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%j J. UAfp. A^«/^i^ 


J? -5 ■ 
i^ 3 2, 









017 THE 


It is requested that any errors and 
omissions may be brought to the notice 

The Assistant Quarter Master General, 

Intelligence Branch, 




. 1899. 

r n lAf XT 06 of fl8 



TlHlB work has been compiled with a view to 
. providing an index to the numerous ramifications 
of the Pathan tribes of the North- West Frontier, 
in such a form that any obscure sub-division may be 
easily referred to its jMroper tribal position : but all 
detailed particulars of the history and genealogy 
of the tribes, such as may be found in larger works 
of reference) have been excluded. In order also to 
diminish the bulk of the work without greatly de- 
creasing its utility, certain cis-frontier Pathan tribes 
(including the divisions, etc., of the Bangash and 
Khattaka) have been omitted ; the Turis, however, 
have been includecl. 

J. WOLFE MURRAY, Lieut. ^Colonel, 

AsB'Utant (Quarter Master General^ 

Intelligence Branvh. 

Simla ; 
ht June I8b9. 

■ i ■ 


.The claseification adopted in this dictionary i^ 
follows :— 

1. The tribe. 

2. The clan of the tribe. 

3. The division of the clan. 

4. The Bub -division o£ the division. 

5. The section of the sub-rhyision. 

6. Other minor fractions of the section. 

The headings in the dictionary read from the 
lesser to the greater, thus ; — Dadu Khbl are a minor 
fraction of the Dreplara. section, of the Khuarogi sub- 
divbion, of the Nasrnddin division, of the Zai^ha 
Khel clan, of the Afridi tribe. - 

Figures in brackete indicate the nomber of the 
fighting men o£ the fraj^tiun immediately preceding 
the figTiree. 

The locality of the tribe, clan, or division, etc., is 
also given within brackets, where this is capable of 
accurate detioition, and is not sufficiently inchoated in 
the name of the tribe, clan, etc. In many cases the 
names of the headmen have been given. 

"Gar" AND ".Samil.*' — These terms refer to the 
two political factions into which the tribes on the 




PesBawar and KoHat borders are divided. At some- 
remote period a^ bitter feud e^sted between the Gur 
and Samil branches of the great Bangash tribe^ and 
all the neighbouring tribes appear to have joined one- 
faction or the other; although the origin of the 
quarrel has becfn fbi^otten, the division' stiff remains. 

"SuNis^' AND "Shiahs.^' — The vast majority of 
the frontier tribesmen belong to the former sect • and 
this inay be assumed to be the ease where n.(jt other- 
wise expressly stated. 

" Hamsayas, '^ — Vassal dr. dependent; settlers^ 
amongst aa alien^ tribe. 


* " ■ '■ ■^■ jf i 

^^^^^P'' ^^^^1 





Abi Khbl.— a minor fraction 

Am Kb«l tS.'"*!*!:!).— a mV 

of Adam Khel, Na-i»r Khtl, 

aivwion of Kua Sulizai. 

AHKhdTi Khel. Snrki Ehel, 

BaizM, Ak..zii!— Yusufzai 



Khe! Whzitb. 

Aba Kesl-A aub-diTiwon 

of Khadak/*i. KhwazazM, 

Aba Khel— a wWivision 

Akomi— Ynaufmi Bwatis. 

ri Nekpi Ehel, Khwa7a!»i, 

Akoiii— Tuaafeai Swotis. 

Aba Kebl,— a aectirai of 

Ismailzai, Daulatzai, Maliiai, 

Aha KhBI.— a section of 



Akowi-TnBufzai Swafis. 

Aba KHBt.— a suh-divTRion 

of Nuri^ai, Malizai, Boner- 

Ab» (or AiiO) Khbl.— A 


sction ot MakW-ai, Nsmi- 

rui, IliaBzoi, Bimerwals. 

Aw Kbbl. (80 ; Dera Ismail 

Khan DistritO.-^N'omadic. 

A.B* Kbbl {1.200).-A mh- 

a »e«tion of laot Ehel. Mian 

divifiiDn of Babuzni, Ba^T^ui, 

Khd, Lohann, Pawindalia. 

Akozai— Tunufuii SH'atL&. 



■ Atsa. KbIL (Mohmftnii 
conntty). — A sub-diviaion-of 
Masnud, Safin, a vassal olaa 
of the Molmianda. 

• Aba Kskc (Laft bank of 
Maatui-a). — A sMtion of the 
Fateh Khan Khel, Utman 
. Khel, Daulatrai, OrnkTAiis. 
Baiuil. Headman ; B^jaz. 

I Aba Kob.— a sob- division 
of Maimana Khcl, Khwaeiai, 
Mohmandt. Headman ; 


^B*8,Khil (80).--A._ minor 
Wr fraction of tbe Panj Pilara, 
|< AbduUai, Aimal Kh<^1. Sah- 
I ' loliai, MahBnda. Heailman ; 

Abas EiiBL (80).— Aacotion of 
the Baihat Khel, Nana Kh.'l, 
Bahlolzai, Mahsuds. Mfad- 
men j Shorang Khan, Aa\. 

Abas KffBt (100).— A minor 
fraction ot the Shnmi Khel, 
Palll Khel, Mailazai, Alizai, 
Mahsiidit. Headmen ; Magn, 
Mador. Imur, and Mirab. 

Mnbammad Khel, Malakh, 
Malllzad, Dawaria, Head- 
man ,• Mad A^aia. 

Abaz*i (1,000).— A div 
of Khwaiazai, Akozai — 
Tnsiifzai S«atiB, NotB,— 
The Abazai division are n_ . 
dppendeotB of the Khan o 

Abb* Khei, (200),— A division 
of Tatta, Battannia. Head- 
mcDj Kota (Alladadi),j 
Sarang Kban (Shakar). 

Abdsl Khel.— Ad: 

Knifi Kho Ci-SOtJ) AfridiB. 
Oar. Headmen ; Mulla 
Anwar Shah, Galnir, 
Said AJT, Mnlla Lajbar, 
Mnlla Amir, GnUam, Sher- 
□lla, Budai, 

Abi>i Khbl, — A minor fract- 
tion fjf Shngiii, Tori Kbel 
(2,670) _ Ibrahim Ehel, 
l-'taianzaii Darwesb Kbelj 
Wazir*. Heaaraen; Albt 
^ar and Ghalbal. 

Abduiabi.— A aiih-diviaioi 
JlPkhiflBi, Spin, Tar 
Headman ; Azim. 

ABnuiAZii (2,or'0 ; Zhob).- 
division of (Northern) San^ 
7ftT, Kakar«. Headman ; 8n! 
tan Muhammad (Fakbezai). 


>el M 


AiiDtTL Azii Kbbl (SOi 
Mastura Talley).— One of 
the fonr divisions of the 
JUnhammitd Khel OmkzAia ; 
are ealk-d the " Khane of 
the Muhftiumad Kbel." Gar. 

AoDut Khbl (340; North of 
KJiarmacariver).— A minor 
Fractitm ol the Mastu Khel. 
Khwnjn Khel, Msisnziii, 
ImshkaraJ, Oralc/aiB. Giir. 
Headman ; Asliraf Khan. 

Abocl Khel.— a minor fraif: 
t!on ofBoi'a Khpl 11,00"), 
Blohmit Khel, UtmaiiTai, 
Darwesh Khe1 Wa^ire. 
Tlondmen ; Sheikh, Klioja 
Mir. and Pahlwan. 

ABiirL Khul (5i').— a a«tion 
oE the Kasim Khel, Badan- 
zai, 8haiYinn Khd, Mahiiids. 
Uradmen ; Jani Khan and 
Mir Janat. 

AB»rL Khbi- — A sub-divi. 
sion of Urinnii Khel, Sipali 
[l,ai)0), Afiidis. Samil, 
Headmen ; Bher Jon, Jum- 
ma, Daud, Shibran, Chin>- 

AnpiTL Kbbl (? Idal Khil) 
(36).— A minor fraction of . 
ChaUan, ZiraKhcl.Amzoni 
iitiiirad, Uawaria. Head- 
man ; GniDftl Khan. 


Abdul Khki, (21),— A minoi 
fraction of UmarTat, Zira 
Khel, Amzoni, Mallizad, 
ilnwaris. Headmen ! Amir, 
Slii'tkh Mu5a,Niiiz. 

Abduli,*! (1,158).— a aub- 
division of the Aimal Khel, 
Bahlobai Mah»i.ids. Head- 
man ; Azim Klian. 

Abddl MiBZi.— (410; North 
of Kharuuiiia river).— A 
BBction of the Landaimi, 
Masnzai, Lashkarzai, Orikk- 
zaix. Gar. 

Abdul Rihim KuKl.— A 

sub-division of Lanrti Khel. 
Sipah (l,aoO). AEiidis. Samil. 
Headmen j Amir Wall. 


(Tirah).— A sub-divinion of 
the Baisid Khel, Sheikhan, 
"Hamaayas" of the Ocak- 
mis. Samil. Headmen ; 
Ahm^d GqI. 

Unot It4Hii*;< Kaau 
(34U).— A minor fraction of 
the Bher Khel, Hitibat Khel, 
Nana Khel, Bablohai, 
Mahsnds. Headraan; GuUad. 

Lddul RiHMiN Khrl.— 

A minor fraction of Idai' 
Khel, Ali Khel, Kliftddar 
Khel (770). Mohmit Khel. 



XJtmanzai, Darwesli Khel 
Wazirs. Headmen ; Nur 
' Mtkhammad, Abmad Din. 

Abdul Rahman Khel (50). 
— ^A minor fraction of Abdul 
BAhman Khel, Muhammad 
Khel, Malakh, Mallizad, 
Dawaris. Headmen ; Fazil- 
din, Kasim, Salam Khan, Zar 

Abdul Eahman Khel (100). 
— A section oi: Muhammad 
Khel, Malakh, Mallizad, 
Dawaris. Headmen ; Fazil 
Din, Hakim Khan, Gul 

Abdul Widanai (60).— A 
section of the Malik Dinai, 
Manazai, Alizai, Mahsuds. 
Headman ; Shawagav. 

Abdub Rahman Khel (200). 
— A section of the Musa 
KheU Mamnzai, Lashkarzai, 
Orakzais. Gar. 

Abrahim 'Khel (560 1 See 
Mamuzai).--A • section of 
the Alikaran, Mamnzai, 
Lashkarzai, Orakzais. Gar. 

AcHAKZAis (13,00 ) ; Both, 
sides of the Peshin border).— 

• A large tribe, an ofp-shoot of 
the Barakzai I'uranis, di- 
vided into the Gujanzai and 

Badin^ai clans. The lead- 
ing division of the former 
clan is the Ahmadzai, said 
to be distinct from the 
Hamid^ai division. Head- 
men ; Ha]i Ghnlam Haidar 
Khan, Khan Bahadur, is 
the leading man '; ot^el^s are 
Ayaz Khan (Hamidzai), 
Akbar Khan (Ghaibzai)f*etc. 
The clans, divisions, etc., of 
the Achakzais are not sepa- 
rately indexed. in this Wc- 

AcHAB Khel (20).— A sec- 
tion of Maryara Khel, Darka 

. Khel, Mallizad, Dawaris; 
Headmen ; l>idar> Yar 
Muhammad, M^zal. 

AcHABs or Atsars (20O— 
Kazha Valley, North Waz- 
iristan). — A colony of 
Yusufzai Salads, now set- 
tled amongst the Madda 
Kiel Wazirs of the Tochi. 
Headmen ; Dlngai, Mirbaz* 
Rastam Khao, wlim. 

Adab Khbl (Bemnu ; Cbapri» 
etc., Kuram).— A minor frac- 
tion of Said Khel, Um&rzai 
reOO). Shin Khel» Ahmadzai, 

. i^wesh Khel Wazirs. 

Apala Koe. — A minor frac- 

' tion of Behram Kor, I^ldar 

Khel, Mohmand KheU Kattia 

Ehel, Hassan Kbel. Mitha 
a Khel, Kaki Khd 
XO, AfridiB. Gar. Head- 
m ; Ghanni and Tortaz. 

, KoB,— A aub-divi( _._ 
^ Hiiaaini Khcl, Biirlian 
MohmandB. Head- 
n ; Shalilai. 

t Xbel (S,900; a BiDall 
B of hills, jntting out. 
Pcabawar and 
; DUlriots, BUrronnd- 
e Kohat Pass and in- 
ing the Tnrki vallej.) 
of the two non-KhybcT 
i olatii. They do nij-t 
' ' to any extent in 
■. Hfadmen ; Babi'i, 
, in British teiTitory. 

t Khbi, MtDDi Khbl. 

ir fraction of Nazar 
1, All Khan Khel, f^arki 
l._Madda Kiel {1,600), 
Kh^l, Utmanaai, 
Khel Wazire. 

I Kadati 

Khai. of 

ai, and Nabbi Eban of 

t Keel.— A sub-division 
^wgare, Dana, Bottannis, 

■I (9 ; Laid).— A 8i;l)- 
.r^.^not JHaleiai, liakan- 

Addj Khel.— a minor fmr. 
tioli of Jaraaldiif Khel. 
■Wadin, Khazzar Khel, Ali 
Khan Khel, Sarki Khel, 
Madda Khe! (1.600), Ibm- 
him Khel. Dtmanzai, Dar- 
wesh Khel Waaira. 

Adili Kh1!L — A minor frac- 
tion of Mirp;hat Khel, Basi 
Khel, Knmal Kliel, Salb Jan, 
Aka Khel (1,800), Afvidis. 

ADiNjiiii (90).— A minor frap- 
tion of MiiLizai, Fanizai, 
Ha ran Kb el, Sanatia. 
Kpknrs. Headman ; JUnshkai. 

Ad:szaI (?,fTO; Ucb, Shawa. 
and Kamora Tilleya).— A di- 
lision of Khwazuzai, Akozai 
— Ynsnfzai Swafis. Head- 
man; NaBrallab Khan of 

Abisza! (390).— a section of 
Sarangzai, Harun Khel. 
Sinatia, Kalcars. Headmen ; 
Mir Ahmad (Amadnn) ; 
Wahah (Amadnn), 

Adinzai (North Zhob).— A 
section of Badsniai, Aliiai, 
Sanzar, Kakars. 

ldbh (100).— a aonlion of 
Arozoi. Ahmad Kbol, Sen 
Khel, SheraniE. 

Aon Ebab Koa.^A BMtion 
□F the Umar Khan Ehel, 
Aliaheriai, Laelikiu'ztu, 

Orakzius. fiatnil. 

Adtt Keel (600).— A section 
of the Ali Karun, MiimBzui, 
Laahkajzai, OrakzaU. Gar. 
Hetidmikn ; Kulb Kur Bud- 

> AdW4si (S4).— a aub-diviaion 
i^f IsmajIaUgh, Spin, Tarms. 
HeuduatL ; Biknd. 

Af BiDis (26,S00 ; Lower and 
eaBternmost spin's of thu 
Sufed Koh rangi?, went and 
south of Peshiwar, incUid- 
inz the 'SutoT and Buiu 
valleyg, and all thi' oortheru 
pai't of Tirah), There are 
6Bo-«alled Khybw clans of 
Afridia, nil., Kuti Kbel, 
JCaraW Khel, Kamar Khel, 
Malikdin lOiel, Sipa!i, and 
Zikba Khd i also two out- 
aide okns, vis., Aka Ehel, 
dwelling on the Orakzai 
hotder, and Adam Khel, 
who (xjcupy a monntainoiiB 
tract projecting into British 
territory between Pashawat 
nnd Eohat With the ex- 
ceptioa of the Adani Ehel, 
the whole of the Afridi tribe 
is Bttgratory, remaining in 
the highlands of Tiiah in 
snmmer, and deeiiending to 
Kajuri, Bazar, and 


Ehyber T»!leyB Ja Winter, 
Tbe Ehyber and Kohat j 

Afza Khbi., — A minoi frac- 
tion of UmarEbel, Ali Ehel, 
Khadar Khel (770), Mohmit 
Ehel, UtraanMii, Uarwesh 
Khel Wanira. 

Aezai. Bhrl [QoTnatti and I 
Wana).— Aminorfmotionof J 
Ali Khel (10), Bomi Bbri, ' 
Nasra Din, Kaln Kbel, I 
Ahmadzai, Darwesh Klicl J 

ArzAL Ehei,.— A minor frao- 1 
(ion of Mandi Khel, Mad f 
Khozbai, Ehaddar Ehel | 
(770), Mohmit Khel, Utman- 
10,1, Darwosh Khel WaiiiB. 
Headman ; 

AfzaI Khbl (Samana range I 
and south sida of Khaiiki J 
valley)-— A anb-division of 
the Itobia Khel, Ismailzal, 
Orakzais. BamiL Headmen.; 
Mnhammad. Ehairnlla, [ 

Halim, Akiz, 

AooAi Kkbl (Bajaiir).— a | 
sub-section of Ilal Khel, 
Sftlaizai, Tarkania. 

Aghzah (96).— a aectioii of I 

AsZiR Khel. — A Biih-dmsioii 
,.f Niamat KheJ, Talta, Bat- 
tannis. Headman ; Marn^t. 

Ahaii Koe. — A sab-diviwon 
of Dawat 01 Danta Sibsl, 

Ahmad Khel.— A minor frac- 
tion af Ismajl Khel, Makho- i 
mi, NoBUzai, lliWai, Bui 

Ahmad KHT:i{2,000).-Ast 

Bahim, Eamat, Fir Kohl. 

Ahmad Khel (130).-A wc- 
tion of the Siiltanai, Sliftbi 
Ehel, Alizai, Mahijuds. Head- 
men i Nilgai, Daur. 

Ahmad Keel (40).— A aeotion 
of the Umar Khel, Nana 
Khel, Bahloliai, Mah»ndB. 
Headmaii ; FanjdaT. i 

ASWAP Kbei.— A minM frac- 
tion of Nikki Khel, Hawan I 

Khd, Fakbai (1,0(K», Bndai, 
Zakha Eliel, AiHdis. Samil. 
Headmen ; Gulbsdam, Wsli, 
Tirakai, KLaiiuUi, Korad, 

Ahmad Khel {38).— A section 
of Zira KKel,i Amsoni, Mai- 
lizad, Etttwacifl. .Headm' 
bbandai, tihanni, Shab- 

HKAD Khel (30).— Aaafltion 
of Tatota, Idak, TappiMd, 
Dawarifl. Heudmcn ; Daiaal, 
Halim Shah. 

AHMADaAi{lli Laki).— A sub- 
division of MaJeiai, Kalcan- 
nal, Lunia. 

Ahmadzai (ll,eM; Lett 
bank of Knram rivo and 
Brilish trrritoTy, Wans, 
Sbakiu, elo., Mabsud 
country). A clan of the 
Darwuali Khul Waiirs. 
Headmen ; Mani Kban, 
Sperkai, is the moit indnen- 
tial ; see also the two divi- 
sions of the Ahmadzaie, i 
Eain Khel and Sain 
Sani Khel. 

AhmadzaI.— (West of Dera 
Ghazi Khan IHstrict.)— 
A sub-dirision of Mang' 
Labarzai, Mnsa K. 
Heodmui ; Mir £bz. 

tlUDZAI [1,000; WMt of 

" , Qhari Khair Dirtrict). 
— ^ ■ab-divieion of Bali! 
Khel, Mnaa Khela. Head- 
men ', Jala, liahman, Lawan, 
Gai, Wadan (Maliwii), Baha- 
dur. Gulan (Hii3eniai),Halim 
ttardar Khan Iiat, Jamal 
Batu Khan (Maghdu/ai), 
Khan Muhammad, Fateh 
Kllac, (Mahmudzai), lial ' 
Khaii' Mtwt Muhammad 

^JlHMADZii. (450).— A clan of 
the Uahlarauas. The dm- 
sions, ete^ of the Ahmad^ais 

I 'are not -sepavately "indexed 

^^^ In this Dietionary. 


^.BXACZAi (Bfiri vallpy, 
Zhob),— A aretiim of Miraai, 
' Aliitti> Sanzar, Kakars. 

.HMBDii KoH.— A section 

Muhamniad Khan Kor, 

Bui'haa Khol Fandiali, Mob- 

miinda. Headnien; n^amdad, 

Samil. Headmen ; 
Din, Aliakai, Mnhiuddii 
Shah^ada, Araala, Alignl. 

AiB KHi[L{W«tern Buner)- 
A snh-Biviaion of Salar^i 
lliaszai, BunenralE. 

AiB Khok.— A minor fracti 
of Shaikh Kliel, Aib Kh( 
Salurzai, Iliaazat, Bucfti 

AiDAL Khbl (SO). — A seotio 
of the Birri Khel, Galeahab 
Shaman Ehel, Mabsixl 
H«admcn ; AHzai, Gnl Azai 

AiDTT Khbl (Ldft bank 
Mastura). A section of 
Yarfcnlli Khel, Bai 
Daulatzai, Orakzais. Sai 
Headman ; Daim. 

AiEiM Khel (80).— A «■ 
division of the Rtnd Khi 
Bahlolzai, Mabsuds. Heaa 
men ; Kalandar Sbah 

.Aemedakzai (Basawal. Kabul I 
riTer).— A division of the ! 
Kukozai, who are affiliated 
witk the Mohmand clans. 


Kha5 Khei 
(Mastura river) A sul-dit 
sion of the Zanka Khel, ' 
Khel, " Hamsajas " of tl 
Orakzais. Gar. J Shiah. 

Ahkeb Bbo KhbI:. — A minor Aihal Khan Koe. — ti 
fraction of Mohib Khpl, ' tion of the Umar Kban 
ShetcliAi, Aniiat (l,0<'n]. I Alisberzai, Lashkarzd 

^udai, Zaklia Kh«l, A<ddia, j Orakuis. SamU. 

kLllHBi.— 4 minor frnc- 
, of Hati Khel, Mall (or 
Ktili] Khel, Salorzai, 

«al, Bunwwalfl. 

Ehel (l,743),^i 
on of the BaUokai, 

Bal K'lTBL. — A minor frac- 
>ii of Tor Kh.a, Asttd Khcl, 
litha Rbnn Khet, Xaki 
ffiel [4,500), Afridis. Gar. 
'eadmen ; Baiai and 

Ul Kni)L.— A minorfrac- 
■ pn of Taghi Khel, Sharftki 
30). Galai, Adam Khel. 

L KflBL.— A minor frac- 
nof KaBlm Ehol (aSO), 
mat Ehel, Jawikki, Adam 
^hel, Afridis. 

[ Kebl.— A minor frac- 
tion of the Ash Khrl, Niisra- 
7,ni, Masazai, Litshkatzni, 
Ornkmis. SamH. Hmdman ; 

AiPAi KoB.— A Bub-diTtiiion 
of Haeaan Khel, Daweiai, 
Mohinands. Headman ; San- 

AlZDKACHBAI. (70). — A Bee- 
tion at the Malik Dmai,, Aliiai, Mahendg. 
Headman ; tSbatabaddin. 

Af AB Khbl (16\ — A tnb-divi- 
aiiin of Zerakki, Mallixad, 
Dawariij. Headmen ; Eozam. 
Shah, Ghain Shah. 

Asa Khbl (Bajaur).— A snh- 
dlvTiion of Nur Khel, Samil- 
zai, Turkanis. 

Aka Khbl.— a Huh-diviBion 
of Ktadakini, Khwaiazki, 
Akozai — YuanfTroi SwatiB. 

As* Khel. — A section of 
lemailzjii, Daolatzai, Malimii 

Aka Kbsl, — A section of 
FunjpBi, NoHniid, Iliasjai, 

Aka Khel (7S). — Dera Ismail 
Khan liislrict). — Nomadic, 
a Keotion of Isot Kbet, Mian 
Khi'l, Lohana. Pitwindahs. 
Headman i see Mian Khel. 

Dftint m- Dauta £b«l, 

mem ZuBun Shah, Akram. 

Ak\ Kssn.— a Bcclion of 
KhKlil Khel, EsBim ShA. 
TarftldCai. MahmancU. Umd- 
man i Kiiaiata, 

Aea Khhl (-liS),— a aoction 
ofthsSalicok&t, KkJliKhnl, 
ShAinan Khtl, Mahsuds. , 
Heodnuui ; Maatii Khan. 

Ak* Khhl (1,800).— Tho hUls 
*)irtii-weBt of Peshawar, the 
BBm and WaMn vdllej'a). 
Ono of tiiatwo non-Khyber 
AfrUi clans. Sam it. 

Aeaeai (l,lt!5.— BlaoS Mont 
tain). 4 diviKion of Imzg 
TusufzaiB. Hpadmen ; 
Khan, Saidwali, Shohbalcl) 
Khan, Dad Khan. 

Akazat _ (13B ; Mahabfti)).- 
A Bob-diviBion of Utnianza^ 
Mandun, .YuBTifzsis. 

,EBAB KsBL (Bar Talili* 

dand.)— A diTision 

' Akbei: (Ibrahim KheljflOO] 

— One of the sii diTiMoo 

! ot the iBTuailzai, Orakza'_ 

' SamiL HeadmBii) Abdp 



t. — A BHcticn of 

EhBl, Kaalm. Khol. 

Tarakzui, MuhmandB. Head- 

nmn; SbcvAli. I 

anna and Shawal.) | 

(rsctiou of Sirdi J 

Khel, Bakka Kiel (1,000), ■ 

■Wali Khel, Ctroan^ai, Dar I 

weiih Khe), Wazirs. I 

At Koa. — A miner fraction ! 
of Asaf Khel. Dalkba Kor, I 
Diuhi Ktie!, Tarakzai, Moh- . 
inands. I 

AkaMahitp (1,500).— A snb- 
dWision of DahnzM, Baiial, I 
Akc«&i — YuBufzal iiwatig. | 

AzHoBWit. — See Tator Kheli 

Akhtabkai (Zbob).- , 
tion of Ibrahimiai, Shadiwl 
Aiizai, SaDMir, Eakars. 

KHTAKZil (BOO ; Zhobt.-;- 
A set^liun of Shadzai, 
Khol, Samar, Kakar«. 

.KHirSB Khbl (Black fi 
tain). — Headman ) Ami 

AEHrNDEBEL(400i Ch^ar- 
zai portion rf Boner).- ' 

AKHtfBDis (12).— A flection 
of Torota, Idak, Tappl^ad, 
Dawaria. Headmnn ; larafil. 

AcHrnsAN (9).— A Motion ot 
Burim Kbel, Amzoni, Htilli' 
»id, Dawaris. Headmen ; 
Channi, Majib Bliah. 

' AxHTTNDKADa.— Thq descen- 
d«iit of an Akhnnd, or spiri- 
hml chief of renuwn. 

ACHW Ehkl (B).— a section 
of Marvam Kliel, Darpa 
Kliel, Mallizftd, OawMls. 
Headmen ; Fachi, Zerdadt. 

AsEA Khbl. — A Motion, of 
the Aimal Ehnn Ehel, 
Zanka Khd, Ali Ehel. 
"Ham8aya.s" of the Onik- 
zaii). Gar. J Shiih. Head' 
man i Darja £ban. 

ASOZAI; (70 ; Black Moun- 
■taint.— A aeotion of Tflsan 
Khet, Akuiai, Isazai, 

A.iroiii-YcBUJ2*is (40,400;* 
Swat Valloy from the Puaj 
kora JmictiDO to KohiBtan), 
—A large triieof Pathana, 
Inhabiting botk banks of 

. tte Swat river, sometimeB 

Akri Khel.— a minor frac- 
tion of Karim Ehcl, Jamal 
Khel, Malik Shabi (400), 
Wall Khel, Utmaniii, Dar- 
weah Khel, Waiirs. Head- 
man -, Sarjamal. 

Alacadeai (140). — A minor 
fraction of BdoKai, Futizoi, 
Hai-un Khel, Banana, 
Knkars. Headman ; Sher 

Aladadz*! (lOO; Zhohl.— A 
section of .TakilBai, Aliiai, 
Sanzor, Kakars. 

AuYDTN Kebl.-t-A miDor 
fraction of Misri Khel, Boati 
Khel (15G), Gulai, Adam 
Khel, Afi'idis. 

Alam KHAtf Kbbe. (650).— 
A minor fraction of the 
Machi Khei. Shurai Khel, 
Palli Khel, Manazai, Alizai, 
Mabsads. Heaiacn"; Alihat, 
Aka Khel, Suleman, Musai 
Shazoo and Khamtuni. 

Alak Khan Khrl (110). — A 
minor fraction of the iNaai 
Khel, Haidar Khel, Tor, . 
Tappizad, Dawsria. Hes^d- 
' men ; Lab Khan, Wali 

AlauKhin Khel (12).— a 
seati^'D of AliKoi, Darpa 

Alau Khbl. — A section of 
Kancmi, Kattagarui, Tutta, 

Alau Khbl.— a minor frao- 
tion of Feroz Khel, Tor 
Kapar (350), Gal&i, Adam 
Ehol, Afridia. 

Alazais {50; North of Torliela). 
^A division of Utmanzai, 

Ali Ahmad Khbl— A minor 
fraGtion of Baghdad Kliel, 
Kaimal Khe!, Urmiiz Kliel, 
Sipah (l,200j, AfridiB, 
Samil. Headman ; Nabat. 

All Khan Khbl —A aeotii 
of the Ali Karan, MamUzd, 
Loxlikar/.ai, Orakzais. i 
Headman ; MoHadi. 

Ali Khan Khbi (30), 
minor fi'action of the Gatt 
EKel, Baran Khel, Chalw 
Kht'i, Shaman Khel, Hahsudt 
Headmra ; B«lal[, Zarpij'aii. 

Ai.i Khan Khel. — A minOi 
fraetJoti of Bash Khul (ISO 
^ha^aki, Oalai, Adam Kli( 

Ali Khab Khel.— A 
fraction of Kasim Khel {250 
Kimat Khe), Janaki, Adan 
Khel, Afridis. 

Ali Khan Khbl.— A 
fraction of ^arlii Khe! 
Madda Khal (1,600), Ibrahil 
Khel, tJtmanzai, D 
Khol Waiirs. Headm' 

At.! Kaean.— (Head of Khanlti 
nvn.) One of the two snb- 
divisiona of the Mamnrai,, Orakzais. Gar. 

AiiKHAKAI. — A minor fraction 
of Khnshftlai. Tori Khel 
(2,670), Ibraliim Khel, Ut- 
- manzai, Darwesh Khel 
Wazirs. Headmaa ; Fateh 

also ^abir of Inzar Kachj^Nn 
Sbah of Banzala, and 
Khel of Inair Kaeh. 
also Star Ali Khan Klu 
and .Waraka Ali 
Khel. Tlia latter ( 
frcquentlj alluded to as 1 
" Ali Khan Khel" simply- 

istM (Wwt of Dera I , 

■ KliM diatriot).-A| 

of th« Kadiia:, 

li, Balil Khel, 

Kliebi. Headman ; I 

MuhiLuimad. j 

{3,000— Source of 

itnrn tiTer). — One of the 

Hanuiayii " oUna of 

OrAkzBJB. GsT. ^rd 

Headman ; Haiuid 

.LI Khel (2,000 ; Oppowtp 
Chakdai'iv wain Swat vsllay)- 
— A divininn of Bar Ranizai, 
Aknrfti— Yuanfzai Swafis. 
Headmen ; S.iadat Khan, 
SaifQlluh Klian, ghiiiii 
Khan, all of Akdand. 

J.I Khei. (or Alizai) 
(9,800. Zhob— aod Khalwr). 
—A diviaion of Saniar. 



ylieikhaii, I 
■■ <jf the Orak-I 
'■iamil. Houdman ; , 

(Se).— A «nb- 1 

of tlie Khftlll Kliel, ' 

Kliel, Mahends. I 

HajiMnhsmniad, , 

A miDor fractioii 
; 3IiiHt All. Shaikh KI>«1, 
Aib Kh«l. yalaciai, IliaKai, 

Ali Khel —A section of thi? 
Makhozfli, Nusnzui, Iliaazai, 
Boner wala. 

Am Khel,— a awrtion of 
Khan Xb?1, Kui Svlixa, 
Bai/»i, Akazai — Yaanfzai 

._Li KflBL (800).— A aeotdon 
of Shadzai, AlJzai, Sanaar, 


Ali Khei..— a minor fraction 
of Idla Khel, Jani Khel 
(1,0U0), Wall Khel. Utmau- 
lai, l^arwiflh Kliel Waiirs, 

Ai-i Keel —A sectaoa * of 
KliadJar Ki^el (J^O), Mohtoit 
Khel, UcmanaiJ, Uarweah 
Khel Wttzii-B. Headmen jNor 
Mn ham mail, Makaahi Liarai, 
SakheMan, Akhmad, Nam- 
hati, Salih Uin, Nanarka. 

Ali Khbl.— a miner fraotion 
• of Shiigai, Tori Kh.l (2.670 ). 
Ibrahim Khel, Utmanzai, 
Darwesh Kiiel Waiira. 
Headmen ; Unl B:t>d, Gnlll 


All Khbl.— ^A seotion of 
Manyar Khel (360), Ibrahim 
KheJt XJtmanzai^ Darwesh 
IKM Wazh». Headmen ; 
Zira Khan, Mihrab Khan, 
Kabal, Nawaz Khan, Adal 
Baz Muhammad, Niaz Qui. ' 

AliKhee. (BanntL District) .— 
A lieotion of Musa Khel, 
Shin Kliel (3,400), Ahmadzai, 
Darwesh Khel Waziris. 

Ali Khbl (lO).^A minor frac- 
tion of Bomi Khel, Nasra 
Din, Kaln Khel, Ahmadzai, 
Darwesh Khel Wazirs. 

Ali Khel (100).— A seotion 
of Ashn Khel, Hassan Khel« 
Adam Khel, Afridis. 

Ali Khel. — ^A minor fraction 
of Tor Khel, Asad Khel, 

. Mitha Khan, Khel, Kuki 
Ivhel (4,500), Afridis. Gar. 
Headmen ; Eazai and Islam- 


Am Khel. — A section of 
Jowakai, Babakri, Sipah 
(1,200), Afridis. Samil. 
Headman ; All Shah. 

Ali Khel. — A sub-division 
of Landi Khel, Sipah 
(1,200), Afridis. Samil. 
Headman; Ali Shah. 

An Khel (17*).— t)ne of the 
five sections of the Haidar 
Khel, Tor, Tappizad, Da- 
waris. Headmen ; Mad Alam, 
Alif Khan, Abizar, Azad 

Ali Khel.^—A section of^; 
Sheikhmal, Kambar Khel, 
(4,500), Afridis. Gar. Head* 
men ; Ahmad Shah, Hikmat, 
AUa Khan, Mirshak, Shah* 
zada, Khairulla, Mir Hussan 
Shero, Nuvai, Wur Ali, 
Shuja Gul, Munir. 

Ali Kwaja Khel.— A sec* 
tion of Panjpai, Nasuzai, 
. Hiaszai, Bunerwals. 

Aliezai (21 ; Thai Chotiali). 
—A division of Drigzai, 
Lunis. Headmen ; Agar, 
(Shikar ^^^zai^ Anmar, 
( Hassan Khanzai), Adam, 
(Kura Khanzai), Sado, 

Altm Khan Kp?.— A minor 
fraction of Sultan Khel. 
. Hassan Khel, Pakhai (1,000), " 
Budai, Zakha Khel, Afridis. 
Samil. Headmen ; . see 
.Sultan Khel. 

Ali Muhammad Khel (100). 
— A minor fraction of the 
Nikarrab Khel, Khoidad 
Khel, Gidi Khd, Manazai, 
Alizai, Mahwids. Headman ; 


t Bbbs KhBI. — A minor 
iotlon of Babnr Khel, 
ieinial Khel, TJrmaK Khpl, 

ffipsli (1,200), Afridis. 

"■' nil. Headman ; Klianeai- 

b'flgEB Kisu—A Bab-divi- 
' 1 o£ Gad»iz6f, lUaawi. 

8hhb Khee.— a minor 
n of Warkhara Khel, 
Kb £he), Saki-zai, Iliaszai. 

i, Yasofzaia. 

An Bheb Khbi (3,1^0 i 
Loarpij, FpBhttwar border). 
— A clan oi Sliinwaria. The 
remaining three clans of 
Shinwarls are Afghan snb- 
jeela. Headmen ; Kamraii, 
Saiad Ghnlam, Nadir Khan, 
Zorin, (Kiiwaja Khel), 
Nawak(Pirwal Khel), Abdul 
Karim, Saiad Amir, Abdul 
Rahman (Shekmal Khel), 
Bodzin (Aah Ehet). 

Alibbebzai (3,''00 ; Khanki 
and Knram rivcre, and 
gides of Zawftghar, np to 
Eharmana stream ).~ One 
of the thrte ditidiona of thu 
I«abkarzai, Orakzaia, SftniiL. 

AxiBii (lAW ; KoMm).— 
I A BAb-diTiaioD of Lacdizai, 
Chardai, Turis. 

Auzii or SiCBi Khbl (600 ; 
Abont 16 miles from source 
of Mastm'a),— Ooe of the 
diviaiona ot the Uaulatxai, 
Orak^aia. Samil. 

Alizai (60 ; South of Khar- 
mana river).— An unimpor- 
tant Hob-divislon of the 
Masniniii, I^ghkarxai, Orak- 
raia, ^mJl. Headman ; 

Alizai (4,042).— One of "three 
clans of the Uahsud Waztri 
tribe. Headmen ; Bad»r Din, 
Uuhomiiiad Afzal, Baddiah 
Klian, Shah t^olim, Siman. > 

Auzii {18 ; Ghctiali).— 
Nomadle, a section of 
Wiihiiimi, Eakanwal, Lunia. 
Headmon; Ali, Umr. 

Alizai (1,000 ; North of KoH- 
i-Molir peak). — One of eight 
elans of the TJtman Ehels. 

Alizai (Zhob). — A aub-Mction 
of Bodsazai, Alizai, Sanrar, 
' Kakars. 

Alizai (9,800 ; Zhob).— The 
largest division of Sonzar, 
Kakars. Headmen ; Shab 
Karei (Mirwi), Ghimdah 
(Bitozai). Sii'dar Sbah isium 

J (Zhdb),— A aeution of 

zai, Sanzar, Kakars. 

Alizai (66).— a enb-diviskm 
oi Dnrpa Khel, MalHzad 
Dawtti'ls. Heftdnien ; CJharal, 
Gul Azam, Pir Azaiii, 
Ehermon, Sheikh Muham- 
nad iJin, Nmipur. 

AlLiDiD Khbl (South of 
Kharmana river).— A aco- 
tinn of the Manda Kiiel, 
'NoBrozai, Masuzai, Laalikar- 
:i^I, Orak/niti. Snmil. Head- 
man i Azad Khan. 


Xhbl.— A section 
of Sen Khel, Abba £hel, 
Tatta, Battsnnie. 

ALLADiDi Khel. — A Bnb- 
dmsiun of Shah Kbd, 
Tatta, Battarnis, 

AELiBBAD Keel,— (Mastuia 

Tfliley). — A gub-diviflion of 
tha Bar Muhataniad Khel, 
Mubammnd Khel, Oraluais. 
Gar. Hliiah, Headman ; 

AtLAHi Khel, — A Boction of 
KemaJ Khi-l. Abazai, Kha; 
WBZai, Akozai — Yusufzai 

All jtWAL (8,720 ; Altai 
ralley, north of Naaflihar 

and south of Kohiitan)-—X 
eoofiidcrable tribe, of a*iiti 
origin. 8«e " Swaiii." The 
principal Alia rilUge is 
PokaL Hendnien ; Khairul- 
kh Khan and Arsala Kbaiu 

Allia Khel. — A sub-diriRtoB 
of Kama Khel, Malikdin 
Khel (4,U00). Afrid^E. Samil. 
Headmen ; see Yur Mnham* 
mad Khel. 

Alli Khel (25).— A seotiow 
of Miilli Khel, Idak, Tap0 
Tnd, DawnriN. Hciidmrn 
Mokhs^n, Malli, Isuia 
Xhel, Salak. 

ALti KaRt, (61).- A seclioa 
t,t Burim Khel, Amxunif 
M&Ilizad, Duwariu. Head- 
infn ; Lar, Sbahba Diii^l 
Namballi . Kban, Patit* 
Khan, Bakhtamir, Fiyi 

AxMAB Khel (BO),— A minor 
fraetion of the Khoidadai,' 
MiiUlishni, Ainial Kbelt 
Bahblaii, Mahsnds. Head* 
men ; Surkamand, Ali Khan^ 

AXBADi KUEL (Mababan).-" 
A Bwtioti of Kha 
Mada Kbel, Isazai, Ynsn 
XAiB. Headmen ; see Baz 

^^^^ ^^m 

^HObni Khbi.— A section'of 

Mohnwuds. Headinen'f 

^^EOlab Khel: Bahram-ka- 

Gulabdiji, Umardin, Shtcns-- 

^^■h^ B^r IUdIzu, Akom— 


^^KanfTsi Swatis. 

Ambohj (Mohraaod oouatrT). 
—A sub; division of Kanda- 

^^^Ai (2,000-; DiUhaban],- 

^^FdivUion of Unmnzai, 

har! Satis, whaareone of the 

^^Ksofzaix. Hwdman ; 

mual alaiu> of the U^h- 

^^Kinzit Khan. 

niands. Hoadraan ; Abbaa. 

^B»IA Khxl. (Maatun 

Ab«4L Khbi, (40).— a minor 

^^HHey);— A snb-diviBldu of 

fractian of the Paridai. 

Khamar Khel, fiidi Khel, 

^Hbkinia. Gar. SUukU. 

Hanuzai, ^>?m Mshends, 

Headmeh ; Naair Shah, 

^^Easi Kegl.-^A' minor 

Gal Amir. 

^^fttation of Sinzal ot Sunyal 

^^bel.l&mal Khel, Sahibjhn, 

AiizoNi (7381.-OBe of tht 

^K^ Kbd, (l,SO(q, AfridiB. 

eiglit diviBions of Mallizad^ 


Dawaria. Headiucn. Malik 

Wa/irgai h the most in- 

K|&SAH Khsl.— A Bab-division 

fluential Amzoni; Bee also 

■L'^of ATst KUn Khel, Kambnr 

Zira Khel. Ibrahim Kbei, 

^■i£bel(4,600;rAfridia. Oar 

and Taih Khel. 

^^m^dmen ; Slier Ebon 

^^^fiunid and Nurai. 

A»»M IBaransrl.— A minnr 

fraction of Mad:ik, Bads. 

^^^Ex* EheI.— A a«titioiT o< 

Asil, lamailaii,. Utman 

^^Wisher Ebcl, Gadaizai 


^^HtllMzai, Ban^rtrals. 

AyoiK Ebbx (40).— a minor 

^^K» Kaut EoB,— A minor 

ftactiotl of the Nckzan Khel, 

^^Ksction of Durar (BSOj 

Sher KlieV. Haibat Khel, 

^^KTuOTogi. Nanaddin,Zakba 

Nairn Khel, Bahlohfti. Uah- 

^^mel, Afcidis. e&mn. Hcad'- 

Bnds, Headmui ; Mtiiuia. 

^^■jiDi »ee B^oha. Ebel. 

AndaeKhan Khsl.— Asnb- ' 

^^^Bt KoB.— A Bftction 01 

section of the Panjpiif, 

^^^■kul Kor. Wall Beg 

lauM Khel, Nurinai, Maliui, 


AsDABs {1,000 1 -Gliazni, Ks- 
latn-Ghilsai.>-<)BO «i the 
Puwindttb trading clane- 

,KD Khbli(26).— A «ub-divi- 
siou of tlie AUzfti (or Btnri 
Kliel), Danktzai,, Oraliyjkis 
"'iiah. Headmen 
Gnl JCbas, Ahmivd Sher, 

Axuaai '( North ZLob).— J 
teiitiDii of the Badsnzu, Ali- 
tti, Sanxar, KakiiM. 

4»acB Koa.— A minor Erac- 
tion of .'Mur^ t£hel. 
Dftlkha Kor, Diidu Kh^l, 
TaroKzai, Moinnands. 

Ahisai (80).— a minor frac- 
tion 6f TiandiAtniind, Ah- 
mad Ehel, Oba Khel, Stun:- 

AxtAsi Ebii. (25).~A mb- 
division of the Aliiai (Stnri 
Khel), Daiilatiai, OrakzaiB. 
Samil. Headmau ; Zuin 

Amba Khel— a clan of 
the Zmarais. Headmen ; 
Gliairat Ehan, Mnshi Eiuin, 
Aku Khan, Alii Khan. 

AlCEi Kjtbl. — A minor frac- 
tion 4f Ismail Ehel, Makho- 
lai, Naea;iai, Itiaazai, Btin- 

Abksi (1,000).— a snb-divi- 
Bion of Budai, Zukha Ehel, 
Afrtdie. Samil. Headmen ; 

ai, Baeh KbdM 

:bci. 1 

An Ml SIN Ehil.' 

fraction of Dawar Kiel, 
lemall Khel, Bozi Ehel, 
Madda ,Ehel (l.COO), Ibra- 
him Kh«l, tJtmanz*!, Bar- 
weeh Ehel Wax its. 

AoLiiZii (140) — Aminor ftiM^ 
tion of Shadozai, Biilozal, 
Panizai, Horun Khel, Sana- 
tia, Kakara. ftradmas ; Ali 

AB4B Ehel. — A section of 
Ghftibi Ehel, .Babram-Ita- 
Ehel, B^tr Kantzai, Akoxai 
— YaBiiEiai Swatis. 

Ababi Ehbl (Bon, Zhob),— 
A »ub-diTiaion of Sanair, 

Abaezai {West of' Dera Gha»i 
Khan Watrict). — A (leetion 
of Mahmadiai. Ahmadzai, 
Balil Khel, Mitea KfaeU. 
Headman ; Fateb Khan. 

Aba Khel.— tA minor fraolion 
of Ghnlam Khel (300), Hai- 
bat Khet , Jawaki, Adam 
Khel, Afridia. 

Ababita Khel.— a minor 
{taction of Mir Ehan Khel, 
Aflat Khel, "Wnzi Khel (800^.^ 
Utinaniai, IJarwesh "" 
Wazirs. HeaduuD ; 

^ 19 V 

^■WJi Kbsl (Khssora and 

AoAi Kbei.— A section of 

Shawal vaJlejs).— A nutior 

Wa^i Khel (800), Mohmit 

fraction of Bnchngoi, Tor, 

Shel, Utmaniai, DarWesh 

Jani KM, Wall Khel, Ut- 

Khel Waairs. Headioan; 

manzai, l>ai-weBli Khel Ifa- 

Jama Gnl, 

airs, Headman ; Shalamir. 

Abe Khbl (5S0).-A sertion 

Abbtt Ehkl (2,000 ; Bon, 

of the Jfasruzai, Maanzai, 

Zhob).— A aiviBten of 

LaahkaTi»i, Orakzaia, SamiL 

(Bombeyn) SanaiT, Katies. 

Headman ; Hakim. 

ASGHUKD {60).— One of the 

AaH Khbi (200 ; LoargaiJ.— 
AdiTiBion of the Ali Sher 

el^hi divisionx (,[ HaUirad, 

Dawftrts. Headmen ; Hakiio 

Khel. ShinwariB. Headman -, 

Khali, Kinixlui. 


ABGHrKD OfO.-A Bub-tlivi- 

Abha Khej.,— A Bub-diTiiion 

Bion of Ar^hnnd, Malliind, 

of Abba Kh*l, Tatta, Battan- 

DawaviB. Heaaman ; Hakim 



Abha Kbel.— a anb-dirision 

ABOHii (606).— A anb-diwBiob 

of Hi'kpi Khel, Kfewa^azai. 

u£ Ahmad Khel, tiea Khe!, 

Akoiai— Yuflofzai Swatis. 


Abhai Khel (2S i Dera 
iBtfiail Khan District).— 

AxAV Khel,— A Boh-aWwon 

, of Mitha Khan Khel, 

Nomadic, a minor fraction 

Knki Khel (UOO), Afridis. 

of Shapi Khel, Igot Khel,. 
Mian fhel, Lohana, Pamn- 


- ASAF KaEL(4f<0).— A Bcct'on 


■ of Dftlkha Kor. Da.In Khel, 

Tarak/oi. MohmanaB, Head- 

AsFANT Keel. — A diTiiion 

men ; .Tang, AWnUah, Lalo, 

of Konirai, or Kamar Khel 

Kawab. Sardaro. 

(EOO), AfridiB, Samil. 

Asa? KnEI..— A minor line. 

AsHiZii (1,300; Centre of 

tion of Mawal Khel, (760), 

Buncr).— One of the fonr 

' Haibat. Khrf, Jawaki, Adam 

divisions of the Iliaww, 

Khel, Afiidi*. 1 ■ BnoenvalB. M 

of Abil.— A division of lamatial 

ai, zai, tJtman KbeU, I 


AtlHBAS Khel.— 

fraction of Ismail KlioI,Bo/i 
Kliel Madda Khel, (1,800), 
Ibrahim Khcl, TJtman za<, 
Darwesh Kliel Woiirs. 

■ AsHBiFF. — A minor fractioo 
of the AU Karan, SaiwI 
jLhai), Ninaai, MaiiU)^i, 
Laahlrariiat, OmliKaiB. Gar. 

AtSEiX £h4N (Bannu Dis- 
triat and Slmwalj. 
frantion of Sheiiibndin, 
Sardi Kliel, Balika Eliel 
(1,000), Wali Khel. Vb 
xai, fiarwesh Khel Wazirs. 

AsBBiF Khel,— A section of 
Kamal Khel, Sahih Jan, 
Aka Khel, (I,BOO), Ifridis, 

AaHtoBB '('200 1 North of 
Agror). — One of the loodlry 
clans of the Tikriwals. Sve 
also " Swatis." 

AusttKhel (1,40ii).— a anb- 
diTiKion of Habsan Khel, 
Adam Khel, Afrits. 

fraction of Ali Khel, Manzar 
Khel (3tii'), Ibrahim Khe!, 
Utmanzai, Diirwoiih Khel 
Waiira. Headmen ; Baz 
Muhammad and Niaz Gul. 

A^EANDI Khel (Bannn and 
ShaB-al),— A minor fraction 

■ of Morib Khel, Usrafln Khel, . 
Takhti Khel, Batki Khel , 
(1,000). Wall Khel, Ulm 
)(ai, Darwesh Khel Wasix* 
Headm&n ; Moiabuir. 

AsKAEi Khsl (160),— a _. 
nor fraction of the AlLl 
Ksran, Abiahim Khrii V 
AlamnKai, Lashkarzai, Orak* 1 

AsPisi.— A Bab-dirision of 
Mekhianif Spin, Tarins. 
Headmao ; Ahud. 

AsTAN4i [510).— A snb-divi- 
tiion of the Shabi Khel, 
Alizai, Mahsuds. Headmen ; 
Siman, Sliahzur, Ma»'nl, 
Lalgul, Alif Bhnb, Khari. 

Asp Kob, — A snb-division of 
Babazai Kor, Daweaii, Moh - 
mands. Headmen ; Moza 
£han, &h»n Zadft. 

[ Khbl.— A minor frac- 
I. of Mawal Kliel (789), 
it Khel, Jawajci, Adam 
lel. Afridis. 

&ABZ1I (laO),— A section of 
Bazai, Hanin Khel, Sanatia, 
Kakara. Reailman ; Aslam 
Khan (Eiislm Ealu). 

All^K-— A minor fraction of 
Nekzam Khel, Tor Sapar, 
(350), Galai, Adam Khol, 

AtiUK Khbl.-'-A Eoetion of 
Keau, Wurakv, Dana,) Bat- 

Ato Khbl (200).— A seotion 

. of Bnaha Khel, Kamali, 

Halimzai, Molitnande. Head- 

mec ; Tor Khaii, Zario, 

Kahim Dad. 

A0LI Khel. — A section of 
■Abdul Kbel, Urfflun Khel, 
aSpah (1,300). Afridis. 
SamlU Headman ; Sber 

AiJBi KflSL {SOO i On both 
banks flf tlie Panjkora river, 
balow the Naerndin KhelJ.— 
^ne of the four clans of 
osuizais o( Dir. 

AwAD Khel.— A section of 
Adiiai, Boba, Dana, Bat- 
tan nis. 

Aw AD Khbl (40). — A section 
of Tarn Khel, Boba, Dana, 

AwAL Khbl {70 ; Black 
Mountain).— A seotion of 
Painda £hel,_Aka£ai, lBa;(ai, 

AwAE Khbl.— A minor frsc- 
tioa of Mira Khel, Mad, 
Khojihai, Khaddar Khel 
lai, Durwesh Khel Wazirs. 
Headman ; Wataazai. 

AiA KHBL.--A sub-division of 
As-azai, Diaaiai, Bunerwals. 

AXiZ KHKi (DIr).— A SKtion 
of Painda Khel, Sesada, 
Maliiai, Yuaufiaia. 

AiiZ Khel — (SamaM and 
Khanki vailejs).— A sub- 
division of the Kabia Khel, 
Ismailaaj, Orakzaia. Samil. 
Headmen ; Mustakim, JIa»- 
tan, Saigul, (jbanni, Idar 
tihah, Sbiraz £cg. 

At^EKa Kob— a minor 
fraction of Hrntai Kor, 
Shah Mansur Khd, Dada 
Khel, Tarakzai, Molunaiida, 
Ut'admau ; Babu Jan. 


Atxjb Khsl. (25; Dera Is- 
mail Khan. District).— No- 
madri, a . minor fraction of 
Baloch Khel, Isot Khel, 
Mian Ehel^ Lohana, Pawin:- 
dahs. Headman ; see Mian 

Attib Khbl.— a. sub-division 
of TarAIiKhel, EAmrai 
KM (eOO), Afridis. SamH. 
Headman ; Azam Dii^ 

Aeab Khsl (1SI>)^*- A' section 
of Twm Khel, Boba, Dana, 

A2AD Khsl. — ^A section of 
Sultan Khel, Sher Oulla, 
AH Khel, (1,800), Afridis. 

AzAD Khbl or Sifah (I^ot the 
Datdatzkk SiJHih) f610).— 
A sedtioti of the Alikaran, 
M a m n z a i, Lashkarzai, 
Orakzai*. GaT. 

AzAU Khbl (6).~A sub-divl- 
gion of Khaddi) Mallizad, 
^awaris. Headman^ Shah- 
taman. • 

AzAB KhBl. — A section of 
Dnrbi Khel, Kambar . Khel, 
Kambar Khel, (4^00), 
Afridis. Gar. Headmen ; 
Muhammad Sher, iKhwaja 
AH, Yaro, Nurai. 

AzAE MiE Khel.— A minor 
fi-action of J^ikandar Khel, 
Abdul- Khel, Bora Khel 
(1,000), ^ Mohmit Khel, 
XJtmanzai, LlArwesh Khel 

AiBi Khbl (200).— A minor 
fraction of tiie Shamak Khel, * 
Abdullai, Aimal Khel, 
Bahlolzai, Maheuds. Head- 
man ; Azim. 

Azi Khel (2,100)w— A sub- 
division of Bar Sulizai,. 
Baizai, Akozai—- Tusafxai 
Swatis. Note.— Above 

numbers include 1,200 men 
living out«ide Swati. limits. 


Azi Khel.— A sub-division 
ef All Khel, Bar Banizai, 
Akozai — Yusufzai Swatis. 

Azim Khait Kob. — A section 
of the TJmar Khan Khel, 
Alisherzai, Lashkarzai, 

Orakzais. Samil. 

• * 

Aziz Khbi. — A section of 
Alisher Khel, Gadaizai, 
Iliaszai, BunerwaU. 

Aziz Khel. — A minor fraction 
of Karu Ehel, Mali (or 
Mull) Khel, Salarzai, Hias- 
zair Bunerwals^ . 

^^BF ' ^^^^^ 

Aits Kbsl [250; Bl»ck 

Aziz Khki. — A Bection tt 

Mountain).— A Bub-diviiion 

Durbi Khel. Kambar ^Kbel, 

«f Abailai,Ji«zai, tumifalis. 

Kanibar Khel (4,860), 

HtadBcrii 8hah Bakht 

Afrldis. Gar. Headmen ; 

Khan. Nam Khan. 

AH, Ybto, Ka»l. 

Aziz Khel, (MaatiiTii yallny.' 

down to nwr Hna^u).— 

Aaw Khsl.— A minor frwtaon 

Afrab-dwiBionof ibe Maiocr 

of AH Sber Khel. .Babnc 

/ai, MiilitiB, "HiwnMijM" 

Khel, Koima! Khei, Urroui 

-of tl>e OrakzuB- Samil, 

Khel.'Simh a,m>).-Aiadia. 

Headman ; Khani Alam. 

Samil. Hewknan; Khan- 


Azu Keel. (Near Hnngu}, 

-A dmsion of Uie Mada 


■Kha(800), "Hnnisajas'-of 

of Shadi Khel, £oia Sbel 

'the Orakzais. i^amii. Read' 

(1..I00). Mohmit Khel, 

man ; Mao;;. 

I'tmaiiaai, .JJarweah Khd 

AMZ Khel (230).-A . Mo- 

tion of the Kaiar Khel, 

AzMiT Khbl (19).-A Bub- 

Aimftl Kfcel, BahloUai, 

diviiion of Zei^kki, Ualll- 

^ahauda. Eciuijaaii: £ra- 

zad, Dawaris. Headmen ; 

^^»t Khan. 


^^^ftx.^A MCtion tif Ehakixui, 

Babakab Khbl.— a minor 

^^^pAazfLi, Ilissxai.'Bnnencals. 

fraction of Alisher -Khel, 

Mnsa Khel, Nniiad. Mali- 

zai, BuncTwols. 

^^bi»is KszL.— A m!nw 

^HUotion of 'Kni Elicl, Tor 

Babasab Khbl (r6ft.)-A 

^^Kaar (96«),' Oalai, AdUn 

dlvlBion of Khrfdftd Khel, 

^^^1, Ahm. 





Batiakjb. Khel. — A section' 
of the &hBd\ Klid, Boba, 
DsDti, Battaanh. 

Babieae Kh8I. (W^stof Dsra 
Gha/i Kh»n DiBtriot).— A 
aub ■division of Hamzazai, 
Bftlil KheU Muss Kbels; 
Headman )- Sknjn-. r 

BiBAEA^ iTHEt (10; I>era 
Ismail Khar LHstrirt):— 
Nomadic, a minor fraction 
of Pagani, Isot Kliel, Mian 
Khel, Lohana, Pawindahs. , 
Headmaa ; gee Mian Khel. > 

Baba Keel (300.)— The prin- | 
eipal section of the Datti I 
Khel. Galeshahi, Shaman' 
Khel, Mabsads. 

Baba Khel.— a section of Jat- 
teh Khel, Abaiai, KhwaHa- 
lai, Akoaai — Ynanfzai Swa- 

Iaba Enet.— a fagir section' 
of Khaddar Kiiel (770), 
M ohm it Khel, Utmanzai, 
Darwesh Khel Wazira. 
Headnien -, Wadin Shah and 

Saba Khel (10}.— A- minor 
fraction af Malik Khel, Miri 
Khel, Ii»t.d,.Jfalakh, MaUi- 
mi, Uawaris. Headm 


Fir Shah Alam. 

BaeAK Kast.— Am 

tion of AliKhel (100), Asba-1 
£hel, Hassan Khel, Ad^rJ 
KLbI, Afridig. 

Babaeki, (320). — A section _ 
Hasan Khel, Tor, Malliiad!- 
Dawfttia: Headmen ; Pani- 
dar, Mad Afzal, Kantr, Gal, 
Hassan. Gul Baiban, Badar, 
Mir Kazam, Liiwana Ehan, 

Basaebi, — A division of SipftK*. 

(1,200). Afridia. Swuil.; 
Headmen ; see Suran Khel^'i 
Ghaihi Khel, and Jawakai. 

Baba NuAsi (Mastnm vallej-). 
— A Bub-dlvisioo of the ^r 
Muhammad Khel, Muham- 
mad Khel, Orakzais. Thej 
are in reality Ali Kbede- 
Gar. Shifth- j 

Babas ;£0).-'A« division oi^ 1 
Spin, Tarins. 

Babab KaEL (16).— A minor 
fraction of the Khoidudai, 
Mallksbai, Aimal Kheli 
Bahlolxai, Mahsads. Head- 
man ; Mnkhtar. 

Babab Keel. — A'minorfrae^J 
tion of KaUa Khel (TOO),. 
Asbu Khel. Hassan KhtL 
Adam Khel, Airidii, 


Babae Khgl (9).— a minor 
fraction of AiiiDadEbel, Zira 
Khel, Acazoni, MalUznil, 
Dainu-U. Headman ; Shah- 

BtBtS (700; Dem lamail 
Khan Distrii^t),— A tribe of 
the same rnce as the Sher- 
ani«. Headman ; Akdraed- 
zHda Mubammad Gnl, Mulla 
Mir Khun, Dur Muhimmiul 
Kban, Ali Mnhnnimad 
Kfaan, Muhammud Husen, 

BiBiT Khel(18).— A minor 
fraction of the Minlad Khel. 
Abdul Kahman Khel, Sher 
Khel, Haihat Khel, Nana 
Khel, Biiblolzai, Mahsuda. 
HeadmiLD ; Hassan. 

BiBiZir [Pipal). — A divlrfoD 
of tho Dawezai, Mohmands. 
Headmon ; Ha/ur Khan, 
Jafar, KoohEH, Mozu Khan, 

BiBlZii (West of Dei* Ghazi 
Khan Difltrictl, — Asub-divi- 
non of Land Piilai, Loharzai, 
Muaa Khels. Headnutn i Ali 



Kwet. — A uectiou of 
the Haiimt Khel, Gandab, 
Halimzai, Mohnunda. Head- 
men ; Seth, 6amd Aktii, 
Suad Akhar, Faicda Kban. 

B1.BI KsBL — A section ot 
Hamza Kbel, Ksmali. 
Halimiai, Mohmanda. 

Headmen ; see Hamza Kbel, 

BiBi Keel.— A ueotion of 
Hs-rasA Kbel, Kaiaali, 
Halimzfti, Jliihraundfi. Head- 
men ; aee Hamza Khel. 

Babi Ehel (S^mana and 
Kbunki ' valleyB). — One of 
the aix snb-divlsiong of the 
Habia Khel (700), Israail- 
Koi, Ocakznis S^iuil. Head- 
mi'u ; -said HTihammadi Said 
Nazir, Abbas Khan, Jlladd 
Artala Khaa. 

Babbi Khbl (25).— a section 
of th« Fir Muhammad Kbel, 
Hftidriii, Chahar Khel, Sha- 
man Khol, itahsuds. Head- 
man; Raui^an. 

Banu (4.3 ; Ananibar Gap). — 
A division of Pulao, Lunis. 
Headmen ; Malik Mir Ehnn 
(Duranhail, Hazik (Ni- 
DiakaiJ, Bafar (BaTai.) 

BiBu Khbl. — A 8tib-dIviiiion 
of Adinzai, KhwaxazaiiAko- 
xai — Ynsofzai Sn'atu, 

Babit Kbbl. — A seotion of 
Moddi Kbel, Ulraanz»i Bar 
Uauizai, Akozni — Yuan^zal 
8 wads. , 


BiBiT Kssi.— A Minoir frao- 
tidti ol Shergft IChel, Utmaii- 
sai, Adinzai} Ehwazaiai, 
AJcezai— YtLsnf zai Swatku 

Babxjlzai (6). — A sub-division 
of 8al6»d, BakiitiT^l, Lu* 
niti. fieadfiiaii ; see Salezai. 

BiBVB KlieI.*-*A seetion of 
Eeimal Ehel, Urmuz Khel, 
SipaK (li^O), . Afridis. 
Sunil. Headitito ; Ehane- 

BiBtrsAi (5,800 ;* tieft bttnk 
of Stvttt).— A diviflJon of Bii- 
zai, Akozai — Yusnf zai SWa- 
tiB. Headmeii $ Nasrullali 
Kban, Firoz Khan, Fasand 

Babtjzai (105).— a seetion of 
Narozai, Dumar, Sanzar, 
Eakars. Headmah ; Muham- 
mad Gnl of Chilez. 

Babitzai.— Another name for 
the Sepah diTision of Baezai, 

Bachagai. — A minor fraction 
of Tor, Jatii Khel (1,000), 
Wali Khel, Utmanzai, 
Darwesh Khel W a z i r s. 
Headmen; Mirbosh, Shada- 
mir, Kaimal, Gulbaz. 

Bacha Khxl (55).— a section 
ot the Pathanai, SJiabi Ehel, 

AUeaiyMahstKlsk HUadmeti' | 
^tai> JEhkhmdiD. 


Bkcm Kh«i..--A miiior fric- 
tion of Zakho Ehel, Jaiiilk- 
hori (80(0, Has^^n Ehel, 
Adam Hheil, Af Hdis. 

BiDA.-^A fiftib-diVisioh of Aal, 
Ismailzai, tTtmah Khels* 

Bapanzai {813}.— a division 
of the Sfhaman Efael, Mah- 
suds. Headman ; ^ayad 
Akbar Shak. 


Badab Ehel (60)— A minor 
fraction of the Walidad 
EheL Palii Khel, Abdullai, 
Aimal Ehel, Bahlolzai, 
Mahsads. Headmen ; Bayak, 
Musa, !EazamdiB« 

Badaza ItHBi (Mastura river). 
7- A sub-division of the Mani 
Ehel, Muhammad Ehel, 
Orakzais. Gar. Shiah. 

BiJDDA Khel.— A minor frac- 
tion of Saifali, Eabnl Ehel 
(a,600)i Wall EheU Utman- 
zai, Darwesh Ehel Wazirs. 
Headman ; Eotan Ehan. 

Aadpa E:£[1l (10). '^-A section 
of IJtman, Miram Shah, 
Tappizad, Dawaris. Head- 
man ; Sarak Sfaah« 

^-Notw^^TMb inolndes 700 men of this division not living in 
Strat limitBm 

BiBPiB Khbl— A Wnoi free- 
tioo of Bar Elu);<hiti, Eh^d- 
^r Khel (770) Mohmit 
Kheli Utmanzai Darwesli 
Khel, Wazire. Headn 
Saiyid All. 

Badi Kbel (7).— a m 
fraction of Umaraii, Zira 
Khel. Amzonj, Mijlinud, 
UiwBfU. He^dfuaii ; tiola- 

9adi KgBi..— a 'minor frac- 
tion of DardoBli Waii 
Khel, Mohmit Khel. TJtmiiu- 
2^1 Darwesh KhelWaiirE, 

BiDlN KhBi..— A roinor fitwi- 
(ion of Ntthaki or Ynaat 
Kot, Xbnkin Kbel, Kataali, 
Halim^i, Uohmaiuls, 

Headmoo ; Sftimal, Gulshph, 
ZiA Kban, Post Kian. Qui 


eiOmiAi (150)-— A seBiien 
of tilialiaiai, Uuiov, Sanzar, 
Kakara. Headman ; Abdul. 

BiWW*i (186).— A anb-divi- 
Bion of the Khalli Khel, 
Bliauiin Kht'l, Mahsnda. 

Bacw KiiBt.— A minor frac- 
tal) 4^ Konm Khd, Jnm^ 

Khel. Malik Sfaahi (400), 
Jani Khel, Widi Khel, Ut- 
manzai, Uarwesh KhelWa- 
zjra. Meadni»Q; Jiuuazaa. 

Badk Kbsl (15 ; Bera IsTBAit 
Khan Dintriot),— Nomadic, a 
minoT fraction of Aka Khel, 
laot Khel, Mian Khel, 
Lohan^, Fawindahj. Head- 
man ; «ee iSiaii Khd. 

BaMU-EAl (Zhob). — A rniaoe 
fraction of Ali Kh^ Saiuar, 

'Bmv Khei. (Siahahan).— a 
section of Hasiin Uat Kh«l, 
Madi Klieli laazai, Yusnf- 
zaie. Headman ; Bua KbaP- 

BiOZAi. — A Buh -division of 
Kattaganc, Tatto, BuUknnis. 
Htadjnen; Nawaz (Kalkn- 
aar Kliel), Saiad KhttD. ud 
JUnua. (Baxld Khel), 

BiBJiBi! (Haiarnao, Kabul 
river).— One of the three 
divisions of the Kukkozoi, 
who aro one of the aiE^t«d 
Mohm&nd clang. 

BiBiAi (8,000).— The moKt 
po«t<i^ of the Itjluiiand 
clana. Eeadm«ti ^ %v^^ 


Khan, Salad Azam, Ghai- 
rat, Sultan Said,- Paind 
Khan, Payo, Tola, Pirai, 
Amin Khan, Yad Gtd. 

Baghban Khel. — A minor 
fraction of Sudan Khel 
(860), Isperka, Kalu Khel, 
Ahtnadzai, Darwesh Khel 
Wazirs. Headmen ; Jalan- 
dar Shah, Mani Khan. 

Baghdad Khbl. — A section 
of* Keimal Khel, Urmuz 
Khel, Sipah (1,200), Afridis. 
SamiL Headmen ; Khane- 
zaman, Lai Muhammad, 
Sher Jan. 

Baghdad ZAi (West of Dera 
Ghazi Khan District). — ^A 
fection of Inzai, Hasan Khel, 
Balil Khel, Musa Khels. 
Headman ; Salavi. 



BAHADtTB Khel. — A section 
of Abdul Khel, Urmuz 
Khel, Sipah (1,200), Afridis. 
Samil. Headman ; Shibran. 

Bahaditb Khel. — A minor 
fiaction of Khojal Khel (600 
in Wana), Shadi Khel, 
Nasra Din, Kalu Khel, 
Ahmadzai, Darwesh Khel 

Bahadije Khel (Left bank of 
Mastura river). — A section of 

the Mir Kulli Khel, Bazot?, 
Datilatz&i, Qrakzais. Samil. 

Bahadub Khel (70).--A sec- 
tion of the Shumi Khel, 
Palli Khel, Manazai, Alizai 
Mahsuds. Headman ; Awal 

Bahadub Khel ^Dakka, 
Girdr, and Peshawar valley 
in winter, Upper Helmand 
in summer). — Nomads, a 

■ sub-division of Utmanzai 
KuchJ (Mohmand). 

Bahadub Shah Khel. — The 
head division of Samilzai, 

Bahabzai (West of Dera Ghazi 
Khan District).— A section 
of Husenzai, Ahmadzai, 
Balii Khel, Musa Khels. 
Headman ; Bahadur. 

Bahlol Khel (15). — A minor 
fraction of the Bizodai, 
Malikshai, Aimal Khel^ 
Bahlolzai, Mahsuds. Head- 
man ; AKmad Khan. 

Bahlolzai (4,078).— One of 
the three great clans of the 

Bahbam-ka-Khel (800 ; 
From Malakand to Swat 
river).'-A division of Bar 

Khiioki TullejBj.— A aub- 
dif ieion uf the Eabb Ehcl, 
Ismailzai, Oi'akzais. Samil. 

Bahbau Khbi,.— a minor 
fraction of Sherga Khel, 
Utmanz&i, AdinzAl, Khwa- 
aiaai, Akozai — Ywufzai 

Baunzit (200).— a secliou of 
the Maregliatzai, Kebzoi, 
Satuar, Eakaii, Uflodman i 

Baisak Khbl.^A minor frao- 
tioQ ijf Zikho Khel, Jnnak- 
hori (SuO), Iliissan Kbtl, 
Adttm Khcl, AfriilJa. 

fiii Khel (80— Dern Iflmail 
Khan District).— Nomadic, 
a sub'Bertion of Aba Khel, 
laot Khel, Mian Khcl, 
Lolianai Pawindahe. Head- 
man ; Hpe Mian Khd. 

B*I KaEL.— A seotion of Firo- 
xa.\, Cliagarzai, Malizai, 

B*IK KHEL(BannQ Diatrid). 
— A minor fraction of Klian* 
dar Khan Klicl, Hathi Kfae) 

(3,000), 8Hn Khel,' Ahmad- 
nii, Darwt'Bh Kbel Waiifrs. 

Bai Koh.— Atoinorfractionof 
[Inrba Khel, Haia/a Khel, 
Gandiil), Haliinzai, Moh 
ntauds. Headmen ; eee 
Uurba Khel, 

Bais Khel (Right bank of 
Khauki, and Kmam up to 
Kharniana river).— A anh- 
ilivl»un of the Aliaheizai, 
LoEhkarziu, Orakzais. Samil, 
Headman ; Alam Khan. 

Bjikai (19,400 ;• LeffJ ^ank 
of Swat liiver from Kohia- 
t«n down to and inclndlng 
Thana),— Oiie of thrw otins 
of the Akozai — Ynsufzai 

Baizai (Zhol)).~A minor f mo- 
tion of tha Budanzai, Ali 
£]id, Sauzar, Kaltars, 

Bajid Khel.- a aection of 
Hiiaan Kli^i, Gadaini, llias- 
zai, BuaerHAla. 

lAjizii ()6),— A (ini>-diyiB:nji 
of MirZDJ, Jlalcanwal, I^unia. 
Headman i seB Mitrai. 


ifjm gf Bakai: 'K,hd, Idal 
Khel, Hathi Khel (2,000), 
ghju KJielvAhmadzfti, Dpx- 
we0h Kh^I Wazinf. 

BiE AB ]?9SL. rt A minor fi:ac- 
tion of Bash KheJ (.1^0), 
Shorakii Galai, Adam Khel, 

Saeak Khvl (Bannn District, 
8halad, Birmal and Wana). 
A snb-sectiovi of Idal Khel, 
Hathi Khel (2,000), Shin 
Khel, Ahmadzai, Darwesh 
^h^l Wfizirs. Headmen ; 
&Bder Khan, Sheikh Fijao, 
Landai, Kasim Shah. 

Baeab Khel (10).— A minor 
incision of Malik Ehq^, Mii^ 
KW, land, Malafch, Mai- 
Uzad, Dawaris. Biea^^n; 

Baehal Ehbl. — A W9or 
fraction of Feroz Khel, Tor 
Sapar (3110). Gal^i, Adam 
Khel, Afridis. 

Baehi Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Mir Ali Khel, Idia 
Khel, Jani Khel (1,000-X 
Wali Khel, Utmanzai, Dar- 
wesh Khel Wazirs. Head- 
men i Akaldin. 

Sakhjl.—^ minor frac:(iion of 
TakhnM^l KUI Ka^r l^kel. 

All I^han Khfi^ ^a;i;ki Khel, 
Mlaclda Kh«l (l,6bQ),^ Iloa- 
him Khel, t^tmanzf^, XIar- 
wesh Khel Wazirs. 

B,aeh3(ali Khbl.— a fieotioii 
of Knlla Kh^, Malikdin 
Khel, MaKkdin Khel, (4,000) 
Afridis. s^mil. HinM^men ; 
Akbar, Dostai, Sher Gnl, 
Z«irif, ShamacudTdin. 

Bak^bhai*'-*^A minor fraction 

■ of Datta Khel, Abdul Kbel, 

Bara Khel (1,600), Mohmit 

Khel, Utmanzai, Darwesh 

Khi^l Wi^zirs* 

Eax]I9HI Kbbl,-*ttA section 
of Madda Khel, (1,600) 
Ibrahim Khel, Utiaanzai, 
Darwesh Khel Wazirs. Head- 
«)e«; QiilU of 8tam,.aQd 

Baehta KvykL (Bannu Dis- 
trict).— A minor fraction of 
KbanUg KU> Tori KheL 
Musa KM Bathji Khel 
(2,000;^ SMn Khel. Ahmad- 
2MU, Dan^^h Khel Wa:^. 

Bakhtawab Koh.— Aminor 
fraction of Hyatai Kor, 
Sbalwpc^ansnr Kbel, Padi* 
Kb,4i Tavak«:a5, Mohmauda. 
Headman ; MnltaUL. 

BA»HWAB»ti.— A division of 
Anjra.KbeiLZmwai8. Head- 

ffl^i Khii (100).— a 
" lOl frflcticn of the Bsba 
Oiel, Datti Etirl, GalfiBbaiii, 
Shaman Khcl, Malisude. 
Headmen; Khalil, Ghazai, 
Ghanim Sboh, Eahn. 

BAi-f KeBl (I50).-A minor 
fractioti of Ipi, Hiridar Khi-!, 
Tat, Tsppitad, Dftwaria. 
Hi-admen ; Fatteh Ehan, 
Wall Rhan, Saleh Khan. 

BiSi Khel {e).-A minor 
fraction of Ihu Ali Khel, 
Haidar Khcl, Tor, Tajipizad, 
Dawai'is. Ueadmao ; Jamal 

ftin KoB (Smth of Kfaunaiia 

rifci').— A teofion of the 
Alizai (50), MatTOMl) Laali- 
kurxai, Orakzais. Samil. 
Headnau ; Mir Ahmad 

Baku Ebel (SOO s Shomil 
ralluj, Khast).— A clan oi 

Khel (1,000; Wana 

BatiOn Kutriot*).— A 

lub-diviBioo of Wall Khel, 

^tmantal, Darwesh Khd 

Scadmm ; arm 

_ Khej; Swdi Khel, 

Narmi Khel. 

(35).-A TdEor 
Tappiud. DaWaria. 


'Sitot, KttBr,.— A minor frac- 
tion of Sudan Rhel (360), 
Isperka, Kalu Ebel, Ahmad- 
zai, Dui-weah Khal Wazirs. 
I^ftdnan ; Jalandar Bbabt 
Muni Khnn. 

Baeshai (2S).— a MOtioB of 
theOzbakai, Sbin^ Bbhbl- 
xai, Mshandg. Headmen : 

Bt-EsHi EbBL.— A minor frac- 
tion of Mandi Khel, Waui 
Khi^l (BOO), Mohmit Hb#l. 
Ulmaniai, Darweah Khel 

BaEhhoIai <Wmt of tihe 
Den Obftzi Khan Di»trirt). 
— A suh-diviilon of UamXa- 
zai, Balil Kbfl, Mnaa Khels. 
Headman -, tjhadiifa. 

Bau>JBo1' — A Bnb-diviaion of 
Shanai (750), Zaltna Khel, 
Afridia. Samil. Headman ; 
Said Kfaan. 

Balil EhSl.— A leetion of 
Hasaan Khol(a.fO), Mnhmit 
Khel, Utman/ai, Datweah 
Khcl Wazira. Headmen ; 
Gholam Jam. Mnlakdin, 
Khan (F), Nijai Mnham* 
nwd, Pujao Khan, Bkddl 
F«fcir, Khab Qhauit. 


BALKt Khbi. .(eOXi«>A.minor 
fraction of Aghzan^ : Zira 
Khel, Amzoni, Mallizad, 

. Dawaris< / Hjaa^ineiii; 

Mnh^mixtad Alam^ Pir 

. GI10IA14;-. 

• ' ! I . •■ • 

fraction of Poi KlieU Muham- 
mad Ehel, Malakh, Mallizad, 
Bawavis. Headman i Sule^. 
man. . , 

Balil Khel (8^,500 ;We9ib. of 
J>era Ghazi Khan). — A clan 
of the Masa Khels. Head- 
men ; see Ahmadzai, Ham- 
zazai,/aod Hasan Khel. 

Balil Khel (15).— A minor 
fraction of Ohuttan, Zira 
Khel, Amzoai, Mallizad, 
Dawaris. Headman ; 

Gholam Khali. 

Bali Khel.— A section of 

Ibrahim Khel, Utmanzai, 

Bar> Hanizay^ Akozad^-* 
Tusufzai Swatis. 

Bal Khel. — A minor fraction 
of Kharmanj Khel, Khwaja 
Khel, Miamai, Kabul Khel 
(2,600), Wall Khel. 
Utmanzai, Darwe»h. Khel 

Balla Khel (Bannti IHs- 
trict). — A minor fraction of 
Taos Khel, Pirba Khel, 

Haihi Khel, (2,000), Shiit 
' Khely* Ahmad'zai, Darwesh 
Kheli Wazirs. 

Ball! Kheb.-tA minor frac^ 
tion of Shadi Khel, Bara 

. Khel (l,00t(k Mohinit Khel> 
Utmanzai,. Darwesh Khel 
Wa^^irs. Headman; Kipat 
Khan. , 

Bald fLaman).— A sub-divi- 
i^on of Asilf Isinailzai, 

Baloch Khel (215^ Dera 
Ismail Khan District). — 
Nomadic, a sab-divitdon of 
of the laptKhel, Mian KheU 

Balob" Khel (20).— A minor 
fraction of the Ipi, Haidar 
Khel, Tor, Tappizad, Dawa- 
ris.' ' Headmen ; Andaram 
Khan, Mihrdin Khan, Mir 
Baz Khan, Gulshadfn. 

Balolzai (60). —A diyisicB of 

. Kapip^ S^heranis, 


Bami Khel (800).— A sub- 
division of Babtttai, Baizai> 
Akozai — Yusnfzai Swatis. 

Bam Khel (780).— A clan oi 
Khnda Khds. 

B.tiruT Khbl (nil).— a upp- 
Hon of Piiiiian Khel, Sasada, 
Miklizai, YcsiifzaU. 

Banaib Khbl.— A aentionof 
KulU, Khel, MalikdJn KU\ 
Malikdm KItel . ' (4.009), 
Afrid% Sumil. Haadonun i 
see Sikldiin&li Klid. 

Banda (77).- a division nf 
Tappi/Jiil, DriWfti'JB. Ilead- 
meii ; ShcLbal, Sliudiik, Ajai 
Khan, GhonBiimir, Stir Kam- 

BiSOA Khbl (100).— A minor 
ftao'ion of the Kharrnacii 
Hhel, NRxar Khel, AiiGul 
Kliel, BnlilrlTai, Mahsuds. 
H«sdtaiiii ; NikoiTob. 

BiSGJH, Ehei,(1S). — Ag«tion 
of till' Knsim Khal, Cliahar 
Ehel. ShiLmaQ ,Ktiel. Mah- 
pQ<l8. HondmcD ; Maaid, Yar- 
gnl. Amd. 


{3,000 •* Kotat, 
Mu'ftiiaii and Kurram toI- 
leyh).— A great tribo of 
FxtliMia, tlie main i^lans of 
wIuDh »rc Mimnx^Li, B»i;tai 

wid Sftmttl^^I. Oar. Shi.ih. 
The diviiiiiinB, etc., of tlie 
BwigaBharenot indesed in 
this Diotionary. 

BiKoisH Kmtt (1(!)0).— A 
xeotion of Astnnai, Sliubi 
KheUAIiza,!, Mahgnds. Head- 
man I Siman. Iiali^nl. 

Bakgash Khbl (60^.— A bm- 
tidHoftheTarii KM.Bobnk, 
Dana, BattBiinis, 


Bangabh Khei (35).— a sub 

division of Tapiai, Tivppiwid 

Dawaris. Hcadmiiin ; Zara. 

sroftUi'st of the four dtviainns 


Bao Khel.-A minor fraetion 

Asan Khel, Badn. 
Khel, AilJnaaJ, Khwatazal, 
Akozai — Yufltifzai Soatdi. 

BittA Kaddam.— (towPT Mas- 
tnrpi rirerl." A Huli-divi^ioa 
of tbo Abdul Aziz Kbel, 
MnhftmiUftd Khel. OrakaiB. 
Gar. Shlah, 

Baba Khbl (Maslnra river). 
—A minor fraction of tha 
Ba/id Khel, atitri Khel, i 
Alizai, DanlatziU) Orakzaia. 

•IThe ninnliBTB here gireti axe hated on tho Consns ratnrns of 
ISfll. Slightly oldnr anthority, hoTSser, gives thBaehtimffttt-tMS^s. 
of tlie BangBBli, inoluding thosB of KiftB,m,*',1,yS(,\8itvo!». ow*'™- 
tfg of the total number ot souls "im 'bo ^g'o.\iii% -oiK^i- 

B»SA Khbi.— A minor f«c- 
Von 0^ Mwit Alj, Sbstkh 
Ehel. Aib KhoL, Salarui,!, 
Hiaezai, Bijnarwals, 

Baba Kbfii. — A sub-diTiBLoa 
of 6<'pah, Saezaij ^lolimiuids. 
Hvai^neD ; Fiund Kb^n, 
Shijin, Mojim Khan- 

BaE* Khbi. (Mababan).— a 
eection of Hikfiunbaz l£bel, 
Mada KlicI, iBazai, Ynsuf- 

BiBAEKAiCWeat of Dera GhaEi 
Khan DJsttiot). — A section 
lyf Eabalsai, Noliumi, Labar- 
zui, KuBu Kbals. Headman ; 

Babaexai {160}.— a Bub- 
firaion, of Yahia Kbalj Sen 
Khe\, Bberanis. 

Ba»ae£ai fd.90).— a Bill 
division of tiio Twgliai 
Sanzitr, Si'kaisi 

Baba)ii Khbl,— a minor fri 
tion of All Ktel M&att 
Klitl mO), IhrnXam Khel 
Utmanzai. Darwesb Kbel 
Wftztrs. Headmac ; Adal. 

Baeam Ehel I Bnnnn Bi«- 
trjutl,— A minor frarition of 
Khanbeg Khel, Turi Kbiil, 
M.Ma Lhel, Hatbi Kbtl 
(2,000), aiiiii Khel, Abmail- 
ui, SMWwh SM, Wtkzire. 

Basa«Ihbi (8).-A»cctiott-| 
of Hakim Ehel, Mubarak V 
Shahi, UattixBd, D»warU. 
Headman ; Shandai, Ahmad 

Babak Khbi (GO).— a auction 
of Handeri, I^ak, Tappiiad, 
Dan'arig, Headmen ; JaAal 
Kbau, Gandalai. 

Bakan Ksbii' (Banjiu 
Difltriot).— A minor fraction. 
of AH Khel, Mnsa KM, 
Hathi Khel (2,000), "' ' 
Ehel, Abmad^ii DarKBakl 
Kbel Waziw. ' 

Baban Khel (85).— A sub- 
division of tlie Ohgjiar Khal, 
Sbaioan Ebal, Mabands, 
Hefrdman -, KoUic, 

Badanzai or Miar Khanzai 

(eoO).— A sub-division oj( 
kebxai, Sanzar, Kabari. 

Babat Kbbl ( 250 ; BWk 

Monntain). — A sub-diTision 
of Akaiai, laazai, Tlisufzai 
Headmen ; Saidtruli Haasa) 
Kban, Zota Kfasi ~ ' 
Khasi Awal Khan,. 

Babat Ehbl.— A ipinor frijt!- 
tion of Alisber Khel, Muaa 
Kbel, Nurimi, lUallzai, Bim- 



trict). — A minor fraotion of 
BiJk Khel, Khandar Ktisn 
Khel, Hathi Khel (2,000). 
Shin Ehel, Ahmad/iti, Dav- 
WBsJi hbii Wazirs. 
\BittAT K»tE.— A minor frac- 
tion of Snilan Khel, Isperka 
(l,S3n), Kti-a Khel, Ahinad- 
za!, Barw^ah Khel Wazirs. 

BieiT Kbel (8,000; Zhob),— 
A divinion of (Not them) 
Sanzar, KakarS' 

BiBiEziis.— See Dorania. 

BiBiKz»r,~A dirision cf 
Anjra Klioi. Zmarais. Head- 
man ; Akn Ehan. 

Babdar KbSL.— A seoiion of 
Ayu Kh^l, Afliazai, Iliaszai, 

B*a DTrBiMlB.— A name some- 
times ai^1i«d to the Fathan 
tribes who inhahit the rortli- 
easfern part of TaghiEtan, 
biioIomA bat ween Ihu 
Tange of the Hindu Knsli, 
the TadTiS, the Suit Itarge 
and tllo rsngfi of Sntiman, 
and fimt applied to tham by 
Ahmad Sliab. The name 
ttpptlM to the Yniufial 
Utnrnn Rhels. Tai^anig, 
Uohmuids, AfiidUjOrakOLis, 


Shinwaris; the ti'ibea Of th« 
plains of Feshawar, and 
thoaa of Bangash and 
Bassa Ehel. (Basnn, Chaprii 
and Gurang in Kunan). — 
A seot'on of Knndal, Tor 
Khel, Umarzai (600), Shin 
Khel, Ahm»d«al, Darwesh 
Khel Wazirs. Headman ; 

Babhax Khbl (80 i Nwih- 
east of Buner), — A minor 
fraction of Ismail Ehel, 
Makhozai, Nasozai, Iliaszai, 

B»Bt KHBt.— A minor fmo- 
tton of Aha Khet, lan^ilaai, 
Dnnhitzfti, Maliiai, Bafler- 

Babi Khbl (15),— A minor 

frafltioti of SogI Khei, Mit- 

hnmmad Khel, Mainkh, Mai-' 

lizod, DawariB. Headman ; 

Fira Khan. 
BiEi Khel (4).— A minor frao- 

ttonof Ehnttay, Taib Ehel. 

Amzonr, MaHizad, Thiwaria. 

Headman ; Zakam Khan. 
BAfti Kbbb {]SX— a minor 

frtii>t3on of the Ali Khel, 

Haidar Khel, Tor, Tappiiad. 

DawariB, Headmen ; Azad 

Kh*n, SherdoU. 
Babid Khbl (STa«tnrti).-^A 

semioa of the ^tnri Kliel. 

Alizaik Danlattai. Ovakmii. 


Babkai Khel«— a miripr frac- 
tion of Mian ^hel, Jaoakhori 
(80Q), Hassan Khel, Adam 
Kh&lt Afridis. 

Bab Kaum (78).— A section 
of Hassti Khel, Tor, Mallizad 
Bawai^s. ' Headmen ; Badil, 
Dini, Painda KhaVi, Nizam 
Gul, Gnlsohil, Pir Ahmad 
Shah, Baki, Badrang. 

BabbtazaI.— A snb-diVisiori of 
Daula'tzai, Malizai^ Bnner- 

Bab Khani. — A minor fraction 
of Badi . Khely Dardoni 
Wuzi Khel (800) Mohmit 
Khel, Utmanzai, Darwesh 
Khel Wazirs. 

Babim Khbl (191),-rA 4m- 
■0 sion of Amzoni Dawaris. 
Headmen ; Juma Shah^ Mina 
Shah, Channi, Majih Shah, 
Lar, Shabba Din, Namballi 
Khan, Pdtila Khan, Bokh- 
tamir, Piya Khan, Gubzir. 

Babim Khel.— (10), A minor 
fraction of Poi Khel. Ma* 
haminlid Khel, Mallizad, 
Dawaris; Headmin ; Kadam. 

Babiwal (18).— a snb-divi- 
. sion of Zerakki,. Mallizad, 
• Dawaris. Headmen;, Shah- 
. zada» Haibat Ji^han* ' 

Babekan Khel.— a section 
of Musa Khel, Kxi^ Sulrzai 
Baizai, Akozai — Yv-sufzai 

BaB Khan KoB(28b ; Khanki 
river).— A minor firactioiof 
the Umar Khan Khel. Ali 
Karail, M'atnuzai, Lasnkar- 
zai, Omkzais. Gar. Head- 
man ; Amir Shah. 

3ab*}Chozai. — A section of 
.Khaddar ffjiel (770). .Moh- 
mit Khel, Utmanzai, Dar- 
■ Wesh Khel Wazirs/" Head- 
' men ; Sadirai, Httkaih Shah, 
Saidigai, Said Ali. . 

Babki Kh^l (36).— t a mm or 
fraction, of Dijr -B^hel, 
Babakki, K^su !piel. Tor, 
Malli zad, Dawaris. Head- 
men ; Badar, Mif Kazam. 

. i • ■ 

Bab Kill a (30)1.— A minor 
fraction of Dangar Khel, 
Piran ■ 'Dangar Khel, 
Muhammad Kheli . Malakh, 
MaUizad, Dawaris. Head* 
loan'; Badrana, Said Akbar. 

Bab Haeazai. — A .sub-divi- 
sioii of Wara, Mamnnd, 

Babhast Khel. — A section 
. of th6 Tari Khel, Shakhi, 
Warasptin, Battannis. 


KHBt (Bannn 
:t).— A iniiiDr fraction of 
■■ Khc!. Bakka, Khel 
1,000), Wall Khel. Utroiw- 
li, Darwpsh Kiel Wanirs. 

B^BUi Khel (Bannu DJa- 
triutJ.^A minur frjictioa of 
KhanJar KliaJi K lu?], 
Hathi Khel (3,000), Shin 
Khel, AhmadzBi, Tlanvti^h 
Khel Walira. Headman ; 
Shflh Tamoz. ' 

Basmi Khel^ — Ammorfrae- 
tiun (if Moshakki, Knchii, 
Madda Khel (1,600), Ibrahim 
Kliel, Utmanjai, Danreat 
Khel Wazira. 

Bisui KHBt.— A division of 
Kamrai, or Kamar Khel, 
(600), Afridia, Samil. Head- 
men ; Unfiii Bamandar, and 
Azam Klian, 

Bab ^luHAMViD K&Bi. 

(1,000; Mastura valley),- 
One of the fuur divisiong of 
tha Muhammad Khel, Orak- 
iftis. Gar, Shiah, Headmen ; 
TTamfln Khan, Muhammad 
Akbar Khan. 

B»Bo Zhbl (60).— a Bdotion of 
the Haidar Khel, Tor, 
Tappizail, Dawaris. Henil- 
men ; Ehan Sahib Nasic 
Khan, Tit Khan. 

RiBoMAi (136),— A attb-divi- 
»ion oi the Sbabi Khel, 
Alt^ai, Mahends. Headman ; 
Muhammad Ayaz. 

Barh KHBt. — A section of 
Hara^a Khel, Gandab, 
llalimzai, Mohmands ; with 
tlicm go the Taru Khel. 
Headmen ; Lai Dad, Jallat 
Amir Bta, Fattchullah. 

Baku Khkl.— A geetion of 
Hamza Khel, Kamali, Halim- 
zai, Mohmands, 

Babttiei Kbbl (SB).— a geo- 
tion of the Khoidad Kbelr 
Gidi Khel, Hanazui, Alizai, 
MabBitds. Headman 1 Shali. 

Bab StTtizAi.— (8,350 ;• North 
Swat, left bank, to Kohia- 
tan). -A diviaion of the 
Baizfti, Akozai^ — Yuaufza i 

Babtak (4fi). — A wction 
of the Pathanai, Hhahi Khel, 
Alizai, Mabsuda. Headmen ; 
Lai Khan, Azim, Tniuazai- 


GhsLzi EhaA DM*tict).— A 
SHfe-dWisioti of Nossai, 
Laharzai, litis^ Kkels. 
Headman ; Sheran. 

BasISCA^ 18:H«t..— Batinti dis- 
trict).— A minor fraction of 
Bdzi EW, Ali l^hel, Mnsa 
KM, Ha^ ¥M {%(m), 
Shin Khel, , Ahmadzai, 
Darwesh Kiiel Wazixs. 

Bass I^hsl. — ^A section of 
Annai (1,000,) Bn<&i, Tiakha 
"Khel, AMdis. Samil. Head- 
men ; I*ir Gill, 'SalEEir, Dost 
Hak, Ehanezaman, Zeb Jan, 
EaiimatvLllii^ Madftki. 

Bash Khel (1^0).— Auction 
of Sharaki, Galai, Adam 
Kb^, AMdis. 

]BiASX lEsBL,--^ mit^r fac- 
tion of Sher Khan Ehel, 
Umar Khan Kh0l, Mali^din 
Khel, 4,000), AfenaSs. 
Samit. Headmen ; 1^6 tJmiar 
Khan the\. 

Bash Khbl.— A snb-division 
of Mat than Khel, K«kihbfi» 
Khel (4^600)^ AIndis, Gar. 
He-men ;, Sk^ fiiian, 
Hamid) and Hxmi, 

BASHirrfil (8).— A fiectfoA-of 
Zira K'ket, Atd^ni, MaiU- 
Kad, DaWaris. Heitfdm&n ; 

Basid Khel.— (Mastnra river 
to Hittrgti.)— A ^b-dH'8?oii 
of the miXavLt^h Mishti, 
*' napas&ya^^' of tfre Ot^zuis. 


Basi KHEii.**(Gis-lndusy 

and Dnma mountain).— A 
gjb-divisioii of ^GhagarzaW 
M&Lizeki| Yiisaf zais. 

Basi Kheii, (Bara valky).*— 
A section of EiaBi&l Kh^]» 
Sahib Jan, Aka Khel (1,800), 
AjEiidis.' SamU. 

Basbaoi^, (Bann% D&st!Pi0t;)^-- 
A . minor foactiot of Tori 
Khel, Mnsa KheU Hathi Shel 
(2,000), Shin Khel, Ahmad- 
eaiv Darwesh Khel Wazirs. 

Ba98!ia Kh!sl:'^*%A imb-diviftion 
of j^iamtft Khel, Taitta, 
Bftttannis* Headman ; E&d- 

Bassi Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion at "Paitidia Khfel (200), 
6badi Kh^l, ma% Din, Kltla 
Khel, Ahmadzai, Dbirwesh 
K-hel Wittii^. Headman; 
Sawar Kham. 

Bami; Kob.vA miner fraction 
of^Makki Ebel, Eattk KIicl, 
Uitfaan She). Mitha Khan 
Ehel, Euki Ehel {4,600), 
Afridia. Gar. Headmen ; 
*ee Ukkki Sbel. 

BuA Easi. (8E).— A nedJon 

ol Zhao Ehel, Tapiiii, 

TappizHiJ, Dairai^ig, Hod- 
man i Ahmwi. 

BWAK Khkt. (JO).— a minor 
fitiwtioQ ol the Netzajn Ehel, 
ghei Khel, Haibat Ehel, 
Kana Khel,. Bahlolzai, ^ah- 
Buds. Hpudmen; Titi, Mu- 

bflTT\;naji Af^l. 

BAn*HT(is (4^060 ; eountry 
between Wajirlstan and 
Den iBDDiil Ehan IHitrict), 
— A Pathan tribe, Heme of 
whom F^Iao live ia British 
territory. Eeadraen ; Bangi, 
Kiishal Khan, Mir Azim, 
Eota, Nawaz, Hiatti, Sher 
Khan, Dillaoa Khan, Bazza 
Khan, Jabarij Batnr, GnU 
Elmn, Morad Khan, Ahmad 

BaTEii (60).— a Bub-diviHion 
of the Gidi Khe), Hanazai, 
Alimi, UfthandB. Headiu^o ; 

H teiaa 

I or BAMii, (1,000). 
lab-dirbton cJ Aliiiai, 

Battu Ebii,. — A n>umi frac- 
tion c£ Walli Khel, Ali Khel, 
Sheikhtniil Khel, Konbar 
Ehel, (4,500), Aft'idia. Gtt- 
Headmen ; Miio, All Ehan, 
Qanhar, Fetoa. 

BiTTi Khbl (-10).— a minor 
fiction of the Faridai, 
Khamar Khet, Gidi Khel, 
MandEfti, Mahiiudti. Head- 
men i Zul&kor, Baghdad. 

BiWLA Khkl (Bannn, Vfaah, 
and Birpial). — A aection of 
Sirki Khel (800 [400 in 
Wana]). Shin Khel, Ahmad- 
z^i Duwesh Ehel, Wazirii. 
Headmen ; see ^ki Ehel. 

Biwui.— A minor fraction of 
Dani Khel, Motkai, Malik 
Khet, TTtniiuizai,. Darweth 
Khel, Wa,zirs. Headaian ; 

Bata Khei (40).— a section 
of the BoKioai, Shahi Ehel, 
Alutai, Mahaiids. He«dmen ; 
Eutftl. Zindai. 

Baiuks or Khoidad Khkl, 
(Eartrbk) ZAiuesacB 
(1,747).— One of tb two 
Zaimokht clans. 

Babai or Bakb* (1,359}.— 
A siih-divisioD of Hamn 
KHd, Banatia, Eakare. 
Headman ; ^fnlla Baidul^ 


Bazanai. — ^A BTib-dmsion of 
Mekhiani, Spin, Tarins. 

Bazab Khak Ehel (Mas- 
tnra).-A Bub-division of 
the trtman Khel, Daulatzai, 
Orakzais. Samil. 

Bazid Khel.-!-A section of 
the Badzai, Kattagarm, 
Tatta, Battannis; 

Bazid Khel (British terri- 
tory). — ^A snb-division of 
Jawaki (1,200), Adam Khel, 

Bazid Khbx- (450 ; Mahaban). 
— A sub-division of Mada 
Khel, Isazai, Ynsnfzais. 
Headmen; Shahdad Khan, 
Sarfaraz Khan, Saiad 
Kalam, Shah Mardan, 
(Alrabi Khel), Muhammad 
AliKhan, Baz Khan, (Tata 

Bazid Khel.— A minor frao- 
tionof Mian Khel, Janakhori 
(800), Hassan Khel> Adam 
Khel, Afridis. 

Bazid Khel. — (Mastura, 
Khanki, and Miranzai 
valleys). — A division of the 
Sheikhan, "Hamsayas" of 
the Orakzais. Samil. 

Bazid Khel.— Si3e Tor (or 
Bazid) Khel. 

Bazi Khel.— a iseotion of 
Khan Khel, Kuz Sulizai, 
Baizai, ■ Akozai — Yusuf zai 

■ Swatis. 

Bazoti (600 ; Mastura).— One 
of the four divisions of the 
Daulatzai, Orakzais. Samil. 

Be he AM KoB. — A minor frac- 
tion of Dildar Khel, Moh- 
mand Khel, Kattia Khel, 
Hassan Khel, Mitha Khan 

, Khel,^ Kuki Khel (4,500), 
Afridis. Gar. Headmen ; 
Ghanni and Torbaz. 

Be jal, (19). — A minor fraction 
of Bar Kaum, Hassu Khel, 
Tor, MalHzad, Dawaris. 
Headman ; Fir Ahmad 

Bengali Khei^. — A. section of 
Sen Khel, Abba khel, Tatta, 

Bbeob (iOO ; Bl^ck Moun- 
tain).7— A division of Deshi- 
wal, S«j^tis. Headman ; Sa- 
dar Ali of Kabal. 

Betani (Mastura). — A section 
of the lumbar Khel, Bazoti, 
Daulatzai, Orakzais. Samil. 

Bezazai (13).T-A section of 
Isa; Khel, Ahmad Khel, Ob a . 
Khel, Sheraniflto - 

mol Ehbi,,— A minor frao- 
I of TJmar Khel, Ali 
[tel, Khadiior Khe! (770), 
lohmit Khel, Utnmnzai, 
Jarwcsh Khel Wazirs. 
.a; SalibDin. 

J Khel (281.— A seetion 

Barim Knel, Anmoni, 

H&llizad, Dawaria. Head- 

Jama Sluih, Mina 

Sii Khel (30; Dora Is- 
mail Kban Distriot). — No- 
madic, a minor fraction of 
Zakoki, Sein Khel, Mian 
Kliel, Xioiiana, FitwindaliE. 
Headman ; see MUn Khol. 

BlBiKHEL(60; Black Monn. 
tain). — A section of Barat 
Khel, Akazai, laasLai, Tnauf- 

BrBiZAi(150.)— A Hnh-dirislon 

, of the Shabi Khel, Ali/ai, 

Mnhsadg. Headman ) Dinak 

BiDLjtl (10). — A section of the 
Haltti, lihingi, Bahlolzai, 
i^Mfthfflids. Headmen; Gitl 
i, Mahmud, 

BrcA KitEL.— A minor frae- 
tion of Gang! Khel { 400 in 
Wana), Bocei Khel, Naara 
Din Khel, Kaln Khel. 
Ahmadzai, Darweah Khtl 

BijiL Khel. — A minor fiao- 
tion of Ali Khel, Manzar 
Khel (360), Ibrahim Khel, 
tJtiDanaaJ, Darwesh Khel 
Wazi™. Headman ; Zira 

BiJAL Khel,-^ minor frac- 
tion of Khojal Khel (600 in 
Wana), Shaiti Khel, Naera 
Din, Kalu Kliel, Ahmadyai, 
Durwesli Khd Waziw. 

BujAL Ebel (]3).— a aee- 
tion of the Zarri Khel, 
Chahar Kliel, Shaman Ktel, 
MahsndB. Headman; 

Bun Khbi. (70).-^A section 
of IheMnlal. 8hin^,Bahlol. 
«i\, Mahsnds. Headmen t 
Salellm, Khan Znmnn, Ifosi,- 

BiLAL Kn^L.— A snh-division 
of Shan Khel, Tatta, Battan- 
nis. Headman ; Mir Azim. 

BiLii.zii (West of Dera Ghazi 
Klian Distriotl- — A section 
of Kabalzai, Noknzai, Lahar- 
Eai, Musa Kbels. Heodmaiii 


Imctioii of tii» Cktrri £hel, 
DfeU Kli#]. PalU KheL 
3f aiUMMU, Alimi« ItfiJiwcis. 
ffMl i ^ s AziWk Diwftr. 

Bii^AZAVi Khil^—A c^Yl^u)Il 
of Kbani Kluil> Chamkaimu. 

9iXBA«AX(dOO ; Kos Totai).— 
One of thfi eight ckn«of the 
tJtman Khels. 

BzvDAV Kb«l.-*<A minor 
fmotion of Warkiim Khel, 
▲ib Khel, Salarzoi, niaszai, 

Bin Kffw. (>aban).— A. 
leption of Haaan Khel, 
ICada Ehdf tiuuai^ Tufiiif- 
zsii. Headmen ; Sih^sdad 
Khan, Ahwan Khao. 

l^Ul KSBL (71).^(he Af the 
auh«dlvi|ioiM of the Gale- 
fhabl, BhaipA^ Ehel, Hah- 
w^. He^ulw?^ ( ?ija Shah. 

iBiZAZAi (West of the Dera 
ahwi Khan i)ktrict).-^A 
•ahrdiTinoii of I&uazazai, 
BalU KkQl Moaa Kliels. 
Headman ; Bakar. 

SiSBV Kbii. (700 ; British 
tenrUorj Mid BadavWA 
xninMT fnoiaQn of Shadi 
Ehel, Naira Din» Kala 

Ehel» Al>madiai» Daiwadi 
Kh#l WasuTB. Heala^n ; 
JaJal Khan, ^Ravai Khan« 
Htnr KJ^am, Gnl Adam, 

BizoDAi (81).— A section of 
the SfaJikshai, Aimal Kh^ 
BahloTzai, Hahsnds. 

BoiA (980).-A divisioii of 
Dana, Battannis. EUadmen; 
Dillasa Khan (Azad Khel), 
Na;^ Khap (Tajbi Khel), 
Ashvaf (1^ Khel),Chandan 
Khan <Faia Khel), Azim 

BoBAZ (25).— A ieciion of 

Hakim Khel, Mubarak 

Sh|khi» MaUizadt Dawarif. 

. Bieadmen ; Khan Samand 

an4 lAnde^. 

BoBAE (650).— A division of 

IHuBL^ Battannif.r'Head- 
men ; Jabari (AU Khel), Ba« 
tar iShadi) Khel, Gula Khan 
(Warga;re), Mor^ Kh^ 

BoBALAi. — k minor fraction 
of Dre Pillari, Tori Khel 
(2,670X Ibrahim Khel, Ut- 

' manzai, Parwesh Khel 
Wazirs. Headmen; Mian- 
din Khan. 

BoB&iLi (GQiii*tti and Wa- 
«■).— A minor fraction of 
All Kfa>1 (10), Borai Khel, 
Nasm Din Ehel, KdIu 
Khel. Ahmadiai, D&rwvsh 

BoB*B KHiK {Banro DIb- 
triot),— A raiooT fraction of 
WaUgui, Mitsa h'hrl, Huhi 
Khe! (^,<iOO), Shin Kbel, 
Ahmad ^ai, Darwush £hel 

Bobab Kbel.— a minor fnu- 
tion ofEhoi(aKhi>l(*Oin 
W).na), Shuili She!, Nwm 
Din Kh*l, Kftlu Khel, Ah- 
ta»dzftl, Dan^eah Khol 
Wtt^Ara. Headniftn ; Sinrar 

Boiaz&i. — A sub- di virion of 
Ladu, Itakanwal, Lnnis. 
Hskdmait ; «ee lAdn. 

Boi Khel.^A minor frartion 
of BaUr Khel, Idal Khol, 
Hathi Khel (2.000), Shin 
Khe I. Ahmadzai, Darwesli 
Khel Wftiii^ 


(50).-A^ minor 
fraction of the uMetai, 
Shumi Khel. Pain Khel. 
Manaza], Alisai. Mahends, 
Headmen ; Dawagar, Uiin 

I^iram HendmMi ; Klitnija 

Mnhammad KIiMli Sliali 
Knr, Aoladin. 

Bo: KHKi.(110).-ABCclionof 
thp MatQilais Shingi, Bablol- 
g»i, Mahandi. Headmen ; 
Mamak, Ghaital, Muham- 
tu&d Var, liibw, Mominilar. 

toKl KHKL.-<Bannn Dik- 
trict). A minor fractio? of 
UoiL, All Khel, Mnsa 
Kliel, Hathi Kh«i (2,000). 
Shin Ehel, Ahmnilaki, Dar- 
wesh Kbel Wuiia. 

BoLiEi Rhbl.—A »«tlon o! 
tfttar Khel or Akliwwal. 
(300), Hasaan Kb<:l. Adam 
Khil, Afi'idis, 

BoUi KSBI. (6,410; S.-KIO in 
Wiiria ').— A action of Nbb™ 
Ilhi.Kaln Kh.ll. A>miadiiii. 
DarwMb Khel Warfri. 

BONlVi raiL (Bannu Dib- 
trii-t).— A minor fnu-tion of 
Burmi Kbel, Khandar Khair 
Khel, HaOii Khnt (8J»0). 
Bhin Khel, Aliiniid/*i, ftwr- 
iFi!ah Kbel 'Wazln. Qttd- 
man ; Gliikh IWot- 


J! JU 

BoBA Khel (1,000).— a sub- 
division of Mohmit Khel, 
Utmansait . Darwesh Khel 
Wazir^, fleadi»^n ; Kipat 
Khan is the* chief/, ..ptKers 
are Sheikh, Khoja Mir, and 

Bosi Ebtel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Mnsakki, Wuzi Khel, 
(800), ]M[ohmit Khel, Utman- 
zai, Darwesh Khel Wazirs. 

BosTi Khel (150).— A sub- 
division of GalAi, Adam 
Khel,' Afedis. ' 

Bot!i' (78r)i^-A division of 
Tappi«ad, Dawatis; Head- 
man; GKiibar'KhAn. 

BoYAEAi (12). — A section of 
the Tappi Khel, Badanzai, 
Shaman Khel, Malisnds. 

BozA Khel (]^uinn, Ghapri 
and Gurang in Kuram).— 
A snb-sectioH of Tor Khel, 
Umarzai (600), Shin Khel, 
Ahmadzai, Darwesh Khel, 
Wazirs. j .,^. 

Bozi Khel. — A section of 
Madda Khel (1,600), Ibra- 
him Khel, tJtmanzai, Dar- 

^ wesh Khel Wazirs. Head- 
men ; Namwar Khan (Khoji 
Ehel) : of Malzar, Nazar 
Khan o| Znram, and iish- 
man Shah (Isioail Khel). 

Bozi Khel (25).— A section 

. of, Shnjawal, Mubarak 

Shahi, Mallizad, Dawaris. 

Bbaqix Khel (25 ; Bera 
Ismail Khan Difitrict). — 
Nomadic, a minor fraction 
of Shadi Khel, Isot Khel, 
Mian Khel^ Lohana, 
Pa^njidahs. Headman ; see 
Mian Khel. - 

Bbahimzai (West of Bera 

Ghazi Khan District).— A 

.section of Kabalzai, Nokuzai, 

Laharzai, Musa Khels. Head- 

■ man;.MuJU[a:Nadar. 

Bbahimzai (3^5). — A minor 
fraction of Khanozai, Pani- 
zai, Harun Khel, Sanatia, 
Kakars. Headman ; Didan. 


Bbahimzai (West' of Dera 
Ghazi Khan District).— A 
section of ' Maghduzai, 

. .'. AhYnadzai, Balil Khel, Musa 
Khels. Headman; Sardar 

Bbahimzai (West of ^ Dera 
Ghazi , Khan District). — 
A sub-division of Mangizai, 
liaharzai, Musa Khels. 
Headman ; Dadu. 

Bbahimzai (240).— A section 
■ of Sarangzai, Harun Khel, 

Sanatia, KaWs. Headmen ; 

Majid (Kwas)j Daoran 


aiMZii (Is).— A fwetion 
E Yiilua, Ahmwi Slid, 
Jplia Kbeli Slieraniia. 

MKZii (200)1— A iiib- 
■ ■ n of Yahia Khel, Hm 
ihel, Sherania. 

Zii Binr (BO),— A 
■'fisi. KlicI, Alimad 
Whe\, Oba Khel, Shftwiis. 

giBOKAiJlOO).— A spfitiOB of 

' * Drnnar, S^nKar. 

I^iJeiu'b, HcailmnD ; Kliwaat. 

A KHEt.— A minor frac- 
tion of Durai' (300).,KHiiB- 
Kei. Nasmildin^ZakhaKhel, 
Afridis. Hiunil. HcadiccD ; 
Avsft], Siiltan MtihaOnnad. 
Saafl^ Khan, Awalpil, Ifila- 
- WBr,Baioi. Airir, Galmasl, 
Gholol, Tor, Mir Hagsan, 
Said Hassan. 

BrcHi Khhi, (Bajanr),— a 
Ktili-Jivisifin df Kalot Kiel, 
SamiUrii, Tarknnii. 

BccH Kh 

tjon of Hanra Khd. Shsti 
Khel, Wall Beg Kor Gamlab, 
HaUruzfti, Mohmand*. 

Tlley are ciosfly allied to tlio 
(Smnda Khel. Huadman ; 

BtTDAi (2,200;.— A division ol 
Zaklifi Kiel, Afridis. SomH. 

roii Kreia-tA minor fi... , 
tiim of All/ Sher' Khe 1 
Biihur Kli«l,.KeLMeI Khel. 
Urmnx KIA, :S;i)ahr (1,200), 
Afi'idig. tjaifiall HsidBiiin ; 

Ccdal Kant— a minor frac- 
tion iif Ma'ruf Khel, Basi 
Kh,'], Knmal Khel, Sahib 
Jiin, Aka Khel, (l.SOO), 
Afridis. Samil. 

BtrDJB Khkl(1IWj British ter- 
riloir).— A miuMi fraction 
of Hlmdi Kliel. Nanni Din, 
■KaTn Khei, Ahmaditai. Dar- 
weah . Khol Waziis. Head- 
man ; Mir Alam. 

BuHA TThei..— A minor frac- 
tion of MadduJKhel, Asftd 
Khel, Mltha Khan KV-el, 
Knki Kiel (4,600), Afridis. 
Oar. ITeadmen ; iUir Khftn, 
GtJ Ehi,n, Zalmai. , 

BiTKsi KaBt.— A minor frac- 
tion of Fuiuda Khel, Hanak 
Khel, lialdishi Khel, Madda 
Khel (1,600), Ibrahim Kh^l, 
tftmaniiaj, Daiwiali Khel 


Aolflii of Isola. Heitdmaiii 

-Btuwii (l',3M).— A Boctirtfi 
of Panitai, Hanm IChel, 
SftDatia, Kakars- Huad- 
men ; Ali Hnhammad, 
RMnmi, Pais MiLhamad. 

'NDl Koi 



tion of SikandftT 
Kahdfli, Isft Khel.Patiiiiali, 
Mohmands. Headman ; Maj- 
" Ittm, 

'Bdsbbwau f8,700).— The 
name Bnnerwfll Btrictlj 
■pplie« only to tiioae Iluazai 
•nd MaWtaX Yimfwis who 
live in tho bnain of the 
Barftodu, tbe ■pnaafrU river 
oftbeBaoeT oountcy. The 
Firozai section of tlie Cha- 
r, be 

BPBHan Khbl (BO).— a minor 
frS<^tion of Dreplara, Khus- 
AfridiK. Samil. Headmen -, 
Araal, SHltan Muburmoad, 
Ba'adat Khan, Awalguli Dila- 
nar, BazEii, Amir, Giilmast, 
G'holiri, Tor, Kir Hassan, 
Said Hasaan. 

■BpttHiS Khbi,.— A minor 
fraction of Islnail Kbol, 
Malihozai, Nasuzai, HiaSzai, 

BfBH*N Ehtil (500).— a 
difieion of Pandiali, Moh- 
mands. Headmen ; Sayad 
Gul, Badshah, Kamdnd, 
Khali Mir, I-al, Sayad Dal, 
Naaim GiU, Ghnkm 8b»li, 
Mnbammad" Cmar. The 
Burhan Khel is one of the 
" Assured *' clans. ' 

Bub BAN KoB. — A anb* divi- 
sion of Babazu', Dawezai 
Mohmands. Headmen ; Stt- 
ohai, Ghilzai. 

BmZAt, or Bubazai; (lOO; 
Zarglran moaiit^n. eeat of 
Quetta),— A divijioa ol 
i>nmar, ICakais. 

BusA Khbl.— A minor frec- 
tion of Pira Khe), Marjan 
Khel, Utmsnzai, Adinaai, 
KhwwftMii, Akoiai — Yosuf- 
zai Swalis. 

BCBKA Khbl (-330).— A mh- 
divisien of .EamBJi, Halixo- 
zai, Mobmand»,' . 

Sipsh (1,200), AfridiB. Samil. 

• ThoRB Mohmand olaiu to which tlie BritiBh QoTerntnent hu 
giTen aaanranCM Uiat they rimtl not lose or saffer by the seTer- 
anue of their ancient connention with the Afghan State. Tho othm 
"ABBarcd"claDaaTe the Danezai, Halimzui, I9a Khel, Tarakui J 
and ntmaniai. 


____jr=riniiior fraution of 
"■■"Jainlioi KM. Wamka Ati 
Khan Khyl, garki Khel, 
Mftdda Khel (1,600). Ibrafiim 
KUel, Utmaazai, Darwesb 
Khel Wad™. 

jQg'SABEjii (48fK)t Along 
both bnnks of the Indas and 
on the Dnma mountain, and 
(LOQO> in the no[th-,ai»t 
of Buoer).— A division of 
atfliziLl, Yusnf zaii F^thaTia. 
The ^rozgi eub-divlaion live 
in Biiner ; the other two 
Bub-d^vixiansi vi-,, Niunit 
Kliel «iid Bee\ Kh«l, hold 
tend on Duma, and op both 
(ides of the Indns. Head- 
meo ; Endnvb Khan and 
Mirdrid, who lead riviil 

Chhiabsii,B4-'=i Ksslp (200 ; 
BJauk Mountain).— A divi. 
■ion ofjthe pBriarle. 

Khbl (30),— One 
e tjirw suottonB of the 
Ribarai. Nana Khel, 

£»hlolzai. MahiudH, Head* 

CbaHAB Khw (58?).— Om 
of the foQC dlvtiioTis of the 
Shaman Kbe), Mah^ds. 

Ceakmasis, — A trihe of 
Nortliern IQniBt, hetween the 
Msjigalfl and Makld>aU, bot- 

. d«ring Uppvr Korram. 

CHAtAC Kh.H1,.— A section of 
Tari Khel, Shakhi, Warn- 
^un, 3attanniB. 

Chalae KiHi.-r-A minor 
fraction o| Bre Nami, Balal 
Ehcl, Hassan Khel (400), 
Mohmit KheJ, Utmaniai, 
Darw«sh Khel WaiUB- 
Headman ; Khan. 

Chai.sari. — Se« MekhSani, 

Cbakba Khbl (60 i Bla^b 
STonntdJn).— A »eotioa of 
Banit Khel, AIc(uuii, Isaiu, 


Chamkaitsis {1,600 ; West of 
TiRkli, and eiMt of Kuroun). 
— A Moall tribe of Pathus 
of doubtful oogiiiv 


Chjlmljlwjlls (1 ,000).— The 
name applied to the mixed 
Mandan clans who inhabit 
the Chamla valley, south- 
east of Buner. 

CkkHrDLV Ktii.'^A minor 
fraction of Marfan Khel, 
Utmanzai, Adinzai;" Bihwa- 
zazai, Akozai — Yusufzai 
Swa«s; ■' 


CHANDiUt Khsi< (BajaarO-^A 
^b^diviiion of Ilat Kkel, 
Salarzai, Tarkanis. 

Chindib K fiBL.— a maiior 
fraction of Adam ' Khel, 
Nazar Khel, Star Ali Khan 
Khel, Sarki Khel,, Madda 
Khel (1,600), Ibrahim Khiefl! 
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel 
"Wazirs. ■ ^'; 

ChastKI (IB).-^A minor* frac- 
tion of Balr Kanm, UjIssu 
Khel, Tor, Mallizad Dawaris, 
; Headi&en ; Bedil, Dini. 

Chapla (4OO).— a Rub-divi- 
sio^ of MijiU, Warasy^n, 

; Battaiinife. Headman ; 

' Ahipad. Shah, Mir S^uUan 

and DanTat (Mandi), Diaari 

(Dari), Janei and Re!iman 


Chabdai {8,600; Kuram5— 
The larger of the twt 'ckns 
of the Turifl. • 

CHARaHAL Khel (80).— A 
minor fraction of Shinki 
Khel, Babakki, Hassu Khel, 
Tor, Mallizad, Dawaris. 
Headman; Karar, 

Chae Khbi. — A section ,of 
Alisher Khel, Gadaizai, 
Iliaszai, Bunerwals. 

Chae Khel (Miranzai. and 
Mastura valleys). — A divi- 
sion of theMallaKhel(800) 
•* HaniMiyae" of' the Orak- 
zais. Samil. 

I ■ I 

Chae Khel. ^ A minor frac- 
' tion of Zakho Khel, Jaha- 

ijhori (800), Hassan Khel, 

Adam Khel, Afridis. 

Chaekhil (40).^A minor 
fraction of Charkhil, land, 
Malakh, Mallizad, Dawaris. 
Headmen; Gul. Rahman, 
Landai, Id Muhammad. 

Chaekhil (85).— A section 
o£ Lapd, Mal^kji, Mallizad, 
Dawaris. Headmen ; Badani, 
Kakir Shah, Gnl Eahman. * 

Chawae Khel. — A sub-divi- 
sion of Bazoti (500), Daulat- 
zai, Orakzais. Samil. Head- 
' main; Ahniad Shah. 

i 6H0TIALIWAL.— See Dzam, 
Spin Tarin. 


Cbcab Khei (3S8).— a clan 
at ShernniB. Headmen ; 
Saddta and Azim. 

Chcaezat (6).— a Bub-divi- 
■ion vt Maleiai, Eakanwa!, 
LaniB. He»dmsii;8ee Male- 

CflrsABi EdB (B&t TaiUi- 
dand),— A division of Ut- 
maiiiai, Mohmanda. Heod- 
mcm ; BadeliBh MQliRmoiad, 
All Khan, tibamaai, Mutam* 

mad Abbas, Amir Bai, 3ha!i 

iHUND Ehel (30).— a minor 
fi:ai;tioa of J,ho Khoidad 
Kliel, Gidi Kile!, Manazai, 
Alt^if HaWi's- Headnjen;. 
X'onjdur, Pazal. 

eBtTTrAB (48).— A' Aeofion of 
Zirft !Kbe), AmzoDi, Mallind, 
Ddwaris: 'Hoftdmen; Gii- 
mal Elian, Ghokm. 

DiBJiSXAi. — A miiior fraction 
"' Dafdoni, Wnzi Kiel, 
»), Mnluuit Khel, 0tman- 
ij Darwcah Khel, Wazin. 

DiDiB Khel.— A minor fwc- 
titiu of Kalla Khel (700), 
AbIiu Kliel, Hnffiftn Khd, 
Adam KLel, Afiidis. 

inaiai, Alizai, Mahgnds. 

bfii Kbkl (eO ; Black 
Mountain). — A Bnb-division 
of Hasanziki, Isazai, Yi^Rui- 

Iaaii. Headmen ; Habibnlla, 
B»;ad Ajab, Ghaii Khan. 

DiDAi Khel.^Oho of tht 
KentiCDs of the Hit Ahmad 
KheL (Mir Mnwiin KbBl), 
Flroj; Khel (1.000), Danlat- 
zai, Orakzais. Samil. Head- 

DiHi Khel (leo).— A section 
of Tam Khel, Boba, Dana, 


Dadi Kbkl.— a minoir frac- 
tion of Dnrar (300), Kiaa- 
rogi, Naarnddin, Zakha the], 
A&idia- Samil. Headmen ; 
see Bucba Ehel. 

DiDrr KBkl (Wj.-A minor 
fraction of Dre^Ui*, KWa- 
ragi, Nasruddin, Zakha 
KM, AfridiB, avail. H«ad> 
BiMi ; UnrUza. Put:dil, 
Tara Kb*n, Aimau Siah, 

Dadit Khsl (2,050).— a 
division of Tarakzai, Moh- 
manda. Headmen ; Soti, 
Abdullali, Jang, I^lo, 
Nawab, Najai, Aahnk. 

Dalae Ehsl (250).— Atmb- 
diviuon of the Akhe! (6W), 
lamail^fti, Ontkxais, Uar. 

Dala* EHBl (80).— a snb- 
drriejonof ZarakU, MalltKad, 
Dawaris. Headmen ; Saadul> 
U Jai^ Badiang. 

Dalbl.— A miflor ffartion of 
the Baiad Ehan Nmasi, Ali 
Earan, Mamniai (3,600),, 
LM^kaTMi, Orakzaia, (lar. 
Headman ; Sher Khan (F). 

tiou of Oiidia Khel, Tfl 
Ehet or Ahiinrwal, HftC 
Khel, Adam Khel, AFrid" 

Daui. Khel.— a minor 
tian of JIuguitn Ebi;l, Paid 
(1,000), Budai. Zakha Kfl 
Afridis. ^amil. Heading 
Motad Ali, Orakbii. 

Daui, Kok.-A mino 
tion of the XJmu- EbBO E 
All Earan, Idamaxai, I 
karzai, Orak^.ais. Gar. Ji 
man ; Huasoin Shah. 

Dalkha Koe (7oO).— a s 
division of Dadn "" 
Tarnkzai, Mobmanda. Hei 
men I Jang, Abdillkb, i 
Nawali. Najai, Achsli. 

Dalla Ebei,.~A minor fras- 
tion ofTorsamEhel, Nazar 
Khel, Star Alt Khan Khel, 
Sarki Khel, Madda Ehel, 
1,600), Ibrahim Kht-I, 
Utman?jii, Darwesh KheL 

Daliu Ehel. — A minor frae- 
tion of Jalal Khel, Mali (or 
Mull) Khel, Salarsai, 
lUaasai, Bunerwals. 

Dabi (2,080).— a vbn of 
Cattannia. Ucadmcn ; IiiWa 
Eban, Raz7.a Ehan, Jabari, 
Baturi Oula Kbaa, Morad 

XUxqAB Khbl (160).— a 
Biinor fraction of Piran 
I)aj]gar £heL Maharamad 
Kho^ Makkh, MtiUiind, 
Dftwftris. Headman ; see 
FiT»n Dang&r Khcl. 

P*J(OZaBi (9).— a aub-divi- 
BUtn of Bftnda, Tappuad, 
Dawaris. Headouin ; Sut 

Dam Khki.— A minor frac- 
tion of MatkM, Malik Shahi 
(*X)), Wall Khol, Utman- 
zaii Darweah Khel Waiirs. 
Headmen ; Marota, Pirnal, 
Omar Khel, Auhegiil. 

DaHIS (Tirin and Derawat 
on the Helm and)-— A tribe 
ftlto claim to be Kakara. 

Daobi Ehel.— a Bub-divUioD 
oi ^mozai, Khwaiazai, 
Jikoziu-'V'usuf?^ Stratia. 

Daosai (Wesi of Der> Ghazi 
Eban Diatrlet). —A anb- 
diTlFnon of Man^mi, Laliar> 
lai, Musa KheU. Headman; 
Ulan Eban. 

D>BJE Khkl- — A minor frac- 
tion of Mandi Khel, Wuzi 
Khe! (80a), Mohrait Kliel, 
Ttmanzai, IJsrnwli Klicl 


DABVom~-~A. Bectian of Wuzi 
Ehel (80O), Molinut £hel, 
TJtmansiu, Darwesh Kb el 
^'azirs. Headmen ; Bozi, 
Wazir Kiian, Nakir Khan. 

Djseii (SO).— A minor frai- 
tioa of Dothi Khel, Palli 
Khel, Wanaja), Alizai, 
Mahanda. Headmen ; Bar- 
khudar. Tor. 

Dabu Kbbl (20 ; Dera IbdiqU 
Khao Distiirt).— Komftdic, 
a minor fraction of Umrzfti, 
Sein Khel, Mian KJiel, Loha- 
na, Fuwindahs. H«admiui : 
see Mian Kbel. 

)iBi Khbl.— A section ol 
Cbapla, Muia, Waraepgn, 

DtEMii Khbi.— Aminorfrae- 
tion of Tashi KIm^I, Kharaki 
(-20>), Gabi, Adam Khel, 

DdBHtL Eh8l.— A miuor 
fraction of Shadl kbel, Balal 
Khel, Hassan Khel (4uOJ, 
Mohmit Khel, Utman/ai, 
Darweah Khe' WA/irt. He:id- 
niani KLad Ghi^'at. 

D*bpaKhbi (S^).— a dM- 
sion of Uatliiad, Dawaria. 
Htedmen; Bhahoada, Gol' 
nmtst, Gnlpir, Najtb, Sheik 
and Hira. 

Dabbb Khbl (500).*— One of 
Ox* iovt olans of the Cham- 
kann'iEt. The Sarre Khel 
and Uina Kfae] 
time^i IcDown cgllect4vBlj ac 
the Khwaja K.heL 

DtBBi Khbl (30).— A aeotion 
of the Kasim Ehel.Badanzai. 
Shaman ^Ehel, _ Mahguds. 
Heodmeii ; SHadi, Jfljr and 
Wall Khan: 

DlBBl Khbl.— A minor frac- 
tion of Uadda Khel, Miamai, 
EabuL Khal (2,600) Ut- 
manzai, Darwesh Khel 
Wazira. , 

DiBBi Khbl. — A seotion of 
Madda Khel, Sher Gnlla, 
Aka Khel, (1,800), Afrldia. 

BtKWESH KbBL' ' Wailbs 

(24,560.)— The name givAn 
to the TTtmanzai and Ah- 

DabwBBS KSat.— a , minor 
fraction . o£ SCin^r .Khel, 
Muhammad Kh(il, Hassan 

Khel, (400), Mohmit Khel, 
Utmaniai, Darwesh Khel 
Wazira. Headman j Fazal 

Dabwez Khbl— a minor frac- 
tion of Babur Khel, Eeimal 
Khnl. Urtaai Khel, Sipah 
(1^00), Afridlo. Hoadman; 
. Khanezaman. 

DiBwi Kebi, (Martnra).— 
One pf the fonr diviaiona of 
the Misht! (3,000), " Hamsar 
yaa"oltheOrakzai9. Samil, 

D*bta.'Kh*n Khel.— a divi- 
sion of Hail Khel, Cham- 

DiBT* Khbl (13),— A section 
of AHial, Darpi Khel, Hal- 
lizad, Dawaria, Headmen j 
tjhermon, Oul Azam. 

Dabti^Ksbl (100). — A minor 
fraetioa' of tlie Kotai- Khel 
Ahdul Khel, Langar Khel, 
:Khoidad Khel, CSdi Khel,- 
. UanazM, Alizai. Mahsuds, 
.Sa»i^aBa; Bola, Klssar, . 

DiBTi Khbl, Dabwbsk 
EHBt.— A minor fraetion of 
Bizen Khel (700), Shadi 
Khal, Naica Din, Kaln 
Khel, Ahmodzai, Darwesh 
Khi'l Wozirs. He^dj^n : 
Sahib Khan. 

■Jf OTX^Tbia iaeladea the men of the Mirsa Khel, 

DiBZi Khei. (50; EWk 
Moimtttin). — A sectiun of 
Aniit "Kkel, Akazai, Iranai, 

D*aii Kbbi. (17).— a minor 
frftL'tioti of Alii Kliel, Bnrim 
Khel, _ Amy-om, MaUizud, 
Dawftrifl, Ueadtaen ; JumtOB 
Khan, Shimk, Ualim Kh&n, 
Gukb Din. 

Datie Khhl (BrttiBti tarri- 
tory), — A minor fraction of 
Painda Khel (200), Shadi 
Khfl. Nftara Din, Eulu 
Khul, AlniiQ^aii, Darweak 
Khi'l Wftnira. 

Datta Kbrl.— a sociion of 
Ban Khd, who having lands 
among thu Khaddor Khel, 
are regarded an a xeiitlun 
thereof for puij)Q8«s of 
administration, Headman ; 

DiTTi Keel,— A minor frai- 
tion of Abdnl Khel, Barn 
Khel (1,000). MoJimit Khel, 
TJt.manid, Darwesh Khel 

Datta Khel.— a minor frac- 
tion ol Drepillari, Tori Khel 
(2,670), Ibraliim Khel, 
TJtmaoTai, Dsmisah Khel 
WhiIt.!. Uoadman ; Amol- 

Datta Kbkl f23).— a snh- 
division of Zerakki, MaUi- 
Kftd, Dnwaris. Headmen ; 
Ahmad und Khonar. 

Datti KiiEi (516).— Tlie 
chief auh-divisian of the 
Giileahalii, SIxaman £he^ 

Daitp Keel.— a sertlon of 
Shadi Khel, Bobak, Dana 

DitTD (80).— A section of 
Barim Khel, Amr.oni, Mal- 
liziid, Dawaria. Headman ; 
TahU- Shah. 

Dapdi KHBL(4n).— Aaeotioii 
of the Aatanai, Sliabi Khel, 
Aliiai, Mahsnda. Headmen ; 
Abas, Tahk, 

Dattuzai (160),— a divisinn 
of MaiBiiTiii 01' Muhammad- 
zai, Zaimuklite. 

DArnzi! (Peshawar Dirtriet). 
— A tribe of the aarae origin 
as the Mohmands, who live 
alons th* left bank of the 
Kabul river to its junction 
with the Bara. 

BattlaI Ehex-— a minor 
frsrtion (rf BiVindar Khel, 
Ahdnl Kliel, Bura Kbel 
(l,(X)«i), Mohiiiit Khel, 
ntomnzai, Darwesh Khel 


Dax^at^ Khsi^ (Bannu Dis- 
tjriotj.-^A ifiXt^Gx fraotion of 
.All ^tl M^sa Khel, BsAjtii 
Ehel (-4,000), SMn Ktiel, 
Ahmadzai, Darwesh Khel 

Daulat Khel. — A aeotlpitof 
the Amar Khan Khel, Ali- 
sH^i^ai X^jfiQO)n X^hkarzai, 

Mirza Hassan. 

IcafQiiAip, of th» Osunrnj: Klxel, 
Khoidad Khe^ Gidi Khel, 
Manazai, Alizai, Mahsuds. 
fieadiDan ; Shale Khan. 

Daulat KHEL.-n»A section -of 
QhaUh Khan. Kh^, MaUkdiu 
Khel MalikdinEKhel, (4,000), 
Afridis. Samil. He-men ; 
Alam Khan, GholSai, Kassim, 
Haxa4 ^aJd Cthuktm^ Jtfa^d 

My: Azm,. Mxr SiJim^ Alam, 
Mnr Ahmad* Nur Jan.. 

Datjlat Khel. — A minor 
£rMiion.of SmK Khel, A<wvk> 
(1,00(>), Bucbi, U\^ Khel, 
AGridjft. Samil* Headmen ; 
Pir Gul, Safer, Dtosife Hak, 
Kkanj^a«»fta^ Z^ Jan, 
Eahmatnllai Madaklii.. 

D4t7*A!r Kh»l (^^^ Tartaara)- 
— ^A divisicwi of Stallagons, 
a vassal clan of the Moh* 

Dat7Lat2ai (Zhob).— a minor 
fraction of Ibrahimzai, 
Bhadozai* Ali KheA, Sanzajy 

Qai7latzaj(.'^A divj^iojpi of 

Datjlatzai (2,400; Mastura 
voXLej and Liandnki pass).*-^ 
One of th& four clans of the 
Orakzai». Samil. 100 oi 
them are Shk^. 

Daulatzais (600 ; Ghazniand 
Katot4-GbUzai).— One of 
th«i Pawifi^dfih trading «]aQs. 

X>AVLATZja ($0 ; Zarghnn 
momitaiB,.ea9t oFQnetta). — 
A drrision of Ihimar, 

Dattiat^ Kra^t KiHBI,.-»A 
section of the Ibrahim Khel, 
Gadaizai> Biassmy JBoner- 

Daulataz? Khkii^'^^A seetioQ 
of Manzar Khe', (360), 
Ibjsahim Khe!L> Udiman^i 
ParwQ^ Khel Wazii-s. 
Headman, i Gul MuJbAmjikad 

DiUurzAi (700 ; ZliolD.^A 
•ection of Shnd^iai, Alirni, 
BanKar, Kakars. Headtaftn ; 

DAtFLiTKAI. (1,500 ; Bott 

banks of the £«randu river, 
part ot Topdara valley wid 
bills afound). — A diviaion of 
the Malizai), Banervriik. 

Daub Khbl (45).— A mino^ 
fcaotion of th* Nckian Khel, 
Sher Khel, Hitlbat Kfael, 
Nana Khel, Bahlobai. Mnh- 
EDds. Ileitdmen ; Zumasi, 

CjHTlsNig (JOO ; "Wttlia). 

OOf of thv leading Panindah 
tradiug triW. 

Davab Khsi.— a minor frao- 
1 of Ismail Khel, Bozi 
bl, Madda Khd (1,600), 
I Khel, UtiDaE2u,i, 
1 KhelWazira. 

Khbli— A minor 

Mtion of Jambai Khel, 

' ika Ali Khan Khel, 

Khel, MaJda Kbal 

I Dawaris are divi^^d 
lin factioDB caUed 

MallitadorMalla, and IVip* 

Sizad- They aro prisHt rid- 
on and fanatical, and bear 
the repatation of being ant- 
ardly. Thongh qittking 
Pushtu, tliQ Dawaria do not 
thnaielves claim lie title oi 
Patliftn. Th^ are indos- 
trioBs and BkilfuIunltivatorH, 
and brfoi* cur occupation 
their Waiiri neighbonre, who 
enriocnd their country, look- 
ed on the ricbea ot DawaT aa 
their natoral prey, Dan«ri 
vilhigeB are TOnseanently 
strongly walled and flanked, 
while towem are found scat- 
tered among the Gelds to pro- 
tect bhe enltivstoia and ueir 

DAWiHiAi (West »J Etra 
Ohaai Khan Distri<;t).~A 
section of Dsdatau, Nokniai. 
Labariai, Mum Klicls. 
Headuum; Sazi. 

DaWAT or D«JD KHBt.-* 
A section of Eadai Ecr, 

Gandab, Halirarai, Uoh- 
mands. Headmen ; Kuham- 
mad Habib, Miiak Stilei- 

Dawat or DAtT* Kbel 

(Bohni Dag ; a few at Goshta, 
Kabul river).~AdJTision of 
Khwaf xai, Hiohmandi. Ht ad- 
men BaTa Khan, Mnbam.- 
mad Sharif Khan, Said. 


Dawbzai (1,CM)0).— One of 
the affiliated Mohmand 
clans. Headmen ; Haznr 
Khan, Habib Jan ; see note 
on page 46. 

Dawizai (West of Dera Ghazi 
Khan District). — A sub- 
division of I^ozai, Lahar- 
zai, Musa Khels. Headman ; 
Shah Baz. 

DEHaAN.— A minor fraction of 
Umar Khel, Ali Khel, 
Khaddar Khel (770), Moh- 
mit Khel, Utmanzai, Dar- 
wefsh Khel Wazirs. 

DsHGAV. — A tribe inhabiting 
Kunar, Laghman and Nin- 
grahar. A fewDehgansare 
also to be found in Zurmat 
and Bajaur. The Dehgans 

' are said to be descendants 
of the Indian races origin- 
ally inhabiting North-East- 
em Afghanistan. 

Dbbtxzi Khel. — A minor 
fraction of Mohmand Khel, 
Kattia Khel, Hassan Khel, 
Mitha.Khan Khel, Kuki 

. Khel (4,500), Afridis. Gar. 

Deshiwals (720 ; B 1 a c k. 
Mountain). — A tribe of 
Swati ori^. 

DswABZAi (40 ; Z a r g h n n 
mountain, east of Quetta.) — 
. A division of the Dumar, 

Dhanni Khel (40). — A minor 
fraction of the Shumi Khel, 
Palli Khel, Manazai, Alizai, 
Mahsuds. Headmen ; Bare 
Khan, Ahmad Khan. 

Dhakih Khel (36). — A minor 
fraction of the Gurri Khel, 
Dochi Khel, Palli Khel, 
Manazai, Alizai, "Mahsuds. 
Headmen ; Azam, Diwar. 

fHtJNi Khel. — ^A minor frac- 
tion of BilalKhel, Keimal 
Khel, Urmuz Khel, Sipah 
(1,300), . Afridis. Samil. 
Headmen ; Gul, Salim. 

DiDAOBi. — ^A sub-division of 
Waruke, Dana, Battannis. 
Headman ; Adam Khan. 

DiGAN Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Datta Khel, Abdul 
Khel, Bora Khel (1,000) 
Mohmit Khel, Utmanzai, 
Darwesh KhelWazirs. 

DiGAB Khel.— A minor frac- 
tion of Morib Khel, Utman 
Khel, Takhti Khel, Bakka 
Khel, Wall Khel, Utmanzai, 
Darwesh Khel Wazirs. 
Headman ; Islam Khan. 

DiHGAN (15). — A minor frac- 
tion of Idal Khel, Muham- 
mad Khel, Malakh, Mallizad, 
Dawaris. Headman ; Zar- 

BiLiZAKB.— Apetple Scjthio 
origin who inhabited the 
FeuiawaT valle; b eft re the 
Fftthan invasion. Scattered 
fomilies of tliem are still 
. to be found along ihe left 
bank of the Indus i-i the 
Hazara and Sawal Findi 

DiLDiB Khbl.— A minor, 
fraction of Mo hniend Khel 
Khattin Kiel, Has^n Khel, 
Mitha Khan Khel, Kuki 
Khel (4,5CO),AfridU. Gar, 
Headmen ; Baghi, Suidal, 
Ghanni, Torbaz. 

DlL PiJiRi (14).— A minor 
fraction of Boya,, 
Dawaris- Headman ; Cjhcikh 

DiHiB. — A minor fraation of 
Umar Khel, Ali Khel, 
Ehaddar Khel (770), Moh- 
mit Khel, Utmaniai, Dar- 
we«h Khel -Warns. Head- 
man ; Zarak- 

DiKiB. — A minor, fi'actiou of 
Ali Khel, Shngai, Tori Khel 
(2,67(1), Ibrihim Khel, Ut- 
manzai, Darwe^h K hel 
Wazira. Headman ; Giilli. 

DiMAB (in).— A sub-divieion o 
Arghund, Mallizad, Dawarii 
UotidiDan i Miamai. 

DiDJin Khel. — A mituxc 
fraction of Shpalkai Ehel, 
Zai^un Ebel (SnO), Galai, 
Adam Khel, Afridis. 

Don Khel. — A minor fraofion 
of Mir Hasani, Maoha, Mad- 
da Khel (1,600}, Ibrahim 
Khel, tJtmaniai, Darwesh 
Khel Wazlrs. 

DoDiZii (West of Dera 
Ghazi Khan District).— A 
section of Malizai, Ahmad/ai, 
Baiil Khel, Mosa Khels. 
Headman ; Lawangai, 

DoDi Khbl.— A minor frac- 
tion of Titar Khel, Khan 
Khel. Tftkhti Khel, Bakka 
Khel -(IffijO), Wall Khel, 
Utmaniai, Darwesh Khei 
Waiiri. Headman ; QnU- 

DoDl K'HEL (Bannn District) 

Kliandar Khan Khel, Hathi 
KheL, Shin Khel, Ahmadzai, 
Darwcah Khel Wazirs. 
Headmen; Nizam Khan. 

DoDi KHKL(50).-A8ub-d:T- 
sion of Khoddi, Malliaadr' 
Dawaria. Headman ; Shah- 


DosALLj.— A section of Wnxi 
Khel (800), Mohmit Khel, 
Utmanzai,, Darwesh Khel 
Wazira. Headman ; NiyaR 

DosALLi. — Said to be a sec- 
tion of Khaddar Khel (770). 
They are really, however, a 
section of Wuzi Khel, 
Mohmit Khel (see abovej, 
owning^ land among the 
Khaddar Khel. 

Doi>AL (Nandihar).-'A divi* 
sion of the Nandihari 

Pod AM KHEL.-*-(Bannn Dis- 
trict). A minor fraction. of 
Ali Khel, Mnsa Khel, 
Bathi Khel (2,OjO), Shin 
Khel, Ahmadzai, JDarweah 
Khel Wazirg. 

ToDAZAi (150 ; West of Dera 
Ghazi Khan District).— A 
Bub -division of Noknzai, 
Laharzai, Mi7sa Khel. 
Headmen ; Fanzai, Balak, 
Dawarzai, liazi, Mandizais 
Khan Daoran. 

Post Mali Khel. — A sec- 
tion of the Bazar Khan 
Khel, Utman Khel (400), 
Daulatzai, Orakzais. Samil. 

PoTANNis.—See Dautanis. 

DoTiAL (1,695).— A clan of 
the AUaiwals . 

Dbb Dabiz, — A miijor fraction 
of Ali Khel, Shngai, Tori, 
Khel (2,670), Ibrahim Khel, 
Utmanzai, | Darwesh Khel 
Wazire. Headman ; * Gul 

Dbb Khbl. — A section of 
Wnzi Khel (800), Mohmit 
Khel,. UtmanzAiy Darwesh 
Khel Wazirs. 

Dbb MA. — See Kattagarm. 

Dbe Nami.— A minor fraction 
of Miisakki, Wnzi Khel 
(800), Mohmit Khel, Utman- 
zai, Darwesh Khel Wazirs. 

Dbe Nami. — A minor fraction 
of Balal Khel, Hasan Khel 
(40U), Mohmit Khel. Ut- 
manzai, Darwdsh Khel 
Wazirs. Headmen ; Malak- 
din Khan, Nfyaz Muham- 

Dbbpilaea. — A sub-division of 
Shakhi, Waraspun, Battan- 
nis. He&dmen; Husen 
(Ghnrburu), Ashak (Miani),. 
Saidal (Ismailak). 

Dbe Piilabi. — A minor frac- 
tion of Asat Khel, Wuzi 
Khel (800), Mohmit Khel, • 
Utmanzai, Dai-wesh Khel 


Dbb Pillabi. — A minor frac- 
tion of Muhammad Khel, 
HaFsan Khel (40u)* 

Mohmit Khel, Utmanzai, 
Darwesh Khel Wazirs. 
Headman ; Sippar. 

Due Pillabi.-— a eection of 
Tori Khel (2,670), Ibrahim 
Khel, Utmanzai, Darwesh 
Khel Wazirs. Headmen ; 
Miandin Khan, Khari» 
Shahsadin, Amaldar^ Keili. 

Dbepillabi — A minor frac- 
tion of Sarki Khel, Mad- 
da Khel (l,t'^K)), Ibrahim 
Khel, Utmanzai, Dajrwesh 
Khel Wazirs. Headmen ; 
Modai, Fyall, Aki Khan, 
Umar Khan and Biyan. 

Dbbflaba (260).*-A section 

• of Khnsroffi, Nasr-nddin, 

Zakha KhelAfridis. Samil. 

tieadmen ; see Mir Kalan 

Khel, Dadu Khel, and Bnr- 

han Khel sub-sections. 

Dbeflaba. — A section of 
Paindai (940), Nasr-nd- 
din,: Zakha Khel Af):idis. 
Samil. Headmen ; Chik* 
kun, Tamas, Anwar, Nazr 

Dbiqzai (374; Thai Choti 
ali).— A clan of the Lonis. 

PuLHA Khel (Dir).— A sec- 
tion of Sultan Khel, Sesada, 
Maliiai, Yusafzais. 

DuMAEs (340; Zarghun 
Mountain, east of QuettaJ. 
— A Kakar elan. Headmen ; 
Azmal, IJmar, and Kwadad 
(Nokarzai), Eahimdad, Lal- 
han, Bahawal (Barzal) ; 
Lalbeg (Dewarzai), Sabur 
(Daulatzai), Hu8en.(Faizai). 

DuMABs (1,885). — A division 
of Sanzar, Kakars. 

Dub, see Madi Khel and Dur. 

DuBAWiB— (100,000) The do- 
minant* race of Afghans ; 
and the one to which the 
present ruling family of 
Kabul belongs. The Dura- 
nis have two bmnches, the 
Zirak and the Panjpai. I^o 
the former belong the 
Popalzaif Alikozal, Barak - 
zai and Achakzai, to the 
latter the Nurzai, Alizai, 
Isakzfti, Khokani and Maku 
tribes. See also Sadozais 
and Bar Duranis. 

Dtjbab (300).— a section of 
Khusro^i, Nasruddin, Zakha 
Khel Airidis. Samil. Mead* 
men ; see Bucha Khel. 

c 2 


DuBBA Khbl. — A section of 
Hamza Khel, Gandab J'a- 
limzai, Mohmaixds. Head- 
men ; Rogh Muhammad, 
Dauran, Saraf, Sahibroz, Yar 
Gul Akbar, Gul Ali, Izzat 
Khan, Amir Khan. 

DuBBA Khel. — A section of 
Hamza Khel, Kamali, Ha- 
limzai, Mohmands. Head- ; 
man ; Jama! Khan. 


DuBBi Khel. — A sub-division 
of Ki^mbar, Kambar Khel 
(4,5(J0), Afridis. Gar. Head- 
men ; Muhammad Sher 
Khwaja Ali, Yaro, Nutai 
Bher Khan, Hamid. 

DuBDAN Khel.— "A section of 
Musa* Khel, Kuz-Sulizai^ 
Baizai, Akozai — Yusufzai 
Swat is. 

DuBji Khel. — A sub-division 

of Kama Khel, Malikdin 

"^ Khel (4,0C0), Afi-idis. 

^mil. Headmen ; see Yar 
Mnhammad Khel. 

Due Khel (105).— A minor 
fraction of Babakki, Hassu 
Khel, Tor, Mallizad, Dawa- 
ris. Headmen; Badar, Mir 
Kazam, Diwana Khan, 

DuBMA KoB (500 ; Lalpura^ 
lioi Shilman). — A section 
of Shah Mansur Khel, Dadu 
Khel, Tarakzai, Mohmands.* 
Headman ; Akbar Khan, 
Khan of Lalpura. 

DURMUB Khel (65). — A sec- 
tion of Umar Khel, Nana 
Khel, Bahlalzai, Mahsuds. 
Headman; Zawakal. 

DuTANiris.— See Dantanis. 

DzAM or Chotialiwal.— (28). 
— A division of Spin, 
Tanns. Headman ; Shahbaz: 

Emani Khel.— a minor frac- 
tion of Baghdad Khel, ivei- 
mal Khel, XJrmuz Khel, 
$ip»b (1^0), Afridi», 

Samil. Headmen ; Khanesa* 
man, Lai Muhammad, Sher 


FaIZAI (30; east of Qnetta). 
.—A division of Dumar, 

Faizuiia Kob. — A minor 
fraction of Banra Khel, Shati 
Khol, Wali Be^ Kor. 
Ganclab, Halimzai, Moh- 
mands.' Headman ; Mnshki. 

Pakiban.— A section of Barim 
Khel, Amzoni, Mallizad, 
Dawaris. Headman ; Gnl 

Faeiban (12).— a minor frac- 
tion of Khattay, Taib K.hel, 
Amzoni, Mallizad, Tawaris. 
Headmen ; Arsalaband, 

Jama Akbar. 

Faeib Kbbl.— a minor frac- 
tion of Ashrab Khel, Ismail 
Khel, fiozi Khel, Madda 
Khel (1,600), Ibrahim Khel, 
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel 

"Faeibnama."— A term 

which covers Qujars, garden- 
ers, plon^bmen, tanners, 
mnsicians, arJzHns, menial 
servants, carriers, pedlars, 
etc , who live amongst the 

Yusuf zais and &t& taxed by 

Fakirzai (Zhob). — A section 
of Mirzai) Alizai, Sanzar, 

Fabidai (80).— a minor frac- 
tion of Khamar Khel, Gidl 
Khel, Manazai, Alizai, 

Fabid Khel (Khanki valley;. 
—A sub -division of Sada 
Khel (80), Ismailzai, Orak- 
zais. Samil. 

Fabid Khbl. — A minor frac- 
tion of Feroz Khel, Mashi 
Khel, IVIannia Khel, Hassan 
Khel, Mitha Khan Khel, 
Ku^i Khel (4,500), Afridis. 
Gar. Headmen.; Mulla Na- 
zh', Mirwal, Said Gul. 

Fabioh Shah Kob (South of 
Kharmana river), — A sec- 
ticn of Alizai (50), Masu- 
zai, Lashkarzai, Orakzais. 
Samil. Headman ; Nur 

Fariqh Shah Nmasi 

(Samana, and Khanki va!*^ 
ley). — A sub -division of 


KaMa Khol (700), Ismailzai, 
OrukXAU. Samil. HoAdmen ; 
'IN^iilr Slmh, Kamar, A/adi, 
M\i)\an\mad Zaman, Mir 
Afxftl, Uhulam Muhiuddin, 
WrtU. Wa»lr. 

Katmii Khan KnEi— Asub- 
dlviNion of Utman Khel 
(4(X)), Daulatzai, Orakzais. 
Humll. Hoadman; Khanak. 

FaTMII Khan Khbl.-A minor 

• friwtlon of Maruf Khel, Basi 

*Khol, Kamal Khel, Sahib 

Jan. Aka Khel, (1,800), 

AfridU. SamU. 

Fatvu Khbl. — A minor frac- 
tion of Sab Khel, Shekhai, 
Annai (1,0C0), Budai, Zakha 
Khel, Afridis. Samil. 
Ileadmen ; Khalu, Alimast, 
Khan mast, Aligul. 

Fatbk Khbl. — A minor frac- 
ticm of Sultan KheUSuran 
Khel, Babakri, Sipah 
],200), Afridis. Samil. 
Headmen ; Naz Karim, Iran, 
Gul Muhammad. 

Fatbh Khbl. — A sub-divi- 
sion of Abdul Khel, Kuki 
Khel (4,600), Afridis. Gar. 
Headmen ; Mulla Anwar 
Shah, Gulnur, Said All. 

Fatbh Khbl. — A minor frac- 
tion cf Hati Khel, Mali (or 

Muli) Khel, Salarzai, Iliaa- 
zai, Bunerwals. 

Fatehmie Khbl.~A minor 
fraction of Ahmadbeg Khel, 
Mohib Khel, Shekhai, Annai 
(1,^00), Budai, Zakha Khel 
Afridis. Samil. Headmen ; 
Shahzada, Arsala, Aligul. 

FaItima Kob. — A minor frao- 
tion of Sharagh Khel, Kad- 
dam Khel, Feroz Khel, Mash! 
Khel, Mannia Khel, Hassan 
Khel, Mitha Khan Khel, 
Kuki Khel (4,5C0), Afri- 
dis. Gar. Headmen ; see 
Faiid Khel Section. 

Fatozai. - A section of Mirzai, 
Alizai, Sanzar, Kakars. 

Fatteh Khbl.—A minor frao- 
tion of Miri Khel, Pakha! 
(l,CO0), Budai, Zakha- Khel, 
Afi'idis. Samil. Headmeb; 
see Shahbeg and Wallibeff 

Fattbh Khblz—A section of 
Tari Khel, Shakhi, Waras* 
• pun,' Battannis. 

Fattbh Khel.— A sub-diTi" 
sion of Abazai, Khwazazai' 
Akozai — Yusufzai, Swatis. 

Fatteh Khel.— A sub-divi. 
sion of All Khel, Bar-Bani- 
zai, Akozai — Yusufzai 




PiTTBH Khel (8).— a section 
of Barim Khel, Amzoni, 
Mallizad, Dawaris. Head* 
maD ; Bahawal Khan. 

Fattkh Kok. — A minor frfkj- 
tion of Rami Khel, Kadai 
Kor Gandab, Halimzai, Mo- 
hmands. Headman ; Sat- 

PiTWA Khbl.— A minor fi-ac* 
tion of Muhammad Khel 
(700), Isperka, Kaln Khel, 
Ahmadzai, Darwesh Khel 
Waziris. Headman ; Habib 

Fazil Khel. — A minor frac- 
tiott of Ya Khel, Babu Khfil, 
Adinzai, Khwazazai, Akozai 
— Yusuf zai Swatis. 

WzLi KoR. — A minor fraction 
of Easnl Kor, Wall Bog Kor 
Gandab, Halimzai Moh- 
mands. Headmen ; Baha- 
dur, Zulkadar, Nazro. 

Fisoz Khel. — A section of 
Tor Sapar (350), Galai, 
Adam Khel, Afridis. 

Feboz Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Mashi Khel, Mannia 
Khel, Hassan Khel, Hit ha 
Khan Khel, Kuk'i Khel 
(4,600), Afridis. Headman; 
tee Mashi Khel. 

FiBoz Khan Koe. — ^A minor 
fi*action of Ali Khan Khel, 
All Karan, Mamnzai (3,500), 
Lashkarzai, Orakzais. riead- 
Firoz Khan. 


FiHOZAi (1,000. extremr 
north-east of Buner). — A 
snb division of Chagarzai. 
Malizai, Bunerwals. 

FiBoz Khel (20 ; Dera Ismail 
Khan Pistrict). — Nomadic, 
a minor fraction of Baloch 
Khel, Isot Khel, Mian Khel, 
Lohai4a, Pawindahs. Head- 
man ; see Mian Khel. 

FiBoz Khel (80 ; Dera Ismail 
Khan District). — Nomadic, 
a minor fraction of Pasanf, 
Isot Khel, Mian Khel, Lo« 
hana, Pawindahs. Headman; 
see Mian Khel. 

FiBoz Khel. — A sub-division 
of Niamat Khel, Tatta, Bat- 
tannis. Headman ; Dinak. 

FiBoz Khel (1,000 ; Manlr* 
ghar, and Mastnra valley). — 
A division of the Daulatzai, 
Orakzais. Samil. 

FuTTEH Khel. — A minor 
fraction of Kattia Khel, 
Hassan Khel, Mitha Khan 
Khel, Kuki Khel (4,500). 
Afridis. Gar. Headmen ; 
Gul Hassan and Asad Khan. 


GadaI Khel. — a section of 
Kambar Khel, Bazoti (500). 
Daulatzai) Orakzais. Samil. 

Gadaizai (900 ; Southern 
tilopcB of the Ham and 
])o8irri raountains).— A divi- 
sion of Iliaszai, Bunerwals. 

Oadazai (West of Dora Ghazi 
K han District). — A * section 
of Inzai, Hasan Khel, Balil 
Khel, Musa Khols. Head- 
man ; Ali Muh&mmad. 

Gadgi Khel (50; Dora 
Ismail Khan Distiict).— 
Nomadic, a minor fraction 
of Umrzai, Sein Khel, Mian 
Khel, Lohana, Pawindahs. 
Headman -, see Mian Khel. 

Gadia Khel. — A section of 
Tatar Khel or Akhorwal 
(:^00), Hassan Khel, Adam 
Khel, Afridis. 

GaDo. — A division of Mandal, 
Utman Khels. 

Gadozai (30). — 'A section of 
Land, Amand, Ahmad Khel, 
Qba Khel, S.heranis. 

Gaduns (2,800; Mahaban). 
A tribe of Pat han s, some of 
whom also live in Biiiish 

Gagaizats (450). — A clan of 
the Uehtaranas. The divi- 
sions, etc., of the Gsigelzais 
are not separately indexed 
in this Dictionary. 

Gajji Khel (30). — A minor 
fraction of SSalirai Khel", 
Dachi Khel, PaUi KheU 
Md.nazai, Alizai, Mahsuds. 
Headman ; Ayaz Shah. 

Gajeai (i). — A sub division of, 
Shamezai, Rakanwal Lunig. • 
H eadman ; see Shamezai. 

Gazes Kor. — A section of 
the Umar Khan Khel^ 
Alisherzai (3,0: )0) Lashkar» 
zaT, Orakzais. Samil. Head- 
man ; Ali Sheikh. 


Gal a (1,4)0).— A division of 
Adam Khel, Afridis. 

Galb^Hahi (696).— a divi- 
sion of Shaman Khel, Alizai 


Gali Khel.— a minor frac- 
tion of Kasim Khel (250), 
Kimat Khel, Jawaki*, Adam 
Khel, Afridis. 

Galla Khbl (7). — A sub- 
division of Boya, Tappizad, 
Dawaris. Headman ; Shah- 

•Gall Pad (Bajaur). — A sec- 
tion of Kalut Khel, Nur 
Khel, Samilzai, Tarkanis. 

Galzada Khbl. — A minor 
fraction of Aib Kor, Shaikh 
Khel, Aib Khel, Salarzai, 
Iliaszai, Banerwals. 

GAif DAPifBs (1,300 ; Dera 
Ismail Khan Dis^ict). — A 
small tribe, of Pawindah 
origin. Headmen ; Guldad 
Khan, Naurang Khan. The 
clans, etc., of the Gandapuis 
are not separately indexed 
in this dictionary. 

Gangi Khbl (400, Wana ; 
400, Gnmatti). — A minor 
fraction of Bomi Khel, 
Nasi-adin, Kalu Khel, 
Ahmadzai, Darwesh Khel, 

Gaba Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Kundai, Tor Khel, 
Umarzai (600\ Shin Khel, 
Ahmadzai, Darwesh' Khel, 
Wazirs, Headman ; Pazal. 

GABFBAt (170).— A minor 
fi-action of the Shumi Khel, 
Palli Khel, Manazai, Alizai 

Gab WIS (8,000) .— A tribe 
inhabiting the head of the 
Swat yalley. They are 
probably allied to the Kohis- 

Gavhab Khel.— a minor frac- 
tion of Ttn-sam Khel, Nazar 
Khel, Star Ali Khan Khel, 
Sarki Khel, Madda Khel 
tl,60O), Ibrahim Khel, Ut- 
manzai, Darwesh Khel, "Wa- 


Gazni. — A section of Khaki- 
zai, Ashazai, Iliaszai, Baner- 

Gboa Khel (140). — A minor 
fraction of Sher Khel, 
Haibat ]^hel. Nana Khel, 
Bahlolzai, Mahsuds. 

Ghaibi Khel.— a sub-divi- 
sion of Babakri, Sipah 
(1,200), Afridis. Samil. 
Headman ; Darya Khan. 

Ghaibi Khel.— A sub-divi- 
sion of Bahram-ka-Khel, 
Bar Eanizai, Akozai — 
Yusufzai Swatis. 

Ghaix Kob. — A minor frac- 
tion of Sroh, Busha Khel^ 


Kamali, Halimzai, Moh- 
mands. Hoadman ; Khani- 

Ohaibat Khel.— a minor 
fraction of Bakar Kbel, Idal 
Khol, Hathi Khel (2,000), 
Shin Khel, Ahmadzai, Dar- 
wcsh Khel Wazirs. 

OHAL.-f-A minor fraction of 
Karim Khel, Jamal Khel, 
Malik Shahi (400), Wall 
Khel, Utmanzai, Darwesh 
Khel, Wazirs. Headman ; 

Ghalap Khel. — A minor 
fraction of Dosalli, Wuzi 
Khel (8(;0), Mohmit Khel, 
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel 

Ghalat Khel (Bannu Dis- 
trict). — A minor f motion of 
Kundi, Pu-ba Khel, Hathi 
Khel (2,000), 'Shin Khel, 
Ahmadzai, Darwesh Khel 

Ghalib KfiAN Khel.— A 
sub-division of Malikdin 
Khel, Malikdin Khel (4,000), 
Afridis.. Samil. Headmen ; 
Bazmir, Gholai Jan ,Huzrat 
Gul, Kolkai, Miran Mir, 
Zaman, Mulla Mansur 
Payao, Rasul, Salim, Sardar, 
Akbar, Dostai, Sher Gul, 
Zarif, Shamsuddin. 

Ghalib Khan Khe 
section of the Mir A 
Khel, Alisberzai (3 
LasUkarzai, Orakzais. i 
Headman ; Ibrahim K 

Ghalib Khan Koe. — A 
fraction of Ali Khan 
Ali Karan, Mamuzai (3 
Lashkarzai, Orakzais, 
Headman *, Arsala. 

GHA.LIB Khel (151).— -A 
division of the Badi 
Shaman Khel, Mahsudf 

Ghalibzai (13).— a 
sion of Drigzai, I 
Headmen ; Khudar («] 
zai), Surat (Shamb 
Ghani (Gaganzai). 

Ghani Khel. — A minor 
tion of Mir Hasani, M 
Madda ' Khel (I 
Ibrahim Khel, Utms 
Darwesh Khel Wazirs. 

Ghabu Khel.— a minor 
tion of Ashraf Khel, K 
Khel, Sahib Jan, Aka ] 
(1,800), Afridis. Sam 

Ghazalmai Killa (35; 
minor fmction of Da 
Khel, Piran Dangar '. 
Muhammad Khel, Ma 
Mallizad, Dawaris. I 
men ; Ghazo Shah, Sar 


Ghazi Beg. Kob (100).— A 
Bcotion of Ibrahim Khel, 
Kamali, Halimzai, Moh- 
. mands. Headmen ; 'Abbas, 
Mudasir, Muhiaramad Gul, 
Badshab, Gul Said. • 

Ghazi Khan (50 ; Black 
Mountain).— A section of 
Tasan Khel, Akazai, Isazar, 

Ghazi Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Baghdad Khel, 
Keimal Khel, Urmuz Khel, 
Sipah (1,200), -Afridis. 
. Samil. Headman ; Ahmad 

Ghazi Khel. — A gubdividon 
of Dawat Khel, Khwaezai, 
Mohmands. Headman ; Said, 
who is the Khan of Lalpura's 
" Kazi." 

Ghazi Khel. — A » minor frac- 
tion of Mannia Khel, Hassan 
Khel, Mitha Khan Khel, 
Knki Khel, (4,5(J0), Afridis. 
Gar. Headmen ; see Mashi 

Ghazi Khel.— A minor frac- 
tion of Mamun Kor, Kandai, 
Isa Khel, Pandiali, Moh- 
mands. Headmen ; see Isa 

Ghazi Kob.— A minor frac- 
tion of Dorba Khel, Hamza 

Khel, Gandab, Halipazai, 
Mohmands. Headman ; see 
Durba Khel. 

Ghazi Kob.— ^A minor frac- 
tion of Yardil Kor,Kadaikor, 
Gandab, Halimzai, Moh- 
mands. Headmen ; see Yardi 

Ghazizai (300). — A section of 
Mehtarzai, Harun Khel, Sa% 
natia, Kakars. Headman ; 

Ghazizai (15).— A subdivi- 
sion of Shamezai, Bakanwal, 
Lunis. Headman ; see Sha- 

Ghazni Khel.— a minor 
fraction of Ismail Khel, 
Makhozai, Nasuzai, Iliaszai, 

Ghilzai Kob.— a sub-divi- 
sion of Masaud, Sails, a 
vassal clan of the Mohmands. 

Ghiizais (25,000). — A. large 
and widespread Afghan 
tribe, who extendjiil from 
Khelat-i-Ghilzai on the 
south to the Kabul river on 
the north, and from the Gul 
Koh range on ihe west to 
the Indian Border on the 
east, in many places over- 
flowing these boundaries. 
The main branches of the 


OhllzaU aro tho Hotaks. 

Tokl\\^, Nasirs, Kharotis, 
1 1 Km\hs, Andars, Tamkis and 
SalvtvkH. The Ghilzais all 
oxtvrato tlie Duranis, whom 
thoy regard as usurpers. 

iJnoT.AM Khel (50).— a 
minor f motion of Khuttay, 
Tail) Khcl, Amzoni, Malli- 
zad, Da^'aris. Headmen; 

• Hathi Khel, Mehtar Shah. 

(^HoiAM Khel (7).— A section 
of Alizai, Darpa Khel, 
Mallizad, Dawaris. Head- 
man ; Sheikh Muhammad 

Ohobanai (10). — A division 
of Drigzai, Lunis. 

Ghobizai (500).— a sub-divi- 
sion of Alizai, Sanzar, Ka- 

Ghozikai (40). — A minor 
fraction of the Panj Pilara, 
Abdullai, Aimal Khel, Bah- 
lolzai, Mahsuds. 

Ghozi Khel (60).^A minor 
fraction of the Shah Alam 
Khel, Kasim Khel, Chahar 
Khel, Shaman Khel, Mah- 
suds. Headmen ; Nasir 
Khan, Amin, Shahboz. 

Ghulam Ali Khel. — A 
minor fraction of Ghuli 

Khel, Ambar Khel, Mat 
Khan Khel, Kambar Khel 
(4,500), Afridis Gar Head- 
men ;' Sher Khan, Hamid, 
and Nurai. * 

Ghuli Khel. — A section of 

Amber Khol, Mat Khan 

Khel, Kambar Khol (4,600). 

■ Afridis. . Gar. Headmen ; 

Sher Khan. Hamid, Nurai, 

Ghulam Khel. — A minor 
fraction of Balli Khel. Shadi 
Khel, Bora Khel (1.0("H>), 
Utraanzai. Darwcsh Khel 

Ghulam Khel ( 00). — A 
section of Haibat Khel, 
Jawaki, Adam Khel, Afridis. 

Ghulam Khel (16; Dera 
Ismail Khan Disti'ict). — 
Nomadic, a minor fi'action 
of Stoad Khel, Isot Khel, 
Mian Khel. Lohana, Pawin- 
dahs. Headman ; see Mian 

Ghunda Khel. — A minor 
fraction of Ranra Khel, 
8hati Khel, Wali Beg Kor, 
Gandah, Halimzai, Moh- 
mands. This fraction goes 
with the Buch Khel. Head- 
man ; Hazrat Shah. 

Ghundi (16).— a section of 
Barim Khel, Amzoni, 


Mallizad, Bawaris. Head- 
man ; Jalat. 

Ghubbtjn.— A section of Dre- 
plara, Shakhi, Waraspun, 

Ghut Eabba. — A minor frac- 
tion of Karra Ehel, Ghaibi 
Khel, Babakri, Sipah 
(1,200), Afridis. Samil. 
Headmen, sc^ Korra Khel. 

Ghwabazais (110; Gomal). 
A clan of Kakars, liying 
separately from the bulk of 
the tribe. 

GiDi Khel (1,077).— A sub 
division of the Manazai, 
Alizai, Mahsuds. 

GiGlANi. — A small clan at- 
tached to Eanra Khel, Shati 
Khel, Wali Beg Kor, Gan- 
dab, Halimzai, Mohmands. 
Headman ; Mir Bajan. 

GiLAL (6C0).— A clan 8f 

GioiANis. — See Gugianis. 

GiKANi Khel. — A minor frac' 
tion of Muhammad Khel 
(700), Isperka, Kalu Khel, 
Ahmadzai, Darwesh Khel 

GiTA Khel (75.)— A section 
of Muhammad Khel, Malakh, 

Mallizad, Dawaris. Head- 
men; Muhammad Azam, 
Sawan, Watanai. 

GoQAi. — A minor fraction of 
Mandi Khel, Wuzi Khel 
(800), Mohmit Khel, Ut- 
manzai, Dai^wesh Khel Wa- 

GoHUBA KoB. — A minor frac* 
tion of Behram Kor, Dildar 
KheU Mohmand Khel, 
Kattia Khel, Hassan Khel, 
Mitha Khan Khe:, Kuki 
Kh^l (4,500), Afridis. Gar. 
Headmen ; Ghanni and Tor- 
baz. • 

Gob A I (600 ; Scattered on con- 
fines of Bajaur). — One of the 
eight clans of the Utman 

Gobi Khel. — A minor fraction 
of Khoji Khel, Bozi Khel, 
Madda Khel (1,600), Ibra- 
him Khel, Utmanzai, Dar- 
wesh Khel Wazirs. 

Gowhab Khel. — A section 
of Durbi Khel, Kambar 
Khel, Kambar Khel 
(4,600), Afridis. Gar. Head- 
men ; Muhammad Sher, 
Khwaja Ali, Yaro, Nurai. 

GujABS. — A stalwart Mussul- 
man pastornl tribe of Aryan 
or Tartar origin, scattered 


in large numbers amongst 
the Pathan tribes, from the 
Black- Mountain to the 
Kunar river. Thej own 
separate villages in or neat 
the lower hills, nnd in sum- 
mer migrate with their 
flocks to the mountains. 
Gujars are numerous in 
iioiih-wostem India nnd 
Kashmir. They speak the Ian - 
guage of their winter homep, 
but have a few words pecu- 
liur to themselves. 

CrroiANi.-— (Peshawar Dis- 
trict). A tribe who inhabit 
the Doaha or plain in the 
angle between the Kabul and 
Swat rivei-s. 

GuL Ahmad Kob. — A section 
of Khalil Khel, Kasim 
Khel, Tarakzai, Mohmands. 
Headman ; Saifal. 

GuLA Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Pira Khel, Mil* 
Hasani, Macha, Madda K hel 
(1,600), Ibrahim Khel, Ut- 
inanzai, Darwesh Khel Wa- 

GuLA Khel (70). — A minoi 
fraction of Walidad Khel, 
Ladi Khel, AbduUai, .Aimal 
Kl)e\ Bahlolzai, Mahsuds. 
Headman ; Aligai. 

Gi^LiNZAi (West of Dera. 
Ghazi Khan District.). — A 

section of Inzai, Hasan Khel, 
Balil Khel, Musa Khels. 
Headman ; Ham. 

GuLAPlB (10).— A section of 
Barim lihel, Amzoni, Malli- 
zad. Dawaris. Headman ; 

GuLDiN Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Dawar Khel, Ismail 
Khel, Bozi Khel, Madda 
Khel (1,6(.0), Ibrahim Khel, 
XJtmanzai, Darwesh Khel 

Guli * Khel. — A section of 
Adizai, Bobak, Dana, Bat- 

GuL Khel. — A section of All 
Khel, Bobak, Dana, Battan- 

Gulla Khel (Wana). — A 
minor fraction oi Zalli Khel 
(3,000), Bomi Khel, Nasra- 
diti, Kalu Khel, Ahmadzai, 
Darwesh Khel Wazii-s. 

Gulli Khel (Bannu District). 
— A minor fraction of Wali- 
gai, Musa Khel, hathi Khel 
(2,000), Shin Khel, Ahmad- 
zai, Darwesh Khel Wazirs. 
Headman ; Adam Khan. 

GuLNAM Khel (16). — A minor 
fraction of Poi Khel, 


Muhammad Kliel, Malakb, 
Mallizad, Dawaris. Head- 
man; Gulnam. 

(xULo Khel (Yakhdand),— a 
division of IJtmanzai, Moli- 
mands. Headmen ; see 

Oumabzai (West of Dera 
Ghazi Klian District). — A 
section of FCabalzai Noku- 
zai, Laharzai, Musa Khels. 
Headman ; KhatoL 

GuNDA Khel (MahabMi). — 
A section of Hasanbaz Khel, 
Mada Khel, Isazai, Yusnf- 
zais. Headmen ; see Hasan- 
baz Khel. 


GuNDi Khel (1,000; Knr- 
am). — A sub-division of 
Landizai, Chardai, Turis. 

Gtjnna Khel (60).— A minor 
fraction of the Shamak Khel j 
Abdullai, Aimal Khel, 
Bahlolzai, Mahsuds. Head- 
man; Mamak. 

GuBBAZ (1,000 ; southern 
border of Khost).— Origi- 
nally a clan of Wazir origin 
who have since lost all con- 
nection with the parent 
tribe. A few famiiieti still 

reside in Shawal, (Headraeh ; 
Khan Sahib and Paidil) 
in the Tochi, (Headman; 
Maasan Shah) at Spin Nimal 
Khel in Mahsud country,* 
and at Miriam, in BannuV 

GcBBirz. — A minor fi-action 
of Khan Khel, Takhto Khel, 
Bakka Khel (^,000), Wali 
Khel, Utmanzai, Darwesh 
Khel Wazirs: Headman ; 
Eahmat Shah. 

GuBBUZ.-One of the four 
divisions of the Safis, who 
are a vassal clan of the 

GUBBUZAI (35).~A sub- divi- 
sion of Darpa Khel, Mallizad, 
Dawarb. Headmen ; Shah* 
zada, Shadi Khel, Manzar 
Khel, Shahdarra. 

GuBBi Khel (120).— A minor 
fraction of the Dachi Khel, 
Palli Khel, Manazai, Alizai, 

GuBBi Khel (60).— A section, 
of the Shamerai, Manazai, 
Alizai, Mahsuds. Headmen ; 
Zale Khan, Karim Khan, 



Habib. — A snb-di vision of 
Nasruddin (1,200 to 1,500), 
Zakha Khel, Afridis. Samil. 
Headmen ; Chikkun, Tamas, 
Anwar, Nazi* Din. 

Habibian. — A minor fraction 
of Dreplara, Paindai (940), 
Nasruddin, Zakha Khel, 
Afridis. Samil. Headmen ; 
see Habib. 

Habibzai (30).— a sub-divi- 
sion of Manuzai, Oba Khel, 

Ha^iz Kor. — A section of 
Kani Khel, Kasim Khel. 
Tarakzai, Mohmands. Head- 
man ; Abdullah. 

Haiat Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Musa Khel, Makhozai 
Nasuzai, Iliaszai, Bunerwals. 

Haiazi. — A division of the 
Mahmud Khel, Zmarais. 
Headman; Sardar Hakim 

Haibat Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Dardoni, Wuzi Khel, 
(81 0), Mohmit Khel, Ut- 
manzai. Darwesh Khel Wa- 

Haibat Khel (1,100).— A sub- 
division of Jawaki, Adam 
Khel, Afridis. 

Haibay^ Khel (1,118).— The 
most important sub -division 
of the Nana Khel, Bahlolzai, 

Haibat Khel.— A minor frac- 
tion of Aka Khel, Israailzai, 
Daulatzai, Malizai, Buner- 

Haibtanai. — A section of 
Tori Khel (2,670),^ Ibi-a- 
him Khel, Utmanzai, Dar- 
wesh Khel Wazirs. Head- 
men ; Gulzamir Khan, Mian- 
dad, and Lai Khan. 

Haidae Ali Khel.— a section 
of the Fateh Khan Khel, 
Utman Khel (400), Daulatzai, 
Orakzais. Samil. 

Haidae Khel (Mastui-a 
valley).— One of the four 
divisions of the Mishtis 
(8,000), « Hamsayas " of the; 
Orakzais. Samil. Headman 

Haidae Khel. — A section of 
tie Ali Karan, Mamuzai, 


Lashkarzai, Orakzais. Gar. 
Headman ; Lai Khan. 

Haidab Khel. -A section of 

the Mir Ahmad Khel, (Mir 

Hussain Khel), Fircz Khel 

(1,000), Daulatzai, Orakzais. 

'Samil. Headman ; Shirin. 

Haidae Khel (85*2).— A sub- 
division of the Tor, Tappizad, 
Dawaris. Headmen ; Mad 
Alam, Alif Khan, Gul Khan, 
Lai Khan, Nazar Khan. 

Haidae Koe. — A sub-division 
of Asaf Khel, Tarakzai, 
Mohmands. Headmen ; see 
Asaf Khel. 

Haidbai (123).— a sub-divi- 
sion of Chahar Khel, Shaman 
Khel^ Mahsuds. 

Hajai Kob. — A sub-division 
of Babazai Kor, Dawezai, 
Mohmands. Headmen ; Ha- 
sur Khan, Khalik Jan. 

Haidaezai (100). — A sub- 
division of Allzai, Sanzar, 

Haidaezai (280). — A section 
of Natozai, Dumar, Sanzar, 
Kakars. Headman ; Khani. 

Haji Khel (20).— A minor 
fraction- of Poi Khel, 
Muhammad Khel, Malakh, 

Mallizad, Dawaris. Head- 
man ; Juma Khan. 

Haji Khel (400).— A clan 
of Chamkannis. 

Haji Koe. — A division of Ut- 
manzai Mohmands. Head- 
man ; see Utmanzais. 

Hajizai.— A sub-division of 
Ladu, Eakanwal, Lunis. 
Headmian ; see Ladu. 

Hakim Khel— A minor frac 

tion of Machi Khel, Abdul 

Khel, Bara Khel (1,000), 

Mohmit Khel, Utmanzai, 

Darwesh Khel Wazirs. 

Hakim Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Pira Khel, Jamal 
Khel, Malik Shahi (400), 
Wali Khel, Utmanzai, Dar- 
vesh Khel Wazirs. Head- 
man ; Zariban. 

Hakim Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Sani Khel, Zargun 
Khel (300), (Jalai. Adam 
Khel, Afridis. 

Hakim Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Sharagh Khel, Kadam 
Khel, Firoz Khel, Mashi 
Khel, Mannia Khel, Hassan 
Khel, Mitha Khan . Khel, 
Kuki Khel (4,0 00), Afi-idis. 
Gar. Headmen ; Abbas, 
Hakim and Nazir. 


Hakim Khel (99).— A sub- 
division of Mubarak Shahi, 
Mallizad, Dawaris. Head- 
men ; Shatidai, Ahmad ^hah, 
Mir A lam, and Sakhadin. 

Haeimzai (80).— a section of 
Sah, Yahia Khel, Sen Khel, 

Halal Tabab. — A minor 
fraction of Sikandar Khel, 
Kandai, Isa Khel Pandiali, 
Mohmands. For Headmen ; 
see lifa Khel. 

Halim Koe. • A minor frac- 
tion of Bucha Khel, Durar- 
(300), Khusrogi, Nasrud- 

. din, Zakha Khel Afridis. 
Samil. Headmen ; see Bu* 
cha Khel. 

Halimzai (130).— a section of 
Bazai, Harun Khel, Sanatia, 
Kakars. Headmen ; Taj 
Muhainmad and Zargar. 


Halimzais of Gandab (1,650). 
— A sub- division (according 
to location) of the Halim zai 
Gandab Mohmands. For 
headmen ; see Saltan Khel, 
Durba Khel Babl Khel, 
Baru Khel, Yardil Kor, 
Eahmatal Kor, Tatasar, 
Dawat KheU i^ami Khel, 
Shati Khel, Easul Khel. 
866 note on page 46. 

Halimzais of Kamali (800). 
~ A division (according to 
location) of Halim zai Kamali 
Mohmands. For headmen ; 
see Lakai Kor, Khwajn 
Kuhai Kor, Ghazi Beg Kor, 
Nahaki or Yusuf Kor,Hamza 
Khel (Kamali), Ato Khel, 
Sroh. See note on page 46. 

Haleamab Koe. — A minor 
fraction of Easul Kor, Wali 
Beg Kor, Gandab, Halim- 
zai, Mohibands. Headmen ; 
AbduUa Khan, Yakub, 

Hamsayaoan (20). — A section 
of Hakim Khel, Mubarak 
Shahi, Mallizad, Dawaris. 
Headmen ; Mir Alam, 
Sakhadin, Jamadar. 

Hamsatajan (13). — A section 
of Nawar Khel, Miram Shah, 
Tappizad, Dawaris. H ead- 
men ; Mir Hassan, Gulistan, 
rir Khan. 

Hamza. Khel (1,0C0; Kur- 
am).— A division of Sar- 
galli, Turis. 

Hamza Khel (460).— A sub- 
division of Gandab, Halim- 
zai, Mohmands. For head* 
men ; see Sultan Khel, 
Durba Khel, Babi Khel, 
Barn Khel. 


Hamza Khbl of Kamali 
(160).— A sub-diviiion of 
Kamali, Halimzai, Moh- 
mandR. Headmen ; Jamal 
Khan (Durba Khel), Jabbar, 
Eaza Khan, Faiz Talab* 
Ghani, Jamal, Mnhabbat, 
Zarghun^ Ghansai, Jangia, 
Baz Khan, Zainulla Khan, 
Sarfaraz Khan, Morcha, 
Dara Shah, Ajmer. 

Eamza Khel. — A section of 
Bai'kazai, I^aulatzai, Mali- 
zai, Bunerwals. 

Hamzazai (1,000 ; West of 
Bera Ghazi Khan District). 
—A division of Balil Khel, 
Mnsa Khels. 

Hamzazais (2,000 ; Mekhtar). 
A division of Sanzar, Kakai's. 
Headmen ; Gano (Pakehzai), 
Anwar Khan (Barozai), 
Wazir Khan (Mahozai), 
Shama Khan (Mandozai), 
Yasin (Sofarzai). 

Hanqu KHEL(Bannu District). 
— A minor fraction of Dodi 
Khel, Khandar Khan Khel, 
Hathi Khel, Shin Khel, 
Ahmadzai, Darwesh Khel 

Hani. — A sub-division of. 
I Panezun, Sanzar, Kakars. 

Habamzai (60).—- a division 
of Mathel, Sheranb. 

Harif Kob (f*ai-t in Moh- 
mand, partin British terri- 
toiy). — A section of Kani 
Khel, Kasim Khel, .Tarak- 
zai, Mohmands. Headmen ; 
Khad Gul ,Khadi Gul, Jallal, 
Zehr Gnl. 

Habipal (800). —A clan of 
Sheranis. Headman ; Mulla 
Abdul Hak. 

Habun Khel (6,108).— %ie 
of the two divisions of SaSi* 
tia, Kakars. Headmen ; 
Guldad (Shamozai), Sirdar 
Habo Khan (Mehtarzai), 
Sirdar Bai Khan (Sarang- 
zai), Baidula (Bazai), Sirdar 
Ibrahim Khan (Panizai). 

Habuk Khel (100 ; Dera 
Ismail Khan District). — 
Nomadic, a minor fraction of 
Baloch Khel, Isot Khel, 
Mian Khel, Lohana, Pawin- 
dahs. Headman ; see Mian 

Hasan Beg Khel. — A minor 
fraction of Kandao Khel 
(4(m Ashu Khel, Hassan 
Khel, Adam Khel, Afridis. ' 

Hasan Khel (450 ; Maha- 

ban). A sub-division of 

Mada Khel, Isazai, Yusuf- 

Hasan Khel.— A minor frac- 
tion of Jalal Khel, Mali (or 


Mali)Khel, Salarzai, Iliaszai, ) 

Hasan Khel. —A snb-divisicn 
of Gadaizai, Iliaszai, Buner- 

Ha<?anKhel. — A sub-division 
of Shamezai, Rhwazazai, 
Akozai — Yusufzai Swa^is. 

Hasan Khel (29o).— A divi- 
sion of Khoidad Khel, 

Hasan Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Mawal Khel (760), 
Haibat Khel, Jawaki, Adam 
Khel, Afridis. 

Hasan Khel (1,oOO; West 
of Dei-a Ghazi Khan Dis- 
trict). — A division of Balil 
Khel, Musa Khels. 

Hasanbaz Khel (450 ; Maha- 
ban). — A sub -division of 
Mada Khel, Isazai, Yusuf- 

AS AN ZAi- (50). — A section of 
Barakzai, Taraghari, Sanzar, 
Kakars. Headman; Gnli. 

Hasanzais (2,300 \ Black 
Mountain and both sides of 
Indus). A division of 
Isazai, Yusufzai**. Head- 
men ; Hashim Ali Khan, 
(Khan Khel, and Khan of 
the .Hasanzais), Hamid 

Khan (Kotwal), Sherdad 
(Mir Ahmad Khel), Najim 
Khan, (Zakaria Khel), Tora 
Khan, (Loghman Khel), 
Aladad (Kaka KHel), Saiad 
Azim Shah. 

Has HAM KoB (Utmanzai) ; 
(Yakhdand).— A division of 
Utmanzai, one of the affiliat- 
ed Mohmand cliEins. Head- 
men ; see Utmanzai. 

Hasham Kob (Khwaezai). — 
A sub-division of Khadi 
Khel, Khwaezai, Mohmands. 

Hashmi Khel. — A section of 
of the Bazar Khan Khel, 
Utman Khel (400), Daulat- 
zai, Orakzais. Samil. 


Hasn. — A sub-division of 
Fanezun, Sanzar, Kakars. 

Hassani Kob. — A sub-divi- 
sion of Muhammad Khan 
Kor, Burhan Khel, Moh- 
mands. Headmen ; Said 
Gul, Shahlai,* Badshah, 
Narai, Malik. 

Hassan Khanzai (2). — A sub- 
division of Salezai, Eakan- 
wal, Lunis. Headman ; see 

Hassan Khel. — A sub-divi- 
sion of Abba Khel, Tatta, 
Battannis. • 


Hassan Khei (Nirgrahar and 
Upper Helraand). — Noma* 
die, A sub -division of Dawe- 
zai, Kuchis. Hradmen ; Haji 
Islam, Abdul Karim, Abdul 
Wahab, Ghulam, Lalagai. 

Hassan Khel. — A sub-divi- 
sion of Alisbeizai (3,000), 
Lasbkarzai, Orakzais. Samil. 
Headman ; Shalabaz. 

Hassan Khel (30).— A section 
of Sbamerai, Manazai, Alizai, 
Mahsuds. Headmen ; Khud- 
ari, Zardast. 

Hassan Kblel (40). — A minor 
' fraction of the Kharmach 

Khel, Nazar Khel, Aimal 

Khel, Bahlolzai, Mahsuds. 

Headmen ; Aitwar, Ashik, 

Shawar Din. 

Hassan Khel.-tA division 
of Dawezai, Mohmands. 
Headman ; Habib Jan. 

Hassan Khel (400; Kaitu 
andLaram). — A sub-division 
of Mohmit Khel, Utmanzai, 
Darwesh Khel Wazirs. 
Headmen; see Muhammad 
Khel and Balal Khel. 

Hassan Khel. — A sub-divi- 
sion of Khabi Khel, Malik- 
din Khel (4,000), Afridis. 
Samil. Headmen ; Dai*ya 
Kban, Dauran, Tar Khan, 

Hassan Khel. — A section of 
Pakkai (l,0i0),^ Budai, 
Ztikha Khel, Afridis. Samil. 
Headmen ; Zarin, Sharabat, 
Saidai, Mirdin, Madrai, 
Nadir, Golab Shah. 

Hassan Khel. (1,900 ; Kohat 
pass). — A division of Adam 
Khel, Afridis. 

Hassan Khel. — A sub-divi- 
sion of Mitha Khan Khel, 
KukiKheK 4,500), Afridis. 
Gar. Headmen ; Zaman 
Khan is the chief ; see also 
Makki Khel, Futteh Khel 
and Mohmand Khel. 

Hassan Khel.— A sub-divi- 
sion of Shokb Ali Khel, 
Kamrai Khel (600), Afridis. 
Samil. Headmen ; MuUa 
Amir Shah, Mulla Akhund- 
zada, and Sher Walli. 

Hassan Khel (70).— A sec- 
tion of Urmuz, Tor, Malli- 
zad, Dawaris. Headmen ; 
Nezam Dhi, Sheikhdan. 

Hassan Kob (Loi Shilman). 
— A section of Shah Man- 
sur Khel, Dadu Khel, Tarak- 
zai, Mohmands. Headmen; 
Khaista Khan, Gulistan. 

Hassanzai (Mastura valley). 
— One of the four divisions 
of the Mishtie (8,000),"Ham- 


sajas " of the Orakzais. 

Hassen Khel (340).- a sub- 
division of Mada Khc], Isa- 
zai, YDsufzais. 

Hassu Khel (808).— a snb- 
division of Tor, Mallizad, 
Dawaris. Headmen ; Bedil, 
Dini, Painda Khan, Madda 
Khel, Gul Hassan, Mir 
Kazam, Faujdar, Mad 
Afzal, Badar, Mir Kazam. 

Hata.1 Kob.— a sub-division 
of Muhammad Khan Kor, 
Burhan Khel, Mohmands. 
Headmen ; Mahar Khan, 
Azam, Razo, Saiddal, Mu- 
hammad Shere. 

Hathi Khel (2,000; Bannu 
District, Thai, Shakai, Birmal 
and Wana). A sub-division of 
Shin or Sani Khel, Ahmad- 
zai, Darwesh Khel Wazivs. 
Headmen ; see Khandar 
Khan Khel, Idal Khel, 
Pirba Khel and Musa Khel. 

Hati Khel.— a section of 
Mali (or Muli) Khel, Salar- 
zai, Iliaszai, Bunerwals. 

Hattt Khel (5 ; Dera Ismail 
Khan District). — Nomadic, 
a minor fraction of Shadi 
Khel, Isot Khel, Mian Khel, 
Lohana, Pawindahs. Head- 
man ; see Mian Khel. 

Hazar Buz. — Nomadic, a sub- 
division of Dawezai, Kuchi, 
Mohmands. Headmen ; Sher 
Muhammad, Fazl, Fazli 

Hezai (West of the Dera 
Ghazi Khan District). — A 
sub-division of Hamzazai, 
Balil Khel, Musa Khels. 
Headman ; Saidal. 

Hezai (115).— See Yahia Ah- 
mad Khel, Oba Khel, Sheranis. 

HiDABZAi (100).— A section 
of Barak zai, Yahia Khel, 
Sen Khel, Sheranis. 

HiDEE Khel (97).— A divi- 
sion of Chuar Khel, Sheranis. 

Hilal Khel. — A section of 
Keimal Khel, Urmuz Khel, 
Sipah (1,200), Afridis. Sa- 
mil. Headman ; Gul Salim. 

HiMMAT KoE. — A minor frac- 
tion .of Ghazi Khel, Mannia 
Khel, Hassan Khel, Mitha 
Khan Khel, Kuki Khel 
(4,500), Afridis. Headmen ; 
see Mashi Khel. 

Hindi Khel.— A minor fi^ac- 
tion * of Tor, Jani Khel 
(1,000), Wall Khel, Utman- 
zai, Darwesh Khel Wazirs. 
Headmen ; Malkun, Pir 


HiNDKi.— The name given* to 
the Hindus who inhabit Af- 
ghanistan. They are of the 
Khatri class, and are found 
all over the country, even 
among the wildest tribes. 
Bellew estimates their num- 
ber at about 300,0CO souls. 
The name Hindki is also 
loosely used on the Upper 
Indus, in Dir, Bajaur &c. to 
denote the speakeis of Pnn- 
jabi or any of its dialects; 
and it is further sometimes 
applied, in a hii»torioal sense, 
to the Buddhist inhabitants 
of the Peshawar valley north 
of the Kabul river, who were 
driven thence about the oth 
or 6th century, and settled 
in the neighbourhood of 

HiNDEi KoB.- A minor frac- 
tion of Kasul Kor, Wali Beg 
Kor, Gandab, Halimzai, 
Mohmands. Headmen ; 

Malikdad, Hussain, Giilab i 

Hindustani Fanatics.— A 
band of fanatics recruited 
from Hindustan, who have 
inhabited various poitions 
of the Chagharzai, Amazai, 
Chamla, and Buner hills. 
They are now said to be re- 
siding in Chaghai-zai terri- 
tory, and to number some 900 
men under their aged leader. 

Maulvi Saiad Abdulla. 
Latest information points 
to their desire to return to 
Amazai limits. 

HosENZAi (250).— A ipinor 
fraction of Barakzai, Tar- 
ghari, Sanzar, Kakai-s. 

HoTiZAi (8).— A sub-division of 
Malezai, Rakanwal, Lunis. 

Hozi Khel . (23).— A seetion 
of Gurbuzai, Darpa Khel, 
Mallizad, Dawaris. Head- 
men ; Tamai, Zerakki, Madi 
Shah, Zanpir Shah. 

HUBAMZAI (?00; Ziiob).— A 
division of (Northern) San- 
zar, Kakars. 

HuBUM Shazai (160).— a 
minor fraction of Mnlazai, 
Panizai, Harun Khel, Sana- 
tia, Kakars. Headman ; 
Mulla Nur Muhammad. 

HusAiN Khel (Sen Khel).— 
A sub-division of Utmanzai, 
Bar Eanizai, Akozai— 
•Yusufzai Swatis. 

HusBNZAi (West of Dera 
Ghazi Khan District).— A 
sub-division of Ahmadzai, 
Balil Khel, Musa Khels. 

HusBNZAi. -A division of 
Mabmud Khel, Zoaaraia. 


Headmen ; Kaki Khan Lan- 

HussAiN Khel. — A sub-divi- 
sion of Khabi Khel, Malik- 
din Khel (4,000), Afridis. 
Samil. Headmen ; Darya 
Khan, Danran, Yar Khan. 

HussAiN Khel. — A division 
of Haji Khel, Chamkannis. 

HussAiN Khel (10). — A sub- 
division of Khaddi, Mallizad, 
Dawaris. Headmen ; Janai, 
Sheikh Majid. 

flussEiN Khel. — A division 
of Salarzai, Tarkanis. 

Hyatai Koe (400).— a sec- 
tion of Shah Mausur Khel, 
Dadu Khel, Tarakzai, Moh- 
raands. Headmen ; Abdul- 
lah, Babujan, Sayad Basul, 
Dawezai, Sofi, Multan. 

Hydeb Khel. ~ a minor frac- 
tion of Khizar Khel, Mintar 
Khel, Muhammad Khel. Has- 
san Khel (400),Mohmit'Khel, 
Utmanzai. Darwesh Khel 
Wazirs. Headman : Misrai. 


Iba Khel (12). — A section, 
of Tarota, IdaU, Tappizad, 
Dawaris. Headman; Faqir. 


Ibbahim Khel. -A minor 
fraction of Kasim Khel 
(250), Timal Khel, Jawak*, 
Adam Khd, Afridis. 

Ibbahim Khel. — A minor 
fraction of Daulat Khel, 
Ghalib Khan Khel, Malikdin 
Khel, M alikdin Khel (4,000), 
Afridis. Samil. Headmen ; 
see Daul at Khel. 

Ibbahim Khel.— A snb-divi- 
sion of Landi Khel, Sipah 
(1,200), Afridis. Samil. 
Haedmen ; Amir, Walli. 

Iieahim Khel. — A minor 
frartion of Tarkial Khel, 
Mughal Khel, Barmi Khel, 
Kamrai Khel (6 )0), Afridis. 
S«mil. Headmen ; Amar, 
Bahadur Shah, Sifat Shah, 
Sheradin, Zardad Mir Ali. 

Ibbahim Khel (4,630). — One 
of the three great divisions 
of the Utmanzai branch of 
the Darwesh Khel Wazii-s, 
viz., Mohmit Khel, Wali 
Khel) and Ibrahim Khel, 
The Ibrahim Khel includes 
the Manzar, Madda and Tori 
Khels. H eadmen ; see the 
above sub-divisions. 


Ibbahim Khel. — A sub-divi- 
sion of Utmanzai, Bar 
Kanizai, * Akozai— Yusufzai 
Swat is. Headmen ; Alam 
Khan, Aslam Khan. 

Ibbahim Khel. — A minor 
fraction of Mnsa Khel, 
Makozai, Nasuzai, Iliaszai, 

Ibbahim \Khbl. — A sub.-divi- 
sion of Gadaizai, Iliaszai, 

Ibbahim Khel (Bajaur). — 
A division of Salarzai, 
Tarkanis. This is the 
" Khan " Khel of the elan. 

Ibbahim Khel (Kharmana 
river). — A minor fraction of 
the Abdul Mirzi (410), 
Landaizai, Masuzai, Lash- 
karzai, Orakzais. Gar. 
Headmen ; Azghar, Hazrat 
Nur, Hussain. 

Ibbahim Khel (40^). — A 
subdivision of Kamali, Ha- 
limzai, Mohmands. Head- 
. men ; Antar, Arsalla Khan, 
Redai, Nurai, Umar Din, 
Dauran Shah. (Lakai Koi' 
and Kh^azu Kuhai Kot.) — 
Abbas, Mudassir^ Muham 
mad Gul Badshah, Gi^ Said. 
(Ghazi Beg Kor)— Saimal 
Gul Shah, Zai Khan, Post 
Khan, Gul. Hamesh. (Naha- 
ki or Yusaf Kor). 

Ibbahim Kob. — A minor frac- 
tion of Dildar Khel, Moh- 
mand Khel, Kathia Khel, 
Hasan Khel, Mitha Khan 
Khel,^ Kuki Khel (4,500), 
Afridis. Gar. Headmen ; 
Baghi, Saidal. 

Ibbahim Kob. (Loi Shil- 
man). — -A minor fraction of 
Durma Kor^ Shah Mansur 
Khel, Dadu Khel, Tarakzai 

Ibbahim Tabab.— A minor 
fraction of Eajai Khe],Yu8uf 
Khel, Isa Khel, Fandiali, 
Mohmands. Headmen ; see 
Isa Khel. 

Ibbahim Zai (40).— A division 
of Marhel, Sheranis. 

Ibbahimzais (Zhob)— a sec- 
tion of Shadozai, Ali Khel, 
Sanzar, Kakars. 

Idak (615). — A division of 
the Tappizad, Dawaris. Some 
authorities however, say they 
are a separate clan belong- 
ing neither to Tappizad, nor 
Mallizad. Headmen ; Ma- 
zaibaud, Daisab. 

I DAL Khel (Bannu, Shakai' 
Birmal and Wana).--A sec- 
tion of Hathi'Khel (2,000), 
Shin Khel, Ahmadzai, Dar- 
wesh Khel Wazirs. Head- 
men ; Bandar Khan, Sheikh 
Fiyao, Landai, Rasim .Shah» 


I Ml. KhBl. — A sub-division 
of All Khol, Bar Hanizai, 
Akoxai — Yu8afzai Swatis. 

iDiL Kbbl(72).— A section 
of Muharomad Khel, Ma- 
lakh. Mallizad Dawaris. 
Headmen ; Kazi, Shahid 

iBiH Khel. — Aminor fraction 
of Ali Khel, Khaddar 
Khel (770), Mohmit Khel, 
Utmanzaif Darvrcsh Khel 
Wazirs. Headmen ; Nnr 
Muhammad, Ahmad Din, 
Makach, Ziarai, Sakhe Man. 
Akhmad, Nambuti. 

Idia Khel. — A section of 
Jani Khel (1,000), Wali 
Khel, Utmanzai. . Dar- 
wcsh Khel Wazirs. Head- 
men ; Nazam Khan, Mir 
Birjan, Zarghun Shah, Gul 
Ghafar, Akaldin, Zargai, 
Sheikh Ma] id. 

Idu Khel. — A section of Ali 
Khel, Bobak, Dana, Battan- 

Ikhtayab Khel. — A minor 
fi-action of Badi Khel, 
Dardoni, Wuzi Khel (800), 
Mohmit Khel, Utmanzai, 
Darwesh Khel Wazirs. 

Jkhiitab Khel.— a minor 
fraction of Mohib Khet Sh^ 

khai, Annai (1.000), Buda!, 
Zakha Khel, Afi-idis. Samil. 
Headmen ; Mir Khan, 

Ikhtiyae Khel. — A sub-divi- 
sion of Yar Ali Khel, Kam- 
rai ^ Khel (600), Afridis. 

Ikhtitab Koe (Kharmana 
river). — A minor fraction of 
Ash Khel (680), Khwaja 
Khel, Masuzai, Lashkarzai, 
Orakzais. Samil. headman ; 
Said All. 

Ikhtitab Kob (Loi Shil- 
man).— A minor fraction of 
Durma Kor, Shah Mansur 
Khel, Dadu Khel, Tarnkzai, 

Ilal Khel.— :A division of 
Salarzai, Tarkanis. 

Iliaszai (6,000 ; Buner val- 
ley. Slopes of Dosirri 
range); One of the two claiis 
of Bunerwals. Headman; 
Hastam Khan of Bampo- 
kha, (Salarzai). 

Imab Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Torsam Khel, Nazar 
Khel, Star Ali Khan Khel, 
Sarki Khel, Madda Khel 
ri,600), Ibrahim Khel, 
utmanzai, Darwesh Khel 


Ina3£ Khob.-^A sub-division 
of Wara, Mamund, Tarkanis. 

Indas Khbl — A minor frac- 
tion of Bizen Khel (700), 
Shadi Khel, Nasra Din, 
Kalu Khel, Ahroadzai, Dar- 
wesh Khel Wazirs. Head- 
man ; Nazir Khan. 

Indus Khbl. — A minor frac- 
tion of IndnsKhel, Drepil- 
lari, Sarki Khel, Madda Khel 
(1,600), Ibrahim Khel, 
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel 

Indus Khbl. — A minor frac- 
tion of Drepillari, Sarki 
Khel, Madda Khel (1,600), 
Ibrahim Khel, Utmanzai, 
Darwesh Khel Wazirs, 

Inus KffEL. — A minor frS^- 
tion of Painda Khel, Manak 
Khel, Fakhshi Khel, Madda 
Khel (1,600), Ibrahim Khel, 
Utmanzai, Darwcah Khel 

I»ZAi (West of Dera Ghazi 
Khan District). — A sub- 
division of Hasan Khel, 
Balil Khel, Musa Khels. 

Ipi (186). -A section ^ of 
Haidar Khel, Tor, Tappizad 
Dawaris. Headmen ; An- 
daram Khan, Fatteh Kkan, 
Kashmir, Ibrahim Gul. 

IbabzaI.—A section of Ah- 
mad Khel, Targhari, San* 
zar, Kakars (Hamsayas). 

Ibab Khel (40).— A section of 
Tappi Khel, Badanzai, Sha- 
man Khel, Mahsnds. Head- 
man ; Adil Din. 

Isi-B Khbl.— A minor fraction 
of Shadi Khel, Bara Khel 
(1000), Mohmit Khel, Ut 
manzai, Darwesh Khel Wa 

Isab Khel (20).— A minor 
fraction of Nasr Khel, 
Haidar Khel, Tor, Tappi-' 
zad, Dawaris. Headmen ; 
Shujo, Ghazo. 

IgA^ Khel (Jarobi).— A sub- 
division of Usman Khel, 
Baezai, Mohmands. Head- 
men ; Payo, Tola, Gul 
]\iubammad, Mazid. 

IsA Khel (21).— A section of 
the BiiTi Khel, Galeshahi, 
Shaman K hel , M ahsuds. 
Headmen ; Piyao Shah and 

Ib\ Khel.— a section of the 
. Umar Khan Khel Alisher- 
zai (3,000), Lashkarzai, 
Orakzais. Samil. Head- 
man ; Ahmad. 

IsA Khel (250 ; Samana with 
Mishtisand All Khels) A 


divinions of the . Ismailzai, 
Orakz:\is. A religious sect. 

IsA Khbl. — A minor fraction 
of BakarKhel, Idal Khel, 
Hathi Khel, Shin Khel, Ah- 
medzai, Darwesh Khel Wa- 
zirs. Headman ; Sheikh 

IsA Khsl. — A minor fraction 
of Dosalli, Wuzi Khel 
(800), Mohmit Khel, Utman- 
zaiy Darwedh Khel Wazirs. 

IsA Khbl. — A minor fraction 
of Saifali, Kabul Khel 
(4,600), Wall Khel, XTtman- 
zai, Darwesh Khel Wazirg. 

IsA Khbl (398).— A sub-divi 
sion of the Ahmad Khel, 
Oba Khel, Sheranis. 

IsA Khel (l,265).~One of 
the two divisions of Sanatia^ 

IsA Khel (500).— A division 
of Pandiali, Mohmands. 
Headmen ; Ghulam Khan 
Pai-ud-din, Hakim, Shah 
Dad, Guldos*^, Rahmgul- 
Kachkol, Cha^ Said Khan, 
Sohbat, Zaidullah. — See note 
on pago 46. 

Is A Khel. — A minor fraction 
of Mandi Khel, Wuzi Khel 
(800), Mohmit Khel, Ut- 

manzAi, Darwesh Khol, 

IsAZAi (West of Dera Ghazi 
Khart District). — A sub-divi- 
sion of Hozai, Laharzai, 
Mu^ Khels. Headman ; 

IsAZAi (14). — A division of 
Drigzai, Lunis. 

IsAZAIs (Bajaur). — One of 
the four clans of Tavkanis ' 
occupying the Jandol valley. 
Headman ; Saiad Ahmad 

IsAZAis.*— (On the Indus be- 
tween the Black Mountain 
and Mahaban). A clan of 


w^m^ — A divisiou of Alizai, 
Utman Khels. 

Ismail. — A section of Khadiu 
Khel, Ashazai, Iliaszai, 

Ismail Khel. (3,000 ; Shamil 
valley, Khost).— A clan of 

Ismail Khel. — A section of 
Makhozai, Nasuzai, Iliaszai, 

Ismail Khel. — A sub-divi- 
sion of Sultan- ka-khel, Bar 
Banizai, Akozai — Ynsu^zai 
Swat IS. 

* Thl4 teriaa aot nnach used. 

IsUAiL Kesl.— A 8u})-dirl- 1 
sion of the Ehoiit Hawas 
Khel, All Khel (3,t«0<i), 
" Uamsayas " of the Orak- 
zais. Gar. i Shiah. 

IsmulKbbl. — A s«etio:i of 
the Start Ehel (400). Alizai 
(Sturi Khel), . Daulatza!, 
Orok zaia. Samil. Headman ; 

IsUUI Kbil. — A minoc frac- 
tion of Bozl Khel, Mndda 
■Khel (l.eO()), Ibrahim Khel, 
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel 
WaziiB. Headmen ; Bah- 
Dtan Shah, Kazar Khan. 

Ibhiil Khbl (150).— a sec- 
tion of Kimat Khel, Java- 

Ismail Khbl.— A minor frac- 
tion of Wamikai, Idia 
Khel, Jani Khel (1,000), 
Wall Khel, Utmaniai, Dar- 
weah.Khel Wazira. Head- 
man ; Zargal. 

laHiiL Khel.— A minor frac- 
tion of Dildai- Khel, Moh- IsMiitZAi (Zhob).— A snb- 
mand Khel, Kattia Khel, " ' ' ■■"••" 

Hassan Khel, Mitha Khan 
Khel, Kuki KheV (4,iSU0J, 
AfridiK. Gar. Headmen ; 
Kamlar, Boner, Kaddani 

IfUAiL KoR. — A nection of 
Hatai Kcr, -Mnbammad 

■ Khan Kor, or 'Bar' Bnrhan 
Khel, Findialt, Mohmandp. 
Headmaii ; MnhammBd— A aection of 
Dri'plarii, Sakhi, Waraspnn, 

lEMiiI.ALiQH (361).- A diri- 
aion of Spin, '''arins. Heod- 
mpi! ; Sher Khan, Panid 
.Khun, Mobiu and. others. 

iJiujLZij (8,100).— The most 
powLrfiil of the eight clans 
of the Utman Khels. 

ltiiAtJ.tM (2,030; Samana 
and the Khanki vatlej)^ — 
One oE the four clans of 
thuOrnkzais; 600 Gar, re- 
niaitider 3amil. Headman; 


lnHAaMAi ^7).— A section of 
llMrhii K)\cl> Amzoni»MalU* 
MAili Utvwurui, Headman; 
llajl Muhammad. 

lui^T KiiSL (000 \ Dora Ismail 
K hau 1 )iHl riot). — N omadio, 
a Hiih'dtvlHion of Mian Khel, 
Jiolmim» Piiwmdahs. Head- 
man ; Avim KLan, (Mian 

hoTn or Sots (480).— A 
ttttuill Iriho of nomads, who 
llvo in tho caves of hills 
>vo«t of tho Dera Ismail 
Khan frontier. Headman ; 
Bhagu Khan, Nohzai. 

InrsBKA (1,850; Banna Dis- 

trict, Shakai and Birmal). 
— A sub •division of Kalu 
Khel, Ahmadzai, Darwosh 
Khel Wazirs. Headmen ; 
Mani Khan is the leading 
man ; for others, . see 
Muhammad Khel, Sndan 

Khel, Sadda Khel. 


Ibpik Khbl (8). — ^A section of 
Shnjawal, Mubarak Shahi, 
Mallizad, Dawaris. Head- 
men ; Idikk, Mir Kazam. 

IssUBi (135). — A snb-division 
of Tor, Tappizad, Dawans. 
Headmen ; Samand Khan, 
Muni Shah, Khwaja 
Muhammad Kbaur 

JiBALZAl (100).— A rection of 
Brahimzai, Yahia Khel, Sen 
Khol, Sheranis. 

JiSiB Khbl.— A minor frac- 
tion of Manak Khol, Bakhshi 
Khel, Madda Khel (1,600), 
Ibrahim Khel, Utmanzai, 
Darwesh Khel Wazirs. 

Jabab Khbl. — A section of 
Musa Khel, Sepah, Baezai, 
Mohmands. Headmen; 

Ghalrat, Ahmad Nur, 
Mahmatj Sarfaraz. 

Jabi KHBL.(Bajaur).— a divi- 
sion of Samilzai, Tarkanis. 

Jabi Kob. — A minor fraction 
of Sangar Khel, Yusuf Khel, 
Isa Khel, Pandiali, Moh- 
mands* Headmen ; see Yusuf 

Jadoe (180 ; Black Mountain), 
— A division of Deshiwal, 
Swatis. Headmen ; Ambul 
Shahi, IzzatuUah. 

Jadbans ; see Zabbajts. 


JiDBiKS. — A small tribe, 
occupying the east slopes of 
the Haliman range, east of 

Jaduns. ; see Gadvks. 

JaFaB Khbl. — A 'minor frac- 
tion of Daukt Khel, Ghalib 
KhanKhel, Malikdin Khel, 
Malikdin Khel (4,000), 
Afridis. Samil. Headmen ; 
see Daulat Khel. 

Jafabs (630).— a small tribe 
living on the spurs of the 
Buliman range. Headman ; 
Kalu Khan. 

JaJI8.--(1,680 ; Khost^ in 
the valley of the Hariab, an 
affluent of the Kuram river 
beyond the British border). 
— A tribe of Khoat. 

Jal^l Khbl. — A minor frac- 
tion of Khoji Khel, Bozi, 
Khel, Madda Khel (1,600) 
Ibrahim Khel, Utman- 
zai, Darwesh Khel Wazirs. 

Jalal Khbl. — A section of 
Mali (or Muli) Khel, Salar- 
zai, Iliaszai, Bunerwals. 

Jalal Khbl (260).— A section 
of the Sher Khel, Haibaf 
Khel, Nana Khel, Bahlolzai, 

Jalal Khbl —A sub-division 
of Sarsa, Tatta, Battannis. 
Headman ; Sher Khan. 

Jalal KHBL(Pir). — A section 
of Fainda Khel, Sesada, 
Majlizai, Yusufzais. 

Jalalzai (West of Dera 
Ghazi Khan District). — A 
sub-division of Nozai, liahar- 
zai, Musa Khels. Headman ; 

Jalalzai (40). — A seotion of 
Mehtarzai, fiarun Khel, 
Sanatia, Kakars.. Headman ; 

Jalalzai (Zhob). — A section 
of -Shadozai, AH Khel, 
Sanzar, Kakars. 

Jalalzai (West of the Dera 
Ghazi Khan District). — A 
sub -division of Hasan Khel, 
Balil -Khel, Musa Khels, 
Headmen ; K h o i d a d, 
(Salem Khanzai,) Mian 
(Sadozai), Lawang. (Mir- 

Jalalzai (8,800).— A sub- 
division of Alizai, Sanzar, 
Kakars. Headmen ; Sirdar 
Shah Jehan, Dost Muham- 
mad, and Saifula. 

Jalandabzai (57).-'-A section 
of Bazai^^ Harun SheU 


Sanatia, Kakars. Headman ; 
Mir Afzal. 

Jalangial Kamoi Badeshi 
(400). — A clan of Allaiwals. 

Jalanzai (40).— a "Ham- 
saya", section of ^'a^ozai, 
Dumar, Sanzar, Kakars 
Headman ; Haidar. 

Jalezai (10). — A snb-division 
of Ladu, Eakanwal, Lunis. 
Headman ; see Ladu. 

Jalil Khel.— a section of 
Durbi Khel, Kambar Khel, 
Kambar Khel (4,5 -0), 
Afridis. Gar. Headmen ; 
Muhammad Sher, Khwaja 
All, Yuno, Nurai. 

Jallal Khel. — A miner 

. fraction of Shadi Khel, Bora 

Khel (l»OOtO» Mohmit Khel, 

Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel 


Jallal Khel. — A mtnorfiac- 
tion of :Khan Khel, Takht 
Khel, Bakka Khel, Wali 
Khel, Utmanzai, Darwesh 
Khel Wazirs. Headman ; 

Jallal Kob (Kung).— A sub- 
division of Maimana Khel, 
Khwaezai, Molnnai.ds. 

Headmen ; Khalil, Ta'.ar. 

Ja'Mal Khel (27).— A minor 
fraction of AH Khel, Barlm 
Khel, Amzoni, Mallizad, 
Dawaris. Headmen ; Shah- 
badin, Namballi Khan, 
Patila Khan. 

Jamal Khbl. — A minor frac- 
tion of Kaddam Khel, Feroz 
Khel, Mashi Khel, Mannia 
Khel, Hassan Khel, Mitha 
Khan Khel, Kuki Khel 
(4,500), Afridis. , Gar. 
Headmen ; Amir ^ Sher, 

Jamal Khel.-- A minor frao- 
tion of Mir Hu^anf, Macha, 
Madda Khel (1,600), Ibra- 
him Khel, Utmanzai, Dar- 
wesh Khel Wazirs. 

Tamal Khel. — a minor frac- 
tion of Durar (300), Khus- 
rogi, Nasruddin, Zaklia 
Khel, Afridis. Sarail. Head- 
man ; see Bucha Khel. 

Jamal Khkl (Bannu Dis- 
trict). — A minor fraction of 
Ali Khel, Musa Khel, Hathi 
Khel (2,OiJ(0. Shin Khel, 
Ahmadzai, Darwesh Khel 

Tamal Khel.— A minor frac- 
tion of Badi Khel, Dardoni, 
•Wuzi Khel (80.), Mohmit 
Khel, Utnian ai, Darwesh 
Khel Wa/.irs. 


Jamal Khul (Dir).— a sec- 
tion of <Painda Khel, 
S^tada, Malisai, Yusof zais. 

Jamal Khel.— a section of 
Malik Shahi (40U), Wali 
Khel, XJtmanzai, Darwesh 
Khel Wazirs. Headmen ; 
Jumazan Khan, Mnbam- 
mad, Pirjao, Sarjamal, 
Taghar, XJrmiir, Hussaini, 
Zariband, Gnlla Khan, 
Pirzai, Sulemani. 

Jakal Khbl (30).— a sec- 
tion of the Ghalib Khel, 
Badanzai, Shaman Khel, 
Mahsnds. Headman ; Fat- 
teh |U)z. 


Jamal Khbl.— A section of 
the Haidrai, Ghahar Khel, 
Shaman Khel, Mahsuds. 


Jaxal Khel (20).— 'A minor 
fraction of Shadi Khel, Lar 
Larai, Land, Malakh, 
Mallizad, Dawaris. Head- 
men ; Nazar Din, Gal 

Jahaldik Khel. — A minor 
fraction of Wadin Khel, 
Khazzar Khel, Star Ali 
Khan Khel, Sarki Khel, 
Madda Khel (1,600), Ibrahim 
Khel, Utmanzai, Darwesh 
Khel Wazirs.. 

Jamalz Khel (Right bank of 
Mastnra river), — A sub-divi- 
sion of the Mani Khel 
(l,Of)0), Muhammad Khel, 
Orakzaia. Gar. Shiah. 

Jamalzai (West of Dera 
Ghazi Khan District). — A 
division of Umrzai, Musa 
Khels. Headman ; Sadak. 

Jamalzai (200).— A section 
of Arozai, Ahmad Khel, Sen 
Khel, Sheranis. 

Jamalzai (12).— A sub-divi- 
sion of Ladu, Bakanwal, 
Lunis, Headman ; see Ladu. 

Jamalz Ar (8). — A sub-division 
of Shamezai, Bakanwal, 
Lunis. ^ Headman.; see 

Jamalzai (100).— A section 
of Sarangzai, Harun Khel, 
Sanatia, Kakars. Head- 
man ; Galun. 

Jamalzai (60).— A section of 
Barangzai, Kebzai, Sanzar, 
Kakars. Headman ; GqI- 

Jambai Khel.— a minor frac- 
tion of Waruka Ali Khan 
Khel, Sarki Khel, Madda 
Khel (1,600), Ibrahim Khel, 
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel 


^ *M^i'UAt.— A minor fraction 
*»^1^vlmUv Kl\ol,ManakKhel, 
ItwkhMiaKlu'l, Madda Khel, 
(KOOOJ, Ibmhfm Khel Ut- 
umnMii» Darwcsh Khel 

J A M I KoR.— A minor fraction 
of Sultan Klio1,Hamza Khel, 
Oundab» Halimzai, Moh- 
luandN. Headman ; Ghulam 

Jam Bhib Eob.— A minor 
fraction of Abdor Bahman 
Khol (200), Musa Khel, Ma- 
niuzai, Jjashkarzai, Orakzais. 
()ar. Beadman ; Kammir. 

Janai Khbl. — A minor frac- 
tion of Uaman Khel, Takhti 
Khel, Bakka Khel (1,000), 
Wall Khel, TJtmanizai, 
Darwesh Khel Wazirs. 
Headman ; Akmad Din. 

Janakhobi (800).— a snb- 
di vision of Hassan Khel> 
Adam Khel, Afridis. 

JiNAL Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Feroz Khel,Tor Sapar 
(360), Galai, Adam Khel, 

Janbeg Khel. — A gnb-divi- 
sion of Pabbi Khel,'Kambar 
Khel (4,500), Afridis. Gar. 
H eadmen ; Mnhammad Sher, 
Khwaja Ali, Yaro, Nurai. 

Jak Beo Kob. — A minor fra^ 
tion of • Sangar Khel, Tnsuf 
Khel, Isa Khel, Pandiab*, 
Mohmands. Headmen ; see 
Isa Khel. 

Jan Beg Kob (Part in 
Mohmand, part in British 
territory). — A section of 
Kani Khel, ^asim Khel, 
Tarakzai, Mohmands. Head- 
man ; Sheraz. 

Jangab Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Said Khel, Umarzai 
(600), Shin Khel, Ahmadzai, 
Darwesh Khel Wazirs. 

Jangi Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Machi Khel, Abdnl 
Khel, Bora Khel (1,000), 
Mohmit Khel, Utmanzai, 
Darwesh Khel, Wazirs. 

Jakgi Tabae. — A minor frac- 
tion of Mamnn Kor, Kandai, 
Isa Khel, Pandiali, Moh- 
mands. Headmen; see Isa 

Jajti Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Khadi Khel, Mannia 
Khel, Hassan Khel, Mitha 
Khan Khel, Knki Khel 
(4,500), Afridis. Gar. Head- 
men ; Kashmir, Abdulla 
Khan, Bazai. 

Jani Khel (Kharmana river). 
—A minor fraction of the 


Abdul Mini (410), Landai- 
zai, Masuzai, Lashkarzai, 
Orakzais. Gar. Headman; 

Jaki Khel (1,000; Ehasora 
and Wana).— A Bub-division 
of Wall Khel, Utmanzai, 
Darwesh Khel Wazirs. 
Headmen ; see Idia Khel, 
Tor, and Malik Shahi. 

JiNi SKhel (7).— a minor 
fraction of AU Khel, Barim 
Khel, Amzoni, Mallizad, 
Dawaris. Headman ; Qub- 

Jan Eban Khel (35).— A 
minor fraction of Sogi Khel, 
Muhammad Khel, Malakh, 
Mallizad, Dawaris. Ueadr 
man ; Ghonsamir. 

Jan Khan Khel (6).— A snb- 
division of Boya, Tappizad, 

Jan Muhammad Kob (Khar- 
mana river). — A section of 
the Alizai (50), Masnzai, 
Lashkarzai, Orakzais. Samil. 
Headman ; Muhammad Gnl. 

J A SEAT Khel. — A sub-division 
of the Khoja Bawas Khel, 
AH Khel (3,000), '/Ham- 
sayas " of the Orakzais. Gar. 
i Shiah. Headman ; Yam. 

Jawakai. — ^A sub-division of 
Babakri, Sinah (l,20o), 
Afridis. Samu. Headman ; 

Jawakais (1,200).— a divi- 
sion of Adam Khel, Afridis. 

Jawal Khel. — A sub-divi- 
sion of Abba Khel, Tatta^ 
Battannis. Headman ; Mehr- 

Jewan Kob.— a sub-division 
of Dawat or Dauta Khel, 
Khawaezai, Mohmands} 

Headman ;. Bara Khan. 

Jhanda Khel. — A section of 
GhaHb Khan Khel, Malik- 
din Khel, Malikdin Khel 
(4,000), Afridis. Samil. 
Headmen ; see Nathu Khel. 


JiLAEZAi (30).-~A section 
of Shabazai, Dumar, Sanzar. 
Kakars. Headman ; Mulla 

JiLAN Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Kambir (or Kambo) 
Khel, Aib Khel, Salarzai, 
Hiaszai, Bunerwals. 

JiNiZAi (West of Dera Ghaii 
Khan District).-— A section 
of Msx^hdniaH, Ahnjodzai, 
Bain Khel Musa Khdk 
Headman; Latt 



JiMKi Khel. (t,2C0»).— 1 
Hub -division of Bar Sulizai, 
Baizai, Akozai —Yusuf zai 
8 walls. 

JiBAEZ (Bannu District). — A 
minor fraction of Fjrba Khel, 
Hathi Khel (2,000), Shin 
Khel, Ahmadzai, Darwesh 
Khel Wazirs. Headmen ; 
Musharrab Khan, Gulbagh. 

JoaA. — A section of Khakizai, 
Aflhazai, Iliaszai, Bunerwals. 

JoaiZAi (2,000).— A section 
of Jalalzai, AUzai, Sanzar, 
Kakars. Headman ; Sirdar 
bhah Jehan. 

JoJi Khel (40 ; Black Moun- 
tain). — ^A section of Painda 
Khel, Akazai, Isazai, 

Juooi Khel.— A section of 

Kemal Khel, Abazai, Khwa« 
zazai, Akozai— Tusnfzid 

JuLA Khel.— A section of 
Aka Maruf, Babnzai, Bai- 
zai, Akozai — Ynsnfzai 

JuMALAi.— A minor fraction 
of Datta Khel, Abdul Khel, 
Bara Khel (1,000), Mohmit 
Khel, Utmanzai, Darwesh 
Khel Wazirs. 

JuMA Khel (45 ; Dera Ismail 
Khan District). — Nomadic, 
a sub -section of Warirki, 
Sein Khel, Mian Khel, 
Lohana, Pawindahs. Head- 
men ; see Mian Khel. 

JuNA Khel. — A section of 
Firozai, Ohagarzai^ Malizai, 


Kabalzai (300 ; West of 
Dera Ghazi Khan District). 
— A sub-division of Nokuzai, 
Laharzai, Musa Khels. 
Hoadmen ; Khatol (Guraar- 
zai), Momiu (Barakzai), 
Mula Nadar TBrahimzai), 
Hasan (Bilalzai), Momin 

Kabalzai (Bori, Zhob).--A 
sub-division of Kibzai, Saran, 

Kabil Khel (7' ). — A section 
of the Teri (or Tori) Khel, 
Tapiai, Tappizad, Dawaris. 
Headmen ; Said Shah, Zakor 
Shah, Salik Din, Awarzai, 

* These numbers include 3,000 men living beyond Swati limits. 


Kaj^Tr KhSl (Khanki valley). 1 
—A sub* division of the 
Sada Khel (80), Ismailzai, 
Orakzais. iSamil. Headman ; 

Kabul Khel (2,600 ; Knr- 
am, Shawal, and Birmal). — 
A sub' division of Wall Khel, 
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel, 
Wazirs. H eadmen ; see 
6ai£ali, Paipali, and Miamai. 
Mezhaik and Ghilba Khan, 
of the Miamai section, are 
the chief men. 

Kachu Khel. — A section of 
Azi ^ Khel, Ali Khel, Bar 
Eanizai, Akozai — Yusufzai 

Kadai Kob (400).— a sub- 
division of Gandab, Halim- 
zai, Mohmands. Headmen ; 
see Yardil Kor, Bahmatal 
Kor, Katasar, Daud Khel, 
Bami Khel. 

Kadam Khel (Mastura river). 
-^A sub-division of Abdul. 
Aziz Khel (80), Muhammad 
Khel, Orakzais. Grar. Shiah. 

Kadak Khel (60).~A minor 
fraction of the Ali Khel, 
Haidar Khel. Tor, Tappizad, 
Dawaris. Headmen ; Mad 
Alam, Saifal Salandar. 

Kadab Khel (5).— A minor 
fraciion of Alii Khel, Barim 

Khel, Amzoni, Mallizad, 
Dawaris. Headman ; Piyavi. 

Kaddam Khel,— a minor 
fraction " of Feroz Khel, 
Mashi Khel, Mannia Khel, 
Hassan Khel, Mitha Khan 
Khel, Kuki Khel (4,500), 
Afridis. Gar. Headmen ; 
Abbasj Hakim, Nazir, Mulla 
Wall, Khaza Khan, Amir 
Sher, Zaman. 

Kadbai Khel. — A miner 
fraction of Khairak Khel, 
Wadln Khel, Khazzar Khel, 
Star Ali Khan Khel, Sarki 
Khel, Madda Khel (1,600), 
Ibrahim Khel, IJtmanzai, 
Darwesh Khel Wazirs. 

Kaduzai (600). — A section of 
Bazai, Harun Khel, Sanatia, 
Kakars. Headmen ; Mulla 
Baidula, and Mulla Majib. 

Kafshi Khel (12).— A minor 
fraction of the Nasi Khel, 
Haidar Khol, Tor, Tappizad, 
Dawaris. Headmen ', Mir 
Lazam, Mir AH. 

Kahi Khel (120).— A minor 
fraction of the Khoidad 
Khel, Gidi Khel, Manazai, 
Alizai, Mahsuds. Head- 
man ; At Muhammad. 

Kahmak Kob — a division of 
Gorai, Utman Khels. 


Kaim Khrl. — A section of 
Sttnin Khtily Babakri, Sipah 
(1.200), Afrldia, Samil. 
llomlmon ; Niaz Karim, 
lrau» Gul Muhammad. 

Kaim Khbl.— A Bection of 
SImikhmal, Kambar Khel, 
Kambar Khel (4,500), Af- 
ridiH, Oar. Headman ; 

Kaim Khel. — A mfnor frac- 
tion of Ismail Khel, Bazi 
Khel, Madda Khel (1,600), 
Ibrahim Khel, Utmanzai, 
Darwesh Khel Wazirs. 

Kaim Khel (5).— A minor 
fraction of AUi Khel, Barim 
Kliel, Amzoni, Mallizad, 
Davaris. Headman ; Chor- 

KaI5Zai (5).— a snb-division 
of Bhamezai, Kakanwal, 

Kajji KmilL.— a minor frac- 
tion of Paipali, Kabul Khel, 
(3,000), Wall Khel, Ut- 
.i:^aiiZHl9 Darwesh "Khel, 


Kaeai Kob.— a section of 
Ziiauddin [200), jrfudai, Zakha 
Khel, Afridi«. R'^.'^iil. Head- 
men ; SCO fc^iirat Kor. 

Kaea Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion q£ Idar Khel, All Khel, 

Khaddar Khel, (70),^ Moh* 
mit Khel, Utmanzai, Dar- 
wesh Khel Wazirs. Head- 
man ; Akhmad. 

Kaea Khel. — A section of 
Tari Khel, Shakhi, Wara- 
spun^ Battannis. 

Ka ea Khel (300 ; Black 
Mountain).— A sub-division 
of Hasanzai, Isazai, Tnsof- 
zais. Headman; Aladad. 

Kaea Khel. — A sub-division 
of Niamat Khel, Tatta, Bat- 
tannis. Headman; Khnshal 

Kaea Khel (llO).— A sec- 
tion of the Datti Khel, 
Galeshahi, Shaman Khel, 
Mahsuds. Headmen; 
Khwaja Muhammad,Karim, 
Muhammad Yar. 

Kaea Khel (10).— A minor 
fraction of Khare, Taib Khd, 
Amzoni, Mallizad, Dawaris. 
Headmen ; Mina Khan, 
Ghulam Easul. 

Kaea Khel.— Ackrnof the 
Khattaks, descended from 
Shckh Eahim Ivfer ; they are 
considered Mians, and, are 
much venerated by other 
Pathans. They reside near 
Nowshera, and are great 
trans-fi'cntier traders. Head- 
man ; Kahim Shah. 


KaKabs f40,432 ; Qnetta to 
the Gomal Pass). — ^A large 
tribe of Patlians. 

Kakabzai (3,000 ; Bajanr).— 
A division of Mamund, 

Kala Khbl (50 ; Black 
Mountain). — A section of 
Aziz Khel, Akazai) Isazai, 

Kalal Kor— a minor fraction 
of Shroh, Bussa Khel, 
Kamali, Halimzai, Moh- 
mands. Headman ; Taza Gnl. 

Kalal Kor. — A minor fraction 
of Ranra Khel, 8hati Khel, 
Wall Beg Kor, Gandab, 
Halimzai, Mohmands. Head- 
man ; Jamdar. 

KaLandab Khbl.— a minor 
fraction of Ali Khel, Manzar 
Khel (360), Ibrahim Khel, 
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel 
Wazirs. Headmen ; Mihrab 
Khan, Kabal, Nawaz Khan. 

Kalavdab Khel (Bannn 
District). — A minor fraction 
of Taos Khel, Pirba Khel, 
Hathi Khel (2,002), Shin 
Khel, Ahmadzai, Darwesh 
Khel Wazirs. 

Kalandar Khel.- -A section 
of Sadin, Ikl Khel, Sakrzai, 

Kalat Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Muhammad Khel 
(700), Isperka, Kaln Khel, 
Ahmadzai, Darwesh Khel 
Wazirs. Headman ; Mu- 
hammad Jan. 

Kali Khel.— A minor frac- 
tion of Morib Khel, Usman 
Khel, Takhti, Khel, Bakka 
Khel (1,000), Wali Khel, 
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel 
Wazirs. Headman; Elhoja- 

Kali Khel (300 ; Tran-'; 
frontier). — A division of Ali 
Sher Khel, Shinwaris. 

Kalla Khel (700); A sec- 
tion of Ashu Khel, Hassan 
Khel, Adam Khel, Afridis. 

Kallandab Khel. — ^A sec- 
tion of the Badzai, Katta- 
garm, Tatta, Battannis. 
Headman ; Nawaz. 

Kalli Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Bachagai, Tor, Jani 
Khel (1,000), Wali Khel. 
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel 
Wazirs. Headman ; Kaimal. . 

Kalu Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Sikandar Khel, Abdul 
Khel, Bora Khel (1,<'00), 
Mohmit Kliol, Utmanzai, 
Dar>¥osh Khel Wazirs. 


Kalu Khel( 8,600).---A divi- 
sion of Ahmadzai, Dar- 
wesh Khel Wazirs. Mani 
Khan, Isperka, is the leading 
man; for other Headmen; 
see Zsperka and Nasradin. 

Kalu Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Musa Khel, Makho- 
zai, Nasnzai, Iliaszai. Buner- 

i^ALUT Khel (Bajaur).— A 
division of Samilzai, Tar- 

Kaluzai (60). — A section of 
Barakzai, Tahia Khel, Sen 
Khel, Sheranis. 

Kakal Khel. — A sub-divi- 
sion of Sahib Jan, Aka Khel 
(1,800), Afridis. Samil. 

Kamal Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Maddn Khel, Assad 
Khel, Mitha Khan Khel, 
Knki Khel (4,500), Afridis. 
Gar. Headmen ; Mnhammad 
Amin, Gul Jan» Budai, 

Kamal Khel."-A minor frac- 
tion of Bakar Khel, Idal 
Khel, Hathi Khel (2,000), 
Shin Khel, Ahmadzai, Dar- 
wesb Khel Wazirs. Head- 
man ; Landai. 

Kamal Khel. — A snb-diiv- 
ftion of the Kandahari Hb^b, 

who are a vassal clan of the 

Kamal Khel (8).— A section 
of Ozbakai, Shingi, Bahlol- 
7ai, Mahsuds. Headman; 

Kamalzai (9).— a snb-divi- 
sion of Shamezai, Eakanwal, 
Lunis. Headman ; see Sha- 

Kamalzai (West of the Dera 
Ghazi Khan District).— A 
sub- division of Hamzazai, 
Balil Khel, Musa Khels. 
Headman ; Hasan. 

Kamalzai (West of the Dera 
Ghazi Khan District). A- 
section of Husenzai, Ahmad- 
zai, Balil Khel, Musa Khels. 
Headman ; . Gulan. 

Kamalzai (25).— A division of 
Marhel, Sheranis. 

Kamalzai (lOO).— A section 
of Shabozai, Dumar, Sanzar, 
Kakars. Headman ; Mazdar. 

Kamab Khel ; see Kamzai. 

Kamae Khel (35).— A minor 
fraction of th« Karmach. 
Khel, Malai, Shingi, Bahlol- 
zai, Mahsuds. Headmen ; 
Kajir Khan, Bakhtamir. 


iLamazai (1 50).^ a sub-divi- 
sion of U tmanzai, Mandan, 

Kambab Khel (4,500 ; Shllo- 
har, Bazar Yalley, and' Kajn- 
rai).-r--One of the six Kh yber 
Afridi dans. G^r. Headmen, 
Muhammad Amir, Saleh 
Muhammad, Jan Muham- 
mad, Mehrban, Khair Mu- 

KaKBab ?hel.— a division of 
the Kambar Khel clan, 
(4,500) of Afridis. Gar. 
Headmen ; Jan Muhammad, 
Muhammad Amir. 

KamIab Khel. — One of the 
two sections of the Umarzai 
Sheikhan (3,000), "Ham- 
sayas *' of the Orakzais. 
Samil. Headman ; Misridad. 

Kaxbab Khel. — A sub-divi- 
' cdon of the Bazoti (500), 
' Daulatzaiy Orakzais. Samil. 
Headman ; Amir Shah. 

Kakbab Khel. — A minor 
fraction of Warkam Khel; 
Aib Khel, Salarzai, Iliaszai, 

Kakbab Kob. — A minor frao- 
tion of Sultan Khel, Hamza 
Khely Gandab, Halimzai, 
Mohmands. Headman; Mir 

EIambab Kob. — A minor frac- 
tion of Asaf Khel. Dalkha 
Kor, Dadu Khel, Tarakzai, 

KAiil3iB(or Kambo) Khel. — 
A section of Aib Khel, Salar- 
zai, Iliaszai, Bunerwals. 

Kamb Khel.— a minor frac- 
tion of Gadia Khel, Tatar 
Khel or Akhorwal (300), 
Hassan Khel, Adam Khel, 

Kambai or Kamab Khel. — 
(600 ; Extreme west of 
Bara valley, next the Sipah 
and Zakha Khels).— One of 
the six Khyber- Afridi clans. 
Samil. Headmen ; Hafiz 
Samandar and Azam Khan. 

Kandahabis. — A division of 
the Sa6s, who are a vassal 
clan of the Mohmands. 

Kandai.— A sub-division of 
Isa Khel, Pandiali, Moh- 
mands. Headmen; Ghulam 
Khan, Paiuddin. 

Kandao Khel (400).— A sec- 
tion of Ashu Khel, Hassan 
Khel, Adam Khel» Afridis. 

Kanezai.— 'A sub-division of 
Kattagarm, Tatta, Bat- 
tannis. Headmen ; Miani 
(Alam), Khojak and Haan 



(Senzai), Tor Khan (Pira), 
Daotan Khan (Tar). 

Kani Khel (600 ; Part in 
Mohmand, part in British 
territory). — A snb-division 
of Kasim Khel, Tarakzai, 

Kanjbai (40). — A minor frac- 
tion of the Dachi Khel, Palli 
Khel, Manazai, Alizai, Mah- 
suds. Headman ; Khan, 

Kanozai (400). -a "Ham- 
saya" section of Natozai, 
Dtimar, Sanzar, Kakars 
Headman ; Shcgr, Muham- 

Kafu Khel (37).— A sub- 
division of Ahmed Khely 
Oba Khel, Sher^nis. 

Kanitzai (West of Dera Ghazi 
Khan District). — A section 
of Malizai, Ahmadzai, Balil 
Khel, Musa Khels. Head- 
man; Jala. 

K anzal Khel.— a minor frac- 
tion of Alisher Khel, Musa 
Khel, Nurizai, Malizai, 

Kapip (ICO).— a clan of 

Kar Khel (1^).- A minor 
fraction of Ahmad Khel, Zira 

Khel, Amzoni» MalUzad, 
Dawaris. Headman ; Channi. 

Kabam Kob. — A section of 
Hassan! Kor, Muhammad 
Khan Kor, or * Bar * Burhan 
Khel, Pandiali, Mohmands. 
Headmen ; Badshah, Baz, 

Kare Khel.— a section of 
Shadi Khel} Bobak, Dana, 

Kabi Khel. — A sub-division 
of Sultan-ka-Khel, Bar 
Banizai, Akozai— Yusufzai 

Kabimdad Khel (4lft). — A 
minor fraction of Abdul 
Bahman Khel, Sher Khel, 
Haibat Khel, Nana Khel, 
Bahlolzai, Mahsads« 

Kabimdad Khel. — A minoj 
fraction of Must Ali, Shaikfl 
Khel, Aib Khel, Salarzai, 
Iliaszai, Bunerwals. 

I Kabim Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Karim Khel, Jamal 
Khel, Malik Shahi (400), 
Wall Khel, XJtmanzai, Dar- 
wesh Khel Wazirs. Head* 
man ; Khan Muhammad. 

Kabim Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Jamal Khel, Malik 
Shahi (400), WaU Khel, 


ntmanzai, Darwesli Khel 
Wazirs. Headmen ; Jnma- 
zan, Khan Muhammad 
Pirjas, Sarjamaly Taghar, 

Kabim Khbl. — A section of 
Fattoh Ehel, Abazai, Khwa- 
zazai, Akozai — Ynsufzai 

Kabik Kob. — A miiior fraction 
of the Umar Khan Khel, Ali 
Karan.Mamnzai, Lashkarzai, 
Orakzais. Gar. 

Kabii^zai (60). — A section of 
Mehtarzai, Hamn Khel, 
Sanatia, Kakars. Headman ; 

Kabx Khbl (50 ; Dera Ismai^ 
Khan District).— Nomadic* 
a minor fraction of Zakori' 
Sein Khel, Mian Khel, Lo- 
hana, Fawin-dahs. Head- 
man ; see Mian Khel. 

Kabmandi Khan. — A minor 
fraction of Madda Khel, 
Miamai, Kabul Khel 
(2,600), XJtmanzai, Darwesh 
Khel Wazirs. Headman ; 
Mehr Ali. 

Kabkanz Khel.— a minor 
fraction of Marchi Khel, 
Abdul Khel, Bara Khel 
(1,000), Mohmit Khel, Ut- 
manzai, Darwesh Khel Wa- 

Kabmi Khel (50).— A minor 
fraction of the Gfarri Khel, 
Dachi Khel, Sani Khel, 
Manazai, Alizai, Mahsuds. 
Headmen ; Tar Khan, Li- 
wand, Bandar Shah. 

Kaemo Khel (Dir territory). 
— A section of Painda Khel, 
Sesada, Malizai, Yusufzais. 

Kabmozai (250).— a sub- 
division of Ahmad Khel, 
Sen Khel, Sheranis. 

Kabm:tjzai'(60).— A section of 
Mehtarzai, Harun Khel, 
Sanatia, Kakars. Headman ; 
Mulla Kamal Ali. 

Kabna Khbl.— a division of 
Malikdin Khel (4,000), 
Afridis. Samil. Headmen ; 
Azim DUi, Samand, Sharif 

Kabba Khbl (140),-— A 
section of the Mamdai, 
Shingi, Bahlolzai, Mahsuds. 
Headmen ; Kandhar, Bagh- 
dad, Mirza. 

Kabba Khel.— A section o^ 
Ghaibi Khel, Babakri, Sipah 

. 0,200), Afridis. Samil. 
Headmen ; Gul Mast, Jan 
Gal, Shah Murad, Malik 
Shcr Muhammad. 

Kabbam Khel. — ^A minor 
fraction of Bax Khozhai, 


Khaddar Khel (770), Moh- 
mit Khel, Utmanxai, Dar- 
wesh Khel Wazirs. Head- 


Kaebi Khel (180).— A sec- 
tion of the Manderi, Idak, 
Tappizad, Dawaris. Head- 
men ; Nazaiband, Kaim 
Shah, Khwaja Muhammad, 
Badda Khan, Mirab Khan. 

Kaebi Khsl (40).— A section 
of Mnllagan, Tor, Mallizad 
Dawaris. Headman ; Faz- 

Karbi Khbl (60). — A section 
of Urmnz, Tor, MaUizad, 
Dawaris. Headmen ; (Kalim 
Khidder Khan, Snhbat, 
Mnhammad Amin, Gal 
Bahman. ^ 

Kabxi Khbl. — A section of i 
MaH (or Mnli) Khel, Salar- 
zai, Iliaszai, Bonerwals. 

Kabuit Khel.— a section of 
Asad Khel, Mitha Khan 
Khel,^ Kuki Khel (4,500), 
Afridis. Gar. Headmen ; see 
Shekhan and Mishak KheL 

Kasam. — A section of Khaki- 
zai, Ashazai, Iliaszai, Boner- 

Kabam Khbl (lO).'A minor 
fraction of the Ali Khel» 

Haidar Khel, Tor» Tuypizad, 
Dawaris. Headman. ; Saidar. 

Kasam Khel (70).— A minor 
fraction of Dnr Khel, Bo- 
bakki, Hassn Khel, Tor, 
Mallizad, Dawaris. Head- 
men ; Diwaua Khftn, Ni- 

Kasim Kbbl (250).— a sec- 
tion of Kimat Khel, Jawaki, 
Adam Khel, Afridis. 

Kasim Khbl.— A minor frac- 
tion of Aib Kor, Shaikh 
Khel, Aib Khel, Sakrzai, 
Uiaszai, Bonerwals. 

Kasim Khbl.— A section of 
Soran Khel, Babakri, Sipdb 
(1,20()), Afridis. SamiL 
Headmen ; Ghafar, Hassan, 
ShekK Klian Mohammad, 
Mohammad Asgar, Nawaz, 
Niaz Mohammad, Shekh 
Nor Alam, Syad Alam, 
Shekh Gol. 

Kasim Khel (80). — A snb- 
division of Badansai» 
Shaman Khel, Mahsods. 

Kasim Khel (60). — ^A section 
of Umar Khel, Nana Khel, 
Bahlolzai, Mahsods. 

SLisiM Khel (800; hills 
north of .Michni, part in 
British territory). — A diyi- 


Bion of Tarakzai, Mohmands. 
Headmen; see Kani Khel 
and Kfaalil Khel 

Kasim Khel (Yakhdard).— 
A division of Utmanzai, 
Mohznands. Headmen ; see 

Kasim Khel (228).— A eah- 
division of Chahar Khel, 
Shaman Khel, Mahsnds. 

Kasiu Kob.— a minor frac- 
tion of Bahmatal Kor, Ka- 
dai Kor, Gandah, Halimzai, 
Mohmands. Headmen ; see 
Eahmatal Kor. 

Kasu Khel. — A minor frac* 
tion of Pridai (150), Ashu 
Khel, Hassan Khel, Adam 
Khel, Afridis. 

Katagabam (18). — A minor 
fraction of Umarzai, Zira 
Khel, Amzoni, Mallizad, 
Dawaris. Headmen; Jnma- 
zan, Khanbadshah. 

Kata Gban. — A minor frac- 
tion of Shugai, Tori Khel 
(2,670), Ibrahim Khel, Ut- 
manzai, Darwesh^hel Wa- 
zirs.. Headnken.; Khonamir, 
Find, Dalai, Makam, Mu- 
hammad Gnl. 

Kata Khbl. — A section of 
Aka Marof, Babnzai, Bai- 

zai, Akozai— Yusufzai Swa- 


Kata Khel (60).— A section 
of Manderi, Idak, Tap, 
pizad, Dawaris. Headmen ; 
Sahib Khan, Zama Khan, 
Mughal Shah, Nizam Shah. 

Kata Khel ( 77 ).— A divi- 
sion of Drigzai, Lunis. 

Katal Khel (50).— A minor 
fraction of Walidad Khel, 
Lodi Khel, AbduUai, Aimal 
Khel, Bahlolzai, Mahsuds. 
Headman; Khoidad. 

Katasab.—A section of Kadal 
• Kor,Grandab, Halmzai, Moh- 
mands. Headtaen; Jamdad 
Abdul Wahid, Jamal, Shamo- 
zai, Kanjak, Charogai, Shah 
Mtlnir, Bahadur, Samodin,* 
Makaiz. Jallal, Khan Mu- 
hammad, Faizullah Bashat- 
ullah, Ghatol, Fir Muham- 
mad, Wahab. 

KaTi Khel (15 ; Dera Ismail 
Khan District). — Nomadic, 
a minor fraction of TJmrzai, 
8ein Khel, 'Mian Khel, 
Lohana, Fawindahs. Head- 
man ; see Mian Khel. 

Kateai Khel. — A division of 
Salarzai, Tarkanis. 

Katobxai (Bajaur) A divi- 
sion of Samilzai, Tarkanis. 

KhUDIEU (200 ; Ebmiki Ehel, Wali ^ Em Gan- 
rirer}.— A diTuion of dab, Halbuzai, HohnuitidB. 
Itmanzai, OnkzW8. Samil. HeadmBii ; Shere Hnliam- 

Kbidtt Kebl (520). -A dWi- 
Rion of Eboidad Ehel, 2m- 

KbaSf Ehbl (33; Den 
liDtftil Ebsn DUtriet). 
Nomadit^ a minor fraction 
of SaUd Ehel, Iwt Khel, 
Mian Ehel, Lohana, Pawio' 
dabii. Headman; see Mian 

Ehu. — A minor fraction o 
Kni Khel, Tqr Sapor (360) 
Qalu, Adam Khel Afiidis., 

Kbaib*Z Ehre.— a minor 
fraction of Waditi Khel, 
Khazzar Khel, Star Ati Khan 
Khel, Sarki Ehel, Uadda 
Ehel (1,600), Ibrahim Khel, 
ntmanzEu, Barwesh Ehel, 

Ehiibit Kbbi..— a minor 
fraction of Pirs Ehel, Uii 
Haiiani, Macha, Madda Khel 
(1,600), Ibrahim Khel, 
Vtmanzai, iWveah Ehel, 

Eeiiboin (6)'— a eeotion of 
Nana Khel, Tapi^, Tappizad 
Bawaris. Headman ; Gnl- 

Ebiibth Kob (Takhdand).— 
A diTiaioQ of ITtmaiiKai, 
Hohmands. Headmen ; aee 

Khilik Ehbl (310).— A 
minoi fraction of Sipah 
(Azad Khel), Ali Earao, 
Mamnsai, 8,S0O Lashkarza', 
Orakzais. Gar. Headman : 

Khalibai) Kob. — A mino' 
fraction of the Saiad Khan 
Nmaei, Ali Karan, Mamnzai 
(S,600), Laehkarzai, Orakx- 
aia. Gar. Headman ; Saran- 

.Khali? Khbl, — A minor fract 
tioo of Usman Khel, Takht' 
Khel, Bakba Ehel 

(1,000), Wali Khel, Utman- 
zai, Dar*esh Khel Warirs. 
Headman ; Sakam. 

Ehahl Khbi, (200; Hills 
north of M iohni, part in 
Britisli territory). — A anb- 
di vision of Kasim ELel, 
Tarakzai, Mohmanda. He«d- 
men ; Janai, Saifal, Sbah- 
lada, Golfaraa. 

KHtLiL Kbbl. — A minDr frac- 
tion of Idar KheU Ali Khel, 
KhaddM Khel (770), Moh- 
xali Ebel, Utinaiizai, Dut- 
weab Khel Waziri. Haid- 
man ; Makliacli. 

Kbabils (3,600; Peshawar 
Uiatriot). — A tribe of tlit 
same origin an the Moh- 
Bisnds, yiho livd east of the 
KhybiT pM* and aUng the 
loft b^nk of lower Bara, 

KH*ULiii '(ISO). —4 Hub- 
diviflion of Yahia Khel, Sen 
Ehel, Slierania. 

Kb«L Kuel. — A section of 
Ghaibi Eheli Bnbakri, Sipah 
C1,200J, Afridis, Samil, 
Beadinen ; Athar HoEaain, 
Ifur Sliub, Amanat, Kahmat. 


Khao Distriet).— A «ub-d!vi- 
aiciD of Land Faltti Laharzai, 
Mum Kheli, Headman ; 
Soba Khan. 

Kriuib Khbl (-240V— a sec- 
tion of Qldl Ehel, Manai^, 

i, Mahsuds. 

KBiiils (86).— A diviflion of 
Spin, Tarins. 

EhasaKaI Khbl,— a minor 
fraction of Ali Khel (100), 
Ashn Khel, Hassan Kbel, 
Adam Khel, AfridiB. 

Ehana Kbbl (6 ; Dera 
iHtnail Khan District). — 
Notaadif, a minor fraction 
of Mnsazai. Sein Khel, Mian 
K]ie1, Lohana, Pawindabs. 
Ucadman ; see Miuc Ehel. 

Ehandeo Ehel (Bannu Dis- 
Iriff).— A minor fraction of 
ToriEhfl, MnaaEheUHBthi 
Kbel (2,000), Sian Kbel, 
Ahmadzai, Darwesh Kbel 

KHiN BiBi Ehbl.- a minor 
fruclion of Khairak Khul, 
Wadin Khel, Khazzor Khel, 
Star Ali Khan Khel, Sarki 
Khrl, Madda Khel (1,000), 
Ibrahim Khel, Utmanzai, 
Darwexh Khel Waiire. 

KHiBDi KHBt.— Aaeotionof 
Khan Khrl, Raz — 8nli«ai, 
Baixai. Akoiai -Ynsnfzai 


KhandaB Kham Kbbl 
(Bannn Disl.tiut). — A aevtiim 
of Hathi Kbel(2fl00), Shin 
Ehel, AhnuuLii^ Damwh 


Khel Wazirs. Headmen ; 
Nizam Khan, Landai, Shah 

Khandae Khel. — A minor 
fraction of Faipali, Kahnl 
Khel (2,600), WaU Khel, 
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel 

Khani KHBii (600).— One of 
the four clans of Cham- 

Khan Khel (70 ; Black 
Mountain). — A section of 
Barat Khel, Akazai, Isazai, 

Khan Khel (8,000).— A 
minor fraction of Kuz 
Snlizai, Baizai, Akozai — 
Ynsufzai Swatis. 

Khan Khbl (180 ; Dag^ar). 
— The family of the Khans 
of Dag^r, distinct and very 
influential in Buner, and 
not belonging to any clan, 
lieadman ; Hnkmat Khan 
of Daggar. 

Khan Khel (120; Black 
Mountain). — A division of 
Deshiwal, Swatis. Headmen ; 
Azad Khan, Kamal. 

Khan Khel (Nandihar).— 
A division of Kandihari 

Khan Khel (800 ; The Black 
Mountain). — A sub-division 
of Hasanzai, Isafai, Yusuf- 
zais. Headman ; Hashim Ali 
Khan (Khan of the Hasan- 

Khan Khel. — A minor frac^ 
tion of Matkai, Malik Shahi 
(400), WaU Khel, Utmanzai, 
Darwesh Khel Wazirs. Head- 
man ; Torabaz. 

Khan Khel (25).— A section 
of Khan ^hel,.Shabi Khd, 
Alizai, Mahsuds, Headman ; 

Khan Khel (75).— A sub- 
division of Shabi Khel, 
Alizai, Mahsuds. 

Khan Khel:— A minor frac- 
tion of Takhti Khel, Bakka 
Khel (1,000), Wali Khel, 
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel 
Wazirs. Headmen ; Khan 
Badshah, Khazan Khan, 
Mijan Khel, Gulazamir, 
Zamma Mir, Mirza, Gal 
Khatni, Bahmat Shah. 

Khan Mai Tabae. — A minor 
fraction of the Mamun Kor, 
Kandai, Isa Khel, Fandiali, 
Mohmands. Headman ; Fai- 

Khan Mtjhammadzai (West 
of Dera Ghazi Khan Dis- 
trict). — ^A section of Muh* 


miidiai, Altmodiiiu, Btlil 

.sft Khelg. Hcad- 

n ; Khun JTnlittmBiad. 

Khabb (sO),— a minor frai!- 
tion of Khnrp, T.iib Rhel, 
Am)!oni, MalHiiid, Dawaris. 
Heftdmcu ; Waiirgai, Bazid, 
Khalim Sbah, )1ir Ghaumi. 

Kkabb (90).— a Motion of 
T»ib Xhel, AmEoni, llalli 
tad, Dawaris. Headmen ; 
Wa/.irgai, Mma Khan. 

Kmibe Khbi. — A minor frac- 
-tioh of Mandt Kliel, Mad 
Khoshsi, Khaddftr Khel 
iftl, Ilarweah Khel Warirs. 
Headman ; Kakar. 


T frae- 

fton of Katii Gran, 81ingai, 
Tori KIibI (2,670), Ibra- 
him Khei, Ulmanzai, Pur- 
wesh Khel Warira. Head- 

Uou of Ismail Khel (I'lOJ, 
Rlmat Kltcl, Jawatii, Adam 
Khel, Afridis, 

Ehabuach Kqhl (205)— a 
iwotion of NaKMT Khel, Aimal 
Khel, Balilolwi. MahsudB. 

Khaemach Khel (51),— A 
liection of Malai, fihingj, 
L SaUolzai, MolisuiU. 

KHiBMANi Khbl. — A Biiiior 
fraction of Madda Kliel, 
Miamai, Kabul Khel (3,600), 
Tltnianaii, Darwesh Kbel 
Wazira Headraeni Bnrkam 
and Gulhat Khan. 

Keahotis (1,710 ;_ letwean 
Khorasan and India).— One 
of the Fairlndah trading 

Khibhi Khul ("0).— a bm- 
tion of the Kikarsi, Nana 
Khei, BahloUai, Mahinda. 
Headmen; Palteh, Mamln- 

Khabhin (300 ; Upper Toohi 
valkiy),— A small tribe, 
claimiDg h> be Saiade f rOm 
AbyssiniBi settled amongat 
tho Maddn Khel Waum. 
Hendnieo ; Sargwal, Khalik- 
dad, Wodam, Natobak, 
Alimiik. A larger Wauoh of 
the same tribe resideB in 
Sibarai. a district of Khoat, 
east of Matno, 

Khastai.— A small tribe liv- 
ing heyond the Dcra Ghani 
border. Hauduan i Jehan 

Kh*ta Khel (60— D«ra 
Ismail Khan diatriot), — 
Homadio. a minor fraction 
of Pasani, laot Khel, Mian 
Khel, Lohaoa, Panindalw. 
Bfadmaa j aee Mian Khel. 


Khataizai (West of Dera 
Ghazi Khan District). — A 
section of Inzar, Hasan Khel, 
Bain Khel, Musa Khels. 
Headman ; Kalandar. 

Khattaks (24,000 ; South- 
eastern portion of the Pesh- 
awar district, and thp south- 
em and eastern portions of 
the Kohat district). — A 
great trihe of Fathans, 
whose' main genealogical 
divisionB are as Allows, viz., 
Tari, Taraki and Bolak. 
Irrespective of the above, 
however, the tribe has a 
local division into two main 
branches, viz., Akoraoreast- 
em Khattaks, and Teri or 
western Khattaks. There is 
a third inter-tribal division 

• which separates the three 
classes below mentioned 
from the general body of 
the Khattaks, viz., the 
Khan Khel, which includes 
the relatives of all the 
chiefs ; the Fakir Khel, who 
have a great reputation for 
sanctity, and the Kaka Khel. 
The divisions, etc., of the 
Khattaks, with the excep- 
tion, of the Kaka Khel, are 
not indexed in this Diction- 

Ehawas Khel (18].— A sec- 
tion of the haibat ^Khel, 

Nana Khel, Bahlolzai^ Mah« 

' Khawas Khel.— a minor 
fraction of Ismail Khel (150), 
Kimat Khel, Jawaki, Adam 
Khel, Afridis. 

KhaTjista Koe. — A minor 
fraction of Abdur Bahman 
Khel (200), Musa Khel, 
' Mamuzai, Lashkarzai, Orak- 
zais. Gar. Headman; 


Khazzab K!hel. — A minor 
fraction of Star Ali Khan 
Khel, Sarki Khel, Madda 
Khel (1,600), Ibrahim Khel, 
Utraanzai, Darwesh Khel 
Wazirs. Headmen ; Sadda 
Khan, Alambe Khan, Sha- 
dam Khan (Ger Madda 
Khels,) Sabir (Inzar Kach), 
Nut Shah (Sanzalai), Umar 
Khan (Inzar Kach). 

Kheche. — A sub-division of 
Shan Khel, Tatta, Battannis. 

Khepzai (9).— a sub-division 
of Salezai, Bakanwal, Lunis. 
Headman ; see Salezai. 

Khesb Khel.— a section of 
the Yarkuki Khel, Bazoti, 
(500) Daulatzai, Orakzais. 

Xhiddae Khel (110).— A sec- 
tion of Astanai, Shabi Khel, 


Alizai, Mabsnds. Headman ; 

Khiddi Khbl (25). -a aec- 
tion of Baromai, Shabi Khel, 
Alizai, Mahsuds. Headman ; 
Muhammad Ayaz. 

KfliDRANi (350).— A clan of 
the Jafar tribe. 

Khidb^ni.— 7A sub-division of 
Mekhiani, Spin, Tarins. 
Headman; Mauladad. 

Khide E^el. — A section of 
Sen Khel, Gadaizai, Iliaszai, 

Khide Khel^^O).— A Ham 
sayas section of' Shabozai, 
Dumar, Sanzar, £[akars. 
Headman ; Hotan. 

Khidbi (100).— a section of 
Manderi, Idak, Tappizad, 
Dawaris. Headmen ; Alif 
Khan, Kaim Shah, Mir 
Abbas, Wall Hassan, Saleh 

KHiDBiZiJ.— A sub-division 
of Arbn Khel, Sanzar, 

Khidbzai (416).— a sub- 
division of Ahmad Khel, 
Oba Khel, Sheranis. 

Khibzai (200).— a section of 
Natozai, Dnmar, Sanzar, 
Kakars. Headman ; Karm 

Khizae Khel. — A minor 
fraction of Mintar Khel, 
Muhammad Khel, Hassan 

- Khel (400), Mohmit Khel, 
Utmanzai, Dai*wesh Khel 
Wazirs. Headmen ; Misrai, 

. Kabul, Khugalgai, Saadat 

Khoa Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of All Khel, Manzar 
Khel (360), Ibrahim Khel, 
Utman^afi Darwesh Khel 

Khodadad Khel. — A minor 
fraction of Ismail, Khadin 
Khel Ashazai^ Iliaszai, Bu- 

KH0IDA.DAI (74). — A section 
of Malikshai, Aimal Khel, 
Bahlolzai, Mahsuds. 

Khoidad Khbl (777).— A 
section of the GkLI Khel, 
Manazai, Alizai, Mahsuds. 

Khoidad Khel ; seeBaynks. 

Khoidad Khel. — A sub-divi- 
sion of the Mamuzai, Mishtis 
(8,000), "»Hamsayas " of the 
Orakzais. Samil. Headman ; 

Khoidad Kob or Khudadad 
KoB. — A sub-division of 
Babazai Kor, Dawezai, Moh- 
mands. Headman ; Ja£ar. 


KhoidaI) Koe. — A minor ) 
fraction of Sultan Kbel, 
Hamza, Khel, Gandab, 
Halimzai,Mohmands. Head- 
man ; Muhammad Akram. 

Khoidadzai (2,000).— a pcc- 
iion of Shadozai, Alizai, 
Sanzar, Eakars. 

Khoidadzai (Zhob).— A minor 
fraction of Ibrabimzai, Sha- 
dozai, Ali Kbel, Sanzar, 

Khoxa Kawab Khbl (Upper 
. Mastura river). — A division 
of tbe Ali KbeU (3,000), 
*' Hamsayas " of tbe Orak- 
zais. Gar. i Sbiab. Head- 
man ; Ha^ras Kban. 

Khojak (800).— a small tribe, 
an off-'sboot of tbe Kakars. 
Headman ; Lasbkar Kban. 

Keoja Khel (Gumatti and 
Wana). — A minor fraction 
of Ali Kbel (10), Bomi Kbel 
(5,410), Nasia Din, Kalu 
Kbel, Abmadzai, Darwesh 
Khel Wazirs. 

Khoja Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Marcbi Kbel, Abdul 
Khel, Bora Kbel (1,0<=0), 
Mobmit Kbel. Utmanzai, 
Panresh Kbel Wagdrs. 

Khoja Khbl (80).— A minor 
fraction of tbe Kaimdr»d 
Khel, Abdul Eabman Khel, 
Sher Kbel, Haibat Kbel, 
Nana Khel, Bablolzid 
Mabsuds. Headmen ; Jangin, 

Khojakzai (40). — A (Ham- 
sayas) section of Umrzai, 
Bumar, Sanzar, Kakars. 

Khojakzai (50). — A section 
of Yahia, Ahmad Kbel, Oba 
Khel, Sheranis. 

Khojal Khel. — A sub-divi- 
sion of Mat Kban Kbel, 
Khambar Kbel (4,500), 
Afridis. Gar. Headmen.; 
Mebi-din, Gattai, Matta, 
Mirshak, ShaHbaz, Jumma, 
Habmat, Miro. 

Khojal Khil (600 ; Wana). 
— A minor fraction of Shadi 
Khel, Nasra Din, Kalu 
Kbel, Ahmedzai, Darwesh 
Khel Wazirs. Headmen ; 
Sarwar Kban, Amir Kban. 

Khojavtas Kob, or Khwaja- 
WAs KoR.— A minor frac- 
tion of Kasul Kor, Wali Beg 
Kor, Gandab, Halimzai, 
Mobmands. Headmen ; 

Abdul Amir, Gbafar« 

Xhoii Khsl.— a minor ftaa- 
Urn ai Bozi Khel, Madda 
Khel (1,600), Ibrahim Khel, 
TJtmanzai, Damash Khel 
WaiitB, Headman; Nam- 
war Khan. 

Kboji Khbl (Bannn Bia- 
trict). — A minor fraction of 
Dsukt Khel, Ali Khel, 
Musa Khel, Hathi Khel 
(2,000), Shin Khel, Ahmad- 
zfti, Darwesh Khel Waziia. 

Ehoieai \50).~X Motion 
of Khan Khel, Shahi Khel, 
Allzai, Muhsnds. Headmen ; 
Pir, Watna, Waryam. 

Ehojbii (20).— a Beetion of 
Shamerai, Manazai, Alizai, 

Mahsads. Headman ; Akbai 

Khojbai (60).— a snh-divi- 
sion of Darpa Khel, Afalli- 
zad, Dawam. Headmen ; 
Shah KoBsein, Mohammad 
Tar, MianiraT and Uakhmad. 

Ehoki Khkl. a minor frac- 
tion of Dad Khel, Mir 
Hasani, Macha, Madda Khel 
(l,60u). Ibrahim Khel, TTt- 
manzai, Barweah Khal 

Khosti Bhxehb (304).— 
" Hanmyai " of the (irest- 
ern) Sanzar, Eakan. 

KHOBTWiL(5).— Amiaorfnio- 
lion of Ali Khel, Barim 
Khel, Amzoni, Mallizad, 
B&Taris. Headman ; Iat. 

Khobtwals (12,500).— An 
Afghan tribe desoended 
partly from the KhntpaniE, 
parttj from the GQlzaiB, 
inhabiting the Shamil vaHej 
in Khost, north of the Toctu 

Eeusadad Ebbl. — A minor 
fraction of Talagh Khel, 
Kaddam Khel, Feroz Ehel, 
Maalu Ehel, Uannia Khel, 
Hassan Khel, Mitha Khan 
Ebel, Kuhi Khel (4^00), 
Afridia. Gar. Headman j 
see Tal^h Ehel. 

Kbudtt Kbbl (l,S0Oi Boath 
of Bnner).— A section of 
Sadozai, Utmanzu, Man- 
ilnti , Yusufzais. 

Khuoa Keel. A lab-dfri- 
sion of Usman Ehet,Baezai 
Mohmands. Headman i R- 
rai, Shahnam, Izzat, Allah' 
dad. Had! QoL 

Khujal Khbl.— a section of 
Mnghnl EheL, Barmi Khel, 
Kamrai Khel (600), Afridis. 
Samil. Headmen ; Hafii 
Samondar, and F«roz Kbnn. 


Ehwbam Khbl ^5).— a mi- 
nor fraction of Shinki Khel, 
Babaki, Hassu Khel, Tor, 
Mallizad, Dawaris. Head- 
men ; Faujdar, Mad Afzal. 

Ehuhabi. — A minor fraction 
of Kanzal Khel, Alisher 
Khel, Mosa Khel, Nurizai* 
Malizai, Bunerwals. 

Khumabi Khbl.— a section 
of Jawakai, Babakri. Sipah 
(1,200), Afridis, Samil. 
Headman ; Ahmad. 

Khuvda Khbl.— a minor 
fraction of Warrukai, Idia 
Khel, Jani Khel (1,000), WaU 
Khel, Utmanzai, Darwesh 
Khel Wazirs. Headman ; 
Sheikh Majid. 

Khuni Khbl (20).— A minor 
fraction of the Khannach 

- Khel, Nazar Khel, Aimal 
Khel, Bahlolzai, Mahsuds. 

Khunita Khbl (200 ; 
Gtimatti, temporarily). — A 
minor fraction of Shadi 
Khel, Ntoa Din, Kalu 
Elhel, Ahmadzai, Darwesh 
Khel Wazirs. 

Khun Khbl (20). — A minor 
fraction of the Shumi Khel, 
Palli Elhel, Manazai, Alizai, 
Mahsuds. Headman ; Lale. 


Khfbamzai (180).— A section 
of Baranzai, Kebzai, Sanzar, 
Kakars. Headman ; Madai. 

Khubbi Khel (8).— A minor 
fraction of Kiki Khel, 
Muhammad Khel, Malakh, 
Mallizad, Dawaris. Head- 
man ; Miyan Khel. 

Khushalai. — A section of 
Tori Khel (2.670), Ibrahim 
Khel, Utmanzai, Darwesh 
Khel Wazirs. Headmen ; 
Fatteh Mir and Shahmak. 

Khtjshal Kob. — A division 
of Gorai, Utman Khel. 

Khusbogi (560).— a snb-divi- 
sion of Nasraddin, Zakha 
Khel Afridis. Samil. Head- 
men ; Madraza, Mangar 
Shah, Nur Dost, Mir Khan, 
Jamrez, Shah Mard, Gulrez, 
Mir Hassan, Amir Shah, 
Haji Lawar Khan, Tor, Sul- 
tan Muhammad, Sheno, 

Khuttay (87).— a section of 
Taib Khel, Amzoni, Malli- 
zad, Dawaris. Headmen ; 
Hathi Khel, Gul Habib, Ar- 

Khwad Khel. — A section of 
Tara Khel, Muia, Waraspnn, 


Khwajbzai (2,600 ; ^ Bohai 
Dagj GoshtajKabtil Eiver) — 
One of the Molun&nd clans. 
Fbr Headmen; see^awat 
Khel, Maimana Khel, Khadi 

Khwaidad Khel. — ^A sec- 
tion of the Ghawar Khel, 
Bazoti (5C0) Daulatzai, Orak- 
zais. Samil. 

Khwaidad Khel (Between 
Khanki and Mastnra val- 
leys). —A sub-division of the 
Bar Muhammad . Khel 
(1,000), Muhammad Khel, 
Orakzais. Gar. Shiah. 

Khwaidad Khel. — A sub-di- 
vision of Barmi Khel, Kam- 
rai Khel (600), Afridis. Sa- 
mil. Headmen ; Azam Khan, 

* Ali Jan, Azad Khan, Fateh 
Mir. Gulzar, Jumma, Mira- 
bat, Mir Zaman, Mir Pashak, 
Temu, Hamid, Rahmat Khan, 
Mir, Zardad, Mohabat. 

Khwaidad Khel. — A minor 
fraction of Zamia Khel, 
Masti KheU Kambar Khel, 
Kambar Khel (4,600), Afri- 
dis. Gar. Headman; Mu- 
hammad Tar. 

Khwaja Ahmad Khel. — A 
minor fraction of Waruka Ali 
Khan Khel, Sarki Khel. 
Madda Khel (1,600), Ibra- 

him Khel, Utmanzai* Dar- 
wesh Khel Wazirs. 

Khwaja Ali Khel.— A minor 
fraction of Daulat Khel, 
Ghalib Khan Khel, Malik- 
din Khel, Malikdin Khel 
(400n), Afridis. SamU. 
Headmen; see Daulat 

Khwaja Deeb Khan. — ^A 
minor fraction of Idia Khel, 
Jani Khel (1,000), Wall 
Khel, Utmanzai, Darwesh 
Khel Wazirs. Headmen ; 
Mir, Bir Birjan. 

Khwaja Hawas Khel.— A 
sub-division of the Zanka 
Khel, Ali Khels (3,000), 
"Hamsayas" of the Orak- 
zais. Gar. i Shiah. 

Khwaja Khel (l,60i0 ; Khar- 
mana river). — A sub-divi- 
sion of Masuzai, Lashkarzai, 
Orakzais. ^ Gar, i Samil. 
Headman ; Husain Shah. 

Khwaja Khel (800 ; Loar- 
gai). — A division of Alisher 
Khel, Shinwaris. Headmen; 
Kamran, Saiad Ghulam, 
Nadir Khan. 

Khwaja Khel. — A section of 
Fatteh Khel, Abazai, Khwa- 
zazai, AJsozai — Tosnfzai 


Khjwaja Khel. — A name 
'sometimes given coUeptively 
to the Darre Khel and 
Mirza Ehel, clans of the 

Khwaja Khbl. — An nn- 
iibportant division of Bar- 
Ranizai, Akozai, — Yusufzai 

Khwaja Khel.— a minor 
fraction of Ismail Khel (160), 
Kimat Khel, Jawaki, Adam 
Khel, Afridis. 

Khwaja Khbl.— A minor 
fraction of Miamai, Kabul 
Khel (2,600), Wali Khel, Ut- 
manzai, Darwesh Khel Wa- 
zirs. Headnien ; Surkam, 
Gulbat Khan, Mehr Ali. 

Khwaja Khide Khel.— 
A section of Mir Kndi 
Khel,Bazoti (500), Daulat- 
zai, Orakzais. Samil. 

Kbwaji Keel (60; Dera Is- 
mail Khan District). — No- 
madic, a minor fraction of 
Baloch Khel , Isot Khel, Mian 
Khel, Lohana, Pawindahs. 
•Headman ; see Mian Khel. 

Khwajokfhai Kob. — A sec- 
tion of Ibrahim Khel, Ka- 
ftiali, Halimzai, Mohmands. 
Headmen (with those of 

Lakkai Kor); Antar, Ar- 
salla Khan, Said Fakir, 
Eedai, Nurai, Haidar Khan, 
Fmp Din, Dauran Shah, 
GhuKm Jan. 

Khwas Khel (160).-A sec- 
tion of Ali Karan, Mamnzai, 
Lashkarzai, Orakzais. ' Gar. 
Headman ; Ibrahim. 

Khwas Khel.— a minor frac- 
tion of Madda Khel. 
Miamai, Kabul Khel (2,600), 
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel 

KnwAZAZii (18,0n0; right 
bank of the Swat river, 
from Kohistan to the Panj- 
kora river).— One of the 
three clans of Akozai— Yu- 
sufzai, Swatis. 

Khwazozai (Bajaur).— a divi- 
sion of Isazai, Tarkanis. 

KiBZAi, Kbbzai, or Kbwa- 
ZAi (1,180 ; Zhob).— A divi- 
sion of Banzar, Kakors. 
Headmen; Bangar Zakaria- 
zai, (Mareghutzai) ; Miau 
K!han (Baranzai). 

KiKABAi (117). -A sub-divi- 
sion of Nana Khel, Bahlolzai, 


KiKHAl (105). A section of 
Dodi Khel, Galeshahi, 
Shaman Khel, Mahsuda. 
Headmen ; Id Akbar, Sawan, 
Amzan, Saifal* 

KiKi Khbl (73).— a section of 
Muhammad Khel, Malakh, 
Mallizad, Dawaris. Head- 
men ; Niazmand, Tirob, 
Mian Khel. 

KiMAT Khbl (330).— A sub- 
division of Jawaki, Adam 
Khel, Afridis. 

KiMAT Khbl (140).— A sec- 
tion of Haidar Khel, Tor, 
Tappizad, Dawaris. Head- 
men ; Nasar Khan, Gul 
Badin, Mad Akbi^r. 

KiNi Khbl (12). — A sub- 
division of Khaddi, Mallizad, 
Dawaris. Headmen ; Gul 
Bashid, and Khoja Azam. 

Kibch Khbl (9). — A section 
of Hakim Khel, Mubarak 
Shahi, Mallizad, Dawaris. 
Headmen ; Ain Shah and 

KcssADiN Khbl (40).— A 
minor fraction of Salimi 
Khel, Dachi Khel, Palli 
Khel, Manazaiy Alizai, 
Mahsuds. Headman ; Ajab- 

Kiz Killa (35).— a minor 
fraction of Dangar Kbel, 
Piran Dangar Khel, Muham- 
mad Khel, Malakh, Mallizad 
Dawaris. Headmen; Sahib- 
gai, Gulli, Pir Badshah. 

Kiz Pabbz Khbl (12).— A 
section of Tapiai, Tappizad, 
Dawaris. Headmen ; Fatteh 
Khan, Ka'^im Khan. 

Kob Khbl. — A section of Sul- 
tan Khel, Sher Gulla, Aka 
Khel (1,800), Afridis. Samil. 

KoDA Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Muhammad Khel 
(700), Isperka, Kalu B[hel, 
Ahmadzai, Darwesh Kbel 
Wazirs. Headman; Wasila 

KoBA Khbl (Bohai Dag). — 

A sub-division of Usman 

Khel, Baezai Mohmands. 

Headmen ; Tad Gul, Ghafar, 

, Shad Nam, Gulistan, Almas. 

Koi Khel (16).— A section 
of Malla Khel, Chahar 
Khel, Shaman Khel, Mah- 
suds. Headman; Momindar, 

KoLi Khel Dakka, Girdi, 
Prtjhiiwiir, nad Upper Hel- 
mand). — (Nomadic, a sub- 
division of Kuchi, tJtmanzai, 


KoTAB Khel (160).— a minor 
fraction of the Abdul Khel, 
Langar Khel, Khoid&d Khel, 
Gidi Khel, Manazai, Alizai, 

KoTWAL (440 ; Black Moun- 
tain). — A sub-division of 
Hasanzai, Isazai, Yusufzais 
Headmen ; Ham id Khan, 
Bostan, Dawa Kb an. 

KoTWAL Khel. — A afction of 
Aya Khel, Ashazai, Iliaszai, 

KucHELAi (90 ; Black Moun- 
tain).— A division of Deshi- 
wal, Swatis. Headmen ; 
Ahmad, Mir Uusein. 

KucHit (Utmanzai ; Upper 
Helmand and Ningrahar). — 
Nomadic, as distinguished 
from the Udredunkai, are a 
division of Utmanzai, Moh- 
mands. Headmen ; Asim, 
Abdullah, Nur, Khandad, 

KucHis (Dawezai, Upper 
Helmand and Ningrahar). — 
Nomadic, as distinguished 
from the Udrc^dunkai, are 
a division of Dawezai, Moh- 
mands. In winter they leave 
their families in Ningrahar, 
and carry merchandize 
oetween Kabul and Pesha- 
war. They are sab-divided 

into fiassan Khel, Mandozai, 
Hazarbuz, with an associated 
clan called Za Khel. 

KuDA Khel.— A sub-division 
of the Umarzai, Sheikhans, 
(3,00')),"Hamsayas" of the 
Orakzais. Samil. Hgadman ; 

KuDEZAi (80).— A section of 
Baranzai, Kebzai, Sanzar, 
Kakars. Headmen ; Mir 
Shah, WaHdad. 

KuDiZAi (West of Dera Ghazi 
Khan District).— A sub- 
division of Ahmadzai, Balil 
Khel, Musa Khels. Head- 
men ; Lai Khan (Shamizai), 
Dost Muhammad (Ali Khan- 

KuHADAB Khel.— A minor 
fi-action of Misri Khel, Bosti 
Khel (160), Galai, Adam 
khel, Afridis. 

Kui Khel.— A section of Tor, 
Sapar (350), Galai, Adam 
Khel, Afridis. 

Kui Khel. — A minor fraction 
of Durar (300), Khusrogi, 
Nasruddin, Zakha Khel, 
Afridis. Samil. Headmen ; 
see Bucha Khel. 


KuKi Khel (4,500 ; Bara 
Maidftli, Bajgal, the Gudar 
and Lashora valleys). — One 
of the six Khyber Afridi 
clans- Gar. Headmen ; 
Zaman Khan, Kambar Khan 
and Khaista Khan. 

KuKi Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Manak Khel, Bakhshi 
Khel, Madda Khel (1,600), 
Ibrahim Khel, Utmanzai, 
Darwesh Khel Wazirs. 

KuEEOZAi (Eight bank of 
Kabul river).— One of the 
affiliated Mohmand clans. 

KuLLA Khel. — A sub-division 
of Malikdin Khel, Malikdin 
Khel (4,000), Afridis. Samil. 
Beadmen ; Akbar, Dostai, 
Sher Gal, Zarif, Shamsnd- 

KuLLi Khel. — A minor frac- 
'tion of Dildar Khel, Moh- 
mand Khel, Kattia Khel, 
Hassan Khel, Mitha Khan 
Khel, Kuki Khel, Afridis. 
Gar. Headman ; Mirwal. 

KvLLi Khel. — A sub-divi- 
sion of Shekh Ali Khel, Kam- 
•rai Khel (600), Afridis. 
8amil. Headmen ; Mulla 
Amir Shah, Mulla Akhund- 
zada and Sher Walli. 

KuNAi. — A minor fraction of 
Sudan Khel (350), Isperka, 
Kalu Khel, Ahmadzai, Dar- 
wesh Khel Wazirs. 

KiTNDAi. — A minor fraction of 
Jambai Khel, Waruka Ali 
Khan Khel, Sarki Khel, 
Madda Khel (1,600), Ibra- 
him Khel, Utmanzai, Dar- 
wesh Khel Wazirs. 

KuNDAi.— A minor fraction of 
• Tor Khel, Umarzai (600), 
Shin Khel, Ahmadzai, Dar- 
wesh Khel Wazirs. Head- 
men ; Niazzi, Fazal, Zaid 
Gul, Ghallai. 

KtTNDAi. — A minor fraction of 
Bizen Khel (700), Shadi 
Khel, NasraDin, Kalu Khel, 
Ahmadzai, Darwesh Khel 
Wazirs. Headman ; Jalal 

KuNDi (Bannu District).— A 
minor fraction of Pirba Khel, 
Hathi Khel (2,000), Shin 
Khel, Ahmadzai, Darwesh 
Khel Wazirs. Headmen ; 
Shakhai Khel, Want Khel, 
Ghalat Khel, Mian Gul 

KuNDis (200 ; North-west of 
Dera Ismail Khan District). 
— One of the Icifler Pawiii- 
dab trading tribes. 


KUHI Khsl (60 ; Kharmana 
river).— A minor fraction of 
the Abdul Mirzi, Landaizai, 
Mamizai, Lashkarzai, Orak- 
zaifl. Gar. Headman ; Mian 

KuBTO Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Kui Khel, Tor, Sapar 
(850),^ Galai, Adam Ehel, 

KuBAUZAi (West of the Dera 
Ghazi Khan District). — A 
sub-division of Hamzazai, 
Balil Khel, Musa Khels. 
Headman ; Giilan. 

KuBWAT (14).— A section of 
Taib Khel, Amzoni, Mal- 
lizad, Dawari^. Headman ; 
Khalat Shah. 

KusHA Khel.— A sub-division 
of the Zakka Khel, All Khels 
(3,000), " Hamsayas " of the 
Orakzais, i Shiah. Gar. 
Headman; Khan Muhjam- 

KuBHAB.— A minor fraction of 
Kanzal Khel, Alisher KheJ, 
Musa Khel, Nurizai, Mali- 
zai, Bunerwals. 

Kusni KoB (Kabul Biver, 
west of Michni, and part in 
British territory). — A minor 
fraction of Asaf Khel, 

Dalkha Kor, Dadu Khel, 
Tarakzai, Mohmands. For 
Headmen ; see Asaf KheL 

KtTTAB Khel.— A section of 
the Badzai, Kattagarro, 
Tatta, Battannis. 

KuTAB Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of BaUi Khel Shadi 
Khel, Bara Khel (1,000), 
Mohmit Khel, Utmanzai, 
Darwesh Khel Wazirs. 

Kttta Khel. — A division of 
Sanizai, Ois-Swat Utman 
Khels. Headmen ; Salad 
Shah, Mir Alam. 

KuTAB Khel (Miranzai and 
Mastnra valleys). — A divi- 
sion of Mada Khels (800), 
"Hamsayas" of the Orakzais. 


KuTAB Khel.— A minor frac- 
tion of Hindi Khel, Tor, 
Jani Khel (1,000), Wali 
Khel, Utmanzai, Darwesh 
Khel Wazirs. Headman ; 
Pir Makhmad. 

KuTTA Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Mir All Khel, Idia 
Khel. Jani Khel (1,000), 
Wali Khel, Utmanzai, Dar- 
wesh Khel Wazirs. Head- 
miin; Gul Ghafar. 


KuTTi Ehbl. — A section of 
Umar Khan Khel, Malik- 
din Khel, Malikdin Khel 
(4,000), Afridis. Samil. 
Headmen ; Bazmir, Gholai 
Jan, Hiazrat Gul, Eolki, 
Miran, Mir Zaman, Mulla 
Mansur, Payao, Basul, 
i-alim, Sardar, Akbar, Boa- 
tai, Sher. Gnl, Zarif, Shams- 

EuSTiKhel (40). -A section 
of Nawar KHel, Mb^n 
Shah, Tappizad, Dawaris. 
Headmen ; Din Muhammad, 
Sheikha Din, Sharob. 

Kuz (or Khbappawal) Bub- 
HA» Khel. — A sub-division 
of Burhan Khel, Fandiali, 
Mohmands. Headmen. 

Kuz Khsl. — A minor fraction 
of Bolaki Khel, Tatar Khel 
or Akborwal (300), Hasian 
Khel, Adam Khel, Afridis. 

Kuz SuLiZAi (6,500; left 
bank of Swat river, from 
Thana to Man]Ba*).7^A divi- 
sion of Baizai, Akozai — 
Yusuf^ai Swatis. 

Kuzi Khel. —A sub-division 
of Shekb Ali Khel, Kamrai 
Khel (600), Afi-idis. Samil. 
Headmen; Mulla Amir 
Shah, Mulla Akhundzada, 
a,nd Sher Walli. 


KwAJA.— A section of Khadin 
Khel, Ashazai, Hiaszai, 

Laddat (30).— a section of 
Tarota, Idak, Tappizad, 
Dasvaris. Headmen, \ Idar, 

Ladbi Khel (30).— A minor 
fraction of the Nekzan Khel, 
Sher Khel, Haibat Khel, 
Nana Khel, Bahlolzai, 
Mahsuds. Headmen ; Doraz, 
Aman Shah. 

liADi Khel (70). — A section 
of Musakki, Tor, Mallizad 
Dawaiis. Headmen ; Dil- 
band, Pasta Khan» Muham- 
mad.Zamir, Mihrjan. 

Ladi Khel.— a minor frac- 
tion of Khan Khel, Takhli 
Khel, Bakka Khel (1,000), 
Wali Khel, Utmanzai, Dar- 
wesh Khel Wanrs. Head- 
men i Zamma, Mir. 



Ladi itHBL. — A minor fraction 
of TasM Khel, Sharaki (2 -0), 
Galai, AdamlKhel Afridis. 

LiDU (60). — A division of 
Bakanwal, Lunis. Head- 
men ; Bahmdil, Malikzai, 
Galdad, Hajizai, Lai Khan, 

* ^amaleai, Khandai, Jalezai, 
Lai Gul, Malwanzai, Dasmal 
Boiazai, Eatehan, Sidzai. 

Lag Khel. — A minor fraction 
of Mira Khel, Mad Khozbai, 
Khaddar Khel (770). Moh- 
mit Khel, Utinanzai, Dar- 
wesh Khel Wazirs. Head- 
man ; Sanobar. 

Laghab (3). — A suli-division of 
Shame zai, Bakanwal, Lunis. 

Laghab Khel (or Dodi).— 
A minor fraction of Khazzar 
Khel, Star Ali Khan Khel, 
Sarki Khel, Madda Khel, 
(1,600), Ibrahim Khel, 
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel 

Laghab Khel.— A minor 
fraction of Ashrab Khel, 
Ismail Khel, Bozi KheL 
Madda Khel (1,600), Ibra- 
him Khel, Utmanzai, Dar- 
wesh Khel Wazirs. 

Laghman Khel. — A minor 
fraction of Kara Khel, Malia > 

(or Muli) Khel, Salarzai, 
Hiaszai, BnnerwsJs. 

Lahaezai (1,050).— a divi- 
sion of Mosa Khels. Head- 
men ; see Nozai, Nokuzai, 
Land Palai, Mangizai. 

Laili. — According to to tradi- 
tion, a tribe of Wazirs 
residing on the north-west- 
ern slopes of the Saf ed Koh ; 
but they have never been 

Lakai Kob.<— A section of 
Ibrahim Khel, Kamali, Hali- 
mzai, Mohmands. 

Laehabi Khel (Close to 
Ublan Pass). — A sub-divi- 
sion of Sipah (4f00), Muham- 
mad Khel,- Orakzais. Gar. 

Laehi Khel. — ^A minor frac« 
tion of Pridai (150), Ashu 
Khel, Bassan Khel, Adam 
Khel Afridis. 

Laeeait (1,000 ; Kaitu valley, 
Khoet). — ^A clan of the 

Lalakzai (87). — A section of 
Shamozai, Haiun Khel, 
Sanatia, Kakars. Headmen ; 
I saf kach, Guldad (Head- 
man of the Shamozai), 
Ghafur, Mian Khan. 

IiilAT EoB. — A. minor frao- 
_Hoii of Bami Ebcl, ICodai 
Gand&b, Hnllmzai. 
Headinan ; 

Kb-el (8).— a Biib- 

of KLaddi, Malli- 

Dawaris. Headman ; 

Lit KHiJK Koa. — A mbor 
frai^ion ot Said KianNmaBi, 
Ali Earan, Hamuzai (S^OOJ, 
Lashkarzai, Orakzaie. Oar. 

L*L KHBLfGO; Black Moon- 
tain).— A section of Paicda 
Khe\, AkKzai, Isami, Ynsuf- 

IiAKBi Khel. — A section of 
the Sluri Khel (WO), Aluiii, 
DauUtiFti, Orakrais. Snmil. 
Aziz KliMi, 

LjII>i ; ue Lajj.i. 

Iai.1 Khbl (S5).— a minor 
fraction of Hnhimdad Kliel, 
Abdal Rahmnn Klial, Sher 
Khel, Haibat Kliol. Nana 
Khel, Balikdzai, Mahanda. 
Headmeu ; Nuxar, Mitho. 

IiAti Khbl. — A minor frAC- 
tion of Tol Khel, Abdal 
Kbcl, Bom Khol (1,000), 
Mohmtt Khel, Utmaniai, 
Darweah Khol Waaira. Head- 
niftn ; Pahlwan. 

L*IJ»iI (Wust o£ Dera Ghazi 
Kbaa Oistriotj.-A aub- 
divlaion ot Mangizai, lAhar- 
ui, MuKL KSieb. Hoadnun ; 

La,l Keel. ; A section > of 
Abdnl Khel, Urmnz Khel, 
Si pah (1,200). Afridix. SamiL 
Headmati ; CEiiiaiiu. 

LiL Khkl.— A minor fraction 
oF Nikki Khel, Hassan Khel, 
Pakhai (1,1100), Bttdai, 
Znbhii Khel, Afridis. Sdnil. 
Hfladmen ; Nia;(gul, Mab- 
bub, Mit Abbas, Hamid, 
JummA, Zaman, Mil Azim. 

Lalli Khsl, (British tmri- 
tory), — A minor fraction of 
Piiinda Khel (200), Shadi 
Khel, Nasra Din, Khala 
Khel, Abm^idzai. Barweih 
Khel, WaKirs, Headman ; 

Laili. Kekl.^A minor frao- 
tlou of Jawaldin Ktel. 
"Wadin Khel, Kbai7Jir Khel, 
Star Ali Khan Khd, Sarhi 
Khul. Mwlda Khel (1,6011). 
Ibrahim Kliel. Utmanaai, 
Duritetb Khoi Wazira. 

of Abdnllai, Aimal Khel, 
BftUolzai, MalisadB. 

luiLZAi (West of Dera Gtazi 
Kban District). — A seotiou 
of Inztti, Hasan Khel, Balil 
■Khel, Mnaa Kbels. Eead- 
mati ; Ghalam. 

LA.UUA Khel (SO). — A bpc- 
tion of Marram Khel, 
Uarpa Khal, Mallimd, Daw 
t^. Headmen ; Mirni, 
Sbamali, Niazi, Lagav Shah. 

LiKD (20).-A aertion of 
Urmuz, Tor, Malliiad 
Dawaris. Headmen ; Qliain 

LiKD (3O0),— A sub-division 
of Malakh, Malli7»d, Dawa- 
rig. Headmen ; Mnhammad 
Akbai' Khan, Nazar Din. 

LiND AaliKD (317).— A sob- 
division of Ahmad Khel, 
Oba Ehel, Sheranis. 

Lahdai. — A minor fraotlon of 
Jambfti Khel, Warnka Ali- 
Khan Khel, Sarki Khel, 
HoddJi Khel (1,600), Ibia- 

Lambaizai [2,800; Khftrmnni 
river),— TliB largest of tb 
suh-divisions of Maanzai 
Lashkarzai, Orakzais. i Gai 
(north of the river), J Sami 
(wath of the river). 

Landi Babd.vr Khbl. — J 
minor fraction of Saada 
Khel, Brepillari, Sarki Kho! 
Madda Khol (l.eOO), Ibra 
him Kliel, Utmanzai, Dm 
wMb Khel Wam's. 

Landi Khel.— A minor frat 
tion of Gadia Khel, Tata 
Khel or Akhorwal (300 
Hassan Khel, Adam Klie 

Landi Khei. — A division c 
Sipali (1,200) Afridis. & 
mil. Headmen ; Sher Mt 
hammad Khan, Gnl Salin 
Ali Shah, Amir, WalU. 

Landi Khel.— A minor Era 
tion of Said Khel, UmaTZi 
(600). Shin Khel, Ahmadza 
Darwflsh Khel Waiirs. 

Landi Khbl.— A minor fra 
tion of Kata Gran, Shngs 
Tori Khel (2,670), Ihrahi 
Khel, Utmanzai, Darwei 
Khel Wazira. Haadmai 

IiUTDi Kbel (14].— a Mction 
Sliaman Khd, Mabanda. 
Headman ; Masta Kliaa. 

LaNDIWAL Khbl.^A minor 
fraotion of Ghalam Ehel 
(300), Haihftt Khel, Jawaki, 
Adam Khel, Afrid'ia. 

Labp PiLii (11).— A sub- 
division of Salezui) Sakan- 
wal, Lunis. 

LijTD PALii (200).— A diriiion 
of Iiaharzai, K\iaa Kbaln. 
Headmen ; Khan Dasrund, 
Hobs. Khan, All Khan. 

LakdcM-— A minor fraction of 
Mir Hasani, Mnoha, Madda 
Khel (1,600), Ibrahim Khol, 
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khe! 

LutOAB Khhl.— A minor 
fraction o! A?.ii Kliol, Sbadi 
Khal, Bara Kh.,'1 (1,000), 
.Mob mi t Khel, TTtmanzai, 
Daiwesh Khel WazirH. 

Iax9AB Khbi. (185).— a 
nuiur fraction of the Khoi« 
dftilKhel, Uidi Khol. Ma- 
1, Ali^ai, IhUbBiiiL 

IiAitaAB KoB — A minor frac- 
tion of the UmBr Khan 
Khel, Ali Karan, HamoTai, 
Lashkarzai, Oi'akzais. Gai- 
Heodman ; Madaki. 

Lab LoEAi (9S).— A section of 
Land, lUalakh, Mallizad, 
Dnwaria. Headmen ; Nazir 
Din, Sanobar, Akub, 

Lasseabi (20). — A sectinn of 
TJtman, Miram Shah, Tap- 
pi/ad, Dawarie, Headmen -, 
Nakkar, Said Akbar. 

Lasbeabi Khel. — A totnor 
fraction of Misri Khel, Boati 
Khel (160), Gala), Adam 
Khel, Afridia. 

LiSHKlRI KkBL.— A minor 
fraction of tile Ahmbim 
Khel (660), Ali Kaisn, 
Mnnumi, loshkurani, Orak- 
zaii- Gar. Headman ; Mnlla 

Lashkabka! (11,500 : Khanki 
and Kharmaaa vaileya).— 
The brgpst and moat im- 
portant of the four clans 
of the Orakmis. Gar. 6,000 : 
Bamil 5,500. 

LasHeabzii (7.) -A nib-diti- 
aion of MbRii, Kaksnwal 
Lunla. Headman ; see Mi»- 


lulKi Khbl.— Aminorfrao- 
tion of Mnrohi Khel, Abdul 
Khol, Bora Kiel (I^IUO), 
Mohmit Khel, Utmnnzai, 
Uarnesh Khel Wazirs. 

JikVa KhBe (S). — A aeodon of 
the Ozbakuj, iJllnKJ. Balilol- 
xiu, Mahsnds. Heudintiii i 
Mir Afwl. 

LuBZii (87). — A aention of 
Shamoau. Harnn Khel, 
Sanatk, Kalcari. Headtneii ; 
Nnr MiLhsimDiiid, Agha, 
Mulla Abdullo, Faiod, Aulk. 

LiWAMNi Khel (36).— A 
IT fraotion of Poi Kbol, 
Knhnmniad Ebel, Malakli, 
MaUizad, Dawaris, Head- 
man ; Pirnam. 

LocHi Khkl.— A minor frac- 
tion of Doaalli, Wnzi Khel 
(800), Mohmit Khel, Utman- 
lai, l>arwosh Khel Waiirs, 
Headmen; Niaz Gul. 

IiOHAKiB (Ghazni in winter, 
Derajat in BninnieT). — A ulari 
of the groat trading tribi! 
of Faoindahs. 

LoLi Khbl.- a minor f«c- 
tion of Idar Khel, Ali Khel, 
Khaddar Khel, {7;o), Moh- 
mh Khel, Ulmanxaj, Dar- 
wesh Khel Wazira, Head- 
man ; Nambuti. I 

LtTDisA.— A Minor fraaticrf 
Man™ Khel, Tor . ' 
Umarwii (60"!), Sfiin I 
Ahniadaii, Itarrroeh '. 
Wazirs. Headman : 

Lfkmam Khel.— a : 
fraci ion of Karinl 
Jamal Kliel, MaUk 
(im)i Wall Khel, Utmftn^ 
DiTB-eHh Khel Wami'a, F" 

LcLL (8),— A Beetion of 1 

Khel, Amzoni, . . 

Dawsria. Uea^an ; 

LuNDA Khbl.— A sab-divt- 
sioii of Usman Khel, Bar 
Baiiim, Akcjzai— Yueufzai 

LcMBi Khel (16).— A anb- 
feet ion of the Khoidndai. 
Malikshai, Aimal KLe], 
Bnhlolzai, Mahauds. Head- 
man ; Khissani. 

Lrjiis (000 ; from the Bori 
and Tbal plains to the foot 
of the main eastern bi-anoh 
of tlie Snlwnan SiIIIb).— A 
Patimn tfihe, nomadiu until 
ret-ejit jears. Thejare San^ 
band Af^ bj desuent; 
their aiiief is Samnndar 

JJMBa. i'A-'Hect.ionof Madda 
Kliel (WW). Ibralim Khel, 
'Ctmiinaai, Usrwosh Kliel 
Waaiw. Keadmen j Mima 
Shah, Shuh Dadan, Wwe 

SiiL^Bi. Khel,— A mb-diri- 
aipn of BaliTQin-ka-Khtfl, 
]^r-RaTiinii, Akoiai-Yosuf- 
gnii Swulb, 

Machi KfiEt.— Aminorfra'- 
Lion of Abdul Kliel, Bcira 
Khel(l,rK>i) Miihniit Khpl, 
.C»taa»zai. Darwrah Klie! 

Macbi Kbeh (S-iO).— Tbp 
ibrgaatand moat. imporUnl 

§ the minor Eravilmng uf Iln> 
ami _Khel, P..I1I Khel, 
inuzuJ, Alizai, Maliaudii, 

JtilcRl KsEt (Khnnki ral- 
Ict.)— A anb-diT!>.ion of the 
l£, lamailxni, Orikk 
lUia, (tainil. ileodmaD; 
Stdian Sliab. 

Kami (BKhiikHTTah vtlUy). 
' • —A division of Bahirzoi. 

lAsil. I 


MiBA KflEE (8,08Bi Mirtui- 
bar).— A dlTiBion of UntAi. 
Yusufiw! s, 

Mapa'Ehel. — A minor frnr. 
lion of Bai Khel. FiroK«i. 
Ohagnrunt, Maliiai, Bnucr- 

Madahei Khbi,.— a minor 
fraction of Basb Khel, Antmi 
(1,0«(>), Biidnl.Zuklia Khul 
Afiidis. Samil, H«idmeii ; 
Giilbaa, Mir Altllttr, Nawfl-/ 
Khan, Zardan, Znbar, Zarin, 

Mad* Nam* (OfiOj,— A *iib- 
division of Mada Klirl, 
l«Mai, Ynaufukia. 

Mapib Kubl.— a lab-tlivN 
«Ion of Abdnl Khol, KM 
Khel (4,SlX)J, Airldii, Oar, 
Headmen; Malla Amir, 
Oalsilnt, SheruUu, Biulnt. 

MmtiA Knii. (l,(JO0i Tcnhi 
dndShawalTsUi;)'!!).— A will- 
divliiion of tho Ibntliim 
Kliel. Utmaoiui, iJarWMh 
Kh^l Wsxln. HittdnuHi; 
SwU* Khna ttud Akutw 

are the foreinost ; see also 
Sarki Khel, Bakhshi Khel, 
Boii Khel, Maoha. 

MiDDA Khbl. — A minor frac- 
tion of Miamai, Kabul Khel 
;a,600), Walli Khel, Utman- , 
zfti, Uarwesh Khel Warirs. 
Headman ; Mezhai. 

Madda Khel (40).— A minor 
fnwtion of the Salimi Khel, , 
Datbi Khel, Pttlli Khel, , 
Manazai, AUzai, Mahauda. 
Headmen ; Budshah Khan, 

Madda Kksl.— Aauh-divisjon 
of Sher Qulla, Aka Khel, 
(1,800), Airidis, Samil. 

Madbi Khbl.— a minor frae- 
tion of Haibatanai, Tori Khel 
(2,670). Ihrahini Khel, 
Utmanzii, Darwest Khel 
Waiira. Headman ; Gul- 
TMuir KhaTi. 

Maddi Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Mil Hnsani, Maoha, 
MaddaKhel (1,600), Ibra- 
him Khel, TJtmaazai, Dar- 
wesh Khel Wnwrs, 

Mabdi Khbl (34). — A seotjon 
of Zani Kiiel, Chahar Khe!, 
Shuman Kbd, MahandH. 
Headmen ; Zargul, Jiir 

Baniiai, Akoz^ — Yua 

. Maddi Khbl.— A aub-divi- Madi Khel (10 ).— A l 
. aec of Utntftuzai, Bar geotiun of Malik Khel, ] 

Mabdit Khkl. — A sectionj 
A»ad Khel, Mitha : 
Khel. Knki Khel (4,5g 
Afridia. Gar. Headini 
Muhammad Amin, Gal ^ 
Bndai. Langar, Mir F~ 
Qui Khan, Zatmai, M|l 
Nazir, Miwal, Said Gal.?] 

Mam Khbl and DcB. — A 
minor fraction of Bizen Khel 
(71)0), Shadi Khel, Naea 
Din, Kaln Khel, Ahmad- 
zai, Darwesh Khel Warira. 
Headmuru ; Gul Adam. 

Madi Khkl. — A minor frac- 
tion of Aziz Khel, Shadi 
Khel, Bora Khel (I,OOOJ, 

Madi Khkl (Bannn Dia- 
triot). — ^A minor fraction of 
Jiraki. Pirba Khel, Hathi 
Khel (2,01)0), Shin Khel, 
Ahmadzai, Darweah Kliel 
Wazivs. Headman ; Mushar- 
raf Khan. 

Maui Khel (12 ; Dea . 
mail Khan Digtriot.J Ifom 
die, a minor fraetina ;i 
Musazai, Sein Khel, 
Kbel, Lahana, Faifindl 
Headman ; see Mian S 

Khel, f-and, Malakh, lUlli- MiHKADii,— A seotion of 
Headmsn ; Ashu Khcl (1,400), HaBsan 
Khe\, Adorn Ehd, AEridis. 

Manna Ivhan. 

Mad JCHozBii.— A seotion oX 
Khaddar Khel {770), Moh- 
mit Khel, Utmftniai, Dar- 
weali Khel Wawrs. H«id- 
men ; Watannii, Sanobar, 
Rafehm Shah, Pic Muham- 
mad, Eakar, Hagnle, Am- 

UaDtb Koe, — A Boh divisioD 
. of MaBand, SaSs, vho are a. 
Tssaal clan of tho Mobmant 

MioHtHTZAi (West of Dt_.. 

Ghazi Khan DiRfrlct).— A 
. «Tib-(K vision of Ahnadzai, 

SUil Khel, Musa Khele. 

Headmen ; Halim, Patozai, 
' Budftr Khan, BrahiniTai 

Ittt, Jtnizui, Jama!, Tolazai. 

MtauvD or MjSMKiD, 
:Kh»i..— A clan of the 
Kmaraia. Headmen -, Sadar 
Hakim Khan, Eara Khan, 
Kliakai Khan, Landai. 

Mabbeai.— A BCrtion of Tura 
Ebel, Mnia, Waraspiin, Bat- 

HaBBCB Kob.— a minor frae- 
tion of Uftnul Kor, Wali- 
bog KoT, Gandah, nalimzal, 
Itohmandg. Headmen ; Jom- 
I. UUm KhM. Tilla. 

M*HH*DD1 KoB (Khannana 
river), — A eeolion of the Ali- 
zai, Masuzai, laahkarui, 
Oraltiais. Samil. 

Kahmabzai (Wert of Dera 
Ghazi Khan Diatritt).- 
A Huh-division of Ahmadzai, 
Balil Khel, Muxa Kbehi. 
Headmen ; Khan Mubam- 
mad Khun fMuhammadzai). 
Fateh Khan (Arahzai.) 

Mahmfd Khan Kcsl.—A 

Mahmdd Khbl.— a minor 
fispiion of Aib Kot, Shaikh 
Khel, Ait) Khol, Sahirzai, 
lUaszui, BuuerwaU. 

fraotion of KaruKbot, Mnli, 
(or Mult) Khel, Suhuui, 
Ulas'iUii, Bunerwals. 


Khbi.,— A ctan of (ha 
Zmarais. Headmen ; Sai'dar 
Hakim Khan, Bara Khan, 
Khakai Khan, Landai. 


II of 

MiHSDD KhhI,.— A sob-divi 
sion t/l Kukai^, Mamnnd, 


(10,048)— An import-lint 
tcibe, whose uoanlry 19 sitn- 
ated roughly between ■ S3° 
and 33°45' N, Lr.t. and 
ea^ao' and TU'SU' E.Long. 

iffiiMANA KHEt (Bobai Baft), 
A main diri^ioii of Kbwae- 
zai, Mohmnnda. 

MiiZAi;— A Bub -division irf 
KiLs Jtbel, Sanzaf, Kakars, 

MiKH KoR (Hills north 
west of Miuhni, Halki Gan- 

■ dao). — A minor rraof'ton of 
AKrf Khel, Dftlkha Kor, 
Dftdii Khel, Tarakziii, M-oh- 

KiKHAt (40).— A minor fiiii;- 
tion of the Kimat Kliel, 
Haidar Khal, Tor, T^ppltod, 
Dawarij. He^idraen ; Gul 
Bailin, Oul StJam, Shahmda. 

KiKHAL Khbl. — A scotion nf 
Sbadi Kht^l, Bubak, Dana, 
Ba! tennis. 

UjillffjtI,EAi (40).~A Mwtion 
of SsraLgmi, Hunn Kliel, 

Maxhan ■ Khki. — 
fr«ilii,m nt Dad Khul. 
Haaasi. Maeha, Madda K 
(i aOU). Ibraliim Kh^ 
Utmiuizdii, Darweah. 

MakhbaLs or MciLHBAKs, 
A Mim of Khost, bordering 
I'lipT KiiiTdm; Ihey Ke to 
tht Heitt of Lbs ChakmaDia. 

Makhi (40),— a minor fnio- 
tiun of Ipl, Haidor Khel, Tor, 
Tappizad, Davurta. Head- 
mtin ;' Ibrahim GdI, Dalle. 

Makhi Khbl (80).— A minor 
fraction of the Waiirgaj, 
Kham^T Khel, Gidi Khel, 
Manazai, Alizai, JUabauds. 
Hi'aduien ; Nimn, Ajuac 
Dill, MniiiiBiinrai. 

Makhsiad Khki — A minor 
fraution of Bhpalkai Klwil. 
Ziirgan Khd (300), Galw, 
Adam Kbel, Afridis. 

Makhoeai (Piirt of Pnnut 
Talley, and oast slopes ufDo- 
sin-i mountain). — A 
divieion of N&suzoi, Iliaa* 
2ai, Bdmirwnls. 

AST Khbl. — A section ol 
Firozni, Ciiagfti'zai, MiJilttl, 

Hasei KUBt,— a minor hoc- 
' 4fen of Kattia Kiiol, BaRSdn 
]ft*l, MitU Khan Khd, 
KnM Kiiel (l.MO). Afrirtm. 
,, Q»t; Headmen ; Mirov Mtr 
. Jiita], 81uJtis:DddlD, Zarbt. 

Malai (100).— A Bub-BKMon 
of the Dadii^ Khel,_ PsIH 
Slid, MuQuza.!, Alizui, Muh- 

MaLai t294).~A snb-aiviBion 
■ (rf( SBnai, BiihloUai, Msh- 

Uaxa KAsj. (40).— a rnnal! 
oolcmr of " HiuiisaintB " of 
the fettannla liTing near the 
Larz&n Pass. 

UaxaKhrlOO; Dnral^ail 
ijKhftn llintrint.f — NnmailiD, a 
, iiiwr fraolienoEAha Khcl, 
Jept Khel, Miun Kbel, Lo- 
Jianiii PawiiidaliB- Headnmii ; 
see Minn Kliol. 

i|*i*GKAit. (70) -A rhinoT 
Iwotion of Tat.9 Kliel, Sogi 
Kliel.' Miilinmintul TChc^t, 
Mil!ill(Ii. Malli/,ricl, Tlttvvavls, 
SiWIm^n; Kli.-in M.iliaw- 
Biftfl Klian, Hnlnl., Miiliriiii- 
tnitd Khan, Siii'd Miiliuiuuiud 

HUAE Rhbt, m-, Dnnt if- 

oinor -fraotiMi of 

Saiad Khel, Isot Khel, Mian 
KM, Lbhan*, Piiwindilin. 
llradman ; AEim Elinn. 

Malak Khel.— a minurfiTw- 
tinn of SikandafKhel, Abdul 
Khel, Bora Khcl (l.COO). 
■Molimit Klicl, UtnittiiMi. 
Baiwcali Kliel IVazira. 

Malam Khor (KlianM vallpy). 
— A aub-iiiviaion ui KLodiui 
(300), lamailwi. OiiJizaiK, 
Stunil. Beadnan ; ItUan 

MAfANQ Ka"r, (80).— A minor 
fraction nt Torang Khtl, l«lli 
Kh«l, Abdullfti, AimalKhcl, 
Baliiloliial, MatBods. 

MiLEZAi (91). — A division 
of UaVanwal, Luniti. Keud- 

. in«n; Pail (Omarw!). 
BiUnda Khaint, B ft z e 
(Daiia^ai), DHBiiah, Bangi 
/M^rnfiai), Madnt ^Ahme^ 
ml] Nun Klion (Swluxai), 

. im>a, Buloch Kluia [Holi- 

MALd^BAHAi (G6)- — A sni- 
diVisifiD at l«niBilftlagh> 
B|iiii, TariDs. Hiadoutn i 


Khel (30).— a 
fraction of the Pirfad 
Khel, Abdul Bfthman Khol. 
Sher Khel, Hnibat Khd, 
Nana Khel, Bahlolzai, Msh- 
ands. Headmen ; Gal dad, 

Malie DiNAi (230).— Aaub- 
division of Maoazai, Alizol, 

MiLiEDiH KHit (4,000; Mai- 
doni Tirah, Chora and Kaju- 
rai).— One of the 6 Khjber 
Afridi olans. Headmen ; 
Sultan Muhammad, Feroz, 
Darya Khan, and Gul Haa- 

MiiiKDiK Khbi.— A division 
of Malikdin Khel (4,000), 
Aiddia. Samil. Headmen ; 
Saltan Mnbanunad Khan, 
Pctoz Khan, Tar Mnham- 
mad Kban. 

MiLiKDiN Khbl. — A section 
of Panjpai, Nasujai, Eias- 

Mali KHit,— a minor frac- 
tion of Kaaim Khel (250), 
Kimirt Kbel, Jawaki Adam 
Khel, Afridifl. 

Mait (or MuLr) Khbl 
(WflBtemBaner).— Asob-di- 
<rIaon of Sokriai, Hiaszai, 

I IUali Khbl,— a snb-diyirfj. 
of All Khel. Bar fiani^ 
Ako?.ai— Ynsufaii Swatii 

Ma LIE Khbl.— J 
Mnaa Khe!, K 
Bainai, AkoiBi— Tosof 

Malie Khbl [30).— Amino 
fraction of Miri Khel, Lani 
Malakh, MalHxad, Dawan 
Headmfn ; Pir Sh^ Ji~^ 
Mama Khan, Shcikband. 

MAtiEBEii (155), — Aanh-d 
Bion of Aimal Khel, T 
zai, Mahsads. 

MalieShahi(400; Siah K 
and Kniram). — Nomadio, a 
small aub-division of W^li 
Khe), Utmanzai, Danveah 
Kbel Waziii. Headmen ; gee 
Jamal Khel and Matkai. 

Malik Shahi, — A seotion of 
Jani Khel (1,000). Wall 
Kbel, Utmanzai, Darwesh 
Khel, Wa/iw. Headmen; 
Pawindah Kban, Pijao 
Khan, Sahib Gnl. 

Maliezai (West of DeraGho- 
zi Klian DJBtriut).— A snb- 
diviaioQ of Mangijai, Lahar- 
7&i, MsHakhels. Headaan : 
Gul Khan. 

MiirsKAi (50).— A nedion of | Mi.LLi Kbbl f31).— A «uh* 

Tkbia, Ahmnd Ehel, Oba diridoD of Clinlmr KM. 

Kitel, Shentnis. Slmmui Khel. MnliinLb. 

Maiikzai (20).— a 9nli-i 

Bion of Ladn, Gitksnirn)- 

ImniB. Headmen; sceltfidn- 

Miiiaii.— (W, of Dcra Gbnzi 
Khan District).— A sub-divi- 
sion of Ahnmclzai, BrU! Khcl, 
Mnaa Khels. Hctidr 
Jala (Kanuzai), RaliiriBn 
iUnTBenzHJ). Lawangai 

(Bodaziu), ■Wadfln (Mori " 

MillZil (3,700; Buner 
northern Chamla).— One of 
the tiro cbns of the Buner- 

MiXiZil (900).— A section of 
BarBii/:ai, Kebzai, Sanznr, 
Kakars. Headman ; Mtan 

MaIIZ*!.— A division of tlifl 
Sfahmnd Khel. Zmaru's, 
Headman ; Bars Eban. 

Max-Eals (ISO; North of 
Agror).— One ''f tho leading 
aectionB of the Ilkrivala. 

MlLLl Kbel(SOO; MiranTai 
Mid Mftstura valleys).- 
One of the fonr " Hamsaf a " 
(dang of the Orakzais. Samil. 

JSaIU KeBI.— a swtwnof 
Stvrl Khfi\ (400), Alimi, 
XteiilMiai, OmktAU. S&mil. 

eight divisions of Mallimd, 
Dawarfs. Headmen ; Ke* 
Oiarkhel, Miri KhA, Ur 
Lorai, Abdul Raliman Khel. 
Gita Khel. Kiki Kbul, Sogi 
Khel, Idftl Khpl, Pol Khel. 
Piran, Dangar Kiel. Oji 

Malli (2/100; Samil vnllev. 
Khost),— A olnn of tha 

MiLLi KflJL {18),— A minor 
fraction of Pir Mnhnmmiid 
Kliel, llaliJrai, rhaharKhel, 
Shaman Khrli Miibundi. 
Headman ; Zoli< KLbd. 

MiLLi Kebi(155).— A <ub- 
diviaion of Idak. THfppi- 
zad, Davarifi, Headtncn ; 
Na7«rShah, Walll Hwunn. 
MokhHoin, Mirmb, Haid 

Malii KHit (Wana).- A 
minor ftwiion of TmIvk 
Khel (l,(tOO), Bomi Khel. 
NMra Din Khol. Kalu Kho). 
Ahmiului, I'krniMh KIiol 


^^1 UlLLIZJ 
^V tw 

' Heiidii 

MiLiiZAD (4,008).— Ona ol 
the two olnn* (^ii., Tappiwid 
and Mnllizad) of Dawarla. 
Headmen ; see Tor, MalUkl., 
Amioni, Darpa Ehel, Muba- 
rak Sijnlii, idinddi, ZetratH 
and.Ai'gucd Khol. 

MamaDzi.1.— ^A settion of 
HaBu, Panezun, SanMr, 

JSKiik Kbbi~— A minor fr»o- 
tion of MacM Khel. Abdnl 

' Khel, Bora Khel (l/iOii). 
Mobmit Khel, Ftniati/Jii, 
Dai-wteTi Khol Wazirs. Head- 
man ; Klioja Mir. 

Mama Khel. — A gnb-dmsion 
of Shamoaai, Khwazazai, 
Akozai — Yusufzai Swutis. 

MaIU. KhBL.— a minor fmP- 
tion of Adam Khel, Naxar 
Khel, Star All Khan Kbcl, 
Surki Khel, Madda Khel 
(1,600), Ihrahim Kliel. 
trtmanzai, Darweah Kliel 

MiMi KHBt (60),— A sec- 
tion of Malli Khel, Idalc, 
Tappizafl, Dawaris. Head- 
men ; Miisak, Ghanammng, 

Mama Khsl (30).- 
ot Tai'ota, Idak, TftpjosL 
Dawiiiis. Haadman ; Bamit^ 

Maual Khbi, (#1).— a »inor 
fiwitioii oi Wujji Khel, 
Hiiidrai, Chaliar Kliel, 
Shaman Khel, Mahsud* 
neadmi-ii i Mnhamoiad Yar, 
Nazi, Azmat. 

MAMiHPjSAi (BO).— A Beet ion 
of ha Klid, Ahmad Khel. 
Oha Khtl, ShtraiiLS. 

MamaSzai (HI;Dera lamai! 
Khan Distrirt},— Nomadic, 
a minor frnotion of Muaazai, 
Suin Kltol, .Mian Khel, 
LubaniL, Pawindahs. Head- 
man ; Aziui Kban. 

Mamaras Khel (17).— A 
partioa of Ihe Kikarai, Nans 
Kbel, BnhlolMl, Mahsuda 
Headmen ; KlioSt and Dldari' 

Mamdai (250) — A Kub-divi- 
aion of Sbingi, Bahlolzni, 

Mami Khel (53).— A Heotbn 
Ibf the Malai; Shiagi, 
Bahlohai, Mahsudt.. Ilead- 
' men ; Atnbri, Rahimdudi 
Gnlplr, Zardak, Muhftm- 
mad Ali, Ooldad, Kahman^ 

MiMI Khei ^30).— a minor 
feaetion of Klmrmaoh Kiel, 
Sftnar Khel, Aimal Khel, 
Biihloliai, Mnlisudg. Head- 

MiMitKuBL.— A sertion of 
t^Qmi Kliel, BubakH, tjipah 
(1^0(1). Afridia. Bamil. 
Hendrnen ; Amir Sliah, 
Taiin, Kadic iihak, Mir. 

Uakit Khbl (611)-— -A minor 
frontloD of Mo^lii Ehel, 
Shomi KliPl, fiiUi Khel, 
MuDJizw, Ali/ai, Miihnuda. 
Headmen ; Tawakal, Tirsam, 

Mamie Ai (West of Dera Oha^i 
Khan District}.— A sub divi 
sianof Land I nlai, Wiarzai, 
!UaBa Khtila. Ueadmun ; Ali 

JSxmi Krbi,.— A snb-aivi- 
«'ion of Umar Klii'l, Tatta 

IfAMJZAi {Foot ofSampagba 
■ p»ss),-Oneof theroHrdiTi- 
| _' rions of the Mislitis (3,000), 
^^B|||^HamBa.yaB " of the Orok- 
^Hidi. The? lao the b1a<:k 
^^BlHp of the Uisliti clan. 
^^^BtUit. Headman ; Nbko. 

Ma«be2 Kbbl.— A' miooT 
fraetion of Badi Khel. 
pardoni, Wuzl Khel (BOO), 

Maubbz KaSL (Banira Dia- 
trii^t). — A minor frantion of 
Barmi TQicI, Khaodar Khan 
Khvl. Hathi Khol (3,000), 
Shin KKpI. Ahmadziii. Dar- 
wi'sh Kiwi Wazirs. 

Mamij Khsl.— a mijioi' frac- 
tion cf Malik Shahii Jani 
Khel (1,(W), Wall Khel, 
Utioanzai, Dameiih Khel 
Waziri. Headman j Pow 
indah Khan. 

jaiMPsra (6,000 i Rjanr, 

Erincipally in Wafcolai vai- 
!j, bnt thej own villagee on 
both aides of the lintand 
line].— One of the four claim 
cf Tarkania. Headmen ; 
Mnhammad Amin Khun of 
luajat Kila, Momiu Khan. 

MiJCCH KoB,— A Mtl.ion of 
Kandai, Isa Khel, Fandiali, 
Mohmands. Tleadmen i Gbn- 
km Klian, Painddin. 


(WssTBtts) Zaimckbih 
(1,830).— Onfl of the Uo 

MAHrKii (3,600; sounes ( 
Khanki rivet).— One of t^e 
three divisions ot the Lash- 
karzai, Orakzats. Gar. 

of tbe Paadawar digtrfflB 

not occupied by EhaiilJ 

Dand^ais, Gngiar' " ' 
OT Mnliaminaazai 

MiKBiifi (260).— A dlvialM 
of Mamuzai or UutlBi: 
zai, Zaimu kilts. 

MiMrHAI (80 ; Blai'k Monn- 
tain). — A aootion of 

Tsbah Khel, Akazai, leazsi, 

MiNAE Khhl.— A minor frn«- 
tion of Bakhaii! Khol. Madda 
Klield.OOOl. Ibrahim Khel, 
Utmaniai, Darwesh Kliel 
Waiira, Headmpo ; GuUi of 
Stara, and Alom Shab. 

Manatcwal (900).— A divi- 
aioQ of Mamuzai or MTibam- 
roadMit, Zaimnkhts. 

MiKAZAl (3,773),— The larger 
of two diviuons of Ali^i, 

Makai^i (200; Daradar, 

Khanki valley}.— One of the 
ail divisiona of the Ismailz 
Orakzaia. 8amU. 

I BlAiiBi,L(l,O00).— One of the 
eight clans of tho Utman 

lllAHDA!{OrMAHDAtlB[3S,000— ^ 

SOpOiiO ; Peshawar Dirtriot).— ] 
A great clun of the Ynauf- 
zais, who hold that portion I 

Makdab KHELfS ; Dera Tmr 
Khan Pistrict). — NomadiciTj 
minor fraction of Said Ehel 
Isot Ehel, Mian Kh^ 
Lohana, Fawindahs. 

Mandasai,- A anb-diri^ol 
of Paolatzal, Haliiai, Bnne 

Mahubbi (460),— A mb-di-ri- 
aion of the Idak, Tapptzad, 
Bawarie. Headmen ; Zarmak, 
Sahib Ehan, Naurbandt 
Tanai Khan, Alif Kban. 

Mabsbzai — A anb-divisioil d 

flnsenzai, Mahmud E!tj 

Zmarais. Headman ; '. 

Mandi Khbl,— a min 

tion of Badda Kliel (ST 

Isperka, Kaia Khel, Ahiai 

I zai, Darnesb Khel WaDT^J 

M"Ki>i Khei,— A I 

Wnzi Khel (800), Mohi 

Khel, Utmanzaii DarwH 

Khe! Waiirs. 


MiRDI Kebl.— A nuDor Fno- 
Hon of Mad KhoiW, Khad- 
dar Kfcei, (TJO) Mohmit, 
Ehel, CtmBnud, Darwesh 
EBel Waiira. Headmen ; 
Eakor, MagaU &ad Amzalla. 

Mashi Khel. — A spction of 
Chapla, Mttia, Waraspnn, 

Mandi Khbl (24).— a secdon 
of Nana Khul, Tapiai, Tap- 
pizod. DawarJB. Headmen ; 
Azim ELan, Sbau Eban. 

Uabbizii (Weet of Dern 
Ghazi Khan Diutriot).— A 
snb-^Tision of the Land 
Falai, Lalianai, MnaaKbols. 
Headman ; Khan Dasrand. 

M4NSIEAI (West of Dera Qha- 
id Khanliistrict), — A seotion 
of Dodazai, TJokuxai, lahi 
su, Mnsa Eheli. Headma 
Khan Daoran. 

MiKDO Kbbl (500; Zhob).— 
A dividon of [N ortiem) Sau- 
lar, Kakars. 

Masdozai (1,000— eiiamU 
ralley. Kbotit).-A clao of 

UiKnotii (Cbard«h, _ 
fivwr, Peshawar vatloir 
Upper Helionnd).— Ri.^^^^ 
lio, a gub-divi»iou of Um* 
caii Kuohi, Mobmands. 

Makdra Khbl, — A miner 
ftnotion of Ali Khel (llHi), 
Aflhn Khel, HnaRon Khel, 
Adam Kbel, AEtidu. 

Manpba KaSL. — A minnt 
fr..otion of Pilikr Kliel, 
Mobuiand Kbel. KiiUla Khol, 
Hasan Kh«!, Mithit Kban 
Khel, Kuki K " 
Afridift Gar. 
KambaTi Donei'i Kaddant 

Mahdsir Khbl.— A inV 

diviiion of Kiroy, Kho! 
(1,1100), DaulaUui, OrkiaU. 
Bamil. Houdmnn ; Abid 

Mavdbabbi Kon,— a minor 
fraction of 8roh Qniha 
Khel, Karauli, llallmzai, 
Uohntuid*. HtwdniMi ] rm 

MiNDD Khil (000 i Khar* 
mail* rUer).— A •ection of 
NaantTal, Mutuai, Luhkar' 
ul, Orakznin. Bamit. H«ul- 
nuto 1 UubuiDiuudiihah. 


MiFOjitll (5).— A minor 
frBfltiou of AgTizim, Z'ra 
Kliel, Amwni, MftlliMii. 
Pftwaris. Headman ; Piyao 

MiKGiLi (4).— A minor fiTie- 
tJon of Clmttan, Zira Khel, 
Amzoni, Uullizad, Dawaris. 
Il^eadnum ; Uodai. 

MjsaALB (8,000 ; hills betwepn 
Khost ' snd &ifinat.). — TTiis 

, trite toncles tlie British 
tordac near tbe Pel war 

MiKOAi Ehel.— A minor 
fraction of Sardi Klie!, 
Bikkft KheJ (HIO!)), Willi 
Khal. Utmaniai, Dai-weah 
Khcl, ■Waiire. Headman; 
lUanladad Kban. 

ManqiZhkl [200).-Aminor 
' fraction of BiidaKliel. Datti 
Kbel. Galeshabi, Sbatnan 
Kiiel. Mahauds- Headmen i 
All Khan, BBulat, Shamdai, 

Uaroieu {396; new Quet- 
ta), A BPction of Bazai, Kb.- 
mn Khel, Sanafia, Kakars. 
Headman ; Satdal. 

Sfi»oiZAi (SOO 1 Wert of 
Dera Ghad Khan and 
Zliob).— Nomad ii-, a division 
of lAharzai, Muea Ehele. 

HeateiBii ; JamiJ (LalizaO, 
Mian Khan (Daozai), Mehr 
Ban {Neknamiai), Alikiui 
(KhadiKBi), Dada (Brahim- 
>.3i) Zhnbal fSadczai), GiU 
KTian ( MaKtiai), 91 irbaz 

Maki Keel (l.OnO; Mastwa 
valley and l.andnki paas). — 
One of the tour diyisions of 
the Mnbammud Khel, Qrak- 
zais. Qar. Shiah. 

Mabizai (West of Dera Ghnri 
Khan Dialriet). — A BCOtion 
of Ma^hduzai, Ahmadzai. 
Balil Khel, Utasa Khela. 
Headman ; Bahi Khan. 

Masjam Koa.— a minor frac- 
tion of Hakim. Khel, Sbaragh 
Kliel, Kaddam Khcl, Peroz 
Khel, Maahi Khel, Mannia 
Khel, Hasean Khel. Mitha 
Khan Khal. Kuki Khel 
(4.& 0), AfridiB. Gar. Head- 
men ; Abbaa, Hakim, Nazir. 

MaNkawai (40).— Adii-ision 
of Hftripnl, Sheranis. Head- 
man i Haripal. 

Manhia Khel, — A section of 
Hassan Khcl, Mitha Khan 
Khel,^ Kuki Khel (4,500), 
Afridia. Gar. Headman ; 
Khaista Khan U the lead* 
ing man. 

^^^^ ^^^ 

Vaitozu (39).— a division 

MiHZoB Khei— A minor fcwi. 

of Palao. Lnnifu Head- 

tion of Tor Khel, UmarMi 

men ; Eahman (Ahmadrai), 

{«00), Shin Kbel, Ahmadtai, 

Alam Khan (laazai), Kann 

Darwwh Khel Wasii?, Head- 

Khan (Bauzai). 

mi^n; Jamnl Din, Ada! 

Khan, A)am Khan, Senian. 

MiBflPM Khbl (Bannn Ms- 

triot),— A miiint fmdifiti ot 

MiBcHi Khel.— A Birorfran- 

Bnrmi Khtl, Khandar Khan 

tion of Abdul Khcl, Bora 

Khel, Ilathi Kliel (2,000), 
- Shin Kbel, Ahmadzai, Dar- 

Khel(1.0iX)). MohmitKhel, 
Utaiaozui, Darwusli Khel 

weshKLel WazirB. 


MiHsPB (1,500).— A clan of 

the Gadnns. 

MABDiS Khel.— A snb-drr- 

inioft of Sultan-ka-Khel, 

MAfiirs Ehel {90 ; Black 
Mountain).— A aubdiviBion 

Bar Itauizai, Akosari— 
TiABiif zai Bwatia. 

of Hasonaii, Isaeai, Yusaf- 

Jiia. Hradman ; Khudi. 

Mabdanzai (120).-A sf^tion 

of Isft Khel, Ahmai Khel, 

MisrzAi (3B1).— A divJMon 

Obn Khel, Sl^rania. 

of Obii KheL, Shetanis. 

JUabzab Khel (80),— a witior 
fraclion of the Azix Khel, 

Majcahzai (1,000).- a wk- 
tion of Jalalzai, Aii?M. Khcl, Aitnal Xhel. 

Sanzir, Kakats. 


Mabat Khrl (6}.— a BBction 
ot Zhao Kbrl. Tapiai. Taf 
pizad, Davnrls. HtwlinAn ; 

Mi.m^B Keee {360 ; Toohi 

AhiuadShah, • 

river).— A Bub-divisioa bf 

Ibralum Khu!. Uimanwi, 

DarwMh Khd Wari™. Head- 

MiHBoHTiTZAi (500).— A evh- 

men : Bee All Kli«l. IJaola- 

AiYUm of Kobmi, iaatat. 

tan Khel, and Sikandar 

Kakars: Heallmau.; Ball^-A 



JAiia^s (IS). 

tion of Mftdii Eliel, Slrarai 
Khel, Fam Khel, Manazai, 
Alizni, Uahsnitg. Hi^adnieai 

Maehel (135). — A clan of 
the Sherania. Headman ; 
Kakar Ehan. 

II . SliBiD Khbl.— A minor Erao- 
U^^p- tion of Mun KLel, Janak- 
^^^L Lori (800), HasBan Khol, 
^^H Adam Khel, Afridis. 

^B ^ 

1^ K 

Kdb. — A Beotion of 
r'JIatai Kor, Mnfmramad 
f'Khan Kor. or ' Bar ' Burhan 

Kliel, Pandiali, Mohraotids. 

Headmen ; Nazrai, Khalid, 


MiBIzii fl50).— A clan 
of the tiots. Headman ; 
Muhammad Tar (Adamzai.) 

MiBlZAl (West of Derft Ghazi 
KlinnDistriot), — A aeotion of 
Malizai, Ahmadaai, Balil 
Khel. Miisa Kheb. Head- 
man ; Wadan. 

^ABJAB Ebel,— A seetion of 
Utmanzai, Adinzai, Khwa- 
zazai, AkoTai— Tnanfzai 

'1Ijibjaii2ai (21 i Thai— Chotl- 
ali).— tA diviaioa of Drigiai, 
Lonis -Headmen ; AUf Klian 

(Huseiai), Mir Gnl (Ura_ 
zai), Karm Khan (JitiaDw)J 
Azmat (Inhkun). 

Maeki Khel (811).— A eection 
of Matti Khel, Galaahahi. 
Shaman Ehcl, Mahsads. 
Headmen ; Azam, Shab 


Mask I Khel Kalah.— A 
section of Mnsara Kiel, 
Ashazi, Hlaszai, BaneTwals, 

Maeki Khbl Khubd.- 
seoljon of the Mugira Kliel,' 
Aishazi, Iliaszai, BmwrwaU, 

Mabobi (330).— a section of 
8ultana.i, Shahi Khel, AlizitH 
Mahauds, Headman ; ~ 

Mabomai.— A minor fracliaS 
of Takhmal Khel, Naai 
Khel, Star Ali Khun T" ' 
Sarki Khel, Madda 
(l,fiO0). Ihrahim 1 
Utmanzai, Danragh 

Mabob Khbl,— a minor 
tion of Piia Khel. Jaa 
Khel, Malik Shnhi ' ' 
Wali Khel. TJtmauaai, : 
weah Khel Waiirs. 



^" 139 ^^^^^1 

Mmozu (Zhob).-A minor 

MiBWAs Khbl.— A nib-diri- 

fraotion of Ibrahimziii, 

sion of the Zaaka Kbei, 

Sfaadozat, All Khel, Sunzor, 

AU Khels (8,000), " Ham- 


Bayaa" of tbe Oratziifl, 

i Shlfth. Gar. Headman ; 

MABPiNi (82).— A 8ub.aivi- 

Nut HusEJan. 

Tarins. Headicwi ; Sliar 


Maewat.— A lainor fraction 

of Sulimani Khe!, Ismail 

MiBBAi (30).-A minor frac- 

Khel, Bozi Kbel (1,600), 

tion of tfio Garcrai, Shumi 

Ibrahim Khel. ITtmaniw, 

Klie!. Palli Khel, Mwiazai, 

Darweeb Khel Waars. 

Alizai, MahBoda. Headmen; 

Taku, Sbakal, Guljar. 

MAaiAM Keel (35).— A eec- 

tion of GbaUb Khel, 

Mamsid Khke. — A minor frac- 

BadaBzai, Shaman Khel, 

tion of Kalla Khel (7*10), 

MaiifludB. Headman ; Kawaz- 

Ashu Khel, Hatwin Khd, 

Adam Khel. Afridis. 

Mabtam Khbl (79).— A snb- 

MiBirF Keei;.— A minor frac- 

dirision of Uarpa Khd. 

tion of Easi Khel, Kamal 

MalUiad, I)ai.»ris. Hefti- 

Khel, Sahib Jan, Aka Khel, 

meni llidar, Yar Muham- 

(1,800), Afridis. Samil. 

mad, Majad, Paohi, Zerttart, 

Mirai, ShamaU, NUd, Lagar 

TSasu^ Kbul.— a mtb-divi- 


sion of Wargare, Dana, 


MiB* (2,000; Zbob).— A dlvi- 

M*BtT¥ZAi (100).- A section 

sion of (Nottbem} Sauzar, 

of Brahimxai, Tahla Khel, 

Sen Khtil, SbcTntiis. 

Maril Kon (Hilla nortlf 

M*BtTTZAi (21).--A aub-divS- 

mat of Michni).- A miiior 

sion ofUaiczai. Rakanwal. 

fraction of Asa! Khel 

Dalkba Kor. Dadn Khel, 

(MarnfTai), Bang! (Bangi- 

1 mi). 

men ; see A«J Kbel. - 


, rf the Akhel [riOO), latoftil- 
- ZBi, Oi'ak^aig, Gav. Huul- 
men ; Mohaniwad Shei", 
Makhmad Mir, Yiira, Kabir. 


Koa (North-east of 
tliB Bedmanw pass) —A divi- 
aion of Salia, who are a 
V^aul clftU of the Moh- 

I MiSAUD KoE (Kam Shilman). 
— A minor Iradiiin of Asaf 

- Klial, Dalkha Kor, Dado 

- Khel, TaraljKBi, Mahmands. 

KltASAZii OT Maceaxai (Hyi).- 
A section of JalalzLii, Ali/ai, 
SantLar, Kakais. 

Mabsa £hbl (So ; Dfra 
iBTDiil Klian Diatritt). — 
Nom&di^, a liection of Seic 
Khei, Mi»ii Eliel, Lohrina, 

MiBHiKi. — A minor fiaotion. 
of ShukillKhol(luO),Haihat 
Ehel, Jawaki, Adam KL«1 
A frills. 

Mabhi Ehbl.— Ami 

tion of Mnnnia Khel, Hassaii 
Kiel, ' Mitha Khai " 

- ■■Knki Khel (4,,60i.i) AfiiiUs' 

- Gdi. HeadmsQ ; Husa Khan' 
Khalsta Khan. 

M.ssiB Khbl (51)),— a snh- 
dividiou of Boba, DaDs, 

MisTii KoB,— Aminor fi»c- 
tion of Kami Khel, Eadcd 
Kor, Gaiidab, Halimzu, 
Mohmands, With them live 
a small nectioD of the Tnauf 
Kliel. Ueadman ; Kxciial. 

Marial Khel,— a minor frac- 
tion of Makki Khe), Katti» 
Khel, Hassan Khel, Mitha 
Khan Khel, Knki Khel 
(4-,-iOO) Afridis. Gar, Heid* 
men ; see Makki Khel, 

Masti Khel.— a minor fws- 
tion oE Karniindj Khel, 
Khwija Khel,Miamai,KaJiul 
Khel (3,000), Wall Khel, 
Utmaniaj, Darwwh Khel 

[abti Khul (Wana).— a 
minor fraction of Toiija Khel 
(1,600), Bum! Khel, Nasra 
Bin, Kalu Khel, AlimUzai. 
Darweah Khel Waiira. 

[abii Khkl.— a minor frw. 
tion of Bahnr Kliel,Ko}mal 
Khel, Urmnz Khel, Si^iBh' 
(1,200), Afridis. Saniil. 
Headman ; KhanezamaD. 

.'I KSBE.— A salj-divisiun 

^^ U Karahar Khel, Kambar 

TKhel (4,500), Afriilia. Gar. 

Heoilmea ; Mulutnumid Tnr, 

Sakh; GalUlfiD, Uul ^hali, 


Masti Khbl (\.\2S ; Khar- 

. Landimi, Muaiizai, Laslikar- 
Kai, Or^LliKais. Gar. Huad 
man ; Arsvla KLan, 

Mistc KBKL'(l,500i,Kurr»ni). 
^A diviaion of SargaJli, 
. Taris. 

SfAsOELi {5 000! 'Kbitrmanii 

■ 'Arm, clone to Knir^im); — 

Tho Urgest of the three 

diviaioiiB of the LasSikariLa,!, 

Orakzais. Same antbortt'ius, 

' hiwever. regard them as a 

separate «kn. } Gar, and j 

' Santtl. Mueh aplit up by 

f nations, 
MATiSI-— A snb-3ivifliiin of the 
. Kbcia HaH-as Khel, AM 
. KhBM(3,0()ii), "Hamaajaa" 
.. .of tile Orakzaie. Gar. i 

MiTi KsKt. — A minor frao- 

lioti it J>ri!p!Ilft(i. Strki 

TOhA, Madda Kliel (1,600), 

IhtMm .Khel, Utmanzui, 

, ■ pai'wcsb Klicl Wajirs. 

Maximal (^ ; Dera IsmoU 
Khan DistrioB), — N6iDadio, 
a minor iraotion i>f, TTiirnki, 
Sein Khol, Mian Khel. 
Lohanai Pawindalie. Head- 
mail ; wm Hian Khel. 

MaTEii. — A s(^nn of Malik 
, aSahi (400J, Wall Kliai, 
Utmanaii, Pai-wi'sh Khel 
Waiirs. Headnjim ; Toral»a, 
Marota, Pirwal, Unw Khel, 

Mat.Khah Kbbl.— a divi- 
sion of Kanibar Kbel (4^(XI), 
Afridis. Gar- Rcadmoa ; 
Slier Klian, Hamid, Nidb.!, 
Miiii'din, Uattai and Matta> 

Uatta Kbel. —A section i of 
Glialib Khan Kliel, Maijk- 
din Khol. Mtilikdin Khel 
C4,tl0ii), Afridifl, Samll. 
Headmen ; aea Nathn Khel. 

Matta Kob, — A minor frac- 
tion of Sroh, Bnsha Khel, 
3JLnali,, Mob- 
nianda, Ileadmaii ; Khaiii- 

Math Keel (UO)'— A anb- 
dirision of Galeshnhi, Slia- 
man Khel, Mahsnds. 

HUH (1,000 ! Samil TaHoy, 
■"lost). — A ckn of Khost- 

MATUBiBij (1^00), — A snli- 
diviaioa of Bar Sti1i/ai, 
Bdzai, Akouti — Ynaofzai 

,IHJLI Khbt, (30).— a minor 
^i frftction of 8LstT] Eheli 

Karfm Ebel, ChaJiBT Khfll. 

Shaman Khel, Mahsmiii. 

Headmen ;FatteliiOE, Alijan. 

.Uwii KHEt (760).— A 860- 
I tionof Hoibat Ehe), Jamki, 
I Adam Khel, Afridis. 

UataK Khkl. — A loinor frac- 
tion of Dod Khei, Mir 
Hssani, Marha, Madila Klicl 
(1,600), Ibrabim Khel, 
trtmsnuu, Darweah Khe) 

MiziuiN Khki. — A r 
frooHon of JamaMin Khel, 
Wadin Kliel, Khaiiar KheC 
StarAli Khan Ehol, SaxkL 
Khel, Madda Kbel (1,600^ 
Ibrahim Khel, tJtmaiuui 
Darwesh Khel Wazira. 

MiZAi KoB (Bohal Dag].- 
sob-dirision of Mairo^ai 
Khel, Khwoezai, Mohm 
Headman ; SaJfniUin. 

MiEAK Kbbl. — A minor frao 
tion o( Khairak Khel, Wadli 
Khel, Kbaizar Khel, Stat 
All Kban Khel, Sarkt 
Khrf, Maddft Khel (l,f " 
Ibrahim Khel, Utiiu 
Darwo»h Khel, 'Wailra. 

Makses Kbsu — A minor' 
fraction of Sikandai Khel* 
Kandai, Isa Khel, PanduJl,' 

Mazen Kebl. -A n 
tion of Pridai (150), A«h» 
Khel, Hassan Ebel, 

Khel, Afridie. 

Maiub Khel.— a minor frac- 
tion of Saadat Khol, Drepil- 
lari. Sarki Kbel, Madiia Khel 
■(l,flOOJ, Ibrabimzal, Darwesh 
Khe! Waiara. 

Mazib Khbl.— a minor 
tion of Hati Khel, Mali (a 
Mill!) Khel,' SolarMai 
Ilittsaal, Bunenrals, 

MESTia Kebl.— Aminor fnw 
tion of Mushaklti, Maoht 
Mttdda Khel (1,800), IbraUt 
Khel, Utmanzni, Darwesh 
Khel Wftzirg. 

(960).— A snti- 



Sanatia, Kakurs. HeadmDu ; 

Sirdar Haho Khan. 

MsEBiL.— A minor fraotion of 
Slingai, Tori Kliel (2,670), 
Ibrahim Khel, Utmanzui, 
Darweah Khel Wazira. Head- 
man : Gal Husaiu. 

Mbehiani or CsAr.oABi {72T). 
— A'divislon of Spin, Tarins. 
Headmen ; Mauladad, Azim, 

Metbae Kbkl. ~A minor 
fraction of Pir Muhammad 
Khel, Ismail Khel, Bozi Kheli 
M»ddB Khel (1.600), Ibra- 
him Khol, Ulmanzai, Dar- 
wesh Khel Waiirs. 

MBWiKiV Khkl, — A minor 
fraction of Pir Muhammad 
Khel, lamoil Khel. Bo/i Kbel, 
Madda Khel (1,600), Ibra- 
tim Khel, Dtmanzai, Dar- 
wesh Khel Wazirg. 

Mbwa Khel {25),— A section 
of Palali, Tftpiai, Tappiatd 
Dawaris. Headmen ; Gnl 
Ahmad, MnhanuQad Khan, 
Amir Khan. 

Mia Khel —A minor fractioii 
of Bar Kbozhai, Khaddac 
Khel (770), Mohmit Khel, 
XJtmaniai, Darwesh Khe!, 
Wazirs. Headman ; Saidigai. 

MiABDA Khbl.— A minor 
fra<!tion of Mandi Khel 
(Langi), Mad Khozhaii 
Kha^ar Khe! (700), 
Mobmit Khol, TJtmanzai, 
Danreeh Khe! WaziiB. 
Headman ; Moguls. 

MUMAI. — A section of Kabul 
Khel (2,600), Wali Khel, 
Utmanzai, Darweali Kbel 
Wazira. Headmen ; Mezhai, 
Snrkam, Gnlbat Khan, Mebr 

Mi AHA {Miianzai, Yihowa). 
— A Trans -Indna tribe, 
numbers of whiuh ore found 
scattered along tbe frontier, 
some living with the Ban- 
gash, others with the Kliet- 
rani, eta. 

^ «M «^*» ww^»*> 

ttUDiD Koi. — A minor 
n of Vm'ii Kliel. Firoi 
■hKhel, Maehi Khnl. Uns^^^in 
Khel, M!lh». Khati Khcl. 
Kuki Khel (4^00), Afridis. 
Oar. Hcttdnipn ; soc lUh'iin 

MiAH Gri. KflEL ( Bairn n 
District).— Ai iiiiHor fi'ai't.vm 
of Knndi,Pirba Khcl, Hal.M 

. Khi'l (2.000), Shin Klifl. 
Ahmadzai, D. in«ah £liel 

bMiptSI. — A BPoticfTi of "Drppltfa, 
■Lflhlikhi, WarMpnn, Bi»ttan- 
"''Sia. , ■ • ' 

■ (60).- 

KlABIB Khbi 

Walidnd Khrl, Lalli" Khcl. 
AWnllai. Aimal Khcl, 
EoKlohai, Mahauds, Hrad- 
m\n ; HaAeh Shah. 

MUKIS (3aOi').-Onc 
of t>ie IcBSor Puwindali 
trading tribes. 

Rak KsAB'Km!L (Bmnii 

ftlliMtlct.).— A minor frartinn 

l^^iif Jlraki, Pivba Khcl. Ilathi 

•-Khpl (2,000), Shin or 8ani 

' Khel. AhroadTsi,' Pnrirwh 

Khpl WazirB. I^eadriian ; 


MuK KniT,.— A minoT frtW- 
tlnn of BaghdRd Khpl, KbIijidI 
Khel, TJrmnz Khel, 8i^li 
(1,300). Afridis. Samil. 
Headmen ; Amirfti, Pftki 

MUN Ehhi..— A minor fraotiMf 
of Amar KM. Annw (1.000), 
B"dw. aikho KhftU Airi^s. 
neadman ; Sangal. 

Mi4N- KBiNZii.— See I 

MiiN Kflni.. — A . sectinn of 
Janakhori (800), HksKiH 
Khcl, Adam Khel, Afridl's. 

¥UN KaBL (16).-:-A, miiiL., 
fraeticof Bizodai. 'Malifc- 
B>.tii. Aimal Khel, Batlolzai, 
Mahi-nda. Headman; Kfaat' 


Mi*K Khbe (l.dflO; ahftaiS 
and DtraiBt).— A ■ dovl^a 
of the Lohana, Fawiiidah^ 
Hoadmaii ; Aztui KhuL - 

MfHB Dis Kofi.- 
fr^ctipn of Yardil Kpr; 
Kadai Kor, Gandab.-Halij" 
7JLi. Mohmamls. Heodjnen 
Shah Ji'liun. Nawab Khan. 

MiffH Khas Khel (IC . 
Ilera Isunail Khan pisWpt)- 
N'6ln^dio. a lolnor fraction ol 
■ Ain-Kliel. Uot Khel, Mia 
Khel. Lohana, Pawindatt 
Headman ; sec Mian Khel, 

Uiaa Kbas Khbl.— A minor 
frat-tioD of Balti KM, Sbftdi 
Kbcl, Bun. Khi'l UiOuO}, 

DaiK^esh Khel Waiirs- 

Hitiilm&n 1 Kippat Khan. 


Khel.— A section of 
Zargnn Khel (300J, Galai, 
Adam Khel, Airidia. 

Mima Khel.— A minor fmc- 
tion of Malik Shuhi, Jaui 
Khel {1,000), WftU Khol 
"Utmaniui, Darwcab Khel, 
Waiirs. Heftdmui ; Pivao 

Mini Khel (35).— A ecotion 
oE Gurbuzni. Darpa Kbel, 
Malliaid, DnirartFf. Head- 
men ; Shahzflda, Shadi Kbol, 
Shshdami Manzar Ebel: 



of Mulmmmad Kh*!, 

Khtl (mo), Mohmit 

Ctmaitzai, Datwvith 

WaEirs. Headmon ; 

itrai, Kabul, Kbiigali^i, 

■iat Ik-g, Fazat tihah, 


UiB Ahxad Enu.— A ininfr 

bBDlicn of Aka Klii'l. lainai]- 
wi. LHiuLLtaii, Mallxti, 

Bis Abuip Khkl,— A mib- 
LMltkarEai, OmkRrkiM. iiniuii. 
Headman ; 2ira IJhttli. 

MiB Ahmad Kukl.— A »i<^ 
tion of Ibnihiin Khi-l, Gftdai- 
zai, Iliaazai. ISuiierwiUt. 


HOsaaiu Kli(>l).-A »ab 
»ion of the Phv3 KJib1(1.0U0I, 
Daulatxal, Orokuia. Ijainll. 
Headman ; ijhiti'bat. 

Mm AbKai) Ku«I.- 
minor fraatiDH of J 
Ahmad Kliol, Mfr Rnwln 
Khd, Firnj; KIihI (I.OGOI. 
l>iulBtini, Umkxuiii- Samll. 
llvadninu ; iihurbui. 

MjsaKhei..— AaKotknofZar- 
guii K\-vl mi>Hiiliu, Mam 
Kh.'!, Afrld;,, 

fLsuAD Kkel (140; 
: HbiiiiUinJ.— A mb- 
un l£ Haaiuizai. IkiiuI, 
(xaii. Ildnlineuil^r- 

UiHA KtiBt.— A mlnur fiw 
tionufAII Kbi-l.14bntcai.Torl 
Kb»l (2,fi70). LLroliIiu lCh»l, 
Uinunxnl, Uutwixli Khwi 
Waiin. UMrdnutD ) Galuid. 


:ba KhEL.— a minoi' frao- 
Df BftW Kliel, Shndi 
Khel, Bora Khtil (1,000), 
Mohmit Kliel, Utmanzaii 
Darwesh Khel Wazire, 

MlBA Kbei.— A miror frac- 
tion of Mai Ehozbai, Ehad- 
dar Khel (770), Mohmit 
Khel, Utmanzai, Drtrweah 
Khal WftzicB. Headr 
'Watanrai, Sanobar, £akhm 

IBA Kbhl (10),— a minor 
fraotion of Charkhil,Chi!j-l(- 
hi]. Land, Makkh, Mallizad, 
Dawftria. Headman ; Id 

MiEAK Khei (Dftkka, Girdi 
and Peahawar valley, and 
TTppscHelmand).— Nomadic, 
a Hub-diyiBion of UtmaQzai, 
£nchi, Mobmands. 

MiEAE KoB.— A minor frac- 
tion of Datid Khel, Kadai 
Eor Gandab, Halimzai, 
Hohroandg. Headmen ; 

Mirak, Snleiman, Mabom- 
mud Habib. 

MiB All — A minor fraction 
of Dre Pillari, Tori Khel 
(3,670), Ibrahim Khel, Ft- 
manzai, D&rweab Ebel Wa- 
zira. Headman ; Shalizadin. 

MiBALi Khbl.— Aminorfra^ 
tion of Mirkalan Khd (900), 
Kiiga Kbei, MamuzAi, Latdi- 
karzai, Orakzais. liar. 

MiB Ali Khel. — A minor 
fraction of Idia Khel, Jani 
Khel (1.000), Waii Khel, 
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel 
Wuzira. Headmen ; Zor- 
ghun Shah, Gnl Ghafar. 

MiB Au Keel (300).— A ] 
minor fraction of Abiahim ] 
Khel, All Karan, Hamuzai, , 
Laahkarzai, Orakzaia. Gar. I 
Headman -, Rahman. 

MiB Au Khel,— Aanb-divi- 
sion of the Bazoti (500), I 
Dunktzai, Omkzaia. Samil- ' 
Headman ; Sa&rali. 

MiBANis ;. see Shbbanib. 

MiBAU Khel (8). — A seotion I 
cE Zhao Khel, Tapiai, Tappi- 
lad, Dawarig. Headman ; ' 
Sheikh Amis. 

MiEAM Shah (179).-A diri- | 
iion of Tappizad, Dawaris. 
Headmen ; Din Mubammad, 
Ehoju Azam, Eahswan, Uir 
Bosh, Nakar, Mongol, Onl- 

^^^BAS KhBL.— 

^^^Won af Kaciin Khel, Jamal 
Kiel, Malik Sliahl (400)? 
Wall Klitl, TJtmanzai, Dar- 
wesh Khel Wazim. Head- 
man i Taghar. 

UiSAii Khbi.. — A section ol 

8h<>ikhnial Ehul, Eambar 

Khei. Kambar Khel (4.500), 

* idia. Gar. Headmen 

irzada, Wazir, Miidtlah 

Mast Ali, Sher Gul. 

Khbl. — A snb- 
di-riBion of Kama Ehel, Ma* 
likdin Khel (4,000), Afridiii. 
Samil- Headmen ; see Yar 
~ nbammod KheL 

Uajizai (67). — A division of 
l.unia. Headmen ; 
Khan (KhaiiikTai), 
r Khan (Kirimdadzai), 
" ai),GnlTftz(Jan- 
.mzan [Shikar 

B isiJi Khel. — A section 
: Babu Khel, Adinziii, 
LhwoKnial, Akozai— Yusaf- 
U Swatia. 

bsA3 Khbl.— A minor frac- 
'___a of Ismail Khel (150), 

IXimatKhel Jawaki, Adam 
Khid, Afridis. 

MiBAZiE KUBL (Near Landu- 
ki paatJ.-A mb-divirion of 

tha Bm Mahammad Khel, 
(1000), Muhammad Khel. 
Orakzaig, Gar. Shiah. 

MiBBisH Khel, — A minor 
fmetion of Shakal Khel 
(100), HaibBt Khel Jawaki, 
Adam Khel, Afridis- 

MiKEisB Khbl.— A minor 
fraction of Ismail Khel (160), 
Kiraat Khel, Jatraki, Adam 
Khol, Afridis. 

MlB Bii KoB.— A minor frac- 
tion of Rani Khel, Kadai 
Kor, Oandab, Halimzai, 
Mohmnnds. Headman ; 


Mjbebg Kbkl.— A section of 
the Kambar Khel, Bazoti 
(500) Daiitatzai, Orahziua. 

MiBBEQ Khel. — A minor 
fraction of Krwa! Khel, 
Tatar Khel or Akhorwal, 
Hassan Khel, Adam Khel, 

MifiBsa Kbbl (Bannn Dis- 
trict).— A minor fraction of 
Tori Khol, Mnsa Khel, Ha- 
thi Khel (2,000), SUn Khel, 
Ahmadzai, Darwcsh Khel 
Wazira. Headman ; Shah 

itJAD Khbl {Knram}.— a 
<fab-diviEii>n c^ I>u])ei'zai, 
(l,6uO), Charaai, Tari». ■ ' 

Knii,(88).— AmJDor 
potion of the. Abdal 
Kiiel, Sher Khel, Hui- 
bat Khel, Nana Kiel, Bah- 
lolzai, Malisuds. 

MiBDiP Kofl,— A Bub-diviBion 
c£ the Bazlil Khel SlieJkIiai\« 
[3,00<l). " 'Hapeaja^ " of'the 
Orakzais. Samil. Headman ; 

MiB Hassak Kwsi.-^A gnc- 

, tioTi of the Mir Ahmad Kliel 

*> (Mir Uamun Khel), FfroB 

Khel (I,<)W), DanlBtaai. I 

Oraliznls. Samil. HeadtMn;. 

Lai Kliaii. 

Mm Hrss.uif Kbbl.— Anuti- J 
divUioti of tlie f iiMz KbeI-1 
(l,00i) Daulflizai, praki!iii».J 
SiLiiiil, Ileadiuait ; Zaia J 


[DADBii (Wert of Dera 
„lhazi Kliao Dittrict).— A 
■sftution of Jalol/Jii, Hasan 
Ktol. Bnli! Khel, Musa 
KheU. Headman ; Lawung, 

Einutjciii of Basi Khel, Kamal 
_ Khel, Sahib Jan, Ak« Khel 
I (1,801)), Afridis. Samil. 

. "jjiia Ghabab, — A minor frac- 

I tion of TnMnial KheUNuzar 

KheL Star AB Khan Khel, 

Sarki Khel. Madda Ehc! 

(1,600), Ibrahim Khd, 

Durwosh Khel 

iBi Krel.— A divit 

Aka Khel (l,80(i). Afri^.| 

Zakha Khel Afiidis. Satna,-| 
Headmen; nee Fatt«h RbSlf 
and MithaKhel. 

[B HAaiiri. — Aminorfrao- 
hon of Maaha, Madda' Khel 
(1,800), Ibrahim Khel, Ut- 
manwii, Darwwli Khel Wa- 
sdra. Headmen ; MiiTa Shah 
and Shab Badait. 

Mir: Khbi,.— A miniW' frac- | 
tion of Nebki Khel,' Ha»^ai 
Khel, Pftkhai (1,000), Bndai J 
ZakliaKhel Afridis. Saau^lf 
Headman; Wall Mnban 

Mifli Krel. — A sQjdon nf I 
Snran Khet, Babakri, EJljialfl 
(1,200), Afi-idU SaniiL* 
neudmen; Alldolla, SaS& I 

Mini KHEt(120).— A sBctJonl 
of Land, Malakh, Mallizadil 
Dftwarld. Headmen ; Kbii*| 
jai, Mabammad Akbui 

^^■iKiLiN'XHeL (900).— A 

"GuUft, Aka Khol (1,800), 

^^Ktlon of the Mnaft XM, 

Afridis. SainilV 

^^mkiam»i,la>f\ihitrAi, Orah- 

^HjR. Gar. Hwlican ; Malb 

Mjb KHiS Khel.— A minor 

^^pdal Eadir Akliun. 

fraction of Dnrar. [3001. 

Khd Aftidi-t. Sarail. Head- 

^^»<<KAti.s Kbkl (170),— a 

^^^ptnnr fritFtiim of Dreplava 

niPn; see Bacha KmI .ub- 


'ineD ; Jamrez, All Maat, 

MiB Kh4s Khel.— a minor 

- Zaiaiilk, Arjumand Sbah, 

■ fi-aation of Asat Khol, "Wnri 

Fnrdil, Uivm. Khun, Nur- 

Kliel (8O0), Mohmit Khel. 

■■■ alia. 

UtmanTal, Darwwh Khel 


WazirB. Headman; Jama 

WfiSEHA Kbrl (6u).-A seo- 


^■^R of Btromui, Shabi Khd,. 

MnOKi^i, MahBDda. HeadmeA ; 

Mm Khan, itHKL.-A minor 

■^Khoidad. aWai. 

fi'aotion of AditQ Khel, Na- 

Kar Kbol, Star Ali Rhan 

ttiB Kh*it Khbl.— a aiib- 

Khal, Sarki Khel, Madda 

dirisinn of Ali Kliel. 

Khel (1,600), Ibrahim Khel, 

Baniniu, Akoaii— YnaufMi 

UhBanzai. Darffesh Khol 



^^m khik khsl (IS).- a 

Mix KHABt Khbi,.-A Beotion 

^■Ktont ifntetion o£ Khoida- 

of llBuian Khel, Sikandar 

W .d^. Mallluhai, Aimftl KM, 

KHel. Kuki Khel (4,60o), 

Bahldlia!, Malifflids. Hend- 

Afridis. Gar: Headman ; 

wen ; HasBiiiii, pliabliaz. 


Mia Khak KHBt (35}.-A 

HiB Khanzai (6).-A Bub- 

minor frad.lon of the Piwlad 

- divisiw of W^ainai, 

KhM, Abdnl Raliman Khel, 

Eakiinwal, Iimis. Hftid- 

Sher Khel, Haibat Khel, 

man ; see Walainai. 

Nana Ktiel, Bahlolwii, Mah- 

Mm Khei, (Khanki rirer).— 
A stih-di-ndon oE Khadlzai 

Mia KH4N Kbhl.— A wc- 

^^^ cf Madda Khel, Slier 

Samll. Headman ; QnBn. 



MiB Khoni (12).— a Bnb- 
diviaion af Khaddi, Mallizad, 
DawarU. Headmen ; Gula- 
nor find Miti Azam. 

MlB KoXLI Khbl.— A gnb- 
^.^.diTisbn of Baioti (500), 

■r mil. HeftdmiLn ; Ghulam 
■ BasA. 

Mi B His Ebbl, — A minor 

fraotion of Dosalli, Wuzi 

Khel (800), Moboit Khel, 

UtmauzAi, Uumeeh Khel 

MlSOB Khbl (Bannu BiBtiict) 
— k minor fraction of TaOB 
Kliel, Pirba Khel, Hathi 
Khel (3,000), Shin Khel, 
AlitDadiai, Darwesh Khel 
Wazirs. Ueadmon ; Filawar 

MiBO Khel. — A snt-diviaon 
of Mamizai, Mishtis (3,IX>0). 
"HamBayas" of the Orak- 
zaia, Samil. Headman ; 
Hajat Khan, 

MiEO Khbl (Daradar vaUej). 
— A gnb-division of Maniu- 
Ml (300), Ismailzai, Orak- 
zals. Samil. Headman ; 
KhaTi Mir. 

MlEo KSBL. — A sab'diviBion 
of Sbamozai, Kh^'azozoi, 
Atozai — Yusuizai Hwatis. 

MiBo Khbl.— A minor fraa-1 
tion of Fanjpai, Mosa Khali L 
Nurizai, Malizai, Boner- 1 

MiBO Khki,.— A gnb-diviaion J 
of Scpah, Baezai Mohmanda. J 
Headmen ; Sultan Said,a 
GbiLlam Haaaan, Shaftt Alam, I 

MiBON (42),— A section^ 
Nawar Khel, Min _, 

Tappizad, tiavariB. .Head^fl 
men ; Eezan Shall, Shah ] 

MiBosH Khei (60),— a minor 
fraction of Sbaimuali Haeni 
Khel, Tor, Mailizad, Dawa- 
ria. Headmen ; 21akib and 4 
Fazal Din. 

MiB SiiD Khbl (400; Eliar'] 
mana river)— A minor frao- I 
tion of the !&Ianda Khe^l 
NasTuzai, Masuzoi, lashkar- ■ 
zai, Orakzaia. Samil. Head- I 
man ; Mir Hnss^n. 

MiB SAiiD'KoB (Pipal).— A 
sub-diviaian of Hassan Khel, 
Dawezai, Mohmanda, Head- 
man ; see Dawezais. 

MiB SiiD Khbl. — A minor 
f raotioii of Sanzal or Sanjftl I 
Ehel, Kamal Khel, Sahib I 
Jan, Ak» Kfael (1,800), Afrl- 
dia. Sftmil* 

WuB UssL. — A minor 
irtioa of FaDJpai, H<ua 
)1, Nnrizai, Uolizai, 

Khil.— A aiib-divi- 

of SbMnezfti, Khwaza- 

Akozai— YoBiif za i 

Ebel (Maaturti 

■A Bub-dmsicFii of 

Khcl (1,000), Muham- 

Khel, Omkzau. Gar. 

Kebl. (7)— a minor 

iHon of Mhha Kliel, 

■ ■ Khalii Kh«l. 

Khel, Mahaadfl. 

; K^hangul. 

iiBBo Khbl. — A 8ub- 

of Mat KTrnn KLel, 

Khel (4^00), Afri- 

Gnr. Headmni ; Sher 

1, Hamid and Ifuroi. 

MiSZAi (300).— A Mction of 
Mehtarui, Hartiti Kliel, 
Sanatia, Eakars, Headmen; 
■ Habo Khan (Head- 
)f MehtarnaiH), Alif, 
E, Saodagar, Falo, Malla. 


I (1,000).— A Bub-diyi- 

of Alirai, Sonzar, 

an. Headman ; Sliali 

MiB7A Khbl. — A minor frac- 
tion of Mir Khan ICliel, Aiat 
Khel, Wusi Khel (800), 
Mabmit Khel. UtmauRai, 
Darweflh Khel Waiira. 

MiBZA Khbl.— A minor frac- 
tion of Said Kheli Umnriai 
(600), Shin Khel. Abmadzai. 
Darwesh Khel WaairB. 

MiEBA Kbbi. — A minor frac- 
tion of Mahammad Khel 
(700), laperka, Kaln Khel, 
Ahmadzai, Darwesh Kli«l 
"Wazira. Headman ; Danlat 

MiBii Khbl (600)."-One of 
the four clans of the Cham- 
kannJB. The Miiza Khel 
and Uarre Khel are aome- 
timea known coUeetivelj as 
the Khwaja Khel. 

MiKZA Khbl.— A gnb-divi- 
siuD uf Kandahari, Safis, who 
are a vassal cUn of the Mob- 

MiBzis.— See Zkieais. 

MiBHAK Khbl. — A minor 
fraction of Karun Khel, 
Asad Khel, MIths Khao 
Khel. Knki Khel (4,600), 
Afridia. Gar. Headmen ; 
Abdul Aziz, Guliijtan, Sher- 
zaman, Mnhamm^d Aroin. 

* Inatndea Dane Khel. 

IsHBI EsBi.^A minor iiBo- 
n of Jalid Khel. Mali (or 
I 'MiiliJ Khel, Salarzai, llios- 
pnti, Bnnerwils. 

ITI (SHOO; Mcstiira val- 
. ley down to Britiah tPrritorr 
wax ■Hangn).— On? of tlie 
four " Hamaaja " cltina uf 
the Omkzaia- Thej are a 
powerful cUn awl are looked 
up to bj thu at berg as 
IwidiTS in important qiies- 
tioca. Samil. 


HWAMig.— See Mdshwa- 

[IBBI Khbl,— A minor frac- 
tion of Samna Khai. Ghuii 
Khs\, Ambar Khel, Mai 
Klian Ehel, Kambar Khrl 
(4,600), Afridis. Gar. Head- 
men ; aee Kliojal Ktel. 

MisKi Khbl.— A sectinn of 
£QHti Khel (150), Ualai, 
Adam Khel, Afridis. 

Missi Khel. — A wction of 
the Uraar Khan Khel, .411- 
aherzai (3,000), Laahkarzai, 
Oralntaia. ^arail. -Headman; 
Hadda Shah. 

Ki.'iBi Khki.— Oncof thesub- 
divlaions of the HiLisanzai, 
Miaiitl , (8.01X)), ■' Ham- 
Myas " <ii the Orakauis, 

lliafii Khbl (13).— Amicor 

fractimi of XhuttaTi^' 
Kbvl, - Amumi, . JdalK; 
Dawai'is, . Hwdmaii.i 

MisBi Khbl (10).— A 
frat.'tion of Shaili Kfaelj 
Locai, Land, Habikb, 
lad, Dan-aria. ~ 
Kaiinat Khan. 

MitaKhej. <S5).— a a>otia^ 
of IsBUTL, Tor, Tapplmd^ 
Dawaris. Hiadmcn; •■" '- 
Sliah, Dolai, Bhab.E 
Jalar Khan aahib. 

MHA Khbl.— A minor fraft-J 
tion of Ebarmauj Khel, | 
Khwaja Kliel, lUjamai, 
Kabul Khel (2._60!i), Wall 
Khel, Utmanzai, ilarweah 
Khel Waaira. 

MiTBA Khau Khbl. — A i 
division of KuH Khell 
(4,690), Afriiii3. Gar. 

MiTEA Khbl (136).— AmoJ 
tion of the Bndiwi ' 
Khel, Shaman Khel, Slali-^ 

ariiEA Khel {60).— Adinof 
fraction of Sliammal, Haasi^ 
KTiel, Tor, MaUinid, Dawt 
Headmen i " ' "" 
MauzHT Khan, Shah Salii 

Hjtbib (300 : Nortt-west I 
of Dera Ismail Ehui Dis- 
trict).^One of the lessur 
Pawinduh tribes. 

MiTBtr Kbbl. — A minor fnw:- 
tioD of the Barid Khel, Stiiri 
Khel (4UD], AliEai (Sturi 
Khel), DauUtziu, Orakmis. 
Samil. Headman ; Sadahah 

MiTTAH Khan Keei (CIcBe 
to Ublan pasa),— A subiiivl- 
si™ of the Sipah (400), Mu- 
tiammnd Khel, OrakxaU. 
Gar. Shiah, 

MlTTi Khel.— A minor frac- 
tion of the Kliamur Khel, 
Gidi Khel, Manazui, Alizui, 

UiTAH Ken., — A minor frac- 
tion of Malik Shahi, Jani 
Khel (1.0»i). Wall Khel, Ut- 
maiiaii, Darweeh Khal Wa- 
KJtB. Headman ; Sablb Gnl, 

MiYAai Khbi (20).— a minor 
fraction of Abdnl Rahman 
Khel, Muhammad Khel, 
Malakh, Malltzad, Dawaris, 
Hiiadmen ; Gnl Kadum, 
IJILnlam Sbabnada. 

KiTAN Khel (30).— A section 
of Malli Khel, Idak, Tappi- 
zad, Danaria. Headmen ; 
Kaxar Shah Azid. 

UiiBAi (2S).— A division of 

Ml ZB 18.— See ZuABAla. 

MoBABAE KflKL.— A minor 
fraction of Baah Kbel (1601. 
Sbcraki Gaitu, Adam Kbel, 

MoBiK.^A minor fraotion of 
Takhmal Khel, Naziir Khel, 
8-ar All Khun Khul. Sarki 
Khel, Mttdda Khel (1,600), 
Ibrahim Kbel, Utmanzai, 
Darwesh Khel Wazlra. 


A minor fnictiou of Khwuw. 
Khadin Kbel, Aghazaii 111- 
a;-zai, BanerwaU- 

MoGAL Khbl. — A minor frac- 
tion of Yunas Kbd. Bc»iti 
Khel (ISO). Gaki, Adam 
Kbel. Airidis. 

(00).— A section 
of Qibizai, Shabi Kbel, Ali- 
zai, Uali»tid9, Huodmen ; 
Zarpijao, Matta. 

MoSBAL KiiBL (100).~A aer- 
tiuu of Fathanai, Shabi Kbi-l, 
Aliz;u, Uahsnds. Headman: 

Moo HAL Keel.— A minor 
traotion of Wanvjir Khel, 
Tor Kh^l. Umarnai (flitfjj. 
Sbin Kbol, Ahnudzai, 

^^^^p 154, ^ 

^^r Barwegh Khel Wmhu. 

«,e Rahim Khel and Aha 

^H Headman i Seui&n. 

Beg Khol. 

^^LSosHAL K&^L.— A minor 

MoHiB Kkbi.— A minor ft 

^^B fraotinn of Pira Khel, Uir 

tion of Barmaat Khel, B 

^^H Haaani, Maoha, Madja 

Khel, Uardoni. Wczi K 

^^P Ehel (1.600). Ibi^im 


xid, Durweali Kbel Wm 

■ Khel Wazira. 

Headman ; Bozl. 

M0GH*L KhBL.— A minor 


frftctioa of Dani Khel, 

fraction of Danlat Kl 

Matkai. MalJkshahi (40O), 

Ghaib Khan Kliel. Malik 

Wall Khel, Ctmanaai. Dai- 


weah Khel Wadi-s. Head- 

AfridlB. Samil. HettdaiTO 

1 man ; Aehegnl. 

see Daulat Kbel. 

^K JIouHil. Khhl {Banna Dik- 

MoBUAND Khbl.— A mil 

^H trirt), A minor fraction of 

fi-aotion of Kattia K 

^V . Daulat Khul, AU Khel, Mu« 

H>i3gan Khel, Mitha K 

^" Khel, Hathi Khel [2,0C0), 

Kliel, Knki Khd (4,Sl 

1 Shin Kliel, Ahmadzai, Dw- 

Afridlt, Gar. Hwidnja 


Kamhar, Boner, Kadc 

Khan. Boghi, aaidaJ, Oh 

MoQHDL KbbI:.— A minor 

ni, Torbaz, Mirwali. 

fraction of Usman Klial, 

Shanfli (750), Bndai, Zakba 
KhelAfridis. SamU. Head- 

MoHusHDs (16.000 lo 18.OQ0 

hilts north-west of Pm 

men; Mihr Din, Bawar, 

awar, between the Sll 

Soltan Mir, Gal Shah. 

and Kahul riTers).— 
Palban tribe of pare Afgl 

MoEABAT Khel.— A minor 

descent. They hawfonrm 

fcaotioa of Kandao Kiel 

divisions, LIS,, Tarakaii,! 

(400), Asha Kiel, Hisaan 

Hmzai, Baezai and Kliwael 

Khel, Adam Khel, Afridia, 

A fringe of affiliated ob 

(the Kukkozai. Dawei 

. MoHiL Khbl.— A minor fi'ao- 

and Utmanzail annoui 

^_ tion of Shekhfli, Anna! 

the tribe i it is further he 

^L (1.000), Bndai, Zakha Kliel, 

ed in, on the slopes of 

^H m^. Samil. Headmen; 

Tatam Hange, bj the va 

^_ I MnllagcriB, and | 

s Kbel and Bnrfaitn 
rf Pai.diftli w<Te on- 1 
' branohea of the Ta- i 
but are now qnita 
t. The chiefs, who 
cognized u KlutUB 
Muhmands, are tlxee 
ilpora, Goshfa and 
ill. Of these the moat 
anc are the Ehsnit of 
a. The holdiT of ihe 
L £hanahip is Akbar 
ll is at pregL'nt at 
■I Burvijillance. 

Haibut Khcl, Nana Khel.J 
Baklolzai, Malisuds. Read-J 
mou ; Mir Ajal, Bare KhukmT 
MaUng Khan. 

MoECHA £bbl (Lalpma, Eato, ' 
Dakka, etc, on the Kabul 
river). — A minor fraolion of 
Dnrma Kor, ijhah Maneur 
Khol. Dadu Khel, Tarakzai. 
Molijnanijs. Thuy are the 
Khun (or ohief) Khel of the 
MoiiiLuuids, and it is from 
thvm that the Khans of , 
Lftlpai-a are invariably j 
selected ; see HohmandB. " 

KEAM Khgl. 
^action of Tor, Jani | 
(i,tiO0). Wnli Khel, I 
izai, Darwfisb Khel I 
). Headman ; Amal- 

Khel (2,070).— One 
thi'ee ^I'eat div-IsioHs 
Utmanzui dan of tiiu 

)h Kbel Wazin, the 
two divisions being 

iraliim Khel and the 
Khel- HeadmsJi ; 

^Khan. Bom Khel is 

ding man. 

11 (35).— A anb-divi- 
f Zerakki, MnlUud, 
U. Headmen ; Pit 
Duuvdand Mnsal. 


KoB. — A section ot \ 
Hatai Kor, Mahammad 
Khan Kor, or 'Bar' Borhan 
ETliel, Pnndiali, Mohniaods. 

MoaiB Khkl.— A minor frac- | 
tioii of Kata (irun, ShngtUt ■ 
Tori Khel {2.670), Ihr*- I 
him Khel. UtmonMi, Dafl 
Krth Khel Waiirs. Head-" 

MoBiB Kbri,,— A minor trac"^ 
Uiiii r>f Usman Kliol. Tsktll 
KhH, Bflkka Khel (1,000)1 
Wali Khia, ftmariTai. Dar-"^ 
wesh Khel Wailrs. Head-,^ 
men; Khojaniir, Mazalmir, , 
Islam Ktian. 

Mot Khel. — A minor fraction 
of Shadl Kbel. Bom Khel 
(1,CH)0), Mohrail Khel. 


MowA Kebl.— A 

liiri, Sarki Khel, 

Khel (l,6liO), Ibrahim Khel, 

TTtmanzai, Danreeh Khel 

MozADiN TiBAB.— A m 
fraction ni Mamnn Kor, 
Kandai, I«a Khel, PandittH, 
MolmiEicda. Headmen ; «» 

MdbiBae Kbbi.— a minor 
fraofkn of Mirgliat Khel, 
Bafli Kbel, Knma! Ehel, 
SaViib Jan, Aka Khel, [1:800], 
Afridis. Samil. 

McDABiE Shah.— A minor 
fraotiitn of Klthur Kjiel, 
Mil] tar Khel, MuhaTniiiad 
Kfaol. Hasaan Khel (4oCl), 
Mahmit Khel, Utmsn^i, 
I)arw«ah Kliol W.izii'B, 
Hendninii ; Saadat Beg. 

Mdbabak SHiRi _{325).-A 
division of ' Mallizad, Ta- 
wsrls. Headmeii ; Shcik)j 
KbDsiii i« the leading man ; 
■eo also Shu javal and Hakim 

MfDiH KsEr,.— A Bob-divi- 
Bi<jn of KhiidaliKai, Khwa^a- 
xai, Akozai — YuiufxaiSna- 

KBSI..-A «ob- 
of Barmi Khel, 
3r Kamar Kbd 
(600), Afridia. Samil. Head- 
men i Hatiz Saniandar, Fii'oz 
Khan. An ar, Bahadnr ijh&h, J 
aUnt SLab, iiheradin, " 
dad, Mir Ali. 

ICBAUltAD Kean Kob.— 
Hubdiviaion o! Burt 
Kliol Faniliali, Mobmana 
thej. are a!»o kncwn u T 
Buibun Kbel. 

Kebl {GoabtaJTl 
A miD-divsion of the Kliadi 
KKnl, Kbwaezui Mohmands. 
IIeadm<>n ; Mir Mnhaiumad 
Kl an, Barkat Khan, fnenf 

Muhammad Ksbi.— A minor 
fvfl«tiun of Ismail Khel, 
Makhozai, Noauzni, Iliaswif 

MuQAUHAD Ehbl (KhuBkin 
rivir), — A snb-dirii" 
the Khadizai (200), 
zai, Oru,kzaiB. Samil. 

MwhammabKhbl (120).- 
minur Eruution of the Machi 
Klul, Shami Ktel. PalH 
Khel, Manaimi. Alkai, Maha 
siiiis. Headman ; Shab Salim. 

Ul-bamhas Keel (2,480; 
Maa'ura valley and Lon* 
dulii p'isb].— One <jf ttit 


four fllnns uf tli<; Orakznis, 
Tliey are munh nndtT the 
ioHnenuc of Suiikda. Gar. 
UrBAUMAD Khel-— A see. 
tion of Zargun Khel (ROO), 
Gakl, Adam Kli«l, Afridis. 

Ur^AUUAO Kbel (700 ; 
mlgrstorj). — A seclion iif 
Isperka, Kaln Kliel, Ahmad- 
au, Dumeah Khel Wazira. 
He-men ) MnhiUDinftd Jno, 
Pockt Kban, Hibib Go]. 
Jftn, Nnr Muhammad. Shah 
Kamran, Kutamlr, Pir Mn- 
hammaJ, Wasilu Khan. 

tion of Hjissan KhoU*"!)- 
Mahuit Khel, UtmariTni, 
Darwesh Kliel Wn/.irB. 
Upadnif n ; MiBmii Knhiil, 
JThoBalgai thiadat Beg. 
Fazil Shah. tlnlaband, 
Gnlbat Shah, Sippar. 

JlrHAHUAD Khkl (IS).— a 
Bob-divuion <if Klrnddi. Ml>'- 

liiad, Dnwaris. Hesdmic ; 
'}h^ Ehftn, Modasin. 

USJUHMAD Kbbi. (1S).-A 
wetion of Naiuk Kliel, 
T^piui, Tappiaid, Diiiwarta. 
HiiwlniPD i Mu.-a, Abnmd 

men ; Khan Mnhaimnad 
Khan, FajBl U!n, Makhmari, 
rang, Ohanam Shah, Hnbib 

MTTHiaMAD PlH.— A Mutidll 

of Aliaii; Darpa Khel, Mal- 
lizad, Dawai-ia. Headoian ; 
Mulmmmad Pir. 
MchamMad Vab Kor-— a 
minor fraation of Rami £^t'I. 
Kada! Kor, Gandah, Halim- 
zai. Mobmaiida. Headman i 
Mahba Din. 

MuHASiiEZAi (371).— A sub- 
division ot Alraiad Khol, 
Oba Kbel, SberanU. 

McHAMUiDZAI (PeibaTar 
I idtriot). — A tribe who Hve 
in H a.'hlnagar : tbey are 
also knonli as A[o!liitandr.Bt 
or Maman^ai. 

MrHjMMADZAi— wie Mamu- 

»*1 ZAIMUKliTg. 

Mrli (S'll).— One of the cHvi- 
nniuof WaraEpcn, Battan- 
nis. Hradmun t Ahmail 
Bh^h (Mandi KhBl), Pidori 
(Dan KhelJ, Iiof Kh«a 
(Khwad Kiel). 

.Ud£Eb>.li ; Bce Uakbealh. 

jJtratuMAO KgEL (701).— A Hvii. TtnEL.— A seofcion of 
Mtb-diviBinn of Malakh, Aya Khel, Aalmiui. Iliasiai, 
'^lUiuid, I'awArU. Head- Uaneiirals. 


KcLi Kbel (630) nortli- 
west of Dem lEmsil Kban 
Piatrict). — One of the hteer 
Fawindah trading tril) as- 

MrLiZAi (S40). — A Bcotion of 
Paaizai, HuriUL Khel, Sann- 
tia, Eaksfa, Headmun ; 

MuLLA&iN (80).— A snb" 
diviaion of Tor, Hftlliiad' 
Dawaris. Headmen; Mnhtiin- 
msd Amin, Pazalli. 

MuLtiOAS (14),— A minor 
fraction of Ipi. Hdcter Kiwi. 
Toi', TappiMul, DawarU- 
Headman ; Mii' Alain, 
MritAGoai KoE.— A minor 
fmction of Baiai Khel, 
Yuanf Khel. Isa Khel, Pan- 
diali, Mohmanda. 

iluLi.i Khkl.— One of tbe 
twn Enb-diviaions of the 
Umariai Stiaikhans (3,000), 
"HamaayBs" of the Orakzaia. 
Samil. Headman ; Kabinaa. 

MuLii Kbbl [T>ii).— a 800- 
tion o£ Snltan Khol, Sesada, 
Maluai, Yuaiifzais. 

McLiiB Khbi.— A snb-divi- 
sion of Bahnim-ka-Khel. 
Bur Banizai.Altosai— Ynenf- 
zai SwRti>. 

MuLLiH KoB. — A minor fnur* 
tion of Snltiin Khel. Hamza 
Khf], Gandab, Halimzai, 
Mohmaads. Heodintui ; La- 

nmnds. Headman ; Kharii 

□f Zakka Khel, SibanJ 
Khel. Knki Khel (4,501 
Atiidis. ^ Oar. Headm 
TunB, Ssiid Gnl. 

MuEiDi Kbkl(350).— A ■ 
tion of Dalkha Kor, 
Khel, Tarakzai, 
umnda. Headmen ;' Hnlli 
Najai, Muhammad Haa 
(Shahi Kor), Aohnk (Ti ' 
Knr}, Akbar. M»dda I 
Mir All. 
M0E1DCI Kbbl — 

of Az! Khel, AliKhel. 3 

Banlz.^ii, Akozai— 


McasENZAi (West of the E 
Ghasi Khan DiiCrict).- 
EOfltion of Malizai, Ahi ' 
Kal, B^lil Khel. Musa K 
Headman ; Rahman. 

McsA Khbl.^A minor 6 
tion of Narmi Khel, B 
Khel (1,000), Wall : 
Utmaiizoi, llai'wi4h 


^lUadman; Sana! Baizai, Akoxoi— Vu&afzai ^^^| 

SwatU. ^^^M 

:hbl.— A minor fcac- 

iS^ai. Khbl. — A aection of^^^^l 

f MUri Khel, Boat! 

S.>n Kliel, G%^,am^, Iliwz^,^^H 

(150), Galtti. Adam 

Bnnerwala. ^^^H 


iSvujL Krbi.— A B(!Ctino oC^^^^I 

HKL— A Kub-division 

Aya Ebu'l A«ba7»;, IUmz^^^H 

ir AU Kli«l, Kamrai 

Bunrrwals. ^^^H 

ifi'Ai) Afridis. Samil. 

Mnsi Kefl (15 ; Dm Ismdil J 

HBl, (Bunna DiBtrict). 

Khan DiBtvid,), - Nomadir, J 

twlion of Hatli KM 

B minor fruition of , Paaani, ■ 

), Shia Khel, Aliwail- 

I»Dt Eh^T. Mmn Khel, .^^1 

]wwe9h Khel WanI™. 

nan ; Adam Khan, 

man ; bou Mian Khel. ^^H 


Khkl {Bajam').-A 

Dera Ismail Khan pislri'''t)..^^^H 

in o£ laaiui, Tarkanis. 

— Nomadic, »■ minor Fra>-tioa ^^^^| 

of Zakori, Sein Khel, Minn ^^^1 

Cbel (%Sm).-A seo- 

f tbB AlUiwa!*. 

Hiodaen ; hto Mian Khel. ■ 

Ehbl.— A minor frac- 

M:rsiKHEi,(l,fl€0).— A si.b. 

fWai'kam Kh*[, Alb 

div-iflion of Si^piJi, Baizoi, 

Salum, llucizai, 

Mohmands. ' 


McaA Khbl (7).— A tninor 

KfiBL.—A aei^tion ol 
ozai, Nwmwi, IIiuiz»i, 

fmotion of Cmarzai. Zira J 
Khel, Amioni, Malllxad, ^^J 
Dairaria. Headman ; Makk^^^^| 

:h»L.— A mb-diyiaion 

Musi Khel (12J.-A *<ib-^^H 

«riMi,Malia'. Buner- 

division of Khftddi, Malli^ad ^^^ 

Dawaria. Headman ; IHdar. H 

;a»L (1,500).— A «ub- 

Urti. KsBLs (1,970; west J 

of Dera Gha:ii Kjha^^^^^J 

triot).— A largo tribe of 
FRthons, eaid to be deBoead- 
ed from a younger brother of 
the ancestor of ths Kakf- 

MuslKKl.— A section of Wuii 
Khel (800), Mohmit Kliel, 
Utmanzu, Darve«h Khel 

i-MnaiKKi {260J.— A Bub-diyi- 

■■ " .lion of Tw, Ma'liiiid, Dawa- 

;,. rU. HiaflmBu) s.« Tukar 

KiielLadi Kh«l, Sliahabdin 

Khet, and iJliabi Khel. 

Musi KoR (Bohai Dag).— A 
Bnb-diviumn of Maimana 
Khel, KliwaeKal. Mohmands. 
Headman i. Saifur. 

McBAa KHBt. — Aminorfrac- 
trot) uf Stksmhii' Khel, 
Man7*r Khel (3S0), Ibrahim 
Kliel, Utmaiwtti, llarwesh 
Kiiel WazirB.' Hisdman i 
Iwl Khan. 

MuaiBA. Khbl, — A snb-diTi- 
tiQu of Aatiaz^, IliaBXai, 

H^JBAZiI (S& ; Deta Isma!! 
Klian District i.—Nomadio, 
a Mctioii of Soin Khel, Mian 
Khol, Loiiana, ' P^wjiidah'-. 
Headmen ; see Mud Khel. 

Mupiaii (Wr« of DeruGliazi 
Khan liiBtiivt).— A Bub- 
divliiioii (.f Ilanizaxai, Balil 

MosHAeKi.— J 
of Hauha, Mad 
(l,6'>n), Ibrahim , 
maui^aT, Darwft 
Waiiris. Hebdmel 
Klmnot Sui 

MuaBniHiii, (aSOJi 
— A small tribe of 
Tided into five « 
BarkoiaiB, ^njpai 
raid, MuLammad ] 
Mian Khinzais 
Mush wan is live 
Utraanwis of 1 
border. The- daB 
the Mnshwania ' 
B?]>aratel7 indexed 

MoT4Eii(500; SOB 
tion of Jando! t 
stream.'),— One of' 
olana oF the Utfflati 

Muzl Kbki..— 
Hon of Mtisbakki 
Madds Khel 

him Khfll, U . 

veah Khel Wnursj 


lf*M Khfli13).— Aenlj-divi- 
Mon of Boyik. Tapplisd. 
liftWiiriB. Heiidniaii ; Kntft- 

Vahieei or YuBAT Koa 
{»t).-A seclion of Ibnihi 
Kfael, Kamftll, HaUmzai, 

NiHiE (Dem GWi Khun 
District And Khetran Hills}. 
—A Pfttlian tribe. Reid- 
mut ; Klion Mohaionind, 

N«IK Sbeb Kor (Khanki 
iJvw).— A snti-dirtsion of 
'.Rhadizai (3()0), Israailial, 
Org^xajE. Samil. Kradiuaif ; 
.Uiia Kban. 

HiksiB (13i>).— Aso^ion of 
I 'S^&jaMal, Mnbarak Shahi. 

I mm; i^iirif, MftoU HasiWi, 
Uoglila; and M»1a. 

Vlisf&BASD KnoR [Klranki 
i Tallpy). — A Biili-divlBion nf 
I .6aaa Khel (10). hiruikai, 

(Swd SalaiD. 

KtxA Kbbl— A minor frao- 
tion of Ball! Kljot, Sliadi 
.KhBl. Bo™ Khe! (IflilOJ. 
Hahult Khitli THmatUBi, 
~ h Kiip) Wftxiit. 

Nijii Khki..— Aminor fraa- 

tion of Idar Kliol, AH Khe!, 
Khaddar Kbcl (770). Moli- 
mit Khfii, Utraannii. Dar- 
wi'sh Khal Waiirt. Head- 

Nam* Kbbl.— a minot fnw- 
tion of.Mnnini' Khtil, Tdr 
Khel. UnuiTKRi f60l1). Sliiii 
Khal, Ahiniidioi, Darwnh 
Khet WaxirB. Huadman i 
Adal Khan. 

N.1BA Khbl.— A minor fmi- 
tion of Mir Khan Khol. 
Asat Khel, Wnjii Khel (80 )). 
Mohmit Khel, Utmaiwai, 
Darweah Khel Warfrs. 

Nana KhBl('U).-, Dura I«mai1 
Khan lUHtrlft), — Nomadic, 
» -minor fraction of ZBitori. 
8Hn Khel, Mian Khnl. 
Lohana, l^wtiidaha. Hiud- 
man ; MO Mian Khel. 

Nasa Khkl (I'i3),-A mib- 
division of Tupiai, Tappi. 
lad, Pawai-Io. MuadiDim i 
AdII Bhah, A7.iiJi Khan. 
GnUhOidwl. Uuxa, KhamU, 
Hairal Mr. 

NanoaA Ka KL,— A minor fran- 
tion of I ftipa'l, Kabul Khel 
(3.eo(i), Wall Kho!, Utmtn- 
uu, HitrwfKb KW Waxln, 

NiNliIHiEla (1,000 ; Nandi- 
hur vullej, north oi Hasarii 
DJitriot)— A tribe of Swati 
origin. Hoadmou ; Somandar 
Kbaoj Sf 07.nfEar EHan. 

WiM Khbl_ (llj.— a section 
of Aliiai, Darpa Khel, 
lUtdlixad, DawariK. Hoad- 
iVBD ; Snliman Kliol, 

N»J«1 Khkl (3'i).— a minor 
fraction of Lar Lorai, Land, 
Malakh, Malliiad, Dawaria. 
Headmen ; Sanobnr Khan, 
WnlibaK, M&digai. 

NiSrr Khbl (:0 ; Blank 
Kuuntsin).— A Bub-dirinon 
of HaBanzai, Isaxai, Yusuf- 
itii, Hwdman i Fakir. 

iTiEaiZAi,— A diviiion of 
Kuktriiai, who are a vaaaal 
olan of the Mohroanda. 

NiBiKG Khbl,— A minor 
fraction of Bolaki Khel, 
1'atar Ehel or Aklioviral 
(3LI0), Hnaean Ehul, Adam 
Khel, AfridiB. 

Nabmi Khbl (BiLiinn anA 
Shawal).— A section of 
Bakka Khd (1,000), Wali 
Khel, Utmaniai. Darwegh 
Khel Wasira. Headmen ; 
Bauai Ehan, Bhah Nawai:, 
Ghainadin, Pilod Khau. 

Hnsani, Mncha, Maddft 
(1,600). Ibrahim 
Utmimiai, Darwesh 

Nabie KHBt. — A mimir 
tton of Sanni Khel, 'l. 
Kid (300), Galai, 
Khel, AfridiB. 

of Zhao Khel, tapbi, 3 
zad, riawariB. Hiaj: 
Gula Din. 

N*saBb (7,6iOi move i 
from Khomaan into 1 
jat).~A trading duB 
of the weajthieit 
Puwindah tribe. Tl 
divided into (1) Jala 
(2) Fsbi Kbel, ' (3' 
Ebel, (4) Alambee' 
(6) Bann Khol, (6) T 
Khel, (7) Kamal Kh 
Daiid Khel, (9) Mi 
(10) Tangi Khel. (U 
Khel. (12) Niamat '. 

t d 

Nasabzai. — A diviaioi 
Anjra Kh<>], Zmaraia. ) 
man; Gliaitat Khan. ' 

N*Bi KoB.— A gnb-diviB 
Arim Khan Kois 
Khan Khel, A" 
(3,000) OrakiaiB. 

Nifia KoB.— A mi 
tioo of HiiBuI Kor, 
Beg Kor, Gandab, HaU 
Muhmanda. HeaiiineE 

Nib Kesl (500 ; Bori, Zhiib) 
— A divbjon o( the (SoDth- 
cm) Santar, Kakars. 

Naska Din (7.210).— A mvb- 
diviBbn uf Kalu Khel, 
Ahmadzu, Darwpsh Khpl 
"Wazim, Headmen ; »eo 
ShBdi Khel and Bomi Khel. 

NinBir Khel (Gib- Indus, 
and on the north -eftstein 
borders ol Boner). — A gub- 
dmsion of the OhagRiiai, 

^ Mtdiiai, Ynsuf^WB. They do 
not belong to Buner proper, 

Nasbit Khbl.— a BMtion of 
• Ghalib Khan Khel, Mftlikain 
. Khel. Malikdin Khel(4,000). 

Atridit. Sfimil. Headmen ; 

Me Natbn Khel. 

Nabbist Kbbl (RO ; BWk 
Moiintnin). — A Bob-diviaion 
of Hftsntiiai. IsaTai, Vnsnf- 
SAIB. Headmtn; GujarKhan, 

N<iB*EAI (650; KhoTTnana 
river).— A fab -di virion of 
Masnwti, I«#hk7»rai, Orak- 
saia. J *'ar. J- Saioil, Head- 
man 1 Mir .AJimad Shah. 

Hi'Bi Khbl. — A minor (rac- 
tlon of Biiclineai, Tor, Jimi 
~hel (1/WO). WiiU Khel, 

riBii Khbl.— A minor frao- 
tion of Miishakki, Mafiha 
(1,600), Ibmhim Khel, Ut- 
nianzui, Darwtali Khel Wa- 

Nisai Khel (10),— A minor 
fraction of Bur Kaum, Hassn 
Khel. Tor, Mallizad, Dawa- 
ria. Headman ; Gul Sahib. 

NiBB Khbl (303).— A aeotion 
of Haidar Khel. Tor, Tappi- 
sad, DavariB. Headmen -, 
Gul Khan, Lalo Khan. 

NiBBUBDiN (1,200 to 1,600). 
—A diviBion of , Zakka 
Khel Afridia. Samil.l Head- 
men ; eee Hubib, Paindai, 
and Khnsrogi. 

NtBErrm Khbi, (1,500 ; 
Maidan, Dir). — A gnb-divi- 
sign of Sraadn, Maliiai, 
Yn8af7Aia. Headmm ; Khang 
of Gobat and Fam, Jan of 
Bargulai, and fiarnii. 

Nisriil [3,000; western and 
eastern elopes of Dnma 
mountain),— One of tbeto'ir 
dtvltiiona of lliaszai, Buner* 

SiTBc Khbl. — A section of 

6h«Iib Khan Khel, Malik- 
din Khel, Malikdin. Khfl 
(1,000), Afrldis. B^ml. 


i anlton Mnh»m- 
Bigil Klian.FrroK Klitm, Yur 
MnhaninirLcl Khan, MiiliBm- 
msd Bam, Alain KhAn, 
Oholiii, Kasim, Ham id, Said 
fihiilaiu, Mnjrd Akhnndvads, 
Mimn, Mil Alam, Mir 
Azim, Mir Salim, Mir Ah- 
mad, Nur Jan.. 

-■■NiToz*i (2,000 ; Zlioli).— A 
diviBion of (Northern) San- 
zai, KaklLra. 

MiWiH Koa.— A minor frac- 
of EahMatiil Kor, 
Kadal Kor, IJandnh, Halini- 
inds. Headman ; 
Naushvr Ehan. 

Nawik Khbl (125) —A Bub- 
■■ ■ ■ of Miram Sliali, 
Tappbad, Dairaris. Head- 
men ; Din Muhaiomad, 
Khojit Azam, Sahafran, Mir 

■ Nawar KhBL (30).— a 9Pe- 
tioD of Ifawar Khel, Miram 
Bfiah, Tnppijiad, Dawaris. 
Hffldmen ; Ba&awan, Na- 
lath, Tani. 

Nin-JB Khbl (10).— a aeii- 
tion of Zita Kh«l, Am^oni, 
- Malliiud, Bawarig. Hrad 
man ; Azam Shah. 

N*T*a Khbl.— Aminorfrao- 
titm of Banni Khel, Zargun 
Kbel (300), Gfllal, Aiim 
Khel, Alridia. 

NiZAi KhSl.— A I 

tinn of Azii Khel, Sdj 
Khel, Bora Khel (10 
Mohmtt Khel, Ftiuail|| 
Dftvwesh Khel Warf™. 

NiZil KflEL.— A minoi 
tion of Marclii Khel, . 
KhBl, Bora Khol (1,0. 
Mohnit Kbel. TJtmanJI 
Diiiwesh Khel Wazin. 

KuEL (Bi 

of.BndiaKhel (10<l), 
Khel, Naa-a Din 
Kalu Khel, Ahtnadzai, Dar- 
wesh Khel WaxiTa, Head- 
man ; Mir Alara. 

TSaexb KHEL.-AminoT frad- 
■ tion of Star AH Khao 
Khel, Sarki Khel, Madda 
Khel (1,000), IhiaMm Khet, 
UlmaMni, Durwcah Khei 
Wnxira. Headmen ; Kadara 
Khan, Nabbi Khan. 

NazeI Khel.— Aminor trac 
tiim of Piin Khel, Mir Haa- 
ani, Mauha, Madda Khel 
(1,600J. Ibrahim Khel, Ut- 
manzai, Dtirw,>8h Khel 

Nizi Khbl.— A section of 
Abdal Khel. Urmnz Kliel. 
Sipah (1,300). Afridis. Samil. 
Headman ; J mma. 

^^^^r ^^^1 

ISxlI KaFL,-A minor frac- 

N«KS*«4I (West of Dera 

tion of Moghn! KM, Usman 

Uhaui Khan District).— A 

"Khel, Shanai (750), Zftkha 

sub -division of Haroiaaii, 

Khel Afridi*. Satnil. Hrod- 

B,.m Khel. Mnsa Kheh. 

men; Mihr Din, Riwar, 

Snhan HLh, Gul ShnK. 

NBKi.j.MZii (West of Dera 

KjIIBKhbl,-A minor frac- 

Ghazv Khan District).— A 

tion of Sannl Kbel. Zorgun 

snb-iIIrisioQ iii Mansizai, 

Kbd (300), Ga!iu, Aaum 

Laharzai. Mii»a Khels. Head- 

Ehel, AfridiB. 

man ; Mehrban. 

Nam Khbl,— a Bub-divisimi 

NltPiKHKL (4,000; ftvalley 

. ■ Of Aimal Khin Khel, Z^inka 

of the same name on right 
bank of Swat).— A divTBlon 

KUel (3,000), " Hara«aj-<u " 

of the OrakzulB, Gar. i 

of Kliwazftiai, Akmsai— 


Yn8>if7.fii Swatis, Headman ; 

Yosnf Khan. 

of tlie Khum Hawas Khcl, 
A!i Khfls' (:^,fflO), "Ham. 

NbeziM Kbbl. a seation of 

Tor Sapar (350), Galai. 

Bayoa " of the Oraki^ais. Gar. 

Adam Khel, Afridli. 

i Shiah. 

NUBTZAM Khbi.— A minor 

N*ZH Att Khel.— A aeotion 

fraction of Walli Khel, Ali 

of Sladdi Khel, trtmanial, 

Khel. Sheikbmal Khel, 

Bar lUnhai, Akomi-Yn- 

KftrobarKhel. KambatKhal 

aufui tJwatis. 

(■1,500), Afridia, Gar. Hmd- 

man^ailBh Muhammad. 

Kbeas Khel.— A minor frao. 

tlon nt BiMH Kbal (700), 

Niiin Khbl (26).— A wc- 

„ Shadi Kh6l, Naara Din, 

tioa rtf Hakim Kh.'I, Muba- 

^^Maiu KM. Ahmadtai. Dar- 

rak Shuhi, MaUiTad, Paiv.i- 

^Bneih KhA Wuzlra. Head- 

ns. Headman ; Naiara 

^Kulu ; Timar Khan. 


^^Hkbol (4)-— a minor frac- 

NiAMiT Khbl (150).- A divi- 

^■pon of Chnttan, Zira Kbel, 

sion of Tatta, Battanttis. 

^■fttbioni, Mallizail, Dawaria. 

Hoadmen; Kttshal Khan 1 

^Knidimm ; Mangaimi, 

(Kah»), Mar-nt (Agiar). 1 

NiiHAt Khbl,— A minor 
Eiw-tinn of Wamkft A!i Khan 
Kfiol, Sarki Khol, Mttdda 
Khel (1,600). Ibrahim Khel, 
UtQianzai, Dsrweah Khs! 

NiAUT Khel ; A Beotion of 
Ayn She\, Ashnzat, Iliassai, 

NiiZis (9B0 ; KhoiTiflttn and 
the Derajat). — Migratotr, a 
Patrindah tiibe MTided as 
follows ; — (1 Maini'ez Khel, 
(200) i (3) Nurkkhan Khal, 
170); (31 Mfthsnd Khal, 
230), I (4) All Khel, (120) ; 
(5) Mala Kliel, (360). Tliare 
are four other dans of thia 
tribe, ih=., Iw Kbela (1,600), 
Knmar Mashani (30), Kmidi 
(360), and Sarhang (l.WiO), 
who are settled in British 
territory in Isa Khel, Kala- 
bagh, Mian<cali, Bannti, etu. 

NikkiKhhl.— A minor frac- 
tion of Hntean Khe), FaJtihai 
(l,n00), Buda!, Zakha Khel 
Afridis. Samil. Headmen ; 
Bee Miri Khel, Ahmad Khel, 
Lai Khol and Kazian Kor. 

^ NoEUZAI (450 ; West of Dera 
. Gkzi Khan DiBtrict).— A 
I division of Lnharzai, Mnea 

Khels. Headmen ; Batnk, I 
Baxi, Khan Duoran (Doda- I 
zai), Khata), Momin, Mnlbi^ 
Nadar, Haean (Kabalzai). 

foB Khal.— A mine. _ 
of Bilal Kliel, Hiiasan Kl 
(400), Muhmit Khel, 
rnanzai, Darweah Khel _ 
ziiB. Headman ; Ghaljun 

NozAi (ICO 1 west of Deia 
Glia^i Khan),— A diriBion 
of I^harzai, Miisa Kbela. 
Headmen j Shabbaz (Dawi- 
zaiS, Shetan (Ba«liHniiai), 
Gnlsher (IsaKBl), Mcndak 

WrnAi KuBL (Talash and 
Bush Khel, Bit).— A gnb- 
division of the Atma Khel, 
Malizai, Yusufzws. 

Nrn! Khel (10).— A sertion 
of Ftman, Miram Shah, 
Tappioul, Bawaris. Head* 
man j Wongul. 

NrEiKAi (1,300; aoothern 
of the Bnner vaUey). 


Nub Khan Khbl (20 ; Dera 
Ismail Khan District).— 
NomarlSc, aminor fraotiim oi^ 
Aka Khe!, Isot Khel, Mian 
Ehel, Lohana, PumndahB. 


minor frartion of SAilimaJii 
Khel, Tamail Kliol, Bozi 
Kiel, Maaila Khel (1,600), 
Ibrahim Khe!, Utman- 
lal, Darwesh Khel Wa- 

minor fraction of Tor Khel, 
Asaa Khel, Mitha Khan 
Khel Kiiki Khel (4^00), 
Afriiiia. Gar. Hoadmeii ; 
Bazai, Islamdin. 

NfBWBZ Khbi.— A_ Bub-divi. 
aion of the Khwaja Hawae 
Khel, AH Khela (8,000), 
" Hamsnyaa " of the Omk- 
zais. Gar. i Shittfa. 

Oba Kbei (1,63H),— a clan of 
the j^heranis. Headman i 
Asim Khan. 

On Khbl (10).— a Beiitioii, of 
Mnhamniad Khel, Malakh, 
Uallizad, Pawaria. Heail- 
man; HaMb Cihali, Muham- 
mad Said. 

Obaezub (3' ,800 : Tirah, the 
iDniiutainoiiB divlriet nortli- 
irc«t of Koliat, and imme- 
diately wnth of thP Afriili 
tionntiy, down la the Miraa- 
1^^^ Taliej).— One of tlie 

most important of ±!ie 
tribei on the North-West 
Prontier, It may be noted 
that the Mnliummad Kbel 
cl&n, as aiao portions of the. 
Ali'.aii and Ali KheU, tie 

OzBAEAi (41).— A inb -division 
of Shingi, Bahlolzai, 

Oa: (50).— A anb-divieion of 
Zerakid, Malli;iad, X)aicBris. 
Headmen ; iialaniai, 
Nabat Shahj 



of Kambar Khal, Kainbar 
Khel (4,500), Afridw. Gar. 
Headmen ; Moli&mioad 

Sbar, KhwBJft AH, Yaro, 
Ntuui, Shciui, and Sber, 

iTiiii KoB,— A sub-divisio 
of tlia Dawat Khel, Kbwiw 
eiii, Mohmanda. Hoadman 
Bora Ehan- 

Patimi (33).— a flection of 
Taib E!hel, Arazoni, Malliiad 
llawaris. Headmen ; Fai- 
zullab, Merai. 

PiDSHlH Khbl.— A minor 
fraotinn of Ya Khel, Babn 
Kliel, Adini^i, Kliwazaiui, 
Akozaj—Vuanfzai Swatis. 

PiSAtKOE or KiDAL Sob.. — 
A minor fraetion of Baud 
Kiel, Kadai Kor. Gandab, 
HaliI□^aI, Mahmaiidg. Head- 
men i Yaknb, AUali Hit. 

Pasal Koe or Wali Bbs Koe. 
— A minor fnuttion of Raflul 
TiaT, Walt Bog Kor, Gandab, 
Halimitti, MohmandB, Head- 
men ; Sbere Zamsn, Qui 
HaBBan, Olmlam Jan. 

Pabib Khel.— a minoi 
tion of Dre Nami, 
Khel, Hasan Khel (4C 
Mohmit Khel. r' 
Darweah Khel 
Headman ; Malak Din. 

Pah Khbl (Bohai Dag).- 
siib-diviaion of Khttdi F' 
Khwaeziii, MohmandB, 
men ; Qudai, Mnhamm 

Paii Khbl.— a uotionj 

Jaiialihori {80 J), 

Khel, Adam Khel, AfridiBTI 

Paia Khbl (200).— A seotaJ 
of Taru Khe!, Boba, Dan 

Pai Khbl.— A minor fraotiori 
of Kiindai, Tor Khel, Umar- 
zai (600), Shin Khel, Ahmad- 
;eai, TJarwesb Khel Wazli 
Headman ; GhnlUii 

Pa! Khbl (GO ; Den 
Kltan District.). — Nomadi 
minor fraotidii of Umra 
Sein Khel, MianKbal, I 
na, Pawindaha. Headmen 
tee Mian 'Kfael. 


PiiiTDj.— A minor fmction of 

tioD o[ Shadi Ebpl, Kaam 

Mudak, Bada. MH, iBmului, 

Din,Kala Khel. Ahmaaai. 

TJtnian Kbels. 

Barwesh Khel Wazira. Head- 

men ; Gulbar, Sarwur Khan. 

PiiNDil (9.»).-A snb-divi- 

iiSonaf NnBTuddin, Zakha 

PilNDA Khbl.— A aob-di vi- 

Klipl Afridis. HoiwJ- 

sion of Sbamogsai, Ismailuj, 

wn; AMnila Mir, Shah- 

Utman Khels. Hpadman; 

laz, Mir Kamm, Shre AH, 

Ajub Khan. Mir Saiad. 

Bnati, Afzal, Lai Mk, Khalr 


Paihda Khbl,— a sub-dm- 

sion of Shamomi, lamul^, 

Paisda Kh«i. (170; BlBcli 

Utman Khel. 

Mountain,). -A anb-diviBion 

- rfAkaiai, iBOzai, Ynanfeaia. 

PAiNDi Khbl (3,900 ; left 

'Headnidi ; Zarif Khan, Ab- 

bank of the Panikora riw. 

dulla, Sahaid. 

Dir).— A Bub-diviBion of 

Si»ada, Mulizai, YiiaiifzaiB. 

PilifDAKHBi,— A section of 

BarUiand, Mir Afzal of Sam- 

IIiasz:iii, Bd nervals. 

kiid, Gnl AbduUa of Bandai. 

Abid Khan of Dorial, and 

P-iSDA KDBt (3O0).— A ac- 

Saiftd Kamal of Akhagram. 

tion of Khidrzai, Ahmad 

Ebtil, Ula Khd, Shenuii». 

PiiFDi KffBt.— A BiiH-dW- 

lien of Brvrmi Khel, Kamrai 

PillKB* Khsl.— A minor 

Khel (.00) AfridiB. Samll. 

fraetion rf Manak Kh,l, 

Hmdinan ; Danlat. 

&klMlii Khel, Madda Kbel 

(l.fli)0), Ibrahim Kliel, Ut- 

Pilo Khbl.-A minor fiantion 

nianzai, Darwrah Khd 

of Khi^rzir Klu'l, Sii.r Ali 


Klian Khol, Snrki Khel, 

M».dd»Khp| (1.600), Ihrahlm 

PlIXBi Kbt!1.— A Bcction of 

Khol. Uttnniuai, Dnrweah 

Maohii Khel, Bahram-ka- 

Kliel Wwiw. 

Khpl. Bar Ranizai, Akozai 

— Yusnfzsi Swaiig. 

PAiPAi,i.-A»f.ction of Kahnl 

Kl.i-1 (3.801), Wall Khal, 

, Ji^lSDA Khkl (300; Britlah 

UtmanBai, DttrwMh Khel 

^^ritorjJ.-A minor free- 



DFiLI (13).— A Btili-dirision 
vi Banda, Tappizad. nawBris, 
Heftdman ; Gnonaamir. 

Pakas Kbsl (30).— a 8PC- 
tion of tJrmuz.Tor, MalliKad.' 
Unimris. Heddmcii j Alain 
Din, JTotim, Hassan ifu- 


iiEBAi (1,000).— A snV 
.IdiTiBioQ oF Bndiii, Znkha 

JOiel Afridis. Samil. Hcad- 
Wa!i Khel, Saddo 

Khal, HaasM Khel, Shekh- 

wal, Sikandur Khel, and Mir 


Paj;hai.—A minor fi-aotJonof 
MalitQftdat, As))u Khel 
(1.40(J), Hassan Kliel, Adam 
Khel, Afridifl. 

Palli Khel (1,335).- TbJ 
most irapoitsnt of the £om 
Hab-diTisiijnB of the Manaz^^ 
AliKai, Mahsuds. 

PiNAZiil.— A minor fraotioB 
of Sikandar Khal, AMji 
Khel, Bora Khel (IfiOOJi 
Mohinit Khel, Utnittni»" 
Darwesh Khel Waiira, 

Pani,— A triho living at Slfi 
and Sanga, who ektm to \ 

PANiaii (2,335).— A mh-ixA 
sion of Harnn Ehol, Sanslnit 
Eakars. Headman ; Sirdit 
Ibraliim Khan. 

p4tAti(76).— A Buh-diTision of 
Tapiai, Tappizfid, DawariB. 
Headmen ; Mir Baz, Mif 
Akm, Gd Ahmad, FattaH 

FaIiAO (316 ; Anambar and 
Chotinli.).- Aohinof Lunis. 
For Hpadmen ; aee Babn, 
Badozai, Mitaczai, Manozai. 

Pit KH«t.— A sBotion of 
MiiTi dazai , Danl atzai , . Muliuii 

PiNJi Khbi (10). — A minnr 
traction of Bi7.iid»i, MaUk- 
shai, Ainiai Khel, Bahlol/.ai, 
Mahands. Heudman ; Salub 


PAHJPil. — A Mctlon of 

Mosa Khel, Nuriiai, Mali- 
z&i, Bunerwals. 

PiNJFi! (Bttner}.— A sub- 
diviwon uE Nasnzai, Hijw- 
zai, BannwaU. 

PiMJ PiL*Ki (830).— A Bed ion 
of AbdnlUi, Aimal Ehel, 
Bahlohat, Mahsuds. 

PiHZiI (West- of Dew, Ghazj 

Klittn District). — A wotion 

' ef Dodaiai, NokcEidi, laliar- 

fftti, MuBB Ehels, Headman ; 

HBt {5n).-A minor 

n of tlie Bhaml Khcl, 

,. PftUiEhel, Manazai, Aliiai 
Mnlisnda. Headmen ; Gul- 
amir, Kotaa KliaD,and 8anj- 

PiFiUCEis {Ktiliaf. and Piwli- 
aval' diatricte, Kabnl, Bo- 
khara), — A trihii of merc}innlii 
who are settled i: 
parts of tbo frontier distcicta. 

Paraik Khkl— A minor fwo- 
tJon ot Madda KKel, Mianiai, 
■ d Khol (■J.OOni, Utmaa- 
I, Dsrweah Ehel Waziis. 

(SBM KoB.— A minm frao- 

n of the Raioi Khel, Yiiauf 

I*a Khel FandiaK, 

UohTDaDda. Headmen ; 


Parke Ehbl (60).— A section 
of the Manderi, Idak, Tap- 

ptxad, Dawaris. Headmen ; 
Zarmak, Knadai, Said 
Alani, ZergnL 

Pabez Ehbl (57), — A sub- 
division of Tapiai, Tappinad, 
Dawaris. Headmrai ; Abdul- 
la, Fatteh Eban, Zarar. 

Paeiabis (400; Black Moun- 
tain). — Divided into 8aiads 
(100), ChagarEaiB, Bad Kbels 
(30O), Gujara, etu„ (lOO). 

pAEiT Khel (fi).— A sub-divi- 
sion of Khaddi, MftUizad, 
Davraris. H<>adman ; Tawan. 

Pab KflBL (Tartttia) - 
division of Mullagorii, -w 
are a v.isseal clan of t 

Paerhaj. ; A winnr ftartion of 
Madak, Bado, Anil, Isinail- 
zai, ntmaa Kbels. 

'ahasi (116 1 Deia lemjil 
Khan Distriot). — Notoa* 
Air, a seetion of laot Ktiel, 
KiaaKbel, Lohaua. iWin- 

'AfiHA Khei. (6).— a sub-divi- 
sion of Khaddi, Maltiiad. 
Dawaris. Headman; Out 


Keel. — A m 
fraction of Pntpftli, Kabul 
Khel [2,600). WaU Klw^l, 
Utimliizaii DarneBli Khel 

PiPiBiKis.— A trlba said to 
inhiibit the northern moat 
bills of the Dera Ghu/.i 
Khan DiBtrict. No otber 
information avallahlu. 

Pathanai (2001.— a Bub-divi- 
hIoq of Shabi Khel, Aliul, 

Patol Khel (ahakal).— A 
minor frnction of Khanila 
Khan Khel, Hathi Khel, 
Shin KhBl, Ahmndaai, Par- 
y/feh. Khal Waaii's. Head- 
man -, Landai. 

Patozai (West of Dera Ghaii 
Kban District).— A suction 
of B&glidnaai, Ahmad zai, 
Balil Khel, Mnsa Khels. 
Headman ; Halim. 

pAii: Kbbi.— Aminor frac- 
tion ofManal Khel (76i.), 
Haibat Khel. Jawaki, Adam 
Khol, Afrld-s. 

Derajat to all those m 
tory Pa than tribes 
come down to BritLh i 
tory in winter, returning, h 
Slimmer approricbes< to Af 
ghanistat). The leadio] 
I awindab clana ue 
Nas-ara, Snlinmn Kl 
Kbarotis, Mian Khels 
Dautan's. OE \i-m im 

Patas Khbi,. — A minor fi 
(1,00 1), Biidal, ZaWba Kbel, 
Afridm. Samil. Headmen ; 
Zw'n, Sharabat, Saidai, Mir 
Din, Madrai, Nadir, Gclfb 

PaTao Khkl.— a sentio 
the Chawar Khri, 
(500) Daulatia" " 

pATAVt Khkl fSanianj 
Khanlii valley). - A Bi 
vision of Babia Khel { 
Headmen ; Zamin, 
Sttliib Khan, Onl 
Uhulam Shab, ate. 

» (45).— A diri- 

i of (Western) Sanzar, 
Kukara (H&iDSiijag). 

rEGHoZii (300 ; Km Total). 
— Onp of (be eight clans of 
Utman Khels. 

Pbsha Xqb (Plpttl).— a 
divisiiin of HscRan Kiitl, 
D&we7.u', MolimaDda. 

PlL4 Khbi.— A mlnw fra-linn 
of Sliugfti. Ti.rl Kbrl (2,670), 
Ibiikbim Khpi, Uimunzai, 
Tlfirwpah Kha Wazirs. 
Headmi']! ; Klionni, Pir 

of Bo?.a Kliel, Tor Khel, 
UinarTai (6001, Sh'ii Kli.'l, 
Alimuduki, Darwcsli Skcl 

PiBa Khel.— a minor fmrtion 
of Jaoial Khel, MnUk Sheiil 
(40O), Wall KJiel. Uinrnnwii, 
Itftrweah Klicl Wftiiiii. 
Headmen ; Hussaini, Zoi'i- 
Una, GulU Ktum, Ptrgai, 

PiBi Khbl.t-A BMtlon of 

Kunenii, Kuttagraui, Tattai 
. BotlutKiia, 

PlB» KHiiL.--A Biitior frac- 
tion of Mnrittn Kiel, TJtman . 

PiSi Kbbl.— A minor frac- 
tion of Mir Hoaani, Uftoha, 
Madda Khel ( l,eO(j), Ibntliira 
Kliel, Uttuaiiyai, DtkrWesb 
Kbel Wazire. 

PiBAEiii (106).— A BMtion 
of tha Kbidnuti, Ahmad 
Ebel, Otm Khel, iibeTMiiB. 

PiBiLi (15),— A Buh-divirion 
of Bandu, Tappifcid. Dawari*. 
Headman ; ^badak, Aliim 

PiBiL Khbl (IS).— a miner 
fraciion "f Ipi, Haidar ^hal. 
Tor, Tap}) i lad, Dawaris. 
Hcftdmt^Bi BaWbdin, Ul 

PiRiK (fi).— A sub-diviBion of 
ZBrokki, Mallizad, Dawaris, 
Headman ; Khataki, 

PiB«» DAN.JAB Kbsl(ISO). 
-+A BBCtino of Muhamioad 
Khel, Mslakh. Maltiiod, 
Canaris. Hmdiuon ; Bad- 
rung, Giianam Shab. 

PiBii Khel (10).— A minor 
fraeiion of (he Burnmi Khel, 

,. Khoidad Ehol, aidi Khel, 
Uunazai, Alizai, Mobsnds. 
Headman ; Shableh. 

[BOA KflKt (Banon Dti- 
trict), — A (Miotion of Hathi 
Kbel (e.ix;0j, »bin Khel, 


IVJuirs. Hendtnen ; Mushnr- 

Khfttt, tfnlbagh, 

jPilwM Khfti, Dsngir 

Khbl (135).— a 
freotloo of Abdul 
Rnhmaa Kliel,' Sher Khol. 
Haibiit Khel, Nana Khel, 
Bahlolzai, MahEuds. 

PlB Khel,— A minor ftfwt.ion 
of Khunlra Khol (300), 
Shadi Khel. Nasni Din, Kalu; 
Kfipl, Ahmudzal, DBrwBsh 
Khel Waiira. Headman ; 
Lalo Khan. 

^piB MFHS11H411 Khbl{43), 
— A flection of the Haidnii, 
h Chaliar Khel, Shaman Khel, 

~Pia McHAMMiD Khbl,— A 
minor frantion of I^muil 
Khel, Bozi Khel, Madda 
Rhel (1,(1(10). Ibrahim Khel, 
TTtmanzai, Darwesh Khel 

PiBB Knni.— A Bwlion i*f 
Ghaihi Kiel, Babalcri, 
Sipah(l,30n), Afridis-Sninil. 
Headmen ; Aahrnf , 

prEWiL Khhl [SOO; Loar- 
|tai), — AdiviBion of Ali Sh^r, 
Khpl, ShinwaviB. Head- 
man ; Nawub. 

FinwiL KsBL, — A sefltion 
Tatar Khel or AkhorwL 
{SOD), HaEunn Khel, Ad&n« 
Khol, Afridis. 


PiBEACi,— TheyleBoendant of « 
Pir, or Mnsaalraan fpiril 

Poi Khbl (81).— A seetioH 
of Mnhammad Ktttit, 
Mnlakh, Malli/ad, Daworii 
Headmen ; Shadazam alii 
Birh, Ghnlam Jan, Jnml 
Klian, Pirnara. 

Hani, Panczun, Sonzar, 

Poa Khel (25), —A miiunK 
fraction of Padmi, Tai 
Rhel, Amzoni, Mnllimc 
Dawaris. Headmen ; AGiat 
Saddagul, Ajam Shah. 

P05 KiLLi (-50).- A mini 
fraction of Dangoi Sjhe 

Muhammad Khel, Kalal 
Mallizad, Dawaris. 
man ; Uhanam Shah, 
Shah, Shcr Ali. 

L ie<£(ni 
a Khe 


of K bojrai, Darpa Khe 
Mallizad, Dawaris. " * 
men ; Shah J 
Muhammad Tar, UiaO' 
var, Makhmad. 

PiBBi KnRL (30).- A 
aeclion of Tapi&i, Tappiwd, 
Dswai-is. Headmen ; Abdul- 
la, Na^ir Mnliammad. 

P011TJ.KHBL.— A minor frac- 
tion of Khuniya Khel [200), 
Sliaai Khel, Nasra Dia, 
Kalu Khel, Ahmad?:.!!, 
Parweah Khel WaEJrB. 
Hoadmon ; Bliittani Khan, 

Uii East.— A m 

fe Khel (Khannana rifer). 
'' ' — tnor fraction of Alidul 
(110). Undaizni, 
ai, Lashkarzai, Drak- 
a. Gar. Headman ; Maaa. 

Kbbl (Bfin 


_. ot,).-A minor fra^iti 

Baik Khci. KiiandarKhan 
Kh*!. Hathi Khel (2,000), 
Shin Khel, Ahmadsai, Dar. 
-- h Kiwi Wsiira. 

tion of Titar Kliel, Khan 
Khel, Takhli Khd, Bakka 
Khel (1,000), WidI Kbol. 
TJttaanzai, Darveah Khel 
Wazira. Headman ; Uian 

Pbicai (ISO),— a section ol 

A«hn Khel, Ilaasan Khol, 
Adam Khel, Afiidia. 

Ptra Khbl (■«)).— A minor 
fmotion of Poi Khol, 
Mnhammad Khel, Malakh, 
Main aid, nnwftiTs. Hcjid- 
men ; tjhadit]iaai,afiai Btcb, 
Ghiilam Jan, 

lUoHSAi (60).— A Ktdionof 
Taib Kba.Amzoui, Mallizad. 
fawrini. Headmen ; Said 
Akbar, AIokhBeiQt Janak, 
Fii' Badshah, Khairan. 

IUhdo Kob. — A minor frac- 
tion of llanra Khel, Shatl 
Khel, Walibeg Kor. Qandab, 
tialimzai, Mobmands. 

Headman ; Gndai. 

EiHiHDiD Khbl (29),-A.: 
ml not fnkrtion of Abdul 

Raliman Kbtl. Sher Khel. 
Haibat Khel. Nana Khel, 
Haliloli!^, UabMids. 

jjfriD Khbl> — A minM- 
...jctiohofBftshKhel (1501, 
Shamlii, GuUi, Adam Kliel, 

Bahimdad Khbi— Aroinor 
fractian of Bosi Khol, Ennial 
Ehel, Sahib Jaa, Aka Khel, 
(1,800), Aftidis. Ssmil. 

KtHiKDiD Khel {4S).— A 
wction oi Ghalib Khiil, 
Bndanzai, Shaman Kliel, 
Mahands. Heildmcn i Zai'- 
pljeo. Fakir Sbali. 

Bahimdad Kob,— a minor 
fttifition of Asaf Kliel, 
Palkha Kor, Dndu Khet, 
Tarakzai, MoKmands. 

Eahim Khbl,— a minor frac- 
tion of Talagli Khel, Kad- 
dam Khol, Feroz Khel, 
Miishi Khel, Marniia Khel, 
HasBin Khel, Mitha Khan 
Khel, Knki KLul (i,500), 
Afridls. Gar. Headm&u ; 
Khaza Khan. 

RaHIU Khbl.— a minor frao- 
■tionof MohibKhol, Shekhai, 
Aniitti (V,000), , BudM, 
ikha Khel, Atridia, Samfl. 
aen; Kbwaa Ehno, 
i, Gholai, Mozam Din 

Kbel, Maalii Khel, Mannta 
Khel, Haesan Khel, Ilitha 
JChm Kbel, Knki Khel, 
(4,500), Airidii. Gm. 
Headm*!! ; Malla Nazir, 
Mirwal, Sfud Gul. 

RahiA KnR.— a in i nor frao- 
tlon of Sultan Khel, HnmM . 
Khel, Gandiib, Halim^ai, 
Mohmanda.' Headm 

Muhamuiad Ghans. 

Rahman Khel.— A m 
frovtion .of Shakal. Khel < 
(HX)), Haibttt Khel, JamtU. 
Adam Khel, Afridis. 

Rahman Kob (Oonfinea 
Bajaur).— A diviaion 
Goraii Utnjan Khels. 

Rahmanzai [4).— a sob-dirf- 
sion of Sakareai, Eakm- 
wal, Iiunls. 

Rahmai Koe.^A section of- 
Miisa Khel, Sipnh. Ba ' . ' 
Molimands. H^'admen^ 

Salad, Hasum, Akzw 
Hadi Gu!. 

BiBWATAi. Koa.^A Bcctioa 
of Kudai Kor, Gatitbl), 
Halimzai, Mob man dt, 

Heailmen ; Kaitshere Khan > ■ 
Abdal Kadir, Ghulam J»ii,, 

Babba Kfbl. — A. minor froc- 
lioii of Shei Khftn Khal, 
Umar Khan Kiel, Malikdin 
Khel,_MalUtdin Khel (4,000), 
AfiidU. Samil. Headmen; 
•ee Gkolu. 

KiiBiT Keel (Bonnu Di^. 

triot.) — A minor fcai-tion of 

AM Khel. Musa Kliel, 

«- Hathi Khe! (2,000), Shin 

■if Kh«l, Ahmadzai, l^arwcah 

■ KhelWazirg. 

BB-»ib*bi (114).— a sub-divi- 
- sion of lamaihJagh, Spin, 

Tarins. Headman; Panid 


EiJAi Keel (Danish Kol).— 
A BCEtion ,rf Yusuf Khel. 
Isa Khel, Pandiali, Miih- 
mands. Headmen ; Each 
Kol. Chat. 

^Bame Kbbl,— A minor frac- 
tiun (,f Bar Khoiihai, 
Khaddw Khel {770J, Moh- 
niit Khel, I'tmuniui, Dar- 
wrah Khfl Waxira. Head- 
mao ; Hukm Stab. 

f..BjUJj Khel (50).-A minor 
fraoiun (if Malai, ra^hi 
Khel, Palli Khel, Manaiai, 
Alii^, Mahsade. noaAmen ; 
Said Mubammad, Mir ShaJj 

aJJI Ksbl.— a minor frac- 
1 of Mintar Kh«I, Mu 

htrnmad Khel, Hu«sn Kbt 
(400), Mohmit Kbrij U' 
manzai, Danveab Kb 
WaxiTB. Headman ; Gbl 

Ea/ji Keel (25).— j 

of liana Khel, Tapiai, Tappi 
lad, Dawaris. Headmen 
Hazrat Pir, Fatteh 

Baeanwals [386; Tbal-Chc 
tiali).— A clan of Lt 
Hiadtnen ; »ee Mali 
Lado. Walaiuai, Wu 
Saiadan, Zakarzai. 

EaK[ Khel.— a seotiDn ( 
Kadai Kor, Gandab, Halim 

zu, Mohmands. 

Eamsher Kbkl.— a seetii 
of Durbi Khel, Kamb 
Khel, Kambar Kl 
(4.501-), Afi'idia. Gar. Head 
men i Muhammad 
KhwBJa All, Yaro 

Raha Kbel (70 ; Dera lama 
Khan DiBtrietl.— NomatBo 
a minur fiBLlion of Uml 
zai, Sein Khet, Mian Khet 
Lob ana, Powindahs. 

1 Khbi 

tlon of Idar Khel, Ali Kbel 
Khadilar Kbel (171 

Mobmil Khel, "' 


bAtVL Kbkl'-A BPction t 

tXIZAI, Bas (4,800 ; Left 
bank of the fiwat rivf 
^. One (it the three clana of 
" — YuHntzai SHUtiB. 
EhaiL of Ala- 

, Sam (3,300 ; South 

. F yhakot and Ijigiir, and 

Kaorth of Mardan). — Adivi- 

P^jjoD of Bar Banizai, Akoati 

Ji**-Yu8ufieJ Swatis. 

,-iiiig^Dullj HSJTJinLs at 

k Keel.— A minor frae- 
^' fioB of Shati Khel, Ali Beg 
Kor, Gsadab, HuUinzai, 

fraolionof Charkhil, Cliar- 
.{fchil, Land, Malakh, Malli- 
Dawaria. Headmen ; 
Gnl BaLman, Gnlzai'. 

VT. Khel (BO; Blaek 
. [ouctain).— A Metion of 
Aiiz Khel, Akaui, lauzai, 

V.AtVL Khbl. — A minor frac- 
tion of Haibtanai, Tori Khel 
12,670), Ibrahim Kiel, 
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel, 
Waiirs. Headman ; Mian* 

BisrL KoB. — A Motion tt- 
Wali B.'g . Kor, Gamdali, 
Halimzai, Mohmands. 

Eaka Khel.— a miwr frac-j 

ti'on of Gadin Khel, Tatar 
Khel, or Aihorwal HOl.), 
HaBBBn Kiel, Adam Khel, 

Baza Keel.— A Bectio_ 
KuDa Khi'l, Matikdin Khol. 
Mttlikdin Khel ^4,000),. 
Afridia. Samil. Headi&en ; 
we Eakhmali KLcl. 

Eaza Khel,— a minor frac- 
tion of Samiia Khel,Ghiili 
Khel, Apjbar Kiu'l, Mat 
Khan Khel, Kambar Khel 
(4,500), Alildis. Gar. 
Hiadmen j see Ktojal Khel. 

Eizo Keel (15).— A siib- 
diriaion of Kkaddi, SWlirad, 
Dswaris, Headmen j Kota! 
and Bahim Bhah. 

Kakoni. — A eecticn of Wnji 

Khol (800), Mobmit KheU 

TJtraanzai, Darwesb Khel 

Bbdait Khel {6).~A minor 
fraetion of Kbatmach KhrL 
Malai, IShingi, BahLlzai, 
Hahssda. Htodman; Ata- 

KoB (Pnnish 

r frMtion of 

Khel, Yvmif Kliel. 

k Kbel, Pandiali, Mob- 

Khel.— A minor 
I of Madda Khel, 
Miamsi Kabul Kl.el 
(2,6')0j, Utmanzui, Piirwcab 
Khel Wttzirs. Headman ; 

Bbibuin Khbi.— a minot 
fnctiun of Sikandar Khvl, 
Ktel, R-ta Khel 
Wl, Mohmit Kliel, TTt. 
i, DoriFfBh Kh^l 
I. Headman ; Sheikh. 

KiaBH]» Khel («).— A minor 
fnwtion of BarKaum, Hassi 
Khel, Tor, Malliwid, Dawa 
Hi-admen i Paiada 

N Khel.— A t 

iim Lif Kemal Khel, 

Khtl, Adiajai, KhwB- 

of Zhao Khel. Tapiai, Tappi- 
znd, ' Dawui^ HpadmBU ; 
leab Ehan. 

EoZI KuBt.— A minor fhic- 
tlon of AU KUh Musa 
Khi'l, Hnlhi Khel (2.1X-0). 
Shin Kliel, Ahmiidiai, IMr- 
wosh Khel W^Kirs. 

KcKHiN Khel,— A o'inot 
fnwtinn of Knndao Khel 
>400), Ai!l:o Khel, Hawnn 
Khel, Adam Khel, Afridii. 

KrsiAM KHKt.— A wotion cf 
Hasan Khel, Gndaltu, 
Iliuazai, HunerwaU. 

EuarjM KoB.— A BDh-diTiriim 
of Itazid Khxl Sheikhan- 
(3,000). " RamMyna " of the 
Orakxaia. Samil, Hetidliutli ; 


T Kbbi.— A minor frttc- 

of Drepilluti, Sarki 

tiel, Mailda Khel (1,600), 

" ahim Khel, Utmaniai, 

:wnh Khel Wazira. 

SiB* KoB. — A BPction of 
Khalil Ehel, Ka»im Kliel, 
Torakwi, Mobmandai 

BiHJBi ; [3,000 i Shsrail val- 
ley, Khiutt). — A clan nf the 


Ifamtizai (3,500), Lashkarzai, 
Orakzais. Gar. Headman ; 
'Feroz Khan. 

Sab Khbl. — A minor fraction 
of Shekhai, Annai (1,000), 
Budai, Zakha Khel, Af ridis. 
Samil. Headmen; Kattia 
Mir Khel, Fateh Khel, 
Sahib Khel. 

Sabitzai (100). — A section of 
Shadzai, Alizai, Sanzar, Ka- 
kars. Headman ; Bagai. 

Sabitzai. — A minor (Ham- 
nay a) fraction of Saiadzai, 
Barakzai, Targhari, Sanzar, 

SabogaI. — A minor fraction of 
Sadda Khel (300), Isperka, 
Kalu Khel, Ahmadzai. 
Darwesh Khcd Wazirs, 
Headman ; Ahmad Gul. 

Sa^btibai Khxi (Mastura 
river).— A sub-division 'of 
the Mani Khel (1,000), 
Muhammad Khel, Oiakzais. 
Gar. Shiah. 

Sada K^el (80 { Kbankl 
valley). A sub-division of 
Eabia Khel (700), Xsmailzai. 
Orakzais. Samil. Head- 
man; Nakshband. 

Sadak Khel.— a minor frac- 
tion of Maruf Khel, Basi 
Khel, K^mal Khel, Sahib 

Jan, Aka Khel, (1,800), 
Afridis. Samil. 

Sadakzai (West of Dera Gbazi 
Khan District)'. — A aub- 
di vision of Hamzazai, Balil 
Khel, Musa Khels. Head-< 
man ; Maoha. 

Sapazai (10). — A sub-divisi^n 
of Malezai, Bakanwal,.Luni8. 
Headman ; see Malezai. 

Sadda Khei» (3^).— A mine r 
fraption of Mirdad Khel, 
Abdul Rahman Khel, Sher 
Khel, Haibat Khel, Nana 
Khel, Bahlolzai, Mahsuds. 
Headman ; Dakkas. 

Sa^da KHBif (300? BanQ^ 
ai^d Shakai).; — A section of 
Isperka, Kalu Khel, Ahmad- 
zfti, Darwesh , Khel Wazirs. 
Headmen ; 2alim Khan, 
Ahriiad Gul. 

Saddo Ksel— a section of 

PaMiai (,1,Q00), Budai. 

Zakha Khel, Afridis. Samil. 
^ Headman ; Zarin, Sharabat, 

Saidai, Mirdin, Madrai, 

Nadir, Gulab Shah. 

SaPDq Khbl,— a sub-division 
of Mampzai, Mishtis (3,000), 
*' Hamsayas " of the Orak- 
zais. Samil. Headman ; 

Sadianzai (52).r-A divisip?^ 
of Palao, I^unis. 

S*I>IKZai,— A minor (Hara- 
aaya) fractaon of Hosvuzui, 
.Baiakaai, Tai'gliori, Saniar, 

MS {Babukarrah valley, 

*" ianc). — A division of 

" Tarkanis. 

KoH or NiZsB KoE 

ihai Dug).— A mib-divi- 

of MatiBuna Khel, 

e/.ai, Mohmands. 

uen ; Sado, AJunod. 

BiDOiAiBi— A clan of Popal- 
XAi DuraniB, w)iiclifnitibhi.'d 
the 5r8t Indiipendent Shalia 
Diirani dynasty, 
.. D. 1747J, the Bfirakzais 
arnialiing tlio Ajnin). The 
're of the Slialii was over- 
n the third genera- 
1 (A. D. 1834J, after a 
lOtrarted period of aiiarehy 
A diaHDBioD, wliieh brake 
the death (A. D. 
Vt73) of Ahmad Shah Dn- 
tsni. the fonoder of Afgimn 
natiint-'U independrticc. 6ce 
also Dunmis, and Biir Ba- 
' TOiiifl. 

bzAi (110). — A secUon of 
rfmoiai, Ahmad Kh«l. 
Q Khel, She«uv!», 

SaDoz*! («t,— a minor frao- 
tion of Haidarzai. Natozni, 
Duniai', Sanzar, Kakare. 

Smozil. — A minor (Ham- 
suyaj fraction of Hasanzai, 
Bftrskmi, Targhari, Sanzar, 

SiBozAl (West of Dera 

OhaM Khan TJiatriot),— A 

section of Jahilzai, Hasan 

, Khel, Balil Khel. Mun 

Kb ell. HeudmaD i HiaQ. 

SABoZii (West of Dora Ghaii 
Khan District). -A Biib- 
divjBifjn of Manglzai, lahar- 
zai, Mnaa Kiielg. Haid- 
man; Zliobai. 

SiBMiHBii.— A minor frao- 
tion of Miwiwai, Hani, Pune' 
zun, Sau^iar. KukAfB. 

Bins. KaEL.— A minor frac. 
Won of Jhuliiffl Khel (300), 
Haibat Khel, Jawati, 
Adam Khel, Afridis. 

SiFiflitii (50).— Aseotion <,f 
Bazai, llama Khol. 
Sanatia, Eukaro. HeadmaDi 
Ikhbal. ' 

hiZAi, — A minor fraction 

Shnmazfii, HaUzatai, 

Ulrn Iih«l, Saniar, Kakhrs. 

S*F18.— A vassal clan ot tLe 
Mohmands, who are prob- 
ably Katir PonvertB to Islam. 
Headmen ; ShaniBai, Sher- 
dil, Mazim, Mubui, Klinn- 
ipur, Jangraz, Zarapai Alian 
Khuii, Abhas. 

:4B KoH (Loi Shilman). — 

■tlon of Puraia Kor, 

lah Manemr Khel, Tarak- 

IB Jtn.— AdiviBioaof Aka 
Khel (1,800), Afridis. 8amil. 

8iHiB KaiH KoB.~A s*c- 
tion of Hatai Kor, Muham- 
mad Khan Kor, or Bar 
Bnrhan Khel, Faudiali, 

SiHiB Khbl.— A section of 
the TJmar Khan Kbel, AU> 
shOTKii (3,000). Lwb- 
karza:, Orakzaie, Samil. 
Headman ; Kasim Khun. 

Sahib Ehbl.— A minor frac- 
tion of tjab Khel, Sbekhai, 
Antiai (1,000), Budai, Zakba 
Khel, AfriiiiB. Samil. 
Headmen ; Mnlla Faft 
Muhammad. Mnlla Ali 
Muhammad, Ahmad. 

SiBIB Khex (SO; 1 
Ismail Khan District).- 
Nomadic, a minor fraolion^ 
of Aba Khel, Isot Khel/* 
Mian Kbel, Lohona, Pawin- i 
dnhs. Hesdmau ; see Mian J 


Sahooi (70).— a minor frac-J 
tioD of the Eimat' Kbelil 
Hftidar Khel, Tor, TapgiaMl.T 
DawariB. Headmen ; Had ^ 
Akbar, Juki. 


Silios. — A tme Saiad is tlitti 
descendant of AU, tJie son-^ 
iD-law of Mubamm^, .br 1 
Fatima, U uhamniad'a " 

dnnghler. Maaj of tlia' 
Patlian trihee, such as the 
Bangash of Kobat. and tha 1 
Miahiranie of the Bwora 1 
border, claim i^aiad qrigil', 1 
The apostles who oompletaiiJ 
the convursioD of IJ10 1 
i-atbana to Islam when 3 
called Saiada if they aune- 1 
from the west, and Sb«k))a I 
if from the cant ; henca I 
doubtlsH, man; false alaima J 
to Saiad origin.' In AfghaiH i| 
istan the Saiads have mooh 1 
of the commerce in their J 
hands, us thair holy charac- J 
ter allows them to pari Uti-^ 
banned where other t'atliiuia m 
would infallibly be mnrtlvreS. f 

^ 9«B vVm kviMAiX'I, 

Bau.d.~>A section of Manzar 

*"'Khel (aaO), Ibvaliiiu Kiel 

TTtmanzai, Dnrwesh Khel, 

'Waziro. HeodiDsn ; Anwar 

' Shah. 

81IAIH (230; BUck Motm> 
tain) — A sub-diviEicti of 
Hstmnzai, Isazai, Tusufiais. 
Hoftdmen ; Sniad Azim 
Shah, Bahadur Sbali. 


A EM* P.— A Hub-divi- 
o( Alwherzai (3,01j0.) 

Intahkarzai, Oi'akxaia. Samil. 

Keadinan ; Eayai 

Si.iABiS (7)- — A divisiiia 
«f lUkanwai, Lanis, Hoad- 
man ) Alam Shah, 

SAiiiiiKZii (3).— A snb-dJvi- 
sioQ of 'iakarzai, Uakenwal 
Lanis- Headmen ; see Za, 

SaIas Ali Ebbl (Maliftbnn). 
— A BeotioQ of Hasan IQiel, 
Mada Khel, laazai, Ytisuf, 
EQis, Headman ; Sher 

giiiDQl! {430 ; Waiviatan),— 
A ohin of Steiadi) who inhabit 
Zowe, Shanal nudtbe Tooh.i 
Dawai'ghar, Ea nibogli and 

IDandi plain, north of 

Bions of the Saiadgis are 
knofn by the names of tlio 
kioaiitiea tliej inhaMti as 
above. The Baiadgis of 
Kanibogh and of Sbawal are 
{lOKtoTal it) their habits, and 
all are on good terms with 
the Darwesh Khel. Head- 
men; Zalmai (Dandi plain) 
IB the loading man ; othera 
are Mir Sahib (Zowe), Qnl- 
bagh (Sliawal), Ghiuuil (Da- 

SiiAD Kham Nmabi (330).- 
A section of the All Kaian, 
Marauzai, Lastikarzaj, Orak- 
zais. Got. 

SAXtss Khsl (120 i Dera Is- 
mail Khan DlBtriot). — 
Kumadic, a taction of Isot 
Khel, Mjan Khe1, Lohana, 
Powindaha. Headjnani see 
Kian Khel. 

SiiiC K*HKz*i-— A section of 
Maizai, Nas Kiel, ^Sanzar, 

Silil>ZAi (5). — A Bub-divinion 
of Mhmi, Itakanwal, Lncis. 
H«adinan ; nee Mizrai. 

SiUOZii (120).— A [Ham- 
aa;a) section of the Ba- 
lakiai, Targhari, Sauaar, 


ICakars. Headmen; Kalaudar 
of Tftkhor, and Rabmatnlla 
of Bagb. 

Saiadzai (200).— a section of 
Sarangzai, Harnn Khel, 

' Sanatia, Kakars. Headman ; 
^rdar Bai, chief of all 
the Sarangzais. 

Saiadzai (200). — A section of 
Mehtarzai, Harnn Khel, 
Sanatia, Kakars. Head- 
man ; Aziz. 

Saidak DaiTgab Khbi (40).— 
A section of Bhnjawal, Ma* 
barak Shahi, Mallizad, Da- 
waris. Headmen ; Hnssain 
Shah, Sheikh Kabir, Sheikh 

Saidgai. — A minor fraction of 
Khan Khel, Takhti Khel, 
Bakka Khel (1000>, Wali 
Khel, IJtmanzai, Darwesh 
Khel WaziH. Headnian ; 
Gnl Khatni; 

Said Khbl (Bannn, Kuram). 
— A section of TJmarzai 
(600), Shin Khel, Ahmad- 
zai, Darwesh Khel Wazirs. 
Headman ; Firmal £[han. 

Saifali. — A section of Kabul 
Khel (2,600), Wali Khel, 
Utmaniai, Darwesh Khel 
Wazirs. Headman ; Kotan 

Saifali Khel, (Bannn Dis* 
.trict). — A minor fraction of 
Dodi Khel, Khandai: E)ian 
Khel, Hathi Khel» Shin 
Khel, Ahmadzaiy Darwesh 
Khel Wazirs. 

Saini Khel*— a minor ftac- 
tion of Narmi Khel, Bakka 
Khel (1,000), WaU Khel, 
IJtmanzai, Darwesh Khel 
Wazirs. Headmen ; Shi^ 

Saini Khbl.— a minor frac- 
tion of Titar Khel, Khan 
Khel, Takhti Khel, Bakka 
Khel (1,000), WaH Khel, 
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel 
Wazirs. Headmen ; Khan 
Badshah, Khazan Khan. 

Sain Khbl (70 ; Black Monn* 
tain). — A section of Aziz 
Khel, Akazai, Isazai, Ynsuf • 

Sainzai (Qomal).— a dlYi- 
sion of Miani, Sheranis. 

SaeaKhbl (SO). — A section 
of Salimkai, Khadi Khel, 
Shaman Khel,^^ Mabsnds. 
HeadmeTi ; Haji Jiobam- 
mad, Hialal. 

Sakki KfiBL.— a sub-divi- 
sion of Mamozcu, Mishtis 
(.S,006), '• Hamsay^ " cf 
the Orakzais. Samil. Head- 
man; Shahzu. 

^^^^ 185 ^^^^^B ^u,;— A minor StLSX K^aszas (West nf H 

fcaotion of Kntidsi, Tur 

DeraGhadKbaa Distrirt). 

Khel, Umariai (600), Shin 

—A section of JalaUaiV 

Hasan KM, Balil Klid, 

Khel WftziM. Headnmnj 

Moaa EhelB, Headmas;. 

Zaid GuL 


SUAS a.300)^ODe of the 

&U.MAI (27).— A dJTiriott rf 

two ohm of the Gadons. 


SiXiBZsi (1,600 i Western Bo- 

SitiH Kbic (40).— A minor- 

ner).— A dirisiorrot Iliaszai, 

fraotioB of Shinki EheUBa- 

bakki, Haeau Khel, Tor,. 

MaUizadj Da wans. Head- 


men i Gal HaMan,GaI Bai- 

S*LiBZM.— A minor fraction 


of Sh&LDozaif QaTQzazai, 

Arbu Ehcl, Sanzor, EaloLrs; 

SiLiff KoE.— A ramor (»rtioB 

of Kahmatal Ken, Kadai Kor^ 

SALAHZiis (4fl00; Babnkar- 

Gaiidab, Halimzai^ Mob- 
mands- Headmen ; AbdnL 

1 ' lahvalley, Bajanr).— One of 
^^^efoDT clans of tlio Tar- 

Sad!r, Ghnbm Jan. 

^^Buis. Headmen ; Kbm 

^^■Fuehat, aed Samad Klmn 

BiLnu EHBE.(14n).— A m&or 

^^■mttA Sliah. 

fraetTon of the IJachi Khell 

Patli Kher, ManaTai. Alhai. 

^^^jti Ehbl (8 1 Dera Ismail 


^^^Khau DiBttiot).— Nomadiora 

^^Bdnoi frairtiDii of Aba Ehel, 

S4J.TM Eai (126).— A anh-divi- 

^^Kot Khel. Mian Ehel. 

sioa of Eh»di Khel„ShMaaD. 

^^Hbluna, PEiwindaha. Head- 

Khsl, Mahends. 

^^■^ ; aee Mian Khel. 


BfLiic Eu> (PO).— it mmaa- 
fmc^tion of Panj Pflara» 

^^■ut EEn..-A enb-divi- 

^^Kiof Unar Ehcl. "Aitta, 

Abinllrf, Aimal' Khe). 

^^^KtanRiB. Headman i Sher 

BahIelair,:M«hTOdi_ Hmd^ 

^^^^^■[(liiiiiiiiiiiil 1 map 1 Uciaduk. .^H 


Salim Ehan Kob.^A, sub- 
division of ** Knz " or 
**Klirappawar* Burhan Khelt 
Fandiali, Mabmands. Head- 
man ; Gulzar S^bab. 

Salimonai (35). — A minor 
fraction of tbe Abdul Khel, 
Langar Kbel, Eboidad Kbel, 
Gidi Kbel^ Manazai, Alizai, 
Mabsudfl. Headman ; Nirla 

Saio Kob. — ^A nanor fraction 
of Srob, Bnsba Ebel, 
Kamali, Halimzai, Mob- 
mands. Headman ; Kban- 

Salwa Ehbl (40).— a fifection 
of Mullagan, Tor, Mallizad, 
Dawaris. Headman ; Mu- 
bammad Amin. 

Samadinzai (456). — A sub- 
division of Isa Khelf . Sana- 
tia, Kakars. Headman ; 
Malikdad Mubammad. 

Sam AND (59). — A division of 
Drigzai, Lunis. 

Sambl (or Ismail) Khkl.— A 
snb-division of Sbamozai, 
Kbwazazai, Akozai— Yusuf- 
lai Swatis. 

Sakilzaib (Bajaur).— Oho of 
tbe four clanB of tbe !tarka- 

Saueobi (270).— a dftn of 

Samka Khbl. — A minor frac- 
tion of Ghuli Khei, Ambar 
Kbel, Mat Eban Kbel, Kam- 
bar Kbel (4,500), Afridis. 
Gar. Headman ; see Kbdjal 

Sahozai.— (Mastuia, Kba!nki 
and Miranzai valleys). «• 
One of tbe tbree divisions of 
tbe Sbeikbaiis/^Hamsayas " 
of tbe Orakzais. Bamil. 
Headman ; Sbarab. 

Sanatias (7,37J ; Kalat, 

Pesbin, and Upper Zhob). — 
A cl^A of Kakaris. Head- 
men ; Guldad (Sbamozai), 
Sirdar Habo Kban (Mehtar- 
zai). Sirdar Bu Kban (Sar- 
anzai), Baidula ^Saianfirzai), 
Sirdar Ibrabim Kban (Pani- 
zai), Malikdad Mnbammad 

Sakduzai (West of tbe Dera 
Gbazi Kban District).— A 
section of Kabalzai Nolai- 
zai, Labarzai, Mnsa Kbels. 
Headman ; Momin. 

Sak<}abai (25).— a section of 
BazidKbri, Jawaki, Adam 

Kheli Afridis. 

ButSAB KHELfDaniohKol).— 
A section of Ynxaf Khil, lea 
Kheli Pandioti, Uohmasds. 
Headmen -, ZaidullaL, Col- 

S«i(i £hbl ; see Seik Khbl. 

S^nzii (300 ; Bar and Euz 
Tottti).— One (if eight clans 
of the ntman KheU. 

SaSbi Khkl, — A section of 
Zargnn Khfl (300), Galai, 
AdsiD Ehel, Afridi-). 

Stxzxh Khel, or Sant*l— 
ESBL.— A aectiou of E^&nuJ 
Khd, Sahib Jun, AkaKhel 
(1.800), Afridifl. Swnil. 

Six B AX or SiBA» Keel 
(31,659 i Bori, Zbob and 
Thai Chotiali).— The most 
poTrerf ul of tLe fire Eakar 
elans. Thcf are divided 
into sontbc'ra, venten, 
mntlwru tjanzare. 
■OUtbem number 
:1jt05, the weatem (muetly 
%msit]me) 3,91U, and Ibe 
iwrtberD (tunned Zhobta) 
IS.rtOO. Headmen; Sirdar 
Shall Jeban, Dost ikltil;km. 

SaK KhaK.— a minor traction 
of Nelraam Khel, Tor Sapar 
(350), Gftlai, Adam Khel, 

Sab EbBL.— a minor fraotion 
of Malilii Khal, Kattio Ehel, 
Hussao Ebtl, Mitha Ehan 
Khal, Kcki Khel (4.600), 
Airidis. Gar. Heibdioen ; 
aee Makki Ebel. 

SABANazii (1,290).— A anh- 
diTifflon of £[^nn Kiiel, 
Saoatia, Eakars. Hcftdman ; 
Sirdar Bai Khan. 

RIabab. — A section of Tara 
Ehel, Uoia, Waraapon, 

Sabbadai, Kob,— A Ttdnor 
fraotion of Mnradi Ehel, 
Dalkha Eor, Dadu Khel, 
TaraliKai, Uehmands. 

Sabbadab Khbl.— a snb- 

division of Mat Khan Khel, 
Kambar Ehel (4,500), 
Afrits. Gar. Headiueu ; 
Shur Ehan, Haraid, Nunii. 

Sabbab Eebl (1,300).— a 
section of EaEid Khel, 
Jawaki, Adam Khe!, Afri- 

SABa»i.Li.-(2,60CI; Knr 

clans of the Turia. 


Sasdabi Khbl (40).--^A minor 
fraction of Pirdad Kliel, 
Abdul Rahman Ehel, Sher 
Khel, Haibat Khel, Nana 
Kbel, Bahlolzai, Mabsnds. 
Headmen^ Allahdad, Shahzal. 

Sasdi Khsl (Bannu and 
Shawal).— A section of 
Bakka KM (1,000), Wali 
Khel, Utmanzai, Darwesh 
Khel Wasirs. Headmen ; 
Aahraf Khan, Khaki Shah, 
Gnlak Khan, Hasul Shah, 
Landak, Maoladad Khan, 

Sabgak Kob.— a minor frac- 
tion of Ismail, Khadin Khel, 
Ashazai, Iliaszai, Bnner- 

SABOABBAt KoB (Bohai Dag). 
—A snb-division of Khadi 
Khel, Khwaezai, Mohmands. 
Headmen ; Akram^ Aziz 

Sabovl Khbl. — A minor frac- 
tion of Pirw&l Khel, Tatar 
Khel, or Akhorwal, Hassan 
Khel, Adam Khel, Afrldis. 

Sabeaki Khel.— a sub-divi- 
sion of Shamozai, Ismailzai, 
Utman Khels. Headmen; 
Dost Muhammad, Mohr- 
dil^ Muhammad Akram. 

Sabkani Khbl (Atang).*- 
sub-division of Shtioos 
Ismailzai, Utman Khela. 

Sabehi Khel. — A minor fr 
tion of Mira Khel, M 
Khozhai, Khaddar K 
(770), Mohmit Khel, T 
manzai, Darwesh Khel "^ 
zirs. Headman ; Bakl 

Sabei Khbl. — A section 
Madda Khel (1,600), lb 
him Khel, Utman^uui, D 
wesh Khel Wazirs. Hei 
men ; Sadda Khan, Alam 
and Shadam Khan are 1 
leading men ;see also Mac 
Khel, All Khan Khel, a 

Sabki Khbl —A sub-divis 
of Akhel (600), Ismails 
Orakzais. Gar. Headme 
. Malik Maddu, Mir Kh 
Said Gul, Nur Ayaz, S 
Shah, Sher All. 

Sabmabeai (50).-— a eectioi 
Salimkai, Khaki Khel, S 
man Khel, Mahsuds. He 
men ; Namar, Fasti, Gba 

Sabmast Khel.— a xni: 
fraction of Machi Khel, i 
dul. Kbel, Bora Kl 
(1,000)^ Mohmit Khel, 1 
manzai) Darwesh K 

S*BMAflT Khhi.— A minor 
fiMtion of Mmn Khel, Jftn- 
akhori (eOO), Haesaii £h(^l, 
Adam Ehel, Afridi». 

Sahkast Keel.— a minor 
fraction of Bodi Khel, Dar- 
doni, Wuai Klu<l (800), 
Mohmit Ehel, Uttnanzai, 
Darweah Kbel Wazire. 
Headmen ; Bozi, Wazir 
Kinui, Nakir Khan. 

a Khbl. — A Bub .division 
Sbainozai, lEmailzai, 
I Khuls. Headman ; 

Khbl (Arangl.— 
tub-diviBion of Shamouii, 
Duilzai, Utman KheU. 

, (lOO).— A diTirion cf 
' i, Baltannls. Heudman ; 
. Khan (JaUl Khel), 
nt [Kurab Khel). 

Sabd K BEL {Knrraml.— A 
flub-diviaion of Dnperai 
(J ,600), Chnrdai, Turia. 

Sastt Khbl [SO ; D«n 
Ismail Eban District). — 
Nomadic, a minor fmction 
of Akft Khel, Isot Khel, 
Mian Khel, Lohana, Panin- 
dahe, Hnkdmen ; see Mian 

Saewab Khkl.— a minor frac- 
tion of Nekiam Khel, Tor 
Sapar (350), Gabi. Adam 
Kbel, Airidis. 

Saital Khkl.— -A minor ftac- 
tion of Ghnlam Khel (800), 
Haibat Khel, Jawaki, Adam 
Khel, Airidij. 

Saitb Khel.— a minor frae- 
tion of Ali Khel (100). 
Ashn Khel, Hassan Khel, 
Adam Khel, Afridis. 

Sbbujki (2,000 i Mngolfu to 
the Hamawai stream). — A 
division of Khwazazai, Ako- 
tai — Yumfzai Swatia. 
Headman ; Jalat Khaa. 

Skin Khbl (600 ; Dera Igmail 
Khan Distriet).— Nomadic, a 
Bub-division of Mian Khel, 
Lohana, Pawindahs, Head- 
man j Azim Khan. 


Seuani (54).— a mib-division 
of Ismailalagh, ^in, Tetrins. 
Headman ; Isai Xhan. 

Sen. — A section of !Khakizai, 
Ashazai, Iliaszai, Bnnerwals. 

Sen Khel (1,640).— A clan of 

Sen Khel. — A sub-division 
of Abba Kllel,Tatta^Battan- 

Sen Khel.— a fenb-^ivision of 
Gadaizaiy Iliaszai, Bnner- 
wals. . 

Sewzai.— A section of Kanezai, 
Kattagarm, Tatta» Battannis. 
Headmen ; Khajak^Haan. 

Sbnzai.— A section ol Kesa, 
Woruke^Dana^ Battannis. 

Senzai ( Bajaur ). — One of 
the divisiona of Isazai, 

Senzai (Bajanr).. — A small 
aboriginal tribe, living at 
Senzai, two miles north of 
Mundah, in Jandol. 

Sbpah. — A sub-division of 
Kandahari Safis^ who are a 
vassal clan of the Mohmands 

Sepah. — A division of Baezai, 

Sebou Khtl (or Siytt).— A 
section of Panjpai, Kasiuiai, 
Iliaszai, Bnnerwala* 

Sewanai Kob (Bphai Bs^).— 
A snb-division of Khadi 
Khel, Ehwaezai, Mohmands* 
Headman ; Painda Khan. 

Shabadin Khel (20).— A 
section' of Falali, Tapiai,. 
Tappizad, Dawaris* Head- 
men ; Mfr Alam or Mir 

• Alani^ GumbaL 

Shaba Khel.— A snb-£vision 
of AliKhel, Bar Ranizai^ 
Akozai— Tusofzai Swatis. 

Shabae Khel (10). — A 
minor fraction of Khatmach 
Khel, Malai, Shingi, B^ol- 
zai, Mahsnds* Headman ;. 
Eatteh Khan. 

Shabab Khel.-- A minor frac- 
tion of Sarmast Khel, Badi 
Khel, Dardoni, Wuzi Khel 
(800), Mohmit KheljITtman- 
zai, Darwesh Khel Wazirs^ 
Headman; Nakir Khan. 

Shabbab Khel. — A minor 
fraction of E[harmanj Khel,, 
Khwaja Khel, Miamai, 
Kabul Khel (2,600), Wall 
Khel, Utmanzai, Darwesh 
Khel Wazirg. Headman ; 


Shabaz Ehbl (15).— a minor 
fractaon of Idal Kbel, Maham- 
mad Kliel,Malakli,JdiaUi:ad, 
Bawaiia. Headman ; Kau. 

Shabbzai (80). — A section of 
Isa EM, Ahmad Khel. Oba 
Khid, Sheranis. 

Sbabi Khbl (1,270) .<-A 
^YiBiOQ of the Alizaiy 

ShabilKhbl.— A minor frac- 
tion of Umar Khel, Annai 
(1,000), Bndai, Zakha Khe], 
Afridis. Headmen ; Shahaba 
Din, Bolak, Arab. 

Sbabozai.— A sub-division of 
Arbu Ehel, Sanzar, Kakars. 

Shabza.1 (Zhob). - A section of 
Ibrahimzai, Shadozai, Ali 
Khel, Sanzar, Kakars. 

Shabak Ehbl (6).— a section 
of Boya, T^pizad, Dawaris. 
Headman ; Tor. 

Shadae Kob.— a minor frao* 
idon of Hjatai Kor, Shah 
Mansnr Khel, Dadu Khel, 
tCarakzai, MohmAnds. Head- 
iMn ; Sofi. 

6HAPAK8.— A nuDor fraction 
of Muhammad Khel (70O), 
Ifperka, Kalu Khel, Ahpoad- 
udf Daxwesh Khel Wazirs. 
HfiiliPff" i Katamii. 

Shabat Kob. — A sub-division 
of Maimana Khel, Khvaczai, 
Mohmands. Headman ; Mira 

Shadi Khbl (200).— a sub- 
divifflon of Bobak, Dana, 
Battannis. Headman ; Batur 
of Bagh. 

Sbadi Khbl (75 ; Dera Ismail 
Khan District).— Nomadic, 
a section of Isot Khel, 
Mian Khel, Lohana, Pawin- 
dahs. Headman ; see Mian 

Shadi Khbl (1,800 ; British 
territory, Wana and (lumatti. 
Some fractions mi^prate 
to Baddar).— A section of 
Nasra Din, Kalu Khel, 
Ahmadzai, Darwosh Khol, 
Wazirs. Headmen ; Sarwar 
Khan^ Amin Khan, Jalal 
Khan, Timar Klian, Nazir 
Khan, Gnl Adam, Snliib 
Khan, Gulbaz, Sawar Khan, 
Mir Alam, Bhittani KLan, 
Mihrwab, Lalo Khan. 

Shapi Khbl. -A minor frac- 
tion of Sikandcr Khel, Man- 
zar Khel (360), Ibrahim 
Khel, Utmanzai, LarwoDh 
Khel Wazirs. Headman ; 

Shadi Khbi.— a wction of 
Bora Khel (1,000), Mohmit 
Ehel, Utmanzu, Danresh 
Khel Wazira. HeBdman ; 
Eippat Khan. 

Sham Khsl. — A niinor frac- 
tion of Boza Kh^, Tot Khel, 
Umarzai (600). Shin Khel, 
Ahmadzai, Dariresh Khel 

Shapi Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of BakI Ehel, Hasaan 
Khel (400), Mohmit Ehel, 
UtmaDZftt, Darwesh Ehel 
Wazirs. Headmen ; Piyao 
Ehan, Badde Fakli, Ehait 

Shadi Ebbl (35).— A sab- 
diTisioD of Bonda, l^pizad 

Dawrnis. Headmen ; Shabol, 
Nazr Mttbammod. 

Shadi Ehbl (9)-— A minor 
fractimt of Ipi, Htudai- Eliel, 
Tor, Tappizad, Dawatis. 
Headmen ; Qaldad, Salim. 

Shadi KUax. (40).— A minor 
fraction of Lar Lorai, Land, 
Malakh, Mallizad, Davaria. 
Headmen ; Bazar Din, Kamat 
Khan, Fakii Muhammad. 

Shaivisai.— A Bection of Abnad Sbahabuddik Khel (9' 
Ehol, Targbarit Saozar, A minor fraction 
Sakua. Qatera!, Shumi KJiel,: 

Shadozai. — A minor (B 
saja) fraction of 
HasanzM. Bantkzai, 
ghari, Saniar, Kakan. 

Shadoeai (27G).— a n 
fraction of Bnlozai, Fa: 
Hamn Khel, Sanatii>,Ka 
Headmen ; Ali Muham- 
Bamzan, ¥aiz Mnliamm 

Seadzai (3,900).- A nb- 
aonof Aliaai, Sanzar, Ka 
Headmen ; Ali (Aitor 
Saiad Bahmat (Ali K 
Hamzai (Daolatziu), t 

Shabu Koe.— A minor fr* 
of Ambora Khel, St 
Ebel, Eamal Khet, g 
Jam, Aka Ehel (1,) 

Afridia. Samil. 

Shahab Dim Kbbl (6( 
A section of Moaakki, 
Hallizad. Danaris. H 
men ; Ha^n, ' Sawan, 
fiaiban, Milir Qui. 

Shahab Khel.— a n 
fraction of Manzar- Khel 
Khel,UmarMi (600), 
Khel, Ahmadaai, Dat 
Khel Wazira. He&di 
Jamal Din. 


Khel, Maaazai, Allzai* 
Hahsuds* Headmen ; Zafar, 
Isab, Eabal, Zarmast. 

ShahAluc Khbt (128). — A 
■eetioiiof the Easim Kbel, 
Chahar Khel, Shaman Khel, 

Shahbaka Kob. — A minor 
fraction of Sultan Khel> 

• Hamza Khel, Gandab, 
Halimzai, Mohmanda. Head- 
man ; Nurai. 

Shahbas Khel. — A minor 
fraction of Mir Said Khel, 
SanzalKhel, Kamal IChel, 
Sahib Jan, Aka Eliel 
(1,800), Afridis. Samil. 

Shabbaz Khbi (40).— a 
minor fraction of Bizodai, 
Malikshai, Aimal Khel, 
Bahlolzai, Mahsnds. Head- 
men; Zobar, Aaal Khan, 

Shahbaz Kob. (Danish 
Kol). — A minor fraction 
of Bajai Khel, Ynsaf Khel, 
Im Khel, Fandiali, Moh- 

Shahbbg Khbi.— a minor 
fraction of Tor Khel, Asad 
Khel, Mitha Khan Khel, 
Knki Khel (4^00), Afriditj. 
Gar. Headmen ; Bazai and 

Sblahbbg Shbl.-^A minot 
fraction of Fatteh Khel, 
Mir Khel, Fakhai (1,000), 
Bndai, Zakha Khel, Afridis. 
Samil. Headmen; Mnham<' 
inad Knr, Mnhammad Shah, 
and Kamr Din. 

Shahbudinzai (West of 
Dera Ghazi Khan Dis* 
trict). — ^A sub-divinion of 
Hamzazai, Balil Khel, Mosa 
Khels. Headman ; Kalandar, 

Shadad Khbl.— a section 
of the Kambar Khel, 
Bazoti (560), Danlatzaii 
Orakzais. Samil. 

Shahdad Khbl. — A division 
of Mntakai, Utman Khels. 

Shahdozaib (200). — A small 
Fathan tribe, said to be an 
offshoot of the Kakars. 
Headman ; Jehangir. 

Shahoxtl Khbl. — A sub- 
division of Niamat Khel, 
Tatta, l^ttannis. Head- 
man ; Mir Azar. 

Shahoul Kob. — A minor 
fraotvon of Basul Kor, Wali 
Beg Kor, Gandab, Halimzai, 
H&mands. Headmen ; Kha- 
lid, Ghnlam Din, Kalandar. 


ShahiEhel(15 ; Dera Ismail 

Khan IHistrict). — Nomadic, 
minor fraction of Saiad 


Khel, Isot Khel, Mian Khel, 
Lohana, Fawindahs. Head- 
see Mian Khel. 


Shahi Khel (80; Black 
Mountain). — A section of 
Barat Khel, Akazai, Isazai, 

Shahi Khbl.— A minor frac- 
tion of Ghulani Khel (300), 
Haibat Khel, Jawaki, Adam 
Khel, Afridis. 

Shahi Khbl (40). — A section 
of Mnsakki, Tor, Mallizad, 
Dawarjs. Headmen ; Nia- 
midar, Azmat, Gul Sahib, 

Shahi Khei (8). —A minor 
fraction of Padmi, Taib Khel, 
Amzoni, Mallizad, Dawaiis. 
Headman ; Faizullah. 

Shahi Kob. — A minor fraction 
cf Muradi Khel, Dalkha 
Kor, Dadn Khel, Tarak- 
zai, Mohmands. Headman ; 
Muhammad Hassan. 

Shahi Kob (Kharmana river). 
—A minor fraction of the 
Ash Khel (580), Khwaja 
Khel, MasQzai, Lashkarzai, 
Orakzais. Samil. Headman ; 

Shah Jahak Khel.— A minor 

fraction of Jambai Khe]« 

Waruka, Ali Khan Khel, 

Sarki Khel, Madda KheL 

(1,600), Ibrahim Khel, 

trtmanzai, Darwdsh KhiH 

Shah Khbl— A section of 
Ibrahim Khel, Gadaizd, 
Iliaszai, Bunerwals. 

Shah Mansub Khel (1,300). 
—A section of Dadn Khel. 
Tarakzai, Mohmands. 

Shah Mibi. — A minor fraction 
of Dre Pillari, Tori Khel 
(2,670), Ibrahim Khel, 
IJtmanzai, Dsrwesh Khel 
Wazirs. Headman; Khari. 

Shah Muhamuad Khel. — A 
minor fraction of Pira Khel, 
Jamal Khel, Malik Shahi 
(400), Wall Khel, Utman- 
zai, Darwesh Khel Wazirs. 
Headman; Pirgai. 

Shahmal Khel. -t a minor 
fraction of Pirox Khel, Tor 
Sapar (850), Gttlai, Adam 
Khel, Afridis. 

Shahnub Kob. — A minor frac- 
tion of Zaman S^l, Makki 
Khel, Kattia !l^el, ' Hassan 
Khel, Mitha Khan Khel, 
Knki Khel (4,500), Afridis. 


Shahozai (West of Dera 
Ghaa Khan District). — A 
division of IJmarzai, Mnsa 
Khels. Headman ; Shahozai. 

ShahozaI <100}.—- a snb-divi- 
don of Yahia, Sen Khel, 

SBAmJL KisBL (40).— A snb- 
cUvision of Ismail Khel, 
Managai, Sheranis. 

Shahwali Khel. — A minor 
fraction of Sikandar Khel, 
Abdnl Khel, Bora Khel 
(IJOOO), Mohmit Khel, Ut- 
manzai, Darwesh Khel Wa- 


Shahwaz Khbl.— a snb-dlvi- 
flion of the Khwaja Hawas 
KM, AU Khel (8,000), 
'' Haipsayas" of the Orakzais. 
Oar. t Shiah. 

8HAZB Khbl.— A section of 
the Mir Ahmad Khel, 
Alisherzai (8,000), Lash- 
luuREaiy Orakzais. Samil. 

Skaxb Khbl.^A Tninor frac- 
tion of Dani Khel, Matkai, 
Xalikshahi (400), Wall Khel, 
TTtmanzajl^ I>Bffwesh JKihel, 
Wasirs. Headman ; liffardta. 

gSATKH Babid (Wana).— a 
minor fraction of Zalli Khel 
(9^)00), Bond KImI, Nua^ 

' Din, Kala Khel, Ahmadzai, 
Darwesh Khel Wazirs. 

Shaieh KhbIi.' — A section of 
Aib Khel,' Saliarzai; Iliaszai, 

Shaikh Khbl.— A minor frac- 
tion oi Kftmbir (or Kambo) 
Khel, ^Aib Khel, Salarzai, 
Iliaszai, Bnnerwals. 

Shaikh Khbls (Talash vallej, 
and Dush thel, in Dir).— 
A division of Ansa Khel 
(Malizai) Tusafzais. In 
combination with the Nnrak 
Khels they can mnster some 
1,500 fighting then. 

Shaeal Khbl (100).— a sec- 
tion of Haibat Khel j Jawaki, 
Adam Khel, Afridis. 

Shakhab Khbl.— a minor 
fraction of Musakki, Wuzi 
Khel (800), Mohmit.Khel, 
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel 
Wazirs. Headman ; Kaloni. 

Shakhab Khbl (Bannn Dis- 
trict) .—A minor fraction of 
Kundi, Pirba Khel, Hathi 
Khel (2,000), Shin or Sani 
Khel, Ahmadzai, Darwesh 
Khel Wadn. Headman ; 
DMiDgir Khan. . 


Shakhi (230).— a division of 
Waraspan, Battannis. Head- 
men ; Saidal (Ismailak) ; 
Jandar (Chalak Khel), Ah- 
mad Khan (f^ateh Khel). 

Shakhibya Khbl. — A minor 
fraction of Khojal Khel 
(600), Shadi Khel, Nasra 
Din, Kalu Khel, Ahmadzai, 
Darwesh Khel Wazirs. 

Shakhtjl Khel. — A minor 
fraction of Mir Husani, 
Macha, Madda Khel (1,600), 
Ibrahim KheL Utmanzai, 
Darwesh Khel nazirs. 

Shakki Khbl (60). — A snb- 
division of the Band Khel, 
Bahlolzai, Mahsnds. Head- 
man ; £{^mdad. 

Shaebzai (40). — A section of 
Land Amand, Ahmad Khel, 
Oba Khel, Sheranis. 

•Shalmai Kob. — A minor frac- 
tion of £ami Khel, Kadai 
KoTt Gandab, Halimzai, Moh- 
mands. Headmen; Khan 
. Shere, Zainnllah. 

Sbauae Khel f420).— A 
section of the Abdullai, Aimal 
Khel, Bahlolzai, Mahsnds. 

•Shahal Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Pirwal Khel, Tatar 
Khel or Akhorwal, Hassan 
Khel, Adam Khel, Afridis. 

Shamali Khel.— a sub-divi- 
sion of the Akhel (600), 
Ismailzai, Orakzais. Gar. 
Headman ; Makhodi. 

Shauauzai (300).— A sec- 
tion of the Baranzid, Keb- 
zai, Sanzar, Kakars. Head- 
men; Jamal, Behai, Paio. 

Shaman Khel (1,928).—- A 

clan of Mahsnds. 

Shamebai (140).— a sab-diyi- 
sion of the Manazai, Alizai, 

Shamezai (34).— a division 
of Bakanwal, Lunis. 

Shakezai (4,000; HaAiawai 
stream to Kohistan). — A 
division of ' KJiwazazai, 
Akozai— Tnsnfzai Swatis. 
Headman ; Hasain Khan <^ 

Shami Khel. — ^A minor frac- 
tion of Shngai, Tori EM, 
(2,600), ^ Ibrahim Khel, 
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel 
Wazirs. Headmen ; Hakim, 
Mnsa, Hashim SIhan, 

Shahil (1,000 ; Shamil 
valley, Khost), — A dm of 
the KhostwaLk 


Ihuii (West ot Dim GhaEi 

Tlistrict). — A section 

of Eadi/ai, Almmdiai, Balil 
Eliel, Muss Khets. Head- 
nULD ; Lai Ehon. 

Sbahuil (910).— Aspctlonof 
HaSBD Ehel, Tar, Mallizad, 
Dawaris. Hradmim ; Madda 
Khan, Giil HosGnn, Mir Ka- 
txm, Nakib, Faial Din, Fa- 
kir Sbah, Man/ar Khan, 
Shall Salini, Nawl. 

Shauui Keel (40).— A ac- 
tion of liana Khel, Tapiui, 
Tuppizinl. Dawwis. Head- 
man ; Adil Shah, Pirdil. 

SHAMOZii (8,000 ; Arang, 

Bonth uE Bajanr).— A fllvi- 

«on of lanuuW, Utman 

Shauozai (174;.— a snh- 
dividoa of Uamn Khel, 
8anat:ia, Kakars. Head- 
Bun; Knr Mnhammad 
(Jliasiai), Guldad (Lalak- 
lai, and headman of all the 

Skahoxai. — a section of 
tiamiazai, Arbn Kbel, 
Sanzar, Kakare. Headmen ; 
Shah Alam (Mahriiai), 
Soha Ehaa (Kashmlnai), 

Bio (Miializai, headman of 
the Ham^arala). 

SBAU02AI (2,000; Swat 

river). — A division of 

EhwsZBitai, Akoztci — Yiumf- 

zai Swatis. 

Shausba Eebl.— a mlnoT 

fi«i?tion of Mawal Kbpl(780), 
Haibat Ehel, Jamiki, Adam 
Khel, Airidis. 

Kbel. — A minor 
fraction of Idia Khel, Jani 
Khol (1,000), Wall Kiel, 
Utmnnzai, Dartvesh Ehel 
'Waxirt. IleadnaaD ; Zarghnn 

Seambhbe Ehki. (IS).— a 
sab-diyleion of ^iaddi, 
Mallizad, DawuriB. Head- 
men ; Fatteh Khan, Wati. 

Shausi Ehel (100).— A 
minor fraction of the Jalal 
Khel, Sher Ehel, Haihat 
Ehel, Nana Ehel, fiahloi- 
zju, Maheuds. Headmen ; 
Karim, Eargah. 

Shausi Ebbl (Wana). — A 
minor fraction of Tojiya Khel 
(1,G0I>), Bomi Eh£l, Nasm 
Din, Ealu Ehel, Ahmadta!, 
Barweah Khol Wazirs, 

Sbausi Khbl (26).~A minor 
fraction nf ths AIL Khe], 
Haidar Eliel, Tor, Tappizad , 
Dawarii. H o a d U BO i 


Shauso Kob.— a snb-divi- 
sion ol Masand Safis who 

■ are a Tasaal clan of the 

Shan Khel (80).— A divi- 
sipn of Tatta, Battannis. 
Headman ; Mir Azim 

Seanai or Shan Khel (760). 
— A division of Zakha Khel 
Afridisk ■ Samil. Headmen ; 
Said Khan, Mihr Din, 
Bawar, Saltan Mir, Gul 
Shah, Khanzad, Langnr, 
Khandin, Said Khan. 

Shabaoh Khel. — A minor 
fraction of Kaddam Khel, 
Feroz Khel, Mashi Khel, 
Mannia Khel, Hassan Khel, 
Mitha Khan Khel, Kuki 
Khel (4,500), Alridis. Gar. 
Headmen ; Abbai» ; Hakim ; 

Shabae Khsl. — A miiior 
fraction of Sadda Khel 
<800), Isperko^ Kak Khel, 
Ahmadzai, Darwesh Khel 
Waziib. Headman ; 2ialim 
Khan." ' 

Shabaki (200).— a sub-divi- 
sion of Galai, Adam Khel, 

Sbabbav Khel.— a minor 
fraction of Paipali, Kabul 

Khel (2,600), WaU Khel, 
Utmanzai, Darwesh. S^iel 

Shabip Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Kata Gran, Shngai, 
Tori Khel (2,670), Ibrahim 
Khel, ITtmanzai, Darwesh 
Khel Wazirs. Headman ; 
Muhammad Gul. . 

Shabip Kheii^— a section of 
the Chawar Khel,, Sazoti 
(500), Daulatzai, Qralizais. 

Shabif Khel (IO).-t-A sec- 
tion of Hakim Khel, Mu- 
barak Shahi, M!allizad, 
Dawaris. Hesidmen ; Ah.- 
n^adnur, Badidar. 

Shabei Khel (56) .^A sec^ 
tion of Kasim Khel, Chabar 
Khel, ^baman Khel, 
Mahsuds.- ' 

Shati Khel.— a section of 
Wall Beg Kor, G^dab, 
Halimzai, Molimax^ds. 

Shatkai (60).^AiBectiori of 
Malik Dinai, Manazai, 
Alitai, Miahsucl8.;Headn]3ui ; 

Shato Khel (Pipal).-— A sub- 
division '6i Babakai Kor, 
Dawdzai, Mohmands. Head- 
man ; Mohmandai. 


Shawal !KsBi.— a in}iiOT 
Iraetioh of SlmdlKl^dl, Balal 
Khel, Hassan Kh'el (400), 
Mohmit Khel, ^ Utmanzai, 
Darwcfi^h Khfel Wazirs. 
Headman ; Piyao Khan.. 

Shbikh ArzAL (Wana).— A 

minor fraction of Gangi Khel 

(800— 400 in Wana), Bomi 

. KhelNasmDinKhel^Kahi 

. Khel, Ahmadzai, Darvrash 

Khel Wazirs. 

Seeikh AIiI* — ^A minor frac* 
tion of Narmi Khel, Bakka 
Khel (1,000), Wali Khel, 
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel, 
Wazixs. Headman $ Ghai- 

Sheiehav (d,000; Maatnra, 
Khaxiki, and Miranzai val- 
kvg).—A'" HamjB^^:** :clan 
01 the Orakzais. SamiL ' 

SHEJKHAjff (15).— A subrdiyi- 
sion' of ,Kba44i9 MalBzacl} 
Dfbwafis.' . '^[le^idman ; Za- 
, toghi^ ijjm. 

Sesixh ' Ali.-^A minor £iao- 
tion of Mnshakki, Maeba, 
HaddaKhel (l,600),n)rahim 
Khel,. Utmanzaii Darwesh^ 
Khel WazixB. 

Sbbike. BtnjjK.-^A , mfnor 

* fraetx)n of Sai'di K]iel,Ba1cka 

Khel (liOOO), WaH Khel, 

^ tJtmanzai, Darwesh Khel 
Wazirs. Headmen; A^iaf 
Khan^ Khaki Shah, Gulak 

Shbikhbudik Kh:el.— a 
minor fraction of Wadin 

- Khel, Khaazar "Khel, Star 
Ali Khan Khei; Sarki Khel, 
Maddk Khel (1,600), Ibrahim 
Khel, Uti^^zai, Dafwei^ 
Khel Wazirs. 

Shbikh Khbl (Bajanr).— 
A division of tlie Isazai, 

Sheikhmal Khel. — ^A snb- 
division of Kamhar Khel, 
Kambar Khel (4,500), 
Afridis. Gar. Headmen ; Jan 
Muhammad, Jli^anuBad 

Sheeital Khel (600; Lo« 
argai). — A division of Ali 
* ^Ji?r*K}iel,Shinwari$. " 

Shbikhkalz Khbl (200).— 
A minor fraction of Ahra- 
him E^hel, AU S[aran, 
Mamazai, Lashkarzai, Orak- 
zais. Gar. Headman; Said 
' Ahmad. 

dirEiBHFCTB Khel.— A minor 
fraction" of Jambal Khel, 
Waruka Ali Khan Khel, 
.Sarki Khel, M^da Khel 
(1,600), * Ibrahim Khel, 
TJtmanzai, Darweah Khel 


fraction of Pira Khel, Jamal 
Khel, Malik Shahi (400% 
Waii Khel, Utmanzai, Dar- 
wesli Khel Wazirs. Head- 
man ; SulemaRi. 

Shbikhwadi, — A minor frac- 
tion of -Sliadi Khel, Bora 
Kliel (1,000)» Mohmit Khel, 
Utmanzai, Darwesh KHel 

-Shekh,— An Arabic^ word. 
meaning elder or chief. It 
is a title properly confined 
to tribes of Arab descent, 
but is very commonly nsed 
to denote a convert to Is- 

Sheehai (100; Trans fron- 
tier). — A division of the All 
Sber Ehel, Shinwaris. 

Bheehai. — A section of 
Annai (1,000), Bndai, Zakba 
Khel, A&idis. Samil Head- 
man ; Khwas Khan. 

Sahbks Khel. — A nunor 
fraction of Khnsalai, Tori 
Khel (2,670), Ibrahim Khel, 
Utmanzai ; Darwesb Khel 
Wazirs. Headman ; Shah- 

Shbeh Ali Khel. — ^A divi- 
sion of Kamrai or Kamar 
£hel (600), Ai^idis. SamiL 

Headman ; Mnlla Amir 
Shah, Mnlla Akbundzada, 
Sher Wall. 

SfiEEAV. — A min(»r fraction 
of Kasim Khel, Snran Khel 
Babakri, Sinah (1,200), 
Afridis. Samil Headmen ; 
see Kasim Elhel. 

Sheeh Babid Khel (70). —A 
minor fraction of the Nikar- 
rab Khel, Khoidad Khel, 
Gidi Khel, Manazai, Alizai, 
Mahsads. Headman ; Sab 
Khan, Piyao. 

She KHAN. — A minor fraction 
of K»ran "Khel, Asad Khel, 
Mitha Khan Kbel, Kuki 
Khel (4,500), Afridis. Gar. 
Headmen ; Gnlab, A lam 
Sher, Sherai, Ghnlam Ali, 
Khi^il^, AJladad Fakir, 

Sheehtt Khel . (20 ; Dera 
Ismail Khan District) — 
Nomadic, a minor fraction 
of Baloch Khel, Isot Khel, 
Mian Khel. Lohana, Fawin- 
dahs. Headmen ; ' see "MiaxL 

Sheewal. — A section, of 
Pakhai (1,000), Bndai, 
^akha 'Khel, Afridis. Samil. 
Headmen ; Sher All, Mirza, 
Samdnda]^ F«jap. 

■kheai.— A minor fraction Shehbiz Ehbl. — A gection 
H MaBflani, Hani, Pwiezuii, of Tor Sapar (350), Gahi, 
Samni, KaWs. Adam £liel, Afndis. 

Sheosihis ; Bee ShEbahis. 

Shsb. — A sab-diyieion of the 
Khwaja Hawas Khel, Ali 
Khels (^,000), HatnaaTaB oi 
tbe OnLiuaia. Gar. j Sliiuh. 

8bbx Abmad Keel.— a 

minor fraction of Saifali, 
. Kftbii! Kiiel (3,600), Waii 
Khe], Utmanzai, Uarwwh 
Khd Wazire. 

Shebieai. — -A minor fraotion 
of Drepkra, Paindai (940), 
Nannddin, Zakha Khel, 
Afridis, Samtl. Headmen ; 
Ghikkitn, Tamss, Anwar, 
Van Din. 

Ssn All Khbi. (20).— A 
minor fraction of the Nekain 
Khol, Biior Khel, Haibat 
Khfl. Nana Khfll, Bahlol- 
m, Hab«ad». Headman ; 

SSBBASifl. aiso called Slieora- 
n^g and Miranie (4.500 ) 
oonntry around Takht-i- 
Suleman). — A tribe of 
Patbana. ncadmeni Nilta, 
A urn Khan. 



ftclinn of Babuzai, Natozai, 

Br, ijaniar, Eukurs. 

SheeDabiKhke (150).— a 
minor fraction of the Jakl 
Khcl, Sher Khel, Haibat 
Kliel, Nana Khel, Bahlolzai, 

Shbbba Kbsl. — A sMtion of 
Utroauiai, Adinzai, Khwa- 
xazai, AkoEai — Ynenfau 

Shbesul Khbl. — A minor 
fraction of Ynnaa Khel, Boati 
Khel (150), Galai, Adam 
Khel, Airidis. 

Shbb GPLti. — A division of 
Aka Khel (1,800), Airidis. 

Shbbi Khbl.— a minor frac- 
tion of Baghdad Khel, 
Keimal Khel, Urmni Khel, 
Sipah (i,300), Afridis. Samil. 
Headman ; Lai Mohammad. 

8hkb Khab Khbl.— a 
minor fraction of Kharmanj 
Khel, Khwaja KbeL Mi»- 
mai, Kabnl Khel (2^800), 
Wftii Khel, Utmanzait Cai- 
wesh Khel WaiiriSi^, , 


Bwn 'Kb. Alt Khbi. — ^A minor 
fraction of Umar KhanKhel, 
Malikdin Khel, Malikdin 
Khel (4,500), Afridis. Samil. 
Headmen ; see Entti Ebel. 

Shcb Khan Khel.— A minor 
fraction of Kasim Khel 
(250), Kimat Khel, Jawaki, 
Adam Khel, AfridiB. 

Sheb Khait Khbl.— a minor 
fradtioQ of Mohmand Khel, 
Kattia Khel, HassauKhel, 
Mitha Khan Khel, Knki 
Khel (4,500), Afridis. Gar. 
Headmen ; Kambar, Boner 
and Kaddam Khan. 

, • r 

Shbb Khak Khel. — A minor 
fraction of Mnsa Khel, 
Makhozai, Nasuzai, Iliaszai, 

Shbb KflAN Khel (18).— One 
of the two sections of the 
Malla Khel, Chahar Khel, 
Shaman Khel, i MahsudB. 
Headmen ; Shahid Khan, 

8hbb Khbl.— A minor frac- 
tion of Kambir (or Kambo) 
.Khol, Alb Khel, Salarzai, 
Hiaizaif Bunennib. 

I ft 

Shbb Khel (1,020).— A sec* 
tioh of the Haibat Khel, 
Nana Khol» Bahlblzai, 

Shbb Khbl. — K minor iiao-> 
tion of - Tcrga£, Mnhammad 
Khel, Hassan Khel. (770), 
Mohmit Khel, Utmanzai, 
Darwesh Khel'-Wazaxs. 

Shbb Khel.-— A minor frac- 
tion of Dre Nami,BaIal Khel, 
Hassan Khel (400), Mohmit 
Khel^ Utmanzai, Darwesh 
Elhel Wazirs. Headman ; 
Niyaz Mnhammad. 

Shbb Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Bnha Khel, Maddn. 
Khel, Asad Khel, Mitha 
Khan'i Khel, Koki Khel 
(4,500), Afridis. Gar. Head- 
men; MtiUa ISfazir, Mir- 
wal, Said Gul. 

Sheb Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Gharn Khel, Ashraf 
-Khel, Kamal Khel, Sahib 
Jan, Aka Khel (1,800), 
Afridis. Samil. 

Sheb Khel.^t-A sab-division 
of Mat Khan Khel, Kainbar 
Khel (4,500), Afridia. 
Gari Headmen; SherKhan, 
Hamid, and Nnrai. ' 

Sheb Khel. — A- minor frac- 
tion of Ahmad Beg Khel, 
Mohib Khel, Shekhai, 
Annai (1,000), Budai, Zakha 
Khel, Afiridis. . Samil. Head* 

' men; Shahzada, Arsalat 

203 1 

ShbeKhei (30).— a minor 

and Wann).— A division o( 

fraction of Kimat Khpl. 

Ahmadiai, DojweBh Khel 

Haiaar Khel, Tor, Tappi'iad, 

Waiira. Hwdmen ; see 

Dawaris. Headmen ; Nasar 

Hathi Khel, Sirii Khel, BBd 

Khan. Banocha Ehan, 



Shisqi (583).— a aivision of 

Sheb MrEAMMiD Khbl.— A 

the Bahloiiai, Mahands. 

ntinor fraction of Mir 

Hasoni, Macha, Msdda Khel 

Shisei Khel.- a section 

(1.600), Ibrahim Khel, 

of &n1tanKhel,SheTGulla. 

Utraanrai, Darwesh Kiel 

Aka Khel (1,800), Afridia. 



SbSbfan Khei,.— a sertion 

Shihki Khbl (165),— A minor 

of Mundaiai, Daoktzai. 

fraction of Bahakki, Huasn 

Malizai Bunorwals. 

Khel, Tor, Malliiad, Dawa- 

ShBbzii.— A miDorfrruition of 

Mad A&al, Karar, Gal 

the Ali eiiaiiTtti, Hamf.nza!, 

Hassan, Gul fiaihan. 

Arbn Khei, Sansar, Kakarn. 

SniNSAiiA! KoB.— A minor 

Bbxbzai Ksbl.— A section of 

fvartioa of JIvatai Kor, 

Hasan Khel, Gadumi, llies- 

Shah Mansar Khel, Dadn 

ifti, Bnnerwals. 

Khel, Tarafcuai, Yohmands. 

Hfadnian ; Saijid Eaanl; 


Loi and Earn 8hilman)i— 

&H!irWAiiie ; see A1.1 6eeh 

Thaw an^ rcmlly sortiom of 


the Shah Mananr KI.el and 

. fchoMaaandKor.DadiiKhfl, 

SHiKAt KHBl.-Amine^frM■ 

Tarakzai» and Halimzai 

Hon rf Mawal Khel (760), 

Haibat Khel. Jawald, Adam 

inKam Shilnuw tkm ib a 

Khel, Afridia. 

minor fraction of Asaf Khfl, 

^■Otalkba Eor, Uadii Khel, 

SaiBiK Khbl.— A sob-divi- 

KnUkzai. U^maDd8. : 

sion of the Hasmieai, 


MiflbtiB (3,000), " HnmBayas" 

^Kra or 8ui Kesl (ft^OO : 

oftheOiaktais. Samil. Hwd- 

flian ; IjuigK-. 


8his Khel (18).— a sub- 
division of Zerakki, Malli- 
zad, DftwariB. Headmen ; 
Gukpir, Ehangnl. 

Shiri Ehblot Alizai(500; 
Mastnra river). — A divirfon 
of the Dftnlatzai, Orakzais. 
8amil. i Shiah. 

SfllTi EHBt (CO).— A section 

• of LMmri, Tor, Tappizad, 

Dawaris. Headmen ; inland 

Khan, Dinai, I^adam, Minai.^ 

Shsukdi Ehel (25 ; Mastnra 
river); — A sub-division of 
the Alizal ifor Stnri Ehel), 
Danlatzai, Orakzais. Samil. 
Shiah. Headman ; Dalil 

I /• 

Bed MuHAHiCAD Khbl (16). 
— A minor fraction of the 
]l^rami Khel, l^hpidad 
Ithel, Gidi Khel, Manazai, 
Alizai, Mal^uds. ..Headman ; 

SfiOBAK KasL (2Q).— A minor 
, fraction of the Bahimdad 
Khel,Abdtl£ahman Khel, 
Sher Khel,. Hla&at JOiel, 
l<Iana Khel, Bahlolzai, Mah- 
fiuds. • Headmen ; Shale, 

. t • ' ' ' .. 

Bbodi. KhbI) <lG)*^0n6 of 
the five aeotiom of the 

Ghalib Khel, Badanzai, 
Shaman Khd, Mabsods. 
Headman ; Akbar Khan. 

SHoai Keel. — ^A minor frac- 
tion of Umar Elhel, All 
Khel, Khaddar Khel (770), 
Mohmit Khel, IJtmanzai, 
I >arwesh Khel Wazirs. 
Headman; Nazarka. 

BsoHAB Keel (14). — A minor 
fraction of the Bahimdad 
Khel, Abdul Kahman Khel, 
Sher Khel, Haibat Khel, 
. Nana Kbel, Bahlolzai, Mah- 
suds. Headmen ;. Gandapnr, 

Sbomai (25). — A minor frac- 

. tibh of .the Garri Khel, Baran 

Khel, Chahar Khel, Shaman 

Khel. Mahsuds. Headmen ; 

Lai Gul, Mauladad. 

Shpalkai Khel. — A section 
of Zargun Khel (900), 
Galai, Ad^m Khel, Afridk. 

Shu1)akka (60). — A minor 
fraction of Gita Khel, • Mn-. 
hammad Khel^ Malakh, 
Mallizad, DawaxiB* Head- 
men } Sawan, Ahmad Din. 

SBt7GAi.-*-A section of Tori 
Khel (2,670), Ibiahim Khel. 
TJtmanzai, Darwesh Khel 
Watlra Headmen ; Ilias and 
Madd (ISlLahatomad) Akbftr 

I Khbi,.— A minor frac- 
tion of Nnrmi Khet, Bakka 
Khel (l,OW), Wall Khol, 
ntznanzui, Darwog}) Khel 
Wazirs. Headman ; Pilod 

Shdj* Khel." a minor frac- 
tion, of Eata Gran, Slmgai, 
_ ToriKliel (2,670), Ibrahim 
' *Thel, Utmanxw, DorwoBb 
"hal Wazirs. Headman ; 

pmv'AL (29).— A Bepticm 

'£ Shujawal, Mubaiak Shahi, 

^liizad, Davaris. Uoad- 

; Sheikh Mansur. Salih 

SbftD, Asad Khan. 

WAL (136),— A snb- 
itm of Mubarak Shahi, 
alliKid, Dawaris. Head- 
pen j Sheikh MaoBur, Sulili 
Shahmodi, Zarif. 
bilk HasaOin, Idok, Mir 
Kaxam, Hdshuh Shah, 
Shaikh Kabir. 

SBTJMt K.wih (S6q}.— A««c- 
tiiin of Pallt Khel, Manaxai, 
Alizai, MalisndB, 

Sivsii (S).— A anb-divisinn of 
Lad LI, Aakanna], Lnnis. 
Headman i ace Ladn. 

ERteAMnm Khbl (Daradar 
').— A snb-di vision of 
uzai (200), lauutibai, 

SiKiSBAB Khsl,— A section 
of KandKi, l&i Khel, Pan- 
diali, Mohmnnds. 

SiEiKiiAE Khil.— A seotjon 
of Mannar Khel (360). 
Ibrahim Khel, Utmanzai, 
Darwceh Khel Wazirs. 
Headmen ; Lai Khan, Aya» 
Khan, Maddi Khan. 

SiEjNinB Khbl— A division 
of Knki Kl.el (4,6ml). 
AEridia. Gar. Headmen ; 
Mir Alam, Bahtnabnlla. 
Natir, Uuljai, Taua, Said 

SlEiKDAB Khbl. — A eoction 
of Pakhai (1.000), Budai, 
Zakha Khel, Afr;diB..Suail. 
Headmen i fend All, Mu- 
hammad Azim. 

SiEANDAB Khbl (26).— A 
section of Palali, Twiad, 
Tappizai, Dawaris. Head- 
men ; Baz, Ehanzam, Zabta 

SiEiSDiB Kkrl.— A minor 
fiKitiou of Khuniya Khel 
(300), Sbodi Khel, Naara 
Din. Kalu Khel, Ahmsdzai, 
Darweafa Khel Waziii. 


SiKAKDAB Khbl.— A minor 
fraction of Sikandar E!hel, 
Manzar Kliel (360), Ibra- 
him Khel Utmanzai, Dar- 
wesh Khel, Wazirs. Head- 
man'; Ayaz'!R[han. 

SiKAKDAB Khel. — A sec- 
tioti of Abdul Khel (1,000), 
Mohmit Khel, Utmanzai, 
Darwesh Khel, Wazirs. 

SiKANDAB KoB. — ^A minor 
fraction of Kamal Khel, 
Maddu Khel, Asad Khel, 
Mitha Khan Khel, Knki 
Khel (4,500). Afridis. 
Gar. Headmen ; Muhammad 
Amin, Gul Jan, Budai, 

SiJiAN (20). — A section of 
Malli Khel, Idak, Tappizad, 
DawansL Headmen ; Said 
Shah,. Aziin, Khan, Jamal 

i. r 

Si MAN Khel (6).— A section 

of PfJali, Tapiai, ■ Tappizad, 

' Dawaris. Headman ; Fatteh 

Sin, Suin or Sitjn (1,000).— 
A clan of the Kakars. "" 


SiVI Khbl*-^A minor fraction 
ef KhizairJShel,Mintar Khel, 
Muhammad Khel, Hassan 
Kh^ (400), Mohmit Khel, 

Utmanzai, Darweeh Khel 
Wazirs. Headman; Khu- 

Stni Khbl.— a section of 
Khuniya Khel (200), Shadi 
Khel, Nasra Din, Kala 
Khel, Ahmadzu, Darwesh 
Khel Wazirs. 

SiNi Khbl (8).— a minor frac* 
tion of Khuttay, Taib Khel, 
Amzoni, Mallizad, Dawaris. 
Headman ; Nazar Khan. 

SiNi Khel (35).— A minor 
fraction of Lar Lorai, Land, 
Malakh, Mallizad^ Ihnwaris. 
Headmen; Akub, Balyam, 
Said Muhammadi» 

SiK Khtje. — A minor fraction 
of the Khoidadzai, Shadzai, 
' Alizai, Sanzar, Kakars. 

Sink I Khel.— A ^iwor frac- 
tion of Shadi Khel, Balal 
Khel, Hassan Khel (400), 
Mohmit. Khql, Utmanzai, 
Darwesh Khel Wazirs. 
Headman ; Badde Fakir. 

SiPAH (1,200 ; Bara valley 
and Kajurai). — One of the 
six Khyber Afridi clans. 
Samil. Headmen ; Sher 
Muhammad, Shah Muiad, 
Stiliman Shah. 


SiPAH (400 ; Mastnra valley, 
and Landuki pass.) — A 
dmsion of tbe Moham- 
mad Khely Orakzais. Gar. 


SiPAH , (610).— A section of 
the All Earan, Mamnzai, 
Ladikarzai, Orakzais. Gar. 
Bee Azad Khel. 

Sjbgibi or Sabghabi (200 ; 
Feshin). — A small Xal^ar 
clan. Headman ; Saltan 

SiBKi Khel (800 [400 in, 
WanaL Bannn, Wana and 
Birmal). — A sub -division of 
Shin Khel, Ahmadzai, Dar- 
wesh Khel Wasdrs. Head- 

. men ; Lajmir Khan> Band 
Khan, Madazan, 2^rgar 
Khan. These Maliks are res- 
ponsible for tke Gomal. 

SiBKi Khbl (15).— a minor 
fraction of Gita Khel, Mo- 
hammad Khel, Malakh, Mal- 
lizadf Dawarls. Headman; 

Stbki Kbbl (20)v— Aminor 
fraction of Taos Khel, Sogi 
Khel, Muhammad Khel, 
Malakh, Mallizad, Bawaris. 
Headmen ; i'irat Shah, 

Sehali Khbl.— a minor frac- 
tion of Bai Khel, Firozai^ 
Chagarzai, Malizaiy Buner- 

Smel Khbl.— a minor frac- 
tion of Bai Khel, Firozai» 
Chagarzai, Malizaij Buner- 

Sob Khbl.— a minor fraction 
of Jambai Khel, Waruka All 
Khan Khel, SarM Khel, 
Madda Khel (1,600), Ibra- 
him Khel, Utmanzai, Par- 
wesh Khel Wazirs. 

SoGi Khbl (140). — A section 
of Muhammad Khel, 
Majakh, Mallizad, Dawaria. 
Headmen ; Khan Mnham* 
mad Khan, Makhmad. 

SoBA Khbl (70). — A minor 
fraetion of the Gega Khel, 
Sher Khel, Haibat Khel, 
Nana Khel, Bahlolzid, Mah- 
Buds. Headman ; Shahid 

Spaigi (30).— a miner frac* 
tion of Abdul Bahman Khel, 
Muhammad Khel, ' llakkh; 
Mallizad, Dawaris. /Head- 
men ; Hakim Khan, Wazir 

Spbejs; seefiPAioi, fat wUoli 
it is anothername. 


Spik Khel(15).— a section of 
Zhao Khel, Tapiai, Tappizad, 
Dawaris. .Headman ; Zari- 

Sboh (120).— a section of 
Bnsha Khel, Eamali, Halim- 
eai> Mohmands. 

Stab Ali Khan Khel.— 
A name sometimes applied 
to the Khazzar Khel and 
Nazar Khel, minor fractions 
of the AB Khan Khel, Sarki 
Khel, Madda Khel (1,600), 
Ibrahim Khel, Utmanzai, 
Darwesh Khel Wazirs. 
Headmen ; Sadda Khan, 
Alambe and Shadam Khan. 

Stitei Khel (400, Mastura 
river). — A snb-division of 
Alizai, or Stnri Khel, 
Danlatzai, Orakzais. Samil. 

SuDAK Khel (850 ; Bannu 
to Shakai, and Birmal) — 
A Section of Isperka, Kalu, 
Khel, Ahmadzai, ' Darwesh 
Khel Wazirs. Headmen ; 
Jalandar Shah and Mani 

SuLAiXAN Khel (Khankl 
valley).— ^A sub-division of 
theSada Khel (80), Ismail- 
zaiy Orakzais. Samil. 

Suleiman Khel. — A section 
of Sheikhmal^ Kambar Khiel, 

Kambar Khel (4,500), Afrit 
dis. Gar. Headmen ; Mnlla 
Walli, Azizolla. 

SxtlEmani. — Sometimes said 
to be a section of Khaddar 
Khel (770), but in reality a 
section of Wnzi Khel, Mohr 
mit Khel, having land among 
the Khaddar Khels* Head- 
men; Sahib Din and Ghil 

SiTLEMAKi. — A section of Wnzi 
Khel (8(»0), Mohmit Khel, 
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel 

SuLiMANi Khel. — A mino^ 
fraction of Ismail Khel, Bozi 
Khel, Madda Khel (1600), 
Ibrahim Khel, TJtmanzai, 
Barwesh Khel Wazirs. 

SuLiMAN Khel. — ^A snb-divi- 
sion of Bahram-ka-Khel, 
Bar Ranizai, Akozai— -Yn- 
su£sai Swatis. 

SuLiMAN Khel (320).— A 
isection of Targhari, Sanzar, 
. Kakars. 

SuLiMAN Khbls (9,220 ; 
between Kalat-i-Ghilssai and 
Jalalabad). — The most nn- 
merotis and powerful of the 
Fawindah trading tribes. 

SuLiMAN Mahamadzai (300). 
— A section of Arozai, Aiimad 
Khel« Sen Khel, Sheianis. 


SuLiMAiTZAi. — A division of 
Salar, Gadnns. 

Sultait-sa-Khel (700 ; east 
and south of the Swat-Panj- 
kora junction ).— A division 

• of Bar Eanizai, Akozai^ 
Tusafzai Swatis. 

Sultan Khil.— A minor 
fraetion of Eliarmanj Khel» 
Khwaja Khel, Miamai, Ka- 
bul Khel (2,600), WaK Khel, 
Utmanzai, Darwesb Ehel 
Wazirs. Headman ; Surkam. 

Sultan Khbl.— A seetion of 
Abdul Khel, Urmuz Khel, 
Sipab (1,200), Afridis. Sa- 
miL Headman ; Sher Jan. 

Sultan Khbl.— A section of 
Suran Khel, Babakri, Sipah 
(1,200), Afridis. Samil. 
Headmen ; Niai Karim, 
Iran, Gul Muhammad. 

Sultan Khel.— A sub-divi- 
sion of Sher Gulla, Aka 

' Khel (1,800), Afridis. Sa- 

Sultan Khel. — A section of 
Annai (1/XX)>, Budai, Zakha 
Khel Afridis. Samil. Head- 
man; Bangai. 

Sultan Khel.— -A minor irac- 
• tion of Ghulam Khel (800), 
Haibat Khel, Javaki, Adam 
Khel, Afridk 

Sultan Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Hassan ^el, Fakhai 
(1,000), Budai, Zakha Khel,. 
Afridis. Samil. Headmen ;. 
Mehrban, Mad Afzal, Mob* 
abbat Sardar, Nurai. 

Sultan Khel (Near Ubian 
pass). — ^A section of the 
Sipah (4C0), Muhasnmad 
Khel, Oi-akzais. Gar. Shiah. 

Sultan Khel (Mahaban). — 
A section of Hassan Khel^ 
Mada Khel, Isazai, Yusuf- 
zais. Headmen ; Torai Kban,. 
Hamza Khan. 

Sultan Khel.— A section of 
Hamza Khel, Gandab, Ha- 
limzai, Mohmands^ 

Sultan Khel.— A section of 
Hamza Khel»Kamali, Halim* 
zai, Mohmands. Headm%n ; 
Ajmir Khan. 

Sultan Khel.— A minor frac- 
tion of Aka Khel, Ismailzai, 
Daulatzai, Malizai, Buner- 


Sultan Khel (2,400 ; Panj- 
kora, Dir). — A sub-division 
of Sesada^ Malizai, Yusuf^ 

Sultan Muhahhad.— A sec- 
tion of Musara Khel, Aidiia.- 
zai, IHiifiEai, Bunerwals.. 


SUWANAI (240).— A sub-divi- 
sion of Shabi Ebel, Alizai, 

SuLTANZAi (140).— A sub- 
division of 1 akubzai, Manu- 
zai, Sberaiiis. 

SuLTANZAi (90). — A section 
of Natozai, Dumar, Sanzar^ 

SuMLA Ehel (120; Black 
Mountain).^A division of 
Desbiwal, Swatis. Head- 
men ; Idbar All, Saman. 

Sttbab Kob.— a minor frac- 
tion of Fatima Kor, Sharagb 
Kbel, Kaddam Kbel, Feroz 
Khel, Masbi Kbel, Mannia 
Kbel, Hassan Kbel, Mitba. 
Kban Kbel, Kuki Kbel 
(4,500), Afridis. Gar. 

SuBAN Khbl. — A sub-division 
jot Babakri, Sipab (1,200), 
Afridis. Samil. Headmen ; 
Niaz, Karim, Iran, Qui Mu- 

SuBAT KoB. — A section of 
Ziauddin (200), Budai, 
Zakba Kbel, Afridis. Samil. 
Headmen ; Mir Usman, 
Nurzai, Gulistan, Fabl- 
wan, Yar Sbab, Dauxan, 

SuBBAT Khbl.— A section of 
Kulla Kbel, MaHkdin Kbel, 
Malikdin Kbel (4000), Afri- 

dis. Samil. Headmen; see 
Bakbmali Kl^eL 

Sub Podi Khbl (Bannu Dis- 
rict). — A minor fraction of 
Docu Kbel, Kbandar Kban 
Kbel, Hatbi Kbel (2,000), 
Sbin Kbel, Abmadzai, Dar- 
wesb Kbel Wazirs. 

SuBi (80),— A section of Sa- 
rangzai, Harun Kbel, 
Sanatia, Kakars. Headmen ; 
Saleb Mubammady Anwar. 

StjAi Pao.-^A sub-division of 
KaiutKbel, Samikai, Tar- 

SuBEHA Khbl.^A section of 
Gbaibi Kbel, Babs^j Sipab 
(1,200), Afridis. . Samil. 
Headmen; Akbar, Maula- 

SuBKHA KoB. — A sub-diviflion 
of * Kuz * or * Khrappawal,' 
Burban Kbel, Paadiali, Mob* 
mands. Headmen; Salo, 
Nasim Gul,6az Mir, LafJan, 

SuBEH Khbl (15 ; Dera Is- 
mail Kban District). — Nom- 
adic, a minor fraction of 
Sbadi Kbel, Isot Kbel, Mian 
KbeU liobana, Pawinddbs. 

SwABAi. — A division of Man- 
dal, Utman Kbels. 

SwATiB. — Tbe original inbabit- 
ants of Swat, sometimes 


oalled DehgaiUy Itnd accord- 
ing to some authoritids, of 
Indian origin. Driven out 
ot^'Swat and ]Bnner by the 
Akozai— Ynsnfzais in the end 
of the fifteenth century, they 
emigrated eastwards, under 
the leadership of Salad Jalal 
]^ha, a son of t^e faxnous 
Tlr Baba of Buner. Crossing 
the Indus, they settled in 

Tikri, AM, Deshi, Nandihar, 
Fakli, Konsh, Bbgarmang* 
Agror, Balakoty and 'Garhi 
HabibuUa, north of Hazara, 
• and their descendants are 
there to this day. 

SwJLTis. {Wfj8«ft« Siifat valley 
from iPanjkora junction to 
Kohistan).— A term loqsely 
applied to the Akozai-rTu- 
suizai tribe. 

Tabbi Khbx.— A minor frac- 
tion of Hindi Khel>Tor, «Fani 
Khel (1,000), Wall Khel, 
XJtmanzai, I^arwesh Khel 
"Wazirs. Headman ; Hal)sun. 

Taohal EhbIi (20).— a minor 
fraction of the Bahimdad 
Khel, Abdul Bahman Khel, 
Sher Khel, Haibat Khel, 
Nana Khel, Bahlolzai, Mah- 
gads. Headmen ; Janbil, 

Taghi Kai (50).— a section of 
Malik Dinai, Manazai, Alizai, 
Mahsuds. Headman ; Sahib- 


TaHIB Shah (6).— A section 
of Barim Khel, Amzoni, 
Mallizad, Dawaris. Head- 
man ; Tahir Shah. 

Taib Khbi (300).— a sub- 
division of Amzoni, Malli- 
zad, Dawaris. Headmen ; 
Wazirgai, Hathi Khel, Wa- 
nak, Said Akbar, Mokhsefn. 

Taiu Khbl.— a section of 
Bazid Khel, Jawaki (1,200), 
Adam Khel, Afridis. 

Taikttb Khbl.— a minor frac- 
tion of Gadia Khel, Tatar 
or Akhorwal (800), Hassan 
Khel, Adam Khel, Afridig. 

Tajal Khbl (llOX— A sec- 
tion of Astanai, Shabi Khel, 
Alizai, Mahsuds. Headmen ; 
Shahzar, and Shahnir. 

Tajbi Khel (150^.— A sec- 
tion of the Taru Khel, Boba, 
Dana, Battannis. 

•These numbers do not include Gajars, Mians, and other Fakir" 


Tajws. The name naed 

throughont Aj^hanistan to 
denote any Persian speaking 
people who are neither 
Saiads, Ai^hans nor Hazaras. 

Tajtj Khel (50 ; Dera Ismail 
Khan District) .~:Nomadic, 
a minor fraction of the Musa- 
zai, Sein Khel, Mian Khel, 
Lohana, Pawindahs. Head- 
man ; see Mian Khel. 

Taehai Koe. — A minor frac- 
tion of Muradi Khel, Dalkha 
Kor, Dadn Khel Tarakzai, 
Mohmands. Headman ; 


Taehkal Khel.— a minor 
fraction of Nazar Khel, Star 
All Khan Khel, Sarki Khel, 
Madda Khel (1,600), Ibra- 
him Khel, Utmanzai, Dar* 
wesh Elhel Wazirs. 

Taehti Khel (Bannn and 
Shawai). — A section of Bak- 
ka Khel (1,000), Wall Khel, 
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel 
Wazirs. Headmen ; see Us- 
man Khel and Khan Khel. 

Taehti Khel (British terri- 
tory). — A minor fraction of 
Bndin Khel (IOC), Shadi 
Khel, Nasra Din, Kalu 
Khel, Ahmadzai, Darwesh 
Khel Wazirs. 

Taehti Khel.— A sub'divi- 

aon of Umar Khel, Tatta 

Takoe (Laman).— A division 
of Isnudlzai, U tman Khels. 

Talagh Khel.— a minor frac- 
tion of Kaddam Khel, Feroz 
Khel, Mashi Kliel, Mannia 
Khel, Hassan Khel, Mitha 
Khan Khel, Kuki Khel 
(4,500), Afridis. Gar. Head- 
men ; Mnlla Wall, Khaza 

Talim Khbl.^A section of 
Zargun Khel (300), Galai, 
Adun Khel, A&idia. 

Tal Khanzai (60).--A (Ham- 
saya) section of Shabozai, 
Dnmar, Sanzaf, Kakais. 
Headman ; Salim. 

Takki (Herat) .^A division 
of Sanzar, Kakors. 

Tani Khel.— a minor frac- 
tion of Ghani Khel, Mir Ha- 
sani, Macha, Madda Khel, 
(1,600), Ibrahim Khel, 
tJtmanzai, Darwesh Khel 

Tanis (8,000 ; Sonthem bor- 
der of Khost). — ^A tribe liv- 
ing between the Zadrans on 
the west, and the Gnrbaz on 
east. Headmen ; Khan Bad- 
shah. Chief village Dragi. 
Abont 100 families (Head- 
man; Kaim) are settled 


f KusEI (30). — A aection 
E Tarotu, Idak, Tsppliad, | 

bii. — A division of Anjra 
Qel, Zmftraia. Headmui ; 
JiKhbl (Bannii Digt.rict). 
Pa miaor fi'acUon of Pirba 
ntel, Hathi Khel (3,000), 
"in or Sani Khal, AhiOrMl- 
, DwweBli Khel Wazir*. 
ouD i Filawar Kban. 

, (90).— A minor 
nofSogi KTiel, Mn- 
aad Khel, Malftkh, Mai- 
id, Davuris. Eesdraen ; 
nh Shah.Elmn Unham- 
d Khan. 

-1 (501). — A division of 
^izad, Dawaria. Head- 
1, Mir Alam, tinl 
Plmad, Fatteh Mir, Jnioa- 
U. Said ahah. Abdnlla, 
m Shall. Ixab Khan. 
Wl. — Anothpi" name givtn 
the Tapiai, Dappizad 

I Khhi (B2).— a eub- 
i!<ion of Bodonzai, Sha- 
kiD Khel, Mabsudi. 

TiPPiiiD (2,333).— One of 
the two clans of Dannris. 
Headman j Talo Khan, Lalo 
Khan, Noiafband, Said 
aJ], Diu Mnhammad. 

Tababi (60).— a section of 
YakabMi, Manutai, Oba 
Khel, Sheranis. 

Tabakis 18,000 J Ghaaai and 
Kftlat-i-Ghilrai), — One of 
the Pawindab tiadiag tribes. 

TABAiieju or TiBOHABi (3,210). 
— "Haiugayae" of the iJansar, 

TaEaezii (3,850).— One of 
the Motimund olaiu. See 
note on page 48, 

Taba Khel (40i).-A snb- 
dirision of Muia, WaTss- 
pim, Battarmis. Headmen ; 
Isof Khan (Khwad), Maidan 
Khan [Surar), Maya Khan, 

'.BAU (Saiads) (45).^S9ia- 
e&jBs of the (Westera) San- 
Kar, Kakars, 

Tabgadda (40).— a minoi- 
f raotiijii of the Khoidad Khel, 
Gidi Kbel, Manaaii, AUzai 
Malisuds. Headmen; Sbtbib 
Dad, Eaiu lihob. 


TAMOJkJd.^A xttinor fracticm. 
of MulmniTnadKhel, Hassan 
Kh«l (403), Mohmit Kbel, 
Utmanzaiy Datwesh Khel 
WaaaiB. Headmen; Gnlbat 

XiAOAX Khbl.— A minor frac- 
tion of Tonsun Khel, Nazar 
Khel, Star All Khan Khel, 
Sarld Khel, Madda Khel 
(1,600V Ibrahim Khel, 
ntmanzaiy DarweBh Khel 

TisaHABi (8,210).— A Ham- 
taya division of the Sanzar, 



TaBKi KsBL (30).—- A section 
of Matti Khel, I Galeshahi, 
Shaman Khel, Mahsuds. 
Headmen ; Parang, Khana, 

Tabi Khbl. — A snb-division 
of Shakhi Khel, Waraspun, 
Battannis. Headmen ; Jan- 
dar (Chalak), Ahmad Khan 
(Fatteh Khan). 

Tabi Khbl. — A minor fraction 
ofTol Khel, Abdul Khel, 
Bora Khel (1,000), Utman- 
zai, Darwesh Khel» Wazirs. 

Tabinb.*-A tribe inhabiting 
Feshin and Thai Chotiaii. 
They pre divided into Spin 
and Tvr. The latter clan 
nearly all belong to Fesliin. 

Tabeai (90).— a aodaon of 
Shamerai, Manawti, Alizai» 
Mahsads. Headman j Pira 

TabkaE[hsl (SO).— a minor 
fraction of Gharkhil, Idmd, 
Malakh, Mallizad, Dawaris. 
Headman; Badani, SnHan, 
Mir K!azam. 

Tabkaki (or Tabealaki) . — 
The name of the tribe in- 
habiting the whole of 
Bajanr. Headmen ; Khans of 
Nawagai, tThar, Khar, 
Fashat, Baiwa. > 

Tab Khbl (Tartaia).— A 
. division of Mullagorisy 

a vassal dan of the Mohi- 


Tab Khbl.— a section of 
Kanizai, Kattagarm, Tatta, 

Tabkial Khbl.— a section 
of Mnghul Khel, Bumi 
Khel, Kamrai Khel (600), 
Afridis. Samil. HeadJaoen ; 
Anar, Bahadur Shah, Bifat 
Shah, Sheradin, 2^ardad, 1^ 

Tabki Khel (20).— A section 
of Bibizai, Shati Khel, Ali- 
zai, MsJbsuds. Headman ; 

Tabei KflEL.— -A sectiooof 
rtmwi Khel, Shanai (750), 
•Bfiisi, Zakha KM, Afi-idis. 
Samil. Heudiuen ; blehrUin. 
Bawar, Snltau Mir, Gul 

TAB0li(lS4). — A inb-diviaie 
of Idak, Tappii^ Dawacia. 
Hfadmeii ; Isr&lil Iilsr. 
Olmlani Basil!, I^iaal, Knm- 

~ *1. Fakir. 

KHBt (730).— A sub- 
tii Boba, Dana, 

Tabu EaEt.— A section of 
Bamza Khel,Gandab, Halim- 
zai, Mobntnuds, cbaelj allied 
to tba Bnra KLpI. Head- 
man ; Haniid Gul. 

u Ekbl (10 ; Dcra lamai] 

Diatiitt). — Nomadii', 

: fractbn of tiaiad 

It Kbel, Mian Khcl, 

aa, Pawindahs- 

inzi.1 (GOO ; 8baiuit val- 
r, KhoBl).— Aclan of tbe 
BiCBtwaU, alsu known as 


[, (aoOiBkck 
—A sub-division 

eo; Dod'Ehan, Said 
Bahcnat Ebua, Sula 

TiSHi Khbl.— A sMtion of 
gliurafii (300). Qaki, Adam 
Kliol, Afmdig. 

.oh at mse, 
of Ha* 
Adam Khel, Afridis. 

TiTOB Khbl (5 ; Dera Ismail 
Khan District). — Nomadip, 
a niinoT fraction oi 8hadi 
Klicl, Isot Kiel, SOanKhd, 
Lohana, Pawindahs. 

TiTTi (890).— A clan of the 
Battannia. Headmen; Bai^, 
Ehuahal Elian, Mir Azim, 
Kotta, Nawaz, Miarn, Slier 

T*TTi Khel,— A minor trac- 
tion of MadiLt Kiel, Miamai, 
Kabul Khel {3,flO0), Dtmaa- 
zni, Darwcsli Kiel Wariw. 

TiTTAB Khhl (30).— a mfnoi 
fraction of IdalEhel, Mnlmn- 
mad Rhul, Mulakh, Mallr- 
zaU, DttwariB. Headmen ; 
Shaliid Khan, GnUk. 

TithKhbi,.— Amino! fraotioB 
of Mawal Kli«l (760). 
Flaibat Khel, Jawaki, Adam 
Khel, Afridis, 

T»ra Kssh. — A section of 
Sen Khel. Gadfliziu, Uiiuaai, 


Tirs Khbl (35 ; Dera Innail 
Khan District).— Nomadic, 
a minor fraction of Wamki, 
Sein Khel, Mian Khel, 
Lohana, Pawindahft. Head- 
man i aee Mian KheL 

TatT2 Khbl. — A minor frac- 
tion of Bakhshi Khel, 
Madda Khel (1,600>, Itrra- 
him Khel, Utmanzai, Dar- 
wesh Khel Wazirs. Head- 
men ; Gulli of Staxa^ and 
Alam Shah. 

Tawla Khel (Bannu,. Wana 
and Birmal). — ^A section of 
Sirki Khel (800 . [400 in 
Wana]), Shin KheU Ahmad- 
zai, Darwesh Khel Wazirs. 
Headmen i see Sirki Khel. 


Tazi Khel (25 ; Mastnra 
river). — A sub- division of 
Alizai (or Sturi Khel), Dau- 
latzai,0rakzai9. Samil. Shiah. 
Headmen ; Ghulam Muham- 
mad, Muhammad Khan. 

Tbmubzai (200). — A section 
of Saraagzai^ Hanm Khel, 
. Sanatia, Kakars. Headmen ; 
. Daoran and MuUa Arif - 

Tbbi Khbl (140).— a sub- 
division of Tapiai, Tappizad, 
Bawaris. Headmen ; Jumaz- 
lu^ Said Shah. 

TiKBTWALS (400 ; Tikn val- 
fey, aorth of Agror).— Mai- 
kals and Ashtors are the- 
principal sections in this^ 
vall^, which also- contains. 
Swatis, Saiads, and Gnjacs. 

TiLA Khbl.— A minor fraction 
of iviir Hasanr,.Macha, Madda. 
Khel (l,ft00), Ibrahim KheU 
Utmansai^ Davwesh Khel 

TiMAB Khb& (32>.^A section'^ 
of Gurbuzai, Davpa Khel, 
Mallizad, Dawaris. Head- 
men ; Kamrai, Klian Pir, 
PalaH, Gud Nam. 

TiBA Khbl. — A minor fraction 
of Mushakki, Macha,^ Madda. 
Khel (1,600), Ibiahim Khel, 
Utmanzai, Barwesh Khel» 

TiBA Khbl. — A section of th^ 
Ali Kliel„ Bobak, Dima^ 

TIE Khbi.(60).— A minor frac- 
tion of the Ati Khel, Haidar 
Kiel, Tor j Tappizad, Dawaris*. 
Headmen ; Alif Kiurn, Amal 
K!han, Abu Samand, MubatL 

TitabKhbl.— A minor frao* 
tionof Khan Khel, Takhti 
KheI,B&M:a Khel (1,000)^ 
Wall Khel, XJtmanziu, Dar» 
weah KLel Waziis. Head* 


Khan Badshah, Khra* 
Khan, Mian Khel, 

Khee ('30)'.— a section 
ran Khel, Chahar Khel, 
dLXi Khel,. M'ahsuds.. 
nan ; Hila Wazir. 

Ir-el (60) .—a sub- 

on of Band Khel, 

Izai, Mahsnds. Bead- 

Sadda Dibj fiabman. 

Chel (3Q). — A minor 
3n of Kiki Kb el, 
mmad Kbel, ^ala^h, 
:ad. Dawairi's. Head- 
Niazaniand, Amid, 
Faiz, Gulla'Khan. - 

Khel* — A miiiorfrac- 
f Dani KheT, Matkai, 
Sbahi (400).,WaU Khel, 
nzai, parwesb ' Khel 
8. Headman ; Umar 

[EL. — A minor fraction 
jhagai, Tor, Jaiii.'Khe] 
'), WaH Khel, IJtman- 
)arwesK Kbel Wazirs. 
nan ; Mirbosbi 

HEL (55). — A minor 
)n of the Sber Kbel, 
t Khel, Nana Kbel, 
Izai, Mabsuds. Head- 
Mir Aj^b, Bare 
Malang Khaii. 

ToJi Khel. ^— A minor fiaotibn:: 
of Pira Kbel,. Jamal Khel,. 
Malik Shabi (4U0), Wali' 
Kbel,. Btmanzai, Darwesb^ 
Khel Wazirs. Headman ;. 
Gulla Khan. 

TbJiTA Khbl. (1,600,— of 
wbomi 1 /XWare in Wana), — ^A. 

. minopf raction of Bomi Kbel, 
Nasra Din, Kaln Kbel, Ab* 
madzair Darwesb. Kbel 

Toe HIS (1,500 ; Gbazni and 

. Kalat-i-Gbilzai). — One of 

tbe Pawindab trading tribes. 

Toi»AB Khel (30).— A minor 
fraction of tbe Kotar Kbel,. 
Abdul KHiel, Langar Kbel^ 
Kboldad. Kbel, Gidi Kbelv. 
ManazQrij' Alizai, , Mabsuds.. 
Headman ^ Sadamir. 

Tola. Khbl-— A minor frac- 
tion of Mir Kban Kbel, Asat 
Kbel, Wuzi Khel (800)^ 
Mobmit Kbftl, Utmanzai, 
Darwesb Kbel Wazifs. 

TbLAZA.1 (West of Dera Gbazi 
Khan District). — A sub- 
division of Magbduzai, 
Abmadzai, Balil Khel, Musa. 
Kbcls. Headman ; JamaL 

To LI Khbl. — A minor fraction 
of Musakki, Wuzi Kbel 
(800), Mobmit Kbel, Utmaiir- 
zai, Darwesii Kbel Wazirs^ 


ffOL Khbl. — ^A mujor fra^tipn 

' of Abdul Khel, Bora Khel 

(1,000), Mohmit Khel, Ut- 

luanzHi, DarwQsli .Khel 


•Toe (1,328).— a division of 
Mallizad, Dawaris. Head- 
men ; see Hassn Khel, Mnl- 
lagan, Urmuz, and ^usakki. 

Toe (987).— a divisioif of the 
Tappizad, Dawaris. 

ToEANG Khel (60). — A minor 
fraction of tie Lalli Khel, 
Abdnllai, Aimal Elhel, Bah- 
lolzai, Mahsnds. 

ToEANO Khb^l. (80).— a minor 
fraction of the Torang Khel, 
Ladi Khel, Abdnllai. Aimal 
Khel, Bahlolzai, Mahsuds. 
Headman; Khawaja Mn> 

ToBPALi (18).— A sub-divi- 
sion of Khaddi, Mallizad, 
Dawaris. Headman ; PiJa- 
war Khan, Aghar, 

Toe DoDi Khel (Bannu Dis- 
trict). — A minor fraction of 
Dodi Khel, Khandar Khan 
Khel, Hathi Khel (2,000), 
Shin Khel, Ahmadzai, Dar- 
^esh Khel Wazirs. Head- 
pjan ; Nezam Khan. 

XoBi Khbl (SL670 ; A conti: 
nnous belt of cbuntiy outside, 
but parallel to . our frontier 
from the Shaktn to the K^ur- 
ram riv^r ;^nd the Kaita 
stream), — A subrdiYision of 
Ibrahim Khel, Utmanzai, 
Darwesh Khel Wazirs. Headr 
men; Ilias and Madd 
(Muhamittad) Akbar are t^e 
leading men ; for others see 
Shugai,'Khushalai, Haibtanai 
:andDre.PillarL " '^ 

ToEi Khbl (BSJ.j-A minor 
traction of the Shah AJam 
Khel, Kasim Khel, ChaW 
Khel, Shanian "^hA, Mah- 
suds. HeadmcR^ Shahzad, 
Miangul, Mamit. 

TpBi Khel (12).— A . mipoi 
fraction ot Idal 'Khel, 
Muhammad ,^liel, Jll^ilakli, 
Mallizad, Dawaris.. H^« 

■ man ; J^ia^s Jiffuhainxnad. 

ToEi Khel (Bannn District). 
— ^A minor fraction of Mim 
Khel, Hathi Khal. C2,OQ0), 
Shin KKel, AIunadm» D8^ 
wesh Khel Wazirs. Hoad- 
inan^Shah Tamoz. 

-loBi Khbl (70).— -A eeotipmf 
Teri or Tori Khe]^ Tapiiil 
Tapplwl, Dawaris. JI^| 
men;' Jumazao, Hai6»{ 
Shah, Maghar Babi» 
Sheikh Pir, Mnlt%n. ' 


3)6Bi Khsl. — Another n^e 
for Teri Kbel, 'RipW, Tappi- 
ead, Dawaris. 

ToBi Khei (15).— a jninor 

■ flection ofChftrkliil, Taiid, 

'Uatakb, luallizad, Pawaris' 

Headmen ; Ksbir Shah, 

UmOT, ffizttm Khan. 

Tos Khbl. — A section of the 
Mil Kulli .Khel^Bazoti (500), 
DftnUtail, Qrak^iB. Samil. 

To8 Khii-— A section of 
'JaM Khel, ITrmiiK ^lel, 
Siiiah (1,200), Afridis. gamil. 
> Heading ; Band. 

ToB Ebkl.— A ieotion of 
^Md Ehel, Mitha Kh&n 
K!i«l. Koki Eh«l (4,600), 
A£ridi<. Gar. Hetidioen ; 
Bnui, Islam Din. 

ToB Khbl.— A minor fraction 
of Aziz Khel, Shadl Kbel, 
Bora Khel (1000), Mohmit 
Xbcl, Utmanzai, Darweah 
Kbel Wazlra. 

■"oB Khbl.— A gection of 
Jaai Khel (1,000), Wali 
Khel, Vtmaiiiai, Danresh 
Khel Wazlre. Haodmen ; 
Ualknn, Fir Makhmad, 
Atnaldad, Mirbnsh, Shada- 
mir, Kaimal and'Unlbai. 

TqB (at BiBiD) .KHSb.— A 
mli}0r fraction of-Ehazzar 
KheLiStar .A]i Khan Khel, 
.S^rki Khel, Madda Khel 
(l.POO), Ibrahim Khel, Ut- 
manzai, Darwcsb Khel Wa- 

ToB KpRL.— A minor fraction 
of Mnialki,' ■ffozi .Khel 
(800), Mobmit Khel, ' TJt- 
manzai, I>arwe«h Khel 

loE KttSt.— A minor fraction 
of Said Khel, TTmarzai 
(600), Shra Khd,Ahmftdza!, 
Darwesh Khel Wazire. 

ToB Khbl.— A snb-di vision of 
Sheikh AliKhel,KamTai 
Khel (60C), AfridJs. Samil. 
Headmen; Mulls Amli' Shall, 
Mulla Akhunzada, Sber 

ToB Khei (Bannn and K\ir- 
t»m). — A aertion of IJiTiarzai 
Darwrsh Khel WazirK, 
Headmen ; Jamal Din, J^dnl 
Khan, Abm Khan, Senian, 
Niazi, Fazal, Zaid Gul, 

ToB Khel (9).— A section 
■ of Alizai, Darpa Khel, Ualli' 

zad, Dawai s. EcBdman i 



ToRSAM Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Nazar Khel, Star 
All Khan Khel, Sarki Khel, 
MaddaKLel (1,600), Ibra- 
him Khel, Utmanzai,. Dar- 
wcsh Khel Wazirs. 

Toe Sappab (350; a valley run- 
ning from the Kohat road). 
— A sub-division of Galai, 
Adam Khel, Af ridis. 

ToB Tabins (2,r»00) Peshin*). 
— A clan of Tarins,- di tided 
into Harun Khels and Ali 
Khels. The divisions, eto., 
of the Tor Tarins are not 
separately indexed in this 

* In addition some families of 
the Tor Tarins live with the 
Spin Taring of Thal-Chotiali . 

ToTA Khel (Mahaban). — A 
section of Bazid Khel, 
Madda Khel, Isazai, Yusaf- 
zals. Headmen ; see Bazid 
Khel and Madda Khel. 

Toz Khel (161). — A section 
of Haidar Khel, Tor, Tap- 
pi zad, Dawaris. Headmen ; 
Gul Khan, Halim Khan, 
Asad Klian. 

Tbangani. — A sub -division 
of the Mekhiani, Spin, 

Tb A LOU Pl a ra . — A m in or 
fracMon of Slmli Khcl,^ Wall 
Bog Kor, Gandab, Halim zai, 
Mohmands. Headmen She- 

rai, ZaBat Khan, Gnl 
Ahmad, Dawezai. 

Tsu Kebai.— A sub-division of 
the Khoja- Hawas- Khel, 
AU Kbel (3,000), " Ham- 
sayas" of the C^akzais. Gar- 
I Shiah. 

TuGHAL Khel*— A division, 
of C is Swat, Sanizai, Ut' 
man Khels. 

TuKAB Khel (90).-t-A sec* 
tion of Musakki, Tor, Malli- 
zad, Dawaris. Headmen.; 
Samand KHan, Hibat Khanv 
Wall Khan, and Tawabiii. 

Tuba Khbl.— A /aection of 
Sadin, Ilal Khel, Salarzai^ 

TuBANGi (140.— A section of 
Alizai, Darpa Khel, Malli- 
zad, Dawaris^ Headmen ;; 
Ghazal.Gul Azami Pir Azam.- 

TuBANoi Khel. — A minor 
fraction of Paihda Khel, 
Manak Khel, Bakhshi Khel, 
Madcla Khel (1,600), Ibra-, 
him Khel, Utman2ai^ Dar- 
wesh Khel Wazirs. 

Tub I Khel. — A minor fraction 
of Dod Khel, Mir- Hasani, 
Macha, Madda Khel (1,6 0)r| 
Ibrahim Khel, XJtmanzai^l 
Darwesh Khel Wazirs. 

TuRi Khel. — A division of| 
Mutakai, Utman Khek. 


(ft,100 ; Knrram).— 1 
of Shiahs, divided into 
Tftciions, called rospec- 
' Ting Ghiindi, and" Snst 

I (500; Shamil valley, 
t). — A clan of Khoet- 
also known as Tarwizai. 

TuBEi Khbl. — A -minor frac- 
tion i^f Ghnli Khel, Ambar 
Khel^Tat KhaniKhel, Kam- 
bar Khel (4.600), Afridis. 
Gar. Headman^ Jamaldin. 

TuTKAi Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Mian IHiel, Jana- 
khori (800), Hassan Khel, 
A-dam Kbel, Afridis. 


I^HEL. — A sn"b-dividon 
Kuz" or Khrappawal, 
lan Khel, Pand'ali, 
nands. Headmen ; Khan 
Muhamxaad Umar, 
»r Shah. 

UNKAi (Final). — This 
) is applied to those 
)n8 of the Dawezai and 
anzai Mohmands, who, 
3ntradi8tinction to t"he 
lis, or nomad tribes, 
fixed habitations in the 
naand country. 

KoR. — A snb-divislon 
K^uz or Khrappawal, 
lan Khel.Pandiali, Moh- 
Js. Headman ; Lai. 

KnKL. — A minor frnc- 
of Mir Hnsani, M-acha, 
da Khel (1,600), Ibra- 

Khel, Utmanzai, Dar- 

Khel Wftzirs. 

—A section of Mufiara 

Khel, Ashazai) Iliaszai, 

Umae Beg Khel. — A sub- 
division of Shanai (750), 
Zakha Khel, Afridis. Samil. 
H-eadmen ; Khanzad, Lan- 
j gur, Khandin, Said Khan. 

Umae Khan. — A section of 
Mmsara Khel, Ashazai, 
Iliaszai, Bunerwals. 

Umae Khin Khel. — A sec- 
tion of Ali Karan, Mamnzai 
(8,500), Lashkarzai, Orak- 
zais. Gar. Headman ; Arsala 

Umae Khan Khel. — A sub- 
division of AIi8herzai(d,00i>). 
Lashkarzai, Orakzais. Samil. 
Headman ; Abbas Khan. 

Umae Khan Khel. — A sub- 
division of Malikdi^ Khel, 
Malikdin I^iel (4,000), 
Afridis. Samil. Headxnoi; 
Darya Khan, Dauran, zAr 


Umab KhanIChsl.-t^A minot 
fraction of Balli Khel, Shadi 
Khel, Bora Khel (1,000), 
Mohmit Khel, Utmahzai, 
Darwesh Khel Wazirs. 

UmapI Khan Khel. — A minor 
fraction of Malik Shaihi, 
Jani Khel (1,000), Wali 
Khel, Uttnianzai, Darwesh 
Khel Wazirs. 

Umar Khan Khel (30)'.— A 
minor fraction of Miri Khel, 
Land, . Malakh, Mallizad, 
Bawaris. Headmen; Khojai, 
Idali, Khoja Akbar, Nek 
Pii'jad, Zarband, Fakir 

Umab Khan Kor.^A section 
of Barlcazai, Danlatmi, 
Malizai, Bunerwals. 

Umab Khel. — A sub-division 
of Kakazai, Mamund, 

Umab Khel. —A minor frac- 
tion of the Marjati Shel, Ut- 
maiizai, Adinzai, Khwazalzai, 
A'kozal — Yusufzai Swatis. 

Umab Kael (IOO).-t-A divi- 
sion of Tat^a, Battauriis. 
Headmefa ; Bangi (Mamli 
Khel) Sher Muh'animad 
(Salemi Khel). 

Umab Khel. — A section of 
Tarn Khel, Muia, Waras- 
pnn, Battannis. 

Umab Khel (Kharmana 
river). — A section of the 
Alizai,^ Mu^zai,, Lashkarzai, 
Orakzais.' Samil. Headmen; 
Said Ali. 

Umab Khel. — A sub-division 
of Abdul Khel, Kuki Khel 
(4,500), Afyidis. Gar. Head- 
ifiafa ; Jrfall^' Lajbat. 

UMAfe' KnpL.—A.slection of 
Maaii Khel, K^mbal- Khel 
(4;500), Afrldis. Oar. Head- 
man ; Muhammad Tar. 

Umab Khel. — 4 section jof 
Annai ,.. (1,000), B^dai, 
Zakha Khel, Afridid. Samil. 
Hcadmeq ; Shahaba Din, 
Bolak, Arab, Bangai. 

Umab Khel'.-^A painor frac- 
tion of Daitflat Kh'el, Ghaib 
Kha^. Kh£L Malikdin Khel, 
Malikdin Khel (4,000), 
Afridis. Samil. Headmen ; 
see Daulat Khel. 


Umab Khej..— A seetion of 
Sharaki (200), G^i, Adam 
Khel, Afridis. 

Umab KhSl. — A minor frac- 
tion of Sadda Khel (806) 
Isperka, Khalu Khel,Ahniad' 
zai, Darwesli Khel "Wazdrs^ 


• » 

KM; Mi^mtilmad Khel, 

Hassan Kbel(4|9b),' Mbhfiiit 

Khel^ XJtmanzai, , Darwesh 

' Km Wazh-fc Hwdifefe ; 

tion of Alf-Klifel^Kliaddar 
Khel (770), Mohmit Khel, 
' UtAmiMBa!^ Dai^esh KH^ 
Wazirs. HiadjaeAT; Salih 
Din, Nazarka, ^arak. 

tJiCiBr^&y-Jp-A . sec- 
tion of Asl^sinai^ ShAi Khely 
Alizai; MansTiidiv Beadmen ; 
All! Shah, KttiiTi. 

tfirkK K:HXE'fl59.).^^A^ niinoir 
■ tMt\on ot NjkaMb Khel, 
KSoHaa . KKel, ' eidx Kliel, 
jfenaiiai, • Sltiteii Ma'hsYids. 
Headmen ; Badar Dini ttu- 
hammad Af zal, Salehin, Sari 

dhrifion ^ of' Nana* Ktel, 
Babioizai, Mahsuds; 

UkACB KoB.^i. mitiov'fir/idlion 
of Sroh, Busha Khel, Kamali, 
flalnnzai, ]h(ahinanda< < J^eod- 
nmn r Bnland, 

it|UBzii.~A^ sub*divi8ioii of 
iSnamozai, Khw^zhi&i, Ako- 
tai — Yusufzai Swatis. 

UMARziT .piastti^a^ Khatik! 
and MiiWzai valleys).— A 
division of the . Sheikhans 
" Hamsa^as" of the Orakzais. 
^•nAl Headlk^' ; Nartilla'. 
^ \ 

UiTABkAi ( QOd ; Banni^i and, 
Ba^Biak)i— A ffub-division of 
Shiii Khel, Ahmadzai,- Dar- 
wesh Khel Waars. Headmen ; 
PJiinai Khan, Jamial Din', 
A lam Khan, Senian, Niazi, 
Fazal, Zaid Gul, Ghallai. 

UkiE^Af (5^)i— A- section of 

- Zira Khel, XmzM> Mallizad,' 

pawaris. Hea^meii ; Amir, 

Malak. Khan, Jnmazan, 


UMBjjfi; (tiamail)/-^A- sedtiori 
of Balo, Asil, Ismailzai, 
Utman Khels. 

XJmAni^ KdBL.— ^A? .sfab-divi- 
gion of- Sttltan-ka-Khel, Bar 
BamzjiAf, Akoziai — Yusnfzai 

Ujcla Kcev— a section of' thfe' 
Mir Ahmad Khel» AlisiieTzai 
(^,(.00),Lasbkarzaii»> Orakzais. 

, Samil. 

Umeiki (120).— a ola» ' of 
the Jafar tribe. 


Vm Khbl (Agra, . Chin^ai 
Shagai, etc.).— A sub-divioon! 
of Shamozai, Isxnaimiy 
Utman Khels-. 


ItTxHZAi (60). — A section of 
•Sab, Yahia Khel, Sen Ehel, 

^MfiZAi (213 •; Pawindahs ; 
Dcra Ismail Khan District). 
Nomadic, a section of Sein 
Khel, Mian Khel, Lohana, 

TJmrzai (45).— a division of 
Drigzai, Lunis. Headmen ; 
Gnlan, (Hamalzai), Dsibai 
(Amranzai), Laban (Dnngar- 
zai), Kaini (Isafzai), Mihtar 
(Watarzai), Mobabat (Go- 

TJmbzai (969). — A minor frac- 
tion of Bulo7ai, Panizai, 
Hamn Khel, -Sanatia, Ka- 

Umbzai Musa Khel (120; 
West of Dera Ghazi Khan). 
— A clan of Musa Khels. 
Headmen ; see Sbahoaai, 
Pashczai, Jamalzai. 

'Umb Khel (786 ; Kharmana 
river).— A minca: fraction of 
the Mastu Khel, Khwaja 
Khel, Jtfasnzai, Lashkarzai, 
Orakzftis. Gar. Headman ; 
Yusuf (P). 

"IJmb Khel. — A minor fraction 
HJf Mir Asan Khel, Babu Khel, 
Adinzui, Khwazazai, Akozai 
—-Yusnfzai Swatis. 

IImb 'Kseia — A. 'sectioB of 
Ibnhim Khel, Utmanzai* 
.Bar Banizai* Akozai — 
Yngaf zai Swatia. 

Umb Ke«.— a minor fraction 
of the Hyatai Kor, Shah 
Mansnr Khel, Dadn Khel« 
Tarakzai, Mohmands. Head- 
man ; Dawezai. 

TJbazai. — A division of Ali- 
zai, Utman Sliels. 

Uemab Khbl (40). — A sec- 
tion of Malai, Shingi, Bah- 
lolzai, Mahsnds. Headman ; 
Mian Hassan. 

Ubmab Khel (45).— A sub- 
division of Nana Khel, Bah- 
lolzai, Mahsnds. Headmen ; 
Jakhar ;• Khwajabaz, Shah* 

Uemaes (900). — A tribe of 
Saiads living among the 
Mahsudsb ^e j have a Ian* 
guage and customs of their 
own, and are probably des- 
cendants of the original in- 
habitaato of the country. 

TjEMtTE. — A minoir fraction 
of Balli Khel, Shadi Khel. 
Bora Khel (1,000), Mohmit 
Khel, Utmanzai^ Daryredb 
Khel Wazir^. 

WbKhel, AmKonJ, Malli- Itasan KJiel, Giidaizai. IlEas- 
, Uawans. ITeadniaii ; z,ii, Brnifrwals. 

fitrz (180).— A Bub-divisioji 
M Tor, Muiliaul, Dawaria. 
Beodmcn ; NiKaio Din. 
^liw. Khiddar JThan, Alam 
~ip, Kotjan, (^n SUh. 

Khbl. — A idiTision 
& Sipuii <1,200), Afridia. 
•inU<. H^men ; gee £ei- 
ul Jfliel and Abdul Khel. 
IfAAANit' (900; hjlis op- 
"" ■ tlifi BonthaTi tnoet 
n of' the Dera iBniail 
n DiBtrirt).— A tribe of 
US allied to the Ganda- 
'I'iiej arc divided into 
I'lauB, Gagalzais and 


Kbbi,, [1.080).-A 

fraction of Khndu 

Sadasai^ Utnaannai, 

in, YuBufzaia. ( 

OtiKi KoB (Bohai Dag).— 

^sab-d^viaioii of MaiiDMia 

1, Kbnv^Ka], Mohmands, 

" n ; Mir Waiz. 

K Kham Khbl (40).— 

" m of Patbanai, Shahi 

Aliiai. MabeudB, 

an ; DjnllV. 

,< Sbrl (UppflT Bohai 

iB).-Adivii»bn,of Baoiiii. 

Mobm>/iiiH. ITwdmeu; see 

a Kltfl Khuwi Kliul, Ata- 

*! Kba, Koii KbfJ. 

Ubmak Khbl (500; Swat 
river, norUi-west of Mala- 
tand).— A diviBion of Bar 
Eanizai, Akoxai — Yusufeai 

TTaKiH Khel (30).— a sec- 
tion of Tappi Ktid, Baclan- 
zai< Shaman Khol, JUahanda. 
Headmon; Sadrawan, Aali 

UsM*K Khbl.—A minor frac- 
tion of Tal>hti Kbel.BflUtft 
Khi-I (1,000), Wall Khel, 
UtraanTai, IMrweah Khel 
Waairi, Headmen ; Khoja- 
niir, Mouilmir, lalaiii Khan, 
Akmad Din, Sakam. 

UsMiH Khel (Britiah ter- 
. rit&rj)- — A minor fraction 

, of Biidln Khel (too), Shadi 
Khel, Nasra Din, ffaln 
Khel, Ahmadzai, Danresh 
Khel Waiirs. 

CeMis Khel.~A gnh-dm- 
sion of Shanai (7S0), 
Zaklia Khel, Afridia. Samit. 
Hnidmen; Mihr Din, Ba- 
war, Sultan Mir, Gul Shah. 

BMiH Kbkl.— A gub-divi- 
«io[i of ^ikandar Kliel, 
Kuki Kbd (4,500). Airidja. 
Gar, Hradroen ) Mir Alain, 

Viil!i^"Koi.—Ji minor Irac- 
tKta- rf- Khwaja; ETiaditi 
Khel, Agfiszai, Iliaazai,' 
Bnnerwals. ' 

tJWi" Khel,— A taiQiJr fiio- 
tjoit of Ebwaja, Ehadiil 
Khel,' Aab^z&i, Iliaezai, 

Utab KsBir.— a wotaoir of 
Sultitt Khel. Sher Gnlla,- 
AW^p:iiel-(l,8fK)), Afriai*. 

Viam .(6a).-^A inb-diVisIon 
' o£ Miram ^lah, TappieU, 
. Dawaris'. Hwdmo&'i . Nak- 

kar, Uongiil,'Faiak ^ab, 


.niifior &b«bn of 'Zalll FtheT 
■. (SboO); Botrii Kifel, Nafera 
IKi; KaM Ehei, Ahmadzai, 
Darwesh Khel Wa^rt: 

ttiiTA'N Kasis (12,000 i k 
alwtch rf ootfnirr ;, north- 

' ^eat of' the- Fnbawat 
l)otd£!c).-'A Pathan trfbe, 
inhabiting a large tract of 
' wrtfritt^ wUieh ^tenfla 
aorbes the hill» bprdeclng 
(lie PtShawar' vlalley, and 

■ ifcdudea th* oountty west 
and Bouth-wett of the 

UfMANKHBl (2,00J ; Upper 
Zhob and Bciri TalleyJ.^A 
division' of (Southftrii) San- 
lar, EakarB. . 

iJrriAiT Kaxt (400' to 600 ; 
Maainra rivtf and Ubhif 
pa*). — 4 diriiion of- Daii- 
uttzai, Orakzaie. Samll. 

TJiM*B E!sBL (10). — ^rebiat 
fractiun'' of CharkhU, Chiu'- 
khii; Land, Mak^h, Kal- 
li^, DaVatii. Headnra^n ; 

Hlkl^tl (i2,a00i Ifnriwrr 
riTef ;■ DaWaf and- Shawal):,— , 
One of the twq olana of 
Btkv/eA lihel Wazira:- 

tfTiiAH-ZAi [-335't.Mababali)- 
— A diviaioQ of MandftOi 
* YuaafaaiB. 

nTM»iria.i' (sbov'Bijt' Hid 

'Km' rakMaad)'.— One of 
the . ^liated UafamcAid 
cliins. They are divided 
: into "Kaiilii" and "tldi-e- 
dnnkai." IfeadWienv Bad- 
sTiah, Muiiaramad All Khan, 
Shamahai, jtuhimmad Ab- 
bas, AmirbiLz (tfar Yakli. 
dnnd), ITmar, I<ilamdin, Lat 
Kaim, Wali MuhainTnad, 
Nasim (Kill Yaldidand).^ 
See Tiote on page 46. 


TJTMAirzii. — A sub-dmsion 
of Adinzai, £!liwazazai, 
Akozai — Yiisafzai Sw^tis. 

ITrftAirzAi (800; Left Utis 
of Swat tivcr). — A divlsiouf 

; of BJ«r-R^nizai; Akozil — 
Yusufzai Swatis. 


Wadee (ICunar river.)— A 
division pf th^ Sslfis, who are 
a vassal clan of the Mbh- 

Wadin KHFL.--A minor fraft*' 
tion of JSJhazzar Khel; Star 
AH Khan Khel, Sarki Khel, 
Madda Khel . (1,600), Ibra- 
him Khel, trtmanzai, D^- 
wesh Khel Wazirs. 

Wahab Kob. — ^A small, broien 
sub-division of Gandab, Ha- 
limzai, Mohmandie^ who are 
closely allied to the Basal 

Walai Kob. — A minor frac- 
tion of A^f fihel, Dftlkha 
Kor, Dadn Khel, Tarakzki, 

Walainai (^8; T?hal-Ohotiali). 
— A division of RakanwJil, 
Lnnis. Headmen ; All Umr- 
zai, Mir Khan. 

Wala Khbl. — A minor frac- 
tion of Sard! Khel, Bakka 
Khel (1,000), Wall Khel, 

Utnianzai, Dsirw^h KHel 
Wazirs. Headman ; £iaftul 


. ..I 

WAEAfe RdKL;-^A minOT'fiiaio- 

tion of Dopalli, Wnzi Khel 

; .: (600);- JHohmit Khel Ut- 

! . maazai, Dalrwesh Khel' Wk- 


W^^X Bb^' Ron- (920):^X 
• BxibtdiTision of Gandftb, 
- Halimzai; Mbhmands. 

iWiLiDAD, Khxl. — A minor 

fractipii , of Hilal .iOel, 

. Koimarithel, Urinnz Khel, 

i Sipah' (1.200), Afridis;.. ^- 

mil. Headmen ; dvl Salim. 

WaWiud' Khel (i4B>.*^;A 
• milior fraction of the Lad! 
' Khelv A^bdnllai, Aimdl Khel, 
; Bahlolzai, Mahaads. ' * i-' 

Walidad Khel.— a divigfon 
pf Mutakai, Utman Khels. 


WiiilDii)' Khel.— A -ikfinbr 
- ft^ibn of :&khaKtiel,=«K^- 
Hori''(qoo), Hassaii Kh^l, 
Adainl'^hbl. Afridls. 

WiLiniH KoB.— A miliar fnc- 
tion of Mamnn Kor. Kandai, 
Im KJiel, Fandiali, Mob- 

WiLioii (Batmn Diirtria).— A 
minor fnurtion of Mnsa Ktwl, 
Hathi Khel (3,000), Shin 
Khel, Ahmadzd, Darwfsh 
Khel Waejrs. HcadmsB ; 
Adam Khan. 

WiLI Kbei: (60 ; Kharmana 
rrver).— A miimr taction of 
the Axh Khel, Kbwaja 
Khel, Uagnzai, laahbnai, 
Orakzaia. Samii. Hcadmaa ; 

Wali Mtthakiud Kob (300 ] 
LoeShilman with Wazir Kor 
and Haflian Kor). — A tec- 
tion of Shah ManiniT Khel. 
Dadn'Khel.Tarakzai, Moh- 
Diands, Headmen ; OhaUm 
Kadlr, Adam, Nasro, Karai, 
Fad Din. 

Willi Beo Khhl.— A minor 
fraction of Ahmad Beg Kfael, 
Uohib Khel, »hekhai, Annai 
<1/)C0), Bndai, Zakha Khel, 
Afridis. Samil. Headmen ; 
Akbar Din, Aliaku, Mohi- 

WiLLiBEQ KaEL.-A mh- 
oiTiaioB of Mat Khan Khel, 
Kunbar KLel (4,300), Afri- 
dla. Gar. Headmen ; Sher 
Khan, Ilamid, and Nnrai. 

W>LU Did Khel.— A Eretiou 
of Kntla Khel, Maiikdin 
Khel, Valikdin Khe'. 
(-IflfO), Afridis. Samil. 
Headman ; see Bakhmali 

WiLLi Khel.— A minor frae- 
tkn cf All Khel, Sheikhma) 
Khel, Kambar, Kam- 
har Khel (*,5<iO), Afridis. 
Gai. Headxaen; Hiro, Alt 
Khan, Gauhar, Ferox. 

WitLi Khel. — A section of 

Aaad Khel, Mitha Khan 
Khel, Koki Khel (4,500) 
Afridia. Gar. Headman ; 


Be8 Khel. — A minor 
fraction of Fatteh Khel, 
Mir! Khel, Pafchu (1,''00), 
Bndai, Zakha Khel, Afridia. 
Samil. Hesdroen ; Akbar 
Din, Aliakai, Mohinddin. 

WiLLi Khbl (35).-A minor 
fraction of Mirdad Khel, 
Ahdnl Kahman Khel, Sher 
Khel, Haibat Khel, Nana 
Khel, Bahlolzai, Mahsnds. 
Headman ; Mianji. 

Waili Khil.— a minor frac- 
tion of Mirghat Khel, Baai 
Khel, Kamal Khel, Saliib 
Jais. Aka Khel (l.&OO), 
, Afridis. Samil. " 


Walli KnKt (5/X)0).-Onc 
of ihf 45 grcttt uivii»ion« ({;/;s., 
Mohtiiit KK5i), Ibrahim 
Khel, and Wnllf Kh<»l) of the 
lHtnaii7,fii clan of ih« T)ttr- 
wcftli Klifsl Wft'/iri*. JI<'imI- 
rrjcn ; »c« iCabiil ICh<'l, 
Maliloihahl, i5»kktt KhoUnd 
Janl KhH. 

Walm KhbI/.— a iMujtioii of 
rukhal (l,()00) IJiidai, 
/jMmx Khcl, AfridiM. Humll. 
Ilcttdmi'n ; Katnran, Kudln. 

Wank OttABAt— A nuWivi- 
glon (if Land! Klud, Bipah 
(1,200), AfridlH. Hamil. 
Hcfldmr!n ; Hlior Muhauumod 
Khan, («ul Halim. 

Wa5I KHRL(Bannii PiHtrlct). 
—A minor fraction of 
Kundi, I'irbn Khcl, Ilathi 
KIh'1 (2,G0iL Shin Khcl, 
Ahmadzal, Darwcsh Ehel 

Wahuohi (307).— a diviRioB 
of Bpin« T(U*in8. Headman ; 

Waba? (or Wu») (8,000; 
Wuttclai VttUojr).— A dlvi- 
Hion of tlie Mamund, Tar- 

WARA«*!'tJH (It'^S))— A clan 
of tlii' BattanniH. Ilcadmon ; 
baidal Ahmiwl Shah. 


tion of Dnrbi Khel, Kambar 
Khd, Kambar Khel (4,500), 
Afridift. Gar. Headmen ; 
Muhammad Sher^ Khwaja 
All, Yaro, Nurai. 

Waboa-bb (100).^ a division 
of the Dana, Battannis. 
licadroan; Gula Khan (Ma- 
rnf Khel). 

War Ohabka.- A minor frac- 
tion of Karra Khel,- Ghaibi 
Khc-l,BabakrirSipah (1,200), 
AfridiH. Samil. Headmen ; 
Lalgul, Purdil, Shah Kalim. 

Wabia Khel (33).-;A snb- 
division of Ahmad Khel, 
Oba Khel, Sheranis. 

Wabbia Khel. — A section of 
Ali Khel, Bobak,. Dana, Bat- 
tannis. ^ . 

Wabiia (12). — A minor frac- 
tion of Ahmad Khel, Zira 
Khel,^Amzon], Mallizad, Da- 
waris. Headman; Shandai. 

Wabkam Khee. — A section 
of Aib Khel, Salarzai, Ilias- 
zai, Buncrwals. 

Wab Khel. — A minor fraction 
of Dri'olam, Paindai, (94u), 
NaHruddin, Zakba Khel, 
Afridis. Samil. Headmen ; 
Chikknn, '^Tamas, Anwar, 
Nazr Din. ' 

^TiBOJil {lip ; Black Moun- 
toml. — A division •_•! T)e- 
sbiwal. .Swatb. HeDdmaii; 
'Hftzrat 8hab. 

WiBo UsMAN Khbl.— A Bllb- 
division of tTeman Khi4, 
Bar RaJi^u, Abi.mi — 
loBiifzai Sw^tis. 

Wabbokai.— A minor fi-ant ion 
of Idia Kliel, Jani KliL-i 
'{1,000), Wali Khel, Utman- 
zai, Dtewesh JChel ^S'aiirs. 
H«Ldm^n',Zargaiaad. Slitikh 

W.ASuiA An EbaJ< Khel.— 
A DiUDe aometiqieB applii^ 
.to the NianiatltheliEhwaJa 
Ahma^ Ehel and Jambol 
Khel minor fraction! of tlit 
Mian Ali 'Khan Kliel 
fraction of ' Sarki Khiil, 
MaddaKhel {1.600), Ibra- 
Lim Khe), tltoianaaii r)iu-- 

. WPsh Khel WftzirB. Head- 
men i Maddi and Sheiiihniir. 

Was¥Ki (125; Dera Ismail 
Khan District.) — Nomadic, 
a section of .Shin Khel, Mian 
Khei, Lohana, Fawindaba. 

Wiairi, Khbl.— A section of 
Paindai {940), NasnnlJin. 
Zakha Khel. AfriaJB, Samil. 
^eadman ; see Paindai. 

Watak (26).— a minor frac- 
tion of Bar Kaum, Hassu 
.Khel. Toi, -MalUiad, Da- 
wang. Hwidmeii ; Baki, 
Baarang. ' ' 

Wati Kbel (60).— a minor 
fraction of Miri Khel, Land, 
Malakh, Atallizad. Dan-aria. 
Headmen ; ' Mnhammad 
Akbar, Kaim Khan, Alam 
Shah, Jawahir Shah. 

Watibai {25).— a minor frac- 
tion of AgTiian, Zira Khel, 
Amzopi, ^^IJi^4i Dawari«. 
Headmen ; Sh^ .Mnrad, 
Aiiz Khan. 

Watizai (610).— a divifuoa 
of Maninzai or Muham- 
mad zai, Z»mukhtB. 

Wabab Khei.— a minor frac- 
tion of Mir Kban.Khel. Aeat 
Khel. Wdej 'Kiel {800), 
Mohmit Khel, TTtman^i, 
Darwesh Khel Waiiria. 

Wazas Khel (36).— A minor 
fraction of Kiki Khel, Moh- 
ammad Khel, Malakb, Mal- 
Ijiad, ^waris. Headmen j 
Tirob, Kntti Khan. 

Wazi Khbl (90),- Aminor 

fraction of Sfiammal, Hbmh 

Khel, Tor, MalHzad, Dawarii. 

Headmen ; Madda ' Khel, 

' Col Hainan, Mir Ka^^m, 

WaZIB KhBL (8).— a minor 
fraction of Ali Khel, Bnrim 
Khel, Amzoni, Ma.tlizad, 
DanariB. Hfodmen ; Ba,kli- 
tamir, i'iya Khan. 

.■WiaiBSil (160}^A minor 
fraction lof Kh^mar Kliel, 
Gi^i Kbel, Stanaiai, y^L'zai, 

WiZiBs (4],530).-A large 
tribe of Pathans, wHaiiihabit 
the hill country to tbe west 
of the Trans^liidni Ptontier 
from the Kurnun rivev nfnr 
Thill, to tho''GomBl panfl. 
They are divided iiilo S 
-niain -brandies— The Dar- 
ytkeb Ktel, -n»., UtiiiBna.1 
12,fiO0 and Ahmadiai 
llMQi theMahsnds lU.IMS; 
the' 'Gitibaz; the Luili ; 
jyaAjnta ; tee the ibove 

WiBlB KoE {300).— A^eciion 
of Shih ManauT Khel, Dadu 

, -Kbei; ,TaTabai,.Mol)miiiiaa. 
Hea^nien ; K»^ Hajij Shah- 
.baz„Am;n Shah, Saiad .Mii- 
hammisdi'JJar^j'SAZB Khun, 

WOCHIK Khbl (40).— a 
minor fraction of Mitha 
Khel, Badiwai, Mh^adt Khel, 
Shaman Khel, UafaendB. 
Headinen i Jais^,Shab&L:. 

Wqeukb (350).— a diTiBipa 
of the -Dana, ' Batt&Diiis. 
Headmen ; Moiad Khaa 
(«e«);Mehrman "(Sen- 
z^i); Adil S)^ .and jUi 
Gnl (ifmerizw.) 

WvfJi Kbbl (40).r-A Mction 
of tVe Mslai.-.Shii^,;^'''. 
lolzaj, Mahends.' Jlfodqiui ; 
Mohamad Aahraif, ' KEan 

tion of the Haidrai, Chahar 
-Khel, Sitcom JChel, Mab- 

Wnzi KHBt (800 ; Ebaisora 
and Enitii) ,— A,.*nb-diyi«ion 

it Mijihmit Khel, Utmaniai, 
laiffwh Khel 'WanrB. 
■He^d^fn ; Bcral, Wwir 
Khan. Kikir -.Khan, Nivai 


•I -M 

I I 

■I /. 

Taghi KoB.-^Amihoir frac- 
tion of @K)h, Busha Khel, 
Kamali, : Halimsai, JSoh- 
mands. Headman ; Baland. 

Taqi ICbjbl j see Tob Bafpab. 

Yahia KHBLy or HszAi, 
(115). — A 8ub-divisio|^ . of 
Ahmad KHel^ ObaA^el, 

Yahia Khei (167).— a divi- 
sion ' of the Ohuar. ^hel, 
Shei-ahiB. . 

Yahia Khel, or He2ai 
(690). -A division of Se;i 
Khel, Sheranisi 

Ya KblUL. — A section of "Bkhvi 
Khel, Adinzai, Khwazazai, 
Akozai — Yusufzai Swatis. 

Yaktjbi Khel (Goshta).— 
An offshoot of the Sargarrai 
Kor, Khadi Khel, Khwaezai, 
Mohmands. Headmen ; 

Jamal, Nadir Shah, Mian 
Jumma Khan, 

Yakub Khel. — A section of 
Ghaibi Khel, Bahram-ka- 
Khol, Rir Ranizai, Akozai — 
Yusufsai Swatis. 

Yakub Koe.. — A minor frao*^ 
'" tion of "Eanra, Khel, Shati 
Khel,.Waiibeg Kor,.Gandab, 
Halimzai, Mohmandfe.. Head- 
man ; Ahmad. 

TAkUBZA-i ■ (256).. — A sub- 
division of Manazai, Oba 
Khel, Sheranis. 

YajB Ali Khel. — A .division^ 
of Kamrai or Kamar Khel. 
. (600), Afrjdis.^ Samii Head- 
man ; Azam Bin. : ;• < ' :• . • 

Yaban Khbl.— a • secl^n of 
Sheikhmal, KamBar Khel,- 
Kambar Khel (4500),: Afri- 
dis. Gar. Headmen ; Mahlam- 
mad, Sher, Khwaja Ali, Yaro, 

Yabdie Kob. — ^A section of 
Kadai Kor, Gand^b, Haiim- 
zai, Mohmands. Headmen ^. 
Shah Jehan, Nawab, Mnsa 
Khan, Gnlai, Yad Muham:* 
ioad, Niamat. 

Yabgul Khel. — A section of 
Pabbi Khel, Kambar Khel,. 
Kambar Khel (4,600), Afri- 
dis. Gar. Headmen ; Sherid, 


Y*B Kb.h Khbl.-A miuor 
fraction till Kasim Kliel 
,(;^0)^ Klmat Ehel, Jamki, 
Mam Khii. Afridia. 

1f*B KBjIS Khel.— One of 

' tlie eiLb-divisiuUB of the Ua- 

iniiiai. Miihtia {a.pOO), 

■^ifeinsii7Bs"of thu Orakzaia. 

CXLi Khkl.— Agnb-di- 
Bazoti (500), 
mkti^i, Orukzms, Somil. 
Headman ; Baznnr- 

Yia McHiMMU) KHBi-r— A 
snli-dlTieion 6f Karna Khel, 
Kalikdin KJi.'l 1*001.1^, 
AfridiB. ISamil. Hcaioen; 

, Atim Pii. Samand, Sh^rit 

y^llPBlMMAD KHBI. (SE,),. 

—A minor frKtlon of the 
"IPiarri KM, Kaiu'in Khal, 
Otatar Khet, Shaman KTiel, 
JUokaiuha. TlcadBuu ; Badai- 
^aliMi KtuDitfdiUr Eakar. 

-A sectioB ot 

[ Khel, fiuoti 

1 Danlatui, OnUu^ia. 

I H4^.~AMoii«nar 
>xai. AKioad I 
&(■!, Steruni*. 

YisrMZir (80).— A,-at>oRon of 
Pim-m!,. 0iiinar, Saniai-, 

Kakars. '' ' ■' ' 

TiSJtraii (BflflS— A! BiiVdM- 
ufcm 0* [na Khel. tViM'a. 
Kakam. KiiadttttJi : Pii'ak 
and Mnlla HotMi. ' 

Ti^ KSe*.— Oy of ttfl.wib- 
diTuion^ of t^ StW^VSii. 
Mfshtifl (3,000), MlaTii. 
sayas" of tha Orakzais, 
Samil. Headmaa ; Ali Shev, 

Tcjii^E'iML.— JlnlJotJmi rt 
Bosti Hhel ^KWr QsUi. 
A4,« Khel, A&»^. 

'8«]>l'i«, I^r- 

t'uin of Baah fCW, Annai 
AJridi* SamiL Hjail^wn | 
Htti^aBsu, ilirdivt. flaaii. 

YraiF Kniti. of Iia Ksib 
(DoniBh Jial).'** iiuWivi- 
sion of laa Khel, PaudJatii 
Mi^bmawta. I 

Ytatt Rbii.— A 

Bion of Kakaiat, 


YusAV Kun (Dir).-^A aeo- 
tion of Painda Khel, Sesada, 
Malizai, Ynsofzais. 

Ymxjrzxi (73/)00*).— A great 
gronp ^ of Pathan tribes 
whion ixxclndes those of the 
Black Mountain, the Bnner* 
wals, the Swatis, the people 
of Dir and the Panjkora 
▼alleY, and the inhabitants 
of the Tosufzai plain in 

British territory. They all 
claim Idescent from one 
Mandai, his son Ynsaf, and 
grandson Mandan. Prom 
Ynsaf s f onr sons, Isa, Mnsa, 
Mali and Ako are descended, 
respectively, ^ the Isazais, 
Xliaszais, Malizais and Ako- 
zais : Ako was also the pro- 
genitor of the Banizaia. The 
Utmanzais are descended 
from Mandan, 

Zabab Khbl (North-east of 
Bnjier).-^A minor fraction 
of Mpsa . Khel, Makhozai, 
Nasozai, Iliaszai, Yusnfzais. 

ZAi><^.-r-A minor fraction of 
Madkk, Bada, Asil, Isnudl- 
zai, Utman Khels. 

Zadbikb or Jadbaks (9,000; 
Spalgnn valley, Khost). — 
A trme of i^host, bordering 
the K&zha Madda Khels of 
the TochL- They lie be- 
tween the Ghilzais on the 
west and the Tanis on the 

> wdp Headman ; Babrak. 

Zavfab Khbl <36).— A sec- 
tion of Nana Khel, Tapiai, 
l^ppizadt Dawaris. Head- 

men ; Khamid, Dowogar, 
Pir, Mir Alam Khan. .- 

2iAi'iBAK KoB.-^A ijiinor 
frtkctlQn of; Hyatar ' 'Kor, 
Shah Mansnir Khel, Dadu 
Khel, Tarakzai, Mohih^ds. 
Headman ; Abdullah. 

Zaid KaSL (6).— A su^-drril- 
sion of Khaddi, jVTftlllgad, 
Dawaris. Headman'; 4^ jam. 


(3,500 ;- country bet^A«eii"tb0 
Zawaghar range, Kurram 
river, and Miraiizai).^T-A 
tribe of Pathans,' divided 
'mto' Khoidad^* Kfiiel; or 
Eastern Zaimukhti^. and 
Mamozai, or Westexn Zai- 
mukhts. S^UQul.. . 

• This number, BeUew.'s estimate, is probaf>ly oaanii^nhtf 
lind^ the mark. 

>SU Kbel (140;Bia<i1< 

(intain). — & anb-diffiBion 

.ai, leazai, YoBnf- 

Hwulmi'n; Najim 

^n, Zaliltir Khan. 

_^ vatAZii (SOO).— A Boction 
of ALireghut?,^, Ktibzai, 
Sanzar, Kakars. Headmaa; 

JjdiABiTj, Khel,-A minor 
' iraction of Khojii! Khol 

5 BOO), Shadi Khcl, Nasra 
)in, Kaln Khol, Ahmadzai, 
*I)wwesh Khol Wazira. 
Headman ; Amin Kiian. 

81UU.B Khel.— A minor frac- 

. tionofDi'Cpillari, Tori Kiel 

ra.erO). Ibrahim Kfcel, 

Vtta&tim.i, Darweah Khel 

■'waiirs. Headmen ; Keily. 


,B%xi (7)-— A division of 

ft»kanwai, Lunis. Head- 
BWii MekL, (SaiadanZDii), 
StUBA Krbl (4,500; Shy 
\Bi,Ba?ar, Tiara and Maidan; 
«fiil, dlagonitll}' ac^roEs the 
ti^Aole Afridi country). — One 
j(the most important of the 
■ A Kbfber Afridi claoA. 
VHoil. Headmen; Kiiwas 
and Wali Muliani; 
(botb deposed bj 
iment in 1808, %iit 
■BinBtatfld) ; and their 
rpQiilnam Stid Snibui 

SSakhbbi. (150).— a ' (Ifcni- 
eaya) section of Umrzai, Dn- 
mar, SanZai Khel, K&liars. 
ll«adman ; Aulia. 

Za Khbi, (Oirdi Kttta, Kabul 
river ; Unai pasa, Aigbania* 
tan). — -A sno-division mbo- 
oiated with the Daweial 
JvuchiB of the MohmandB. 
Headmait ; Azamdin. 

Z*KHo Khbl.— A section ot 
Janakhori (80O), Hastan 
Kliel, Adam Khd, AfridlB. 

ZiKEU Khbl. — A Bub-divi- 
sion of Sikandot Kbel, 
Kulti Kbd (4,500J. Afridis. 
Gar. Hf&dmen ; Hasir, 
Guljni, Tana, Said Gal. 

Zagobi (130; De» Iniuul 

Khan Diitrict).— Nomadic, 
a Bention of Seiu Kliol^ Mian 
Khvl, LohauB, PaWindaba. 

Zaebi Kbbl (30)> — A minor 

fraction of the Hitlia Kbel, 
Baditvai, Kfaalli Khel, Sfaa- 
mun Kheli Maheada. Head- 
man 1 Haiyat Khan. 

ZiLLi Kbel (3,000 ; a,ooo 1« 
Wftna).^A minor fraction 
of Botni Kb«l, Nam Din 
Khel, Kaln Eh«I, jUmudl^, 
Dar*nA Khel Wazin. 


ZiMAin f KuMrn — A minor 

ZA)i45 KhsIi (Bannu Disr 
1ttWt)>— Aiiiteor ticiion c* 

-' All XhtQl, IKtte K!hel, Hftthi 

-fChel 'C2!^*»!>, ^Iriu Kiel, 

'^fChmndz^, .D&a^esh !E3iel 

Zaman Khbl.— a minor frac- 
ifw of JUakki -Kkd, .Ssiidk 

£r^an iJ^hoL K«ki Sliel 
(4>00), Afridis. Gar. 
. Headmen ; see JilaJrki.Kbel. 

Z^^ 'Kbwl.^A section of 
•llIaBa SCheL Blue Sulizai, 
'£alzai^ Ako^air— Tnsnfzai 

tA-tfik 2:611 (I>^(iiM f pi).— 
A DqSuQr fta6tioti of ' Bajid 
Klidp tioRdS KM, Ida E;]iel, 
Patmiali, Mbhimmds. 

aUaCijA *KHfi3^^-^A sedbion dE 
SSaeHKbBl, Kdnbor Kbel, 
■Kftixibar3C^b6l((4,50Q), Alfiri- 
^;. Gifar. Headmen 4 Fakir, 
Gnlistan, Gbl Sihah., Bafamat. 

Zauvsh KbsX''^Q).-^A minor 
'fraction of nazirgai. Kha- 
:mar!Kl]tel, (Sidl Khel, Hana- 
ZAi, AUzai« fiabBiids. Head- 
meii ; •OaWadia, Gha£^ 

ZskXtm KstLr-^A sectkn oS 
^faB taskudi Khdl, Baooti 
.<5QQ),. Ebkolatitti, Orakzais. 

Zana Khbl. — A section of 
Hfklk (ct M^ Khd, Balar- 
4a&,%iasi9ii. -BaaervraHs. 

Zangi Khel. — A seeblon of 
GhaiU Khel, Babakri, Sipaii 
(4,^), Afmdis. Samil. 
Headman ; Dacya Khan. 

Zanka Kh£l (Mastnra river, 
at Its source). —A division of 
the Ali Khels (3,000), 
^'Hamsafas" 4>f the fOinik' 
(Xais, Gar. -i Sinak, Headskan ; 

. Khalid Khan. 

i^A&A Khjb;* (14).— a seolAon 
of Boya, Tappizad, Dawaris. 
Heftdmsm^ Gidab. 

Zasgax (6).r^A'EAib'*'divi8ion o£ 
Khaddi, . Mallizad^ Dawarif « 
Headmen ; Khoja* Muham* 
-mad Khan. 

Zabgsab Khsl (15)i--»A misor 
ffaetioQ of Kbannack Khd^ 
l^azar Khel, Aimal .Khd, 
Bahlolzai, MahsndA. Ssad- 
man ; SCalo. . 

Zabqas Khel (16).*— A miatf 
fraction of tbs l^ikam 
Kh«]« Khoidad Khel» Oidij 
KhdljlBCaBazai, AUaaiy^Mak' 
suds. Headman; IJimaii. 


2^ieB0AB KHiiy«.-^A minor iitec- 
' iion ot Sarmast KhetU iBsdi 
Khel, Dardoni, Wuzi Khel 
(800). Mohmit Khel, Utman- 
'2»i, BlaffTiBsh- )Kh0l Waiisfs. 
lle^tdixiflai ; Wa2& Xh^n, 

Z£^^%s, KHEt.— Aminor fn^;- 
4aon crfTftoar Khel, AH Khel, 

- Khaddar Khel (^0), .i&h- 
t)ftffc Khel, ITtmanaai,. Dar- 

■ »wedi Khtel Waiiirs. 

Zabgab Khel (18). — A sub- 
•fii't^ioii at Bbya* 7a{)pi«id, 

' . Dawaiifi. Heod^Kiain ; Otilbat 

Z A BGAB Khel (20).— -A section 
of Malli Khel, Idak, Tappi- 
zad, Dawaris. Headman ^ 
yiTalli Has»Bkn. 

Zabgxjn Khel (300)/— A.iJtb- 
division of Galai, Adam 
Khel, Af ridis. 

Zabit Khel.— A minor frac- 
tion of Dicr^ C300)^ Khus- 
irogi, Nafiraddin, Zakha 
Khel Afridis. Samil. Head- 
man ; see Bucha Khel. 

ZiiSiT Kob.— A gM(tk)n<€f Kani 
Khelt KaiAia Khel, Tarsk^ai, 
Jlohinanda. Heaifaieii ; 

tShamahdre, Adsmi' Dafdihbh, 

Zfiftk DtAi.-^A ^vaskbt fracildB 
^ HaibtBtnal, Tdii Khel 
<^-67iO), Ibr^l^ Khel, 
UtEKiaBzai, (Darwe^h Khel 
Wazirs. Headittan'; Lai 

Zabik KffiBL*^— a minor frac- 
tion of ^asbi KheS, Mannia 
Khel, Hassan Khel, Mitha 
Khan Khel, Kuki Khel 
(4,600), Afftdis. Headmen J 
Kokk, Sherai, Khairtffla, 

ZiL'RW Khel. — A ttHnor frac- 
tion of ' 'Mian Khel^ Jana 
Khori (800), Hassan Khel, 
Adam KheL Afridis. 

Zjlbmab Khbl (18).— a minor 
fraction of 'Karimdad Khel, 
Abdnl Baihmian Khel, Sher 
Khel, Haibat Kb^r Nana 
Khel, Bahlolzai, Mahsuds. 
Headmen ^ Sliahwar^n, Ha^ 

Zabo KheI/. — A ^section of 1;he 
Aimal Khan Khel, Zsnka 
Khel, AH Khels (3,000), 
^Hgxnsaybs^ ef the Orakzais. 
>G«r. i ISUajBh, Headman ; 

Zabbae Khel (8). — A minor 
£«a(/tion of Walidad Khel, 
IJtSi Xh^ Al)dnllai, Aimal 
Khel, BdsSoSfeai, OffiAsuds. 
Ii#admaa $ QM> Din. 

Inddpn cf the SWnalc 
, Ebel, Abdollu, Aimal, Ebel, 
; Bohlolwi, UeJund*. Head- 


Zasbi Ebsl (115).— a snb- 
divisign of Cb^i Ehelt 
Shainfui Ehel. UahBnds. 

ZxAi (2b).^A Motion of the 
Sah, Y^. Khel. Sen Ehel, 

ZsBAKti (203),— A division 
. of Mallizad, Dawarid. Head-: 
men,; Shahzada Haibad 
Khao, Qvlifir, Ahmad 
Ehoniir, Bozam Sbah, Gbain 
Shah, Pii Muhammad, 
Uasal, Dodi, Basdi,. Said 
Akbar,Salamu,Nabst Shah, 
Khatatd, Saidnlla Jan, 

Zf^DABV Kbsl.~A minot 
fraotion of Sherga Ehel, 
Utmanzai, Adiozai. Khwaza 

, : z^ Akozair^Ynsufcat Swa,* 


Jkb Ehel.— A iviaoF traction 
ta SWbir {fft Eambo) Ebel, 
Alb Ehel, Salarm,'ItiMlai, 


Zhao KaHh (SSj.T-A aqb- 
division of Tfipiai, Tappiiad 
tiawarii. Headn}«n j Itab 
E!han, J^h^uad, Gujab Din, 

Almad Simh, Sheikh Aiirin, 

iuVDBis (200).— A rob- 
divinon of Bndai, Zakha 
Ehe], Afridia. Samil. Head- 
men ; Mir Usman, Nnzai, 
Gnlistan, PahLran, Mir 
Azam, Mabrez, Amir 8hah, 
Yar Sher, Sberdan, Dasran, 
Yar Baz, Said Ehan, Yar, 

A anb-divisioa of the Hani 
Ehel (1,000), Muhammad 
Ehel, Orakzais. Oar. Shiah. 
Headman ; AJi Jaa. 

ZtHUU. — A minor fraction of 
Aib Eor, Shaikh Ehel. Aib 
Ehel, Salarzu, Iliaaz^, 

ZiEAi (10).— A minor fraction 
of Shadi Ehel, Lar ■ Lorai, 
Land, Halakh,^ IffaUIzad, 
Dawaria. Headman ; ^a^kir 

. Muhammad. 

ZiBA Ehel. — A minor frao- 
. tutnof MadEhozhai,.Ehad- 
dar Khel (770J, Mohmit 
.Khet, Utmanzai, Darweah 
Ehd Vfaiin. HeadmaB ; 
Pir Mnhammad. 


ilBA Kbbl (247).^A sub- 
division of Amzoni, Mallizad, 
Dawaris. Headmen ; Malik 
Khan, Muhammad Alam, 

Garwal Khan, Ghulam. 


iiEA Khbl (15).— a sub- 
division of Banda, Tappizad, 
Dawaris. Headman ; Ayaz 
Khan. ' 

ElBEiZAi (West of Dera 

Ghazi Khan District). — A 

, sub-dividon of the Hamza- 

zai, Balil Khel, Musa Khels. 

Headman ; Ladbkar. 

Zhabais, MiBZiB, or Mizbis 
(130 ; Dera Ismail Khan 
frontier). — ^A small tribe 
claiming descent from the 
ancestor of their neighbours 
the Musa Khelsy with whom 
they are very friendly. 

Headman ; Sardar Hakim 

ZoHBA KoB. — A minor fraction 
of Zaman Khel, Makki Khel, 
Kattia Khel, Hassan Khel, 
Mitha Khan Khel, Kuki 
Khel (4,500), Afridis. 

ZoLi Khel (14). — A section 
of Atman, Miram Shah, 
Tappizad, Dawaris. Head- 
man ; Shabah. 

ZoLiZA Khbl. — A minor frac- 
tion of Muhammad Khel 
(700) Isperka, Kalu Khel, 
Ahmadzai, Darwesh Khel 
Wazijm.. Headmen ; Jan 
Nur Muhammad, Shah 

Ztjbaib Khbl.— a minor frac- 
tion of Musa Khel, Makho- 
zai, Nasuzai, Iliaszai, Buner- 


■ I 

1 " I 


KOi 10 Q; li;^., I. 8.-4-7^.-630. -Rose. 

1" ' I I' > ■ ^ »i I >l|ii I 1 ^ i 

. 1. ai. 

. 1 = ■-., 

I ; 

I • 


- ■ 1 

Thefollotoing notehy Captain A, IT, McMahon, C*8.I,, CLE^, 
Political Agent, lAr^ Stoat and Chitral, explains the 
various spiritual titles and denominations in use among 

"The denominatioTiR under which the descendants of all 
Mahammadan spiritual leaders come (according to Pathan, and I 
might say Indian, usage), are, in order of spiritual rank, as fol- 
lows : — 

1. Saiads. — This is the term given to descendants of the 

Prophet Owing to their large number and varying 
pircumstances, it does not follow that a Saiad, as such, 
is given precedence over other spiritual denomina- 
tions, but a Saiad who comes into prominence as a re- 
ligious man takes precedence of all other religious 

2. Mians. — ^These are the descendants of saints and spiri- 

tual leaders who have acquired a wide reputation 
among many tribes, and not a merely local reputation. 
All Mians are, or are supposed to be, descendants of 
saints of some past century. The term is not 
descendants of modern saints, but some of these 
may in course of time become Mians. The remains 
titade regarding Saiads apply to Mians also. The 
principal saints of this class on the northern frontier 
are ranked as follows :— 

(1) Pir Baba of Ilai, Bnner (as a Saiad, be ranks first). 

(2) Kaka Sahib of Nowsbeia. 

(3) Hazrat Ji, near Attook.