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By J. T. THOMPSON, of Delhi. 




A. D. 1838. 

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&c. &c. &e. 






i6A Dteemher, 1887. 

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« ch d e ee g 

«U choose <toft dental) ^t thee gone 

n o oo QQ ^ r 

hoH SO too good our (hanh palatick) 

eh i k 

(Northumbrian r) in (deep liquid lingual) 

t w V y y 

(soft dental) but write you my pleasure 



Aby c^T s* m. Water ; splendour, lustre, ele- 
ganoe, dignity, honour, character; lustre or water 
(in gems); tesiper (of steel, &c.) ; edge or abafp- 
ness (of a sword) ; mode, manner. 

A^ba, OT s. plur. Fathers. Aba'0'UJ4a4^ An- 

A-bad, ^OT adj. Cultivated, inhabited, foil 
of buildings and inhabitants, populous, pleasant, 
prosperous, happy, good, well; (in compos.) a 
city, a deli^tfhl dwelling place, an abode ; well 
done ! Abad hima, v, a. To build, to cultivate, 
to make a place habitable. 

A-ba-d4-nee,v^K3'jT ( s.f. A habitation, a 

A-b4-dee, ^^b\ S cultivated, populous, 
pleasant place ; population, cultivation, prosperity, 

A-b4-e6, ^^,\ adj\ Belonging to, or descend^ 
ing from one's ancestors^ paternal. 

A-bb, jliT «• The eighth Persian month, 
when the sun enters Scorpio. 

A-bar, jU'\ s. Burnt lead. 

Ab-b4-zee, v^j'j V^ *• / Play or sport in 
water; swimming. 

Ab-ch6-«hee, ^^^t^ls.f. The giving drink 
to a child for the first time (generally when about 
six months old) preparatory to weaning. 

Ab-dan, ^;;]^} s. m. The lu-ine-bladder. 

Ab-d£-nuh, <*i|j^T s, m. Drink and food. 

Ab-ddr, ifvi»T 0. m. The person entrusted 
with the charge of water for drinking: any thing 
full of water or splendour, as fruits, jewels, pearls, 
swords, adj. Polished, clear, of a good water (as 
gems); well tempered (as stfel); sharp (as a 
sword). Ab4ar h^awh, s, m. The place where the 
Abdar keeps the water for drinking. 

Ab-d4-ree, ^)^^ s. f. The brilliancy (of 
gems), temper or polish (of steel), sharpness (of 
a sword). 

Ab-d6st, cs-^JjT b. m. Water for washing 
the hands; washing the hands; a master-like work- 
man who imparts lustre to what he executes; a 
guiltlee8./%(A^^. adj. Having pure hands. 

A-bee, ^^ I adj. Aquatick, of or belonging 
to water, watery, moist. 

Ab-gee-nuh, a;/<^T s. m. Glass, a mirror, 

a looking glass, a drinking glass; wine; a diamond. 
Ab-g6er, ;/vT ^* »»• A receptacle of water, 

a lake. ^ 

Ab-gQO-zAr, ji^i^J s. m. A water-passer, an 

expeditious messenger, a courier, a passage of a 

river, a ford. 

A-bha, m ^TT^ «./ Splendour, beauty. 

A-bhoo-khun, j^^J ^T^isnir s. m. Jewels, 

A-bhur-un, jj4»T ^>rcnr «. m. Jewels, orna- 
ments, decoration. 
Abi-ba-ran, c^ljlt^^T 8. m. Rain-water, rain. 
Abi-biista, aXw^^T s. m. Glass. ^^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


C 2 ] 

a ch d e ee g g^ i 

all choose (soft dental) get thee gone (Northumbrian r) in 


(deep liquid lingual) 



Abi-chushm, {kS^^c-^T s. m. Water of the 

eyes; tears. 
A-bid, *>itjB 8. «w. An adorer, a votary, a de- 
Abi-dee-duh, *J>jfk3c->! 8. m. Tears. Abtfee- 

4uhf ad;', la tears, weeping^. 
Abi-dii-hun, JXt^^J] s. m. Water of the 

mouth; spittle. 
Abi-dun-dan, jIi>Jk3^>>T s, m, Shai'pness and 

polish of the teeth. Ab duruf^n, s, m. Watering 

of the month; weakness, trouble, crime, or fault; 

a kind of pear, |^ kind of pomegranate, a kind of 

of sweetmeat. ^ad;\ Bad, weak, subjected, silly, 

base, in vain, useless. 
Abi-gosht, v.u^^yc->| 8. m. Gravy, broth, 

water in which meat has been boiled down, (it 

is used in dressing /7(2^<!io«). 
Abi-g6rm, (»/s-^l s. m. Warm water. 
Abi-hiir-^m, J^fr-u-*] s, m. Wine; the tears 

of a person who weeps hypocritically and sorrou- 

Abi-hiis-nit, cjj«*^vI *• ^'^ Water of de- 
sire; wish, appetite, longing. 
Abi-hy-^t, cjt>&^t-jT s.7n. Water of life; the 

fountain of life. 
Abi-hy-wan, j\y*^*^l s. tn. Water of life ; 

name of the fabulous fountain of immortality. 
Abi-jji-ree, ^^^lJ] s. nu Running water ; a 

stream, a rivulet, tears flowing. 
Abi-kdg-sur, ji/s^T s. m. The water of the 

river Kousur, fabled to flow in paradise with milk 

or nectar. 
A-bi-luh, A{\ s, m. A blister. Abilu pa^ adj. 

Having blisters on the feet. Abilu peiee, s.f. The 

having blisters on the feet. Abiluifurunff, s, m.The 

French disease, a bubo. 
Abi-n&k-ruh, 5J;ft'c->T s. m. Quicksilver, sil 

ver reduced by any menstruum to a liquid state. 
A-bir, part, act Passing, subs. A pas- 
senger, a traveller. 
Abi-ru-wan, j!^jU-*T s. m. Running water; a 

fountain, the sky, a sort of extremely fine muslin. 
Abi-8h6r, j^ c-j I s.m. Brackish water, salt 

or sea water. 
A-bis-tun, ^^ I adj. Pregnant, with young. 
A-bis-tuh, <CL^T adj. Pregnant, with young 

(a woman or animal); new-bom (a child). 
A-bis-tu-gee, ,^^^^1 s.f. Pregnancy. 
Abi-sCird, •^j^Cy-^T 8. m. Cold water. 
Abi-iish-rut, (Jl>j.i^c->|5. w. Wine, sherbet, 

semen genitalc. 

Abi-yukh-nee, ^^^;^.u-* I s. m. Water in which 
meat has been boiled down, gravy. 

Abi-zQO-ldl, j7ju-*T*. fn. Pure, limpid, whole- 
some water. 

Abi-z6r,j!ju-*T 8. m. Water gold. 

Ab-j6, ^S-»T ^*j/; A stream, rivulet. -4^'- 
Ab-j6-e,i^^?-c--?T > j<fe,the water of a rivulet 
Ab-j6sh, \J*fi'^\ 8. m. Gravy, soup. 

Ab-k^r, ^} 8. m. A water carrier, a sprin- 
kler, a distiller (especially of spirituous liquors), 
a wine merchant, or seller of spirituous liquors, a 
drinker of wine. 

Ab-k^-ree, ^)i^'\ 8.f. The business of a wa- 
ter carrier, &c. the business of a distiller, a duty 
levied on distilleries. 

Ab-^d-nuh, a}U.c-?T 8. m. A repository of 

Ab-khe2, j::sllJ\ 8. tn. A soil in which water 
rises up if dug into but little; a swell of water. 

Ab-kh6or, ^^^u-*^ )*• ^* Drinking and 

Ab-kh6ord,«3i^<i.t-*| J eating; victuals, for- 
tune, destiny. 

Ab-Ui6oruh,^i^j6.u-*T s.m. A narrow-mouth- 
ed vessel for drinking out of, a cup for drinking 

Ab-|A6ost, Ls.^M*^t-j| 8. m. Dry land in the 
midst of the waters, an island. 

Ab-k^sh, cA^vT 8. tn. A drawer of water. 

Ab-n6os,(^yi-j|5. m. Khony.AbndoseefadJ. 
made of ebony. 

Ab-nyj lt' S-*^ *• "^^ perpendicular tube of a 
h^kka on which the chiltim is fixed. 

A'bo-hu-wa, \ft^i^'\ 8.f. Water and air; 

Ab-pd-shee, ^^^'\8.f. Sprinkling water. 

Ab-py-kur-dn, jljiot-j| s. The stars. 

r?Ob-roo, ^y.T 8.f. Honour, character, renown, 
elegance; name of a poet. Abroo QQfdrna, To dis- 
honour, to disgrace. Abroo burbouf, ijtenee, v. a. 
To lose one*s own character, to destroy that of 
another. Abroo pur girih mdmee^ v. a. To frown. 
Abroo (fenee^ v, a. To impart honour or reputa- 
tion to any one, or to lose or surrender one's own. 
Abroo hurnee, v. a. To treat with respect. Abroo 
lenee, v. a. To take away character or reputation. 

Ab-sdl, J^T 8. tn. A vineyard, a garden. 

Ab-sh^r, ;UjT 8. f. A waterfall, cascade, 

Ab-shi-n?is, ^^Uiv-^T 8. m. Tlie sailor who 
heaves the lead in sounding. 

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t 3 ] 













(harsh palatick) 

(soft dental) 












I s. m. Water cooled with 


■ salt-petre. 

Ab-tdb, V^' v1^ *•/ Splendour. 

Ab-yi-ree, v/j^lT «•/ Irrigation, watering. 

A-ch^r, ;lft-T ^T^T s. m. Established rule 
of conduct, custom, practice, institute, religious 
observance; pickles. Achdree, a(fy\ Practising. 

A^jb^-yu, hJ^I ^^4 8. m. A spiritual 
preceptor, or a teacher in matters of religion. 

Ach-chh^^un, jt^^^^T ^|v^i<^*i5. m. Cloth, 
garments, a covering.* 

Ach-mun, j^l ^^^TT s, m. Sipping water 
before religious ceremonies, meals, &c. from the 
pafan of the hand and spitting it out again. 

A^ur-un, j^xJ\ <t<i^<m s. m. Usage, com- 
mon practice, conduct. 

AAla, 1.^1 ifx^ «• m. Ginger in the undried 

A-ddb, u.*!*>| 8.m. Ceremonies, devoirs, eti- 
quette, politeness, forms of address in writing and 
q>eaking, salutation, respects. 

A^ee, ^Ic peart, act. Passing; superseding; 
transgressing, adj. Unjust, wicked, {mbs.) An 
enemy, acff. Accustomed, addicted. 

A-des, ^^:i\ ^^ $.m./.An order, com- 
mand; a salutation of Joffees. 

A^ha, bjj ^XT adj\ Half. In be- 
comes a4h, uifht or ud, as tt4h'm6oa, or utf-mSoa, 

A-dh^n, j^S] ^nVFT 8, m. A ceremony prac- 
twod as conducive to conception; conception. 

A-dhiCr, JSbS] irrVTT 8. m. Food, aliment, 
victuals, nourishment; comprehension; a dike or 
canal; a patron, supporter, one on whom depen- 
dance is placed for assistance. 

Ady-ree, ^y^S\ ^vr^d (in compos.) An 
eater; as, Poodh-adhdree, one who lives on milk. 

^^> "^l ^rf^ cuij. First, prior, pre-eminent; 
(in compos.) other, et cetera, s. Beginning, ori- 

A^ik, \J^] 4ilf^* adj. Relating to the be- 
ginning; and the rest, etcetera. 

•^•^iJj J*^*^ ajdj> Just. s. A just person. 

AAjie, cj^T ^rrf^ adv. From the begin- 
ning; et cetera, and the like. 

A-dit-yu, *J J I ^if^ 8. m. A descendant of 
Aiiii; a deity in general, the sun. 

A^t-yu-wdr, )^»^'i\ ^H^r^i^K 8.m. Sunday. 

Af mee, ^.^j 8. m. f. A descendant of 
Adam, a human being (man or woman), an indivi- 
dual, pe<^le. 


Ad-m6e-yut, <^£^^*^k3T g.f. Humanity, civility. 
Admeeyut pukurncey To become civilized. Ad- 
meeyul sikhldnee, or Aifmeeyutmenldnay To civi- 
lize. Aijimeeyui kumee. To behave with humanity. 

A-dog, ^S] ^rT%T adv. At first, in the begin- 

A^ra, \ji^l^njJ 8.f. The name of the sixth 
lunar mansion (probably « Ononis); the begin- 
ning of the rainy season. 

A^dum, ^S\ n,prop. Adam, the firstman; man. 

A-dum-g6r-ee, vjf/f'^T .1*' •^ Humanity, 
Ad-mee-g6r-ee,^_^/v^^l J benevolencci 

A-dum-Uior, ;;^(»«^f adj. Man-eater, man- 

A-dum-zdd, .3|jj»^T s. m. f. Man, mankind. 

A-dur, j«3T ^^T 8. m. Respect, reverence, 
act of treating with attention and deference, po- 
liteness. A4urm&n, s, m. Respect and honour. 

A^ut, cLj^Ic 8. y. Habit, custom, usage. 
A4ut Mma, To adopt a habit, introduce a cus- 
tom, accustom. A4utee, s. m. (met.) A catamite. 

A-^en, j*j\ s.m. Regulation, institute, rule, 
common law, (the laws delivered by Muhuromud 
being called Shuru, and those established by 
princes Aten,) custom, manner. 

A-ee-nuh, ifXj} $. m. A mirror,a looking glass; 
the knee-pan. Aem busta, or A eenu buntf. Adorn- 
ed with mirrors. Aeenu buwjiee, 8,f. Ornament- 
ing with mirrors. Aeenu^r, The maid who holds 
the mirror. Aeenu-roo, Having a fece bright as a 
mirror. Aeenu-sdz, A mirror-maker. Aeenu-sdzee, 
Mirror-making. Aeenu-muhul, (a glazed house,) 
an apartment the walls of which are covered with 

A-fdk, J til s.plur. Horizons, quarters of the 
heaven or of the earth, regions. 

A-fat, C-^U] s. plur. Calamities, misfortunes, 
evils, dangers. 

A^fi-yut, ui^lc 8. f. Health, safety. 

Af-r6e-duh, ^^„^\part. pa88. Created, crea- 

Af-reen, ^.ji? 8. f. Praise, interj. Bravo ! 
well done I part, (in compos.) Creating, Creator; 
as, Juhan-afriei^, Creator of the worid. 

Af-ree-nin-duh, »Ja;ij ^ij part. Creator. 

Af-r^e-nish, cA^j^T 8.f. Creation. 

Af-tab, v^^ «•«»• The sun,sun8hine. Afiab- 
purust, A worshipper of the sun. Afiab-p^rusfee, 
s.f. Worship of the sun. Aftab-gfer, A parasol, 
an umbrella. 

Af-td-bee, i^li>T 8.f. A parasol of^pJirticu* 
2 " Digitized by VjOOQIC 


[ 4 ] 


a ch d e ee g 

all choose (softdeDtal) get thee gone 

(Northmnbriaa r) in (deep liquid lingual) loch 


m. An ewer. 

lar form; a target studded with gold. a^\ Faded 

by the sun; yellow 
Af-td-buh, ifi^Sl 
Af-W-wa, t^liil 

A-fiit, L::^iT ^./Calamity, misfortune, wretch- 
edness. Afut-rusSeduh, Unfortunate, wretched. 

Ag, lS1^i{ s./. Fire. Jg oothdna, v. a. To 
raise disturbance, enrage, provoke. Ag b^h&na, 
V. a. To extinguish fire; appease a tumult, pacify 
a quarrel, still resentment. Ag bdrusna, v. n. To 
rain fire (applied to the extreme heat of the sun, 
or to a hot fire of cannon or musketry in battle). 
Ag buma, v, n. To be enraged; to be very hun- 
gry. Ag bhukna or Agphdnkna, v. a. To speak idle 
words, to boast. Ag pitrna, v, n. To be enraged; 
as, meree b/rfon se 4Qspur ag purtee hy^ he is en- 
raged at my words; also, the same as, agburusna. 
Ag 4^na, v, a. To bum a hindoo corpse. Ag sQ^" 
gdna, v. a. To inflame; excite sedition, foment a 
quarrel clandestinely. Ag kuma, v. a. To make 
any thing exceedingly warm; to excite envy or 
anger: (used among women). Ag lugdna, v. a. 
To set on fire, inflame; enrage, cause disturbance. 
Ag lugdke pdnee le 4^rna, To pretend to appease 
a qimrrel which one has purposely excited, to play 
tricks, to deceive. Ag lugna, v. n. To be enrag- 
ed, to be very hungry. Ag luge pur billee ha moot 
dhooncOina ya mdngna. To put oflT, to delay or 
excuse one*s self on vain pretences. Ag line ko 
ana, To come to get fire (is spoken of a fnend 
who goes to visit another and leaves him quickly) . 
Ag men pdnee ddlna, same as, ag bQ^hdna. Ag 
meii kisee hee julna ya Idtna, or, gbyr kee ag meiri 
jdlna, To bring reproach upon, accuse, suffer for 
another. Ag mer^ ISfna, To be affected with grief 
or melancholy. Ag hdna. To be enraged. 

A'ga, pi 'irnTT 8. m. The front, the forepart; 
the space in front of a house, the forepart of a tur- 
band. Agapeechha kuma, v. n. To hesitate, waver. 

A-gdh, ^i^T oc^'. Informed of, acquainted with, 
intelligent, vigilant, conscious, aware. 

Agd-hee, J^^lsf. Inform*5tion,intelligence, 
knowledge, vigilance. 

A-ge, ,^ 'JTRt adv. Before, in front, beyond, 
more, ago, already, formerly, forwards, fiuther, 
onwards; then, hence, rather, sooner. Age 4hur 
Una, To get before, outstrip, surpass, pass (m a 
horse in a race) . Age dna, v. it. To come forward ; 
hasten, aocelerate. 

A-g6en, ^] (used in compois.) O/dj. Pull. 

A'g^a, IdT s. m. Lord, chief, master. 

A-gfe^ jldT «. m. Beginning,comn)^ncement. 

A-^osh, \J»yii\ s.f. fknbrace, bosom. 
A-|^fish-tuh, iCXt\ part. Moistened, mace- 
rated, mixed, polluted. 

A^-muna, U^f ^rrmnrT #. m. The advanced 
guard, cutj. Adventurous, venturesome, forward 
(as fruit). 

A-goo, ^\ m^ adj. Forward, adv. Before 

A-gum, ^\ ^TPPFT 8. m. Futurity. A Shd8{ru 
or work on sacred science and of divine origin. 
Agum bdwjthna, To determine the future. Agum 
bi4ifiya, $,f. The art or science of foretelling or 
divining. Agum bukta, A foreteller, predictor; 
Siv, one who tells the doctrines of agttm. Agum 
jdnee or agum giydnee. Knowing the future; a 

A-gum un, j^J ^\*\M^ 8. m. Coming, arriv- 
ing, arrival. 

A'g-wa, \/] ^m^\ 8. m. A pommel. 

Ah, i^U./ A sigh. irUerj. alas ! Ah bhima^ To 

sigh. Ahijigursdz, A heart-burning sigh. 
A^he, ^I interj. 0! holla! 
A-his-te, ,^^:U3b|ladie;. Gently, slowly, soft- 
A-his-tuh, *i*MJbT ) ly, tenderly. Ahistuh- 

niu, slow-paced. 
A-his-tu-gee, , j . ^ S^ l b| s.f. Slowness, delay, 

gentleness, softness. 
Ah-la,2^^J m'^Wl 8. Inundation,deluge,flood, 

A-hoo, ^\ 8, m. A deer; vice, defect, fault. 

Ahoo^tiruh, A fiftwn. Ahoo^geeree, The catching 

of deer. 
A^hOS-ti,^:.^! ^^TT 8,/. A bumt-oflfering. 
A-huk, u^T s. m. Quick lime, cement, plaster. 
A-hun, ^1 8. m. Iron. 
A'hun-ee, ,,^^^1 1 arf;. Of iron, iron, made 
A-hun-een^j*^ I / of iron. A/iunee-pur^ulh 

Iron-handed, strong, powerful. 

A-hung, cMfcl 8, m. Design, purpose, inten- 
tion; application; an arch; ashore; method, dian^ 
ner; quality of men or animals; drawing; sound, 
melody; one of the Persian tunes or modulations 
in musick. 

Ahun-g<ir, ^f^] s. m. A worker in iron, a 

ATiun-r^-ba, ^.j^j^\ 8. m. A loadstone. 

Ahur-j^hur, j^Ujfcl ^rr^^ ^rr^ «./ Com- 
ing and going. 
A-hut, i^:-^? iTJTH' 8. m. Sound, noise. 
A-id, i>/.lc part. act. Turning towards, hap- 

Digitized by ^_-^^ ^...^ 


[ 6 ] 












(harsh palatick) 

it ^ w y y zh 

(soft dental) but write you my pleasure 

pening* referrii^ to, coming back , reyerting, being 
restored (as, money lent, &c.) returning. 

A], ^1 ^"srcwfo. To-day, Aj-kul^ Now-a-days, 
to-day or to-morrow. AJ^kul kurna or butana. To 

A^'a, If-I ^rn^n 8. nL A paternal grand-father. 

A-j^na, OU] ^"Pstrt v. n. To come sudden- 

If, befidl, happen, come. 
* A-jee-yi-ka, l(^T ^TPafVf^nia «. ^Livelihood, 
nbostence, profenion. 

A-jil, Jf^lc part acL Hastening, fleeting, 
oifp. Transitory, agUe. 

A-jiz, j^le a^. Impotent, weak, humble, ex- 
han^ed, dejected, hopeless. 

A-ji-zee, ^j>^ 8.f. Weakness, dejection, 
humility, hopelessness. 


A-j6?r, yA «. m. A burnt brick. 

Ak^ vJi irrv s. m. Curled flowered gigan- 
tick swallow-wort ( Asclepias gigantea). A sprout 
of sugar-cane; shape, statue, likeness. 

A%a, y| 8, m. Master, ownen 

A-fair, jl^T ^T^T s, m. Hint, sign, appear- 
ance, form, aspect, shape, statue, likeness. 

A-k^h, J^i^^^iT^.m. The fifth element, 
aether; the sky, atmosphere, the heavens, the fir- 
nument, qiaoe. (This element is held by the Hin- 
doos to be more subtle than air, to fill and pervade 
the universe, and to be the peculiar vehicle of 
life and sound). Akash^dnee, s,f. A voice from 
heaven; revelation, an oracle. 

A-kash-britt, cj^'m^I*111^'tI s.f. Subsis- 
tence not derived from any certain funds, or de- 
pending on any particular person ; living from hand 
to mouth. Akash^riitee, atf;\ used substantively, 
one whose subsistence is fortuitous. 

A-kash-d^e-ya, V.*^^!^! ^Hl^j^^^^ii s. m* A 
Uunp which the Hindoos hang aloft on a bamboo 
in the month JKartik, an elevated lantern. 

A-kash-n6em, ^^ «| VlVi^*ft^ s. m. A plant 
growing on the neem trees. (A kind of Epiden- 

A-kash-p6wun, J^^^l ^i«lim4«l s.m, A 
vegetable growing on other trees, air-plant or dod- 
der. (Cnscuta reflexa.) 

Alha, If t ^^T s, m. A riddle, a sieve ; 
a bag filled with grain ; (two such bags being carried 
by a bullock or camel). 

A-khet, Cs-^^ ^rr^'2' s, nu The chase, hunt- 
ing, a pursuing. 

A%^r, ^1 adj. Last, latter. $, m. End, is- 
me. adv. At last, finally. 

A-^^ree, ^;^T odj. Last, final. 
A^^ri-shiib, v.^jjfcT s. The end of the 

night, before dawn. 
A-khir-®1.6mr, j^\f^] adv. At the end, 

finally, at last. 
A^^-rush, ^j^T adv. At the end of it, at 

hist, finally, after all. 
A-^i-rut, (^ij^ s.f. Futurity, afuture state, 

the world to come. 
A^Uioon, j^] \ rj. ^ 

A^khoond, ;^t/*-«»- Tutor, preceptor. 

A-kh6r, j^T «. f. Refuse, offals, filth; a 

A^-tuh, aXjlT adj. A gelding, gelt. 
A-l^i-but, iji^lc 8.f. The end, conclusion, 

futurity; success, adv. Finally, at the end, at 

last, after all. Akibtii'taufesh, Prudent, prescient, 

looking into futurity. 
A-^il, J5lc adj. Wise, sensible. 
A^:k, jU part, act Disobedient, rebellious. 
AVhi,2irl^rnran acff. m. Fleet, swifl; peevish. 

Alc-lee, v^T ^n^r^ #• f. Motion, agitation, 
(especially of a carriage). 

A^kur, jf] nilf»< s» f. Mine, quarry, spring, 
source; multitude; the den of a lion or tiger. 

A-V6r-Vur-ha, U-j5^lc «. m. Pellitory. 

Al, J I ^w^.yiThe name of a tree, from the 
root of which a red colour is extracted for stain- 
ing leather, dying silk, &c. (Morinda citrifolia). 

Al, \}\ **/• Children, family, progeny, off'- 
spring, race, dynasty. 

A-la, yj ^^TT B. m. A small recess in a pillar 
or wall for holding a lamp, &c. at^'. Wet; run- 
ning (as a sore). 

A-U-ish, c^i^T S.f. Pollution,contamination, 

A-Um, ^ s. plur. Pains, griefs. 

A lip, u>yT ^^^ s.f. Prelude to singing, 
$. m. Speaking to, address, conversation. Alapchd- 
ree, s.f. The act of tuning the voice previous to 
singing. Al6pna, v, a. To tune the voice, to run 
over the different notes previous to singing, to 
catch the proper key, to sing, to tune. 

A-ldt, (JL>^T 8. pbir* Instruments, tools,' 

A-lee, lJIc €u[j. High, sublime, eminent, 
grand. AieesMn, <uij. Of high rank, magnificent. 
Alee-Mff Worthy, of high rank. Aiee-murpuba, 
a^\ High in rank or dignity. Alee-muk^m, actj. Of 
high rank. Alee-mHuf^, ^j- Exalted, high in 
dignity. ^-^ j 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


[ « ] 

a ch d e ee g g^ i 

all choose (soft dental) get thee pone (Northnrabrian r) in 


(deep liquid Ungual) 


Alee-r6ng, lS'j^'\ ^eh'^ 0\ s. m. A colour 
extracted from the al tree (Morinda citrifolia.) 

Al-ha, l^!? irnarr n. prop. Name of a Hindoo 
soldier and poet» from whom a species of poetry 
takes its name. 

A-li, JI ^rrfe s.f.A female friend, a damsel. 

A-lim, jK^lc part pres. Learned, knowing. 
Alim-i^gbyb, adj. Prescient, knowing what is 
concealed, or the past and future. 

A-lin-gun, jC^\ VI 0^*4*1 8. m. Embracing, 
the clasping any one in the arms. 

A-loo, y I VTg«. m. An esculent root (Arum 
campanulatum), apotatoe. Rut^dloo,K yam; sJiu^ 
hur-iun^i a sweet potatoe. 

Aloo-bgokMra, Ijl^.^ I «. m. A damascene. 

A-16o-duh, ^>^^] part. pass. Defiled, stained, 
smeared, soiled; immersed, covered. Al6o4ugee^ 
s.f. Contamination, stain, foulness, defilement. 

A-l&nj, g^T s. A wild plum, a sloe. 

Aloo-shdmee, ,^UyT s. m. A damson, a 
Syrian or Damascus plum. 

A-lum, ^^ s. m. The world, the universe, 

' time, regions, state, heauty. Alum-i-bdla, the hea- 
vens, the people of the heavens. Alum-i-sds^fteet 
The earth. Alum-gSej', Conquering the universe. 

A-lumi-y&n, J^\ s. m. People, men, inha- 
bitants of the world. 

A-Mng, cWl s./. Intrenchment, trenches. 

A4us.yee, tsr^] wm^adj. Drowsy, sloth- 

A-lut, Ls^l s.f. K tool, an instrument, ap- 
paratus; membrum virile, veretrum animalium. 

Am, j»| irnr s. m. The mango tree (Mangi- 
fera Indica) ; and mango fruit. 

A-md-duh, ^t^Ul adj. Prepared, ready, alert. 
Amhiugee^ 8*f, Readiness, alertness. 

A-radj, ^tc I s. m. A mark or butt for shoot- 
ing arrows at. Amaj-g&h, A place for shooting 

A-mds,j^U| «. m. Smelling. Amas kuma^To 

Am-b^t, (JL>L«T ^^nn^ s. m. A swelling 
which comes without pain, and goes off* as easily 
without medicine; a windy tumour. 

A'ra-du-nee, ,^«^«I s.f. Import, income, re- 
venue, ways; the season in which any merchan- 
dise generally arriTes; perquisites, any thing gain- 
ed over and above. 

A-meen, ^^^T adv. Amen, so be it 

A-m6z, j^\ part (in compos.) Mixed, mix- 
ing. $. m. Mixture. 

A-m^z-ish, ^^ir^l s.f. Mixture, mixing, in- 
tercourse, temperament. 

A^il, J^Ia s. m. An intendant of the fi- 
nances, collector of the revenues, a ruler, gover- 

A-mir, jo\part. act One who orders, a com- 
mander, a ruler. 

A-mi-ruh, »j*«lc adj. Royal, imperial, abun- 
dant, rich, inhabited. 

Am-Ia, ^1 ^iwr s. m. The emblic myro- 
balan (Phyllanthus emblica). 

Amm, j»lc adj. Common, publick, plebeian; 
the vulgar, the common people. Kk&ss^'Amm, 
High and low, peculiar and popular. 

Am-na-sim-na, U«UU*T 4ti<8iiijnm *. w. 

Amne-s^m-ne, ,^^U,^^| irriNT^ adv. 
Opposite, fece to fece. 

Amo^-tuh, JCc&.^T part pass. Leamisd, 
taught, instructed. 

A-m&rz, J j^] part, act (in compos.) Pardon- 
ing, pardoner. 

A-m^rz-ish, {J»jy*l s.f. Pardon, grace, for- 
giveness of sins (by the Deity). 

A-mQQrz-gdr, jl^y«» s. m. He who pardons; 

an epithet of God. 
A-m6z, J^T part ac^(in compos).Teacfaing, 

Am-r6s, {j**jo} s. m. Inspissated juice of the 

A-mud, t\<l\s.f. Arrival, income, coming. 
Amud-dmud, «X«Tj^T s.f Approach. 
Amud-o-r6ft,*-ii^j^J^Tl «. y^ Coming and 
Amud-o«sh4[}d, (X&^J^ I J going, access and 

egress, intercourse. 
A-mud-uh, ^(Xo] part. pass. Come. 
A-mu-y6; v^l ^[*\<\ s. m. Sickness. 
An, J\ s.f Time, hour, minute. 
An, <u'' T Wl^ adj. Other, different 
An, J\ s.f.X graceful attitude, an affected 

gait; affectation, pnde, dignity, proper spirit. 
An, J\ pron. That. 
A-na, 1 1 ^TRT V. n. To come, to be. An pupui^ 

To happen, s, m. The sixteenth part of a rupee. 
Ana-k^-nee, ^^oO) ^tti^^ Turning a 

deaf ear, overlooking, winking at, purposely ne- 
An-b^n, c)kJf *•/ Spirit, proper pride. 
Anch,^'*l ^rhf s.f. Heat, flame of a fire 

(not of a candle), blaze, jjlare. 

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C 7 ] 


D o oo 0$^ ou r 

bo* »o too good our (harsh palatick) 

t u w y y ?b 

(soft dental) but write you my pleasure 

A'n-chul, J^T ^tN^ 8. m. The end or bor- 
der of a cloth, yeil, shawl, kc; the breast (of a 
woman or lactescent animal). 

A'tt-<^^iu*5 f^^ ^tNt 8. in. ITie end or bor- 
der of a cloth, yeil, shawl, &c. 

And, '^] ^\W s, m. A testicle. 

An-dhee, ^Si\ ^rhft s.f. Storm, tempest. 
An4hee hOna, To engage keenly in a bad action. 

An-doo, ^Si] ^sn'J 8. m. The chain or rope 
with which the feet of elephants are tied up. 

A'n-doo, y^\ ^^ adj. Having large testi- 
cles. AndoO'byl, A bull. 

Ang, l-aTT ^rt^ 8. m. The body. 

An-gun, Jj\ vNt 8. m. A yard, area, court, 

inclosed space adjoining to a house. 
An-jhoo, yfe^] ^tj 8. m. A tear. 
Anj-na^ b^] m\^^\ v. a. To tinge the eyes 

A'n-jun, ^ff^} ^tN^ 8. m. A coUyrium or 
application to the eye-lashes to darken and improve 

Ank, u6T ^"hfT 8.f. Mark, spot, figure, num- 
ber, letter of the alphabet; flank or part above the 
hip; the body; embrace; mark on cloth to shew 
tii6 price. 

Ankh, i^Of^t^^.^ The eye. A^kh^unjunee^ 
A stye on the eye-lids.. Anfth 6nee, To have an 
iDflammation in the eyes, to be blear-eyed. Ankh- 
bueh6na. To steal away prirately and unseen. 
Afikh bu4ulna. To withdraw one's favour or affec- 
tion from any one. Ankh burdbur nu kur sukna, 
(Not to bo able to look steadfastly in another's 
^), To be ashamed. Ankh bundl kur lenee. To 
turn from another, to treat one with neglect; to 
die. Ankh bhurke 4^khna, To look till one's cu- 
riosity is fully satisfied. Ankh bhur I6na, To have 
eyes full of tears, to be ready to cry. Ankh pus- 
^rna f obsolete J To open one's eyes, to stare, to be 
wise and prudent, to discriminate, to discern, to 
be jodicious. Ankh puthrdnee. To become dim 
(the eyes) from long expectation. AiM phufuk- 
"^» To feel a pulsation in the eye. (Considered, 
if in the right eye of a man, or the left of a wo- 
man, as an omen of some desirable event, whilst 
the contrary affection is regarded unlucky). Ankh 
pk6otnee. To be blind. Ankh phooteepeer gyee, 
The eye is lost and the pain is gone. ( Spoken of 
a contention which has ceased, from the object of 
it being lost to both parties). AisMphdra, s, m. 
A midge that flies into the eyes at night. Ankh 
ph^jrHee, To make blind; to expect or watch in 
▼aio. Ankh phemee. To shew aversion after 

friendship, Ankh pher Una, To turn away the 
eyes (as, from grief, displeasure, &c.) Ai^kh thUn- 
dee kumee, To have consolation by meeting friends, 
to be glad. Ankhjhitpukna, (To move the eye- 
lids quickly) To fear. Ankh chocrdnee, (To 
steal eyes) Not to attend to, to avert the eyes 
through shame, to avoid the sight of any one. 
Ankh churhdnee. To be angry, to be intoxiciited. 
Ankh churhnot To have eyes marked by debauch. 
Ankh chumkdnee, To make the eyes dance, to 
roll one's eyes in anger or as a blandishment. 
A nkh chhipdnee,( To hide one's eyes) To be asham- 
ed of an improper act. Ankh cheer cheer ^^khnoy 
and Ankh chSerke <fekhna. To look with great 
attention and deep meditation, or with anger. 
Atjtkh 4dbnee (To shut one's eyes,) To forbid by 
* signs. Av^ (fi^dnee or Atjtkh ifMldnee, (To 
shew one's eyes) To frighten, to deter, to brow- 
beat. Ankh 4ekhke koochh kuma, To do anything 
after consulting the inclination of another. Atikh 
dubdubdnee. The eyes to fill with tears. ArJth 
rukhnee, To love, to entertain friendship; to 
have hopes; to discern. AtM scorih kumee. To 
be angry. Ankh se 4^khke kOQchh kuma. To do 
any thing knowingly and with reflection. Aifikh 
se gima. To become contemptible. Ankh sSnk- 
nee, To contemplate the beauty of any one. Afikh 
kisee se rSshun kurna. To meet (visit) a friend or 
person of rank. Ankh kisee kee 4ekhnee, To re- 
ceive education in anyone's company. Ankhkhu" 
tuknee, To have pain in the eyes. Ankh gkoorukna, 
To look at with anger. Ankh lufdnee. To wink as 
a hint, to communicate a secret by signs. Aidth 
lufnce. To meet with one's lover unexpectedly. 
AvJth htgdnee. To contract friendship or affection 
for any one, to fail in love. Ankh mdmee, To 
wink, to stop any one by a sign, to make amo- 
rous signs with the eyes. AijJth michiuuml, s* m. 
or Ajjikh mickiiulee, s, f. Blindman's buff. AiaJth 
mil&nee. To contract friendship. Ai(ikh milnee. To 
look stedfastly. Arikh minchjdna. To die, to per- 
ish. AnkhmSowjike ek chcez ka ikb^iydr ktlma. To 
. choose or accept precipitately or inconsiderately. 
Ankhmoon4Q3/ra, Blindman's buff. AigJth nu rukh^ 
nee. To have no hope or expectation; to be 
mentally blind. Ankhon pur bythna. To be belov- 
ed, to sit or cause to sit on a very elevated place, 
to become dignified. Aiikhan ka gcoidbee kuma, 
is applied to a look of intoxication or wantonness. 
Afikhoii meit dnee. To intoxicate (especially ap- 
plied to wine). Ankhoti metiphima. To be always 
present in one's eyes,to be ever in one's mind. An- 
khan men churbee chhdna. To be wilfully blind, to 
pretend from pride not to know one's old acquain* 
tauce. Ankhon men Hak dnlna, To commend or 

Digitized by 







(soft dental) 

C 8 ] 





(Northumbrian r) 



(deep liquid liogtuU) 


puff wares of an inferior quality; to pilfer or 
snatch away any thing quickly and privately. i4^ 
khan fnei% rat ktitna, or Ais^khaifjk me^ rat l^Ana, 
To pass the night awake. A^Jifioi^ mei^ khoopiknay 
To be seen with envy and dislike. Ai^khoii meri 
ghur kwrna^ To be beloved or esteemed. To per- 
sist in one's own erroneous opinions. Ar^hhefi^ <2e^- 
na. To study one's temper or inclination; to be- 
have respectfully towards another. Ai^Ahe^ nSelee 
pieUe kuma, To change the colour of the &ce from 
excess of anger. 

A'n-ki, aO| proH. and coiy\ That which. 

A'jok-na, U0| irhnn v. a. To value, to ex- 
amine, to approve of. 

A'n-kofis, (^J ^rtgnr s. m. The hook or iron 
with which elephants are driven, a goad. Anhoos 
mdma. To reduce to submission, to bring to obe- 

A'nk-ree, ^^f*^ ^i*<1 s.f, The barh of an. 
arrow, a hook* a tenter; a circle. 

A'n-na, U«] ^iTsn v. a. To bring. 

Ana, ^] ^"N *•/ The fibrous part of any 

A'n-soo, y*^\ ^rt^ s. m. A tear. 

Ant, c:^T ^rt?T s./. Entrails, gut, tripe. 
AijU Aona, v. a. To be afflicted with the coming 
down of the rectum. A^ gima, v. u. To void 
white glutinous stools. 

A'n-tee, ^ T ^li^ s.f. k, handful, a skein of 
thread, a bundle of grass, &c. a small faggot. 

An-thee, v.^'T fril?t «• /• Stone of fruit; 

Ant-sint, ki^LavA^I wtz^*3 s. f. Partner- 
ship; intrigue. 

A-nun, j>l ^rPTT 8. m. Mouth, face, visage. 
9, /. Order.^ 

A^und, «A^ I ^TPP^ 8. m.f. Happiness, joy ; 
ease. Anun4'hun4i, root (or source) of happiness. 

A-nun-fu-d-nun, '0(i vT adj. Every minute, 
constantly, incessantly. 

Anv, yl '^\^ 8. m. The glutinous whitish mat- 
ter or mucus voided by people afflicted with a ten- 
esmus; sickness, affection of the bowels. Ais^ byth- 
jia, To be afflicted with a tenesmus, or to be in the 
act of discharging the ano, 

A'n-wul-n^, JWyT ^|4iH<<i^ The navel- 
string, &c. of an infant. 

A'o-bhfig-ut, ur^^T ^TR^nnr 8. f. Civil re- 
ception or salutation; welcome Sir ! 

Ap, w->l ^rnr/>ron. Self, selves, your8elves,you 
Sir (used, instead of the personal pronoun, of the 
second person, by an inferior when addressing his 

superior). Ap'Swdrthee, ad;. Selfish, seeking tb« 
interest of self. 

A-pa, bl ^rnn 8./. An elder sister ; self. 

Ap-^, V W^ ^^ ^^ *• Selfishness, ego- 

A-phoo, ^1 irr^ 8./. Opium. 

Ap-k^-jee, j^\^T ^[V^ ^^ flwS'. Attending 
to own business, engaged in own afikirs. 

Ap-r6op, V;>?*^ «TM%M 8. m. and cw^*. Self, 
self-formed, the deity. 

A-pud, OjJ^rnr^ l 8./. Misfortune, cala- 

A-pud-a, I^Ajj ^rnr^ J mity. 

A-pun, ^1 ^rnPT pran. recip. Self. 

A-pus, ^jt^] mHH proH. recip. Themselves, 
one another; hence, s.f. kindred, brotherhood, 
fellowship. Apu$ mei% ruhna, is applied to signify 
adultery, &c. (in the dialect of women). 

A-put, '^^T ^m<i 8.f. Misfortune, calamity, 

Ar, j\ mx 8./. A goad. 

Ar,jl , ^W{^8.f. A skreen, shelter, conceal- 
ment, protection, protector. 

Ar, jlc 8. m.f. Bashfulness, modesty, igno- 
miny, disgrace, shame, reproach. 

A-ra, IjT ^nrr «. m. A saw; the name of a 

A-ra, IjTjoart (in compos.) Adorning, adom- 
er, arranger, preparer. 

A-ra, !jT irr?T adj. Oblique, crooked, across. 

A-rddh-na, t^*3|^T ^ ? <»M* l i r. a. To worship, 
to practise devotion, to serve. 

A-rd-dhun, ^^\^ ^iTTTWr 8. m. Accomplish- 
ment, gratifying; worship, devotion, supplicatioa. 

A-rd-ish, cAitjT 8.f. Ornament, embellish- 
ment, preparation, dressing, equipage. 

A-r^, (»tjT ^rrciiT «. m. A garden. 

A-rdm, aIjI 8. m. Ease, rest, health, relief, re- 
pose, comfort. Aram pAna, To recover, ^rom-?*'- 
Itib, adj. Idle, slothful, a lover of ease. Aram kurna 
To rest, repose. 

A-rd^mee, i^\j\ adj. A lover of ease ; idle, 

A-ra-m6e-duh, XJu^ljT adj. At rest, at ease. 

A-ramrg^ *K«|jl«.^ A resting-place; a bed- 
chamber. Fir^^-aramffah, resting in paradise: 
(an epithet iq^plied to Mnhnnunud Shah). 

A-r^s-tuhj^SUtjT a(^.Prepared,dressed,adorn- 
ed, embellished, regnlar, improved. 

A-ris-tU'gee„^/*-9tj| g.f. Preparation,deco- 
ration, ornament, regularity, improvement. 

Digitized by VjOC j. ^^ 


[ 9 ] 


n o 00 Qg oy r 

ho* so too good oar (harsh 'palatick) 

t u w y y di 

(soft dental) but write you my pleasure 

Ar-bul, ijiji vr^ 8./. Age. 

Ard, v3;l s. m. Flour, meal. 

Ard-ra, \j>^^ «I<^| s./. Name of one of the 

lunar mansions. 
A-re, ^jl adv. Yes. 
A-ree, ^^jl ^mct s./* A small saw. 

A-i-ee, ^^j I ^TT^ «• A tone or tune in musick. 

part. A prot«otor, defender, supporter. 
A-ree, ^jlc adj. Naked, ignorant, void of, 

free from. 
A^ree-ya, OjT VPQ^ s. m. A plant of the 

gourd kind. ^ 

Arh, iSbf\ if^ s.f. A kind offish. 

A-rif, v-ijlc adj. Wise, sagacious, ingenious, 

knowing God, pious, devout, s. m, A holy maif. 

Arifdnuh, im^v. Wisely, acutely, piously, devoutly. 

Anrin-duh, KXJjT s. m. A porter, a bringer, a 

A-ri-ynt, us^jlc 8.f. Borrowing any thing 

which is itself to be returned. Ariyutee, acff.Bor- 
rowed, assumed, fictitious. 
A^riz, i^J^ 8. m. The cheek; an event; an ac- 
cident; a muster-master, also the general of an 
army. part. act. Happening, befoUing. Arizee. 
a^. Accidental. Artzuh, a.m. Any tbing necessa- 
ry to be done, an accident, an event. 

At-na, 1^1 ^rpn V. a. To prop, shelter, pro- 
A-r6s^ ^ %il 8. tn. Belch, eructation. 

A.r6-gi-yu, <u.^jt '^rftr^ 8. m. Health. 

A^roo, ^j) Vl^ 8.m. A peach. 

A-r6oncfii-na, U^3.*'^^l ^m|:>=RT v. d. To stran 
gle. KtofUk-aroowjikun, Strangulation. 

A'r-see, l^;I ^TTT:^ s.f. A mirror (particu- 
laiiy, a mirror on the thumb used hy Hindoo fe- 

Ar-ta, V'jT ^KVii 8. m. A ceremony attending 
marriage. When the bridegroom first comes to 
the house of the bride, he is received by her rela- 
tions, who present to him, and move circularly 
round his head, a platter painted and divided into 
several compartments; in the middle of which is 
a lamp made of flour, filled with^Aee, and having 
several wicks lighted. 

A'r-tee, ^*)\ ^nrrft 8.f. A ceremony perform- 
ed, in adoration of the gods, by moving circular- 
ly, round the head of the image, a platter contain- 
ing a homing lamp with several wicks. 

A-rdkt, ci^j] ^Brm^ adj. Red. 

A-rumbh, ^^*^\ ^rfOT 8. m. Beginning, thing 
begun; effort. 

A-rnm-6e-duh, ^^V^jT adj. At rest, reposed, 

A-rus, (^jT ^K4i 8. m. Idleness, laziness, in- 
activity. Arusee, adj. Idle, lazy, idolent, inactive. 

Ar-wdr, jl^jl ^^r?" 8./, A prop. adj. Stop- 

A'r-zoo, ^JjT 8. f. Wish, desire, hope, want^ 
distress. Arzoo^kush, adj. Desirous. 

Ar-zoo-m6nd, *^^^;jjjl cidj. Desirous, longing. 

As, ^^1 8. The myrtle. 

As, (^1 ^TTO 1 «• ^ Hope, Desire, trust, 

A-sa, L»l ^rnrrj reliance, 

A-sa, UT m\m adj. Like, resembling. 

A-s^-ish,.^^/.^ 8./. Rest, ease, tranquillity, 
repose, quiet. 

A-s^n, j\J\a(^\ Easy, convenient, commo- 

A-sd-nee, ^'Ul 1 *•/• Facility, convcni- 

A-sd-ni-yut,^.i-^'L»| j ence, easiness. 

A-sir, jVi] s. plur. Signs, marks, traces, 
vestiges, histories, traditions, memorable events; 
the traditions of Muhummud. 

A-sa-wtint, f^s^^lAwnJOtfl adj. Expectant, 

A-s^b, i^r-^^^T 8. m. A misfortune (generally 
meaning such misfortune as is the consequence of 
the shadow of a demon having fallen on one, and 
the like), trouble, calamity, damage, a bruise. 

A-see, <^^lc adj. Disobedient, criminal, re- 
bellious. 8. m.f. A rebel, a sinner. 

A-s6es, ^^*-»l ^^^ 8./. Blessing, benedic- 
tion, return of compliment from a Hindoo superior 
fa hrahmun.) 

Ash, tj*] s.f. Meat, victuals, viands, soup, 
broth, gruel, pottage. Ashpuhdna, v. a. To com- 
bine in any design, to conspire or contrive some- 
thing against another. Ash'ijds/, Barley-water, 

Ash-chtirj, ^;?**l VH^ 8. m. Amazement, 

astonishment, surprise. 
A-shik, J^lc part. act. Used substantively, 

A lover. Ashi^nuh, adj. Amorous, lover-like, 

Ashiiee, s. /. Making love, love. 
A-shi-yin, c^^^J.] "i 
A-Bhi-yA-nub, ^y.] ^ s.m.A bird s nest. 

A^h-kir, J^M \ adj. Apparent, clear, evi- 
Ash k^-ra, I^Kil j dent, revealed, knoAvn, 

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A so 

(aeft dental) 

[ 10 ] 








(Northumbriiui r) 




(d«ep liquid lingual) 


Ash-ria, Ui] s. m,/. An acquaintance, lover, 
friend. Ashna-purustt Friendly, attentive to 
friends. Ashnaydnuh^ adv. In a friendly way» 
through friendship. 

Ash-ni-ee, ^^Ui] s.f. Acquaintance, friend- 
ship. Ashnaee kuma, v. a. To associate, to unite. 
Ajknaee lUgna, v. n. To become Intimate, to be 
united in friendship. 

A-sh6b, c^^T s. m. Tumult, clamour, con- 
fusion; terror; misfortune; storm, tempest; an im- 
postor. Ashob-gah, Place of tumult, &o. 

A-sh^f-tuh,<CU^] a^f;. Distracted, distressed, 
disturbed, disordered^ wretched, miserable,uBeasy. 
A sh^U' h al. Distressed iu condition. Ashes^fhu 
iidtir. Afflicted in mind. AshQQftU'4in»Aeiee, or 
Ashfkiftu'iiiree, Distraction of mind, or of the 
senses. Ashaiftu-zODif, <ir AshQitfiwrnSo^ With 
dishevelled hair, shaggy. Ash^fi^tubu, Distract- 
ed, troubled in mind. AshQs^ftugeeyS,/, Distrac- 
tion, perturbation, uneasiness, misery. 

AH8h6o-ra, l^^-ilfi 8. m. The first ten days of 
the month of MoQhurrum, 

A'sh-tee, ^J^] $»f> Peace, concord, recon- 
ciliation, agreement, convention, confederacy; 
amour, intrigue. 

A-shy, ^1 ^Tir^ s. m. Meaning, intention, 

A^im, jh-^lc adj. Virtuous, chaste, protect- 
ed, safe. Uboo^sim, Barley-broth. 

A-sin, ^T ^ftnr s. m. The sixth Hindoo 
montih, in which the moon is full near the head of 

Ansdr-b^d, i^\{jJ] ^\Ui\i^ s. m. Benedic- 
tion, blessing. 

A-si-ya, U^T «./. A mill, a mill-stone. 

A-si-^a-nub, A\^] s. m. A whetstone. 

As-kut) f,j>iJ\ ^^^r?r s. /. Laziness, tardi- 
ness. Ashifdna, v. n. To be lazy. Askutee, adj. 
Lazy, remiss. 

Ajs-mdO) c'U^T s, tn. The sky, the firmament, 
heaven, the celestial orb. Asmanpur biu4um rukh- 
na. To give one's self airs, to aspire, to be vain. 
Asmanpur khyhchna. To be proud, to affect great- 
ness. Aitman se ^ima, To fall from the clouds, is 
applied, particularly by women, to signify an ac- , 
quisition that has been made suddenly and unex- 
pectedly, without labour or care, and the value of 
which is inconsiderable. 

As-mdr-nee, ^U^] fidj. Hesvenlf, celestial, 
Irom heaven.'sky-oolonred, cerulean, azure. 

A-s^o-dub, ^^yA adj. At rest, qui^ tran- 
quil, quiescent, glutted, saturated, satisfiod,at ease, 

contented. i4^o(H^-Mi^ Full, at ease. As6o4*ige€^ 
8,f, Quiet, peace, content. 
A-sQ^-ree, ^^;*^I W^T^ adj. Of or belonjf- 
ing to C/sdors, devilish, demoniacal. Asooree^ 
m^t/a, s.f. Deception of demons. 

As-pds, {j^^'] ^H^l^ s. m. Vicinity, cir- 
cumference. €idv. Around, on all sides. 

AWa, \^J\ ^^i 8. m. Trust, reliance, hope, 
defence, asylttm, retreat, abode, house. 

AWit, c->j-a| ^iftnr s. m. One who r«U«s 
on another, a refugee, a protegee. 

AVruni, ^yA nrVff 8. nu Abode, residence ; 
a religious class or state of mankind (amanged by 
tho Hindoos with reference to the different periods 
of life: as Ist, That of the brubmucMree, or stu- 
dent; 2d, That of the gy'ihusth, or householder; 
Sd, That of the varmprusthf or anchorite; and 
4thly, 1 hat of the bhiksh^, or beggar.) 

As-ry t, <*s-*J.;»*] ^rw^ adj. Hopeful, trusting^, 

As-t^n, ^A^T 8* m. A threshold, K/iikeer'g 
residence. Stan or utan (in compos.) Place. 

As-td-nuh, aJli^T s. m. A threshold. A8taHu- 
b6$ee, Kissing the threshold. 

As-te, ^^T adv. Gently, softly. 

As-teen, ^j^^ 8. f. A sleeve. A8tem, Aa 
sampf A domestick enemy, an enemy who wears 
the mask of friendship. 

A-8uf, ui^T 8. m. The coper tree (Capparis 
spinosa) ; the name of a roan considered to have 
been SolonHm's wuxeer. Aw^ riee. Prudent «a 
Asuf. Asuf^~443fla, The Asuf of the state. 

A-sun, ^1 ^\H^ 8. m. The name of a tree 
on which the tttsur silk-worm feeds, (TerminaKa 
alata tomentesa.) A stool, a seat, a small carpet on 
which the Hindoos sit at prayer, a carpet to sit on ; 
stay, abiding, posture, attitude, sitting (especial- 
ly, the attitudes adopted by Jogees in their devo* 
tional exercises, of which they enumerate eighty- 
four.) The withers of an elephant, the part where 
the driver sits. Asun-tdle dna, To come under sub- 
jection. Amnjdpui, To sit on the hams. Astm 
dSina, Spoken of a holy man, who perceiving by 
supernatural intelligence that some one in distress 
has called on him, interposes in his behalf. Astm 
se asunjbrna. To sit in close contact with another 
person. Asun lugdna, To sit obstinately in a given 
posture till one's request be obtained. Astm mdma. 
To sit down, to retain one's seat firmly on korse- 
back. Astmee,s.f. A small oarpet, &c. on which 
Hindoos sit at prayer. 

As-w^s, (^t^-*l 'ffT^rTO *. m. Completion, 

cessation, comfort. 

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(hanh ptOatick) 

(soft dtntal) 










AAsy, ,^1 ^rnnr *. wt» Meaoingy intention, 
theme, subject. 

At, CL>1 ^rnr *. w. Custard apple (Annona 
squamosa or reticulato.) 

A-ta, l?T ^nZT s. tn. Flour, meal. 

A-tee-p4-tee, Jf^>J^l WH^ ""HTft s. f. Tlie 
name of a game. 

Ath, J^^] wiZ adj. Eight. Ath ath d{isoo 
rfna^ To shed floods of tears* to weep exceedingly. 
Athpr/hur, all the twenty- four hours; constantly. 
Ath hhHtmba, A canopy supported by eight posts. 

A-ti-fbt, c::-AAiklc s. f. Kindness, benevo- 
lence, affection. 

A^tir, jtlc adj. Odoriferous, benevolent, ge- 
neroof, liberal, noble. 

Atra, ^1 ^(ff s. m. Soul, self. Atmpaluk^ 
SelGsh. Atm^hdt, 8elf<4nurder. Afm-ndmee, Self- 

At.4na, WT mmr 9. f. The soul, the body, 
the self, the mind, the understanding. 

A^mao, cP^^ 'TTwrt *. / The soul. Ana 
itkma^ The reverse of soul. 

Ai-mi^, g^* I sniiT^ «. m. A son, a daughter ; 
the understanding. 

A-too, y I inq; *-^ A female teacher 01; 

A-to^r, ^\ 'fftgr adj. Diseased, distressed, 
aaxious, distracted. 

A-tung, L^T ^rnfT s. m. Fear, apprehen- 
siOB; disease, affliction, pain; parade, ostentation, 
show, pomp. 

A^up, s^] WITPT s. m. Sunshine. 

A-tush, (jij'l s./. Fire. 

A-tosh-b^r, jk^^^ ^j- Flaming, fiery, rain- 
ing fire. 8. m. A firelodc, a tinder-box. 

A-tttsh-b^ )^,{J*^'\ s. m. A player of fire- 
works, a maker of fire-works. 

A-tush-b^-zee, ^)kU^'\ 9.f. Exhibition of 
fire-works, fire-works. 

A-tush-d^n, jl^^tA'T 8. A chafing-dish, afire- 
place, any receptable for fire. 

A-tush-ee, ^^^T 1 adj. Fiery, hot, belong- 

A-tuah^en, ^t^^\ j ing to fire, choleric, 
irascible. AUisheen^db, Wine. 

A-tii^is«>t^n, jtu**AJ| 8./. The region of 
fire, a place where fire abounds; (hence the 
word is qiptted to) a hot fire of cannon or small 
srms in battle; a large fire, a funeral pile. 

A-tu8h-yi^^r,jt^tPT^.m. Name ofabird,a 
variety of Tetrao rufns, called in Uiadee^chukSr. 


Atush-kiid-uh, ^^JU] s.m. A furnace, grate, 
chimney, a temple of fii'e-worshippers. 

A-tush-miz-ij, ^t^^Ioc^^'. Fiery-temper- 

A-tush-n^k, u^0(jiJ1 adj. Fiery, hot. 

A-tusIi-p^-ruh,»jUijijT«. m. A spark, a light- 
ed coal ; a beautiful person ; an exciter of quarrels ; 

A-tush-pu-rust, f^::^^^jjlj\ s. nu A worship- 
per of fire, a guebre, one of the sect of the magi. 
Atushpurustee, s.f. The worship of fire. 

A-tush-rez, j,j[j(j*J| Pouring out fire ; an in- 
cendiary, an exci^r of quarrels, 

A-tush-tu-bu, f->i>(jtj1 €uij. Fiery-tempered. 

A-tush-i&f-gun, ^\u^'^\adj. Throwing 

A-tush-fig-un, .Xj^jSjT / fire. 

A-tush-uf^r6z, J^;3ltWT ad;. Kindlii^ fire. 
s. Fuel, an incendiary. 

A-tu-shuk, <*.XiJ'| 8./[ The venereal disease. 

A-tu8h-un-<klz,jl JJl^^'TacJ/. Casting out fire. 

infr or stirring up fire. s. m. A fire^kindler, an in- 
cendiary, a seditious person. 

A-tu8h-zu-du-gee,^<ij(j«jT«./ Combustion, 
the firing of houses," &c. whether accidentally or 
by design. 

A-tu8h-z6-nee, ^'JiJ*^l s.f. Striking fire. 

A-wa, 1^1 ^T^«."m. A potter's kiln. 

A-wd-ee, ^^^\ ^\4\t s.f. Report. 

A-wa-gu-wun, J;^;T ^HHi^«i s. m. Transmi- 

A-wd-hun, ^I^T^^T^npT «. m. Calling, sum- 

A-wa-ji-ee, v^W;T ^nrr^ni; s. f. Coming 
and going, dancing after. 

A-wdr-juh, i^\J\ e.m. A journal, a diary. 

A-w^-ruh, »j|^T cuify'. Vagabond, wanderer, 
wandering, distressed. Awaruh hdna. To wander, 
to be distressed, to be oppressed, to be miserable. 
Awtiruh huma. To harass. 

A-wd-ru-gee, ^j\^ls.f. Wandering, the state 
of a wanderer, vagrancy, profligaGy. 

A-wi-tee, ^I^T ^TRFft 8.f. Approach, ad- 
vance; the coming of an army; the approach of a 
friend; the season in which merchandize is ex- 

A-wdz, jly 8./. Voice, sound, noise, report, 
feme, echo, a whisper, sentence. AwOz^hSna, To 
raise the voice, to spread a report. AujAz ptipta. 
To be reported; the voice to be suppressed (from 

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[ 12 ] 

a ch d e ee g 

all choose (soft dental) get thee gone 

S^ i 

(Northumbrian r) in 


(deep liquid lingual) loch 

hoarseuess or otherwise). Aw&zuh, €» m. Report, 
fame, rumour^ 

A-w6z, jj.^1 part act (In compos.) Hanging, 
suspending. Awez kuma. To suspend, to hang. 
Awezuh, part, Hangring, pendent, s. m. An ear- 
ring, drops worn in the ear. 

A-wuk, y^^l m^^ s. m. Insurance. 

A-wun, jiiT^TT^^*. m. Coming, approach. 
Atvun 6wun, Tidings of arrival. 

A-wund, Sf^ 8. m. A vessel, a pan. 
• A'Wuv^ i^] part, act (In compos.) Bringing, 

A-wiir-duh, ^t>j^ part pass. Brought 

A-yoo, yj ^[Tf s. Age. 

A^yoor-bul, Jj j^T srrg^ s./. Age. 

A^yOSr-da, ^^jA ^Hi^^i s.f. Age. 

Aiyu, ^} s. vu X sentence of the KoQran. 

A^yun-duh, ^^^T part, act Coming, future. 
$, A comer, adv. In future. Ayunduh ruvintfuhy 
parf, act. Coming and going, passing to and fro. 

A^yu-sQOj u^T ^TRHJ s. m. Command, order. 
. A^yut, ^ii:!^.] s.f, A sign, a mark; a sentence, 
verso or paragraph of the Kosran contained be- 
tween^sigDS which serve as stops. Ayut'i'm^sUuk^ 
A stop (in grammar) used in the J^QQran only, 
and equivalent nearly to a comma. 

Az, jl s.f. Avarice, avidity. 

A-z4d, Ajjl adj. Free, liberated; solitary, 
lonely. «. m. A kind oifvkeer who shaves his beard, 
eye-lashes and eye-brows, and vows chastity. -4- 
zai kuma, To manumit, set at liberty. 

A-z4-duh, ^^\j\ adj. Free, noble. 

A-z^-du-gee, v-r^lf' 1 ^^J* Freedom,indepen- 
A-zi-dee, ^\jl J 
duct of an lazatf* 

dence, release, con- 

A-zdr, jfjT 8. m. Sickness, disorder, disease, 
trouble, affliction, injury. 

A-zdrree, ^^jtjT adj. Sick, a sick person. 

A-zim, (•jlc part, act Applying the mind to 
an undertaking, intending,designing,determiniDg, 
being resolved on. 

A-zir, j'^^^part. act Making excuses, s. m. 
An apologist; the scar of a wound. 

Az^mA^^ j\ part Trying, proving, examining. 

Az-mi-ish, cA^UjT s.f. Trial, proof, exami- 
nation, experience. 

Az-md-na, OtojT v. a. To try, to prove, to 
examine; to touch gold, &c. on the touchstone. 

Az-m6o-duh, ^^ycj\jmrtpass. Tried,proved, 

examined, experienced. J zmocnlu-Aar, Experi- 
enced in business. 

Az-m6o-du-gee, i^^y^jl s.f. Trial, proof, 

A-zQQr,j^T«.»i.Fire; the name of Abraham's 
father ^Terah); the ninth solar month, winter. 

A-z^r-duh,^i2hjl o^/. Afflicted,sad,dispirited, 
sorrowful, vexed, displeased, weary. Azaordu- 
bb^Hr, or AzQ6r(fU'4fl, Vexed, offended, disgusted. 
AzQsrdugee, s, f. Affliction, displeasure, vexa- 


Ba, prep. With, by. BaabrSo, adv. Hon- 
ourably, respectably. Ba-^sur, adj. Notable, re- 
markable, effectual. Ba-diiki, Although. J^aUe- 
m/in, Faithful, religious. Ba-tudbier, Prudent, 
with good counsel. Ba-tumiez, Discreet, judi- 
cious. Ba-8hu6or, Intelligent, sagacious. Ba-m^Xh 
r//trt^. Manly, brave, generous. j^a-mi/zuA, Taste- 
ful, delicious. Ba-wuzuh, Mannerly, politely, 
respectfully. Ba-wtifa, Faithful. 

Bab, ^b s. m. A door, gate; a chapter, 
section or division of a book; subject, head, af. 
fair, business, point, matter, reason, manner, 
mode, species, sort. 

B^-ba, Olj s. m. Father; sire! sir! child! 

Bib-nee, ,^.0 ^mnft s.f. A snake's hole. 

Bd-boo, ^l{ WTf^ s. m. A child; a prince; 
master (a title given by Hindoos^ equivalent to 
Mr. or Squire.) 

Bdr-b4)l, JjO n.prop. Babel or Babylon. 

Ba-b6o-nuh, <«)y.lj s, m. Camomile; wild ivy. 

Bi-bur, y.O ^i^^ s. A kind of sweetmeat. 

Bd-but, vj;^.0 s.f Account, head, article, 
item; business, affiiir, matter; on account (of). 

Bd-cha, li^O ^T^ s. f Affirmation, agree- 
ment, promise, word. 

Bachh, <^i*.0 ^r^ s. f. Selection; the cor- 
ner of the lip. oiff. Useless. 

Bd-chha, 1^0 inin s.m, A calf, or the young 
of any animal. 

Bdehh-na, U^l; TlUpTT v. a. To choose, 

B^huk, uX».0 TT^^part act. Speaker; (in 
gram.) an explanatory particle. 

B^ch-yn, <Uj?'^ ^l^"r *• »*• A sentence (in 
grammar.) atf;. Speakable, fit to speak. 

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(harsh palaUck) 

(soft denUI) 




y zh 

my pleasure 

Bad, «30 s. f. Wind, air, breeze, gale. Bade 
pyma^ a^. Swift, matching the winds ;^ a swift 
horse; a worthless person who cares not what he 
says, an idle talker, a false speaker, one busied 
in useless kbour. Batf-i-tdfluf, A stormy wind. 
£a4'ruft^r, adj. Swift as the wind. Batf-isU' 
moom^ a.f, A hot pestilential wind. Ba4 se bat 
hhna. To go very quickly, to be very swift. 
Ba^-ish^Brtuh, A fiiir wind, a favourable wind. 
Ba4'i'Suba, 8, f. The morning breeze, a zephyr, 
a refreshing gale. BcujUi-furung, The French dis- 
ease. Bcuji'UmQQik&lif, 8, /. A contrary wind. 
Bai'i-mQBr&4^ «•/• A fair or favourable wind. 

Bad, t^b Let it be, so be it. 

Bad, t^l) Tl^ s. m. Accusation, dispute, as- 
sertion, affirmation ; rheumatism. Ba4 hutTutf To 

Bad, J^i adv. After, afterwards, subsequent. 
Ba4'ttz^i^, After that. 

Bard^ l»t«3li 8. m. An almond. 

Ba-di-mee, ,^^l'>'^. adj. Almond-coloured, 
almond-shaped; a kind of eunuch. 

Bad-bdn, j^,^k '• ^- '^^ ^^ of a vessel; 
a vessel used to hold a lamp for the purpose of 
protecting it from the wind. 

Bd-dee, ^.30 €idj. Windy, flatiJent. 

BiJee, ^^0 •i[^part. Used substantively, 
a speaker, an accuser, a plaintiff, an enemy, a mis- 
chief-maker, a dbputant. BwUe-chor, An invete- 
rate thief. 

Bi-dee, ^0 part act. Beginner, author. 

Badh, <«b'^, irr^r s,/. Stubble. 

Bidha, (jbiiO ^TMT s.f. Pain, distress; ob- 
struction, hinderance, prevention. 

Bidh-na^ tJfcjO m^r^ v. a. To cut. 

Bad-huw^e, ^lyb*>l* s.f. Fruitleasness, use- 
lessness, waste. 

Bi-di-yuh, <bi>lj A bowl, cup, glass (but 
generally made of brass or bell-metal); a desert, 
s forest. 

Bad-Ujdyuh, ^.U.»>l! 8. m. The rupture. 

Bad-^6r, jfS^^, 8. m. A disease in horses 
from which the hair falls off. 

Bad-^6ra, lj^«^^. A scald head (Tinea ca- 

Bad-kAsh, ^;i/i>lj 8. m. A fan, a ventilator. 

Bid-la, y*3l> Tl^n^«. m. Gold or silver thread 
or wire, brocade. 

B^-lee, J^l; tt^ 8.f. Silver-cloth. 

Bad-n^ma, IcJol* 8. m. A weather-cock. 

BW-^, tdb n^ 8. m, A flying fox, a bat. 

B^d-pa, ^<3l{ 8. m. A swift horse. 

Bad-r6sh-uh, ^,y^\ 8. m. A whirl, a circular 
piece of wood at the end of a spindle; the round 
piece of wood at the upper end of a teut pole. 

Bad-ri-yuh, ^„\^\ s.m. A ventilator suspend- 
ed to the roof of a house to increase the circula- 
tion of air and drive away flies. 

Bad-rting, \Sj\^\ s. m. A sort of cucumber. 

Bad-shdh, )$1&«>1) 8. m. A king, a sovereign. 

Batjtahahdnuh, adj. Imperial, royal, adv. Royal* 

ly, princely. 
Bad-sh^-hee, ^^Uiil) adj. Royal, imperial. 

8.f. Royalty, empire, reip^, sovereignty. 
Bad-sh^-hut, vj:-^li»>lj s.f. Royalty, empire, 

kingdom, government. 
Bd-duh, ^43b 8. m. Wine, spirits. Ba^uh- 

kushf Wine drawer. Baiuh-noahee, 8.f. Wine 

Bardu-h4[^9 *«^ odv. After that or which, 

then, however. 

BMur,;^l!,rT^ )^. HI. A cloud. 

Bde-bi-rung, '-^^/^ fT^rfir^*. m. A me- 
dicinal seed. 

Bd-ee, ^\ Tri" 8.f. Mistress, lady (among 
Marhattas); a dancing girl. Baee-jee, s.f. The 
mother bawd. 

B^e, Ji\ ini: S.f. Wind, air; flatulency, 
rheumatism. Baee puchnee. To be mortified, to be 
depressed, to die away. BaeC'ine^ bkufukna, To 
prate foolishly. 

Baree-h^ l^ ^rtrr 8. m. Rheumatism. 

Bi-ee-see, ^^^^ 'j 4\t^ s.f The royal army 
(so called," because composed of the troops of 
twenty-two soobuhs) ; a command of 22,00» men. 
Bdeesee t6otna. To attack with one's whole force. 

Baf, cJl; part act and pass. (Used in com> 
pos.) Weaver, woven. Kin/tree'b/if, A weaver of 
lace. Zuree^baf, A gold lace weaver; gold tissue, 
cloth interwoven with gold. 

Ba-fln-duh, 5JJk;il( pa7't act. A weaver, a 

Baft, Ls^^^ s.f. Web, tissue. 

B&f'ivikf^^, part. pass. Woven, s. m. A kind 
of cloth; a colour in pigeons; buttons woven like 

Bag, u^O ^i^ 8. f A rein, a bridle. Bag- 
morna, To turn the reins ; and, this phrase is appli- 
ed to the drying up of the small pos : thus when 
the pustules begin to blacken and dry up, tbcy say 
8ietla ne bag mdfee, or m/ita ne bag mSfee. Sag 

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(toft dental) 

C 14 ] 







(Northumbrian r) 



(deep liquid lingual) h>ch 

hath se Mi^^a, The reiBs to bay^ slipped from 

the band, denotes the lods of choice, power, or 

B^-ga, 5 ^ii[j s, m. A vestment; honorary 

Bag-d6r, jyjf[>, wnt^x s. / Along rein with 

which horses are led. 
Bi-^ecy ,^, Tl^ 5. f». A horseman. 
Ba^ i\>, s. m. A garden, orchard, grove, 

Bagb baub hona, V. n. Tobede%hted. Bagk-i- 

subz (jiihhana. To excite desire and expectation by 

deceitful promises. 
Bagh, <^^G X[^ 8. m. A tiger. 
Baj^-^f, cj^iitf \s.f. Gardens, groves, or* 
Bag^-ha, l«^0 J chards. 
Bag^b^n, jUaO $. m. A gardener. Bag^ 

banee, 8,f, Gardening. 
Ba^-chuh, <^^l* s. m. A small garden, a 

Bd^-ee, ^£\i, part. act. Mutineer, traitor, 

Ba-ghee, v^^. in^ J./ A bubo. 
Bagh-um-bur, ja^ ^\i<^< s. m. A garment 

of tiger's skin. 
B^ghun, ^^. TWiT -J ^ . . 

Bah, »l| s.f. Virility, manhood. 

B^hir, j3b(j part. act. Excelling, eminent, 
coQspicuons, manifest, clear. 

Bd-hi-ree, ^jlbO srt^-:^ adj. Outward, for- 
eign, s.m.k stranger, foreigner. 

B^hi-ruh, U^Jftb snfrc^ s. m. The left side 
(in sword exercise, &c.) 

Bah^mun, j'^k ^Vfpv^ s. m. A brahmun, a 
man of the sacerdotal class of Hindoos. 

Bah-mu-nee, v^r^^^. TT^pft s.f. The wife of 
a brahmun. 

Bah-na, Uftl; ^rnpTT v. a. To shoot, to dis- 
cbarge a weapon; to comb the hair. 

Bd-hoe, ^O WTST S.f. An arm, 

Bd-hum, ji^b adv. Together. Bahumsazj 
According, uDanimous, friendly, 

Bi-hun,^lj ^^sr 6. m. A vehicle, any ani- 
mal or other conveyance on which a person rides. 

Ba-hur, ^\ ^^pc "y^adv. Without, abroad; 

B^-hir, ^\ «rrf%T J adj. Foreign. 

B^i-nee, ^i^, TTT^ s.f. A basket in which 

snakes are" carried about for shew. 
Bd-is, ^i^cl| part. act. Productive, s. m. 

Cause, occasion, motive, reason, amount, subject, 

6^i-u, 5J.O part. act. A seller. 

BaJ5 ^^ «. m. A tax, duty, toll, impost, cus- 
tom, tribute. Baj4ar, A tax-gatherer, a collector 
of tribute or revenue. BajgoQzaTy one who pays 
taxes, duties, &c. 

B^-ja, li-l! TTSTT s. m. A musical instrument. 

Ba-jee, ^0 ^rsi^ 5. m. A horse. 

Bij-na, Ua-b TT^in v. n. To sound (as a 
musical inttroment) ; to be published. 

Bdj-ra, TPnTT s. m. A kind of grain, 
Indian com (Holoui flpidttut). ^ 

Bijuh-g^juh, 4t^KVl# wnrnn^ $. m. Tho 

sound ordangour of various musical iiwtnmie&ts. 

B^j-un, ^(j ^raR- 1 s. m,pi. 

Bd-jan--baja, Ulj^O WPT^ iTT^nr J Musical 


Bak, ^\i 8. m. Fear. 

Bak, \J\a^ xm \s. m. Language, dialect, 

Vak, c^l^ ^j^ ) speech, 

Bi-kee, ^0 part. act. Remaining, perma- 
nent, eternal, s. remnant, remainder, balance. 
Bakee-4ar, Owing a balance. Batiee-rdhna, To re- 
main, to be left, to be saved. 

BAtt-tuh, -CU.0 part. pass. Hayed. 

Bi-Uiuh, cf^b 8. m. A tortoise. 

Bd-khur, ;/lj irr^t \s.m.A drug used as 

B^-khul, J^TO ^i^grer j a ferment; several 
houses contained within one enclosure; an area 
or court yard. 

B^kir, fb part. act. Abounding in wealth 
and science. 

Ba-kir-khdnee, ^'U^b «./. A kind of bread 
or cake mixed with butter and milk. 

Bd-kir-uh, 5$/0 part, act.f A virgin. 

Ba-ki-yiit, cdIJI; s. pi. Remainder, balance. 

Bdk-la, CWb 8. m. A bean. 

B^-kus, yJ'li «iTir^ s. m. A bush of which 
chai'coal is made for the manufacture of gunpow- 
der (Justieia adhatoda and ganderussa.) 

Bdk-yu, ^b^^ S.m. A sentence (in gram- 
mar), a word. 

Bal, JO ^ $./ A girl not arrived at the 
age of maturity, a woman. 

Bal, Jl» TI^ s. m. Hair; a boy, a child. 
Bal balMw by bwr,every hair. Bnl landhee h^. 
ree mama.To shoot at without missing, to act with 
greiit care, not to mistake. Bal beeka, A bent or ' 
disordered hair, is used to express '« the smaUett 

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00 09 
good our 

C 16 ] 

(harsh palatiek) (soft dental) 








y zh 

my pleasure 

hami or iBootnTenience ;'' 80, B(d beeka nu hSwe, 
Let not a hair be disordered (let not the least 
harm be done.) Bal churitr. Tricks of children. 
Bal, J If. $, m. An arm, a wing, a pinion. Bal- 
Jishdn, Expandiiif the wiogs. Bal-JUhdnee^ €. f. 
Bzpaosion or shaking of the wings. Balshikusfuh, 
Distressed, wretched. 

Bal, Jb ^T^ s.f. An ear of com; a crack 
in a cup or glass, s, nt. The thread on which sugar 
is crystallised. Bal4dr,A cracked vessel (of china, 
glass, &c.) 

Bal, JV s, m. Heart, mind; state; power. 

Bi-la, yO prep. Above, up. adj. High. s. m. 
Summit, top. Bala bald, adv. Deceitfully, fraudu- 
lently ; secretly. Bala but&na, or — 4^na, To balk, 
to circumvent, to dupe, to put off, to disappoint, to 
prevaricate. Bala-^ust, adj. Upper-handed^ supe- 
rior, better, 

B^4a, ^(j Ti^ s.f. A female child, a girl ■ 
not arrived at the age of maturity; a medicinal and 
fragrant pUnt. 8. m. An ear-riag; a male child, a 

Bi-la klt6-la,^^if rrerr ^hiriiw^Mnnocent, 
artless as a child. $. nt. An artless child. 

B^la-bund, «X^^l{ s. m. A part of dress, a 
kind of turband; a coat of a particular kind. 

Ba-Iarb6r, Ji\{ s, m. Part of the vn§urkha 
that li^ over the thlgha. 

Ba-la-^^nuh, <^.UJl» $. jii. An upper room, 
an upper story, a balcony, an upper diamber. 

Ba-la-nish^en, ^j^^\ part. Occupying the 
chief seat, a president. 

Bfr-Ia-o-ptk8t,v,£-^*M>^l| Aboreand belew,t. e. 
the heavens above and the earth beneath. 

Ba-1a-p6sh, \J^y^\ $. m. A corerlet, aquilt. 

Ba-la-piin, ^>^^. TWHTT^.m. Childhood, in- 

Ba-Ii6e-m6zeh, ^yo^'ih $. pi. Secret plea- 

Ba-liee-yift, u:uv3l;^ifO s.f. Perqiueites. 

6al-bh6g, ^-^€ J^ w^T^^^lTS. m. An offering 
to Krisho presented early in the morning, 

Bal-buch-che,,^^. J^! ^fWir% s. pi Children. 

Bti-bnk, lJ^x) n. prop. Balbeck in Syria. 

B^l-clihur, jffij'J'^ ^^n^ s. m. Name of 

medicine or perfume. 
B41-ee, ^\ ^T^*.^ A female child; ant 

ear-ring " worn in the ear passing though the 

centre of it. 
Ba-16ed-gee,4^^;Xt!l!»./. Vegetation, growth, ' 

Barl£e-dah,^ jJ part. pass. Grown, vegetat- 
ed, increased. Baleetfuh h6na. To vegetate, to be 
grown up. 

Bal-een, ^ J Ij s. m. A pillow. 

Bd-lij^ ^ h part, act. Mature. «. A youth 
just arrived at the age of maturity, an adult. 

Bdl-ish, (jiJl) s. m. A pillow. 

Bil-isht, ts-^O s.f A span. 

B^l-ka, ^ Ij WlW^ s. m. A young follower of 
a Jogee or Sunniyasee. ^ 

B^l-na, W Ij Tra"«n V. a. To kindle. 

Bd-loo, y^i W[^ s.f. Sand. 

B^loo-ch6r-ee, f^j^x^. ^l^^^ ac(j. (Silk 
cloth) made in Baloochur near MjotprH^obai. 

Bal-p6r, jJ JO s. m. Adoption of better ha- 
bits. Bal pur nik/ilna. To turn over a new leaf; 
to flourish or prober; to betray one's evil dis-^ 
position, to b^n wicked prauks, to shew the 
cloven hoof. 

B^l-rand, «>J|jJl{ I'T^irt^ s.f. A widow who 
when very young lost her husband. 

Bal-t6r, jy) l{ tiwt^"!^ s. m. A pimple. 

B^luk, uXJ wi^RT s. wi. A young child, an 

Ba-luk-pdn, ^jip\ ^T^RnTTs, tn. Childhood. 

B^lum, jJO ^^W9^ s. m. A lover or beloved 
person; a husband; a kind of cloth. Bulum- 
kheera, s. m. A sort of cucumber in season in the 
nloa ; (a variety of Cueumis sativa.) 

Ba1-zu-b6ob, ^->^y*» s, tn. Bedzebub. 

Bam, (ilj WTf^s.f An eel (Ophidium simack.) 
s.m. The left (side &c.); reverse; an enemy. 
s.f. Woman. 

6am, j»l* «. m. An upper story, the terrace 
or roof of a house. 

B^mbh-nee, ^.x^*^.^+*f^ ) *• /• ^ snake's 

B^m-bhee, ,J^y^J. ^iVt J hole. 

Bam-ddd, »>!j^I| s.f Morning, da^^Ti, aurora. 

Bdmh-nee, ^r^^I ^^f^f^^./. A stye on the 
eye-lids; a lizard. 

B^mh-nee, ^j^^. ^T^fift s.f The wife of a 
brahmun; a medicinal herb, the moon-plant. 

Bdmun-h6ttee,,^5jb^lj'^^^rT^*./. Name 

of a plant, (Ovieda verticeliata.) 
Ban, j^. TIT s, f. Temper, quality, manners. 

z. m. The boar or«wellofthe tide; a kind of rope 

made olnwoty\ used to form the bottoms of beds, 

as well as for other purposes. 
Ban, jU ^ri"^ s. m. An arrow ; a rocket used 

in .battle; the name of an Usoor^son ofRaja Buli. 

Bandfir, A rocket-thrower. 

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[ 16 ] 

a ch d e ee ^ |^ i 

all choose (soft dentnl) get thee gone (Northumbrian r) in 


(deep liquid lingual) 


Ban, jO 8, m, A tree, suhujna (Guilandina 
moring^a) the seeds of which are called hubbaol' 
ban, ben-nut ; or, according; to some, bukayun 
(Melia serapenrirens) ; the tree which yields 
benzoin, (Styraz benzoe); a tree, the leavefl and 
flowers of which are sweet-scented, called by the 
Persians Betf-m^hh, 

Ban, jl| (Used as an affix in compos, only) 
keeper, guardian; so, l>t<r6an, door-keeper; Sug^ 
ban, dogkeeper. 

Ba-na, tl; m^ s, m. Habit, profession ; a 
kind of weapon; fashion in dress, peculiar to 
individuals or to bodies taken individually ; (so 
regimentals may be called bona ;) uniformity; the 
woof in weaving; a veil. Bana bdfufhna, To be 
ready, to be determined. 

Bd-na, ^*^\ w[^ V. a. To open. 

Ba-n^t,CDO^prT?T «./. Broadcloth. Band- 
tee, acff, WooUen, made of broad cloth. 

Ban-ban k6rna, ^*/jkj^, Tt ^ ^<^ l v. a. 
To prate idly, to talk foolishly. 

Bdnrchha, l^l| ^t^ «./. Desire, wish. 

B^n-chhit, ^-s-^l*. ^iTw^ part. Desired, 
longed for. 

Bdnch-na, Usr'O ^t^»rT v. a. To read. 

Bdn-da, WO ^t^ The name of a place. 

B^n-da,t4>) ^,s. m. Aparasite plant which grows 
on trees, (Epidendrum, particularly tesaUatum.) 

B^n-da, IlwO ^j^ adj. Without tail. 8. m. A 
serpent, which has lost its tail. 

B^n-dee, s^^^, irt^ 8./. A female slave. 

Bin-dee, ^^0 Th^ 8. f. A cudgel; a kind 
of dress. 

Bandh, JtS*\^^ ^1X5.111. An embankment. 5./, 
Confinement, imprisonment. 

Bin(lh-na,0^j:b ^-hnTTr. a. To bind, to tie, 
to fasten, to shut, to stop water, to embank; to 
invent, to contrive, to stop, to pack, to aim, 
to build, to compose, to put, to settle. 

Bindh-noo, ^^S*[\ irtv^ 8, m. A mode of 
dyeing,in. which the cloth is tied in different places 
to prevent the parts tied from receiving the die ; 
slander, plot, pkn; a kind of silk cloth; a kind 
of parrot. 

Bin-ee, ^J^pari, act Used substantively, A 
builder, founder, architect, composer. 

Bdn-ee, ^\ '^j^ 8,f. The price paid for a 
work; ashes; the thread with which cloth is woven. 

Bdn-ee, ^^• \ inxft »./. Speech, lang^ge; name 
of the goddess Surusumtee. 

BineeA>bnee,J'fJf^, 4{\^7i\^ 8. j. The price 
of weaving. 

Bdnee-kir, jO^'O «. Architect; compo8er,au- 
thor, begiifner, instigator. B^nee-kdree, t,f. Ar- 
chitecture, composition, commencing a business, 

Bang, ujSli 8.f, Voice, crying out, sound; 
the voice of the m(^>2^n calling Mahometans to 
prayer; the crowing of a cock. Bang (f^na, To 
call Mahometaas to prayer. Bang mama. To cry 
out, to call. 

Bdn-ga, ^^] ^tTT 8, m. Raw cotton. 

Ban-gee, ^^ ^, ^T^^ft s,f, A pattern, a muster. 

Banh, ^*^\ ^f^ 8./. The arm; guarantee,pro- 
tector or security (as, when a person trusts him- 
self in the power of an enemy, a third person, wbo 
engages to return him to his house or fort in se- 
curity, is his btajih.J Baith pdkurna. To protect. 
Bafih tSotna, To be destitute of friends or protec- 
tors. J9anA (fena. To assist. BaijJiguhna, To pro- 

Bdn-hiyan,^l^*l| ^tfr^rt 8, m. A patrom 

Banjh, ^^k tNt adj. Barren. 

B^n-jur , fs^ l; ^i^X adj. Lying waste or &!• 
low (land). 

Bank, v-^l; Thli 8. m. A crook, ourrature, 
bending; a reach or tumingof a nver; fttnlt, of- 
fence, wickedness. #./. An ornament (half circle) 
worn on the arms; a kind of dagger; an exercise 
with the dagger; a settee. 

Bdnka, K.H; irf"^ s. m. A fop, a beau, a cox- 
comb, a buck, a bravo, a bully; a knife or hook 
to cut bamboo with. «./. Name of a river, aty. 
Crooked, foppish, coxoombish. 

B^nka-choor, j^i^l; Thn^ 8. m. A fop, a 
beau, coxcomb, a bully, a bravo. 

Bank-ptin, ji^' k ^t^^nr 8. m. Foppishness, 
debawchery, disorderly conduct. 

Bank-piitta, IJ^c-^'^. Ttinr^r 8. m. A kind of 
fencing with (wooden) dagger and cutlass. 

Bd-noo, ylj 8.f. A lady, a princess. 

Ba-nooa, lyl; '^t^^n 8. m.Name of a n-ater- 

Ba-noo-sa, UyO irr^;^5.m. A kind of cloth. 

Ban-pr6sth, 4^y>c;kmvnr^ 8.m. One who 
retires from the world with his wife and family* 
and passes his life in devotion in the forests; an 
anchoret or hermit. 

Bans, ^jJl; ^t^ s. m. A bamboo; a mea- 
sure of about ten feet, used to measure tanks, 
ditches, and excavations in general. ( A cube of 
one bearis is called a choitka. ) Bans pur churhnOf 
V. n To be branded with infamy. 

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C 17 ] 








r t u w y y ^ 

(hartk palatidc) (soft dental) hut write you my pleasure 

Bdii-sa, Um51| irt^ 8. m. The bridge of the 

Bin-see, ^s^\ Tt^s./ Flute, fife, pipe. 

adj. Made of bamboo. 

Bdns-lee, ^J^\ rN^ft s. f. Flute, &c.; a 

Bans-phir, j^^^O ^t ^^^ l?^ s, m. Name of 
a east who work on bamboos. 

Bdns-ree, ^^y^k ft^ s. f. A flute, fife, 

Bant, Li^'l) wiz s. m. Share, distribution; a 
wdght (t. €» the standard by which things are 
weigked) ; food given to a cow while she is milk* 
ed. Banit chont. Share, distribution. 

Bdnt-na, Ui^O A\6^{ v, a. To share, to dia- 
tribate, to divide. 

B^nur, yO mwK. s, m. A monkey. 

Bao, ^li w^ s.f. Wind, air. Bao bancffinat 
To prerail over an adversary by flattery or in- 
vective without argument. Bao buwfee, s.f. So- 
phistry, exaggerated praise of a worthless being. 
Sao s^mAf Wind being discharged backwards. 
Bao kA r(M but^na, To cheat, to impose on, to 
deceive. Biio kh/mee. To live in pleasure and mi- 
jeyment; to court <me'8 inpirations, t. e. to pro- 
tract a miserable existence. 

Bw), ^l| ^PT s. /. The venereal disease. 

Bao-bh(ik, l^^O HT^^m^adj, A prattler, 

Bao.jh6k, ^^i^y \ WT^T^RT J trifling talker. 

Bao-but-d8,,^lSj^(j n^rm^ 5. f. Being op- 
pressed or possessed by a ^emon or devil; misfor- 
tnne, calamity. 

Bao.g6.Ia, Jf^^li wrr^h^ 5. m. The colick, 

B^la, y^li ^x^m adj. Mad, insane, crazy. 

^•lee, ^^l; ^m^ s.f. A large well into 
which people descend to get water; the drag 
(thing or animal) with which hawks, dogs, &c. are 
taught to hunt; a trick. Baolee (fena. To initiate. 

Bao-len-a, UJ^O ^TZ(%«n s. m. A defect in 

Bio-na, C^l) ^m^\ adj. Dwarfish.. 

B^-ra, \j^\ ^J^n adj. Mad. 

Bfo-ree, ^j^t> ^r^-;^ s.f. A large well. 

Bao^sool, J;-*;^. TT^^ s. m. The colick. 
I R^ y li. imr «. m. Father. Bap kuma. To 
wmsiderasaftther. B(^ re (Ofather!) and JBop 
"•wa (myfiither!) are exclamations expressive 
of sorprise, grief, &c. 
\^k Tl^ S.f. Steam, vapour. 


Bar, J If 8, m. Load, burde^u, heaviness, preg- 
nancy, fruit; time, once, repetition; leave, permis- 
sion, admittance , access ; court, tribunal, assembly, 
convention; sitting of a sovereign to give audience. 
part. act. Raining. Bar^bunf^r, Burthen-bearing; 
a beast of burthen. Bar-bunjl^ree, s.f. The 
means of conveyance; burden-bearing, beasts of 
burthen. Bari-UAtir, Tiresomeness, trouble of 
mind. Bari-iWia, or, Bari-ibfX^^ya, Great 

^ God! Bari&r,part. (used adjectively) Loaded, 
full of fruit, pregnant. Bar k^ma, To load. Bar- 
tviir, adj. Fruitful, producing fruit. 

Bar, jO ^TT 8. f. Time, occasion, delay, s. m. 
Day; door; water; child; hair. s.f. A girl, a 
woman. Bar lug&na, v. a. To deUiy, hesitate. 

Bar, J I) iTTT s.f. Verge, edge. 

fiar* j'^. ^T? s.f Edge, margin, a fence, a 
hedge; a line (of soldiers) ; a place below Patna. 
Bar QOfdna, and jhapia. To fire a volley. Bar 
bdn4hna. To enclose a field with thorns. Bar chir- 
wHna^ or cheema, or rukhna. To shaipen. Bof 
^ilwdfia, or 4^na, To sharpen, grind; to excite, 

Bi-ra, tjlj TTfT s. m. An enclosure; alms, 

Ba-rdh, »!;tj imnr s. m. A hog. 

Barrdn, j]j^^ s. m. Rain. 

Ba-ri-nee, Jf\j^, adj. Relating to, or depend- 
on rain. s.f. A great coat or a cloak for keeping 
off the rain. 

Bar-bdr, jOjO adv. Repeatedly, often. 

Bar^^na, U;.»>;1{ ^rc ^ v. a. To load, to 
givecharge; to impose, give trouble, encumber; to 
give admission, to give leave. 

Bi-re, ,^jl{ adv. Once, one time, all at once; 
at last, at length. 

Bd-ree, ^jt> part act. (used substantively), 
The Deity, the Creator. Baree-fu/ila, The Most 
High God. 

Bi-ree ^;t* -^r^s.f. A garden, an orchard, 
a house" 

Ba-ree, ^^l) Ti-^ s.f A window; a cast of 
Hmdooe" whose business it is to sell torches and 
leaves which are used as pktters; an ornament 
worn in the ear and nose. 

Bd-ree, ^^0 ifT-^ s.f A young girl; time, 
tour, turn; an attendant who waits in turn with 
others. Baree kee tup, An intermittent fever. 

Bd-ree, ^j{> tt^ s.f An enclosed piece of 
ground,a garden, orchard, kitchen-garden ; a house 
with the garden, orchard, kc. attached to it. 

Ba-riek, i^^lj adj. Fine, slender, minute,. 

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[ 18 ] 


a ch d e ee g 

1^1 cUoose (sofk dental) get thee gone 

(NorthTU^briHB r) 



1^ kb 

(deip Bqnid Ungnal) loek 

/sabtlle. Bareek^been, aty. Iat«llig«nt, quick of ap- 
.- prehension, pen^ftratiDg. 
Ba-r£e-kee> ^jl{ «./. Subtilty,ininutene«B. 

Bar-gdh, ^^\\ s. f. A court, palace, place 
of audience. Bargah'i'MaSf Private court, priry 
council chamber. Bargah^i^am, Public court 
(where every body is admitted). 

Bar-geer, jJ\^, 8, m. A horseman (soldier) 
who does not find his own horse; a beast of bur- 

Barh, ^jti ^Vf s. /. A flood; promotion, 

Bar-hd, ^j^, adv. Often, repeatedly. 

Bar-h^e, s^jk s.f. Usurious profit or in- 
terest taken on gfrain. 

Bari-dm (»Ujl{ s. m. Public audience. 

B^-rid, J|jb ^fr^ 5. m. A cloud. 

Ba*rid, ^^\ adj. Cold. 

Bd-rish, Jtjli g.f. Rain. 

Bar-kb^nuh, Js)U*j(i s, fit. A warehouse. 

Bat-kiish \J»^)\ part, act (used substantive- 
ly) Burden-bearing, or drawing; elephants, carts, 
a porter, &c. 

Bdr-na, ^^, TTTnTT r. «. To leave off, to 
separate, v, a. To forbid, prohibit. 

Bir-na, OjO TTi?n v. a. To light, to kindle. 

Ba-roo, ^jk TK^ s.f. Sand. «. m. A child. 

Ba-roo ,;0 ^^ U./ Gunpowder. . 

Ba-roo^y CL>^jH ^^^ J 

Bdro&nee, v^jlj ^r^rift «./. Spirituous liquors. 

Bd-ruh) JJjl* irror adj. Twelve. Barkh bat 
hdna. To be a vagabond, ruined, or harassed. 
Baruh-^^free, s.f. A summer house. 

Ba-ruh-sin-ga, Bi-»>Jj^J ^nrrft^ ^. «. A stag 

Ba-ruk-61-lah,4JJ|vJ;'i God prosper you! (a 
phrase expressive of approbation). 

Bd-run» y:)jk TTCff s. m. Forbidding, pro- 
hibiting, preventing; an elephant. 

Ba-rdn-dugee, ^^)ks»f. Raining, rain. 

Bir-yajVj'^'^T^^s.'w. A whetter (ofswords, 

knives, &c.) 
Bar^ydb, S-^Vj'^ ^dj. Admitted at court or 

into company, obtaining admission. 
Bar-ydbee, erfVj^. *•/• Admittance at court 

or into company. 
Bas, {j**^, ^T^ S.f. Smell, scent, odour. 
Bas, \j*^^, TR s. m. Abode, residence. 
Bas, C^A.; $. m. Excitement^ motivej cause; 

resorrectton. Bat oiuuhr, s. m. The resurrec- 

B^-te, Lli ^^ 8. m. Lodging, abode, dwell- 
ing, temporary residence. 

B^see, ^jub wm^ adj. Stide; perfumed. 
Bcuee kHma, To make stale, to vomit. 

B^ee, ^j^y "^"^part. (used substantively) 
An inhabitant i as, Bim6a«ee, Inhabitant of the 

Bash, u^'O (sometimes used in compos, as a 
silbstantive) Being, living. 

Bi-sha, UG «. m. l A kind of 

Barsh^en,^ b s. f. wnfh" s./. J feleon, a 

Ba-shin*^uh, ^dX^b part. act. Inhabitant. 

B^-shud, vXib aoT. third pers.sing. May be. 

Bd-shuh, AiO 8. m. A hawk, a sparrow-hawk. 

B^-sir-uh, JJj-^ b part. act. Sight, the sense of 

B&-na, U^b wm^8,f. Desire, inclination, 

B^-nai UmsO m^^ V. a. To scent, perfume. 

Bd^suk, w-CO irmv y8. HI. The chle of 

B;S-«(jj>-bee,j^^b^T|;^J serpents, which 
is fabled to support the universe, and which was 
used as a string to whirl the mountain Munditriii 
ohnrnTng the ocean for the umrit, ftc. 

Ba-8ul-6ek, Jf^^^b 8.J\ The great vein in the 
arm, (vena basilica). 

B^sun,^^ m^^ 8. m. A basin, plate, dish, 
goblet, pot, &c. 

6d-sur, jwaO ti^t 8. m. A day. 

Bat, CLj'i TTTf «.y. Speech, language, word; 
aoeount, subject, question, cause, a^r, matter, 
circumstance. Bat bawfhnay To sophisti.eate, to 
prevaricate. Bat bufh6naf To prolong a oontest. 
Bat bigdfna. To mar a plot, to spoil. Bat bundna. 
To make up a story, to make excuses. BatpdM, 
To accomplish one's wishes, to effect one's pur- 
pose. Batphema, To equivocate. Batpkinkna, 
To jeer, to mock, to speak at (but not to). Sai 
tSina, To put off, to excuse one's self. Sat chtd- 
ana. To converse, to start a subject. Bal^eett 
8. /. Conversation, chit-chat. Baf ihtarJaWt To 
persirtt in making excuses, to put off, evade. Bet 
dalna, To throw away one's words, to ask in vain. 
B€4 r^kkna. To assist, to agree, to comply. Bat 
nSkfia, to make good one's words, to be fblfiUed 
or accomplished (declarations), to succeed, to 
overcome, to get the better in arguments, to be 
accepted, to preserve perfect. Bat ka but^khif 

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[ 19 ] 





r t u 

Okamh'fftktfck) (soft dentol) b«t 







i^ma. To milt^lj word*, to taik iwuh on little, 
JElo^ Aiflaa, To iotompC. B^ htor$es niMheen 
JkimSf To W Acoqitaljlo or «fprovoioC <» word or 
«poMih). Ai< ^iraa. To eoovone, tiittc, opeak. 
i9^ jbf&^« «. IM. CoftTortAtioB, oUtpcjMl. jBo^ iUe 
'^afp Vnmmmttg orders* ooioaoiids n«t ^sfaeted 
io|i9^^764« wofdtolQOBrso. Bat kmf ta$ meig^, 

. tf^^ loslwitij. Buf fffffina. To o^poik t»ili# f ur- 
ii#8^ to (qMdk MO tJUfiA one's woids) )i070 effect 
#r wwlro impraenoB. J9ol kig6aa. To iwiwaiiiate, 
to ij t ww t o iiw^hing B^Ucioiisl^. Bf4 mAmOf 
To lor* off, to evade, to divert o Ascomve, &c. 

. ^q$ me» kcntM kSama, To per£MM a Immeis in 
•^€|»^ time«totoiMmotiMeiiidouigMiyiyiig. 
i3<iM# «(»Nbo, To obMo, opeok faatahfy. Batett 
•imna» To f^mrt oteso or honli reproof. 

Bttfc, CL>^. inrw <• fn* Paia in the joktto, riieu- 

B«t, <1^0 H^ s./. A road, a higliway. 
Bat, f2^\ ^TZ ^ m. A weight or measure of 

B^-teo, i^\ Tnft 5./, A caudle, the wick of 

a lamp; a teoit or W^P fV^ into a womid to 

JKOop it op^. 
B^tee, ^0 91!;^ #. / A habk«ti«ii, dwell- 

Mg. lMWo e, home, a fardea-bovee. 

Bite-gWite, ^Vs/^ 'n^ ^ arfzj. Some- 
where or other. 

Bd-ti-ka, ^\ ifrfevT j5. la. A villa, 

Bi4il, Jl'l; o^'. Fake, y«un, absurd, Aitile, 

of fio effiBCt, ignorant, abolished. BaiH^iioS'Sihr. 

AanuHer of enchantment, what or who fmstrates 

Bd-tin, ^i^O s, m. Hie inward part; the 

heart, tuff. Internal^ hidden^ concealed. 
^Hti«-iiee> v^^'^ adj. IftteroaL 
^^'^ooo^e^ U^f^, ¥iq?f^ adj. Coaveraihle, 

MkatiTe, chatty, eat^rtaining. 
Ba-t6o-ni-ya, ^^y^ *<H^ft|i>l s. m. A tatkatiye, 

ooBTonaMe, entertaining person. 

B^-wug, v^l» Tl^^s. m. Seed-time* 
Bi-wuii, jj^\i fTfR" adj. Dwai*fisb» diminu- 
4kr0. s. jfi. The fifdi (fiibled) incaruatjon of 

B^rww,^^ 5. w. Belief, faith, cor^M^ukmey 

tsnth, cnsdit. a4f- Tnie, credible. 
Bi-wur, j^^ ^rnn: «. m. A Idod of sweeiaiieat 
B^wor-chee, s^j)^, s.nuA cook. Baumr^ 

eket-^k6nuh, s, m, A kitchen. 
B^-yai>> jkk ^^TRrt «^. Left, (hand, &c.) 

«. m. The bass part in music, the bass sound (espe- 

cially of ^ tulfbih, dkQluhy and pukha^^j, which 
«j« played on with the left hand). Bayanp&on 
pdqfna. To acknowledge the cunning of au artful 

Ba-yub, Vp^lj irnnr adj. Apart, separate, ^is- 
tjnct; strange. Y*f^ ^of bayub hy^ This is another 

B4-yubf v-r^.^! WT^IT s. m. North-west 

B^ryi]dr6hi-yud9 ^U<>^.^. As it fihould be. 

B^-yuB, ^S THPW s. m. Sweetmeat, &c. 
which is distributed to friends in commemoration 
of a success. 

B^iz, \^, 8.m. A hawk. /. A female falcon. 
Baz44r, s. m. A falconer. Bqz4^ree, $.f. The 
keeping of hawks or £dcons. adv. Again, back. 
Ba}s Ana, To decline, to leave off, to refuse, to re- 
ject, to desist. Baxriikhna, To hold back, prevent, 
forbid. Baz riAna, To decline, reject, leave off. 
atg. Open, (in compos.) Player. 8M4rwy4f&z. 
<3hea9|^yer. BUM^-^^^, A jnggier. 

Baz, yoju ^ 

Ba-za, U«J ^adj. Some, certain ones. 


Ba-z^, jtjl| & m. A m^rkeft. 

Ba^ree, ^^j\ adj. Belonging Ito the mar- 
ket; a market person. 

B^-zee,^j^. «./. Play, sport. BazeepAna^ To 
be victorious or prosperous. B.azee kh^Mf To lose, 
to be cast; to be cheated. B€uee lugana. To wa- 
ger, Bazee lejana. To win, to excel. 

Barz6e-chuh, ^J^J s. m. Fun, play, sport ; 
W9gej[9ng; a toy, ^ play thing, a g^w-^^aw. 

Ba-zee-^iih, Jil^jl! *./ Pkoefor piay. 

Ba-zee-gtir/^jlj s. m. A tumbler, one wiio 

exhibits feats of activity. 
Ba-zee-gurun, ^jlljt> \s. f. A tumbling 
Ba-zeefgur-fieey t^fyk J woman. 
Baz-g6sht, cs.-^jfc/j'^j 8./. Return, retreat 

Baz-|^w^ ^\jti^J^, s. A requirer, an inves- 

Bi-zoo, ^j^i s. m. TJjie arm; the fold of a 
door; the ud^ of a hedstead; a fiiend, a oompa- 
nio9; W» who r<yef;|w the chorus oi the nmrsi- 
ya, ^ aQcompaoier in a song. Bazoo ^^m, To 
assistp toli^,<to 8]Bpport. 

B9HVH)4mxi,,^,^)^, g. m. An ornament worn 
on the arm, a tau^lot. 

Ba-zgs^r-^to, c)^j)k s. m. A merchant. 

Ba-zOfiT-gA-nee, ^^j)k *•/ Merchandise, 
traffick, trade, commerce. 

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(toft dental) 




(Northwnbrian r) 



k a 

(deep liquid lingiul) Unfk 

Baz-p4$rs, (^;JJ^ s. m. 1 Reiterated in- 
Baz-Uiwdst, L£.^t^jO 5././ quiry, minute 

Be, 4^ called Ba in Arabic, is the second 
letter of the Arabic and Persian alphabets; and, in 
the representation of Hindee words by the letters 
of these alphabets, it corresponds to the Nagoree 
^; or with ^^ (he) subjoined, to >f. When used 
numerically, according to the Ul^pid or arrange- 
ment of the Arabic alphabet to signify numbers, 
it stands for two; hence, it is used to denote the 
second day of the week, Monday; and, in astro- 
nomical calculations, the sign Gemini. By way of 
abbreviation, moreover, it is occasionally written 
for the month Rujub, of which word it is the fi- 
nal letter. 
Be, (^. % A vocative particle used contemp- 
tuously, you fellow ! you rascal ! sirrah I 
Be, ^^. a priv. partick or prepos. Without. 
(When prefixed to words, it is equivalent to the 
English in, un, im, ir, less, &c.) Be-db, Without 
water, lustre, temper, dignity, &c. Be^abrdo, aty. 
Dishonourable. Be-Sbee, s.f, Want of lustre,tem- 
per, &c. Be'ittifdiee^s.f. Want of agreement; 
discord. Be-ujult adj. Untimely (death). Be- 
ihfiydt, acff. Incautious, improvident, imprudent. 
Be-ibbiiy&r^ Without choice, helpless. Be-ikb/tU 
y/iree^ s,f, Without choice or election, helplessness 
Be'u4dee, s. f. Non-performance, fiuthlessness. 
Be-{i4ub, adj\ Rude, presumptuous, impudent. 
Be-Htfubee, s.f. Rudeness, presumption. Be-ardm, 
adj. Restless, uneasy. Be-aramee, s.f. Restless- 
ness. BeMibdri atff. Of no credit or estimation. 
Be-itibdree, s.f. Discredit, mistrust, dishonesty. 
Be-itikdif, ad^j. Incredulous, disbelieving. Be-iH' 
M(fee, s.f. Incredulity, disbelief. Be-^futee, s.f. 
The being void of friendship, affection, or at- 
tachment. Be'itniiydzy ad}. Undistinguishing, ill- 
bred, rude, unmannerly. Be-itiujtdxuh, adj. Im- 
moderate. Be'(iuld4eef s.f. Childlessness. Be^ 
eemdn, adj. Without religion, without conscience. 
Be-bdisy adj. Without reason. Bc-bd^, adj. Com- 
plete. Bs'-bdiiee, s.f. Completion. Be^bdky adj. 
Fearless. Be-bdhee, s. f. Fearlessness, temerity. 
Be-bdl-o-puVtCuij. Without power,impotent, help- 
less. B€-bdl'0'p(iree,s.f. Weakness, helplessness. 
Be-btiff* adj. Without blemish. Be»bi<fui, adj. 
Incomparable, inestimable. Be'-b&r, adj. Fruitless, 
barren. Be^burg-o-biir, atff. Fruitless, barren ; 
poor. Be»b(is,adj. Without power, without autho- 
rity or command; helpless. Be-busee, s.f Help- 
lessness. Be-b^^M, adj. Frail, perishable, not eter- 
nal. Be-bult adj. Without power, weak; wretch- 
ed, poor. Be-bundobust, adj. Unarranged, with- 

out order, unsettled (as a country). Bs^Aa, 
adj. Invaluable. Be^buhdr^ adj. Out of seiaoB. 
Be-pA-o^ur, Very wretohed. Be-pur^sih, a^f. 
Unveiled, immodest, qMsly. Be-pArwa, a^. 
Fearieas, careless, without reflection. jB^^ot- 
wdee, s. f Carelessness, thou|^tle«nes8, inde- 
pendenoe, tranquillity, indifference. Be-purkiz, 
acy. Incontinent. Be^mrhSzee^s.f IncontiBeoce. 
Bt'piirte, s.f. The being without wings; belp- 
lesn&eas. Be^phAb^ad^. Shapeless. Be-pier^adj. 
Having no spiritual guide; videos. Bs-pSer, adj. 
Cruel. Be-tdb, adj. Faint, powerless; restte, 
uneasy, impatient. A-^^&e0,s./. Faintness; rest- 
lessness, uneasineis, impatience. Bs^abdmth, 
Restlessly, uneasy, impatiently, feint. Be^asUr, 
Ineffectual. Be-la/, or^«-^dibfA,a<{^*. Outof time 
(in music), ill-timed. Be-^dn, €uff. Out of tone. 
Be-4uhdsba, Without fear, fearless, rashly. Be- 
tu4beer, atff. Incautious, incfmsiderate, unwitting. 
Be-tukisSer.aify'. Itmocent. Be-tukuIiaf^WiikotA 
ceremony. Bc'tukullotfee, s.f The being without 
ceremony, frankness. Bc'^pimunndte, s.f Free- 
dom from desire, contentment. Be^htmeez, a<^\ 
Void of discrimination, indiscreet, silly. Be^- 
meezee, s. f Want of discrimination, indiscre- 
tion. Be-fuwitkinQQ, a€0. Hopeless. Be-tuh, adj. 
Bottomless; unmeanii^, absurd. B&4mkes,s.f. 
Bottomlessness; absurdity, impatience. Be^ihis/r' 
thikdne. Groundless, inconsistent, improperly, in- 
considerately. Be-subdt, Unstable, inconstant. 
Be^subdtee, s. f Instablity, inconstancy. Be-p, 
adj. ni-placed, ill-timed, improper, inaccurate; 
adv. Inopportunely, improperly. Be'*jd4uh, Va- 
riegated coral. Be»jdn, adj. Lifeless, fiunt; valiant, 
brave. Be-jik/rutee, s.f. Want of courage, pu^- 
lanimity. Be-j^Brm^ adj. Faultless, innocent* Be* 
jtrm, adj. Without blemish, spotless (a jewel). 
B&jiguree, s.f Want of courage. ^-^i&^6, ocf^'. 
Unable to answer. Be^ekdrugee, s.f. Helpless- 
ness, necessity. Be^hdruh, adj. Without remedy, 
without choice, helpless, poor. Be^chdl^ and Bs" 
ehdlee, adi. Unprincipled, s. f Misdemeanour, 
ill-behaviour. Be^wrdgi^ atff. Lampless; de- 
solate, childless. Be-chdai^, adj. Incomparable. 
Be-chyn^df. Uneasy. Be-chynee^s.f.XJnesamtm^ 
Bt'hdl, adj. Ill-circumstanced, indisposed. Be' 
hifdbt tuff. Unveiled. Be-fUjabdrnth, adv. With- 
out a veil, openly, shamelessly. Be^ijdbee, s.f. 
Appearing unveiled: immodesty. Be-hti^^f adj. 
Boundless. Be-Marmut, adj. Disgraced. Bs-b^- 
muiee, s.f Disgrace. Be^hi^y adj. Insensible, 
senseless. Be^hisdb, adj . Countless* immoderate, 
inconsistent. Be-h^oxdar, adj. Absent. Be-hik' 
mvt, o^'. Unskilful. Be^huwdss^ adj. Out of one's 
senses, beside one's self. Be^huwdsste^ s.f Dis- 

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n o 

boil to 




(hank palatiek) (toft dental) 









tfttctioB of nund, being ost of ODe*8 sentes. Be- 
hthfOt adf. Shameless, immodest, impudent. Be- 
hty4te€,s.f. Shamelessnees. Be'Udr,iuf;\ With- 
ont tfaorns; without anxiety, without fear, or so- 
licitude. Be*ikAyuh,s.m. An wuiVLch. Beibiuhur, 
adj. IncaatiottS,, careless* heedless, imprudent, 
miiidiMmed, ignorant, unwitting, unintentional. 
jBe-tf6Aree,.«./. Imprudence, carelessness, heed- 
Iflssness. Be-itur-O'iidwuujt^ adj. Without a 
master, without aa owner. Be-Uufa, ai(;. Uner- 
ring. Be-M^ifur, and Be-tMrvh, adj. Free from 
danger, safe. Be^thpdb, adj. Sleepless. Be^Upd- 
hee, M.f. Sleeplessness. Be-Uv^AMsh, adj. With- 
out inclination or qiirit; without pursuit or ob- 
ject or hobby horse. Be^iiM* odj. Beside one's 
self, out of one's mind, enraptured, senseless. 
Be-ibQg46mth^ adj. Like one enraptured or be- 
side himself. Bc'UM^^ s.f. The being beside 
one's self or out of one's mind, eostacy, rapture, 
senselessness, delirium. i?«-AM?r-o-AAi(^&» adj. 
'Withoat inclination to eat or sleep, restless. Be^ 
tkfe^sh^ adj. Friendless. Be'ifd4, t./. Iniquity, 
iiyustice. adj. Uiyust, not doing justice, lawless. 
Bt'4^'^* S' Mu An oppressor. Be^adguree, 
«./. Oppression. Be-if^ijke^ s. /. Injustice, law- 
lesaess. Be-4dsAi» Careless, inattentive, negli- 
gent B«-(f<i#A^e, M.f. Carelessness, inattention 
(particularly not taking care <^ cattle). Be^dgh. 
adj. Spotless. Be'4dmih, adj. Grainkss, seedless 
(as fruit). Be'4^kUkuma, v. a. To exclude. 
Be'4«rd, adj. Unfeeling, void of compassion, 
pitikes, merciless. Be-4wr4€et s.f. Freedom frt>m 
pain; nnfeelingness. B€'4irA^g^ Without delay. 
Be-^vregk, adj . Undeniable, incontestable, readi- 
ly acknowledged; unsparing, pitiless, nngrudg- 
tag, liberal. Be-^UMf-o-pd, adj. (Having neither 
hands nor feet) ; helpless, without power or autho- 
rity. Be^ust6or,adj. Ill-bred, unusaal. Be'4dwa, 
adj. Free from claims. Be'4il^ adj. Heartless,di8- 
pirited; d<»ieoted, sad. Be^iUe, ^./.Heartlessness; 
dejection. Be'4^^ odj. Breathless. Be-ijL'irm^^.f. 
Breathlessness. Be-4'^mAg&t Ill-tempered, impa- 
tient, irritable, easily provoked. B4-4*tmaghdmih, 
adv. lU-naturedly , impatiently. Be^^^andgkee, $.f. 
Bad temper, irritability, impatience. Be-^t^s, a4j» 
Faohless, innocent. Be-^dyiut, adj. Unfortunate, 
Be-^Mruk, or, Be-^^f^^ odj. Without fear or 
doubt, fearless. Be'4^hskut, adj. Fearless. Be-ifu- 
jra, atfj. Unfeeling. Be^^iydmitf fidf. Irreligious, 
ttojust Be^en, adj. Without religion. Be-d^l, 
adj. Shapeless; ugly, uneducated, ill-bred, unplea- 
^nX^Ba-dMb,adj Ill-shaped, ugly, awkward. Be- 
^'^'H*^* <idj. Uneducated, ill-mannered, ill-bred. 
^Tdh^adj. Erring; dissolute, unprincipled. Bc" 
T^hee^ «. /. £rror, wandering; dissoluteness. Be- 

Tubty adj. Contrary to rule. Be-rdsfimgee, $.f. 
The having no rank or degree of honour. Be* 
rdsilmht Without dignity or rank, worthless. Be* 
ruhm, a^. Mercil^s, cruel. Be^ruhmee, s. f. 
Cruelty. Be-ruza, adj. Without leave. Be^rSo, 
adj. Without face; shameless, inhuman. Be^ 
rdoee, s.f. Shamelessness, inhumanity. Be^rU' 
hee, s.f. Error, wandering. Be»riyaf adj. With- 
out guile. Be^b'O'fiya^ Without guile or de- 
c«t. Be-reesh, adj. Beardless (a youth). Be-rS' 
f^ciA, /!£[;. Without fibre. Bestir, a<^'. Disgusted, 
di^leased, sick. Bexdr^ adj. Without money or 
the means of getting it; helpless. Be'ZUriiurSe(f, 
adj. (taking or getting) Without purchase. Be* 
x^ree, s.f. The being without money, indigence. 
Be-zun-O'furzmuft odj. Without wife or children. 
Bezuwdif Imperishable, unchangeable. Be-zSr, 
adj. Weak, impotent. Be^zUirah, adj. Without 
gidl or bile; patient, good-tempered, forbearing; 
indefatigable; shameless. Be;K^^-o-st^e}t«.<, acfj. Ug- 
ly and awkward, inelegant in dress and person. 
Be2^,^>. Unsaddled. ^-satt^,«M:^'. Undis- 
guised, pUin, artless. Be-sdUfugee, s.f. Artless- 
ness, simplicity, undisguised or unstudied con- 
duct. Besds, atff. Without apparatus, toohi, &c. 
, unacooutred. Be^^bub, adj. Without reason. 
Be-siitree, s.f. Unveiling, exposure; dishonour. 
Bes^\ adj. Shapeless, ill-made. Be-sibUiin^ odj. 
Taoitum. BesMK odj. Senseless, besides one's- 
self; enraptured, entranced; in a swoon. Besur, 
adj. Peerless, unequalled. Besderi, odj. Stupid. 
Be-sW'O'pd, Impotent, destitute, very wretched. 
Besvr-o-satndn, adj. Without apparatus, helpless. 
Be'SuUe^h, adj. Without method, inexpert, 
awkward. Be-suUelfugee^ s.f. Inexpertness, awk- 
wardness. BesSei, adj. Shameless. Be^shurmee, 
s.f. Shamelessness. Be^shuSoTfOdj. Ignorant, un- 
informed, a blockhead. Be-sbudoree, s.f Ignor- 
ance, stupidity. Be^sht/fkut, adj. Unkind, unmer- 
ciful, harsh. Be^hukk or Be'shukk'4>»ryb, or Be* 
shukk-o-shdBbkuh, adf. Doubtless, indubitable, 
certain. B€^hQBmdr,adj. Countless, numberless, 
much. Besitbr,adj. Impatient, restless. Be^vbree^ 
s.f. Impatience. Bssurftih, atff. Unprofitable. 
Be-suldht a^y. Ill-advised, head-strong. Be^zubt^ 
adj. Irregular, unrestrained; wanton. Be-zubt" 
rtibf, ajy. Without order or connexion. Be-0ku' 
fee, s. f. Weakness. Be^tdliee, s.f. Bad luck, 
misfortune. Be-furuh^ or Be^Hur, adj. Ill-man- 
nered, unmannerly, uncivil, rude, awkward. Be- 
u4lf adj. Unjust, lawless. Be^iiyb^ adj. Faultless, 
without blemish. Be-ghdyut, adj. Boundless. Be* 
gtiiruz^ odj. Independent, disinterested, indif- 
ferent. Be-gbiU-o-glkish, adj. Without trouble 
or anxiety. Be-^^Hmm^ adj. Without anxiety. Be- 

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(soft dental) 

[ 22 ] 







(NortlraabfflMi r) 




(^MpUqnUliDgiMil) Utk 

glgbfr, adj. Without oonridemtion. Bt-^^yrut, 
adj. Without pride or eankti«B; wmnton, impu- 
dentf in&moiM, rade. Be-igtyruUe, s,f, Dlflg^ce, 
Ac Be-f&iiuhyOdj. U^rafitable, uteleM, vmin. 
Befiki^ adj, TiMughtlees, contented, tranquil. 
Befikree^s, f* Thoogbtletsnest, oontentedness. 
Be-fubwU€4^adj, Slow in cooiprehending, stapid. 
Bejyz, adj. Unprofitable, posgenkig but not be- 
stowing (m a learned man who does sot cooimu- 
Dioate hii knowledge, or a rich nan finom wbose 
wealth no person receires adTantagne ) . Behdboo, 
adj. Withoat restraint, out of ose'e power, secure 
agwast sorprise or attack. Be^'^hcA, adj. With- 
out order or nde, irre|g«lar, unarranged. Be- 
4mr^, adj. loeoMtant, vMettled, r^stiess, trari- 
aUe, ont of patience, uneaay, distfmoted. B€(mrd' 
ree, s,f. Instabilkj, inoonstwiCT', variiMeoess, 
Testlenness, uneasineiis. BeJ^tS^dor, adj. Faalt- 
lesB, knooeat, wtthoat €ul, oonpleteiy, entirely. 
&Mt^ a4j* Uatinaed <a fot, &c,) Btkiul, 
adj. FaithieM, ^xMtoM. Bukijf^t/B^ mdj. Incon- 
ceivable, ooDtrargr 4o the oeiMBum order of things, 
incompreheiwiMB, kninenae. Bek^, Mj. Un- 
ffestDaiaed; irregular. Bek^, adj. Useless, vnem- 
fOeyod. BdWir, adj. Uaemptpjred. Btk&ree, s.f. 
Wwit of emi^oyment. BeAurdn, Mdj. Moreless, 
koMdless. Bekiis, adj. Friendless. Bekue6mh, 
a4f. Frieiidless, deetitute. BMtee, s.f. Forlorn, 
Aiesdless etate. Behtfimee,«.f. The being buried 
without a ohroud. BekiU^ 4uy. Rest^ese, uneasy, 
put of order. Bekutee, «./. Reedeesoess. Be- 
kmm-'a^kdti, adf, Witho«t om l w ion, aronnnte. Be- 
f4h, Q4fj. U^^itaelgr, unseasonably. Be^wmSi, 
m^. Witbo«tt4oubt or suspicion, doubtless. Be- 
g9sMh,a^. lanocent, guHtless. Begw^kee,t.f. 
Innocence. £^Mr,<u{/.|nacces6ible(a river. Ice.) 
'wMiottt ^itepsor a ^fukj to it. BMj, mdj. Shame- 
less, impudent. Bekb&tee, e. f. Nakedness. Be- 
4ikAM, 4uff. Ini0tten1ave« undistinguishing; ili4H»ed, 
uaoaanoerly . Bel^, adj. Unkind> inelegant. Be- 
Usffise, s.f. Udkindness. BemAi, adj. Disgraced, 
dishooovred, diskonoumble. ^e]ii^$«i«;i(f, a<^'. In- 
comparable, uoparaUeled. B0mM,tts^.hkcom^' 
rabie. £^-»iti6i4fiMc^fiA,<k<^. Without oakttlation,, 
«rt« ^nture. Bemii/tuU,Ouit of phu)e, improperly. ; 
Be^^mauruwut, m(^. U«kind, -cruel. Bem^zuh, adj. 
Tasteless, insipid^ displeased. Bemnrngee, s. f 
Tastelessness, insipidity. Bmn^ic^, oc^'. Unmean- 
ing, absurd, foolish, idle, vain. Bemu^46or, adj. 
Without authority; without resource, poor, mi- 
serable. Bem^n, adj. gpintlees. Beminnuf,\ 
adj. Independent, unwilling to incur obligation. ! 
BemSojib, adj. Without cause, without reason. 
Bem^tdMyOdj. Out of place; unseasonable, unapt, 
inopportune, inconyenient. Bemi/tr, adj. Vn- 

kiod,unlrae»dly. Bemihree^ $.f. ViAdmim&m. Be- 
nam, adj. Without character or reputadou* Bt' 
ndm^^^iahdn, adj. Wkhosit name or ehamfiter. 
BemuM, adj. Unfortinnale Bemtxitr^ adj 
Incomparable. Ben rnmuk , adj. Mtleas; ins^id; 
ugly, ordinary. Betmrng, adf. Shamelett. Be- 
n»mg^<y.mmn6oSi adj. Without name or chameter. 
Bendwa^ adj. Indigent. «. u. A ktnd oidarva 
who shaves his ieye-brows and beard. B i itm w6ut 
«./. Indigence, beggary. Bemidgui, adj. With- 
oat bounds. BenipAs, adj. Wanting and asking 
nothing; independent. Bemijfeutee, s.f. inde- 
pendence. BsHodiee, adj. Without a nUer, with- 
out a protector. BB^-ftptiwh adj. Withouta heB«> 
an extte. Be^w^tmee, s. f. BKile, baushawnt. 
B^^wiifa, adj. FaithUei, nngeatefuL Be-mn^ty 
s.f. Infidelity, Ihitklessness. Be-umJ^ireeyS.f. 
Want of dignity. Be-witf, adj. Ont of sesaoo, 
nntimeiy, fl^timod. Bs^ukr, adj. Without di«[- 
nity <»• ehatnetor, dishonourable. Be^mmkkft 
adj. Ignonml, taeKport, stupid. Bskamdi, adj 
Without oompofr, nnoysUed. Be^kimmt/ttOdj 
Unambitious, humble, misorotbly, vilo( stothlal, 
laxy, indolent. Behmada, adj. IncomparsUe. 
Bekdam^, adj. VmkiXM. BehvnffAm, adj. Un* 
limely. Beh6sh, adj. 6eneriess, atupifiod, in- 
toKicatod. BtMskee, s. f. SeneelesBneas, etu- 
{Mdity, intoxicaAion. BakAek, For. nothing, wj^- 

B^fci A*^, %W 8./. A «ort of gfrasa. 
B6di-fia, Usr2< ^mrr v. a. To sell. 

Be-ch6-h«, ^.^Ifi. m. A kiad of tentpitdi^ 
without a pole. 

Bed, «V. %4r ^ m. The <four) aaered books 
of the Hindoo^ viz. rik, sam, i/ujoosk, vAmrv. 
(Met.) CeetaiMty^fiMth. 

Bed, AJ 8.f. A willow, a «ort of cane, a ra- 
tan ( Calamus rotang.) Be4Jb6f One who woikson 
nitans, a basket-maker. BeijibAfeey s.f. Weaving 
with ratans (as the bottom of chairs and the pan- 
nelsiof doors or windows). Be4m^hk, An odori- 
ferous sort of be4 or willow. 

Bed-^t, v4uJ1juj %y^ \ *\ \ s. m. One of the six 
Hindoo systems of -philosophy called ebirs/utru. 

.Bed-4u-tee,4^I*^j| %3^Pift s. m. One profess- 
ing the bcdont system. 

Be-^%j|<^^ adj. Awake, watching^ «rake- 
CuCiPUtohful. Be4ar4miit, adj. Fortunate. Boffar' 
4M, ^ij- AAert> watcbfuU quick of apfttdhension. 
Be4^r4Uetf^ s. f. Atertnees, qukknoss of appse- 
hooaion. JMarse, s.f. Wakofulnees, waking. 

B«i-dee, ^^ ^ a. /. An altar. 

Bedh, »iXJ ^ s. m. Bore, crack, hole. 

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[ 23 ] 

r t 

(harsh piOatiok) (soft 'dental) 

BEG ' 










B6dh-ii»^ UjkOjj %Min V. a. To pierce, to 

B6d4kee, tJi^Sff, %yl\ $. m. A borer. 

Be<fi-ka, IGj "Jlf^^i 5./. An altar, platform. 

B^d-un, jSj ^r^s.f. Pain, sickness^ ache. 

B^wa, f^^Aj! %^pn «. m. A reader of the 

Bee, 1^ ^ A vocatiye particle used in speak- 
ing to women; lady. canj. Also, even. 

B6e-bee^ ^erf 'Wt *./ A lady, a wife. 

Beech, ^^ 'ifttr adv. In, into, among, be- 
tween, during. 9, m. Middle, centre; difference; 
^[oarrel, hostiUty. Beech^ichdo. Mediation, arbi- 
tration. Beech'ptifna, v. n. To differ, to raise a 
quarrel between. Beech kee itnglee. The middle 
finger. Beecha^ biech, (In) the Tery middle, (in) 
the midst. 

Bee-chha,^ ^s:^ iftwT «. m. A scorpion; the 
sign Scorpio. 

B^e-gha, l|C{ VhlT s. m. A quantity of land 
containing twenty kutthas, or 120 feet square. 

Beej, ^^ ^ift^ 8. m. Seed; sperma genitale 
(viri ant mnlieris). 

Beeja^bur-khtind) J^y. Isrit! ^ iftqii^iiafi ' 
«. m. A forest. 

Bee-jir,^tsc-H ^"^rrT^. m. Seedy. 

B6e-jee, ^^^f^. 5./. A weasel, a mongoose 
(Viyerra Iclmeumon). 

B^ejh-na, U^^f^! ^^ttt v. a. To tear up the 
earth with the horns; to push, to shove, to 

B^j-na, Uacri ifhRT 8. m. A fen. 

B6e-juk, uX*:^ <ft*i* «. m. A ticket tied to 
goods or on bags to mark their contents, price, 
&c., a list, an inroice. 

Beem, ^ *. m. Fear, terror, dread, danger. 

B^ma, Uuj ^in 8,tn. Insurance. 

Bee-mir,jUj €u^. Sick, indisposed. Beemar-- 
U^nuh, s. m. An hospital. Beamardnuh, a^f. 
Sickly, like one sick. 

Bee-mar-diir, jt«3jlou; 8. A nurse of a sick 
person. Beemar4aree, 8,f. Care of a sick person. 

Bee-mi-ree, i^j^. 8./. Sickness. 

^«l> ^jd ^^ s./t A kind of stringed iu- 
ttmment, a sort of lute. 

Been, ^ part act (In compos.) Seeing, 

Bee-^ ^ adj. Clear-sighted; /txv)JH\.iv;,.^ 

Be«-ni^«, ^^. 8.f. Sight 

B6en-da, f J^j* i^^^rr «. »i. A roll of paper, 

l^OT-dee, Jsi^ ^n^ s.f. TTie hair twisted 
or plaited behind; a tail. 

B^endh-na, lUbtXJU^ ir^stprr v. a. To bore. 

B6e-nee, ^y^, s.f. The nose. Beenee-^Hioree- 
fyh, adj. Whose nose is cut off. 

B6e-nish, jLkJ s.f. Sight, discernment. 

Beer, j*j t^x s. m. A hero. adj. Brave. 

Beer, jiJ iRt *./. A sister. A tusk, s. m, A 

Beer, j*j ^x s. m. A jewel worn in the ear. 

B6e-ra, l;-rf if^ s. w. Two or three betel- 
leaves with lime and bits of betel-nut wrapt up 
in a conical form; a thong tied to the hilt of a 
sword by which it is retained in the scabbard, a 
sword knot Beera iXitkdiui, v. o. To undertake a 
business. Beera ddlna, To propose a premium for 
the performance of a task. (These expressions 
originate in a custom that prevailed of throwing 
a beera of betel into the midst of an assembly, in* 
token of proposal to any person to undertake 
some difficult afikir then requisite to be perform- 
ed ; and, the person who took up the betel bound 
himself to perfbrm the business in question). 

Beer-bti-hQjhtee, ^.jdt ^Nxu^ 8. A small 
insect with a back red and soft like velvet, scarlet 


B6e-ree, ^j^, ^ftr^ s. f. A betel leaf made 
up with spices, kc. the colour which adheres to 
the lips from chewing betel. A composition which 
being rubbed on the teeth stains their interstices 
of a reddish colour. 

Beerj, ^j-J t\^ s. m. Seed; semen virile; 
power, strength. 

B^er-ta, ^Jj-j iftTTTT*./ Prowess, valour. 

B^e-run, j^rf iftr^r 8. m. Brother. 

Beersa, L«j «ft^ 8. m. A dog which has 

twenty nails. 
Bee-see, ^m' ift^«./ A grain, adj. Twenty. 
Beet, i5^. ^^8.f. Dung of any animal; a 

fictitious salt containing sulphur. 

Bee*that (^ ^JItt «. m. An annular cushion 
put on the head to carry a pot of water on. 

B6et-na, Uiji iftTprr v. n. To pass. 

B^et-na, Isij ^BWT v. n. To spill, to scatter. 

B^OMir, jtv^ ^*W^ *. m. A hole (of a snake, 
nt&o.) * 

B6e.ur,jtv^. ^?Nrf *./ Seed-bed. 

Beg, \S»i ^ 8. m. Celerity, haste, rapidity. 

ikh. Soon, quickly, with haste. 
Beg, u//rf %n s, fn. Dung. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 






(soft dental) 

C 24 ] 








(Nortkombriaii r) 



Beg, c>l) ^^ s. m. A Moghul title, corres- 
pondiDg^ with the English, Lord. 

Beg-^-nugee, ,^1^. s.f. Strangeness, the 
being foreign, or not domestic. 

Be-g^-nuh, i*JI^ adj. Strange, not domestic, 
foreign, unknown, stranger. Beganuh-iio, Of a 
strange or savage disposition. 

Be-gdr, jKj ^iTTT s. m. A person forced to 
work with or without pay. Beydree, s.f. The act 
of pressing or forcing to work. JBegdree ISna, To 
take forcibly or press, with or without pay. 

B6-gee, jCj Tfift adv. Quickly. 

B6g-ma, UXj s.f. A young lady. 

B^«gum, fXj s./. A lady, a queen. (Women 
of rank are called Begums J, pi, Begm/if, 

Beh, ^. %Y *. fn. A hole, a perforation. 

Be-hin-na, Uf^i ^frfTT s. m. A comber, a 
^ carder (of cotton ) . 

B6h4a, ^4** s. m. Money carried by gi-eat 
men to be distributed in charity when travelling, 
&c. BehieUunjidr, The carrier of the Behla. 

Be-h6jMjugee, ^<>^. s. f. Absurdity, 

Be'h6s?-tjuh, »*i^ adj. Absurd, vain, idle, 
fruitless, unprofitable. Behooifu^o, A talker of 
nonsense, a babbler. 

fi^-hur, J^. %^^ adj. Uneven, abrupt, rug- 

B6j-ha, l^sT^? %^ «. m. A butt or mark for 

B6-J00, ^* %^ $, m. An animal that feeds 
on carcases (Ursus Indicus, Indian badger). 

Bekb> ^. *. / Root, origin, foundation, 
Beib-^tun, An extirpator; a judge (as extirpat- 
ing thieves); a thief (as destroying the subjects). 

Bekh, <^ s. m. Habit, dress. 

Bel, J J ^ 8.m. A fruit (Crataevaor iEgle 
niarmelos). s.f, A creeper, climber; tendril (of a 

Bel, J. J %^ flower ( Jasminum zam- 
bac.) Belphiilne, To attain one's precise or ut- 
most wish. 

Bel, JjJ $. m. Spade. 

B6-la, ^o Tf^ s.f. A while, a time. 

B6-la, %J %^ s.f. A shrub (Jasminum zam- 
bac); a cup; a musical instrument resembling 
a fiddle. 

B6-la, ^o s. m. Money for charity. Bela- 
bur^dr. One of the retinue of a great man who 
scatters money among the people. 

If kh 

(deep liquid Ungual) loch 

Bel-b6o-ta, (^^ J-J %^9;jZ}s.m. A shrub, bush 
or creeper. 

661-chuh, ^^. «. m. A hoe, a spade, a small 

Bel-dir, j|J^. s.m, A pioneer, a digger, 

user of a spade. 
B^l-na, ULi ^^nn *. tn. A rolling pin. r. a. 

To spread out, to laminate. 

B^loo, ^. %w Rolling. 

Be-liJB, ^. ^%T a(f;. Dispirited, heartless. 

B61-uk, i-<Lj 8. f. A small mattock; the 
iron point of an arrow. 

Bel-un, jL \^r^ s. m. A rolling pin. Belunij 
A branch. 

Be-m^t, C^Uuj iliHTT 8,f. A step-mother. 
Bemaf-bhdee, A brother bom of a different mo- 
ther by the same fiither, a half brother by the fa- 
ther's side. 

Ben, ^^. ^ 8. m. A flute, pipe, flfe. 

B^na, Uj %^ 8, m. The name of a g^ass^ 
Sm9 (Andropegon murioatum); a &n. 

B£nch-na, Us^. i^pin v. a. To sell. 

66n-da, «i-J ^fn adj. Crooked. 

B6nd-na, Oj^.^frin v, a. To plait, to braid. 

B6-nee, ^, \^ s.f. The hair twisted be- 

Beng, L.^ ^ 8.m.A frog, paddock, toad. 

Bent, \2-^;.ri ^ s.m, A handle. 

Beo-h^r, jllb^o \^X\X s. m. Profession, call- 
]ng,trade, negotiation, transaction, practice, cus- 

B6o-hur,jJb^5j ^^TTT 8. m. A loan. 
B6o-hur-a, l;te^ ^iTTTT s. m. A creditor, a 

Beo-p^-ree, ^^;0^ ^^^HTt s. m. A mer- 

B6o-ra, Ij^. %m«.»». Difierence, dbtinc* 
tion; explanation, history, detail of circumstances, 
account, an account of particulars or detailed ac- 
count (in book-keeping). 

Beo-re-w^r, jl^j^, ^^^:^}Xadj. Explicitly, 

Ber, j*ji[T8.nL A fruit, that of the jujube 
(Ziayphusjnjuba); also, the tree; time, turn, 
vicissitude, delay; while. 

Ber, }-J ^ s.m. An enclosure. Berbimee 
kuma. To enclose a field. 

B6-ra, I}** ^ s.m. A raf^ a float; the raft 
which is floated by Mahometans in honour of 
Sbfpajuh Sl^zr. ^Besides the anniversary Bera 

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[ 2o ] 

r t 

(harsb palatiek) (soft dental) 










offered to propitiate him, hondreds of smaller ones 
with lam^ may be seen on Thursdays of the month 
Bkadon particakrly, which are offered by the 
Mahometans to him. Beta bdwflma, v* a. To 
eolleet a crowd. Bern par kuma or lug6nm. To re- 
lieTe from distress, to remove difficulties, to help 
one throo^h a business (lit. to ferry ovjer a raft). 
Befapar konOy To obtain deliverance from mis- 
fortune or distress, to succeed. 

Ber-bir, j^Jj-j ^T^ adv. Often, frequent- 
ly, repeatedly. 

B^ree, ^^i %ift s.f. A tree, (Zizyphus ju- 

B6-ree,^^j^. ^[^8./. Irons fastened to the 
legs (of criminals, elephants, &c.), fetters; the 
baskets used to irrigate fields with. 

B6r-ha, ^,^adj. Crooked. s. m. PaHng, 

fi^rh-na, UJbj^. ^t^prr v. a. To enclose with 
a fence, to surround; to pound (cattle, &c.); to 
drive away cattle. 

B6-ri-ya, Gj-J s. m. A cast of Hindoos. 

Be-roon, J^jdtprep. Without, on the out^^ide. 
Bero<mfai, Country (opposed to town). Beroon- 
jatee^ A villager, belonging to a village, a conntry- 

Besh, {J»^^ adj. More; good, proper, well, 
ecodlest, elegant, delightftiL Besh-^emut, Of 
great value or price. Besh uz hesh, Very much, a 

B6-shee, i,s^. *•/• E^ccess, surplus. 

Besh-o-kum, f^^cArf adj. Not much, a 
moderate quantity, more or less. 

Besh-tur, ycAri adj. comp. More, for the 
nost part, exceeding, better. 

B&h-tJi, **^ s.m. A forest. 

Be-d-tfion, jy^****» n. prop. A celebrated 
niomitain in Persia, which Purhad dug through 
at the command of his mistress Sheereen. 

Bes^n^ tee,^'y-*«j ^4i^i<^1 *-/ A cake made 
of pease-meal. 

Be-s^hra, \y^^ i|^pcT adj. Out of tune. 

B&.an, jLj^ ?h^ s. m. The flour or meal 
^polse (particularly of cAaim, Cicer arietinum). 

Be^-ee, ^>**uj \^^ adj. Made of or 
ttixed with 'besun, 

B6.sur, y^^ ^ s.f. The small ring worn 
u the nose. 

B^-«ur-a, 1;^. ^J^Tj s.nuA kind of falcon, 

Bes-ws^ I^M*jj %^^ s,f. A prostitute. 


Bet, ^^:L^/^8.f. A cane, a ratan, (Calamus 

B^t-a, U^. %ZT*. m. A son, a child. 

Bet-^1, jbaj %7rTO 8. m. A dead body occu- 
pied by an evil spirit; name of a demon. 

B6-tee, ^^. ^ s.f. A daughter. 

B6t-hun, ^^^4^ \s^ 8. m. The envelope in 
which cloth purchased is folded up, to which the 
purchaser is entitled ; pack-cloth, wrapper. 

Be-wa, t^ 8.f. A widow. 

Be-wdn, ^t^. %Tn^ 8. m. The vehicle or 
self-moving car of a Hindoo god; a (Hindoo) 

Be-z^r, jl^. adj. Displeased, angry, out of 

humour; (vulg. sick.) Bezdree, s, /. Anger, bad 

humour, displeasure. 
Bhi'hee, ^,[^ -k^]^ adj. Future, about to 

be, predestinated. 
Bhdb-hee, v^l«>a>ft«./. A brother's wife. 
Bh^don, j^^l^ VT^ 8. m. Name of the 

fifth solar month, August (in which the full moon 

is Aear Poorvubhudrapud,) 
Bhi-ee, ^'l^ vrrt*. m. Brother. 
Bhaee-b6nd, «^^^l« xU^^ s.m. Brotliers, 

rehitions, friends." — l,<r*C^.i fca T^.^ra,ljU^^l^>ni^Tr5. jw. Bro- 
therhood, fraternity." 

Bhaee^h^ree, ^jU^l« >nt'^ 8.f. The 
relationship of brothers, brotherhood. 

Bha-6en, ^/.Ig >ni?r adj. Terrible, awful. 

Bhag, vJ^l« MTT 8, m. Fortune, destiny. 

Bhag, L/t« >rnr 8. m. Share, portion, quar- 
ter, lot; (met.) chance, venture, destiny. 

Bh^g-a-bag, L/ljtf*l« ^HTm^ 8. m. Flight, 
running away. 

Bha-gee, ^J^ VT^ 8. w. A partner, sharer, 

participater. adj. Fortunate., OUu/l^j >rR^rprT v. n. To run 

away, to flee. 
Bhag-m^n, jUrt^ vrnn^ adj. Fortunate. 

Bhagmdnee, s.f. Good fortune, prosperity. 

Bhag-na, UA^ >n'PrT v. n. To flee, to run 

Bhag-ul-poorree, ^j^^lA^ ^i^rwjK*) 8. m. 

A kind of cloth from Bhagulpoor, nuule of silk 

and cotton. 

Bh^-ur,y^ >rPrf 8.f. Flight, a general 
emigration, escape, immediate danger. 

Bhag w^n, j\S\^^ >n^T'T adj FortunaterrJ^ 

Digitized by ^-^ ^ ^V IV^ 






(toft deaUl) 

[ 26 ] 








(Northumbrian r) 



If kk 

(deep liquid Ungual) loc]| 

Bh^jee, i^^ MV^tt s.f. Greens; a portion 

or share of food. 
Bhaj-na, ^^. >rT^^ v. «. To flee, run 

away, v, a. To fry. 
Bha-jun^^^ll ^rnPT 8.m.X plate, a dish, &c 
Bh^-jur, j^l^ -^IWKs.f. Fhgh^ 
Bh^-kha, ^^ >n^T s.f. Speech, language, 


Bhdkh-na, U^l^ "^HVm v. a. To speak, to 

BlUlk-aee, ^^^^ MT^ #./ A kiln. 

Bhal, Jl^ M1W «./. The point of an arrow; 
the forehead; fortune, s, m. A bear. 

Bhd-la, Xl$ >nWT 8. m. A spear (about 
seven cubits long). 

Bh4-lQfik, u^^) >fra^ 1 
Bhd-loo, yW. >A l^-^-A^^^- 
Bhariyt, Ls.^ l^. >n^hT «• m. A spearman. 
Bh4-na, 01^ >rprr t?. n. To suit, to fit, to be 

approved of, to be agreeable, to be acceptable. 
Bhand, (3<)^>rhr ^. m. A mimick, an actor; 

a small earthen pot. 
Bh^n-da, \ii^, >rhn 8. m. A large earthen 

pot; state, equipage. JBhanda phSotna, v. ». To 

lose one^s character. 
Bhand-na, Ojjlg >rhff3n v. a. To abuse. 

Bhang, vj?*^! >rhr <•/• Hemp, (Cannabis sa- 

tiva,) of which an iatoxicating potiou is made. 
Bhanj, g^*W. 'H't^ 8. m. Twist, twisting. 
Bh4n-ja, Wl#. ^^ 8. m. A sister's son. 

Bh^n-jee, ^^^. >f+«i^ «./• A sister's daugh- 

Bh^n-jee, ^r^'W Vl^ «• /• Interruption, 
hindrance; tale-bearing. BhanJee^Uor, «. jr. An 
interrupter, a tale bearer. Bhanjee khatuty v. a. To 
give malicious intelligence. Bhanjee 4^na, or 
mama, v, a. To interrupt, to put a stop to, to 
break in upon. 

Bhanj-na, Uac'l^. xtw^ t?. a. To put into 
circular motion, to twist, to turn on a lathe, to 
wave, to brandish. 

Blian-m6t*ee, ^Ji^tjK^ MTHnft^./! A female 

Bhdn-na, UJlfj vutt v. a. To tmii (on a 
lathe), to put into circular motion. 

Bhd-nop, yl^ >fT5 8. m. The sun, light, a ray 
of light. 

Bhant, cs^t« >rtftr 8,f. Manner, mode, me- 
thod, kind, sort. 

Bhant, vJSJl^ xt? 8.m. A medicinal plant, 

( ClerodeBdron infortunatum ; Volkamevia inlbrtu* 

Bh^n*ta, l^l^. KhrT 8. m. The egg plant, 

( Sobmnm melongena.) 
Bhant-bh^nt, vj^^t^ivx^li; ^tw >ffif adj. 

Bhin-wur, jyW. ^rtTJC \8, f. Rerolu- 
Bhin-wree, v$;y W. >rhn^ J tion, circulation. 

Bhai^iwree phimaf v, n. To circle; to be saeri- 

Bhao, ^t^! MT^ 8. m. Price, value, rate ; 


Bhao, ^t^. V1W «. m. Sentiment, passion, 
choice, liking, will, disposition, notion, idea; 
blandishment; gesticulation, acting, pantomime, 
expressing a meaning by signs; a sudden idea or 
emotion of the mind; living, being; existence, 
thing. Bh(to butdna, v. a. To gesticulate. 

Bhdo-na, G^l^ HT'RT v. n. To suit, fit, be ap- 
proved of, to be agreeable, to be acceptable. 

Bb^-ta, t^ltf VT^^ acfj. Amiable, dear, 
beloved, lovely. 

Bhaph, #4{lf! >(T7 «•/ Steam, vapour. 

Bh^ph-na, U^^i XTfn v. a. To conceive, 
gneas, comprehend. 

Bhar, jl^ MTK 8. nu A load, burthen, a 
great weight of gold, weight, gravity, ihggot. 

Bhar, j^ >n^ s. m. A furnace, kiln (parti- 
cularly, for parching grain) ; the price of fornica- 
tion. Bhar kh6na, v. a. To Uve on the wi^vs of 
prostitution (not the woman, bnt her dependaiOs). 

Bh^ra, l;l|! M HJ I. m. A load, burthen. 

Bh^-ra, fjV. MiTfT «. »». Hire. 

Bhd-ree, i^jlfj yr^orf/- Heavy, weighty; of 
importance, valuable) big, great, fiit, large, grave, 
steady, patient; strong, thick; troublesome, s. m. 
A porter, carrier of burthens. Bhareep^tthur 
chSomhir chhSpia, To withdraw from a difficult 
or impracticable undertaking. 

Bh^-ja, l*-;Ww^s./. A wife; the wife 

of a rag or deity presiding over a musical mode. 
Bhi-rut, CDjltf MiTn 8. m.The heroic poem 

which contains the account of Joodhighthir* 9 war; 

one of Uie nine divisions of the world, India. 
Bh^-ya, Ojl* >n4T «./ A wife, a maixied 

woman ;a musical mode, the wife of a rag or 

deity presiding over a musical mode. 
Bhd-sha, Uli) MTitT 8./. Speech, language. 
Bhas-kur, /-»l« htoR: s. m. 'ilie sun; aHin- 
Digitized by VjOC^^^ 


C 27 ] 


n o oo OP Oy r 

boa so too good oar (htnli'palatkk) 

" ■ v — r — 
t u w y y gh 

(soft dental) but write you my pleasure 

do4> ftrtroiuHiier, aiith«r of the 8iddha>U Sktro- 
imon, and other wwtkn. 

Bll^ul-IU^ U^^{ VY9>n t>. n. To be known, to 

BhSr-sagr^ j^{^ >rT^ $. m. A husband's el- 
der brother. 

Bhat, CL>1^ HHT s, m. Boiled rice. 

Bhat, «i>lf{ VT3 s.m, a bard; a tribe- 

Bh^ta, t?l^ >rnrr *. wi. An extra allowance 

to tro<^ oa servioe. 
Bhit-ha, l^l« MVH s. m. A current or 

stream, the ebb»tide* 
Bh£trhMi uf'^ >rnft«. / Bellows; down 

the riyer, with the current. 
Bhat-hi-y^ J W* %nft:imr £* tn. Down, 

below, down the nyer, with the stream. 
BhiUtun, J)^ VT^^#./ The wife of a 

BhiUvit, CLi^ltf \nfkna4f. Thoughtful, anx- 

ions, apprehensiye, alarmed. 

Bhii-Yun^ t;^t4! W¥^ «./. Consideration, 
anxiety, apprehension, contemplation, thought, 
doubt, fear, concern. 

Bhiy-yn, ^i^ttf. MTOf/w/. part. That which 

must be. 
Bh^-wen, j>.^W, "Ml* postpos. maS. In the 

consideration, thought, notion or idea* 
Bhd-wuh, 5J;t#.>rT^: s.f. A younger brother's 

Bhii-wuj, ^^! KHW »./ A brother's wife. 

Bhi-wuk, yJj^ -^m^ s. m. Thoughtful ; a 

friend, a loyer. 
Bhed, Ju^ ^ i. m. Separation, difference ; 

Secrecy, mystery. Bhe4 tena, v, a. To spy, pry 

into, work one's self into confidence* 
Bh^-dee, ^S;^, >1^ "^ adj. Intelligent ; 
Bh6-di-ya»"lit>jg ^H^ j s. m. A scout, a 


Bh6-doo, y^, >|^ s. A secret-keeper, a con- 
Bhcd-ok-iya, Ij/*^ ^ ^Pb^l 8. m. A scout, a 

Bhee, ^^ >ftcwy\ Also, too, even, and. 

Bh^ech-na, Us^ ^ft^TT t?. a. To squeeze, 

%> compress, to crush. 
Bh^j-na, Is^. ^ft^Bpn v. a. To be wet; to 

be al^cted (with grief). 

Bh^^na, l^ tfhPTT 1 t?. n. To be wet 
Bheengna, Uiug >ft'RT J i?af hheegna^ is 

applied to the night passing in mirth and musical 

Bheekh, k^> -v^ 9.f. Begging, charity, 

Bheel, J^. >^v «. m. A race of mountain- 

Bheem, ^^ >ftir 1 n. /wqp. 

Bheem-s^n, ^^^^ >fi^K%«r/ The se- 
cond brother of JbodAitfAMir. 

Bheem-ft^-ee, cs^f^ ^ft^i*^ «. /. A 

Bh^e-na, ^^, >ftwT a^. Wet. 5. m. Sister's 
husband; brother-in-law. 

Bhee^g-na, f^^J^. "^ftT^n v. «. To be wet, 

Bhee^t, uu-^^^ ^JVtt «./ A wall. 

Bheer, j^ y^8.f. Multitude, croiwd,mob; 

a press of work, trouble, difficulty. Bheer-bhar, 

$. f, A crowd, a mob, a multitude. 
Bheet, <J!-^ y^s,f. A wall^ or breadth of 

a waU. adj* Fearful. 

Bh^e-ta, l^ >^HT s. m. An old house, a 
former residence (proyided some yestige remain). 

Bh6et-ree, ^y^ ^ft*?!"^ adj^ Inward, inside, 

Bh6e-(ur, y^ ^Atr: adv. Within. 

Bhee-fur-iya) ^,ft€ ^frnfr^T adj. Used sub- 
stantiyely. The people who liye in a house, not 
strangers, domestic} men who preside at a temple 
(i.e. Bhundaree, a steward; Poofaree, a priest; 
Busoiya, a cook) ; those among the guests at a 
wedding feast who,eat in company with the reht- 
tions of the bride (those who partake of the feast 
without, being called bcdiuriya). 

Bh6j.a, W^. ^TsTT a. m. The brain. 
Bh^j-na, Uarirft ^sfj V. a. To send, to 

Bhek, lJ^. >Nr ^- ^* A toad, a frog. 

Bhekh, ^4^^ >t^ s. m. Disguise, assumed 

appearance, dress, &c. semblance. 
Bhel-a, ^^, ^m s. m. Semecarpus anar- 

Bh^l-ee, ^^1*^. >f^ s. f. A lump of coarse 

sugar (or ^oor). 
Bh^n-a, U^ ^T*./ Sister. 
Bh^n-^ra, l^jj^ 5fin <m&'. Squint-eyed. 
Bhent, ^^^^ >f<r 8. f. Interview, visit; a 

Bh6nt-na, ^^^^^ ?fz^ v. a. To meet with, 

to visit. r-^ T 

j^ 2 " Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


C 28 ] 










(soft dental) 




(Northnmbrian r) 




(deep liquid Umgual) 


Bh6o, y*^ ^ 8. m. State, being, nature, 

Bher, ^f ^ «./. A kind of pipe, a musi- 
cal instrument, a keetle-drum. 

Bber, y^ ^ s./.A sheep, an ewe. 

Bh^r-a, Ij^jf ^hyr s. m. A ram. 

Bh^r-ee, ^p« >hft s. A piper. 

Bher-ee, ^ij<^ ^l"^ s.yi An ewe. 

Bher-iya, W^ >|f^4l *. w. A wolf. Bheriya 
(fhusan, «• m. A multitude crowded together like 
sheep in a pen, the act of foUowiog the example 
of another. 

Bh^r-na, tj*^ ?^y^ v. a. To shut, toxjlose. 

Bhes, (j*M^ ^ «• m. Dress, appearance, as- 
sumed likeness, counterfeit dress, semblance. 
Bhes-i/h/iree, adj. Putting on the dress, assum- 
ing the appearance. 

Bhet, vi^*f ^Z8.f. Meeting, interview; a 
present to a superior. 

Bh6t-ee, ^^^ ^"^ s.f, A stalk, stem. 

Bh^t-na, U^ >|^^ v. a. To join, to meet, 

to ar^ye; to make a present to a superior. 
Bh£t-oo, y^ >|^ 8,f. A stalk, a stem. 
Bh^t-un, J^t n^Zr^ verbal 8ub. To meet, 

Bhich-cbhi(K^k, iJhJ*^ flfj^^.iw. A beggar. 
Bhig6H[ia, t^ fir%T^ r. a. To wet, to 

Bhi-j^na, tlar^i fJnrprr v, a. To cause to be 

wet; to wet, to moisten. 
Bhij-w^-na,V't^aKr€! fir^r^nTT v. a. To cause to 

Bhik-h4-ree, u:jV^ f>fwrft s. m. A beggar, 
lihikh-ree, ^^^ fif^nft ^'/^ An uniUIed 

grain, a shrivelled grain. 
Bliik-sha, ti^ f\m 8./. Beggiitg; alms. 
Bliik*shOQk, uX^.^^ .fif^^ 8. m. A beggar. 
Bhil-^-wau, jl^^S f><«r^i' 8. m, A nut used 

for marking clothes, kc. ( Semecarpus anacar- 

Bhil-ton-jee, ,^^ac:'^ fli5fl^*1 8./. The seed 

oHhe Bhilaw£tn. 
Bliin-bhi-n^na, OU^^x^ fiffM'TPrT t^. «• To 

buzz as a fly. 
Bliinn, ^. fiffr odj. Separate, apart, other, 

different. BAinn Bhinn, adv. Various, one by one, 

Bhin-nd-na, OU^i fvfiTT^T v. n. To have a 

singing in the ears, to be giddy; to sound (as 

shot, brass pots, &c.) 

Bhin-dee„,^ii;< fHpii $./. A vegetable, (Hi- 
biscus eaculentas.) 

Bhin-de-hb^nuh, ^U^^cXi^ 8. m. The room 
appropriated to the apparatus of the Booika. 

Bhin-s&r, jU;^ fir^^TT s. m. Dawn of day. 

Bhint-wis, ^^ fifZlTO *• »». A grain, 
the fruit of the koee or water-Kly. 

Bhin-6k*na, t^ f>R1f«n v. «. To buzz (as 
a fly); to be covered with flies, to swarm. 

Bhi-r^na, 0|j€ firSJ^ v. a. To join, to 
place dose to. to ck)6e; to cause to fight. 

Bhir-ha, bb^^ firTT s. m. A wolf. 

Bhir-kihtee, ^j^ firtf^ *./ The eye- 

Bhir-na, th< fir^pTT v, n. To close (as two 
armies), to come together, to be joined, to shoul- 
der, to join, to be phiced together touching each 
other, to be continuous. 

Bhish-tul, J^^ fifW3^ s.f. A foolish or 

stupid woman.' 
Bhft-nee, ^^^ ^M^r^ s.f. A nipple. 
Bh6-ee, ^y^ >|Ti^ 8. m. A chair-porter, 

a palkee bearer; a bearer; a white cat. v 

Bhog, ui^ 51tt *. i». Enjoyment, suffer- ;- 
ing; pleasure, satis&ction; possession; eating, > 
victuals. BAoff Auma, To enjoy, to suflfer. 

Bhog, u^. ^^ 8. m. Abuse, rudeness. 

Bh6-ga, 1^ ^Jmi (inelegant) 8. m. Fraud, 
trick, deceit, illusion, deception, imposition, 
treachery, roguery, cheat. 

Bho-gee, ^j9. ^V^ odj- Jovial, jolly. 
Mun bhogee hurm 4uri4reey By nature fond of 
pleasure, but condemned by fate to poverty. 

Bhog-na, U^ ^TTr v. tu To enjoy, to suf- 

Bhoj, ^^. ^jTiT 8. m. Eating, feast, n. prop. 
A celebrated raja. 

Bboj-p6of,;^iy« >^rai7: n. prop. A coun- 
try near Chhnpra. 

Bhoj.p6ttur, yi'^ ^h^PT^T 8. wu The 
bark of the Birch tree used in making IIookMa 
snakes, and wrapping shawls, kc. and in Cashroeer 
for writing. 

Bh6 jun, j^j^ >h^r^ *. m. Eating, food, 

Bh6kh-na, W^ ^fwn v. a. To bark. 

Bho-ku^, ijJy^, ^JW^ 8. m. A wizaid, sor- 
cerer, magician. 

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[ 29 ] 


<29 r 

onr (karsli palatick) 

(soft deatal) 










Bh6-la, ^^ ^iw\ 1 ocif^ Simple, artless, 

Bh6-ra, tj^ ^tr/ underngpoing, inno- 
emt. «. n. A species of isk. 

Bho-lee, ^Jy^ ^fpfiadj.f. Innocent, art- 
less. Bholee bafe^ Innoceot prattle. 

Bh^^n-poo, j^ft ^fTT'' **• A horn, wind 

Bh6n-da, \i^y^ ^flWT o^. Ill-shaped, use- 
less, bad, ugly* obscene. 

Bhon-doo, ^^ ^h\ odj* Silly, quiet, mild, 
srtless, simple. 

Bbon-ghur-a, 1;^^ >h^TT b. m. A vault, 
csTem, cellar. 

Bhonh or Bhognb, ^'^. >fT «./ Eyebrow. 

Bhonk-na, Ui)^ ^XW^ v, cu To thrust, to 
drire (as a nail). 

Bhont-ra, \fifl ?^hf^ adj. Very fat. 

Bh6n-kus, yjSi^^ ^H'^IT^ !»• m. A wizard who 
is supposed to prey upon children (or men or 
women) till he brings them to the grsTe. 

Bh6n-tha, V^. ^^Nt odj. Blunt, obtuse. 

Bhoo, ^. ^ z.f. Earth. Bhoo-tulj Under the 
earth, the earth. 

Bh6o-a, !j€ ^^^ *. f> Father's sister; a 
worm, a caterpillar. 

Bhoo-bhul, Jf^ \JV^ s. m. Hot ashes. 
BbgsK^ £^ "^ ^'* Barbarous, ignorant ; 

«. m. A fnmbler. 
BhOH^um-pa, V^?^ "^^ ^* ''^ Name of a 

tree; a fire- work like the flower of that tree. 
Bhog-chiing, iJ^^. ^^ s.nLA bird, (La- 

nius csmlescens.) 
Bhoo-een, Ji^ ^ «./ The earth, ground; 

A kind of caterpillar covered with hair and des- 
tmctiye to JBer trees. 
Bhoo-een-chiimpa^ Ll^ J^, 8. tn. A kind 
of fire-works like a flower pot (resembling those 
commonly called Unttr)', name of a flower, 
(Koerapferia rotunda). 

Bhoo-een-dol, J;5 j5j« *jik%M s. m. An 

Bh4?g-ga, lx( '^^nrr €ulj. Simple, foolish. 
Bbopg-td-na, tGf{{ •j^nTTiTT v. a. To cause 

to enjoy, to distribute, to cause to requite. 

Kio^-gutHDo^n, jlo^ ^<id*<M adj. Fit to 
eijoy, deserving punishment. 

BhQo^t-na, Uii^ "^^HT^ v. a. To enjoy, 
to snier, to receive the rewacd of virtue, or the 
punisluient of a crime. 

Bhoo-hee, J^y^ ^^ «./ v^shes. 

^^^i g^ V^ s. !». ^ The arm (above 
the elbow) ; the perpendicular or shortejtt side of 
a right angled triangle. Bh^ bhttma. To embrace. 

Bhig-a, M'. ^^rr «./ An arm (above the 

BhQsg-btindh, JJ^'gv^ ipnhf «.»». An armlet. 

Bhoo-j^I, Jt^^^ ^f^ *• A species of bird. 

Bh&-jiya, U^H*. -vfiw^j s.f. Greens. 

6h<i$g-na, Uapfi ^^nrr^-m. Parched or scorch* 
ed grain. 

Bh(K>-jung, L-6^ ^"^ir s. m. A serpent., l6«« ^rgfin *. m. A kind of 
shrike, (LanittscaHnlescens.) BhOQjunge Qsrdnn^ 
To be in great distress and poverty; to spread 
fiUse reports. 

Bh6o-kha, ^^ -igmadj. Hungry. 

Bh6o-khun, j4^y^ ^S^^^ *. m. A dress, orna- 
ment, jewel, embdlishment, decoration. 

Bhoo-k6mp, «^<x<^ ^f^ 8. tn. An earth- 

Bhool, J^ ^ i. / Forgetfulness, an 
error, mistake, blunder. 

Bhoo-la-bh6tka, i^)fj« >f^n>rCTfT'l^ adj. 

Bhoo-la-bfsra, f;^.^^. ^wft^TT } Miss- 
ing the road, (generally a person) calling on ano- 
ther in consequence of some accident, &c. not in- 
tentionally to pay a visit. 

BhQp-14-na, 0^ ^^T»n v. a. To cause to for- ^ 
get ; to inveigle, to mislead, to deceive, to fascinate, 
to coax. 

Bhoshl^-wa, I^^f ^wm s. m. Deception, 
fraud, cheat, deceit. BhogUnca (fena, To deceive, 
to play a trick. 

Bh6ol-na, U^ ywT v. n. To forget, to err, 
to mistake, to blunder, to miss, to omit, to stray ; 
to vanish. 

Bhop-lus*na, U«J^ ^^l^m t;. n. To be sing- 
ed, scorched. 

Bhoom, ^^-^8./. Land, earth, the earth. 

Bh®m-yan, J^^ •ginrr^ s. m. Landholder. 

Bhoon, j^ >f 8./. Ground, land, earth. 

Bho6n-chumpa,LLfc.j^^ ^fTTri m. A plant, 
( Koempferia rotunda. ) 

Bh^nd-lee, ^^^ ^^^ s.f. Afeindof worm 
covered with hair. 

Bhoond-py-ra, l;^33^ ^t^^TT adj. Un- 
lucky, ill-omened. 

Bh6on-na, U^; -jppn v. n. To be parched, 
grilled, fried, broiled. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

a ch 
all choose 


(soft dental) 

[ SO ] 






(Northumbrlaa r) 



(deep liquid Uagnil) 


Bhoon-na, U^ "^t^f^ ^- «• To fly, parch, 

grin, broil, toast or inflame, 
fihoons-na, ^^^. "^jyc^ t?. n* To bark. 
Bhoop, <y^ ^ s. m, A king, a sovereign. 

Bhoo-p^, J'*ij€ ^JTT^ *. »i. A landlord, 

a king, a raja. 
Bhoo-pd-lee, ^^^y^. >JTn^ s./. Name of a 

Bhoo-p6t, u:-^^ ^THT 5. m. A sovereign, a 

BhoQr, y^, ^ «./ A hole through which 

water runs out. 
Bhoor, ;^. ^ «./ Charity given to poor 

people, almi. Bhoor ^^S^Ma, v. a. To give alms 

to a nnmerous assembly at the poor; a spring, a 

fountain, adj. Much, many. 
Bhoor, j^ ^ «. / Sandy ground, soil in 

which much sand is mixed. 
Bh6o-ra, U^ y^ atlf. Fair, auburn or 

brownish (as hair.) 

Bhoshr^na, ^\ji ^<MI r. a. To wheedle. 

Bh(i)r-bhcfi-ra, tj«;« yT>fTT adj. Dry and in 
the state of powder. 

BhQor-bhop-rdna, Ot^^ 'JT^TPn v. a. To 

t^row or sprinkle sogar or salt upon meat. 
Bh<5o-ree, ^yi "jj^ s.f. A species of fish. 
Bh6o-rul, Jj^ ^;fW s. nu Talk, mica. 

Bhoos, ^^ "^^ 8. nu Bran, husk, chaff. 
BhOQ8puf burSi, An assignment on chaff: t. e. that 
from which nothing can be obtained. 

Bhoo-see, ^^, -^ s.f. Chaff. 

BhQD-s6r-a, Ip*-^. "^TI s. m. A place where 
com or chaff is kept. 

Bhai)-s(iQn-da, 13^^ '^%ts^«. m. A hole or 
place to put chaff in, a large hole or receptacle. 

Bhoot, CL>^ s. m. A demi-god, a demon, 
a goblin; the past, preterite tense; an element, 
(The Hindoos reckon tve elements, viz. earth, 
water, fire, air, and space or nther. ) Bhoof honUf 
V, n. To be distracted with rage. 

Bhoo-ta-hd, ^^{"^TninadJ. Devilish,peevish, 

BhQS?-ti-yd-na, tU^j ^fd^THr v. w. To be 
like a devil. 

Bh4^t-na, Ui^ 'jTPrr*. m. A small devil, an 
imp, a demon. 

Bh^t-nee^ i^s^ "^i^V^ 1*./ Wife of a devil, 

Bhoot-nee, is^j^ ^JTT'ft/ a female demon, 
or goblin. 

Bh&t4a, Un If fT «. m. Indian com (Zeea 

Bh6o-tuI, Jjy. \jzm s. m. The eartfi. 
Bhoov, y^fjf^ 8,m. Heaven, aetlwr, dty or 

Bh6-pa, b^ >|TTT i.m. A kind of Fukeer^ a 

Bhoshwting, lJjj^ }f4^ a.m. A snake or 

Bhor, j^ ?hT 8.f, Dawn of day. 
Bh6-ta, t^ ?h7n adj. Blunt 
Bhau, ^ 5h «. m. Fear. 
BhQ!}.ch6k, v-^j« Jh'^rv adj. Aghast 

Bh<Ja^ee,^U^5h^l , 

Bh^jee, >^. 5h^ ] 'f' B^<>*^^ «^«- 
Bhoym, ^^ <^m s. m. Hie pjanet Man. 

Bhaifmbdr, Tuesday. 
Bhgu^ J^ SH s.f. The eyebrow; ground, 
land, earth. Bhiu^ tfyhee ktirme, v. a. To scowl, 
to frown, browbeat, look angrily raising the 
eyebrows. Bhuwens fAtmee, To knit the eyebrows. 
Bh^-na, t)^ ShPTT v. n. To revolve. 
Bhog-n^ cr'''^. ^hfl^ s. m. A post driven 
into the ground for chaining an elephant to. 

BhoBU-chdl, J^Oy^ 5H^«rW s. m. An earth- 

Bh&nk-na, W};«5|-hWrv.».Tobark;(met) 

to talk foolishly. 
Bhtou-ra, ly^^ CHTT^.m.l A large bee 
Bh^-ree,^^y^ ^f^ s.f.) enamoured of 

the lotus. 
Bh(iBu-ree, ^^y^. >hh^ s.f Feathered hair; 

a defect in horses. ^ 

Bh^nn-ur-kul-ee, ^fy^. tttVX^ s.f. A 

kind of halter (for horses ot dogs). 
Bh®n-ri-y^na, ^*kfy^, ^t iKH\^\\ v. a. To 

whirl, to turn. 

Bhri-ta, t'lj^ ^m s. m. Brother. 
Bhrl-koe-tee, ^^^ ^^^ s.f The eye- 
brow ; a frown , a contraction of the brows. 

Bhring, l-&j^ -^ s. m. A large bee ena- 
moured of the lotus. 

Bhring-r^j, ^l>.^;^ ^fnTn^ s. m. A kind 
of shrike, ( Lanius Malabaricus or caerulescens) ; » 
medicinal herb, (Eclipta or verbasioa prostrats.) 

Bhrin-gee, ^j^ ^ifi s.f A kinS of wasp, 
(Vespa solitaria); a krge black bee, a iumble 

Bhroon, j^j^ -^ s. m A fetus; pregnancy. 

^.y.tized by v^jOC^ J. -.^ 


[ 31 ] 













(harsh palati^k) 

f u w y y zh 

(soft dental) but write you my pleasure 

Bfarom, j»j|> ^TT «. m. Error, jniatake, sus- 
picion, apprehension, perplexity, doubt. 

Bhrim-nvjj^j^ -^^WK s. m. A large black bee. 

Bhmeht, s^^^^. ^ adf. FaUen, debased, 
poUated, abominable, yioious, diseolnte. Bhrust 
kwma, V, a. To pollute, to eednce. Bhrust kdna, 
V. H. To be pollatedy to be debased; to calcine. 

Bhub-bbtil, J^^^. Yn-krm adj. Fat. 

Bhub-hooka, ^)i^ -^^f^s.m. Blaze, flame, 
explosion; €idj. Red (as a coal, sometimes applied 
to the splendour of a beloved person's counte- 
nance); splendid, beautiful. 

Bbub-hoot, t-l>^^t€ "H^fTT s.f. Ashes of cow- 
dungr which FukeerM rub over their bodies. 

Bhubhwr^na, ^\j^. ^VTPn v. n. To swell 
(particularly the fiice). 

Bh6b-^ak, L-^jt4! M^nr s./. Sudden burst- 
ing forth of flame; forcible expulsion of water 
frwn a fountain or pipe ; smell arising suddenly. 

Bh^b-huk-na, l^.^^ H^TVnr v. ru To sim- 
mer, bubble ; to emit steam, boil. 

Bh6b-har, j^^ MVT s. m. Solicitude, alarm. 
Bhubkur p^xnoy v. n. To be alarmed, to be fright- 

Bbub-hur-na, Oj^^ >rHTm v, n. To be soli- 
citons, to be akrmed, to be frightened. 

Bhiib-ka, 1^. >nr€T a. m. An alemblck ; a 
kind of drinking vessel with a large mouth. 

Bhub-k^na, VIC^^ M"^^!*!^ v. a. To kindle, 
to light ; to provoke, to exasperate, to enrage; 
to spur a horse. 

Bh6b-kee, ^J^, ^TT^ s.f. Threat. 

Bhiib-uk-na, W-*^^ >R^r«n v. n* To be enrag- 
ed, to rush on with rage; to catch fire; to run 
with great rapidity (a horse). 

Bh6ch-chhee, > _-. «v 

Bh6k-shee, } ^^' ^ ^- ^- ^*^' 
eating, devouring. 

Bhtich-chhuk, ^ u,i^i«* %r^^ part. act. A 

Bh^-shuk, J gormandizer. 

Bhuchh, ^ef^- -H^adJ. Eatable. $. m. Food. 

BhiichIiHia» U(s:4i >nq^ v. a. To eat) to 
take food. 

I9i6di-iik, w^%4i ir^madj. Alarmed, aghast^ 
starting. Bhuchuk rufma^ To be aaazed or asto- 
nbhed at a sudden or unexpected event. 

Bh4eh-ukHia, UCbt^! v^^it^ v. n. To be as- 
toBiahed or amazed . 

Bh6ch-un, jf^ vniT 8. m. Food, eating. 

lihwl, vX^ H^ 8,f. A slap, a crash. 

Bhu(}.^k, u^l^ >r^^ 8. A crash, the noise 
made by any thing Ming; as, BMtrfnk st gir- 
pura, It fell with a crash. 

Bhud-^ika, l^ld^. V^PffT «. m. A sound. 
Bhud-bh6d, ^^s^^ >r^>R[ s. Sound made by 

the &1I of a ftniit or by the walking of a person, 


Bhud-bhud-^hut, ti-fct J^.J^. V^M^f'^^ s.f. 

Sound made by the fkll of fruit. 
Bhud-bhud-^na, I'lt^tf^X^* VTH'^mT v. a. To 

make a sound by stiiking two bodies together; to 

strike repeatedly. 
Bh6d-da,l^ -kr^adj. Stupid, senseless, dull. 

Bhud-6s.ul, J^.O^. V^^rv adj. Ill-shaped, 

ugly, awkward. 
Bh6d.ra, \j^, >r^TT s. »i.Name of a bird, a 

lark. s.f. An unlucky moment; the 2d, 7th, and 

12th days of the lunar month. 
Bhnd-ree, ^^ >rift s. m. An astrologer, 

a palmister. * 
Bhu(}r-h6na, O^b^ ^r? %T»rT v. n. To be 

clean or purified by shaving one's head and beard 

after mourning in a holy place. 
Bh6d-ruk, ^j^, >r^^ 8./. Advantage, pro- 
duce; nature, genius, reason; beauty, goodness, 

Bhti-ee, ^ -krt past tense fern, of the verb, 

Was, became, become. 
Bhug-d-na, Ol^j) >nrprT v. a. To cause to 

flee, to cause to run away. 

Bhug-^1, J^. -H^s.f. Overthrow, defeat. 
8, m, A runaway, a deserter. 

Bh6g-goo, ^. \nr^part. act. A deserter, a 

runaway., ^^^ %{fk^ s.f. A sister. 

Bhfig-on-ha, Q^/tf. M^t\T\ s. m. The reddish 

colour extracted from f/eroo. 
Bhug-6-ra, Ij^ >nrT^ s. w. A deserter, 

a runaway. 
Bbfig-lee-gAh-na, Uji^i^ >ni^T^^ s. m. 

False jewels, trinkets. 

BhAg-li-ya, U^. >nrf^T *. m. Trick, cheat, 

Bhug-t^ee, ^^, ^Pmrf s.f. Piety, de- 
votion, religion. 

Bh6g-ti-ya, ^^si^ ^nrfTRTT s. m. A dancing 

Bh6g.tun, ^^ >nT7Pr s.f Wife of a Bfm- 
ffttt, (ironically) a lewd woman, a prostitute, a 
whore. ^^ ^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 





(•oft dental) 

[ 32 ] 








(Northmnbrian r) 


(deep lUpld Itegaid) lo^ 

Bh6g-ul, JX^ >nr^ s. m. Affectation, hypo- 
crisy, taick, deception. Bhugul niMina, v, a. To 
pretend poverty. 

Bhug-un-dur, ^^^, M*\^< s. m, A fistula 
(in ano). 

Bhug-ut, i^:-^ KT?r 8, m. An adorer, a de- 
votee, one who has devoted himself to a religions 
life, a votary, a zealot, adf. Pious. Bhugut kimia, 
To disguise. Bhugut kheina, v. n. To be disguised, 
to act (a play), imitate, mimick. Bhugut hvna. 
To be initiated as a devotee, to be affiliated to a 
religious order. (This is peculiar to the low tribes. 
The initiation consists in putting a necklace of 
beads round the neck, and marking a circle on 
the forehead. After which, the initiated person is 
bound to refrain from the use of spirituous li- 
quors, flesh, &c.) 

Bhug-win, j\^U/i X^mTa^;. Divine; glo- 
rious, illustrious, s, m. God, the Deity, the Su- 
preme Being. 

Bh6g-wan, jl^ >nRt s. m. Cloth dyed 
with geroo (a kind of red chalk or ochre.) 

Bhug-wiint, *j:-^/^ ^PPPT s. m. God, the 
Deity, the Supreme Being. 

Bh6g-wut, C^/e! V^nnT s. m. God, the 
Deity, adj. Divine. Bhugwut-GSeta, Divine 
song, a book of great repute among the Hindoos. 

Bhuh-rd-na, 0|^ MTU^ v. n. To shiver, 
tremble, totter, stagger. 

Bhuj-na, v;^k^. m^^ii v. n. To flee, run away. 

Bhtij-na, Is^. >r^^ v. a. To worship, to 
count one's beads, to adore. 

Bh6j-neek, uXUk* %fmn)^ s. m. A singer, 
an adorer. 

Bhdj-un, jxA{ >f^ir s. m. Adoration, wor- 
ship; a hymn or anthem. Bhujun kuma, v. a. To 
sing, to pray, to worship. 

Bhukh-na, U^ t^^ v. a. To eat, to de- 
Bh6k-oo-a, \^^ v^^ adj. Foolish. 

Bhuk-oc-d-na, 0|^^^ >ffm^ v. n. To be 
stupified. ^ 

Bhuk-os-na, l;^^. >f%TOin v. a. To devour, 

to stuff, to eat. 
Bhuk-see, ^j*J^^ xtr^ s, f A dungeon, a 

dark room.' 

Bhukt, si^C^vnj^. m. An adorer, a devotee, 
one who has devoted himself to a religious life, a 
votary, a zealot; a Hindoo performer for enter- 
tainment, a dancer, a player, adj. Pious; desirous 

Bhuk-raj.M, m. King or lord of the devout, an 
epithet of the Deity. 

Bhfik-tee, J^^ inSis./. Faith, religion, 
persuasioBf dovotedness, attachment, desire. 

Bhuk-ti-w6nt, *^y^. Hfir^Tf a4j. Devot- 
ed, religious, pious. 

Bhul, J^! >rw a. Good, well. Bhul-ghdriyay 
Having a good horse. 

Bhul, J« VST s. m. Side, direction. Sir-ie- 
bhul. Head-foremost, head-long. 

Bhtil-a, ».«! -krm adj. Good, excellent, be- 
nev<^ent, kind, healthy, well, virtuous, righteous, 
sound; strange, wonderful, admirable, comical, 
droll. Bhula-oiftnee, «. m. A person of respecta- 
bility, a gentleman; (iron.) a silly fellow. 

Bhula-chtinga, I^^S.$* >r5n^irT a. In good 

order, in health, perfect. 
Bhul-^ee, ^S.gj -k^mf s. f. Goodness, 

health, welfare. 
Bh6I-ka, Kl^ >r^r^ 8. m. A gold patch fixed 

on the nose-ring; a kind of bamboo; dawn of 


Bhul-mun-sit,CL>U;^. V^TR'^r^TTT S.f. Hu- 

Bhul-m6n-see, ,^^M*A^ >f^riT5n^ «./.Good 

nature, benevolence. 
Bhum-beree, ^p^^; m^ \ ^ . ^ 

Bhum-bh6ree, J,;^e-r^fi >f^ K'-^* ^ ^^^ 

Bhum-bh6oa, t^4^^! >f ^f^ s. m. A Fukeer 

who is pressed by hunger to rob. 
Bhum-bh6r-na, ^jy^^, >nl7^pTT v. a. To 

bite and mumble (as a dog), to worry. 
Bhtim-na, U^j; >nrifx v. tu To revolve. 
Bhund, <i^{ %f>g- s. m. Confusion, spoiliog. 

Bhwid Una, v. n. To be destroyed, to be spoiled. 
Bhtin-da, tii^i >niT s. m. A vessel, a large 

earthen pot^ Bhunda ph6otna. To be disclosed 

(a secret). 
Bhun-dir, jf «im ^nyix s. m. A place where 

househoUi goods are kept, a store. 
Bhun-ddra, Ijl ^« ^^nxr *. m. A feast of 

Jogees, Sunniyasees, &c. 
Bhun-d&ee, y^)^, M^fffd*. m. A house- 
steward, one who has charge of the storehouse, a 


Bhun-d61a, Sj J;^ >f%WT 8. m. An actor. 
Bhun-del-un, J^„i^ M%^Pr«./ An actress. 

Bhun-ddH->va,!^j^. >f%T^T«. m. Satire,ribai- 
> dry; orgies. 

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[ 33 ] 








(hartli palatiek) (8o(t dental) 










Bhund-fi^lee, ^J^^ >nr^l^ s. m. One 

who reserfes provisions for years. 
Bhond-B^, ;Ci>J^. HireiTl «. / The pro- 
Bhimd-siU J t9«iA« H"^^^ J vision which 

k preTioosly resenred for years. 

Bhung, sS^, >rT5./ Hemp. 

Bhang, l.^ >pr s. m. Breaking, defeat, 
diseomfiture, destruction, sporting ; a breaker, a 
wave. adj\ Tom, broken; oyereome, defeated. 

fihiin-ga, l^ff H^ «. fi* Name of a bird. 

BhAn-gee, ,^^^ ^pft «• m. A cast of sweep- 
en or Huitdhhorg. 

Bh&n-gee, ^^«^. >nft s. m. A drinker of 

Bhun-g6r-a, f;tA« >nha *. m. A seller of 

Bhun-g6r-un, jj:!^^, >f%T»r «./. A female 
seller of bhung, 

-na, Isi^. >hniT^.yr A kind of fish. 

-ra, f;^. H^i^ «. w. An herb, (E- 
dipta, or Verbesiaa prostrata.) 

Bhong-r^, ^'j^f! >niTrT $. ». Name of a 

Bhfin-gun, J^, >nnT s. f. The wife of a 

BhAugun, ^Atf. >nrf *./. A female drink- 
er of ^Atm^. 

Bhon-ji-na, OUcm ^pirpfT t;. a. To change 

Bh6n-jun, ^;=F^ ^r^nT |>arf. act Breaking, 
destroying, demolishing, separating. «. m. Break- 
ing, &c. 

Bh4ns-na, U**J^ M^TT v. w. To float. 

Bhunt-wis,(j^t^3L^) ^te^^ i. w. A grain, the 
fruit of the hoee^ or water-lily. 

Bh6n-uk, v-X^. >nnfr s. /. A low sound, a 
distant sound. 

Bh6n-wur, ^y^ mt^ «• m. A whirlpool, an 
eddy; name of a rag, 

Bh&n-wur, jy^ \s*m. k large black bee; a 

Bh4^r4» \)y^y climbing plant, a creep- 

Bhunwur-k61-ee, J^)y^ M' <<<*h<a1 a.f.K 
crtlar or halter (for a dog, goat, &c.) 

Bhup<hiira, \j^, >mkKi *. m. Steam,yapour. 

Bhur, j^ y/TKodj. Full, as much as, as fur 
as, up to, wbole, all, bulk, sixe, erery each, as. 
Bhur-mutftour, To the best of one's power. BaiiS' 
bhur. The height or length of a bamboo. Ser^ 


bhur, A seer. Kog-bhur, A cos; whereas, Bhur- 
kos, would mean a full kos. 
Bhur, ^i >r? s. m. A large boat, a lighter. 

Bh6r-a, t;^ >TO adj\ Full. Bhura-pdoraf 
Filled, fuU. 

Bhur-iina, 0|^ vrPTT v. a. To fill, to cause 
to fill; to coTer (a mare). 

Bhur-A-wut, Ct:^\ji{ VTTPI^ 5./ Filling, stuff- 

Bhur-bh^nd, i^^.je. VTM+vf s. nu A prick- 
ly poppy, (Argemone Mexicana). 

Bhur-bh<5on-ja, Ur*^^ >rt>f«n 8. m. A 
man who parches grain. 

Bhur-bh6on-jun, j^y^.r^, '^Tf^'^ «•/. A 
woman who parches grain. 

Bhur-bhur-^na, ^\j^,j^, VTHTT^n r. n. To 
swell and be glossy (particularly the &ce, as in 
a ferer.) 

fihur-bh6r-ee, ^jj^.^, VT>nft s.f. A swell- 
ing, a sore. 

Bhur-bhOr-iya, Vj*jt! VT^rf^^ adj. Sim- 
ple, candid, without guile. 

Bhttr-d6na,Uj«>j^^. VT ^T v. a. To pay ; to fill; 
to reimburse; to darn. 

Bhiir-ee, ^fji >r^ g^f. The weight of one 
sicca rupee. 

Bhur-ji-na, '^ V;€ >fT'TRT v. n. To be filled ; 
to be lined (a bitch); to be broken winded (a 
horse from seyere exercise). 

Bhur-ka, K'j^; >rT^ «. m. Slaked lime, Bhur- 
kdna, V. a. To slake (lime). 

Bhur-kd-na,l.'i^. ^TT^TRT v. a. To frighten, 

to scare; to blow up into a flame; to kindle ( a 

Bhur-k£e-la, ^yi> >r^^W adj. Splendid, 

Bhur-k^l, J^'^yj, V^^W adj. Shy, coy, wild, 

Bhur-ma-na, t'Uj^ MT'TlTr r. a. To deceive; 

to excite by throwing out temptation; to perplex ; 

to alarm. 
Bh6r-mee, ,^fO yrK^ adj. Suspicious. 

Bhur-m^e-la, ^k^^. YT^W[ adj. Ambigu- 
ous, doubtful, confoun4ed, scrupulous. 

Bhur-na, ^fH >n7rT v. a. To fill; to satisfy, ^^ ^^^ 
to perform, to daub, to abound, to heal (a wound), ' - 
to undergo, to suffer, v. n. To be filled. p' "* 

Bhtr-nee, ^j^ Mn^ s.f. Weft, woof. 

Bhur-6-5a, U^^ v%^ s. m. Hope, confi- 
dence, dependance, faith. ^^ ^ 

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(soft dental) 

[ 34 ] 







(NorthwabriaB r) 



(de«p Uquid Ungual) 


Bhur-pdna, OO^j MT^rmT v, a. To be paid, 
to receive the full amount. (Met.) It is used 
when a man is disappointed f as, »^ ne bhmrpaya, 

Bhur-p6o-run, j^j^fi XTJiJ adj. Brimful. 

Bhtir-ra, \f, ^h s. m. A panic* Fauj mefi 
bhurrapufa. The annywas seized writh a panic. 

Bhurt, CL^j^. >nf 8. m. A mixed metal com- 
posed of copper and lead. The name of a bird (a 
species of lark), a skylark. 

Bh6r-ta, ^fi, Mifr s.m. Pi husband. 

Bh6r.ta, ^fi i^xmla.m. Vegetables boiled 

Bh&r-ta, ^fi ^ 5 or fried and broken 
in the hand. 

Bh6r.tee, ^fi, XTHPft $./. Completion, fill- 
ing, loading; (vulgarly used for) promotion. 
Bkfirtee kuma. To recruit. 

Bh6r-ti-ya, L?j4| >rTf?nn s. m. A brazier^ a 
worker in the metal called BAurt. 

Bhtir-uk, yJy^, >ry^ s. f. Splendour, blaze, 
flash, fUre, show; perturbation, agitation; alarm, 
starting (in animals). 

Bhur-6k-na, Wj^ >ny^pn v. iu To start, 
shrink, be scared, be alarmed; to be blown up in- 
to a flame, to bUuie forth (fire), 

Bhtir-um, ^fi, >rT?r s. m. Credit, character, 
reputation; error* mistake. Bkurum ffu(iwdna, 
V. n. To lose character. 

Bhtir-un, jjt^ xtt adj\ Up to, to, till. 

Bhiir-un-ee, ^fi ^TT^-s./ TTie second 
lunar mansion (three stars in Musca). 

Bhur-6ng, vJJjf. ^nfir oe^. Simple, undesign- 
ing, silly, artless, having the quality of telling 
secrets without reserve. 

Bh^^-ur.i-ya, Vjjf! < ti ? fi.^i *. w. A conjurer. 

Bh6r-ut, LUfi VTTT n.prop. Bam' 9 brother. 
BMuruf hhund, s. m. One of the nine divisions of 
the world between Lunka and Soomeroo, India; 
a mixed meta) composed of copper and lead. 

Bh6r-w% \yyt %nf^T ^. w* A [imp, one who 
lives on what a prostitute earns. Bhurw4ee, t, /, 
Pandarism, pimping ; the wages of prosti|u|ioQ. 

Bhury-tee, ^,y& M^^'?^ s. m. A tenant, a 

Bhus, gM^! v^ s. m. Ashes. 

Bhus-^-na, ^^wJ^i -^hxm v. a* To kunoh, to 

set afloat. 
Bhus-bhus-^ U^>M-4J VW^^r adj. flabby, 
. loose (as meat). 
Bhus-munt, «j:^^;.^o*«^. vflflV s. m. Ashes. 

Bhus-na, Uu^j Y^wn v. n. To float 
Bhus-tik-na, UC^. ira^fif t v. n. To fUL 
Bh68>um, fM««{ >nw s.f. Ashes. 
Bhut, (j^j >r^ s.f. An oven, a furnace, a 
kiln; curse, misfbrtune. «. m. A wanior, a hero. 
Bhut-rfr, jli^j *nn^ s.nL A husband. 

Bhui<6e-ja, Ucfi^. MifHu «• m. Nephew, bro- 
ther's son. 

Bhut-^e*jea,^^dB«^{ ipfSft s:f. Aiuece, bro- 
ther's daughter. 

Bhut-hi-yfl, Jl^. v^fhnw adj. With the 
current, t. e. down the river and not with the 
flood tide. s. m. A kind of nmr$eeya or elegiac 
verses sung in praise of Rusun and Hoosyn. 

Bhut-hi-y4-naf OL^ >r f^nHi p. n. To go 
down the river; to ebb (the tide). 

Bhut-hi-yiC-ra, tjU^i >rft^nTT $. m. A sut- 
ler, an innkeeper, one who prepares victuals for 
travellers in a sura, Bhut'hi'par^admtht s. m. An 
inn, a caravansary. BhuUuyar-pun, s. m. The 
business of a Bfmthiyara. 

Bh6t-ka, 1^. m*7^ adj. Astray. 

Bhut-kd-na, 0\^ >re^qrprr v. a. To mislead, 

balk, deceiva, scare, cause to wander. 
Bhut-kut£-ee, Ji^iS^. >r^wZTi:\ ^./ A 
Bhut-kuty-ya, Cx^lS^ Md^^^ ^l J prick- 
ly plant, ( Solanum jacquini.) 

Bhut^f ^ irj interj. O sister! 

Bhut^ptJir-na, O^vi^ > i^M'f ^ 1 v. n. To be 
cursed, unfortunate, lost (lit. to imll into the fire). 

Bhutt, vl^ v*7 s. m. A learned man; a ti- 
tle of Marhatta brahtmns. 

Bhut-ta>chdrj, ^jL».l^, >i gMi4 s. m. The 

most learned of the learned. 
Bhut-tha, l^. %rgJ s. tn. A furnace, kiln, 

Bhut-u^^;^, MZf s.f. Praise, the enco- 
miums of a Bhat. 
Bhut-6k-na, U^ y^^^m v, n-To go astray, 

wander, miss the right path, lose (the way.) 
Bhuw^-nee, ^'1^. y^ s.f. Wife of Siv, 

or Doorga in'her pacific form. 
Bhuv-lsh-yu, ^^ ^f^ 9./. Future, what 

will be, the future time. 
Bhtvu, ^,%nts.m. Existence, the world, a 

being, an existing, Shiv. Bhum-^Agur, the ocean 

of the world or olexiatence. 
Bhu-wun, j^ yn^9. m. Ahou8e.i?AoofrK», 

«. m. The world, sphere; water. 

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C 36 ] 


te M too good cor (huA poiali«k) (scrft dental) 




writ* yo« 



^'»y»«^ ^*^ *• ••• f«"^> terror, dread. 

Bk»^ kh6na. To be afrmid, to bo frigfatoied. 
Bh6f-a, Ih! >r9T /hu^ fen^ or paif. of the 

verb.tobf. Was, boomiie, beeomt. 

Bhuy-^-nuk, u^tjf ^RTTT^ (uij. Terrifying, 

ftifbtliil, tenible. 
Bhuy-a-t^, yOLf >nrrgT adf. Dtstreased 

or distracted witk fe^r, terrified. 
Bhu-yo, ^ >r%T Was, became, become. 

Bby-chuk, vj%^ M^Hf^iuf^*. Alarmtd, start- 
ing, af^faftst. B^fchuk ruima. To be aaued or 
artonithed at a 9»dden onmexpected event. 

Bhy.h(», y^s^ iCWW ^ / Sister-in-kw, 
joonger brother's wife. 

Bhy-mdui,. cMm0. v^irTsf adj. Terrified, a- 
firaid, frightened, alanned. 

BfcyfB,. U-»*?€! ^ *•/ A female bufiUo. 

BhyMa, Um^h^ S|^ «. m. A male bnfialo. 

6hyQ-«a-dad, i>|i3L*;^ tJ'fnrT'^ *•«»• A kind 
of ringworm, 

Bhy-ri-ree, ^;l;tl! 5Kn& #-/• Name of a 

Bhy-ron, Jypt ?t^ * w. He name of a 
rag or mvsioal mode mmg at dawn in automn. 
(It is represented by Mukadev with the Cranges 
flowing from his head and the rag issuing, from 
his mouth). Shiv. 

Bhy-ruv-ee, v^^jjjf! 5K^ s.f. Araginecy the 
wifeof^Ayron rag, 

Bhy-6ii-kur,^;i:-^. ShflJT adj. Terrific, ter- 
rible, horrible. 

B^J^y-y^j W€ 5hrr #. m. Brodier. 

Bhy-yi pa, bL^. SNfTT s. i». Bi^otherhood, 

^ V jwep* (Always prefixed to another 
word) By, with, from, in, into^ near, on, according 
to, for, towards. 

6i-bjid, i>U> fV^r^ a.m. A contest or law- 
suit; quarrel, altercation. 

Bi-biMJee, ^•>U)ft-irT^ s. m.f. A disputant, 

a plaintiff'. * 
Bib-ih, »Ui ft^mf s. m. Marriage. 

Bib-ek, v - ^s s i {a\^ s. tn. Discrimination, 

Bib-flc-ee, ^J^^ frk^ adj. Discreet 

Bib4i^ ^. firxir $. HI. Grandeur, glory, 

Bib-iirn, j^^i f^^ adj. Faded in colour. 

ffib-^r-un, jy^, fknr^ s, in. Interj^etation^ 

Bich, gJ. fw^ adv. In, among, between. 

Bich-^ lee, jJ^s*. ft^n^ *./. Straw. 

Bich*^, ^ W. fk^TK $. m. Consideration, re- 
flection, contrivance, jodgment, opinion^ thoiight| 

Bich-a-ra, l;V! 1 Helpless, remediless. 

Bicb-4r-uh,i;yj^ ^ 

Bich-^-najtjWfir^TT'nt?. cu To consider, 
to rdlect, to think, to investigate, to ce«ipre*> 
head, to apprehend, to conceive. 

Bich.^uk,vJ[^Urf firrmr porf. cwrf. Investi- 
gator, judge, inspector. 

Bich-ir-ut, Cj>;^ fwnvm part Reflecting, 

Bich-chhoo, y^ fi^ s.m. A scorpion, the 
sign Scorpio of the Zodiac. 

Bich-hd-d6na, W^il^srf i^ ^ v. a. To 
spread; (metonym.) to knock down, to drub. 

Bich-h^-na, t'l4«i Iw^T v. a. To spread. 

Bifih-h^-ta, IJl^. fkw^m s.m. A stingpig 
' nettle, (Urtica inteirupta.) 
BfchhHus Uff*. fkw^ V. n. To be spread^ 
Bich-h<5h, »^. ftitnr s. m. Separation, ab- 

Bich-hooa, \^' fk^m s.m. A scorpion, 
the sign Scorpio of the Zodiac; a sort of daggers 
an ornament worn on the toes. 

Bich-h6r-na, ^jy^- fi^l^^ T v. a. To sepa- 

Bich-h&-na, ^^^ U%\^\ s. m. Bedding, 
bed, carpeting. 

Bichh-f ^, ;lj4f*. ftw^fPT s. m. Separation. 

Bich-htU-na, Ul^. Oltia^l v. n. To be se- 
parated, to slip, to slide, to slip out of place, to 
sprain, to turn away the fiftce. 

Bich-btir-na, tj^. ftlFT^ ^- ^ To be se- 

Bichh-w^na, ^\}^' fkwmw[ v. a. To cause 
to spread. 

Bich-ltr, jSf^ OcT^a adj. Variegated, vari- 
ous; wonderfhl. 

Bich.k4-na, 11%*. fSr^^mr v. a. To balk^ 
to disappoint, to break ona*s promise. 

Bichi6n-na,Wfrffir^'irirT«.»»' An ornament 
worn in the interior lobe of the ear. 

BiA-A^liya, IjjJ^. fi|%TftRn s. m. An aibi- 
trator, &c. 

K 2 

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(soft dental) 

[ 36 ] 






(Northumbrian r) 



(deep liquid lingnal) 

Bich-tik-na^ U(ar< ft^T«!RT v» n. To be disap- 
pointed, to be balked; to sprain; to run away, to 
retreat; to withdraw a consent which has been 

Bich-ul-na, Ula=! fin^^mi v. n. To turn, to 
bendy to sh'p, to break one's promise, to infringe . 

Bich-w^-nee, ^'l^fir^TR^ s, m. A media- 
tor, interposer, arbitrator, a^nt, ambassador. 

Bict JJ fi^ 8.f. A little pit into which 
children in play endeavour to throw balls or mar- 

Bid-a, t Jk( ft^ s,f. DismisBion, taking leave, 
farewell, adieiu 

Bid-dh-na,U2btjj ft^T^ v. n. To turn tlie 
plougfh over a field after the seed is come np, to 
plough immediately after sowing for the purpose 
of covering the seed; to harrow. 

Bid-dr-na, l^ti* ft^TCWl V. a. To tear, to 
rend, to remove. 

Bid-^r-na, tjt J) fi ^Ki g i v. a. To drive a- 
way, to turn away; to efface. 

Bid-di-ya, 'v.*^.ft^ s.f. Science, knowledge, 

Bid-di-ya-dhiir, ;lt«^V.^. ftiQTVT s m. A sort 
of demi-god or attendant in thid celestial courts. 

Bid-di-»yarw4n, c^^V.*^. Hl^liH adj. Scienti 
fie, learned. 

Bid-6s, (^.0^. {^\h 8. m, A foreign country, 
another country. 

Bid-^s-ee, v^f***/.J^. fw^^ adj. Foreigner. 

Bidh, ^c^i ftv s,f. Rule, order, law, statute, 
precept, direction^ decree; manner, mode, way ; 
name of Bruhtna; Providence. 

Bid-hdn, jllbJk| ftvTT s. m. Common prac- 
tice, precept, direction. 

Bid-ha-ta,l"to-X!f5n=(Tm s, m. He who has pre- 
destinated, t. e, the deity B7-uhma; Providence. 

Bid-hd-wut, i5j);lJbJ^:ft>a^^ s.f. Perforation. 

Bid-hoo, >i'^, ft^ s. m. The moon. 

Bid-hura, ]^. frtRT s.f. A widow. 

Bid-h6wa, lyfeJ^. ftv?T s. m. The Deity. 

Bfd-it, fJL><yi f^iy^part. Known, famous. 

Bid-6on, ^^tAj pr^. Without, besides. 

Bid-(5r-na, V^^<A| ft^TTT v. a. To screw; to 

mock, to laugh at, to ridicnle. 
Bid-ree ^^, f^r^ s.f. A kind of tutenague 

inlaid with silver, used to make hookAa bottoms, 

cups, &c. and so called from B&eder,th^ name of 

a city and province. 

Bid-nt, vj:-^ft«>j 8, /..The introduction of no- 
velty or change in religion, sehism; violence, op- 
pression, wrong. 

Bid-ut-ee, ,,.^2^ cufj. Tyrant, oppressor. 

Bid-win, j\^iy» fi[V[^V^ adj. Learned in the 

Bid-yAr-thee„^;V.«J^ fi^ni^ s. m. A student 
Big-in-uh, Jilii adj. Strange. 

Big-dr, jK fii^ii^ 8, m. Violation, difference, 
quarrelling. Bigof kurna, v. a. To quarrel, to for- 
felt friendship. Bigar pur dna, v. n. To be ready 
to quarrel. 

Big-dr-na, l^jK? fi|im?^T v. a. To spoil, to 
mar, to damage; to> cause misimderstandlng be- 
tween friends. 

Big-hui, j^^ fVf s. m. ^ Hindrafipe, 8top> 
prevention, intermptioa. i' '|[i* < "- i • » 

Big-fee, ^yf{ f^v^ s, /. »Spoil, damage; 
misunderstanding between friendst war, battle. 

Big-undh, JJJoiJ frihf s.f. Stink, fetor. 

Big-ur-na, 0^. ft^sn v. n. To be spoiled 
or damaged; to fidl of success, to quarrel, to be 

Big-uti, vx^ fSprfiT *./. Badness. 

Bih, *i adj. Good, better. 8.f. A quince. 

Bi-h^ee, ^ l^ fkxrk s.f. A spirit supposed 
to tease intants by-whispering alternately sad and 
pleasing things in their ears, which is the cause of 
their laughing and cryhig when asleep or awake. 

Bi-h^g, l/^ ft^i^ s.f. Name of a raffinee. 

Bi-h^n, jljj fkn^ s. m. Morrow, monuRg. 

Bi-h^-na, l}i^ ftTPTT v. n. To spend or pass 
(tlie time). 

Bi-hi-ne, ^'l^ fk^pi^ adv. Early, soon. 

Bi-har, jl^ ftriT s. m. DIvei-sion, amuse- 
ment, spOTt. Biharttsthud, Place of amusement. 

Bi-hdr, j^. f^^TT s. m. Name of a province. 

Bi-h4-ree, ^jl^^ fkTT^ adj. Sportive; a 
name of Krishn, name of a Hindoo poet. 

Bih-bood, ^^^ y^s.f. Health, vigour, 

Bih-b6o-dee, ^'^^^. j goodness, welfare. 

Bih-btil, Jj^. ft VTO adj. Helpless, weak, 

Bi-hee, ^] s.f. A quince; goodness. Bihee- 

4dmth. $. m. Qiunce-seed. 
Bi-hi, ^, With it, by it. 
6i-hil, ^J^^ 8. Absolution, imper. Let me ga» 

leave alone. 

Digitized by 







C 37 ] 

(hiirab paUtick) (soft deaUl) 











Bi4ikht,ws.Nl4( 8.f. Paradise. Bihishiee. a^. 

PkrftdUactl, eelfistial. «. m. A water-carrier. 
Bih.n4Br,jy^^. frf^lT*./. A seed-plot- 

Bih-pHy^ cH?f! frA «• !«• Thursday. 

Bih-ree, ^j*! ftT^ s.f, A subscription to 
nise a certain sum^ aa assessmeiit, quota, share. 

Bih-tur, jV adj. compar. Good, excellent, 
well, better. 

Bik-tur-^en, ^/r! odf* ^^P' Best, most ex- 

Bi*hun, ^. fkx^ s. tn. Seed. 

fii-htur-na, tj.) fiT'CWT r. n. To rejoice, to 
take pleasure, v. a. To enjoy, to take pleasure in, 
to r^oice^ to de%lit. 

Bijh-ki-na, V'S!^. ft^Riim t?. a. To fright- 
en, scare, alarm. 

Bij-hiik-na» ^s:{ ftinjrsTT v.n. To be alarm- 

Bij-lee, ,JM fv^ s.f. Lightning. 

Bij-na, Uaci fsr^TTT 8*f. A fan. 

Bi-j6g, ^jasf, fr%TT f. m. Separation; mis- 
fortune, bad hick, mischance, adj. Separate, part- 
ed. Bijogee^ An unfortunate, miserable person. 

Bi-jAjra, Car! fttlTTT 5. 111. Bhung or hemp 
(Gannahis sativa) of which an intoxicating potion 
is Blade. 

Bi-jtiyee, l^- fkw^ cu^> Vanquisher, 

Bhjy, yjsB^, ft^nr s. m. Triumph. Bijy-dius- 
aie«, (the Tiotorious tenth); the tenth of Amvh 
tooklpukshy the annlTersary of Ram*$ victory oyer 

Bik, vjj fi|^ ^ m. A wolf, 
fiik-tfl, J6 finn^ *. m. Afternoon. 
Bik-i-na, t6 ftifiM T v. a. To sell, 
fiik-do, j^{ fkwv^ 8. m. Sale, vent. BihaoOj 
adj. Sal^le, for sale. 

Bik-ir, jK{ ft^T 5. m. The change of any 
thing from its original state,deterioration; disease. 

Bik-ds, ^^^.finFl^ $, m. Shining, blooming, 
expansion, display. 

Bikh, #.^ fk^ 8. m. Poison, venom. 

Bikh-mdn, j^A^. fWTt 8. m. Name of a 
medicine or poison. 

Bik-hum, ^ fr^TiT adj. Odd (number); 

Bik-h6r-na, ^jtfi ft^<^l r. n. To be scat- 
tered, diqiened or dtsheveUed; to become angry. 

Blk-huy eejji^fm(^\adj. Sensual, worldly. 

Bik-hy, ,^5^ f^nnf «. m. An object of sense ; 
an affiur, matter, &c. 

Bik-kee, ^ tW^ 8. m. A partner (at play, 

Bfk-na, UO tw^n v.n. To be sold, to sell. 
Bikjoma, (met.) To be dep^idant on, to be ob- 

Bikr, j^. s.f. Virginity. Bikr tdrna^ To de- 

Bik-rdr, jf]ij ftvOT 1 j.. rr 'i: 1 

Bik-ul, Jo ft^w adj. Uneasy, troubled.C/^'/)^^ ' 
Bik-iis-na, U-aO fSnwm v. n. To blow or 
expand (as a flower). 

Bik-ut, LsJi frfJ^ adj. Diflicult, terrible. 

Bil, J> ft^ 1 ... 

BiU, SOftiin /'•"'• ^*^*^- 

Bi-la, ^. j9rqE>. Without £tfa P^u44xHfy 
Without hesitation. Bila tuvmiJ^, WiUiout 
delay, speedily. Bila nusSeb, unfortunate. 

Bil-id, <3^, 8. pL Countries, cities. 

Bil-^-ee, ^Ji%^ ft^ari;*./ A she cat; a grat- 
er for scraping pompions. 

Bilaee-k^nd, O^^Sj ft<aiH<^ s. m. A medi- 

Bil-d-na, OS^^ fSpsTTTT v. n. To vanish, to re- 
tire, to be lost. V, a. To cause to vanish, to dis- 
sipate, to disposi of, to distribute. 

Bil-And, oiSli ftwK *•/• A span. 

Bil-^o, ^Sj fkmm 8.m. A cat. 

Bil-is, [j^^, fkm^ 8. m. Pleasure, satisfac- 
tion, delight. Bilaseet atfj. Addicted to pleasure, 

Bil-d-wul, Jyk>, fkmv^ 8. f. Name of a 

Bil-fi-ul, J.^aJO adv. At this moment, now, 

at present, in short; in the mean time; in fact, ao- 

Bil^f6rz, c^ojaJj adv. With the supposition, 

Bil-gAo, jB^ij flNnn^ 8. m. Separation. 
Bil-h6r-a, tjjij ftmra 8. m. A kind of basket 

(long and narrow) generally used for holding betel 

leaf. / 
Bil-isht, vj;-^. 8./. A span. 

Bil-k&l, J(^ adv. Entirely, wholly, adj. All. ' 

Bil-la, JtUO f^ s. m. A male oat 

Bil-lah, »^. By God. ^ , 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

a ch 

all dioose 


(soft deatd) 

[ 88 ] 



lee g 
thee gone 




k ^ 

(decpliqniitttigiial) loeh 

Bil-li-na, ^% ftiTPn v. n. To weep or com- 
plain from grief or pain. 
Bil-ldr, ^3fc< ftnfPC *. m, A male cat. 

BiUee, ^i f^l^ s.f. Ashe cat; the bolt 
of a door, a bar. ^ 

BiUee-Wtun, ^^l^. f*llfl1^ l d*t 8. m. Vale- 

Bil-l<iBr, j^. s, m. A kind of stone, crystal ; 
glass. Billayree, adj. Made of crystal or glass. 

Bil-md-na, OUlj fiiMUMI r. a. To allur^, to 

Bil-nee, ^, fv^ s.f. A stye or stithe, die 

disorder in the eyelids. 

Bil-rfk-na, U/^. ft%rv^ v. a. To see, to 

look at. 
Bil-6-na, 0^, Oiili^i v. a. To chmn. 

Bil-ra,! ;!> Iwo s. m. A he cat ; a kind of 

Bil-Ach-na, UfAl ftif^m v. a. To extract, 

to select (as, passages frbm books) » to pick. 
Bil-ug, uA ft^R adj. Separate, s. m, A 

separation, disunion, difference. Bitu^mdnhay v. it. 

To be displeased, angry or offended. 

Bil-6g-na, U£li ft^ppTT v. «. To be separat- 
ed; to curdle, to turn (as milk). 
Bil-uh-bfind,JkU>b frov^ 5. w. Settlement, 

Bil-6h-ree, ^^, fwrd s. f. A ladle for 

taking out oil "; a small ba^et for holding betel 

Bil-ukh-na, 1^0) ft^^^ v. a. To see, look 

at, perceive, behold, v, n. To be displeased., Uil) fifinir^ v. n. To ^ob^ to cry 

violently (a» a child) ;. to long for, to desire ««. 

Bil-iiks, yJh ojdv. On the contrary, on 

the reverse. 
Bil-ul-d-na, 0^, f^^nsTTTT v. n. To lament. 

Bil-61-la, *)> ftvm a4f. Foolish, simple, 

Bil.6m, fii -ftwJT <j s. m. Delay, lon^ 
Bil-umb, \mf^^ fk^ii \ stay, procrastinar 
BiUiimbh, -Uxkb fx^) tion, tardiness. 
Bil-timb-na, tuxJi U^^m v. «. To stay, 

tarry, delay. 
Bil.6ng-na, U£J) fi^^mi v. a. To climb, to 

BiWs-na, U»Jj ftv^irr v. it. To be jJeas- 

ed, to be satisfied, to be delighted. 

Bil-^kt-na, USij fiwarm v. n* To become bad. 
Bim-^ jUj ftiTTf s. m. A celestial throne 

or car. 
Bimb, v<^. fihr & m. A tree bearing a red 

fruit. (Byronia grandia. Momordica monadalpha.) 
Bim-bcfik^ wAj fi%^ adj. Bed, fiery> flame 

Bim-4okh, «^. ft^ im^'. Having the fece 

averted, turned from, averse. 
fiim-61, J-w Ol^M l acf;. Clean. 
Bin, ^. s. m. A son. 

Bin, ji, fir»r 1 arfp. Without, except, unlecM. 

Bin.a,U»fir«n> Bin jane, Wtthwt know- 
ing, unwittingly. Bin 4^e pSnee, Without eating 
anddrii^ng. Bmmdre 8huhee4 A^na, or. Mm 
teidk shuhSe4 h6na. To be slain without a WMmd 
(are expressions applied to lovers). Bin mdre fiah 
ha kuma. To fear without a cause. 

Bin-a, Uj 5./. Building, foundation. 

Bin-a-b6r, y Uj On the foundation, cm a<5- 

count, ther^ore. 
Bin-ag-6sh, ^/Ui s. m. The lobe of the 

ear, the tip of the ear. . 
Bin-^s, (^U» fWw «. w- Annihilation, dif- 

appearance, destructioii. 

Bin-£-wut, «i>^bftmT? s.f. Weaving. 
Bin-dil, J\^ fi^^m s.f. A medicinal herb. 
Bindh-na, \^m fifipn v. a. To stii^ to 

bite. V. n. To be bored or pierced. 
Bin.jun,^^^r"5h»nf s. m. Sauce, condiments, 

particuUu-ly vegetables dressed with butter, &c. 

and added to flesh or fish. (Ia gramiaar,) A co^- 

Bin-na, tw fkin v. a. To knit; to weave. 

V. n. To be picked. 

Bin-^la, ifyj "frlNrT s. m. The seed of the 
cotton tree. (It is said to be very fitttening food 
£»r cattle.) BitnuU Mbna, To say unpleMMit 

Bin-Aj-lee, ^y^j frSh^^. / HmI (of a amall 

Bin-(is}-na, tyj f^hWT v. a. To adore, vene- 
rate, revere, laud. 

Bint, sjL^ s.f A daughter, a gtrL Bmf^^U 
umb, Daughtee of ths grap^ ; wine. 

Bin-tee, ,^S;j flf^f^ s.f An apology, siibmis- 
sion, solicitation. 

Bin-6»HBa, UmJj ft^il^l «u «• To spdl, to 
deteriorate, tOiperiflh. 

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BIR [ 

n o oo 00 Qy X 

boM so too food our (Imnh pmlatiek) 

) ] BIS 

t ^ w y y gi 

(soft Jental) bat write yon my pleasnrt 

Bin-wi-ee, Ji\y^, fipRTt «./ Price paid for 

Bip-h4r-na, Oj^ firqr??nv. n. To be irritated; 
to ^ perr^se, refractory, disobedient, croai« ob- 
itinate, pert. 

Bip-hy, v.^^. f^ *• «• Thursday. 

Bipr, j^ in s.nL A brahmun. 

Bip-ur-^et, *j:-^.j^ ^C^porL Contrary, op- 
poBite. s.f. Mischief, ruin. 

Bip-ut, C£-^ Omfll 8./^ Adversity, cala- 

B'lP't^ ^, "PnnTT J niity, mirfortune, 

Bir-d-dur, j«3!^ «. »i. Brother. Bira4uri- 
nuiee, Foster-brother. Bira^ur-pi&rumr, Kind 
to friends and relations. Birtvf^ranuh, adj. Bro- 

Bir-d-dur-ee, u*;*^';^ ^-^ Brotherjiood, rela- 
tionship, consangoinity. 

Bir-ardur-si-duh, ^*>lj;*>l;{ s. nt. A brother's 
son, a nephew. 

Bir-^j-na, U>-f j? fSncWTT v. n. To be conspi- 
enotts or splendid; to enjoy one's self ; to live in 
beil^ ease* content and independence. 

Vk^im, Jy. f^Tl^T cuff* Uneasy, restless, 

Bir-i-na, tt;? "Pm^TT adj. Strange, foreign; 

belonging taaaother. v. a. To mock. 
Bir-to-na, l^ly ftiimi tx a. To vex. 

Bir-it, {2jj> fwmz s. m. An emperor, the 

Bir-chun, ^^jt, fircnr s. m. Flour made 
from the froit of the ber (Rhanmus jujuba). 

Bir-^ja, \ssf.j) fr^bfrr 8. Galbanum. 

Bir-ez.bir-6z,^yjij} Overcome by or yield- 
Hig to misfortune or an enemy. 

Bir-ha, Ifcy f^Vr s. m. Separation, absence; 
the being left alone; a kind of song peculiar to 

Bb-hee, ^j^ firc?V adj. m. Suffering the 
PttBgs of absence in love, separated from one's love. 

Bir-lu.ya, Ubji f^xfTTi arf/. Amorous, sen- 
sual, suffering the pangs of absent love. 

Blr-hmi, jbyfinrV^ adj. f. (A woman) 
>Qfi^ring the pangs of absence in love, (a female 
^w) separated from the object of her affection. 

Bir-ln-chi, gw«y f^fiff^ ». prop. Bruhma. 

Bir-lnj, gcj) 8. m. Rice; brass. 

Bir-^n-j^-ree, ^j^f, 8.m. One who follows 

tbc camp with grain. 

Bir-in-Jee» ^.s^f, adj. Brazen, of brass. 

Bir-i8h-tuh,'<cUy /wirf./>cw«. Fried, broiled. 

Bir-yan, jOy. U^k^\ s.f. Time. 

Bir-kuh, ^y 8. m. A pond, a well, a reser- 
voir for water. 

Bir-kut, cs-^fy f^<^^ s. m. A kind of fu- 
keer who has relinqnished the world, adj. Wearied, 

Bir-la, ify ftrwT adj. Scarce, uncommon, 
rare» wonderful; delicate, fine. 

Bir-m^-na, l>Uy (l|<4iMi v. a. To tame, to 
reduce to obedience, to allure, to stop. 

Bir-n^n, jCy s. A tree growing in Ajmere, 
used for making rosaries. 

Bir-nee, ^y fwK^ 8.f. A wasp ; a small 

Bir-6dh, 5Ji>^y fV^nrV 8. m. Quarrel, conten- 
tion, dispute, enmity, contrariety, opposition. 
JBiroifheet adj. Quarrelsome. 

Bir-6g, L-^y ft^T *. m. Separation, ab- 

Bir*-o-gun, J^y fSr^T'r a4;\f. Separated, 
distressed from separation. 

Bi-r^dh^ ^*>y fr'nr ^j' Contrary to, 
against, opposite, opposed to. 

Bi'-rdop, L-*^y 111^:^ afJ^ Disfigured, deform- 
ed, ugly. Biroop h6na, v. n. To be disgraced. 

Bir-ta, ty ikryii s. m. Substance, ability, 
power. ^ . 

Bir-tee, ,^y fkJ3ft 8. «. A plant (a i^cies 
of Panicum). 

Bir*^«>y'^X^ 8. m. Fame, reputation, 

Bir-uh, ^y fiTT s. m. Separation^ absence 
(especially of lovers) ; the being left aK>ne. 

Bir-us-na, U^y f^<4j*ll v. n. To stay, to re- 
main., U«y fkKKl v. n. To stop, to re- 
main, to delay. 

Bir-wa, l^y ^T^ 8. m. A plant, a tree. 

Bir-wi-hee, v^I^y. ft^m^ s./. An orchard. 
Birwahee kixma. To make an orchard; to enclose 
with a hedge. 

Bir-yan, jOy. ^'« Fried, roasted, broiled, 
parched, grilled; burning, consuming. 

Bis, (^. iV^r «. w. Venom, poison of reptiles, 
&o. (Met. ) it is sometimes applied to bitter things. 
BiS'4^ur, A snake. 

Bis-^, 5$U**i ftiJTT S.f. Purchase. BisahnOf 
V. a. To buy, to purchase. 

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(loft dental) 

[ 40 ] 






(NorthnmbriMi r) 



(deep Uqoid lisgrnal) loch 

Bis-i-hin-da, ^0»X!bLj f3i^ilV<tl Oi^. Fetid, 

Bis-^-hun, J^^, fk^TfT^ > «• /• Fetor, 

Bi&-^hiad, JJ^^ Uj ftiitf ^ '^^ > ttink. 

Bi»-^k-ha, V W fi4 i l 4sn The 16th mansion 
of the nuHm. 

Bi»-^1, JLj fipjTW a4;* Great, large. 

Bis-dn, c^Lj fkvn^ s.f. An offensive smell 
(at offish, onions, &c.). 

Bis-dn-a, OUj Okjhi r. a. To purchase. 

Bis-^r-na, tjLj finjlT^n t?. a. To forget 

Bis-dt, Cjwj fw^m «./! Means, capital 
stock, estate. 

Bis-it, ^Lj s.f. What is spread out; a bed, 
caq>et, chess-board, &c« 

Bis-^tee, ^Jf^, fr^iTft One who sells erery 
kind of things, a pedlar. 

Bis-bis-^-na, li'UM.^i*^ ftr^fw^TT v. n. To 
yield a sound as in the fermentation of putrefying 
vegetables or yinouR liquors. 

Bis-6kh, »4f^, Olitil s. m. Particular, cir- 
cumstance; the serpent said to support the earth. 
adj. Peculiar, special, particular, abundant, adv. 
Particularly, specially. 

Bis-61-a, 2^>H t%%irT adj. Venomous. 

Bis-^s-ta, b.>M g %»> Hl^ii^i «./. Abundance. 

Bi9-&iAjf g^.l^A^. 8. m. A medicinal root, po- 
^ lypody. * 

Bish, tA> fk^ 8. m. Poison, venom. (Met.) 
It is sometimes i^lied to bitter things. Bish' 
4hiir, s. m. A snidte. 

Bis-ha, y*j ft^rrr adj. Venomous (as rep- 

Bish-nee^,^^^ fwiTift 8, m. A rake, &c. 

Bish-r^nt, "sjiJ!^-i»| p i -siM adj. Rested, re- 

Bish-rdn-ti, ^^1;^ ft^TPnt 8, /. Rest, re- 
pose, cessation from toil or occupation. 

Bish-tee, ^^ vit 8,f. Rain. 

Bish-tha, Qj^. ft-gl s./. Ordure. 

Bish-uee, [^ ft^plt adj. Sensual, worldly. 

Bish-um, ^Kij^f^M^ adj. Unequalled (in a 
bad sense), bad, afflictive. BiMhum-jur , s, m. An 
inflammatory fever, a high fever. 

Bish-um-jwur, j^jKi^ ftrwr^ar*. «l. An in- 
flammatory fever, a high fever. 

Bish-un-p(id, ^^j^. U^H<, A particular 
song in the name of Vishnoo, 

Bish-uy, ^_j^. ft^RT 8, m. An object of sense, 
any thing perceivable by the senses, as colour, 

sound, odour, flavour, and contact; an affidr, 
matter, &c. 
Bis-i-yor, j^, ftfiRT adj. Venomous. 

Bis-kh6p-ra, \jiij^^. fk^s^mro *. m. An ani- 
mal of the lisard kind, about a yard kMig, and said 
to be venomous (Lacerta iguana). 

Bis-kh&p-ra, 1;^^^^ ftii^MM *. ». A me- 
dicinal phmt (Trianthema pentandra). 

Bis-mdr, jUum» ft ij^iK 8. m. The name of 
a bush. 

Bis-mil, J^o^ adj. Sacrificed, an animal 
sacrificed. Bitmil kuma. To sanrifioe. Bitmil- 
gdh, 9,f. Place of sacrifice. BismiUe, s. m. f. 
Any thing saorificed, a sacrifice. 

Bis-mil-lah, JtU|^ In the name of God, or, 
Bismiila'hirruhmdnirruheem, In the name of God 
the most merciful. (An invocation generaDy used 
by Mahometans at the beginning of all actions 
and writings). BUmillah kuma. To begin, to 
commence. BismUlah hSoa, Said of a child who 
has just commenced learning to read. 

Bis-my, ^j^o^ fk9^ $. m. Amazement, as- 
tonishment, surprise. 

Bis-nee, ^j^ ftwft 8. tn. A rake, a debau- 
chee, a lecher, adj. Delicate, nice, showy in dress. 

Bis6or-na, ^,j^. ft^TTT v. n. To cry slow- 
ly, to sob. 

Bis-rim, j»Lw ft-^in 8. m. Rest, ease, re- 
pose, pause, a stop, a point in writing. Bisnam 
lena. To rest, repose, pass the night (particularly 
used by wandering /«A«tfr«). 

Bis-r^na, 0|jwi*j f^^<i«ti v. a. To forget, 
to cause to foiget, to mislead. 

Bist, Ls^*^^ Twenty. 

Bis-tar, jl>w ft^T «. m. Spreading out, 
abundance, prolixity, diffusion. BUiaree, cidj. 
Extensive, diffusive, ample. 

Bis-tar-na, Ojll^, f^^T«n v. a. To spread 
out, extend, diffuse. 

Bis-t<5o-ee^ Isy^ ft^li 8. /. A lizard. 

Bis-tur, j^ 8. m. Bedding, carpeting ; a 
bed, &c. 

Bis-tur-a, t j^ s.m* A bed, &c. peculiar to 
fuheerai the abode of tijukeer. 

Bis-ud, tW ftir^ adj. Fair, pure, dean, 
white (colour). Bisu4 bdnee. Pure language, 

Bis-Ah-ree, i^jfH fWT'ct 8./. A phlegmon 
or boil on the hand. 

Bis-fth-roo, ^j^, fw^^^parL act Purchas- 

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BIT [ 41 ] BIY 

Off CD r t u w 

good our (Karsb ^alatiek) (soft dental) but viite 



y zh 

m]r pleasure 

Bis^nn, ^^. f^'^w s. m. EvU) &ult$ desire, 

lust. Bigunprity or, Bitrnqjiin, s, m. A habit of 

indnlghig desire. 
Bis-iir-na, tj***! finjTTr v. n. To forget. 
Bis-wa, 1^. "PNtt s. m. A land measure, 

the 20th part of a heegha, 
Bis-wds, [jAy^, fr^^ 8. m. Confidence, 

faith, sincerity, dependaoce. Biswas-ghat, s. f. 

Taking advantage of the confidence of others, 

treacherous friendship. BiswfiS'ghutee, A trea- 
cherous friend, one who seeks to take advantage 

of the confidence pkced in him. 
Bi»-wee, ^^^. fk^ <ui^. Worldly, relating 

to the wcH'ld. 
Bifl-wo, ^. fipf ^ m. The universe, the 

Bis-wall, ^yMi i^^x 8. m. The IWtli part (par- 

ticiiUu>ly of a bsegka), 
Bis-wu-ktxr-ma, U^^ fipHT^ s. m. The 

artist of the gods, the Indian Vulcan. 
Bis-yir, jl**iMj a^f* Many, much, very, 

abundant. Bisyaree, s.f, Abundanoe. 
Bit, ut^ frfT 8. m. Wealthy substance, 

thing; ability, power, means. 
Bit-d-na, tb> fr?iTiTT v. a. To pass. 
Bit-4-na, 01^. fkzVTi v. a. To scatter, to 

Bi-t^et, «J!^:j5J fihft^ adj. Passed, gone, 

Bit-ha, ^, fipEa *./. Pftin, affliction. 
Bit-h^na, fel^^. ft^rmi \ v. a. To cause 
Bith-U-na, Oil^Xj f^j^^rpn / to sit down, 

to seat, to Set. 
Bit'ji^-ree, v^jW^Lj ft^rr^ 8.J\ CJeansing the 

Bit-h^r-na, Ojlp. OmK^i v. a. To cause to 

scatter, to cause to sprinkle. 
Bit-hoor-na, ^*j^, fk^^\ v. n. To be spread, 

scattered, sprinkled. 
Eith-ri-na, ^\^, ft^<l^l r. a. To scatter, 

Bit-hiir-na, 0^ fir«n?n v. n. To be scat- 
tered, to be sprinkled. 
Bit-i-ya, I^Xj fkft^s.f, A daughter. 
Bit^na, Ui; ftiTTT v. n. To pass. 
Bit-6-na, U^. fsf^TT v. a. To scatter, to 

sprinkle, s.m, A son. 
Bit-^B-ra, ]^yJ ft%TTT 8. m. A heap of the 

cakes of dried cow-dung. 
Bit-ta, ^, fkril s, w. A span. 

Bit-tee]dl, fiPi 8. m. A musk melon. 

Bit-ti-ya, Usj pil^i^i i s. m, A dwarf {i. e. a 
span high). 

Bit-lip, ^-^^^. ft&M s. m. A tree; a twig, 

Bit-iir-na, t^. ■pTTT^TTT v. a. To bestow* 

Bit-iir-un, j^^ ft^<ui «. w. Giving charity, 
donation, alms. 

Bi-t6-wa, lyu firem «. m. A son. 

Bi-us-li-hi, ^^, By its origin or nature. 

Bi-uy-ni-hi, <U*a) adv. Exactly, the very 

Bi-w^h, ^iy. Onmr ^. wi. Marriage. Biwah 
inicliana. To celebrate a marriage. Biwah Wta, 
To take in marriage, bring home a wife, marry. 

Bi-w^-ee, ,^ly. ft^ «./ A kibe, blister or 
chap on the foot. 

Bi-ya, Ij! fiRrT s. t». Seed. 

Bi-ya-bi-ya, U U A mode of calling pigeons. 

Bi-y^dh, ^^^, ^qrv s, m. Disease, sickness, 
ailment, pain, anguish. 

Bi-yidUha, ^*>^. ^inVT 8, m. A hunter, a 

Bi-y^d-hee, v^^^^W.^^rnft adj. Bl, sick. s. nt, 
A hunter, a fowler. 

Bi-y^h, 5JL» nnx 8. m. Marriage. Biyali ru- 
chdna, To celebrate a marriage. B^fok^dnOj To 
take in marriage, to bring home a wife, to mairy. 
BiyaJia, m. BiyaJUa^f. adj. Married. 

Bi*y^h-na, ObU O^U ^ ^I v, n. To be deli- 
vered of young (an animal), r. a. To give or 
take in marriage. 

Bi-y4-hun, ^Irf ^TW s. m. Marrying, 
marriage, to marry. Biyahun-jog, adj. Fit for 
marriage, marriageable. 

Bi-ydj, ^U -^c^ 8. tn. Pretence, disguise ; 
delay ; interest. Biyaj-itor, One who takes in- 
terest, an usurer. 

Bi-y^joo, ^(-rf ^g 8. m. The principal or 
capital sura put out to interest. 

Bi-yarkhi-yin, c^W^^rf ^igyr^ «./ Explana- 

Bi-yi^kofil, Ji'lsl WTf ^^'. Perplexed, con- 
founded, restless, agitated (in mind), uneasy. 

Bi-ya-ktjr-un, j/tj* i^vc^^./n. Grammar. 

Bi-ya-k<ir-un-ee, v^'/^:H %fll*<ufl 8. m. A 

Bi-y^loo, yi^. ^m% 8. m. Supper. 

Bi-yilp-na, UjIj •^immv. a. To pervade, to 
occupy, to effect, to operate, to work, to act. 

Bi-y^r, ^^, iznT s.f. Wind, air. 

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(soft dental) 




[ 42 ] BON 

gone (Northumbrian r) in 


(deep liquid lingual) 


Bi-yi-ree, ^jU iqi^ s.f. Supper. 

Bi-y^ (^L| ;^rT^ n. /^rop. Name of a Moo- 
m or saint, who is esteemed the collector and ar- 
ranger of the Veds, and the author of the Muha- 

Bi-ya-ydm, /•Uj ^qr^rm s. m. Exertion, la- 
bour, exercising, practising. 

Bi-y<5?> ^yA f^^tr^ s, vu Separation, ab- 
sence, (generally of lovers). Biyogee, s.m. A 
lover, suffering the pain of absence, s.f. Biyo- 

Bi.y6nt, ^^s^y^, %tw s. m. Shape, the act of 
cutting out clothes. Biyotitna, n, a. To cut or 
slu^ clothes. 

Bi-y6n-ga, C^ ^Nii s. m. The instru- 
ment with which leather is scraped and cleaned. 
Biyonga phira nuhSen, His hide has not been 
curried yet (said of a spoiled child, &c.) 

Bi-3rtirth, ^JjU o^r. Vain, useless, ineffec- 

Bi-ydy,^^. ^pr«. m. Expense, expenditure. 

Bi-yuy-hir, j^wJ *8(ei^iT s. m. Expenditure. 

Bi-z^-ti-bi, AJ>toJ odr. By its own essence, of 

itself, independently. 
Bi-zd-ut, ta^^fiUj s.f. Capital stock in trade. 

Bfz-luh, ^^^ s.m. A garment for daily use 

of which no oare is tidcen. 
Biz-un, jj) imper. Strike. 

Biz-zu-ro6-rut, (JL>i^;-^li adv. By necessity, 

Bo-i-ee, ^ly. ^wrt *. f* Sowing, the act 

of sowing, seed-time. 

Bo-^na, V'ly^ %wr^T v. a. To cause to sow. 

v. n. To stink, to emit^a smell. 
Bo-^ra, l;!y. %T^TT s.m. Seed time., Oy. %T^ 8. m. Goods and chattels, 

property; a bundle. 
Boch, ^y %T^ s.m. An alligator. 

B<5-cha, U.y %nrT s. m. A kind of sedan, 

a chair paUcee. 
B6-da, Uy %Rrr adj. Weak, low-spirited. 

Bo-dir,j!*>y. adj. Scented, s, m. A kind of 
leather so called. 

Bdd-dha, l^^^y \xf[J adj. Intelligent, ingeni- 
ous, sensible. 

Bodh, »*>y. %nf ». m. Understanding, know- 
ledge; seoority. 

Bodh-na, 0]bi3y ^TtPTT v. a. To wheedle. 

Bod-lee, ,^»>y ^^vh adj. f. A simple wo- 

man, a trollop. «. /. A woman who lives with a 

Benuwafukeer, and dresses like a man. 
Bogl^bAnd, J^;^y $. m. The cloth in which 

any thing (particularly a saddle) is wrapped up. 
B6g^ma, Ui:y s. m. Trumpery, trifles, 

scraps, rags, &c. the stores of a wallet, adj. f. 

Ugly and &t (woman). 
B6s^-ra, t j^y. s, m. A dish made of boiled 

meat, flour, &c. Boghra mkulna. To be well 

B6h-nee, ,^y %tt«I^ «./. The first sale 

for ready money in the morning. 

B6i-ya, \^f, ^TT'TT 8. m. A small basket 
Bojh^ ^4>.y %T^ s.m. A load. Bc^h pukAr- 
na, To a£fect consequence or to give one's self 
airs (generally spoken in raillery). Bojh tir pur 
hona, 18 applied to a task the performance of 
which is become indispensable. 

Boj.ha,J5e^y%T^| ^. T ^ ^ 

B6j-hul, Jj^y %i^/«^J- Loaded. 

B6jU-na, U^^^y ^h^pri v. a. To load ; to 
scald or parch rice. 

Bok, uiy %w *. ffi. A he-goat, a ram. 

Brfk-luh, .iJSy g. m. Po1>-herb. 

Bdk-ra, l/y ^i*<i s. m. A he-goat. 

B<5k-ree, ,^/y %T^R^ s./. A she-goat. 

Bol, Jy %tW *. m. Myrrh. 

Bol, Jy ^m 8. m. Word, speech, talk, con- 
versation; words of a song. 

Bol-a-chd-lee, J^ ^Jfy %Tirr^^ 1 «./.Con. 

Bol-clUil, Jl^Jy %1W^W J versa- 


Bol-bi-la, "i^y^f. %m ^m 8.m A kind of 
benediction. Bol bcUa hSna, To prosper. 

Bo-lee, ^y %i^ s.f. Speech, dialect, Ian- 
guage; conversation, talk. Bolee kuma. To jeer, 
to jest. Bolee thdlee, s.f. Jeering, speaking ai 
but not to a person. Bolee Mlee soondna, or, 
Boke thdlee m&ma. To reproach, to blame. 

661-na, Wy \\w^ v. n. To speak, to 
sound, to emit sound; to tell, to say. Bolna ckalna. 
To converse. 

661-ta, U)y ^i^(m part, act (used substan* 
tively.) The faculty of speech ; soul, life. 

B6-na, Oy %pn v. a. To sow. 

66n-dee, ^_^J)y %t^ s. /. TTie germ of a 
plant after the flower is shed. 

B6-nee, »^y itT'ft s.f. The season of sow- 

Bont, L2Jy tHt s.m. A stalk. 

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[ 43 ] 






(hanh palatiek) (soft denUI) 









Bo<s y. Father ; posgessed of, endowed with. 

Boo uiee seena, Avicenna, s.f. SmeU, odour. 

BoO'hishee, s.f, Takiog a smell. ^ 

B6o-a,l^ j^n s.f. Sister; an aunt by the 

&tker'8 side. 
B6o-boo9 ^y. ^1" s,f. A sister, (on the west 

of India) A lady; a&TOurite concubine or one 

of superior rank. 
B6o-cha, tfc'y ^^ adj. m. \ Ear-cropt, 

B6o-chee, ^r^y. ^^ adj. 


Booch-na, Ux^y. f^Tf v. n. To sit in a con- 
fined posture, to crouch. 

Bood, i3y. 8./. Being, existence. 

Bood-bash, ^^.i>y. s.f. Existence, subsist- 
ence, residence, abode. 

B®dh, »J< f>f s, m. The planet Mercury ; 

Bopddh, yj^ f If 8. m. The ninth uvufar or 
supposed Hindoo incarnation. 

BJDd-dhi, «J< ^jfif s.f. Sense, wisdom, un- 
derstanding, discretion. 

Bgod-dfai-rt^n, jUxjii -ff^m adj. Wise, 
sensible, intelligent. 

B6o-ee, ^y. \^ ^ f* A word used to fright- 
en children, a goblin. 

"BgQ g^-ra, tjM s. m. A large hole or breach. 

B^Q^'iTf jU; \s.m. A breach in a wall, 

BQQ£^&-ra, ^j^, ) a deep wound. 

Bi^gg^-da, I JiU 5. m. A cleaver used by cooks 
or butchers, a knife. 

B^Qg^-dee, ^^^ s. m. A kind of camel (of 
high cost). "- 

^Bis^-r^ ]f{ 8. m. Macaroni. 

Bqp(^, (j^. s. m. Malice, spite, rerenge, 

B(x>-h4-ree, ^jU frrd ^ ... 

B0Q-hir.nee,yjV. ITtTift 5^-/Abroom. 

B(8hh^r-na, Oj(j f^ac^ v. a. To sweep, to 

Bop-hlt-roo, ^jV fTW s. m. A sweeper. 

B<Khhi-run, jfj fTTTT s.f. Sweepings. 

B(20h-ne6, ,^^. "^[T^ s. f. Handsel, first 

BgQh*r^n, J^fP^- s. m. The crisis of a disease. 

BiQhfTety ,^jJ *JT^ s.f. Fried or parched 

B®h-tin, d^^. ^' ^ Calumny, false impu- 

BQi>-hy-rah, ^;^^ s, m. A small sea, a lake. 


Boojh, ^:^^, T^s.f. Understanding, com- 
prehension. Boqjh hur, Wittingly. 

BQjg-h&.na, t^sri f^rpnt;. ». To extin- 
gutsh, to put out Fijfos bQBJhana, To quench 
tiiirst. V. a. To explain, to make to comprehend, 
to demonstrate, to push as with argument, to 
persuade, to cause to believe, to take to. 

B4tjh-na, U^si f^r^ v. n. To be extinguish- 
ed, to be put out, to be quenched (thirst). 

B6ojh-na, li^^y 1''^^ ^* ^ To understand, ^^vr^, \ ^ 
to comprehend, to think. Boojh4ena, (cards) To J 

settle the account of gain and loss. 

Boig-hjl, J-^ ^%W o^'. Laden; beast, 
&c. of biuthen. 

B&j-na, Uaci f ^RT s. m. A cloth used by 
menstruous women, a pessary. 

Boo-j6hl, J^^, n. prop. AboojuU. adj. 

B(8?-jiih-ra, !;^ f ^ T T T s. in. A vessel for 
warm water. 

BooV> Jy. s. m. A trumpet, a clarion. 

B(ip-ka, 1^. «./. Weeping, lamentation. 

B<5o-ka, i^ fi^T s. Powder; small pearls. 

B&^-chuh, ^. s. m. A small bundle of 
cloth, a knapsack, wallet. 

B(K?-kh4r, j^> s. ni: Steam, glowing heat (of 
the ground or such as is felt in a fever), vapour, 
fume, exhaktion. Booibar ifilmenr^khna. To en- 
tertain enmity or malice in the heart. BosihbflT 
nikulna. To break out (as an eniptionon the skin). 

Bookbl) J^- «• »*. Avarice, stinginess, par- 

B&kb-tee, ,^jl^ s.f. A quick-paced camel 
(generally used to ride on, and not for burthens), 
a dromedary. 

B4[>k-ka, t^. furr s. m. Handful. 

B^tkee, J^ IpTt s. f. A cloth brought 
over the shoulders under the armpits and tied be- 
hind; a handftil. B^hkee mama. To pass a cloth 
under the armpits and tie it behind. 

BoDk-kut, u2^ ^T^l 

B<»k-ta,Ufi7^ )*.m.Aclaw. 

Bgok-l^na, Wi{ f^raT»rT v. n. To talk inco- 
herently to one's self, to act or talk foolishly. 

Bgokm, ^ adj. Dumb. 

B6ok-na, Ui^ T^^f^ v* a. To reduce to po\y- 
der, to powder, to grind. 

B^k-nee, ,vi[ flp»ft s.f. Powder. 

BcQ'k6ol, JyO s.pi. Plants. 

BoQ-k^h, JiSi (imper.) Skill, slay. j 

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C 44 3 


a ch d e ee g g^ i 

all choose (soft dental) K<:t thee gone (Northambrian r) in 


(deep liquid lingual) k>eh 

Boo^-tih, JMis.m»A house, place, dwelling. 

Boo-ku-la-m6on, Jy^^. s. m. A oamelion ; 
hence, any thing of various hitts. adj. Various, 
variegated, changeable. 

EQ0-l^bh6j-na, Uar^Sj if^>r^pifT v. a. To 
send for (a person). 

Bop-la-hut, t5^2^,i fWlT<r s. f. Calling, a 

BoQ-ldk, ^Sj f^^ $, m. An ornament worn 
on the nose. 

B<io-la-Wna, 0^^. "j^ ^tt^TT v. cu To sum- 

Boo-l^-na, tOl> fwrm v. a. To call. 

BQol-b(Jel, J->b s.y! A nightingale ; a shrike 
(Lanius boulboul.) 

B^l-bQQ-la, 2M* inr5^ ^. m. A bubble. 

Bool-fQ(^-z6ol, J^^ty. adj. An excessive 
or idle talker. 

Bool-hii-wtts, (^^ty. a<^*. Desirous; whim- 
sical, capricious, a wavering, fickle (person); a 
blockhead. Boolhuwuste, ».f. Sensuality. 

Boo-16ogt, j^i s. in. Puberty. BnQldogkufy 
s,f. Puberty. ^ 

Bool-6j-ub, Vi.,.-cc:^|y. cufj. Wonderful. 

Bo^lund, J^. adj. High, elevated, exalted, 
sublime, tall. . JBofiiun4i>een, adj. Aspiring. Bqq* 
lun4 p&yuh^ adj. Of high rank. B^wi^ hdU' 
siluh, adj. Ambitious, aspiring. Ba^MWJi nuzur, 
odj. Aspiring. Bo^und himrmtt^ adj. Ambitions. 

Bo^ltju-dee, ^j<^, 8. /. Height, elevation, 
exaltation, sublimity. 

BoQl-wi-na, C|^. "S^r^Pn v. a. To cause to 
call or to send for. 

Boom, j»y s.m. An owl; land, ground, 

figgn, ^, s. m. Coffee before it is ground ; 
(when ground it takes the name of ttuhwd). 

B(2i>n, ^. s.f. Basis, root, stem. 

Boond, Jk^y \^s. f. A drop. J3o(m4 kee 
booruft Rectified, twice distilled^spirit, &c.) adj. 
Good, well, exeeflent; high, soarhig (generally 
applied to kites). 

B&n-da, ! *xy "f^ s. m. A point, a dot 

B&n-da, I i^ "fNil s. m, A kind of ornament 

worn on the ears. 
B6on-da, Wy. J^ s. m. A large drop. 

Boonifa bdrufee, Small and interrupted dropping 

of rain. 
Boon-dee, ^^.){ ^^t «•/ Drops of rain; 

Name of a place. 

B^-di-ya, [s,<M ff'^WT s, /, A kixki of 
sweetmeat (like drept). 

B^n-gah, ^m^ s. f. Baggage, equipage of 
an army. 

B<K>-ni-y^ i>t;j;j ^. /. Foundation, basis, 

B4[)n-na, U{ -jif r v. a. To weave, to inter- 

Boont, L^y \Z 8. m. A kind of pulse when 
green ( Gicer arietinum) ; the plant of boant. cuij. 
Little, compact and firm (epithet applied to a 
peney, and sometimes used substantively.) Boo^ 
posldo, $. m. K paolao made of beciiit, 

B<2Qn-ydd, i>Uj 8. /. Foun&tion, bads, 

Boor, jy ^t adj. Barren (land). 8./. Chaff, 
hush. Boorka liddoo, A sort of sweetmeat made 
with the husk of grain. The confectioiiera avow 
the imposition and cry out to passengers, *' Yeull 
repent if you eat it, or regret not tasting it." 
Hence great men are sometimes called Beor ha 
luddoo, when they make a practice of encouraging 
their dependants to hope, but do nothing for them 
at last; as, dancing attendance on them and neg- 
lecting them are each likely to produce regret. 
The terra also means, any person or thing, which 
is fiiir without and foul within, or that promises 
welt but turns out ill; a well Uoking, but stupid, 

B&-ra, !y. "frr a4j. Bad, worse. Bijora mdn- 
na, V. a. To take amiss, to be displeased. 

B6o-ra, Ijy ^tt 8. m. A coarse kind of sugar; 
, sawdust; powder. 

Boshr^-duh, ^i>ty. 8. m. Filings. 
' BoD-r^-ee, IJf, ITT"^ «./. Mischief, evil, 
wickedness." BoDraee pur ^thna, or kwnur bdnfjUk- 
na, To resolve on mischief. 

B<2Q-r^k, jty. n. pnq). The ass on which 
Blahomet is said to have passed from Jerusalem 
to heaven. 

Boo^rd-^na, Wy, ^fff''^ ^* ^ To cause to sink. 

Boo-rd-uee, cj^ljy 8,f. A kind of food con- 
sisting of the fruit of the egg plant (Jbyngttn) 
fried in sour milk. 

B®r-b6-la, ^y.;! f Ol^T adj. Scurrilous. 

Bogrd, t>j) f^ 8.f. A term used at chess 
when the king only, on one sido, remains on the 
board; (henciie, also,) an opportunity of making 
some acquisition. 

BoQrd-b^, ^,^f, adj. Burthen-bearing, for- 
bearing, patient, mild. BoQrtfbAree, s.f. Bearing 
of burthen, forbearance, patience. ^ 

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n o 

bOJI to 




[ 45 ] 



(harsh palatick) ^soft dental) but writ© you my pleasure 

B6o-ree, ^jyt \'f\ s.f. A point of a spear; 

si spike ia Uie end of a staff. 
Bcshr6e-dah, ^Ju[j{ pari. pass. Cut^ amputat- 
ed, clipped. 
B^r-^ha, (toy. fT^T adj. \Wcked, bad. 
Boor-ha» fejy. ^^T acfj. Old; an old man. 

Boofha arhay Old man, eldest man. 
Bngr-h^n, j^f, s. m. Demonstration, proof. 
Bogr-h^pa, blJiy, f^^H s. m. Old age. 
Bogrh-bhiis, ij^^^l ff >rea«&*. Affecting in 

old a^e the manners of youth. 
B^fcr-U-ya, Ulby. gH i f^l s.f. An old woman. 
B<$o-ri-ya, kjf. ^f ? ^ T s.m. X diver. 
B®rj, ^y. ipl 5. m. A cable. 
B0Q1J9 ^ri ^* 09« A bastion, a tower; sign 

of the sodiac. 
B^r-l^a, ^y. s, m. A dress or kind of veil 

with eye^ioles to it ooveriag the whole body from 

head to foot. BoBr^a paky One who wean a 

B4>r-la, Xy frwr «. i»ti A wasp. 
Boor-mdr-na, Oj»j^ -j^ ipt^n v. n. To be 

drowsed, to drown. 
B6or-na, Ojy T^^TT «?. «. To dive; to be 

immerged, to drown, to dip. 
B<»-r6o-dnt,C)kijy s.f. Coldness, coolness 
B(Shi^6oj, ^^y 5. />/. Bastions, towers, 

signs of the zodiac. 
B<shr6o^ iJl^y^.s./' Whiskers, mustaches. 
B(KHr-r^n, J\f, pent. Cutting, sharp. 
B&r-rish, ^J»f, s.f. Cutting. 
B6o-ru^> ^;y. s. m. Borax. 
B^igs-sud, o^ s. m. Coral. 

B®8-ti^n, jUw J. tn. A garden, a flower 
garden. Bcs^Umee^ adj. Qi the flower garden, 
beloaging to a garden. 

Bopt, t-sH fTT «• m. A hazard table ; a blow 
with the fist. 

Bi2Dt, w:H *' ^* ^^ ^^^^* ^^ in^^; ^^ belov- 
ed object, a mistress. Bokt-pdrusl, An idolater. 
B^-pnrusfetf s. /. Idolatry. BoBf-turdsh, A 
sculptor. ^fl6<-<ttr(iM^«./. The art of a sculptor, 
sculpture, statuary. Boci-H^nuh, 8. m. An idol- 

Boot, fZ^^, T^ s. m. A kind of pulse, chick- 
pea (Cicer arietinum). 

B6o-ta, ^f, ^TTT s. m. Strength, power, 

Boo-ta, ^^, ^T s. m. A flower (partiailar- 

ly worked on cloth or painted on paper, &c.) a 
bush, a shrub. 

BQs^t^o-na, O^b f^ttmi t;. a. To extiiw 

Boo-tdt, CL>^f, s. m. Account of household 
expenee. Bootatee, ctdj. Relating to household 

B6o-tee, ^y. f^*./ Drugs; flowers or 
sprigs (on muslin) . 

Boo-tee-mar, jtaJy s. A heron. 

BoQt-kfid-uh, ^Jto. s. m. An idol-temple, a 

B(^t^Un, j^'iJ s.f. Abortion, falsity, vanity. 

B^t-ta, ^, f^WT s. m. Over-reaching, fraud, 
trick, take in. Bosnia (fSna, To over-reach. 

B6o~tuh,»y. J. m. A crucible, a melting pot. 

BoQ-yoo-Wt, C^^J^. s. plur. Household ex- 

Bos?z, y s,m. A goat BoQZ-^il, A coward. 
BoDz^ilee^ 8,f. Cowardice. BQB0»h6kee, $, m. The 
mountiun he-goat Bistt-g^ie, s, f. Goat-tahing. 

B(2Q-zdk, ^]j{ 8. Spittle. 

Boo-z6e^nuh, ^^,j)>, "^ 

B<5z-nuh, aJjy, >«. m. A monkey. 

Bo2^n6e-nuh, JuJjy. J 

BijQZ-gb^luh, <i)U^ 8. m. A kid. 

BQfh^rg, u^ji adj. Great; (used substan- 
tively) a grandee, a great man, a saint» an elder, 
an ancestor. BaozOerg^n, Great people, ances- 
tors, &c. 

B®-z^-gee,^5^. s.f. Grandeur, greatness, 

Boo-zQorg-w^r, J^^jy, adj. Ancestor, elder, 
saint, an iUustrious person. B^zosTgwaree^ s.f. 
Greatness, eminence. 

Bor, jy. %n: adj. Deep. s. m. Studs of gold 
or silver. 

B6-ra,tjy. ^tm s. m. A canvas bag (particu- 
larly for holding two mannds of rice), a sack; a 
kind of bean like French beans (Dolichos cat- 

B6r-na, Ojy^ ^^T v. a. To cause to dive, ^ f*/^ 

B6-ro, ^j^ %i^ s. m. Rainbow ; a kind of 
rice wUch is cut in March. 

Bos, (^y. part. act. in compos. Kissing. 

Bo-sde-du-gee„^^I>^y.s./. Rottenness, cor- 

Bo-see-duh,5JJ^y part, pass. Rotten, stale. 

Bos-o-kin-^r, j^(»fj^^,s.m. Kissing and toy- 
ing, dalliance, hugging. 

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<soft dental) 

C 46 ] 






(NorthombriaB r) 



k kb 

(deep liquid Ungual) lodi 

Bos-tdn, j^^, s. nu A garden, a flower 

Bd-suhy /u.d^ 8» m. A kiss. Bosuh-bdzee^ 

s.f. Kissing and toying. 
B6-ta, lyy. ». m. A young camel. 
BiS-tee, ^^?y. %nJt *•/• A morsel or lump of 

B6-too, y^ ^ij 5. fit* A he-goat. 
Bggch-h^ry j^y. ^ImnT s, /. Driving rain, 

wind and rain. • 

B(ii}-ha, (Jby^^nrr a4;. Pocky. Bquhdee, s.f. 

A woman afflicted with the venereal disease. 
Bgyl, Jy. 8. m. Urine. 

B<^la, 5fy, ^hWT a4f\ Toothless. 

B^-na, Oy. \[Wi adj. Dwarfish. & nt. A 

dwarf; the fifth uvutar, or supposed Hindoo in-- 


Bosnd, Jjy ^rt^ 8. m. A creeper, a vine. 
Boyn-di-y^na, Obi)y. ^tf^irPTT r. n. To 

twine; to run irregularly or in a crooked path 

with ti^mings and windings. 

B^d-na, tjjy. ^|vf#iT v. n. To entwine 
(creepers or vines). 

B4s-nee, ^y V'ft s. m. A female dwarf. 

B^ra, tjy ^ncT adj. Mad, insane. 

Bgs-ri-na, Oi^y ^i<mi v. n. To be mad, to 

Bgs-ra-pfin, ^t^y ^kim^i *. m. Madness. 

Boz,jy 8. nt. A cream-coloured horse, 
white tinged wi^ red or brown hor8e> an ambling 

B6-za, tjy 8. wt. Beer. Bozagir^ 8,nu A 
maker ik boxa, a brewer. Boza^guree, s,f. The 
brewing of boza, 

B<5-zuh, "ij^^ s. m. The name of a bird (Ibis 
denudata ?) 

Br^h'-mun, ^y«^ly irnj^ 8. m. A brahmun. 
Brahmunee, $,f. The wife of a brahmun, a female 
of the brahmun cast. 

Brichh, ^y ^r^ 8.m. A tree, a plant. 

Briddh, ^^ji,TW adj. Old. BridcUih s.f. In- 
crease; vegetation. 

Bri-hus-puii, f^^^^t^^^f^'^r^^lf^n.prop. Name 
of the spiritual preceptor of the Bevtas: the 
regent of the planet Jupiter, identified astronomi- 
callj with the planet; Thursday. JBrihusputibdr, 
s, m. Thursday. 

Brik, u^y t^ s. m. A wolf. 


m. A bull; Taurus (the 
sign of the zodiac). 

Brikhj^y ^nr"] 

Bris, (^y 

Brish, ^^y 

Brik-hub, y^ ^irw 1 . , ,, 

Brish-ubh, Lr-iy. ^mrj ^'"^ 

Briksh, cA^y. ¥^ *. »»• A tree. 

Brind, J^y ^tr^ 8. m. A demi-god ; a heap, a 
multitude, an aggregation. 

Bris-chik, <-%^y tftfti s. m. A scorpion; 
Scorpio (the sign of the zodiac). 

Brit-ha, ^f, YTf adj. Abortive, vain. adv. 
in vun. 

Brit-i, tl>y ^f?r 8. m. Appointing; a proxy 
in the performance of religious duties. 

Brit-tdnt, u-^ty ir^rhT 8. m. Intelligence, 
tidings, narration, story, history, topic, mode, 

Brit-ti, C^y ^ftr J./. Livelihood, stipend, 
pension, income, estate. 

BrQ^j, ^y -r^ 8. m. A large track rope (a 
small one being called goon.) 

Bruhm, ^y w^ s. m. God ; spirit, the very 
soul; the all-pervading, the divine cause and es- 
sence of the world from which all things are sup- 
posed to proceed and to which they return. Bntm^ 
h^sfru, 8, m. A &bled weapon, which consecrated 
by a formula addressed to Bruhma deals infallible 
destruction to those against whom it is discharged. 
Brumh rdfri, s.f. A night of Brumha, compre- 
hending 1000 ^oo^« of the gods, or 216,000,000 
of mortals. Bruhm^hoj Feeding of ^oAmtmi. 
Bruhm^gf, An apparition, Satan, ghost. 
Bruhm^rdkhui, A kind of demon. Bruhmsesh, 
The ietmngs of brahmuns. Brumh-hut^ya, The 
murder of a brahtnun ; saorileg«. 

Br6h-ma, lac'^^y mfrr ITie Deity in the cha- 
raot^ of creator, or matter personified. Bruhma- 
r&tri. The night of the rtu of Krishn, a bright 
night, a long night (like that of BruJma). 

Bruh-mind, i'Uiby inptv*. m. ITie top of 
the head, the mundane egg {of the Hindoos); tiie 
globe, the world. 

Bruh-mu-ch^-ree,vjr;l«-^yirTf^nft*. w.One 
of the junior religious class of mankind, a sto- 
dent, an ascetic. 

Bruh-mu-churj, ^j»;^^y tr^^«. The pro- 
fession or way of life of a Bruhmucharee. 

Bruh-mu-16k, u^^A^y J i -y^i^ft 8. m. The 
region or heaven of Bruhma. 

Bruh-mun, ^>y t[lf[^ »• pfop. A brah- 

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C 47 ] 



(banh palatick) 

t U W 

(soft dental) but vrlte 






Bruj (vulg. Brij) ^. ir^T ». m. A district, 
Gontaxniii^ the several villages of Muthcora, 
Gohd, BrindabuH, &c. being abont 168 miles in 

Brfit-ee, Jff, mft s. m. One who fests. 

Bu, c-> />rg>. (often prefixed to another 
word, but when standing alone, written { ) With, 
by, for, in, into, to, np, to, on, upon. 

Bu, 1^ n" may stand for Bnroon, the God 
of water. It may also denote^ sun, ocean, or 

B6b-bee, ^. ifi^ s.f. A kiss. 

Bab-6s-ee," v^f*-^ 'I^t^ s.f. The piles. 

Bub-^i-ya,* U*«r^J l^rfimT adj. Talking 
nonsense. «. m. A catamite. 

BAb-00-ree, ^j^.X^-^ s. f. A tr«e of the 

Bab-6or,j^. TJT > Mimosa kind 

Bub-ool, J^o TJ^ J (There are seve- 
ral species, but the commonest is Arabica). 

B6b-ree, ^jaJ f^-;^ s. /. Cropped hair, 
tresses; the act of cropping (espedally the manes 
of horses.) 

Bub-ree, ^^j*J €uij. Rehiting to the tiger or 

Bub>r6o-ta, ^^j^, ^nr^:7TT 8. m. A clown, 
a lout, Inmpkin, clumsy young man. 

B^b-ur, jH inrr s. m. One who crops the 
manes of horses. 

Btib-ur, jAi $. m. A lion, a tiger. 

Bub«ur-a-kh£r-ee, i^jt^\j^, ^A<A^ s.f. 
Quarrelling, dissention. 

Bu-by, 4fA4 ^^ s. m. The seed of a sweet- 
scented herb (Ocymum pilosum.) Name of a bird. 

Buch, ^. ^^ s.f. Orris root. 

Bdch-a, W. s. m. A child, the young of any 
animal, an infant. 

Boch-^na, 01^. w^PfT v. a. To save, pre- 
serve, protect, reserve, spare, to defend, guard, 
to leave, avoid, to conceal; to sound (a musical 

Biich-^o,^ls:{ir^T7 8,m. Protection, defence. 
B6ch-chee^ ^^^. g^f, A female young one. 
Bfich-chnh, ^. s. m. An infant, a child, the 

young <^any creature. {PL Buchchugdn). Buck- 

dmfimt $, m. The womb. 
Bnch-cho-g^nub, )^£f^adj. Fit for children, 

BAch-chu-gee, ^j^k^ *./. Infancy, childhood. 
Buchh, f^* inr «. ffi. A calf. 
Buch-h^r-a, \y^, w^n «. m. A colt. 

Buch-h6r-ee, e^;-r^l?(%^ *./. A foal. 
BAch-hi-ya, U^ ^f^t s.f. A female calf. 
Buchh-n^, ui^U^. irtf TPT s. m. A vegeta- 
ble poison. 
Bdchh-ra, !;^ ^WTT\ . _ 

B6chh-roo,^;^^! ir^ J *' '^^ ^ ^^'^• 

Buch-ki-na, O^^T^RTPTT a^. Small (ge- 
nerally applied to shoes and clothes), s, m. A 
dancing boy. 
Buch-kd-nee, J'^- HH<ihl*i^ s. f. A girl 

adopted by an old prostitute. 
Bfich-na, Us^. *|^^| v. n. To be saved, to 

escape, to remain unexpended, to recover. 
Buch-piin, jtff^, iT^Tipr 8. m. Childhood, in- 
Btich-tee,^^i«!if^7n'«.y; Residue, remainder. 
B6ch-un, jsA w^^s m. Speech, talk, dis- 
course, word; promise, agreement. Buchun imruf 
hir Una, or, Buchun humjih kuma, To bind by prp- 
miee. Buchun inm^ hdna, To give one's word, 
to promise, to be agreed upon. Buchun pdlna. 
To abide by a promise. Buchun tenia, To break 
one's word. Buchun chh^rna, To break one's 
promise. Buchun 4^o, To promise. Buchun 
d6lna. To question, ask, inquire. Buchun ISna^ 
To receive a promise. Btic^n nUima, To con- 
dude an agreement. Buchun mdmui, To obey, 
Buchun nibh/mm. To abide by a promise. But^km 
hAma, To promise, to agree, to give one's word. 
Bud, ^. adj. Evil, bad. Bu^^uMOift, adj. 
Of bad habits. Bwf^nosl^, Ill-shaped, ill-made, 
of bad conduct. Bwjt-ual, adj. Low-bom. Bud^ 
iiQ8Wfee,s.f, Bad breeding. Bu(f'Utw6r, Ill-man- 
nered. Bud-undSsh, adj. Evil-minded, inimical. 
Bwf'deen, adj. Of bad manners, observing no re- 
ligious precepts. Bud-b&tin, adj. Internally evil. 
Bud-buitl, adj. Unlucky, unfortunate. Bud^boo, 
adj. Fetid. «. /. Stink. Bud-purhSz, adj. Not 
controuling one's inclinations and passions, in- 
temperate. Bud'pushmee, s.f. Badness of hair or 
wool, bad coat (of a horse, &c.) Bud-chushm, 
adj. Malignant, envions, coveting other men's 
goods (particularly wives). Bud-hal, adj. In 
bad circiunstances, iU-conditioncd. Bu^-huwScss, 
adj> Senseless, stupified, in consternation. Bttd' 
ihutt, adj Writing iU. Bud-bb&iikee, s.f. Bad 
disposition, evil nature. Bud-Mo, adj. Of bad 
habits, iD-disposed. Bud-Uoee, s.f. Unmanner- 
liness, ill-nature. Bud-ii^ah, adj. Wishing evi^. 
Bud-dik^, s f. A curse, imprecation. Bud-dii, 
adj. Suspicious. Bu4-dum6gh, adj. Dissatisfied, 
displeased widi every thing. Bi4-dum&gtee, 
$. /. Ill-will, displeasure. Bud-doui, adj. lUi 







(toft dental) 

[ 48' 3 







(Northumbrian r) 



(deep liquid lingual) 



shaped, ungraceful. Bu^'ttaf, a^f, Low4>oni, of 
bad breed, wicked, Ticions. SiKJi-zAfee, s, f.' 
Baseness, wickedness, yiciousness. Bu4'^hn, 
adj. Stupid, slow of apprehension. Bui-rah, adj. 
Wicked, sinful. Ewf-rikSb, adj. Hi-paced, difl&- 
cult to mount (a horse). Buif-zubdn, adj. Inde- 
cent (speaker), abusive, t.f. Indecent lan|fuag;e, 
abuse. B^'Xubdnee, $.f. Abuse. Bui-zeb^ adj. 
Ungraceful. Bui-tdui^ «./. An unlucky moment. 
Bu^-suj, adj. Ungraceful, ill-looking. Bu4' 
sirisbt. Ill-disposed, ill-natured. Bui-sigdl, at^j. 
Evil-minded, malevolent, malignant. Bwf'SiXh 
lookee, s.f. Bad behaviour, maltreatment. Bwt'- 
seeruty adj. Ill-tempered, of bad disposition. 
Biuf'skurdb, itdj. Drunk. Bu4'ShurAbee, s, f. 
Drunkenness. Butf-shukl, adj. Ill-shaped, ill look- 
ing. Bwf'Shasgiknee, 8,f. Bad omen. Bwf's6o' 
rut, adj, Vg\y, ill-conditioned. Bu^-furSe^y s. m. 
Bad habit (in a religious sense). Bu^Uwitt, 
adj. Malevolent, iniquitous. Bui-tientdee, s.f. 
Malevolence, iniquity. Biif'Ziitm, adj. Suspici- 
ous. Budl-oh^, adj. Faithless, treacherous. B9i4' 
fiul^ s. m. Evil deeds. 6dj, Of bad habits (parti- 
cularly, in a religious sense). Bufjt-^iwdruh, Ill- 
formed, ill-mannered. Bu4'kar, or, Ba^f-kir^dr, 
adj. Evil-doer, sinful. Bu4'kdree, «./. Wickedness, 

. evil-doing. B^i^kesh, adj. Impious, irrdigious. 
Bu4'gQBm6n, a^j. Suspicious. Bu^-sfdemdnee, 
s, f. Suspicion. Bu^-gOy a^j, £vil-q>eaking, 
rianderous* Butf^if^ee, 8,f. Sbndor, evil-q)^k- 
ing. Bwt-g^ohur, adj. Of bad origin. Bu4MUiz, 
adj. Unmannerly, disrespectful. Bud'higdm, euff, 
Kot obedient to the reins (a horse), hard-mouth- 
ed. Butf-mizugee, s.f. Tastelessness; coolness 
between friends. Butf-must, wjj. Intoxicated, 
dead drunk. Btuji-rnQOztinnuA, adj. Suspicious. 
Bt4-muasK adj. Of a bad profession or way of 
life, of an in&mous trade. Bwf'mQodmtluh, adj. 
Unfair in dealing. Bt4'mihree, s.f. Disobliging- 
ness, unkindness. Bu4-nam, adj. Infamous, ig- 
nominious, calumniated. Buif-ndmee, s.f. In- 
famy, ignominy, scandal. Bu4'nusl, adj. Of a 
bad race or breed; a bastard. Bui-mtseeb, a^j. 
Unfortunate. Bud-nal, adj. Tripping (a horse). 
Bu^-nosmd, or, Buf-naDmSo^, adj. Ill-looking, 
ungraceful, inelegant. Bu^-nQDindee, s.f, Un- 
gracefulness, inelegance. Bwjt-nif^^t adj. Ill- 
disposed. Bud-wuza, adj. Evil-disposed. Bu4' 
wuzuee, s.f. Bad disposition. Bu^-Ztyuf* adj. 
Ill-formed, ugly. Bu^-yosmn, adj. Ill-omened, 
unpropitious. Bui-yiamneey s.f. Bad omen, bad 

Bud, J^i ^ «./ A bubo. 

Bijd-a, \<^\ T^ adj. Predestiaated. 

Bfid-a, ii! -^m adj. Great. 

Bud-a-b6d-ee, ^\^. <I^H^ adv. With 
emulation or rivatehip, contentiously. 

Bud-d-yut, ^Ji^\^, s.f. Beginning. 

Bud-dhee, Jtb^^ ^ s. / An ornament worn 
round the neck, banging down to the waist and 
crossing behind and before; a belt, a sash. 

BCid-^uly JOki ^•^ 8, m. A cloud. 

Bud-ee, ^.W^ s.f. The dark of the lunar 
month from full moon to new moon. 

Bud-ee, ^j^, s.f. Badness, wickedness; 

Bud-6e-hee, ^yJ, adj. Unpremeditated, ap- 
parent, self-evident, *./. An aziont. 

Bud-6e-hu, **i J^ s. m. An extempore, an im- 
promptu, any thing done without meditation, an 
unexpected event ; an axiom. 

Bud-^e-u, fy.JJ adj. Novel, wonderful, rare, 
curious, strange. 

Buijh, 3JJ< ^^ s. m. Killing, slaying, 

Bud-hA-ee^llbJ^TMrt *.yiCongratulation. 

Bud-hA-wa,*(^^l^. ^vm s. m. A song in 
congratulation; present, &c. carried to the house 
of a woman on the sixth or fortieth day after 

Budh-.bims, ^/mJ^J{ ^M^ s. m. Slaughter 
ofa family or race. 

B^d-bik, UhitiSi wfV^ s. m. A huntsman, a 
sportsman, shooter, fowler, executioner. 

Bftd-hi-ya, LjtoJ^, wfV^ s. f. A bullock or 
any castrated animal. 

Biidh-na, UJbJj ^V^ v. a. To kill, to smite. 

Biidh-na, ^Si^ ^nfTT *. m. A hind of pot 
with a spout to it, a vessel for drinking water 

Bud-h&o, fb^, •^s.f.K \vife, daugbter-in- 
law, woman, lady. 

Bi6d-i, tN| T5rft[ S.f. The wane of the moon. 

Btid-la, "i^, S' m. Exchange, lieu, stead, a 
substitute, recompense, revenge. Budia Una, 
V. a. To take revenge. 

Bud-W-ee, [Ji^, ^m^jt s. f Price of ex- 

Bud-ld-na, Oi(«A{ ^r^wntT v. a. To caus^j^ 
alter, to change. 

Bid-lee, ^ J< ^P^^ s. f. Cloudiness ; a small 
bit of cloud. 

BAd-lee, yj^, s. f. Exchange, relief (of 

B6d-na, ^04. T^yn v. a. To wager, to bet ; 
to settle, to take (as witness), to obey, to ac- 
knowledge, to agree, not tojrefusc. 

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[ 49 ] 

(harsh palatiek) (soft dental) 











Bud-oo, ^ty{ adj\ Infamous, s,/. Beginning, 
appetrance; the deeert; a tribe of Arabs inha- 
biting the desert. 

Ba-d^-lut, CfiJ^. adv. By the fortune, by 
the bounty, by the means; in empire. 

Budr, jJj 8. m. The full moon. 

B6d-riJ^-ub, ^j>^, «. m. A guide, convoy, 
eeeert or guard on the road; a fellow-traveller; 
any thing ordered to be taken with a certain me- 
dicine (as water grael with salts), a Tehicle (in 

Btid-ruh, ^jMi s. m, A bag of money; a 
weight of ten thousand dirhems. 

B6d-sul-a, S^J^. W^^^^T *. m. A hog-sty. 

Bud-tur, y Jj adj. compar. Worse, bad. 

Bud-uk!)-sh^n, jU^Ja A country famous 
for the production of rubies. 

B6d-ul, Jj^. s. m. Exchange, substitution, 

retaliation ; a substitute, chknge ; (postpos.) in 

exchange, for. Butful lena, To exchange, to take 

in exchange. 
Bud'ul-na, U)«>«! ^^^ r. a. To change, to 

Blid-un, jJJ ^^ 8. m. The mouth, the 

B6d-un, jJ^. 8. m. The body. Budun phui 

jdna, V. n. To be covered with an eruption of 

Bud-ur,^. euiv. Without, out 
Bud-ur-r^ ^^y^, 8./. A drain, a sewer. 
Bu-dus-toor, jy^^ As usual, according to 

Bu-du-wee, ^^. adj. Of the country or 

desert ; an Arab of the desert, a countryman. 
Bu-^ed, J^»J adj. Far, distant, absent, re 

mote. Buee4 u(Use, Foolish, absurd, &r from wise. 
Buf-a, Uj. 8./1 A kind of scales or dandruff 

formed in the head. 
Bug, \mf{ w^ 8. m. A bird that feeds on fish 

( Ardea torra and putea). Byg-p&fUi, s.f. A row 

or line of Buglas, Bug-chal, s. f. Walking 

slowly (like a hugld). 
Bu-gih, sl^ adv. In time, opportunely, 

Bijig-4r-iia, I'^BS ^^trtt ». a. To throw 

away; to spread over. 

Bug-chhoot, t2jy^sM w^Tlgz S.f. Galloping. 

Bug-chhoot ^QSirna, To gallop. 
Bug-chh^n-da-liig-na, UlO I (X^^. ^HTW^ 

««i*ii V. n. To be stupified or petrified with fear 

at the sight of a tiger. 

Bug-dS-na, t|^ TT^PTT v. a. To cause to 

return, to put to the rout. 
Bug hiVf j^ "^mx 8. m. The spices which 

are mixed with food to give it relish; seasoning, 

condiment. Bughama, v. a. To season. 
Buj^^-wut, tl>^Uj 8./. Rebellion. 
BA^-ee, ^ adj. Rebellious. 
BAg-hee, "4^5^ ^ s.f. A horse-fly. 
Bug-h61, Jl^ ii^ 8. m. A tribe of Baj- 

pooU. Bughela, $. m. A n^poot of the Bughel 

tribe; a tiger's whelp. 
Biig]b-i-ya, l^. s. m. A small garden or 

Bug^-U-na, l**^ V* n. To make way, to 

get out of the way. 
B6|^lee, Ja; adj. Relating to the armpit. 

s.f. A disorder in camels when they rub the thigh 

against the belly; a purse; a kind of dumb bell 

used in exercise; a sort of dress, the bottom of 

which is under the armpits; the action of a bird 

putting its head under its wing. Bughjtee tuki* 

yuh^ A bolster for the sides. 
Biigh-na, U^, irsPTT^. m. The teeth and 

nails of a tiger which are hung round the neck of 

a child. 
Bugh-nu-hi, 1^6 Tq^TT s.m. A medicinal 

herb with a fragrant root. 

Bti^ul, J«i S.f The armpit; embrace. 
Bugbtd bujSna, To be highly pleased, to be in 
triumph, to jeer, to jest. Bugtul purxciir4uh. 
Brought up in the arms; a darling or favourite 
child. Bugtul j6na, or, ho j/hia, To go out of 
the way. Bugtul-zun^ Insulting, provoking, re- 
joicing at the misfortune of another. Bt/gtul 
gurm ktima. To embrace a woman. Bughul- 
gun^h, Stinking armpits. Bugtul-geer, An em- 
bracer in the Hindoo mode. Bugtul-geeree, s.f. 
Embracing. Bugbul metut (jiubdna, To get posses- 
sion of another *s goods by fraud. Bughul me^ 
Una, To take in one*s arms, to embrace. Bughul 
men m&ma. To conceal under one's arms. 

Bugb-ul-^biind^ <J^»! s. m. A kind of robe 
tied under the armpits. 

Bug-hiins, ^j»^^, ^T^^ s. m. Name of a 
bird, a grey goose. 

Bu^^'^ijiyio. } Without, except, besides. 

Btig-la, ^. '4*\Hi\ 8. m. A bird, a species of 
heron (Ardea torra and putea). Bugla-bhugui 
A hypocrite. 

Bug-&o-la, )f^6 iT^T s. m. A whirlwind. 

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(soft dental) 

[ 50 ] 







(Northumbrian r) 

BtJgHra, lyi ^^^ «. m. Trouble ; cheat, 
deceit. Bttgra ktima, To avoid the payment of 
one*8 debts or the performance of a promise. 

Bug-r6n dee, i^tU/.;6 T^T^vjt s.f. Name of 
a plant ( Jatropba curcas). 

Bug-ri-ya, li^J ^^f%TiT A deceitful person. 

Bug-ud-na, Oj^, ^^r^^i r. n. To return ; to 
be spoiled. 

Bug-ur, ji ?^ 5. m. A kind of rice. 

Buh, <*i /?rep. By, with, in, to. 

Bu4id, y. «. m. Price, value. 

Bu-h^de-na, Uj *>l^.^nrT ^^ v.a. To set afloat, 
demolish, destroy, ruin, impoverish, deprive of 
felicity or fortune. 

Buhd-dQQr,j*>l^, adj. Brave, bold, valiant, 
courageous. 8, m. A hero, champion, knight. 

Bu-h^-^Qp-ree, ^jrj'^V. *•/• Bravery, valour. 

Bu-h^l, J^ In state or condition, adj. 
Unaltered, ^appy, flourishing, reinstated, as he- 
fore (in ser^l^e or condition), restored. 

Bu-hd-na, V'l^ ^TPn v. a. To make flow, to 
set afloat, to lauich, to swim away. 

Bu-hd-nuh, <0l j s* m. Pretence, evasion, 
contrivance, excuse, pretext. 

Bu-hdo, ^U ^TT^ s. in, A flood, a flooding. 

Bu-ha-phir-na, ^j^^^ '^HH f^T^TT r. n. To 
wander, to he in a distressed condition, to be in- 

Bu-hdr, j^ 8. f. Spring, prime, bloom, 
beauty, elegance, delight, enjoyment. Suhai'- 
ist6n, «. m. A place adorned with the bloom of 
spring. Buhardny s. The spring. 

Bu-hd-ree, v^^l£| adj. Vernal, of the spring. 

Buh-bu-h^, ^AjJ ^If^TT €idj. Flowing, glid- 
ing along; brave, bold; public, notorious. 

Bu-h^e, ^ ^r^ s.f, A book not stitched 
at the sides but at the ends; a register, book of 
accounts, ledger. 

Bu-h6er, ^5^. ^^^ '\s.f. The bag- 

Bu-h^er, j^ ? Ttft^ > gage, &c. of 

Bu-h6er-o-b&-nuh,<^-^^j^.> J an army. 

Bu-h^l-iya,lJ^! W%iw«rT «. m. A fowler ; a 
tribe of Hindoos. 

Bu-h^r-a, Iw ^r%^T s. m. A fruit (the Bel- 
leric myrobalan; Terminalia belerica). 

Bu-h6t-oo, yUj^. ir^Tj; s. m. A vagabond, va- 
grant, wanderer. 

Buh-his, d^lsr^ adj. superl, A great dispu- 
ter, controvertist, arguer. 



(deep liqnid lineal) 


Bu-hil-a, S^. ^v^na a4j.f. Barren (gene- 
rally applied to cattle). 

B6-hin,^;.rfT^V .^^^^ 

Bu-hun, x^^ J 

Buh-jd-na, V«U.,j ^fV^TT^T «?. n. To flow; to 
go or swim with the stream; to be ruined, to be 

Buh-jut, ^i£-'^aFT^ s.f, Joy, pleasure, gladness, 
cheerfulness, alacrity, beauty, grace, excellence. 

Buh-kd-na, K^\ 4{ii^\*\\ v. a. To balk, dis- 
appoint, mislead, deceive. 

Buhl, (L> adj. Little, easy. s. Malediction, 

Buh-U-na, O^Ij ^f^^rPfi t% a. To divert, 

Buh-16ol, J^rl s. tn. A prince endowed with 

every virtue; name of a celebrated Dervis; a man 

much addicted to laughter. 
Btih-mun, j^, s.The eleventh solar month, 

when the sun is in Aquarius. 
Buh-mun-et-a, ^^r^A ^TT^^ s, m. A 

young brahmun. 
Buh-na, ly wt^t r. n. To flow, to glide ; 

to float; to blow; to pass away. Buh-jdna, To 

flow or pass away. 
Buh-n6-ee, ^^Y- ^^^^Tt s. m. A sister's 

husband, a brother-in-law. 
B6-hQs?, >> ^y adj. Much, many. 
Bu-h6o, yy{ m^ s,f. A daughter-4n-law, a 

son's wife; a wife. 
Bu-hoo-^r, j]^^. ii^^K «. m. A fruit (Cor- 

dia myxa and cordia latifolia). 
Bu-hoo-bfich-un, j^f^- ^WX^^adj. Plural. 
Bu-hOQ-r^-na, V'lj^. ^S<HI v. a. To bring 

back, to cause to return. 
Bfi-hQO-ri-ya, ^ij^, T^sftm s.f. A daughter- 
Bii-hopr-na, t^ "srsTTT v. n. To return, to 

come back. 
B6-h(»r on, j^jjJ ^^^ adv. Again. 
Bu-hg;hr6op, ^^y^ ^^^^ s, m. Mimickry. 
Bu-hQQ-r6o-pa, l^^y. 4|g^m s. m. A chame- 
Bu hQ0.r6o'pi-ya, Uj^jj.* ^y^pM^ T s. m. An 

actor, a mimick. 
Bu-hoo-r6n-gee, ^^*jyf, '^Wt^ ^dj- Various, 

or variable (in colour); changeable. 
Bu-hopt, u:^. ^^STT adj. Much, many- 

BuhCBl yar liifHa, To become more intimate than 


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[ 51 ] 

(hmnh palatick) (soft dental) 











Bo-hos^t&t, CL>lijJ TyWTT*./ Excess, a- 

BniiQp-ti-yut, ii-^U^ ^ i y^l^l<^ 5./. Abun- 
dance, plenty, mnltitade. 

Bu-hosht6r-a, Ij-jV ^3?^Tr ad;\ Many, very 

Buhr, j^' 8, m, A sea, bay, gulph. s.f. Me- 
tre, vene; a fleet. 

Bohr, j^, prep. For, on account of, because. 

BtiWa, tjf ! icm cuij. Deaf. 

Buh-ra-ee, ^^, ^TTrt s.f. 1 Dcaf- 

Bub-rarpiin, ^t;jJ TTCnPf ^. iw. j ness* 

Bub-r^m, ^^t^f^. 9. m. The planet Mars. 

Boh-r^roo, ^^j^, mr<l^ «• »«. An npstart, a 

B6h-ree, e^;«=^ odj. Maritime, belonging to 

the sea, marine. 
B6h-ree, ^j^, VT^ s.f. A falcon, a female 

bawk (Falco caUdos). Buhree-hucha, s. m. The 

male of the Bukree. 
Bfth-ri-ya, Vj?^. ^^f<^I adj. A stranger. 

B6b-rah, W 8. m. Property, fortune; quota, 
share, part, portion; profit, gain,adTantage. Buh- 
ntmtm4, or, Buhruw^, Bleftsed, prosperous, for* 
tonate, profitable, ei^#yinf . 

Bah-ruh-mftQ-dee, ^s*^^^^. s.f. Pro^erity, 

Bubs, c&<^ s^f* Inquiry, discussion, alter- 
cation, controyeisy. Buhs a buhsee, 8,f, Con- 
troyarsy, discassion, argumentation. 

Buh4a, ^. 7T<TT part acL Running (wa- 
ter). Btthie pdnee men hath (fhSna, To pay at- 
tealioa to one's firiends, or to attend to one's own 
daty or affiairs while the opportunity is fkyonrable; 
to make hay while the snn shines. 

Ba-b6k-na, U^ VY^3a v. n. To be balked, 
to be disappointed, to be deceived, to stray, to 
be intoxicated. 

Bd-hul, J^ ^T^ s.f. A two-wheeled car 
(for riding in, not for baggage), a coach, a car- 

B6.hul-na, UL{ ^^j^nn r. n. To be divert* 
ed, to be amused. 

Burh61-i-ya, UjJ 4 t ft l ^<l «T m. A kind of 
serrant armed with bow, arrow, &o. a huntsman. 

Bb-hum, ^. adv. Together, one with ano- 
ther, one against another. BuhutH'^a, To be 
procured, to be acquired. Buhrnn pnhoortchAna, 
V. a. To get, to acquire. Bnhum-puhainchiUi, 

O 2 

r. II. To be procured. Bufum-4eegury Together, 
one with another. 

Bu-hun-61-ee, JLj^ rf^ «•/• An adopt- 
ed sister. 

Bu-hun-gee, jC^. Tft^ s. /. A stick with 
ropes hanging from each end for sKnging haggage 
to, which is carried on the shoulder. 

B^^ur, j^, s.f. A fleet. 

Bu-hur-hdl, J^j^i > adv. By every means, 

Bn'hur-i^Vjjyi^jf) ) somehow or other. 

Bu-hur-kyf, *-«/;^. ado. By any means. 

B6-hus-na, UJ^. T^^m r. a. To argue, 
diq[»nte, talk. 

Bu-j^ V In place; ftt,opportune, right, pro- 
per, accurate, true, properly, fitly. 

Bu-j^, ^^' adv. Instead, in the place of. 

Buj-dk, vl^M ^^TT^ s. m. A kind of serpent. 

Buj-^-li-na, W W. 4^><a(*ll v. n. To perform, 
to accomplish, to execute, to obey. 

Bu-jin, jW' adv. Heartily, with or in soul. 
Buifan Idna, To tease, tire, disgust. 

Buj-^-na, tW w^pn V. a. To sound, to 
play iqKm an instrument of music, to perform or . 

Buj-buj-d-na, OUr!^ it^^bti^ T v. it. To ef- 
fervesce with noise in putrefying. 

Buj-h^-na, Ol|ac^. ^^rx^ v. a. To entangle, 
to ensnare (as game), to entrap. 

Bujh-na, U^. T^^ v. n. To be ensnared, 
to be caught (as game); to stick. 

Bu-jidd-hrf-na, ^^f^^ ^«r^%jpnr.«. To. ^. 
be in earnest, to be importunate. | - - A " * • * 

Bu-jins, v.;**^. By kind, in detail, particu- 

Buj-na, Usr! inr»rT v. n. To be sounded, to 
sound. 3. m. A rupee (used among brokers). 
pttrt.act. Sounding. 

Bu-jA?z, ^. prep. With the exception, with- 
out, besides. 

Bvqtif^'^^s. m. A thunderbolt; a dia- 
mond, ad;. Ha'd* Bujrpure iispur wu gbyruh. 
May lightning hl\ on him, &c. (an expression 
used in ourung any one). 

Buj-ra> I j^. wna a. wi. A boat for travel- 
ling in, a pleasure boat of a larger kind . 

Bign-Wrt*too, ^;sf< '^^nff*- ^ ^^^^ ^^* 

Bu}-rdng, ^^j^- W^nt^ *. m. A title of Hun- 

Buj-r6n-gee, J^fF^- ^W^ s.f. A kind of 

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(soft dental) 

[ 52 ] 






(Northumbrian r) 


(deep liquid lingual) 


itluk or mark made on a Hindoo's forehead with 
red lead. 

Buj-un-tur-ee, ^f/^^ ^«hrd«. m. One who 
plays on musical instmments. BuJurUuree-muhSl, 
€, m. The quarter inhabited bj musicians; a bro- 
thel; taxes on musicians and female dancers. 

"Buj-w^-na, 01^ 4^ciht v. a. To cause to 
sound, to cause to play on an instrument of 

Buk, lJj ^ 8. m. A bird that feeds on fish 
(Ardea torra and putea). Buk t/hi^An iugdna, 
To act with dissimulation. 

Buk, L^i^m s.f. Prattle, chat, foolish talk. 
Buk li/fftiee, Talkativeness, garrulity. 

Cuk-^ lfl{ *.y. Duration, permanence, re- 
maining, eternity, immortality. 

Bnk-i-ra, UKi ^^nn 8. m. A forerunner, a 
harbinger; a traveller. 

Buk-dr-ut, CL>^. s.f. Vii'ginity. 

Buk-a-wul, J^l^. s, m. A cup-bearer, stew* 
ard, taster, head cook, superintendent of the kit- 
chen. Bukawulnee, s.f. A female Bukawui. 

Buk-d-yun, ^1^. ^^rr^nr s.f. A tree (Melia 
sempervirens) or Persian lilac. 

Buk-b6k, lJjUIj ^^iRiir«./ Prattle, foolish 
talk. Bukbuk kuma^ To prattle, chatter, gabble. 

Buk-buk-d-na, 01^, W^HTOTTT v. n. To prat- 
tle, chatter. 

Buk-chee, ^j^. '^W^ s.f. A plant, the seed 
of which is used to cure the itch (Conyza or Ser- 
ratula anthelmintica). 

Bu]^-6e-yuh, /^ s, m. Remainder, balance. 

Buk-61-oo, y^jO ii%^ s. m. The root of a 
grass of which rope is made. 

Bukh, »ij ^^ s. The world. 

Buk-hdn, ' jW^ 'WPT s. m. Explanation, 
praise, description. 

Buk-hdn-na, UJ',^. ^nBrTJTT v. «. To praise, to 
commend; to expkin, define. 

Buk-hdr, ;^^. "^TT 8.m. \ A store-house, 

Buk-hd-ree„^jl^. T^T^^/ J a granary. 

B6k-hee, ^^. ^ret «•/ The side under the 

Bu4dl^el, Jfrsti adj, A miser, niggard, ava- 
ricious. Bu^eeiee, n.f. Stinginess, niggardliness, 

Buk-h6r-a, ijfj^. ^r%^ s. m. Wrangling, a 
tumult, contention, dispute. Bukheriya, adj. 
Quarrelsome; a wrangler. 

Buk-h^r-na, ^^>-4^^ i|^<HI v. a. To scatter. 

B6k-h-i-ya,'.,«j^. irftprr «. w. A kind of stitch, 

strong quilting. Bukliiydna, v. a. To stitch, to 

Bti|sh-i-yuh, ^u^. $. m. A kind of stitching, 
a strong quilting, stitching. 

Bu-tt^, ^y±f In self, by self, of self. Bw 
iidni dna. To come to (one's) self. 

Bu-]jEb6or, j^ s. m. Perfume, odour, frank- 
incense, incense, fumigation. 

BtiUi-ra, i^ s. m. Share, portion. 

Bukh-ree, ^j^{ ^w^ s.f. A cottage, a 

BuUj-ryt, iJHl^ adj. Partner, sharer. 

Bukbsh, {JLsi part act in compos. Impart- 
ing, bestowing, forgiving; forgiver. «. m. Share, 
portion, part, lot, forgiveness. Buth$h (jiena. To 
give, bestow, forgive. Buii$h dna, v, a. To cause 
to give, to procure pardon for another. 

BuUi-shee, ^^-i^ s. m. A paymaster, gene- 
ral, commander-in-chief. BuU^hee-^'mumaiikt 
A title or rank equivalent to commander-in-chief- 
BuHshee-iiAntih, The pay office, the generars 
office. BiiHskee-guree, 8,f. Office or duty of a 

Bu^r^hin-duh, MA^ part, act Giving, 

giver, bestower, pardoner. 
BiiUi-shish, JLjLti %.f. Gift, present, grants 

boon, foi^veness, liberality, generosity. 
B6U|sh-na, UjLas? r. a. To give, bestow, to 

forgive, pardon. 
Buk^t^ u-^A? s. m. Fortune, luck, prosperi- 

ly, felicity. Buhkt-azm&ee, or, Buibt-bdzee, s.f. 

The trying one's fortune. Bu^-bilee, a^j. 

Lucky, fortunate. Buik^ j^but. To loose ones 

luck, to become unfortunate. BHUf-i-feeruht 

or, Buibi'i'SiyAh, Misfortune. Butbltmun4ee, s.f- 

Good fortune. 
Bukb-t^-wur,j^U«^ oc^'. Fortunate. 

BuUbt.ydr,jl5l^ ad;. Fortunate. Bukhf- 
yatte^ s,f. Good fortune. 

B6k-i-ya, Uij ^f%lBC\ s.f. A clasp-knife, a 

Bu^-kdl, J1a( aj^. superl. (used substantive- 
ly) A grain-merchant, a shop-keeper. 

Buk-kee, ^. ^^ part act Talkative ; a 

B(ik-kul, J.^J ¥t|[^l «. m. Bark, skin, rind, 

B6k-la, J?6 iTfiWT J shell (of a fruit). 

B6]^-Iuh, «i» 5. A potherb. 

Bulj>lut-(2Ql-h4m]^ lA«^MdilIiu s. m. (The 
stupid herba(|;e) Pnrslain. 

Buk-na, UO a^^\ v. n. To prate, to chatter. 

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C 53 ] 











(harsh ptdaUck) (soft dental) 










BA-kQ(^l, Jij iTfm s. m. A tree (Mimusa 

Bak-6t-na, W^j -4|%ie^i v. a. To lacerate 
with nails. 

B6k-ra, \f{ 44k<l f . i». A he-goat. 

Blik-ree, ^^, ^^T^ A goat (generaliy), a 
female goat. 

Biik-sa^ UJj 4\HiH\ adj. Astringent. 

Buk-^o-a, \f*^, if^^^l ^. iw. The tongue 
of a backle. 

Buk-sy-la, 3U«*i* 4|ift^<fl| adj. Astringent 

B6k-ta, l^. inVT s. m. Speaker. 

BAk-tur, y^, n*fl< «. w. An armourer, one 
who makes coats of mail. Buktur-posh, A man 
in armour. Bukturee, s. m. An armourer, one 
who makes coats of mail. 

B6]^-iim5 f^. s, m. Sappan or red wood 
(CcBsalpinia sappan). 

Bi^k-um, f^i B. Deafness. 

B6^-iir, f{ 8. m. A bull. Buftur-eecli A fes- 
tiral held in commemoration of Abraham's of- 
fering to sacrifice his son, ishmael (according to 
Mahometans, and not Isaac). 

Bok-ufl, ^jJi{ s. The box tree. 

Buk-wild, Jkiyj ^^T^l^ «. / Foolish talk. 
Bukwaifee, One who talks foolishly, an idle talk- 

Bok-w^ha, (Jbtyj ^T^mTT m. '\part act. A 

Buk-w^hee, Jit\y({ ^^m^/ J chatterer, 
an idle talker.* 

Buk-w^ i^^/i 'Pinn^ s.f. Prattle. 

Bnl, Ji^m 8. m. Power, strength; name of 
Buham^ elder brother of Krishn. A sacrifice, an 
offsring; a proper name. Bml be, iaUerj, Bravo ! 
Buljana, or, Bui btdjrma^ To be sacrificed. 

Bul, Ji ^W «. m. A coil, twist, convolution. 
BuJ46r, a4;. Crooked, twisted, coiled, convolut- 
ed. BtU 4^na, v, a. To twist. Bul kh6na. To 
be twisted. 

Bal*a, Sj nw\ 8. m. A medicinal plant (Sida 
rhombifolia, rhomboidea^ and cordifolia). 

B^-a, SO s./. Calamity, misfortune, acci- 
dent, vengeance. Bula^ktish, Afflicted, sufferer. 

. BtUa-ffurifdn, Whatever averts evil, expiation, 
sacrifice. Bula'-nuseeh odj- Unfortunate. 

Bal-d-ea-16-na, ^Ji^. ^^ %'n To draw 
the hands over the head of another in token of 
taking all his misfortunes upon one's self; (gene- 
lally practised by women). 

Bul-ii-i^t, v.&-«^2li 5./ Eloquence ; maturi- 

Bul-bh^-na, 014^; nwMTnT v. a. To allure. 

Bul-buk-ra, i/j Jj ^ <il4^^^^<^ s. m. A person 
who dies in battle, &c. without doing any thing. 

Bul-bul-^-na, OslJb irw^l^rpn v. n. To fer- 
ment (as, sour milk, curds, &c.) To be inflamed 
with lust; to make a noise (a camel) from lust. 
Bilbilana, v. n. To be restless, to be tormented 
with pain, to complain from pain or grief, to la- 

Bul-d6o, ^jJ> ^^\^ s. m. A name of Bul- 

B61-di-ya, V.^. ^<«f^^l s. m. A cow-herd, a 
buUock driver. 

Btd-duh, ^jJb 8. m. A city, a town. 

Bul-e, ^J^, adv. Yes, true, so, well, right 

B61-ee, v^ i^ adj. Strong, powerful. 

Bul-^ed, oJj a4f- Stupid, a dunce, a simple- 

Bul-6egfh. ^J{ adj. Eloquent. 

Bul-^l-uh, *Lb 8. m. A fruit, (Belleric My- 

Bul-6n-da, (iub irtf>jgT 8. m. A whirl-wind ; 
a ridge-pole (of a cottage). 

Bul-gun-a, UiL ^wTifT s. m. A sob. 

Bul-^um, ^ 8. m. Phlegm ; a running at 
the nose from cold. Bulg^miee, (uff. Phlegmatic. 

Bdl-hee, ^^J> iWlft s.f. A faggot 

Bul-i-d£n, jtv^b ^ftr^pr 8. m. Act of sacri- 
ficing, or ofiering a sacrifice to God. 

Bul4-h^r, j(^. if^TTT «. in. "I Sacri- 

Bul-i-hi-ree, i^j^. ^f^nmft s.f. J fice. 
Buliharee-jdna, To be sacrificed. 

Bul-ki, «iJb adv. Moreover, but, any, how- 

Bill-la, Aj Tin 8. m. A pole or boat-hook. 

Bul-Un, ^^. adj. 8i]q>erl. used substantively, 
A glutton. 

BM-lee, v^ V^ 8./. A climber, a vine ; a 
prop, a pole, a long pole or bamboo to steer or 
move a boat with. BuUee tndma. To steer. Billee, 
The bolt of a door, a bar. 

Biil-lubh, *^. ^ir>r od/. Dear, beloved. 8. m. 
A favourite, a friend, a superintendent, a master. 

B61-lum, jjj T^^ 8. m. A spear. BuUum^ 
bunjtdr, A spearman. 

B61-na, Ub ir^nn v. n. To burn. 

Btil-oo-a, i^b Tf;^ ocj;. Sandy. 

Bdk^o-la, ^^L w^TSHT 8. m. A bubble. 

Bul-6or-na, 0^^ ^^j:^ v. a. To scratch, to 
tear with the nails. 

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(soft dental) 

[ 54 ] 








(Northumbrian r) 

Bul-(5ot, i^^^, 8. m. An acorn, an oak, a ches- 

Bul-ram, f\^, HHKIM n. prop. The elder 

l>rother of Kriskn. 
Bul-r^d, iy\^, ^ ^K\m s. /. A widow who 

lost ber kntband wbile very yovng. 
Bul-9^n, jLii 8. m. Balsam. 

Bul-t^r,j^^Jj ir^nnr s. m. The male pahn 
or toddy tree (Boraasos flabelliformis). 

Bul-t6r, j^. wsntv^ 8,fju A pimple, a sore, 
a small boU, (supposed to be caused by tbe break- 
ing or pulling out of a bair, as tbe word imports). 

Bu-liib, v.^. In or on the lip. 

BM-ud, jJb 5. m. A city, town, country. 

Btil-uh, ^k ^j' Weak, simple, siUy, ig- 
norant, unskilful, stupid. 

Bul-uk-na, Wi ^^^"in r>. a. To open; to 
speak indistinctly from excessiye joy or intoxica* 
tion. • 

Bdl-um, fJj T^TiTl «. »»• A lover, a hus- 

Bdl-m% Ub ^^in J band. 

Bul-6y-a-U-na, UJU) ir%^ %irT To draw 
one's bands over tbe bead of anotber in tAtn of 
taking bis misfortunes on one's self. 

Bul-wa, \^, ^T^nn 8. uu A tumult, riot, sedi- 
tion, mutiny, alarm. 

Bul.wd-la, yy ^. ^^^m r ^ ^^ s^r^^^ p^,^ 

Bul-wdn, j^y^.^^T^^ V ^^f^ 

Bul-wiint, <£^^, ^min ) 

Bum, {H» -^ 8.y. A spring (of water); a fa- 
tbom; a measuring rod; an interjectiotk address- 
ed to ^Sti; (mncb used by pilgrims to the temple of 

Bum, fJ «. y. The bass part in mtisic ; 
Abase or lowest string, or drstn baring tbe deep- 
est tone; deep sonnd (as that of tbe large pip«s 
of an organ, or of a drum). 

Bum-ba,' Uj ifTr «. m. A well, a jet d*ea«, 
tbe spout of a feuntaiA. 

Bum-6el, J^. W*ft^ 9. m. The name of a 

Bu^m»jdr-nid, ^ff^. ode. Instantly. 

Bdm-uk-na, U^xu innr»n v. n. To swell, 

Bdm-un, ^. T^FPf s. m. Vomit, emetic. 
Btimtm huma, To vomit. 

Bu-m6y, if*^,adv. Together with, along 

Bun, Ji '^ 8. f. A forest, a wood. Btm-^ 
j6fra, s. f. Tbe pilgrimage tbrougb tbe 84 forests 
of Bruj, Bun-jhdma, or — mdma, To beat *e 



(deep Bqaid Hagval) 



forests. Bun kifnda, or, Brnt-ffd^ihot Cow-dung 

found in tbe forests. 
IMin-a, U ipn 8. m. A bridegroom, part. 

Having made, prepared, &c. 
Run-d-dir,j<>0{ 9.phtr. Ports, harbours. 

Bun-a-na, C»U) w^TTT v. a. To make, to 
prepare, to do, to &bricate, to build, to compose, 
to perform, to make to agree, to adjust, to re« 
Goncile, to plnek (a fowl), to dress (vioteaU), to 
mend, to invent, to rectify, to mock, to feign. 

Bun*d-na, 0] j v. «. To succeed (in life), to 
be fortunate, to prosper. 

Bun-4o, y Ui inrw «. m. Preparation, dress* 
ing, dressing one's self, concord, understanding, 

Bun-as-piit-tee, ,^V*U{ WTWrrft*./ Forest 

Bun-dt, (JL>Uj wmT\ s. f. Wocdlen cloth, 
broad-clotb. Buna fee, adj. WooHen. 

Bun^^t, iJL>Uj 8. pi. Daughters. 

Bun<4t-g^^u^h,ijM«Jii^l;.i«.m. Thecen- 
stelMon of tbe Chrealer or Lesser Bear, eonnst- 
ing of seven stars; four o# wbkb are coooeired 
to bear tbe resemMaace of a bier {Nusk)^ and tiie 
remaining tbree to be tbe daugbters (BMtUt) 
preceding it. 

Bun-d-wut, vSj^Ui <hh^ 8. f. Make, in- 
vention, affectation, contri ranee, sbam, structure) 

Oun-^-ya-j^-na, tl^O b '^'^'^ ^sriTT v- ». To 
be making, to be in band. 

Bun-bds, \^^.^J. ^TTi^ 8. m. Living in the 
forest. Bunbasee, adj. Inhabiting tbe forest. 

Butt-bhan-ta, ^^.Jt ^WHtsn s. m. Wild 
(iyn^fm) egg-pUnt (Solannm mekmgeBa). 

Bun-biMo, y^l}^. ^^Hl^lil *. m. A wild 

f^iinch-na, Us^. ifi^sn v. n. To be read or 

B6n-chur, jsM afspiT *. m. A monkey. 

Bund, ^ 8. m, f. A fastening, a knot, a 
bond, imprisonment, a bandage, belt, roll, striDfl^, 
joint, knuckle, adj. Fastened, bound ; shut, stop- 
ped; (in compos ) part, act. Binding. Bitni* 
hhanuhr *. ». A prison. Bttn^f^^dtufhna, To re- 
strain aH inundation by dykes. Bun^-htmi- 
pukurnoy To seize (as rbeumatxsm, &c.) all one's 
joints. Buni-hjthna^ To succeed in aoaiRur. 
Bur4 pHhurna, To object to the argumstrts of 
an opponent. Bwtd ruhna. To be engaged in s 
business. Bttn^ Mrna, To fiisten^ bind, etose, 

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[ 55 ] 

(bar«h palntick) (soft dentaJ) 












abut, Btop, preyeot. Bun4 meiS^ ana, or, Bund 
me^purna. To become a captive. 

Bun-da, t«XH *^ > *. w. Mistletoe, a kind 

Bun-da, ij-y if^xi of epidendron (Epi- 
dendron teeselloidee). 

B6n-da, \>Sk{ s. m. A servant, slave. 

Bon-dee, ^j^ t^ ^8. m, A pri- 

Bun-dee-w"^n, Jiy.;^;J if^^T^J soner, cap- 
tive; captivity. 

Bdn-dee, ^^^^ooj if^ $^f. An ornament worn 
on the forehead; a dress shorter than the jamuh. 
8, m. A tribe called Dhat, 

B6n-dee, ^^ (in compos.) Binding, tying. 
s,f. Slave", servant. Bun^ee^tik&nvh, A prison. 

Bdn-dee, ^lisj if^ s. f, A short robe, a 
short fall jamtih, 

Bun-d^e-jun, j^-Mi. ^t^ft^R- s. m. A sort of 

Ban-d61-a, Aiu 'f^iffT s. m. A native of 

Bun-d6r-ee, v/^.i^ 4^^ s.f, A ridge pole, 
the ridge of a'faoose. 

Bimdh, M;^ -t^ s.m. f. Binding, bandage, 
bondage, imprisonment. 

Bund-h^-ee, J'^M ihrif s.f. Bond, bind- 
ing, fiistening. 

Bund-h^n, j(JbJ^ ^VR 5. m. Pension, a fix- 
ed allowance made to any one. 

Bund-h^-na, ^)^^^ +fcfTm v. a. To bind, 
&8ten, shot, &c. 

Bund-hd-nee, ^_^^bbt^;»; ^vpft One whose 
business it is to carry stone, timber, &c. over 
his shoolder; a pensioner; a gunner, artilleryman. 

Bnnd-h6j, ^>3bM if^-sr «. m. Parsimony ; sta- 
bility, steai&ness, persistence. 

Bdndh-na, UlbJUj ^VTT v. ». To be tied, to 
be £utened, to be bonnd, to be kept,to be enclosed, 
to be bud, to be formed or composed. Bun^kee' 
m^Qtthee, An undisclosed intention. 

Biind-hoo, yitM ^^ "Is.m. A friend, a 
Bund-hoo-a, ^y*^,'t^f^ } prisoner, one 

Bfind-huk, L^iX^ ^inr s. m. A pledge, a 

Biind-han, ^*^. ^hff s. m. Fastening, 
bandage, bondage, obstacle, hindrance. 

Bdndh-ya, ^M t^IT adj. Barren. 

Bund-i-dusty v^:.^m»«X>;j s. m. Wrist. 

Bdn-dish, ^^^ s. f, The act or state of ty- 
ing, binding; construction, invention, contri- 

vance, preparing a false story, making up a fiUse 
account of a transaction; elegance (of style). 
Bun^ish bdn(fhna, v. a. To contrive. 

Bund-i-sir, ^-9^ s. m. Suture. 

Bund-o-biis^ v.s-w^j;j s. m. Settlement^ 
regulation, disposition, arrangement, economy, 
management, government. Bumfobustee, s, f. 
Arrangement, economy. 

Bim-d61, J^j;j if^^ $. m.-The child of a 

Bun-doo-a, I^J^'* T^^ s, m. A pnsoner, a 

Bun-d6o-ha, ^^M 4^ ^ \ s. m. Whirlwind. 

Bun-ddot, <3^^. 8. /. A musket; a filbert. 
Buwfookchee, s m, A musketeer. 

Bunddr, j^M h^I^ «./. A female slave. 

Biind-ree, ^jM ^^ 1 «./ A fenwile 

Bun-dur-i-ya, OjJ;j 4<^r<^l J monkey. 

Bun-du-gdn, jKtxy s. j)L Slaves, servants. 

Bun-du-gee, J^^ s. f. Slavery, service, 
devotion, worship, compliment. Bun^ugee men 
hbOD^^ce kHrna, To affect authority while in ser- 

Bun-duh, Xj;.; s, m. A slave, a servant. Bun- 
4uh-purwury Cherisher of servants (a rfspectfnl 
expression used in addressing a superior; as, your 
honor !) Brntif^h-i^urgAh, The slave of (your) 
threshold. Bun(fuh'zd(fuh, Son of (your) slave, 
t. e. my son. BunffMh^nnwdz, Cherisher of ser- 
vants or dependants, a patron. (P/. Bun^ngon or 

Bun-dun-bdr, j V'^. 4<<«i i < \ s.f. A wreath 
Bun-dun-w^r, yyo^: ^'<(^rvj of flowers, 

a garland. 
Bim-dur, jj;j ^^T s. m. A monkey. 
Bun-dur, j»\sj s. m* A city, an emporium, a 

port, harbour, a trading town to which numbers 

of foreign merchants resort. 
Bun-dur-ee, ^jr;0^: ihT^ s. / A sort of 

chintz from MuchMee bundur ; a sword from Baj" 

bunduree; name of a grass. 
Biin-dur-khutt, u^jj^ ii<^<^ 7r s.m. A sore 

that does not heal, a running sore, an issue. 
Bun-ee, ^. s. m. pL Sons. Bunee-ddiUm^' 

Sons of Adam; men; the human race. Bunce^ 

IsrAeel, Children of Israel, Israelitts. Btmeejan, 

Beings who are supposed to have inhabited the 

world before Adam; genii, fairies. 
Biin-ee, ^. ip^ s,f. A bride; a small forest, 

a wood. Bint/, Supplication, humility. 
Bun^l-a, ^jAJ ^^ adj. Wild. 

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(soft dental) 

[ 56 ] 







(Northnmbrian r) 


(deep liquid lingual) loch 

Bun-6t-ee, v^^ ^^^ s.f. A torch lighted 
at both ends and whirled round so as to form a 
double circle of fire. 

Bung, v^. 8.f. Hemp (Canabis sativa); an 
intoxicating potion made from the leaves of hemp. 

Bung, v-^. TT «./! Calx of tin given inter- 
nally as an aphrodisiac; name of Btmgala (Ben- 

Btin-ga, (Cj -t^J s.fn. A joint of bamboo 

Bun-gd'ia, ^(^ ^wr n. prop. Name of 

B6n-gee, ^fy, +jft s.f. A humming top. 

B6n*gee, ^J^^, s. m. One who intoxicates 
himself with bung. 

Bdng-la, Sj^; ^irWT s. m. A kind of thatch- 
ed house, a summer house; a sort of betel leaf or 
pan so called. ^ 

Bung-ree,^jJij ^tT^«./. An ornament worn 
on the wrist (properly, made of glass), a bangle. 

Bun-ha, Ls^i 'RTT s. m. A conjurer. Bun- 
hdee, B.f. A female conjurer, an enchantress. 

Bdn-ij, ^>i "fffnrsf s. m. Trade, traffic, mer- 

Bun-ik, uXu nf^ih 8. m, A merchant, a tra- 

Bun-it-a, l2U{ wfimT s. f, A wife, a woman. 

Bun-i-ya, lyJ ^rftr^TT s. m. A shop-keeper, 
a merchant (usually, a corn-chandler). 

Bunj, g-[ s.f. Henbane. 

Bun-ji-ra, ljlaB?H s. m. A grain-merchant, a 
carrier of grain. 

Bun-jd-ree, s^)^f=^ twi"^ s. f. A kind of 
tent used by Bmfciras. adj.f. Half-boiled (grain). 

Bunj-h6-tee, S'y^P^- «l^^ld1 s.f. A medi- 
cine taken to procure barrenness. 

Bun-jur, j«-M w^TK 8.f. Waste land. 

Bunk, lJCu -i^s. m. A bending, a curvature, 
the reach or bend of a river. BuifJtdee, s,f. Bend- 
ing, curvature. 

Bun-khdnd, i^^. T^^it^ s. m. A forest. 
Bunkhvndee, s.f. Name of a wood or forest. 

Bun-m^, J'^ 4^^i<9 «. /. A garland of 
various flowers. 

Bun-m^-nOQS, (^Ujj ^^m^q s» m. A man 
of the woods, a wild man, an orang-ootan. 

B{in-na, U{ srffl v. n. To be made, to be 
prepared; to chime, to agree, to fall in with, to 
do, to answer, to serve, to be, to become, to avail, 
to counterfeit, to saccced. s. m. A bridegroom. 
Buna-btmAj/a, Finished, ready made, complete, 

entire, perfect. Buna-chdona^ Dressed, decked 
out. Btnma ththma. To be adorned or prepared. 
Bvna Hihna, To remain waiting^ 

Bdn-na, l^. 8. m. A mason, a builder. 

Bun-na-phir, j4^Uj TfTlftfT s. m. A tribe of 


Bun-pur-na, ^5^^ ^T "^^Wi v. n. To suc- 
ceed, to answer, to suit. 

B6n-ra, IjAj itttt s. m. A bridegi*oom. 

Bdn-ree, ^jiJ MH^ s.f. Bride. 

Buns, ^J00^^ ^i^ s. m. A bamboo; lineage, 
race, offspring. 

Bun-sd-wul-ee, ^^J^t**^ +10^ s. f. A ge- 

Bun-see, ^j*^ "t^ s. f. A flute ; a fishing 
hook. ( in compos. ) Of the race or lineage. 

Bun-see-b6t, f^^^^y^ 4^A<i s. m. Name of 
a tree. 

Buns46.t;hun, j^y^u^. t^^CT^m s. «• The 
manna or sugar of bamboo. (It has been foond 
by analysis to contain much siliceous earth). 

Bun-ti-na, OUa) ir^v^J v. a. To share, di- 

Bun-tur-^-ee, \J^fj{ ^^^<\K «•/• Name of 
a plant ( Lufia)? 

Bunt-w^-na, t«\^ 4d^Mi v. cu To dis- 
tribute, to cause to be shared. 

Bun-tyt, *^^vj^, ^^ s. m. Divider, distri- 
buter. ^ 

Bu-niif-shuh, A & j a; s.f. A violet. 

B6n-ut, ufi^ T^TT s.f Lace, a riband stud- 
ded with spangles. 

liun-dy-a-kun-da, iJ^f ^^t ^^^Nt W^ s. m. 
Cow-dung dried for fuel (not made up). 

Bun-w4-ee, [Jy^ W^^f s.f. Price paid 
for making any thing. 

Bun-w^, <^tyj <^M\H s. m. Living in a 
wood, separated from one's fiimily. (met.) Disin- i 
herited (a son). 

Biin-wur, j^iJ ^^Bpc s.f. A creeper, a vine. 

Bun-wya, ^/.yj ^*i^'*n *. m. Maker. 

Bun-ya, U^. irfwr s. m. A shop-keeper, a 
merchant (usually, a corn-chandler). Btmyd^/tmf 
or Bunyneti s.f. Wife of a Btmifa (shopkeeper, 

Bu-ny-tee, vj^. 'I^^t s.f A torch lighted 
at both ends and whirled round so as to form a 
donblc circle of fire. 

Bu-6d, M s.f Distance. 

Biip-a-hona, V-ybUj tm %prT To be raised, 
established, or pitched. ^^ , 

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[ 57 ] 

(harsh palatiek) (soft deutal) 











Bup-h£-ra, Ijl^^ T<inTT^.m. Vapour, vapour 

B6p-(».ra, 1;^. tJTT »»• 1 .. „ i i 

Bup-dfi-tee, ^^ ^^T<ft «.y! Paternal estate; 

Bup-uns, ^j^* T^it 8. m. Patrimony. 

Bur, y 4T *. »*. A choice, a boon, a blessing, 
a g^o«d; a bridegroom; appoiatment. adj. Ex- 
cellent. Bur-4de€, Giver of a choice or blessing. 

Bur, f.'^s, m. Breadth of cloth. 

Bur, ji 5./. Bosom, fruit. Burmdnna, and 
jBur hdnkna, To boast. pr«p. On, up, above, 
upon, at. part. Bearing, bearer, carrier, carrying 
away. Bur ana, v. n. To come up, to come 
forth, to be successful, to be obtained, to be ac- 
complished, to abstain. Bur Idna, v, n. To pro- 
duce, fulfil, accomplish, yield. 

Bur, jJ ^ 5. m. The Bengal fig-tree (Ficus 
Beiigalensb or Indica) In compos, a contrac- 
tion of Bur Of great; as, Bur-bSla, A noisy talka- 
tive person; Bur-bhrtkooa, A blockhead; Bur- 
peia, adj. B?g-bellied, a great eater; greedy, ava- 
ricious. - 

BAr-a, \^. TO*, m. Cakes made of ground 
pulse fried in butter or ghee. adj. Large, great. 

Bdr-o, \y, wr adj. Large, great, &c. Bum 
kkma. To enlarge, to exalt, to promote; to ex- 
tiiig:aish, to put out (a lamp, &c. as to use the 
direct phrase is deemed unlucky.) 

Bur-^bur, j^lji adj. Abreast, even, level, 
plain, uniform, smooth, like, alike, up to, oppo- 
site, equal, exact, accurate, straight. Burabur 
ana^ To overtake. Burabur -sa-burabur, adj. 
Equal, alike. Burabur kfima. To smooth, to com- 
pose. Burabur Iwna, To terminate, to allow, to 
suit. Buraburee, s.f. Equality, competitiou. 

Bar-^, 4^tj| adv. By reason of, on account 
of, for. 

Bur-4-ee, ^j^ ^T^t: «•/ Greatness, excel- 
lence; magnifying, boasting. Buroeekuma, To 
extol, magnify, boast, vaunt. Buraee <jtena. To 

6ur-dh, 5^!^ ^x]"^ s. m. A boar ; the third 
uvutar, or supposed Hindoo incarnation. 

Bur-a-mud, *>^\j{ s.f. Appearance, coming 
out, coming up, issue, expenditure; informing 
(more particularly, of bribery), accusation, im- 
peachment, part, come up, come out. 

Bur-^-mud-uh, )s^^ $. m> A verandah, bal- 
cony, porch. 


Bur-d-na, Ok| TfT^T v. a. To talk in one's 
sleep, &c. 

Bur-do, ^T J 111; ^tR" s. m. Abstinence. 

Bur-6-pa, t^lj> T?rn s. m. Grandeur, dig- 
nity, elevation. 

Bur-dr, jTj) Bringing or bearing up; pro- 
ducer, performer. 

Bur-d-ra, lj!y. rTHTT s./. A thong, a rope 
(particularly of a swing). 

Bur-dt, olj^ ^T1?T s.f. The company and 
attendants at a marriage feast. Buratee^ An at- 
tendant at a marriage. 

Bur-dt, Cl>1y. 8./. A commission, a warrant, 
assignment, letter. 

Bur-at, C-*I;J 8./. The fourteenth day of 
the month Shubany which is appropriated to the 
commemoration of ancestors. 

Bui'-a-w^jrd, *3j^tj| s.f. Calculating, estimat- 
ing, considering beforehand what may be neces- 
sary for a feast, &c. an estimate. BuraivQgrtf 
kuma. To strike out (of a muster roll); to cal- 
culate, estimate, carry to account. 

Bur-iz,jtjJ s. m. Stool, motion, excrement; 

Bur-bdd, >^^if,adj. (Given) to the winds; 
thrown away, destroyed, laid waste, ruined. 

Bur-bil, J^,f, s. Coral. 

Bur-bh6s-i-ya, '•i***^.ji ^"Orft^T adj. Affect- 
ed, an old person who affects the manners of 

Bur-biir, W Vf^^ s.f. Muttering, the 
light-heaJed talk of a person in a delirium. 

Bur-bur-i-na, Ot^y «(^f «t^MT v. a. To mut- 
ter, to chatter nonsense, to talk light headedly. 
s. m. Delirium. Burburi^Oy part. act. A chat- 
terer, a muttefer. 

Bur-b6r-ee, ^f,f, ^T^-^ s.f. A large kind 
of goat (frcmi Barbary). 

Bur-but, )aif s.f. A harp or lute. 

Bdrch-ha, l^ji i|^T s. m.\A (long slen- 

B6rch.hee, ^^y. ingP^./J der) spear, 
a javelin. Burchha-bunjidr, or Burchhee-bur^dr, 
or Burclikyfy A spear-man. 

Burd, *>y s. m. (Jold, frigidity. 

Burd-4n, jl^y m,^M s. m. A wedding 
gift (to a bride); the answer to a prayer address- 
ed to God or to a saint. 

Bur-dar, jl^y. ^k^it a4j. Wide, broad 

Bur-ddr, jt.3y, part (in compos.) Taker up, 
carrier, bearer; so, Sor^U^ur4dr, Cl^b-bearct, 
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(soft dental) 

C 58 ] 






__^ gone 

&c, Buridree, s f. (in compos.) the act of bear- 
ing^, carrying, &c. 
Bur.ddsht,v.s-^|.^y,5./ Endurance, patience. 
Bur-ddsh-tuh, a:;^lJy part, pass. Raised 

up, elevated; removed, caiTied away. 
Bur-dee, ^^Jj) T^A drove of cattle loaded. 
Bur-dee, ^^jt s,f. The Egyptian papyrus, 
Bur-duh, ^^f, s. m. f. A captive, a slave. 

Bur(Jiuh'fur6sh, A skve-merchant. 
Bur-dy t, wi^Jjj i{\\t\ s, m. A panegyrist, a 

Bur-ee, ^f ^•^ s. /. Quicklime ; a dish 

made of pulse; a wedding garment. a<ff. Strong, 


Bfir-ee, ^ji adj. Acquitted, exempted from, 
free, clear. Buree-oox-zinunuh, Free from charge 
or obligation, justified. 

Bur-ee, ^jj r^ s.f. A dish made of pulse. 

Bur-6en, ^^^ adj. High, sublime. 

Bur-^es, ^^.j^. ^"^ 8. m. A year. 

^"^"^jj ^.f, ^^ «. ni. A betel garden. 

B6r-e-mee-yan,jLe^y.^%ift^s.m. An old 
man; Sir I (applied to an elderly man). 

Bur-^t-ha, l^x^.jJ ^r^:3T*.»i. A washerman. 
Bur-^t-hun, ^^.^ jr^if 5. /. A washer^ 

Burf, uJy. 5. m,f. Ice, snow. Burfpirumr^. 

adj. Iced, cooled in ice. Butfee, s.f. A^kind ol 

sweetmeat, adj. Icy, snowy. 
Burg, uJ^ ^-it s. m. An assembly of people 

of one class, a multitude of similar thiugs; a class 

of letters pronounced on the same part of the 

mouth (as the gutturals, paktals, &c.); the square 

of a number. 
Burg, l/^ s. m. A leaf; warlike apparatus, 

provision or necessaries for a journey; a musical 

instrument ; melody . Burff-i-gool, Leaf of a rose ; 

(met.) the lip of a mistress. ', If^ myn s. m. A rafter. 

B6r-gee, ,^. ^iif s. m. The Marhattas are 

so called. 
Bur-g61, J;:^ ^n:^^ s. m. An ortolan; 

Bur-g(^z6e-duh, ^^,Jf, part pass. Chosen, 

selected, elect. 
Bui'-gush-tu-gee, ^*^f, s.f. Retrocession, 

inversion, turning back, apostacy. 
Bur-gush-tuh, ic.^^^ part. pass. Turned, 

changed, inverted, tinned back, apostatized, re- 

beUed. t 

gh i k ki 

(NorthumbrinB r) in (deep liquid lia§:iial) loch 

Biir-ha, l^b^ "WKT^ s. m. A field where cows 
feed ; a rope, a thong. 

Bur-ha-la-na, Wlifcy irfTWPTT v. a. To bring 
forward, to lead on (an army). 

Bur-ha-na, Oljb^ ^r^^T v. a. To increase, to 
lengthen, to madce advance, to raise, to promote, 
to rear up; to extinguish; to shut up (a shop); 
to remove the table cloth. 

Bur-h^o, jlJbjJ ^^T^ s. m. Prolongation, 
advancement, increase. 

Bur-hd-wa, t;^j! ^TT^ s. m. Population; 
excitement, flattery. 

Btir-hee, ^"^tji^ ^^ s. m. A peacock. 

Bur-h6l-a,».sib J •pr^^ 1 .^.,^, 

Bur-hd-a, iUb^^.^^^ J *• "'• ^ ^^^ ^'^' 

Bur-hi-ya, ^^j{ ^(4^1 adj. High priced. 

Burh-na, Uto^j ^h^t v. n. To increase, to 
go ou, to proceed, to advance, to exaggerate, to 
grow, to rise, to swell, to be promoted. 

B(]rh-nee, y^y, ^qpft s. f. A broom; ad- 
vance made for cultivation or manufaeture, or a 

Bur-ho-tur, f^'^y M4[f\K s. m. 1 Inter- 

Bur-h6-tur-ee, ssfy^yt ^?l ^ ^ *•/• J ^^^ 
profit, advantage. 

Btlrh-ta, liJtji "W^Wl s. m.'l Increase, over- 

B6rfa-tee, sji^, T^^ s.f. } plus, more, 

Biir-hu-ee, v^^. TTf; s. m. A carpenter. 

Biir-hul, Jiy, sr^nf s. A small round and 
acid fruit. 

Bur-hum, ^^^ adj. Confused, entangled, 
spoiled; angry, vexed, sullen, displeased. Bur- 
httm durhum, adj. Entangled, confused, topsy- 
turvy. Burhum-zu^un, s. m. Confusing, mixing 
together, striking together. Btirfmm-zifcjiuh, Con- 
fused, convulsed, turned topsy-turvy. Burhum- 
zun. An exciter of quarrels, an erobroiler. Bur- 
hum-zunee, s.f. Embroiling; interference, pre- 
vention, putting a stop to. 

Bur-hiim-ee, ^y^f. *•/ Confusion, convul- 
sion, trouble. 

Bur-hun, JSty t?^ s.f. A carpenter's wife. 

Bur-hunt, v^i-s^j) ^^ s.f Increase. 

Bur-i-yd-ee, ^^,f, ^^<i\\f s.f. Boast, exul- 

Bui-j^, Uy. In place ; accurate, right, true. 

Bur-jae-ra^n-du-gee,^^ji '-♦cf ^y. * f Hemi- 

Bur-jds-tuh, *s*^y adj. Opportune, apro- 
pos, right, befitting, proper, exact, prompt. 

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[ 59 ] 

(harsh palattek) (soft dental) 










Bur-j6t-i-ya, Ijla^y. ir^^firzrr s. m. An in- 
nocent kind of snake. 

Bark, ^y, s. /> Lightning. Bttrk-zidu/i^ 
Stricken bj ligfatnin^^. Burk^tai4dz, A match- 
k>ck man, a musketeer. 

Burkh, ^4ji ^^ 8. m. Rain ; a year. 

Burk-ha, Vy ^^s.f. The rains, the third 
season {of the six) from tbe 15th of Asharh to 
the 15th of Bhadoo ; rain. 

Bur-k^t, yji^'^^y\8,f. Rising up, recalling 
or removing from office. 

Bork-hi-sun, j^^f. ^km^ s. m. Yearly 
pi^ or subsistence. 

Bur-kb^, ^f^f. «• A little, somewhat, a small 

Bur-jih^rd, '^jy^f, s./. Success, the obtain- 
ing one's desires. 

Enr-titOSr-^r, J^i^j^f, txdj. Happy, enjoy- 
ing long life and prosperity (male children). 

Bor-ma, Uy WTTT s. m, A kind of gimlet or 
borer worked with a string. Burm/inltt v, a. To 

Bur-mul-a, 5l«y. 4(<4i4ii adj. Public, conspi- 

B6rm'-ha, ^f. 4<^\ n. prop. The people of 
A va are so called. 

B4r-na, Oy T^«rT^.m. A fruit tree (Crataeva 
tapia). V. a. To marry, r. n. To bum. 

Biir*na, l>y ^ m. A youth. 

Bur-na, I'y Wt^ v, n. To enter. 

Burn-flun-kur,j^ jy^^ v: s. m. A person 
of a tribe originating in the intercourse of a man 
of one tribe with a woman of another. 

Bur-nu-m4-la, ^U jy ipf^^^TT 8. f. An al 

B6r-nun, ^y ipf T s. m. Description, ex- 
planation, praise. Bumun kuma, To explain, to 
describe , to extol, to praise. 

Bur-ood,«3^y. 8. Eye-wash. 

Bur-®f-t^d, *>lSL3|y part. pa88. Fallen off or 

Bur-oo-mund, J^J^^j* €ulj. Fortunate, happy. 
B6r-<ii?n, jf, ^r^Tir s. m. The god of water ; 

a tree (Cratseya tapia). 
Bur-oon-kha, ^^f. 4sf«t^l s, m. A kind 

of sugar-cane with long joints. 
Bur-6t-ha, \4^f. T%^ *• wi. A washerman; 

a vestibule. 
Bur-pa4i6-na, t^^bb^ tt^TT %r»TT v. n. To 

be raised, pitched, or established, liurpa kuma. 

V, a. To raise, pitch, establish. 


Burr, f, 8.m. Dry land, a desert. Burree, 
a4j. Belonging to the dry land, to the forest or 
desert; wild. 

Burr, J* •^X8.f. k wasp, 

Bur-r^-hut, L5^ly. T^TT^ s./ Chattering, 
prate, rant. 

Bur-rafe jl;! ac^. Flashing, shining, bril- 
liant, re^lendent. Burra^ee, «./. Brilliancy, 

Bur-rd-na, C'ly. *(«MI v- a. To talk in 
one's sleep or in a delirium. *. m. Delirium. 

Bur-«dm, (•Uj) 8. m. The pleurisy ; an in- 
flammation of the diaphragm. 

Bur-s^na, OUj) -^t^^t^j v. a. To cause to 

Bur-sd-00, 3Ujj '^i'irr^part acL Raining. 

Bur-sdt, cuUy. ^^ «./• The rainy season, 

the rains. 
Bur-sii-tee, J^Uy. ^-^-nft 8, /. The name of a 

disorder in horses, the farcy. 
B6r-8ee, ^j^^^ %^ 8. m. An annual ceremony 

in commemoration of deceased relations. 
B6r-8ha, Uy. r^ s.f. The rains, the third 

season (of the six) from the 15th of Asltarh to 

the 15th of Bhadoo; rain. Bursha kal, s. m. 

The rainy season, the rains. 
Bur-sh^-na, Oliy. ^-^T^ v. a. To rain. 

Bur-sh^t, ci>Uy ^^V^ 8.f. The rauiy sea- 

B6r.tib (yy f[Km part pa88. That which has 
been used. 

Bur-t^-na, Oty, h<^hi r. a. To distribute. 
s. m. Old cloUies. 

Biirt-na, ^f^ 'rt'TT v. a. To use. 

Bur-tum-dn, jtoj*^ W^WT^ adj. Existent, 
present; the present tense. 

B6r-tun, Jf, ^T?Pr «. m. A dish, plate, 
basin, &c. vessel, utensil. 

Bur-tur, yy. a(^. High, higher, excellent 
Burturee, s*f. Excellence, superiority. 

Bur-t6r-fee,^^ji'y.5./. Dismis8ion,discharge. 

Bur-tur-uf, v-i;J^y adj. Aside, apart, dis- 
missed. Burturufkima, v. a. To dismiss, dis- 
diarge, turn off. Burturuf hdna, v. n. To be dis- 
missed, discharged, turned off, or cast aside. 

B6r*ud, «3ji T^C^ 8. m. A bull, a bullock. 

B6r-udh*na,Ujb^y T^VTT v. «.To bull a cow. 

Bur-u-ee, ^y irrl; s. m. A seller of betel 
leaf, a cultivator of betel. 

Biir-uh, 5Jy s. m, A lamb, a kid^^ 

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d ^ 


[ 60 ] 








m (<leep lupdA lugul) loeh 

Biir-uh>Da>gee, ,J^f, s.f, Nakedness. 

Bur-6h-nuh, /i!by adj. leaked. BwruhMuh- 
pa. Barefooted. 

Bur-oj-na, I^j <<<am v. a. To forbid, to 

Bor-iik-^, i^^b^pi. BleseiogSy aiispicioi»- 
iwss, pro^Mritj. A>-d«fr«M> o^T- FortoBate, 
proepcTiK^ fofftoBBle in ererj mderiakiBg^ and 
Cfl w mimk aliiig good fortmie to ejerj thiag ent 
is concerned in, prodnctiTe of ndTnntiige and 

Bor-uk-at, i^jt s^f. Blesnng, abundaiice, 
prospcritj, amyiooygnfiw, an inkerent prMperi- 
tj vkidi prodnces sncc 

r abundance, bcncdic- 

Bur-un, jj xx com;. Moreover, and eren, 

bot eren, rather. 
Bur-un, ^j ^iJ s. m. Colour, sort; one of 

the Ibar tribes aoMmg the Hindoos (riz. Brakmua^ 

Kshmtriy Vys, SAoodm ; a letter of an alphabet; 

praise, d ea c rip tion. 
Bur-un-a, tj* M<^l n. prop. A rirer near 

B«u--Hm-4^^^^';! part, act Orertumii^, 

B4r-un-ee, ^;» T^nft s.f. An eyelash. 
Bu*rung, <J^*^ In the manner. 
Bur-4n-na, U>j» ipf ^ r. a. To explain, de- 

scrflbe, praise. 
Bur-OS, ^j^ji ^ s. M. Rain; a year. Bmnt^ 

9^mihy sf. The tuianuj of tying a knot •« the 

anairetaary birth-day of a child. 
Bur-us,<^;>WT^ «. m. An intoxicating drug 

■nde of opiam. 
Bar-tts^j* «• «. Leprosy. 
Bfar-QSHU, U«*ji "W^m r. ». To rain. 
Bor-tB^te-ree, ^Jj^i T^h^ «./ An araual 

tax or rent. 
Bur-us-ta, ^^^f, 9* m. Rain. 
Biir-us-wan, J^y^f, ^T^Tt' ac(f. Annual, an- 

Bar-ttt» fkZjji TUT «. SL A merilHrioiiis act, a 

fiast* a TOW* a rcfigions rite or pcnaaee; ase. «./. 

a tho^g, leathern girth, r^e. 
Biir-ut-na, '^y. ^<^M v. a. To coouder, 

to reflect. 
Bte-wa, t;^. ^ncvT f.yi Name of a nyuKc 

in mnsick, bj videh deer and serpents are said 

to W tamed. 
Bur-wuh, ^^ji AIAX «. «• A bird tkat feeds 

on liBh. I 

B6r-wut, Cj jy nc^fl «.^ A kind of snake. 

Bur-wut,ii?.^ rr^^ *. aw- A tumour in the 

Bur-yiTjjly 4i.<gtK adj. Strong, violent. 
Buryara, adj. Strong, violent. «. w. A mediciDal 
herb so called 

Bunryn, .jy. i|^ #./ A (female) seller of 
betel-leaf, or rather cnltiTatar of betel. 

Bnr-z6kh, fjjt s. m. Interval, separation; 
the time and state of man frnaa death till tiie re- 

Bus,^ adj. Elnongh, plenty, abundance^ too 
■mch, very nnieh. Bms hirma^ To stop, to seise, 
to pnt an end to, to have done. AuJb',Al- 

Bus, ^. ^n It. at. Power, opportunity, ad- 
Tanta^, anthority. Bms kmrma^ To overpower, 
to brii^ to suboussioD. Bms 6ma^ To be obtain- 
ed, to cone into one's power. 

Bu^-a, L*) adj. Much, very. Busa bcs^zborg, 
Very great, very noble. 

Bu-sin, jt.^ In the likeness, like. 

Btt&-4-na, v'^ ^^r^Tr. a. To people, colo- 
nize, brin^ into cnitiTation, settle a country. 

Bu»4-rut, i^Xa^s./. Sigbty se^ng, per- 

B«»-bi-suh, ^U^mj s. m. Mace (the ^ce 

Bus-^er, j^^. part act Seeing, discerning* 
MK. blind. 

Bus-^er-ut, w>-j-ft» 5./. Sight, vision, cir- 
caasspection, pmdence. 

Bus-eet. ^r*^l adj. Simple, uncomponnded, 

Bus-^nd-ha, 'c^Jo^mJ ^[%vt adj. Stinking. 

Bus-er-a, f ^^^ ^%n cat. A time bdbre 
evening whenbinb retnm to their nest; a n%ht's 
lodging; a bird s roest» a bird rrmiinini; on its 
roost. Bmserm kurma^ or Uma, To roost. 

Bofr-git, iiS.'^ t ^^ir^l *./. Residence. 

Busb^a-mt, cj»;(i^ «./. Glad tidii^s. 

Busk^^ut, ^^(iJ s.f. Ckeerfulness, ala- 
crity, joviality, Mirth. 

Busb-eer, j^ jl at. A messenger of good 

Buab-ree, ^y^, adj. Human, relating to 

Bush-nJe-yu^ c:^^^ s. ^ Humanity, hu- 

Bttsh-sbisb, ^'<^. adj. stgxri. In good 
spirits, pleased, deBghted, cheerfid. 

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C 61 ] 









(harsh palatick) 

mankind, a hu- 


(soft dental) 











Bush-ur, jiu| s, m. 
man being, mortals. 
Bush-ur-uh, ^j^. s. m. The countenance. 

Bu-shur-tee-ki, ^ ^Jn ^ AJ On condition that, 
provided that. 

B6s-ma, U^ s. m. Staining (particularly, 
the beard; or women staining the legs, so as to 
haye the appearanoe of being dressed in tight 
drawers, when they are in fiict bare). 

Biis-na, U»m> ^^^\ v. w. To dwell, to abide, 
to be peopled. 

B68-nee, ^y^^, ^TO'ft s,f, A purse. 

Bus-o-b^, i^l»;(^. ir%TTre s, m. Home, 
dwellmg-place, residence, country. 

BAs-csHfha, ^tX^i ir^MT «. /. The world, 
the earth. 

Bu3-6o-la9 ^^. "^^WJ s. m. A kind of axe 
used by carpenters, an adze. 

Bus 6o-le€, vJ^. ^4J^m1 s.f. An instrument 
for cutting bricks. 

Bnsr,^ s. Sight. 

Bust, ^ ^.^.mI ^ricr s, /. Chattels, things, bag- 
Bust, cs.'nmJ (in comp.) Bound, shut. 

Bust, Iw 8. m. Diffusiveness, spreading or 

extending^ out. 
B&s-ta, I^sUmJ s, HI. The cloth in which a 

bundle is tied up, a bale, a bundle. 
Bus-tecy sji^, W^ «•/ An abode, a village, 

a peopled place, a population. 

Bd8-tu^ee„^^<sH $•/• Binding, contraction, 
constipation, crystaUiaation. Bustugee-i-kinieez, 
s.f. Strangury. 

Bus-tuh, iCU«j part. pass. Bound » shut, clos- 
ed, fitftened. s. m. Cloth in which any thing is 
folded up, a parcel, a bundle. 

Bus-tuh-kop-nin-duh, adj. Coagulant. 

Bus-tun-ee, yj^^*"^, s,f. A cloth for binding 
together bundles of paper, books, ink-stands, &c. 

Bus-tur, ji^ ^^ s, m. Cloth. 

Bus-tu-ra, \j!^\ ^HiTTT s. m. A plant (Cal- 
licarpa Americana). 

B^nl, J^ s./. An onion. 

Bus-un, ^jam) ipQ-iT s. m. Cloth ; a dress, a 
habit, a suit of dothes, apparel. . 

Bus-unty <^%;>mJ n^Q^s. /. The spring; one 
of the rags or musical modes of the Hindoos; 
the name of the first of the six seasons, extend- 
ing from the Idth of Phagoon to the 15th of 
Bysakh; the small pox (a phrase peculiar to 

Bengal). Busttntphooltia, v, n. To put forth the 
blossoms of mustard plants. Ai^Jihon men bugunt 
phoolnee. To dazzle. Busunf kee bbubur. Know- 
ledge of, or care about, futurity. 
Bds-ur,^^^. *, m. Seeing, discerning, vision, 
sight, understanding, knowledge. 

Bu-sur-d-na, V«T;mJ ^^qt ^tph v. n. To come 
to an end, to succeed, to overcome, to get away 
from. Busur kona, v, n. To be finished, to be 
ended, to be spent or passed. Busur kuma, v. a. 
To bring to an end, to finish, to accomplish, to 
spend, to pass. Busur lejdnat v* a* To bring to 
an end, to finish, to accomplish, to outstrip. 

But, u^ s. m, A line drawn to distinguish 
separate names in a catalogue or articles in an 
account; a mark, a score. 

But, ^H T?r s. m. The worm which is des- 
tructive to shipping (Teredo). 

But, Ls^ ^TT contract, of Bat, a word, or of 
Bat, wind, generally used in composition; as. 
But hurhao, s, m. Prolixity, talkativeness, chi- 
canery, wrangHng. But-bunaf An orator, a so- 
phist. But sOnka kttmoy To ventilate. 

But, v^ ^z s.m, A tree (Ficus Indica). A 
single kouree; tripe; twist; a wrinkle or fold 
of the abdomen. (In compos, a contract, of Bat) 
road; as in But-par. 

But-khur-a, l^vJUi ^^«<i s. m. A weight. 

But, lij s. f. A goose, a duck. 

But-a, U{ irTTT s. m, A bamboo lath, a thin 
slip of bamboo; an oblong stone on which pow- 
ders are levigated. 

But-&-ee, 'v^Ui ^zxi: s. /. Hire paid for 

twisting ropes, &c. 
But-4-na, Ob itttrt v. a. To point out, 

shew, explain, teach; to appear, s. m. An under 

turband ; a small bracelet of metal. 
But-^00, 3^3^ qidi^ s. m. A traveller. 
But-ds, \j»*^, ^<TT^ s,f. Wind, air. Butas- 

phinee, s.f, A kind of sweetmeat, sngar-cakes. 

But-a-sa, Ub ^ttt^ \s. m. A kind of 
But-a-sha, U^b T?rrJni sweetmeat, su- 
gar-cakes (of a spongy texture, or filled with air, 
as the word implies) ; a bubble. 

Blit^ee, ^^ m^ s.f. A word. 

But-6r, jaXj ir^ s.f. A kind of quail (Per- 

dix olivacea.) 
Bdth-na^ U^ ifz^ v. n. To enter. 
Btit-hoo-a, 1^. m^^\ s. m. A kind of 

greens or potherb (Chenopodiom album; Orach.} 

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C 62 ] 









(soft dental) 

But-i-y^-na, tlJL) ^O^^im v. a. To speak, 
to talk, to say, to converse.' 

But-ku-ha, l>i3Lj ^7p?rfT adj. Loquacious, 
conversible. But-kuMoy s. m. and, BuUkuhee, s,f. 
Loquacity, conversibleness, discourse. 

Butl, Jiaj 8* m. Rendering vain, abortive, 
or of no effect. 

But-U-na, 4n<dM T V, a. To shew, ex- 
plain, point out, teach. 

But-16-hee, js^^, ^3%W^ s.f. A brass ves- 
sel in which Hindoos dress their food. 

Butn, Ji» 5. m. The belly. 

But-na, iiXi Ati^\ V. a. To twist, to form 
by convolution (as ropes); to gain, to make 
profit. V. n. To be divided, to be twisted. «. m. 
An instrument with which ropes are twisted. 

But-6-hee, ^>j^. ^%Tlf^ s. m. A traveller. 

Bttt-64ee, ^'yJ ^^r^ s.f. Buffoonery. 

But-oo-a, ly^. «i'^'^i 8,m. A purse, a small 
bag (generally used for holding betel-nut, &c.); 
a brass vessel in which Hindoos dress their food. 

But-ool, J^. s./. A pure virgin. 

But-6on, j^ s. m. Interior part; heart, 
mind. adj. Concealed. 

But-6r,j^. ir^T 8, m. A gathering, a 
crowd, a resort. 

Butror-na, I's^. y ^»<w|{ n. a. To gather up, 
to collect, to purse. 

But-4a-ree, ^j^. ^T"^ 8./. A flatulent or 
{edematous swelling, a wen. 

But-p^r, jUxj ^^m< 8. m. Highway-man, 
' footpad, villain. Butparee, s. m. Highway-rob- 

Bdt-ree, ^^, 'Rnft s, f. A small cup. 

Biit-sa, L*Xi ^thjt 8, m. A kind of rice. 

B6t-8ul, J.***iu^«j*?f adj. Affectionate, kind. 

Biit-ta, U) iff! 8. m. Deficiency ; exchange 
or discount; defect, blemish, injury, offence; a 
ball (of wood or stone); a box in which gems 
are kept. Butte-hazy A juggler, a cheat. Butte- 
bAzee, s. f. Jugglery, deception. Butta-dhAr, 
and ButtQ'dhM, adj. Level, even. 

Bat-tee, ^, ^"^ 8. /. A candle, wick, 
match, tent or bougie; a seton. 

But-t^e-sa, ^^ T^m 8. m. A medicine 
composed of thirty-two ingredients, usually given 
to mares after folding. 

But-t^e-see, ^.^*^ Wt^ 8.f. A set of teeth; 
any aggregate consisting of thirty-two parts. But- 
tee8ee4ihhdna,v.a. To shew the teeth ; to laugh, 
to scoff or make faces at any one. 

(Northumbrian r) 



(deep liquid Uogtial) 


But-too, y^. 8, A funnel. 

But-u-6e, ^. ^r^ s.f. The art of making 

gold thread. 
But-uk, ujTlai *./. A duck; a vessel formed 

in imitation of a duck. 
But-un, Ja* 8. m. The belly. 
Bu-ttJLug h6-na, ^f^'it^Sk^ To be distressed. 

But-tir, y^ €idj> compar. Very bad, worse. 

adj. Mutilated, wanting the tail (an animal); 

destitute of good qualities. 
But*ur-^na, Olyu wtrptt v. «. To talk, to 

Bu-tuT-eek, ^^. By the way. 

Bu-t6r-uf, u^j^ Aside, apart 

But-wd-na, OI^j ^6^\<\ v. a. To cause to 

twisty &c. 
But-wdr, j^^. <fi^\< s. m. A tax gatherer 

who collects a tax levied in kind. 
But-wd*ra, Ijl^. ^^TTO s. m. A share. 
But-ya, tf^jj A'<i^\ s.f. A silken cord adorn* 

ed with three fringes, which women use to tie 

their hair behind. 
Biit-ya, ^, ^d^i 8. A narrow passage ; u 

small measure of weight* 
Buvv, y. adj. m. 1 t^ r , .„ 

Bu-wd-ee, ^!y. ar'n't <•./. Chilblain. 
Bu'W^ha, ^ty. ^r^m adj. Pocky, affected 

with Lues venerea. 
Bu-wa-s^er, ;^^!y. s. pL The piles or he- 

moirhoids. Buumsemi^eoMe, Polypus of the 

Bu-w6s-i-ya, l***^y ir%f%^ adj. Talkiuj^^ 

nonsense, a babbler, s. m. A catamite. 
Bu-w6n-dur, jJJ^) ^^^SX 8.m. A whirlwind, 

a devil. 
Buy, ^o «. /. (Buying and selling); Com- 
merce, selling. Buy kuma, v. a. To sell. 
Bu-y6dd, Juj In the hand. 
B6z -a, 1^ 8. m. Name of a bird. 
Buz-b^z, jO^. 8. m. Mace (the spice so 


Buzl, J>j{ 8. m. Expense, gift, munificence. 
Biiz-luh, *)^ 8. m. A garment for daily 

use of which no care is taken. 
Buz-ldh, ^y, s. m. A jest, pleasantry. 
Buzm, ^j{ 8. f. Banquet, assembly, <;om- 

Bu-z6r, j^j{ By force. 

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r t u 

(harsh pmlatick) (soft dental) but 








Buzr, \^, s, m. Seed, Buzr-gur^ A hus- 

Bnz-uh, ty 8, m. A sin, a crime. Buzuh- 
Mar, A crimmal,' a siuBer. 

Bos-iishk, cXij) «. in, A physician. Buz- 
vshAi-chtahmt An ociilist. 

BuKZ, y, s. m. Fine linen. 

BuZ'Zdz, jtj> adj, (superl. used substantive- 
ly); a linen draper, a cloth*nMrchant, a meroei*. 
BuzzazeCf s. /. The businees of a o)oth*meroliant. 

By, J-*'. 5. /. (Bttying and selling); com- 
merce, selling', sale. By^kuma^ v. a. To sell. 

By-a, '.J? ararr «. m. The name of the little 
bird that learns to fetch and carry, &c. and which 
tibe Hindoos teach to snatch the omamentnl 
patch or wafer from the forehead of their mis- 
tnsases (Loxia Indtoa); an assizer. 

By-a-ban, J^.'^^l s. nu A desert, a wilder- 
ness. Byttbaneey adj. Of the desert, &c. wild, 

By-a-kgi^l, J/U '^i^^ a^. Perplexed, con- 
founded, restless, ajifitated (in mind), uneasy. 

By-dh, JjU i^Ts. m. Marriage. BycLhl&nOy 
V. a. To take in marriage, bring home a wife, mar- 

By-d-hun, ^^^ ^TT «. »». Marrying, 

marriage, r. a. To marry. Bt/oAufi-jog, adj. Fit 

for marriage, marriageable. 
By-dh-na, Ufclj ^pfni v. a. To give or 

take in marriage. Byahee jdna, To be marrie<l 

(a woman). , ' 

By-d-ha, ^3^U) ^ttt m. "V [ 
By-dh-ta, labU ^{^m /. J -^ 
By-a-kiir-un, jj^U ^"zn^rmrs. m. Grammar. 
By-a-kur-un-ee, ,^"/^::! ^^Ti'fft'cl^ s. m. A 

By-4-la, ifU ^rqi^T adj. Flatulent. 
By-d^loo, y Lj ^n^ s. OT. Supper, f^ 
By-in, jQ s. m. Explanation, relation, 

narration, exposition. Bycm kuma, To explaiu, 

to unfold, to relate. 
By*^^ jL» ^pr «. m. Birth, act of par- 
turition, duir hyan gae, A cow that has calved 

four times. £k hyanj&muk. Having produced two 

calves at a birth. 
By-i-oa, tt*? ^^TRT v. n. To be delivered 

of young; (applied to animals only). 
By-^nuh, a^l^u; «. m. Ektmest money. 
fl^ By-ip-na, Ujlo ^rnPfT v. if. To pervade, 

oecupy, ^ect, operate, work, act. 



By- as, {j**^, ^m^ s, m. A celebrated sage 

and author, the supposted or^nal compiler of 

the Veds asiA Poorang, also the founder of the 

Vedant philosophy. 
By-ij5,<^L' $.f. Wliiteness; a blank book, 

a common-plaoe book; a figure in the soieiice of 

rumul or geomancy. 
Byd, Ju> \^ 8. m. A physician. Bgddee, s.f. 

Pmctice of physic. 
By-dik^ uXv.^f^^ s. m. One professing the 

By-duk, u.^-W ^T^ 8. m. The practice or 

science of physic. 
By-gun, ^56 ^I^PT 8. m. The egg plant 

(Solanum mdongena). 

By-g6n-tee, ^S-^.^hf^ft*./. A sort of wood- 
By-j6n-tee, ^"^^^^ ^N^ ». /. A flag or 
standard; the standard of Vishnoo. Byfttnfee 
mdlGy s.f, A necklace said to have been worn by 
Vishnoo in his fabled forms, and composed of the 
following jewels, produced from the five elements 
of nature; viz. the sapphire from the earth, the 
pearl from water, the ruby from fire, the topaz 
from air, and the diamond from space or ether. 

6y-k^l, J^, ^Nnw s. m. Afternoon. 
By-k&nth, <^^^. '^<r «. m. Paradise, 

Byl, JLjI ^t^ s, m. A bull, an ox ; (met.) 

a blockhead. 

By-la, S^trl %W( 8. tn. A species of bird. 
By-m4tr, y ^.-J %iTi"^ s. tn. A brother born 

of a different mother by the same father. 
Byn, P«J ^ig- s. m. A word, speech. s.J*, A 

flute, pipe, fire. 
By-na, UjJ ^|^n 8. tn. Victuals distributed 

at marriages, and other ceremonies; an omameiit 

worn on the forehead. 
Byn-byn,^^^ cm(/. Intermediate (between 

good and evil) ; passable, indifferent, tolerable. 
Byn-da, IcUji %^i s. m. A mark placed on 

the forehead as a preparative to devotion amon^ 

the Hindoos. 
Byn-dee, y^y^, ^^ s. f. An ornamental 

circlet made with a coloured earth or unguent 

on the forehead, and between the eyebrows; an 

ornament worn by women on the forehead. 

Byn-gun, JL^^ ^fipT 8. tn. The egg plant. 
Byn-jun-ee, ^s^^s^. ^sr^ adj. Pui-ple (the 

colour of the Sohinnm melongena). 
By-par, J U» Vtit s. tn. Traflick, trade, 

business, labour. 
By-pjl-ree, ^^;Uj \^\'^ 8. tn. A-.merchant. 
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C 64 ] 


a ch d e ee g 

«U cboose (soft dental) get thee gone 

Byr> ;-rf %T s. m. Enmity, revenge, hatred. 
Byr ISna, v. a. To revenge. 

By-rdg, u^|j#j V^ipir s. m. Penance, devotion, 
the act of leaving the pleasures of the world. 

By-rd-ga, olpi %tt^ s. m. A small crooked 
stick, which a byragee places under his arm-pit 
to lean upon as he sits. 

By-r^-gee,^;A) Vrnft^ adj. Austere, recluse. 
*. m. One who has retired from the world, one 
who has no sensual passions, a kind of wandering 
fukeer who practises cer^in austerities. 

By-r^gun, ^j-rf '^i.l^M 8,f. A female By- 

By-ree, ^pi V^ s, m. An enemy. v 

By-rulc, ^j^. 8»m. A banner, ensign, colours, 

By-rukh, ^y>J{ %t^ s.f. A flag, an ensign, 

By-run, j;^. V^Dir s.f. A female enemy. 

Bys, ^jmmJ %ur s, m. ITie third of the four 
Hindoo castes or bums ; a tribe of Rajpoots ; (a 
prince of that tribe formerly reigned at Dotmria^ 
khera ; his dominions, which extended over a great 
part of Oude, on the north bank of the Ganges, 
are still called Byswara); age. 

By-s4kh, <^^L^^ ^Nrnsr s, m. The first solar 
month of the Hindoos, the full moon of which is 
near Bishakha (four stars in Libra and Scorpio). 

By-sik-ha, ^W. ^^1^1 s. m, A crutch; a 
club armed with iron; a club consecrated in the 
month of Bysakh. 

By-sdk-hee, v^^'.****!^^?^ adj. Growing in 
the month of Bysakh, or relating to that month. 
s.f. A krge kind of Mjrrobakn or citron fruit; 
the day on which the sun enters the sign Aries. 

By-s^n-doo, ^J^L*^ \^J\ adj. Sedentary, 

Bysh-noD) y-i»jrf ^NT^ adj. Of or relating to 
Vishnoo. s, m. A worshipper of Vishnoo, 

By-sun-ee, v,^^**»*tr! •^It^^'t s.f, A female of the 
Bys cast. 

Bys-wd-ra, Ijl^*-<J ^cTTTT s, m. The resi- 
dence of Bys, the nativity of Bys. 

Byt, cs-A^j s.f A house, temple, edifice ; a dis- 
tich couplet, a verse (in poetry). Byt-buhsee, s.f. 
Criticism of poetry. 

By-tdr,jUi*j A horse-doctor, a farrier. 

Byt-ha, 1^. \s\ s. m. A paddle. 

Byt-h^r-na, '•'^l^. ^terOTT "j v. a. To cause 

Byt-h^l-na, U! l^^J ^3T^RT > to sit down, 

Byt W-na, Vt^ %ZV^J J to seat. 



(deep liquid lingual) loch 

(Northumbrian r) 

Byth-na, U^ \6^\ v. n. To sit; to ride 
(on a horse); to visit a person in grief for the 
purpose of condolence; to sit in dhuma, 

Byt-huk, OC|X^i \s^ s.f 1 A seat, a place 

Byth-ka, l^^e^ \6^\ s. m.y where peo- 
ple meet to sit and converse, abendi. s.f. Act 
or state of sitting, sitting; a kind of exercise. 

Byth-wto, Jiy^, \'S:^J^ adj. Flat 

Byt-Qpl-hiir-um, J^stJIv^^ a. m. (Sacred 
house) the temple of Mecca. 

Byt-QQl-t^ula, 2^]tu^. s,m.A necessary, a 

Byt-&Uah, <0fli.a-^. s. tn. (House of God); 
the temple of Meoea. 

Byt-Qpl-m^l, J'-^Jl*-!^ s, m. An escheat, 
property that falls to the crown in failure of heirs; 
the chamber of finance, escheats, &c.; (met.) aa 
unfortunate fellow. 

Byt-QQl-mcs^-kud-dus, (^^a^JaaJIls^^ s, (The 
holy house) the temple of Jerusalem; Jerusalem. 

Byt-Qps-su^-ur, jft*J|4ij:^ s. m. The infer- 
nal abode, hell. 

Byt-<2>s-stin-um, ^n;w4](u^^ $. m. An idol 

By-tul, (JXijj adj. Unlucky; vicious. 

By-tdr-a, t^i^. ^TTTT s.f. Dry ginger. 

By-t6r-nee, i^'Jh*, '^^<^ s.f. A river, ac- 
cording to the Hindoos, which is to be crossed bj 
the dead on their way into the world of spirits, 
like the Styx of the ancients; a riyer in Orissa. 

By-un, ^. s. m. Explanation, interpreta- 

By-ut, v-s--«iri s. f. Homage, fealty. Byut 
kuma, V. a. To become a disciple of some saint. 

Byz, ^^/J s. m, Ofiicial mark of a superior 
officer affixed to public writings. 

By-za, Uuj adj. White, s. tn. The sun. 
Yud4'i'byza <fik/i6na, v. a. To distinguish one's 
self in any work (an allusioii taken from the lu- 
minous hand of Moses). 

By-z4-nuh, <*^ttf^. s. m. The perquisite of 
the magistrate, &c. for marking public papers. 

By-zA-wee, vj^^rf 5./. A book containing 
a commentary on the kooran. 

By-zuh, ^^, s, m. An egg. 

By-zu-wee, ^y^, adj. Fashioned in the form 
of an egg. KhitU'Ubyzutoee, s. tn. A form of the 
Persian Nusialeek character, in which the cnrred 
taik of the letters are segments of an oral; op^ 
posed to Khutt'i-afi&bce, in which they are por- 
tions of a circle. 

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[ 65 ] 

(banhpaUtiek) (soft dental) 










Cha, l^ 1 s,f. Tea. Cha-^tmi s. m. Tea- 

Chae, »^W J pot. 

Chi-bee, ^U- ^Tift s.f. A key. 

Chib-hut pur-na, (ij^c^^li^'^XZ^Tf TTjv.a. 
To cnumcb, to cnuh. 

G4b-iia, Ui L^ ^Tir^ V. a. To diew, to 
nasticate. C^i^ cAo^ &^U«7i kumee. To muice 
one's words, to speak little and hangbtilj. 

CH-b®k, *-^U» €idj\ Active, alert, s. m. 
A hone-wbip. Chabgsk bAzee^ s.f. Whipping, 
bttb. ChabQQk <M» <^J' Nimble, alert, active, 
expert, qnick, beautifal. Ckahosk pkuMma, 
To cnek a wMp. Chabook^^wSr, $, m. A horse- 
breiker; a jock^; a good rider; a horse-broker. 
(^sbatk-MUwdree, s. f. Jockcysbip, &c. ChahODh 
mdrna. To wlup» to lasii. 

ChirbQj^kee, ^^W- «• / Activity, alert- 
aen, despatch, celerity. 

ChiK^ha, ^U^ ^m s. m. Paternal uncle, 
Other's brother. 

Cyrcbur, ff^ ^T^fT *. m. The pole round 
which they pky at the festival of the holee ; a 
frir or assemble of people collected after the 

Chi-dnr, j*>L^ *. y! A sheet; a cascade. 
Chaiitr bickhdna. To (ay the cloth. 

Ct^ ^^^ ^irnr s. m. Eagerness, pleasure, 

Chi-een, JU. ^ ^ \ f 

Chi-een-cWo-een, ^ i^^ ^r ^^T^ j ^'•^ ' • 
Scaldhea*. " 

^^'^^^^ c^W" "^ *• ^'*- ^ ^^^ ^'»«8 of 
Hindoos; the seed of tamarind. 

Cbah, ^l».^rTT 5./^ Desire, wish, love, lik- 
inj, affection, choice, want, appetite. Chah-chit, 
or Chah ekoz, Love, affection, dalliance. 

Q»ab, »U. 8. m. A pit, a well. Chah-i-zu^ 
aatt, or Chah-i-zmium, The dimple of the chin. 
ChUun, «. ». A weil-digger. 

Ch^-ba, llbLaj- ^iriTT *. m. Love, afiection, 

Cha-ba-chu-hee, ,^j|«<*ilibL^ ^i^i^lfl s.f. 

The love of one's country. 
Cha-b6e-ta, tytU- ^V^m adj. Agreeable, 

*«hable, beloved. «. A sweet-heart, one beloved. 
Q»^e-tee, ,^i*XbU ^iPtrft ^./ A mistress, 

« Mieot-heart. 
Chft-iik, UU ^nvmr V. a. To love, like, 

*«8ire, wish for, deound, choose, need, require. 

pray, approve, ttsk, attempt, try, lo<^ to, look 

Ch^ho, ^ L^- ^mh imper. Choose, either, or. 
Chd-huk, i-Ji>^- ^nv^r €u(;. Affectionate. 
Cha-hut, uu^U. ^T?r s.f. Desire, will, 

wishing, love, liking. 
Chak, jU- adj. Vigorous, healthy, active, 

alert; erect, (a horse) ready to cover; in spiriti. 

Chak'choiibiimji, adf. Hedthy and vigorous. 

Chak, uf L^ s. m. A narrow opening inten- 
tionally left in clothes, a rent, a slit, a fissure, adj. 
Rent, slit, torn, htcerated. Chak kuma. To rend, 
slit, tear, split. Chak-ffirebdn, Having the colkr 
rent, afflicted, sad. 

Chak,<^l^TlTir s. m. A potter's wheel; rings 
of earth for forming a well; a mill-stone, mill. 

ChAkh-na, '>^^• ^fT^r^n r. a. To taste, re- 
lish, enjoy. 

Ch^-Voo, ^^ 8. m. A clasp-knife, a pen- 

Ch^k-soo, y^^ 8.m. A medicine (a small 
black seed). 

Cfa^l-kur, j^L^ 8. m. A servant. 

Ch^-kur-ee, ^f/W" '•/• Service. 

Chal, J^» ^m s.f. Gait, movement, pace, 
habit, custom. C^udpukufna, To prevail. CJial 
chulna. To behave. Chal-dlud, e.f. Gait, motion; 
manners, behaviour, breeding, politeness. Chal 
milnot To smell a rat. 

Chal, Jl^^^ 8.JI A colour in horses, roan. 

Ch^Ia, y l^ wmx s. m. Motion, departure ; 
(met.) a lucky moment. 

Qia-lik, v-^ L^ "I €ui/. Laborious, acti ve,hard 

C9i^-la, 5(1^ J working, alert, fleet, 
nimble, ingenions, clever, dexterous, expert. 

Cha-ld-kee, ,^L^ «./. Activity, alertness, 
nimbltness, celerity, dexterity, agility. 

Ch^-lee, y^^^ ^^ a(^\ Roguish, widced, 

Cha-l^es, (^JU. ^^^ adj. Forty. 

Cha-l6e-8a, IwJ U. ^i^^ 8. m. A dimness 
of sight which is supposed to come on at forty 
years of age, and often to be removed on approach- 
ing the forty-eighth or fiftieth year; the fortieth 
year of any era, or of the century. 

Cha-Ue-see, ^^^ L^ ^n^^ s f. Quarantine 
kept after the death of a rektion, childbirth, &c. 

Cha-Ues-wan, j\y^ U. ^qi^^prt adj. For- 
tieth; (hence) the fortieth day after childbirth; 
death of a relation, &c. r^ ^ ^ /^ T /-► 

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(soft dental) 

[ 66 ] 


e ee g g^ i k kb 

get the'e gone (Northumbrian r) in (deep liquid Hngnal) loch 

Ch^-lish, {J*^^ 8./. Exertion in battle; a 
pompous or graceful gait, a graceful motioo. 

Ch41-na, U) U.^T^pn t;. a. To sift, v. n. To be 
mischieyous. Chalunhdr^ A sifter. 

Cha-luh,<JL>.^^r^ $,f. A fish, a sort of sprat 
(Clupea cultrata). 

Chd-luk, t-^JL^ ^^nr adj. Laxative. 

Cham, A^> "^TT s. m. Hide, skin, leather. 
Cham ke <fam chuldne, v. a. To stretch to the ut- 
most a temporary authority; (lit. to gire cur- 
rency to a coin of leather). 

Champ, ^'^ ^TT s./. The lock of a gun ; 
. the stocks, the rack. C/iamp chufhSia, To cock 
a gun ; to punish or torment by squeezing the ear 
with the lock of a gun. 

Chimp-na, ^^ Tfipn v. a. To join ; to 
stuff, to cram, to thrust in, to press. 

Chand, Sf U. ^rt^ s. m. The moon ; the crown 
of the head; a white spot in the forehead of cat- 
tle, and many other things which are moon- like; 
an ornament; a month (lunar) ; a target (to shoot 
at). Chand chhip6na, To change as the moon. 
Chan^-ratf End of the month. Chan^-f^ra, A 
robe made of flowering muslin, &c. Charuf mdma. 
To fire at a mark. Chan4 ne khef kiya^ The 
moon has risen. 

Chand, «>3U- ^rh¥) ^ /- a ^^^« 

Ch^n-dee, ^j^'^ 'Tt^ s. / Silver (pure), 
plate; the crown of the head. 

Chdnd-na, 0^'U. 'cn'^TT s, m. Light Chan^ 
napukh, #. fit. The light fortnight of the moon. 

Ch^nd-nee, ^*3i^• '^'^ s.f. Tlie moon- 
beams; name of a flower; a white cloth spread 
over a carpet; any thing white and shining. 
^ Chanffnee'chamk, s. m. A wide and public street 
or market. Chajufnee ka mdra jdna^ v. n. To be 
affected with a disease supposed to proceed from 
a stroke of the moon (a horse). 

Ch^-neh, ^^ s. TTie lower jaw, 

Qiang-la, S^U. tjirtt s. tn. A colour in 

Ch^t-na, ^^ "AldAl V. a. To press, to 

Chin-wul, Jy'^^t^W 8. m. Rice. 

Chio, y^^ ^n^ 8. m. Eagerness, pleasure, 
taste, desire; a measure equal to four fingers; a 
kind of bamboo. ChaO'Chdchla^ or ChaO'Chozt 
Fondness, endearment, fondh'ng and toying. 

Ch^-ree, ^jj^^ ^\H^ «. /. Name of a place 
in Delhi. 

Chap-htind, iXJ^l^ ^IM^^ s. m. A kind of 

Chi^l6os,^^^'^5. m. A flatterer, a wheed- 
ler. Chaploosee, 9. /. Flattery, wheedling. 

Char, jt^ adj. Four. Char-abrdo^ 8. m. A 
kind of dervis who shaves his eyebrows and whis* 
kers. Char-^gul^ s, m, A palm (four inches). 
Char-^Bnglee^s.f. Hand'sbreadth. Char-Zieemh, 
s. m. Iron armour. Char^dlish, t. m. A throne, 
couch or sofa. Char-bang, adj. Sensible, ^ck, 
intelligent, alert. Char-bSesee, s.f. Four-score, 
ChaV'pdruh, adj. Divided into four, four-pieced. 
Char-took, adj. Broken (into four pieces) . Char- 
j6muh, 9. m. A kind of saddle (without a tree) 
Char-chushm, s. f. Meeting, intenriew, the eyes 
of two people meeting. Char-chuwff adj. Quad- 
ruple, fourfold. Char-ih&nx^ adj. Chequered 
t. m. A kind of cloth. Char^eeUf6ree, «./. A 
court-yard, enclosure, area. Char^xdaoo, A mode 
of sitting, as tailors sit at work. Char-z&MO 
bythna, To squat. Char^sal, A horse of fonr 
years old. Char^soo, A cross-road, two rojdi 
crossing each other. Char'shdnuh, adj. Toaght 
hardy. Charofi shane chit purna. To fall at full 
length on the back. Cffmr-xurb, adj. Sensible, in- 
telligent (generally applied to slayes). ChoT'glh 
shuh, €u{j, Sqimre. «. m. A quadrangle. Char* 
mvghzyS.m. A walnut; an earthen ball with which 
children play. 

Char, J U- ^mp 8.f. Turf; a hurt, a wound, 
a knock ; a lever. 

Ch^-ra, |J^• 8. m. Remedy. 

Ch^r-duh, »cXU» adj. Fourteen; (the moon) 
fourteen days old. Char<fuh^pm, adj. Fourteenth. 

Char-g(iQ-na, UfjU. ^^tT^WT adj. Fourfold. 

Char-^&b, v^j^- (With four domes) any 
thing adorned with four domes, or knobs resem- 
bling domes; an article of dress so called. 

Char-na-chdr, jU.OjU y^adv. Certainly, 

Char-o-nar chlir, j ^ ^))^ ) inevitably, by 
force, right or wrong, nolens volens. 

Chd-rO0, jU. WT^ acff\ Beautiful, plearingf 
agreeable, elegant. 

Chd-rQQm, ^j^^ adj. Fourth. 

Char-pi-ee,^bjt^ 8.f. A bedstead, a bed; 
a litter for carrying the sick. Charpaee pvr 
pupui. To get sick. 

Char-pd-yuh, ^^;W 8. m. A quadruped. 

Ch^ruh, ^j^s. m. Remedy, cure, help, aid. 
Charuh j6ee\ Search for remedy. Chanth'^ee, 
ApplicatioQ of remedy. ChamhiMr, Rein«^r» 

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[ 67 ] 



r t u w y y zh 

(harsh palatick) (soft cUntal) but write you my pleasure 

redress. Charuh-ffur, Applying a remedy, curer. 
Chari/h-pizSeTy Curable. 
Cha-ruh, »jU^ ^^TTT s. nu Forage> fodder, 
food for cattle, bait for fish ; a young plant. 
Charuh ddlna, To bait. 
Ch^-nm, c)j\^ ^nXM s. m. A dancer or mi- 

mick, a kind of bard, reciter or paneg3rri8t. 
Char-vik, ^\^)^ ^nr^mff s. m. The head of 

a tribe of Atheists. 
Chir-wa, l^jl^ s. nu Aponey, a quadruped. 

Charwa'4or, s, tn. A groom. 
Char-y^-ree, ^jkj^ s. m. A sect of Maho- 
metans who venerate equally the four successors 
of BiIah<HBet. 
Ciia8,,^U» '^j^ 8./, PloughiBg. Chaskima, 
and CAosna, To plough. Chasa, s. m. A plougb- 
mauy a husbandman. 
ChiUh-iiee,,^5;J^L^ 5. /. Flavour, taste, relish, 
a mixture of sweet and sour; a specimen, trial; 
airup. Chashneefficr, An assayer of metals, a 
Chasht, i-s-^U. «./. The middle hour be- 
tween sun-rise and the noon; also, what is eaten 
at that time, breakfast, a collation. 
Chat, vi>^ ^TB: «./. Longing, wish, relish, 
taste; habit, custom; a delicacy, bonne boucbe. 
Chat Una, To lick up. 
Cb^-tee, ^'^^^-it s./. A churn. 
Chd-tQjr, f^ ^7jT adj. Clever, cunning, 

sly, shrewd, wise, knowing; four, 
Chat-na, U5U ^z^j v. a. To lick, to lap. 
Chd-tuk, u-^'^i^ ^FT^ s. m. A bird (CucuJus 

Ch£-tttr, yU. ^wittk s. m, A large net, a seine. 

Chi-wul, J^U. in^r^ 8. m. Rice (cleared of 
the husk and not dressed). 

Che, ^ or Cheem, called also JeeiTt-i-farsee^ 
or Jeem-uupmee, the seventh letter of the Per- 
sian alphabet, sounds like ch in the English word 
much; it does not occnr in Arabic; if used to denote 
a number, according to the Utyud, it stands for 
8, like (^) Jcem. This letter corresponds to "^ 
(chu) in Sunscrit, and when aspirated, or with i 
affixed, to If (chhu). 

Ch6-chuk, lJ%^ 8./. The small-pox. 

Ch^e-duh, ^S>;:^part.pm8. Gathered, picked, 

Cheek, lXusj. ^^ 1 ^ liyr j r 

Cheekh, fj^s.f. A scream, scteech, &c. Lip- 
pitudo or blear-eyedness. Cheeii-mdmay To 

scream, to screedi, to cry. CheeUfnat v, n. To 

roaf , to scream. 
Ch^ekh-na, U^i^jja* '^^^TTT v. a. To taste. 
Ch6ek-hQpr, jtf^^ ''ft^ 8. nu A squirrel. 

Ch6e-kut, ci^^^^ "^WS 8./. A mixture of oil 
and dust. adj. Greasy or dusty (as, cloth). 

Cheel,* ^^ 8./. A kite (Falco cheela.) 

Cheen, j^ part. act. fin comp.J Gathering, 
picking, collecting; gatherer, picker. *./. Fold, 
plait, wrinkle. Cheen-ubrSo hSna, or, Cheen- 
imjubeen hdna, To frown. Cheen pur cheen hSna, 
To become wrinkled from fet. Cheen d^lna, To 
crease. Cheen Una, To crumple. Cheen mdn- 
na. To acquiesce or submit to blame or loss. «. m. 

Cheel-hiir, '^4^ ^'^TTT *•/• A louse. 

Ch6e-nee, ^^s^ ^'ft *•/ Sugar (coarse; be- 
ing perhaps so named from Cheen, China, whence 
it might have been first brought to India; as, su- 
gar-candy is called misree, apparently from Misr, 


Ch6e-nee, ^jh^ adj. Belonging to, or pro- 
duced in China, Chinese. 

Cheenh, ^-^'-^ "^^ 8, m, A mark, a token 
by which any thing is known. 

Ch6en-ha, ^^ "^^ 8. m. An acquaintance. 

Ch^enh-na, '^^ ^^5^ v. a. To know, to 

Ch<Sen-tee, ^^^^^ ^^ 8, /. Small ant. 

Ch6enth-na, U^:^?.;^^^^! v. n. To be bruis- 
ed by being trod upon. 

Che^-nuh, ^5^ Grain in general. Chee- 
ntih-if/in. The crop of a bird. 

Chee-6on-ta, '^^^^ ^^T^T s. m. Black ant. 

Chee-6on-tee, ^ys^ ^^^^ 8.f. The dimi- 

nutiye of Cheeoonta. 
Chee-60-ra, Ij^frfif '^HsTT^.m. Rice parched 

and eaten raw. 
Chee-pur, J^^»- ''fhnf 8. Rheum of the eye. 

Cheer, j*^ ^x s, m. Rent, slit, strip ; attire ; 
tearing, rending, splitting, slitting. Cheer nihil- 
wa. To break through troops, s.f. Cloth; a sort 
of covering or dress for women, clothes, attire. 

Cheer, jm^ ^^ s.f. The pine tree (Pinus 

Ch6e-ra, Ij*^ '^TT s, m. Incision, cut, 
wound, slit; virginity; turband. Cheera (Hftiima, 
To deflower. Cheera-bmuf, A >'irgin. 

Cheer-na, 0^:^ ^T^ v. a. To rend, tear, 

split, slit, cleave, harrow. /^ ^ ^ ^T ^^ 

2 - Digitized by VjOOV IC 





a ch d e ee g 

all •hoose (soft dental) get thee gone 

(NortliumbriMi r) in (deep Uquid Ungual) loch 

Ch^e-ruh, )ij*j^ ad;. Powerful, bold, brave, 
▼aliant. Cheer uh'4tist. Expert. CheeruA-ifttstee, 

Chee-ruh, ^j^ ^tTT «. »». A tm*band ; vir- 

Chees-tin, jllw**^ s. m. An enigma, a rid- 

Ch^e-ta, li*i^ ^fhn $. tn. Painting ; wish ; 
understanding, wisdom; leopard or panther (Felis 
jubata; Banting leopard); a medicinal plant 
(Plumbago zeylanica). 

Ch^elh-na, '■^^^ ^^^RT v. a. To rend, to 

Ch^ef-na, txu*. "^tptt v. a. To wish ; to 
draw, to paint. 

Ch6e-tuL ih*-j^ ^ft7\w s. m. A certain ani- 
raal of the forest; (perbaps a leopard or panther, 
or some other spotted animal). adj» Spotted, va- 
riegated, speckled, (colour). 

Cheez,^^^ 8. /I Thing, commodity. Cheez- 
bust, s.f. Chattels, baggage, furniture. 

Ch^-a, 'S^^ %WT 8. tn. A slave brought up in 

the house, a pupil. 
Cbemp, Cy>^;.u^ ^ s, m. The acrid resin, of 

fruits and trees. 
Ch6n-a, Uji*. ^^ s. m. Millet. (Panicum 

Chen-chee, t^gr?^^ ^^ ^'f* A needle-case. 
Chen-chen k6r-na, ^^j<^j>u^ ^f^ 'RT'TT 

V. n. To chatter, chirp, murmur, grumble. 
Chench-pench,g^g^*.<>i'^N^s. m. Brats. 

Ch6ri-ra, \y^^i^adj. Young, little. 

Ch6o-lee, u^^s^ %^r^ s.f. Silk (cloth). 

Ch6p-na, '^^-^ ^TPTT v. a. To stick tc^ether. 

Cher-^-ee,^^lpi*» ^rrt^./ Slavery. 

Ch6r-ee, ^ys^ ^T^s.f. A slave-girl, a girl- 

Che-ry-ta, ^..y:^ '^^^ 5, m. The Gentian 
plant. (Gentiana CJura^td). 

Chesh-ta, U-i^ ^rs\8.f. Application, en- 
deavour, motion, exercise, search/ appearance. 

Chet, ca,'^^ ^7T s, m. Memory, remem- 
brance, thought, perception, consciousness, cir- 

Ch6t-a, U*tfj. ^TfT 8. m. An admonisher. 

Ch6t-na, Ui^ ^^nrr v. a. To remember, 
think of, advise, reflect, be aware, recover the 
senses, s.f. Action. 

Ch6t-uk, uJTAj-o. ^zm s.f. A miracle ; a de- 

Ch^t-un, ^j^ ^rsn s. m. Reason, ration- 
ality, caution. 
Chhachh, M^^^^ ^fTW s.f. ButtermHk. 
Chha-ddn, c)!«3 UL <tit^M 8. m. A water-bag. 
Chh^ee, [J^j^ wrt s.f. Ashes. 
Chh^een, jl^ ipric s.f. Discoloration. 

Chhi-gul, J^^ Wnr^ s.f. A leathern bot- 
tle with a spout to it, a goat-skis. s.f. A goat. 

CThh^, 'rk-^ WHT s.m. A kind of basket 
used in winnowing or clearing grain. 

Chhij-na, ^^ WT^RT v. n. To thatch. 
To befit, to become. 

Chhak, v^^i^ Wl^ s.f. Luncheon, s. m. 
Ready preparisd food carried out by labourers and 
hosbfuidmen when they procet4 to tliair daily 

CJhh^k-na, UTU^ Wl^fm v. a. To dear the 
water of a well, &c. 

Chhal, Jltf^ irrar s.f. Peel, skin, rind, 
bark. Chhetl CBtdma, To peel, to decorticate. 

Chhd-la, yi^j^ Tl^ s. m. A blister, pustule, 
pimple, skin. 

Chhd-li-ya, ^^^ ^f^T s.f. A kind of 

Chhan, jV-^ WTT s.f. A roof, a frame of 
bamboo for thatching. 

Chhi-na, 01^ ifpTT v. a. To thatch, to 
shade, to cover, to roof, to spread. Chha-^dna, 
To spread, to lie. Chha Una, To cloud, over- 
spread, darken. 

Chhan-bin-^n, jUj J^f*- ifTT fr»n^*. m. In- 

Chhand, oi ^a. ^rf^ s.f A tether, a trammel, 
a net. 

Chhin-da, tcJ^U^ ^|^i s. m. Share, part (a- 

Chh^nd-na, ^ioil^ tl^* l i v. a. To tether, 
to fasten, to tie. 

Chh^nd-na, OjJlc-^ Thr^ v. a. To emit; to 
leave, let go, release, forsake, abandon, to loae, 
to vomit. 

Chhanh, ^ ^^ wtf s. f. Shade, shadow ; the 
reflection of any object in a mirror, &o. ChfuasA^ 
banh, s.f. Auspices. 

Chhan-hi-ra, Ij'i^jll^ ^ITITT a4f. Um- 

Chh^n-na, ^^•'^ ^TITT v. a^ To strahi, to 
sift; to search. Chhan ISna, To cull, to select. 
Chhan m&ma, Toseiu-ch, torummage. 

Chhant, vJUJI^j^- wfz s.f Refuse; parings. 

Digitized by VjOOQI^^ 






[ 69 ] 




(harsb palatiek) 

t u w y y zh 

(soft dental) but write you my pleasure 

&c. selectioii, fadiioD of clothes. Chhant kuma. 

To Yomit, to disgorge. Chhant Una, To select. 

Chkant-chhutaOt Retrenchment. 
Chhdnt-na, Ux}l£jfc» i^id^l v. a. To vomit; 

to separate the husk from grain by pounding it in 

a mortar; to pare, clip, pfune, lop, trim, dress, 

select, Yomit. 
Chh^n-tun, ^^k-^ WtZ^ s./. Cutting, slip, 

CUui^nue, {j^^ V^^ s.f. Chaff. 
Chhi-oD» J^^^ Wtf s.f. Shade, shadow. 

Chbio-nee, ^J^^'t^ WV^ s,f. Cantonments, 

barradLS or hnts for soldiers; thatching, die act 

of thatching. 
Cbha{^ ^'<^ W^s.f. Stamp, prints copy, a 

seal, impression. 
Cbha-pa, WW^ WHTT s. m. Edition, print, 

seal, &c. Chhape-Udnuh, Printing office. Chhape- 

w&la. Printer. 

Chhip-na, 5j^ W Wnr^n V. a. To print, to 

Chhar, jl^ ifTT s. /. Ashes, dust ; a large 
clod of earth. 

Chhar, jk^ WT?" s.f. A bank of a river. 
Chahf chitthee, 8,f, A permit, a pass. 

Chhar-chhur-el-a, ^,y^j\^ ifi^ t^<^l 
«. m. A medicinal herb. 

Chhd-roo, ^j^ WIW «. m. The thrush (dis- 
ease), blister. 

Chhat, CL>1^ WT7T s.f. Roof. 

Chhd-ta, tt^jfc. iifTTrT 8. m. A large umbrella. 

Chh^-tee, ^^'^ ifrrf^ *•/• An umbrella. 

Chbi-tee,^l£A*in7ft«./.Breast*dug. ChAa- 
iee-bhur, Breast-high. Chhatee bhur-dna, To 
weep. Chhatee bhur-J^na, To be chest founder- 
ed. Chhatee pur putthur rAkhna, To have pa- 
tience. Chhatee pur moong dulna, (lit. to grind 
pnlse on the breast) to do any thing in presence 
of another person by which he is vexed. Chha^ 
ieephfitnee. To break the heart with grief or sor- 
row, to sympathise. C/^iafee peetna. To re- 
-gret, repent, lament. Chhatee thckna. To en- 
courage; to assure. Chhatee tliundee hona. To be 
pleased or overjoyed. Chhatee julna. To have 
the heart born; lament. Chhatee ka ptHthur, 
Noisance.pest. Chhatee ka jum (lit. the destroyer 
of the heart) isapplied to a person or thing the pre- 
senoe of which is unpleasant, a pest, a nuisance. 
Chhatee khblkur milna. To meet frankly. Chha- 
tee ffu4r6nee. The breast to swell (in young wo- 
OAea). Chhatee lug6na^ To lament, to grieve. 
Chhatee lugSna, or, Chhafee se iugdna, To 


Chhatee nikalkur chulna. To stalk, to 

Chh^ya, Ol^.^ i^prr 8. m. Apparition, spec- 
tre; shade; (met.) somewhat resembling; a mode 
in music. 

Chha-yi-nut, «^01<a. ^■^rpprs' s. m. Name 
of a rag or musical mode. 

Chhed, <Aij4^ %^ 8. m. A hole, an orifice. 

Chh6d-na, t*A*^-^ \^^\ v. a. To pierce, to 

Chhee, ^^^ ^ intety. Tush f tut ! fy ! 

Chh6echh-ra> ^y^^ ^^tWfJ s. m. The skin- 
ny and rejected part of meat, a piece of flesh. 

Chh^e-da, l*w^ ifhr? it(^\ Thin, not close 
(said of a person or animal whose legs are much 

Chheej-na, Uae-r^^ la^^RTr. n. To decrease, 
to pine away. 

Chh6e-ka, ^^ i^tin s. m. A sling for car- 
rying baskets, &c. 

Chh6el-na, '-si^ l?1^PTT r. a. To peel, to 
skin, to excoriate, to pare, to erase, to scrape. 
Chheetna-chhalna, or, Chheel chhal k^tTm, v. a. . 
To pare, peel, &c. 

Chh6e-lun, ^^;1^ ift^R- s.f. Parings. 

Chb^e-mee, ^c^ ^Vf s.f. A pod, le- 
gume, husk. 

Chheen, j*^ ^15- adj. Wasted, decayed; 
slight, slender, little. 

Chh6ench-na, 0^^ ifl^T^T v. a. To throw 
out water. 

Chheenk, L^ > ^ a^ T^m s.f. Sneezing, sneeze. 
Chhetih idnewala, A sternutatory (medicine). 

Chheen-ka, 1^.4^ ^^ s. m. A network of 
strings or cords to hang any thing on, the cords 
of a buhungee. 

Chh6enk-na, UCu^^ if^^TTT v. n. To sneeze. 

Chh6en-na, U*^ "i^ v. a. To snatch, 
pnll, tear, i^uck, rob. Chhsena^hhSnee k^ma. 
To scramble. Chkem lena, Tijr snatch up, ac- 
quire, take possession of, seize. 

Chheent, CU^:^ -^ s.f Chintz. 

Chheen-ta, ^Sj^t^ ^^Tht s. m. Shot, spot, 
splash. Chheenta m^ma. To sprinkle. 

Chheep, v-^sC-^ i^T s. f Discoloration or 
spot on the skin; fishing-rod; the act of a bufik- 
lo's pushing with his horn. 

Clih6e-pee, ,^^^i?^i^T^ «. m. A cloth-printer., ^.-?^ ^^Tm v. a. To print 
cloths; to push with the horn as a bufialo; to draw 
up the rod in fishing. ^^^ j 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 





(soft dental) 

C 70 ] 






gj^' i 

(Northumbrian r) In 


(deep liquid iingual) loch 

Chlieer, jK-?- ^T s. m. JVlUk. 

Chheet> LS^-^rC^'afi^ 8./. Spot, splash, chintz. 

Chh6et-na, Ux^i** "iiz^ v. a. To scatter, to 

Chh6e-tur, y^jfj- ^TTC s. m. Brogue, shoe. 
Chh6k-na, UC^ ^^i^^ r. a. To stop, &c. 

Chhem, f*ij4^ ^^ «• /. Welfare. Chhem-kf^- 

shul, 8,f, Welfare. 
Chhem-un-k6r-ee, ^^^^ \^ ^^^^ s.f, A 

sort of kite (Falco ponticerianus). 
Chh^n-a, Uj^%irr«. w. Curd ; a small kind 

of cymbal. 
Chh6nch-na, ^=^*tf^ W^TT V. a. To mince, 

to hack, to pound. 
Chh6n-ee, ^^^ %^*^ 1 *• / A chisel, 
Chh6o-nee, v^^^^'T'ft J punch, piercer. 
Chhenk, u.^^^^ ^ 8,f. 1 Sequestra- 

Chhen-kdo, j^i^ INt^" s. m. } tion of 

gfoods. Chhenk leiia, To confiscate. 
Chhenk-na, l^^j^^ iJ^TT v* a. To detain, 

to prevent, to stop, to retain, to bar, to restrain. 
Chhenk-wy-ya, 0^^^ ^^h^^ I s. wi. A con- 

Chh^o, p^ %7 5. m. A mark, a piece of 

wood cut off. Chheo mdma. To line out, mark. 
Chheo-na, t^i&.%^^ v. a. To pierce or to 

bleed a tar tree, to extract taree; to mark. 
Chher, 3^-^ %T *•/• Th® ^^^ ^^ irritating, 

yexinor, &c. Chher chhof, or Chhef khdnee, s,f. 

Stricture, anunadyersion; the act of Texing, pro* 

▼oking, exciting, &c. 
Chh^r-a, Ij>r6^ %^ s. m. Touch, &c. 
Chh6r-ee, ^j*:i^ %^ s.f. A goat. 

Chh6r-na, ^*j^i'^ ^<«1I r. a. To have a bad 

Chh6r-na, ^^5^^ ^^TT v, a. To irritate, 
Tex, fret, trouble, abuse, aggress, touch, handle, 
stir up, interrupt; to play on a musical instru- 

Chhctr, y^i'^ %2r s. m. A geometrical fi- 
gure; field, land, plantation; a sacred or holy 
place (as Benares, &c). Chhetr-phul, s. m. The 
measurement (or superficial contents) of a field, 
of a triangle or other geometrical figure. 

Chhe-wa, l^tr^ ^^ s, nu Spaces, comma, 

Chh6-wur, j)t^ %^T s. m. Cuticle, skin. 

Chhichh-la, S.jp4^ f%w^ adj. Shallow. 
CMchhlee, 8»f, ShaUowness. 

Chhichh-lee, J^^f=^ fkH\ s.f. The play 
of ducks and drakes. 

Cthich-hd-rajlj^^'?' f%%r?T adj. Trifling, 
puerile, airy. 

Chhichh-ra, K^s^^ OrP?! 8. nu The pre- 

Chhich-ra, Ijf^ "ft^^ 8. m. Sink, slough 
(of a wound), skin. 

Chhich-ryl, J^yf^ [k^^^ adj\ Lean, 

Chhid-4-na, 0|i><a. fii^^Mi v. a. To cause 
to pierce, to perforate. 

Chhid-na, Oj^ fi|n^T v. n. To be pierced 
or bored. 

Chhik-Q&nee, ^.^^ fifj'ft 8. / Wand, 
stick . 

Chhfl-ka, l^l^ft- ft^^i 8. m. Crust, husk, 
shell, peel, scale, rind, bark, skin. Chhilka Qi4ar' 
na, To blanch, to peel. 

Chhfl-lur, y^ fwWT *• ^- The husk of 

ChUl-na, Ul^u^ f^^^TTl v. n. To be excoriat- 

C!hhim-a, Ia^^ ftlTT 8,f. Pardon, quarter, 
forgiveness, absolution. Chhima-Jog^ adj. Par- 
donable. Chhima kuma. To pardon, forgive. 

Chhin, ^j^ ^^n[ 8. m. A moment or instant. 
Chhin-bidhung, adj. Fading, frail, passing away 
quickly. Chhin-bhur m^^. In a moment- 

Chhin-dl, J^^^ f^'Tl^ s. /. A harlot, a 
prostitute. Chhinal-pun, or — puna, s. m. Whore- 
dom, prostitution. Chhinala, s. m. Fornication. 
Chhinala kuma. To whore. 

Chhind-na, ^^^f^ fw^T^ v, a. To seize, 
snatch, pluck, 8cc. 

Chhin-do, ^^-^ fSpTR s. m. Seizure. 

Chhin-ek, i-J^r^ ^^ adv. A little while. 

Chhin.g(»-lee, JLSl^ f^-J^^./ The little 

Chhin-k^-na, t'l^^ ft^TPrr "I v. a. To 

Chhink-w^-na, V'|^ix^A.fif ^rTTfl ) cause to 
stop, to cause to seize, to cancel, to strike out. 

Chhin-uk-na, ^^y^ r^«i**ii v. cu To win- 
now, to sift. V. n. To go away offended. 

Chh;n-ul-a, 2^^ f^R^ s. m, A fornicator. 

Chhin-wd-na, ^'l^f^ f^^'^CPTT v. a. To cause 
to snatch. 

Chhip-a, Uf/^ finir adj. Close, hidden, con- 
cealed. Chhipa rfihna. To abscond. Chhipa 
chhipee, adv. Underhand, Mpretly. 

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r t 

(hanh palntick) (soft dental) 












Chhip.6-na, fV^TpTT -v 

ChhoD-p^-na, I'l^ ^irprr y* ""' J"" Z^.^"- 
Chhup-^-na, w^ ) ''''^^ ^ *'*''®- 

Chhip-ka, ^L^ ftq^fci s. w. Sprinkling. 
ChWp-kee, j:!^^ ftrrn^. 1*./ A U- 
Chhip-k61-ee, ^J^^ f^ M^ ^ ) zard. 
Chhip-na, f^M*ii -^ v. n. To be con- 

Chhtip-na, ^^ VHTT > cealed, hidden, 
Chh^p-na, ^M^i * to be absent, 

to disappear, lurk. Chhip j6na. To retire, with- 
Chhir-kd-na, ^"^j^ fiPff^rmT v. a. To cause 

to sprinkle. 
Chhir-k^o, ;'^j4^ P*^^^ s. m. Sprinkling, 

Chhir-na, ^^^ fipfTT v. n. To be touch- 
ed, excited, played oo. 
Chhir.6k-na, ^j4^ iTpp^PTTV.a. To sprin- 
kle. Chhifuk fStr becAna, To sprinkle water on 
•tale or &ded vegetables or fruits to make them 
appear fresh ; to puff off goods . 
Chhir-uk-wi-na, ^'\/y^ ft^TR^prr v. a. To 
cause another to sprinkle. 

Chhit-e«» uf^ f^ 1 «•/ The earth. CAA*- 

Chhi-ti, <-s^^ firf?f/ fee-chhdn^ Cover- 
ing the earth, prostrate on the ground. Chhitee 
chhan h&na, v. n. To be dispersed or scattered. 

Chhit-ka-na, Vt^^ firST^T v. a. To dis- 
sipate, to disperse, to squirt, to scatter, to desert. 

Chhit-kee, .JM'^ ftd*1 «./. Small shot, 
speck. Chhitkee 4ena, To flecker, to spot, to 
mark with strokes or touches. Chhitkee ddtiia. 
To splash. Chhitkee kurnOt or lug/ina. To spot, 
to speck, &c. 

Chhit-ktin-ee, ^^i^ 1%3^ s.f. A bolt. 

Chhit-r^-na, ^f^ ■fipTTmr t;. a. To scatter; 
to spread. 

Chhit-ree, ^sH'? ft^nd «./. A small bas- 
ket without Ud or handle. 

Chhit-tik-na, ^^i^ Oe^h^l v. n. To be 
scattered or dissipated , to spread . Chhitukna c/Utruf- 
nee ka^ The diffusion of moonlight. 

Qih6-a, t^4^ %T^ 8. m. Treacle. 

Chh6-chho, )i^)^ %T%T s. /. A nurse ; bo- 
som. Chhochho kuma^ To fondle. 

Chhoh, JJ^A. ^Y s. m. Affection ; anger. 
Chhohee, adj. Affectionate; angry. 

Chh5h-ra, Iji^^%nr?T l «. m. A boy, a 

Chh6k-ra, 1/^ %iva/ child. 

Chh6k-ree, '^jfy^j^ %Tinft «►/. A girl. 

Chh61-na, U)^.&. %i^rt v. a. To pare, to 
scrape. Chhoinee, s.f. A scraper. 

Chh6nch-hee, v.^^*- ^t^*^ .s,f. Bodkin, 
case for needles; a small cup for children. 

Chhonch-la kur-na, ^j(^^.y^ %,i ' M^\ fn?TT 

V. a. To fondle. 
Chho-nee, J>^<^ ^l^ift s.f. The earth. 
Chhonk, L-Xi^^xj. %t^ s.f. Seasoning, relish. 

Chh6n-kun, ^^^^^ iM^ir^ s. m. Spices with 

which food is seasoned. 
Chhoo-i-na, Dt^^-si^^n^ v. a. To cause to 

touch, &c. 
Chhoo-i-nee, Jl;«^ '^[^Wn) s. /. Candle 

given to a lying-in woman. 

Chhooch-ha, ^j^ "^l adj. Empty, hol- 
low, s. nt. Conjuration. 

Chh6och.hee, v.^^^ "^t^ a<(/. Contempti- 
ble, despicai>le, mean. #./. A pipe, a tube, canula. 

Chh6ochh-la, S^^e- \^m[ adj. Foolish, 
silly, empty. 

Chh&chh-lee, u^^/^ -^^ s.f. The play 
of a dog or cat with game, &c. 

ChhoQchh-wd-na, 'it^^f^ ^tctij y i v. a. To 
conjure, to exorcise. 

Chh(»ch-kir-na, ^'/js:^ YTOIT^tt v. a. To 
drive away contemptuously; to set on or en- 
courage a dog. 

ChhQQ-chhdon-dur, j^^^^ "Vt^ «• / 
Mole, musk-rat, (Sorex cserulcscens) ; squib. 
ChhQBchhoan4ur chhopia. To backbite, calum- 
niate, excite resentment. 

Chh^ha, ^^ ^VT s.f. Hunger. 

Chh®dr, j<A^ ^ adj. Mean, low, little, 

Chhoo-ee, ^^ ^ s.f. Chalk. 

ChhoD-hi-na, 01^^ ^TPH v. a. To white- 

Chh«hbd-ra. \J^ ^ttTT s. m. A date 
(PhoBnix dactyUfera). 

ChboD-hd-wut, CSj^^^ ^TPl^ s.f. Touch. 
Chh6o-kee,\^^A. ji^ s.f. A gnat. 

Chh(»-l^-na, ^^S^ f^TTT v. a. To cause to 

Chh(»l-chhoj)-l^na, OS^l^^^nprRT ^ i;. a. 
ChhQo-Iuk-na, bSl^^ ^^s^ ) To 

make water slowly (as mares, &c. in heat). 
Chh&l-loo, ji^ XWs^J' Boyish, silly. j 





(soft denUl) 

C 72 ] 







(Northumbriaii r) 



(deep liquid lingual) 


Clih(»-l6h-la, A3b|W f^VlTTl am/;. * Pue- 

ChUoo-l&h-la^ *f^ YS^fTWI J rile, fini- 
cal, boyish. 

Chh6o-na9 tj4^ ^^ v. a. To touch, to 
meddle with, to feel. 

Chh&ng-li-ya, ^:^(^ipiiw^l s.f. The little 

Chh^-ra,lj4^^TT «.m. A large knife, an am- 
putating knife; a razor. C?hfu»ra chh^'ecy s.f. 
Snick and snee, fighting with knives. 

Chhco-fi-na, ^\y.^ ^T^^ v. a. To set free, 
deliver, dismiss, separate, except. 

Chhoo-ri-wa, l;tjf^ ^T^^ *• ^' Deliverer, 
setter free. 

Chh4>-ree, ^fj^-^ ^^ s.f. A knife, scalpel. 
Chhooree fuU 4wn Una, To be patient in difficul- 
ties. Chhooree^kutdree, s.f. Snick and snee, 
fighting with knives; quarrel. 

Chho^r^tee, S*fy^ ^T?ft s.f. Ransom. 

Chhoi^r-wi-na, Ot^j^^<f 4HI v. a. To cause 
to let go, to cause to set free. 

ChhoDt, iJI^^ ^ adv. But, except, save. (In 
compos.) little, small; as Ckhoui-bh^ti, s. m. Mid- 
dling class of people. ChhoBtpvna, $. m. Child- 

Chhoot, C^^4^^^'*/* Defilement; contami- 
nation, touch. 

Chhoot, v£^^4^'9f^^*/- Remission, leaving; 
striking off hand or playing loose in fencing; 
radiance or splendour of jewels, reflection of a 
mirror, &c.; giving money offhand or at will to 
jugglm^, &c. at entertainments. 

Chhgp-tdn, jl^f^ ^em s.f. Leisure, time. 

ChhQSht^pa, ^^^ ^ITT «. m. Littleness. 

ChhQQt-k^-na, 0;^^^^. ^^^^^M^ v. a. To re- 
lease, to set at liberty. 

Chhgpt-ki-ra, \j^^^^ ^^TTTT s. m. Exemp- 
tion, liberty, liberation, disengagement. 

Chh<»tJdi61-^ ^-if^ 1^%^ adj. Dis- 
solute. Chhootkheiee, s.f. Dissoluteness. 

ChhQpt-k6r-a, 1/^ ^par'RTT s. m. Deli- 

Chh<iDt-na, U^4^ ^^ v. n. To be adrift, to 
be discharged, to be got rid of, to escape, to be 
liberated, to be loose, to bedbheveUed (the hair). 
To escape, cease, get loose, leave, remain, slip 
away, to be discharged, dismissed. 

ChhdiQt-tee, v.^^^^^*./. Leave, discharge, 
time, leisure, cessation, disengagement, permis- 
sion, freedom . 

Chhgp-tAh-ra, \^^ %f\^<\ 04;. Defiled by 

touching, foul, corrupt, polluted (applied to ' 

sels, dishes, &c). 
Chhoi^-w^o, ^l;f^ ^S^rr^ »• m. Resemblance, 

Chhop, «y ^^ %r«T s. m. A coat of paint, &c, 

Ckhop-chkap kuma. To shuffle up; to plaster or 

repair a wall, &c. 

Chh6p-na, ^^ %npn v. a. To fill up, to 
shut, to paint, to dye. 

Chhor, jjfcf ^T «. m. Border; edge; end; a 

Chho-rdo, ^^jyi^ ^T^TIT \s. m. Re- 

Chh6-ra, lj^«^^[T^ V lease, orois- 

CJhho-rA-wa, \^\jy^^y^\^j sion, "* leav- 
ing, sparing, letting .go. 

Chh6r-na, ^jy¥ir %T^?^ ^* «• To let go, emit 
fire, forgive, forsake, desert, loose, omit, pardon, 
release, shoot (a gun, &e.) spare, abandon, ab- 
stain, breathe. 

Chhofy C^^4^ ^PT !./• Imparity, defilement. 

Chh6-ta, ^^^ ^TTT adj. Little, &c. Chhota 
bufa, a4j* Varied, variegated, various, great and 
small. ChhotAeCy s.f. SmaUness. 

Chh^-na, ^^^^ %T^RT v^ a. To scramble. 
ChhcKuhtfit 8. m. A scrambler. 

Cbh^na, ^^ ^PTT s. m. Young of any ani- 

Chh^nee, u^^f^ %Pu «./• Cantonments, 

Chh^Qnk-na, ^*^4^ %nRT v. a. To season. 

Chhosr, j^ WIT s. m. The shaving of the 
head or beard. 

Chhub, VS^ WW s.f. Beauty, splendour, 
shape, form, figure. Chhub tnht^t s.f Hattd- 
soneness. Chhubi-^hheen, adj. Small in shape, 
deficient in splendour. 

Chhub-6e-la, ^t:^^ W^fWr «<(/. Handsome, 

Chhub-ra, fj<^ WTTT s. m. A sort of 

Chhuch-h6r-ee, ^yte^ iPT?*^ «. f. The 
root of a certain tree (of the phapond). 

Chhud-^m, f\i^^ ^^\M s. m. (In money) six 
dam, or the fourth part oftLpysa, 

Chh6-ee, ^^ W? s.f. Consumption. A 
thatched roof on a boat; a stuffed pad to pre- 
vent bullocks being hurt when loaded, adj. Ab<^ 

Chhiig-QD-nee,,^^;^^^ Wfl^ s*f Child's coraL 

Chhug-ree, ^f^ 1^ s.f.k ^mall goat 

Digitized by VjOC j. ^^ 






[ 73 ] 

(harsh pdatiek) (soft dental) 












Oihuh, -^^ ifoify'. Six. Chhuhsaf, Trick, 

cheat, joggle. 
Chhuj, ^1^ inr adj. Bushy. 

Chh6j-ja, \>iJ^ ifwn s. m. Gallery ; the ex- 
panded branches of a tree. 
Chhuk-<-ee, ^1^ ipinf $./. Satiety. 

Qhhuk-^-na, U(^ t^MI v. a. To pamper, 
cloy, aatiate; to chastise. 

Chh6k-ka, 1^ WV*. m. The sixth (at cards, 
&c.); a cage with a net attached to it. Chhttkka 
pmja kuma. To deceive, to pUy tricks. 

Chhdk-na, Uif^ W^RT^ v. n. To be content 
or satiated; to be afflicted, harassed, astonished. 

Chh^k-ra, tji^^^ WW^ s. m. A kind of car- 
riage, a cart. 

Chhuk-r^na, 01^^ ir!r?pn v. a. To slap, 
to.cnff. Chhttkkvr, #./. A slap, blow, cuff. 

Chhul, JL$^ 15W s. m. Fraud, trick, decep- 
tion, knavery, artifice, evasion, excuse, subter- 
fuge, pretence. Chhul bul, $. m. Force and fraud, 
stratagem, artifice, trick. Chhul-chhiiry s, m. 
Plot, stratagem. Chhul chhi4rce, adj. Deceitful, 

Chhul-^ng, vjSS^e- Wirhr 8. f. Skipping, 
jumping, a spring or leap. Chhulangei^, mdma. 
To spring, to jump. 

Chhul-^-wa, \yi^ W^TTTT s. m. Ignis fatuus. 

Chhul-chhul-a-hut, ^2^'$^^s^ t^at^i T ^ 
$.f. Murmur. Chhulchkuldna, v, a. To murmur. 

Chh61-ee, J^ -^ adj. Deceitful, fraudu- 
lent, betrayer, artful, treacherous, false, perfidious. 

Chhul-ki-na, Oi^l^^ W^^^i^ v. a. To spill. 

Chh61-la, ^A^inn s. m. A ring (ornamental). 
ChhulU^r^ adj. Annuhur. 

Chhul-na, UI^a. i^m v. a. To deceive, 
cheat, evade, make excuses. 

Chhfil-nee,^^-^^^ adj. Battered. s.f. A 
sieve. C/ihulnee kuma, To batter. 

Chhul-6.ree, ss;^4^ ^T^ s.f. A whitlow, 
a blister. 

Chhdl-uk, u^if^ W^^ s.^ Running over. 

Chhiil-uk-na, UiJ^^ if^^^TT v. n. To be spilt, 

to overflow. 
Chhul-i&ng-na, ^^4^ V[^m v. n. To skip. 
Chhum-chhum-i-na, \/U^sr'H^ <l^<t*i(* fT 

9. n. To shine, to glitter; to sound. 
CbhAm-na, ^^a^o. ^[i^an v. a. To pardcm, to 

Chhon, j^ ^^15. m. A moment or in- 
Chhin,fis|^ ) sUnt 

Chhuu, j^ ipr «. i». A sound made by the 

falling of a drop of water upon a warm plate. 
Ckhun-dk,v^U|^ W^n^«. ni. The sound of a 

drop of water falling on a hot plate, the sound of 

the breaking of earthen ware. 
Chhun-chhun-^-na, OU^sr^^ ^^t^*n*n v, n. 

To siipmer; to sound; to smart, to pain. 
Chhund, *>;4^ if^ 8. m. Measure of verses ; 

a measure (in music). 
Chhuud-buud, ^*>x^ ^^^^ 8. m. Trick, 

cheating, deceiving. 
Chh6n-dee, ^^^^^ #^ CMJ^V Deceitful. 
Chhiind-na, O^x^^oi. if^j v. n. To be tied. 
Chhun-hi-ee, Is^^^ if^rt 8.f. Shadiness. 

Chh6n-ik, uji^wk. ^fiinif adj. Perishable, 
temporary, momentary, inconstant, uncertain. 

Chhun-ka-hut, v.S^li^^ ^'t^^^e «•/. Con- 
centration, causing to strain. 
Chhun-kd-na, tfiU^A* ^<hM T v. a. To con- 
centrate, to cause to strain. 
Chh6n-na, U^ infl v. n. To be strained. 

«. m. A sieve, a cloth through which any thing is 

Chhun-td-ee, is^^'^ i^^lf 8, f. Cleaning 

or separating (grain, &c.); the price paid for 

Chhun-tab, ^li^-^ ijdl^ 8. iw. Detachment 

on forage; beating rice to clear it from the husk. 
Chh&nt-na, Ux;ur^ 4^^\ v. n. To grow 

thin; to diminish; to be extracted or separated. 

ChhtnUwdnat v. n. To cause to clean rice; to 

cause to select, prune, lop, clip. 
Chhup, ^-^^ W^s.nL Squash. C/ihiq} chkupj 

The sound occasioned by water when struck 

with the hand. 
Chhup-a-ee, ,^'^4^ inrrt 8.f. Edition, the 

price of printing, the act of printing. 

Chhup-i-ka, 1^^*. i^Mlll s. m. The sound 

produced by striking water. 
Chhup-k^-na, ^^^^^ W^T^irPTT v. a. To dash 
' or throw water. 

Chh6p-na, U^^ VT^ v. n. To be printed. 
Chhup-pur, j^^ w'on: s. m. A thatched 

roof. Chhyppurbihuf, s, m. A thatcher. Chhup-- 

purbun4eef 8,f, Thatching. 
Chhup-pur-khdt, ^I^^^ ifun: wz A. 

bedstead with curtains. 
Chhup-ree, ^j!!¥^ ^rd s.f. Puddle. 
Chhup-(iy, ^^J5. 1^ ^. m. A kind of measure 

of Hindec verse. C^ n,n,r^\o 

Digitized by VjOOV VC 






(soft dentati) 

C 74 ] 






(Northumbrian r) 



(deep liquid Ungual) 


Chhur, j^ WK s.f. Spikenard ; shaft, pole, 

pike, staff, fla^. 
Chhur, j^ W^ s, f. The pole of a spear ; 
' a spikenard. 

ChhAra, tj^ Wf^ s.m. An ornament made 
- of pearls worn in the ears. adj. Alone. 
Chhur-chho-hee, ^y.^A.J£^ t<^i^^ s. /. 

Jakes, a necessary. 
Chhur-ee, u[j€*?'W^ ^* */• ^ switch, cane, 

wand; a procession of the followers of Shah 

Chhur-6e-la, So'j-C-^ ^^^^ s.f, A kind of 

fragrant moss. 
Chhur-in-da, Iv^;^-^ wft'^T adj. Alone, sin- 
gle, free, (not burdened, as a traveller not having 

a load). 
Chhur-na, ^y^^ Wf^ v> a. To beat rice, to 

separate the husk from it. 

Chh6r-ra, 1;^^ W^ s, tn. Small shot. 

Chhut, ViS^^ W7T s./, A roof, a cloth stretch- 
ed across the roof of a room, a platform. Chhut' 
bundna, — pdtna, or, — lug6na, r. a. To ceil, to 
cover the inner roof of a building. 

Chhut-a, Ua^ "^^Zls^f Splendour, brillian- 
cy, lustre, refulgence, a glory. 

Chhut-ank.uiSU^j^^^t^ s.f. The sixteenth 
part of a seer, two ounces. 

Chhuth, <it^X^ 1^ s.f The sixth lunar day. 

Chh6t-ha, l^^ ifST adj. Sixth. 

Chhiit-hee, ^j^^ J^ adj.f. Sixth, s.f A 
religious ceremony performed on the sixth day 
after childbirth. Chhuthee ha ifoo4 ya4 4ildna, 
To correct or chastise. 

Chhut-na, ^^ i^ZTT s, m. A kind of sieve. 
t7. ». To decay, to separate, to be pruned, to be 
picked out. 

Clihut-ndr, J^^^ W?PnT adj. Bunchy, flat. 

Chhut-put-^n-a, tU^^^ ^dMdMi v. n. To 
toss, to tumble abou^. 

Chhutr, y^ T?r s.m. An umbrella. Chhupr- 
pnti, or, Chhutr'4hdree,s. m. One entitled to car- 
ry an umbrella, t. e. a raja, prince, &c. ; a house 
set apart for the charitable entertainment of stran- 
gers, guests, &c. 

Chhut-ree, ^^y^ *1^ s.f A tester, a small 
umbrella; a' frame made of bamboos for pigeons 
to settle upon. $. m. The second of the four Hin- 
doo casts. 

Chlmt-r(in-ee, i^y^j^ ^UHlft s.f A female 
of the Chhutr ee cast. 


Chhutr t^ensee,^ 

Chhu-tu-hi, lf^€^ ifHTT adj. Waspkb, 

Chu-vi,^4i>*^fT s.f. Beauty, splendour, brilr 

Chhu-wy-ya, V^jf^ \K^\ s. m. A thatcher. 
Chhuy, f^^io^ 'W^ s. f Mortality^ frailty. 

ChhttyrSg, Consumption. ^\ ^ 

Chhu«ya, U^i^ ^^ s. m. Victim; shade, sha- 
dow; a boy. 
Chhyl, (J^i^ %^ ^ s. iw. A fop, a beau. 
Chhj-la, :k^ ^T J Chhyla-pun, $. m. 

Spruceness. Chh^l-chikmya, s, m. A coxcomb, a 

Chlb-il, Jc^ ftift^ 1 adj. Unpolite, 
Chib-il-la, 2U^ W^ J childish, boyish. 

Chihilla'pun, Boyishness. 
Chich-in-da, li^^ Wt^ s. m. Av^eta- 

ble (Beta vulgaris). 
Chich-i*yd-na, Vljs?^ f^rf^RrmT v. «. To 

squeak, shriek, bleat. 
Chich-ree, ,^3^ ffrwi\ s.f A tick or louse 

(of dogs and sheep). 
Chich-rhee-khynch-na, ^^^=^,^^^5*=^ f%^ 

^Wn r. n. To scrawl, to score. 
Qii-goo-nu-gee, ^/^ s.f Circumstance, 

Chi'g6o-nuh, *^a. adv. How? of what kind? 

Chih, *j>. pron. interrog. What? which, what; 
as, because. 

Chi-hik-na,U^ fVf^'sm v. n. Warbling of 
the nightingale, &c. *. m. The sound of fire- 

Chlh-la^^f A. f^^ s. m. Mud, ooze, slime; 
a splinter of wood. Chihla nikulna, To fatigue, 
to be tired. Chihla hdma. To split to pieces. 

Chih-la>in, ^i^ adj. Fortieth, the fortieth 
day (of mourning, &c). 

Cbih.l6-ha,lflfw*.fV^^rfT a(ff. Splashy, mud- 
dy, slimy. 

Chih-ruh, ^jv^ s. m. Face, visage, counte- 
nance, air; descriptive roll. Chihruh likhna. To 
write a descriptive roll (of soldiers, &c.) Chihrvh 
iikhdna. To enlist, take service and h<H«es. Chih- 
ruhi-hal. State of circumstances. CMhruh- 
k^hdee, Display. 

Chi-huU Jj^ adj. Forty. Chihid-tuh, «•/ 
Coat of mail. Chihul sutSan, or, Chihmltfmndr, 
n. prop. Persepoiis. Chthvl-fui^fnee, s.f Walk» 








[ 73 ] 

r t 

(harah palatiek) (soft dental) 











raaible; a oustom at the funerab of Mahometans, 
of stqiping back forty paces from the grave and 
again advancing to it before reading the service 
over; pacing. 

Chi^, ^y^ s./, A skreen made of split bam- 

Chik, uX*. f^ s.f. A pain in the loins. 

Chik-d-ra, \j^ f^TOTTT *. ml A kind of an- 
telope found on the banks of the Jumna; a kind 
of fiddle. 

Chik-d-ree, ^]i^ f^pft s.f. An insect like 
t mosquito; smut. 

Chi-k^ree„^jKi>. adj.f. Useless, contempti- 
ble> worthless. 

Chi^-ir-na, Ojl^ f^n^fTCTT v. n. To squeak. 

Chi-ki-roh, ^J^ adj. Useless. 

Chik-h6o-ree,j^j^^f^igTt «./ A squirrel 

CUk-hopr-na, Oj^C^ f^i|T^ r. a. To weed. 

Chik-hQShrun, c^;^ ft<^<^ s. Weed. 

Chik-it.8a,L*zL^fVf5F7^ 5./. Attendance of 
a physician on a patient, application of remedies, 
physicking. ChikUsuk, A physician. 

Chik-kee,^ji^ fti^ 8./. A rotten betel-nut 

Chik-kut, l2.^ fVf^ adj. Filthy, covered 
with grease and dirt. 

Chik-na,U^. f^^i^i \adj. Clean, polished; 

Ckik-kunj^i^. f^pf / beautiful (person) . 
greasy; oily; incontinent, lewd, wanton. CMkn&' 
b6sm Wf-^glUtfa burma. To be incontinent, in- 
corrigible, deaf to admonition. Chikna'Ckdn4af 
<uS» Beautifol. Chiknee-Jdroo, 8.f, A slippery 
wife. Chiknee'SQBpdree, $, f. A kind of betelnut 
prepared by lioiling. Chikneesdorui, Prosperous, 
tfflaent, flourishing. Chiknee'mittee^ B,f. Clay. 

Chik-na, Ui^ f^^^tl s. m. Oil. 

Cliik^i-ee,^U^.f5TO^f $./. Fat of meat; 
wantonness; gloss, smoothness, polish. 

Chik-nd-hut, lL^UC*. f ^%^| '^ e s.f. Clean- 
ness, smoothness, poli^; greasiness. beauty. 

Chik-ni-na, OU^- (^<b^Mi v. a. To dean, 
p<dish, smooth. 

Ch'ik-ni-ya, L^ f^^ipfni 8. m. Beau, 

Chf-k®r, f^ f^T 5.111. Hair; lock of 

hair . 

Chik-6-ra, tj^ f^Xl adj. Restless, in- 

Cluk.6r-na, l|;^ f^^lTPTT r. a. To peck. 

CMk-ta, Uilfl^ ftfidi s. m. A kind of tusur 

Chik-tha, ^^^i^ f^rwrar adj. Filthy, greasy* 
s,m. An oil-merchant. 

Chik-6l'iia, UK*. ftRiir»n v. a. To masti* 
cate, to chew (slowly). 

Chik-un, J^ 8. m.f. A particular mode of 
working flowers on muslin or other cloth, embroi- 
dery. Chikiin4oz, or — gur, $. m. One who per- 
forms chikun work, an embroiderer. Chikun^ 
kdree, s.f. The making of cAt Aim. 

Chil-chil-^-na, tS^:^* fi l Hlfii<ai*il v. n. To 
shriek, to scream, to screech. 

Chil-|^6-zuh, ^f^ 8. m. A nut like the 
pistachio, or the kernels of the pine. 

Chil-h6r-na, ^jy^ f^^^TTm r. a. To peck . 

Chilh-wdns, ^^1;^ f^lR^N 8. m. The 
flesh of a kite (the eating of which is said to pro- 
duce madness); screaming like a kite. 

Chil-ik, UTJi^ f^rf^ 8.f. Twitch, stitch. 

Chil-la, 5^^ 8. m. The forty days which the 
religious orders of the east sometimes pass, retir<« 
ed to their cells or remaining at home, in flisting 
and acts of worship; the hat, of Lent; quarantine; 
the period of forty days after childbed, during 
which a woman remains unclean. Chilla hhynch- 
iw, To keep quarantine. 

Chil-la, Au^ f^nrr 8. m. A howstring ; gold 
threads put in the borders of a turband. Chilla 
hhynchna. To bend a bow; to prepare for battle. 
ChiUa churhdna. To bend a bow. 

Chil-K-hut, C^S^ fV^nr? 8./. Cry, out- 
cry, scream. 

ChiH^na, OS^ f^rWPn v, n. To scream, to 

Chil-lee,,^^ f^^ 8./. A kind of dish made 
<^^gS^i a blockhead, one who pbys mischievous 

Chil-lur,3i^fw?*./ A louse. Chillur 
mdfna, v. a. To louse. 

Chil-mur-ddn, j\^jcj^ 8. m. TTie leather 
fixed to the vacant part of the tree of a saddle. 

Chil-r^ha, ^\ji^ f^ra^TTT any. Lousy. 

Chil-tuh, xlU. 8./i A thick reduplicated coat 
for soldiers, a coat of mail. 

Chil-uk, L^U. fw^ 8./. Refulgence, glit- 
ter. CMbi/ma, v. n. To glitter, to shine., (Ja. f^reif 8.f. llie part of a 
hookka which contains the tobacco and fire. 

Chil-um.chee,^.^^5M«L>- f^innft 8./. A wash- 
hand bason of metal with a cover to it; part of a 
hooh/ui fixed under the chilum. 

Chil-win, j\^ f^T^nrPT 8. A shuttw. ^^j^ 

J 2 * Digitized by VjOOQLC 


C 78 ] 

a ch d e ee g 

all choose (soft dental) get thee gone 

(NorthiiBbriftii r) 



(deep liquid HBg«al> 


Chil-wun, Jj^ fVww»r 5./. A skreen for 
keepings out the glare, a yenetian-bliod, a lattice. 

Chim-chim-uh,<t aifc. ^ ft *< f^ ^ : 8. m. Oil be- 
come viscoas by age. 

Chim-ra, \y^ f^WfJ adj. Tougb, ductile, 
flexible, harder. 

Chim-rd-ee, ^*\y^ f^T^f^'t «• / Power, 
vigour, flexibility. 

Chim-r6-hut, LS^]y^ f^'WflTZ s. f. 
Toughness, flexibility. 

Chim-rd-na, ^\y^ f^nrfT»n v. n. To toughen, 
^ow tough. 

Chim-ree, ^y^ ft^^ adj. Infrangible (a 
quill, for iustauce), bard. 

Chim-Ba, Luoj^ ftrrei «• «»• Glutinous (as 
oil by long keeping). 

Chim-ta, U^ f^TR^f 8. m. Tongs, forces. 

Chim.t^-na,V'liau>. f^iT^nnri?. n. To adhere, 
to cling to. 

Chlm-tee kitma, Wl^r^ i ^ Mfti m^^J 
V. a. To pinch. 

Chim-tha, k^^ f^m^T adj. Elastic, tough. 

Chim-iir-na, Oyju*. ft^npTT Yv. n. To adhere. 

Chim-6t-na,UJUu5. ftud^ll J Chimut rih- 
na, V. n. To cleave to. 

Chin-6r,jUi5* s. m. A poplar tree, a plane tree* 

Chin-chin-i-na, OUsr^ frf^i^TRT v. n. To 
scream, squeak, squall. 

Chin-^e-duh, ^«V*^ part pa88. Select. 

Chin-g4-ree, ^;l^f^hn^ 8./. A spark (of 

Chin-gee, j(^ ft^ 8.f. A spark (of fire) ; a 
wicked dwarf. Chtngee-jhufnee, — chh^stna, or — 
nikulna. To sparkle. 

Cliing-h^r, j'^^ f^hTTf 1 8. m. Scream, 

Cliing-h4-ra,lj ^^ f^^ J screech, cla- 
mour. Chinghafe^ mama. To scream. Chingkar- 
iia, V. n. To scream, to screech (applied properly 
to the elephant). 

Ching-nee, ,J^^ ft^pft «./ A chicken. 

Ching-ra, Ij^ f^tmfT 8. m. A prawn, a 

Chinh, ^^>^ f^ 8.m. A scar, a mark, spot, 
a token by which any thing is known, feature, sig- 
nature. Chinh dwfh&M, To stigmatiie. 

Chin-hir, j^-^ f^T s.m. 1 An acquain- 

Chia-h4-ree,^/f;^f^n5T5&«/ / tance. 

Chia-ta, li;;^- f^i^m «./ Care, doubt, danger, 
risk, consideration, reflection, anxiety, thought, 

Chin-tit, ^s^:ii^ fSif^ adj. Thooghtfiil, 

anxious, reflectire. 
Chin-tun, JiXi^f%wm8.m. Study. ChtnttmOj 

V. a. To study, to think. 
Chin-ug, iJ^ f^PTT 8.f. Ardor urinse. 
Chin-dg-na, bix^ f^PTT^ v. n* To throb, 

to shoot (as a boii, &c) ; to cry , to screech. 
Chip chip-a, If^ fV^rfV^ a4f. Chunmy, 

viscid, glutinous. 
Chip-chip-^na, '^ V?S^ ftMf^Ml^lT v. it. To 

adhere, to cohere. 
Chip-pee, ^^^ f^V^ 8.f. A patch on paper. 
Chip-chip-A-hut, tS-lbUf^^ ffmOim^ 

8.f. Viscosity, glutinousneas. 
Chip-puk, \J^ fVoni adj. Shallow. 8. f. 

Name of a bird. 
Chlp-pukbj^ft'ow 8. m. A sparrow-hawk. 
Chip-ra,1;-^ f^TTTT 8. m. Gum (of the eyes). 
Chip-rd-ha,'^l3^^ f^^^lTT adj. Cleared (as 

the eyes). 
Chip-ta, %^ f^TZl adj. Clammy, viscous, 

Chip-ti-na, ^^^^ fr^T^^iTn a. v. To sod, to 

turf, to apply patches. 
Chip-uk-na, ^j^ fVq^RT r. n. To stick, 

to adhere, colUpse; to spread or sink (as ink on 

damp paper); to be compressed. Chiptthjdnai 

To fall in love at first sight. 
Chip-iit-na, U^ f^Tr2:«n v. n. To stick, to 

Chir,;-*. f^T adj. Long (time). 
Chir, y^ f^^5. / Vexation, irritation; 

aversion, antipathy. Chir nikdina. To banter. 
Chir-a, ]y^ f^T 8. m. A sparrow. 

Chir-d|^, £!;•?• \*' ***• ^ '*"^P' * ^^^^^ ^*" 

Chur-ij^, J ragh'lurhanOi or thunda 
kuma, V. a. To put out, to extinguish (a lamp). 
Ckiratti^itn, s, m. A stand for a lamp. 

Chir-igh-ee, ^I;^ s.f. A present made to 
the mooUa for oflering up oblations at the tomb 
of a saint. 

Chir-a^pi, V^tj-j- adj. Rearing (ahorse). 

Chir-a-na, tt;^ f^THTT v. a. To cause to 

Chir-4na, ^^y^ ft^r^ r. a. To vex, irri- 
tate, mock, provoke. 

Chir- And, S^J^ f^^tT «•/ The smell of 
burning leather, hair, &c. 

Chlr-chir-a, t;^;^ fWrCT 8.m. A medi- 
cinal plant (Achyranthes aspera) ; aj;hild« 

.„,_., ^oogle 


C 77 ] 







(B) r ^uwyy^ 

our Okwnk palatiok) (soft dental) bat write you my pleasure 

CIiir-clur-a» '3^3^ f^fT^l *• «*• A plant 
( Acbyranthes aspera). adj. Crom, peevkh. 

«.yi PeeTishnees, fretiiilnefls. 

Chir-ee-mir, j^y^ f^^'WiX s. m. A bird- 

Chirh, ^3^ f^ «•/. Abhorrence, abomi- 
nation, dislike, Texation, proTOcation. 

Chfr-i-ya, Vj^ f^f^^ *./ A bird ; a kind 
of sewing. CA^p^a-Aft^vAy s. m. An ayiary. 

Chir-i-ya^ Oj^ fV%irT s.f. A hen-spar- 


Chir-jeev-na, ^y^f^ fnx^ft^^ v. n. To be 

Chirk, ^j-^ s. m. Dirt, filth, ordure ; mat- 
ter from a wound, pus. Chirk ai6o4f atff^ Filthy, 
&c. ChirkeeHy adj. Filthy, dirty, nasty, sloven - 
* ly. «. m. Dong. CMrki'Chuam, Rhenm of the 
eye. Chirki-^osh, Ear wax. 

Cbir-kld, JHf^ fMmr adv. Always, eter- 
nally. CMrkal $e, adv. Long ago. 

Chir-k<29t, cS^j^f^TJf^ 8. m. A bit, a piece, 
a rag. 

Chir-k^ti-ya, ^y^ f^T jfeTT adj. $. m. A 
tatterdemalion, ragged. 

Chirm, a^^ s. m. The dcin, hide, leather. 
GhimUmnht Leathern, leather. 

Chir-na, 0^ f^Ml v. n. To be torn, or 

Chtr-na, ^y^ frf^T v. n. To be vexed, to 
be irritat^, to fret, to be provoked. 

Chir-6n-jee,^^^;i** f^^R^ s.f. Nut of the 
Chironjia sapida. 

Chir-^ree, ,^;;;^ f^r^ *• /• Beseech- 
*»«» hegging, requesting. 

Chir-pir-a, \y^y^ f^^ff^TfT adj. Fiery, hot 
(as pepper), acrid* Chtrptfohut, s, /. Acri- 

Chir-uk-na, Uf ^^ Pi<<fc^l t;. a. To have a 
scanty stool. 

Chir-6n-jee, ^s^j^f^r(^ adj. Long lived. 

Chir-w^na, ^^^y^ f^MMT v. a. To cause 
to tear or be torn. 

Chia-tdn, j^^^^ s. m. An enigma. 

Chit, v^:^^ f^ 8. f. Look, glance, sense, adj. 
Supine, lying flat on the back. Chit kuma^ To 
throw (one*8 adversary) on his back (a term in 
wrestling), to discomfit, to overcome in battle. 

Chit, <^£^^ f^TT s. m. Mind, life, soul, heart, 
memory. Chif'Ch^u, Pleasing to the mind, 
satis&ctory, what the heart desires. Chif-chor, 

Heart stealer, heart stealing, or heart alluring. 
Chit (fena. To pay attention. Chit kuma. To 
make up one*8 mind. Chit^ugun, adj. Amusing, 
pleasant. Chit Idna, r. n. To be attentive, at- 
tached, apply to. 

Chit,L2^^ f%Z S.f. Rag, scrap. Chitgpkh^r^ 
na, v.n. To splinter or have small pieces knock- 
ed off (furniture). 

Chit-a, U^ fV?n \9f. A funeral 

Chit.«i.khi, l^'^ f^mrm J pUe. 

Chit-^na, Otu. f^?TPn 1 t;. a. To can- 

Chit-<o-na, O^U^^ frm^TT J tion, warn, 
apprise, iulbrin, advise, suggest, intimate. 

ChiWng, \Sf^fnf(Pf adj. Supine (appli- 
ed to animated beings). 

Chit.<o-nee, Jf^^ f^TTTPpft s.f. A token ; 
admonition, warning. 

Chit-6r-a, I;-:^^ fV?lTT s. m. A person who 
paints flowers, &c. on wood, a painter. 

Chit-h^r-na, ^^l^ fV8rr?«lT v. a. To tear 
to pieces; to fill a paper with writing; to abuse, 
revile, treat with indignity. 

ChSth-ra, t^^ ft^rfT s. m. A tag. 

Chit-hur-i-ya, ^jf^ fVsrf^iTT adj. Tattered, 
ragged, clothed in rags. 

Chit-hQt,u£^Y^ f^nr^Z s./. Reluctance, re- 

Chit-ka, i^ ft^^l s.m. A kind of grass 
or grain; mucus, slime. 

Chit-k^-ra, ^j^^ f^eq^KI s. m. A speck, a 
scar; a clack with the tongue occasioned by an 
acrid taste. Chitkara lugdna, To hnnd, 

Chit-kee, ^J^ fiid^ 8.f. Sunshine. 

Chit-kub-ra,l;^w^fV?T^rTU 1 o^/. Piebald, 
Chit-la, S.*:*. f^wT J speckled, 

Chit-na,Uii^ f^iTTJ v. n. To look, to appear; 

to paint. 
ChitH(ig-na, Oy^^ f^%Pn V. a. To see, to look 

at, to behold. 
Chitr, jij^ f^ll 8. m. A picture. ChifT'Sdloy A 

gallery of pictures. 
ChiUra, I;^ fT^TT 8./. Name of the four- 
teenth mansion of the moon (Spica Virginis). 
Chitr-bho-jun, ^^y:^^. f^nnh^^ 8. m. 

Change of diet, eating of unusual food. 
Chitr-bich^itr, y^y^ fii^P^fil^ adj. Of 

various colours. 
Chitr.g&pt^ ^^j^ fypfmyt n. prep. The 

recording angel or infernal registrar. j 





(soft dental) 

[ 78 ] 





(Northumbriaa r) 



(deep liquid Ungual) 



Chitr-g6r, ^^f^icnx 8* m. A portrait-p{un- 

Chit-rin-ee, ^y^^fMtnrt s,/i The second 
(Hindoo) division of women. 

Chitr-k^r, )^y>^ f^H^K s. m. A portrait-; 
painter. Chiir-karee, s,f. Portrait-painting. 

Chit-ta, b^ f^-rti 8. m. A medicinal plant 
(Plombago seylanica); application of a blister. 
adj. White. 

Chit-ta, U^ fVfT adj. White, fair. 8. m. A 
silrer coin. OhUta oMSrna, v. a. To ^linter or 
knock small pieces off fomitnre. 

Chit-tee, (^^fTrft 8.f. A scar, spot, freckle, 
&c; a kind of serpent; a cowree worn smooth 
with rubbling. ChiUee'4^, adj. Speckled. Chip- 
fee I6na, To scar. 

Chit-tee, ,^^ frft 8.f. The hen of the little 
birds called Amaduades (Fringillaamandaya). 

Chlt-thajl^X^ f^'gr *. m. A memorandum of 
money paid» or the pay of servants of the state. 

Chit-thee, ^,^4^^^ fV^ 8. f. A note, a letter. 
Tuluh-chitthee^ s. /. A summons. CMtthee 
paiee, or Chitthee-puUur* '•/• Epistolary corres- 

Chft-wun,jy^ f^JTrf*./. Sight, a look, a 

Chd-a, 1^ ^rwr 8. m. The name of a per- 
fume; the pod or skin of any kind of pulse; a 
windfidl (fruit). 

Cho-dn,c;I^^Wpr5./ Dropping, dripping. 

Cho-4-na, ^\^j^ ^T^TT v. a. To cause to 
drip, to distil, to filter, to draw off. 

Cho-6r,j!^-^ ^l^n^ 8. m. A mountain rob- 
ber, ft mountaineer and outlaw. 

Chob, ^>^ 8.f. Wood, timber, a post; a 
drumstick, a stick, a club. ChobkAree, or Kar* 
cMee, s,f. Beating with a stick; a kind of em- 
broidery. ChobeJUg&f, A wedge. 

Ch j-ba, \jj^ 8. m. A stake, a post. 

Chob-ch6e*nee, ^^^i^y^ 8,f. A medicine, 
China-root ( Smilax China). 

Chob-dir,j\Jk; j^ s. m, A servant whose bu- 
siness it is to announce company, a mace-bearer. 

Chob-dAs-tee9«,^«>w^i<^s./. A staff, a walk- 
ing stick. 

Ch6b-ha,if.ji<^ ^>rT 8. m. A nail; a kind of 
Tictual8;given upon great occasions, marriages, 
&c.; prey; puncture. 

Ch6-buk, ui^-^ 8.f. A drumstick. 

Ch6ch-la, ^^ ^I^IWT «. m. I^yfbhieas, 
blandishments, endearing arts and ezpressioBB, 
coquetry, toyishneas. 

Choga, K*.-^ %pn 8. m. Food of birds 
brought up from the on^; ibod of birds in gene- 
ral. Choga bu^ulna, To bill, to caress as doTes 
by joining bills. 

Choh-la, ^j<^ %IT^ «. m. A large peg or 

Ch6-hur neech«la, i^jft'yb^ ^T^ 'ft^RT 
$. m. The lower jaw. 

Choj, ^^ ^^ 8. w. Subtileness, beauty. 
Chojee, a4j' Subtile. 

Choki, «^f ^ ^TW a^j. Sharp. 

Ch6k-ha, ^ff ^xm adj. Pure, unadolter* 

ated-, genuine, good, fine, sharp. Chokhaee, t*f. 

Purity, sharpness. 
Ch6-kur, y^^*. ^T^T^ 8. m. Husk of wheat, 

Ch6-la, y^ ^nrr #* m. A bodice, a wustcoat, 

the body of a gown, a jacket; a garment worn hy 

a bride at her marriage. 
Ch6-lee, ^^ ^vit 8.f, A bodice, a wwst- 

coat, the body of a gown, a jacket; a small betels 

Chomp, *-^^ \t^ \ <•/. Wish,de8ire,fond- 
Choymp, ^pr } ness, alacrity; agold 

ornament worn on the front-teeth. 
Chonch, g^''jj>.^-hr «./ Beak, bill; a point 

Ch6n-da, IJJ^ ^-Nr s. m. The head; hair 

braided on the top of the head. 
Chond-hee, JitSfy^ ^t>ft s.f. Dimness, dul- 

ness of sight.,t'2^^0u5. ^-hWPTT r. n. Tobe 

purblind^ to see dimly. 
Chon-ga, I^^^a. ^|j(( s. m. A funnel. 

Ch6ng-la, ^^ ^t'TOT 8. m. A joint of 
bamboo used to send letters in. 

Ch6nk-na, ^}^ ^tlTTT v. a. To prick. 

Ch<5n-t€e, ^;*-^1^ ^./. The hair braid- 
ed behind (tail), cue, top, apex, summit, pinnacle; 
an ornament worn on the head by women. Ck09^ 
tee asmdn jmr ghiaaa. To be very vain or aspir- 
ing. Cho^tee-kut, A slave* Choi^ee Mw6m, 
To be a slave, to be obedient. Choniiee kUee kee 
hafh mejii 6na, To have a power over one. 

Chonth-na, Up!'^ ^[ter^i v. a. To scratch, 
to claw. 

Chont-la, 2lxi^ ^t^^ s. fii. The ribbon 
with which hair is tied or braided at the end, the 
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[ 79 ] 


QU r t uwyy^ 

ovr (hanli paliitSck) (soft dental) but write yon my plfaf^ure 

coe or look of hair bchisd; fiUso laur mixed with 

the real. 
Choo-^ O'^ ^flTPr*.^ A reservoir, a 

cktem. Chooatk'hMee^ A deep ditch with water 

^rini^iig at the i>ottoin. 
Choobh, *f y^ ^X s. Prick, puncture. 
Chg&b-h^-na, II^Ia. ^^fr^TT v. a. To stick 

into, to thrust into, pierce, goad, stab, prick. 
Ch4>bh-kee, ^J^^ ^M^ s.f. A plunge 

in water. 
Cfa^bh-na, l^c^ 'JH'TT v. «. To be stuck 

or tknut into, to pierce, to be pricked, pierced, 

goaded, stabbed, to penetrate. 
C3i(K>-chi-ua, tlap^ y^T^ v. n* To drop> 

to be drenched with water, to be dripping wet 

with sweat, water, &c. 
ChoDch-chtir, yf^ ?^ ^* ^* Large breasts. 

Cfado-chee, cr^j^ 17^ *•/• Breast, pap, nip- 
ple, teat, dug. 

ChQ0ch-ki-ree, 0;*%^ yn'^imft 5./ Bland- 
ishment. Cheochkamat v. it. To fondle, to chirp 
to, to cheer by making the noise occasioned by 
drawing in the breath with lips protruded. 

OiQD-g^na, 01^ 'JTTTT V. a. To cause to 

ChJQI^d, «^^ s. m. An owl. 

Ch4?J^lce, ^J^ 9.f. Tale bearing, back- 
biting, &c. Chosa^e khdna. To backbite, to 
tell tales, to inform. 

Ch&J^-(»l> J«^ "I 5. w. A tell-tale, 

ChQg^-<»l-kh6r,j^ J*i^ / a tale-bearer, 
backbiter, informer. ChaiifihQDt-6lk6r€$, s.f. The 
act of backbiting. 

ClH^.na, UC^ ypn V. fL To peck, to pick 
up food with the beak. Choog lenOf v, a. To select, 
to choose. 

Ck^g-gun, Ju*. -^^ 8./. A plait or foM in 
a garment. 

Choo-ha, t^b^ ^[^ s. m. A rat, a mouse. 
Choohe^an, s. tn, A mouse-trap. Choohc'mar, 
s. m. A sparrow-hawk, cormorant, a mouser. 

ChQQh-choshh^ V^T?* TT'^ ^^J- Deeply- 
C4^ured. ChoohcAdDhana, v. n. To glow as a co- 
loor, to die a deep solour. 

Ck^o-hee, tj^y^ X^ *'/• ^ "aouse. 

Cb^b-la, S^ ^TiT s» m. A large wooden 
peg, A tent*pin. 

€bj|li«loe, i^J^ nWt ndj. Comic. 
Cb6oh-na, ^j^ T^^ ^' ^* ^^ suck* 
Ck6oh-ra,HXb^^|T^ s. m. A Hindoo sweep- 
er. Choohfte, t,f. The wife of a Choohra* 

Ch^hul, JUs^ yf^ s.f. Mention ; cheer, 
jollity, mirth, festivity. Cffidshul kixma, To ca- 
rol, &c. 

Choo-hur, y^^'^ ^Vy s. in. The act of bunt- 
ing by deceiving game with a stalking horse. 

Chook, ^^^ ^V s, /. An error, fault, inad- 
vertency, blunder, mistake, ttdj. Sour, acid. s. m. 
A medicine made of boiled lemon juice and pome- 

Ch6o-ka, o^^ ^^ s. m. A kind of sorrel 
(RnmsT vencarios); a kind of earthen pot. 

Choff-kd-ee, ^JiJ^ ^vk s. f. A task, agree- 
ment, adjustment, decision. Chot^ce (fena, To 
escape one's notice, to give one the slip. 

Chgihk^na, blL^ ^T^ v. a. To tinish, to 
complete,^ settlp; to fix the price of. 

Cbookh, ^y^ \W s.m. A medicine, orris- 
root, orrice, or iris-root. 

Ch&k-kee, ^^^ ^pi\ s. /. Deceit, fraud. 
Chdokkee 4^na^ r. a. To deceive, to play tricks. 

Ch^Js^k-kuTyy^^iV^ s. m. A small tank or pit. 

Ch^,w^ TpT^T v. n. To be fimsbed, 
to be completed, to be fixed; to be agreed upon, 
to be adjusted. 

Chook-na, ^^^ Jf!^^ ^' ^' '^^ blunder, 
mistake, depart from, err. 

CbQSh^(i0n-dur, j«>;^«. m. Beet-root (Beta 

ChO0-k^-ta,&^^ ^J^TTTT s. w. A task, agree- 
menty adjustment, decision. 

Ch(k^k-tee, ^J^^'^^i^ s.f. Settlement. 

Chopl, J^ ^ *./. Itch, scratching. 

Chool, Jy^ X^ s.f. A tenon, the part of a 
joiner's work which fits into another (as, a dove- 
tnt) ; a pivot upon which a door turns (as on a 
hinge) ; an axle-tvee-arm. Ckoole^ (kkhmma, or 
— dkieiee k6na. To be tired, worn ont with labour. 

Clitt>«hio, ykd^ ^Vfms. fit. A kind of dish. 

Ch^l-b®-Ia, ^^ ^^Tfwr adj. Restless, fid- 
getting; airy, gay. Chosfbaa^'pfm^ «. m. Gaie- , 
ty; fidgetty habit. 

Chool-bcQ-l^httt, ca.^^^ ^ ^1^1^^ s.f. 
Restlessness; gaiety. 

Ch(fil-b(2D-U'na, ^SJ^ 'J^WRT v. n. To 
be restless. 

ChiiQl-chooU J?=^ ^^r5W s. m. Wantonness, 

ChoDl-chQo-U-na, ^Sjs^ ^M^ ' HiMl v. n. 1 o 
itch, to titiUate. 

Ch6ol-h8, W 1-^ T^ *. »«. 1 ^ fire-place 

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[ » 3 




r) m 

Im Mar. 

Oi^Mms y^ ^fl^x. M. A hnifU, Ike pdm 
•f tk kni iMlnctcrf •• as t* haU water, dtfi- 
■* aiarM(liLta*«vm 
laf water); to begradj 

» i«aa, Ta ba iHtazicalc4 vkk • 

wttk a kaab at IW cai ar 

■see, a 
I or dab 

• '-•^ ^pnwi r. a. To caase 
Chfai ab ai m Jl^ypW.«> Aloadrtone; 
^ ^^^ «. WL, K iia i ag. 

«•, ;^-*^ ^pnnT J. / A mmumI 

wilk tk %aV«^Kk4*S»>^k<n«««»c»tt- 
a^ rigaiiiiai. r. a. Ta caaz, ipfab In^ 
to^ Malk (by 4Ea«iiY ia Oe W«atk witk protraA- 

CTMjy wV. t ^ <«^ 1^*^ s. fli. A loadstone. 

Cb6oB-na, (;^#i^ ^W^ r. «. To kki. 

Ckdo-andL-pol-Av, yf^^J^^ ^pre WiaT 
«.ak Awagaiit 

br« Like^ as, wlwa. 
j*e* ^ir J;. «. Floar;&ae. 
^'^ yvFn 9. c Xa caaae to 
, Ac. CSIipHi Ifiaa, a. a. Ta flak 

rfr. Satkaft^im 

bb^ftSd^Y^ fl^\ Bfiakard; bid 

(aaabaa i ai i raii ^ ). 
Ck6o«4-ha, bbj^*** ^MT 1 o^jL Dbi, ]Mnr- 
Cli6oiidk-la, 3l2bSf**»^{ifWTj Mind, dim* 

Chteadk-la,abbOi^<ifHm«. at. Blbkard. 

Olga/Uai>, r. a. Ta ba farbfiai, to tee«adj. 
Cbdo-Mc, ^'^ ^;W\ *. / Ptabe qiGt or 

graaai Tvrf l aa wtly ; a spark ar huH rabj or 

ChQQD>^n, .t^ arijF. like tk»» sack, in 
thk aaaacr.^ Oliiaa ■ >criyiaa, aijF. Witboat 

CkJiQ-gee,^/;^ ^«./ Ataxgmtbered 
U]r fiaai gnia'aMrckaats. baia^ at Back gnu 
aa a aaa caa graap ia bii baai. 
Ckdoo-gae, Jj^ t^s./. ToB, tax, duty. 
ChooahBa, l^y^^mpmrtpoMt. KisBed. 
CkjgiHBa, l^ yn V. «. To gitbtf , pick, 
ikct; to pkk ap iwi (ai bMi); to 
■a at4tr; to pkat. a. a^ Aacviiei. Dv- 
bipai*. Ta daM a 4aar witk brkks. 

CkjgiHBee, y^^ ^ft <./. A ottllnibjr; as- 

ClM9Htt-wat, ii*;'-^ y^nWZ" «./ A phit 
CWoft-cfcea, ^.^^ a./. Brcasl, babby. 

Cb^oo-dkisHn, U«^ ^ffin JL aL Ascar^ 

Ooott^sba bit, vi*'^^^'*^^ *^/ Siag. 

Cboo»<kiM,r;a:y;<Wbn Md wbanfiv^ 


^y^^S^hzTMuA b<nforbo1d- 
B^ tka laa mtk to ckcv ala^ witb betel; tbe 
Mfiag af tka datk caBcd jarcc, vara by waMD. 

Cb».a^tec, ^y-5. 3^1^ jL /. A attll box 
W balfiagtkalMaaMdtockevalaagwitbk. 
td; aaaaHipaaaaMd to take aat tka Ina«; ea- 
traapa la tka tne af battle (for wbkh 

army tke ictait sea far a 4eipe- 
; a pvacticaarkickforaMrlypre- 
at Bcama (aa tka llik ^Jttk^AM 
fmktk^ tka labiliteabi ware waat to tani acfoa 

tica» to igkt wilk swae^ daba, «LC). 

CIAi^^4a, \£ij^ t^ a. ai. A large wt 

Cbuott-tee, sJ^'f^ X^ «./ A aoiall ant 

CkiMu^rVk, lu>^ ^{Tin r. & Togitker (1 

^■crrl^ * / A mode of dy- 
ia wkkk tkey »a tM ia tifctBt 
M to dbaav Aca ia tkadie, M ■• 

topt a taa t tka pvto tM ta^ lataiiatf tbr f" 
Cli4»«it» is-^lpnra./Plaitii^(ck>tb), 

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[ 81 ] 

(harth palatiek) (soft dental) 










Chflop, u-^ ^ adj. Silent, intetj. Silence, 
(the word ruh being onderrtood). s, f. Silence: as 
ChUBp lugnee, or CkiOiphee lugMe, v, a. To be 
struck dumb. 

Cli(»p-a-ch4j^,*-^ Ufc. ^•'ny^T 1 adj. SUent. 

tively, by stealth. 
Chopp-ch(K>-p£-na, '^^f^ 'g M^MHl v. n. To 
keep silence. Chos^ chogpdtc* wfv. Silently, se- 
creay. ^ (^ ''■•', 

Chisp-^ *^$^ Ipnn adj. Silent/ 
Ch&p-kee, ,^ ^ J ,^ S-j^^^^ .1 


Plausible though 


Ch^p-ra, t 

Ch<iQp-ree, ^y^ T^*^ (^jj** Oiled, greasy, 

smooth, pUusible. Chifpree-bat, Flattery, soft 

words. Ch(lspree^otee, Cakes rich with clarified 

Ch6o-pTir, jjj^ ^^TTf 5. m. Grease. 

Chog-pdr-na, t^^ "Spr^"^ v. a. To var- 
nish, cover, smooth, palliate, anoint. 
Ch<K^r, ji^ ^pf s.f. An imitative sound. 

Choor,j^ T^'*' ^* Powder, filings atoms. 
adj. Bruised. Choor choor, adj. Broken to atoms. 
Choor ruhHa, To sot. CAoor kuma. To break into 
small pieces. Choor hdna, To be broken into 
small pieces; to be enamoured of, to be in love; 
to be tired. Nmhe men choor h6na, To be in- 

Choor, J j^ ^^ s. m. A silver or gold or- 
nsment worn by Hindoo widows; the ring fasten* 
ed to elephants' teeth. 

Choo-ra, 1^^ ^TT s, m. Filings ; saw-dust ; 
grain reduced to coarse particles to be chucked 
into the mouth. 

C3i6o-ra, Ij^i^ ^^ s. m. The rings fastened 
to elephants' teeth; a kind of ornament; a kind 
of food made of parched rice. 

ChqthTi-na, tf j^ ^nr V. a. To steal. 

Chopr-ch^ra, l;-*-;^ T^T'^ ^4^- Crisp, 

Choo-ree, ^j^;^ ^|;^ «./. A bread rich with 

clarified butter; bracelet. 
Ch6o-ree, urj^e* 1^ s.f, Bangles or rings 

made of glass, &c. and worn on the wrist. Choo^ 

ree'-4ar. Drawers, or sleeve, made too long, so as 

to be crumpled into plaits. 
Ch^r-kee, J^j^ y^^ s.f. Lock of hair. 

Cbisr-k^Stf ^j^ T^^ *• '^^ Powder. 

Ch6or-ma, i-^j^aj- \'<'^\ s. m. A kind of 
sweetmeat made of sugar and crumbled bread. 

ChQDr-m6$>-ra, \jOf^ g<^<l «. m. An imita- 
tive sound. 

Ch6or-na, ^j^^ ^^ffl v. a. To reduce to very 
small pieces or to atoms. 

Ch<Sp-roo-a, \fy^ Tf^ *• ***• ^ ^^^ prepar- 
ed from parched rice. 

Ch&-r<»g-na, W^ y^nPTT v, n. To gabble, 
to prattle. 

Ch(Si?r-ree, ^^^ f^ s.f. Di-egs. 

Choort, di j<^ ^ s. f. Nap, drowsiness, nod- 

ChQQ-r6g-na, Wj^ ycPTT v. n. To chirp ; 
to prate, to prattle. 

Choo-run, Jj^ "17^ s. m. A powder compos- 
ed of medicines for promoting digestion. 

woman who died while pregnant; a hag, a fiiry; 
a dirty woman, slut, slattern. 
Chies-kee, „/*-^ ^^5^ s.f. A mouthful of 

Choos-na, ^j^ T^^ ^' ^* "-^^ ®^^^' 
Ch6os-nee, ^j^y^^^T^ s.f. Child's coral, 

a sucking stick for children* 
Ch^Ds-see, ,^j*M.^ywt«./. The juice of fruits. 
Choi^t, u:.'^^>** i^ adj. Active, fleet, ingenious ; 

narrow, strait, tight. Choosp chaldk, adj. Actire, 

alert, fleet. 
Ch&)8-ta, li*A»i5j. 8. m. Tripe, rectum, rennet. 

adj. Tight, fitting well (as, clothes). 
Ch^-tee, sj^^ s. f. Activity, alertness, 

Ch<^-tuh, <cUMi^ 8. m. Rennet. 
ChOQ-suk-kur, /^^ I'^V^ s. m. One in 

the habit of sucking; (met. a tippler). 
Ch(Khsi^k-na, UC^ ^^^R7 v. n. To throb. 
Choot) ^y^ %jS s.m. A crack, a noise. 
ChQi)-t^l-na, U)l^ ^CT^rniY v. a. To 
Ch(S>-ti-na, 01^ y^TTT J wound. 

Ch(Kht^e-la, ^^^ ^^m adj. Wounded, 
bruised, stricken.. 

Ch4ff-ti-ya,L^^f3^ s.m. A spy to thieves, 
the head of a gang of thieves, s.f. A lock of hair 
left on the head when the rest is shaved. 

Ch<Khti-y^na, (i^ir^i?* 'jfi^ll'n v. a. To 

ChiQirkee, ^^^^ ^Z^ s.f. A pinch ; snap- 
ping of the fingers ; the hammer of a gun ; a mode 
of printing cloth or goolbudun ; an ornament worn 


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C 82 ] 





(Nortkvmbrfani r) 



(deep BqvM Hi««al) ImA 

ootiietoeB. CftttOeeM^nia^or — /dia, Tonip, 
to pinck; to tiirow oot proTokuif UKiiniationt. 
CkiBfkilfijm, wun HBfAta, To pat one off with a 

Chdgtrkigy-U, 2^^ ^^^lMl s. m. Pleasantry, 
fiu;etioiisDe88, wit, hmnoiir; coDoadmiiL G^- 
koota'sa^ adj. Amnsiii^. 

Cbdgt-la, ^^^ ^d^dl s.m* A cue or lock of 
hair worn behind. 

Ch6o-tur, y^ ^TV^ $. m. The baduide, 
bottocks, hip. Ckaotuf htfama. To be orerjojed. 
Chootttr nkdrna^ To loiter, to han^ bade. Choo- 
tmr se karngSntlma^ To speak eqairocally, to use 
£u*-fetched ezpreinont. 

Chooz, jy^ s. m. A young hawk under 
a year M, a hawk that has not honied. 

Ch6o-zuh9 ^Jy^ 9, m, A chicken, a young 
bird. ChoozuA-baj, s. f. An old woman who 
keeps a yoong galknt, an old woman fond of 

Chop, ^j^ ^TT *./. Desire, wish, hope. 

Chor, <^ %TT 8, WL A thief, a robber. Chor- 
haioo, s. /. A quicksand. Clor-eMhir, s. m. 
A thief. Chor-i^Stmh, s. «. By-room, concealed 
drawer. CAor-<fiinr<iCTiil, #. m. Trq^door. CAor- 
dhar, #. m. Pkntiff and defendant; all the par- 
ties of a law-soit; athi^and what he has st«4ai. 
Chor-zmmeem^ a qoafmire, bog. ChoT'Seefkte, 
#./. Backstairs. Ckor-kkfrkee, s.f. A backdoor, 
a by-door. Chor-gmUty 9,f, A by-road, back-lane. 
Char higma^ v. n. To be injured, to be damaged. 
Ckor higna shtima ko, To waste a candle by a 
thief being attached to it. Chor^mMhrnU, s. m. 
The apartments of the concubines of great men. 
Char-wnm^Sora, «. ai. A game played by chil- 
dren. Char-immheechneejS.f, Hide and seek. 

Cho-ree, ^jf^ ^T^ *• f- Theft, roguery, 
stealth. Charee-ckoru, adv. By stealth, cfaundes- 

Qiot, i£>^ ^T? 9>f. A hurt, abruise, a blow, 
damage; fidl; spite, effvt, attempt, amidaity, 
desire, wish. CkoipMr dkot, Om misfivtane fol- 
lows anothar, n u sfort an es eome «ot singtj. Ck4fi 
b6m(jthna. To ddend; to bind 19 ^e edge of a 
sword, &c To restrain by magic. Ckot AMna, 
To be hurt, to snfir less. 

Ch6-ta,^^%l?rs.m. Discount or premium 
independent of interest; treacle. 

Ch*-tee, ^y^ ^1 J 1 «./. The plait or tie of 
hair behind, a cae, sammit of a hffl. CSMee Aa 
homm. To excel, to be pre-emnieat or aarifaBed. 

Chot-la, l'^ ^TTT *. ». A thirf. 

Chog, *^ %T «. m. A back-tooth ; ploughshare. 

adf, (in compos.) iomr, Ckoahi^gUUL, <. si. A 
kiiid of jacket not opea onder the arms. Oft^ 
bfim^, s. /. Giving a horse new shoes; the &g- 
tenings of baggage. C&ov-Mecry luie. On all sidei, 
all round. Gnahp^omk, adf. Foar-pieced. Ckai' 
pas, adv. All round, around. Chuat-pmhul, at^. 
Four-sided. Cha^-imh, adj. Of four folds. ChoM- 
tuha, adj. Of fourfUds. Chashj^ee, adj. Of the 
four ages or great p^ods. Ch(ahg6shee, $.f. An 
animal whose ears are slit (particularly, a horse: 
such is generally taught to amUe) . ChfOM-ndJuil- 
la. adj. Of four stories (a hooae, &c.) Ckosh 
trndoiAee, adj. Foar-fiKed, haring Ibnr hen. 
Ck^-uUUa, Tying the elbows behind. 

ClHHhb^, jk^ %nnT #• nu Summer-house, 
an am e mb ly, court, towa-hall. 

Ch(Bl-b4>ra, IjV^ ^HK l s. m. A shed. 

ChQ9-b6ch-cha, ^^ s. m. A vat, a dsterni 

Chjg-be, ^5^^ ^h% s. m. A brahman ac- 
quainted with the four Veds. (Now, howerer.tbe 
term is ^j^ied to the dmrandinti of such though 
not learned.) 

Chc^bur, ji^ ^N< adj. Stout, robust, 

diog-di-ni-ya, W*'*^;^ ^K l f^^ l l «. ia.1 An 

Chos-d^nee, ^\^^ ^T^vft S.f. J or- 

nament (formed of four pearis) worn in the can. 

Ch^tt-dhur, j^*^y^ ^IVK adj. Robust, aedre, 
rigorous, corpulent. 

CHiffl-dhur-d-ee, ig^ft^y^ %nrrrt s.f. The 
business of a Ckott^kMree, (the head-maa of ft 

Chgy-AuT-ee, ^^^^ ^TM^ s. wl The 
headman of a trade. ( In Bengal) A title of buid- 
holders superior to Ttmihokdmr. 

ChaHl61,J;J^^T%W «-«i. A kind of sedan 

with two poles. 
Chis-dM)^-^*^;^ ^Ipf adj. Croasingtheir 

teeth in %ht(elephanti): sturdy, robast, stost. 

CAfiMMee. s.f. Boldaass. 
Ch^Hhis, u^j^ %l^^ «-/. TTie fourteenA 

day of the moon. 
Ch®-g^ J^y^ ^Pnw «. M. A plain. 
Chgg-g^ joy^ s. m. A game resembling 

cricket (or tennis) but played or horseback; the 

bat or dab with which the game is pUtyed, a Basil' 

Ckmg^mgak, A pbce for timt game. Omgo^' 

kdzee, s.f. Playing of the game oiehafffo^- 
Ch«i-giUnee,^*i^ %lnWt «./. A straight 

keokka-'make or tabe for smokisy through. 
Chge-gi-nuh, »^y^ %nnw adf. Qoadrople, 


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C 83 ] 






r ■ 






(harsh palatiok) 

t u w y y ^ 

(toft dental) but write yon my pleasure 

ChoB-gh6r*a, \j^f^ %Tira «. m. A small box 
of gold or silver, with four partitioaB, for holding 

CbQs-gird, *>/^ %rf?r<arft?. On all sides. 

Ch4j-goi^.na, UJ^ %T7pn adj. Fourfold. 

Chog-g6-Bhi-y^ IjJ^y^ %T%Tfinnr 8. m, A 
toorkee horse, a horse with slit ears. 

ChOB-giS-shuli, xi^l^^ %l%Tir adj. Four-cor- 
nered, square; a kind of oblong traj. 
CliCB-gfcr-a,y^ %rT?T s. iii. A rabbit, hare. 

ChQ8-hto, J^^^ ^TTR" 5. m. A cast of Raj- 

Clias-b6t-ta,U]b^%TT3T«.m. A place where 
four streets meet. 

Cbosk, ^^ %1^ s. m. A market; a square 
of a city; a eourtyard; a sqaare place filled, at 
marriages and on other occasions of j^ejoicidg, with 
sweetmeats, which after certain ceremonies are 
distributed. ChQMMhuma, or C/KOfk-pSoma, To 
fill a ch^ifk or sqoare place with sweetmeats on 
some occasion of rejoicing. Chomk-putta, A seat 
<m which the people sit and eat in the chsyka. 

Ch(ig-ka, ^yo^ %T^ «. m. The space in which 
Hindoos cook or eat their yictuals; a square slate 
of marble, &c.; a square space of ground; the 
fo^ front teeth; the cube of a measure called 

Ch^kee, c/^ ^^ *•/ ^ frame to sit on, 
a stool, a chair; guard or watch; the post where a 
^nard is stationed; an ornament worn on the 
breast. Chaukee^tirf adj. Keeping guard. #. m. 
A. watchman. Chaukee^dree, $.f. The business of 
a watchman; the pay or hire of a watchman. 
Choari^e mdmOy To smuggle. 

Oi^sk-hee,^^^ %T^ adj. /.Sharp (tone in 

ChaB-kh6on-ta,l3^^,%T^Tr adj. Square. 

Choek-hut, iS^^j^ ^rmz s. m. Frame of a 
door; the upper and lower piece of the frame of 
a door. 
Choo-kdr, j/^%T%TTa4/' \ Four-cornered, 
Choff-kd-na, t^j^%T%lTT j square. 

ChoD-kiin-na, ^^ ^T^SITT a(^\ Cautious, 

slot, circnmspect, sly. 
Chig-kur,^^ %raf oc^'.Good, well, fine, 

Chifi-kiir-a, iy^%nrfT «. tn. A ring of two 

pearls worn in each ear. 
Ch^kur-ee, ^Jj^j^ %nin^*./. A bound, a 

spring; a ring of pearls worn by men in the ears. 


Choukufee bhumot To leap, to bound. Chauku- 
fee hhSoJna^ To forget one's bound, t. e. to be 
^iscinated, to have one's senses benumbed. ChCM" 
kufee mar hyihna. To squat. 

Ch(iu-ku8, fj^f!^ ^TO^ adj. Cautious, watch- 
ful, diligent, active, clever, intelligent; full 

Chog-kus-d-ee, is^fi" ^\^H\t «•/ Atten- 
tion, circumspection, watchfulness. 

Ch^kus-ee, ^^yt^^x^ 8, /. Watching, 
diligence, attention; four people employed toge- 
ther, or eating out of the same dish or plate. 

Chgg-U-ee, ^^^ ^TWrt s.f. A kind of ve- 
getable (Amaranthus polygamus). 

Ch(2u-l<ir-&9 ly ^^^^T s. in. 1 A necklace 

Chan-lur-ee,v^jj^^^*^ s.f.) of four 

Chos-m^Hsa, UU^a. %iirmi 8. m. The rainy 

Chgy-m(iokh,J^^A.^T^ 9. m A lamp-stand 
with partitions; a name of BrUhma. 

Chou-miifik-ha, ^^^^ ^^^T ac(;. Having 
four burners, &c. (a Uunp)» f . m. A lamp-stand 
with four partitions; a kind o£puta or wooden 
scimitar for fencing with. 

ChQg-m(5pk-hee„^j^^^%ig^ s.f. Name of 
a Hindoo goddess; the seed of a tree called 22oo- 
draksh ( Scsevola lobelia). 

ChQund-hi-yd-na,0LlbfcV^^%tfV2n^t?.«. To 
be confused, frightened out of one's senses, amaz- 
ed, dazzled. 

Ch^-ga, ^j^ ^+TT 8. m. Wheedling. 
Chonfliga kuma, To wheedle out of money. 

Ch<itin-doo, ^*^*^^ ^^ *• ^' ^ blockhead. 

Ch&n-gee, ^y^ ^i^ft 8. f. Wheedling. 
Chosingee-haxt $. m. A wheedler. Chaungee' 
bdxee, s.f. Sharping, &c. 

Ch®nk,uX5^^ %1iff 8.f. The act of starting. 

Choiiyri kel, J-:^*'^ ^t%W s. m. An untamed 

animal, a boggier. 
ChAink-na, ^y^ ^liwm v. n. To start, to 

boggle, to start up from sleep. ChojiV^ (kithna. 

To start, to wince. Chou^k pufna, To bounce, to 

Ch&n-ra, ly^^ ^tTT «. m. An apartment 

under gromid for grain. 
Ch<iDu-ree, t^f^^ ^i^ s.f. An instrument 

for drivingaway flies, a fly-flapper. 
Ch^sn-sur,jW^ ^t^TC 8. m. The name of a 

game; a garland of flowers. 
ChiB-pa, l))^ ^rm adj. Four-footed. 

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(soft dental) 

[ 84 ] 





(NortliumbriMi r) 


i i^ U 

in (deep liquid Utgiul) locb 

Chgy-pd-ee, CsU^^V^s.f.A sort of metre 
or verse consisting of four feet (pud). 

Chog-p^-la, 5f b^^m^T s. m. A litter, a se- 

Chott-pdn, J^^^ s. m. A cowherd or shep- 
herd, a pastor. Choa^anee, The business of a shep- 
herd, &c. watching. 

Chog-p^rjjb^jai. ^TTTrf s. m, A kind of sum- 
merhoose or pavilion (generally built jointly by 
several people as a resting place common to them 
all) ; a quadruped, an animal, a beast. 

ChCBJ-pa-yuh, H^y^ ^HTT^ s. m. An ani- 
mal, a beast, a quadruped. 

Chai},2k^^ ^TnrWTs. m. A kind of 

Ch4a-pur, jJ^ ^TT^ $./. The name of a 
game played with oblong dice; the cloth on which 
it is played. 

Ch^-putyLS^^^iTSra^/* Ruined, destroy- 
ed, levelled, plain. C^djfput ktima, To level. 

Chgo-piit-ree, ^j^y^ ^TT^ s. f. A small 
tract, an essay, a pamphlet, a pocket-book. 

Chogr, j^^ %i^ adj. Spoiled, destroyed. 

Ch^ra, Ijji^ ^TTJ s. m, A terrace or mound 
to sit and converse on; the place where Hindoo 
women are burned, (more properly, where the liv- 
ing widow or »utee isimmokted). 

Chffli-ra, tj;^%rfT adj. Wide, broad. Chqura- 
chukUtt adj. Extensive. 

Chfflj r4-ee,^'lj^%r?Ti:«./. Breadth, ex- 
tension; boasting. Chfotraee mama, or — Airma, 
To boast, to give one's self airs. 

ChQordn, Jjy^ %[^pr 8. f. m. Width, 

ChoM r^-na, Olj^uj. %\^m\ v. a. To increase 
in breadth, expand, widen. 

ChQB-r^.ha,tJbtj^^Trm5.Jii- A cross-road. 

Chm-r ^-see^^j^^XTV^ adj. Eighty-fouK 
s.f. Morris-bells worn on the ankles by dancing 

Chour-ch<jB-put,C^^j^^^ Vtt^ adj. A- 
bandoned, vicious, damaged. 

Chd|}-ree, ^j^ %TTt s.f. A summer-house. 

ChgB-rung, ^^jj^ ^rt^ s. m. A practice of 
the sword exercise; cutting the four legs of an 
animal off at one blow. Chojtntng kdtna,v. a. To 
cut off the four legs of an animal at one blow. 
Chca/rwig mama. To lose the use of the limbs by 

Ch&-rus, {j^yy^ %TT^ adj. Level, even. 

ChQunudee, t.f. Bqvality of sorfiMse, evennefls. 
Ch(mru$6na, v. a. To level. 

Chgys, kj^^^ \r^ s. m. Flour, powder. 

Chffl-tie-a,' U^^ %nft^ s. f. A quartan 

Chott-t^-luh, ^^)^ %TTnw s. m. A mode in 

ChQB-t^ra,ijt7^%TTnTT s. m. A four-string- 
ed musical instrument. 

ChcBjthj^^ifc-^lTEr S.f. The fourth lunar day; 
the fourth part; hence, tribute (collected by tiie 

Ch(^t.ha, V^^ %Tin adj. Fourth. 

ChaBt-h^-eej^W-^^Wri: s. f The fourth 

Ch<iBt-hee,^^^%nft s.f The fourth day; 
a ceremony performed on the fourth day after 
marriage. ^ 

ChQBt-h(-ya,t47#^%Tfir2rr s. in.One who re- 
ceives the chouth ; a quartan ague. 

ChQfl-t6r-ka,Kyj^ %lfl<*» s. m. A mitre; a 
kind of tent. 

Ch^-wa, l^e* ^^ s. m. A quadruped (pw- 
ticularly oxen); a handbreadth. 

Ch^-w4-ee, sJ\^^ %'nrrt s.f A tempest, 
hurricane, commotion (q. d. wind blowing fran 
four quarters). 

Ch6-ya, V.^^ ^^rr s. m. Huskof grain.the 
scale of a fish; a hole dug in the sandy bed of a 
river which has dried, in which water is found. 

Chu-ba-ee, ^La. ^^t s.f Mastication. 

Chub-d-na, 0U»- ^^ptt v. a. To chew, 
masticate, bite (the lip). Chuba chuba hir IhU 
kumee. To speak with study or preparation ; also, 
without reserve, or haughtily and scornfully. 

Chub-^o-la, y^L^ ■<l^N<di adj. Childish. 

Chub-^n-a, U^*^ ^^^ s. m. Parched 
grain to exercise the teeth with when more sub- 
stantial food is not at hand. 

Chub-6n-ee, v^-^^ ^rNt s. f Parched 

Chub-h6k, uX^ ^r^fHi s.f Sting. 

Chub-la-na, OS^ ^nraPTT v. a. To chew 

Chdb-nee h6d-dee,v^jJh,^^;u^'^Tf?ft ^fts.f. 
Cf^i\agt, gristle. 

Chub-do-tur-uh, ^y^^ M'^TTT s. nu A ter- 
race or mound to sit and converse on; a custom- 
house; a police-office. 

Chub-wA-na, Ol^^ ^^^pn v. a. To cause 
to chew, &c. 

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[ 85 ] 

r t 

(barshpalfttick) (soft dental) 





ChAch-a, Ik^ ^^ s. m. Paternal uncle, fa- 
ther's brother. 

Chdch-chee, ^^«^ ^ s.f. Father's bro- 
ther's wife, amit. 

Chuch-chul, J^e- ^inr s. m. Large breasts. 

Chuch-^er, j*s:^ ^^T s, m, A line, stripe, 

Chach-^r-a, l;*s»^ ^r%TT adj. Descended 
from or related through a paternal uncle; as, 
Cfhttchera bhdee, t. m. A cousin, son of paternal 
nude. Chucheree Mhin, Daughter of paternal 

Chuch-6r-na, ^^j^'^^T^TT v. a. To suck 
(a dry substance from which nothing can be ob- 

Chtkch-ra, l;*:^ ^fT^ s. m. The name of a 

Cbuch-ur, ^f?^ ^^T adj. (Land) that has 
been cultivated or ploughed one year. 

Chddd-ha, ^ixo^ WS"^ 8. m. The groin ; a 

ChfcdMhir, jSxf $.f, A sheet, a table cloth, 
a cloth of more than one breadth. Cfhu^ur^ 
bichMna, To lay the doth. 

ch6f4uh, ^ r- ^- ^ p'^p' ^ ^''^^• 

Chug-^r, yS^ ^ihC «./. A flower-pot. 
Ch€[gb-ur, fj^ s. m. A wall-eyed horse. 
Chug^iir-ba,(i^iu^«. m. Revelry. 

Chii^iit-ta,l:^ s. m. The name of a ilfoo- 
ffhui family, to which the house of Timour be- 

Ch6g.ul-na, Uli*^. ^Tr^nTT v. a. To eat with- 
out appetite. 

Chuh, 4U^ 5. m. A welL 

Chuh, ^^ a particle affixed to various Per- 
sian nouns to form diminutives; as koochuh, a 
little street, from Itoo : and sometimes \^ is pre- 
fixed to it, as, bagkeeckuh, or h&abfihuh^ a little 
garden, from baah> 

Chub-bAch-chuh, Af^^^ «. m. A vat, a cis- 
tern. <^ 

Cha-h^r,;(^a(^'. Four. Chuhar-ckund, adj. 
Fourfold. Chuhar-MHsh, #. m. Throne (Indian) 
wi&ibnr cushions. Chuhar'46ng, The four quar- 
ters of the world. Ckmhar-aoo, The middle of four 
roads, four sides. Ouhar-gdnuh, Fourfold. ChU' 
ito*.^^, The four friends (Uboobukr.Omr, Osman 

Chu-hir-wn, j^lf^ adj. The fourth. 
Chu-hdr-tng, y^)^f^ s. m. Gallop. 






^[^ '^TJirTT 8./. Singing or 
€u(;\ Brawny, 

Chuh-buch-uh, *sr>f^ A cistern of a well. 

Chuh-chu-h^ V^^ ^^^^ "^- Deeply, 

Chuh-chu-h^hut, uS^l^^r^ s ^^^tl^^ 8./. 

The singing or talking (of birds). 
Chuh-chu-hi-ya, ^^(^ ^\ ^ {^M\ 8. m. A 

whistler. * 

Chiiih-ka,)^^ '^^^ 8. m. A kind of firework; 

the smarting of a wound, kc. by the application 

of a medicine. Chuhka lugdnA, To bum the skin 

slightly by fomenting. 
Chuh-kar, ^.. 

talk of birds. 
Chuh-kyth, »^4^ T^^ 

Ch6-hoon, j^ "^i^adj. Four. Chuhom-oty 

adv. On all sides. Chuhoaiychukr, or — (fw, Cir- 
cumjacent, all around. 
Chu-huk-na, UL^ TTT^ir^rTv. n. To whistle 

Chu-h61-na, Ul^.^ TT^^n v. n. To fiitigue, 

to be tired. 

Chu-hul-p6-hul, JfiJ^ TT^nrfw s. f. 

Jollity, merriment, cheer. 

Chuk, lS^ ^Hf 8. m. Landed property, an 
estate, a &rm. Chuk-bm^ee, s.f. Defining or 
marking the boundaries of an estate. 

Chuk, vjCfc. ^m 8.m. A shepherd, or goat- 

Chuk.a-ch(iDndh,5JJi>^l^xj. ^^^t^*./ The 
state of being daisied, radiance. 

Chuk-a-chik, u^UIC*. ^f^rrrri^f s. f. The 
sound of the repeated strokes of a sword, dagge^ , 
or mace. ^ 

Chuk-^n, Jij^ part, in campo8. Dropping, 

Chuk-^-wee, ^^^ "H^l^ s.f. A ringworm. 

Chuk-^wuk,uJ^e^ 8. m. A lark. 

Chuk-a-wur, j^(^ ^^^n: 8. m. A disease 

in horses. 
Chuk-chh6on-d€e, ^^S- ^^rf;?ft «./ A 

musk-rat (Sorex cserulescens : Sorex cteruleus). 

Chuk-ch6k-a, 1%^ ^^^J^RTI adj. Shining, 

Chu^-chti^-ee, c^*^ *•/ A kind of mu- 
sical instrument made of wood used by MooghuU., J^^ ^v^ s.f. A kind 
of dagger worn on the waist, adj, f. Resplen- 

Chuk-^e-du-gee, v^^^^ 5./ A^op 

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L jdfop, dis^ 








(soft dental) 

[ 86 ] 






(Nortbombrian r) 



(deep liquid lingual) 


tillatioD. ChukSeifuh, part. pass. Dropped, dis- 

Chuk-6t-ha, ^>f^^ ^%3T adj\ With large 

Chu^, ^^^ 8./. Quarrel, strife, contest. 

Chutt-a-chiifeh-ee,^.^jr^ **^=^*/. Wrangling. 

Chuk-ha-ch6k-hee, ,^^^^4^^^ ^^I f ^ s.f. 

Chuk-h^na, Ol^<^ ^fWTTT v. a. To cause to 

Ch<ikh-e,^,^jr^ Begone f away ! avaunt I 

Ch6kh-na, U^ ^rwn v. a. To relish, taste. 

Chuk-ish, -iiLfc. s.f. The dripping or drop- 
ping (of water, &c). 

Chuk-ka, ^ ^r^T s. m. Coagulated milk. 
A carriage wheel, a circle, at^, round; thick (as 
duhee, &c). 

Chuk-k^n, yJCx^ ^IfTT adj. Thick {bhungy 
&c.) blot, blotted, smeared. 

Chdk-kee, ^^ ^^ «./. A miUstone, a miD, 
grinder; kneepan; a thunderbolt. 

Chtik-koo, ^ 8. m. A clasp-knife, a pen- 

Chiik-kur, f^ ^HfTl «. m. A whirlwind or 

Chukr, ^HR J whirlpool ; a cir- 

cular missile weapon used principally by the Sikhs, 
a sharp discus or iron ring which they throw 
with great de^rity ; (it was with this instrument, 
called Soodurshun- chukr t that Narayun is said to 
have cut off the head of the Usoor Behoo, when, 
after churning the ocean, the Soon or gods, and 
Usoors fought for the 1$mrit or nectar) ; a circu- 
lar course, the lounge (in menage); (met.) a 
misfortune, scrape, perplexity; a side or quarter; 
as, Chuhoov^ chukkur m«9. On the four sides, on 
all sides. Chti&r-^hdree, A peacock; Vishnoo, 

^ Chukr mdrna. To wheel round, to whirl round. 
GhofS ko chtikkur^Sna, To lounge a horse. Chukr- 
vurtee, #. m. A universal monarch; a title of 
brahmuns in Bengal. 

Ch6k-ku8, ^jSt^ ^^fT^r 8. m. A perch for 
birds (particularly Moons), a roost. 

Ch6k-la,^^^i>> ^^^WT 8, m. A brothel; a kind 
of cloth made of silk and cotton, adf. Wide, 
broad. «. m. A division of a country containing 
several purgunuhs. Chukle^dr, s. m. The gover- 
nor of a province or country. ChukledAree, s.f. 
The government of a province or country; a 
round plate on which bread is rolled, adj. Round. 

Chuk-U-ee,'^3^^ T^raric «./ Breadth. 

Chuk-li-na, ^:k(^ '^wm^ v. a. To extend 
in breadth, to widen. 

Chdk-muh, mC^ '^W^ 8, m. A booty a 

Ch6^-muk, J^^c^ % 

ChuV-m^, (}^^^ >*./, A flint. 

Chdk-muk, uX«LXdb.J 

Chu]^-ni6k-ee, ^,^<2i>. «./. A firelock. 

Chuk-na-chdor," j^Ui^ ^T^TTT^T 8. m. 
Scraps, small pieces, atoms, filings. Chubui' 
choor hSna, To be dashed to pieces. 

Chuk-6r, j^j^ 'H^k 8. m. The Bartavelle or 

Greek partridge (Tetras rufuo: Perdix rnfa) said 

to be enamoured of the moon and to eat fire at 

the full moon. 
Chuk-6t-ur-uh, ^/ j^ ^%r?na 8. m. A fruit 

of the lime kind, a citron; pompelmoose, shad« 

dock (Citrus decumanus). 
Chuk-<iun-da,tJ^*^^^v%t^l «. m. A species 
Chuk-6nr, j^y^i^ ^%tT ^ ofCa8sia(Cas- 

sia obtusifolia) esteemed a remedy for ringwonni. 
Chuk-ra, 1^ ^tott 8. m. A kind of dish 

made of pulse. 
Chuk-ra-kir, )^\f^ ^ifcl^hK adj. Circular. 

Chuk-rA-nee, sj\f^ ^ ^K,\^ 8. f. Woman 

Chiik-ree, ^f^ ^i^ «./. A round plate on 

which bread is rolled; an assembly of singers. 
Chuk-r^l-ajSj^iA^^f^mafJ;*. Round,circular. 
Chuk-rl-ya,V./^«./. Servitude. 

Chukr-vak,u?l^/^ ^HWI^ s. m. A bird (A- 

Chuk-s6o-nee,^^^*Jl^^nF^Tft 8.f. A kind of 

Chuk-ta, Ix^ ^ninn 8. m. A scraping of the 
skin, a scrape, a scar; a slice, &c. Chukta 4ha, 
or — Una, To scar. 

Chuk-U-na, OUi^. '^^RTTPn v. a. To sod, 
to turf. 

Ch6k-tee, Jii^ "^^ 8. / The hide of a 
rhinoceros (of which shields are made); a patch 
of leather, a slice, a patch; a round plate of me- 
tal, &c. adj. Compressed, flattened. 

Chuk-u-ee,^^U.^Ivt«./ A toy,a whirligig; 
a duck, the female ef Chukwa. 

Chuk-6r-ba, \fj^ •W^n?TT «. m. Revelrjr. 
Chukurba much6na, v. a. To revel. 

Chuk-ur-i-ha, ^f^ 8. m. A goodserrant, 
a person fit for (in want of) service, one habi- 
tuated to service^ 

Chuk-ur-muk-ur, j^ft^ 8. m. Erasioni 
trick, subterfuge. 

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[ 87 ] 

(banh palaUck) (soft dental) 











Ch6k-wa, \^ ^^t^t s. m. Name of a bird 

(Adas caaarca); whirlpool. 
Chtik-wee, ^^ ^^ s.f. The female of 

the water fowl Chukwa. 

Chul, ij^ ^w 8. /. Going, dispersion ; 
▼ariation, departure from truth, flulure in the 
performance of a promise or accomplishment of a 
prediction. Chul-dina, v. a. To march (as, an 
army) ; to beguile. 

Chul-a-chul, J-^Su*. '^iwmw \s.f. The 

Chul-a-ch61-ee, .J^^^m^) bustle 
of setting out on a journey, &c. setting about 
any thing. 

Chol-dn, jSwifc" -q^i-iT s.f. Clearance; re- 

Chal-6-na, OsL^ ^^PTT v. a. To impel, set 
a going, make to go or pass, drive; to fire a 
musket or cannon, shoot at, do, hasten, forward, 
send, accustom, act, advance, utter, throw, thrust, 
use, walk. 

Chol-a-oo, yS<j^ ^m\^ adj. Going ; frail, 
inconstant, fickle; on the point of death. 

Chul-d-wa, \yi^ ^^rr^ s* Movement, mo- 
tioB, going, custom. 

Chul-bi-chul, Jaw J^^-^wf^^fW *. in. Error, 

' mistake. 

Chutbldh-ra, l/oJ^ ^^ftvTx atj^. Res- 
tive. Chulbi4hr6htit, s.f, Restiyeness. 

Chul^hul-do, yisfs,^ ^ro^f^TR s. m. Pre- 
paration for journey or departure. 

Chul-^e-pa, UJ^ s.nuK oross, a crucifix. 

Chul-it*ree, ^f^ ^ftr?ft adj. Gay, spor- 
tive, changeable, inconstant, affected. 

Ch61-na, Ui^ ^^ppfT v. n. To move, go, 
proceed, go off, pass (as coin), to be discharged 
(agun, &c.)» to blow, flow, behave, sail, work, an- 
swer, succeed, avail, last, serve, stand. Chul- 
nikulna. To turn out vicious, to exceed bounds. 
Chule chulna. To go along. 

Chfil-nee, ^^^ ^^Tift a. f. A sieve, adj. 
Current, usual. 

Chil-o, ^Lfc. ^%T inUrj. Away I begone 1 

Chul-6i-iia, 0^ M%Pn 8. m. A small stick 
with which the spinning wheel is turned. 

Chol-p^^uh, <t»U^ 8. m. A lizard. 

Chul-ph^r, p^J^ ^m^ 8. m. Motion. 

Ch61-ta, Isi^ ^^^nrr s. m* A tree producing 
an acid fruit (Dillenia indica). part. ad. Going. 
ChuUee cheez, g.f. Saleable goods, passable coin, 

Chul-un, ji^ ^^if 8. m. Habit, custom, 


adj. Saleable, 

conduct, behaviour; ceremony; currency. 
Current. Chulun chulna. To behave. 

Chul-6n-ta, l:dL. 

Chul-wa, 1^1^ ^^^ s. f. A kind of fish 
(Cupea cultrata). 

Ghum-^-ee, ^^ Uj^ ^mrt adj. Copper-co- 

Chum-in, jU^ adj. Walking haughtily or 
gracefully, or with a reeling gait. 

Chum-d-oon, J3'^ "i^fl^* s.f. Slippers or 
shoes fixed to pattens. 

Chum-dr, jU^ ^WIT s. m. A worker in lea- 
ther, a shoemaker, a tanner, a currier. 

Chiim-ba, lu^ itm a, m. A tribe of beggars 
who cut or scarify their skin. 

Chum-bel-ee, ,^t^ W^ 8 f. A flower 
(Jasminum grand iflorum). 

Ch6m-boo, ^-^ ^j 8. m. A narrow- 
necked vessel for holding water. 

Chum-bul, J--oj^ ^^^ s,/. Name of a river. 

Chum-bur, j^^ s. m. A cover (surposh) 
for the chilum of a hookka, a circle, hoop (of a 
tub, &c.) ring, collar. Chumbur-i-ffurtfun, Stocks, 
pillory, necklace, handkerchief, dog's collar. 
Chumbnree, adj. Round, circular. 

Ch6m-bur, ;'^^ 8. m. Sphere, an orb, a 
wheel, globe, circle, disk, necklace. 

Ch6m-chuh, ^to^ s. m. A spoon, ladle. 
Chumchuh-bhur, adj. Spoonful. 

Chum-chum-^-hut, v.S^Us:^ ^4i*i*<l^d 
s,f. Brightness. 

Chum-chum-d-na,l)Us:^ >^?f^4iicii t;. «.To 
tingle, to sleep, to sparkle, to shine, to glitter. 

Chum-ch(l^-ukh,i^^Js=^^T^^^^ adj. Lean, 
meagre. *. m. A bat. 

Chum-g6e-dur, j*y*^^ ^W^^ a.m.^ . 
Chum-g^^ur, j*>l^^ ^iHlT^ 8. m. >, 
Chum-g&d-ree, orJ»>^ ^'TJ^ s.f.) * " 

Chum-k^-hut, G-^K^ 8.f. Glitter, splen- 
dour, much light. 

Chum-ki-na, ^^^ ^^^hi v. a. To cause 
to glitter; to provoke, to make to start; to wave, 
to brandish, to brighten; to display. 

Chum-kdo, 3l^Ai»* "^W^T^T s. m. Glitter, 

Chum-mul, J^*^. ^iffwf 8, m. 

ChAm-la, 3U^ ^i^WT 8. m. > 

Chum-lee, ^>ft^ T*r^ «./. J r^ T 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

* J A beggai-'s 






(soft dental) 

C 88 3 






(Northumbrian r) 


i k 1^ 

in (deep Mqnid HmgoBl) loeh 

Chum-6o-kun, r/)^ 'Tfl?^ *• ^* A tick 
or louse infesting cattle. 

Chum-<5-ta, ^}^ ^Wtzt s.m.'lA razor- 

Chum-6-tee,^^^^filT^ s, f. ) strap. 

Ch6in-pa, t^ "^^Pn s. m. The name of a 
flower-tree (Michelia champaca). Chumpa-huleey 
f . /. A necklace, each piece of which resembles 
the unblown flowers of the Chumpa. Chwnpa- 
kiia, A kind of plantain. 

Chma-pee,,^fijAi^^nrft orf;. Orange-coloured. 

Ch6m-pnk b6r-nee, v^*-^r^ ^^PTli Tiff 
iidj. Of the colour of Chuw^pa. 

Chiim-pat h6-na, t'^u£^^^ ^nPT^ ^TTT 
v. n. To varnish, to disappear, to scamper away, 
to run away. 

CMm ra, tj^ ^^T^T «. m. Leather, a hide, 
a skin, the skin. Chumra (stfhfyna, — chhoDrd- 
na, — khy^hna, or, — nik&tna. To flay. 

Chum-rukh,*^;^ ^^^PW 8. f. The appara- 
tus of a spinning wheel; (met.) a lean woman. 

Ch6m-uk,uX<M^^nnr*./ Glitter, splendour. 
Chumuk-tumuk, s.f. Splendour, refulgence, glit- 

Chum-uk-najUU^ ^T^T^T^ r. n. To glitter, 
to shine; to prosper; to he angry. 

Ch(im-uk-ta,liCou»* T»nnn O^'. Bright, glit- 

Ch6m-un, jAe- 8. m. A bed in a garden, a 
parterre, flower garden. Chumun hun4f s. m. A 
gardener. Chumm-burujiee kuma. To lay out a 
garden. Chumun''i'4uhr, Terrestrial abode. Chu- 
mtm-rar ,Meadow, garden ground. Chumunee, a^j. 
Of or relating to a parterre. Chwmm-ist&n, $, m. 
A flower-bed. 

Chum-ur-bdg-lee, J^,f^ ^HK^^i^ 8,f. 
A bittern. 

Chum.ut-kdr,jl^i^ ^4i^<fiK 5./. A sort of 
grass; haste. s,m. Amazement; splendour. Chu- 
mutkaree, adj. Astonishing, sagacious, acute. 

Chun, j^ ^ *. w. A kind of sugar-cane. 

Ch6n-a, Ufif. ^Tun *- wi. A kind of pulse, 
chick-pea (Cioer arietinum), yetches. 

Chun-^r, j^ 8. m. A plane tree, poplar. 

Chun-chul, Jap^ ^'^'V^ adj. Playful; rest- 
less, wanton; perishable. Chm^chvl&ee, s. f. 
Restlessness, playfulness. ChunchuUihay f. /. 
Restlessness, unstea^ness, wantonness. 

Chun-ch\il-a-na,l)2ls^ ^^^^TPTT r. n. To be 
playful, wanton, or restless. 

Chun-chAl-ta, 1:%^ ^i^V^m «. / Perish- 
ableness; restlessness. 

Chun-chuu-^-na, OUar^ f^in^n v. n. To 
throb or shoot (as, abUe, &c.); to make the noise 
butter does in a frying-pan. 

Chund,'jaj». ck(/. How many? howmudi? 
how often? some, a few. Chw4 *ir chwt4y odj. 
Several, various. Chtmi'rhxukt «<(;• Of few days, 
ephemeral. H&r-churuji, or, Hur-chuwjt-ki, adv. 
Although, nevertheless, notwithstanding, how- 
ever, with all that, so much the more. Chm4goh, 

Chund, o>;w^ ^ 8. m. The moon. Chm4' 
m^fkh, $. m. A bright foce or beautiful as the 
moon. Chun(jt^mQQkhee, or, Chuwf-bwfunee, adj. 
Having a &ce splendid as the moon. 

Chtkn-da, t J^ ^^fT 8, m. Assessment, coa- 
tribution, subscription. 

Chun-da, Jl^ ^i-WW 8. m. An inferbr 
cast of Hindoos; (met.) a miser, a mercilen 

Chun-ddn, j\^^ adj. So much, much, 
many, numbers, more, as many as, howmaiiy 
soever, so greatly. C/um4ajiJti, As many, as 
much, whatever, so greatly. 

Chun-dd-wul, J^*^ 8. m. The rear-guard, 

Ch6n-de, ^j'^ o^r. Some, a few, a little, 
some time. 

Chun-d6e-ha, ^A^ ^t^^TT adj. Silrery, 

Chun-d6el, Ji^^^ ^^ \8. f^. ^ ^^^ 

Chun-dfel-a, ^j.j^^^j' of Bajpoots 
wlio d«im descent fi<om tiie moon. 

Chund-een, ^.J^ adj. So much, so many- 

Chtm-d61-e€, Jk'^ '^^ s.f. Cambrick 
(made at Ckundel). 

Chun-d6r-ee, u^."^ -'J^l'- /• N""* 

Chuii-d61, Jj.^'*. ""f^ / of a place. 

Chdn-di-ya, 0^^ -^f^ »•/- The crown 
of the head., ifJOu*. ^*^^iwir. Bald. 8. m. Bald- 

Chun-d61, J;5^^<%TO 8. m. The rear- 
guard ; a sort of sedan; the name of a bird; a play- 
thing consisting of four littte earthen pots joined 

ChM-ra, IjJ^ -tJTT «&■• Bald; wwe, 
intelligent , 

Chund-r^-na, OtjJOj^. ^Pn v. n. To N 
with^ed or dried up (a tree), to cease to grow. 

Chiind-rik-a, tU^ ^^ 5./. The moon- 
shine, the moon-beams. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 





[ «9 ] 

r t 

(harah palntick) (soft dental) 





ChuQd-ra-hdr, j^*^ ^^nx s. m. Au or- 

iMUBeDt of dr«88, a sort of neckUee. 
Chin-^un, j«\;a. ^JT «. m. Sandal- wood 

or tree (Siriiim mjrrtilbiiaiD). 
Chdndnr, j;^ V? '\$.m. Tlie moon. 
Ch6n-dni, J Chimfru-mxihhee, 

Having a coontenance beautiful as the moon. 
Chfin-dor-ma, Uo^ ^ jinr s. m. The moon. 
Chund-wa, f^JOj^.^^^ s. m, A small canopy, 

an aiming^. 
Chun-6th, a^^*;^^.^^^ s. / Spices given to 

cattle, drugs for oxen. 

Chung, i^C^ s.f, A claw, finger; the hand 
expanded; a guitar, harp; fame, report; a paper 
kite which tbey fly at night; the name of a suit 
at cards. Chung-nuw&zee, a. f. Playing on the 
guitar, &c. 

Chun-ga, I^L^ ^i^n adj. Healthy, cured, 
sound. Chunga bundna. To correct, punish, put 
to right, chastise. Bhula-chunga^ adj. In health 
and vigour; perfect, good. 

Chung-Mo, ^\^.Si^ '^ im 5. m. Name of 
a disorder. 

Chim-gee,^^,is^ s. m. One who plays on the 

Chnn-g^r, jSi^ ^i^ s.f. A flower-pot, a 

Chun^6M, ]jS^ ^f^rrr s. «•. -I A large 
Chun.g6r-ee,^;^ ^^^ s,f / basket ; 

a trough or tray. 

Ch6tt^(»l, J^. s. m. A claw, talon, hand, 
chitch, grasp, hook. 

Chun-g6or, j/;^ ^^ adj. Excellent. 

Ch6n-gar, /;*. ^ir:*. m. Tray, trough. 

Chun-«opr,;**-s-^ ^i(^ «. m. Cress, cresses 

(Lepidium sativum). 
Chunt, vi^ ^ ^. in. A miser. 
ChAn-ukjt^'^iRr*./ The bursting of the 

husk of a seed by exposure to the sun. 
Chin-uk-na, K^ ^^rrt t;. n. To burst 

and &U out (as, a seed from the husk). 
Ch6n-wur, ^^ '^f^^ s. m. An instrument 

msde of peacock's feathers, &c. waved over the 

head of a sovereiga, intended originaBy to keep 


Chop. V^ ^'- J^-eft (hand, fiwj). 
Chup-d-na, tL^^irpn v. a. .jflTo abash; to 
pisce one thing on another, to piTe. 

Chup^-tee, J?U. ^nrmt s./. A thin cake 
ofuaieavened bread. 





Chup-^t, vi^-^ ^^ s. f. A slap, a blow ; 
a sudden mbfortune, risk. 

Chup-6t-a, Ua^ ^rt^T s.n^A slap, a blow. 
adj. Illegitimate, s. m. A bastard. 

Chup-hil, J^ifc. ^unw *./ A place sur- 
rounded with marshes and mire. 

Ch6p-ka, ICa. ^ttot 8. m. Caprimulgus. 

Chup-k^-na, OC^ ^irvpn t;. n. To make 
adhere, to stick on; to conprtM; to threaten. 

Chup-kul-ish, j ^^iJh^ «./ Crowding,' want 
of room. 

Ch6p.kun,^^^ ^T^nr^ s.f. A kind of vest, 
a sort of coat. Chupkun4dr, s. m. A vest like a 

Chfip-na, U^ ^^«nt;. n. To be abashed, 
to be bashful in company, to blush, to submit, to 
stoop. Chipruty v n. To be concealed. 

Chup-nee, ^j^ ^^ip^ «. / A lid, a cover, top 
(small), the knee-pan. Ckupnee-hkur p&nee me^ 
(or like) dooh muma (lit. to drown one's self in 
a saucer-full of water); to be greatly abashed. 
Chupneech&inee, (lit. to lick thepot-Ud); to be 
contented with little. 

Chup-o-r&t, cs-^^^^^,^^ s. m. (lit right and 
left) Unsteadiness, want of principle; careless- 

Chup.6-tee JS^^ ^rkr^s.f. An old worn- 
out turband., U^ ^TJH s. m. A handbreadth. 
Ch6p.pee, ^^j^ Wt $. f. Kneading the 

Ch6p-poo, )^ ^9. m. An oar, a row. 
Ckuppoo mdrna, v. a. To row. 

Ch6p-pul, J^^TJTO*./. Slipper. 
Chiip-pun, ^^^ i^ripr 8. m. A lid or cover of 

a pot (krge). 
ehtip-ra, Ij^ ^^TTfi s. m. A kind of lac; 

clear land. 

Chup-rd-na, Otj^ ^^ptt v. a. To falsify, 
to brazen. 

Chup-r^oo, 3k^ ^TTfT^ cu^\ Brazen- 
faced, s, m, Shppers. 

Chup-rds, u- W ^'TO^ «• / A buckle, a 
breastpkte, a badge. 

Chup-rd-see, s^\ji^ TqTT^ s. m. A mes- 
senger or other servant wearing a chipfmA 

Ch6p-ree,^3^ TT^«./. Cakes of cow- 

Chup-ta, U^ T«r^T adj. Flattened, com- 
pressed, shallow. C^r\n,n\o 
Digitized by VjOOV IC 



(mA JenUl.i 

L 00 3 







rSortkaaWin r) 


k kb 

(deep hqwid fiBg«»l) Iwb 

^MiMi v.o. To flatten. 
^nrfWt *. /. The 

Chop-ti-na, VI 

■smeof u insect 

Chop-uk-iia, Ui^ ^ M4^ l r- «- To coll^>8e. 

Chfip-ul, J-A. ^^^ adj\ Wanton, restless, 

Chdp-nl-a, %^ ^r^W(s./. Lightning. 
Chap-or-ch6p-ur, j^ J i^ ^ Mg^M^ s. m. 

Ao iflutmtire souBd of the noise of the month in 

ChnpHjr-na, ^h^ ^M"?iT r. n. To flee, to 

run SWBj; to desist, to denjr. 

Chup-ut-na, Ux^ ^M^^l r. «. To be 

Char, j^ ^IT «. m. A ford, shoal, island ; 
soond made hj tearing doth. fcc. adj. Remore- 
able, moreable, morin^, l^oin^; animate. «. m. 
Forage, pastare; food. Chir, Long (time). 

Chnr, yo^ ^^ s. m. Sound made b j break- 
ing a branch. 

Chur-i-ee, i^-^f^ ^<\t 9,f. The price paid 
for pastorage; grazing, feeding. 

Chnr-aj^piy V^';^ Rearing (a horse). 

Chor-a-gah, ^l> f;^ «•/ A pasture, a mea- 

Chur a-in-dnh, JJAajIj^ adj. Grazing. «. m. A 

Chur-ik, '^f;^ T^^ s. m. An animal that 

Chur-^n, j't^ ^rrPT s. m. Lea fallow, a 

meadow, a salt marsh or meadow by the sea-shore. 
Char-d-na, ^^'j^ ^\I*fT r. a. To graze, to 

Chur-ao, ^^;^ ^TRT «. m* Pastnre-ground. 

Cburb, ^)^ odj. Fat, thick, gross, viscous, 
oily. «. An oTermatch. Churh^ust, adj. Actire, 
iogenions, (met.) a thief. Ckurbzubdn, adj. A- 
greeable, conversible, entertaining, persuasive, 
s. m. A flatterer. Churbzubdnee, Persuasion, 
flattery. Churb-shfza, Dainties, viands. 

Chur-bd-na, t^!;^ ^IMHI v. a. To brace a 

Chdr-bee,^;^-*-^' Fat, suet, grease. Chur- 

heeijlSr, adj. Fat, not lean. Churbee keejhitlee, *./. 

Chur-buh, ^,f^ «. m. Oiled paper. 

Chur-bur b6l-na,U!^-j)^^ir?i|T^RT 1 v. a. 
Churbur kiir-na, U/yj-^f- ^Tf^^ *<^1 / To 
chatter, to prattle. 

ChArnAa, U^ '^^ ». »••/. Talking over 
past erents, mcntioB, me tk w M g, report, dis- 
cowse, discwnoB, lo osid m i tina ^ aigwaeot, pie- 
Taknce. cagagcdscM, attention to bvsittCM; ado- 
ration; pcrfwiflg by plastering the whole per- 
son with aandal-wood, &c. 
Chur-chel-a, ^^^;** ^^^ #. «• A chatter- 
er, a prater. 
Church-na, ^t^^ ^rk^ r. a. To consider, 

reflect, apprehend, conceive. 
Chur-chuk, i-^t?- ^^ '• »". An arguer. 
Chnr-chur, ^^f^ ^T^T »• m. Prating, chat- 
tering; an imitative sound. 
Chur-chur, v^^v^ ^TTf s, m. An imitative 

Chur.chur-4-na, ttj^-^j^ ^<^<HI v. n. To 
crackle (as, wood in the fire), to sputter, to chew 
with a cracking noise, to chide. 
Chur-chur-d-na, ''^'j^j?^ ' ^^^>gHl v. n. To 

Chur-chyt,',:--^;^*- T?^ ». «. A reasoner, 

a meotioner. 
Chur ee, ^yo^ ^ s. /. Unripe com cut for 

Churgh, 9/^9- *R. A kind of a hawk. 
Chur|^ee-nuh, *^>C;^ adj. Wicked, rillaun- 

Churg^afl, A^;^ s. m. A cricket. 
Chur-hi-ee,l^^ft3^ xrHi: */. Ascent; acdi- 
vity, embarkation, attack, rank, dignity; price 
pa^ for ascending, riding, embarking, &c. 
Chur-ha-na,^^^jj^ ' il^Mi r. a. To make as- 
cend, &c.; to offer up oblations or sacrifice; to 
string a bow, to brace a drum; to raise, lift, take 
up, advance, apply, put, spread, bend, dye (with 
colour), pull, run. 
Chur hdo,^tfc;A.^TT^s. m. Ascent, acclivity, 

attock, rank, dignity, tide. 
(3iurh-bun-na, ^Jb";^^ "^i^Hi r. a. To find 

an opportunity. 
Chur-h^e, jst'^^ ^^ 1 s.f. Preparation 
Churh-nee, ^itju^ ^T^^ / for battle. 
Churh-ke, ^J^y^ ^T^ adv. Avowedly, de- 
signedly, excelkntly. 
Ch^h-na, ^y^ ^»^^fT v. n. To ascend, 
mount, ad ranee, attack, embark, rise, climbi soar, 
spread, swelU ride. Ckmrhna iuturna, v. n. To 
hire and dismiss. 
Chiirh-ta ho-ha, Ij.ybbjfcyr ^irTiTT tl^ «?• '*• 

I'o excel. 
Churh.tee,^ab^'^r?Tp5./, Advatttage, gain. 

Digitized by VjOOQI^ 


C 91 J 







(harth piUatick) (soft dental) 










Ciinr-hun-d^, jl ja3b^ ^ ^j^K s, m. A pas- 
senger, supercargo. 

Chnrh-w^n, c^l^l^j^ ^TTVPT adj. Rising up 
(a shoe orer the heel of the wearer.) 

Qmrh-wd-na, ^'y^j^ ^^^[^i v. a. To 
cause others to raise or to make ascend or to poll 
on, &o. 

Churh-wj-ja, V^^j-^ ^4^i|| 8. m. One who 
ascends, naounts, &c. a rider. 

Chur-hy-ta, bL ^ fc i i^. ^^ttt s. m. A trooper 
who does not ride his own horse, a rider. 

Chur-itr, j3y^ ^r<4 *. m. Nature» temper, 
behayionr, disposition, motion, action, conduct, 
procedure, manner, carriage, quality, humour, 
use, custom, talent; history. 

Chor-ka, ^j^ ^<^\ atf;. White-spotted (as, 
frov a leprosy), s, m. A small wound. 

Chdr-kee, i^j^ ^X^ s. m. A leper. 

Churls ff^ s, m. A wheel (particularly, a 
pot(er*s, or of a watermill, a well or an oil-press) } 
the sky, the hearens, the celestial globe, the sphere ; 
circolar motion; turn, press; fortune, chance; 
a hyena. Chur^i'UgUr, The hearen of the 
Stan. Chiri^pSoja, A ceremony observed by the 
lower orders of Hindoos in Bengal, on the day 
when tfie sun enters Aries, for the expiation of 
thdr sins. They are suspended by an iron hook 
passed through the skin of the back, to one end 
of a lever, which is raised on the top of a high 
pole, and whirled round by means of a rope fixed 
to the other end. CkurU-chufhna, v, n. To dress 
oradcHm one's self; to turn (as, in a lathe). 
ChmrU-^i-^QUv^or, s, m. The sky, the heavens, 
the firmament. Churih^zun, s. m. A spinner. 
Ckurih'zunee, i,f. Spinning, a spinning- wheeL 
CfmrihmArnaj v, n. To circulate (as, the blood), 
to tarn round, to wheel. 

Chdr-|ba,U.|^ s.m. A spinning wheel, a reel. 
aij Thin, weak, s, m. A nag, jade, garran. 

Ctur-^ee, v^j*^ «• /. A spinning wheel, a 
poUy. adj. Voluble; the instrument with which 
the seed is separated from the cotton; a globe; a 
kind of fire-work, catharine-wheek; a dumb- 
Chor-kat-a, ^j^ ^ <^^l s. m. The person 
who cuts forage for cattle, elephant-keeper's 
Chiirm,^!^ s. m. Leather, a skin, a hide. 
Chiir-m6e-nuh»/A2/Dj^ adj. Made of leather. 
Chfirmeemih*4oZf # . m, A shoemaker. Churmee' 
^^^jurdshf #. m. One who sells shoes. 
Char-na,tji^ T^I^^T v. n. To graze, to feed. 






f . m. Half trowsers. CkUma chufhdna, v. a. 

put on half trowsers. 
Chur-do-a, t^;^. ^i^T s. m. A large pot 
Chiir-ph6r, j^ji>^ ^ <M>< s. m. Activity, 

cleverness, quickness. 
Chur-ph6r-a, 1;^;^ ' ^i^^^i adj. Active, 

clever, quick. 
Chur-p<5oz, J jJ;^ adj. Useless, stupid, mi- 
serly, wicked, mean. 
Chur-p(ir-a, \jJj^ ^ <M<I adj. Acrid, hot 

(as, pepper); smart (in conversation). 
Chur-pur-^-hut, C^tj^^ ^<q<i'5d s. f. 

Smarting, pungency. 

Chur-pur-i-na, ^^xij^ ^ST^TTTT v. n. 

Chur-pur-^na, ^\yij^ ^^M^HI v. «. 

palpitate, flutter, throb. 
Chur-ptir-i-ya, Vji)^ "^Tj^ftjH adj. 

tive, ingenious. 
Ch6r-ra, \j^ T^T s. m. Thunder. 

Chur-r^-na, Ot^ ^'^Ml v. n. To burst; to 
ache, to smart. 

Churr-ch6oii, J^^j^ ^^ *• ^- An imita- 
tive sound (as of a carriage, wheel, &c.); idle 

Chtir-sa, L» tjab. if^i^ s. m. A hide, a skin. 

Chtir-tee, ,^J*^ ^i'ft s, m. One who does 
not fkst. 

Chiir-uch-na, ^j-^ ^TT^pn v. a. To per. 
fume the person of any one by plastering sandal- 
wood, ke. all over him, to apply (perfumes to the 

Chiir-uk, '^;Ja^ s. m. Leprosy. 

Ch6r-un, jjp^ ^Tmr s. m. The foot ; the 
feet of a verse; shoes. Churundmritt Ambrosia 
of the feet (used in the expression). Churundni' 
rit iSna, To wash the feet of a guest and sip the 
water. Chtirundduk, Water in which feet have 
been washed. 

Chur-und, *^f^ \8. m. A beast, an ani- 

Ch6r-un-duh, i^tii;^ J mal that grazes. 
Churuwf opurttn4t f . m. Beasts and birds. 

Ch6r-ur,j|je. ^^ s. m. An imitative sound. 

Char •us, yj^f^ '%T:^ s. m. The exudation of 
the flowers of hemp ooUected with the dew and 
prepared for use as an intoxicating drug; a lea- 
thern bucket, an urn. 

Chur-w^-ee, \s^^j^ ^<4['t *• /• Price paid 
for pasturage. 

Chur-wd-ha, IJb! ^j^ ^mTT s. m. A grazier, 
a shepherd. ^ j 

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(soft dental) 

[ 95 ] 






(Northumbriaik r) 


(deep liquid Hogual) 



ChuTK, )yt^ s. m. A sort of bustard (Otis 

Chushm, fwL;. 8,f. m. The eye ; hope, ex- 
pectation. Ahoo-chmhm, ftiwB-eyed, soft-eyed (an 
epithet expressive of beauty). Chuakm^-bu^^oar, 
Ayaunt malicious glances. Chu8hm'bwrdh'h6Ha, 
To wait for, to expect. Chuih-i-beemAr, s, m. 
An eye that looks balf closed (from modesty, an 
epithet applied to beauty). Chushm-poshee, M,f, 
Tummg away the eyes, affecting not to see or I 
hear a petitioner, &c. connivance. Ch»shm'Vturt 
f . m. Weeper. Chushm-i'turee, 8.f» Moist eyes, 
full eyes, weeping. Chushm-U^nvh, The socket 
of the eye. Chushm'i'Mo<m-al6o4^ Fiery eyes, 
eyes filled with blood, murderous k>oks. O^icsAm- 
ifashi, s.f. Hope, confidence. Chushm-zuiAm* «• «. 
The lo<4c of an evil eye; a misfortune. Chuihm- 
nosm&ee, M,f. Reproof. ChusAm^o-chirdgk, Dear- 
ly beloved. 
Chiish-mub, ^Kt^M^n^s. m. Spectacles; a foun- 
tain, source. 
Chish-muk, uC<Jb>^ e.f. Wink, winking; 
spectacles; the seed of Cassia absus, used as a 
remedy in diseases of the eyes. Chushmuk-zuijiun, 
A winking. Chushmuk mdma. To wink. 
Ch68h-uk, iJCi^ s.f. Fasting. 
Chds-ka, <i^ ^r^^ s. m. Love, ardent 

desire, a relish, habit, custom. 
Chds-na, U*«j8^'i^irr v. n. To burst, or split 

(as, tight cloth). 
Chu8-pdn, c; W^ ^^"* Viscous, slimy, cohe- 
rent, sticking together. 
Chus-pee-du-gee, ^^jj^**^ s. f. Love, af- 
fection, attachment, coherence, tenacity. 
Chu8-p6e-duh, ^Ou^i^. adj. Joined to, stuck, 
'adhered; addicted to, liking, fond of, attached, in- 
clined to. 
ChuB-pin-dtth, «J^»*^ adj. Adhesive. 
Cb68-«ee, v.,-^ ^ «•/ A species of itch 
peculiar to the paLns of the hand and soles of the 
feet, said to be occasioned by insects. 
Chus-uk, lX«^ ^ir^^ B. f. Pain, aching, 
throbbing pain, a stitch (sharp landtating pain). 
Chut, Lf^ ^^ adv. Quickly, instantly, a, /. 
An excoriation, a sore, scab, cancer; the noise 
of breaking. Ckut-bhrnm, Eating op the whole, 
licking the platter clean. Chut th tdotna. To snap 
abort, to break. Chut huma. To eat, to dissipate. 
Chut-archAtjLS^l^^JT^tT*. ni. Reiterated 

Chnir^ee^^^'^fZjfs.f. A mat. Chuiaee 
bichhdna, r. o. To mat, to spread a mat. 

Caiut-ik, w^l^ ^^T^ 8./. A crash, an ex- 
plosion, adj. Intelligent. 

Chut-Ak-ha^ 1^1^ ^^WT «. m. A craA, an 
explosion, a smack (or kiss). 

Chut-dn, c^U^^^TW 8. f. Rodty ground, 
block of stone. 

Chut'^-na, OUi*. ^ 6m\ v. a. To make lick 
or lap up. 
I Chdt-i-ya, l?^ "wfzwj s. m. A pupil, a 

Chut-ka, K^ ^^^m 8. m. Scarcity. Ckutka 
htgSma, To thirst, to wish. 

Chut-k^-na, ^^^^ ^ 6^\A\ v. a. To crack 
(as, a whip), to snap the fingers (in rejoicing); 
to split; to fire off a musket; to irritate. 

Chut-kir-na, ^^^ '^i^K^l v. a. To urge 
cattle by the clacking noise made by drawing the 
tongue from the pi^te. 

Chut-k^e-la, 5UCS^ ^ifT'^W adj. Splendid. 

Chut-kun-a, Ui^ '^Z^PTT s. m. A slap, a 
box, a blow. 

Chiit-na, U^ ^ d ' *ji ac^. m. Voracious 

Ch6t-nee, ^rz^ ,^tf^^ *./ A kind erf acid 
sauce (or marmalade). €ulj^. Voracious (woman). 

Chut-ok-ha, ^y^ ^^Hll 8. m. A kind of 

Cfaut-6o-a, \y^^ ^^"^ *• *"• A *^* of play- 
thing; a sort of hawk. 

Chdt-(»r, f^ ^T adj. Ctever, cunning, 
sly, shrewd, wise, knowing; four. 

Chut-og-r^ee, v^ty^^gTlfl 5-/ tun- 

Chut-&r-ta, t^ Tgnm J ning, cle- 
Temess, slyness, wisdom, knowledge. 

Chut-®r.bh4a, gS!;^ ^^^ «4^'- hav- 
ing four hands, an epithet of Vithnoo. Chaqsr-^ 
bhigffee, cuff.f. Having four hands, an epithet of 

Chut-(»r-dd8-€e, ^^<^y^^jpj^ s.f. The 
foorteenth day of the moon's age. 

( hut-6-ra, Ij^ ^ di<\ s. m. An epicure. 

Ch6t-put, iS^'^S,^ yfZ'f^adv. Hastily, in a 
harry, instai^y. 

Chut-pAt-a, ^^^^ ^f^TT^ a^' Active, 
hasty; stout; meat dressed with little saaoe or 

OiUt-putr^ut, li^Uie^^ ^iMdl^d *./• 

Agitation, flurry, flutter, palpitatioB. 
Chut-p6t-ee, ,^\£^ ^eMel «• / Haste, 
hurry, quickness, agility. 

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C 93 ] 


ooQ{>gy r t wwyyzh 

too good oar (hanli palatick) (soft dental) bat write yoa my pleasure 

Chot-put-d-na, OUjv^i*. ^ dM^mi v. n. To 
he agfiteted, to flatter, te palpitate, to wince. 

Chut-p^i-ya, Lxjv»^ ^iMpefll adj. Ac- 
tiye, quick, alert; hot with spicet. 

Chutr, j2^ s. m. An umbrella. Chufrmdr, A 

Chiit-ra,!;:^^ HHfl<l l adj. Wise, intelligent, 

ChAt-Qs>-ra, n^pa J cunning, clerer. 

Chdt-ree, i^y^ ^Tpft s.f. A canopy, veil, 
a parasol; a tent, a pavilion. 

Chut-sil, JUv*^ ^Zm^ }S. /.A 

Chnt-s^-ree, ^jUt*^ ^3im^ > school, 
an academy. 

Chi&t-ta, Uj^ "TjT 8. m. A school boy. 

Chttt-ta-bdt-ta, Ixj U^ ^§Hg( «. m. A play- 
thing, a kind of rattle or clapper given to chil- 

Ch^t-tee, ^^j^'^^ s.f. Scarcity, want. 

Chiit-thi,^^ Tfr s. m. A bonne-bouche, 

Chut-uk, uX^ T^^ S.f. A crash, a crack, 
a smack; intelligence, gaudiness; glitter, splen- 
dour, prime of life. Chutuk sS, adv. Deceiving. 
Chutttk se jdna. To pay with the fore topsail. 
Chutuhw/i^, i,f. Quickness. 

Chut-6Ub-na, Us^^ ^<r^nTT V. n. To crackle 
(as, charcoal). 

Chut-iik-na, l^"^^ ^d**iT v. n. To crackle, 
to crack (as, a whip); to split. 

Chut-ur-mir^ jUjli^ s. m. Toadstool, mush- 

Chut-z6e-ruh, JJjJJl*^ '•TZ^TI «. w. The 
name of a tree. 

Chu-wi-ee, [Jy^ ^^"It »• »»• Reporter, 

Chu-wi-la, ^1^^ '^n^TT s. «i. A chair, a se- 

Chu-w^, ^y^^^J^ s. m. A report,a8lander. 

Chy Ja, S^ ^^rr s. m. A billet of wood cut 
for burning, &c. 

Chyn, j^ %^ s. m. Ease, relief, repose, 
tranqulMty; denying a bet in gaming, imposture. 

Chy--na, Ujj^ %»n s. m. A kind of com, 

Chyt, ^^s-rr?" ^ *• ^' The Hindoo name of 
the twelfth month, the full moon of which is 
near Chitra. 

Chy-tiin-yu, <UU^ ^fl«e| 8. tn. Reason, un- 
derstanding, caution, perception, the possession 
of the proper use of the £iunilties; an animal or 
sentient being, adj. In possession of the senses, 

awake, rational, sensitive, cautious, attentive, 
aware, perceiving. 


Da,*! •3*. Disease. Z)aap««^/wJ, The scald 
head. Daeolfeel, The elephantiasis. 

Pab, i^]^ 8. m. Custom, manner, institution, 
state, condition; vehement or forcible propulsion. 
Jfab-i-iosfibtdt s. m. Good manners, civilisation. 

Dabj^-*'"^^^!^*/' The name of agras8(Poa 
cynosoroides). #. m. A aword-belt; an unripe 

P^b-buh, a>|%> 8. m. A beast, quadruped. 

Dabh, ^M mv «. A forest. 

P^b-na, Uj!fc> ^i^^i t?. a. To press down, 
to suppress, to chub ; to squeeze. Dab^ rvkhna, 
To conceal, to steal and conceal; to press (parti- 
culariy, with the thighs), to retain by pressure, to 
gripe (as, money). Dab lena. To outgrow. 

Ddb-uk, v-^!J ^w^ 8. m. Fresh water 
drawn from a well. 

D^b-ur, y.i J ^N< i. m. A vessel for wash- 
ing hands in. 

Pad, *>l*^ J^ 8. m. A ringworm, herpes. 

Pad, *>!o 8.f. A gift, a giving ; justice, law, 
equity; revenge, part. pass, (incomp); given, 
as, EMfa-^atf, Oiven by God. Pw/buUsh, Be- 
stower of justice. Pa(fp^8€€, Enquiry after jus- 
tice. Dot/ he464 Mmay To demand justice. Pa4' 
Uwai^, Demanding justice, a petitioner of jus- 
tice, a plaintiff. f>a4'MlwAhee, s.f. Demanding 
of justice. Pa4i'4ii, Heart's desire. Pa4'4ihish, 
t.f. Liberality, mnniiicence, a present. Pa4-4e' 
nee, To praise one's actions properly; to make 
reparation. Da^'rus, Administering justice, paif 
ho pu/idenchna. To obtain justice. Pa^kopu- 
hOOnchAna, To administer justice. Pa^-gur, Ad- 
ministrator of justice. Pa4 Una, To take revenge. 
Pa4 milnee, v. n. To obtain redress. Patji-o be- 
4a4f Crying out for help or justice. Patf-o^tud, 
s.f. Giving and taking, traffick. 

pi-da, 1*3!*^ ^T^ 8. m. Paternal grandfether, 
elder brother. 

Pad-ir, ji*3!*> s. m. Bringer or distributer 
of justice (an epithet of the Deity). 

P^-dee, v^i*> ^p^ 8. f. Paternal grand- 

Pirdee-fur-yadee, c.^(i;3^.3|*> A plaintiff, 
a compUdnaot. 

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C M ] 




{Mdh-oa, '-abJf J ^nfan r. «• To barn. 

ine4 to core tW ria^om ( Cmm akta). 
Dad-nee, ^•>'*>'l «. /. Adrances of mo- 
P^-dnn-ee, J ney. acjr*. Fit to be 


^T^ ». 

prop. A cdebnied 

9, M, 

A frog. 






fukear. lktdoo-pmmi&e€, 
I^d-^»r, j^'.> ^TJT 1 

Pd-degr-wa, ;-3l Jl ^15^ / 
Pid-ra, f;^t^ 4K<l «. «. A kind of song. 
Di-diih, ^y ^y part pass. Giren. 
P^^ee, v^'^ s, JR. daimant, pr^ender. 
Pi-ec, ^*y ^rib( In compos.) Giring. 
P»-ee, v^'«> s*X. A mUk-nnrse ; a midwife. 

Jpmee-pil6€e^ $,/, A wet mmiwt. ^aee-jmmdee, s.f. 

A wMmift. l)aeekos6w^ma. To fat ^attmumne. 

Patt^hkUatt, Adrynne. Date-gwret^B./. Mid- 

witerj^ th« hiJBf •£ m mmrwe,mmMma^. 
Pa-en-bi-en, Jb 4fj^t^TN:Onther%lit 


Pi-fi-o, ^1^ oij^ Repulsing, arerting. 

pagjk, ^^ s. m. I^pot, stain, mark, scar, a 
firecUe, anark aiad« bj hFonuB^ witk a hot inw, 
esmtaj. (adjectiTdj) Woaadcd, caatemcd, Iat- 
kngwmBj9€Mn. l>^ bar kalSe faoL Ommwu^- 
fortune foOowiB^ saoCber . fk^ ekmrkSta, or, — 
/s^oM, To rilify, to de&me. I3^«||.4ar, at^ 
Scarred, caotcriaed, ipotto^ BHurked, ttamed. 
Pag^ena, Tosarkbjbmai]^ witka kot iroii, 
to cauiterixe; to blemiib. .Poai lama. To rilify. 
jDofli %aa. To be damgcd, to gel a bad aaae. 

P^ijdt-ee, ^fJ adj. Spotted, stained. 
PofAtekmma, To ttaia, to bleedtb. 

Pa^b-na, U^l J v. a. To cauterize, to mark | 
bj bammg witb a hot iroo. 

Pah, ^\^ s.f. A maid servant. 

Pall, >f«>^7T*-^ Burning, conflagration, 
ardour, inflammation. Uah rmkhma^ To gmi^. 

Dahj 13 «TT *. yi Malice, spite, envy, 

Pa-ha, lfcf*3 s. m. The ten days of the Moo- 
hamun, in which the tombs of Hustm and Hoo^u 
are carried about and thrown into the rirer or 
other water. 

X)9i-hee„^t«^ adj» l%rewd, ingenious, pene- 

IM-hee, ,^f J ^rnft ad;'. Malicious, spitefuL 

Pa-hin-a, Utef J j ^ if^«ti ad;. Right (opposed 

to left). (In Sanscrit ^^f^W Jpmiskin, South or 

right; because the earth, the narel of which cor- 

responds to ffiadoostu, has its head to the west, 
its fieet to the cast, the right side to the south, sad 
the left to the north I or, pcrhapa^finom the position 
of eastern people in adoratioii of the sua. In An- 
bic «*tiHi/ denotes the north or left). 

P^-na, Ufcl J ^T^^ r. a. To bum. adj. 
Right (opposed to left). 

Ddh na, U2fcf3 ^i^«ii r. «. To bum with 
spite, to be malidom; to be fused (as, metals); 
to heat (metals). 

Pai-ee, cr^'*^ «. m. A well-wisher, one who 
prays for the weUkre of another; a ^ntiff; ooe 
who instigates another to anj thing, instigator, 


Pi-ee, J'^ ^ / *" "■• G*^««' « ^^^^' 

P^-im, jijf J at^\ Perpetual, permanent, con 

tinaal, always. Dmm SpiM^mi, adj. Sot^draak 

ard. Daim-gB i muri , EtemaUysic^. lkamam,adv. 

Etcmallj, for erer. Baimet, s,f. Perpetuity, con- 

Pa-ij^> ji*'^ part act. Encinjing, surround- 
ing. Patr-o-^ir, The circnit for the assises, alMO- 
lute, invested with aathority. 

Pii-ruh, »jil*> s. ai. A circle, a ring, drcum- 
forence, orbit; a taaihounn; a aonasteiy. Boi' 
rmAi^hiafee, A sna-dial. 

Pti-yuh,^U s. M. Petition, demand, plaint, 
desire, widi. 

l^ ^f*> s. m. Darkness, obscurity, a dark 

Dak, sSS ^€m s.f. A post (for the convey- 
ance of letters, abo rekj of horses or oipaikee 
bearers); a poet-office; perpetual vomiting. Bak 
Ivgmee, To be seised with constant voautiag. 
I Dak, u^ J MfW f. m. Hudiand of a Dakinee. 

Da-ka, ^\3 nnTT s. si. An attack by rob- 
bers. I}aka pmrma, ot^dema^ or — d&tw, To 

P^-kee, yJ\S ^svft adj. GluUonous. 
Pakh, *if\^ i^jm s.f. A raisin, a grape. 

Pakb-iU J^l*>/Hirt act. Entering^ penetnt- 
ing, arriring; (adjectively) Entered, produced; 
(subetantiTely) Inside, interior part; within. Da- 
mi 4Mry kwma, To transfer property (by tak- 
ing out the uaflM of the former proprietor from 
a deed or register and inserting that of the new)- 
Paitil kmrma. To cause to enter or arriTe, 
to place or fix in; to prodace, include, insert- 
Daikilhnui, To enter, arrive, penetrate, bcFonir. 
appertain, be inserted. 

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[ 95 ] 



(hank palatick) 

t u w y y jh 

(aofk dental) but write you ray pleasure 

P^U-a, 3U.U s. m. A receipt, entry in an 

IMkb-il-ee,vJLk|«> adj. Contained, belonging 

to, inherent. 
IM^-is, ^j»^f^ 8. A whitlow. 

Dak-in-ee, ^]ii ^ftf^ft s. /. A witch 
whose evil eye causes children to pine and die. 
(She is said to consume their lirer). (met.) A 

Dik-i-ya, t/|J vlftRT *. •«. A robber; a 

Ddk-na, U/ J Tt^mi V. a. To vomit 

Di-koo, ^\i MX% s, m. A robber, a pirate. 

jpal, «3 is the eighth letter of the Arabic, 
and iht tenth of the Persian alphabet; in the re- 
presentation of Hindee words by the letters of 
these alphabets, it denotes the Naguree ^ (4^)i 
or, with 16 (he) subjoined, V (jihu). In the nu- 
merical application of the Arabic alphabet, i3 {4oi) 
stands for four; hence, in Almanacks, it represents 
the fourth day of the week, Wednesday; it is 
moreover used in astronomy to denote the planet 
Mercury, or the sign Leo of the sodiac. 

Pal, J\*> ^W 8.f. Puke, vetches. Dal giiU 
nee kisee kee, v, n. To have an advantage, to avail. 

Dal, JU TW s.f. A branch, a bough. Ek- 

dal, adj. Of one piece, without joining. 
D^la, ^t <3 ^9TWr«. ot. A Utter, a large branch. 
Pfei*Un, Ji\'^8. tn. A hall, pur-^alanj An 

outer hall. 
Di-lee, ,^IJ ^yr^ s. / A present of fruit, 

&c. £ basket of fruit, &c.; a branch, a bough. 
Pall, Jt^ a4i' Indicative, significant, de« 

noting, expressive, typical, index. 
Dil-na, Uf J ^yronn v. a. To throw down, 

to fling, cast, drop, pour, lay, push, set, shake, 

submit, throw, thrust, destroy, throw away. Dal 

4hui, V, a. To throw away. 
Pam, Alt> s. m, A net, a snare. Pam-cfar^ 

A person who uses a net, a fisherman. Pamgtth, 

Place of snares. 
Pam, *!*> ^m 8. m. The twenty-fourth part 

iA%pyta; price; a rope. 
Da-m^ *>U|.3 «. m. A son-in-law. Damcuke^ 

«./. State, quality or right of a son-in-Utw. 
Pa-ma-siUi,*UU|*>^iTTOTT«-/w^.Narae of 

a merchant, who dying insolvent, his effects were 

divided among bis creditors in proportion to their 

Da-ma-s^hee, y^^Ul^ ^T^r^I'^ ». /. Pro- 

portioning, equal assessment, dividend (of a bank- 
rupt's property). 

Dd-mee, ,^\^ v^iift s.f. An assessment Doh- 
mee lugdna. To assess. 

pd-min-ee, ,^\^ ^iw^ s.f. Lightning. 

Pd-mu, (•!*> V. past tenscy Qd. pers. sing, nias. 
(in prayer). May it be perpetual, or, endure for 
ever ! ^anut-ziUaohOQ, or — zillQQhosm, May his or 
their prosperity continue. 

P^mun, >«l*> \ s. m. The skirt of a gar- 

Pa-min, jUti3j ment, the foot of a 
mountain; sheet (of a sail on shipboard); the 
foot or declivity of a mountain, pamun't/fshdn, 
at(f. Walking proudly or gracefully. PamunpU' 
kuTma* To prevent, oppose; to take protection, 
to take refuge, pamun phylAna, To beg, petition, 
desire. pamuH tule chhip&na. To protect; to 
commit crimes secretly. Damun jMfkttr (jsthna. 
To rise quickly in displeasure. Pamunjhutuk Una, 
To refuse, to decline clownishly. pamun chhasT^' 
na. To esoape, get rid of, come off. Pamun-^^r, 
adj. Wide (as, cloth.) Dannm 4uba bythna. To 
intrude upon. Pamtm ae lugna. To depend upon, 
to claim protection. Pamun-kUsh/in, adj. Aban- 
doning, turning away from. f>amun'i'k6ht The 
foot of a mountain, jpamun'geer, Attached to, 
depending on; an adherent, a dependant; demand- 
ing justice, an accuser, panunh-geeree^ s»f. At- 
tachment, friendship, applying for justice, ar- 

P^-mun-ee, ^^f»> 8./. Scrap of the shroud 
kept by relations of the deceased; a saddle-cloth, 
furniture, housings; an ornament worn on the 

Dd-mur, j^Uttitt: s. m. Resin, a torch. 

Pan, j\^ ^PT s. m. Charity, alms, act of 
giving or bestowing, gift; any thing demanded 
by law or custom, as toll, &c. Pan-puttur, s. tn. 
A deed of conveyance or gift. Pan-p^gfif », iti. 
Charity, alms. 

Pan, c)^*ypart. act Knowing, understandings 
(used in compos.); aSy Kfi<fr-4an, Knowing the 
value or quality (of persons) ; an affix denoting 
the receptacle, place or stand; as, Kttlum'4an, A 
pen-case. Shunui4^* A candlestick. N^Qkfuh^ 
<fan. Subtile, penetrating. 

P^-na, 0|i> adj. Wise, learned. Dana-e^ihr, 

Pa-nd-ee, ^0|*> s.f. Knowledge. 

Pand, 331*3 ^t^ #. m. Fine, punishment, op* 
pression, injustice, injury. 

Dand, «i'|i ^3rt^ s.m. Retaliation, punish- 
menti penalty, revenge, forfeit ; an oar ; the 

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a ch 

«il ckoose 


(toft deatal) 

[ 96 ] 






(NorthsBbrUn r) 



(deep Uqnid Uaguil) loch 

backbone; a stick; aUne. Jhmdbhuma, ». a. 

To be fined, to be puoiahed. 
Dda-da, liSIJ^i^r *. m. Land-marks; road. 
P^-da-m^n-da, liiwolJU 4l>ti;y^ | ^ ,„. 

The frontier boundary between the knds of two 

Pan-dee, ^^ (*> ^"hft s.f. A bakoce. 
Din-dee, ^ J'lJ «i^f1 #• m. A rower. 
Dand-na, C' JU ▼twTT t?. a. To retaliate, 

to take reren^, to fine, to punish. 
Pi-nee, J>\i^ i^ adf. Charitable, liberal, 

bountiful, ginng. 
Pi-aee,^«f»3 (th compos.) dimin. of Z)flm( jl*>) 

receptacle, stand, phuie, &c. as, Tel'4anee,s.f. 

An oil-pot. 
Pi-nee, ^^*•|*^ s.f. Knowledge. 

Pang, c-C|%> 8. f. A weight, the fourth part of 
a dram; the sixth part or the side or quarter (of 
a citjT, country, &c.) 

Dang, c-^13 ^l^r 8./. A stick, a club ; the 
greatest height or sommit of a monntain. 

Din-gur, p]S vbh^jh: adj. Thin, lean, s. m. 
A lean beast, a starveling; the flowering stem of 
ra<fishe8 or mustard. 

Pa-nin-duh, »J^!i> part. Knowing, intelli* 
gent, skilled. 

Pi-nish, J^|t>s.yiKnowledge, 8cience,leam- 
ing, onderatanding. DanUh^uzeer, or jpontjA- 
punm4» Fond of knowledge. J^kmishpurwur, Pro- 
tecting science, panuli-munif, or f>amih'WW, 
Wise, learned. 

Pi-nist, vj:*wti> 5./. Knowledge, opinion. 

Pa-nis-tuh, ^Owti) part pass. Known, know- 

Dank, c^'! J vhir s. m. Foil (under precious 
stones), the sting of a scorpion. 

Dans, ^1(3 ^rt^ s. m. The sting of a reptile; 
a large mnsquito, a gadfly. 

Pant, v^t«> ^"hr 8.m.A tooth. JDant-isngke 
k&tna. To bite the finger, is a term ezpressive of 
being surprised. DatU bdjna, Chattering of the 
teeth, squabbling, sparring, wrangling. Pani btij- 
noy V, n. To chatter the teeth. Paafpur cAuffUma, 
To detract from the virtnes or praise of another. 
Pan$ peesna. To gnash the teeth, to grin. DafU 
iule^onglee 4vh6na, or — kAtna^To stand inamaae, 
to be amazed, to wonder, pant rukhna^ or — fiona 
kUee pur. To desire any thing exceedingly; to 
hate, pant kdtee r6tee khdna. To be the most in- 
timate friend of any one. pant kutkutdna, o. a. 
To gnash the teeth. PcaU kuchkuchdna. To grin, 
to shew the teeth. P€mt khutte kitnta. To dis- 

hearten, to displcMe. jpoa^ ZiiSM, or — ni&^laa, to 
grow (teeth). Pa^i Itigna, g. m. Trismus erkM^. 
ed-jaw. Pm4 niialma, Tohuigh, to grin; to ex- 
press or confess inability and helpleauiess. jDoii- 
^09 zitmeeH puktq-nee, (Ut. to Mte the ground) 
to be reduced to extremities, to suflfer greatpain. 
Panfaif mdma. To gnash the teeth (with anger). 
Pant ha 4wr4, The tooth-ache. 

Pan-ta-kil-kil, S^^\^ ^l<!lftiq f%^ 5. / 

Pin-tee, Ji^^<^^f^T^s.f. The tooth of a saw 
or other instrum^t. Pantee p^ifna, v a. To be 
notched or indented (the edge of a tool). DanUe 
4^na, To insist upon. Panfteligna, To hares 
locked jaw. 

Dint-bee, ,^1 J -mfit «./ A straw, stttbWe, 
pedide, stalk. 

Dint-hul, Jf^lJ Vte^ 8. m. Pedicle, pe- 
tiole, foot-stalk. 

Dint-na, U^IJ ^td«ii v. a. To snub, to re- 
buke, to threaten. 

Pin-tun, ^t*> ^tTPT 8. m. A tooth-brush 
made from the branch of a tree. 

Pin-uh, <^|t> & m. Grain in general^ a graiO) 
seed, berry, com, speck, pimple. Panuhbifufna, 
V. a. To caress as birds do by joining bills. 
pantih budldjfVfui, Billing, caressing as birds do 
by joining bills, panuhpdnee, #. m. Food, tic- 
tuals, meat and drink. Panuh^dr, GraniUated; 
haying the appearance of beiiig granulated; cos- 
taining grain. Pantth ian kuma. To mingle, con- 
found or destroy. .PoimA-AesA, «. m. A kiad of 
embroidered neckcloth worn in cold weather over 
the cloak. 

Pi-nuv, yf »> ^T»r^ 8. m. A demon, a titan. 

Panv, yb ?^ s, m. Ambuscade, ambush, 
snare; power, oppoftunity; time; twbting of one 
another in wrestling. Paitv-hythna^ To lie in sin- 
bush, pa^pukttfna. To wrestle. Pai^chuldna, 
To take adrantage of. 

Danv, yb 8. tn. A stake, a wager ; a throw 
or cast of the dice. 

Dinv-roo, ;^jyl j ^yf^^ s. m. A tiger's cub or 

Pan-win,c)lyl*>^t^T«r5.Buming 8tubble,&c. 

Dan-wan-d61,J^3j]yfj;ytTl%iW5.«. Wan- 
dering without house or home. 

Pao, ^t«3 ^ m. A stroke at any game; a bet. 

Pio, ^1*3 ^rr^ 8. m. A bill or kind of hat- 
chet with a hooked point; vicissitude, turn, op- 
portunity, &c. Pao bdn^hna, or -^ bu(/na. To 
bet, to wager. 

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[ 97 ] 




Otar^h palatiek) 

I>aon, j^l^ Ti^ *• wi. Anibuscaile, ambusli, 
snare; power, opportunity; time, turn, vicissitude; 
twistii^ of cue another in wrentling^. Daon chul- 
%a. To hare the a(tvanta««fo. pavn chulana. To 
ta!«e advantage of. Daon ptikvrna, v. /i. To 
wrestle, paon bythna, v, n. To lie in ambush, to 

Dao-na, v^l»> ^TTTT v. a. To thrash, to tread. 

Pa-oo,3l»> ^^ s, m. An appellation of a fa- 
ther or of an elder brother. 

Da-cSod, 1^3! *^ n,prop, David, the prophet and 
king of Israel. 

Da-oo-dee, ^*^3'*^ *•/• A shrub that bears a 
flower like chamomile (Chrysanthemum Indi- 
cnm;) a kind of firework like that shrub; a kind 
of armour, ac^'- Relatinj^to David, of David. 

Par, 4*3 s, m. A dwelling, a mansion, house. 

habitation, abode, country. Dorgs^l ahhii^tU The 
Ust home, future life. par-^/'Umdn, s. m. The 
boose of safety, the mansion of *peace, i. e. a 
country with which there is peace, par-i^l-biika. 
The abode of permanency, i. c. the next world; 
eternal life. Par^^l-b-uwar, s. m. The abode of 
perdition, hell. par-OQl-Uiilafnty or, — sultunnt, 
or, — imarut, or, — JiQiiluomut, s. m. The seat of 
empire, or government, the royal residence, the 
metropolis, the capital. Dar-^l-hitrb (lit. the 
mansion of war;) a country where the Mahome- 
tan religion does not prevail, an enemy's country. 
Dar-^os'Stilam^ The mansion of peace or safety, 
(Baghdad), heaven. pw-Q^h-shmfi, A court of 
law, a s]iiritual court. Uar-OLsh-shifdy or, Dar- 
^-mui^Zy 8. m. Anliospital, inBrmary. par-Qoz- 
itrrb, 8. f. The mint. l>ar'Qiil'ihn, A colle;ro, 
school, university. Dar-QQl-ftina, s.f, Tho abod** 
of frailty or mortality; this world. Dar-QQl-kurary 
The mansion of rest, 1. e. the grave, or the per- 
manent house, the next world. Dar-oot-yukeen, 
The next world. Dar-o-^fistu/i, House and family. ■ 
par, jl*> $. m, A gallows, a gibbet, an em-j 
paling stake. pArL act. (in compos.) having, pos- , 
.sessing. holdit)f|;, possessor, keeper, lord, master; ' 
as. Ab4ar,affj. Watery; respleinlent.-?. w. A per- 











(soft dental) 

Da-ra, U\^ n, prop, Darius, s. m. A sove- 

Dd ra-ee, ^'*!*> S.f, Red silk-cloth; sove- 

Par-ch^e-nee, ^^5^-^^<^ s.f. Cinnamon. 

Dar-fil-fil, JaiW'^ s.f. Long pepper. 

Da-ree, ^^4^ ^"^ s.f. A female slave taken 
in war. 

Darh, *>^U <^TT s.f. A jaw-toolb, or grind- 

Pdr-hee, ^^J^'> ^^ s.f. Beard. Darhee 
bftn/inity or — mvondna. To shave. . 

Dar-hec, ^;!«3 Ngri^*^ s.f A beard. 

pa-ridr, ^^^^ T^ft?" s. m. Wretched ne5.<i, 
poverty, indigency, parijrce, adj. Poor, wretch- 
ed, indigent, unfortunate. 

pa-rim, /•J 1*3 ^f"5Tr\.^. wi. A pomogra- 

Dci-rim, j^jtj ^fT'^rJ na(c (Punicugra- 

Dar-na, t*',tj -^v^'^ll v. a. To throw, &c. 

Dar-o-gc'cr, ^^y\^ 5./. Ttimult, eonllict. 

Da-rogh-uh, ^t^^^ s. m. The head-man of 

an office, a snpcrintcndant. poroi/hfj*'fy s.f. J*ii- 

Dfi-roo, y^^ ^1^ s.f spirituous liquors; 

Da-roo, y^-^ s. f Medicine, remedy. Da- 

roo(ffirrtvni, Application of medicine. I)aron-i'n- 

rosh, A drurfgist. Puroo luyncv^ To taUc elTcct 

Da-rQQn, ^;^!»3 ^hW adj. Austere, terrific, 

Da-roo-fa, f;;^*^ ^l^TT .^. wi.)^ AYi?ic, j.].;- 
Da-roo-roe, ^j;;^^ ^l^'l s.f. ) rituous 

Da-rvn, ./y^ $. dual, the two abodes, \\a. 

this world «ud the nextj the present and futiite 


Das, ijA^ ^"^ s. m. A male slave or servant. 

Das, <^l*> s. m. A sickle, a scythe, 
son entrusted with tlie charjre of water for drink- p^-sa, U|»^ ^^ S. m. A piece of wood 
ing. HisstMar, A sliarer. a partaker. Vmuldar, \ sticking out from a wall to support the thatch or 
A taxgathcrer. par-ff€n\ s. m. Seizing (parti-, | cUu.'ppur. A reaping hook, 
nilarly, thief-taking), tinntiU, conrtict. hnr^mw \ p^i-see, ^.^ ^T^ S.f A maid servant. 
4*ir, s. m. Agreement stipulation, adjustment of ^,^^^^^ ^^,^ ^^ j Bringing up. breeding, 
a dispute. Dar-pur /.ijn^/n'M, T<.' cjupalc * , •* t . o o i c 

' ' ^ ' * taking care of, patronage; service. 

I>4r. /^.^iT } . ..... 

l.)a-ra, li'.^ -<JTTl 5 

Dar, }^ -^yX 5./ Line. r«;w. 

, patr 

Dds-tcin, jl^'!^ s.f. A 5>tory, fable, tale, his- 
IXtt, C-?!^ ^7? s, w. Bounlifulnet 


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[ 9B ] 


a ch 

d e ee g 

all chooie (soft dental) get thee gone 

^ i k kb 

(Northumbrian r) in ' (deq) liquid lingual) loch 

Dat, <i>t3 s.f. Threatening, snubbing, brow- 
beatingf, checking^. 

P^-ta, ly|*> ^T?n adj. Liberal, generous. 
subst. GiTer. 

Dat-na, Uj| j T^jzwi v. a. To snub, to check, 
to threaten, to browbeat. 

P^t-un, Jf\<^ i^pPT 9./. A tooth brush. 

P^-vu, ^1*3 '^^ S4 A forest, a fire in a forest. 
Dav&gni, A conflagration kindled by a tempest 
or some other cause in a forest. 

P^-wa, vl^^*> #. m. 1 A lawsuit; claim, pre- 

Pd-wee, ^y^^ 8.f. ) tension, plaint. Dawa^ 
or Pawee-4ar, A plaintiff, a ckimant. 

Pa-wit, iZj\yCi^s.plur. Benedictions, invita- 

P^-wur, j^l*> s. m. God ; a sovereign. Patau- 
ree,8.f. Sovereignty. 

P^-wut, Cj^*> s.f, Invitation, convocation, 
benediction; pressing people to become Mahomet- 
ans; pretension. 

Pa-ya, 1/.U s. m. The husband of a nurse 
called Daee, 

Pd-yuh, aj[|*> s.f. A nurse, a midwife. 

Pa-yuk, uXjf|*> <^|^* part Giver, or who 

causes to give. 
D4-yun, j)}3 TIW^ s.f A witch. 
Pe-i-ra, tjlo \^\^ T s. m, A white-ant hill. 
Pfeb-a, ^'.*> s. m. Brocade, gold tissue. 

Peb-dir, ;!^'«3 ^^^TT s, m. The mast tree 
(Uvaria longifolia). 

P6b-ee, v^-^/.•3 ^ift s.f The Hindoo goddess, 
a queen. 

P^b-ra, Ijc^.^ ^m adj. Left, opposite of 

Dee-bd-juh, «^Ui*> *. m. Preface, exordium, 
introduction, preamble. 

Peed, Ou[«> s, m.f Sight, seeing, show, specta- 
cle. Jpee4-b6zeet s. /. Looking about one, taking 
the air; reconnoitring, ^eei-wa-deeiy s, m. Inter- 

Pee-dir, j!*>j.3 s.m. Sight, interview^ Peeifar- 
^wtih, Seeking or soliciting an interview. 

Pee-<M-roo,^j|vAj.*> adj. Well-looking (fellow), 

P^ed-hit, U£,^Jj.»> i^fvTT s.f A sunbeam. 

P^e-duh, »*>^.^/>ar/. Seen, having seen or ob- 
served. 8, m. The eye; a wanton or impudent eye; 
(met.) impudence. Ph6ya (fee<jltth, An eye void 
of shame, wanton, impudent. Deede ph6rna, v. a. 
To look steadfiwtly. Deafuh-rezcey s.f. Fatiguing 

to the eyes (as minute objects, &r.) Deet/uk 
kholna, v,a. To consider maturely. Deeffuh-wan, 
or, — ban. The sight (of a gun, &c.). Deei^h-o- 
4onittuk, Wilfully, wittingly, purposely, seen 
and known. i>ee(fuh^'4ii •e, adj. With heart 
and soul. 

P6e-dun, ^.*> verbal n. To 8#e, seeing. 

P6e-du-nee, ^^,^ adj. Fit, or worthy to be 

P6e-gur, ^.3 adj. Other, another. Peegur^ 
goon, adj. Changed in form or figure. 

Peeh, 4>.*i s. m. A village, pi. Deehify ViU 
lages, the country in opposition to the town. 

Deeh, if^iJ ^iT s. tn. A haunt, a place, a 
dwelling, village. 

D6e-ha, UJ ^tt s. m. A bank, a mound. 

P^ekh-na, U^.*> ^^A\ v. n. To look, to 

Deel, Jj J \8*^ s. m. Stature, body. 
P^e-muk, u^;,«3 ^I^TV s,f White ant 
Peen, ^O ^W adj. Poor ; needy, indigent, 

humble. Deen-^y^t Protector of or merciful to 
the poor. Deen-bun^hoD^ The friend of the poor; 
and p^ena-nath, Lord of the poor, are epithets 
of tlie Deity. 

Peen, ^O s. m. Faith, religion. DeendAry 
a^. Virtuous, religious, pten^aree.s.f. Atten- 
tion to religion. 

Pee-ndr, jlv.*> s- »». The name of a coin, a 
ducat, dinar. 

Deeng mirna, VjUcL-^/.JvltT^nT'n v.a. To 

P^enta, Isu/.^i ^Wttt \s f Poverty, 

Peen ti-ee, ^'^*^ ^f^TTTlt J indigence, 

Peep,v.-^.^^fH s. m. An island; a continent; 
a region or clime of the earth; a lamp. 

Pee-puk, uX^.*> ^Tlf 5.m. A light, a can- 
dle, a lamp. 

Pee-roz, j^;/.*> adv. Yesterday. 

Pee-se, y^s^^^ '^ adj^ Like, likely. 

P^e-shub, \^^^^ adv. Last night 

P6es-na, Uw*i ^^TT v. n. To look, to 
see, to appear. 

Peeth, *^.*i ^^t7 s.f Sight, a glance, look. 

vision . 

Deeth, ^^i^Z <./ Sight, a look, a glance, 
vision. Deeth'bun^* Enchanting the sight, pre- 
venting one's seeing by conjuration, a juggler. 

pec-wil, J!y.»> s.f A walU j 

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C 99 ] 

(harsh palatick) (soft deoUl) 











Pee-w^-lee, J\^i^ ^fhn^ s. f. A leather 
•trap, a belt. 

Pee-wdn, jl^*> ». m. A tribunal, a royal court, 
council of 8tate; a steward, minister, or secre- 
tary; a book of poems, the rhymes of the dif- 
ferent poems endini^ successively with every letter 
of the alphabet. Peewan-i-ala, s, m. A prime 
minister, xtuzeer. Peewan-i-Hass, s. m. Privy 
council chamber, peewan-il^dnuh, A tribunal, an 
office; a court hall, hall of audience. Veewan-U 
am, Public hall of audience. 

Pee-w^-nu-gee, ^j6|y*3 s,/. Insanity. 

I>ee-wi-nuh, Ji\y),^adj. Mad, insane, inspir- 
ed, £>eewanuh'pun, s. m. Madness, insanity. 

Pee-w^r, jty,*> s.f, A wall. Deewar-geeree, 
#./. Tapestry or cloth to adorn a wall. 

Pee-wuk, sJy),>^ s.f. The white ant. 

Pee-wut, ii>^/.*> -^^t^rs 8, f. A lamp-stand. 

Peg, u^4> s.f. A caldron, kettle, pot, still, 
alembic, retort. Pegtftm, s. m. A fire place, a 
stove, a trivet. PegsAo, A scullion. 

Deg, v-^ J %iT s. m. Step, pace. 

P6g-chuh, <^.*> s, m. A pot, a small caldron, 
a small kettle. 

Peg-6m-bur, j^,^ \^^xadj. Naked. 

Peh, «^.*> ^ s.f. Body. Deh dm&na. To 
conceal or cover the privities. Deh sumbhdlna, 
To keep up one's spirits, to be firm, to recover 
one's self. 

Peh-ra, t;j^.^ ^TTT s. m. A temple where 
idols are worshipped by Jyns, a Hindoo temple. 

D6-hoQr, 3.^5 %-^s^ 5./. A volley, several 
BQuskets discharged at once. 

p6j-a, IsriJ ^wn s. m. Dowry, portion. 

P6j 00, fsi.^ ^^ s. m. Part of a portion or 

J^kAkBf 1|0»3 ^;^ s. m. Sight, seeing. 
f>ekka ^khee, s.f. Emulation, competition. 

Dekh na, U^.*> ^^rm v. a. To see, to look 
at, to inspect, to behold, to perceive, to experi- 
ence. Dehhna bhdlna. To see, to look at. 

Pekh-w/-ya, kffi.'^ \^\^\ s. m. Spec- 
tator, beholder. 

De-mar- na, l^U^»3 ^T»n v. a. To dash on 

the ground, to throw, to stamp. 
Pen, ^*3 ^ verbal noun, To give, giving, 
P^na, Uj*i ^^ V. a. To give, to grant, to 

yield. Dcnapdna, s, m. Traflfic, profit aud loss. 

D^n-a, UjJ i"«rT «. m, A log tied to the 
neck of a vicious ox. 

Pen-16n, ^J^/.*> ^ %T s. tn. Pecuniary 
transactions upon interest, debts and credit; bar- 
ter, traffic. 

Deo, y.<3 «. m. A demon. 

Deo, ^..3 ^^ -15. m. God. Peo-fhan^ s.f. 

P6-wa, ly.*>^Tr J A temple, place of idols; 
(met.) the rain. f)eO'ba4, The devil's wind, a 

Peo-ddr, 4*>y.*> s. m. The mast tree. 

Peo-gfr-ee, ^/^,^ ^TpT"^ s. f. A musi- 
cal mode or raginee. 

Peo kun-dur, jtW^.*> ^<<4^^ s- m. Water 

Peo-lAk, u^^/.*> 8. m. A desolate spot. 

Peo-lee, Jy.*3 ^^ s. f. A fish.scale ; 

The scale or scab of small pox; a small lamp. 
Peo-na m6r-wa, l;^(iy.*3 ^^r«n WK^\ s. m. 

The name of a shrub (Ocymum). 
D6or-ha, llbjy. J ^^rTT 8. m. Half as much 

again; a mode of reckoning. Deorhdna, v. a. To 

take once and a half. 

Deor-hee, ^fcjyj %Tg^ s.f. A threbhold, a 

^ door, antichamber. Deofhee^dr, s. m. A door- 

peo-st^n, jl2^^*> s.f. The habitation of 

Per, jj.*> s.f Delay, tardiness, slowness, adv. 
Late, slow, for a long time. Derpd, adj. Lasting, 
permanent; durable. Derpdee, $, f. Durability. 
Perg/i/t, adv. Always. Per-runj, Forbearing. 

P6r-a, ly.*> ^TT s. tn. A dwelling, a tent. 

D6r-a, \ji3 %T:r s. m. A dwelling, a tent 
adj. Squint-eyed. 

P6r-ee, ^j),^ s.f. Lateness, delay, slowness. 
Deree bigna. To be late, slow, &c. 

Per-6e.nuh, A^,y.*> adj. Old, ancient ; udse, 

Derh, l|^j i^ adj. One and half. Derh- 
pao. Three-eighths. Derh-p4ywa, A weight, threes 
eighths of a ser. Dqh eerjLt kee musjiijij^ee bun 
ante (lit. to make a separate temple of a brick 
and a half) to withdraw, through pride, from 
the society of others. Derh bukSyun miyn^ bagh 
men, lit. The gentleman is in his garden consist- 
ing of a tree and a half (and the bukayttn, Melia 
semper virens, here mentioned, is a tree of no use 
or estimation ) is applied to a person who assumes 
consequence without reason. 

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(aofl (k'utal) 

[ 1^*0 ] 








(Northumbri)in r) 

^^3%5^r7T s. f. A kind of 


1.) 'S U"/.-^ ^ s. m. Country, ten Uory, re- 
gion. I>'ii-tiffntj, Abandoning one*8 country, emi- 
j^rulion. Ihs-nikala, s. m. Banishment^ exile. 

])('sTkli, ^^'.^*A.O ^"•T^^g- s. m, A rufflnee^ or 
nnisicul mode, sung ut noon in the springy. 

I)es-a-\vur, ^y^„^ ^^r^T s. m. A foreign 

Dos-ji-war-ec, ^J^i^ ^rrr^"?!^ s, m. A 

kind of betel-leaf; a kind of doF6. 

l)e>!-ce, ^j^.>^ ^^ adj. Country (made, 
is.c). Of the country; of the same country, s. f. 

Pt»s-kar, <i^vw^'ki ^"IHRIT s, m. A rayince or 
nufsical mode, sung in tlie morning. 

Pev-da-roo, y}^^l^ ^^^^ 5. m. A medici- 
nal tree (Uvsiria longifolia). 

Pev'-dutt, ^jLi^f^,^ ^"^T^tI adj. Given to the 
godu, or given by the god.**; (a name or epithet). 

P6v-ee, ^^l^ ^^ *./. The Hindoo goddess. 

P^vh-ra, \y!^f..'^ \^'^\s. m. A temple where 

idols are worshipped. 
Pev-sthan,^'.!^^.*^ "^e^^gi*! $. f, A place of 

idols, a temple. 
Per-ta, t^/.^ \a^\ s, m,/, A heathen god, 

a divinity. 
Pev-thdn, jt^y,*> ^M'AH s.f. The second 

day of the moon Kurtik ahoolU-puksh , on which 

Vislinoo aNvakes from his sleep oii four months. 

^^ \ 


Pe-wargut, ^^\*^,t^ \^m'T[ s. / Sudden 

misfortune, accident. 
Pe-w^-la, 'i\yl,^ ^^t^ s, m, Banlvruptcy. 
pe-wal-bilnd, *>;->Jl^)*> s. m. A soldier. 

Pe-\va-lee, ,^t^.*> ^i^^./. A Hindoo fes- 
tival (celebrated ou the day of the new moon of 
Kartik;) when the Hindoos, after bathing in the 
Ganges, or other river,pnt on their best attire,pcr- 
form a shradd/i, and at night worship Lukshmee. 
The houses and streets are illuminated all night 
and in Hindoostau the night is uuivei*sally spent 
in gaming. 

Pe-wa Ic-yce, J'^^\f,.^ ^ %4\ s.f. Bar- 
ter, ti'ailic. 

Pe-wa-li-ya, yty*> ^^f^T adj. Bank- 

De-wa-ly, <^*'y.^ ^^^"^T s. m. A temple of 

• > " \ s. m. A giver. 





(de«p liquid Hngoal) 

P^-wul, Jy,*> '^4^ s. m. A temple where 

idols are worshipped, a temple, a pagoda. 
P^-wnr,^»^.3 ^T s. m. Husband's younger 

• brother. 

Pe-mu- ^-nee, ^'t^y.*^ ^TT-f^ s,f. Hus- 
band's younger brother's wife. 

DL'i-ba, l[i<^ "^'^T s. m, A net; the eaves 
of a house, extending three or four cubits be- 
beyond the wall, so that people may sit unclcr 

Plia bha-ee, ^'^;l!fc^ VT>nf: «. w. Foster- 

Pha-ee, J^^^^ vri: s,f. A nurse. 

Dhd-ee, ^^^^ "Sit adj. Two and a halfl 

Plide niar-na, V.U^lteJ vK iTTTTrr. «. To 
cry, to groan. Dhae mar r6na, To cry, groan, 
weep bitterly. 

Dha-en (liJ^-en, ./ft»3 -i}^^ vht VN: «. /C 
The report of cannon heard at a distance; a sound 
made by burning any thing. 

Pha-ga, ^^'a^^ \fiTr .•«. ««. A thread. Dhaga 

d ft hut, V. a. To quilt. 

Phah, ^b^ vr^ s.f. Noise. Dhah murnay 

To cry, to groan. 
phak, ^llb*> vi^ s.f. Pomp, glory; renown, 

fame; fear, terror; a tree (Butea frondosa). 
Dhak, v-$ltej ^^ s. m. A tree (Butea fron- 
Dh^ka, libb J ^t^t «. tn. A thick wood of 

d/iak trees, 
ph^k-ha, ^^'^ MTWT «. m. A swing; a tree 

(Dutea frondosa). 
Ph4-kur, ^i^'^^ Vl^TT s, m. A mongrel. 
Dhal, J^J Tm s, m. Declivity, s. f. A 

shield, target. 
Dhdl-na, UJ'JfcJ TM^T v. a. To cast (metal 

infusion); to pour out, to tilt, to spill, (met.) to 

do mischief, to mar. 

Dha-loo, y '^ J "arrf adj. Slant, sloping. 

part. act. Spoiling, doing mischief, casting. &c« 
Dhaloobliar ktrrna, To shift goods, &c. occasion- 
ally over shallows, &c. 

Dh^l-wan, j\y^^S ^i^TT adj. Sloping, de- 
clivity; « (metal). 

Pham, ^^Ji^ \n^ ii' m. A d\^elling, a house, 
a place. 

Pliam-in, j^^^^ viiiprs. m. A kind of ser- 
pent (which is said to suck cows a^d to be harm- 

Dhdmp-na, '^'l>j ^tT^n v. a. To cover, to 


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[ lOl ] 










(hatsh pnlatick) 

I>han, j'tei> \fv^ s, m. The rice-plant, or rice 
before it is separated froiu the liiisik . 

Dhan, jlSbJ ^TTT *» «<• Hetlge, enclosure. 

L>lja-Da, tbb^ \n^ v. w. To run, to make 
haste; to toil and labour, to drndgo. 

Dku-na, t'laj-^-fTrT v. a. To break, to knock 
down or raze (a bnildingf, &c.), to demolish. 

DMn-cha, W) lib J ^^t s. m. A frame, a plan. 

Dhancjh-lee, ^^^ ^^ MtV^ s. m. A wrang- 

Phdndli-na, U^^tlb^ VtX^T v. a. To gor- 

Dhand-hul, Jjb^«(tei3 vtv^ 5./. Wrangling, 
subterfuge, trick, cheating, juggle. 

Phd-nee, ^^^ Vpft ^. /. A kind of rice in 
the busk ; a light green colour. 

Dliang, \Sj^i^ "Sl^ s.f. A precipice. 

phan-gur, p^^ Vt^TT s. m, A cast whose 
business is to dig the earth. 

Dhank-na, UOli&J -^i^^i t\ a. To cover, to 

phd-noQk, u//jfe*> Vl^ *. wi. A bowman, an 
archer; a watehman armed with a bow; name of a 
cast of hill people using bows and arrows. 

Dhdn-sa, L*!«(ttj ^^ s. m. Calumny, unde- 
served abuse. 

Phdns-na, U^(3b*3 >ff^«lT v. a. To cough 
(a horse). 

Dhans-na, U-yJlJbJ dl^«fi r. a. To blame, 
to accuse. 

Phanwy-ya, ^^^^^'H^ms.m. A thrasher. 

Phao, ^'Jfe*> vm s. m. A plant used in dying 
(Grislea tomcntosa). 

Ph^o-na, ^*^^^ ^fr«pn V. n. To range, to 
roam, to rove; to run, to run at, to attack; to 
trudge; to worship. 

phap, L->1^«^ vnr^.y! A foot-measure; as far 
as a man can run without taking breath. 

pilar, ^^^^ VlT 8. f. A line, lineament; 
stream, current; edge of a sword, &c.; sharpness. 
p/iar m/irnrty or, Dhar pur mania, To contemn, 
to despise. 

Dhar, j '«3t^ VT? s,f. 1 A crowd, a multi- 

Plia-ra, tj ^I^^ VT?T s. m. j tude. 

Pha-ra, t«^^ MTTT $.f. A stream, a current. 

Ph^-ree,^/lfc*> VT^ s.f. A line, lineament; 
a small buttress, (used in compos). Bearing, hold- 
ing, liaving, wearing. Dharceijdr, a(f/. Lined, 
striped; a plant used in dying, (T.y thrum fructi- 
cosam; Grislea tomeutosa:) 










(soft dental) 

Dha-ree, ^j '3b J "cTT^ s. m. A kind of musi- 
cian, a singer. 

Dhar-hee, ^j'«3fc3 -^jift s. m,\ A kind of 

Dhar-hin, .^j^>^'^\T^ s.fl J musician, 
a singer. 

l)har-na, I'j^^ V.T^rT v, a. To hold, to 
bear, to have, to keep, to place, to owe, to sustain, 
to support, to uphold; to pour (water). ' 

Dha-run, ^j':fc-> VTT^ trrhal n, s. Hold- 
ing, bearing, sustaining, upholding, assuming, 

Dha-ru8, ^^j'^5 "37^^ s.f. in. Firmness of 
mind, coutidence, animation, encouragement, 
comfort. .f)harus butujihdna, v. a. To encourage, 
coml'ort, keep in spirits. Dliarus (jiena, v. a. To 

Dhat, CL*b^ vm s. m. Ore, mineral; the 
Sanscrit root. 8. m. Semen virile. 

Dh^-ta, l''Jb J '^'^\ 8. m. A haudkerchief tied 
over the turband and over the ears. 

Dh^t-hee, ^i?"'^J "gri^ s.f. Rack, torment, 
torture; a noose or gin (listened on a horse's nose. 

Ph^-wa, I^l2fc*> VT^ 8. m. Running; overrun- 
ning an enemy's country, attack, assaulting; a 
stock, a store; crowding together; name of a tree. 
Dhawa mdimat To go expeditiously from a distant 
place, to run on or about. 

Phee, ^^ >ft s.f, A daughter ; understand- 
ing, adj, (Beng.) &med, renowned. 

Dhee-ha, l^^J "qftTT s, m, A rising ground, 

Dheel, J^^lbJ*^^*./. Slackness, looseness; 
remissness; laziness, inattention. 

Dhee-la, ^ObJ "^wi adj. Loose, not tight; 
remiss; lazy, inattentive. Dhteldeef s,f. Loose- 
ness, remissness. 

Pheem,^.';^»i^iT5. m. Slowness; gentleness. 

Ph6e-ma,UOb*3 y^-madj. Slow, lazy; gentle, 
mild, temperate, abated, allayed. T^heenie Jheeme, 
adv. Gently, softly. 

Ph6e-mur, ;XxCb*> vfi^{Tl «. m. A fisherman; 

ph6en-wur,j.AiJfc.> vff^pc J a cast of fisher- 

Pheeng, ujS.Jbii ^ftt 1 5. m, A para- 

Phecng ra, IjJ^'^::!^'^ ^fl^fT J itiour. 

Plieenga-dhdngec, ^'llt^I^slfc^ ^*1*^Vpft 
s.f Teasing. 

Pheer, j^*^ >^T adj. Firm, resolute, steady, 
sedate, gentle, patient, s. m. Patience, slowness, 
deliberateness, forbearance, resolution, firmness, 

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(soft dental) 

[ 103 3 






(Northumbrian r) 



(deep liquid lingual) 


Ph6e-ra,lj*Jfct3 ^fVci adj. Gentle, patient, de- 
liberate, sedate / 

Dheerh,<fiftj^ J "^^ 8. m. Pregnancy; a large 

Ph6e-ri-ya, ^„y^'^ ^fx^ s.f. A daughter. 

Ph6er-ta, \Jj-j!b J ^fiTTTT 8, f. Patience, se- 

Phee-ruj, ^;fJfc*> ^Tsr 8. m. Patience. 
Dlieerujwdn^ adj. Patient. 

Dheeth, <*^^ J ^^ 1 adj, For\vard, inipii- 

Dhee-tha, '^^^J "^"Sl ) dent, familiar, pre- 
sumptuous, cenfideot, tame, pert, part, pass. 

Dhee-w^n, j\y^^ ^^7^ adj. Intelligent, 
renowned, famotls. 

Dh6-ha, y JtJ %TT s. m. A kind offukeer ; 
a tribe of Jats. 

Dhel-a, ^Jt«5 ^^ s. m, A clod of earth, a 

lump of clay, chalk, &c. 
Dh6nd-ha, llbj;.Jfcj if^j s. iw. Pregnancy; a 

large belly. 
Dh6n dus, ^^i^3 ^v?^ }s. m. A kind of 
Dh6n-ru8, {j^y^3 ^T^ ^ gourd. 
Ph6n-ga-m&sh-tee, j^^X-dLc8Sujfc*> ^TT^in?) 

5./. Fisticuflfe. 
Dh6n-ka,I^Jt(3 ^^ITT *. m. A machine for 

poundings witb. 
Dh6nk-lee, ^^tf^^ 'St***^ «. /. A mode of 

joining breadths of cloth or of cutting out cloth; 

a machine for drawing water, being a lever sup- 
ported on a long post, having a bucket suspended 

to one end, and a weight of earth or stone to the 

Ph6n-oo, ^^:^«^ ^ **./. A cow, a milch cow, 

one which calved not long since. 
Dhen-ree, ^yt?^3 ^^ s.f, The capsule of 

the poppy (or of the cottou tree), a poppy head} 

an omamcut worn in the ear. 
Dh6n-rus, ^^j-^j^J ^?^ $. m. A kind of 

gourd (Hibiscus esculentus). 
Dh6-oo, ^i3 %^ 8. m, A wave. 
Dher, ^3 %t «. t». A heap. adj. Much, 

abundant, enough. 
Phe-ra, lp^*> ^r adj. Squint-eyed. Dhera- 

pun, s. ni. Squinting. 
Dh6r-ee, ^j*f^ %^ s.f. A heap. 
Dherh, ^^tyj^j ^fs m. A tribe otchumars 

or workers in leather; a crow. 
Dh^r-hee, J^ty^i ^^ s. /. An ornament 

worn in the ear. 

Dhib-ka, I^J f44l^i 8. m. Protuberance. 

Dhig,v-^jf%ir 8. m. Side- adto. Near, close to. 

Phik, \^^ fv7 inter j. Expressing contempt 
and aversion, fy ! 

Phik-k^r, j^*> fVlTT 8. m. Curse, ana- 
thema. PAikharnOt v. a. To reproach, to curse. 
DMAkaree, adj. Damned, cursed. 

Dhil-lur, jiftj f^v? adj. Lazy. 

Phim-cha, lffrA^*> fwrr 8. m. A kind of 

Dhim-dhim-ee, ^^^j^jOfcj f%Wf%iFft 8./. A 
kind of tambourin. 

Phin-gd-na,OI^*> f>^rT^ 8. m. Claraour,,op- 

Phir-aj, ^l;Jb»3 fifTT^ 8. m. A potentate, a 
monarch, an emperor. 

Phir-i-na, 'Jf^»> fvTPin v. a. To threaten. 

Phir-kiU, Jli^*> fVT^^ 8. m. A cast of 
people who work on bamboos. 

Phir-kir, jH^^ fV^r^fTT s. m. Curse, ana- 

Dhit-h^ee, Jl^XfcjftrOTt s.f. Forward- 
ness, impudence, petulance. 

phi-ya, Lfc.3 fiRT 8.f. A daughter. 

Phi-y^n, jU.i y^j^ s. m. Consideration, 
contemplation, reflection, thought, advertency, 

Phi-y^-na, 0U»3 vn»TT v. a. To meditate on, 
to think on, to adore, to know. 

Phi-y^-nee, v^*'U*> VTT'ft adj. Considerate, 
contempUtive, given to meditation (on divine 
matters), religious. 

Ph6-a, ]ySt^ ^T^T *. m. A present of fruit. 

Dho-a, ly^J %7^ «. m. Fruit and flowers pre- 
sented by inferiors on festival days. 

Phob, i^^^ ^r^ s. m. Washing. 

Phd-bee, ^^J ^7^ «. m. A washerman. 

Phd-bin, ^^J ^Tftr^ «. / A washerwo- 

Ph6-ee, ^ft^ ^\f $. f. Pulse which has 
been soaked previous to boiling, a mash. 

Pho-6n*dhee dukdr, X3jitiX.),jit^ ^tX^hfi 
T^TT'-/' A sour belch. 

Dhok, vJybj %T^ s.f. Salutation. 

Ph6k-ha, l^^'ytJ ^vsn 8. m. Deceit, decep- 
tiou; disappointment; doubt, hesitation; a scare- 
crow; any thing imaginary, not real, a vapour re- 
sembling water at a distance. Dhokha <jitna. To 
deceive, phokha k/i^na, To be deceived. 

Dhok na, U''y^3 ^^^it v. a. To drink. 


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[ 103 ] 

(harsh paUtick) (soft dental) 










Phd-kur, y^^^^tr^sifodj. Robust, athletic. 
Dhol, J^i ^w s. m. A large drum. 

Dho-Ia, yy^ J ^TO7 «. prop. Name of a fa- 
mous loYer in Hindoostan. «. m. A boy. 

Dh6-K-ya5 U^j ^rftnn s, m. A drummer. 

DhAl-ki-ya, l^iJy^J ^mftr^ 8. m. A person 
that plays on the dhohtk. 

Dhol-na, Uytj ^T^in s. f, A little amulet 
in the shape of a drum. 

Dho-luk, v-<J.>3 ^i^nirl ^ ^ 

Dhol-kee, JJ^jtr^r^ f 'f^ ^"^*" ^'^"°^- 

Dho-lun, J^j^l^TT «. w». A friend, a sweet- 

Ph6-na, 0^*3 ^TT t;. a. To wash. s. m. 

Dhu-na, V'^fcJ ^t^T r. a. To carry. 

DfaoD-cha, W3^ J ^t^ a<//. Four and a half. 

Dhond, i)yfcj ^1^ s. m, A capsule or seed- 
Teasel (especially of the poppy). 

Dhond-ha, lteiA'Jb*3 ^MVT s. m. A small mound 
of earth, (met.); a pot belly, a lar^e belly. 

Dhoo-a, tytJ fWi s. m. A bank, a mound, 
a clod of earth. 

Ph4ipb-la, il;Jb*3 ^T^ s. m. A petticoat, or 
any loose gfarment for covering the legs. 

Ph6o ha, '^^«3 YTT *• rn, A scarecrow. 

Dhuo-ka, ^tj^ fT^ *• ^' Tapping or shov- 
ing, by way of calling the attention of one spo- 
ken to. 

Dh^k-dhdlhkee, ^(JbJ^db^ ^^T^^ « / Con- 
sideration, reflection; perturbation, anxiety, ap- 
prehension; an oniament worn on the breast. 

Dhd^k-kee lug^na, V'|^'^_/ii^ ^pf td^MT v, a. 
To tak« aim. 

Dh^k-na, U(3bj §^^\ v. n. To enter, to pe- 
netrate; to take aim; to sympathize. 

Dhook-na, U'y^J "^'IRT v. n. To shut, to 
dose; to steal on, to draw nigh, to approach; to 
go into, to enter. 

Dh^hkur-ee, ^'^^ ^^^^ s.f, A purse. 

Jph4hkur-p& kur, j^^^ ^TJ^ *• Pal- 
pitation, agitation. 

Phool^ Jyfc.> -^ S.f. Dust 

PhoihU-ee, ^SJt*i ^/^rit »• /• Washing ; price 
of washing. 

DhoQ-li-ee, ^^J j^Ali s.f. Act of carry- 
ing; price paid for oarrying» or for transporting. 

Phft^-U-na, 0:to»> ^^rpn v. a. To cause to 

Bhoshli-na, OS^^J j^rPTT v. a. To cause to 
be carried; to spill (water, &c). 

Dh6o-lee, ^^3 "^^ s,f\ A bimdleof one 
hundred betel-Iearcs. s m. A Drummer. 

PhQD-l6n.dee, ^iis.>J ^%v^ The second 
day of the hdee, on which it is the practice to 
scatter dust. 

Ph® li-y;C-na, V' U te^ ^ff ^^M f V, a. To throw 
dust; to winnow, to sift. 

Dh^lna, Ulitj ^*rT v. n. To be poured out, 
to be spilt, to roll. 

Phool-wa-na, t'i^»> ^[W^T^ v, a. To cause 
others to wash. 

Phoom, j»yt*> ^p^ s.J'. Tumult, bustle, noise, 
fame. s. m. Smoke 

Phdo-ma,U^*3 ip{] s. m. A colour (like that 
of smoke). 

Phoom-dhim, j^l>*ij»yt^ Y^r^n^ s.f. Pomp, 
parade, tumult, bustle, noise. 

Ph6?m-la, %o.^^'^fm\aclj. Blind, dim-sight- 
ed. Dhoom^ee, 8,f. Gloominess. 

Phoom-ra, ]y^^^ ) adj. Of the colour of 

ph6om-la, 3L«^i3 J smoke ; purple, com- 
pounded of black and red. 

Ph®n,^*>^ 8./. Inclination, propensity, 
application, diligence, perseverance, ardour, am- 
bition, assiduity; pains in the bones; sounds rnusi* 
cal sound. 

Ph6o-na,0yb^ yifT 8, m. Rosin. 
Ph(5on-an, jOyfc.3 ^^ $. m. Smoke. 
Phoondh, :j.>a>*> ^^ $. m. Dim-sightedncss ; 

Phoen-dh6-la, S.JbJu>^ ^^wi adj. Knavish. 
Dh6on-dhi-ya, Lxbi'ytoj ^P^ . ^! s. m. Afu- 

keer of the Jyn sect. 
Pli^Qndh-Ia, SjfcJXfc*^ -^vwr adj. Foggy, mis- 
ty, dull. PhQDMfMdee, s.f. Dimness, cloudiness. 
Dh6ondh-na, Ute J}y^ J ^;t^t v. a. To seek, 

to search for. phoondhwSnat v. a. To caase to 

phoon-dhoonk^r, ,Kj^*> j^*i YY^TT 1 
Phoon-dhoon-k^l, J(^jybjJ«yfc*> '^T^;^^ J 

s, m. Heavy rain obscuring the whole heaven; 

gloomy weather, gloominess; desoUtion; name 

of a game. 
Phdondh-ra, tjfctiJyb*^ ^^VTT adj. Foggy, 

dull, gloomy. Phosm^hrdna, v. n. To bo dull, 


Dfa6on-dhun, ^TbJ'ybJ ^<i«i s. tn. Search. 
Ph6on-dhur, ^S)^>^ i^t: 5. /. Fogginess, 

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(soft dental) 

[ 104 ] 





(dcfp liquid llngflal) loch 

Plioo-nee, v^^*^ Y''^ *• ./• Persevering; 
smoke; fumigation by way of exorcising one pos- 
sessed; or, as a medical appHtration; a fire lighted 
by a Hindoo /tt^i'cr, over wbicti be sits imbibin^^ 
the smoke by way of penance: it is often practised 
by them in the manner of dhw-na^ to extort 
compliance with their demands-, hence, Dhoonee 
4enn, To dnn, to impoitune; to smoke. Dhoofiec 
lugiinat To insist obstinately, or to persevere in 
a demand. Dhoonee iaia, To inhale smoke, or 
undergo fumigation. 

piiQp-nee-h^o, ^^^r*^*^ "^^flTT^r 5. m. Pains 
in the bones. 

PhQe-n6-ha, ly-r^^ H^TT s. m, A carder of 
cotton, a comber. 

Pb&-ni, .r^«3 v^s.f. Sound, musical sound. 

Ph6j^ni-ya, ^^^ >jPi<ifT s. m, A carder, a 
comber (of cotton). 

phQj)n-gar, <fei^*> ^^f^TPC s. m. Seasoning* 
with which any thing is fried. DhoQngarnat v, a. 
To season with spices. 

Ph^n-na, U^*> "^T f. a. To comb, to card 
cotton) ; to beat (the head). Sir {Ihosnna, To beat 
one's head with vexation, &c. 

Dhoonr-dh^nr, ybb5y^te«3 "^T^ft^ 8, m, 

piiOQ-'nuk-na, Ui;^*3 i^^PTT r. a. To card 
or comb (cotton). 

p!!t5on-\va, \y'^^^ ^^ \ s. w. Smoke. Dhoon- 

Ph^on-wau, c;!^;3fc*>^;^ J wan-riar^ Much 
smoke, adj. Smoky; beautiful, adorned. 

Phoon-^v^-ra, Uy^t*^ Y^^ ** '"' ^ <*bim- 
ney. Dhoonwarana, v, a. To smoke. 

Ph&n-wee, ^^^'^ y'l<f1 s. f. The bow 
with which cotton is carded. 

Phoop, ^p;2^^ Y^ 5. / Sim.shino : a per- 
fume burnt by Hindoos at thi» time of wur.sliip- 
ping phoop'tfanPCy s.f. A pot for keopinn^ Dlionp. 

phoop-k4-la, i'l'^J>yfc^ -^^^i^I s. m. The 

hot weather, 
phuop-ua, ^^iySt^ '^^'^ ^' ^- '^^ smear with ; 

pitch, to perfume, 
phoor, JJfc.^ "^T s. m. Beginning; limit, end; 

as, pliQQr'Se dhoQi-fuk, From beginning to end. 
phoor, j^*^ ^ s.f. Dust. 

Phoo-ra de-na, U'»^U^^ -^ ^«n To do 

ceive, to wheedle, to take in. 
phoor-(jhd-nee,^^^^;^it*> Y^C>fr^*^ s.f. A tall 

stout fellow; a firelock (without a chaml»er). 
Phoo-ree, ^^Ci g^t •( 
phoo ret', ^;;5^^ ^T^ J 

.«?./. An axloircc 

gh i 

(Northumbrian r) in 

Phoo-ri-ya b^i^, 2ky. U^^ "^^^ W^-m* 

A species of jasmine, 
phoo-ri-ya raulldr, j5t<'jj^*> "^fV^ I ^TWIT 

s, m. A musical mode (particalarly, sung in tbe 

beginning of the rains). 

Phop-ri-y^-na, tV.;^*> ^fT^n^TT r. a. To 
throw dust; to winnow, to sift. 

Dhoor-pud, o^jfc^ H^^^^ ^' ^' ^ ^^^^ ^^ 

PhQor-sjinjh, <^ar}UjJb»^ ^ <^ i <Ji s.f. Dusk, 

Phoor-sunj-ha, l^sr^,^*i Y^^^rr 5. m, E- 

Plioort, ijL>j^^ \^ adj. Cunning, sly. 

Dhoor-wa, t^j^^^i %<*^\ s. in, A pea. 

Ph6o-sa dha-see, ^^^U^'-^^.i^yQT vr^^ «/ 
Cramming and stuffing. 

Phoos-na, U^^^ Y'^^^ *'• ^- '^^ ^^"' ^^ 
stuff; to butt (as, horned cattle). 

ph6QS-Ra, U^»> ^WT «. »'• Flannel, a kind 
of coarse stuff nuide of shawl-wool. 

ph6ot-ta, ^^ ^rfr s. m. Trick, deceptiou. 
pitQtJta (fena, To deceive. 

ph6o-wan, j\^^ -^ s. m. Smoke. 

Phopi (y^^^ ^^ s.f, A kind of sword. 

Dhor, j^*^ ^rr s. m. Cattle. 

pho-ra, !;yt*> -^iTr «. m. Name of a me- 

Dho-ra, tj^Jt J ^TT \ 8. m. The repre- 

Dhor-ha, fej.>J ^TT / sentation of a 
tomb carried about in the Mookurrinn* 

Dho-rce, s^^^^ %T^ s. f Eagerness, ar- 

Ph('-sn, U^2tJ*> ^I'gT 8. m, A coarse kind of 


Pho-ta, t'^^ii^rm adj. False, treacher- 
ous, perfidious. 

Dh6-ta, ^^^^3 %r^T 5. 1/7. A child. 

Phc-tee, ej'';It*> ^fft 5./ A cloth worn 
round the waist, jvissing between tlic legs and 
fastened behind. 

Phoij^v^::^ %\ S.f. A kind of wood (Lyth- 
rum fruticosum; Gnslea tomcntosa.) 

Phoyl, J^*> ^^ s.f A thump, a rap. a 
slap. JJhoid Itigana^ or, — immta, v, ft. To 
thump. ph(tul higna, i\ n. To suflfer los^. 

l/hou In, )?•>»> ^i-madj. White. P/iOuh- 
(jir. f. 7/1. y.vy}v of a mouutain. ph'jvltkc^ s.f* 

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a o 

\^ 80 



DHU [ 103 ] 

gg r J 

our (taarth palatick) (Boft dental) 










Phffl-lipna, tOf^»> ^WPnv. a. To thpmp, 
to slap. 

Ph^-db6p-pa, UbjJy^t) ^i^nCQTT s. m. 
ThmnpiDg and slapping. 

phog-li-y^na, tUyb*> ?ltTf%^Pn r. a. To 
thump, to box, to slap. 

PhOBD, jyt*> ^h^ «. m. A weight of 20 ser. 
pron. Whether. 

Dhognj, ^'y^*^ ^^ s*/. Thought, contem- 
plation, reflection. 

Pb^ynk, Lj5yfc*> ^i^ 8,f. Breathing, pant- 
iof ; the asthma. 

Ph&nk-na, Ui}^te*> ^fr^prr t;. a. To blow 
with bellows, &c. 

Phggns, ^yfc»> ^tm s. m. Assault, threaten- 

Ph^in-sa, LjjSt*^ ^fngfT s. m, A large kettle- 

Dhons-dhur-Al-la, if^^^^^J ^fr^VT^TT 
«. Di. Blastering, bullying, tnmnlt, the impetuous 
ttstnlt of a crowd or body of men. 

Dhggn-si-ya, Lw^b.^ ^ifii^n The leader of 
a hue and erj or posse comitatns. 

Dhan-til, J toyb4> ^fT7TTOac(f.Rich, wealthy ; 
strong, stout; bold; vicious, mischieyous. Dhos^-- 
take, «./. Riches; strength. 

Db^, jyb«3 ^^ 8. m. A large kind of dove. 

Dhroo, ^fb^ vs. m. The pole (of the earth) 
the polar star. 

Phroi^b, V;^^ ¥W«.in. The pole of the earth, 
pobr star, adj* Sure, right. 

Dhub, Lt^ J TW s. m, ^lape, form ; manners, 
breeding, befaaiionr, mode, method, knack, know- 
ledge, fashion, style, way, address, dexterity, 
art, position. 

Dliub-6e-la, ».-Jbj Tsnf^ adj. Well made, 

Dhub-(8>-a, !^^J dj^l s. m. A copper coin 
etfoal to a pjfsa. 

Dhfib-ra, Ij^fcJ Tf TT adj. Tttrbid. 

Phuch-uk-na, l;%Jfc4> ^r^^TTT v. n. To gire 
way, to sink (as, a bog, slough, &c.) 

Phodh-tich-chhur, j^B^tJ^t^ VH^T '. m. In 
▼ersification, certain words or letters, which are 
mkoned by poets to be nnlucky. (The letters^ 
ha,i( gn, 9rnn, in the beginning of a Terse, T ru, 
^ JQi ^ iu, in the middle, and ^ ku, HTtn, Tf giyu, 
mthe end of a sentence, are of this description). 
Pkd-huk-na, UifcJOfc.^ \o(Wr^ v. n. To blaze, 
I>b6-ee den-a, ^jSjiti ^l\^\ v. a. To 

force an invita^on, by fixing one's self in a house 

till dinner comes on table. 
Ph{ig.gur, yi*i v^T 1 «. iw« A paramour. 
PhiSg-ra, ty!te»3 \nrf T } Dhuggur-baz, 

8. /. An adulteress. K&xee, — or Bvibihee ka 

ijihugguf. Independent of judge or general (an ex- 
pression of pride). 
Phug-61'na, ^^^ V^l^T^ v. n. To roll, 

to wallow. 
Dh6-he p6r-na, ^^j^^^^^ "^ "'T^Tr 1 v. w. 
Dh6h-na,UJ^J•^^ri^ j To 

fall, to tumble down (as a house, &c.) 
phuj, ^^ yrs{ 8.f. Shape; attitude, figure, 

appearance, person, phuj pulutna. To change 

one's attitude in sword playing, &c. 
phiij-a, Isrffc*^ \rwT 8.f. A slip of cloth, a 

standard, a ship's pendant, a flag. s. m. Shape; 

figure, person. 
Phuj-bh6ng, cJlleg^'^ ¥^n>nr 8. m. Impo- 

J[)huj-6e-la,5LaBrfc*> M^wrad;. Well-looking, 

Phi\j-jee, ^^s^>^ Vssft s.f. A slip of cloth or 

paper, a shred, pht/jjeeaigi dor^na, To disgrace, 

to expose one to infamy. 
Dhuk, i^Jjti -^^ 8. m. A weight. 

Dhuk-ir, j^J d*M< s.f. A belch. Dhukar 
Una, V. n. To belch. 

jphuk-dhuk-d-na, 0iiabO^i5 v^nc^TT^T v. n. 

To palpitate, 
phuk-el, {J^^ M^"l 8. m. Shove, push, 
Dhuk-^1, Jjixtj ^%^ / Dhuhei dina, To 

pnsh, to precipitate. 
phuk-61-na, ULilb*> %c%iffWTlv. a. To 
Dhuk-61-na, UJUilio ?rtt^prr/ shove, 

push, jostle. 
Pbuk-^1-00, y^^ M%^ *. *w. Pusher. 

phdk-ka, ^^ VITT 8. m. A shove, jolt, 
push. Jphukka 4^na, To shove. 

ph6k-kum-dhuk-ka, ^iib^^^ M^piTW*. »»• 
Shoving and jostling. 

Dh6k-na, WltJ t^ttt v. a. To cover, to 
conceaL s.m. A lid, a cover. 

Dh6k-nee, ,^ja^J T'fpft s./. A lid, cover 

(of a pot), 
jphuk ruh-jd-na, OUiJjuiJfc*^ V^ TT^'TT To 

be confounded at a sudden disaster. 

Dhul*d-na, ^^3 "gnrpTT v. a. To cause to 
cast (metals), to cause to pour. ^^ ^ 

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(soft dental) 

[ 106 ] 






(Northumbrian r) 

Dhul-ka,i^j"gr^l^rTa4/. Blear-eyed; spilling. 
Dhul-ka-na, Ol^j dM^iMl v. a. To tilt, 

to overturn, to spill, to pour, to roll. 
Dhul-mul-4-na, I'^bJ <g<ii*<<a[*< f v. n. To 

move from side to side, to totter. 

Dh6l-na, UbbJ ^^gpTT v. ru To be cast (a 

•i. -Y^^^" ' metal), to be poured out, to spill; to roll; to be 

^^ Y ' inclined, to decline. Din dhulnn. To decline (the 

\ day, towards evening). DhuUce phirtee chhdon, 

(lit. rolling and turning shade) is applied, to the 

changeable state of worldly concerns, and (met.) 

To a person of a capricious or unsteady temper. 
Dhul-uk, uJflJb J ^-^r^ s. /. Rolling, tilting. 

phulukna, v. n. To roll. 
Dhulyt, t£-'VJb^J ^^tt s, m. A person in 

the equipage of great men armed with sword and 

buckler; a constable, a targetier. f>hult/tee, $,f. 

Office or duty of a Dhulyt, 
Ph6m-a ch^-ree, ^y ^Ult!»> v^ ^V^ 

s.f. Noise, tumult, bustle. 
Phum-a-dhum,jiJfc*>lo2fc*3 VTWIT s. m. The 

sound of stamping, thumping. 

Plmm-d-ka, !iU^*i M^RTITT 8. m. A kind of 

cannon carried on an elephant. 
Phum-6l, jUfc^ \(inw s. w. Name of a 

chime or time in music; a song which is sung 

during the holeCt or festival held at the approach 

of the vernal equinox. 
Phum-ar, jU>^ V^TTT s. «i. A chime or 

time in music; running through fire on religious 

occasions (among Moifsulmanfukeers). 
Phura-<)h6o-sur, j^^S^^^i^ ^TfHTWK ddj. 

Phum-dhum-^-na, l*'U3bcVo.Tfc.3 ^f^nf^TTTTv. a. 

To make a noise (with the feet, by running about 

Bhuin-ka, l^^o.Ib*> VT^ s, m. Great heat ; 

threatening, chiding ; thump, noise produced by 

the fall of a heavy body. 

Plmm-k^-hut, LS^JfeiCftlfc*^ V^PFTT^T s. f. 

phum-kd-na, Ot^»^ vfi^cMHI v. n. To threat- 
en, chide, snub. 

pimm-kee, ^^J*^*^ ViT^ s,f. Threatening. 

Phiim-kee-la, '^SAi:stJ^ ViT^W s. m. A 
bright colour. 

Dhum-U-na, 0>U>j ^iraTTT v. a. To roll. 

Phum-raal, jUte,3 \nm^ s. m. Running 
through fire on religious occasions (among Moo- 
8ulman/tt^e«7'i. Dhumal, s, m. A chime or time 
in music. 


(deep liquid lingual) loch 

Phum-6-ka, ^yo3ti^ y(^W{ 5. m. A kind of 

Phum-uk, L^CoOtii M?nr 8./. Noise of foot- 
steps over-head, thumping, &c. 

Ph6m-uk-na, W^cOb^i M^FPirTr v. a. To throb, 
to shoot (as, the pain of a headach) ; to palpitate, 
to thump ; to flash, to glimmer. 

Dhiim-un-ee, yy^^*> Mifft 8./. An artery. 

Dhun, Jitd \pr tnterj. Well done ! What 
happiness ! How fortunate ! phun mhina. To 
thank, s. m. Fortune, prosperity, an expressi<m 
of praise, worthy of greatness or glory! Fortu- 
nate ! thanks, riches, wealth, opulence. Z>Atm- 
dndhy Blinded with wealth or riches, purse-proad. 
f>hun'puir, $, m. An inventory of property. 
Phunm6n, or phtmtvdn, adj. Affluent, rich. 

Dhtin-a, Ujb j -^PTT v. n. To be demolished, 
razed, destroyed. 

phun-^s-ree, ^j-jU^.^ VTT^fts./. The name 
of a raginee or musical mode. 

Phun-dha, l3b«>;Jtt> t^ 8. m. Business, em- 
ployment, work, avocation, occupation. 

Phun-dh^-la, 5f l3bJaXt*i "ifvfT^n s.f> A procur- 
ess, a bawd. 

Phun-dhdr, j^d^d \fviT adj. Solitary. 
f)hun(jtharee, s. f. Solitude. 

Phiindh^ka, K3bJa3b.i "^hf^n 8. m, A kind of 
drum, phutujihkee, s.f* A snudl drum. 

Ph6ndh-la, SJbJ^*3 t^WI *. m. Deception, 
trick. phuniMhna^ r. a. To trick. 

Dhun-dho-ra, I^^J^JbJ j^Ki «. m. Publi- 
cation by beat of drum. pUundhoriya, «. m. A 
crier, a proclaimer by heat of drum. 

phi&n-ee, sj^^^^ V^ adj. Rich, wealthy, for- 
tunate; an epithet <>f the Deity. «. m. Owner, pro- 
prietor. «./. A beam. 

Dhun-*^k, \S^^ "^^ 1 s. m. The name of 

phun-68, jj*MjAJb*> v^J a bird with a 
very large bill (Buceros). 

Dhung, u^JbJ 7^^.171. Behaviour, manners, 
breeding, gracefulness, mode, method . m\\\ 

Phun-hi, \^^ VT^ 8.m.k cultivator of 
rice, adj, (of a country) In which rice is culti- 

Phun-ish-th^ I^X^Aj^I^.^ vf%^ 8, / The 
twenty-third mansion of the moon, the dolphin. 

Ph6n-i-ya, IjJ^^ VpT^ $. m. Coriander 
seed. (Coriandrnm sativum). Dhuniye kee khop- 
ree meii pdtiee pildna, v, a. To harass, to disturb, 
to tuut^ize. 

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[ 1 07 3 

r t 

(iMrfth palatick) (soft dental) 










• my 


SOD for catting rice. 
Phun-m^-nee, ^UxSb^ V^^R^ adj. Thank- 

fiiL itUer;. Well done I Bravo ! 
Dhun-mud, ^S^XSt^ \f^n^ s. m. Pride or 

intoxication from wealth. 
Phun-na-86th, -i4L^Ujfc^ Xrd^ adj. Suc- 
cessful, True speaking. 
Dhun-nd-ta, ^yj^^ VT^^T s. w. Cross 

beams that sustain the supports of thatch. 
Phtin-i», Jit^ \r^ s. m. A bow. The sign 

phtin^k, uJ^»3 v^ s.f.A bow. Dhun^k- 

4h6ree, s, m. An archer. Dhuimk-ihur, s. m. An 

archer armed with a bow; an epithet of Krishn. 

DhunQQk'4hura, A ceremony in honour of Siv. 

PhunQQkbde,8,f. Tetanus. 
Ph6iHjj^kee,,J^^J y^T^ s. f. The bow 

wjth which cotton is cleaned. 

DhAn-uk, u-^*> vnf s.f. Embroidery, lace. 
Phftn-un-jjr, ^^jSB^^^ V^Nnr *. m. Fire. 
Phun-un-tor, yWb.3 ^TTT \n. prop. 
Phun-6n-tttr-ee, ^^iJ^^ V^TPd J The 

name of a physician in the court of Lidr. adj. 

Powerful, strong, wealthy. 
Phun-it-tar, ^^ VTiTT adj. Opulent, 

powerful. s> m. Name of a physician in the court 


Phun-w4n, j\y^^ Vr^T^-l o^/. Wealthy, 
Phun-wdn^ u;^yJb^ M^Wt^ ] affluent, rich. 
phap-dr.jUfc^J \nrrf s. Running, race. 

Dhup-dhup-^na, tU^ jv,.^^«5 T M<tm^ T v. a. 
To thump a drum (as children do). 

Dhfip-na, U^J ^nnn v. n. To be covered. 

phup-pa, Ute4> ^fvtJ s. m. A stain on cloth; a 
slap, box, thump, blow; deception. 

Phor, jJfc^ v^ s. m. The body, 

Phur-a, Ijlbi3 ifrr s.f. The earth. 

Ph6r-a, |jJb»> inyr s. m. A party ; a weight. 
4Mnr« ban4hna. To make up a standard to weigh 
by, wkh bricks or any thing else; as, by having 
one weight (of a pound, suppose), it is doubled, 
quadrupled and so on^ till the weight requisite is 

Phur-^-na, Ol^Ib^ VTT^ v. a. To owe. 
Phur-dhur-d-na, 0|jibJ>j2bJ VfVfPfT v. n. 

To flutter, to palpitate. 
Phur^hur-jul-na, UU-ybJ^^b.^ VfVf^^^T 

^' n. To bum with great fury. 
phtiTHJe, ^jJbJ >fft *./. A Une, particu- 

larly the black lines made on the lips with miS' 
see; a weight of ^ve ser; the quantity weighed 
at once. 
PhQr-6e cha, [f^^jst^ V^VT s. m. The se- 
cond husband of a Hindoo widow among the low- 
er classes; (this connexion, being contrary to 
the spirit of the Hindoo institutions, is formed 
without any particular ceremony , except marking 
the bride's head with minium). 

Ph6r-ka, ^^^ V^^ s. m. Fear, doubt, 

suspense; palpitation; thunder. 
Dhur-kou-wa, ly^bJ ^'f^i^i s, m. A ra- 
Phurm, f^ft^ mA s. m. Justice^ virtue, reli- 
gion, duty; usage, practice, business, profession, 
manner, mode. Dhwrmrdj, «.m. The just king 
i. e. Yum or Jim (Pluto); a kingdom where jus- 
tice is administered. Dhumi'Sdla, s. m. A place 
where alms are distributed. Dhurm raj kuma. 
To govern justly. 
X)hunn-a-vut-4r, jti^U^JbJ Vih^TTTT A term 
of respect in addressing a sovereign. 

Phurm-dt-ma, UjU^.^ v 4l#<l adj. Virtu- 
ous, just. 8, m. The Holy Spirit. 

phdr-mee, y^jJfc^ V^*^ adj. Virtuous, just. 

Phur-misht, uS^JUj3b»3 \ffif ^ adj. Virtuous, 
inclined to the performance of duty. 

Phiir-na, O^ttJ \fTyfj v. a. To place, to put 
down, to assume, to put on; to give in charge; 
to sei^e, to catch, to lay hold of, to hold. Dhur^ 
na (fenot or, — bytiina, A mode of extorting pay- 
ment of a debt or compliance with any demand. 
See Asiat. Res. Vol. iv. Art. 22. 

Ph6r-nee, J^fb^ VT^ s.f. The earth. Dhur- 
nee'4hur, A mountain, n.prop. Name of Shesh- 
nag^ a serpent who is said to uphold the earth ; and 
of Vishnoo in the form of a tortoise and of a boar. 

Phur-net, L£^*jfc»> vri^ s. m. A dun. 

Phur-o-h6r, ;3»>;;Ib*> V^TTT s.f, A trust, a 
charge, any thing given in charge, a deposit. 

Phur 6o-a, \^-^^ Vf ^T ) s. vi. The name of 

phtir-wa, l^^bO v^^ J a bird, a kind of 

Ph6r-ta, (j^^ \n7TT s. m. A debtor. 

Phur-tee, JfjSt^ XT^ft J?. /.The earth. PAur- 
tee kaphool, s. m. A mushroom. 

Phtir-uk, U^JbJ v^^ s.f. Palpitation; fear. 
Dhundma, v, n. To palpitate. 

Phur-il-la, X^^ \r^ s. m. The sound of 
hammering, &c. ; frightening, alarming; a crowd. 

Ph6r.un, j^^ VTur s. f. A beam, the 
womb; accent, tone; the navel (or rather theyTp. 
N 2 ^.«...^^^, „^agLC 


[ 108 ] 


a cli d e ee g ^ 

all choose (soft dental) get thee gone (Northumbrian r) 


in (deep liquid lingual) 



umbilical veiD, perhaps the aorta or ccBliack artery, I 
as it is said to pulsate) which is supposed by the 
Hindoo physicians to be occasionally removed 
from its place, and thus to occasion Tarious mor- 
bid symptoms; this is called Dhwun dignee, or, 
Naftulna, or — OQkhurnai and the cure is attempt- 
ed by friction of the belly. 

Phur-wd-na, l't^;3t«i HT^PTT v. a. To cause 
to place, &c. 

phus-i-na, 0Ljb*3 ^f^PTT V. a. To cause to 
be thrust into. 

Phu8-do, ^Ljb*i ^fTBTT^ ^5. fTi. A slough, bog, 

Phus-dn, jLjb^ X^^TTT > quagmire, a swamp. 

Phus-na, luMJb*> \re^ v. «. To be pierced, 
stuck into, to be penetrated, to be thrust into, to 
sink, to enter. 

Phus-tik-na, ULjb^ ^nj^TT v. n. To give 

way, sink (as, a qua^ire or slough). 
Phtis-ura, f»«MJbk3 iTQTr 8. m. Swamp. 

phus-un, ^j*A*:bi3 \f^^ s, /• A quagmire ; the 
state of beingf thrust into. 

phut, Li^^3fc»3 \n\ s. f. A word used to en- 
courage elephants. 

Phut-6en-gur, ^^^^ VT^'PH: adj. Ignoble, 

Dhtit-hi-ya, l>^«5 Tfe^T 1 s.f, A cord used 

Dhut-tee, ,^^3 ir^ ) instead of a 

Phut-6o-ra, t^yilb^ Vg^J s. m. A plant (Da- 
tura, or thorn-apple). 

phut-dor-iy-a, ^jy^*^ M'^^fr^ adj. A cheat, 

an imposter. 
Dhdt-tha, t^JiJfcJ ^"JT 8. m. A plug, a cork. 

Phti-wa, \ySt^ V^^. m. A cast of palkee 

bearers, who are Moosulmans. 
Dhu-wd na, ^t^l^J "sr^TTT v. a. To cause 

to raze or pull down . 
Dhy-ya, Ub«3 %^ s. m. A measure of two 

and half «er. Dhyya tekur, adj. Desolated. 

Pib-a-kur, /Ij^i f^*|l*< 8. m. The sun. 
Dib-ba, ^3 fr^TT 8. m. A small box. 
Dib-bee, ^. J f^-ft «•/• A cartouch-box. 
Pibb-yu, *^l*i f^«. m. An oath. adj. Pure, 

Dib-i-ya, .tjjJ fift^T «• /• A very small 

Dlb-ur-i-ya, ^,f3 fir^fr^T adj. Left-handed, 
pig, u5*> f^ 8, m. Quarter, region, tract, 

side, way, (in compos.) words, as, esffut'4iff, 

Northwards; the Hindoos reckon ten 4iffs (which 

are mentioned under dihpai)\ point (of the 

Dig-^-na, ^^I^J f^nn^ v. a. To cause to 

shake or move. 
pig-dig-4-na, OKj/^ f^*in^<lMI v. n. To 

chatter (as, teeth). 
Pig-guj, gw^ f^mtJi {lit Elephant that 

supports one of the four quarters of the earth; 

met.) great. 
Pig-hee, ^^v3 f^ s.f. A large tank, or 

reservoir, in form of an oblong square. 

Dig-na, UTj f^inn v. n. To shrink; to 
shake, vibrate, tremble, quaver, move. 

Pig-pdl, jUb f%;nnrw «. m. The ten 
guardians or supporters of the ten regions, sides, 
or quarters. Bruhma is said to preside over the 
zenith; Ununt, the nadir; .fiu/r, the east; U^i, 
the S. £.; Yumu, the south; iV^7,the S. W.; 
Vuroon, the west; Puvun, theN. W.; Koover^ 
the north; and Shiv, the N. E. (and, the word is 
often appHed as an epithet of a sovereign, in the 
sense of) Supporter or cherisher of a quarter or 
region of the earth. 

Pig-sdol, J^^ f^^nj^ 8. m. An unlucky 
day for travelling in a particular direction. 

Pig-um-bur, j^^^ adj. Naked. 8. m. An 
order of Hindoo ascetics, whose only garment is 
the atmosphere, they are worshippers of Siv. An 
order of asoetics of the sect of Jyn; they either 
go naked or are clad in cloth died with red chalk. 

Plg-ur, /^ adj. Another, other. Diffurgoon, 
adj. Of another complexion or colour; altered, 

Pig-wdr, j\/*^ (^•l^iT 8. m. A watchman, 
a guard. 

pih, >«3 8. m. A village ; {in compos.) part 
act. Giving, giver. 

Pi-h4t, cjte*> 8. m.pL Villages; the coun- 

Pi-hin-duh, »Ja2b*i part. ac. Giving, giver. 

Pi-hish, tA^^*^ 8.f. Charity, bounty. 

Pih-k^n, jliito^ 8. m. A villager, husband- 
man, a headman of a village. Dihianee, s.m.f. 
A villager, a hasbandman; agriculture, the pro- 
fession of a husbandman. Dihixmiyut^ s.f. Coun- 
try manners, rusticity, vulgarity. 

Plh-lee, ^Jit^ r^^igft 8./. A threshold. 

Pih-lee, ,^^*> 8. m. Name of a city, once 
the metropolis of Hindoostan under the name of 
Shahjuhanabad. ^^ ^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


C 109 ] 

n o oo QQ oy r 

boM so too good our (harsh palatick) 

(soft dental) 










Pi-b<jj>-ree, ij^^ f<^gih s. f. Threshold, 
door. piAoBT^e-ijldr, <. m. A door-keeper. 

Plh.ra, \jfiy^ f^\<\ s. m. An idol temple. 

Pij-luh, <^1^*> 5. m. A lake ; the riFer Tigris. 

Dik-dk, J 15^ ad/. Minute ; intelligent, s. m. 
A shred, chip. Pukkak, A com>grinder. 

Pik-hii-eej^^lff*^ f^43i|; s./ Shewing, show, 
display, appearauce. fHkhaee tfSfut, To appear. 
Pik-h^o, ^IfTi^ f^W7 «. m. Display, show. 

Pik-hi-oo, 314^*3 f^iaiv* adj. Comely. 

Pik-h^-na» ^^^ f^^^^ r. a. To shew, 

to exhibit. 
Pikh-U-na, I'^lfT^i n^4a<gii#<i v. a. To shew, 

to exhibit. fHkhlaee 4^na, To appear, to be ap- 

pirent. ^ i V » * ' 

Pik^, ^«> «• itt. A hectic fever ; teasing, 

trouble, Tezatioa. Jpikk kuma. To perplex, to 

pla^e. ^Hf^-^ar, adj. Troublesome, teasing. 

Dikk^ree, <./. Trouble, vexation. 
Pik-^t, iji^^ s. y. Abstrusity, difficulty, 

trouble, uneasiness, diligence, close application; 

industry, accuracy; a subtile or minute thing. 

Pik-p6l, JI/*> r<*»Ti^ s. m. A support- 
er or master of one of the ten (dig) regions, 
sides or quarters (t. e. Bruhma, for the zenith; 
Unimtf for the nadir; Ltdr, for the E; Ugni, for 
the S. E.; Yum, for the S.;iV>rt>,forthe S. W.; 
VurooH, for the W. ; Vajfoo, for the N. W. ; Koo- 
ver, for the N.; Eesan, for the N. E). 

Pil, J*> s, jw. Heart, mind, soul ; marrow, 
pith. Dild, O heart! DiUdra, adj. Beloved; an 
epithet of a sweetheart. pU-arAm, (/tt; heart-eas- 
ing;) 5. in. A sweetheart. DU-azdr, adj. Heart- 
tormenting, $.m,f, A sweetheart. fHlaz&ree, $, 
f. Torment of the heart, anxiety, trouble. Z> t7- 
aziir4^h^ adj. Troubled in mind, vexed, deject- 
ed. Dildsa, s. m. Comfort, soothing, encourage- 
ment, consolation. Jpilufgdr, adj. Heart-broken, 
pensive, melancholy. DilaioSz, (Heart-suspend- 
ing,) heart-ravishing, heart-delighting, transport- 
ing. pil'but6ma, To dishearten, to deject. fHl- 
bu^ii. Mutual love, interchange of hearts. IHl- 
bur. Heart-bearer, or, — ravisher; a sweetheart. 
Dilburee, s,f. Heart-ravishing, comfort, pacifi- 
cation. Dil'-bttfhdna, v.d. To hearten, to en- 
courage. fHlbustuh, (Heart-bound) afflicted, at- 
tached, enamoured. fHlbustugee, s,f. Friendship, 
love, angubh, attachment. IHlbmujty adj, Attrac- 
tire, heart-stealing; {met,) A son. J^l buIiUma, 
r. a. To amuse, to divert. Dil buhuhux, v, n. To 
be amused, diverted. Dil pdna. To find out what 
is pleasing to any one. pil-puzeer, adj. Grateful 

to the soul, amiable. Dil pur kisee ke chulna. To 
be obedient. Dilphema, To disincline. f)il pee- 
chhe pupia. To forget one's sorrow. ^7 ttirvpkna. 
Palpitation. Dil-tuftugee, s.f. Heart-burning, 
love, distress of mind. Dil-ttifiuh, Heart-burnt, 
in love, distressed. DiUung, adj. Distressed, 
mournful, sad. Dil-ttingee, s.f. Distress, grief, 
sadness. Dil tdrna. To disappoint, to mortify. 
pu^jula, adj, Iloart-bumt, afflicted. pUjt/ma, 
Collected in mind, contented, cheerful, pujum- 
uee, s,f. Ease of mind, content. Pilj6, adj. 
Heart-seeking, studious of pleasing, grateful. 
pUjoee, s,f. Seeking to gain the heart, study to 
please, attention. pil-chQsrdna, To steal the heart 
of any one; to abstain from any thing, to bo de- 
terred and desist from an enterprise, pilchusp, 
adj. Beloved, pleasant. Pilchula, adj. Brave, re- 
solute, generous; persevering. PH cMlna, To 
desire. pil-chulee, $,f. Bravery, resolution. 
Dilchdr, adj. Inattentive, timid. pH-Upirdsh, 
adj. Heart-rending, heart-lacerating, excruciat- 
ing, grieved to the heart. pH-Hurdshee, s, f. 
Wounding of the heart, torment. pU-Musiuh, 
adj. Heart-broken, piliiwdh, s, m. Heart's de- 
sire, desire, affection, adj. Beloved, desirable. 
pHiHish, adj. Contented, cheer fnl, glad. />i7- 
iidoshee, M. f. Contentment, cheerfulness. PiU 
4d4uh, cuij. One who has given away his heart. 
pii4dr, adj. Possessing or delighting the heart, 
charming; $, m. f. A lover, a mistress, a sweet- 
heart, pil^dree, s. f. Blandishment, kindness, 
consolation, enoouiagement. pil^ihee, s. f. 
Heart-surrendering, falling in love. PH 4Mna, 
To study one's temper. PU c^ena. To lose one's 
heart, to be in love. pil^rdDba, Heart-ravishing; 
M, m. A sweet-heart. pHroobdee, s, f. Stealing 
the heart, making love. pUresh, adj. Wounded 
to the heart, afflicted. pHreshce, s.f. Affliction. 
pH'Zwfuh, adj. Wounded to the heart, pilsdz, 
adj. Heart-pleasing, delightful, pilsdzee, s, f. 
Pleasing the heart, delighting. pH-sildn, ad. 
Heart-alluring, beautiful. pUsurif, aiif. Cold- 
hearted, indifferent, averse, pil-sdibtuh, (burnt 
to the heart.) adj. Afflicted, pilsdz, adj. Inflam- 
ing the heart, beloved, affecting, compassionate. 
s, m^f, A mistress, a friend, pilsdz ibdnuk- pi- 
rdsh. An enemy under the semblance of a friend. 
PilsSzee, $, f. Heart-burning, ardour, fervour. 
Pilshdif, adj. Glad, gay, cheerful. piUk^uh, 
a^. Having lost the heart, enamoured, deprived 
of the senses. Dil-skikustuh, adj. Heartbroken. 
pilfurdz. Heart-enlightening, delightful, recreat- 
ing, pleasant, refreshing, pil-fureb, a^j. Heart- 
alluring, beautiful, enchanting, lovely. pUflgdr, 
adj, MeUncholy, mournful, pensive; an epithet 

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(soft dental) 

[ HO 3 








(Northumbrian r) in 

k U| 

(deep liquid Ungual) loch 

of a sweetheart. Pil ka phuphdla phofmay v. a. 
To rip up old sores, to renew a half- forgotten 
grief. IHlkdr, Affecting the heart. Dilkush, adj. 
Heart-attracting, chosen, approved of, beloved, 
pleasant, pil-hdos/ia, adj. Heart-expanding, de- 
lightful, charming. Dil-kushee, *./. < Delightful- 
ness. pilg^4^h, s, m. Courage. Dilgurmee, 
s.f. Friendship, warm-heartedness. Dxlgeery Oc- 
cupying or captivating the heart, melancholic, 
sad, low-spirited, afflicted, grieved. DilgSeree, 
8,f. Melancholy, sadness, sorrow, affliction, con- 
cern. ]~)il liigna, v, n. To apply to, to be attentive. 
Dil'lugee, s, f. Diversion, amusement. Dii- 
miirgh, s, m. A kind of arrow. Jpii mern d/ilna,To 
put into one's mind (spoken of God), to inspire. 
ZHl men khoQb jdna. To obtain a place in one's 
heart. DU men ghur kurna. To contract intimate 
friendship. Dil-nishien, adj. Heart- residing; 
grateful to the mind, satisfactory. pUnUwdz, adj. 
Soothing the mind, conciliating, beloved; an 
epithet of a sweetheart. IHlnuwdzee, s.f. Blan- 
dishment. piUnthd^, s. Any thing on which the 
heart is fixed; a sweetheart. Dil-o-jan, Heart and 
soul; tooth and nail. DiUo-jan se, adv. Heartily. 
ZHUo-4umdabt s. m. Ambition, pride, stateliness. 
Dilhutjana, v. n. To be averse. Dilee, 4U, A 
secret, kept secret, pil ka jh6la, s. The pericar- 

Pil-^-na, (iy*3 f^^i v. a. To cause to 

give, to occasion, to consign, to assign, to cause 

to yield, to cause to give up. 
pU-^-sa, U)f*3 s. m. Comfort, consolation. 
Dil-^-wur, j^/ki adj. Brave, intrepid. DU- 

awuree, «./. Bravery, boldness, intrepidity. 
Dil-ee, ^J adj. Hearty, cordial, of* the 


TA\'6ry j^^ cr^*. Intrepid, brave, insolent, 
bold, impudent. Dilerdnuh, adv. Boldly, intrepid- 
ly. Dileree, s.f. Intrepidity, boldness, valour. 

!Pil-lee, ^)^ ftpj^ s.f. Name of a city long 
the metropolis of Hindoostan, called also Shah- 

Pil-wa-lee,^iy*> f^^-^i^ s. m. An inhabi- 
tant of Diliee or Dihlee. 

Pil-w^-na, 0iy»3 f^ H ^MI v. a. To cause to 
give or pay. 

Pll-wy-ya, y *^ f^^r%^ One who causes 
to give or pay. 

Dim-^j^ ^U*> 1 8. m. The brain ; pride, 

I)umaj^, J haughtiness, conceit, 

spirit, fancy. fHmaghtdzuh ktima. To be pleased. 

pimagh churhna. To be proud with excess of 

wealth. Dumagh kuma, To be vain, proud, 

haughty; or rather, to act proudly, &c. fhanagh 
hona. To be vain, haughty, proud. 

Dimbh, ^^^^ f^ s. m. Pride, vanity. 

Pimn,^*3 s. The orbicular dung of cattle. 

pin, c;*> f^ 8. m. Day. Din-bti^Uj Day by 
day. Din bhume, expresses time spent in pain 
and trouble. Dirfpufna, To be unfortunate. Dw 
phima, To begin to prosper (after adversity). 
Din chvrhdna. To commence any business late \ 

in the day; to eat the bread of idleness, or earn 
one's .wages without labour. Din chufhna. The 
day being far advanced; the period of a wonuui's 
menstruation being protracted. Din if/idl^f oflv. 
In daylight. Din^iya, Daylight. Dindhidna, 
V. n. To grow late, to decline (the sun). Din kdt- 
na. To pass away the time. Dinko 4in ratko rat 
nujdnna. To be totally absorbed in thought or 
business, pin khiJQina, To begin to prosper after 
adversity. Din gtng^wdna. To spend time careless- 
ly. Pinm^sn4na, To grow late, to close (the 

Pin-d-ee, *^0.3 f^^ «• m. A tetter, a ring- 

Pln-ee, ^^ f%^ adj\ Aged (generally ap- 
plied to animals). 

pin- kur, /}*> f^^^< s. m. The sun, 

Pin-m^n, jUo f^^4<K s. m. The length 
of a day. 

Din-4ind-ha,(Jb^*'^! j^ f^ IftvT s. m. Dyso- 
pia or day-blindness. 

Pirh, »j^ f^ 1 adj. Firm, strong. Dirka- 

Prirh, »;j^ TcTj na, v. a. To prove. 
Dirhta, or Drirhta, s.f Firmness, strength. 

Pir-huro, ^y^ s. m. A direm, money,8pecie; 
a silver coin, of which from 20 to 25 have at 
different times passed current for a decnar, which 
latter is nearly equal to a ducat, or sequin, about 
9 shillings. 

Pir^iu, ^j«^ s. m. The harvest, reaping, cut- 
ting corn at harvest. Dirau kuma. To reap. 

Pir-ruh, ij^ 8. m. A scourge. 

Plr-ufsh, v^5j*> s.f. An awl. 

Pir-um, j»j^ s. m. Money, a direm, dram, 

Pir-dng, ^h^adj. Slow, dilatory. ^^ iw. De- 
ky, hesitation. Pirtmgee,s.f. Lateness, tardiness, 
slowness, delay. 

Dis-a, U.3 f^in s. f. Side, quarter, point 
(of the compass.) Pisa kuma, To travel, fhsa 

jdna. To go into the fields (for a privy). 
Pis-a sdol, J^L*3 f^TTT^ s. m. A sign 
in the heavens, consulted on commencing a jour- 
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[ J. n ] 

r t u 

(harsh palatick) (soft dental) but 









• ney; the quarter towards which it is deemed un- 
lucky to travel on particular days. 

Pis-d-wur, j^^^ fi^ i iMi. 5. m. A climate, 
region, adv. Abroad. 

Pis-a-wur-ee, y^j^^<^ fi[>n^ s.f. A sort 
of/Mzn or betel-leaf, adj. Foreign (goods). 

E)it-hi-y&-ra, \j^'3 "ftrfirmTT adj. Seeing, 
the opposite of blind. 

Pit-h^a-na, 0^*3 H^^MI 5. m. A patch, an 
artificial mole on the face. 

Dit-na, U55 Qf<d^i v. a. To see ; to take 

aim, to look at. 
Df v-us, ^^^•^ ^4^ s, m. A ilay. 

Pi-w^la, ^l^*> f^f^TOT s. m. Bankruptcy. 

Di-ya, 0^3 f^^n 5. m. A lamp. part. past. 
Giren, s. m. A gift. fHyo'Suldee, s.f, A match. 

Di-y^-nut, ^-a^lj^i s.f. Conscience, honesty, 
jostice, integrity, piety, virtue. IHy6nut-4^r, tidj. 
Honest, juit, conscientious, pious. 

Pi-yir, J 0*3 Sh m. A country, region, pro- 
yince, district. 

Pl-yut, *^£^,*^ s.f. The law of retaliation, the 
price of blood, the fine paid for murder, wound- 
ing, or maiming. (In cases of murder it is ejcact- 
ed, when the homicide is committed in any other 
way than with sword, dagger, &c.) 

Po, ^43 ^ adj. Two. jPihdft^huh, adj. 
Double-distilled. ShurdbUifo-atushuh, Double- 
distilled liquor, t. €. Tery strong. Do, or, JpQet64- 
niA, or, bAla, adj. Twice, double, again. JDo- 
bur&bur^ a<y. Double, equal to two. Po-buffd, 
Face to face, tSte-a-tcte. Do^hhdshiya, s. m. An 
interpreter. pO'pdruh, adj. Halved. Do-pdyuh, 
at^. Two-legged, t. e. man. Do-pHittuh, (two* 
breadthed,) s. m. A kind of veil or a piece of 
linen in which there are two breadths. Po-put- 
tuh tdnkuvsotm, To draw the sheet oyer one's 
head (either firom security and carelessness or 
after death), jpopiittuh hildnA, cfrphirdna, v. n. 
To hold out a flag of truce, to offer to surrender 
(a fort). Doptirtay adj. Double, of twofolds. 
Dopulka, (having two eyelids,) s. m. A kind of 
stone for a ring. Dopuhur, s.f. Mid-day, noon. 
Dopukr^y s. m. A kind of flower (Pentapetes 
phcenicea). Popiydzuhy s. m. A kind of dish 
without gravy. Popykur, The sign Gemini. Po- 
tdra, (double-threaded,) s.m. A kind of shawl; 
a guitar with two strings. Pottihee, (two-plied, 
double,) s.f. Cloths that are lined. DotSoh, adj. 
Two-pieced; clear, plain, clean. Potcok hSna, 
To be adjusted, to be completed. Pojiya, adj. 
Pregnant. Do >ce ^e A<5na, To be pregnant. Do- 

chdr^ 8. f. Interview. Pochar fiSna, To meet, 
to have an interview. Pochitla, VVavenng, 
doubtful, of two minds, absent^n mind). Po" 
chitdee, s.f. Suspense, absence of mind. Po' 
chuUuh, s.m. A roof sloping two ways, pochuruf, 
adj. Double, twofold, pochobuh, adj. Two- 
poled (tent). Poihummaj s. m. A kind of hook^ 
ka snake with two bents, such as that of a gooV' 
gooree. PoUiwdbuht Having two naps (cloth). 
Poddmecy s.f. Flowered muslin (the flowers work- 
- ed with a needle). Podustee, adj. Two-handed. 
Podiluh, adj. Wavering, doubtful, in suspense, 
absent in mind. Poifum, adj. Twice^sharpened, 
very sharp. Po4^dra, adj. Two-edged (sword). 
Pordha, 8. m. A road dividing into two, leading 
different ways. Dor^'iba, That which is the same 
on both sides, not having a wrong side. Poriis' 
fuh, adj. On both sides, right and left (a row 
of houses, trees, &c.) Porugga, adj. Capricious, 
whimsicaL s. m. A mongrel, a person of double- 
breed, having good qualities on one side, and bad 
on the other, so as not to be depended on. Do- 
rung, adj. Piebald, of two colours, porunga, adj. 
Capricious. . Porungee, s. f. The property of 
having two colours; capriciousness, deceit, adj. 
Of two colours, capricious, double-faced, pord^ 
zuh, The space of two days. Porbytih, adj. Dou- 
ble, two faced, pozdnoo, bytfma, v. n. To kneel. 
pQQsdr, adj. In two, divided. Posdluh, adj. Of 
two years, two years old, Posurha, TSte-a-t^te. 
Pos6ota, s. m. A kind of cloth, the threads of 
which are double. Poser a, A weight of two ser. 
Poturftth, adj On both sides. Pokdl, s. m. Both 
worlds. Pokusee, adj. Two-personed, fit for two 
persons. Pokula, s. m. Irons on the feet of cri- 
minals; a double padlock. Pokoha, s. m. A camel 
with two bunches or elevations on the back (ca- 
melus bactrianus). Pogundee chittee, A fomen- 
tor of quarrels; a go-between, one who flatters 
both parties in a dispute; (allusion to a game 
among children, who rub a tamarind seed on one 
side till a mark is made, then throw it like a die; 
the caster wins if the mark turns up: the seed 
thus prepared is called chitteei^SLud if it be frau- 
dulently marked on both sides, so as always to 
win, it is called pogundee). Po-ghuriya, The 
space of two hours. PoUfa, s.m. A necklace of 
two strings. Polohee, s. m. A scimitar made of 
two plates of steel joined together, ponitrnziluh. 
Of two floors or stories (a house, &c) PonSem, 
Two halves, divided into two. 

Po-dl, Jt^.3«./. A leather strap, a belt. Doal^ 
pd, adj. Web-footed; a fabulous race with legs 
like thongs, who are said to deceive and devour 
unwary travellers. 

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[ 112 ] 


a ch d e ee g 

all choose (soft dental) g^t thee gone 

^ i 1^ kb 

(NoHfaumbriaiTY) in (deep liquid lingoal) loch 

Po.4r, j!^*> s. m. Vertigo. 

Po-ashi-y£nuh, <6UiT^»3 (with two rooms.) 
s.m, A kind of tent. 

Dob, uj^j ^^ s. m. A dip, a dive, a plague, 
a dip (in die or colouriog). Dob 4^na, To dip in 
die or colouring. 

Po-biz, J^^^ 8, m. A kind of pigeon; a 
sort of child's kite. 

P6-be,^^*> ^T% 8. m. A tide of brahmun8. 

po-bhy-dn, J^.^^ ^TvpsTPT adj. Two-fist- 
ed, ambidextroos, strong. 

P6-bur, f^^ ^T^t: <idj. Double. 

P6d-na, Vo^*3 \^^ ^' «• To deny. 

D6-ee, ^yi %T^ 8./1 A wooden spoon* 

po-gd-nuh, ^o^^ cu(/. Double, two together. 
s. m, A prayer of the Mahometans in which two 
inclinations of the body are made. 

Po-gd-ra, tjl^^^ ^T^TTfT adj. Twice, dou- 
ble; a musket carrying two balls. 

pogb, i^»^ 8. m. Buttermilk. 

P6{^-luh, Am^i^ adj. Mongrel. 

P6-ha, llb^*> ^TTT 8. m, A couplet. 

Po-hA-ee, c/'^;*^ ^1^1 J. 8. f. Crying out 
for justice, exclamation; an oath, pUdnt {q. </. 
twice alas). I^ijsfihee fihdee kurna, To make 
reiterated complaints. 

Po-h^n, j^^*^ ^TPT s. m. A young bul- 
lock, a steer. 

poh-na, l^^*i ^ITTT V. a. To milk. 

P6h-nee, vj^^«^ ^TT'ft' «•/. A vessel for 
holding milk, a milk pail. 

P6h-ra, ljJfc^»> ^TTCr 8. tn. A distich, adj. 
Double. Dohrdo, s, m. Repetition, doubling. 

P6h-ta, l^^*3 ^TTTT 8. m. Daughter's son. 

p6-hur, jtt^i^ \\XK *. m. A double sheet ; 
a sheath. 

Po-hiit-tur, j^^}^ %Virfrf8.f. A slap or 
pat with both hands. 

P6j-ha, W^^*^ ^"Vr adj. Married to a se- 
cond wife. 

Pok, ui^*> ^[^ 8.fn. A two year old foal. 

Dok, v^^J%1^ $./. Vomiting. DokeSj part, 
act. Vomiting. 

pokh, »4^^ \[^ 8. m. A crime, fault, 
blame, vice. pSkhna, v. a. To accuse, to calum- 
niate, to bktme. 

Po^jt, l::.^^^*^ 8./. Sewing, a stitch, seam, 

P6k-huk^ i-^^«3 ^iqih s, tn. An objector. 

P6k-hun, j^^^ \m 8. m. Objection, 

D6k-na, 0/^5 ^ii f i^ T v. n. To vomit 

D6k-ra, 1/^3 ^T^iixr adj. m. Old (man). 

D6k-ree, ^/^J iT^^-^ft adj./. Old (woman). 

P0I9 J;<^ 8. m, A bucket. Dokhuhy A small 

Dol, J^J %i^ 8.m. A bucket for drawing 

D6-la, y^j %TWT 8. m. A kind of sedan; a 
wife from an inferior fiunily, married by a person 
of rank, who gives a present to her parents: she 
ranks below wives of equal family, but aboTo con- 
cubines. Dola'4^na, To give a daughter tot 
superior by way of tribute. 

Pol-^b, v^;«3 8. m. A wheel for drawing 

water with. 
D6I-chee, sjf^y^ %T^nft 8.f. A small bucket 

for drawing water. 

Dol-d61, J^!\J^i ^m^m 8. m. Roving, 

D6-lee, ^^J ^T^ 8,f. A kind of sedan (for 

Pol-m^l kdrna, Oy'jU)^^ ^iHI*t m ^iT^ 

v. a. To wave, swing, undulate, hesitate. 

D61-na, U)^j %T^PrT v. n. To move, 

shake, be shaken; roam, ramble, rove; swing. 
D6-luh, /J^ %i^ 8. m. Manner. 
Dom, j*^ ^m 1 «. m. A low cast of 

P6m-ra, fj*«^j ^Tft?! J Hindoos. A cast 

of Moosulmans, the males of which are musicianSt 

and the females sing and dance in the company 

of females only. 
D6m-nee, v^;<5 ^nnft 8.f. A female of 

the cast called Dom. 
Po-mQ(^n ha,y^^4> ^T^frr adj. Having two 

mouths. 8, m. Name of a serpent which has two 

months (Amphisbsena). 
D6-mun-pun-a, ^!^^«5 ^t^^ttttt 8. w. 

The art or practice of a male or female of the 

Dom cast. 
Po-nd-lee, ^ 0^.3 ^ ifr^ -i adj. Doublc- 
Pon61-ee, ^^^ \\ ^n^ J barrelled (a 

D6n-dee, ^i^yi %t^ 8. f. Proclamation 

by beat of drum. 
Don-ga, B5«j %1tr *. «». A spoon; a 

canoe; a trough. 
P6n-kee, ^'^^ ^^ s.f. Bellows. 

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C 113 ] 

(harsh palatiek) (aoft dental ) 









pdnk-oa, ^^^^ \t^j v. n. To growL 
po-non, jyj.> ^t^ ocf^'. Both. JJonofi 

tDK^ 8U&i«» bpresMB the eYeniog twilight, when 

day and night meet. 

Donr, y^ J %1t *./ / ^ '^P^*^ ^^ ''°*''^- 

Pqs^^ U«> 5. /• Benediction^ salutation, 
congratulation, invocation, prajer, wish, impre- 
cation. JPusa-e^dtuluf^ Praying for one's pros- 
pmty, benediction. PuBakuma, or, — m^tgna. 
To pray, wish for. PoQa-go, One who bleseee or 
prays. PG6dl-U^, A benediction. 

P6o-a, f j*> ^mj s, m. The two or deuce at 
cards, dice, &c. 

{>a>-i-buh, A.f^*> A country between two 
rirers; the country (called the Doab) between 
the Gnnga and Joana. 

Poo-i-lee, Ji\^^ $. f. A leather strap, a 
Mt. iPooo/ee-lwH^, A sipahee (having a leathern 

PoM-iyuh, ^U«> «. m. Benediction, invo« 
cation, prayer. 

Poob, i^y^ -^ $. m. K kind of grass 
(Agrostis linearis). 

Ddl^b^na, Clj5 f^im r. a. To cause to 
sink, to immerse; to demolish, ruin, destroy. 

Doi^bi-o, ^b3 y^T^ adj. Out of man's 
depth, deep (enough to drown in). 

PoChba-rub, 2|;b«> adj. Twice. 

X)Q&bb, v«> s. m. State, constitution, 
condition, custom, manner; property, quality; a 
bear. .()ap66-t-i£iizitir. The lesser bear. jpoM-i" 
mkbmr. The greater bear, (met.) A fool. 

Pdffb-dha, l3bJ<*> jwvT s. f. Doubt, sus- 
pense, uncertainty. 

Poo-bhi-shi-ya, Lil«^^ ^JVTfiRfT s. m. An 

PJS^btfk, v^«i> jif^ 18. m. A famine, 

Pdob-huk, uJhH j»^ ^fH^ J a scarcity. 

P&o-bi-ya, Lrf;.^ ^f^nn «. /. A kind of 
greeo, gras8*green. 

D^-kee, ^.H'^fW^ s.f. A dip, a dive. 

Pd(rf>-la, *J*> j^iTT flrf/- Thin» !«»»> poor, 
barren. j>a^^-picNa, Jpaobldee, $.f. Leanness, 

D6ob-na, b ^5 j^sn r. n. To dive ; be 
drowned; be immei^ged; to set, sink; be absorb- 
ed in business or study. ^7 doobna. To fiunt. 

Dfihbd-na, Oijjj ^%pn v. a. To drown, 
mia, &c. Dig^Hhiina, v. a. To exhaust, rain, 
demolish. | 

X^^lHZOr, y.«> s./. The backside, posteriors, 

P6ob roo gh6s-roo, ^yt^yy^ ^^ iqt^ 

(idj. Unknown, insignificant, helpless, hiding 
through weakness. 

P6o-bur, j)^»5 ^Tpc adj. Weak, lean; dif- 

{)Cff-ch^r, j(^«> s.f. Interview, meeting^. 

Poo-chit-a, b^i> jf^TTT adj. Of two minds, 

Pood, «>^«> s. m. Smoke. J^oofl'i-^li Exlia- 
lation of the heart, deep sigh. PooiMsh^ A 

P&d-dhee, Jtb^^ j^ $. f. A medicinal 
herb (Buphorbia hirta and thymifolia.) 

Poodh, iCb*>j*> ^x *. m. Milk ; the juice (or 
milk) of certain bushes. Pooifh^Mreet ddj. 
Living on milk. Poo4kbvfhna, v.n. To be 
weaned (a child). jpoaf^-hhAee, $. m. A foster 
brother. Dootfh-pildee, $./, A wet nurse, poo^h^ 
kimdeet $.f. A vessel for holding milk, a milk- 
pan. jpoodh'bhAfee, s.f. A ceremony performed 
the fourth day after marriage, wherein the bride 
and bridegroom eat milk, boiled rice, and sugar, 

Popd-h^r, j(3b*>»5 JVTT -x adj. Giving 

Pood-hir, jlto*>j^ \yfixi much milk, 

P6od-hul,(3^^^i3 -^^ 1 milch. 

POffd-hyl, jLjb^i3 3^^ 3 

P(5od-hee, Jibi^^d pft a€(j. Milky, contain- 
ing milky juice, s.f Starch; name of several 
plants with milky juice; as, various species of 
Asclepias, Echites, Euphorbia, &c ; asclepias, 
rosea, &c. 

P6od.hi.ya, tjtb»5^»5 ^fWT adj. Milky. 
s. m. Names of several plants with milky juice. 
Paod^iya-putthm', A white stone of which pUs- 
ter is made, and utensils are formed. 

Doo-dfl, J*>^*5 adj. Of two minds, irresolute. 

Pood-mlin, c^U*>^.> T^^iTPT s. m. Genera- 
tion, race, noble fiunily, house. 

P6o-duh, *»3j»> s. m. Race, family; Lamp- 
black, soot. 

PoShg^nuh, <6Ki s. m. Two prostrations at 
prayer, among Mah<mietans; (in the dialect oC « 
women) Two intimate female friends, sworn sis- 

DQQg-d(»-gi-na, tl^iij f ^ ij^iH i v. n. To 
sound a kettledrum, to twinkle. 

P&g-na, Wi ynn 1 adj Double, two- 

P6o-gQihna, ^•^ T^rtrrJ ^oW/ 

' •* Digitized by ^ 



[ 114 ] 


a ch d ' e ee g 

all choow (toftdcBtal) get thee goDe 

(NorthumbriaB r) in (deep liquiA lingual) lodi 


JP^ gnn, Jb ^9T^ & 91. A second degree 

or tone in music. 
Pojhhil-ee) v_jl^ j^^i^ *./. Crying ont for 

justice, exclamation ; on oath, plaint. Doohaee^ 

iihdee kuma. To make reiterated complaints. 
l^QQ-hirnsL, Olj^ ^^Mi i;. a. To cause to 

Poo-hdr, jl^*> 3[TK «• w. A milker. 
pQff-h^l-a, :k^ j^m adj. Difficult 
P6o-hi-ya, ti^»> ^f^^^ *• »•• A kind of 

fire place. 
PoDhn, ^ 5. m. i 

P4?, e.^;^^ 5./ j ^"' 
P^igh-na, U^^ JT*" v. n. To be milked. 
P^h ra, ]j^ JT?! acj^'. Doable. 

P®t-rd-na, 0|;j^ JTTr«n t?. a. To fold^ to 
double, to repeat. 

PiJo-hul, J^*3 $. m. A drum. 

Poojj ^5*^ ^^ s.f. The second lunar day. 

Poo-ja, U^^ ^^TT o^^*. Second. 

P6oj-bur, J,^^^ T''^^ *• ^' A man who 
matries a second wife. 

pook, uJ^*3 *. in. A. spindle. Dook-dan, 

_ spindle case. 

Doek, «^J ^ ^ tn. A blow with the fist. 

POQ-k^n, jK> 1 «./. A shop, a work-shop. 

Poo"kdn,jl^^*> J Dookanfidr, s. m, A 
shopkeeper. PookdneCt s. f. Shop-keeping. 
8. m. A shopkeeper. 

Po^^kh, ^^ 5:^ s. m. Ache, pain, gi'ief, 
affliction, sickness; labor, fatigue; annoyance, 
distress. DQQkh, bhuma, To labour, toil; to suffer 
distress or trouble. PdQkhpdna, To be afflicted. 
PQQkh(fdee, or pQQkfujiSnee adj. Giving or oc- 
casioning pain; troublesome, yezatious. £>c^ 
ka mdra, adj. Afflicted. pQokh Mrun, Anodyne. 
Posk/i-hurfa, Dispeller of grief or pain. 

P(2S^kbdn, jU^ s. m. Smoke* 

Popk-h^-na, Ol^i> jm^ v. a. To inffict 

POQ-kbi-nee, J^d adf. Smoky. 

P&khee, ^»> 5^«4/.1 AflSicted, in 
p&k-hit, u-^^ii jftnr / distress or 

pain, sick. 
P&k-hi-ya, L/*> jftrai a^j. In distress or 

pain, unfortunate, poor, indigent. 

P<»k-hi-yi-ra, \^^^ JifirnTTm. ^adj. 
Po&k-hi-yd-ree, ^)^^ jfiBtird/ J Af- 
flicted, in 4!ttrM8 ^r pain, skk. 

P^kh-na, U^«> J^^ ^' ''* ^^ ^^^> ^ 
pain, to smart. 

P®-kJs6o), J^»> *. Entrance ; access ; ar- 

Pdgkb*ra, (^/^ ^f i ^ T 5. m. Misfortimes, 

Pookht, (ij:^^i3 S.f. A daughter. 

Pk^^tur, yU4> ^. / A daughter, a girl, 
a yirgin. PosfUfur-i-ruz, s,f. (Daughter of the 
Tine) Wine. 

PJQk-ra, iy*> J^TfT s. m. The fourth 
part of%jnf$a. 

P&k-ree, ^y^ 5^^ s.f.K Snaffle. 

DQok-ur*tya, O/j ytfTTT adj. f. Old 

PQ{hM-na, Oy*> 5^1^ r. a. To agitate, to 

toss, to shake. 
D(KhlA-Da» ^^<3 ^^rPTT r. a. To mor^ to 

shake, to swing. 
POQ-l^f ^«> S^'^ ^* ^' Agitation. 
Pog-i^r, j)f*3 ^NIK ». m. Love, affection; 

Popl-btind, J^i3 j^nr^ ^. m. A turband, 
or the fine cloth of one. 

PqdH&Ij s}^^ s, m. A hedge-hog. The 
name of the horse (or mule) of UUe; (met,) Fat 
P&l-fin, ^^ a.f. A dcJphin. 
P&l-ha, V^J^l .... 

P6ol.ha, ip>> ^l*- ^- A ^^^^^om. 

P&l-hun, Jr'^*^ |:^!f^\ ^ A u -^ 
Pfcl-hin, "^j^ |*./Abnde. 

P&l-kee, yJ)^jwihs.f.TTot. D^slkeejina, 
or — chutna, v. a. To trot. 

Poj^l-mi-y^n, j^*i ^^afaaM s. m. A 
small porise. 

PoD-lfir-a, \j}^ fwnfl adj. Two-fold, of 
two rows or strings. 

Poi^lAt tee, ^^sj^ j^^ft s. f. A kick (of i 

POQm, |it> s.f. Tail, end^ extremity, fiosm^ 
4fir, Tailed, having a tail. Pism (ftibdnqy T^ 
run away, to put the tail between the legs. Ponn 
^t^bajdnut To run away. P^em ulum kuma. To 
run away. pQom Idbuh, s. m. The wagging of the 
tail (as, of a dog or cat when pleased). VOB^ 
men ghiSoma, To take protection. 

X>QQxn h&\f Jtj*> 1 «. »i. A tail ; the outer 
Po^m-b^-luh, ^ U«> j angle or corner of 
the eye. ddv. After, behind. pgombaluA4dr9 4tdj 
Tailed. Sit/truh-udomhaluhjdr^ A fowet. 
Digitized by ^^^ ^^.^^ 










[ 115 ] 

. r t 

(banh palatick) (soft deotal) 











Pfcrn-buh, lU'^i $. m. A. kind of sheep with 

a thick tail. 
Poom-bul, J^5*> s.m. A bile, or boil, an im- 

posthnnie, a bubo. 
Pik^m-chee, ,^^^i> «./. A crupper* 

P(!l^m-niiil, J^d s. m. A bile or boil, a swel- 
ling, a felon. 

Poon> c^^*> adj. Base, mean, ignoble, poor, 

poo-na, 0^*> ^pn adj. Double, two-fold. 

V^soi, S^ii ^ s. m. 1 A large 

WfinHta^-bhee, ^Sfd ^j>ft s.f.) ket- 

%-ni-ya, Ui3 s.f. The world, (met.) peo- 
ple. PoBnis/oifdr, WoAdlj. P^Bn%ya4aree,8.f. 
Eeonomy, worldliness, attention to the concenu 
of fhe world. Paomya-puruit, Worldly-minded . 

PoD-ni-yS-wee, ^^jUo adj. Belonging to this 
world, worlcUy. 

Po-oo, ^^*> ^T^ adj. Both. 

^^fJ^JJ^pr^* A depreciative particle, 
implying pftin, trouble, (bad, eril, ill. hard, on- 
fiMrtunate, with difficulty j) inferiority, (bad, yik, 
contemptible). Jp^b^e^ $. m. Ahvm. V^or^ 
M, adj. Weak, nenreleM, faint ^igrbutla, «./. 
Weakneit, fidntnew. Jpikfrfun, $. m. An enemy. 
P6ft4m, Day of adveraity. Diirnam, s. m. In- 

P»r,;»3 ^ m/cr;, A vaunt I 
Poor, j^*> iwjr. Remote, fer. 

^^» j;*^ T^ *• / Dlistance. cm^*. Far. 
diitant, remote. (Iii San8.)jw^. Distant, fiu* off; 
thereTerseof^ffir Q^. Poor-wifesh, adj. Pro- 
Tident, foreseeing, penetrating, sagacious, wise, 
pmdent. Poor-bcuf, God forbid. Poor bhdgna. 
To abstain from. PoarbSen, $.m» A spy-gkss, 
a telescope, adj. Having the quality of tdiewing 
a distant object. Far-seeing, (met) prudent, 
proTident, ingenious. Uil-i-ioorbeeti^ Solid judg- 
ment. Poor pttTy God forbid (a female phrase). 
Poor iurdt, ac0. Far, distant, long. 

PQJKaHjh£-ree, ^j^^j*^ ^< l '^ lO adj. Ir- 
i^giau, wicked, profligate. 

Poihrd-na, tU jxj^j v. a. To hide, to 

Pfop-bhichh, ^^j^ jfi?^ s. m. A scarcity, 

D&T.bul, J^^ j^ adj. Weak, infirm, 

fiunt, poor. 
P»rd, .5jJ 8,f. Sediment, drq^g, lees, 
^w, ^/ j^ 8.f. The two on dice. 


Poo-ree, ,^jj«3 s. f. Distance, separation, 

Poorg, iJ^ ^ adj. Impenetrable, impas- 
sable, inaccessible. $. m, A strong fort. 

P&r-g^ 1^ jifi 8. f. A name of J5A«- 
ttoitee. (met.) A word; a Hindoo book contain- 
ing the narration of the goddess Doorga, 

ptSl?r-gum. jK^ j^ adj. Deep, profound. 
P^gwnta, s.f. Depth. 

Pos^r-gAndh, 2^J^^«3 3^ adj. Fetid. ^. / 

Stink, stei^ch. 
P(i{H*-gat*i. <s^)^ S^^ ^* /' Meanness, 

D(K>, OOjj ^Pl^MI v. a. To lead 

about (as, a horse), to lead in hand. 
Poorj, ^^ $. m. A little casket in which 

they deposit gems. 

Pi(k^r-lubh, i^y^ f^>r adj. Difficult to be 
obtained, hard to be acquired, rare, scarce. 

I)^T- m(20s, ^j»^y^ f.^ 8. m. A pounder, 
an instrument for pounding pavements with, 
a nunmer. 

Pos^r-m^tee, sji^j<^ jWt s. /. Folly, fool- 

PiSor-na, 0^ j^<«n v. n. To be hidden, 
concealed, absent; to diunpear, lurk. 

PQShr6od, fc3^j*> 8. /ys^Uongratulation, bene- 
diction, salutation, blessing. P^srooi bhejna. 
To bless. 

Pgo-r6or, ^^j^ 8. nt Involuntary discharge 
of urine. 

Pds^r(^ht, u:.^j«> adj. Harsh, severe; 
rough, hard, stiff, rigid, stem, morose, oppres- 
sive, fierce. PoorHQshfee, a. f. Severity, fierce- 

P^rcjost, sjL.^^^adj, Right, fit, proper, just, 
true, well, safe, sound, entire, straight, accurate, 
PwtQQfit rttkhmOf To admit, to allow. Pooroott 
kuma. To arrange, to adjust, to rectify. Pasng^* 
fee, s,f. Rectitncie, soundness, propriety, refor- 
mation, amendment. P(MirQQif'kir4dry Of up- 
right conduct. Peor^t'ffo, A man of veracity. 

P&rr, j*3 8.m. A pearl. Doprr-u/sMnj Scat- 
tering pearls, eloquent. Paorr'bm; (Raining 
pearb.) Poffrr-rez, (sheddbg pearls;) adj. Elo- 
quent. Doarr^rezee, 8,f. Eloquence. 

Par-rij, ^ji^ 8. m. A partridge. 

P(2ffr-r4-nee, Jf^j^^ 8. m. A ttihe o{ Putkans, 
inhabiting the country about Kttndhar ; they 
are said to have got this name from wearing 
pearls in the ear; they are also called AbdaieesQ]^ 






(toft dental) 

[ nc ] 







(Northumbrian r) 



(deep liquid lingual) 



P6o-rung, c-j5j^«3 s. m. A hypocrite. Poo- 
rungee, s,f. Hypocrisy. 

POS^sh^-luh, jJU^t) $. m. Two shawls (being 
always worn together by the nativeB.) 

PODsh-k^r-mee, ,^jCi*> JiW^ (idj. Wick- 
ed, guilty. 

P(S06h-mun, j^'^ s. m. f. An enemy. 
pOQihrnun-i-jdnee, A deadly foe, a mortal enemy. 
PUDshmumMm, A calamity (q. d, the wish of an 
enemy). JP(a0«Amini-A(i?«to, Killing of an enemy. 
PODslimuni'zdieet A natural enemy. 

P^h-mun-ee, j^j^«Jt*> *./. Hatred, detesta- 
tion, hostility, enmity. Jpooihrntmee-jdnee, Dead- 
ly enmity. 

PcSQBh-n4m, j»U&i3 s. m. Abuse, reproach. 

PiiQsh-wir, jl^i3 adj. Difficult, arduous. 
PHQshwaree, $.f. Difficulty, trouble. 

P^ht, iS^^ f^ adj. Bad, wicked, de- 
prayed, faulty; an enemy. Dotaht bucAun, Bad 
wordy speech or language. 

Pdos-ra, f^-»^«3 ^4J<| a^\ Second, other. 

P(ioe-8ur, ;-»*> f^HK *. m. Double stakes at 
dice, &c. playing double or quit 

P6oH3ur, j^ji^ 1^^ s. nu The second. 

Pi»t, ^^^ 3pr ifderj. Away I begone ! a- 
vaunt ! *./. Splendor, light, beauty; spite, ma- 
lice. ]?^'4fihuky Reproof, reprimand. 

Poot, Oj*^ ^ *. «t. An ambassador, mes- 
senger, a go-between, an angel who passes be- 
tween God and man. 

P6o.ta, t^^ -\ 

Pd-tah, l\S^^ \adj. Double, twice bent 

P6-tuh, -*7j*> J 

Pop-ti-na, Ofrii jTTPTT v. a. To press 
down; to snub, to chide, to keep under. 

P6o-tee, ^y ^ *. / A bawd ; refill- 

p6o-ti.ya, IJj^ ^finrT adj. Second. 

Ptet-kir, ;Kr^ JTTOTT*. m. 1 Reproof. 

Ptot-ki^ree, o';'^^.^ jpmrrd *./. J -Pa?/- 

kama, v, a. To reprove. 

P&t-tadA-na, b»3(y»> fW^ r. a. To 
drive away scomfiiUy; to deceive, balk, cheat. 

P6o-um, fj^ a4}. Second; inferior, se- 
cood sort. 

PfthwAr, jfj»5 s. Giddiness, the vertigo. 

Plfe-wee, ^^^ a^j. By twos, being two- 
fold or double. $./. The being two or two-fold. 

p<^zd, i3;i3 s. m. A thief, a robber, jpoazd* 

rtg, A quicksand. 
P&w-dee, yj^j^ s. f. Theft, robbery. 

Pibt4ee4uh, pari, pass. Stolen. 
Po-pi-yd-sa, tj^^«^ s. m. A kind of dish, 

meat dressed dry with onions, 
po-piis-ta, U«M^^i3 (uff" Pregnant 
Dor, jyi %it: s.f. Strings cord, thread. 

Do-ra, \jyi ^TTT s. m. Thread, line, cord, 
&c. Bdge <^ a sword, &c. A^kh ka dora, A blood- 
shot eye, vessels distended with blood on the tu- 
nica conjunctiva of the eye (from intoxication or 
other cause). Dar^ ddha, v. a. To stitch a qotlt. 
To utter a long continued sound like the Ama- 
duvade(Fringillaamandava). Gur4un ka dora^ 
A graceful motion of the neck while dancing. 

D6-ree, ^^jyi %t^ s, J\ A string, cord^ 
thread, rope. 

Do-ri-ya, 0;^ Wtvt *. m. Striped mua- 
lin. A dog-keeper. 

D6-ri-yuh, ^,y^ \\^tm 8. m. Lace. 

po-r&Uiee, ,^;;»5 «./ A kind of bow. 

Pos, yjM^'^ ^m s. m. Crime, fiiult, blame. 
Poi h^u^ To be sick alter child^rirth, fixmrneg. 
lect of regimen. 

Po-etfd, »3U^^ \WV^ 8. m. A low cast of 
Hindoos, whose business it is to remove rsrfasot^ 
and to be executioners. 

P6-see, ^j^ji^ ^ift adj. Faulty, criminal. 

P6-see, ^^j«3 ^?#^ 8. m* Thick sour milk; 
a MoatulmaH milkman. 

Posh, J^^^ s. m. The shoulder, adv. Yes- 
terday evening, last night. PoMentth^ adj. Of 
]a»t night. $. m. A shoulder's load, which is car^ 
ried on the shoulder. 

Po-sh^e-zu-gee, ^^^*> 8. f. Virginity. 
Posheezvh, s.f, A viigiu. 

posh.m^l, JUi^»5 s. m. A towel used by 
butchers, &c. 

Pos-na, U.»»^«3 \m^\ V. a. To accuse, blame. 

Post, ij:^^^!^ s. m. A firimd, a lover; a 
sweetheart J[>oil4^, A friend; a sweetheart 
Posi4aree, $./. Friendship, love. 

Pos-tee, ^^;*> 8. f. Friendship, affection. 

pQO» ^^port. act. Used in compos. ; running. 

P&-hitr, f3tjd \(fr7t 8. m. Daughter's son. 

PQB.hit-ree,^;»^*>^^ s.f. Daughter's 

I>fflJ> J;3 wm 8. m. Manner, method, 

mode; shape, .^g,,,, .^GoOgk 


[ 117 ] 






our (JtMnk palatick) (soft dental) 









P^D^Int, V£Jy> s. f. Happiness, felicity, 
ridiMyWOftlth; fortniie, prosperity, empire; cense, 
oeeedon, effeet. .(^2vftil-M<^bt«A, 9. m. A palace, 
ahe«se (your residence), pv d^ - t k fi^^k ^-lkpu, 
A royal residence, the Idag's palace, p a a htf i fe -o , 
e./. House, palace (yonr residence, as a respect- 
Inl mode of address). Poathtfimmif atff. Weal- 
tiiy, rich, fortunate* 

Pdo-na, (>^«3^i^ «• m. The nameof aflow- 
er (Artemisia ladica); a leaf folded up in the 
shi^ of a cup for hiding betel, flowers, sweet- 
meats, food, &c, 

P4p-gr»» 'j^;*^ \P^ s. m. A heavy 

Pten-ja, (c^ j*> ^t^ f • m. A Bcaffold. 

pggr, %j^ $. m. Revolution (of time or of 
any bodj), passing round (of wine), circular mo- 
tion; a ^edss of aigument, reasoniuf in a drele; 
age, vicissitttde, drcnit. pnapr ifm/r, $. m. Pros- 
peritf • J^QMr^guriee, $,f. Revolution, chanipny. 

f)QOr» j^«> VV '• /• Attack, assault, en- 
deavour, race. Pwif^oop^ $,/. Labour and.fii- 
tigne. P<mr'4fioop hhma. To use great labour 
and exertion for the accomplishment of any ob- 

P^ra, \jyy \tu s. m. A large basket 
(without cover). 

Pte ra, tj^*^ \y^ s. m. A basket (without 
lid) ; a highwayman (who robs on horse-back). 

P4»-ra-d4i-ree, ^jy^^j)^ ^T^T^ «./. 
Running, hurry. 

PoS-ri-ha, bb|j^<> ^TTITT 9. m. A messen- 
ger, a guide. 

PC9-r<k, ^\jj^ \yW^ s. nu A racer, a 

Pflhrin, J\jj^ $. m. lime, age ; fortune, 
vicissitude; a revolution, period, a circle, cycle. 
jPttfrafi-^-jar, $• m. A swimming in the head, 

Pgg-ri-na, 0|j^»5 ^^H^ ^^ ^ To cause 
to run, to drive, to actuate, to expedite. 

P^ree, ^^j^ \^ s.f. A basket (with- 
out lid) ; a rope with which a string of cattle are 
bound together. 

Ptenree, ujy^ \i^ '• f* A drawn game 

^ at Chonpur. 

D^-hee, yj^jyi %T^ odj. Raised one 
half higher (a tone in music). 

P^-na, K'jy^ ^T^TT v. n. To run. Dquf^ 
ntp4J^6ojma, v. a. To run violently, to use great 

Po-iis-puh, M^\ji^ adj. Quick, expedi- 

PQ0-w<r, j\j^ a<y. Round, revolving. 
ChurUhi-iotflDOr, The revolving heavens. 

P6-yum, ^^i> acfj. Second. 

Po-zte*ruh, ^j!.jy^ s. m. A kind of rice. 

P6-zukIh th*^ '* ^* H^U > i^^^) A® bel- 
P6-EuUhee, is^jj'^ (ufj* Hellish, damned ; 

Pri-vuk, ^^t;*^ T^^Hf adj. Diuretic; 

solvent, discutient. 
Prig, u^ TT s. m. The eye. 
Prirh, Jkjj^ t7 a^Hj. Firm, strong. Drirhr 

to, $.f, Krmnsss, strength. JprifhAui, v, a. To 

prisht, \£^j^ TV 9. /• Sight, vision, die 

eye. Pritht4toot, $. m. An enigma, a riddle. 
Prish-tdnt, u^UL&j«> TVT^ s. m. A para* 

ble, simile, an example. 

Proh, ^jy^ i^ s. m. Spite, malice, hatred, 
injury. jproAee, oiff. Spitefol, malicious, inimi- 
cal, mischievous. 

PrQs^m, ^j^ TTT $* m. A tree in general. 

Pu, «> ^pari. act. Giver ; as SgokMUf Ease- 
giver. ' 

Du, J Is written thus to denote the Magu- 
ree ^ which is the twenty*ninth letter of the 
Sunskrit alphabet, and has no correqponfing sound 
or character in the Persian or Arabic language; , 
it is pronounced by applying the tip of the 
tongue inverted to the palate. 

Dub, ^mji m s. tn. Strength, power, au- 
thority; a kind of pocket; the leather with which 
oil*pot8 are made. Dubgiir, $. m. A currier. 

Pub-a, Oil l|[^J s. m. Ambush. Duba m£r» 
na. To lie in wait. 

Pub-i-na, Ob«> iprPTT t;. a. To press down; 
to snub, chide, keep under, jpuba Una^ To en- 
croach upon, puha tn6ma. To overcome, to get . 
the better of; to crush to death. Ptihae ddlna^ 
V. a. To keep concealed, to hide (generally, fur- 

Pub-to, ^(!«> ^prnrs. m. Strength, power, 
authority, pressure, resignation, submissiveness. 
fhtbao mdtma, v, a. To stand in awe. 

Dub-ba, l; J WTT s. m« A leathern vessel 
for holding oil, &c. 

ptib-ba kbie-yu, iUUO«> «. m. Hydrocele. 

I' Pub-b6gh, ^.i3 8. m. A currier, a tanner. 
pubhasA^, The art of taoniog. „ ^ .l2 


[ 118 ] 


a ch d e ee g 

all choose (softdeotal) get thee gone 

(Northvmhrian r) ia (deep liqoMi lingual) lo^ 

Diib-boo, y. J ^y^ s. m. An iron spoon. 

Ptib-buh, <^*> ». tti. A leathern veMel for 

hektini^ oil. 
Pub-dub-uh, ^Jii^ 5. m. Dignity, state, 

Dub^nb i-na, ObJ^j ^*t>8i|H T v. a. To 

fill with water or tears (the eyes). Ai^khe^ dub* 

dubana, or Ai^too dubdubana, To be on the point 

of shedding tears. 
Pub-ee-la, 2lo*> ^irr «. m. The name of 

m medicine; a paddle. 
Pub-6er, j*J*> s.m. A writer, a secretary, 

Pab-6l, J>^«3 ^^^ ^ m. A subject, person 

under dominion, 
pub-eh-pdon, J;^^«3 ^%^1t adv. With 

silent steps, softly, gently. 
Pub-ia-t^n, j11mJi3 «. m. A school. Dulns- 

tamee. Belonging to a school. 
Dilb-ka, ^*5 ^j^nfT s. m. Fresh water 

drawn firom a well, adj. Fat, corpolent. 
Pub-k^na, 0(i|.> ^wmr v. a. To snub, 

eheck> chide, threaten; to conceal, hide. 
P6b-kee, v^»> ^^ s./. Ambush, crouch- 
ing; PMiee mdrmt. To lie in amboA. 
Pub-kfl, J-ij^ ^w%W 9. m. Sculking. 
Pub-kur, ji{^ ^T^TT «. /. A trap. 

P6b-na, U|»> ^^nn r. «• To be snubbed, 
to crooch, to shrink, tobe pressed dowiiytobe 
awed, to be concealed. Pmb ^bio, o. n. To adTanoe. 
fhijdma^ To retire, to withdraw, to be mortified. 
jPiii cAirAia, or -. hOicAmi, To be awed, over- 
powered. Pmb autmo. To be cmahed to death. 
Pmbek^p6tMiL With silent steps, softly, genUj. 

Pub-6ch-na, Uj^y.^ ?[^7n v. cu To con- 
ceal, to hide (g»enllj, fiurtiTely). 

Pub-6or, j^ ^ M./. Zephyr, west wind. 

X)ab-6o6, ^/»^«3 s. «. A dak 

Pub>6o-sa, Uy.^ «. m. The cabin of a 

. ship, Stan. 

I>«h-68, ,^y.^ ^^ s.m.A flint 

Pab-6a<na, U.y.^ ^%TVn r. a. To tope, 

to tipple. 
Dib-n, t ji J ^ir^ a. «. Mardiy land, a 

pnddie. Aarwifaftr«,«.ai.Ahsleorpitarwa* 

Pib-oh, A. J «. M. A leather holde for 

holdup oa,&c. 
PAb-nkHtt, UI».> ^i^nr ». ». To crouch, 

te scalk, to be awed, to lit ia sahwh, te twin. 

kle. Dubuk /ina^ — Jdna, or rttAiia, v. a. Te 
sneak, to sculk. ^ubuk bythna, o. n. To crouch. 

Diib-uk-na, Ui;j W^^ir^T «. «. To glitter. 

Pub-uag, i^.»5 ^^ a4^. Dl-bred, brutish, 
barbanws, foolish; a dolt. 

Diib-us, ^^ J ww^ 8. m. ProTisions, sea- 
stock, stores. 

Pubz, ji»3 adj. Thii^ 

Pdch-chhee, ,^^^ 7^^ ad;. Capable, able, 
well qualified. 

PAch-dihin, ^j^c^^ ^fvw *. m. The sontli. 

P&ch-chhin-a, ^^^ irfijrWT *./. Reward 
to a brahmtm for performing religions co'emoniet, 

Puch-chhin-^.yun, ^U«^»3 ^f^lM^ s, m. 

The sun's coorse iroa north to south. 
X>achh, /#*>!> ^^ me^ Learned, s<Hentific, 

deotteroas. aUe. n.pnp. A »eat ancient asge,£i- 

ther4n-law of JfcAa-dto. 
Pud, •>^ s. «. A beast of prey. 
P6d-e, f*>i> $.f. A maid-fleirant, a nurse. 
Pfid-hi, ^tt^^ ^ s. m. Sour thick milk, 

coagulated milk. pM4kiM4o, Coagulated mUk 

and clay; aln^iday held in honor of .Sruibi on 

his birth-day. 
Pud-i-^, Jli»3«> ^fiprrar*. m. Descent (by 

ancestors), pedigree, ancestors. 
Pud-U-na, Oy*>*> ^;^^n^ r. a. To chide, 

to snnb. 
Pud-6-ra, f;j*>^ ^\\^ \ s. m. A bump (from 

P6-ee, If^^part Giyen ; gift. 
Pd-ee, lj^J^8.m. Destiny, the Deity, s./ 

The Godhead. Prnte-bigma^ To be nnfortantte. 

fhtee-mAra, adf. Struck bj the Deity, accorsed. 
Puf, uJ«> «• «. A small tambourin. 
P6f-a, -*s3*3 «•/. Time^ a moment, one time, 

one turn. Pm/a-ht^^nfo, adv. From time to 

time, repeatedly. IH^af^, «. a. An officer of 

cavahry so caDed. 
Puf-4>een, jL^^ «. phar. Hidden treasures. 
Puf-a-lee, ^U«3 s. «. JBle whose business 

is to pby on ^ tamboorine. 
Puf-a-tAn, G«SJ adv. Often, all at once, 

Puf-^e-nuh, ^J $. m. Buried or HiAea 

Ptf-luh, /bo «. ML A flBuHtf tambourin. 
Pufia, jh^ s. M. Burial, intermoit, hidings 
coming. A!^tfnM,Toh«y,hid^CQacmL 






[ 11^ ] 


(banh *p«latiek) {wtt dental) 









Pnf-t^en, j^ii s.f. The boards of the bind- 

ing of a book, pasteboard. 
Pdf-tur, jJ3*3 s. w. a book, yolume, 

journal, record, register. Pujtur^iidntth, $, m. 

An office, couatiiig-lieiise. Zhtftttr^nmaSes, A 

defk, register, jptt^vretf, An office keeper. 
Ptf-u, jJ*> s. m. Repul^n, repelling^, 

STerting, preventing, warding off; a time, atom. 

Pvfi(4dr^ s. m. An officer of cavalry so called. 

Dvfu h&na^ To be tamed back, to return, to be 

averted, prevented. 
I)i&f-uh,<te3*3 8. m. Article^clause; a time, once. 
Puf-u6e-yuh, **a3*> s. m. Repulsion, 
Dog, o J Tgiir s.f. A pace, one step (mea- 

Dug-diig-a, t<x<> ^^i^m adj. Shining. " 
Jhig-dug-i-hut, C^fcL^xO ^^-?nTZ 8, f. 

Splendour, sf»arkling, twinkling (as, of a star). 
Pug-dug-i-aa, Olf^O <^<t^<u^l v. n. To 

glow, gleam, twinkle. 
Dug-dug-A-na, ttfj/j iptt^pit t?. n. To 

shake; to bum brightly, to bum dear (charcoal). 

Dagdugakur pdneepeeAa, To drink greedily, or 

a large quantity at a draught. 
Dog-ga, iTj xir^T s.m. A loan, Ipng-le^ed 

bone, a Rosinante, a garran. 
Dugfe-a, liii> s. f, Deceit, imposture, 

treachery. Pugbflhaz, Deceitful, treacherous; 

a cheat, impostor, traitor. 
Pa|i-^-ee, v^li»> $.f. Price paid for mark- 
ing. • 
I)u{^£-na, tlii.3 i;. a. To cause to fire a 

gun; to cause any thing to be marked. 
Puj^-ddgfe-a, UvX£*3 $. m. Alarm, distur- 
bance, tumult; titillatipn. 
Pa|^e-la, 2^5^*3 adj. Stained, spotted ; de- 
Puf^-lee, ^^Ai^ adj. Treacherous, s. f. 

Treachery, villainy, fraud. 

Pti^-na, U^ t^. n. To be fired off (as, a 

gnn); to be marked. 
Po|i-6-li-ya, U^ $. mu An imposter. 

P%-la, 3WI> ^irerr #• «. A kind of quilted 

▼est worn as armour. 
Png-mug.4-na, OKJoA ^^tpfptt^ r. a. To 

Dug-mug-d-na, Ol^j ^fipfPTPTT r- »• To 

•biver, to totter, to stagger. 

P^-ra, !yl> ^pnfT *. m. Highway. 

Png-|4-na, (Hyi ^irriiTT v. a. To propel, 
to tell 


Dug-ri-na, 0|yj vg^K^ r «?. a. To roll. 

Pug-udh-na, Ulbv^b ^^pfciT t;. a. To burn ; 
to tease, to vex; to chide, threaten, upbraid, re- 
vile, pester. 

P6g-ur, yb ^^^ 8. m. A kettle drum. 

D6g-ur, j^i ^rnT s.f. A road, a highway. 

Pug-dr-na, lyb y^wfwi v. a. To disbe- 
lieve a true testimony. 

Dug-ur-na, t/j ^f^nm r. n. To travel, 
to walk on the road, to roll. 

Puh, »*^ a4;\ Ten. Ifuh-chtmd^ adj. Ten 
fold, ten times. Puh'diuwfugee, s. f. Ten fold 
(a word with which they return a salutation). 
^A 4ur (f^en^a suUttr (^r dUirut, A benedic- 
tion of fukeers, meaning, alms will be returned 
seventy fold in the next world. jpuh-tjUla, adj. 
Faithless, inconstant; brave, bold. fhih-rSza, 
A ten days, a decade, fhih mf&rmeet Holding ten 
nutunds. ^ivA-jfciA, or ^hh-yuhee. Tenth part. 

Pub, »i3 ^^ «. m. A deep whirlpool, very 
deep water^ an abyss. Kihpcui iuk, A place a« 
bounding in water lilies. 

P6.ha, Ij^ s. m. The ten days of the 
Moohurrum, $. m. The models of the tombs of 
Husun and Hoosyn, which are carried about in 
prooMsion during those ten dajrs; on the tenth 
day the tombs are buried, or in some places 
thrown into water: the building, if made of cheap 
materials, shares the same fate: if costly, it is 
carried back and deposited in the Durgahw 

Pu-hi-ee,vS^j^ T^f «•/• The figure ten ; 
the tenth part ; the decimal places of figures in 

Pu-hik, uilj^ s. m. The place of tens in 

Pu-hto, jl^*3 $. m. The mouth, an orifice. 
Pu-h^na, 0lj,fc3 ^ymrs v. a. To burn. 
Pu-hi-nuh, ^i(f^ s. m. The bit of a bridle; 

the mouth of a water-bag, river, or water-course; 

any thing which covers the mouth. 
Pu-hdr-na, Ojl^^i ^TT^ifT v. n. To roar 

(as a tiger). 
Puh-b^h-ee, ^^^ s. m. A commander 

of ten men, a person having a place of trust, a 

Duh-dfi-ha, ^5^ ^¥V^^ adj. Flourish- 
ing, blooming, green, fresh; pleasing. Duhduhd* 

na, V. n. To flourish, to blossom. 
Pu-h6e, ^j^ ^^ 5. m. Thick sour milk, 

coagulated milk. Duhee-wdla^ A seller of sour 





(soft dental) 

C 120 ] 







(Northumbrian r) 





milk. Puhyndee, A yeisel in which coafolateil 

milk is kept. 
Pu-h61, JL^ ^^^1 '• ^« 'The name of a 
Pa-h6r, jt^ ^%T J bird (Coraciaa). 

Ptt-h6nHiee, ,jii^ ^^ s. f. A vessel 
in which sour milk is kept 

Ptt-h4n-gur, j f<Sy> ^¥fT *. m. A vessel for 
ourryiiig sour milk in (particnkrlj, at festivals). 

Pu-h^Zy^^^^l «. «. A dowry, a portioOf 

t^-Wz, j every thing a wife carries 

with her to her husband. 

Pfi hit, va^ ^Itt JMirt poM. Burnt 

PuE-ki-na, Cl^ ^T^inwT r. a. To bum, 

to kindle; ruin, destroy; cause to regret; heat 

(iron* &o.). 
Duh-kina, ^^ vmrmr v. a. To deceive, 

disappoint, halk, tantaUxe; to spoil, throw awaj 

Piih-la, ^k^ s. nt Ten (at cards). 
Puh-li-na, ^^^ ^%mm\ v. a. To agitate. 
X>uh-Uez,^JLi> s.f. A portico, a thrediold. 

Puh-na, ^ ^ym adj. Right, the opposite 

of left. 
P6-h(20m, ^ adj. Tenth. 

Pa-h6*tra, ly^ s. m. Tythe, tenth port. 

Puhr, jv«> s. m. Time^an age, custom, ha- 
bit, mode, manner, care, solicitode; the world; 
atheism; fortune, chance, adversity, danger. 

piih-ree, ^^Jf^ adj. Relating to time or for- 

P6h-ri-ya, V;^ '• ^* An atheist 

Puh-s^-a, \jT*^ T'^^ '• ^* A weight of 
ten seers. 

pdh-shut, 4A^«> $.f. Fear, terror. Duh^ 
shuf'WigSz, Horrible, hideous. PuhihtUndk, adj. 

Pb-huk, (J^ ^[Tt 9./. Ardour. 

Dd-huk, uXj ^vtvs. m. A cavern, abyss, a 

P4-huk-na, UX^ ^HT^pa V. n. To bum, to 

be burnt, to be ruined, lost, destroyed; to regret, 
pd-hul-na, UJL> ^^pvsa t;. n. To shake, to 

tremble, to fear. 
P6-hun, ^j^ s. m. Mouth.. Jishishri-^ithny 

The thnut (disease). 
P^-hun, j^ x^ s.f. Sultriness. 

Pd-hur dii-hur jtU-najUU-j^jj^ ^^^ ?5^ 

tK^r^ V. It. To bum with great liiry. 
pii-hush, {J^i^ s. Astonishment, amaze- 

ment, a^. 8topified with amasement, struck 
with astonishment or consternation. 

Puj-jil, JU«> #• m. A liar, an imposter; An- 

Piij-luh, iiM s. m. The rivar Tigris. 

Put^-^ Jk^«^ ^-/^ Sabtihiee ; difficulties. 
Flour, meal. Biinntes, moments. Minnti». 

Dvk'ir,Jii W^nr s.f. A belch, eructation. 
Pukama, v. n. To beldi; to beUow, to low. Du 
kar bjtfmat or, — j&fui^ v. n. To embexxle. 

Pu^iel^, J^«3 adj. Difficult, subtile, abstruse, 
fine, minute. $. m. Flour, meaL 

Du]^6e-^uh, ^d s. m. A. minute, a mo- 
ment <^ time; any dung small, a particle, a sab- 
tile question, a trifling business. 

Pukb-^el, J>^«> adj. Intimate, fitmiliar ; ad^ 
mitted, allowed entrance. $. m. A friend, a confi- 

Pokblf J^«^ '• «n. Entrance; occupaacfi 
intrusion, interference, disturbance, molestatien; 
prodnce, income. jpuUUp/ina, v, a. To hsT« 
access. PukU kuma, v. a. To meddle, to inter- 
rupt, to take possession. P^jV^ttireh, Recent 
and disbursement. 

P^Uhmuh, M^«> s. m. A sepulchral vault 

Pdkh-un-ee, v>^«> ^w^ adj. Southern 
(generally, things or persons from the south). 
' Pukhtmee poofienuh^ Horse-mint 

Pi4^» <3^ adj. Subtile, minute, thin. 'OV^ 
tfic^ s.f, A hectic fever. 

Ptk-khin, ^»5 iff^ s. m. South ; the 
southern part of India. 

Pdk-khi-na, U^«> ^^f^TWT adj. Southern. 
s.f. Southeriy wind. 

Puk-klun-i-yun, jiS^'^ ^p q itM^ *• i^ 
Southing, fhtkkhmajftm tSoruj, The wintof 
solstice, sun's southing, the period of the tan's 
being in the southern hemisphere, southern de- 

Pu]^^-o-16V^, J^ii}'^ s. m. An extensive, 
uncnltiTated phdn. 

Duk-jgt, C^/(3 W%m«. m. A cast of Hin- 
doos descended from a braMmm on the fiitber*! 
and a gwaUm on the mother's side; they subsist 
on alms on Satarday,aad are skilled in astrolstJ* 

Duk-ri-na, ^]^i ffi<Mi v. «. To cry bit- 

Dukyt, ^j^3 ^[%?r «. «. A robber, a pi- 
rate. Jhd^ffee s.f. Robbery. 

Pul> J«^ V^ ^- «»• A large army. The lerf 
of a tree; thicknes^r^ heap or qusntitf' 
Digitized by VjOC^^-^ 


[ 121 ] 


Q O 

bin to 






(hnrth pklatick) 

fHilwdl, Commander of an army. Puidar, adj. 

Flesby, thick. 
Pul, Jo ^^s. m. Wild rice. 
Dul-a, if J M?WT 5. m, A large lump, a clod; 

m large baaket. 
Pul-dil, Jjy*^ 8, pi. Proofs, arguments. 
Pul-^I, jyj $. m. Looking (haughtily or 

amoroosly) through half-shat eyes; looking with 

affected anger (as, lovers). 
jpul-i-lut, v^y»> «. / Direction, indication, 
rign, token, argument, demonstration; Broker- 

Pul-bd-dul, J*30J»3 ^^^T^w s. m. A 
mass of donds; a krge army; a large tent. 

P61-da-pe8h-g6er,;/cAiof^'»> s.m.A skreen 
or cover in front of a bed. 

Pul-dul, JJ J ^^r^fw €. f. A quagmire, a 
akNigh. ^P««Wa,ai(^*. Quaggy, boggy. 

Pul^ul-i-hut, (^^yjii ^^^^ ,./ Tre- 

Pul-dul-A^a, Wa' .3 ^^r^m^ V. n. To shake, 

to undulate. 
Pal-d61-ee, ^ jJ.> ^iin^ adj. Swampy. 

Dai-ee, ^J3 ^g^ g. f. A lump (of sugar, 
meat, &c. ) 

Pul-6el, JJ»3 *,/. Argument, proof, de- 
monstration; a guide, director. Duleelee, adj. 
Argumentative, s. iti. A good argner. Puleeli- 
r6shuH, A clear proof. Puieeli (idtiu, A decisive 

PuUn-tee, ,^Jii t^t^ $./, A handmiU. 
Pul-hi-ra, \j\f}^ ^Wfnrn s. m. One whose 

business is to sell grain. 
Pul-hd-run, jjl^^ ^m^\x^ s.f. A woman 

whose business is to deal in grain. 
Pa-i-hun, ^d ^ff^^iT 8. /. Any sort of 

ptUse which majr be split. 
PoU-ya, y^ ^^RTT «. m. Half-ground or 

ooMsely poumded grain, split puUe. 
Dtili-ya, U J > gfa ^ i 8. m. A basket (without 

a cover, like a tray). 
Pnlfe <>)•> s. m. A mendicant's habit, made 

of patches and shreds, fktlfi.posh. Bagged, cloth* 

•din rags. 

Pul-lik, sJJfj 8, m. A waiter at the baths 
that rubs, &c. the bodies of those who bathe, a 

Pul Jfl, Ji^ s.m. A broker, a salesman. 
PuUalee^ s.f. Brokerage; the business of a bro- 

Pul-U-luh, A^jfiS s.f. A procuress. 

t u w y y % zh 

(soft dental) but write you my pleasure 

Pul-mus-ul k6r-na, ^/J^^^J^^ ^^ j^^w[ 

i^iy^j V, a. To thrash, to crumple, to rumple. 
Pul-na, IJ*> ^^r^ V. a. To grind coarsely, 

to split pulse. 
Ptiluk, vj:h ^^nrl «./ Glitter. Dulukna, 
D6luk, i-<,'J ^^r^ J V. n. To Glitter. 
Pul-un, ^*> ^^nrf 8. m. Dividing, tearing 

asunder, Rplitting. 
I>ulv, ^^ 8. m. A bucket, an um; the sign 

Ajquarins; the hopper of a mill. 
D6I-wa, ly J >g^^T 8. m. A large basket 

(without a lid). 

Pul-w4-na, 0!y»3 ^^nrPTT V. a. To cause to 

be coarsely grounded. 
Pul-wy-ya, V.^*^ <^^%^ } a.m. One who 

Pum, (•*> 8.m. Blood. Dum-QQl'tikhwyn^ Dra- 
gon's blood (Sanguis Draoonis). 
Pura, j»»3 8. m. Breath, life ; boasting, pride. 
Spring, ebisticity; ambition; cheerfulness; a mo- 
ment; the stewing over a slow fire; the edge (of 
a sword) or the point (of a spear, &c.); deceit; 
a draught of water. Dim (sMtna, v. n. To breathe 
one's hist; to relinquish one's usual habits. f>um- 
a^nm, adv. Continually, successively, adj Con- 
tinual. f>umbaz^ $. m. A wbeedler, a deceiver. 
Dum haz'puseen. The Ust breath. Dumbdzee, 
*./. Wheedling, deceiving, fhan ban^hna, To 
be attentive. ZHtm-buMM, ndj. Silent. Dtim-^ 
bwftsm, adv. Breath by breath, every moment, 
constantly. Ptm'bvn4, An alembic. Ptmbhih-' 
na, To boast. (^um-puMii, $. m. A stew, a kind 
ofpQDldo. PmnphSolna, To breathe short. Pttm* 
phSonkna, To breathe, to inspire, jptm tootna. 
To die. f>umjugna,v, n. To speak, to talk. 
Dum chwrdna. To feign death. Pam churhm, 
v.n. To pant, to respire. f}um choora, s. m, A 
kind of firework, which burns at intervals. Dum 
chhofna, v. a. To breathe, to expire. Dttmy^ikn, 
Edge or temper (of a bUwIe). Z>iflit(f (^, a(^*. Ehis- 
tic; sharp-edged. Pum^ildM, s. m. Encourage- 
ment, comfort, soothing, coaxing, p^m ^ena. 
To wheedle, to coax, to inveigle, to dooeive; to 
leave to simmer or stew, jpum ruftm. Expiring. 
Pum ruhhna. To be content with a little. Pum 
rdkna, v, a. To suffocate, to breathe short, f>um 
$A4hna, To stop one's breath, when feigning 
death; or. as some fukeers do, as religious excr- 
cise, hf hours together. Pamsdz, adj. Concor- 
dant, harmonious. *. A confidant, an intimate. 
Pum^se tdina, v. a. To turn off with a joke. 
fhan't'shumskir, s. m. The edge of a sword. Pum 
kurna, To blow (as, a fire); to blow (as, a con 

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[ 122 ] 





(NortliuiWttB r) 



(dccf liqimUliBirual) loch 

jarer when jasS^in^ or exercistn;). DmmJaiMk^ 
mjf. DnwiBf in the bretttb, uMpirin^, silent. Pmm 
hmtket^ «./! Dnfrin^in the breath, tilence. Pmm 

kka-jamOf or, rmhrna^ «. ». To be cr<st-£illeD, 

to revain sileiiU JDoai khama^ To be deceiTed ; 
to be silent; to be dret pc d orer m slow fire (a 
stew, &c) Jpm U^mchMa, To be silent. iHon 
Ligma^ To be desirons. I>adB UmeL, To take breath, 
to rest. Dmm nuiinu. To speak, to ntter m word; 
to boast. l>inn mok-tmeif^ ffaia. To be fktifaed to 
death, to be tired to dcnth; to gasp for Hfe; to be 
aach distressed. />mM'-naA(l, Ready (as, din- 
ner, &c) Bmm nikiUma, To die. Dmm k6ma^ To 
be stewed, to be left on ^w fire after cootii^ (as. 

Pum^ft-dum, A<>tcO ode. Continaally^ al- 

DoBi-i^ ' i^^ s. m. The braio, pride. 
Pniiijfln. adj. Vain, firiTolons, prood. 

Pum-i>m«li, AcU J s.m. A Urge kettle*- 

Pum-in, jU«> o^*. Powerful, terrible, im- 
petaows, fierce, nigin;, atsaaltiji;. 

Dam-i-na, tUo i^iTTWT r. a. To bend (with 

Paiii4L-nuk, i«^*U^ a. ar. A blunderbuss, 

Pumbh, J4^«•> ^ a. in. Pride, boast* Dum- 

Ukee, mdj. Prond. 
Pom-bad-um, *J^*3 adj* Incessantly. 
PttBednm-i^-iia, C<U\«o i^^t^UMi r. n. To 

shake (as, the branch ofa tree). 
Dum-dnnMOLh, f^c^VcO s. «. A cavalier, a 

■Mwnd, a laised battery. 
Pom-ee, ^^*> jl/. A kind of iookka^ or in* 
^iti ■■! nt far — oking. 

Dum-ied-gee, vx^i^»> «. /• niowii^ (as, of 
wind); blowiiff (ofaio«>er),ipre«tui(. 

Piim4e-duh, 20i:^«3 jMftL Blown (a flower). 
shot ieith, y e y tt a ttd (a plant). 

Pjun-knl-a, SS^^ ^W(%m s. ». A squirt, a 
fif t - 4ngt n c ; a jack,orcnuat (fbrnowi^ we^hts). 

Pikm-Ba» U^^ ^HWT t\ «. To glitter, to 
finA; ta bend with elHticity, to spriiY. 

P6m-c*, ^ITfT tj«*> «. w^ Gold, ttlrer, 

Pbm-r6e> %^^ ^tW^ ^/* *I^ ^%1^ P*^ 

Oi a j^jpsa« ^''napee as ascn seen Aaiia, To ne 
mined» dsmsKihad. 
DttUHTOo, ^]^i ▼^^ «. ai. A sort of dnun 
b««t«a with the islets. 

Pum-aaz, jL««.3 s. si. A confidant. Dumsa- 

2e«, $.f. Intiaacy. 
PAm-uh, t^i^ 9. m. A pair of bellows; an 

Pum-ok, vjCe^ ^pw «./. Ardour; glitter. 

Dmrnrnkma, v. ». To shine. 
Pum*an, ,^^n.prop. A lover, a mistress 

of Nol, celebra t ed in 

Poinn*wee, ^y^^ odj. Plethoric. 

Pon-a-ut, c^'t^ t.f. Meanness. 

Pund, iO -^^ s.m. A stick, a Btaffjfine, 
penalty, pmnshMcnt, castigation by anwiceaeot, 
or patting to dcnth. 

Dund, 5o ^V c M« The arm above the 
dhow; a kind of exerdte, phuang the hands od 
the gronndand then bending down so as slnost 
to tonch the cai^ with the breast. Ihm^l. 
One who exdtases hMself at the Dmd, 

Ddn-da, t J* J ^Ci|n a. si. A staff, an ensign- 
staff; the beaai of a pairorscales:a coUectorof 
nMiket dnties. 

Pun^din, ^^S^^ a. ai. A tooth. Qtrndtrngctr, 
mdf. Bitiiv (hone). DtmfmM amrce, <./. A kind 
of sweetBMat. 

Pun-di-nnh, ^|j^*> a. m. The teeth of a 
saw, the wards of a lock. 

Pon-d^-roo, * J J>:*> ^^^1^ a. ». A blister, a 

Pin>-dee,^o ^ a. «. A mwidicantwbo 
carfies a staf in his hand ; tiie penis. 

DAndee, ^^itiis./. A handle. The 
beaisofapakofacales. «. ». A nendicsot who 
eairica a staff ia his hand. A^^sjOk, #./ A foot- 

Dundee, ^ J #^ a. /. The tube of the 
coroUaof the Nyctanthes aibortristes, which is 
naed fer dying. 

Dun^der, ;io:j ^^ik«./. A line, a stripe, 

Diuwli-ya, V^^ ^firaia. «i. A kind of §tf- 
Mat Ihr woMn; a oaDectar of vark^ deties. 

Paibdnn^i na, 5^ j?o t^furwi r. n. To en- 
joy ones 9(lf,tnhecanta«tedandiBdepe!ideDt. 

tnliTeat one'^ease. 
Dund-wnt, <^^i <^^ s./ Hindoo salu- 

Pdn-ee, ^^^ me^ Mean, paltrVf 1^*^ 
P«ng, ^o a^ Astonished ^careless, fool- 
Pun^ga, ^^ a. ». /«Vai^& confiision» 

Digitized by V3 ^ ^^^^ 


C 123 ] 













(harih palatick) 

(soft dental) 









mutlnj, sedition, rebellion, fkmgebdz, adfj. Mu- 
tinous, tnrbnletit. 

Pfin-gul, jij^ ^iro 8. la, A kind of chair. 

Ddn-gul, Jfiii 8.f. A crowd. 

Dan-gyt, v-e-^*> i^ adj. Turbulent, mu- 

Dunk. u^J ifv «. m. A sting of a reptile, 

ptrticttlarly of a flcorpion. DtmA m&m% v. a. 


D6n-ka, ^3 ^tv\ $. m. A double drum, a 
kettledrum. Dunkaee,8f, Wages of the beater 
of a kettledmm. 

Dan-k6e-la, »J)j ^i%T cr^*. Armed with a 


Duo-ki.yA-na, OU'j ^ftr^rpn V.a. To sting 

(as, a reptile). 
Punt, V£-^'.3 "^ «. m. A tooth. Punt-peevy 

Tbe toothaclie. 
Dun-tel-a, ^:^**3 ^itirT *. m. Haying large 

or prominent tusks (an elephant, boar, &c ). 
Dun tyl, J-^'*3 ^%^ imJ;. Tusked. 
Dup-dap-d-but^ (i^^Uokj*^ ^^^^l ^ ^ s. f. 

Shininip, splendour. 

Pop-dup-d-na, OUiAj*> ^^irPR v. a. To 

Daph, ^ J vqr «. m. A musical Instrument, 

a sort of tambourin. 

Dup-h^-lee, ^^3 ir^ s. m. A kbd of 
fukeer, who always plays upon a musical idstru- 
Bent called Diq}h ; (met.) a chatterer. 

Dop-hir-na, l^l^J vqrTT^fTt;. n. To cry bit- 
terly, blubber, roar. 
Pup-ti-na, ^^^ i^TORl 0. o. To gallop. 
P6p-ut, vi^«3 i^^Tz:*./, Course, gallop. 

Pup-ut-na, U^»> ^«ldfli v. ». To gallop, to 
rush; to rebuke, to reprimand. 

Diip-ttt-na, UxjJ ^^^zm v. n. To call, to 
bawl at, to halloo, to rebuke, to gallop. 

Pur, j^s.m.A door. Purbudiry From door 
to door. Jpur-o^ewdr 4ihhnee, Expresses so- 
licitude and anxious expectation, prep, In,.at, 
OS, into. Pur-dna, v. n. To come in, to arrive, 
to penetrate; come out. fhirpesh, In front, be- 
fore. Purpesh h6na, v. ». To be in front, to be 
necessary, to be incumbent. Jpurpy-e-jan hona, 
To be desirous of the death of another, to per- 
••cote to the uttermost, purpy hSna, To fol- 
^f prosecute, pursue, be at hand. PursStmtt, 
^. In case, proyided, should, suppose that, pur- 
S^fr^-^^btH, In the captiyation or admiration 

P 2 

of society, par/, act (in compos.) Rending, tear- 

Pur, j^ ^x s. m. Price. 

Dur,;j ^T 8.m.f. Fear. DurpSknuy adj. 
A coward. 

Pur-a, I ,*3 8. m. The highway ; a bell. 

Pur aee, l^\^<^ s./. A bell; a blacksmith's 
hammer; contradiction, repugnance; (in compos.) 
entering, conyersation, talking, beginning of a 
discourse. Hurzuh'4^a^*9.f. Talking nonsense, 
chattering, pee^uh-iuraee, s./. Intercourse or 
conversation with the eyes. 

Dur-dk, \J\ji wrmr adj. Fearful. 

Pur-^-mud. J^tj«3 8. /. Coming in, receipt 
part. pass. Come in. Duranrnf Imt6mu4i Ingress 
and egress ; receipt and dbbursement. 

Pur-an, j|;«3 part act. Rending, tearing. 

Dur-^na, 0|jj WTPH v. a. To frighten. 
adj. Frightful, terrible. 

Pur-iin-tee« J^'\^ \k\^ »•/ A sickle. 

Dur-do-na, I'^lo ^ <H^l r. n. To frighten. 

adj. Frightful, terrible. 
Dur-doo, 3ljji ^<|^ adj. Frightful. 

Pur-ir, jtj«> ^TTT ». m. A crack, a fissure, 

rift, rent. 
Pur-^ j\^ adj. Long, fhtraz-ba^^ May 

it long continue t purax'^iufee, s.f. Oppression. 

Purazee, s,f. Length, extension, tallness. X>tt- 

raz-/br<f. Tall. Puraz-ffosh, The ass. 
Purb, c-jrj*3 ^ 8. m. Prosperity, wealth ; 

metal, substance, matter. 
Pur-^bdn, jOj^ 8.m. A doorkeeper, a porten 

Pur-bAr, Oj*> •«. m« House, dwelling, a 
prince's court, hall of audience; the holding of a 
court, a leyee. 

Pur-bd-ree, i^j^.j^ 8. m. A courtier. 

Pur-b6h*ra, \ji*)^ ^<^X^\ 8. m. An intoxi- 
cating spirit drawn from rice. 

Pur-b4nd, Mjt3 s. tn. The bolt or bar of a 
door. "^ 

Purd, t>it> a. m. Pain, affliction; pity, sym- 
pathy, compassion. pw<jl'€d6o4* Painful, purdi^ 
bpn4* s. m. Rheumatism. Punji dna, To be af- 
fected with compassion. . Pur4'Vngizj atff. Piti- 
able, exciting compassion. pur4riis, adj. Afflict- 
ed, puri'i'ziht f. m. The pangs of labour, throe. 
Purd-i'Sur^ s. m. or, pur^-suree, s.f. The head- 
ach. purffi-neem'Sur, Hemicrania; trouble, yexa- 
tion. purdl'shurSek, Sympathetica!. Pur4'i» 
.furzun4eey s. m Paternal affection, purd khdna, 
v. a. To feel compassion or pity, to feel the P^9^T^ 


[ 124 ] 










(toft dental) 




(Northumbrian r) 




(deep liquid lingual) 


of child-birth, puri-l^gna, v. n. To feel the 
yaina of child-hirth. f>iir(f-mun4, adj. Afflicted; 
com passionate, sympathizing. Pur4mun(fee, s.f 
Compassion, affliction, Purffn^k* adj. Painful, 
piteous, sorrowfuL Dur4i'P^hl6o^ Pleurisy. 
fhir^i'jigur, The liyer (complaint). Pur(Jt 
h^tKdne'wdia^ A sedativo. 

Pur- da) l0^j«3 interj. Alas I 

Pur-d^-mun, ^t J>j»> The ornament to the 
border of a gown or robe. 

Dur-d^r, j*>j«3 ^T^ s. m. Cinnabar. 

Pur-du-ra, ]j^j^ ^<^<\ ««(/• HalJ-pounded, 
coarsely ground. 

P6r-ee, ^\^ s.f. A small carpet ; a dialect 
of the Persian langnage, or modem Persian lan- 
guage, the origin and peculiarities of which are 
variously defined by Persian Lexioographers; 
some alledge its distinctive martc to be when the 
form of the word is complete, without contrac- 
tion; others make it the dialect of a ceitain dis- 
trict, comprehending BulkJty Boohhara, Budukh 
shan, MuroO' Shak-^an, and Jamiyan ; the name 
is by some said to be derived from Durkh, a val- 
ley among hills; which corresponds with its origin 
in Budukhshan^ and the mountainous parts of 
Kundhar ; others assert that it was spoken at the 
court of the monarchs of the Kjfaniun dynasty, 
and derive the name from dur, a gate, or durgah, 
a court 

Pur-6e-ba^ tjj»i ^T^^ *. m. A stall (in a 
market) where betel is sold. 

Pur-6e-chuh, ^-j*^ 8. m. A window, wicket. 

Purr^e-duh, »*>^ji> part pass. Torn. Dutee- 
duk-d^Aw^ odj. PkiQ-tpoken, saying whatevor 
comes uppermost^ 

Pur-^gk ^j«3 s. m. A sigh, gorrow, repug- 
nance, disinclination, puregia, inter j* Ah I Alas ! 
puregh kuma^ To withhold. 

Pur-ej^-A, U^j.3 interj. Alas I 

Pur-6r-a, tjJ[j*> ^^ «. m. Hard* impetu- 
ous rain.^ 

Pur-g^h, JJBjii 9. m. A place, the king's 
court; threshold, door; a mosque, a shrioo. 
Purgahi-Udhee, The court of heaven. Pttrgak- 
moBfdla, The sublime court. 

pur-gir-ift kikr-ntiy^/yji^/jd v. a. To catch, 
to seize, to captivate. 

pur-g&z-ur k6r-na, ^'/j/j^ v. a. To pass 
over, to neglect, excuse. 

Pur^[f»-aur-na, ^j/^<^ v. n. To decline, to 
l^re off, to refrain from, to pass by. 

Pur-h6e, ^;«3 t^t^ s. /. The name of a 
fish, a sort of carp (Cyprinns). 

D6r-hi-yul, J*?tj3 ^f^^TO adj. Having a 
long beard . 

Durh-m(i[>n-da, t <S^^<^j J NS^^^^a4^ Beard- 
shaven, beardless. 

Pur-huk-6e-kiit, Ls^>fl.Aa^yi adv. In reality. 

Pur-hum, #^ji3 adj. Intricate, confused, 
confounded, an^, higgled^ piggledy. purhtm' 
burfutnit adj. Coniiised. Purhttmee, $.f. Confa- 
sion, disorder. 

Pur-fd-ree, i^y^j'^ ^^^ ^* P<^» 
wretched, indigent. Puridli'U, s. m. Wretched- 
ness, poverty, indigence. 
P&r ind, Sis>^ 'XparLojCi. Tearing; (adj.), ^S*y^ } Rapacious, fierce, ra- 
venous ; (subst.) a ravenous beaat. 
pur-i-y^ Oj*> «• fw. A river, sea. J^uriyai- 
mookiet. The ocean. Dunya-chuch, A rivulet. 
Duriya^dil' A bountiful heart. Puriydee, aif. 
Marine, puriyanuwtmf^ A voyager. Dur^au 
shor, The sea. DuriyaimufArib, The seaof Afiri- 
ca. Duriyai'huftgdnuh, The seven seas. 

Pur-i yifl, v.£-^3ljjJ s.f. Perception, under- 

Purj, ^ (3 ff. m. A closet, a place for writ- 
ing, or any thing written on, a volume. Pwj- 
kfima. To write, to copy, to enter; to fold. 

Piir-juh, 4^j*> s. m. Step, stair, gradation, 
degree, rank^ station; action (of a play); a de- 
gree of a circle, pwjw-budurjuh, ado. Step by 
step, gradually. 

Purk, ^y^ 8. m. Compfehension, under- 
standing, perception, knowledge. 

Pur-ka, i>;^ ^<m s. m. Crack, crevice, cran- 
ny. Purkdn0. V. a. To cause to cradc or split. 

Pur-ktfr, jt^«3 adj. Necessary, requiaH 

Pur-kJboor, ^^j«> a<^. Suitable, proper. 

Piir-^wlist, i^s^yiLy^ S.f Application, r«- 
qnest, intreaty, proposal, desire, wish, denuuid, 
petition, appeal, or petition of appeal. 

Par-ki nir, jlx^j^ ctdv. On one side, a part, 
out of the way. 

pur-la-na, Oy^^> v. a. To comprise. 

PAr-ma, Uj.3 ^TITT «. m. A kiud of mat. 

P«, lfcCpj*3 s. m. Monthly wages, sa- 
lary. Purmakofjidr, One who receives niantJ»ly 

Pur-mdn, ^^y^ s. m. Medicine, remedyi 

Pttr-m«n-du-gee, ^^U,*> s.f Misery, dis- 





[ 125 ] 

(hursh piOatick) (toft dental) 










tre88, penury, 'misfortane. Jpurmajufuh, adj. 
Distressed, helpless, withoat remedy. 

pur-mi-ydn, jU^j*> $. m. Interval, middle, 
midst, adv, postpos. or prepos. In the midst, 
between, before, in view. f>urmiyan 4^na^ To 
employ as a mediator. J(>urmiy<mee, atff. Mid- 
most. <«• m. A mediator. 

Pur-mun, ^j^ s. m. Drug, remedy, medi- 

Pur-miiQ-iih, iU«j*3 s. m. Wormwood. 

D6r-na, V-o ><<*n v, n. To fear. 

Pur-o-blist^ vi.^^'^j.3 flrc^^*. Whole, all. 

Pur-6d, •>^^ «. Timber, plank. Dudgir^ 
s. m. A carpenter. Purod-guree, s./. Carpentry. 

Par-6gh, ^;[;*^ «. f9». A lie, falsehood. €u(;. 
False. Danrof^gOt s. m. A liar. L^urogbfie^ adj. 
False, liar. 

Pur-ood, 0^j«> «./! Blessing, salutation. 

Pur oon, s:)^^ adv. In, within. «. m. Interi- 
or; the hesut, bowels. Duroonee, atfj. Internal, 

Pur-6o-nuli, ^^y^ s. m. llie heart 

Pa-r6sh, \^^y^ s. m. An awl, a lancet. 

Parp, (yj«> J^ s. m. Pride, boasting. 

Pur-p^h, cAijJj*> prep. Before, under con- 
P6r-pan, ^j^ '^'^ s. m. A mirror. 

Pur-p6r dub, ^^jij*^ <^dj. Unrevealed, hid- 
* dea. 

Pur-py, uHj*^ ^^- ^^ ^^ footstep, in pur- 
suit, intent on, following. 
por-rAj, ^ij*> «. m. A hedge-hog. 

Pur-rd-na, ^\y^ ^Tl'n v. «. To go straight 
and quickly, without Cmt or delay, adj. Straight 

Par-ruh, ^^<> s.m. A valley (especially be- 
tween two hills through which a stream flows) > 
a pan or way between two mountains. 

Purs, ij0*j^ s. m. Reading, learning to read, 
a lecture, a lesson, teaching, pursdena. To teach 
to read. Purs lena. To read a lesson, pttrsee, 
adj. Relaiing to reading or study. 

Purs, f^jt3 <^ s. m* Sight. The conjunc- 
tion of sun and moon, or day of new moon. 

P^r-sun, rf^j"^ ^4^ s. m. Interview, ap- 
pearance, pursun^i^^^^i adj. Beautiful. 

P6r-8un-ee, ^r^j*^ ^r#»ft*-/* A bill of ex- 
change, payable at sight; offering, present, adf. 
Handsome, sightly, pursunee^juwdn, A beautiful 

Dur-uf shdn, jliJj*^ part. Shining, splen- 

Pur-uklish, tM,*> s.f. Splendour, bright- 

Dur-uyb-shin, jlAakj^ part Shining, flash- 

Dur-u^-shfn-duh, ^^xJ^^jLj^ part. act. Shin- 
ing, glittering, purubhshini^gee, s.f. Splendour, 


3*3 $, m. A tree. 

Pur-uk na, U jj ^<%*ii v. n. To split, to 
be torn, to crack. 

D6r-up, Le>jJ ^TTT adj. Afraid. 

Purv, ^j*> J^ 8. m. Substance, thing, wealth. 

Pur- wan, c)l^j*3 s. m. A door-keeper. 

Pur wa-zuh, ij^jj*> s. m. Door. Durwazuh 
thSkna, To knock at a door. Purwazuh tfgbuh 
hdna. Implies a door's being buih up with bricks 
and mortar. Purtoazuh mamdor kvma. To cloae 
a door. 

Pur-wesh, cA/.;;»3 adj. Poor, indigent, s. w. 

A dervis, a beggar, a monk. Pitrweshfie, a. /. 

Doctrine or office or way of Hfe of a dervis, or 

monk; beggary, poverty, 
Pur-w6z-uh, ^y^\^ s.m. Beggary. 

Dnr-w/-ya, V.;j;0 ^T^sa aclj. Fearful; (met.) 
A coward. 

Dur-yA, l^.;*3 8. m. The sea, a river, the wa- 
ters. Purya^huh, s. m. A small sea, a lake. 
puryaee, adj. Of the sea or river. 

standing, discovery. Puryaft htima. To con- 
ceive, to understand. PuryafthSna, To be dis- 

Pur-y6o-zuh, ^jyj*^ 8. m. Beggary, begging. 

Purz, jjii 8, m. Salvage ; seam or suture 
(of a garment, &c.) A rag, a'slip of cloth, a long 
strip of cloth, a narrow shred. 

P&r-zee, jjrji;*^ 8. m. A tailor. 

Piir-zun, y:)jj^ 8.f. A needle. 

Dus, ^^»3 ^ir adj. Ten. Dusm (fisa^ The 
ten regions, sides or quarters (of the world). 

Dus, [j**3 >r^ 8. m. The string by which 
scales are suspended (or held in the hand). The 
threads of the warp at the end of a piece of cloth 
which are left unwoven, the end of a piece of 

Pfis-a, L*3 1 ^ia«./. Condition, state, cir- 

Diish-a, si*3 J cumstanoes. 

Dus-^ne, ^jJL^^ ^^irtic 8. m. Tenth partQJp 

Tj*^ '•/*• Conceiving, under- 



[ 126 ] 


a ch d e ee g gb i 

all ehooie (soft dental) get thee gone (Nortbnmbrian r) ia 


(deep liquid lingual) - 


Pus-ee, ,^^*> ^^ift s. /. Thread ; the un- 
wore threads at the end of a piece of cloth. 

Pii8-6e-Ia, 2^>3 ^fif'^^ ^4i' ^^ good cir- 

P^sh-nuh, J^i^ 8, m. A poniard. 

Dusht, CL^i^ s, m. A desert, a plain, a forest. 
Dush^g{tr4% A traveller of deserts, pusht-^rffee, 
8.f. The travelling or wandering over deserts. 
Dushi'i'hoo, A desert void of all but God. 

P68h-tee, ^^*3 adj. Of the forest, wild, 

Pu8«U)uft, i^^^*>s. m. Signature. />t<5AA«^/- 
iAoSf Sign manual, royal signature. 

Piis-mee, ^^^^ou^ti ^irrft * -^ The tenth day 
of a lunar month. 

Piis na, U^ inPTT v. a. To bite or sting 
(as a yenemous animal). 

Pu9-6-kha, VjM»i> ^%reT s. m. Moulting (of 
birds), ptisokha jh6jrna. To moult. 

P6s-on-dwar, ^1^*3 jj->*^ ^tigiT s, m. The 
ten passages for the actions of the faculties; viz. 
the eyes, ears, nostrils, mouth, penis, anus, and 
crown of the head: there are however properly 
only nine, the last not being acknowledged in any 
Stingskrrt works of authority. 

Dus-^-na, U^m>j T%RT s- m. Bedding. 

Pu8-®n-dha, tes>J^^*3 ^^TVT s. m. A Pane- 

Pust, C£-^*3 s, m. Hand, cubit, superiority. 
Stool, purging, evacuation. Dustu/sAan, Extend* 
ing or moving hands in dancing, in relinquishing 
any thing, in anger or in denying. Pust-ttmdz, 
adj. Tame, familiarized, tractable. Skilful, dex- 
terous. jpu$t'Un46z, He who commences a busi- 
ness. An oppressor, a plunderer. Pugtawez, s.f, 
Signature, a note of hand, bond, title deed, ke, 
jptut bu4ust. From hand to hand, quick, expediti- 
ous; Ready money purchase. f>ustbi(Biit, s. m. 
Superiority, advantage,victory. pusfbwifdr hona. 
To leave off, desert, resign, decline. Pust bur 
surhdna. To be unable to execute one*s intention, 
to be distressed, weak, poor, or wretched. Puif- 
bus-tuh, atf;. With close hands (in token of res- 
pect). Pust bu $ur hdna. To salute in the eastern 
manner by putting the hand to the head. Pust bu 
^bzuht Sword in hand, ready for battle. Pttit 
b^Qbchuhf $. m. Cloth in which a small bundle is 
wrapped up. Puifbm4, f- m. A string of pearls 
or precious stones with which women adorn their 
hands. PttstbSs hdna, or, Pust-bosee kuma, To 
kiss hands, to salute. Pu$f buy hSna, To become 
a disciple. Pusf-piinah, t. m. Tongs. Pu^-cha- 
I6k, acg, Nimble-fingered, a thief. Pust^chatakee, 

s.f, A civil war, duel, stealth. Pvst'ib;ui$, s. m. 
Signature, sign manual; a manuscript, chiro- 
graphy. Pust-Uuttee, adj. In manuscript, written 
with one's own hand. pusf-4ur6z, s. m. An op- 
pressor. pust'4uraxee, s.f. Oppression, pusi' 

' ruSf s.f Ability, power, means, facility, dexterity, 
skill, acquisition, attiftinment. Pustnts hona. To 
be able, to afford. Pusl-riisee, s.f. Ability. Dust' 
shffa, adj. Epithet of a physician, who is success^ 
ful in restoring his patients to health. Pust-tu* 
lub, S4 m. Begging, want. Pust-furdsh, s. m. A 
pedlar. Pustfuroshee, s.f The business of a ped- 
lar. iPtM<A(^rtfr, «./. Power, ability, strength. 
Pusth&r, s. m. A handicrafUman, an artificer; 
dexterous. Pustkaree, s.f. Handicraft, dexte- 
rity, pusfkush. Taking or taken by the hand, or 
extending the hand ; a leader, a captive, a beggtf. 
Pus(gdh^ Power, strength. Dustgirifiuh^ adj. 
Seized by the hand or taking the hand; a helper, 
an assistant. Pust-geer^ s. m. A patron, protect 
tor, saint, a captive, adj. Laying hands on, taking 
prisoner. PustgUree, s f Taking or seizing with 
the hand ; aid, help, assistance, support, patronsge, 
protection. puslUif s. m. The first money re^ 
ceived for sale of merchandise in a morning. 
Pusfm^t s. m. A handkerchief. pust-mAyvh, 
Stock tn trade. pHst-nig6r, (Regarding the 
hand,) adj. Needy, wanting. Pusf^o-bugbul, Em- 
bracing. jPii«<-o-^re6^A<$fui, To engage in com- 
bat. Pusfwdnuh, s m. A gauntlet. 

PAs-ta, ^^ ^^T s, m. Zinc, tntanag, lapU 

Pus-t^-nuh, aitSM*0 8. m. A glove, a gaunt- 

Pug-tdr,jb-^ *./. A turban J. Diixtar- 
bun4, A seirvant whose business it is to make of 
the torband. puslat'thwan^ s^m. A table cloth. 

Pus ta-w^, ^^ls^«> 8 f. A written docu- 
Pust-boprd, «>jiu:-^Ji «. Superioritj, victo- 

Pust-ee, v^^«> s.f. A torch or link that is 
carried in the hands, adj. Of or from the band, 
manual, whatever can be held in the hand. 

Pust g^h, »l^«> 8 f. Power, ability, means. 

Pu8-t6or,jyUt>«.m. Cuatom, usage, fee, fa- 
shion, mode, manner; prime minister, senator; 
model, reguUtion. Pustoardol-umnl, s. m. A 
rule, regulation, model, rule of conduct. 

Pus-too-ree, i^jy^^ 8. /. Perquisites paid 
to servants by one who sells to their master ; 
leave, license, oong6, custom, permission. 

Pus tub, iCU«> 8. m. A handle ; a pestle; a 

Digitized by ^^^ ^^^^^ 









C 127 ] 

(barsh palatick) (soft dental) 












quire of paper ; a bundle consisting of twenty-four 
arrows; a handful; a skein of thread; a division 
of an army, a brigade. Dustut/dr, s, m. Com- 
mander of a Pusiuh, 

Pus-tuk, v..^«3 $./, Clapping of the hands, 
rapping at a doer; a pass, passport, summons; 

P6s-tuk-ee, ^*M>*i s. f, A pocket-book ; a 
tweezer-case; a falconer's glove. 

Dus-tur-i^w^n, jI^^Lj!^^*^ s, m. A table- 

Dust-ydb, c->V.^-=^'^«^ ^^j- Procurable. 

jpust-y^r, jU5iwa*> 8. m. Aider, assistant, co- 
adjutor. Pusf'tfaree, s.f. Assistance, succour, aid. 

Pu8-6h-ra, l;j-a«> <^v^<l s. m. The tenth of 
Jeth, shooklpuksh, which is reckoned the birth- 
day of Gtmga. Whoever bathes in the Gunga on 
that day, is purified from ten sorts of sins. The 
tenth of Asitiy shook! puksh, on which, after the 
worship and religious ceremonies performed dur- 
ing nine nights {nuouratree) they throw the 
images of Detfee into the river. On this day 
Mam is said to have nuu'ched against JRavun; for 
which reason it is called Vijy dusmee. The day 
is celebrated with great pomp by Hindoo princes: 
the weapons and instruments of war are hallow- 
ed: and, if war be intended, the campaign is then 

I>ua-um) 4K«»«> ^iiv adj. Tenth. 

£)ii8*un, ^H^«> ?[Tnr 3. t». A tooth. 

Pu8-ur-uth, ^y^d 4ii<iq n. prop. An anci- 
ent Raja, &ther of Ram. 

Dut-ha, l^ J WSJ 8. m, A stalk. 

X>iit-na, U7*> ^tph v, a. To oppose, confuse, 

Dat-na, w;Jj WZ^ v. «. To stop, to stand 

D6t-ta, 13 J vjl $. m. A pliig, a cork. 

X)6t-wun, jy«> ^tht^ s. m. A tooth brush. 

t)6-wa, fj«> s.f. Medicine, a remedy. Dut 
tpO'puzSer, adj. Admitting a remedy, remediable. 
Duwa-kazt An Apothecary. 

IJd-wa, 1^ w^X s, m. A large wooden 

j^u-wabb, i--i'I^*3 «• tn. An animal^ a quad- 
ruped; cattle, beasts. 

Pu-wa-ddo, ^»^t^*3 s.f. Labour and fatigue. 

Pu-wi-lee, v.^t^*> s. m. A cheat, deceiver. 

Pu-w£m, j»t^i s, m. Perpetuity, duration, 
persevering, ado. Always, eternally. Ulu^^u- 
warn, adv. Continually, assiduously, incessantly. 

Du-w^n, j\^^ part. Bunning. 

Du-w^r, j!^^ <^e|[< s.f Fire that breaks out 
in woods. 

Pu-wdt, CL>I^<3 s. f An inkstand, or pen- 

Pti-win4, ^^>^ part, act, A runner, a racer. 

Pd-wul, J^«3 s. pi. Riches, wealth, &c. 

Pwd-dus-ee, ,^r^«>lj»> "^T^^*./. The twelfth 
lunar day. 

Pwd-pur, jj1^»3 •^TC 8. m. The name of the 
third Joog or brazen age of the Hindoos, com- 
prizing a period of 864,000 years. 

Dwar. jl^«>'^TT«. fn. A door. Dwarp&l^ 
A door-keeper. Dwarpalee, s.f. The office of a 

Pw^-ra. Ijl^*3 "^ITT s. m, A door. adv. By 
means of. 

Pwa-ri-ka, l^jl^»3 '^if^^T s. f A Hindoo 
shrine on the bank of the western sea, near the 
mouth of the gulph of Cutch. 

Pvveep, ^^.^^ "^^ ». »*• An island, a region. 

Dwesh, (j^.^*> %^ s. m. Enmity, hatred. 

X)wi-ju, ^^^ f^ (twice-born,) «. m. Abrah- 
muit, a man of either of the three first classes. 
The Brahmuns, Kshutirees, and Vyshes are ini- 
tiated into their respective tribes, by investiiuro 
with the sacred thread, which is called a second 

Pwi-ju-p6t.nee, ^j^.^^^ f^^PPft s.f The 
wife of a hr<ihmun. 

Pwy, ^^^ \ adj. Two. 

Py, ^ The tenth solar month or December* 

Py> cj*^ % part. Given, about to give. 

Py"*» V.*^ "^^ *•/• -^ g^ftj affection, tender- 
ness, sympathy, mercy, kindness, favour. Pya- 
seel, adj. Affectionate. Pyamdn, or pyaumnt, 
adj. Charitable, merciful, kind. 

Py-a, 0.3 -^THS. f. A mother. The stand that 
children run to in pUying at hide and seek. 

Py-al, jV.*^^3[^fTOa£//. Merciful, generous, 
liberal, gracious, kind, compassionate; benevo- 

Pya-y&t, ^^.k^^;m^7f adj. Kind, compas- 
sionate, friendly. 

Py-bee, v^.«3 %^ adv. By chance, acciden- 
tally, at length. 

Py-jtfor, j^"^ s. m. The night of conjunc- 
tion of sun and moon; a dark night without 
moonlight; every thing black* 

Pyn, ^.»3 5. m. Debt. Dyndir^ s. m. A 

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(soft dental) 

[ 128 ] 








Dyn, ^.(5^^ s. m. Wings of birds. 
Dj-na, Ujj %^ s.nuA branch, a bpugh. 
Py-& ^»> ^tJ Gave, given. 
jPyr, jj*> 8. m, A temple where idols are 
worshipped, a monastery. 

Py^t '*«-^.*^ \^ s. m. A demon, an evil 
spirit, a Titan. 

Py-vee, ^y.J ^ift adv. By chance, acci- 
dentally; at length. 

Py-yoos, i±9^,^ s. m. A contented cuck- 
old, or one who winks at the fornication of his 
wife or female relations from interested motives. 


E, ^1 ^ inierj. O ! a respectful particle of 

Eed, *XrA 8 f. k solemnity, festival, holy 
day; Easter. E'e4ee, A present which it is usual 
to make on the day of Eed, an Easter gift. 

E'e-dhur. jJbJ^J f^^ adv. Here, hither. 

E'e-fa, UjJ s f. Performino^ (a promise, &c.) 
performance, paying, satisfying, fulfilling. 

Ee-j^b, v*^' *■ '^^ Rendering necessa- 
ry, (in logic,) affirmation (opposite to priva- 
tion,) (in Mahomedan law). The first proposal 
made by one of the parties in negociating or con- 
eluding a bargain. 

Ee-jdd, .iUril 8. m. Invention, adj. Invent- 
ed. Eeja4 k^ma. To invent. 

Eekh, «<^J -^ s.f. A sugar-cane, 

E'e-ma, Iwf 8. f, A Sign, nod, wink, em- 
blem, symptom. 

Ee-m^n, jl(ij^ 8. m. Faith, belief, religion, 
conscience. EematKJiar, Faithful, honest. 

Een, ^/| pron. dem. This. 

E'en-dhoo-a, \ftiki} -t^r^^ s. m. A roll or 
round fold on which a burthen is carried on the 

E'en-dhun, Jit^,\ f^^ 8. m. Fuel (wood, 
grass, &c.) 

E'en-door, j^i>5| -^t s. m. A rat, a moose. 

E'en-gQor, ^^l s. m. Red lead, minium. 

Eent, (JL.;^! ^ ^./. A brick. 

Een-tA-ya, V.^1 tei^ 8. m. A kind of 

Eent-gd-rec, ^j^} fz^^ 8,f. Brick- 


(Northumbrian r) 


(deep liquid lingual) 


Ee-r^d, *3t;J'.l 8, f. Bringing, adducing, pro- 

Ee-rdn, jl;jf I «. prop. Persia* 

Ee-ra-nee, ^j\f} adj. Persian. 

E'er-kha, l^fyj f^s./. Envy, emulation. 

Ees, ^1 f^K 8. tn. Lord ; a name of Sir. 

EVsa, ijMMjjft n. prop. Jesus, (a Saviour), 
the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Ee-s^ee, ^*L*^ adj. Christian. 

Ee-sdn, jl*wt ^yiM A name of Sir. Esan- 
kon, s, m. North-east. 

Ees-td-duh, J5*3t:Ui-jf| part Standing. 

EVsu-wee, ,^^**^ adj. Belonging to Jesus, 
of Jesus; ohnstian. 

E'es-wur, j^-ij| "t^T 8. m. Ruler, master, 
lord; Siv. God. 

E'es-wur-ta, ^j^J^} "Nxm 8.f. Divinity. 

Ee-ti-ldf, u-i5lt;j 8. m. Familiarity, friend- 
ship, society, connection, company, correspoAr 

E'e-tur, yij} fjixpart. act Acting affected- 
ly, &o. 

E'e-yul, Jj} 8. m. A stag, a mountain goat 

E'e-za, 1^.1 8. f. Pain, trouble, vexation, 
distress, affliction. Eeza-^ihin^ee, Giving pain, 

Ee-hdn, j^} irt adv. Here. 

Ek, lJj} tc^ adj. One. J^ka-Skee, All at once. 
Ek-ai, Some few. Ek-bdrgee, All at once. Ek» 
4ust, Altogether, entire. Ek-san, adj. Alike, 
similar. Ehsedinnu ruhneh. Is used to denotes 
change of condition, most commonly from good 
to evil, but sometimes the reverse. Ek kee iut 
soofUmee, To reply ten (words) for one: (spoken 
of a person who replies with many words, espe- 
cially in giving abuse). Ek-lt/iii, Altogether, 
entirely. Ek nit ek. One or other. 

Ek-i-dus-ee, ^j^S^i\ KWl^s./., The ele- 
venth day of the month. 

Ek-^nt, kiuJli/J ^^liT or EkatU m&h €ub). 
Aside, apart, alone, on one side or part 

Ek-thi, \^} Tli^;^ adj. Together, collect- 
ed, s. m. A small boat rowed by one oar. Ektha 
kuma. To gather, to collect 

El-chee ,^s^'\ s. m. An ambassador, envoy, 
agent, attorney. Eicheepuna, s. m. AmbassMlor- 
ship, agency. Ekheeguree kima, To act the am- 
bassador, &c. to act for another. 

El-wB, \^)} jcm^j 8. nu Aloes (Aloe p^- 

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[ 129 ] 

(harth palatiek) (soft dental) 










£'m*un, ^^J ir»lT *. »». A musical mode. 

^9 3^.' ^ *./ Striking with the heel, spur- 
ring. Ef'tnama^ To spur. 

Er-a-ph6r, j^lj/J inn%?: s. m. 1 Ex- 

Er-a-ph^r-ee, ^jt^^yj ^TO^T^ s.f. J change, 
interchange; dancing attendance. 

E'r-ee, ^^\ ir^ interj, O ! a vocative parti- 
cle for females. 

EV-«€> ^}i\ ^ s,f. The heel. Eree dekho, 
Look at your heel (look at home): a phrase 
med to obviate the effect of an evil eye. 

E't-a, Uil ^?rr adj. So much, so, thus much. 

E^t-na, Uxjf t T^TT'n adj. So much, so many, 

Et-wir, jly^j ^fl^K *. m. Sunday. 

E'z-id, JjjI 8. m. God. 

E'z-id-ee, ,^*^^j adj. Divine. 

Fd-hish, ^j«L^(3 a(^\ Obscene^ indecent, im- 
pudent, shameful. 

Fd-hi-sha, ^Jtt^^ s. f. A harlot, any thing 

F^i duh, JJaj.l> 8. m. Profit, gain, advan- 
tage, utility. Faidle^mund, adj. Profitable. 

F^-H, J.;U €ulj, Superior. 

Fi-il, J^^3 part. act. Making, (sub.) An 
agent. The participle active. The nominative. 
FailuhukSekee, The true agent, God. Faiii- 
maoibldr. Master of one's own actions. 

F4-iz, ^.U part, act Overtaking, reaching, 

F^-jir, j^U m, y sub. A fornicator, adul- 

FA-jir-a, ^ji^U f, j terer, sinner, adj. Sin- 
ful, unchaste. 

Fafc jli (mi. fag) s.f. The notch of an 
arrow, arrow. 

Farj^ir, j^li ae(j. Excellent, precious, sump- 
tuous, durable. (fem.faikira). s. m. A boaster, 
an egotist. 

Fi^tu-ee^ ^ji^s-U s.f. Dove-colour. 

F^^b-tuh, x;^U s.f A dove, name of a co- 
lour. Faiituh OPT j^iMp To be confounded, to 

Fi-^uh, 2&^ s.m* Poverty, necessity, want ; 
a fiwt, fitting (from wa^t, not as a religions 
doty). FaiwJ^ttshy One w1|o hais, a ftster; fo* 


mished. Faku-kushee, s. /. Fasting, endurance 
of hanger. Faku-khynchna, or Fakoi^ tnuma. To 
starve. Faku-musi, One who is starving, but 
conceals his distress. 

Fal, jl3 s. f. An omen, augury, presage ; 

-^ " ' '^T. >8.f. A field of melons. 
Pa-Uz^Jlj J 

Fi-lij,.^)U s. m. The palsy (especially, he- 

Fal6o-duh, 5J*3yii \adj. Smooth, clear. 

Pa-16o-duh, JJ-^yib ) s. m. A kind of 

F^l-too, y^^h adj. Spare, Bui*plus. 

Fam, j»l3 joined to nouns denoting colour, 
implies a tendency to such colour, as Stydh-faniy 
Blackish; Led fam, Ruby-coloured. 

F^-nee, ,^l3 adj. Frail, transitory, incon- 
stant, perishable. Juhdn-ifcmee, This transitory 

Fa-noos, <^yii 8. f. A shade (to keep the 
wind from a candle,) a lantern. Fanoosi-ibij/^i, 
A lantern (of vbruc) which revolves by the 
smoke of the candle within, and has on tbe sides 
of it figures of various animals. 

Fir-i|^, ij^ adj. Free, disengaged, at 
leisure, ceasing from labour; absolved, discharg- 
ed; contented. Farigh-Qul-bal, or Fariub-iiQl-hal^r^ 
adj. Independent, contented. Faritdk-bh^Uee, /,, 
s.f. A deed of release or discbarge. 

Fdr-is, \j^j^ s. m. A horseman, a cavalier. 
Farus, Persia. 


Pars, jj*-jy 

Far-see, v^j'i s.f. The Persian language. 
adj. Persian. 

Far-s^e-yut, (^:^^J3 s.f. Persian language. 

Fash, ^J^^ adj. Apparent, manifest, known, 

Fa-shi-ra, \j^^^ s. m. The plant Bryony. 

Fi-sid, fcX-ali adj. Vicious, perverse, deprav- 
ed, noxious, pernicious, bad. 

Fi-sil:, ^l3 5. m. 1 A fornicator, an 

Fi-sik.a, <itiUU s.f. } adulterer, an a- 
dulteress, a sinner, a worthless fellow. 

Fi-si-la, <d^l3 «. «i« Separating; space, in- 
termediate space. 

Fd-ti-ha, isa[3 8. m. Commencement, exor- 
dium. 8.f. The first chapter or soora of the koo' 
ran, which being repeated when pra>ing for the 

'^■i \ «• prop. Persia. 






(soft dental) 

C 130 ] 






( Northumbrian r) 



(deep liquid lingual) 


souli of the dead, the word comes to mean pray- 
ers offered up iu the name of saints, &€. and yol- 
garly oblations made to saints, &c. 
Ftf-zil, J^13 adj. Excellent, learned, virtu- 
ous; abundant.' i(«.ixcr ; ■ ' ^ 
Fe, u-i The twentieth letter of the Arabic 
and twenty-third of the Persian alphabet, has no 
exact correspondent in Sungskrit, though in prac- 
tice it is denoted by i^ phu. Its sound is that of 
the English/. In the notation of numbers by the 
Arabic letters, it stands for 80. 

Fee, ^ prepos. In, into, among, of, to, 
with, "for, by, concerning: each (or for each), 
per; as, Fee mun, per maund, &c. Filbu^eehu, 
adv. Readily, quickly, extempore. Fil-j^smlu^ 
Upon the whole. Fil-Jial, Now, immediately, 
directly. Fil-hu^ekut, adv. Really, truly, in ef- 
fect, in fact. Fil-four^ adv. Now, in short, im- 
mediately, directly. Fil-musul, adv. Allegorical- 
ly. Fil'wdki, adv. In fact. 

Feel, Jlo (Pers, peel. Suns, peehoy) s, m. 
An elephant. Feel-ban, s. m. An elephant driver 
(or feeder). Feel-iuwjidn, s. tn. I?ory. Feel' 
mODTUht s, m, A turkey. Feel-nisMen, One who 
rides on an elephant. 

Fee-lee, ^*S adj. Belonging to an elephant. 

F6el-pa, CJL3 adj. Having a swelling in the 
leg, having elephantiasis. 

Feel-p^-ee, ,^Ul^ s.f. Elephantiasis. 

Feelpa-yuh, ^}i^*^ 8, m. A pillar. 

Fee-r6z, j^j^ adj. Victorious, happy, for- 
tunate. Feeroz'Vsur, Victorious, conquering. 
Feeroz'huhb/t, or Feeroz»mun4, Victorious. Fee' 
roz-mm^ee, s,f. Victory, prosperity. 

Fee-r6-za, ^j)fi^ s. m, A turkois. 

Fee-ta, ^^^ (Port) s, m. Ribbon, tape. 

Ffd-a, 1^^ s.f. Sacrifice, consecration, re- 
demption, devoting one's self to save another, 
ransom, exchange, cartel. 

Fid- wee, ^ySh adj. Devoted (your devot- 
ed servant)". 

Fi-g?^r, jKi adj. Lame, crippled, wounded ; 
afflicted, confused, distracted. Dil-figar, Heart 

Fi-ghan, jU3 ^. m. /. Lamentation, cla- 
mour, comphiint. irUerj. Alas ! 

Fih-rist, '^s-^jji *. /. An inventory, list, 
index, table of contents, &c. 

Fikh, ^ s. y. Knowledge of religion and 

Fikr. fhs./.m. Thought, reflection, consi- 
deration, counsel, advice; solicitude, anxiety. 1 

Fik*ree, ,^ji3 a(^\ Thoughtful, anxious. 

Flk-ra, ^fi s. m. A line, a sentence. Fif^- 

ra^bun^ee, $.f. Arrangement, eloquence. 
Fil-fil, JaU (Sun8.p»]pjcn^) s./. Pepper. 

Fi-Iizz, jJi3 8. m. Ore, metal, dross, scoria. 
Plur. Filixz6t, Mines, ores, metals. 

Fin-j^n, j\sBf^ 8. m. A porcelain dish. 

Fir-^, ^|j> 8. m. Distance, separation, 
distinction, absence. FiraA'»u4tih, adj. Absent, . 

Fir-^r, jlj3 s. m. Flight, running away. 

Fir-a-sut, v.£*^|j3 «./. Physiognomy ; pe- 
netration, sagacity, understanding. 

Fir-a-win, j'^t;3 adj. Much, abundant, 
copious, sufficient, opulent. 

Fir-a-w4-nee, ^^1^1;^ 8.fl Abundance. 

Fir-d^ U**;*^;^ *• "»• A garden, paradise. 

Fir-d^-see, ^j^^^^h n. prop. Name of a ce- 
lebrated poet? 

Fir-ish-ta, «CLij3 s. m. An angel, an apostle, 
prophet, missionary, messenger. 

Fir-ish-tu-gdn, jf^iJ.jh s, plur. Angels, &c 

Fir-I^a, *5j3 s. ni. A sect, tribe, class, kind, 
troop, company, society. 

Flr-nee, ^^^h s.f. A dish resembling hasty- 
pudding, ground rice and milk. 

Fir-^Bu, Jy^y^ n. prop. Pharaoh, (met) 
Any cruel tyrant. 

Fir-4u-nee, ^^;^ s.f Haughtiness. 

-^ ^ * > ioL*3 s.f. A whetstone. 
Fu8-£n, / ^ 

Flsh-^n, jUi part odt. (in compos.) 
Strewing, scattering, shedding, spreading, expand- 

Fish-^nee, ,^Lii (in compos), s. f 
Strewing, shedding, scattering, spreading. 

Fish-^r, jUJ 8. m. Squeezing, pressing 
with the hand, compressing. 

Fisk, (yJ^ s. m. Adultery, obscenity, im- 
pudence, iniquity, sin, fahu^ood. Fisk kuma, To 
depart from, to abandon. 

F^^X V^^ P^'^P<^- Fallen. 

Fit-na, «u:si s. m. Calamity ; sedition, mu- 
tiny, perfidy; sin, evil; temptation, seduction. 
Fitna-ungez, A fomenter of disturbances, &c. 
Fitna'ungeze€, ». /. Cansing disturbances, &c. 
Fitm-jOi Quarrelsome, seditious. FUmsStee, 






C 131 ] 

(harsh palatiek) (soft dental) 











9. /. The occAsioniiig of disturbance or trouble. 
FUna-gtir, A seditious person, a mischief-maker. 

Fit-rik, ^\y^ 5. m. Cords fastened to a 
saddle behind, meant for liangin^ game to; sad- 

Fir-in-gee«da-t6o-ra, ljy^4^;^ s, m. A 
plant (Argamone Mexicana). 

FiUrut, C->;la3 8,f. Wisdom, sagacity; na- 
ture, creation, form; deceit, trick; alms given on 
, the Ee^-QBl-Jitr. Fiirut lurana, v. a. (vulg.) To 
practise tricks or stratagems. 

Fit-rut-ee, yj^j^^ adj. Sagacious, cunning. 

Fi-ul, J«3 8. m. Action, work, operation ; 

a verb. Fmli-ubus^ Lost labour, an absurd un- 
I dertaking. FiuH-ldzimee, A neuter verb. Fiuli- 

mQs^ti44^, A verb active, transitive, or causal. 
Foo, ^ 8. tn. Valerian. 
F6ohsh, t^i-ar* 8. m. Obscenity (in word or 


F4H®1> J^ *• ^' A radish; the heel. 

a4i. Thick. ' 
F&k-ur-a, \fh 8. plur. Dervises, &c. 

l"^^A f^l^./. Steel. 
Poo-lid, Siyj J -^ 

Foo-U-^ee, ^^Siyh adj. Made of steel. «./. 

A pike- staff." 
F^ldn, ^S3 8. m. Such a one or thing. 

FuMn or Ful6nee, $»f, (met.) Pudendum mulie- 

F^l^-nuh^ /vSi 8. m. Such a one, &c. 

Fuidntth, Penis virilis. 
Fft^l6o8, 1^^ s. plur, m. Small coins, a 

F6^a-d®k, ^ ^Skh 8.f. The filbert nut; 

Fin-dQQk, $ {met) The tips of the fin- 
gers or toes stained and resembling those nuts. 
FmdQok'bfind, Staining the tips of the fingers, 
Sec. to resemble the filbert nut. 

pQe-rd-da, 55*3|^3 plur. Alone, single, soli- 

Foj^-rit, CL>Ij3 n. prop. The river Euphrates. 

F®r-kin, j^^ 8. m. The kooran. 

F<Sgr-]^ut, cjuJj3 8. f. Distance^ separation, 
distinction, absence (of lovers, &o.) 

Fgshrdosh, \J^^y^ s. plur. Carpets. 

F^HT-sut, u:^W|3 8./. Leisure, freedom, ease, 
convenience, opportunity, time, relief, rest. 

Fos^-sh^r-da, **>^ pari. pass. Sqneez- 
M, pressed. Fogth^ortfa-jipury Squeezed heart, 


Foe-s6on, ^^*^ 8. tn. Enchantment. 
F<k)-sQQr-da, JJ^j^^i part. pass. Frozen, 

withered, dejected. 
F(Jo-|ooh, ^y^ 8. f. plur. Victories, {met.) 

Abundance, easy circumstances, income received 


F^-too-h^t, cjU-^15 s. plur. Victories. 

FQj?-t6o-hee, ^"^j^^ «. / A kind of jacket 

without sleeves. 
FQi>-(6or, jy3 8. m. Weakness, infirmity, 


Fgp-too-ri-ya, kjy*^ ^^j- Dispersed, ruin- 
ed, undone; exciting quarrels. 

Fqp-too-wut, cl^y^ s. f. Liberality, gene- 

Fqq zi4uh, ^li3 s. m. Remains, remain- 

F^pz-luh, *) *Li3 8. m. Remainder, redun- 

Fuz-luh, J dancy; leaving, refuse. 

Foe-zul-a, %Ai plur. The excellent, the 

F6-tuh, aI?^ 8. tn. A bag ; the scrotum, the 
testicles; tax, revenue, a purse. Fotwjt&r^ (vulg. 
Potdar.) A banker. FoitKfaree, s,f. Bankership. 

FdolfoM ^^^ ^'^' '"^^ betel-nut. 
F<^, ^^3 s.f. An army, a multitude. Fmj- 
kushee, s.f. The collecting or levying of an army. 

FoBJ-ddr, j'^^ An officer of the police so 
called, a magistrate. 

F(iSlj-dd-ree, ^^i^y^ $. f. O&ce oi ^fouj^ 

Fook, J^ 8. m. Superiority, excellence, 
altitude, loftiness. /?r<^. Above. 

F&-]^-yut, ^>s^^^ S.f. Excellence, prefer- 

F(igr, j^3 s. m. Celerity, haste. Filfmr^ 
cdv. Immediately, instantly. 

F^B-run, Ij^ adv. Quickly, suddenly, in- 
stantly, directly. 

Fggt, CL>^3 s. f. Death, failure, omission. 
Famt hdnOf To die; to be interred. 

Fij-tee, ^ji ad;. Dead, property of one 
who dies intestate and without legal heirs (which 
escheats to the sovereign). FiOStee'-flrdree, adj. 
Killed and missing; property of persons dying 
intestate or absconding. Fojiiee-t^dmuhf A list of 
the killed. 

F<Bi-w&-ruh, yit#3 s. m. A fountain, a jet, .^ 

' ^7- Digitized b, ^^ ^^-^ 






(soft dental) 

[ 139 ] 





(Northumbriaa r) 




(deep Uqaid lingwal) looh 

a draia, a spring. Fitliwaru chMs^na, To bunt 
forth a jet d'eau. 

Fub-i-h^ ^y^ interj. Excellent, bravo I 
Tery well ! 

Fuj^-f(5or, sjMh s. m. The emperor of 

Fu-li6em, ^^J adj. Intelligent, learned. 

Fuh-h^sh, ^Jil«* adj. Obscene, talking in- 

Fuhm, ^ s. Hi. Understanding, intellect, 

Fuhm, *.vi part, act (in compos.) Under- 
standing, perceiying. 

Fuh-meed, *>2^>i $•/» Understanding. 

Fuh-niee-da, ^o^^^^ part, pass. Understood, 

Fuh-mee-du-gee,^5JJk5^i s.f. Comprehen- 

Fdh-wa, \»^ s, m. Style, contents, signifi- 
cation, sense, meaning. Fahwae-huldm, Signi- 
fication, sense, scope, meaning, spirit. 

Fuj-6or, ^^ss:^ adj. Adulterous, wicked. 

Fuj^j fP^ s.f. Morning, dawn of day, early. 

Fuk, ^ adj. Astonished, dismayed. 

FuJ^-^eh, JU&3 A theologian. 

Fuk-eer, j*Ah s. m. A beggar, a dervis. 
adj. Poor, indigent; (Flnr. F^ra or Fuf^erdn), 

Ful^-eer-^-nuh, *'l;*a3 adv. Like a beg- 
gar or dervis. 

Fulj-6e-ree, ^^^^ s. f, Poverty, life of a 
dervis. a^;'* Helating to or like a derris. 

Fufe-eer-nee, ,Jfjd^ s,f, A female beggar. 

Fukhr, ys^ 8. m. Glory, nobility, orna- 
ment, grace; boasting, egotism, pride, ostenta- 

Fukh-ree, c^j^ «•/• A kind of grape so 

Fukb-ree-jruh, Hy^ *• *'*• Ostentation, 

Fukr, fh s. m. Poverty. 

Fiik-ut, laai adv. Merely, simply, only, 

Ful-dh, ^Si «. f. Prosperity, happiness, 
safety, refuge. 

Ful-a-^&n, ^S3 a.f. A sling. 

Ful-^-kut, C£^^ 8. f. A mbfortune^ ad- 
versity. Fulakutee, adj. Unfortunate. 

Ful-a-t<5on, j^<tOli n.prop. Plato. 

Ful-6e-ta, iC^ 8. m. Match^ torch, wick ; 
a wiok composed of paper Inscribed with mys- 

tic words, by inhaling the smoke of whidi de- 
mons are said to be expelled from those possess- 
ed ; a cord of twisted thread sewed between the 
two folds of the hem of a garment to strengthen 
it. FuUeta-4or, A matchlock ; any thing that has 
a match or wick; cloth hemmed with a cord. 

F61-uk, c-^ii 8. m. The heavens, the sky, 
the firmament; fate, fortune; (plur, ufi&k). Fh» 
hik-QQl-uflak. The primum mobile, empyrean 
heaven. Fuluk^syr, Passing or perambulatiDg tho 
spheres. * 

Ful-u-kee, ^Jl^ o^/;. Celestial, of the hea- 
vens, or of fortune. 

Fumm, ^ 8. m. The mouth. 

F6n-a, U3 5./. Frailty, mortality. 

Fund, Joi A vulgarism for Funn. 

Funn, ^h 8. m. Science. Skill, sagacity, 
stratagem, art. Funitfurcb, s.m. Art and cunning. 
Funn-Jurebee, adj. Artful, cunning. 

Fur, jh 8. i». State, pomp, dignity, splen- 
dour, glory, lustre, beauty, grace. 

Fur-d^ &lj3 8. m. Cessation, disengage- 
ment (from any thing), leisure, repose; ease. 

Fur-igh-ut, c:-A^|j3 8. f. Disengagement, 
cessation (from any thing), leisure, repose; abon- 
dancoy ease, happiness, competency. 

Fur-a-hdm, f^l;^ 8. m. Collection, contrac- 
tion, adj. Collected, gathered. 

Fur-a-iz, j^})^ 8. pbir. The knowledge 
of dividing inheritances according to law. 

Fur-dkb) ^t;3 adj. Ample, abundant, large, 
cheap, wme, plentiful. 

Fur-d-Uiee, <^^l;3 «./. Abundance, cheap- 
ness, largeness, wideness; a girth. 

Fur-a-^6or, jt^l;^ adj. Fit, correspond- 
ing, quadrating. 

Fur-a-m^en, w^l/ «• /rfw. Orders, com- 
mands, mandates, precepts. 

Fur-a-m6o-Bhee, ,^^Iji s. /. Forgetful- 

Fur-a-m6Bh, 1 fj^j^]ji adj. Forgotten, for- 
Fur-a-m6osh, / getful. 
Fnr-a-m6-shee, L^^^lji s./ Forgetfulness. 
Fur-a-mosh-gdr, j\Cikyc\ji adj. Forgetful. 

Fur-a-moah-g^-ree, ^^jC&^/e]^ s. /. For- 

Fur-a-m^rz, jj^\ji ^. ». Keeper of a for- 
tress, n. prop. The son of Moostum. 

Fur-^ jt;i 8. m. Ascent, acclivity. adj» 
High, alo^ exalted, ezakipg, elevating. 
Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




FUR [ 133 J 

QU r t 

oar {hnrnh palatick) (soft dental) 











For-tf-zee, ^^j\^ s./. Highness, exaltation. 

Fdr-bih, /^ji adj. Fat. 

F6r-bi-hee, ^.j^ «•/. Fatness. 

Furd, ^ji s.f. A sheet (of paper), list, roll, 
▼ene, piece, fragment; an individual, adj. One. 
Qniqne, incomparable; single; odd (namber). 

For-da, \^ji adv. To-morrow ; {met, to ex- 
press the rapidity and certainty of its approach) 
the day of the resarrection. Furtftie'ki^dmut, 
#./. The day of the resurrection. 

Fur-dee, v^;^ «•/• A roll, catalogue. 

Fur-6b, «^r^.ji s, m. Deeeit, trick, deception, 

fraud, pari. act. (in compos.) Cheating, deceiving, 

as Mnnt/Qsm-furebt Betraying men. Furtb^kb&ir' 

ia,ady Deceived. 
Far-6b-ee,^-rfj5 s. m. A cheat, an impostor. 
For-eb-fn-da, >o^/.;i part act Deceiving, 

I Furied boo-tee, ij^y,^.ji ^C^i^d\ 8. /. 

A- kind of medicinal herb (Menispermum hirsu- 

Far-ee-doon, Jj^^^ n. prop. An ancient 

king of Persia. 
Fur-6e|j:, ^„f s. m. A troop, squadron, 

corps. Furteiynf dual. Both parties. Furte^-u 

i6nee. The dependant party in a lawsuit, if con- 
sisting of several individuals. 
Far-6f*ta, iC'Mji part. pass. Deceived; ena- 

Fttr-^6ol, J^;^ s.f. A wrapper, a great 

coat, cloak. 
For-h^ ^^jin.prqp. Name of a celebrated 

Persian statuary, who dug through an immense 

Far-hang, v^J^ji 5. /. Understanding, 

science; a dictionary, a vocabulary. 
F&r-hut, *^s-^ft-ji s. f. Delight, pleasure, 

cheerfulness, joy, amusement. Furhn^-a^ar, adj, 

Pletsant, happy. Furhui-csi- likay Pleasant to look 

at; the name of a kite, the Poodicberry eagle. 

(Falco ponticerianns). Furhut-unjdm, adj. Of 

happy isaoe, successful. 
Fur-jim, j» V-j* «• wi. End, conclusion, issue ; 

happiness, prosperity; utility. 

Fork, J^ 8. m. Difference, distance, dis- 
ttnction, separation, interruption, dispersion ; the 
head, the top of any thing, summit. €uff. Distant, 
•cpsrate, distinct, inierj. Away I aside I 

For-l^n-da, ^*>x^ji adj. Happy, fortunate. 

Par-^ud-dn, e^|o>3^ji s. m. Two stars near 
^ pole, tiie greater and lesser bears. 

Fur-m^-ish, cAi'^j^ «• /. An order (parti- 
cularly for goods, &c.) commission, any thing 
commissioned, pleasure, will, commands. 

Fur-m^i-shee, eA'^;^ ^j' Particularly 
ordered (any thing) ; excellent. 

For-m^n, jU^ s. m. A mandate, command, ' 
order; a royal patent Furma^hutrf^r^ adj. Sub- 
ject to orders, subject, obedient, charged with 
orders. Furma^bufifareef s.f. Obedience, sub* 
jection. Furman-rtiwa, Entitled to command, a 
sovereign, a conunander. Fwmuai-4ih, Giving or* 
ders, a ruler. 

Fur-m^na, OU^ v. a. To order, command. 

Fur-m6o-da, »*3^ji s. m. Order, command, 

Fur-o, ^ji odtt. Down, below, under. 

Fur-6d, *3^ji s. m. Descending, alighting, 
stopping, adv. Down, beneath. Furo4 dna^ To 
descend, to come down. 

Fur-6j^ c^ji s. m. Illumination, light, 

Fur-6kht, ^-j:-^;ji 8. f. Sale, selling. 
Furoib^'kuma, To sell. 

Fur-o-m^n-da, JJJJU^J adj. Dejected, 
tired, depressed, fatigued, weak, helpless. 

Fur-o-m^-yu, i»S^^f adj. Worthless, poor, 
ignoble, abject, low, sordid, mean. 

Fur-osh, ^^f part. act. (in compos.) Sel- 
ling, seller; as Hulwa-furosh^ A seller of sweet- 
meats, &c. My-furosht A seller of wine. 

Fur-o-shin-da, )sj^^^ part. act. Selling, 
one who sells, seller. 

Fui*-o-ttin, J^^ adj. Humble. 

.Fur-o-t6n-ee, x^^^ 8.f. Humility. 

Fur-<5z, j^^ part act. (in compos.) Kind- 
ling, influning, enlightening. 

Fur-r^-na, 0|ji ih<<RT v, n. To sneeze (a 
horse); to come quickly. 

Fur-r^sh, {J*\ji s. m. A servant whose 
business it is to spread the carpets, &c. Fir ash, 
spreading. FirasH^Hdnuh, s. m. The room where 
carpets, &c. are kept. 

Fur-r^-shee, ,^1^ s,f. Spreading carpets, 
&c. the business of a Furrash. Furrashee-suldm, 
A bow or obeisance made down to the carpet. 

Fur-rd-ta, Ctji 4h«i<ii«. m. The sound of 
any thing rushing or fluttering in the air, a rush, 
a puff. ^ \^ ■ ' '^ ■^' ^ 

Fur-r^l)kb» ^y fidj. Happy, fortunate. 

Pursh, (^;i s. m. Carpetting^^beddjng^Qig 






(soft dent&I) 

[ 134 ] 





gb ^ 

(Northumbrian r) 



(deep liquid Hngfoal) loch 

cushion, mat, carpet, pavement, any thing spread. 

FasrSosh, s, plur, Beds, carpets. 
Fur-shee, ^^^ s.f.k kind oihookka. 
Fur-sdo-da, **y^v»ji part pass. Worn, torn, 

spoiled by age, obliterated. 
Fur-stilfJi^ ^ji 1 5. «i. A parasang (or 
Fur-sting, cJ^ji ) measure of about 

18,000 feet) a league. 
Furt, )^f s. Excess, superfluity, abund- 
Fur-t6of, C->yji adj. Old and decrepid. 
F6ru, 9jis./. A bough, a branch (of a 

tree, particularly the top branches). 
F6r-uh, ^ji adj. Joyful, pleased, satisfied, 

cheerful. «./. Joy, gladness. 
Fur-uj, ^ji s. f. Cheerfulness, delight^ 

pleasure, joy .^ 
Fur-6ng, c-Vji «. m. Europe. 

Fur-un-gee, ^ji s,nu A, frank, an Euro- 
pean in general, adj. European. 

Fur-ung-is-t^n, j^:i^^ s. m. Europe. 

Fdr-us, ij**ji s. m. A horse; the knight 
at chess. 

Fur-ydd, *3l/.ji s.f. Complaint, exclamation, 
lamentation, crying out for assistance. Furyai- 
ru8t A redresser of grievances. 

Fur-yd-dee, ,^V.;^ s, m. A plaintiff. 

Furz, ijo^ s, ' m. Divine command, a duty 
the omission of which is considered as a mortal 
sin, an obligation. Furz ktima, To consider as a 
positive indispensable duty, to grant, to admit. 

F<irz-un, 11? ji adv. Hypothetically, for in- 
stance, suppose, granted. 

Furz-^nuh, »f\j^ adj. Wise, intelligent. 
Furz&nugee^ ».f» Wisdom, science, excellence. 

F6r-zee, y^j^ \ «./. The queen at chess. 

Fur-z6en, '^:)i,j^ ) Furzeen bim4, s. m. 
A term used at chess. 

Fur-zund, J^Jji 8. m. f. A child, son or 
daughter. FurzUn4i'Urtishee(ji, A good child. 

Furzftn-dee, ^'^')^ s.f. TThe state or con- 
dition of a child. Furzuniee me^ lena^ To adopt. 

Fus-dd, *3Uwi s. m. Depravity, iniquity, 
wickedness, violence, war, horror, mutiny, sedi- 
tion, rebellion. 

Fus-d-dee, ^*3U*J adj. Quarrelsome, vici- 
ous, mutinous, &c. 

Fus-i-hut, ^::^^^t^ s.f. Eloquence. 
Fus-i-nuh, ^LJ 5. m, A tale, fiction, &c. 
Fusd, cXa5 s./. Opening a vein, bleeding, 

phlebotomy. Fus4'htima, or khdlna, v. a. To 
Fus-^eh, ^i^ adj. Eloquent, sweet 
(tongued). Fuseehee, s.f. Eloquence. 

Fus-^el, J*^ (vulg. sufeel,) s. /. Breast- 
works, entrenchment. 

Fusyi, ^*mj s. m. Violation (as, of an agree- 
ment), dissolving (a marriage), dislocation. 

Fusl, J-A5 s.f. Separation, division, a sec- 
tion, article, chapter; time, season, crop, har- 

Fus-s£d, «3Li 8. m. K surgeon, phlebo- 

Fus-s^-dee, ^*3tfli s.f. Surgery, phleboto- 

F6t-a, Ui «. m. A youth. 

Fut-6e-la, aLa5 s. m. A match, a wick. 
Futeela-soZf s.m. A candlestick. 

Futh, ^ s. /. An aperture, opening; vic- 
tory, conquest. Futh-pech^ A mode of tying the 
turband. Futh^mun^t adj. Victorious. Fv^- 
nSmUfS. m. Despatches announcing victory. FttfA- 
nUMnf A victorious standard (opened only in 
battle). Futh'tmseeb^ adj. Victorious, of victori- 
ous f(9rtune. Futh-yab, adj. Victorious. 

F6t-hu, ^acSi 8. m. The vowel ' pronounced 
as the English a in the word America, or the 
French e in le. 

Fut^ (3^ «• »». A rupture or hernia. 

Futr, jki 8. m. Splitting, creating, com- 
mencing. Fitry Breaking a fast ; the festival held 
on breaking Lent, which is also call Eed-ool-fi' 

Fut-t^n, jlli adj. Seditious, mischievous, 
malicious. «. m. An assayer (of gold). 

Fut-wa, l^y^ 8, m. A judicial decree, judg- 
ment, sentence. 

Fu-ulu, ififti $. m. Deed, action ; agents. 

Fu-w£d, *3|^ 8. m. The heart. 

Fu-yu-zan,jl^ s. m. Abundance, overflow, 

Fuz-a, 1 - . 

V\ \ J^ P^^^' ^^^ compos.) Increasing- 

Fuz-a, Ui s.f. Openness and extensiveness 

of ground or place, area. 
Fuz-4-il, JjUi 8. plur. Virtues, excellen- 

CM, learning. 
Fuz-^eh, ^-j-** «4/* Ignominious, vobsoo^ 

di.jr«eef«l. digitized by GoOglC 






[ 135 ] 

r t u 

(hartb palRtick) (soft dental) but 









Fuz-^e-hut, ij^^s c yoi s. f. DiagraoOy igno- 
miny, infiuny. 

Fuz-ee-hut-ee, ^j:^s*m adj. Disgraceful, in- 

Fuz 6e-lut, ws*J-j«i5 s.f. Excellence, perfec- 
tion, Tirtae, knowledge, learning. 

Fuzl, fjM s, fiu Excellence, virtue ; in- 
crease, gain; gift, reward, fayour, grace. 

Fnz-ool, J^y ctdj* Exuberant, excessive, 
extra¥agant, redundant. FuzooUiittrch, Extra* 
Tagant, profuse. Fuzool-go, A prolix speaker, 
one who talks much ; a boaster, an egotist. 

Fuz-6o-lee, ^y^ s. /. Exuberance, re- 

¥\a(}on^ j^ji part Increasing. 

Fjrl-86of, uJ^aJLJ s. m. a philosopher. 
adj. Intellig-ent, knowing; (met.) Cunning, art- 

Fj*sul, (J-^^ s. m. Decision, decree, de- 
terminations division, separation. Fysulkuma, 
To settle, to decide, to adjust. 

Fy-sul-a, ^^L^ 8. nu A decree, settlement, 

Fj-ydz, (jo\is^ adj. Liberal, generous, pro- 
fuse, copious, 

Fyz, f^^ 8. m. Plenty, abundance, profit. 
Grace, &voiir, bounty. Fyz-t'Ommty General mu- 
nificence or goodness; liberal, profuse. Fyz'yab, 
adj. Benefited, blessed. 

Fjz-rus^ee, ^'^^y^ 8. /. Munificence, 


Gab, c->l^ ^^ 8. m. A tree, the fruit of 
which contains a glutinous, astringent juice, with 
which the bottoms of boats are smeared, and in 
which nets are soaked (Oiospyrosglutiaosa, £m- 
bryopteris glutinifera). 

Gabh, <^[l^^n>f «. m. Pregnancy. 

Gdb-ha, IgK^ ^mn 8. m. A new leaf spring- 
ing from the centre of a plantain tree. 

Gdb-hin, ^l^^fftrT ewi;.. Pregnant. 

Gdbb-nat ^{l^'n^r'n v. a. To snub. 

Gachb, ^^^ mw 8. m. A tree. Gachh 
ntirdi^ Cayenne pepper (Capsicum annuuiu). 

Old, iXJ^ in^ #./ Sediment. 

Odd-ua, (i^iK^^^T V. a. To ram down. 

Gid-ur, jii«^jnv^< adj. Half-ripe (grain). 

s. m. A heap, stack, rick. 
Gid-ur, j3i^m^wX8,f. Sheep. 

G^d-ur-oo, ^j(5I^Tr3^5. A charm or 7ww«- 
tur against venom. 

G^e, ^^K^7^lc 8.f. A cow. 

Gi-ee-dun, J*vl^ v. a. To embrace. 

Gaf, i^ called Kaf-i-ujufnee^ the twenty- 
sixth letter of the Persian alphabet, does not oc- 
cur in Arabic; its sound is that of ^ in good; in 
Sungskrit, its corresponding letter is 7f, and to re- 
present the aspirated ^, it is combined with ^ thus 
^. In the notation of numbers by the letters of 
the alphabet, it stands for the same as ^. 

G^g-ree ,^jV TTP^ s. f. A water vessel, a 

Gdg-ur.yk^ TlIT 8, f. A pot for holding 


Gah, ^^ 8,f. Time; turn ; sometime, pkce 
(in compos.) as Shikdr^gah, A place proper for 
hunting; Ib64utgah, A place of worship. GaA- 
gcih, Sometimes. Gah-be-yah, In season and 
out of season, at all times, frequently, now and 
then, sometimes, again and again. 

Gah, JjK^itit 8, m. An alligator, a shark. 

Gdhe, ^0 adv. One time, once, at any time, 
sometime. Gahe^gtihet At times, sometimes. 

Gi-hee, ^^K^^nift 8. f. Five (an aggregate 
made up of ^"9^ parts). 

Gah-g^he, ^^Irtjtf^ adv* Sometime or other, 
at times. 

Gdh-na, l^K^THPTT v. a. To calk, thrash, 
tread; to inquire, search, seek. 

G^huk, L-6fc«^7mp(r 8. m. A chapman, a 

Gaj, ^\^ irnr 8. f. Scum, froth ; a thunder- 
bolt. Gaj^mara, adj. Thunder-struck; afflicted, 

G^-ja-bd-ja, W^Wtf^ ^n^WT^T 8. m. The 
sound or clangour of various musical instriunents. 

G^j-na, Uj^K^ iii^Ti V, n. To sound, to 

thunder; to roar as a lion or other wild beast; to 

be pleased, happy, cheerful, delighted. 
G;^j-ur, js^K^^TT^n: «. /. A carrot (Daucus 

Gal, J^^n^ 8. m. A sort of tobacco ; a 

Gdl-a, ^^ "^Wl 8. nu A pod of cotton; a 

ball of carded cotton. 
Gd-lee, ^I^TT^ *./. Abuse. Galee-qui^y ^ 






(soft dental) 

[ 136 J 






(Northumbrian r) 


in (deep Kqaid Ungual) lock 

s,f. Reciprocal abuse. Gali^aim, Indecent songs 

(sung) at marriages. 
Gam, /•K^^TPR" «. m. A Tillage. 
Gam, /»l^ s. m, A pace, step. 
G^min-ee, ^_^K^ TlfiT'ft at^'. /. Going, 

Gan, ,jK^ 'TTT «. m. A song, singing. 
G^-na, Ol^^TT r. a. To sing. 

Gand, jil^TT^ s. f. The anus, privities. 
Gand^ghtihit, Dead, stupid. Qdndoo, «. m. A ca- 
tamite, a sodomite. 

Gdn-da, liPK^ 'f[\<^\ s. m. Sugar-cane. 

G«n-d6e7, y.<>)|^ ^ilft^ s. m. The name of 
the bow of Urjoon. 

Gdn-dur, ji^'f^ Th^T «./ A kind of grass 
of which khu8 khus is the root ( Andropogon mu- 

G^n-gun, JSK^^rtT^T «. m. The name of a 

Gdnj-ha, Us»|^ n+^rT 8, m. The hemp 
plant ( Cannabis sati va. ) The fmctification when 
nearly ripe, is bruised and smoked for intoxica- 
tion. The leaves dried are ground in water and 
drunk for the same purpose; in this state it is 
called bhung and subzee. 

G^nj-na, UarJl^ Tt^PTT V. a. To store, to 
hoard; to stir, to agitate; to chum. 

G^n-jur, jfldtf^^rNr #./. A kind of grass or 

Gr&n-see, ^y^^ Tt^ s. /. The iron point 
of an arrow. 

Gdns-na, UmJI^ Tt^^n t;. a. To pierce^ 
transfix, spit (as, a fowl, &c). 

Ganth, <^3il^ •^[fz s. m. A knot; a bun- 
dle. Ganih ptqrna, is applied to the fixing of en- 
mity towards any one in the breast. Gwi^h'^^Lr^ 
adj. Knotted. Garish ka poora^ Rich, wealthy. 
Gaif^ ka hhona. To act to one's own prejudice. 
Ga7}th kholna, The untying of a knot; prodiga- 
lity, expense; removal of prejudice. GarUh-ffui^ 
heela. Knotty, (as, a stick), compact (as, a man). 
Ganth Qokht/puit «. m. A dislocation. 

Ginth-na, U^«^ ^rt^TT v. a. To lay bricks 
in mortar, to string, to put or tie in order on a 
string, &c. 

G^uth-na, U^K^ TTTTT v. a. To tie, join, 
make adhere, stitch; to reduce to obedience or 
subjection. . 

Gio, ^1^*./. A cow. Gao-/ni/iii^, A camcl- 
opard. Gao-4osht A milking-pail, a churn. A 
GaO'dhun, s, m. A ploughshare. GaO'4^e4uh, and 

>':nv- ^ »'- 

GaO'ZubAi, A kind of bread. Bu^loss. Gtu}- 
resh, 8, m. A simpleton. Gao-i-zunUen^ The bull 
on whose horns the earth is iabled to rest. Gao^ 
zoor, adj. Rude, brutal. Gao-z6ree, s. /. Vio- 
lence. GaO'tnesh, A buffalo. 

(jrdo-dee, ^^1^ Tl^^ adj. A simpleton, 

G^o-dQQm, ^^^^ adj, Tliick at one end 
and thin at the other ; sloping, acclivity, de- 
scent. «./. A trumpet, a tube. 

G^on, j^K^ ntT s. m. A village, town. 

Gao-sheer, j-Jb^K^«./ A medicinal gum or 
gum resin, opoponax. 

Gao-shting, vJli}!^*. m. An ox goad. 

Gao-86r, y^^^s. m. The club of Fureedoon. 

Gao-t(ik-iya,A;p^K^«. m. A large pillow or 

Gar,jK^iTn: s.f. Abuse. 

Gar, jl^(in compos.) Doer. 

Gar-a, \ji^ TTO s. m. Mud (kneaded or) 
prepared for making pottery; name of a raginee 
or musical mode. 

G^r-a, ijK^ 'n^ 8. m. A ditch, pit, cavern, 
an ambuscade; a cart, a carriage. Gare bythna^ 
To be concealed. 

Gar-ee, ^j^ ^.^ 8.f, Abuse. 

G^-ee, urjl^ ^T^ *•/• A cart, a carriage. 
Gafeewdn, $, m. A carter, a coachman. ^ 

Garh; ^j l^'^T «./. A difficulty. W ' ^^^^ *? 

G^r-ha, ^j^ mjj adj. Thick, clo«e ; sly, 
shrewd, knowing, wise. 

G^r-na, ^<l^ IK^l v. a. To sti-ain; to 
squeeze; to milk. 

G^r-na, l^^K^ Trrf^n V. a. To bury, to set, 
to drive down, to fix. 

Gar-th6p, ^y^j^ 'U^^lm 8. f. Burying, 

Gat, CjK^'TTTT 8.f. The body ; apparel. 

G^-ta, t«^ iTfTn 8. m. Paste-board. 

Ga-tee. ^V^rnft «./. A plaid. 

Gi-wa^ghee, j^^^K^TFTP^ s, m. Cow's cla- 
rified butter. 

Ga-wi-ruh, ^)^^K^«. m. A cradle. 

Gd-yuk, UoJrTTzr^ s. m. A singer. 

G^yun, j^y ^m^ 8. A singer. 

Gd-yut-ree, ^/■i)^A\^Jt\ 8. /. A stanza, 
of the Rigged whi<A brahmnns on their iaitia- 
tion learn. 

Gaz, j^8. m. Tongs. 

Gd-zcor, jjK^ 8. m. A ftJter^a^ washerman. 

''-^ Digitized byV^OO -^^ 

t ( 








[ 137 3 

(harsh palatiek) (soft dental) 












Gib-ur,^;-ajf %^t: «. »• Name of a bird. 

G^d-a, \sxS %^ 8.m. A young unfledged 
bird; (met.) an iiUmat. 

G6d-ra, IjJujT %^t ac^. Simple, igno- 
rant, tilly. 

G^e-ah» ^^8./. Grass; herbage. 

G^e-dee, ,j^ adj. Stupid ; a blockhead. 

G6e-dur» j^ ^^TT ^ ^* A jackal (Canis 
aureiiB). Gee^ftr-bkukkeg^ $./. Balljiiif. 

Gyl, ^m j 


06e-la, SL/ifliar od/. Moist, damp, wet 
s. m. A wild creeper (Mimote scaadens). 

Gee-ldn, j%/ Name of a country between 
the Caspian and Euxine seas. 

Geen, ^j*f (a particle which, added to ab- 
stract nouns, denotes) Full of, affected with; as 
Ghum^geen, Sorrowful, &c. 

Geenj, ga/ift^ *./. A dish, generally us- 
ed in Moohurrttm, GSer^fna, v. a. To crumple. 

G^e-pa, U/ s. m. A sheep, or goat's ven- 
tricle stuffed with minced meat and rice, a pud- 
ding. Geep6ee, s.m, A seller of puddings. 

Geer, j*f part, act (in compos.) Taking, 
selling, holding. «. Optivation, holding. Geerdce, 
s.f. Taking, seizing, holding. Geeree, #./. Tak- 

Geet, ^^^ ^7[ s. t». A song, singing. Geet 
ffdna^ To sing. 

G6e-tnm, f^'*f ^^TiT 8. m. A coarse kind 
of carpet not coloured. 

G6g-lee, Ji/ %Wt a./ A trollop. 

G6g-ta, ^Cf^nrzis. m. A crab. 

Geh, f/ ^ «. m. A house, a dwelling. 

Gaboon, J^r/ %1^ s. m. Wheat Gehoon- 

a^ s. m. The colonr of wheat; a sort of grass. 

a^. Of the colour of wheat. 
Gel-a, *./ %m adj. Simple. 
Gendf iX^ ^ s. m. An elephant s,f, A 

ImU. Gewll'turee, Playing at ball. 
G^n-da, i J^ ^h^ 8, m. Marigold ; a ball. 
G^n-deoi ^S?^ ^f^ s. /. A ball (to play 

Genth, ^4^^ ^ «•/• Name of a fish. 
G^p-a, U/ ilTTT a. m. A nipple. 
G*r-ee, ^j^ ^1^ s. /. Name of a game, 

knocking a stick over a line by throwing another 

6&<-oo, ^j/ %^ 8. fk. A load of red earth 

or odire. Gerooa, a^;* Coyered with, or colour* 

ed like Geroo. Gerooee, adj. Of the colonr of 
Geroo, s.f. The smut, mildew. 

Ges-oo, ^mm/ 8. m. A cui*l, side-lock, ring-^ 
let, a knot of hair, cae. 

Get^e, ^J>^ 8. f. TTie world, the uni- 
yerse. Ge(€e»ttfr6z, Inflaming the world. 

Gh^-ra, ty. ^ ^T^TT ad^. G)nfused, con- 

Qhd-oe.^U 8,j4. Ends, extremities. a4^\ 

Ghi*>ee, U^ lanf:^./ Cudgelling; strata- 
gem, fraud, a decoy; number fiye (in reckoning). 
The interval between the fingers or toes, the 
juuction of the fingers, the space at the root where 
the fingers separate; the angle formed by a 
branch with the trunk of a tree, or space at the 
root of the branch; a cut or stroke with the 
broad sword or cudgel. (There are twelve cuts). 

Gh^-een, Jl^ ^f T (One) time, turn. 

Qhi-fil, JiU adj. Negligent, inattentii^, 
remiss, indolent, senseless, imprudent, careless, 
thoughtless. Qtq/Uee, $.f. Negligence, inatten- 

Ghagh, «^A/ jf\^ 4idj. Old, aged, experi- 
enced; sly, wily, shrewd. 

Gh£gh-ra, \^^ qiq< r s. m. A petticoat ; 
name of a river, Gogra or Ghogra; a plant 
(Xanthium indicum.) 

Gh^-us, yJ^ in^TO ^* HI. A large kind 
of fowL 

QhAib, v^.Li <zdj. Absent, concealed, invi- 
sible, vanished; (substantively) the third pereon 
(in gram.) Qkaib-kaz, 8. m. A conjurer. Q^ib" 
6nuh, adv. In absence, invisibly, concealed. 

Ghi-il, Jj.^^nV^ adj. Wounded. 

Qh^it, ]aji.l6 8. m. Excrement 

Gbal, Jl/tM 8.f. Mischief. 

Qhi-lee^ ^Jlt adj. Dear, precious. 8./. A 
carpet, tapestry, j 

Gha-lee-<^ ^ ^ 8.m. A carpet 

Qh^lib, i^li part act Overcoming, vic- 
torious, predominant, most likely, chiefly. Gi/U- 
ib hSna, To overcome, Qkalibun^ adv. Chiefly, 
principally, mostly, apparently, probably, most 
likely, upon the whot^. QhaHb&nuh, adj. Trium- 

Ghal-m«y Jt^J^adj. Jumbled. 

Gh41-na, U)l/ ^rmWT v. a. To desolate, 
ruin; to tiimsi in, to throw. Ghaluk, ». tn. A 
miner, a destroyer, desolator. 

Gham, ^^ mw 8./. Sunbeams, sunshineTp 







(soft dentnl) 

[ 138 ] 






(Northumbrian r) 




(deep liquid lingnal) 


Gh^m^iz, fjBuc^ adj. Obscure, unintelligi- 
ble, abstrose, difficult to be anderstood. 

Gham-ur, yo\4^ xri^f a4i- Simple, ardess ; 
a blockhead. 

Ghan, j V" V^ *•/• As much as is dirown 
in at one time into a miU, or mortar, &c. 
/ Gh^-nee, sj^'^^ *•/• Aa oil-ipill (or oil- 
press) ; a sugar-mill. 

Gh^n-tee, ^^ ^ts*^ 8. f. Adam*s apple, 
the larynx ; wind-pipe. 

Gh^o, ^ ^rR 8. J». A wound, a sore., 

Ghao ka nishdn, s, m. A scar. 
Ghaoo-ghup, s^^^*^ Wl^nj^r adj. Living 

from hand to monthi improTident, spendthrift. 
Gliar, Xt s.m, A cave, den, cayern, a pit ; 

laurel. Yar't-etar, A companion in a cave or 

prison, t. e. an intimate friend. 
Gia-reer^idon, Jf!.j^ 8. m. Agarick. 
(^rr, j^ 8. m. A deceiver. 

Qhd-rut, Cjj^^ $. (when compounded with 
a verb, this latter is mas. or /cm. agreeably to 
the gender of the object of the action;) Rapine,' 
plunder, devastation. Qiarul-ebol, s, m. Sud- 
den loss or destruction. adj\ Suddenly or unex- 
pectedly lost. Q^rut kuma. To plunder, ravagjc, 
spoil. Qharxa-gur, A plunderer, an oppressor. 

Ghas, ij^^ JS^ 8.f. Grass, straw. Gtuu- 

pat, Sv^eepings, 
Qhd-shi-yuh, <U&U s.m. A saddle-cloth, 

a coverii^g for a saddle. 

Ghat, C-jV'istjt*./. Aim, design, snare, 
ambuscade, opportunity. «. Killing, slaughter. 
Ghat kuma. To kill. Ghat i6km. To watch an 

Ghat. s2^^ ^rr? 8. m. A landing place, a 
quay, ferry, ford, pass, bathipg place on a river 
side. Ghai'tnar, 8, m, A smuggler. Ghat mSr^ 
na. To smuggle. 

Ghat, v^U^isn? 8. m. Mode, manner, shape; 
offence; want, ahatement, de^ciency. adj. Abat- 
ed, less. 

Ghi-ta, tl^ i^mr s. m. Name of a play- 

Gh^-ta, 151^ TTTZT s* m. Acdivxty, asceat; 
deficiency, abatement*. 

Gh4-tee, ^(^T Jf\iit 8* f. A strait, a pass 
(in a mountain, &c.). 

GhA-ti-ya, L5l^ qifd^i 8.m. A brahmun 
who sits at a ghat of the Ganges, Jumua, &c. to 
Iteep the clothes of the bathers. 

Ghi-tOQk, uXj'V VfS;^adj. Mischievous, ia- 
jurions, murderous, cruel. 

(^i-tuh, Jtjl& «. nt. A slave. 

Gha-tuk, u^l^f ^rnmf «. m. A murderer, 
maimer, enemy. 

Ghdn-tee, ^^I/tI^ 8.f. Wind-pipe. 

Qh4-wir,j^l^ adj. Powerful; considerate. 

Gha-yul, Jj'^iri^T^ odj. Wounded. 

Qfcd-yut, vr-^lc €tdj. Very, extremely, 
chiefly. «./. The end, extremity; a standard, fla^; 
ordure. Ibn-i'-ghayut, Mathematics. 

Ql)4-zee, ^jU s.m. A conqueror, a hero, 
champion of the fiiith. Q^iizee-mnfd, A hero. 
(m|^) a horse. Q^zee-mfyan^ Was nephew to 
Sooltan Muhmood Qiuznuwee ; a festival is held 
}n commemoration of him at the beginning of 
May. Qbazy/inuht adv , Bravely. 

^a-zuh, ^jL6 s. m. Red colour with which 
woniien paint the f/u^. Q^cuuh^k&reet a,/. Paint- 
ing the face with a red colour. 

Ghee, v^^ ^* ^* Clarified butter. 

Gheek-war, j]^^ ^wn^X 8. m. A me- 
dicinal plant, (Aloe perfoliata). 

Ghee-la, ^^ ^W( s. m. The name of a 
very large wild creeper. 

Gh^g-a, B1^%^ 1 «. m. The broncho- 
Gh^g-ha, WW^^T J cele, goitre, or 

Derbyshire neck. 
Gh6n-ta, Ui^^ s. m, -i 
Gh6^tee,^^ t^t *./ j ^ P^^' 

Gh^p^na, ^*4^ ^mi v. a. To mix, min- 
gle, unite into a paste (as, flour and water). 

Gher, j^^f %T adj. Round, surrounding, 
enclosing; loose as a robe, full; winding, mean- 
dering. 8. m. Circuit, circumference. Gher^^, 
adj. Full, loose (a robe), circular,^ extensive. 
GheT'ffhar kuma. To surround, stop or binder 

Gher, p^ %t: 5. m. Cajiumny, reproach, 

Gh^r-a, 1^/ %^T adj. Round, surrounded. 
«. m. A oirde, a circumference, a siege, a ience; 
vertigo. Ghera dfilna. To surround, to lay a siege. 
Ghereh mer^p^nUi, To be surrounded. 

Gh6r-n£^, 0^*^^<«ii v- a. To surround. 

Gh^r-nee, ^Jp^ tr^ft 8. f. A handle for 

turning a spinning wheel, a winch. 
Gh|gt-la, 2^y«r%7raT 8. m. A kind of ehoe. 
Ghe-wur,j^-jAf%T^*. A kind of sweetmeat 
(^bb, v^ s^f. A tertian ague, an inter* 

mittent fever. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC . 

o oo 

so too 



[ m ] 



(hanK palatiek) 

t u w y y ab 

(toft dentil) bat write you my pleasure 

QJiib-ut, u:>^ 3.f. Invisibility ; slander. 

Ghich-pich, ^i^^ ftp^f^ adj. Thick, 
confused, muddy. Ghich-pich btskna or bSlna, To 
speak thick. 

Ghfghee-bundh-j^na, ^^^^^s^ finfrt*C 
W^ To fidter, to be unable to speak (from 
shame or fear, &c.) 

Ohig-hi-yd-na, OL|C^ fijj l iimi v. n. To 
falter, to be unable to speak (from fear, joy, ftc.) 
to i^pear very humble; to coax, to wheedle. 

Q^-if, i^^kt 8, m. A case, scabbard, co- 
▼ering, a sheath; the prepuce. 

(2^-^-ahy <0^ s. m. An under waistcoat 

^il-dz-ut, u^S^ g. f. Thickness, spis- 
sitnde, coarseness, hardbess, roughness; rough- 
ness of manners; filth. 

Q^W, (J^ js. m. Hatred, malice, perfidy, 
treachery, fraud, trick, envy. QhiU-o-i^ish, s.f. 
Apprehension, objection. Be-aHU-o-elLish, ytHh" 
out hesitation, boldly. 

^^-min, jUl^ s. m. Boys who are said fa 
attend the virtuous in the Mahometan paradise. 

Ghin, ^^ fine s. f. Disgust, shame, bilsh- 
folness. Ghin4^na, To reproach, abash. Qhtn 
MtAna, To be disgusted, to have the stomach turn- 
ed. Qhin&na^ v, n. To be di^gosted. adj, Disgast- 

^2lin*ftf ^s*f.k song; singing. 

Ghin-gh^na, 01^^ fthri'n v. n. To be 

Ohin-ghina^ U^C^f ft^ft^ii adj. Disgust- 

Ghin-4»-ila, 0^ ft^Ht adj. Disgusting, 

GMr-dnd, S>\y4 ftrt^ «,/ Stink (parU- 
colarly, of urine). 

6hir-£-na, Ol^^f firri^ v. a. To cause to 
surround or enclose. 

<3ftir-ka, J'j;^ *. / A sieve, a riddle. 

Gbir-na, 0^ft^«nt;. «. To be surround- 
ed, eaelosed; to gather (as, the clouds)^. 

GHiir-neJB, ^'j^ fiprff *. /. A puHey ; an in- 
atmment for twisting ropes ; a kind of pigeoa, the 
tumbler. GMmee kk&nd^ To go round. 

Gbia-i-na, tU/ ff^nifT v. a. To cause to 

Ghis-io, ^L*/ f%^T^ s,m^ -i Attrition, 

Ghi8-t.wut,^3U/fsrgii|^^.// rubbing, 
friction, abrasion. 

Ohia-i-y^na, tlM**|f ftHiJjmi v. a. To 
trail* to ing. 

Ghis-nee, ^^s^*^ fkwfi adv. By rubbing ; 
as, Ghisnee chulna. To move along, rubbing on 
the ground, as a child on his buttocks before he 
is able to walk. 

Ohf-ya, U^f fjfia a. m. Name of a regetsh 
ble, a pompion (Cncurbitabigenaria). GMya 
iortie€, LaSk penlandra). 

(^-y^, v±>L& $. /I Listening to com- 
plaints, redressing wrongs, assistance, redress, 
succours, s. m. A redresser. 

^iz-a, t^ 8. /. Aliment, nutriment, diet, 
provision, food. 

Q^iz-d«d-yuty cs.-4lj^ s.f. Aliment. 

Gh6g-hee, ^^ %.lh s. f. A pocket, 
pouch, wallet; a turtledove. 

Ghol, J^%1^ #. m. Buttermill[. 

Gh6-Ia, y^ %i^ 8. m* An intoxicating 
potion made of bhung or opium; a solution ; name 
ef a fish. Ghokh fiKfi d&kia^ To involve in diffi- 

Qhol-ghQs^mio, jWj^ %tWfirpT 8. m. 
Evasion, subterfuge. 

Ql^oli-diing, uJjjJ^ adj. Turbulent, sedi- 
tious, yicious; stout, fat, round. 

Giiol-m^^ (j::^J^ %iw%ir s. m. Mixture, 

6h61-na, U^^J^ %li!Pn v. a. To mix with 
a liquid, to dissolve. 

Gh6n-ga, 1^*^ %tTT s. m. A cockle, or 
cockle s^ell, a snail (Cochlea helix). 

Gh6ns-la, %J^^ ^\H^\ «. m. A (bird's) 

Ghont, Cl^fif^Z s./ A draught (drink). 

Ghont-na, USJ^ ^il\zw^ *. a. To polish by 
rubbing, (met J) To investigate; to strangle, s, m. 
A stone, &c. with which any thing is p<^i8hed; 
the knee. 

Q^OS)-b^, jU^ 8. m. Dust; vapour, clouds 
of dust, impurity, foulness; (met*) vexation, 
affliction, perplexity; the smallest Arabic or 
Persian handwriting. GhoDbinr-alSaff Covered or 
polluted with dust. Gh^ak'uiidfir, Affliction, 
trouble of mind. 

Qh(^-dQ&d. i><A^ 8. m. A hard lump formed in 
the flesh, a glandulous swelling. 

Qhogf^r^n, j\ji'^ 8. m. Pardon^ forgiveness. 
Gbarfran^punah, The asylum of pardon. 

Gh6o-ghoo-a, \^^^ M^^ *• ^' ^^ 

owl; a blockhead. 
Qliook, vJ^ 8. nu A frog, a load ; a butt 

for archers. ^^ ^ ^ /^T /-. 

j^ 2 ' Digitized by VjOOQiC 





(soft dental) 

[ WO ] 









(NoH^VMbrian r) 

t k kb 

in (ietiiUqiudlmg:nal) loch 

QilQ&U J^ s, m,f. Noise, tnmult. Ghoi^ 
gfytparuht t. m. Clamour, dittorbance. Qto^- 
fl&t<<fr, Noise and tamolt. QBkQBi mwMna, To 
make a noise or tumult. 

^ool, J^ 9. m. An imaginary sylvan demon 
of difibrent shapes and colonnr supposed to de- 
vour men and animals (From this the European 
£oup*gar<m,or man-wolf, seems to be borrowed) ; 
a corps, division, or mmn body of an army, a 
erowd. Qbool'irijffib^Hee, A demon (inhabitant 
of the woods). Qkol-ha-gbol, Crowd upon crowd. 

QboQ-Um, ^"Xt 8. m. A boy or youth 
(from birth till puberty; q. d. concealed in his 
Other's house apd not yet appearingr in public;) 
a youn^ man arrived at maturity; a slave. Q^tg^ 
kaii'-gunjiish^ s. m, A shed for servants to sit un- 
der. QkQolamee, $.f. Service, slavery. 

<a®-lel, JJLi s.f. A pellet-bow. GhoM- 
Baz, $, m. A pelleter (with a bow). Q^Qdlel" 
hazee, 9,f. Pelleting. QhiiQielohie^ A shooter 
with a pellet-bow. Qj^leia, s. m. A pellet. 

4^(2Dl-S^ds^la, ^UU s. m. Noise, tumult ; 
a kind of dish. 

GfhiJri-na, Ul/ jp^^in v. n. To melt, to be 
dissolved; to be mellowed/ to rot (as, fruit)-, to 
become lean, to waste. Ghijobnil, pott. Dissolv- 
ed, mixed, melted (in kindness). 

Gh(»l-w^na, 01^4^ -gw^i^T v. a. To cause 
to mix with a liquid, to cause to dissolve. 

Ghoom, Ay^ ^ adj. Back, round, about. 

Ghoom-gh^ma, U^Co^ g4<| ^ i s. m. Re- 
volution, goin^ round; subterfuge, evasion, pre- 
varication; doubt, suspense, hesitation. Ghtom- 

' gh^Bmdna, v. a. Ti reyolve; to prevaricate. 

Ghoom^Q$h>m^, )(Uf^A^ a^g^tHi f ac^. 
Loose (as a robe)^ fiiU. 

Ghoora-gho^m^l-a, Aha^^^ot^^^ adf. 
Revolving, circling round. 

Gh6omHfka, U«^ I^JRT r. ». To go round, 
to tum^ to roll) to wheel. Sir Ghoonma, to be 

Gh^m-ra, \fO^ ^4M,\ a, m. Name of a 
pUut (Phlomis) ; name of an insect. 

Gb&m-ree, ^yo>^ pfpft 8.f. Tbe vertigo, 
swimming of the head. 

GhQO-mAnd, iu^f -^^^ s.f. Gatheiring' of 
the clouds. 

Ghopn, ^j^ '^ $. m. Name' of an insect 
(destructive to wood, meal, giuin and floor), a 
weevil ; rancour. 
Ohoon, jy^ ^T «. m. Rancour^ malice, I 

-nite. I 

Gh4h-Ba, U^T jmja^. Destroyed by the 

gAaon, weevil-eaten. 
Ghiio-aa, U^ -51^ 1 €u(j. Secret, cautious ; 
Gh6o-na, ^ff ^jttt j designing, naalia- 

OQs, ^teful, ravengdult iMariag iMdioe, laaeoN 


(2^&n-chuh, te^ 8. m. A b«d, blossom. 

^mnchuh-ifuMm, With a mouth like a r^se^bod, 

H nuHtress. 
Gh4oa-de^ v^i^ 1^ $.f A buttoa 
(3fa^n-dub, ^ik£ 8. m. A top. 

Gbdongr-chee, ^^^^^ 1^^ s.f. A small red 
and black seed ( Abrus precatorius). 

Gh6on-gee, v^'^ |Tft s.f. Cloths folded 
and put on the head as a defence against the nuo; 
a cockle or snail, a small ghanga. 

^a0ft-gjM»-n4-na, OUjtJUi v. n. To mutter, 
to grumble; to buzz, to hum. 

Gh^ngh^rooy yj^^ Tfw^ i«.i».A8maIl 

Gh6ongh-roo. y^^^ j^ / bell. Aa^ 
ornament worn roond th^ ankles* with bells lis- 
tened to it. 

Gb45oDg.hat» e^^^ jjiz s. f A veil ; 
concealing the face with a veil. &c. Gko<mghia 
h^hna. To draw a veil over the faoe. Glmngfif^ 
k^ma. To veil ; to draw back his neck (a horse). 
Ghoonghui khdna, To bo broken or defeate4 (t« 

Gh6ng^nee, ^^'^ ^N i *ft s. f. A sort of 
stirabout, or grain of any kind (pulse or wheat, 
&c.) boiled whole. 

GhoQU-^^-na, 0^^ - ^H t s. m. A play- 

Gh6on-gur, fiy^jnx s. m. A curl. GAwn- 
gur-wdleh. Curled hair. 

Qb^hui-y^ L;/ "^Mt a4f\ Spiteful, ran- 
corous, bearing malice, malicious. 

Qll^nnuh, ixM s. m. A aound through the 
aoee» the buzzing of flies, n^f. Quiescent, nasal 
(the letter j). 

Gbo^Qs, ^*y^ i[^ s. m A bandicote rat 

Gh6ob-sa, U^ iNt*. in. A blow of the 

fist, &c. 
Gh&n-see^ cf***^ ipft adj. Malicious; 

a receiver of bribes. 


Ghoon-tee, ^y^ ij^ s, f. A medicine 
consisting of aloes, spiees, and borax, given to 
new*bom infants to clear out the meconium. 
Digitized by VjOC j. ^^ 

^J^t^^ '• ^' 4 S^^h a draught, 


n. o 




C 141 ] 

(harslk paUUck) (soft d'tntal) 











Gb6oQt*iia« U^^^ ^<^<ti V. a. To gulp, 
to drinki to swallow. 

GhoDp, w^f 7 a4/. Dark. 

Gboer, 34^ f^ «. m. A horso. Ohopr-ch&r 
ha, A boneman. Gh^-iAufhee^ 9. /. A Imiale 
on horseback; riding. OhCerbtihul, A two^wkoel- 
•d carriagt for rising in drawn ky horaoc. Ghasr" 
4iuft A race-course. GhosfsStlt s. m* A stakle. 
GAoQf'm^Bit&a, a^f, Horte-fiiced.' 

Ghoor,^^l|T 4. m. Storing; a duqghilL 
Gh6o-ra, 1^ fri «. «». Sweeping?; a 


(^<k>-r^b, v!/* ^* "•• -^ ^^^ 5 a kind of 
ship, a grab. 

C^^r-but, wiH;^ *•/ Travelling, emigra- 
tion, being far from one's conntryaen aiid friends; 

Gli6or-chee, yj^)y^ \^ «. /• A twlat in 
thread, entanglement 

Qfa^K'-fisb, \J^jt 8. /. Reproof, intimida- 
tion, threatening, bullying (particularly, that of 
a coward who affects bravery). 

(^4}r-fuh, ^yt s. m. An upper apartment. 

^^^T'f^QQTfj^jIi 8. m. Muttering throogb 

Gh<»<i^ra, \j^ff fTfTT 8. m. The 
mole-cricket (Gryllns gryllotalpa) ; a phage- 
denick ulcer or herpes exedens. (So named from 
digging in the flesh, as the mole-cricket does in 
earth or sand). 

Ghtfo-ri-ya, lij^^R^l s. m. A dunghill. 

Gh^-kee, J^j^ 9<^ $./. Rebuff, brow- 
beating, rebuke, frowning at. 

Gh<5or-na, ^jy^ J^i^l t;. a. To stare at, to 
fix the eyes on; to look at angrily. 

Gh(9r-n^«na, 01)^^ g<«iMI t;. n. To snore. 

Gh&r-nee,^^/"|T»ft 8./. A vertigo, swim- 
ming in the head, rolling. 

Gh^^-nus, tr'j^^fTTr^ 8. Tepdo Achilles. 

Q^QShroob, V^;^ '• m* Setting (of the sun, 
kt.) ; the west. Qtogroob Mna^ To be set (the 
sun or moon, &c). 

Qh(jg-r6or,jj[^ *. m. Pride, haughtiness, 
Tain glory, vanity. 

(^Qf^-rinhduh, ^J^ adj. Roaring, furious. 

^(2Sir-r&-na, 0!^ r. fu To frown, roar, 

growl, thunder. 
(^^QSr-riZiJij^ adj. Frowning, haughty. 
Q^r-rlsh, {J'j^s. m. Roaring, thundering. 
KSj^-rvikf ^^ 8. m. Whiteness, brightness; 

a white spot in the forehead of ahorse; morn- 
ing or its qilendour; the first day of the moon, 
the first and best of any.thiogi the forehead, a 
fJMt, fasting. 

(jll4i)-rub'a, ^,jM a, pL Strangers ; the poor. 

GhQ9-r6k-pa, ^j^ IT'ir^ v. a. To brow- 
beat, to reprim«B4> to frown at. 

Q|^6o-ruh, ^jyJi f. m. Unripe grapes or 
dates; a colour in pigeons. 

GhoDr-zting, ^^^ s, m. A bound, jump. 

OhooBj {j^y^ ^8.fiu A bandicote rat; 
(Mus Malabaricus: Musgiganteus:) a bribe. 

Oh6o-sa, ^^ i|[^T 8, m. A thump, a blow 
of the fist; a large kind of rat, baodicote. 

QhoQ-s^-luh, <OLw^ 5. m. Dirty water with 
which any thing has been washed. 

Ghoshsi-na, OL^ ^m^n V. a. To thrust 
in, to stuff in, to cram, to penetrate, to force in. 

GhoQ-s^r-na, ^^y*:***^ "g^^^T v. a. To 
thrust, to stuff, cram, force in, pierce, insinuate. 
GhQD8vrna, v.n. To be thrust or stuffed in. 

QhODsl) J^"^ 9. m. Bathing, ablution. 
Q^dDsl-iidnuht s.m, A bath, bagnio. 

Gh^-na, U^^T 1^^ v. «. To be thrust 
into, to enter, to penetrate. 

GhoDs-p/th, <^^^j«»^ 9^1) <s 8./. Access. 

Qh^Qs-suh, JU9.& 8. m. Strangulation, suffoca- 
tion, {mei.) anxiety, grief; anger, passion. Q^qos" 
aeh, adf. Angry. Q^QQs$eh se hhoof kojdna, To 
rage like a fiend. Qlp^suh'nak, adj, Fassionate. 
&QQ$BuhwtSry iidf. Passionate. 

6h6o-sum-gh6o-8a, L»^^y^ T^^ ?^ 
s, m. Thumping and pulling, boxing. 

6h6o-sut, u-^**^ v^A 8. m. A young 
owl . 

Ohoot, CS^^ ign? 8, t». A gulp, draught. 

Ghoe-ti-ee, ^Ix/ -g^i: «./. Perfidy. 

Ohojhtd^na, 01^ -g^in t;. o. To shave 
clean, to polish. 

Gh6o-tee, ,^^ IT^ 8.f. A medicine given 
to new -bom infants; the ankle-joint. 

Ghtk^t-na, U^ f^T^T 8. m. The knee. 
QhiOlnQi^ c/iukui, To crawl about on the knees, 
(as, a child), v, n. To he rubbed, to be suffocat- 

Gb6ot-na, UJ^ jz^ v. a. To gulp, 
drink, guzsle. - 

Gh^ijKwa, \j^ "gwr 8. m. A eoairae kind of 
cotton. * 

Gh^gz-r^of, i^^yA£ 8. m. A grisd^. * 

Gh($-pa, ^t4 %I^ 9. m. A doth withr a 

^ '^ Digitized byXIiOOgle 




(soft dental) 

C M2 ] 







(Northombrinn r) 



(deep liquid lingual) 


part folded like a ragar loaf to coTer the head, 
worn over the body in cold or wet weather. 

Ghor^ j^ %TT s. m. Trepidation; the sound 
of a drum. Ghor ghdcntna^ To be inwardly dis- 
pleased, to oonoeal one's dislike or indignation. 
a^. Deep (colour of a horse, or sleep); frightful, 
horrible. Ghor ni^ra. Deep sleep. 

Gh6-ra, \jy^ %ixr 8. m. A horse. Ghoreh 
ho $urput phSnkna, To force a horse to his utmost 
speed; the cock (of a gun). 

Qh6-ree, urj^ *• /• A kind of porcelain, 
which breaks the moment poison is put into it. 

Ghos, {j^^ %iir Name of a cast, a cowherd. 

Gho-see, vj^^ ^i*^ s, m. A Moosulman 
milkman, or- cowherd. 

Qhot, )e>yt s. in. Consideration. Ghot m&r- 
na^ To disappear. QlH>f meis^ ^na, wr j6na. To 

Ghot, iZ>^f ife s.f. Polish. 

Gfaot-j^dty CL^t^C^^ adj. PuzzlecU con- 

Ghot-ua, U3^ %ie«rT V. cu To plod ; to 
shave; to polish. 

Ghdt-nee, sj^^ %r2:^ «./. A rubber. 

(^6-tuh, ^)oy^ 8. m. Dipping, diving, a 
plunge, immersion, plunging; a dip, a dive. (jQko- 
tuh-hazy a diver. Q^ah'Uor, A diver, any thing 
that dips, or is dipped. Qhofuk'U^ree, s.f. Dip- 
ping, being dipt. Qkofuh 4^na, To dip, plunge 
under water. (2fto^ hh6na. To he dipt; to dive; 
to be deceived; to travel in a miry road; to stray, 
wander, lose one's way. Qboteh men jdna^ To 

^6-tam-g^dtuh, ^^^)0^ s, m. A game in 
which swimmers dip one another under water. 

Ghoyd, *>^ Ih^l *./. A bunch or cluster 
Ghogr, j^ %tt/ of grapes, dates or 

plantains. \ ,, .,^Jl» 

db^-i^a^ ^^^ ^« ^' Noise, disiurbance, 

uproar, clamour. Qhmwh/iee, adj. Noisy. «. m. 

A disturber; name of a bird. 
Qiigyk, sS^ «. m. A frog. 

(^^n-chee, sj^j^ 8,f. A hole in a path 
(such as those made by the feet of animals). 

^gyr, j^ 8.f. Reflection, consideration, 
deliberation, .depth, meditation. QbvUT'O'jmr' 
4abblf 9,f, Attendance on, attention to. fijtetfr- 
Tu$eet Deep research. Qhaurh&r, The bottom 
of a business. 

Ohour, j^ %T^ $.f. A bunch (of plan- 

QbODs, ^^ 8, m. A title of Mahoroetaa 
saints, whose ardour of devotion, according to 
vulgar tradition, is such, that in the act of wor- 
ship their head and limbs fidl asunder. 

Q]b<Hhw^, O'l^ 8.m. A diver (for pearls, 
&c). Qbauwoiee, a.f. Diving. 

Gh6-yan, j^^ %Rrt 8,f. An esculent root 
(Arum colocasia). 

Ghran, Jij^i[\^ 8. m. Smelling. 

Ghrin-a, l^^f^r*./ Abhorrence. 

Qbub-i-wnt, C^;W^ 8./. Inadvertency, 

Q^6b-ee, ^jt^ adj. Weak in mind, a dance, 
forgetful, negligent, imprudent. 

Qhub-|^tib, ^^*»2^ 8. m. A dewlap, a dou- 
ble chin. QJkah»i*iAuhgbub. The dimple in the 

i^ubn, ^f^ 8, m. Fraud, cheating, deceit; 
loss (of money, &c.) Qliuhm^ s. m. Weakaen 
of mind, mistake, forgetfulnesa. adj. Weak in 
nuttd, liable to deception. 

Ghub-r£-hut, i»^|j^ in<i ^ ^ «./. Confa- 
sion, perplexity, agitation, perturbation, alarm. 

Ohub-r£-aa, Oij^f irtt^ t?. n. To be con- 
fused, confounded, perplexed, agitated, embar- 
rassed, &c. 

^uch, ^^ 8. m. The sound of walking in 
the mire: the sound from striking witba spear or 

Ghuch-a-gh6ch, ^4^^ xr^iw^o^^'. Thick. 

Qb^ch-oo, fi^'t 8,m.'\K hole made in the 

Qh6ch-ee, ,^^^ 8. f. } ground by boys for 
playing at tipcat. Ql^uchoo-pdnJi, s. m. Name 
of a game, tipcat. 

Qhudr, jJ^ 8. m. Perfidy, deceit, fraud, vil- 
lainy, iqgratitude; noise, bustle. (S^»44<ir, adf* 
Fraudulent, sly, a cheat, traitor. 

Qhuf-6er, j^iM acff. All, many. 

Q]}uf-£ir, jU^ adj. Forgiving (the deity). 
Qh6f-lut. c&Jj>.^ 8, f. Carelessness, neg^ 

gence, inadvertency, neglect, imprudence. 
Q^uf-dor, j^ adj. Clement, forgiving, 

Q^ufr, fLh \ Pardon,, remission 

QbQ0f-r<n, jljAibJ of sins. Ghaffraxirpimaki 

Asylum of pardon. 
Qi^ufd, u^^Lt ocf;. Thick, close (as, doth), 

Ghugh-ra, \j44 xr^TT «. m. A petticoat 
Gh4-4iur, j^ WTK 8.f. Thunder. Ghuh^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 







C 143 ] 

(banh pttUtiek) (soft dental) 












n. To cause to thunder; (met.) To roar, 
«• m. Superiority, predo- 

rdna, v 
to bftwl. 


(Hiul-eez, b*U a^f. Dirty, filthy, gross, 
nide, coarse, thick. 

^61-luh, At 8. m. The produce of the 
earth; gnxn^ com. (^uUuh-4an, $. m. A gra- 
nary. Qiulluh-ftirSsh, A grain merchant. 

Ghul 60-luh, jJ^li: s. m. A ball. 

^alt4n, jUali part act Rolling, wal- 
lowing. QhuUofi pechcn^^ Wallowing, rolling, 
floandering. QtsaUanee^ s.f. The rolling, wal- 

^61-tuh, iCd^ s. m. A leathern sheath over 
a scabbard; a thick sort of cloth. 

Gfa6I-ub-a, ^t 8. m. Superiority, conquest, 
OTercoming, assault, strength. 

^al-uf,v«Aii: 8. m. The. prepuce. 

Gh61-ut, ws-J.^ adj. Wrong, erroneous. 8. m. 
An error, blunder, solecism, mistake. QS^ului-aQl' 
amm, A popular mistake, a vulgar error. Qku- 
ht-kar, adj. Delusive. Qbuluikarfte, $. f.J^%'' 
InsioD, deception. ^tdt4'^o, A ialse relater. 
Ghfdut-gdee, s,f, Rekting falsehoods. Qtuhit' 
nuvies, An erroneous writer. Qkulutee^ $,f. A 
mistake, an error. 

ffliul-uy-dn, c^UU 8. m. Boiling over, ebul- 
lition, excess^ 

(^am, ^ 8. m. Grief, sorrow, concern. 
Gbffti'khdnat To have patience. Qium'oloo^t/hf 
adj. Grieved. Qkum^Ht^ar, (Devouring sor- 
row,) adj. Afflicted, sad; condoling, commi- 
serating; pitying; an intimate friend, a comfor- 
ter. Qlium-iiu^ree,8,f. Affliction ; real friend- 
chip, commiseration. QSwrn-iiSruk, A bird, a 
kind of heron. Qhum-ij^eitih^ adj. Afflicted. 
Qhim-zia4uh, adj. Grieved, afflicted. Qkum- 
kwluh, s. m. House of sorrow. Qt^n^Jtush, En- 
daring grief, continuing in grief. Qium-ffiSidr, 
An alleviator of grief, a confidant, an intimate 
friend. Qhum-gqQsaree, ».f. Alleviation of grief, 
friendship. Q^umgSentadj. Sorrowful. (J^ttm- 
geenee, s.f. Sorrow. Q^mn6k, adj. Sorrowful. 
(B^fnmahte, g,f. Sorrowfulness. 

Ghum-a-gh&m, ^^\^ '^S[^\^[^ adj. Thick, 

Gkm-dna, OU/ ^[^T^\ v. n. To sun, to 

Wk in the sun. 
Qfeftm-ee, ^^^ a^f* Sorrowful, grieved, 
^um-uoiz, jUi s. tn. An informer, a de- 
*^r, a talebearer. Q^ummazee, s.f. Tale- 
^riiig, skttder, detraction. 

Ghum-60-ee, ^y^ ^^K ^•f' Name of a 

6hum-6-ree, vjjyci^ H%1^ s.f. The prick- 
ly heat. 

Ghum-rds)l, J)fK^ W^Xm s. /. Crowd, 
confusion in a general engagement. 

Ghum-sdn, jL«^ IRT^I^ s. m. Battle, 

Ghiim-und, J-u^^ibprw *• m. Pride, haugh- 

Qhum-ydr, j^jA^ 8. m. Yawning, gaping. 

QhumZy jA^ 8. m. A signal, beckoning. 

Qhtim-zuh, ^ja^ 8. m. A wink, an amorous 
glance, coquetry, ogling. 

^un, jt 8, m. A heavy stone for pressing 
oil, &c. €uij. Dead drunk. 

Ghun, j^'^^ s. m. Gathering of the clouds; 
clouds, an anvil, a sledge-hammer. Ghun-^har^ 
M. m. Thunder, any loud noise; adj. Loud-sound- 

Qbiin-a, U& «./ Riches, wealth, content- 

Ghtin-a, U^f %^^ adj. Thick, close, confus- 
ed, numerous, much, many. 

Ghunch, ^^fh s. m. The neck. 

Qb6n-ee,^,^ arf;. Independent; rich, weal- 
thy, opulent, contented. 

Qhun-6ein, ^>^ 8. m. An enemy, a plun- 

^un-^e-mut,i.s.^A^ 8.f. Plunder, a prize; 
abundance, good fortune, a blessing. 

Ghun-£r-a, \j^ ^^r adj. Much, many. 

Ghun-6s, ^/**r^ iBj^ .?. m. Name of a 
bird (Buceros malabaricus). 

Ghun-gher-a, lp«^ Wf %TT s.m. A pet- 

Ghun^Ti61-na, U^4^ ti^^RTT v. a. To 
rinse; to mix any liquid by stirring it about. 

Ghun-gh6r, jy^^ W^T s. m. Cloudi- 
ness, gathering of the clouds, tuff. Cloudy, over- 
cast; loud-sounding. 

Ghun-ghiin, ^j^^ Hfr^ir s. f. An imita- 
tive sound. Ghunghundnat v.n. To jingle, ring, 
tinkle, to sound like a wheel in revolution. 

6hun-gur-uj, ^^f IPT^TCT $. m. Thun- 
der, any loud noise, adj. Loud-sounding. 

Q^unj, go^ 8./. An amorous glance. 

Ghun-sir, jL^ ^[^fWCK s. m. Camphor. 

Ghun-si-yfoi, j^U^ iPT^if s. m^ Black 
clouds. Digitized by Google 





(Mft demUl) 

[ 1« J 




(NortUootbrkui r) 


(deep liquid Ungaid) 



Gh6n-ta, l^if^ s. m. A bell, clock, 
hour. Ghunidlee, s. f. A small bell. 

Ghap.chee, ,^^«^WT^f./. TTid grasp of 
the two arms. 

Ohur, j^f -SK s, m. House, dwelling*, apart- 
ment, drawer, oompartment, g;roote. Ghat^b^ga, 
At home; iadolent, inactive. GhW'bu^gkur, 
' aiff. To or in every house, from hooae to koose. 
Ghur byth-jdna. To be mined. Ghur chMna, 
To provide for one's household expenses, Gkur- 
4v)dr€e, 8,f. A kind of tax, poll-tax, hearth-mo- 
ney. Ghur dQQbona, To ruin one's self and fami- 
ly. Ghur dSolma, To be ruined. Ghur kuma. 
To fix, settle, establish a family. Ghur kh6knr 
tumdgha (jlekhna. To ruin one's self and spend the 
time in idle pleasures. Ohur hSna, Expresses af- 
fection and unanimity betweeo husband and wife. 

Ghuf-a, \y^ w^ s. m. A water-pot, an 
earthen pot, a pitcher. 

Obur^iib, ur^t;i» #. pi. Strange, wonderful 


Ghur-^-4iiee, ^]j^WK\1^ *. w. A thatcher. 
Ghur-dn, j\yt a4;\ Rapacious, fierce. 

Ghur-i-na, 0|j4ftrtT«rT s.m. Family, house- 

(2lur-^-ruli, »jljA s. m. A large sack; gar- 

^urb, V;^ «• »»• Th« setting of the sun, 
the west. Qjwtrheet adf* Western, westerly, oc- 

Ghur-b^, jO;4firT^T s. m. Family. GAwr- 
bar busdna, To covsnmmate a marriage. Ghur- 
bar hdtta. To undergo the consummation ef a 
marriage. Ghurhnree, g,f. Housewifery, domes- 
tic concerns. Ohttrburdo, «. m. Household fur- 
niture, &c. 

Ghiir-ee, ^^w^ adj. Folded (as, clothes). 

Gh6r-ee, ^jy^ xrfi 8. f. An hour, or the 
space of 24 minutes ; an instrument for measuring 
time, a clock, watch, &c. Ghuree mei^ tSla ghu^ 
ree men mdiha. Expresses a person of a chuige- 
able disposition. 

Qhur-^eb, \,^,yt s. m. /. A forever, a 
stranger, at^;. Poor, indigent, humble, mild, 
meek, strange, rare, foreign, wonderful. Okw' 
eeb'purwur, Cherisher ef the poor. Q^reeb' 
mar, 8,f, Oppression of the poo*. QS^tireeb-nU' 
wdz, adj. Courteous to strangers, kind to the 
poor, hospitable. Qftureeb-nuwazee, *,/. Hospi- 
tality, ^ureebdnuh^ at^. Fit for the poor. 
Q^eebee, s.f. Humility, foreignnees, indigenee. 

Qk\iv-ke\y iy..y^ *• »«• A drowning person. 

adj, Immaned, drowned, sank. (S^cirefM. o^}- 
Deep, oat of man's depth. Qtureek-i'Tuhmat^ 
adj. Overwhelmed with mercy, drowned in the 
grace of 'God. 

Qbur-een* jiy^ s. A wood, a forest or 
thicket frequented by lions. 

Ghur-^e-2ee, urjJl;^ atfj. Innate, natural. 

Ghur-61-a, i>^.j^tftwT adj. Domestic, tame. 

(^ur-6o, y.;.i s. m. Noise in the throat, 

Qhur-gjhur-uh, *;^;^ s. m. Gargling, a gar- 

Ghtir-i-ya, Oj^ trf?^ «./. A crucible; a 

honeycomb; the womb; 
-Ghur-i-yil, Jl/j^^fV^^ s. m. A plate of 
brass for beating time; a crocodile. GhMr^alee, 
s, m. The person who attends the ghufee and 
strikes the hours. 

(^uri^, ^j^^ s. m. Drowning, sinking, adj 
Drowned, immersed, sunk. Q^rk-ab, Deep wa- 
ter, a whirlpool. QBiurt^e, s.f. j^looding kods, 

Ghftr-na, 0^ tpCTT v. a. To form, mal- 

Ghtif-na, Ojtf/ iiT^ v. a. To make, form, 
foi^e, work (metals). 

Ghur-ne^ Jj^ ^ty^ s.f. A wife. 

Ghur-nu-ee, i^j^isx^s. /. A raft made 

with pots, a float (of pets). 
Ghur-^-la, y^jj^f ir%mt 8. m. A poU a 

Ghur-on-cha, ^fy^ ^tnt 8. m. A stand 

for water-pots, &c. 
Ghfir-oo-a, l^j^Tir^WT Is.m. A small 
Ghur-^n-da, tcAJ^j^J^ir^t^T i house which 

children make to play in. 
Qj2ur-6or, j^^Ji s. m. Pride, arrogance. 
(a6r-ra, Ij^ adj. Splendid, bright, shining, 

conspicuous, noble, itiustrious. 
Gh6r-ra, 1;^ Tpcrrr 8. m. A ratUirtg noise 

in the throat which dying people are afflicted 

with, pain, agony, pang. 

Ghur-ri-ta, CI^^XOZT 8. m. Snoring. 

(^dr-ruh, JJ^^ adj. Haughty, proud; cross. 
B, m. Pride. 

C^ur-dn-duh, tS^^^ adj. Roaring, rapaci- 

Ghur-ift-oo, 3;^^ ^n?ai adj. Domestic, house- 

Ghur-ut, Cjj^uttt ^./rMake, form. 

,tized by V3^ 







[ 146 ] 


<ai r t uwyysa 

onr (harsh palatiek) (soft dental) but write you my pleasure 

(^6r-uz, ^jOjt g.f. Design, view, wish, in- 
tention, end, basiness, meaning, need, occasion, 
use, want, interestedness, selfishness, hatred, 
spite, adv. In short, in a word, in fine. Q^ur- 
uz^shna^ adj. Interested. Qhfiruz-b/iola, A 
slave to one's passions. Qhuruz-mrtfHf, adj. De- 
sirous, wishing for, self-interested. 

Ghur-w^la, *^l^;4^ WT^TWI s. m. A house- 
keeper, master of a house. Ghurwdke, s.f. 
Mistress of a house. 

Gbusby \^^^^ 5. m. Violence, injustice, 
force, oppression, ravishing, plunder, usurpation. 

Ghu8-ee-la, '^k^^ v;^M\ adj. Grassy. 

Ghus-6et-na, UJL*»*^ lET^Z^r v. a. To 
drag, pull, trail. 

Qfcush, (jl^£ 5. m. Stupor, fainting. Ghush 
ana. To faint. G^ushee, adj. Fainting, s. f. 
Fainting, swooning. 

Ghush-^-wuh, Jf^'wiwi 8.m. Dimness of sight. 

Ghus-lt-na, U£^ irf^^^ v. n. To be 
dragged, to be trailed. 

Ghusi-y^ra, l;U^ ^r1%^TTT 8. m. A 

Gh6s-na, U*^ -sre^j-i v. n. To be rub - 

Ghis-na, fro^T) bed, to be abrad- 

ed. V, a. To rub; to beat adj. Apt to be worn 
by rubbing. 

Qhus-sil, jL*ii s. m. One whose business 
it is to wash the bodies of the dead. 

Ghus-un, j^ Tr^5f 8, / The act of rub- 

Glut, \,^^^ 8. m. A troop, throng, crowd. 

Ghut, C^ WS 8. m. A water-pot, the 
body. s,f. Mind, heart, thought, soul. 

Ghfit-a, U^ ^ei s.f. Cloudiness, gather- 
ing of the clouds, clouds, crowds. 

Ghut-d-na, OUgT ^6H\ v. a. To decrease, 
to diminish. 

Ghut-io, ^UaT -BTSn^ s. m. Deficiency, re- 
duction, abbre?iation, falling (as, of a river or of 
the price of any thing), depreciation Ghuiaana, 
V a To reduce, to cause to subside or fall. 

Ghut-a-t6p, u^ylx^T ^RT^^ 8. m. A co- 
Tcring ottLpalkee or carriage., ^^ ^ ^8. f. Diminution, 

Ghtit-tee, J^isiZ^l } decrease; allevia- 


GhAt-i-ya, U^f xrfe^n adj. Low-priced. 
Ghut-na, Ui/ ^rs^ v. n. To abate, to de- 
crease, to be depressed. 

(2iut-p6t,(iocS.^ 8.f. Hand to hand, con- 
gression, shock, conflict, encounteringv congres- 


Ghut-ta, Ix^ TJl s. m. Corn of the foot. 
Ghu-tu-h^ ^f^ ^3^T 8. m. An offendjert 

Gh6t-uk, lJCx^T ^p^ 8. m. A mediator, 

go-between, an ambassador, attorney, messeuger. 

One who adjusts a marriage. 
Ghut-(int, ^jL^x^f ■qcT'fl s.f. Decrease. 

Ghut-wil, Jl^^ -^TTRtI ^.m.Awhar- 
Ghut-wdr, ^\y^ ^RT^iTJ finger. 
Qhuv-wis, ij9\^£ 8. m. A diver. 
Ghu-wd-mizj^^l^ &,pL Obscure (sayings). 
Qhiiz-a, t^ 8. m. A war (against infidels). 
Qbuzastlfa, War, plunder, devastation. 

^uz-il, Jl^ 8. m. A young deer, a fawn ; 
the sun. a delicate young person. QhuzcUuh, $, m. 
A young deer, a fawn. 

Qhuz-ub, s-j^-ma^ 8. m. Violence, oppression^ 
injustice, compulsion, passion, rage, vengeance, 
anger, curse, calamity, adj. Angry. Ghuzub- 
al6o4^h^ adj. Oppressive. Ql^uzbdn, adj. Enrag- 
ed. Q^uzubndk, adj. Passionate, raging. 

(^liz-ul, Jj^ 8,f. An ode, an amatory 
poem. Qjkuzul'iiiodn, A reciter of odes. QhuzuU 
bhyodnee, s. f. The reciting of odes. QhuzuU 
surdee, s.f. Singing of odes. 

Ghuz-un-fdr, jk^^At 8. m. A lion, a power- 
ful man, a hero. 

Qhyhi \^r^ «^* Latent, concealed, hidden, 
absent, invisible, mysterious. «u6. Secrecy, or tor 
Alum-i'Ubyb, The invisible world, the other 
world. QIiyb-4on, Skilled in discovering mjrs- 
teries, a prophet, a diviner, omniscient. Qliyb-' 
(f<$iie6, «./. Knowledge of mysteries. Ghybdnee, 
8./, A shameless woman, a strumpet. Qh^bee, 
adj. Absent, invisible, &c. Qhybut, s.f. Ab- 

Qhyn, d The nineteenth letter of the 
Arabic and twenty-secoud of the Persian alphabet, 
has no corresponding character in Sunscrit ; it is 
one of the guttural letters; its sound being like 
that of the Northumberland r, or like a g uttered 
with compression deeply in the throat; when 
used numerically, it stands for 1000. 

Qhy-6or, j^ adj. Jealous in point of ho* 
nour or love, high-minded; an epithet of the 

Qiyr> ;i!^ adj' Other, another, diflFerent ; 
foreign, sub, A stranger, an alien, adv, Besides^T 







(soft dental) 

[ J4« ] 






(Northumbrian r) 



(deep liquid lingual) 

withoat, except, different from, tbe reverse of. 
Qkyr-ut, Besides. Q^yr-hatir^ Absent. Qlij/r- 
kdziree, s.f. Absence. Qhyr-zdlik, Besides this, 
besides. Qhyr-shuruee, adj, Contrmy to'thefAtiru, 
unlawful. Ghyr'mOQ^shshur, Unpeeled, in the 
husk. Qhyr^moiuym, Unstable. Qtyr'tnoetu- 
ndheej adj\ Unlimited, boundless. Qhyr^w&kiu. 
Unfounded, untrue. 

^y-rut, iZjyJ^ s.f. Modesty, bashAiliiegs, 
honour y courage ; jealousy, enmity, emulation, a 
nice sense of honour. Qhyrui'{tfza, Increasing, 
emulation or jealousy. Q^yntf-muwft Jealous, 

Gich-pich-iya, Ijs^Jgs/fTnrPrf^T & m. The 

Giddh, <«tevxf f5ry s. m. A vulture. 

Gil, Jfs. f. Earth, clay, mud. Gili'^rmu- 
nee, «. /. Armenian bole. Gili'Ufufdzee, s.f. 
Embankment. Gil-i-hikmuf, s.f. Lute, cement. 
OiU'SQiifeijt, s.f Chalk. Oil (jiur-gil kdma, (lit.) 
To throw earth on earth (said when, in burying 
the dead, earth is thrown immediately on die 
corpse; whereas, the usual custom is, after depo- 
siting it in the grave, to lay planks over it and 
then fill up the remaining cavity with earth). 
Giiee, adj. Of earth or clay, earthen. 

Gil-i-yur, plT firftRT adj. Lazy. 

Gil-li-wa, \yfS J. m. Prepared clay, dirt, 

GiUee, ,Ji/ Oi^ 8^/. A span (measure of 
circumference; t. e. the circle formed by joining 
the ends of the thumb and forefinger) ; an ear of 
Indian corn (Zeamays) from which theseedshave 
been taken out; the short stick in the game of 
tip-cat, which is struck by the longer one called 
dunda. Gillee—ot GdoUee^nda khil/ia, To 
play at tip-cat. 

Gil-in-da, 1^^ fV%t^ *. m. The flower 
of the Muhooa (Bassia latifolia) after it has fal- 
len off. 

GiI-<^-ree, ^j;4^ f^T^l"^ «. f. Betel-leaf 
prepared and folded up. 

Gil-tee, y^^ fW5?t S.f. A gland. 

Gil uh, i^ ^^ m. Complaint, lamentation, 
murmur, reprof^ch, blame. GUuh-mun^, s. A 
compUdner. Gtbth-muiufee, Murmur. 

Gil-uh-reejt u-jf^ fWT^ s.f, A squirrel. ' 

Gfl-ut, wsJ/ f^Z" 8. m. A protuberance, a 
hard swelling, a gland, a knot, a tumour. 

Oin-jji'Oe, ,^^=^ pH'll't s.f Name of an 

To count, reckon, 

Gm-na, U/ f^Tr^rT v. a. 

Gin-tee, ^J!>:S fw<ft s.f Number, reckon- 
ing, account; muster. 

Gir. /f^l s. m. A hill, mountain. 

Giri, OrfT } 

Gir-a-mee,^tjf CM^*. Respectable, valuable, 
dear, precious, excellent, revered, great. 

Gi-r^n, j\ / adj Heavy, important, mo- 
mentous; precious, dear. Giran-mSytth, adj. 
Of great value. 

Gir-^-na, ^\/ fV^CPTT r. a. To cause to fall, 
to overturn, to abase, to throw down. 

Gir-^nee, ^'1/ s.f Scarcity, dearth, dear- 
ness ; weight, importance. 

Gird, ^S s. m. Round, circuit, circumfer- 
ence. Ginfishuhr, Suburbs. 

GiV'-da, U/«. m. A circle, a ring, a hoop; 
the hair cut in a circular form ; a round cirpet 
spread under a hookka ; a round cake of bread, 
a wafer. €uij. Round. 

Gird-<b, v'V*' *"' ^ whirlpool, an abyss, 
gulph, vortex. 

Gir-dagird, ^/\^/ adj. All round, round 

Gir-di-wa, t;l«^/ s. m. A patrole. 

Gir-dd-wur, i^!»3/ adj. All around, round. 
Cir46wuree, s.f. Watching, guarding. 

Gird-b^ ^l;*^/ s.f A whirlwind, a devil. 

Gird-b6-lish, J^^,i>/ s. m. A small round 
pillow laid under the cheek; a large cylindrical 

Gird-bug.ird, ^/>.^/\^av. All round. 
Gird-p^sh, (^^^i3jJJ 

Gird-gdn, c'l^/ s. m. A walnut; the ball 
of a pellet-bow, a pellet. 

Gird-nu-w^h, ^ty*^/ s.f. Environs. 

Gir-duh, **>/ s. m. A shield ; a round pil- 
low; a round flat loaf or cake of bread, a wafer. 

Gir-eb-dn, j^./s, m. A collar, cap ; pocket 
(fg.) The neck. Girehan-geer, adj. Seixing by 
the collar; an accuser,* a complainant, a plaintiff. 
Gireban m«9 m^s^ ddhia. To confess and be 
ashamed of one's faults. 

Gire-wa, »y./ s. m. A low hill or high 
mound, an acclivity, a ravine, steep or difficult 

Gir-gir-d-na, ^Ij^ ftfTfOrfim v. a* To 
beseech, implore earnestly and humbly. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


[ 147 ] 


n o 00 op 00 r t ^* w y 

hon so too good oar (harsh palatick) (soft dental) but write you 

y zh 

my pleasure 

Gir-git, l5-^ pKOld s. m. A lizard; a 

Gir-hust, cs-^«*3hj/ pKl[4fl adj. A hoase- 
holder, a peasant, a husbandman. GirTtust-dsrum, 
The state of abode of a Girkust or householder. 
Girhuttee, 8,f. Uosbandry, housewifery, bouse-^ 

Giri, jf fMr ^ m. A hill, mountaiQ. 

Gir-iil, v-s^^T s. J'. Taking, capture, sei- 
lure; a handle, catch, clutch; an objection, cri- 

Gir-if-tir, j^/ odj. Captive, prisoner, 
taken, seised, involved (in tronble, &c.) ixirif' 
tares, s, f. Bondafe, eaptirity, imprisonment, 

Gir-if-tii-gee,^.^^;^^./. Capture, detention. 
Gtrifiugee^i-awdz, 8,f. Hoarseness. 

Gir-if^uh, *2ij^ pttrt. pass. Captivated, 

Gir-ih, '^j^s, f. A knot; knuckle, joint, ar- 
ticolation; a division of a guz^ three finger- 
breadths. Girihprirna, Dissention arising between 
tvropeopla. GtriA-A(2^A($,Untierof aknot. G^trtA- 
khiflna, V. n. Restoration of friendship. 

Glr-ir,j/fMTT*. m. A hyena. 

Gir-i-ydn, J^,/ adj. Weeping; a weeper. 
Oiriyanee, s. f. Weeping. 

Gir-i-yuh, ^./s. m. Crying, weeping, lamen- 
tation, plaint. Giriyuh'O'Z&ree, 8. f. Bewailing. 
Giriyuh hima. To weep, cry, lament. GinytUi' 
noA, adj. Weeping, in tears. 

Gir-na, l"'/f7n:*ii v, n. To fall, to drop, to 
sink. Girteh pufteh. With difficulty, with much 

Gfr-^, y^ s, m, A wager, bet ; pledge, 

Gir-pur-na, l*^/ ftfTT^TT V, n. To fall. 

Gir tha-pun, ^^v/ OKm "?^ s. m. Eco- 

Gir-wee, ^^/ adj. Pledged, pawned, s.f. 
An insect mischievous to standing corn. 

Gir-w6e-du-:gee, ^^,^/ s. f. Admiring, 
following, adoring, adherence, attachment. Qir^ 
wee4»h, adj. Attracted, attached to, admiring, 
otptivated, a believer, a follower. 

Gir-wur, j^/f^TKT^ #• m. A moontain. a hilL 

Git-kd-ree, ^j^^ V^d*^\C i s.f. A particu- 
lar vocal sonad in singii^; Quavering ? shake ? 

Git-k^j-ree, ^;/^ fT^%nft s.f. A pebble. 
Gi-yah, JjIjT *,/ Grass, straw, green her- 

Giz-df, uiiy^ s.f. A vain or inconsiderate 
speech, foolish talking, boasting. 

Go, ^ imper. Say, suppose. Gokiy or Go, 
Although, pm-/. (incompoi,) Saying, speaking, 

G6-bhee, ,^^ ^ll^ s.f. A term in card- 
playing; name of a medicinal herb (Hieracium). 
SQ^fp4 Gab/^e, Gacalia sonchifolia. 

Gob-ree, ^f,/, ifl^^ s.f. Plaster made of 

G6-bur, f,^ ^}WK s. nu Cow-dung. Gobur 
KMna, To do penance (by eating cow-dung). 
Gobur gunh. <idj. Fat. 

Go-bur-6n-da, |Ji}^y.^i|iw^^ s. m. A bee- 
tle found in cow-dung (Scarabaeus). 

G6ch-na, ^^j^ ^l^m v, a. To catch, 

, seize. 

G6-chur, fi^^ it'i'^T s. m. Perception, in- 
formation, adj. Known, perceived. Gochuree, 
adj. Visible, seen, perceived. 

God, .3^ ^1^ \ *•/• The lap, bosom, 

G6*dee, t^^^ ih^ J embrace, the elephan- 
tiasis. Go4 Una^ To adopt (a child). €h4 
pusama. To ask, beg. 

Go-dh6o-lee, J^^i^/'^lmi^ s.f. Evening, 

Godh ra, \jStt^^ %TV^T s. m. A bough, a 

G<5d-na, Oi3^ Tfi^TirT v. a. To prick, to 

puncture, to dot, to mark with dots (the skin). 

8. m. Marks of tattooing. 

G6e, ^^8. m A ballpark, act, (in compos.) 
as Uj/b-goe, Fault-telling, satirical or censorious. 

G6-ee, ^jf (in compos.) The act of speak- 

G6-gird, d/^fg.f Sulphur. Gogirc^-ihmury 
Red sulphur; the philosopher *s stone. 

Gob, 5^^ %1T *. m. A lizard, a guana ; a 

gauge tic alligator. 
Go-h6o-nuh, ^^^^^x^f^x s. m. A kind of 

G6-hur-ee, ^jJb^/i|i^<^ s.f Demurrage. 

G6-in-dufa, ^^,^ part, acL Speaking, 

Cr6-jur, fi-yf ^j«i< s. m. A centipede :(Seo- 

G6kh-roo,j;4^^^ %iiB^ s. m. An ornament, 

(bells tied round the ankles); a joint; a plant 

(Tribulus lanuginosus, or Ruellia Jongifolia). 

Bufa GoViroo, Pedalium murex. ^^^ j 

g 2 Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


[ 14« ] 


* ch d e ee g- glj i k |j| 

All olioose (soft dental) get thee gone (Northumbrian r) in (deep liquid lingual) lock 

G6-ki, ^^f(»SLj that) conj. Although. 
Gol, J^^^iW adj. Round. «. m. A jar. 

Gol'phul, 8. m. The testicle. Golgot, tidj. Round. 

irolaUrch^ $,f. Bluck-pepper (Piper nigrum). 
Gol, J/^s. m. A blockhead. 
G6-la, X^ %1WT $. «. A granary ; a cannon 

ball; a lar^e beam of wood ; a kind of pigeon; the 

kernel of a cocoannt. Gola-dinda^ g, tn. Name 

of a game, tip-cat. GoiAtet a.f, Roondneas. 
Go-lar, ^^S' %1^T *. m. Roundness. Go- 

ktra, adj. Round. 
G6-lee, ^j/ ^^ ^./. A bullet, a ball; a 

pill; ajar. 
Go-lok, v-^yy^ itT%T^ 8, m. The heaven of 

G6-luh, ^^s. m. A cannon ball. 

Goluk, s^/ s. f. The KotwaPs treasure 
pot, a till, a drawer. 

G6-luk,u/J^%i^r^ s. m, l A' son or dangh- 

Gi-lik-aj'iJ^^ihfWT s.f. ) ter by illegiti- 
mate connexion with a widow. 

Go-lun-ddz, ji^^f 8. m. A cannonier, gun- 
ner, bombardier. Golufkfa2ee,8.f. Gunnery. 

Gon, j^ TtT'ir 8./1 A sack, bag (of coarse 
cloth), the sacks fastened on the sides of a beast 
of burthen to carry grain in. 

Qond, Jjjf %t^ 8./, Gum. Gomf-ddnee^ s.f. 
k vessel in which gum is kept to seal letters with. 
Gontji'hush, An instrument for spreading gum 
with (in sealing letters). 

G6n-da, |«^^/7tt^i s, m, A thin dough or 
pap made of flour of Cicer arietinum for feeding 

G6n-dee, i^-^^f ^t^ s.f. Name of a tree 

G6nd-lee,^j)^^t^ 8./, Name of a tree. 

Gond-nee, Jf^y/^i-^^ 8.f. A reed of the 

leaves of which coarse mats are made (Typha). 
Goiith, M^/ ^iz s. m. A kind of wide 

stitch or sewing. 
Gon-tha, l^'^ ^tST s. i». Dried cow-dung. 
Goo a, I^^T^ 8. Betel-nut. 
Goob-h^-na, Ol^/ ttht^t < r. a. To thrust, 
Goeb-hd-na, t^^J' ^>|"i'n ^ stick into. 
GQpb-h6e-la, OL^^ ^^^T J. m. Hard 

lumps in the intestines produced by costiveness, 

scybala. . 
GoDb-roB-ta, 17^;-?/ if^TTT s. m. A beetle 

found in dunghills or old oowduug (Scarabeus, 

an Stercorarius ? Copris). 

G^ch-chha, Kt^srs-fify^ $. tn. A buneli, t 
cluster (of fruit), ear of com. 

Gooch-chhe-dar, j\^^^^f ij^^n: «. /. A 
kind of turband. 

G^da, UI T^ s.f. The anusr. 

G6o-da, |Jk^ ^^T «. m. Brain, marrow, 
kernel, pith, crumb. 

Gqq ddj^ta, ^:ijL\jf part. pass. Melted, dis- 

GoQ-diz, j\i^ a4t' Melted, dissolved, mild, 
gentle, affable, (tn compos.) part. act. Melting, 
or melter. sub. Liquefaction, melting. Qooiazm, 
part. act. Melting, melter, dissolving, 

G&d-da, I j/ if^ s. m. A baby, doll ; a 
bough, a branch. 

G^-dee, ^^jf jf^ s. /. A child's kite; a 

G(iQd-dee, ^^s^fT^ 8./: Nape of the neck. 

G(»d-g&d-a, IjXxT "5^3*^ odf' Soft, 

G(»d gQi>d-i-na, U|j6/ J|<^j{i^mi v. a. 
To tickle, to titillate. 

G(»d-g&,^j/-aT3^ «./. Titillatiou. 

Goodh-na, Ujfc.3^ IPf^ v. a. To knead 
(flour, &c.) 

G6o-di-ya, k'^/x^^^ ^^J' Desirous, wbh- 

G&d-ree, c^j»^'5T^ 8.f, A pallet, a beg- 
gar *s bedding, quilts, &c. A daily market. 

G6od-ree, ijj'^j^ ^^^ *•/• ^ 9"^^ (espe- 
cially, SifukeerU); a bundle. 

G6od-ur,j»3^^ ^^^ adj. Fat, plump. 

G6o(l-ur, j^/ X^^- *"• ^ quilt; a bundle 
of old clothes; any old tattered cloths; akied 
of silk-stuff. GooivT'ibyl, adj. (applied only to 
females) Foolish, unmannerly, rude. Gooffuf see' 
tut, To stitch together. Goolur fa lal, or Gooff; f 
met} gun</Q3/Ta nikulna. Good proceeding from 

. evil. 

Goo-cjur-i-ya, Ij'j^'g'^f^^ adj. Clothed in 
patched garments or in rags; one who lets quilts 
for hire. G^riya-peert A tree near a town or 
village on which people tie up rags in the manner 
of votive tablets, which they believe to be effica- 
cious for the accomplishment of their wishes. 

GoQf-tdr,jlXiLf s.f. Speech, discourse, say- 
ing, telling. 

Gc!Qft-g'>o, yiu/ *. /. Conversation, dis- 
course chit-chat. 

G(»ft-o-8hun-<Jo(l, .3^aA^ul.aa/«./. Discourse 
altercation, debate, controversy, contention. 
Digitized by VjOC j. ^^ 









C 140 ] 

(harsh palaUck) (soft dental) 










OfS^f-tuh, JtUT part. pass. Spoken, told. 
Goof-tuu-ee, ^^^ adj. Fit to be told or 

spoken, capable of being told. 
G6og-lee, yj^^ ^pr^ *./. A cockle-shell. 

Goo- truly ij^j^ ^pm s. m. Name of a tree, 

org^um (Amyris agallocha); Bdelliam. 
Gooh, ^^ Y^ *• /' Human excrement. 

Goohee, adj. Defiled with excrement. 
GoQ-hd-ee, C.^lf/'^Tli: 8.f. Meconium (of 

G»>-hin-jaa-ee, ^^gkas^Lf '^tNt^ #. /. A 

sty (in the eye), 
Goihh^r, X^ "JTTT «. /. An assistant, aid ; 

bawling; tumult, alarm, 

Ggoh-rd-na, ^\yyf ^^<Ml v. n. To bawl, 
to call oat. V. a. To assist. 

669-hur, J2^ 8. m, A gem, essence, &c. 

Goo-bur-l-y^a, ^'^^ ^^^^ 8. m. A dung- 
bil), a place where excrement is thrown. 

Goo-h^t, K^^J ^%fi part. Covered, con- 
cealed-, plai ting the hair. 

G6o-i-yan, j ^„^ ^^ s. m. A partner (at 
any game). 

600 jee, sj=^^ ^^ *•/• A stick, a club. 

Gos^-jhan, j^-s^ "3"^'^ ^^- Thickly, close- 

GWj^ji-ya, Usc^ iff^T 8,f, An ear-ring ; a 
kind of sweetn&eat. 

Gooj-ree, ^y^^^arft ^./. The female of 
Goojur ; an ornament worn on the wrists and 
feet; an earthen image representing a milkmaid; 
name of a raginee or musical mode. 

Goo-jur, ^^ ^f^TT s. m, A cast of Haj- 
pooU. ^ 

(Joojii-rat, CL>I;«^ "g^sTTTcT A district of In- 
dia, G^izerat. 

GqqI, J.^^. m. A rose, a flower • the snufi^ 
of a candle; the albugo; a seton, an issue, a marl^ 
made by burning; balls of charcoal, used for burn* 
ing the tobacco in a hookka. The caput mortuum 
of tobacco left on the tile of a hookka after smok- 
ing. GOQl-acheen, 8, m. The name of a flower 
(Plumieria). Guf^-i-ushrufee, Name of a flower. 
Calendula, Linum trigynum. Gupl-vfshan, Scat-* 
tering roses, strewed with flowers. Gool-unAs hee 
j^* <• /• Salep. GoQi'Uwf^f adj. Slender, de- 
Ucate, of a pleasing stature. Gosl-i'^rung, $. m 
Name of a flower. GosA'hdwf.hna, To char the 
end of the match of a gun. Goil-bosm, s.f. A 
ixwe-bush. GoQl'burg, s. m. A rose-leaf, {met.) 
A unstress, lip (of a mistress). GOQUpiydtjiuhj 

8, m. A species of rose without smell. GqqI- 
pyrunee, s.f. Delicacy of person. Gosl-i-J^furee, 
Tagetes patula. Goal-jhima, To drop the char- 
red part (a match). GoBt-i-cMruf nee, s.f. The 
name of a flower. GhqI chushm, adj. Labouring 
under albugo. GqqI chihruh, adj. Rosy-faced. 
GoQl-chhurreh Q^dna, To be addicted to pleasure; 
to live expensi?ely. GoQl-cheen, A flower-gather- 
er, a gardener. Gonl-hhal^ e. m. Spotted. GqqI- 
i'&Ayra, or C7(K>/-t Mproo, s. m. Chinese and 
Persian holly-hock; (Althea rosea). Gooi-dar, 
adj* Spotted. GOQl-ifan s, tn. A flower-pot. 
GQBl-i'da6o4ee, Chrysanthemum indicum. G<ap/- 
i'4fistuhy 8. m. A nosegay. CQQl4ena, v. a. To 
scar, to make an issue. GODi-rii&A or God-roQU^ 
sdr, adj. Rosy-cheeked. GoQi-i-rdna, s. m. A 
beautiful delicate-scented rose- GoQl-rung, adj* 
Rose-coloured, red. GoQl-roo, adj. Rosy, ruddy; 
(used substant.) a mistress, a sweetheart. Gfl0^- 
rez. Scattering roses. Gopl^zdr, s. m.f. A gar- 
den (or bed) of roses. GOQl'-irsoorunjnn, s. m. 
Flower of the hermodactyl plant (Colchichm 
illyricum). GQDl^i'^oree,8. f. A Persian rose 
very fragrant. GoQl-i'^Ssun, s.f. A lily. GqbI^ 
i-shubbo, s. f Tuberose (Polyanthes tuberosa). 
GQQl-shukw% or GODl-shukuree, s.f. Conserve of 
roses. GdQl'-i'Sudburg, s. m. A flower (Rosa 
glandulifera); the sun. GQQl'i-4^rruk, Poinciana 
pulcherrima. GOQl-'i-ftbbds, s. m. The name of a 
. plant. Marvel of Peru (Mirabilis jalapa). Cr(2p/- 
i-ujdib, s. m. The name of a flower (Hibiscus 
mutabilis). GiXfli^sar, adj. Rosy-cheeked. Gas/t" 
fam, adj. Rosy-coloured, like the rose; a mistress. 
Gobl'-i'fnrung^ s. m. The name of a flower; (Vin- 
ca rosea). Gool-fishdn. adj. Scattering flowers. 
GQLl'flshanee, s.f. Scattering flowers. G^Ukuwji^ 
s. m .Conserve of roses. Goi^l kdtna, v. a. To 
snuff a candle. GOQl-kdree, s.f. Flowering, paint- 
ing of flowers. GhqI kdtuma. To snuff a candle, 
to calumniate. GoQi kvmat To extinguish (a 
candle or lamp) GqqI khdna. To bo cauterized or 
to cauterize one*sself. (A practice among lovers 
who burn themselves with heated pieces of coin, 
to recommend themselves by their fortitude to 
the notice of their mistresses.) GOQl-khunda, s. 
m* A bell. GOQl-kesh, s m. The cockscomh flower 
( Amaranthns cruentus). (/Qfi-gusht, s. m, Walk- 
ing in the garden. GQQl4tihttntik, s. m. Cauli- 
flower. GnQllugdna, To brand, to mark. GqqI Una, 
To snuff a candle. GQDl^mutbmul, s. m. Globe 
amaranth, ( Gomphrena globosa) GiSfl-i'mogkur^ 
rur, s, m. Sirup of roses. GoQl-i-mikniee, s.f 
Name of a flower. ( Impatiens balsamina.) Giiol' 
mejht s.f A stud, a tack, a nail. GiKfl k6na. To 
be extinguished, or to go out (a candle^. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


C 160 ] 











(soft dental) 




(Northambrian r) 




(deep liqnid lingual) 


Gool, J/^s. i». An idiot. 

Gggl-dbi l^^ s. m. Rose water; arose 
(Rosa centifolia.) G^lab-pash, a.f. A bottle 
from which rosewater is sprinkled. G^lab^pdshee, 
8,f. Rose water-sprinkling. Goplab-chushm, adj. 
Meek-eyed. GgQlab^neer, *. m. Rosewater. 

GQ$>l-ab-bd8, xj^^,^ s. m. A plant ( Mira- 
bilis jalapa). 

GqqI d bee, ^^ j. m. Rose-colour, s,/. 
A bottle, flaggon; a kind of sweetmeat. 

GODl'^b-jd-tiiun, j^^^^^J[W[^^n^^s.f. 
The rose-apple (Eugenia jambos). 

Gopl-i-ee, Ij'^ "^pri"^ «. f' Roundness, 

OdQ'Hlf JS/ if^w *. m. A farinaceous 
.powder died red, which the Hindoos throw on 
each other during the hoke. C<iQlaMmshm, adj. 
I^dish eye. G^lal-4>6ree, s.f, A royal pavili- 
on, a tent. 

GqoI b^n^y uX'ti/*./. Warbling; fame, ru- 
mour; sound ; the war cry, the cry of UiUih UUah 
when rushing to battle; gUd tidings. 

Gq&I b(i$^n, jt^ B. m. A rose-tree. 

G(2Dl'b6d-un, jjJL^«. m. A kind of silknt^lof h. 
adj. With a body like the rose (epithet of a mis- 
tress or of a beautiful person) . 

GrOol-chik-dn. J'^ J«^ s. m. The flowers of 
Muhooa ( Bassia latifolia) . 

. Gflol-chul-a,^>^ Jjid^^ 8. HI. A musketeer, 
a shooter of ball. 

Godl-d^^m, ^'^ adj. A nightingale. 
G^Qpl g^er, y^ 8. m. A pair of snuffers. 
G®'-g&l-a> ^^^«^'5*^'5"^T «. m. Sweet cakes 

fried in butter. 
GOpl-gOol'A-hut, L2^SJji/ -pnpTlT^ %. f. 

Softness. GoQlyOQldna, v, a. To soften, to mollify. 

Guglg^Qki, aiff. Soft. 
Gopl-goon, j^l adj. Rose-coloured ; name 

of a horse of Sheereen, the mistress of Furheui, 

Gqj?1 g6o-nuh, ^^^jf s. m. Cosmetic. 
Gool-gooth-na, U^ylLf 'J^^^^T a«&'. Plump, 

handsome, chubby. 
Gogl-hAt tee, ^"^^^jpxT^ s. f. Rice-gruel. 

or riee and water boiled together and seasoaed 

with salt. 
Goi^-is-tin, jISmJ/ «. m. A rose-garden; the 

name of a work written by Shekh 'Sadec 

GQpl.jh6r-ee,^j4^ •jl^^^'* « / Conglome- 
ration, knot. CoQl-jhufee ijiil kee. Grief, dis- 
pleasure, mental uneasiness^ 

Gopl-^tin, ^-^^ *. »». A stove. 

G6ol la, ^"^T 8, m. A pellet shot from a 

G&Hee, ^f ij^ *. wi. A kind of pigeon. 

s,f, A whetstone, a polishing stone. 

GoQl-ai^lsib f^J^ '•/• A round-headed 

Gopl-nir, J»iSfy^8. m. The flower or 

Gogli-un-^r, j^\J^) blossoms of the pome- 
granate; scarlet (colour). Goglnaree rung, g. m. 
The eolour of the g^nar, carnation colour. 

G(k>-loo, y/«. m. The gullet, the throat, the 
windpipe. G^loo^eer, adj. Seizing by the 
throat; any acrid food or drink that constringes 
the palate or jaws, being so affected in the throat 
by trepidation or other cause as to be unable to 
speak; figuratively an accuser. G^Qloo^umjtj 
8, m. A necklace, neckcloth. 

GoQ-loo-ga, K^ "3"^^ ^' ^- ^ monkey's 

G(2Qlshiin, ^j^ 8. m, A rose-garden ; a 
delightful spot, place of enjoyment, adj. Cheer- 

GODl-tur-^h, {^\y^ 8. m. Snuffers. 

GoQ-loo-luh, ^^f s. m. A bullet. 

G6o-lur, j)^ ^^TT*./. A wild fig (Ficus 

Gqp lyl, J-J^^^^ sf. A* pellet-bow. 

Gogm, ^ adj. Lost, wanting, missiug ; dis- 
tracted. Got/mshiib^uh, a^. Lost. Gosm-kih^ 
na. To lose; to be proud. GnQm knr^uhy adj. 
Having lost. CqQm^gnshfuk, adj- Lost. Gggm^ 
nantt Ignoble; anonymous. 

G6o-ma, U^ «. m. A plant ustid as a topic, 
and cure for the ear-ache, ague, &c. (Pharaaceam 

Ggo-man, jU/ s. m. Doubt suspicion, con- 
jecture, opioiou, fancy, supposition, imagination. 
GoQman kuma. To imagine, to fancy. 

Goo-m^sb-tuh, <itti^ Uf parf. /mi^. Commis- 
sioned. 8. m. An agent, a factor. 

G(^m-buz, ^y^-if 8. m. A vault, an arch, 
cupola dome, tower. 

G^m-mut, L^^ '^WS 6.m.\ A tower, 

Gdgm-tee, ^s^T^ s.f. J bastion. 

05$>m-ra, lyp^^jir?!!^. m. Protuberance, 

G6om-ra, \y>/'^^'i} a bump, a swell- 

G^m-rdh, ^IjaT adj. Erring, wandering, 
straying, depraved, abandoned. G^mrahee, 8.f. 
Error* the act of wandering* t 










[ 151 ] 

(harsh palAtick) (soft dental) 


u w 

but write 

y y sb 

you ray pleasurt 

G^m-ree, ^rAfjTfp^ *•/• Vertigo. 

04)ni*sa, LvoJ ^4|^i adj. MuBty. 

Gggn, jf ipr «. m. A quality, ao attribute 
or property in general (Unt eepecially of excel- 
lence, &c.) Skill, cleverness, virtue, mode, me- 
thod, manner, merit; a small traok-rope; a proper- 
ty of humanity, of which three are particulariz- 
ed* viz. the Stitwu, Rnju^ and Tumu, or princi- 
ples, of truth or existence, passion, or foulness, 
and darkness or ignorance. A favour, a kindness. 
GqfH^vma, To benefit. C^n ka puita (fena. 
To repay a benefit. Gigfn chk^ndna. To pass 
over a person's good qualities. Oa^m'^ahuk, adj. 
Porohasing skill or merit, patronising learning. 
t. m. A discemer of merit, a patron of learning. 
Oospi mSnna, To acknowledge a fiivonr. 

Goon, j^ {in compos, implies) Colour, 
like in colour; as, GiiQlg^on, Rosy-coloured, red. 

Gdg-na, Uf jpai Fold, turn, time ; as, SgU' 
giUMi A hundred-fold. 

Goo-na-g6on, J^^^'/ adj. Of different co- 
lours or kinds, various, variegated. 

Gog-nib, %'^ s. m. A fault, crime, sin. 
Ggsmahgdr^ s, m,f. A sinner, a criminal; guilty. 

G®n del-a, ^.^^ '$\'^ ^4)- Producing 
gum (a tree). 

Goond-la, "HS'^f *l^^\ adj. Round, circu- 
lar. «. m. A ring, a circle. 
j G6?, UxbJb^T *?pnn v. n. To be knead* 
ed, plaited, &c. 

Goondh-na, UJbJi^ ^V^^fT v. n. To knead; 
to plait, braid, plat, weave. 

G6on-dhun, J^/ ^HT s. m. Dough. 

G(SoQ-dug-ee, ^^ s,f. Thickness, coarse- 
ness, bigness. Oysnduh, adj. Coarse, thick. 

Gtjg-nee, ^j^S jp^ adj. Skilful, virtuous, 
dexterous, possessed of any quality or art; a 
snake-oatchery one who charms snakes, a sor- 

Ggeng, kS^ I adj. Dumb. Goongdee, 

Gdon-ga, ^'^^ ^T 5 s.f. Dumbness. 

Goon-gfin kur-na, ^yj^Jj^ ^^nrr^ ^X^ 
V. a. To sing, celebrate, prattle (or crow) as in- 

GQffn.gQj^, OOJj/ j f j t ^Mi v. n. To 
be milk-warm; to snuffle, sing slowly or with a 
low voice. O^Bng^snuh^ adj. Milk-warm; snnf- 

Gfe-ni-yun, j^ -gfiR^ a^j. Skilful. 

^"i' ^'/ t'f *• /• Echo, buzzing, re- 
bounding, hollow sound. 

Gognj, guT "^^ 8. m. The seed of Abrns 
precatorius, or the shrub itself. QoDnj'hary s, m. 
A necklace composed of the OoBnja seed, 

Goon-jd-ish, {J^,\s^ s.f. Capacity, contain- 
ing, holding, room, profit. 

Gqpn-jin, jlsr^^ if^TTT adj. Thick, close. 
Gasnjanee, 8,f, Thickness, closeness. 

G4^a-jha, l^acr^iprT adj. Grave. 

Goon-jha, ^^^ ^^T s. m. A sort of 

G&n-jishk, L-Ci»«A^ s.f. A sparrow. 
G6onj-na, Usr'^ Ti^^^ ^* *•• To resound, 

hum, buzz, growl. 
Go^n-jur-na, ^f^ ^«I<^| v. n. To roar, to 

Ggon-khin, j^^4^ f|QJ<di^ (lit. mine of 

merit.) adj. Very skilful or learned. 

Guon-ra, \v^f ^^r?T s. m. A beam (of a 

ship), the cross timbers (of a boat). 
G6onth-na, U^^ T^'T^ *^* a. To thread 

string, plait; to stitch; to spit or put on a spit. 

OQQnthwdna» v, a. To cause to string, &c. 
G6o-niih, ^^ s. III. Colour, form, species, 

figure, mode, manner, kind. 
G4?-nuh. ^^s m. A crime, fault. Goonuhgdr^ 

A sinner, criminal. Qosmuhgdree^ A fine, mulct. 

Gogn-wdn, cjli*^ 'j'^QXif adj. Possessed 
of talent or virtue; virtuous, accomplished, skil- 

Gg^n-wAnt, ij:^yf iprfTT m. i adj. Skil- 

Go^)-wtin-tee, ^'y^ •jV^Tp/. J fuL 

G<o-pha, l^ ipffT s. f. A cave. 

Goopt, *-rV^ TT adj. Hidden. Gkpfee, s,f 
A hidden sword. 

Gqqt, jf '^ s. m. Molasses, treacle, raw 
sugar. Gocr^fnlrtih^ Mangoes boiled with meal 
and sugar, resembling mango fool. 

GoQ-ra-ee ^Ij/ UTli: s.f Fairness, white- 
ness, yellowness, pale redness. 

GODri-na, Otj/ "^T*!! t;. a. To dig; to 

cause to dig. 
G&r-buh. ^,/s. m. A cat. Goorbuh-e-miS' 

kSen, adj, A wicked rogue. 

Gggrch, ^/"T"^*./ Name of a creeping 

plant (Menispermum glabrum). 
Ggprd, ^/ adj. Brave, valorous, warlike. 
Gr^r-duh, »«3jf ^. m. A kidney; courage. 

G(K?-r6z, ji,^f s.f Flight, deviation, abhor- 
rence, aversion, abstinence, fasting, regression. ^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




(soft dental) 

[ 168 ] 







part. ad. (in comp.) FngitiTe, fleeing. G^srezAn, 
part. act. Fujpti?e, fleeing. 
GoQrg, i-J^ s. m. A wolf. 

G&r-ga, \^/ -^h 8. m. A servant boy, brat ; 

Gopr-g^-bee, ^,\^/ jp(r^ s./. A kind of 

shoe or slipper. 
G(»r-gQo.rd-na, ^^-/jf ^ >^jl|Hi v. n. To 

rumble (the bowels). 
Goor-gr^^ ree, ^// -5-^ s. f. Ague, the 

cold fit of a fever, a quotidian fever. 

. GOPr ff& ree, ^'^'^ imHf^ «. / a small 
Goorh, ^j^ "^ adj. Abstruse, difficult, 
abstracted; secret, mysterious. Ooofh^ukta, A 
pedagogue, a pedant. Goofhtoit,/. Abstruse- 
ness, secrecy. 

G(!Qr-hul, J'^y'5'f^ «. m. Hibiscus syria- 


G&-ri-ya, V./ "jIt^ 8. f. k bead (of a 
rosary, &c.) 

G& ri-ya, V^ IffT^ s. m. A seller of 
ffasr- ••/• A doll. 

G6o-ri-ya, ^jjf ^P?^ s. m, A doll. 

Gdff«*jee, ^s^/s. m. A Georgian; a servant 
boy; a hut; a kind of dog. 

G(5o roff, ^/ TT^ adj. Important, heavy, 
weighty, honourable, respectable ; great, eminent. 
8. m. A spiritual guide, preceptor, tutor, pastor, 
teacher; the planet Jupiter. OQsrOthrnQQkh hSna^ 
To receive from a Goot'oo the initiatory muntur 
or mystical prayer peculiar to the deity adopted 
for worship in particular, who is thence termed 
the Isht DeVf or chosen god ; to become a scho* 

G6o-roo, ^j^f. ^p^ 8. m. A saint, a holy man, 
a spiritual director. Gooroo^luchht Knowledge 
which can be acquired from a living instructor 
only. adj. Heavy, hard of digestion. 

G®-roo-bir, j^.^/ ii^<\X 8. nu Thursday. 

G&r-ree, ^/ "gp^f «./ Parched barley. 

GKsi^r-si-uu-gee, ^J^/ 8.f. Hunger. Gisir- 
tifUiA, adj. Hungry. 

Goo-rdchy ^ jT IJ*^ 8. m. Name of a medi- 
cine (Menispermum glabrum). 

G® ruj-na, U^j^g<M^T r. n. To snarl. 

Go^rz. J;f 8. m. A mace, a club, a battle- 
axe. GoDrz-^r^Ar, A mace-bearer. 

Gq& s^r, jLy/ part act (in compos.) Let- 
ting go, taking away, drinking or dissipating 
(wine, grief). 

(Northumbrian r) 

i k kb 

in (deep liquid ling:nal) loch 

Goosht, v^-i/ -5^ 8. m. Cabal. 

G®s t^kh, ^'oLmJ adf. Arrogant, presump- 
tuous, uncivil, cruel, rude. C^staib*6ntih, adv. 
Presumptuously, arrogantly. GHQstahhee, i.f. 
Arrogance, presumption, rudeness cruelty. 

Gops-tiir, yi**S part, act (in compos.) 
Spreading, strewing, scattering, diffusing. Ohqs- 
inrduh, part. pass. Spread, having spread. 

G&th la, ^:SS j^s^i adj. Beiug set on edge 
(the teeth). 

G&th-lee, ^J^J[Z^ 8.f. A kernel, stone, 

G&t-ka, 1^ 'il<i^\ 8. m A ball prepared 
by devotees, by putting which in their moaths 
they are supposed to become inyisible; a sweet- 
meat swallowed as a bolus without chewing; a 
small book worn as an amulet. 

Gooth, ^^ i[^ 8. m. A round ball of cot- 
ton, &c. 

G&th-na, l^iT *g"«PrT v. n. To be plaited, 
to be threaded, to be strung. 

G6oth-na, U^^^^iTTT v. a. To plait, braid, 
thread, string; to stitch; to spit, or put on a spit 
GoDthuHXil^ adj. Plaited or strung together. 

G(K>-t6k-na, U(^ ^^e^^i v. n. To coo as 
a dove; to swallow. 

Goow^r, jf^/ adj. Digestible, wholesome. 
Guwdrish, Any thing for assisting digestion. 

Gqq wy-ya, Ij^^-it 8. f. (gossip) A wo- 
man's female friend, adj. Eloquent, conversible. 

Gos^-zdf, uJlj/ 5. /. A falsehood, a lie, an 
inconsiderate word, vain or rash speech. 

GQS>-z£r, j]jS 8. Wi. A ferry, a passage; 
passing; performing, executing, paying. Oofiza' 
ruht s. m. A passage, a passing: a ferry, a ferry- 

QOQ z^-rish, {J*j^s.f. Payment; a petition, 
request; representation, memorial, explanation. 

Goo-z^r na, Ujlo/ v. a. To cause to pass, 

GrCK^-z^e duh, "if^,,^ part pass. Chosen, elect. 
GdQzeen, part. act. (in compos.) Choosing, pre- 
ferring, electing. Sbulwut-y^zten^ Fond of re- 

Gogzrdn, J^j^ s. f. Life, passing; em- 
ployment, livelihood. Ga^zrAnna, v. a. To pre- 
sent, to offer. 

G(Jez-ree, j^jo/ s.f.k market held in the 
afternoon by the road side. 

G(ishzur, y^ 8. m. A passage, transit, fer- 
ry, ford; passing, elapsing. GHQzttrbdn, 1. if»* 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 









C 153 ] 

(harali palatick) (soft dental) 











A ferryman. C^zwrg6h^ s.f. A passage, ferry, 

Gfip-zur-ua, l^j/ v. n. To pass, go, pass by 
or o?er; omit, abstain from, decline; terminate; 
die. GdBzurjdna^ To pass away, elapse. 
GtShzdsh-ta, axio/ part pass. Past. s. m. 

The past. 
Gop, (yy^^trq* s.fl A gold necklace, s. m. 

Name of a Hindoo cast, a cowherd. 
Go-pal, J b^ TtiTTi^ s.m. A cowherd; a 

name of Krishn, 
G6-pe€, ^^/ %T^ s,f. The female of Gop 

Gop-gwal,Jl^^i|TqTr^W5. m. A cowherd. 
G6-phun, j^^^^j^ \s.f. A sling (for 
Gj-phi-yajL^^/^lfqrzTTj throwing with). 
G6-pun, jj^ ilTR'f s, m. Concealment. 

GopuH kuma. To conceal, to hide. 
Gor, y^f s.f. A tomb, grave. Gorpur gor 
kumee. To seek an employment, office or pbee 
which 18 already occupied. Gor-i-ghureeban, A 
bnrial-gTOond for strangers.. Gor~hm, A grave- 
digger. 8, m. The wild ass. 
Gor, j^ilT^ s. m. The leg, foot. 
Go-ra, \^^ ihTT adj. Fair (complexloned). 
Gtf-ree, ^j^ ^vf[ s.f. Taking away. Go- 

fee kwma. To take away, steal, walk off with. 
Gor-is-tin, j^jyfs. m. A burying-ground. 
Gor-khar, f^j/s. m. A wild ass, onager. 
G6r-na, l^j^^i^^i v. a. To dig, to scrape. 
G6-roo, jij^ ^^ s. HI. An ox, a cow. Go- 
rooa-dfiQQk6n, s, m. Twilight (.the time of bring- 
ing home the cows). Gorofh-dreebera, s.f. Even- 

66-rus, ^j^j/ ihT^ 8. m. Milk, butter-milk, 
cnrdled milk. Gorusee, s.f A vessel for holding 
milk, &c. a milkpail. Gorus-ha, adj. (A child) 
reared with the milk of cattle, s. m. A sodomite. 

Go-si-eeu, Jl^/ %T^tt s. m. The Deity. 
A saint, a holy person. The descendants of the 
^iples of Chytunyu of Nuddeea, 

Go-g^luh, jJU^^. m. A calf. 

Gosh, (jty^ s. m. The ear. GoshphJi^ An 
ornament worn in the turband. Gosh-zwf hdna. 
To be listened to, to be heard. Gosk-g^zur, 
Heard, reported. Go«^<$/, Pulling (or rubbing, 
or boxing) the ears. Goshmdlee, s.f Rebuke, 

Gosht, i.s.>i./ s. tn. Meat, flesh. Gosht^ 
i-nai^oen hona, (to be the flesh of the nails) Dc- 
^t€8 intUD%te friendship. 

^^^ ijl^ s. f. Plot, cabal, conspi- 


Gosht- a wa, f^liwi^/*. m. Pounded, or minced 

Gosh-t^en, j^^ adj. Fleshy ; as, zubdn 
goshteen ust tegh ahunSen, The tongue, though of 
flesh, is yet a sword of steel. 

G6-shuh, ^^^ s. m. A corner, angle, a clo- 
set, retirement, privacy; side. Goshuh-g^zSm^ 
Fond of retirement. Goshuh-geeVi Retired, (sub^ 
slant)* A hermit. Coshuk^nishien, Retired (sit- 
ting in a corner) , a hermit, recluse, solitary. Go- 
shnh nUheenee, s. /. Life of a hermit. Kuman ke 
gosheh menpuhurna, (lit, to catch with the bow 
without shooting). To seize with facility^. 

Gosh-wa-ruh, ^J^^ s. m. An ear-ring; an 
embroidered cloth worn as an ornament over the 
sides of a turband ; abstract of an account; boring 
the ears (of female children). 

Gos-pund, J^y^«./ A sheep, or goat. 

Go-syn-ya, Ir^-y'ih^zri «. m. The Deity. 

Got CL>;^%171 s. m. Parentage, lineage, 

pedigree, stock of a family. 
Got, Li>^i|i3" S.f A counter, piece or man 

at backgammon, chess, &c. The hem of a garment. 
Go ta,l?^ ^Zl s. m. (gold or silver) Lace, 

or edging (rather narrow). 
Go-tee, ^'Z ^-^ s. f The small pox, a 

G6-tee, ^Jt^ %i7ft adf One of the same 

stock or family, a relative. 
G6-tum, ^^ ^I7m n. prop. Boodha ; also 

the author of the Nyayu philosophy, or logic, 

and his doctrines corresponded with those of 

Gou, ^ lirr «. m.f A cow, one of the cow 

species. G^u-^an, Gift o/ a cow. 

Gju-chhuee, ^^/ tiri^t s.f A sprout. 
Gouh, >i^^(^ s.f Perseverance. 
Gou-hur,^/«. m, A pearl, a gem, a jewel; 

lustre of a gem or sword; essence, origin, nature, 

GdD-hur-ha, ^jSt/ ^j^j:^ s. m. An ally, 

succourer, an assistant. 
Goukh, ^jf ^^ 8. A portico. 

Gqbd, jy ^t s.f. Opportunity, advantage. 
Gosmfgier, Controller, uncontrolled, ruler, invest- 
ed with authority, self-interested. Gojin-ghat, 
s.f Power, opportunity. 

Gifl-na, l*'^ ^jTf^j s. m. Bringing homB-dp 






(soft dental) 

[ I'H ] 





Oiortlmnbrian r) 

wife. 02ynhdr, s. m. The company who attend 
the bride when bringing home. 
Ggyr, j/^iT. adj. Faii-complexioned. 
GoBr, t^^^JtS' s. m. A division of the coun- 
try in Bengal; an aucient city, formerly the capi- 
tal of Bengal. Inhabitant of Qoyr (a brahmun), 
G6u-ra, \j/ ^V^J s. m. A cast of Hindoos 
in Oorissa, who are generally palkee carriers and 
bearers; a raginee or musical mode. 
G^-ree, ^j/^\'^,y^s.f.^eme of ^raginee 
G6u-ree, ^j/^^^ J or musical mode. 
Gii-ri^ya, \ij^f^\ftm s.f. A sparrow. 
G5u-ri"y*» Vj;^ ^ifV^ *• ^- Inhabitant of 
Ooyri hence, the followers of Chytunyu of Nud- 
deea are so called; this philosopher flourished 
about the year 1407 o( Saliv(ihun. 
Gofi-sa-la, ifU^^i^^i 8, m. A cow-house. 
G6-wun-a, V'^%T^^n v. a. To conceal, hide. 
G6ya, ^./part. act. Saying, adv. As you 
would say, as if, one would say, thus. Goyaee^ 
8,f. Conversation, talk, eloquence. 
Grah, ^\/TnT s. m. An alligator, a shark. 
Gram, f\/ iTT^iT 8. m. A village ; a musical 

scale, an octave. 
Gras, [jA^'^m ». m. A mouthful. 
Gree-khum,f^'j./''r^^'3m s.f. The season that 
extends from the I5th Bysakli to the 15th Asliarh, 
being the 4th of the six seasons; the summer sea- 
Gree-wa, ty./lft^ «.*/. The nepk. 

Groh, -^^ V^ s. m. A house, dwelling. 

Grih, J»/?T 

Gri-husth,*3U*.;b/^TW «• ^- A householder, 
a man of the second class, or he who after having 
tiai«hed his studies and been invested with the 
sacred thread, performs the duties of the master 
of a house, and fathev of a family. GrihustA'ds' 
rum, s m. The profession or condition of a house- 
holder or married man. 

Grish, {J*/ftr^ s.f. The 4th of the six sea- 
sons from the 1 5th Bysakh to the 15th Asharh; 
summer; heat. 

Giuh, ^j^ ir^ 8. m. An house, dwelling ; a 
planet. Gruhu sthapun. Invoking the presence 
of the nine planets. 

Gr6hun, J^jf ITT^r s. m. An eclipse ; seiz- 
ing, taking. 

Grunth. ^/ifzr s. f A code, a book, par- 
ticularly the book of the Sikh religion composed 
by Namk shah. Qninthi, A knot. OrurUhkar, 
s.m. An author, book-maker, wiiter, compiler. 




(deep liquid lingual) 



Gubr, y^^ adj. A worshipper of fire, follow- 
er of Zoroaster, an infidel. 

Gub-roo, ^^Ji[^-^ 8, m. A clown, a young 
man, an unformed youth; a bridegroom. 

Guch, jf-^T^ «• ^« Mortar, plaster, cement, 
old mortar knocked off walls, &c. 

Guch-gee-na, U^Xsr/^^^ft^ adj. Short and 
<at (person). 

Gidra, lo^T^ s.f. A club, a mace. Gud^a- 
dhur (mace-bearing) A name of Vishnoo. Owfa- 
JQOih, s. Fighting with club or mace. 

Giid-a, \Jkf 8. m. A beggar, adj. Poor, in- 
digent. Qu^det, s.f. Begging, mendicity, po- 

G6d-bud, 3)3^ TW^ adv. Higgledy-pig- 

Gdd-bud-a, U:*>/7r^^[ adj. Corpulent, fat- 

Giid-dee,^_^Tr^ s.f A cushion, pad, pack- 
saddle, bedding, or any thing stuffed ; a seat; a 
sovereign*s throne. 

Gud-dee, ^C>f -^ s.f A bundle of paper 
containing ten quires. 

Gud-dur, \^ TfT "I .. tj ir • c^ -^ 
Gud-ra,l> ^,}«4^.Half-npe fruit. 

Gud-el, Jj.^^'T^ s. m. A child. 

Gud-61a, Sj J^ii^WT s. m. A thick bedding*. 

Gud-g6d, ofjf ^r^^ adj. Rejoicing, joy- 

Gud-guda, I«aJo^ J|<^J|^i s. A grain (Guil- 
andina Bonducella). 

Gudh, ^iif T^ s. m. A fort, a castle. 

Gud-ha, bbof ^inn s. m. An ass. Gudfrn^pSor- 
na, s. m. Boerhavia diffusa. 

Gud-ka, ^i^f '^i<^«hl 8. m. A foil for fencing 

with; a mace, a club. 
Gud-la, i^f '^T^\ adj. Turbid, muddy, 

dull, dirty. Qu4l&ee, s.f Muddiness, dulness. 

Gud ur-i-ya, Itji/^rsrfTzn i.m. A shepherd. 

(36g-ree, ^/Ttt^ s.f A water-pot. 

Gug-un, jy 'RTiO' s. m. Sky, firmament. 

Gugun-bheft s. m. A pelican (Pelecanus onocro- 
talus). Qugun-ihool, s.f Dust of the Kefkee 
(Pandanus odoratissimus). 

Guh, ^ TT s.f. A handle. 

Guhe, ^Sadv. At one time. 

Guh-g^er, ^J adj. Unbroke (a horse). 

Guh-guhi-na, 0^^ TTTTR'T V. n. To 
quiver, shake or undulatftr> t 

3,,,_.y Google 









[ 155 ] GUL 

r t u w 

(harsh palatick) (soft dcutal) but write 



Giih-kee, ^ ir^ s. f. Purchase, s. A 

G(ih«na, U^T w^wi s.'nh Jewels, ornaments; 
a pledge, a pawn. v. a. To lay hold of, to handle, 
Beiae, catch, take; to blush. 

Gilh-aee, ^^ ir^ s. f. Oakum; act of 
calking, adj. Pledged. Guhnee^kt'tma, v. a. 
To pawn, to pledge. 

Giih-ra, f jj/ 7r^x:r adj. Deep. Guhra rung, 
Deep colour. 

Gti-huk-na, U^/ it\m^j v. n. To be agi- 
tated by intoxication. Guhak, s,f. The emotion 
,of intoxication. 

Guhun, j^ TTT'ir s. m. An eclipse ; thicket, 
wood, forest. 

G«ih.\va, \yfSw^^J s. m. Placers. ' 

Guh-wa-ruh, ^J^ff s. m. A swing, a cra- 

Guj, ^f-n^ s. m. An elephant. Guj-gum- 
ttnee, or Gfij-gmnee, adj. /. Moving (stately) 
as an elephant (epithet of a woman). Guj-mo^ 
tee, i. m, A birge pearl Guj-nal, A large gun or 
cannon. GuJ-pai, s. m. An elephant-keeper. Guj- 
rajt s.m, A large elephant. 

Guj-a, Issr irr-STT s. m Part of a cart ; a kind 
of sweetmeat. 

Goj-^ na, Olsr-^irsriiTT v. nJTo work, to fi^r- 

Gtij-ba, \^ THirr s. m. Winning. 

G6j-bin, ^fsr 7rf%^ adj. Thick (a forest, 

G6j-nee, ^^;^ ^^r^ s. / Bole, earth. 

Gdj-put, v^gv.f ir^nrfTT adj. The master or 
rider of an elephant; the title of a raja. 

Gdj-ra, I;^^ ttsttt*. m. The leaf of the 
canrotj a kind of jewels, an ornament; the wav- 
ing lines OB mushroo (a kind of silk cloth). Guj- 
raMr, s. m. A wreath or necklace of flowers; a 
gold ornament of the same form. 

Gfij-ur, ^1 ^^TT s. m. The chimes rung at 
the expiration of a watch or pukur of the day or 
night; but sometimes restricted to those at the 
close of the fourth; the word puhvr being more 
commonly used for the middle chimes. 

Gtfl-ur-bhdtt, i^|!;arr ^nrwrr s. m. A dish 
of boiled carrots. 

Gul. J/ii^ ,. 1,1. The neck, throat . Gul 
f>^iya^ ddlna, v. a. To .throw one's arms around 
wother's neck. 

6uU,5kr it^j ,. „,. The throat, neck, gullet ; 
yhke.a^ Rotten, melted, wasted. Gula-iXitha' 




nay (lit. to lift up the throat,) To apply acrid 
substances, such as pepper, &c. to the uvula of a' 
child, when it becomes hoarse, or loses its voice 
from the relaxation of that part. Guia-bun^/id' 
na, To esnnare one's self, especially in the bonds 
of love. Gula-bythna^ or -^pvrna, To be hoarse. 
Gulaph6ijLma, To hang, to choke, Gula-ifubd- 
ni, To strangle. Guld(f^na, To waste. Gula- 
kdtna. To cut the throat. Gula-ghdi^ttna, To 
throttle, choke, strangle, hold by the throat. 
GuleA-puma, To seek the. friendship of one who 
is averse from it. Guleh-puree-hnjAe siih. We 
should make a virtue of necessity. Guleh ka har 
hona. To seek & persist in a quarrel or dispute, 
tease, plague, to importune; to seek with ardour 
the friendship or affection of any one; to perse- 
cute with kindness or attention. Guleh-lugna, 
To embrace. Gulek-mundhna^ To importune. 

Gul-d-na, I'S/ ^r^i^T r. a. To melt, to dis- 
solve; to soften; to waste away, to squander. 
Guldnew&la, s. m. A menstruum, solvent. 

Gul-6o, ^^i[^m 8. m. Solution, fusion. 
Gulaoo, at{j. Soluble, septical, weakening. Gula- 
wut, 9.f. Solution, dissolving. 


Gul-dr, j^ ?P5rtT: s. m. The name of a 

Gul-bah, JjU/ ^ra^^ s. f. An embrace, 

throwing the arms on the neck. 
GuUbiihee, ^^t ^^r^^ s.f. Throwing 

the ai'ms on the neck. 

Gul-de na, U-^J/ tpst^t v. a. To throttle, 
to choke; (hence, to hang on the gallows). 

Gul-e-baz,jO,^/ adj. A sweet-singer. 

Gul-ee, J^ w s.f. A lane. Gtdjet bu gu- 
lee, From street to street. Gulee-hSochuh, s. tn. 
A narrow lane. 

Gul-6em, ^^8.f. A blanket. 

Gul-g61, JSjf TRnnsr a. m. A citron ; name 
of a bird ; a mixture of lime and linseed oil form- 
ing a kind of mortar impenetrable to water. 

Gul-hdr, jI^t^tit: adj. Soluble, corrupti- 

Gul-h^n^a, ri^-j^^m^n^rT adj Abusive. 

Gul-htir, j^i^TT s. m. The Goitre. 

Gul-hy yajUfl/^I^^TS.w. Forecastle-man, 

Guli-y^-na, OU/ ?rfw«n^ t;. a. To abuse ; 

to cram (a horse, &c ), to force food or medicine 

down the throat. 
Guli-yd-ra, f;U/ ^rf^TT s. m. A street or 

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(soft dental) 

C 156 ] 







(Northumbrian r) 


in (deep liquid lingual) loch 

Gul-j6iid-ra,ljJajclf ipfTif^^pfT ». m. A hand- 
kerchief used as a sling for the arm. 

G\xV^6r.jy^^s, m. A horse's halter. 

Guild la, ^^ii^im s. m. Gargarism. 

G61-luh, ^s* fw. A flock, a herd. Gidlu' 
bdn^ s, m. A Pastor, shepherd. Ouliubtmee, s.f. 
Keeping of a flock; pastoral care ; a yessel in 
which shopkeepers put money received for 
things sold in the course of the day, a till. 

G61-na, Ul^ am^\ v. n. To melt, to be dis- 
solved, to be wasted away. 

Gal-nee, ^^^^T^^*^ s.f. Wasting, consump- 

Gul-phoo-la, ^^/tt^-^^ht adj. Chubby. 

Gul-ph6ot, e^^^ ^m^Z s. f. Vaunt, 

Gul-phur-a, \j^ ^m^^l s. m. The jaws; 
the angle of the mouth. 

Gul-phutd-kee kurna, 0/^U^J/ im-qs^T 
^ ^^n?TT To scold; to lie. 

Gul-ta, 111/*, m. A sheath. 

Giil-tuki-ya,2u&J/«. m. A small round pil-, 
low for the neck or cheek. 

Gul-tun-ee, ^y^ ^\^f\*\ ) s. f. Part of the 
headstall of a bridle. 

Guluhee, ^ -^T^ s.f. The fore-castle 
(of a boat, &c.), a prow. 

Gul-un-da, Ij^/tt^T^t adj. Abusive. 

Gu-16n-da, \3ii^f'^W^adj\ Stentorophonic. 

Gum-bheer, pfjj/ibp.T adj. Deep ; serious, 
thoughtful, sedate, grave. . 

Gum-k6e-la, 5lXo/im^^T adj. Spicy, fra- 
grant, odoriferous. 

Gum-uk, ujCo/ im^ s.f Sound of the ket- 
tledrum, violent shake or clash in music. 

Gum-un, ^f ^T»T«T s. m. Going, the act of 

Gu\\,^i[Vi s. m, A troop, tribe, flock, class, 
' multitude. Siv's attendants. 

Guiid^ c^ ^ s. f Stink, filth, ordure, 
smell. GutujUit odj. Stinking, 6lthy. 

G^in-da, \3^ 'f^ s. m- A ring, a circle ; a 
knotted string tied round the neck of a child, &c. 
as a charm; denotes the number four> 

Guu-da-sa, Ulj-^/if^^ 8.$h. A sort of axe, 
a pole-azo. 

Gdn-dee, j^ii/'f^ s. A circle, particularly 
that which Ramchnndur is sjiid to have drawn 
round Seeta to protect her from Rawun. 

Gun-der-ee, y^f„C^ 'f^^ s.f A segment, 
cut, or portion of sugar-cane. 

Gandh, »J^^?hc s.f. Perfume, odour, scent 

Gun-dhar, jllb^ihCiT s. iw. The name of a 
Rag or musical mode. 

Gun-dhee, ^0^;^ 'hft s. m. A person who 
sells rosewater, essences and utr^ a perfumer; a 
-green bug. 

Gun-dhee-la, SlJbOJ/ ^hft^ adf Stinking. 

Gundh-r^j, ^!;^<^ ^nCTT^ s. m. Gardenia 

Gun-dhuk, ^J^sxfih^ s. f Brimstone. 

Gun-dh6rb, t-^jlfejuf JT^rk s. m. A celestial 
musician, a class of demi-gods. Gunilkwb-biyhhi 
A kind of man-iage. Guwjihtirb-geet, A kind of 
song or singing. 

G6n-d®m, ^Sif s. m. Wheat. Gmuffm- 
i'kirmnnee, Vei^icelli. Gurujiim-ntngt adj. 
Swarthy, brown. 

Giin-duh, ^^adj. Fetid, stinking. Gm- 
(jtuh-buhar, s.f Rain which falls in the cold wet- 
ther. G»n(fuh'(jkihun^ adj. Stinking breatii. 
Gundnh'/irSzuh, s. m. A drug (Olibannm). 

Gun-dun-a, I'J^if^T s. m. A leek (AlUum 

Gun-6s, ^j^'^i^ir The god of wisdom, and 
remover of obstacles, represented by an ele- 
phant's head; the Janus of the Hindoos. 

Gnn^, \S^ s. nu Name of a river : the 

Gnng, l-5j^ w^ {med in compos.) A river, a 
stream. Dognfig, In two streams (a river). 

G&n-ga, ^ inrr s.f The river {Ganges). 

Giinl-ka, ^^ Tftr^«./. A courtezan. 

G6n4t, u:--i/ iftrTT s. f Arithmetic. Gun- 
itk/ir, s. m. An astrologer, an arithmetician. 

Guiij, g^ W^ s. tn. A scaldhead (Tinea 

Gunj, ^^s. m. A granary, heap, treasure, 
market, mart; a case (of instnunrats). C«y- 
bu^h, adj. Generous, liberal, profuse, extra- 
vagant. Gtrnj-i-gao, One of the great treasures 
of Jumsheed. 

Gun-ja, W^ 'f^TT adj. Scaldheaded, baM. 

Gun-jee-fuh, ^:«=^^ s. m. A pack of cards, 
a game of cards. 

Gun-j6e-nuh, *a^«^ s. m. A treasury, a 
magazine. ^ 

Gunj-hyl, J-#=^^ *f%W adj. Addicted to 
the nse ofnanjha. y-^ | 



Q O 

b0« 80 






[ 157 ] 

(harsh pnlatick) (soft dental) 








y ?b 

my p1enAur« 

Gun-ji-ya, Lsr^iff^r^TT s,f. A wallet, a bag 
(in which grass-cutters keep their sickle, &c). 

Gun-joor, ^^asf^ $. m. Treasurer. Gunjie^ 
nvA, A treasury, magaiine. 

Gnn-ua, Uf ^nrr t. iw. Sugar-cane (Sac- 
chamm officinaram). 

Gunth-j6 ,ra, Ij^ar^^^ ^5%r?T s. m. Knot- 

Gun-nk, uX/ innr s. nu An arithmetician. 

Giin-w^-na, Ot^Af^f^iTTv. a. To lose, throw 
away, get rid of, discharge, speud in vain, waste, 
squander, pass, trifle. Gutiw€toOt adj. Squanderer. 

Goxhw^r, j\yS 'R IT s. m. A countryman. 

Gup, u^ -n^s.f. Prattle, tattling. Gup 
mdma, v. a. To prattle, tattle. Guppee, s, A tat- 
tler, an idle talker. Gupshup, «./. Prattle, tat- 

Gap-uk-na, ULf inrfm v. a. To swallow, 

Gur, / If. (m comp.) A maker, or work- 

Giir-a, \/ "TTT s. m. The throat, neck. 

Gur-^-ee, i^\/s,/. Inclination. 

Gur-an, j]/ adj. Heavy ; dear. Guran^ 
haha, Precious, of immense yalue. Guranee, ».f. 
Weight, grayity. 

Gur-an-wdn, jylj^^TrtTPr s. m. A tether. 

Gur-a-ra, ! i! j^ vi <r<:i s. m. A sack (for hold- 
ing the walls of a tent, &c.) 

Gur-d-ree, ^j\^ TTPft s.f. An instrument 
for twisting thread or string. 

Garb, i^/^ 8. m. Vanity, pride. 

Gurbh, ^ji'^'i $. m. Pregnancy. 

Gur-ibhi-nee, ^^^/^rfinrft \adj. Preg- 

Gurbh-wdntee, ,J^*^'/^t^ } nant, with 
child, teeming. 

Gfn-hntjyjfwpTf adv. Higgledy-piggledy. 

Giir-bura, \vjf ^^^ 8. m. Bustle, confu- 
sion ; motion of the bowels, borborygmi. Guf- 
bardhut, «./. Confbsioii, fright, idarm, bustle. 

66r<hi, ^^coMJ. Although. 

Gurd, ^^ 8.f. Dust. part. ad. {in compos.) 
Going round, travelling over or through, travers- 
ing, wandering over or in. 

Gur-din, jf»3^/«.yr Turning, revolving, re- 
velation, winding; conjugation, part. ad. Re- 
volving, caoMug to revolve or go round. Gur^ 
4aima, r. a. To conjugate, to turn, to inflect. 

Gur-d^nuk, \Si\^^8.f. The pointers (iwo 
stars in the Great Bear). 

G6r-dee, ^»i/^ (tn com/?o&) 5./. Change, 
revolution, wandering, travelling; separation, 
misfortune, affliction. Pa4shah-gur4ee, The de- 
throning of a king. Ushr/ifgur^ee^ A calamity 
on all the nobility. Puthdn-ffunjlee, The invasion 
of the Puthans under Ahmud Shah Doorranee, 

Gur-dee-duh, ^^^/ part pass. Turned, 
converted, estranged. 

Gur-dish, {Ji»*^/8. f. Turning round, revo- 
lution, vicissitude, reversion, circulation. 

Gur-d6on, c)^»^/ s.f. A wheel ; an engine 
for pulling up trees by the roots; the sphere, the 
firmanent,the heavens; fortune, chance; a chari- 
ot, a child's go-cart, a wheel. 

Gur-dun, j^^f s.f. The neck. Ourdun- 
bimdf s, tn. A collar, necklace. Gnr(jltm zu^unee, 
atf;. Deserving to be beheaded. Gur4un h6tna. 
To behead. Gurdun-furSs, Gurtfun-kush, adj. 
Proud, haughty, vain, insolent, refractory, stub- 
born. Gur^un^kushee, s.f. Insolence. Gurdun- 
knshee kuma. To rebel. Gu7-dun mAma, To be- 
head, to kill, to put to death. Gurdunee d^na, 
To drive a man by the neck. Gurdfm ka gdoria, 
8. m. Vertebne of the neck. 

GWir-dun-a, lo^/^. m. The neck. 

Gfir-dun-ee, ^^/ s. f. A horse-cloth; a 
blow on the neck. 

Gur-ee, ^/w^ s.f. The kernel of a cocoa- 

Giir-ee, ^/ (in compos.) s.f. Acting, mak- 
ing, office. 

Gur-goo-dur, j^/'^ 'TTT? *• ^ Old 
clothes of all kinds. 

G6r guj, gwJ^^j^gr s. m. A scaffold ; a tower, 
a bastion, a cavalier. 

Gur gur.^-na, ^\// ^K^KI^rr ) v. n. To 

Gur-gBr-4-na, I^Ij^^Wt^TI^I i gnrgle; 
thunder; roll; roar (a^, a tiger), tommble. 

Gur-gdy-a, ^^A<*\M\ st.f A sparrow. 

Gurh, tJtjfir^ s. m. A castle, a fort. 

G6r-ha, llbjf i[^ s. m. A cavity, a hole, a 

pit, an abyss. 
Gtir-hee, ,^y ttI^ «./. A small fort, castle. 

Gur-hi-ya, l^j/^rf^pn «./. A pike, a javelin, 

Gurh-na, Ulbj/ ^TTT v. a. To malleate, 

form by haimnering; make, form, fashion, t^. n. 

To be driven down (aa, a stake), to be buried, 

sunk, &c. 
Gur-hiit, v,i-^te^ TTTW 8. f Form, make, 

fiishioB. ^ T 

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(hott denta)) 

C 158 ] 





Gnrh'Wiry j\ ^ Wcpn^ adj. Coarse, thick. 
Gur-hy-ya, U>^^^«./. A small tank or 

pond. 8. m. A burier. 
Gur-i-y4r, jV}^ "ff^T acfj\ Stout-hearted, 

stiff-necked, stnbbom, obstinate. Gvrii/6ree, 

8.f. Obstinacy, &c. 

*^"*j» ^j^ ^ *• /• Bellowing, roaring ; 

G6r-jun, j^/'^^s.f. Thundering, thun- 

Gurm, ^/ ddj. Hot, warm; ardent, active, 
zealoos, eager, intent on, fiery, cholerick, viru- 
lent; thronged or crowded (a market or assem- 
bly). Gurm-bazdree, 8.f, Throng or much busi- 
ness in a market. Gurm balna. To speak readi- 
ly and to the purpose. Gurm-josheet s.f. Warmth, 
affection, ebullition. Gurm-^z, adj. Active. 
Gurm-roUf adj. Going hastily, a lover traveling 
in haste to his beloved. Gurm^ruh, Travelling 
or going hastily. Gurm'^Uun, Speaking with 
warmth or forcibly. Gurm-shitdb^ adj. Hasten- 
ing. Crurm'nuzdfuh, adj. Looking eagerly. 
Gurm hSna, To be angry. Gurm'musdluh, 8. m. 

Gt^r-ma, ^^s. m. Heat ; summer. Ourma" 
gurm, Hot and hot. 

Gurm-dbuh, ^oUy' s. m. A hot or warm 

Gur-ma-na, V^^v, n. To be angry; to be- 
come enlivened. 

Giir-mee, ^j^/ s.f. Warmth, ardour, heat; 
throng (of a market); the venereal disease. 
Gnrmee kuma. To affect fondness. Gunnee'4^- 
nuhy A rash. 

Qdr-nuh, S^^fconj, Unless. 

Gur-na, Oj/ ^r^^rr v. n. To penetrate, to 
enter, to be driven into the earth (as, a stake, &c.) 
to lie, to sink, to be buried. 

Gur-6h, ^)/s. m.f. A banil, troop, people, 
levy of people, company, crew, sect. 

Gur-6-na, V'^j^T^TTT v. a. To pierce, perfo- 
rate, bore, stick into. 

Qdr-^r^j^f ^TT? «. m. A large kind of he- 
ron {Ardeaargala), the bird or vehicle of 

G6r-ra, 1/ TCT:r adj. Bayish (colour in a 
horse or pigeon). 

Otir-ree, ^/ W^ s,f, An instrument for 
twisting a thread or string. 

Gdr-ub-ta, b/ir^iTcTT t./ Pride ; a proud 

Gur-uj-na, U>.^.^^^^ v. n. To thunder. 

(Northnmbrian r) 



(deep liquid lingnnl) 'loch 

Gur-un, jj^ws^ 8,f. A swamp, morass. 

Gur-unth.^t^^^jTir^ «. m. Name of a $n^e, 
tipcat; a mode of incantation performed for the 
destruction of any person (marun)^ to secure his 
affection (m6hitn), to subject him to obedience 
(bus km-un), to imprison him or deprive him of 
the power of action or speech (siumbhun), to 
drive him away {<OQchchAtun), or to call him 
{akurshun). Certain words are pronounced over 
an efRgy of the person, or his name in writing, 
which is afterwards buried. 

Gur-ur-iya, ^,jjf ^rryfr^T A shepherd 
or goatherd. 

G6r-wa, \^/ ^rr^T adj. Heavy,- important; 
respectable; demure. Gurwapun, 8, m. Respect- 

G6r-wa, \jyf Tf^ s. m. A kind of water- 
pot; a flower-pot carried about by musiciaos aod 
dancing women at the feast of busunt-pundm- 
mee^ as an offering to people of rank, from whom 
they receive presents in return. 

Gur-w^-na, Ol^-j/^^mr v. a. To cause to 
be buried or driven into the earth. 

Gusht, (^£^^ 8. m. Surrounding, going 
round (especially, of guards, patroling), walk, 
walking, tour, perambulation, strolling. GMUe, 
8. m. Watch, oentinel, patrole. GusfUiga^ s, m. 
Watchman, patrole. 

Gus-tin, jb.*-/ 4i4aM adj. /. A foolish, 
dissolute woman. Gttstangur, adj. A down, ig- 
norant, foolish. 

Gut, u:-^/ ^rfTf 8. f. Motion, procedure, 
march, pace, gait; state, condition; appetraoce; 
salvation. Gut-siireet A kind of dance' 

Gate, J^fA adv. Softly, gently, slowly. 

Gut-h^-na, 01^ ^rsiTf v. a. To attach, 
connect, join, tie. 

Gut-hdo, ^^ Trari^ 8. m. Connexion, 
joining together. Chtthao-gdisUhna, To contrire 

Guth-b6n-dhun, ^^OJ^. ^^J[Z t^P^ \ s. «• 

Guth.j6-ra, Ij^^^tt ^tstt / B»»^- 
ing or joining in a knot; a Hindoo marriage 
festival, on which . the bride and the bridegroom's 
clothes are fastened together and a procession 
takes place to a river or piece of water. 

Gdt-hee, ^i^f^^ 1 «. /. AbaU.packja 

Gdt-i-ya, Ux/»rfz^J small bundle., S^itr^ ^ryllTT adj. Knotty; 
robust., ^S/^jtctt^ »./• The prac- 
tice of ft cnt-purse. r^ ^^^1^ 








[ 159 ] 

r t 11 

(harsh palatick) (soft dental) but 









Giit-hi-ya, U^^ ^ifi^iT s,f. A bump; pains 
ia the joints; a bag, sack; bundle. GuthH/a-bao, 
«./. Rheumatism. 

G6th*na, U^5/ J|<sii v. n. To be joined or 
arranged together, unite, connect; collude. 

Gut-hoo-a, \^4^TCTiT «. m. Knots in cloth. 

Guth-ree, ^ji^ WS^ s.f, A bundle, par- 
cel, packet; total, amount; crew, pack. Guth- 
tee bandhnat To pack up, to gather (money, &c.) 
Guthree ktima, v. a. To add (figures). 

Gdt-hur, j^xT 1T3T 8. nu A large bundle, a 

Guth-wd-na, Ol^xf ^ra^TT v, a. To cause 
to join or to adhere. 

Gdt-put, iz^^S^'^^'TS adv. Higgledy-pig- 

G6t-ta^ U/ TT^ 8, m. The part of the pipe 
which Axes into the top of the metal part of a 
hookka ; the ankle. 

Gut-tha, ^^ ^"^r s. m. A bundle, package, 
pack; root of onion, turmerick, &c. a clove of 

Gut-ur.m6l, J^j^ TZ^^W s, m. A nick- 
name for a monkey* 

Guwichh, <^^!j^ ^T^T'^F s.f. A skylight, a 
hole to admit light, a lattice, window. 

Guwdh, ^] ^f s, m, A witness, an evidence. 
GuwoAee, s.f. Eyidence, testimony. 

Guwdkh, ^1/ T^ra s.f. The light that is 
admitted by a window. 

6uw£-na, 151^ tt^^ r. a. To cause to sing. 

Gttwd-ra, \j\^f adj. Agreeable, pleasant; 
digesting, digestible, digestion; -bearing, endur- 
ing, submitting to. 

Gawun, ^^^T^^ s. m. Going, moving. 

6aw6zn, jj^ s. m. An elk, a deer, a doe. 

Gaw/a, Ijy ^^TT s. m. A singer. 

Guya, Lf 7[^ n. prop. A city in Behar, and 
a celebrated te^rth or pbce of pilgrimage. 

Guz,^ «. m. An instrument for measuring 
with, an ell, a yard; a ramrod; tamarisk. 

Guz-a, \^ part. act. Biting, hurting, t. Loss, 

Gut-df, cJfo/j?./ Boasting. 

^-€6, ^/ 8.f. A coarse kind of cloth (of 

Gaz4e-duh, ^^,/ part. pass. Bitten. 

Guz-^e-nuh, »^y s. m. A thick (or close) 

wd rather coarse kind of cotton cloth. 
Guz-in-duh^ %Si^part. act. Biting, stinging. 

(subst.) Any venemous reptile that bites or 
Guz-nuh, ^y s. m. A nettle. 

Guz-uk, y^jfs.f. A relish (eaten with wine, 

&c.) a devil. 
Guz-und, S'jf s. m. Misforttme, calamity, 

loss, injury. 

Guz-ur,j)j^ s. m. A carrot. 
Gwd-la, 'i]^'^\W{ s.m. A cowherd. 

Gwd-lin, Ji\^ ipf^ 8. f. The wife of a 
cowherd, a female of the gwala cast. 

Gw6n-da, \i^!./ ^^T s. m. Suburb, vicin- 
age. Gwendeh, adv. Near. 

Gya, l^^^ n. pi'op. A city in Behar, and a 
place of pilgrimage. Gffalee^ 5. An inhabitant of 
Gya. s.f. A cow. 

Gy^n? J^^ W^ 8* tn. Knowledge, under- 

• standing, intelligence, intellect, knowing; know- 
ledge of a religious kind. Gyan (foj/fOTta, To me- 
ditate deeply. Gyanee, adj. Wise, intelligent, 
judicious, a sage, one possessing religious wis- 
dom. Gyanw&n, adj. Intelligent, knowing. 

Gy-hin, jW's. tn. The world. 

Gylj (J^^ s.f. A road. 

Gy-na, Uj/ ^sit s. tn. A bush ; a small bul- 
Gryn-da liS^^^Nrr s. tn. A rhinoceros. 
Gy-nee, ,^^^ ^1^ s. f A small ruth or car 

drawn by the bullocks called gyna. 
Gynt, v.£^^ 1 ^ . . , 
G/n-tee. ,^?f7ft r--^- A P^^'^^^- 
Gy-ra, \jJ^tX\ 8. tn. A sheaf (of corn). 


Ha, * called ha-i-houwuz^ and fm-i-moo^ou^ 
wuruhy the twenty-seventh letter of the Arabic 
and thirty-first of the Persian alphabet, corres- 
ponds to ^ {hu) in Sunscrit. It is one of the 
guttural letters, having the sound of the English 
h. When used to denote a number, it stands for 
five: and, in almanacks it may represent Thurs- 
day, or Virgo among the signs of the Zodiac. 

Hadd, *>l^ adj. Acrid, sharp, bitter, sour, 
ardetit, fiery, poignant. 

Hd-dee,^*>l3b s. tn. A director, leader, guide. 

Hd-dik,^«3lcw adj. Ingenious, skilful, indus- 

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(soft dental) 

[ 160 ] 







(Northumbrian r) 


k ^ 

(deep liquid lingual) lock 

H^-dis, (^^^adj. New, recent, just appear- 
ing. Ha4is hSruif To emerge, appear, happen. 

H^-dis-uh, <fc'}\il&. s. tn. A novelty, incident 
occurrence, eyent, calamity, misfortune, accident. 

Hae, ^fe Ti^ interj\ Alas ! s.f. A sigh. Hoe 
mama. To sigh. 

Hd-fiz, lajla. s. m, A guardian, governor, 
preserver; having a good memory; one who has 
the whole hooran by heart; the poetical name of 
a celebrated poet of Persia, (Moohummtuf ShfunS' 
QQ(f4ecn). Hafizuh, s, m. A retentive memory. 

Hd-ha, l^tib 5. m. Laughing, ha ha ! Haha 
heehee, s.f. Laughing. Hdha-heeJhee kiima. To 
laugh. Haha-jigee-jigety An expression of ap- 
probation, also of earnest request. 

Hd-ha, ti)La> ^j^f i s. tn. Flattery, importu- 
nity, earnest request, supplication. Haha^khanay 
To flatter, wheedle, intreat. interj. Of surprise or 
grief or pain, alas ! 

H^hakdr, jI^J&'^ ITITI^IT «• w». Conster- 

Ha-ik, »— ^.l&- 8, m. A weaver. 

Ha-il, (S!}^pari, act. Restraining, interven- 
ing; /used substantively) s. iti. Hindrance, obsta- 
cle, impediment, preventer, hinderer; shelter, 
a skreen, defence, protection. 

Hd-il, (^/.tb adj. Terrible, horrible. 

Hd-it, ^1.^ 8. tn, A wall, fence. 

Ha-jat, c^Wlc^ 8.f. Necessaries, wants. 

Hd-jee, ,^1^ s. m. A pilgrim to Mecca. 
Hajee-^l-hurumyn, A pilgrim to both Mecca and 

Ha-jee, ,^/F(jfe s. m, A satirist. 

HA-jib,^*-.^^*. m. A porter, a doorkeeper, 
a chamberlain; a curtain, a skreen; the eyebrow. 

H^-jut, Ci^U- ^./. Need, want, necessity, 
poverty; hope, wish. HajuUburdr, Producing 
what is wanted or desired. Hajut rUfa ktima. 
To relieve one's necessities; to go to the privy. 
Hajut'TnutKJty adj. Necessitous, indigent; hoping, 
depending. Hajut-ruwdee, s.f. Obtaining what 
is solicited, getting what is wanted. 

Hd-kee, ^\^ 8, A narrator. 

H^-kim, f-^^ 8. m. A ruler, a governor, a 
commander, a master. 

Hal, Jlfi- 8, m. State, condition ; business, 
aflair; present time, the present; ecstaey. Hal 
ana, To be inspired, to be thrown into eostacies. 
Hal&nhi. adv. Whereas, though, yet, however, 
even^, although, notwithstanding. Hal^pdsrsee, 
s.f. Inquiring after health, &c. Ilal-hal-chulna, 

To go or walk in haste or quickly. Hal^bthdl 
hdnoj To be altered from good to bad, to be dis- 
ordered. Hal'Sal, This year. Hal'Skikustuh, 
Ruined, distressed, wretched. Hal-o-l^, State. 

Hal, Jb ^madj. Quick. 

H^la, ^tc^ adv. Now, at present. 

Ha-la d6rla, "iySi^ tt^ %TOT s. m. Sliak- 
ing; an earthquake. 

HaUt. c^yU. s, f, jd. States, conditions, 
circumstances, cases. 

H^-lee,^U. €uij. Modem, new, belonging 
to the present, adv. Present, now, soon*, corrent 
(coin), Haleeyun, Now, at present. 

H^-lim, fJ ^ 1 TTfti^ «• ^- Cresses (Lj- 
*Jl3b / pidium sativum). 

Hal-na, U lib tt^ptt v, n. To shake. 
Hd-luh, /O lib ^. m. A halo, a circle round the 

Hd-lut, vsJl^ «./. State, condition, quality, 

circumstances, posture of one*s affairs; case. 
Ham, aW tuprop. Ham, son of Noah, 
H^-mee„^l^ 5. tn. A protector, a defender. 

Hamee-bhtima, To consent, to confirm, believe, 

acknowledge, confess, allow, own. 
Hd-mid,^^'^ $. tn, A praiser (peculiarly of 

Hd-mil, Jx W 5. m. A carrier, porter, bear- 
er, adj.f Pregnant (a woman). Hctmil't-mutun, 

A commentary rehearsing, or annexed to, the 

text. Hamiluh, adj.f Pregnant. 
H^-miz, J3x>\^ adj. Sour. 
Ha-moon, ^^tJb 8. m. A desert, a plain, a 

level ground., UJ^ Thnn ^ v. n. To pant, 
Hamph-na, U^'^lb TNf^ J to be out of 

Han, j'Jb ^if^ 8.f, Loss, deficiency, harm, 

injury, slaughter. 
Han, jllb itUerj. Make haste I know ! have 

a care ! let it not be ! lar from ! 
Han, j'ib Ti" adv. Yes, indeed; here, hither, 

&c. Han-kuhna, To agree. 
Hin-dee, ^i*^ ^wvS 8. f. A pot, a small 

Hand-na, C'3)tfe t\^SW[ v. n. To wander, 

to ramble. 
H^-nee, J}^ TPft adj. Occasioning loss. 
Han-gur, ff^^ TPIT 8. tn. A shark. 
Han-heen, j^^ irti^ adv. Yes. 
Hu^nis, Lt^'lc^ 6*. m. A perjurer. 

Digitized b, ^^ ^^'-^ 


O 00 
so too 



[ 161 ] 

(harsh pal atick) (soft dental) 










Hank, u-^bb tNt s,/. Cry, bawlii)^, call- 
ing to, (loud); driviDgr. Hanh-pQQk&r, Uproar, 
outcry. Hank mdma, To bawl after, to call to. 
HimftahdiStk, Driving;. 

fl^n-kee, ^^^ TT^ *•/• A vessel in which 
they make autvyrk or vermicelli; a sieve. 

H^ok-na, UfilJb tglli*tl v. a. To drive; to 
bawl to. 

Hans, ^^*'l2b y[jij s. m. A ducky a goose, a 

Hin-see, ^^^^ tN^ s. /. Laughter, 
lan^^iing^, joke, derision. 

Htoj^'Jb XT^ s.m. Coquetry, airs, dalli- 
ance, blandishment. Ifoo-^Aoo, Charm, attraction, 
dalliance, blandishment, welcome, hospitality. 

Hi-pur, jsj^Jb TTT^ s.f. A seed-bed (or ra- 
ther nursery) for sugar-cane. 

Har, j^ TTT {in compos.) Means the per- 
former of any act, and corresponds frequently to 
the English terminations «r, or ing, 

Har,j(to ^xx s. tn. A necklace of pearls, 
kc. a wreath, a chaplet; a flock (of cattle); pas- 
turage. <.y. Loss, forfeiture, discomfiture, part. 
act Being- overcome. Har m&ma, or -^man^lSna, 
To give np a dispute, to give up in despair, to 
acknowledge all lost. Har-jeet, Gambling, hazard. 
Har-jtet kitrna. To gamble. 

Har,jtb '^.^ 8, m. A bone. Har-jdra, 
$. m. Name of a plant (Cissas quadrangnhuris). 

Ha-ra, \j^ "^iXJ {in compos.) Denotes the 
perfiarmer of any act, dealer in any article*, it is 
often represented in English by the word man, 
or the termination er ; as Lukuf-hara, A wood- 
man. ' 

H^ri-ynl, Jj;^ Tlfc^T^ 5. m. A name of 
a pigeon (Collumba hnrrialla), adj. Of a green 

Hir-na, t^te> TTT^ v: n. To be overcome, 
to be unsnccessfnl, to lose (in play), to be tired 
out. V, a. To lose. Buchun h6ma, To promise. 

Hi-roo, ^\^ TT^ s. m. A loser. 

Ha-roon, J^j^ adj. Wicked, refractory, 
ro^ish. n. prop. Aaron, the brother of Moses. 
Haroan Rusheed, The fifth Khalifof the house 
of Abbas and twenty-sizth from Mahomet, 

Ha-r<Sot, C^M^Jb n. prop. The name of an 
angel, who, together with aqother, named Maroot 
are said to have severely censured mankind be- 
fore the throne of God; they were, therefore, 
both sent down to earth in human shapes, to 
judge of the temptations to which man was sub- 

ject, and they conld not withstand them, being 
seduced by the planet Venus in form of a woman : 
for which they were suspended by the feet in a 
well in Babylon, where they are to remain in 
great torment till the day of jndgment. 

Hd-sha, Ulcw adv. Besides. HashaliUah, 
interj. God forbid ! let it not be ! by no means I 
Hashdkuy Far be it from thee I Haskaku^ullah, 
God preserve thee from it ! 

H^ shi-ya, ^uibU. $, m, A margin, edge, 
hem, border; a marginal note; people of inferior 

H^-sid, J^lc^ adj. Envious. 5. m. An 

li^-sil, Jwolcw 8, m. Produce, advantage, 
product, result; acquiring; profit; com; a tax, 
duty, costom, revenue. Hasil-i-bazAr, s. m. 
Collections or dues of a market. HasiUi^zurh, 
The product of multiplication. Hasil k^rna, 
To acquire, get; gain; produce; collect; learn. 
HasU-i'kuldm, In short, briefly. Hasilhbna, 
To be acquired. Hal-hasil, Present produce. 

Hds-suh, A^U. s. m. Sensation. 

Hat, (JL9^ ^m 8. m. The hand. 

Hat. LE*b> Tl^l «.y^ A market, a shop; a 

Hath, if^^xx^j fair or moveable mar- 

Hath, C->(3b ^nr s. m. The hand; a cubit; 
possession, power. Hath 6na, To come intx^one's 
possession or power, to be obtained. Hath-OQlhA" 
na, To leave off, refrain from, desist; salute by 
raising the hand to the head; beat, give alms. 
H{4h ot iena. To receive with both handa open 
and stretched out together. Hath burh/ina. 
To endeavour to get any thing; to gain posses- 
sion of the property of others. Hath bund hona, 
To be much engaged in business, to have no lei- 
sure; to be poor or indigent. Hafh bhtirna. To 
have the hands wearied or fatigued. Hath-byth- 

.na, To acquire perfection in any art by practice. 
Hath-pdoifi phool'jmeh (lit. The hands and feet 
to become swelled) to be distressed or confound- 
ed, ffath'pdon phyl6na, To extend one's busi- 
ness or schemes. Hath-pdon mhrna^ To strive, 
endeavour, strain, toil, struggle; he agitated, 
sprawl. Hath putthur-iiileh ^ubna, (lit. To have 
the hand crushed under a stone.) To be helpless, 
to be unable to act. Hath pur (jih^ra ruhna ek 
cheez ka. To be in readiness (spoken of things). 
HaihpufTia, To come into one's possession. 
Hathpusdma, To ask, beg. Hafh puhreh lejdna. 
To hand (or lead) a person. Hc^ phooh s- m- 
Name of a plant (Pothos). Hathphema, 



t ](52 3 

a ch d e ee g ^ i 

All choose (soft dental) get thee gone (Northumbrian r) in 


(deep liquid Uogoal) 


Stroke, caress, coax. Haih phhikna, To fence, 
Hath jSpiOt To snpplicate, intreat earnestly. 
Haih jhSiutj To give, b«»stow. Hath jhoota 
hcna. To haye the hands defiled ; to lose the pow- 
er of the hands. Hath ch/itna. To relish any 
ibod exceedingly ; to lick one's lips. Hath chald' 
kee, Expertness. Hath 4h6na, To be disappoint- 
ed, to be hopeless. Hath dena. To concern one's 
Relf in or about any thing; to make a bargain by 
taking hold of the liauds of the other party un- 
der a cloth. ( A practice chiefly used in settling 
the price of horses and jewels). Hath ddina. To 
interfere in; to encroach. Math r6kna. To pre- 
vent. Hath smnetna^ To refrain from giving, 
&c. Hath snfkuma. To learn» practise, or ex-' 
ercise any art; to slay; to discharge from office. 
Hath kanon-pur rukhna, To be astonished; to 
drny vehemently. Hath kuma, To subdue* to 
h.ive possession. Hath kumur^pur rukhna^ To 
he very feeble. Hath hhyifchna. To refrain, de- 
list, abstain. Hnth lug6na. To reprove, punish, 
torment; to be employed in any business. Hath 
luqna. To be got, obtained, acquired. Hath 
, mAma, To promise; to acquire, plunder; to 
wound with a sword. Hnth tnilana. To claim 
eqnality; to prepare to wrestle. Hathmulna, 
To regret, repent, lament. Hath-meau^ rukhna, 
To possess, to hold in subjection. Hdthon-'hath, 
Out of hand, over hand, quickly, expeditious. 
Hathon-hath lejarui. To carry away quickly, to 
snatch away at once or suddenly. Hathee-hath 
kuma. To act in concord, pull together. 

IlfC-tho, ^4'*^^ y^^n 8, m. The hand ; posses- 
sion, power. Hatha banhee hurna. To scufHe 
or stnigglc together. H^tha joree, s.f. Name of 
a phnt (Lycopodiura imbricatum). Hatha jyhu- 
checy s.f Name of a game. 

Hdt-hee, ^'^^ Tl^ s. m. An elephant. 
Hathee-dant, Elephant's tooth, ivory. Hafhec^ 
uariy An elephant-Jriver; the l.'ith mansion of 
the moon. 

Ha-tif, ^^^paH. act Crying, exclaiming. 
s. in, h guardian angel, secret monitor; an enco- 
miast: a voice from heaven, or from an invisible' 

\i.6^'\\m^^^ part, act {used subs.) A judge; 
a black crow (probably, from decisions being 
formed by augury from that bird.) The proper 
name of a most liberal Arabian, surnamed Taee; 
whence (met.) adj. Liberal, generous, bountiful. 

lid-too, f^ 15TJ s. m. A niarketraan. 

Ha-wfie, v^y-^ part act. Comprehending, 

H^-wun, j^llb s, tn, A mortai^for poundigg. 
Hawun (fttstuhy A pestle and mortar. 

Ha-yil, J^i}3t adj. Terrible. 

Hd-yi-za. <tfl> Ift- s.f. A menstruous woman. 

H^-za, ]St pron. demonstrat. This. 

H^-zik. ^ilc*- adj. Ingenious, skilful, pene- 
trating, intelligent, excelling. 

Hd-zim, (»jtfc adj. Wise, provident. 

Hd-zim, f*^^^ adj. Loose, languid, relaxed; 
soft, gentle; digestive. 

Hd-zim-uh, ^^c^^ s, m. The digestive pow- 

Hd-zir, j-crle^ adj. Present, ready, willing, 
content ; the second person (m grammar}. Hu^ 
zirb/ish, adj. Content, attendant. Hazirboshce, 
s.f. Constant attenda|||^^ tjfft^ir^trdb, adj. 
Pert, answering wittily:^* Haxir-juwabce, $,f 
Repartee. Hazir ruhna, To attend, wait on. 
Hazir zAmin, s. m. Bail, security for the appear- 
ance of another, a bondsman. Hazir-zaminee, 
s.f The act of giving bail for another; a bail- 
bond. Hazir-o^nSuir, adj. Present and visible. 
Hazir hvna. To be at hand, to be ready, consent. 

Ha-zir-^t, C-^l^la- s.f. Commanding or im- 
prisonii\|r demons, &c. raising the devil. Hazira- 
tttyS.f. Commanding evil spirits, Uc, 

Hd-zir-ee, ^^yc^ s. f Breakfast, desert; 
levee, presence, audience, attendance, muster- 
roll ; an offering made to a moosulman peer or de- 
ceased saint. Haziree khdna, To breakfiist. 

He, ^ Commonly called haA-hoQttee^ the 
sixth letter of the A rabic alphabet, does not occur 
in Persian, nor is there in Sunscrit any letter 
corresponding to it. It is one of the six guttural 
letters; its sound being an aspiration much strong- 
er, and formed deeper in the throat than that of 
y. In reckoning by Ubjttd it stands for eight: 
a;id in astronomical tables, it denotes the sign 

He, ^ % A vocative particle, O I 

Uech, ^Jb adj. Nothing; worthless, good 
for nothing; any, any tiling. Hech^^mu^dn, adj. 
Ignorant, knowing nothing. 

Hee, fj^ ^ Emphatic afiix or adv. Very, 
exactly, even, indeed, truly. 

H6e-a,^f ^^T s. m. The heart. 

H^ej-ra, \y^:^ "^ITT s, m. A species of 
eunuch. Hijfa (met). Pusillanimous, unmanly. 

Heel, (j^ "^Mls. HI. Mud, slime, 

H^e-la, A::2b ^m) ooze. 

H6e-la, ^J^ s. m. Stratagem, deceit, pre- 

Digitized by VjOC^^^ 








C 163 ] 

(liarsh palatick) (soft dental) 










twice, trick. Heeluhbdz, or HeeluhsAz, adj. 

Artful, insidious, wily, deceitfdl. Heeluh-bazee, 

or — tazee, $, f. Artfulness, stratagem, trick, 

H6e-ma, Aa:r2b s. m. Wood, firewood. 
Heen, j^^ s. m. Time, interval of time. 

Heen-i-hifat^ s.f. Lifetime. 
Heeu, j^ ^^ adj. Deficient, little, abated, 

left, quitted, void of. 
Heen, rj^b ^ An emphatic particle, Very, 

exactly. Hem han bhurna. To concede. 

Heeng, uJ^^ ^^T s. m. Assafoeticta. Heeng- 
MgfHa, Ta void by stool involuntarily, {met.) To 

Heen-k^r-na,Oj(^j^ ^^T^hK^l v. a. To low. 

Heem-na, Um*x*^ ^*^f T v. n. To neigh, to 

make a noise (as, a horse when kicking^). 
Hien-ta, U^^ iftfTTr s.f. Abatement, alle- 

H6e-o, ^jJtb ^^l The sound made when 

caning cattle, s. m. Heart, mind, soul. 
Heer, j^ ^iT s. m. Essence ; pith, energy, 

T^onr. a^r- Essential, pure. 
Heer, jJb ^^rV^C n. prop. Hero, the celebrat. 

ed mistress of Leander, called by the Indians 

H^e-ra, IjJd i^TT s, m. A diamond. 
Hee-ra-m6n, j^\y^ ^THPf 8. m, A kind 

ofparroquet (Psittacus). 

Hee-r^-wul, J^l;^ ^TI^W 8. m. A kind 
of eheq[nare^ blanket worn hyfukeers. 

Hee-riftp-wul-ee, ^J^^y^ T TF^^ s.f, A row 
or string of diamonds. 

flee-mn, ^y^ Th^sr s. m. Gold. 

Hee-ta, rfk^r^ . s, m. A court, a place, an en- 

Heez, jf2b adj. Pusillanimous. 8. m. An 
hermaphrodite . 

Hela m^r-na, tjUilJb %*^ itttjftt v. a. 
To shove, launch, dash throngh water. 

Hetna, (^J-J^ ^*d^l v. n. To swim. 

Hem, ^^ %^ s. m. Gold. Heem^ s. m. 
Snow; one of the six seasons. 

H^m-a-chol, J^^^ ^"ifr^^ s. m. Name 
of a mountain, called also Soomeroo. 

Hem-Ant) ^^a^'s^Ajb ^ifTf s.f The fifth sea- 
son of the Hindoos, winter, about November — 

Heu-ben-a, ^^^y^ %^%«rT adj. Spoiled, 

H6n-ga, Ki-j^ ^^ s. m. A harrow. 

Her-na, V'^-^ ^xy[T v. a. To look after, 
observe, see; to search for, hunt, chase, pursue, 
catch, stop. 

Het, \JL^^ ^J s. m. Meaning, object, in- 
tention, theme, cause, reason, account. 

Heth, i*4^ ^ adv. Below, down, under. 

Het-ha, ^Xjte %"arT adj. Indolent, pusillani- 
mous, cowardly. Ilethapuri, s. m. Cowardice. 

Hewant, c::^'!^-^ ^^iTT «. m.l Name of a 

Hewunt, u^^^^ %^ s.f J season. 

H6z-um, fj-^ s.f. Firewood. Hezum-fur- 
6sh, A wood-merchant. Hezumhttsh, A wood- 
man, or wood cutter. 

Hi, 5$ fr A termination denoting the ob- 
jective case, to, for, particle affixed, very, &c. 

Hib-d-luh, «0^.^li- s. m. A knot, noose. 

Hib-uh, 4Ub «. w. A gift. Hibuk-ndmuk, 
A deed of gift. 

Hich-k4-na, C'i^«^ f%^frpn v. a. To jolt. 

Hich-kd-ra, \J^f^ adj. Useless, bad. 

Hich-kee, cf^=^ fr^P^ s.f Thehicconn^li. 

Hich-kich-^na^ '^'■?=%^ f^^^ftj'^pn v. n. To 
doubt, to hesitate, to be in suspense, to falter. 

ffich-kich-ee, ^.^f^ fr^ftr^"^ s.f Hesita- 
tion. Hichkicfiee bdiufhna. To gnash the teeth. 

Hich-6k-na, ^^ fv^^^fPTT t^. n. To draw 
back from, decline, shrink, waver. 

Hid-^-yut,^ii:-^.t*>5fc s.f Guidance in the way 
of righteousness or salvation; righteousness. 

Hid-dut, C->Jtf^ s.f. The edge of a sword; 
passion, vehemence, impetuosity, poignancy, vi- 

Hif-^-zut, ui^J^Ud- s.f Memory; custody, 
care, guardianship, protection. Hifazut kuma^ 
To preserve, defend; to repeat from memory; to 
keep m memory. 

Hifz, liAfc. s. m* Memory ; custody, guardi- 
anship, protection. Hifz-i'tnurdtibf Observing 
etiquette; attention to the rank, &c. of persons 

Hij-db) «-^^=^ s» iw. Modesty, bashfulness, 
shame; a veil, a curtain; night. Hijab'^thtia, . 
V. n. To be lost (the sense of shame) ; to be re- 
moved (a skreen). Hijab-cMshmee, Sheep's- 
eyed. Hijab kAma, To cover, hide, conceal; to 
shame. Hijab khdna^ To blush. Hijabee, s.f. 
Concealment, secrecy. 

Hij-dz,jU:^ n.prop. m, Mecca and the ad- 
jacent country, Arabia Pctne; (Arabia is by 
some divided into two parts only; viz, Ytmum 
U 2 Digitized by VjOOQ IC 






(soft dental) 

[ 164 ] 





(Northumbrian r) 


ia (deep liquid Uafual) loch 

and Hijaz: others make of it ^^e divisious; viz. 
Yumun Titiamuh, Nujd, Urooz, and Hijaz. 
Hijaz is the chain of mountains extending from 
Yumun to Syria; and has this name from inter- 
vening between Nujdsknd Tihamuh. 

Hij-eh, ,^/F^ 8. m. Spelling. 

Hijr, ff^ Separation, disjunction, 

Hij-ra, \ysF^ f^^T s. m. An hermaphro- 
dite, an eunuch. 

Hij-ree, ^f^ adj. Of the Mahometan era. 

Hfj-rut, Ci>f=^ s, f. Separation, departure 
from one's country and friends; flight, the flight 
of Mahomet from Mecca to Medina, which hap- 
pened on the 15th of July A. D. 622, whence the 
Mahometan era commences. Hujrut, One year. 

Hilj-d-rut, (JL>^^s^ s. f: Contempt, scorn, 
affiront, disgrace, vileness, baseness. 

Hik-d-yut, Ls^.li^ s.f. A history, romance, 
story, tale, narration. 

Hik-mut, ci-vc^ 5./. Wisdom, knowledge; 
skill, cleverness, contrivance; philosophy, mys- 
tery, miracle. Hikmufee, adj. Clever, 

Hil-a, to fr^T adj. Domesticated, tame. 
Hila milOf Amicable. *. m. Slime, mud. 

Hil-dl, Jto s, m. The new moon, the 
first and last two or three days of the moon. Hi- 
lalf/Q2ir, A kind of bow. Hildlee, s.f. A kind of 
arrow; a segment of a circle, adj. Relating to 
the new moon, n.prop. Name of a poet. 

Hil-^-na, l»to -ftprPTT v. a. To move; to 
familiarize, tame; to cause to swim. 

Hil-gd-na, Ol^hb ftyJiRi v. a. To hang, 

Hil-kor, jy^ f^%TT: S.f. Agitation; a 

wave, a billow. 

Hil-k6-ra, (;^ ■fV^f%TTT s. m. A ware, a 

billow, surge. 
Hil-lee-yut, Ci-^Jfr- «./• Lawfuh.e^s. 
HiHut, u:-J^ «./ Legality. 

Hilm,«J^ s. m. Gentleness, clemency, mild- 
ness, affaJnlity, gravity, wisdom. Behilm, adj. 
Merciless, severe. 

Hil-mil ji-na, OU.J-abb fr^ftw ^T'n v. n. 
To be mixed; to be intimate; to be jumbled to- 

Ilil-na, Ukb fHf^RT V. n. To shake, to be 
moved; to be familiarized, to be tamed. 

Hiloree mdr-na, ^'}^^)j^ fT%l"^ in^ETTT 
V. a. To heave, rise (as, the sea). 

Hil-6r-na, l^^ fV%lT^ «^- w- To biUow, 
to wave. 

Hil-sa, Ubb f^r^r^T s. f. Name of a fish 
(Clupea alosa). 

Hil-6g-na, WIIxd f^^nnfT v. n. To be biing 
on, be entangled, to adhere, stick to; be constant. 

Hil-6k-na, WJbb fr^RPn v. n. To writhe or 
suffer contortions (from affliction or pain, cbief- 
ly applied to children). Hiluk ruhna. To cling to. 

Him, fJD fr^f s. m. The fifth season of the 

Him-^-tut, u^Uc- s.f. Folly, stupidity. 

Him-i-ly, J ^^^ fr^H^^ n.prop. The range 
of mountains which bound India to the north. 

liim-^r, jUi^ s. m. An ass. Himarte, 
aty. Asinine, belonging to the ass. 

Him-i yut, cs-^^U^- s.f. Protection, d€- 
fence, guardianship, patronage, countenance. 

Him-mut, L^-^/cOt s. /. Spirit, intention, in- 
clination, resolution, bravery, emulation, liber- 
ality, courage, purpose, design. Himmut-wdla, 
adj. Highminded, liberal, brave. 

Hitt, > f¥ Emphatic particle. Very, 
exactly; also {in Bruj) the sign of the objective 
case, to, for. 

Hind, v>;Jb s. m. India, an Indian^ 

Hind-ba, (JOk;J^ s. tn. A white seed, endive 
(Cichorium endivia). 

Hindee, ^-VJb adj. Indian, relating to In- 

Hin-din ee, ^*^J<^ s.f. An Indian woman. 

Hin-dil, J^jAJb f%%i^ Name of a rog 
or musical mode, sung in the morning of spring- 

Hin-doo, ^'S^ s. m. A negro, a black Ara- 
^^iaq, Indian or Ethiopian; a Gentoo. (mel.) A 
mole or lock (of a mistress). 

Hin-doo-stdn, Js^^^Mb s. m. India (par- 
ticularly applied to the upper provinces.) 

Hind.6r-na, 0,;^;^ f t^^K^I v. a. To 

Hin-dwd-nuh, <tfl^v>j;xi> s. m. A water-melon. 

Hing-l^j, '^^J^ fr^^^ A temple of 
JDevce. . 

Hin-hitt-d-na, OU^^ (vrf^fT v. a. To 

H(n-na, Ucw 5./ The tree with which the 
Indians stain their hands and feet<Lawsoni» m- 
ermis). Hinndee, adj. Of the colour of Hww«»i 
stained with Hinna. 

Hi-n^-ta, tr^Xfc f^m «. w. Sup^cation, 

humility. /^^ i 

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[ 165 j 

r t u 

(harsh palatick) (soft deatalf but 









HiQ^ziil, JJiAe- 8. /. Coloquintida. 

Hir-4j> ^';*^ ^'P^' Flocks of cam^ thickets 

of trees. 
Hir-ir, ijSb f%TiT at^*. Raw, rare. 
Hir-is, ^^l;Jb «. m. Fear, terror, dread. 
Hir-a-san, jUtjlfe adj. Frightened, fright- 

eniD^ ; fearing, dreading. 

Hir-i sut, «^=--i|jc^ s./. Agriculture. 

Hir-i-sut, l::-^^!^^- s. /. Care, watching, 
guarding. Hirasut ktirna, To take care of, to go- 

Hir-ba, Oji>. 5. m. A chameleon. 

HIr-bee, ,^;^ adj. Hostile, warlike. 

Hir-da, |«^jib ^T^ Is. m. Heart, breast, 

Hir-dy,^j*>;3^ W^ f mind, soul, life, 

Hir-dd-fWul, J^l'^;^ f^^'^^ *• ^** ^ defect 
(in horses. It is a feather or curling lock of 
hair on the breast, which is reckoned unlucky 
for the rider.) 

Hir-fuh, J^^ s. m. Trade, occupation, art, 
profession; skill, ingenuity, cleverness, cunning. 

Hir-kee, ^^^ ^<^ s.f. Shift, contrivance. 

Hir-^il, JS^.Jfe n. prop. Heraclius. 

Hir-mdn, j^^ s. m. Repulse, disappoint- 
ment, exclusion. 

Hir-miz^e, ^j^^ *• /• Name of a red 

Hirr, j2b $,m. A male cat. 

Uir-rub, ^jit s.f. A, female cat. 

Hirs, ^JO^ s.f. Desiring eagerly, greedi- 
liess* avidity, antbition, avarice. Hirsee, (tdj 
Greedy, covetous, ambitions. 

Hirz, Jj3b Sg m. An amulet, a charm ; a for- 
tification, an asylum, a place of refuge. 

His-^b, wLuc^ s. m. Computation, calcu- 
lation, accounts.' Hisabpak kurtta, To clear ac- 
coants. Hisab4^t «. iti. An arithmetician, /fi- 
iob rukhna, To keep account of, to register. Hi- 
tab rufu kUma, To settle accounts. Hisabkitab, 
t. m. Accounts. Hisab fuirna, To calculate. 
Hisab Una, To take an accoont. Hisab-nuwies. 
9. m. An liccountant. 

His-d-bee, ^.U**c^ adj. Proper, accounta- 
ble, accurate, correct, just. 

Hi8»ar,^Uft. $, m. An enclosure, a fence, 
besieging, a fortified pbce. 

Hlaht, ^ji^viJb s: m. A hiss, &o. interj. 
I'ishl.«va«Qt ! hist ! 

Hls-lii^ kUjib f^^4i'i s. m. ImitaHon, copy- 

ing; contention, rivalry, emulation. HUka-his- 
k^e, s.f. Mutual emulation. 

Hisn, ^*f^^ s. m. A castle, fortification. 
Hisn-i'hmien, An impregnable fortress; the title 
of a book of Moosulman traditions. 

Hiss, (^/Mic^ s. m. Sense, sentiment, feeUng, 
imagination; sympathy. Hiss^-b&tineey Internal 
sense. Hiss-i^zdhiree, External sense. Hiss- 
i'miQ9hturuk, Common sense. His8ee, adj. Sen- 
sual, belonging to sense. 

His-suh, ^^a^ 8. m. Share, lot, portion, 
division. Hi8suh4dr, A sharer. Bissuh^aree, 
s.f. Sharing, being entitled to a share. Hissuh' 
riisutf, An equal share, a proportional part. 

Hit, c£-^ frfT *. m. Love, friendship, affec- 
tion, benevolence. 

Hit-kir, J^ ijT^WlX s. tn. A friend, be- 
nefactor, lover. Hiikaree, s.f. Friendship, love. 
Hit-oo, y^ ffij; »• wi./. A friend. 
Hi-wio, Ji^ f^Rl^ \ s. m. Courage, bra- 
Hi-y^o, ^wb -pr^R J very. 

Hi-ya, Ub f^^nr s. tn. Heart, breast, mind, 
soul, life. 

Hi-yul, (j^ 8. pi. Frauds, triclra. 

Hiz-bur, y^^ s, tn. A lion. adj. Thick, great, 

Ho, yb ^ A vocative particle, Ho f 

Ho-^-na, Olyb ^j ^\^j v. n. To hare gone 

and returned. 
Ho-ch6ok-na, U^.yb %t 5*^1 v. n. To be 

Ho-ji-na, OUyb ^ wmj v. n. To have 

happened, to become. 
H6-ke, ^yb %T% adv. Through, by. 

H6-la, )fy& ^^ 8. m. The chickpea having 
been parched in the pod; a kind of boat. Urge 
and flat-bottomed. 

H6-lee, ^^yb %1^ s.f. The great festival 
held at the approach of the vernal equinox; the 
song which is sung during the fe8ti?al. 

IIo-16-na, UJyt ^%^T v. n. To be com- 

Hom, A^3& ^T[ s. m. A" kind of fire-worship 5 
oblation, sacrifice, burnt-offering, the casting of 
clarified butter into the fire as an offering to the 
gods, accompanied with prayers or invocations, 
according to the object of the sacrifice. Hbmna^ 
V. a. To perform the sacrifice of the hom. 

Hon, jyib ^ 1 
Hood, # i 

I am. 

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^- * * 






(soft dental) 

[ 166 ] 






H6-na, l)^ ^i^tt v. n. To be, to become, 

belong, have, serve, answer, come, do, stand; die. 
Hdn-har,;^^ ^iTTiT adj. Possible; what 

is to happen. Honliar birwa ke chikneh chikneh 

patt A proverb applied to a promising child. 
Honth, i^^lb %t3r 8. m. The lip. 
Hdn-thee, ^^^ ^t<ft s. m. The bit of a 

Hoo, ^ pron. (he is) God. Hoo ka Alum, 

A desert plain (where no being but God exists.) 

Hdotouh hQQwuh, Exactly. 
Hoo, yb ^ adv. Too, exactly. 
H^-b^b, v^^^ »• »w. A bubble. H^ab 

^thna. To bubble. HQQbabee, adj. Of the bub- 

ble^ covered with bubbles, bubbl<»-like : «. {in 

compos,) Bubbling. 
HoQbb, \^,f^^ 8.f, Love, affection, friendship. 

HdQhh^l'Wutun, Love of one's country. 
Hoo-buh6o, y^^jSb adv. Quite, perfectly. 
H6g-bul, J^ Name of an idol in the Ka-^ 

buh of Mecca before the time of Mahometsnism. 
H6och-na, ^^^ IT^^ v. a. To miss, err, 

H&-da, ^^ s. m. Pointing out the right 

way, guidance in the right way. Hu^ee^ e. /. 

Cattle carried to Mecca to be sacriliced; giving 
. as an offering; a bride; a captive. 
H(i&d-da tiSod-dee k6r-na, O^T^I jto ^nr^ 

5^ *<*ll V' <». To threaten mutually. 
H(»d-h(Jgd, v>]bJJb s, m. Name of a bird 

(Hoopoe or lapwing). 
Hqo dood, i^^tXfiw s.pL Boundaries, confines; 

penal laws. 

HQj?-d6o8, Kt»^^^ 5. m. Novelty, invention. 
Hoo-h^, ^jt Ti^xx s, m. Report. 
H&j-jut, «-s-^ar^ 8. / An argument, proof, 
reason; altercation, disputation. H^'utee, adj. 
used substantively; a sound reasoner; a disputa- 
tious person, a sophist, a wrangler. 
H(5jjj.lub, ^^^^8. m. The bride's chamber. 
HQ0-j6om, ^f^ 8. m. A crowd, a mob, an 

assault, attack, impetuosity. 
H4s)j.ruh, »j^ 5. m, A cell, closet, chamber. 
Hook,v^^ 3^ s.f. Pain, stitch, ache, 

shooting pain, twitch. 
HoQ^-fea, aii^ s, m. The pipe, &c. in which 
tobacco is smoked. BoofJuibdz, A juggler. iJ®^ 
burtfdr, The man who prepares the h(^kka. ' 
Hoek-k^m, |»1^ S.pL Governors, rulers, 
commanders. i 

(Northumbrian r) 



(deep liquid Ungual) 


Uogkm, ^ic^ s. m. Order, command, degree, 
effect, permission. HQQkm Qsthdna, or — m&H- 
na. To draw at cards. BoQltm-midz, Hitting the 
mark aimed at, obedient to directions. HQQkm' 
ran. Ruling, exercising sovereignty. HQQhnJmh, 
Obedient, subject. HQQkm-n6muh, s. m. Writ- 
ten orders. Htskmee, adj. Obedient to directions. 
(Applied to medicine). 

H^^-na, i^AJic^ 8. m, A syringe, a squirt, a 
clyster-pipe, a clyster, a glyster. 

Hop-kook, jy^ 8. pi Rights, laws. 

Hoo-koo-mut, ^^s^-^^ s.f. Dominion, so- 
vereignty, government, jurisdiction. 

H&-kum-a, \Aic^8.pL Philosophers, sages, 

Hool, Jyb 15^ s.f. A thrust, an attack. 
Hool <fena, v. a. To goad, thrust, push, driTe, 
impel, urge. 

Hoo-Ws, (^SJb ^^mj 8. m. Alacrity, joy, 
gbidness. s.f. Snuff. 

Hd^l-ba, iUlck. s. m. Fenugreek. 

H&lee, ,^^ 8.f. Jewels, ornameiUs. 

Hoel-h&l, J^ ^^ir^ 8. m. Name of a 

plant (Cleome pentaphylla). 
HoQl-k^r-na, ^jihb ^w^iTyn v. a. To set 

(as a dog on a bull), to instigate, to halloo on. 
H&l-ma, ^Ac^ s, m. The nipple. 
H6ol-na, U)^ K^^ v. a. To goad, to 

thrust, to push. 
H&Uuh, Ac^ 8. m. A robe, a garment. 
H&l-lur, jJib ;5WT *• ^- Alarm, tumult, 

uproar, commotion, bustle, disturbance. 

HojhMol, J^ 8. m. Descent ; stopping or 
sojourning; entering or penetrating; transmigra- 

Hopl-sd-na, OLJ]t "^^a^'TT v. a. To cheer, 

H6o-lur, j)^ i^T 8. m. Tumult, uproar, 
alarm, disturbance. 

HoQ-his-na, U«iI^ 7sr^r^*n v. n. To be re- 
joiced, pleased, delighted. 

H&-ma, USb s. m. An eagle, a phoenix, a 
bird of paradise; a bird of happy omen, peculiar 
to the east; (it is supposed that evexy head it 
overshadows will in time wear a crown.) 

Hoo-m4ee, ^^Uft s. m. A fabulous bird of 
good omen, n.prop. Queen Homai. 

H<20-ma-y6on, j^.Uab adj. Fortunate, au- 
gust, blessed. 

Hoomk, J.ACW 8. m. Foolbhness, folly, stu- 
pidity, inadvertency. 

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[ 1<S7 ] 

(harsh palatick) (soft dental) 










. 2b 


Hijom-ma, ^c^ s. m. A fever. Hoomma-t- 
ribee, A qaartan ague. 

Hdora-ma, Ufc unBT s. m. The sudden infl?ix 
of the tide at new and full moon, commonly call- 
ed the Ban in Ben^lee. 

Hngm-m^z, ^U:^ s.f. Sorrel. 

Hoomr, jA>. adj. Red. 

H&m-rut, LLiy<^ s.f. Redness, erysipelas. 

H6Q-muk-na, U^a^ ^TRRlf v. n. To as- 
sault, stretch forward. 

Hood, j^lb jpr $. m. A coin, called also a 

floon, j^ ^ adv. Too, also, yes, exactly. 

H&DHla bh^-ra, Ijl^ilj-^afc 55^>frfT«. m. 
Contract for transportation of goods, including 
the payment of duties. 

Ho(?n-dar, ,!3A!^ ^r^.i: s. m. A wolf. 

H&n-dee, ^3^ ^ s. f. A bill of ex- 
change. HOQitdeewdi, Anexchange merchant. 

Ifogn-di-y^n, jl'.J^ yrv^ ^l W s. m. Ex- 
ch*ng«, or price paid for a bill of exchange. 

Hoon-hin, j^j^ 1^ s, m. Uproar. 

Hopn ki^ra, \J^ ^r^nrt s, m. Cry, out- 
crj, alarm, uttering the sound Ii^on to terrify. 

Hdonkfir-na, t^j^b ^^iT^Tf Tomake the 
wand iooT!^ &c. in anger, fear, &c. 

Hop-ndod, i^yjfe s. pL The hindoos, 

H6g.nur, y^ ^jpc 8. m. Art, skill, excel- 
lence in any ai-t. ingenuity, cleverness, virtue 
H(&wr-^Hha, An artist. Hmiu)Tnun(f, and 
Bggntfrwur, adj. Clever, skilful. Hi^tiurmmtjlee, 
»./. Skilfulness. Hoonur-pftrumr, An enconra- 
^ of science. 

Hoo-pa-h6p,s-^lj.yb;ijTrr?Tr adv. Secretly, 
nlently. > 

Hoor, j^s. s.f. A virgin of the Mahometan 

pwadise, a black-eyed nymph. 
Hoor.jyb ^9pf 8./. Wrangling. 

Hoo-rahdo-ree, urj^^'j;^ IT^T ^^'^ s.f. 
Striving, wrangling. 

H^r-dan-ga, l^'^jJb ^rft^i adj. Turbu- 
leot. H(St4ungeei s.f. Turbulence. 

H09r.g(Sga-da, U;/jto ^K^^l s, m. Name 

of a vegetable. 
B&r.hQs>r,^jlb SJ<^<5. m.Name of a plant 

(CUome viscosa). 
HiSor^ka,- 1^ ^TfsfTf s. m. Pining (particu- 

^lyi applied to children separated from parents) ; 

H4)Mi«D«, ^^ n, prop. The isle of Ormyz 

in the Persian giilph ; name of a king of Persia 
who reigned A. D. 272. 
H&r-mut, <::.^j>^s.f Dignity, character; 
chastity, honour; reverence. llQQrmut tdrna. 
To disgrace. HdQrmut 4^na^ To bestow honour, 
exalt; to lose one's character, incur disgrace. 
Hosmud kurna. To treat honourably, and res- 
pectfully. Hosrmut lSna\ To violate, ravish; to 

H&roQk, L^jJb 5r?^ s. m. A kind of drum 
in form like an hourglass (generally played on 
by bearers). 

H&-rQpk-nee, ^^^ m^%^ s.f. A dancing 

girl, a whore, a courtezan, harlot. 
Hoerr, jcw adj. Free, well-born, genteelly 

H&r-ra, ^f^ s,f. A free-woman. 

H&rra,ljIb^rcTs. wi. Dispersion (of an army, 
an assembly, &c.), general jail delivery. - 

Hopr-ree-ut, i.:^!;^ *•/ Freedom, - 

H6or-sa, L^^ ^^r s. m. A stone on which 

sandal wood is ground. 
HoQ-sdm, j%L*c»- s. m. A sharp sword. 

Hopsh, (Ji*-^ 8. m. Understanding, care, at- 
tention, study. 

Hgeshd-shuh, <U Ua. 8, m. The remains of 
life, last breathings of a dying man. 

HQ08ht-ra4)sht, u^^Jb^Ls^JtJfe s.f. Wrest- 
ling and boxing. 

HQQsh.yir,j'wjiJb adj. Intelligent, prudent, 
cautious^ abstinent, sober. 

Hopsn, j*M£i^ 8. m. Beauty, elegance, good- 
ness. Bopsn-i-iMfydr, Free will. BiXisn'i'iiiQQl^ 
A good disposition. Hostm-i-zunn, s. m. A good 
opinion, a favourable judgment. 

Hoo-s<5ol, J*w3Cw s. m. Acquisition, profit, 
advantage, produce. 

HoQ-s^n, j':'*^ adj. Good, beautiful ; a pro- 
per name, a son of Ulee. UoLsynee, A sort of 

Hoot^ Cj^a- S.f Fish ; the sign Pisces. 

HoQ-wy-da, \^,^'5t> adj. Clear, manifest, evi- 
dent,' open. 

HODzn, jjo- 8, m. Grief, sadness, affliction, 

Hoo-z6or, j^-^c^ 5. m. Presence, appearance, 
attendance, court, government. H(^zoor-tulub, 
Being called to the presence, summoning attend- 
ance. HoQzooree, s. m. An attendant. <^. Pre- 

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(soft dental) 

t 166 ] 







(Northumbriaii r) 


in (deep liquid Ungnal) loek 

Hooz-z^r,jL^^ 9, ])l. The present, the people 
present, attendants. 

Hor, j^ %T^ s.f. A wager, an agreement, a 
bargain. Hor b6n(fAna, To bargain, &c. Hor biuf- 
nOf To wager, bet, &c. Hof lugana, v. a. To 
wager, to make an agreement, v. n. To be posi- 
tive, obstinate, or perverse. Hor hdma. To lose 
a wager, &c. 

H6-ree, ^j^ %l-^ s. f. The festival of the 

Ho-ruh-na, U>,yb %t k^^\ v. n. To be, 
to become. 

H6-ruI, ijj^ %Vf^ s. m. Talk, mica. 

Hosh, ^^ 8, m. Understanding, judge- 
ment, sense ; mind, soul. Hosh pukuftia, To re- 

Hosh-k^r-na, ^J^^ %m ^n?rT t;. a. To 
disappoint, to balk. 

Hosh-mtind, «3aAityb cuff. Intelligent. Hosh- 
munfee, s.f. Intelligence, understanding. 

Hb-sh6ng, s,S^^n.prop. Name of the se- 
cond king of Persia, of the Peshdadiyan dynasty. 

Ho8h-y^r,jlM-&yb adj. Intelligent, attentive, 
cautions, prudent, sagacious, eareful, clever, sen- 
sible. Hoshyaree, «. /. Sobriety, carefulness, 
prudence, caution. 

Ho-svikna, UL^^ %t M^^l «. n. To be pos- 

Hot, Cj^ %T?f 8./. Ability, means, 

Ho-ta, t^ %im 5.111. "Wealth. 

H6ta ruhe-ga, K^fc/^^^It %r<n T%^n An 
expression used in reply to terms of abuse; im- 
plying that *' what you have said of me is appli- 
cable to yourself.'' Humen koschh Mhega too 
h6ta ruhega : what you say of me will recoil on 

H6-te,^^»yb %17^ adv. In the being, daring, 
in the presence. Hole, Gradually. 

Hoth, ^^ ^TS s. m. The lip. 

H6-tub, L-^"^^ ^TTTSf *. 01. Predestination, 
destiny. Hotubt/uta, 8,f. Fate, destiny. 

HcJu-duh, S5i3yb^«. m. A litter (used on 

H^-duj, 7*^y^ J an elephant or camel, 
iu which Arabian ladies travel. ) 

Ha»-]^a, t^^ %T^ s. m. Cnpidity, covet- 

Hoiil, Jj>» s,f. Changing, returning; pass- 
ing by or over; detaining; power, strength; de- 
ceit; a year. Huumly adj. Squinting, blind of 
an eye. 

Haul? J;^ 5. wi. Terror. Ilonldil^ Terrifi- 

ed; Hypochondriac affection, melancholy. Hmlr 
n6k, adj. Frightful, terrible. Hojiindkee, i.f. 
Frightfulness, terror. 

H^-Ie, ^ft %i% adv. Gently, slowly, 

HtJunk-na, UOyt %t^^T v. n. To pant, to 
puff and blow. 

H®ns, {jJf^ %"hg" s.f. Desire, wish, waut. 
Hoiins kuma. To desire. 

Uf^-si-luh, <)iU^ s. m. The stomach, maw, 
crop, (met.) Capacity, ambition, spirit, desire, 
resolution. Bonsilamiifujl, adj. Ambitious, as- 

H(is]-wa, lyb %i^ 5. m. A bugbear, a hob- 

Hqjiz, (jo^d'- 8, m. A reservoir, a pond, the 
bason of a fountain, a tank, vat. 

H^-zuh, ^J^>» 8. nt, A tract, side, part, 

Hubb, L,^*^ 8./. A berry, grain of corn, 
fruit, &c. A pill. 

Htib-buh, <u^ 8, HI. One berry, one grain, 
one seed; a particle, a part. A measure equal to 
two barley-corns. 

H6b-buz-a, t«^ interj. Excellent ! bravo ! 

Hub-^eb, ^-'«rt^ adj. Used substantively. 
Beloved, a lover, sweetheart, a friend, a favour- 
ite, a mistress. 

Hubl, J-o*. 8, m. Rope, cord ; a league, al- 
liance, compact. HM-QQl-wurie4, The jogubr 

H6b-ra, IjjJb T^^ ndj. Ill-shaped, clumsy. 

Hubs, (j^*^ 8. m. Retention, confinement, 
imprisonment ; prison ; a prisoner; a bank, mound, 
dam; a tank, pond, reservoir. Hubs-wirbsiti, i- ^' 
A retention of urine, a strangury. HmU-^' 
nufus, Snffocation. Nubs-i-iftim, s. m. Retain- 
ing the breath (which some fukeets do as a reli- 
gious act for a very long time. This is esteemed 
a means of .prolonging life> on the principle, that 
every man has a predestined number of inspira- 
tions to make, and the more slowly these are per- 
formed, the longer will be the period of his tx- 
istence) ; an asthma. 

H 6b-8hee, ^^^^ adj. Abyssinian, a caffre. 
Hubsliunee, s.f. A female Abyssinian. 

H6cb-ka, ^ ^^ i «. «i. A jolt, 

Huch.k6-la. ^^f^ T^m J shock. 

H6ch-ur m6ch-ur, ff^^f^ T^T f^X «• •»• 
Dispute, cavil, excuse. 

Hud-^-kut, lk^Ij^ 8./. Ingenuity, skill. 

Hudd, J^ 8./. Bounferv. linritfl, bounds, 

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[ 169 ] 

r t u 

{hfiTnh palatick) (8oft dental) but 








extreme, extretiritj;an impediment: a definition, 
a starting post. Hutjbfi'shurat Punishment a- 
greeably to tbe laws of Mahomet, which fix the 
exact number of lashes, &c. to be inflicted for 
certain crimes. Hu4(Jise'£i^/i4uh, Beyond bounds, 
extremely. Htidd b6n(jihna. To bound, to ter- 
minate. Hufpi bhur ki/ma» To do one's best. 
Hii4<f hhma. To push, any thing to extremity, to 
go beyond bounds. Hu4fji mama, To punish. 

Hadd, i^to ^. m. Breaking-, demolishing, 
raining, adj. Liberal. 

Hdd*da, l»3^^ ^^^. m, A wasp; spavin. 
Budde'Tnofhre i%ik6bia, (lit,) To break out in 
spavins and cedematous swellings, (met.) To 
adopt an evil conduct» 

Hud-did, *3lv>c^ «. fw. A blacksmith. 

H6d-dee, ^Jjfe Tf^ s.f. A bone ; the hard 
part in the centre of a carrot or other similar 
root. Huddeela, adj. Bony. 

Hud-eed, ^^>c^ s, m. Iron. 

Hud-6e-ka, ^.-J^ «. m. A garden. 

Hud-^es, ci-iJ^ s, m.f. A history, a tradi- 
tioa ; the traditional sayings of Mahomet. Hu' 
4ee8 Atima, To forswear, to abjure, to renounce. 

Hud-iya» <ft>JJb s, m. An offering, a present 
(particularly, to superiors); the price of a Koo' 

Hud-i-ya-ha, tJbOjJb TtT^TTTT adj. Sheepish, 
shamefoced, timid, bashful, scrupulous. Hudi' 
yahut, s,f. Scrupulousness, sheepishness, shy- 

Hu^-i^yi-na, ^^,^ Tf^T^TT v. n. To he- 
sitate; to be alarmed or apprehensive, to shrink. 

Hudm, (»J*2b s. tn. Ruin, destruction ; a 

Huds, C^Jc^ s» m. Any thing existing for 
the first time, recently happening, novelty, con- 
tingency, event, accident; an accidental cause of 
impurity, according to Mahometan traditions, 
whereby it becomes unUwftii to commence or 
finish a prayer without ablution. 

HJd-uf, i^dSt #. m. A mark, a butt (for 
archers, &c). Hu^ufmdrTia, To strike the mark, 
to hit the -nail on the head. 

Htid-uk-uh, ^<x>. s. m. Pupil of the eye. 

Huft, jAa. s. tn. An assembly, council, con- 

Huft, vj;.^fljb adj. Seven. Huft-un^&m^ The 
name of the great vein that runs through the 
arm. Hujt-.rdngee, adj. Capricious, artful, cun- 
wng. i^'z/^-A^/um,- Seven sorts of handwriting 
in Persian, or one who writes those seven hands 

• ■ v\^ 

HufUukUem, or —kishuur. The seven climates or 
regions, the world. Hfift-hnzdrce, The com- 
mand of seven thousand, a commander of seven 
thousand . Hufi-husht^ Abuse, idle talk, kc, 
Huf-toQm, ^''-sCa adj. Seventh. 

Huf-tuh, <i3L^ s. m. A week; Saturday. 
Hufiuh'iost, A slight acquaintance, an incon- 
stant friend. Hufteh ka din, Saturday. 

Huf-6ee, Is^ ^J* Active. 

Hug-i-na, OI^!b ^j i mt t?. a. To cause to 
go to stool. Hvgds, s.f. Inclination to go to 
stool, tenesmus. Rvg/tsee-buWikb, A restless fid- 
getting person. Hug-bhtima, v. n. To be pollut- 
ed with excrement. Hvgna, v. n. To go to stool. 
Hugnetee^ 8. f. A field to which people repair to 
ease themselves; podex. Hugwda, adj. Pollut- 
ed with excrement. 

Huj-d-mut, us-^lac^ s.f. Cupping, scarify- 
ing, shaving. 

Hujb, i^,-'^?:^^. wi. Interposing, secluding, 
excluding, fencing round. 

Huj[j, gv.a- $. m. Act of moving round, or 
going to a place ; pilgrimage to Mecca. 

Huj-jara, (•W:^ s. m. A cupper, scarifier, 
barber, shaver, phlebotomist. 

Huj-jdr^ j^^^ s. m. A lapidary. 

Hdj-luh, /dsr**" s. m. TTie female partridge ; 
the ornamented chamber where the bride sits, 
the curtain which hangs before her, the marriage- 

Hujrn, f*==^ s.f. Thickness, bigness. 

Hujm, *-2c^ s. m. Driving in ; repulsing ; at- 
tacking suddenly; extirpation. 

Huj-o, ^2=^ s.f Satire, a lampoon, a pas- 
quinade. HtijO'mulSeh, s. f. Apparent praise 
but real satire, irony. 

Haj-6om, (•^^c^ s. fit. A crowd; an assault, 
a storm. 

Hujr, fs^ s. m. Separation, disjunction, de- 
sertion of country or friends. 

H6j-ur, jflc^ 8. m. A stone. Hnjrutdn,Go\d 
and silver. Hnjur-QQl'Uswwji^ 8. m. The black 
stone in the temple of Mecca. Hujut'Onhyiuhood, 
8. m. A calcareous stone used in medicine, Jew's 
stone, resembling an olive or acorn, found in 
Palestine; Hehnintholithus echini. 

Huk-a-ilf:, u-w ISck. s, pi. Truths, narrations. 

Huk<^r-na, ^J^ TWiXyn v. a. To drive 
oxen or other cattle in a circle as when treading 
out grain. 

Huk-buk-i-na, ^CS:it v^^trt^ r. n. To be 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 







(soft dental) 

[ 170 ] 






(Northumbrian r) 



(deep liquid lingoAl) 



confused or irresolute (when any thing is to be 
done), to be aghast. 
Huk-6e-kee, J^^ adj. Real, intrinsic, true, 
i^ertain, accurate, just, own. Uukeeffee thdee^ A 
full brother, 
lluk-ee-ktit, cs..-Jub- s./ Account, narra* 
tion, relation, state, condition, explanation; 
truth, sincerity, reality.' 
Huk-ee-kut-dn, llS^ adv. Really, truly. 
Huk-6em, f^^^ adj. used subst, A sage,. a 
philosopher, aphysician. Hukeem-dnuhy adj. Phy- 
sician-like, sage-like, relating to a physician or 
8ftge. Huketmee, s.f. The practice of medicine. 
Hiik-6er, j^ adj. Qontemptible ; thin, 
lean; vile. Hukcer jdma. To contemn, to des- 
Hukk, ^ adj. Just, right, true, s. m. The 
Deity; justice, rectitude ; right, due, lot, portion; 
equity. (PI. HOQkook^ Rights, duties, laws, just 
claims). Hukk ti(jia kmna, To render every one 
his due. Hukk-<XfS'Sue€, s. m. The whges of labour, 
recompense for trouble. Hukk-ikllaK The rights 
of God, punishment inflicted for religious oflfences. 
Hukk-QOn-nas, The rights of man, punishment of 
crimes against society. Hukk-QQn-nazireen. Soipe- 
thing left after a banquet for the servants, or 
spectators. Hukk-tu/iln, God isgreat, the Almigh- 
ty. HukkjulUojulaU The Deity in all his splen- 
dour. Hukk-jo, adj. Seeking truth. Hukk-^ar, 
Owner, proprietor. Hukk ht4k kmrna. To be very 
hungry. Hukk-shin6s, adj. Knowing and per- 
forming one's duty, rendering to every one his 
due; grateful. Hukk-men^ With respect to, for. 
Hukk'Tui-hukk, Right or wrong. Hukk-IUma, To 
die. Hukki-ashnaee, The rights of friendship . 
Hukk, <-^ s. m. Erasure, scratching out. 
Hnkk kuma\ To erase. Hukk lima. To be eras- 
H6k-ka, ^^ adv. Really, truly, by God. 

Hiik-ka bilk ka, ^A r%^ ^^ adj. Con- 
fused (when any thing is to be done), aghast. 

Huk-k^k, ^^ s. m. A cutter and po- 
lisher pf precious stones, a lapidary. 

Huk-k^nee, J^ adj. True, sincere. 
Hukkaneeyut, s.f. Truth, sincerity. 

Huk-kee, J^ s. m. An erasing-knife. 

Huk-la, :*il& '^^ «♦'• Stuttering, stam- 

Iluk-U-na, tS^ T^f^'TT v. n. To stam- 
mer, fitBtter, falter. Hukidha, s. m. A stam- 

H6k-um, f^&- 8. m. An umpire, a mediator, 
an arbitrator; knowledge, wisdom, &c. 

Hul, Jibx^ 8. m. A plough. Htdjota, A 
tiller, a ploughman. 

Hul, Jjfe ^^ s. m. The afterbirth. 

Hul-^ee, 1^2te ^^^xt s.f. Ploughing. 

Hul-a-hul, J^b^k^ '^Vf^ s. m. Poison. 

Hul-dk, v.i2to 8. m. Perdition, niin, 
slaughter, death, adj. Lost, destroyed, fatigued. 
Hulak kuma. To destroy, overwhelm, drire to 
destruction, distress, fatigue, kill. Hulah Una, 
To be killed, fatigued, tired, 

Hul-d-kee, ^^ s.f. Perdition, ruin, de- 

Hul-d-koo, /2te adj. Deadly, destructive. 

Hul-^-kut,u:--^2te 5./. Death, destruction. 
HuWl, J:*;=^ adj. Legal, allowable, lawful, 
right. (A woman) laying aside mourning for 
the death of her husband, at the expiration of UK) 
days (during which time ^he is not by law al- 
lowed to marry). Hulal &hor, s. m. A person of 
the lowest oast, generally a sweeper, or employed 
in the meanest and dirtiest occupations (so call- 
ed, becanse every thing is /air/w//)orf to him). 
Hulai'&boree, s. f. The business or state of a 
sweeper, &c. A female sweeper, &c. Hulal kur- 
na. To slay according to the forms prescribed by 
the Mahometan religion; to murder; to marry. 
HuUal, A resolver, untier. 
Hul-d-luh, *0S^ s. f. k woman married a- 
gain with her first divorcer after she had been di- 
vorced by her second husband, 
Hul-^-wut, C^yki^ s.f Sweetness. 

Hul-bul-d-hut, L£^S^Jb ^w^^rf^ «• / 
Hurry, confusion (the effect* of h^rry). HuM- 
arm, V. n. To hurry, to be confused. 

Hul-chul, J^> >f^^^ s.f Fright, pertur- 
bation, hubbub, tumult, anarchy. 

Htil-dee, ^^^ ^^ s. f Turmertfk 
( Curcuma longa) . . 

H61-di.ya, l/A '^^,^ «.'»». A ^^^^ f, 
poison; the jaundice; a class of merchants, a*- 


Hul-eem, ^^ adj. Mild, affable, unassum- 
ing, tractable; a kind of food dressed in the if(M)- 
hnrrum., 41^ s. m. An astringent nut, 

Hulf, '^-ftlft- s. An oath. 
Hul-gee, J^ X^ adv. Gently, softly. 









C 171 ] 

(harsh palatick) (soft dental) 










Hul-hul, J^ ^^n^ s. m. A mortal poi- 

son » 

Hol-hula, i^hb s. tn. Poison. 

Hul-hul4-na, t}^ib T^nr^im v. n. To 
shake (from the effect of an ag^e, &c.)i to trem- 
ble. V. u. To shake, cause to tremble. 

H«, ^.^1^ ^fw^ s. f. Sickness, 
disease; an a^ue. 

H61-ir-ya, t> Tfe^ s. m. A herd (of 
oxen), drove, flock (of cows). 

Hul-i-y4-na, t^lj&'Tf%^I^T v. n. To nau- 

Hoik, ^j^ s. m. The windpipe, the throat. 

Hul-ka, 1^ t?«*l adj\ Light (in weight or 
character), debased, mean, silly, easy, soft, cheap, 
Hulkaprin, 8,m. Despicableness. Hidkajdnna, 
To disdain, to disesteem. Hulha knma. To light- 
en, to assuage. Hulkdee, s,f. Lightness, levity. 

Hol-k^n, jthb adj. Confounded, confused, 
tired, wearied. 

Hul-kd-na, 0(^ T^RTT^ v. a. To ahet. 

H61-ke^ ^Jiij^ adj. Guttural (letters, 

Hul-kor-na, V^^ ^ H^i<*ti v. a. To ga- 
ther, to collect ; to billow, to wave. . Hilkoma, 
v.€U To agitate, shake, distarb, perplex. ». n. 
To fluctuate, to waver. 

Hiil-lj:uh, ^^ s. m. A ring, a circle, an as- 
sembly, a fraternity; a kind of firework; a 
knocker (of a door). Hulkuh-bugosh, A slave, a 
servant, i. e. one who wears a ring in his ear, 
as a badge of servitude. Hulkuh-bugoshee, s. /. 
Servitude, slavery. HulkuAzun, Knocking (at a 

Hull, Js^ s. m. Solution, loosing. Hull-Mree^ Gilding. Hull kuma, To loose, to solve, to 
dissolve, discuss, dilute. HaU(Mth4, Loosiug 
and binding, absolute power. 

Hiil-la, ^^ ^^ 8. m. Uproar, tumult ; as* 

Hul-Ujy ^^ s* ni. A comber, a carder of 

HuUa-k611a, ^Mi ^^ich^i s. m. Loquacity, 

foolish talking. 
Hul-lub, 4^ s. iw. An assault ; an uproar. 
Hul-6-ra, \j^ T^'kXJ s. m. A wave, billow, 

Hul-6r-na, Oj^ T%lT?rT ?^ a. To collect, 

to gather. 
Hul.ph61, jUjb ^^^rupf s. f. Affability ; 

hurry, perturbation. 

Hul-r^o-na, O^tjlib T^TOTTT v. a. To amuse, 

play with, dandle. 
Hul-teet, <j:^^s1^ $,f, Assafoetida. 
Hul-ub, L-Ji^ n. prop. Aleppo. Hidid)ee, adj. 

From or belonging to Aleppo. 

Hul-up-na, UJi* if^nPTT r. n. To toss or 
tumble about, to shudder in a fever. 

Hul-wa, \y^ s. m. A kind of sweetmeat 
made of flour, ghee and sugar. Hulwa-sfhun, 
8. m. Name of a sweetmeat, ffulwa nikalna. To 
beat severely. 

Hul-w^ee,^!^lfi^ $. m. A confectioner. Hul^ 
wfTyfiHt s.f. A confectioner's wife. 

Hul-wi-ha, biybb inir^fT «. »»• A plough- 
man. Huliodhee, i,f. Tillage. 

Hul-w^n, jiy^- s. m, A kid, a lamb. 

Hum, ji^Tb ^^ pron. pL We. 

Hum, {►ifc conj. Also, even, same, likewise, 
in the same manner, equally, (m. compos.) To- 
gether, with, mutually, similar, same, equal; as, 
Hum-agb6sh, Embracing, locked in each other's 
arms. Humnighoshee^ s,f. Embrace. Httm-awaz, 
Of the same tone or voice; agreeing together; a 
eomrade, companion. Ilunt'dhung, Harmonious, 
concordant. Hum-^az, A partner, associate; Op- 
ponent. i/ium-(uzm, Of the same society, asso- 
ciating together. Huni'bistur, Sleeping together, 
lying on the same bed, bedfellow. Hum-pa^ A 
companion, an attendant. Hum-piydltth, Pot- 
companion. Hum^pesluih, adj. Of the same trade, 
similar in practice. Humjins, Consubstantials, 
of the same species. Humjumb, Sitting together, 
a friend. Humjuwdr, A townsman, a neighbour . 
Hum-jolee, Equal, peer, coeval. Humchushm, 
Equal. Hum^ushmee, s, f. Equality. Hum- 
chushmee kimiat To contend. Hum-&ltdmth, A 
fellow-lodger, a companion, a spouse. Hum- 
Mwdbuh, A bedfellow, spouse. Hum-dastdnt 
Being in the same story. Hum^tibistan^ A school- 
fellow. Hunvjiuriji^ A partner in adversity, sym- 
pathetica!. Kum-^igur^ Together, one with a- 
nother. Humj'ih Loving, of the same inclina- 
tion, a friend . Hum(jlMn, s. m,f. An intimate, a 
friend, companion. Hunufumee, s.f. Intimate 
friendship, familiarity. Hum(f6sh, Close together, 
equal, like. Humioshee, s. f. Approximation of 
body to body, equality. Runtidz, Acquainted 
with one another's secrets. Humzdif, Of the 
same age, a playfellow; &jinn which is said to be 
produced at the moment of the birth of every 
child, and to accompany him through life. HutU" 
zanoo. Sitting together, a companion. Humz^lf, 
A wife's sister's husband. Httm-aumztmuh, Fe) 

2 Digitized b, ,^ ^ ^.^.^^ 


[ 172 3 

a ch d e ee g 

»ll choose (soft dental) get thee gone 

low-«inger, companion. Hwnsdz, According, 
unanimous, friendly. Humsnj/uh, A neighbour, 
neighbouring (plur. HmU'SayugAn), Hum-s/ii/U' 
gee, 8,f. Neighbourhood. Hum-subufi, A ckss- 
fellow. Hum'sdoHun, Conversing, talking toge- 
ther. Jfumsiir, An equal, a companion, consort, 
wife, husband. Humsuree, Equality, evennes^^ 
matching, equally. Hum-svfur, A fellow-travel- 
ler. Hurn-sik^ruhf A messmate, a companion at 
table. Humsmn, Of equal age, a playfellow 
Humsung, Equal, of the same weight. Unmskukl^ 
Of the same appearance, alike, resembling. Hum- 
shuhrce, A town*s-man, a fellowcitizen. JJum- 
sheer t An uterine or foster brother, a sister. 
Hum-sheei'uh, A sister. Bums^hbJit, Associated, 
of the same society, Hum^ai'fier^ Fellow-whist- 
ler, fellow songster; fellow-suflferer. Hum-Wee, 
Of like fortune, a comrade. Hum^ptbuk, A mess- 
mate. HumdQmr, Of the same age. Hum-imn, A 
companion, associate, peer, equal. Hmn'uhd. 
Coeval, contemporary. Hum-kH<f(jty Of equal sta- 
ture. Hum'kuiuniy A. companion, attendant, foot- 
man. Hum^knsum, aij. Bound together by Oiith. 
Hum-zQum, Of the same tribe. Hfrni-fUkuA, A 
cup-companion. Hum^kosfoo, Of the same fami- 
ly. Hum-kuldm, Conversing together. II/i7» 
hindr, Embracing, embracer. Hnm-kinaree, s. f. 
Embracing. Hum-g^p, A gossip. Hum-muz-huby 
Of the same religion. Hifm-mua^ft, A fbllow- 
labourer. Httm^muslukut, Confederated. //</;»- 
mdnee, Synonimous. Hum-mt/ktub, A schoolfel- 
low. Humndmy A name-sake. Hum-ni^ld, Sing- 
ing together, singing in ooncorjd. Hum-nusl, Of 
the same breed. Hum-nisheen^ A companion 
Humnufsy Fellow, companion, adj. In concord 
(music), harmonious. Hum-numfth, A mess- 
mate. Huni'-w/wd/uh, A messmate. Hhjt-nuw^' 
eet A fellow-songster. Htim^wt/zn^ Of the same 
weight. HutH-^utuny A fellow-countryman. Hum^ 
wutuneey The being of the same country. 

Hura-d-il, (J/.U>. s. /. A sword-belt-hung 
from the shoulders; a necklace of flowers; a small 
kooratt suspended to the neck as an amulet. 

Hum-41, JUib a4f* Like, equal, of the same 
age, a comrade. 

Hum-d-na, Ul«.^ s, nt. The opinion, imagi- 
nation : adf. Like, resembling, adv. Immediate- 
ly, suddenly. Dftto, the same thing repeated, 
as before, again. 

Hum-^-ra, ^j^x^^TK^ pr<m> posses, pL 0\iT\ 

Hanad, *Xa^ s. f. Praise. Humeetfy adj. 

Praised j laudalrfe, glorious. Q^ tAf-i-humieitih, 
Laudable qiiiilScHtionj. 

(Northumbrian r) 



(deep liquid Ungual) 



Hum-6el, J^'ft^ 8, m, A son of a whore; a 
surety; herbs, sticks, &c. carried down by the 

Ilum-de-yut, ls^-^-m^^ s./. Ardour, zeal, a 
nice sense of honour. I 

Hum-en, ^r^^^ ^ pr. pi in the objective 
case, Us, tons. Humeei^y We ourselves. 

Ilum-eo, ys^>> i^%?r s, m. Vanity, egotiam, 
arrogance, pride, \ 

Hura-^shugee, jC^^^ s.f. Eternity, per- 

H um-esh-uh, <CiM-«Jb adv. Always, ever, con- 
tinually, perpetually. 

Hum-i-y^n, jlj-a^ s. A purse or scrip. , 

Huml, JxU^ s.m. A burden, a load; the 
fruit (of the womb), pregnancy; fruit (of any 
kind). Huml kuma. To load, to impute, accuse, 

H6m-la, ^tlxOb s. m. An attack, an assault. 
Humluh^dumr, Attacking. 

Hunun, ^ s.m. Grief, care, solicitude, turn- 
ing a thing anxiously in the mind. 

tium-milj J\^ adj. Used substantively, A ^ 
porter, a carrier of burdens* 

Hum-mam, j^Ujb s. m. A bath. Ilumam, s. A 

pigeon. Hummamee, s. m. A keeper of a bath, 

or an attendant at a bath. 
Htimph-na, U^^Alb i5*i*«ij v. n. To be out 

of breath, to pant. Humphyly adj. Short winded. 
Hum-rdh, ^\^^oSt s. m. A fellow-traveller. 

adxK With, together with, along with. 
Hum-ta, tuib adj. Equal, alike. Humlmei 

«./. Likeness, equally. 
Humud^n, ^\^/i^ n. prop. Hamadan in 

Humugee, ,J^:t adj. The whole, every 

one. Ulumuddn, Knowing every thing, experi- 
enced, wise. 
H6ra-ul Jji^ s, m. Aries. . 
Hum-W!ir, j}yo5b adj. Even, level, smooth, 
Hum-wd-ruh, iJjI^ adv. Always. 
Hum-y6-nee, ^Jl^^ s.f. A purse. 

Hum-zuh, ^jA3b s. m. The orthographical 

mark ( * ). 
Hun-da, I j^ ^tj^ s. m. A caldron. Etmda 

phSfna, V. a. (lit. To break the pot) to disclose g 

secret, to let the cat out of the bag. 
Hun-di-na, t3!J;Jb T^^TT v. cT. To banish, 

expeU di-iire out of a oity,'diigr ace (by public 

puaiihinent); to more rounj^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 











[ 173 ] 

(barsb palatick) (soft dental) 










Hun-do-Ia, X^J^ ^^i^i 8, m. A swing, a 
cradle; a song describing the swing and sung dur- 
ing that exercise . 
Hdn-dus-uh, lUJiAJb s. m. Geometry, figures, 
arithmetic. Hmufusu'^f^f Geometrioian, arith- 
metician, acconntant. 
Hung, cJ^ s. m. The understanding, wis. 

Hun-gdm, A^Mt s, nu Season, time, pe- 
Hun-g^-muh, »^^^ 8. m. An assembly^ a 
crowd; tumult, uproar, riot, disturbance; assault. 
Uwngamvh ktima. To raise a disturbance. Httn^ 
gamugeeTt tidj. Tumultuous, &c. 
f Hun-j^r, ilsc-^ s. m. A strait ro^, atrue 
method. Nahunjar, adj. Stray, wicked, unfor- 
tunate, rude, unpoUte. A mason's rule, « plumb- 
line, a level, &c. 
Hun-jur, jsr^-^ s. m. The throat. 
Hiin-kir, ^^ ^IT s. »i. Cry, outcry, 

bawling ; driving. 
Hun-ki-ree, uy'^-^ H'^(iV^ cidj. Proud, self- 
^ conceited. » 

Hun-k^r-na, ^j^ y^TCTT v. a. To drive 
away, to expd, halloo after, to bawl to, to caU, 
to hoist (sails, &c.). 
Hdn-na, Ixifc t^ v* «• To kill, give a blow, 

Hun-oo-man, jUyJt vjiTTiT 8.m, A monkey. 
The name of the monkey who is said to have 
beaded Rams forces against Mavun, 
Huii-(5z,j^;^ arfv. Yet, hitherto, still. Hun- 
ozPilUe(foof ft$f (lit, DdhiU still far off ) , Is 
med to e^eci that the conclusion of an affair 
is yet distant. 
Hans, yjj^ ^ 8. m. A duck, a goose. 
(meL) Life. Huns gmameey adj. Walking 
gracefully as the swan (a woman). ' 

Hun-aa, LjCt ^^r 8. m. Laughing, laughter. 
Hvm-B^-ee, ^U^^ ^li: s.f. Ridicule. 

HoQ-sd-na, ^L*;^ ^^tt v. a. To cause to 

laogh, to tickle. 
Hto-see, ^j***;^ ^^ 8, f. Sport, fun, mirth, 
)' laughter, ridicule. 

HuMi-ya, U-oib l^f%^ 8* m. A sickle. 

H6ttB-lee,^-i-;Jblf^^ «./ The coUar-bpne; 

s collar (of gold, silver, &o.) worn round i)ie 

^^ as an ornament. 
HAos-mgokh, <t^.A«**;:b y^g^ ad/. Clieerful, 

Merry, laughing, fiu^tious, joUy. 
HWna, UM*«b ^^^r v, a. To laugh. 

Hiin-soo-a, \^***^ ^'^^^8, m, A sickle. 

Hun-sor, j»*»*A2b '^^r^ adj. Facetious, 
merry, cheerful, {sttbst.)-, A wag. Huiisorpim, 
«. m. Facetiousness. 

Hun-zul, JJaJja. s. Coloqiiintida apple. 

Hup, v---^ ^"q^ 8. m. Act of suddenly snatch- 
ing with the mouth and swallowing. Hi'p-jhvp, 
adj Quick. Uup-jhup khdna, To eat quickly and 

Hur, j3b adj. Every, any. Htir-dn^ Constant- 
ly; whenever. Httrb/ib, Every chapter, all sci- 

, ences, every circumstance. Hurbabee, Master of 
knowledge of every kind. Hurbdr, Every time. 
Hurj^ety adj. A vagabond, stroller. Hurhal, How- 
soever. Hur4il''nzeez, Beloved by every one, po- 
pular. Hnrifum, Every moment. Hurtfum-bhiy^' 
/«e, Whimsical, caprioioos. Hur-iegec^Jotmchuh, 
A sponger, one who hangs on another for a main- 
tenance. Hurkaree, Attending to all sorts of busi- 
ness. HUrgdhfOdv, Whenever, always; wherever, 
every where. Huri/uk, Every one. 

Hur, j3b TT 8. m. A rogue, a wag, 

Hur, jtb XKn, prop. A name of Muliadev. 
adj. Every, all. Hur-bhanti, Every kind, all sorts. 
Huriy A name of Vishnoo. Huri-bhf/jun, Adora- 
tion of Vishnoo or of the Lord. Hurt bhti/U. A 
worshipper of Vishnoo. Nnridds, A servant of 
Vishnoo, Huripyfee, A ghdt or landing place 
dedicated to Huri, 

Hur, j3b TT «• w. A plough. Eurhndg^ 8. wi. 
Anarchy, confusion, uproar. Hurbhoom kn rajy 
A country or place in which injustice prevails, 

Hur, jSb TT *•/• Name of a nut (myrobo- 
Ian); an ornament resembling that fruit «. m. 
Bilboes, the stocks. Hur phbotun. Pains in the 

H6r-a, \^ ttt adj. Green, fresh, verdant. 

Hur-a, lyb TT^ «• w. A sky-rocket. 

Hura-ee, ^\^ X^\i: s.f. Greenness, fresh- 
ness, verdure. 

Hur-iee-nuh, ^}^ySb adv. Necessarily, un- 
doubtedly, at all events. 

Hura-hur-ee, o^-'^j^ T^IT^ *• /• The 
twang of a bow. 

Hur-dm, Af^ adj. Unlawful, forbidden, 
prohibited, excluded, sacred, wrong. Huram 
ridthna, To prohibit. Huram tiior^ s, m. One 
who lives on the wages of iniquity. Huram' 
z64uh^ odj. Unlawfully-begotten, bastard, s. m. 
A wicked rogue. Huramzadugee ktfma. To a- 
huse, to ill treat. Hwram-rnvghZf The Spinal 
marrow. Huramkdry s, m, A fornicator. HitT" 

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(soft dental) 

C 174 ] 







(Northumbrian r) 



(deep liquid lingual) 


amkaree^ s,f. Forbidden acts (particularly, adul- 
tery and fornication). Huram khana. To receive 
the wages of iniquity. Huram-numttk, adj. Un- 

Hur-^ mee, c^!;«^ s. m. A robber, an assas- 
sin. Huramee pilla, A bastard. 
, Hur-d-na,0|^:bT^f^T v. a. To win, to over- 

• oome, to beat (at cards), to weary, to tire. Hi- 
rOTia, V. a. To lose, to mislay. 

Hur-a-rut, c^jl^e^ s, m. Heat, burning fever, 
warmth; zeal. Huraruti'tjieenee, s, f. Fanati- 
cism. Huraruti-ghureezee^ 8,f. Natural heat. 

Hur-at, ^JL>]^ n.prop. Herat in Khorasan. 

Hur-d-wul, J;ly^ s. m. The advanced guard 
of an army. 

Hur-^-yun-a, ^i}^ adv. Certainly. 

Hurb, v/^ ^./. War, battle; flight, defeat. 

Hurbgdh^s.f. Field of battle. Hurbee^adj. War- 

like, relating to war. s, m. A warrior. Hurbuh, $, 

m. Arms, warlike apparatus, any warlike weapon. 
Hur-bur-^na, ^]y,jSb >; Ng«i<jMi v. n. To be 

confused, to hurry. 
Hur-b6r-ee, ^jy^^ T^TiT^ s. f. Hurry, 

alarm, uproar, riot. 
Hur-buri-ya, l/jj^b ^f^f^r^n adj. Easily 

agitated, irritable. 
Hurchi-bada-b^d, *3l{Ulj<t<^jte Let what will 

Hur-chund, vX;^jto adv, Howmuchsoever, 

howsoever, although. Htirchumfki, Nothwith- 

staading, although. 
Hurd, djSb ^ 8. f. Turmeric (Curcuma 

Hur-da, Ujb ^^ s. m. Mildew, smut (in 

Hiir-ee, ^jto ^f?: s. m. A name of Fishnoo. 

Hur-^ef, wRjj&- arf/. Clever, cunning; plea- 
sant, facetious, s. m. A rival, an enemy; an as- 
sociate, a partner, a friend. Jiureefee^s.f, Rival- 
ship, enmity. 

Hui*-6e-la, SjjJb T^^ adj. Verdant, green; 

a coward, a runaway. 
Hur-eem, ^js^ s, m. A sacred place, a 

sanctuary; the enclosure of the temple of Mecca} 
a house or dwelling. 
Hur-^er, j^ja. s. m. Silk-cloth. 

Hur-6e-ree, ^^if^ s.f. A very thin kind of 

Hur-ee-ruh,.5Jy.jcw 5. m. A kind of pap of 
milk and flour, caudle. 

Hur-^es, ^..^ adj. Covetous, greedy, 

Hur-6e-suh, <W^ 8, m. A kind of thick 

pottage, made of bruised wheat boiled to a con- 
sistency; to which they add meat, butter, cinna- 
mon and aromatic herbs. 

Hur-6e-wa, ly.;Jb T'ft^ «• «• A kind of 

Hur-6r.a, \ji,jst T^:TT 8, m. k vegetable, 
verdure; adj. Verdant. 

Hurt j (— ^j^ s. fii. A letter of the al 


a particle (in grammar) ; inverting, chan^og, 
turning (as, a coat) ; a crooked pen; writing di- 
agonally; a margin, side; a word; the summit of 
a mountain, (pi, HOQrSof). HQBroof'i-Mja.m, 
HdQroqf-i'tuhujjee^ The letters of the alphabet, 
an alphabet. Hurf-dshnaf Being just able to 
read, knowing the letters. Htitfdna, (In&mj). 
The approach of infamy, to be incurred (infamy). 
Hurf'Un^dz, adj. Cunning, artful. Hurf-m4^ 
zee, s.f. Cunning, artifice, art. Hmf-bythalM, 
or jumana, To compose for printing. Hurfpur 
denglee rukhna. To criticise. tiaffpuhtpM, To 
censure, to criticise. Hurf'i'4ur4'6e49 Disjunc- 
tive conjunction. Hurf-i-Uishbeeh, The adrerb 
of similitude* Harf-i'tOreef, The definite article. 
Hurf-i'ttmkeer, The indefinite article. Hurf-ztm, 
adj. Talking, conversing. Hurf*irshvrtt Con- 
ditional conj unction. HuTfisuheeh, A consonant 
Hurfi-iUut, A long vowel, (t. c. (^ or ^ or \).Hurf- 
ffeer, s. m. A critic, a caviller. Huif-ge^ru, 
s.f. Criticism. ^£ifj/ /ana. To asperse, to defame, 
to blot, to brand, to blemish. Hurf-nashirm, 
Not attending to advice, obstinate. Hurf-nashi- 
noueey s. f Obstinacy, inattention to advice. 
Uurf-O'kikayut, s. f Disputing, converaatiwi; 

Hur-fee, ^^^f^ adj. Literal, relating to let- 

Hiir-fun h6r-fun, iSj^Uya- adv. Letter by 

letter, syllable by syUable. ■ 
Hdr-gah, ^(^ adv. Whenever, wherever, 

every where, ahi^ays. 
Hur-g6e-la, ^^ySt> T^T'fl^r s. m. Name of 

a bird, a gigantic crane ( Ardea Argala). 
H6r-giz,yjJb adv. Ever; never. 

Hur-g6&-nee, ^^ ^Kip^ adj. Skilful, 

Ildr-ha, ^^ ^^r^ adj. Stray (an ox). 
Hur-huft, (*::-aaJ&^ adj. Adorned, dressed. 

s. m. h narcissus. ' 

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[ 175 ] 








(harsh palntick) 

t u w y y zh 

(soft dental) but "write you my pleasure 

Hur-hurd-hut, C^|j>^ ^ ^ ^ ^l ^ e «./ A 
crack, a sound. 

Hur-huril-na, ^13^7^ VfT^TTT r. n. To 
shudder, shiver; to crash, rattle. 

fiiir-hiir-ee» ef?}^ V?T^ s* /. The twang: 
of a bow. 

HAr-im, ^^ adj. Old, decrepid. s, m. 
Mind, nnderstanding, intellect. 

Hur-is, ^J*^^ Tft^ »•/. The tail of a plough. 

Hur-it, Cl>yfe Tfr^T ac?;. Verdant. 

Hor-i-yd-la, VOj^ ^ r<^l^l adj. Verdant, 
green, grassy. 

Hur-i-yi-lee, ^Ojlb^fT^rmt s. f. Green- 
ness, freshness, yerdure. 

Huri-y^-wnl, J;V.;^ ^f<^ir^^ s. m.f. Ver- 

Hfir-i-jml, Jj;Xfe Tfc^W 9.m. A green pigeon 
(Columba burriala). 

Hurj, ^^ s. m. Tumult, sedition, confu- 
sion, trouble, loss, interruption. Hurj-murj, 
8, m. Confusion, tumult, dotation. 

Hur-j6-ra, 'j^?^^ T^S^TfT «. m. A medici* 
nal plant (Gissus quadrangularis). 

Hdr-ka, ^^ y[Xm «. m. Crying, whining. 

Hur-kd-na, OK'jlb XK'^T^ v. a. To scorch; 
to stop, forbid, prevent. 

Hur-ki-rufa, ^j^^ s.m, A running foot- 
man; a spy; a messenger. 

H6r-khit, u^i^jJb Tf^TT adj. Pleased, de- 
Hgfated, rejoiced. 

H<ir-ki.ya, l^Jt ^ iSkii\\ adj. Snappish. 

Hur4Lut, f^yt %^^f\ s. m. Acanthus ili- 

Hur-m6o8h-ta, ^^Jt^^ ^C*Jiiei adj. Stout, 
robust, active. Hurmii^htee, s. /. Robustness; 

Hte-na, ^*jSi> T^ s. m. A stag, a buck, a 
nude antelppe. v. a. To seize on, to take forcibly; 
to steal, spoil, plunder, take away. ?^/>t't. 

Hfir-na, ^j^ T<:m s. m. A pommel (of a 
nddle). Hosma, v. a. To beat down (aspaviers). 

Hur-nee, J?>^1 s.f. A doe. 
riir-nee, tTiJlTJ 

Hur-6on, ^^f^ A costive horse. 
Hur-n^-ta, CyjJb ^ufi^i s. m. A fawn. 
Hur-dg-tee, ^^^ \Xy^ s.f. A cane, staff. 
Hurpha-r6vree, ^j^jl^^Xb T^ ^:^^ s. f. 

A sour fruit (Averrohoa acida; Cicca disticha; 

Pbyllanthns cheramela). 

HAr-ra, tjlt tTT s. m. An astringent nut, 
myrobolan; (Terminalia citrina or chebula). 

Hur-rij, '^IjXb adj. Running fast (a horse). 
8. m. An auction. 

Hur-rif, u3!;c»- adj. Ingenious, clever ; plea- 
sant, facetious. 

Hurs, i^jcw 5. m. Ploughing, cultivating,, 
sowing; agriculture, cultivation, a plough share. 

Hursh, ^jXb s. m. Joy, mirth, pleasure. 
Hurshit, adj. Rejoiced, pleased, glad. 

Hur-sin-gir, J^x^^ ^Tf^'HT s, m. The 
weeping Nyctanthes. 

H6r ta, V'jJb x^ 8. m. A thief, a stealer, a 

taker away. 
Hur-Wl, Jt^ TTTTM*./ Orpiment. 

Hiir-ukh, */^ tI" s. m. Blowing, bloom- 
ing; delight, joy. Hurukhna, v. n. To blow (as 
a flower); to be delighted. 

H6r-uk-na, Uf jlb ^ ^<^i^| v. n. To stop ; to 
be scorched. 

H6r-uk-ut, <^j^s.f. Motion, action (usu- 
ally, improper;) prevention, hindrance; a short 
vowel. Huruktt kuma, To commit an improper 
action. Humkutee, 8. m. An interrupter. 

Hiir-um, ^Jt adj. Sacred, forbidden, s. m. 
The temple of Mecca; a sanctuary. «./. A con- 
cubine; a daughter, women's apartments, ft serag- 
lio, a harem. 

H<irum-z6dugee, ^^^jJb s. f. Rascality, 

H6r-un, jjSb TTITI 8. m. A deer or ante- 

H6r-in, Tfc^ J lope ; subtraction ; 
plunder, theft, sack, taking away by force, to 
take away. HUmnr4^kh, Taking away or dis- 
sipating grief or trouble. 

Hur-uwee, ^^jst> 8. m. A native of Herat. 

Hur-zugee, ^JJ^ s./. Nonsense, frivolous 

Hiir-zuh, ^j^ adj. Absurd, nonsensical, 
frivolous. 8. m. Trifles, bagatelles, Hurzu-- 
ibwoHf Reading or repeating nonsense. Hurzu- 
<hsiee, 8.f. Running about without reason, //ur- 
zu-guriji} A gossip. HurzUgby One who talks non- 
sense, an idle talker. Hurzughsh, Listening to 
nonsense. Hurzuhdr, A trifler. 

Hus, ^j»^ T9 5. m. A consonant 

Htis-a, Uo^ 8. Gravel, little stones. Hgpsaty 

A stone in the bladder. 
Hus4-ee, ^Ljb irert »./• Ridiculing. 

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C 176 ] 


a ch d e ee g g^ i 

■it eboosp (soft dental) get thee gone (Northumbrian r) in 

(deep liquid lingaal) 


Hus^-na, l3U«Jb ^^i^ri v,a. To make (one) 
laugh, to cause to laugh. 

Husiinut, cs^tflc^ 8.f. Firmness, stability^ 
durability, steadiness. 

Husb, v^^AMbCw adv. Agreeably, conformably, 
according to, in conformity with. s. m. Way, 
mode, manner; computing, reflecting upon, con- 
sidering; quantity, measure, proportion, value; 
number. Husbool'imkdn, As far as possible. 
Husb'QSf'Umr, or, Hush-QQl'irsh64^ or Husb-aol- 
hoohn, Agreeably to orders. Husb Qnlmamdol, 
Agreeably to custom. Husb-i'h&ly Agreeably to 
circumstances, as exigency may require.. Hasb- 
i iilbh^q^n Agreeably to one's desire. Husb-asl- 
mQQ(f(Ji^dt According to wish. 

Hus-^en, ^ir*^ ^j' Beautiful. 

Hus-een, ^y^^ (tdj. FortiBed, strong. 

Hus-eer, j'^^^^' s. rn. A mat. 

Hiish-fa, <U-irf^ s. 91. Glans penis. 

HuBh-mut, ci-voJLo- 5. /, State, dignity, 
equipage, pomp, retinue. 

H6sh-o, ^iucw 8, m. The stuffing a pillow, 
cushion, bed, &c. also, whatever it may be stuff- 
ed with; people of the meanest condition; small 
camels. Huiho-minhd, Subtraction, deduction; 
the quantity deducted. 

Hushr, ytf^ s, f. A meeting, congrega- 
tion, ooncourse; the resurrection. Yoj^m-QBl- 
hushvy Day of resurrection 

H6sh-ree, ^f/**^ «^« Ghastly : violent and 
impetuous (for the mare, a horse). 

Hush-^h-bush-^sh, ^^Uy^'J^ adj. Joy- 

Husht, u-^-iJb adj. Eight. Husht puhldo, or 
HuiM mmjureey adj. Octangular. HushiQQmy 
adj. Eighth. 

Hdsh-uf-a, ^kt^^i^ s. tn. Glans penis. 

Hdsh-um, jkS*&* s. m. Train, retinue, equi- 
page, suit. 

Hush-ur«at, C->!jJ^ The buzzing noise 
of a crowd; reptiles, insects, animalcules. Hush- 
urat (20/ urz^ Reptiles. 

Hiisi-ya, Ij^^lb ^f%m s. m. A reaping hook. 

H US-lee, ^^^^Ljb v^f^ s. m. The coUar-bone, 
clavicle; a collar (of gold or silver, &c.) wora 
round the neck as an ornament. 

Hus 6od, »3^*M^ adj. Envious, malignant. 

Hu8r,^^.tfc^ s. m. A siege, blockade; reckon- 
ing, counting, number. 

Hus-rut, cjy**c>^ «./. Regret, grief, desire. 
Nt4€rut aldoifuh, adj. Overwhelmed with grief. 

Husrut iuduh, adj. Wo-begone, afflicted. Husnd 
koQsh tuh, Killed with grief. 

Hus-s^, ^^L*f^ adj. Possessed of the five 
senses, sensitive, s. m. An animal. 

Hust, v^^^wJ t f.yi Being, existence. 

Hust, u^^AMlb Y^ 8. m. The hand; a cubit. 

Hus-ta, Ix^Jb ^f^TT s. m* The 13th mansion 
of the moon (Corvns). 

H (IS- tee, ,^^l*MJb s. /. Existence, entity, 
the world, 

Hds-tin-a-posr* j^^"*-*^ Tftf'n'JT 8. m. 
A shrine of the Suraogets near Dillee or BM. 
Ancient £)e/Ai, the capital of Joodhistbir and bis 
brethren, the remains of which still exist, aboat 
57 miles N. B. of the modem city, on the banks 
of the old channel of the Ganges. 

H^s-tin-ee, ^^yJUaJb Tf%^ «./. A descrip- 
tion of women, the worst of the four classes; a 
female elephant. 

HAs-ub, v-j^w-^ s. m. Pedigree, nobility, 
dignity; sufficiency; religion. Husub-o-nusitb, 
8. m. Pedigree. 

Htis-ud, cW>. s, f. Envy, malice, emula- 
tion, ambition. 

Hus-un, ^;*»*^ odfj. Good, beautiful, n* prop. 
A son of Ulee. 

Hut, vju^ TT interj. Begone ! fy ! 

Hut, ^^^ T^ s.f. Insisting upon, obstina- 
cy, perverseness. Hut kHmay To insist upon, to 

Hi&t-a kut-a, ^^ t^t ^HJT affj. Stout 
and active, robust, vigorous. 

Hut-^-na, V'lxjb ^t^t^t v. a. To repel, to 
drive backwards, to back. 

Huth, i^ ^^ s. m. The hand. HutA Mfe, 
s.f. Strength of hand, force. Huth-phooii A kind 
of firework. Huth-pher^ Slight of hand (in a 
money changer), changing a good foruM^* 
pee for the purpose of imposition; borrfmdg- 
Htdhpher ISna, To borrow. HM^h-jhdn, A hl»^- 
barrow. Huth-chupdoa, Snack, shore, -^ife'^ 
chhoot, A beater. Hufh^tee, Name of a cutwiA 
the sword, which is intended to take off or dis- 
able the adversary's hand. Hutk'ktqree, s. / A 
hand-cuff, fetter, manacle. Huih4hcay s. m. A 
ceremony in marriage among Hindoos.( The hands 
of the bride and bridegroom are joined palm to 
pahn with some flour put between them, and tied 
with a red thread). Huth-n6l, s. f. A small osn- 
non carried on elephants, &c. 

Huth, d^TZs, 9n« Violence, force ; teasing ; 
allegation; obstinacy, perverseness, unpersna- 

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r t 

(harth palatiek) (soft d'cntnl) 

HUW hiii-' 








cUbleness, disobedience. HiUh ^hurmee^ Per-* 
Terseness, obstinaoy. Huth kuma, or Haik hee tek 
pur hona, 'to resist or disobey obstinately; to be 
perrerse or pettish. 

H6t-he6, ^^^ T«^ 8./. A brush for rubbing 
down horses with or rather a hair-glove; a rub- 

B^-hee, j^^^Xfc ^^ adj\ Peevish, obstinate, 

Httfc-h^e-la, ^t:^ ^Ml adj\ Teasing 
(child), pettish, perverse, obstinate. 

Hut-hela, 2U^ T^twr s. m. A thief, a rob- 

Uuf h^lee, ^J^^ T^^ s. f. The palm of 
the hand. 

Huthi-ya, U«ab tRt^ s. m. The 13th man- 
sion of the moon, Corvus; the breaking np of the 
rains. Huthipa kes rak, The milky way; 

Huthi-yi-ee, ^t*^ ^Osi^ri, s. f. Murder, 
slaughter, violenoe. 

Huthi-y^-na, tU^ ^fij^lHl v. a. To seize, 

Huthi-y^r, jtj^SUb TftPHT s. m. f, A tool, 
arms, implements, apparatus, Huthiyar-buwf, 

lluth-khunda, tJ^^^ab T^rt*^ s. m. Ha- 
bit, Gustom,\oack. 

Hiith-na, U^^ XZWl v. n. To be peevish* 
perverse or pettish. 

HAthnee^ uH^ fT'ft «./ A female ele- 
phant. ^ 

But-hd-ra, fj^^ ^f^T^ s. tn. A sledge- 

Hnt*h(iB-tee, Jif^ ^l^i^ s.f. Dexterity, 
art, skill. 

Hut-4ida-ree, ^jj^ ^rf^ 8,f. A small 

Huth rus, (^;4^ ^ITT^ «. m. Amorws daU 
liajice, toying; self-pollution, onanism. 

H6fA^-6e, ^j^ T8r6 s.f. A handle, a 
imob (of a spinning wheel). 

J|rt4tiir-Ba, 0^ T<&<^1 1?. n. To hurry, 
to be impatient. 

Hfta.ya, Ij^ ^fd^l 5./. Market. 

Hu(k, u.^ ^. /. Levity, affront, disrespect. 

Hutka h6tkee, Ji^^^-^ ^3^ ^^^ ^. / 

Drifing back, struggling. 
Hut-k^ na, 0(^i& >Sd*hHT v. a. To stop. 
Hut-na, Uxib ttri v. a. To kill. 
H(it-na, U^ .^d**l tr. n. To go back, to be 

driven back, retire, move, shrink, to be defeated. 

Hut-ta, L 

^-«. cow;. Until, up to, so that, in 
such a manner, and thus. Hultui'muf4oor, adv. 
To the best of one's ability. "^ tAra . ^ 

Uut-tdl, JllXlb T^Tnw s. f. Shutting up 
all the shops in a market (on account of oppres- 
sion, &o). 

H6t-tha. UiJb x^ 8. m. A handle; a shovel, 
a baker's peel; a sleeve. 

Ilut-th6r, j^ T"?T s. m. Hurry, impa- 

H6t ti-ya, Liib ^7^\ s.f. Murder, slaugh- 

Hutti-yi-ra, (jUxto ^«IKI 8. m, A murder- 
er, assassin, wretch, vilhun. adj. Inhuman. Huttu 
yaree, »./. A female murderer. 

Hut-uk-na, ' LsXxa ^(d4«ll v. n. To be re- 
pulsed, to be driven back, retire, move, shrink, 
to be defeated. 

Hut-wa, \y^ y[ZfK\ 8. m. A person employ- 
ed in a market to measure rice, grain, &c. Hut' 
waee, 8,f. The office of a hutwa, 

Huv-wa, ly^ n.prop. Eve, the mother of 

H6wa, t^b s.f. Lust, desire; love, affec- 
tion; wind, air, atmosphere. Huwa b^ncjihkur 
jdna, To beat to windward. Hawa buf/ina, To 
reject one's petition, to disappoint. Huwa bundh- 
na, To appear. Huwa-bfirufee kuma, To build 
castles in the air; to calumniate. Huwa-purust, 
Vain, fickle, giddy, volatile, a sensualist. Iluwd 
phimee. To change condition. Hvwa chhoofAna, 
To break wind. Huwa-Mpah, A friend, lover. 
Huwa-hirs, Covetousness, envy, greediness. 
Buwwfdr, adj. Airy, s, A lover. Htnoa ^ena, 
To blow the coal, to foment a quarrel. Hutva- 
zucfugee, A disease so called, cold, catarrh. Huwa 
86 baf kurna. To rival the wind in speed. Httwa- 
se lutiia, (to quarrel with the wind,) Implies a 
readiness to quarrel. Huwa kuj-na, To fan; to 
broach, divulge, disclose, publish. H/wa khdna, 
To take the air, to walk about idly. Huwa ke 
&w^^/eApA<5rna,To build castles in the air. Huwa 
gSer, A rocket-maker. HuwaH>^huwus, Lust, 
concupiscence, sensuality, luxury, vanity, ambi- 
tion. Huwa h(hj6na. To scamper off, vanish, 

Hdvva, Jy> 9. f. Desire, love, inclination, 
will, wish. 

Huw^ee, ^1^ *./ A rocket, adj. Aerial, 
airy, windy. 

Huwal-^t, Cj^t^ 8. f. Things given in 
charge, trusts. ' 

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[ 178 ] 









(soft dental) 




(Northumbrian r) 



(deep liquid lingual) 


Huwa1-ddr« jIjJI^ s, nt. A military officer of 
inferior rank. 

Huwd-lee, ^t^ s.f. Environs, outskirts, 
8abarb8. parts adjacent. 

Huw^-lub, ^\f^ 8, m. Charge, custody, 
consignment, care, possession. Hmoalehy adv. In 
the charge, care, &c. 

Huw^mm, J^ 8. m. pi. Reptiles, insects, 

Huwdn, j\jit 8. m. A mortar. 

Huwdn, j\^ Contempt, misery, distress. 

Huwd-ree, s^y^^'^ s. m. Having a white skin, 
a washerman, a fuller; a friead, a companion; 
an apostle, a disciple or apostle (of the Lord Je- 
sus Christ); a friend, associate,* companion (of 

Huw^shee, ^^1^ 8. pi. Skirts, margins, 

Huw^-sil, ij^]^ 8. m. An animal of whose 
skin they make garments; a pelican. 

Huw^lss, ^)^ 8,m pL The senses ; percep- 
tion. Huwtits b^HtHhy a4j* Out of one's senses. 
H'fwass^ik^msvh^ The £?« senses. 

Hnw61-€e ^^f^8./. House, dwelling, habi- 

Hdwikh fimee, yj^^)^ s. f* Rioe and 

Huvvus, yj>*jSb s.f. Desire, lust, inordinate 
appetite, concupiscence; ambition; curiosity; in- 
ordinate desire. Huwus-mak, Sensual. 

Huw'wa. 1^ fuprop. Eve. 

Hii2-ir,yj2^ €idj. Thousand. Hmzar^pOi 8. m. 
A soolopeodra, a renemous reptile. Hmzar- 
chuskmmh. «. m. A cancer (disease), /fvxar-^o*- 
tS%y A kind of nifhtingale. Nmar^det^^t A 
common strumpet. 

Iliiz-i-ra, ' ;'j> s m, A double flower; a di- 
vided stream or jet d*eaa (Mke tbat of a walei^ 

Huz :S-ree, ^^^J^ * /. The command of a 
thousand, «. at. Comttander of a thousand. H^^ 
9m^t^xs6rtey Soldiers and tradiMicu, ki^ mud 
low. people of all sorts. 

Hiiz-«r^, l>.*j:fr Thousands, by thousands. 

Htti-e^-mut, vj:--A*j:b *. /. Flighu rout, de- 
feat. H^amm^t k lamm, T* be de^Mted. 

Huz een, .>* ;:^ adj, Sad> sorrowful* afflict- 
ed. «i^Uuch%>lT, |;neTe4. H^^roket, #,/. Sad- 

Hia-<vi, ^A^^i fv ctij. Low. 8./. The lower 
eitr«ui*r or surtinre cf aur thin^. tfce foet oft 

mountain; (in astronomy) the lower apsis in an 
eccentric orbit (opposed to OuJ), 

Huzf, i^^ 8. m. Taking away, ejectinf, 
cutting off or rejecting a letter or syllable of a 
word (by apocope). Huzftalima, To omit, con- 
tract, reject. 

Huzi-^yan, c^V.*^ ^* ^* Raving, vain useless 

Huzl, JjJb s. m. A jest, a joke. Huzlgo, 
An idle talker. 

Hiizm, Aj*^ 8.f. Vigilance. 

Hijzm, ^iM^lt 5. m. Digestion. Huzm kir- 
na, {met.) To embezzle. 

Iluzr, jlac^ 8. m. Prohibition, seclusion, for- 

Huz-rut, Ll^yo^ 8. f. Presence, dignity; 
majesty, highness, &c. (a title addressed to the 
great: and, when used respectfully instead of a 
pronoun or name, the gender of the person to 
whom it has reference is adopted). Huzrut-zilli' 
$QBhh6nee^ s. m. His majesty, the shadow of God, 
the king Huzrut Eeta, The Lord Jeeus Christ 

Iluz-ur, y^^ 8, m. Caution, abstinence, pru- 
dence, fear. 

Hiiz-ur, yo^ 8. m. Residence, resting, re- 
maining in a place, presence. 

Iliiz-ur, o> 8, m. Nonsense, frivolous talL 

Uuzz, iis^ s. m. Pleasure, delight; fla- 
vour, taste ; good fortune, felicity. Hazxi-mtf" 
s6met. Sensual pleasures. 

Huz-zal, Jlji^ €uij. Very jocose. 8. w. A 

Hy, ,^/^ adf. Alive. Hy-k^6om^ a^. Eter- 
nal, immortal. Hg-UqfwmSof, Eternal. 

Uy, ^ imterj. Alas ! strange f wonderful ! 
Ify.A^, Alas! alas! &c. 

Hy, cf^ % *. «. A horse. 

Hy-a, \^ 8./. Modesty, shame. Ifya4^i 
mdf. Modest. /r^Ocodbte*, Ch^erwhelmed with 
BMdesty, being very modest. 

Hy^t, vi:U^ *• / Life. H^i-fa^ 
New life, re g en gt ai i— (used to express recorefy 
firom severe Illness, tke plfiire derired from 
meeting with a friend. &c.) 

Hv-but, ii>-^ 4 / Fright, perturbation, 
awe. fear, dread HyM 4ikJU^at^ To appal* to 
terrify. Hjf^*i-kmimk, Agkast. appntted. fft 
tutaak, Fri^tfuL 

Hy-dur, Omj^ .t. m. A Hon ; a Bwae of Vke, 
Un4«^aw nf MabsMrt. Hfimttr Om of the 
sect of C'lW, 

Digitized by 









[ 179 ] 



(hanh palatick) 

t u w 

(soft (icntal) but write 





Hyf, u-A^c^ interj. Ah ! alas ! «. m. Iniqui- 
tj, oppression, a pity. 

Hj"&^ ^^^ ^'TT May, must, shall or will 
be; an expression of consent/ probably » suppose 
80» doubtless. 

Hy-hit, CL>lf*fc interj. Alas ! begone I be- 
wailing^, lamentation. 

fly-iz, y^ 8. m. A place, part, a tract of 
ground: a court-yard, an area. 

Hy-jaj ^=^ s. War, battle, conflict. 

Hyk, i^X^ ^ 8. m. A horse, flee*. Sick- 
ness at the stomach, qualm; diagust. 

H/-kul, fji^ 8, f. Any great building, a 
palace, a temple; an ornament worn round the 
neck (of man and beast) ; a figure, face, form, 
stature or shape of body, appearance, person. 

Hy-l^j* ^^5^ »• w. The time of labour or 
birth; (in astrology) a mark by which the dura- 
tion of life 18 foretold ; (it is said to signify a wife, 
and to be derived from a Greek word of that 

Hy-oo-la, y^ 8, m. Matter, the first prin- 
ciple of any thing material ; appearance; the first 
■ketch of a picture. Jfyooldnee, adj. Material. 

Hy-r^n, jlpib adj. Astonished, amazed, 
confounded, disturbed, fatigued. Ifyrdnee,8.f, 
Astonishment, perturbation, distress* 

Hy-rut, C^;-:^ s.f. Stupor and perturbation 
of mind, astonishment. Ifyrut-Ufzay Astonish- 
ing. Hi^rut-zti4uh, Struck with astonishment, 
thunder-struck. Ifyrufee, adj. Astonished. 

Hys-bys, ^^J^ja^ s, f. Perplexity, hesita- 
tion, suspense, a perplexed business. 

Hy-si yut, uu^^ 8. / Ubiquity, univer- 
■ality; capacity, ability, capability, merit; condi- 
tional proposition. 

Hy-uj-dn, jWtr^ s. m. Rising of dust or of 
«ng«r: exciting of anger, tumult, or war. 

Hyut, C->L^ s.f. Astronomy, the aspect of 
tb# ^vens; face, outward form, countenance, 
ttpect, manner. H^uUi^ujmdoee, Collective 
form or mass; collectively. 

Hy-ut, V£^j^ 8.f. Astronomy; appearance 
or outward form, aspect, countenance. 

Hy-wdn, Jy^ ^, m. An animal, a beast, a 
liyingcreature. Hj/wandf, Animals. Hjficani-abyr^ 
^f^ii, A brute, irrational being. H(fwanundtiki, 
A rational being. Hywdnee, Brutal, sensual. 

r* ^"^ ^'^* ^^^ menses. WtUnd'(^l-^ 
hh A term of reproach. Ifyzee, adj.'cviaed 
wiUtantively) A wicked brat. 



H/za, <ti ^ 8. m. The cholera morbus, a 
flux and yomitiug. 

1^1 8, f. Help, aid, assistance, 


I^> V' T^ «^^- Thus, as, iu like manner, 
rb-a, li| 8.m. Denial, refusing, denying, 
lb -id, liUc ^. pU Servants, worshippers of 

Ib-i-dut, CjiiU^ 8,f. Divine worship, adora- 
tion. Iba^tit'iidna, A place of worship . 
Ib-a-dut-ee, ^y^iUxt s. m, A devotee, a reli- 
gious person. 
Ib-a-hut, i.s.^lj| 8.f. Giving liberty, per- 

Ib-i-rut, OjUc 8, f. Style (in writing), 
speech, a word, dialect, idiom, a trope or figure, 
phrase, signification. Ibaruf-sunj, An observer of 
Ib-dil, J\^\ 8. m. Change, exchange, sub- 
stitution of one thing for another. 
Ib-d^u, ^l«^.i *.w. The production of some- 
thing new, invention. 
Ibh, <^>| xvT 8. m. An elephant. 
Ib-him, j^y, I The thumb : suspicion, doubt, 

ambiguity, adj. Covered, concealed, unknown, 
rb-ka, m 8. m. Rendering permanent, 
confirmation, establishment, preservation, per- 
Ib-ligji, ^] 8. m. Causing to arrive, con- 
veying, sending. 
Ib-l^es, ^^j 8. m. The devil. 
Ibn, ^1 8.m, A son. 
Ibn-zi-ydd, ^\jj^] n. prop. A governor of 

Koo& and a great enemy of the sect of Uli, 
Ib-ra-h6em, f-:^l;{t n./?ro/?. Abraham. 
Ib-rii-zfmma, ^i^lrfl Free of responsibi- 
lity. ^ 

Ib-rdm, (•(yl 8. m. Solicitation. 

Ib-rdz, jlyj 8. Manifestation. 

n>-ree, ^J^c adj. Hebrew. 8. m. A J^w. 

Ib-r6efc ^yj 8. m. An ewer. 

I^rut, iJL>j^ s. f. An exan)ple, warning, 

that which instructs, particukrly what deters. 

(met.) Fear, 

Ib-t^l, JUwj 8.m. Abolition, act of^estroy- 
^ ing or annihilatiBg. ^.^.,^^, .^ GoOglc 


[ 180 3 






(soft dental) 







^ i k kb 

(Northumhrian r) in (deep liquid Ungual) toeh 

rb-tid-a, tJ^.I 5. /. Beginning, commence- 
Ib-tid-4-un, '^IcXLj! arfi;. In the beginning, at 

first, firstly, in the first place. 
Ib-ti-hij, ^y^i s. m. Gladness, alacrity, 

Tb-til-a, ^j 8, Calamity, trial. 
Ib-tis-^m, f»L^J 9. m, A smiling, smile, 

gaiety, hilarity. 
Ib-ti-yd, ^^\ 8. Selling, sale. 
Ib-tiz-dl, Jtoc^l 8. m. Vileness, baseness, 

meanness, carefulness in preserving any thing. 
Fch-chha, ^^1 T^T «./. Wish, desire. /cA- 
chha-bhrjun. Desirable food, or food agreeable 
and abundant, to the utmost desire. 
Tch-chhun, ji^\ T!^^ s. m. An eye ; si^ht, 

Id-bdr, ;0»>! 8.f. Turning back, going back; 

misfortune, bad luck, adversity, ruin. 
Id-di-^, ^»>! 5. ^». The act of demanding 

one's rights, claim, pretension. 
I)d-|^m, /»U*3| 8, m. Reduplication of a let- 
ter, or the contraction of one letter into another 
Fd-hur, ;3b»>l TK^ adv. Here, hither, on 

this side, 
rd-r^j, '^\j^\ 8. m. Act of inserting one 

thing in another, folding or rolling together. 
Id-r^k, u^lj^^l 8. m. Comprehension, intel- 
lect, capacity, understanding. 
Id-rar, jlj^il «. m. Flowing of milk, hard 
rain* involuntary discharge of urine; munifi- 
cence, a gift, a pension. 
Id-r^ea, ^^j^l n, prop. The patriarch 

If-A-kuh, -JJ'i! «. w. > Convalescence, re- 
If.d-Vut, v^:^(3l s./ > covery. 
Ff-fut, u:-'viLC 8.f. Purity, chastity^ conti- 
nence, virtue, abstinence, modesty. 
If-lds, ^:kh\ 8. m. Poverty, penury, bank- 
If.r^d, titj^l 8. m. Withdrawing from 

If-rit, Mjil 8. m.f. Excess, superfluity. If- 

rali-hhoon. Plethora. 
If-reet, <*^.;^ 8. m. Any thing frightful or 

horrible; a giant, demon, spectre; fright. 
Ff-sha, liil 8. m. Divulging, publishing. 
If-Ur, jUftil 8. m. Hreaking a fest. 

If-ti-khir, jl^r^l 8. m. Glory, honour, ele- 
gance, gracefulness. 
Ff-tir-a, I;i3l 8. /. Fiction, calumny. 

Ig-4-ruh, JJjK'l T^-cr adj. Eleven. 
I^-lak, JS^I 8. m. Anjr thing difficult to 

be understood or abstruse; an obstacle. 
Ij^-ldm, j^S^! 8. m. Inflaming with desire, 

provoking to venery; sodomy. 
I|^-m^, jIa^I 8. m. Detraction. 
I|^-m^ (^Uj^I 8. m. Dissimulation, conni- 
vance, superciliousness, ogling, coquetry* 
I^-rdk, j!^^l 8. m. Causing to drown, sub- 
Fgi-wa, l^.^t 8. m. Seduction, evil sugges- 
tion, temptation. Ighwa kt!ma, To seduce, to 
lead astray. 
Ih, J XT pron. This. Uii, This very. Jhi- 

than. Here, in this very place. 
Ihd-nut, Ls^^\ s.f. Contempt, disdain, af- 
front, insult, enmity. 
Ihd-ta, ^^\ 8. f. A surrounding, an 
enclosure, a fence; comprehension, compass, 
I Ih-das, tt>I J^l 8. m. Act of making or pro- 
ducing any thing new* invention. 
Fhin, ifV (m Bruj) This very (place, man- 
ner, &c}. 
Ih-kdk, jl«fi-l 8. m. Act of proving or esta- 
blishing the truth of a doctrine, i-estoriug to 
rights, administration of justice. 
Ih.m^l, J'wcJbl 8.m. > Negli-ence, indo- 
Ih-mdl-ee, jUjfcl 8./.} leu ce, delay, care- 
Ih-riik.^tjc-l 8. m. Act of burninj,^ or setting 

on fire. 
Ih-r^m, j»lj^l 8. m. Act of forbidding or in- 
terdicting, putting on a pilgrim's habit, determi- 
nation or resolution. 
Ih-r^z, jtjc-l «. Corroboration. 
Ih-sin. jUuc-l 8.m. Beneficence,benevo!ence, 

benevolent actions, favour, courtesy, kindness. 

Ih-ti-Um, (.S^Xfi^t 5. m. Nocturnal pollution- 

Ih-ti.m«, JUlr^l 5. Hi. Act of bearing or 

supporting; patience, doubt, uncertainty; P'^^ 

bility. IA<tma/A6na, To be probable. iW"'*^ 

kufTia, To doubt, to impute. 

Ihtimdm, (.UUbl s. /. Solicitude, care, 

anxiety, diligence. 
Ih ti-r^m, (^ly^l 5. m. Actof honouring, res- 
Digitized by VjOC^.^^ 






IJT [ J8l ] 

oy r t 

our (hamh palatick) (soft dental) 










pect, yeneration, reyerence, attention, treating 
with respect. 

Ih-ti-raz, jljif^I s. m. Abstinence, regimen, 
abstaining from improper actions of any kind, 
forbearance, controuling the passions. 

lh»ti-8^b,v-->LJL^I 5. m. Making up accounts, 
estimating', superintendence of police; police; 

Ih-ti-shim, j»U.Jc*.| 8. m. Pomp, retinue, 

Ili-ti-yaj, ^V*^' *• / Necessity, want, oc- 
casion, need, indigence. Iktiyajdt^ s. plur. Requi- 
site things, wants, necessaries. 

Ih-ti-y^t, i^^r^^js*-! 8, /. Caution, circumspec- 
tion, foresight, scrupulousness, care. 

Ih-ti-zaz, i^^^aicwl $, Prosperity, delight. 

Ih-zar, jl-^^l s. m. Act of causing to be pre- 
sent; calling before; summoning; a summons. 

lj-^-but,^it-^.M «•/ Answering (of prayer or 
of a petition), consent, approbation, compliance. 
Ij-d-lut, vj:^lflc:^ 8.f. Haste, anticipation. 

Ij-4-ra, ^^^\ 8. m. Hire, rent, farm, privi- 
lege or income of variable amount sold or let for 
a tixedGsum, a farm . 

Ij-ara-d^r, y»>3JjU.| s. m. A farmer of land or 
of revenue : one who has purchased the labour of 
another: the holder of a monopoly, a renter, con- 

IjAs-shdmee, ^^U^^^UI s, m. A damson, a 
Syrian or Damascus plum. 

Ij-^ j^=^' ^« »*». Disappointment ; miracle, 
wonder, astonishment. 

l,i-i-zut, CjijU-I s.f. Permission, leave, dis- 
pensation, sanction, commands, orders. Ijazvl- 
Htcah, ad^\ Asking permission. 

Ij-1^> J^l *• "»• 1 l^e bestowing or acknow- 
Mgiog of greatness; magnificence, glory, digni- 
ty ilionour, respect. 

Ij-ldslj (^2l>-! 8,f, Seating, causing to sit, 

Ij-mjl, Jt«w^! s. m. An abstract, cofhpendi- 
oaB account, synopsis, abbreviation. 

Ij-mi-Iee, ^^<^l adj. Abridged, compen- 

Ij-mdu, cUd^l 8. m. Act of assembling, an 

assembly, congregation, senate, council, court of 
juntice, a crowd, collection, amount, whole . 

^'i'^h tjtj^l s, m. Giving currency, perfor- 
^ mance. Ijra ktirna. To perform. 

Ij-ti-hdd, ^Li>.l 8, m. Exertion, effort. 

Ij-ti-mau, cUl:^t s. m. Act of assembling 
or gathering together; agreeing together (in opi- 
nion), conjunction (in astronomy). 

Ij-ti-n^b, t-?USd*| 5, m. Turning aside from, 
avoiding; abstinence, continence. 

Ijz,^^ 5. fn. Weakness, impotence, sub- 
mission, wretchedness. Ijz-^ustgah^ adj. Weak, 
impotent, wretched. 

Ik, u^l T^ adj. One. /A^ar, adj. Alike, 

Ik-^-mut, ^^L>^^\ 8, f. Resting, staying, 
abode, residence, dwelling. 

Ik-b^l, J tot 8. m. Prosperity, good for- 
tune, auspices. 

Ij^-bal-miind, J^Lol adj. Prosperous, for- 
tunate, lucky. ' 

Ik-ckhut-rdj, ^tjc:^^u?l ic^npr XJ^ 8. m. 
Universal dominion. 

Ik-chit, cfi*^ t i^hf^'rr adj. Of one mind. 

Ik-d^m, ^tj3| 8. nu Intrepidity, endeavour, 

effort, diligence, spirit, resolution, firmness, at- 

Ik-dum, aJ^I adj. One moment. 

lys-bdr, jtj^l 8. Informing. 

r^-fa, U^I 8. m. Concealment. 

Ikh-lds, (j«i>^I 8. m. Sincerity, candour, af- 
fection, friendship, love. 

Ikh-las-miind, *>;xu>iLk! adj. Sincere, friend- 
ly, affectionate: a friend. 

Ikh-rdj, ^Ij-s^l 8. m. Drawing forth, deriva- 
tion, expulson. 

Ikb-raj-^t, CL>U"Ij^! 8. m. plur. Expenses, 

lkh-ti-f4,tiXxi.i 8. m. Act of hiding, conceal- 
ing, covering, concealment. 

lkh-ti-laf,uj^v:i^t s. m. Difference (of opini- 
on), opposition, contradiction, discord, disagree- 

, ment, misunderstanding between friends, cool- 

Ikli^i-Ul. J^^^t 8. m. Interruption, confu- 
sion, disturbance, obstacle. 

l^i-ti-ldt, JsiUs^l 8. m. Act of mixing, mix- 
ture, confusion, intercourse, friendship, conver- 

Ikh-ti-r^u, ^\y^\ 8. m. Invention, invent- 
ing, fancying. 

I^-ti-s^r, UoSjkl 8. m, Abridghient. act of 
contracting, contraction, reducing, curtailing. 

ikh-ti-sas. fjo^^^A^] 8. IM. Appropriation, pe- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


[ 182 ] 









(soft dental) 




(Northumbrian r) ^ in 


k ^ 

(deep liquid lingual) loeh 

Ikh-ti-tdiu, /^'^^^•A^t s. m. Finishing, end, 

couclusion, completion, fulfilment. 
Ilcb-ti-ydr, jl^t s. m. Choice, will, option, 
election; authority, power. Ibbtiyor hhnay To 
approve of, to adopt, to choose. lU^iyoT'inefi 
hSna, To be in the power of or dependant on. 

Ij^-ti-yd-ree, u;;^^!Hflfc.( s. /. Approbation, 
choice; authority, power, adj. In one*s power, 
subject to election or choice, at one's disposal. 

Ikh-w^n, C^'^'=^l *• jo/tt^. Brothers. Ikhwani- 
zumdfit Contemporaries, people of the same reli- 

Fk-ka^ M T^ ddj. Single, unique, super- 
excellent, f . m. An ear-ring of a single pearl. 
An ornament worn on the wrist, often hollow, 
containing perfume. A champion who serves 
alone, without being attached to any corps. 

Mt-la, 'X^\ Tym\ adj, m. Alone. 

Ik-leel, J^l s,f. A crown. 

Ikl6el-Qol j6bul, Jt^JljJli'l s. m. An herb 
smelling like frankincense, rosemary. 

Ik-leel-opl-mfil-ik, cjTLoJl JJb1 s. m. Melilot. 

Ij^-I^em, ^JS| s, m. Clime, climate, region, 

* country. 

Ik-l(Ju-ta, ^^] Ti^TTTT adj. Only. 

Ik-mdl, Jvo^l 8. m. Perfecting, accomplish- 
ing. . 

Ik-p6ch-a, «Jtsrtri 5. m. Name of an ornament 
for the head. 

Ik-rdh, »t/l s.f. Horror, aversion, abhor- 
rence, detestation. 

Ik-rdm, ^\f\ 8.m. Honouring, compliment- 
ing, treating with attention and ceremony. 

IljL-r^r, ^^51 s. m. Confession, confirmation, 
assurance, promise, agreement, attestation. Ikrar 
kurna. To promise. Ikraf'ttdma, 8. m. Written 
agreement, bond, contract, indenture, &c. 

Ik-s^r, ^l^'^t 8. m. Augmentation, excess. 

Ik.sir, jL/t Tff ^IT adj. Alike, similar. 

Ik-sder, j^] s. f. A powder or mixture 
pretended to be capable of converting other me- 
tals to gold or silver; the philosopher's stone, an 
elixir; alchemy, chemistry. 

Ik-stir, j*ws^| adj. Single. 

Ik-th^ l^xTl iTfrarr adj. Collected together, 

in one place. 
Ik-ti-bds, (^Ux5t 8. m. Borrowing (fire 

from another); acquiring, procuring, gaining, 

asking, begging, quotation, quoting. 
)k-tid-ii, \j^\ s. m. Following, imitation. 

It tid-dr, j!j:j3| s. m. Power, authority; 

excellence, dignity. 
Ik-tif-^, ^^\ s.f. Sufficiency, contentment. 
11^-tir-an, c^ljSil s. Conjunction, union.. , 
Ik-tis-db, c-^L*xn 8. m. Acquisition, ^roS; ^'** * 
I)^-tis-dm, aLj3\ 8. m. Division, partition. 

Il^-ti8-6r, jUiSI 8. m. Abbreviation, abridge- 
ment, restriction ; determining or fixing the bounds 
of any thing ; failing, wasting. 

l)^-tiz->d, 'UsSI 8. m. Exigency. 

Ik*t6k, u^l x^iZ^ s. A fixed lookiqg at 

any thing without closing the eyes. 
IU4-chee, v^-^' V^l^ !*•/• Large car- 
Ild^chee, ,,^^1 i:^tWl / damums. 
Il-dh, <0| 8. m. God. 
U-^-hee, ^^I adj. Divine, interj. O God! 

Il-i-hee-yut, u^*Jl «./. ITie Divinity, God- 

Il-ij, ^Sx 8.m.f) A remedy, medicine, 
cure. Jlaj'puzier, adj. Curable, 

ll-^-Jka, <^^ 8. m. Relation, connection, 

Il-^m, j^A^I 8. m. Proclaiming, indicating, 
announcing; a notification, a warrant. 

Il-dn, j^l 8. m. Divulging, manifesting, 

ll-^-yu-cha, Ur^^l iHM^ TS. A kind of silk 

ll-|^^r, j'i)I 8. A forced march of an army, 
rapine, devastation, depredation. 

11-hah, ^ls:J| s.f. Solicitation, urgency, im- 

Il-h4k,^l3c^t s. m. Annexation, junction, ad- 

ll-him, ^Wt ^* ^* Inspiration, revelation. 

U-hin, jWl *. m. Note, sound, modula- 
tion, tune, an air in music. 

ri-lta, ^\8.m. Inspiration. 

ri-la, yi TM\ «• «*. A wart. 

ri-la, "i] adv. If not, if, besides, except, 
otherwise, but, unless. 

Il-lut, u:^ 8. /. Pretence, cause, reason, 
motive; filth, dirt, disease. Hurfi-illnt, The in- 
terchangeable letter u/i/, wao or ye. Every ma- 
terial substance is said to have four causes: //- , 
Intisdoreet Apparent cause, i. e. that form in 
which its essence consists: Iliuti (ihdee, Final 
cause, or purpose for which it was made : TUuti^ 
fdiieef Efficient cause (as the maker, if the work 

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[ 188 3 

r t ^ 

(harsh palaUck) (soft dental) but 









of man): Uluii m&<J4eet Material cause, or the 
matter of which the thing is made. 
Ilm,^ 8. m. Science, knowledge, art, learn- 
ing. limUusma, The knowledge of the names, 
i. e« of the attributes of God. Umi-U&hee, Theo- 
logy, llm^l-yu^m^ Certain knowledge, demon- 
stration. Ilmi'^usiMiciisif, The mystic, or con- 
templatiye science. Ilmi'hikmuf, Philosophy, 
physics* Ilmi-rukwat or gb^dr, or hisdb. 

Arithmetic. JRmi'rit/dzee, The mathematical 
sciences. llmi'Sihr, Magic. IlmUurdoxy Poetry, 
▼ersification. Ilmughyb, The knowledge of what 
is occult or absent, or what has not yet existed. 
Umi^kuldm, or bw/dn, or hulAghui, or mudnee. 
The explanatory science, i. e. Rhetoric, oratory, 
eloquence. Itmi-lui^sm^ or ItufdOnnee, Inspired 
knowledge. Umi'murayut The study of perspec- 
tive. Ilmi-mdoaeeiiee, Music. Ulttm, s, m. A 
spear, standard, banner, sign, mark. 

11-mee, ^ycJLc adj. Scientific, theoretic. 

Il-roi-yut, C£,A^ U g.f. Science. 

Il-tib-^B, ^^'-^^l s.f. Doubtfulness. 

ll-tif-dt, c*Iai3| s.f. Friendship, kindness, 
obligation, attention, courtesy, respect : an apos- 
trophe (in rhetoric). 

U-ti-hdb, c^U^I s. HI. Burning, heat, flaming. 

ll-tij-a, \ss:si\ 8. /. Fleeing to any one for 
protection; request, petition, refuge, protection, 

Il-tim-^, yj*iUi)t 8. m. f. Beseeching, peti- 
tioning, supplication, praj^er, request, petition. 

Itti-y^m, /»tr^l s. m. Healing or closing of 
a wound. 

U-tiz-dm, (>|/Jf «. »». Being necessary or 
expedient, being assidaous, taking on one's self, 
expediency, necessity. 

llu, J\ prep. Up to, till Ilid-an, Till this 

n-ul,Jic s.plur. Infirmities, pretences, &c. 

U-zim, j*l^| 8. m. Conviction, proof, con- 
futation, reproof, censure. 

Im-dd, ^\Aa 8,m. A lofifcy pillar, confidence, 

'•hance, trust, support. 
Im-dl, jUftI 8. Causing or teaching to act 

or operate. 

Im-din, j»U| s. m. A leader in religious af- 
«u«. a prelate, patriarch, priest, chief; a large 
»«ad in a rosary, which remains fixed in the hand 
tud is not turned over in counting (called by the 
^<loo8 sogmeroo). Imamiyn, Name of a Maho- 

metan sect, who make Ulee the rightful Imam 
immediately after Mahomet. 

I-mi-muh, »^ Ufi s. m. A turband, a tiara. 

l-md-mut, ti-^Ut s.f. Office of Imam. 

Im-dn, j^] 8. Reflecting, speculating. 

Im-a-ree, o*;^ ^ f' ^ litter or seat on an 
elephant or camel. 

Im*^-rut, CJjUl s.f Government, lordship; 
office or dignity of Umeer. 

Im-^-rut, ul>jU^ 8. f A public edifice, a 
building; a habitation ; a fortific-ation. 

Im-bis-^t, i'LfcJl s. f Gladness, joy, de- 
light, cheerfulness, recreation, mirth. 

Im-d^d, i3t Jw«| 8. f Assisting, aiding, suc- 
cour, help. 

Im-h^l, Jl>-o! 8.f Delaying, respiting, 

Im-k^n, j^l 8. m. Possibility; contingent 
existence (in opposition to wujoob, Necessity, or 
necessary existence). 

Fm-la, ^t 8, m. Filling up, completing; 
orthography, writing correctly. 

Fm-la, <Jac 8. m. Operation, produce of 
work. Umla, 8. plur. Operators, executors, col- 
lectors of revenue. 

Im-Uk, u^^t 8. m. Possession, property. 

I'm-lee, ,^^1 TT^ s. m. A tamarind tree 
(Tamanndus indica). 

Im-r<5z, j^yc] adv. To-day. Imroz-firda^ To 
put off, to procrastinate. 

Fm-rut-ee, ^yc\ TToft adj. Nectarious. 
8,f A kind of sweetmeat, a vessel for drinking 
out of, a kind of cloth. 

Im-s^k, u^wdI 8. m. Holding, retaining ; 
parsimony, abstinence, a medicine takf n to pro- 
long pleasure, scarcity, want. 

Im-8^1, JL*«! adv. This year. 

Im-shdb, v.j^sA-«| adv. To-night. 

Im-tid-iid, »3li35/o| s. m. Protraction, pro- 
longation, extension, prorogation, adj. Pro- 
tracted. ^ 

Im-ti-hdn, ^ls=^i s. m. Proof, trial, exami- 
nation, experiment, temptation. 

I'mrtila, y^S-«t s. m. Repletion ; indigestion. 

Im-tin-^, cUs-«| s. m. Prohibition, restraint. 

Im-tin-an, jUi«| s. Obligation, favour. 

Im-tis-dl, Jliiul s. Conformity, obedience. 

Im-ti-y^, jLs^l s. m. Discrimination, dis- 
tinction, separation; pre*eminence; good breed- 
ing, ceremony. Imfiyaz kuma. To discriminate; 
to treat with distinction. ^^^ j 

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(soft dental) 

[ 1^4. J 






(Northumbrian r) 

Im-ti-yd zee,,^jlwct adj. Having the quality 
of discriminating; a person of distinction. 

Im-ti-zij) 'r}j^^ *• Union, conjunction. 

Fm-un, ^fAjj adj. Safe, secure. 

Tm-za, Lao I 8. m. Elapsing. 

In, jt TT {apron pkcr. in the oblique case). 
These, them. In (iinon, Now-a-days. 

In-i-but, u:-^Ot g. tn. Conversion'to God, 
repentance, penitence. 

In-dd, i3'ufi ». m. Obstinacy, contumacy, per. 
Terseness, resistance, stubbornness. 

In-Am, Afi] s. m. A presept, a gift. 

In-^n, jUc s.f. Reins, a bridle. 

In-&-rut, Lljj^\ «./ Brilliancy. 

In-iyut, u:^Uc s.f. Favour, gift, present, 
kindness, benefit, piur, Inayutu-Udhee^ The di- 
vine iavoar. 

Ind, J^;^ adv. Near, before, with, about, in, 
according to, &c. Ifuf'Ulbuuzt According to 
some. ln4'Uthih^Uk^ In truth, certainly. In4' 
ullAh, With or before God. In(f'uiwCQs6ol, On 
the arriral, when it happens, in such an event. 
Iwji'ulwuki, In time, in the critical juncture. 

In-di-ra, tjl^l k^\<\ s. m. A large well of 

Tn-dhun, ^^^t tv«f 9. m.*Fuel; wood, 
grass, &c. used for the purpose. 

In-dif-^, <^S'\ 3, m. Repelling, removing, 
repulsion, prohibiting. 

In-diin-^1, jUj»5| s. m, 
well of a wound. 

Recovery, getting 

In-dir-ij, ^IjJ^'! s. m. Insertion, folding to- 
gether, extinction of a family. 

In-di-yu, ^,<->^ s. m. Opinion, one's own 

Fn-doo-a, \^S*\ tj^ s. m. A round fold or 
roll used in carrying a bnrthen on the head.. 

Fn-do6-ee, ^;«it t^t «•/ A round orna- 
ment for the top of the head. 

ln-d<5or, j^S}\ T*^ s. m. A rat, mouse. 

In-drd-nee, J*^S^ x^^ «•/ The wife of 
Indru, the name of a medicine or plant. 

In-drd-sun, ^l;*^'! t%m^ s, m. The seat 
or throne of Indru, 

In-drd-yun, v/^Jj^l t^T^Hir s.f. Colocynth, 
wild gourd (l ucumis colocynthis), the fruit of 
the Coloquintida plant (a fruit of beautiful ap- 
pearance but bitter taste, hence, a beautiful but 
worthless person is called Indrayun^ka'phtdy The 
fruit of Indrayun,) 



(deep liquid lingual) lofli 

Fndrce, ^^Si\ i;^ s.f. An organ of sense, 
the organs of sense and perception. The Hindoos 
reckon them as follows: thoee of the fomer are, 
the hand, the foot, the voice, the organ of gene- 
ration, and the organ of excretion; and those of ^ 
the latter are, the mind, the eye, the ear, tlM 
nose, the tongue, and the skin. IwfreeJdQUSb, 
A diuretic medicine. 

Fn-dru, jJk'f s, m. The regent of the visiMe 
heavens and of the inferior divinities. 

In-dru-b6dhoo, ybJ^jJ>)( jL^^^ s.f. Name 
of an insect (a species of acarus of a scarlet co- 
lour and like velvet) ; the wife of Indi-u 

In-dru-prusth, *4j^^^'| i^^^^^i ^f A name 
of the city Delhi. 

In*durj^, ^;*^t l^%l s. m. Name of a 
medicinal seed, sparrow's tongue (Neriiunan- 

In-fi-dl, J'«a}| s. m. Shame, modesty, the 
being abashed. 

In-iis-^, JLsa}! «. m. Separation, division; 
settling, decision (of a cause), award, b\fiml 
k(tma. To decide, to settle. 

In-h^, *y' ^* Annunciation. 

In-hid-^m,. JX't s. m. Demolition, ruin- 
ing, abolishing; destruction, ruin. 

In-hir-kf, s^\f^\ s.f. Deflexion, inversion, 
change, (met,) Proving a turn coat, recantatioD. 
deviation, apostaoy, rebellion, declination (in as- 
tronomy), a disease, defect, distemper. 

In-his-^, jUflc^I «. m. Surrounding, en- 
circling, comprising. 

In hiz-^m, f\jJ\ s. f A defeat. 

In-ik-^ V^^'t s. m. Inversion, reflection, 
representation of appearances in a mirror. 

In-jeel, Jjfsr^l s. m. The New Testament, the 

In-kar, J^\ s. m. Denial, disallowing, dis- 

In-U|if-^f, u3liLsr| s. m. Levity, lightnesi. 

In*Vib-^ (joL&\ $. w. Contraction, consti- 
pation . 

In kil-ib, v^*' «• wi. Revolution, TiciBsi- 
tuda, alteration, Inversion. 

In-kb-im, j»L-5| «. m. Division, partition. 

ln.kis-ir,;LJi| s. m. Being broken; humili- 
ty, contrition. Inkisdree^ «./. Humility. 

In-kish-df, u-J'vii'I s. Detection, revelation. 


;Uiii3| s.m. Disjunction, consum- 

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INT [ 185 J IRT 

Qy r ' t u w 

our (harsh palatiek) (soft dental) but write 






lu-ki-ylid, i3U)| g, m. Obedience, submissiou, 

In-^iziy UaSI s. m. The expiration of any 

term, conclogioa. a4f. Blafsed, ended, fulfilled, 

meoot^Hthed, finished. 
In-n^en; ^^ adj. Impotent 
In-n^m-a, UJf adv. Indeed, truly. 
Ins, ^1 s. m. Men, mankind. 
In^f, uJUil 8. tn. Decision (of a cause or 

qaestion); equity, justice. Jmaf-ttiUub, Seeking^ 


In-san, jUJ| s. m. Man, a human being, 

In-s^-nee, ^'uJI adj. Human, relating to 

In-ed-nee-yut, ls-^'L.'»| «./ Humanity, hu- 
man kindoees, affid>ility, politeness. 
I'n-sha, KtAs,/. Production, creation; {in 
common acceptation) writing^, composition, ele- 
gmnce of Btyle, the belles lettres. In8ha'pur46zee, 
s. f. Writing, letter-writing. Insha-iurdz, An 
^egant writer. 
In-shdllah-tuila, i^'juXf Li^l God willing, if 

God pleases, 
in-sir^m, j»f;-^| a. m. Cutting off; finish- 
ing, completing, completion. 
Tns-wu-jinn, ^^^1 s. m. Men andBpirits. 
In-ti-^h, ^l»S7( 8. tn. Rising up, recovery 

from a fiill or from sickness; becoming tall. 
In-tib^b, »l^x:*f 8. m. Vigilance. 
In-fi^ ^Ul/f 8. m. Profit, advantage, utility. 
In-ti-h^, ^] 8.f. Termination, end, utmost, 
esrtremity, summit, adj. Finished, completed, 
In-tifcn, Jl5S;( %. m. Transporting, travel- 
ling; emigration, departure, dying. 
In-fSkto, j»l«Df s. m. Revenge, retaliation. 
In-ti-|j|£b, v-jtac^l 8. m. Selection, drawing 
or plucking out; making extracts from books, 
election, choice. 
In-tis-&b, wLjJI s. «, Connection. 
In-tish^r, jLiai| 8. m. Unfolding, spread- 
ing abroad, divulging, dispersion, confusion, ex- 
In-tiz^&m, j»tli2/t s. m. Arrangement, dis- 
position, order, /y^^ ^ , V^ 
Ia4iz.^, jtM 8. m. Ejtpectation, looking 
out lor. Bt^izor kthma, adj. Expecting, waiting, 
looking out for. 

In-tiz-^-ree, ^J^^'] ^./. Expectation, look- 

ing out for. Intizaree kumoy To expect, to look 
out for. 

In-ub, up-^^fi 8. A grape. IntdhQQS-'sdltib, Com- 
mon nightshade. 

In-z(il, J\jf\ 8. m. Causing to descend; 
emission, emissio seminis. 

Ip-iir,jlj| 8. Thyme, wildmaijoram (Thy- 

Ir-ib, v';^' «• wi. The notation of the vowel 
points, the vowel points. 

Ir-^-da, 3J*3tjt 8. m. 1 Desire, inclination, 

Ir-i-dut, Cjiilj! s,f.) belief; wish, pur- 
pose, design, plan, intention. Ira^a rukhna. To 
intend, design. 

Ir-^j^, jl^ If. prop, A territory which is 
divided into two portions. Ira^i-^ruh, The an- 
cient Babylonia or Cfaaldea; and Irahi^jum, 
Comprehending Media. Irai&n, or Iraf^en, The 
two cities of Busra and Koofii. 
Ir-&. c^ljfil 8.m. Aversion, avoiding, dis- 

Ir-f4h, ilijl 8. m. Bestowing affluence, 
comforting, cherishingi enjoyment of peace and 

Ir-fSn, j\ijc a.m. Knowledge, discernment, 

Ir-kim, j»l5jf s. m. Act of writing. 

Ir-Ub^i-in-in, J^^^UJ s. m. Letting loose 
the reins; unrulinessr 

Irs, Ltfj] 8. m. Inheritance. 

Ir-s^l, jUjt 8. m. Act of sending (especial- 
ly, a writing, letter, &c.)» mission, remittance, 

ir-shdd, liUjI 8.m. Direction, command, 

Ir-ti^ (^W;! is.m. Trepidation, trem- 
Ir-ti^, ^^Wjl J bling. 

Ir-tib it; i^^ji 8. m. Connexion, friend- 
Ir-tid-id, i^\i^j] 8. m. Rejecting, refusing, 

opposing; apostacy, recantation. 
Ir-tif^, cUJjI 8. m. Altitude, elevation, 

exaltation, ascent, height 
Ir-ti-luU, Jl«=^j! «. tn. Act of marching or 

travelling, emigration, departure, death. 
Ir-tik-^, v'^j' *• ^ The commencement 

of or undertaking an enterprise, perpetration or 

commismon of a crime. 
Ir-tis*dm, j»LJj| 8. m. A distinguishing 

mark, signal, plan, painting, writing. 
Ir-tishd, UJjI 8, Bribery. 


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(soft dental) 

[ 1«6 ] 







(Northumbrian r) . 


(deep Uqnid Un$mal) lock 

Fr-uk, ^fi 9. A vein, afibre. Iruk-opln^isay 
The sciatica. 

IV-ura, Aj] 8. m, A fabulous garden in Ara- 
bia; paradise. 

Is, (^1 x^ pron. dem. sing, inflect This. Is- 
iuluk, To this degree. 

Is-^-lut, v^UI 8.f. Firmness, constancjr. 

Is-d-wul, J^'*^! «. m. A poursuivant. 

Is-b^t, Ll>WJt s.f. Confirmation, proof, af- 

Is-dir, it Ju^l s. m. Producing, appearing, is- 


Is-dtim, fXa] adv. This moment, directly. ^ 
Is-fa-ndj, ^OU^* s, m. Spinage. 

Is-fuhdn, j^'^sua\ n.prop. Ispahan, the capital 
of Persia. Ireik (the andeiit Parthia.) 

Is-fiin-di-y^r, j\i,iSXslJ n. prop. The son of 
Kishtasb of the first dynasty of Persiah kings. 

Is-fdnj, ^Oft^t 5. m. A sponge; a yeast 

Fsha, U*c s. f. The first watch of the night ; 
the prayers said when going to rest, evening 
prayers. Usha^ s. m. A snpper. 

Is-h&I, JV^! s. m. Loosening, opening, purg- 
ing; flux. Is'hali'iioon, Abloody*flux. 

Ish-dra, ^)lit \8.m. Sign, token, wink, 

Ish-^rut, Ll^jUt / signal, hint Ismi-isha- 
reSf A demonstrative pronoun. 

Ish hdd, i3l^| 8. m. Taking to witness 
bringing proof. 

Ishk, (3-fc»c 8. m. Love, affection. Islik-baz^ 
A man of gallantry, Iskk-bdzet, Gallantry. Ishk- 
phhftt 8. m. The name of a flower ( Ipomcea qua- 
moelit) American jasmine. Ishk ky^ an exclama- 
tion of praise; excellent ! well done ! 

Ish.kd], JiCil 8. m. Ambiguity, piarplexity, 
diMculty, suspicion; painftilness. ^ 

I'sh-kee, ,J^^^ adj. Amatory, relating to loye. 

Ish-m^my/kUdt 8. m. Diffusing odour, shed- 
ding perfume; giving to a quiescent consonant a 
slight sound of zumm or kusr, but so as not to 
lengthen the syllable or make a syllable more. 

Ish-rdk, ^\yt\ 8. m. Splendour, lustre, 
beauty, rising (of the sun.) 

Ish-rdk, v^tj^t 8. m. Participating, enter- 
ing into partnership. 

Tsh-rut, tJLjyt^ 8.f. Society, pleasant and 
familiar conversation; pleasure, delight, enjoy- 
ment, mirth. Ishmtfuza^ Increasing pleasure. 

Jsht, u£^t VS P^rL Pesired, approved, 

reverenced, adored, respected, beloved. «. m. A 
god, a defty, an object, a beloved person, any 
thing wished for. 
Ish-ti-^1, JUx&t 8. m.f. Inflaming, burning, 
conflagration, lighting a fire or candle Ubnunt- 
ing or instigating a quarrel. 
Ish-ti-b^h, ^Ux&t 8. m. Doubt, ambiguity, 

Ish-^i-b^hee, ^"feUl-it adf\ Suspicious, 

Ish-ti-ddd, i3|j^| 8. m. Vehemence, vio- 
lence, confirming, strengthening, increasing in 
Ish-ti-g^l, JUli^l 5. m. Occupation, at- 
tention, employment, study. 
Ish-ti-h4, LXAt 8. /. Appetite, desire, 

l8h-ti-h^r,jL^! 5. m. Publication, divnlg- 

ing, fame, rumour, report, renown. 
Ish-tik-ak, jlati-il «. wi. Derivation of one 

word from another. 
Ish-tim-iil, JU:;iA| 8. m. Comprehension, 

Ish-tir.^ IjXil 5. m. Buying, selling, 


Ish-tir-dk, uSIjXitl 8. m. Partnership. 

Ish-ti-u^l-uk, LjTJ'^XJil ^/. A small flame; 

a quarrel. " IsktiucUuk (f^na^ v. a. To foment 

(quarrels), to encourage to bad actions, to abet. 

Ish-ti-y^k, jV^I *• w». Wish, desire, strong 

inclination, longing desire. 
I'sh-wuh, J?--i»c 8. m. An obscure, conceal- 
ed, dangerous aflair ; the beginning of darkness it 
night; a fire seen from a distance at night (mH. 
bnt most used in Persian and IJindee,) Coquetry, 
ogling, blandishments, amorous playfoloess. 
Ushwu-gur, A coquette, l/shwu-g^ree, s. /• 
Is-kdt, J»M s. m. Causing to fail; procur- 
ing an abortion, abortion, miscarrying, taking 
away, dying (of cattle.) 
Is-kdt,- iJL>C^\ 8. /. Pacifying, soothing, 

Is-k^el, J-r^l 8. m* A squill. 
Is-I^udur, j*>p-»| adv. Thus much, thus. . 
Is-kundh, ^^^^] m^ 8. m. A chapter, a 

division of a book. 
Is-kdn-dur, j^^\ n. prop. Alexander. 
Is.kun-dur6e-ya, J^jO^t n.prop. Alexan- 
dria in Egypt. 
Is-Wh, ^Sm^I s./. Correction, amendment 


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[ 187 ] 

(harsh pataUck) (soft dental) 










Islam, jsiLal s. m. The Mahometan reli- 
^on, orthodoxy (accordiDg to Mahometans), 
l8*]^mee, ^S«»t 5. m. /. A Mahometan, 

a belie Fer. 
la-ldmiyo, <U«^t adj^ Faithful, orthodox. 
Ism, ^'1 s. A sin, offence. 
Ism, ^1 5. HI. Name, a noim. Ism-ba-mof 
summa. Name coinciding with the named, or 
whose name fitly denotes the qualities of the 
named. Ismi-juldlee, The name of God. Ism* 
nuweeste, s. f, A list or roll of names, a cata- 
Is-mS-eel, JijcUu^l n.prqp, Ishmael, son of 

la-mir-ti, (JL>yOk^\ ^f7[s./. The Hindoo law. 
IVmut, ci-^^ft^cc t,f. Defence, protection 
(especially, from sin); hence, chastity, honour, 
integrity, continence, 
la-n^^ jU^t ^(Tf «. m. Bathing. 
Tsna-ush-ur, j.i^Uj| Twelve ; the twelve 
Imams. ImO'Ushuree, a^j. Relating to the twelve 
l8-pdt,Ci^(^t 8, m. Steel (of a tough kind), 
la-pri-ha, ^y(\^\ W^ 8,f. Inclination, de- 
sire, wish. 
.Ia-pu|^6l, J^«!*-»t 8. m. Seed of fleawort 

or plantain (Psyllii semen). 
l8-pu.hdu» J^^-Naf n.prop. Ispahan. 
Is-pund, i^^t 8, m. A seed burnt at mar- 
riages to drive away evil spirits: it is also burnt 
as a charm for the like purpose some days after a 
child ia born, particularly at the door, and when 
a child goe^ out or comes home; it is often mixed 
on those occasions with mustard seed, and hence 
has been confounded with the latter. 
Is-rlif, w^l^wsf 8. m. Prodigality^ dissipation, 
ezfiending, abuse of wealth, consumption, extra- 
vagance, i:aln. 
Is-r^f, \J^\y£\^8. m. Expenditure, waste, 
prodigality. Israfkuma^ v, a. To squander, &c. 
Is-ra-fi^U J^^)*^^ «• wi. The name of an 
angel who, it is said, will sound the last trumpet 
at the resurrection; a seraph. 
Is-rar, jl^t 8, Concealment, keeping se- 
cret; disclosure, revealing of a secret. 
Ia-rir,jl;^f 8. m. Persisting, perseverance, 

(especially in something bad). 
Is-rSnj, ^^1 9, m. Minium, cinnabar. 

Ii-tid, i>U.^| «.y. The act of standing, part. 
Standing, raised up. 

Is-td-du, 5Ji3U-»| part Standing, set up, erect- 
ed; (hence, tub,) a pole, ensign-staff, prop, &c. 
particularly, a prop for supporting the door of a 
tent, and not the tent pole. 

Is-ti-du-gee, ,^l5w»| s.f. Standing, stand, 
firmness, resistance. 

Is-tam-b61, J^ls-»l n.prop. Constantinople. 

Is-tee-^b, c^U^t 8. tn. Taking the whole, 
extirpating; asking in a present. 

Is-t6e fa, IanS^! 8, m. Satisfying completely, 
paying or receiving the whole of what is due; 
performance of a promise; renouncing, relin- 

Is- tee-la, ^k^\ 8.m. Predominance, domi- 
nion, conquest. 

Is-tee-n^, ^j^UjR^t 8..m, Familiarity, inti- 
macy, sympathy. 

Is-tee-sdl, jtd^t 8. m. Eradicating, pul- 
ling up by the roots, extirpating, destroying, 

Is thir, ^;^| t%T adj. Settled, steady, firm. 
IsthirfA, s,f. Rest, traofquillity, steadiness. 

Is-ti-a-ddd, i>t JalM»t «. Ability, skill. 

Is-ti.a-f&, IwCU^! 8. Asking forgiveness* 

Is-ti-a-m^l, JUaS^I 8. Practice, usage. 

Is-ti-^-nut, u:^UAM»t s,f. Asking assistance, 
imploring help; assistance, protectioUf 

Isti-^-ruh, »jUs*»| «. m. Borrowing jt using a 
word metaphorically; a metaphor. Istiarukuma, 
To beseech, to beg earnestly. 

Is-ti-bdg^ iM^I ^« ^* Imbuing, staining; 
dipping, baptism, 

Is-tib-ddd, >>t«A.NS.^t 8. m. Absolute dominion, 
despotism, insisting upon a thing's being done, 
obstinacy, perseverance. 

I8.tib rd, \j^\ 8. m. Cleansing, becoming 
free, washing one's hands of a business or desir-' 
ing to be freed from it, the waiting of a woman 
after being divorced from her husband, to ascer- 
tain whether she is pregnant or not, before she 
can contract another marriage; (the term is three 
months, according to the Mahometan law), adj. 

Is'tld-a, IcJu*.*! 8. Supplication, request. 

Is-^id-d-mut, vj:-^|J^t 8./. Seeking to be 
permanent, permaneocy, quiet, steady, everlast- 
ing; assiduity. 

Is-tid-Ul, Jjfii:^! 8. m. Seeking proof, ar- 
guments or reasons; demonstration. 
l8«tid-r^k, v^ljJwU^t 8. m. Beaching, over- 

X 2 

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(soft dental) 

[ 188 ] 







(NortkiUBbrian r) 



(deep liquid llngiial) 

taking, obtairiki^; comprehendiiig, understand- 

Is»tL^6a, IcJOm)! 8*f* Requeet) desire, in< 
vitation, supplication. 

Is-ti-fi£-dub, ^J^ti^t s. m. Seeking gaiii, 
profit, advantage. 

l8-tif-htlA)9 (•^^a:^! s. fit. Desirii^ or seek- 
ing information; enquiry, interrogation. Ilurfi^ 
Uiifham, An interrogative pronoun. 

Is-tif-h^-mee^ ,^LftX^| l adj. Interro- 

Is-tif-hd-mi-ya, JUoLil^t / gative. 

Is-tif-r^ij^ clji:^! s, i/i. Vomiting; be- 
ing empty, evacuating. 

Is-tif-s^r, jLJl!^^! s. m. Searching for in. 
formation, asking an explanation, enquiry, in- 
terrogation, litifaar kuma, v. a. To enquire, to 
interriDgate, to demand an explanation. 

Is-tif-t^ ^SJiX,a\ $, m. Consulting (a lawyer 
or learned man). 

Is-ti^^.suh, Jt'} «. m. Asking for help; 
demanding justice, compliiining, seeking redress. 

Is-ti^-f^r, jUaSwal 5. m. Begging mercy, 
craving grace, deprecating. 

Is-tigh-na, UaiL^I $. m. Content, independ- 
ence, (in point of for|iuie). odj. Independent, 

Is-tij^-rdb^ cJ'ji^! 8. tn. QreKt admira- 
tion, amazement, wonder. 

Is-tij^-r'dV, ^\f^\ s. m. Drowning, over- 
wheii^ing. ad;\ Drowned; immersed in thought, 
ssngrossed, wholly employed, drowned in sleep, 

Is-ti.h^-zuh, <UW^I 8, m. Immoderate flux 

of the menses. 
Is-tih-b6b, c->t>ac:^| 8. m. Contracting 

friendship; an action, the performance of which 

is meritorious, and the omission not criminal; 

work of supererogation. 

Is*tih-kdk, ^Ifts^^^I s, m. Demanding 
justice, clakn, right, merit, ability. 

Is-tih-kdm, j»iiac-^^t «. nu Confirmation, 
firmness, strength. 

l8-tih-k4r,jlS«^| s. m. Treating with con- 
tempt, vilifying, scorning, despising. 

Is-tih-Mk, »^2^^I s, m. Seeking the death 
or ruin of any one; ruining, destroying, con- 

Is-tih-1^, J^j>M»| s. m. The appearance of 
the new moon. 

Is-tih-sdn, jLass^I 8. m. Approving, prais- 
ing, taking or considering as a favour. 

Is-tih^, l/f^t 8, nu Derision, laughiog at, 
joke, scorn. 

Is-tih-z^r, jLias^l 8. m. Calling, citing to 
i^pear, summoning before. 

Is-tik-a-mut, i^s^^lii:^^^! 8.f. Standing; rec- 
titude, integrity, oonH^uance, residence. 

Is-ti^-b41, jUaSw»| 8. m. Encountering, 
meeting, the ceremony of meeting and receiving 
a visitor; the future, futurity. 

Istik-b^r^jU^t 8.m. Pride^ presumptioo, 

Is-ti-kb^-ruh, XjLsr^l 8, tn. Judging from 

omens, augury. 
Is-tifch-d^m, (•loc^**! 8. f. Confirmation, 

firmness, strength. 

Is-tikb M, uil^r^l «. m. Making light of, 
despising, holding in contempt. 

Is-tikb-lds, <^i)Ls^^| 8. m, Seeking liberty, 
or to liberate; liUeration, liberty, freedom. 

Is-tikh-r^j, ^l/fc^l 8. m. Making to go or 
come out» expukiou, drawing forth, extractiog- 

Is-tik-lil, J^U^I 8. nu Absolute power, m- 
trepidity, resolution, perseveraace, vigour. 

Is-tik-mil, Jto^l 8. m. Seeking the com- 
pletion or perfection of any thing; completion, 
bringing to perfection. 

ls-ti]^>r^, \f^\ 8. m. Reasoning from in- 
duction . 

Is-tik-rdh, )s\^\ 8. /. Aversion, reluc- 
tance; abhorrence. 

Is-tik-r^r, jl^a^t 8, m. Confirmation. 

Is-tik-sha^ uJliti^l s. tn. Seeking the 
manifestation, exposition or laying open (of aojr 

Is-tilah, ^5^1 s. / A phrase, idiom, 
technical term, figure in rhetoric. 

Is-til z^m, Mj^-^l «• »*• Rendering neces- 
sary; necessity. ^ 

Is tiin^*lut, u^loJUt 5./. Conciliating, con- 
solation^ encouragement. 

Is-tim-^u, c^UXH»t 8, tn* Hearings listening 
(to music, &c. particularly); tidings, report, 
rumour, what is heard. 

Is-tim-b^t, tU^Xrft 8. tn. Extracting, de- 
ducting, inference. 

Is-tim-ddd, »>| j^oOm^I »./. Begging assistance, 

Is-tini-r^r, j]ja1^] s. tn. Continuation, per* 
severance, continuance. 

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1ST [ J8^ ] 

gy r t 

our (harsh pnlaCick) (soft dental) 












I adj* CoQtiiuiatiTe, 


l8-tnQ>t^a, €^^:N«CKi*t t. m. Enjoying, reap- 
ing the fruits of, beiag delighted; celebrating the 
solemnities of the festival of Mecca; enjoyment 
(of a woman). \ 

l8-tin-ja> Isr^^l 8. m. Purification after the 
offices of nature; making water. 

Ktin-sb^l:, ^L^Aiv^t s. m. Throwing water 
into the nostrils when performing the wuzoo, 
snuffing up the air or odours, &c. 

Is-ti-rd-but, vj:-%^|ji-»| s, /. Repose, rest, 
ease, tranquillity, sleep. 

Is tir-d^d, «>t^j>wat 8. m. Demanding resti- 
tution in any thing, whether given, deposited in 
trust, or taken without consent, repelling, driv- 
ing or forcing back. 

Is-tirz^ Uj^Mit «. /. Seeking to please ; 
willingness, acquiescence, alacrity. 

Is tisfa-hdd. i^LibJ^I 8. m. Summoning 
witnesses, bringing testimony or proof, taking 
evidence } Mling a martyr for religion. 

Is-tis-l^a, IamJ^I s. m. The dropsy. Istiskai 
zikkte. Anasarca.. Istishai-^lee^ Tympany. IS" 
ii$kai-luhmee, A dropsy pervading all the members 
of the body. 

Is-tis-k^l, JlS^i^l 5. m. Heaviness, trou- 
ble, importunity. 

Is-tis-na, U:Ms«»t $. 91. Exception, distinc- 

Is tinsuid, jUmaI^I 8 m. Desiring happiness, 
being fortunate, considering any thing as a happy 
presage, conceiving well of any thing. 

Is-tis wib, <y Ij^^a^l s. m. Approving, con- 
Is-ti-t&r, j\ss^\ 8 m. Concealment. 

h-ti-td-uj, Li^^filk:-*! s./ Power, possibili- 
ty; stdunitting to, obedience, dependence. 

Is ti-ud-^d, 0|J«:^t 8./. Readiness; abili- 
ty, means. ep|»acity. 

Is-|(-iifa, U|CU| 8. in. Asking forgiveness, 

Is-ti-ufiil, JU«2^I 8, m. Wishing to make 
haste, ordering one to make haste^ hastening, ac- 
celerating, despatch. 

l8-ti-4la, 9^>^\ 8. m. Seeking exaltation 
or promotion; superiority « exaltation. 

Ivti-umdl, JWul 8, m. Custom, daily 
practice, use. Istiumal kuma^ To use. 

Ifi-^i-uma-lee, ^JU^^i^l ac^llfcJsed, usual. 
• 8, m. Fine rice. 

Is-ti-w^ *]yL»] adj. Equal, parallel. 
Is-ti-w^, lyul 8. Parallelism, equality. 
liiutii'4itiwa. The equator. 

Is-tiz-h^r, jUa^^l s. m. Imploring aid, 
assistance; calling to memory, remembering. 

Fs-tree, i^f/^t ^ s. /. A woman. 

I's-tree, v^^^l I^rP «• A smoothing iron 7^- 
tree kuma, v. a. To iron or smooth with an iron. 

Is-ttjb-ru^, Jj^^I 8* m. Silk cloth or satin, 
the colour of which seems to change agreeably to 
the light it is seen in (particularly, green silk). 

I's tub-ul, J>c^l 8. m. A stable. 

Is t^mbh, ^4^Al^l ^m s. m. The. trunk of a 

tree, a column, pile, post, piUar. 
Fs-tur-uh, ^jk»9| ( adv. In this man- 
ias tur-uh-s6, ^^^^^Ja^\ 5 ner, thus. 

Is-y^, jU<:fi 8* m. Sin, tran^ression, re- 
bellion, crime. 
It, cjI ry{ adv. Here, hither. 
Ft-a, t! T^\ adj. m. This much, &c. 
It-db, f^^ 8. m. Reproach, rebuke, anger, 
. displeasure. , 

It-i-lut, Lj;-Jlt| s.f. Extension. 

I-t^ut, ij;.^^^}^] 8.f^ Subjection, submission, 
obsequiousness, obedieooe, reverence, worship- 
ping, loyalty. 

It-ek, \S^\ ttNt ady So much, thus much. 

rt-&, "UJiil 8. m. Extinction. 

Ith-U-na, t^l (<&<flRT v. a. To walk af- 
fectedly or coqoettishly, to express tenderness or 
kindness by gesture. 

Fti, cut tPt a participle implying cause, 
manifestation, reference, something additional, 
conclusion: and may be translated by Thus, there- 
fore, lo, behold, et cetera, so says, this is, the 
end; in which latter sense it is usually written 
like ziycujiu-cheh in Persian and ^um in Arabic, 
and^/»t« with us, at the end of a book, letter, &o. 
signifying that it is finished. 

Iti-b^r, jUicI 8. iw. Confidence, faith, be- 
lief, credit, reliance, respect, esteem; taking as 
an example, reasoning by comparison, Itibar 
tiikhna. To give credit to, to believe. 

Iti-bd-ree, i^j'^l acfj. Of credit, credit&ble. 

Iti-d^l, JI<>Ict 8. m. Evenness, equilibrium, 
moderation, temperateness, temperature, recti- 

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(soft dental) 

[ 190 ] 







(Northambriaa r) 



(deep liquid lingual) 


iti-h^s, (^^BIlkfTr^^ s. m. History, he- 
roic history, storj) fable. 

Iti-k^d, i^lftlft s. m. Confidence, faith, 
trust, belief. 

Iti-k^f, v^i^^l 8. ifi. Continuing in the 
place of worship or mosque (especially at Mecca), 
restraining, curbing^ the passions from reli^ous 
motives, as in Lent. 

Iti-mdd, »iUlcI s. m. Reliance, trust, faith, 
confidence, dependence. 

Iti-na, Ulxit s,/. Care, attention, study, la- 

Iti-rdf, v-Jly^I s. m. Confession, acknow- 
ledg^ement, avowal. 

Iti-r^, ;^l;^t s, f. Opposition, refusing 
assent, objecting^, discussion, criticism, animad- 

Iti-sdm, /»lo^l 5. m. Abstaining from what 
is irreligious or unlawful. 

Iti-zal, Jlr*^l «• 'w. Secession, abdication. 

Iti-zdr, j!*>X£l 8, m. Excuse, apology. 

Iti-z^z, j\j^\ s. m. Excellence, preva- 

Itl^, JJ^ 8. Liberty, manumission. 

It-ldk, ^2li»!«. m. Diarrhoea, looseness, 
liberation; setting at -liberty; divorcing; disen* 
gagedness; freedom. 

It-rad, cUtI 5. Exciting desire, avidity. 

It-mdm, (»tcJ| 8. m. Rendering perfect, com- 
pletion, accomplishment. 

It-mee-ndn, jUj^atj «./. Tranquillity, rest, 
repose, quiet, content, security. Ttmeenani-^idtirt 
Peace of mind. 

Ft-na, U}| ITTTT adj, m. As much as this, 
so much. 

Itr, jlac 8, m. Perfume, essence. 

I-tfe /I X^l (in Bruj.) adj. This much, so 

It-r^-na^^Jlyl TnTiTT v. a. To give one's self 
airs, to act with affectation, to act in an unnatu- 
ral or unusual manner. 

It-rd ya, V.'/' ITTTf'^n m. 1 adj. Affected, 

It-r^-ee, U^] 'U\X\i:f' ) playful, wan- 

It-ti-fik, ^^1 8. m. Agreement, union, 
equality, concord, friendship, similarity of dis- 
position ; chance, fortune, accident, incident, suc- 
cess, opportunity, probability. lUifaki-husunuh, 
s. m. Unexpected good fortune, agreeabU acci- 
dents. Iliifa^ kuma. To accord, to happen. 
Jtiifak h6na, To happen, to be agreed. 

It-ti-fa*^dt, C-)SU7| s. m, plur. Accidents, 

It-ti*fi^]^ee, j^UJI adj. Accidental. 

It-ti-ft-l^un, 'SUTI adv. Accidentally, by 

It-ti-h^d, t^lar'l s. m. Union, concord, friend- 

It-ti-h^f, v^Ur't 5. A gifb, present 

It-ti-hdm, j»l^ 8 m. Suspicion, impeadi- 
ment, accusation, censure. 

I't-tik-a, tol 8. m. Avoiding, shunning; ab- 
staining from evil; piety. 

rt-tik-a, (^I 8. m. Reliance. 

Ft-til-a, c2li>I 5./. Manifesting, notice, de- 
claring, investigation, information, knowledge. 
Itia, Information. 

It-tisdf, uJUaJ'l 5. m. Description, qualifi- 
cation, praise, excellence. ^ 

It-tis^l, jLaJl 8. m. Conjunction, adhesion, 
union, continuity, attachment » neighbourhood, 

rt-ur,yl TcTT adj. Affected, giving one's 
self airs, playful, wanton, coquetish. 

It-w^r, jty*( xjscTK s. m- Sunday. 

Fwuz, (^j^ s. fit. Reward, retribution, re- 
turn, retaliatioo, any thing substituted for an- 
other, exchange, compensation, recompense, adv. 
Instead, for. 

I-yd dut, CJ»itjC 8./. Visiting the sick. 

I-y^l» J^ s. m. Family, children, domes- 

I-yd-lut, «^K-^V.f *• /* Dominion, govern- 

I-ydra, j%Vl *• wi. pi. Days, times, seasons. 
'Iyami'(j,iarcait Harvest time. 

I-ydr, jUc 8. Mark, proof, standard, /yor- 
geeVf An assayer. 

I-y4-zun-hil-lah, «d)M'iLc May God avert ! 

ly-zun, 'U;t Adj. Ditto, the same, also. 

I'z-a, \)\ adj. Suitable* 

Izi-fa, <^U| s. 711. Addition, junction, an- 
nexation, augmentation, attribute. 

Iz-d-fut, 4.s-^UI 8.f. Addition, adjunct^ re^ 
ference, annexation; coustmction of one noon 
with another.. 

Iz^-la, <0|j| 8. m. Removal; abolition; (in 
grammar) elision of a letter or of a vowel pomt 
from a word. 

Iz-^m, j»ltfi 8. plur. Bones, jtrfur. The great 
Qgzam, adj. Great. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 









[ 191 ] 

(har<tb palatick) (floft dental) 











Iz-^r, ifjl s,f. Drawers, trowsers. 

Iz-ar-b6nd, My\j\ s. m. The string with 
which drawers are tied. Izarbun^ee-rishta, Con- 
nection through a wife; petticoat-interest. 

Iz'iz^ J\j^\ s. m. Honouring, magnifying, 
respect, attention, honour. 

Iz-di-him, /»ic»-»3jl s. m. A concourse^ a 
crowd* a rushing together of people. 

Iz-di-yad, •>lj'.^jl 8. m. Increase, angmenta- 

Iz-h^r, jUa^ s, m. Manifestation, revela- 
tion, demonstration, pablicatton; deposition or 
declaratioa (in court) . 

IzD, j'M s. HI. Permission ; dismission. 

Ifrrir, iya] 8, m. Afflicting, injuring. 

Iz-ra-^el, (J5ljjl n. prop. The angel of 

Iz-tirdb, c-»|jk^| s. m. Anxiety, agita- 
tion, perturbation, restlessness, anguish, trouble, 

Iz-ti-r6r, j\^\ 8. m Misery, distress; 
Tiolence, constraint; agitation. 

Itz, jsi s. m. Glory, greatness, dignity, 
grandeur, excellence, power. 

I'z-zut, cj>^ s,f. Grandeur, power, honour, 
respect, glory. IzzuHts6r, The emblem of ho- 

Ja, U oTT (in Bruj.) pron, reL inflect, sing. 
Whom, what, which, any one. 

J% ^ 8.f. A place. Ja-bii-jay adv. Here 
and there, in several places. Ja-nisheen, s, m. 
A locum tenens, a deputy, a successor, a vicege- 

Jab, «-->V 'sn^ *• •*•. Muzzle for lai'ge cat- 
tle; a net for fruit; a sort of grass. 

J^bee, ^U. «ri^s.^ Muzzle for small cat- 

iMyir^ ^}>^ part. act. Despot, tyrant ac^. 
^igb^, tyrantiical. 

Jdch-na, UflfcU. ^ji^^i f v. a. To want, 
need, require, implore, solicit, ask, ttHftm^i beg. 

J^-chuk, ujCa-U. n x'^i^ 8, m. A suitor, a so- 
licitor, a beggar, a person who goes about sing- 
ing for charity, a petitioner, one who asks or so- 

Jad, Oash. «./, A ringlet, a lock of hair. 

Ja-ddd, ^iliiU. 8. f, A place, station, service, 
employment, consignment. 

J^-doo^ ^"^V 8, m. Enchantment, magic, 
conjuring, juggling. Jatjioo ckulAna, To practise 
incantations. Ja^oo^'tr, s, m. An enchanter, 
conjurer, juggler, magician. Jiufoo-gumee^ 8,f. 
A sorceress. Jadoo^uree, s. f. Magic, necro- 

Jd-duh, JJiiU s. m. A pathway, a road, way, 
manner, practice, the right road, a highway. 

Jd-duj, ^«>l>- 8. m. A path. 

Jd-duv, ^»>U- ^i^ci s. m. The lineage of 

Krishna, one of that race. 
J^e, i^^ 8.f. A place. Jae-i'bd8ky Place 

of abode. Jae^i^zurSor, s. f. The necessary. 

Jite'fiisheen, A successor, locum tenens. 
Jae-ddd, "^It^Jl^ 8.f. An assignment on land 

for the maintenance of any establishment, assets. 
J^-ee, J>^ ^srrt adj^ / Born. s. /. A 

Jae-gd, JjCiU. s./. Station, place. 
Jae-geer, ;XU s.f. Pension, adj. Fixed, 

&c. efficacious. JaegeeV'^nr, A possessor of 

«7a^6er-land. Jaeg^eree, Employed by holding a 

pension or consignment. 

Jde-phul, J^J^^ ^sniin?iW 8. m. Nutmeg. 
(Myristica moschata). 

Jae-pdt-ree, ,^^V ^^^^ s.f. Mace. 

Jd-fur, jAj». 5. A river ; a proper name. 

J^fur-ee, ^^j^^^- s.f. A kind of cupola ; a 
sort of skreen (the interstices of the frame being 
lozenged); lattice-work; the purest kind of 
gold; a yellow flower (Linum trigynum). 

Jag, *-f U- ^TT 8. m. A religious sacrifice, 

Ji-ga, \f^ WTTT 8. m. A cast of Hindoos. 

Ji-ga-b6n-dee, ^.^.l^^- ^'Tl'f^ s.f Drow- 
siness, sleepiitess. 

Ja-g6er, jJ U. s*f Land given by govern- 
ment as a reward for services, or as a fee; a pen- 
sion (in hind), a fief. Jageen^dry a. m. The hol- 
der of a fee or Jageer, a feoffee. 

Jdg-na, UTl?- ■an'prr ». n. To awake, to be 

J^-run, o/^ WIWK^ s. tn. Vigil, wake- 
fulness (in a religious ceremony or prayers), 

Jdg-tee-j6t, Ll>^^^^i^ WPr?ft%rf7ra^'. Pos- 
sessed of or exertiag miraculous powers. 

J^-guh, «u/l^ ^i^TT S.f Place. 

Digitized by 






(soft dental) 

[ m ] 








(Northumbrian r) 



(deep liquid Ifaigual) 



J^-gut, c.i.>fU-"5rnT7T «./. Watchfulness, wak- 

Jah, »U^ «./. Digfnity, rank, gprandeur. Jah- 
O'julAl, Dignity, grandeur, splendor, magnifi- 
cence, pomp. 

Jd-faee, ^^"Vi^ s.fl A flower (Jasminam 
grandiflomm) ; ^ firework resembling that flower. 

Ja-hi, <i^U- "srif^ (Bruj.) pran, rel..sifV' ^ 
the dative case, to whom, to whomsoever. 

Ji-hil^ J^^ ^' Ignorant, barbarous, bru- 

Ja-hiz, ^U. a^'. Lawful, legal, permitted, 
right, proper, warrantable, authorised, s. m, A 
joist, a beam. Joiz-ki, Possibly, it may be that. 

J^i-zuh ^^.U- s, m. Eixamination, trial, re- 
viewing, eonfronting , benignitjr. 

J£-juk« *-^^* ^"^W «. f»# A brahmun^ who 
presides at the perKbrmaBce of a religioas cere- 
mon7,an officiating priest. 

J^juk, *-^^- ^sTT^Pli 8,m, A player on cym- 
bals or on dia taboar. 

Ji*jum, ^^- "^fvsrti $, f. A cloth thrown 
over the carpet to sit on. 

J^.jat, c;.o.V i* f. The series of binary 
combinations of letters beginning with t (/Mm). 

Jal, JU-a^/. Forged, counterfeited. 

^^^b Jal, JU^^a^tf. iw. A net, a sash, magic, 

lAs-^^-^^' illnsion. ./aZ-^r, a^^'. Reticulated^ JaMUthee, 

« /. A coat of maii. Jnl-^ukfee^i./, Valerian. 

Jal, (Ja>^ aty. Coanterfeit, forged, forgery. 

Jd-la, yi^ ^TWr ». m. Cobweb, a pellice; 
a jar, a speck on the eye, a cataract. 

J^lee, ^ U- «rr^ s /. Network. The inte- 
gument in which a fcBtns is enveloped; a coil, a 
caul. Jdlee pupm, Expresses the hardening of the 
stone of a mango; a Uttice, girate, trelHs work. 

Ja-lee^n6o6, (^^^^^ n.prop. Galen. 

Jam, f^ s, m, A g^oblet, cup, glass, any 
vessel for drinking ont of, a bowl. A mirror. 
Jam-i'JHni, or jumtAietf, s. m. The mirror of 
Jumsliee^i in which be saw whatever he wished. 
Jam-i'juh&tMn^Smat A pharos. Jami^^i^dna, 
A wtirdrobe. Jivn^ulubriM, A bumper. 

Jam, |»U^^iiT s. m. The rose-apple (Eugenia 
jambos, ftc). A watch of 3 hoars or eighth part 
of the day. 

Jam-d^nee, ^t J^U. s. /. A kind of doth in 
which the flowers are wove and not worked (ge- 
nerally muslin), A kind of leather basket. (Ap- 
plied to ntMisils of metal, &c.) adj. Flowered, 
sculptured or embossed. 

Ja*m6e-yut, c:-Aija^U^ s.f, Uniyersality. 

J^m-gee, y^J^^ s, f. A salary; match of a 

J^mi, ^U. part. act. Completing, com- 
prehending, collecting, collector, a compiler, adj. 
All, whole, universal, collective. 8, /. A great 
mosque, temple, or cathedral, where the prajer 
called KAootba, is repeated on Fridays. Jami- 
CDl'kumaidf, adj. Most learned, skilled in all sci- 
ences, containing the essence of all perfection. 

J^mid, *x«U. adj. Styptic. Jam-i-jim^, 
Primitive or concrete noun (not derived from 
any root, and from which no word is derived; as, 
tree), an indeclinable noun. 

Jdmi-nee, v>-«^- ^rrftT^ s.f. Night J2- 
mtmetf, s. Blahometan. 

Ja^m6os, i^y^^ s. m. A bufialo. 

J&^muh, J^V^* ^' A garment, robe, gown, 
vest. Jasim-iidnuhf^, m, A wardrobe, a Chester 
sack for holding clothes. Jamu^dnee, <./. Port- 
mantean, a kni^;Mack. 

J^-mun, ^^ WTiPr «. /. A fruit and tree 
so called (Calyptranthescarjrophyllifolia.) s.^. 
Sour milk used to coagulate fresh milk, rnnnet. 

Ja*mu-wdr, jl^<uU. s. m, A piece of shawl, 
&a for a dress. 

Jan, j^ 5. «t./. Life, soul, spirit, mind, 
self, a sweetheart, ^met.) adj. Dear, beloved. 
Jan^fur^an, Animator, Creator of life (an epi- 
thet of God). JoH'baz, or Jan-bdUla, adj. Risk- 
ing life, venturesome, daring. Jan-bdzes, «./• 
Risking life (in battle, ftc.) working at any thing 
as if life depended on success. Jan-bdzee kmma, 
To risk life in a business. Jan*btihh^h, Animat- 
ing, bestowing life, forgiver of a capital crime. 
Jan-b^iishee,s.f. Giving life, vivification, par- 
don of a capital crime. Jan burhuk(c fuslSem 
kuma, To expire, to give up the ghost. Jan-bur 
hona, To survive, to outlive. Janrbu-luby adj. 
At the point of expiring. Jan pur dna, orpuTWit 
To be exposed to imminent danger. Jaupvf 
khSbuiy To run the hasard. Jan pur naubtt^ Awe, 
To be in inuninent danger of life. Janpv(W, 
To be refreshed. Jan-futdsh, adj. Weakening. 
Jan tn$Uem hmm. To resign one's life. J^ 
ckhoordnd. To escape, to get rid of. Jan4dr, An 
animal (generally implying strength), powerfal> 
active, spirited (as, a horse). Jan tipdr, «4^, . 
Resigning one's life into the hands of another (sn 
epithet of a lover). Jan-sifdn, adj. Life-destroy- 
ing (as, poison or a snake, &c) Jctn-sdiiff^f 
Having the soul inflamed. Jan^soz, adj. Heart- 
inflaming, beloved. Jan se mdrtia, To kill. Jo^ 

Digitized by 











C >^3 3 

r t 

(harsh palatiek) (soft dental ) 











^ahdn, aaff Ready to sacrifice one's life for ano- 
ther, zealous, ferFent. Jan-fish/mee, $,f. Very 
hard labour, extreme diligence, devotion. Jan- 

JUhaXiee kuma. To strain every nerre, Jan^hah, 
adj. Life-redacing, heart-breaking, pathetic, af- 
fecting. Jan-k/ihee, a.f. Diminution of life, what 
tends to shorten life. Jan kisee^pur (fenat To 
love excessively, to die, to fall a sacrifice. Jan- 
kk7i4un^ s, m. Gasping in the agonies of death. 
Jan^kundunee^ or Jan^unee. s.f. The agonies of 
death, agony, torture. Jan^^dz, adj. Heart- 
melting, life-wasting. Jan-goQ^azee. s.f. Wast- 
ing or consumption of life, trouble of mind. 
Jan iN^nui, or — khSia, To overcome, exhaust, 
deject, oppress, vex, perplex, plague. Jan-men- 
Jan ana. To be satisfied, to be comforted. Jan- 
nU6r^ adj' Devoted, sacrificing one's life. Jan- 
misaree't s.f. Devotedness, &o. 
Jan, ^U. -grriT s. m. A conjurer, an astrolo- 
ger part. Knowing, aty. Wise, intelligent. Jan- 
hoojhkur^ adv. Knowingly, wilfully, purposely. 

J^-na, OU. arpf 1 r. n. To go, to be, pass, 
reach, continue Jata-^tikna, To be lost, to be 
missing, disappear, to go away, to pass away. 

Jan-^n. ^^OU s. plur. Lives, sweethearts. 

Janch, ^'^- ^tN" s. m. Trial, examination, 
test, assay, proof. 

Jdnch-na, Usr' U wN^TT v. a. To examine, 
inquire into, ascertain, try. prove, assay. 

JA.neh d6-na, W*>^V ^^ ^TT v. a. To 
liberate, to let go, to excuse, to pass over (as, a 
£stuU) . Janeh-ifo, Never mind, let alone, dont. 

Jto-ee, ^U- adj. Of the heart or soul, dear, 
beloved; (substantively) a lover, a friend. Jan^e 
46fifAmftnf An enemy desirous of one's life. 

Jd-neh-tin-ja-neh, ^^'^\^l>- "sn^ 41^ ^i^ 

Wittingly or unwittingly 
Jangh, i£>^^ -mvBi s.f. The thigh. 
J^n-ghi-ya, (-j^^ "srifg^ s. m. A kind of 

breeches that do not cover the thigh. 

Jto-ghul, J^^ ^rrew 8. m. A kind of 
heron. (Ardea indica). 

Jan-^ur, ^ U- ^trt s. m. The thigh and leg. 

Jan-har, j^^ ^9n^TlT.adj. Going, pass- 
ing away. 

Ji-nib,s^U- s.f. Part, side. adv. Towards. 
JanilMJLar^ A supporter, a second. JanilH^oree, 
s.f. Supporting, seconding, partiality, 

other pledge) left for a thing purchased, which it 
is carried away to be finally approved. 

Jann, c'^ ^* m. A demon, one of the genii. 

Jdn-na, ^'^ "STR'n v. a. To know, to un- 
derstand, to comprehend, to suppose, to trust. 

Jan-nis-sdr, jll'jU- s. m. Devoted servant. 

Jfan-n<ign, jy^- '^M\ v. a. To know, un- 
derstand, comprehend, to suppose. 

Ja-no, y vd- ^n^i v. n. To go ; understand, 
suppose; that is, videlicet. 

Jan-puh-ch^n, jls-j^^U- «1^^MT^M s. m. An 

acquaintance, an intimate friend 
Jan-sipa-ree, ^jl^'jl?- «.y. Trusting one's 

life to another. 
Jant, w:^U* grt?r s. f. A wooden trough 

for raiding water. 

Jan-ta, WU- ^rnr 8.f. A stone-mill for grind- 
ing com, a handmill of two stones one over the 
other; a pair of bellows. 

Jto-wur, iy U> 8, fit. An animal, a bird. 

Jap, L->1?- ^iT s. HI. Repeating inaudibly 
passages from the shasiers, charms, names of a 
deity, silent meditation, muttering of prayers, 
counting silently one's beads. (A Hindoo term). 

J^-puk, ejTjU ^-q^ 1 5.W. One who counts 

J^-pee, ^^'^ ^mft J his beads, or who 
recites to himself. 

Jar, jU^ s. m. Neighbour. 

Jar, jU. ^t; s. m. A gallant, a paramour ; 

Ja-ra, \j^ ^i^T s. m. Cold, coldness; the 

J^-ree, i^j^ adj. Running, flowing, pro- 
ceeding, current. «./. Currency. «/(tiree kdmaf To 
begin, to set on foot. Jaree h6na^ To flow; to 
pass current, to be in force, proceed (as business). 

J^-ri-yu, 4^j^ s.f. A maid servant. 

J^r-ua, ^j^ W[T^ V. a. To light, to kin- 
dle, to bum. 

Jar-ndyn, Jfj^ "snT^ r. a. To bum, 
kindle, inflame, light. 

Ji-roo, y^ "sri^ part. Burning. 

Ja-r6ob,«^^jU- s. m. A broom, or the sweep- 
er who uses it. Jaroob'ktssh, a.m. A sweeper. 

Jarr, jU. part. Giving kusr to the last let- 
ter of a word. Hurf-i-jarr, A particle which oc- 
casions the noun to end in kusr. 

Jarnihya, ^^^ o^ s. dual. Mutual, on both ! Jd-rnl, J;U. w\TM s. m. A kind of wood. 

sides. Janibyn^ie,adn. Reciprocally, alternately. , (Lagerstrcamia flos reginae). 
Jdn-kur, 5^)^ "^rNi^ s. m. Money (or Ja-run, jU^ ornTT *. w. Firewood, fu^kjp 






(soft dentfd) 

[ 194 ] 







Ja-soo, ^^aU wi^pron. From or of whom. 

Ja-soo8, (^^U s. m. A spy, an emissary. 

Ja-s<5o-see, ^^*^^>> s.f. The action of a 
spy, spying. " Jasoosee himn. To play the spy. 
C^ Jat, JL>o. ^srrfTf s.f, Ca^ sect, tribe, class, 
race, birth, production. Jat-pant, s.f, A pedi- 
gree. Jat'ktirm, s. m. A sacri^cial ceremony 
directed to be performed at the birth of a child. 

Jat, «^ U -^iz s. m. A tribe of Rajpoots. 

Ji*tee, J}^ ^Tjft s.f. Great flowered jasmi- 
num grandiflorum. Jatee-phttl a. m. Nutmeg. 

Jath, <^jU- •^\z 8* m. The axis of an oil or 
sugar-mill which presses the grain or the canes; 
a post placed by Hindoos in the centre of a tank 
to mark its being dedicated . 

Ji-tra, ty la. ■stt'^*./. A moment (p^eneral- 
ly implying a fortunate moment). Pilgrimage, 
departure, march, journey; procession, a festival. 

Jd-tree, ^/'^ ^n^fl s. m. A pilgrim. 

J^vunee-bh^ha, 'm^4\ ViXTf s. f The 
language of Jumms. 

Ji-wan, j{^^ wi^fadj. Twins. 

^J"""^' '^> , Iddj. Always, eternal 
Ja-weddn, J1J>;'.;1^ J 

Ja-widdn, c)\^j^ adj. Eternal. 

Ja-wida-nee ,^'!*^^V s.f Eternity. * 

J^-wuk, ^^^^ ^^^ s. m. The red colour 
procured from the lakh insect 

J^wutree, ^f)^ ^i^^ s.f Mace. 

J^-yaj k^ ""rTirr adj. m. Bom; s. m. A son. 
s f. A wife. 

J^-zib, v^^ Z'^^* ^^- Allaring, attractive ; 
drawing (as, a plaster) ; absorbent. 

J^-zim, /•jU- part, act, Having'the proper- 
ty of rendering the last letter of a word quies- 
cent. <idj. Resolving, conclusive. 

Jd-zum, /»J^>» «. m. A cloth thro^vn over a 
carpet to sit on. 

Je, v.^ ^ pron. rel. plur. (in Bruj.), Who, 
which, what. 

Jeb, <-r'^*>' s, f A pocket Jebkitra^ s. m, 
A pickpocket. 

Jeejj^'s^^ s. m. Life, soul, spirit. Jee oothd- 
no, ■ To withdraw one's friendship or. desire. Jee 
hdora kufna, To vomit, to have a nausea; to be 
displeased. Jee bufhana, To be moderately desir- 
ous. Jee bikhuma, v, n. To iaint. Jee bhiir^ 
j&na. To be at ease and contented. Jee bhur^Ana^ 
To be touched with compassion or seized with 
grief. Jee buhldna. To amuse one's self, to dis- 
sipate reflection. JeepdnOf To understand one's 

(Northumbrian i 


(deep liquid lingnoial) 


temper; to be highly pleased, to escape from mis- 
fortune. Jee pdnee kfima^ To harass, tease, 
plague, p<>rpleJk. Jee pur fUseeke cktUna, To obey 
one. Jee pur khHna, To risk one's life, to run 
the hazard. Jee puseejna, or piffhiibia, OTpigtud 
j6na^ To be compassionate, to feel affection. Jee 
pukra j/tna^ To be sorry. Jee phut jana, To 
be broken-hearted. Jeephirjdna, To be content- 
ed. To be satiated or disgusted. Jee juUina, 
To befriend ;fto plague, to perplex. Jeejulna^ 
To be vexed or troubled in mind. Jee chShnat 
To desire. Jee chhipdnoj or chQsr&na, To do a 
work carelessly or Uzily, to neglect. Jee ckuld- 
na. To act bravely. Jee chtSlna, To desire. Jet 
(fan. Granting life, pardoning a capital crime, 
permission. Jee ifhujrukna. To have a palpita- 
tion of the heart. Jee dSob jAna^ To faint. Jet 
rtikhna. To be easily pleased, to please. Jee se 
^ur jhna^ To sink in the opinion of another; 
to be broken-hearted. Jee se marna. To kill. 
Jee kurna, and — hSna, To desire, to wish for. Jee 
hholkur kOQchchh kthjia, To do any thing with 
pleasure or cheerfully. Jee hee umdn mdngnee, 
To preface a discourse with excuses. Jee ke bui- 
uljee4ena, To take up the cause of another. 
Jee ghutj6na. To detest.' Jee hgdna. To excite 
desire or love. Jee lugna. To contract affection 
for any person or thing. Jee lena, To penetnt^ 
one's thoughts; to excite one's desire; to kill. 
Jee mdrna. To mortify one's desire, to displease. 
Jee mifdna, To contract friendship. Jee men 
dna. To come iuto the mind, to occur to the re- 
collection. Jee men jul jdna. To be tormented 
with envy or jealousy. Jee men jee dna. To be 
comforted. Jee meig^ ghur hh-na. To be pleasant, 
agreeable, or acceptable. Jee nikulna. To die; t« 
desire or love^ excessively; to fear exceedingly 
Jee hdma, To lose all life and spirit^ to be dis- 
couraged, to be depressed from fear^ to be spirit- 
less, to be deterred by cowardice. Jee hutjdnaf 
;|JD detest. 

Jee,\^ ^ Yes ; Sir, master, madam. 

Jeebh,* ^4^^ gft>f s.f The tongue. Jtebh 
btffhdna. To be loquacious and abusive; to pur- 
sue pleasures beyond one's reach. Jeebh puk* 
ufna. To silence, to interrupt onp's discourse; 
to criticise minutely. Jeebh jh<^kdna. To pre- 
tend to wealth falsely. Jeebh chatnOf To long 
after or covet unattainable enjojrment. Jeebh 
chuldna, To boast beyond one's ability. Jeebh 
ijtabhur bat kuhna, To speak with reserve. Jeebh 
kdtna, To forbid by signs; to grant the request 
of a petitioner; to be struck with terror or as- 
tonishment. Jeebh nikdlna, To be extremely 
fotigued or thirsty. 

j.tized by 









[ 195 ] 




(harsh palatick) 

(soft dental) 









Jee-bh^-ra, IjU^j^- «ft>nTTac^\ Plain spoken, 

J^e-bhee, ^j^<>- ^>ft s. /. An instrument 
for cleaning the tongue; a bit. 

Jeed, vXj?. s. Neck. Jt/i/id, s. Length of 
neck, beautiful neck. 

J^e-fa, 4iA^ 8. m. A carcase, corpse. 

J^e ka, (^ ^f^ 8. / Pension, liveli- 

Jeei, J-jA. -^^ s. f. The note or tone in 
wngiDg or music opposite to the bass, the treble. 

Jeera, ^ The fifth letter of the Arabic and 
the sixth of the Persian alphabet, has the sound 
of j in the English word judge. In Sungskrit its 
correspondent and equivalent letter is ^. In A- 
Tabic, it stands for 3 in the vbjud numeration, for 
Tuesday in almanacs, and for the sign Cancer 
in astronomy; it may, also, stand as an abbrevia- 
tion for the month, Jumadee-'Ool-akhir. 

Jee-mdr, jUo^ ■Bfi^iTnc a4j. Capital (as, a 
crime) ; mortifying one's desires. 

J^e-na, Uo. -^^^m v. n. To live. s. m. Liv- 

Jeen-ffop-ri-na, ^\^i>^ -^TXWi .v. n. To 
corrugate, to wrinkle. 

J^-oo, ^ ^i^r 8. m. Life, soul ; animated 
being, animal; a sweetheart, a lover, interj. 
Bravo I 

Jee-oo-giir, /^ ^B^t^srm:* adj. Resolute, 

Jee-ra, ]j^ ^xj s. m. Cumin-seed. 

Jee-run, J;*?* ^if ac(^'. Old, decayed; di- 

Jeet, u;^ 'a . ^?f s.f. Winnings, victory. 

J6e-fa, ^j^ "^m adj, Aliv0, living; over, 
more, above. Jeetejie, adj. Alive, living. 

J6e-ti-ya, Ip^ ^^frr^ s. f. Name of a 
Hindoo fast, observed by women, who have lost 
several children, to prtiiserve the remainder. 

Jeet-na, Ui-j^ ^tptt v, a. To win, conquer^ 

Jee-too, y-Ms^ -gftq; 8. m. A winner. 

Jee-t6b» y^f^^ii^ ^ttt s. m. Life, existence. 

Jeet-wAnt, ^^f^ ^s^tt^tt \8. m. A win- 

Jeet;-w/-ya, O-r^ ^^iTI^^Tj ner. 

J6e-Yi-ka, f^i 


adj. Victorious, 

J6ew-na, 0^^ ^ftifTT v. n. To live. 

Y 2 

^y:^ ^fwr s. f. Livelihood, 
«riqn part. Living, alive. 

J6e-wun, j^^^ ^^-i b. m. Livelihood, liv- 
ing; water. 

Jq-hiir, f,*A. ^r^x. s. m. An ornament, 

Je-hur. ^^ ^r^s.f. A pile of pots till- 
ed with water and placed one over the other in 
order to be carried on the head; a ceremony pre- 
parative to marriage, in which pots filled with wa- 
ter are piled over one another, the whole is crown- 
ed with a bowl of shHrbut, and the friends watch 
by it during the night. 

Jel, J..*^ %w 8, m. A string or line of cap- 
tives chained together, a string of buckets passed 
over the Persian wheel. 

Jeo-n^r,jl'^ ihPnT «. / A treat, feast, 

J eon, J^ %t adv. How much, the more 
so, when, as, as if. Jec^ka-teoifi, Precisely the 

J6o-ra, Ij^ %TfT 8. m. A cord, string. 

Jeo-ree, urj^ ^t^?^ «•/. A string, a cord, 
a worm. 

Jer, y*d- ^T 5. The membrane in which the 
foetus is enveloped, the after-birth, secundines. 

J^sh tha, l |^ ,A..ii>. %-B7 s,/. One of the man- 
sions of the moon (the eighteenth). 

J6sh-tuh, t^.^-^.-^ %B" adj. Eldest, chief. 

Jet, LT-vjs- %3 s. /. A heap. 

J^-ta, Iju^ %7rT adf. As much as, so much. 
J eta-kit adv. Though, although. 

Jeth, ^^ ^TB" s. m. Husband's elder bro- 
ther, name of the second Hindoo month (the full 
moon of which is near Jeshtha, June — July), adj. 
Older, first-born. 

J6t-ha, l^X^ %7n adj\ m. Elder, first-born, 
the first and strongest tint obtained from the 
koosoom flower, (Carthamus tinctorius). 

Jet-hi-nee, ^l^ ^si^^ 8.f. The wife of 
a husband's elder brother. 

Jet-hee-mudh, <«bJ^^45^ ^^iHf f. m. Li- 
quorice (Glycirrhiza glabra). 

J6th-ra, \ji^:^ i»3TT adj. Elder, first-born, 
husband's elder brother. 

J^t-ik, u-^o. %f?T^ adj. As many, as much. 

J6w-na, 0^ %ipn v. a. To eat 

Jh^-ba, Ij l^a- wvsn 8. m. A leathern pot for 

measuring oil, ghee, 8to. 
Jh^-bur, jt\^ ^mx s.f. Marshy lani 
Jh^-een, ^.l^ ^?t s.f. Shadow, a freckle, 

or bkck mark on the face, j[not^% mole )^ _ ^^ 


i 196 ] 








(soft aental) 






(Northumbrian r) 



(deep Uqnid lingual) lock 

Jhag, vJi^ nrnr «. HI. Foam, froth (of the 

ocean), scum. 
Jhd-jha, ^^W^ 'lil^l s. w. An intoxicating 

mixture made with hhtmg, 

Jhal, Jl^?- ^W 8. m. Sharpness, heat, fieri- 
ness (as, of pepper), a large basket, joining or 
soldering of metals. 

Jhdl-na,'UJl^ "^WTF V. a. To season (pic- 
kles); to polish, clean (plate); to solder. 

Jhdl-ra, tyi^ ^i^TTi s. m. A spring (of wa- 
ter), 'v 

Jhd-lur, jJl^ VIWT *./. A fringe. 

Jh^-ma, Ulffji. ^TiTT 8, tn, Pamice-stone, 
bricks burnt to cinder. 

Jhamp. ^^^ 'Wi^ 8* m. A matted shutter. 

Jh^mp-na, UJ l^ ^JM^ti v. a. To cover, to 

Jhanjh, ^^l^?-^!'^*./. Cymbals; anger, 
passion, pet, rage; stillness, dreariness; impati- 
ence (in a horse expecting his corn). 

Jhdn-jha, l^U- ^^jrt^l S. m. Name of an in- 
sect, caterpilUr, cabbage- worm. 

Jhan-jhee, ^s¥^^ ^^^ s.f. A kind of 

Jh£n-jhi-ya, U^^ irtfwT flw/;. Passion- 

Jhdn-jhat,L2^s^le- vNr3«.««. Wrangling, 

sqoabbltng, quarrelling. 
J hank, \^'fk^ yirt^ 8,f. A peep. 8. m, A 

herd of deer, flock of birds, &c. 
Jhinka-jh6nkee. ^y^^^ ^rt^i^r^ s.f. 

Jhankh, iuf:*^ ^irt^^. m. A kind of deer. 

Jhink-na, UOl^ -^pipfn v. a. To peep, to 

Jh^n*kur, ^^ ^tNt?" s. m. Bushes, 

brambles, underwood. 
Jhdns-na, U*J \^ wt^^ v. a. To debauch, 

seduce, wheedle, coax. 
Jh^n-soo, ^l^ wf^«. «i. A flatterer. 

Jhdon-lee, v^^^e* ^i'*<^ s.f. A wink, co- 
quetry; a hot wind. JfiaorjUee^baz, A coquette, 
Jhdoi^e lena. To ogle. 

Jh^on-ra. ty;^^ V^TKJ ad. Black. 

Jh^-oo, ^If^ ^1^ s. m. Name of a tree 
(Tamarix indica). 

Jh^-pa, bl^ ^iTTT s. m. A narrow-mouthed 

Jhar, j^ "^vf 8. m. Bushes, brambles, 
underwood; a kind of firework; a lustre or chan- 

delier; a purge; continued rain. Jhof b6mf/maf 
To rain without ceasing. Jhajr pithdf, Digremon. 
Jhar phoo^kt «• /• Juggling, conjuring, hocus 
pocus (particularly, to cure the bite of a snake or 
a disease). Jhar jhutuk^ s.f. Sweeping JA^y 
jhunkhar^ s. m. Brambles, large dry bushes. Jhof 
jhoor, s.f. Sweepings; perquisites; thicket. Jhar 
khund, adj. Bushy, s. m. The forest of Byjaath. 
Jhd-ra, tj^ ^i^T s. m. A stool, a purge. 
Jharajhf/pteh jdna, To go to the necessary. ^- 
ra jhtipta Una, To search. Jhara phirm, or 
Jhara jhutka phima. To walk among the bmh- 
es (which means) to go to the necessary. Jhan 
4^a, To submit to search DookAn-jhara, s. m. 
Sweepings of a (druggist's) shop, compound me- 

Jha-ree, ^^jl> ^rr^ s. m. A pitcher with 
a long neck and a spout to it, an ewer. 

Jhd-ree, orj^ ^»^* «./ A forest, a wood, 
underwood, brushwood. 

Jh^r-na, t;jl<^ ^i^^ v. a. To sweep, to 
shift, clean, knock off, dash, strike fire (as, inth 
a flint). Jhafna ph6oi$kna. To exorcise, to re- 
peat spells or charms. J^r ddbia^ v. a. To sweep 
out or away. Jhar 4ena, v. a. To brush, to dear 

Jh^-roo, ^jl^^ ^^ s. m. A broom. Jha- 

roo^sh, or ^burtjldr, or ^wdia, s. m. A sweeper. 

Jha-run, c;J^^ ^lN^*l 8. f. Sweepmgs; a 

coarse cloth for wiping furniture. 
Jha-runt, ^^j^^vp^ aijb. Entirely. 
Jh6ek-na, UC.^ ^^PTT \v. n. To 
Jheekh-na, ^^^-e* "^^^ > griere.tola- 
Jheenk-na, 1^^^^^^ ^^Pn J ment, think 

of any thing with sorrow, to recommeod any 

thing seriously. 

Jheel, J^e- ^^ s.f. A lake. 

J been, J.*.?*, ^tjt «flj/. Fine, subtile, thin. 

Jheen-ga, ^^ ^ irr s. f. A shrimp, a 

prawn, s. m. Cucumis acutangulus : Lufiaacat- 


Jh6en-^(»r, p^j^^fTp: s. m. A kind ofin- 

sect, a cricket. 
Jh^en-gut, i.2^X^:^yi^'i^ s. m. A steersman. 
Jh6e-see, v.^^•«rf^ ^^ s. m. A shower. 
Jhijh-kd-na, ^^i^^si^ tV^PITRT V. «. To 


Jhfj-huk, lJ^^ fifr^ s.f. A start, 
Jhij huk-na. Ul4s:4^fT,ninfri|j-it?.«. To start 
JhujJidk-na, ^r^i^mj or boggle, 

Digitized by — ^^^^-^ 











^ [ m 3 

r t 

(harsh palatick) (soft dental) 










to feel the «en8ati«n of the limbs being asleep or 
as if pins and needlea were striking into them. 

Jhil-ga, 1^?" f^RRTi 8. m. The netted bot- 
tom of a bed or coach when worn out and sepa- 
rated, adj. A coach or bed is said to be jhilga^ 
when the bottom is worn out or broken. 

Jhil-lee,^^ f9i«*t s.f. A cricket. 

Jhil-lee, ^e- fW^ «. /. A thin skin, a 
pellice; the membrane in which the foetus is en* 
yeloped (secundines); the caul (omentum). 

Jhil-ntil, J^^^ f^frrrfiT^ s. m, A kind of 

gaoze; a shutter, a Venetian blind. 
Jhil-rail-a, ^^ f^^^T^T adj. Thin, 

Jhil-mil-a na. lOlJ^ fWr^T^TTi v, n. To 

undulate as the flame of a candle or as water, to 

twinkle, to scintillate. 
Jhil-um, fJ^ f^^iT s./. Armour, a coat of 

mail the Tisor of a helmet. Jhilnm ka top. An 

iron helmet. "^ 

Jhil-tin-ga, (^!si^ fwTT 8. m. A kind of 

Jhin-h6d-da, lip^^ HhUl^j r adj. Raw- 
Jhin-jhin-ee. ^j^^sM^ f^ffV^ft 8. f. Tlie 

tickling sensation felt when a limb is asleep. 
Jhir-jhir, f.9^)^ f^"T:f*JiT adj. Runuing in a 

slender stream (water, &c.) 
Jhfr-jhir-a, 1;^;^^ f^rf^m adj. Very thin. 

Jhir-jhir-^-na, ^l;f^JC^ f^Tf^TTSTl t;. n. To 
trickle, to rill. 

Jhir-kee, ^^fvf^l *./ A rebuflF, snap- 

Jhur-kee, , ^^^ / pishness, frown- 
ing, jerk, repercussion. 

Jhir-uk, yJyi^- f%^^ s. /. Threat, augury, 
jerk. — — 

Jhojh, H^^ ^T^ *• wi. A nest, the stomach, 
a pendulous belly. 

Jh6j-ha,U:^^>- %T^T 8. m. The stomach. 

Jhok, y^^ %i^ 8./. A jolt, a puff, or gust. 

Jh6-ka, Kj^ %T^ 5. m. A blow, a contact, 
c<AiaK>n, a gust or current (of wind). 

Jhol, J^?- %l^ s. iw. Puckering or wrink- 
Hng (as, of ill-made clothes), a litter, brood, a 

Jh6-la, ^^^ ^1^1 «. m. A stroke of the sun, 
the palsy, paralysis, a knafMack, a wallet, pil ka 
jhola, The Pericardium. Jhola»ba4. A stroke of 
the wind. 

Jho-lee, ^5^^ %i^ s.f, A wallet. 

Jhofn-pa, V»^ %tTrT s. m. A bunch of 
fruit, a cloth with eye4ets which covers the whole 
body; a spike. ^ y 

Jh6mp-ra, IW'^^ ^iTTfT s. m. 1 A cottage, 
Jhomp-ree, ^^t^' .r^ %t^^*^ s.f.) a hut. 

Jhonk, ^'^ %T^ s.f. A shove or push in 
swinging, the impulse of a squall or sudden blast 
of wind Jhonk-dena, To set fire to ( particular- 
ly straw, &c.), to throw dust, &c. to throw away 
(the lives of men uselessly). Jhoiik kh6na, To 

Jhonk^na, ^^y^^^ %f^rTi V. a. To cast, push, 
throw, toss; to cast fuel into an oven. 

Jh6n-ra, ly/^ %iTT 8. m. A bunch, a clus- 
ter (of fruit). 

Jh6n-ta, ^f^- %tZT s. m. The hair of die 
back part of the head, the motion of a swing. 
Jhonta (/^na, To shake one's head with violence. 

Jhgo-ki-na, ^'^^^^ ^^i^T v. a. To cause to 
stoop, tilt, bend downwards, to nod, or make nod. 

Jhoi^k^o, y^s^ ^^i^ 8. i». The state of be- 
ing bent downwards. 

J hog kti-wut, Ll^j^,^^ ^^^T^ 8. f. Stooping, 

Jh^Qk-na, Ul^ ^^m V. n. To nod, bow, to 
be bent downwards (as, the bough of a tree), to 
bo tilted; to be angry, to be perplexed. 

Jhool, J;^ "^ J*f^ ^'f' Body-clothes of 
cattle, housings, a bag, a wallet, a knapsack. 

Jhdo-la, 'iy^ "gi^ 8. m. A swing, the rope 
on which people swing. 

JhoQ-ld-na, ^^^?- ^fWTTT v. a. To swing, to 
shove a swing in which others are, to rock (a 
cradle); to dangle, to hang; to make another (as 
a dun) dance after one. 

Jh6Ql-la, ^^^ ^i^\ s. m. A shirt or vest that 

covers the body from the shoulder downwards. 
Jhogl-ka-na, v;^^ ^^^»n v. cl To scorch, 

to singe (as, the small feathers of a plucked fowl). 
Jhdpl-na, Ul^ '^^^il v. n. To swing, to 

Jhdol-na, W^^ 'J^'TT v. n. To swing (for 

exercise); to swing, to dangle, to hang, to osoi- 

late. s. m. A kind of poem. 
JhooUsa-na, O'w^J^ ^iHiji^T t\ a. To cause 

to singe. JfiQQlus 4^a, v. a. To sear, to singe. 

JhQ[^lus Jana, v. n. To be scorched or singed. 

J/iQiifusna, v. n. To be scorched, singed, or seared. 
Jhoom, w^ "^s. m. Abundance of foliage; 

waving, undulating. Jhoom jhoom, Qaihoring 

of the clouds. 


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(soft dental) 

[ 198 ] 

e ee 
get thee 



(Northoaibriaa r) 



(deep Hqnid Hnimal) 


Jh^pm-ka, <i^':^ T(i*f*r s. m. The bell-shap- 
ed pendent of an ear-rinj|^; the wain. Unta major; 
a bunch of flowers or fruit ; name of a flower. 

Jh6om-ka, Coy£^ ^^4ii s. m The bell- 

shaped pendant of an ear-ring ; the constellation of 

the bear. 
Jhuom-kee> ^J^^ ^*i*^ s. f. A kind of 

Jhoom-na, U*^:^. ^4f^i v. n. To wave, to 

more the head up and down, to slumber, to move 

loose, to gather (the clouds). 

Jhoo-muk, uX«^«:^ ^iT^ s.f. An assembly, 

a ball; (mtt.) a battle, an en^iijrement. 
JhooQ, ^^ '^ s,f, A slio^lit resemblance. 

Jh6o-na, 'j^4?- "^^i 8. m. A ripe cocoa-nut ; 

a kind of muslin. 
Jbopnd^ *i^^ 5^5 s. m. A crowd, swarm. 

flock, troop; the buzzing noise of a crowd. 

J/iQQnd he j/iQQnd. Crowds, &c. vsed intemnveijf. 
Jhoon-dee, ^^^^^"^ ^§^ 1 s. y! A bush a 
Jhoon dee, ^j)^ "^^ j clump of ^ass. 
Jhoonjh, ^t^,f^ -^ s. m. A bird's nest. 

Jhognjh-l4na,'^S^s:^^^ ^^jr^T^T r. n. To be 
peevish or fretful, to be petoknt or irritable, 
to rage, to storm. 

Jh6gn jhQO-na, '"^^^ ^^f^T s. m, A child's 

Jh6on jho9-nee, ,^«^^ ^p§^ '•/• Little 

bells worn on the feet. 

Jhoon-thur, /P^ "^^T s.f. Ground that 

produces two crops ^r early. 
Jh6on-thun-jhdn thun, ^^'l^^^^'^^ ^ 

Z^ ^^rariT «• ••• Leavings. 
Jhoor, J j^ "^ 8, wi. A bush, bramble. 
Jhoo-ra. \*^ Y^J adj. Withered. 
Jh&ree, ^^ ^ *./. A wrinkle. 

JhQo-ri-y^-na. ^ V/^ ^pfr^T^f r. a. To 
weed; to wipe, clean, and plaster a house, &c. 

Jhd$)r-mut, v^x^ ^<*i^ s, m. A multitude, 

a crowd, assembly, ball; a battle, conflict; a shawl 

twisted round the head. 
Jh<5or-na, ^j^ ^<Hl t;. n. To wither, to 

fade (from grief), to pine. 
Jhoor-na, ^'j-^ l^T^T v. a. To pound, g^nd ; 

shake froit from the tree; to pine. 
Jhoo-sa, ^•^ Y^ ^* ^^ Misliug rain. 
Jh('K>-6ee, ^j^'^y^ "^^ s./. Name of a town 

near xUahabad. 

Jhoot, ti-'«^ f^l ac[;. False. 8. m. A lie, 
Jooth, J^*/d- ^7 j fiilsehood. Jhooth 

moot'i. False, untrue, adv. Falsely. 
Jht^o-ta, ^'y^ "fZl "% adj. Liar, false; (a- 
Jhoot-ha, ^^^r^YanJ mong Hindoos) 
that whirh ha^ touched food and is thereby de- 
filed; ofl^.il, refuse, left (food), s, m. Leavings of 
food. Jhoolha chatna^ To eat leavings, to bt 
very wretched. Jhootliee nu/t poochhna^ To re- 
fuse even common cirility. 
JhoD-t^l-na, U'Ur?- '^T.^'^'n v. a. To prove 
to be false, to prove one in the wrong; topollate 
victuals by touching them, &c. Mocnhjh^talna, 
To eat something. M^nhfi'mQSm^jfiQktnUM^ To 
give a man the lie to his face. 
Jhopt la-na, O^L;^:^. ^jZ^^i v. a. To belie, 

to falsify. 

Jhot-ra, \j/^ %<TTi 8. m. A fibre. 

Jboyn ra, ^ff>' %tTT adj. Tawny. 

Jhoyr, j^ ^I'f s.f. Squabbling; sounding 
all the strings of a manical ioatrument at ooee. 
J/iooft 8' m. Bramble. 

Jhou-wa, ^^^ %i^r 8. w. Name of a tree 
(Tamarix indica); a basket (without a co?er). 

Jhub-ba, U >. v^r s. m. A tassel. 

Jhtib-bee, ^t*^ '^^ 8,/, Trappings. 

Jhub-boo a, 1*^*?- ^t^w adj. Long-haired 
(cattle or dogs); bent, curved, bending (as, the 
bough of a tree). 

Jhub-iya, ^r^ vfir^l *. m. Name of an 
ornament. « 

Jhub-ka-na, l''^-^:^. Ni^i^tiMI v. a. To as- 

Jhuff-a, ^s:^ 'jTin *. m. Cloth. 

Jhu gOQ la, S^^ vg^i «. m. A chiW's frock 
or shirt. 

Jhug-ra. IrCr?- w^] s. m. Wi-aBgliwg, quar- 
relling. Jhugrn pukwnui^ To engage in another! 
quarrel. J/m^a-rtiffra, «. m. Squabbling »nd 

Jhug-ra-lin, ^^\'/^inr^jfwfTf,'\adj. Quar- 

Jhutj-ra-loo, y 1^^ ^^T^^ ^- J relsome, 

Jhu^-ra na, l^ri^ ^nrfT^T V, a. To set a 

Jhug-ur, j^ ^fJT"? s. m. A kind of hawk. 

Jhug-iir-na, V'^Xra^ ^nr^^n r. «. To wrangle. 

Jhujh kir^na, 1,^.4=^ ^iPi5^iT«n v. a. To 
browbeat, to speak snappishly. 

Jhn]h-la,%sr^^ ^r^r^Ti 8. tn. A kind of sweet- 
meat. . Google 

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[ 199 ] 

(barith palHtick) (soft dental) 










Jh6j-uh, ^^^ ^r^ 8. m. A lon^ beard. 

Jhuj-jhur, j4ar6^ v^r^T s. tn. A p^oplet 

Jhuk, i-A*?- ^RT 8./1 Passion, emotion. Jhuk 
mama. To act fruitlessly or absurdly. 

Jbiik-a-jhuk, l-^^^^J^ "^k^'I^* adj. Shining, 
gflittorinjf with gfold and silver, &c, broia'le. 

Jhukh-na, '^ -<'?* ^^^tt- v. n. To chatter. 

Jhtik-jh >-ree,^i«^^*4^iinr%rT «./ Scramb- 
ling :inri wrano^ling, snatching. 

Jhuk-kuf, "y c>' '^^^ s. m. A squall, a storm, 
a tempest. 

Jbukna, ^^-^ tjrt^t r. «, To chatter, re- 
flect, lament. 

Jhuk-ol, (J/^?- ^J%1'^ 8. /. The act of 
shaking in the water. Jhukolna, v. a. To shake. 

Jhuk-6r, j^^ ^r%iT s. m. Loss, misfor- 

Jhuk-6-ra, j/^^ ^5r%rn «. m. Raining^, a 
sbower, a squall. 

Jh»ik-6r-na, ^n*^?- if%rTTT v. a. To drive 
as wind and rain in a squall, to shake. 

Jhik-ree, ^y>^ ^*<1 8*f. A milk-pail or 

JJ^ul, j-^ w?i 8.f. Passion, anger, jea- 
loQfly ; the heat from a fire. 

Jhul a-bdr, i^^^?- ^lf^i%TT adj. Splendid, 
shining, covered with jewels and ornaments. 
M.f. Splendour. 

Jhul-a-jh61, (Je-i^:^ ^ir^^W adj. Lumi- 
D0I18, resplendent, embroidered. «./. Splendour, 


Jhul-d>na, t>lr^ ^r^T^ V. a. To repair, to 


JhuUdr, Sj^ '%m^x A thicket, a copse, 

Jhul.jhul, J^-sJ^^ ^^^flyft^ s. m. Glitter. 
Jhul-jhuUa-hut, (^.JbS^ ^h^ *^ ! ^? s. f. 

Glitter, splendonr. 
Jhul jhul-d-na, Oibsr^ ^^ ^ mi«it V. n. To 

glitter; to be in a passion; to throb, to ache, to 


Jh6l-ka, il^ ^^HfT 8. m. A blister. 
Jhul-kj|-na, ^^:>^ Mi^d^r^T v. a. To cause 

to shine 
Jhul-kee, ^^ ^Ir5r^ « / A glance. 

Jh61-na, U^ ^r^PiT v. a. To fan, to move 
to and fro (as, a fen), v. n. To be soldered or re- 

Jhil-tik, ^J^^ ^^* 8 f Brightness, glit- 
ter, glire, refulgence, reflection of light. 

Jhtil-uk-na, '^ i^?- ^iPTf^sn v. n. To shine 
Jhul-w^-na. tl^«^ ^Rrrr^i v. a. Causal of 

Jhum-4 ka, ^io.^!^ ^^T^ 8. tn A heavy 

shower ; quickness, haste. 
Jhuin-jhum, ^^ss^^ -^fTfTW^ larf'vHea- 
Jhuin-a-jhura, ^s^-^e^ ''^S^ iW^ j vily and 

during the whole day (raining). 
J hum jhuin-i-ua. ^ U^-^ ^*^niilTl^l v. 7u To 

glitter,, sparkle, shine. 

Jhiiin>ka, Ka^ ^^PfTT 8. i». Splendour, r©" 
fulgence, the clash or clatter of metallic sub- 

Jlmm kee, ^^^^ ^tr?' «./. Glance, glare, 

Jhum-uk, v-Xar:^ ^ro^ s, f. Glitter. 

Jhiim-uk-ua. U A£^ ^jin^i^i v. w. To glitter, 
to dance. 

Jhuni-uk-ra. 1 3^^ ^^PfT^l 8, m. Splendour. 

Jhuui-ur-jhtim-ur, jA^^^o^ ^M< ^^fT adv. 
Drop by drop (as small rain). 

Jhun, v^ Tjf 8. m 'I he sound of platters or 
of any vessels of metal striking against one ano- 
ther, clash of arms (as, of swords. Sec.) 

Jhuu-da. lJ^-5- "^'^i s. m, A banner, a flag, 
an ensign, a streamer. 

Jhiin-doo-la, X^J^?- ^^f^^T adj. With thick 
handsome foliage (a tree), with a line head of 
hair (a child). 

Jhtiu-^a, ^^>' -icm 8. m. A coat, gown, an 

upper garment or vest. 
Jhunjh-k^r, J^rssM^- ^^*1T 8. f. Clinking, 

tinkling, ringing. 
Jhiinjh-ree, ^^^ef^ ^T 8.f. A lattice. 

Jhun-jh6n-a. Utfac^?- ^'«*^T adj. Peevish, 
fretful. Jhnnjhun6hut^ s.f. Peevishness. 

Jhun jhun-d-na, lus=^?^ ^cji^i v. n. To 
tinkle, clink, tingle, ring. 

Jhun-jhut, y^^Jis:^^ ^i%6 s, m. Wrangling, 
perplexity, encumbrance. Jhunjhtitee, adj. Per- 

Jhiin-k^r, J^>- ^^6^XS./, Clinking, tink- 
ling, ringing. 

Jhtin-kha-ra, |jl^J^>> ^^VT 8. m. An elk, 
a tree without leaves. 

Jhfinkh na, ^''^ ^if^^^i v, n. To be hor- 
ror-struck, have the hair stand on end, to shud* 
der, rave, chatter. ■ ^^ j 

Jhun-uk, yJ^>- W(r^ tf.r;/! Rirtgftig,^"WJglC 






(soft dental) 

[ 200 ] 







CNorthumhrian r) 



(deep liquid lingual) 


lin^, clinking, tingling. Jhunukna, v. n. To tin- 
kle, clink, tingle, ring. 

Jhuii-wan, c}^^^:>- ^sfTT s, m, A kind of 

Jhun-w4-na,Vl j;^^qT'n v, n. To tan (in the 
8un). V. a. To wash the feet hj rubbing jhaj^wan, 

Jhup, v--^^ ^^ adj. A trice, quick, adv. 
Qnickly. Jhupse, adv. Quickly. Jhap khAna, 
V. n. To oventet (a papeivkite in flying). ' 

Jhup-a-jhap-ee, ,^^U^ ^m^^q^ s. /. 

Haste, hurry. 
Jhup a-tta,V'U^ ^mhi v. n. To take a nap. 

Jhup-ds, (^W?" ^^r^ s.f A shower. 
Jhup-^-si-ya, l>'aU^ ^Ti1%^ adj. Deceit- 
ful, fraudulent. 
Jhup-nt, u2j^^ vnij 8.f. Quickness. 

Jhup-k^-na» ^^?- ^nHTTTT V. ». To wink, 

to twinkle. 
Jhup-kee ^^jr4^ ^W^ A snatch, a spring 

(as, of a tiger), drowsiness, wink, twinkle, 
Jhup-la-na, ^^'S*.;^ ^^^Hi v. a. To wash, 

to rinse. 
Jhiip-uk, L ,^> ^HRT s./. Fanning, wink- 
ing, kc. 
Jlinp-uk-na, ^^^^ ^^^tTT v. a. To fan, to 

move to and fro (a fan), r. n. To spring (as, a 

tiger); to snatch; to wink. 
Jh6p-ut, i^^-i^ ^^^ s./l A snatch, a spring 

(as, of a tiger). Jhfiput lena, To snatch. Jhup' 

utna, v. 71. To snatch, spring, attack suddenly, 

spnng or pounce upon. 
Jhup-iit-ta, (^^t;^^ ^'TT *. m. Assault, sud- 
den attack; the spring of a tiger; a snatch. 

Jhuputta m^nia. To snatch. 
Jhur, y4^ "^js.f. Heavy rain; the heat 

from a fire. s. m,f, A kind of lock. Jhoef, s. m. 

A bush, bramble. 
Jhur-a-jh6r, j':^tj.^ ^fHTf adv. Hastily, 

Jhur-4k, ^\y^ WTi"^ \ 8. m. Speed, haste, 
Jhur-d-ka, ^'S'TVr J hurry. 

Jhur-a-kha, V^j^?- ^in^ s. m. A skylight. 
Jhur d-na, Uj4>- ^^i^T v. a. To get swept; 

to cause to be exorcised. 
Jhur-b6r, p'j^ ^T^ *• ^* 
Jhur-b6r-ee, ^j^,y^ ^ir^ s.f. 
Jhur-bel. J-!3^^ ^rf%^ s.f. 

pfaus jujuba). 
Jhur-bur-na, ^^.jj^ '^X^Xn\ t». n. To .burn, 

to be all in flames. 


A wild 



Jhur-ee, ^3^^ "^^^ 8. /. Continued rab, 
showers, storm, wet weather, perquisites. 

Jhur-jhur-^-na, ^ ''j^ji^ ^f^K^T^lT v. n. To 
shake, to jc^rk, 

Jhtif-ka-jhur-kee, ^(y^^^zq^s^^ ^^>h^^ «./ 
Mutual wrangling. 

Jhur-na, tjr^ WK^l s. m, A skinuBer, a 
spring, a cascade, r. n. To spring, to (Low. 

Jhur-na. Oi^ ^^TT v. n, Tofcilloff(as, 
fruit, leaves, &c. from the tree), emit, drop, fall, 
pour, shake, strain, to be sounded (the noubut). 

Jhiir-6-klia,~l^'^^jr^ ^^l^T i. •». A lattice, a 

Jhur-6-ta. t,^»^ ^ITTI s. m, Tbe end of 
the season (of fruit, &c.) going out of season. 

Jhtir-pa-jhiir-pee, ,^^^.'03^5^. -^f gr '^r?^ 
8. f. Fighting (particularly, of birds), sparring, 

Jhur pd na, tb^d. "^^tt^t v. a. To fight 
(cocks or other birds), make to spar or contend. 

Jhur-uk-na, ^ji^ ^^Tf^^T 1 v. a. To brow- 

Jhir-uk-na, f%i?.Tri beat, to speak 

snappishly to, to threaten, to jerk. 

Jhur-un, jy^- w^ 8,f, The act of fall- 
ing off (as, of fruit from the tree) ; snuff. 

Jhur-up, <rpyi^ ^f^^ s.f. Heat, fierceness 
(as, of pepper), acrimony; sparring, contention. 
J/iurupna, V. n. To spar, fight (as, cocks, &c.) 
to contend. 

Jhur*w^-na, ^'^^y^ Wf^PTT t;. a. To cause 
others te sweep. 

Jhut, uS-^ ^'^: adv. Quick. Jhut se^ or Jhut 
put, adv. Quickly, hastily. 

Jhut-as, (^U^a- ^z\^ s. m. Flap, clap, rain 
blown with a strong wind, 

Jhut-ka. »lxr^ vhd<»i pait. Slaughtered by 
cutting off the head (in the Hindoo way), br^ 
ken asunder or torn by a sudden jerk, torn to 
pieces. 8. m. A shake, a pull, a twitch. Jhuika' 
nQfV.a. To shake, to pull. 

Jh6t-uk, lS:^ ^irs^ 8. f Twitch, Witoh, 
toss, throw. 

Jh6t-uk-na, UOl^ ^td^^i v. n. To shake; 
to become lean. v. a. To touse, twitch, ?«!*• 
Jhutuk Una, v. a. To snatch. 

Jib-fei-ra,'ljl^ t%5^TT adj. Abusive, fottl- 
tongued, tal kative. 

Jibil-lee, J^^ adj. Natural, innate, essen- 
tial, in general. 

Jibll-lut,^^lo^ 8. f. Essence, quality, dispo- 
sition, temperamcut^G<^itt^^D|, creWion, {<a^' 


[ 201 ] 




oo 00 gy r t 

too good our (harsh palatlck) (soft dental) 



Jid-il, Jt^ s. HI. Altercation, contest. 
Junff'0'ji4aif s, m. Fighting, contention. 

Jidd, cA?- s. m Trial, endeavour, effort, study. 
Ji44'0'juh4 kuma. To endeavour, to strive. 

Jfd-hur. ^tiS>. f^>fT adv. Where, where- 
ever, there. Jidhur Hifhur, a^v. Whither, thi- 
ther, here and there. 

Jigeejigee, .J^^^- f^^f^'ft s. f. An 
exclamation expressive of surprise and pleasure. 
Jigijigee kuma, v, a. To fiiwn. Jigjigiya, adj. 

Jig-iir, f^ 8, m. The liver, vitals, heart, 
mind, courage. Jigur-bunt^, s, m, A son. «/i- 
ffUT'-ufyar, adj. Troubled in mind, heart-broken. 
Jigur-tufta, adj. Heart-burnt, in love, in a fever. 
JiguT-chak^ adj. Heart-broken. JigW'ch&ktey 
8.f. Brokenness of heart. Jigur-iturdsh, Heart- 
rending. Jigur-sn^a, Ileart-iuflamed, in love. 
Jigur^wz, Heart-burning, heart-inflaming, tor- 
mentiBg. • Jignr-fighr^ Heart-broken. Jigur 
k/hee, s.f. Anxiety, trouble of mind. 

Jig-ur-ee, ^^JV odj. Belonging to the 
liver or heart, liver-coloured, (/l^eek-i-jiguree. 
Cornelian. Jiguree^g&, «. m. Indelible stain 
or mark; natural spot; inconsolable grief. 

Jih^d, *>L^ s, HI. War (especially, against 

Jihut, v£^^ 8./. Account, cause, reason; 

side, snr^ice, form, mode, manner. 

Jjiya, Ijsr^ fwfV^T 8, /. A sister; a 
dog, a breast. 

Jll-a, 21^ «./. Splendour, lustre, brightness, 
scouring, polishing. Jiiakdr, A polisher. Jila- 
WfHtm, $. m. Emigration, leaving one's country. 
Jiia^vminn kuma. To abandon due's country. 

Jil-i-iia, OS^ fW^^T V. a. To give life, 
to vivify, recover any thing almost dead ; to fos- 
ter, to patronize. 

Jild, S»^ 8, /. TTie skin, leather; the 
binding of a book; a volume, book. Jil4k6ma, 
To bind (a book). Jilijt-gur, s, m. A bookbinder. 

Jil-isj, ^ 8./, A rein (of a horse's bridle), 
retinae, court, equipage. Jikm--4ar, Attendant. 
JilQ3i-kkflfwhj An area, vestibule, porch, anti- 

•RI^ trV ^* ^' A companion, guest, com- 

Jim, ^ f^rvr conj. Like, as, in such man- 

Jiin-^*na, tUi>. fsnTRi v. a. To feed, to en- 

A a 

^ y y sb 

write you my pleasuro 

Jin, ^*. fsf ST pron. rel. plur inflect Whom, 
what. A neg, particle, No, not. 

Jin» (j*^ f^*^ *• ^' A deified saint, according 

to the sect o£Jgn and Boodh. 
Jin-dh, ^^8,/. A pinion. 

Jinn, j^ 8, m. A genius, spirit, demon, one 
of the Genii. 

Jin-nee, ^^ s. m. f. An aerial spirit, one 
of the race of the genii. 

Jins, ij^^ 8,/, Genus, kind, species, sort; 
family, race; goods, merchandise, moveables. Jim* 
i'bfishtir. Mankind. Jins-wdree, ado. Separately. 

J'n-siyut, ^j:^^;^ 8. /. Kindred nature, 
similarity of kind, homogeneousness. , 

Jiri-yin, v:;V.;■^ ) s. m. A ruuning, flux (of 

Jur-ydni, J blood, urine, &c.). Jir- 

yani-aby Fluor albus. Jiryan-i-shikm, Dysen- 
tery. Jiryan-i^muzee, Fluor albus. Jiryan-^i- 
mj4nee, Gonorrhoea simplex, gleet. 

Jirm, j»jA. 5. m. The body of any thing in- 
animate, a globe. Jirm-i'^mnur, The body of 

. the moon. 

Jir-s^m, j•^^ 8, m. The pleurisy. 

Jis, ^J*^>' fm-^ pron, rel. sing. That, what, 
who. wliom. Jis^tisj Whomever, whatever, some 
or other. Jis-jis, Whichever, each of which. Jw- 
jffgffh, adv. Where, wherever. Jis^um, ado. 
When, while, whilst. Jis tOmh, adv. Accord- 
ing to, as. Jis tnruf, adv. Wherever. Jis ^dr^ 
adv. Whatever, whatsoever. Jis kisee ka, Of 
whomever. Jis kisee ko. To whomever. 

Jism, f^A,^ 8. m. Body of any being. Jistn- 
i-^jumdf^ee. Metallic body. Jism-4^huree, Con- 
stitutional parts. Jism^'hywdnee, Animal body. 
Jism-i-nubdfee, Vegetable body. 

Jis-m^-nee, ^'U**^ adj. Belonging to the 
body, corporeal. 

Jis-m^-niyut, v,g^UM>>>i ^ i^r . . i. 
J, . / >«•/ Materialit3\ 

JjR-miyut, u:^-N^-«u**>. j *^ -^ 

Jisr, jM^ 8. m. A bridge. 
Jit <£^^ f^TT adv. Where (in Bruj). 
Jit^-na, 0U>. f^Tn^iT t;* a. To cause to win 
or conquer. 

Jit 6k, uXjSft- f^^ adj. As much as, as 

many as. 
Jit-en dree, ^j^^^^^ f^yfj) 8. m. Senses 

Eubdued ; one who has completely subdued his 

passions, a sage, an ascetic. 
Jit-h4-nee, ^^X^x UzT^ 8. /. Husband's 

elder brother*s wife. ^-^ , 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


[ 202 


a ch cj e ee g 

all choose ^softdenUl) get thee gone 

Jit-na, UiLx fsTTp!! m.^adj. How much, so 

Jlt-uee, ^^'^ f^'^^ f, J much, as much as, 
as many. Jitneh^mei^, In as much (time) as. 

Jiwa-na, 0|^^ fsr^li v. a. To feed, to en- 

Jiwdr, 1 jl^?- 8. m. Neighbourhood, vi- 

Juw^r, J cinity. 

Jiyd-na, V'ls>. fsr^rpTT t;. a. To cause to live. 

Jiy6o-ra, tj^^ f^^' ) *• *w. Life, souU 

J6ew-ra, fV^spgi f sweetheart, be- 

loved; annoal wages to washermen and others. 

Jiyiytj ^^^ f 51^1^ adj\ Brave, courage- 

Jiytira, \y^ fkTiXJ s. m. Life, soul; (met) 

Jiz-biz.^j>- adj. Offended, displeased. 
Jfz-ya, ^,j>- 8, m. A tribute, capitation tax 

levied on individuals, poll-tax. 
Jo, 1 ^ s f. A river, a brook, part. act. 
Joo, / (in compos,) Seeking, seeker. 
Jo, ^ ifT pron. rel Who, what, which, adj. 

If, that, that which, because. Jojo^ Whoever, 

whatever. Jo cheez, What thing, whatever. 

Jo koQchh, Whatever. Jo kSee, Whoever. Johi, 

Though, althotigh, whichever. 

Jo-fir, jl^s^^T^ii: s.f. The name of a grain, 
Indian corn, Sorghum vulgaris. Juwar, Flood- 

Jd-bun, ^^s^ ^1^^ "I 8. m. Puberty, youth, 

J6i)-bun, ?hw»T J (met.) a breast. 

J6bun-wdtee, ^^•^ 9lrit^^^ adj. /. At 
the age of puberty, fit to be married. 

J6-dha, llfc*>^:i- SriVT^.m. A hero, a warrior; 
a brave fellow. 

Jrf-dhun, r/^fi- Stt^PT 8. m. Fighting, bat- 

J6-e, ^fi- ^[TV 8.f, A wife. 

J6-e, ^^>- «./. A rivulet, a brook. JoehoTy 
A large river formed of many smaller streams. 

Jog. vj^ 9|TT 8. m. Junction, fitting ; a 
fortunate moment, opportunity, occasion; pe- 
nance, devotion, intense meditation; certain di- 
yisions of a great circle, measured upon the 
Ecliptic, tdj. Possible, capable, fit. (In com-' 
pos. it answers to ahle^ worthy, &c.) Jog^m'tya^ 
8. f. A person's assuming any number of forms 
of his own body at pleasure. 

J6-ga, K^ Sriin adj\ Opportune, ifit, pro- 
per, able, capable, adequate, advisable, opposite. 

. gh i k kh 

(Northumbrian r) So (deep Hqnid lingrual) lock 

J6g-ahhya8, .^^UiKV ^mrvTO «. «» The 

life and practice of a Jogee* 
J6-gee, y^f*>' iri'i^ *• m- A Hindoo mendi- 
cant, a devotee; a cast of Hindoos, who are com- 
monly weavers. 
Jo'^6sf cr/^ %i^ J 5. m. A devotee, 
Jo-j:68-ur, ;***J^^ %.%^T S an adorer. 
Jo-gin, %Tf'r*r r/)^^'f' Female of Jogee, 
J6-o:iya, ^ifirirr ^j/^ «. nu Name of a co- 
lour. 8 f. Name of a raginee or musical mode; a 
kind of pigeon. 

Jog-nee, ,^^«^^ini^ s.f. A class of female 
deities attendant on the goddess Debee; (in astro- 
logy) spirits governing periods of good and ill 

J6g-ta, ll?^ i^iinn *./ Suitableness, capa- 
bility, ability, fitness. 

J6g-yu. ^^>- ^"RT adj. Accomplished, fit, 

J6h-na, '-J^j^ ^1^5^ v, a. To expect, to look 
out for. 

J6-jun, ^j>- ^iw^ s. III. Ameasweof 
four C08, 

Jok, v^^*" ilnr 8./. A leech. 

Jokh, ^^^ ^rm s.f. Weight. 

Jo khim, j^^^ %Tf^5iT «./. A risk, venture. 
Jokhim-QQthdna, To run the hazard, to venton. 
Jokhimee, 8, m. A risker. 

J6kh-na, ^4f^ ^l^f T v. a. "\o weigh. 

J6-khon, J^^>^ Sn%t s.f. Risk, venture. 

J6-la, */^ ^\m 8. m. Fraud, deceit. Jola 

4ena, To deceive. 

Jo-ldh, »y,^ 1 . 

r i/, ^*v . W. m. A weaver. 

Joo-U-ha, M^ i 

Jo?» Jj^ %tVadc?. As, when. Jon-fon, h 

Joftin, %t J some way. Jon ton-hiri^* 
adv. In any way, by some means, somehow or 
other, as it could be done. Jonrka'-Unh ^^ ^ 
same way as it was, as it was. 

J6n-heen, jtffi^ ^tift adv. As soon as. 

Jonk, ^^ %-hr s.f. A leech. J(mk ' 
na. To apply leeches. 

Joo, ^>- ^ Lord ! master ! sir ! 

J6o a, l^»- ^nrr 8 m. A yoke, a die, dice, a 
game, gambling. Jooa khSlna, To gamble. JSos^ 
U^^nuh, A gambling- house. 

Joo-A-ree, c/;'^^ ^5^"^ s. m A gamWer; a 
thread stretched over the bridge of a musical in- 
strument beaeatb the cords, whereby tbe«ooi» 
is said to be improved. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 








C 203 ] 

r t 

(barah piaAtick) (noft dental) 










Joo-ith. «^'l.?- ^^\z s. m. A yoke. 

J& ba, U^ ^iT adj. Young. 

J^b^buh, <fc>?- 8. m. A kind of long vest re- 
serablingf a shirt, a coat of mail. 

Jig-boQn, j^ s. m. Pusillanimity. 

J^-butee, ^^ ^Tfft $*/. A young wo- 
man, a damsel. 

Jood, J^ 8, m. Liberality, munificence. 

J&-da» 1^ odj. Separate, distinct; away, ab- 
sent; different, peculiar. jQs4ajQQ4fi* Various, 
one bj one, severally. JooiaJQDia kuhna. To 

Jop-d^-ee, ,^'1^^./. Separation. 

Jilpdh, <tt)jk5>r ^ ^. m. Battle, war. 

J(2lHish-tur, y^^ ^i^^^ n,prop. Name 
of an ancient sovereig^n of India, son of Rnja 

J&d-ree,.j^o»- s.f. The small pox. 

Jogft, ^JL^^ 8. m. Evenness, parity; double, 
a pair, a couple, match. Josfiee^ Pairing (of birds). 
Jigtftet kh&Wt V, a. To collate, to pair (as birds) . 

J^f-tuh, aIa^ ddj. Bent, wrinkled ; run- 
ning toother (the threads in doth). 

J®g. «-^ ^ *• w. A period, one of the 
four ^eat Hindoo periods; a term used in the 
game of c^(7i/«tir; a pair. Josff^phhrnay-ov^phoot' 
na, V. a. To cause a difference between friends » 
to fall out. Jocg^tnjQpg, Ages of ages, from age 
to ago, for ages. Joogjosg, adv. Constantly) 

J(»g^-lee, ^!^ ^1^ s./ The cud. Joo- 
gdlna, v. a. To chew the cud. 

jQD-gi-na, tB^ ^^n^a v. a. To be care- 
ful of, to keep with care; to lend labour, t. e. 
To assist another in his work, in expectation of 
similar assistance being returned hereaffcer. 

J(K^j^r^-fiya, ^::^]f^ s, m. Geography. 

J^^g-nee, ^^yX>. «ppft s.f. A glow-worm ; an 

J(k^-noo, y^ ^Tf s. m. The fire-fly, 
(Lampyris); a jewel worn about the neck. 

J£^** "^ TZ I <^J- Two. 

J^gut, ts-^^ ^^m 8. f. Address, dexteri- 
ty, contrivance, counsel, wit, a pun, art. Joogut 
hdina , To pun . J^^ffut-bAree, 8 ./. A quibble, pun , 
witticism, economy. 

J6a-gut, •^s-^jj*' ^^nr s. /. Manner, mode, 
•kill, olevernesa, a pun, or double meaning. Joo^ 
g944t6z^ A punster, or rather one who is fond of 
nttering double meanings. 

J6o-gutee, ^^^^ ^f^ adj. Artful, clever, 
cunning, economical, facetious, punning. 

Jooh 5J^?" ^^ s. m. A yoke. 

J^h^r,jlv:>- ^^J"^ *./. Hindoo salutation, 

Joo-hee, ^^^^ ^sj^ s.f. Jasmine (Jasminum 
auriculatum) ; a kind of fireworks resembling the 

JoQh-hdl, Jlv^ s.plur. Fools, simpletons, 
ignorant people. 

J6o hur, 3^^?" W^^ S' ^' 'P^ts filled with 
water at the bottom of mountains. 

Jofitjh, <^2F^ g^ 8. m. An engagement, a bat- 

jQQ-jli^oo-bdjna, U^b^lgsr:*" ^^^ ^i^smt 
V. n. To sound warlike instruments in battle. 

Joojh-na, Uf?-^»- tj'^cii V. n. To fight, to 
be killed in battle. Joojh-mwjui, To die fighting. 

JqqI. {J^ ^j^ 8. m. Deceit, cheating, a trick. 
JqqI-^oz, a knave, a cheat. 

Jool, J^>- ^ 8. m. Guile. 
JoQ-lah, *^ •y.s.m. A weaver, of the 
Jog-ld-ha, ^ifc^ t Mahometan religion, 
Jop-luh, ^>' J (met) a fool, a block- 
bead. jQQlah'^Sfhee, s f. A short round beard. 
JqqH, J^ s. /• A bousing or covering for an 

elephant, bullock, &c. 
jQol-Ub> c^^?^ 5. f7i. Any purgative, a julap. 

JO&l-ndr, iUJj>. *. «i. The barren pomegra- 
nate tree. 

Jqq-16os, fj^^^ 8, tn. Sitting ; accession to 
a throne; beginning of a reign, state, pomp. 

Joo-loO'See, i,j^^ odj. Of the reign, re- 
lating to accession (to a throne). JaQlooiee- 
tctsktaj f . m. A light cartridge. 

Joom-bdn, jW" ^*« Shaking, trembling. 

J^m-bish, (.At^ 8. f. Motion, moving, 
agitation, vibration, gesture. 

JoQm hoor, i*r^ cidj. Universal, all. 8. m. 
High heaps of sand, a republic, the populace, a 
whole people. 

J<^m-la, Acc^ 8. m. The whole, the sum, ag- 
gregate, total. Fil'jQQmlaj Upon the whole. Min" 
JQCmla, From or out of the whole; a sentence. 

J(5pm-lugee, J^^^ s. / Universality, 

J^muh, *jt^ 8. m. Friday. 

J6Q-mugee, j^«^ s,/. The weekly allow- 
ance to school boys paid on a Friday; also the 


Digitized by 







(soft dental) 

[ 204 ] 








present given on a Friday by school boys to their 

Jfc-mul, Ja^ s.plur. The whole, the sura. 

Hisdb'i-JQQmul, The reckoning by t^bjud* 
Jgo-niuhVit, Cj|j»iAa.«./. Thursday. 
Jqqhj j^ %^ 5- wi. Time. 

Joon, j^ ^ s. fi A louse. Joon-mljcfnha^ 

adj. Smooth-faced, hjrpocntical. 
Joon, j^ ^\ 
Joyn, ^^ I 

5. m. 


J6o-na. t«^ ^5^ «. m. A rope of grass ; a 
ring of twisted grass laid under a round bottomed 
jar to prevent it from oversetting. 

jQQud, J^ 8. An army, a body of men. 

J®ng> L-6^ ^ s.f. Emotion^ impulse ; a 
volume coDtaining several books. 

Joen-h^ee, ls\^ ^T^lt «•/ The moon- 

Jo^n-har, j^^ ^^TTTT s, m. A kind of 
grain (comprising many species, of which ludian 
corn is one). 

jQQn-hy-ya, U^aa. 'g^r^^i s.f. The moon- 

J(^-nOQb, ^-'^ culj. Defiled, polluted, un- 

jQQ-n6on, jy'^- s. m. Madness, insanity, 
phreusy, a demoniac. jQQnoonee, adj. Mad, in- 
sane; passionate. 

^ooTy j^^ ^% adj. Cold. s. m. Coldness, the 

J6o-ra, !j^>- ^^ s. m. Cold; the hair done 
up in a knot behind, the hinder part of a turband. 

jQe»*^-d6na, Uj.*> ]f^ ^T ^T v. a. To pro- 

Joor-ih, *fij^ s. m. A draught of liquor. 

Jfie-ri-na, GI^a. «j<Mi v. n. To be comfort- 
ed or pacified. 

Joo-r^na, 0!i>. ^fT^ t;. a. To cause to 
join, to cause to couple, to get mended; to tear the 
hair la token of g^ief and vexation. 

JqQ'T&o^ ^tjA. ^<H s. m. Procurement. 

jQO-r^-wun, J^lJ^ gri^^ adj. Procurable. 

Jdo^ree, or7;^ ^^ «•/ An ague. 

J<»r-h^, ^j^ ^^?TT «. m. Twins. 

jQQrm, /»jd^ «. m. A crime, fault, sin. 

J^r-na, ^^ ^TT v. n. To be procured 

or obtained, to come to hand. 
J&r-na, l^ ^f^n v. n. To be joined. " 
Jqq roo-a, 1^^ ^^^WT «./ A woman. 


(Northumbrian r) 



(deep liquid lingual) loch 

J6gr-ra, 1^ 1 «. m. A kind of hawk, 
J(Sor-ruh,5J j?- j falcon. 
Jopr-r^b, c-^I 
Jos^r-iih, ^& 



^ s, m, A sock, stocking. 
«. m. One draught,, a drop. 

jQQruh'kusht Drinker. 
Jdpr-ut, C->lj?- «./. Courage, boldness, auda- 
city, bravery, temerity, valour. 
Joos, [j*^^^ ^ s. m. Broth. 
jQ0-sh^, ' L^ «. m. Eructation. 
J<^s-suh, ^'^ *. m. The body, the figure 

of the human body. Jogsaufdree, Corpulency. 
J(^s-ta, bu^ 8. m. Power, strength. 
Jopst-jdo, ^>>v^ -y^mr^ 1 8.f. Searching, seek- 
jQ0st-o-j6, ^»-^y^'^** ^ ) ing, strict search. 
Ji^s-tuh, <0Um^ ^arA /^o^s. Sought 
Jopt, ^-=^-^ ^"^r (in compos.) With, a^ Dhmi^ 

jdotf adj. Virtuous. 
Joo-ta, l?^ ^T «. jw. A shoe. 
Jqq t^-ee, ^^ ^'i't ^j* Arable, sf 

JoQ U na,. OU:^ ^dMT t?. a. To conglu- 

J6o tee, sJ^^^ ^TT^ 8. f, A shoe. Jootee- 

iior, hdj. Beaten with slippers; mean, abject. 

Jootee-pyzdr^ s, f. Scuffle. Jootee'kdree, 8. f. 

Act of beating with slippers. 
Jooth, ^;^ ^"sr s. m. A band, a company, 

flock, herd. 
JoD-ti-yi-na, OUla. gfir^l'n V. a. To beat 

with a slipper. 
Joot-kh6-ra, I^^Cj^ ^ ^iTf adj. Bea- 
ten with slippers, infamous. 
J&t-na, U^ ^'e«ii V. n. To close with, to 

engage in close fight, to unite, close, join« (as, the 

edges of a wound), to stay, wait. 
J®t-w6-na, ^\y^ ^ff^if T V. a. To cause to 

joia or yoke. 
J6o-uh, c^^ s./. Hunger, appetite. 

J&-va, t;^ ^^ adj. Young. 

jQQ-vurdj, ^Ij^ ^T^«r s. m. A king's son, 

the heir-apparent, appointed to the empire. 
Ji5o-vutee, Jf^>' f ^ s.f. A young woman. 
JoQ-wdl, J\^s.f. Asack. 
Jop-w^-ra, \j]fi- g^iTT s. nu Large maize. 
Jqqz, jfr o^fi;. Besides, except. 
Jqj>z» j^ «• w. • A part, portion, a division 

or section of a book coasisting of eight leaves; 

ingredient. Jnez^ur.iee, s.f. Binding of a Leak. 

J(!ps-rus, adj. Penetrating^ sagacious; fru^» 

Digitized by v^ ^ ^.^^..^ 


[ 205 3 


n o 00 <x> ^ r 

bow so too good our (hnrsh piUatick) 

t u w y y gh 

(softdeDtal) but vrrite you my pleasure 

economical. Jdsz-ruseet s.f. Frngality, economy, 
&c. jQQz-o-^dbl, adv. Totally^ entirely, great and 
iraall. Jogz-ifSi, s, m. A cloth in which books 
are wrapped up, a port-folio. J^z-gier, s. m. 
An iostrnment used for keepings a book open 
when reading or writing; a port-folio. 

Jop-z^m, |%I*>3. 8, m. Leprosy. Jopzam" 
tb^na, s. m, A lazaretto. 

J&z-wee, i^^f^ adj. A little, a part, few. 

Jor, j^ %TT «. «i. Junction, joints, join- 
ing, a patch, a seam, society. Jof (fSna, To cast 
up, to add the sum. Jor-tor, s, m. Contri?ance, 
arrangement, joint, joining. Jof-jar^ s. m. Sav- 
ings, collecting by small quantities, scraping to- 

J6-ra, ijj^ ^T?T s.m. A joining, a pair, a 
couple; a pair of shoes; a suit (of clothes); 

J6-ree, ^j^ ^^ s./l A pair, a couple. 

Jdr-Da, ^j^^ StT^S^n V. a. To join, mend, 
patch; to add together; to reckon, add up; to 
get or rather to save and scrape a fortune, &c. 
fitbricate, cement, solder, tie, invent, contrive. 

J6-roo, ^j^^ %'i^ «./. A wife. 

Jdr-tee, ^""jfi- ^V^^ «. /. Calculation, 

J6-run, jj^ §rr?^ s. tn. Solder ;-runnet. 

Jd-see, v^^ %T^ s. m. An astrologer, an 

Jd-see, ^^^^ §tT^5. m. A tribe of Hindoos. 

Josh, {^^^ 8. m. Dbullition, effervescence, 
heat, passion, lust. Josk^iburSsh, s. m. Anger, 
passion, rage. Josh-i-tbdon, s. m. Ebullition of 
the blood (name of a disease). Josh-khdna, or — 
mdrna. To boil or bubble up. (in compos.) part, 
act. Boiling, effervescing. 

Josh-^n, jU^ part, act Boiling, bub- 
bling up. , 

Josh-an-duh, ^^li^>. s.m. A decoction. 

J6sh-ish, cA^^ «• / Heat, ebullition, 
violent desire. 

Jot, o^ ifTTT s. f. pultivatiop, cultivated 

Jot, lCj^:^%Tf7r*./ Brilfiancy, lustre, 
Jdt-i, ) light, rays of light, ^he sunbeams, 
the flame of a candle or lamp, vdision. Jolmdn, 
Luminous. Jotisurdop, atfj» LuAiinous (an epi- 
thet of God). -^ 
Jot, vi*^.i. ^^ s. m.A fellow, peer, one of a 
P»^^ a match, ^dj. Equal, even, not odd. Jot^ 
b^nihna, To pair. i 


Jo-t^r, Jy^^ ^jTTTKs.m, A ploughman, a 

J6-tee, ^^^^ WIT^ s./. The string which sus- 
pends the scale of a balance. 

J6-tik, 1 u-^*^?- %if7nr 8. m. Astrology, as- 
Jo-tikh, J tronomy. 

J6-ti-khee, 1 ^s^fi^ ^fh"^ s. m. An as- 
J<5 ti-kee, J trologer, an astronomer. 

J6t-na, ^f^ %T?PTT V. a. To yoke, to plough, 

to till. 
Jou, yx %T conj. If, that. adv. When, what 

time. jQihlotik, As long as. 
Job, ^^ ^f^ s. w. Barley. Jqu-jgu hisib lena. 

To take a strict account, the mark between the 

joints of the finger* 
J^B-dut, cuv>^ s.f. Ingenuity, intelligence, 

quickness of apprehension, benignity. 
Joyf, uJ^ 8. m. Cavity, hoUowness. 

Jdy-hur, j2fc^ 8. m. f. A gem, jewel, pearl ; 
skill, knowledge; matter, substance, essence (dis- 
tinguished from accident); virtue, worth, merit; 
blackish marks in the steel of Well-tempered 
scimitars. Adj, Bright, glittering. Jouhvr-^dr, 
A scimitar marked with j22iAz^. JouAur kuma. 
To kill one's self, to commit suicide. (When the 
Hindoos are attacked by a force too great for 
them to resist, they sometimes, in such cases, 
slaughter or burn their own wives and children, 
and then take to flight : and this act of killing their 
wives, &c. in such extremities, they call Jdohur 
or josihur.) 

J^hur-ee, ^^^^ «• m. A jeweller, adj. Es- 
sential, relating to a jewel. 

J^i-hur-i-f6rd, ^j^^^^ s. m. An indivisible 
atom; (vfe^) a person unrivalled or unequalled. 

Jqu^, fj^^ s. m. A troop or body of men. 
jQuh'JQS^, In troops. 

Jog-kob, S->/^?- adj. Half pounded, coarsely 

J(aj-Un, Ji^>- 8. m. Moving about (in the 
place of exercise), coursing, springing, wandering. 
Joulctn-gdhy 8. f. Place of exercise (especially of 
an army or of horses). jQuldnrguree^t.f. Gallop- 
ing fast, fleetness. 

Joa-la-nee, J^ifi- 8. f. Strength of mind 
(or body), quickness of apprehension; fleetness. 

J^-lug, \S)^ %l^nr adv. Until, as long 

Jgyn, ^^^^ S^pr pron. Who, what, which. 

JOB-Oir, Sifi^ ^PTlT s.f. A fea 

. Digitized by 






(soft dental) 

[ 206 ] 









- (deep liquid llngmal) 


J^nd-ree, ^jj)^ trT^5r^\ s^f. Name of a 
J6un-dee, ^^'^ %T^ > grain, (Joar, 
Jooa-ree, s^f^^ ^^'^ ^ Holcus sor- 

J^Dk-iia, UO^^ Sin -11 V* a. To rail. 
Jgun-ra-bhdun-ra, ly^jy^ %tTT ^Itt 

s. m. A retired room, a rault. 
Jeur, j^ 8, m. Violence, oppression. 

J6y-Bhun, ^^^ s. m. A cuirass, armour, 
coat of mail. 

J&-tQot, ^f^ ^ig'h 5. m. Dower, nuptial 

Jou-wdd, «3l^ arf/. Liberal, beneficent. 
Jquz, j^ 5. m. A nut; nutmeg. 
J(^-za, Ij^?- 5. w. The sign Gemini; Orion. 
Jo-wut, CL>^^ itlWTr /?ar^. Sees, regards, 

J6-ya. V.J?- 

1 joarf. ac^ One who 

Jo-in-di:di, ^Jjoj^ J searches for, ^n in- 
quirer, a seeker. Jointfa i/alf(nda. Finds who 
searches, search and you shall find. 

Jub,v-^H*^ ^ arfr. When, at the time when* 
Jub-tttbt Now and then. JtibUih or — tulakt or — 
fbree, adv. Till when. Juh-Jub, Whenever. Jub 
ka tub, adv. At the time when, at the proper 
moment. Jub kubhee, or Jub kubhoo. Whenever. 
Jub hi, adv. At the time when, when. Jub luff, 
adv. Till when. Jub nu tub, adv. Perpetually. 
Jubhee, adv. At the very time. 

Jub-^n, jU>- adj. Pusillanimous. 

Jub-b(Cr, jl^ adj, superL Omnipotent, 
mighty; a conqueror, f. m. A tall palm tree; a 
revenger; Orion. 

Jub-een, J•^^^ «./. The forehead, adj. 

J6b-ha, le^ «r>fT 1 ^ ^ r^^^ . _ 
_ , , . V ^. m. Ine law. 

Jubh-ra, jj^^ ^tm*^/ 

Jdb-hah, ^.^j^a. s, m. The forehead. Jiiblwh- 
sd. Rubbing one's forehead on the ground; be- 
seeching, bogging earnestly. 

Jubr, j^ s. m. Oppression, violence, 
strength, force, power. Jubr se. By violence, 
violently. Jubri-nQQksSn, Making good a defi- 
ciency. Jubr o-m^okabula. Algebra. 

Jdb-ra, \y^ ^4^T s. m. The jaw. 

Jub-r^-il, J^t;^ 1 The archangel Gab- 

Jab.reel, cJ/.J^^ / riel. 

Jtib-run, Vj^ aSv. Oppressively, by vio- 

Jdb-uh^ <t}A>. s. tn, A quiver* 

Jub-urf-do, l^<^ ^^%l adj. Rigid, stiff, 
awkward. Jtdm(f(Jftfa, adj, lU-shaped. 

Jub-ud-na, Ojiaa- ot^t^I v. n. To be filled, 
to be folded. 

Jub-ul, J^ s. nu A mountain, a hill. 

Jub-ul-koora, &f^'r^ *• »*. An amethyst. 

J6b-ur-ee, ,^j•^^ sf. Oppression, injury. 

J&ch-a, Isr^i 8.f. A woman in childbirth 
and for forty days after, a lying-in woman. 

Juch-d-wut, <^;^f^ W^.^B' s,f. Test, tri- 
al, examination, proof. 

Jud, y^ w^ adv. As, while, whilst, when, 
so soon, at the time when. Ju4^uk, or —i&luk, or 
—lug, adv. Till, until, yet, whilst, as long as, 
while. Ju4 nu tu(ji, adv. Constantly. 

Jud-ba-t6d-ba, (jjJboo^ "^^m ^^^T *• »*. 
Unmeaning expression, so so. 

Judd, <^ «. m. A grandfather; dignity, 
glory {of God), happiness, prosperity. 

Jud-dee, ^y>- adj. Ancestral, belonging to 

J6d-ee, yjS>' e. m. A kid, a he goat ; the sign 
Capricorn ; the polar star. 

Jud-6ed, Ji/o?" adj. New, modern, fresh. 

Jud-oo, ^«.>^ ^5 ^- P^op. An ancestor of 
Ktishn, Ju^QQ^umee, adj. Of the family of 
JuijtQQ, JudOQ^n^ith, An epithet of Krishn, 

J6d-ul, J^ 5. m. Fighting, battle, encoun- 
ter, altercation, contention, war. 

J6d-upi, vy^ ^r<ffiT \ conj. Though, al- 

Jud-y6pi, ^^jTm ) though. 

Jud-war, J\j^ $. m. Zedoary$ Curcuma 

J6d-wul, J^^ s. /. Lincfs drawn in a book 
(as ruling, or to fie^af*ate the margin); a rifolet; 
a table, an astronomical table. JuifwuJee, adj. 
Marked with lines (a book). 

Juf-a, Uu^ s.f, Oppression, violence, injury, ^ 
injustice. Jufa-pSsha, or Jufa-shidr, or/if^- \ 
k6r, Oppressor, tyrant. JufakdreCfS,/. Oppres- 
sion, tyranny. 

Jufr, ;A^ s, m. The art of making amulets 
or charms. 

Jug, tJV ^T^ *. m.The wor Id, the universe.' 
Jug-bufu^h/QQ, Friend of the world. Jug-juguU 
a, m. The universe; a feast, entertainment) h^"" 
lice or religious ceremony in which obJati<wtf »w 

Jug-a-j6t, i-U^I^ ^^%Tf?T s.f. Sple»do«r> 
much light. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC • 








C QQ7 3 
r t 

(hartli patatick) (soft dental) 








Jug-i^na, 01^ ^RT»IT v. a. To awake, to 

ronse from sleep. 
Jug-gfe-ur, jJJ^ -z^X W. w. A 

Juf:-n^8h-wur, ;^-i-r^ ^^^Tj name of 

VUhnoo and of Siv, 
Jug-h6r, y^ "W^TT^ 5. m. Wakefulness (oc- 

oasioned by appreheasioa or disease) ; cooghiog 

at night, vigils, vespers. 

Ju&-j6g-a> *^?^ ^Pl^RT s. m. Brass-tinsel, 

thin plates of brass used in decoration. 
JuS-jug-d-hut, (^^l^sr^ m^^TTIT^ 8, f. 

Splendour, much light, glitter. 
Jog-miig-a, i^ft^ -snTinTT adj. Glittering, 

Jug-mag-4-hut, ^vi4 < Jui r^ *. / Glitter, 

splendour, much light. 
Jog-mug-d-na, tl^<^ -^fPfnTI^ v. w. To 

glitter, to shine. 
Jug-na, Ui^ ^nr^rr t;. n. To awake, to be 

Jugo-pub^et, uu^.^j^ w^nr^TT s. m. The 

ceremony of putting on the Brahminicdl thread. 
Jug-ta, UCa- ^Jifli adj. Awake. 

Jug-t^e-tol. Jrr^ ^nnf1?T^ s. m. The 
world, the earth, sublunary things. 

Jug-nd-ees, (^«^ ^T^'t^ 8. m. Lord of 
the world or universe. 

Jag-ud-dm-ba, U«JiV- ^4|<^4<^^ (Mother of 
the world). #./. An epithet of a Hindoo goddesft. 

Jug-uh, 1^ -m-nr 8. f. Place, station, 
quarter, room, vacancy, stead. Jnguh-chhofna, 
p. a. To leave a blank. 

%-ut, s^:^ ^iRTr s. m. The world, a but- 
tress. Jugttt.44Qkhee, A tynmt, Jugut-i^j^gur, 
Enlightening the world. 

Juha-lQ$, cfiJlj^ 8./. Ignorance, barbar* 
ism, brutality. 

Juhdn, c^[^ s. m. The world. Juhan^ 
' juhan, adj. Much, many. Juhan^ban, World- 
protector, a sovereign. Jiu^n-^a^, Heating the 
world. JtiAanHfdr, Ruler of the world, a king. 
Juhan-^feeda^ a((j, One who has seen the world, 
experienced. Juh/tn-soz, adj. World-inflaming. 
Juhan-gSer, World-taking, world-subduing. Ju- 
han-^ir^, 8,m. A traveller. 

J6han, jl^ ^Tt adv. Where, in which 
place, which place. Juhan t^hav^y Here and there, 
every where. Jahan ka fuhai^. Every where, in 
the same place as before. Juhan juhan, adv. 
Wherever. Juhafk kuhee^y adv. Wherever. Ju* 
kanfuk, adv. As for as. Juhan se, Whence, from 





which place. Juhmfi tuha^pMma, To straggle, 
to wander. 

Juhi-nee, ^^ adj. Relating to the world, 
a person of this world. 

Juhan-gee-ree, ^jjSjL:^ adj. Princely, s.f. 
An ornament. 

Juhdz, jlj^ 8. m. A ship ; the tree of a 
camePs saddle; Paraphernalia, a portion in the 
disposal of a wife; funeral apparatus. Juhaz^pur, 
adv. Aboard a ship. Juhaz-shikunee, s. /. 

Juh^-zee, t^j^ 8. m.A sailor, s.f. A kind 
of scimitar. 

Juhd, 1 iSj>- 8, m. Struggle, endeavour, ex- 

Xibd, / ertion, eflFort, diligence, car^, ap- 
plication, assiduity. 

Juheen, j^ «f^ adv. Wherever. 

Juh^z, j^^ 8. m. A bride's portion, what- 
ever a wife carries with her to her husband's 

Juhl, J[j>. 8. m. Ignorance. 

J6h-lee, v.A^ adj. Lazy, passionate. 

Juhr, j^?* 8. m. Speaking loud enough to 
be heard by the company; a female oblation. 

Juhun-nuDQ, ^^ s. m. Hell. 

Juhtin-numee, ,^/^Y^ ^^J' Hellish, be- 
longing to hell. 

Juj-mdn, jUsr^ zr^m^ 8. m. A customer, 
a person to whose custom brahmtins, barbers, and 
some others, have a legal claim. Jujmanee, s.f. 
The stipend paid by Ajufmam wife oftiJujman. 

Juk, L^ -^^ 8. m. When treasure, &c. ia 
buried, an animal (sometimes a man) is killed 
and buried with it as a guard. This animal is 
called jiJt, and receives orders to allow no one 
else to take up the treasure, &o. {met.) A miser, 
called also Jvk ka g^smSshta. 

Jukh, .^i>. n^ ^. m. A sort of demi-god or 
fairy, an attendant on Koover the Indian Plutus. 

Jukh-nee, ^^ ir^ift 8./. A female JukK 
or a fairy. 

Juk-ur.b6nd, 'M-^>. ^Rff ^*^ adj. Tight. 

J6k-ur-na, ly?- ^^^n v. a. To tighten^ 
draw tight (as a knot), bind, fasten, tie, pinion. 

Jnl> J?- ^^ 6, m. Water. Jtd-puchchheiy 
s.f. Water-fowl. Julamy, Full of water, wet. 
Jul'thul,s.m, Ground half covered with water, 
marshy ground. JuMiur, Moving in water, a- 
quatic (animal). JtU-kreefa, s.f. Plajring in 
the water. Jul-^hdra, s.f. A stream orcuricut 
of water. ^ j 

2 Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

a ch 

iiU choose 


(soft dental) 

[ 208 ] 









(Nortbumlntao r) 


in (deep liquid lingrual) 


Jul-a, S^ ^^T s, m. A lake. 

Jul-a, S.t>- 8. m. Emigration. 

Jula-bh&na, UjSux ^sf^j -y^ adj. Pas- 
sionate, hot-tempered. 

J61a-b61a, ^.S^ ^n^TT ^mj adj. Fretful, 
passionate, scorched. 

Jul-4-dut, CL>«>^ s, f. Activity, agility, 

Jul-a-kdr, j«^ ^^TlflT s* m. Appearance 

or semblance of water. 

Jul-dl, J^ *. »*. Dignity, state, majesty, 
grandeur, splendour, power. 

JuM-lee, ^J^ adj. Divine. 

Jul-^ li-yu, ^S^sw *. m. A person who wor- 
ships the more terrible attributes of the Deity, 
the followers of Syynd Julal Bookharee ; a kind 
of pigeon. 

Jul-i-na, l''5b» ^HHi V. a. To burn, kindle, 

inflftme, light, make jealous. 
, Jul-ir-nuv, ^V)^ ^r^i^sf «. m. A deluge. 
Jul-^-wan, J;^ ^rar?^ s.f. Firewood. 
Jula-wutun, ^^^ s. m. Emigration. 

Jul-buhee, ,.^^ ^r^^^ «. /. Swimming, 
striking with the arms and legs in water. 

Jul-bul, J.J^'3!^rTW/>ar^. Burnt up or con- 
sumed with fire. 

Julb, <-r^ *• ^- Attraction, allurement. 

Jul-chur, fsM- ^r^^T adj. Aquatic, mov- 
ing or going in water (an animal) . 

Juld, <^^ adj. Expeditious, quick, brisk, 
fast, hasty, fierce, quickly. Jul(ji-^dz, adj. Ex- 
peditious, fleet, hasty. Jalif-bazee, 8,f. Haste. 
Jnlif'ktt^ffni, ddj. Fleet. Jul^-mizdjy adj. Pas- 

Jul-eb, v-r"*^ s. m. Attendants, equipage, 
suit. Juleb'tas, s. m. The goglet in which water 
is cooled with nitre. 

Jid-ebee, 4^^*V ''5r%^ s. /. A kind of 

Jul-ebee, ^^:^^ s.f. Belonging to the re- 

Jul-ee, ^J^ adj. Plain, clear, apparent ; 
large, plain (hand- writing). Fusl-ujuleCt A sea* 
son before the commencement of the rains in 
which a crop of rice is cut. 

Jul-eel, J^^ adj. Great, glorious, illustri- 
ous. JuIeel^l-kudVy adj, August, illustrious. 

.ful-ees, {j»*^ s.m.f. A companion. 

Jul-^o, y*i»- s. yr Attendants, equipage, 

Julf, c-ftL. adj. Mean, base. 

Jul-i-ya, Li>- •srf^^rr s. m. A fisherman. 

Jdl-jul-a, 5^25^^ w^^RTT adj. Indignant, out- 

Jul-jul-d-hut, lS^^s^?^ ■sra^^TTT^ s.f. In- 
dignation, rage, passion, anger. Juljuiana, v.n. 
To be indignant. 

Jul-jun-toj>, ^.:L^k^^ ^niTirnT s. m. An aqoa- 
tic animal (a porpoise, shark, &c.) 

JuUk6Qk-kur, ji^9^ ^^3><t T *• >»• A wa- 
ter hen, a diver. 

Jul-Wd, v>il^ s, m. An executioner; (and, 
hence) cruel, hard-hearted. Jullaif-ifutk, Vi* 
planet Mars; 

Jul-ld-dee, i^^A> s.f. The office of an ex- 
ecutioner, cruelty, villainy. 

JuMd-dut, Cj^Sua^ s.f. Intrepidity. 

Jul-rad-noos, (jJU)^ w^TJfrgTf *. m. A wa- 
ter-man, a mermaid. 

Jul-na, UU- BT^nn t;. n. To bum, to be 
kindled ; (met.) to get into a passion, to be ean^- 
ed. Jiil-dgthna, To break out (as, fire). Jul- 
bdejna. To brand, to burn to ashes. Jui-pulma, 
To be in a passion, to rage. Juleh-pur n6n lug&m, 
To triumph over, to insult. 

Jul.n6em, ^'A^ ^QW^^ii' s. m. The name 
of a drug ( Herpestes Monniera). 

Jul-oy-ka, 1^^ ^ff%T^T s.f. A leech. 

Julp^-ee, ,^1-V ^sraTTT,"^ s.f. The Elaeo«ar- 
pus serratus; an olive. 

Jul-pin, jVV ^srarTTiTs. m. Drinking (of 
water), eating, taking light food between mealii 
a luncheon. 

Jul-s^-ee, ^UJLft. ^ i idaii^ adj. An epithet 
of Vishnoo, 

Jul-se -nee, ^<dat*n s. f. Sleeping in 

water by way of mortification, a fish. 

Jul-s6ot, CL>^>. ^^r^ s. f. A guinea- 
worm (Filaria medinensis) . 

Julsuh, A*Ji^ s» m. Posture, situation, seat, 
post, state, meeting, assembly. 

Jul-tur-ting, \^)j:l>. ^^rcpfT s. nt* The 
musical glasses, or harmonicon; joying on g^*" 
es or china bowls by rubbing the edges: a bra» 
vessel in which water is put and the edges trt 
beaten with two sticks. 

Jul-tur-dn-jee, ^/;^^^7n^»t «•/ N*"* 
of a musical instrument. 

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[ 209 ] 

(harsh pnlntlck) (soft dental) 










Jiil-uf, } cJJ:^ s. m, A miser, adj. Mean, 

Jilfy ' base, despicable. 

Julumy, ,^^V "sr^^T^ s. m. Flood, inunda- 

J61-un, J?- "srer^ s. m. f, Burniiig, heat, 
inflamination, passion, vexation. 

Jul-un-dur, j^>- w^^X 1 «. iw.The drop- 

Jul-un-dhur, •XfcjJ^'sr^KfT j sy. 

Jul-unj-been, ^^.^s^^ s. f. Conserve of 

Jul-wd-na, '^I^ ^^nrr^i v. a. To cause to 

J61-wuh, 1 J^^^ s. m. Splendour, lustre, the 
Jil-wuh. } bridal bed or ornaments. Jul- 

wftgdh, «. /. Nuptial throne, place of display. 

Jnlmngfir, adj. Splendid, conspicuous. Julwu- 

ffuree, s. f. Blandishments, affectation, conspi- 

caity, splendour. 

Jal-wf-ya, V.^V ^nrr^cri s. m. A burner. 

Jum, ^^ "^r^T s. m. Pluto, the supposed re- 
gent of worlds below, or judge of departed souls, 
death. jHm>^6ot, Messenger of death. Jum- 
^^eya, s m. A candle or illumination sacred to 
Pluto, lighted on the 18th of Knrtik, Krishn- 
puksh, I. e. three days before the devalee. Jum- 
4h9tr, s. m, A dagger. 

Jam-a. ^^^ sf. A congregation, conjunc- 
tion, collection, accumulation, assembly, amount, 
snm total, whole, plural number. Juma-^itndee^ 
s./. Accounts of the revenues, settlement of the 
revenues. Jt4ma-4ar, s. m. A native officer of 
the army 80 called; the head of anybody, as of 
guides, hurknras. &c. Juma'46reet ». /. The 
business of a Jttm«£?<Jr. Juma-o-i^irch, s. m. Ac- 
count of receipt and disbursetnent, account cur- 
rent. Jitma-O'&ifh'ch kurna. To make up or ba- 
lance an account. jNina-wasil-brikeet An accotont 
stating payments periodically due, with the a- 
mount received and the arrears. 

Jum-ad, .i'wctaw «, m. A stone. Jumaddi, Mi- 
nerals. Jumacjlee, adj^ Innate, fossil. 

Jum-adi-yoQl-iikiir, jjsjfl^^U^ The sixth 
Arabian month. 

Juniacii-yool-duwftl, J;-^',^*^'-®^ The fifth 
Arabian month. 

Jum^-ee, ^ta^ ^^f s, m. A son-in-law. 

Jum-al, jU?-s. m. Beauty, elegance. 
Jum-^-lee, ^'*^^ «. tn. A kind of musk- 
melon (red-fleshed). 
Jam^l-gota, O^U^ "SHfT^T^"! s. m. 


purgative nut (Jatropha Curcas: Croton Tig- 

Jum-ji-na, 0U>. ^5f?n^T i^. a. To collect; 

sum up; coagulate, freeze or make ice; to pace 

in the manege. 
Jum do, ^lo^ oT^iflT s. m. A crowd or mul- 
titude, a collection, accumulation. 
Jum-d-ut, u:^^U» s.yi A crowd, an assembly, 

a troop, meeting, society, congregation, 
Jum-d-wut, LS^'^Ua- oi^i^z^ s./. Coagulation, 

Junib, v-r-^ 8. A side, a part, a tract of 

Jum -bee, ,,^-^^ adj. Lateral. 
Jum bhee ree, ,^;t:^--^ ^f>f^'6 s.f. A fruit 

of the lime kind. 
Jum-boo, ^-NASh. ^i^«. m. A jackall. 
Jumboo-deep, v-^^i3*<-s^ wt^'^tt s. wi. One 

of the Pouranic divisions of the earth, including 

the whole of Hiodoostan. 
Jumd, J^A:s- «. m. Congellation, collection. 
Jum-dhur, ^^Xo^ "srirVT s.m. A dagger. 

Jum-eel, J*^ adj. Beautiful, graceful, 
elegant. (Fem. Jumeela), 

Jum-ee-uh, ^^^ adj. All, universal. 

Ju-m6e-ut, ^.::--*:-ct£i- s.f. A congregation, a 
multitude. ^ 

Ju-mee-yut, v.^^^'^/xs- 8,f. Collection ; wealth; 
recollection, reflection ; peace of mind, com- 

Jum ghiit, \JL^^ "si^BT^ «• «i. Crowd, 

Jum-ha ee, s^^>-«^ *^^R^rl: s, f. Gaping, 

yawning. Jumkaee Una, To gape, to yawn. 
Jurn-hd-na, ^^/>>' ^sriTTr^T v. n. To gape, 

to yawn. 
Jiim-jum. fsp^ ^5r?r^^ adv. Always, 

constantly, perpetually. 
Juni-kd-na, V'l^Lo^- w?nrr^T v. a. To adjust, 

go on well, settle; to assemble, crowd together. 

Juml, (J^ 1 
J6m-ul, J 

Jumm, ^ s. A multitude. Jumm-iffhuf' 
eer, A great (and promiscuous) multitude. 

Jiim-na, l^-o^ ^^TT v. n. To germinate, 
grow; to be coagulated or frozen; to be collect- 
ed; to adhere, stick; to pace in the manege. 

Juiu-6g-na, Uf^Ax>. ^^i^pfT t;. a. To ascer- 

'-^^^ w. m. A camel. 


,tized by 








(soft dental) 





[ 210 



(Northumbrian r) 

Jum-oo-na, U^ ^IJ^T n. prop, f. The 
river Jumna. 

Jum.rdj» ^t/<^ ^TfT^^ t;. prop. The regent 
of death. 

Jum-shied, ^^*-^»^ «• i>rop. An ancient 
king of Persia. 

Jumud.6gnee, ^^^i^«^ ^IT^^ n. prop* 
Name of PursooranCs father. 

Jiim-uk, lJ^ 7 > -sr^re «./. The state of sue 
ceeding or going on well. 

Jtjm-uk, u-Ca?* ^TO^ «• w. Repeating of a 
word in different significations (in rhetoric); 
a twin. 

J6m-nk-na, UCa>. -snpirin t;. n. To succeed, 
go on well, fit, to be assembled, pook/in jwnkee, 
Bayers and sellers are collected in tiie shop. 
Lurdeejymkee, The fight was joined. MtijlU 
jumkee. The assembly is full. MQQktt44uma jum- 
kut The cause is begun to be debated. 

Jun, ^ ^^^ «. tn. Man, indmdually or col- 
lectively, a man, mankind, a person, an indivi- 
dual. (3» compos.) it has a plural sense; as, stree 
jun. Women. Jun-lok, s, m. One of the seven 
ioks, or divisions of the world; the regions inha- 
bited by pious men after their decease. 

Jdn-a, U^ WTT s. m. A person, individual. 
part, pass. Born; a son. 

Jun-^b» V>'^ «./. Side, brink, margin ; 
presence, majesty, highness, excellency. Jtmab- 
i-alee^ Your majesty, your or his excellency, or 
highness; vestibule, threshold. 

Jon-^b-ut, Ls^.Ufi^ s.f. PoUution. 

Jun-d-ee, [J^ w^ s.f. A midwife. 

Jun-a-j^t, "c^U-Up- spTranTT adv. Man by 
man, one by one (person). ^ 

Jan-^na, OU^ WfPTT v, a. To deliver, 
bring to bed; to inform, remind, tell, warn, point 
out, shew, seem, s.m. Midwifery. 

Jun-^0, ^^ W9{m 8. m, A signal. 

Jin-i-za, / 

J6n-dra, \jy^ "m^ s. m. A pitchfork. 

Jiin-ee, v.5^ ^spft 8. /. A maid-servant; 

Jun-^en, ^^^ s, A Foetus, an embryo. 
Jun-^oo, ^^r^ "53^^ 8. tn. The brahminical 

thread; a flaw in i^ jewel. 
Jun-6wa, \y:^ ^^<\ 8,f. A kind of grass 

i^Doob: Agrostis linearis). 
Jung, d^ 8. /. Battle, war, combat, fight 



(deep liquid liogual) lock 

Jung-azm6o46t A veteran, warlike, brave. Jmg- 
dwnr, A champion, a hero. Jung-Swurtey t,f. 
Battle. Junff-jS, Contentious, litigious. Jung* 
O'jti^ulti, m, fiattle, conflict, brawl, squabble, 
Jun-g^h, ^'^ s.f The field of battle. 

Jun-g^l, JK^ 8, m. Verdigrise. 

Jdnga-mi^shtee, ,^/-i^i^^ 8.f, Boxing. 

Jun-igee, ^-^ s, m, A combataat, a war- 
rior, adj. Warlike, hostile, relating to war. 

Jun-g6z khan, j^jJ^ n. prop. The fa- 
mous Mooghul conqueror. 

Jun-gha, WC;^ w^^ 8.f The thigh. 

Jung-la, iW^ ^^T adj. Wild; s, m. 
Name of a raginee, or musical mode. 

J6ng-lee, ^J^^ ^1^ adj. f m. Wild, 
savage, barbarian, clown, boor. Jwtglte piyaz^ 
Squills, (Erythrontum Indicum). Jungieesing- 
hdra, s. m, Hermodactyl. Junglee kiofica, s, in. 
A raven. 

Jun-gnl, J-^ spra* 5. m. A forest, a wood. 
Jungul phima^ or ~^jSna, To ease one's self. 

Jun-gum, ^i^ ^^ 8. m. A Hindoo men- 
dicant who has matted hair and rings a bell. 

Jun-gum, j/a?- spTiT adj. Removeable, 
moveable, in motion, mendicant.' 

Jun-h^-ee, 'l^y^ ^r^mi:i adv. Man by 

Jun-h^r, jUi^ ^^T^T j man, every 

Jtin-i-ba, Uj^ 8. m. Support, gecondiflg, 
countenancing, assistance^ partiality. 

Jtin-i-ka, (^ ^rl^P^iT s, m. Double-etiten- 
dre, an expression having more than one 

Jun-jAl, JW^ sNn^ 8, m. Trouble, diffi- 
• culty. plague, embarrassment; a swivel, &c. J'^ 
jdlect s, tn. Molester. 

Jun-j^n-wur, )f^j^ ^ff^^T^X s. m. Man 
and beast. 

Jun-m^na, OUa>. w^m^ v. a. To beget; 
to make vegetate. jy, ^^j-o^f^ ^^twff n, prop. The son 
and successor of Rajah Pureekshit. 

J6n-na, Is^ wiffT v. n. To produce young, 
to be delivered of child. 

J6n.nut, vi--^ s.f. Paradise. Junnufee, 
adj. Of paradise, heavenly. 

Jiin-o, y*?- «T^ adv. As, like as. 

Ju-n6ob, vr^ «• ^' South. Junoobee, adj. 

Southern. Digitized by VjOC^ 


C 211 3 












(harsh palatick) 

t u w y y 2b 

(soft dental) bnt write you my pleasure 

JA-aooky w-Xs^ "^^ conj. To wit, though, 

Jtin-ta, li;^ 5nn s. m. An instrument for 
drawing' wire. 

Jun-ti^na, OllL^ m^Hi r. n. To be squeez- 
ed, to be pressed. 

Jan-t^r, jli;^ «PmT s. m. An amulet. 

Jun-ti-y^-na, tUk^ 5, m. The herb Genti- 

Jim-tQp, ts^A*. ^^ s, m. An animal, a sen- 
tient being, creature. 

Juntr, y^ thr «. tw. An instrument, an 
engine; a musical instrument; an amulet; jog- 
gling; an obserratory; a dial. Juntr -munir, «. m. 
Juggling, conjuring, enchanting by figures and 

JAn-tree, ^jy^ ''hft s. m* An instrument for 
drawing wire; a conjurer, a juggler, a wissard. 

JCin-uk, v-6^ 01 •i^ ». prop. The father of 
iSeefa; a father. JimUkpoor^ s, m. The metropo- 
lis of Rajah Juwtk, 

J6n-um, fwL^~ ^r^ s, m. Birth, production, 
life. Jununi'bhdom, B,f. Birth-place. Jxaiumr- 
pvtree, 9,f, Horoscope, nativity. Jununh-putree 
kee bufhi mUna, To meet one's fate, JtmunHfin, 
s. 199. Birth- day. Junum-rogee, adj. Valetudina- 
rian* < 

Jun-um-na, t-ci;*. ^Wn v. a. To be born. 

J<in-un*ee, ^^^ "W^T^ s.f. A mother. 

Jnn-w^i^ea, Uly^ ai^^dui s. m. The place 
at the bride's house where the bridegroom and 
hSt train are receired. 

Jap, u--^ -arr s. m. Silent repetition of the 
name of God, silent meditation, muttering pray- 
ers, repeating inaudibly passtges from the Shas- 
iers, adoration, charms, names of a deity, count- 
ing silently the beads of a rosary, &c. Jup tup, 
s. IN. Devotion, adoration. Jup-^nAla, «./. A ro- 
sary. Jttpndjin, v, n. To count one's beads, to 
repeat the name of God internally, to recite the 
bead-roll, to make mention. 

Jdpee-tupee, i^^jf^ ^?nft s. m. An 

Jdp-na, ^?- ^TTTT V. a. To count one's 
beads, to repeat the name of God internally, to 
recite the bead-roll, to make mention* Juput, 
part. Repeating prayers, worshipping, 

Jur, ^ w^ 8./, A root. «. m. A fever. 

Jar, y^ ^^ s.f.k root, origin, s, m. An 
inanimate body, what is void of life, a blockhead, 
idiot, dolt. 


Jur-dd, ^\y^ s. m. A locust. 

Jur-^-ee, ^1^ ^^\k s,f. Price of setting 
jewels; theact of setting jewels. 

Jur-^-hut, 'I uu-^c^Ij^ s,f. A wound, an in- 

Jir-^-hut, J cision, a sore. 

Jur^^-na, ^\y^ ^^T^n r. n. To be cold, v* a. 
To cause to stud, to set jewels. 

Jur-^ns, ^\f^ ^tHt s. m. Paroxysm of a 

Jurdo, ^tjA. •sr^i'^ s. m. Setting of jewels. 
Jur^oo, cuij. Set, studded with jewels. 

Jur-a-stindh, 3Jj;^t;*- ^TO^V n, prop. A 
Kkuitree Bajah. 

Jur-d-wur,j^Ij^ ^Tispc } s. /, Warm 

Jur-d-wul, J;lJ^ ^^T^^ 5 clothes, win- 

Jur-ee, ^j>' adj. Valiant, intrepid, bold, 

J6r-ee, ^y^ -m^ s. /. The root of a me- 
dicinal herb. Juree, bSotee, «/. Medicinal herbs, 

Jur-eeb, v^;^ ^Tj^ s.f. A sort of wooden 
dart with an iron point Jureeb chuUtna, To 
throw ihejureeb* 

Jur-6eb, u^^.;?^ «• /• A land measure ; a com 
measure. Jureebkush, s, m, A landnBurveyor. 
Jureeb'kushee, 8, /. Mensuration (of knd), the 
office of a land surveyor. 

Jur-6e-da, i5J^.J^ $, m. A register, adj. 
Alone, separate, solitary, unattended (when tra- 
velling), unincumbered. 

Jur-6eh, ^.j:>- adj. Wounded. 

Jur-ee^ma, ^,f¥ s. m. A crime, fault. 

Jur-ee-m^na, ^^!,^>' s. m. Penalty, for- 
feit, fine. 

Jtir-ga, ^f>- 8. m. Hunting, surrounding 
of game by bodies of men; a flock or drove of 
deer, &c. 

Jur-hun, J^y^ w^^"^ s. m. Rice cropped 
at the end of the rainy season. 

J6r-it, Cjj?- ^f^^ part. Set (with jewels, 
&c.), studded. 

Jtir-i-ya, ^j^ ^f^*yi 8. m. A jeweller, 
one who sets jewels ; a striker. 

Jtir-na, t;?- ^<A\ v. n. To bum. 

J6r-na, Oj^ ^^TT v. a. To strike, shake 
oflf; to join, make adhere; to stud, set jewels, fix. 

Jur-p^r, 3^3^ ^^^ 8, f. Root and 
branch. Jur^er se aMdfnd, v. a. To extirpate. 
Jurr,^ 8. m. Attraction, drawing, dm^ 





(soft dental) 

[ 212 ] 








(Northumbrian r) 




(deep liquid lingual) loch 

gtng: the^base, foundation, foot of a mountain; 

the vowel kusra at the end -of words. Hurf-i'jurr^ 

or — jdrr^ A particle which gives to the noun a 

termination in kusra. 
Jur-rdh, ^f j^ s. wi. A surgeon. 
Jur-rd-hee, ^'^^f^ s.f. Surgery. 
Jur-rdr, ^y>^ adj. Warlike, brave, valiant, 

multitudinous (an army).- 
Jur*sdin, &^^y^ s.f. The pleurisy. 
Jur-un, jy^ -sn:^ s. /. Burning. 

J6r-un, jv^ W^^ s,f. The act of setting 

Jur-un-g^dr, jU'j^i- s. m. The right wing of 

an army. 
Jur-us, ^y^ s. m. A bell. 
Jur-uta, tj^ ^^7^\ s. /. Immoveableness, 

stiffness, rigidity, torpor, stupidity. 
Jur-wd-na, ^'!;3^ Wf ^^r v. a. To cause 

to set with jewels. 
Jur-wut, ^j-^ ^rf^3 s. /. The trunk of 

A tree. 
Jus, {Ji*^ ^nr s. tn. Name, character, cele- 
brity, reputation, fame, luck. Jtts^upjus, s, m. 

Good or bad. 
Ju3-^-mut, u.voL*?^s,/. Corpulency. 

Jns-a-rut, CjjU^ s.f. Boldness, intrepidi- 
ty, presumption, temerity. 

Jiis-ee, ^j^**>' "^lirt adj. Famous, celebrated, 

Jus-^em, ^:^«^ (id;. Corpulent. 

Jushn, ^T^^ s. m. A feast, a festival (chiefly 
applied to the royal celebrations of festivals) . 

Jushnee, ^y^i^ adj. Voluptuous. 

Jus-put, u;-'^;j***e- ^iTTcT \adj. Reputable, 
' Jus-ptiti, ^TO^ / renowned. 

Just, v^>^*M^ s,f. A leap, a jump ; leaping, 
jumping. Just kuma, or — mama, To jump, &c. 

J^^^'^-^^^ ^^Ism. Pewter. 

Ju3-ta, li«*?- ^5r^( y 

Jus-ad, Ju«^ ». w. The body. Jusu€[ee, adj. 

J6«-us-wee, ^ y ^^*^y ^^^ ) adj. Famous, 

Jus-w6nt, vji^y**^ -Zi^^irT / illustrious, re- 

Jut, u:;--ow SHT S.f. Manner, fashion, kind. 

Jut, ^^^ -erfTT s. f. A kind of musical 
rhythm (generally sung at the fwlee). 

Jut, c2^^ sttI*./. Matted hair. JtUa- 

Jut-a, ^ ^snjl / (piuree, adj. Whose hair 

is matted. $. f. The cocksoomb'flower (Celo- 
sia cristata). 

Juta-joot, CJ-5e^'vi^ ^d\^6 8. The braided 
hair of Siv rolled on his head. 

Juta-md-see, ^yJ^^ ^ZJiTi^l s. / 

Jut-a-mdn-see, "sr^mt"^^ ) Spike- 

nard (Valeriana jatamansi). 

Jut-d-na, I'l^ "smi^T V. a. To inform of, to 
caution, remind, to declare, to admonish. 

Jut-i-yoo, ;i^^ ^^^ ^' P^OP' A. bird, 
mentioned in the story of Ram. 

Jut-ee, ^x^ ^ adj. Faithful to the roar- 
riage bed (a man), religious person, devotee,* 
particular order of devotees; a sage whose paf- 
sions are completely under subjection. 

JCit-ha, l^^ ^"ZTr s. 111. A company, band, 
party, class. Juiha-bajujihna, To form a party 

JuUha. le^ ^^f ^^' ^^* ^^> ^^^^' "^ *^ 
manner of, according to, to the utmost of. Mm- 
jog. In a proper manner, suitably, properly. 

Juth-drth, ii^s V^ ^^ ^^' ^^ *^^^' ^^^^' 
ly, truly. 

Jut-il, JJU. -^Tz^ adj. Having matted 

Jut-it, e:^^ -STfj-Tr adj. Clotted, matted, set, 
studded (with jewels, &c.). s.f. Set work of 
jewels, &c. 

Jut-un, J*^ s. m. Carefulness, remedy, 
care, effort, endeavour. Jutimee, alj. CarefuL 

Jiiv-un, J^^ W^^ s.m. A Greek or a ma- 

Jtiwa, t^ ^^r 8. w. Mark in the joints of 
the fingers, a flower, China rose ( Hibiscus ro» 

J6-wa, l^>- ^TfT 8. m. A clove of garlick,8 
kind of stitch in needlework. Jutoe^&r, Sewed 
in a particular manner. 

Juwdb, v';^ ^' ^' ^" answer, any thing 
answering to another. J/twabi-ba-S'fiodb, *• «• 
A proper answer. Juwab-b/ila, A kind of beue- 
diction (t. e. may your advice prevail)* Jut^' 
dih, adj. Amenable, acountable. Juwab ^cnfl, To 
be accountable for, to be amenable or respoaw- 
ble, to reply, to discharge, to dismiss one from 
his office. Juivab-suwdl, s. m. Altercation, con- 
versation JuwabiMme, s.m.A definitive ■"' 
ftwer. Juwab-suwdlee, s. m. Reply, rejoinder. 
Juwab milna. To be dismissed or discharged. /«• 
wab'H&ma. s. m. A wnting fixed to the wiudinf 
sheet, on the breast of a deceased Mahometaa. 
]iu4d'i-jnwdb, s. m. Reply, rejoinder. ^««^' 
snf, A positive answer. — ^ ^^^^ 


C 213 ] 













(harsh pnlatlck) 

t u w y y gb 

(soft dental) but viriit you my pleasure 

Juw^-bee, ,^t^ s. m. A respondent; a 
kind of bill "of exchange, tbe amount of which is 
not paid till notice is received of the bill's having 
been cashed; the chorus, especially in repeating 
a mursn/a or elegy. Juwabee-mwdlee, s. m. A 
mediator, an ambassador, an agent, an attorney. 

Juw4d, <^]^ adj. Liberal, beneficent. Ju- 
waifi^m&tiuk, The universal benefactor (God). 

Juw^-ee, is^fi^ "^wrk s. m. A son-in-law. 

Jaw^-bir^ ^^fi^ *. wi. Jewels, jems; es- 
sences, substances. Juwahir'bhAna, Jewel-ofBce. 
Juwahir^nigdvy Ornamented with jewels. 

Juwd-bir-ee, ^^;^!^ *. m. A jeweller. 

Juwa-kh^r, j^H^ ^^T^TT s. m. Name of 
a medidne, impure saltpetre. 

JuwA-la, )f|^ "^r^m s* m. Grain mixed 
with barley as food for cattle. Juwdlee, «. /. 
Mixed wheat. 

Juwin, c;!^ adj. Young, s. tn. A youth, 
lad, man, adult. Juwtm buUi, at(;. Of blooming 
projpects. Juwan-pun, or ^-pdna, 8. m. Youth. 
Juwan-i'$dlih, 8. m, A fine youth. 

Jttwana-m6rg", ui^Ol^ 5, f. Death in 
the bloom of youth. Juwana-nwrg muma. To 
die prematurely. 

Jowd-nee, ^'f^ $. / Youth, youthfulness. 

Jdwaa-mfird, «^/ft'!^ adj. Brave, generous, 
manly. #. m. A fine young fellow, a brave fellow, 
a hero, Jawarfr-mur^ee^ 8.f. Manliness, genero- 
sity, magnanimity. 

Juwa-rish, ^J^Jl;^ «. / A stomachic me- 

Juw^-sa, U|^ -^^J-m 8. m. A prickly 

bosh of which tatt€e8 are made^ and which is eaten 

by camels (Hedysarum alhagi). 
Juw^z, jt^ s. m. Permission, lawfulness, 

propriety, adj Legal, allowed. 
Juw6tree, ^/^ ^^^ a.f. Mace. 
J6z.a, \y^ 8.f. Retaliation, requital, return, 

compensation, reward. 
Jttz^-U, JjJ^ 8. m. A large musket, a 

wall-piece, a swivel. JuzaH-un^Az, One who 

fiw a wall-piece. 
Jozb, oia. s. m. Allurement, attraction, 

■ibsorption, drawing (as, of a pUiSter). Juzb 

Ww, To be absorbed. 
Jiz-ba, w,i>. 8,m. Passion, rage; violent 



ee.ra, »j^j^ $. m. An island, a penin- 


C^ ^' S^' Decision, determining, 


resolving, determination; amputation; the ortho- 
graphical character juzm <' which is placed over 
a letter to shew that it is quiescent or has no 
vowel following it. Bii-juzm, With decision, in 

Juzr, j^ 8. m. A carrot; origin, root; the 
square root (in arithmetic) ; the ebb-tide. 

Juzr,jj?- 8. m. The ebb-tide, the reflux 
of the sea. Juzr'0-mu44% s. m. The ebb and flow 
of the tide. 

Jw6-la, yt^>. -^iwi 8. m. Flame. 

Jwi-la-m&kh, A^i(I .^ ^arrm^^ A /. A vol- 

Jwur, j^ ^T?: s. m. Fever. 

Jy, i,^ % adj. As many as. 

Jy> c^"5r^ 8. m.f. Triumph, promotion, ad- 
vancement, preferment, conquest, victory, bravo ! 
huzza! all hail! Jyji/kdr^ 8. m. Rejoicings, 
triumph, exultation. Jy^mdl, s.f. Necklace or 
garland of victory. 

Jyb, ^-^r^^ s. /. The breast, the heart, the 
breast collar of a garment. Jyb-pdree, adj. Hav- 
ing the collar rent; sad. 

Jy-ber, ^^^ Slr^r: adj. As many times, as 
often as. 

Jy-dhuk, L.^ J,^ ^r^TTV 8. m. A kind of 

Jy-hy, ^^^ lr% {in Bruj) v.fut. WUl go, 
will be. 

Jyjy-w6ntee, ^'^^r^cr^ W'^T^^Ri^'^ s. f. 
Name of a raginee or musical mode. 

Jy-mdn, J^^ ^r^mPT adj. Victorious. 

Jyn, j^ %t^ 8. m. A sect of Hindoos. 

Jy-sa, Lmj*. %rm adv. or, €ufj. In the man- 
ner which, what-like, as. Jifsa-chdhiyeh, Ai 
may be desired, sufficiently. Jysa tysa. As well 
as. Ji/sa ka tysa, Precisely the same, as before. 
Jyaa-ki, As though. 

Jy^^-si-^^ ^cT'l «. m. Name of a plant 
Jet, %?rj (i^schjmomene sesban); 

name of a musical mode. 
Jy.yid, Cy^ adj. Excellent, elegant, arable. 



Ka, 1^ ^ postpos. Of, belonging to. {in 
Bntj) pron. Whom ? what ? which ? 

Kab, v^ «•/• A large dish used for serv^ 
ing rice, &c. in, at a meal, or for kneading doug 


[ 814 ] 


a ch d e ee g 

nil choose (soft dental) get tkee gone 

(Northumbrian r) 



(deep liquid lingua]) 


in, &c. s. m. The distance between the part 
where a bow is grasped by the hand and its ex- 
tremities; measure, quantity. 

Kab, L,^ s. m. A cavern, a pit, a furrow, a 
cup; a hidden meaning^ of a speech. 

Kab, u^ 5. m. A cube ; the ankle* 

Ka-b^en, ^jil^ s. w. A marriage portion 
or settlement. 

Ka-b6r-ee, t^jril^.^^rt ». prop* Name of a 

K!6-bil, (^((3 part, ctct Receiving, takin^:. 
adj. Possible, capable, worthy, fit, skilful, sofli- 
cient, able, clever. 

K^b-il-a, ^)15 s.f, A midwife. 

K^b-li-yut, vju^. 13 s. / Possibility, skill, 
capacity, sufficiency. 

Kab-ir,yl^ adj. Great, grand, illustrious. 

Kibis, ^\^ ^ift^ B. f. An earth with 
which earthen ware is varnished. 

K^b-iz, ^jfl>l5 adj. Seizing; taking; astrin- 
gent. «. m. A receiver, possessor. Aa&u(2(?/*ttrzraA, 
The augel of death. 

Ki-boo, y.(3 s. 111. Power, command, au- 
thority, opportunity, possession, will. Kahoo- 
purust, adj. Tyrannical. Kaboopurusiee, s. /. 
Tyranny. Kaboo chuldna. To exercise one's 
power. J^aboochee, adj. Despotic, tyrannical, 

K^-book, L-Jy.l^l r A ' f 

K^*.bQDk, Jir}^-/ A pigeon-house. 

Ki-boQ-Iee, ^.K $. f. A kind of pea 
(that came from Kahool), Kab^QUe-miiteet s.f^ 
Armenian bole. ' 

Ka-b6o8, {j**^,^ s.m. The incubus or night- 

K^buh, ^ s. m. A square building; the 
the temple of Meoea. 

Kach, ^ m^ s. tn. Glass. 

K^-cha^ Uili ^^T adj. Unripe, raw, simple, 

Kd-chee, ,,^1^ «./. Milkpottage. 

Kachh, ^xJi ^]^ 8. m. A cloth worn 
round the hips passing between the legs and tuck- 
ed in behind ; the upper part of the thigh. Kachh^ 
na, V. a. To bind on or tie up the Kachh, 

K^ch-hee. ^^^^ f^\^ $, m. A gardener 
who cultivates and sells potherbs. 

Kachh- na, U^a.1^ ^h^stt v. a. To skin; 

to gather. 
Kdchh-nee, v^^li'^.^ s. f. A cloth worn 

over the Kachh, 

K^.dir,j^l5 a^*. Potent, powerful, capable, 
* skilful.^ UUKoifir, The Ahnighty, 
K^-doLi, ^^li i^ri^ s, tn. Sliae, mud, mire. 

Kd-dur, K'^^ ^H< adj, Tfimid, timorous, 
confused, distressed. Ka4uree, s, /. Timidity, 

Kd-ee, iji ^if 8./. The green scum on the 
surface of stagnant pools, or the ^eenmoold that 
sticks to walls and pavements, scum, fur, paste. 

Kie-phul, J^.l^ '^i^TRfW s. m. A medicme, 
an aromatic bark (Fragaria vesca). 

Kaf, J The twentjr-tirst letter of the Ara- 
bic alphabet, does not occur in pure Persian, aod 
has no analogous fetter in Sanskrit; its sound 
differs from that of \.S or the English A, in the 
utterance of it, by pressing the root of the tongue 
on the throat; and, has been compared to the 
cawing of a raven ; in the Arabic lietatioB of 
numbers by the letters of the alphabet it staads 
for 100. It is a radical letter. 

Kaf, L^ The twenty-second letter of the 
Arabic and twenty-fifth of the Persian aipbahet, 
corresponds to ^ in Sunskrit; its sound is tittt 
of the English k. To represent its Sanskrit aipi- 
rate ^ (M) in the Arabic characters, <^ iia- 
dopted; in the notation of numbers by the Ait- 
bic letters, v.^ stands for twenty. 

l^af, uJ'5 s.m. A fabulous mountain, gap- 
posed to surround the world, and bound the hori- 
zon; it rests on the stone Sahhrat, an oitire 
emerald, which covers the azure colour of the 
sky; mount Caucasus. 

K^-fee, ^3l^ adj. Sufficient. 

Kif-fa, ^^ s.m. The whole; a tribe, a mul- 

Ki-fila, ^^5 s.m. A body of travellers, a 
Caravan. K<\fila^al/ir, The leader or eWef of 
a caravan. Kafila-bashce, »./. The chieftaimhip 
of a caravan. * 

K6 fir, y 1^ adj. Infidel, impious ; an infidel- 
s.m.f. A sweetheart, mistress. Kajirdnuh, «?• 
or adv. Like an infidel. 

Kd-fir-ee, ^jili n. j^op. A caflfre, a iwt»^« 
of a part of Africa. Kajiree-murick, #./ Capsi- 
cum grossum. 

K^-fiya, :u5l3 s, m. Rhyme, cadence, metre, 
the last letter in a verse, to which all the etb* 
disticbs rhyme. (In poems whic^ terminate ui a 
double rhyme, the penult syllaVe is MJ'^ ^ 
last being willed rvdeff) . Kqfiyt img Uwh To 
be very poor or distressed. t 











C 215 ] 

(liarsh palatiok) (soft dental) 











Ka-fdor, ^>^l) «• i?i. Camphor. Kafoor hoji- 
na, To ran away, to disappear, to scamper off, to 
yanisb. Kttfoofee^ adj. Camphorate, made of 

Kag, c-5|^^^ s.nuX crow. 

K^-ghuz, ix!^l «. m. Paper. Kaghuzeen^ 

Ki-gud, Okf I^J adj. Made of paper. 

Kir^MZQey^s^^s.f. A kind of lime (Ci- 
trus adda), a paper-case; a stationer; a pape^r 
manofaeturer; a writer, cidj. Delicate, soft, thin. 

Kah, ivi s.f. Grass, straw, {in comp.) part, 
ad. Diminishing', consuming. Kahffil, Straw 
and mud mixed to plaster walls with. 

Ki-heh, J^\i mk pron. infiect What? 
Which ? Kdhe ko, For what ? why ? wherefore ? 

Ka-hee, ^J^^ s. f. Greenness; name of 
a dish. 

Ka-h^-da, JJ^^^o part. pass. Diminished, 

Ki-hil, j^^ adj. Slow, indolent, lazy, lan- 
guid, sick, tardy. KahilmuAj, ladolent Kakiia, 
adj. Ailing, sick, indisposed. 

K^^il-ee, ^^^ s. f. Indolence^ langonr, 
sloth, sickness, tardiness. 

K^-hin, Jb!^ 9. m. A soothsayer, magician, 
augur, an astrologer, prophet, priest. 

Ki-bir, jXft'3 adj. m.\ Victorious, sub- 

Kii-hir-a, ^j^^adj.f.) cluing, triumph- 
ing, mi^hira, Cairo in Egjrpt. 

Ka-hish, {J^^ s. f. Diminutioui wasting, 
emaciating; care, anxiety. 

Kah-kushdn, y^\s^^ s, m. The milky way. 

Ka-hoo, ^^ s. m^ The nam^ of a vegeta- 
ble the seed of which is good for a cold, a lettuce 
(Laotuca sativa). 

Ed-hoo, jit^ ^^ {in Bruj) pron. adj. 
Some, any, any one, any thing. 

Kd-huQ, ^^0 VFT'O' s. m. An aggregate 
number oonsisting of sixteen puns, or 1280 

K^id, cVl3 s. m. A leader, a general; the 
star in the tail of the lesser bear. 

Kdi-<ia, JJAcS 8. m. Basis, {hence) rule, 
custom, institution, manners; the rules of gram- 

?^iV ui^^ /Wilt. act. Saying, speaking; 
speaker; agreeing, giving up a point, adj. Sub- 
dued, confuted. «• m. A sayer, a speaker. Kaii 
kuma. To confute, to conrinee, to'convict. Kail 
h6fia, To acquiesce, acknowledge, yield. 

D d2 

O-im, jijl5 adj. Standing, erect, perpen- 
dicular; firm, fixed, durable, lasting; attentive, 
persevering. Kaimosn-jnar, Fixed quicksilver 
(«'. e. fixed by fire). Kaimmiz^y Of a settled tem- 
per. KaimmukAm, A viceroy, lieutenant, vice- 
gerent, representative. 

K^ma, ^Aj}^ odj.f. Erect, perpendicular. 
«. xrt. A perpendicular line; a right angle. 

Ka-in-dt, o^l^ s.f. The world, universe, 
beings, creatures. 

K4iza-k6rna, ^*J^)>}^ v. a. To tie up the 
horse's head by passing the bridle to his tail, to 
prevent his biting, &c. while rubbing down. 

Kdi-zee, ^y,^ $. /. A bridle used while 
cleaning a horse, a bit. 

Kaj, ^ ifTTW 8. »}. Business, occupation, 

a work, an action, affair. 
Kijeh, ,^K ^% prq). By reason of, for the 

sake of. 
K^-je'e, ^^^ vr^f^ €idj. Busy, employed. 

Kd-jul, Jf-I^ ^"Sf^ 8. m. Lampblack (with 
which the eye-lids are painted). Kajul kee 
kSthree, A place from going into which, or an 
affair the being engaged in which, brings disgrace 
or suspicion on one's character. 

Kak, ji5a^'. Dry, lean, thin, feeble; dis- 
proportionately tan. 

Kak, \^^ 8. m. Biscuit; bran; the pupil 
of the eye. adj. Snmll, minute. 

Kak, ^^ 'tn^ s. m. A crow. Kdhpfuksh, 
8. m. Tresses. 

K^-ka, 1^1^'^ s. m. Elder ; a slave (belonging 
to one's father); a paternal uncle. 

Kd-kee, ^^^1^ s.f. Aunt 

Ka^i, ^I^ 8. m. An upper story, a gal- 
lery, balcony, tower, battlements, a palace, an 
edifice, a villa. 

K4-k®l, J^^li S.f. A curl, lock, ringlet. 

Ki-koi^l-a, ifJi^ s.m. Cardamums. 

K^kopm, 4»3(S s. m. A fine kind of ermine. 

Ka-k6onj-kee, ^J^f^ ^i^^r^ «. /. 

lUk-ra, iy(^ 'm^rf[ 8. m. A kind of 

K^a-singee, ,^j^tj/l> 'fti^i^f ifid^fi 8.f. 
Name of a medicine. 

Kak-r^z, jj^j^l^ s. m. Name of a colour ap- 
proaching to purple. Kakrezee, adj. Purple- 

K41, J 15 s.m. A word, a sayinjn Jojg 

Digitized Dy' 



C 216 ] 


a oh d e ee g |^ 

all choose (loft dental) get thee gone (Northumbrian r) 




(deep liqtud liogual) loch 

onsness; boasting^, eg^otism. Kalm&ma^ To be 
very loquacious; to rebuke, to reproach. ITo/- 
mttk6lt «. m. Altercation, wrangling. 

Kal. Jt^ ^1^5. m. Death; time, season, 
age; dearth^ famine; augel of death; calamity. 
(in Bruj) To-morrow, (met.) a snake. Kal-bi- 
tdna, or — kdtftay or -^gunwdna. To waste one's 
time, to spend time. Kalbus hdna. To be in the 
hands of death, to be seized by fate. Kalpupia, 
The coming on, or happening of a famine. 

K^-la, ^If mmi adj. Black, dark. Kalachdr, 
An unknown person. «. m. Name of a snake; time; 
name of Krishn, Kala tjidna, Name of a purga- 
tive seed (Convolvulus nil). Kala-zSera^ s, m. 
Seeds of the Nigella Indica. Kala^moonh ktima, 
To break off all connexion with another; to dis- 
grace; to copulate; to expel. Kala numuk, s, m, 
A kind of rock-salt impregfuated with sulphur 
and bitumen, which leaves a hepatic flavour in 
the mouth. (It is much used medicinally). KaUh- 
burtm, Of the colour of a snake. Kaleh-kds, A 
great distance. Kala-hal, $, m. The lower part 
of the belly, the pubes. 

Kd.Ia, ^0 s. m. Silk cloths ; things, necessa- 
ries, goods, (and» in general) any kind of house- 
hold furniture. 

Kala-put-tee, ^^1^ ^WTTTrft s, f. The 
act of calking a ship or boat. 

KdH)Qc?d, Jull^ 8. m. The human hody ; 
the heart; a model, figure, form, mould. KalbQQ4' 
gur, A sculptor. 

]^^-lee, ^^ B.f. A large carpet; tapestry, 
Ka-lee, J>^ m^ adj.f. Black, s.f. The 
Hecate of the Hindoos, and wife of Siv, to whom 
human sacrifices are offered; the Nile ; ink. 8, m. 
Name of a fabulous serpent with a hundred and 
ten hoods said to have been vanquished by 
Krishn, Kalee-mirch, «./. Black pepper. Kalee^ 
boon, s. m. Name of a plant. Kalee t^oUee, i.f, 
Basil (Ocymum basilicum). Kalet-duk^ Name of 
a whirlpool in which the serpent Kalee is said to 
have lived. KaleC'TnitUe, $.f. Black lead. 

J^a-I^e-cha, ter (3 «. m. A small carpet. 
Ka-lee-hur, j^(^ ^vm^T^ s.f. Aback. 
Ka-16s-ur, jJI)l^ ^|^^ <g. m.Name of a drug. 
Ki-iib, v-^ 15 «. m. A mould, model, form ; 

bust, figure; the body. Kalibee, adj. Cast into 

a mould; made on a mosld, moulded. 
Ki-lik-a. i^^l^ ^iftr^ n. prop. f. Name of 

the Hindoo goddess. 
Ka-lin-dee, j^*>JI^ "^^T^^ n. prop. A name 

of the river Jumna. 

Kd-liya, Ul^ ^ftr^iT 5. m. A serpent said to 
have been vanquished by Krishn. adj. Bbu^ 
Kal-k6ot, it>^^ ^i*^%<i s. m. A kind of 

poison, the poison of a snake. 
Kdl-ma, U)l^ '^T^TiTT *. wi. Suspicion, 

K^-luk, L-^J1> 'fTRrv «.y*. Blackness; one 
of the expressions of quantity (corresponding U> 
our a, b, x, y, &c.) in Beej-gunit or Algebra. 
Kam, Ji ^T^ 5. m. Desiie, wish, inclioa* 
tion; the god of love, Cupid; business, action, 
act, affair, U8«0 occupation, employment; packet, 
mail, post-bag. Kam dna. To come into use, to 
be wanted; to be smitten, to be slain in the field. 
Kam tumdm kiima. To accomplish, to finish; to 
kill, to make away. Kam chtUdna, To carry oa 
business. Kam riikhna, To make use of. Kambq, 
Business, occupation. Kamk/ijee, adj. Laborioui, 
active, alert. Kam»kelf Amorous dalliance, coi* 
tion. Kam-men IStna^ To employ, to use. Kam- 
nik/ilna, To carry into effect, to accomplish one*i 

Kam, j»l^ 8. m. The palate ; desire, wish. 
Kambiiiish, Bestowing desire. Kamjd, Seeking 
enjoyment. Kamruwa, Enjoying, gratified. 
Kam^na-kanif Willing or unwilling. 

Kam-dndh, ^SilcK t^-^T^ adj. Blind hj 
lust, lustful. 

Kam-^rt, cjjtel^ 'irmr^ adj. Lustful. 

Kam-^r-thee, ^j^^^ ^m^ A person who 
carries baskets filled with Ganges water. 

Kam-d-tQQr/yUl^ <hl^iyj< ad;. Distracted 
or agitated with love or lust, lascivious, libidiD- 
ous, lustful. 

Kam-d6o, ^i,>^^^ ^rm^ n. prop. Cupid, 
the sou of Vishnoo and Rookminee, and husband 

Kam-dhen-OQ, ^^^&^ ^IT^ n. prop. A 
cow belonging to Indr, said to grant every thing 
requested of her; a cow that gives much milk. 

Ka-mee, ^^^ ^^v^ adj. Libidinous, loving; 
busy. s.f. A lump of gold. 

Kam-g^rjjK'^l^ ad;. Effecting or obtaining 
whatever is desired, absolute, powerful, OTCon- 

K^-mii, J^^ m. \ adj. Perfect, complete ; 

K^-mila, <ti<l^/. j learned; entire. 

Kamiliyjlr,;Uj<l^adj^ Of fall weighft^ per- 
fect standard. / 

Ka-min, ^1^ ^if^TT js./. A wtoman, a 

Ka-minee, .^(^^ififfir J beautifcll, loving 




KAN [ 217 ] 

09 QM r t u 

good our (harsh pnlatick) (soft dental) bat 






or aflfectionate womaD ; a boy dressed in female 
attire who dances in the season of the holee. 

Kdm-na, U^t^ 'irrifTr « /. Desire, wish, in- 

Ka-m6(|9 f^yc^ Wi^'^ s.f. Name of a musi- 
cal mode, or raginee, sang in the nig^ht. 

Ka-m6o8, ^^^^^ s, m. The ocean ; the name 
of an Arabic lexicon. 

Kdmp>na, U^'l^ ^rpTSTT t?. n. To shiver, trem- 
ble, qnake, shake. 

Eam-nij, ^Ij*!^ ^iro"9r 8. wi. Sonchus. 

Kam-rau, ^j\^^^ adj. Fortunate, successful. 
Kamranee, s, f. Good fortune, prosperity, feli- 
city, success, fruition. 

Kim-ree» ^;^!^ ^TPR^ s.f. A blanket. 

Ki-mut, ^JL^^S s,f. Stature, shape, form, 
figure, body. 

Kam-ydb, w'"^^'^ ^4)- Prosperous, happy, 
SQccessfnl, satisfied, gratified. Kamy&bee, 8.f> 
Prosperity, happiness, fruition. 

Kan, c)^ ^PT s. m. The ear. ac[/. Blind 
of one eye. Kan umetna. To pull the ears, 
to chastise. Kan bhumfty To excite dissen- 
tion by talebearing. Kan^pur joon nu-cMlna, 
To be very negligent or careless. Kan pur 
r^kAna, To remember; to abstain. Kan-pur 
hath (jJidrnGt To refuse, to deny. Kan pnkuf^ 
na. To confess inferiority. Kanphootna, v. n. 
To be deaf. Kanphorna, To make a noise. 
Kanphtonkna, To tell tales, to excite quarrels; 
to tutor. Kan-jho^kdna, To desire to heai*. Kan 
4hiima, To hear, to attend, to be attentive. Kan 
4ubakur chtilehj^na. To run away. Kan 4ub6na, 
To turn back the ears, as a horse does when pre- 
paring to bite. Kan se sienna, To hear atten- 
tively. Kan 4ena, To hear, to be attentive. Kan- 
sulaee, 9.f, Name of an insect. Kan ka purtfa. 
The tympanum. Kan katna. To get the better 
of, to surpass, to overcome, to outwit. Kan 
hhureh h6na,To be alarmed. Kan k/wl^ena, (lit.) 
To open one's ears; to inform; to make acquaint- 
ed with, to warn, to cantion. Kan Itigna, To get 
into one's confidence. Kan mulna. To admonish, 
to punish, to chastise. Kanmyl^ «. m. Bar-wax. 
Karnnyl-^dla, A person whose employment it is 
to pick or clean the ears. Kan-me^ ^ongUe 4^* 
r^hna. To stop one's ears, to turn a deaf ear to 
what is said. Kan-men bat mdma. To pretend 
not to hear. Kan-men purna, To be heard (a 
speech). Kan-Tnetjk fei ddhut, {lit. To pour oil in 
the ear.) To pretend not to hear. Kan-men tel 
dAUmr so riihna. To be inattentive or negligent 
Kan-mert kuhna. To whisper, to tell. I/an nu- 

E e 




V hilAna, To be silent. Kdno^kan kiihna. To 
whisper. Jr(rm-^t7<7na,To acquiesce in. Katih6nch, 
To understand, to comprehend, to be warned, 9r 
take example. 

Kan, c^^ 9,/, A mine. 

Kan ^^ mjTf s,f. Modesty, shame, respect. 
8. m. A husband. Kan kdmot To be ashamed. 
Kan chh^pia, To be impudent. Kan nu kurna. 
To treat with disrespect. 

Kd-na, to ^iTiTT adj. Blind of one eye, one- 
eyed. (Fruits, nuts, &c.) whose kernel is rotten, 
or which has no kernel; foolish, stupid. Kanabd- 
tee kurna. To talk or whisper in the ear; to 
consult, to advise. Kana-phSosee, s.f. Whis- 
pering. Kana^tferee, s.f. The name of a grass. 
Kana^k6nee kurna. To whisper. Kanee-koj^fee, 
A kosffee, with a hole in it. 

Kanch, ^'(^ -^f^ adj. Raw. 5. m. A disor- 
der in which the intestinum rectum is prolapsed; 
a prolapsus ani. Kanch nik&lna, Ani procidentia. 
Kanch, ^'l^ ^ut^ s, wi. Glass. 

Kanch-ha, ^srl^ ^"hrr s.f. Wish, desire, in- 

cli nation. 
Kand, «3jK' ^f^g- «. m. A section, part, divi- 
sion; sport, exhibition. 
K^n-da, \S}^ ^t^ 8, m. An onion. 
KiCn-dee, ^i)^ ^t^> 8.f. A rafter. 
K4n-dee. ^C>)^ ^iw^ 8. /. A sentence 

of the Veds, 
K^n-dha, ^S^ ^tvr^. m. The shoulder. 
Karufha hilana. To shrug up the shoulder. Kan- 
4ha 4^na, To assist; to carry away the dead. 
Kandh-na, Ubjili ^rtV^i t). a. To assist, 

to protect. 
Kand-lee, ^j}l^ ^"h^ 8. f. Purslain 

K^n-do. ^^1^ ^t^ 8, m. Mud, slime. 
Kdn-doo, ^A'ii w\^ 8. m, A sugar-boiler; 
a tribe whose business it is to fry com, prepai-e 
sweetmeats, &c. 
K^nee, ^^ adj. Mineral. 
Kd-nee, ^)!^ wxmi adj. /. A woman blind 

of one eye. 
K^-nee, ,^'1^ 

Kang-ree, ^M mfitt *./. A chafing dish. 
Kan-gun, ^^ ^ftipr 8, m. Name of a 

plant or its seed (Panlcum italicum). 
Kanh, ^^ ^T^^ s. m. A husband. 
KiCnh-ra, \y^^ ^T^yr 8. m. A musical 
mode or raginee; a kind of nightingale^^^ t 


vr'ft s. f. Resentment, 






(soft dental) 

C 218 ] 







(Northumbrian r) 




(deep liquid Ung:aal) hek 

Klini, jjS arfj. Contented, satisfied. 

Kd-nit, u:^l3 adj. Obedient to God, de- 
Tout; silent.^ 

Kin-jee, ^js^^ ^taft *./. A kind of pickle 
(or vineg^ar) made by steepiD^ rice in water and 
letting^ the liquor ferment, which is kept for use 
sometimes twenty years. 

Kankh, ^'1^ ^rN s.f. Tlie armpit. 

Kdnk-ha, l^'^l^ ^Wl s. m. Straining (when 
at stool, &c.). 

Kdnkh-na, U^!^ ^t^^ v. a. To grunt. 

Ka-noon, jyl3 s. m. Rule, regulation, 
statute, cannon; a dulcimer, or harp. Kanoongd, 
s.m. An officer in each district, acquainted with 
its customs, the nature of the tenures of the land, 
&c. Kanoongoee,8,f, The office of a Canoongo, 

Kan-phul, J-lif^ ^Pi^lfW s. m. Name of a 

Kdnr-na, tyli 'frt^TT v. a. To tread, to 

Kans, ^^1^ ^t^ 8.f. A kind of grass. 

Kin-sa, ^i^ ^^i s, m. Bell-metal. 

Kdnsiib, <iUj(^«. m. A cup^bowl. glass, gob- 
let. Kanstihgiir, One who makes cups, bowls, &o. 

K^n-ta, wtf ^t3T s. m. A tborn, spine ; a 
fork; small (nfoldsmith's or apothecary's) scales ; 
a spur; a type; the tongue of a balance. Kanta 
$a n(kfdj6na. To be freed from distress or inju- 
ry. Kanto^ pur ghuseetna, {Ht. ) To drag upon 

- thorns; to extol or exalt one above his merits. 
( Used by a person who from humility disclaims 
the praises bestowed on him). Kanteh boneh, 
{lit. to plant thorns.) To prepare distress or mis- 
fortune for one's self. 

Kans, {jJ}^ vher «. !»• A species of grass 
(Saccharum spontaneum). 

Kdn-tba, ^Xf^ ^jrt^ cui;. Near, proximate. 

Kd-nun, J'^ 'FPPf 8. m. A forest, de- 
sert, wood. 

KAo, ^^ part, act {in compos.) Digging, ex- 
cavating, examining, investigating, meditating on. 

Kao-k^o, ^1^^!^ s. Strict investigation, dili- 
gent search, trouble, labour. 

Kar, f& s. m. k giilph, an abyss, the bot- 
tom (of a well, &c.) Kari'ifur^a, The depth of a 
river; the sea. 

Kar, jK 8. m. Business, an action, affair, 
work, profession, labour, &«. Kar-azmoo^a^ adj\ 
Experienced, practised. Kar'amwfimee, adj. 
Useful, profitable. KarbAr, s. m. Business. Kar- 
haree, A trader; a transactor of business, a ma* 

nager or officer. Karbnntdree^ Undertaking a 
business. Karpurddt, A manager, one who car- 
ries on business Karpur(faz/tCy s. f. Complet- 
ing a business, management of business. £or- 
chSbt 8. m. Embroidery; an embroiderer. £zr- 
c/iobee, <idj. Embroidered. Karibnnn, s. m. A 
work-shop, jmanufactory, arsenal, dock-ytrd, or 
any place where public works are carried on; 
(met.) a great work. Karkhanii46r, A steward. 
m butler. Kard6n, Versed, skilled, expert, ex- 
perienced. Kar»rtiwa, adj. Useful, fit for use. 
Kar-ruw/jee^ s. f. Usefulness; carrying on of a 
business, occupation, management, conduct. JTor- 
xar^ 8. f. Battle, war, conflict. Karsaz, $. m. 
The Deity. Karftirma, An emperor, minister, 
commander, superintendent. Karkuria, Experi- 
enced in business. Kark^on^ A director, maoa- 
ger, an officer whose business it is to keep re- 
cords. KnrgAh, 8, f. A work-shop, a place for 
work. KarguTf adj. Effectual, active (si, i mt- 

Ki-ra, l;lf '^TiTTT 8. m. A black snake, adj. 

Ki'TSL, \j^ fiTTT 8. m. A young buffalo. 

Kara-g^h, ^K^IjK' adj. Skilful. 
Karamudun-ee, ^*^}Ji adj. Usefiil. 
Kard, *>/ *./ Aknife. Kard dur oQstukhtm 

ru8ied^ The knife has reached the bone; t. e. 1m 

is reduced to the last extremity. 
Kd-ree, ^;S s.m. A reader, especially of 

the kooran. 
Kd-ree, ^j^ ad^> Effectual. ZiMimUmt, 

A deep wound, a mortal wound. 
Kd-ree. ^;l^ ^"d (in fonipos.) Making, 

maker, doer. 
Ka-ree-g6r, ^Ji s. m. A workman; a 

good expert workman. Kareeguree, 8.f. Mi** 

terly work, workmanship. 
Ka-r^z, yX s. f. A canal for watering 

ground, a subterraneous canal. Karezu, of*J' 

Watered by canals, of or relating to canal*. 
K^r-ha, ^j^ nnT\ 8. m. A deco<Jtion. 
Karh-na, Uj^^l^ ^tt^ v. a. To draw forth 

(as, m sword), to draw off, to skin, to tskeo^^' 

extricate; to draw lines or figures, to work ilo*' 

ers on cloth, to draw figures in needle-work, to 

draw, to paint, to delineate. 
KaH'in.da, ^s^]i (part act.) adj. Lako^' 

ous; working, s.m. A manager, an agent «f 

Karo-bAr,;!!^/*. m. Tran^actioo^ n«^ 


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' KAS 



[ 319 ] 

(harsh palatick) (soft dental) 










Kd-roo-ba, O^ij^ s. nu A glass bottle ; an 

Ka-r6oi]9 Jm^S n. prop. A person supposed 
to be the same as Korah, whom the Mahometans 
describe as the cousin of Moses. (On account of 
his riches and ayarice, liis nan^e is proverbially 
applied to all misers). 

]^ar-6o-ra, ^j^\^ s. m, A flask, glass, an 
urinal (sent to physicians.) 

K^r-tik, •-^"jl^ ^fii^ s. m. Name of a 
Hindoo month, the full moon of which is near 
KriUika or the Pleiades (Oct. — Nov.). 

Kar-t6o8, yj^'f]^ s. iw. A cartridge. 

Ki-riij, ^j^^ ^tpS" 8, tn. Business, affair, an 

action, a work, profession, &c. 
Ka-ruk, ^Ji ^TK^ s. tn. Case {in gram.), 

K^-run, J \^ ^IT^ s, m. Account, cause, 

reason, occasion. 
Kar-wan, J^y^ *• WJ. A caravan. Kar- 

wan-sura^ A caravansera. Karwauee, adj. Of 

or relating to a caravan. 
Kas, ^^ ^in^ 8. f. A kind of grass of 

which rope is made (Saccharum spontaneum); 

cough. KaS'Swas, Asthma. 
Kas, ij*M 8. m A cup. 
Kd-sa, ^^^ s. m. A cup, a goblet, a plate, a 

bowl. Kasae-sttr, The skull. 
Kds-bee, ^^s'^^ ^}W^ s. m, A weaver. 
^BBhy fjt^i #./. m. The eye brow ; (hence) 

a bit, a piece, a slice (of fruit). Zeen ka ^sh. 

The bow or pommel of a saddle. 

Kash, Ji^ adv. Would to God, God grant. 
Kashkeh, May it happen ! God send ! would I 

Ka-shsC-na, ^'^^ 8. m. A house, dwelling. 

K^-shif, uA&l^ 8, m. A detector, a disco- 

Ki-shir, J-& 5 adj. Excoriating. 

K&sib, u,^^!^ 8. m. An artist, a tradesman. 

Kld-sid, Jm^13 8. m, A courier, an express, a 
messenger, a postman. 

K^-si^, JkpdlT adj. Worthless, deficient in 
quantity or quality, not selling or passing cur- 

K[!i-dm, ^ti part act {sub.) A distribu- 
ter, divider. KasimQQl^tfrzAk, Distributer of daily 
bread, t. e. God. 

]^sir, yc^ adj. Defective, impotent, de- 
ficieott fieiiling (in duty). ^CLsiroQl'bwfdn, Whose 
SMMnigis defective, inexplicable. 

K4rir-(jfil-U|iur, fssz^\yJi s. m. Saxifrage. | 

Kis-nee, ^^^1^ 5. /. -Endive (Cichoriura 

Kast, ks-*^l^ ^]^ 8. m. Name of a pknt 

Kast, Li-^l^ 8./. Diminution, loss, damage. 
K&sVm, i. m. and Kastunee, s. / Decrease, di- 
minution, loss. 

Kat, lSjI^ ^T^ «../ A cut, incision, execu- 
tion; scum; virulence. Kat kttrjia, v. a. To 
wound, to cut. KatkSot, s.f. Clippings, chips, 
scraps. Katkoot kdma. To clip, to cut out; to 
deduct. KittMdna, To bite. 

Kath, i^^ ^iz 8. m. Wood, timber, stock, 
block, a pair of stocks; a scabbard. Kath-p^tlee, 
$,f, A puppet, a toy. Kat chubdna, To fare hard- 
ly. Knth ka ^lloo, 8. m. A sad blockhead, adj. 
Impenetrable, blockhead. Kath kee hhumbo, B.f, 
A sad blockhead (woman). " Kath hfera^ A bug. 
Kath^men pdofi dSna, To be imprisoned, to be in 
the stocks. Kath-minduk, A toad. Kath hona. 
To pine away; to be petrified with astonishment. 
Kath'kub&ft Wooden articles. 

Kdt-hee, ^"1^ m^ 8.f. Body ; scabbard; 
shape; wood, timber; appearance, person; 
a saddle. 

Kdth-ra, lj4>K ^t7^ 8. m. A wooden pot. 

K6-ti, f.i>l3jDar^. act Cutting, rescinding. 
adj. Peremptory, decisive, definitive, explicit. 
KatiQ[^ureeky A highwayman, a robber. 

Ka-tib, Ur^l^ 8. m, A writer, scribe, amanu- 
ensis, copyist, clerk. 

Katibee-sum6or, j^^o^^^^ s. An honora- 
ry robe or jama adorned with sable-skin. 

Kitik, iJoI^ %if7r^ 8. tn. Name of the ^ 
second or seventh Hindoo month, the full moon 
of which is near Krittika or the Pleiades. 

K^til, Jj^Spart act Killing. 8. m. A mur- 
derer; homicide, ndj. Mortal, deadly. 

Kdt-na, U'l^ VTTPrr v. a. To spin. 

K^t-na, Wif ^TcT^T V. a. To cut, clip; bite; 
reap; saw; stop, stay; waste, spend, pass away 
(the time), pass (a road); interrupt, intercept; 
shame, make ashamed. 

Kd-tur, y 1^ ^iTWK. adj. Distressed, agitated 
with distress, confused. 

K^wa dena, ^,^ \^^ ^\^T \^ v, a. To ring 
or lounge (a horse, &c.) To trick, to sham. 

Ka-w^k, Ol^K' adj. Hollow, empty within, 
tending to decay, cracked, useless, awkward. 

Ki-wee, ^^^ {in compo8.) 8. /. Digging, 
ploughing, excavating. 

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(aoft dental) 

[ 220 ] 






(Northumbrian r) 



(deq> liquid lingual) k>di 

Kd-'wish, i^^K 8. f. Digging ; research, 
inquiry, inyestigation, inteDtness; meoaoing, dis- 
puting, figrbting. 

K^-wur, 1^1^ ?rrTT^ s. /. The baskets in 
whicb the Hindoos carry about the Ganges water. 

K^-ya, VX ^^ s/' The body, appearance, 

Ka-yuk, lXJ^ WT^^ arlj. Bodily, personal. 

O-yur, jjji ^T;jn: adj. Cowardly, timid, 

Kd-yuth, <^A|j^ wrtm 8, m. Name of a tribe 

of Hindoos. 

Kaz, j'3 8, m. A goose or duck, 

K4-zee, ^15 j. m. A judge, a justice. 

Kd-zib, c->i!^ adj. False ; (sub.) a liar. 

Kd-zim, JoK adj. Restraining (anger). 

Ke ^ 

J. * i ^^ % postpos. Of. Ke-pasj Near. 

Kee, yj \ (by poets (or tfi ki) What ? that, 

Ky, / or, either, &c. 

Kee, ^i ^postpos. {fern, of ^ ha.) Of, be- 
longing to. 

Keech, gv./ ^^ 1 «• / Dirt, mud, 

K6e-chur, j^/ '^T?: J slime. 

K6e-dhur, ^J^/ ^vr: adv. Whither, &c. 

Keef, *-ft i s.f. A funnel. 

Kee-fdl, JU^ 8./. The cephalic vein. 

K6e-kur, ^ ^Wf «. m. The Acaciatree. 

Keel, Jo 8. tn. A word, speech, saying. 
Keelohdl, $. f. Conversation, controversy, alter- 

Keel, J./ ^^ 8. f, A small nail, peg, 
tack, the core of a boil. KeeUkdnta, Tools, ap- 

K^e-la, V ^"I^T s. f. A small nail, a 
tack, peg, 

Kiel-na, ULf ^^sm v. a. To charm a 
snake so as to prevent bit biting. 

K6e-ma, <uJ s. m. Minced meat, ^eema-^ 
pOQldo, A kind of dish. 

Kee-mi-ya, La/ 8. m. Alchymy, chymistry. 
Keemiya kuma, v. a. (fig.) To do any thing very 
well, to work miracles. Keemiyagur, s. m. A 
chymist, an alchymist. Keemiya-ukbur, The 
philosopher's stone. 

Kee m&kbt,'.;:--s^5^«. m. Leather of horses* 
or asses' hides, shagreen, Keem^Hfee, a^. Made 
of KcemQ^t. 

K^e-mut, c:^^j5 s. / Price, value, Kse- 
muiee, adj. Valuable, high-priced. 

Kee-na, U/ ^^ r. a. To do, to make. 

K^e-na, *a/ 8. m. Malice, spite, rancour, 
hatred. Keenawur, or Keena-kt/sh, adj. Malici- 
ous, spiteful, vindictive, rancorous. Keenajdee, 
s.f. Seeking malice or hatred. 

K^en-na, U;*/ ^j^^nn v. a. To purchase, to 
buy. Keenwyya, adj, A purchaser. 

Keep, «^^ ^TT *. /. A funnel. 

Keer, y^ s. tn. Pitch. 

Keer, j^ ^^ 1 «. m. A parrot; par- 

Kee ruk, \Jj*f ^t^ J roquet. 

Kee-ra, |^ ^^ 8. m. A worm, an insect, 
a reptile, a snake, a leech. 

Kee-rdt, i>|j-3 5. m. A carat, the twenty- 
fourth part of an ounce: four barley-corns. 

Kee-rit, CL>;/ ^fr^T s./ Virtue. 

Keeruha, ^j^ ^iCTT 1 adj. Wormy, 

Keeruh^, b>j/ #^TT J worm-eaten. 

Kee-rut, cjpT^^^*./ Praise, fame, re- 
nown. Keerutwdn, adj. Renowned. 

K6e-sa, <****o 8. tn. A bag; a long purse. 
Keesabiiir, A cutpnrse. 

Keet, L2^f ^z s. tn. An insect, a worm, 
a reptile; the dregs of oil in a lamp, or that col- 
lected in a hoohka snake. 

Kee XiTjs^^ s. tn. A guitar. 

K6e-ya, Uf ^^-^j part, past^ or $. m. 
Done, made; deed, doings. 

K6hur, ^/ %^T \ s tn A lion 

Kehuree, ^;^/%Td/ 

Kek-ee, ,^( %^ 8. m. A peacock. 

K6k-ra, , IjV %^?T s. m. A crab. 

Kel, J./ %^ 8. f. Amorous dalliance, 

K^l a, 51/ %^r 8. tn. A plantain, banana. 
K61i, JJ %fk^./. Play, sport, pastime. 
Kel-un, jiJ %^^ 8./. A daughter-in-law. 

Kench-lee, ^s^ %^5./ The slough 
or skin of a snake. 

K6nch-wa, l^f^" ^f^^ s. m. An earth- 
worm, lumbrice. 

K6on, jyJ qJrf adv. Why? wherefore? 
how ? well ? what ? then, because. Eeo^kur, or, 
Keo^rkeh, Why ? how ? Keo^Jd, Because. 

K6o-ra, fj^ %ar?T 8. tn. Name of a 
flower (Pandanos odorati^mus). 
I K^r-a, \yi %TT «• m. A sapling. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 










[ 221 3 

(hnrsh palatiek) (soft dental) 











Kes, ^j»i^ %ic s. /. The hair of the head, 

m cock'8 comb. 
Kesh, (jl/ s.f. .Faith, religion; manner, 

quality. Kafir-'kesh, Prone to infidelity; (met.) a 

mistress, a sweetheart. 
K^-ur, ^mJ %^t s.f. SaflFron (Crocus 

satiTos). Kesuriya, adj. Yellow or saffron-co- 
K^s-ur-ee, ^y^ %^5^ *. m. A lion. 
Ket, cj^/ %g' t. m. A comet. 
K6t a, U-jf %7n How much ? how many ? 
K6t-ik, uJi/ %f7r^ adj. Some, a few, a 

K6tuk«ee, ,^/ ^TT^ ». /. Name of a 

flower (Pandanas odoratissimus). 
Kewinch, ^1^5^ %^t^ «. /. Cowitch 

(DoHchos pruriens). 
Kewar, j\y^ %^^ «. m. The shutter of 

a door, a door. 
K6wul, J^/ %f^ adv. Completely, pe- 
culiarly, only, solely. 
Kha^ U. />ar/. act, {in compos,) Chewing, 

Kh^-bur, y, ^ ^T^ adj. Uneven. 
JQiad, «3l^ «. m. A kite; an eagle or kind 

of falcon. 
Khad, *il^ ^i^ s.f. Dung, manure. 
Kh^im. ^^^^ part. act. (sub.) A servant. 

IHhadim-jMiooliiba . A public teacher, a professor 

(of a ooUejj^e). £hadimi-<lurgdh. A servant who 

takes careof a tomb, mosque, &c. Sba4iina, s.f, 

of Khadim. 
Khi-ee, Is^ ^rrt «• /• A ditch, trench. 
KbA-fik, jiU adj. Palpitating, s. The 

horizon. Ehnfikien, The two horizons, the east 

and west. 
Khag, c/l^ wx^ s, m. The horn of a 

IQ^g-ie-na, iUi/U. «. m. Fried eggs, a kind 

of dish made of eggs. 
Kha-iU v-H'.'^ ^^* Unsuccessful. 
Kha-if. «^A^ o^^. Afraid, fearful, timid, 

lQiiU in.^U> part, act A deceiver, a traitor. 

JQi^j ^^ s. The Christian cross. 

Khaj, ^^ ^xm s.f. The itch. 

Kha-ja, ^^ mw s. m. A sweetmeat 

Hke pie -crust. 
Qiak, ^U.^./ Dust, earth. Khakbdzee, 

9, /. Playing with dost. Siahpa, $.f. Dnstof 

the feet, earth trodden under foot, the lowest or 
most worthless thing. Sink P^^nkna, To wan- 
der, to stray, i^aktoda, s. m, A butt or mark of 
earth for shooting arrows at. S^ak chhdnna, {lit. 
To sift the dust) expresses excessive labour and 
exertion in fruitless search. £iak dnlnce, is us- 
ed to express the concealing of those things from 
the disclosure of which disgrace may be expected. 
^aAr<56, s, m. A sweeper. KhakrCbn, s. m. 
Sweepings. Uiaksdr. adj. Base, mean, low- 
born, humble. Kkaksnret, s.f. Meanness, hum- 
bleness, humility. Khak sirpur QQf/ina, To la- 
ment. Khaksiy&h hunta. To plunder and lay 
wa^te a country, to depredate. Khahs1t6. s. m, 
A person in the mint who washes the ashes to 
recover any particles of bullion which may have 
Allien, or one who waishes earth to separate from 
it particles of gold and silver; the man who pre- 
pares earth for brick-making or pottery, ^ak 
kt^ma. To waste, to ruin, to demolish. SHak mn^ 
mil/ina. To destroy, to spoil, to demolish. £iak 
men milna. To die, to perish; to be ruined or de- 
molished. Utah hojdna. To moulder or pine 
away. Khak-s^fui. adj. Earth-like, humble. Uiak 
nushSen, adj. Sitting on the ground, humble. 

JQjil-ka, ^^ s. m. A plan, sketch, draft, 

^a-kan, j'3'us. s. m. A king, an emperor. 
Skah&iiee, adj. Royal, imperial, n. prop. A most 
celebrated poet of Persia. SHakanii/dn, Em- 

^ak-d4n, jt J^^^U. s, A receptacle for dusty 
earth, ashes, &c.; (met.) the world. 

Khi-kee. v-r^^ ^^J- Dusty; earthen, 
earthy; the epithet of a kind of arrow. Sbakee 
vnda^ 8. m. An addled egg^ wind-egg; a term of 

Khak-iS'tur, jl^^^ s. f. Ashes. Khakts- 
tur hSna, v. n. To calcine. Sl^akisturee^ adj. Of 
the colour of ashes, covered with ashes. 

Khdk-shee. j^^^'^U. s. /, A small weight 
used by goldsmiths (seed of Abrus precatorious) ; 
a red bramble; a small red seed used in medicine. 

Kb^^ J'^ ^* ^' A mole on the face (blacky 
and ornamental); an artificial spot made for or- 
nament; a maternal uncle, mother's brother. 
Sbaliial, adj. Thick, close, thickly spread; lit- 
tle, scarce, ado. Rarely. 

Khal, J V ^^ s. / Skin, hide. Khal 

khynchna, To take the skin off, to play; bellows; 

a rivulet, river, canal, creek, inlet. 

IQ^i-la, XU. y^ s. f. Maternal aunt, mo- 

Kb^luh, iO U j ther's sister^ Khala na- 

Digitized by ^ 







(soft dental) 

C 222 ] 







(Northumbrian r) 




(deep liquid lingual) loch 


na ka ghur^ or, — ^nnai-^la, {Hi, The hoase 
of one^s aunt) signifies a place of rest and secu- 
rity, ^alntee, adj Descended from or related 
to a maternal aunt; as, £haidiee bhaee, A cousin, 
son of a maternal aunt. 

I3j^-lee, Ji^ adj. Empty, vacant, void ; 
pure, mere, only, unmixed; unoccupied, unem- 
ployed, without effect. Ebalee ht^h, adj. Empty- 
handed; penny less; unarmed.- 

lad-lid, JJ l:s. adj. Eternal. 

Kla-lik, jJl^ part, act (sub) The Crea- 

Iflji-lis, yjs^^ adj. Pore, unmixed. (std> ) 
A friend. 

gl^-lis-a, i^ ^ adj. Pure. 8. m. An office 
of Government in which the business of the rere- 
nue department it transacted, the Exchequer; 
land held immediately from Government. 

IQ^^-loo, J ^ s. m. Maternal uncle, bus- 
band of mother*s sister. 

Kh^-lur-ee, ^^U* s. Salt works. 

Kham. (•U. adj* Raw, unripe, vain, of un- 
baked earth or of mud. Kham-pSruh. A term of 
abuse applied to a woman who has been cohabit- 
ed with before the age of maturity. Siam~4us' 
tee, s.f. Inexpertness. Xkam^shdorSoa . g. m. 
Half-boiled soup. jKham-shob. adj. Half-washed, 
rinsed. Khctnt'-tttba. adj. Foolish, dull. Kham- 
iuma. Entertaining vain desires, hoping vainly. 
iPi nminmaee. 8. /. Vain desires. Uutm^tiklee, 
8./. Folly, weak understanding. £iam-/itrfit, 
adj. Weak-minded. Khamk&r^ adj Unskilful, 
inexperienced . Sk^xmkaree, s.f. Aukwardness, 
unskilfulness. ~ 

Kha-mee. ^ya^s.f. Rawness, immaturity, 
unripeness, iuexperience; loss. 

^a-m6sh, ^ji^U. adj. Silent, s. tn. A 
disease in horses. JS^amoshee, 8.f. Silence, ta^l . 

Q^-muh, ^ooUi. s.fn. A pen, a writing-reed. 
KkamudSn. 8. m. A pen-case. 

Hban, ^U. 5. m. Lord, prince, a title prin- 
cipally used by Puthans. 

Khan, jl^ w[^ s.f. A mine; (met) a nest, 
a heap, abundance, receptacle. 

Khd-na, Ol^T ^xsn v. a. To eat ; to embez- 
zle; {met.) to get, to suffer, to hold, to contain. 
8. m. Food, dinner, eating. 

Khanch, g^V^ ^^ s. m. Slime, mud. 

Khdncha, If^^l^^rNi s. m. A tray, a bask- 
et, a paonier; a oa^ e, a hen-coop. 

Kha nd, aH^f ^f^ 5. m. A straight double- 
edged sword, a cutlass, a cleaver (butcher's); a 
flake, or slice (of tibb). 

lO^an-ddn, jIj^'U. s. m. Family, household, 
domestics. Hhatufan kee ulumut, 8.f. Armorial 

IQian-dd-ree, ^jlo^W s.f. Housekeeping. 

Khdnd-na, V'li'U^ ^rtr^T v. a. To excavate, 
to pound. 

Khang, ui5l/ ?^ir s. m. A tusk. 

^^n-gee, ^U^ adj. Domestic, household, 
s.f. A prostitute. 

Khan-k^h. ulwU. s.f. A monastery. 

Khan-khur, j{^^^ ^TT^i: s. m. A pit, a 
shaft, (of a mine) ; any thing very dry. 

Khan-mdn, j'^aH^ s. m. Household furni- 
ture, domestics, every thing belonging to the 
house, household, house, family. £ianman' 
ih'^rab, adj. Ruined. 

IQ^an-sa-mdn, ,;;UUJU. s. m. A house-stew- 

Kh^U'See, i^'^ ^^ «• /. A coagh. 
Khaifisna, v.n.To cough. 

Kh^-nuh. £\s, s. m. House, place, dwell* 
ing, chamber, room; a drawer, a partition, com- 
partment; department. SkanuU'aba4 (a beoedic- 
tion, meaning) may your house flourish. J|2^ui 
btujlcsh, adj. {sub.) A traveller, a pilgrim, a gip- 
sey, rover, sojourner. Khanuh-^urufujidz. A pro- 
digal, a spendthrift. Ekanujtmg, A breeder of 
disturbances. E^anuh-jungee, s. f. Civil war, 
skirmish, duel, bickering.' Kkanuh-khdntth. adj. 
Cellular, Khanukhur&b, adj. Ruined. Sho^^ 
i^rdbeSy s.f. Ruin. Sianuh-UiQo^d, Waster of 
a house. Hanutf^rf s. m. Family*man. M^ 
nu(faree, i. /. T]ie state of the master of a fkmilyi 
house-keeping. lS^nu4am&ji, A 8on-in*law who 
lives in the house of his wife's fa^er. ^^aak- 
4oslt Fond of staying at home (a term of abuse). 
IQianuzhi, The child of a slave. Sianui'zunjeer, 
A prison or mad-house. JStanvh-sdz, Disgrac- 
ing one's family. 

Kbau-w^da, iJlyU. s. in. A family, a house, 
a race or tribe of people. 

Kh^o, y^^ isniT S.f. Manure. 

Khd-oo, ^^ ^T^ s. tn. A glutton* 

IQ^r, jU. s. m. A thorn, spine, tliistle> 
bramble; a spur, a cock's spur. JStur d^khoil^ 
An eyesore, disagreeable. Kkarpoasht, s.m* ^ 
porcupine, hedge-l|og (HystriX'). Sk^S^* 
The itch ; disquietude. Si^r^dr, .Thwoy^ta'^ 
ed» troublesome^ arduous. Hiwrxir, i* f- ^ 

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noooQ^gg r t uwyyzh 

boM to too ' good our (harsh palatick) (soft dental) but write you my pleatare 

thicket of thorns, &c. Siarkt^sh, A woodcutter. 

Ek^roihus, Sweeping, rubbish, any things yile. 

Khar^chfena, Tweeiers. 
Khar, J V ^T*. m. Alkali. 
IQi^-r^ Ij^ ^. A hard stone; a kind of 

undulated silk-cloth. 
Kh^-ra, Ij V ^nrr adj. Salt, brackish. 8, m. 

A net (in which straw is tied). 
Kh^-ree, ^^ei ^^ adj. Salt, brackish. 

Eid-rij, ^j^part or adj. Being out, exter- 
nal, without, outcast. IS^arij kut-na. To exclude. 

O^-rij-a* ^y^ 8. m. The word at the bot- 
tom of a page which is repeated at the beginning 
of the next, an asterisk, a catchword. 

Sii-rij-ee, ,,^jt^ * tn. A sect of Maho- 
metans who do not reckon Vli among the legal 
successors of Mahomet. They are the mortal 
enemies of the Rnfizees or Sheeas, who reject 
Uboobukr, Omr, and Osman; while the Sosnnees 
consider ttie four as legal successors, &c. Yet 
the Sheeas also, call the SOQnneea, Sbarijee 
Sliarijee, A heretic, adj. External. 

Klj4-rik, J^U» s. Splitting, tearing. KAar^ 
i^d4'^t, A miracle. 

Hiar-ish, vj^j^ \^'f' The itch, the scab, 

Iflid-risht, Lii^iU. j the mange. Khar- 
Utee, adj. Mangy, itchy, scabby. 

Khd-roo-a, l^j^^ m\^^J 8. m. A coarse 
kind of red cloth of cotton. 

^a-shak, v-5UU. s. mr Sweepings, chips, 
leaves, shavings, rubbish. 

Kb»ss, ijo^'^ adj. Excellent, noble, pure, 
unmixed; particular, private, what is kept for 
the king's (or the master's) private use, own, 
proper, peculiar, single, gentle, adv. Especially, 
peculiarly. Skass-bur^dr, s. m. A servant who, 
in a great man's retinue, carries a firelock. Shafs- 
iB^uwAsSt A royal female servant. SHasstfdiif 
A kind of canteen to carry water* vessels in. 
S^assmuAul, #. m. Private apartment, the apart- 
ments of married women (in opposition to ibosri* 
mnhat) \ (met,) first married wife. KhAss^-dmm^ 
Noblo and plebeian, every body. 

Hids-see, ,,^U. adj.f. Excellent, noble. 

Hb^si-yut, w:^.'Mtfl:&. s, f. Quality^ innate 
property, natural disposition. 

Sb^s-sug-ee, ^J^^ 8 f. Excellence, no- 
bility; peculiarity, especiality. 

IQia&-8uh, iUU. adj. Excellent, pure, noble, 
<^*8Stit, good, charming, ^delightful, pretty, fine, 
virtuoufla «. m. pinner; a kind of cloth. 

IGi^-tuh, <c:*^U. part, pas8. {in compos). 

Risen, got up. 
Khat, CL^^ ^TTT 8./, Manure. 8. m. A pit; 

a subterraneous granary. 
Khat, ^Uf ^TZ s.f. A bedstead. 

Kh^ta, tV ^i"?TT 8. wi. The act of eating; 

daily account, waste-book. Sbata-ddfee, s.f, A 

Khd-tee, ^^ s. An offender, deviating. 

Kh^-tee, ^l^^ Wi^ s.f. Name of a cast, 
generally employed as cartwrights. 

^^-tim, *J''^ 8./. A ring worn on the 
fingers; a seal ring. KhattmOoMnthiya, The seal 
of the prophets, a term applied to Mahomet. 
Shaiimbuniji, A seal-setter. 

Khd-tiin-a, 3mj^ s. m. A conclusion, epi- 
logue, finis, end. Xhafima-^un^ee. s.f, A kind of 
workmanship of which they make bows; the ceil- 
ing of a roof. 

Hid-tir, jJpU. 8, /The heart, mind, soul, 
inclination, memory, propensity, account, sake, 
will, choice, ^atir-azdree, $. f. Displeasure. 
SUntir^az^rtfa, adj. Melancholy, dejected, sad. 
Bkatir'osh^fta^ adj. Distressed, dispirited, agi- 
tated. Khatii'^biista, adj Distressed in mind, op- 
pressed in spirit. Khatir^tima^ adj. Collected, 
comforted, contented, tranquil, at ease, 8,f. Sa- 
tisfaction, assurance, encouragement. S^atir' 
jtimuee^ s.f. Comfort, confidence, ^afir^wdh. 
Heart's desire, agreeable to one's wishes Sb^" 
tir-hbOSish, adj. Contented. ^ntir(f6ree, s.f. En- 
couragement, comfort, satisfaction, l^atirddsht^ 
s.f Complaisance, regard. Kf^ntir riikhna. To 
conciliate, to encourage, comfort, quiet. Khntir 
ktirna, To fondle; to be desirous of pleasing; en- 
cotirage, comfort. Shamir men riikhna, To re- 
member Sbatir men Idna, To regard, to attend. 
J^atir-n^kis, adj. Defective mind. Shatir-nishdn, 
adj. Imprinted on the memory, impressed on the 
roiud, by heart. Khatir-nisheen^ adj. Fixed in the 
memory, by heart; chosen, beloved. 

Qia-tdon, jyU. s.f, A lady, a matron. 
i^atoonijunnut. Queen of heaven (a title giv- 
en to Fatima daughter of Mahomet). 

Kh^-wind, S»»\^ 8. m. Lord, master, hus- 
band. Ehawindee, s.f Dominion, mastership. 

Kh^-wur,jj'^ s. tn. The west ; the sun; the 
east, ^awuree, adj. Orient, eastern. 

IQid-yaj /y^ *• »*• A testicle ; an epg. 
Jj^at/n'-br/r(fdr, A cringing (eWow. S^at/a-burifaree 
kuma. To cringe. Khaya ch^sflndna^ To disre- 
gard, to be disobedient, to be stubborn, not to 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

a ch 

nil choose 


(soft dental) 

[ 224 1 








(Northumbrian r) 



(deep liquid liDgnal) 



sabtnit to obedience. IQiaya suhlana. To curry 
favour. IQiaya kushee(}a, s. m. An eunuch. 

Oazfu, t^"^ ^^J' Humble, submissive. 

H)e, ^ The seventh letter of the Arabic 
alphabet, and ninth of the Persian, is a guttural 

. letter, uttered by compression of the top of the 
tbroajt near the mouth. It has no corres- 
ponding sound in the English language, but is 
expressed by the Scottish pronunciation ofgh in 
the word right. Meniski says it is the ch of Po- 
land, but pronounced somewhat more stronHy. 
In numeration by the letters of the Arabic Al- 
phabet, it stands for 600. And in Astronomy, it 
denotes the planet Mars. 

Kheech, ^^4 ^'^ s, wi. Reluctance, repug- 

Kheeh, <U^ ^tt s. f. An alkaline earth, 
fossil alkali. 

Kheej, gws^i' ^oT *, / Anger, vexation* 
Kheefna, v, n. To be angry, to be vexed. 

Kheel, J-^*^^ s. f. Parched grain inflat- 
ed or puffed out by heat so as to appear like froth. 

Khie-lee, ^ir^ ^^ s,/. Betel-leaf made 
up with the different ingredients. 

Kheer,^ffi' ^K s.f, Rice-milk. 

Kbee-ra, Xj^^ adj. Dark, obscure ; wicked, 
malignant, vain. Sheerugee, $. f. Darkness, 

Khee-ra, 1^^^ ^tt s, m. A cucumber (Cu- 
cumis utilissimus.) 

Kh6e.ree, ^^ ^?^ s.f. An udder. 

Khees, (^/w.^ jjH)'^ s.f. Loss ; a grin, shrug ; 
biestings. Khees niMlna, and Kheesna^ To grin. 

Kh^e-sa, L^ ^^ g, m, A rubber (used 
in baths) ; a pocket. 

Kh^ch-ur, j^sr«^ %i^i: s. m. A planet; a 
bird; genii. 
^ Khed, ^^M^ %^ s. m. Sorfow, grief. 

Khed-a, \s^ %;^ s. m. The trap or en- 
closure in which elephants are caught. 

Khid-na, ^iO^ %^5n u. a. To run after, 
to persecute, to pursue. 

Kheej-na, ^^^^i ^^rt v. n. To be angry, 
to be vexed. 

Khel, J^i ^ 8. m. Play, game, sport, fun, 

pastime . 
Kb^l-a, S^cr^i^'./ A playful, foolish, (girl). 

iS^la-pdencha, a</;.Un8teady, foolish, inconstant, 

unchaste (woman). 
Khelkhili-ree, ^S^ %^f%w^ adj.f. 

Playsome, wanton; an unchaste (woman), an a- 
dulteress, strumpet. 

Kh^l-na, Ul^ %^ia v. a. To play, to 
sport. Khelut {Bruj) pari, pres. Playing, play. 

Khem-k^sul, J^^ ijl M ^v.m s.f Health. 

Kh6o-na, ^^^ %^^ v, a. To row, punt, 
paddle; suffer, endure (pain, calamity, See.) 

Khep, ^^^^ %^ s, f A tripj voyage ; a 
piece of base metal inserted in coin, or cracked 
coin; a term in algebra; something added to a 
sum : an apartment. Kh^ kuma, To sustain a 

Kh6p-a, Uur/ %Tr adJ, An idiot, a madman, 
a fool. 

Kh^piya, l^^ ^tpRT s, m. A voyager. 

Kh6p-na, ^^^ ^H*\\ v. a. To pass Uie tiine. 

Kher-a, ]y^ %f t s.f A village. 

Kh6r-ee, ^j^ %:^*./. Afterbirth. Kher- 
hee, 8. f Membranes in which the foetus is eib- 
veloped, secundines, placenta. 

Kh^r-ee, ^3^^^' %V^ s. f A kind of iron 
or steel, a sort of steel made in India. 

Khes, ^J^ %ti[ s. m. A kind of cloth, 
di/iper, damask; a sheet or wrapper of such doth. 

Kh6s-ra, \j-^ %g^T s. m. A kind of cloth. 

Khet, w^^/ %7T 5. m. A field, a field of 
battle, ground ; a holy place. Khet-chht^pia, o, a. 
To flee from the field of battle. Khet rtihna. To 
remain on the field (of battle), to be killed. 

Khet-ee, ^j^/ %7^ s.f Husbandry; crop. 
adj. Arable. Khetee^Sree, $. /. Husbandry, &• 
griculture. Kheteehtir, s. m. A peasant, a hus- 

Kh6t-uk, ^^^4 %^^ s. Sport, chase, hunt- 
ing «• /• A weapon. Khetuhee, s. m. A sports- 
man, a hunter. 

Kh^wa, 1^/ %^T«. m. Fare, ferry-money, 
price of passage in a boat, passage-money; cross- 
ing over a river. 

Kh6wuk, ^^ %?^ s. m. A rower, a boat- 

Khewut, C^^ii^ ^[^z s. m. A waterman, 
boatman, rower. 

^ezyj^part. act. Rising, leaping, bound- 
ing, galloping, capering; raising, excitii^. pro- 

IQiib-rut, CL>;A^ s. f Wisdom, learning; 


experience, experiment, trial, proof. 

Khfch-a, ^^ f^rtnr part past 
J^eose, tight ; fine, slender. 

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[ 225 ] 

(harsh paljitick) (loft dental) 












Kbich-^0, ^Isp^ ftr^T^ s. m. Drag, pull, 
dranght; tenseness, tightness. 

Khich-na, ^^ f'^'^'iT v. n. To be pulled, 
to be drawn, to be extracted. 

Khlch-ree, ^y*^ 1%=^?^ «./. A dish made 
of pulse and rice boiled together; the flowei'of 
the ber tree (Zizyphusjnjubn); earnest to danc- 
ing women when they are engaged for an enter- 
tainment; a mixed heap of gold and silver coin; 
a barbarous mixture of two languages, a langua 
franca or jargon. 

}Qii4'^o, ^y^^ 8. m. Lord, master, king, 
mighty monarch. 

l3ud-mut,v-::--v<*>:i. s f. Service, employment, 
office, appointment, dnty, use. ^i(fmnt hnma^ 
To serve, to attend, to wait on, {met.) to satir- 
ise, to beat. EhidmutgSir. s. m, A butler, a 
servant. JShidmt/tg6rte, s.f. Attendance, minis- 
try. iB^ii4niutee, s. Servant, attendant. AJtV- 
mul^zdrcCt 8,f. Obedience, performance of ser- 

gJjiff,^,-A:5. adj. Light (of weight or morals), 

S)i^-fut> vj:-^*-*- «./. Lightness of weight, 
levity of conduct, want of dignity; affront, dis- 
grace. Khiffut huma. To vilify, to slander. 

IQiij-d-lut, ui^Ue*^ s,f. Bashfulness, shame. 

Khij-d-na, 0*W^^ f^^iTT v. a. To vex, to 
tease, irritate, trouble, disturb. 

Khijh, ^^s^ f%^ S.f, Fretfuluess, vexa- 
tion, teasing. 

Khij-h^-na, tl^sre^ f^^PTT r. n. To fret, 
to be vexed. ^ 

Khij-la-iia, OS^ f^'sr^^T v. a. To vex, 
&c.; r, ». To get angry. 

Kfeij-lut, u:-J«^ s. f, Blush^ shame, &c. 

Mijtui kMnee, To blush. 
{Qpl db, c-jiLi. 5. m. Mire, clay, 61th. 

KhiUee-d<ee, Is^^^'^i ftRTli^f A dry 
nurse. Khiiaee-pildeef Charge of maintenance. 

^il df, 1^^^ s. m. Opposition, contrarie- 
ty; in opposition, contradiction, o^'. The re- 
verse; falsehood. SbUqfi-rae, Against (one's 
opinion or will. SHHqfishura^ Against law ana 
justice, illegal. SiHqfi-ukl, Contrary to reason. 
ffii7<7/!-Aiy<w, Improbable, absurd, ^ilafi-mi' 
z^j. Not agreeing with the habit of the body 
(medicine). ^Hnf'w64»ih, Promise-breaker 
Sbilaf'tt'fba, Contrary to wish. I^ilAfi.6dut, 
Contrary to usage. Siiiqfi'uh4, Contrary to 


Kiildf-ut, l:l^^<£9. 8. /. Deputyship, lieu- 
tenancy, office or dignity oi ShuUefa (Caliph); 
imperial dignity, monarchy. 

IQiil-dl, J^w:*. 8. m. A toothpick; middle; 
interval, interstice. 

Khil-4na, l-^/ f^^rmifT v. a. To cause or 
give to eat, to feed; to cause to suffer (as, mar 
khilana. To cause to be beaten); to cause to 
play, to allow to play, to amuse, to play with, to 
dandle; to make to blossom (a flower). 

Khil-ir,j^^f%^lT adj. Playsome. 

Khil-jdna, t^Je^ fw^i^T t?. n. To hlos- 

sora, bloom; to laugh, to be delighted. 
Khil-kee. ^J^ adj. Natural, innate. 
Khil-khil dna, OS.^ fa^ fa<dMI V. n. To 

laugh heartily, giggle, titter. 
H)il-kut, u::^^ s.f. The creatioHi people^ 

populace, the world. 
Khil- lee, ^4 f^?wt s f Joke, jest, humour* 

K/iilleebdz. adj. Humourous, playsome, funny. 

Khilletbdzee, s.f. Humour, ftin, play. 
Khil loo, ^ f^^a4/. Humourous, play- 
some, funny. 
Khil-na, Ld^ i^^J v. n. To blow (as a 

flower); to be delighted, to laugh. 
Khilo-na, t^V f^%T*n s f. A play thing, 

a toy, 
Khii-6Lir, j^i ftr%Tir adj. Playful, ad- 

dieted to gaming. 
Hlilsj \J^'=^ 8, tn. A sincere friend. 
I3^»lt> ^^ «• *n. One of the four humours 

of the hunqau body. ShiUi-f&sii, Canker of a 

sore (Cacochymia). 
^il-ta, ^^ 8, m. Conviviality, enjoyment 

of society and the pleasures of life. 
H^fl-ut, L::-«Jrf. s.m.f A dress, robe of 

honour, with which princes confer dignity on 

subjects. Milf^ 4ena, To invest with a robe of 


Khil-wiir, j^4 "fe^^ adj. Humourous, 
playful, funny, pleasant, entertaining. 

IQ}il-wut, CL>^^ s.f Retirement, privacy. 
Siilwut-Hidna, A privacy. £iilwutee, A re- 
cluse., Us^^ f^^^^a v. n. To be drawn, 
pulled or tightened, to be drawn or delineated (a 
picture, &c.) 

Khin-di-na, 0| jA^f fi^^iTTT v. a. To scat- 

Khind-ree, ^j^^ 1^^ s. f. A pallet, a 
beggar^s bedding. 

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(soft deatal) 

[ 226 ] 







(Northnmbrian r) 




(deep liquid lingual) loch 

Kbiog, L-^ arf;. White, s. m. A white, 
greyish or oreftm-coloared horse, a steed. 

H)in-ga. 1^ «• w. An athletic clown, adj. 

IQjinn, j^ s. m. The hold of a ship. 
Ktin-zeer, jf.y^ s. m. A hog. 

Ktir-dj, ^Ij^ s. m. Tax, duty, rent, reve- 
nue, tribute. Sbiraj-gdQzdr, A tributary. iS^iraj 
luytinat To tax, to assess. 

l^ir-im, j»lj^ 5./ Pace, gait, stately gait, 
graceful walking, walk, march, ^iram kuma. 
To march, to pace. Sbooshrkbirdm, adj. Walk- 
ing elegantly. Siiramdn, part, pres. Walking 
stately, moving gracefully. 

IQiir-i:a, <^j^ s. m. A religious habit, dress 
of a dervis, a garment of patches. 

Khir-hee, ^j^ ftr?^ «./. A window, a 
gate, backdoor, sallyport. 

Khir-kin, ^^ f^rtVr s. f. A window. 

Kbir-mun, ^j-*- s. m. Harvest, heap or 

stack of unthrashed com; a bam. 

Khir-nee, J^ f^^ff s. f. Name of a 
fruit and tree (Mimusops kanki). 

Kbi»*8, (^js^ s. m, A bear. KhirsMzee^ s.f. 
Rudeness, romping, bear's play. 

Khir-sa, L^^^ ^^<m s. m. A dish made 
with biestings, or the milk of a cow just calved. 

Kbii-iifjj ^j:i^ s. f. Wisdom, intellect, un- 
derstanding. S^iru^^mun^, adj. Wise, intelli- 
gent. Siirud-mmujlee, 8. f. Wisdom, prudence. 
Sbiru4^^ur, adj. Sagacious, wise. Khirud wtt- 
ree, s.f. Sagacity wisdom. Sbirtt4mun4'^uh, 
adv. Wisely, prudeotly. 

Khir-un, jy4 f^*r 8. f. A black ring 
painted on a tambourin. 

Khis, ^j^4 f^5^ *• Grinning, shewing the 
teeth, a tooth. 

IO)is-al, J'-^Mi. 8. pi. Qualities, virtues. 
Khis-^-na, 13 L^ f^^^PiT v.n. To flinch, 

to draw back, to be abashed. 
]0^is-dn-da, "iS Ly^ «. m. An infusion (in 

jais-^-rut, CL>jUjk s. f. Loss, damage, 

perfidy, fraud; plunder, devastation. 
Khisht, ^.i-^A^ 8. f. A brick or tile. 

Sbrish^puz, A brickmaker. i^istee, adj. Made of 

brick or tile, ^ishtizur, s.f. An ingot of gold. 
]Qiisb-tuk, >,^v i ^ n fc s. f. A square piece 

of cloth under the armhole in a vest. 

Khisi-yi-hut, t2^U«^ ftr i^^l ^ ^ 8. /. 

Vexation, fretfulness. 
Khisi-yi-na, 0U«^ ft i f^<n*»i v. n. Togrb, 

grin. adj. Fretful, peevish, bashful, abashed. 
Khis-k^-na. O^m*^ faiJ^liMI v. a. Tore- 
move, to shove out of the way, to slide away, to 
draw back. 
Khis li-hut, e^^^ faij^li^e «./Slip- 

Khis-l^o, ^^L**^ fif^^rf 8. m. SHpperi- 

ness. slipping. 
Khis-luha, Ij-L*^ Ha^^d ^ l adj. Slipper)'. 
Khis-na, U*!^^ ft^pn v. n. To fall, to sink 
(as, a terrace), to drop off; to become old, de- 
cline in years. 
f£bis-sut, ^^ ^»k ^ 8. J. Stinginess, parsimooj; 

meanness . 
Kbis-tuk, L.xU*M:fc. t.f. Codpiece. 
Khis-{ik-na, U < *.m^( Hlijii^i v. n. To stir, 
stir, slip, slip away. Kkisukjana, v. n. To slip 
away, steal away, slide. 
Khis-61-na, ULujf paii< a *t [ v. ii. To slip. 

a^j. Slippery, 
^it-ib, ^'iidL 8. m. A title of honour; 
conversation, speech, address. Kkitdbut, s.f. 
Preaching, eloquence, rhetoric. 
Kbit-mee, ^^^^o^ s.f. Mallows. 
IQiit-ta, <*k^ *. m. A region, country, ter- 
Qiiya-b^n, J^^ 8. m. A parterre, a 

IQiiydl, Jl^ 8. m. Imagination, fancjr, 
thought, consideration; phantom,; 
a kind of song, l^iyali-batil. Foolish iroa^ns- 
tion. i^it/al'purtist, A visionary. I&ufo^p^' 
na^ To pursue an object. Sbiyal p^gldo p'tltfOM^ 
To indulge in vain speculations or absurd fimciesi 
to build castles in the air JS^iyal chhdrna. To be 
out of conceit with. Sbiyali-^ilafMt, Ambition. 
Khiyali'khamf A vain, ridiculous idea, vain ima- 
IQ}iyal-dt, ^\^ 8. pi. Imaginations, fan- 
cies. Sk^aloH-latMl III grounded expectstioo. 
Hjiyal-ee, J^^ o^/. Fanciful, imaginary, 

capricious, fantastical. 
Khiyd-na, OL^i' firTPTl v. n. To be worn, 

to be abraded, 
^iyi-nut, v-s^'U^ 8.f, Perfidy, treachery, 
embezzlement, dbhonesty. JSkfyamf-pesha,?^' 
laiyir, jtjj^ 8. m. Choice, election; a 

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[ 997 3 

(harsh palatick) (soft dental) 











encumber. Sktyarytij $, m. Caoombera (of two 

IQ^iylir.cMmbur, y^X/^jifji.' s. Cassia fistu- 

Kbiy^t, ifLeLs.f. A needle., Khyydf, A 

taylor. Sbiyattit, Sewing, the business of a taylor. 

]Qpz-^b, i^la:^ 8, m. Tincture; tinging 
the nails and hair, but particuhurly the beard. 
Ebizabv'nhunee kuma. To shave the beard. 

Kbiz-^n, c^js^ ^'/' Autumn, the falling of 
the leaves. Ubizan^ie^a, Having seen or ex- 
perienced autumn. 

Khizn yoj^ n, prop, (supposed to be) A 
companion of Moses» Phinehas; or, the prophet 

Kho^ y^ 8. f. Habit, custom, disposition, 
nature. JSiogrtr, adj. Accustomed. Oio d^lna. 
To habituate, to adopt a habit, to introduce a 
custom. ^ 

Kh<$-a, 1^ 5hTr s. m. Plaster ; coarse brick- 
dust; milk, inspissated by boiling. 

Kho-b^r, Jjj^ %T^IT: ». m. A hogsty. 

gbod, 13^ 8, m, A helmet. 

Khod, <>^ %T^ s. in. A push, a thrust, a 

Khod-bew^d, i^l^-jO^i" %t^=^^ s m. 

Search, inquiry. 

Kh6d-na, l»i3^i' %T^^ v. a. To dig, to 
delve, to hollow; to search for. 

Kh6d-nee, ^^^4 ^T^^*^ s.f. Searching; 

a spade. 
Kh5d-nr, j*3^ ^T^ s, m. A certain pace 

(of a horse). 

Kh6d-ur-a, tj*3^ %T^T adj\ Pock-marked. 

Kh6-ee» ^y4 ^f 8.f. The dry part of 

sugar-cane after expressing the juice; clothes 

folded up and put on the head as a defence a- 

gainst rain. 
Kfeo-g^er, jJ^ 8. m. The stuffin,; of a sad 

die, a pad, a packsaddle. Stogeertjidz, s. m. A 

Kb^gur, /^^ part. Rendered mild, tamed, 

Khoh, »^ %TT s. m. A cavern, an abyss, a 

Kho}, ^^ %nr s. m. Search, inquiry; 

trace, mark. 

Kb^ja, ^j^ s, m. An eunuch, 
Kho.jdna, OU^ ^ -stp^j v. n. To be lost. 

Khoj-khdj, '^^^'^j4 ^T^rwrsr s. /. Vexa- 
tion; inquiry. 

Khoj-na, U^^ %l«nrT v. a. To search for, 
to inquire after. 

Khok-ha, ^^ ^rm\ «; w. A boy ; a bill 
of exchange, the amount of which has been paid, 
remaining in the hand of him who has paid it, by 
way of voucher. 

Kh6kh-la, ^^ %l^r^ adj. Hollow, ex- 
cavated (as, a tooth or a tree, &c.) 

KhoU J^^ s. m. A case, sheath^ hollow. 

Khol, J^ %i^ 8. m. A case, sheath ; hol- 
low (as, of a tree, &c.), a cavity. 

Khol-bfin-dee, ^j^.Jy4 ^^t^s.f. The 
changing or removing of a horse's shoes. 

IQjol-in-jun, ^ac^J^^ 8. m. GalangaL 

Kh61-na, U)^ %i^^T v. a. To open, to 

loose, to shine, to expand, untie, unravel, set sail 

or unmoor (a ship, &c« ) 
Kh61-ra, IjJ ^ %ra^ s. m. A hoUow (as, 

of a tree, &c.) 
Kho-na, 0^ %pFn v. a. To lose, part 

with, to get rid of, to waste, to squander, s, m. 

Losing. 8. m. A leaf which contains a parcel of 

betel or flowers, &c. 
Khonch, ^'^ %t^ s,/, A cut or rent in 

cloth, &c. 
Khon-cba, ^^ %t^ s. 

tn, A thrust. 
/. Thrusting ; 

stuffing. Khoncha'khdnchee, s. 
mutual wrangling or quarrelling. 

Kh6n-chee, ^^ %t^ s. f Any thing 
stuffed into another, as grass into thatch; trif- 
ling purchases; part of grain which is to be parch- 
ed taken as pay by the person who parches it; 
something paid by those who draw water at a 
well to the bikishtee who attends there with his 
bucket, for the use of it. 

Kh4nch-na, ^^ ^t^TTT v. a. To thrust, 

to stuff. 
Khdnd-ha, ^Sfy^ %f %(t s, tn. A bird's nest. 
Khond-kul, J^«i*'^ %t^y^^ s. m. A hollow. 

Khond-la, XiS^ %f^y^r adj. Toothless, 

Kh6nk-hee, ^^4^ %ti^ s. f. A cough. 

Khonhhna^ v. ». To cough., \^fi %tTr 9. m. The hair of 

the head braided or tied up on the top of the 

Kh6ns-na, tuJ^^f %i^«n v. a. To stuff", 

thrust in, cram. ^ t 

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(soft dental) 

[ 228 ] 






(Northumbrian r) 



(deep liqnid lingual) 

Kli6ii-ta. ^'^^ %t^T atfj. Deficient, adul- 
terated, bad, (as, coin), false, deceitful. #. m. A 
teDt-pio, a pin, a peg, nail; protection. Khonteh 
he bul kno(fna» To become insolent relying on 
protection; (the idea seems to be taken from a 
person's teasing an animal, which, being fastened 
by a rope to get at him: so that the khonta is 
only indirectly a protection by restraining the 

jQioo. j^ s.f. Habit, disposition. 

Khoob, V^ ^^J' Good, excellent, well, 
fine, beautiful, pleasing, amiable. Kkoobsdorut. 
adj. Deautiful. Khoobsooruiee, s. /. Beauty. 
(PL Xhoobdn, The fair sex, the beautiful, the 
good). Khoob^ureen, Best. 

12boo-b4-nee, v^^^ «. / An apricot, or 
a dried apricot with the kernel of an almond in- 

Hj<5o-bee, ^.ys^ t, f. Beauty, goodness, 

Kh6ob»kulan. J^.^ s. m. Name of a seed 
of a cooling quality. 

Kh&b-na, U.^^ ^^^n r. a. To affect, pe- 
netrate, stick into ; to adorn. 

Kb^bs, c^*;-^ 5. m. Malice, malignity, per- 
fidy, impurity, wickedness, depravity. 

Khood. *3^^ pron. Self. Khoo(i&ra^ Self- 
boasting. Khoodbukhood, Of thine, his, &c. own 
accord* of itself, voluntarily. Khoo l-bud6vlut. 
You, your worship, your excellency, sir ! His 
Majesty, &c. f^f^oofbeen^ adj. Self-oonceited. 
proud, arrogant, presumptuouH. i^oodbeenee, s. f. 
Pride. Khood-purust^ Self-conceited Sboo(/piU 
rustee, s.f. Self-sufficiency, self-conceit, /fh ool^ 
pusuntf. adj. Self-complacent, self-conceited, 
Stootf-rdee^ Arrogance, ^oodsuna^ An, 
a boaster. Khooi-rdokhsntee. Leaving a service 
of one's own accord, in which case it is customa- 
ry to deduct something from wages. Sioodrioii 
Growing of itself without being sowh, wild, (ve- 
getables). Sboodsitaee,8,f. Self-praise ip^ ood^ 
gf/r, adj. Obstinacy, independence, absoluteness. 
JQiooiuh^rttx, adj. Selfish, self-interested . Sbood» 
furcshf Boasting. Sbooijikdshty Cultivating one's 
own field. Sboodfi^mer, s.f. Self-will, self-inter- 
estednets, persisting in what is pleasing to self. 
Ifh oodkurda, Made or done of self. lO^oodnidonda, 
A dervis the disciple of no saint or peer. U^ otHJL' 
rtQQmA, adj. Ostentatious, proud, vain, self-con- 
ceited. KhoodtWGtuAee, «./. Self-conceit, ostenta- 
tion, yanity. 

Khood. ^^^, s,f Refuse. 

Khoo-d^. t*>^ s. m. God. Khoudaa/ureen, 
God the Creator. Sl^()s4a-^n6la, The high God. 
JS^QD^opurustt adj. Worshipping God. £houia^ 
turst adj. Fearing God; virtuous. Khooda^tooda 
kurkhe. With difficulty, by hook or by crook. 
Hhonda'-'hqfix., Adieu, farewell, God preserve yon! 
lOk^da'-iulubee, s.f The seeking of Ood. IQioedtg^ 
dnd, God's gift (Deodatus). ZsJo^fl kureh. 
Would to God ! EbOQda kiya kurek. What will 
fate produce ? or, what is the will of God ? (ao 
expression u<ed in doubtful circumstances). Khao" 
4a ke mAreh hdna, To be unfortunate, to suffer hj 
the decrees of fate. Khooia'shunas^ Knowing 
God, righteous. Sbooda nt/Masta, God forbid I 
t^Qi^'-m^sfirubf Religious, pious. Sbopfia^tm' 
mutee^ Religious zeal. 

Khoo-d^ee. ^Ijcfc. s, f. Godhead, divinitf, 
providence; the world, adj. Divine, l&^aee^ 
rat, Singing hymns and watching all flight, a re- 
ligious feast kept by women. IBiOQiiaee-rukm^ A 
kind of food given to the poor in completion of a 
vow. Khoodaee ghur mei!^ dna. Used to express 
pride from the accession of fortune. 

KhoQ-d^-na, tt^i^ ^I'n t;. a. To cause 
to dig. 

lOiQp-da-wftnd, S^y\^ji^ s. m. Possessor, lord, 
master, husband. Sb(iQ4awun4i'ni6mut, (lit. pos- 
sessor of benefits^ beneficent lord.) A form of ad- 
dress to superiors. Gracious master! Patron I 
Rich, opulent. Stoodawtitufee, s.f Sovereignty, 
lordship, divinity, providence- 

IOlOi?d-da, cto^ s. A deceiver, an imposter. 

QjQff-da-y^, ^/.l J^ s. voc, O God f 

KJxoQd'dam. j»L\a;» 6-. pi. Servants. 

Kh(Jpd-deh, ^_j*>^^ 5./. The spaces in a\ 
necessary between the little brick partitions; the 
space from which a tooth has fallen out or been 

Ifliood-ee, ^j^;^ s.f. Selfishness, self-con- 
ceit, egotism, pride, vanity. 

Khdgd-ha, b^ ^t «• /• Hunj^er. 
Khood/inrt, adj. Distressed with hunger, hungry. 

Khoodr,j*>^ ^^adj. Small, mean. 

Khood-rd na, ^'\j^^ ^C^T^ t^« ^ To trot 

Khgpd-wa-na, ^l;^'' ^^^T^T v, a. To 
cause to delve or dig. 

Khooff. ^^-iji. J?, in, A boot. 

Kt&f-ta, -c^ji. part, pass. Asleep, sleep- 
ing, put to sleep. 

J3i6of-ya, ^^ ad;. Disguised, hidden, 
cx)urealed. adv. Secretly. J^Q^ya-nuirfe^y $, m. 
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[ 229 ] 

(harsh pal atick) (softdentfd) 











One who^e business is to write intelligence se- 
cretly. S/i<K*fyatiin. adv. Secretly. 

IQioo-giir, ^^^ adj. Accustomed. 

KhoQ-ji-na, OUr^i' ^grT^fT v. a. To scratcb, 
to rub gently with the nails. 

Kh6oj-ha, ^^ ?j^rT s. m. Sediment, 
dregs, mouldiness of vinegar, &c. 

Khoojh-rd.ha,lSbl^^i^ ^gWKi'f^Kidj. Stingy. 

KbOQ-jIs-ta, «CU**sBr^ adj, Happy, fortunate, 
anspicious, blest. Khoojtstugee. s.f, Auspicieus- 
ness. ^oojistth-py. U>^PP7 afriyal. 

Khoojt-ya, ^y^ ^fsnri ac(/. A search- 
er, inquirer, investigator. 

Khooj-U-huS Kl^^^k^ ^^WT^s.f. Itch- 
ing, scratching. KhQQjlana, v, n. To itch, 
scratch, tickle. 

Kh(fcj-lee, ,J^ ^^^ s.f. TThe itch. 

^ook, ^y^ s. HI. A hog. Khooki'duryi, 
A porpoise . 

Khookh, ^4-^ Jg^ adj. Poor. 

Khoo khee, ^y4 ^ «• / A little girl. 

IQiQp U-sa, J^^L;> s. m. Essence, the sub- 
stiDceof any thing; abstract, abridgement, con- 
clusion, inference, moral, adj. Spacious, roomy. 

}Q>Q0ld-lut5 ^>j:^'3<:^ 8. f. Bits of meat stick- 
in(( between the teeth. 

lOiogld, jJji. s. m. Eternity, paradise. 

Khooleh-bund, ^^^4 ^%^ adj. Free, 

uDconfined, unceremonious. 
{Q^QOlf, ^^ s. m. Breach of promise. 
Hioo-lin jdn, jlsc^^^ s.f. Galangal. 

KhQol-j^ na, t'Uj^ ^^^T v. n. To be 

Qj®lk, ^j}^ s. m. Nature, quality, good 


KhQQl-kh61-na, Uij^f J^ ^ %^^ v. a. To 
indulge openly in vices which were formerly 
practised in secret. 

KbdgMat, ei-J-si. s.f Friendship. 

Kh&l-na, U^ ^^'TT v.^n. To be opened, 
to be revealed, to be laid aside (restraint), to be 
dispersed (clouds), to clear up (the sky), to be 
broken (meditation, &c. ) 

KI^-loo, ^ 5. m. Vacuity. 

Ki®16o(j, ^yU^ s. Eternity. 

Kbod-loos, ija^ 8. ut. Purity, sincerity, 
ssadoar, friendship, affection. 



' ^r 

^^j) s. f Prepuse. 

}Qi^l-ta, ^\ai^ s. m Association, sociable- 
ness, intimacy, ftimiliarity. 

KhooLwd-na, t't^^ ^^TrwisTT v. a. To cause 
another to open. 

Khoom. jh^ 4'. m. A large jar, an alembick, 
a still. KhOom churhmia. v. a. To boil cloths 
preparatory to washing. 

Kh oo-m^r^ jUwi. s. Sickness after drinking. 
Khocmar'^khdna . A tavern. 

KbOD-nia-ree, -^^^^^^ adj. Drunken, lan- 

Khoom-kud-a, JJJ^^osi. s. m. A tavern. 

Khoom-na, ^^4 %^^ v. n. To wax old. 

tfli 6Dm-ra, )iyf^dL s. m. A small mat of palm 
leaves for kneeling at prayers; a small drum car- 
ried by beggars; a small earthen pot in which lea- 
ven is prepared and kept. 

H^Opnis, (^;m-«^ adj. Fifth (part). 

Khoouy jy:^ 8. m. Blood ; murder. KAqondb^ 
$, m. Bloody water, tears of blood, Sboon-ash&m, 
a'j. Drinking blood; ferocious, cruel, blood- 
thirsty. JShoojh'ufshdtiee. s. f. Pouring out of 
blood, shedding of blood. Khoon-aluoda. adj. 
Stained with blood Khoonhdr^ Raining or weep- 
ing blood (generally spoken of the eyes of a 
lover). £hoon-busta. Bound or clotted together 
with blood. Khoonbtiha. «. m. The price of blood, 
retaliation for murder, mooni-jigur^ Deep af- 
fliction. ISiOoni-'jigur peena, To work one's self 
to death. IQ^oon chdtna. To be stained with 
blood (a weapon). Sboon chukSai adj. Droppibg 
blood. Khoon-khtn-Aba. s. m. Bloody work, deeds 
of death, murder on either side. Sioonibuidr, 
An animal that feeds on blood; a murderer, san- 
guinaj^y. Khoonhh/tree. Effusion of blood. 
J^oon(jidr, Bloody, sanguine. KhoonrSx. Blood- 
shedder, murderer. Shoonrexee, s.f. Shedding 
of blood. iS^oon sir chufhna, To be distracted by 
assassinating a person. fOioon sQs^d kuma. To 
be unkind, to be displeased. JS^oon ktima. To 
assassinate, to kill. Sioon girifla. Doomed to 
be slain. Rhoon-ndb. Pure blood. SfLoon-ndbuh, 
Blood turned to water and dissolved from the 
body, through grief. 

KtOQ-ndk, ^Usi. 5. m. The quinsy, suffoca- 
tion, strangulation. 

Khoonch, ^'y4 ^^ ^* The tendo Achil- 
lis, hamstring. Khoonch mdmat To hamstring. 
Kh6on-cha, ^f^ s. m. A small tray. 

Kh6pnd-la, ^3^ ^Tm s. m. A hollow 
of a tree. ^ j 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 






(soft dental) 

[ 280 ] 







(Northumhrian r) 



(deep Uqnid Ungual) 



Khoond-na, OjJj^jf ^t^t v. a. To dig up 

' (as, the earth with the feet). 

KhoQn-d6l-na, U)^ ^^w^ v. a. To 

trample, to tread, to beat or work with the feet. 
lO^^o-nee, ^^ s. tn. f. Murderer. a€^\ 

Sanguinary, bloody, relating to murder or blood. 
lQ>oon.6en, j^^^ adj> Bloody. 
lOioon-fish dn, j'vii3^j4. adj. Murderous. 

Kb^nQQ^^ i-J^ adj. Cold; temperate, 
oool; fortunate. Si(snQP^e, s,f. Coldness, tem- 
perateness; prosperity. 

IQlopns, Lt^'^^^ 8. m. A hermaphrodite. 

KhoQns, ^j»*^ ^8.m. Animosity, spite, 
rancour. Kho<msdna, v. ft. To be angry. 

Kh45on-sa. l2^^^ s, m. An hermaphrodite ,- 

Khoont, L^^^ ^fHT s.m. A corner, an an- 
gle; ear-wax; station, portion. 

Kh6ot-la, ^^ ^?^ ^' ^' Nftme of a 

, drug. 

I0l6Dnya, ly^ *. m. Melody, singing. 

Kkoowyagirr. s, m. Musician, minstrel, singer. 

SbODnyagureey 8,f, Minstrelsy. 
Kjhoor, ;;^ adj. Worthy. BurkhooTj adj. 

Worthy, s. m. The sun; food, eating, part act. 

(in comp.) ; eating, drinking. iliooro~p6sh, Food 

and raiment. 

Kb&-ree,^/ i5^#./$ \ ^ 
Kb&r-a» f ;^ *• The dung of birds* 
I0)(i9r-a, ^y^^ s. m. A gangrene, the leprosy, 
t^oo-rdb, v>lj^ *• Dirty water ; a flood- 
jQ^QQ-ri'fat, uu^ljjafc. s.f. A fable, tale, ro- 
mance, ludicrous saying, smut. (PL Khoorafa^^ 
Fables, idle stories, &c ) 

|Q}oo-rdk, u^!ij^ 8./, Food, victuals ; daily 
food, eatables; one meal, one dose (of medicine). 
Khoordkee. s, f. Daily allowance of food or of 
money to purchase it, subsistence-money. 

KhoD-r^nt, v.£^''lj/ ^iz adj. Very old. 

Kboihra-^n, jUtjiak n. prop. Name of a 

Kh&r-chun, ^j^f ^f?:^ir 8.f. Pot-scrap- 

Kboord, f^j^ adj. Small, minute, young. 
Sioor4*Al, adj- Young. Skoor^sdlee, #. /.Youth. 
Shoor4muhuU» s m. The apartments of the con- 
cubines of great men. Sioor44iir, Smaller, 

younger. Shoord-^urSen. Smallest, youngwt. 
Ekoord'SaLan. Young ones. SkooriugSn, Young 
ones, inferiors. iHoor^o-^^^* Small and 
great, all. 

10}6or-dee, ^^j)^ *•/• Infancy, childhood, 

Kh6or-di-ya. V *3)^ Jt> s.m. A money- ohanger. 

K hoord-kli^m, ^U.<>jxk adj. Bruised, broken, 
ground small. 

10}oor-diih, )ii^j^jt^ part. pa88. Eaten, taken. 
{adjecHvely) Afflicted; small, s. m. A defect, 
blemish, a particle. SioordMeen, s.m. A earil- 
ler, a criticiser. Xkoor4u/i^6n^ Minute inveeti- 
gator. Sbooria pukujrna. To criticise. Hoorda^ 
furdsht s fit. A retailer, a huckster. JJHoanfa khr 
na. To change coin. Skoorda-geer, A criticiser. 

10}6or-dnn, c^^^j^ 8. Eating, drinking, de- 
Tourings suffering S^oordunee, $.f. ProviooDs. 
iB^oordO'ibipdb, Food and sleep. 

Khgo-r^r-na, ^y.j^ %X<*\\ v. a. To run af- 
ter, to persecute, to catch, to enclose. 

IQidor-fa^ ^y^ 8. m. That which is plucked 
from a tree; autumnal frait; pnrslain. 

Kboor-in-da, ^Sjj^^part acL (used wh,) An 
eater, a gormandiier. 

Khdor-isL ltj^-* <•/. Eating and drinking. 

Kh(Si?ri-ya, \y4 ^T^ 8. m. The kneepan; 

an instrument like a cup formed of a coooanut 

shell or other material, with which clothes ar« 

marked with stripes, 
IQ)oor-jeen, ^j^j;^ 8, m. A leather wallet, 

a portmanteau. 
Kh^r-khQS?ra, \j4j4 ^%^ ^j- Rough, 
Kh(is^r-la, 'iy4 ^fWT 8. m. A hen-house. 
Kh6or-ma^U^ s. m. A date (the fruit of the 

Phoenix dactylifera). 

Kh^r-ma, 9^fS ^TKT 8. m. A kind of sweet- 

lO^QShrdoj, ^^j^ 8. m. Sally, egress ; ex- 
cretion; rebelling. 

Kbos^rdos, i^^;^ 8. m. A dunghill-cock. 

Kh^r-pa, Oj^ ^^T 8. m. An instrument 
for scraping grass for horses; the kneepan, patella. 

Kh<iQr-pee, ,^j4 ^^ *• /• A scraper, a 
weeding knife, the tool with which grass is scrap- 
ed up for horses; a ahoyel for cleaning out a 

IQ^^r>rum, a^ adj. Pleasant, joyful, 
pleasant, delightful; cheerful, pleased. Sh<ISr* 
rumee^s,/. Cheerfulne:fs, ghidness, pleasure, de- 


Digitized by ^ 


[ 231 ] 



- O 










(hanh palatiek) 

t u w y y ab 

(•ofl dental) but write you my pleasure 

Khoor-fifayd, Ju^^ 


s, m. The sun. 

i^oorshy4'roo. Having a pounteoaace dassling 
as the sun. 

Khoor-sdncL ja«^y&.-ia^. Contented, hap- 
Khoor-sundt ^X^^y^ J py, satisfied, pleas- 
ed. Shoorsundeer i.f. Content, pleasure, mirth. 

Kbo^r-toom, ^)^f^ *' w. The proboscis of 

an elephant. 
KhoQ-rAch-na, ^j4 ^T^'tT v. a. To 
scrape. Kh^uruchnee^ s. /. A scraper, a scoop 
or ahoyel. 
Kh^s^rdnd, j);^ ^<m>l s. Scab. 
K"hftn«h. LT^ ^* Pleased, delighted, ex- 
oellent, delicious, cheerful, amiable, healthy, 
elegant, good, willing, glad, happy, content, 
merry, pleasant, sweet. l^oosk-uMftiree, s. /. 
Good fortune. Shoosh-uslSob, adj. Well formed. 
Khoosh^wdr, adj. Well-bred. Stoosh-iirdr, 
Good in promising. Ehoosh-Uhdn. adj. Sweetly 
singing. Xkoosfi^ilhanee, s. f. Sweet singing^ 
melody. Sioosh^mud.s.f. Flattery. Sboosha- 
mmdee^ A flatterer. lHoosh'Und/im, adj. Well- 
formed. Kkoosh-awAM. With a sweet voice. 
Hboosh-Ayund* Fhittering (caresses); grateful, 
wholesome, amiable, agreeable, pleasing, charm- 
ing. B^oo9hb6$h, adj. Free to stay or depart,, 
independent. Sboosh-lasheet s. f. Liberty to 
I stay or go, a welcome, JJHooshbo, adj. Fragrant. 

* s.f. Fragrance, odours. Shoothbo-ddr. adj. Fra- 

grant. Sioosh-bf/t/dn, adj. Eloquent, perspi- 
cooos. Skoosh'VQorkdr, Well-proportioned, well- 
shaped. Hkoosh-posMk^ adj Well-dressed. 
I Khooshriiir^ Sweeter, pleasanter. Khoosh-turSiah^ 

r adj. Well made, elegantly cut or shaped. Khoosk-^ 

iurkSebt Elegant in form. Sboosh-tukreer, adj. 
Eloquent. Khoosh-ch ushmee, s. f. The having 
beautiful eyes. Sioosh»chAtjb,adj. Well-shaped, 
graceful. ISwosh-hAl, adj. Happy, glad, fortunate, 
in pleasant circumstances. J^oosh-kAUe, Happy 
state. Hoosh-Udl (Hi. having a good mole). 
A mistress, a sweetheart. Shoosh-U/infjh, s. m. 
An aviary. Skooth-khtiburee. s. f. Glad tidings. 
Siooeh$liirdm,adj. Walking gracefully. Skoosh* 
Uftried, B.f. Ready money purchase, purchasing 
in private sale. Shooih-^utt^ Elegant or fine 
writing. Shoosh'kho. adj. Afiable, of good dis- 
position, well-bred, good-natured. Sbooih^ihv^6r, 
A good liver, one who lives well. Khoosh'khyjAn^ 
adj. Sweetly singing. Sioosh-UoarAk, One who 
lives well. Shoosh^ibooree^ Good eating and 
drinking. Sboosh^mun, $ /, Mother-in-law, 
wi£«»*s or husband*B mother. Ehoosh^U. adj. Hap- 
py, pleased. Sioosh^lee, «./. Happiness, cheer- 

fulness. Sioosh'dffm/t!^, Pleasant, merry. 
S^^^h^Hhtm^ adj. Having a pleasing or beauti- 
ful mouth, l^oosh'dfihuneef s, f. Elegance or 
beauty of mouth. Sioosh-zdifux, adj. High fla- ,■ 
voured, grateful to the taste, savoury, delicious. 
Khoosh'Tifftar. adj. Graceful in walking or in mo- 
tion, of good conduct. Shooih-run^, A lively co- 
lour. HChoosh-rdu. adj. Pleasant* faced. Sbooih-' 
roo, adj. Beautiful, Kfi oosh^ztibdn, adj. Elo- 
quent, plausible. Khoosh zubanee, 8. f. Elo- 
quence, sweetness of language. SkooshsuStfa, 
A pleasant, humourous fellow. Sbooshsumn-' 
jAm^ adj. Happy, fortunate. Skoosh'^guw/tdee. s f. 
Pleasant environs. SkoonhAnha^ adj. Jocular, 
pleasant, merry. JSkoosh-f^hvte, Pleasantry, 
mirth. Kkooah^zdhir^ adj. Pleasing in appearance, 
handsome. JSkoosh-inAn, adj. Tractable, easy, 
light in hand (a horse). Skoosfirfylee. $.f Plea- 
sant action. SHoosh-tLudd. a^j. Well-shaped, of 
elegant stature; a sweetheart. Khoosti-hita^ adj. 
Wellshaped, nicely cut out. Khoosh-hduee^ a . /. 
Elegance of cut or shape. XhooMh-hoomdsh, adj. 
Of good texture or quality. Skoosh-ktimur, adj. 
Beautiful in the waist. Siooih-gup, adj. Con- 
versible, pleasant, chatty. Ekoogh-.gooftAree. Elo- 
quence. ShooBhg6. adj. Eloquent. SkoosH'gOQm 
wdr, adj Sweet, wholesome, digestible, delicious. 
Shoosh-libAs. adj. Well clad. Khooah*muzii, adj, 
Delicious. £ioosh'muAshee, s.f. Good living. 
Skoosh-mOodmuluh. A hir^eiXw. Skoosh^nusUb^ 
adj. Fortunate. Bhooshnusfebes, s.f Good for- 
tune. Khoogh-nuahma. adj. Sweetly singing. 
Skoosh^if/Ah, Of pleasing aspect, well-looking. 
Skoosh'nQDfnd,(i(ff. Beautiful, of good appearance, 
neat, pretty. Skoosh^iQSimAee, s. f. Beanty, ** 
splendour. Khoosh-nfiod. Contented, happy. 
Skooshnuwees, acfj. Writer. Khooa/iwNkt, adj. 
Happy, pleased, delighted Hioosk'O'iiQSrrum, 
adj. Cheerful, gay, happy. 

^oosh-^9 U^ interj. Well ! very well I • 
happy, blessed ! how fortunate ! 

Kboosh b6, ^^^^€uij. Sweet-smelling, fra- 
grant. #. /. Perfume, odour. SkooshbodAr^ adj. 
Aromatic. SkooshbSee, s.f. Perfume, fragrance. 

Kb6o-8hee, y^f^ s. f. Delight, ple^nre, 

cheerfulness, gaiety, mirth, joy. Skooshee^tboo* 
sheet adv. Happily, with pleasure, cheerfully. 

Khooshk^ <— ^A .rfc adj. Dry, withered. 

Skooshk'dwnAak. adj. Grieved KkOPshk-d^iy^A 
iifie, s f. Grief. Skooshk^sAl^ A general dearth, a 
dry year, a drought Khooshk-sAlee. $.f. Drought, 
famine, steriliQr. llkQ0Bhk4ub, adj. Dry in the 
lips or in the shore. ^Qoshk-luhee^ s.f. Drying 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

a cli 

All choose 


(soft denUI) 

[ 252 ] 








(deep llqAid lingual) loch 

of the lips. Khooshk-mufiJix. adj. Crackbrained, 
crazy, liotbrained. Khooshko^ur, eidj. Dry and 

IQ}(^sh-ka, 2iLs*^ ». m. Boiled rice. 
Kh6Qsbk-ee^ ^.^i^-ai* s. f. Dryness ; dearth 
occasioned by drought; dry land, adt). By land 
(in opposition to ttir-ec,) by water. 

IQioo8h-n6od, i>^A^^ ) adj,^ Pleased, satis- 

KliOosh-n6od, i^y^^^^^j fied, contented, 
happy, delighted. SboQehnooifee, s f. Satisfac- 
tion, pleasure, content, delight. 

IQioo-shoo-nut, i,s--)^-i^^ s.f. Asperity, se- 
Terity, rigidness, disdain, fierceness, indignation. 

IQjOQ-soof, uJ^-M^^ 8. m. An eclipse of the 

j fli OQ-sdo-mut, us-^«j-«^ s. /, Enmity, liti- 

IQjOQ-86os, (jo^,c^ s, m. An affair, business, 
thing, particular; doing any thing in particular. 
iidj. Particular, special, adv. Particularly. 

KhOQ'Soo-siyut, vj^;j*^.was;. s,/l Peculiarity, 
singularity, attachment, friendship. 

IQjoo-soo-siin, ^^^^-^ adv. Particularly, 
chiefly, especially. 

QiQ5sr, ;***^ 5. m. A father in-law, 

Klioos-r^n, j1;.m^^ «./. Dainaofe, injury. 

fOioos-roy, ;;***^ ^- ^* A celebrated king^ 
(Cyrus or thosroes); a king in general, a royal 
surname; name of a most famous poet of Delhi. 
KhoosTGU'/intth^ adv. Prince-like, kingly, adj. 
Royal, princely. ^OQsruivfe, adj. Belonging to 
SbOQsrQU* or to a king royal, imperial. 

jCh6Q-8ur, y^^ s. m. Father-in law. 

I2i6gs-ya, ^-^^^ 8. wi. Scrotum. 

Kh&8-yut-(jos-sdlub, v.^'^^ttUtf.£.. s. Satyri- 
ou, salep. 

Khoo-ta-ee, ^^4 ^^t s.f. Perfidy. 

ICh&ot-ba> <it^ s m, A sermon or oration de- 
livered after prayers every Friday, in which the 
preacher blesses or offers a prayer for Mahomed, 
fait successors, and the reigning (Mahomedan) 

Kh6ot bee, ^^i ^ J 

I^6ot-ka, ^i!^ 8. m. A club. 

Khdot-na, W^^ 4^^^! v. a. To pluck, to 

pick the leaves, &c. of vegetables. 
KlM»-t6or, j^lsLak 8. m. Coming into the 

mind, recollection, remembrance; dignity. 
JQiQQ'toot, i»^k*. 5. pi Letters, epistles, &c. 
Kh&t-tee, ^ii ^rf^ s.f. A purse. 

(Nortbumbrinn r) 

Kh4>t-tee, y^^ ^^^ s.f. A treasure, hoard; 
a gnat. 

IQ^Qot-tuk, tJjiaL 8.f. A club or stiok. 

KhQp-tdk-na, UC^ ^^^«tl v. a. To nib- 
ble; to doubt 

KbQ0-t6n, Jij^ n. prop. A country in [(lapr- 
histAn, Tartary (the ancient Bactriana) or the 
north of China, famous for musk. 

KhiioUwa, ^i^k:^ 8. m. A step, pace. 

lQiOQ-z6d-ee, ^^J^ adj.f Undressed, una- 
dorned (a woman). 

Khop, Ls^^^i^ ^ms.f A cave, a comer ; a 
rent, a fissure. 

Khop-ra, l;J^ %TTCr s. m. A cocoanut, ra- 
ther the kernel of a cocoanut, kernel. 

Kh6p-ree, ^ji^i^ % T^ s. f. The skull a 
shell, pate. K/iopree kJia jdna, v. a. To spend or 
lavish another's property. 

Khor, ^^4 ^T^ s.f An alley; a covering; 
the rage or curse of a god. 

Kho ree, ^^^4 ^^^ s.f. An alley. 

Kho-sa, U*^ %i^T adj. Having little or 
no beard (a man), s. m. Rind, peel, skin, shell. 

Kh6-sha^ ^^^ s. m. An ear of corn; a clus- 
ter, a bunch (of grapes, &c.); an ear-ring, a spike. 

Khis-na, Uw»y/ %T^^n v. a. To take or 
snach away; to pull out hairs. 

Khot, ^^4 %l^ s.f A blunder, vice, ble- 
mish, defect. 

Kho-ta, C^^ %r2T adj. Perfidious, counter- 
Kho.t^-ee, lp^4 %Tnt s.f Perfidy. 

I2jQyf> ^^^ 8. m. Fear, dread. Khoufruja, 
s. m. Suspense. Shoi^fnak, adj. Frightful, terri- 
fying, dreadful, tremendous. 

Khoul-na, U)^^ %T^in v. n. To boil, to be 
agitated by heat. 

Khcgjr, j^<^ %T^ 8. f The marks which 
Hindoos make on their foreheads with Sandal- 
wood, saffron, &o. 

Khdy-ra, U^ %tt:t s. m. The rot (among 
sheep), the falling off of the hairs. 

Oquz, u^^^ s. wi. Purposing, resolving, in- 
tending, considering, consulting. 

Kh6-ya, U^ %t^t s. m. Refuse. 

Khub-&-8ut,v^lc^5./ Wickedness, depra- 

Kh6b-ba, U^ ^rsarr adj. Left-handed. 

Kbub-6er, j*^ adj. Knowing, informed, 
wise, skilful, learned. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 









[ 233 ] 

r \ 

(harsh palatick) (soft dental) 











Sbub»6e8y Lt^^i^ adj. Wicked, malignant, 
impare. 8. m. Ao evil spirit. H^ubeesee, $*f, A 
malig^nt woman. 

Khiib-sa, La^ ^AH\ 8. m. Slime. 

]Q}^bt, ^^ ^. m. Making a mistake ; mad- 
ness, insanity. Sbubtee, adj. Mad, insane. 

IQ^ub-ur, j-j-i. s.f. News, information, in- 
tellig^ence, rumour, report, fame, account, care, 
notice, ^u^c/r busunf kee puh^onchnee. Express- 
es extreme ignorance or uegligfence. Sbftburi- 
ykizree. Report, sudden news, guessing what is 
to happen. {^KUizr was a prophet, skilled in divi- 
nation; and hence, when from certain symptoms 
the public guess at the intentious of goyernment, 
&c. intelligence of such intentions, &c., is called 
Siuburi/tizree)/ S&ubur(jidr, adj. Careful, cauti- 
ous,- Tigilant ; informed, s. m. An informer, a spy, 
asoont. tn^er;. Have a care. I3^ubur4dree, s.f. 
Caution, care; informing. Siubur-ifiAuufa, atf;'. 
Intelligence*giving. Siubur rukhna, r. n. To 
be informed or acquainted. Khubur-^utr. News. 
Si^bur kfirna, or — (f^^» To apprize, to inform. 
Sbuburgeer, A spy, an informer ; a protector, a 
patron. lOiuburgieree. s.f. Spying, informing; 
aid, care, protection. Sbubur lena, To accom- 
modate, to allow, to give, take care of, look af- 
ter, inquire into. Shubur hdna^ To be informed. 

Khuch-a, Ur'^^ ^^j adj. Set (as, a jewel), 

set with jewels. 
Kbucha-^uch, A:t.U=^ $. The sound of 

a spear or battle-axe, or of treading in clay or 
Kbdch-chur, ^sr^ s. m.f. A mule. 

Khuch-na, Us^ ^^^T v. n. I'o be set (as, 
a jewel). 

Kl^iichur-khuchur, ^f^^sr^ s'.m. An imita- 
tive sound. 

^ud-a, cJ^ 8. Fraud, deceit. 

KhuA-budd-na, t|jJJ^ ^r^ircfr-TT v. n. To 

dimmer, to make a boiling noise. 
KhCid-ee, ^-^ ^r^ s, f. The name of a 

grass that grows in ponds. 
!Q)ud-6e-ut, ^s^S:^ 8. f. Fraud, imposture. 

Khud-^r. y:s4 w^ s./. Pursuit. Khud- 

efna, v, a. To pursue, to hunt, 
l^ud-ir, jJtfi. 8. m. Torpor, 
Kbud-ish, ^^^ 8./. Alarm, 
Kbiid-sha, <UJ^ 8. m. Fear, alarm, danger, 

doubt, question, apprehension, solicitude. 
Kk^d urn, |»OcL 8. pi. Servants, retinue. 
Kbuf 6ng, v^.>A 8. m. A tree of which ar- 

rows are usually made; an arrow: the white pop- 
lar tree. 

{Q^df.a, U^ 8. f. Concealment, a secret. 
CLdj. Angry. 

Kbuf-cha, *s:*^ 8. m. An ingot of gold or 

Khuf-eey ^a^ adj. Secret, concealed ; fine 
or small (hand-writing, opposed iojnUee). 

IQiuf-eef, ^ \ j^:^ adj. Light, of no weight 
or consequence, of light character, immoral, un- 
dignified. Khufeef hOna, To be vilified, to be 
spoken ill of, to be put to shame, to be ashamed. 
Kkufeefi-d&ira . The centre of a circle. 

IQ^ufi^, u-a^ 8. A boot 

IQidf-ugee, ^J^j^^ s.f. Displeasure, anger. 

IQ}tif-uh, iJ^A^ adj. Angry. 

Khufuk^n. ^^aaj^ s. m. Palpitation (a dis- 
ease of the heart, especially). Khnfukanee. adj. 
Subject to palpitation. 

Khug, \.S4 ^nr 8. m. A bird in general. 
IQ^dheh, ^^ inter}. Well done ! bravo ! 

how excellent ! 
^uj-^-lut, u:-Jls-^ 8 f. Bashfulness. 

lOiuj-ii, J^sr^ adj. Modesty bashful, abash- 
ed, ashamed. ^ 

Khuj-6or, \^ap^ ^^< 8. m. A date, or 
date tree (Phoenix dactylifera); wild date (Elate 
silvestris or Phoenix sylvestris); a kind of 
sweetmeat. Kf\ njoor-chhuree. A kind of silk cloth 
stained with waving marks like the traces of the 
old leaves on the trunk of the date tree. 

Khuj-6o-ra, \j^^ <a^<T 8. m. The ridge 
of a thatched rooA 

Khuj-oo-riya, ^.yfsrr ir^fr^ s. m. A date. 


^3-5^ ^^^^n V. a. 

V. a. To 


Khul, i}4 'SRT 5. A worthless person, a 

malicious person ; an oil-cake ; a pit. 
Kb6l-&9 ^^ *• ^- Vacancy, vacuity. Khula- 

muia. Unfeigned friendship. 

IQi61-a, *'^ 8. m. The rudder of a ship or 
boat, trifles, idle talk, any thing which pricks or 
goads, a written document signed by a judge. 

IQ^^-dik, (^i.^^ s. pi. Men, people, the 

Ifljul-a lut, uiJil^ 8./. Sincere friendship, 

KUul-dr,;^^^r^IT5./ A hoUowJbottom. 


Digitized by 







(soft dental) 

[ 284 ] 








(Northumbrian r) 

Khul-4-ree, ^j^ ^SRTT^*^ s.f. The place in 

which salt is boiled (in BeDtjral) . 
IQjul-ds, t/»^*^ s. m, (used adj.) Free, 

liberated, redeemed, done, ont. l^idaskuma, 

Ta release. Kkulas hoiiay To be freed, to emit; 

to calve, to be brought to bed. 
IQiul-d-see, ^'^^ s>f. Freedom, liberation, 

redemption, discbarge. «. m. A sailor, a native 


KhuUbul, JjJ^'' ^r^?^5./. Hurry, bustle, 
s^ntatiorii commotion, alarm, tumult. 

Ivhul-iuita-Eia, 0>^;/ ^^r^^T^T V. n. To 

Khiil ee, ^^-gf ^T^ ) «• / The dreg-s of 

Kbul-lee, ^^4 ^r^J mustard seed, &c. 
after the oil i« pressed out, oil-cakes. 

|Oiul-ei^ fk tfA-JL^ s. m. A successor, a so- 
vereign, particularly applied to the successors of 
Mahomed ; cooks, tailors, &c. are called l^uleefa ; 
a fencing master; a monitor (as a senior boy at 
school becomes). 

IQ}uleef-ul-ooz-zuman, jtoy!<<»J^5.m. The 
monarch of the time . 

IQiul-^el?, (J.J'*, adj. Of good disposition, 
humane, polite, 

Kh»l-6el JJL:&> s. m. A friend. Khuled- 
iHsUah, The friend of God, Abraham. 

Khul-ee-ta, ^^^^ s. m. A purse, packet, 
bag, mail. Khuleetat-toofdn . An exciter of dis- 
turbance, calumniator, wicked person. 

Khul-6l, JJlc^ ^%^ «. m. Scented oil ; a 
hole made by children for playing at trap-ball or 

IQjul-er-a, \y'^^ ^j- Descended from, or 
related to a maternal aunt; as, Khulera bhaee, 8, m, 
1 he son of a maternal aunt. Khuleree buhin, s.f. 
The daughter of a maternal aunt. 

Khulihan, jLJ^ ^^TflT 5. m. A thresh- 

10>iil-ish, (jiJ.aL 8. m./. Putting a stop to, 
interruption, solicitude, disquietude, anxiety, sus- 
picion. KbnlUk QQtMna^ To reconcile; to ex- 
cite enmity. 

Khuliydn, sj<)^4 ^ff^^H «. »i. A grana- 

Khuliy^-na, 01 J^ ^f^i^ v. a. To,skin, 
to flay. 

Kbulk, ji^ S.f. Creation, people, mankind. 
Hjul-khal, Jlaer^'^'^ s. m. A ring of gold or 
silver with bells to it worn round the ankie. 



(deep liquid lingoal) 


Khul.khul-&-na, ti^f J^ ^«jW^t^ 

rumble, to grumble (the bowels). 
IQiull, J^ 8. m. Vinegar. 
Khul-la, ':k4 ^^ s. m. A shoe. 
lauWak, ^5>^ adj. sttperl [used sub) Th« 

Khul-ra, tjl^ ^^"fT s. m. Skin, hide. 
Kh61-ree, ^'y4 ^^?^ «• / S^^i"* ^^^^ 

membrane; the prepuce, 
^ult, W^ *. i». Confusion, mixture. 
IQjulu, jJU. 8, m. Stripping off, deposing, 

removing (from office). 
IQjul-uf, u-ftLk s. m, A successor, a son and 

heir, a favourite son, posterity, descendaots. 

(adj.) Depraved, corrupted. JSk^W^Vi*-^^ 

True or rightful heir. 

IQ^ulujdn, jlac^ 5. Disquietude. 

IQiul-ul, JJ^ 8. m. Interruption, distur- 
bance, disorder, confusion, prejudice, damage, 
injury, ruin, hiatus. Snulul-dimagh^ Madness, 
melancholy, craziness. lQiulul'ttn4^* Creating 

K!iul-un-ga, ^^ ^T^r ». m. A spark. 

IQjul-ut, vj:--oiLi. «./. A robe of honour. 

Khul-wut, dJ^i^ 5./. Retirement, solitude, 
privacy, a closet, private apartment. Mulwut- 
gaht $.f. A place of retirement. SiulttnU-ff^zht, 
adj. Recluse; (met.) a hermit. ^ulwut-nishSen, 
adj. Retired; (met.) a hermit. Shulumtee-rag, 
$. m. Soft music. 

lO^iil wut-ee, ^'^i^ One admitted into the 
private apartments; an intimate friend; a hermit. 

IQium, ^ adj. Twisted, crooked, bent, 
coiled, curved, bowed, s. m. A coil, foId,pIf( 
curl, ringlet, bend, curve, crOok, bendiiig, crook- 
edness; that part of a noose which encircles the 
neck. Skum-iur-bbum, Twist within twist, 
curly, curling locks. Khum thSnkna, r. a. To 
strike the arms previous to wrestling, &c., to 
challenge (as wrestlers do). Mumdutm, 9. »• 
Coquetry, blandishment of a mistress, adj. Ele- 
gant, graceful. lOi umi-chougdn, s. m. The bat or 
instrument with which the game of ch^ffo^ ^ 
played. Siumfar, adj. Twisted, curled, bent, 

Khum, f^ ^-^^ s. m. A pillar, a 

Kh6m-ba, U^f?*inV ^post. Khutntkfi' 

Khurabh, ^^ ?^>f J ^na, v. «. To 
strike the hands against the arms preparatory to 
wrestling, &c., to challeng;e (as wrestlers do)- 
Digitized by VjOOQI^^ 

o oo 

to too 




L 235 ] 

(hanh'palatick) (soft dental) 








y ?b 

my pleasure • 

Khum-icbi '^^^ ^iTT'^ s. f. Name of a 

{Q^um-^ii, jLfluL 8. The elder tree ; a bow. 

^um-^-na, OU^l v. a. To twist, curl, 

KhAmf-eey ^j'^^ s.f. Crookedness, curvature, 

^^um 6ed-a, S^>::A^ p<irL Crooked, bent, 

^^uni-eer» j*ajl 5. m. Leaven, whatever is 
used to ferment. 

JQ^miy^'ZaL^ ^J^-*^ s. tn. Gaping, yawn- 
ing-, stretching. Xhnmiyazct-kuah. part. Gaping, 
stretching, pawning. Khumiyaza hhynchna^ v. a. 
To gape or jawn after intoxication; (met.) to 
receire the punishment of one's faults or crimes^ 

]Ql.iiin-aUir, jU:&> adj. Drunkard, much 
given to drink, cropsio. 

l^umo-cbiim, f^^f^ s. m. Coquetry. 

IQium-ool, Jy^*^ adj. Of no repute. 
S^mnaoUstdn, The land of oblivion, the grave. 

Khuro-dsh, ^^Aak adj. Silent, dumb ; si- 

leuce I Khumoskte. s.f. Silence. 
I^nmr, f^j^ 8. m. Wine, spirituous liquors ; 

covering, hiding; fermenting, leavening. 
Khum% {j^'A^ adj. Five. 
Khum-s4ee,^U^?5nreTt«./ Sultriness. 
Kh6m-as, ^J»^^:^^adj. Sultry. 
Khun, ^r^^ ^^ 8. m. A division of a house, 

a story, a flight of rooms. 

KBund, ^S "^ «• »»• Side, quarter, regi- 
OQ> division of a house, apartment, part, piece, 
firagment, portion; a chapter, section; sugar 
(coarse) ; the songs of Pudmawut, 

IQ^tLUrdsL, ^>>!^ $. f». Laughter, a laugh ; a 
laughing-etock. SiuruJia'Zimaf^, Setting up a 
kagh, binghing. 

IQ^un-d^n, j]iX^part. Laughing, merry. 

Khun-ddna, 0|j^ '(g^'n 8. m. A pit from 
which earth has been dug to make bricks or pot« 
tery; a notch in a log of wood. 

KhuQdh,«40^ ^rw s. m. District, province, 
division, section. 

TLhxm'Ahovj ^fbi^i ji^jX adj. Turbid. 

Kh6Q-dit-a, t?j;^^fTm#./ A woman, who 
provoked at the infidelities of her husband or 
lover, is rather abusive, speaks her mind freely, 
but is supposed to retain uq malice ii^ her breast. 

Khdn-dit k6r-na, I'/cjJ^ ^fr?r %<«n 
9. a. To prevent* interrupt, refute. 


Khund-la, ^j;^ ?^^ s. m. A flake, a 

slice (especially, of fish). 
Khund-na, Ujj^"^ vi>^*il V. a. To refute. 
Khund-r6ech, ^..)^' ^^"^^ s. m. Name 

of a small bird, a wagtail. 
IQjun-duh.r<5o, ^^^'^^ 8, m. A placid coun- 
tenance, ^v^- 
Hiiin-duk, ^SXsL s. m,^A ditch, fosse, moat. 
Khun-dur, *3^^ v4>^< 8. m. A ruinous and 

broken down building, ruins of a town or house, 

Khun-g^l ddl-na, Wl jjl^'' xtn}^ ^i^BT^T 

To murder privately. 
Khun-g^l-na, UJl^ ^t^^RT v. a. To 

wash, rinse. 
Kh6n-gur, ^ itTT 8. m. Semi- vitrified 

Khun-gyl, JSj^ ^^ adj. Tusked. 

Khun-jun, ^s:^ ' ^^sm 8. m. Name of a 

small bird, a wagtail. 
Kbdn-jur, js:^^ 8. m. A dagger. 
Kb6n-jur-ee, ^;«^«./ A mode of printing 

or staining silk (g^lbwjtun) ; a small tambouriu. 

Khun-jur-ee, ^f?^ ^psrd 8. f. A small 
tambourin, a timbrel. 

Khun-khir-na, ^'^Wh^ ^^tmxwi v. a. To 
hem, to hawk, to expectorate. 

Kh6n-khur, j^^A^?^^ adj. Dry and crack- 

Khiin-kul-ee, ^JSj^ ^^^ s. /. The name of 
a plant (Polypody,) a kind of moss. 

Khun-nas, ^Uak 8, m. A demon, the de- 
vil; (met.) a wicked person, ^unnasee, adj. 

Khtin-tee, J^^ ^r^ 8. f. A paddle for 
digging the ground. 

Khun-uk-na, UOl^" ^^Rfin t?. «. To jingle, 
to ring. 

Khup-ioh, ^U^ ^nrm 8. / A piece torn 
off from a bamboo, a splinter; a very lean person. 

Khup'4-na, OU^ ^TTTTT v. a. To dry up, 
to destroy, to make away with. 

Kh6p-na, U^ ^^nn v, n. To be dried up ; 
sell, go off, to be expended or made away with; 
to remain, to join, to mix with, to enter, to pe- 
netrate. *. m. A company (of travellers, &c.) 

Kh6p.-pur, j^ ^WT *. fn. The skull, the 

cranium, a chafing dish; an earthen cup used by 

jogees; the vessel in whioh the blood of a victim 

is offered. 

g 2 Digitized by VjOOQIC 






(soft dental) 

[ 236 ] 









(Northumbrian r) 



(deep liquid liognal) 


Kh6p-ra, I j?^ ^"qn s. m. A tile ; an arrow 

with a broad point. 
Khup-ree,^;-^'' ^HTT^ #./ A small tile; the 

Khup-rjl, Jj,p^ ^q^vd 5./ A tiled house. 

Kh6p-ta, l^/ ^TSl s. m. A hroken tile ; a 
slice of mango. 

Khdp-tee, ^^i( w^ s. /. Vent, sale, ex- 
pense; request; a lunatic. 

Khup-ut, ^^s^i^i^ ^TTTf adj\ Expended, s.f. 
Vent, sale. 

IQiht, yi> s.m. An ass. Khur-ba-fushdeed, 
Very stupid. S^uri-tfushtee, s. m. A wild ass, 
onager, ^ur^imdshee, s.f. Stupidity, obstina- 
cy, peryerseuess. ^ur^kdQfuh, An ass's colt. 

Khur, j^ WK s.f. Grass, straw, s. m. An 

Kh6r-a, \j^wkt adj. Pure, prime, best sort, 

genuine, honest, candid, sincere. 

Khur-a, (;^^T adj. Erect, upright, stand- 
ing up, steep, high, aground, ready, ripe, per- 
pendicular. Khufa kuma. To raise, to station, 
to place, to stick up, to place erect, to procure a 
fictitious person for some purpose. Khuja hdna, 
To stand up, to be erect, to rise. 

IQjur-db, v|/^ «^". Bad, depraved ; ruin- 
ed, desolate, depopulated, deserted, lost, misera- 
ble, spoiled, waste. Sburab-b&tin, Evil disposi- 
tion, ^urab'hal, adj. Ruined, broken down 
(in circumstances). I3^urab^hbu8ta, adj. Ruin- 
ed, desolated, ^urab kurkeh kuhna. To miscaL 
l3iurabgHr4, adj. Wandering about to no purpose. 

iaurab-dt,CL>'j|^.s. 8./. A tavern, a brothel. 
I^urabatee, s. m. A. haunter of tayems and bro- 
thels, a rake, a debauchee. 

IQiurab-ee, ^f;^ s.f. Badness, depravity; 
ruin, desolation, mischief. 

]Q}urdb-uh, ii\y^ s. m. Devastation, ruin, a 
desolate place, adj. Depraved, bad, ruined, waste. 

Kbur-d(J, ^t^ s.f A lathe, the art of turn- 
ing. Sliurai chtirhna. To be polished (as, a 
clown by intercourse with the society of a city) 
JSS^ur^ee, s. m. A turner. £iurd(Jlna, v, a. To 
turn in a lathe, to worry. 

Khur-d-ee, ^t^ ,gr?jf g, f. Purity, excel- 
lence, probity, trustiness, honesty. 

Khiir-a-h6nd, ^^]^ ^r^rr^^.f The stalk 
of burnt grass. 

Khur-d-ka, ^^j4 'STT^ s. m. A crashing 

Khur-^n, J^\y4 ^^r^ s. m. Pattens. 

iSiuraoi)4^r, A kind of shoes fiutened to patteu. 
IQ^ur-dsh, {^\y:^ s.f Scratching, scrapings 

excoriation, (m comp.) part. act. Scratching, 

lacerating, clawing. 
IQiur-dsha, ^\yeL s. m. Scales or filings of 

iron, small debts. 
Khur-a-teen, ^^ttj^i. s. m. An earthworm. 

Khurb, ^j4 ^ adj. A large number, ten 
million-millions, a billion. 

l^ur-boo-za, *J^;^ s. m. A musk-roelon 
(Gucnmis Melo). 

Khur-bur-ee, ^y'y^ W^-^ s. f. Hurry, 
bustle, commotion, tumult, uproar; noise of hor- 
ses' feet in galloping; griping on going to stool. 

Kburch, ^fL -y s. m. Expenditure, expense, 

Kburj, ^j^ J price. Khurch-Mrajif^ 
Bxpendlture. Siurch hdna. To be expended. 

]^6r cba, ^;^ s. m. Costs of lawsuits. 

IQ^iljir^chee, ^j^/^ s.f Price of stupration. 
adj. Prodigal; provision for a journey. 

Khur-chh6r-a, ^j^^.j^'OTipCT flw^*. Rough. 

Khiir-chooy ^-^f^ adj. Prodigal, expensive. 

JOjur-chiing, tX^^^ $. m. A crab (fisb); a 
kind of herb. 

Ifliur-dul, J«3;^ s. Mustard-seed. 

Kh6r-ee, ^^i ^fx) s.f. Oil-cake ; chalk. 

Khiir-ee-mittee, yj^^yf ^4^[Mi\ s. /. 
Chalk. Kut-^ihuree, s.f. A species of steatites, 
with which children learn to write, and which ii 
used in giving a polish to stucco. 

IQjur-^ed, J^.j:6.(w comp.) part. pass. Bought 
s.f Purchase. Khttreei-furohht, Buying and 
selling. Khureed ha molt s. m. Prime cost. 

^ur-eed-ir,^<t»>^.^^ 5. m. J'. A purchaser, a 
buyer. ]^uree<jiareet s.f. Buying, purchasing. 

Kbur-eed-na, I'J^^ v. a. To purchase. 

Sjur-^e-duh, ^^„f^ adj. Purchased, bought. . 

IQjur.eef, *-w/^ s.f. Autumn, the autumnal 
harvest. Khureefee^ adj. Grown in harvest. 

Kbur-6e-ta, *la;.;^ s. m. A purse, packet, bag, 
mail. ( Letters are sent in India enclosed in bsgs> 
diversified according to the quality of the person 
to whom sent, being more or less rich or em- 
broidered agreeably to their rank ) ; (met.) a letter. 

Khureh-khureh,^^^^ ^^ adv. Soon, 
immediately, instantly, presently, qalckly* 

Khurg, »Jj^ wf^ s. m. A sword. 










C 337 ] 

(hersli palatick) (soft dental) 








Hinr-gdh, ^o'j^ s. f. A tent, pavilion, ta- 
bernacle; the royal tent, conrt or palace. 
Hiur-gdsh, ij*/^^ s. m. A hare, a rabbit. 
Khurh, ^j^ wf s.f. Straw. 
Khar-h^ l^^^T ^TTT s. m. A hare, a rabbit. 

Khar-h^-na, l^l^^" ^mT^TT v. a. To 

Khur-h6e, ^j^ ^<m) s.f. A stack, a rick ; 
a kind of ^ass. 

Hi6r-if, uJjji. 8. m. A dolting decrepid old 

Khur-il, Jy^ wf^W s.f, A mortar. 

Khuri-ya, k}^ ^^ s.f. Chalk. 

^^^^h z^ ^^ ^'f' "^^^ ^^^ (^"^ music). 

Kh6r-ka, ^j4 ^sry^i s. m. Doubt, apprehen- 

Khur.k4-na, U^^^ W^T^^lv.a. To thump, 

to shake; to frighten away, to put to flight; to 

S^ur-kh^-wind, iX'^U-^js. s. m. Master, owner, 

possessor. (Spoken contemptuously). 
I^6r-^ur, ^jk^^ Purring (of a cat). Khur- 

Mvr kuma. To purr. 
Hj6Nyjur-a, 1;^^ s. m. Snoring. 
Kh6r-thur-a, \j4j4 s. m. A currycomb. 
Khur-khur-i-na, ^\y4j4 ^f ^^pit v. a. To 

creak, clatter, rattle, jar; to grind the teeth; to 

snore. KhurkhufSihut, s. /. Creakingr, rattling, 

jarring (as a door), snoring. 
Khur-khur-iya, kj^j^ WK^X^l s. f. A 

chair, litter. 
Kbar.^U8h-a,<tijs*j^ s. m. A tumult, crowd, 

riot, quarrelling. 
Eiirki-ddut, CL>»3Ui^;^ s, f Contrary to 

nature, a miracle. 
Kbar-m&h-ra, »;j^;^ s, m. The small shells 

called kouree (Cyprsa moneta). 
l^ar-m6o8h, {J»yf>j^ s. A kind of large rat, 

a bandicote. 
Kliur-m6n-dul, Ji^yf ^fif^S^ s. f. 

Siur-mtiat, ^.s^^a^jS. adj. Athletic ; stupid, 

Khur-6ch-na,Ux^^j^ <gi ^H«t ] v. a. To scrape, 

to scratch. 
Khar-6at, ^^^j4 ^^:ts s, f. A scratch 

with the nail. Khuro^tna, v. a. To scratch, 
^wr-ooa, \yy4 ^JWi s. m. An ornament 

worn 00 the wrist, a^bracelet. j 


• my 



Qjur-osh, \J»y/i- s. m. A crash, loud noise, 
tumult, cry, clamour. 

Khdr-pa, ^^ i^xm s. m. A sandal ; the 
seam of a garment which extends from the arm- 
pit down the side. 

Khtir-ra, 1;^^ ^^T s, m. The rough draft of 
a letter or any writing; an iron instrument to 
rub horses with, a currycomb; an ulcer with 
hardness of the skin on the back of the foot. 

IQjur-r^t, i^I;^ s.f A turner's lathe, s. rn. 

A turner. 
IQiur-ra-ta, 171^^ s, m. Snoring. Khurrata 

mdrna, To snore. 
Kbur-ra-tee, ^i»I;^ s. m. A turner. a^\ 

Khur-sdn, j^j^ ^^f^T^ s. m. A whetstone, 

a grindstone. 
Kbur-sting, u^^^l s. m. A rival ; a large 

stone, a stone stopping the road. 
^ur-t<5om, f^i^/^ s. m. The proboscis of 

an elephant. 

Khfir-ug, cfj^f m^^ s. m. A sword or sci- 

Khur-h6r-a, \j^fii ^K ^ < \ s. m. A curry- 
Kbdrufci.adut,o^lc^^ ^./. A miracle. 

Khiir^uk, ^J^i ^X^ s.f. A cow-house or 

Khur-uk, ^j^ ^^^ s. f. An imitative 

sound. Khtffukjdna, To take warning, to be 


Khur-uk-na, ^j^ W^^-^j v. n. To rustle, 
rattle, clang. 

Khdr-nl, Jj4 WKj^ s. m. A stone for grind- 
ing medicine on, a mortar. 

Khur.6n-ja, ^^ -^^^i s. m. Pavement. 

Khur-finkh, ^y^ WT^ a^f. Dry, dried up. 

IQiur-z6h-ra, '^^j)^ s. m. Rhododaphne or 
rose bay (Nerium oleander). 

Khus, (j^^ s. f. The name of a grass of the 
roots of which tattees are made, a weed ( Andro- 
pogon muricatum); a mean person. SiuspSsA, 
adj. Covered with thorns. IStus-^-Hashdk, s. m. 
Litter of things, rubbish. 

Khus-^-na, tU^ ^RiT^j v. n. To ruin, tq 

fall in, to sink; to open, loosen, 
laus-^-rut, cj»jUj4. s.f. Damage, loss, 
^us-a-sut, cs-^-aUak s.f Parsimony. 
Kids-ee, ,^^.^3^ s. m. A castrated animal 

(particularly, a goat) ; an eunuch, • lalp 


C 338 ] 





(soft dental) 








(Northumbrian r) 



(deep liquid Ungaal) 


]^u8-^ein, (^r^Mk s. m. An enemy. 
IQius-6er, y^^**^ ad;. Damaged, injured. 
J3iws-6e3, (^^r***^ adj. Penurious, sordid ; 

ignoble, mean, base. 
^6sh-in, ^^ adj. Rough, severe, rude, 
jaush-khush, ^^^^.jsA* s. m. Poppy-seed, a 

Kbushm, f^i,^ s. m. Anger, passion, rage, 

fury. Siushm-^ldaf, a(ij. Deformed with rage. 

SiUshm-ndk, adj. Enraged, passionate, angry. 

•5^ 8. Wood, timber. 


Lij(*m£^ idlj^ijl s. m. Grind- 
Khuskhusdna, v. n. To grind the 

:^^jS^ w^^fims,/. Separa- 

j^ush-ub, s^ 


ing the teeth, 

Khus-k^nt, < 
tion, running away. 

I^As-lut, uJjUMfc s.f. Habit, custom; quali- 
ty, property, mode, talent, virtue, disposition, 

IQiusm, fUMS. s. m. An enemy, antagonist. 
^tUum, A husband, ^usumwdlee, adj. f. A 
woman whose husband is alive. Sbusm&nuh, adv. 
Lik« a good husband, economically, with atten- 
tion to domestic affairs; inimicaliy. 

Kb68-mee, ,^/fl^^M;* '«./. Enmity. Khusmee-i- 
Jdnee, Mortal enmity. 

lO^us-dof, uJ^amj&. s. An eclipse of the moon. 

Khu8-6t-na, U3^***^''i5r%i^:in v. a. To puU, to 
pluck, to pull the hair, to scratch, to tear. 

jdmsr, j^ubsk 8. m. Damages, loss, injury, 

Khus-ra, t;^W^^s. m. Aday-book, field- 
book, waste-book, rough drawings; a scab; a 
kind of eruptive disease. 

^uss, ^j>*^ s. A lettuce. 

Khtis-tug-ee. , ^^"M . rt *./ A wound, a sore, 
wounding; sickness; fatigue, distress. 

I£b6s-tuh, ^uUm^ adj. Wounded, broken ; 
sick, sorrowful. Khusta-hund. s.f. A bandage. 
Sbusta^hdif adj. Afflicted, distressed. ]^U8tahar 
lee,B,f. Affliction, distress. Sbusta-jdnyOt Sbua^ 
ia4ilt Heart-broken. Siusta-j/inee, $.f. Broken 
heart, dejection of mind. 

IQ>us-uk, uXmA 8. Rubbish ; a triangular 
thorn; Caltrops. * 

Khut, 4.2^ ws adj. Six. Khut-rus^ Six 
tastes. KAut-shastr, The six philosophical sciences 
of the Hindoos, (called otherwise Khuti^rs/iun,) 
via. Nij/ayu, Logic, tauglit by Goln/n : Vyshesh" 

ik, taught by Kunad: it agrees with Niyayu in 
some points and differs in others : MimoMa, 
taught by Jymum; it consists of rules for the 
construction and right interpretation of the Veds: 
Veiant, taught by Vya8(fev; the science of 
theology: Sankhyu, tanght by KupU; the fol- 
lowers of this sect disbelieve in a Creator, saying 
that the universe is from all eternity: Patunjul, 
introduced by Shethnag; it agrees in every point 
with Sankhyu, excepting that it makes God to 
be the Creator. 

Khut, KS^ ^^Z 8.f. A bedstead. 

Khut-a. Iki. n. prop. Chinese Tartary. 

I2i6t-a, Uajk 8. f. A mistake, error, fault, 
sin, crime. Siuta'buUsh, s. m, A forgiverof 
errors, sins, &c. I^uta kurna. To err, miss. 

Khut-dee, ^l^e^ ^r^t «./• Acidity, sour- 
ness; an acid. 

Khut-d-ka, 1^'^ ^Z\^ s. m. A crash. 

Khut-^1, Jlx^i''^^^^. m. Spring-tide. 

Khut-do, ^[^^zj^ 8. m. A pin with which 
a boat is fastened. 

Khut-a-p6t-ee, ^^^ ^zvr^s.f. Wrang- 

Khut-ds, \j»*^4 ^SZ\^ s. m. A polecat. 

Kbutb, \^f^^^ 8. m. Marrying, betrothing» 
contracting a marriage; a thing, cause, work. 

Khut-chhtip-pur, j^^^j^ ^^ 'W^TK i. w. 
A bedstead with curtains. 

IQiut-^eb, Ln^Ja^ *. »*. A preacher. 

Khut-eek, ^S^ W^^ s. m. A hunter, 
one who lives by killing and selling game. 

IQiut-6er, j^ adj. Great, important, 
honourable, dignified. 

Khut«6e-yay Jukau 8. m. Crime, fault. 

Khut-g6er, ^X^ ide'H?: 8. m. A bug. 
Kh6t-iya, Lx^ ^frm *./ A bedstead; 

a bier. Sbosia kureh dtfhee khutiya rUklek, God 

grant his bier may be carried out, or he may die, 

(a common form of cursing). 
Kh6t-ka, l^^ ^^^T 9. m. Apprehension^ 

suspicion, doubt, suspense ; sound of footsteps. 
Khut-ki-na, 08^ ^d< ! iHi «. nu Rapping, 

thumping, rattling (of a door, &c.) 
Khut-khut-i na, 1;^^^ ^T^^erm v. a. To 

knock, tap, pat. 
Khutm, ^isL 8. m. Conclusion, seal, end. 

(adjly.) Done, finished. 
Khut-m6et~ha, ^f^^ WZJ^ZJ s. m. A 

mixed taste of sour and »v^et, agreeable. 
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[ 239 ] 










(harsh patatirk) (toft dental) 











Khfit-mul, Ja^ ^Z^VS s. m. A bug. 
Khut-na, U^ ^^^ v, a. To last. 
IQ^fit-Qa, <U1:&> 5. tn. Circumcision. 
Khut-61a, "iy^ wt\W{ s. m. A small 

Khut-put, l2.-^ werrz s. f. Wrangling, 

contention, quarrel; clashing of weapons. 
^dt-rsLf ^JoLsi. 8. tn. Danger; fear, .risk, 

yenture. Khutra rirfa k^nmay To ease nature. 

^utra nuh kttma. To make no bones of. Shutreh 

ma^ ddlna. To endanger, risk, venture. 

Khut-r%, lJIj CS^^ AddisHl s. m. Wrangling; 
singing discordantly. 

Khut-r^-nee, ,^1;^ ^TTTT'ft s, f. The fe- 
male oi Khtitree. 

KIi6t-ree, ^/^^ ^a^ s^ m. One of the four 
Hindoo casts, a man of the military tribe. 

J^utt, ^ s, m. A letter, epistle ; a line, 
lineament; writing, band- wri ting, chirography ; 
mastaches, beard, youthful beard or down on the 
face. SiuUi'azd(feie, A deed of manumission. 
Ebuituistiwd, The equator, ffiw^ niktilisM, To 
appear (the beard). Siuft bundna. To shave the 
beard. SbtOti-jH-ee, The tropic of Capricorn. 
Si^i-furutdnt The tropic of Cancer. Sbuiti- 
thoodu, The rays of the sun; also, the name of a 
kmd of writing. i3^uUi^um6o(i, A perpendicular 
line. iSiutti^kiidbut, Correspondence. Khfitti-- 
gHQlidft A kind of flourished hand-writing. 
Siutli-misluwdzee, A parallel line. i^nUUmQQS' 
iniier, A circular line. Khytti-^nooslukeem . A 
right line. UJutti'mConh Unee, A curved line. 
l^utti-nisfnonnuhdrt A meridianal line. KLuiii' 
koQtrj A diameter. Khutli'mushriho-muabrub, A 
loDgitudinal line. Khutti'mOD/iwwuj* A curved 
line. J^ufti-mikt/ds, A graduated line. KhuUi- 
wOt'fr, A diagonal line. 

Khut-ta, ^ Wf[J s. m. A cavity in which 
grain is kept, a grain-pit. 

Khut-ta, ^^ W^ adj. Acid, sour. Khut- 
ta^ag^ s. m. The herb sorrel. 

Ij^at.tdt. ^^ adj. superL used sub. A 
good writer. 

Khut-tik, v-J^/ mV^^ 8. m. A huijter, one 
who lives by killing and selling game. 

Kh6t-too, j^ ^Tf *. m. A labourer, 

Khut-uk-na, UCl^ ?ff3^r^T v. n. To wrangle, 
to offend, to rankle, to pierce (as a thorn); to 
doobt, to be apprehensive . {sub.) Doubt, hesita- 
tion, disgust. 

KbuUnn, jis. 8. tn. Circumcising ; a cir- 

cumcision-feast; the nearest relations to a wo- 
man ; a son-in-law. 

ladt-ur, ^^ s. m. Recollection, coming in- 
to the mind, thought, remembrance ; danger, rjsk, 
fortune. i^uturndk, adj. Perilous, frightful, 
dangerous. SJiulur-nakee, s.f. Danger. 

Khut-uri-ya, U^^^ ^^T^T s. m. An insect. 

Kh6t-wa, 1;^' ^ir^^T «•/ A bedstead. 

Khut-wa-ra, \)y<4 ^d^K T s. m. A dunghill. 

Kbuwd-fik, <>^t;^ s. The four cardinal 

Qiuwi-rik, Ji;t^^ s. pi. Contrary to nature, 
unusual things, miracles. 

Qiuwdss, c/'l;^ 5. pl' Attendants, domes- 
tics; grandees, ministers of state; properties, 
qualities; a page or a female attendant on tho 
great; a favourite. SbuwassO'Uwdmm, Nobles 
and plebeians. Ebuwassee, s. m. The place where 
one sits behind a great man upon an elephant. 

Qiuw^ed, J^.^ 8. m. A green field, a sown 
field, green grass cut for cattle, green corn. 

IQiuyaree, s^)^-^ s f. A kind of violet. 

10>uz-an, jlj^ 5. /. The autumn. 

IQ^uz-iu-chee, ^\j^ s. m, A treasurer^ a 

IQ^uz-d-nuh, ^I^ s. m. A treasury, maga- 
zine, granary, repository; treasure; the chamber 
of a gun. Khuzanuddr. A musket with a cham- 
ber. . Uiuzanuhe-dmiruk, $. m. The royal or im- 
perial treasury. 

Q^uz-6e-nuh, ^,)^ s. m. A treasury. 

10)uzl, Jjck 8.f. Deficiency. 

Khuz-uf. «— 5/=^ s. An earthen vessel, pot- 
sherds, broken shells. 

IQjuzz, j-i. s.f. A coarse kind of silk cloth. 

Khwab, S-^I^'S^ s. m. Sleep ; a dream : nap 
(of cloth), Mwab'af6o(fa, adj. Sleepy, drowsy. 
iSiwab-Mit/dl, s. m. Spectre, phantom, illusion. 
Khwab'pureshdn, A frightful dream. Siwab^ 
(jtekhna. To dream, ^wabisidn, A dormitory." 
JSiwabgdht Sleeping apartments, bed-room. 
Sbwtibo-hhoor, Rest and food. iJuvabfe(fuff€€, 
Negligence. Utwabndk, adj. Sleepy, drowsy. 

Khwab-6e-da ^^2^\^parL Sleeping, asleep. 

IQ^wah, *t^ part. act. {in camp.) Wishing, 
requiring, soliciting, desiring; as, Turtikkee* 
iitpdh. Wishing increase. I)dSil»hiil^o^> Wish- 
ing prosperity, conj. E4ther, or, whether. />ar^ 
pass, as, ^dlir^wdh. The desire of one's heart. 
^wah'mutiwah, or Sb}pah'ni^}pnh, or Efh wd^ 
hee nuihwdhee, ado. Willing or not willing, no* 
leM volens; oertaiuly, positivetv, at all^eveuts. ^ 

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[ 240 ] 

a ch d e ee g gh i 

all dioose (soft dental) get thee gone , (Northumbrian r) in 


(deep liquid lingual) 


^>ya-h^n, j^>2t\ ^^ part* act Wishing, (adj. 

or sub,) Deiiirous, desirer, seeker. 
IQiwd-hir,^!^^ s./. A sister, 

Ebwd-hish, tA^t^ s.y! Desire, wish, in- 
clination; request, ^wahish rukhnOf To wish, 
to desire. Kkwahishmund. adj. Desirous. 
^y)ahi8h'Udhee, The will of God. 

IQ^vyd-ja, <^I^ s, m. A man of distinction, 
a master, a rich merchant, a gentleman, a goTer- 
uor. JS^waja ^izr, n. prop. The name of a Ma- 
homedan prophet skilled in divination, and who 
is said to have discovered the water of life; hence 
he is said to be the saint of waters; the Mahomed- 
ans offer to him oblations of lamps, flowers, &c. 
placed on little rafts and launched on the river, 
particularly on Thursday evening in the month 
of Bhadoit; and it is in his honour that the feast 
of the Befa is held. JSiipaja'zd^a, s, m. Master. 
Khwaja-sura, s. m. An eunuch. Xh^ajuh-tashf 
A fellow-servant; school -fellow, 

IQian, j!^ s. m. A tray, part, act, (in com,) 
Reading, singing, repeating, reader. Sbyodncha, 
8,m, A small tray. Kh^oanposhf s, m, A cloth 
for covering a tray, a tray-lid, 

Khw^n-da, ^>>'t^j^ part pais. Read; (adj,) 
Having the knowledge of reading and writing. 
Naiiy^ojyfa, adj. Ignoramus, one who cannot 

fOiwd-nee, ^yl^ (in comp) s,f, Reading, 
repeating, recitation. 

IQiwan-sa-mdn, jULJI^jj* a, m, A house- 
steward • 

Kl)wa-nun-da, ^^'\yi^ part.pres, used sub, 
A reader. 

IQjwar,^^ adj. Poor, distressed, deserted, 

abandoned, friendless, wretched, contemptible, 
ruined, part. act. Eating, eater, drinking, drink- 
er, suffering, sufferer, ^ivaro-zar, adj. Abject 
and distressed. 

I2)^y4->'ee> ^)^y^ ^'f* Baseness, abjectness, 
distress, (m comp,) Eating, drinking. 

IQjwi-ruznj, (Vj';*^ ^' prop, 'J'he ancient 

]Qi\yast, vi.^^^ji» s,f. Desire, wish, request. 
i^u^astgdr, s, m. Candidate, competitor, bidder. 
Siwast-gareef s.f. Competition, candidateship, 
request, wish, desire* Uiwdsta, part. pass. De- 
sired, wished for. 

IQjweslv lA?.^ pron. Self, own. s. m. A 
kinsman; a son-in-kw, a family. Khwesh'kurah&t, 
Kinsmen, relatiens. tOkyoeshte^ $,f. Relation- 

Khy-^l, J 1-9 %^T^ (Bruj) a, m. Play, 
sport, fun, pastime. 

Khy-bun p-tr^ n, prop. In Hefaz, and ano- 
ther place near Peshaumr. 

Khyl. (Js^ s, m. Horsemen, cavalry. s,f. 

An army, a multitude of people., X^ s, f. or adj. A woman having 

many moles (a great beauty among the Arabs). 

Khy-la, '^i^ %^I s, m. A young bullock, 
a steer. 

Khy-leh. ^^ adj. Many, much, very, ex- 

Kby-ma, 1 <^:h^ «. m. A tent, pavilion. 

Kl^e-ma, / KheemaddZj A tentmaker. 
Siyma htima, To encamp, ideemagdh, s.f. A 

Khynch, ^-^ %^ s,J\ Pulling, drawings ; 

scarcity. Kfi^is^chaMyncheet s, f. Polling an4 
hawling. Khynchna, v. a. To pull, draw, tighteD; 
delineate, paint. 
Khyn ^:-*. adj. Good, best. adj. Well, s.f, 
Groodness, health, happiness. SkyrQBi^-misat The 
best of women, /Vi/tma. XhyrundSsh^ A well-wish- 
er, a friend. Khyrb&d, May he prosper, farewell. 
Sbyr-iktiburt News. ^^^^^A, A friend, s well- 
wisher. KhyrO'dJitfut, s.f. Health andwelfwe. 

Khy-ra, l^^'' %kt s. m. Brown ; a sprat (or 
fish very like one). A tree (Mimosa Catechu). 

Kby-rdt, LL>]j^ s,/,pl. Good things; alms, 



adj. Intended for chari- 

table purposes, given (or to be given) or receir- 

ed in charity. 
lOjy-ri-yut, w:-^!;^^^ s.f. Welfare, safety. 
JQiy-roo, ^j^ 5. Mallows. 
IQiy ro-shurr, ^;;jr^ s. Good and evil. 

IQiy-shoom, j»^-l*si> s. m. The nose, the 
cartilaginions part of it; nasal letters; the ridge 
or summit of a mountain. 

Khyty \2^ 8. Sewing thread. 

Kby-ydt, i^Ujfc" «. m. A tailor. 

Ki, ^ pron. Who ? that conj. That, a% be- 
cause, &c. 

]^ib-ir, ^L.^"^ 8. pi. The great, grandees. 

Kib-la, A^ 8. wj. Anything opposite; that 
part to which people turn their fiicewheast 
prayer; (hence, the word means) Biecca, an altar, 
temple; (and, by way of respectful address) Wor^ 
ship I Father I &c. Kiblai-hajSf, What is looked 
to for the attainment of necessities or desirei. 

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[ 241 ] 


o 00 09 gg r 

bo« so too good our (harsh palatick) 

(soft dental) 










Kiblae-alunit The kibla of the world, His Majesty, 
Yoar Majesty. KibUu-kounyn, The Ifibla of both 
worlds, applied to a father. Kiblugdh, The place 
tamed to when at prayer, generally means a fa- 
ther. KiblanQsmd, {lit. shewing the kibla or 
direction of Mecca,) A mariner's compass, 

Kibr, J-/ s. m. Grandeur, pride, haughti- 
Kib-r^et, v.s-^j-i' s. m. Sulphur. 

Kib-riya, Oj-/ s. m. Grandeur, magnifi- 
cence; pride; a name of God. 

Kib-ul, (JaS 5. m. Power; plenty; aside, 

apart; presence. 
Kich-kich-^na, 0U^/-(V^8IP^j-in v.n,To 

grind (or gnash) the teeth. 

Kich-pich, gv.^f%^^5./. Mud, mire, &c. 

Kich-ra, Ijsri' "ftnr^n^ s, m. The gummy sub- 
stance that oozes out of the eyes, to be blear-eyed. 

Kichur-pichur h6na, ^ftysijsf ftfTCpTT': 
TRT To be yepy wet. 

Kid-i-mut, v.s-v«|jS s.f. Priority. 

Kid-d-ra, \J^ f*t^i<[ s. m. Name of a mu- 
sical mode or raginee, sung in the midnight of 

Kid-^r-bus-unt, uu^;^!j|j^ Ph^K*!^*^ s. m. 
Name of a musical mode. 

Kid-hur, ^ji fknn: adv. Where? whither? 
Kiif^rseh^ Whence. 

Kid-um, j»^ 8. m. A man excelling in vir- 
tue; eternity. 

Kid-wa, ^^S s. m. An example, model, 

Kif-d-yut, CS--/.U/ s.f. Sufficiency, enough, 
abundance, plenty, surplus, economy, thrift. 
Kifayut^shidr, Economical, thrifty. Kifayut 
^rna, To save, answer, serTe, do., ^i),UJ s. f. Abundance, 
plenty, sufficiency, adj. Thrifty; cheap, purchas- 
ed for less than its value. 

J^h, y adj. Small, little ; slender. 

^^*®"> jt^ adj. Least, junior. 

^^9' j^ ft^^ {»^ J?^"7) pron. To or 
for any. 

Kih-tur, jZji' adj. Less, very small, juni- 
or, mean, low. Kihtitree, s.f. Littleness, small- 

Kik-iy^na, OUT ftrf^iH v. n. To 
"hriek, to scream. 

Kil a, «J5 ,. m. k fort KUucfdr, Com^ 

H h 

mandant of a garrison. J^ilu^aree, s. f. The 
command of a garrison. 

Kil-^na, OS^ 1%^t^t v. a. To winnow ; 
to strike with the fist. 

KiMed, JuK*./ Akey. 
Kilk, L-^i/ s. /. A reed, a pen. 
Kil-kd-ree, ^^yiilS g. /. Shrieking, roaring; 
the voice of an elephant. 

Kil-k^-ree, ^pi ik^r^\^ s. f. The 
chattering (of a monkey), snarling. Kilkaree 
mdrnay v. n. To express pleasure by any sound 
or cry, to shout. 

Kil-kil-a, 5^5i^ Iwftr^T s. m. Peevishness, 
fretfulness, anger. Kilkildna, v. n. To be fret- 
ful, snap, snarl, to be peevish, to squabble. 

Kilkil kdnta, U}!^JU^ fwfti^^tcrT s. m. 
A game among boys; one boy, having drawn se- 
veral lines upon a stone, hides it, and the others, 
repeating the word kilkil^hanta, run about search- 
ing for it; whoever finds the stone, has a right to 
strike the boy who hid it, three times with his 
fingers on the back of the hand. 

Kil lee, ^J^ fknit s.f. A key, bolt. 

Kil-lut, cs^ 8. f. Littleness, penury, 

scarcity, want, indigence, paucity. 
Kil-muk-^-nee, ^liuJS 8. / A female 

armed attendant on a lady (perhaps a Calmuc). 

Kfl-nee, ^ fti^r^ «. /. A tick (iusect 
that infests dogs, &c.) 

Kilub-chtih, i^^ 8. m. A redoubt. 

Kll-uk, L-^K f%^^ s.f. Splendour, lustre 
(of a gem). 

Kim, ^ f%^ What? which ? how? 
Kim-^d, •^UJ' #. m. Fomentation. - 

Kim-4r, jUS 8. m. Dice, or any game of 
hazard. Kimarbaz, A gambler. 

Kim-^sh, (jmU$ 8. m. Name of a suit at 
cards; piece goods. 

Kim-khw^b, L^]^i^J 8, m. Silk worked 

with gold and silver flowers, brocade. 
Kin, ^ f%iT pron. interrog. pi. infl. Who ? 

which ? 
Kin-^r, jUi «. f, Bosofn, embrace ; side, 

margin, edge. Kinar khynchna. To give up, to 

quit, leave. 
Kin-^-ra, !jUi 8. m. Side, margin, part, 

limit, boundary, edge. Kinara kuma, v. a. To 

abstain, to refrain. Kinara-hush, Withdrawios^Tp 






(soft dental) 

C 242 ] 







(Northumbrian r) 



(deep liquid ling^) 

1^ . 

Kinareh hqj6na. To retire, to 
f^^lTt s, f. (Gold or 

Kinarehy Aside 

Kin-d-ree, ^j'-^ 

silver) lace. 
Kin-^ya, ^.Ui' 8. m. Allusion, metaphor, 

an ironical expression, a wink, nod, sign. 
Kin-d-yut, «»^.U^ s.f. Allusion, metaphor. 

Kin-chit, c::-^sr^ fife' f yjri adj, A little. 

Kinch-lee, .^J^ f^^ra^ s./ The slough 

(of a snake, &c.) 
Kin-gd-ish, tA/.i^ «. Parsimony. 
Kin-gree, ^^ fv?ft s.f, A sort of fiddle. 

Kin-kdj, >^^ s. Advice, counsel, consi- 

Kln-kin-ee, y^^^ii^ ftinhUi^ «./. A girdle of 
bells or tinkling ornaments worn by women. 

Kin-^kur, J^ f%^R: «. wz. A slave, a 

Kin^nur, yi ftn}< s. m. A kind of sing- 
er or chorister at the courts of the gods; a de^ 
mi-god attached to the service of Koover, the god 
of riches. 

Kiu-wyya, ^,yS [k^^^l 8. m. A purchaser. 

Kir, y ftrf 8. m. A worm. Kir-khdi/a, 
adj. Worm-eaten; marked with small pox, pitted, 

Kir-^m, Jyi 8. pi. Noble, &c. Kiramnon- 
katibeen, Recording angels. 

Kir-dn, j\f 8, m. Conjunction of the pla- 
nets; propinquity, * contiguity. Kiran hvitia, 
^ To accomplish something wonderful, to perform 
wojiders. JfCiran^s-sfujlynt The conjunction of 
.the two fortunate planets Jupiter and Venus. 

Kir-4-na, 01^ ftfTT^T s, m. Grocery, v. a. 
To adjust; to sift, to separate by turning round 
in a winnowing fan (differing from phutukna) . 

Kir-do, ^\^ f^T:m 8. m. A small pea 

Kir-dt, cul/ f%TT?T «. m. A savage, a 
tribe of mountaineers who live by the chase. 

Kir-dut, CL^'tjS s. f. Reading justly (expe- 
cially thefbran). 

Kir-d-ya, .*/.!/ 8. m. Hire, fare, rent. Kir- 
at/a chulana, To let (any thing