>n[it>liAnc«, aul oi>cilii^ lltmiigh \}\» 
bncoa] |ilnt«. Finnll}', tho Mirrmv "f iJic 
fAcinl plate [if uf meta)^ tUBj Iv rcndored 
unei{ual by cutting; It with a kiiifu. and 
nJ^orwanlis novcnn^ it wilh cniu'iui," n{ a 
|ia1u r<iie riilor, «liglit!.* lln|E>'<) wiiltytUo-F. 
aoiiH t« iiiiil;^' it i-i"ii<in))!i< Uu* n iiiinil ahliL 

Buoco-LabLal. iSve<tf-hihiiliii. Jlo- 
looirin;! I" tlia rhoclc and lii<s. A nai»« 
•oiuuliiuas at>|>lied lo a n«rvo of vwiaU* 





oHicin, lint itenot»ny » tir&nnh of thr In- 
(^ricir maxillarr. ?««• IlroctL N'xrvk. 

Buo'oo-Ph&ryiiff«'a]. Belonging 14 
the month an^ phnrjnx, 

llll4''4>alD. From buMii, the tn(Klt]i. 
A v-nmll iiiontli; tli« ttt*hy part timler th« 

Itiicb'n. Diosma erenxta, a 8otit1i 
Africjiii plant. I^nvt!! of th* Borusma 
CTennm. ntc siimnhint and dinrcttc. Ftcd 
in trritntton of ihv bUdder. Dow orpo«-. 
d«r, f[r. sx to xxz; of taftifioa, 3J to ij; 
of tlnid cjimet, 3j. 

Biiob'bc«n. MenyatithttTyi/'eUnta. 
A ptnnt i>r rho order Cf«Wrt»MWft», fKMsMs- 
inc.' inilc. ratbanto, oitd. In larire dows, 
emptii! pi-oiimliee. 

Buck'vj'C Tho .ISteulvt glabra, & 
MnnU UtF iniligvnous in die WeMern 

Kii<-k'boni. Powd«rcd. Cakincd. 
Tacd liy d^ninrs foi [ioImIiItie: enfira*!, and 
niTIiitn^, flii't Tor rctnovitig llglit dvpuiits of 

Ikiiok'lfaora* The popnlnr nitmc 
of Xh^ KhamKui fathartierii. or common 
pmrptii: Uicklfiorn. The herrkit jicid 
n dclicolc green, called by painters xtrde>- 

Bll«ne'inln. I•'rcMD3<M^aG^««Vaug- 
TncniAlh'e, nnil n-iiuv. the Ifii- A diITti««, 
iofl.iniinalorr eiv«Ilin|; of llm teg-, 

Bucaemia Sparsraoo'els. riilvVran 
.till ilolmit, 

Buonemia Trop'ioa. ElephnotituiU 
A Fit hn 111, 

Rliriy C-wnt. Corinm PMogigtlftim. 
Tim itraj'lsli cnisi or linff wWoh np|N>ftiii 
OB thr MirfnfftAf thiv eoti^iliim of Moi>il 
drawn in coriain Mates of dlitoiue. 

UliK*n'lin. f^h'iniliiiti. 

Bti'Bl<wH. The po|inlar name of ,.1n- 
fjinni iijtiriiiiilit. 

Bulb. I'arls of llit* l>ody which liavu 
II bii!tK>tw obajie. «» the liulb of a tooth ; 
the hull) of the nrrlhm ; tlio 1>nlb or root 
nt the iinir: lite bulb or globe of (he 
eye, *c. 

BulbofthoUre'thTB. Th« biilL-IHc 
commencement of the tforpn* siKingliimtm 
fteaU; lietiMi the included nrethra is called 
ibe htiltioiiH portion. 

BalblCeron*. From hu[b»K ond 
/(*», to bear, llulb benrini;, Bn^-iii(t one 
or iniirc bnll's, 

Bol'boK^r'erncMUs. Su railed 

from Im oriiria and tiuwrtioa. Tli« i 
rator nrina.' muMle. 

Bnllbon*. A bulb. & tarn in 
oKj) applied (o a acsljr piriform Ik 
rormcd on a plant, aliove or hKQUth ' 
rarfeee of th« earth, which iihixilA farlh| 
tloweflnK-Hke nem, and tteaAn »ut 
fntm the base. In Anatomy, |>anii of i 
liody irliicli bear xine rekefDl>hii>rt to flj 
ror>] of a biilboui plant, 

ntillm'lK. BmUmvt. Caniaei 

Btil'la. A clear Tericle arislug from 
btlrTl^ Ki-aMk, or other eaiMOs; a blliter.i 

Bnn'odonts. ThoMt iiogtiUtw 
which UiG Mirfaces of ilie molar teeili 
CTivtrod by ronnd««! or ounical i"(i»p«. 

Bun'y«n. B»n'i«M; from ^-Tmc 
cmincnrv, Inflnmmatwn mm) awclliDif i 
tlie bursa mnoosa nt the inside uf tba ball 
of tlic flroftt toe. 

IliiprI iin. See Timwii. 

BuplilUnl'iniM. Tram ^imr. nn ox. 
and cf^a^fioi, an eye. nydropl>tl>almi& 
Drops* of the eye. 

Btir'<lo4>k. Ar(iiiim lappa. 

Bur I^rllls. [)«ntal in»trtimv<iU I 
□[icrtiii^and forming cot tticH, of *plteric 
iwnO'ihA^ieil. i^ytlndrleALand whwl for 
l-lcrxiMo bitr« and dnll« hitving tprir)f{-1( 
iwred sterna are used for openinu and yiv 
[iflring nerre cansln. Theao inxt r imitnl* 
are tm)erti[|r ns«d in conmx-tloa «rltli a 
«i>rkei hiitKlle or hiir thimble, or Iti the 
hsind-pieco of the Dental engine. 

nur'Kum^y Ptlch. Tb« prtpand 
resiu of the Pia'i* atirr. 

Ru'iift. A Mirrhona beruhL or iMril 

Bum. Amhiiftln. An it\)iir7 or le- 
sion proilticM by the a<<tion or nppUeatltfk 
of l"f^ pvii! heat. 

Bur'nCA. Pinuttylrattrit; pitth-l 

Bur nrlt'M IklMinfi^t'lng IJq'> 

Uid. ^*'-' Dl-^INfKCTIXO LllJL'lK, Bt 


Bnr'nishpr. One wlm poRklu 
Alio, iiu tn*lrurn«nt n«ed in tH>li^hii)|r ' 
fcrent Icinds of mclalu, and in the labne 
lor;,' of till.* di-niiii. fur Hnishlni: jilrCM< 
dcM&l inerhanivjn. 'I'lio l>ur^, 
by dentistH arc (tenerallj mi,'. 
nnil havi' ititli-n'iitiy idnipc^l. loiiinlril. i 
hiffbly poli^iMl points, m> thai they nii 
be r*'a<lilv applinl to any part of the wir- 
fhee to Ix) polished. Vornialivrs are alao 





««• mnA* at Ami, flne-^ntnal 
»r(»oJ, bone, A^l«, or othw rtoiw, 
Bnmt Al'iim, 9im> Aldmbx Exuo- 

BultbC Sponge. Sptrngi'i'iuta, S(>oiiee 
iTDt iaio p>ece« ildi] bunil iii « clOM iron 
vea«d nnii) It t>ceonii!« black und Moble, 
th«n mblfctl into vott fio* [wirdcr. 

Rar'rliic I^UEf ne. A deiitnl appli- 
uncK for [!io ntt? uf biirt, «!(■., in fonning 
cavities, ic. t?«.-e Diwtai. Enoixk. 

b •lectrioity. S«e Dxvtal Esoihe. 

Bar'liB. Fmm ^lyioit, a 1ellUl<^^ bot- 
tle, A bag or purse. 

Bur«n Oor'diA. P«ncM^iani. 

Bursa Tcst'lum. Tim seroium. 

Har Kiv nnvo'ftie. ^matl nitmnbri- 
Boott bagvorsack^ «itiiAt«i] About ftrticnlAr 
raTiiiM. Hlletl uriili nn oil; niiiciiH for lubri- 
cating ihc< i^mlima, in<i«olt>i^ iimI boncK. 

Burete Synovialeci. UntMt itmcoiK. 

Bnr'aal. Ri-luiinjr to ibv hnnn mn- 

Rnr'tralit. Serolnin. 

Bar Tltlni1>lc>. An open rio^ for 
tli« m!<ldlt> or huh-n Fiitui-r. will) x Rockpt 
■ll«rbcil, ill wt.irb r*rl» ihe oiii! of llio 
hiuiillii of tllI^ ilrill uMfil In CK-AVntlntr iv 
esTirj' in a (imtli, propnmiitry to lilliiig it. 

Bv'lMl Gnna. A nam troin uultir*! 
Itfmirea uul wonii'li inoiJe in tho luirk of 
th» Itetea (koodow, a Ic^Bminom plnot of 

Bti'tiiEa. (lutla i-ofteA. 

But 'U'r of Aiil'liUftiijr. A uwjuU 
elili-triJc '■( aatiinofij'- 

Bu'fiin. ^o Pabkiba Brata. 

Bnljrnl'. '•vb.'^'Intto nf Botyryl. 
A :-i'iir. 'lull li.jutil •iblnintil by tb« <iry 
iliAtillaiion <if biiitmU' »f lime. 

nulyr'ic Add. A clear. Ihla octd 
lli^nitt obiiiined by Mi>on{fving butt«r. 

Bnljrin'. THd OiKj nialt«r of but- 
l«r. Il b a bilfTsie uf oxUff of lipjl. 

Bnly roii«''. A mWIcm flnld, uf pe- 
ciiltar p<]ni>lrAtiiij( odor and tmrolng taato, 
obtained irltli butyml brcniloralj heai<- 
ing bntjmite of lime 

Bnly'mni. Butter. 

Butymro AntimonU- ynriaa Antr- 
mtmii Biiltt^r uf antlmonj'. 

Butyrum ZlncL OhtorMo of xioc. 

Bnly'ryl. Tho baw of bnljric ncid, 

Afi. i'.n,. 

Basin'. An alkaloid obtaiuvd Tnta 
BuxM uvtptnirmi, llifl cominou bnx* 

Box'Da* From svoZv, to b«c«m« 
hard: the boi-treo. Alao, k gcniu nf 
pliinis (if the iiMnr Etiph»rbinetia. 

Buxua Semp«r'virODS. Th* leavf* 
of iliU plant linvc been osetl, In decv«tior), 
in drop^tr nnd avthnia. 

By'iif. Di'-'v- Mall. 

Byr^tb'ruin. A xorl of oa|> flili'd 
with ceplialic aubfttnnoes. 

Bjrr'Mi. From prpoa, a bide. A 
U-aihor skin to spread pUslcr* u|iun. 

Bj-r)MMlop'Hl<>nM PriBrlp'liim. 

Byaau'rlien. From diu, to slop up, 
an<l avx^\ t>i« iii>ck. Murbid ttitniuM of 
the vvX. 

ByMUi'ocoiiH. Dirtdnd luio v«rT 
fine (JlAment^ liki; Ask. as the roota of 
nvtnc nfairics. 

Rsm'HoHtr. From Stvmtf. flat, anil 
Xt^tar. R uooe. A fibrous mlneml foontl 
oa iliit A)|iB. 

Bys'nos. The vulva. 

Byn'Bwni, WtfU'mm, 1b Analimy, 
tb« pudendum miilivbre. In Rft^njf, a 
KCDiu of lk}*eii>i. Abo. the linlry apitrrnl- 
apx bjr u-bich ceriMin inolluaoa attach 
1Uein»eIv«ii to rooki. 

Tn Ital.T, it is worm into elolliM, vliir li 
are v-om, it U sup[io«ed, with benefit by 
rlieuinntlc pstic'at«. 

Br'f hnk. BirOor, d^ptli. The Ainiliia 
of tliu Hiomacib. 


C. Chemical ayinhol for evlien ; alw, 
lU abbreiiolioii fur Cougiiia, ■ gnlloo. 
Cb. SuiiImI for-calcium. 
Caa-apla. Sea DoKanntA Bbaul- 

C'JUl-iltiijr'n. A Braalian plant, 1)08- 
tir^cinj; biltrr nml caUinrtia propeitiea. 
C'anpf^'lMI. Tareira brava. 
(nil. A)cbfml<-jtl term for fold. 
Cnb'lilline. A coarse kind of alooa. 




Cu1mrt<('. Asanim. 

C«cir'mla. CtehTmia.; from imok. 
ImuI. iinil 4ij^. bluod. A t»i] coiidiliun uf 
|li« I>Iom]. 

Cnnratlin'MlH. From niuot. nnil 
■MnlitffT-lceJiDg. MorlMdiUHtUilioa; inclia- 

Ca<>'nKOKne. AnaintineatOCHDiHiscd 
uf Ilium iukI ti'mti)-. a|i|ill<!i] to t)i« Biian la 
prodiirotui <^vj(i'iistii>n. 

Cm'cho. Thi> ctKH'ulAte nnl. 

C^iWM 'lion. [k-riM'atiuD. 

Olv«pheb«te'»la. yrom .nwf, Ud, 
and t^finrx, pultvitjr- MucbM palwrtr, 
I^«*aM occurring ut the period of pn- 

C^'rlinlot. ri)o RpcnnapoCi whuto 

r«fhw'(l«*. Perlaininfftocaoliesift. 

I'liclirlt'o'iim. KiKAf, liiul, nii4 r/iArtf, 
an iik'ci'. A iiiiiti^-naiit nlcur, 

C'AclifX 'tir. Ad 'tiiijiA.-uiM cUiii of 
iliwsAes In tl\i }Co«oI'yr o^ ('iillcn aim) 
SanvafTdi, livpt^nilin^ upon » doiiresMN) 
haliii of WhIv. 

Cii<<llf*x'la Mple'ni4-«. 'Dip cb- 
cltcxT arcoiiipan.Tiii^ «iiliui;ei] spleen. 

Cachexia Vene'rea. tiv|iliiliik. 

C'nchps'jr. Kroni *-n««<. bad, dm! ef<f, 
k liubit. A (li.-|iniTc(} hnlfk or cotiilltioD 
o( tJie boily. M BCorbvUo.<^«roii*, He. 

CiW'lllnnH'llon. Fnvm ^uHnra. I 
Iktifrli. K'vc<si*f luuglitor. a sviiiplutn of 
hywi'Hi'hl nmi oilier nfftcrioix. 

CmoIi 'olonit* A opvcice of quartz. 

t'n'<-lloil. Catviu-bu. 

Cn>lirj'N. :\ gi-iiu« tit ptsnU oTtlie 
onkr rmMliffTit. 

' Oaohrya Ubano'Us. A plant poa- 
Mwini; nniniittic ood salritigent pruper* 

C'u<-cM-h»'lln. From mkoc, bad, osil 
^.g, bile. A rillnled ord«pri)T«d cottdt- 
lion <tr tliG lii)«i. 

Cnc'ofhrol. Kroiii nwnc, W>i. nnd 
Xpea. (-iilor. DiiK-iiM!* in vrhtcb tbe (x>nf 

pltMtOIl iv I')tHll){(Hl. 

Cn<-D<>lii' I 'Ih. From KOAOC. bod, nnd 
i*Ji<, cIiyKi. Dvpmrcd i-hylilication. 

dutMiliytn'lii. From<nii[Dr,lifid,iinil 
j^DT.JHioc. Iiiirnor. A rnurbidcrdDpravcd ■ 
comlitioQ n{ ibc himionL | 

C'H<-(N>n(>'Hl«B, Fmtii luKaf, littd. and l 
tv^i). ihc Ii-tr. .'\ defect in tbiii \0K». 

Cacornl 'pliu From nunf, bwl, and [ 
tnisot. the womb or vhIvm. .\ putrid t-oii- 
dltion of tho rulv« and vogionl vnti-uico. i 

C'»cocor«'iua. Frcn amut, bod. i 
iiafMu.I|<iirf[furc]tiinMr. AtiioiliriDcwbkb 
piifgM i>tr tuurtiid or vitiated liniuonk 

Cncw'dlft. From nmnt, bad. and o{ 
to nmcll. AnoBtaia, or dcfovt in tbe t 
of smelling. 

Cacoiljr. From MAtr. b*^. And rj,- 
odor. A llni|iid. etlicrool liquid uT a fe\ii 
odor. rMeinbllu^ amttdcfll ei>tD|K>uiida d»-' 
riT«d fWim acftty). 

Ciico4jl'lc Aet4. Alpnnteni 
acid utitjiiiitfd bv oxidHLwn uf cveodjrJ 
it« ovi(I«, 

€uc;*e'lJicft. From mkbt, nd 
diijKMMtioD. A ImhI babll of bwlf, or 
ta^iptaat sore. 

CbcosmImc'IIn. From Mtor, and 
j-ibta. milk A bud or «itut«d oondiinn of 
tbe milk. 

Ctftcouior'phln. From mubk, awl 
fiop^ fonn. I'^forniilv. 

('av^nyeli'lii. From «xo.t. »wl "r<^ 
a ou). A tDuiHd coniliiion o( Uitr uuiJh. 

(.'acnpnlhrn. Froin *(■■»(, bad. uii) 
wa'3i\(. KttVi-tiun. A diwird«rud Mute 

C^HCoplio'nla. Dafactir* aftimh 



irparru. I iK.-form. 

of ill' ■■tiylr.piil.^ii.' or^n*. 

C'a('orrarlll'tli>> From uusc* <ad 
fufii, ibu Apiae. Dbeaao oi' tb« r«rt«tiral 

C'afOrrlijIh'iuuB. From ika^of, i 
pi^/'n. rlij^titii. Irrvpilar pnlse, or iatei 
mit(«nt fever. 

C'acwsll'la. From mnt, ^mi, 
oiTier. aliment. Arvralon to footL 

CJUHwpliyx'lR, From ■»<»(, b* 
and o^iiif, puliw. A bwl r»Qdiiloa uf i 

('ac«m'lomiiM. From kumc, ^^*'i^ and 
cm/Ml, moutli. A di^runnit;, or tfinnrtil 
cim^Iilion of the awotb. 

rawtlhym'la. Frwmixiuif. btHl. i 
^u/»t, tliH.- itjiii'I. A rii:ii.>it> or diac 
otm'litinn of llie itiind. 

(?n(wtr«pli'la. ' From <DK«r, 
anci r/y#t, iiH'nmiMir, Bod outritlnn. 

Cavox'riie. From huhc. 'mjI. 
fn-of, fiireliri- A minwal ocmrriu; 
yollovrnih, nkilbilin^ cnotaU, containis 
plio*^bom aud fluoric ocida. Ptrroxid*! 
irtii ilimI KiliriL 

C^«c'IUSi Tbeorttcbokc; alauatEKMii 

From aatnf. bod, oaj 
A morUd roiMliitui 




nf pUuiU of Um oritr OutaetOi, pt\ek\j 

Oao'tOB abodneiriftr. Nftpnl : th« 
Iwivm wfwhioti are inb&bited bjr the coulii- 
ntMtl in wet. 

Oactua OpQn''tta. Opttntia. The In- 
(lifin fig, or pricklv pear. 

('wda'Ter. Fr«m mi/civ, to Tall. A 
Imdy ilcprivetl of life ; a ileiid bndf. 

Cadftt 'emn«. Huvinj; ib» i^wir- 

CiulM.', famlnK Uqaor of. 

Cliloriite of vsi^nk 

ni<-uilli» CO in pounds, u Coluinitic, Cobalt, 
Tuiir. At, 

C-Bdial'lHulpllM. Salphaloofcw]- 
Uiiiini ; ■ mIi lued m a ooUrrium In dl»- 
tm»r6 of Ilic^ eye. 

CudMi'mM* A tnoUt found in csr- 
lM»»t« of n^K, at k oonip^Kt Lftiiure, uti 
ft liluMh-grk)' potor, kpiiruM'hiiiii: Lin. It 
hw rocvntljr bc«n «aiiil>iit«4 with mcri>ni'y 
for Uie foniiatlun of lui nniit1i;ain for flUiiii,' 
leeitL ThcrotultarUuivxpurinient*. h»w- 
MTP, which Ii«*« Ufun iiittdft willi iho coin- 
ponnd. liu nut Wen » MlisfNctorjr m irw 
•t (inrt raticiiHitw). 

Cndu'cA. A &u»« Mnieliino* giriMi 
tu iliu il'>cn]iiiHi>> raemtmane of the uturun. 

C'Jtda'clbran'trlilale. Frmn n,. 
dtmuM, fddln^, and ?.n»n<Ai", kUIs. A ttrto, 
In Zniiitffy, t\\t\\\\rA to Ibme BotrBrllinnn 
which. b«for« Uivjr arrivo itt matiirilj-. un- 
d«ri^ » mctamorplionA, aD<l low tltoir 
lirKni-hi4i] «|>parntuti, aa llio frog, toad, salii- 
iBuid«r. Biiil neivt. 

C^tda'cllJ. The Fr«ndtaiuMh« tfrm 
t^ufiW to expr«M that pi^rtitin of Ilfo 
which irniniilJAli'lj precvdH deccepitode. 

ClHla'reiift. From tadcr^ to fall. 
Decldoous. A Icnn In ISotnuy, applied to 
part* (If tveoiiB tif n plnnt which are not 
p«nRa>i»ni, lint f*)! oaHf. In Awitinaii. 
lo tba tvHieut dteitlva vUri, and lh« Ivm- 
porarjr or millc t«rth. In ftHAalayfi, in 
apilopqr, bceanae Ha attoeka aT« atttDileil 
br tbr aaiUkn fnllitiij; of tfaw palWni ; anil 
In ZiMtliiffji, to ifiM-'ct*. as the i:aI«r|»!IUr. 
tti« It^ [>f which do not appear iti all i lii> 
charirrs throtiifh which lIio nniroal p.tovs. 

C'iP'eal. Belonpiii;! to tlw riK-urM, 

(Tip'elUWL. Friim ^>wvi, Iilitiil. Bliud- 
Be»4. B«t! Oauoo and AiLLCaoau. 

Cte'raiM. JniMttHvm airam. Trtita 
, bUoiL Xbe cncuni or bU>d gnt is 

ao call«d from Us beA&g perforated ooljr at 
one pad. 

OaB'oum Vonk^'vaua. A Mnall mviij 
in tlio frontal bona at th« inferior extremity 
of Div cxteruu] ojtoomI creiit. 

Cw'riiA. Blind. A i»nn apitrittL iti 
A nafnmff. to Mfitiea Of hotea wlikb Unva 
but ouv vp4;iiins. 

4'ip'riileni]. Otoo. 

CnNUtlpl'nitt. A ^aa* of plsnla of 
tlw order ^'lAornr, all of wliidi afford 4y*- 
woimL known in cotmnrrre bj iho Dntn« 
of Draxil woods. Tb? principal Hpi'(!3Mara 
ih^Grtaifiti'* t^hifvtta, wlltcli t* lliv l>«at; 
lbs Caaatpinin rrittti, axA the Cati'fipinia 
Sajipan, a SiaineM tr«c. 

fteMk'rlanOpenblloa. AwK-fan 
aerlioiy. Fruin fieJ^rt, lo cni. In (Jh»ttt- 
rie Stiirfferj/, an u|i«ral>on which nunoliita 
in malting an inoition into lh» iitorua 
tliroagli the parlctea of tlie abdoiuen, for 
Ibf mnoval of ilw Itvtu*. 

Cnri^lr Avid. An n«i(l obta^«i1 
from cotfi>0 in t)i« form of a n-bit« pow- 
der. When Iivntvd il yWdn llie odor pf 
roast ef I I'nflVw. 

CmTn^ln. A irbit«, Mkj, QryttiillbM 
mhalauoo obtainod from eofl'ee. Ita Mlt» 
have been iu*<i an ncrrlntiB. 

Cn In'm. Chaiufn, t'ainaa raiUl. 
TliK root of a sp^clM of dii-My^a, oelo- 
br«t<^ aa an antldtrU' In the liiieoftier- 
pvni«. It i« Ionic, emetic. iimI dinratio. 

C^l'cpni Oil. oitvm Ctjvpvti. 

Tlic volatile oil of the leaves of Melabmea 
atfnpttf-i. Il i* Miiiiiilant atid aroRiaiic, 
and 11 eoruid«r«d very eSoacions in soma 
furms of rheatnatiNn. A drop p1iK-v<l in 
A decayed lootli has Itcen nicd as a 
ronindyf»roil<>nial|rA. Domv frtl, yioTJ. 

('iiliiiiii. till.' Indian inniiiioli-trM. 

C'aliltiie'dc-ll. A leriii ap|i|led to 
Tariiiiiis frni'Miri'*. 

ralaml'na PnrfNirm'la. C'al- 
rittinl rnhiiirmp retlix'ttl to iin impalpable 

t'lil'HniinnrlM Ijiplp. Oreofxinc 

C'ul'titiiliir. '.'»/•"" I'liu, A natlva 
carhonnte -if nine. PreimrMl Calfltainv, 
in line powder, ii> dueled or >|>riaklod i>a 
parti5 to |irevi;nl cxcorialton. 

<~nlniiiln III. I>iy Htyrnx. 

<!iilRinln Ilin. Culaininl. See Mr- 


CiiI'huiuh. 'i"b« I'harmaeopttial naina 





of tlio Aecrtu cntamur. Tli* ftOfrmt ia ft 
gama of iti>eil-ptaDta uf llie oMfT Anu«a, 

CarftmuaAromat'lous. Af*rv*«ii- 
amitK Sweet flag. The root i* stiinalaat, 
tonic, *ri<1 nmnulU'. 

O&tniiius Dnt'oo. The pifttit which 
y\tf\(\A ilraeon's blood. 

Calamus Saoobarl'DUS. CatamuM 
/ruli^w*. Ttie fftmmon itifVAr-o-iinc. 

Oalamus Sorlpto'riuB. A small 
raviijr or furrow at ili« bottom of the 
roQTlh vontrirl« of thv bniin, to oallud 
from ilii rMvmblMce lo a pen. 

('iac«'D«iim. C<i(x^ Llio heol. Th« 
lur^st kone of tti« tarma, the he«l boii«, 
or o9 calda. 

Cal'tNTf g«n. Calcaru, Calcaneuoi. 
(Alo, a «[iur.> Ki^ftl, 

Cnlea'reoHK. Oatt, eakU. \imt. 
Betoi^^iu; lu litno; coniaiiiinKlbne. 

Oaloarooiu Earth. I.)mc 

Ooloareous Spar. CrTstalliud car- 
Imnntv uf limir. 

('nl<'in<*a'tlon. Convoraioo Into 

C-nlcly'fMonM. Calr, Wmtt, and 
To-niu, to ponorate. Apfilipd to ra«ta1s 
whioh with oxjgen form ucals, or earthy- 
look In ir l"Ut)*I»0C9. 

<'jUc>lK'croBM C«llii. The O0lla of 
the bonjr or ilvntuial part of * lootU ftre 
Mi cnlleil by ProfcMor Owen. 

Cal'cU Cfalo'rldani. aiIori<l« of 

C'nh-inn'tlon. Tmm r»U, lime. 
Olidatioii. Tim act of Etil>mitlin^ to a 
atroDf h«at any infii«i1>!« minorftl atlb- 
■tuioo for l)ii> purp<>w> of ilepriTiriK it 
either of its wnier, or any other rolatUe 
Ftitiftance vntvring into its ctunpontion, 
an<t redaoin^ It to h^Iics or cinders. 

C'nl'elHnlum HIh'Jw* I'ole'rII. 

Mi'roTirv iii-><i<k\-(l ill iiiliiin uui'l (iiid |irv- 
;l|iit;iti.-.l wiili siilt xik! water. 

Cnl'f-'lne. ''i^ lliiio. To bum n> 
lin>(>; lo rcxhica to a powdor, or to on 

('al'dned 9faftM*>'»lB. The pro- 

tMidci r>f Tniv^tMimii 

Cnl'rlM Itiqiior. I-ime waier. Pre- 
jittred hy adding cold nater to frmhly 
*lakcd tiin«, and the t1e<ar fluid poared 
off for QM ue it IN nocdcd. It is anlnuid, 
aliglitlj* atyptii?. aBtriogeiit. antiseptio. iind 
dtrtergiiDl. In Denlnl Pratlift. Iiiiit> utiit-r 
to a BMftil agent when Ui« »«cruLioua of 

tbo month Kn vimd and fvtidL and 
ctaOy where the teeth are auft in stmettira 
and very Mndlivi; owing lo the and < 
dition of the oral dnids. Also where 
tenth are Hentith'e from ahcorptlon of jfvi 
and alv(-olur proc«"«. 

Oal'clB Mu'rloA. Muriate of Unwi 
old I1IIII1U for ihii rhIoHdu of liitio, 

Calcls Oe. 'il>6 h«n4 of tli« tftfWM 
which furrriM the lie*"!. 

OaiciitOxymurias. ChlorideuflSiDft. 

Oaloia Sulphure'ttim, Htpat 
Bulphiirct of liuiu. 

CKl'Clam. The mettllie ban 

Cal'(MHCl*l>min. Alhgmincl 
inlii a remarkably Insolnhle and mi 
mibAtaQMi. TMorabling ehitln« in lu 
witti reacenU. 

Cnl'tHntitlKTllcw. A «tnMiloral fa 
mad>> by iiiilui-ing thii vury ffailnal p 
oipilsUon of IIbm aalla in ftolutiooa ooi 
taiiiing athnnisfi, or other or^uito ooo* 

Calc 8p«r. Oryalallind earboiiate 
of lime. Calcareoua Rpar. 

C'nI'ptitt. Earthy coneretlons. 

Calculi, Artbritio. Calfnti orttem- 
lar. CuncreiiODM furmod tn the I 
Rieato, and within Uio Mixniltia of ll 
J<dnts of peraonii afl'octed vtUh gtml. 

Oalculi, BU'lary. Biliary caiicio- 
tioiu; f^ll-aton«8. 

OalouU In the BaM, Usrd ood< 
lioni formed in tlio ineBtiii auditoriiw 

OalouU, iQtee'tinal. IntMtJMl 
crelioiiB. Ile^omt. 

OalouU, Laob'iTiiiaL Ciineretiwis 
foniifd la the Uchryinnl dacln. 

OalouU, Kephrttlc. GoocrotloM 
fotiii'i in the liidnoyi. 

OalouU, Panereat'lo. ConervlkiM 
formed in the patx.ii'ciM. 

Oatoull of the Pine'al Oland. 
cmtioR* fnrminl In thi> pincxi jtland. 

CalcuU of tha Proelate Oland. 
CoDoretioiM in the pructatn iilnnd. luniaDy 
compofied of phosphate of ltm#. 

Oalouli of bho Btomoch nod Int«a- 
tin«e. Concretiousfomied intbealonndi 
and iatMlinet. 

Calculi of the Ton '^Is. Coacn>ti< 
fiiniitil iu ihc ton^ilii. 

Calculi Sal'lvary, Con. ■ i 

oulcarcouH kiud t'onuvd in Lli< .,ii<-« 





of tti«aiiIWBr)r kWiK or lo lluiir excntorj 
ilacl^ iir Hpuo tb« Utwtl). S«a Oooxro- 
unir^ am] ^AU^Aiit (.'tuicuw. 

Odl'culi, Spermat'to. Concretions 
foand occosiooKllj in Ilia vniculu iwnii* 

OalooU. Urioa'rr. Coucraliuiis of 
an eartb]^ Dittnre formed id l)ie bladder. 

ClklcnUrrAKDik From Mltutm. a 
•ten*, And ./hajijr*. to brc^k. A ntoiiu- 
br?«k«r: an tnolrninent for breaking a 
kUinv in llio liuBuut bodj' ; s Utbontriptio 

CiU'caln*. nimlnntlire of cole, k 
liin««toii«. An »arth,7 concr«tion forroiMl 
in tlic tiladdM-, kidt)c;\ mouth, or bodm 
Dth«r p«tt of ili« liody. 

Oaloulua DenUlls. SiUivHrjr uJou- 

(^oMjir'. Tito old Arabic cliomlval 
name fur tin. 

CMda'rliim. A caldroot tbo lioC 

C'ulefH>leut. C'li^fKima; from 
Gttida*. tiitrm. ttiid /iM-i'i, f tnako. To 
excit« ir»rroih. Anr suWonoe, aa lons- 
Urd, l>^tpor, fta, rajuiblii of cxcitiii; 
warinib in the part lo whi^-li it i« ap{t]te<l. 

CtUrn'dalM. A tccniu of plnnu of 
tbo nrdi-r Oxn/miilv. 

OaloDdula Alpina. Araira Uonlana. 

OolODduIa Arvaiuda. WiU Marifeld. 
Taed In jauwiiM uid lucliezia. Uum of 
tb«Jnl(-« (roin f.y lo fjit. 

Calandulo. Offldoalla. Tfaa gordoo 
mariui'lil. kn|t[iiMO(l to be atitiapasmodlc, 
Mtdurilic, diMliilniunI, and ooiiiioua^ftoa. 
Tbe tinctiit& TVneluni Caleitivla, It used 
lo [hmfat Pmttit* for on aiiplicalloa to a 
ttt'iindc*! [>nlp. woiini!* of tnncioiiK Riom' 
brnoe. u<|><'ciallj( tttUr «xlrncl.tii)t to«lfc, 
and tlio MirfltioM rulloHtinn Lltir t«itujval 
a( MlivAry ralonlnt. 

C'alt-n 'dulir Slartinlni. F«rruoi 

Cnlrn UtnU n. A pwuUar |»rinoiple. 
IN f ■{•• <><.-< 1 tiv itcr»l!u» Iv lie uDologoua 
lo l»n».«>rin, ul)l«iiicd rnini ibr innniridd. 

CAlMlD'nt. From taltre. to be 
wafm. Ai'IjUwI to a apcoiM of d«)iriuin 
U> wbicb sailor* are subject In tbo lorrld 
BODA tlifl chief a^mptom of wbicb i* a 
dealr* to thiow one'' »*r\( into th^ aou, 
Ihlnkinic. mr thr oH wriion, ibat It I* a 
|re«a fiifM A kin.i <if [iiiri-iiitia. 

C>lcnla'rww ^umuiiiuoa applied 

to CuicboDU. Alio a tre« of tli« riiQip- 
lAne lalantU, Llia wood of wlilcb b Utter 
aiKl f«tififtig«. 

Cale'HlHin. A Malabar Iree, the 
burk of wliicib. inad« iciio an oioimaai, ia 
aaid to onre oonviiUiiins frmii woanda, 
uud to l)Mi} alcvrs; and iba jnioa of tit« 
bark, aphiliui und ily*«nU)r>. 

(^ribrr, Tbed)BiDt>lerufaii;erliii- 
drira] budy. 

('Hrir«*K. C«liK*». Frotn apvcn lo 
tbkrivi-H fiinnel-abapcd tiib«s, c«U«d Iha 
iu/niniAvtn, iiiU> wLicb tbc |rolutd of tile 
[•ni>ilU- of llic kidneys projwi. 

CHl'Iduni Anima'lv. AninialheaC. 

OAlidum luuatuiQ- Amiuiil bcAt. or 
Vis Vittr. 

CaU'fE«< A initit. Oliwurily of vla- 
ion, (siiswd by a si^eok on ilio coroca; 
mho. tltt< »|M.-rk ilAotf, It i» divided \t\\a 
«ix ii|MN.'k-a: 1, C'litigv palfi^fiuiruiu, ob> 
Mrnctvd vi^iun fn>iii d(»ori]or in tb« eye- 
lids ; i. Ctliffi) rariKiTT. ojiaoity of iho cor- 
iiMt: -H. I'Mfifu Uhtit, cHiaraol: 1. dtligo 
ptiyilliM, bUiiduoM from rlu«itre of tbe 
iriH: n. Califfo AmNoncjm, blliwlooas fKim 
luM of lrunR|>an<ncy in ibo a^UMiiM uf 
vilrvuUs liiiiiiori - 8. Cnligit »yitiujiU, 
btindnc«» frum i-lo-tcd |tt)pil. 

Cnl'lp^ifi. Cornpaasoa with imrred 
lo^. l'>«d in valcaiiit«iiii<l c«I!ukild work 
lo iiifiiixire ib« ibickni-M uf tbe plato. 

f 'iill><ii> H Itiirk. (imbuDA Itava, 

t'HilMlheil 1«V. Kf./~t, l-»iiulirnl,*nd 
flft i«Ji, »trvn;;ili. Aneaerrjsi' for Htr4>ri(;lb- 
viiiiiti lliv bmly, and |riviit«f viim> and elu- 
galir* Ui III* tiuivumenU of the Unibs. 

Cil'llsa Ctlyx infutulAulum ; from 
t,ti*ii, H oitp. Small iiiviiiliranoiK rnniilB 
wliicS RurrouDi) tbv papillw of (Im kid- 
uv.VB, and open into tlio iielvia. 

Cilllv'Mit. Old nama for n kiw] nf 
nilrf' lir <>allp<^tr#. 

<'nlllcnr'|Mi AmerlcM'iuk. A 
pliitil ol iS'iiilti L'jiruliiiii and VlrfcinLa. Ttie 
li^avM tiavt- ht>ei\ uRwl In dropsy. 

(?nlllriK>'ni I^ecaemaa'ba. Ce- 
pbai'liA liiM-aoiianba. 

<'nllld<Hi'tl«, From luihir, iMumti- 
liil. and wlotf. a loolb. Tlte art of pre- 
!ivrrii)j( tli<> iMMUty of (bo toKh. Se« 
DKMrAi. llviiiKsi:. 

4'illl<M'il). C«ll^tm. Prrtermi- 
ural lianlntnc*: uk in ot-rtjiin lomorH. 

Cnl'loilH. CaHwru*. Hanlened; in> 
. durutfd, M ibv vd)(«> of an uli?cr. 




Cnl Inw. CaiUmti. Tb» hmy matter 
thrvwn (>iit tM>lu-«<ni, am) uBiting Uie fr*o- 
turi-fl ciiTfiiiitH-n of a b<)ti<w Iilaalito ap- 
plied Ifi tnilnrutian of a wft or l)«8hy [wrt. 

I'nl'vmd. Cchmtlittr tnna >, 
gOoA. Hnd pfJoK. block. FVotofMoride iif 
ilnftiry. Jfytirarff{/rt ehloridum fnitt, 
UuM clik>ntlc •»( nrarciirf ; wliicli «c«. 

Cit'lor. IImL 

Cnlnr Animalla. Anltud heaC 

Calor FoT'vorw. Unllitig b*»t, 

Calor Le'nis. fli-nile heat, botTToea 
9ni»iinil I'M' Knl.r. 

QftlOT Mor'dioana. A t«mi itjif^twl 
in I*alh»lagv r« the hitinj; noi] psngeal 
bnt of 1h« sbin. A dangijroiu •jmptoni 
In tyi>b<i.4f<.'vef,whU-li leaved AH onpl«mDt 
inlniitH Dficr umoblng tben. 

CnlAT'lC. Cahrieum; twta e^Utr. 
T\w MinttLT. «MM, or hgvtii hy wliich nil 
I liii iitTwt* (if hmt ari> jtrndnn^. 

C&lorio, La't«nt. Itwtnuihi* h^nt. 
TlinE )>(>rliim ni liviit vti^linit !ii nil IxKliiii 
DOC modo eii-ictt>nt liy n|>prnBrh)n^ rh«> Ihur- 
iiMxncUr ; ftteft h«at ^aamug into i«c w it 
bmonit* walor, and into lii]iiii]» U> ounrart 
Uiem into rapor. 

CQ.loric, Sp^oiTio. IImp wnAnnt of 
hi'ttt n^iiiirHl loraiBetllfTcreattxxUtMi toiiii 
iM|iul ilogrw nf ipiniierntiirp. 

CnlorlBca'llon. Cihrifif^ti*; tram 
raUr, hc-nt. ninl ^/itri, to henoinn. Tlir 
|tr(Kl)M?tion of li«itt ; e«p«>iAlly lltp functiuD 
of fr<^ni>raiin^ aniiiiul h<^M. 

('nlorlmVter. From cal^r, bent, 

ftr/im; a nicfttore. An in«irnmcot by 

'lilcli tlio vltolv quitntitjr of (iliM^ltit* lie«t 

cxbtin^ ia n hoAy, to ohanlnil anino, coo 

he MM't'rtninott. 

CltlorliUA'lor. A ^lTftnii> nppAiii- 
1n« )nveiiu-<l t>v l>r, Haro, of PliilAd<>lpliia, 
lor r^'olvinu rnlnric. 

C'«lot'rApl« CalKMnK^'n. A*^'/-- 
pta» ^iftitilr.i. An l[»Iinii )i]iinl knrivrn 
umk'r ltii> iinni« of mniiitr. It is alt.orstire 
fefld niilnrilK. 

Cnl'tliM. A Kcnn* or plontu of tlie 
ofiier I!nn>infu!at«t. 

Oalttaa Pnlua'trls. Popvla^. The 
roinninn <inxle mnrvli nMrigold. TlMtr« btq 
■evrral oihi'r species. 

Cnlnnt'lm. fiJt/irmAw. rotvntka. A 
root hsTinK an aromatic smell, n bitter, 
pungtoi taate. ami loni^ uml atitNi-fitlr 
propartkn. D>mo gr. i to Jj in powder. 

Calunin>a.AnieKloan. hdian I. 

root h iiAed In tbe ««i»e oami u tde 
Call! ID ba. 

criy callod m/rarivm. From ealtta, baU, 
Tbo Mnlp or npp«ir part nf the PDtniimi U 
to calM bv^'iiiiM' It '.-tlva b«coiiiu9 lakL 

Calx. From iaiah. to bam. Chalk. 
Ilis«. Alfto, in old cliuiitira) bmgtiaga, an 

O&bc Antlmo'nll. Oildeofanlimoi 

CaJx Ohorina'ta. C^iinriile of 
Blen«biii|; [lowilt-r. 

Calx oum K&11 Pu'ro. rottwli 

Calx Hrdrar'syrl Alba. Ami: 
at«i] mcrcnrj. 

Calx, Metal'Ilo. A metal whicb Imb 
nmler^ionv calcination. oombtiattM^ or 
Home otlier e<|iiivali-nt prncvM. 

CbIt Viva, tjnirkliitie. 

Ciil] '4r««. Sni'iH nit-inliratioiu OtfA 
wliich corcr tlie (<oint» of tli»^ pnpillv 
the VidoeT. Their nnion forms cL^ >h 

CaljrlAo'np. From on/x. a llowi 
(!ti{). and jtm, a Bower. Plimta vhi 
have their etamina inserted into Oi© cal, 

Cnljc'Iflirm. ShajKil like a nil 

fnl'folc. In fManj/. a row of mi 
lenlU-lB '>n lliv milskde ah llie buM of I 
cnlvx; aUn ihi- outer proper ooverinf if 
the see<l aillienns to il. 

('nl''yr«lll. From ealjfe, and tiStn, t 
form. RrMimliitDK a onlji. 

*'«lj'|»'tt«. Fmm unJi-wTw. a eo*tr. 
A veil or covor. In /Wntiy. a tnent 
nous envelope plared over Lite mprala 
in(H«eK. Int'loKlntt tlidr»pomlB«. 

CuI'yX. KsJr^, Frr^il «a3r7r«v to 

The rmtvnnoHt of ibe enrulupliig urfMM 
a HiiKor, The lIo*er-nip. Tlio iii«in' 
nons (rup or ttt snrroiinding one or tw« 
uf tlir pnpinre of Om >iiilncT. 

Cam'blnin. In f'fti/fi-l'^. 
trltioos hnmoi^ 3nppii4i>d 10 !•«' « 
from tlif blood t« repair the I 
ac»>mplish the tncrcOK' of the 
orfmn* of tbe IwxIt. In JtttA*y, a eol 
ka», \iKid Jni«<i.>, foviln] in Xht rpiittf 
iween tho ^nrk and wood of Irw* widi 
it in nitppoMd, bveiimes prsdunlly 
iied, aMatuJDK tlic re^etaMc Btmcta 
In rtrnfal Ph^'^^'fit^ ■ Injrr frf rni 
cl^IIh Willi pro4.f«m iotomol to tha 





fmr , of tin- |ipr!ii»tt-arn •Ifmi t)i« rocit of 
S tooth; Mill fnmiinii n |iari of It. 

f'aiubo'KlM* ^'''om ('AititxMlm, in t)u; 
Kut ImUrrs viiiTi; it In otrtAlliuil. Uvil- 
ljoL*e, *liti'fi «■». 

CnniUtl'^JU C/tmhtiManuMbratA. A 
nr ulcn* In the grain or n«nr tli« 


C-nm'ent. A elininberor cavity. Ap- 
pHetl to ilia i^liainlfunar ibu ojih 

Oomera Luol'da. Ajd iutnimtnt 
Riaklti^ »i« Imnffo of «li^ object a^ipcar 
Ml the wall io n lijiiit rvam. 

OunerH Obncura. An optical nppn- 
rktn* fur tlimwini; tl)« imiuru tif itxinrnnl 
obj«cls on n wliitc mrfnrr, in a dnrk 
room, ind raprcoctiiinit lti«tn in t!ii-tr 
l>ro\ier potun and fihnpM. 

Cnnpa'an. AWl. In CT«nwf«|f, 
a ilixli or c»TiT ■tiaix^l like a bell, i»c«1 in 
uuildn^ aniphurie aoid. 

Ctempan'nlA. A gmnt of plant* of 
the unler CoMpanHiaum. 

Oompanula Traobe'Uam. Grwit 
thpAot w.irt, th** rant r>( wbii^b vut (tir- 
merlr niril ia ilccuction for mrt llimat and 
rpliiali >Ti I'f till' Tiviila. 

ranpiin'nlAM. B4ll«liapt<(]. A 
temi in Aitinijr. a|i|>IIct1 tn th« ralrx antl 
ooruiUn « lion nhapvil like a liiit* lirll. 

{'•mplionc'. or Campblne. A 
tah«t4Uico r-TQcnrcd from cotiinioa tnrpt-ii- 
tiiM; with an «[nivaleat of oxygen it 
forma .-j\iiij.h.>r. 

Cam'pbor. Protn the Arabian ea- 
pJtur or hiiniihtir. Cniiipbrir ; aconeralA 
tmbtunoc il^Hrml from iho />turu* C'""- 
jiJtii/vi, ftn'1 iinHlk'il Ijy snlilinifttirtn; of a 
urj-Uitlino if>t!rir», tiroiiij IVi)(rrnii( wliir, 
■ml po«<«Miiiff iiitrrntip at»<) diapti<>r(-tia 
pnipertliiiA Jn Tftntal Prnetie*^ tb« Itnc^ 
tBr« nr "»pirlta" of cniiiplior io ii«n) Ui 
allay pa(n BriHinit fnwii a nt^r vxpoituru of 
ibi) iltmtAl piilji. and At avnsllirv dvulinu; 
kIhi in pvH'olral inflammniinn. annbinpii 
wi>>) rnwurtn or onrbolic ncic), it U thon^lit. 
hrhnvv tb« p<>««r<>f luotlirriiii; tbccwha- 
rotlo anion of tliwe n^nta. Tbo oil ii 

Camphor, Borceo. S«a Boasco 

0«mplior. LlquM. Catnphnroil: tito 
flnid obtainv'l fr>.-iii (Lc youo; cunipbur 
tnv, rtrj'Atilanvp* CimjtAvra, bjr InRMiin 
tstn (he tnwi 


A eolnlkin orrampbiT io ililnlcnitHo ac)d;j 
nlwi npplled to li<|iiid ramplior, anil lini> 
mcnt of '■iiTiif'hftP. 

Oam'pbor Water. J^iia Vvmyhera. 
U. S. ifuftim Caiufihonr. ('nmpbor tiilx- 
tnre; a mixttire uf camptior, nlroliul. oar- 
bonate of iiini.'n<-'-''>B- no'l i!'-<ti1l<:il w~&t«T. 

Cnm'pliomOlllclnti'rani. Tba 
XnHrui Cnmpkern, or pamplior tnw, a na- 
tive of Cbina wi4 -'upan. 

Camphone Flo'rtw Coinpott'* 
HI. (.'itmpliur sublimtd wHli )<^ai£uin. 

Catnplionk'ta. 8<-cC.«»iriiyiw!iMA. 

Ciim'ptiarate. CimphrtroM. A ult 
resul'.irt)! frrim t!;i> □dUiq of laropboHa 
Hciil with a MliGabl« httM. 

Cann'plionUml. Relating to, or 

Cdiitniiiiiiu ''itiiipbor, 

Cfunphorated Tinoture of Oi^um. 
Km; P,iRa4toRta 

Oiaipbor'lc Anid. Ari/ivm niin- 
pkmevm. An ae'ul olilalncd br rop«al«d 
ili)itiI1ntlnn "f nitrio aridfixnn mi»p)ii>r. 

Cani'phrott(>. All^loiljrsntititnnce 
oblikined by druppioi; piec*« of naiuph-^ 
into a porcvlnin inbc roDtaJnin^ (|uick 
lime, h<ial44l In ivdona ani] enndenilB 
!hc vapor. 

Ciiinpj lo'ttH. Fmin ngim^, brnt, 
A prctt^rnulntnl iiiciirvslion uf apHH; also 
■ (liftiirlion uf the eycltdN. 

(Tru'wimmI. a red Hytt-yrooA. the 
prodnot nf the Bnphia nitiJa^ n untive of 
Si«rra l.«oii<>. 

Cnnndea'til)!. Cnniullnn ; tti« luune 
of a balHaiu. Si-« CJaxaox IUuuu. 

Cnnal* C^^iviH* ; dwtm ; meatu*. A 
chnnnel or parage for floidd or Bolids; a 
tiiTie, u 'I II at. 

Oaa&l, Allmen'tary. Yli« («iul Icoil- 
!»)( froin thv w«iitb In ilie a»it(. 

Oanal, Araohnol'dian. A oanal, 
euppOKd to bnve beeti diMorcred by Bi- 
cbnt. fonncil br thr vstcnmnn uf the arnoh* 
noid over tbe iranoveru nml loneitudlnnl 
R>sor» of tJte bmln. anti wliicli iiiiTftimi!* 
tbarena magna Knioiii. ('niTvi1bi<>r*l«nicS, 
tbe existence of this canal. 

Oanal, Arte'rlal. Diiotu* ariorioMM. 

Cnoal.Hy'aloid. A pTiindrlral body 
fonn«d by tJie trrt»i'tion uf tht< lifnloiA: 
mi>mbrBn«intoih« intnriiirof the viii-eoai ' 

Oanal, Intoatinal. Thai portioa of 
ili(^ alinientary canal formed by the in- 


Oannl. Medalla'rT. TliPc^liBdricBl 
carity ill rhe shift of a \oKg hone 

O&nal, Nu'nal. Lacbryinnl ciuiiil. 

Oainalof Ponta'Da. Tlie uiiuut« vas- 
ffulxr (ranui aitantcd within UtA rillorjr \\g- 
«tut.-nt. )t 19 ^w termril tho cilinry cMi«L 

Oanal of Ja'oobaon. TjiniMulo 

Oaoal of Nuok. A vyliixlrical BhiiaLh 
fomiol liruuiKl t)it^ ruiiixl liuniiii-iititof thft 
iiturtiik. by ft [irolon^tion oC Lb* porito- 
nciiin inUt tli« inyujiuil csntl, 

Canfil of Petit. A liiitnatilu' ranal. 
HJtiiiiN") immuOiutvly iironuil the cirouin- 
ferotico of lEiv crjiiUiIiiuu U-uo. 

Oanal of Soblomm. ^ miaot* cir- 
cuUr cAual at the juootion of the •oterotJoa 
ftOfl •x>iijiiii('tiva, 

Cttiial. Spi'nul. Vertebral canal. 

Canal, TFmpa'nlo. A oaaal openiDg 
an th« ltiw«r >iirfac« at tha pfrlroBi por- 
lioD of tliG temporal booe, contsinuig Ja- 
cobma's norve, 

CaiialtC'Ulat«. Oanatui'uUtv*. 

Cli»nittlluil; fiirruweti. la JJvUiMy, a 
deeji !»i}}(Uiiiliiial furruvr or ifroure alK>v«, 
anil roiivt-x urnlnrnvath: applied to Ui» 
tit«iii-lcav«a)irp('ti»l(uiut't)Incil.-t. tiroofisl. 

C'Jtniillc'uliDii it\unl, <.'anaUc'- 
nli. DimitiDtive of fanalia, a caoal. A 
atnall cnual. Ajitiliciliii AtuitomylofomQ 
liir^ tacunie nhkh lecrete inuooi io the 

CJiiin'IU .irlrrl<MUM. ArLoriol 

duct: a v(*st'l iliroiigli wMcli the blood 
jtntitt* la thu ffutuj from Die pulmonary: 
artcrA- intu the aurta, but vrh'tcb ie obltt- 
eraied after tiirili, 

Canalta Semlolroula'rls. T)ii> huiI- 
ciruiilar canal. Tli«ro ar« tlirce in tho 
pDitcvrior iiDTtion of the Inbyrinlti of each 
vnr, whU'h uiivn hy tivo oiillaen Into th« 

Canalls Veno'sus. A rjinnl which 
annvt'\n t)w Mnod in t!io fmliin fruin tlio 
pttrti of the ht'«r to tlit> uMiciuliiig prna 
cam. Imt it i^MiikNt to misI nfti-r hinh. 

i;«iip<>llii'lnK. From atamif I. Hav- 
ing; a InKifowl b{>[tiyAranc6; conoellat^d; 
furfnt^l of rtinrt'lli. 

Caneeril. Lnttice-Kork. The re- 
ticular or *(><>n(ry lAXlnne of booec, oon- 
alalliig iif nunteroug cells cunnnanicating 
wiDt fM^h ol)i«r. The/ ooDlaiii a tnttj 
matioi- likomaiTftw. 

C^n'ccr. Kajnttof. Ut«raU7, a crab. 


In Zoolafy, ft g«ntra of ornstncvmiB 
In Pntli<il^j/, ft Mirrhons Intnnp, geoenU^ 
toniiinaling in n fatal nicer, called b/ tbv 
Grveka eareuMna, Atmi M)pi>'it<:. a craU 
from tha r«*ainblance of the offMil^it 
atui tho sarroandinf raixod vaina tii i 
aiuioal. The diseasa U oniinjirily attnn 
with acrere lanohmtinjr pain, nod Uia 
tar« of tliii sffcct««l pail b vivi 
votialile. The futlowing arc the 
vuunwratad by Dr. Itayte: 

I. Th« Chorulrotd ; frotn x^-ip«f, 
\tin, nail viae- likent^a. or mnilaitlQUbi 

i. Ttut tifialoid: frinii uaXof, (flnM, 
Mdof, likeaesit, or vilTifKrm. 

3. TIk- Tmrinwl; from iafuwi, &t| 
(jJof, lik«i](«9, or lArdlforin. 

4. T)i« Btiitiolii from ^■wion, » 
and tvio(, likcocM, nr nainfonn. 

0. The Ene«phatQ\d; (mm tfutti^JK. 
brain, and nSa^, llken«a*, or eerobrifona. 

0. TliD CoU«id; from tihUa, |^a«t ind 
(ufor. likeness, or gelatinifursi. 

7. The C4>"i}MUfl<f cnnMrmu^ iKo JTi 
csncerons, and the iiip^ (-»n<«i 

Oanoer Cell. Thttrell wkicbb 
po«<yl to charaoioriM eoni-^r. 

CaDOer, Qalft'nL A cauwr liatHUg«> 
or B )>an<la{fu with Dipht tuiU for th« t <w l . 

Oaaoer Hundlto'rum. Cancer 
Scroti. Cliiionv>-9WiH'|i«r'ii ciuiccr. 
irregnlnr, Rnp«ritcial, painfnl nicani 
occarring In the ■orolum of 

4'an >>pron)i. rertnining lu oumr 

MT, uhl Eii^,, (orta. navin; tli« 
nnco of a cancer. 

C'an'oruiB O'ria. Ganffrmom 
m-iti'tis. I'Aa^lani Ori*. Canktr 
the month ; a spreading nlaerniloii nf the 
gutii*, liuido tho lip* awl i!hi-4>k#^ and 
may occur in any part of itie bntt-ol 
Ity or fanoee, attended with a ['reti-ni 
ural dov of itallva — luflainiiuKinn and 
Iniufifnotion of tb« neigh l)nriii,i; t^ArtB — 
fetid b I' oath, (ever, and i-oii>>ti|iitiiiiii: Tlia 
dl»otL«a U iiAiftlly ooollnal l» iliilrlrca i>f 
from two to six y«are of n>!<v an-l i* taj>~ 
posod to reanll fnun nileliittiitiol ^^u>' ' 
tJtr hiHly. indtioed by whiji uf rlrniiinif" 
and improper food. 

The iliKoavc vvid«ot|y ha* M>D)e vt lh« 
chAractvrisilcs of fwnixenoua tudaiiniuc 
tion of the gumt. m weU as ut otbuFafFec- 
tion^ which cou>i»t ut nliicralice of the 




pinu uid esMUUnn of the alveolar pro- 
c««Mtf I Vwt it illl7«nt froiii botJi of thcM* 
In DiaDy parlknlars, ftnil tfarrvfnrc sbotild 
nut lin riiiifoundoct wicti citlier. The last- 
nainci] itffrclioa, iro txrifove, Devoroocun 
■uinins llm vrcAltby, liut seems always to 
tw I'onlioMl to vlitlilren «f Ute (mkh*. uiil 
to 1x9 (l^pend^nt upon d«f«i^livo nntritinn, 
Imi] air. and a oaclieotio faabic a( the bodj ; 
vrtMreas «u>cnini oriii to ocoaMonally met 
wtlh amonjt oIiiMrca of tha weoltliier 
cdaaaM uf BOci«ty. 

In Uie tnntiiiont of the diKeaae, m aoon 
u tha affMUou is rewiffDiud the ileer 
■hoold be dcetrojrwl with (atniitg nitric 
ankl; any dvlAy will insiira fatal coow- 
^aeB<>ee. Dinnfoi'ijiiit wa*]iM »libuld be 
ooostAUtly ciuploviKL aad Lli« strougih 
maintaineil hy tito tna tue of Mlmulmita 
and tonics. H.Tilroi-liloinr n4-i(l in reeoin- 
mvndal hj •uwv, iuHieAil i>f nitric acid, 
for appticAiion to iha ak«r. AotriiiKont 
VMbai are also aervioeoUe in tlie aft«r 

Gm'dldtun OtI. Tlio u-liite of ao 


Caawl'l»* A gvant of ptaate of the 
order JMwMtf. 

OaneUs Al'ba. The lanrcMeaved 
caDcUa« tW bark of irliivli is a Hliiuulant 
and iiungoot aromatic. It i* mldiyl to 
tiltl<r« ttMd cethanica. Dose, gr. s lo sxx. 

Can'it-jr. Ucidcontainint; much bran. 

<'Hnic'tfl». Aconite. 

Cnnlnv't Purlninliigtoor parUkli^ 
<4 tlic luiturti of a dog. 

OaolDe VtM'aa. A de[ireuloo in the 
ooler surfaoe of tJt» stipvrior maiillAry 
boiM^ alxftc tliL- ouuloc or ciiTpi'l tootli. 

CBnlD»Ts«th. iJmira canini : ryno- 
liaitlft; dfAtt*taniarii ; dfnitd anywlara ; 
empiiUti; cmmJm; ej/^-ttttk. &«« Cva- 
Mjt Tarm, 

CHnlnmi. From e^init, a dog. A 
siiij id uiijtli ii to callnl bor^nao it rceenn- 
IJaa that ttt a dog. Se« Ctspio Tk^td. It 
fa alui the namo of a niuiutle, ilw Utat»r 
<Bn{ptft' ori*. b«c«OM) it i» wtiialwl sear the 

ttiiic ii"<i)i. 

C'nnlmai. Stryrhntw nnx votntca. 

<'nni'lif-*i. L<raviie>«« of hAir. 

(iin Ucr. A i-omiilitiii uhtr io the 
Tri'iiMi S.-o CAXiracit 0«k, 

Cnn'uu. A rt>e>l or hollow «Ane. 
llbtila has iMwn lo call«<i from \Ia re- 

iblaBee lo a reed. 

Oan'naTlB'tuUi. SeeOxuiA FiflTrt.A. 

Oanna In'dlcat. See Saoiitaku 

Oanna Ma'Jor. Tlie tibia. 

Oanna Mi'nor Cnj'rl*. The BbulL 

OuQaa Starob. A rariety of 
reoemUy iatrodut.'eil from the Wt>tf Indiet^l 
onder the Fnacb luune "Tou» Us moit." 

Gan'Mablne. Cannnhi'n». Ciuiiia- 
l)ia htttiip. A reein extracted from tb« 
Cannabis Indico. 

<*»n'nablii. A genns of plante of 
the order VrtUaCfOi. Hemp. 

OatinablBlii'dlaa. India [Itmp. The 
homp cultiratcd id the East is iliiiugfat to 
be dilTerent froin the e.ainm(>n b*^ip, hut 
the two plant* are r«^nl«d hy tnost bot- 
anlit4 as Iduntinal. It ia adtniltud. how- 
aw.r, lo W moru powerfiJ ia ita anttoD 
uprm the ayslem. An istoxkatiag IwiNC 
is jtntparod froui the loavM, nndor tfat^ 
name atfiinij. or gtnga, in ll¥lia. Il is a 
inic e-irolinil illniuliuil. aiul may l>e em-j 
ployed whDii opiiun cannot b». One-haltl 
to onu grain will produce sleep. Duse of 
tlnctarA, urtt. xi to xxx. 

OcuuabiB Sati'va. Common heiup«. 
Tlif tops (if this plant haw a nlruo^ luir*) 
coiio smell, eaitntii; friddinMs, dimneu of 
siltht, and a speck* of intuxicntiMiL 

C'ail'ncl <'«»!. A liiiumtnous suh<4 
ilju)iM>,wliii>hyi>-lil;<«ti<v)mbD'4tlunn bright 
flame, with littlo or no smoke. 

C«n'itiila. A tuhnlnr lorffical hi> 
nI punK-nt. tnlroiliioed by meant of a atrlet 
into a cuirity or loinor, to draw ofT the 

CiiiMlinr'IdiilCoIto'dloB. Ool.. 
Juiliiiiii timi CiHUniriJt:. In composed i 
cnnihari'let, snlphnrio ether, and aoetla^ 
acid. In iwo onnccii of whk'h mlstnr 
Iwunty fivo graiM of fna ooMon Are dia 
solved- If Is an effeeiuat veateant, naSf 
in linttal Ptaetitt\»» vftliiaMeappliratinn 
in alveolar periostitis. reU^iLngtheinllMin- 
uKitiDU by ronnter-irriiativn. It ta ap 
|)H«i! by raeiuis of a Minera-bair brash lo 
the gum over the root of the alfertod 
toiiih, and the Miaii.'r which resulta ia 
punctured with a net>dle. 

4'uiilbiir'idlnc. From rtmi\tiriM^, 
Spiiii^li ily. Tho ftctivi! prinr-iplc in Can* ' 
tbnridus, ou whidi their resionting qaallly 

<'an'lhnrl». CanthnrU tMs/oiitoriii/l 
m-Oo^K, a beetle. Tha blister- beetle; 




Spasiab fly. A (ream of Cn]«opteN>n* 
bweoti eoatainuig inaDy sgiccics. C^n- 
thnridM. when taken Intenuilljr, are pow- 
erTully atltniiliint, prndn«io^ a jM^uIlftr 
QlFccL Hpun tliQ uriaurT and iceaitsl argnna; 
appltwl exieniKll)', Ihey uxoirv tDtlniiiiiw- 
tion of (tin (kin. mxl k oopions M«ri>tiaii 
of serum uiiiler die cuticle. Doee, irr. h* 
ti> |tr. J. in a pill, with npium or extract 
of )ieiibiLn(> and raoiplior, Iwioe a dajr, 
Hot oC tlio tin«(urtf, ^It. x. 

Oan'tbails Vitta'ta. Th«pouioA>-. 

f'unthl'llH. fititihta. Inilaniinft* 
tiun uf l)i<; nDgI<> of oD« or both «yw, 

tan'dloplastjr. K9v4ot, tli« an^le 
of tliu ajt, anil ry-MAu, to form. The 
Operation of transplanltng a portion o( 
the c"r\junotiva of tlm e>ebiUI K» tb« ex* 
ternal c-nnthn*; of The «veUd>. 

Caa'lhuK. Savffc^. The angle or 
Oomw of Ihi- eye. 

C'an'uln. Diminolive of CAnnA, a 
rmd. Curtntlit. A ■mall lube need in 
sureerr. Peo f'AXXVLa. 

t'aonl'elilnr. A volatile oil ob- 
tUDMl h.v the d««truoliv« distillation of 

Ca'oult'hsuc Indhui rubber; fum 
elaali«. The coucnile Juice of the fftncit 
ffutamensit.Jafrophif rlnwticn, nnd SipiMtia 
eta§tifa, Soaih American trpos. It ii re- 
markable for its ciMticily, and. Wing in- 
■olnlile in water and slcohol, !e applhid to 
VArlotu vnlunlile piirpuaca. It ta tue<l ns 
a l>n*o for nKifinnl Cc«t.h. Sic. ; n\*o in the 
uiiiiiiifiwtiire <'f cattietcr*. bouglvsL, pes*»- 
ri«s. nnd in Ihv iimxthcKii uf the velnin 
pnlati, H did not. however, nn»w«i' very 
wrll nt firat fur this Inttor pur;ioie. as the 
wcretions of I)k> inixith nnd niinil oavitios 
•(■(tn dcKtrovcd it. But tlii» ohj(«tioD haa 
boea completely obTialvl by the di»oov- 
efjf of n peenliar method of preparing it, 
vnloaniainf^ llio rubber. See luniA Rtm- 


Cll'oillollOIieln. Cuotiteitmei'ha. 

Th< principlo on wliic-h the projinrliM of 
caoiUflhoiic depend. 

Cuplioplc'rlie. Front mfru, to In- 
halo, and n</tfi/v< hitter. Tito bitter prin- 
cipk> Iff rhtibarb. 

C.'nph'ors. Ctyiira. Camphor. 

Cnplll|Urf>. A tiiynip tmplojred as a 
dtrnaWni in ct>ugh6. 

C'ap'lllitrjr. Cupitlarii ; friim ntpit- 
Ivt, liio huir. Hoacrabling a hair; liair- 



aid ^^ 

like ; ttnall. It l» afplied lo tb« «xtr«i 
nidides of the arteries nihl reliu. AJki. 
parti of pUmts wkkb hear a reMmbl 
ti> haira. 

Oai/illarr Attrso'tion, Tfae pot 
hy trlilth n liiiniil riM,>» hiffher In a 
tobt) than tho aitrfiiee nf the li^iotd 
which one eiiil of It in pliuted. 

CnpllUc'nlnH. Cnpilhu. Uie Im 
Th« arieriat and v»nons rndiolix pervadii 
more minutely Uutn the cntdUariea, Lhe 
ntlirtintc clement* of ctcrj- origan. 

I'lipiriiiH. The hair. 

('uplple'nliun. A eort «f catarrh. 
Also. » lieavineaa or disordor of the bead, 
eoMimon at Rome. 

Capbt'tmni. Uterallr, « bridle, 
Tliv »in(ile spVit-rloih haiidtit;^ uafd 
fraeiurt-a and oth«r ii\]nHwii of thu k 

C'up'ltiil. fapitalU. Bvlon^ni! 
the hMd. Applieil toenrgioal ofH<nll 
it denote* tht>t>e of Krenter mugnitude, 
fliniititnliiin*, (-«c:moiii, ,Vr, 

<'npllM'lln K«me'4lM. Renediea 
for the hcAd. 

Cnp'lUtle. From aifntt, ibo bea 
tIeiKlod : tennlnated in a head or niddi 

C'lipllflii'vlnm. From capnt^ 
hcm^l. and (arart, to waab. A lotioa 
bath for the head. 

rnpltK'raha. Itislnimenlnlodraw' 
down ibo bond of the fcttai. 

(Tapifo'neH. FfttuM:* wl)o«o head* 
are so Iari;c us lo i^Iclfa^t^ with d«>liTtirT. 

(*«plt'nliiin. Itimlnutivo of tnf^t. 
tl)i9 hr&d. K «iuaI1 hftnd or knot. In 
Chfvtittrg, an alembin. In Botcnf, a 
«[iiK!i«« of Intlni-cMti'iice, oonipoMMl a(j 
nianj flowcn., arranged in a clobiili 
fonn a]Km n coiiinion «l«tn. 

('npl'Tl Oil. Spo CopAtBA. 

('Hpi>|ii'ni4ys. Fmni^iitioiL 

(apno'inar. From uim-m, 
uoi)m. ptiTt. A volatile, tnuwpitreoi ILqvi 
ol!tnin«<l from tar, iind hkHs; the proper 

of dissalvint' i-iimiU'liODC. 


An opcrnlion fir«t reconimcndt^d b* I'r. 
Koecker fur the puqMMe of pniU'Eitinn an 
exfioaod ilmtal imlp frmn injury in niliaii 
a toutfi, ^w DnTAL 1'dij', EiisMnt. 

4'iip'nil^. A conibinatton of rapt' 
adii wiib H twM, 

Cupri'olii'rls. From t^noUt, a 




eil : tti'iOiol by yunw Ut th« fl{i(-rRiHli(i veo- 

Cap'rlc Add. A toIkUIo noid of « 
(lUacnwabIa otior. nliiauted from IwUcr 
oil iiA ounvenion into map. 

C'n|*rllu'<|iiiiiiu, .^^phonv, 

Cuprin If .irld. Ad iu-i>l witb b 
■ne«( llkv odor, ubtnlned from buit«r in 
0&r •fioulftr ervatal*. 

Citp'rliijL. Tlie orgasio nulical of 
llie furvijulng. Oil of nxt In uipptiiwl tu 
lio iti( oiylijrdrata. It« formula la C'alli*- 

C»|>ru'lc AHd. tSeeCAPKiisu' Acid. 

Citpran'ir.ic'ld., uWy, un- 
plftBMQily un«llin^ tluijl. obuinwl from co- 
coonut uil, liuttm^, nni] Lidiburg olMieto. 

Cap'ronyl. Tha hitudH of tiia Ibrv 
goioi;- Forraiilft CjIIa. 

C'ap'»lrln. An acnH riKiia obtained 
from Csjennu pepper. 

Cnp'ftlonn. Prom wmu, to bit«; 
of it* uiTiKt OB tha moBlh. A 
plants of Umj ordor Solaiutetat. 
!oum An'nuum. Cajrvnnit p«p- 
(Wr; (iiiinca p«ppor. It Is • powerftil 
atiiutjlant, oikI {irwIuciM, vhirii lAkuii into 
tlH> flnninHi. n eeiiM of Itefit ai)i] a l'Ioit 
D{' h ii iu«d u a condiiDvoi. 

Biv: 'I'asuinedidnalaeoni. Dose, 

gr. r^ in /inttat FrturtUt, tlio tlnr.lor*, 
I^Qclars Cap.'Jci. is oscAil in xcuifi slveolar 
pfrkitlitla. wliciil tt in DViiMMIirr (o liiiKlrD 
nftpnraltfli), bIvo in (ha r-hronio form to 
PMoIvc llie iniliutiiaatorjr producLt. ]l 
b bImi xi9etn\ lit Mini>iUi(« lliw (pinis in 
ebnmietoflfininiAlion uiiil ulwnUUin. anil 
in clironi*' dviwlor ab^ccw. and in reco- 
irion of thv ^nin* from llio necks of ibo 

OatHUCum Prutceoons. Shrubby 
pianta K^'DwInit in UiiC cliiuales. mIiI to 
protlthTo rooai nf tho Cayonna |>«p)x>r 
liruitKilt from the W«9t Ipilice aixl Soutb 

Cap'HnlA. Diminutira of tapit, b 
eboal ur vBsv. A oa|isillo. A inrnilirB- 
ooD* bB|f Intitoilnv n part of ilio l-odi'. sb 
tK* ("Apaular li)tnrniU)U ibe »tp*iiic of Ihii 
cTftBll'"" ''■*'•. *' I ^le mtlrirc! or wix-a 
ol ■ I < r»ll«(1 ■•a|(«nles. 

In . r.iitiM |icrlnmli<iiii 

«r Kod-vwaMb uf > (rUul. 

OspanlM. AtrBbUia'rto. Tfae «iprB- 
resBi cA(i4ul(«, or *ujir>-r«nal ylau'U; tnu 

ii« vti eKt'li 

•tda, Miniiouiiting the oorre4fio<ndiAg Wi- 

Cap'sulH Oordis. CapmU <[/* fAa 
Jtftirl, TImj iierirnriliuii). 

Capsiila Lumba'iia. The recopUf 
fiuluiii cb.vik. 

Vttff'mlar. fViwif^rM. UavioKihti 

(vmv, or porWiViDK of tlie iiiituri% uf n CBp* 

Oftp«aIar Iiig'axBeDt. Akindaflis" 
DnicDEuils bsK surroiiDtliog ovcry movable 
ariifii);itli>ri. mmI i.-imtnlain|f Ibo fj-nuvla. 

Cap'onli^. CupsulA. 

Capsule, QelatlnouB. Ad envdope 
o( jfclatin inolimint; (npniiMi iimI otlit-r iliv 
agrcenblo oiin. to coiioeiil ibcir ta>il«. 

OapeuleorOlLaaoa. AdcD.H«rttllnlAr 
lannbniie aurronndin; ttit tdbb puriw in 
lu moat tulnnte i-nmUicBtioiu in the liver, 
di^9cribcd by (! Iis»on. 

CapBuIe, Rao&l. SoprS'renal np*" 
enle. S«a C^PMrtA Atkaihi-Ukn. 

CapBule, Seminal. A uainc givon by 
Rartboliiie to till* diljUiiikiD of Uie e]c> 
trotnitf of tbe nu il*fieretu. .'Somo aiijtto- 
mtiitH ipve this nntiiv to ili« tetieuUnemi- 

Oapeule, Byno'viai- A mombrnnouB 
1>B^ cuvtioiiinK aa urticidutioD, and Bccrol 
ing a labrlrutin; llnld. 

Cnpoilirtl*. (.<ipuAi. ftc(ip«ulc. I»- 
tinmniaiiiiu irf ilie rap»ule of lbs eyo. 

Ca'pitl. T)i« bund, ontninrn, or ^kall; 
ibo uppor ettrvtnitjr of ■ hone, as lli« bud 
iif ibv fviiitir. Alno, Mia im|[in uf b iiiumI^J 
lis tbi- lon^i litrai) of tb« l>ici<pt; nod it la 
iM)m«iimv* applied to a |)roiub«ranc« re- 
Mmbling: a head, aa al>o to Um hegiaiuug 
of a part. 

Onpnt OaUlDa^inle. rtrvmt>nlu'' 
wHM. A protuberance in tho nrelhro in 
men, filiuated before tha neck of tits 

Oapiit Ob'stipum. Wr; nock. 

Caput Pur'BUtn. A renicd; whMi 
oaDSH a ilenution frotn ih« bond, ns an 
rrrhiitr, iilaJaij"^i<(. Jto, 

Caput Scapula). Acromioo. 

Caput Suooeda'iieutn. A swellin 
<^f tiic l'<-iid of titi; ftctiis, wlii'ch ot'oum \ii\ 
i-erl.iin ra*oe of laU>r. 

Caput TOH'tla. The epidWyinis. 

Carul>»<->iiini. The nunw of a .vd- 
IomUIi nrouiiitic wood of loOia. HUp|HM«i| 
to i>miu-a» moinaehie and oniiaeurbtilk) 




Cnr'abuH. A genaa of OoleAptvrotit 
IbkoI*. Tw<i *pe«i«», tll« CrffOfXphtlai 
mid Femyinm*. were at due liino morh 
Taum«4 M a remedy for toothachi). and 
even "iuit« rttcntlj tlwy wcru liipl'lj '"'w- 
ommemled in Genn«ny tor this piirposr. 
They »erufln«mlil>wJ b<>i ween the ttmmfa 
U(I lin^r, nnd tLen upplirti to lb« afTootvd 
tootb nnil siiiii. 9'tM CncoixeLLi SxrrKM- 

Car'iiinel. Tlie l.!«ck. sbinlBg cw- 
ImiiaciXMi? iitii!- ri'nrltiiig fmtn llie alow 
coinlitiKtiori 11 r fcTi^ar, 

Oimn'nai f-tr-%it'>ut gummif enr- 
jifiM. A nmnrti minotis Hiitintance, 
UaviniE nn nruiiinliF sindl an'I bitt«r laBt«, 
fonneriy aacJ osftn inirMditnr in valn^rary 
luilsBtno, nit<lln<lii<ciitirnt nod atreDgthen- 
iog plasters. 

(^U''at. From the Arab kymt, a 
irn^lit. or from uttiariov. a nnall vright, or, 
ftccordinc to 4I1IIIC. frnii) ivara. an Afrionn 
term for Mie htnn mcd hy the nntiro* of 
tbo GoliI Coant fur wt^i^liitiu: ^Id dost. A 
weight of fniir giitlnH. iikmI Id weigMsg 
(tiMnond*. It Ik nt*!) ti«(.il in n-rfronno 1o 
tlie fittcncfG of iiold. Fur cxumplc, aop- 
piue ihe niiiMt »ii(iketi of •■ lo wdfrh 54 oar- 
atfl. of tw«lv«i )[niin« «aoti: anil Die pnre 
Ipfld U ealtwl j?iM, Tlius, it |dW be wid to 
lie it crarnlR tint, or ■timdanl. h is lmpH«<l 
thnt If aro ptii-e itiilil. and .^ alloy. In 
tliu prTii'i'?<:> n{ n**aj\at; fi<iUi, ihv real 
iiunntiiy lattun {« very vmnll. ^nF7nl1y 
from sli lo twelve pratm: and this Is 
ttrriii^] t)i« <™»ay po^ittJ. Il ii> inbdividcl 
into 34 corntn, and rarh cnrat inlo fonr 
BMay irains. and <>ni'ligrmmmto(|iiarteni; 
ut that rhare are thr*e Imndred an'I eighty- 
four oppatale r«port» for gold. Wticn th« 
(cold BNuiy pound la only a\x xralns. the 
I <|anrt«r tuuy ^raln only vr«((ihB l-IUtti af 

I Agrnin. Iliis n'iU gire Kim« Idta of the 

W Bcrnrafy rciinlred \n Ilia wPifi'IitM and 

I «efll«« wwd for ■nch dv)i<<At<' opiji-flliotiiB,"* 

^K Thu Mill ftirthcr divl^oo vf llie carat 

^^P bring* h to ^ of the ortipiia) wciiibt. 

^^B Thi* metho<l of ni|voi;ing tb« fineness of 

^H fold, vvt', i« grHdanllv yjcMitig lo Ibe 

r more wientirto dwimnl nioile. 

^^^ Cnr'nwfij'. Sp<' C,\itiT«. 

^^b Cnrbnso'llc* A i<cculitiravi(Ifcimie«! 

^^H by llie miiun <if nltn>- add on Indiirn. 
^^1 C^nr'bo .tnlma'll*. Otrf/o atmit. 

Bnad*i Encj-clopiidta. 

• . '. 

AniRialnliBrflOBl. Ivory-blaek. 6mCii 
COAL, AmmaL. 

Oiu-'bo Poasillfl. Stnnv cnnJ. 

Oar1x> Llmu. Cliarcua] of wovi. 

C^M-boby'dralCfe. HydraUanft 
boa. Orgnnif subvtnnces rompoacO of 
aearly oqnal part* of mrbon. by'- _■ • 
and cxy^n. Oelliili>M,Mikreb, an ' 
belong to this claw. 

CarlMil'ie Arid, or l*lirn»lc. 
Pbesift acid. ObiatiMvl from f<ial-iar. tnd 
when pcrferlly pare Is a oolorlew *Ty«al- 
Uxi-d solid, aiul of a ta^le at fiiix ptiit)i«tit. 
and tkfTi nviKft^ Ut- odor !« like thai »( 
lar. Ii Is Tery aoloblv Is alcobul, clhTT, 
chlorofonn. and bentole. F<ir di>nUl riMi 
it in rendcr<>d fluid, by dilniinx K wilb i 
Ittlle Ctdogne vraler. ]l U. chetDtoally, na 
■leobol rallter llian an ftrid. 

It U nW in /Wrirtry w no npplieatiea 
lo tli« c3]>o«t^ jmlp of a tootli, pn-iian- 
tory to fining it. when vithoni its aid lliv 
peneral praetico woiiM Iw to dwimr *!>* 
pnlpi al«o, to acnniliro denlinv. I ' 
it Is altow«d to remain in coniart « i 
nerve of a tooth for ten mln«i<>«. V< Ice 
applied to WDMliTC donlinv it ia al]iii>«d 
to i-cmain From five to Rflcen tnlnnic*. 
Combin*d with glycorine In ih* propor- 
tion ofl part lo SO pnrls of glycine il it 
a rnlimble Ii^ectioii for chronic fbmMuf 
alveolar abwes*. It is also nwA for Uiv 
sa.nie purpo««i aa orenaote, wliich >««. 

rarbomeihjl'lc Arid. An aci-l 
resulting from t lie action of carbonk aeU 
apon pyroxylic »['irit. 

Csr'b*a. Froni(urb4>,eoal. Tn^<m 
iitry Ibis lerm )b lued to signify ■> r^nrr 
eombiatlble baaeof ibe TsrioticD >■< ''■ 
coal and other cerbonacL>ooa Kalnuu^.'. 
Tlie diamond la the purcM form of crrrui" 
1\tM ftiirbnn. 

Carbon, Min'eral, At«nn a)>|^ted| 
nharcDHt with vnrinuii proportion* of rndli 
and iron, uiihoiil bitnmen. Il tnv^ u qlty 
iHsitrc, and ihe fibnuw trstiire nC 
h id totind nrntilied with vmrfoti- - : 
of coal. 

Carbon, Sesqul-IodidB dt. A y«^4 
precipilate. obtained by aildiaK wMf I 
an atcobolie solution of iodine deprived i 
ila color by p^ilnxM- It Iidr boen tited h, 
glandular and mtaneotiB nlTeRiiona. 

Oarbon, Sulphuret of. A 
rent, colorIrM in'td. of an tinplaflaaat ' 
and Bmcll. It waa formerly au|i 




b* diaphoretic, dtaretio, «innMnagogn«, 

Cnrbonn'i'c^nK. Cario. coal, air- 

b/>n, nr III.' riiitiir* of rnpbon. 

C'»r'lM>llUN. '.'\\rf w. 

I'lir'lHiiiJilr. A tuli ti>rm«(] by iliu 
iintiin of i-arlinniv »nd wicli m MlUUblc 
!>As<.'; a nmiliiiiiiiioD of cnrhonk aHJ. 

C»r'lM»imIi.Hl. /^arhi'ttatut. Afro- 
tuM. Ilinl nlticli is eotnlitiitfd Willi Cftr- 
Wai« MCtJ. 

O^rboii'lc Acl4. Ar'tdnm car' 
AoN'u-Mm. /!»</ afr; tnrhoHoeecut nod; 
fitfpftirie atij. A tnu>Kparetit, cv1ot4«Ktt, 
giucotif acid, wilhont mt]]. irTr<pintbI«, 
AD'I iopaptbk of «n|)|>orting com^nsttoQ. 
It it • tvni(«.'i)ii'l of carWn 4n<] ox^ii^ii, 
CO. Iq tlic funu uf cnrbonio odd fas ti 
«oii*titiitL>it n aiiiaII [ira[iortion i>f stluoa- 
pli«ri<: ftir. It \» often fonnd in miiiM, dr,v 
irella, Af. Ilroitilitne it b often fatal lo 
Mumal lifo Sw roiHUN*. 

OarbODlo Aold Water. Mineral or 
KkIa wnlvr, niwil a» a vetiirle fur boIIim 

Cnrboiuo Oxide. Gn»e<KU oxi4e vf 
ctrbno: th*! |iroi»xit1i^ of owbon, CO. It 
It a iM>lt>rl(**t f^* foTmrnl wtinn carbon i« 
burned «fitli nn iinpwfwA '"pply of oxj- 

4*iirfiun'l«-iini Xa'lrum. OarW- 
satc I'f Miiln. 

Cartoo'niM Nnliilinre'lam. Sal- 
pbiir«i xf o.>irli<>a. 

Ciurbttuiuiu. Oorixm. 

<'«rlH>nlut'(lea. Tbe oonreraioo 
af t>i ^.'.'iij .1.' •■ti'in.iiiDoes iaio ohsroo*]. 

<'arl>iiii «•!*. S*.! .AsTunAT. 

Ciir Itiiri't. Cirburvtam. A com- 
|ii. >>in witli an; ntnijile i^ntntiii*- 

|i> .< >• T.}T r-tumfU; irarliiifcllod 

tijilruffea u tt;dt^K«n lioMliig curbua in 
MitwLlntl. Ktoel in It iuirbiir«t of Iron. 

Carboret of SuTphur. A liquid 
nniijMiund uf ciiil'ua nml ratjiliar. tl vtoo 
Ibnnvrlf eniltHl oli-obol of snipbqr, and ii 
DOW obtained ht pA«fin(* the vAitor of mI- 
(ilinr uvvr |^iili-<l rLnrcml. 

C'nrhnrrl'U-d ll)r'ilrog«n. Car- 
iint .in-J hijiir'tJita ■ Htht Mt ; 
eh . ■' •>/(tirtr'jn. There 

ai - Mirdt iifi'itriion ainl 

hy-l 'J' M». or oil-tnaVingpn*, 

■II r.i'<> j! lunuH an oilv ouin- 

prninil «ltl> citkirin'i, and It/jhc otriurtttetl 
Aydrw^m, tbaoi in tomo coal mines, whldi 

i« knoirn hy Uto namf> at Jit* damp, ami la 
Uie cau»e of Ibe «Ki>lf>niqn» wbirb tore*- 
timwtuok jilnre jinivioudT lo ibc inven* 
tion. bySir llnmpbroj' [>avjr. of lb« wifety 
lamp. It ie al»o ontlri'd from tbe tnwi of 
■la^ant pools and ditcher. Oli-riaiil jnw 
la ublnlni>d by ditnllllm; a iiUKtnr« of one 
part t>f alcoiiol and two in bnik of »id. 
pharic acid, and collected over water, 
wbioh iff nai'l Xa abnorb nioro tlian ono 
•ereolb of its volume of th* gns. 

his otaosilication uf animnl siib^inncM. to 
denote tbu»e radvcala vrhioh o<>n»it>t of two 
or more atoma of csrlwn. Tbii^ oxniio 
add C|O.Ur ii tnid tn be a bydraKv) oxida 
of oivtyl. Ox or C> wbicb i» a oarbyl. 

Corrlno'mn. From uuuivDr. a crab, 
a cnni-«r. A piiluftil «obrbouit Itimur Inr- 
minatiDfi: in tiiftlignftnluWr !f<;o Oascbr. 

Oarclnoma Rsemato'des. H'nuo' 
Udm. I'^ngut iamolada. Most nntbnr^ 
iiM tbe tena in tbe *ame aenae aa cancer. 
Some apply It to iitoipicnt Miicor. anil 
MRw to Uiat ap«Mes of canon* whiob re- 
FCtnblos c«robral aiibxlance. 

Carrinoin'ntnn*. From cofwiWnMi. 
Urli>njririj! tn I'tirritidiiiii, 

Card 'Amlntr. A geauaof plonUuf 

llu- cnltT Cr'ir\f'fr(K 

CardamlnePrat«ii'Bis. Tiieoorliflo 
flower, or ladioi' miock ; a in-rcnniril hi;r- 
baoeoua (ilant fonnerly snppoied to bs 
dinrcftc iinil anllNpaamodlo. 

Car'ditnonii. Cordom^'Miim; from 
MifM^a, r.lie bcart, liccAiiiie It wna sopposed 
In Blron^heo Ibii or)rnn. Tbe fl-uil of 
Alf'iM" Mnl'iminninn )«a Kanu And )tmte- 
fnl nnimotir. but rtiii^ily etiii'Iuvcd a^ nn 
in^'dinnt in rtinipnund inedii'inni \tn>i 
rntiiiit>>, IhiM, gr x lo sit. 

C'nr'ilumoniM, CcjioD. Tbe fhilt 
of llii? .Iwflirniiw Gntnn I'tintditi, cnontitit-^ 
ink' of »wh of an wt^t form, oft^n anirii- 
lar and alightly ctinrifomi. and nf a stmne, 
hot, and peppei-y taate. They are rarely 
vi^l oa a iiu'di'-ianl agenL 

Cantano'iiiam, Bee Cakuamok. 

C'nr'dlH. Ke<tiia, Ibw beart; also, 
th<- tipper oHIire of tbe sloitiach. 

Cter'dlne. (Vn/iVm, ffom, 
ihr hrari. KHntinif m ibc b^art. Almt, 
lo the "ttporior op«ninA uf (l>vi «iomaeb. 
.\Imi. ikpiiliol I.I invijfiiralinc iiit-ilidlivs. 

Gandi&c Artertee. Corrwufy arteritt. 
Two artvrioa given off by ibe loitia. abova 

tlifl tms kIiks nf th« sigtnMd valvu^ iwd 
dittriliitlvd U- tilth flurfacM ot th« liMrt. 

Oar'diac OaoKllon. A ganglion lit- 
uat«i) U'nvuili the nrdi af tlie norti. 

O&rdiao Norve*. Tlic nerr«» of the 
licArt. YI117 ar« illMiniitiiihed into right 
Olid kd, Mid ftrue bom tb« cervuial gu- 

Oardlao Plox'us. A network formoO 
by tbe nnnllio uerve* at Itie bnoJc put or 
till.- nnfin, niMF ihtt liiMft. 

CardJao VelDs. The opronary Tdaa. 
Tt)<!> iirv Utur ill niiiiiber, two antvrior 
utid tM'o pnstorior, tuid <(f>en bj" one orUic« 
intii [III- riulil nnrido i)f th« liuart. 

Curdltt'icm. Gnul of ilia heart. 

ClirilliiK'rnpllf. Cardioffra'piis, 
ft'Uiu Mifi<<i», lliti iivtirt, ADi] jfMfQ, n ile- 
MTiptioii. A (lMcnpti«iii of the liesrf. 

CArdlal'Kla* FraiaiiapJ<(^th«h«art, 
nnd tt'-}fr, |>uiu. I'niu of tlio bIocbmI). 

('At^lAlAK'In. From mapSM. thft 

b«ari, and Aajof, a dificoiirae. A treatjao 
ou die hoiirt. 
Ciirdlnt«ro'la. I"'""" M^jAd, the 

Luirl, Mill riKifiv, to cuL WweoUuil of 
the Ittsarl. 

Cardlatroph'iA. Atrophj of ihu 


('Hrdlc<r'(«Hift. Ttom lapAia. Iionrl. 
nnil in.r.ioji, oloTiViun. l)iial*lion »f ihu 

CriirdlPlce'KlH. From mitiiiK the 
]ir4Ti, oni) cX«(, on ulcftr. Ukaratioi) of 
tht hcnrl, 

('Hr'dlfM'elp. From luviAa, tnd «$2)T. 
u Uiiiior. Till' [<rt>lnulon of the heart 
tiimu^^h a wound of ilie dbiihrt^in. 

C'ur'«llod>'nlit. Frutu Mpiia, and 
fiJi'i-v, fi«lD. I'rtio In rhe heart. See Cah- 


Curdlonitiln't'lu. From iui^d<a,t]ie 
li^un, and lin/^wun, aotUiMK. Suftimiiig of 
the heart. 

Cardlon'c'litw. Frnm iin,i>l(^ the 
hfriiri. Biitl ..^•.'1'-. A tiimur. An uneurism 
of ihv hvnrt^ i,>i' <>t' ihe iLurtii iiuar it. 

CardlopHl'iiinH. Fmm noitAta, the 
huiirt, and -oV^- polutioo. Pat|ii(ation 
of th« hvi''(. 

Ciirdfop'itlliy. Cardiopat&'ia. From 
Mtpditt, th(i h 1:1 rt, anil irn^, dtwHue. DU- 
tnae of the liuftrl. 

Ciir'dlopt-iivnrdl'llM. InllnnimA- 
tioa "t' tim houit utid [iLTicurJium. 

CnrdlArrhcx'is. Frois aori^M, 
hi-ert. and pi(i(, ropluro. Kuplun at 

C'Jtrd loMlcna'Bla. Coolratttion d 
llir o)ii'tiirit» uf the heart. 

Card lot'roKiDS. From mfiim. 
h»aru end Tp«fu>f, tmiuor. FMible 
Inlion. or Untlcrinic of dio heert. 

C^rtllol'rotUK. One wtwaded 
the hrnri.. 

Cardt'llH. From lattfja. Ih 
ami iiw. intUmtiintiod. lullamniDlinii 
iJia bwirt. 

Csr'do. A hiDi!«, The artfcu 
nillinl iriiiii'.^Din.i. 

(iMT'dituit. A g«na« of plaota of 
ordur CvP-fMMita. 

O&rduus Domee'tioaa. The 


Carduns Maiia'nua. Tb« cimi 
milk tliutlu, Mr lotly'f thullu. Th« 
jrivlil a hitler oil. 

Oarduus Plooaa. I'ine thUtU, 
giiiii my -rooted atrartjlia. 

Cajdmte Satl'vue. C'lrJtivs^i 
tnu. .\rlii-ljiik<i. 

CarduuB 8olBtitl&11& The 
iuw ihi«ik. 

OardutiB Tomanto'ou*. The 

C'nrrlm'rla* Prom Mfv. the bi 
and fta/ytf, weight. [IpavincM of 

<'«re'na. The Iwvntjr-rourtJi part 
of ii drop. 

C'nrVanii Carurn, Cnmnaj Mfd. 

C'nrlbir'aa Bark. Tht> hark of 
Ex^tUiift curibattm; a fuUe cinchona. 

i-ar'tra. Tliv Hg-lme. 6m Fh 

Carlca Papa'ya. The ]ui[>aw-tmi 
a native of wonn clinuilce ; er«r* [wrt of 
whl(-!i. vxcejil th« fruit, yieMo an anil 
inilky juiue. ooneidercl, while Crtelu * 
reuivdjr for tape-woriu. 

ra'iieM. From atjpu. !■ 
aef'inlingto aoine antJiora, fi' ' 
dw Mtoril Kanilt, U> dig Is. I 
of hone. * 

Oarlee Dentltun. See CASiuor 

Oaiiea of Bodo. A huun nJi 
from llie «iirfnre. 

Carles of the Teeth. A cbenai 
di'i'iiiiipt'-'iliiiti of ihe intiiiy (lort of 
portiuti ufa liiolh, acouiiijiuiiii^l Uj a 




Uol or cma)il(it« iliwrguiijcftlMMi at l)i« 
uitiuil rr»im'wc>rli >jf Ut« b1I«01«<1 pwrt. 

Mr. Ttinmu Itrll list suti«titu:ed for 
oftrie^, t)i« t«'in gnngnMiQ, aoppoting th« 
IstU-r (i^ r^-Dvey u iiiur« correct k1«a of 
tlH' lrui> nntui-e uf lh« afftMrtiun ; Ijut oa 
ilie laller ml^bt b« ap[>tM«l lo onodiar 
afl('«lioD i>f Dio l<aUi, niUDvl}-, n«>r«ni, 
with u mucli pro|fTi«C7 ax ii> ili« ouv 
now nnilcir euDiidijntioo, Iha Bntlior 
tbinka it hitittt to contwM lb« um of tii« 

Tlie orvorrenM of the diwue b urdi> 
aorilj lirat iRiIicn[«iI bf aa a]i«<]ii« or 
dark lipototi the enamel; and. if iliia be 
nunvMl, till' cubjaocol deulin« will ax- 
bibil. • Mui-k. Jitfic bravrn. or wiiitisli at>- 
pearaiU!!.*. Ii luiiitll; ounincnoi^it i>n die 
oaur ourfiu-i* of tbo dentliii'. nnik'r tli« 
ffOainol; from tlivne* it pr(>c««(l« lowm'ds 
tb* ocstrc, niiUl U rvmUta the |iiili)- 

Tf the diMn»e(] )>iirt !• ef a »oft uul 
Lniniil rlian»cie-r, ibr ctuunet, n^er a lime, 
■uaal); braakit in, disdusing i)it> rtiriu>t.-s 
it haa made oo llie ankjaMol dcrititic. 
Riit lliis <ItK-* niit alvro^^ hai>|>rn: tliu 
tooib uimotiotpa tvirniim nearlv pcrfoci, 
until iu wbole iAl<rior •tru«tun is de- 

Tlirre U nn |.nrtiiin of iljo cruirti or 
Dtick of a t4v>tl> ei«nipi from the •l>»e«#ei 
jvi aottw |>ar(a are loara liublu tu l>n lirvt 
■tiaokid than olliera; an, lor exnniple. 
the <le|'r6Motis in (he in^tkdins »nrfiiecit 
of the molar? iwl )Jic■ltlpi'l^ the ujiprrai- 
inal Mra of all llie teeth'— itiu |HMierlur 
ur |iii1iiiine AarfsMi of th« lower iiiL^»or> ; 
an-i. in slmn, vhsrover on linpcrfwiion 
bl IIm> ■•nniDcl i-tUIii. It mnj devdufi iiM-lf. 

Wiii-ti the ciintiivl ia tiri.) Atlai'ke<l. Iliu 
diicaiec b usually i-nlkd erunioii; bnt (lit 
Iba enaiiiel <ln«i> nul ooDtnin h« iiiuoh oiii* 
laalnialtvratitbe nithjarfiit u«4«uiib !ilitii.>- 
IMW. the pHil in w»hcd awn; by the 
■alira of the inoalh, wlilla in tin.- dMiline, 
la fno^ ln.«t<nrM> it r«inaiii4. ikiid nuiy be 
rrmovml in <ii^tlu<'( ianiiuiL-. nflcr tliu vul- 
carvoo* nmfttiites have lit*«i Jceomfi-HMl. 

In I'-ftth itiit «« Tfry hard, tlic d<^nr- 
eal [lurt ih of a morh Urmur rnti^lHii'iirv, 
■ad of M dnrkc-r c»W. llinti iii inft Ivmli. 
SoinMliniM i! in hlnfk: nl otlior linMHi it ia 
of a dark nr l%hL brown; iind ol other 
tii»«9 ntmin. It la nvarljr while. As ■ 
g«D«nU "'!■' 'I" — *>er Oie ie«th, the 

lighlar, MA«r, and iiioru liuuiid ihe decaj. 
The color ot the doeafvd |>art, lu>n ever, 
mnj' Ih<. and duubiltux ii, in ntttao autt, 
indiwrTwud hy utliur riroiiiniiinniKU — far 
ba|ia by »ome |>i.-culiar modi ti cat ion of the 
imcvnla u[iuii lliu (iti-wtnco of witicb liis 
divean is dejxiudunL 

Tbrea djsliact tbeario* of the caaaa of 
dental carles hain% nc illfferetu times, pr*>i 
vailvd — lat, the Mmifot/ lAmty ; lEd. di* 
ritaf; and 9<l, theeAomMv-Mrof. To tlMM^ 
a 4th nilicht ha adilnil, vii., (&e pamtMi. 
t<«« l^i'iKTUHix ii ■;<.-« JL us. 

Fnu^iharO, Anzubu. Bourdet, LeoluM, 
Joimlain. and most of iho Frcndi wntcre 
of tli« «l(fblo«nth contiir/. on the diseaaasj 
of the teotli, a* wvli as nrurly all «i UiftI 
mure modern French anibora. Uioa^l 
tlidr Tieiis with rtignnl Ici the caiu«« uP 
ilviilnl carii'H are trxi-wdinglr vatEOo and 
confliMtl. uipnjM the belief ihni. the dia- 
ease vt.. for the most ]uu-t> Itw mndt nf 
the action of cheinioAl affcnta; 6»ch, for 
example, as Tiilaiui] saliva, tliu |tiilr4«cttat 
reinalna of panivlea of food lodged bv 
twevn the teeth, or in thoir interstieM, 
Hf^iilM, and n mrniptcd axato nf tlte lluida 
i'iinv<>v«<l U) llii'w iir^ntiMi fer llwir Ihmip- 
isiinieat. Thuy ntno intnltun certain 
states of thu Eetienil lionlch. ineohuuical 
ittjariis, sudiUn ImiiHiEiiiDs of itMiiiiurB- 
lurc, &c., Ui t>si»|{ rvn'lucive (o the (lis* 
caao. A similar exiilnnalion, loo. of tlte 
oonse of denial mnes, ia given b,v Snlmon, 
Itie author of a C«mpnt4iim nf Sttfytrg, 
published In I^iidun. I (144. 

Since the |iubli(.>ail<;>u of Ur. Fox*Bcela* 
bratvd lr«!iilibe an tb« A'<itur>ii J/utorff' 
anil /tiffotuvt'rtir TcttA, \n l^'iit, Indam-I 
ttmlioii of thi> ilvnlino hiu> \>ev« ret.'arded 
l>v n»<f«t Eu^liHh writer* n* Ibe itiiotcdiale 
canaaofthrdiiH.-aM'. IlnvioK.naihlnnuthur 
■up|Mis«(l, diitiMVered an idpiiliiy of siroe- 
lure betwe«n (he teelb iuhI otlier boaeo, 
Iw nt oBCo caino lo the conclii^Dti ttuil 
the diseases of the one wore the same aa 
Ihoum uf t)i« other. Hiii kuW"|ueiii ob- 
sorvallou bas aliown the iufvri-ni'e to be 
Inoiirrvct. Therv im but Ultle. If any, 
nnitlofty lielueei) the diApahO a* It "rciii'it 
in tt»e one auci tnunife^i itnrlf In thi> 
other, in the lenlh it <-im*i>l* simgilj tu 
the decoin|>o«)tion «f the inorgnnic IuihIi, 
nnd the diNoritnniuilon of the uniiiiol 
framework of tlie affected part. whetfea%^ 
in other bone, it is aRalofoUs to nk-eratiol 

In soft partft, coDttaiitli- (liachkrging a hlH 
MiiivK HDil ihrowinic Qui fnnxon* ;nu)a- 
UtioDH, pLeriuiat-na which duJiMl eariH 
n«vvr exhibit. 

If inAninniitiion or lh(< <1cntJii«, ihta, >tt 
DOE the cnose nf i lie dtcAj of itiMW nrguni, 
Imu ia th* <]i»a««« pcoJucixI? Tliit* navt- 
tion von <iuly be imeitirenKl In ouo way. It 
Is Lite rcBiill vf the nvtlon or extcrntil 
tfti«inicAl Hgonlft, sad thit ex|>laniUioD of 
thv cause is mot bii.-u;d ujnin niei'u liyputk- 
wiK II i» utipported by fnct* which ckd- 
Owt 1)« ♦noci'dariillj- con I m vert •d. U ia 
well knoK-n that tlio fluids of ihi' luoutli, 
edpecliilly the ranciu, when In k Tlttatcd 
^nndittun. AMI r«|^l>1« of dtfaiDji'iMng th« 
DHKiDel nf i<>«ih not puMM.'Med of mure 
thnn ordinur]' dcniiily. TIk- trnlli of llt'w 
a«>u-rtion i« detnonftirated by the IacC tbm 
«lMd tttili, and tlie crowitt of lumnin 
twf h, ur ihcMe of aniulal^ whvn enipluyvd 
H» fln\>hti|iit«tf for the loM i>( Ihc »atiii-iil 
iTKaun, nrv m liaW to dvwiy tat living 
tvi?!!). Mild 1h« decnyMl part of the one 
«xhii)ilB nhaiit ih» same oharn«feni<(itB 
that il doeti in the other. The mtdc id 
true. too. wllb re^rd u> all artiflciiU teetli 
(■^tutrueted from bono of any sort, or of 
tvnry. If ilie d[«>enae wtvs dependent Dpon 
Hiiy vitnl ojn-ntlion, iittilhrr <le«i! It^lli 
nor dcmttil subditniM cninjiotwd of bone, 
wi^iild t\<T dccny. Bnl iiwirnH'h im tJidy 
do. it is reiMonablo to nappuse lljut thv 
OAnie whicit proditc«c It In ilie one tau> is 
CDpaMo of prodnrinjc it in the other. 

IntliiiTimailon may indueoce tli« sascep- 
rtbitiry of m tnntfa to the action nf tlic 
csiifcft wlilrli jiriMlnrc i]«H.'Ay, and ertn the 
ajiprnmnce uf tlia decayed pari. Iml it bi 
T^riT the immcdlatn onnce of tho dtniMu*. 

TlitBlliO'iry of (he rsa^euf dental iifiHcs 
explainn tin- mlinnaU of ihw Itvalment at 
pi't'aont a<li>pted for niTestinff its pPo(iress, 
liy (he rcliiiivid uf the d«i.*(>iiipo«i:d piirt 
and liDinft :be cavily with an iftdesirueti- 
Ijle material, ibo presene* of lho*c agents, 
tipvn tliD chcini<-n! ortion of which the 
dl»e:i4e depeada, ia preFenied, and lis 
ftiriln-r proproHK nrrpnTwI. 

Aiiinuir ilx direct rAusea of onHea, the 
fiiliuvrlii^ inny lii> (!Tiiiiii«tuI<41 : deponitiun* 
of larlar opon the teeth : a febrile or irri- 
tnMrKtalvof IhcWdy; a nicrcurinl din- 
iheMH of the ^neml syntetii: artiliciiil 
IwIIl, improperly inserted, or of Imd lua- 
t<ri«le; roota of tcvlli ; irre^larity in ()i« 

»miic«iD«Dt of Uie leeth; loo gmt t 
prcMdre of the te«iti o^liut caeb Mber; 
and, in riiort, everyildnijilist iB|ifiM]ufltii« 
of irrilntiun to t]i« alv«olnr and dcntaJ 
mcmbratiM, or gnma 

All ooida do not ii«t nllk* no llic l4«(h. 
Some riiayoxvrt 1>ul IUiIh iaflucttL-^, wliil* 
oilicrs act w lili erent etMii^. 8unic nuy 
hare n (tn-jilGr nlllnlty for lliv MtrlJiy |>cr> 
tioD. a^ hydi-ochloHv acid, or for Die animal 
pnriioii, aH niilphnrio arid, wliHo olhcn^ 
siii-b u nitrie ncid, act readitjr na oil th« 
poiiMiltienIs of l)ic loulli. 

All toeuli urc not cqnally iialilv to iltray, 
or, in other worda, not equally snaceptlbU 
to the aeiion of ti>« caoMs tbAt prodiw* 
tlic disease. Teeth tbat ore well formed, 
well nrranRed, and uf a coiii|ia4?i mmI cIoh 
loxinte, Mldom dway, iiiid ov«n whn 
tliey are ni.tAf^knl by roiirs, ilie pmKreM 
of the itiHMwe is bus rapid lhni> ir i* le 
impeHedly fonoed teeth, or ' 
are of a sofl iMlure, or In 
mil lies! . 

Ca'H«ns. .^fT^ted witb CKrie*. 

Carll'nn. A genoa at pl«DtB tif the 
order ConipMila. 

Oiu-llna. Aeantblfo'lln. Th* wild 

Oarltna Acaul'Is. Th« carline ihia- 
ile, lit oil'.- timv ti«^| B* a v«rTni(\i^. 

Carmliiiin'ltM. !^e« Caioiikjitttk 

C'Mnnln'allve. Carwinutin*: Irom 
tMrtneit, a vene, or ehdmi ; bceiiiue iWr 
operation won ai>i-nbrd by I'le aotieou lo 
a ehami. Jlc-^leines <s'li1di allny |iniu UhI 
dl«|*l ftfttus (Vom the nlintmlwry tntanl. 

C'ar'iailne. A I>eauLlAil red pl^enl 
prepiirvtl (Vom e4K'htnc«l. 

i'ttr'n^K Colnui'tiir. Th* Hwfcy 
fasciculi In the vetiiHtbi »l' tl»e hrvt 

Cnr'neoiiM. Cam^jn ; cantmrn* ; 
fitini (OTn», *wr»i>, flesh. Fle«ljy. HeMro- 
blioK flesh. 

C-Brnlr'aln. IHtinniillvo of tan, 
ll«sh. Thu pinu. A anmll fleaby mb- 

Cam Iflm'l Ion. *>«* {fimtin : fiom 
Mm, t\v*b, mill .yf/Ti. to hw^niii'. Ileci^tn- 
lag Dealt; ooiirersKm Into n sultsiacicv t^ 
xinhlini! tltrM\: n teim i|>)>linl iti IWMai- 
«jFy to a morbid flllvfiiiion in wlilrh cr^^ 
Inin orpann nvwitoe tbv nppraraDCS of 
Itesli. »■ in bepstirnlion of llie l<m^. 

('nrninsr'mbi. From com, fleab, 
awl ^<>rt"'«, likcfiver. Having tb« 





of flesh; Qsusllj' applkil to nn ah- 
, having ■ liarddDwl orillpo. 

CnmlT'oni. An order of inim&Ie 
wtiicll (•Il1j':<ii>l PU HoA. 

CnmlT'orunii, Frnm earo, flesh, 
and WMW. I c«t. FeodlnK im flwh. Any- 
t\i\ng n'lii<!ti tut* 9«(^. Al>[>1icd aim to 
SBbstAneei wliich denroj deab^ mcrea- 

CWniO'MW. Oiirn«oa«; Aeahv. 

C^'ro. ^<tri», Mtrnu. (iesli; 1 lie red 
port or bell; of a mukrlo; iht pnlp of 


raroU'nii Pink. SpMia Martlnn- 
dlrx, Antlii'liiiinliir. T)«m> urthv piiwilur. 
jr. X tn 11. Tlt» B«i(I otlrurt U iH'nt, tlia 
Jbi of whleb, ftir ctiUilrfiri, in 3Ji '<■'' 
wtuha. fM, gfrf n with wnnn. 

CmrM'tt. The curol. 

<'»rt»l'lc. Kapow, to HtupeTj. Bar- 
iru: jion-cT Id MO[Hifj: carntij. Appliwl 
to tbft jilnral n«iTt»ri»trit(/M)1oii«raot]oa. 

C^nro'Ud. From aqpow, lo i<ABM to 
■l*ep. Tlic nanjttti nrttrrjr in su callvd W 
<uiti««, wlititi il i« ti^l with B li(tHltii«. the 
■niiTin) t<«<»iiii!i cuiiiiil«(>v. 

Oazotid Artery. Arttria eantidea. 
A large artor? on rarh aiilo nf i)i« -Rvrk 
for oorrTltig the I'lmxl to i)ic> hfntl. Tb« 
ricbt arises from tho nrtrriit limotnSnata, 
anil tlie l«ft. frxtn tho arch of th« aorta. 
K4*h ie <lirtil«<l into nn atitrmU aod t»- 
IrmtU. Tli« JKpfrior thyrtii<i«<ti, tho 
mblinfual, iho i^ftrior. tatemat, anj fii- 
Mradf MAi-iV/npy, th« swipSMl, lh« n- 
tfrnat atutirtny, and the bm/MtmlL aro 
bmnchp^ of the i>xt«>ma) caroilil. T!ie 
4»lerittr errfbrnl, IIm potleru^, tJk^ t^nlntl 
artcrv of thr optic nerve, and tho intrrn-it 
^rhital. are given off wiililn llio rnvlly of 
Iha <Tuninin h/ llic inirrnd <^ar>(vti<|. 

OBTotid Onnnl. A cnnal tn ttbo Uoa- 
pom! boor Iravernit l>r tlm i-nrr)tlcl artnrjr, 
noil toirml nurvouH tllAtm-ntn. 

Carotid Foram'ina. The foramtna 
at nirli eTir«inil.v of the <nn>tiil naoal. 
Tb«v nr* iIiMingiitth<<d intaexlemal anA 

Oarodd OmvUoo. S«e OaiHmo 

Caj-otid Norve. A iM-anoh from tli« 
•nperior c<-T*ii-n' imniriion of ihc grcflt 
vvnipathiMir. uuvnilms bv tlm kiiIo nf the 
laleftul arltrr, nt)-l fprmius, in 
the mrotii] ranul. with bruncliM of other 
Btrvea, tlio tarotii jtttrtu. Tt>c tarotid 

i/avfUim » n sma]! ganclifDrm sveQIog i 
tho under Mdc of llic arterr. 

CMTO'tln. A i)«>eii1iar, cryitnlliinble, ' 
niV.v-rcd, iKiilnil priiwiple. inodoroui and 
tsatclvsa, olitained from carroia. 

OftP'pAl. BeluoplDR to th« car^ii*. 

('arpa'Ibiaii lliilitasi. AprodtKa 

of lh« I'i'i'i* riiiflrra. 

Cnr|ihfilog'la. From xmp^of, tha 
sajt "f clutliJt, uinl Iryu, I plucfc. E>«liri<H>a 
plrking of ttie bedoloihea, a daugrroiu 
■jrmpKiin In itiK>^iH>^. 

CiurpolMkrVaninni. From Kfpt^, 
fmil, and .ta^xnfm, l-aUain. Tlia firnh of 
the .Amyru GiiraiftmtU. 

Ov'po-Pe'tliil RpnNm. A <i[ia 
undifl aflWtii>ii tif tiiv U.iins and cbc 
OCniTrintl in vouiiEi'hiidrt-ii, irkb 
MQ^ and epamiKMlio rontrartion of 
ihnintiH and loctf. 

Carpof 'Ira. Ttk« Ihird unl«r In the 
class (Jenwtifii of Dr. tiood'i Stiwdogy. 
niiwsaM afr<r«lir>f{ iinprofpiatioR. 

Car'pva. Knpiror, tlw wriat. The 
wriM, roDftisiinft of eight bones, vii. : the 

tntjKMtiia, tmpetvida, m^rmun, and tin^'' 

€ar'r»KCCn Jlleaw. Iririi Uiwa; 

ihi? f'fiinnlru^ fruji'it. 

C'arraKi>e'ala. Thu niiii-llagin'>iM 
matter ■il.inin*d bj- l«iiling oarragww 
moss; v^KtiibW jrlly. 

Car'ron Oil. The [Jnini«ntiiTn 
Ain* Cftlris, or t-lnimentiim CoItU; 
wliirh wvi. 

('ar'rol. An escolenl root of the 
gtaa* IMnetiM. a»« Pxroua Cjjkh*. 

Car'lhaMiln. A brilliant ml, or 
nin^c roIoriilK niAIter, obtained from taf 

CTar'lhnmam. A g«ntu of [>lanl« of 
the onler CompMita. 

Oarthamtia Tlnftto'rliia. Tlie »ja- 
t«initi<r niitno of llto i*aftVon tlowpr. or 
liaKtard wilfron. The •eeth are raihartir, 
etnotic, and dtnr«tic- The llt>w«ni nra 
used f<rr ilv«ii>ic, under tho natno of wf- 

CAlKtllaiet*. Cartila^. A wliit^ 
hard, and vhi«ltr |inrt of tli« bod.r, which 
in Ihc fo-tof iwrvw «.■> a KtlMiitnte fur 
hniiex, hot in the mliill i« found onl.r in 
the Joint* nod *l tho flxtrcmltj' of iSu 

CnrlllaBrft, Articular. Cartl> 

iatm whirl) jnirrnuod amlitet* Hut are In 
eonTnrt nirli vavU irtlirr. 

Csr'tilBgee, Intsrartionlar. Oarli- 
titlti'S MtllHli'd IvitlilD llw Jninls. 

OfLrUlttssBofOosiflcatloin. Thv Itmf 
pontry fvtrlihiq^* of tli4> traXwiH, which are 
tiiriiv<l ti> hiiiio. 

4'iirllLntE'lnoiw. Cartilttgin'pta. 
Piii'U'i. ini! or Uie Dikiiire of, or noeBiblliig 

<:ttniIii'|[o.4nniila'rlii. Thering- 
Itkfr. or i-aTlooiiJ oiiniluf(«. 

Oftrtilttso ArytaoDOidoa. TvocAtti- 
loices of ihiN Ibryra^ 

Cartilaf^ Crlcotdea. Tho crtooii) 
««rlilit){ir. A oArtllu^« tit the Inrvnx, xktt- 
ftted lietvcea tbr ihiroid tnd aryleiiotd 

Cartilngo Enedfonnle. 1'li« ciwiform 
nuriihi;:!', Altadieif to the 1ow««t |mn of 
llii' aii'miitn. 

Cltrn>n* Ko«-«Tyi^nal<«ti>U»vfrhr. 
kvtiii, otxninoil hr dklillinff Uio mxlo nil 
wdli Iijifrstar of po«iiwn. 

C'n'rnm. K-i/«r.rrMn^VirJM,&p<rovrnro 
in Akin. Cnrkwav. A Retuw uf pleats uf 
lli4* nnVr VmltlU/rriK 

Canim Carui. Ths Onrawajr )>1aM. 
The Kvds hnve a Trnnn, arcwnatic mm! 
»|>irv tn»le. Ther ai* nwJ d» a. ramilna- 
th'o ntid jtlonuoliie. Doae, ^. xx to ^L 

Cnr'uiirlr. Oaruncvfa. LHininutiTo 
•rr'in>, il.>h. A Hiiiiill lli-uhr eicnewcetMW, 

CMrnn'cnIu. I'lu-iiiii-l^. 

Carunctilfi Laohryma'Iis. A Mn*ll, 
red ^nniltilnr ImhIv', iit the inner angle at 
mrti itvi'. 


Carunculn UyrtUbr'mefl. Sevnml 
Mnoll poddi^h ml>or'-l*« ntnt the oriKoo of 
tJiv vuKiniL, mppoiwd to be the reuudu* uf 
thv hvmtfi). 

OarunoulagPapille^ree. Theimpilln 
willj'm ttie pi-lvUi'f iho kklticyj*. 

C'Mr'iM. Kofxc. tririn wipo. I tie head. 
■• \k%i\^ iIic |mrt afft.v(Ml. InxMiMliiililv 
and (ilcopL (.biDR. Tm-por. 

Carua Apoplex'ta. Aimpieir. 

OnruA Asphyx'liL. A«;>lirxiA. 

Carua Oatalep'na.]»iy. 

C4arT»'l'rol . \* » pni'lurt nf ihn «• 
•(■niial eil of rsrawajr, md Mi>hioin«d hv 
trcatiiw fhb oil with iodine and waHhiu*; 
the ptwlocl with potjinh. Ctrvncrol i* 
|1m> (onnd ainoag the productt of the 

action of todlne oa ciini|4ior. Wlien ; 
it ix a rohirlnH, vWid oQ, lijiliter than 
tt-ntpf. in whk'h il w neflrljr hwoliibl«. Tie 
odor Ik ouiuvwhat Uko ttuit ot cntoKAu, 
aad tlio taKt« ii penisl»nt. stroniL and 
•rrid. It M a mild ai>tisof>tW. mrniina- 
tiv«, »e>)ative, difin/cctant, nil-' 
In ftfniat J*r»clwe, it i- <" n 

$vl>''tiiat« for oreniioii'. 
plj'ctrol* of thymol in *■ .■ 
diiiilni-. alveolar alniefiTC. nnri n* an anii- 
ft^pTic Id |ialp oanalfl. In thv fom of ■ 
Kui'xii.' it i» nftyiM 1o iiiHnmcil niiK^wt 
niciRbranu. Icm Tor7 i-fTt<cttr>* In Mid- 
iB^ the yaitt aridng from kn indantcd ind 
ci3c[HM0ddratal [>ul]>, and it i« ibooitlit ti 
t)c IrM irritnlin; than iTeaaoio. It hai 
al9ii boon emphijMl wioi mihilly m }mtn 
the pain prodn^d bf fKetton io th» bh 
of the dental eogiiw. 

CaniNg «r Te«th. See nuxx 
TicP-Tti, <?*nvp.T. cir 

t'Arjopkil'llcJlcM. i?¥fn»itMM£ 

HrJlVT nil irf I'lrH'l-*, 

Ciiryoplifllln. A rah-mia «• 
trat-l«d frmi* iIovm bj aluoliol. 

C^aryopbjl'liw. A ffoimsofplnla 
oriheonlcrJtfjrrfiVMf. Alvu, tl>adeTC,or 
uoox [landed dower buiKof the fitrfopini- 
tit antiuUitiHK DoM gr. v In x. 

Oaryophylltui Aromntltma. Th« 
clove Iroo. 

OaryopbytluaHorten'ftls. TlierJaru 
pint S«to DiAMiin l'\iiVi'niTi.i.r(i. 

Carsrop'alM. Tho n-uit of Ot^mitto- 
ttw, oaof wlit'41. onia, ry«. den. 

CaiKfirlt'ln< Cortpv. Tlip 1«rk 
of the t'fetoH liUwihtri't and oonie of tb« 
other »i|iee{c«. Il L*ini|uiIU: ha^an airrae- 
ablu emvll. and a Hllghil; liitior ia«ti>. with 
coiwidWTihl* aromatic warmtli. It i» ufO- 
matio. tuaic, nml fi-brtf^ce. Doea, p. n 

Co XXX. 

Cn'solr Add. Ai<td »tmitod Avn 


('n'M>ln. CnnriMt. Ciut'tm ,■ trim 
fiu^'iK (^ht^>^e. A firoluan r>i>tnpiM]ad, tJif 
only nitrojM'O'HWi'fUir^itiK'nt of milk. It 
\» obtained hy prcci|iilBlinF mlllf wiili ili 
lrir« iiii1phiiri« aold, dlftwlvlni.* lh< 
tatv In a fofiilmo of carbooalr " 
n^»r«ripitntiiitr with add. and wikI 
tlie lal and ^Ttraotive wltli alouli ui 
rther. When dry It i* an ambtr j.Nr" 
masiL tliirhlly Milnldi^ la water, hni rtrj 
nadiljr so in mi nlkaltne 101111100. 




I'Wiliow'. AnaMrdinm o«dd<intale. 
CiiNh'ow, CftMcba. 

rww'm A f<'<-nl« M>parAl<4 from 
tb* jiiiiw ot tliu rvol of Jiuii|ilia Mnnibut 
nni) ex{KMT(l to li«at. Ttu: uiuv Mitnloniie, 
iltrt'i>ft>iitlT prtpATvil And griiBitliitcd, eon- 
alUiil4>« U*pto<ti, 

Ctumrn'rUui iittagUon. (ifiwriun. 
Ilia iptaffiinn of lli« fifUi nerv^, frnm wlikh 
pniored tbe i>))iithnl(uu, lUetupemr nud 
iolWiur tnaiiUarj nvrvan 

C*ll«'Hln. A g«ui« »f planu of lli« 
onlcr Zt^aminMit. Al>o. tbe cuwiia buk. 

OhosIb ODTTOphjI]a''tA. The rIov« 
bark tne. See Mthtl's CAiiTofHTi-Ljir^. 

OaailAOliamieoria'ta. Avnallpros- 
tnta •hntK oanunun in iko Ciiit«d Suim. 
rfMt>mMlng Cutiji MariUndita In lu mo- 
di ciniil )'r</f>crlJM. 

Oa^a Flstii'la. Tho iHir^ittc rmtsiit; 
Ui« rniit or Lli« COMtia JUtmla. IImi pulp 
of lli« pod* of till* tr«« is gecMrallv Iaxm- 
liTB. bosc, ^ to J^\ na a ]>urge. 

Oaaria MarllandJ 'oa. Ani«ricua 
MOiuk A lulictf oMiii, resemblioji Mt« 
rorrlgn ID \\a iuc<li<tuul ()iudttJM, but less 

OssBlaOIL TbA Mifnniiifl«il of «Ibu- 
D<Mi procured from Omub. 

Oaaria Saona. One of die pluu 
wtiii^Ji product itdtiiL 

f-aa'Mlie rinlnlie Pnlpik The palp 
of porgiiig ckmIh. 

CMMlttK* Pr^HpltiM«. A psr|»l« 
powder UBcd a« a rolorinic iuxnillMlt in 
iptn> Muinol f'lr iNjtcvlBin tvtiix, \\ n 
oommonly e»i\<t\ [i>ir/,tf ytoiniri*, «a4 the 
followiBg h Th«tiiird*a aetbod of pn^- 
pitrioK U: 

"Mnki! anofuifv^Mi'irotic pari of tnn- 
H«iia IT <4ilnnili,r>lrt; m-id. and iwo jiarta 
of nitric, to diMiilff ihv itnVlt. Wlim il. ia 
diMolvoil. dilute il wilh water imd filter it, 
Ijien mike it v«ry dilsl« l>j- Uio ndditina 
of ■ lur^ i]iiaiUiC]r"f vatfo-; makenlao am 
Ofun rfyi<i to dijuulve the tin. at ono fiATt 
of tdtric iwid, and (W4 ptruof |>nr« vakt, 
ta whksli IB tu bu aiMcd ose liiiodriDd and 
tlUrty ^raina at moriiit« of aoda. or com> 
non lalt, l« eadi pint of tk« <]ilut« acid. 
TI' '' Iw TcrT |rarc, itnd niDat be 

ml. .'-4d, a fetnall ploM ni it time. 

WliKQ tto tir< \^ii**' ii^ rliiKdlvoH, itdd a 
jtid, luul ao OB, Miiil tin? a«'id la aftto- 

ratud. Tlic sohitioii ahotild bo of a jrellow 
color, and tbe operaTion o&rrled od verjr 
rOowlr, nnd in a cool plaon. Wbcn il la 
tinufaecl. nttcr the liqniil and dilate II t>r 
tbe addition nf about ono bondrod tiinoi 
its rolnioo of water. 

" Xow pbne the ditnlv »t)\a\Um nf i;ii!d Is 
AgbiM v<iwwl, and add ib^^ aoliitirm of tin, 
drop by dro|^ AtirHiv witli a kIuw ru4 
inoMaiintlj.tiiiiil iltf Hgitid ukv« thi'i'ulur 
of I'ort wint. anffbr il ta ataiul, luul liiror* 
Hoclut of tint pqrplo will fiill to tliv liulliiia 
of tlie ve«st-l ; decant Itw sulutjon. waali 
and dr; Uiu pre(<jjiiTat«, wlik-b will be of 
tbe inoet spU-ndid piirpir rolor.'' 

CI— '— ai|g. KavMi^r: ibe rry»- 
talHiod and drinl pnrnnri ivf m^r. 

fTanminin'nlnr. A bitter uromatie 
rout, briiii)!bt iu irrvgiiliir tlicm trvta th« 
Kant lndii«. 

C^asta'nc«. A ^vvna ot tr«ee and 
klirtib* of th« order GMpvli/av, Tho 

Oastanea Etquina. An erromNina 
nniiic I'ltr ibi- lux*' (ibi^Lnat. 

OaBta&oa Pumlla. Tbe ctiin<)tui])in. 

ClWlllC >MMi|a. Hard, oltte-oU aoda 


<'nMt'lnf(. Id Drtloi 3ff^\'ini*m. mn- 
niuA fiit-ud Uii4, tla, kIiu', vr broM. into a 
mould mode id wind wliti a plusicr irna*' 
tw of 005 portion, or tht^ irbole, of the 
ulvi'olar border and 4o tuanr <>f tin- to<<th 
un ninybu rcinnitilnr \a it nnd llii' )>»Utia« 
ofxth wlitnt U 'bcr<i>in<« niti'Twtr;' in iidapt 
n pUle to it. Tbv caoiin^ Mnployol in 
inochani«nI i1i.>nliHLi7 era mnai-tlrara mode 
by (xmriiiir ftuud metal directly ujHin lb« 
plutirr model, and afterwanl* Wio Ike 
tnoiild tliii» fotniwd. Bee Harm's /Vw., 
tinii Prutt, nf DfwtUtry. 

Vmu'lor, A i^aa of Miimiita. Alai\ 
u ponriar concrcfi' mibidaaro, bnviiijr a 
^Irtins and unpli-uiani o<lur. found m twi^ 
ni'/ir iIk- rfcotom of lb« bfartr. 

Oartor Pibor. Tfi« beaver whicJi 
flirtiinhetthc castor. 

Castor OIL Olmm JUeial. Tbe od 
<.>btaiov<l fioiu Utc tteia of tbv Ki«Uiiift' 
ciAuiuunla Purgnlire. Duac. Jsa UkJ 


Cnirfo'r^nni. OitUrium. Cantor. 
A mispaMQodic and cwmcnagogaa I>«mO| 
ifr. X to ap. 

Cno'torinc. Aciiw principle ot 

CilMlra'doii. C«»tfa'lit. TTwopcr- 
iiiSuD for t)it! mn<n'iil of tlic tcrticlM. 
Ciwiren'HLlii. Camp Urta. 
I'Ala, Aft«r. U«*d IB refonnoft to 

C'MlRb'WilM. From nira;fBim, to Oe- 

socnd. Aa cx|>u1«od of fcnmnn dovn- 

. WAiila. Atmi, n^loAUDtiU oTUm ie«lid& 

Calabte'lMB. From utrn^^aUu, to 
tlii-ifw nrounfl. The onlcrmotX btwiag* 
or flUi'l wbioli »ccui-ea tlio r«»t. 

Catacan'mn. Froni iar<i«aiu, to 
biim. A burn or soalil. 

f 'a(U4Wa'0lM> From martiuuu, to tnim. 
Cull) ImisI ion. 

Oatfumusis Bbiio'sa. From aaranMUj 
to l>urn, «&(] AriMtt*. fall of strong liqnor. 
Gcncml rmnhiwibility cf the liwdj-. 

C'alnc'laHlH. From tinuAow, to 
br.xb ur •Jiotort. XMstorti^d eyelids. 

Catacleis'* From xara, bcnenCh. 
wXiit, the cJarEole. The first Tib beneiitU 
tliA cJnviclA. AUn nj>|itlcO to lbs Aoroinlon 
and the connection of tho ■tvronm with 
th« libs. 

('MlavljU'miW. Catarli/i'm't; troni 
mrao^iifdi', to Bubiuor^, uiniuliito. A 
djoter. AIm) ipplind to a shower- butb 
■lul abltitlun. 

C'alas'ma. From mto, ftsd aya, to 
break. A fmcUiro. 

Cnlapunt'lOli. From urayf^ a 
tVAcliii-c. R«niv(]ic!i suppOMd to prootolo 
Lhi* farmslion of rallu>. 

Cal'alcpHj. Catalep'ria ; ftotn nara- 
^n,^iv. t« *tizv. to liold. A (li»viwo cbsr- 
ivierixeil I>t sudden »ii3pc<niiioD of motion 
uiut ^BsaiioD, t)i« llrubt am) trunk remnio- 
iitK in knv po*ition io whkh thojr mfif 1m 

C'atalol'lC. To brook, or^rlndduwii. 

CnlnrTsta. From «irfli.«, to dis- 
aolrf. A (ori* or |i(iwer vrhloh deeom- 
(ii(*i-s II miiipiiii[|i] Imily br rnwrn cmitRCt; 
i|L'i:oinji<>*ili"ti lj_r t)ie (viAi/yfie /trrtt, or 
(be wHiffn o/prnatot, 

C^aUtlyt'lc. Kvlalin^ to mt>lrsiM. 
.Soin«titnes a[>pli«d Io mcilioince t>i|>poa»'I 
to Ofrtroy n morWtic nariif r in tlip blund. 

Cat^jrtic Force. Tbnt inodifirBlinn 
of ihf foDt &rrli«mlca1 alHnit; which de- 
totininc* catnJveifi. 

Calaaumw'nln. Frnm icatapaaeaitiioi. 
U* TJumdoMite. Grindlnft of t he teotli and 
Ittina of the tonituix oh is oAcn the cnaw 
ta coDviitBii>as and rpilepsv. 


I'nlHine'iitn, Theni«nM«.orin9ntfa 

It diechiirga from tba ntc-roi uf femalM 
betwoeo \\w a^Mof fcmrlecn Mod fifti 
tini) forty- Kro. 

Catopan'vaa. From «aroinumi, 
Kpi-lnkle. A drj compotind tnodli 
powd«r«d. to l«! *|iriiikM (m ntcifrs. 

C^aiapli*n'lca, I{«tl«<iiiouur»otini]. 

Calapk'ora. Frum aoruOipM to 
mah«i slocpy. A term «f>p)i«d hy mum ta 
a disi'vailiufi to •leep, aud Uy otlivra Iv 
profoiiml ^liTiTp. 

Calaplinus'la. From ■ii-rt4)M<wu. 
I fr^riiiv. A bondage for th« ihorai u>l 

t'at'aplaMU. nifii}»fa>'iwi, 

■arap>.«otfu, to Spr««d Ifto • plMtOT. 
poiillirc or plii»tcr. 

Calapla«'ni» Acelo'Me. A »f> 
rol poultice- 

Oataplasmn Alti'mlnls. An iluu 

OataplBcmiL Cool'L A h«nl»ek 

Oataplasma Dau'cl. A c«TOt pool* 

Oataplasma Fermen'tL A 7«au 

Oataplaaacaa U'&l. A liiiM«d ponI> 

Cataplaama Sloapls. A mtiRtfli^ 


Ciilaplex'iK. From Mtn. tad «?.*•- 
ou, to uriki>. Siidden deprlrNtlon rif sea- 
Mtlon or power in nny of the orgaif or 
mcnbers of th» body. 

Calapajrx'la. From »T«n*».iiu. I r«- 
rrig«rnl«. CoIdnoM of Ut« budj witligi 

Calaplo'lda. From tvrartvm. 
fall down. Tlic aption of euddvnl;r fiUl 
down, a«In npopl«iij. 

Caramel. Catimtr'ta. from 
fMoau, tn Gonfotind, or distnrl). A nIA' 
mat. IiOM of sijjhl, Minted by opurity of 
tJie vjyflt'illiin.' Icn.'*, or it.* cii)i- 
pri'veniK tin* rajs uf ti(ihl fr»ih 
tlie opiii? nerv*. 

CutBraet-i» divided into (rtf* nnd faht; 
the rormer wrhrn ihv di»eR>wi« «»!(*! in 
tlio lensor Mipsnle. and tlio Ulior. vhvn 
cuuMdtini; of n dvpositiun of niiillef- W 
tvrven the <^|>Md« and len«. It ts alio 
dUlintfOiabed into idi^pttthie and aai- 
lintfaf. mid intu karJ, nutr^va, and im'fly, 
aocordiog to its cunsisiL-noc : nlw int9 







w\il*, btvtm, ffraif, ytiltne, iUtet, fmtriy. 
■ltd jNwn, Kooordiiig to iU ooior. Ii idav, 
also, be »linpif or eampiietttail, with yUtu- 
eoma. amauront, att&imion. or tpttia on 
lb« corava. 

ChImttIi'. Ci*lttr'rhtit,tnm'uinp()n», 
I flttvr dnwrn, IncrraHi!>l soorMion onddia- 
cluu)iiiot'iliii<lrr(Hii I lii» mueoos metnltritie 
tli# nttse, foucMv and broDchiu, ncvuiu- 
Un\ wiili fever. c«iigb, sncciioir. lou 
of appotiie. sDd Iwaitude. It snmE^iiiitea 
•t«nii)c» nn ci'i(l«iiti« fond, prtruilioij v«rj 
Kenrrnll.i thrutighonl a whulo country. 

f'uinr'rlinl. n«lAiiiit{ to eatarrii. 

<'llfltrll«'t11U». From aiTapriim, to 
rrpAir, rrpWo. Cnaputioa of a fracturad 
or liixatod bnn«. 

C«tJIMllll'(IC. From vtfaertV*^ tO 
restrain. S[t»liuiic« lliat olieck evaosA- 
tloiu. ni aatringcBis atut ny\>\ir*. 

CallH'UwIll. Ftvw «ait«rr^.«, I w- 
labli<ili. Tlie sUto, cooilltJon, or ooaaU- 
Intiun of anithititi. 

CMl'4H*ha. Tli« rarioBB «xtrACla from 
lli« M'fxnl i>r llie Afiaci« f^UtliM. It '» a 
[MwnYtil ■■tHn|[i<nt, uf a rwlili«)i-brown 
oi>l<ir, JDixloriiiis, and puaMissing a liitLor 
■slnnK«fll t4W>l«. It ia rc«dily toluUe tn 
water, and vicldi tta Tirln«'s to alcotiol in 
the form of tinelara Il« n«.-tivii firiii(-ii>lM 
trt tAOilio OikI culfvliuic acids. \ery vffi- 
dent as a lend Bttptic, aud !■ iiidknl«d 
la t)j« tffntinoni of diauum of tli« puu\ 
Jm. llt>4«> a? an aetriiiKent, gr. i to gr. 


Ofttsobu TBumin. Caierku Tiuinie 
AeU. A taaniii nbtnincd from catccha. 
It b n 7onow. oniurplioiu Mdat>lo 
Id *Hi«r. aloohut. awt irlliur. It gi«oi a 
fftttylaA-fretn )>r«<.-ipitnlc with Mtlt» of lli« 
jier<tiide ut imu, uur] nntHi nt all with 
tartniif iif nnriiniiity »[><) piitsMs. 

CaiocliM'ir Arid. CufAAin. An 

tthl ••ltTi\'ili> il l'r<<lii I'litrr-hu. ]l »uliii'W liaC 

T»9w/i I'li-fi nallii. ftLtil, ami gjlvisa bluvkiili- 
IjIiiv (sili-r I" |'vn<ilt« of iron. 

CMeliMl Ion. Frmn u«i and rm, a 
kWlc nf Kraaa. A Ioiik Inununnnl ihniKt 
Ittio ihi> toiatnu (•> Ukitu b^niorrhage. 

C'Mlliar'reHlii. Sxhaostliin. 

CtUhtemifT. Gatikant'inii ; from 
4«4iur>u, to n'iniiva. Corrumve or CAUrtio 
•*-' I ■'■ *!•• dmilrurtiva o( ex- 

II' -11, wartn. Ac 

<niliur mil. Fiiitii tit^aifM, til re- 
uiuie. .Mucuri {jurxud from tUe body, 

wltotlier caqsed b; pugativoa or ochei^ 

CWIuar'ina*. Prom uiitaitiu, to n- 
I0OT4. Parcaiion. Applied also to the 
core of diKAM h; magio. 

Cn4li»r'Bl». From MA^aifim, 1» lak« 
awajr. to porfco. Xataral or artitJcUl pur- 
gation by an^ of tb^ paawf^ca. 

C'BibKr'tlff. tWtAM^fkw, fromoa- 
JaifM, tu I'lin^. .'\ iDodkilKwbirh, wli«tl 
tal^en iaumally. increaaea the nninber 
atvine evaouation*. Tb«iuedtc)iHM»bulon|^^ 
ing to tli>« claM are nninoroas. 

CaUlwr'UB«. Tbe active priacJ|i)« 
uf aiMiBii. 

Cafliartocar'pas. CnasU fletnla; 
a li'uiiiiiiMoiii iriii< of tbe Ea»t and Weal 
IntllM. It j'ioldi tb« ouat^ ^uip of tb« 

Calheret'loa. Mild caiutioa or 

C-atli't'tcr. KodtT^ th)in saffnMM, I 
ihniit iiitu. A liiillow tulte to be int 
Aaml ialo tli« urinarjr bladdor, to draw 
olT t)i« vrai«r, made of silver or elaatio 

Ca-thoter, BuBta'ohian. A cnlh^-tttr 
fur oiK-nlo); oWlrnclioOv \u tlie EufrliKliiaii 

Cachatar, Ha'sal. An Inatmmaiit 
for catljolofiiinjt tbc nual ducL 

t'Hlheter'lKHi. From uttfrrvp, m 
nilliDtnr. Tliu mtroductlon of a enlluittfr 
iuto tlio lilHiUvr. 

Cntll 'odv. Fn»nuiiaiU)di>i{n(,aiirn}': 
Iliii iluwiiwiinl wav, or tliu ilinuilion ia 
which tlie aim »of*. A tonn iiit'i>iil<E«l tij 
Fiirailn.v. in liin KiilTauIr UDiticncilnturi.'i, lo 
itiilit'ut4! vrtiHt. wax foniivrlv rullMl 1li« 
iHirati*!.- [Hiie wf llie l>«tl«ry. Wliun ihe 
jHtl(-i> nro ptart-il viw>t and wi-^, Uii; iioni- 
liTe oarrcni pniers nt llio annrf* ^frnin 
ajiwiml, And mht, or the waj iu vUi. 
Ilio 'nn ritmai, or mulArii, and Imvv* at 
t)iu ivvalvrn end of tli« circuit. u-|ii.ik;i; It* 
point of d»pnrtur« baa hee* railed th* 

<'»th«d'l<>. All i-piitiet U(>|>iir<l bjr 
L>r. Marshall Hall Iv tbodownwani nnirta 
of iinrviia)) aa\\im, 

<^tli«ric«n. From Mrs, and tik—fi • 
nnitvhMil. A iitiivvrsal titfitloine. or rcoi- 
cd.r i>u|>p09t:d to be c«imI>Iv of ourinK 

4'iilll'Hn. A niacM)nniN< wtigbt. 

i'tt'littii. From aafii, aiwL 40*, tbAi 

witlcli ^e*. A. t»rm nsed by Famday to 
Intticnip tlioM mocn* of • mlMlanoc do* 
<lflrf[f»ing ^Ivknin doraapMition, whirli 
Rj»l>ear at th« atth^4*. TboM appearing 
Hi l)iu nntxif nrv ciiIImI auivnt. 

CnCUn. A l»iifr, ^hnrfi-pointwl. dnn- 
bi^-t'.ltjv"! knifi-, ii»«il flik'tlr tor iliviilini; 
till) inlTr"<!«<^>ii' liirameDts. in anipQlutJuTu 
iif llie fiirwirm aiwl l*ff. 

i'nl'iK-hiiM. Fmm umxv, to detain. 
A ttponnoflic flbeaH iB whicli the bodj b 
bold In sn apriglit (xwitlon ; a «f>offt«* of 

Citlop'liiir Rxnmlnaf Ion oniir 
E|-«>. A nipjiin of iliiiitnciiln in cntanicl. 
founilMl (in thf' phMionii>nft of r«fl«H:'t«tI 
light. Thnt, when a lighted mnUlv In lielil 
1>ofiir4> !lip «Ttt, if the iwnm, th« cr.votnl- 
lino 1»ne, anil itf captaloi are tmnaparent, 
tliree iwut;^ will W iti-en; tlii^ Ani from 
iWnirnra. an<l lliv nttit<r two frooi the 
nnt*ririi- nii'I pnal^rior enrfite** of lh« cry«- 
talline Iumh, Imt ii|iarily of nnv '>f thc<Mi 
)nirlii«>N will dwttrrjy tlidir rafleotin); prop- 


Calu'llm. Vato' tiftm ; from mnA 
boliiw. I>i*ea«r» which sfferl Intemnl Mir- 
bcw, and produce a morbid condition of 
the flu id n. 

I urn Kye. Avnrlfrtynf nhalrv^liiny, 
opjjoftrt*', *(j oiiIIih] from llio-rfMrnhlnn^n 
of (ho '^doMt'Dt rcHvclioni ivma tiitliin. 
Xa llniHe Dtirrvrd in lll« ero of ■ ifat. 

Ont's Foot. (Jrunnil \xy, or gill. 

i'ntld'tl. From Alt'?", lo fall. A lull. 

Cauda IQqui'Qa, Tliv ■|iinn] tnnrron-, 
al iu li-nmnsli'>n ahnut lh« second liim- 
btir voTteiiru, ^wn oB a lnr|:« niimbor of 
ncnren. which, when uDrnrrlM. roMnble 
a hornv'K tail, nnd heni?e tlio nmne. 

i ■nd'Hf*'. From eandd. a toil, Tiul- 
»1; ti tKtm ftitpIK-'l. in /JnMny, w> oreant 
of plantu which haveu mil llk« i>lo»|>ii(l<in. 
and in JtEAd/it^jF, to an animal fnrni«lii!<I trich 
a lonx ta!l. 

C'and'cx. In liofan^. tho Ininlc of 
a Iri.*; tin- iimio hodj of n. ti*« «r f*«»t, 
a> eanJa aweend^nt, and fttvdcp AiMmrf- 

C'nill. Tli» omi'nlnni. 
<'aiil«^'il»«. Fmin MiAar, a abook. 

A tninii.vt>ne fhirtitrv. 

CaMliw'eonl. Ctvinfetnt. Harinf 
ft lni« *l<'ni. 

rnnllllowor Kxcr^M^noc. Ft- 

ertjetHlHi tyfihilitie/i. An «x<rrc<aoencL> 

which OCCAM In arpfatlltic dUeoae^ diitAj 
alraul lb« antui nnd i-tiUn. 
riitt'l«|»liylliini Tlmllvtraldcs. 

Yellow Ginseitir- Blui^ oiho>It. Enimen- 
agoipia ami diaplMraiie. 

(Jm'ma. Utaffta. bent, from xiiu, to 
bnni. Th« brat of tl>e bud; hi fevMr; 
liiiminir hcoi. 

C'«nM>. Hint whi«>h produMs an id- 
f«€\. At) ad prrcedintc ancitbur asi a 
wbr<h ihi- iVirnHT ii n<TfMnry To thu latter. 

4'nil'Hllt. From tniu, to barn. To 
Ixim. Act of CoiiibnBtion, 

Caasa'tHm. Pnwu miw, ta Iwrn. 
(trent livat. InflatatnaUnn. 

('aVN'tlC. Ca«Mi'ru»; IVoiU naw. I 
hnm. A ><i)}<«uncc whicli, whan sppfl 
to the ImhIi". proiluruM a Unmilift sontotl 
and <lii>of^niz«« anitnnl tulwtancM b* < 
stro^iii}; flieir te.ttnrv. 

O&iistic AllcAll. Para allcalL 

Oauetlo Barley. Se^ (.'srAfiuA. 

Oauetlo Holder, Oolbum's. An i 
Mnimont intvadad to pr^rmt llmd >■«[ 
suoh,as 4!feasot« or fluid nnrnl« of ulrcr,'' 
frnm rnomiic down and caulorixin? Ik* 
HpH wbvD brlna: applied to the ipinu. It 
i9oojiatraei«d of a ple«« of wlro tw-a Inehe* 
tonir, iasertod In a handlis, anil over 
wire U a slav tnbe oim Indi Iiire. 
tii)i<! clidiia over part of tb" lmni)l« lo V* 
It finn. imd n soialt i-ork, half na^ tip tl 
tutw. Icerj)* tlia wim Id tbo c<>iim* of it 
U'hvn Mk< OHiiKlio is tnboii np on a !uuall_ 
pitri'V uf '-uttoo, if uDv »hould run doi 
Ir. i* raiiKlit in Xhv lube uid prev 
rr<iiii innrUins Kpg. 

CaustLo, Lun&r. Nitrata of u1i 

Oa.ust[o Soda. Stdn fitvtiea. 
toxjitc of SiMlinin. The inipiirv nl 
bonntc-, treated urilh ({iiipl:linics anj 
nrigucntlj dopriviH) of \te carboaiD 
It ma; be emplo;«l ni a raniith*. and ta1 
some preferred to ll)« PoIama fiua, I 
ihx-n .noi (leliiincMce and nin It b 
iiaeit Tiir purlfyini; tiilrous oxidr jraK. 

Caustic VolatUaAlkalt. .\iiiinoB 

4'nuM'llfMiai. A <-aa'<iir. 

C'auNUH. i\ n»»o Mpplied by III 
poc-ralM to an ardent foror, fVoin ita 
trctno beat. Buppof«d to be a rarhtr t 
blliiMik Inlunnittenl. 

CanlPrisa'llon. Tbs %f\ ttt < 

Can'icry. fanfr'ritim : ftrm nUB. 
to bum. At) in«lntti)t!nt »«cd for Imf 




or dkiir^^ni^cln^ the pan ui which It In 
ttt-Iilivl, Fonourlv raUl(>ri««wor«(llvid«(] 
IbLv atinai, tlw )int iron, Uid p»t*nttal, 
wbiel) mtuiRtK of tujinn Mcliarotio ; btrt il 
is BOW rcBlrictod to th« first, »t hot iron. 
rotvuiUl wA-'t then •j'l'linl Ut kiili pnnmi. 
or |>uU»«^ bul Diis tunn ut ikkt iiw{«I 
•ynijii J inuiHly vrllli caustic. tUvclricUv 
ftirau<h<i< the rlcctric cnotv^ry. Tlio Qm 
oaiiterrU prodnaocl b>-initniin«otsh«st«d 
b; onilnftry burning gu. 

Cla'TH* Ve'nn. A nuD«girenUitbu 
two greiit veltu ur th« body wliieh meet 
at tbo ri^ht narii'lft of Lho lt«art. 

Cmer'na* From oanu, hollow. A 
ni*«ni. Mn aiiinim. Applied to iIm fooul* 
organ* of ^:«ii«n\rtati. 

villi Muni] i-AventAor citvUic4. 

OKV«mou« Sinua. A aintu on tli« 
Uue of (Itf cnini'im. 

<'Mr'llnN I'nrpie. Th« pnlp-earitj 

. of ■ lonlh. .'k-if 1>K»TAL CatitT. 

I CMt'II)*! C«riAu, from twDvt, boUow. 
f AnybulloK, 

I Cavity Plate. A t«fin Bpt>li«d in 
k^^AanJfo/ J/tflittrp^ to • HMtnUic biM 
HBr artiiirial tccllu in caoMntcteA M to 
'~&IY« ono or iiKire meant tp«cw bMwHn 
it nod llio gimiK. wliirli, wligo tpplkd, 
and the nlr OAbantited, oontrlbuin v«rjr 
gr«aLly to lliv firtntiuM of it« mlltMiwn. 
&M llBirtift'a JVtB. dixl iVtfct, t^ I>tn' 

Ca'vnm D«>ii'tlii. S«e Dskt&i, 
Cavum Nar'Iuin. Tlim nsm, 
Oftviim O'ria Tli» muatb. 
Cu'vitH. A boRov; acnrltjr. 
Cawk. A nnmo fur salphata of ba- 
rTfw or heavy »pnr. 
Cnreiiii^ l*cpp«r. Ttit) groand 

M«ls vl' Oi/'ti'-'i-n iiMii'tutrt. QoLncMlpVp- 

C'cnno-'tlittA. A gma* of pUnt« of 
th« nnloT- A^ Win la^na. 

CeanotUun AmerloaDoa. N»w Jer* 
Mqr U« ; rol rout ; ■ uiinil atinib f^win; 
ihroD^tiont tlio I'oittMl bUlv«. Thv nutt 
b Bat/lnK«ul. and milil tubotuN-nil In Myith* 
Hit if nlTfiiiiuti- 

CdtM'mH. From uw, la vplit or dt> 

I'i'iMulil Ilk. Th« t««ds of tho j1»- 
fif^ «if!'in>f}i», k pluiit vf Ui« order 

C«'eal. Belonging to the offionn; 

Ce'ram. See O-ncn*. 

Cc'ditr. A nnmo givou to MTtml 
e{iecie» of Junip«r, *iul to » apwics of 

Csdar, R»d. An 0v«r(ptH-ti tret, tk* 
Jiiuif/rft I'tryinMiKi, guidon) |fT<)flring t" 
a tH.-iflit of more lliiin fort; or UTtj feti. 
Agogoe, dinredc, and dUphorctic. 

CC!tf'Bia> AiK-arvnn. Varis; alao, 
dironiG Thcvmatiam of liip joint. 

C«d'na<a. KtS/tAn. Pnln* In tba 
joints, panioubrij' those of thv hipt, 

Cedrelc'tim. From in^nr. the eedar, 
ond chtmrn, oil. Tlie nil of c<<)dnr. 

Ce'dren. Tlio ll<|flH) |M>rt!on of Jnni- 
iwr nil. 

Cc'drlnnm Vl'nnnt. f'^'liriflM. 
A wjui- |>n-|>iir<^l l>} nti'F)>inK liiiM' a |it>iia4 
of brnifcd radmr twrri** in mx Frcjuh [miM 
of ftw««t win«. Il Is dioTdtio nod sub- 
net rb^cnt. 

Cedrlret'. A Mibfttanm, rrrvtalliE- 
ioft in rtil ti**«!l<-*, ohuinH) from tbe em- 
pvreiimatic oil of th« tar of beech- wo^ 
by ircatlnir It with caastlc potoua, uid'^ 

Odrl'tCM. A TennilUg« wine pre- 
paroil fnim tb« mia nf th« cedar, bjr tr«at> 
ni|> it with sw('«t wiii«. 

O'driiint. Tar. 

Ccdrolc'. The solid porUoo of Junl* 
per oil. 

O'druii. Fn>ni StrfwH, a nUey 
wiMHne Uiifl tree grow*. See PtKvs Ct- 


Oodrun AmoiiBand. I'ho srbor viUt. 

Oedrufl Baocifora. Savin*. 

Crl'lindllie. Sw (liieuitnsiim. 

C'e'lC. Hf^v. ■ Uimor; a «*rcllinj5, 
Kimor diiirte^l by lli« prutuilon of a oufl 
part, and lionn>> rlie mnipound toroui, Ay- 

CrI'CTj. Th« oultlviKud «{>ecic!t of 
Apiutn. Su« Ani'M ii^kmnxitK 

O'lla. Cercvida. 

Oil. CtUa. A rarity or chamber. 
A [niuiii0 canty in the ligsnes. d<.>votvd 
to piirporwi oF nutrition, growrlb. develop- 
mcni. or nocrction. 

Cell, Calcljc'eroua. See CAMOOKt- 

Cell. BpldermluorBplthelial. ThvJ 
ctA\» vliich PoVi>r ihe free niuinbninoii 


surface* of ttio bod;, and whidi form tli« 
epidcfinis vul epitbellam. Tliejr art! dtt- 
T«lo]wd nwm germs ftunUliMl hj tbo ■ut^■ 
jnc'ciit iii«cnl>ratii>. 

Cell FormatiOD. Csil«iKnf. Tl>« 
CominuoiiB di.'vtiio]>ineiil of cells in Itstue 
foriDAtlnn 1 cdleil bj Virchow " ProUfer*' 
Ibii of cells." Sea Orrgm.An'. 

Cell, fSerminaL S*e Cttoblast. 

CeU-Grou'th. GrowUi l>jr tJie ag«t07 
of cclU. 

Cell Life. Tlie life which I* po«MBat«l 
b/ l)i<! iw<[>ikriilo eclU Llint form the tixuica, 
and by whith tbo DUtrition of Lha ttaa«M 
Is th(>u);tit lo ha p««1lscMd. 

Ooll, NuelentAd. SecOnouasr. 

Cell, Piftmont. C«lls in variout parU 
of tht IkhIv, NoTirtinK |iUrni(.-ut. Piginwit 
twill) MO mii))tiwl «-itl) tli(.< i>|iiclpi'inio evils 
ud ar« inoul moiufeat iu Ch« <>olor«d 
i-ftCA-a. Tliey Kro Wt se«n on the inaor 
Burfuou i}( tlifl cburoitl vf iha aya, whar* 
thvy funu the pipneottim nignua. 

Cell Territory. Arj-ordiriK Ui Vlr- 
obow tJiocli«Uict-uf interc«lIulBrBDlMUiici.i 
which is niled over hj the cell thai lios in 
thaniMillvofit. iiDilcxDroiMeuiflneuco on 
Lha iieijil) boring jiarU. 

C'^l'lnld. Cellvidet. Itceemblin^ & 
eel) ur rollulu- 

C«1U, Bronrblal. The aitMioIU 
of Uii' liuiiT^, ill whii'h Lin; fiiii^Ht roitiitlcn- 
Lions of ow.-h lubiii&r bix>iR'tii«l IuIm Uimii- 

Cello, MtiBtx^d. The irrc^er cari- 
ti«s in the iubsianoe of ihe muUMil process 
of thv l«m)iorit1 hoot. 

C«l'lnlar. CtlluUt'rk, Oompoeod 
of cellsorcL'Uuk'9, 

Odllulnr Membrane, JtMikrana 
eititil«M. CeilnJAT Unu«. It contulsa 
IrretciiUr arenlM — out cells, nai it nmrv 
jirojM'Hy cu]I«cl tireoUr tlwue — betwi-wi 
thtt libii-ii, ».■> w'l'll aa seraiu, tat, oad the 

Cellular STStem. Th« whule of Ihe 
IMillulur ti^>UL■ nt tlio bvd.V. 

OoUiilar TioKuo. The areolar tiuiu:. 
See CsLtruB MRUniiAxs. 

Cellular limaa of Bone*. See 

OI'lDle. CeUul»; dlnibiuUve of 
eilla, a coll. A stuall coll. 

Orialnld. From etlMim. ihe fhn- 
dauMital mntt-iitU iu tlio sli'aoture of 



pUnU, and *id, like, A. pUutic bw« in 
artificUl leutli, kuowu uuder varioiif 
luinea in diffrmnt stagva of iw ilevd 
nwmt in sse, aa " Hone Fwu-I," •* I'yiv: 
Ha" '■ Celluloid." ic IVllulos* may 
oblsinni from aajr plant, hut i« mmt 
veDientlr pro«<trMi fne from ligniia 
other naaovinml sybeiaacvn, 1>t the tx«at- 
iD«iit of coUoa lilM«, or prafeniUy dsx 
with nllro-dtilpbnrio acid, coarMliog lis 
libra into an explosive snbstnacD knnwa 
tis (g'lin-couoo, whicli is soluble io a mit- 
tnro of aolphnrlc MhtT aud alrehoL s 
also in camphor. The funoer m«i 
was the tiu. praclisecl, prnduoini sa 
artide knowo as "cAllcMlino," Uie vo 
fluids hriiiK afterwards evapuratwl, 
tt)(c Uio celluloid a firm bat wimcw 
plastio Riibetanpe, of t)ii> color and ol: 
the coaaistenoj of boru, cB|>nMi; wf hch>4 
mouldtd by pressure 1k'(,h««ii im^lalKo 
dtw. ThedifIir'o1tie§in tli« way ormBfisg- 
inK the mnU'iial by Ihiv mvilKM) (l<< which 
miwh credit U doe Dr. A. J. UrClelhtniL 
for lis pntient evtJveniviiiJ. and ihe snb- 
HqaoDl warptng of the pUt«e. in maay 
coses, by the evaporation uf the rctnain- 
liifC solvent, led to Its ebaudoiiouim sail 
the snbstitation «f cemphur, an eciiuDy 
perfect aotvenU the hulk of irhiuh triDiiiD* 
ud ia Uio plate pvriiinDenily. <'«llitli<iil 
platea are prepared nndor |>n(<>nls, aad 
lire niaanfacturwl of varii<iin Hhn|i«« aed 
slies. asd of a very naliind iiuiii rolor. the 
transluoency snd busuty of uhk-b are 
nearly if not equal ti> porcfluiii. and an 
made uve of by tlie drtital mrahaulit 
eillicr in cuinbinstion writh plain or gHi 
teeth, thuu|[b the fonuer are iiiusUy ee*^ 
OB less liable lo fractoro, the |ic«s(«ra 
upun tlie leeth and planter luveatSMiiC 
hciuK Euuch i^realer than In «iil ---'*■' 
v-ork. Any vulcanite iretti will iv- 
for («lliil(>id. tliaogh many pivfvr it«:Ii 
lundo apv^cially for this sljle of wurk — 
teeili re>c]iibliii)c In tJinpe tbow etDi>Io>c>l 
for eiMLliiiuous gun). Tlio cam Is oinviil 
up and tQveeled ae fur vitlcoiiltv, a brjcer 
oiul ftroaver AasV twinit iiwd ; i>nly ihe 
b«&t qnnlity of pla4ior bcin^ admiwiMa. 
Vl-iiU oro ODl fur ihc s>ir{tttis, all') H'e 
rase bcinir thus prc|>aTef1. It is midy ht 
Ihe itliapiDg of the plate. Celluhi^d i* 
reudvrod aulRc-iently pln>tic to mould inle 
sltapc by expiHure to a leinpointuie Sum 
STti° to 300° Fabr. ; above ihU last d^ne 




of heal It UkM fir* nod ia rnptdly ood- 
Muned with Mpioat fluDM ami snuke, 
■ad tbo CTolacion of nwnpliut-. A mrktr 
of Hp|i*raiiis i« in nw for wLicti diffeivtit 
pnienu Iiapo )>o«n obtnincd, ih« i;«n«r>l 
prvferrOM htiO}( for tliose in wlikli dry 
b«ut U tt>ed, Bktiou^b uit, KljctHrine. ftnil 
wraUP {«iip«rliMt«l) »ro aUn omplnjrcd. 
Tba i<lr*nUK« oblmsd for llie drj pro- 
eom ta tbjttit allows llw wvldinit ln|[«tl>«r 
of any iiniwrfiortiont, t<vllaloii1 pow w u iug 
tilts wolilinic pmjfertt in a considerablo 
dsgrc«. T)i« tlu»k im cIihihI ttowlj, u 
time miMl Im! >]loR-ed for tb« iiuit«rial tu 
"flow," lu it dtMW lliia <)uiti; tiluKKtslilv, 
Mid itic Uiapvratnn) ibonld bo wntolicd 
i|B)t<t clowlr. Th« pt«to wiU now be 
found to \m\v pcHWlly conr'TiiK-d it«;lf 
to Uie tujiag inisiaalitie* of tlie pUstar 
miwld, Mipjiug Iba floMt ouUiuea with 
miiiol* iHlolilv. Thtfloak Mag perfectly 
closed. It innst remain D»dor prttwvre 
OBtil ctM, oiburwiM the plat« will Iw 
WftTpwI. Celluloid n finiidi«d m to vdIchji- 
b«; bnt if julm btt MktfD in ftnlAliin:; the 
wkX [ilato. Aud in Ilia ronnntinti »f lliu 
pWlor miitris, tbe gum |K>rli<:>n c«li ho 
mnuldrd »n a« to re<|airK no tintsbtng, lb«i 
•Itfitil roTisljneM of the plssi«r giving il a 
finii'li A'lii(?)t i* inor« n»taritl in up]H>Ar*DC4) 
tluui m fine polish. Cellulou) tan Im> re- 
pAirvvI by tnTvstln); tliu brukon part*. 
6Cr«piR|f tl)« '^iirfac* to }>e united ckin, 
sad roaiioK It »ltb tincture of riinipliur, 
and al*o ti)« [Am^m nwi) in repniiin;. and 
livaliot; abd prt^iing a* n*iinl. It <loe« 
ntit appcAF to li>Mi ild pliulii'ttT in- lo be 
il^iirpd by MtMiing. It* diudvantajies 
are: ll)* ecAnt fndeti in many CUMS lo a 
dtDKy wlitta: ili«rc is Kiine liiibility U> 
vihtetiumat Flianfco in tbipe Iwnrpags), 
■nd at loaal. in purttnl casca, ilis teetb are 
k«ltl lea* ■Ir^nMl.v hy ibo inalerial. tlivugli 
the lalUT ilavlf it ijiiitc Iiid^Ii. cxcooding 
fai this reipMt rubWr. WImt appear* to 
b« ffpci>5»llj^ wnalcdtupcrftot Uii* cxnwd- 
fngty beantlfnl and desirable base la anme 
•c'vpnt of ceilulnw wblnh li nul vtdaiilo, 
u 1 A nv^ro durfltdv color. I'oteoxfiiig 
iLno qualliin it will bcirunie a valuable 
nul utii-iitinlW bii»i> for arllflcbil iii'th. 

Cel'lulold Haatar. A miDiAliirci 
0T»a for pwiktng wlillo licailDg CeJInloid 

OaUtilold Sto&ni Apparfttua. An 
■nxrsUia fur taooidlitg cvlluliiid piaied 

in wbtcb steam, iokt«Bd of oU, la a««d for 
the h«atinff mediuin. 

rd'hiloiM!. Tli« ftiwlameiilal sqI>- 
BlADra of irliiob TCgetabla timtie ib oum- 
pooed, left at^er all prodncu of seorettim' 
■r«dlsaolTcd ouL Ita fonnnla i* OjilIidOa 
It la like starcli. See Oxu-VLoio. 

Celot«ni''t«. From a^Ait. n hemli,* 
and riwiw, to cat. Tli« opvrallon of 
ligalioft ("' ih« ciire of bemla. 

Cel»t'omiiH. A bemia knife. 

CerUcA'ard. &e« Valsruxa Cxt- 


^itMBttnl'. Tbe name uf anlsiaiiuetj 
emplurvd by cbeiulvla tor unilintc llila^J 
Vigether. It lina also bc«a opplieil 
Amnlgani, a BTibatance nsod I>y aume dea^ 
tiata for iilliiif iM'tli. S<;« Aujtrjinai. 

Omaeat, QuUloL's. A pivparatloo 
ilir (lUiug teetb, stinUar U> oxjeblorli 
of line. 

Gement Plamb. A Gormnn cement 
fur lllling tublli, aiiuUar to oxjdiloride gf 

CMnenUt'tion. A dicmlcal prooen 
wliioh OOMiala in Hiirrnnndin^ a tolid Inxly 
with tbe p«wder of other Bnl<4tHoiX'«. and 
GxpoMDg the whole to a red liunt In a 
oloaed roBMl tot a leogtb of time. It lain 
thi* way that iron U oonvertud Into nted. 
It is also a process ndoptud in aoiue uf thsJ 
mints for reflidng igM. Bee Gold, Ri>j 
ri.Mso OP. 

C'^Dienle'rltim. A dmcible. 

Oaicnt'uin. One uf the snbstanc 
or [>arl4 of n tooth. It covore the fan(C or ' 
nwt, and I* thii^ktnl *t th« extreiriity of 
tbo rvut aud bvtHnnea grsiliially iliinnerj 
na it appr«acb«a the neck of the toolli^ 
Piirkiiu' mid Fnwnkvl iiiciitiuii one 
which came under Ibeir oWrvntloi 
where It corored the ennnicl of thft t«at 
of on old man. and Mr. Nosytnth la of' 
opinioo that it alwayi envelop! tbe cruwna 
of lh« tcAtb. Th» author, howcirer, hw 
never been able to detect it. except up 
the roma of llio tMlb. Cumentum alao-^ 
j'rina tcftather the plain of mmpintnd 
teetb. like tliu^e of the elephant, and fill* 
up lliK cavitK!! and fi'VI* in llio leetli uf 
niminnnti. It ia of a cellular and vascular 

.^rcordina: to Profcwor Ovreii. 
mentutn "oIwbtb closely cnTreaponils II 
texture trith IbeO«ecoiU tissue oftkei 
aniiool, and wherever it ooc«ra of 



cloot tliiukneM, u npoo tho t«et)i of U10 
burse fllotli, or ramiBftais. It is also tra- 
veracd, like bune, hf VKsontnr caiuts. lu 
rcfililc* an'l mnmmalH, in wliich tb« aoi- 
nul ImMH of the booM of lli« akelcum b 
esokvatcd hy tninat« ndluied ocllx, fiKin- 
Ing witb tlMif c«nt«aU Um 'oorpUKclM of 
Pnrklq^,' diea« are likewise preaent. of 
rimiliir (iiiQ, niii) Turn: in tlio 'ronuint,' sml 
ore lt8cbi»^charact6ri^t)v as a coaMitu«Dt 
of tlic loiitli, The hnDlcning malmsl of 
the remcnt i« partly sc^regBied and eom- 
binc<l with tlic |]|iri«t«« uf tb« rA«liat*d 
i>oUssii(] vanuU. and b parti/ eoMaine^ in 
aggrc^ud ([rnhis In tbe cella, wtiltih nre 
thus T»n<Ii»r«d o]jaf]ii«." 

Wiih ivi^ard to the manner of the rurmn- 
ti<i]i of 1li« cvmcntuin, whtrti it thd lasl to 
appear of th« dental tissaMk notliinn poni- 
tivi,> U known. Rnsc^kow thinks it innr 
liL- |>rodaced by Hie remains o( the euiiind 
f>ulj>, Lot Rfl it<vnnr>t bv dt:l«ptt.-(l on tlic 
crown* of \he linnian tectb, wc haro rcn- 
son for believing llial it is Becreifd by tba 
pfriosteum, iind Uio fftct lliat ft inerMaos 
hi tlilrkncM with a^, wooM etxat to 
rtiiidvr Uii« oi>inii>n, hy fur, mora prob- 

C'oacaiacH'm. Prom mvi>c, emptor, 
nnrl ajyitoir. a vMsed. Deficiency at blood 
in Ihe vc«»<r1» 

<'eiirii>bnU''HlM. From umk. empty, 
SD(] riv^fmfi^ to enter. PiinuieDtails ; also, 
tiio' nfi of proUivg A cavity. 

rcn(>o'nH. Tlic flunks. 

CTeiiv'ulB. Fr«>ra tmm, prnply, Gvn- 
ftrn) cTiKmatiuit; also, tmn«tiRi«e a[>|>li<si 
to insniiion. 

C*?liot'|PR. Cmnt'ifiu; fVom uvuoit, 
evncnqtion. Moi-!^id Or oxceMive dis- 

C'rntJiit'retl. A geptis of planta of 
tlie ord*r C&mpMit*. 

Oentaur«a Behen. Jfrlktn aUvm. 
Tlie n Mk- lii^tien. It tH Maid to be t«nia 

Oflntaur«a Benedlo'ta. I'iMt hlfMH 
or hoi J' tl/wilc. It is tonic, dlnphoretie, 
and Miirtip. 

Contnuroa Oaloltra'pa. The «om- 
inoD FlartMstle. or sTJir knap-wecd. Tbe 
Juice baA been nsed in mt«rmittonU and 
nephritic diwirdar*. 

Oentaoroa Contau'rlum. Tlic 
Itrenl^i' ct^ninurj. tlic roitt hnt been iised 
AS sa aperient and c<»rrobonutt in alvlna 




4*on'tnurin. The litter priudpl* 
the Kiinipcnn pcntotiry. 
Cfti'lniiry, .4«tcr'l«m. 

&nl>1>ulifl nnyuluris. or Amvrtcan c«ot 
It u tonic, and is naed in interraitleai 
remittent facers, 

Oeotfttir;, Gurop<*n. Erytfanaa 
wnlanrioni; a amaVi. annual, liprhiurwam 
plauL, poaMwin^ tonir ]imperu>-' 
ocroua to tboM of Kontian. It hi.- . 
eini»1oy«il {a dyspapcSn affMiiotM ami 

Con'tismde. Cft^i", a b'iti-lrr-l. 
and ijfodHn, n grado, nnvini; a huuil 
gradM or degree*. 

C«BUKnunm«, From orolim.' 
hand r«d, and yfnamiA,, pviniae. 
pruMiiwt. The hand rail h pnrt 
trninuna, whi«h is (ainal t« tboat tha fltlti 
part e^ a Fraaoti Ktvin, or gr. 9X 

CeiitllMr«. Th* hn^^ 
of n !itn\ vi\atA to about - 

CmflmMtY. Cmtimitrt, Thehi 
drollh [Hu-t of n metre, which iaaboM 
lines. A9.'tT En^tith inch. 

C«ati*n4lfnpli'lincs. Cataraei 
to opanity of tbe centre of tlie 

COntrlp'CtMl* Frotn t^ntrum^ Xhi 
rtntro, ond jxt^ to ino^-o tonanl. Aje 
pmiK'liing tile centre. In SoIuhji. an io- 
florcwvn^D in which the msr^nal flowHi 
open flrat. and the rcnir^l last. 

Cea'lFA or .tllrae'lton. Otntn 
f>f fravitfllion. Thr |H<(nl to wimh buCn 
tend ai n i>onaeiiuctu-c of gravitation. 

CVn'Ireii, Xpn'onu. N 
centres. Th* orgians m the brail) 
•pinal nifirniiT, fr<iui wlienne tbe 

OnlrlfuiEnl. Flying Inm ihs 

CoBtniMHrilC. Tlie aetlun of 
til fif.rraia in the ipinid ccnir*. 

Cen'tmin. From utrcu, to 
The rwntre; tbe iHlddla paint or {daca of 

Oentrum Conimu'oe. Th» Mbr 

Centnim Ovale Ma'Jtu. 
lanro white medullary mai't. m 
by oorticnl substance, seen in vB«h b 
■phero of tho brain, whvn divided to ft 
level with the corpus callosnat. 




Oen'trum Ovale Hlnua. Tb* white 
efrBtrul truiM, mrroondMl bjr a itrflliitn »f 
gniy. Kwp in titrli hvmi»pin:tv of llie 
bniiit, when ■ bomnnlal seclinti if miuk- 
•bout hiiir *n iftch aboT« the corpoa ool- 

Cantrum Tendlnoaom. Centre of 
lltD iliiplirnirin. 
^CTe'ptt. From arn«c. » wool eonl, 
ui iltf ItLmii-*! of itH i-iMTi. The onion. 
fOphf»>IUIp<'<>«va»n'luu Tlw 
im fruia vitivii IjtMAcuiuihA is ob- 

CeptaiUjB'K. FroiR laptXv, tJiR brat). 
The llcvlir cuvcrinf: »t IW skull ; aUu 
Opbitliruitile'ina. A Moodjr ta> 
yr iiri'tvr itio foii]l>. 

^Oplialm'mla. AcnunnlsUon of 

■(Ml 111 ilii- v.^mU '■I'Um) brnin. 
^CVphalaKo'Kiw. Ao ioHtraurant 

' ilrnwint; <lu»-ii Ibe fn'tiil bcaid. 
'f 4>pli'nliiRrH- (''^■it' in <b« h«iul. 
OpIiiilticrn'pfalK* FroiD MfoAir, 
t&« iwtiil, aimI /(<n^ ji iltJwriptioD. AnH- 
Mnlral deMtri[>lJ»n or the liMuL 

Cirphnlnrcln. From *t^?J!. th« 
iinu), Aixi n^pK. i^i^iiL 6''i7iAftfcii. Itcnil- 

['4^pliitldl€»'f(lii. An annromiohl 

Irtliliw nil liit liiAlI'l. 

<'«phalan than Ocv-ldi'nia'llN. 

A «linib nf tbo ntiiufft] onler AuA*rio«« 
f rowing til over Uie OniiDd Sioltv. aou 
•irvnrDit Ulxl pnod*. Iltu liark uf ttifl 
bu been umJ u uii «ati|i«rioilio 

IVphjilHr'Ucn. C«pli>I)o roineillei. 
< Cplitlliito'inia. Anntoniy; dia- 

Hvli'-a oi' "[ii-'nin:: of itie Imd. 

(>ph'lll<>. K'*li7- Ttl« llMil. 

Opllttl'lc. I-V»i» M^itf, Itio hMi), 
I'cfiiiiniii;: to ibo h^aiJ. 

Oflptiallc Remedia*. UnIidD(% or 
mnniiu* itBi-d for lh» «ur« of ill««asMof 
tlw li««<J. 

Oepballo Veins. T Vrui t^kaliM, The 
mnivriiir nr iintemiiMt vein nf the &riii i* hi 
r.'i" ' '>^ uLlnit bluoil rroin this veiD 
« ' to MlljcA ntlivf lo ftfl«o(ti>n* 

*lf t:ii. 1,, ;i i 

4'rpbairilM. IlirvnitJs, or ioflam- 
nutMi'tr f>t' '.ill' >i-;«n. 

C4*ptUkliMl)-iu'i|t. AdH«of(lout>l« 
aiMwUvMtisii, ui wliJcb til* fasoda kb 

CephiUo«l> n'lm. C«|ihala)|rlii. H«sd- 

C«ph«lQcc«'cMlii. Thcdoolriiwof 
llif roriDfltion of tlM bruiiL 

CVplinloK'rnpliy. AdMeriptlnnDf 

4'«>ph »l<»l(l. liuHitablltiK l1i« lieod. 

4'4-plinlo'niA. A mMliiJInrj- or ta- 
c«|>t>alotd tumor. 

Cephalon'eler. CfiAthmftrifm: 
frtxn KtftiX/f, lb* Ii«m), ud ffp^v, fl mviui- 
are. An instrammt for nteiuuHnK tlit 
dimeiukiDit of tbd fini«l lii-od ii> parturi* 

CepImluii'oHDH. Prom Kt^jy. the 
bead, noil i<uvdc. b diiciiM. FtbrU IJuAffo- 
rtM. A diseow vbinli prinoipallv uff»ris 
llie Iii:a4. 

C^pfa'alo-l'liuryneip'iM. Froni 
w^J.V.tbehMd.^^H';;. ihupbarjox. ('4>n- 
ftirictor pbanagu 8up«rit>r, s iuukIo of 
ibe bond ntul [iliannx. 

Cephalvpo'MlM. From afaJui, Um 
lioiid. and fratDt-, |m>u. lluftdach«. 

(JepkalsMoautodjrai'lA. A nlm 

of donbloiaonsiKHities in wliich tlie uni<»u 
if lictxrvcn L)io liru'N iinil tlio trtink*. 

('pph'alo-Npl'nul. Itelontrintt to 
tlid hi^iu) un'\ »i>iiiv, w Uia eifihaia-ipinal 
jfuiW, a lliiid fuiinU beiivntli l)i« nnwlmutd 
iu Ixiih iti« liMd and «(>iA«. 

('«ph'al«l. KtM>v, tb« head. A 
povnliiir Ua round in Uio brkin, cvnlalning 
pliOL^phoruf) nod tiilphiir. 

t'-epll'lil«l«nie. Kr^ij, nod rf>ii*ra% 
locut. AninKruni«ot rorcnltinKorbroak- 
io? down tUtt hvod of tbe fLelns. 

Cepltalot'vray. Dl>uiuarl«n of the 
lii>iiil; ii1k> l.>r««k>Di; dowD of fitjijil bend. 

OplluUMrilM'. An iii*rnirn.-t)i in* 
v(>iiii*it liy llntg<l>-1ooiiio for cruHliing tba 
fa'tjil i,OJi-l. 

OpIiHlotrlp'Hjr. Tlie upvraltoa of 
onii.liififj Witf i'.!''.iil )ii.-iiil. 

Ophnlvlrj-pc^'KlH. Kr««^, aad 
Tptnrwf. perfornlHin. Trcipnonin^ 

CVrA. tVai. R^tnwitx. AiMilid ooii- 
fr^xa nniinftl pnMluat. |ir«[>tiri)i| by tltebcea, 
KnJ iMlrnctol fi-om titeir Ronitm. nl^iir tli« 
ri^inovnl of tlii> lionoy. Wtii-n lirst ob- 
t«in<.->l frniii lliv ooiiiii it i* CHllitl yvllovr 
w*ui, or ffnt_flara, whicti i» of' a bnslii 
,vel|iiw color ivliea Avail, on' rfi^ullv e.t- 
triKTtL-d. Wh«n f'^rieDol by (lie lire, or. 
in warm water, it \» very tuallmUe 
lou^b, bat iL bocoinei britlla irltb »gt^ 

i fln« .vcHdw color. Id Pcntal 
prvtAegii, It U nsed for the procnretneat 
»ritnproulf>n]i ofihe Jftw«. Bm hIihi diimI 
Tor this pnrposail sliotild alw»rs I>e fneh. 
■ By ■nftenlng and redn«lng yetloir vnt 
inlo tlitn <!nk<w, antl •ttpotiing it Tor a loug 
lime to tlie sun vii open air, it t)«cofn«ft 
white. Thin, w'h«n in#ll«cl Hnd formed in 
aalcM islennedfirpnoru'hiie Wftx. Cint 
afia. But Rio*t of the nl)it« wnx Mid iu 
t)ir sliopi i* ndultcmtrd Anil brktlp, and 
(■oQKvqiiently not to good foi' taking iin- 
pri»»i<>n» of lh<: mouth an tlio vcllow. Ttie 
coniinci'cial Impuriiies arc lai-d and oora 
moal, which liiJor« iia priipurttea. 

Oc/ra Alba. Wliit« wax. 

Cera Flava.. Yv!Ii>vr wax. 

Cora VdvatabiUfl. Vegetable war; 
nAlornI ytttx, 

Orn'reonji. Cmi, wax. Of ihe tft- 
]>Mtaar« or conMstenci' of wai. 

Cc'rnlB. A fnltv ttiiitt*.T obtniucil 
from w)i)r« wax, not msRci)liblo of anpon- 

CeVm. rrom Mfiof, li*rn. Horo; 
the whit« ponnip. 

Cera'aln. One of tho prozlmattt 
pHnriplM nf clicrry RaiM, which i* iD«ol- 
nblc in rnld wator. 

Ceriu'nN. A genua of plants, intti- 
tntv<l t>y TonnKfort.oftlworder/'rH^'VA 

OoTftaus Lanro-Oerasus. Chwry- 
loarel, llie I«iv«r uf which poa«i.>ss prop- 
ariiiM •iinilai- to lliow) of litdriKTnnic a^id, 
■nd Avt eiiiplftjcd for preparixijf the eiirrg 
tavrtl Kviffr. 

Oeraaus Serotdna- The wild chcrrj- 
trM^ Prmiiu firyiniatta, llieliurk uf which 
ia a Tflhiabli; tnodicmnl a^vnr. 

CVnilC. CtMtiim. A eviapoMtion of 
wax lujil i)il, or lard, with or wiltiout other 
au tietween ihni ••f ointmrnu and jihLvlqr^ 

Crr'alOi From mfjar. hum. A u.-rtii 
iimhI u* n [ireDx in (KinijiiMiiion io thu 
iiain<-« of imi*c-l«* Sp» CsnATo-O Loaet!». 

Oerato-Oloeeua. A inuack of tlic 
toniriu'. Svt- llTooLoflMia. 

Oerato-Hyoideus. The ttyto-hTol- 
ileus inQNclv. 

€eml4i«p'lr. From upat, and m^j,, 
ninior. Hernia of the corncA, or protro- 
Bion of the mcnibifuie of ibc aijiieoiiA 
biiinnr through an opvning in ilie conii'a. 

OmIoM'. Protn K(,xi{, a horn, anil 
t)4«i(, funn. HeMiiiiliIitig n liurn. 


Cctmlonys'l*. l>o|>nMuan of ilia 
errstalline lernt by B itecdl* Introduttd 
lbruii;;h llifl r>o™*ft. 

('emtoi'onac TImi name o( « 
tnreole'l hy Wrntel, fur dlridlnnlhe 
pnrent ooraca. in the ujioratinn of ca 

C^emloCoBiy. Ktper, « liuni, an! 
rt/iMtr. Ni I'lit I'nitinu the cnmra. 

f'cm'lum. Vmux frr,t,\rAX.. Awn 

CeraCiunOalamLiue. Cerat«ot 

Oaratum Contbar'ldua. rer«. 
If/tia, C«ratv v( (be bliflering fly. 

Ooratum Oeta'oeL Ctrntum^/rrma 
e*ti: Mra/wm al^ttm. Spbrmanitl ceraU. 

0«rntuin Conl'l. I]<>tnlwk e«rale 

Oeratum Plum'bl Aoeta'tto. 
^tun'tumetmt'itiiKtta'ta. Oacalvof 

Oeratum Plum'bl Oerbona'tib. 
Orate of (.-arbotialo of toad. 

Ooratum Plum'bl Oompoa'ltuiD. 
Ctrufum litKnr'giiri acelti'li f^mtpMittiat. 
ConipiiuHd cvrato of lead. 

Oorattua B«ed'ius. CWolwm 
JUiruB; eeratum elt'rinuim. Rexln 
Seo Bammcos. 

0«ratutn Sabl'nsB. Saviae o«ra' 

Oeratiim Sapo'nia. Soap cerate. 

Oaratum Sim'plex. SinipIaoimtA 
'u prepared by uteltlDjj toKcthcr ci^bl parv 
<jt Ian] aim) foor of whita wax, and 
rinit until eool. Uild sad flntnlBetH. I» 
tlaDivl «urfu<^ed. 

Crraii'iilun. Fiimh af^nnac. 
a Ihunderbolc. A inetenrie at-oae. A M< 
helievcd to bo rornicd during Uiuntlvr, aad 
to bo pomeaccd of narcollo aiul other rii^ 
Xmea. It was fonaerly rubbed ou *weM 
knvcs, bci.-a«l», Ae. 

C'errn'rlir. From sipvK. a laO. 
faintly of infuKoriid nnimolitiitu*. having 
vnUrgod bixly with a tleiiilur. uil Ulic 
Ijctxln^w, one of th<- inoai curtoii* of w 
is found in i>alivary raloulua lnd«e<l, 
Miiiidl nsMrtfl that tb« tartar of the ( 
couitiMa of QOthinfE niore tlitui a dei 
tbe skeletons of dMd infusoria, agfl 
Bnt^ lo^Wtker ^y tlrio«l lanvuh very ti 
lar to certain e«rthst which. ni-r(in)la;i 
il. Ehrwnl'crK, arevuioptMedalmoil W 
of fowil iiifiinrti'lft. 

If llii- theitry of M. Mand) wen' 
tartar would Ihi ilvjMKilal tipiui all |. 
Alike. ItuttViiif nottFwfoeL Horneleelli. 
ua the lower inriaors and ibe outer 







of Iba molnn of both jilws, and purticu- 
Imrl/ tb« apper, ftro, bjr fur, mvr» liable lo 
hare It dcposiUiI on (hcra, lluu anv »f the 
oUi«r teetl). Tlic iofuMOa rounrl tn sali* 
T*rjr ciilciilii* nre douMloM f^ntntcil in 
tbe inDcxHia flul<l <it iho niuutk nliioli in 
nlurnvH itihnt iti'iro or ItaWiliniMlaiitiy wiiti 
tfaia *ayti!tncxi an It. I* deiUMltMl upon tli6 
'4Mth. It it in thill wa? ttmt their prcs- 
toop in tli*< laniir of tlia t««lh ii to b« nc- 
conntwl for 

Cervvll'noA. Ctreiuna. From «viw, 
to Im huniw. Wheezing. 

Cvr'pln. A sort dI pMLlt. Also, ths 

iVnMi'iilM. Pmm ufiMtK, a udl. A 
Temi u]>iiiii.-i in PnthaUQn to elongaltDD of 
iiiv ditoru ; dIso to polvpnit of th« nlcnis. 
The ditorfs. 

C*'rpii, From ttTA. wtx. Tlie wpa- 
UK-n anniiin. or Wnx v>f lli« Mr. 

C'rreti'lla. Froin CVrr*, thegoddea» 
uf Imrvi'vL lIuMc Biiccie9> o( 0n«mfiwaL u 
whval, oilra, barlv.v, and rjroi. from th« 
wftliiof whirlibnuuluruij nntrltloas wib- 
stauiv t» inaile. 

Cereli«IU'(b(. Infliunnalioii of tl<A 

OF<*t>orinin. nimlnntlre of mtv- 
Jtrtiwi Div lin!o tiritia, wlilch U thai 
liurilua oi ilie mcdiillarj' tnaiu of ilio 
Mvfty uf Lltii uraalntn *ltuate«l In the 
inferior jiqirt uf llio owipital foRMB, Wow 
tb« teolfirliim. It is diiideJ by n aeptmii 
iota B ri^lit nnd l*ft lob«. luii], lik« ihv 
«tli«r part of tl)« br<tin. i^ ooin(>o«eil of 
«i>nl<inl nud ntMlullAry Riaii«r, 

Or'ebnU. Ctntrrtt'lit; from urt- 
ftr-Km. tli.^ trt-ain. BeluD^itift to tUe brain. 
iHuiiliir 111 tirnin, 

Cerabral ApopbyBla. The f inonl 

Gorebral Artoiios. The nrtoriM of 
lltB liralo. There ar« three on e>acli liile. 
ftoio^t^. the mt^or, or nrf^ry e/thtMr- 
puw •vllfMHm. tin* miJdlt, or wlflWn »y/ri- 
KMs, anil tJiB poitfriar. fir potUtbtr and 
^nr£«r. TtiB llr« two am fnmialioil by 
tit* iDUrnal owotid, mikI live otfan by the 

Ctfrobra] Narvas. Tlio n«rvea vrhich 
mIm Hiiliiii Uiu [-raniutn. 

Crr'cbrir 4.1*11). A |>ho«ptiori»d 
i^l fonnrl in th« fdtir malten of Lba 
bra'n aiul iii-ivHit-. oit-tem. 

Oreb'rirorm, BaotphakM. 

Ctfr'cbrin, or C«r'ebrlne. C*ra^, 

kniM, brain. A re<Miah, Catty Hubfltana 
(band In tlio bniiii. 

CfilVbrl'IlM. Inftatnmnlion of (lift 

€<>r«''hro-Hpi'nnl. Pcrlaitting to 
the i.'»rebriiin or brain, and ipinnl curd. 

Oerabro-fiplnal Fluid. The Dirid 
found beneath iho aracbtwid iDCinbrKn« 
of ilie bralu and wUtiin the ■Iwath of ih« 
npinnl nuirrow, 

Odrebro-Bpiaal ICatungi'tia. A 
very fatal form of f«rer, atlrndrd wllh 
pQinfdl ooDtraclion iff Ihw mttitidvii of tiut 
awk. retraclton of tlw bead, b««(J«tfJt«, 
vertino, dcliritun. coiim, pain in back, Iiy- 
penvstheaio of tlie akin, Ac. 

Oorebrfr'Spiauita. Xiifcriti<» have 
been K> called from ibvir eflL-cis u[>od ih« 
oerebro.iipinal i^-jiietii. 

Cere'bmnit The brain. A Urm 
•onettmce applied to the whole of tho 
onnUDta of ib« Rranliim; at otbor iIrim 
only to til* Dppor jMrlion of tli« brain. 
"TliG c«februm Ift divided into a HKht 
and Iwfl liBminpIiffn-, v«rti<<aily M)|inritl«il 
ffum ««u7b ulb^r, and inr^Horly into sis 
lobc5 — Iwo anterior, tnuniiddtt^Aii'I two 
jK>*ii'r'itir — fituftted wliliio the cmninm, 
iind ■mrrontidod t'V tliodiira a»d |ila innt«r 
and tunica nraibnoldeu. It U vtiinpuMi) 
nf awrtiml tutuUtnee, wtiii-!i i* vxturiial, 
itiid a mrtlvll'iry, wliich is tDt«nuiI, It 
Itiin thrtH.-" distinct ^'ctttitict, cuIImI rea- 
triflt*: two anterior, orlalnral, vbirhara 
divided frotnoacli oilier by the MTr^Mm fvci- 
dum, and ia «ik1i of wblcli i* the cA«ro/<I 
jtbriM, formctl ut blood-VMMts: the third 
v«tktriele U a 3|>iieo betWMa tb« Utnliiini 
ncrvommnplicoriim. nK' prom- 
inences of the brntn are the rtirf^vtiMf/ocifM, 
a tnwiiillury fmincniT, ron«pirin>ii* upon 
Inyintc ai*idc tin' bvinitphi^rfA of l)io brain; 
tttm forf/ora ttrinln, two •tnutiil proUiInT- 
ancc«, ono in tho iint^rior part (A «acb Int- 
emi rentriulo; lli<: thalumi nerpurvn vptU 
ci*r«iK, two whiliili ominpncas Iwhind the 
fomwr," from "whlfh the optic nervM" 
vivrt said to oniiliiute; "ttiv eirrpwi 
gvttdri^mina, fi^nr medullary prt()eflior>E>. 
cn11e<l by th« ancient* ikKm and t^tta; n 
little c«rebnil lulier^lo liing njittn the 
nale*^ mWit} tUv pinml itl'im) .- and, limily. 
t|i« fulfil e^'ihri. iwii lUT'ilullnrr 'Htliiin&s, 
wliirL proceed fnnn ihe biuiitt iif tlie brain 
to tile fntitnlt-t Manytila. Thu cvrubrat 




RrMiifis ar» bruielj«fl of Liu cdrotid and 
vnrlvbrol ortcriiM. Tlie vdai lemiinntv 
in Mnn«a. whic}! rvturn their Moud Into 
the intfirital JngtiUn. Tbe aw of the 
bruin is to ^to pff ninv pain of acrro, 
bikI lb« spinal marrow, from wbkli tbirtr- 
oiM iiiuiv piiira proeocd, Llirou)[k whuso 
OKuna tlio varioas Beasoa nra iwrTormcd 
fliid nivisculnr tiioliiia exrdlMl." Ttie krnln 
"if uIm* i?»[t«i(l(>n>it 03 Lito i^rgua ur tliu 
iiil^tlerluitl ruovltuutt." 

" VaiKjiidin's luinljsiti iif th* lirnin ia in 
100 paru : SO «-at«r, 4.9S «-liit« bttf mat- 
ter, 0.7 r«<]i]i>ii fattv iiiMtt«r-, V Alboineo, 
1 . 13 ominzomc. I .G plii»f lioma, fi. IA acidn, 
fullB, and eulplmr." " 

OeiVbrum Elonoatum. UirduiUob- 
longnla ami iiK-diilln spinalta. 

Cervlw'nn. Fmia M^nc, wax. and 
tAtuvr, cil. Cui'ato oonipowd of wax nn<I 
oil. AI«>, nil of tar. 

<'rr4''wlnit. A l>oiigi« nwil* of wan. 

4.'«'r*'ii«*, Fnjin rrtvj, wax, UnTin^ 
a vriixv iip|ii-uriinrc or mtiiro. 

C'O'rlU. From frrtnt, soft, pliant. 
Tb-i dm a-oDDi found in tbe inte^tisea. 

Or'lc Acid. Crm*. wm. An acid 
jiroduipd by th« filed alkalies on was. 

Cc'rin. Ceroiift acid. TW*w<u cod- 
eieie of itiis acid united villi mirkio. 

Or'IVB. From K^um; n lioocyoomb. 
A tjH-noiiof pnrriga; nlito, n honrri-AinWd 
ulci^aiwl nffuctinn <if the lii'od. 

Ce'ritP. A vilidoii* (>:tid0 iif oortiim. 

Cv'rUim. A whii*, brittle metal. 
dttii<-<ilt of t'u.iiun, but vulutilo wlivu in- 
tenitel)' heated, found in a Swedish min- 
eral onlle'l Cf-rite. 

Ccr'niinnn. In Batanj/, drooping; 
banging dow n, 

Co'rtttnn, From xfjiof, irns. A torm 
appiit-d in J'atholojfjf, to a fattjr, was;, or 
lartlftcdiifl luntor. 

roroplN'Kiiu. From ivi^f- wax. imd 
riRiTo. piti'li. A pUaier cuiufitiwd of pitvli 
nnil nnx. 

Coroplatt'ilc. From <o)fM»r, wax, and 
rJjtetnif rr.ii-v, the art of tlic m^dcllor or 
carver. Tbe art of modelling in was. 
Tblii art U of ^at antiqiiit;, and lo lli« 
denial surgeon wtin is anxioua to preserve 
a lriuu>f«r of ilid viiHoiia nnj*etior in-CKU- 
laril; of the tiMtti wliich may voin* nnder 
bta notice^ b piu-tii^uWI; vaiualiW. 

CeroM'Hlc .tdd. -^u acid 
frura Hi|ntr-canc wax. 

Ci^ro'tnin. Ocmie. 

I'r'nkiui. Waxlik*. 

l'«r'Bllue. Indigo di)««lTwl In 
pharic m-'hI. CoWing raaii«r of Ind: 

t'em'Bien. From <■««. was. 
Cbuvnex Ai'mtru. 

Oenunen Au'rlum. Tltc onctonM 
tormtHiii, ulii>-b ia of » watr cvHwMvneaj 
foiiri'l in till' iiK'ntuit mikI ' "una. 

<'«rii'ialaouH. U- < ■•< tim 

ing tho pro)i«rli«-K nf. oi>riimi.'r>. 

Oenttninoua Olands. Tlr r<>ill<«li 
flands, rituatuJ Iwiivutli llti' tuvoilraao 
Untng tho moatna, wbiob SMV«ia tba' 

C«rtMe'. CrrutM, Cnrbooale 
leutil ; nliiie lead. 

Cenui't« A««talA. t>ngar nf J> 

Or'Teaa* The brain; e<!r<br«m, 

fcr^elM. Cvrulii-Ilmn. 

Or'vlonl. I'frrirHlit; trom 
t)]« nccli. Dulimuint; in tbo nerk: aba 
uvfirvlbiuit that i^jpoem* it- 

Cerrloal Arteriaa The (^rrieal ai- 
tcriirt arc tliri-e in nuiubt'r, natuvlr: 
atcffulinij. antericT. or *v}ieTfieial, dMi( 
from ibo inforior lliTroid; Ibo trvMt 
or rerrbv-teapulatr, gir«<n ait fniia 
axillarv artrrf ; and Uii- pttlrriar, m 
pt ft btsndi of llto HilK-Itvinn. 

Oervloal Oan'^Uons. Tlitf llmn 
pmj^tiuns \>{ tlio prvAt itympntliolle arm. 
Tlic /iVitt U Bituattnl iippiKiit« 1ht> -> - "D-I 
«>rvirjil Tvrlftira; the trfinrl^ iir m^dU 
Mrrifii yanglitrn, is op|io«iir lo tlia inl 
ral bctw««n th« fiftb and t-ixOx ccrv* 
rcrlebna: and the lAini. wbirli i. 
ItniM railed iiia _flrat Ihnnu'ii; » uilo: 
between tho in)n«rar>« pn>i^«M of 111* 
corrioji] v«rtobi'a and tbe bcwl t>f IbtH 

0«rTloal Ug'amontR. I'bu 
llHoniviila are two in iiuiu!>ki'. Tbv fi 
i» (uilled tbe anl^rivr, and L'Stnnd* 
tbe boxilnr |iro<viw of ibv uivriptlai 
to l)iv anlvriur part nt Ibe lb-«l 
vurlel-ni : nnd rliu sviond in Jci 
tbe p'iUeri«r, and cxienil« front ih« oti' 
ooci|)ital pivtub»ran<« lo tlio apUioUa 
oeu of tbe last cvrrii-al rL*rlel)ra. 

Oervloal Hervee. Ttio ol^il 
of nerres first giren off from tbo 
HI urn I w, 

Oervioal Plex'ttA TIm tiLtmirfc e( 






L«rv>« forajed hj the Ant tlirM ««n1e«l 

Cer'vloa] Tains. Tb^e reins have 
iMnHjr tli« Mun^ diicribtitioB u4 tl» ovr^Atl 

rloaj Var'tebrsfc Tlio i^ron a|i. 
^nTKi-i Vi'rT^briB of the a[iin«l (.-»1iimti. 

CcrvlrallM Dc*ecnd>nM. Tho 
i]p]ii.T f-'intinDAtion of ilie sncr»-ItinibiJU. 

OrrlcA'rljl. Vrcnne*nir, tho DC«k. 
Tint CtiMf/^niU lr<icli«iium,QThvT\i tUriMl- 
won, to ailM twcaiiw it wai «iipi>uwil to 
W benefldAl ia iilT««tiont of the tlironl and 

Cer'T loo-FA'clal Kerre. A 
iw'h uf (III' fiKia) iivrvf, iliMribiiUKi to 
I uHcIc aaO faoc. 

''»lx. fl>//um. The iiwlt. Ap- 
lo (ir){iin« i>r paru, u lli« nrrrie 
tiftrt. uc'i of lb« ul<iru», J:c. 

C<>r'inM. A KcniiM <tt nuninnntia. 

Oonnis EH'apbua Th« uoff, (ram 
tile L--m« tM-l iK.Hrb vf whicli Itorutium 
•biiviii» an.- ol>i3iiaui3. 

Ontvl'ilemts. From uorar, a gir* 
dl«, mmI r.ih^. liK«o«u; ribl>oD-lik«. 11m 
ordor iif 5>icn'liiiliidiA, or lureuclifiPAhKiH 
eolJizii*. In vliicti iii|H!-(Tunn tiekings. 

Ccs'tron. Betvniea "jfieinali*. Btrt* 

C'vin'<«um. From »fl<»f, a w1uI». 
A «iiit«. in«i>i(J, nnctiKFaa sabitaacv. ub- 
uUdmI frnra llie brain of tba ip^niMnetl 
•nd <i!)i«r ranaiiuM of wlinlo. 

CHIP Acl4« Tlio mult of Utc ncUon 
ot niJutlir^ uihki cKine. 

O'ilU^. Tura *|ii<niukM)(i, 

€>lr«>lttli4»nd'i<>«. Lu-X^n M- 
aivli^"'. t'-4iiiiil iniif. Il 15 tlfiiiiitri'iil, 
BMr miii"', TlKitUitiu IB 5j |.j Jir, 

1u I :- ' jiv'l it) vrnl■^^ lioltllliit hi HuKl- 

tioa Mime iiu'lunatu ut ;i<>tiv«a to cstnnot 
th» MiUr. Hiiil Uivn boilml iu milk. 

Ot'nirin. Tbv bilt«r |i«fiuip1« of 
Inliuul iu<>«. 
OAjl. A bxpotlwticd radical irf * 
nt t'4<inpnnBdi oblaincd froin tf*T' 
fta fi'midla is Oalln. 
'CoTiuI'U' Aeltl. An opW rewlilng 
frem tilt- !ii :iiiti «f fofaiih oa ibo oil of thft 
?'»»M^'"ii/rt '.iti-tHilla. 

CfTHdll'In. See VsitAniCM 3ara- 

C«j Innllr. Tbe nainc tif u tHliienil 
uf an iDi!:p' Iiliiu rnlor. 
C«jr'l«n Mowt. AtTjrptofumcplBiil 

of the urd«r Aiga^ which hu bew Intw- 
ditCMl in Eiin>|H) m na ortide of food. 

Chnbamllv'. A cry«uUiud 
«f A faint roM culor, 

Chft'berfa OIL Tiirt« parts o!I < 
1tir]K>nLiiio anil inte of Diiipi'l'ii oil, dit*] 

ducropbyl'lDin. Aifcoiuof |iIaaU' 
of tho order CmbtUirim*. 

OtuBrophyllum Odor&tom. Sv««t 

ObaarosthyUam Bjrlireatre. BoManl 
li unlock. 

(lin'flnc lltercdexntriaiionawiilfil) 
ocic-ur in (-i>(i!ie<jiit'rii'u iif (lii!> fhi*tiiiti of 
jkarla, or b<4wo«n tbw fulilt uf llio >J;iii. 
WaBliiiix in colli vriitir iumI iIuoUiik villi 
tiair<iKiw(](>r is th» Uol [irvu-iili^v. 

CIlAln Hmw. A i^w (mule of a n:atdi 
apri&K- baviujt 3(.Tni(tin'» uu uiia Aic. One 
end il altorhi'd la a haiullc and itie otii«r 
to a boolc. It H hwkI Id tlie opurallua for 
the romoTol of Llto lowvr jiiw, 

ClliUa'fllii. Froia luiau. to rdaxj 

Cliiila»'MiM. :s.e}jui!-r, It«ljixiitioa. I 

C'liniitN'tlciiM, From tai^u, I rtJai. 
A r>.-ln\iiii; iin-'liiiiji'. 

Chain's*. In B-'lmv, n VHociibur 
duk at tliu tuiM of tlu' Iiiicli-UN uf uD uvii)«. 
The clcati4«ibi ol llie egg. Witli ibi? ovolo- 
iprtis the tkaUuw or prW arc tbo fpirally 
iwistMl bnnitfe ot the dernw iiil«mn] \ay«T 
(d albuiniMi in Uiii e^. adhering to lb* >iilk 
oad tltit oxtrcmitiis of tltu i-^, 

CbMla'xiiim. Frain t<>'-oC<ii a ball* 
ibiiii*. A ijuiii-" "f liiirilooluiii or inuva- 
Mo tuiitur on \hv luutgia of llw aytflid. cvia> 
inoi^ly (■iiI1>:m1 & Mlrp. 

<linlc<an'llintn. FrotP|.)>^<>f,bmfia,| 

ami n.'iV.... a llvirir lUiI ruli-invd vilrM, 
or llir tiowi-m of UrMo. 

Chulfwd'any. A mlnecal. «o called 
from Iwvlng bcvti finind br lia- iUinc<U» in 
Chnlroilan, Id Asta Minor, siippuwd lo^ tw 
pun' "llk'M with n little wnt«r. 

Clutl'cllat. Colmtliar, or th« 
oxMv iif iriin. 

Cli»ii«i'doiim<kM. Thocnmifonn 
lion*' .if till- fin.i, 

('linllti A <-iii[i':iivti'i<> t-firth of a whita 
colfir. Parlionnle of IIiup. .S<* Ckkt*. 

Obalk, Block. Dmiriug dlato, nitod Es 
era run dravintt- 

6hiv]k,R«(l. Ac)V>«>'"r«d"'1thoxkl9 
of iron. 





Otaalk • stone. "Etrthj concfeltooi 

rouni] In (})( hiuulu im^ Itvt of pcnona af- 
fcrt«l Willi gout. 

Chnlj-b'eute. CkatsbMin»: from 
ekLfijfbg, iron or dwl. Of, or Moa^jig to, 
■rod. Abv roedk-ine iut« irlu<]i ircui «a- 
un, iiH ctiolrbvute tnixtiuv, pilK «'>t«rg, 

Chalybeate Wat«». Aiij- mineral 
wnttT i-iiniiuniRg iron. 

Chal'jlm. From Cbaipb^. a jwtiplo 
of PoDlu^ who dux i*^™ '^^ ol tho oarth, 
^riM, sftol, or tht' protoearbnret of iit>n. 
In lis inodldnil vintu», cu-d docs not diffi,T 
fmm inm. 

Ohalyba RubUKX SubcnrbooaM of 

Chalybe TartArlsatua- /Wrum t/tr- 
tar'u/ Tnrlraii- i>f irmi anil potiuli. 

ChMtniPinp'Inm. }^«« Astiioidi 

< Iiiim'hitr. MrwuHii. 

<liiiiu bvr. Camtni : A ivvm em- 
plA^ed in .^Miiidmy, in speaking of the ctc, 
in «-hi<'b ilicr« nro two rhambcn, itn imtc- 
rlur Jtnd n powerlor. The .i[ihcu before tlie 
IrU'i* t«nii#xl t})4> iintoHor chiunlicr, snd 
thai Icliind il the jioslcrior. 

CliHine'lMin Mln'vpnl. A com- 
poniKl of manpiniHic ac\-\ am\ potnjali, pre- 
K^niinKJi variety of liDtAirhim «limi>lvnl in 


t'bAm'«mlle Dropa. Alcoholic 
vpiribs iinprc^aicd with veMtmal «il uf 

Ohamomlls Flotr'an, Ths flower 
biwls of tli« Aiihtmi* fwbilit. Thvj pa»- 
MM nllil lonio propertlM, and id br^ 
i|Uiiniittiv lu-t. M AB umotic. I'hfrv nro hImi 
iraJMnbltt u a febrifuge. 

Ohnmomile, Oeoaan. P«e 3fA7Ri- 

OAlilA CitAVnvil.LA. 

Ohnmomile, Wild. &v« Axtuxvm 
(?uTrt * . 
Cliiimontll'ln. ClinniomiK 
('hHn'(*r<>. Frwn *nfMi«f, <yinccr. A 
4(>ri- rcoiiltiim froni the dtrort ai^imlinn of 
ihe ccneivid poUnn to an; pnrt of the body. 
Il b ahnoM alvAjf MMfd, to m^o, «n the 
penis. Tlic tcnn Is nercr applicl to anrw 
ownirrinjr In othw pnrt* ol Ihe b«d,T from 
&)Marptioa or gnnorni c<inUniinatif>a of Die 
FTslcm. Thu French Apply thr word rJkonrrr 
lo ronoeron* uloera. and maligunni nphllUD 

Chnjiuiiiii'H IMIxlnre. ('nt>nli-a 

Ba)., Sp. .ittliftrfi Niuid, U Xw; PcJ 
Acwia, JiJ: 8ac(rbnrua, |^~; DnuII ki]i: 
l^v ; Sp. LavoMlabB Onnipaaitm, 30.' 
Miwtt. Item %/a, tlirce Itina s da?. A 
ramedy ranch need in (tooon-hnta. 

ClMr'ac<«r. Xa^w«Tm a nurit or 
[tnprcnnoo. In 0«atnlMt4iew th« term 
ia as«d ^iK«)inoiulx witli alaiiip or ap- 
pearance. Tltutt, " n di»cw« i» ol nofarnr- 
alilo rharnclrr,'' or "lini a Mlkiiia charar- 
ter," Aff. In Vtntnl Surfffry tt 1« nppM 
to tlic app«Aruc«» which iho tvctli prowt 
ia iheir pbyatologica] and patbuloeto^ t«o- 
ditlons. It hm, also, the tame idgnlAcs 
whtn appliMl to ih« gatM, 

CliAracterliilln oflhc TfWlll^ 
See TBKTn. CiuiucnuiMTKa or. 

C'ltnmn'fln. Monordioa «Jali>niun. 

C'liiir'oMil. <'>iriia. An ImiioiT fnna 
of i'iU'Ihiii, olitvlnwl hj Ifumtnx wood 
iinpMfvrt acMo^ of sir, or espOSOff It 
Btrongbeat in a dwtiUinr ii|>pnrntiu rani' 
pOMd of ryliDdari of iron, ao cnmtnirted 
(hat tJie volnlde prodnet ma? bo ouU«(44d. 
Amonit tlvis tb«ro will l>c a cutaia propor- 
tion of tar and pTroli^cooi aiild. or lut- 
pura vin^fflT. This, vben il in irliihad to 
procure n pore ortldc, should be mflfrad 
lo e«-npe, while lb« miliw>rptioti of ih> 
pmdi- vapor chniiM Im" prvrpni^d. br pb!- 
dng off the ooiuminiirvillou l(Mwc«n ihft 
interior ryliodcn nml lli» sppnmlaa vobI 
for condcnsinfr th« pyroli^eons achl, afltf 
the rumorid of lli« fire from the famaoc 

The cliarroal obiainetl for common pnr- 
poscN, AH fnel, &c., Htnaile from wni>1 ■'')-''' 
Op In the »hnpO of a pyramid, cuvpn ■: 
eartli, with a few air-holes, biit wlmu, «• 
thp pilff hewmioa well li^'hteil, are cIomiI. 
In thin way the wood h licprivwl of 
volnliV ptins niid conTertM jntii a N 
hrittU'. pnrviu* mibatanna, rnllad ci 
hul retdniniE the aliope d Um 
from wliii-li it i.» nlitninrd. 

Charcoal, Animal. The 
ceotii re»iilii« of lion«# i>r of blood, 
the former, .\nimal rhanxwL )<nn« el 
Roal. niul JT-nry bhick. are nmnes upplU*) '<• 
boD«# •.■aldiwd or (.'gDv«n<d into ditimiil 
In a cBoM vtwi'l. It is aim prt-pamlhy <il' 
ciniiw; dried Mood, boroo. hm-f- ' 

hidt*, lie.. In rontart witli i 
pnt.niJi. and n^ifhinctbo calcined ib-l-- 
wniiT. it if i:ncd to devoloriBa vr^. ' 
pnui-ipJe*. imch a* gnlHe add, qniaia, v«r>- 
triii. &v. 



fimu J 




Jaw. fl 
I Ohi 

OuirlaClUi. A nitdje*! impo«tor; 
ft i|ttii-'k 

<'h«r'pl«. t^mpnJ lim-o or UbL 

CIum'IMC ('rum jram^ to gap*. 
VnnrninH; KnpioiC- 

ChallerlnK of the T««ch. Itm- 

m€ut. A |)hvnoii)«MiD resulting frotn tre- 
mor of the iDuadn of the inferior maxilla. 
u\<i CORIR1011I7 ilc{>0fldeiit on rigor uMng 
tmm cj)M or tntotnl emotion. 

ClinnilpplMMi. GonorHia>a. 

C'li^ek. The atda of tko fii«c. crtcnd- 
ing from llio lower ofofid to Ui« haae of tfao 
Jaw. and from the noM Bud cotombanre of 
lh« )jp« III Uie cir. 

Obeek-Bons. M$iu boa*. 

Cbeek Dtatand^r. An n|ipli*Do« for 
iding tb« chovbi of « paiiont 'taring 
sptTttUoDi) on %\w Ueth, luxl to reflecl 
light. It ii nisdv uf xprinfr wire, to wliirli 
nrs Attached iiaiU>Ml nickcl-plited cheek 

Cfaeotr. fo'^nu. The nwgnlnro of 
milk eom)ir«^B*d mto a aoM num 

f?beil> I'if) UfcJ iif a |>rtSi. 

Cfaeltl'lU. or fhlll'tlii. From 
jtii-t, n li)' Inflain Dial ion of xh* iffM. 

uuur. rvil, Swi-IlliiH jmO 'uwltimliom ofllio 
Bp. t'lit Mftli<>i|[ -ii|>j>iirnlioD. 

C'brlJocjirrlna'iBa. Fn>m x"^< 
n tip. >nJ u/Mii<w;i«. canncT. Cancer of tlio 

f 'liclioii eiu. A fwollin^i of tli« lip. 

Clicllopliut'llve. Cliilapi<uty;tnia 
X"io^. n li('. and n>inTr(«i>f, tunning. Tlio 
opcratiini (••r nn nrlilic-uil lip. 

Clirtloft. TWilp. 

Clielrla'ler. Pmm x"f< ^« lumd, 
»M it-^.'-i, apUfMcidn. A fiir]gM(i. 

Chclria'ma. From ^n/N^/MU, to 
Uhor Willi [holiawl. Anrtnsniul op«m-' 
ili<n: lb* fti!t of Innrliini; or hsDilIing. 

CTIicJrls'l*. From xHi^f"*-". l« I»- 
bnr wttb ilip band. Sorgt^rj in nil it* 

Cbcl ronom 'la. From j;f<powvMw, I 
Cxeraiw withil-rlriioiK Anpiorrlraoon- 
•iMlaiflD iisir.;; (lie liunil^. u3 in llic exer- 
cise villi Ihe itriinb'ttvlla. 

t'lielrop'ferH. Hand ving; theUt 
liibr uf BnlniriU. 

(Tlwls. Xg?v. foroc|iR: fi-om x*^ ^ 
mkc- A lirnri-flitd prolie n*«l for the 
>itT«^tlfifi of nnul jiolipl. Api'lEed n]«o 

to • fitMiiw in th* f««t, unci to th« cUwi 
of A crab. 

rhp'lie. rti»j« or emoka in tlio rkin. 

Clielidoti'lttsn. Krfaay. Mtt> ft 

evniix of jiliint^ of tbe order A>nwa»> 

'Oholidoniwn Ma'Jtia T«ttflr wort, ■ 
md tliP conmicn (-Hnii<iinr. The fK-sli 
jnioo has been Q«ed to deslrojr warta and 
1)lm«on the o»*i. 

Obeli donium Minus. CtbtrMu; » 
pflpaver*«eout pliuil. yietdtng an acrid 
yellow Jninn, oftrm ii}>pllM! to wnrtA nnd 
corns. Tlie h«rh and root are pnrpitir^, 
dinn»tlc diii{>)ion-ttc, and expMloranr. 

<T1ie'lold. CMai'iiM. Prum t»i>(. 
a tortotiie, and (iA*f, a form. Applied to 
a «hin iIi>o.'i-*v. 

Cliclo'nf^. Xr'tAMif, A tortnia*. A 
lerra opplit^ in •^vrytry to an iiialrunicnt 
for extending a )iml>. t>«icnnsplhe«lnime«s 
of ita motion rcMmblM that of a torloiae. 
Alto, I genua of plnoti^ 

Chelo'ttJon. From ^^14. a tar- 
tolHi, ft>oni it« reaomtilanc^e to the ihdl of 
a tortoiw. A hnnp or gibbotitjr of U»J 

Clielym, Xi-JiT, tlw ehait. Th« 

ClielrM'rIoa. From.t(<U<c, lliuebm. 
A dr;r bni'klnfr con^li, attended wttli aore- 
neM of tbc nioMlce of tbe cbol. 

dieni'lcal. 0(, or balonglng to, 

OhemiOKl AfSoitr. or Attraottoa. 
TI1C forc« which draws dlaslmliar particiea 
of innlier together, cuiuiiig tbeu to rom- 
bln^ and rnnn n«v Ixxliit* ^ndow^d vitJi 
new prO]>eriU-s. h rtcia onlyat inscnsiHe 
libit nncr<^. 

Obemlonl Formoln. A •lynitiolic ex- 
preiwioD of a rlirmiml toiiipiruiid ; liul in 
l)lv4«nip<witi(>n o(i'h«>miraI hiriiinltn, alg»- 
brni'i n^jiri'ipntHrmit* are smplofod, 

Ohfltnloal Komenolature. Thrteb* 
nicat UsTin* np)ini[iri[>ci'd to cliomiitrjr. 

Ohrnnlcal STinboIa Th« nhbrovia 
tioos noeil to iK-9iynai« iho ok-mvuta and 
radicaK flw F^iiiv*ir%T«. Ciikviuai- 

Ck«lllle*<lIlHlol'nffj'. The dou- 
Iriue of ibv umnic clifmiitre and nwr- 
phnlog; of tinsac. 

Cll«in'btt. Ono versed in eheml«tT7. 

C^AHi'liilry. A won] ■(i|i]H>i«d to Ins 
dcrivei! hxnn ilic AraMf. pAokm. a wcroL 
It ia doSnrd by Itrande, to 1m "■ dtfitlt- 




I'nrwIenM! the nljewu of vhtcb arc 
lo inrcxTiinte the naiare and properUes 
of llw «leai«nl« of mnlltr. And their 
iniitnd Ktions and combiiuidnas ; to as- 
eeriniD the pro)»twttoiii in wfakh Ihftv 
nnU«, MiA lh« modM of »«piirikting-tWD 
wIk-ti uiiilfl; iiii<] t0 tmiiiiroiDlo tJtDUwH 
taiA jHinef* iiliioli jiK-Milu over uuil affui-l 

C'liema'His. Froia jwwi, to gnpe, or 
tram x*>"K. > luiiiior. Iiitlnntinntiiia of Il>i- 
owigiinrliVB »f llie t'vo, rtierarterjutd by 
dittt<Dt-ibti of ill* vi-n!H;l» Mitl tli« fnrmatiuD 
of Mn rli-vfitf'l I'inif nruund lltu ooroea. 

(.licnnika'dluni. A gcniuol planta 
of Ihu i>r<li*r f.'/ieH<rpifdi'Kt<a, 

Ohen(^x>diuiii AmbroeiaJ'dea Mei- 
im ipa; SpanUh lea. ThiBspAclosofplie- 
D<i|Fu>lium ida«ix] ti>litti-« bttat lucd with 
Hilviiiit«Kv in clton-u. 

Ohenopodlum Anthelmln'tlouiu. 

CKrniriHfdium. Wi>mi4c<,'d; Jcms&lvmDBli; 
stinkwced. Tlic fhiit of (hb jtlant U oeic* 
brniL-d for its anih«1iiiintlc prngwrtitv. 
I\i»i* of tlio (wl fur diiMrcu gtl. iij to \j; 
for adiilu stt. tJ to \x. 

Ohenopodlum Bonus Henri 'otu. 
The ft vdl If ran lift niun« of the Kn^itiftli mer- 

Oheoopodlum Botnrs. The sjnem- 
•(ic n»inc*>f ihc.lorunnli'iii nuk, Thitapff- 
ck's (rtuwc^se* nottiplmincii' virtUM. 

Cheoopodium Vulva 'rla. TlieMinl:- 
InK orArli. H>mctiin(T« «m[)Io)'«4 im lui »in- 

Clie'0|»liiN(lP BwHe. Aplnteniiido 
uf c)i«ojtliLHlif inolitl. ndatitod to a portion 
of thp alveoliir Hdict- <lf|>rivvd of imliiral 
V»t\h. mill lo IJtt Rii]>i> n'iiti Hii &niliml 
ooWtirmo, I)f. A. A. Kluruly ia rhe fiat- i 
^nlcc nl tliii iiil'IIhmI, Pit ]Iiirn»'» Prtu. 
nuil Pratt, of r>fnti*iry. 

CTheoplantlo Uotal. An ftlla^ evm- 
{loi^it of tin, NUrr, nii<l tiismulli. willi n 
miall Inu.'e of antiniony ; and IJru brtk<u;hi 
to llie nolk« of tbb dvntal prcifcudoa !>/ 
I)r. A. A. Blon-lr in IS57. 

dteoplastlc Process. Tlic monnft- 

f (iiiiiiutinf; arl.iflt^al tM>lli upon a jilatd 

c«iii)>t>«cd of the tiXoy, kaovia u d)«<>- 

Dluatio mctnl. For procesii, see ITarri»'« 

fVin. ami Praft. o/ JimtiMtry. 

Oh«opIa«tio Teeth. Ariificiol t«<>th 
mode oiptealj for choijiusiic work. Tiwy 
arc not provided with [fUiina plii*. tmi Inivc 
boles or dovotidl gtvovn into uhicli tlic 

ni«Ul nmf, reOiIuag tbeu «ct)raljt to 

C'bcr'iT. Tbtt firait of tU iVnw 

Oheny-Latirel. Soo Pannry larso- 

Cbe'ala. A frcqnent d irf re U> tMo- 
aat« Uiu Ixiwctit. 

Cli««t'Dlil. Soo .'fUnrurs and 


Chestnut. Horae. 6M.iS«cDtnf: 

C'lirvanchenicnl. A Prt'DcU w< 
si^Iiilf.viuK. iu Gnteral Surgtrjf, tlw n< 
of ttw." I'Jitrifniilie* of n fraoTurM lnai* 
each otUur; and in DeitUil Surf^rg.ii' 
lirt* nmnnviiK'nl uf ili« icoth, romiali 
ill llie gradnal displaMtn^nt of a vn^pMl 
inH»<>r, irlti«b aiviiiiiir* a |>i>*'>t>'>D ii> fi 
of tho dental arch andoUiqndTacraaaoBe 
of ili« adjoining tcolh. S«it Isamat t.Atm 
or lilt TtETrt. 

fhetpalre. Chi*a»tr*. A donliU- 
hondi-d mllcT, nppIlM rwind titv iHMiLtJM 
niiddlr »ii]<])ottin(; ttio rliin, in mmi 
fmcinrc or laxatiou of Uto lowrrjav. 
has rvi-elvod ttui na&i«a uf timpit, 
nnil MiqHt, niyw>r>ling to th^ Riann«r 
wliirh \\, ifl upplii^. Thin )m 
evrr. ha«, to Moini< viltmt, 1><<cn sa 
\ty oin- ointrived bj Mr. Fox. 

Clil'n. Chia itrr^t: frum CKfot, tlie 
is^iind wbero it was ori^inallv foutuL A 
rarie4; of white <Artb, formvrlj oscd for 

<'ltrnrtaH. FnronMdiu. 

llilHH'iiaa* From ^ravH to ntaltc 
lelii^fX: i-lilnwi. TbecrcLKkiii^uftJiitAbrai 
flf iho opiK n«rvo; alM tb<t rrucial nttba 
of parta. 

4'llll«H'l4>r. ?Vi^ KUATKR. 

<*hliiu'l(»lllo. A tiiiiivnil havmfmn* 
rt->i-iiililiiin'e tv l)t« iilv«lit«. 

<:iilJtM'la«. A rninal handa^ M 
mlti'^l UL'ciiristt it ro<i<'iiit>ti>^ th-^ Utter 

4'lilrk>n-l*ox. Kc-u S sn 

<'lilr»l. .'^iDTTip lof a lootli). 

<:hi4TOllii. The- Mti«r iwwiltiror, 
of L-iilocyntlL. 

Ihu S|inniKlt, eht^Hila. Huall. A smalt in- 
iic<l <>f t)ti> SontKi-Tii StntM and l)<> 
Indii<«. wtddi pi-nciraK^ (h« ikin. < 
slicrht inHamiiinii»nniMliBtu)(>ral)k- i^ 
C'hU'blaln. J'tr'nio; («f»»-., 





trfftSf'ma pcnM; from chUly ool'l, tud 
Ittmin. a imflnltt. ErTlbenutous inlloin- 
inn'ioQ of Um (nvt, bHOds, or other f*n of 
llu) tivdx, rotultinx Irom «xpo«ur« to coM. 
ChilbUbM aru prevMlcd by ocuMoinlns 
Uie porti to erpoAuro; ami nra trvKtod liy 
«tttim]jL&l. t«rot(iiitlitaati\ tad bulMinlo 
WMlir*. ointiui'iilH. nitil liDimeuii. 

Child-Bed Fvr<>r. I' ncqiarAl fe- 

Child 'birlb. Partnriliun. 

C'hi'l*. Fruni jt'JAar, » !<]•• A vbrd 
ti*"I A* Ik pryfii. 

Clillo'niu. A t«nti nppKnl in Zaelayy 
to tli« ni^KTliporiDn'.ilc nf n qiuidrufiLd. 
vhcn it I* tiimi'l awt Mhtlnii«d trllboaC 
intcmiptioB from the nutlril. 

Clll'IOH. Chei'lon; ekriWIU, ftotn 
]ruAi-, * lip. IndiuniniUioii ttnl ewflGivg 
of llie Itps. 

ChlmMpfall'ii. A. gaaoi ot pluits 

of llip oMtr Pfir"lae»^. 

OblmaphUa Maoulik'to. roiwnpfp- 
risMWa. ItD pru|M]rtiM hto sapposinl lu b<5 
iJe&tiral witli the precMliii^. 

Ohinuiphlla tTmbellata. Ctiiins- 
pliih, U. S. PipflitM'«-»; VFlnler green; 
ponnd-boll;- Tho fr>.4h !«>¥«• huTd ■ 
fta^mnt odur, uul k tiitlcrlsb, ostringoK, 
■ml nnimiuic Uutii!. Tfae; aro dinrvtic\ 
lutrlngcnr, and t<iiiic, Doee, OJ of deooc- 
tioa in J4 tronn. 

('hl'mlR. Clinabtxy. 

C^lmlA'l«r. Fron4*)MM,eh(aiiliti7, 
aD>l ii'pot, a phjMlolaB. Ob« wbo a{»p1!m 
U« Mi«OM uT eliiHDbtrjr to medlctl pur- 


rhf ni'ney-*iweep>rn' Cnn'cpr. 

CUIITF llf Till' KaTOtllll). 

Chi'tNOtflK'. U'oM grn.-r.-itnr. A 

Liiiutd p^t-lu^■o'l b* l*r. Vdniiurwovdo lii 
eilwriinnitiiig with tlie bliilily rolnttiv viil 
g— o<K pmlneUof dicllllAlifin. wlitdi ti« 
propOM* to uw ne Alt itaprovcd tuMilnle 
for rii)|c<iliin<L vllirr. «lc . in pnidiiinni; tncjil 
iiiw4llit9diL It boil* at anr tlveirvl ili')trt>.' 
of t«nip«<r*taro, Wty nt 6W. SflP, (ij*. or evoij 
U SO* Falir, cnusiiif! Ii/ Ita erapimilliiii 
|1m> riiiwl. inldtuKi cul'I. 

C'bl'nn Olaae. A Miw fiH «»!«• 
:) rtr Lrn (MttH floM, two porUi UtA, 
tlinm llf hln« oali. 

CUnB NoTB. A fiirifty wf n\ l>Mk, 
tlte pruducl of f'intXaiui t^'lvn^Mia, 

China , Pride of MiJta uedurac 

Oblna Root. Tli« rwot of tb« fimUttx 

CTtiiM. It ba« lli« «inv propcrttw w Su> 

ChlM'arotli. A. r«4l *ab«tanc«, d4 
ponlvd frtnn dttcltoOA taaititi, wi tin at 
Mjrplifin 11? I'lv^Tfii. 

Chlnvhl'na. S«« Cijwitosa. 

Cbln'fniiKli< Hvrlemta. 

Chinl'iiuni. ^'c Qi'txii. 

C'li Infold 'Inp. Chiwfidini' : cAmi»- 
dimi; tiwu C^irtatCUKhvau. A wlxrtnnoa 
•cpanUcd from Hncliono, »iip|n»v<I to be 
on nlkaloid, and to consiiit uf a rtiixtiiru ut 
(|ii:iii*. (!iDcl>onii. anil a pc'-uiinr msinuuv 
mnttrr. It iit roalk itupnrc qainin. 

Cfalnovna'llnm. An alkitloiit of 
eini'lixDH ovnt.-i. 

Ciilp illowpr. A wnnn air blow- 

Chlr. Th* b«nd ; a prtfls. 

Chtro'nla. A Kenm of plaiiU of the 
onlcr Gmti-mrir 

Oblroola Angula'ris. TIiv Americna 
oontAiirr, It iiiwi ilm tvflic prtiprrliiNt ut 
eiinplo blltifn, and b asuA witli advsniags'l 
in iLntuinnft} iiitL'railltont aoA n-tahtvat} 
(pvcm, in tbo fijrm of dwortion. catract^ 
and tiDctara. 

OhbVDla Oentau'rluiB. Ctntav'- 

rium; Krj/t^nra eeriUiur!\tm. roiiiuitm 
Kiini|N-<U) rrniaurr, wtiii'ti hiu tnnlo projH 
trti« aimilAr to thuMi of ^cntun. nnd hns 
l>«t'R n.-4'd in tvynr and d t spqttic afT^vtiondi. 

Chir«nram. A nMliiriiuii td(H>r. 
irith <:iill'ina **!i'"k, dinirclt to cnro, 

4*bin>|>'o«llNl. Fronl^ft^, till! hnikl;' 
and voir, thr fix^t. One whtwc prur«MhNl|] 
b to remove «onis and banyona from ttii 

('blrdhe'CA. Frorn xi>P- tJiehandS' 
nml ■:*•,•-';, ii f^t'ilti. A tifvriinf.'e. yi|iti<Ml 
bi •y'-.viii tuni^, >".■ iw t'j viivfi'.'i' thi; li.vid 
and ttii}r<-'r*. 

Chlrur'Keon. S. surgMin. 

Cklriir'Kla. >'>om xvf>, tbe bao-L 
and rvjm; a wiirk. PuTyery. 

Cblrurgleii l>unllHle. Sar^vut- 

Chll'linw. Fllgtit fpvera, lu wl.liii 
Itip hmt is not gnwl. 

I'hllMS'aiA. A t«pii) and nM>Jstr«r- 

4'bl€Hl»'uUK. ChloMivui fmtmia-jmr^* 
riya. Liver 9p*M. B)«tchca on the oVin, 
of imvalitr sItHpe and )r«Oovri.tli brvwn 


4-hl»nt4^'tl<>AcM. A inodlHoadoB 

{if icvtlc Mill, in which tlir*o alonu uf 
diloriiH ube li« place of ihrMt atoms of 
liyiln'KCii. Fonnola C,C'1.0,H0. 
C'taluraoe'lyl. A modilicatiuo of 

t'hlo'ral. A d«DM, oU:r, o«Jorle8« 
p II iitrLiit-nri oiling liqoiil. C4nCI(0i, ur 
C/;'l/>n. obtained by the aciioD of drj 
oiilifnnc ^tta iMi iLnli^rJi'ou* kkobol. 

Oliloral, HydratA of. Ohlorol mixed 
wiih water heoomes the IlydrsM of 

lUorfti, anil Ilicn «j(isu in Ha form of k 
rlilto wUd snliataDoc, with a paD^euL po- 

illar odor, reMsnhllng that of a dry 
melon. It i* only in tho fnnn «f tfa« hy- 
drate iliat Chloral tx employed la mcdi- 
ciiiv. ]t io Iirpiuitit: aiid anawthvliR. Tha 
averi^o d«»o for an adult in gr. xxx to ]x. 
Aa a frvnrnil mle. ^. xsx ot the hjdrnto 
in eiiiial ill vffevta to ^. j uf oi>iuiii. For 
ohlldKD, pr. TiJ n-ill 3uflic«, and for adnlls 
^r. xxr to XIX, where sliort intorv^In uf 
■leap are roquired. In poiwniog hj Chlo- 
ral, Alrychnin actii m a si>Mdj and Mtn- 
picle anliiloto. Soo IItdhatk op OoLOltAi. 

<'lll«nin'lbllH. A ffnaaa of plunta 
of the ordnr C'lili>raKtha^e» ; allied to Pi- 
paraeta, Uuamool poncrtol stiiuolating 

I'lilornA'mn. CUoroaia. 

Cklo'nkte. A eumpaund of olilurio 
acid ttllh a uJiflahle tiaw. 

Cblorato of Potassa. PotaiuuD oldo- 
ra*: wliich sec 

riilo'H4> E4lii>r. A eompound oh- 
LoJnM) by [MMiDii livilrorhlorio ai^id gna 
into aloohol to auturatii^n and d!ntiUiD|c tli« 
pi>.-"luc't . 

C'blo'rlde. A ooinpoond of oldorino 
with iljir.Teni bit'lie^ 

Chloride of Oold. Se« Gou>. 

Ohlorldo of Lime. Sve I.iuk, Cnto- 
Binr. »r. 

Obloride of Zlno. See 

Chio rinated Koda !««lnlloB. 
Sou sioD.v. C'nLORi»A'TJi Li'ticoa. 

Chlo'rlne. Fmrn jiu,jDf, gretn. A 
]r<ili(iwi«h-grpi<D rolurv*! gnu. of a diwigrev- 
■bio l«c<to and ftruDic, auffucMtiiig order, 
oxcitiOK irr«»l irriljilion and iipiuoi uf llio 
glutti!) wIk'h inliHJeil. owa in a diluted 
utalv ; iucupuMu vf tupportini; vunibustion, 
anil Loliililc in orntor. It is ohtainod br 
the sciioa of hrdroehlorio Mid on peroxide 
of tusniciini,-**. In Dtntul Pr'jctif^ it \» 
tmplujred for bK-«ohing diHolored leetli. 


• H'lia. 

Oblo'rina 'Water. Agtia 
A solniion of eldortn« ga» in wat^jr. 
CMa>rl'odat(>. A cotulnoatfoa 

chturiodir iiriil wiiJi a boM; 
C'talori»'dlc Arid. A eontponad 

of ciJurUii' litid iLnliuv. 

Clilo'rllr. Ad cuthy nilnenJ of va- 
riuus linta of gr#oo. 

4'hlo'ro. A tonii formed from IW 
Gtm-L, luid uHcd to iiiditinio a clear, lirriT 
green color. 

(ThloroMtr'bon. &M TniuuiiA' 
BtKK or Caiuo.s. 

(Thlorocnrbon'lv. An aoM 
tainid fri>in i-hlorino uid rarboo. 

Clilo'rodyiiP. A Mere! preparatl' 
inupooixl. in IRIS, by l>r. Krownv, oT India, 
and Mid by bim to consist of p«rcUorie 
mrid wltli a im-w allcaloid. Ic bkS 
giron as an fliKxIrnc, eiiieOy. 

rhlO'rofiHIN. T«K\U>Ti4l^fform, 
so called becnnw it is a cotnlnnatiou 
cblorine with formyt. the baiis of fi 
ftold. A <l«nM>, eolorlow li<|iiid, poMMibft 
a frngraot, fmit-Ilkfv ctlioroal odor, and • 
uoiitiariiie toatc U ia obmlucd by dbtfil- 
ling a tnixtor* of i^hlarid* of limn and al- 
coliol. Taken LntemaUy, It aoia aa a wda- 
tivG narratic. For inbalntion, the doae ii 
a fluid drachm, c^nlralont to 2S[) dropa or 

It eonsins of two atonis of carbon, one 
of bydfngan, and three of chloriov- Iti 
foi-niula {(< llier«forc iC,H}CU, or fttC\» 
(',11. being the expr«Hiott fi'rforniyl.otb«r- 
wiao writdiB Fo. ha specific gravity to 
1,4f)l>, and ihedon^Uy of Its vapor \ti.i. 
It is nninflanuoBble, aiu) boiU at Ml". It 
i» roi>()iniD«Dded in a«thn>a. and wbca 
talian into the Ktoinacli, prodooca a grate- 
ful and soothing elTvct. 

ProfMAor Siinpiion, of Edlnhni^b, 
ccvorcd that tliQ vapor of chlorvfoi 
when Inhaled, aets as a powerfal aairatlii 
ic ag^nit, prodnHng ooropleto lni«Bsibi 
In fr\>cn tlurty acoofula to tltro» or (i 
ntinaleii, and It extendvely iisMd. tintb 
£urop« and America, not only fur ili9 
|iurpo8c of producing iii*enifUliIy in ew- 
Itieiil (ipcTalii>ni, bill aUo U> prL-iKni Iba 
pain altvhdiug jwriuriiion. Iih iisit, hoo- 
«Ter, Aav, in a nonibcr of UtotancM, beeO 
attended witli fotnl eflVctn. 

Oblorofbnn, Ttnolur© of. Etlwr, 

Chlorofnnuliua'lloii. A 

II. Atmuji^ 




pUed to th« agfTtf*te of tbo symptoms 
produmd b; the ediiiiiiistr»tiua of chluro- 

Cbluro'mn. FrocD x^*V^t fr*^h 
md MtM. A pwaliv foiin of tnnior raa- 
taiiring k j^oir-fKoa mbMtiutti, whUih 
teliM Iho pliroe, at timta. of lautclw Mil 
] cliiMtenin. 

Chlor«iii'eler. An liMtninM«t f»r 
•atirfiHijii:: tlio qumititj' of clilorino tu 
c(imt>itni:i<>i) wiili wftlvr, or a b«M. 

Chlor«plue'll«* A miiwral vlitoh 
nbtA rvviMiUj br»kiui ta gmn, but ftfl«r- 
Wanln I*«>:<iiiiM Mack. 

Cltl»'r«phnn«. A apMiM of floor 
tp«r, triiDH 111 King a beautiful p«I*-graili 
ligiit when b«at«d. 

ClUo'r»|ihyII, Th« grMS nftOcr of 

Uw WtM of jrlODtK. 

Ckloro'fite. From trMpot, grayi. 
Tkn (trcen vicbicaK. A (liM«iM aflk«Hn|t 
foaiig feinalea, pailicuUtly bufuro men- 
MnmLiun, m linmv IsliorinjE iiixtin- * *up- 
prMNOu of Rumao*. cbarach-nxetl b; lan- 
Ituor. pnlpiUlJan of tli« bcurl, p«ua in 
Um loind^ fxIiKUv:, n |>«1«. p^pvnuli lia« 
of tJi« fare. * stnall, quick puls«, nod 
«otm)Cinic» wiUi a-dvmntoiu «w«lliiigt «( 
lb* ffc;. 

Ctiloral'le. A|TiM!t4)il with, or per- 
tAiiiiti£ to. vliluroda. 

t'hlo'ntnt. Chlortoc 

t'lilu rurct. ClilufiiJd. 

C'bof' olnte. A p(i«t« prepared trow 
lb« cM(iw>-nnt. nith ni||Br. It is a noar- 
iahin;; nrtirio of ili«t. 

Ch»kc>DMnipi A Icnn npptwdbj 
minrrs Kt IrrupirBble gum. or vapon ooo- 
tniiiiii^ r^irUniiu «oid. 

Cllolir'nila. Fnim ,t«?.v. biln. and 
«i»u^'oi). A morbid rtnio in wbicb bilo 
is fiiiinil iri i)ic blood. JaondlM!. 

t'li*lir-'tM. Itili»ry. 

Clin'luKOKiie. f'AoLisfojfiu : from 

jrit, liile. ul«I ejt.. 1 CilwL fargflllve 
tBnltcifiM nrhk-h «icit« tiiliurj' »«er«llou>. 

Clio Intle. A rotnlriniitioD of cliolcdo 

IWUl Vilfl It [•RffO. 

Cbalf-c'rhj-alM. Emwiuo uf Idle. 

ClisrwyM. ObII BUdder. 

( liolff^'jMtrtbi, Iwilmmmtioa of tlic 
fail bUi>l'K-i, 

11iaI«>4l'fK>hnH. From .jwtv, Ule, 
■sd A*,t^, «>ntuDinti or reeoivlng. lE*- 
Miriac or oooUiaiBg bi]«. 

Oholed'oobuB jDuotod. Ihiettu • 
mvnu choMofhui. Tli« duel wliiob ooo- 
▼eyv Ib« l>il9 (nim tlio tirvr lo th« diMklft- 

C'lMl«4o«l'tla. Infiammalioo of tbo 
ohol«docb dact 

CiMilfiloic'rapliy. Chvlalvjra'phia, 
from ^o/n. Iiiti!. ujliI ^jHiMtp, to (lL-«erlbe. A 
doMriptioo of thAt whieb rcUl«A to Dio 

Ctaol^dol'OKy. CM*A>lt>f/ia, from 
,teA4r, lult>, anil >«]•)(, a diacourML -A troa- 
Um vb tito bile. 

Ckole'lc Avid. TBUrocliolic add. 
Bilin. A«M>rdiiig to Ijeltig. that port uf 
bil« aolubto in alovbol, and ountaining Uio 

ClUtlel'ilfelM. FroiD {oXf, and ij^, 
t fltonn j^iliory oakulL 

Cholcine'ala. Vomiting uf bilo. 

(Iiolcpyr'rhlae. Tbo brownb 
foUow coloring inatwr uf tb« bilcw 

Chorer. ^ilo. An^r WM MippoW 
to proceed from a «Dparabaadano» of bile, 
boooe tbe application of tbe term nM^ to 

Chorrra. ChoUra merti%i»: from 
Xo^fir »0'^ ys I flow. Purpjij iukI %'vinit' 
big, geoerallf of bil«, wlrJi ^ripln^ and 
Kpama uf tho abdominnl niuM'lt<s m\A often 
Id the kgs and aniid. lu tin- Aniatlu obu 
era, or rltolera axpliyjiJii, ib<i dlwbar 
r^M-rrfble rico-wator and tlt« diM<UM* ia 
KcuvraU; of a roorc lualipuint and fatal 
cliamrlcr. Ica pathology ia bat Ifttle ui- 

Oiiolem lothotum. Cl>ol«n \>t In- 

t'li«rriir. Choleri'ett*. Hdongjug 
tw cholera iimrbu* or to ibo bile 

Chol'erlne. A sligbl diarrlxiia dur- 
ing Die provalunce of chuUra; a prvnunl 
tor,v ■vinptom of tba diwmM. 

<'Im>I itoIiI. Rt'H'tDblijii; ihnlora 

f liDlcroniii nfa. l'rv»l of Hiotera 
H> groat lltat tli« pnli«ut b«l]«v«» hiniself to 
bo affiKtvtl will) ll. 

<'h»t«rDph(»'ne. Tliopccaliorvok)0 
of 11 pniUiit ivff\ with «hol«nL 

Choir roprtMMk'pon. ThnfodolcX' 
pn>«Hion i'( <iin' iiiTocti-O wtili dinlcm. 

Cliole'Ktento'mjk. X^AJF. bik, tod 
tUiiUiatii. A fnity iitmi>r. Uintiiau-d and 
pwirh, und wm|w>Kcil priii>-ijia]ly of trys 
tab of diol«)U<nM«!. 

Ch«le«'lC'rle Arid. A mlacaneu 


obtnitwd hj boftting dwlorfwiiM vith pi- 
Cllol«li'tPrine. Choiatrrina ; truta 

(nly, bile. Mil) <rrifita(, M>tl(I, Of otjo^ HU't. 

All lnu()uri>u», jwhuIt vrliltv, iaid]>iii olilntait 
sntHUuuv, foiind in cfrtain Mlinry c«kiili, 
and in nvarh' nil ilii> uiIduvI fluids. 

fliol'lr Arid. A rcaijioiu acM ob- 
tolocd rrom t>ile. It hu ln'cn nuppiKwd to 
b4 t>Mc ttriA, cMtjag*t*A wiib k rftilM'jit 
CmIIiO.. iIiiiQ);lt odier oboniaU reigitrd it na 
Kiiiirof^iHiUKiurid. tiDdLQwIf^puUitaniang 
li» hydroiMOflarbjb^ Th« truth is thnt t!io 
sane ndd has received *«v«rnl difTi-ruii 
nniiim, lUiil 'tie tJuAit: arid i>f IViiiKnjiiv, 
]>JuiiauD, and olli«r nrganic choniiOA, U 
Htfieh^lir.aeid uf tLi' rlusNlIe&ti&a uf Lai- 
vi\3. who Ims followpd StrMkcr. 

('h»llt-e'l«. From ^"^^ ^^^^i ^"^ 
av>.V, ■ Uiiuor. A RWcUinf; cnuaed b}' an 
accmnnlntion of MIe In llie gnll-docl. 

C'liol'Inalc. ChoUnle arid eomlnn- 
lug ■A'illi 11 )i^i-. 

4'hollii'l(> A<>lil, A wliitu iloi-niVnl 
will, iihiiiitiiil t>v K^.TM'liiit from f\u>\\f ifid. 
It luufit nul Ix) confuundtd with I^'iwif'it 
rlmlriiiic lu'id, whidi i* tlie titurmihulio OiaA 
of J^'limoBn. 

Ckol 'wsocacB. Snbolaacfd whtcli 
promatv x\w Mcration aod How of bilr, nit 
rn<'M'nr_v, ninimfincao, lie. 

OiolorithnK. Biliiii7 calculi. 

Cliolo'niH. From juXur. laiAe, or 
miuiti<.--1. I.iiiii(-niit!t nr iUktartlun of n )«^ 

Cholo'KeM. Frdln ^.i?Jh bll«. I>i*- 
es-s^i i>f tin- iivt't sad sploeQ ^enciallj. 

C'li<iii«lral 'kIh. I'iin (>( H") c«r1i- 

(iiaii'ilrlne. AcdiicinoiisMiMiiiK-e 
olitaioval rn>m tliu )ifnHniu-nt (<)(nllii]{M \iy 
boiling; orffftnic hiuii? of ^atHIh^. 

(Thoildli'tlli. From joi'i^fwc, carU- 
li^v. itnd Hit, > i«intiinnt)(>ii Kignrfviuit tii- 
llimiririillnii. ItillTimniiilioH uf fKrlilii^. 

<'tl»lldr<>Ki'tlC«)'la. ChonJrofen'e- 
-■tt, from xtn^tpuf, mrtilftjtt^. nnd ^nvetf, titr- 
iRiAlion. Foniintioii "f cnriilagc; oonvcr- 
ei^iu <,'f I'ui-l- itiU' (■nj'li![4,'i'. 

ChondroKloN'MUK. From j(tin'i(<o(. 
B rartili)^, and y>Mt9a, tlto tungue. A 
fiwirtilns of flMbv fibres, «xtetnliiiK from 
thb tvawr oomi uf tho ut> hjoidr* In tbe 
tongue, formiiig put of the byuglonus 

CbondrofC'mplir. A dwcriptioa 
of Ute cartibges. 

t'lion'drold. C%tmIrv'uL». frcm 
jfMirJi»(, r«nil(t)ti\ nnd «^, re»*iiiU_i)is. 
CMtilftfcltiiitix. KfjvmbUng fWtiUsu- 

C'h«ndrol'oft}-. VKmdrvio^iai fjoa' 
ji»^4<, (Artili^jK. and ^oc. a dbooimo 
A irnatiw un cnrliliigfia. 

Cb*ndro'iiui. A ewtlU^hiou 
KTOwUi in bunn. 

Cliondro-Pluu7n^'nm. Fim 
jio.^fUi(, MTtHa^nnd ^o^;,. Uic i>tuu7nx. 
Tbc Bbro of the muKmJor coot of tbv |ii»- 
rroi, arisUig from tb» lemtx coma iif Um 
■>* lij'iiliK-a, whItJi form pwl of ibv tM- 
rtrictvr mftlivM. 

Clion'droH. XM-dfXK, carulofe. 

C^oudro'scM. MnrbU furniuUofi 
coutlliiiin (if rjirtilnj^n. 

Cltondro«xnd««'iniiH. Frum 
dpof, B curtilngv, ium] iri-ixtuu, lt> li 
rniun of bonw bj in«>iLii» of u m. 

C^sadroCont}-. JLn-ipe^, cnrlStfif 
nnd ni;nwn>, to CUL DlnMlioa, or divliiaii 
of ranllnfCft. 

('lisM'dritH. A fcune of nca-w 

OhoDdru« Ortepus. CaimirMtn: Iri: 
moss. i( |K<isMM6 dt^uk-cot and nni 
tivr (luuJitint, nad biu brvu uurd in pnl^ 
TDnn.-iiT- dbeatca snd bowt^l affcctlnn*. 

dlo'm. Xi-pa, a rcftion. Any void 
•paco, at llic orbil of the vyc &«■ 

4,lHir'diu Frnni itp<H'. « siHnjr. 
word bfl> wvcnil rignlflnitiiiiiK. An int 
■tic^, Ik t<-ndi>ii, AR nM>4'iii)i]n^« «( titinfi 
And it 1« mriifiiinw a|>|ilied lu h paijiful U*>, 

Rtoll of till' |il-IliK. 

Chorda Dorsnlia. Tb^ nMliuieot 
ibo vtMiebml iroliimii in Uii» fu^Iua. 

Chorda MiLs-'na. Tlie lvml«»- Acli' 

Chorda ToDdiD'«a. A <^rd'lik« t 
dlrtoii9 eu)istvii;e ctinnti-tinx th^ nn 
rtilumHir of tbf vcBTridts iif tbo hnut 
Ibo niiriiiilsr viilvi^. 

Chorda Tyza'p&nt A lirancb of 
m'vi'.nUt iMir uf ■luno U ro riillril live 
il rroKf-Pd Ibe ttinj'jintnn uf lli<.- car, hk* 
sIriiiK uc^rucvi iIk' iHiltvm of s druu. 

Ohorda Vooa'los. Vticnl cord*. 
Ibvro-aiTrtenDid lignniNiU d( tbe Iiu7nx, or 
tit tin- !iir<.-ri<>r lipuiivnt* wf the itloltj*. 

^'hordnp'MUH. Cunstrictiun or twitt- 
intr t<r iliL- iritf->iiiK-& 

4'hordfH!'. A Frcnvb vrord. apt^itd 
in {'•'thologf xo a p«infiii ' >< itin- 

Irartioo of thv [leniB, Btti':i iIioul 






irhich lomvAv luvxiw panted tluit-ing. A 
dweawi oiUcd BL VKmi'v tlaiic«, cbanct«r- 
ijKNl b<r iKpnvRlHiTe mmioiu 4if Uw limtM, 
nMAiMIng the DMremaRs of a p«nuD 

Clio'rlon. Xaii<oi>, ftVin, from ,r>f)cc, a 
r<vrpinri<!. Tito Ksmnd numbnuia ol the 
fort UK 

Cliurioni'iiH. Isduniioii of tli« cel- 
Iwliir ti*s«i-. 

C'lio'rium. From x^^mm-, Bkio. Tho 
cntiv vi?n, nr iniivrnioxc layer of tli« ttkln. 

Cho'rold. CJmrvi'int; from ;t:<v"<"N 
tlic <:h<jrii>ii. mill ci^, rtaantiUow. A 
■MIDV apHktl (•) novt-rnl parta becaune of 
thnr fwsamhlntiro, in Uie vwculAritjr of 
tlieir ■rtniHiirv, I't tW cborim.. 

Choroid Mnmbrui«. HemirmM eluf 
roids*. The cAorwui ruMiV. a dark vatcalar 
iii«ta)>raiic «( Um tye, b^lweoa ibe aete- 
nxit-a anil Ike n^tiiui. 

Cborold Musala. Cillaty iniiacle. 

Oboroid PI»xus. Ptextts tJt»r»id»vt. 
Two in>-iiil'riiiHn»HDil vucnltr du[iUcatiirM 
of Uie pta ual pr. si tnated in tlie laiwal tea- 
lric.1v of iiiv brsln. 

Ctirrrn'mii. flputwiu 

('lirt'MtM. Sptet. Prom xi»Oi I anoint 
jDiiii'-li'iii. Ttid nnuinti&g of any part. 

C1irl«lt.>'rlun. An uinUaent or linl- 

<%ro'ta. C'Arvnii. Color m geaoral. 
The wrfiu-'-of Uxt body; tlieAkia. 

Ckro'inSK. A chroinatv, or oalt 
forw«l If* <h« qnion ot chmnio aoM wiUi 
■Mllable baiwa. 

Oiromnflos. From x/»V^ ^^"t. 
llmi |>-ifi ''( <i|>t)i» trhioii lr«ata of Uie 
culi'Tt <'f li,^ii -iifJ natural objetis, 

Chro'mlir AHd. Olitaimtl 1>t idSx- 
ii ^ t« of poLuh vrilh (xirc co»* 

r< i'tiurii' anil, in iIkt furm itf 

I imtk rrynlnU. It i» a power- 

fc. . > anil it" action, althoii(rfi *l9w 

awl fniiltiid. in Ocvply pcuvlraliiiK. la 
Dmtal froftier, it i« iu«?<l a* an wMbaroUo 
f«r atlaTtng ettrvma «en*ih«Kty of dentioe, 
. It Is ^aill thiit its a{rplicnth»l lit not nt- 
d«d with pturi lik« (liluri(l« of litiv ami 
'ailter «*liiirnlli«. nor with any Ksk to Lli« 
juno, anil that it« effect U alino«t inxtan- 
laoMiw. Ii ia oIIoitmI to rentain iu Die 
etvtty lit a lootli from Iwn tJi tirD niiii' 
ulttL OUroBUc aL-id is vuiplojwl iu fiugoos 
ICTowtb of ilrtital pa}p awl piraa, and hoa 

1>ecn raooniBwadeil for bleaobtDg diaoolorcd 


Chrowldro'iilB. Abnonnnl folort- 

Itiiu of till- Kwral. 

Cfarn'mliim. From j-^ufHt mIct, I 
cauni- ii Kivm i»>]t>rlo ita conibinalivn*. 
wliiti»h. brittk>. and n-ry iiifofllhlf nict 
«xtmrl«d from tlic nutive etirotuati^ uf la 
or iron. By besting it wiUi tutra it b oun- 
rertod into ctiroinia aetd. 

rhrsBio'gen. Virgcla1>)e kA 
iiuilLor acteO tipon by tioids or alkaUt^^ 
prmlitciikfi yellow or ifTWa llota. 

Clir«aiop'»la. Chm/yna ; from 
XP^'fiOy culvr, uikI o^fi vifiou. Colored 

C'bntn'ic. Cironima; from a»wec, 
time. A term ai'pli<.-4 to diMavcaof lung 
cnoiinn.'inee, bdO for ihc most part, williont 

Chron»-Ther'iiial. A fanelM no- 
tion tliat mMldnes are eloctrind Iu ibelr 
H(4ioii, orvniwl, an uraal. into a "^yWent," 

Cfamp'nlK. From jt^m, «olor, aixl 
cVif. i>lKht. A iliiiuaM! uf tlic eyca, or a 
eUilo of virion, in wtiieli a colored iini>re«- 
stoD is made od the rt^linn. 

CliryK. A prcfii, mcaaing golden 

Chrjll'llllM. From 4:p«««f, fold. Th« 
sooDixl ur (UActive state ofn uietnUiIlon or 
ptiaii^(.'a))le Ininvl, embracing the pmud 
wb«ii ii !» end^iMfl ia a tmrnparont <^ver- 
\ng, wlikli Miiiciiuiiti retleota a lueUiUio 
lu<4rA, anil lieitce (he n]>palintioiL 

Chrj-ann'tbcmiiak, A genna of 
ptani* uf ih<^ onlvr ^irurpoaite. They liuve 
lioi'ti iiiiiunili/i'iJ ia tliif country. 

Chrysantbemum Leuooa'tbemum. 
Owyc liiiisr, MaaJtio wott. 

ObryKnothemum Partbe'oiuin. 
Jf>iCn'<Mri'd IMirUieniui*. UaUtoTWort. 

('br>*Mriin. From ^puevc. gold. Uth- 

C'br}-iiobnrann9. From xfnmt, 

goH and ^^ror, a nut ; eo called ti«rau»e 
ti ia yellow b«rure it io driHl. The uuu 
mvf. t^M MnnflTirA M««crat«. 

<rhry»ob'<>ryl. A mtnumluf&greec 
cuiiir imd ntrttoiiA lustre. 

('hr^-iMK^rilt. Fruin j/.>*»;, fCoW, 
iiiHi K-»M, miiiL-nt. Old niuiie for btnu, 
I'vi'iiiiKc ill wikt (!in{iloycd io «i>ldertng fold. 

t'bryM*i>o'mu, Milfi.ll or yarrow. 

Cnirynoco'nia. From ^fnevt, gold, 
and ^(Ri^Mi, to become. A tlDclureufgold. 


C'hrjri!>'ollle. rrom jjn^s, goJd, aud 
Ju^ix, m Btuiitf. To|>iU!. 

Chrja'opraiie. A •lliehnu mbier>l 
of » pal*-green «>Ior. 

C1in-Ho«ple''nltun. Ooldeu aaxl- 

Clirjrinil'cna, From ip«t«i, (lotd. 
nntl ri.Kfr, ti> inkc uv4y. A^uu rogia. or 
iiltro-munatlc aci<I. 

Clinr'rtU. Ban^iu. The ronnou* 
juW of IndUn hemp. Caanabit Indiea. 
]i U iin[>loy«4l in th« £ut w » narootio 
till) III iti -j ia« modi f. 

CIiuh'IIc. a very tndblt 7«Ilowbb- 
p»Wi. tnwsliioent inin«ral. 

Chynz'lc InitialB of earbon, Aydro- 
^«n iiDil itfHtt. or, or bcl<>nKiD|c to, Aoom- 
biiuition of corbcm. bydrngun, nod nitrogeo. 
A|>pli«<l to pnia^io acid. 

Cliflr. XtJ^, Jiiico. A Diitritivo fluid 
ol 1% Euilk.i- sppL-arancc, fuuiid in the Inctvol 
voweli of the ini>Hen«!ry, and \a lh« tliora- 
fiio duct, axlractvd fivni thv food bj th« 
ilMorboDts of tfa« inUaitnea, aft«r it bu 
bun Bubinltted to ib« action of dig»Miaa. 

ChylirerstiK Vc<w<!U. Th« Uo- 
IvaU, nliidi carrj tho cb}'le from the id- 
tv«tiiiu> to tho tliumcio duct. 

Chj-liaca'ltoa. Chyii^f^'ti4>;tr>iai 
Xi-^^-, uixl fii^re, to mnke. Tliu pn>cc«s 
by wliidi the clijrle ia fvnned or wpamled 
from the chynitf. 

Chi'llM'tnii. From x<^-*K> juice. An 
eilra>:L ur t.<ti)ri>«itd Juii'e. 

Chi'loiE'raph)'. From jiA«.(, ebvie, 
and ipB9>}, a description. A doMinplioD of 
theohyitt, fuiduflbtt|>arMvbioliclnbQrat6 

Chylopolei'lC. ChgUrpoUli'eui ; 
ftuiu {I'tof, dibits asd >roifu, I iniiko. Any- 
tbiog cuiiDMtcd with ibo forcuation uf 
ohylo, u Uio cliylopoictic riacvru, vcwelts 

Cbylopo'inc. A tcnii umA by 01. 
Deranrd tu cx|iri\M tho Activo prindple of 
till! luuinruuii! Juice. 

('lirlv'MiM. Tho prooM* by which 
food i> rhaoKcd Into chyle. Obyllfloalion, 
or \hv foniiiii iiiii »f c)ijr|«. 

Cbjl«»la(c'ina. Dutiliatioo or ex- 
piVMiitn uf jiiiiw I'roni milid*. 

Chylv'rln. from xvi^^t' ebyK and 
tnfiov, uriae. A diicharge of milky nrinti. 
vrilhoiil luiy appjirent letioo of LJiu urinary 

Cky'lOfl. Xi^^. Chjla. 


Cbymv. f'XywMtrfroni x*^>f>lo«- 
A hiiiiiot^neotU nla^^ funnel by tbe iooi 
Itl Ibu MiDiiuich. and frurii «rliU>li, afl«r U 
pftsa«« toto tho iotMlliim, Ibe cbyie it 
Mparftted. It i» furuicd br tlie fnod Ib iu 
lirst great change id iha prooois of dtgcs- 

Chynil'K. Xiyua. Cli«nii5lry. 

(bjiiiiln'tor, A cJiemiual pliy 

( hyniliitri'a. Th« lui of cartag 
«a»w by chemical remedic*. 

CbyailHoa'UoB. . Chim\frv'tu: 
from x*t^\ joi^a, nod Jhtrtu, to nudca. 
The oonrerrion of food Into chyme; 
flrtit prooMS of diicMlion. 

Ctaym'liitry. (.'hcmistry. 

C'hyl'U'n. lludU. A qylbulrknl 
root, of a biit«rish tH»ta, brangbt fnm 
China. The Chines hold It io h^fh Wli- 
luBtion fur its atoinacliii; vtriuca. 

d'Hlouae. An instranKut for dlvld- 
itig fttondo-mamhntioiaii butdik In tlio reo- 
tuui or bladder, 

ribu'llM. Frotn fOi*. fvod. OC, or 
beli'iiirtift to, food. 

('Ibtt'llo. From eibi*. foud. TV act 
of Itikiii); luod. 

CrbUfl. Food. 

Clcn'da. A geaas ot' irr-i-.'U. <-fl^ 
bruiHl for i)i«lr power* of tunn-. "r tlirf!) 
ohiqi, oinbradng the trix^h'^ijiiT. frnic- 
hv>ppitr, &e. T]i« ntitiuM of t1i<.> tihopn !i 
tho inxpiMiilud jvii-v of th« /Viu-u. >ii i>rA«u, 
uzudi^d from rhi? wonniU inlliviM by tin* 
CKftda "rm. 

<'lcalri€>'nl«. Plminnliro of Clm 
trii. A small oiflatris; nppliM nlvi lo ttaa 
■mall vliile ipook aoca on (he yolk uT lit 
fao undated egg. 

C'l««lrta'iia<. OiMlrit'ofu; fmm 
citatria.', Iu ^kin »\vr. Siit'h a|iplirnboli9 
sa arc tupposvd to di^k^Me woamla and 
nlcera, to dry up nnd hool. 

Cl«'iklrix> From fii^*frU->. n>IimIup, 
or al^in over. A star U|pjIi Ibii skin after 
ttio hualiiiti of a wouiul or uln<r. 

Cl«a(rim'lton. 1Im> proQ««, by 
whinh a wotiml or itWr riiHtri/v*. 

do>iy Kwe«a. a )ibnt, Scmidu 

oJoraUt^ Mf/rrhin ^oTfita. \nt^»t<Mt»fi, ak- 
matli^ apvrJuoC, and diimrtio ptvpertUd. 
Seandir odMuta. 

(ieb»'rlDin. A gvnnt of plana of 
tbo order CkA«raeea, 

Otohorlotn BodlT'la. The uDdin^ • 
biUor BDlad. 




OlObo'ritim fo'trbna. WBd auooory. 

The Jtiie« of tk« root U wtid to li« A|>crient. 

CIclM'dola, The lamjtitiu wetiltuM, 

tiT glnw-vonii: foruii>rl7 i>it|i|>(»ei] to bo 

.|Wod}VQ ind tithonlripHc, bat not n^w 


crclnnn Oleum. Annil ubt&iDMl 

fruin lliv br-lli»«il «««<]» af Jnt>viptia«»rcw, 
fuisnnwinK prupcrtiM rimilnr to castor oil. 
CIm'Uu A xetins of plants of tb« 
«n!cr Apia«ea. Entit i«««ntlj tli» t«nn 
mna ofteo applied to Ooidiiiii muHilitDra, 
fadLlTerent genn*. 

Otout* AquBf loa. dinU I'fi'Md, Ati 
•(Ttire poiftoiu ewMiitn emplojrod tncdid- 

Oioute Macula'ta. AtnericdD wfi(«r 
bemlvck ; s(K)Ct«l oowbane : bcnvor poiMn. 
It in 11 puwe<fh1 a&rcotie, wldoro L'iiipIa,vMl 
in prucitPf, anil is sappos^d to b« ii]vaii(>«] 
iwilti I'ifutrt rinvM, 

Clenln'rlB. Cievta, Jiunlook. Bm- 
t«n3 liomlook. 

ClI'lH. BirpiMT^idet. Tfa* oroliuJlMs 
or hair* on tb« ejelltl*. 

<.1l'lliry. ViU'arit. H«loftging to 
tlte «relMalie8. 

OUbUrArterita TbedHftrfKrteries 
lire (liTi<ltKl IntoiAtrC, arfMtfritu; and fn- 
I ivrfvr. TIm first ant Ilumtiro^^ nod |ionc- 
I the leicrotio ooat of the «j« iicitr ih« 

ptio BcrTM, and *t>rnad ont opon tho rbo- 
membraiiit, Aiid siipplv the Irlti and 
''cffianr prawKMM. Thry uriRin&iv fratn tli« 
ofihthaltnie arterr in three or four bmnoheK, 
Imt are divided Inln about twenty hy \he 
tiin« th«7 arrirv at th« Mlnrutica. Tlw an* 
t«rior eillarf arteries *r« f«w In namticr, 
■ad pieroa th* aolamtJcn nonr the conicit. 
^••■rl arapniidpial ly d in rlbiiitfd upnn I h« i riff. 

Olllary Body. A Hng i>i ihn dmruld 
eMl of tfafl vjo, BttrroDnduig tho orv^tAl- 
UiH) tan* Uko a oruwn placed behlud the 
fitis and ciliary oUvlo. 

<raiaTy OIrol». Ciliary Itgamoat. 

Hilary- Lisamaitt. A grayiali rini; 
■kniUed between tho irie, coniua, and aciit- 

OUary Majviti. The border of tlio 

CillaTy Muaolft. Th«l part of tl* or- 
hlouUns ]>a]p(i))rarum in tho vioiniiy uf Ihu 

OUlary Horvea. TLa nervoa of Die 
idliary tiiaoteot. 

CaitajyProai— !■■ Tti« radiated pUdu 

of tJte choroid menibnuia. whldi r eacin Ma 
the dlik of a radifitod Hover, lodged in 
tho depreanoDs of tlie anterior part of the 
vitreona humor, 

OU'iary 9trlfl». Pale radiAt«d striw to 
the posiorior pnit of tli« oillnry bodv, ao 
oovemt with pi^itont a* not to be mod 
distinctly til] that i» r^iu»v«d, 

OniaiT Veins. VaniKirtkon. Tlicv 
follow lb« miM oourae aa the arlc^le^ and 
tfaoharp their blood lalo th* ophtlialmio 

Olllary Zona. Ciliaty mwn, eilia^ 
duk. Tho H^H>aran<v, lik« ib^ dUlc of s 
ttower, whirh tiie pi|;iii<f0t btrtw«eii tlio 
ciliary proce w i Ivavva on the liyutoid 

Cll'lalvd. Ciliafut, Fringed wilh 
fine bairs liLe the erolashus. 

ClI'lniN. From Wb<^■ to twinkle. 
Tho vyctmli. or cjfclid. 

€U'I«. from oi^ftun, tbeeyetid. Oue 
afleMed with dllo«iii. 

dllo'sln. A porpctoal spacmodlfi 
tremtitin? of lint eyvlUU. 

Ciinl4'irnBa l<«iccni<k'm«. .\i^in:A 
ra«enioaa; black umiiTout. a plimt pu»- 
HMKtng tonic, antiffpasmodic, and expec 
toKiDt properties, boa* of powder, gr. x 
to gr. XXX. 

CfmlelTiiglne. Aotire prindple ot 

Clino'lla PurpDreH'iH''ni». l-\il- 
lor'a wirlli. 

, CVm'wIKe. A gm^iah-wbite earth, 
coii!iiitUnfC of !iil«x, alumina, oxide of Iron, 
luiil watvr. ('inioltnn vnnlL 

Clna'Cinn. Cinctioua. 

<'ln'itni. A Kcriiis of plante of the 
ortliir ffiiu/i-iiitir, Tli« arlidioke. 

Clnplio'nH. Ttie name of Bevornl 
kind* of Peruvian bnrk, (he ii>c of vhicb 
is taid to have been diMOTenxl by this 
olraamslancc : Sudm uf (be trecM A'oia 
vhicb it u procorod having been blown 
by the wind into a pool of water, tboy Uj 
there until Ihcy had iniparti'd to It mch 
a bitter tdtto that ewr^body refiteed to 
drink It; but a person renidlnx in the 
tmijfhborhood u-as ooized will) a fuvor and 
tM>t being able to procure otb«r w«t«r to 
iliiench lus tblret, drouk of ihlai anil wita 
«oon ruiDpleteljr cured. TluKoiruamHtuiice 
was related to other* ill of fwora, who 
drank it nud were cured. Ii!i uad, huw- 
uvur, as a niedicinal agent, lUd a»t Ix-coiiie 






CCOecal until kVout the 7««r 1038, wlieo 
tho 8[iiiiiiitt vicero;'* lady, lb« Coauten 
(le Clncbon, wan cured of fts^tr bj it nt 
Lima, and Inooo thg a{)pclIntH>B of CWtAt 
diu/tona, nnd TnlYis CoinltisM', or the 
CoiintiDw'ii Powilvr. It utm afterwords 
inttodnoei] into Kan>|>c hy tliv J«e)uit«, 
atniMig wliuRi iliD Countewi, mi Iipf ro- 
covorjr. tiad distrilxit^ it, nnd thvntrti 
aroM tbe uaoiu of CVrJoc or Pvhi* Jn«il- 
icu; Jwmil'i' Barl : cuUmI also C»Tdinni 
dr Lngiit poirtler. fieoause a large "juoniity 
vt it wa* taken tv Itvniv for the »« of tlio 
rclittioiM poor by that charitable prolate 

ductiona U oullenl, alu, e4>rUx; barhj 
Pfnttiaii hart ; rarltJ! C'^K^ : CItiitA Cftin- 
chili: Itinii; kiitlrinii: gainayttina; <ivin- 
yuin/j. Thviwi Imrkii aro jwn»— wiJ of biltfr, 
astrinifciil, tunic, and febrlfhge pfoiwrlJM, 
Btid hare cnnalliuted one of tb« muM 
valuable r«nicdi«>s of tliu materia mmlira. 
ia l)iu tr«iitni«at of iiilorniirtciil fi-ver*, a* 
well a« otiicr discoM*, but since tb« dis- 
covery of ib«fr active priDcijilc. qulaina, 
th<-v liftT^ not liMn h> tuo^b iwod. 

Oinoho'na AlkalieB. C'iiteAa»a,qHi»iii 
lUtd unVia/j. Tlii'V arc rugaRlnl a» «xi(l<« 
of a eommon b«M>, torfncl fmn&jffn. 

dnchona Barks. False, ^rks pro- 
eoreil I'roiu Ufes fonnerlj ranked among 
tin CiiteA^HtifMt, and dictin^uitliod fro:n 
tJra true Pcrnviim bark bjr tbc abwDce of 
i]uinia nnd cindionia. 

Cinchona Fl»Ta. Vollov llork, 
rnllt^l in oominenw CatiMgii iS,trk. Thfru 
aru Hovvral oltior vai-lwie* of yiilluw imrk. 
but the CaliMgA, th« proclufi of tli« 6Vn- 
rhona Lnnfmfnla^ U tlic itiuM raliuible. 

Oinohona Pallida. I'alK Itork. calkd 
ia coriimeivc /.cj«i Bark. TTicre arc t>«veTal 
other romincrcial viim-tictt but tlii* \* th« 
miMt bi^lii; Mtaemed, and ii the prodoce 
of Ibv Cin^h^na tandamitua. 

Cinchona Rubra. \lvA Bark, oollcl 
In Soutb AiiiL-ricii eiuenriUa mm &Dd wte- 
mda. Tbii i« fromiin iindttamiini>d iijK^ca 
of t'ini-liniiA. S«« pBRrvtAX IUrs. 

Clnolionn'c«w. Tb« Cinrbona tribe 
of i]ieotyU'dtJiii>u» pJani*. Tr**« or uliniha 
irith Uaet* oppoftito; ^ffirarv in panicles; 
•fMiHcniiariiiiiitr from llic corolla ;./V<ii'( in- 
ferior, either splitting into two eoooi or in- 

('ln<>hu'nlll. CinrAi/tiino; ni'nrA«- 
rii»f. Tbe aotifv (iriii(*i|ile of C'infhona 
luneifitita. Aa o^anic, ci-yatoUiuo olkoU, 


: on 
I tbo 

■ 1 1* ^^ 

of a wblto color, }Attmr taala, lUiditljr ■*. 
trinfvnt, lolnMa in 2M0 porta of beUbg 
wal«r, bat very iMlubln in buillai; almtiol 
and eliiditly K>liible in ethvr and tlie fl 
and viiUtile oiU. Bnl the Kal|ibatr 
cinrltonia, whiob it fomod dirctlr fi 
cincbonio, la ooluble in waMu- a» <r«U 

<'ln4>h»n'lr Al'ld. Ktiii<^ acid: an 
aritl I'oiiiid in Ciucliuna biirk*. ami in tbo 
ullmrniim of Abi«4 commnnia. 

Olnobonlo Red. An iBM>1iibl* 
enbftonce foond in Clnclf^iia bark*. 

CIn'ebuiiii. or CIb'cIimiI 
Cinrtioiia. A poi^nlinr vettMablv priad) 
or olknli, discoirc>r«il in th« VlMA^tM rMt- 

CliMln'niiH. Tlip hiar tm ih« tna- 

Cin'clmlM. Involuntary w\Dli\nt or 

Clnrna'iiiun. T)iea«h-pitor*hr- 

Craerca. Plaral of eiaii, nOm. 


Olnores Clavellati. 7V>Caua /i 

C'lli«>rr(l«Wi. Oineritiu*; from 
Nu, n-4Lm. Of the nolor of a>tic-t. 
cortical nbftance of th« brain is 
time* M> colled, tnm ite i f arobUnce 

ClncClrm. Kivvruat, lutrlap tba 
pownr oT motioa. Diacaaca aflaotinf^ tba 
inosclca. SpasBtt. TJic third ordtf in 
the claai ymtrva. fn tbe "Scaoto^ at 

Clae'lm. The diapbragin. 

€*iii'|culuiii. Fruin»'H{m, 1 bind. A 
llii'illo ai»i>licd to tho bodf balo«- the rlW; 
tlie wal«l. 

Olngulum Blldant A Wihcra sir- 

illo fonnerlT naod 6>r ih« rednrtiaa of 

luxntious and fmcturi>« of iJie ex t remit i«u^M 

Olnsulum Marouriale. .\ ipnile d^l 
dannel a[»pl>«d to tlie hMMV aoPtaintnj' 
mvrcnrial oiutJoeoL. 

C'ln'RulnM. {lii'Kiile. .\ Icnn np* 
plieil to tbe diviiion or rallay irbieh avpa- 
ratw ihi boily of tiro eaaino loiitb (Vow 
tbc tiiberclo on its liagoal MtrCaoo. 

Cl'nlR. AsheiL 

tvm ruhrum. A snlphuret nf roert^ 
Tt oivurH nattt'e. and is made ariiltoiall 
Tbo former app*nn in tba Cbrm of bi 





uti] ilao in ainurpbaBs oumm 
of di9er»nt Bhfld«« of rcdnixl brows: the 
iKUur i* Uu: mi bisulpburat. tbo ttrmiiwn 
of i-oronn'roe, 

Cinniun''lc AHd. Aiincl<l4>buin«<l 
fri'in lliti ml of rlntumoa. 

Clnnmuo'tnuui. Frotu JCiitnau. 
ll>*t're«-. \ ^I'Tin- •>!' plants of the onW 
Lnvr^eta. (.'iucutoaii Uark. Cawin Biirk. 
A nniiiro of lli« Eaat 4ad W«h| liiitii.i>, 
Bnitil. nnil Egy]>i. It ti an Krommit-, 
ttimnlont, and utnAffent; buL i» ohieHs 
uwd a* &n mtjtuict to udi«r rviiwdieo. 
PovWKvd Cmnmnon bark foriiw sit tn- 
fTvdk-nt of K>m« dcnUfti«M. See Otsru 


Olnnnmoraum Hi win €in»amo- 
ttmm irtatatietim, Tbe dnuaianu oaaalii, 
whl(^ ; icMk ih^ CAuik liirnofl, owtia bwK 
and ojuhIa bnfk iif i'i>rtiiiiorM>. 

Cioii&niooiuiD Zoylaoicum. Tlic 
tree wtiicb jii-ld* t)i«. Cojlon (^nwnon, 
|h« /.tfttnu ttMiid of tli« ipanlciM. 

Cln'nainon* Tlie bw-k of rirniMmo- 
mMm iSiy/iihreuni, nnd of Cinnitmonnm 
aeomatifvn>. See Ci.VKXUOMrii. 

Olnnomon Stoae. A *i>iral« of lirac. 
•Ininiub tad cnrido of iroa; ■ rarr miD 
•ral. front CojUm, of a hxnciiiUi-red color. 
or T^rUowitli -brown. 

Olunamon Suet. Au uil<r nnd waxy 
prixliii-t i>r Uia ninnatniin truo, imnI in 

Cln'nnmyl. i'innamaUi. Tluibjpo- 
tbriiral rndivtii of rinRAmim oiL An. 

CI'OMi K'vi', ftftilunm, Tb>.' iivnlft Wft* 
funn<rly Ml calkd fniiil iupyiimwlul »liape. 

CrnnM. From aui/T. Bcolninu. Swell- 
ing ciiiil i-lun^'ntioD of Lhft umU. 

Ctoal IIh. From vn-, a colonin, anil 
itU, HitiTiifvinb' Indntnmitioa. Intluiiiina' 
tl'Ml (>r ill. '!Vti!rt. 

Clonorrlui'phlM. Rtai-rc, llio uvula, 
atul pn^v, a UMB. Th« iBtne as Stnplij-- 
1i>rr!M|il>t ; wtiich Kb. 

<'lonDl'nnir. Escirioaof ihr amlA. 

CIr'clBnIf. To mnko a olirle; ro 
eotnfMiW. Appii«'j in lialttay to lmvo^ 
and (liber piuls wbfa rollnl mwnnl fnun 
th« poiui to the Uu«, liku lh« joung Inuwj 
of B fftrft- 

ClrwKv'lt. Cifsowle. 

CIr'mlnr. Cirrntitri»; from ei'wu- 
Jiw, • 'ir<i|r-. MArinf; Iho fonn of a n\r*\v. 

Crrabl'UoB. l7ire«^'tM> .* from 
In*, a mrrJu, or from eireuta, arunnd, 

KtA/erre. Ufum. taoarr^. In Wjww/ojtv, 
tbe pbvnUrliin of Iho lilooi) Chruucti th« 
different rmM^s of the InxIt. In lb* ritui 
aetioa the lilooil la ej«nt«cl fh>tn ibe l«(t 
VL-ntniM6 of the bir*rt inin ih^ norta aad 
lakoQ to wwj part of tlia bodf. |>mm« 
Into Ibu Tclns ami ih rftiiruiK] to thv Hjibt 
•urlHft of tho heart, whi<ib. t%,(tet didc-nd- 
xag lo r«cc4v« It. conkracle tani tortxt it 
Into tb« riitbt TvntricW. Ttii^Dre It imuhm 
into tbe pulmonarjr artar^, if ^onvryvtl to 
Uiii luDga, hpA brouRht hnrk ii> lliu bcnrl 
hj tbe palmonar; rains : unlerinr iIm I*ft 
anrirl«, it Is forced Into ibo iMl venlriole. 
lo bo otcnln ooDVvj'cd b; tlic artcrici* lo 
thp diSercot pans of iho Inviy, 

Olraula.'flon, Capillary, 'nicpaaaa^ 
of lli« bluod (broniib tliu iDionto vMMfai 
wbiah liv butween tlie arterlei and vdni, 
and |Mn«tm« all t)i« ti«Hiea. The l>1(xx], 
in its iMiMOfce tbrotiKb tbeoe vewcU, ia 
ebanged flora «n«rtiil to veituua. 

OlroulAtkm. Fcertal. Sea Ftsrjit 


Cir'cnlnM. A nrrlc or rinit In 
Anittarny, anj* part of the bodj which ti 
riMiiiJ like a dnrlu, tt.i the rirenliii orift, 

Olroultia Ancrio'sua I'rldia. Tbe 
arterj whlcb foniw a ejnlu ruand lb* 

Olroulua ArtiouU Vftsoulo'sua. 
Thvi narrow vasi-iiliir hurdtrr funnuai Hronud 
t]t« artii'alor i.-«rtiLiK«i hv lb« abrupt lcr< 
miaiilion of the siibsjnoiio) vcnok 

Clrouliia Oaeeus. T)ie Imnv ring of 
tlie fu)ii)», afterwards iioilvd to tb« Uin- 
poral btiDc foniiin;; tlie meatus nuditorliH 

Circulus QuBLd'ruptox. 1'he tinruo 
of A handam iwed hy llir iiiim-iitK. 

Ciroulus ToneQIu'rlB. A plexi» 
fortoed by tbe liOKuol nn<l KloMso-phuryii- 
iceal nen'ct aruiindtW t4iiiMl. 

Oirtnilua WUilsU. The rirale of Wll- 
lia; an nnaxlaiiiiwix li«iwiMm Ibv tirnuchif 
nf tbo vertebral nml intcnui] carotid arto- 
ritw within ilio eraninin. 

Cir«umHK«al'€«. Th«i>bUqn«inD 
tita of Lb*: e*i-- 

C'lronmcaalii'liK Mvinbmiia. 
The e»n)nn<(tivA, 

ClrcanriJt'lon. Cirrumritia ; term 
tirrunifirdo, \n itoc nlHitit. An ■i|H-riicii>n 
pnt^ti-vil aiDong tbo Jows. rnnfi>4ioit in 
tbo ruBDovol of a portlnii of iJw |)nipum of 
thv iRfaiil, b; n circular upomtioD. 

rirrnndnc'Uon. OirtmmJwH». 
See PE«flPii^i£u. 

Clrctimdnctlo'ntaOp'iflpx. Tho 

worker of drciim<liiclioa ; no epiUi«t for 
Ihe Mi|>crior (t!illr|ini moscle of the eye. 

ClronnHox'. A Oiot np|ili«d to 
vni'ii>ii« nrleri(« of thff «xln;raiHr«. 

Circnmflex'n U'U. An nrtn-y 
pHHiDg MtKiiul Uio fwtx of lh« tliunt, 
springing from th« «xt4«nal iliac 

Clrciunflex'lia. Frotn nrnxn, 
•roond. nni) Jl«rv», twnt. B«d1 ciiviit&rljr. 
In An«t«mg, a nani« giren lo t«v«nil or- 
gnn* of liKi hmlv. A mawla of tin- pnltM. 

OtrcwmaexuaPala'tl. Tmt»rpttlali. 
A mii«el« of th* pnlatt, whi*li oriwa from 
tlie !)>iiK)i» proom of the splienokl Ikhio, 
ami li hiwrted into tho velum pendnhim 
pnlall and lh« BtTnURnar edge of t)io m 
polAti, cxU'Dtting tutaitt tlio ralure irbkh ihts two lionea. 

Clronnifii'tMi. In HfjiettB, «T«ty. 
tiling whic^ ni'U fsteroallj and ganoniily 
ii|i(iii mjin. 

Clrctimm'ra'tlo. From eirevm- 
gyr", Iti turn raiuitl. Tiirninit n liinb 
nroiiDil in i(» wwlci't. Vcrti(«>, 

ClrpiiniHvm'llA Mvmbrn'nn. 

C'ir'i'iiitiftcrlbeil. Id MttOeint. la- 
inorB vhii'h Mt< ili^tinct st their tMue from 
the (tiirruunOing portd. 

Clrrbo'iils. Fwin uinpox, «llo». A 
vollow 4^oring man«r, eornetiinw forintoil. 
in llie tiwiu«H, owing to a tuorVid procMS. 
Al«o, B irmwwir of tli« kulno}**. 

Olrrhosie Hopa'tia Oran*tlat*d, fu- 
ttrew/aUJ. uiiO h^hmiltd liter. It i§ <k'- 
]icndvnt npnn rcplftion of the U-rniirml 
extrcinillM of tlie biliiiry dnrtswith liile, 
togvllicr with sll^rvd nulrilioii of tht^ in- 
terreniog parcncbyino, b.v vltich the liver 
becomos smnller, ntmphied. 

Cinwc«'le. From «.*KMi, ft dil«t*i! 
vein, BiiJ JupA/r. * Hunor. Morbid enlnrge- 
mcni of ili« tpemuLlv viAa. 

CirsMU'pballM. From xipcraf, n di- 
IftUtl vctD. or vftrix. and aa^-of, navfl. 
Vnrtpow rvii'litiiifi of tliu vinn* uirrouod- 
Iii^ tJie uawl. 

CIrMtphf hnl'mla. From n^xmr, tad 
a»0a>7Hic, tho (<r«. A raricoM oundition 
of lh<- vi.4Mla of ibd eye. 

C'lr'nail. Eip«oc: from ai/MOM Ui di- 
late. A morbid disteo^oa of any pan of 
a v«tn. A vorli. 

Clraot'ons}'. From tipMf, a vari^ 
and rofiii, an incMoo. Tlie removal, b; 
jnrairinn, •>f vAri<>«a. 

CiHHnm'polo*. .A ^waas of plaati 
of Ibc iinlw \/imitjt*rmafit«. 

OlBBampetoa Paratra. Tlu tji^i 
alic njund of the pamra braro, a pUa^' 
iJiH ntot of whicli is said la powen nati* 
□ophritii! and mloulooi propefttea. hit 
toni«, npcrivul, and diuretic I>Qaa ^r. 

zxx to ;vj- 

ClMui'rtM. S«e Curra Oaarnn*. 

Cls'lA. from utifiai. (o bo, A oy* 

ClHl4!r'iua. Fncn riito, a cyst Part* 
of ili« body wblch serve a* rapoaliurHM ft 
flnida. Tb« founb v«Btt4«]« of ili« biaia 
U aim Mt called. 

Cis'ina. A gmna of planu at Ifaa 
ordor Ci*tii(y«. 

Oistus Oretloua Th« planl fnim niAeh 
the ladaniim i* olilaintKl ; a |{imi rmu « blch 
0]ti)il(« from tb« ]«avv«. 

CII'niK^ A anil of cttrie acid. 

OttrHt« of Ammonia. A 
eilm», A salt fom»d bjr nentrai 
xeiiiinkMrbnnALo of aininoaia irtib 


Citrate of Potash. A nil famed b^ 
GvapofuUng to dryncra a eolation of olrio 
aciil. uiinrai«d by carbonate of potaiaa- 

CllmtVM. Salt* of tli« arid of l«moniL 

(TlCric. Of.ort-«loii^tigto,tb«)amoa. 

Oitiio Acid. Anilum eilrieum. AM 
of ItiiiiiinN, liitnon jtiiro. 

ril'rlncr OInI'meiil. Ointineni 
nitmtv iif iiti-rtiiry, Vt^] n» a fttimii 
iiml nltoralive applicalioa io «a 

CiCrlnua. ^..^iion-^olorfiL 

4'll'r«ii. ^ee CiTRra JIrmca. 

Cilrnl'luM. Cacarbtta cilrullai- 

Cll'nu. The leiooo. See C 

Oitrua Auranttum. Th« ayaiamatM 
name of ibo orange tree. 

Ottma Hedloa. The 5y«ti-«iait« name 
nf tbu leinoa tr«». Tbo fitn>i* Ut ibc saw* 
epedea of irev ks ib^ lemon. 

Oltnu Vulsa'rb. Th« Citnt Auraa- 

CU'la* An JoonHoatc or Taradoai 

CiTCt'ta. Ad nnMnooi; e>darlfaraH 

dni([. ubittinvd from a fold In tlw aklo b^ 
twMn thp nnaa ami orgnm* i>f gmarntioii 
of an oniraai called a civet cot. 







0> AbbrcvialioD for chlorine. 
<i«i<>k'lnK PlvaU v Ten«n. 

CUrk-fiirol: a inetbod of ntlBctiimr tin 
artlAi^il crown to the root of n nnlnnl 
tootli. iiivvtitcil by MftinriolK. Seo PiTOt 
Term, llarriss Prin. ntui Praet. of Iftn- 

C'Utdo nla iKlHn'tlira. S«e Ob- 
tea bii I'LAxniCA. 

ClBdonia RancdflBri'na. Iteixdeer 
now; H v«rT nittritiv« *f>c«i«« at l.k'hiin*. 

Cladnu'lbi TInPlo'ria. }W/<>k 
Atk, FnitU Ttft^ y^tlMt l4>etat. An in- 
diK«notu tree finurishinff in tb« W«»t«ni 
■ud SoalfarrD KlniM. The bark anil root 
RFw rillinrtic. 

Clalrvoj'nncc. Cl«w^««iog, A 
power Aii|i|ii>9e4l to be nwimnnkwU^] In 
IM-nuoB l>v Rniitial mwiMiMn. hv wliicli 
ttwyart «iiJt«rti»wiiolij<«iBno< pr«wnt. 
to wm thrmicli »l(in« walK and to bnvo 
thd i|aality of visioD diffuMd over th« 
whole Irfxif, 

Clnm'iajr. Olatinour, ftillicairr, 

<'lnnip. In He^^hanittt DtniSttrp, a 
[liw^ of roan'J or Hiilt«n«<l iron wir« or 
utlu-r mctn) nol t-a^j fnaed, Ix^t In inch, 
ji nwnnirr iw tu hold Iwit or iiii>r« |>ioi-*'i: 
of gold or ailTcf in mnlact witb cm-li 
olbcr while Uicy arc \te\a^ MiVliTml lo- 
gfitlii^r. Aiioitivr fomi of clflinp, tlini «r 
Mr. T, 11, Udrrst, w AvDifXivA for tx^MiuK 
Uifl p!*tr ilmtlr lo Ui4> dio whi.-n swacin^ 
it. fni>lntin»nt« miM elnmps nrc mIm 
nW for Mrcwtn;; tnftHbt'r Ihv fioslu In 
mlcnoho work. KnUbcr-dain cUin|M ftr« 
iodiapenuble In lb« u»e oF llie mbbt-r-ilam 
(or nrUiintBff It in pf«)>«r position, nnd «^(^ 
nppltctl nfirr tliK nibbfT rlotli !» ilmwn 
ovt-r t^p <»'"«b. In ■ fnl! Ml tlii're hit 
Ml <f thMO eUmfif. Hom? 

HI' I [li n tui^uo- holder. A 

Kui!ii>>k fort'cpt i* oied to amiiit In pliwin^ 
tbM« elain[x in poriHon. 

Clamp Forceps, Io!ilriinii>nU for l)iu 
•djnatniviit of tb« niblier-dam rlampa, md 
w fonncil ihM Uw points pnt* Into Ibo 
nrrv ofihn rlxinp, iwd, tij pnwuro upon 
Um liaji<lli>«. 'j\wa It eao'icb to pan It nrn 
iKe Mnwn of tbr tixith. tbe nibhor Ibcm 
limine linwii EimltM- tbc nin^of the rlmiip. 

Clap. '~"">noTThffl«. 

C'lit<iHfni«>nt. A Frtnoh word, n^- 
hif'ini* iliiiM^ritij^ of the l««th. 

Ctar d, C^rcton ; A-oni clarto. to 

b« cImt. a li)tbt Fmndi wini\ poMCMinn 
tonic ftnd »Dtidj»p«ptio prop«rtlM, 
»aiDetim«% with advantage b t^pUold' 

Clare'tll. 014 nana for tba DlbvnxB 

Clnriaon'tlon. Cfari/Miie ; 
uration ; intra elaruM, t\«nr, and /n^*, ' 
mtkt. Tbc pn»nr« of frwioit a finbl from 
all insolobte and h«I«rc^(>neoR> nionvre. 

CtA'ttta. ClJitma. Fntctnro, 

CIiiM>* ^" ^tdumk^l timtisfrrf. tt 
hook tilled lo a tooth, and d»il;tned for 
th* retMitlan oS a donlal •ultsiUiilf- or 
other apporatne to be irora In tlic moolh. 
See Hmrb'a f ria. and Prwt. o/" DfniUtry. 

CUUM. Cltitth. In Xalufttl IHttari/ 
and Vtiiicint, a tCTonii or nemtiuMiuce of a 
corUiiB nnnitier of nlijectn liftvinit 'nte or 
more oommon cbarnctor*. A wtii-ntTlio 
divJMon or arrangunjeut of ol<jiK-i». .\ 
oinwi conipreheDilti the minor dir!«ioii»oC 
order, {;eniu> speptes, and mriolirs. 

Claudlca'tloB. CUvdimtit; fnxn 
ct»iidicar4, to bi> lanie. naltiit|;or limp- 

(laHR'imill. Froniflev(f^rc,Io^nt. 
An apettiiro cap«1i1o of cnntrnrtjng iL«i'lf, 
«£ tlu- iliroat. 

ClHin'are. Oldivttira, In Jnntomy, 
nn ttiitHtrforaiifln of a raiuil or cnrily. 

riara'rtA. A fmiH irf" ftiniri, 

CTlaT&ria Ooralloi'de«. (nintV-beiu'd 
mtwlirooin. (.\ir»l vrort. FrtniuTlir iikA 
as a aorroboriint and KNtjingenl. It i« 
Mid to Imvo beoa found fTonrinit on Ihu 
aplinU of irhito wood uM?d in tJi« tn>nt> 
iDL-Dt of (faetores. at the Siiel Mev. 

C'laTlUe. Clob-ahap*d; burger at lop 
ill an bottom. 

Criava'tlo. From tlaen, a duti. An 
arti<'ulation whioii does not lubiiit of ino- 
lion, 11.1 tliAl of the teeth In tbdr six'kcts, 
c»Hi?'1 (("TiipboBia. 

C'luv'tcte. Clmitvlt, dimliiuiiro of 
clatU, n kfj. Tlic clnviclu or rullnr-lioof. 

flik'vlH. The olaviole. A kev. 

CIa'vua. a tulL A temi npi>K«d in 
/^tAff/ojry to oboniT cataoeom jrotuhvr- 
anee^ ImvIb^ a c«nlral uul-1iiu>, nuil •cikI- 
tlvD Bt It* bftAO, w fomi on tho toe*', prn- 
diioed by premiire of light dii-os. Aho, ii 
painful, piiliaiinit iitTm-liim or tlii- ftirk-lwitil, 
girina a •on'alioo lik* what iidxlit K- «iip- 
pOAMl woulil Int |>i>Kliiri,il l>v driving a na.I 
hitolhiapiirtiif llit'hvud. tVliun i!>iiiacniiid 

with b^vtoria, it it Unned elatttt Af/tUri- 

Ola'TUB Ooulorum. A Ntaiih^oms, 
or tnmor on tli^ (vyiit.all. 

Olavus Saoall'nua. EtKot. 

Claw. In liatnng, thu tiipM- liiuw of n 
petal. In ItfnM Sur^trf, lh« tKHi); nf llie 
ic«T-tnMninivnt l» *nmt<t\n»-!t su rnllud. 

Clny. Argilln. An arBillacw)ti« piirtb, 
of whidi t)i>T0 are a ntimber of vari«ii(rv 
ton^i^tin;: ot nlico, viiriublc (juoiititio o( 
nlnminaandi^^cnillfof morcorlcwitiiulc 
of irvin. Thf T are iw«) In the maniifatMiira 
of pottcrr, axiil, potnc of th<.tn, intliv nmnu- 
fflcturt^ o{ pi.n-(relnin ware and mineral Utvtb. 
Soe MixmiAt. Teftx mkI Kjiolix. 

Olay.Puro. Tlicranhcnllt-] Alutnina. 

ClPHii'Hlncfi. IxK'liia. 

n<Miv'ago, Th(t nktiinil line of »ep- 
arution o^liiMKil in vryitoi* irlicn citttir 
lamina- an- H(-|>iiri\t(>d b; mechiuiicul fort«. 

defH. In /iotanj/, split or aoparaUd 
lw« iliftn h»\t w«T, 

Oleft Pa.1ata. A M^flration or fiamro 
exl^-niiin^r, M«nelinK», Ihroiieli both the 
har<1 mill <oft palate, in t)ii< dinx-tidii rrtiin 
Iwforc l^nok witn], along the inollan Hoc, 
nutiiii^ (h«! Imrcal and nan) mritie* lu 
nMninnniontn with «»oh other. See P-Lt- 
ATB, CfiNOBmTAt. DRnuTia or, 

Cleld'ltfM. The «larl«le. Alao, on 
aMritig^nt pn>lil or Cjnlht'm. 

f 'lfltlo>Miuitor4riH. From ii>^,i. 
tlio I'luviclr, luul iMnroriHiK. IliC nia«oiii pro- 
Ktm. Tiio Bli>mp-pl"t(iii-ninrtoi<U-n!i mtiscle. 

Clrlti'ain'lt* From ■^ir. iho elavid*, 
«ni] <i}fia. a M^xitro. Ooot In the ardcoU- 
t'lnm of TIjc riarifle, 

C'li^m'al iH. A Koras of planU of the 
ijTik'r A''inwnc«//j«ff. 

K^ipKTijyf, a <rtcp. 1)5 (IcgrcM, but funi- 
monly npplifHl lo ceruin critical pcrio<3» of 
lift, iir pfrifi'Iit at wliioli orrtain ^ri-uC 
chaiiKva ow^uf. 11* the periods of pnbcrty iu 
hoth iwxo.t; i]ie cc^Mallun uf ihe flow ot the 
num^iM in wiirnfO, ftp. 

Cllmaoterio Diaeaaee. At^rmsomt- 
Iiiiit« npplif<l 1(1 « Rvin-iiil ulu-nitliin of 
hi-a1tb, ornnrrin^ at a onlata porioil nf lifn, 
and clt«raot49riu<l hy Rnulual loai of >he 

CUmaetorlo Toothing. Thedevwlop- 
mmt (if t«i-lb Ht a wry lute period of life 
Rft< r iho k'"» of thiwo of the sworul di-nii- 
tiou. aiiil u»uall; between the iixl;-third 

and cigbtV'firat >-oar, the pmnd eJimKlt 
jtmn nf ihe {ircvk pbv.iitthiftMi. 

Olimac'terio Teaim. Fruaj rumt 
aitliinitr, a p«ouHar iin|>or1anc« haa Im 
altacbeil tn certAin pcn»di In ihr Sfs < 
man; pi>riocl« otwltirh frront rhancvs 
BDp|KHcd to ooi-nr 10 his health iiml 
tuDC«. It id Miiil ihaL Ih'u MiiiKTXiiioat I 
lief had It* oiniftn in t\w iliii-lriiii<4 iif Pi1 
ufroTM. Sixl.y-three wm ntpinhvt \ij 1 
acdcnta m n r limnrtorio vcnr of ^i^aCt 
dtinprf, Kiid it was cnlied liir iiitrolc 
" hiToioiift.'' fram a proTBli'itl f-rlirf llii 
waa jiarlii-iilarl}' faUU to grvat men. 
year >m-ui« Id hare tlerirMl lla p«H?iiIiar I 
poHflno«L from iu bcinp a nuilliplaof 
inyptical years of M-ven txnX niiM>. Ac 
iiiK to iniiKt writer*, th« clinikitcrio 
in thu lift.' nf man v* multipltw uf 
Bumt'cT Ms-en; olbcn> hnte applied 
IHin tu ytuni rfniiilini,* from ttu: nia)tl| 
vfltiun uf MTcn \tj an o<ld nninhur. Ale 
iJl couolrifA bare altdoloi'*! a piwiil i<y| 
porlnn<.-i! to tlioxe yeare indicated 
pound« of the naruWr fvviti. Iltiri 
tteo years have b«en fix«i for tlw 
of pnhcrlT, twenty-one fin- ndull ae»f; 1 
.AriKlotJe has m*Im1>M lliii(r-llri» for 
perfnHion of bodily iiifoT, fort;-bbM ! 
the perfertion of the mind, fixty-tltrwi 
till' ^mnil c-Umaileric. and sevrntj u 
•nliniiry limit of the n^*' of man. In oM 
aRT. or i^itr llie t>owcr* of tlic ifttta 
hciciti lu itn;Iino. an offuti \» iwureliiniH t^ . 
poaed to b« made, at t)ie«v pt-ritaU, hf 1 
eninomy, to renew Ihe holy. 

dl'inii(«. Fniin«J-H<i.a ri-.-i,.n. 
woivl dim.tte U differently (l.lln.-l. 
i^cdtnK tu »(rme, it is a <i>n<« iijioii tbo : 
face of t)i« torrtMLrial ghdip. IkLwgco 
clrelM. ri>rming a K<lt jinmlKd to ihv 1 
tor, and meu^ured apror>Iini; lo the It 
of rlnys. But in a byjtwiii'- •rtv*, M to I 
jiroMilliDg ranstimtinn of tlu' 1 
rtlulivv tv he*t, rtild. iuoi-t<i 
pci-ullor lo any n.'^ioii ; tdr^i. 
miiltire with tniasinnlii; iiinl < 
iintiono. Climate dep^nd^ npiii « *» 
of nrcnn»tan<M»>. na iudi^taiii-v frou 
ix^uHior. its dlslance from mvl atiittidi- aUitt 
the lorol of tlie ««fl, the extent, mnfiinim 
lioa ioolmatioD, and lo«i) oiinnur- 
rniiuiry, the nntorDof ihe w'il, the ,,:>~^ 
rvbidlion from caiti ration, the dlncUoli c( 
\hr mountains by which ii i« intc*iMct»l. 
or ihnt arc in il» vicinity, aitil the action rf 




the wimls bf whip]] lh« tMnperatttrea of 
diffiircct Utilmlva arc Ncntlv4. 

Tliv cinMinudiutrm roiinM-t«d with rK- 
nulls exon a pnworful mflnoooo Qpon th« 
Bninuil vi-oniiiny ; Ibf t moiUfj Uu) (-liAroc- 
t«r of dlM-iue us well lu tli« aetlOD nf r>Mne- 
<U««. Tbcjr qImi dMcruiino lliu iiUytUal 
characUTirtitti o( tlio diflorcnt raw* of 

Cllmnl'Ir. Boloofitnf to, or dopcnd- 
tut uiion. olimnto. 

C'lln'lpul. CUniaa; from K>.nn), a 
b«<L In I'lifluihffg. tile UaBfOctiotie wtiii'li 
Ulie t>lA'«. r^j>vdally tli« Utstractloos ^rea 
at til p tick-licfl. 

Clinical liocture. A kctnN giTeti at 
tint IhhImiIc, or on a particular cmc ut i\f- 

Clinical Medicine. That wliicb te 
occujiiv'l V'th th« invipiitigatiun of dixcaMi 
at till) litiUdr^ or will] tmliTuluiiI caws of 

CUn'lquc. A Kboo) or ]<«hod «)i«n> 
mediiint'iuiiUuriftTf, iDUDTof it«l>nlDdlc^ 
b Uiaptit 1>,T dirort examituitioii and irest- 
tnvnt of palknts. 

Cllnli'pr. TIm ritreooa mitwtHKc 
wliii-ti ■■«l]<vi* in fumwMaadMOTM irlivre 
Bt«nc coal i>> ii><s] ; aIm tbe HmIc oxkI« of 
Iron of the ttuiih'a torft. 

Cllnk-Mione. A ■!»); |[ri-<'iilMh-f|T«]r, 
jvlkmiili, l.liii'h, .)!• ftsby-grrtj: mino^ ot 
n alat* nlructurrs ct'tirral]]' uttiiiikih] tn 
ilnr miiMw«, and bkubUt tmiiHini-init lU 


(nin'old. CUMitifut; tnm fin^i, a 
Iirtl. UD'i ri(i(<, riNwiuUiuice. K«aeiul>lin| a 

Clinoi'1 ProossBOB. Thv four pro* 
n ■ ■itrfiif^of ihp iplienoiil 

li.r i!nl till- "oJln ttiriT<-», Ml' 

•u nilluil >niiii liti-!r ri»vnil>1iu>i.-c t4i llit 
|ioMt> (jf 11 hnUivitil : two orw a&l«rior utiiJ 
two iH>-il.iH<>r, 

Cllii»ni'clvr. An tiiKtniiiieiit tilr 
meBHirini: ibo (!i|) ot mineiid stnta. 

cninoiKk'iliDm Vklcare. ^Dd 
Wil. u I'liiiit f>niii'ilf lii'U in tiiiili rcpnlv 
9v ' iio ul *cq>cDt*, and aliu> u«d 

t> irtiirition. 

< H»(^>iu'rl<T. An InHtnimenl frtr 
iliein.«int,_' ;)ii' nciL'li' H'liirh ttii* ntU i>f llir 
lwl\i. in .V.-i will: •>( rhr !,<idy. 

I'lllor'ittliiMlu'ciilnit. SeeEucu- 
IWit I KJ inn, 


itAfMi, to incIoM or 1iid« ; bo called btcaoao 
it ia liid hj the labia [mdcodonaa. A sniull, 
round organ situated above The oyinpliip at 
the wpp^r port irf Ibe rulvo, U-foro lli« ori- 
fice of (Ijl- iirt'thra ID fL'tiialM. 

C'lilarlM'RiiM. An ealuTEvtiKal of 
tba rlltiirU: .nUu Snpphiim. 

C^ 1 lorl' 1 1ft. Cliltfrit. luflsnujiatioa ^ 
of Uu- ciiti)™. 

ClOM'cuk. A csvii^r At iliv vitrmi^' 
of the iutwtiual oaoal ia Unln, reptiles, 
rannj' tiiliea, and aoine maininaK in wliiob 
tita uriimry Atuti In Iiotli us^s. uid TUgioi] 
in fctnalcH, ti-rminnt*. 

t!lon'l4>. From nioroc, a^tiuioD. Ir- 
Kgolur, N|ik«nod)e, or eoaruUro uiottons ; 
oppoKd to foiii*. 

C'lono'4l««. A leno formcrl; appl 

to II til>Mtill|( ]lllla4'. 

C'lo'nitH, From Klntv, to a^t«tt«. 
Cliiiiic i>iijMiis. 

Clol. Coapiilunt; n dot of blootl; tlio 
crnwiHiK-ntiim of tht blood. 

CloTC Tliir iinL'Upiiiuliil lloK«T-bad of 
tlio tlove-irtK. Caryopki/Uvt afematiftia, 

dnH"F«Cl* A deformity, dtticr con- 
mtnitHl or acquired, but nnully tlic furoMd'^ 
cutii^-d bv n <<ontr»Mion of tbc vxitw 
n»iiiclc» of lJii>fi.-«U Tim iifTt-clJ'-D bos \iin:a 
VAri'tiLOr ili-nijnialvd ani-onHii^ to tlic nature 
of tlu- defurrriiTf, a» lipj'<h\l. vbvu Ibv hvul 
M drawn apir&rd and tlM pallvilt \% com- 
jirllrd to valh on his tom; iMot-faat, whm 
be wallutoDlhehaick i>f his fixit ; ^row^/M,. 
wlwn be vail:* oo th« oiitor filgD; mt-hwt^ 
/oaA wh(-uhvwalk»on thciuncr cdicv: imj 
tivlfiubjiat, wheB liU tooit uiv iltuwu iip. 
n:or>l to thai bo in oompctW to walk oo 
liU bi'rk 

rinnp'klm. From etvnft. lli« notM^i 
Intb>iti<ii<i!ii>ii uf tbe bu(t'u*lu>. 

f'lu'nlii. A iraiiiia of i'UulH nf th« 
ortlor i'liaiufM. 

Cluala Inedgnia A planr, ih« llow#r« 
of wbii'li cxiidi- rv^uuiift Kum, hiirlilj u- 
toenieal in liio Weal lodiea as a viiliventrf. 
It i> ii,)*a *ii»]>likj<il Hiib biitumr MKOtj 
oil tbc 4(>rc bri'uts uf nuraiup votDi.-u. 

C'In'iPM Kl^iitiic'rlii. Cri<tocioa»-' 

C'ljr'ilon. R>.i'<^. Mnliilvni-e; Hbc- 
iiiiiiiLiti iirilii- miilptiti' of tbt* alHtnawn. 

C'bpra'liB Cnrllln'ro. Theth;- 

tv'iit nu liliit;v. 

(lyp'PHlo. From tfypfvt, a iliiald 


rirK'ma. A rfyatcr. 

<'l>t.'ter. Olytfriim; fbnra k^v^w, 
to wiihIi. EntvM. A liquid thrown Into 
till' rwrliim h; mcna* of* »yriii(N W Itltul- 
d«r, »'itli u |'ii»c, ilic no/xk' vf th4 iavtm- 
nicnt lietivi liiU> lli« bdus. 

Olystar Pipe. A tiilxi or {djje uMd 
for iniccli'fiis. 

Cni-'mr. Till- tiMa. 

4;ni*iuo • Dncif be'iiK. Extvntor 
looftiu dipiunuo pedis. 

Cneo'mtn Tiicoc'cnnt. S|»uriJ!« 
oliT«. It oootains B pon-«rfiil acrid prin- 
dplt and waa formoriy oaed as ft yurgs- 

41ie'Nlii. From ivaw, to ncrBtch. 
Cfittmc^. Fiitiifal itching. 

4.'n I 'rin. A crrttftlluie miWanoe ob- 
tuini-i) fniiti Cuieiu bevntittui. 

4_'nl'«iiH. A gvDD* uf plants of the 

CdIcub Benodlotus. CtalAnreo ; 
liiiKKMl (liiiUr. It IK liiiiif', itinpliuivtic or 
«R>etii', sccwnlidg to ih»- iitixlo of ■iltiiini*- 

Cnldo'nbi. From mnd^, th« tH<ttlo. 
Ad ilcKin]; fvoaatioD lik« Ttitt prod<l««<I 
b; tlte ncltJc. A drv opbthuIiiiiiL 

Cny'auu A olight itching; olio a 
pUMolurv or VMacAtivn. 

CoMK^u Initio L>}inph. Ldjuor 
Mtn^iiiii; plimlio l^iiitili; * rloor. color- 
letf» fluid, which 0XDd«« from wounds or 
briWwl vtacn-Is, BJul MrvM for the rrjM- 
ration of iiguriM, md to produM lulhe- 

CnafC'ulnnt. Thut which bu tb« 
power of L>i.>nz")BtIiiic th» bluod. 

Cwnfruln'tfon. CMgnlatio; from 
^^^ con aod age. to ilrivo ti|?ethcr. The art 
^^H of eli<u)(;ing fmni a daiil to a JvlI,i'-llko 
^^B «on<^i*lriirc. 

^V C'AnK'nItiin. A ji>llj'-l)ke, or soft, 

r aiidTrenicil(>ttHinaM,foTiiindlu«<«>aguliilite 

^^ liquid. It ifl (iIm <-«IM fr-iuntnifptum, 

^^M erv^, eUU «!<:• It coiiltiiiin the fibrin, 

^^1 ooloring iiifitt«r. a Ultlv M>ruai. and a small 
^^P qmmdtx of nitta. The Hot of blood ; tlic 

^^^ OBrd 0* milli. 

I CocunUuin Alu'mlnls. A coagnlum 

I fomiM 1)1- Heating Hie u-bitc ef *p;p! with 

L a little fllaiD. It ia naeil in cases of oph- 

^^BT tlialriilii Mbi-r« an aiiriii^ni id n-<|iilred. 
^^B Coal4W'<'<'nc«. In MeAirin*, tho 

^^H uidon of purti provioiifly »eptTBtcd. a.* in 
^^H thi> rtnm of pri-lirniiiturn) ajhnioiw. 


t«rTnilt<.>nt fi'vere, 

CoapM'ltott. CtMjttatia ; fron < 
Ic^^hvr, mill iiftbim, lu adjust, mlqit. 
Tb« B«l of pianng tlie two «xtiviiiiti4^ uf 
a frnctun-d bone In conUKt tiitli cdcb 
iittiitr, iir of RMtoring a IuumI boB* lo ita 
pr«(>«r pW^. 

Coarcta'tlon. Coarvtatia ; from 
toijrelar^ to etniighten. In PatMoff, 
the contraction or «ral|{hieidn);of aeaaal, 
na ot the arrllira or inlwrtinal cuinl. 

<'«arlU'aliB'llo. From eon, and iir> 
tietti^ilia, an articulation. Arti<nUlion 
wbkli ndmiltf of msoifcst mottoD. S«a 
tliARTBRDsia and 5rKAinnB0<in>. 

Coat'ed. Appliisl to thn oooditlHi 
of tbu longtio a» tDdicativ« of nscvnl iU»- 

C«'bMlt. A hritllfl, Md<ll*b-^i5 
uv4al, foRud nitb difficnlt;, and gvDaraD; 
combined in Its ores wiili ntckl<% nrKaic. 
Iron, oikI oopp^r. Arseule U tlio aiiUi« 
pniu-i|>l« of cobalt. It« aside is targvl; 
used lo color porcelain blue. It b frr- 
qucntly «m|ilof wl n« a coloring matler Id 
th« manufacture of |>orc«tali) t«ctli, a»d 
also for drxlruriDti itio iicrro of IcrtJt. 
and for application lo senritivo or loflmed 
dcntiniji, but in not Goniid«red lo b# M ral- 
sbti? as other ugmta nsed for Ibe ama 

Cob'web. Tilt, web of the AriMa, 
ur fijiiiliT. t'MiiiivIinies nA«d lo bttbM 
heniorrliag«. It acta niMhaiua^f ■• a 

CoT^-lncl'Im. PimimitiTo of o««^ 
a lierry: frain its ruMmblnnoo to a bvni. 
Tho eoctiineal insect. Se« Coctta C*c«. 

f'«rrfnr1lln'. Tlie coloring priaa- 
plc orcwMneal. Carmine. 

I'oe'collle. A mineral of ■ ^ntt 
color, cf viirions shndra. 

I'oc'culiiH Indl Aroinaf 'Iruii. 
Ja^1.^l•■A pi-pjicr. >tu Mriin *. 1*(mi;xi », 

Cocculua Pabnatua 'Jliu i/Kernaii< 
name of x plane whicb aff(«rtk Uw Ca- 
Itimlin mot. 

C«c'tii». A spedaa of av.^n' 
dry e€tr<l-v«'»OM.'l, tnorw or Ivm Bstl 
n-itli cliistio 8m1«. projaetlBe the tvr^ 
with (treat force. 

C'oc'ciw. A Irilie of lowrcts. 

OocouB OaotL Tlia >«Mfinat)i< nanw 
of the covbinciil iiu«cl. Cothineal I'mJ 
in Ilarria'agnm wnah m aeoloring matler. 




Ooo'cua tjBOoa. Tlio innc^t from th« 
BBjipoied pDnctnre of whioli, in the qx- 
%nuM linUKliM of o«rtttia Xut India tr«c«, 
iae or ffitM'ttie crudos. 

Cacoyge'm. Fmm munf, bc«au»e 
it tj> iiMiiriM] tiitA tli« oomyt. A mnwlc 
which ariacs from iJio fpltioiu process of 
tliv iMtiimn, oornr* lj>« Iiw>li1« of Um mcto- 
ix^liintic %aai«i)t. Had i« iRMriftd at th« 
extrntnity of Uic Mcrutn. 

Coc'i'^Kif* On. Oa •KHvjrfti. Cavda. 
fnn inn'ai, the ctickno, whoso bill it i« 
Mid to nwenble. A bonj appendage al 
tlm pont or Inwar oxlrvmit? of tli« M- 
Oram, tertDinntiitg in kb ficat« point. Gen- 
erally, it con^tU of (our Wdm, nu>I bi-bin*! 
iu time an two «iiiM]i liil>«rtrnlu' enii- 

C'oc'bln«'ikl. Cocev catti ; aa insect 
fu'iiii] im ^•vi.-r«l HfWiciGa of Md/tu. 

Coc^h'trA. From M;t«Cw. to Inrn 
ronod Tlitt anterior of the tlir« mH- 
tlm r«nsil<titln)[ Uiu Ubjrrlulh uf ib« ear, 
l« Ml coltetl froiD ll« reMinbUtico lo a 

Coelil^a'rr. Fnun rorhiaa. n cockle, 
bfrratiM its \>r>v\ T«p>r(4«Dl« fi «l>ell. A 
•]iinin; n ii|i(>i)ii1>:I. 

Ooah]«Hre HftODUin. A ul>l««{KKin- 
ful, wl^)<-!> i« »l)«(it luuT 4 flni'l oun«e, 

Ooohlaare Ue'dium. A 4««Mrt- 
^iH>nrol. nr two tvnxpuoiifuU. 

Ooohlesre Minim tim. A t«oa(M>oii- 
Tu). or one doiJ lirnnlini. 

CftClllea'liA. Pnnn ^MthU^rt, a 
vpoon. A ^nnn of plantA, of tlio ard«r 

Ooohlenria Armortk'cla. ITtirMv 

Coohloeria Offloln&'lts. Qtehiearia 
iittrUtuft. Tlip common scarvTfrraM, Mtitl 
to b« a iiowcrfbl aiilt»M)rliiitM>. 

Cochlrn'tnti. fWAI-^U. Spiral. 
Api'liril in Botaiiji to {oaveo, l^ntninons 

r«Ch«'l>^. Th# jnBclln.n nf tJrt lilp 
nr |>niiii<-li fil'li tliw ■cat nr tblitti. Tbv 
brMcli. T1;l- [ii-riiteiirii. Tlie roncyx. 

Co'llM Bnlj-m'CMt, The «r«l*m. 
st)« nam? of the plant frinn which Iho 
Jtalm oil Id nhtaioi^. 

boiL Olf^tloti of tbc f-x^l in iLv Btom- 
■ch; faotUiif. Of decoclton. A Kvrm lar- 
OMrijr DMd ia awJidna to uproM tho 

chnngf moririflo matlcn w«r« snppoaed to 
expurien«e before eliminntion. 

< 'odd 'm. Cfdtity, from *<^i .n, n 
poppy-hctul. An alkaloid discovert^ in 
opium by Koliiiitiel. 

Code'lC JtCid. An tn&m fbrmfid from 

Co'dMn. CWffJfMor CM«M. KuXii*, 
a po|ip;r-li4>Ad. An alkaloid in oplnm. A« 
a toporiflo, it b of half tlie atraiit^ of 

C*d-I.lT«r Oil. Olcnm morrhnw ; 
wliicit Hc. 

Oadof«1e. fWoKx/fA. Bubo. 

CaKff'lls T«n». A Lronob of 
m«Mint«in v«in. 

Ctt'cnm. From nnriw. hliad. TliaL_ 
pari of ihf br^ intvoiinos tibialed b«1o« 
tb« il«B>a: called also, Ute Miud irit, fron'^ 
ha formlsKa rul-dc-ur. RXtcndinf,* down- 
ward f>osn tJw commaaotttHOit of the 

CflCldaUB'llui. Froin im>o(, hol- 
low, and eiiit*i. a worm. A r\nm of Eh- 
lotoa, 'tjte]adiag Buoh of (lll^ lul«ttinal 
worms a» hiivcnn iiitr-MitiAlcutia] i-ontlnu- 
ini: in a <lioiin(7) atxlnininal oavHy. 

C«l««'llne. A &uin« appll«l hy 
nlaeralofinta to tulpAat* iffatroittia^ from 
tu blaa ttiil. 

C«e'lltk> From mtXi^, hollow. A 
cavity in un* part o( llui bodj', a» tlia 
alxlDinfin. utunio, icf.. 

Co'llnc. /'•rliitna; from cmIm, th« 
nlidoineri. IVitniiiinx to llw abduoipil. 

OOBllao ArtAT-jr. Jrf<rM eatiafo, 
Tlio Artt liriuicli or the aorta giroa off in 
the abdotniii. 

OtBllnc Plux or Paaekm. From 
toi^it, llio abdoinofl. A chronic diarrhnta, 
in which il)« food w diRchar^t<d iu ao ua- 
dl^'esled Hate. 

CCBllaa Plex'ua. A pldxiia fortoM 
of Tiam«rou9 ncrvotis filaoKut* from tli« 
fcmi-Iiinar (nujclia of iJie b'rcat Nvnipa- 
thvtic, nnil (mm branclic* of Ut« rip Ik and 
Ivft pneniuotrastlic n«nrc«. lti«Hiual« 
bL-liind tlip iloRiach afoand the tniak ol 
(he ni-llan nrterjr. 

('«irn4MI> (>*iianu: tt<m Mu>«. 
alrmi rtnt^r. lliwMflc? nf Iho digct^ttv« 
fkini'iioDH: ih* tlrA utam In Good 'n No*- 
olniCT, cuntainiDit two ordeTV, En(»rif« 
aiKl Sf'l-inekni'yi, , 

Ccpll»ricln. Calia, holly, and flXj.Y. 
paijs. I'sln in tlio holly. 




Culo'mii. From Kwy^.bol low. An 
niwT or tin- cnrnc* of ili« tje. 

C<Rl««loni'lfi« I'rum nxMt, bnllAT. 
mill trm/ia, niixitli. Dvfeetiv^ inundation, 
oltonelorixMl liv holl'iu-iuiui uf voico. 

C«MHM4be'»to. C■>na^^^*^U; from 
laurof, pHttmiiiin. hiii! aieiirtiu Iii?n'<>)>tUin. 
Cuiiiiiion ]Vi>rN>|itioi4 or ^ntarftl BdnsHjilUf 
ftf the eyst«m, 

C-trnoloft'lm. Prom totitit. rAmnion, 
njvl >j.j"(. « 'ii»(i'>iin«j. A comiiltaticiD. 

C<c'not«a. From imitf, oofninon. 
Till! mvllimlir ncct of P^l,"^8^w^^^ wlio dw- 
clnrvd that all cUMBHa ortN from mUkb- 
tian, «>iH«iiir«, or both. 

CoflVr Dnm. namntn**. Sea 
UrtnnKit fUu. 

CuhnbMa'lloii. Tho «.■! of lirinf; 
Io(.'<'>'k'~. In l^/'i! Mc-tieiite, iokrouurae 
bctuvtn tilt! itoxeft. 

('l>lil>'»lun. CuAiM^ ; from ««A#riw, 
I lioM togotbcr. Attraction or cohesion ia 
ihttt power hy wblcli parlld«s of nialiur 
arri L'«nni*ct4Al auiI liuld tuffutb^tr In itu(!li ti 
wnr iw to rphirit itny alttfinpt Mt wpArtt- 

Cohe'Klre Foil. Ool'I foil of snrh 
a ^oniliiion tlnti tlw learot nniUi r««ijilr 
■nil linnly t<igvlli«r. Sew GoiJi Fwi,. 

4'nbolMt'tlon. r<ij(.r&>i'(/». In TAmn- 
ittrit^ tilt (liiitiiliktiiin of a fliiiil, on a Bitt- 
Ptnncoof tliv niiiiu kinil on Uiat upon >rtiioh 
it W8§ Bi firet OistiUed, and repeating ii 
BcviTftl tim^s. 

<'ot'liiiia. Snddcn ■wulling of tha 
sLiIometi (mm flauileone. 

Calniltcitn'UH. From ami, and i'h- 
diiw, to iiidicalt.-. Siiois famUhiag: llio 
mmp imlictiiiotu, or wliich aro coodrnia- 
lorv of ll)e Indicallona furnltliAd hj uthor 
tiimf. Suctt Miini Krc cstled coindiciuiL 

<'olr'n». Scrofula. 

Col'Ilon, Otittui: froia epiui. lo go 
to^tlior. Co I'll I At ion. Carnal union, or 
copjiinoljon uf llio sexes. 

Coke. ritcoiU (l(>|irlv^ of \t% Mlii- 
mirn iir utli«r ujttnvDeuui or volatile raattcr 
bv tire. 

Colnin'm. Froio eolart, lo atruio. 
A liiiaor which h«a liwn Stt«ro(l or 

Col'etaielu.orCul'clilclne. Tlio 
lU'livii |>niii'i{>lu (if Colcliii'iiin uiiltimnalvi. 

Col 'rh I CD in. FrDin CaieAU, tins 
Q&niti of ill* plBin: wliDTo (hi* jilaiil i< )>ii|>* 
pVMtllobnventiouiidMl. Agt'iiusofplanla 

of Uie ordisr MftaniJuiteir moH CaiDilf 
Mtaifviff. Moitilo«'-«jifrmo. 

Col'ohioum Autum'uftle. Mcsdn 
aatryon: a ImUKHi* jilitiit, found in ma 
pnruiif Euru]H', niinallj- prowin^' in mi? 
ow». It ia an irr-ilimt; in ortrdo^ia, 
nrro-nam>liir {miiain. la •mall dust* it 
a nauMuuit, diiin.'tic, diapIiorL'ttc. and 
thartic, and i« employ «d in the Irmilv 
of p>at anil rhi-rmiivtiMn. All (he 
>1cld tli<! nlkalDMl r.*nitria. The avcd a 
root arc nM<L DoM, gr. ^ lo p. vtij. 

Cot'colbHT. CotmiluTr viCtmi 
kivtrn-rtd rmige; eroeut martis titriala 
aon aiUlriitg«iu. A hrovm-ivd osid« 
iron, wliicli niminiw aftmr tJ)« tlutillai: 
of th« ndd from suli^iLtc of iron. 

Cold. Privntion of l»«i, nr lliv MtuM- 
ti«n (Mrodnced b.r Uie almtrartiKo uf L'vluric 
from th« Iwdj. Al«\ tfae oauunon bum 
for a ntarrb. 

Oold Oream. rnyven'tv-m o'fu* 
ro'MT. r. S. rii. Take of mw-wairr. 
oil <if almotida, eaoli (wo tluid oancN: 
sporniaMlt, half an oune«; white w«)t, 
dnw-fam. H^t to^Ktber, by inemn 
WMi«r-batli, lb« oU, ^pernini^i, and 
ibiMi add the riMd~irati>r, and mix 


C^leocele. Ffooi aolcnr, B 
or ahmth, aiut afii^ niptiirt. Harn^ 

Coleop'toMlM. From tei^oe, aad 
rrf,^.;, A fall. rr^ilapatiB, raginal. 

Cdlr'worl. Cuhbopi. 

Col'Ic. (V/fTiu: frora *u:>«t>. iIm 
Ion. Pctiiuninp to tfae cwIab. A 
n|>|iti«d in Pathoiajif lo almo#t oil ari 
pnins in Iho abdoman. So cntlwl Xmm 
thit s^nl of (he pnin la *tip|>o«iod to 
the wlon. 

Oolio Arteries. Th(«e arr idx in ntim- 
bcr, Tbreo arc (fivun rilf \\j th« mjiMwr 
raf««nUTi<>, wliicli ur» called tho e^ltem 
rkifrtr. The other three an- etwn utf br 
the inferior m^utiiifric anarjr. and Art 
(■iilli'il th«> f^tiff »inUtnr. 

Co'llra, Tht' ii>lic. 

Colloa AooldeutA'Us. Cotica 

OoUoa BUie/aa. Hinona coBo. 

Colloa Caloulo'sa. ('olio prtMlnnJ 
hv vni'ilit nimrv^iiiiii^ in tlti> intiutine*, 

Collca CallQ'8&. Colin aUvnMlnl witfc 
It ci'Tiw ofHinct-urv in ao(a« part of tfa« la* 
Ivntinal canal. 






Oolloa Oonvulsl'vik IdlofMOhlc 

CoUoa Orapulo'so. r^jDo produced 
bj ml in;; liiinl nii'l iwlitreitlililv xhtiKiitfl. 

OoUoa Damnoalo'ruin. Uvinllic 
colio; a cuUcpWDlior tvDefvDskW. CvUc 
ftU«(i<lo>l iritli fdfcr. 

CoUoa Flatulen'tB. Colic frotn ui 
■c<.-ijma!iiti»aof airin tli«tDt«9iliii«». Flat- 
ulent rolki*. 

OoUoa Hemorrtudd&'lla. A ooUo 
ni'tiuacil to [Tc^i't^u bemofrbofdi, or to 
•upervcoc on ihcir nupprcMloo. 

CollGa Hepat'loa. n^ti« eoUe. 

CoUca HyBt«ri'e«. CoRo •tt«ikling 

OOlioalnftammnto'ria. laflanmu- 

Oolloa LapDOn'ioa. Oollo p«nu)lAr 
til Liij'Un'U-Di. 

OoUoa Ha<lri(l»n''BiB. A coHo m- 
dvmic iu MWral prortitcco of Bpaka, re- 
Mmhliiiit MMnvwhat ImuI colic in Its lonap' 


OoUca Heosfarualio. Colw wliidi 
ImvcwIm or liiltows in«iiiitnulio», or Se- 
pomlf on the eopprcasioa of ilint fiat. 

Oolloa M«e« n t o ri'ca. Colic prirfuoeJ 
\jj ilijwsso of the meftetiEerj. 

CoUoa Metal'lloa. Metallic colic 
PBiutei-"" OOlic. 

Colioa Nophrefe'lca. Acate poltia 
■cttsnditij; aepbrllis or calcDll of tbo uro- 

Ocriloa Norvo'sa, Ncrvcnu colic, 

OoUoa Ploto'Dum. rainler'a eolir. 
H«Uilllc eolki; a)M\ railed C»U*a ittur- 
ntrw, being prwlflcwl tij 11m pinsoa of 


OoUoa Soorto'nun. AMllctTAwhleh, 
according to Dr. Mania llt»t<ing. the proa- 
tltutcsof Cup«iiliag«n are«il)Ject. 

Oolloa ^HuBDod'toa. tiimcinodio 

Ootloa Steroo'rea. C»iiat Htjut'bt. 
Colir Imui lli« Meaiion of firwiM la Uiu 

OoUoa 7ena. A branch of lliv a|)|iL-r 

Oolloa Vena Boeta. A v*iii of tli« 

OoUGa.Vennlno'aa. Wonn <k^. or 
roflu frou tbfl pr««enM of woma in tliA 
|4-ollr«»drn'la. Colic, 
Ll'oll (In. l''ruta <!.>«», tlte ooloo, and 

iti*, ioflinnniatlao. loflautnMlan of llw, 
muroufl mcmbruin of th4 colon. 

Collafccn. Ke?Xt, ttluo. oad rirvcw, ' 
lit|inKla<:v. TLocliicf ivnHtilurnl of t)OCie, 
oanili^<?«,li(;ain«Di6,teoi1oini,dce, U^boil'j 
inj:, it fonR« ftlitu or icdftUDo. 

f ol 'lapM<>. CoUiqwiu, 

<'oIIii|»'hiih. Frem«sfii*i(*p. toahf 
down, mirinkiog of tlie bodf . ProMra- 
tioD of strcnmli. 

<'ol'lnr-lloiic. The olarido. 

Coriuro'nincricor'dljr. Al»ud- 
Ago ««d for pomrin; a pstit-nt during iha 
op<*ration of liiliuloni*. 

('«ll««'|loa. CitiSettM ; tram eatlin- 
g«rt, to Dolkct. Vfvd in Pittliolo^ to de- 
note the willeciion or (rutherln^ of paa. or 
aouM othtv [turoli'Di. or Mroo* inattv. 

f?al'l«(< FitKD fUun, iba awk. A 
n«:k <ir collHr. A t*rni appllwd by sutoo 
Froi)r)i wrili'rii, in Ihntal Anatomy^ to L)ia 
neck of a lo<ji!i. 

CoUlc'alnN. A Utile Mil or- eml- 
ocnra; npplii<d, in .InitftM]/, Iavnrk>(iiielu- 
vation?^ in lh<> biHly, 

trioulcrum LateraUum. Utpjiurani. 
poii mioor. 

OolUoulua Nervi Bthmoidalla. Cor* 
pus »lriatuiii. 

OoUioulusHorTiOptiol. Ot>{*c llial- 

OoUloulus Semlnalla. An etnlnenoe 
In thi' ]iiM>t3t>> ^lan'i. 

C'olllKH'ineii. Pram ooHif», to lia 
topi'lli>>r. A h^hiiii-ni. 

C«llln»o'nlA<'fimit4l«>n'wiN. H.n) 
all : liitnti-linliii ; aii ibdl){<^)ou-) pluil. uitet] 
in di>nii.tilic pro^'lit^' aa an etnrtio, liltirclic, 
and dia|>lt-)rvlii^. 

Colllqntttnen'cunt. From o»Hi- 
fUM, I mrlt. Tbu lirei rudirnoat uf ea 

C'olllqnn'lloit. Diuiintiiioo of the 
4oli<!H. with copionii ^tcrctinn of Ihjuidti 
liv onp or iimri' i>ti(U'i§. 

C'olllq'natlTC. CoUi^vati'ttu ; tntta 
caili^uro, 1 inclt. Applivd to rarloii* ilia* 
chiuiTHt, na cnlllqiiBtiTe perv|>lration, di> 
nrrli<i;«, Iu., which ooi'awon rapid )m> of 

Callolio'lnn. From icoUou, lo gta« 
tognlhi-r, (.'Blabroma. A^lutinolion of 
the erellds loKether. 

('ollo'<l«a. From KotXa, glue. Olutl- 


C'ollo'dlon. C»llt>dittm. Ktbor««l 
■ulaliOD of tiiin-«>lton. An impftrvtonB 
•dLdrivc |iliMl«r if madi: nf lUa votntioit, 
[lectilinrly B<laptt>d to ibe dreaaln; of 
wouDdi vl)i«li roijiilM vtaXitr drw*<tig. 
tn J}intal Practice, coUodioM b nsontl to 
prevent alveolar ahM>«ase« from dlKbarg- 
iRg OD tlie flh«filc or nrnlar the jaw, mo- 
c«a«ve Uycra MngpBiiitvd over tbe t«nd«r 
|ii>iii(. Ml na tu ftd u KconiprcM, Induce 
rtxoIatSon, or chongc Ihn tltrvi^tiiin of Lbe 
•ecrotion. It is also u»mJ us aii ap[>)icatioa 
to •ipoaed pulp*. A cotiiroil iin^panition 
U usad tn iPAclianiml ileiiiiEiry, to prcvi-iit 
tb« rubb«r, vltett being vulcMininixl, from 
adhering ti) ifae surfiic-u of the ii]«r 

UlOlll!!. fttW C'KUJtLOlli. 

OOllodioa. CantliAr'idftl. A vmU 
catIiij;M>liitiiitiort-iimli&rides in ooUodlon. 
Smi CxNTt(Aini>«i. ('iitriiiiios. 

Oollodion, Eldstfo. A Bolution of 
pilinprTrhn ill rliliirufiiriii. 

C.'«]1old. From kv^Jm, i;Iua. R«Mrn- 
htiiiK t;lD«. lu Pathology, ihe jctlv-like 
tlcfcncraliiin of xoniv iiiivli|j;iuuit luuiunt, 
na a coilnid cancer. 

CeilA'mit. Airan(>porcDt,nmorp)]ona 
nioltcr. without voMcla sad QcrvM, fuuod 

In trVMK 

C'ellttne'nm. KoSin, gloe. A nrj 
tufl lunwr <'uiiiiit»in|{ a ctlMir, Kra.*i>h-7el- 
low Milwfnnrv like uflnlin? or tWuib |[lii«. 

Colliini. KroDi abJ-sM, a iitmnhor, u 
boin;; vKK of tliD chief; ur dimJnutivo of 
m/Minniii,ait bring tbit pillar luidaiipport of 
tli? It»ii] The piui of tlie boilv betwoun 
th« livid iiii't eh***. Tlit'iieelt, 

<'«lln'llon. CoUa'th. WimliinK 
lliL' riiiiiilli nr any oiher pari. 

('ollato'rlum. From ffillvt, to 
wft^h. A iniriitli-wiuihi mnttirinm. 

Colln'vlen. From cottuo, to cleaDie. 
Filth; escrement; the matter discharged 
from ail irtd alcnr. 

C'allrr'lttitt. From uiktw, I check, 
and piu, I flow. Thin tprui was uppUc^l 
by the nncii-nta to o intdkinv oh^ lo 
rbwlt anjf diwhar^. but at present It 1* 
i-QBtncled to H Wiuli or applleatiiin to Hie 
ityt-i. The colijria of tlie I'hiiniiarop«ciafi 
arc, for the mosi, jiart, metallK- lotions. 

Collyrlum Pluinbi AcotaOs. A 
(iifllNTiiiin ot' acplal'i' of Iciul. 

Obllyrluin PlumbI Aoetatis et 
Optl. A coUvritiin of opiiiin and acctai^i 
ff lead. 

Clollyr'iimi Zlncl Aoetatts. A flOl 
lyriotu uf ncetalM of tUn-. 

OoUrritun Ziaoi 8ulpbii.U«. A «ol- 
lyrtum of nulplint*: of kIiio. 

Coletoe'nim. K«io^u/M, tnflhlng 
truncated or ahorlvnwd. A intttil«t«<l «> 
maimed orgaD. 

Col'ttcymlh. The frait of llic Ctara- 
nw wiMynfAu deprirvd of Hm riod. Jl is 
A poweriU drastic, hjdrngogne flaibartic. 
Doae, gr. V to X ; of Ihe eooipMiiid sxinet 
gr. V to XXX. 

Colocyntlflit. The bitter princtplt 
of (•(iliK'jntli. 

CoIvuiIm*. &«« CALimna. 

Co'l«u. Cohim ; hte»ti'nim mttjtu. 
Th« portion of the hir^ IntMtlne whkb 
exKMide from th« cffii-nm lo tb« rMtntn. 

Colonrilai. luflanunalkai of th' 
colon. .Anitc livMinti'ry. 

Colopbo'iilM. ^ ealled frooi Cob- 
phvn. ihe rit; from which it waa fint 
broitphl. Tlie Mnck renin whicb rMBttni 
in th« relort nAiT dieliiliDg ooinnioo lur- 
pcntiiK with a slrvuK Gre. 

Co I »qn In 'I Ida. Coloeymh. 

Color. In Pkyiif*, an iahcrcel pmp- 
ertj in light, whicti (hrva tv bodm pnr1lc«- 
lar appDoranced to thi- eye. The prfaiar^ 
eolofs, acoording to tilr Inane Nawton, are 
mf, vranjrr, yeJfra, f/ntH, Uvt, iiniiy*, and 

CoIor«M>trtl(i. Oy«cot«ry. 
ColwritiK Mnl'ler. A colorii 

principle L-xiilintc iii vc):v(a1iIu MitiMnii^iMr 
The potore whirh adhvrv tn cloth will 
a bip>u lire termed fiihttintlir*. and I 
whicli rc<inirc a iMudn, aiijtetiM. 

Coaontrn'tion. A tcnii for dJM' 
of newborn infunis, canwd by tbe 
milk ihev »ui-k. 

ColoH'Imm. The firMt milk aeoreUd 
In lliA breast afti'r partniitiun. 

f olot'omy. f'tittinj; into the coke. 

Colpoop'lp. Vngionl hernia. 

C«l|>ao'of4«. GsDgrene of tha vs- 
ginn hihI hi^iri. 

C»Ipo<T'^<*>«>n>'l^ litbolotnj 
lliniiiKb lia' viiittiUL 

Colpoflvftniarmpfa'la. Rv^iwtl 
of A |M>rti'rii iif till' nmroutt mcinbrniK- ■/ 
tho vaginii. for tbe rare of prolapstH dt' 
(he vufTtna and otema. 

lolpol'iclM. I'niD in the vagttUL 

CollH>|>fU'KlH. A prolB|IMU Of tht 








C'«lporrl>«-x'lB. Bnptura of the 
rag) Da. 

Colps'Blfl. Cotpi'iU. tnHunuuUloii 
of Ute va^DA ; vaj:initls. 

i'«lpol'«inj. Inoiaioa o( lb* Tflgiiu 
in pnitarilion. 

C'Alpotre'iila. Imperfofstioo of tbe 

C'oU'm F<miI. See Tdbsilam. 
Cwliiui hu. GalamlML 
t'oliim'btc A«ld. Aitndd obtained 

from the (-'ro <~'f colucnbiutn. 

Coliim'bliiin. A weul dlMoveiwd 
hy Ml' fUiclivt in MiiMAchuMlU. It b 
ftlao UTitii-J Tttntaium. 

C^luateriR. Diminutive of on/umMO, 
anolLtmu. A column or Uttlaplttnr; tliu 
central tN>lninn or flUinvDl nnitiiig llie 
{lartitiniw In (be rapouleii of planU; abo 
Uk' iiruin unil ftitfiri-i. 

Coliimella'rfft l>enU*s. Tlie 
ciKjiiil U-t'tli *ri- mi aitlifl rr»in thvu ohaiie. 

I'ttlutn'no. A 'H>liiiiia. \n Amtiowy, 
v\ tM pan« uf Ibc Wlv, wbicli r«MOl- 
iii nliniK' ur iifllra a culuinii. aa Uie oo- 
htMiM> mnwai nf tlw henrt; M^ttmnasArf, 

Oolumaa Nasi. TJie lowmi part of 
Uw ■(•pliiiu uf the nose. 

Oolumna Oris. Tbo avula. 

Coluut'nRt fnrnrie. Tbo smutt 
He^lir cnliimna wliWh project into tlie nuri- 
clca unil TLiiirlrl,.* of tlio b«nn. 

<'oliito'riuui. A Kurglc. 

Co'iniu Kuuo. A profound tleep from 
wbi-j)i ihi.- In<llvidiuil nuinot bo roUMnl. 
It oecort w a e^oipioTn in mwif dbewOB. 

Ooma Somnoleii'tuin. A d«ep, mor- 
bid ilu'p. rAitlmrsf. 

Ooms-Vi'sil. A tona for tl»« l«tJini^<i 
c(uiiUlii>u of ibe pitleiit In bad nwea of 
tjptiiia. in vrliiri) h« i* vaichful uwl luut- 
teriajc in •Iflirinm. AKrypito-«oma. 

C'omH'lw. Tltvi'liimJ <ifn»iui. Pis- 
CM<4 rbarAi-lvriitd by a iliintnntinn otihe 
[iiiwiTx of i%^t)nisr5 uolUtn. witb sl«ep or 
the xntm itiipHircil. 

Com'aCnwo. FLiviuir a propeoiilj- to 
aleep- AlTiVlcl Willi ttoma. 

Cam hi tin 't Ion. From e*iin. nril}i. 
iin<l '. iiii>«, I wo. TliennioD of Iho or mote 
r. d-^flniU'pmporttona bj I'liiviirnl 
n. from vrhiob r««illi A DOmponnd 
tilt "fw proiMtrtiea. 

4.»iiilin»'tlble. CtpabU of being 

hmv.lvbara. Kuming. Tbc oouil) 
ufoxyf^cnritbacDiutiastlbloUMl^. At 
tb« phdnurai-na whirb attend «uiiihiutioa 
ia tb« arolutioD of bcut a»il limb I ; bat as 
Ibeae are jnippoaed to be depMulcfit on 
ebenilcal ai*tion, they mii; alao be ex--* 
p«wt«d in vibor chviniual priKvaMw. 
proM-u<.<e of oi;|i:«n. llivreforo, b not w3oa>- 
luUil} iioi-cmtrj' to tbetn. 

CombuetlOD, BpontauMotu- Thij 
mi»i r<-iiijtrknU« plieuotaenon ft««i»«DU7 
uocnr* in ai-citiiiiilniiuu of v^igtAiable, 
mal, Olid croii tiiinoru] l^lb■ltan•^«•, mi 
drt^iitimtnnotw lavi>rable to Its dcvdc 
motil. It ia aIwi Mid to occur (oidg 
in tl)e biimaii bodjr. 

Csmrii'lc AcM, A P>^e> relloWj 
cryauilitiii? mid iiUfcbtly ftulublo BulMtanc 
pmliicvd hy Ibe ilwMuipo«iUoii of iiieconia' 
acid bv boHl. 

C«0l'lVy. Tbo jiopuliir name of ^rt»- 
fMjftum ojtieiiiatit. 

ComuaiMlnca'llo. From akm. 
moMiitifii, to eat. MaMicatiao. 

C'oiii'uil. liiim. 

Cvui'iulnilled. C^ftimitnt'lua; tnm 
(wnminufre, ani and iNin>i<», to V-rvak to 
p)c(<ea. In ^rytTjf, a coimiiiuuU'd fruc- 
lure \i wlicre a bone Li brokon iolu a onm- 
IxT of t>iM^'»: npi'licil alno to fiiuJ nftiT il 
hn« bet^n maftti^aied or groiitiil b^wc«n 

C>»niutliiu'llaa. Thv (hiMore tpf a 
bone into h iiunitjur of pic«ca; tii« Irilur 
tion, brcflkttif; tu picecu betirecD tbe test! 
or iiiik»'liiMti"n of food. 

Coin'mlMMiiro. Co>">»*«"'ni ; fhjm 
eammilto, I j-iiiii toft«llii'r. A |uilni ofuniun 
between two parU. Tbc comuiiMUivfl of 
tbr Itju iind f>Jl^)i•I!t itre tbu kukIc^ vliern 
they coino tojKtiinr. 

OonuniaBure, Anterior, of tb» 
Bruin. A wnitll, inwlullnry-likf aiib- 
fiiflnce. 4TOHiins Ibe anliTiur part of llie 
tbinl Tvolrido of the brain, nniliui; (be 
I wo hf mi«]>hcret. 

Conuniasure, Posterior, of the 
Brain. K nitdnllitr? anb«tan<-i' Dnirln*; 
the Iwo hcmispheicsof lltr bmiii vmu 
ibe |>i>ilerit)r part of the (bird Tpnirirle, 
iinil aliovc lli« Forfiom '|ni»drt|[eniilia. 

CommlsBure of ilw Uve&i Tli« 
ciliary litninunt. 

C*Uim»'nlCMn*. From ft»j.«iin(l, 
ooumon. I1mt which coramanicatM or 




MtntiliithM n commtiniaitioo. ApplKd to | 
twoiirtoriiMuf tiiomtnlDiD, ooeaolerior, | 
anJ uDc poMtvrior. TLo lint cxtondi fnMn 
«n* uit«rk>r ri'rtlmil ariery to the otbcr; 
the a^^'oml fnmt ttiu rnli^riiii) curoild to 
llie |>y»l<H9r (.sjfieliriil. 

Oommu'iiloanB TIbi£B. Tbeestcrnsl 
m[ifii-ti»l linitirli oflhu Lilial nertv. 

<'oinoM>. In B^taity, toAlng in n tuft, 

Oiui piicU C^mjme'ttu; Jnaa cvn, 
amt [iita^frv, III vtrihw, to Sx. Siiliil, dow. 
Id Jtfit/'mi/. n|tf>l)r(l to lli» bAntwt and 
do.'wii p,«n.i uf a txHij' lisM«. 

<'oiu p« 'kcm. Fnmi Compttigo, to 
[•nt to^tli«r. An arttuiiiiitian, ■ oomniw- 

<'cimpnr'ntlve. In Anatomy uid 
Phyii'/U'fjf, \\un. wtiich illn«tra(«s by 
comparing with tb« hiiniui btxlv, or niiy 
part of It; u, for cx>in|>le. tfa« rotn)isra- 
tive anMiHny of iho teetb cmbrsoM ■ 
kuowWeo of llio lUffi-rcRcvi ttiat «:d«t 
Iwtwovn ibese organs indiffvivnt uininlH. 

Coniptit'lble. Applied to inoiHeincN 
wliu'lt iu:>v tio tiiiicti in Itivxtomnchtritb- 
out tnieireriDg with th« action at eacb 

Complrs'. Om/i/nr'wj ; from rtwt. 
Willi, iri'l ft^ft/Tf, to twt«, Cotnpli«et«4l. 

<'«iit|>lrx'ton. TIk> rolor of the 
fiti'R, lilt ii(.-iin-i(at« iir|i)iVkW1 irUarMtArn 
ItTM«nt^d by n body, with TAfertnce to 
r«nntitiitl"n. ii-mpcmnrnt, &r. 

Camp lex 'am. f'ompitv. ComposMl 
of sovernl liUtinrt rliinffs. 

Oomplflxtis Ul'Dor. XtttUidtfu lar 
tera'ti*. Tlj« nmn* of n mnitfla whk'li 
ftH»eBrr»in thu trAiiJV«rw proMOws ofthi' 
Itwt toar ccrvioJ vcrtcbfic, and Is itucrlcd 
Into thcmiutoid prorvM of ih^ temporal 

Complexus Mua'oulu*. Cempt*r«4 
tnt hirru'ter t*Tti'<i»: f&mpfervt ntifjor; 
if»Mo ; irtiektton-ofetpHaL A tiiuaclo ail- 
aAt«d on tlK' tiiM'l: pnrt of tlir n<^)t. 

CeaipllrAlrd FnM*lnr^. A A-ac- 
tnro wb«re, in addition to the ii^iirf done 
ta tJiv lK>a«, then i* o Irdon of aomo im- 
portant Tcwel. nervouB trunk, or Joini. Ao. 

CoMipllrn'lton. Com^ltM'iio. In 
Pathai/>rftt. ilni prw^nc* of crrArAl <li«- 
«««>«, or MTcral rirminatanoM, forprtgn to 
t)i« prlmnry diK'iuM. 

C*inp«*'l(IP. In /iif«ny. tbft lari^l 
of all iiaiiii-Al KroopM "f plantA, imi\ m 
eallad (Mh-jtHM (Iw old boianiKts wlio in- 

vented tbe naine reearied ibo Baw«r- 
hoiubi 0* c-iiiiipitunil Bowen. I'hey atiivcr 
to the SynffftmM /tnlfffaiiiift of T inniMia, 
nnil are [)OHiiivclj i-lmracl i"lic 

rMi>iiali; tluwrr*. •insi'i""'' - ". >Dd 

an infMior ovvry nith n «in);lv urvA avnie. 
Tli«T are aonictiinm Itw^ but goiwrally 
hwl>ncw>iw plant* or idiniba. 

<*OBtp4Ml'll«n. r»m/NNn'f !(.•; tratn 
comjwnfrt, to place t<i^'lbef . Th« aM uf 
coiii[ioninft or comixHin'linK. ot tlint wbhili 
result* ftom tntdi nrt, lu n chtrmiral or 
plianna(^ui)c«) rompcwftion. or a oompo- 
sition fur tli« body or (mamd of poroaUla 

CompoM'ltani. A «HBpoaad, or 
con|(o»ilivn of (liBvrvut tLinm 

<:UMp<ni]i4'. To mis ur noHu two 
or nior« ingredlenta in one mnai or Itody, 
or n niBM or body r«>aUine from aocfa ■ 
mixlnrc. C^ni/MmnJ 3/eJifiitn liarr Iwi-a 
dividi'd into tiro clnaws, vii., Ogi«inal 
J*rrpttnti9n»t antl U-tftttt^t ur &trmf^ 
rattmv*. Tht fam«r an- tliow tmligrBl 
in itie Phanniioopailaa ; the lattvr m 
<^nMmct«d by the praotkleoer at thu dmv 

Oompotuad nraoture. A fl-actun 
whore th« «nd of rht fr«otar«d boii« It 
ftwvud tlinnvli th« itlttn, or laccrutna Iha 
aofi pKrta. 

OoTDpound Radicals. SqlMUii< 
irliirli. iIkiiikIi c<intaiuin)C tva or ni' 
elements, haru the ra|Hieily of an) 
vtlh el«moDt«r7 Iwdioi to form new «oa- 


t'nm'pmwi. CMHtirtfia ; tma otm- 
primrrt, to pi^Mi* (ofrOlht-T. Fleeeaof tint 
or folds irf a ro^, or any other awbatimci> 
in roatrivcd u, with the old nf a hasdagc^ 
to make prMsurv upon nny pan !■ 
Svryrr*/, A com]>rvM i» c4nploye<l to anrtt 
beDiorrhnee, w v«U u «arioni other pur- 

i'ltmpti^m'Hl. Cimptvt'-it. At 
n)ipUeil. U) Surfffrj/, to a hlond- vmooI. 
nnl. or oiher organ niffcring <H>uiprvwiicin : 
in ti"tany, to tlif rarloa* (irifiuis or ixirt* 
of plitntJ; dimI in Mintrnt^/y, to cryMall 
whirli h»v/ n flsllfrii-d ll||;ar«. 

C«mproiMll>ll Ity. Hio 

jKMwaAed hy bodin of orciipyi- 
iipnoe whi^n utibjMtiol to Tti> 

C«BHprrt*'i»loii. In I'hyift, Um 
action uoiicd upon • body by nl«m«l 






ftmo, vlierabr fta eoutilatnt tduImuIim 
are [iraMil innru eluwlr tnjKtliRr. Il la 
MDplorcd io S^iytrf for liut rcprtMion of 
beroorrhages and Id the tn«tn>cnt of 
aneuriMtiK wdiiuiIk, torw, and vtrlaiiR In- 
JertM at llt« Hiiimsl organ*. Tito n^nU 
»n)InnriK "»«] In mob e*at» are the tuar- 
BiilDet. 1>Hrwl9(^ tamil noetiagti, nxn- 

Oompree'sion of the Brfrln. This 
majr be ranM«I by Pitravamtoil MnoiJ, a 
dcprcen*'! pi^rtioo of bone. An accamala- 
tiun (if t1<ii<], or n tnmor. 

CoiBipvoMN'«r. A nam* a(>p1i«l to 
iiUH«l«a whleli draw lo^tli«r parU npon 
wtiicli Uk-.t ad. Abo Ibe name of hi- 
■tntmcnu inrented for coinpreanng tlie 
fofDitral Brtorr, nod for otbor |i<ir]NMet. 

0(»Dpraaaor NaLils. SeiMf'M mom'- 
tU; trtitti-trna'liM itati; dilatati/rta ala'- 
Tunt tuut. A line trU&inilu' muxclv arUfn^ 
«xt«roAlV at i)io r<Hit of Ihc aU nati, and 
ttuerii^l witli in fallow into tlieeitrcniltr 
of tk« iM un<i, lUfl wbtiD tb« ttrn MHUnwrt^ 
draw i)i« Mtlw of tb« bow lotrnrd* tlie 

Oomproeaor of Dopuytran. Ao in- 
•trntiitfnt iut't^nt^l by DainiTtroa for poiD" 
pmong tlic fmioral iuI^tt, cpmiRling of 
• Millioirvl? of ttAel with n pad at rach 

OompreflBOr of Nook. An tnntni- 
iii«ot iDienriid liy Vni^k for «otn|ireaniig 
t&* iir«itirn in i^asvs of iivrontineDteL 

Oomapff CM or Prustatw. A nuiae 
a]>|ili«d b> AlUnus to ih« anterior fibrva 
of thv levaitir iDli'trbkh embrace tbe 
prostale elatiil. 

Oomprwnor Drathree. A miiKle 
arMnK from tl>e ramu* of tb« behlum, and 
tii*ai«<l \aUt tlte membranoua urethra, 

Wtliob il i-illliriii-i*. 

C-omptn'nim. A gennauf pUum of 

tLo tiriifr ifi/rifwsfftr, 

OomptonUi AaplenlfiyUa. Sweet 
fvm-l>(II^Il; >t|>lMt)wort |[all. A |itiiiit )>o«- 
f«T«iQS !»■'''* and MitriDgtnl prpfH-rlics. 

C'ompiinf'llo. from eompiMgo, to 
prtrk, A jiMiiitiim. 

CMta'rlnm. J'Mrn »"*(, « «>««» 
becaiiwif iu conical *liDp& Aoona. The 
piniial gloo-l. 

C'onc^irua, IIollov ; iltfireasMl in 
till* r<-nlri-. 

CvfiCPiilra'ltoil. Connmtratio ,- 

frwai <'•"' u-'l A/nlnmn, a oeatre. In 3(edi- 

finf, an alBai of fluids, oraomrergetieeof 
vital fame towanla an orgiUL Alto, tbo 
fVBporation of tho water of fluids for tbc 
poHNMe ot Incrca&big their strengUi. 

C'oiiff«n'frle. Cmu-mtri'^uM. Com- 
poHod of man; layen srrunt;i^ circniarl;, 
one wiiliiD ihe olhcf. 

Con(^>ptn«'ulKai. A ropeJver; a 

Conivp'Uaii. Cmtrptia ; from cm- ^ 
f.ipio. \o coDf^ve. Tlw iin[>r«|inar ion 
the ctvnin in Ute ovariitm, by tbe cot 
of tht! aiirn >«r»iiiia. 

Concsptian, Falsa. Tenn for Uight«d 
ovam or tniperf mvI iiDpr^^atlon. 

C*M'f'lin. Sej.T'F- 1^° name of a 
li<iai(l me'Dsare amon^ the Atlieiiinns. In 
Anntamy, Applied to acvera] hollow pnru 
of the body. 

Ooncba Aurlo'ulee. The ooncha of 
ilie I'fir. 

Ooncba Aurls. Tbo hollow part ot 
ll;e cnrlilH;;^- of lliu external ear. 

<*<tn>li» 5K«'rliim. 1'bi> turtrfDalel ] 
part of lltu vtbiiioid tiouo, slid tho inferior 
iponnr bo<M«, coTcn.'d \>y ilie piinitju-jr 

Coii'rli«-IIcllx. Tlie emill mut- 
t\v of iht helix. 

«>>n>hald. CvntM'im. Slicll-tike. 

Conrhsl'oiQ'. From m^x<h * afaelli j 
nmt )u;tJf, u dienonrae. Tbe ftdoDoe of' 

Con'dimt. From Ka^:ph a »li«H, ao 
callticl IWmi ita rcseiiiblaDra Io a alieQ. 
Th> rninrTim : \hv tmtVvi* of thti tjvn. 

Conch fl'iM. Tho tnrhinated liooe. 

CoiM^kleii'tllk Tram Cvne'td^, to 
fiUl down. In Pitlhato^, vynonjmona 
with rollrtfiw. A warting or falling away. 

ConcHM-'UoB. C^ntoetia ; f rum (wn- 1 
riMfuo. lodit.'tfst. IriceMlon; ooctioii; toat- 
II rut inn. 

Concom'llnnl. C^n^mitant; from 
tan, and *f>mi/iirr— itwlf fnun •"jiH.rrr — 
evm and irr, Ui jr" witli. Tlml wliiph bp- 
ci>iii]MUiifti. or ROW with, in J''ttK^]"yy, a 
Nyin|>iom wbich acconipaniea nllivr sjoip- 

4*onor<'i»n'llon. Oalcinntion, 

Cont-rr'Uan. Canerir'lio ; ttma eon- 
fTftro. to ^ow t4>gvtber. Tlint wbich boa 
lhi(>k«ited. eoDdeDHd, and bc«Mn« more 
wdid. It wu ri>nni.Tl7 nsod to signliy tha ] 
B'lhf'i-tn of pans. 

Cocoretion, BUlaiy. GoIl-ftoaGa 




Conoro'Uons, SalivBxy. A ileposlt 
«f [)li>>j|>hat« uf lime umI uhIiiiaI ninttcf- 
(romrlinicit fuunti in llii- imhMancoof the 
Kuliviiry gluDils, or ia tb« docta, ukd cm 

till! Uath. 

CoDOretions, nrimur. Calculi de- 
ji'iHteil r'roin tin- Grinoin iho kldiiurii, uri>- 
(ere, hUddtr, or nixtthriL 

COMcnr'niK. From eoneurrnv, to 
taeel luselhcr. Th« (tonyvrloa of tjni])- 
toiiiK whinb constitat« (tod diattnguish % 
punidular dioeAW. 

ContlM'fflsn. Froni nutevUo, I shake 
togptlK^r. in.Vurjfrry agitAtiaacotnmani- 
cstcd ii> one ortmi lijr m full upun Knnther, 
KH lliH timii) friiiii II fnlt on Uis battooki. 
Crt»rii>i«ion of tlio brain often mums tetj 
nlurmluK m m|itoin«. 

OodcUMioa of the Brain. A dis- 
turbance i>r th« l)r«in prodncfrd by * fall 
or blow. It liaf bcvn mpposcd thnt K»nc 
of llie nervous fibres are broken ooder 
Iheae cireanoataDCes. It differs from ooin> 
prCMion ia tli« ftbwftM of •l«rl«K>v« 

CoisdciiMin'llA. fiupimtntta. Med- 
tcin<-e !:>i[>|>(>Mrd to inqiifml* thtthniDore. 

Contl4'nHa'll*a. Cimdfn»a'tU:{nna 
tmtilntsv. Ii' riiiil.(t thick. A tlilek«nl&g of 
n Hiiid. In Anoiimy Slid PutM«gf, on 
Inori'ik.'W ill t.lio di-itilly of th« blood, or 
otlior HiihK op niiy vf tlm lisAim of Ui« 
bodv, Id Chfmutr)/, t)i« »ubj«Olioti of 
uerifomi bodit-H tn prirMiini, or ibo coa- 
version of vajmrK to lluids bf mid. 

Contl^n'MT. Aa aleinbi«. An in- 
Ktrunu-nl for coaik-nniiiic vApur. 

Oondenser. Uebif's. A coatrivaiu'a 
of I.ii-tii(5 tor oondenMD^ rolatile Uqnida 
doring dutillaliuit. It cnnaittti of two 
tubes, tbe inner of trhicb ooalaim ihe 
vapor, and th» outsr a stream of ootd 
Wali-T ConntADlIj' HowtBg. 

Con dlnient. Oimdim*n'tiim: from 
eawiirt. to presorv« orseawo. Anjtblng 
Ufivtl for evwoiiing food, a« bnttor, salt, 
|ivii|>4)r, sploe, Ao. 

C'undl'liim. A [disrniRoeiitioal oom- 
poii(t<l of winft lioiKv, snil soma aroniat- 
ics. njiwiiilly i>("p|>er, 

Condlln'm. £nibalmiii£ a dead 

Con'dom. Tho •nfc*(i'ni>m e^eum ot 
the shet?p, clcnnW and meA as ii cover- 
ing of ibu [loniidiiriTt); ooilion. to prevent 
Tasrool iofcctkia or prugnuocy. Sach 

oonlrlrancu, however, *r«, as a «in/ 
wfttaan onoo remarked, " bocklcn aipiUut 
p)e«HDre. but t^hwi>l» oicalnirt lioiimr." 

C*Nd««'lor. FnMII tVinJtUrr*, 
)«ad or ^de. Tliat vliioh <:uiidurU 
serves ■■ a guUle. In SuTi;ery, an 
iiienc used for dlf«rtin|{ a knifu >ir bHIo 
in <«rtiLio optmtloiu. Id J'Aiitia, a 
rnpablo of oondactUig calutio aad 

CfMi'dall. ApUMecof small 
sioiis. A cauaL A pipe for oonrsjl 

Condj-larthro'Hiit. Arttciilat: 
by cond^U's. 

Coii'djif*. Ccn'djflwi: M*Mwc.tb« 
jojni of the liu^r, a tubercle or LuM. 
Ad articular proc«i« of a bon«^ flat in one 
direction hikI ronml in lliti oitier. 

<:oii'd$ii Diritonim Mn'aoB. 

Tlic plitilmi^et^ 

Con'djtold. f\>nJpU'Jeiu; 
Kti¥M4K. acimdyle, and tiio(, sbapa. siha; 
lik« n<M>ii<)yl«. 

Ooddytold ForBxn'lna. fbrmn^i 
eoadj/lin'tlfa. Fonr fonuiilna. ino cats* 
rior and Lvo poi4«rior, in the oocipiul 

Oondylold Procens. j\ cimilyle. 

CMMlyltt^aK* Ctrndylm; from »•- 
JMutt A knot, an Gtainutu-e- A <u>fl, win- 
like eicr((*oanc« ot aa iad^lvnl ctiaraiHcr, 
whtfih appears abont tlte aau4 oud oril 
of the genital onrunN and >iiinciiiun 
tbe l^RK^m, t» n onDt4H|nvn«B of »y|i 

('ondjlooi'clcr. From »i*«Aa(. 
kBifb fiiniu-d br a brut j'liutt a C 
And ;uTp(ii>. a mNiMurs. Au likorn: 
tnv(>iil<u] liy Dr. J. B. Iteaa, fnr l»kiair 
imrufurt' 111 cuts of tli« position of Die con- 
dyles of the infenor mflxiilnry. or 
reiitre of rnotiou of tbst bv-iw, rolaitva 
tbe plane of tbe dental n/xili. tSc* Fi 


CBadft'opodil. Von^ylf-ftoikt; i 
Koviv^jof, and :r(«^-, a fool. A Mitdiii 
ot vurvpiinluus articulate nniiuab 
joiiilMl r«vt. 

(!OB«. Cotttm. From mwof, tA briig 
tn a piiinl. A 8oliii bod? lin>iDt; a 
for iu luwo. aud lermiuaiin]! In a 
t-'oueB of fflt. niblier, or u-nlnis 
oro vioployed in Mtihafiicnl Itm 
|io1i<)iiii;( {ililtL-s. 

Cniiolti'. Cieutin. Tbe active 
cjple of becatodt. 




CTftafec'tlo. Cvufeeiion; from am- 
j*eia, to Dinke op. 1b PhamMf^, buj- 
thing medtf into a I'olpjr mnM with ragur 
or bonej. The term Is Dearlv b^dob^dioiis 
wUli nmtfrr* unil *l»ttuarg. 

Confootio Alkenaw. AU:*rni«s. 

Confectio AmysdalsB.' A Dtmfeo- 
tton of slmiiiidt. 

ConfoctiO Arohiff'eois. Aconfoetioo 
«t ooatur, loiiB [n'l'iitT. Mack |w|i|>«r, ilo- 
tBi. ^bBDom. oLwtiiK ftiiil o|iitira. 

OoDibotlo Aromat'loa. Anaromatio 
nnfccLinn. * 

Oonii»ctV> AarmntU OortlblB. A 
K>Df««tloa of oriuij;«-ped. 

Goofootlo OmsIio. a oMtrtction gf 

Oonfbotlo DamocnituB. Mlthrldiito. 
OonfboUo HyEioin 'Uti. A coLfcctvon 

of b»JM:itltl». 

Confbetlo O'pll. A cctifMliuii of 
opiiiin, tVi-o, sr. x to ii. 

CarnfeciloPlp'erlsNl'Krl. Aoonfeo- 
tion of Wwk iio|i|wr. 

Oooftctlo Bo 'see CAoi'afie. A oon- 
CKtJoa or <!on«iTve uf duK-rose. 

Oottftetio Boan CHU'llow. A oon- 
fection or iMtDSorvd of the r«>d ro««. 

Oonfootio Ru'tn. A ooDfcottoD of 

OOnAotlO de Ban'teJis. Ad utrin- 
K«ni ooaiMMed of aandiil-woci'], rod corn), 
%olo vinentiui, Umnuatil. dco. 

OoofMtlQ 8«amnio'tii«>- A confoe- 
don of aAammoDy. 

OoofMtlo Seimaa. A tMJiifwtiou uf 

Oooflsotio d» nture. FruikiDceiu« 

Cttnf^r'T*. Tlu) tribo of oryptog*- 
loou* pUnis of tlie i>nli<r .4/yiK, oou^siinic 
ofnmplp, tah'ilar, jiiinto*] wtt(«r-<r«e[l8. 

OooArvB Rivatis. Thta spMi«a him 
li«4B re<:<rtnincs<l«il iu otan of ii|>uiui>dic 
utiiina. |>htlii<i«. fto. 

< 'ondriunn ll*. Tonitn. 

( onfln'tlan. Ci»\fia't\o; from Mn- 
Jla. to Wiiw (op'thor. In MtlnHnrg]/. the 
Usvtne toi^hor of fire» Id oioltiiif; metnlft. 

C*nllu'enl. f'OA/«cM; fWMn mh, 
atiil jtu^Tf. iti lli>w. Runoinc toKBtlier. 
In /Vi/Ao/ajry, ipplit^ tu c-ertniii •iXanlliom- 
ttout olfc^tiAtM. in which tli« «rtiptIi>M 
arr «•• iliich ihai tlinr run tog«(hi«r. 

Oininu»Dt Small-Pox. Thiu dtMisM 
k 4'nidoil into Ji$ti/itt aiid eo/i/fu^ni. la 

tlte 1at4«r diviaUm tfa« postulo run Into 
each other. 

Conflox'lo. Thnt fvmpAthr i>r tti« 
dlfferenl pai1» "f the ADiinnl body by 
vliioli iliti iK-iioiiH i^if lifu mn lurtalned. 

ConfDriua'llon. /Vn^rM^ifto. In 
AnatoMg. tlie natural dbposltloR or ar- 
rnn^iHtnt of Uie ]tarta of tho ttoily. 

ConlHca'llon. Hodiiotlon nf a fri- 
able suholanoe to powder t<y niM'ing it 
b«tvre«n tlie finfen. 

Conhl'Me F«krC8. Intermitt«Bt 
fi»Ytin, IrreKBlnr tu thetr pnroxjrHnis. 

Confta'Rl*. FroiQ tonfliiul(f. to mix 
loeelher. A disCAM of tho *ya In vrMeh 
tlic membrnDM bcoome rvptnrod ami tli« 
hnmora ma togstber. 

C'«liBVlll'lloil. Ctrnfffbi'lio, from 
Mnfftiff. Ui oolmwul. In tnvte, Tlie avt of 
eouKealing, or poMing from a flidd to a 
aollil Mfttc, an in Uie com of wninr wli«a 
it tKoroa. Tb* word i» i^to iis«d tyaoitj- 
Rinmljr will) ronoretion and cdngiilalloa. 
It wii* riinnprif upplmt to iliwMMM attmd- 
ed w itti t-iti{i;>r mid nuuthnvB*, a» in panilf- 
ila and caLal<}|i«y. Onnfuelalloa— frofttlnf 
a Iinri — i> nlsm vmpluyod to proOufo In- 
M-nubility nodor suri^irnl op«mtioiiB, and 
to Dr. Richardson, of Londoo. is due lh« 
credit of ita appllonblllty to xurgcry. Id 
Uic foriD of the ctb4r spray. 8m Sraai 
Ai*FjiiiiTP4, and BHAstH'a Afpailatiul 

C«Mi'|ten«F. Confim'tTttvt ; tmm 
t«ii. wil h, itntl j7<<ii*M, Ici&d. Of th« mri^ 
kind or ei)«cJM. In Atmtamfe, rhiooIm 
wliicli i-»iicnr In the >nme aniton. 

OttKCn 'lUI. Ci>nffrrt'rt.i.. That 
nliirii i'ilKi«d tki birth. Thii^ congenital 
nlTawtidna are lho«« wltlcb «iiiil at birth, 
AS a (lia«a»e or d«-r«rmity. 8ft» AmopBt 
anil KicoMi>:( or tiik Tkktii. 

<'on|ce«'tl«ti. C<m^n'ih ; bxNo em- 
■jtr^rf, to aniflfis, it^enmulAtA. Ad so-^ 
ciinialnlioa of blood, bilft, or oUior flnida, 
in fin oricnn. 

C'-oiiKPH'tlTP niftowwR. Di o taiM" 
produocj bj coitKvitiun. 

OonscetiTa Foror, A ferer aaao. 
fflalc'cl with congeMiun of aonie vtaooa. IC 
i« attended vrith much opproMioii, obeotuV 
»ytiipioin». and tlow rcoitMion. 

C'an'irlm. Ctmffia'rit,§. A g«I1otL 

r«nicl«1mle. Coa^UWtu*; from 
etiB^M/itrf. In mther into ■ small ball. 
.'\pplit>'l to irlnndii formed of a e<>nt«rtIos 
of Ijmphatio v«sael9, cotuwctod bj oetto- 




hr AtmK. witbovi a canty or excretory 

CvnKloni >r«le, O^nflMi^ra'tiu; 
tnivtrani/lomrnire. lo heat) t)|M>ll. A[i[illw! 
lo gloiidii nlijch eoaiUi nf k nutiibor of 
anal) ^&nds. 

CoiigltillnK'tloa. AfKldlhutttoR. 

Co'nia. ftmift*, tumMitt. A valntilo 
liik«li>i<I of Centum laaeut'itini, 6itluia64 
by ilistilllufi tlie contcntrnlcil infnr>]i>n 
Willi patAsh. Done of Tincture of Oonia, 

ron'lcw PnplllK. The Icnliculnr 
pnpillii- of (lie tongue. 

<['oii'U-iiH. Conioal. 

C'onirenp. Tho cooo-bcanag trtbo 
of di(<*)t; li-iloDouH [ilants. 

Co'nlft. Diui ; lino finwdop; a«hM. 

<'«iil'um. A gvDDe of plants of tbe 
order UmhtU^/^r*. All the |ilani« tMAOog- 
to; in )t nr» polmnin)*. 

OoDium Maoula'tum. Hemlook; 
poUon [itmlr V. A jilniit [MiMCMcd of oar- 
oo(i« tiinl jKiiMiiKiiiA propentesL 

C'onl Vn»<>ulo'iil. Tbe ooniaal ooa- 
Tciluliuiu of the vaaa offoroBtta of iho t«s- 

CoiUn'ipitc. 0>i»>?>i'f«i*. Yoked 
toRelher: growing In pairs. Applied In 
Bolanji to a lenf cnnd*tliu; of imtflotx ar- 
ranged in pair* on Mob lide of aconiDioa 

Con'JUffnlvd AcMn. Arid* rom- 
bincd villi itneic qiili4t&neoft,wiihout lontiR 
tlidr MLliiruTu)); power. Tli<i<)r|[aiii<> !*ii)i< 
Bt&tiee. pumbinH wiih tliosrid. tnnleHiilly 
altera il« pro)M-rtieH, wliilu it does oot in- 
terfen- willi it* noiilily, 

ConJ nicn'l Ian. Co*0uffa'ti<f, from 
eon/ayirt, to y-^kt toB<>th<?r. An aa*em- 
blngc: B union. Appttcal in Awttwng lo 
tJie orifices on eacli side of the rertebml 
ealnron whiah n-nult from lh« c^njn^- 
tlon of ootcliM in each vertebra aliore 
and below. 

tint ; (anJHttetifi tii'meii. A delicate. 
tnui»|>«rtmu mttrona me'Ribraoe. i?ovvHnit 
tile anterior mirfacp of tlio evolml! nnd 
llniiij.' itn' inner burface of the evclids. 

('otOanfUTl'ttH. TnltaminNlion of 
tlie ronjiini-tivi? meinUrjino 

4'onJnnr'lUH. Cuiuoioed. 

<'on'nnt4>. FrpnKan&ad naUm, born 
villi. Congenil&l. 

Conniv'^lll. Cmmr'^aM^ froni nm- 

nittn. to oloM. A term in <4aal 
piled to the rnlralnr fnUU nf tliu mi 
tntmbraiie of llic enmll iiitwliart, ralli 
tultvUt tonnittntfMy fmtu tbelr agiprw 
to uacli other It is applied id ifohtay ta 
Ibe mlyx and wrvlh, the petals of wtucb 
PouvrTKv or bisnd inwanl. 

Cu'nold. Frdtu kwv«c a ooai, inl 
ntci. ehi<ip«. Of a eonloal abspe. 

OODOid Ufamont. A Ilintnent at* 
tochiKl to ihe UBpnlar cxtromUr af tlia 
elat*tele and to Uic eoracuid [troccM of tha 

<'i>R«l'(les r«r'|iBS. The |ida«id 

ConqnnwMt'tlon. Omyvama'tt^i 
In rAiirfnoofr. ihe(k|teralioiiQf l>ruiMn|tllM 
dfSorent pftrt* of a t^^tabte anbaUaM 
with a imtle. 

ConaeCuttre. 0>n*rtJ«/r'nw; ftm 
(Wit, with, and Miptor, to follow. FoDov- 
ing OS a eoDsotgiiv'iicv. 

Oo na eoutlve STtnptoma. rheaoiD* 
Mt» wbieb nppoar af^«r. i.>r durinj^. Iki 
decline of a diseoae, and as a ODoaequcan 
of it. 

CfMutem'uDS. Sytopathyi eeaMvt at 

Commer'ra. From eanatnort, to 
keep. A (onuerro; a pruparstioa enm- 
poKd of a recent T«getaMo sulmlonr* ouJ 
BDgAr, mixed together In a unifnm mui 
of aboat the noaoiKtanRO of honey. It ii 
Iho Hum* BM confiinlioii, 

OoDBBTva Abain'thU. OoOMrre of 

CToTUKinra Ari. Contterre of anmi. 

Coiiaerva Aur&ntU. Conaem of 
nmtiHi* pi*rl. 

Ck>nservm La'JulSB. ConfMtloD of 

Oonserra UeothSB. OooMrre of 

Ooosem SotUn. CoDMrveofainUls. 

<*oniM?rv'ialor3r. I» TforiUHlittr*. ■ 
((lazed wnieturo in wliloh t-xolic plmiu 
and alirub* are grown In a bed or fLtmi u( 

(^iiHiMten'lta. From efftui»l\ la 
ntand itill. Thr sclue nf n dUeOX!. 

C^onMilldan'llJt. .\ intm* fomxrly 
applied 10 nul'xiaaci'* Jtiip|MMi>d to be eof*' 
ble of linrdoning m-niill} b«nle'l woBOda 

(Tonfillpa'llon. Cvnutiiit'lio; tnu 
eoiuUpam, <wn ami tttfart. to cnaa eloM 
Coctiveoeuw A tlate of the bowtli '» 




leas frMinoDllj l-luin aiiial. 

('oanlit'uenH. CanKtitnniit. The 
rvliuhi : Tliiti « lix-li impnrU tn tn^eulilo 
form. Kf I'rcmbotios. 

l'«nnllla tlon. C»iutitv'tto. In 
Phfftiiiloyy, ihi) (KneraJ eondlUon nr tliu 
(trfciiD* of tiic bwlr, roiMMl«r«d with refcr- 
e&r« [o itirir [laniriilar arrangemenU nod 
tbu manner In vlilcli \\nij fH.>rfomi tbair 
ftini'tionji. IntliridimJ organisation. 

CoQBdtQtloo of tlio Atmoapher*. 
Tb« *l»iv ■ ut th« air; it* l<'mp(>ralar«, 
tamldltr, <lr,Tn«9«. beet, tif^., vfith re»|>«et 
to )i« iiidntn^c n|i(ifi tliv liuiimii hixly. and 
dnrinif th« [ir^vnlMnot* of r|)i(l«nii«K. 

CouMlto'llonal. H«re<li(«r7; of 
•oqairetl irrudiHpuflltinn; ([''■■^'■I i)i»eaMM 
Invfilrfnc tli<» rnlirc sy^tpin. 

CoilMf rlv'llvr. C^iuirifti'fv* ; from 
eoM'r.H-/-; u< I-iud loffeUiur. Styptic. 

CoBNlrlc'lor. Fmiti cww/Wn^f, 
to slnrr^iitra, To l>i&(l iu n drralnr di- 
■ recliuo. ApjiKmI to a innwili! wliioli cuo- 
tmem nnv o|HHiiiifr io llie hoAj. 

Constiiotor Alee HaaL Tba 4o- 
pree*ar lul>il itQ|n>riiiri» nki^uu oau 

Oonstriotor Anl. Ttu-«|>liinAC«raiii. 

Ooostrlotor Ounnt. Tli« >|>hitift«r 

Ooiuttriotor Istbml Fauolum. 01m- 

(be ir|>eQiaij ^1" t^v fnnctA omip^ijig tli« 
■DicMHitr Inrvrul balf aroht» of tlio palate; 
it nri&«a Troin lite ado nf ttM< Inntfnn iwar 
it4 root, Mui U i&M»t>nI id lltv vvlum ov^r 
ibo iiviiIa. Ii 'Irivri the voliim ditwu, aiiil 
diiNtf* tl)« ■•[■vniuf! tatu liiu fnuMw. 

Oonatriotor Labionuo. C&nttrutar 
frit. Orliidiiori* oris. 

OoDsCiiotor (Eaopbogl. Con<4ririor 
of tht rtw^ivhiti'ii., ,\ [iiaMj<i roiiijHn»«>l 
ofn ni)i" -. (lilaaltHl at tbe <i|ivn- 

Ing uf ri . !L'ii«. 

OoQBtrtctor Orie. Htliif^nlnm oris. 

Conatriotor>ebra'nuu. ilrbir- 
Dlari*|ic lira nun 

Coiuitrfotar 'Ph^ryn'glB isftorior. 
A imisulg fiiluat«d «t llir lumtvnvt |<iii-t 
of tbepbarjnx. It ariws Oom tbo side 
of ifao thyroid rartiliiKo uid Iu btforior 
<*:■' 'm'Ih (111- jiide of tlfv cri<-"id 

ca ! n tiwrtt-d iritb it* fi-Ilnw 

in tliv mitiilio line i>d the ha^k of th< {>)in- 
rjwi. ll aMKta to IvoaftD tito oavity of 

I ttic pliarjrnx, and timt coropeli th« ft>o4 
to tnko tbo tlownwnrd din-ction into titt , 

Oonatrio'tor Phaivn'irlB Ma'dlus. 
A moK'li) at (b« [ju«lvrii>r itut of lliv phn- 
rvnx : it arltes rroin iJie aii|>viiillx aiid 
coruo of ilie on liToido*. anil froia iii« 
tJiyri>-b¥oiil liKarocnl — its fil-rof «»conil, 
rnit traosrerselr and d«»i;*Dd. ^vini; ii a 
trianftnlur ap[i««ranve: ib« upfiar onoa 
overlap tbii »op#rior conMrivtOT, wliil* lli* 
lowor arv beiioalli the iiifiTior. and tlbe 
vbiile pass bank to bo lnwrt«d luto tba 
inld<lli» UDdinonit line of flic yliaiynx. 

CoDBtriotor PharyngiB Supe'rtor. 
A iiiiiM'l« on tbe pualarlor part of tbo 
phArynv, which ariaM from iho MU»i.->fi>no 
proc«9i of tbe o<«ipitiil bi>nc, fr»tii tba 
lou'«r part of tbe iiiu-rnnl )ilrry(iihid plaia 
of tho sphanowl boD«, from tli« pt«r>')|co- 
RMUcillarT llftameut, nod fhna iLc I'oalerkT 
ihiril nf ibv mj'Io-brnid rid|iu of llitt lower 
Jaw, tu>ar the root of tlic lant molnr tooth, 
and is tfiaertvd with itn ft-llow itito tba 
loiddk tvndinpna line uu ibo luick uf tba 

OooetiiotorVeekJteTTrlnarin. t>»- 
IniMtr iirinn-. 

<'nn«trlii'|«>ii*i. Aiitrinpvnt;st7ptio. 

<'4tu>tiiUa'tt»n. la .IWiWn/, aRi<.M- 
iofi of two or more |ihvMcian.>< Io dclibiT- 
ole upoo an/ partkiibir m)«c of dU«a*e. 

OtnMlwp'llon. f'/iuHmp' lio ,• iKfm 
eotfumtre, to wftslo nway. A gradual or 
prngri:°Mlv(t uinai'lAt Ion nfthv ImmI/, vfp^ 
■■ihlly in plithiai* pnlinonalift, and h^nco tb* 
name conaiiinption wbivli tills dUeuw biu 

CotwumpttoD, Pulmooiiry. 8m 
]*iinii«H I'clmokaus, 

CoiiialMwcen'lla. OooKampiioD ; 


i'on'lllft, C«*ttae'tttt; trtnn t^ntin- 
iirrf, \it iiiiirli. Tlie Htnie of tiro Iwdiea 
u'hii-li liMU'h cnrh olh^. 

<'«HilH'tcion. C-ittii'yitf: from *wi- 
tin'jvrt, to loiH'Ii. Ttw i-<Hnniiiiiiraiion ot 
diwnoe fr^nn nn« p«'rs<in ■« another, either 
by i)ii-e4't or indirect i<oniACl. Thi« i«rin 
baa b«vn viii|»loyril Iu nixnlfy all ktRioo- 
pburic and murldd poitooK. eiUtivin. inbw- 
iiinli\. anil iorvoti'ut* wliiyli oaii*c fvwi-a 
vr •Itm.'aws tbnt pvt Hm: to ihcm. Hub 
Hcrordin)! m tiie Mricl deltnition of iba 
■cmt. It nii>an<i ibu r^miiiiimi^itiiiia of a 
ditvaae by pBrwtinl ouniarl ititb tlie aiok, 





or liy tiie efllv^uin from the Uxly of Uie 
tivk. It is gffa^rall]' rogardcd &a vjnonj- 
toous with infection. 

Contn'fflonM. CsiHtlilo of being 
trnii«nittc(l by A'mct or indirect contact. 

Coiil4'D'»lo. Tt-D9ion. 

('onllKii'ltjr. Contnct of l>odI«*; ft 
tuiK'hiiur ' .H|>;>1i»rl 10 tli« l«eili nhvn in 
cofitttct with (>ioli oth«r. 

<'an'(liirnce. Ccntinai'tia; troni 
emtinerv, to Imlil or kwp. Abrtinenw; 
from ph,v«irBl inrlnlgoncM, espeoiallf JVom 
Hiual poMionn. 

Coa'tlBm*. A tvnn applW in Pa- 
t\«lo^ lo any dikease wlii«lL. in its course, 
piwenu no marked esBeerbatloitB or re- 
uiiswwnN of it« f>inplointi. 

Oontinenn Febiis. Cuntinnnid l^vcr. 

ConllniK'^ t'cvcr. A fever which 
prunrodit witliout iutirrmplioo. 

ConClMU'Kjr. ContiKVi'tM. Ad- 
hcrenoo of two thln^is. Connection; co- 
hesion of two Wlicf wMch <-iiniiot bo 
SOpSTfttMl withonl frnoHiit or Iftccrniion. 

CnntlnB«n«c;ninWork. To Dr. 
Joljn AII«n u duo tho cr«dit of liaTin; 
brouiitil this melliod of conotrucllng arll- 
Hditl ilenliirca (o it» prctMit ftiit« of |)«>r- 
fvclion. nod the fuliuirtnic d«ecriplious re- 
Intf to his rnodeit nf praciire; On n Im« 
pinto of plntiniim. orplntiBiitn &ndiHdinrn 
COiiitiiuiNl, pluiu artiticini tM>tb with i<.>aj: 
iH'oka. iind mnniifaolDTcd expmalr tor 
thi* Mile of A-ork. are nrrait^iod as in or- 
dinary pliile work, and properly atitapo- 
ni^ed. Tliej arc then corcrvd with a thin 
contios of pla>ter of the oonslttencfl of 
orcani, whiol) '\* followed \>j anolhor and 
thicker coaiins of ploslor and iul>c»tv». 
foniilnii an invv-ttinent which will not 
ei-at'lc ijnrinf; tlm proAoai ni fotdArlnf; Iho 
leoth to till- plate. After the tvmoval of 
thi< wax, vmiilovi-d for holtltnn tl>e leeth 
in pf«ition until ihi* plft»'w invwiinwil 
i>ci-iir(-!<iheiii. a ritii of plalittuni l> adapted 
to the liiigtml ■t<1e of the tt^nlh tinder the 
]<ln« nod lo \\^i plnle. The platinum )>in« 
in the (cvt)i nrc (hvii h«ut down over the 
eilgc of the rim nnd nciWcrnl wiih pitro 
gold, or nn nlloy of gold and plniintim; 
UkI at Iho Mine time the rim, whioh itt 
iMiuttl; (if tho Minu tliickncmm' the platv, 
tnvm LwenlT-eiglil to thirty, is soldered to 
tho plate. Thit voldcrinK i^ done hy fir»t 
Iniruduclng the piec« into the hratod 
inulHe of the furnace lued for fusing and 

llowlitit tho Kum body and enamel, and 
briivinK th« wbole mant td a rtA hvnt. 
wlion it is witlidravn, ft»d the p'i-<' r-'' 
osutied to flow hy mean* of ■ lih '" 
Afler the piece i> carajhlly ro(>ii->: i 
plftSterandasbestosinrHtmentUrrTi ' ...i 
from the leelh alone, the renmStidert . iii^- 
as a ha«e upon whirh the wt to to ml 
daring Uie snbaeqneDt ttakintrtt of the fwa 
body and ennmeJ. The t««lh am 1i«d 
c-arefiilly cle-Bns«d of nil pnniclm of itie 
pliu>t«r. and imtaeraed for a slmri time in 
•iilphnHc acid, and tlits rewored wilb a 
brnali Ai>d water. Tho nmtwinl known tt 
tlie tmdy. which It a oolorlea mineral coia- 
poni^— for the compoiltton of wMcIlbj 
well as that of the fvra imamcl. wc ilar- 
ria's Prin. and Pratt. <{f Dr»ti»try,—\»\him 
applied In a plaatle «tale by mentu of ■ 
sRinll stMliiIn, and carved to roprvM-nt tW 
gnm. nnd. whtn tho psUtlna purtlon ixf 
tho pliitina plate i« aImi oorerMl. the rodf 
and ruga of tli* mouth The pii-oe, whi*k 
]* now n-H«Iy for ti«liin;i. U placed opon a 
■lide on the apron in fnmt of one of tU 
tipper RiuHlce of the beiitcd furnnce. ud 
every ritcht or ten mlnutiut U mored a liu^ 
(Virlber into the ranin«. nntil it has reachNJ 
the centre, whioh xhoold b< at a red li««t 
It in then withdrawn and pnswd intii > 
lowor muffle. wh«re there is a white btal 
which BOon semi vi I rifles ilie iMjdy-— all 
that is deatrul for thin fintt baktoit. 

A(t«r removin; it froto lhi« tnrilfle. the 
piece is then plw^d in a cooliup mnfflt, l!it 
month of which U rlnoed, lo prevent n too 
Htidden change of Ismperature- Wiim 
cool enough to handle, a ee^oul hr^'ilin 

tion of the body ip inndv lo reii 

dofeota. snch aa eraoks. *«„ and lLh- |.>^.. 
a^ln siilijeeted to a seeond baking, whl^li 
ahonld 1aa^iV it a little hanlrr than iii« 
llntl one^ but not so lunrh w> aa to can« 
the niT&co to Iwcotne gloNay. 

It b llion cooled ns belbrA. and a Iklo 

cmlinjf of the ilex]) -colored iruiii 

made pln>ttc wtih water, a[ipTi(-'l i 

of H i,-ariiel%-hnir Imtkli over ' ' 

well parknl around the neH ■ ' 

cnro hping ob«ervcil I" keep tt from "w 

crown*. AR«rt1i4- ii]ipli<^ationiif thrgtoD 

enoiuul. the pli»'e la ntcain p1n(.'(id in tbt 

(nrnace and snbje«>teil to a little t-'-\:f 

heat than I liiil for bnkinit the IkkI" 

will prodace a amwHli. ctirviy .urtj ■■ 

After ihia faring of the enamel 1* ncini- 




ptUIicd. tlie p{*o« i« roioovcd and {>!act^ 
)o B hrtl miifllc in onltr lo (itvldui; lln; 
ponliDir [inircw. nthorwis* it in rttmlerwl 
y*ry fi-A«i]e, Coltc *n«wcra n liett«T jmr- 
|MtM Cot lica'Sn«[ iIk fiimnfy limn }iitii- 
Blootw ouDil. un nrcouni of tll«r^« tietng 
iMSfCaa etroKcd; but utthracito AA<tl. nfler 
tho ffra bcromea cl^itr o/ the blue llnint;. 
maintnina k greater and looker continncd 
heat tJinn M^ke. Ta N>|iair continiionn 
^nni worli. wlivrv 4 tooth u broken oS. for 
eian>|)le. Ihv reinnlnin; portion b(rn>tiii<l 
i>iit anil A aew tooth IHted fnio Ita plaoc 
This n«v tooth Dr«d not be solilcrod to 
the rim, but can be seciiivly attached hj 
printllng u witBll notch or ^xivii in I ho 
vnamel whiuli coTtra Ihe Ungual eido of 
tbr ritn for the jilutlna pin of the tiwth to 
T**t tn. Tliv |)iii U ih«n oovercil with ihti 
body, whtpli i> n!*o •pplk'^l ar«tin<l lh« 
boM of t)ti.< rMW loolh, aod luk«d lianl. 
wblch will fctfarely faM«ii it Th« piwe 
latheii [iIiwmI in llio fiirnnoo. and lb* o«iv 
portoD of body wRii-rltrUiod, after whUh 
fc (• rjirRfuUy rooleit, aud ttie ((uin cnntiir! 
appllnl And fttnod in tho fnmnoe »» beforo 
dM«r!lied. To prvfenl the old iwirlion of 
caa'nH frmti chatiffinir color fi^iti the 
ho : '^ry In rwpairin^a pi«c*, the 

rii ' ■' of tliv oM gum shonld be 

MT»red by a ih'm iroating of the Tn*h 
ltBiB-«tuitiiftI hi>rore the lait baking, m thnt 
alt mav W fiiwd lo^fiher. 

Cvnlor'f Ion. Caiit»r'»i* ; tmm am- 
(WYMMV. to iwi«t tn Pitth«l/t(rf/. violenl 
morompnl sad twiating of Uie affwUtd put 
or tn ember. 

Conlniir'. Pram tarnta, a lathe. 
TnT-ni.) HI 3 Intlin. The line that boundu, 
deAnx^ iir ttmiilnalca n A^^re. In Optr- 
dlir* tt^MlUlry, Iho rv>$l«ration of \tv>X 
parta of t««ch by building iHetn np villt 
KoM. tec. 

Contour Fllllturs- Filling in vhirii 
lh« malarial t* 1.1 huili «ut nd to rvttnru 
lbs Imri purtuni vt l\w on>wn of llio tnoib. 
tH di«tintn>i*ib(7d fmni plnne or Hush fining. 
Teeth-rtLsitL *c„ hnilt onl to corre^potid 
with \^^v li>*t oiilllnM >if tooth ■tmctnrv. 

Con(m>.t|M>rta'ra. In PatPuiI^}/, 
H ' : . n'BR lo (rifucTit to mAll«r 

iri' i»cTipofrofii tbeopeiilnxthnl 

alraMiiy v\\'i* 

Contrft<E]cteii'a]o. Connter-Ptttfit- 

C3aatm->Ftea'rft. Frana eontm. 

againrt. and ^mftf, to c)««v«. A n-aotnre 
or Itijnry in a pnrL distant from lluii which 
r«reiv('d th*) bloK. f?(wnt«r-(lia>iin»!io<<cqr 
tno«( freqnciMly in the cruiiitiin, hiit nro 
not klwayn ronflned to it, 

Oontrm-IadJoatloD. Coiititor^dioi- 
lion. A nymptnin which f•>^^id^ lli« «in- 
l>hiyinent of a rein«dy wim'li. under oclicr 
circiiriiitanon, raiuht b« asod; upponed In. 

OontTB-Luna'rls. A voman «rho cod- 
ccivn> diirins tnoiut runt inn. 

<'«ntmc>(ll'llj:. CvntrcKtifttoM. A 
properly in lirtn^ parts which gives to 
Uii'in ihc ))<>wvr of contractinK. 

C-onlntc'tlon, Contrat^th; from 
eontralurt, to dmw togolher. A<-tion nC 
contractioD ari'init frcin <,-xcil<^ i-onlmc- 
tiliiy. Th<' shorlcniiiffof aiuusclt- or fibrc- 

C^nlrKOlu'm. CunLractiun at a 
mui^Io. In Pitthaloyg, the «tati>of riglil- 
ity which tlir dexor moocles sIdwIt ami 
pro|^ref4vcly a<aniQ« aa a nomtwiuunev of 
gonty, rheurantio, parnlytir, or other nf- 

roiilmyvr'Ta. From ttnlra, 

ngnin< and ytrt^, poi<jon. An1ierl> nnp- 
posiid to W a proveuiir*; atcaUift puiMin. 

Oontrayertrs, Ttn^nlana. Re« 
htanoiactttk BtanmrAitiA. 

Coali«-C*vp* Se«ComiU'FiwiniA. 

CMilrl'll*. Front em, and ttra, to 
bmlM! AT tnaVe oniill. Comninntioo ; IriC- 

C*atro>H(iin'ul«nt. A mvdinne 
whi<>h dd)ilita1e« or dimini>h«9 the vital 

OoQlTO-Sttm'uIua. A ditclrino of 
Raeon, founded on the eontpo-ftimtilant 
property of oertutn invdicUiiM, oa ctnclie 
lartnr. A-c. 

CAiitnnd'iiif. That which eanaM 

OAUl 11911 i|H. 

Con'tUM. Conlawd: atao. the penla. 

<'»nlll'Hloii. Cwitiiiio; (yom eim- 
tvitittre. to kniK-l: tcfivthfr, A bruUe: an 
injury or lesion, in whiih iborc h cxlrava- 
tiniion ot blond, onnaHl )iy (he dinrk nf a 
body with a lorgr nirfftoe, When ihr »kin 
\a [lirtdL-d It la eidtwl n rontiiwd wiiiinil. 

Co'nui^ A eone. Slrutiilc. 

ConTttlc«'ceii«4'. f'-raifAMii'ii,, .■ 

fhini eonraUtefTf. to ^row jscll. BivovtT' 
of health after thi* run- n\' iticvcH.', 

ConTllle«'crnl. Uwvu-i-r'njt hodth 
after till" <ur« i<r nuhiiidenri* i>[ 

ConvaUa'rin. Frnnt nutMUit, 


rtMtj, fma ita atMunditig in vftU«r«- A 
gplius of |)lama of i)ie order LUiatMa, 

COQvalla'rla Ma^lta- Tbe III7 of 
th« taIIov. Ufty-lily. 

Ooovallaria Polygoiia'tuin. Solo- 
laofi'it mkI. TIi« n>i>i U mtuing^at and 

Cob'tcx* a awelUnf; on llie ex1«rior 
•nrf»cv lit u n>Dnil or ii]>lioriciO fonn : gib- 

C'on'vulati'. Conwlv'iiu, RulW 
lip into a cilimlor. A t^rrn iipplic<] in 
An'UAmy \o the n|iper nnd lowor mrbin- 
ntod Ikiik'i iif lh« n<MK.\ and tn A>(«ny, to 
lciiv(<:i uf II pl.'inL 

CToHTsIa'tlon. Omtolu'tic: from 
«wiir<>/r<>rv, to r«Il together. A ttibrtanM 
rolli-d npfjn itv-lf. 

Convolution, IntemaJ. ConT4>luU'>H 

00 Uh) IniMr ailc of mcji iK-mifiilifrt of 

tUebr&in. fDrronmUn;! Ilie eorpu* imll(M.uiii. 

OODvolutlon, Supra-OrbitAl. A 

coDvoIittiiin oa lie umlcr sicJo i>f tlw; aol^- 
rlor lube >rf itix liriijii, ruvtiiifr oa tlie ortii- 

C'ontolnUoiiM of (he Bmiu. 

Tb« nninit, u in^. wiiuliriK projvi'- 
tions of lite sarfiw; «t tho brain. 

OouTolutiUnui of Uie IntostJzias. 
Tbe windinga made bj the intesUnea in 
the kbdomfnal eavttj. 

ConvslY'nln«. In PaJMofj/, in- 
tUMUM«]iii(i. In Jlafani/, a g«iiui of ptania 

CoDTolTulus Bata'taa. Tbe sv<«t 
potiiKi. n:itiv<: »r tioili ftxlio niul Cliina. 

Convolvulus Jala'pa. Tho JnJap 

Convolvulus Major Albus. Coo- 

CoDvolTulua Soammo'nls. Tb« 
!traiiiiTi(>ny jilniil. 

Convolvulus Se'plum. A jilaiit, iha 
jiiicv of wliirli ifl piMWtMcd of nrtirc pur- 
pilivi- .jiijilirirs. 

Convolvulus SoIdan«11s.. TIi« aei 
roovolvTitna. Sultlnn«l]&. The w«(U are 
wild lo l)« tt drtiitU' |?iirt(iiliv«. 

Convolvulus Turpe'thum. Tb« tur* 
Mtli planl Tiirpi'tbtiiu. 

f'onturHlo. Couvulstun. 

Convutslo Oaolnii. Rinus ^/inlooii^ua. 

Convulsio Cerealla. Kapbnnui; a 
conviihivv tficrlioa iiiipppvcd to bo brought 
OQ by taiing spoiled com. 

Convul'sio HabltUB.1iii. Choral. 

Call T II I 'mJ on* Cinttur»io : ti*nu ma- 
Ttlletv, \u putt Ib^cthcr. VlnlvnE oplUll 
of tli« wh<>li- liodj*, atundrd Itr alti 
T>olaiiinTi>lunrar7CODtraci!i'^- i- ■' — ' 
a(iiin«urtl)(iinuiN-)n«,a»d.BaK < 
dinloritonof Itid linibt, maarJr* <<' <'i< t; 
&c. Wlien U)v altvrDatu contrnrlioa 
•lijllit, it i» callwl frKnun-. txit wlim 
IviiL and iwi-nianeiit, t«ta»«M^ iri*miu. 
It muj lie Inderal or partial. W'J,«i 
era), all tbe niitoclc* iif ttic tunlv nn ttt 
or ten afloeted, 00 in tli« iiisc of vjiW 
and hyateri*. When pArlial, U aS< 
oely wreral moadua, u in llio cmm uf 
clioreiL rifHH sardwniciM. A:<-. 

CoUTUl'slTC. T^ltdliijt to CDdrd- 
eiwn, ?lij:!iily fpJinnndU-. 

t'oiisnl 'siren, lledHnM whkA 
mtit ttie irritat^ilitjaf llic mncnU^ 
iud tint) COD vulnoDiv us alr^rlinin, brnnia, 

Cony'EH. A g«nn» of plunis at tW 
orikr i\imp/itUi0, Oreat tlonhiinc 

<'n|>«l1iin. Oipuim. The rcwn 
^iiHiiiiion of variooa nopaiferom 
KHimiii of copnivo. It liaN H piviulrar laliir 
nud H bitter, pun^«nt ta«t«, UD'1 a ^.^ropT 
ri»iHi>4Gi)ce. It b KiiuulauL and diiiri<K: 
in lui-|tedu6oa porgativft. It aulA oa iIm 
finiiv mrmliraiiv of iJie tirttllira, and M 
tnacaaa nivniliranva in Rcnvml, It ia uq^J 
in^norrbfca, g1««t, leaoiirrlxra, Jfa.,fnt^^H 
dv>e ofglt. X to 5i> ^^'kh or tliiice b Hafi 
S«<! CAPat-Lc GELATisora. 

Copairora. A genua of [ilanu of 

lilt onlcr F'lhaem. 

Copalfbra Offlclnallfi. Tiiewjutm- 
atii- iiiiini' l^^ tlie plant from vliloh lbs 
cupailiit Imlanin i* oltainod. 

CoiMtl'ta CiiinuleH. Ilw Italiui 
plai-iil in cn}i)>ul<». fimiii'd of a cwien- 
tratoil unliitton of gel a tint'. 

Copnlv'lr Arid. Tlio yellow, kril- 
ll« renin lif i-ii|>niti;i iKtIanin. 

Cftpal'i A I'oinnun MiliktunM 
mtikiii^' vnriiislioi. A gum roriu. 

ropiil 'pile nark. Tbv t-art of 
Cpiiion l'fit'!i<li>.ChiniL 

4'wplio'slH. t'c/>A«'M4i. From 
dwif, Di-afov'Mi. 

('o'poa. A i^tale uf tlug bud* in «li' 
tlir fiinvliuns are iangiitilly [MrrlWiniHi. 

C'op'pcr* A metal ofa n-l-' ■'■ *"" 
eolur, inctioiiig to jrollow. of :i 
laaie and hu«1I; i»rj mall<!«'>.' nu'i li 
liiCi bat poMMong tbe furmor qooliljr li 




a lilgb«r dasrw tlxaa tht tatter. It la pu»- 
utmaiot greater Icuooltj llian rilli«r gM. 
^v«f, or plalinum. It U fnunJ nnliviv, 
aod in tudaj area, lb* moM imiwrtaiii of 
wbirli are lite varifilet of p^riies, Htil- 
pliuri.'I« uf C(>|>pi>r Hud iron. It< upocilii' 
irravity is RQ. Il tu*n nt kWtl S(K>0» of 
Faliretilieii*! wale. It riiiilily tnmiitiaa, 
fonnlnir a itw) tulioxKlc lliv nalu of 
Mf*!)^!* are, for the mcel pari, i>f a ifrwD 
outur, anil Ukbc irhirh nrc miIiiMc are 
]Kii«i>ntiuti. Hut ri>r tU inmliriuiil |>n>pa- 
rationa, av* CrpKiru, In Jt^elmituil Dtn- 
litlrV. It it BDctl for allojin^ ifuld nod in 
gold suUlem. 3«e Oou)) Auaiixo or, 
anil (JoiB &ji_DEi!. 

C«p'penui. Snlpbala of iron. A 
romriiiiu nuriie iDr the motallk «iilpbaU. 

C«p'|X<ruU*k«I. A copp«r-oolor«d 
mlacral of Wealphullai a unLlire arseniurul 
of nii-ke). 

C'opriixo'inini. KfAtn Mitt^ioc, th« 
«l<'ti-iii''iir, uud a>u, 1 lirioK awaj. A 

Coptvm '««M. Krom tMtfnf, btMs*, 
tad lu'i^ I Yunitt. V^omiling of ficocfl. 

C*4ipntin'cttU. One aiTectod with 

C&plVIIlO^i -L. 

CoprfM-rlt'l«nii. A tnltd ratliartio : 

00 ern-jinilir. 

C'o|>'miil«. Korrf^, exrr«R>Mit, and 
it^. 4 ft'.'iio. A ball of Imrdciltid fiacw, 
«r uilici 1111V*. In ihe IxiweU. 

Copiwu^lero'sUu Indnration of 

Copni»tJi'Mi». ConitipBiion ; oot- 


•omoiiiiH'* iivcl in ii[>btlMiu and uihor nl- 
CValiMH of tlie tnontfa. 

Ooptls Tee'ta. Tlw root la a |>ov«r- 
lU loaiu aiul Htumacltio. Dose, gr s to 


Cop'ttii). i.iir«BMii. 

C'opulii tlofi. Cifition, 

('op}»'plH. WuukiUMiaof HJ^'bl. 

C'»r. Til.. lH»rt. 

('or'MccHltmVhlalUi. A iimv-Ji- 
^Oitli-il nl Itio Ljinur ab<] iipp»r pnrluftJio 
■mi. Tt aHwii from ibf forvpnrl uf t.)iti 
floncoid prcKVw vt tb« Ktaptiln, niwl Sh in- 
Mrted abiiiil tbe nuddlv uf tb« liiti«i- «idi.> 
af the o* liuniori 

Oomco-OIav-loiilar Llvament A 

%'■■ - ■'■'■■ riy« to iiliilr tli€ I'lar- 

ici' ' procvaiofllie wapula. 

Cor'aoo-Hyoldeua. A jnuscte be- 
tween tba Ml hynidoH and tltoQldar. Sm 


C'»r'ii«old. Coraeoi'tUn»;tromi 
a)iinl. norijw, Hnd itAi(, nswrntiUnco. R**^ 
w.inl>)ing Ih« beak of a orow. A nanio 
applied to aiiiD« procvnuva trmn tbejr 
fiiaciwl rcMmUanr* to a crvwr't bvak. A 
prao«M siLttaied at Ibu aoierior part of 
llio upper ntnr,{iii of tbe acapnia b "ivtM^- 
iiiitol )>r t\m ivnmo. 

Cor'ltl. Krnin tapn*. 1 adorn, and alj. 
tboM*. A btauliful pro'luotion, ntturbol 
to aobmarlDO rocJis, in th« fonn of a sbmb. 
It la of a brtjfbt-red. bU«k, or ivbitv «>lor, 
and U prinHpiallv eoniponal of raloarooHA 
»nlislaDC«, stiTiMd \iy tl« anuiinls widch 
form it. 

C*ralU'iul. A i;rcQa>oriniuinD pro. 
duotions, euppoacd to tra poltpifer^ tiavinf 
tlie ap(i«nrance of n pIntiL, and ooniaining 
^iHtib. Albnmrn, ohli^riilr nf *i>clii>in, pl)0»> 
pliatM, I'arboQme. atiO lulpbalu tif Ittnt^, cur- 
boRftlo of luiwiiaaia, Miliua, oxiita of inia 
and a mlorinfr prinrtp]«. 

C'4»ruriluia .drum. Wkit« oorol, 

CortLllium NUn^m. Itlnck iT>raL 

OoraUium Eubnim. I!<.><l coral ; tbe 
bard caJcnrouiu vuWtuucv of Ibn /tit n»- 

C«rd, Vmbirirnl. Tho oor.] 
fgttttcd by tlic union of 'bo iiin'-iliiial vi.'»- 
ubiaiiil Inlei^inK'ntt, wiiicb l-ouimicU tb« 
fintiit vrith tliv plaL-tinln. 

C'or'dit. .V mird. 

I'ar'dnte. Fnun wrrfw. tbe 
[I«tn *liH(>«<d. 

C«r'dln* A geaitt of pbuiU of tfa* 
oHvr f\mliaooa, 

Oonlia. iiyx^ The Scboslvn plant. 
Tlio fpiil u h]iKk, inncilaginon*, and f^vMlj 
la.tutivD. Il ba* bevB wvd in bronchu 

('Ar'dlnl. C&rdia'tin: fr^m fw. if^n. 
mti/m, lU-tii-itrt. Warm and ('Xi'iiinicuiL-di- 
t'iuo-i. formerl.v tup|nM«d lo Im ^Lreagtbcn- 
inp I'l till! ltv*rt, 

(innllnc'nut. Vc/Ugoi. 

Cor <IIm. 'Hto heart. 

t'«r«l4»'lfuiu. From A»r. ibo haari, 
and iti'lrr. pain. Cardial)^ a. or lionrtbarn. 

C'nrtln, VochL The U^meuUof iba 

Corcw In Anat^mj/, tbc pnpU of tiM 
eye. In Path-itof;jf, iLe dough li. iho wo- 
tral part of boila. 




C«rp(*loTu'l». Fnrmnlioii of arii^ 
fidnl pu|iil l>_r ri'iuovnl of a jurt of tbe iris. 

Corertop'iM. From *npf;, tlie pii|»il. 
M, ont. nnd roirof, plflc», A deriuliun uf 
iJie pupil of the o^o from t)>« c«intr«. i>c- 
caakinnl by odo se^rncnt of lh« tri* being 
Itirgor thntt the othor. 

rarrdlnl'>-Mln. FomntioD of ard- 
flcinl pnfil I>t scfmratliig • part of th? rx- 
t*rnel nuir^n of the Iris frDm the Corpta 
eili'ir*, oilinrv (o!(i« (.r procoii'<A. 

Core'nukta. From n»ww, I dnuue. 
Remodkee far oleAiudnf Ihe ckin. 

Corgwotpho'ato. Tii« op«niHoD 
for aniBriftI papll 

CorC«^«l'Rbi. OptmUmi for )trtS> 
(W«l pii['il, bj- drawing out & portion of 
the iris lhn>UKli an incision iu tlie coniw 
and niittici]! it olT. 

Corvon'fton. C«rort'fian : from 
■0^, ihv]iii|>il, Add ojnitw, a bouk. Aniii' 
■tnitnent iiwd fur tb« furmatioa of an arti- 
li<'ial pDjiil. 

l'orcpl»M'tl(*c:. Tunn f or Uiv opcm- 
lion for nnitii-iat pupil in gcnvr&l. 

C'orvtOHi'In. From m/17, the popll, 
ami !-(^mv, tv cat. Th? oporAtivn for tho 
formatjun of an ftrttflrin] pupO, oonulMltiit 
of a nmplo cut through tlie iria wtthonl 
ikeVvtu^iTal of an; part of it. 

C*4Hiii'r««oii. Cvria'cfitt : from to- 
riwm, leHlhor. Lcnth^ry. 

('iirliiii'<l4T, Oonandrum mtiTaiii. 

(orlnu driint. A genns of plani» 
of il)c oj-der Apiatta, 

OoriAndnan Sotl'Tuin. The corn 
ondcr ptnnt. Tlio seeds of this plint liav« 
aaliiflitlc warm and grateful piiiigeuIiMtv, 
Aiiil arc mndi-rutdjr rnnninfltivo. 

CoriBa'non. C'urinndmm oatlnim. 

Co'liK. From tupu, to etunvf, or eu\. 
Wnnito it wiM iMc'l to hoftl wrtnndd. St, 
Jolin's-wrtrii. Also, a e<-ntiB of plants. 

Oorte MODSpellen'sls. ^■mphytiim 
fi^tr<ftirn, IfcAlli-pinc; 11 miitBonat, HUer 

Co'rllim. Cerian, ltintlH>r. The cnli« 
vt-riu «r tnti> •tin. 

OorittiB Phlo^is'tiouni. Tlie Rruy- 
i«li oniHt or hull' wliifh fi'rm« on Mood 
tait«<n from a vfin diirinft inflnm million. tVr. 

('ork. Tliii Vfirk of Quenat nhtr. 

t'or'nann. Kop^ioc, n Imlbfms onlnrtK- 
itient of tl)e et^m uf a plant dislendt-d 
under (rround. 

Com. Frotn wrnte, a liom. CI^vm; 

tpiaa pfdit. In PatA&ltfjf, & homy hiil*_ 
ration of the akin, fomMd ([MUTanT' en 

C*om«'(«ie. The nalnral fjroup 
which tlio dnffwocid Irvet Indtm^. 

Cor'nett. ifenthnma e&ntea, 
ea-mu, horn. Tbe anlerior trantp 
luntc, or vclcroiie nemL-raai! of llio t!<«,| 
BO mlkd from il« hom;r coBslsience. 

Oortwa Opaoa. The aclerotlr cioat of 
the oyt. 

Cornea. Opake. Coligv. 




mvnl, shap<.>d tik« 

i«. Tnflainiiinllon uf 

[lom-Uke; of k ho 

An oM cop)Mn; 
a trumpet, vith aV 
at tlie mini) oml for exhaiiNl ing tli« air hf 

Oornloula Frooeea'ua. Tbe coraooli 
procew of thv •cii|iiiiH. 

C?«rBli>'iiliiIe. Banng bom-Hke 

Comlfor'niba. Shaped like a hor*. 

Cor'nlnr. AnalkallDi'iinhMAOMdh* 
cov<;rrd in thu )>ark of the Cvmit fTarfia. 
\l hoe proportios sidilUr to quinine. 

C'Or'iia. A horn; a oomeoos ezere*- 
ccnrts at o nitri on the skin; a com; the 
Angular canities farmed by llw leimisatlon 
of the TGUtrMiw nf the hrain ore eiHed 
e«rnva, or homi. 

Oomu Ajoouatloum. An ear-tmmp«t. 

Comu Ammonia. 0*n,unri£ru. The 
CorTi*'ftl miMaiiw of ihc human hminb, at 
dhotvn by cutlins ltan«vi;rwly ibrdnjfh the 
|>e« hij^pocmnpi, i» to caUe<l from Iu r*- 
wmblnnoe le the ham of a ram. T)<r /o 
hipp«eampi i» aim aoincliuivti calQoi 
cornu tfrnnmiML 

Ooi^u Ante'rlus aeti AntI 
Ventiieuli Lntoralis. Aitcritrr runn 
iffth^LaUral Vrtitrktt. The curvoiljmy 
cess of tbe lateral venUkle •dmiring ftr- 

Corau OmtL HRrtaliom. Ttw honw 
of MTcral i>]>i>i^li;-« of the «iag o»:r 
ronaiderehlo quantity of gclutin. 
iliev linimn lo water when U^IM. Whn 
liurn[|li<7 afford the romu vttum; amtckt 
npirit of hartshorn (/if w«f- rflitiii* Mne 
certff, at pnewni auprnivdi^ hy ntnnioela. 
i* otitaintxl l>om tliera [tj dIaiUktioa. 
IIan«hom was once tlionglit to ponMS • 
bezoardic [niwcr. 







Oor'nu Z)a«o«Q'dena Tentrto^all 
lAteratis. Th« t«rmtiiKtu>a of llto Int- 
eral v«utrklv ot tliu lirain in tlic mtdtlUi 
tob«, behtwl tbe finnre of Sylviiii. 

Oomu PostCrloa Vdotrlo'iUi I*ftt- 
OTA'Ua. Tbo tri4i&f(a]sr prolontfatiaa of 
Uw totecnl rentrnk backwu-d intu the uc- 
olpliAl l<tlM ofthft bntin. 

Comu Uabum. Cothh rtrti mMiui- 
turn. CtitiaeA «oraii rwi, wliiuh con* 
bIiiU or jiItiMjihaU of time vitb • Ttrj* 
mudl propurtiun of onHMooto of lima aod 
plKW|iti«t« of magMsU. 

C'Or'nna. The tnrbinat«d bona*; 
iJm>. n{'t'li^<I ^ '!■« provnAGo of the bjroid 
and other bonca. 

Oomua CartUsfT'lnlB ThyroldMBL 
intncts on tbo Uiyroid cAxiila;^!, Ibo 
oHorof urbld) are arttcidatvil with tbe 
bfojd bona, and tbo Infarior with tbo cri- 
coid c«rtila^. 

Oomua Coooy'ris. Two laburctilar 
•minvncoa at tlia base and outer aide of 
Ibo noocyz, artioulttted vilb Uivm of Uie 

Oomua CXitanea. Hornjr axerat- 

CornuaHyoldelOsBla. .The conma 
ofibu bjoid bona. ninatrO aboreita bnd^, 
nnd d<«igita1t«l br tmali VT tvffriw, sad 
pntir (ir Uitemt, 

Comija Lacliryma.'Ua. Tbe lucfa- 
rTToal duet*. 

Oomtta Sflicralla. Tbe oornaa of 
the aacmia. 

Oomua BpbMoidAlIa. CvrntU 
^iktnoiiata. Ouieult BrrtinL Two 
Bnall tsrblonied bonca blo^kiug n[> tb« 
Driflnn of tbo i>|ib«no4i)al ««1U. Tbe}' 
barer iHian very carcriillr d««orib«d bj 

Oomua U'tert. Tb« oorniia of Uie 
otnrui nrc the anRlM vrbore tlw Fallapian 

Cor'nnM. A ccnm of [ilaBU of Um 
order f.'irmwo*. 

Comua Cfrolaa''ta. Itonnd - loofbd 

ComnB Flor'lda. I>i)gwood. Tbe 
bark <t{ tblt. a« well ax rbat nf ibt< praowl- 
Ib|C. t> lonLc, And ha§ b«on nvvd la th« 
Ir«alrnrat nf InlfmiiUonli. V)we. of 
pwclrr, p". m to \x ; at (l>e inftasioo or 
di'i-<vti<»n, jiij. 

ConiiiH8)3grl''oea. Bwamp ducnood. 

Coro'«. Corwyra : ti>m»t«. Tbeuamii 

Tbe catiar;r \\^ 
The crown of a 
Tl>e margin of tbe 

of a TCTf bitter b«ri[, poaaeastng fttbrifbga 
proparliea, oblain«(l io tbe Knal Iudii», 
aiid rwxnlJy broU|[bt lo Europe. 

(rorollit. From (wronu/o. a little 
crown. Tbni part of ■ flower witbin tbe 
cnl.vs wliirti immmliatoljr inrruuDtla tb* 
orgaju of IViKtill cation. 

C«r<tl'bir7. A oonseqneat trutli, 
drawn from a propofitioD olrcadv dcnioo- 

Cttro'na. A crown. A term DMd 
in Aniiom^ and Botanj/, lo d«ei|nato 
part* wliicfa are aapponed to reaeiuUe a 

Corona OUia'zJs. 

Corona Dentla. 

Corona Olandls. 
glan* iiMiiii. 

Oorooa Ra'diaos. Tbe 
flbctv of Uie optic ttuiltmnM. 

Corona lUgla. TryMinm mtlitotm^ 
tffifinalit. Tli« plant indilot. 

Corona Torrw. Gnwioil-irj-. 

Corona Tubuto'rum. A wrcia 
formed by tb« niinutv inuutba of tbe az- 
cTotory dnriA of ihc gUnds of Poyer. 

Corona Venorfe. VwDoroal Uot«ha 
or poilulci, on tbf forvliMd. 

€'-oro'nad. Toward* ilie eorvnat tw- 

Coro'ltnl. C^ivna'liv ; Iroin wrvi'i, 
crown. Belonging to a crown; a name 
formerlT- ^Ircn to tbe ot fronlie, beoanse 
it ie tbe part on vliidi th« erowu ot Idiigt 
[initly reata. 

Ootvoal Aspoot. An mjimH towitrd* 
the plaoo of Ibe corooa, or «rown of (h« 

Ooroaal Suture, llio aiitnre which 
extcnils ovtr tbe bead from one lem|>i>rnl 
bone to tbe oilier, unilin)! tbi> piirii<(al 
bonaa with Uiu rronist. , 

CJor^onaiT* CorotutrivtttromecTona, 
a thrown. In Aitalom^, applied to parta 
which arc Huppuoi'd to rcw-'iiiMc a rniivn. 

Coronary Artorioa of the Heart. 
Cniiliiu- itrtcrics. The two nrteriea wlitcb 
sopply tbo heart with iilood. 

Oottmary Artery of tho Stomaoh. 

ArUrin fon/nnrin tra/riculi. A branrb 
of the coiliac arter/-, disiribnt«d upon the 
lv» curvaturo of llm M<>nia«b. It ii hg- 
coupanicd bv a vein called (be teaa e^rth 
lutrSa ttntrieuii. 




CoT'onary Ligament. A reflection 
of tlic pcriloiiodro utliicli Mirroaai]* ttio 
(KH'itrlDr mai'^ii of ibo liver. 

Ooronai7 Tetna. Veins fDUovInf; 
the ci.i'i-irikrj' ikrti>ri««, 

Coro'DC* R<vMrt9, ft crow, Tlieooro- 
n"i'l prfKH-wt iif lliu lower jiiYT, 

€'or'onol*l. Cor^xoi'du, from nepw% 
a nniw. nml (*A>f. likctnisj. Like tliu hi»k 
uf k rniK: applied (o x procewi of llie 
Infi'nur niaxillArjr, and tA one of tli6 


Corpo'rn. Th« ptoral of wryut, b 

Corpora Alblo&n'tlft. Tko wblto 
eiui!ii-iiio», encli ubmH tlie sizu of a ptM, 
at llie h.i*e of the brnin. 

Corpora Anui'tU. ?inaI1 tnbcrdca 
on Ilie iieinilimBr Talves. 

Corpora Cavemo'fla. Two ^rlin- 
dri'.-iLl, libronrt, ilittUltAlblo bodlca, conftil- 
tnliii^- IIh' ti<'<^nU'> juirt of tli<> {iciitii nnd 
rfitori*. Tb* «Mtfvi of Uic poKis ; also, Iji^ 
eanie i<ni-t of tli« rlilorin. 

Corpora Oeniouln'ta. Two small 
einini-ii«-s ntital^l at (he lower and outer 
pnrt of tlic optii- tlialnmi. 

Corpora HalpUthla'na. Jeint qf 
Jiiilj/r//Si. A niitiiLcr of nnall dark 
poin;» MAttoroiI thrwigh the pIpxrh of 
McmhI-vomoIs nod orlDsry tube* in tho 

Corpora Mammilla'rla. Oof^iura nl- 

Corpora Oliva'rla. Two wbitieh ob- 
loTii: i-mif)c-(ifc't of ilio mi.'diilln nblungnlo, 
exterior to r!ii> corporn pyrsinidalia. 

Corpora Pyramlda'lia. Two *mall 
eininriK'n', oii« <>D oncli mJo of th« ocoip- 
Its! itirface of tb« iiifilulla obluo^la, and 
krtw<«n tlH> rorporn nlivaria. 

C(»iK>ra Quadricotn'lna. Tubor* 
cnln ({ondrttti'tttiiiH. 

Corpora Roetifor'mia Two oblonft 
mol'ill'iry i'iiiitu-iiri'-\ »iu' iiii Micb mi}« of 
lliH rii>p«>r estreniit/ uf tb« invdulla oti- 

Corpora Strla'to. Einlaeaces of a 
iijibt iitiiwn't>li-(rra_v culor. of a pjriforin 
iiha|H^, which fivrm pai-1 of thn Roor of tlift 
venti'lcle»<>f tbe brain. 

Corpora Striata Supenia Poste- 
rtom. 'I'lu' thftlnmi nemirum opriporiim. 

Cor'pillt'nt'j. From forptut, (Le 
bodi-. EiceMire iacr«nMt of Iho human 
bodj from ac«mnnlatioii of faK 


<'nr'|iUR. A bodT. Ttiltt lorm b ap- 
plied lo inaiiT' parts of tb« liDllian bodj, 
Oa iIm' CiirpH* eiilUiiiiHi, tK. 

Corpus Animla're. Ton* Varolii. 

Corpu* Callo'ttutn. Tbo wlilta 
dullary part oTitie brain joIiunK lli« tiei: 

Corpus D«nta'tom. Ad oval dd- 
cleut of cinoriiiaiis nunttr. eeen In the 

Corpus Tlmbria'cum. The datlraoil 
DStT<inity of Uio po«tcnor <rroa of tlte 
fornix: the T'luiia biypafauipi. 

Corpus O-landulo'Bum. TbaprotlaU 

Corpus Olanduloeum Mulia'rutn. 
& Tflttctilsr, Bjiofigj- body, Bnrronnddig tb* 
orifice of ilii.* fi-itialc nreihra. 

CorpuB HiBlunorla'nuin. An ob- 
lonR einineiH^e, rgnning along tbe mpcfior 
cdin- wf ilw tvrtido. 

Corpus Lu'team. A yellov wpoi 
ohifrved in the ovarinro flroni whldi clu 
ovum has prtic«c«led. 

Corpus Mucosum. Tha teooDd Inftr 
of tlic dkin. miiuImI bvtWMn Iha cWi* 
vera and <;vitiul«, wlildi (ivca color Is 

Corpus NArro-SpOB^e'sum. 
cavemous sobManco of ilie pi^nla. 

Corpus Nervo'Bum. 'Iht* eavaronoi 
bixly of Iho clitori". 

Corpus Pamplnlfbr'me. Pamjiti 
/orme; from fHiHipinvx, a teudril. 
pl«xa» of wins wbk'b snrroiiuda iha ipe^ 
taalio artery in ihn alMloini.-n. 

OorpuB PnpUls're. 11ib tiermna eii4 
Tawnlftr |>i>|-iil|ji< r>rilic r«to itiaoii#uiD. 

Corpus Peallordea &ee Ltua. 

Corpus Pyramlda'le. Tbv cot^: 

Corpus Betloul'uu. The nrto 
coFiitn. - 

Corpus Rhombold'eum. C 

Corpus SpoDirio siun Ura' 
Tlic H])oii;;j- itnietarv amund iho nivlJi 

Corpus Stria'ttun. 1'b» 

Corpus Varlco'eum. TUa •{» 

plcxils v( \tNK\t. 

Corpus Vit'rsum. Vilreoos hun 
Corpus 'WolfQ''aaum. Two bi 

ritiinU-<l ill (br nfn"n "f the MdlMTv 
the youRg ftrtiK, wtiicli dbupiiwar al 
the leatlt wvak. 

KVU j 





CoFpn**'clC- ^ *^7 ninnte bod; ; 
a. m<>rc ntfnn. 

Corpww-leii, RI<M»d. TheglobulM 
of tlm M.iixl. 

Corposclee, BxudAtloD. Thn orftKn- 
ixnklo BuHel cuntnEncil In fitirlnoaa tiulils. 
whldi Hn Uiit ori^a of tlie new tiaaoM 
formeJ froji) Mirh floii!*. 

Oorpuaolea, Paoln'lan. Finiill oral 
lMM]i«» connrctoil wiili Ihc Wnniiiiil Iciiw of 
•Oiii« nervnii^ fibrik. 

Oorpusclesof PurldaJe. Bm Oaka- 

Corpiu'ralar Action. Molecokr 

Cor'rtiri'nf. tWri(r«i«; anrtvtt^- 
Pit". Tliiu wlii^h nomcU; In n MMifiil 
pmfripti-n, tliv nJililioD vt a iubetunr« 
to modify or render tli» ncilon of oaothar 
luitre iti)M- 

C'vrrob'onuit. Orr*A'i*r«i«;frftm 

mr', to «l rrnxtlicn. f^irt'iii^liciiinf: 

'^Mdleinwi : incilicituiR whUili inipnrt lone 

ASd vigor t« tlio bud;, a> wine, cinchoiu, 

ami Inm. 

Corrabnran 'lln. Tonics. 

Cvrrv'ttlon. C'Tro'th; erv'tia; from 
MM, oad rodfrc, rMvm, tu ^nnw, Tbe nc- 
linn or fifTct'l of corrooWe iubsUilKNM. 

C«rro'itlT«. SuVUiH'v* which cor- 
rode, VT whtMt plw«d Ui coDtBLt wUb livlfiK 
jwrls dboixnniM llioni. Tbo/ a^I I'iibcr 
dhwlJg, hj <thmtifM\j iI«-stroyin6 lb« 
part, or iWtrAc/Jy, by caufAog Inllaiuicu- 
lion and eani^Dc. 

Oorrasl've Snblimat*. CWrcMiTfi 
dllvrlde of mercitrr: liioli lurid e of in«r- 
0117. /fj/drarfyri rA/orUwiN ntrrnaipMni. 
osi^ufUi* of iiiemin'. A sabsiiin^c cm- 
vaniag In ooIoHcm cry»liil», or rrvi^tAllino 
RiaMi«w wbirh an ■alti>>le in wnier. hIco- 
bol. Kn<! etiier. Ir is ■ dnnitortmi poiiton 
taken iuivriinllv. irxorpt in vorv minntc 
dvMB. It i« noi-d cKtorniilly ns a Witutilatil 
asd Mcharotli^ U) iiuti>)<.'tit or RiAli^iatil 
ntc«rv, &c, Tli« wbito otvgpK is tbe antt- 
dot«; if tlipy cunnoC bo pror«r*d. m>|>ioiia 
draofbta of milli. or wbral (luur niix«d 
fflth vkUr, nuy b* eubetltutod. Uom, gr. 

OOfVngll'Uon. Ovrrvjju'rjo; rrom 
diK, nd m^d, » wrinkle. WrinltliiiK. 

C'-orroiea'tor. ApplltMl to nuiwrtps. 
tli«(iAMii>f wKlrh I* Ia oorriigat« til* parU 

Comma'tor Superotl'U. A iimII 
tniurlc of ilii' tjthrow. 

ror'iilcftB NoMK. A crrptoitamiA 
plant. Ihe Gi'i\irtmij krlntiC^'twrlon, naliVA 
of tbo MifliicrrAiiiMn. titTmarij inwh «• 
tcctiiod <u It Tcniiifu)<;c. It bin ulao be<& 
naed ns a retoeily for rnniwr. 

Car'lev. Unrkorthccommonintfin)- 
rncnta of planes. It 19 somoliniM applied 
exdnidveljr lo the Pernvlsa ttarii, or f«rif-t 

Oortoz Adabrinc'eiie Braellian'aia. 
Anaslrint|r<in[burk fniin Braxil, iritrndnrcd 
into Gemmn; in 1829. It U «mid 1» N 
otitniiivd from lh« Mim^ta <^chi«Knrii<t. 
Dose of ibc [«>wiIor. JJj lo %»». 

Oortex A^gruBtu'rs. Coapona. 

Oortex AQtincorbu 'tloua. Tli« co- 
Delia altia. 

OortaxOaoellsBUalabarlos. Lan-, 
rut casftis, or wild cinnamon trv«. 

Cortex Oardlualla de I>u«o. T1t« 
iVriivinn \hit\. 

Cortex Oer'«bi:i. Th« gmy porlioB 
of ibc braiu, actm nt tlie exlerior of ilie 
oerebrnm and coreWlliim. 

Oortex Ohiott Regtus. CiDcbuna. 

Cortex Oincbo'tKB Oordifbli 
Yellow or Calitwya bark, obtain^ fmm' 
th« Ciix^fut IttHffoiata, in Hnl ur ciiri«d 
piece*. Tb« fuJnabclikflyoblnlnodfVuni 
tbiu Bp^pios. 

Cortex OinoboBeft«ifo'Ufe, 
rjitiff- li'iiviil ciiidiottt. Pale. \<nn. or 
pTown bnrk, th« produ<r« of Llia CinfieiM 

Oortex Oinohoiue Oblonfflfolln. 
Rod bark. See CimiI'isa KtaitA. 
Oortex Jamalo«n'sla. Bark of Aek- 

Oortex Haasoy. Haasoy bark. 

t'«r'fl<'«l, C'M-fiea'fui; fVom rorrAr, 
bark vt rind. Uclooifiitit En «r rc>viiibliii)t 
bark. A u-nn np|i!!«d in Atuilotny li.< lb* 
uxlt-i'lor ff-Av portion of ib« brain and 

Conin'dnm. A rery bard rrTsial- 
lind Rilitcrai i:oni|MWod of iiwiH^ purit 
alatnitta; it a aliiioKt opaque, and of Aj 
rtddlah color. U t« atllud tu lite Mp 

Oortudum Wheela and Slabs. 
lSTip«l» and iilatM mmixi-wil "f i-i>niivliiin. 
risltirt") In powiti>r. nn<1 mmi slicllw; ii««l 
for uriii'litii; iniiivrnl t««tb. &e« Emekv, 

Coryd'iklln. Au alkaloid fonml la 




Oie mat of the Carj/iiatit fivlhMa zai J'\i- 

forrd'allMnnlbo'iM. SiwFtMA- 

RJA Ui'Lime.i. 

CAr'ylliN. A gvutu of phnta of lb« 
onlrr Ctirtfln^^r. 

CotTlus Avella'Da. The butl^nut 

Cory'uK. KopvCo- Frniii Ropa, thn 
litwi. luid Tru, to boll. InfUmtoailoa fit- 
toniltid witli incr«ii««(l diH'licrga ofmtunut 
frniii ilie noae. A cold in tbe facwl; a 

OorysA MalignA. Mnlignaot coiyaii. 
Oni-na. Vnrjth Entumica. 

ClMmct'lc* Cimnufirta; from xno- 
/M(^, Id ndom. An extunul medicins Mod 
fur IwniiCifyini: ttiv ttkin, , 

CoMmol 'oKjr. CMmoIofr'ui; fWrnimo- 
/^nf. Ilio anivcn>», *n<1 'xjof, b (liu>oiint«. 
A ti-tflLiso on tb« phj'MMl luwa of Uto 

W II till. 

C'mi'infwi. K9«!/i(if. Onlat; &Frtng«- 
ment; lhi<8v^(-ru of the world — th«nni- 
verse. P<imctiin<-« nppUril. \a Patliviegy, 
to till! orr]i>r irhi«h in siiiipowd to prMitte 
over crilK-ii] Onva. 

(.'•m'iiIm. a little pimple on tbo Quo, 
etiUM-d hy InflniiitiiHiiiin, or an ftnlugnneot 
of A setxacoons foDtdo. 

Coa'iiuiii. A maltgiunl nicer of tha 

f'oft'tn. In AiMt«niif, tho rib of ui 
itiiiiiiiil; ill Haiimff. llio ihtrk tthmt of n 
lesf which procood from tli« bsM to tb« 
fi|)ex arc oallcd ribs. 

C«N'tnl. Cvtta'li*: imm tvtta, a rib. 
D«Iongin^to n Hb; a nitmo applied to some 
ruiiM'lc-4. arteriei, B«rtM, Hi^antcati, Aw. 

CiM'tlvciHiw. ConstiiMrfion. 

Cnn'to. Kroiii eotht, a rib. A preQz, 
Af)f>IiMl u> muadii*, atmn, he., oonnected 
wit)) th« ribs. 

C'uh'Iuh C'orllco'ftaM. Th« CAn«Ua 

Co4'lon. A wbitft Mfi. downv mb- 
nlftHiv, tcM-nilitiriR llnti wool, tli« prodnoe 
of I lii> ftiils <>f i!mtrj)fiittni ktrhtuvum. It 
ji Ltiiplvjvd, ill Drntal Svryffy, for wiping 
?Lit ami (Irvint; tlic prepariKl cavitj of n 
^rioiifi tnnti) prepanitorj to fllMng. 

f'a4n'lM. Cftul« /ali<U; onliemis 
ealvlti, '[lie May- weed, or wild cfaamo' 

C'a(^n'nl1ll^ Aqnrdnct 9t. A^uie- 
Ucrtu.i c(H.')ilefl> and rwiibuli. 

Ootun'utuB, ZJquor o£ A tn' 
eiit fluid of th* lab/riatlt of tl>o httcnul 

CotUDiiliLe,N€rv«of. Tliooastvpala- 
tin* nerr*. 

Cot'rlc KorA^ AnythinK bollov 
The acoutmlnm. • 

€'oljl<-'don. Tli« •enitnal Icnvta, m 
Iob« ihni noiirieJiw tli« H>cd of a plitOU 

Colylrd»a«'iF. Pbonvrugainia, or 
flowi'riiiK pl&nia. 

Cotyredanit. }u OiwitparatlM A^t- 
»aty, t be iiip-Uke proceaae* of tbe oborioo, 
which fi^nn ihft plA^ndL 

Cot'llolil C«tIO* Tlie nrliT \a 
lli« ilruiii, u liii-li r(<reiTvit tliu hnul uf tli* 
thif[h'b«n«, CAllvd tbe afttah*ilnm. 

Cmnvh'tUK, A mntital o|>ontioa far 
tbo rwniwHl of tti« opni}U« \«nt from tha 
AxU of triiiitMi, hf m«nnR of a needle ttm- 
■Inictcd for tho purpose. Bco Oatauct. 

Oouohinjr Needle. The needle uaed 
In couehmR. 

Ondfl'lril. Inolep. 

C'oiikIi. -^ M'nnroQK and pDcrpptkex 
puUkin of air from tbe thorax and I > " 
It occurs as a fviDptom of wthnw, )-li'i<j 
ais, pnoaiuonla, ootorrh. Ac, and Is atu% 
attcndod with ex pectoral Ion. 

Cough, Hooping. S«* PbbtuboW. 

CouBh. winter. Chroolo Broocldtii. 

C'aiimurln'. A ponnrete rolotUe 
subataiice, couflitutiiif; the o«IonfhrcH» 
ptinnpio of tbe Tutiltn biinn, IHfttrjft 

tmmm. In Swrffcry, holilinc tine end 
a dnlooated or friioliired limb GnnI 
matM of baadagce or otfaerwiM. what 
traction or czleniiiua i« inwlo u]wn lbs 
other «nd. 

OouDtM-'Indloa'tltni. C^mlra-t 
mtwn. Anjcircumrtanco'wbiobprolii' 
Che emploTmrnt of sacli therapMil) 
meaiM ■• ap|i«ar to be indloatcd !>/ oi 

Counter-Ir'rltaiib. See CotrxTa»l» 


Oount«r-Irrtt*'tlon. (Vnfrw-i 
Itvn. IrritHlkm exHu«) In a jiart, not 
seat of (lieiliMaM, fur thn purpiw* nf 
deciaitaderivniionof bltiud, ntid c. 
chv Deal uf tlio murliid wtinn I" a |iart l 
importunt ihaii ibo nirorled orfrun. 

Counter - Ope&lns- ^** Covm 






Ooon'tar-Slnk. A ited ateni fixed In 
A )i*n<]'c, witli ft con«-»liAj><H) burr nt lh» 
oppvnKvxIremtij^, employed in the labor* 
aiory of Uta iledtim Tor enUr^rln^ lh» ort- 
fieii of & )K>k in » metal filau fur tlM re- 
c«t>tiuti vf Ihe head of a riveL Also, a 
■Uwl-tiurr *i> roiulructMl a* lo b« atUchad 
to lUeeitreiiiiivuf th*n)Udr*l«f slatlt«, 
and aaM for varAvalioic ivorjr nnd mmhwiu 
InsM f(ir artiiiciai tMih, and for ontttng 
M]<^r from a tnetallio |>lat«. 

OouDter^troke. CvAfnilbm'ra. A 
fnctare. eonnuiotL. or iaiary. itnoduoed bj 
a blow. In ■ jMTl (liUiUt from Uiat vkldi 
ia sldick. 

Conp. A blow, ahott Mrokt^ or im- 

Coup da Maltre. Tlio imrmluL-liMi 
vf a Hiutid or (jitlnitef Iniu tJi« urviUra, 
til*- convcxitv iiiKardi tiio nlxloouiD, 
^UrwardH giving it a liaU-tura l« 

Am Banff. SinIiIvd ranguitkiB 
an otKoa wilhont fa«iiiorrUn^« ; alnut 
I of MmwUoa and niotiwit raiuiil b> oon- 
B«Uli(>ii or luuorrh4([« in an uupoftaBl 

Ooup do SoloU. A atroko ot the mm. 
An lUfM-ll'in pnMluocd bj coponire to Uic 
raj« vf Uie Miio, at pbrenitt*, Ac It k 
KcoeraU; the re»u)t of «i|>(ieurv of tlio 
oakvd hntd lo ili« auna rnyt, and usuolljr 
«wuf ill Lot clinulta^ or dnriiig lltt bot- 
WM tUyit of Miiuiaer. 

Coap de Vent. An allWtion prodooed 
by ai^iioDiire ta u fc^Mi wind, axUvntel; 
ouJd, or will) raia and alc«l. 

CoMp c yag. Au old terra for tha 
lii«4aHi(^ uiljiliniiik. Alio, a csrhuaolod fscei 

fxHirnp. .\a Indian uwn« for on 
eru|tliv<i liiM-usr nlti.-iidi-d willi [>vr]*<4util 
itrliiua nri() •liw'liartr« of iBBU«r. 

Conrontir dcti Tlll— . A drcle 
of cnpi. A (.'"'■'■■'■i^ niifJiruTiU oonm»lin)t 
uf a cin^lc of (-ii|>'i cufiliuaiug salt or Biuld 
water, and coniicotcd b; cvui|M(tuid ii]i.>tu]- 
1)0 arc* of c<i|)|ier nnd zinc; 

CotirMw. Ihc ijienwa. 

(^o>ri PliwJcr. Emplmtntm ad- 
AiMi'f xufi aii'jti''^"*. Oluok. w liltG. or flrali- 
culuri'^ lilk. covtT^ ou ono sildu wlUi*uuie 
iiilliuMve •abataUMi, nioitt fKt)nE»tl} witb a 

C'^iutmi lt€a AllMU A Idttur plant 
of Guiana, aupiMMtd la bit uitbeJminLic, 
cnuDufUfQKiM) anil aoUdjiaiieptlo. 

CoUTi'»4T|i«r. A bandi^ for tli« 
b«ull nia<l«: iiy finding a baadken:lii«f. 

CototHin'. See Cratjeva. 

C'uw'lHinv. CiVn/u Of uafkM. Watar 

Caw'dle C>am. OnnUt piiu rcun. 
Tii« n.'«iDiju» jiiW from tie fMainutm iiu>> 
fr«'»>. It cHrUiferwlstm.-vf Kew Zciilaixl. It 
ifloneof thr injirnlu-ntrof «i|>al VArui.->bai 

<'«w'lMige. Cine-Uvii. :>ee iluucitoa 

C*w Panmlp. Vaatcrwott. Sm 
Ukkaolel'm Lak.iii'm. 

Oow-Pox. t'aeeii^a: toMicla. Klne- 
pox. A imatnlar diaoaw of tlic tiiota of 
cowa. coniiidinf,' of vcaldcB of a MbU) naA 
livid ot>lur, rIevAtvd at tbdr nargtna «^ 
dcjintMid in lliv ixiitre, contaiaiog a Unipid 
lliiid. One uf ili« grealen blwwlnga that 
hm war bocn oonfvnv^l upon mankind c-on- 
mbU in tlie iiteaierj, \>j Dr. Jcuik-i', thai 
tliu introduaion of tbia tiuillvr tiniliT ttie 
ekin of tlw hunitin mibjwt produixa a itiiui- 
lar diiH.'we, and U a iiri:ir«utjv« agniual 
nnall-pox. 3c« Vicci.t Aringi. 

C-owper^( Cilandn. (Jbndnta Co«- 
peri. Two miall |tri)n)Ht at liiuii>uv fullt- 
clcs. NTiuUcd before iho prmtale gland. Iio- 
libd the bulb of tho uretltro, into wUeh 
Uinir cxcrvlorr duM* <nwn, 

Oowper'a Olands in the FonuUe. 
Two Miiall yliiiiilsi un i.-iu^li siili.' o( tlie va- 
traocv of thu tiigio:!, Iit'n<.4ilt tliu *kln at 
till' jMialeritjr [lart uf ibti Inliia. 

<'ow'Mtlp. Caw'* Ii[i. A plnm uf tlia 
geoiid Primul* or priiarono, uf »i?voi-ii} vo- 
rictira. Tbv AintTinin bduuga to tli c K«iti9 
/>ad*HM<A«M,' tJia Jenifolaii miil Moun- 
tain, 16 tlie KMMH /^ifoMMirwi. 

Cax'a< Tltvliuuufb, orhiii-Juinti idw\ 
lli«> iwhiam and o» oitrc^Kia- 

Coxirlu'Tlnm. Krotiir«Mi,UidIdra, 
to wa»b. A lii|i-bKll). 

C^xag'im. A a«nral|{ic affeoticn of 
tht) tblftli. 

C'oxal'Klu. FramMM,hi}>,afida}.}^ 
pnitL I'ain in tlie l>ip. 

CvXM'rXnm MorhiM. Vmaritm 
Uili dinL-iu^;. 

i'osen'dlx. Co» or haanoh. Ap- 
l>li«Hl lu ttiL' iMhluDi uul soni«luuu« to tl>s 

I'oxi^V IIJtv 8f rup. &e«) Simrtia 
SciLi-.B t»>Mr»«rTt§. 

t'oxi'tla. Inflammaiion of the hip- 

('«x(»>i'eni'nral. Cllmt^-/t»^ara'liA. 
Beloo^ng lo Um «oxkl boae or Uan, ud 
oe fi:liioru>, 

Cojco-Femoral Artloulatlon. Tha 

Crab f>«UM<'. S<re PKwcncB.- 

Crn'tll^. A i>i'ini~(-ylii)(1ni'a] appa- 
mtiiB iiHi-il l.y .i>ir^.'ii.i.- lo pruvont thoowi- 
*Mii of li(,-<1r!<jt)icn niih iIl-kiiuiciI ftiru. 

Crrame'rla. K runn'riu. 

Cramp. SitddennndtDvolnntaiyooa- 
tnu'tiuti Iff viiu vr tuoro muKJt*. £«e 

CrMnlnl'o^. Phrenology. 

C'miilfrni'rtrjr. Mowturvuicatof tliv 

<'rnnle«('4>opj'. From Kfitntn, the 
hkiill. nuil i^*.unru, to explore. Tile vxsiui- 
DHtipnof llic fkBll. 

CraiilM'oiN)'. Openln^of tlififictal 
hend, wIk'H-' n)!<y<wMu-r, to *fftrt drflvtry, 

Cra'nlniu. Frum ■pavun', Uko head. 
The thKtiy ciii'iiwniriit »f tlic brnia kiuI itj 
miMnhrnno. It.i«c<imiH)*cdAf tight lionc*; 
name!;, the tut ^/VimliA, Uiu iwn o«fj jKirU- 
tniiit. the two cwM bmjwTMtn, the oitierip- 

Tlie laM two >ro caiiinhm to tfaw umiiuin 
and fiu<e>. 

Oranluro Huma'nuiu. TYtt, bvmiu) 
skull, orcriininii). 

Cranium, Peribration of. OaflfoC- 
(■my. Ad ri{>orittion Koniotiiiift* pMfnmivd 
\}j llic oocouciicur. when frum doforaiity 
at the {irlvi^ tli« heHd of th« fiBtiu caanot 
piwH thmii^li i^ It noDsinu In l)i« liitro- 
ituclioD of n in>rforator, iovcutcd by yinol- 
Ue, lhn>ii)th tli« fiKilaiivlle, ani) rtitNiine It 
»H] iiH to hrviik «]i Ibo hniin. 

Cntn'lrr. I'mia s^xumii', iq fimati, 
r-citidcr |>rf-ft'(-1. Thr dc-iiLca Hiipluutlii! nre 
MiinoCiinvt HI (.toIUmI. Iilu^'auw Ihti |iniiHMie« 
of Uinte li>«th IB (tt<ceiBari (t> u |>ui-f<.-<* dcb- 

C'ra'HiH. From iapa;wi>fu. I mix. A 
mixturi.' of the «onirtituvn>8 of a fluid. Tb« 
ti-nil U njipliril to thf lluid.t nf the liCily, 
n*hea tlifii'i^onstiliienU I'tisl in I tie proper 
{■rf>p<>iii(>ti. honltli i'c-4iiIt!i. tmt nhcii Mime 
prciloiTiinnle, on in di-ojwty, wnrvy, Ac,, lite 
beaUliy niixtnre nf the prineiplea ui the 
tjuod orcriteit \» dtntrnvcfl. 

CnwwiiiK^'tnni. Prom enufuM, 
thi(k- y\\e iliM-k piirt nf iMiy Iluid. Tlie 
«<>n^tum or fUA ln<^hu)log tti« (il«ln« nad 
rxA Kl(>biil«8 of the bluod. Bm CoAOCt-m. 

i'mNNnm Inlrirfl'auNi. Tbaeo* 


<.'mn'*tuii. Tbidc; con>al«nt. 

Crajmutt Pulsus. A fininii. Dill {tnl 

CmlMt'va. A geaiM of pluim uF 
onler CapprtrtH^ctv. Tkc (ntil of tMitij 
all tho »)trnM hnT* been called f/a^lie 
pMn, trom tb«ir peenliar alBaoMRM odv. 

frCM. Oertnt. Th« antviior par*. 
tJie Ir^. Tlie Kliin. 

Cn'iiinorNnlpIiiir. PariApdOows 

of siilj.liur. 

Cream of Tartar, 6c« roTAsas Bi* 

Cr«'ll»0<e> fVtnxofNui; etrnMoUa; 
frtrti) tpcac, Avth, Mill ouvw. Id pruncrvc A 
coliirleiut, irnnHpmvnt tluid. iif ii dbwgn*- 
able pMietriiting tdor, «olqt>I« in sli 
uml avelio aoid. obtained frum wood Iat 
diBtillalioo. It u irritanl. narcutio, at; 
imiiMptii<, and Mnoovhat eaokoriiDft 
trmally, it fe a|iplif(l to c^lptiatl^ 
and wonmU, bqiI i« used tu li^oetioDt 
fCurglf-4. Int«paallj^, it baa bfton gii^ ta 
epilcp«y, nenralgio, hfstnria, ctimolc ca- 
mrrli. liwmo[ityiiIh and (ilitliifoa. Tbv do« 
itil^Tnallf id one or two drop«L Ett.'nullj'. 
It i« aoia«tilucfi iiiwd iu lie ptine state; si 
other titnm, dihiicKl and onnimoiilv arlik 
water (f^^ to t^vj); or in Ot» form at 
oiiitmcDt (fj** tu 7J of cmUo). Sptd 
ferity \.(Hf>. It imtnetliatel; t 
alhniocn. bcDOo ita brnmofltail^ pnw«r. Ti 
Dfbil PrMtict, croasot* it m rcry voliu- 
ble ugentfor ohnuMliog the iien>l!iilliy 
d&ittino, rotlorin^ MiontAlffiA, in thf lt« 
nicnt of Rlvcolar ahwiSM, iilveutor 
litiN, (kvitflltx*id bwth ; ami ax n g%refn 
nicriMirial •lotnatittH, snperRdnl hemnf- 
rhuife, and na a diBiiifecduil and iU-otlori«r 
In (l(>Hd niid nirpniire piilpn, and for ollur 
piir["*M^ See (.'arbouc Al-id. 

Oroaaote Water. Jfua 
Of crcasoir. u fluid dmdnn; of dhtiU: 
water, one pint. 

Trcntlnc'. AneglriiI.«>lorl««i.i 
part-ot. cryMnllineliudr. ohtalnMt by Uel 
from the jiilee "f imi<d««. Ii is .mf nf i 
flnt fltop^in t)ie ln«toinor]ilto«t9i>f tlie pi 
dnotd of iKv«y lo UK>a. 

CreMlMlMe'. A ha«« fhrm«d 
trtnlitie hj liealiitg it In ht drodiloria or 
allrir n«'l(l. 

<'rev|i'tnff Nlpkncna. Tka gm- 

P^mnin fi.rtti i.f (■rf^tisni. 

CromaH'U'r. Fnnu apf/Mw, ] am- 







pcnd. The naaolQ hy wlich the t««klD 
■• ftu»p«n4lo4). drawn up, ninl oompreMcd 
Jarittg ihc iKtii>n of cnilioo. It is a thin 
■naaoiilar fawia, irfalchdetiiobeiit«elf fVmD 
ibo inUnMl obUqao moMit, puMi throngh 
the «bdainliial ring to the tunica vnglnftlls. 

Creinnon'ru*. From tvnutnr, the 
lAbiik [•ixlcnili. nivl nj>n>c, A tiiinor. A i>w«il- 
iilg »[ ibe labis jnidendL 

Cre'msr. Crmm. Anjr pib<l«fiM 
flculing on ih» top of i liquid, and sltiinuiMi 

Cramor Turtari. Cream of tartar. 

Crv'MU CrtnaUtm. Tbo Irrvfcvlar 
projection or acmttirca b; vliifb an 
ftociirat« jandioD of ilie bones ot ibo 
erai^nni It formtiil lijr xht mtarM. 

Cre'Mlv Acid. A BDlpbur-TcUow 
■dtl, Ibn product of v«s«lal>l« ilecmniio- 
altinn, f<mnd in aniU and i^rin|(s. 

Crr'afNkte. Creaaw1>s wliioh *««. 

Cr«t>'ilaDl. Grvpitatia. Vrwmcnpi- 
tart, locnu\le. Crackling. A tflmi b{i- 
plie*) in /VifAo/o^y to tlie |>u«ullar nttUinir 
Kxtnd benrd ilurinft r«>|iirBlioD in the tlnit 
•tsfeaorpnoDRionta and In tvdctnaof th« 
huifp. In Zoolofjf. tliif amtoQ of an intott 
at lliB Jtr-jr.^inn» ccDua. wblch emlta a 
era^-lcllnc unmd utien mtaaiUi. 

Cr«pita'llon, From frrfribiM, to 
crackle, lo Stirfferf. the noise riiiidti liy 
tfa« fflctli>u of Itio fixtreinltlM of frnrtiiroil 
l>o««a aftnio*! «act> other vben iD«7«d ia 
certain dlrM-tiuDi. CropituB or crackling 
la. tikewittp. niei with in caoiM of gangrene, 
wImb lit U ^ffnwd into areolar ne4nbrnn«. 
Tlic lomi it alao tuwd fur tbo crn^kllnj:: of 
^Inta wluHi Uiere ia a doHuieocf of iho 
aifBOvlal fluid. In ChemMry, tli« «mck' 
ling DotM mndv b; certiun aalta during 
raldnarion. The term h iilao applied to 
IlKt craellirif; noiM> made b; oICm«4 air 
Inlu ibe ccllolar niniubfaoa wli«a pmMd 
belworti ilitT finfera. 

Crop' Him. Vkm erepo, to niak« a 
Bob«. Cr»|-il»tloni irbkb Ma. 

C r > M4 '«*n "(l». JnixMuw; auginontn- 
tion : RT«)w!!i. 

Oreooeotla Onja'ta. The uirrovr- 
lMt'«il caliiliawb tree; a WmI ludi^i [liuit, 
tile pulji »[ lli«> friiit of whiob la aelduluiu, 
and i* iw«d ia diarrbiEiv &c 

C g — «»'WlliP. Enlartremant of tba 
|fliqdiall>>« ill lilt- srolna, Uasinf; kefoaU. 

CrvMM. Ti.f n«in« v( Mroral qitciM 
of pliuita ; a nunitivr of ibaia liara a piu- 

gent taate and ara ns<^ as ulada, and ar« 
cataMBcd la ntMti^ino for tlieir antlMor- 
bntic <)«alilica. 

CnBB. Oarden. T-epldinm lativntB. 

O rC M, IndlMi. Tropo'olnm mi^iM, 

OreoB, Water. SiBymbrium ai|tiiitl- 

CwtM, ^*« Cnin-k. 

Onet of the Ilium. Fuptrior i 
of tlie pi-lvii. 

Cre'tK. <;halk. From Ofia, 'If 
ialand whoro it waH firat found. NatiT* 
friabl« c-arboiinlo of lin)i>. 

Oreta Pnepara''ta. Prepanri obalk. 
I*rcci{>itntK<l dialk. VtvH vxtvriiall* aa 
an abaorbent, internally as an ant«cid.j 
DoM gr. X tA 3) ^"' "loro. In 
Praetiff, pruimn-d chalk ia raluablo aa 
Ingredleai of dentlMoea,-as an aalaoid It 
addilv of nrnl tluiiU. for nbluii>lln)t M-rnd'] 
tiven<.>4a of deDlioo, and as a |'i>li»biii 
powdt-r fur K<)ld and viili-anitft |>lnlr-«. 

0«fR'v«viw. Chalkj. CuuIaJniof^ 
or relating to i-lialk. 

Crr'llD. On«Hffe<rtaJ vilhOT«tlnlflni. 

Oet'lnltftn. CrtUntimv*. ^iippoaud 
to be ilerivtH) from <T<tim, old Italian for 
a poor crcaluro. A peculiar enili-iiiic af- 
feollon cotniaon in soinopartaaf Valola, 
Tyrol. Siritwirlnnd, Mnd llm I'^ronoca, 
rharncCeriiod bjr an Idiotic expreailon of 
countunanoe. aofvoMenH-ni of ihn tnonlol 
laculIiM, obiuM> iteniibiliir. and goitre. 

C'rlbm'lHH. Cri&rK>'*fa. Like a 
weve: p«rfontod irilb IioIih. 

Crlb'rtftorm Boa*. OfOtifitrmiti 

IVtNn orArum. u liovei, anil^roM, likcnea^l 
bacanse it is perforated like a riere. Tbe ' 
ethmoid bMie. 

Crl'co-Arjrlenold. 0{m-«ryE«kJ 
naidant. Pertnlnlni; to tbo tvtcold 
nryt<»noi(l nirlilftgo*- 

Orloo-Arytenold , Lateral. A mos- 
nlo which ari«n> from rlie rriouid riirtitAgtt,| 
and is inntfTtpd into Id? flnr*rioi- part of 
thv lKt!w uf (liv aryti-rioid cnrlilnip;. 

OrioD-Arytenoid, Past«rior. A 'ri> 
anj^tilar mnvle Rtnnt«d at th« back part 
of tl»c larynx, arlaing fWim the iiiiddlo of 
ib« posterior svDk* of the criroid turti- 
hifiit. and iDAi!rt«d into the baas of 
nrytoiioid mrtUsKu. 

Crico-Phnrynfceeoa. 8ee Coxarwc 

T«>i! ril*l)Tsr.iH IxrKltlou. 

Orioo-Thyrotdetu. Crw-tht/roii. A 
mtitwle of a trinnirular abnpe at the ant^ 




rinr Aod Inferior put of t)i« IfHTnx. It 
oHtM from th« dido nnil unterior |>Aii of 
li)u cricoid Mkriilago, luiii is iiiflcrti^l into 
lliv inrpriur margioof tlio thy ruld cutilogs. 

Orl'oo-Ttajrro-Pharytigsius. Tb* 
CoEiAtriccor phsiTngis. 

Crl'oold. Crievidtt, erieotdeui; Srom 
Kfiimt, ft ring; luiil uA^, rewinbUiiM. Tha 
nuu* of vnq of th« ewtilagwof tli« \Mryax. 
Il b ruund like ■ ritig. 

C'rl'roM. K^tnf. A rlnff. 

Oldi- C'ulr. fnclwn louiul of p«r- 

Crliniiv'tl«w. OimiuUM, from ;^/v- 
•Wt fioane meal, *nd-f[4«(, rM«uablui««. 
BtoemblhiK menl- A twin npiilled Ut nrifM^ 
wbea it d«pt)ail8 a aodjinent like coarse 
ni«ai or brnn. 

C'rinti'lo. Fratn «rini'<, hair. A com- 
preftting iDtttmmeal rormeri; used in caws 
of fiituU lac-brrmAlli. Ono otid of tlic in- 
strunit'cit cou!ti!4c<l of a ciishiun »liiffc<l 
vrith linir. niitl livix-e \\a luuue. 

Crl'ula. 'If'* bnir. 

C*rliin'a««. An Infuidle diMnae, oon- 
Riuiu): ill tli« i<ru|>tion of black halni tmm 
tlio»l(in of iW biu'lc, nrtnit, And 1»^ witlt 
fl»brll(< raniuiintion und Irrilattoa. 

KvI'kXk. JJiacrUu; dcoitioa; from 
1^1^ I dccitl^; (fuffif, tliA finitl )K«nA. A 
laddcn chsngo in disc-Asw, especiallr' 
fevers, for the better or worse. Ita 
nuAning l< reMrieted by Mids to favorable 

CriHpitl'tlon. A-«/w(uni : ftwn orw- 
jfifv, to uTinlclc Contrftciion of itny pait, 
wliutber natural or vbe rwuU of a muttiiflo 
cm INK. 

Crlu'la. The eorab af a wwk; a 
crmi. A tonn siijilied in Anttlam^ to 
several pronMea and poru of bonea, and 
alao lo lh« clitoris. In Surgery, 6ier««- 
cciKcs about the anna, and near the )C«ni- 
tal oi^ana, prodooed bj aTpUUtio dlaeawa, 
■H 10 enlled from tkair MMrablanc* to 
tliu '■•.•Hilj "fa cock. 

Crista Oal'li. A triariKnlar proceat, 
nr oiiiiDoni'A of th* (ithmniil bona nliovo 
the crilvrtfurm pUte, wbicb ipvva tiltacb- 
inent to llir mitariiir |Mirt of ltii.< falx x'^tK' 
bri, aa oalW from ita reseinblunoo to the 
comb of a nui'k. 

Oiista of the H'Ioiil Tha auperior 
inoTRin of the llitun. 

Oriste ) at«nia. Frootal aptne. 8|^- 
Boitlnl a|iiQr. 

Oris'ta DretbtaOls. Tt» opnt ^ 

Orteta Veatib'ulL A crvit wklck 
dirUtea the veatlbule uf the ear Into Ivo 
fiMMD, the /(Wdo Ac]ni^A«r*M «id ^tet 

Crta'lale. ^iacattu. Crested. Hav. 
lug nn app4BdafE» like iho I'omh otttotk, 

Crilh''llllilli. Fruca SfKiM, to Mcnta, 
ftvin lu Mtppowd vinaea in pronwtlns a 
MoretioD of iirin« and a dbeliarg* pt the 
DKOae** Samphire 1 sijia^fonncl. 

Orithtnom Marlt'lmum. Titv Uii- 
lunao nain« of tliv KiLii>p)iir<< or «a-liKiiiel 

CrM'lcal* CrHie«4; from crwM, nrf 
Mfiitt*t to jndfce. Bdooipnff tn a orimk or 
dMennininfT the rcault of a dlMJwe from 
certain afinploma. 

Cmcl'Naoi. From »in>uKt aaffna. 
Made with aaSron : colorml witii mMim. 
A miitnre of oil and mffron. 

<'ro<-oii'lc Arid. lEhodieoole add. 

l'ro'«-iiK. A geiioa of bulbaW'rMtel 
phuiU. Saflroa; thePbannnropa'ialaaiM 
of tJia prepared stitrnuta ol fa.3r\io. Aho, 
the nnmeof aeveral prepamttonauf naiat- 
lie (nbdaaoon, at Cr«eu» Marti* tad £V»- 
cus Vcneru, 

OroouB Anttmo'ntl. A nli>hmtl 
oxide of antimony. 

OroouB G«rniaii''Ioas. Cni 
tlDPtoriuB. or battard aafTraiL 

Oroooaln'dloua. Thviunna 

Orooua Har'tia. Cnluintsl 
of Iron. S<-t> I'kijhiiiku I'oroK. 

Croous Satd'vua. 1')i0 naffroD fdn^ 
which haa a aweetiati. fr«iitnuit odor; 
wann, pnagont, bitior tnete, and it 
deep orange-red color. Jt b mm 
n*«d in exuilhvnwUru« duHmac-a wa4 
vons affectiom, bat wore (heqiMntlj i 
eolorlng Isfrroilieat in i.<o«i|>oDed 
tione. Doae, gr. x to xs. 

Oroons Veaetia. Oxid« at ooppcr. 
fomied b; raloiiiin^ tlip inAtat. 

<!r«»ininjoxyr«v'nilii. 8anr,bM, 
uiiimi-iikt.- frui-luiloa^. 

('r««uL-Kye. Str»liUtniJa. 

Croee-Wort. Ji'fip<il<'rivm /»«***■ 
turn. Itontsaci; ihoroufthaort. 

Cro'dllBK. From Kpominn-. a rati! 
A ireaiiii of puiaooooft MrpmK cL 
Iscil hy lite apiwadage of a rnttle 
tail; s raliksaaka. 

tcmplo. Pcnoiniag to tha t«iDpW> JL 


tie at«H 




Una «ppU«d to tbe Umponl artw?, v«b, 

Cnkl 'iiph*!*. Cnta'phivm; fnmi 
lyvriv. If i-iiImii^. PulMtiag poiiL ia tho 
IwnplM; uIm (cinpl«, letu[H>rtil boii«. 

C^Ofeh'et. a amnll hunk. Ap|i!i(Hl 
bjr ibo fr^ncli. in />mtat I^ntdutia, to 
du|>t eiDiilnyci] ftirtlie ruienltonnfBdeD- 
Iftl iuib«t)tiit» in (liw intKilli. In Obstetric 
SitSftry, a I'urvvd ii»Ui)in«Dt witli a dliorp 
IkkI fur tho extraction of lli« IVttituiuibo 
optimiMin uf wnbrjotum/. 

Cro'lan. A senna cf plaata of tlic 
onlcr EnpHoriiaKfe. 

CrotoD BeoKoe. Sm Stvux Brm- 

Chtiton OaAoarU'l&. Sea OMrrnif 


Crotoa Bleuthe'ria. Hm ptaitt irUch 
•ffonlt lliii ran'iirilln Imrk. 

OrotOD I.aoeir«rtuiL The nanu o( 
•D EMt Iiidbn (rci), the retinoiiK jiii«« of 
wblrli nffurds iniiii Uc 

OrotOoOU. O'fcwm ri/W. Tliaex- 
prcftMid oil of (lie m^* uf lti« or^tan tiff- 
Hum, whioti, wlivn pure, is a draslic purge, 
ofMraLin^ vilh greni rspiiHly; hut tLa UMi 
it dannroDi (him tliu Imiuiiott it some- 
tiiaM jiruiluccd. tMsc, gtl- | to ^ or ^. 

Oroton Tls'lluni. A LV'^Iodbm ptant, 
ovATf p»,r% or wliirli la nkt Xt> f>u!«»ta» m«- 
dklnal pro|iertie«. Tho root acta w a 
dnuLir cAlIuinio. Front the aoeds, tti« 
croioo oil, oitvM tifUi, ii «x]>n}M«d. 

OtMtOD Ttootcvluin. The Ik \Auti. 

C*r«'Ianal«!. A f&lt forawd from 
enjlooic bei<l with « hu«. 

CVolo'nc. A funena fniiinl mi treea, 
prDdui:«il h; an ln*ei-t likf ■ tirk. Ai>o, 
b; «iii4-ni>iitti. ii|>pLiMl to rdaII fbagooa 
tumor* of tl)c piirioAteimi. 

Cmlon'lc .4Pld. An acid oUiuoed 
frtim I III- h-mI* i>f frolOB ti|rltflH). 

Croup. Cgiutnche trttehraJU. Snffo- 
cMiiu; lirtiiUhiR^r- orointpiiatM] by n strldii- 
tOM noU*. ilrv conifh. nad »i|i«otoi-aiioti of 
lottrli tiiotnhraiKnuvpata. S« Ctsajiciib 

Croup. H^Bterlo. A apMrmi^le »t- 
foTtiun uf the- lur>u «tt«ekiag bjrourioal 

OttWflkol. S«« R&xtiNoULcs. 

OrovTooc OraiM/a Bill 8m Gk- 
KAHtcii I'UArxsu. 

CrBWn. Cffn/nA. In Afuitomy, ap- 
plied to p«rij of n eironlar foou ittnaoont- 

iii(C other purttans of the mhho body, u 
thv crown nf d touth, etmna dentU, ice 

Orown Bark. Loxnhnrk; »>nexoin- 
chonat Uavifulin ; tho burk of tlw Cin- 
dloMd tvmtaiKint-'t. 

Orownofa Tooth. Thoaxpoacd part 
of tho toolli sbuTe Ibe gums, cvvercd with 
eniuiM.'). fiee Tkktii. 

C'row^ BUI. Ell SurfitTj/, ■ kind 
of fvwc«ps for extract > I IK bnlla and otb«c 
fiireijin bodiuo from wiiuiuls. 

Cra'diU: CrwMli»: from tram, s 
croM. llaviof* Utm sUupe of n cruM, 

Oruolal BandBffe. Ahandncvthaped 
like a cnpiial T. 

Crucial Incia'lon. AnlnciMOa mad* 
ID the shape of a ctuss. 

Oruolal LtgamenEs. Turn iijpunraiij 
of the kovo-jfiiiT- 

Crn'clHie, {"meiJi'tu*. Crunforab ] 

Cru'vlble. trum fru«i<K 1 torment, 
be«aoM laelals were tortured by tire to 
jield up tlintr rarioos virtuun. A vvaBoI 
of a roiiical iiha|ifl in wliinh substaiMea trtl^ 
eicpb^ed to the heal of a fire or rurtikce, 
fonnotl of cnrtliunwam, pnrccloitL blmrk 
lend, silver, or pUlina. They are Daoil hf . 
d«'D!i»t«, gtildwnlthiii, and j6vo<lut4 for r»-j 
finiiii; and allojing gold and mUct, andj 
for IhiM par]Kiw they shunid be birmud 
of Mibft(oii<,-e« <'a|>nbl« of liesrin); oon*id«r* 
nMe BhcruDtioiu of temperoturv withont 
brenkin^ or cnu>king. Tlie best ca'adble 
Att formed fr»m pure clay, mtxod witbj 
pulvoriz«tl old cniciblea, black kad, and* 
pounded i-iike. 

Cra'clform. Prom erur, trv«tt, t 
oroiu, atiil forum, abufiti. Cmd/ormbi ; 
CTXWi-ahnpoJ. Applioil, in Anatomj/, to 
the ligoiii(Mtt» whii^li cluAc thu Artioulu- 
tioiis uf llio pbabuiges and lu die omolat 

C'rad«. Unprepared ; r»w. Ap^Jied 
to naiuml or niiitirrial produces wliii-h n»- 
quire ptirirlciiilun. 

<'i*n dlly. VrH'diUu; from tmivt^ 
rmdL-, iiiipreiMred. Rjiurncnfi. erudeoeaa. 
AppHi>d (o alin»vn1a iti a raw atate; aliio' 
(u uadiffBled jtibstnncLii in the trtomsch. 

tVp'or. Ono of the solid parU of 
caflfrii)iiT<»l blood: cnagnliim. rniwaiuita^j 
tniii. thi' Twl [tnrt of the bloiMl. 

Cni'ra. The pluralof «-!>« alr^. Ap* 
plied to Mima part* of ilio body from tlif-ir 
reMmblanoe to a l<^ as <r*ira twvM, 
erur» eertielliy n-vnA ^tht JiapJi ra^m, A«. 



CmriP'nH. Frdbi trvM, a leg. Cm- 
rn'lU. A luudo of Uio BOterior pnrt of 
iLc illicit. 

Ov'nU. Crura'lU. B«longiiig to 
the li'K. ur luwcr GXtrcmitr. 

CrumI Arob. Th« intjrnlnd ><^h. 

Crural Artery. Tins fvinoral arlfrj. 

Crural Cniukl. Tliv rcmomi ring. 

Crural Hernia. Fvinnml ti«mia. 

Crural Nsrve. A avrvo sitDDted od 
thu vuUiilv of lliv p3c>iL( muoole an<l fi-m- 
iirnl nrUry, [>rwtc<lirg from tfi* lanibnr 

Crural Plexus. A pl«xu8 (Dinivd by 
Tliv untoD of the lul four pair of lambar 


Crural RLiur. Seo Cmnui. Cakau 

Crural Vein. Femorul vein; Iia« tlie 
«ainu Hrrniigv-nii-iiL as llio artcrj. It «■■ 
Cuvi-B l«il tnio bruuvii, t!ie sapbieiu. 

C'rurH'llM. CriiriMin. 

4'ni'rlH lindltiH. Fibula. 

<'ni». Tbt It; "I** tl"« lliigli. 

<'nt»'la. A BCBb; u >helh Uio Mum 
of fl tl^iiil. 

OrustoAdambQtinaPotitiuna. Tbtt 
«]ianu.'l of the lecih. 

Cnista Camo'sa. The mltlillo tuniu 
«( tb<? intif^tinw. 

CruBta Oe'nuBqul'nn. Knwscnb. 
A u'lili ,>r ciii'ti fLiniirxl on the knees of 

Ortista Inflammato'ria. The linAjr 
cuitt uf tiilitirutvl tiloud. 

OruBta Lao'tea. PAtrifto kn-nli*. 

OruMa Patro'sa. Itto ccmeDiuni of 
"he teelb. 

Cruata Villo'oa. Tboinnrrortuocoiw 
coat of th« Btoiuorh «i(l iDteMlDm. 

Craittn'««ll. A clttw of nrlioulJitod 
AniniftlK pr.itttrtpd by & Iinrd «b^ll. 

Cniw'tulHt A nnirill nbdl <ir wab; 
alKo Hii vtlnniiin vt bWiJ niiiler the con- 
JDiic>tive mcirabrADA of ttio <-y«. 

Crymo'dcM. K»«yiw!ft. From kpci^m;, 
eulil. A fever iu wtijch ibe lalenial parts 
Arc bot nnd tbo dtrmul «ol<l. 

Crymodyn'ln. Fi-om i^r/jor, cold, 
Aiiil r>'li-i>f. piiiii. ('Iiniiiin rbrniniiU*in. 

CrjlBO'HCft. Frciin iC(>»i»o(, cwld. DIb- 
« riiiiMil by tliu octiua of oolrf. 

(CrjA'IKc. From ■ptnf, iee, and 3j*or, 
8tun«. A rareminerHl, fnslbl«In Uicflanie 
of a raiutic : a ilonblo flnoritlc of sodinm 
ana] nlnminnin. 



to bear. An instniracnt [a wbUIi vi 
ia iiiaOt: to fruvie t>y (L« nrld pnflat«l 
Its own entiwntlou, nod IndlcaUng 


(Jryp'ta, From Ktntrr^. 
In vlibir«M]|», a amall oval Uolloir t>i>d/ 
fnlllcht or Mnall |>it ; u fidlicnlar ^aad. 
Botany, Uio roond risreplaclfis for 
tlon, obier?ml in tbi^ )«ir«9 of miidv plaotis 
M in tb« nvKlc anil oran^. 

Cryp'de. Tbcroondtd rxcrofcowM 
ollbt: (.■»<!!> oftlicnmallaniries of ibeMTti- 
cal BObelaiuie a( the Udneya S^ttaoMiil 
^laixU. Couccalvd mnowu (olltelca. 

VryptnttMaumm, Grp}iti>9>tm'kiu; 
from npiFvraf, euncoatod, atki) } a^mt, a nttr- 
rlagrc'. rianta whoee organs uf fmolIAai- 
tioQ are oonrcatRl or iiut inumfwt. 

Crj-pCor'clilM. CfyjtmivkiM. E/mv 
<Mi)«««li?d. a>td o/>.[ic. tv*tiiOe. Odd wlifM 
tcnldea hitve not dcaociMlwl into tbo sonh 

Crjp'fouM, Crjtp'htt. KpvTt%n 
bidi'-. Hiibk-ii or i-flnrculcd. 

CrjlM^Hynovlnl. Tbabutw 

Crm'tmh CryUattiu,' KpcvTEJlar- 
When tliiUlM bco(iui« solid, thvir partidM 
ojtite aad fr«<ia«ntl5 BMume mnilar ddcr- 
minatfl fonriH, whicb arc tcmnil rrraula. 
Crrstallixed qnarti wo* *ti|i{kc>cfd hj dia 
ancicDl* (o bo wal«r nmftoiilrd by lulisM 
oold, and hoDce. aay» Clmvulanil. tlH> i«no 
^twroUaf, wblebiignlllc-Jiiv; a»d a« r^fn- 
Witjof form U nonbvrc iik'i^- beauiifutii 
cihiblted than Id " n ynuUbHtl <[aHni. thn 
name baa been •itcii<lvi] t4> nil niioerul und 
inorganic aiibetaac-w «'biv'fa esbibil tbcift- 
aelrea nniim tlie form nf rcfuJat f(eutn«tri* 
cal (fllijli,'' 

Crystal, or Sponge Oold. A a a<IW- 
vlvefonn of tcold iiiKdfortlirme iwttt, » 
peoialiy wbere lost portion!> of tbe cr«*B 
ore to be bnilt op. Tliin prr(>iiriiii> n -* 
pold waa patented bj Dr. A. J, Wr.i: 
riifs. Sew York, In ls.^3. Thin ««• 
nimu-miw fonntila) for prep«rinK rry 
gold, but lliey may all W intibnirtd 
iwngitjiemt nirtlioila: the onn to ubi 
atmply a prMipilnle of Ibe iti«lal, fl, 
abl« to Dlliiigteutlii nnil the other to n 
bine llii« prwipitnlu with raereury. ood 
obtain a dfrtintteefysCallUaUon. TlMprcp- 
amtuiii of A, J. Walts U nuulo by {iil?«< 
doeioit Ibe precipitant grraflually. and tliaa 
eareAiUy waihlng tb« [>nKijilt«t«, abdbo^ 






' ing almoHt to r(>dn<<«. For p«rf«ct erjt- 
lidlluiU'D of tills gold, oomblne th« ft*- 
cipiUI« with fnitn eix lo twelve titnuo iu 
veight of pare meronrj ; lei it Bland n 
■hart tlmti. mt-J«cC to « s*ntl« lieal^ and 
Umii rninuvc tlii; moi-carjr with diluia 
idtric add. AnerwardM wasii tbe nitrsle 
of nerc'irj fi-oin th« go\d ; ptncc tlic latter 
npoa ft alido. luid bring it up to a fuU ted 
hieU in n iniiffl*, find tlie ^uld In thett iD a 
cuoditioB li> Im navd fur Itlliog. A vcr/ 
fine arlidtt of tLi* (onu of giild Una 
b«(« i>r«partd liv A. J. M' tills, of Oliin. 
For tii«lbud of working vrysul gold. 
AM Uvris's /"rill. «W /"AKf. irf Vm- 

Crjitfill'll. Vmelea tHkd with a 
«■■(<".<' Hni'l; nlw caQod cr^K^'JfW. 

CnnstAllI Tartari. C'ream of Tnnar. 

Crj'tt'lnllln. Tbe |irot<iii eompoond 
of tbL' llijid (•( the crvbUOilM lolkS. Stfl 
(vLOHi'i-rx. Tlie naiuf lias aImi been t^VKO 
tn oitx of tliu {irodnRlii of tl>u diKlilluLiou 
of itidigu. 

CrjKtalll'na. A vwirle «r pWjo- 
t»na (lU i)ii> projiiKw, wirruiiodod by a rod 

OrTBtalllaa Uembrana. Tlivarncli- 

c;nwiaiii««. o»*trtrtfiMUL ctr*- 

tal-liVc llnviag llie form ur apivearaiice 
o( crjMal- 

OrvetAllino L«nB. A ak^r, Iransi's- 
reot. njilit'ni'oJ Uidv, situated In a dci>r<-.i- 
linn nf llip antwriur part of lb» vitrcmm 
hvaM>r of Ili« tje, and inoloicd li) a mem- 
braoons cai«Hle. Il traDniiiitti n»d rv- 
trnci^ \hr riy« oflixliE. 

l'r;|nf»lllm'llon. CryiUlUta'tia; 
ft-'" '■"*. a cnslaL TTie mft of 

er.' T that {•rnccoi by which tlie 

I>)triii-J<- i>i i-r.vntAlliialila bodi4 uull« aod 
aaeuoio a rtgulur ood dvtonnliiMe eulid 
furm. Tlii* [iroperlj l* pcaMiawtl by moat 
minvtft!*, lot ia a tnort fiiain«Ot drgTM by 
aMiloe *«il"tiiiioe#. 

Crystal) Izatton, Water of. Thv 
walvr wlii<'ti eunil<iiii<« will) rnitain saltB 
\a frivu DiL'in ll>« fvrni ofcryHtah. 

C'OMlnlloic'mpby. Tmm tpuv 
raM«r, a rrtvlal, and 7jm^, I dvn-rilKi. 
Tb* ilootrlno of tin? iuodilkali*jnt< bIvI 
form* nf i^'^tiiN 

Cr^s'lnllold. From (/ir<r-<i/>i»r. n 
c^ftal, and •M-i^, f-^fui, rf«iiiMiin(*. Kw- 
McobUog Grvi(4d or the crjtlaitino lens. 

TW rapviilo or nitmbrani; of the crjtU^ 
lin«; alao, tbe crysLaQinv IdUS itself. 

{lYciica. Kuif[. IncioOr tewtb. 

<ra. ^^mtwt fur Onpj>er. 

Cub«. Cubut. A Milid, bonodcd bj 
•ix uqaal tquaroa at riglit as^ca wiUi uicb^ 


C'nbc>'bm. The li«rfl«« of tha Piftt 
<nMit. Cabeba; Java poppor. 
ar« stimnlatit, canninatJv«, and Htomat^iIe^T 
and uot apvciHlly on titu gvniio-nrinary 
organs, and are Kmietimw etuptvjvd ia 
goiiorrkuia. Uom, ^» to 3<'j> "^ tlw oil, 
gIL s to aij ; of tlio linrtnrci, ^. 

Cubc'bla. A pccotiar dduUhI prin- 
ciple (MntAincd in cubelML 

t'UlM>llM. See Ct-BKIU. 

Cubcbs, Oil of. Oleum cobvtm. 
Oiblfor'nie O*. Osiululd^ 
Cnbllir'aK Kxler'nait. An ax* 

tensor iQUM-l« ot tb« Hugvra. 
Cublueue Intemua. A fl«ior ins 

of Uni Kuffm. 

CuJtUmU Cttiiti'lit; froin tuHlvt, 
the f(iri-«rni. CoDneciMl wilti, ur it4aUti 
to, the fnmrtn. 

OubitaJ Artary. ArWria etAita'lUi 
artcrta nina'ri*. A liniDcliof tbeliii 
artery, girtn off a Halo Mow tlw In-ml of ' 
tho dtiow, wliicli piwMV down along tJi« 
inner pan of tbe fiircarm. 

Cubital Nerve. Tbo ulnar norve. 

CnliUaii. From cvba, to Iw down. 
Tti« forMrra; alMi tli« lurgi-r of ibc two 
boDMof tliv fonvinn, onllml tmeuliitw4. 

Cltb«l'd«ti 0». I'Vom ■.,)..(-, II ciibo, 
or dif, and /i^, a llkcDKw. A tacnaJ Univ 

of tin' 

Clirnlla'rlM, From p»mt'ua,a kood. 
TItc tiapriiun mtiwiv lioa Wi-n «o called 
fnmi its broad, hood-Iilw upp^iu'&Duo. 

CneUl'Im. A Uoud; an odwlfarotu 
cap or bandngv for tbe b«ul. 

<'llfllUI ImT. S«« Cl-4:t'lllll. 

Cu'rntnlH. A gvanH of plantu of tli« 
otxWr C«cwrbil<ice<t. AIhi tli« PliHnna<x>- 
pn-inl narne of tlia ooiuiiiou ^rdu) ev- 
en ml ht. 

OuoumiB Affree'tiB. Tlie wild or 
Miulrtifitt runiiiiU'r. Sw MoMoKoit'A Ei.i- 


Ououmis Ooloo;ii'tliia. f>V<vynM. 
nitU-7 apple; biltcr mcumlfcr; an annual 
pbmt, naiii-t; of Syria and Afrini. Tito 
fruit ir a round pcpo. tiiv »iKc aad co'<>ro|j 
flU orange. Tliu pulp Is bllivr and iiaii- 

wotu; the Bitnut of which fa a drurtic 
]tiirf!iiliv», pradadnf •erere fmflnfr. It is 
^I'QcrallT ^ Aa in DambiiiBltoii with oUtiT 

4.^'enrlkllit. A g«Biii €i1 plutA of 
Iho order CvrvrhitaeeiB. Alao, a chemical 
veitiol stmpe«] lU(i> fi grianl; « Ttwn. 

Oucurbitn Oruon'ta. A cup{Mng- 

Ouourblta P«po. Tbo cummon 
pnmjilrin. l'h« »t*dt hAve been nued as a 
nmcdy fur Ispcntcno, tuid arc suiJ to be 
more pow^rlDl than any of the common 
vennifup^s npiindt titis form of tjiaeue. 

CururbltrntM. A »|>o{-iM of worm, 
tlie tiruitt mliHfit. Sen Taexia. 

Oionrbil'lila. A enpiung-glaM. 

Cuoucbitula Oru«nta. Cupping 
wi;h wiirifimtor. 

Ouourbltula Slooa. Dry eupiung. 

C'ud'bnir. A puwtler of a violet nt\ 
cnlur, |>n.'p!in?il fmm lichen, ItaifMira Uir- 
larfn. UBixl f'jr ilyt>iu|t. 

(^l-dc-tOlf. A tub« or (tt>-it7 vlovcd 
Rt one cm). 

Cul'lnnry. Pertaining to tlie 

C*ulin. In Minrratoi^y, a proTinHal 
syDoaytn of anthraciU; in Botanj/, ihe 


Cll'InM. The QniM. 

llim'ln K4>c(l. The fmitof the Ch- 
itiin'irn e^/iiiM'/m. It has a blttor, aro- 
uiatio la»tv, and very pecnliar odor. 

<!uinl'tiiiBi. A gw»u of pluila of 
lli« wnkr Apht^t. 

Cuminum Cfyrot'num. Tbo sjirteni- 
ntii- nguvuf 'if the i-iirniii ptitnt. 

'riini5'l. A hypolltoticAl radical ex- 
l!ttiii)( ill lliu oil of rumln. 

Clineii'llw Snin'nk. Tlie >nlnr« 
liCtiTwo iIki (T^'st unj ttttU- ahc of Ihv 
MphcTiovl Injiii' imd iht^ in frontis. 

Cn'tiplfbrni. Cm n«(r^(»rmM ; frt>m 
rtinfif, n wtilj.'v, and /crm«, ahopv. 
S1iM]ir<) liko a wtfltro. Ciincatv: a name 
npfilied lo Hevfriit bones, l«nvos, *«. It 
U nppliod to one of the bon«« of the 
cnn>ii«. iin<l to three of tJ» taraitS: aim lo 
the badliirt jimrotti nf Om onciiiltal bono. 

Cnnil'a* A gannn Af plAntA o{ the 
order himiaena. 

OuuUa Marla'na. Dittany: n)onn< 
tain dittany; siotie-mint ; a plaot poMeM- 
Iuk siiiiiuluiit., ttamiiaative, ami oronuitic 

Cnp44'. A tliallow eartben n 
MincwIiAt hk« a onp, ^maranj iiud« 
bunc-carth, md aacd In aanying auil 
finiD)!' (lold and a'dver. 

Ctip«(l«'U«B. A pToeeaa of imrifr. 
ing or r«t)uin^ ^oM or filrer b; mrnju irf 
ao addition uf lead, which, at a wiffl^-li' 
hlfili tcfn|<erature, titritic* nnd prmoi 
the Titrilicalioii and odchuttloa <if 
bate metal* ai may bn hi the mix 
which Ar« earned off in tli« fiiiiblc 
thiu fonoed, while lb« prcfiioua ta< 
are left in niitrly a giurp Mats. 

C?Hp>lng. The abatraciloci of blood 
i>7 tncwM of o acarificator and a rap 
plaas. Tfa« ararificalor la an Imuni 
eontaJDing elfihc or tvelra blailtst, norod 
b.v a Biniiilc fpring, and a« arrao|^ aa t* 
be readily graduated aa to ibe dvpth vUrli 
ihey nhall pi-nelratu. Tboy covwr a Knill 
■{•aro of an inch and a half or two iurh* 
W|uare, and ninke cicht, twelvo. or nwrc 
parallel outii. 1'h<> pnppiiig-^aat may 1>4 
a eimple tin or |;'''^> "^ tht- pfojier tiic 
and shapt', and npplicd by ciltatutioi 
tliQ air williin \>y btinuiig a few dmfw 
of alcvliol, or it may banc ua ci]iia>t 
ing pump attached to the top; or tl 
may have an lodia-ratiher (up, —'>'-*■ 
requires only to be equeeud to ; 
a TiK-iuim. Tbexc tniter ar* pn-lrrau« 
to any other. 

Cuppinff-Olaas. Conurhilula. Sm 


Cw'prI Ammo'nlali Llqtiaf. 

Cuprl Ammonlure'tum. Se« 

I'lIl'U .\UH(iS'I«TI'U. 

Cupri Rubl'go. Cvpri A«iUu^ V•^ 
ili^*. lTii[>iire •ulmceiBtr of r(ip|Mer. 

Cuprl SutMioo'tas. Sulitw«tat« ef 

Oupri Sulphas. Sulphate of ccpp*' 
IHue vitriol. 

<'aprircrttiu. Cttfrwm, e<TPf, 
and /ero. to bear. Bearing or eoolaintag 

Ca'priim. From "o^por, tit > 
name of ilie itlnnd CjT>naa, when i 
flr*t found. Copper. 

Cuprum Amnoola'tum. Atnno- 
nlatetl coi)i>cr. Aintnonlocal aolpbau d 

Cupalir'crw. Tb« oalc and 
nnt Iribf ordicoIyliMlon>itt» planla. 

Cam'ri. Wourari. ApuwerlUpd^. 





■ao nwd by (W Sdiiih Amectcaa Indiana 
on llioir WfnpnBii "( war. 

Cunk'llo. Th« lr««tniool or can o( 
ft iliitoiiHi or injnrv. 

Cn'mtlTV. Relating la • ooro; tiu- 
«.-t>ti1>lr •<{ lan. 

Currn'llo. A iccnn* of 0ol«opt«niti9 
iA«<.-«tB. A TumilT of b«e11«8. 

4'liri*ti li^. ri<c Uironl. 

dirViiina Iionicn. Ttie systcnmtic 
name of the inrmone ir««. 

Ourouma Paper. P*p«r Ayed in b 
decortiun of tvrmfrk. auA crnplairMl w 
a Ivst »r freo ftlkftH, vrbloli gl*w to it ft 
t>r»*'n stAio- 

Cun'iinilB''. Tlie oohning Difttter of 


Canl. Congiiliim of milk. 

Curetl*^'. Au iiiiirutnent for the rc- 
tnotitl lit nur iipuiiiiie inuUvr whirli mar 
reniAin afirr tlia ^llntt'tiun of a mlarnrt. 

Cnr'vnle. Cumt'iHa. ll«;tit, 

Curfu'tor Coccfgta. A miiBcl« 
of till" (rt.rjTj. 

dtr'valoiv. From evrtart, to b«Dd. 
Onrved ur twat : n ilep<innre from an ereot 
or stnii^dt Una, m ia tb« cMsof the ■pine, 
dit'/ileDniii. &C. 

Curvature of th« Spin*. A il«vta- 
tJAD />( iti« ^pinnl M>1nnui from iti r«^lu 

Cmw^'ta. Dodder. A geotu of 

Covplt'rla. Onaparim OtrttK. Oat- 

p«TU. or Aii;:ri«iiirH ti>rk. 

OuapiviA FobrUVis*. Rmpl/m'Jia 
triflUa'U. Tlie South Amct-icui tr«o 
vUioh fnmi*tiM iIm ciuparia, or Angua- 

Onit'piflalo. A t*nn Apclicl in Bot- 
iiBu III 11 [iiiri Iprniinnllna iii n *liJT (HHRt. 

CnNpfilji'li. Th« plunil of aapiitii- 
(i* TIk.' ruijiiit Ifclli. 

CnM|>f«ln'ln». From ciitpU, n point. 
A cii.*jii(l tooth. 

CnN'plfl Trf4h. I/mte* turpi'i'^ti ; 
dfniM atnini : ai\yitl/ir^; dr»Ua lanitirii ; 
and lb* rmtoUlMttt Ch»u«Ki«r, The (iiiir 
teeth wliiob hnvr ouoimi ci-own*. T1i«,y 
ftf* tluutril. oue on rarh iMe, In vo^li Jaw 
livtwottn \hif lult^rnl inciiuir «u<1 Am tili-u*- 
pi*. Tlieir tnm iw «r« rotisvX Mlfrnall.'', 
asd (li^litlv C'ldriivc Hnd nn^qaal iioatv- 
riorif, atxl point flint lite oilrpiiiily. Their 
evvna, vhfn iv<it worn. ar« lufu^r llmn 
thuaa of BI17 of tlie oUier toetiL Thuir 

roots art larger and alao \hc longott of all 
llie te«tj), hm), hl(« the Incjitiirii, ur« slnftle^ 
liut Ii«T« a r«rti<?al groove oa ciu-li sU*, 
laivrallj^. utending from Uie nec\ to the 
«stroniilv. alumin^ a iii«p lowanlit lli« for 
inutioa of two root*. 

The npp«r ciupidaii, •oin«(lnim callcdj 
ibe tf/t-teHk, ore lar^r tlion ili« lowervl 
whlob l»ftre tHj*D oallcJ the ».t^outfli tf»lk. 
The enamel iip<ffi tliiwc icrtli is thicker ^ 
than on the indwors. lioili anteriorly and 
poslcriorlr, a •Hjilil cnn-o ia •(»» iu ll>«^ 
nock, and the crown pr«jeut» a lilllv from 
the pnmbolloal cnrve of tlie ileiilal antb. 

Tiio eiwpiiiAti of ii*r«ail ilc-ntitlon are 
larger and longer than tioee of firat den>-j 
tiliun, and aa the tMtb nrv altnni«d ncN 
tlie attnrbmMita of the tnaacles wbd 
innvfl llie lowerjaw tbaii the twtMni)^ 
trliich nr« at llio extremitj of the levor, 
tlioy are wiaHM (o ovcrwrne greater n- 
stManre. Being pointed at titcar cxtrotni- 
lie*, they are inten'led for tearing the food. 
and la fome of the cnniivnromt nnimaK 
wbero thoy aro rery largo, tlray not ooljr 
ftvrve to rend, hot uliio tu holil prvjr. 

Cllll'M>. J^^MM*. Anilwlmlntio, Dom 
for adult. 5j to 3"s, 

Cnln'lttKim. Cvtanrut ; from ffufif, 
the skin. Be'.onpng \f> tlii> skin. 

OutADOOos AbecHD'blOQ. Abmrp- 
lion by the alcin. 

OutiiQeotu IMm&sm. DfitcaaM at- 
(cn<lc<l vith eruption on the skin, 

Cutaneous Bxhalattoa. Eihalatio 
from \\i« dlcin. • 

Cutaneous Norvea. Two 
giren iifl' l>y tho bra«:liial plexu«. an inlnf** 
nat ami an Mtfrnal. 10 anpply the nmi and 
hand. AU>i, four iivi^'x* givt-n olf by the 
lumtmr pleiiu. or ancvriur rrttml nerre, 
wliioli Roto the \vg. 

CmtrH. CalMtiu; alM\ iiw nmaf of 
the tool, between l))e loareBof whk'h ^1d 
la bodtvn into foil 

Cn'tlcle. In ,i?i<i(*in,v. the epidwTnU 
orM'arf-jikln. In Dotauv, ttie rhin vitftra- 
lar m^mlinnia covering lli« exl^-niftl n\r- 
fiM-« of tei^tablea. 

Cntlc'nla, DentlM. Emunel eutl- 
He. Kasniylh's tn«mlirane. A menibnvne 
which may be mi»«l from the »nrfa<^ o< 
an unworn tooth hy tho niMion of acidi>. 

Cn'tlft. Dermit; pfliU Tlie Bltin, 
wliivh I* (Hid lo conwKt wf Urrcv purl*, 
euf u ttra, or tme skin, ibo reU m*e 

or tnacoius net, and tftiitrmU, or aciu-f- 
skill. Ollieni (<oiij)ia]«r ii u coBxiniiix of 
only Xva i«;erB, the eitU tmi iumI fpidrr- 
miA tin- rttf. muftvum lieini; lUr vmtculitr 
Dvtwurk of \hv fwnmtr Tin.' oiili-r Mirfiuv 
of Uk skJD is tMvwtA by coniral viniiK'ncvm 
«al]oil papilla, wliicb ar« vcr<' ucrvoua uad 
Tuscular. The ekin wrvm na a modiiim 
of cominunkntiun witli external otjwia, 
wbilv it protects tbo tubjai-vnt pari*, and 
b lli« oeuE of toucJi. 1(41 color, wtiich is 
(Irtcnriiiiiil by ilio rat« Ruicosnin, varies 
acoi'Jing to k^c Hji, races, ibc. 

Ou'tis Anserl'na. Htnrida evtia. 
OoOMfkin. Hint runtrorti'd t-tatu of tlii.< 
ekiD wliivb ac<xHiii>iiii>«e IJi« cui^l !>lttg« of 
■a iaUniiittiiit, in wliicb tlw iwpillw Inf- 
eo*n« (■romintnt and H^id. 

Cutis Ext«r'iia. Tiiu vpidormts. 

Catia Vera. The tnic skia. 

CoU'liii. EryupelMoufi inflanimatMn. 

Cnl'tle Finh. A geira* or sollui- 
coos uuimals of iliL- order Crpltalopodtt, ood 

Cuar'do C'nncl'la. Ltnni* ciana- 

Cyniibj'drlc Acid. Ifydrocynnlc 

Cj-a'tilc* Arid. A ooniponnil of cjr< 
ADo^'ii iiml oKvgt'n. 

Cyan'ideH. Cydnvrttt. C«nipo(it>ds 
of ryanugen w Iiioh aro not acids. 

Cy'aiille. From xvnrnc. Mue. A n»R> 
live, crTii(«ilIi>'^-<| iniiHTiil, of jioarly hiMrn, 
Iriuinliiri'Hi. iiriil iif vaiioua abnilra of bluu. 

C'ynn 'oftt'n. Frani nittmt aiid }'i>vn- 

pai, 1 ani proilllne'l, bcCAtIM it M AH tMSOn- 

lilt) iiik'rt^Ik'iit of I'mtoi»ii tdut-. Bicar- 
bur«I of niirutfvD: a rolorlrsw ^m of n 
rtron^ pl1Il^^•n^ oilot. Jt is r<oiii]«nH>d into 
a liin|ii<I liquid at o tvni[teniiiirc of 4r>*, 
niid nnJpr a preesursof 8.0 aLmoaptivrm. 
It oxiinfcuwlic* bnnilnff bo<]i«*, bitt hum* 
wllh a li^ibt imrplo £amc, hikI siippnrtit a 
MroEijj lieHl withont dei-ampoMlidn. 1: is 
c^-Hiiio^nl fif iiilrftRi^n niwi cnrhon. 

CjiiitoHietrr. Fruoi «nin>c. and 
tuTfHn; iiifiuure. An itiTtniiiiviit fur Hn- 
tenninini; the 'Icfpncmof lli« tinl of lie 

Cjttnnpnihr. ryono/M/A I'lt ; (hum 
■raitv, nnil '-qi^ui'. diAonM. C/nnoaia. 

Cynno'idJi. From auatwoct, lli« ifiTinp 
K bluo tolur, Tli« blue disrase. A diawiK 
In wlilch tlu.' nkin of the whole body ok- 
niB>«a a bta« color, aruiitg gvDcraUjr trvm 


eoDfc«nitnl mnlfoinnatian of llm Itenrt, roB 
riatiiiK of a AitifVi ruDimaau-niion of 
rii;hl and left eavitws. thus )iTrv«iirui^ 
nltolc of Uiv UliMil rrom botHg wiy 
in til e lun^R. 

<Taii'ar4>t. cyaft£l«L a 

of cyuiMisv-u willi a Iimc. 

Cyanuret of Haraui?. Cyanide, 
bioyaiiidu of manaty. &M llm. 

Oyanuret of Potaastum. T^fbuati 
Cjfantmtvm. Cvnculi nf fintnMam if in 
wliite, opaque. aDiorptioiie itiwBC!*, witli 
biti«-r-iilinoi>() tart*. It ii iH>i>mi»ruK 
ing like hydrocyanir acid. liuAC, irr. \. 

Oyanuret of Silver. Cyniud* d 
•ih cr. 

Cyanuret of Ziao. Cratiidc of ilae~ 

4.>anti'ric Add. As kmI obbuatd 
by ile(x)ntpi.»iiig otva by beat. 

Cyan'Mrla. A very rnra «iib«UDCe 
def">:<itr4l fiMtn iinii« o* a b1tl« |>ow dot. 

Cj'ar. The meotiia attdilorlua la- 
ter niia. 

(?jaliilii'ens. Aprobewithafaoi 
at one inil. 

Cy'alhnH. Kindof, • rnp. A mnu- 
ura both of Uic iiiuid and dry kind, eqnal 
lo about au ovdcc and a iuU£ A N 

Ct'CM (iMUia'llit. Themoal 
tree wliich furaiHlic* ilic Jaimn »h»o. Tb* 
pnlp of ibv fruit Is faltirr And vibMi^* in 
iialiiial Matv, bat vdibk wh<-n rxokcd. 

Cyoas Iner'tnla. Amitbi 
wbii-h alMi fiiriiUlm n kiiid of ■a|r>. 

Cycitm Ravolu'te. Tbts las 

C'3'(>lii'in«n. A, ■ruiii of |)iaiiu rf 
the nniiT I'riittHlaffit. 

OyolajneD BuroDa'un]. Tbe ww- 
bread. Tbe root !■ Litter.aitd kadnHto 
piii^alive and aBtbclmiblio. 

rxc'lnmUe. a rr- ' • r-- -'- 
nliT«iInc-0 from the roM > 
furum, poMPUing wrxl, |><)ik..4Uir, #ira 
emetic propertiea. 

Cj'tte. Cytltut; tnmi «i«.>»r. a HrrW. 
A determinate period of a eertuin uuiobir 
of d«y« or ri>«rs, wliiirJt ftninbcs and cen- 
mences perpeliiolly. 

0'<'l"ff**»iEiia'iit. F" 

yay^uiv, n utT^c kni'l, A dii:.. ... .. 

Mollaaka. distingnlalied by (ibn^illa ar^ 
ranjred in a drcnlor luannor aivaad tka 

If U 1 




Crvlancu'rm. From kwW. anil 
trr^t, % neivt. Tb« timt divUion of nt- 
diWfl itnimftls. 

Cjrrlapho'rta. Clrculatioa. 

<'j<-lo'pton. The wlilio of tlwi eye. 

Cj<'I(>'i*Ih. Id JSotaHV, tbv cinulii- 
tiuu uf Ui« Ut«x or the rlul flulils in 

Cydo'nln TplRuri». Cf/danittm. 

Til'- <iiiiiii'i' in-e. 

Cj'v'mii. Kium; from sou, to bring 
forth. Tiic |>rf<luot of c«ncc;itKKL 

Cy e*4<il 'o«y . Cnuioloy'ia ; ftxwn 
•*V^{< pf*%niuii';', anil lojofi ^ dMcriiiiton. 
The tloutriRe uf guuvrulioii. 

C"}*"'*!!!. Conccf •! ion. 

C} ritt<l^r. From (vajmAu, I roll. A 
loog. ciri'iiliir IkxIt vt iitiirorm diameter. 
A roUDil lulw U » boilow rrlinder. TJie 
)onp tioDi'H nr« (.<al](Hl cviinili'iml. 

Oylifldor Filling. A tilling, ilkft »*• 
(•rial of «rlii<-ti 1.4 rtxniKiwd of gold or tin 
fnil rTltniK-rs. S<»ii«Uium caIIwI blMk 

rs 1 In 'drical. CyVvtOtoU. lie 
•MDbliti:; » evtinilur, 

Cjllo'Mte. [i >'^?w0f (. di»lorlioit Lain«- 
nc», mmiluEioD, m*li!uarvniintiirD. 

Csninlw'dVM. Kimru^vT- Aniuidn- 
Wii'i). •iii<'<[iiiii )>iil*e. 

O nan cbe. Frutn *iwi<, n do)(, nod 
cjX^, I •nifTiirnli.-. So i-alli-il from do(r* 
b«jigKti(ll»t>««iil>jecl t>^it. $oroihr<j!il-, 
laflBmninliiiri Ol tlte upix^r iwrt uTllii: uir- 
paangM adiI tlic njiraHlUplimpnntio pur- 
llftD of llic nIitn*o(nr7 fanal. 

Oynanoho BDidomlo&. £iV"^'*'''<' 
matig'ius: rj/naHfltf Jitn'tium; fya/xiuke 
^oftefis'ta: lonMiliiti: Egiiillrmio K>r« 

Oynanche Mallg'oa. Cfytanrhrgnfi- 
ff^na'tt; iin'ji'nit *iUtr^>'ta. I'utrid iil- 
t*ttaei\ Mtre tlintnl. Ooii^'rvjumit Iiiltiun- 
niodiiii iiT ilia {<li»rjrni ; h* hi M'lirliiliiiii. 

Cynsnobe ParoUda'a. VjtJi^Hfh* 
maxilttt'ri*: lajCmaimii'fM jtarV'tkluti*. 
Th» iHUiiipn. 

Oynanohe Pharyose's. iBfluninn- 
Itun ••r tiiic [ilmr.tni. 

Oynaacho Toosilla'iia Inflkoima- 
lor« •iirr* tlinuil, (•)iiirari«riE«d Ijr rwlnoae 
M»l awcUinir of (h« iniii'^nft iiii-iDliruni- uf 
tlM fitui't-* anil t'mxlltt, ftrt-i)m|iitni«d l>jr 
ptun, fitviir, nnd iliflii-iilt dv^1iilirl->n. 

Oynaaoho Trachealia Cuiuturhe 
iargngt'o; tfjtvca'uo itrik'ula. Croup. 

A iliwaw. fur ih« ninat part. [)«onltar to 
ohitdr«n. and chflr«rti>r(»td by iufUmmB- 
torj fever. Miioroua sufltroativcbmtthiBg; 
th« foniinlton uf fatve mrin)>raiie in tlie 
trai<)>«n b«iii<4th ll>« glollln, «'hinh la 
»uiiictimc« i.i>u;(bwl n|i i>r eipecloratiMl, 
and at mlior time* rau»f» d.viiiiniva ntiil 

C'ynHu'rlil<-a. Mwliciiw- for rlit re- 
lief oriiiiinir, 

Cyann'rliam. A (^'nna of plantA 
<rf llio iirdi-r .itcUpittdae^a, 

Oynanohum Uonspelaoum. A 
bluck rMtiioUK ituni, pisMrAsing ]<urgativ« 
prpperliw, Sli»nlpelIii(T »i»ntiiiviir. 

OrnanchumOlonfo'llum. A |>1ant 
tli» Icaveiof w-lii4>Ii arc fre<inefi<Iy niin^e 
with tliiM« of Aloxutidriao •DdBo, wluelT 
it reneniblim In lik art!t>n. 

Cynanchum Vinoetox'loum. A 
Europciui plaot llic le«vctt o! wbioji ar« 

Cynanohuxa Vomlto'rlum. Ttio 
i^eciMiiuiilttt i>f tlic Ial« of FmiK-e. 

Cj-iiarrtao'dlnm. In lUtung, a 
fVult with diutitK-t ovaHiL, and liat^. in- 
d«lii««mt pfricarpia, linlojied wilbiu IIm 
flfsfiy Iiilic nf iho rail.vx, t»Ii«*a. 

Cftl'IcUM. Fruiii ictui, a doK. Td^tnl- 
itiK 'v> or rtTMiiiMing, n doy. A criiic 
Gianni i* rlxiriu'terluNl bjr n ciMitiK'tloti of 
UB« sidu of till? faev, in nl>li-lt \Uv uyo, 
clii-«k. and iiiviitli arc drwncvdd'initu'flnl. 

C)'»«dcii'inlon. Tbv fnrmiin of 
the prepiine. 

f/'j-nodon'tCH. FrMn itvi', a dog, 
and dJdkc. aiJurrr-f, a toolli. Tlie citnlll* 
t(i4T(li are «o fallrd from tii«ir ri->nublaiii>a 
lo liiu iwtli of « Ani^ S«u (."rfriK Tmeni. 

CyiKHChM'auiu. Frnm hm, a due. 

nixl y'Kuitna. ft IiillJ[1H*. rio^'alonijlt*. A 
gcriiii "f plitnl'i "f tbi; flrdor {'•••r't-jiiit"*. 

OynotfloaaumOITloliia'le. lloimdV 
toiigiiir. a )daut »a«l to poMVwi polMflluiU 
■i>d (iniN't'lio |M>w*Tii. 

OnollNMl. nydtx>ftlitil>ia. 

Cynalopho'l, Tb« ajiinuus pro- 
c^tra i)f tilt) V4rt«bn»- 

C')'D«m«'rluin. A ptnas of pi 
uf (111- iirdiT (rriJuiW'ii"**^ 

Oynoraorliim Ooccin'ouxD- Fnnitiw" 
nil litiTi"!'- fitnittrU iiM-d ttsiill l>'>tnli|,'«iil. 

i'i nnpliop'lu. fnigniinry. 

<'>uorc;k in. Can'iDe appetite, Boa- 

Cy'prrUB, From tmofiot, a Uitls 

round v<^()ft<>l. A gHtus of rashes of the 
Ord'.T f^yfrnf^v. Simiir src aromalic. 

C^ptao'Mlii. Cuphoma: (rotn M*of. 
frllvbfktity. Gil>ho«itr af the apine. 

Cyp'rlnun 01«nni. Oil of ry- 
pretft, compOMd of oil of imripe oIlTciL 
evfrt** ftowcn, calnnm*, rnvrrii, eanla- 
moRw. A«. 

C>'prlp«'dltm. iMifa dipper; 
tno>-^,'iM» ll'iwpr. Vumo of Ui« vpoelM ar* 
(wiO U' I't ncrviue. 

(')*rto'«li>. f^rin'wt; frOfO inv>n»r, 
cnrvt'il. GiljUotitT of the spine. 

Oyrtosls Oretinis'inus. Crctinlmi. 

OirtOSlB RachlB. Rarliilit. 

C'yH'MiruH. Tlie rectnni. 

C'yH'HOliH. InllniDtnatioQ of Hicbhu. 

Cynl. Ay^f' Trma mwri^, ft bladder. 
A mcmhrftHooi' mo or c»viiy. in which 
in«rl>ld nuittL>rH are polleited; a iiondh 
without an tr[wn\n]f, mid ^ttnnrnllr of a 
ro«imhr«non» nmnri>. which is Ahnorniitlly 
duNvUiI't^il in iht- Hiilxliiiirc of itu ori^n. or 
in lino of ih» nntiirat cnvitieo. Oyate ar« 
ciihoT f!iirpI«or compotind, the Dm con- 
tainiuij! fluhl or an orpuiiecd matter, the 
•eoond variont orgnniwd bodlcu. Some 
haT* bnt one oavitv, others havo sercrsl 
ncp)ir&t«d hy lnuompler« JiejHu. The mitt- 
tof contninitl in lh<> stniplo varietj is 
iMin«tiin(« liriijiiit. M-ripu». reddisli, ^llow- 
■Hh-whirv, or tnorc or !«■»» thick. Blhiiiriin- 
ons. adipo«v. or crs&uus. The tumor 
foniitd by tlictit i* Prtllftil EnpTrt«d. TUov 
are nnmc^d iwooi-Jing to the oature of 
their 4-ont^Ris. ai *ero»<s oynoTinl, inncona, 
••oha<-6on», fmngninoous, colloiil, Mlivsry, 
Heininnl. deniKiJd, dtMiilgeraoa. Bee De»- 
TIiiKI(OL-9 Ctbtb. 

OttlnriciA. F'roia mNTTic. a bladder, 
and aX-.-^, iiaiti, A painful »|)aainadic af- 
fec-tion of the bliuldor. 

l'yNlniix'«. H>-peKKiphy of the 

(>«l««l'Hhn8. A atone In the 

uri;iur_v it l'^II MmhK'r. 

Cjn'tic Cye'tkn*: IVntn /nimc, a h«c, 
it«l'ifij^iii;t to lhi> iiriiiary or ^11 hlndder. 

Oystio Artery. The artery of the 
fmll IthidiliT. 

Oyatio Duot The dnct pKwoedinp 
fn.'n\ the jinll Uadder, and whteli. afltr 
uniiine with ih« hepatic, fomii thecfu^lM 

•Oystto Oxidik See Otmik, 

CY^'tlm. Reni«iliM dmmI twit 
ot ihe Wnddur. 

CyMlltMT'cnM. From mmr, a hlad- 
dcr. and upM^. a talL Tbe laQed UaiU«r- 

CyiaiR>llc<ol'otny. Ktirrrr. a hhul' 
dcr. and tt^viv. Io cut. Operaikm hf 
wliich a |tn]]-flt'>ne is extracted frvm lb« 
gall bladder. 

Cyii''tln. Cywt\e oslde. A pecallar 
animal imvttcr fnnnd in m-lntn condition! 
of the nrlne. nnil In some nrinxrj ralrnL 

C>Mlrrhii|r'Ut. Hitninrrha^e fi 
the l.hiiidcr, 

<>Mllrrhfp'a. Froin wimc, aod 
to (low. A co|)i»iiR diwliar^ of tn: 
frvm the bladder, iMumn; enit with 
unnr. Vcxicnl rntarrli. 

CyH'tln. From citfnr, a bug. A cpt, 
bladder, or (mall memhnuiMia btig. Th« 
uiinarj' bladder, or inrtBhranoaa haf Id- 
clofUtf; any morhld nialier. 

OysUfl UrInKrin. Th* arioflrj 

CyMI'tis. TnAiiininatinn artbe 

Cya'tltomt'. K.-<r^if. hladder, 
Tt/ivNv, to cut. An inslrumrnt flir 
tnf; the capitnle, or aa« of the cryvtaQi 

CyM'tnbliiKf. A (N-lt ferni. 

('yHlo-HiibvtifM*e'IC From «r«n{. 
tlw liladder, aad Damlbr, the irrtdn. Jt 
K|ieei«s of Iwrcta in which the unnsr* 
bladder U protruded thronsh the ahdoial- 
nal ring. 

Oyato-Herood^e. rrotnutan of iht 
bladder through the ''mnti arnli. 

Cya4o«o^. From ti-<trtf. Hit 
4l*r. and c^Jlv. a iiiinor. IlerDia uf 

Cyidodyn'tn. Pain in the bladder. 

4>K'tol<l. ICesemhling n «>yat ar 

<'yMlolltbrii»la. Krtrfn\ and 
a aUine. rrlimry calciiImiK dUivor. 

CfMwI'illllW* A oriiVHi-y rnWI 

CyiitopliiH'iy. Ano[itraitun for 
cun.' of ri*Hili)Ui' openings hilo rJ» 
der, eonsiMinff in the dit-Hs^rlott of 
from a nei^iliorinu part,- and mUliaf 
by Mittire to tbe v^Iik^. 

CyHlApl^'gln. Ttam n«r 
hlndder. iird r/nrnu, | Mrlke. I'l 

of till-' MjI'llilT. 

Cystoplo'KlS. Fromm^nr.tliutiUd 

L— k. 




wiKTVt to Ml. rrotrafion of llie in- 
Hk) coat of the l>(iiil>]or Into lh« canal 
at Uio tirothra. 

fT>m(«MpiM'tlc. KiwTif, and mrou, to 

(*yMo('oilie. All Iniitniinetit or knife 
med In rypttoUMny, 

CymtMtfmmtf. Cfttlatomia ; from kvo- 
rtf, tJt« lilMldtT, nnd rttnniv. to vtnt. Cut- 
tin; <>T pviKtariDg tb« blftddvr. 

Cj'Clnii*. A gwtu of ptuiu of the 

CytiDua Hyi>oci«t'ia. Rftpe of cj*- 
In*; a tlr>)iv. (<iih-orIli>wi*1i, pBratrilirsI 
plant, fnanrl in tlie r^-.-'ta of 4«v«rAl fpeci«a 
nf (-« Ktu-s aiii] fiXNB whioli D>e tvecM kyp^- 
eUtuiri rx riliialnod. 

Cy'loblfUil. From wror. ■ mH, and 

fi^oarof, a germ. A <?cll'i:«nn, iiiiol«gii, or 
sreola. A priinory graiink\ or rainnie 
•pot OB the growing eoll, fntm wlil<>h all 
annnale and rcgoUblw ar« BUpposctl to L>c 
iler«l^>eil. TIi« ruillmctit uf cverv uow 
cvlt. In tfafl nwtl nurncnulMturc of Prof. 
Aifauit. Ilie cell wnll a I«rlii«J aitM^t*- 
ftloat; ttio DiifiliMtN, ra«'oA2n^; tlitrnudeo- 
laa, en'lMaH; and when atmnllor Ixidjr 
cxiffit in thi*, rnl-iithohlaaf-. 

Cytvhliwte'inia. SUiH^^nm. Tli* 
fliikl whkb uouriUiM Ihe «7lobtaBl. Tli« 
dsitriiw in planta, aid liqnor aas^niius in 

C^rloffVn'ettlH. Kwwf, a roll or 
cRvitr, and yrvofiai, to Iw produced. Tli* 
gwR»ratioa uf cavllioi or cvlla, ctD-danU 


D. J>Mii. A doH. 
L Dac'tT* From Ai>|nv>-, a it*r. A 
Likcfix denoting ronnrctton wlib the 
^nKhrrmal apparnlna. 
' Tt9i'rynlUKO'9t». A raorfcW wndi. 
tidii lit ill- U-nr». 

I>a<-r]rd Inu. RQumnony. 
l>a<'r]r|t<J»'ftte. A tpeA(«« of Idmii- 
itr hi w&irl) tlir patient Ua^hi and wc«ps 
■t til* wime t'mip. 

Oacrjoadenl'llM. From ^mp*, a 
l«ar. afiip; n (tland, oud tlie termliutl ifw. 
IsiUnnttalWio nf |)h- larhrriiinl Klflnd. 

Vfwrxoblen noi-rli«r'a« A flow of 
tear* tall >>• I iviili ni'ii-im 

I>niXJCWJ«l'. Ill" Inrlirrrnfil mc. 

1> a e r y o c r « 1 <*^l*^>ii>«iTbie'R. 
INarinirrK of mitcna tmm Llie larhryrDal 

l>ii(-r}-»h(ptnorrliflp H, A flow of» intlvd wills Uluod- 

Dnc-'ryolllp. A ooneniloB In the 
larlirT-inil pwiwgea 
Darr} o'ma. From AMmH l<> wm^. 

S*..- T!ri'i(''ii*. 

Itttcryopfp'na. That wMgIi ciia*o« 
(ll« (mr« to tloir. 

Ihicr'orikpn. From au^nn-. aad u*. 

0jt A W(*^)|.il^l^<l^^^ A •w«]|ingof tiM 
iMhr^mnl lUtet* or ftrnt. 

Dacryopn Plstulo'sa. R »nil» of tliw 
lar■^rT^l%l t;!;inf!. 

I>a(>rj'0|>}'«rrrh<ifr'ik. FIoi* of t*an 
niBgWd with pua. 

I>nptXlP'llink. SoW«n«!« Intio- ' 

diKsiil into llio tlirciiil tn cXi>ile Toinilltijf. 

Dnctjl'lon. /Air/jrl'txm ,* Ihjtn iW- 
nCtflc a tlujfi'r. Ailht^jon of Dip Hngvn to 
fftcli other. It may t>« a M>tkg«oiliJ ii 
fonnity. <ir Roii^in] hj a Imm. 

Ditrlyll'llM. From /cKnaac, a fin 
and itU, a torminal sluaifyiKf inflamtni 
tion. Inflamtnation of the fin^r ; a wbil- 
low. Sp* riffoirrcni*. 

Dnrlji'luM. A rin^; anytluni; rfn^- 
s1ifl|te<J . 

Daotyllus Aculaa'tua. Acvllmlrloal 
frortn of a li^ht color, ton»etini»« found in 
cli!K-itr<d iiHdo. 

l»»C>'f)-|U«. irtrrtJof. A lin|r»r^ 
■In-i, l>>i> fhortpat (rrwk nivinmro 
IcnRih, a flntc«r'« lircndth, wlilcli Is alionl 
nflVfaif^nllimifaii inch. 

Hir'rtioii, A lionp«. 

I^nh'Ua. The fcvnln olriiun«d from 
elecampaae. A kind of ttturc^h. 

nnni'tnnrl4> .lold. A reaint 

ncU yf rowdi" gmii. 

Dnntp. A tenu applied to noxlona' 
gn>f* fouivl In tnloM. 

Dnin'itoa. A plmn-trcc, tbo Pntni* 
damrtUni ; al*^, ilic frolt itf ilie troe. 

Dnu'drllon. A plant uf t)i<' frotiiti 

fjtoHtfJait, llnt'iltft A nillti-d !>tnlk Willi OU4 

lnrt!« ftowrr. Tonic, diiirvllc, nnd a cliolo- 
pigun. t>ww, of InfnRkm, OJ ; of (■iltact, 

Dun'drnff'. Ihtn'irif. A aemij 

whU-h farjM OB th« brail and romM offin 
iiiiall ksIm. See Pittdahs. 

l>;tDM> de Satnl Anjr. ChortK 

ltoipli'n«, A peniu of planta vf Uta 
onlor Thi/inrltft«'- 'nic lniir«l or boy tr«<i, 

Dnpbne Alpi'na. (^amil'M. Dwarf 
olU'i'. It i» Niiiil t" hf pdr^tiw. 

Daphne Onld'Ium. Kpurire iUx; 
Hax-U-nvttl <Ui>lin<. Tli« pliint which af> 
f'uriU llm ((Br>'ii bark. 

Daphne Laureola. Th« ^jntcroiiUc 
ni\ni<- cif »|>iir(tc Iniir^rl. 

Daphne Me«a'r6am. Tlw •^sUrnatie 
liuiiio 'if tilt mcEercon. or epurgc olWoi a 
T[o1e»t IrHlnDt pobmi wlicn tnki-n in inrgo 
Aoiu*, Ii, JM ^lorally giren in vonbinA- 
ti«n will) olh«r dnip. Tlio biiTlt v( tli« 
rout U till' otRriiid jJiirt, 

D«pbn«>lii>'oii. OU or bav berri«B. 

I>npll'iiili. A Ki-niiH »ri;ntiiinuftni- 
rim.v iir r.n i-ht;ii;cuij!i inNiTtn. Iicli-ti^iag Ut 
tilt* <>r<Ji>r Sr'in-eAiopi/Ja. Thti i!oneiruiu» 
jtvtex H tltp tvfo-niKl iiMMl nrcnmoD ape- 
cies of this ^iniiR. 

Itaph'niiie. Th« bitt«r M^KtnlUno 
pi-lir<'i|>lc of 'J-tpfiM. aipina, ntiertan, 4c 

n'.ftrret*i(3fl«(Ml. An &II0.V flitribia 
ai 'il'i* Fntimnbvit, composed of eij^til 
purls l-UiDiilb, tiru puns tca<], and three 
pitrlx tin. It wu ut Mie llin« niiiih aatM) 
far lillin^ twih, e3|i«rih)lr aF tho lovor 
jaw, ititu tlifl cnvities of \i Tilth, while In 
a lii'^'d Hinte. II<rAn be rnxily introiliirt-il. 
Thi' ii»* iif It, hiiwpvcr, for this piirpuse, 
wan wjon abufitlortj;'!! for the rvnvciu tlinl 
tiiti tanporntnri? iit M-liirh it hail to t« sp- 
p]iv)l ouulfl n<>l, in all (■nt>?<i, bo hom«, and 
it freiiiienlly cauDVcl 111 Hum mat ion of ihu 
linliijr infmhrnnc. Hcwitlf^ it wna found 
Uiat il stiranlt IVom the u-alli^ nf I lie cnvitj 
in i-Dolin)!, HO riti to ■■Itnit th? rcercHoD* of 
tlie iiKitiili, onns(>qiicnt1y it did nol praivent 
B rcriirrpnc^ of disoikie. 

Ti. [ir<:)>itrln!; th« ntlnv, lln- l<-it(1 !■ fir^. 
tnolttj. the lin is ihcn adOpJ, anil nftor- 
unritt ihu liisiniilh. It iniiv W mndnriHl 
dill n>on> fii'ihU'' by ml^Kng » sinull ijiiud- 
tlly I'f ini-rniry. 

Itap'HlH. Fnmt ik/iw, I mcurialo, I 
sliin. Eif^riiktlon. 

IHir'tn. flcv Tuincnon. 

IHir'loM. from dif|M«, I »xromt». A 
eondenneil e«lltilftr rtrartore ooilcr ihs 
tltia of the M-mlnm, wbidi tlic aadcnts 
tnpposeil to be miiei'iilHr, noil by mcani of 
irhich tb« oatcr ouvdrliig Ift corrugalod. 

Dar'lpp. ITptims. Impedgifai A 

«rnl nutni; r'i>r colanvn* tirsptiona. 

DiM'jmui. Froiu rViaif, ron^b, bolr^. 
A (li^iMs^ uf tli« ey*. Be* TiutiuiMiA. 

DBd'yicn. SwighiKvs, particular}/ 
of the tongue ati Toicv. natrlnaw. 

l>atta'»llle. iM'nIiu. A miMnJ 
CotniMwed of siljeo. l!m«, uod boracii) acid. 
A I'orusilicate of limi>. 

Unlu'm. A gvDU9 of pUnu of 
order .'ivliiiuiefit. 

Datura. 8tT(uiio'iiItim. Tlinni 
plo; Jainv«towB weed: Jitm'iVn wi<cd. 
The liwrhoocouit |>«rt of %hv triH^] and 
wcda nro narriiiiic nod pt)lsuauu«L 
plant has a ft^lid odor, and a nantn. 
b4tl«r toclA. It ri.-liov<« pnin. «iu«iiig 4 
and the iDhnlallon of the Moukv uffi 
iniiAh rolief in HHthma. Th« >e«<lc 
more jioworftil than nnv utlier jinrt of 
[dant. rVwn of thn powder it J t" «r 

Da'inrin**. IMUi'ria .- 

dtttu'rinvrn. A pi>;>i>Run> iii> 
aotive principle oTdatara •irninoninin. 

Dnn'pu. A geniu of plantu ot 
order UmMli/erv. 

Dououfl Caro'tft. The mrrct pi 
Tlic ofllHnal fiml in of the rarivtr mi 
rated id csnli-n*. Tlie #ced> are from 
wild r-orrot. nnd hare an arouixtlc odnr. 
Tlic root ia ii<k>d as an emoUWnt lo friij 
nnrevL The h'cds ore rtoniaolilr. eamilm- 
t4ve, and diiirvlli-. 

Dauoufl SylTfls'trls. Tlie wDil car 
rol, the *M>d* of « liidi are. by -iwiiie. ji 
fened to ihotte irf tin: ciudvu plant, 

Daiii€>r. A Kreiwh wort, li, 


IHivy'it Hafrl} ■Lnntp. A 

mirruuniled by u iH-twork of ganui 
lo |>revent (.-xplviioii in cttal minvs- 

nnr'niHrr. A PtieciM of 
OPcnrMng duiiiij; waki-fiiliwiM, aiut 
tended by ihrit |M>i^liur j>fifniiro of I'lt 
rheU chftTOi'leriiiLlc of niiihlinare. Ixt 


Dny-Sight Seo Ntctaloi-u and llf- 

I»ead'l}-MKlinaiad«>. A p 

nf llio gvnnti Alrttjia, See ATHori 

Ikeur'nCMN, Dnninitlkiti itraoni 
lo85 of beariDft. Soe 0t«BC4M, 
Dt'itllMt'l lo. TalcnMA. 
]N>»iiil»nlii'll«i. Wfitkintr, 
KH'Adi. Die Tiiial ei'Mntton ef all 





tritAl AiMttoaa, tb« aggrt^o of wfaidi 
teoBtltules Ufow 

Death. Apparent. Mfih} x'to, or 
mer&t; a tHk[>^aiuii of the tiihI fiinrtton*. 

SAath, Black. Tlw iiU«:a« of llie 
foarteentb Miiiury waa ao ca^cd. 

Death, PartlaL Guigr«ne; DMHtlfi- 

i>vniinrilo. Tlix^lnra of mclala, 
^., u( II );»ItUti i-ulor; oUo, Um opcnttlon 
of ^ildiit;; I'itliL 

l>«birilanW. RcmeilEw whluli, 
wbi^ii •.•sliil'iiiil, fimIuc* MciUrimnt. Anti- 

IVbll'ltaM. ri«>)iliir. 
Dffbll'ltr. JMit'itoM,- tulhmi'a. 

I>^brl«lrini>iit. L!lcri1lx, nnbri- 
dUug. A ficiH'li word s[i|>IU<d In Snrfftry 
rMiM>VAl of Hti'aiigtilatlAa of iMrtnin 
or organs bj- ihc (ltvl»roD of other 
MraeturM tliul ttturrlM! eoia)>rG«Nkia ou 

I>^brlB'. A French word elcnifjrinic, 
lUtmlijf. rvmains. wrvck, nuDs. Appluxl 
in JMfUtit Stirftiy t4> the rcinfttDii ■>f tlv- 
naj«<i l«clJi: nko lo tbe (niginrnU and 
■tiuill pkrticleii remoTotl fyoin a carious 
tooth LB tb« |>Npftrtitioa of a cavitjr for 

Dec'agoa. AGgarolmvingbinftqiiftl 

lH*c'aKriini mc T«a Fr«iii-liiira:ni- 
mtiK v.|iial la 5Mi draduDt aToirdapijta, of 
164.81 ttniM troy. 

De«'alllre. AFrendi mctrico] in«ft- 
•iir« lit 10 IitriM, ei|aUivleut to OiO.iS Eng' 
lUIi cubic iti.-Ii.s 

Dec'anietre. A Freach iii«a»iira of 
ID tonircim or 393.71 Euj^Uitli iiictiM, oUwl 

D«rflNta'tl0n. DaMitta'tio. A 
IihanuiK-iniikal aiieration. nxwihiLiijt in 
|Krtir1ng nfl n liqtior d««r fi-um (lie *ed\- 
nrot, by dcoAniliiK Uii.' vn«.-l whHii con- 

IVcnplui'Uo Artl««I«'niin. 

I>ecarbonlx»'lloit. In /'/ii/tiiit- 
llw tnu^foruiatiEin of v«aou« tuto 
nterial lilow<l bjr rw|iinitioti. UkiuaIo- 

IM^<rbnii«Henii>o(. .4 Fn-iii^li M-nnl 
■pp)ii<'l, in Lfiil^'i ''ur'jrfif, to iliv bi-|>m«- 
tluB of Xim (pint fmtii tbv Deck of a toodi 
imrloiuiljr to bltnwtioU, 


IMEciiatiiMoir. A Froicb word rig- 
ntfytng iroiii-lnnvvi. 

I>«'t'lilfirilji. TiiiapiowR. K|tII«|M7.j 

IM'dtl nil nrmbnft'na. TbvGii 
it);; luouibMuw of Uic uteriu durinir fw« 

I>««>l*l'«on«. D«eidvH$; from tf#- 
cidcrty Ui fall off or down. Falling off; 
djring. la Atbin^, applied to trt-vft nnd 
Amha which loAo ih«ir Wxrut on tli« ap- 
pr«*cli ofwintwr; ia OrafMl At-tvmp, to 
tlte mltk or tempoi-ary twib. AImj, tlie 
mMnl>nUii^H wliicb furm llw Mic>) Uint hv- 
cloee the teeth of both deutiticot* |>Kvi-^ 
OUA to tlivtr miptiun. In PhjfMttgy, tl 
ontcrmoal tDembraDo of tlie taXat 

I>0olduouB Uombranee of the 
Teeth. A Diua^ applied' by Mr. Tbotuu 
Itol!, to tlic tw» luncltib, witii'b fi>i-ni ()i« 
fiac3i)iai envelop tht^mdiinentd of thfitcelh, 
BDd wltioii, on tb«i»-itplioa of tb«M> organs, 
di»ap|>cfir, boiog, lu b« mpposoa, whoJIj 

Deoiduoua Teeth. TIi« toinporary o^ 
milk-teeAh arc w> called b««ai06, after mI 
nerving thv pai'pvM« uf earlj cliildboodii 
tbej oro removed \>y an operatwn of ihaj 
ooonumy,togiv«pla<!i;to tiIti«mof a)a 
Aa\ ami of a luore solid luxlure. S«t1 
TeKni. Tcui'iii:\iiv. 

I>«c'lKr*i»Ni«. Th« tenth ptrtof 
a Eriinimi,-. ojual to 1.54.1 xmini troy. 

Deo'llllre. Tbi> tenth part of BlUr«; 
•.lu-'H Eiit.'lir.h fiibic iDohcd. 

Dcclma'na Frbrbi. A fuv«r ap- 
peariiitf OD erviv tt^tb day. 

l>OC'lniCtr4'. AF^^;nl^hDleasa^«, tli«j 
Icnili pari of amc;rc, cqajvalcnL to 3.937^ 
Eu)|<i!tL iurboL 

Decline'. DtfUna'tio. The abal». 
mifit'rif adiaeotteor paruxyain. Kiifevbl^J 
itiMit of iJie viln] iwHvra of Ibe bo<ly fron' 
af^ie. Wo^init of the |>ow«ra of iJ!i« IkmIv, 
aocominiiiioJ by fuvcr and trmoiiniion, ai 
in the caso t:^ tabe«. It i« alto applloii to 
pi^M^m^t iilTiint^ n-ith pbtbiKiit pubiionalM. 

I>epoc'4loiit The |iroi-<MH ofbuiliiigl 
eerlaln liigrDilktitji in a iliiid tor tlm pur- 
poM of ostrarttng the parbt M>tubK< at that 
it!iiiIK^ralu». Abo, tiie prodtu:! of ihui 

IK'COc'tHIU. From if<wf M«ryi, to 1 
A diiii'iilion. 

Decoctam AJ'btun. 8«e UinDaa] 
Coitscu L'mti. 


Ssooo'tum Al'oea Oompoe'ltum. 
Conipanud JmooIIod of kIocs. 

Dooootom Alibm'K. AltluHceffici- 
mtlis. Itefoelton of niarslLiiiAlloKe^ 

Deooctum Ama'rum. Bitter decoc- 
linn i <I«:i»rtii>n nf gtsnlian. 

D«oootum Antbem'ldla DeeocCnm 
ii»/A«mi'<fMn^£i7M. A dococtioD of I'hturo- 

Deooctiun OusbB. t>«ooctiun of 

Dsooctum Ootra'rin. Dccootioii of 
Iceland nioM, 

I>eoootuin Otnoho'mB. Decoction 
of ciuulioao. 

Deoootum Ooluza'bs Compos'i- 
tum. <.^iiipi>i]n<l dwiwiion «f roluiiilw. 

Deoootum OoTDOa Flor'ida. Do- 
cwii'in of dogwtxxl burlt. 

Deoootum Daphnes Uese'rol. I>o- 
coeUoa of Dii-scrvon. 

Deooctum Dlapboret'loum. Cuin- 
ftoond dAi^ootion a( |^niiua<ium. 

Decoctum Diffita'lia. Uocoction uf 

Deoootum Duloama'm. Decodton 
of woodv iitKbloliadc 

Decoctum 0«<rf&m'» InermlB. !>»• 
«octioii uf ciibhii|{4'-tr<T« baric. 

Coooctum Glycyrrbi'saD. D«x«i- 
tiuu of )liiariri(-«. 

Doeootum Q-uninci Oompo«'ltum. 
Cotnifomii] <K;o»irti<iii nf cuiiioi^um. 

Deoootum HnmHtox'jrlL Daooo* 
tion of lofTvood. 

Deoootum Hor'del. Baric? water, 

Decoctum Borda! Compoe'itum. 
Coiii[>oiiD<l diMoction bt barUy, 

Deoootum Kinie Kin» Oompool- 
tutu et LaxaoB. Coigpoood )auuv« 
dc«oc11on af dii«honik. 

Deoootum Llohe'nle. Docxwtion of 

Deoootum Li^no'rum. Cumpoond 
d«<]ocU(fii <if Kuaijuuim. 

Deoootum Liusitan'lcum. Lisbon 
diet drinb. 

Decoctum Mbl'vio Oompos'itiua. 
C(> iltrcwliijii uf iniiilows. 

Deoootum Papav'erls. DcoocUon 

of (lOI'PJ. 

Deoootum Quercfis Albn. UetMio 
If Ml of trliiiKDnk bark. Tnkv uf tliv iiwur 
tiiu-k of vifiiUK Krupn wbiti- »alc ^li, water 
OLi^i. Itoit ili)« R Id n tiiut wd Ktrain. It 
i« lulriiigL^ui, HD(1 in tlie triMitmeut uf m- 

llniutxL KpetilU'' umI nlomlvd gani, tnaj 
!>o cni[<Ioy,-Kl with ailvanloga u n gaqfla 

Deooo'tum Sareaparil !». Dvouo 
tioii of BompArilla. 

Deoootum Bareaparilt^ Oom- 
poa'itum. , Compoand decorUon of mr- 

Deoootum SeUUe. D»cootU>D cf 

Decoctum Sen'ean. Dvooction ot 

Deoootum Tarax'acL I>Mooti(Ui«{ 
Deoootum Dlml Decoccloa of tin 

Deoootum Utb UibL I>««o«Uaa ot 
Dra nnl. 

Deoootum Vera'tzl Oeooetloo 
wbtlo bvUebor*. 

DerallA'tlon. J>; and nlltim, th* 
atcii.. J^piHivd Iv the removal of tbu li<e«d 
of the cliUd in v«sw i>f difBcotl fuUh 

l>ec*lor»'U«a. /'MvWs'fio. Lom 
of the naiurol color; the rctaoral of ootor- 
ilig maltiirs frnm nri,v iilgucL 

I>eeodip«(ii'tlou. l/tcomfoiftit. 
Decay ; putnafki-liLiO. In Clitmutry, l&« 
Separation of tli« oompoiMiu paruor 
cipl» of compound bodioi Croui isaob otbi 

Ikecouipoe'Uaa. A t«rm api 
in !iorn»jf Ui thu rIcu of plunt* 
dlrideU into nuntcrooB roDiitiiiatioiu; at iu 
tHue, and b> leavaa wbeii >p1U iiito tmjsj 
irrv^lar divUiont. 

DeeortlcH'llon. Dtwrtiai'tia. 
rviDovnl uf Uiu bark, liiwfc. or tlwll, tr 

lh!r<vrtlcnUiiB Proccaa* A tcnn 
MiiucIimiM a)ipllwl in JMntttl J^ttkitUifffi to 
n »p(H-)c« of cAtit^ of tlu) Ic«th, doignated 
\>j IliiTsl, jtMlinjf ittay^ whioh ooaalala iB 
tli« dataebaeiit frcrni tbe oaMom tinMOC 
the tootb ofraioJ] purtiuaa ofUia anaauL 
See OaKiDi of run Tsam. 

l>fM>o<t'fl«. Wiittiint ritiB. 

IK-c-roiuvn'lUMi. UwreaM^ da- 

I>ef>replls'aaa. Ittcrrpitu'tia. 
crui^ktinii: ■H'U«, iu inada bjr aalia wban 
pOMd lo a cvrtaio dvgrvu of ImwL 

I>eer«|»'lla*l«. HtcrrpHu'iU. 
Bf«; lb« lart period of Hf*; laai 

S'evu'bllHft. From tfamin6#nt to 
down. Ac; uf If ing down, or 





koruuDtal poalafe. Abo, nuaicr at iy- 

Uecamlwnt. In S^Uny, drooping; 
prortratv, but tiding from tha ««rtb M tbo 
upper eilrcfnity. 

Decvr'rcat. A tenu Applkfl in Ibt- 
any tu ItMvoa wliicb uv pfoloo^od duwn 
tli<; etviii, (pving to il > winded a)i(it«r- 

Deraita'tm. Itunoing to & poiat 
SwnelliiM* appbed Ui a ducilalutt jialw. 

I>OOIUi'<HM«. /'wuun'tNi. Applied 
iu ihtanf lo i«HvuH nnd uptnM vruivvd 
in \re!ix%, vliiiJi altemaUilj cruM Mich 

J>eCnMMI.'tlOI>. />«vuw«'Im>; from 
darvMo, tttcnwa ««rli utlivr. tu Anatomy, 
apr>'>'^ In Dpfcw, innicleg, aad fibres, 

Wllitii cn)M MrJl Ullivr, U a ^MIUMflMI 

of iKi: '.>[il'tc rirrvM. 

I>vcuHM> rluBi. AiilnitPutDentiiwd 
fof drprcxaiag tlw dar» tnatcr ftft«r trcpui- 

I>c<loln llAa. Tho tnlUioIoo of a 

WOaixl nUti liMa of UitMtliao*. 
I>pfiilllnacc. Tlie Krcoch tenn fur 

Dcft«A'tloa. From At^ *A(1 /■»/«, 
eii-n-rneiit* E)t]iiitiiioii of llio fiuceii from 
tho iKMly In I'tutnairy, Ui« MparnlioQ 
of nnjr Hibslantiu from a ImiuhI ia witidt 
It tnaj Ixi JdNiKHilol. 

Il»n>4!'Uo Aiilul. Syncope; falnt- 

Drfens'lToi. ZV<'"*i'^ A term 
fonnerir applied lo applicallooa mad«i tn 
wodimId for ifiurdinu llMtn ngaiaat iiunrjr, 
and 111 QK-diUnea which "Kien auppoaul tu 
raaiat infociicm. 

Drrnrens. Tlie «xcr4l«r7' ttanA of 
Ui« WattL'k. bi.-i> V'as DsraBBBa. 

Dpforcns. Vaa Sr« V*» UarKiizxa. 

n4>ll« '»«. IiuiHtiont. 

DcnHKnl'lluu. V'/ayra'tio. Uti\{\\ 
tiniilitj->ii<-.). ,1.1 ;li:a wlikiti omun wlieii a 
tniiiuri' 'if >.al|>)iiir tuvJ utli% is inHanud. 

Dellrr'lio. I>>:rivittivc; ruviUnre. 

Drftrk'nu. H^x. Bcwling sli^idr 


l>cnortt'(loM. A l«nu appKvd ia 
ihliutu tu Ml outlin- afhT lli« cmisslun of 
tta luiUnn, MAi] In /Wnuti? iteiiietne tu tlio 
eitiorUoD uf t!id m&rka uf virginity by 
ooooBHioB with tlm iiinl«. 

Dvfln'Tluin CHplllo'mm. Bald- 
L4wa (.( ilitf liiiir. 

lorunuff. A cularrli, or cgld. A d^M-'iml 
of bnmora Imci t snpenor lu an ■nfwiiM' 

l»<>r«IlA'lloii. ralllDKof thAlMT 
l>cr»riiiit ll<»ii, A ilofurjiiitv. 

l^riorxt ion. lu Paliokijiji, a morbid 
clianjc*' HI '-"■ "iruoliifv cif an orirdn. 

DcirlHll'llon* ifrylnfi'li'i; tram 
do. iiix) glulir*. tu Bwollow. tliit iirt nf 
awnllowin;^. Tlip rnriatm ninitrlM of tli» 
soft palate utiA tutiguv mv ull n(inemii.-d 
in condumlnu tlio ^immI into tlte iihnryn- 
geal oavitT. Tb« et^raloTa ruiw the pal- 
ate, nud at tbo aau« time protvct Ibe poi^ 
t«rit>r nnrcM fruin retrnr^ritation <rf the 
food, while tiie tensor ihUb it on tha 
•tn-tcti, and nll«r baring bv tbc approxi- 
tnattun of the tongue uhI puUic. been 
conveyed bdiind the Ttluiii, ili« otin- 
■trntor irtliini ruuciuin and piilnto-phnrT^n- 
geua droir the palate dowiu wbirh, br tba 
alil uf tiM toiiifuo, oulA olT lliv niiuintini- 
calit>t> hvlweeii llie fiiiii-wit oiid inoiillt, 
wliilfl at tlte aniue time the puxiiite Into 
the |iOJit«pluT narwi Im inw); clftocd l>y the 
oontnu'tion tif iko DinoolNof the po^i-rior 
pnbitina nn'li. Tbv Toad i» now convvj«l 
by the ai'iion of the coitttriotor innsdea 
uf tb« pharynx inta th» (M«|>li^tni, 
tbrungli irliioli it is furoed by ibe cua- 
trnotion of the maaoalar coat Into tha 

The pBMage at lti« IomI fVom the lamilb 
to the ouHipfatigq* la motiUy tbo ruiutt of 
volnntnry action, but the pnyjiuUioa of It 
duwD tills dout i» ioviilautary. 

The d«ttlutltk>n of Itqnlil* \» alwaya 
Tn<^r« diAicnlt thitit itnlldis liet^UMi tlift 
particlen of a tliihl buvu a icreater ten- 
dency to M'lmntio 1 (o pnxrnt which it ia 
noceisaary ihm it kIioiiM be more aooo- 
rntfly emhi-ucud by thu part* whk'h con- 
vey it front the tnonlh into tlie onupb- 

DesluUtton. Dlffloult. I>y»pluixbi. 

ll^K'iu*)". />r^in«*. A gnawiui; 
wn>iution ; a Utin^ pain ulwot the nppor 
ori^<-c of the stomach. 

UeS'*^* Friint fftvdtia, a «icp. A 
.JI..J1 or »lAg». Til* piirt uf » ptrote. 
AIbu. tbc ntuk or title conterrvd liy tha 
fun'.nlty nf n C(itl«ice. An nrhiimrj mea- 
mirc on n scale of tiiiDp«ratur>>, Aic. Tlie 
IVcbuh UM it to aignify tiio inltuwty ur 




jnurrirnliir rtatn ff >><■ incuraU« diMaae, Ba 
phthiNit, rancor, Sec 

UcfEUMlM'tlotii Till- net n( laatintr. 

U«>hJM'(>4>nl. lithuftn*: from de- 
Aiff. lo («n>H IT ufen. A lerm ii|>pii«<} In 
Jktiny tu the vpcciui^ of Uiii capnW fur 
the iliwhariri' of thcsewl. 

l><'J«''tlo Alrl. Tlie dUeliwge of 

tltO rii.<-l'a. 

T>>«'Jif'tlon. Jhyeti'lh; from ie- 
^■rto, to go to Htool. The exjiulnlon of 
Ibo tafot. 

l>«*jo<'lo'rlnm. Cnthsrtic 
Ifelup MitH. Itrlip'tiri. Pn)lnpmift. 

Delclo'rivm. IVutn .*;;5ru. I tlijitr*. 

i'MiMHi-ni*; iloTiiijiilve; Imrlfnl: iiijuriuii9. 

OellKH'lltK From tlfJiynrr, lo ti'iDtl 
Tip. Till' ni-t <ir(iiiplvin>t n bitndtip;. 

DeliKH'ttun. r>i-Iisnlra. 

l>«llqn«*('cence. Ittliqvarfji'tia ; 
frmn 4*liqnnerrf, to mdl down. The •*• 
Minption nf n fliiiil uliilc by tlit iil»orp- 
lion vf iim«tnre tnxto (tie atinonptiere. 
There orv certain aaltswliid) io lit)*, m 
tl« clilond* of Imo. accl.iLla of potnssn, 
vxtA rflrtxmnte of ^Lasm, and lumc^i lhe,T 
iir« mIM •iellqn«t««ni mU*. Afpliv^l hi 
Ii9t-»n>t \v ■ pani<:)v whicli is so luucfi 
brjoii'lieil that tin) axU di«ji|i|ieiirK. 

Ueirqiilnin. From dflin^v«, to 
l«iwe. In f'ArriiMrrv, Uic ppitntatieoua m- 
IniloH of n drliqiirnrnir wU, Iq fli£ft<»f- 
«f}i, fmniinit: -"yticop*. 

Deliqulum AnimL Faiatiojt; »:nic>;i>«. 

rtcliQtiium Vit». r>«irii. 

I*<*llr l4»iut. OceadeoK-d vHthd«Itr- 

I>ellr'liim. Prom dttijv, M r&r«. 
Wnnderiny oftlte ninid. m In caaM ofilU- 
UMi, from ■Iii-(«rt>«4 fuuctiviu of braia. It 
Diu; bo nolcsl. oft in th« amo nt acute in- 
fiammal Ion of tlra niemhnincn nf tho tirnin. 
orlr>«r »nJ mill t ('ring, iwin ly|>lim<I ftivc-rs. 

Delirium Fxirio'sam. ilimia. 

Delirium Sen'lle. S^jtiite inwinily; 
'imlxx-iliiy mmI moral iaaanitj r«aulliiif; 
fruip i>li! aici-. 

Delirium Tre'mena. Mu'itM a potfi. 
Jtlirititn efrriatita'IU ; delirium potufa'- 
mm. ndiriam peculiar lo dmnkiirdih 
nllewlcd with gr«ai agltaiioD and sl^e])* 

IK'lltmVrnrf'. TvMn ifliUteert, io 
iiide. Siidd«'ii li-ruiiiiiMtin uf ayinjiluiiiaor 
•jntianunatlon by rrsolntion. 

■l>ell¥'erj. Panuriiion. 

I>cl'pbtnnl«>. A salt nKoltiMg fraor 
1h« combinatioo of d«lphln)c atdd whit « 

IM>Ipliln'la. DtljAhf. A nit 
peno'-j liii*-', louDil in ibi! iMda o* ttt 
niuiN ttuphimifria. It liaa barn a»«d ID 
veratnn., as a Wal oininuiat Id ntio 
fonn« of nervoiin dliordiT. 

DHpliln'lc Arid. Au idil to.- 
tmcted from the oil uf llio dolfilua. 

D^lpbln'lnna. Krom Mi^r, tlw 

dolphin, •» iTAlled frorn Ihu n»»vniblaD<« 
of ii» flow t>r to the hnd uf ibr dolplihi. 
Tliv luT^'pnr. Alan, a gcnin of pliuil« of 
lliO ordor li-ntunfil'it*^. 

Delphinium Oonaol'ida. Th« 
Ivfn.itic iisrav of tho Von»»liiia rt^lit, ' 
th« hrancdins larkt^Nir. Tb« root al 
smnta ar« hitler, and in lar^ dovca 
tivf mul mw-tic 

Delphinium StBpbisa'griB. TIim; 
Icmaiio naniv of thv Mtavewicre, Tlw ( 
arc bitter, ncrid, and Daaseons. and 
lim«i iiM<l In dcAMtlou iifan anthdmiii 
Tlicy eoRiftin JflpAinia. 

li^rin. ViiWo. 

iK<i iir4»iitt. DtJtAid. 

l>el'told. lf(}t<^'d<». DtlU^^A 
fn»a thu Gr«ck leltvr A ^dttlta), aiwl im 
a lifcotiMK. A trian^Iar inua<.'le of 
tlioulder, exltnding from the oiAer tblj 
uf tliit claviclL-, and from tli« aonintia 
kitd s|iine of th« wwpula to tlie mUIdte i 
■lie uD Iiuiii«fi. 

I»f iniiiiii*. Wiilioui atuMid. 

I>('m4-n'llit, Froiij rf<^ and wmt. 
witlioiit mi&d. Iwuiitri ahKUKt of 

I>4*ini'bHln. A Fr*>iu-li l^rm, ip- 
pliv-d io Uiigi':)'t and TkfnjHVtitt to 
biilli. in whli-li tliEF towt-r half oul? of) 
iMnly is iimo« A hiji Itarh, 

I><'ni'<Hlcx FolUrulo'rtiiM. 
uiiuiilc immaa funwl in ihi- Klw'riin^f 
)iH«'f) of p^raona living in ta/ps i-tti< 
wli4»c «kin la not mfflcientl} ciciMd 
purr air. 

Ikm'onHtrnloF. From Jemnm- 

tIritrK. \ii i-iM).iI. lu Afi-itrtH}/, IKH) wlto 

eiliibitft the Turiixm parts o{ ihv Vindr; u 
InMraclor. In Ikntal Sveytry, ond vho 
domonjitraica Atld liiai-lttM Llir inoUi^d i 
porfonnlDf: tho rarioa^ oparaiUins n< 
dooImI vich tills branfb of tnvdiciua- 

I>t>ni«irTini I^patM, Suddi 


nemnl'ornt. DemHieent; from tf^ 
mvUcrt. \y> Mn>llic A medicine ui{ki1>Iv 
of ohvUiin^ nn4l |>repeDtlog the notlMi of 
acrid nnd trrllAtlng hiimorc, nn<I irliicli 
fomw vitli water « viscid aoliitloD, a» 
gtUB Arabic, CTUud.i, KOm trimnrniit-lin, Ap. 

DcninNvnln'lUH. Fruin 4f, and 
mHiK-n/'u, 3 tiiMsolc, Wltliout BimIi; «nia- 
pi at I'll. 

Drn'tcn*** Da^g- A f«v«r which 
Sni V'^'*'^!vJ ia tb« W««t Indk-s and in 
tb» Soulliern StalM In 1 9S7 and IMS, Rt- 
t«B<lpil with rlolcnt pftliu In (he Joint* anil 
ptino on Uiv akin, and soreneas nf fleflh 

Dpiil|[r»'Hon. Dmigm'tut ; from 
dtitiyriirf, U> iiliirVeii. Act of liccimiloK 
blif k. a* hi easM of a brnis*, ami i^liuc- 

DroM. A tovlli. Aliio. the »]>vcilic 
name of innti^ IictIm froin ttieir lopiins^d 
rwconbluire to thtteiAh of some anlmtil, 
Mdin* Iwn^ leoDlodou lara^tacuin. 

DeOfl BjUWrUlB. From i/^n<, a tooth, 
and « and wra, ti llirusi out. A ((ng- 
lootli. n tooth which prtgccta oc slamlj 
oni from ttto denial arch. 

Dent. A tnoih. 

Dm'laitrK> Dr»ti«p», fV«ni Jtr,*, a 
l«olb, and aj/*i, fi •Mriiare. An inxltuturDl 
fur euttrsriin^ (wmIi: taolh-tonrep^. The 
Krnt i» uIh-i ajipliMl M toothache. 

Den'lMl. Ihnta'iU ienta'rha : ttom 
dnu. rtriiining lo the te«th. 

Dental Apparatus. Th« t«otli, t<y 
;vlb«r with (lii> a1«vo1i In whlrh ihcj are 
IniplantoL and Jawc Aim, a nui nf arii- 
Sola] ii>rtlt. The InMrumcnti and aj'pli- 
wcce emi'Ioyod In dent«I npvnttioiu ure 
Ukewkao »•) timiiv^l. 

Dental Arch'ee. AreaJ^t linntitirM, 
The archt* fimntMl hj ihi- trt-tli wlivn ar- 
imacMl in thvrr Mx^kvts in tlt« alcvolar tior- 

D«ntal Ar'teriee. Ths itrttrries whicli 
rajipl; tho tpcilh wirb blood. Th« tM'rh 
the «|>^r Jaw nre anpplltd frOm the 
hritnUtl, wliifh windi aroniid the 
illary tuhenmlT ftwra behind furwftpd, 
Wllillig tiff lw)(» ihroiijtfi ih^ fH^xterior 
denial <»oal> tv the molar* and liiniijmln, 
and frnrn a iwljr of the if\frn orbitur. M>nt 
iriT Jnrt l>.>fof* ii onixfjCM frimi the infrn 
tfrbllar f^ruinvn. which ]ta«M:a diiwu tlie 
aatcrlor canal to ibo Im-lwiri ami i-ui>(>i- 
Tlw toelb oS tb* lowur Jaw arv m^ 

plied tmm ih« ii\feri»r ienUil arUry, givMi 
of! Ifjr the bteriinl EuasiUarv. l\ enter* 
the postpnur di^ntnl fornmpn. and as it 
pnasci alone hanenlh tlio niof.i of ibo 
tn'lh, flcnilB tip u twig to ouL'b. nntil it tx- 
riv« «t lh« menial foramen, fi'oui which, 
aA«r •cnitintt a nnall branrJi lo the [nH< 
K>r». U iMiicrge& 

Den'tal At'ropby. Afra'i'^ia titn- 
tali*. Sv\' Atk'Hih iir thk Ttirrti, 

Dental Bone. Dtntint. The «ra«M>U9 
part (if a t*ni'h. 

Dental Oanala. Th« eannls vhtoh 
p«rfonil« Ui« nivooli. aud give (wfMg« to 
iho blood-veaKiU and ncrv«a that enter the 
tfoih (It the oil. re rallies of tlioir roola. 

I>ental Caries. Sc« Caiau or toi 

Dental Oar'tUafi-e. The i»it[|«^- 
noiiii ridgo jili'iii^ tht; inarginBof tho guja<4, 
which iHrrve ait u niihNtiKite for the leetli 
during tlK< lint monili<! uf infancy. 

Dental Oav'ity. C^f'itttpulft^; «- 
rum derttU; tintrrtm Jfntn'U. The pnlp- 
cavity. The cavity oofupieil br the dental 
pulp in th« intemir of a tooth. Iti shapo 
roaembtos thai of a tooth; it is larger in 
yaiing peninn* iIiah in old. aitd wlion tKo 
t9*t)i BQffer great la» of aiib»ianc«, vithor 
fivm muhanSoa] or npontnomiis ubi'HAioti, 
it ftonioiinim bvrunicti uitti{>It!ivlir obliter- 
ated, See Abbaoio.i or tub Tkhtii. 

Dental Etn^lne- A macbitie Hi^t ia- 
trodiic«d in 1870, bat sdnce ^reatl^ im- 
prorod, and wbioli luu alinott wholly 
»!ipprs«dM] the um of baud buiTs and 
dnlla. It ii o|Hirnt«d like a denial liitlio, 
and prtjw6»»c« « flcxiWo cable, or an ad- 
justable arm and han<l-[>ieiio, which afford 
KreHt facllUj' of nitiv^'iueiii and rulaplu- 
lion. Ry mean^ of attncl>iiii>nt» lo the 
hniid-pitKKi, di-illn can W i»ii»ial>^l at a 
niihi niiglv with the sliikfl. nt an acuie 
an);l«, or with a buckwnrd in«hnafloo uf 
iiwirly fortjr-fi\-o dcifruc*. Biimishera, 
diskn, Ac. are also adapted to thew den* 
lal «n;inM. 6o« Exnixa, S. & Wiiitb, 

Dental Ilnirlne, Suapencdon. In 
thin form of cn^nc. cointriictwl nn the 
plan of BUBpeiiaon from the ceiling, the 
driving-power ia h«llM] dimilly to the 
chitn iifltie hnTid-piooci, without the itt- 
lervmtlon of n lluxihio Joint, or a tlvaible 
cable The band-pieos is lialaiLoe*!. and 
tonsiaa ^veo to the driving-belt by a 

•mail |>allc7 vn lli« ha&d-pi«c« sfMOille. 
latA bciiifr «i.-^icnd«(] bjr a cord. c«d be 
Riov'id in every direeiion, itcaen the bnrr 
cnn bo rcaOitv npfiliciJ tv kU ca\-iliw, 6m 
EsoiKE, Emioit's SLnrE-vsio.v, 

Den'tal Ex'cavator. AninMrament 
tu>|)lo;c<l for the rcmora] of (bv <lecfty0<l 
|wrt of a (i>i>lli, pre|iarAior> to Uie 0(i«<ra> 
tion uf Stliu^. A iimiitMir uf ioMtruinvnts 
varviag in ti«o Attd eh*)>« are r««)uir«d for 
ihta jKirpiMe I>r evuir pmMUioacc uf ilea- 
till sarfery. to ennble him to remove with 
litcilitv cnriv* from ouj purl of a tootli, 
unci to givv tu tli« cavic}- mcli sbape sa 
mnj t>o ivitiir«il far the pernioDciit KtoD- 
tion of * fillinit. Juittrnin«iita of llii» in- 
Bcripiioa ebould bv made from the vtry 
Ijum KteeL Riiii be do tuinporcd wi nmlh«r 
to break nnr band at tb«ir poiau. See 


Dental Exosto'slsi Sou Exotfnwu 
or TIT8 Tekiii. 

Dental File. A filfl inaDuiacturwl for 
op«ntioiu cm il» t^ib. Bee File, Dks- 


Dental Pol liolo. FoUic'iUut Jtatk ; 
Jillieiiie c/fitaiVd. A loUk-le, formed of 
t«ru mtruihrACKTC, nno oiil«r and on4 inner, 
ill wtiii<}i a uiolh 1.1 sihiatcd tlaring the 
■jarlf itai;«H of ita I'urmation, BDtl wliicti 
QltiinaC^lv become* a aati, eomplctel; io- 
closiiuc iL See Dkmial 8ac. 

Dent&l Foroepe. See Foitcu>« for 
£xTRAonxa TmcTfi. 

Dental Por'mula. A notation u»od 
lode-iJLiiatetliL- number and rinaa of tMtti 
lu m.imrtiil'c-riiui' itniinaU, forming an ini- 
poi'taiit ^v^nLTic ciiaroctN. In tli« cau, or 
genu ftlit. fur oxninple, itie foritiuin ia. 
iacicom. |, cnaini, }, ^> pnetnolars or bi- 
raii|i!(I», I, \. molar, f, f,>eSO. Blgnlfying 
liiul tiK'jr liavc Nix inciiwra in aaeli Jaw, 
uno caniue tooth oa each Aide of ea«h Jnir, 
Iwo (>rn;tnolai'*. or bicuvpidt, on uadi side 
iu each jiiw, oiid two true niolara. Id 
iiisn, Lh«t dental rurmnia ia, inciton, (, 
cauitic* or rit^>idati, \, \. pririiioUni or bi- 
('asj<id». j. !. rFiiiliirs. }, J. Tiie upper ftv 
urvM refer to iliu upjicr, and lower dfarM 

to lllC InWtft jll**. 

Dental In 'strumentB. Insiminetiia 
einploveil m operationa ud (ho tw«th, onuh 
M exe»vaton>, tilling instrumente,* lilet, 
forceps, &c. There is no daa* of atiryical 
initruuioniii in which nioru care anil mu- 
eba&ioal Hkill are re^uii-ed in clteir iubdu- 

on 1^^ 

Daolure tiiaa tbow uaed Irf the dcotd 

Den'tal I^ab'or&tcry. A roum w 
place where tlio opcntioiu cvnnnted witli 
mei'Iuinii'ftl deDtiatrf are pcrfunnird. 

Dental Heoro'eda. (Mantontftvu. 
See Kaoxngu af tiic TaKTlf. 

Dental Nerves. Tliemirvva wlilrJi 
(u the twotb. Tliu Iwlh of ih* upper 
are aapplted from the mftrri^ a»iu< 
Three or four hratichee dnxvixl on 
Itihvroeit.v of (he superior niiudlarj-. aed 
entciinit the |K>slen«r <li.*nta] canalt m 
nrnvcjred to the molar tc^^th. The in- 
OMora, ousptdati, and hii'tupiih, are w^ 
piled bf a brttlich ftuiu ihe i'it/V>» vrUiat, 
wlMch paaew aloOf; the front of (he maxil- 
lary ainua iii tlia atiterinr douial 
f«n(ling oS twiga to ««<-h of thv9« t 

The icvili of the Inwvr jnw are va\^ 
from the third branch of the ii^arior mar- 
UUrg, which, in ita course, ftaaeoe li«lw 
th« titcrjguid niBAcIca, then olunn llie 
niut) uf tlie lower jaw tinder tJie ptcr7i 
eu intemos to the poatcnor dt^ntal fgra- 
nicR. which it (.-nlfirs nhmti with the anery 
and T«in. wDdinc olT twIfiH to the ronljef 
ibe inoUr and Iiii-ii*|hi1 tvrth, qdUI it »-' 
rivea nt the iit^iital foramen: b(<r« it 
«idoi into two brandtiMi the iuuUiei 
eoDiintuxl in the suhstuoee of the 
eiipjilvins the ou«pid uml inciM>r tceih; 
the laiK«r |taHaa out l.hrua^Eh iJie uaaul 
fonunea u> be diatribnted tit ilio muxto 
and iulvf^uuienta of the lower Qpi ui, 
tluBlly, c-ouimu ideate* uitfa tlia Mil 

I>eutal Koural'ffia. See OmKaauiii 

Dental Opera'tlon. An opvratiia 
iipiin ibf ti-i-lh. 

Dental Or'gaDlsm. The orianiMiaf 
thvlui-tb, tliu ori[ankal»iniL'tQfcii( 
organa; the vital foreea whidi ga 

I>ental OrthopncU'a. Tba an pf 
corrcciing delbrmii;, omikiiiuiivd bj if 
refCuUrity, or vih«r caiuu, uf ihr lnt& 


Dental Patboragy. I'hu pailwlccr 
of the disoaM-* of the teeth. 

Dental PerioB'teum. I'nimlfvmi^ 
(I'nim. A white dhroiu mMiibrsBe wUct 
inTvMK the roota of Ihe t*«ilh, ani *> 
which it ia intiuialcl/ untied l>r DhnM 
proloimatlouii and num«n>iiB miunU 
vesMU. It i* throegb iltt mcdism uf 

L- initJkif 
i nuut^ 







tbeir Uniiic memltruic, Ihat tlitm or- 
[(.•ceivo Uivir ctilritire llutcK 
I dontal pciiosieara ie >u[ipaa«d to tw 
* refliMliofl of lL« bIv«oW: it «»r»r* tl>e 
nwluf each louth. 'u AtUclietl to lliu guiu 
ftt tlie m-cV. awl U> the blood-veiMJa kbiI 
0«rTc« wlicn Um/ eat«r t]i4 extremitj', 
mni Vx. Boll u af tb« 0|>iiuun thai it 
HiUn Um cttvltx ant] fvrnu tlie lining 
ut«tnbriu« ; but lliw !■ a ni*r« conJ«olacc, 
llui i:<iTTu:tuKu of wlikJi, we tluiik, U may 
uut )<• •«•}' to (MuUUIi. TliM mvnibmaa 
eottKUlul4w tbfr bond of nnioB b«twcoR tho 
ruoia uf tbe Uwili And alreolar cftviuea. 

Den'tal Fviosti'tls. /'fntwli'tw tbit- 
tivm, InH&n)iTMitto& of llio dental peri<i»- 
t«am. Seo Ouu.stalt.u, and PBKiusTiiin, 

Dental Pulp. A toil, VMcaUr, nod 
highl;- Hiaattivv eabMsocs, of a r«ddi»h- 
grvy polor, occupying tb« fttrlty of a Ut- 
lag tonlh. It nlrto con*tltiit«it tlie m(lini«Dt 
of a tuuUt. 8m Tkktu, Ojuoix amd I'oa- 
lunnx fw. 

.According to Mr Kamiifth, tho ttrnc- 
liirv of a dental pulp is mIIuIut, like iliat 
of ilu) u«*«uun or dentinal part of a twith. 
Vh«ti tb« int«riial rtnoturo is otanined, 
li« !ut7N "ttie number of minute cclla" 
wUcli proMOL *'tlieTnHl?e« In a vucular 
fortn b vMj r«Riarkabl«; tbey M«m, in- 
doed. to rotutiliite tlte principal portion 
of its bulk." Tbey art de«crilml by Iliia 
•bl« writer, an varying in hub from tb« 
miflUsflt microscopiG ^ipaaraaM to one- 
eiflitti of an tnrJi in dininwtvr.aud aabving 
dt»{i(nu«l in difTerent lajrcre "iliruiifcliuut 
lite Uxlf of llio pnlp." lltt alw <t«taa 
tliaL rurcfiil in(v]>li|;i«tioa has mavinrod 
bim that Uicy cuistMi tbe inrfnTiiof tba 
pal)> In o{>|<<.i«itioQ to 1)10 ivory idontiDt) 
Oflbe loulb. and rliHt Iht-ac are eaMntiallj 
WMHemed In the duvuluimicnt uf ttiu tooth. 
Iba eorrvoliWM of this o[>ioi>>n would 
«BeRi tn be fnllf «onl1nn«d bj a ntitnU'f 
•rdiiiprnnw repfrHvuiiiig tltu micrnneopiii 
Ifipewrnni'o of tliv aimcluri; of ihii iiHhue. 
It would app*ur, hj a cnrupartMin uf mhoo 
•f the^ dtn^iramK. thai ilii> ivll* nr vmi- 
'l«j arc fti-mniTv-l in a iiii>rB dii«tiu(.-t and 
le^lnr fmii no the «irfi»ro than in the 
iBtcH 1-- f •he pnip. prc»eniiDglhea[i|H-ar- 
41' ''fa\ rcti->'i1or loadti*. 

j_.___ jlp, DeetruotUmof. Tbore 
are tiro tn«thodi ufdMtn>vlng the pulp; 

barbwl hrooeh ; the othor "kj tlio appUc«- 
tlun of eoine deTlialiclni; agfni, aa arwa- 
ioua arid. 

Dflo'talPulp, Bxposod. Acandilioil 
oflliiaorKan whori; it invipviwd, oirrDjt to 
decu.T, iir tnc^hanioal or pheuii(*al atira- 
slon. To prco^rve the vitalitj uf itic pulp 
nftvr vs|K><ur«, a number nf rxpcdicnl* 
hare been reaorted to, «icb as cappiogi 
with disk* of gold and lead, fonniag an 
uroli oTer it by the tilling, tint applyiuj; la 
llie exposed tui'fa«-e a tblclc toiuiion uf 
guita-p^rcJia and cMoroform, or a iimall 
pellvt uf ootloo ealuraiod with cnllodinn, 
iu ordar lu )>niTaut nay vac-uuin Wtweea 
tbe pnlp and tbe oap, and also (0 net a* a 
non-eotulvotor. Aabnton. oiled vilk, llilt'a 
stopping, and i>xycli!aride of zinc, lill«e 
alao been «itplt),v«d to tblcld the pnlp. 
Inltamcd palp* ore treated bj leeching, oCI 
coumer •irritation of the guiaa, bjr deple- 
tion of the pnlp iuelf, hy exoinon of a 
portion, aad b^ topical traalmcai witb 
aatringrniH, Inuir*. otimtilnntti, curliarolMiatl 
and antiMpiics; among the lutt«r ag«Dlaj 
U pcpiiiik, villier li<i»Ml, or formed intti 
paxttf witb diluted byilruchlorii^ acid. SD^J 
employed wbore thcro is otTeDRiTo matt4fl 
in contact with the palp, or a portion otl 
the organ ia devltaltxed. A pn*Ie ol oxvd 1 
of iliio and oriMMtte appli«'l aOrr all irri- 
tADta hare been removed, bus proved use- 
fiti in rv«liiriii4r au ex|M>M<<l pulp U* aj 
eonital cotidittou; aluo lacla-]>)io«|iKutD of ] 
lime. prepn/Ml hj adding lovCii; arid 
pliitipbat)' uf Uiiie »(> ait to form a pMie. 

Z>eDt«l Sao. Tbe teeili. prerloutly ' 
thvir «ruptiun. and nl^vr tbi.-ir rndintcnt 
have n(H)uired a cicriain mtv, ara incloKd] 
in menihraooua bags, which arc termed^ 
Mo«. Each MM convirta of two laiaion, 
nil oater and an lunL-r; the unler \» de< 
dortliMl by >[r. Iliinier aa «ori and npuiigy, 
and without v«eecl», wh'Uo the inner 'm\ 
exii-einely vnarnlnr nud finii. Bui tnuro 
rvceni inrmiigatiiinx diow IioUi to 1>9 
vAM^iilari tbe strncture of the outer 
!>l>oiiiry. the inner ia of a flrmer eonaii 
Ivnce. and uf a libro-niaeond and e«llnlar 
itrBPturc. 8ew Txani, Omioix asi> Fo«- 
i«*ri"v or. 

Dental Soleno«. Tbeprlndplcawbleli 
an<K-rli« the prnctice of denti^itrr. Tti 
itbBtrai't knowledge 09 didiingnishvU fronl 
the art. 

Postal 8tib'«tttut9. Any mcob 




eoDlrivADc« tiwd Inr th« r«plM«in«nt at 
ODe or nior« ot the lutorDl teotb. 8«q 
Am-irKTiAi. Tkcth. 

Den'tal 9vtT'g»on. Ciirtirffiea Jm- 
ti*t4^ Surg«oa liuQtist. Dii« wW deTQt«e 
lilinteir to Che Matty aod IraKtnwnt of tlie 
diMiuM of tha tdvlb, and iheir ounnM- 

DentAl SuT'itofy. Chirurgia dm- 
Hum. That braiioh of tuedidne wlik-h 
iuka ref-rrcnv-tf lo Uio Iri^tiuvnl of llie (li»- 
tnsL'^of tha tc<cch and their conm-ctioni. 
and vhich at the same time erabnwa the 
jiroathcfiis or rcpUc«moDt of Ibe Iom, uf 
theie organs wUli artlflcUil mitistitutcs, 
tliMti^'lt ih« lalLer doHnltlon U UHimlly ein- 
bra(-«d in tliiii tfrm " Dtbtal Mucli&niuin." 

Sii r<-iiiiil« i* Che uriRiD of dciilol Kiir- 
geTV, uid imjierfcot the riioordB uf anmnt 
iiivdiciuu, that it coiuiot »t thu |)rcMiit 
tiDii- be Imi?^ with aaj at ac- 
otiru^y. W^learn, liowevoi". from Hkbou- 
oTut, the Grcdaa biNlvrioa, that wticD 
h« Tent lo Kgypi, ttom lus then compara- 
livuly liiu'l)»ruiu bome^ to laam tbo Mntrtxl 
uiyst«rit» mi'l thv tcicncos iu tlic world's 
eiirUoi iiur-Mry of lenrnlng aiii! vlvititA- 
tion oti the banks of th? S'Uo, b« found 
furgvry nud tiiediciuii divided into distinct 
profcMions. There were stirgico-pliy- 
Bieiniu for tb« eye, otbers for the ear, and 
to ou fvr the different da*<ws of disewe 
the appropriate profflanr wiu fuund. 

It U ov^dtDt from Iho wrltluga of Hiv- 
I*t'C«*TKi', who floiiriiJicd nboiit tIiM« lino- 
irvA nmi sijiy years before the ChriHtinii 
vttt, tliui lilile vaa knoon eonri'niin)C ilie 
uiatomy, phyaiology, and paUiolOKy of tL« 

The l«etb wcro not entirely orerlook«d 
l>y Arututlk, AtiitT.i!U», and CitLnt;!t: but 
the bt^t wrilin^ of anncmt timm on lhc»c 
organi nww ei^tnnt are thoae of Galcx, 
who wrote in the Mtcond r«iitiiry nfi«r 
Ohrlflt after harlag e^fayed the itiodlcul^^i olTcrcd by tlmt eldMt uiiil tufint 
i*I>!en!li<l uf liliritriiH wliieh wa« no foon 
altcrniinta doomed to the flaniea by the 
hiuiO of l-iirbaritQ pow«r. 

Krom the limn of GnJe^ until tbc six- 
tevnib rjjiitiiry, fifw tracer of the iirt art) 
to bw round amonK the r«c?ords of medi- 
cine. In ooBnedion with the anatomy oT 
tlietcctfa, Axnus mfntinnn tho incl that 
tbej- hare aa ofieoinf in ili«r ronte for 
Elifl adrabdon at maail nervoa, which ho 

> finti 



regnrds as the reason that thcM 
are tlio only booM wliiclt arc li. 
eome painful, and Rnuc* )»• d 
though very impcricrUy, Lhs pn 
deDtttioD, hut with regard to tli« rcpl 
nxint of the Iom of th« natural w 
Auit*cAf>i» IK MUd U> bairo baeu thi} 
teodt that it night bti done, eitbvr 
other bnnias l«cAh, or vitb MilMti' 
ntads frcnn boM. 

Vebauv^, who hae Wvti •tylt?d the rt- 
ntorcrof biiinan asatomy, nnd aiiihar of 
De CfirporU Hunmni FoArkU, pobliiihed 
at DiihI, io 19*8, dee^ribea the tomporary 
teeth as convtltQling tita genu* ut the per 
mftDcot t«eth, aa error faito whiob 
other of the oMcr wntera liave fall 
Ei:ii>TJi<iitii'a, however, rany b* repi 
as the fiM to have given ajiything lik« « 
cerrcoLdeearipltoauf the ouinbor, gruwth, 
and diflvreiit fumis and lariviim of lbs 
l«elh. UnsAis Hguaud, alsu a wHi 
the olxtoeiilb eentury, ko*** a *«rT 
doKriptiou of l.he toclh of both den: 
both bcforo and after thoir arnittiou. 
dcaeribM Mm* of tlioir dia««Mrk Aboot 
this time the anbjeci began to attntot euuw 
nttidilloii ia Garmaiiy, Spsin, and Switnr- 


But it was not nnii! near ihroo hundred 
ye&rs ago, about the tim« of the rerlnl 
of lutter*. Hint Ajiiiro»k l*ARft, in hit^ w}f- 
brat(.-d work ou Sargery, gave evlii' 
the viialliy of dentUtr; amMat tite i. 
itig i^liiHM of onrii-nt *ci«n«« aiid «r<< 
Fniui (hin time, the treauoeut of I'l i' 
oiuwa of the foetli be^an lo attract nocdi 

Rut it l>« to PisKin FfctTCHARD ikit «e 
are indebted for ilio (ini aystunatie />w- 
ti*r <m Oental Sitryery. Thia WW yth- 
\isbmi in Franc« ia ItS^. a work nukiag 
two l-imo ToluiDGa, and, t]b>ft04h«r, ahuot 
bln« hundred <*k>eely prin!«sl {•4gtf4. 

Although B number of vrorliii wrrc coe- 
Irltiuted tiiltiv litvratureiifdontel -i " 
anil aini>Tig whirh wtr Khiwld not <•> 
mention thone of llo.tox. I.KVLrHx. 
i>*ix. Hiit'RDirT, llxKi«aA?rr. sn'l "' ''■ • > 
yot, with the exception of tb. 
goalionsof t^icnnaultiornibni ii» imp""' 
neiits wen mndo in proctiee uniU lowtfdi 
the close of t)ie4Ti;{liti-<M)th c<Tniiiry. 1 
wrot49in tffTS. and in ItTl Jrtiix Hnc 
wrote ib« Hrst, and in 1T7R t)i« 
pan of liU 7>M<a« m 04 TWO, m «ri 




tt« I>nK»d uii flrm f<iiiii«Uliaa vf tli« Enn- 
li>h K-honl of ilirntbtr? WHS laid. This )■■» 
MibMqn»ntlr bkfn lmpror<Ml and )>«flii- 

tiSfO br Dl.AKK, fol. KOECKKH, flKtL, 

Njsmttii. RoFixsiw. Tosiw, simI oiliw dis- 
Un{rab})«<1 uivn »f ili» i)«ntiil |irtifi!Hlon. 

Wlijti that emineot anatoiaist and nr- 
K««)n. John tluiiler, vu (o OiR KntHi*li 
wbonl itf dcnUil f argiTv, Biciiat wkh to llio 
Frenrli nxxlerD kIimiI, as b«, with olliere 
M|Ra]lr tiliilinrijiliio, tnntcUt tlml no thM>ry 
slionhl l>« rvreived. l)u«ev«r ptausihlv, 
wtitcli M>oId not W proven bv deiaoimtrn- 
Uon. Neillirr Hunter n<>r Biclmt were 
jtmctiral ijpntisU*, but th« miplity cnrr^.v tif 
tb«ir mindE embnuitd th« dentAl with the 
olhrr Vr3iii«?jM of porRcrjr ; and tin' prina- 
' I'l ''■>f;y -tnd [>8tli<)l<>jr<r at lurge 

in' . I ' I ' iinfmrlnitt broncli, Mid r«- 
r«itl«d lilt oMintTi'tion ami fYiiipnlhiea of 
tba trvth witti iIip entirs frumairfirk of 
man. BiAKittR, Btohat's editor, Althoagh 
not ■i>rBni<-AldvD(ift, wuiDBcb tcltvrav- 
qvninliil Willi th« science of tlie leitli iluuj 
Blrkai liiniM-lf; aixl Cavit-r'N ovicnnve 
r«vrarcli(« intn c«le«logT, at well as the 
ucAoa at nntncK nt liin:<'. nil. all votnt in to 
■id tbv Fri'tK'h d«iitHl Rcr^i'ooa Skuro. 
DsrADAKHK, F. CrviRii, RiitMRRAU, Maitrt. 
Ibe iiiwlem iinpr«vcoi*nt« of th* art and 
•cicnff, t-ntldinit, a* tlx-?- have, on the (onn- 
ditioD laid jtkn btfore, bj F*rrmim. 

BtlKCIV. BnmtlTT, I.ECLUttE, JuUllltjttX. 

niiRMA^. Bafmk. LAPOftors. oBd otlwr.*. 

tl would, doubtless. 1m Inloreatinx to lliit 
deninl Mudt-nl, If we wam t« tncv tiKire 
ID dvlail thn ]>rii(rft« ut iMii bniivti t>f 
■onji^' ('iriniL'h th« tiVhtci^ntti ccntnr?. 
I"' '• In wliirti wp Imvo r««triclcd 

ti.i' ''ill Rfil [RTnill a« tfi d" «n. 

Anii<nir the wrirers who hs»e oontributod 
iRfiot Utitvly to tli« silvsnwnii>iit of Dental 
Sclenra in Frsni-j, ■linc* ihe onnimcnrc- 
mntt of il»e prcM.-iil cctitnry. are, Ijifortni*^, 
GartnC, nanine. Jnnrdain and Mnfnri'du, 
pMV4lI, PeUharro, t^niair, Scrrt^ AwVt- 
Xmn. P. CVmep. Micil. Rodbwiiu, Maurj, 
BUndlQ. T.efonlon, ^lianye, ud r^osira- 
bodr «nd SotUL 

To Mie ft>r<'';*iinp, we tnliclil add the 
tum^ of mnr rn.t*. 1ml tlim* me have 
•IrMfl,^ ' niH mffic«> tn fthnw the 

fntfriT^- viieuri' of dt-ntAl Mir- 

f<nj iix* ntmk in Francw lim-tf tbe cua- 
BMMiueDt of Ui« iirfwnt <>eaitii7. 

I.ntrinf Oi* French m-HmvI, w« shall pro- 
ocwl lo «i&in!n« very brifHy the ])rft^rcaa 
which di-alnl *i>rp<^* baa tiuul* In firMt 
))(-ilain during thi- Miinp i-rriod. Tbp f>nl>- 
lIcAlum of Dr. Robert llUkf's fnttywrat, 
DtM^'tatioH OK tir Slnirfurr vj' Ihi Tftk^ 
In Man, and taTi««t AmmitU, nt Rdin- 
biirirb. m l7fR. ««* foUowcil in 1)403 )>r 
the find part of Fok> rriphrntcd TrratUe 
*H lit J!'atttral JlUtory tiad fJMiitf* nf 
Ma Jlvntan TrrfA. and In ISPR, bj Ihfl 
acoond port. Uolli of the above woAm 
hold adtwrvedly high p!»*e in the fllwa- 
tiiro of thi» di-partninit of tnctUnne. Tho 
poblicMion of tbU work al onre (row 10 
llto Kiibjwt. ■« a limiich of tlw hinilin^ art^ i 
na Importannc wbldi it bnd aerer Ircforv' 
bad, and awakmi^ a Hfiirit of inijiiiry 
vhioh Mon M tu ihe ad('pti'>n of a mora 
corrw't Aystcni of praci ice tlianhatl bitbvrto 
been piirmied. 

Among iho anlhora who hav« con- 
trihulcd to tli« advanconicnt of dental 
Kk*ni.-e InOrent Britain are Fuller, Mii> 
pby, B«w, K(M>i?l!«r. Bell, Wail*, Soidl, 
JoboDD, R<>t)crl<)on, J. P. Olail:, Naemytb, 
Jnu. Tomes, noodnir. I.iiitut. Soiiilero, Rob* . 
insoo. C'Wndiiti, Chna, Toinea, oiid Priife*. ' 
■Mm Owvo. Itichnnlwn, Benle, ^alii-r, Ao, 

The naniea of iBaBf other writ«r« nii)ilit 
1i« addi'd lu the abuvc lint, bttt a* most of 
their coDlribution« wcro int<!n<lcd fcr th« 
frcoernl rnlher ttian the profcMioDal rend- 
er, we lukve not tLonglit It neeuMar^r to 
mention thcia. 

In Ocriiiiiny, denial wirjrery. thonffli ' 
priigrew biw hei-it b'w rii|iid thm* ibnt Nl^ 
Frant-e and <>r«ul Britain, has atlm«t«J 
eonwdcratiK- nlti-nlion. Few work». biiw 
ever, of much tnoril have eiaanated froni 
that co'Uilrv »i|ic* Ihv foiom*ni.v-'BK'nt "f 
the prewnl renliiry. Then.- ar* two. bow* " 
evei-, piiljliHho<l at Berlin, pnrltoulart^ 
worthy of notiee, — rmt In IKTvs, and tbit 
other in IftlS. Tbc fintt of lbe=« viritV\ 
written by SCRKK. treats of dental ofcn^ 
tion* and ioiirarnenl*. and fonit* ano<^&ra 
vtilniiic tif nearly six hiindi-c>1 [vn^ci, illiu^ 
IrAleil with npwanUof ihiriy (ihite* Tb« 
Urt ta hy (', J. and J. Ltvnmnnt, and tr<tftta 
of Dciital Anatomy. I'byVtoloitr, Materia 
MivIifR. and Siiritery. funning nn nrlaro 
volnm* of almnt lire hundred lM|;e<. illus- 
trated with "cvend ptntes. Mr. .1. I.indjv 
KT Is the author of two ahty written 
work» on tb« to«th. oim- pahliohMl la 1848, 


iU)>I the other ic 1 BSI . Tlic «>mpiimtlv«1y 
rnvnt work of Prot WcdI. of Vienna, on 
ilvnul patliologjr, has «lui ottxacted great 

Tlic rcKurchM of TrofcMor Rrmrfl, of 
Swe^m. are sIm Intercsdng, and, llionfrh 
thej <)n not go lo coRRnn [»r«TJoD« optn- 
ioos witli rcf-ardtolhe iiilnnle itraanTV 
of lilt' tw-th, linvfl aoviynhnloAs (hrunn 
raiicli Tftluol'Io Hgtit njH>ii the 8Db}e«t. 
Tbf«d rrscHrcii^s cnnitUt vf inifTDKOpio 
HxiiminitrHiriH oT iht* tocth of man and 
Mlier nninial?, ^onduolcd upon an uxlcn- 
nlve Ht-nlv, noil wuiilil M«in to prore the 
atmcinre of lliose organs to be (nbalar. 

Having now ^Inne^d v«rf britflv at tho 
progrcM of tho Micnne and art of denial 
■nrgvrjr tn moHt of the prindpal cotintriM 
cf Enrope, wo ■hall proceed to notice 
llicir latrudnctloa and sroiri}i In the 
Uiiiicil BtatKO. 

TJi(^ first dentin in the Tnitpd StatM, 
of vrhom we have ai»y account, wna Vr. 
R. Wrmfreiiiialp, who rnniv orcr from 
Kraylnni! to N«w York in 17fi«, and rft- 
initiiii-i) in ihi.i ronnlrY flliiHit tiro jmn. 
jirartiriii)! in New York and Phllftdelphlil, 
bnl not me^iiing with inup.h enponrjig^e- 
mcnt, ho rctiirnwl to Knttlacict In \'Afi. It 
19 Irt-lleved. linwever, that Mr. Jxt. (!a«- 
lyRTTK, ft mrgcfta fn^tn the Fr*n''h nnvy, 
wa» (lie fii-sl tiifOit-allr nlarjklud dciirist in 
ih* I'nili'dStatM. IlecAiDv to New York 
ill 1783, and the following j-car went to 

Mr. Joitx GaEKxwoon, howeror. It is 
beliered, was the flr« rrpilnr native 
AiDCi'icnn dcntiot. Ilocommonced prac< 
IW in New York about the yenr 1TT9, 
and l« Kftid to havti h^n th« nntr denti«t 
in tl»at citv in the ;e«r 1790. But Mr. 
(ircfnwooil did not n-iiiiiiii Inns nhiii) in 
tlio prtih-Mtiiii in Xow York. About the 
y«ar l"nO, Mr. WwofTttidale, of Londou, 
runii-lo lliv I'nit^H) ^^llltl.n• .nnil cotdiiivdcihI 
prnclire in ihin city. About the yeiir 
ISM, Dr. Iludnvn, of Publiii. cumnicnccd 
E llw i»nicticc of dental mrfVTy in Philadel- 

I jihiii. But flbmit five jears prerioua to 

I ihe ))iftt-nieiit!<»icd pvriwl, Dr. II. □: llaj- 

I ivD cstablislii'd limsiilf In prnellN! In Bal- 

I timorc, whorii, in ISOT, ho wna johiod hr 

I I>r. Ko<*l<rr, but in a t.hoi-1 tliuv tin; l«»t- 

I tmta<di\ ircn()i>iiiou moTi'd to PhiWIdphia. 

I wtiiTw ha mnniaed ontU I82S, when bfi 

^ went to Lofidoo. 

Bat, nnltl 1820, DcBlal Sorgwr 
mndc but little pro^«M In ihn Vol 
6<«tes; HiDce that period lt« adraarw 
bevii more rapid. In 1830 a ]t0riocUe«I 
Toiod to the Interests of tli* 
entilJod, Th* Am^rifaiiJi'tmm! nf 
S^ti»f4, wiw oeUbliatiod, In Febnui 
IMA, tlie LeglilatOM uf Unrvlaiid r! 
tered tho Baltimore Clollt-^ of I 
Snrgery, (ffld hi July foBowii^-. the A 
inan Society of Tenijil f tirir<iiiw wa» 
yanised. The oombini-'l indcicnrv of 
Joumal. the Oollefte, anil the Ant< 
Bociclr. i^ve an linpetu to tllit nci 
whii-h It bail never l^efore had. and eon* 
tribtiled in an eminent degT«« to tb# dig- 
nity and rvope^labilllj of Iho profneion. 

t^inre the BattinHnre College of Dontal 
Snrgery and the AmettooB So<My wMit 
faito operation, a ntimbir of coUtgca, Jmr- 
nala, and aaaociatlonaof dentlMa hanbaM 

Tho ITnitod States has c<nrtrlhnt«d <ialH 
as mnrh to the llturatore ut t hi* hrnnrh ef 
inedidnc no Knrop4h and dental snrpery 
progree o od aiorb more mpMlIy here 
llicre. and the work* of American autli 
opnn tliiv snbjet^t will nutsnffer by 
(Mriwn with tninilsr pubIicntion» of 
cfltiniriea. Rut comparatively few ele- 
mentary tr«Atl»M on the >.ul|jiH<t liaw 
crw boen pnblwlwd anywiterv. and it 
those pnrpoiling to tw sorh. whicli lute 
appeaTMl dtirinp' the Itwt fin<!«n oe 1w«atT 
T*ftr», Arnrricsn denti«t» have covtrllMirvd 
the grenler nuinlier. 

In thoM lirieiiy glancing at tlie rfae inl 
progTfeavf denial suivety, the ant'-- '"■- 
neoeiinnrilrbecn oioix'IIimI to asol! ■ 
infi into details of pnrtii^idar au^t^ 
p-rnotioc, and of improvMuciilit ami tnri 
tioHB, whirli hare, from time ' 
Tiimle. aa well as from an an 
work* whi<h hare tiMn m< : 
If he had done aa It wookl ' 
thU nrtii-le to a *\r.» wbnll) i 
»ilh tltedewifnof a w<'rlt lil... 

Den,'tal Therapeu'lioe. t 
rapi'a ,- iron} dfun, a tuoOi. lutd 
to hi«I. Tlie WoDcli of Tnedii^i 
ivIatoH to the trcatnteot uf dlscaaes 

Denlal'iria. From ^<nt, dttMi, 
tooili. mid n?f7f, pain. TrMillmrho. 

Dcnfn'Hti I«plk. Halivarj nh*-' 
Iva; tarlur vf On t««tlt. 




D^ntMllom. Fmra dnu. k Inotli. 
T).!' il>>(* likv Kiof h iihMI, \ gi-aa* nf mIivII, 
rcs-ciiiMirik: ill !i>ii»[ii; ft loiilh. 

I>4*nUi'rltt. Antktntit Purtthrvm. 
J'tamh^^j'' Europtra. Toothwurt 

Ilentttr'pacs. Prom dena, « togth, 
snU afimCu, I fcir» away. An insirnment 
for the «itriu«I»n nf t««th. AnrleotlT, 
tliia frpvnt'ma iru pcrfuriunl wi(li nde 
011(1 clnitwilf rofutmcted forcepa, Mid 
li«fiM9 tite npernOon wm rrgmnlBil M for- 
midnlitc iu>il ditlicult to |>crfonn. S«o 
ExTKArnos OF Timt. 

Denfa'tM Tcri«bra. Tbn Asia. 
Tli» w>-"inl vvrtrl-rn «f ili« nock i» no 
eaUed frtiin iin tiaviaj; n lootli-Hko proooM 

Mt lll« UfiliM [Kirt of tU bucljr. 

Den'lHl*. J)nnta'tn*i from dMU, > 
lotxli. [lavinKpuintalUe teeth; applied 
lo r(»il*, IfAVM, toj. 

D^nlii'tiiR. The woood of th« eer- 
rliaJ vcrtrbriP. 

D«n'l««. Th* pinral of detu. Teeth. 
Sm Titrrn. 

Deiit«a AoutL Tit incimr leotb. 

Dent«e Adultl. The leeth o( seeftoH 

Dentofl AdTSrsL T1i« tnoiaor teetli. 

DenMfl Angtilaraa. Tlii> tuuiiiM i>r 
cmpid Iwth. ea calk-O, probtblf, b«<«nBe 
Ukt Bin •tti)ni«l at tb» anglMt of tho 
slrealar nrrli. at th« comen of the 
movth. or froca tfa« an^l&r ibape of their 

Dentes Blcuapldatl KciMpld teetli. 

Denies Oanlnl- Th* ctu^d or mbUw 
t(«tb; *f v-dlc'l from tli«ir reaembLuwe to 
thi" t«*lli iH'a (Intf. 

DenteM Oaria«f. Ciriooa twlh. 

Dentee Columollarea. Tho molar 

D^nUe Ooapldatl. KMoAHrrff. Oil»- 
pU itialk 

Dsotas Bxsertl From drat, a tooth, 
tuil M Mf fa r M o thmtt imt. To«lh which 
pniJMt or ars tn frmt of th« dental ^rch, 
hui app1l«4 nraro pHrtictiWlv to tlic oiupi- 

Dvotea Incioor«a. tncH^rir iv«tb. 

Dentoe LactoL The mitk. tempo- 
rmrv, or dM^dnoiu teoth. Seo Dtciuoom 

Dentee H61ar«a. Molnr t«rth. 

Denies Prlmoras. fli« liutiaur teeth: 
no f^fl|lMj t>«oanBr> (h«r owopr the fi-ont or 

Denotes Saidaiitis. Tlie wMom i 
(htrtl muhLT tvoth. So Bam«d booHM^ 
thej are erupted In luaturv rcark 

Deotes TomloL ¥nm tUn*, k tooth, 
uu! foni^u*, ciittttif;. The incisor IMlh- 
IK^n'tlfrpH. ^ce DE.tiAuu. 
I>ftntl<>'nlatc J)futi<vWtv. Fur* 
dmLinI wii)i ^'tiiidl tecUi. 

IK'nllr'nlnn. A lilClo tootli. 
nealld'iiciim. Dentngra. Tooth 

Deadlier. A Freodi woi-d agni^iDg. 
A hwe of ineinl. ivory, or iiny other hiVJ 
Mnnc«, Ennplojted m a fopjHirt nr ■ItMsb-l 
inuiL forortiltrial teeth. Tliv lenn ie ftlaftl 
■ometliDM applied to a eel nf anlflrial 

Dea'llfbrm. Dmliformia; fmm 
ien», a looth. kiu3 foma, form. Ilaving 
the Rhapo of a tooth. 

1>«irilflrlc<-. Df«iy)rit'iian : tnnij 
ienK. « ux^th. anA^flrkart, to nib. A tO[Hl 
iml rtnncd) (or ilie leelh; a powder dp] 
paaleforclcanin^ I lie teeth. Although ch4 1 
tec-th caxi. In mint raaea, he kept Hmo bjj 
the nw of a mttnble I>nii4i and traxe<l (Ic 
■ilk, a powder or paste may Mtoetltne* ' 
advantagMMifllr cinploye'l fiir the remoTal^ 
of iliM-'oluratioiis, ftaioB. or rliitniiiT macua. 
The following arc the fomiulie of a teir 
of the moDj dentifrioca at pr«««nt em- 
jilojred : 
H, — Oretn- pn^>., ^r 

Pu!. orria root, 5'»*. 
Cwrt*s cinclioua, 5'iJ- 
Sarchaniin a I hum, "^vsl 
Carb. HidiB. 5i- 
OliMiiA finnamont), gtt. xt. 
Mix aud reduce to an impolpablo 
B-— CuLorrlarookSiU. 
" cinrauaoci. Ji*. 
Cr«tn prep,, Dii. 
t^iip. cjtfli. aodii^ 3^ 
Sao. album, 3irij. 
Oia roan, gtt. X^. 
HU and trednw to an inipalpahle 

jttMiufm* ltd ArtMHatie De»Hft-iet. 

B.— Pitt, ^nllir, .V"". 

" om« rwn. 3\j. 
CrcliP prep., ^ij. 
Coriicifl cinchoaiR, S)- 
Mix and reduce to an iin|ialiiahl8 






TnUfoT CtMHinp tA« Tnth. 

H- — I^ul. orris root, ^v. 
" cilUinmiiD, ^la, 
Crotm |>n;|i., 5'"- 
Curlio'ui dnvhunw. Jiij. 

Mix, pvlvvriio to a fiat) powd«r, nn<1 
add a siitHL-iont ^uontUf of booey to Conn 
aatif iMiuo. 

Otbor fvnno)* mi^t li« ^vcB, bnb tli« 
(oragoinc trill euffico. 

Doiitiff'orouA. Fmiii dnuy « limtb, 
*n*l yittr, III rury-. Tiiiitli carri'iog- 

Dentlirorous Cyst. A cysl contaln- 
inu II iiHiili. Khi'-lt iiriu!* in vonnuctiun 
willt It J.-vi'Iiijiin*; yr n ri-tdini-il twotb. 

Dcu'lltinl I-'Ibrllm Cuiiti'iilauf the 
dfiitiii;il tiilmli. S<-« l)Kyri\*JtL Tviiiiu. 

Dentinal Tubull. A uoltltiulc of lin« 
CRiinld ill the HlnitMnro of lliv (Irotiue. 
Tl)i'7 an dtwi-rilwl hj mK:rosov|>isls ta 
tuving dinTinct i>ariotes. of a. biutl«r ma- 
tvtiiU tlioii the inU'iltilniW tiaaiie. TboM 
tuliDti coinmvDci> L>n the walU of tbe pulp- 
caviij ani] riuliaU, In ft wavj' counw, 
llirouffli cvi:r>- |inrl. uf tlm ddttlno to lie 
pcripbery: near the in»atii?«ttng surbu« 
of thu oro«-n of a b>i>t}i, their hitvo a novly 
Tcrlical direetioD. uid towards tbo ajf- 
ppoxiinni mirfncM. u linrizonlul dirvctiun. 
Thoy c«i>iain w>fl. liomu^noous fibrils, 
vliKU Are cillicr ivmlinuuiut with lliv 
ixlnntolilaMl <-rlU on the snrfac« of tlie 
pulp, nr with the lining tnembmi^ of tllfl 
pulp (aqnI. S«e DEyrt.NK. 

I>(MillnarKl». Trimi <frn*, itrnttM, 
a tixitli. ami •]>.;.<>,-. {laiD. P'un in donlint^^ 

I>Cn'linO. J'mti'nam. Tootli-lHUl* ; 
lT(ir», Till- name ifiven Vy PnjfwwDr Dwro 
tu th« timiie nliJch fomis the ctiief part <>( 
ft tdotli, U'l-mcd \f Gorman ftnnt«I^.i9t^ 
/CitoeieittulitMni. ZaJ^nbtin, and Znhnsnft- 
ttans. niid tiiunti.'d li^iw^en th« enamel of 
th« er<twa, oC'Oi'ntiini of the itxit, Mid tho 
pulp-fvivltj. The strocliiro of duDTlnc. 
nn-unliii)( III l'rort»iior RuUfua, of Stm-fc- 
bolni. Is ttibtilur Tbo (nboe rfldijitiii(( 
fiwni Ihc t'<il|> nre "dirertcd |>erpendlfii' 
briy to ilic ftitrfiu-e of thi> loutli," uml i>ur- 
mm^ a u-unnff (•(■owp, " eaoli tnlio hacing 
tbm.' riirvfw like th* Grn-k ivWt C. Be- 
tiilttf thitao prininrv runes ihi- tnl>«i whfD 
oxntnini>d wlih n" biph '■ mnirnifying pow- 
«r, nre -wu lo prc^vol RiiiiiUer wectiiiiitiry 
iindtilniiun*, which are Ich prrt^'pllMi.- in 
llio tlwiilmiqs thnc id tho |)onDMicBt 
t*«lh, and lew mnrkcd nt the cslerua) <m- 

trt-inity »f tli» IiiIm* than in tbo middk 
tb»ir eonrw. The nndnlniiotK are ticattr 
paralld in Lliu dilTeruat ivlx;*, nnd lliw 
tpw riw to tha app«irnnt«< of ronovntric 
liRe« arotmd lb« cavil; of tlie |i(ilp In ■ 
»Cclioa of tbe ivory. Thvir diameter rfr 
auitns iJio saino (nninclr. j\y of a Frvncb 
line, or about ,Ij of an EnttVuh liiwf fniia 
thvir winaHDOeiDMit at lh« lavity vf lJit> 
pnljt to tbe mkldle of the otiti^r third of 
iheir conrM; It then diiiiiiii>-Ii«rk ' 
nnlil tb« tomiiaa) brancbv om-. 
visiblo, or i«nniDate lu midiU j^r. ,- mi 
rcund ocIIn." Witli a nuutniC; m^ ;< >'■ 
of 800 to 600 diiuniclvni, it <-nn in- ":•< 
thntiliotnlwa are not niin|ili>. Inn Irui i 
liy a dinti«i(imoaa ititMnu, nixl In thvir 
w hole «xl«nt give off ikUin*-n>ti» aid* IwifH, 
vrliiob Hiiiuu Hnlidivido and ircmpy On 
i>)Huw» lH'tw««i il)c principal tnlies. Thw* 
mniQto liLt«rnl brancbet are m«ii aiAtt 
n-ndilrin tbo doridootia tct'tli; thuM.- fiuni 
dilfvrcnt tub«a apfKHtfed to rCctziu.B diH to 
an asloinos^. except, perbapti. by thfirBacat 
exlr<riuili«». Tbe tube* bii»tr « nion- rr^o- 
Ur arrangtmcoi, their lateral hntr< ' 
amaller, and ibe c«TU itii»r<> mini: 
dillicidt to dlvcovvr in thu butiitui toCb 
than In thow Of any ottitr nnimnU. 

■'Whvn the wall of th« navit* of lL« 
pulp of a luoth b rc^rded »Ub a tali- 
riviitly biKdi maRnifyiiiff imwer, it ii •nb 
to M |i«rforattd by natni-rona onall nri- 
lli-«t, «c[)anit«d i'*- nuiiivrnuit iwrfr^w initr- 
"iKii'wi; lh(incnretli«i>|>enia«ptiL>(tl < 
Iii)>«s. In 91'rttuiiit also mnd« to t)> 
t>f Ibi; lub««i, tlifir lutntn mn b* ^- • 

ihri tlii-ti npptara*l>riKbi rini»>i 

in^ a «pol, which. arooriiinL' lo ihr mi»- 
lions of tbe lifibt, is dnrk or li^bt ur lit 
p»rl dark lutd in part li^bL Smuc uf df 
tube* arw sc*a to b« cut oUiipidy. Ila 
ririjs hurr" n difft^nrnt a»jK-ct tha mir 
KliiiM^c in whirh tliey are lit ' ' ' ' -' 
have sometimes a yellowTet ■ 
aa««<ll as from tbe oliM-rrni>.-fi> 
ri-im>r ^Qlltf, it i» erideot thm tl 
have Hpe**!*! |>iLritlea. end 
Otc.ivatloiw in tbo MlhcUn", 

" Rxiunioinf the Ivoi . 
mnliii. replDe*. and li- - 
will) in.tny vari«iliM at #irn>^Dr6; 
iiimt iiii|K<rliint «f vrbich, arc t\-y!^ i 
sliuw ilio fpval rctt-inblanre ut ittrj 
bone. The r«llaor«orpiiM<J«< arvta 
u&niiiialia in greotext abandaocc al 




snperfldea of the Ivorjr-, bat in ollien. 
t1i«*, tJi^Uor witb tliwtubi'jt which Usuu 
Iroia thitm or tcnniuatc lu tl>unt, an<J 
which nre ooniioaous wUb tti« larger don- 
ul tubiw, i)Ci-u[i}- in )[reat«r pnrt til llie 
intvrajucu* iMitwctit llio Uit«r. TL« jmrt 
-of iti« ivtiM. nflisr tlif tevcli ha>rtt etn<:rKi-->l 
frotu Uta irain. iuin«iy. tli« tfilruiiiiLV i>f 
th« fiutg, at»l itml part wliivh tilb Up Ibe 
Mvlljr iir tliv |>ul|i. h» le^m rviiultirilr uf 
■trticli:ri.> tliuii t]ti> iron- {>n>vi()tial v fanned; 
tb*' tqIxM aie k>M itw*ll«i, the o«Ua Iat^, 
•nJ iJic lUiuai'^iuvMea uf Uie HriiiLlI Islies 
tenuloaiios in tbew store diMinot; ^1 of 
wblnb cir<^ii)*tiii)c«« giv« Ihim Intiierfcctiy 
^^jBfH^ irocy a Krejit reMinMaocw lo true 
H^SSb But Uic ivorjr in tb« IMtli i>rituniv 
^ ABiina)* t"'<^«'')t4 uIiarM>l«rw whicib «Miiiii- 
lat0 il slill itiurc rvnurkabl? to tliv vtriio- 
Inrw uf [iuti«. In lli« loelli of iimn uad 
inc9l nuunrnkli*. thi! ijorj it furintnl re^-ii- 
IatIj' Ui varrcmivA Inyen oa iho rarfiiicos 
of Uic ]i<)Ip. wbtcb, in tb« body of tbo 
teetb, iii^diiritoM no ocb«r olicn^ Itiun 
fradutl (liiuiniiUup ia bI«i. In olbor uil- 
nulft, buwever, a» tbt »tutb (bradyputi), 
Valroa (trif ItMliiu |, fiibfr («m»x>. ling <^-a- 
dtu lavlvs). and v<>U-&>b (anairlmban lu- 
pQ»}, ilir i>iilp, nn«r tntmmf tbe most «- 
tenuil lny«r nf irorv. ooDdaUng of cJoMly 
•vl dcnt«I tiiU-'' |>«r|i<i[i>liciitsr lo tbo BOr- 
£kc«. dividiM int-f a number i>r iirotiinm, 
almilflr tu bui uvtfi- nam«rou« tbiu) tbu«e 
vlikiifunntlio fantpuTtbcbvRiiui iiitilurs: 
and Knmnd micIi of Lbe««i prurvwHw, or 
bfmBAho* of iho pulp, ivory i» foTin«d in 
Ikfvn. tu inui? liuuinre«, m In tbv hiw- 
llati (priui«l, lliv- niMl wuir>li»b. ib« no- 
Bwrwit iliri*k>n» of tli« pnlp uoaUuiiioM 
witli wurh utbtT, bk« ibr iDcduliMjr cnnala 
of bone 1iii>i form of irory prMoots fn 
muif ;]T 'iL<ntnr1,r tn the wnJRit, 

Ute to- . rwcmMnDcc lo butie; 

UwdlvitKinxflibt- pnlpaie neeu uirrotiml- 
eil witb conrmilria lainiiur, wlilch, lifct- 
Uw biycr* Iff Ixmo vuri-ouudinK tb« ine<lul- 
hrf chdmIi. rontsin rlniri (if PwlU i>r onr- 
poavh**, and tJiv»d Ininiiup, agitin, are 
trtvvfMd bj liti« rulialinK lubin luinlo- 
gttaa tu lb>; raillatiof; uHw iti Imns. irlikih 
W«tc ail^jiDwd by l>i:ut-iH'li tit he (llbM.'' 

Pm ru«.:nr>-liiM of I'rwftwur Orrrn con- 
irxi MMMtaf I he i}li«>TTaiii>iix of Rclnn*. 
Hr •■!»•' "'lln* prtilfFtisnlioii nf perein- 
Mi >iilpwiTity 

lo ::' -- < .? ilm ttma- 


ibl chancKT of vucalnr dootiiitt, mant* 
feala iltelf under ii variety of forms. In 
inaminalt aud reptile*. tli<M« cariaU, whic^ 
t haw temted 'medullary,' from their 
dUMi niuilufiy witb llio w-ndlod <-4UUtU of 
b«M| are ntriuKbl, and more or low jmral- 
M with cfli'b iilbcr; tbcy l>ifun-;lli-, tbuOKli 
mrtjly; iioil uhen Ilicy uniiMuiri'isv. m in 
lb« iiK*)cnlbvriuiri, il i« by a luuji at or 
nttar lliv pt>ri[>hvty »f tb<- vtucnUr ditniinu. 
In the teeth af tilths, in uiiich the dintino- 
lion b«r.vvon lt>e dvnTioAl nml oAumn* lis- 
ttoes ia ^rudnully elT(Mi.i|, tbe lUtKiluIUrT 
onoiOa of tlii^ vnitetilaf deniine, ibungh In 
iionie inAtnncn* draigbt uid pttralltl, uiul 
»I»arinely divided or iinliMl, yc^i are gen- 
erally m<iru or tuM bent. frei|nenl]y and 
i!Ufc*i*ir<'iy bran^'ht'd, and th» mbdivi- 
Ktuna lilctided txig^tber in mi many purtnuf 
(he luotli. an lu fiirm u ricb reticulation. 
Tbe cnleifemns IhWs wot tif into tbe iu- 
lornpiwc* of the nutvrorii, imrlnkt) of 
irreiralar ctiBrarter of the ennala froal 
whioh tlioy HprvBif, and flU tbe meHliM 
with a muM-like ploxUA."* 

The mliiiuaoofjical rettearrbaa of Hr. 
Ka«nyth roprmi^nt dentine to bo »11uUp 
in ite pilniciure. The titir^ he found to be 
inlen'iierM'd iind maileupofdiilorout nxn- 
parttnoQi*, tha »bapo anil si/e of which 
Tary iu different animulik. In ihe bouma 
tooth Ibey are oval, their loii^ nxia i!urTe- 
j]>undinf[ u-itb the eourae of ibe Hbre, lutil 
iha natremiiy of each in npi-uniiinn to ilw 
ndjoiniiu; one. Tbe celb <-onsiilute ihe 
frainuivoik in vbieh Hit tnaeitfii* intttter i» 
dcpMlmd, and tboa beeomu tbu fibrva of 
tile dentine. 

i'tot. C Johttton. oC Bnltimora, wlut 
baa devoted mncli liniu to mieroarxipical 
rCMenrvlHi*. b of the opinion (but the 
bnrrated appearance of Ibi.' libTi> of den- 
line, fu* deMiribed nud re|irem.-uUMl by Ifr. 
SaKinylb. la oviug tn ihu iiinmif r in which 
Tbe epMrituens (or esauinauun are pre- 

1'he rowarchea of LeoQweohnik. Praenk- 
oel. rur):ln)o, Seliwaa. Tuiiiv*. ami Beilo 
bav« also tbrovn much valuitblo hgUl on 
ilie -itrni-iural arrangement of deotine. 
|('ntil eomjKirativdli reeenily tbe di-tilinal 
ti)bti]i have been regarded by bi»tiil<.((i»ia 
iin ranaln for eoHVL-yluc lo tbe tubular and 
inti<TlDlininrti*HiieHUvwinBteriiU to supply 

• VUa OiimU^tttT. 

tbo moloRtilar lom eon(tAntl j orrttrrtni In 
til nrgnoic straetitrca. Mr. Tonics. Iiow- 
ovftr, vM the flr«t r* iHwyiffoi' niiiitr U»* 
microflcopo a Dunther of " fibrils" projw-t- 
«n|j: fiwii the dcHlinnI lubull. whifh lie re- 
gnnls M cATitinuniis witli lh« odimtobliMt 
oella on Hie tnirface of the AtauH jiolp. 
I>r. I.ioiii'l S. livn\i\ 10 vlinm vv are imiHi 
indoliK^ for rcc«il dinrovcriw, confirms 
Mr. Tiitrien'.i vicw.t, ami wits ihni lliti^ nre 
not nrnak for tb« pasu^ or ntil/ient 
UnM* which iransndft thnvaph the wmlls 
of iJic \1ew<•t^ bikI nre f«iipo»CTi to pass 
alony ttie tnhea to the periphery. — Ed.] 

Dftntinft, S«n»ltlTft. A pninfol con- 
iJItiori t)f a Kroib, atlritinied hr some to 
Ihfl dliinirhnDi-i! ol'tlie tolt fihrll* riKKaling 
fmm tlio pntp into thi> tiibnii oflbe tooth, 
or 10 tb« ronducUon of tJie shock of tbe 
HiMtniinvnt to th« pulp: hv oihvrf it is at- 
Irihiilcd to A locnl rhtrmicul nvtion Had s 
piilhiilnjnrn] coiiitiliuTi of the jf^tnerol ■;«• 
Irm. Stirh nnnHlie* ai nrsenious icid. 
dhloride of EiDc. lanoin. dn'oniJc aeld, 
cwWItc ncii], ciMuotf, t-omphorstvcl spir- 
its of wine. t4-rch)ori(!e of prnlil, alkaline 
r-AiiJli^, i^., ni-c r«oomnir«<!l««I for iU 

I>enlln'lllli. Trom if<-a|i, Jmlix, s 
tooth. nn<l itit, inllainTnation. Inflamma- 
tion of tli-riline. 

DpullM'nrpliim. From dtiu. a 
'tooth, ind teifpiny, lo scrape. An inatru- 
inutit eiii)i1uy«d for the removal of aalivarf 
piih-nlfi*, mil for Mcrapin^r the tvulli. A 
nuDibur of inHlrnmests Dr« oncn required 
for Ibcfcc pDrimncs, »o »htipc<l tlint tbcj" 
inST be rcuulily upplietl to any part of a 
tooth. The nnme hns alio been applied 
to a guin-Uncet anJ lootbpipk. but wt 
thick k npiiliea more strlnly to llic flrtt 
riii'i)tiitm-<l iiwtrimivntu. 

I>CU'ltHl. 2fvnti*'(a;«^9ntiitta-; den- 
htritis: II ilental siirKeou, S«> Dektal 

'itrin : •vhintothfrtipi'a. Dental Surgery, 
oiiilimnn^ everything periainiD^ lo Ihe 
tr^'ftttnent and rcfjaceinent of tb« Iom of 
tlir nn'iiml teclh, 

Itcnti'llo. Oenlition. 

IXMlll'flOn. fMttitio; (Wim 'irti/ifV. 
dmtitum. to brvcd t«e1h. Toelhlng. The 
emertfcnra uf ih« itwlh rrtmi thv alvtioU 

With regard lo tJic inaotivr la which 

this operation of the eoooamy b efTectad, 
a variety of esplanaUona have Iww f^rai. 
Some, and, wo behove, by far Ih4 tp^ftMr 
number, aitriboie it to ihe pmkiagatlenaf 
the pulp for the fomation tft th« root i 
t)i<! tooth, or, in olIiM' aronl*, that it t( 
is pushed from iia socket and thronch 
Iflira by Ibo fumintion of its root, 
thiit (bif) opinion is errooMiMS would ' 
evident from the fiu-t thai, if tlio do 
tioii of Hid pulp eoRiiDBOwd t)«fbre 
crown of the tooth bad inadr any »dn 
townnls the cutn, it woah) como in on- 
tad wUh the floor of the ulveoliukj 
btln^ in A soft luxt ^i^-Miiift eg 
would be cauMxl to nsaume an 
cnnHpuralloii. It (a apjiarMit, tbarvfo 
that lb« crown must malc« M>lri« proi 
towards Uift ^m before an eloiiftation «{ 
the ]>nlp ran MMniownno, uhI tliis imiet h« 
elTM-leil by wvm ether ogenej; ntiten 
beJieve that (he lootfa Li furceO froiu iia 
8Dckrt by thi> niotildinii of the alreohMto 
(t8 KKAy but the objt.ytioiiii whieh apply 
to ibv oth«r thcwry will apply with ei|iul_ 
foroo to this 

lA. DelalMpre bell«VM lh« oxil nf i 
frt'iii its inatria anil its pawage throng I 
alreoltut nnJ gam arft affaotMl in 
rh« stun? ninnner « tbe birth of a child. 
The sac be reftards as the chief a^rvnt. and 
Ihnt it it hr iliv contraction of thiK, witirli 
is adherent to the neok of tit* titoUt. tW 
tii« oriCAU is iifM front its Hx-krt aoil III 
nerk ullininlcly lirongiht to a ltiv«l with iba 
fnim. Thi« 1.4 the only philoHophiraJ ^ 
truly ploii*ib]c eiplanatioii thai has ntcr 
been given of rhin luoat cnriitue and intsi«^ 
ealln)! oiwration of iho animal «yiB 
nnd when wo take iuto ciinmil«f«(inn i 
the inner lueinbrane of thvHav is of alb 
rnnoonn and i.i))lnlar Biniclur«. H l» e^\ 
p«fcviT« how the advMtuv of a loolli i 
bv effoch^ tiy the contraction of Uiti 
elosnre, whirh is tiiinly attafhed Is 
neck and nUo lo thv ^ um. 

Goodair (liv*ide« denLllloa Into iliiaa 
stages, to wit • yii« /atlifoiiiit. tbe ckw«1 
and the mtptir*. Sov lifinii, [>■*■ 
MKXT or Pn.rti xav S.ics nr, abo, 
rl»'« Prin. itmt Pntrt. -tf J/mfUtr^ 

D«nti'tion, First. Dte ili-atHioa 
tUo decldtioiiA, milk, or tcinpurafy it 
Tho fuJIowin^f may be ri?ffanl«d asa* 
near approximAtion to the periodawbi 
they art mo«t frcciiMMilly «rn|ri«Nl. 

rith M|B al i 




Tli« OMttral tn«iaon fram Rr« to <j^t 
nrantbs aftor Iiinh; tho Utcral inciKn* 
{torn wvffQ to ten; the first molHn rrora 
lir«lM tn iiUlMti; th« ctiafiiilAti from 
foDitecn to twenty : nod th« second ino- 
lim frnro iwenty tn ttiirtr-«)i innniluL 

N'li irvniTAl ral«, iMiVATftr, can b« Iktd 
down from which ih«re will not b« In- 
■|a«nt r&riktion^ 

Daotl'tlon, Morbid. Althongli <t«i- 
HtioB mmj be rcfpinlod w a bMlthjr ofMm- 
tfon of the eccootnf. it U sometitn«t p»r- 
ftinnMl «rilh dllf)<tu)tir, and &tt>>nded with 
atiimta ■»! ocoujonallj slftrtniog sffi-cU. 
Tb«Te uf few fliiidrea who do not mfftt 
or low during the progroas of denti- 
utd when we noaatdortfae Mrl; Ofa 
■t wlii<!li thijt ofwrntins com men !><■«, nnd 
Ul« irritiil>l« ttAta nf tlia trndv wfailp il is 
foifig on, it will Dot appear RtraoK« that 
It fiboaM oftvn b« altcntl(4 wich {mIbAi) 
atTottii. EvoD ia lnt«r Htv, daring thffdca- 
UtioM of th* wwdorn tc«th, it i« »'>ni«tiaiM 
prudnrtl*« uf tui? alMniinic •rin|itam«. 
8w HurriiV Prin. antt Praet. <(f DmtUlrjf. 

Dentition, Seoond. TlicrcMDuoiK-r- 
atiun nf tb« (U^mal «conuinT marc rnrionn 
or ItitePMllng than that n-hioh f* pihi[<it«>d 
in tbft pwlti/il d<^>lnicttan of tlie roitt* of 
lh« tcni|i<)ntry. and in the growth and 
dentition iif iho pennanont t^wtJi. T)io 
time of Hfo vh«o this o«cors «i>i)8tltntM 
an ItuporiHDi epoch En the hiatorj otereey 

Daring rliildhnnd nch of the alveolar 
anhetftinn* odIv about lh«lwir<)fa(]ircl«, 
bni Uy tli« arwlnal elongation of tUo jswi, 
os'ih nltiniat^l* fonna nearly (he half uf an 
eHifMla. «•> that the number of tcctfa re- 
qaiml. at lh« one perimL is but Ittii* 
tnot^ Ibati half Ihu natnlioF rei)uired at 
t)io other. 

Tbo mditn«nla(>( thcpcmmnent indeora 
fru»{i)dati have atui»M] thi-lr ftitl hImi 

hirtJi. and v»ch i» Ninutod iniini.yl lately 
Itehlnil it^ carrcdpandln; Innponirv tiKilIi. 

Sk»4diny ^f the Trmjumtrp Trtlk. — 
With nitani ^tt tii^ manoor of lh« dcatruv 
tbiu ui tiie roots of the Ivtnix'raf t tc«-tl), 
tbei« exlna maait i\\vvtA\y of <>|>mi»n. 
ilott WTit«M )>«li»v« th<iy ar« n-iuovcd Iiy 
lliu aJ>')orti«nii^ wh'tlr Mime ar« of lh« 
ofriition thai it in a I'humicu} operslinn. 
I.«/Qrpi«, obftfrrinit a tKi4iy botlj- bi-hind 
tbv rooC of tlio tnnpunr.r tooth, vliich. 
IB tuAf had bran notiewd b; iJottrdet, asd 

eoppoaed l^ htm to exhale s fluid which 
poMOMcd Mlv«Dt ■{ualitiea, gaTe K th9 
name of ntwnrtiinK apiiarul, Uiil Mrinncd, 
to it the offloD of rcniovtBg tb« root of I 
primary tootli. 

Delabarro. who haa treated tlii* aahject 
at igmJMT leoptk. and apparently invc«- 
li£«t«d it more closely. corrotiorat*;ii 1h« 
viewsof LAforgna, and dves the follow ing^j 
de»nri|ii(oa of ifae manner of the fortno^l 
tion nnd fnnelion of lh« Aameoajt aiiliHuMVj 
■1H>Vvn nf by thia author na the ahsorhmg 
appaM. " While the e.rown of tho tooth 
oi rcplaceniviit," says L>«l4baiTo, "ta otilj 
in formalion. the citerlor membrane of 
th« matrix is sinply eroaacd byeoma hlood-j 
Tcaaeb: Ijut aa kkjh ad it i* completed, tl 
«4>ntariea are then di'Vplo|itd in a 
peniiiar maonpr, and form a tliwue aa ' 
aa cN>hw«b; from thia tJMno tb< interai 
membrane, iniitvnd of continuing to li»3 
vety deliaat*. and of a \aiiv red color, iu- 
«rt«»e* tn thi«kn«M and nMnm«« a roddor 
bnc. As waa brfore mid. it In at the In- 
■tant Id which oominencM the r«Mf iui of 
the <:oat* of the mnlrii, (hat aro contv.vvd 
from the inim to the ncrh of the tuo4h,, 
thrii tlio plaiting of the Teaael* that enter| 
into th*ir tissue ooinpoae a body of a 
DoxiB app«irance, whose abBorbctita ex-' 
tend lh«>ir empire att-r nil tho anrruunding 
parts. It ia. therefore^ the dt>nta] matrix 
hecif whieh. after beins dilated Ij) •erve 
OS a protecting envi>lo|»e to iJio tooth, ia 
contracted to form not only this bud-like 
body which we And immediately bdoar 
the mlllc tooth at the InHianl in whluh lt| 
Dfttlirallr falU out, and wIh^im voluma i^l 
niTi*«ri!y anj-fn*-'"'*^ «* odontociii gra«iii-'j 
alty ^10^ »n. hut alui n fwrnttiw*. moan 
u'iiicii the whol« is eiiwntiiHoil, nn.i whoM^ 
thiclineM b tho more rvmorknhle an the 
organ thAt it envolopa io nearer iIh orilirai." 

After (rivine this description, he aslis, 
" Ik there n dl.-mtlviHii thiid that acta diL-tn- 
icfllly on the anrrauivlioi; |>iin«, or do ihe 
ahvorbenta. wilhont my iniermcdinry, ile- 
«trity evprylhinii that would uhntmct the 
shuoiing up of [he luothl" In reply to 
thu. h<r Miya, " Nu! poaaeeaing positive 
pniof »iiilablo to Tuidu tsm in ihc dccisioa 
of this que<rtion. and (^Ddtns ihoac of olhrra 
of tittle Importance, 1 shall not attempt to 
answer llicin." 

Il ufleutitiies happens that the root of 
a temporary tooth fiUla to be destro/ed. 





anil lh«l thkorowaofUierepW-inporfnut 
iromw tliTDDgli ilie gBm in a wroiv fUce. 
Wlionovi-r tbtH ha|>]>cn«, the finrseinu ImkIt 
tlic i)|rvllins nt wlii*;li tliv Iicw tvolli hn* 
eri:«r^c<cl. anil U not braiifflit ia contact 
with iho Imny panitiim beiwwn it BPd 
till' rout of tijo toRipi^rsrc toulti. 

Tlic manner of llie destriifrLon of the 
riMilN n{ ibv tiiMimrurr tMlh Iia* l>«en & 
ftiil.j*<Tt of <ilw>e iioil erilii-jil itiqiiirj" with 
till' wHli^r fur ocv^ral VL-JirA, iiiiil tliu nK»re 
be hns examirol llin siilijii-t, itw moro 
M\v liiis Ik' ItiicviTui- coiivitioMl lltat tt is 
tli« rtsolt of the nnitm f>r Hu-w t1e»])j 
tnbertle* d[>uq tti«tn. j\t*l wtiJle ils fur* 
matfon M*tt\t to bd tb« roiinit of tJie 4!<mi- 
tr«ilIoa uf iho tuM's of tlio ponnaDcnt tpoth 
iind llii-lr ft|){iuiii]n|^«, for ihb imrpose of 
vfToHintl ikcir cfU|>Iian. ihoj arc (u(|icointly 
oluirf^it with iliv ruaiorol uf everytitlnit 
thiit u-oiilil Dlwirnci tliirir juiwutttc. 

Iticdnclo'iion, it is<inlTii«v»«-4«i'ytOAh- 
Hervu tbiil tha fKU>\i<frarj tectli iiri; -th^il 
in l)u> ariler in which tlioy at tint iip|ipiir. 
Afti'r«)iio )iMi*hn4 bwn slie-!. it snffl^iont 
tiin<> UftUftllr di^nos bi-foro ihu slioddinii; 
uf iinullier, lor IliuM of the saiDe claw of 
th* p*nn«iiti|t ««t lo com« forward iir*l 
tiiku ilicirpUoe. Tlttie. ihcJswsnriMievor 
di'privMl. i]iili.<>>A fnipi Koiiio oilier chiiko 
t)i«n llie <l(>«lri)rtion of tlio ri>ol« of tlio 
U-iiiporury. of more tlmn two i^eili iti 
eaob Jsw. aX uny unv Lime. T^m TEBrrn. 
t)«TKn>raKXT op Prtra -ixo Sirti op. 

Brvfliau qf the Ptrmaaeat Teetlt. — 
Socoad dentition usnally oominencca nt 
•1>ont nix or Mvui yaara «ftor Mrtti, iind 
Is {((inerally oonipleted. na far Iiack as the 
•Pi'oitd molnm by tbe t vulfl )i or foiirlevntfa 
year. The ditnlea MpioDliie seldom ap- 
pvnr befifre llie elicit Iwulb or tnentii-lli 
your, Tliif pi'ri<Ht» of lUo ('rn|>lli<ii of tliu 
ailidl toplh aro, howecor, ho vnnnbUs that 
it in liii|H»Mltde to atate theni nilli perATl 
BCcni'ncy. SmiiiiiiiiM tliolir-tiporiiDiTiviit 
ni-jitin appoar at four y<ia», and ihf ecD- 
Lral in<Ti»»rf nc &rf, at other time* tlioy 
ai-e (ti'veral years laitsr. 

Bill lui It ia uf some importanre that 
tbe pviioda of th4 cnipliun of thi> •uTcral 
da««M of thie permaoem Itwili alioutd be 
knoirn, itte nuiJior will atatit tlic-in witli 
u ihiirI) accuracy ae pouii>lo. 

Fint molai«k ftora ft to A y«an; ot-Titrnl 
li)cltiora,fromato8]reara; latunl iticlsurs, 

from 7 to It r^'oni ; tint binupidi. froi 
to 10 years : M.-<>nxl Ificarpida, frvtn in\ 
U^TMm; eimpiduii. frotn 11 lu IS y< 
«ve«>Dd tnolara. from i!> (o 14 yearv; tti 
ioo1ar» (d««t«a aapivntua), from IT ta I 

But. ns before ataln). the pmioda (vTl 
enipltoDof thepcnnaiivnileeiU, lifcel 
of the ictDporary, ore very Tariahla. TiiT* 
catfridatl oftan «|i)»e«r b«(b<re the Meond 
hicllf^)id^ flod, io Botne c»m«, ih« *l 
aapi«nilte nut antil the Oiiriiclh. nni 
fortietli year, and aanMUnes tliey qg 
ahow lliem»]i^M. 6ce Harris 'e /Vm. • 
Pratt, qf DmtUtry. 

Dvnci'Oon, Third. TIiattmlnKi 
aoDietimva iiiiik« an t-ffort to prnOu 
Uilnl Ht of Icoth, is a fnrt vtiirh. ' 
ever mnoli it may bnve hlUirnn biMn i 
piitc-d, U now to w«ll ««tabliiitMd, lliHt| 
room U lirlt for cavil or duiibt. 

>'o niiempt. iliat Um nriivr In awara| 
ha« *r«r boon made to eiplain the Hinn 
uf tli^ formiitioD of ihcTK nnomnluna prn- 
ilnctioiiK. 'Ilif nidimi'nE>i of the t*>elli irf 
fir>i ami aecond dt-ntition nrv thv pnwlDri 
of iniiounsmi-iabnuKi. while tboac of l 
dcniitioQ wouM «mm tu have ihalr < 
in ilia pcrio^tiul tisMi*, If not froai 
tione llaelf. 

1b i>l>«diauco to what tnn- of dara 
mental aaatomy arc tlii>r forriKMl t If I 
i,uiid>lin)iiiit-nt iif tilt- laiv which tanni' 
tlH'ilevelopinvni uf » part, dvpetidvtipnni 
oertaineonditiont^olJter outiltt.*Uf> i- 
it In pOMlbtc lliat tlio ftdhiKinie ii> ■ 
nisli a correct expIanatioD of tli* pi' m << 
cnon. Certain porid, in eertaia 
Doiiditlona. oimI in piurtii:ulBr lu 
jivrfunu fiiociluns peculiar to thn 
In othor words, tliA ralidition and I 
of a part deicnniDe Uie f<cii-tlmui 
it prrfonn*. For eiampte, whwn tt» 
tntirooK miimbrane wtong tbo eovnv nf Iti* 
nlriMilnr border h«paa tu na.->itme n Atf^- 
calcd or irrnovitl appcanuic^', v ' ' 
dimn al>'>ut' KixtU w<H>k t.f intnt < 
cxiitcfive. dvuial pttplllic ehoot up (rvui iL 
nnil wlicn. by a ximilar d up lien lion o^^ye 
aame ti»8ii«, behind llic ears nf the tm- 
porary leetli, fonniiiR what Sir, <)«■ 
alyk'M " carities uf rcverrv." tho fiajitlli 
the jicniianua twiii. one ftur 
or distal «xlri;inity of oarh tli 
g^ii to )>o dt'ieloprd. Il<i><i'. it i< :>'' 
Kocui that III la |Mirliciilar ttalo ut ruuJiti« 





L ncDi 

at thi» tianii>, and ta thvw panionlnr tocn- 
tioBx, is a«««Marr lo dctenoina the de- 
TvlopmiMit of t«i)Cb fvrm*. Tliin wnnge- 
BMDt or oonflitkni of tniKon* m»mbrniw. 

tlMsapurtioiUiirtOMUotift. whioh nlwnys 
_ Uflr(XBllio4rr«lopiiiviil •>f tliof'rtus, 
nujt bo aofiictiinca pf oduceil I*.t acddvniAl 
auaatm, sfter «U tlie orirana of the botly 
)iBT« obtwaci] tliuir full sixo, or at nny 
tiiiiw dnrio^ life; and wWti it does occnr, 
it i* not Dure A«oD able Xa my^oMt that a 
IMV toutb papilla ali«aM be furiii«d. I'ro- 
Msilltig ttill fai-Uicr, lb« developaieni of u 
dfltlUt )ia)iilla i* tlio RiipHil fur Iti4> pnMloc^- 
(ivB of adenUl foLlick, wbk-b utlituatvly 
b«MNitDM a aan, mi<1 tln-ji an nrintn tu Bup< 
ply tb» tooth. iHiw iranHtileraMy lulvanceA 
in lb* |irDC«Ba of fijttnitvin. with a oorer- 
iuK of coainAl. Hilt an tlic miuillarr bono 
haa proriomly attflia«<(l ila full iiz«. it 
nir«ti-. if ever, bip[>«iii that alfeoH ar« 
furmed for tlio«c accidental prodnntioiia, 
and. cunsectneotly, they aeiilom hare roots, 
or. If tbt>j iIa, tboy ar* fery dhoti ai») 
Uoal. Tbe* arc anally cvnneolvd Lo tlw 
pviiwleaui of the alTMtlar harder, aiid (his 
anion U •onii.'tiincs to ctui« and Iniimata^ 
tbat very coosidcrabio forcv » nAoeaaar; 
A>rtJi«4rn*rnuvBl. A* n Ki'Ot'riil ralir, how- 
«T<>r, tlMv InofMfn in the conriw of a f«w 
jraarfl and drvji out. 

Hut, it may br flicked, bow ar« sneb ao- 
ad«n(al dn|>Ucnliuci4 of lli« niaoMia mem- 
brane filmed I Tbia U • (incvtion, ira ad- 
nut, wbirli it may not be ea*T lo Rnafrer 
HtHbfltorily, hnt v« An not think it nt 
all ini|irvbflbk tiial tboy ■omelimcs occur 
lUrin; tltv curative procpM that foOowa 
(b« nmwral of one or mora t«cth. Th« 
grooalated wallti of llit: iruow xarrouiKliDi; 
Ml alvoniita from wlitib a bxiili lin* liocn 
ei' -v bi,'<<om<' p<ivor«l with this 

li--- ilin i!o<:kct vt lilli-d with a Oe- 

pmii vi neir bonft, ur. at ant rntr, of the 
Hirfsptii of th^ duplimlto] membrane nenr 
the tionif, An<I w1ii'n<T(-r Murli arruiiitemcnl 
or iiomlilion of lhi!< tinnn <}<m inkr plnn' 
opou the alveohtr bnnlcr, and liuit it ituiy 
aonally, we think (here tha be fio 
lion, U ia probahl(> that a new tooth 
I n prodomd. tr)ii4.'h. In the [irourMa 
reJofmeiiC, \i aiicodc-l by tlic for- 
'^■iaiiaa of the variooa nppetifU^ iieoea- 
mry tothv prodnotlon of a iM'tforl loMh. 

Tbia, in imr i^|itfti.>ii, i* tho <Mjly way 
that bbcat) fortuilMia iiroducliuiia nuL b« 

arcnnntfd for la auoordaniM' wiih truc-pli ja- 
iolf^al |)rin«i|iloa. It e«omH tnipKHiutlo 
lo riplaln lite manfivr of tb«Ir Aniaatiott 
in any irthrr way. 

If the foregoing viQwi whkh «■«• have 
odvancvd be cOfTMtv Iheae jtnxliu-tioita 
arv iiifl Ibc roailr.frfa mnrt- fn'nk iif nntim.-, 
aa Ihey are aomeliint^ fawliou^Iy sly*! 
They arc the rcanlt of the vpcralioq of rni 
Mtabliahetl law of the econooiy : and •!• 
Iliiiiiffli. afti-r ih« (>nm[>IciioD nf tlio teeni" 
of Diu sccouil di'Dlition. it» courw la *uf* ' 
pciidi-d. the ocriirrcnct' of n Miiiilar ar- 
rBni[i>iih<ni or rondilion iif the iiiiieoiia 
tih<tu« in tbe parte la ijuMitioo will n^tn 

ptll it In l>|nTtitlliTI, 

Ih-n'llnmrHYeraiP. The lUM-loia 
of itie t*<etb, 

Dentium Oor'tex. The eimnicl of the 

Dentium Do'lor. Pain in the t^^h; 
toot) inch c. 

Dentdum Wt'or. KnamH of tbe teeth. 

Dentfum Soalpto'ra. LaaHng the 

Dentlum VsoUiant'la. Luoaene 

of thr tfnth. 

Dea'l*. From imt, a tooth. On* 
who has prominent t«elfa; otM whoae ti«th 

ncn f oK'naphj. Dmlogntph 'ia; 
rruiji il^M. a tooth, awl >fia«q. dMcriiitinn. 
A di-wrij'iicn <tf li-^lh- 

neRlolrtr'iM. Odontoid: toDlbUko. 

Ikenlol'ogyJ Dtntoltn/in ; frotu 
iffAj, a tootlk. ami ^Uijof, a iU*«ourae. A 
treatise on tb« teclb. 

Ufnlon'amjr, /^rnnem'fa ; tnm 
dmm, a liiorh. anil i'^iav. " law. The ar- 
raiiir^'o>'it •■' 'be leeth into i^lnwe^. AIm>. 
ihf rill uill cut ion of tin- \vkI\x Brr<>nltiiit to 
ihi-tr )iliy>'i'<irni>iiiirjil ■'humi-tt'Ts. sod ili«ir 
pnlliultiRtoal uikI |>liyHii>lu;^cnl iiiilicaliuns. 
Si-r Tun'ii, Cii ,1 ir.ii TKiii.iTKft »v. 

I^n'IOH. Krom dtM. tdotb. nwl ot, 
Ixiiit-. T-HilS li'>ti«'; loiilh •iibdianre. 

ItrnlMBHrrf'cMi. ScoItAvnaoTKn-ii 

Denta Blouspid^ee. I1ie bientpid 

Donta. Ool do6. Nei-V of the tvolli. 

Dents CoQO'ldea The I'nnlne t*wtli. 

DontA Aa I<ait. Tb« milk or tempo- 
rnry lei-ih. 

DenM MAChelidreB. The molat 

Denta Molarea. Tbe molar teeth. 




Denta HuIUcuflpiddaa. The largv 
tni^nr tttntti. 

DoDte CEUliores. CuiM tooth. 

D^n 'ture. A compicu aet <rf t«eLh ; 
Uw wtivjv uMmblagn of leeiii in boili 

D«>nadn'Haii. Dotxidn'ii«; fVoni 
tUt"<-!<i r, . Ki rmiku b&ro. TiiB layiiitt bar«, 
•-r il^itriruti-oB of B port of tia mverltiK or 
tovHoiiu. In Svryieal Pathok/ffy it u 
atanWj Hpplted to ImiKs deprircd of their 
|ierln«teum ; la Dental Pntkology, to the 
tMtli wh«a dvprirvJ of tbi-Jr 0(i*mcl, or 
whcQ tho roots ar* oiposed hy tho reoe*- 
■lOB of the gunu and tli« dectmction of 
th«ir «ncfcot.j", 

IViiii'dlRK of llic T«¥lli. An 
alf(H-iiitn wlji(-l) cAnxitiiK in iliv (rnidtial 
dvMtrarlton of the «Mtnd or llw aotorior 
or Uhial surfsuM of the tndwfai onapi* 
•tall. Mill MxnMknca nt th* liicwpids; the 
moUn «r* ntT«[ir alTi'ded by it. Il |t«o- 
*nt\\y fonnt » «i»lniatmr> hodivntiil 
gro<)r«. u mnoulli Biid ro^nlar iw if it bod 
been tnadewith an oval lilc. tliongh »>»«- 
limM it »prcBdii over iHrarly tLc whole of 
the anterior iurfac«, completaiy deanding 
thW part aS the or^n* of enam«l. Com- 
mctwrin^ on iha toocral i>«Ia»ni. tl irxtenda 
to the latuniU, ilie Rut|>iduti. «iid bJcink 
{•id*. An«T bitvingraniaved lho«iwtiiel, 
It nltarka tiM aahjanent dcntilM). th« 
irruov« bprominu irmdiially df>i'|>ur and 
d««|)«r ontit lii« i)iilp-<;MViti«s ul'ihe l««tli 
ar« tjtpowd. Tht- ndur vt ilic vnaiiicl i« 
nrelj chanfrcd. bnt the bon«, as soon aa 
It beMiDH expoaied, aaaiiinM, fir«, a light, 
a*d iftorvrnnl* m dark brown op[*«arMios 
— lli» inrfaee of Uw jbtoovo tin wlinle 
tljn« r«RMUalBg|M»ffvMly tiurd ami nRiAolh. 
Tliia moat «iirii>aa and ttUigiilar adWiina 
■Miall; ooiKin«nr«a nt & !tiu|[W ptrint apon 
•Mill of th« Miitml incison^ aad proMMla 
horuuntallv barkwnni ; but at otbw lim«« 
it altackii xovnnil pointii nltiKisl simulia- 
n*<»i>lv. tial itfatliialU the aH'«<-i«d part* 
Al'prviicli uud uuitv, KiviDg to the enamel 
'Jkc aitpcarancti uf havinjt bc«a aoooped 
wot with a iMtmd, round, or aqaare pointed 

Thtr ranw of tbia nflSMllon appcnn to 
he lnvtd«ed i> iMne ohacnrily. Wo aru 
dMid«dIy uf Ihv opinion Hint it i» th« ro- 
mlt of thr actio* of im oeid rootjiined (n 
tliv moeiu of Ibo ntnath, Tbo oth«r l*vlli 
iH-tDg iBor* «oo»t«all}^ bathed ia lh«Mtliva 

than the nnterior mrfaoea of th« bielavnk 
cwpidalL and bkii«|)fdB, th« mncoiu fluida 
of the mouth are «iiher waJtbM! IVuni 
tlietn, or ao diluted aa to rooder tkvni 
hannicM, hoi ii|ioa the parut of iho teeth 
lact tB«altODed it in often (wrmilleal to r»- 1 
main for daro. That thit is tfa« tnie ennae 
would wem to bv rend«red oortiun by t 
cMa» which foil under the obwrvation of 
I>r. E. I'artniy a number of jcara ago. in 
whlcli Llie crowns of human toclh. mod oai 
a dontftl unhdiitme, were aria^ked by this ' 
ciiHoni nlfrclion, thu» proving, towt eon- 
dn^dvelj, that the \o» of aubsiaace was 
canRod by tlia itotion of ebemlcal egenta,.] 
and if roch c«nw i* ctpable of pfodadng^ ' 
Jl bi DUO c*ao, It b in all otliera. 

In llie IrMimnDl of thi* afeoilon, thej 
uioit that can be doB«, in to widen 
jtroove At the hotioin. after it baa gons] 
far eaongh to reqnir* it, and dll it witb.1 
Itold. Tbia wUl arr«4t iu ftirthar prog- 

i>oob'Htril«n(. i>apfr'atnt«iu ; fmni 
4*, and i^Utrutre, to obatrart. MedleiiM 
whioh remove oliBtriiotions, as apcrieottL 
The word lias an IndeSirito taeanittguul 
ia now acldotn nuecL 

DeodurizM'llon. The corre^tloaj 
of any foul '>r i>tri.iii*ivii rxlum throufth the) 
aetion of cheniiuaJ ogenla, ««|>ahl« of aU 
forbinp the odorir«roiM matter. 

|>4wp'pllnns. Dtojiffiln'tiiit. !>»• 

I>f>oxl(la'llnn. From lie. from, 
Miiir, n I'limjjmtni] uf oiyccn. The s^-lHl** 
ration nfoxyfiMi from any (<iiinpO(nii]. 

I>epari', In MtiaUvrn* w oM 
name fat j/artiHff : which M«. 

I><'PA«'oii>i. rbftsMenle. 

I>i-|»nn'|K-ral4'd< ImpoTeriahed in 
qu.ilily. Ai>pli^ hi ttotany to r»nt 
stipniafi, hrarrta. Ae., whirh aru iinpur^Uj 
doToloped, or abrirelled, aa for want of 

Dc|^ii4t'i'ni4. I>q>HdMit. lo 

atllf. luiliiHn;; Oixvn. 

■ H>p4*rd I llo. Abnrtioa. 

Itoplilt^niM'tlon. DrpM^fme^tU : 
from rfA fr«m, nnd pifcynt'i, a watery 
disiillcd liquor. a> diHinimi*hod fh>m a 
Mptriiiions liqnur. lo P)l/mi»rry. the a«pa- 
ration, by dUtillaiiofi or nthar nkvana, of^ 
the water eilatinc in mhniitnre with 
other liipii't. 

DepblA^U'ltcated. From 4t, 

bvm, Koi jAiogitUfK Ute liiflamiunble 
priiK^iple. Without plilugislon. 

Dephlogls'tioated Air. OxjgngM. 

Dcrphloeistioated Marln« Aoid. 


0«pllfk'li4>D. Dij^Ua'tia; frata JU, 
ta*\ f/iUi: Umt. Lom tit iinir. 

I>t>pll'iilory. Tliftt wbiob ckums 
tl't! h>v-> of tJic hair, lu oAiutio Ume, &«. 
Pvpl'liM. llsirlow. 
B«pl«'ll«n. ltrfUi'tio:tttm4«pU9, 
■aload. Tlic net uf iliidiaiabliig the ftil- 
|j*w gf tha vuwaUr eyslciu, bf t]i« ub- 
rnctiuu of blood, or li^r auf otber qrsUiiD 
r •7aciiat(on. 

Deplv'lorj-' 'Hutt which t«Qdi to 
dvitlrit, lu tiloijilIetliuK, eitivtioi, anil ra- 

Deplnuiu'llon. /JfpJuMt'fw; fron 
luMiM. wiitiiiiit rcMlhvf^ A ilwMue of 
PtliA ejvlidi wbich causes Uiu Ivot of ttie 

Dvpoii'll. From itp«no, to lajr down. 
Id iMtitai PatAoleiffi/, ib« pf«clpitaUoB of 
M «uH)iy aiitiNlniiOv (cuiiiinonljr OAlled 
tKTtAT) UfHin t)i« tctlh. ]a Otiuntt Pit- 
tAohfjf, Ow awumulatiun of fai In on ab- 
nomial iHmitivn, or morbWI growths. Th« 
HrliRiciit of tli« urine m «1ki callvd a <1b- 

D ep —ll'lo. A (emi applied in S«r- 
[ffwy to tiw deprcMion of the kna in tb« 
Lvperniliin a( iN>urbin)f. 

DepraVll'Uon. Jf*prat4i'tU ; from 
it, aoil /.TucM, to currujil. A depravnl 
cundiiion. ur inorbii) ebita||« ia tLo lutidi 
or Dtttda of llio bodj ; klao, dopraratioa of 
data or sigin. 

Pt p rcwt 'n M to. Tliui wtiicb r«diio«* 
tli« «(tal envtK:'. ^ diinlnUlitag tb« fr«- 
l|nolM>r of Ihu palnc, ur tbu BcUun of tkc 
, lieart anil artcriM. 

Deprotw'cd. PtprM'^tt. Flatt4iied 

nbovo duwnwanU Apf^iod in 

fi,2**Io£W bo the wbul« ur part of Lbo uni- 

>niAl Ixxlr. «li<!& lu Vfirticnl wtfloB U 

ahurtot iliAii tbc IniiMvsrac. 

lN>prtw'NloD. J)eprt*'»io ; ttoia de- 
fmuttrf. to [n-eiM tluwn. In Anat«mg, a 
boltow. or ciCMvatiun. Appliod in 
PathoUyf til th« [iiilw w)ku It* uraket 
aro foclito ami «Ioir ; in SuTffery, lo (rtie- 
tvrta of thv crivniuin in wb'tiji |H>riiofui u( 
(b* lionv »ro drprvaMid; alan^ to au o|>eni- 
tioa for caUrM-f, ir)ito)i conauta in lbo 
dflpriMalun of llv uj>«i|fie lua from tlte 

uls nf Tlsion Into tli« ritremui biinor. 
In Htmlal Amiltmtsf, th« indontaliuu)) un 
ibe |;riadine MirfavM of ttio molar utd 
t)icuB|>id twUi. 

DeprMW'ar. In AnaUmjf. anj tnna- 
de whioli «lq>riiiMa th<: pan on whii^h it 
Mta. In Ifentnl Sntyrry, an iustnuDCDt 
employed for cuuSoIug lii« longiic to lb« 
floor of th« ffiORth wlilIointnMlurinjEi a Ail- 
ing into a looib of Liie jofrer jnw. Se« 


Deproasor AI» Naal. 8(M>I)iEPKKWH)it 
Lakh .SvruuoiiiB AuiutUK N^at. 

Depressor An'sull Oris. A muwrio 
of a triAngular fonn, eitual^d Wriotilh lli4 
Ivwor lip. It ariocv bniud and llraili? froui 
the boae of lb« lower jaw at tliv aide of 
tb« diln, nod 1« tnwrtod into U»e angle of 
tb« moatli. 

Depraaeor LjanDll Infta^'ria A 
itnutll thill nitiiu>tt! wUicb uri««f fvoin tfa« 
ude and front of ibo lt>wcr jun lit ita base, 
and la liiAcrtTNl inio th« grcaior part of tha 
iovcr liji. 

DepToaeor LftbU Suporlo'rU. A 
inuiwle aittiMitil abo«« tbe uontb; it 
ariaM fruiii tb« alvgolar prucutMu ot tbe 
inciaor aud ca«pid lectli, and U tnauriMl 
into tlio upper lip and aidv nf tbe nia irf 
I lie nuae. 

D«preMii*'riiiBi. An iootniinent 
n&cd to guard llio dum iniitcr vtlivn tlia 
tlull iji Mit i>r HiLWt-d llir\kU|^li. 

Deprl'menvAuricaUp. SmRi- 

TKAilKMl Al KUt. 

Deptl'nuil. A lerto ^)pliod in 7»«^ 
afitutin to in«dicinM wbit^ aro *uppu««d 
t» piirirv tht'. fliiida of tb« lx>dy. 

Ikt<ptira'll«a. I'min ilrpuftTr, n> 
ptirifv. Id I'-ttKoiogtf, a procv*!* for ptiri- 
OinK Iht: animal vcutHiinj; aW. lbo cluii- 
lication or iinvtlita^ 

UepnrA'IOlT. I>tf>\tr«WrvmM. That 
vrbldi puriliM till' IxhI}', ur rauuvv* froi» 
it murbid bnmora, wbethed- k it* hj dis^ 
ea<« or tnirtli.-iiivH lind diet. 

Demdenl'lin. from itm. xkhK 
aiv, w Klaod. and itiA. MKiiiffing inHam- 
maii'in. lullujninalion vt Uiv glauda of 
(b« neclL 

Uenadensa'ciu. Tirmora nf ih* 
glanii" I'f ifu' lu'ok. 

IH^r'lixHlitre Sii*ck, Brijnchwde. 

I>«r1iy«bire Sp&r, t'iuor «/«ir. Sp&r 
uf variutm colors. tli« large iiodniM of 
whkli ari) pwuliar lo Darlijrahini, awl ETfr 

iMtatifnlljr vMii#(l. It f> foooA tn tome 
pliirM in cubic or^fCnlB of b [nle •«- 
pvH'D nol»r. Il coiisIhU of flouTttia and 

Derlva'tlon. Derinttia; irwo de- 
f*w. I« tlrniii nff. Tim dr««rinit «w«y of 
U17 morMil vital Action from ila originiil 
t«ill 10 u Vm hn|Kirtnni ]iart, 1ir cxcitlug 
i -itnlion or tuIliiniitijiiicHi in it.bTtlinap- 
p.icntinu of M)ine Xivtn^ elimnlniil. 

I><tIv'ii<1vc. Tlint wlilcli |>n>enre» 
u ikHrattmi, A mrolrivo mt^irinal u^niL. 

INt'ihii. DtunatU, TliofrDlMoriikin. 

IhTiund'. Punniil atpoct; upoot 
loirrir>l itic tWa. 

I>or'nifii. R«1aitii>s to the akin. 

SormBl Aapect. An aspect towknls 
l)i« abin or oxt«rD«l sDrfnra. 

I>ennal«'gn». Fmia itf^ia, Mid 
«}pa, a Mnutrv. Pellagra. 

I>«rtDlUal''Kllt. Dtrmato^ynia. 

From itftiia. itiv al:in, anil a>.;nf. pain. 
Pain in (he tk\tt. CatunconH ncumlieia. 

I>4*niiaIl'tlM. Iftrtnatu. Erraipo- 
Intiitia iiiilnrikmuiion. 

l>(*i'initl<M'liulo'Hifl, Merua. 

I>rr'uiucold. Hrrmatoi'det : from 
^pfia. till- Nkin, mid ndof, form. Etonciii- 
kltni; rl>« kkin. A|ipli«4 to tia»aM which 
r«soinl>lo the akin. 

IH>rm>iluI'af{y, Dtrm»t«i«f'in ; 
from ill Ni.ri, till' Hkiii, Aiid3G94f, a (liiicourito. 
A trt-iilim- <>ii Tlio nkin, 

nvrninlol'ynlM. From ^/i^s, and 
liv, lo lo4<M>tL fufii pfH/lut/i. n<rpor- 
troiiliv irf (III- tJ(in cliBrnrtmBcd by great 
PXlMwion of tliio orean, trhoreby It han^ 
inlonrv liino^firiMa or in pcndatoiii mnasM. 

Drriiinlopliy'ina. A tnmofnctUm 
of llin •lit'. 

IkvrninlorrhK'i^n. A dliurhftr^e 
of bl'Kxl Iri'tii ttic skill. 

D^rnioff'riiplif . i>fTnw]7rttpVia ,- 
from dr/iun. I ii(> ^bin. III)'! }-^Hi^ 1 deaoribo. 
A tK'twiriptii.n »( ihc skin. 

I>criiiuhir'inlii. From Appa. nod 
aiiia. bliiuil. H>i»'rii'min, or MMueivo 
vni-oiiliirily nl' ihv *fciii. 

IVer'niolil, Dcriniitnirl, 

IH'riiiol Oft)'. I'onimNilojrv. 

l>Crtliol'oiuy. IMrmoUin'iM ; from 
it<p;M. I)ic Hkin, Ttiuntv, VO cut. Tll« dtl- 
aoclion of Did ■kin. 

I>erowiii'*(i Mull. A cr7-«la]lin« avb- 
einnoe obtained hj trcaling opium with 

D<*r'Cron. The omMitain, {ktrltoa*., 

Viu. or Miinli intntlDU*. 

IHiKf«n'cletui KonL The J' 

ing wrdcal brunoti of tbe ninth p«klr, 
Il]'poff!oNHU nervi.'!., 

Df wcc Miio'rlnni. A farnace 
wliicli th« diftUlfttion \» |)orfonn«d hj 

Df>«Mreii'«aii. A torm mi 
npplii-'l ill I'Aiirmaej/ to (liHlillntlnii, 
tliV tir« ii a\'i'\iM 3t I Ite top UhI «i1c9 
tlie rtwrl, wbiln (Uo uritiuc la n( ths 

I>c«lc«a'f i«u. i^Ml-^fn'th : tna 
'de»it<o, lo drr tip. Tli« tlni jdjc aji of ao;- 
thing moiftt : the art of toakiog Ajj. 

DcMr'fftllvo. l/f»it^t(tv4 : 

Aetift*. to Ary up. Mnticinea 

of drTtng properties, nit^l for drjrlnc 


Ikeslpieii 'Un. Dvlirluiu. 

Dek'niK. >'rom trejtot, a DgnmasL 
A )iiritiR(-nt nr han'lnf^. 

Iki-Hniiitiir'iclii. Iiim>!ii;^iitr. 

IH><»nil tiK. lit till >iiutii;i(in of lign- 

DrMBiochauno'Klit. Frum Am^^, 
a liinineot. and jott^uni', rvlaiation. Re- 
laXAlion of an articalar )i)[nnt«Dt. 

Desmodjrn'lia. I'uia tu tJio t'lpi- 

DCSBlOff'mpliy* Dr»m«yr«pii*\ 
fruiri ili>T^6(, n liiciunt-ni, and ;pa^, a 
BcripiioD, A ilcfirriiiiinii of th« 1' 

IKwRinId' TlH'enc 
tif<»uc. Tills I wtic ban a rliiso re, 
to ihc wtlnlnr, and in aomv iiliicoh fa 
linnuiiA with iL ]t(>o&rtiiiirMiB|ioii«ti 
am) )i)cninvntoi» tnpmbmni)^ and rtuBflnU 
nf i^undi^DiccI cellidar tiasue. 

io/uKt a ligauK-ul, and fjimt a dlscawM. 
A tr«ati*e on th« )igRm«tiis. 

OCHHOpll'IOgJ'. I^fmafhU/i'-! 
Ttom Ao/inf. a iifcanit-nt, and 9/d)r.^, ui 
flniiiw!- Inflnnrmutlon of liir ll;*:inivatit. 

DoMiiiorrliex'iK. From Aio,^. » 
lt);uiiicni, and p<K<r, rupturo. Jiuptart ot 
a )iv'ii'iit-iit. 

lk4*M'ntfMi. .V ligament. 

Ui*i>»»ot'otuy. Pftmottm'i* : troo 
Stew^. n liKaiiii.'nt. ami rr^rnvt lu oaL Dt*- 
■«ction >if t)u> liifiiiiii-ntft. 

IK-Hpnaitt'llon. /ff^vwit'tip ; tr<m 
dnpumo, lorlarify. Appti<.'il in /M 
to tbe €lnri£«alion of a tluid !>}- hqi 




frvm it Ui« KpBi BDi] othar Impari- 

tnttn ittt^uamnrt, lu MUile wiV. Tlie tvy- 
■rUioB of wAlfo, of ■ gMBter or !cm dze, 
fnHD the i>kiB. 
I>f-«trnr'liTpni«lllla'llon. DLs- 

whomtiy l)iA,v nro (liMirfKni&wl ami yield 
tlwlr «uUliie emprreiiRintii- i>ivHlitrt4. 

I>««utla'lla. (V»n ilnruda, tu swvil 
IDD('!i. Pr<">fiiM; jtli<l ■•xO'.'Mvo )in'rnlifi|;, 
Applioil nlM> to a niiliiuy rrtiplion with 
whio)i i-tiiMn-n lire sametiniMi afTtxiMl. 

l>«-len'flo. DeUn'lit>. CiiIiiIi'|mv. 

1>rll*r'Kr»l9l« Frum ileUi-yerr, lo 
Fleitn*e. MmliciDc* wlilell clffJUiM fuiil 
alf^m, woiinili'. &r. 

l>elrmilnB'llaa. In AirJI<i>/<tpy, tlie 
AfBiii iif hlmu\ or oilier liumoni in « )i>iirt, 

I>rt«r'»lTr. IVltrpmt. 

I>rl»nnt'lng Pow'der. yulml' 
tuitia»: Mtr.ury nnd »llvor, aiwi otber f.ont- 
imnniLt vliirli i:xtiln<]« Bwldenly on being 
nriif^l: «r lipflit^. Thej are ii»«l fur Ig- 
tiititi;^ |>i<H'>VriR (Mrciihiii^n \f>f;k9. 

Drlona'tloBi Drtoitaiio. Eiplo- 
don; llw r>f|>i>rt wtiicli awotniuiuii-s llie 
oh<ini(«1 coiiitthiAtiftns or (lv«uni[tMil{o(i 
of certMiD IxxlifS. SitilOcn nplnoion. 

netnw'tnr. From dttraho, tu draw. 
Afif^llM in niiiiiciN which ilintw tho jwrtu 
to vUflh (bef nro altuched fi-om Mme 
other fin It. 

DC''lmlimM. Toirw'tor. 

Petrahona Quadra'tus. Plotrnna 


Dftrl'liUt From rf.!*>ivrw, to briitae 
nr nrar iitit. Ilii- inonpinic rcraalu of a 
iHwu-snntiM ofiniaii' texture. 

I>«trnn««'<l«n. Tiettunea'tio; fWwn 
dt, fnttii, mkI (riDK-M, llic Ifodv or trnnV. 
In fttatrtrit Siryrg, the wpsmtinn of 
tha lit:«(l from tho tr«nk or body of ihe 

Il«>tni'M»r Hrf'tic I-'rom Jftrn- 

iler^ !.. ilirti*.! (itit. Thi? mne(?nlar coat of 

111 nl'l.-r. uhirh, by cnntnK'tinj^, cauMM 

r cipiilti-in (if llw iirinv. 

I>cH'r»nMFi>brlH. Oitnta, Ardent 


Dcali'rl'M. TVt<>nttciii oftlit! si-cun- 
dliKA. AIm. old oaiiie Inr a weak or liif«- 
ripr wtflA. 

Ir'rlon. Tbe fecnadini 

ritu; fioni iirrtpot, lii«s(«ond, and n-irtfat^j 
di*«ai*«. A iTnipatbvtio alTwlion, or mo- 
ooitar? disease. 

E^caCo. Frotn Sttmftoc, Mtrond. 
fkrcfix, di^ikiting iwo, twiec, or double, 
lUvtorUe^ hftvlug two etjulnilenti of ox/* 
p>a. Tin' Hn'iiiiil vxid». 

I>«ut«x'ld«. See Dkcti*. 

!><'* iilcii 'lUM. Bnvr -tptzwl. 

I>4*%4>I opni<>u(. In Phi/tioloyi/^ 
erva»c, Rn.>wih. 

DeTlA'tlon. Deria'tio; front da, 
from, and rr'f, ihn way. Vlriou* (■ai'va- 
turu of lliQ 6i>ine ur other bi^n«e; a faulty 
iDrectloD or position of on* or mora Vctih, 

I>CTi'lnliM'. Frain de and vittlit. 
To di-irror lliv lift- of an orfcan. 

IHPT'nitfililrcl'ollc. rslDt«rs* col- 
ic; a B])raivf of colic ci(.-ca«ioDvd bjr til* 
iDtracIiictlon of lead into tbe system. 

OvV. llto depridtiun of valur from 
the miiioophoro oi> ttw >iirfiic« of llie earth 
frfiin old. 

Dow Point Tha l«mp«nilnt« of lli»_ 
almoitphdre at which its Bxriattird twgll 
to lie ilninixltotl. 

I>cw'l»*rpjr. The froit of a sfwclea 
of bri«r boh>ti|{ia^ lo th« jruniii' R*ihtt*. 
Atitrmgeot. Dd» of iJi« bark of the root, 
gr. X to XX. 

l>cx'»card'lii. From M"^< rigbt, 
and Koptiti, tbe heart. Tlio l>cnt!nf.' of lli« 
heart na lh« right aide, u in [tU-urit/ and 

Drs'lrinc. Fro« ifcrfar, riglil- 
hiimled: «> ciilM froni ilK |ioiiMMUiinf[ tbtj 
power of reflcrting tho myii in tlie poliiri- 
Kntioa of liicht toward the righl linud, A 
Citmiiiy «nlii>iaDr« obtained f^Dm starclu 
It also exists ubundantly in plants. 

I>1. A jipefii from Ac. tirioei used !d 
analomy. rJinnifitn-, Ac. Ilentv itij/attH- 

Di«. A |)rvtix, IWitn lia. ti roil^h. Id 
Comt^tition. extension. (>crv(<r»io>i. sopa- 
rniinn. It waa nnclemly utfA lu HiL*nify 
tJM prraenoe of an inarctieot t'cforc whJob 
it was writlen, njt ditirgiUiniiim. n inmli- 
dno pnnlaininir ih" iitine*. fce. 

I>lub«'te4l< Kriiiti if(g, ihroU);)i, a»d.. 
tSvtm, I paas. A dlwznM flll«ndcd br liii>J 
moderntft aecrcliou of arin^i, eisetwaive' 
(himt, and ^radunl emaciation. U is dl- 

led Into tbreo apeoiu: t. Ithbein iimj 




ttputut, diarMtoriud bjr & sapertbundaiit 
iliii:tMrg» of limpid uriae, haviag tbe a»aii,l 
nriDArT tust*. i. J>i«ieU» fntiHlw, in lliere is an eio<m*« woi-elJon of 
xtiiae. of a sweetub UM», unA conlaloing 
A ooDsidi-rnblc qnanlity of Mtcchariue moL- 
ter. 3. DiabcU* ehffhnu. In wbii-h thero 
In X copluu* HbcrcttMii of nriivo of • nrbitiiih 

I>iiib4*t'ir Sugar. Tbe iweol pHn- 
i.'.i|>]e fit' iliiiliriiO' iiHn«. 

UUibro'Hln. CurrvBiua; tiic ftctiiM 
uf -iiilisUiKHfi wbicb occupy ui intarme- 
diaU rank between «scharotica and aaiu- 

I>ln(>Hlliol'lcoa. Dioetithol'ieiim ; 
ft-om dio, and uiAo^iuif, nnireraal, *o caJI^ 
from its general DfcfnLiMiw. A purgaUvo 
elMttiinr^, rontimood rif Monft lotvca. tlic 
jiiilp (if raiuum ruol of ]»aly|>[>dy, luiia- 
Tinile, rhubarb, vinlctn, ftouwcd, tvietX («a- 
IR'I, IJi'orioe, aiiO HOgnr. 

niiiC'Uu'nlM. Fniin iiwutvu, I burn. 

l>Ui(.*Bn»'llc. Dtiteautt'ttnit. C«u- 
tio bv ivfrKltUD, w B duiiblo huivox Ipiw, 
or, mn it U Kitn«liui«« call«t], k bunuog- 

Ulao'eUUe of Cop'per. Twdl- 

Ulnchala'ite. Fractare«f tWakuU 
ur i>|)oiiiii^ uf iiH >uturv)>. 

Dlai>hMloit'MM. I>iaehaUi'ti*;fn>tu 
(flit. luul tn'fjiiui;. t-'IiMlcilSii or caloiftluir. A 
pIiwKr (.tiiiviotin^ of a mixture of oil and 

niafliarff! 'ma. DiaeH^n'tit. Ez- 
crc'riimtv. csporiHllj* fa>cBS, 

J>lA<-liri'H)H. Inunetioo. 

DIsvh'flon. J)iaeh'!/l«m; from dia, 
and oL/JH'. juice : i. «.. odiniKwed of Juioet. 
Fomioi-lv iin uniolllcnl planter made of cer- 
tain Juices, bat aI |>rcM>iit tbo torin it ooly 
8Ii|'lii<d lo tbe empltuirum plvmbi, or XatiA 

Diach^loa cum Oumtol. Vellow 
JiBfliviiin. tiiiiii illiicliyloti, 

DtaobylOD Simplox. Tho vniplos- 
trum (iIiLTiibi. 

Ulm-liyrira. I>i»(Tiiiiinii». 

l>la<>l[i<*'iiin. Kroni Ata, und uvnj, I 
■novo. A MililiLiiitinu. 

IHmvXyn'mwu Tram «tatkvi*t, to wMh 
out. A ^raivW; n mouth -wa>ii, 

]DlaVo|K!< I/wfom'ma; frum &«, 
ibrougt;, and nirrv, a Btrokv. Id Suiyery, 

B Ihictare or fivare of a ctuurI iMNte,' 
deep wound or «it, 

mafrra'nlan. Ftmu ilu. Bup«r 
Bad it^Muf, tills kkolL A l«nn ■oaivtli 
Applied in .In'ttomy to th« lower J«w, ; 
cauM) il IB meretj t-ooniKted wlifa ibi} 
b]r B louM aniculBtiuD. 

Dla'eclMtl. From Sm, Bftd 
M(iiiinUe. A cAaaa of dlMuM* 
imnI by a vitiBl«il iIbIm of Uib i 

Iklacrrsiii, From dio, bm) 
judi;iiii.[il. Di«|cnoM«, 

Diadenulalrl'iB. From Ait, fcji 
the skin, anil lorftrju. healing. The i 
wio tuctbod of tntatioi; (lUcBJiw. Sue ] 


IMades'lK. From Sut*if»fta^ I iim» 
fcf. I tacccvd to. Tlic tnuivfiM-mationi 
ono (lucMO into aootbcr of u diffe 
chornrler and seBt. 

IXailo'BlS. AmmIi^u, to dklnt 
DbiribuiioQ of nDUtiiTi> lUBttKr tin 
uui thv wbulu body; niithtiun: th* 
Mtionof discBM. 

IHsere'sfat, From ittuptu, I iliriJa 
wp4mitv. A wlntjoii of ountiniiit}^, . 
wound or ulcer, or n^ in Uio <««« ol » ■ 
gical o^raliuu, eon.'<f »l iiitf iu the iWvl 
of snin« pert of Uie bodj, 

l>l«r«t'lc«». From Auii/tu, 1 41* 
C«iLslic; esrliarotic 

l>l»'ln. J>iaitm«; fniin 6imrmu, 1 
soiuiuii. Divt ; alinivnt. 

niiMtno'wiii. From iia, and jtMovt, 
1 know. TLe art of divcrUnluaLmi; Jii!!)- 
«&)»> b; ilA Kj-miitoiru, and ono ii-a^M 
from uiotWr. 

Diannosifl, DifTereatial. Dvim^ud- 
lug tlie dietii^uitliiiift fMliirex of a Himmw 
when iiUBfly tb« mow itraiitUmit Wloiv ^ 
Ino diETurent olnHeavf dlMBM, M rhevtna* 
lism. iruui, &e. 

niaffnoH'tlft. A pntliogXMifnoak 
sign, or lymptom, which it chBractarwk 
of a diMMao. 

niaK'nual. AfQ, lIiroHgh, bu'^ 
U) angle. A right line drnnn t.4 : 
laij two opiioailo aDijhw of a foi 

]>laliy'drle. A l«nn lonttttad 
Dr. C. J. It. WilliamK. to ux|>r«m thn | 
liar aigD of jnrrrnttinf tirt'Hffk a 
wtivn, in Mamiiintlou of titc Hwr, an i 
bIoh B«panit«s iliot organ frocn th« ' 
of llio abdoinvu. 

IHatem'ma* lalcnnissioa of I 





DlMl'llkKe. A tnlaenl of a fvUatcd 
BLru<^lure,riu>ilv *r|iarniedlD one dlraetion. 

Ulala'rlc AcM. An ndd ubuiood 
b; the ai;ti»ii of Iij)itro8al{jhuriii acUl on 
•ltaj.tatin In lujIiittuQ. 

mal'TwlA. From ihaXuu, loAiattAra. 

Ulantaitnel'le. A [«nn inruBiwl 
hj fmraiiay U> ex|>rMa tbose lkxli<i4 wliicb 
aru reixUcd Itjr Imtli polo* of th« lUMgiwt, 
so th«^ when suspendc) or^r n horsealioe 
mapnct. Uiey tnke a po«ilJ«n nt rigbl onglca 
t<i thr lin« JiMiiius iJic p'>lt«. 

ItlitinHMle'mii. SLutlcatorjr. 

l>luniVI«.>r. A<a, tbrougti, ftnd ^uffwy, 
a rnc^urv. A n)(lit lino ilrAwn Uiroogh 
tlie ccDtro of a <:ircle. The central imit 
■ItorlMt iJtnif nuioD of a s]>l)ui'o or (.-jlindirr. 

Di'anMltd. Ad'amiu; from a, priv^ 
amd i*tiu,t, I cunqnw, from its vstrcmv 
Inrdneas. Pare or vr^stallhed carbon; 
tb« mu*t valtiAbli; uf prccioai ctmMn, and 
tlK linrdMt kuon-n labatADce. Il was 
tonnerij' aiippnced to immhmw foluablv 
nMdUinal Hnu^^. 

Diamolo'Kl*. From ft^rof, chorpie, 
Uiil. TbcibtmdyiitloBoflint into a woaiid 
«r nle«r. 

ItiMii'u. Old oiHnv for nlrvr. 

l>latiiin«')W'inM», JUananttu'mut ; 
<<*«, nod i>i'«}'iin;v, I fvn:«. Tito r*- 
:toa of a diiiIo«Kt«d or fraclurrd limb. 

Dlltii'drlR. Oian'drotu; from di;, 
twici.'. Hiiil tnt,,', u man. A olnan of )>Iaati> 
witli tiro ■uai«iii, tJio Beeood in Ihv LId- 

lUDHR l^Utfin. 

IN»n'lhn»CttryApb>l'liu. Tk« 

elor«' |.'iiik. 

IHnpal DIB. A pla*(«r oomposod of 
Uthant«, oliv« nil, aiuajt*, water, «il|iliat<g 
of rioo, Bud whito wax, wliich. wbm 
tniiM) with a fonrtli of it* weight of olive 
oU, form* (hft ejftttf t(/ dutjutlm'*, 

IUiapn»'Bt«. Tram Ataifomeii. to 
■pfiokle. A luedicine roduM-d t» jiuvdrf 
and ■prlnkled over the vbol« or toinft purl 
of ili« l>«lr, 

DInpede'Mtt. From ftaat^au, I leiip 
tlirutiph. TranMtHtatiuii or B«cape of blood 
tliroagli tlie cuab) of the vtak:)*, akin, or 
atty inpnilirfinr. 

Itliiphanoiui. £lfai|n&afu>'#u« ; from 
4ta. l)ir>;Ok'lt, mill ^wwi-w, («» uliine. Traiw- 
poront. Id .Imifiiny, applied to deltonte 
Mf<>R9 mcmUratii'*. nc l.ltB araahlwrid. 

Dlapllor«'nto< From .fia^a^KM, ] twii- 

Tojr, t dlsapate. A perspiration more pro- 
ftixe tluiti tiBlurnl. 

Dinplwi^riCil. llvdiciDM vhkh 
excite |fern(ii ration. 

Ikl'apbrHKin. From AnfuBBOMt, 
Mjinralo l>v a partilion. Tbo midriS. 
tliio, alinvat circiitar inuMlv, tundiuuiia is' 
llio cifRin:, whicli »«]>iiral«ii th« iLorax 
from ilie nlxlomeD. 

Ulaptamv'mA. Pinpltrajtm. 

Diaphnurma Oorobri. Tlie tcnlo- 

OiaphraBtna Harium. Tbo icpttua 

UlnplirngniHl'Kia. Pain In tlia 

Dlnphnurnial'lc. tHapkroffm'iti^' 
eu«. iivluofiDi' to tlio diaidiragin ; ap- 
pliod to Mraral v«w«b aad tMrvoo. 

Diaphragm alio Arteries. Phrtnie 
arttrifii^ Tin- arU'riun uf iJit' dU|>liruKni. 

Dispbrafcinatic Hernia. Pri>li-usiun 
of with: "f tlic iilniwiiiiiial visccTn through 
a rupture of the diaphra^. 

Diaphrogmatlo HervM, SoepDina- 
ic Neiitcb. 

Dlaphrainnatlo Plex'uses. Thciut 
»r<i two in iKimbor — one »itiiaiM on iho 
right nod the oilier on cli« left sido of iJio 

Diaj^avmatlo Rtos. An apvrtnro 
through iLei diaphrngiu giving |iiuHige lo 

l>lnplirasaiilll'lto. InflAnitootioB 
of the dij>i>tinit,in. 

I»l«phrU|[Uiaf'«cele. OiapKra^- 
mtt, and >;>.v, i> iniiior. Uornianr tumor, 
from Miiiiu purUuu of iXm vi.ictira eacaplui; 
thrtitijKli Ihu iliiiph ru^tui- 

I^lKph'tfavra. From ita, aad f<9cc 
(Hir, lo rornipt, CorroptinD of bo> pJirt. 

Ulnpli'i^nla. From dm^tv, i lite 
iwi'Oti. Aci iiileriifiAo«. Aartlilag; whiel 
Hriiarulci two budico. It is Miiut'tiraas 
aii|ili«il to the middle part uf u long bono 
nnil to tliii cruciiil ligumt^tH. 

Dlapliu'llBa. Frum itmrJ-oiRiu, lo 
aiKtinl. Tti« Bp]>liciil)iin of nn imalion to 
the wlioie nr any part of ll»e body. 

INnp'noe> From fjairr*t^ tu brcathw 
itirduj^Ii. Gt-Dtle perspiratioo. 

IHap'iiolc That wklcb promotoa 
srrnlli' ir(M>|nralioii. 

Ulapopli'yiila. A nanio givra bjr 
Owoa lo Uio homoloigno of tli« nppar 
Iransvcrso proucM of a vitrtakra. 





nu'l --vt, |'ii4, Sttppurattou. 

Dlapyd'lc. Piapytti'tnt; from 
4ui, and tfv^ita, a eagipuraUon. He41dn«B 
wliich promote aagiporftlioo, 

IMjirli»'aila. From As, thrmtgh, 
ptw, I How, aod mfiiL, bk>od. TlilnnMa at 
llic bluod from d«6?i<rDc;^ of tb« glDbDl««, 
ontl. na a con^Miuciice, (raiisndatioa of it 
llirou^b ikecoftU of lite rcuoli. 

l^ln'rlutt. I.iuiting ancda^i »ph«inc- 
ral, Ai>rlif<l to ftSTcrs. 

Ikl'iirrlinye. A fi-act(ir«, 

llhirrhip'fl, Frum ^i^, throng;li. 
And p(iA I i3ow. Purifinir, IfiowrcM of 
Ibe IiuwhIk, frttqutMil liiiiiid alviiit' (ivncnu- 
Viow, iKiiKtlr sttonrloil with slig^il, pripini; 
pftlua, but ardiDariljr *itlii>Ht uny ft-vcr, 
Ttiortf are MrcrnI vnrielioA of dinrrbiBa, as 
itie >ii1iniia, Mroii;!, mucous, Ae. 

Diarrhoea Al'bA. Diarrkaa eaii- 
aca. DisrrhOA with white mllkj eruoa- 

Diarrhtoa Carno'ea. I>)-seiiler7 in 
wli"-Ii l!in i\itfhaTi;v» rvwmblp |ii«cvN of 

DIarrhcea Oboler'Ioa. A diarrhna 
in whit'h the alvine evncnatioos are loose, 
eopiotis, BtuI <rf a jcllow color. 

DlsirbcBa Chylo'ea. C<et{ai! ;m*- 
wian : ea-U'it Jttit. Chvlous dlarrhnm. 

Dlnrrhooa Hopat'iea.. A diMTlt«n 
atlciiilHi Willi eojj'ioiis biliuu* <-vni-iial!<>iin. 

Dlarrhoaa Sero'sa. A (linrrti/ra in 
wtiii'.li Die alvine ovocnalit>Dfl &n of a 
wuturv or **roiiti rlinracKr. 

DlHirhooa Urino'sa. DinbeteH. 

Diarrboea Vermino'sa. A diarrlin>A 
L-iiiimid hy tliu profcncc of vromu in the 
iDlcAtinoti. e^pecinllT in tb« ri>«tnill. 

Itlarlhro-'dlnl. Relating to dl&r. 

I>i»rtliro'Hte. From iJioptf/ioo, t 
arlli'Qlute. A inoTKblo anionlatioo of 
boiwa, ia wbicl) th«ra are Atq tpocics; 
namdjr, fn'irfliro*ii. arlhrotlla, y{jiffti/mwa, 
trof.hoiilAt, nnd nmpMit^ArfU. 

Dlnifiror'dltim. Yrvui Aa, and 
oxopiim; lilt- viai'^r f;(Tni»ii<l<.T; «> mllcd 
bcnoM KvrEliiiiii ODtvrs iatu i1« pomposi- 
tion Ah fl«*m«ry, 

DliiMOH'llv. rn>p)i7lacllc. 

lllHMpliyx'lit. Tli^ pulse. 

l>ln»lHlt'l<r. A tcnn npplied kr Jir. 
Maraiinii Hall lo iho roltrx action of tb« 
excito-niutoi7 tijirtein ofncrvca 



niMHtntM^'mlii. From ^Mtfraatc, aep- 
araliun. and q^n, blot^l. IHsorpiniMlHHk 
of the iilobulva of tlic blood, and M]iani< 
tion of \hv fibrin aod albainitti f^atn 
oolvrin); matter. 

niaKlaiie'. A *eig«iable pri 
having ilio proiterty of convKniDsatafrh 
into dextrine aod gnipa tngiir- It Is lb* 
principal a^ot lu 1I19 ipinnlBailaa tt 
aecdi, and it jirwIuMd vboai tli«; eproQL. 

Dlan'la*!** Fr«<n «>a, and 4wnm. t» 
place, separation, dlalancc. Scparatiaa of 
bODM and carttln^os from ttuih oclifir, » 
of tboM of the crnniniii in aome.coaMof 
Iivdriii-<-|i1mlns, Ac. 

DlnMe'mn. A tenn applied In Z»- 
<^*Vy. bj" niigtr, lo Ibp inlcrvpitc^ wfckli 
cxirtH in most maminiferouR animals be- 
tween tlie canine ond proinolar tevtb. 

IHiMi«Mini«lf t'rfa. A MDg«Q|ttf 
ivTn-t cvnsiBting in a lou^itndlual dlrUon 
of llie vagina. 

Ultutt4>inal<H<hel'ltil. From JiM- 
ttm», and, the lip. Coni:tntlal dft- 
viaiioD Ronai«lint' in toneititdioal diriaioa 
of llii- tip. 

UllMlemalottliM'ttin. Frmn iut- 
Uma, and Y>u(iira, ivnfcu«. A congenital 
loD[.ntndinttl dtmion of tb« longi)«. 

IkftiMlrmalocna'thln. Froa Jt- 
OMtema, And rratfsCt jair. An orgule 
loD)>iii)dlnaI diririon of tlia Jaw. 

DlfMlemnlorlirnln. A ronfftat'. 

tat (un^mdliu) division of t lie nuM. ' 

DlnNlcniiiKMlaplij'1'lau A ron- 
gciijt;ii kiiiiiitiilinal diiiik-n ffibc tiviil*. 

I»la«'lol«. From i!Hi«TrUw, I MOd, 
I <ltlali\ 1 vpi'ii. Dilatdlion of th« l^art 
and ar(«He« when llic Mood «nl«rs tlitm. 
It IK Immmliaieljr fullovod br rvntradii 
wliioh sends forth the btuod, and 
latter ninvcincnl in cailcil ry*tclt. 

■Mmttel'lF. Rctatinx to diastole, 
the itlitilolle oi'tlon nf tbe bearC. 

mnnloaio'trlti. From AoorofM^ I 
dilute, an aportnre. Anv dilalinir inatra- 
mcni, n* a s|it«itlum for tbo innutii. t^^ 

Ikhi^lrfia'ma. I'i-torlion"* tp 

X>lii>t'lrophe. Dh-tiretiinut. 

IklMl'MKln. From ^^ltno*^ I diwai 
Tli« n-diK-lion of a frnrtiir«d itnbbr 
tennon anil manliir-rxteaalon. 

IHnlhpr'ntBJHstui. Free pemn 
bilit; to bva>. 

IHJillirrmaB'idB. Tb« tranab ti 
tbe rays of beat. 





INaCli'etifak From d.BT>d«u, I dl*- ■ 
poM. [>i«|>oiitioB, ooiutjtiitiun ; |>ro(li«- 
liontion to ccrtuiu dioeaaes. Tlie iikmI 
rontana i]uuli««e« lira tlM icra/ulaiu, ■dT' 

IfrlmlH'l'Ir. BeloagioK loilialliMiM. 

I»lttt rlloM. Prom iux, and r^t;. 
thrcp, J>i«t of three 'Uy*. The plan |tiir- 
flii«<] tiv ihe niethwlic phfMciaiu in the 
tivatinont orili>«ii»o. 

Dialrl'uM. Old namo Tor ft nedi- 
cIdi- i-iicu|»i««it of lliree Ingredienta. 

IHltVOlet'tl. /fiaudi'ni. Aphra- 
iiaiaf lonn^M auviQ of cooo« nixl Dio 
ininl i<<in(,i'i>< artiiiiktint. 

Dlnxo'ma. Dijum'mii. Tli4 din- 


DlawM'lcr. From A«;<n^yu, I enr- 
rouml. The tirein)i rvrtehnot il)»< liook. 
bbMOse it owTrt^rf-mU lo ihe ifirillf. 

IMcrn'Irii <'aniidcn'NlM. Sguir- 
rtl Mm ; rnlit ufffi A plant of the arAer 
Fumtriuf^tt, indl^tiODS tn tlte Knilbtm 
£t«li)«. It tiw Imn nevd ia tjrpkili' <i)>*l 

IHCPph'lllaM. From if<, iloohit, ftibl 
Mfn^, iK'iid. llunnft twu heads. 

I>lr'<*ra» Ruile. An iiitc»tiiMil 

IHcluu4«*'rrM. Frnin ih^Cn to di- 
riilp. *.*M namr for iariftora. 

IHi'hopby'la, From S<x«- iIahIiIc, 
nn<I 9'.'-. 1 ifroir. Tlw condition of tlic 
b»irs in which Ihcy t\>\\t and ^row forked. 

IHchiM'«m«itit. Frciin ilf, tv^oo, 
and rmytiK lo iMit. Forked ,- trifaroMbe. 

DIcliro'liiBi. dic, twice, niul ;tfi^- 
ivAeir. The [itYijMtrty hy trhicti Home inin- 
PI ' i llit^^^^(•nt crtluro, «<'<''>r«IiiiK lo 

t.'i ' ill wliti'h tbn ruyH of liitht 

pu— li,r>. !,'t. thf-iti, 

DU-llilwtlo'HlB. Frmn Si4^, % 
donhle diHir. and nntu'in, iivii Mention. 0«* 
■Ulrnti'iii (if Talvtm, tw uf the hvoit. 

IVIoIIh. A-fhf. V«K-o. 

Uii'fM* f«DK. In BtHatty, hitv'iag two 
Mpf»Ir« nniu-tl. fiii'h wtcli one n>ll. 

DIcer'rpllKfl. A innii»t«r with a, 
4wDhI« rrrltf): ur uiwiiqHi. 

m4^t>|p'dottM. From ili(. twice, 
■nd ii"ri;F;A-.'. a »r*Hl-loli«. I'luiila irboM' 
tm\>Tjo hove twu Mcd-lobca or Mljle- 

Dlenv'aK. -i*:. tH-ka. and tpni^. & 
bfd. IlAnii]{ two lii-iuisi tiifid; dovw. 

IH'crolits. Dicrotic. From iff, 
twW, iinil uparru, 1 Rtri)c«. A pnlM which 
»e«l»a to beat douhlti, or twi<<« tw tut 
iuimI; « nbouiidiuic like a donMe pali 

IHclntn'nUH .llbim. Wiiitv frssl- 
Ut-Tlji iif hiiil.\r>lililinriy. 

DIotamauB Cre'ticus. Sw Qntajk- 

ffeid'ym. A iitHnl. 

IHd'yml. Fraa di^tymr, donUe. Tlia 

mrtrml'tlA. Hcrniu huuuiriUii. 

Illilfin 'lum. A mvtiLl wiih 
curium nrr*. 

Dld'snuoaa* In Rifanj/. Kniviinic in 
pitlni. j\ii A no<in, it d>^n<i(iw tlH> ttwdv*.. 

Uldj'na'mln. A liniiwiui i-lMa of 
plmiM Itaviug four Et«iiieiM, two lung and 
LKo uliurt. 

Ol'm. A (lay. 

DIee Orit'ioi. Cntiral days, or dnyi 
i>n whirh it was fomierly BOpgiosed a 
farorable or nnfATorablo ohongo wofdd 
take |ilar« iji llw pru^cM of ■ dlMiuMk 

IklCl. Dia'U. Food such u kt moat 
nuMlucIv^ to hcflltk oiul iu prMOrVAtion. 
TIi« term was funueriy uwd to di»i^Dat« 
Ut» )t>-ii«rid iniuiiivr of living. c<uinpr«*ti(nid- 
'\ng cverytliing nocesaary lor Uic wiite- 
nniM'i- "f lifo. 

Dtot Drink. A deooetloa of Mnu- 
porUla and niox«reon. 'I'hc l.tubun dtut 
dnnk, or componiMl decxKiion of Mrmiia- 
rilla, which It r«»e»ihl««, \» lli« moat ovle- 

IHetrl'lc* DitUVituti from ^uurow, 
f DDurixl). Iteloniriiiii bt dbii. 

IHe<el'lffH. lUfUt'ka. Dieting so- 
cnrdinR to nivdii-al nilcn. 

EHetel'lMlH. i'liyniriaiu who Irani 
diMnao uoly by the appltcaiion of diatctio 

IHn>r»'llal IMoffiio'HlH. Soe 

l)lAa.S(Wt8. DiFl'GHKNTIAU 

DUEcroDtiAl Thenuom'ator. A 
[lii'i~nion)t4t-r sfaoninfC ihedill^rvora of tlw 
teiniK-rsturo of lt» two Imlbii. 

IHttlA'llo. Trui»plr«tion. 

l>lflViu- lion. Tti<! lodeitun wldeli 
ilie rn;«t)i ll^bt tiDdcrijo in pnwiiijt uuar 
any (>|>m|n« body, 

DinBlie'. Dijfun'a. H|>rL>Mlitij,- : aft- 
{ilit'diD Aifilffttf^todiK-iiset Mhirtt ii)irMii], 
in ■■ontra4li»li[ietiaD to thiMO which ar* cir- 




mmi'Hible. A term applied in JTi- 
tfria iffdiffi Ui Ktlmiiltitititvrhicli nugtiiMit 
tlid artinn nf ilio v^ocnlar mmI n«rvoti» 
«,v8l«ni, bat which &r« tnutntoiy in Iheir 
vffVcUi, Wt ammffnioy alwhffl, UkI talphvrk 

IHini'MlMl of eiM«i«. The intcT- 
miu^linij; of the pBrtirlra v( two 'ir inoir 
gMW-aa hodivfi. vrilhont ch«iniral artioD. 
witli t«ph other. «j that ultimfitdT, whnt- 
trrcr nmy hmvo been their roliUivp ilcnxt- 
lictt, tlicT Iwcome thoroughly bleniled. 
Tiio t-Jiiet profortioiu with vlii^h tlie 
components of the almosphGre are mixed 
fufoish A Hue example of the ditfhilon of 
gM^t. Th« niUi nf diinirfoii nf ptw* l« 
iuTcrBely tie tb« square roots of thoir den- 
"itiw Hav of Omhiini). 

DUTuelon Tube. A gradtiiited tnb«, 
«l(»r>-d at i>Qe vad with [>la»ter of Paris, 
for iK-U-nniiiiiij[ tliti nitc uf tllffbaioit for 
tlilTVr«iil pwuH. 

Difhiadoa Volume. Tlie dilTer«i]t t9n- 
drnoii-* nf trnw* to inlcrchnngt! p&rtJoIWL 
S(» l)irrr8io>e or Gkrhd. 

l^lHll'lin. An iixlifTerent hndrpro. 
Juci:^ bj llio cnporaituu of alloiaaio 

IHsOi'trlc Qroove, a «lspr«««ion 
in lim msalotil pro«;M from which the di- 
gnjttrio tiimu-le nri«e«. 

IHffan'lriem. From Jltf. anil jwnn?/), 
a Itellr. A miisHe with two bdliea, united 
in ihv inUhllv by a i«*ii(tiin wliioh piwm 
lliroDffh the dtylo-hyoid tniiwIiN nnil i« ut- 
Inclicd lu lliv hyiml boiiv. Qt the twu 
bellies, the one is pnstt^rior aud ncciipiei 
the foMa at th« «nd a( the mastoid pro- 
ccM of (ho (vtnporal honu: the other it 
anierlor, extending from the os liyoldw 
to ttic hoUD of the 1nwor Jnvr liy the sld^ 
of the eymphysie. Its nso is to ilrpresf 
thu I<>w«r Jaw, to riil«e the or byoidei, or 
to iin>T« li furwanl or bn(*kward, m in 

DIC'ereotK. From di^fnt. In digest. 
Didtontivos ; modicin^B which prfunolo tli» 
Mrcrc-liva of prop«r piu in wounds ood 

IWg grt 'yr. A stmoft and li^ht iron 
or Popp«r vtioBcl, with a liifhlly adji>3l«4 
lid provldMl with a safvly-rnirc. !Vl which 
hudlvs may be subjeol^d to tite ncxloa of 
l»tKhprcw«jre steam. 

l>lKe«t'lble. Capable of beintc dU 

to dl»»i)lir(^. lu PkyirMny^, l)io rl 
which food undoffov* on t>eing lakm ii 
tha hoif. A fUD«t)on, l>y mrnniof wh!^ 
slinienlary sahslamrct, when inlmtlni- 
into tiiO di$:Mliv« CARnl. nnd«rflo differc 
altoratioBR The ohj«ct of it is tA coi>r« 
them into two part«: tbe Pll«^ a rvpir 
torjjaicv. dwiiDsd to renew the peqietg 
waste oi?(>urrinj! in tlie Mwnnray; ll 
other, dtrprirvd ot its nntntions pr 
Lies, to be rojocted trnta the hwty. 
Chemutty and P/utrm/t^ff, an opmti 
wliich consists in sohjocUng substjintMsl 
the aelion of eaoli other at a riuthily < 
vatcd tcmpcrntiiro, m a aotid to 
alcohol, or other mpnstranm. 

DlReiil 'Ivpa. In Afryrry, anbiita 
which, tvhrii uppliei) to a wooml or ol^ 
promote rappnratiocu 

IHices'Uve Tube. Thu alimfotar* 

I>lK'llAl> Frore 4!yitus, a finco^^ 
Beloiipni; to or reMniMioic a finger. 
mgita'lln iT DIvMallne'. 

artivo pnn<^ple of dipfitahs. Dow, gi, 

IHsllal'iM. From dinUxf. a flt 
beoaiM» ila flowers rMenihle a linger, 
genna of phtata at the ord*r Scnrpht 

I>l«1talt«Pun>u'rea. Fnsjtlo'rp. 
1mv<« nf thin plunl are pow«tfii]|y 
tiTe nod diiirctir, onil rM]ulr« w In- mf^ 
miDixIcreil with irntat oaution. Iim« i4 
powderod Itisves, gr. j to jtr. v. 

DiKltn'llon, DiTtded into Sngt^ 
like prooMM*. Ai>ii1ir<l to tniiwlei^ 
the atrratM mtiffmvs. whiah eshlltit Ai^ 

niKtln'tiw. PtKitate: Angertd. 

IllSlI irorm. Flnper-lilca. 

DiKl'UaBi. ('ifntracttoa oratropi 
of till' tiiit:oi-», raronrchla. 

Ikll^'ltllH, A fin^r. 

DiifituE Annul»'ria TliD annular, 
or linj; fiiiii^r. 

DtfTitun Indlcato'rlu*. The iaitt 

DigltuB Podls. A toe. 

IMK'niilliaM. A iitotuier wHb adm- 
bli- irtw . 

l>l|{i><>'(lo. DUfntnia, 

IMKyn'Ui. From in. twice, and ' 
femiili-. A t«rm apt>)'ted In RoUng ti) 
plants which luive iwu dialiniH futik ar 





DlhrMe'riM. Theeondhtoob which 
thert b B iIooMp nuroL 

Dllai^ra'llaa. From ii, nnd /«m- 
rxn*, ii'Triir. rjiiirnlion. Applktl to ltti*i)i, 
U rijfiiilit* ar«HiilitHin rptiiltinjr from di"- 
plnctnicnt o( lii« calcifioil porliun (rota tlio 
tuMOM wliirli tvvrp in*trnmn)tnl in rt«jir<i- 
<IUCtioB. the fi«TelofVTnmt b«iti(! <v>ntinnml 
nDcr llii- T)»rnial pusiliun of Uie calcified 
pnrl. biui iMrn Iriot. 

■tllnta'llsR. Dii»Lt'tio: tromdih- 
Urt, 10 onl^rw. Ibot*aw rf bulk of a t>o>ly 
bj wiianition of Mine of Its molcrnlp*. 
Increai^ of iho Aie of a canal or npeninji. 

Ifllll't*r. TiilaUxto'riuM. In An«t- 
smjr, applied to miirclfis tho ofRro of wlilch 
h tij dlljilu <N>ri«ln i>iifli. In Suryttrt/, aa 
inBiram<^r for dilatitift a naltiral or nrtU 
ficiol o|n-iuiis. 

Dilator. Amott'8. An 'moLniinent tor 
ivmorinit MriWtir^s of an'l tliUling the 

DIlMo'iinm. A (iwvulmii: aim. ■ 
piiic« of eponiK or anj ot)i«r mechaoiciil 
concHvniMtf for dilating a wonoil. 

INII. TIm oommaii nam* nf the Atw 
thum gratf^fiu. The teod4 are warmitt^, 
pargativc, and arotnalic. 

mi'iicnlH. MiHlirineairhicli InrTMWe 
tho fliiiilitr >if ih^i Ittood, 

Itllnl'cd. Mixcl: «rcak«De4l. 

IMlilUI Inte. Dimidia'tMi: fromffi- 
MtJuj;, half. In AvMny, half-fffirTD»d; ex- 
t««dill«r hnlfwnr runnil. 

IHmorph'iKm. Proni dx. twic^. and 
^^>«4, f(>nii. Tbi> [impertjr nf WT*tnllbio)r 
in two <lifltlD«t fbrnu Dot ikrirable from 
one aDAihfr. 

IMMorph'oiia. Dtminiilariiv of 

I>ln'l<wl. From Awpu, I tnm fdudiI. 
MwliriiM^ iriiii'h MieTe vertipo, 

DI'nttN. Vcrlitti>: iri'MiacM- 

IHodonreph'nltin. From rfic ilmi- 
hl*, •Jorf. titoth, nn.1 Kt^Tt^ hcfld. A 100(1- 
nrofit* with two rows of teeth. 

IHon'rla. From •bf. twicti, and oucm:. a 
hoQ*^. A ti-TD) n|i]>llt«l til Htlitny U> n clniw 
of i>laiit» in wklcli tlie sUmetis n»d [ii«f ilo 
are In wparale fluvera and on itt'iinnitf 

IM«»ce'ftbi. From $m, aad «7Kor, a 
laniiir TiiiMi-fwiiiHi or jtleiliiira, 

niniij-H I* 'i>n«. Oq« wlio Iin* a Iionv 
oi-ti'-'n Irt- '-('-^'.-•n>i)<<en«air thelvmponJ 
or fniDial n-ston. 

, mop'lm. From dnnnMiu, to aea 
Ihrongh. Dluptron. At]w«nlmii; nillU- 

Plop'tric*. From itra, itinxisl'. >n(1 
t/nouaj, 1 v}v. That branohuf optica whiolt 
trvnla of rvfractlou. 

Dlopirta'ania. Tho iHInuiiiHt of n 
[>art »r op«nii^ witb a spepnlitm. 

I>iOrrllo'niH. /.Harrhnit ; from itos 
Dod "ii^-Mi^, ilic scrnm. The cotiTcnaon n( 
iiJiT part into eorum. 

i>l*nho'iilll. From 4^9p»f, to di- 
rect. Thr rnluvtion of a (tuolon ur dia- 
local ion. 

DI<M»0«'r«a, A g«Bv« of {ilanu of 
tlifi order IHoteeriaeta. 

Dloaoorea Alata. Th« yam. whtrh ia 
nlito nbtnin«d fvtmx tho />mwmivui Bitt>y«r^^ 
luul Diofona mtita. Sim Vau. 

Dlaii'niji. A gmns of plsiii* of tli« 
t>T<\vT Snt/ttt^. So* Cuioft'WA ni>d Hrntir. 

DlOomO Orena'to. £ani»nrarrrrM/i; 
bnrhn. Tito Imvm ane ditirvtic. «iimnlnnt. 
aromatic, and tonic, aiul tn mwlernto doMa 
promote the Mcrototr fuBelwiu of tli«kM- 
ners and »Vin. 

DIaame'w. TheBaeliiitrib«ordico- 
tyledooow pkots. 

DlMi'niln. Tlia ImUot [iriitHple <>f 
t)i« l<>nv«« of i)in«mn. 

IMoM'pyron. 'Hie riTHiraiiMin ; nti 
ImliitiMH"!' {ilant of tlie onler Et>fnafnt. 
Tho bark and iintipi^ frnil are Ki>trin(p»nL, 
und bnTr lioon iiwd in diarrliiEH, niooratcd 
Bore Ihronr, nnd nturino hemorrhn^v. 

DUtx''i4e. A oomponml of oxygon 
irith a base, in wlilch there is one lUorn 
of the former nnd two of Hm latiur. 

iMp<4'itloiiu. Ill Hittwfi, two-pet- 

Slphllif'rlii. From AmStpa, n rIeIii 
or iiu'iii'iriii).:'. Iii]>hlh«ril»: which ace. 

Ulplilli(.-ri'lln. DifhiM'rii*; tnt 
A^^ipc, a skin or memhnino. Ati^a jieU 
liftularia. A namo (^von by M. Rr«tonneau 
to & fono of phar7ngiti^ atlcndwl hj the 
formalion nf falao mrml>niim<, ntvl which 
■(feel tho di>nnoiil tiH«tit>. n* tlio mneona 
ineaibrniit?. and even the i^lciii. 

IMpheiieritii* of th« Thro«t. Pha- 
ryngiliB d)i>hiherilje; Oyniinch* traeheA- 

DiphthcritlB TmchonliB. Crwip. 

lllpll'yllHH. rvi'.)-UaiV4l. 

I>lplRMl«i»'niiM. I'uplioacd. B«- 
esBcerlfaiioD of ■ dlaeaae. 

nip'lorar'dlnc. AtE-aoor. donUe^ 
luid KHfifta, bearu IIktId; a doiiblo lic«n. 

Dlp'lot^i From •ttv^iiw, 1 ilijitt*)«. Tlio 
rkucvllnieil Mlruenire vrlikh Miinrntei Uie 

1<KU IllllIlVH (if t)i« nkiill. 

DIploKaii'icllftts. Apcliod bj-Dr. 

(iraut III nnirnlnU-il HtiinDtla. Iruentiw ot 

IHplo|t«ll'e«l«. From ^tXqot. doo- 
lilci mill }M-rni(, cfDurnliiin. Ormi>i<' dn- 
fwl. iMiivuI l.v ilie union of two jromis. 

Ulplo'niiu Aa icstminciit of vtit- 
!tiK I'lirifrrriiiK »iiiti« privilege. In i/tdi- 
fnl aSair^. a lioeime to prarlite |>by>1o, or 
wiiif fini- IT mftre -^f It* tirtnche^ ; u*njilly 
fi|t{ilic>il 111 a iloi'iiinunt iHuctt t>,v a choT' 
IoixhI L-ullruf. i-eri if jtiiK llint ihu litis of 
iJootor hac born (Hinfcirtvil n|w>n the [tcr- 
eon nlw has receive) it. In Phannacji^ a 
vcH»d iriih doiiMo wallt, lu a watvr-bath. 

IMplomyp'lln. <iJTAimf, double, and 
pi*?'^, iiinrrvw. Congenital divwun of 
tlie spiaiil ni a rrov length wise 

DIplonvu'mM*. Applivd to Tert*> 
briit<' nniiiiiitu, boc-iuiM th^j )iaT« two ii«r- 
vuiix svsivuin, the fiykntA apd ayrii]>uitieti(v 
Alwj, by Dr. liruiil, to nn untur of woniiit. 

DIplo'pla. Yritn\ iip>iMr(, doublo, and 
ocruMrii. 1 »vv. An atTtrction uf Ulo aight, 
III wlik-li QD olijitii niak«H a dout>l« Impres- 
uon upon ilio rcticu. Ddiibld riaian. 

l>lplo't«lH. Diplo:-. 

DIplUMiiKN. Finm ArlMt, doiililv, 
nti<l nu,j-i, li'.i'l''. Tbc I}iftl^ti'n« frenala 
i.H ail t^ntiKiiiin. linvln^ the n|i|iv»miti-' of 
two woi-iiit iiiiiirJ, whidi liiLi imiiii-tliiiiHi 
bt'i'ii kiiouii t.' yn^' tlj"? TH'inpirv bUiIder, 

nip'prra Aii'iinial Oil. An iiii 
piTi-iiiiuitip oil ijl>taiiiiil from lioiirai iinil 
biiiniid ■n]l>*tiince6. It b flUtispo«inc>(ii« 
aiifl dlurt-tic 

Ulprowo'plM. Fram dc doable, and 
itpnatjxor, raiiiilciuini>v. A tDoiisUir with 
tvn fare*. 

Dip'wicaM. A i;i'i)U(inr')ilunljiQf llie 
onliT JUfv-ifiteta: Alun, IKnMcA 

Dlp!»Hcus Pullo'num. ilfr'txi Car'- 
tlvi I'rn'frii. K<-u:iril<4] n» stotilAi'liiv. 

Dipeacus SylTos'tris. Ctiltivntml 
tcBMtl. Tlitt roots of this Ein'opeun [)lunl 
tn diiirvtic and midorilii'. Tti« walur 
wbicb colloi<is ot the bow of tlie leaves 
ba* tiL-oii a»rii n» nil cju-wator. 

I>i pfM>t'lriui. Froni(li^,tliiffiU ?ro- 
dnftivti ftf (liirit. 

Dlpsoman'la. From ifaVw. tliint, 


and iiatna, mfldneia. Tbe tliinc at iruvii- 
ard-i. AI>ji. di-Urlnni lr«ii)i>na 

DIpao'vlM. Mi'rI.kl tbiNt. 

IMp'l^rH. Froan I'lt, tw icv. and mt) 
a winnc. In*vcts Kbit-li bate Itru a 

l>lptenk'Cf<ie. A nalufal i>h1m 
dK-otxltiliini'iiH ue^t, |>e<-iitiar U> liidU and 
tli« Inilinn ArvliiiMlngu. duliutnililtiid li; 
tli« |i«IaU nut bving frhipal. di») ia ib* 
wiitit tif nlliiinivii. To it bi'loiiica Itw tsia- 
I>bi»r tri'«i, 

IXp'lerouH. Ita^iog two wiaf-Kk« 

l>lp'tl>ryx. A ganns nf tcvca nf tfca 

Bipt«i7x Odorato. A tns; fituiut' 
GuUna wliifL yields an odortfLYUu* wed. 
eiillcd tbo Tonquin btm^ 

Dlrc'A Paultn'trlih L««tber 
wood: a suiflll indigt'ooDM alirab. whlrk 
(trowa In »«t bo(t)fy placMi, In maa.v |iwu 
of the Cnilcd .Slat«». 

DIrec'lor. From AVipare, tit dbtd. 
A (;ruovL<d luund fur gliding a kuifo ia 
Min<: onrgiral operation*. 

Dlrlc^oiM. biriy'en*, ThaicMMtl^ 
lu'iit ill n prc'i-riiition ahifli iltrorti 
action t^i ttie iiA~>(-i(iii>il (>ub»lAn««*. 

Dlrl-l-^tlmjc. A OivunlcT of 
nntritirefUDctioasDomiuun aiiioai;AI!iifaa 
n«fro««.io wlii«btbcd*«irc iw caUtt^dtn 
is irrntstiblc^ ami producing tbr cVk-Imtm 

UltM-liNiVv'. hi Patholo^AtutrtwMA 
tli>« from aay M.>irr«L!atf urgnn or porL 

Ula'coidK. A Irnu applinl in nnl- 
v*lt'e 4i<rll* in whiott tlif v i r- 

riirn"fil Tcriically mi llu- winn i- 

|(i fiinn II ili"k. 

l>l«coloni'tlon, Ali«niiu>ant(d- 
nr, rnpt-anlly for a darker tioh 

Dlsooloratlou of th« Teeth. Tb* 
tMtb often loie their aatursi wtilteDbia 
and p«inliar Imlliaiir]'. luwutiir ■ - ' — 
ish. Ui'ownisli, ^rcoDinh. or i 
pMirnu<% Anjr orthoMi-bnti 
plarv at any |ii.Tltfd of life, by ; 
»( itw t<>elli to tl»e action i>i tli> 
|}iiit [>ro(ln(^> ibcin, anil fnini \< 
proftvr iittimtioa to ihi-ir rlicHiirriii - 
■■■■liirntion of tli# to.'ih may In- \>: ■ 
by tb4 artioD of aridululiHl iliuli 
of tliv inoutli, iir by iIm linbiinil ■afn (J 
fiiilNttancm cntflinlng culorini: malit^. u 
toba^wo, Ac. Had if ]>«nDitted to ct'Ollau 
natil tliv thirtielb vvar of ^«, irbui irt- 





oorioiwd hy Ui« IntUv, Ciui Dcvcr be ru- 
loovotL But, wbeit di^MJod^nt upon ilia 
oli<tnic«l Mtion of tlto rcirmrrr, or lb« ro- 
0«bi •Amp\j, or an aocaniubtlunof visdil 
Mill ilUM-ulurvtl niiK'tin. Uiu t«iidi Btaj tn 
reslorcil lo l)i«ir DAliiTal vulor 

DiftcrfCl'i Ditcrtttu. Dial i bet, >«p- 
»»:•■. .\|)|>liwl to c]t:iIIIIi«mnlA. iti nlikti 
Iho «rii|>ti'Mt-i or ]>ut-iiil<M iiiNf nut t-onllaeJit, 
but «rt^ iliiluict auil Bctfani(« frvui cAoli 

l>|M>r<>to'rlnni. Tti« db)ihnigin. 

l>lMi*ri'mvn. A t»iuidi\fw omU iii 
Uecdiufi rhtiii ibv fruotnl vein; w callod 
bcCftDM It |><UH<I OViir Um! tt^tul ttucuru, 
dlviitiiix tlio hfiul into two ci]iiiil piirt*. 

XMscrimeD CalTa'rlsB Me'dium. 

DiscrimoQ Nasi Ad X-b«Ddag« for 
tke ouM. 
Dtoorlmen Thoracis and Venttia. 


l>iN'<-»M. A Xxrv,\ applied in Botaitj/ 
to Ui* diifc or oeDtrnI pari of a leaf or oom- 

DbwuN'ttloii. Ditetu'tia. la Sir- 
per}/, luwtluiiitn; ilio mUxlaoiion nr aiitwi- 
dcoM of th« inHAmniAtory Mrtiua of * 

IH«ettK'«lT«>M. Di>entt«iita. 

l>teca'llciilB. 2>i4ftlien'(ii : .Im- 
tvtut'riii: from JiMiiln-e, to almkc apdrt. 
AppliiKl lu «ulHilik&i>M u'lili'h luivc tin; 
powor of re^wltilig or riuu>lviri|£ luiiioTM. 

IMMMMe'. AononlInK U> C^litHnH. a 
|M(<r*p(ilrl« diwrd«r oovurriiip villiwr in Uio 
BHl'Hul dli^HMution oftka pnittooinpusjnt; 
Um lltlog budy. or la the oseiviM' (if iin 
futcUtriu. It bi litnnud lattil, irlHfU nlfiiict- 
htg onlr fuimo pAnlctilar part; w^tilu- 
timat, whi-n nrt'ft'tiiiirtli« wimio fysloia; 
■fDM-irfr, wlifu clinriictcrixed liv wmu di«- 
ordt--r«d ritti action, not <H>niiuoD 14 diii- 
OMw pjiicrnll* . i'ii-'jMttMe, when not 
d«f>viiilr:nl on any utliur diseaNO; tffmftam- 
atif, wlii-n Ike roolt of nomu iilhor di*- 
•vo: pfTiodical, wtiMi rwurriiig at flu-d 
peniMlni Of Ufa, wlwn wvcre and not uf 
loDff duration; ehronir, wlion nut Mivi>rv 
■oJ (if luDtfi-uiiliaaiUli-*; (piJcmir, wkfu 
ari^IOjC fruru a geoeral uiii»e; tndtvtie, 
Hlwn|irevaUlngin aMfUln iv^ud: inlc^ 
nrrrvAf, wiu-n iiriMibK from ndv«utilii>it> 
Ciuwa and mM-Qrrioi; in tlio mid^ of epi- 
dMnir or rndittiiir di4«ujit.-; (outi-fMi* iir 
u^fetti^'**, wliva it dan ti« cvuiutuuiontcd 

frou one pcraon lu unuthir b; cootoot or 
«ffliir[n dilTitiMnl Llirotit^h lli« air ; eaitgtni- 
tai, wlioD oxiMllng fnica birth ; k^rtJitary, 
when d(.-so«nd«d iVoiii parwni to oSVpring; 
aei^uirrti, nliun di!|M-[idvni on M^iiitt call; 
ap#ratini; afl^r lurth; ttimnif^ triieii 
tuudnl by ilroriK oHivtt; i>f tbi: viud (.tier- 
^va; attiitnif. nlii-n altvndud with ainlc- 
ioff of Ihu Tilnl powors; Olid tponidif, 
wbvD nrinng from oeoanoiuij cau««a, u 
cold. d-c. aAocting tfae individitnL 

niMrtwrH. Di>afn«M. 

ItlMllKimt'llou. Di'f'jriDuliiiQ. 

UlMKorice'lueut. Ttiu uptmsito ot 
(OgorifeiiMnt. Aot of dbi|;org[ng, of dia* 
^btrgintt my fliiid pr«rlouAlj- (^oilucUid Jo 
a part nr viiint*, a* I)m> di^^iryrnncnt of 
liilc, or a portion of Iba itmipnts i>f Uie 
•toniaob, a* ia votDllitig. 

DiHicnirt'. A KKiiliiiw ot food: s 
tntitital r^puifDaooe to nuycliini;. 

INHimTocfnabi. Ai;<.-itt9 wliicli d«- 
alroy or KL-utriiJiw inorbid i-iTliiviii. 

I»btlnfecl'luK U qnlil. Bur- 
■«tt*t*. A wilutiou of itdor.di.- of eiue, 
firoiiucd to prcacrro timber, ftc, auilitn«r- 
wand< (IS All antiliroiaio nnd iintiHtptlv, <•• 
p««uUy in the- ciuni of lictui bialiva. 

Dl^nreotlngUqukt.Ooady'o, 8up- 
poaed lo Iw n »>uii«ntnilM«ututi<iD of tlie 
jwrtoangaaate of poliinaft. It i» a pwd 

I>lB)nfl»otiiis Liquid J^jabatTsque'a. 
Lienor Soda CKterhuiUr. I'. S. bU. X 
eolBlion of diloriantml cotbi. L'miI lo lh« 
Mino caatt lu oblnrlilu of Hue. Iiitonutlljr 
10 drop* to a Hatd dnicbtu for a^diHo. 
Ulliiiinl witb watvr. It Is an cxdinul and 
dLMinfrcunt in vftrioun vsu-ranl •Iiacmwi. 
UsmI in Oi-er^ttif* Dtittiitr]/ Utt l>l«nching I 
diiHwlured t«cl-ii> uiid in ruti^i'lcrt'd 
i>t|)i7i-lu mil I'll) ihai) the c!iloriilt< of liinu, 
whicli L» Dsc-d for liic siun« [Hirpos^. Thia 
aulotii'ii of rbli'niiitlc<l ao<I>i !:> iiI|'>H4,<i1 lo 
rvtnaiu In tbe loulli for ibiili iiiIikiim. It 
14 inlruilaM^d on a p^lUit of (-otlun, and,j 
w)ivn l)i«<lliwoloralioR is slii^bt, n uiigls 
Ojipli'-iilion will oHiMi tutawnr. Itvpeated 
npptioiiliun* oro n*iMviKiry wlivrt} thv dia- 
t-olomlion U itrvMl, or haA vxUlvd for n 
kmg tiiiK. 

IMMllirrc'tlOM. Ifi»ii>/ee'tio. Th« 
act of nculralidng or dmtro.'riuK tbc coii- 
invioa* iDJaamala wiili vliidi Uti» air or 
I'^Diliitik* inn; b« affoelML 

Ulsk. tW I^tMJtra. 



DMc Oarrier. An bMtmneni kiiplled 
tn ihff (l«ntiil engine for the hoUetr sfpli- 
<^ii(>L>D of conmiliini diakv lo IIm te«lk. 

Disk, Oorundttm. Dtviwed 1ij Dr. 
RriV'rt Arthur for separalinfT leetli. br 
I'titliiilf awuy a pwrliwn. luxl tiiwd wilh ihe 
(IctiUl fin^inc nnil ii|)plinl. bjr tncaas of 
carrien, which Bdmii of rendy n^iMinMii, 
liiifl chuniiv of th« dink t>i udt dtsired 
angle ftilh llu' shall cuotointng it. 

UbtliMit'llon. J>i*LiM'li«. Luifr- 
ticin. hi'jihiccmvnt of tlic arlimlnr tx- 
treniil.T of bune ; a Mtliiltoit of cuniitrnll.v. 

D[alooatk>n of Lower Jaw. I''rum 
lU« {ivculiar inunner in u-Uivli llie inf«rior 
iDHxilln in oniciilnlrd to tlic rcmpural 
boD», it Is Bol Terj- lia1>l« to be dii]<v 
catwl. nnd ivliwi one or boih of it» wn- 
(lylcs nrc dtsplnccd, the laxatiDD k slwaya 

r>tKkH>atl«it of th» lower jaw i> roraljr 
cau»d br a blow, carcjit It la gfren vlwii 
r.lie iiKiiiDi I* open: tt bi »or«fN"|<ii->iilj' 
ocvuAoaetl by rawnins, or langbing. It 
bnfl lir«ti kniivii loiK-riirIn ib« vxtmrliou 
(If t«Mrtti. ntitl in attvmptin^ tAbttv n verr 
larg* «u)iiitKTin>. 

AOer ibe jiiw hM beta dialoMlod onnx 
it vrill evor atUr be nore Utbl« to this wv 
cid«itt, and in «>D«cquciio« of whtcb, Mr. 
Fox very proporiy rwommenils to thooe 
to wboin it had once bn[i)»en<>d, Ibe pro- 
osntlfin of aiiiiponing the j*w wl)0D«ver 
tbo mouth U opvn«Ml irldclj In ^apiiis. or 
fur Lbu (iiirpiwe uf hnvSnx « (ootli ts- 


In ibe n^u«tiaa of adiHlonition of tlitt 
lower jow, tile aiiincDtit eniployod tno 
pk-r«ti nfwood, whicb were Intmdnecd on 
oneii Hide of tlio int^niili bijlwutn the molar 
t«eTh, and while (liey were nuid« to act n* 
lerera, for depr^Minf the bnrlc part of tho 
bone, the chin was r&iecd by means of a 

The m«thod iiKiiatty cdoptMl br mir^ons 
at tb« prB«enl day, for reducing a iltalocH- 
liiin of this )<4)iiii, roniiBiH in iDtrodudn^ 
tiie ibiiitilif!, wrapped with k napkin or 
diftb, Bv fi>r liavk upon tltv invinr tcclli nn 
|in«til>!i', ilien dirprearing tbe baok: part of 
the jnw, nmi. at tho same time., raiting iW 
oliin with tbc lingor*. In tbU way tbe 
roodyln arc diitengiiged frocn andur the 
xyg[nmiitio *rch<!«, ami nuid« to glido l>«elt 
into dieir articular earillM^ Btit ibc mo- 
mmi ili« uwdylm an disengagvd, tbe 

tfanmbtcf UM«pw«tortlin«li) b* 

onlwnrd betwMR Uw taoth and riiadb, w 

tl)o a<ttoD of tbe ranaolM, al tbia ieataal. 
iRdrawinfttbejatr 1>]irk,raii»>-* it tnctno 
very aoddenly, and witb ron^odefshte 
fort's, rvntlvriim lliia prccantiua ncooBary 
to prevent beiog burt, nnkas » pioot of 
cnrk or «oft vnod liaa bttit ph»vl<Nia1y 
pUoed b«twe«!n tbe loelli. a precsattM 
wlitcli abauld nerer be ii«e)cel«d. 

Ily tlio forcfroi")! fiinplo iiK-lbud jf 
cedurfr, tbe dUlociiIion iiuiv, in ^f 
every c«a6. b» nmlily rtHlur«d. 

Tbe method proposod by Sir A 
Coiiper cooaiftta, when both vonAylat 
dixpbiced. in introdudnit Ivo mrit* b«fal 
the molars, and iben eleTailn^c tbo ebin. 
Il«\ kowf-Tcr, flrtt placw KL* palittot 
rvcunibtnt post a re. 

IHBorsnnlxA'tlon. A nn 
obangc ill (.bo <fmotiire of an orgaB, 
cvin Iflla] drstriKliou of its tvxlurc, aab^ 
tlio »uw nf aphaoclua, nsd nana kinds it 

UI14MM1 'fUiri'. Kapfwa'ritrm ; (nn 
di»ptitd»rt, to ditlribato. A plitcc nit 
m«di<niM« ar^ |>r«{»sred ; also, n pla<'« wK 
tho poor urr fumi*hed wllb advice aad 
Decesaary m«di('ln«a. 

IH)ipeaMl'U9ii. In JMae^ yA- 
dng np prtwriptiona. 

mivMiHi'tar. Aptitlt 
DIfpeii 'Milors'. ffi^vnm 

A \>oa\ nliich tn-ata of the pi 
oompostlion uf mviliniiea. 

Dlspi*'''"*uit. From tdr, douMi^ and 
enrfiiiii, sord. A term applied in Jtalmy 
to the '(mil of plants wbieb oontalm 1«0 

Dbiper'nlon. In Optiet, tUa 
separalkm of tbe rays of ll^ht nlioa 
eompoaed by th* prism. 

IMBplnce'inonl. A procew 

Pharmitc!/. by trbirh any ()iinultty 
liquid, wilb which a powder mnr be 
umletl, mnr, wln-u put tatA a {>ni)>or 
pnratii'), b* dii>(>laoi<d by an uddlUi 
<)uaDtity of that, or any oiher Ibiaid. 

IHspMi'don. Oiwpimi'tf^: 
dii, and ftou^r*. to put or aM. In A 
otss, s particular nrran^oicnt. or maRud 
relallunauf diiforcnl pa'i« tn flaihileff, 
It i« aynonyranit* tritli diatltetiA, Uirt hat a 
more extensive ^tgniflcatlvo. 

DlMecl'ins Ahtrntmu An «bM« 





[tropvniM B^^l 





Kparstbip th«iii from eiuih other. 

Dtmaot'ln? Anmirism . An unptirimn 
in which llip inoi'r lunl tniiMIe ooaca of ibe 
artPTV irn- nipttirril. am] Ui4) blood paaw* 
bclwu4>ii tht<m anil the oiit^r coat. 

]MM«e'lh>n. J)i4»tf't(«: from <^- 
•Rutn^ to cnt asunder. The mttln^ (a 
pinsei <rf n deart body for the pnr|ni«e of 
«Xp(Ming ihe ilitl^rMit pftrt4 oaA oxftmin- 
tog tbcir »trurtvr«^ or ontUng to i>l«c«(t 
Mn; pan of on uimn] or vogotiibl* for this 

Ph we r'<or. PtMec'ttir, A pmcltcnl 
■MtDniii>t. One who ouU to pieces s 
dead httij for th* parpow of cxinnlnlnR 
the Htnii-tar« and wrKngement of il9 dif- 
ferent pnrt*, or for an analoiniont Iwluri*. 

IHMWlU'tl*!!. PSualH'lio; from 
dimiilrtrt, to lonsen. lo melt, In ffmtaonti 
PitiJtoloffj/, a ili?ninuliiin of cht* cuaiitt«aoe 
of lliv Momt. Alwv death. 

IHiMil'Tenl* I>mot'tfnt ; (Vom i?£t- 
mImtv, to tcM)»i.'H, MMicinox which are 
Rif^itMMl to be rapable of dl»olvin); 
morbid rofHrrctton^ Nwcllinsn, Ac. AImj, 
a meiutrntim. 

DiB'Uul. Awftf from s oontra To- 
warili tile dlilal aappi-l, 

Dbt'Ull. The itlilu fiinh^t fnim th« 
bwirt; <i|'p«*«d to proximal. 

I>Istel Aspeot. An o^tect of an ex- 
tremity fanbe»t fnmi the Imnlc. 

IMR(ent'p«r. A dt»eaM oe^arrfni^ 
Bnon; Aogi, tonaiatine of irrilatlon of the 
brain luu! ■{nn«I tnarrovr. and attended bf 
a Mrt of oftt.irrh. It w nil^arljr tannad 
the fai^^tu. Al!<u, dlwase in p«noral. 

Dtalcn'llsn. Duten'tio; fVoin iff*- 
t^nJer^, to rfrotch out, Dilntatirtn of a 
vif«ns hj inun1iiuil« acnimulntioD of ItA 

DMiehl'fMls. From '<r. doable, 
^rtjytc, a Ttiw. IncTva»«l miinbrr of «Te- 
Ivbeit viih some Itirntn^ in. irritating the 
«ft, vhHc the olherti rMnJn their proper 
plai-ca, nnti funn. with tlic dnl, two rows. 

DlMlllla'tion. DUtitta'lh : IWa 
JitUlLiyv, to drop liiile br Httlfi. The 
-rpurutkrii by ibc aid of hwil nf the voln- 
ttfe fruin lb« fll«d part* of iHxIit^*. Tliu 
ofxTailoa tit tffn-ciod In » retort or vtill. 

DlsUllatlon, Dostruotive. Sim Dc- 
aTBt< ntK fdMiuATiov. 

DlfittUlatloit, Dry. Hubliiuntioa. 

DktUl&tioa la Vacuo. IKstUUtion 

in It T Mrt I io irUcb th«re ts litUa or no 

IHKln'tnn. From in, and vtb^im, a 
iDviilb. Ilnvii)); two montlts. A |:«IltM 
of wonna. 

Dlstoma. Eepat'loum. fiuehla ht- 
p*tira. Tb« liT«r dnkc; a «ninll fltt 
worm, abnal an Incb In Icngtht and neajly 
an tnrh in width, aomottinM found hi Ui« 
Ipilldiictd of man. 

DlHlor'tlvn. Ditor'ato; ftwn Ua- 
lor^'ifFf. to wrpst aeide. I>eforinUy of 
parts, a* a pM«matura] currnlar« of fl 
honr, carrvd apini^ &«. Alto, ronlmction 
of tbe innfii^lcfi, m in strabtamiia. 

l>lMt«r'(or Orfiii. The ETj^maticiia 

DIa'Irls. From An, donbt«, tfntf, the 
Iiuir. A mofbid condition of llw hair, 
cbaraclcrUed br qtUttini; at ibetr «itreai- 

I>iM'ljl«. DUtu'lut; from Jic, 
doiiblo, and (rrr^of, a Mjrie. A term Sfi- 
pllcd In Botany to plants which have two 

Dl(rachjr'«rai». From aif, twti^ 
«p4,ri<r. rou|^i. ami apnr. born. A genua 
of i&tutina] wonns. Tbo DitrachyetMu 
rudU. or Dk^raa rvU. 

INIIan'der. Pepp*r-w«rtt a «ii«- 
«i«« of Lvpidv^. It bna ■ hot, biting 

IMI'fimjr. Dietam'nu* aVkvK A 
plant of the goani DUtttnnm, th« root i-t 
wbich won fimncrly aiied as a tonle. 

Dittany. Amorioiwi. A (ibiBt ofths 
gtnris CvHiti. See Crsni.* Mawab*. 

Dittany of Crete. A plant of the ge- 
niis Oriifitnum. 

Uinrft'HlM. Frflm i'lt, Ihrongh or by, 
and >yitf>iu, [ jMiM the nrlntv AlrtinilsBttz- 
crotion of urine. 

Ulurel'ic. Jtifrtfieva. A medince 
which inoren^rs tb« xcrrctinn of oHdo. 

DiTnr'liwte. Standing wide apart ; 
to dircf^ III an oMum attj^le, aa do vm»' 
tiinea the roots of n molar IdoIIl 

IHTUrldB'llOM. Tlie aepomtloo of 
two thln^, pr*t-ioK*ly rniitw!. 

IMTellenl. />i^ apart, and tdh, 
to \i\\\vi.. S'piira'.irtjr. or puUitg anii>der. 

WlTcr'icciil. Ilirerpnf, reooding 
from eanli othtr. 

Dlv4*r«a'rinm ChjIL Tin ncc^ 
tacutuin <-hjli. 

Divert Ir'nlnm. A tnmiug; front 





diMTtftt, to torn Mido. Any r«e*pUo1« 
oipnl'l" "f liolilinit muiv ttiao oo ordinary 
i|uuolit,v of I'liMid, for t«u|HrraT7 par|ioaps, 
wti^ii t.Itt- (-irrDlatiiin isobstniated, ««rr«i 
as H liivtrticoluni. Mvi, a liwllow appond- 
tice ailnchcd to, And catninanicAifUj; nitfa. 
'iic inlanbuil r^a□«l. or tMj b(i]« 1o got oot 
of. i>i- bjr pdMngo. 
Dlvertio'uIumOhylL Th« rcwptacii- 

lU!H ('tl_\li. 

Divertic'ulum Nuc'kiL Au oponiac 

on rni'h «ii|c thri>U|fh nliitih ttio roUQi] liga- 
inont i>f the Titonij pluses. 
DivertiQUlumPhatTn'gia. Ptuirjrii- 

ItlTld'toK. TliBl wliicli dvparaica. 

Dividins BandsKO- A t>iir<U^4 ag«<) 
to k<?eii iMirlH Mrparnted fiom caoh other, 
and prci'iiiiiin^ uDiuuuml adtiedons. 

IHTlnlbll'ICy. Tb« pty>pcrtr wliivli 
nil Imdiuit poMitM of being Kpumleil !uUi 

I>l«lll'»IO. In Snrfftry, a rnptnre or 
lfu>t<nili<>n cau-K-d l>y t'xtcrniil viultiif*!. 

DiTtilitio Uri'n». I'nrn' whhti hn» k 
oIo'mIv Appi>nTnnr4.-, 

Dixon*N AntKniliuuM PUln. 
rills coiii[)UM'd of sloe's, H'^runKinY, rlia- 
l)rtrl), nnil cnioti* tftrtnr. 

mr/zlnem. Vortlgo. 

lta»berei»<>r^l<aiNp. Ampnn>of 
obiniiiiiu; nii ini>t4iiit{in«oH» liyhi. tiv lorn- 
bj! II ^trcjiin of liydr«K«n gat from n tumt- 
vuir tt|Kin «p<)ci|t>' p'dtloiL, liv wtiii^li th<ft 
tnelnl iiMlantlv bacooite Kd-bot and suts 
dm (u ttio Koa, 

nnrWme, A Grwk nifiiHiiro «qnal 
to the tirc.iihh of about four tlDj^erdL 

l>iirlin«'Nim. From JtoKitntlw, to vx- 
amiiii?. Applied la Miiwrniayi/ to the art 
of iManilnln;; iniD«ruK fur tho purpiwe of 
discovvrin; wlint mttU.U, Jcc, Htvy con- 

Dootmaala Pulmo'nlum. Tlie ox- 
amiiinliuii ut lUc iL'ni'iralor.v ot);iiiii) of ii 
ncw-liorn dilM fui' tim purpOH: iif ik«wr- 
tnitiin^ wliuMior it had brealhi.1] aftor 

IkuclmaK'tlc Art. From (Wi/wtCu, 
I |>n>vc. The art of lUKijriag niincrab or 
or«o, witli a y'Kvr of iwurtuuiim; tbu qnaii- 
lity of inoul tlie? conlaiB. 

Iknrk. Till.' popular namv of a spedaa 
of l»i*irc-k'nvc(] CvuM, 

Ikuc'lor, From rhctu*. I^nronl. A 
titk couunoiil^ applied u> a practitiun«r ol 


metlioioe, tint properly ronfined to on* irh« 
hm fi-i:a>'«d (rotas r«f:ut»rl r '.'tuirt(>r(^l La- 
siitiitii>n or oollc^ tb« diunw of ductor ot 
modiuno. or denial Burgorjr. Thu powa 
for coofvrriag ttio laCtcr dvgrc« wm 
invested in th« Ualllnior« Giilkgo uf 
tal 8nrgi»7. hy IImi I^v^'Wlniuru nf rbo 
of Mivrrlandt la aii trl of uivuriionUi 
granted in IStO. nod coufcrnd fur tli* 
time at tho Rrat ■nnual cniniii'>n'«in(>nt 
llii> iiiMittniion, on iKc Oili of ^1 - ' 

I>4»c'lrinr. In ifrdiri;, 
or priiH'ipliwof anjr modkinal mxsu ti;iir{,i-r. 
or writw, 

DMl'dcr. A orcopiDg. poraaitlcal 
pUnt of the genus CiueuM. It U al»a« 
destitni« of itatt^, 6x\t^ itti'Jf ro toaif 
oliiLV plant, lu hti[t\ flnx, ant] porttnUorir 
the neiile. odiI rec«Uing lu noaritJunml 
frriro tlii> pliint nhlrli tuppuriii it. 

Dodder of Thjmo. fatrvla rjAlky- 
rniUMi. A pnroitlliefd ptnnt, ■ 
A-TOTif;. nnpltrftAtnt Mu^lland |i 1 

Ill>«l|-Cil4llic'l] Ion. I)!!'*!!'!!!!!!]. 

iN»d(>t'iili4>il rwii. A folidnf Iv 
iiidM; B form (tneqiienUj' in«t with in aty*- 

IhM' 'Kile Acid. DvrgUitit aeid. 
ai'ld fuiiiid in (ruin oil. oa olci^ a^iJ m 
oliro oil It ia tho oxide of » nuli 

IktHMliAke. CJ■^uuK^ll(.. 

DoK-Daya lUt* rinifnlt'rM. 
dnvi (iiiiipriwd b^lwp(>n tlic 24lb of Julj 
and the £Jil of An)^i<t m* su rolled, 
catisv iIk' dojcciCar, Sinus, riMi:i niul n>U 
tliix 1 iriK! with tho «tin. 

Doar-RoeA. The wild brier, J?4iMA«ai'i 
Tbtt friiit, called blp*. lind n •onriob 

X>oa-Stoo«L A plant bolungiug 
geaiH OreSk. 

Don- Wood. A fpodM of fnraw w 
ttmttlii.jH ei^rrj/. 

DoK'mallHU. FWm A^^i*, a Aoe. 
Lrioo. A ««rt of ancteat phyiaciaa^ «(« 
founded tbeir practice iipirn m 
drawn Ihwi ei^rtidu thMirotk-sl ini 

Dol'erlle. A Unp rook cocapoMd 
atigit« Aod ft^d^par. 

Do'li Cii'pnx. In moilinal jnrli 
dcBo«, a rriwinol for whnin IumdIij' 
p)«ad<Hl as on axeatt for tlto crinw 

l>ori<-b«N. From AAfxvr. looy. 
ffna^ of plunta at tbo IcKiiiniiiniia 
Indndiog a onmber of >p*olM. 





DollcboePru'rtsuB. Cowba^ Tlte 
pod* Arc coverei) with stiff hkirft, called 
doliolii paiwH, wliinli are OMil ia nuidicliw 
as an antbdniiiitic. WImo applied to the 
■kill. tli«7 (acJt« an iniolcrnUo pniri«ot 

ItoloinUo. A magneiiao limostoiM. 

l>n'lor. Paio. 

Dolor Dcn'tium. Paio In tb« tectb. 
S*e OrtrtSTAUii ». 

ttembc'yit Tiir'iKWtlnv. A 
•truB^-wcDloi whiLuih turpeutine, oV 
tolnej front tliu Fktmbtga netUa tti Ctiili. 

I>onrH'tlf' Med'leliie. Medidne 
aa f>racti4>;-] Vj tiuprvfcTwiouiJ in<liTtdaals 
in Uicir oum fiutiilici. Also, applied to 
treatitLS writton for (he pnrpoH of tn- 
abUni; nil prof vawtgnal pvrMfu lo trvat ilis- 
«aMA. when the lerrloea of a ragnUr 
pliriii-liui ra&tidt l»e ]ini(!Uri<t. 

I>OK«Tiin*H IMn'llan. /.iftHn- 
Armniiel ct ffi/ir^ryifri Miiii. Com|M)a«l 
of lixlUe o( hrt*n\i\ rtd iiMlide u( ntorenrT, 
and waUr. Vm4 w an all«rative in vliin 
diacaaea. Doae Is ftum gtt r t« sx, tbna 
titOM a liar, in iriu«p. 

I>*r«'nill. A geana of planta of tb« 
ordiT .4^jii«<«. 

BoTMOa Ammonia'cum. The plant 
whti^h jieldi enunaniaoum. 

I>or«m'trnin. A genus ot planta of 
lli« onler Compoiita. 

DorcnleumOerman'leum, Jt^nir^i 
•minti'mt. Leopard's lian^. 

Boronloum FardaUan'obea. Po- 
rvnt^um ntnv>i'nunt. Itontatt leopard '« 

I>or'«uul. Toward tlie back. 

Oor'H4il. Dona'ii*; from danttn, 
tlte Iwk. KcJatiay to th« bavk, or tho 
back of any orfaa. 

I>ttme. A flah whlob jklda wnM por- 
tl«iO<tliecod'IircroiI. Tbo AnltuMJb- 

jkor'tMM'Ofdalln. The a«rralaa 
portivi^ -wirrtjrior maaclek 

Dorso-Supra AorcNnia''na8. The 
bspoajna inuMtla. 

Dorao-Traahoalla'oufl. Tlioaplcnlaa 
etfli miuclv. 

I>»ntlv'nla. A ^enu* of plant* of 
tlji: order Ijrtieticrit. 

Sarateoia Braalllen'alfl. Cau'ityia. 
Tba root la mmle and antidinrrb<vifi. 

Doretoala Coattaym'VA. Contra- 
7«na. The root baa a plcuaal uxndMIo 

smell, and a rough, bitter, and peaetrating 

I>or'tMini. FromitATrvunt. dftwnwnnl. 
beraase it idmt he bent dnwnwnrd. The 
hiu<k. Tha post«ri»r pan of thr trnak. 
Tilt! VDrtobral colann. The Iiaok of aii7 
part, oa tlie danum ptJi*. buuk of liie fucrt ; 
i£»MHM Htunita, back of t)i<,' luind. ita. 

Dff'xave. A tenn appHod lu Chemi» 
trp lo A plan of Analyala In which the m^ 
agout i« Mhliwl ill miMnarvd iptaniilliut. frora 
a irradiuted lube, to a tucaaorvd ami 
wtiicli<>d Miliition of the aaaay. 

|>OM>. lM»u; from Mu/ii, to givfc 
The amount vt inedivliw to be ffvtti at 
one timv prodaoinic n di^nml dTMC The 
doa« for an infant one year oiil should 
not b« mvro than onv-turt'Jftli part uf a 
doM for a grown purgon: fur a child 
three jroars of age. one-iiirth: for one 
aercn jMra old, onc-tliird; and for one 
of iwelT« jean, one-half as much as for 
an odutt. Women lunalljr te<|ulro ionaller 
doM* (ban men. 

Do'bIn. a iloaa. 

Don'hII. In Siirytiy, a pledgol of lint 
tnad« dji xu a o;liii>IrEcal fonn, to bo ap- 
plied to a wonnd or Mnxlini! !>iirfiKo, 

Do'lflge. FoebbKuwi or Inibecllit; of 
mill'! from old ne« ; deiavBtta. 

l>olliiiif'nlerl''liN. From ^ultii,,. a 
IhiiI, iiix! i-iTf^yn. nn itiCt<ii(iiuL Initaiiima- 
lion and eotar^meat of t)i« jrlaivl* uf 
Pvyoraiid Rruuaer. nml Hip|iuticil bj llrc~ 
tonneaii To bo UiemiMc of the »/inpionis 
which i-onntimie a la^?* *Ia»» ^l" fe«*r* 

I>ot'l4Hl. Puteft'tm. In Botanjf. 
apririklt'J with tiullnw dols ur points. 

I»«ttl>le lletirhlK' Sound* livard 


ZJouble Touob. Hode of explMaiion, 
in wbit'h Uio foroHugor i* introdii«o<I into 
the T«ccuni and the thumb into ihu va- 

Double ^XTodgo. An ingtmiuont in* 
v^-nktl b; Dr. Kltlult, of yimirHi). for re- 
miivitiii an nrtilirinl cmwn fmm Llio root 
of a tooth upon which it lua bean aet. 

DoiiclM*t A French wont npplifd In 
ITigrapeutie* to a da«b of water, or utbpf 
fluid, upon nny ptirl of thelwMlr. .\ Mrcam 
or jol of wati'r ponn>d on the ImkIv, or fall 
init from a hei^t opon a fmrt. Doix'liea 
of air fiTO »oii)0tiTnc* nw«l in ffl»»# of nh- 
»truntl<)ii of the IvuMachlan tube b^ inuv-ua. 
Thoj' are foroe<l lijr an air-pmw. 





l>aii1nir. TaliL . 

Douleur dee Dents. Pain in tii« 

Do¥e*« Foot. TLe popalor name of 
a. Mpueiu of ttrranium. 

m»ver> Powder, /^.fc** ipeoMtt- 
anhp ei>mfi0*itti4, or tl opii, l^)wd«r vt 
ipooKBantia, opiuoi, and ttntfjliato of po- 
tftSK*. Tdko of ipAcoononhn, in ftne pow- 
der, opiuiti, dried and in Ba« powder, Mcb 
itniy iiraiiM; xulpliMUi of poinMa, a troj 
ounct. Kub th«m logelliar into n T«rj- 
l!n« piiirdur. Diaptturoiifi. Soae, gr. T to 
gr. xij. 

Dni'ba, Agonos of plantsof tbeoF- 
d«r Crvtiftrm. 

Unha, Vor'na. Ero'phita mlfw'rM. 
OoiimioD u'ltiilow gra&i. Th« sedd is Uot 
ikQil vtimiiUtiug, 

Dra4>jr'iuu A gonosof plaotoof dt« 

Drnonan Dra'cX). Th« dra^a tr««i 
riiu insjjiiwitwl julw constitiitw the purest 
pftrii'tv iif (Irsmitii'ii IiIoimI. 

DraceeanR«flex'a. T!i«vi>aDg»ho»t« 
of iliirt H|>cn«> ant aaid lo pouaeaa euuneD- 
agoiTii^ Iiropcrtiea. 

Dr&o«»iia Termina'Ua. Tb« root of 
lliw itpcri^s h said U> l>e aotidrwDtcric 

I>nM*hm. DraeKma. An dgllUi of 
on o)inc«. or 60 grain*. 

Ikni'dne. A procipitato obtained 
fruiii H oni-uatruttal aluiholio aolillion of 
di'nKi'li'rt liioud. 

Ikm'cot •Ifjaiwi'. Ihc drngoo. A Cabu- 
luti^ M>r|it-nt nilb <i'iuir> and fMtt. 

Drfroo Mitij;atu«. Caloinal^ proto- 
cliloriilc of tiicrniry. 

Draoo Sjrlves'tris. Soeezewort, or 
Laniard ptltitury. 

OrH<-'or»pli'«luiM Canarfea'- 
M^, Tiirkov lislKiuiii Canary tMlmiii; 
Ualui of GiWd IrtM. 

DnuM»'nlii Had'kuIm- Draitwu'* 

Drttcon'tinm. A Kcniu of plants of 

Draoontlum FcB'tidum. Skunkmb- 
bajn- A [>jiinl wliU'ii vxl^iulk** a. very fetid 
<«lor. Tliu jKiwdur of tin- nmt la ifi«en as 
Mil iin[ i<![iiuuKHlio. DiiM', ^t. x to xx. 
Ikra<>ua'ciilaw. Iirui-ontiiirii. Also, 
giiiv (luiiitu wurui. itliicli l>rccd> under tlie 
kin uiiiiiDg th« iialireH of Guin«a. 
DraipaCAu'lha. lh«i/ai>tftim. J>ra- 
gnntln. Tti^^iK-iincli fuin. 



I>rH|[«n'U». A mncUage 
{ram gam tragacnoth. 

Dras'*!** ''^ popular aanw of % 
gDDOs of aaorian nrpUIca: abo) of oMtaU 
planta of tbo g«nu J>nHmUlun. AIkv 
applied lo cataract or opuqnd iputo on Um 

DrasOQ Ply. A nanmpterona iDHctof 
the gcniM Agri»a at /.(MtnUt. 

Dragon Boot Indian ttunip: tht 
nlar name of a plant u< ili« senna AntmJ 

Dirason's Blood. Satfttt im 
A ccucrvtv, nwinowi wibatanM^ of a Uood 
rod oolor. uwd in Taraidioa, and Knnetltnaa 
in denlUrieea. 

Dratfon'a Wari. The irapular nanie 
ot Arum ///vKwnmJttA 

Una'kcna. 5eeDo»nttu 

J^au, I o|Hirulv atrooplf. Qwnvnlly ap- 
plied to purgadvea vUidi operato poirw- 

Omagkl. In Tfifr<jpetiti«iL a «elfi- 
d«at (ittant4t]r of tlnid nivdi<iuic« for a diMs 

Drnw-Benck. A bcnoh for drawing 
wii-o, so oonttraoled as to coafine a vin 
plate at one vud, witli a roller uul wiadl«» 
at tho other fur dniwing the irire ihraagli 
thu ptate. It la naed In tlio 
labonttory of the dcatiaL 

Oreiain. Armnivm. Tinairinan' 
artioiis whioli onmipj' tho mind d 

I»r«>ict*. Feoolence. 

I»r4>u4'b. A purgoUva draogbl 

nrtfm'fr, A wrsaoD'a aaltt^ 
npplit.-a ilie dreuiims in an faoaptlal. 

Ur«ttf*'liig. Tli4 proper apf>UenU« 
of baDdages, ptaalcrs. and iqjiMirutaa to a 
diM>ased pan. 

I>reHM'ln|Eli> The UndnK<M. 
mid ap[iiiraiu9 uaed in drtwiiig a 

Drill. A small atiMl tnatritnttl, 
u-Illiii tlikC |MiinCurab(nTWtlMl!ad,u»ie- 
IJinm u>«il tir i!vnti»U in Uie nmiDnl «f 
earicairum a tooth preparatory u filiiiK 
iuk) for other |>tirpoMa. 

DrUI-Bow. A how and atrhiff ftir n)Ca> 
ting A dHU-ato«k, wbioh it dov« by paxiJil 
the atrin? aroand it, nad inmiiiK k twk- 
ward and furu-nnl. An ob«ut(<to tiuitii- 
ment in dcnl4iJ pntdioa. 

Drill, Burr. An lutnmwnt luad a 

iitoa to a 




Hmttil 3irfimy for tii« ramovid nf «riw 
or tha (vctfa. and enlarging tbo canal io tli« 
rooL of A tuotU [irvpArotoTv to tb« api>Jtca- 
tioa aC n anJficU] rroim. It cuiwiau of % 
amill M«»l HUm atUebMl to • liiiull«, or 
■fr«otucrueil«<] M to b* iDtrodooed iiito & 
suokct-hoD'JIo or Mfcket of « driU-oiouk, 
or lb* "liaiid-]iii!c«"of the dcatal engine, 
with • hiilb nl tho other «xtr«(uity. iiaviiif- a 
HrfwR likr Uml iff ■ coktm «iiwlc-v*il nlr. 

Drill. Flat. A smsD «t««l Bt«in. fitwd 
lA ■ enfffc«l in a haiidl* or dnl]-6to«k, wkh 
ibo Dllicr extixinitv fUtlrnnI and pruniit- 
iat * "liar]!. tri9ingtilar-elia{>«(l point. 

X>rl1I-8tcick. An instnuneat tor bold- 
iaK antl tunuaj; a dnil, niorod cittiGr witlt 
One tliiimlt unA fimcoT or ih'iili a Iioodk. 

Drlmypha 'kIm. FnkiU'^H/.ur, aorid, 
aod ^M^v, I cat. All (.'scitiii),- di«t. 

Dri'ntjM nin'lerl. )rijif«n* aro- 
matua; wLdI<^ liark ttvv. 

DiiBk. EvcTT liquid iotrodaoei] into 
Lhr atoninch for tiie jmrpoae of al)ajrluic 
tbircl. tlilnliiL^ [ho aiiuiMiUiry taua, niul 
tvfwiii&K tb« iMiMM wliiob tho flniild of Iho 
bodr ara oonMoaily «iperieai^nji. 

DriT'elllaff. An inrohinI«i7 flow 
of Mlifft from iJie Booulh, aa in iafuuuj-, 
old attv. nii'l ill kU"!*. 

Dro'na. An old plaster. 

l>n»p. G>'tl-t. So much «t uiT Hqnid 
» odIimvs lOfrciJior nrhoi ponred tiow\j 
ttvm a re«ei. It rancs, tiowever, in vol- 
nm6 and weight, AN^onlill(; to tlio natar« 
of thr lii|nUl ikail the fise of ibo m-lfiije or 
mootli of Uh( vmmU from whidi it im |iouroi1. 
f& Pharrtutty It it ganeraJlf fltitimjil«d at 
uoo (trnln. 

Drop Tube. An epplianoe denied 
to «cn>mpftn.r the dental i:n^\tn fur llir 
purpone of kvcfiiox Ui« d»k or iMirr-drill 
v«t-, a ■ponitv is nlm atiartwd to it for 
th* pnr|i<Me of clMniinji th<A dlak. 

Stop Tube, DeotlBts'. A gloM labo 
<if the ronii of n lityDiaJ (jrringe. with n 
rvltlicr biilli (U tlte Koi for ihc (^tiT<fli<^nt 
oppEit-ACion of liijiiid pri'pnmlioDs to tlio 
t«w()i, iir tn railing (tlaatlc flllinit iriiiL«<riiU. 

JtawpM. Cuclain Ui(uid mwlicines. 

D roue, Anodyne. A eulotlun ufnco- 

Ittlr 'if Itli>r|>lil:L 

I>r«p'«tPal. AffvctMl with dropsy. 

I>r«p'«j'. Frota w^ wu1«r, nnd w^, 
Mat iiKik »r wpirrt An t^tuitin of «nini 
iBbi tltt^ i-Dllulsr liMDe or into imj of tlic 
natural cavittw tit tlie Unljr. itiailMig- 

iui:ud aoconlioK tu tlie part afffotcd by it. 
StM IIT^uon>. 

Drop's;, Oardiao. Uy'Artv" Citrdi'- 
oon. Ifru|>i,v Iriiiii iIjhuuiu of tliu hi'arL 

Dropsy, Fl'brinouB. DnijiK^iD which 
tho uHViHvd bluoii •.-uulduc libria. 

Dropsy, Oeoeral. AuiMinn. 

Dropey. Hepat'lc. JJy'drupt htpat'i^ 
eu*. L»rij|>»_y rr<'lir diMitn* of th* liver. 

Dropoy of the Belly. Set .Ucrrse. 

I>ropBy ot tbs Cellular Membrane. 
Sc« AN^nAifA, IItoieotiioiiax. ^h;. 

Dropity of tbe Oheat. II vilrifilninix. 

Dropey of tbe Sye. Jljdtupliilial- 

Dropsy of tbePerloardlom. Uydro- 

Dropay of the Sidn. AnsMrcit. 

t/ropBy of tho Spioe. UjdroracJiiU^ 

Dropoy of the Teetloloe. llvi 

Dropsy of the Uterua. iljdt 

Dropey, Aenal. iJj/'<irvp* rtna'lU. 
I}rt>i]iijt Truiii di»««*e of the kiilooj. 

DrtMW'm, A fvaan of ]tlanu of the 
onlcr Dr9*er>t*«>r. 

Droaera Rotundifolla. The snn- 
dvw. A plant wlilch bat e liill«r, aofid|. 
and cnuftio loiito. 

Wr«M»Mn'eier. An instmawnt for' 
Mi-vrtaitiin^ the amount of duw falling at 
atiy g\\ta tinio. 

Dras. A Hiiiiplo mcdidiH. 

IkrtiKKlMl. Or« vt lii> eclln drugs. 

Oriiiu of the K»r. Tl«> tj^mji^Dotn. 

Drnnk'c^nraa. IdU.»i<-«iMiu; »brl- 
ely. Tliv h»biluul uku of iuioxicatiiig 
li()iior9 i* ntt«nilo<i liy liiM of a|>|Nitite, 
rvHllvMniNK, treiiinloua inullun, delirium 
tri^inens. &v, 

Uriim'vcoitA. K««e(nb)ii>»adm[>«. 

I>rilp<*. Ill /lalaufi, a |>iil|iy fruity 
witlii'iil Ml oiitiT oovM-in; or valrw, m th« 
|Ku.')i. .t|, plan, eberrj, &«., Ufuellf 
crullc'l »t'-nf/rvit. 

Ury Capping Tito applicatiuu uf 
tli« cupptag-f{laM wtlliODt prcrloaa ticari- 

Dry Pile. A galranlc apparataa, with ' 
juurn of miriidliu jiliiM*, •epRrat«d by libera 
of fonnaccoiu poMt ouxcd with coDUuon 

Dry Rot. A lUseBM whi<-h tomaiiniM- 
attiK'l(!> wooil. r«nd«riit)i il brilllv and (16- 
rtnijina Iho c<itu-«i«in >if it« [Mirlirle». 

Ikrj-ahel'nnopa. A geDuof larga' 
UvK» uf till.' fkuiil.t JJiptentMit, 




DiTobcU'anopa Osm'phorta. Th« 
lumc of trcv of the EAslcru Arohiiwlogo, 
wliicb, b; Inriilon, fjehlt the cnapbor oil, 
mad tJi« tmnlu oftea conlmin th« oanp.etM 

DfUil'tly. Th«><iiii)litj of lioinit don- 
bl«. Ap[i1ii«l in }*h^moi»fy to ■ thooiy 
(bkt ltii> two bcmiaf^en* of the brain ar« 
dlstliiiTi niu) Indcpcmlcnt orgRnx. Tliis is 
■pokr>n nf m tho.Dnftlit;- of the Hind, lu 
it end) iu<livi<laat ftctvallj {KMMvnd two 
diMlinrl miiwl«, 

I>ti4>k. A wat«i^rovt ot Ibe |^B< 
Ana». Se^ Ay«« DoxcmcA. 

I>n«l. Sco DrcTrs. 

I>n«lirity. Prom cftun*. I ilriiw. A 
ItffllfDTly po>4Hi«»od bj oortAtn bodlM^ 
wbicli pQablM ihem to be drawn not, or 
«]ongfllM). without '-AiiniHg nnj Intorni])- 
llOD in Ibi'ir ronMilucnt partidva. A 
iiaulitT wmcwhftt alti^l to Imt discinot 
from tnttlltfitlfiliif. AiMHinling tttMnlttna. 
uciTm grainii of plnrintim ksr* be«u drawn 
Into & mile's IriiKth of wLre. 

Dac'lor. Director. 

Dncts. Birtnry. Tb^iiucto* eom- 
mHnLi cbwlrilwli 11*. Tbc «Tstic a&tl the 
bi>[mtic doL'ts. 

Cuot* of Belltnl. Th« nrintity oftilttle 
of the lilJticvB. 

ItttP'Um. A cnnnl or diiot. 

Du«tii" Aquort. Thp Ivnit>liiilto«. 

Ductus Arterlo'Bua. OitiMlia arff:- 
riiMV% Ttic iiriiTtiil lii)>)i \r)iicb fonnti n 
dir«(it ^omtniiiiicntitiii bMW««n ih^ put- 
WKinnry nrUrt hikI ibr 3"rtn nf tbc f.rtus. 
[t bwoiiiM «b!ii*riite<l nfler hirth. 

DuotuB Au'ria P&latl'iiua. Tbe 
Eai>tai-biiin Inlic. 

Duotiu Barttaollnlan'nf . Proni Bar- 
lA^in, It* iliAC'tvAror. 'J'Iia dn<^t of tJ)« 
snbliiigoal giAnd. 

Ductus Bellto'iant I'riiiiftrou* 

Dnotua BU'larls. HiliArr diint. 

Th« cy*minon Mcr*t'>rv.<lu*t (if !be \{v«r 
And enll blndilcr, 

Ductoa Cya'tlcua. The ny«tlc dart. 

Ductus f^aculRto'iius. A dai>t 
williin thu pro«tnt« gland, opening into 
tins urethra. 

Ductus ExetrMo'rtus .In norelery 

Ductus Hepaficus. Th« bspatic 

Dno'tus Hsrgrobloph'ari. 
ffyyiypKtMmiei. Thv SlcibMniiugUsda 

Ductus Inolso'rtua. A •innll 
leodiiig fW>in tbffforanca InAbdratn 
tbc C8<nt}r of the aunt. 

DuctUB Liachrymalls. Tbt 
rvma! diint. 

Ductus Lootireri. Tlw oiiorel«7 
dnct* at ibo i^lnndobu' aabitaaca of tlw 
fvinnlff l)T«ii>ia. 

Ductus Kaealis. Tb« dacto -rfakli 
Gonviiy fill- It-uni tt\>n ibt- Ini-brrmKl uti 
In tb«tio««. 

Ductus Omphalo Heeeotcr'iotw 
Dtict leading! fhrni ibv iiiidiittcal rMtcle 
(a tb« intestine tn the bumui ovuni. asd 
becomintE anerwuda « MUKtiluont of the 
nrntnlical conl, 

DuotOB PaQor«at'lous. Tb» pcti- 
er«*ti<> doct. 

Ductus RorlTorus. Tboraelc dMt 

Ductus Sallva'lls Inferior. Dindtu 
WhftrlontAnna 'Die «i<ir<-Inry diicrt of tb* 
snltniasillarr sUnd. 

Ductus 9«1lva1to Supsrior. Dor- 
tns Stvaaniiu. Thv txtnutry Anci of tbc 
pKnitid ([land, wbich ci\>nt* Into tlie 
motiih o]>po<il« the Qpiwr sucoocl mokr 

Ductus StoQo'nis. Tboftt^nmlaoar 

Ductus TtKn-ao'ieus. Thoraeie dni 

Ductus UmbUioalla. Umbll 

Ductus Uiinae. Tlia ar«l«r. 

Duotua Veoo'euA OmalU r^MWM 
A Tenons cAnsl. forminir in tho fMu i 
aomnmnication bcni'«CD ibo iimbiliriil i 
left hvpatie vefna. It b«coin(<B obSter 
after birth. 

Ductus WhartonlaD'UB. CaJM 
after the name of ii* discoverer. Tl»« (| 
i^rt'tory diiflt of llie KuliiiiailllHr; ||tand. 

Ductus 'Wirtaunsri. I'lio Pan^nMiT 

EHi«>ria. Anctvnl weight of «i|l 

DlllfHniM'ril. FrOTw Jvleit, swpot, 
and irmrtru*. bittrn. Billcrnwert ; woedj 
nifchtalinde. Bee Bnt.tsrir DiTLOAMAai. 

nnlrc'do .lino'rta. Olllork 

Dulocrto Satuml. White Im4. 

Diilcedo Spiitorum. A l«nn appRed 
br I'rnnh lo llial fomi of pljalUrn i* 
whirl) iht! iialiva bft* a awMiilnh urmawl 
tall tiuto. 

10 or 






IHilriacak'ltaa. Pvtei/!M'li»;from 
dvi<i*, 9'u'<.-ct. (iDil X«<M, to make. A 
tann ap|i1iutl io the art of mizinii mineral 
Mids wiih nlooho] for the (inrpow of 
^imini»)un)( thoir uiulio tad oorrouYC 

l^immrliir' An ompjrroamMiA nil 
otitAined by rcoii/j^ing acoUMie deriTod 
from till' »r('mu-«, 

]>aBib'n4*MM. Ajikonia. Inability to 
Ottvr arlidalntc sudiiilk 

I>ti'ntoM«. RuHliy. 

nunflPiil'Ibi. InRainmatian nf the 

IftniMlf-'niitn. Fromi/u<NlMi{.(wetre. 
so called Iwcoiioe it wm tniiiiMMKHl ll <li<l 
act «»'««<) (liv broitdth of lwclv« Angers. 
The fint imri of thv inlntinnl c»ii»I. 

I>aw«l^r'Blll. A namp ((ivdQ bj 
Bc^lnrd to tlic»i:i;onO bnitevf Ibv Moratiiu. 

T>npl^«'. T>otit.Ic!: twoMO. 

nnplft-ntf. Dvplie-ttu. Doubled. 

X*U>liviitar«. JiupliMtura ; trom 
dvpUt, duoMc, twofold. Id Anatomy, a 
wflrctli-n of s ni«tiit>nne npon )ti«If. 

I>u'plam. Ttiv doublo of anj-thic;. 

]>iipu;ircn. <'o«pr< M or ef. 
An inMnimeai fur crjinpr«Mln|f lh« fpin- 
il arlvrv, I'oti Muting of a Mmididt <i( 
lAcel whh a pud at mioli etui, whirb, act- 
ittft onle un lh« ibi^ii, iliict« uct iiii|if-Tl« 
tho M>Ilariiral circnlal-iun like tli« tuunii- 

Dn'ra Na'f er. i>H»>n«»jnz; from 
rivni«. hnnl. A llripfc, ««l-t»»o»pflr*nt. 
Mrt}-SIin>ii!' miitiibraiic, of a pcrtrljr-white 
color, wlik-h inv^iu the brain, line* t))» 
«nnii)tn. and i^cntiiins (li« ■j>tnal marrow. 

Dnnk'men, Tbo heart wood of a 

Dn'ruH. nnrd. 

Unlfh Dnip*. A preparation of o!1 
(if lur)wn(iii<r. tiiuiiire of fptalav, opirita of 
nlirir eihvr. oilnrambvr. antloilof clor^f. 

Dutch Oold An allu; of oopp«r and 

Z>utoli Mineral. Copper baatcn «tit 
int^' Very thin lenrM. 

Dutch Pink. Clialk or wblllni;. dyed 
yellow wIlJi a dwortlon of bir^h Icaftis, 
Frvncli twrrit*, ami almn. 

I>«ttle. Tlie dt-Hill? nigfilahul*. 9t» 

DwHrC San'o. Aa oniina] or plant 
wbuM* ai'f'ra^ hvjftit i* i^rvnllr infivior 
Io iLfi *p«cies to Wliioh it b«lo«tgs. 


Dwarf Etdar. A plant of tJie gtnm 
SamhtfH*. Sm SjLWUt'CL'6 Euftcs. 

Djen. Coloring matter* obtained 
from vejcelnble aubslancei. 

nynani'l**. ffynatntevf : from Sw^- 
/ii(. iiiri'ni:tli, power. In BiolofU/, that 
whirb mlntM to th« vital forr>«a, Incroaaatl 
action or force. an4 mti in conlradia- 
tiriction Io aitj/niitnif. In PttAohf/^, 
•yntwiymoiii with tthtnir. 

Djrniini'liM* Tim oc)enc« of motion ; 
or a treatiw on tite lana and rosullsof 
mot ion. 

Ift>- 'until In. A power or faculty. 

DyiiiitiKtm'eler. An imtromeDt 
tnr riifaKUriiig thp P0!ti|>ac«tiv(. nmwular 
power uf man and oQiiunl*. or of man i>r 
aninint* at ittfTercnt period*, iinil In differ- 
«Dt condition*. 

DyH. Fro» diT, dilBcult, fault}-. 
Used na a preftr, and often nimifjring 
painfiil: in ordinfiiy niMts it imphca ae^> 
lion, ns '' "•, nnnt of heariDi;. 

IfeytLji-Mllic'iilA. From 6vf. vitli 
diffirultT, and aiaiarcftai, 1 feel. IMmln- 
iitlieJ neiwtbility, or abolilivn of th» 

I>jMPHtliP'iili». A t« OiiVai'i 
y^mtloffji, iiB«d to dt-*ignal9 an ordur of 
di»eA.«e!>, the ftrnt In the I'Jam BiJiHitntn, 
rhnr(ict«riM«l bj an im[ifiirnicnt ur iixleit- 
»ioii wf one or all of the floii*et, 

DjuitnaKti'itOM. nirncnltjr of »• 
peetoratiun on aococuit of viwidlt; of th« 

DysannarrlHkphe'flls. Dtmln- 
ithod abaorjiliim. 

I>]rsc!tttabro'itla. Difficult dft^^nti- 

I>yseMtJipo'«l>. XHlIiculljr of awul- 
lowing lii)iiidfi. 

D>'NChe'Kla. IMfHciiIt ami pnliiful 

I>y8ctar«p''a. From «\^, nod xf'O'*^ 
color. Morbid ohaoge in the color of lh« 

DyfiHne'Btn. Fran t^, with dia. 
wAij, and it'irw, I uiovo. Lou or diffiaultj 
of niuilon, sa in the com of r!i«uniatlain or 
para) vain. 

f>) MTopho'slfl. From Jut. with dif- 
flniliv. iiiid (K«Du, I fim deal Impairment 
of tlit> B.'iia' "f bi-aH%'. 

Dyiiro'rln. From Jt^, and atyivi Ifci 
pit|ill. Irrvx^ilariLr of the piipU. 

Drwm'Bla. Ij'roDi tvi, Bttd «ii»Mif, 


teTnpernniMit. A bad t«inperaiiuBC or 

Iml'it |if i'mlj', 

DyiMi-oe'at Frow <k.u»1 an«.liMr- 
lap. I>v«fli«u: Imn] uf liMrinf. 

efTorltt at rnmlting. 

Ikyv'eatv^. J>iimat*'rin; from ^, 
wicti diUk-ultjr, «n<] rmpnu, Jiit<c4Lii«. 
Jtluutly fliiit, ilinrrhtm Att^niled 1>}r cioro- 
ticiii ot bluftd. latlaminatiuti of the large 
lutiMitlDeB, fever, ud poinftil Ununiiu. 
T]i« flooU wo iiu»Uj muoua, wmtttiniH 
MfMked with blood, and railed wiih bard 
■ilWAoeM called Mjbala. 

ifuc, Htid iiriiiiou. u> dcalrlzei Applied in 
I'aiiwloyy lu iUmm diffleuli t« 1m tuuiled. 

Hj-Mffeae'sln* From ihv. awl yttt- 
mt, ffviivnition. T-wiion of the functioot or 
Ot^anaof ftencnttioa. 

Djranea'llUK. from inc. and jcmm, 
Uulw. A morbid cotiditiou, or iia]>sinni;nt, 
of tW «enM (ifttHrte. 

11} nhir'ntla. From ivf, and aifia, 
bloiHl. I><>|iravoilcundittun o( t^u bloud. 

lljMlllvmorrllv'it. yraimhv, vitb 
iDltli'iittj, uiHu, M'.x.h], Hnd pHv, Iv flvw. 
UlUloottx Ib ttie Uuir uf blood. Diffinltr 
In lli« liviiiorrbiiitlnl Au i. AIm), f>7»i]>UiliU 
cwiivvd ti;r lt*t dlmioulion or «ippr««ei>i>ii, 

l»y«hKpll'llt. Fmai <fi<c. and ofv, 
liiiii-li. Imjuuriitiiit of tlitf wiiflu ur touch. 

llfiilirdrln. Frout dit, and i^pvc, 
•WmI. M>irt'i<i i^iiHtlltiuii of Uiv |ten|iira- 

UjrtilM'lla. From %, and Xaijo, 
■[Kotrli, Oitlicult or iindiftiuot arlioulatioa 
ot wunls. 

IkjMlf 'sin. A resin ohtnioHl b; de- 
iviiiiMiuait ctiokiidio aoid wilb dilate hy- 
drtwlilurlo m-id and alfulioL 

UfMinww'llla. Frvin Jvf, uid ^m^if , 
iitui>Iii-:tli<>n. Diflic^t iuA.iii<-Alinu. 

Uyaan«n«rrb«e'ii. From it. and 
fifttiftp/Mii, t)ko in<'nA('4. l>ltlioull. or retarded 
inciistt-mitii'ii. dUai»«tiia [losnod with 
(trual liK-nl iiain. aad ■uuitfUriiuii vitfa a 
nietubraiiAiH di^liar^. 

lkyMon«'iiiH. Frvia ihr, bad. and 
nv^ott. nivinory. Imjinirad or defective 

IjrMo'dlK. Aitwdia, fclor. DboMM 
'^^iiibul wirli fcOd eoiaoatioiu. 

pt»dt»Ml'HMUL, FraiD A-t, with 
illr.aodv^rriMrKidentitioii. LHfficnJt 




Djuu'pla. From dt-c. wWi dlAenhr. 
and (omwoi, I am. Dalectjn- vbiua (lia- 
bility' lo see exwpt in an vbli^uit direotii 

DjTMorcx'la. From «r(. vriib 
rvXly. aoil opc$ic, aj^uUte. Depnurad 

DywM'nala. From dtt. wiik 
ctdij-, hkI M7>t, ameU. Pimioiahad 
of snell. 

I>jMmphre'ttUk From die. wiik 
dttticnllr, and Mtfen'r. Lb« avitsa ai «miU. 
An iiupaired condition of llie aMOoe »f 

l>>iHMto'Mta. From ihr. and man^ 
a bone. A faolir oonronualion, ar di*- 
G«!wd conditioQ of bone. 

DjHpep'Hln. From dvr. witli diffi- 

CmUj. aild rn-TU. 1 OOBOOct, IndifWlkHk 

Weak or iinpftirod disestiiin ; • iHananr nan 
alatiog, iLt iihllf, uf a wiint of appeftlu^ true* 
tatiuiia, |>jrruNa, a painfal bamkng aariM- 
tion and If&buivQt dntvasion in tlie rapoo 
of tb« Moinuoh; •om«tiiti«» ncronpaaial 
b; Aatulono* nod rrei]Doiiilv b/ <<ua>t>- 
potion of tbe bowula or diarrliico, tf>geUi<r 
witli along train of iicrvoiuiirnit>t«an«>d 
other diaagreeablu eutu^tmitfiuie. 

J>7i4»ka'||la. Froiu ^. wttli 
oulty, and ^yu, I «at. IHt^cuh or 
{wdud dvglntitioa. 

Dyaphaffia Constrio'tA. />y^pJ«Tftf 
pk^yafM; Jyt<ii.i.jia it^fthug^ 8lrlo« 
tur* of the aNfu|)tia^& or fdjorynx. 

l>jr»|»ho'ml». From Av^. and ewni 
the vuitc. Alteration in ilic bim* of iIm 
voic« : difficnlt)- in tbc prodiwiiion nnd at- 
ti<^uUti«>n of aonnd*. 

Dj»pho'rUu FroRi Ar. and 
to bear. TltereotleaRMwaud nnxti-ty w 
aoMinipaa; muty dlacanM. 

Drftpm^'A. FromiiY. viifadUHcvl 
nnd rrru, 1 breaibe. DiOienlt tyspi: 
abortnoM of bN«lh. 

DyapnoBa Convula'lva. Arfliii*. 

UjMtpcrtiiHllM'iunH. FnxR dir. 

and ol'f^^l.^ar,Of^^, diu^iion. IlilpMlad tt 

■i«w etaiMion uf avnioii durtn^t cnitluiL 
UfVtbei'lcil. Ftuui ih«nr/nu, a Iw! 

aUteof body. A bodhabitofUod/. 

fcmrlb ordiir in tlie cloM V/«m«/JM of 

Good. Inftudlng caclivxies. 
UfKlhym'lA. From *^ wM 

Qcnltjr, and tfv/Nt, raind. LKwpwadan^ 

tnind. Velttacbolr. 






rsto'cia. l>s»tm:kia; from^BCtimd 
«, KOOiH'JiiMuaiiL DitBcult porlDritioa. 

a iJw:k>urM>. A trcaUtu on difficult par- 

DjaldMlila'slB. Frou) Svf, *ai] om- 
xott order. A vU:lo[u diepoaitlon <4 tW 

DlslMi'la. From ihr, ttid nsn(^ 
toaa. Morlikl nondilion of tlie toaa of a 
Itwiw or organ. 

Ujan'rift. Prom dK, vilh difEcnllj', 
kod oa^iv uriae. IMffioult; of voiding tb«j 

Dj-n'urjr. Tlio unio u DfanrU. 

K, or Kk. LaUd juartiele ai^iffftig 
OuL. tir iratvt. 

Wttir. Anrir. T)i« organ of t>eahrift, 
whicli iidiridnl Jn{o«ztimuU,ocMD|irohaMl- 
iiifC Uiv uurivl*-, uud mMtw nnditoriua «x- 
tonuu; tni/iJtr. whlrli inrtud«it the iTm- 
putam and lu conoMttioiM ; and tliii inter- 
nal, whluli iiKiludf* tito Miiiicircularctutals, 
COchl«a, resiibgle, and wliolo ialtjTUitfa. 

Bar. InaamtURtioa of Otltii^ 

Bar-Ptck. A «tnAl] Moop aad pro1>e 
used tot Ui«ivm(iTal nf liardenod Mrunuui 
from Um iumUuk uDditoriaB eiumus. 

Bftr-TrumpAt. An in»truni<.iil. »»ed 
by pt^rrMiiic giurlully d«nf for coUeoting and 
lnnn>a*iru; tli« inuniit? of aoond. 

Ear-Wn.x. C«m(D«li anriuni. 
^^ l-jtrHi'lie* Otalgia. 
^^kKurth. In CA<n»ia(iy. Uio oartfat ara 

Di*«, tumelj^, har.Tta, HLronila, limit, ma^- 
aoifa. alamlaa, Klodu, tirovnla, yttrin, 
waA lIutriiUL 

flartli, Atumlnoue. AInminii,nr<ilu]r. 

Bamb. Bolar. ArRilUcaoiM tArtli of 
■ pala bitt briitht-red ootor. S«« Bote, 


BftTtfa Oloaet. An aminsetnenl liv 
wbjoh th« dcodorizinp projwrtioa of dry 
eortii oro uiiklo 11*0 <if iti dv«trtiviug tlio 
odor uf fa-cca. TM'd in Hie flick-nx>m 
more Mpeelallj. 

Bortb, FoUor's. Oinwlta parpur«a- 


1. Henvy. BntjfIa. 
I, JnpAQ. Sve Acacia OAracuD. 
of Bones. Phmiibaiv of limv. 
tr(bn.Aba4iri»enl. Kttrttis wlilih 

Ihv iinijK^rty of ueutrelifiaK acidN as 
ll M(n t«a U . rlmtk. Ac. 

EmIwi'm Hifpllr. A aoiation of 
•uliilintw <>r icon ill ii)('<>)iit1, Iq which Mtiua 
oUkt i:i;f>-,.i|it-ntB tiari> li«cii itdd<nL 

Knu. f liH Fnuieti nanie for vator. 

Bnu do Bdllosto. A oomponnd o( 
ninal partd of miiriatlo ncM, Iwandf, and 
BiitTrriR. fiHiuorly imhI aa a rMutrant. 

Sau d« BrooohS«iri. A rtjrptic, aiud to 
t« a Bolution of iv«n«)t«b 

Ban dtt 0«rme«. Tliu rnune of aj 
Pmnnh preparation o^mI as a stutnubiA 
and i^i.iitiiiUiit. 

Bau de Ooloffne. Oolo^ae water; a 
fMirfiiiiiomBdoof ak-obolaiul «M«ntiul oils, 
orifcinolljr proparad at Oalqipio. Uft«B, 
oacd in licadacho, fcvcTi aa an evapanlli; 
lotioti, &Q, 

Eau do Javdllo. A AoIotivD ofdiidr- 
ide ul' nuda. 

Bau de Iiuoa. Suocinatvd aiHrit of 

Xau do Nnphre. A water ohtalnod 
\>y diriiilation from tba leareaof Uu> bitlar 

SaudoRabol. A^itunihtlii. A mix- 
lura III' eitiiiwnLrnied NQlplmiiv avid aud 

Sau de Vie. IVnndy. 

£buna'(w. IfintpyrMt^famm. Tb« 
noiae of a faniiJ; of plonta; Uie ebonjr 

Klic'iiiini. Ehf'nHt KIwny. 

Mb litiiin "r Kb'lnnliio, Pyrox- 
auttiiD. a xul^planoo obtained frgm rav |)jrr- 
oiyliu sj>iril. 

FJ»n«v 'l<>iile. In BUan^, witboal a 
brikctfa ur dunJ leaf. 

t-lbrl'My. SbriftM; tiomeirh*, la- 
toxli'HiciL Inlbileaiion by a|dritntfua 

El»ulU'tl««. Jfbullitio; from eSnU 
lift, lo htnl. Tliv inolxm of n Itipiid bf 
vrbirti it giv«s oS btibb1«« ct vapor, pro- 
dut-i^l by Ii«ni or fcnuentaitoB. BoUJoir. 

Kl»iir. U-ory. 

Ebur UstumNlgnun. Ivory blnclc. 

Ebnr'nialc^. From eivr. ivory. 
A. I«nn ujiplled to dentine In which tlia 




dantinnl tubtili have lM>eD ebnterated bjr 
onlcnrti'ija ili-j"']!! niihhi llmlr wslK 

Cbiirnlflrit'lloti. Eivnalio .{rom 
ebur. ivory, aad JU), to be miide. An in- 
orantation of tbe atliculiir vtiri'aM'a i}t bones 
witlt i>li'.'i|>!in|:c uf limi;. whieli gives tlicm 
thu tinrdDVW nnd whilenesa of \votj. It 
att«n<h the latter *tii|{cs of rncliitls. 

Kcbnliiim Ofllrlna'llH. Kew 
nuine hit MvntcrJieii tluteritim or wild 

Krbo'llr. Proin ra^a>^ to oxpol. 
In Malfria Sfedira, medlelnea calculated 
to frtt^llluto th« AxpiiNoo of th« pBtna 
in ditUcult pnrtarilKia, or to cause abor' 

KcbruH'mnla. From f»,9^<(^ to 
niak« twil. Old t«rta f<M- a bumiaf anip- 

Kocndmr'llcnft. C&iharti& 

»-ri-n'lrlv. AvrajfrutothQctnlre; 
irrffc'Uljir; i.hM. 

]'*«><>('phHlA'8la. Cephal&lomf. 

l-;*Thrl J '»!!»■ Expcctoratioa. 

l->rhln nin. An extract. 

»vli;i itin. Ecieina. 

Krcli] mo niA. from u, out o^ and 
XtifK- jniic Ecchjnnoisls. 

Ecchymoma Anterlo'eum. Falaa 

Rcchymv'Kln. From <sx«u, to pour 
out. A liliu'k or bluu spot, oecadoned by 
an «xtrnvii.<Atioa of bluwl into the *r«olAr 
tbdue n-om a coDtasion. BpOBtaneoUB 
etnudAiia, onmrring (fom ditc4ue or aftor 
d«atb, nrc caIIciI w^llativn*. 

Ecohy'wltt. Eirimion. 

KcoII'mIh. a fitxatton. 

Uc'vopf-S Eicisiou of anr part; also^ 
a perpL-ndii-tilnrdiv-ixioDof thecranionibv 
a (■utling iuBtriini«BL 

Erropro'NlH. From «k, aad nw^of, 
excromcnl. Defccaiton. 

E«raprol'lc. Eefopratiev ; from 
(K, untl irjr:,H>t, ticrcmcat. LaxHtlr«» which 
aliD{<],v rtrmoTo the Donionta of the alimen- 
ary ennnl. 

Eccrillol'»Ky. 3rrrtiuili>y'ia ; tnm 
(KifKru, I ii-[iiiruir. nR^ Joy^^ adIaooarM. 
A trvnlti'i' nn t)ic» teorvlion*. 

£c'rrl»lH. Exor«tioa of any kind. 

Krcrtt'lrn. tM«M»« of Uie exc«r- 
n«tit ftiiR'iiun. Alao, mfidiunCB tlial act 
CD tbu «ccret*Dn4. 

l^cyr'»l». From r*. and mijiNf, gra* 
Tidily. Esira-merine fcctatioB. 

eeya- i 

Eccrllfi'ats. Frflm o, «ii4 utA 

to turn rvund. A dlMiOM of vrulotlMi or 

Ec'daru. From **, and A;>», E 

ExcoriuiioD, c^tpvcially of tbe oretbra, 
Krdo'rtus. That rhirli atcorii 
f^'tiyHl*t. Knulllni;. I>(«(q 
ICfliftro'nfat. WIiit« brjuoj-. 
F.<-li'lnHl«. RMna'tui. In A#i 

brUUy; w-t with Ruaj] diarp poi 


•pine, and lonrar, a nysL. A gCDBl of 
llydatidt orcjMic Entoxoooa; otM of ibe 
speeice is said by Rndolplii to Infoit tba 
buniMi •uti^M'L 

£chlaod«r'ma. A daas of rati* 
aled auUiia]!! wilb hard slcina. 

Ei'lilnoplilhiirailn. Trnmixim, 
a IwJfK'taog; and afd«^M, lut tnflanma- 
lion of tba oyo. luSanoiatioii of the eya- 
lida, cbaraot«ri»d by prc^tion of 

»brnop«. Efhi'noii'ii. A 
of plniUi of ilti- order Com)>o»itir. 

BehlnopB Sphierooeph'aluB. Tlia 
glot>o- thistle. 

Kchlnorbjrn'cufi. From tx**^ 
hoilg^-hog, and ^•7j;nf, a beak. A peaoa 
intMlinal vonna, of the ordcr 
phalitf. Ons ipcriv*. tJio frAiajtrAjm 
^Wr«u, has been faand in the btraian nb- 

Kfklnin ..EKjp(la.'eniii. WaO 
bngtoaa, the root of which is nld to to 

EcUunp'fda. From atX«|vtK, v)tM 
Bglii. A t«nn applied in Fathohff loiha 
Bpp<«rnnc« of ftaib«« of liitlit I>«r<>ro Iha 
eyca, ccccrrinK la aomc diacaica; abo, to 
UiB Ajrilfijiltc eonmldooa of chitdrvn, anl 
to puerperal convnWoML 

Kclec'tlc. EtlM'Uw^; from raAri«, 
I select. A claM of phyKtolatu vboMilNl 
from all aeota ta mtdtrine. 

Eclcc'mM. front t0.u][u, to 
pliamiaceatkal prefniration of a 
aittcnoo and a ■w««t HnTor; a linrtoa. 

Krlfltfal. Knvlvtio; fhxn n>jnt, 
looB^n Fnititni'iu: proatruiloD oT' 

£c«n'01BJ. From <uki*. a Itouo^ 
«t^b>, I ru1«. Literally, the inannccmoat of 
houwholil alTalr*. In Animnt I'k^ioieft, 
the aaacmblaire of lawa which (fovani thi 
or^oninatioQ of atiiroal& 

Kvpblx'alB. Vealealar «rai>tink A 




^•nnrio i«rru, looludii^ AtrfU, teirmn, 

JEophmr'tlc. Eepkratti'evM ; from 
imfpaaau. lo r«<uinve obMroctiaot. Oeab- 

F.rpliro'nia. Insanity; melnacholr. 
Kcithy'iilM. A cuLaucoul AxcrcAceilea, 

«« II -inri. i-iTn. phTiwonift, <t*. 

Kt'plijMc'ttlN. From ri^ivou, tu Motr. 
]Iiirrk->l ri'iipirahon, Mof a ponwn out nf 

Ee'phynla. Apophyiii*. 

]n Harden/. U fl'tMtt]r« of lilt) ikull, wUli 
dapmmon of llio boitv. 

Erplex'miM. From tiantCti, I pr«a 
out . ProlniHMO of itie «7« (Von ad Man 
vt tiiitn'ini williuiit invrvasL' vt itt> volnmo. 

K<T'pllxl8. A Binpor from fi-iitlit. 

KfCpto'ina. K^ljto'MiM. A falling down 
of iiiivpnrt;a|>|ilivl t»ltti:alLaii|i,«apul<ioo 
of lIio socundiBiM. fallliig oS of Hongranoos 
|i«n*, «i^ro1aJ liKi-nlit. khi] prolnjwua uUri. 

Ecpyc'tR-iu S«! IsoBAWiXTi*. 

Erpye'uia. Frunircuniuf.&ildnw, 
piM. riu|>puratiun ; an abftctiM; a eviloc- 

tioD of |iii*. 

K«'PjP'itlM. Ecpjftt'ma, fnmamtu^ 
to sa]>|"irile. A geiwrlo tiimi (or «up[>ura- 
live iliwiuv* «f ili« Bkin. 

Krpyv'tlc. SupiiurallTe ; prauiotia;; 

E<-raM>lir. [Fr] fttjta «fnwpr, to 
cruftli. A kind of siecl cbnin tiichtciK-d by 
a acrew, ii*«<l fur nxnoriag piles, polfpi, 
er moliifnont growth*. 

or nin^'' rmiiinuiiL AIra, an «nip(ioa or 

TUtcs'Im. Rupdirv: Inccmtioo, ea|ie- 
ciall.T (.f liix rnUa or womb. 

Ccrhjtk'mfMk From ric, out of, nnil 
pa^fMf. r>i.Tiliiii, irrL<gtilaf. Iii PatkoUgy, 
ln«Kii1iir piilae. 

Ee'rjrBlw. £^Rx•. From rifuu, I rnn 
frolP- A (ii»chnrso. 

ISCKarmi'iaa. From w. out of, ■.ml 
wmff. tieah. A Iteslif Menwnuow, or aar- 

!>■ 'hUwI«. Proin riiOTwat, 1 vn («■ 
aiti' ■ i-v. K lotnl Bii»- 

pv - : Tolautary noTo- 

tncui.v »:ij. Tk';. ..--]< '1 Mtal aciioiL 

Kfutawj', Ki -iti.l*. 

Iji-nl»t'lr Tnuicc Cntsleiay. 

Y.V IiuIm. EitenduD; upiinaiuii. 

Eo'tada rrldls. Tbat oiiMiifinn of 
Die frit wliieh occm.\om dloiluutioti of th* 

KcleK'iB. EnuudatlofL ColIiqtintiniL 

EclllllKi'mik CtiaOnj; or uicorik- 
UoD gmfdiired bj cxU-rnal riolvotf. 

Eo'llif ttUU Fruni ll(l}lh^ 1 birnk out, 
U fa«at, Av. A rntan«oiii cnipti»ii of 
larxu. ruuoJ, aiiil •linUucI puat tilvn. iulta 
at Uiuirbaw*. I'hvy are >el<]o(ii DuiiieroiH^' 
atMl appear rnofll rr»<iaenilr ttpiin lliu vi- 
tmnitiea. Deck, ntid itbuiilflnrft. Tbrce 
qi«oia» Kr« notioiNl, aanwlv, etiitj/mi pwf- 
iriir<, Mflymn f>i/iuiti7«, bdiI teikjfva luri- 

F>llllo('l(-lM. llaviof p'lvri.T to 
poll out. Ai>|)Ii«d to tliat whicli erodioalea 
Dom» «r hair*, u a depilatory. 

Ecto'mlit. EicisioD; ojnputatioD of 
BDf part. 

Ect«|»'la. Front wniTOf, oat of plaM. 
Morbid dbplacMneot of any part; luxa- 

Ectopia A'nt Prolupxas ani. 

Ectopia Oor'dta. l)iar>Ur4.-ni«nt or 
iiDiuilural position uf tliv buiK. 

fCloao'otl. Betaur'a. Esrvf. with- 
oat, uod Ci-"v. on oninuil. ranisilio in- 
•wti. iH li(^-. lliMt infill Ibv aurfiK^' of ibd 
IkmIi'. iliffuriiigfroni cDlozom, f>'UD>l u'itliilt 
Ibt lucly. 

Kvtrlm'mH. In Pathology, tilcvra- 
tion of tlio »kin, ««poctii]ly of tbotw jiftrla 
of llie \taAj \a itaniJU''l wltb lli« livd after 
long <ioiiI1itum«i)L 

£«tr«'pluin. Srfrffi'i'fu. Froia 
(■rprnw, I uvrrl. Kvenlun of tlio ujcUdi* 
m> tliat tbo inner stii'facu is lumEtl uuL 

£rtro'ala. Kctti/ma. MUcuriiHgu; 

Krirot'lr. That whicb )» iiilialatod'^ 
to cttUiM abortion. Applied, aiao, u> tii« 
traitAicnt of disenw, or tlint lliiu of trcai- 
tiMMii wlili'h dt%trit\H at ouov lliu tiiurbid 
nctioa, without ((ivifl); it a oliiUK-v to in- 
Twlvo llie ucauomj'. 

K«'z«nia.' From mC'o. I boil not. 
Heat; emplion. A oalAiMoat eruption 
uf Moall Teaolea thieklr crowilod u>> 
getber. without anjr mnnlfcit iulltiiiiinn. 

Bcscona BCertnuiale. EetfMa ru- 
bram. Ktiutmn caiMod by tliir frrilatioQ 
«f niwfurv, 

Bosema of the Fnoe. TM.^ Minti- 
timcsuccura id advaficed uge, and iajrnuBf 




«1itldrca; called erv4(a Uutea, auA p^rrigo 

Eo'BemaoftheBoalp. Et^uum fhp'' 
V(u. Scald bcml. It <n:vnn dRrin; <!«>- 
lition. and also afterwards, ud tlie dis- 
cliar^A H rery profliae. After a time, the 
(ffiviiAn <lrif» into orusia Mid nwfn Iho 
lair into tinoll scparntv Indft. The scalp 
shoos rifjmii (if inlliuntaAtnfj traritsment, 
ARil tlic iTTiptiacic gfini^1ioni< of the ite<k 
ttr« llahio to bfiooine inftiKfit<d ai»l to mp- 

li:dcnla'la. E'len'raU. Tlw nnuie 
of an kuUt uf mnmmals c^<l^lctl.•nKo1 bjr 
tlie abwnc« of the incisor, uul, gcneraU;r, 

of thl> Cll^^Jd ti«th. 

Kden'tulonx. An«d«H*tM ; ancdnu; 
tdentalvt ; from /, utd deru. dentU, a (ootb. 
Withunt teeth : on* who norer had teeth, 
or ooo vhu hiM lo^t hin (cctli. The cauacs 
which lousl frMjiii-nllx (rfve ri** to ibe hrw 
of Lh« t«ft)i nrr cariti* iind (>-hr<>n{o inditni- 
matioa of tb« gniuA and »Iv«>Io-deat»l 
luutiiTirADM. f>M Cakiir or tok Tiucth, 
iind (IvHPs PwKfcitiw or. 

Alllioiigli it IH i»i|>o«Bil>te cornplftul* lo 
nrrnwlj tlilo drfvcf, yct^ lo Miii-h ■ Kinli MtAto 
of perfuclioo bus tbe jii-oslhtmig of tfaew or- 
gans Wen brought, tbnt tlicir lorx » dow 
r^taocd with nrtitlcial tubsttlates wblrh 
mttjuirvo a iao«t viJnAbte pnrpoM. Be« 
AsnnaAL Tscra. 

KdfTN. AniW. 

K'dlr. Iron. 

KdiM-u'llvii. riiffi'lGal. Tbe 
truiiiioi; of th« tiodjr in »rich MTCrrbM M 
AFP ctalniTatod to pvo ftrevgth, rigor, and 
t)faUk to all of tto Ofpuii*. 

Krint'comnl. Edvl'etmtas. MMli- 
dui-« nliicb ar« snp]>09«(l to deprir« dulda 
of Hicir BcriinvnT. 

Kdnlt^ra'tlon. E^vifora'tio. The 
Ni't (if ri'ii'ii'rluij »L!ti!<t!irnv« iiiihl, eilti«r by 
I.lio affiigiun of wst«r for thv rvtnovikl of 
their Hiiline And otWr iIUaerL-cnhle (jiuili- 
U», or by llw addition of Movhariav mnu 

(XfiTi'tll. ^i-rmM; fnun c^cn». I 
eiirrv, I tninufHirt. Applied toveRseln whieb 
I'oiivC'y UnidB fr4>ln frlnodii, aa thv rata t^*i- 
rmtin, which corry lymph from iJiit lym- 
pliiilio ^nnds to the thoraeic dud, and to 
n(>n'M which eonvey the nerront )nflocnF« 
from the ncrrous ccntm to the cironm- 

ftlOerTM'cenoe. JSybrtMMR'(i« ; 

lM«n 00 

MM B*^! 


from ^(flTMKcrr, to bwH oT«r, lo 
la Cluniatrif, tho cnrntnodon |irodiir<4 
llie ewape of pts from a Ki|nM, at tlui 
diiuirv tctnpvrntiire of Ihc iitinoHf'berfe 
nujuvnil PatAoi^y. a ^lippoMd ehnllti 
of the Wood orotber tin ids, pmrJoomI xii 
bj clordtlon of tcmpcnitnr* or Ui* 
of the prinolpl«« coaliuoed iti Hurra 
each nther. 

RHtolffca'ctaff Druusbf. 
bonnied Wiefage, nsnd awaethMM 
Tehicle for mIIdo iii«dii.-inw. Di: 
MTrnptv of cat'1>«na1» of *oAx, or fA 
an oiinrttof water; mil two dror-hm* nf 
eioQamoD water villi a draclim and a haif 
of ormp of ofanf^ pe*] : add to Ibow a 
talilnpoosfid of froeh Ivmno jafce, ni 
drink the niiiinre tmnttdtatdy. 

KfTelc'. JSJEnVw. Itapovtfbbi 
worn till I. 

l-;r«l«. Frwhlm 

rfitmteerA, to Mow na a llowfr. Is 
w/fy. lh« 8pofuaii«ou oonvvrviaa afm aM 
into a |xtlveralent snb<taB4««. la Btimf, 
met nf flowerinf. In Ptttiol^ffy, aculo ac- 

rMn'vtiL. FWim 42'I«^ to flow ail. 
An i-xhiUation, Kcnernlly noxkioa or di»- 
gTPi>ah1e: impalpable etn anal ioD. 

EfllMX'ion. Abortion ilnriBsUtoflnt 
thr«o montlis of prcgnaocr. 

KflVnclu'ra. Frumire nf tlia ora- 
shtm Willi riiiK'h dt'pmstion. 

BSta'slon. Frrwn ^/TuWcrr, to po4r 
out. Tn PaUuilmjg, citnivBMitioD of a (laid 
into a Tiapernl ravity or iaio Ilia eeUnkr 

l-^Ki'i'l*'**- Ao oxcretlon. 

l-:|;is«'tia. From fj/ww. lo ctm mil 
Tin- •inpulsii'n of f«*eM from lh« licnllL,* 
bodj. The cxcrelioniS 

E^. The ovam of hirda and oflfianM 

Kgg-Plant. Tbe popular iiani« of tbt 

Ecopb'Milc. Pert^Dhw to <«^ 


a f^Ml, and ^n-v, Ili« voipv. < 
Applied b? IioeonM Ui itic hunuwi 
where it gives tbrougli Utc ctflbiM 
cli-Jtr and aentc Mond, rMcntblltv lh« 
of the ^oaL, and vhirli he niganb a« itJSe- 
atlve of moderate effudon Into Mt» of lb* 




Csn^|Cor'nI•. Horktcl v«t£lifnlnci«. 

I"'!:}!!')'!)!! Bean. Tb« popnlw 

oaiitc ol till) fruit iif Uto AVnmAivin ip** 

BKyptlnn Pflhble. A opMtipi of Jasper. 
KlghlU INilr or NerreM. 8m 


lyllftMl'dy, The tnraingn or mrni- 
branesof Ibe Wain. 

EUlO'nuu -A- ptivft] conndntlon of 
tike iUcaiiDw or torrnbia pruduBcd by flnt- 
alpnmL Alut w(kI t>.v Vu^rel to oxpmt ft 
filc<l |NUD In the iiit«i!tiiM«, v« if « nail 
wrrc lirivcn into lli« pari, 

KllP'on. The ileaiB. 

Kllc'OM. Heal. 

KlluI'dnt. A <k'mioid taiDor; rmln 
of skin Uk» rolda of iniMtine: coDvolat«d. 

Ela«nUie'llut, Eniptioo on • mn- 
oooH iB«nit)rnnc mch m aphthn. 
r£la'b*le. tbe umias of a dJaeoM or 
II pnMiciilnr pArot<rtin. Al«n, ii^octlon. 
'Ekp'nor. loiplratltio of air. 

KjH<'iil» lion. Ejaevla'tU) ; from 
lyiryiUtrt, \" cagt out. Tfao »ct by whirli 
thv aEnu-ii )a ilitrtn) tliri>ii)rb Um urcllirtt. 

^n(-'nliilorr> ^><-ri/aiH. Cos- 
earowl in tli*< pjatrulition oT Ihs sMneii. 

maotUatorr Buota. TIiu TMwb 
vlilcb cucvfj the acmeii to llie nrethra. 

Ki«*'*l»«. EjM^tie ; trum ^it*r*^ to 
throw pDt. EKcrrtioi) of tb« fwcw, snii«, 

Ktoborm'tlan. BlaHar^tta; frnm 
<aad Montfv, to work. In yAjruWo-ry. 
Ihc ntrioan dwcgte whlcli B^Ntnilatire mk- 
)<cf>>T« tlid* b«co4BA Mibwrdent tn 


FJirom'rII. Fmm O^iov. oU. and 
Ik-uvv. a ptirfrii^ <iil. of a *irM-t 
oUauiMl frum Uio Inink of a treo 

Elwom'ctcr. A ilnD^jiiv k1«m hj- 
dmuit^icr for vHiniatiiig tlie pari!.; «f ofL^ 
EUr'on. Oil 

Kbvaph'Bara. Fram «>aiM^ oil, and 
^■NmMi^l Aj-ppar. ll[irii)gtJi«appavaucv 

KUeo-MiP'cliurutn. From cAmap, 
oU. •O'l -jo*r-ii''. ^1l.^^r. A nixtiir* vt 
OPCRttal oil nii'l -UiKii- 

KUiidlnp. A Babstanoe reniHln^ 
f r"tn il'« m -I iud vf ium>w add apuD oliw, 
kltDorul, ami M>nie oitlMr oib. Il rcsefntiln 

ElU'llI, Fran *Xam-, oil Oleliw.-. 
Tlie ollr principle of BoHd ftte imd oUs. 

KlHlod'lf AoM. Ono of lb« rnnro 
poimi]' Ti-.iliiiii; from the Mponifienliitn 
of ruilor lit!. <>lf<>ririntfi Dcfat. 

Elntom'elpr. AniiMrtramentfortl^ 
l«oiintt tlio ailulti-mtioD of «liT« oil. lai 
pure olive Ml it lloata nt AO". ami lire spACV 
bcltt'Mn 0. or zero, antl HO" l« divided into 
fifl J v<)utiJ parti nixl niimtif^vd ftM«r<linKl7, 

Ela'laClnlnern'tUii. A palia foondl 
in HninoH and tht< W luit Indi««, wideh jiel(lt| 
on einolliviit, fotlv BulHtsnc«. 

El'naltte. From tUim, nil. and 
2/Aar, stone. A minvnil uf n brittlo, cnrs* 
la1)ini> torture, gr«««7 loctre, grayish, 
pret-nhli. or reddlab ahade. conipoMd of 
■lUaa. nlumliu, and puissMi. 

Claa'oui. Oliliuim«furnL>1fatcr-pipek 

Klaa'llr. £lMti'e»t; from iSoffr^/ 
iiupiilwcKi. \i»vll from riaevtrr. to impel, to' 
ptiHli. Knilovfvl with vliwtinily. 

SlasUo Fluid. A itai. 

UlaMlo Oum. ('luuichtiiif-. 

Elaa'll<-lii. Ki-utie»t. i'l«>ii<t. TImj 
piM'uliar iHiIiil tiiMttrial <A the ulastle tti 

Elaatlc'ltj. A prttptrtT in hitASf 
whioh mtflrcB them to tli^ir ariiitnal form, 
after hatinic t>«oii maik to dcvinlv from it 
lij external force. 

Elate'rln. Biat^rina. A erjiial- 
Bwble sobetance found in th« Juioe of cla- 
tvriiiai. [i il diiitat-i fn>Ri Ftnltn. 

Klate'rinm. A wbBliuie* «letmait«d;| 
fnnn ttic JQii:« of Uiv wild rucBmber. 
MoMuuMrA El-ittkicm. 

Kla'lln. TtK> oeliru jirim-iple of »)&- 

K11»ow. From tt\ aod how. Ap- 
plied to lh« nrtioiilnlion nf tbe Kna irtth 
til* forearm, ami ir-pcciiill; («.• the projOL*- 
tion rcirmi-d br llio ulna. * 

Kl'vj^la. Ar Arabian tree, tho Ihril 
of wlii«b ti Miictlc. 

Blco^ala. Fron rlat^, nn ulcer. U1- 
wrotion. Apfilkd bj ^^nura^ to r«tc})ac» 
tlo di*«**N atltmtod witb fetid, CM^on*. 
and chronic ulcers. 

EI4'«r. Sei- Sj.MRtrcra. 

Sndar, DrtTBrf. !^mhti^* fhtiliu. 

Klecnm'paHe. The jiopnlar nntne 
of \\'v iuufa fffltnfum; wtiirh tr*. 

Kleol'lve Aflln'lly, 80* Arrixtrr, 

Klrc'trlc. Rflaiinf to, or conti 
hij clccUidljr. 

ISdc'trlc AttraotioD. The atlracUuii 
wbicb iui*U lii'lwvfD i-^rliiiii clvrtrilliKl 
«lbattu)c«a. ti9 K^asa, nnilnr, B«uluit,-wu&, 
giilpliitr. iiiul ulJiPT Vuthi budivH. 

EUeotrlo Aura. TliecnrrvntorbreeM 
producnl hj tlM diKliai^gv uf olcctricitx 
front & btgti)y-« barbed conductor. It hu 
camciinioei boi'n wnplofoJ •» • mild »tim- 
ulant to diilKmM fuU, u tbe aye. 

msotric FiAbes. A t«nii t|i|>li«d to 
certain flsli. tho «{i«oie« of the dus PUtM, 
wbicU lutvc till; puwcr uf dbcliarginif lli« 
eiL'clric shock, 

Eleotrlo Frlctloo. Tlie irritattag K£> 
tiua iirndiicod \iy tlio ruoc|>tiuti of >park* 
fruui B ponon in tlu' eloclriciil IwUi tlirougb 

Blectrio Xt«pal'elotL Tha r«ptiI«o& 
of lighi lii>ilit!« fruin oertAin eleoLrtlled *iib- 
Vtiuio-n nflor liiiviiig vuniii in uunlNot wUli 

Blectrio ShOOlCB. Tli« f»rtial Kod 
ra]iid roDViiljioiia pruUaced by llit»eiulden 
adiuiu'tatraliuii vt a ]arK« Amouki ^ff «1m- 
tricity fnim the Lcrdvn jur, 

Elrr'trlpnl. rertjuning to or «od> 
tflininu vk-olniUy. 

HOectarionl BiLi;t«tT. A number or 
Lej'dta) Jkr« plncvil in ii box with Lin 
foil, (Lnil oommniiioutiofr wilb «avh oilier 
by ineaDii of mt'Tallie riKls. 

Eleotrlanl Column. Asiivoimofdeo- 
tricfll pile I'COMsIini; uf lliin |j1dU-h of dif- 
fiTent, rriMiiIs, urnn|,>nl In pitir», wilb pnpcr 
biftwiii'ii lln'iri. 

Electrical Machine. A mccliauical 
cani ririuice, cnnsiating nfa ronnd jilat« or 
cyiindiT tit ^loM. inxde to involve upon its 
uia^ And pn.'^i'ot during cuu-b rotation hy 
ft cusbioQ uf lutiiltcr oovcml kiiIi silk 
and uneared vltli lui aiiuil^oi of ttn and 
dfic TTicrft in nliKi ntUcliMl to the mil- 
cbiiw tbo prime eviulueb/r, luUAlly made 
of bnua aud siistaiDetl "by one or more 
(cliui* l(^^. Tho end ncAi-caC tb« giRM 
pinto or cylindvi' ie furiiiitb«l «it|j a nuiii- 
W u( Niiinll wriruK. wliidi cuiiio in *uvli 
itiiniodiati- piiiximiiy vith it tliAt llio 
wUrctrio oonilitii>n of tb« cido i» imtuedi- 
oldy iranrfcrred lo the oilivr. 

KICMrle'lly. EU*trif'ita»: from 
liyiKTpm, r.nilcr, iIjc »at>»(aQce in wliicb it 
waa Brst dii»covered. A prupti-ty which 
Mflfliu liodlvM luliiUt. oiDior nalurally or 
wh«n wibj*«-tod to tb« action of vivivoa tx- 
dtoQt*, c«Q9tUg ibriu to nlUact or rcpol 

llcbt bodioi, Mnll fjut^ or Ktreamt of 
%liU and to prodiio* involnnlnry innwuUr 
ouulmctioB iu tliv Lvdiva uf nniinabi Mbea 
k is inadu to \>v* tbruuuh ibi'in. Abu, 
th« uuvDoo wliicb Ireats of tti« phcoooiena 
uf electricity. TtwTtt ara tbrco kltid» of 
olcctricity: ilynamje. thai wblfli lit co4h 
etaody cxoil«d by oobtact wiib inKatft. 
Fvrudinttien. tbv um of ibe tuagn** wllk 
battery. &atie, ttiAl hi. rtitL. ataliuDarr, 

MMtinlnnlly, dootricity t« ii»td u au «r- 
citaiiC, and liu» l>vi.*u t-iup!i>ycd wilb wc- 
o«M ill paraijria. ihaniiuiiisnt, dnafnia^ 
amunnitiie, *«. It may be oomuitiaicaud 
br DK'uuB vf tli« dvutrio bailt, by puinta 
r|>at)ui. or by Hbocks, occordlug to tbclg^ 
teoaity required. 

Bleotritr'ttT. Animal, ttoa Gj 


Eteotrlolty. Voltaic. nalraBi 
KffH-lrlm'lloi*. Tb« ru^'Uicnl 
plicaitiJii 'it tli'Lirii'ily. 

Ii:i«<>lrlz'eni. llarrl»KiBU*a. 

PlatM of coppor ftnd 2iii<, ur siUm uJ 
sine, emplayoil fur niudioal purpoinis. 

ICIec'lro-Uioi'oKT. One uf Ibe nfi- 
afi (if iiiiimal iDi^notnMn. 

Eleotro-Ohetn'ical Ao'tton. Clum- 
i»il Hction induced by ulvctrksal aftai^t- 

Bleotro-Ohem'lstrr- That bnnck at 
uiiencf wlitfti) treatN cm tho appliestion cf 
clMliii'lty an a cltciui<.-al OKMit. 

Sleotro-X>7Tian)'la8. Tli« tdoM* 
tnuitinn of t)i« tUevl» or phenainena of 
el«<lndty id rantion. 

El&otro-Ma«nef io Appara'toa An 
iL|>p»rnlUK by wbk'b a ciirrenl vf *l«innf- 
nia^fllinnisexctted. A tvnvviu^mfom 
condurtd uf n bnttery of ris currvd pern*- 
ni,int ina^«ta, and an inietuit; tuuwiU:* 
around wboee cjillndtra I^OU yanK ff ttt* 
iumlatvd coppor « iro aro roilei), Tbi^ ttia 
of llio wire conmimirate r«|iwrtti'. : 
afiiiirAf direetara, <«cb of wlini, 
pivco of t'|>oD|[c dii>pcd in vtiu-^-ar »r a^tlu* 
doD of cum III on unit. Wliou ili« ttjittlart 
]a rutatod and a portion of llie Ludy is I 
t«r|io««d betwvva lliedireclon, a re 
tion vf ilMM^k* i« n'cviiwd. Ii ha* 
i»vd in pnralyux, &o. ; atao aa a local i 
llivlic. ^svti GjLVAxic liATTcair. 

B]eotn>Mim'o«tlsn). )t:j(n«ttaai 
cilud by electricity. gCDeraliy Irjr , 

Elec'treiiet Tbn cod «C a 




wbloli oomtnniucittcs vUh t vbhaio circle. 
eoDunuoljr call«)l b polu, is so I«niied bjr 
Taraitty, Imcdiuc, a« lie Wioi'ei, It »«rren 
» ft pBtli or <]4M>r lo tlio electric ciirrcDi. 

B««lr«|^B't«llll. 'BiJKTfMr, un- 
b«r. adJ ;-t'>u, In Ihi born. Tlio {»f«<lnotiug 
of cWtiHiir. 

EltM>lroK<'n'lc. SUetroyen'ievs. he- 
Iftagxit^ I'l fti- Ii>>x>.'ne«i». 

EliH-irol'nef. EUdnio'gia : from 
vb^tynr, iiuil>«r. Mwl >(i^, B diwoime. A 
tr»«tl»o on t)v9 I'it'nN of dftotrldlr. 

EIrrlrol'yMlfl. Diu dirool ileomD- 

KI««'lrol>'l«. A »aI»lnn«o nniler- 
golog dir«4-t decomposition hy the action 
oTUm tlwotrio ^iim-nt. 

Elc<-troni>ler( An inMruinent for 

lllciL-iiriii.' '■iirlrifil.j', 

Klef'Irapli'orait, An tnclrnment 
iBireni<--l I'V V..irftft>rc(jllectinj; we«k«lcc^ 
tricitr. roiiAiniinirnraflar rAkc<rrrtaioaml 
A disk or metal, or rntber«mitt]er diameter, 
■ap|i|[»d wiiti It jflibu hAndlc, UMod in ol«c- 
trkal expcriidi'aiB U> «1k>v tli« geoerfttioa 
at d«etri>!llx lij- indQctioa. 

Elcvlropo'lar. a btrm applied to 
a c\>n']iif K>r in K-litvb uDc end or aurfaca ie 
piMiliw wK:]'' till- ri(hrr is iipfmtivu. 

Elri-lrapnnf^lure. Th<« introdue- 
tlun ut t wi> or motv irirea Into iinT |uirt at 
tbo Lmdy rni'l ilirn OQunecttiinr ilieiii wiili 
[lie I'l'lvs '.'f ft iiiilciinic tiaHtry. 

Klr><^'tr(HM-apr. An iRatruntL-nt Tur 
tlic Ji-Kiivcry of rlwtricol eicltonicitt. 

KI«>4''lroliDt. A iiTUMis^ Uy Bbicli 
W) ffup-iivitig! iiiiir )r« niA>l« li* llio olwtrv- 
Ijrpe fruiii w urigiiul paiuiin); in tttkk 
i.EI«e'<ro<fY^ Tb«procl|>ilalJ<Hi,b}- 
Bli» of K pilmnic nin-ent. i>f « nwtal, 
trvm H Kntiiiton. u|>i)ii niir iiiHnllio tttyvcl 
iRMiii'i'M il )» i(. KLirtiiiMl j>itf(]ii<]tiou of 

l-(imiU- m^Iiiln, >ba, un i'ii{i]tri. 

BSoctro-Vi'tul or Nmi ro-£leo'trio 
Oarreota. I'u-i vlvrlrio etirr«iii« Mi|>- 
jKMcd Ut cxioi in uiiiinnli, the one externnl, 
tii« atliar intonuil. 

I>l«c'lran. AmHr ; niw th» iiam« 
|gr a luistnre of fuur pcuu »t gwtd and 

ODO "f lilt>>i'. 

Elc^iiH'rlum. Aa ttlMtury; a 

Bnaatuftrlum Oaaala. A cunf«atk>n 

of r»4-ia. 

^'rmvul. A rabatuioe wlucU con- 

not bo divided «r doconi)M)Md by olicnbd' 
analff !■ : clilefly owtollli?. 

El'enil. Amgrit tiem^era. A fra- 
piani ri-sitiini* exudation from serend *pe- 
I'if* of Avi'/rii. 

ElciMH'rfnum. Apiiim gnroo- 

Klepbanll'iuilit. Fimn tJttaf. an 
■ilejiliiiol. A ohroai<r inllaininAtioo of lite 
xlitn, wctirrinjc in wanii rliiiinieH. u in 
Africa, the Vt'vat lndie^ MiLrleira, nml tlic 
lal4 of Frnnce, in whi<^h (b« Int^i^nment 
beooDMM rough, indaniti-d. vrrinklcil. iiiid 
•coly. Ulce the sk)a of aa eleplianr. aiicnilod 
by a diminution Atid AornMlmM a total Io« 
of sensibiiitor : ilie foraiHtion of 6Murc8 in 
the alcin, u)i*vrai.iiini, •be. Tills mriotj 
nonrly allied to loprooj, if it in not iliMmaM 
diaeoM, util It) called Ulrphnnt'ititu f/nt- 
cv'rwut ; nUo. I^^ra Ar'itham. Anotlii 
varieiy U charBeicnuM) by ili« l«(r btiii 
iiiocfa avolli-ii and miaaliainii, and iliiu 
uppawd to ruMnldu Unit of an vIh- 
plunt. Tbii form i* knoti-D as tb« Elt- 
yhaatiattM <lral>iMn, Jiumemia, Airin- 
4foai Z^, Ac. 

KI'f'pllMK. The olephnnl ; Irorj-. 

Llrllarln. A icenaa of plula 9f 
the nrci^T /.intiAtrafnt. 

EtattariK Oardamomum. The of- 
liciunl oiiniHiaoiti, itiv Mi-di »f wliic 
ar« Broinittic sud ^otl; piini,'eut leW 

Klenthf 'ria. CaMarilla bark. 

Klvivn'tor. From tUrart, to liltap, 
III Afufamjf, itniii»iil« wbtiMfunellAn eon- 
aifetfl in raJNOS tl» port lolo wbidi it b lit- 
Mrted. SeeljiTATOR, laGeaefnl Sargrry, 
jiii tuiitriiriirnt n»cd In raixc ilrpniaivd pof- 
tiiina itf t"nn\ especially (•( ttio rrnniiim, i>r 
for tile nriiiiirul of lliv drrl» detnilieil )iy 
lli« trvtiliiiii!. In Dtntal Suryfry, u* in- 
MrtiTuuut wmeliiiiua tMupIuyed in tlie ex- 
inicliuu of routa uf tooth. The dcrulur 
a»«.\ in t)io laiit.muolluueil a|><-rBtian is uf ^ 
a pnintvl »hapc, bearing M>tnu rewinbbuic 
lo tlio tougtw of n r«rp. and in lienM calle 
by the Frencli dootiitu /•inynn li* rurpt; It 
ia flat Br ftlijthtly cooi^uve vn nno »idv and 
ouuvei on tbi' ollior. attuchoJ tn u siraiglil 
or curved «)innk,Ai-curilliit; ii> iliefani^yul 
tlt« uperat'ir, or tlio part of xUti Jaw on 
wlilrli il \a ilrii^niil tu liii eiii|i](>jeKl, 
intiMlwl in a Inrgu, iilniitjf, ivorj, wood, ( 
yvuA luripile. 

MoTOtor Ani. Linatvr aoL 




Bleva'tor Lalrfl Inferio'rta Pro'- 
prlu*. Lc-viit^ bl>ii inf«riorin. 

Elerator La'bU Supsrio'rls Pro'- 
prlufl. Luvntor Inbii siiperioris iilnqiia 

elevator Lablo'rum. T^erutor Mitciili 

SUdvator tla'si Ala'nim. SmLbta- 
tnn I.AHir i^rrERioKn .Vt..T;«rB Vixl 

moTator Oo'ult. Uwtus inpcrioHt. 

mevator Pa.l'p»bn» Buperlo'ris. 
L*T«lt>r palptbroj mporiort*. 

Elevator Soap'iilie. I^vnlor wapnla. 

SUffTatOr I^Wtto'ulL Ttw crmust«r 

Kl«vator ITrath'rfl». TlitttnuiRTermw 
(Mtrin»-i niriw-U. 

KlrTOlo'riUBi. Tlie elevator; a »ur- 
Rii'-il in»lniincni, 

Elltn'lnn(«. To aet free, to exppl, 
to thr»u' "H. 

Ell4|tia'llon. Li^uiUimi. Tn HetaS- 
larffi. u iiro<.»iof Mpnrntins; turn mctnl* 
of difforctit fusion points bv hunting ths 
mixture Mitf)<;i«iitl7 lu molt Hint met*] 
w)i!<')i fiKH-M Ht lli<> Ifiwor t4>[n|M>ratar», 
vfavQ it runs out. Inirhi}; n poraiiH nke of 
the more infimililv tnviftl. Tfa* untne pf>o* 
res* is Hrplie'l »« th* Bepanttion of fti«bl« 
sulpliurol*, o» that of antinioaj, from thuir 
on*. Ttiis opei-atioo ts Bomctlrues ofilled 
itt*aUu^. In I'ati»Uff, ooltiq nation. 

Kllxn'llon, Etijatio; from eliru*. 
lH)ileil. Miitd-^ii. Th« act of bi)Uin;t or 

Ellx'Ir. Oenemllj m|>poM<l to le 
froin tlfk-MT. qiiint«nence, S iwlntion of 
variooii rncdifinal mbstaoMa, or their ac- 
tive prii)ci|ile, in alcohol, ll is analogoni 
10 ilncture. 

Bllxlr Ac'idum HolterL A mlxtnre 
of ooti>!CDLrat«d aulpborio acid and nloo- 

Elixir Al'oes. Tiriptum of alo«i Rnd 

Xaixlr Antlasthmat'loum Boer- 
haavil ItnorlinflVi''wnnli-iunhiniitii>rHsir, 
o'ir(|)'jn'(l uf ul<xi|iu], aQi»ue<), orris root, 
Itiiiiitri'.'i-. clvcuiitpane, Kwi-vt ling, and asur- 

Bllxlr Of ViVrioldndTaii'tilii. A 
Mitiiratrtl WntioD vrlilcli U a powerflil os- 
triii|;i'tit iind limnostAtle applied to bleed- 
ing •itrfricv*, fiiiif:9n« KTowtha, Ac- 
Elixir ParoBor'icum. Porccnnr. 

EUxlr Peotora'la Ke'gla Oa'Dte. 


A mixture of liqnari^-e, fninel wtx«t, tad 
ammonlnted nlroUo]. 

Blix'ir Proprleta'tls. CaBi[M<i>d 
tinctareof aluos. 

Elixir Baorum. rioottra of riiobarb 

Elixir Salu'tla. Comivnind Unctara 
of •i-niin. 

Blixir Btomihob'latun. OompoiiiiHl 
t]ii(>tiirc of irentlaiL 

Elixir Tt'tRi Uathi'oll. A Iwrtar* 
of alfoliol and ivi-nvy-twf arocsaiia VtA 
niinnlatinif aoliftKOC** funnarij oaad ia 

Bli^ Tlt'rloU. Aroeaatio tnl 

EllxlTln'tlon. UxivtalioB. 

EllH'rlc Add. An add nbtwwd 
froiTR notgailH, diitiad froni gnllki and laa- 

Kim. The pnpuW iuiid« aP all tba 
Ireea belonjriii:! 10 ilic ;ri-mi!i tTTmnt. 
Elmlnlho'oorton. Ci^rtlliaA C-^ 

ICIw'dMi. From tXa(. a manh, tad 
ti^(, rn-wtiibliiDTO, Unr»h f«r«ir, 

Elongn'KiHi. £lnt]/it'ii»; ttum 
c&tMparv, tu Icoffihvn. In ^nrgtrp, an tm- 
perf«H Inxation. in which tbt> ItipuiieiiU 
\m strctc-lird and the limb IrfigtlieMd. 
Also, the eitensinD re<|Qlra4 In iIm radw^ 
Lion of a ditlocMlon or frwtnro. 

FJalrlit'flnn. I'tvlHa'tu ; fnm 
elvtn«. to dfoii^. Ia tMnniittrg uii 
J'hitrmae^. tlio tvpsnitinn of thr Dfil 
(Wmi the heftTT pArlicIvs of a prnrder Vj 
*ii«|H>n<linK both in water, alloirliic ibc 
poarscr ftrain* le fall ami diMWitiiig tin 
fine ptxrdvr. 

EIn'riMu Frofn tini^, to wailt eoL 
A pretermit II rnl cli)ii<lianro of aay flliM; 
aico the fluid itcelf. Applied annietiBxa 
lo leocorrho^, 

ElrtrHlre'Klll. Iniperft»»tinn nf Ike 

rij-lrl'tla. TT»n\ »).t,- 
M.y\ Hit, ini1diiim»(i(-ii. Ititl. 

111".- VtiKlllil. 

ElJ*tnMM^'lo. From «S»*fini, 1' 1 
giiin. fliKl x'^r, a Inmor. Vflniikol berfiia 

EI>-t'rolll«. Frtrtn f Jr-,- -'■' -*- 
resemlilanoe. The tiioka v«; 

El'jiron. J^ronitJit^ 1 ium.i'-- -i 
•hcalh; thevtiKino. In.1a<*l«ntfi', tlwmt*" 
hranea cnTcIoiiing: tlir spinal niami*' 
called O.wrpa. In Zvaf^yf, tlia e(>ri: 




49Telo[t« which iliMlbcs thA Inrvriur or 

in«nit>ran<ni9 vlug of C^Uepterout an<l Or- 

lAiif-trrvui iliKIMfUt. 

Elytron 'ens. From *>vtiim/, «ntl 
•jftn.-, ■ ininur. A aveliiii{ or UUMir of 
the rsKinii- 

Elytropbw'tya Optntioa for ibe 
curt' of vi'siru-VMRinol (iiicula, ounstAtlnK **' 
tnin*}iUnimi: skin tram Iliu lubui or nntm. 

I>lytr»pc*'«l». From t^ttp^ t 
sh^itrli. lui'l erwatt, ftdl. A|>j>li«tl li> tQVer- 
rioD niid |iro!ik|i<iii« Ti^ico. 

KlylrorrliA'Kin, From bU>r/u*, and 
fiitinftt, to boral fortli. Viigiiul bcmur- 

Elytror'rluiyby. Frnm (^wt/homuiiI 

bv 4uturc In cn««9of flttuire nod proloiMtu. 

Klytrorrbfle'm. From rZiTjMM-, and 

pru, Ui ttov- J'lk>nv« buiiiorrhitfia fruni 

tfc« vnKint ; alio a imicoiis illschar^ fraiii 

£nuicia'ti*a. Emteiit'tU; from 
m^aeuir*. lu ifriiw k<aiu Wutilii; uf tliP 
AmIi. The Miaditiuii of a pervoa who is 
lomnr fic«li. Bci^otninf! Nun. 

itmrt, to Iwne frnni. ft lenii appliud lo 
flniij or |fM«oiii> lodi«s wliicli ]>rxio(*<Hl »r 
or{it>DA(< from ulliof luxlli-fl. lu liiffat from 
ttitf 4t>a, Oilurs frnm [iIbiiIk, iukI niiaHniittk 
frmnllt«d<MiomrKieitiMi«f oninul and reg- 
•ttll'Ic Nitqlnnivv. 

E«iatt'«l« Moo'nlniii. AnMOor- 
rtiti'A, Defl^lly »ppiie<l xn tlinl form of the 
dbotiM In wliicli Uiu patimi hn Jiuver 

Emtir'Klntll^. In A>''tny, tioldu'd 
In « ^eiriiliar manner at il>o a[ici. In ^- 
ffh^y. liKi'iii)} ill* innr^iit liri>k<^n hv an 
otituM not<~li oo tlio M^iii^nl ftf a clrolo; 
AIk) in JlinrraUffg, having nJl ilie rii])(i» 
of thv {irimitiVA forui* tninralcd, uacb bj* 
on* frtw. 

Kmai«'4'nl«le. Emmnta'tHM, A 
mnl* i!cj>rivisl of tttc p-nnrHtire itowor 

I-^mnHcnln 'll«n. Sm^^fuJa'tia ; 

fivin tf™.i*"ri/.fri', til tVliJur il(l|"'lvut. Tin." 

aK or (h-M rcivinii or rvinoviiiu lliw nul« 
fcflvruUTu opirun*. ur U-h-Iva. 

Embalni'liiKi Hip t>rc»(-rt^ali<Hi i>f 
th« di-ail toxli. ^j nn|tTvi{na(Jns It villi 
aiitwlanciM rjijiutilp of iirirvrniingi i( frtiiti 
twKtnuIuit puuid, nii'l tliuf picicrviiif; it, 
Amiinic tliv KK.i|<tbiu It ira* umnlli iJiiiii' 
l;.«*tiu«tiog«i«r3' jwrt with ««)ibatliim. 

EmlMini'Mn. From tu^mu^ I irs- 
cnciHc ill. .\ mi--lii:a] comiliitt^nt ut tiiiiK4 
In uIiIi'Il ilif f.tdil UdijitntL 

EiubAflCMenl. A FrMKli woril, 
■ppliul b; IKiDUft i» tbnt liyi>'.iilii>>l'< uF 
ReiutrHthia wliicb i)unH'Ii.'r» llie vnibr.tus 
ofsitccemiTe |>«riMb for hundred* ol yeara 
MS iM-ased iritbin ddc aiurtbur, neb pirn- 
MtvMt of a ooinpkte Miiea of organized 

Eoi'bole. R6ilDcui|ra dialooation. 

Knibo'lbi. Ki, in, and Sd>.Xv, lo 
throw. Olmlrnctioa of ud artery or vcia 
from cotijulAtcd blood. 

KmlwIUH. A wedge or Mopper. 
Ajiplled to a |iluec uf i-uim:!!!)!!!!, rununl ta 
large rcMtla to ocrlaiu murbid oondiuoas, 
and aftcrwarda fon-ed Ibio a KDatl uhetj 
*o aa t» obxtruct Uui drralation. 

EnabvoVolnt' -^ Frtndi word mk- 
nifjiiiE ill iiood <'<>ndllirin vr in full fliMh. 

KiHbriKa'llAii. Umbrnr^'lio; from 
tfijiyity, 1 ■jiriiildo. A fluid a)>p1i«atk<o, 
e«pi»;iall> a liaiincnt, lu 1m rubWil ou anj 
P«rl of tlje IiikIt. 

Kmbroi-he. Einbrooation. 

£ia'liryo. Em'kryon; trom t^fipr 
I grow. The fofliw in ntcrtj during il 
earijr ttugsa of i(e dovploptnoiiU AIm Ihft 
germ of n tooth or i>f a plant. 

EmbryoK'mpliy. Kmhry'tyraph'- 
ui ; fr.:.iit r,,;if^'ay. t Uo ^anhrJ on. and rjmfv, 
a di;w-ri;ition. An aiiutoiniral (InorifitioD 
of Ibe emhrro. 

Embryol'oKy. JEln/iryabjr'M,- from 
i/iflflimr, and >ji;«(. ai) acL-iinnU A dsxcnp- 
tion of. or tr«ati<e on th« embryo. 

KmliryallilAA'fM. XuJtrj/otAhy- 
I'l ; fri'm t ji if/rr.-r, ilif I'liibryo, and a/mv, 
to croalL In OUtttriet. mi iiiitrumf-iit I'nr 
cmihing tbc (Icud f>vtii<i (» facilitate iu 
rcmorol in difficult parxurititia. 

Kmbrysl'omy. KHAtyoUnu'ia ; 

froin rfi.}(tvai. ihd i-mhryo, and rryivo-, to 
CuL Id Ot»ttlrie Suryny, the dlMDHS- 
boring of i1m> r<i»liiit in ulvni in tirdif to ita 

reni'vvnl , 

Knibrjiirrln. From 'tiflfi*^> wl 
OjiJ, to (Ir^iw. Till) maoval of Ibadend 
fuitui with a bhmt luwilc. 

Ktnbryul'rUK. From rnA'^n-, and 
i>Hf, to draw. Tlte blimt liouk forecpa 
fnr Um) tuttranlioD of tha fwtua from tb* 

Eoi'ery. .^ varici^afconnduuicliar- 
acterizod by eitrciiib barda*«a. Tho |io«r- 




d«r ia iMod tor cutting ami folisb'xr giUsa 
itiiil Id lilt' t-itTn|NM<tii)n »r whcoU far Ktlnd- 
in^! iwrci'lnin U-elh. 

Bm'dry Wheels, Whixl* varyiof; in 
iliirkncM fruiii nu i-igiitli to ihrt^-qooncrs 
of nn inch, anil in dlnmM^r from one to 
n'lM <>r icn in<'h««, iy>in|WMwd of aMIm 
bhJ I'limr.T. Tlipr mo eiiiploved In ilio 
iiifchfuiii'ut liiliornlorv of the iJeiilivL for 
(rrini!iii;j porcJniti iir niinora! U-^tli. Wlitn 
well miidi' thej- arc prefomMc lo any uib^r 
i;riii<li'i|!:ulm'), <<XL-ept Ibe coruQilum, uaed 
['or Thi» jiiirjiow. 

dn'«Miii. Emc'tio, Tbeaclof rondt- 

EnieliUrfipk''la, Atrophy iiid«e«d 
Ijj voniitiiur. 

Emnl'lc. Entrt'itvm: from riinj, t 
vomit. A sultslonco oa|>n)>)« of oxt'lllti^ 

Bmetla Tartar. TanarUetUnllinoRr. 

Emetia Weed. La1i«Us Indatn. 

Kiu'elint*. Emeti'tM. A vcgctnbk 
alViiIi >1lwor#re<] l-y Pelletl*r In Iim^ju-u- 
unlin, E<i u'liiirli it itw* \i* t-iiiv(i<i |H>u'vr. 

T:in'elo-<'a(li«r'H<-. Kme'UMlh- 
ttr'tia: A Hiidiilin- w liicli e»-ltc!i vuiiili- 
intt nnil ]iur^ii)t nt t)>i- mhiio tlino. 

Ij|ii'lncac4>. Emi'ifn'titf. A proji-c- 
liim i>r |rri>rirlH'mi)er on ttie -tUTfiii-c «( m 

l-:inln4>tt'tiii .(iiniiln'rU. TIm 

pi'liK (arulii 

Knilnpn'llipCnndldaii'Ira. Tfae 

rAfjiftrii iilhii'iintift of tile b.-iiliL 

KminontiioLontioula'roe. Tliecor- 
IioDi sTiInu, 

Emlnentise UagntB 06r«b'ri. TLi> 
tlinliuiil t>i>ttcoruin. 

EmlnentlaB Quadrlffem'liUB. The 
tiiNcrrntit (juiulrtifiMnUM. 

EniixMa'rlfl. Fi>oin emilttre^ tosvnd 
iir l<-l iiiil. A itTiii n[i|ili«al in Awtlrnnn lo 
eX'T.iin-v iliii'N. 

Bmiaaarla Ditrce Mat'rls. Tli« |iro- 
cvwoi of (Iiirn m.ili.'T wliirli iu^'»mpan,v 
tLe ivrehral nervi^g ilirongh ih* cruninl 

EmlaBOtia Sant^ori'ol. The minute 
T«1n« whi«b Mntrnonkalc villi tJio sinuses 
of thv dura nutvr IhrouKli the fvniiainu 
of tlie iiraalum, and muy. somctitnt*. coa- 
T«f 10 th« oxtcrtof l}i« bluiid (^In-nlfttlng 


EmIn'Hion. Emit'tio; frora mnitttn, 
to M-iid uui, ilrlvo oqt. Tlio net bjr wliioli 

matter of uy Iciod i« thnim tntt ' 

EmlMMo'rluH. RmiMOrr: tiMlvli 
iN>ni«y4 nnr tliiid oai of lli« 1wd}^. 

rrwtn f/i/i^iTii. tliv incnM'S, nnd ajv, I dr 
or «xp«l. H«diciDM which praawl*j 
favor the diMchorp) <>f iW nienses. 

Knitiic'iiln. The meiitm. 

l:lnitii4'iioloff'lH. KnMaffvtv)nM,;li* 
uMiMcs. unil ^7ii(, ■diaoonrac. A imdM 
on mens t ma III in. 

KniortiftifN. Fmatlim'titt ; from 
emfUtrr, tu aodcD or ivlox. t^nluUnm 
whirl) loftvii or n^lai inllaiiH'd puU, M 
hliuid oiln, foinpnl«tit>R«, c«la|>lKi«M^ tee. 

Knio'llon. Etno'tur. AflVrlios U 
thv inifiil. T'l'itrium. 

Kinpulh«>'ina. r.ii*a»^; trnm n- 
#fiue, yauio^ aff^etio, ITapovonuibl* pv- 


Kin[M>l'rlfl. Empiriff'.m; mMioM 
run 11-1 <.-4l cxH a.-ivcl 1 ti]v>ii tibMrvnitao,'phl>-iilii. From n, in, iuid«SMv. 
a v«>><irnlftr tumor or onijition. Vfic^ts 
i-n)Tition, withuillKlinrgvof nu vndfiakt, 
as in aphthi, trit»iprUiM. fitrap/iiv**, ' 

Emplirttc'licitH. A'n>/>Anir'rK; < 

ifi^f>aTrut 1 cliWO, 1 "(■fcltUOt. A 

nlilrli I'loHfl (he pore* of the skin «1 
«p|))k>il )■> i[. 

BaipliruK'iun. Thitt «rhi<Ji oV 

Bmplirasma LaohnrnWIe. FtetU 

Smphrasina Saliva'r*. Rajiala. 

Kniphnax'lH. Ohstractluo nt tny 
parity i)r fiiniil. 

Kiuphj-'nta. A tDmor, nr ibotW 
grow til. 

Knipbj-tw'ma, Fiv*m >/»««»» I ) 
flat«. All i.'tu.«liv-, cropitani sv • 
by the intrikdiirtton of air«ni 
Built irilt' llii' ri'lliiliir liXtti'c. 

Emphyaema Abdom'biis. 6m Tc 

EmphysamaoftheLungm. la 
tioj) of the iu1«rc«Uiiliir tcaltn nt 
lonic^ wilh air. 

Emphysema Peo'toria. Sm Pw 


Kmplr'lr. £Wi/>M'«ua;iyiiitiM 
expericuci.-. Formerly ^tplUdlst 
b t)i« pmriira of phyflit^ hlloi 
ricncD nifino, Imt, at ]in^»vnt. In 
deviate* fnim lh« tuiirw pRmod hj i 



ur praoUtioncn, and rend* novlnuiu^ Tlic 
t«fui U lued lu neurlj the Banu) mum iu 
Cbitt of cbariittnn. or iiiiwtk. 
Kmplr'lriHni. Tbe pnutioo of vm- 

Empl«M>'lli*IUI. An etu|ilirA«Iio. 

Emptas'lrani. l-'rum ttirtjurfu, I 
■prvAil upiin. A plititU'r. A uiliil ^lalin- 
OQS OAmibAiinil which, At tli4 ordiniuT' uat- 
peniturv uf the txxlv, itdhi:T«9|o tb«part 
an wliiili i; U piHL-oi). 

Emplaatrum AcUue'BlTam. Km- 
fliutntm re*iiuB. RvainplikiUtr: mlliwivt 

Bmplastruni Adiue'aivam An'- 
gUcum. Court ptiu>l«r. 

Emplastnun Ammonl'aoL U.S. 
An AniRionuic plaftor 

Btaploata'utii Ammoiiiaci ouni Hy- 
drar'syro. I^DnJ. A |>liu4«ir o(iiii|mm«4] 
of ftinmuiiiAT. mcri^iirj, olivo nil, nml «iil< 

Emplaatnim Axomafioum. Dub. 

BmplMrtrum Aaaftet'ldee. V. S. 
Ai»f>^(n«jn antikjfiUr'icum. \a »&• 
fistUit plaster. 

Braidavtruia Bellwlon'oae. 
A ptajil«r of WIlAdonni. 

Smplafftrum OaleIlft'ol«aa 

Smplastnizn C&nthar'kUa. 
A pUMW of HpinUti Aivf- 

Kaplasbrom OsnUiaxlcUe Com- 
poe'itum. Ed. 
Si>nn'Hh Hieo. 

Bmplaotnim C«'reo, 

Smplastnun Olou'ta. A Fr«Dch 
prvpAHttion of (ntch plwtN', with bc«ilo«k 

StnpUuatnun Ciiml'nl. Load. Cu- 
min t'''^'"""' 

Etmplaau-um Dlaoh'ylon. £mpUu- 
(pwm filunnAi. l.ithartti' jiliutor. 

BuiplaAtnim IDplspas'ticuni. Kiit- 
pLulrum (•iMluiritlU, DlUtcrine I'butvr. 

Emplaatrum Fer'rt. U. S., >Jl. Iron 
plw>t«r Slivngthpnine plntter, 

Bmplsatrum Oal'b&nl. DaU, Oal- 
beaam plaM«r. 

Bmplaatmin OaJbani Oompoe'- 
Itum- V. S, CotDpouDd ptulcr of gsl- 

BtBplaatrum Oummo'mim. Ed. 
Oam pluier. 

U. 8. 


CoupMrnd pItMUr of 
Lond. A wu 

Amplas'trum Kjrdrarflrrrl. CT. 9., 
Lond., YA. Kferonriul planter. 

Ehnplastnua Hydrargyrl Oom- 
poe'ttum. I'h,, I)»t>. A morratul p)a»- 
loi'. witlx f*«in, 

BmplMtTum Lithtu-'gyri- Emiflu- 
trvm jilnM&i. litUar^o pliiiler. 

BmplBstruni Norlii)b«nimi'««. \n 
oinlinent of r«d l<-wl. wax, oil, itnd cAinpliur.J 

Bmplastruia OpU. I', ti. An viriiii 

Bmplastruna Pl'ol& Lond., Ed, Em- 
fUutnttn yieit eompM'ilttm. ConipoiiDd 
[liich plasler. 

Bmplaatrum Plot* oum OsnUi&r'- 
ide^ I'Isaier of pitch, with ^pitn'mb HiiM. 

Bmplastjum Flumb'l. L'. a., I^nd. 

I»>*>I plAJlLor. 

Bmplnstxum Plambl Oarbona'tia 

Pl!i»tpr "f iiirlmllillB lit U:iu\. 

EmplBstrum Rtnl'nn. V. 8., Lond. 
Rcoia pUst«r. 

Bmplactrum Bepo'nia. IT. S. Soap 

Bmplastrum Saponls Oompoe'l- 
txun. Adliesiro plaM«r. 

Bmplaatnun SlxD'pIex. Ed. iAnjglw- 
trvm «™. W«s plaMvr. 

BmplaMrum Tbu'iia Compoe'U 
turn. Cumpoiiad fmrikiiicoUHi pliuti^r. 

Bmplaatrum Veelo&to'iiuin. Sm- 
I^iutrum r.rntfuiriitu. I^ji*l«r of A|iittii*li 

Kmpo'rliiin. A lUArl. Tbo b»tft 
wu formcrlv m> called 1ii-4«iiw all lL« uf- 
foin of the mind are tmosniai'd tliaru. 

Emprea'auk Froni '/•»^v<t'*s I baint 
wlttuD. VlKcnd iaflnauiuLiuu : intloin* 
inuiiiiu uf nn V of tha vi»ocfa. 

EniprfHrflKit'oiMii. from r^ir/Kto- 
dn; TdrHrard. and rin-w. t aireti-ti, I extend. 
A fona of toUnua, ia wUlnb tb« bndj ia