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THIS work has been compiled with a view to 
providing; BQ index to the ntunerous ramifications 
of the Pathaii tribes of the Nortb-West Frontier, 
in such e, form that any obscure Bub-divieion may be 
eaailj referred to its jmiper tribal position : but all 
detailed perticnlars of the hietary and genealogy 
of the tribes, stich as may be found in larger works 
of reference, have been excluded. In order also to 
dimisiBb the bulk of the work without greatly de- 
creasing; its utility, certain cis-f rentier Fathan tribes 
(incliiding the diviaoos, etc., of the Bangash and 
Kha(tak») have been omitted ; the Turis, however, 
have been included. 

J. WOLFE MURRAY, lieut.-Colonel, 

J»«i«i*nt. Quarler Maii-^ General, 
' Inlelligtaee Brauii. 

IH June lS'->9> 

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,- ■ .* 


EXiEIiANA5rOEar notk. 

.The elw«ficftfcio»,a^oEted jn ,tlii«L^^tip?i?jy U qs 
Eollpws I— 

■ 1. ^tritie. 
a. MieclMrflilietribe.' 
S. The divifiioD of the clan. \- ] 

i4. , The sabr^iTiaion^ of the, division. , , 

5. The section of the sub-diyisioa. 

6. Other minor fractions of the section. 

The headings in the dictionaiy read from the 
lesser to the greater, thus ; — Da.du Kuel are a minor 
fraction of the Dreplara section, of the Ehasrogi sub- 
division, d the NaSruddin diriaion, of the Zakha 
Khel clan, of the Afridi tribe. ^ 

Figures in brackets indicate the number of the 
fighting men c£ the fraction immediately preceding 
the Sgnres. 

The locaUt; of the tribe, chin, or division, etc., is 
also given within brackets, where this is capable of 
accurate definition, and is not sufficiently indicated in 
the name of the tribe, clan, etc. In many cases the 
names of. the headmen have been given. 

"Gab" and ".Samil." — These terms refer to the 
two poHtic^ factions into which the tribes on the 

L,,n!.nnv Google 

FeB&swsr and EoHat borders are divided. At some- 
remote perisd a bitter fcMd esiated between the Gar* 
aad Samil branches of the great Bangaeh tribe, and 
alt the neighbooring tribes appear to have joined one- 
laction or the other ; although the origin of the- 
quarrel has been fbk^otten, the dtvisionstilf remains. 

"SoNW" AND "SBIAH3.?' — The Vast majority of 
the frontier tribeamen belong to the former sect ; and' 
this lAT' b& aasumfd to be the ease where nijt other- 
wise expressly stated. 

" Hamsayas. **— Vassal ar. dependent; settlers^ 
amongst aa alien tribe- ' . 

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JhBk Khbi-— A minor fraction 
of Adam'Khel, Nazar Khel, 
All Khan Khel. Sarki Khel, 
Modda KheI<l,60Q), Ibrahii 
Ehel; trtmanzai, Darwsh 
■ KbelWaaW. : 

1bi EaxL.^A enb-dirbion 
a{ Nekpt Khel, ^wazazai, 
Akoiai— TttWfaai Swfttia- 

JLba EeIl.^A section of 
Aka 3]anif,BabDuii,BaizBi, 
.Akozal — ToBufzai Swafia. 

Aba (oi Asio) Kbbl.— a 
seciion of Uakhozai, Nuin- 
2ai, Iliaszai, Bunerwala. 

Ab* £bkl {l.a00).^A Bnb- 
diviuon of Babazai, Baizai, 
Abozai — Yusolzai Swati*. 

Aba. £hil t^.'^rO)— A tnb- 
^Tiaion 'of Knz Stilizai, 
Balz^ ^kuzai— Yaaufzai 

Aba Khbl— a snb-diTiMon 
of KbadakzaT; Kbwazazai, 
A'koiai — YoBufzai Swatis- 

Abi Eebl. — A aeetim of 
lemiuliai, DaoUtzai, MaUzaii 

Aba ^HBi^r-'A snb-dlTi»ion 
of Nari»i, JUelLuu, Bnner- 


AaA ESBL. (80 ; Den Ismail 
Khan Dbtrict).->-NomadI<;, 
a neation of laot Ehet, Hian 

, Ebel, Iiobana, Favindahs. 
Headman ; see lHua EheL 


Aba KhIL (Mohmand 
conntry). — A Mib-diTigion.Dt 
MuBnd, SaSs, a vaaaal oUn 
of the Uohmands. 

Aba: Em (Laft' ^alc of 
Mastnni)'. — A seotioh of the 
Fateh Ehui Khel, Utman 
. Khel, DaoUtzai, Orakzaii. 
Samil. Headman ; Bajaz. 

Aba Koa. — A Bab-diviuon 
of Humana Eliel, Khwaezai, 
Mohmands. Headman ; 


,ABi8.KH«t (8P).^A., minor 
rraetion^of thp Fanj. Pjlara, 
ARoUaJ, Aimal itbeUBah- 
lolzai, Uabsiidg. Headman ; 

ABi«KK|L(8b).— A^ionof 
IJae H^ibat Khe). Ncm She), 
fiahlotzai, Mshsads. Head- 
mut] Sborang Eluu-,iAii. 

Abab Khzl (100).— a minor 
ftBction of tiie Bhnmi Khel, 
Palli Khel, MnflBAti; AKk^, 
Mahsnda. Headmeti'; Ifagri, 
Uodor, Imor, and Minb. 

AnAB itsfh (10).— A minor 
fraction of Qita Efiel, 
Mabammad Ebel, Malakh, 
Hallizad, Dawaria. BM- 
man ; Uad Azam.' 

AntiAi (1,000).— A division 
of Ehwazazai, Akoiai — 
Yoso&ai Swatia. Notb. — 
The Abami diviBiOH we now 
dependents of the Khan of 

Abba Ehel {200).— A division 
of l^tta, BattanniB. Head- 
men i Kota (Alladadi), 
Sarang Ehan (Shakar). 

Abbas Khbl. — A minor frac- 
tion of Aba Ehet, Ismaibsai, 
Danlatzai, Ualvzoi, Bnner- 

Abdal Kbbl.— a div^on of 
EqH Khe 0,660) Afridis. 
Oftr; Headmen i RTnlla 
Ai^' Shah, Gidmr, 
Stud AIT, Unlla Lajbai, 
XuWa Amii', OnWn, Shei- 

Abdi Kh»i,^A liiinor frai> 
tioti' of Shngai. Tori Khel 
fg,e7t)) ■ Riraym 2heU 
TJtmonzaij^ Darweab Kbel 

. Wazira. Hwiaieii;- AIM- 
yar and Ghi^ba^. 

Abdclahi.— A aub-diviaion of 
Uekhiani, 'Spin, TativM. 
Headman ; Aztm. 

Abdcuzai (2,000 ; Zhob).— A 
divfrion of (Sortbern) Ban- 
zar, Kakara. Headman ; 8nU 
tan Mnbaamad (Fakhezu). 

„„■... nvCoOylc 

^BDIIIi Aziz EhBI , . 

Maatnra. TOlley).— One of 
■ the four divisionB of the 
Mohammad Ehel . Orakzaw ; 
are called ■ the '' Khans of 
. the.HahainaiadKhel." Qar. 

A.BDUI. IThxi (S40 ; North of 
KJiarmanariTer).— A minor 
fraction of the Maata Ebcl, 
Khiraja KtiA. Maanza^ 

■ IiaabkarT^, OraVzaia. Gar. 
Headman ;' Ashraf Khan. 

Abdul Khui-— A nunor frao? 
tion of Bora Khet (l.OOi)). 
Mohmit Khel, Utmauzai, 
SartTeah K>iel Wa:drs. 
Headmen J Sheikh, Khoja 
Mir, and Pahlwan. 

AbdCL KHBI flSf^).— a BKtloB 

of the Eamm ^hel, Bndon- 
tai, Bhamj^'Khel, Mahiuda. 
Headmen ; Jani Khan and 
Mir Janai. 

Abdul Ehbl. — A anb-dl vi- 
sion of TFi^tii 'Sbel, Sipah 
(1,200), Afridia. Samil. 
Headment Sher Jon, Jtunr 
ma, pand; Shitotan, Chim- 

Abbdl EbB( (F Idal Khil) 
(38)- — A minor fraction of 
Chnttan, Zim Ehol. Anuoni 
V^Iizod, PayvV' SM- 
mftn i Gmnol £h>n> 

Abdul Khbl {21).— A minor 
fraction of tTmarzai, Zira 
Khel, Amioni, Malltztul, 
-Dawaria. Headmen i Amir, 
Sheikh Uu8a,Niaz. 

ABDCLLii (1,168).— A snh- 
division of the Aamal Khel, 
Sahlolzai Mahauda^ Head- 
man ; Azim Khan. 

Abdul Mikii.— (410; -North 
of Eharmana river). — 4 
section of the Landuzai, 
Maan^ai, Laabkarzai, ^>nk- 

Abdul Bahiu EhGl.— A 

anb-division of Landi Khel, 
Sipah (1,200). Afridis. Samil. 
Headmen i Amir 'Wall- 

Abdul Ribhah Khbl 
(Tirah).— A Bnb-diviaion of 
the Bazid Khel, Sheikban, 
"Hamsayas" of the Orak- 
zais. Samil. Headmen ; 
Ahmad Gul. 

Abdul Rihii»;i Khbl 
(340).— A minor fraction of 
Uw Sher Khel, Haibat Khel, 
Nana Khel, Bahbhai, 
Mahands. Headman; Gntdad. 

Abdul BAHMiu Ehri.— 
A minor' fraction of Idar 
Khel, All Ehel, Ehaddar 
Khel (770), Mohmit Khel, 

L,,n!.nnv Google 

Utmanzfti, Danfesh Etiel 
WoziiH. Headiqeik : Nni 
' Mt^mmad, Ahmad Din. 

Abdul Rahkan Chsl (50). 
— A minor fraction of Abdol 
Bahman' Khel, Mnhammad 
Khel, UiLlakli, Mallizad, 
Dawarie. Headmen ; Fazil- 
din, Kasim, Salam KKan, Zar 

Abdul Baehan Khel (100). 
— A Bcction of Muhammad 
Ehel, Malakh, Miaiizad, 
UawariB. Headman ; Fazil 
Din, Hakim Eban, Gnl 

ABBni, WlDAITAI (60).— A 

section of the Malik Dinai, 
Manazai, Alizat, Mahsuds. 
Headman ; Shairagar. 

Abdub Rahm*s Khkl (300). 
— A section of the .Vlnsa 
Khel, MamiiZni, Lashkarzai, 
Orakzais. Gar. ' 

Abbahib -Khel (560 ; Se« 
Mamnzai).— A ■ section of 
the Alikaran, Mamozai, 
Lashkarzai, Orakziria. Gax. 

AcHAKZAW (13,00 i ; Both 
sides of the Peshin border).— 
' • A large tribe, an offi-shoot'of 
the Barak7M Huranis, di- 
vided into the Oujanzai and 

Badin/fli clans. The lead- 
ing division of the former 
clan is the Ahmadzai, said 
to be distinct from the 
Hamidzai division. Bead- 
' men ; Haji Ohalam Haidar 
Rhan, Khan Baiadur, is 
the leading man '; a(E~e1rB are 
Ayaz Khan (HamidEsi), 
Akbar Rhan (Ghaibzai),'ete. 
The elans, divi«ons, etc., of 
the Achnkzaifi are notsepn- 
rately indeied-ln this IHc- 

AcHAB Rhbl (80).-~A Mo- 
tion of Marjara Khel, Darka 
Khel, MaUizad, Dawaris.' 
Headmen ; IHdar, Yar 
Muhammad, MazaL 

AcHAKs or At«ab« (900— 
Kanha Valley, North Waz- 
iristan). — A colony of 
Yusufzai Stuads, now set- 
tled amongst the Madda 
Ki.el Waiirs of t>ie Tochi. 
HeadiDen'; Pingai, Uiibaz, 
Bastam Khan. Sodim. 

AikaB Khkl (Btmnn 
otd., Koram).— A m 
tion of Said Ehel, nmaraai 
(600). Shin Khel. Ahmadzai, 
b^rvesh Rhet Wazin. 

Adala Kob. — A minor frao- 
tion of Behram Eor, Mdar 
K^el, HohmSTid Khel, Katti& 


^he), HuBan Khel. Mitha 
Kbon Khel. K'nki 'Khel 
(4,600), Afttdis. flw. Hwa. 
men ; Ghanni and Toth&z. 

A DAL EoB.— A snb-divinoD 
of tbufAm Khel, Barhan 
Khel, Mohmanili. Head- 
man ; Sbahlai. 

Adam Ehbl (S,900; A arball 
wedge of Mils, intting out 
between the Peshawat and 
Kohat Dtgtricta, sttiToniid- 
ing the Eohat Pan and ia- 
plndine the Turfci Talley.) 
One of the two non-Khjber 
Afridi olans. They do net 
migrate to any extent in 
anmmer. Hndmen ; Babri, 
Jowaki, in Sritish tertltory. 

Adah Khsi, Maddi Kaxt. 
— A minor fraction of Nazar 
Khel, All KLan Khet, Sarld 
Khel Madda ELet (1,600), 
Ibrahim Khel, Utmangfu, 
Darweah Khel Waxin. 
Headmen ; Kadam Khau of 
.Pathai, and Nabbi Khan of 

Adah Ehbl.— A anb-divieion 
of Wargare, Dana, Battannia. 

AUAifB*! (9 ; Laid).— A gob- 
diyieion of Malezai, bakan- 
val Limie. 

Adda Ksbl. — A minor frac* 
tioB of Jamaldut ! Eliel. 
Wadin, Khazzar Khel, Ati 
Khan Kbel, Sarki Khel, 
Madda Khel (1,600). Ibra- 
-him Khel, Utmanaai, Dar- 
weeh Khel Wazirs. 

Adili Khel — A minor frac- 
tion of Mirahat Khel, Basi 
Khel, Kamal Khel, Saib Jan, 
Aka Khel (1,800), Afridie. 

Adikizai (90).— a minor frae- 
tion of Miilazair Panizai, 
Haran Khel, SanaUa. 
Kpkara. Headman ; Maahkai. 

AdimzaI (P.OOO; Uch, Shawa, 
and ECamora Tallcye).— A di- 
TJiiiou of Khwazazai, Akozai 
— Tuaofzai Swatia. H6id- 
man ; Naarallah Khan of 

Adivzat (3B0).— a section of 
Saran^ai, Harnii Khel, 
Buiatia, Kakara, headmen ; 
Mir Ahmad (Amadon) ; 
Wahah (Amadnn). 

Adikzai (North Zhob).— A 
Beotion ' of Badsnzai, Altai, 
Saniar, Kakais. 

Adbib (100).— a aeetion of 
Arozai, Ahmad Khel, Ses 
Khel, Sherania. 

L;,,n!.-ih'v Google 

Jldti Eeih £!ob.— a section 
of the TJmar Kban Ehd, 
idiaWzai, Laahkarzai, 

Orakzui. BamiL 

Adu Khbl (aOO).— a section 
of the All Karan, Mamazai, 
Laehkanai, Ocakzais. Oar. 
Headman ; Mulla Ntu Bad' 

I Adwasi (UV—A inb-diTlmim 
of Ismiulalttfh, Spin, Tarins. 
Headman ; Biland. 

. Atbisib (26,600; Lower and 
eastenimoBt spurs of the 
Snfed Koh- ruige, west ^nd 
sontli of Peshawar, includ- 
ine tbd Baiar and Bam 
TaUejs, and all the northern 
part of TbtA). There are 
6 so-called Ehjlfer ckna of 
AfridU, CI*., Kuki Ehd, 
Eambar Ehel, Eamar Ehel, 
Malikdin Ehel, Sipah, and 
Zaklia Ehtd ; alao two oot- 
Bide oUna, vis., Aka Ehel, 
dwelling; on the Oi&kzai 
border, and Adatti Ehel, 
who occupy a roonntMnons 
tract projecting into British 
territory between Peshawar 
and Erfiat. With the ei- 
ception of the Adam Ehel, 
the whole of the Afridi tribe 
- is migratory, remainini 
the highlands of Tiral 
snmmer, and desoending to 
the Eajori, Bazar, and 

Khyber valleys in, printer. 
The Khyber ' "- ' ■ 

the tribe. 

ArzA TCesl.— A minor frac- 
tion of Umar Ehel, Ali Khel, 
Khadar Khel [770),Mohmit . 
Khel, Utmanzai, Uarwesh 
Khel Warirs. ' 

Afeal Kkbii (Gnmatti and 
Wana).— A minor fnwtion of 
Ali Khd ^10), Boml Khel, 
Naerti Din, Kaln Khel, 
Ahmadzw, DarweA Ehel 

AVZAL Khbi.-^A minor frac- 
tion of Mandi Khel, Mad 
Khozhai, Ehaddar Khel 
(770), Mohmit Khel, Utman- 
ui, Darwesh Ehel Warns. 
Hwdmau ■, Amialla. 

ArZAt Ehxi. (Samana range 
and south aide of Ehanld 
Taller)— A mb-diTirion erf 
the Eabift Khel, Ismailzai, 
Oi«ki^s. SamiL Headman.; 
Muhammad. KiuurnUa, 
Halim, Aziz. 

sub-section of ifal^ Khel, 
Salarzai, Tarbanie. 

Abhzas (90).— a section i^ 
Zira Khel, Amzoni, Malluao, 

,,„-... nvCoOylc 

AazAB Ehxl. — Asab-divislon. 
of TSim»t Ehel, ToUA) Bnt- 
tannU- .HeiHlmn i]IlBr;mit. 

AhaD Kob.— a nib'diyiaion 
of Daw&t 0)t Danta Kh«l. 

Ahkad Kbsl.— a minor fiao- 
tion at IseomI Kbel; If^ho- 
zai, S'wu^aj,; IliWaJ) Bauer- 

Ahkib Khbi (3,000).- a snb- 
dirifdon e£ TivTKliwi> S^iuv. 
Clears. I^eadni^ i Piio, 
B&him, Kamat, Fii Sfahi. 

Ahmad Kbsl (130).— A gec- 
tion. of the Snhanai, Sbabi 
Kbel, Alizai, Kabands. Head- 
men ; Nilgar, Daoj.* 

Abhad Khu. (40)>- a Motion 
of tbe 1T.DUU Kbel, Hana 
Ebel, Bablolzai, Uabanda. 
Headman ; FaQJdar. 

Ehel. Pakhai (l.OCiO), Badai, 
Zakha Kbel, Afridu. SamL 
Headmen ; Qalbid^nLWali, 
l^nksi, EhaiinUa, Korad, 

Abhad Khbi(^38).— Aee^tion 
of Zira EbeU Amzoni, Val- 
lizad, Dawans. .Headmen; 
^andu, <Cbaiuti, Sbah- 

Ahhad Ehxl (30).— Aseution 
of Taiota, Idak, I^ppizad, 
Pawajru. H«admen ; Dtusal, 
Halim Shab. 

AsuADZAi (11; Laki).--A s»h- - 
diTieion of MaleffU, Italian- 
wal, Ltinis. 

. Abhaszai (lUMtO ; Left 
bank of KniamiireT and. 
British territory, Wana, 
Sbaliai, elAi ' Habsad 
eowiti^). A olan of tbe 
. Darweah Khel Waiirs. 
Headmen ; Mani £ban, 
Sperkai, is the meet iaflnen- 
tial ; eee abo the two divi- 
nona of the Ahmadzaia, «*>., 
Kaln Kbel and. Sain oi 
aanj Ebel. 

Ahh ADZ Ai.— (West of Dera 
Gbati Kban Bia^t.}T- 
A Bsb-dlvinon of Uausizai, 
Lahaiuii Mnea Kbela. 
i^ndman ; Mix Ibz. 


jlEKADZAi (1,000 i Wert of 
Decft Ghaa Khair. District). 
— ^ Bnb-flivinon of Bolil 
&h«l, Mnn Ehda. Head- 
men i Jala, Kahman, Lawan, 
-Gw.WacUn (Jilaliwi), Baha- 
-dnr. Gnlsn (HnBenzaij.Halim 
tl^udaT KLan I^t, Jamal 
Balu Khaa (Maghaniai), 
'Eban MQiiammad, Fateh 
Khan. (Maimftdzal), IaI 
.Ehnn. ijoit Uuhammad 

' (Kadizai)- 

j&HifArzii. (450).— A clan of 
the Uahtoranas. The dm- 
BioDB,-etai of the Ahmadzals 

"are not wparately Indeied 

In this ^ictioDaiy. 

.AHUtEiAi (Bini valley, 
Zbob). — A sectioa of IGruu, 
Alizai, fianzar, £akan. 

Ah KB DAI EoB. — A iedJon 
of MubammAd Khan Eor, 
Bnrhan Khel Pandiali, Uoh- 
mands. HeadinMi ; Naindad, 


Aemkdakzai (BaRawal. Kalbnl 
nTer).— A divieiou of the 
Kukozai, who are affiliated 
irith the Uohmand elans. 

Ahkbd Bxo EhbIi. — A minor 
fraction of Mohib Khel, 
Shekhai, Annai (l,on«). 
Sa4ai. Zakha Khel, AfcUii. 

'8am!l. Headmen; Alibar 
Din, Aliakai, Mohinddin, 
- Shabxada, Arsala, Aligul. 

AiB Khbl (Western Bnnei').— 
A sab-aimion of Salarzed, 
IIia«zai, Bnnerwali. 

Am Ehob.— A minor fraction 
of SbaJkh Khel, Aib Khd, 
Salanai, IliaHuu, Bnneiwala. 

AiDAi- Khvl (SO).— a section 
of the Birn Khel, Galeah&hi, 
Shaman Khel, Mabenda. 
Headmen ; Alizai> Onl Azad. 

AiDH KsBL (Left bank of 
A[a»tnra}. A section <tt the 
YarkulU Khel, Bazoti, 
Danlatzu, Orakius. Samll. 

Headman } Bum. 

Aikak Kbbl (8flO.~A snb- 
division of the Band Khel, 
Bahlolzai, Mahgads. Head- 
men ; Ealandar ^bah's bod, 

AiUAL, Kb AH Khbl. — 
(KartUTa rfvOT) A sn'b'diTi- 
eion of the Zanka Khel, All 
Kbei;"H8nn^»B" of the 
Orakzais. Oh. i Shiah. 

AiKAL Kkait Kox. — A Bee- 
tion of the Umar Khan Kbeh 
Aliabenai, Laahkanal, 

Orakiaia. SuniL 



tttvu^BVL.— A miner frac- 
tion of Hati Shel, Mali (or 
Mnli} Khel, SaUrzai, 
Iliaa/al, Btmnwals, 

^ili*L Khjl {1,743).-iA 
dirimon of the Bahlolzai, 

JftiMAL K'HTI,— A minor fnic- 
tJon of Tor Kliel, Asad Khel, 
Uitha Khan Khel, Xnki 
£hel (4^600), AfridU. Gar. 
Headmra ; Bowi Md 


AiMJi IThel:— A minor frac- 
tion of Taahi Khel, Sharaki 
(900). Gaki, Adam Khel. 

AiUAL Kbbl.— A toioor frao- 
tionof Earim Khd (>G0), 
Eimat Kbel, Jairaki, Adam 

AlKAT KH»ir EoK -{909).— 
A minor fraction of the Ali 
Karan, Sipah, Uamnzai, 
lAshJuTzfti, Orakxaia. Gar. 
Headman ; Uohibnlla. 

Ajkat Khsi.— Aminorfrac- 
tion of the Ash Ehel, Nasra- 
zai, Maanzai, Lashkarzai, 
Orak^. 8am3. Hendman ; 


AitAi KoB.— A Bub-diYisioa 
of Hasvn Ehel, Daweiai, 
Mohmands. Headman i &n<. 

AlZEEAOBEAI. (70).— A MC- 

tion of the Ittalik Dinai, 
Manazaii Aliiai, MahRndi. 
Herman ; tihahabnddin. 


__ .. of Zerafck_. __ . . 
Dawaru. Headmen ; ftozam 
Shab, Chain Shah. 

Aea Kbbl fBajanr).— a mV 
divin'oH of Nar lEiiel, Samil- 

zal, Tn-kanis. 

Aea Khbl.— a snb-divirion 

of Ehadakzai, Ehwataz^, 
Akozai — Ynan^ai Bwatia. 

Aea Esbl.— a aaction of 
lemailzai; Daolatzai^ MaH™!, 

Asa Kkbi..— A aeotion of 
Fanjpai, Naanid, Biatzat, 
Banerw»Ii. ' 

Aea Ebbl (73).— Dera lamall 
Ehan liistrict). — Nomadic, 
a cection of laot Khel, Mian 
Ehel, Lob ana, Pawiodahs. 
Headman ; aee Uian Ehel. 

Lnm-nnv Google 


lUwreM«i,Mohin(tnd».Head. ■ taJnf. A diviaon of Iwaai, 
. menj Zua^ ShaVAtwrn- \ Yaevhaia.. Headman ; SSirif 
Khan, Swdmii, 8h»hl»kllt 
Aea Khbl.— a section of' Ehaii, Dad Ehan. 
Khm SM.. KKin Ehnl, 

" Akazai (128 J Matiaban).— 

A raC-diviaion' 6i TTtmanzaif 
Handot), (YusnfzuB, 

AtBAfr Kml (Bar Yri*- 
dMid.)^A diviuoD of 
ITtmttiEj^ Kohnuadi. 

taan;. Eliust*. 

Asa Khbl (45).— A 'wetion 
of th« aatirnktii, Sli^li Kbt], 
. StUibUi. Ehd, JlalundB. 
' HetdjBMi ; Ulagta Shm. 

Aea Khbl (1,800).— The hills -A^hbl (Ibrahlnj Khel ; 600). , 
•otfth-wert bt PaAwrw, the T*™^ ?* '".? !'* _di\d(|ion« 

Bar^ and. Wann valleja). 
One of thotwo aoa-Khybei 
Afridi clans. Samil. 

Ae* eob.— a Motion of 
KlutlU Khel, Kagim Khel, 
IWakzai, Mobmanda. Head- 
nun ^ HieVA^. 

Akali.— (BaoniL and ttaital.) 
A minor fntction of Sai^i 
Kliel, BaUtt Khel (IfiOSti, 
Wv£ Ehel, UtmuiMi, Dar 
weah Khd, WHin. 

AEAt Ko».— A rainer fraction 
o£ Aeaf Kiwi, Dolkha Kor, 
fiadn Ehet, ^hmkni, Uoh- 

AeaMaBup (1J500).— a snb- 
dlTiuon of Babnzai, Baizai, 
AlUNSu— Yusnfpu SwatU. 

of the Ismailzw, OrakTaifl. 
SamiL Headman j AbdtU 

AehobWal.— See Tator Sbel. 

Akhtabzai (Zfaob).— a we* 
tion of Ibrahimiaii Sfaodwi 
Allzai, Sariiar. Kakan. 

Aebtabzai (Sbo-i Zbob).— 
A section of Sbadiai, Ali 
Khel, Sanear, Kakan. 

AEHrKD Khxl (Black Uonn- 
tain) i^HfffldTnaTi i Ami? 


AKhchdEbelCMO; Ctu^ar- 
lai portJoD li Biiaer). — A ' 

C,,n!.-lnv Google 


i«ligioiii ))oij, noi belonging 
to any pc^tioilai dan. 

Akhuhdas (12).— a iection 
o£ Tototiti Idak,, Tikppizad,. 
D«wuu. Headman ; lua&l, 

Aebtitdan (8).— a woticm of 
Barim Kbel, Amzoni, JUalli- 
zad, Dawaris. Headmen ; 
Cbatul, Ukjib Shah. 

AxtfuHDZABa. — Thq dc«en- 
dant of an Akhnnd, or Eipiri- 
tnal chief of renown. 

AehtI Ehel (9).— a eection 

Headmen ; Faohl, Zeida«t. 

Aeka Ehbiu— a aeotion of 
the Aimal Ehon Khel, 
Zanlca Khel, Ali Khel, 
" HftmBayaa " of the 'Orak- 
zals. Gar. f Shiah. Head- 
man; DarjaiKhan. 

AcozAi/ (70; Block Uonn- 
-tainl,— A wdfion of Tasan 
Kh^, Akaiai, Iiazu, 

Asoai-YTTSDMAJs (40,400;* 
Sirat VaHey from t)ie Panj 
kon joDotioD to KoMston). 
•—A large tnjpeol Fatbana, 
Infaabi^iug both . banbs of 

. the Swat river, sometimeB 

Akbi Khbl,— a minor frac- 
tion of Karim Khel, Jamal 
Khet, Btalik Shahi (400),' 
Wali Khel, TJtmanzai, Dar- 
wegh Khel, Wazim. Head- 
man ; Sorjamal. 

AtrAniDiAi (140)'.-.-A nunar 
fraation of Balozai, Fuizal, 
Hamn Ebel, Sabatia, 
Eakara. Headman ; Sher 

Alasadzai ( loo ; Zhob>.— A 
aection of Jalalzai, Alizai, 
' Sancar, EakaA 

Alatdii* Ebbl.— a minpi 
fnution of UiscI Khel, Horti 
Khel (163), Galu, Adam 
Khel, Afridia. 

Alam Khan Ka^i (£60).— ' 
A minor fradiion of the 
Maehi Khel. Shorol Khel, 
Fall! Khel, Uanaztii, Alizai, 
Mah»nds. Headmeq.; Alihat, 
Aka Khel, Sqlenuin, Musa, 
Shazoo and Khamtnni. 

Ala» Kbin KflBi (110).— A 
minor fraction of tbe-fNasi 
Khel, Haidar Khel, Tor, . 
Tsi^iiiad, Dftwirifl, Head* 
' men ; I^lo Khan, Wali 
Khan. ■ 

'Not*.— Thia do«B not inolnde Uiana, 6vi»ai and other - 

t Soe \\ii> ApiVTulix L 

Lnm-nnv Google 

Alam KHiir Khel (12).— A 
Mi^oB of Alizd, Darpa 
Kliel,t MaQizHd, Dawaria. 
Headmen ; Najib, Isa Khan. 

Al4m Khkl.— a aection of 
EaneAi, Kattagarm, Tatta, 

Alam Khbi.— a minor frac- 
tion of Peroz Khel, Tor 
SapH (360), GaUi, Adam 
EhfO, Afridis. 

Alazais (60; North of Torbela). 
— A diTJgion of Utnuinzai, 

Ali Aehad Khbl —A minor 

. fraction of Baghdad Khel, 

Krimai Khel, Vtmaz Khel, 

Sipah (1,200), Afridis. 

Samil. HWman ) Nabat. 

Alt Kaeam.— (Head of Khanki 

riTer.) One of the two. anb- 
diTieiona of the l^mniai, 
Lftshkarz^, Orakzaia. Gar. 

ALiEBAKAt.— A minor fraction 
of Khaghalai. Tori Khel 
(2,670), Ibrahim Khel, TJt- 

- manui, Darvesh Khel 
Wazira. Headman ; Fatah 

Ali Kh^h Khsl — A «eetioil 
of the Ali Karat), MamttzaE, 
Laablntreai, Orakzaia. Gar. 
Headman ; Sfoaadi. 

Ali ^ Eh an; ' Knit (30).— A 
minor fraction of the Grarri 
Khel, Baran Khel, Chahar 
Khel, ShaihanKbel, Jffahsnda. 
Headmen ; Bela^, Zarpiyao. 

Ali KhahK&El. — A minor 
fraction of Baah Khel (150), 
^ha^aki,_Galai, Adam Khel, 

Ait Khan Kbbl.— Aminor 
fraction of Kasim Khel XS60) 
Kimat Khel, Jawak!, Adam 
Khel, Afridig. 

Ali Ehak Ehbl.— A minor 
fraction of t^arki Ehel, 
Madda Khel (1,600), Ibrahim 
Khel, TJtmanzai, Darweah 
KheLWadra. Headmen :— 

Sadda Khan. \ ' 


Khan. J 

alao J'abir of Iniar Kaoh, Nnr 
Shah of Saciala, and Cmar 
Khel of Inxai Kach, See 
also Star AH Khan Ehel. 
and .Wamka Ali Khan 
Khel. Tbe latter ara 
freonently rilnded to aa the 
" Ali Eban Khel" aimply. 

L;,ri!-iht Google 

Aliehimiai (West of TJeni 
GtiaKi Shan dUtriet).— A 
section . of the Rodjuii, 
Ahro»d2ti1. Balil Ehel, 
Musa. Khels. Headman ; 
Ucst Mnhammad. 

Ali Khbi {3,000— Sonrce of 
Maetnrn litBr).— One of the 
bait " Hamsaya " altos of 
the Orokiais. Gar. -ird 
ethiah. Headmaii ; Hamid 
Ehan. . 

Au Kbbl (Maatara, Bbfb, 
.Khniiki, and Miraniai 
TOllejB),— A snb^iviBion of 
the J^amozai, Sheikhan, 
" Hameayaa " gf the Orak' 
zais. KamiL Headman ; 
Hamid Khan. 

Ali Khhl (26)^ A unb- 
division of the KhaHl Ehel, 
Sliaman Khel, Mahsads. 

• Headman ; Haji Muhammad. 

Ati Khbl.— Aminor fraction 

of Maat Ali, Shaikh Khel, 

* Aib Khel, Sa^arzai, Hiaszai, 


Ali Ehbl. — A gectian of the 
Makhozai, Naanzu, Iliaszai, 

Ali Khel.— a. seation of 
Khan Khel, ' Kut Salim, 
Buz>ii, Akozai— Yoaafnl 


An Khbl (2,000 1 Oppomto 
Chakdara main Swat valU;). 
— A division of Bar Batiizai, 
Akonai— Ynsnfzai Swafia. 
Headmen ; Saadat Ehan, 
Saifnllah Khan, Bhiiin 
Ehan, all of Aiadand. 


Ebb'l (or Aliui) 
(a,800. Zhob— and Khaiior}. 
■^A divieion of ' Sanur, 

Alt EpRL (600).— A seotdon 
of fihadzai, Alizai, Sanzar, 

Ali Khbl.— a minor fraction 
of Idta Ebel, Jani Ehel 
(1,000), Wall Khel, ITtman- 
wi, iJarwcali Ehel Waiirs. 

Ali Kbbl.— a sectioa" of 
Eliaddar Khel (J 70), Mohmit 
Khel, Ucmansai, , Uarwesh 
Khel Wazirs. Headmen jNur 
Mnhammad, Hakach, Liaral, 
Sakhe Man, Akhmad, Nam* 
bnti, 8allh Dia, Nasarka. 

Axi Khbi..— A minor teaction- 
• of Sbngal. Tbri Khel (2,670). 
IbmMm Ebel Utmansd^ 
Uarwesh Khel Wawra, 
Headmen ; Gnl Biid.GuUi. 
Gala ltd. 

Lnm-nnv Google 

Uumr Khal (360), IbnMm 
Kbel, TTtnuuizsi, Darwesli 
Kbel Vfuirt. Hesrdmen ; 
2An £)ULII, Mihrol) Khaa, 
KabaU Nawaz Khao, Adal 
Boz Uahanutiad, NUi Qui. ' 

Ali Ksbl. (Bannn IMatrict).— 
A ieetion of TSnaa. RKel, 
Sfahi Khel (3,400), AhmsdzAi, 
Uirweali Khsl Waziris. 

Ali Khbl (10).— A minor fais- 
tion of &mi Klie], Nasta 
Din, Kala Ehel, Ahioadz^ 
DsTwesh Khel Wazin. 

Ali Khsl (100).— A seotlon 
of Aslin Khal, Huaaa Khel, 
Adam Ehel, Africa. 

Ati Khbl.— A minor fraction 

of Tor Kh«l, Asad Kbel, 
. Mitha Khan, Khel, KnkI 

Khel (4,500), Afridli. Gar. 

HeadmeB ; Bazal and Islam- 


Ali Kbbi_— a seotion of 
JowakM, Babakri, Sipah 
(1,200), Afridis. Bamil, 
H«ad^ii; AllKudi. 

An Khsl.— A aub-dWBlon 
of ' Iiandi Ehel, Sipah 
(1,300), Afridk. SamU. 
Headman; All Shah. 

All Khil (179).-Onfl <it tlie 

. £ve motlong ot the Haidar 
Ehel, Tor, Tapriiad, Do- 
wariK. Headmen I Mad Alam. 

Alii Ehan, AbisO', AzaA ' 

Ali Ehbl.— a seotion of- 
Sheikhmal, Evnbaf Ehel, 
(4,600), Afrid-18. Gar. Head- 
men ; Ahmad Shah. Hikmat, . 
AlU Ehao, Mirabak, Shah- 
zada, Khairnlla, Wx Hossaii 
Shero, Narai, !Ntir Ali, 
Shnja Gul, Stnnir. 

Ai.1 Kwili.- Khbl.— A see'- 
tion of Pa'njpai, Naauzai, 
. lUttzai, Bonerwala. 

Alikk*i (21 i Thai Chotiali). 
—A div^ion of DrigJai, 

Lnnia. Headmen ; Agar^ 
(3h^ KhanzaiJ, Anmar, 
I Haasan Khanzai), Adam, 
(Knra Kliauz^i), Sado, . 

AtiM Khah Kob.— a minor 
fraction of Saltan Khel. 
. Hassan Khel, Pakhai (1,000), ' 
Badai, Zakha Khel, Afridis. 
Samil. Heajmen ; see 
.Saltaaj Khel.' 

Ali MoHiimiD Khil (100). 
—A minor fraction of the 
Nikarmh Khel, Khoidad 
Khel, Qidl Khel, Mannzai, 
Alimi, Uahands. Headman; 

L,,n!.Tnv Google 


An Sbi's EEm:.— a mInoT 
fntotton- of Babni Ehel, 
Keimal Khel, Urmue Khel, 
Sipih {1,S«0), AfridU. 
Samil, HeMmab i Ehanwa- 

Au'Sbbb KiEt.~A mb-dM- 
man of Gaduzaf, I^zai, 


Alt Shib Khbb.— il nitior 
fnctlonof WarkhamEhel, 
A|b Ehd, dftlnraai, Uibtzsi, 

Ali Sbsb^hel (Btmer).-* 
A sub-divifiion of Niii^ai, 
IllaBzai, 'Yunf zBiB. 

All Shhb Khbl (3,120; 
LcATgaJ, PeahavaT border). 
— A elftn of SBinirerit. The 
reinaimng tbree elanB' of 
ShinffarU arv Afgban mh- 
jeotB. Headmen ; EHmran, 
Saiad GhuUra, Nadir Khan, 
2ariik, (Ehwi^ Khtl), 
Kawak(Pirwal Khel), Abdul 
Karim, e^d Amir, Abdnl 
Bahman (Sh'ektnal Kbel), 
BftdiiB (Aril Ehd). 

Alibebbzit (S.^'OO i Ehanki 
and Knr&tti liVeM, and 
eldei of S^awaghsT, up to 
Eharmuut starfara).— One 
of the tbre« dirlnons of the 

A^iMi (tflOO,; Sfartofl).— 
A lib-diTiinon' of Ifacdik^ 

Cbardfli, 'TnriB.' 

AuZAiot SxCBi Kbib (SOQ'i 
AJkint 16' miles from aonne 
of MB<tn}b).->Oile of tbe 
division!' of tbe Uankttair 
OrateaiB. Stonil. 

Alieai (So ; Sbntb bf Ebar^ 
mana river). — An nniinpor- 
ikat anb-divislon' of the 
KaSnzdi; Lash£arzai, O^k- 
Sile, SAmil.. Headman t 

Aliiii (1,01S).— Otteof'tbree 
ckna of the Mahmid Waslri 

: tribe. Headtn«n;Bb(Uit Din, 
Uabamma4 Afeal, Badifaali 
Khan, ^ab:&>litt,:Blautii. 

Auzti' (IB: GhotuOi)..- 
]^madic^ a saotion of 
Wakina j> Bakann^, Louis. 

Headmen ; Ali, TJmT. 

AtiZAt (1,000 ; BTorth of K'oB* 
i-Mohr peak). — One of «Igbt 
okna «f the trtman Kh«I». 

Aliz*i (Zhob>.— a Buh-wrtion 
of Badanzai, Alital, SaiUavr 
' Kalcara. 

Alizii (e;800 ; Zhob).-'Th« 
iBTReet dlTialon of Saniatr 
Kakam. Headmen; Shab 
Karex (Minai), Ghimdah 
(BatoEBi), StidatEOuli Jatutt 

Lnn=-ihv Google 

Ilizai (ZhoI>).— '.A' teotion of 

zai, Sanzar, Eaktira. 

Auzu (66).— A enb-dhruion 
o€ Dtuin Ehel, Mallhad 
DamtrUt. Headmen ; Ghazal, 
-Old Azam, 'Fir Aiam, 
Sbermon, Sheikii Mnham- 
msd Uin, Nittzprn. 

^hiiDi.D Xhsl (Sontb of 
Kbarmana mer).-A Mo- 
tion of the Ifandu Khel, 
KaMYiziu, Mienzai, Laslikar- 
" ..lai, Orakzaie. Ssmil. Head- 
ritiaD ; Aatd Khan. 

AlI:4I>u> Kexl.— a eeot^n 
of Sen £bel, Abba £bel, 
Tatto, Bsttatmis. 

Allasadi. Khbl.— a inb- 
divinon of Shak Kbel, 
ITatta, BattanntB. 

' Allahdad Ehsl.— (Masti 
Talley).— A sub-divUion of 
tbe Bar Uuhammad Ehel, 
ilnhammad Ehel, Orakzais. 
Gar. Shiah. Headman 

Aluhi Khbl.— A mAioa of 
. Eemal Ehel, Abazai. Eha- 
wazai. Aiozai— Yuiufzai 

Allaiwaj. (8,720-, - AIM 

lalley, north of itfandibar 

and Muth of KohhUti).— A 
conaideiable tribe, of S*ati 
origin. 8*e " Bwati*.'' The 
principal Alia village ia 
Fokat- Hendmeti ; Ebaiml- 
lah Khan 'and Ateak Ehan. 

AnLiA ESBL.— A ■nb-diTision 
of EniM Ehel, Malikdin 
Ehel (4,000), Afridis.Sain!l. 
Headmen ; Bee Yar Mubam* 
mad Ehel. 

Alli Khbl (26).— A Uction 
of Malli Ehel, Idak, 3^ppi- . • 
zad, DavariB. Headmen ; 

. Mokhsein, IfalU, lemaH 

Khel, SaUk. 

Alli Eebl (64).— A sMtion 
. ol Barim Ehel, Amzoni, 
. Uallizad, Dawarii. Head- 
men ; Lar, Sliahba Din, 
NambalU ■ Khan, Fatita 
Khan, Bakbtamir, Fija 

Aluas Ebil (60).— a minor 
fraction of th« Khoidadai, 
Iffaliksbai, Aimal Khel, 
Bahlolzai, MahsadK. Head- 
men ; Snrkamaird, Ali Khan, , 

Albabi Khbl (Mahaban).— 
A section of Bazid Khel, 
Uada Ehel, Iiazai, Ytunf- 
zaii. Hfiadmui ; tee SaiH 



ihitVDi Kbbi.— A Beotionol 
Jtlnllah KheV, Bahnm-ka- 
Klueli Bar Banizai, Akozai-r 
Tuanfiai Swatis. 

JivtiU {Z,00ff; ifiahaBftn),— 
A' divUioa of Usmanzai, 
TneafzsiB. HeadmSiTi ; 

Mama Khan. ' 

AtftiAB* EHBLr (Uasttm 
Tftlley)^— i> BoWivieloii' of 
'theSipah.MnhaBimad Kbel, 
Omkzak. Gar.lSbiah. 

AuBAB* ' ^Bth,~Ai mmot 
fntntioa'of SiiBat or Snnjal 
Eh«l,Kamrf Khel, SahlbJM,, 
Aka Khe<, (l^SOffi, Afridu. 
SamiL , 

of Mat Elian Kbel, Eambar 
Kbd (4,eO0)r Afridia. Oav. 
He^uen ; Sher El>an, 
Hamid.«itd Ifuni. 

' Amika- EbeIi.— a seotioif of 
Alisher Khel, Gadaizai, 
I liflsiai ,' Ban^wnlsi 

Amir Kbav Eos.— A minor 
fraction of Dorar (800), 
Khnerc^I, Naaroddin, Zakha 
Khet, AfiidiB. Umn, Head'* 
man; see B^cha, Ehel. 

Aunr KoB. — A aectioit of 
Kaiol Eor, 'Wali B^ 
Koi Oandab, HalinCEai, 

Mohnvtrds. ' Headincn',- 
Gnlabdl^i; Uinardin, 'Sbams-- 

-A BaWivisibii.. of I ,._. 

han SaG«, who are one of the 
vasmi alans of the Ubli-- 
manda- Headman ; A^bas. 

AHZAt KHSt (40).— A minor 
froctioR ' of tke Fan^i,' 
Ehamar Ebel, Oidi Ehel, 
Hanazait JSizaii.'Haiisadt; 
ISiadmen; Naz« Stah,. 

iMiosi (738).— Ooo of th* 
aiglit divuiiona of Mallizai^ 
M>awariB<_ He^dmeik. M^ik 
Wazirgai iz tKe moat iur 
flnentiaL Amaoni; see also 
. Ziro Eliel, Ibmliim ShO^ 
and T^b Ehel. 

AnAm . (BuAtu^:— A minor 
fraction of Madak, Bada,. 
Asil, Ismailzair Utman 
, KhelB- , ■ , ' 

AKdae KlKBt (40).— A minor 
fraction of the Nekzan KKel, 
Sher Ehe)'> Haibot Ehel, 
Nana. Ehel, Bahlohai, Mah- 
tads. Headmui ; Mai«eia. 

Andab Kh^h Khbl. — A nib- 

seotion of tiie Panjpaf; 
M'lua Khet, Nurizai, Maliiai, 

Lnm-nnv Google 

^naBB (1,000 ; -Ohaau, Sa- 
,kt*Ghtbi»i.M)ne of tihe 

Pftwiiidah trading* clftM. ■ 

4Jfl» Khbl((26).— A lufe'divl- 
rionrf tie Aliiil (ar-;Stnri 
Shel), Iktahtiti^Qxatxi^ 
gajnil. ' Stpah. Hodmen ; 
(^33um, Utma^ Sher. 

AWM4I '("Nortli Zhob).— A 

^MJt -Sanzac^ Kakala. 

JllfffW*jK»B.-r-i minor Joc- 
tion of /Jinrsidi . |^el, 
Dalkba Eot, thAa SM, 
Tarakzu, Hohmaud*. 

—A minot 
uid,,Aaiand, AH* 
nud ShelfOha Ehel,' Sher- 

Ammni Sbxi. .(a6).~A :Mb- 
divigioa of tbeiAtiiu (Stvri 
Khel), DtLiilatKi, Or»kzua. 
Bamil. -Hewbum; -J^da 

Qb^nt Khan, M«^i ^iwo. 

«int m 

Ahki Kkil.— a minor fnc- 
tiaa «{ Ismail Khel, Hal^o- 
■^,-N«Bil^, lUowai, Bon- 

AsHii (1,000).— lA enb-diTJ- 
iion of Budsi. Zakba Ehel, 
^idia. Saudi. HeadnKDi 

we Shakhai, ftaah JDidl, 

Madda,Khel (liflOO),' 
hun,Eh«l, 'Utmuiz^, liar- 
wwh Ehel W^in. 

: AoLiAZAI (140) — Aminor fiw 
tion of Bhadoxai, Baloni, 
Panizai, Haran Ehd, Sana- 
tia, Kakan. fteedmasi Ali 

Mnhanrnttd. - 

AUB Kjpxi..— lA seettpn «f 
Qbi«tbi,Kh¥l. iB*hiam<ka- 

AaiBi Kbbl (Bori, Zhob).— 
. A . ■nb-4i'r}uon of rSan^aii 

AsiJBZAi (Weet.Bf' D*ra Ghftii 
'Khan Uigtrict). — A fection 
of Uabmadiai. Ahmadui, 
Balll EheU Mufa Ebeli. 
. 'Headman iFateb Ehan. 

Au Kanw-^tJi. misot, f nation 

of GhnUm Khel (300), Hm- 
bU Khel, J[a«a:bi, Adam 

i.Khel, Afridjs.,' 

Abamii*. Khhl,~A ffiiaor 
fraction of Uir Khan Khd, 
Aaat Ehel, Vv^ Kh<l (800), 

' TJtguLiuai, I)arne«h Ehel, 
Wazin. neadnuuii Jama' 

cnz-inv Google 


Shawol. T&lIeyB)- — A . minor 
fraction of Bach^oi, 'Sox, 
Jftni Kbel, WrU Kbjil, Ut- 
tnanzai, Dftrwesh Khel Wa- 
zire. Headmftti ; Shalamir. 

, Aflfeu, Khbl (2.000 ; Bon*,. 
Zboh). — A diyisien. of 
(Southern) SftnzarrKftkftEs. 

A^QBITHD (56>.— OAe of Hut 

eight divistons of Ifalliiad, 
Dftirarifi. HtaJmen ; H&kiiu 
than, Niantei. 

AeqhcSd (1«).— -A mrWirf- 
Bion of Arghnnd, MftlUzsid, 
Dawaria. Headman ; Hahim. 

AsoE«i (eee).-^A Biib-di'vbiob 

of Ahmad Khel; Sen Eheir 

AnAS Kbit. — A soh'divisun 
.of ' ]ilitha Elian Khel, 

Enki Khel <4,e00), Afddb. 

Gar. ' 

AsiP Khbl {4(W):— a spctmn 
' of Dalklia Eor, ,Dada Chel, 
TarakzBi, Mohmatidi. Head- 
men i Jang, Abdullah) I>alof 
Nawab, Sardaro. 

AsiF KHSt.— A nnnot trie- 

tion of Mawal Ehel, (T60), 

' Hubat Ehel, Jawaki. Adam 

Ehel, Afiidis. 

Aa»i EHiL.— A Mdaoo sf 
Wnil Khel (fiOO), Mohmlt 
Ehet, ntmaniai, Bartreeih 
Ehel Wazirs. Headman ; 
Jama Ctil, 

Aas Ebbi. (580].— A seotion 
of the KTagmzM, Maanzai, 
liaahkarzai,' OrakEaia. Stimil. 

Headman ; ^akim. 

Ash KtfBL (SOO; Loargai).— 
A di+Won of the All Sher 
-Xlel,, Shimraiis. Headman i 

'Asha.Ehki...^A 'lnib>diT£^n 
of Abba Ebel, Tatt^ Batten- 

Abha Khbi— a gnb-diTiBian 
ef Nekpi'Ehel. Skwazazai, 

Akozai — Yontf zai Swatis. 

Assae Essl (25 ; Den 
tatt^l Elian IKBtriet).— 
Nomadic, a minoi fraction 
of Shapi Khel, leot Khel, 
Mian Ehel, Lobaoa, Fawin- 
dahs. ITeadmftn ; see Mian 

AsHAHT KhBL.— A division 
of Eamrai, or Eamar Ehel 
(eOO); AfridiB. Samn. 

AsHAZXi {1,800 ; Centre of 
Bmier).— One of the filnt 
divisions of the Iliaezut 

^t Google 

As Ebbl.— 'A snb-divjdbn of 
nsnuD Ehel, Bar'Banlzai, 

Akmai— Ynsnfzu Swaiia. 

AsHiAB Ehel.— a minor 
fraction of Ismail Ebel, Bozi 
Khel, Madda Khel, (1,800), 
Ibrahim Khel, Utmanzai, 
Danresh Ehel Wazirs. 

A-'SUVF. — A ninoi fracUon 
of the All Ea»n, Saiad 
EhaHi Nmaai, Kaaugai, 
Laahkanai, Ontkzaie. Oar. 

AbHbat Ebui ^Bnnna 1Mb- 
trict and Bhawal).— A minor 
fraotioD of Sheikbndin, 
Sardi Ehel, Bakka Ebel 
(1,000), Wall Eh«l, Utman- 
zai, fiftTWMh Ebel Waziis. 

AsflBAi Ehbl.— A section of 
&tmal Ehel, Sabib Jan, 
Aka Ehel, (1,800), ifridU. 
Samil. . 

AaBTOBa '(200; North of 
Ag»or).— One of the leading 

AaHQ Ebsl (1,40")-— a snb- 
diviBion of Haraan Kbel, 
AduD Kb«l. Alridii, 

AaiL. — A divkkm of Istn^]- 
zsi, ntnun Ebala. 

AsEAKDt Ehbi.— A minor 
fraction of All Ehel, Manzar 
Ehel {86ii), Ibrahim Ehel, 
Utroanzaij DarwcBh Ehel 
Waziri. Headmen ; B»z 
Unhammad and Niaz Gnl. 

Ajeuidi Ehbl {^nnn and 
Shawal).— A nimor fraction 

' of Morib Khel, Uaraan Ebel, . 
Takhti Khel, &kka Khel 
(lWO),Wa!i Khel, Utman- 
zai, Darweth Ebel Wazira. 
Headman ; Mozalmir, 

AsEiBi Kebl (160).— a mi- 
nor fi&ction ' of the Ali 

' Karan, Abrohim Ebel, 
Hamnzai, La»hkaizai, Orak- 

Abp^hi.— A mib-di»ision of 
Hekhiani, Spin, Tarina. 
Headman; Ahad. 

AgTijrjU (510).— A Boh-divi- 
gion of the Shabi Ebel, 
Alizai, Habaiida. Headmen ; 
Siman, Shahzor, Mavml, 
Lalgni, Alif Shah, Ehari. 

Abu Eob, — A snb-diriMon of 
Babazai Koi, Danez^, Mob- 
mands. Headmen ) Uozft 
^han, Eb^ ^a4fk. 

Lnm-nnv Google 

*f»ic KflBt.— A miuoifrM- 
tlon of Mawal Ehel ([ 

HailiBt £bel, Jawt^, A 
.^1, AfijdiB. 

AT1B2AI (120).— A Bectfon of 
Bazai, Uainn Ehel, Sanatia, 
Kakars. Headman ; Aalam 
Khan (Kaalm Eab). 

AtuiE.— A minor fraction of 
Nekzam Ehel, Tor Bt 
(860), Oalu, Adam I 

•^TUAK EhEL.-*-A SMtiOD of 

EesQ, Woroke, Dana,| Bat- 

Ato Eh8L (200).— a section 
of Bneha Ehel, Eamalt, 
Halimzai, SlahmaiidB. HeBd- 
men ; Tor Khan, Zario, 
Bahim Dad. 

AiaABi. — gee Achare. 

AoLi KhBL.- A section of 
■Abdul Ehel, Urmuz Khel, 
Sipab , (1,200), AfridU. 
Samil. Hei(dman ; Sher 

AcsA Ehbl (600 ; On both 
banVa of the P^njlcora lirer, 
below the Naaradin Ehel).— 
pne of the foo; clane of 

• yBsHfMi9 of bijr. 

Aw*D Kbsl.— A BMttou of 
Aditai, Boba, Dmm, Bat- 

AWiD KgBi (40).— A section 
of Tarn Ehel, Boba, Dans, 

Aw^L Eb8l (70 ;. Black 
Mountain).— A Motion of 
Paiuda Ehel,_Akazai, Inzai, 

AwiB Ehil.— A minor fflw- 
Uoi) of mn £bd. Had, 
Ebozhai, Khaddar- Khel 
(770), Mohmit Ehel, Utman- . 
zai, Darweah Khel Wa^n. 
Headman ; Watanzai. 

Ata Ehbl.- a enb-divimon of 
Aa-azai, niamaij Bunerwal*. 

AjiZ KHBi (Dirl.— A section 
(4 Fainda ' Ehel, Sesada, 
Malizai, Ynaufz^is. 

Atiz Khbl— (Samana. and 
Kbaaki nlleys).— A sfh- 
dlvleion of the Kabia Khel, 
lamailzai, Orakzaie. Samil, 
Headmen ; MuBta^im, Jtla» 
tan, Saigol, ffhanni, Idar 
t>bab, Shliai Beg. 

AlUKSA EoB.— A ipinor 
fawtion of Hyatai Kor, 
obah MaDsiir Ehel, Dada 
Ehel, Tarakzai, Uohmatida, 
Headman ; Babn Jan, 

Lnm-nnv Google 

Attjb Khbl. (2B; Dera li- 
.matl ELiiQ DistriGt).— Ko- 
m^i%,B. minor ftsEtton of 
Batocb Ehel, I«ot Ebel, 
UiaiiEbe1,.Lohana, Pawin- 
&tis. Bcadmait ; see Ui&d 

ATtB Kbk..— A.Bub-diTWon 
-of Xar Mi Khel, Koarai 
JEhe] (900), AfridLi. 
Heodmui ; Aaais Sin. 

AMD EsitL (1!(^— A'KiotJon 
of TEhIq Ehel, Bobft, Dana, 

ASad Kesl. — A seetioH of 
SvHati Ktiol, fiber GnlU, 
AU Ebel, (1,800), Afridb. 


AiidEbsldt StF.ui (?^o^ fie' 

Oiaksaia. Gar. 

Auk Kbbi (8).— A ntb-diri- 
aou of Eh&diii MaUizad, 
SavBtig. neAdEcittii Shah' 

AiAB EbSi:-^A 'section of 
- Dnrbi Ehel, EBmbac . Ebel, 
Kambar Ehel, .(4,600), 
Afridu, Oar. Headmen ; 
UnhuntDod Shei, lEbwaja 
Ati, Thfo, Hniai. 

AjabUib Ehel.— a minor 
fraction of ^ikanOaF Ebel, 
Abdul Khel, Bora Kfiel 
^,000), SEobmit Ehel, 
Utmanisat,' liarwedh Ehel 

Aani Khbl(2001.— A winor 
fraotion of iJie Sbama^ Khel, ' 
Abdnlki, Aimal ' Kbel, 
Bsblohai, Mabeud». Qead- 

Azi Shbl (2,100>— a mb- 
divieion of Bar Solizafr 
BaiKii, Akouu-F-Ynnfkai 
Stratis. . .NOTS. — iibore 
numbera iDclude liSOO men 
livlqg onijude Swatijimite. 

An Kbxi..— A Bt^-division 
^ All E3iel, Bar Banbai, 
Akozai — Yimiiai Swatis. 

Aziu KsMs Eos^— A section 
of tbe Umar Ehan Ebel, 
Allsherzai, Lasbkarial, 

Orakzais, Samil. 

Azis Ebbi,— A sefition' of 
Alisher Ehel, Gadaizal, I 
lUasiai, Banerwal*. , 

AiizEbxl.— Anunorfnietion: I 

of Earn Ebel, Sali (or I 

Mnli) Ehel, Salaizai, IUm- | 
mit Soiietwal*. 


Axic -Kbsl (360 ; BU<^ 

. a[«nnUI&].— A^ fM%<d!tni<>n 
sfAkaEal,ilMi;ui, Softtftais. 
Headmen; Hat .Sakbt 
Khan, Nim Khan. 

rdown til IWR Haw)).— 
Aimb-vdnririmnf tiie«aiw]- 

; Khani Akm< , 

— iai-rtrioi of "aea_^__ 

. 'Ehet (SOD),' » tiamKLVEA ^ of 

AdiE -fiwi. :{S30M1 taaoi 
itim:of 'tb«'-3[anr£hel, 

lUahmi*. iEMdjoMi j jfi>a- 

Aliz KBit.— A aedltni «E 
'Dntbi.Khri. ^Ku^bu 'Elwt, 

Eanbar ^Eh«t (^»dO). 
AfridJe. Gm. Headmen ; 
~Ui£ttmq3ad .Sbeii jghigp-ja." 
.All, . Vara, Knnd;' 

Aai£ Ebil^—A misA fuot&n 
of All eiui EbeU i&bai 
Efael, Eeimal Ehel, Unuus 

.of #lwH.'kiifil,fBw»«.el 
(1,')00), Mohmit Ehel, 
. -tltoarasi, ^Dnvwh JUid 

. ud, Dwrarii. 

ilMtieii'af Sni' Eliel, llor 
8a^ (SOd),' Qatai, AdMn 
Ehel, AtioL 

fraction of Alisber ^tl^l, 
Mnga Ehel, NutizkI, Mali- 
' i&i,^i(nenFAls. 

B«BifSAi ~Ebjil -(fW-^-^A 
dl\4nen of KhoTd«d KbM, 

L,,n!.nnv Google 

of tho Sha^ Khei, Boba, 
Dona, BattaaniB; 

Babaub EeM (W«ataf D«n 
Ohazi Khan-. Diatndt). ' 
■ub-diTision of Hunz 
Balil Khal) U^ua Ebalat. 
Headman v Suisr. 

%Si.EAK EHSif (H)rt>^' 

. lamul KhftB' Uititriat):— 

Nomadic, » minor frttotion 

of Pomil, Isot Khel, ^fian 

Khel, LobsBa, Pawindalia^ 

) Ifian Kbd. 

Ba-ba. Khsl (300.)— The- prin- 
cipal BMition of the' Datti' 
Khel, Galeahahi,. Shama&' 
Ehel, mitim&i. 

BabaEhxii. — AmetioTioi'Swt- 
tdiEhei; AbaW, Ehwau- 
%»i, Akozai— Tnsof >»i Swa-- 

S«BA Ehxl.— jb/(i9*r wotioii! 
of Ehaddu Khel (770), 
Hohmit Khel, Utmanzai,- 
Barveth Khel Wazira. 
Headmen ; Wadin Shah and 

Khel, Iiand,-Ualakh, Malli- 
xad, Damrii. Headman . 
Fir Shah Alam.- 

BkBiE EASL^-A'inlaor fme*- 
tion of All Ehel (m), Asbn^ 
Ehel, Hauan' Khel, Adam 
Khri, Atndu. 

'Babaexi,(^).— A Beetionof 
' Ilaen Khel, Tor, .Mallizad,^ 
DAntkria: Headmen ; Fanj- 
dar, Mad Af isl, Earsr, Gti!, . 
Hanan, Gdl Bwhau; Badar, 
Mlf Eazam,UIwabAEbai)',' 

Babasbi,— A division of SipaK 
(WOO), Afridii. Samil.-. 
HettdmeD; see Suran Ehel, - 
GhaibrEbel, and Jawakail 

BasaNhaiI [Ifubiin^ralley^ 
— A Hib-d&iaion' of the tar 
Uufajuilaiad Ehfl,- Moham- 
mad Ehel,' Orakzaia.' THej- 
are in realitj All Khrig.- 
Gar. Shiah. 

Babab (20).— Ak divuion ot' 

Babab Eaiti (16).— A minor. 
£raotion of the Ehoidadal,. 
Maliktksi, Aimal EheL 
Uahlolzai, Mahguda. E-- 
mail ; l^nkhtftr. 

BabU Eeil. — A' minor frac' 
tiun of Kallft Ehel (700),- 
AahQ Ehel, Haaan Kbil.. 
Adam Ehel. Afcidi*. 

L;,,n!.ihv Google 

Babxb Khbl (8)^— a minor 
fnction of Ahmad Khel, Ziro 
ELel, Amzoni, Mallizad, 
Danam. HeadLo^n ; Stall' 

BiSAM (700; Den 
Khan Dktrict).— A tribe of 
the »me nee ae tbe Sber- 
aniti. Headmen i. AkKmed* 
zada MubaiQinad Onl, Mnlla 
Uir Khan, Dur Muhammad 
Khan, Ali Mnhammad 
EhaQ, Unbammad Hosen. 

BiSi.^ Ebbl (1!1).— A minor 
fraction of the Miidad Khel. 
Abdul Itahman Ehel, Sher 
Khel, Haibat Khel, Nana 
Khel, Bablolzai, -Uahsoda. 
Headman ; Hugan. 

B&Buu (PipalJ,— A division 
of the ]>Etwez», Mohmands. 
Headmen ; Haznr Khan, 
Jafar, Koehm*, Moia Khan, 

Babazai [Wagt of Dero Qhazi 
Khan DLjtriot). — A anb-dm- 
non of I^nd Falai, I^han^, 
Muaa Khels. Headman ; Ali 

Babi Khbl.— a section of 
the Hamia Khel, Gandab, 
Halimz^ Mohmands. Head- 
men ; Setb, S^ad Alam, 
Saiad Akbar, Poinda Kban. 

Babi KbBl— a Motion ol: 
Hamza Khel, Kamalt. 
. Halimaai, Kahmanda. 

Headman ; see ^mza Ehel, 


BabI .Khbl. — A section of 
Hamca Kbel, Katoali, 
Halimzai, Mohmands. Head- 
men .; aee Hamza Khel) 

Babi Khbl (S^mana- and 
. Khanki ' valleyg), — One of 
the Bti sub-diviaions of the 

. Eftbia Kbel (700), Ismall- 
Eiu, OrakzaiS' Samil. Head- 
men i ijaid Unhammad, Said 
Nazir, Abbas Ehan, Ma^d 
ArHfllA Khai)< 

Babbi Khbl (25). — A section 
of tbe Fir Mnbammad Khel, 
Haidrai, Ghahar Khel, Sha- 
man Kbel, Mahmdf. Head- 

Babc (48 i Anambar Gap).— 
A division of Palao, Lonis. 
Headmen ; M^k Mir Khan 

(Dnranizai), Haiik (Ki- 
makai), Safai (Bazai.) 

Babc Ehbl.-^A sab-diTidon 
of Adinzai, Khnazazu,Ak(p 
Eai — Ynsof zai Svati*. 

Babd EebX'— a aeotbn of 
Maddi Khel, Utmanzii Bar 
Banizu, Akozai— Yunlui 



Babu KbTl.—A mifioT haa- 

tiotiof Sherga Xhel, UtxaftD- 
■ail Adinzai, Khmuufti, 
^sni— f tBnf zAi SwMb. 

Babulzii (6). — A Bnb-divirioii 
of S&leni, BakEtamil, Ld* 
ntB. Beadm&n ; see Sftleul. 

Babub Ktel.-— a Beetkm of 
Eeimal Ehel, Urmnz Ehel, 
S^ aSOO), . AfridiB. 
Saiail. HeadBito ] EhMe- 

BiBUEAi (5,aoO ;* Iieft tenk 
of Swat).— A (BTtfBOn of Biu- 
lai, Akoi^-^Tnanfiai B*a- 
tis. Headmen ; NwraSah 
Eban, Firaz K^an, Pasand 

Babitzat (106).— a section of 
Nsrozid, Dnmar, Sanmr, 
Eakara. HeadmaD ; Mnbam- 
mad Qq] of Chilez. 

BtBUZU.— Another name for 
the depah diTbiot) of Baeiai, 

BicHAQAi. — A minor fraotioti 
of Tor, Jaiii Ehel (1,000), 
yftii Khel, tTuoaaiai, 
Danradt Khel Waiirs. 
Headmen; Mlibosli, Shada- 
mir, Kalnsl, Oalbas. 

Bkcta EHlt£.-A mlliorfTMc- 
tionof Zakho Chet, Jailtlk- 
hori (SOU), Haawn Ehel, 
Adaoi 2het, AMdh. 

Biiii,.— A fltti-diriaion of AnI, 
IsBiailzai', Utman Ebebi 

Badaxz>i (813).— a division 
o£ the ShamaD KIrI Midl- 
ands. Headman ; Sayad 

BiDAB EsBL (60)— A miBOT 
fraction of the WaUdad 
Khel, Palli £hel, AMnllai, 
Aimol Ehel, Bohiolitu, 
MatigaoB. Headmen ; Bajak, 
Maea, &azaiiidiB> 

Bi4J>UA£HBL (MastanriTer). 
— 4 Rub-djvBian of the Abni 
Ehel, Ulahammad Khel, 
Oiakzais. Oar. Shiah. 

BiDDA Ehbl.— A minor frac- 
tion of Saifali, Kabul Khel 
(3,600), Wall Khely Utinen- 
zai, Darvesh Ehel Wadrs. 
Headman ; Eotan ELaiu 

^ASDA KAIL (10).— A section 
of Utman, Uiram Shah, 
Tappisad, Dawnris. Head- 
man) Saisk Shah. 

aen of thU dimion Dot living in 



dar Khel (770)" Mohmit 

Kliel, IJtmaii;5«i D^inreah 

■ Kiel, ffazirg, Ueadi 

BiDi Khbl (7). 

fraction of Umarz^, Zia 
KheU Afl^ai, M^lfesd. 
lAwai^is. H«fideajm ; Q^a- 

tion of Dardosit Wnzi 
Ehel, Mohmit Ebei; Ut'ni^- 
aw> Barwesli Kh^lWadrs. 

K»Umvi, UoWanfa. 

Zai Eh^, Post Kbaq, GmI 

of Shabaiw. I>nnw> Saa^, 
Kakara. H^man ; AbdoL 

Bhhtw (18ft).— a mfc-dW- 
aion of the EliallL Eb«l, 
Sliutuui Ehel, Uahmda. 

B+BW KH»t.— A minor Urn- 

. I^b^l, ]fol5k ^utjii (409). 
Imi Khel, WtJi ttliel, Ut- 
npftP^^ii Darroat Kl^l Wa- 
airs. Hea4swft i JwflWMl- 

4U4IB KflBI. (1^ ; Dm» 1*^91^ 

Khan IJiBferiot^— Nonadio, a 
. ttiaoi fiwtio& trf Akft Kiiel. 
Iwt Khel, Hwa Kikel, 
J«I»np, PaWM^h* H»»d- 

R*ni«i»« (Za«*X— A ;»»« 
fawaon of iJi Ehel^ Sbdw, 

QlMi9 Sam (KAhali(uk)-r-A 

iection of Hasan S»i KM, 
Mada Khel, Isazai, Tnanf- 
2t>k Qeadwm ; Bu» EIwP- 

6lu)WA».— A iMtiQD of Hnai, 
£ui«ziu), ^oz^Ti Kakua. 

Badzai. — A sub-diyiidon of 
Hii^dpieni Nawai (Kall|^k: 
4ar KImI). SamdEIuin.Md 

liTerj.— Oofi of the three 
d(visian» of the Knkkoza), 
\rho are od« of the affiliated 

' If oliintknd cUns- 

BiBiii (8,000).— The niort 
poverfai ^ the Mahniand 
cjftns. Heftdmen ; VaLid 

Lnm-nnv Google 

Khan, Saiad Azam, Gbai- 
rat, Sultan Said, ■ Paind 
Khan, Payo. Tola, Pirai, 
Amin KfaaQ. Yad Gul. 

Baghbait Khbi.— a minor 
fraction of Sndan Khel 
(360), lapetka, Kalu Khel, 
Ahmadzai, Darwesh Kbel 
Waaira. Headmen ; Jalan- 
dar Bhah, Mani Ehan. 

BisHDAS Khbx, — A section 
of" Keimal Khel. UrmBK 
Khel, Sipah (1,200), Afridia. 
SamiL Headmen i Khane- 
' zamani Lai Mahammad, 
Sher Jan. 

BaoeDidzai (Weit of Dera 
Ghazi Khan District).— A 
fcdnon of Inzai, Hasan Kbpl, 
Balil Khel, Mnsa Ehets. 
Hainan ; Salavi. 

BAHiutTK Khki— A section 
of Ahdul Khel, TJi-mm. 
Khel, Sipah (1,200), Afridis. 
Samil. Headman; Shibran. 

BAHABrB' Khbi.— A minor 
fraction of Khojal Khel (600 
in Wana), ShaiU Khel, 
Nasra I'ln, Kaln Khel, 
Ahmadiai, Darwesh Khel 

BABiDUC Khel (Left bank of 
Mastura river). — ABeotioorf 

BiHADUB Kbel (70).— A sec- 
tion of the Shumi Khel, 
Falti Kbel, Manazai, Alisai 
Mahsuds. Headman ; Awal 

Bahadub Keel (Baika, 
Girdi, and Peshawar Tallej 
in wint«T, tipper Helmand 
in snmmer). — Nomada, a 
snb-divjsion of ITtmanzal 
_ Kttoi|{Mohmand}, 

Baeadcb Shah Khel.— The 
head diriuoQ of SamilzM, 

BiHiBZir (West of Dera Gbazi 
Khan Distriot).— A section 
of Husenzai, Ahmadzai, 
Balil Ehel, Knsa Hhels. 
Headman i Babadnr. 

Bahlol Khbl (15).— a minor 
fraction of the Bizodai, 
Malikshai, Aimal KbeU 
Bahlolitti, Mahauda- Head- 
man ; Atimad Kban. 

Bahlolzai (4,078).— One of 
the three great olana of the 

Bahbah-ka-Kebi (800 ; 
From Halakand io 8»at 
mar).— A diviuon of Bu 


Ban i mi, Ak(raaii~ToinifaBl 
SwafcU. Headmsn j Gnii 

£iEKAH Sbbl (Samana luid 
Khanki valleje)' — -A "wh- 
divifiioQ of tbeUabia Ehel, 
laaiailKaii Orakiau. Samil. 

RtHBAK EaBL.~A ' minor 
fraction of Sherga Kbel, 
TTttoanzai, Adinzaf, Ehwa- 
zozai, Akozai — Yiuiifzai 

Bkuszit (300).- A section of 
ttu Sfaretfhatzu, Ksbza^ 
Saniar, £akai8. Headnian ; 

BuK«H Kbbd.— A minor frao- 
tionof Zakbo Kbri, Janak- 
hori (SUOJ, Hassan Kbel, 
Adam Kbel, Afridis. 

pAi KSBL (8Q— Dera IsmaU 
Khap Dlatrirt}.— Nomadip, 
a 8iib-aed:ioii of Aba Kbel, 
Isot Khel, Mian Khel, 
Lohapa, Pantndaha. Erad- 
man ; see Mian Shet 

Bii KsBi,— A Bwtlon of Firo- 
zai, Chaganai, Haliiai, 

; ■ (3,000), Shin Khel, Alimad- 
■ aii!4 Dy*eBh Kbel Wai*™. 

Bai KoE.—Aminor fraction of 
Durba Khel, Hamza Khel, 
Gandab, .Haliqj^ai, Mob 
mabda. Headmeh ; see 
PurbaKhel, , ; , , 

B*iB KH»t [Eigbt bank' of 
Kbanki, and Xnraiit'iip to 
itharmana river). — A sub- 
diTision of tlie.„Aliaheizai, 
IiBBhbarzai, Ckakfaie. SaEiil. 
Headjnan j Alam Kban. 

Biinu EwL (1M().-tA 'diyi- 
Bion of Chuar Kbal„,aiie- 

Bii?Ai {19,400;* Leffbank 
of Swat Kiver from 'Kbbia- 
ton down to and imjjndlng 
Thana). — One of three elans 
of the Akozai — Yuaufzai 

Eaisai (Zhol)).-^A iqinor fne* 
tion of the Badsnzai, Alj 

Khel, Sansar, Kal(a». 

BuiD KHBt.~A KCtiDn of 
Hasan Ehei, Gadainai, Itiw 
ui, BuiMirak. 

Raik Ehel (Bannn District). Bah^ai (16).— A pnb-diTislnii 
— A minoT fraction of Ehan- of Miczai, Bal^anwal, linnia. 
dar Ehan Ehel, HathI Kbel Headman) see Uinai. 

Lnm-nnv Google 


Khel, Hatlii Khel (2,000), 
T«ah Ehel Wttim- 

BaeuEbil (Banna DJB^rict, 
fih&kaitKrMal and Wans). 
A enb-B©ctiott of Idal Khel, 
Hathi Khel (2,000), Shin 
Khel, Ahmadza), I'arwesb 
Kh^ W^iira. Headmei^ ; 
fiBBder Klian, Sbrfkh IH^to, 
landBi, Eaedm Shah. 

Bakjb Ehbl(IO).— a minor 
inctionci IteUk Ehql. Uij^ 
a*. W, JiUUfch, Mai- 
Hud, Dkmwie. Heff^n; 

BtEHiL Ehbl,— A Atwor 
fraction of F«roi Khel, Tor 
Sapor (3Q0), Gftbi, Adam 
Khel, Afridis. 

B«EHI Kbil,— A minor fmc- 
tion oF Mir Ali Kbel, Idia 
Kbel Jaoi Khel (1,00&), 
WaU EIuO, Utmaniai, l>ar 
wesb Khel Waiua. Biad- 
men ; Akaldin. 

lisMf Kb*ra,«H)). Ibra- 
him Khel, tTtinauz)^, I|ar* 
weBh Khel Wadrs. 

iJ^EHXALi Ebsi. — Asecticw 
of Knlla Kh^, Malikdin 
K hel. If ittilcdin Km (4,000) 
Afridis. '^ffltl. Headmen ; 
AkW, DoBtai, Sher Gnl, 
S&rif , SbNairndidiq» 

Bakobbai-— A miriw fraoyon 
of DM-ta Kbd, Abdtil Ebel, 
Bara Khel (1,000), ATobmit 
Khel, Trtmauzai, Darwtsh 
Khel Wqzin. 

Baihshi Kbbl.--t^ aaotlon 
of Madda Khel, (1,800) 
Ibrahim Khel, GtMMUai, 
OarweBh Khel Waiira. Head- 
ne»i QxOi of 8tan,.airi 

BiKBT* Kbw. (Bwmu pis- 
trict).— A minor fraction of 

Kbantice Kb«|, Tori Kh«^ 
Kuea K,h.«l Hatbj Khel 
(3,0QOi. Shin Khel, Abayid- 
atu, IJarnwh Khd Waziis- 

BiKHr»W*B Koa-— Aminor 
fraction of Hyatai Kor, 
ShabmoMir KW. Padu 
Khft Tawliw,, Uohm»ada. 
Headman ; Unltso. 

B*sa«»fidli.— A dirirgnoi 

Anjr»,B:Ual!^ZBwa». Hwd- 
IQAB ; Uszhi KhAO,. 

Khel, Dtttti EkiJ. 'Gaim 
Sbatuan ELeL Ma}iaitd8l 
Headmen ; KEalil, Gbaui, 
G}>Bilhti Sbkb, S^i ' 

- tActioti of Jul, HafdBT KKel, 
Tat, fuppitai, CUw^. 
Headmen^ . Fatteh Kittn, 
Wali Rlwn, Ssleh Ehaa. 

Ba^i Khel (6).— a miftoT 
feaction of the Alt Kbel, 
HaidAT Ehel, Tm, Tappiiad, 
Dawaija. Beadmaa : Junal 

Alii^ (60), MtmMi, LMh- 
kanai, Orakzaia. Samil. 
Hwnlinnn i Itfir A^lanf^ 

BixiB Khil fSOD ( Shfoail 
willey, Khort).— A aUa rf 

BiEEA Khbl (1,000; Wana 
and ':BMtkii IHMUkU).-'A 
■nb-diviBion d< Wali Kbel, 
Utmaniat, DarwHh Ehd 
Wazirs. Seadm«n ; aet 
l^khti KIi«l, Soldi Ebd, 
anil 'Narmi Kliel. 

BasKi Ebil (26),— a miii<v 
ftwitiobof Ipl, aMu Khil, 
Tcr, Tappiad. Saffaria, 

Sated KAbl.— A miiiM Irac- 
tton of UdaD &lwl (8K0). 
Iiperka, Kalu Ebd, Ab»Md* 
lai, Darwnh Ebel Wazira. 
ffittd^ens Jalauau' ffiMt, 
HaSi Sbui. 

Biaxfair (St),-^ «MtM of 
tbeOzb^ Shtui^ BbUti- 
lal, Mabeada. Headmen ; 
Sraju, fifajfti. 

BiusBi EkBb.-' A taiiKiT ft*o- 
tkn af UandiElMl,; Wnri 
Efael (SD»\ UblMit Efol, 
Utmania!, Barireali Ehel 

BiBSfiOtAi M^oal of tbe 
BcM Obasi Khan BMridt). 
—A anb-diTialon if Hamu- 
iai, BalO Ehel, Mnn Ehets. 

Bi&uxai- — A nb-^Tiaiott of 
Shanai (760), Zskiut Rkel, 
Afridis. Samil. Headman ; 
audEkaa. ; 

BxLkL EaXL.— A wettou .of 
noMan EhaL'(4rO;k M-dunit 
Rbfll,. UtBabzal, Darwtafa 
Ehel WatiH. HwdsMti ; - 
Oholam Jam, Malokdin, 
Shan (B), NiTM Maham- 
mad, Partw KhM, Baddi 
Fakir, EhaD Ghaut. 

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$4i,K£ £sB!£.($Q)tT-il'miiior 
fraction of Aghian, : ,Z&a 
£li«1, Amioai, Mallizad, 

Hnh^mmad AIkh^ . Pit 
. GbolAm-"' . . 

Bali-^RBl 08)---A minor 
fraction of Foi Kliel, Muhun- 
mad Khel, Malakh, Mttllizad, 
Dttwiuris. HwdmaTit Sale- 

BiLit Khbl (8,600 ;.Wsrf,of 

i'eraGliaii Khan).— A ol^n 

of tbe'Musa -libels. Head- 

''mea;.'8ee Ahmadw, Ham- 

zaiair^and Hasan KheL 

B*LiL Kkbi. (15).— a minor 
fraction of Cbattan, Zira 
Kbel, . AmzoBi, Malliiad, 
Dawarfs. Headman i 

Gbokm Elia*. 

Bali Kebi..— A Beolaoa' of 

Ibrabim Khel, Utmanzai, 

Bar' Kaniz^ Akoifd— • 
Ynsufzai Swati«. 

Bal Ehbl,— a minor fnetiou 
of Eliarmanj Ebel, Khwaja 
Khel, Miamai, Kabul Kbel 
(8,800}, Wall Khtl, 
TJtmanzai, UhitmIi. Khel 

Balla Ehxl (Bannn Ke- 
'itiet). — A miBOT fraction of 
llaoa Khel, Piiba ShA, 

Hailil £be), (2,000^ Sbitt 
'Ehel«' Ahmadiiai, Puwesb 

-■ i 

Balli KbEB. — A mmor fra*^ 
tion of .'-liadi Khel, Bara 

. Khel iLOOta MohnatKhd^ ' 
Utinaniai, Barwesb Khel 
Wazirg, Headmam; Eipat 
fhan. , 

BiLo (Tiiimaii).— A snb-divT- 
iion «f Afiil, IdmsJlKair 
■ 'ntamte'KbBb. ■ 

Balocb "Khel (315^ ' Dns 
Ismail Khan District). — 
NoEoadio, .a; mb-diTtdon of 
of th» Iwt Kiwi, Uian Khel, 

Baloe KHBt (30),— A minor 
fraction of the Ipi, Haitlar 
Khel, Tor, Tappiad, Dawa- 
ris. ' Headmen ; Andaram 
Khan, ItfihFdin Khan, Mir 
Baz Kban, OukhaAn. 

BALObZAi (60).— A diriucB of 
Kapip, Sherani*. 

Baki Khkl (800).— a sab* 
division of Babatai, Baiiai, 
Akocai — Tnanf lai Svatia. 


Bahitt Khbe (DIt).~J-A' m«^ 
' tiem of PainJa Khel, >3«MdB, 
Matiui, VonihaiB. ' 

Banaik Khsl.— A seotioB'of 
Kulla Khel, Mslikdin Khel 
HaUkdin Khel ; .1 (4,0W^ 
Afrid!^; Snmll. IIai4iiia)] ; 

Bee.B^buBL^ KheL. , ' 

BiKDi (77).- A di7ision ' of 
Tapplzstt, Dansrls. Head: 
men ; Bhabal, Sliadak, kj&i 
Ehftt^ Otu)iiSBimi^, &aj 'Kttta- 

■ ViiA 8a,wiliix. eat. Shtuh. 
' The dlvraioitB,"eto., of tba 

■ Bbiigssh-Bre-cot indexed in 

BtN^isE" Khsi, <HJ0X— a 
'flCMtion of Astdnai, . Sfaabi 
'" Khel, Al<Eai,'M^sQda. Head- 
man i'Stmaii. iXalgnl. 

BinfiABE Rhbl {60!.— a gec- 
* tjtfti of theTaru KLel, Bobak, 

' Dana, Battannis. 

BiMOABH Ebel (2&). — A sub: 

. divifiionof TupiaiMTappizad, 

DawarU. Headman ;; Wa. 

Bao Ebel.— a minor &aatIon 

' of Uir Asan Khel, Badn 

Khel, ' AdbiBai, K]iwaiaia]| 

Alcoaai'— Ynsnf Kai Swatis. 

BaitI) Khbl C^W'-^Ttie 
imallest of the fonT' dMstbna 
of the BahlolZBi, Mabrads. 

Baksa E&EE (100>j— AminoT 
fra<rico of the Eharmftob 
Khel, Sukt Eh«l, A4iba1 
Khel, Bahlolzai, Mahsiids. 
. Headmbn ( Njfaarrab. / 

Bakqj>l Khiil(16j.— rAseetion 
of the Kawm Khel, Chahar 
KheU BhapiaiL ,Khel. iUh- 
pads. Hwdnjien ; Magid, Yar- 
gnl, .Aaad- 

Babqash ■ (3,6G0 ;• .Koiat, 
Miranzai and Kun^m t^I- 
Ibts).— A great tribe of 
Puthans, tbe main el^ of 
which axe MiTanzai, Baizai 

*lT)ie nnmbma here ^ven are baaed 00 the Censae tetnToa ot 
1301. S1ielitl7 older snthorStT^lioTeveT, giTOHtheflghtin^ Btrength 
of the Bang ash, inelTidiiig thoee of Eolam, aa 7,500, taking ona In 
Bt« of the total Qomber of eonle to be fighting men. 

Baba Kabdam,— (liower Mas- 
tnrariverl,- A sub-division 
of the Abdul .Aziz Rhel, 
Unhamma^ 'K^d, Orakzais. 
Gar. Shiah. 

Baba Khbi> (Kwlnm lirer). 
— A minoif fraction of the 
.Bazid Efiei, ' Stnri Khel, . 
Alizai, DanlatzaJ, OrakzaU, 

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^m of Utut Ali) SMkh 
KW. AJb Kiel. Balaif^, 
Iliaszai, !BweiJvM>i. 

Sbiria, Mijiim Kbap, 

54SA Kb?i. (JWwtaii}.— a 
seciiov of nuanW IPtel, 
Mada EWi I^ftSNi Tosaf- 

Bmaezai (West of Dertt Qluid 
£haD IKaJniot).— A ■^tion 
^ Kftbahai, ITokiiiai, Labor- 
zai, Miisa Khels. Heiidiiiaii j 

Baukiae (lfl(^.-^ mb- 
fivhiOB, of TahU Sbel, 6en 
^helj Shenuiig. 

dirisiou oi the Taighari, 

BaB4» Khbl,— a miper frao- 
taon «f AB Khel, M«.H»ar 
Rhel (960), Himlum £l»el 
Utmaniai, Darwesh Ehe! 

tjiotJ.'-A minor fraotion of 
Klianbfffi Kiel, Tori Kiel, 
JUji» Xhelj. H»tU Ehel 
(2,000), Shin Kbel, Ahmad- 
ui, Duweah i^i W/a^in. 

B*«ijK Khbi (»).-^A Mctwn 
«E BsJdm Sh«l. llaWak 
Shtihi, Di»llu»a, Dunns- 
Headman ; Shondai, Ahmad 
8h«fe. :i ■:■'-' 

Babiv Eskl (B0].-^A qe<ition 
of Kandeii, I^ak'i VappieiJ, 
Dawarw, Headiow ; Janai 
Khan, Gund^lai. _ 

5*3iK Kh«i/ ,(Bft»pa 
Kitriot}.— A minoi wwtton 

(^ All Ehel, Moaa KKet. 
fiattd Ehel (3,00U), Shin 
Ehel, Ahoiaditji Dat>ie»li 

Basav Kbbe (S6).— a sob- 
dtmnkn -(< the OliidMT Efad, 
Sbaqiad SJidl, ll^nda. 
Bwdwaa j EqU. 

Babanzai or Hiax Kbanzai 
(600).— A sab-^Tigion of 
kebiu, fianui, Eakaia. 

Bab»T Kan. ( 2S0 ; Black 
HonDtatn). — A trab^iisiou 
of AkaSai, laaza!, TluafzaiB, 
He^dmeii ; Saidwali Hassati 
Khau, &tft Eh»n, KaJal 
Efaap, AW Khan, 

BabatEbb^.^A minor frao- 
tion of Alisber Kbel, Mna^ 
Ebd, Niuriav, U&lizoi. Bun- 

diririon of Babnai, liajmi, 
iikozaS— Tiumnai Smtia. 

Bui.1 Ehxl (Baniio Dia- 
tti^.-~^ Bum" feaot^B ai 
Balk. Eh«l, EbanJar Eiian 
jthel, Hatlii ^hel (<a,000). 
Shin ^hel, Abnudzai, Ebr- 
wetdi Kbd Wtain. 

\Bauv Ktf«t.^A idJmiV frac- 
tion of Sddaik Khel, Isperka 

B*B1( EUl (3,000 1 Zliob)<— 
A dlviaion of (Noitiwrn] 
Bftnzar, Kokln. . 

Baueeus.— See Dnranis. 

' Alljra TSiMl, tmartSa. Heftd- 

ibon ; Aku EbAn: 
Babbab El»l..— A Mwtioa of 

Aya Khel, Ajhazai, Iliaf^ai, 


BtS thi&AHia.— A nftme ■une- 
tiiAea BSpUed to the Fatlui 
' trJbet w£o iatiAbib tb« liofth- 
eaAiern paft of t'ag^k&n, 
enolCMbA betwMn- 'ihe 
noRe of tlie Hindu, Eaiihi 
thtfTJo^i*, ae Bslt Rang* 
aod ttl« <Mie6' of SnStilaii, 
Bod fint appCed Ki them' by 
Ahmad Shah. The name 
MpHe^ to tke TttMftat 
UtnAn Etflb. Twkanls, 
If ohmadb, AJH(b«Onkt&!s, 

■ sSihW»*0^-rtro i*ib«» *f tlrt 
pluUfi of t*e(hftWBr, ma. 
thAw of Rtnnah aud 
. Khatak.— (SipUMoM.) 
BifiOA Ehxl. (SBnnn, Chaprl) 
and GiirBOg ift^ SnramJ.— ^ 
A MoUpn of, Kundai, Tor 
EWI. Uma^zai (600), Shin 
Khel, Ahmadcal, Darvegh 
Khel ■Waa 

fraotion of Ismail . Shel, 
Makhozai, Nasozai, tliaszai, 
,; Yusafiw*. ' - 

BrAt BHBt.-'A niiti«T fmc- 
tlDo of Abt EM, IsBiiiltai, 
Deoilstz*^, UsUUki, Boiler* 

Ba^t Khbl (IS).— a minor 

■ ' ft'arfKoli' of Sod Wiel, Mir- 

hattrtad KhBl, Makkh, Mai-'* 

Mzai, tfatrarir: HeaailBn; 

i^ABi EasiW).— A.minOrJrM- 
fioa oi KSirMay, -Taib Shei, 
Amzoni, Halli^d, tfamria. 
Headman i Zakam-Ehan. 

Ehtti Sheid^. 

Bisis KffBt. (SfartoiM^i'-A 

Be«ti«i(i d( the SitM &ie\. 

Alizait Daaltfttl^ ^MfcMa. 



tionof Mian Khel^JsQakhori 
(800), Hassan Khel, Adam 
Khel, AfridiB., 

Bab Kadm (78).— a wction 
of Hftiiga, Khel; Tor, Mallinad 
Panaris. 'Headmen 1 Radii. 
DinI, Falnda Rha^, Nizam 
Gul, Gnlwhil, KrAlimad 
Shah, Baki, Badtang. 

BabeazaI.— A snh-ditiaion of 
Vaxiktuii; Maiiiai; Bnner- 

Bab K HANI.— a mifaotf motion 
ot ',Badi ,Kh(j^ Dard^al) 
Wnal iRhel (800} Mofamit 

' . Khel, Utmbtizciii DarwKh 
KM Wftzire. , , 

Babiii Esbl (191),— a divi- 
^t non of .Anizoni Dawaria. 
Headmen ; Juma Sbah,Mina 
Shah, Channi, Kajib ^ah. 
Iat, Shahba Din, Nambatll 
Ehan, Pitila Khan, Boih. 
tamir, Pjja Eban, Gnbzir. 

Babih Ehbi.— (10), A minor 
frsctlon- of Foi Ehel. Ma- 
haminbd Khel, . Mallizad, 
Damns; Heodmftn ; Eadam. 

Babiwal (19).— a snti-divi- 
sion of !£eiBUu,.U&Uiud, 
DawfttiX' Heftdmenj.Shah- 
atda, Hubat JCbanr 

Bahehan Khbl— a section 
of Musa Khel, Kn; Sulizsi 
Baizai, Akozaj — Yi-B^fiai 

BaB Eba» EoB (28b ; Rhanltl 
river).— A rntnor ftactfoaof 
thetlmar Ehan Khel, Ali 

zai, Orakzais. Oar. HMd- 
man ; , Anur SbaL. . 

BaB'Khozat, — A Wioit of 

.Khaddar.lfM (770), Aloh- 
mit Khel, Utmnnzai, Dar- 
- weah Bhel WaEim/' He«dJ 
' men ; Sadirai, Htib«h Sh^, 
Saidigai, Soid All. , - ' 

Baeki Ea^f, (35).— tA mmqr 
frartion of Dqr .Kbel, 
Babaliki,:,Ki88U ^niel, Tor, 
Malli7*d, TDawftris. Head- 
men ; Badar, Miv Kutun. 

Bab EiLiA (30).— A minor 
fraction of DangM ,Ehel„ 
Tirm ,' Thingar , Ehel, 
MubaiunW Knel, , MalaUh, 
Mallizad, Dawaria, ' Head- 
nian'; Badrana, Said Akbar. 

Bab Maeazai.— a .snb-divi- 
sion of Wara, Mamund, 

Babhass Ehbi..— a Kctlon 
. of thd Tari Khel, Shakhi, 
^Mwepin, Battsnnls. 

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SiBUi Ebbl (Bajua Diar 

. trict). — A miaor fraction, of 

- Saidi Khfl, Bakfca Kliel 

(1,000), Wall Kiel,- UtniMi- 

atti, l^jrwesh Ebal Wozirs, 

Bakhi Khbl (Banna Cia- 
triot). — A minor fractiou of 
Kbandar . Khan Khel, 
Hathi Khei (2,000), Shin 
Ehel, Ahmadzai, 'Darweah 
Khel Wazirg. .Headman i 
Shah TaUoz. ' 

Babiii Khbl! — A minor fiEao- 
tion of Mnshakk!, Macha, 
Madda Khel (1,600), Ibrahim 
Khei, Utmaniai, Darwesh 
Khel Wazira. 

Ba5ki Khbl.— a diviaon of 
Kamrai, or Eamar Khel, 
(600), Afridia, Samil. Head' 
men ; HaSz Samandor, and 

Bab HuHiauAD Khel 
(1,000; Martara valley).— 
One of the four diiviBions of 
the Muhammad Khel, Orah- 

- nia. Gar. Shiah. Heaidmen ; 
U«man Khan, Mnhammftd 
Akbar Khan. 

BiBo Kebi. (60).— a uotion of 
the HaidtLt Khel, Tor, 
Tai^izad, Dawaris. Head- 
men i Khi^n Sabib Nasir 
Khan, Tor Khan. 

Babouai (126).-A aab-diri- 
/. aion of the Shabi .Ehel, 
' AUcu, Mahsuda. Headjnan ; 
Muhammad Ayaz; 

Babu Khbl.— a sectfon ' of 
Hamza Khel, Oandab, 
Halimsa!, Mohmauds; with 
them . go the Tarn Ehel. 
. Headmen i Lai Dad, Jallat 
Amir Baz, Fattehnllah. 

Babtthi Kbbl (86).— a aec- 
tion of the Khoidad Khel, 
Oidi Khel, Manazai, Ali^ai, 
Iffahanda. Headman ; Sbali. 

Bab 8uLiZAr.-;(8,360 ;• North 
Swat, left bank, to Kohis- 
tan). - A division of the 
Baizai, Akozai — Ynaofzai 

Babiak (4fi).— a section 
of the Pathanai, Shabi Khel, 
Aliiai, Mabsnd^ Headmen ; 
Lai Khan, Azlm, Tamaaan. 

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Gfiazi KhaA Diiftrict).-~ A 
R%<4tTlsioli ef NoEsi, 
Lahanai, Unss Elielg. 
Headman ; Sberan. 

Ba3Ba« Khkl.— Bufinn Dis- 
trict).— A minor fraotion of 
Bm! E^l, AU Khel, Mma 
Efael, Hatfbi Sltel (%0W), 
Shin Ehel, . Aluaadzai, 
BanKv]) Eliel W«ain. 

Bash Ehbl. — A section of 
Annu (1,000,) Ba&i, Z^ha 
Ehel, A&idis. 8amil. Head- 
men ; Fir Onl, S^u^, Doert 
Hak, Ehanezaman, Zeb Jan, 
BahmatnlU, Maib^. 

Basb Ehbl tl^)-AMCtton 
of Sharaki, Galai, Adam 

Bus E«st. — A miDM frac- 
tion of Sher Ebon Ehel, 
Umar Eban Ehel. MaLi^diB 
Khel, 4,006:1, Afriais. 
Samil. Headmet ; te6 TJmar 
Khan Ehel. 

Bash Esbl.— & gnb-division 
of Hat KfasB Xhel, Kftbbw 
Kliet {«C()QS AAidis, Gar. 
Hmitmen t. Shei Kban, 
Hanidt and MvMi. 

BlBHitm (8).— A seiAiMol 
Zira Kfaet, Am^ni, MdH- 
Ead, Da«ariB. B««dmm ; 

Babid Ehsl.— (Masinia rivei 
to Aangn.y— A snb-dtfiBlo)! 
nX the Mamtiiu, lltishti, 
" HanutTas" of the Otaknie. 

Basi Ehbl.— (Cu-Id^is, 

and Dnma monnbun).— A 
gab^diviuMi of Ckagaraai, 
Mf^zai, YoeafaaJB. 

B*» E:BEii, (Ban vaUer).— 
A seotioD of EaBUJ Khel, 
Sahib Jan, Aka Ehel (1300), 
Afridis.' SaqniL . 

Basbaoi*, (Bann* J)lsbriM)i— 

A . minor baolaob of 'Sori 
Ehel, Mnsa Ehel. H^tU Bhel 
(2,000), Shin Rhel, Ahmad- 
Esi^ Duwsih Ehel Wazirs. 

Kamia Eixc.'-'Atitlpdivition 
ef Kiam^ Khel, ^MU, 
Bcttumts. HwdmaAiB«d- 

Babsi Ehbl.— a minor frac- 
tion ot 'PsAais Ehel (8D0)i, 
dhadi Ehel, Naem Din, Itala 
Ehel, Ahtrtadzai, Darweah 
K-hel Wftcin. Hehdmttn; 

c,ri!-i ht Google 

Bamq Eob.-)* a niaoa {tmUw 

BatoA Ehd. Mitha K1>&n 
Ehel, Enid KbA (4,600), 
Africlis. Gar. Headmen ; 

Sua KBib (^.— A wction 
of Zhao Khel, IMaJ. 

Bm^k Bill. (0).— A nanor 
{i^ion oTtLe N«^zafn Khel, 
81)« Khel. 0alb»t Khel, 

' Nana Kkel, SaUoLwi, Uah- 
lude. Headmen; l^ti, Jdn- 

BiTtAKWiB (4,066 ; ' M«rtry 
tiet^re^n WariiMui and 
Dera Ismail Klan DWrlct). 
—A FatitoD tribe, mme of 
wltom i^Ibo live in British 
twritfflty, Heninen ; Bangi, 
KnaW EhsBi Vit Aiim, 
Eota, Nawaz, Miani, Sbar 
KJwn, Oill^a Klian, Razza 

' KVo, Jabsii j^tnr, Gnk 
Khan, tfoTfid S-btttij ^Jimad 

Bateai (60).— a nLb-dividon 
otthetS^ Kh^, Sbnam), 
Att2Bl> Habnt^< Heylia^ ; 

Bacmu or' Btsui, (ifiOBX 
Sanzar, Ki>ki»ri 

^mti EmL.— A Bojita frti> 
ti&Q ol Watli Kbel, Ali Kliel, 
Sheikhmal Ehel, Eambar 
Khel, (*,6001, Aflidw, Otf. 
Eeadnmi ; Mirg. AU Ebac, 
Gtwliar, Bmo*. 

BiTTi Ehbl (40). — A minor 
taction of tW ^widti, 
Khamai Eitel, (^di Kliel, 
Uonazai, Kahsods. Head- 
men ; Znlfikar, Baghdad. 

Bawu EHit (Bannn, Wsna, 
and Birpial). — A eeddon of 
ahki Khri (800 mb in 
Wana]), Shin Ehef, Ahmad- 
^, Dvwesli Ehel, Wazi^ 
iWmen i ^ee ffirld KBd. 

Ba7I^.— A minor fr^on of 
Danl EM, Matkai, Uftlik 
Ehd, ntsuuizai. Canteeh 
Ehel, W&tim Hetdm^n; 

BiTi. Kbbi. (W).— a section 
«f U« ^MBUH, 8b»hi Sh^, 
Aliaai, Malwniis- $^adn«n ; 
SJitA an^ 

Baxitks or Khoidad Ebxl, 

(1,741).— One of tiw two 
Zaimi^t olaqc 

A Bub-divigion of Hainn 
EM, &B»ti», Kaln^. 
Hea^ioani ttnUi,BMinJ^ 

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-BAKiifAi.— Asnb-divMon of 
Mekhiani, Spin, Tarint. 

Bazab Ehin Ehbl (Mom- 
tnrft). — A snb-diyisioii of 
the Utman Khel, Dftolatzai, 
Orakz^B. Samil. 

Bizis Khbl.-^A aecUon of 
the Bsdzai, Eattaganu, 
l^tta, BattasniB: 

Bazid Ehbl (British terri- 
toiT)- — A snb-diviaion of 
Jawaki (1,200), Adam Khel, 

Ba^idEhx^ (160; Maliaban). 
— A sub-division of Ma& 
Ehel, Isazaj, YnsufzaJB, 
Headineii ; Shahdad Ehan, 
Sacfarsz Eh&n, Baiad 
Enlam, Shah Mardan, 
(Airabi Ehel), Mohammad 
Ali EhBD, Baz Ehan, (Tata 

Bazid Keati.— A minor frao- 
tion of Mian Khel, Janakhori 
(800), Hassan Khel, Adam 
Khel, Afridis. 

Bazid Khel.— (Mastnra, 
Ehaski, and Miranzai 
T^eys)- — A dmsioQ of the 
Sheikhan, "Hamsayas" of 
tbe OiakzaiB. SamU. 

Bazid Khbl,— See Tot (or 
Bazid) Khel. 

Bah Knit.— a seotion of 
Khan Eh^ Euz Solizai, 
Btul^| Akozai— Tnsafztu 

■ Swatlk ■ 

Bazoti (500 J Hastnia).— One 
of the fonr divisions of the 
Danlstzai, Oi^zals, Samil. 

BbHBAu Kob.— a minor frac- 
tion of Dildar Khel, Moh- 
maod C^iel, RatUa Khel, 
Hassan Eh«I, Mitha Ehan 

. Ehel, Kuki Ehel (4^00), 
Afridis., Qar. Headmen; 
Ghanni and Torbaz. 

Bb JAL, (19).— A minor fraction 
of Bar: Kanm, Hasm Ehel, 
^or, Hallizad, Bairaris. 
Headman ; Fir Ahmad 

BEifOAti Ehb;>. — A-Beciioji of 
Sen Khel, Abba khel T^tA, 

Bbboh (100.! Blaek Moan- 
tain)-:— A divisictto! Deshi* 
wal, Rifttis. Headinan ; Sa- 
dar Alt of Kabal. 

Bbtani (Mastnra).- a section 
of the £ambar Ehel, Bazoti, 
Danlatzai, Oiakz»a> SamiL 

BbzazaI (IS).T— A seoiioii d 
iaA Ehel, Ahmad Ehel. Oba . 

Khel, Sberaniit " 


BHinai Ehil. — A minor frao- 
tJon of Umar Kbel, Ali 
KM, Khaaaer Khel (770), 
Mohmlt KheV, UtinaOaJ, 
Darwesh Khel Warira. 
Headman ; SalUi Din. 

Bhai Kbbl (S8).— a cection 
of Barim Khil, Amzoni, 
Iffalliiad, Damm. Hesd- 
men; Jnnut 'Sbalki Mlna 

BiAZ Khkl {30"! Dew Ib- 
mail Khan DiBtriot).— No- 
liiadiit, a minor fraction of 
Zakokl, Sein Ehel, Uian 
Ehel, Lohana, Pawmdahe. 
Headinaii i.see Mian Kbet. 

Bib*Khbl(60! Black Mtran- 
tain]. — A gectioii of Barat 
Kliel, Akazai. Isazai, Tneof- 

BiBizAT (ISO.)— A snli-diriBlon 
. of tlie Bhabi Khel, Alizai, 
MahEudB. Headmiin ; Dinak 

BiBui (40).— A aactJon of the 
UbI^, ^n^i, Bahlobai; 
Mahgcds. Headmen ; Gnl 
Maharamad, Malunod. 

BiDA Khsl.-^A ' iWtaCT fira«- 
tion of Gan^ Ehd ( 400 in 
Vana),- Bo»i Ehel, Naara 
Din Khel,' Ealn Ehel, 
Ahmadzai, PftrneBh' Ehel 

BiJiL Khei.^— A' minco' frao* 
tion 'of All Ehel, lHanzai 
Khel (360), Ibrahim Ehel, 
trtroeiHall 'BaTwesfa Ehel 
WaziMi. ' fieadman ; Zira 

BilAi Ei[Bi<j~iA minor frse- 
tion of Ehojal Ehel (600 in 
WanaJ, Bhadi Ehl^, Nasra 
Din, Kah Khel, Ahnudzai, 
Darweeji Ehel Waziia. 

BiJiAL Khsl <13)..-:-A sec- 
tion of the Z«rrl. Ehel, 
Chabar. Khel^ ghaman Ehel, 
Sfahends. ^ e a d m a n ; 


Birji Eebi. (T0).-4A' «eoHon 
of theMalw, Shingi.Bahlol- 
zai,' MahandB, Beadmen; 
Salelim, Ehah Zaman, Nasa- 
jam., . , ^ 

BitAi Eh»l. — A inVdivimon 
of Shan Ehel, Tatta; Battan- 
nid. Headman ; Uir Azlm. 

BiiALzAi (West of Dera Ghad 
Khan DiBtriot),— ^A seotion 
of Eabalzai, Noknzai, Lahar- 
zii, Mnaa Ehels. Headman i 

Lnm-nnv Google 

ImdMH of th> Oorn Khel, 
Dk^ UML Falls Kliel, 
aiuuwJ. AlitKl, Htlm - 

BivbaUI (900 ; Km Totoi).— 
One i>f tba ught -kiti of the 

fMottou of WurkMB Xhel, 
Afi> Kkil, fiiUtfzai, Siuui, 

Biv Effiu OfaVban).— A 
peption o( Hsaui KJid, 
Kida KImI. Xwzai, Tofoi- 
coii. He«iiiiAii i SJiwdad 
KhftD, Abwan KhsQ. 

Jb*U Kku (71).— OaeoE the 

■hahi, SIuuiM E]mI, Mah- 

ijBiiAiAi (Wait of tbe Hen. 
Qbwi Kbu Dktridi^—A 
■ohrdiiitioa of HMnacai, 
SaiH KkO. Ubm Ekli. 
Hwdman i BaJui. 

ei»V Kb» (rOO i BiHiiih 

- twriloEj Hid BadaiWA 

naliut bagtim of Miadi 

Khel, NMn Din, Kaln 

Kbri Wwin. Qeniwn ; 
<F«U1 Kham, ISmw Khu, 
Hur KJtai. Gnl Aibm, 

BiEoDJi (81).— A Hction of 
ths Ui^kabal, Aiml Kbd. 

Bthl tJ zM, lf|t.llW"<5- 

Bou {»SO).-A divuiaa of 
Dana, Battannis. Hoidnien; 
Dillan Khan (Aiad Khel), 
Nw^ KW> J.'TaitM Sbel), 

Asbmf <Padi B^e1)>CI)aiidan 
Khan (Paia Ktel), Aiim 

BcffiAt (96).— A Hstica of 
i&kiin Khel, Unbonk 
^phi. UaUwad, Tfe^wv. 
B^aji"^ • Khqfi SaofikQ 
an^ LancU. 

BoBAE (660).— A divUon of 
Uuu, BattenoN..— HmS- 
men ; Jabaii (lu Khali. Ba- 
tnT iShadil Khel, Quia Khan 
{Wtagiae), thM KV» 

BoB*ui. — k minor fradrion 
of Pre Pillar], Tori Khel 
(9.670^ Krahmi Khal. Ub 

' maai^ DarHeab Khel 
Wiyira HeadDUii, ; Uian- 
dln KhaB. 


Ba)>— ^ mittW trMtion of 
AU KtM] (10), Bei^ Khel, 
Naan IHn Ebel. Ktln 

K&el W&nn. 

SoxiB ESaIt (Buid« tKa- 
■triet).— A *tiw»r fravtion o£ 
Wd^, Unm ithvl, Ibthi 
Khel (S,000), 4\lo Kbel, 
^raadiai, IlKrwesli Ehal 

BoaiB Kftsfc.'— A aiinm tna- 
tion ofEtra>lKVl<«.<tin 
Wana), AMd; XImI, «M>ra 
Din Khd, K»ln Khel, Ah- 

V^On. BeadmaUi SalVar 

A)uiu."--A anb-dlvlrioa of 
£*da, B^asmli Ltfnia. 
H«dnua i Mt £«da. 

Bot KsXL (50).— A minor 
frstftimi of the QKTent't, 
Slraml Khd, :ht1t Khel, 
Hanaad, AlixAl, Mtlnndi. 
HMfdmen ; THwigia, Mlia 

Boi KsriL (4M.-A s«aU6tt 
ef the lomri, Itor, l^roiihtt. 
DaKUia. HeadnM ; IQiiraja 
XfvhantiMdt EhM^ Shah 
Hnt, Aiittdim 

Boi Khbl fllO),-Aae<!tbn of 
tke UaudaV ShiMs, Bahlotl- 
zaj, Malimdt. Headiatn ; 
Maiaak, Qhaiial, MidMun- 
nad tvr Lib)% Jdonindar. 

Bosi EAl.— <Baiinii Dio- 
tiiot)> A minor fnction of 
BoEi Khel, Ali Khel, Smm 
Kliel, Hathi £hel (2,000), 
Shin Kbel, Ahmadai. Dai- 
wesh Khel Waair*.. - 


-A aertioa ol 

ratu jfbel or AUionral. 
(300), SansD £hel, Aaam 

Boiii K'&Bi (i;,'llOj S,40d' la 
Wani]).— A Motion of SHara 
Mn, fiah Kh«l, AtanadMl, 
Darwedi Khel WariM. ' 

BoyiTA KaSL (BbnWi Bia- 
ttict).— A mnuff frbcthm of 

. BarmlKh»T, KhanaarRhair 
Kb«l,Ratbi Khel (S,»0), 
Shin X^el, AhmkdzhVllu- 
WMh Kh«l 'ViOtk. Hvkd* 
man ; Shd tmnot. 



BoBi Khel (1,000).— a inb- 

, diTision. o( Mohmit Khe!, 
Utmantti, , .Rftrweih Khel 
WaiiB». Headoj«D ; Ei^t 
Khan is the chief,; oth^ers 
are Sheikh, Khoja Mir, and 

Bob! Khil. — A tdIhot frao- 

■ tton of Mnsakki, Wnii Khei, 

(800), IJohmit Khrf, DliiiMi- 

Eat; Dsrirwb Khel Vatb«. 

BosTi KHEif (150),— A inb- 
diviaon, bf Gilii,- Adam 
Ehely-Afedis.' ■'■, , 

■Boti-*, (TS);^A divigion of 
Tapplmd, Dairaris; Head- 
man; OiilbaF'KhAii. 

BoYASAi (12).— A eeotion oE 
. the Tappi Khel, BadanMl, 
' Bbaman Eliel, S^lunda. 

fioZA Ehsl (Bauno, Cbaprl 
and Gnrang in Koram),- 
■ A .snb-sectioH oi Tor Khel, 
Umarm (600), Shut Khel, 
Ahma^z^i iJarwesh Kliel, 
Wazirs." ,.■ , 

Bozi Khel. — A section of 
■Madda Khel (1,600}, Ibra- 
him Khel, TTtmaniai, Dar- 

. wcbU Khel Waziis. Head- 
men ; STamwar KWn (Khoji 

' KM) : of Uaizar, Naiar 
Elian of Znram, ftnd £»h- 
tuAu Sbah (lamul Khel). 

BoEi Khsl (S3).— a •eotion 

. o£, Shnjawttl, Mubarak 

£hah!,.MalliEad, Dawaria. 

Bbahiu Khsl ,(2S ; Bera 
Ismail Khan - DW^riet). — 
Nomadic, a minor fraction 
<£ Sliadi Khd, liot Khel, 

: Mian. . Khel Lohnno, 
E^wiudahs. Htadmau ;> see 
MianKkel. .. 

BbaHihzai ftVert of Dera 
Gbazi Khan District).- A 
. tidttian.of Kabaliai, Nokaiaf, 
Lafauzai, iinu, Klrals. Head- 

. inH]i.UuJla:Nadar. 

Bbabiuzai (3i6).— a minor 
fractiQii of Khanoiai, Wni- 
zai, Haron Khel, Sanatia, 
Kakars. Headman ; 'Didan. 

BRiHiii2Al -(Wesb' of Dera 
Gbazi Khan District).- A 
secUoiL t>f ' Magbdnzai, 

. : A-bioadzai. BolilKhel, Mtisa 
EheU. Headman i 'Saidar 

Bkahiuzii (West of D*ra 
Qha^ . Khan District), — 
A snb-division of Ma^izu, 
Iiabarzai, Mnsa ..KLela. 
Headman ; Dado- 

Bsahiuzai (240]^A se<]tion 
of Saraosztu, Harun Kliel, 
Sanatia, Kakan. Headmen ; 
Uajid (Kwaa), .Paonut 

c,ri!-i,ht Google 

£sABiHEii (15).-t-A Bfetien 
- , of YaWfc Ahm*d ; KM, 
. 0)» Ehel, Blieiari^ . ' 

Beabimzai.' r20O):— A mb- 
. division of Tafaia'Kh^, Sen 
'Khel,iSheranii. • • 

Braeimzat Baei (60).— a 
section ai Isa Kiel, Ahmad 

BBaSozai (-100).^Aw=):ioa of 
Shabozal, Dttaar, Saotar, 
Eakors, Headman ; Ehwast. 

BticB* Khbi.— A ininor free- 
ticm of ■ Dnrai' (JKJO), , KlinH- 
lOSi, Nasniddtli.ZakliaTrhel, 
Afridis. Samil. Headmen; 
Araal; Sultan Mnhaiioiad, 
SWiat Kbau, AitalguI.'Kla- 
war,^Mft'. Aicir, Gnlmaat, 
Gholsj, Tor, Mir Hassant. 
Said Hasaau. 

BrcriA .Khbjii (Bsjanr),r''A^ 
' tub -division ctf Ktunt Khel, 
Sanrilzai, Tarltctnla. ' 

BncB R'hbi:.'— A minor frai!- 
tion of Bonro Kbel, BhatI 
Kbel, Walj Beg Kor.Gandali, 
■ Hftlimzai,' MohDisnds. 

They ftre ofostly 41ied to the 
Ghnnda Hhel. Headman i 

Bfbai (2,200J.— a di.iBion of 
Zdiba Khti, Afrldis. Samil., 

BuDAi KH8iiW-A Aiinoi frw 

: ticn: of .All,' &W K.h« 1 

- B«bnr..KiAlKeiiwl Khel, 

UrmiiB Khel, rSipah: ^1,800), 

Afd4U' 'Stutill .Beadman ; 


EiTSAi,-KE«i.— 'Aminorfrae- 
Uoiiof Marnf Khel, 'Bad 

'"iChel, 'Kamal 'Khd,' &lub 
Jan, Aka Khel, (1;800), 

jAfridie. Sainil._ ^ -. , v ;i' 

BCDIK KHBL.(lQ0;'firitl4}|ter- 
■■■ ritecTJl— A' mhi^r' 'fixation 
'ofi IShadi Khel, ' Nanviilin, 
vKakKhsl, AfaiBadaai, Bar- 
negh-Khel Wania.' Head- 
- idati ;< Uix A&m> ■■■'■■■'- ' 

Bttha Khbl.— a minor frac- 
tion o! JM^P-lShel, A*ad 
Khel,. Mitjia Khan K-f-el, 

, Knia Kbel (4,500), Afri^ia. 

, Gai;. Headmen; ]y!ir.EbKn, 

■ (j^nl Kjifn, Z^lmai. ■; ' ,. 

BuEKT KaBL.-yAmiiwT fow- 
tion of Baindft Khel, S£iii>ak 
Khel.Bakhshi Kbel, Madda 

, Khel (A.eOQ), Ibrahim Khft 
FtmMiiaJj Oafsffsb Khel 


Aclan of laots. He^di;^; 
^NAgashai Eibaii. ' . .,. 

L,,n!.nnv Google 


BciouT (l',3M)>-A BWtlou 
ti BmiIu, Hanu Khel, 
SADatiK, Eftkan. Hesd- 
mebi; All Hafaamniad, 
aunui, Fate Hahanu^. 

BuNDi KoB.— A minor frac- 
tion of , Sikandar £bij, 
iCahaai, Isn Khel, Fandiali, 
nobtaanda. HcftdmaB ; KCaj- 

' km. 

BvNXBWAU (9,7(W).— The 
name Banerwal atrictlj 
ftpolie^trntirto tfaM IKuEii 
■Dcl M^imi YnwisMi who 
Ove Df tUe bulii of tbe 
Ba^ada^ tbb {irindpail river 

fi^Gitfon ol Preplan, Kbi 
Arridii. 6am11. Headman ; 
Ami, finHan MitbBtnmad, 
Sa'adat Elian, Airalgal, Dik- 
war, Bozu, Amir, Galmsst, 
^<A[£, 'K)f. BIt Hasan, 
S^ Ha«an. 

-BfUbxv E&Bl,.— A m&ior 
'ftactlnta'of Innsil Kbel, 
Uakbozai, Nasazfti, lUaKzai, 

BO&Bab E'ffit (SD(^V— -4 
dtvinM of Fakdiati, Stob> 
mands. fieEfdmen-f ft^od 
Gat, Badshah, Namdod, 
Eh^ U^, Lai, Sajad DU. 
N^iK Obi, Ghnlam Sbah, 
MnhamiDikd' Umsr. The 
Barhan Ehel is one of the 
" Assured " dana. * 

SuBHiN ,!^oi.— -A 8vb^diri> 
gion of Sabazai, l)awez^ 
IfohmandB. Htodmwi j Kv 
cbai, Gbilzu. 

BuBZU, or BuBiziI ; (ibo ; 
Zarghnn monntaiit, cut oE 
Qoetti^.-^A diTirion tX 
Dntaai, Kaiaoi. 

Bus> Kbul.— A minor &W- 
tkin ofFira Khel, liar jan 
Khel, tJtmftnzai, Adinaai, 
EhvBzas^, Akoz^—Yimif- 
zu Swatie. 

diriaion of Camali, fialim- 
zsi, Stc^niandai' , - 

BirzB Ehbl. — A section of 
Abdal Khel, Umsz Khel, 
Elipsb (1,200), Afridk Sas^. 
Headman ; Jumma. > 

* tfiolie tfolOnaiuL olau to which tlie Bcitfah QoToTnineDt has 
given aasnraMM A«t ther Aall Hot km or mffet b; the seVer- 
anoe of tbeir anoient oonneotion irith the Arghan State. The other 
"AsiaMd" elans are the Daweaai, Halimzsi, lea Khel, Tarakiai 

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JwiTia! Kjio]; ■Waniha,,A« 
Khm ^bel, S»tki Ehal. 
Hftada Kbel (l,«m), Ibnhim 

kW. UbQanzai, J)tvweali 

JJjtAgA*wi . (48BQ{ AloDK 
both banks o£ Uw Jniw and 
on the Dnma moantain, and 

(Logpi in the aofth-.«w* 

rf BnDw)--rA divisio.n ol 

TMb FItow jmb-iJiTiBP* liTS 
in Bnnsi; the other two 
nib-diTieioiu> w'*^ NaBi^t 
'Kite! ' Vld ^l ini«l, Ma 
bttd {»B ]>Dnia, Rnd dq toth 
rid^ of the Indag. Setd- 
met) ; En^rj^ , KtiaQ ^d 
Uirthul; ' who lead rival 


. Wk 'lfonDtain).:-'A dirt- 
■Ion ofjthe Poriam. 

Q8A«*» Kh»i {30).-KOne 
of the Uww eefOtW^B <tf t^e 
Kikarai, Nana Ehel, 
;9«Uolnj>, UahradB. Ueta- 
men ; Ehnt, I}i4»xi 

Chakkinis.— A tiHiB of 
Northem Ehoet, between the 
' Hangalaand Vaiii»ia,hi» 
,. jlMing Vpi*n Enmah 

pHf lA^ Khwi„-*A ^ctim of 

vvn* 3attaqiu0- < 

CHAI4S VW'-rr<Ji SBJpor 
fifactW 0(E Pre SwB, B»lal 
Ehel, Hassan Eh^ i-KtO), 
Hohmit Ehd, trtmaniil, 
Xka^odi ■ Eliel Vtm, 
XMadioaB : KIm. 

Cbalsah./— Set : ' UdiUNii. 
Spin, Taria. 

iSw^UBi. Ebsl (80: {Et»ok 
Uoontaln).— A eeqtlbn of 
$a»t EhelM^KW* ^mti. 

CHi.ii£iJiiiii (1,500 ; Weet of 
-VSnh, 4>>4 Mit of Eninain), 
—A m<\). tS^^ <<^ PatUu 
of doabtful m^gw-. 

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CKiMLi.-wi.LB (1,000).— The 
name applied to the mixed 
Uandan clatia who inhabit 
the Chamla vallej, south- 
east of Bvner. 

zazai, Atozai — Yuaufzai 

CHAtrpAB Khkl (Bajuir>)'~'^ 
stah-diviirion of Ikt Khel. 
SalftrgAij TarkaniB. 

Cbandab 5 HBL.— A ■ minor 
fraction of Adam Khel, 
Nazar Khe1, SUr Ali Khan 
Ehel, Sarki EheU Madda 
Khel (t,eOO), Ibrahim KheV, 
ITtmanzai, Diarwest) Khel 

CbanSI (li().— a minor- frao- 
tion of Bar Eaam, Hisau 
Khel,Tor, Mallimd Dawarie. 
. BeadiMn ; Bedil, Dini. 

CHi.FLl. (»00).— A rab-divi- 

Bion . id Mqi^ W»raepu&, 
' BattanhiB. Headman ; 

Ahmad. ShiK Mir Sultan 
■ and Danlat (Mandi), Didari 

(Dari), Janei and fiehman 
^ (Umar). 

Cbibdai (8,600 1 Kurami}— 
Thelargwof'the twi 'clans 
of the f (iii» ' ' ' 

Crabohal Khbl (80}.~A 
minor fraction of Shinki 
Khel, Babakki, Hbsbu Khel, 
Tor, Kalliiad, Dawarig. 
Seadman ; Karar* 

Chab Ehbl.-~A ' section ,of 
Alisher Khel, - Gadaiiai, 
Uiateu, Bunerimls. 

Chab ^Bbl (Miranzai, and 
Mastnra Talleys).— A divl- 
uon of thelilfJla Khel (800) 
" Hamsayae" of' the Orak- 
uis. SamiL 

Chab Khbl.— a minor frao- 
' tion of Zakho Khel, Jana- 
; khori (aiiO), Hassan Ehel, 
Adam Ehel, A&idis. 

Chabbhil (40).^A minor 
f^tion of Chatkhil, Itand, 

', Uoiakh, Mallizad, I>awariB. 
Headmen ; Oul Rahman, 
I^ndai, Id Muhammad. 

Chabkhil (95),— a section 
af.Laiid, M^Hkh, Mallizad, 
Dawaris. Headmen ; Badani, 
Eakir Shah, Gul Bahman. ' 

Chawab Khbl.— a sub-divi- 
Mon of Batoti (500), Danbit- 
lai, Omkmfe. ^mll. Head- 
maini Ahmad Shah. 

eHOTiALiwAL.-i-See Diam, 
Spin Tatin. 


Cava Smti (388).— A olali 
of Bheratais. H«tKlmeii ; 
Sadda snd Asim. 

Chg^bzii (S). — A anb-divi- 
aion of U^erai, Rdkataifal, 
Lnnls.' Hmdtaaii;Bee'MBle- 

CHvaui Kos' (Bi,T Taitili- 
dand). — A diviraon pi Ut- 
Duiiiai, UoBimndB.' Heed- 
. tnm I Bddsiliah'Mnhaiiimt^d, 
All Kbaa, Stfamui, Uuftani' 

■ep^;,,,,.;,;,; ■;," 

CHUND'KHBL.I8C&.r-rA rmiiior 
fraction tiC 'toe Kboi^d 
Ehel, Gidi Ehel, Manazai. 

i;(aujttarwiiaH. . 

ektrtr** C'iSJ.-^A' ieotion-lof 
' Z!ralibelj'AraE<iBi,M^l4d, 
■ ' D^rari«t- ' ''Hettbnai ; ^- 
Tnftl KLaiii Gholadi ■ ' 

DiBABKii.r-rA minor fraotion 
of' IJardoni, Wftzi . Khel, 
(gOp), Mi[(Iuilit £hel, IJtman- 
zai; lAuvesb Khet, Wazin. 

Dacbi Kbel (430).-A Mo- 
tion of the Palli KbGl, 
tf anazai, AltE»i, HabsadB. 

DaSa Khel (50 ; Black 

UonnUiti). — A aaMiriidon 
of Hasap^tai, laazai, Yusof- 
zaii. Headmen ; Bablbalk, 
Bayad Ajab, Ghazi Khan. 

Eakars. Headman ; Kaiam. 

DAKi'aiBHBL;— A'jrfnorfrac- 
■ tibn oS- Kali Kiel (TOO), 
' Aabu Ithel, Haasan Khel, 
' ' Adfun Ehel, AJridis- 

DaPaB EHSL.-rODS of tha 

. mqXiOtta of tlie Hir Abmad 

. Khel (Uii Hnsaui Khel), 

FiroE Ehal [1,000;^ Danlftt- 

zsi, Orskzais. Samil. Head' 

)iDl Khbl (160).— a secUon 
of Tarn Khel, Boba, Dana, 

Lnm-i ht Google 


tion of "DnTK (SOO), ilij)s- 
TDgi, Nuniddia, Zakha £nel, 
A&idU. Samil. Ha&dmen i 
BM BdcEa Kbel. 

fmction of Drewm, KIiDb- 

rogi, Nagniddin, Zakhtt 
EEsI, iiijdi^ a«n^ Head*) 
bmh j Unrtazo, Fnc^l, 
%za KWo, Amu Sfafth, 
Zoidliilla. .1 

DiDF KHBt (2,060).— A 

' divlnim of Tarakzai) Uoli- 

manda. Headmen ; Sofi, 

Abdullah, . Jans, IaIo, 

D«UE Ehbl (S50).— a anb- 
divwioa of the Akhel (000(, 
loB^fzai, OiakMu, Gfii. 
Headmen i. Hnhammad, 
Bowazi, ShainiU^ Klnji, 
Basal Khan. 

D^LAlr KriiL (SO).>-A mb^ 
dirition of Zutikki, MalliEad, 
Davam. Heudnmi: ; Saadnl- 

Dali[..->A mi&tir ffWtion of 
tbe Saiad Eh&n Nmasi, AI! 
Earaik, Uamnzai (3,600)^ 
laahkKrEBt, Otakzais. Gar. 
KeaAmta ; Sfaer Khan [f). 

Daibl , EqX&.f^^A T»iHor fnt*' 

fi^ 9£.£>adia KWr Tttar 
hel or Mllfirtria. BWUi 
Kkel, Adam E^el, Afrldia. 

'Daui. E^bl.— a ttinor fe»c- 
. ti<ni of Jlaisaq Ebel, FakGai 
: (1,000), Bad^, Zakha Ehtl, 
! Afridid. Samii. Headman ; 
UorwliADb OrahEAi; . 

D1.UII itoB^-rA ttiWw :^«o- 
tion (^ ti« DmUSban Khfl, 
Alii EftT*o. Uamwai, I«ah- 
karzai, OrakzaiB. Gar. Head- 

DiLEHi. KoB (7ijO).— A rob- 

! dtTMon of Dadn Khel, 

Tarakzai, Uobmanda. Head- 

BMu I Jsng^ Abdilllaby IaM 

Nawab, KajM, Aofank. 

Da£l« Ehsil— A minor bavi 
tion oltFoisamEbel, Nazar 
Khel, Star AH Khan KW, 
Sarki Ktel, Jladda Khel, 
1,600), Ibrahim Kbel, 
TJtmauzai, Darweslj Ehel, 

■ Watirg. 

DuLv Kua..--A minor f^- 
tion of Jalal Khel, Mali (or 
UUU) Khel BaUiul, 
UiaKid, Bi&Kvinli. 

Dam* (2,080).— a ckn of 
Battannia. Headmen ; Dilana 
Khan, Baiza Khan, Jabari, 
fiatnr* Gnk Khan, Uorad 

c,ri!-iht Google 

Dawaria. Heodmaa ; 

Dasozaxi ©|.-«A snb-dWi- 
aon 1^ BitBda, Xapp]#ad, 
DswariB. Hsadmau j Sbr 

Dabi Khbl,— a minor frftc- 
tion of ilatkaa, Malik Shahi 
(400), WaJ{ Khe], Utmaa- 
lai, Darwesh Xhel Waiira. 
Heftdmen ; Maiota, Pirwal, 
Umar 'Khef, Aohegid. 

HunB (Erin M Oen«»t 

on the Qelraand/trA, trjbe 
who (tltunii tfl be K«^9. 

Daobi Ehbl.— a amb-divimoD 
<4 >iexa(aai, tUiwasuu, 
Akozu— Viuafzai Snati*. 

Daoiai (West of Dera Qh&zi 
Kbna I>lBtiUit).-A aub- 
^idrion rf Han^Mi, Ifthar- 
(fu, Uusa Khels. Headman ; 
Ulan Ehan. 

D^BAE Khbl,— A minor frac- 
tion of Mandi Khel, Wuzi 
Khel (800), Mohmit KUl, 
TTtm^nzai, l^arwM^ Kl^cl 


IM^PoJii.— A SMtiw (# Wi«d 
EM (80O), «*hn»t Khel, 
Htm^azw, IVwaah Kiel 
■■Wa^iM. Heftdjn^n ; bwi. 
Wazir Khan, Nafc^giflii. 

DiBSAi (SQ),— A minopfrae- 
tion 0* Do«H Shtil, Palli 
■Khel, Wamziii, Ahsai, 
Mafarads. HeadmeDj Bh- 

iP^au Rbbl (2d; Dm lou)^ 
Khan Eirtrict).-Kow«^ 
a minor fraction of Umra»i, 
Sein Khel, Mian _K1^ X-oi»- 
na, Pawindahs. H^SkdmWi 
see Mian Khel. ' ' 

Bjuau (M).rr^ enb-dnn^on 
ol iStteaai, Bahtuiwal.XHna>. 

DiBi Khil.— A eection of 

DiBHtiKBBL.—AmiiioE fac- 
tion of Ta8hiKheI,Shar»ki 
(300), Gakl, Adas Khd, 

Dabmal Khel.— a mioor 
fraction of SKadl'Khel, BsJ^ 
Khal, Haasan Khel (4o6j, 
Mohmit, KheU Utaaozsi, 
Darwerti KJul Wazirs. He-*4- 
mao) Khan Qhof^t. 


Biofl of ii^tl'wad, Dftwaris. 
Headmen; ShahWa, Gol- 
HK(rftOnlp!r, ■ Najtb, Sheik 
and SiRi.' ■ •"" '' 

D*.BBB K-flBL<500)-^-^Oneof- 
tinftmr.^Jans.of thB.Cham- 
kannia' .The. Darre. £bel 
aul Uiraa Kfael am some- 
times known c(illec)4*Bly .as 
the Khwaja Khel 

DiBBi KhBl'(30).— A seetion 
of tha K^im Khel.Badftnzai. 
Shaman ,Khd, Mahauda. 

Dabbi Khbi.— a minor frac- 
tion dt Madd^Shel. Uiamai, 
Kabd Kiwi (B,60i>).' Kt- 
manzai, Darweah Khel 
Wazirs. ,. . I . 

DiBBi' Khbl.— A Bection pf 
Madda Khel, Sher Gulla, 
Aka Khel, (1,800), AfridU. 
-Samil.;' ■ ■'. 

(24,560.)— The name giWin 
to the TJtmanzai and Ah- 
madzai olans ..of WaziTa^ 
Headmen; we' ii^^a^'oi 
and TTtmaDSair 

. AhmaizE 

DiBWEsE SBSP.— A minor 
fraction of Mintar .TChel, 
Muhamniacl Khfll, Hkssan 

Khel, (400), JHohmlt Khttl, 
TTtmaaZaJ, I>anT«Bh Khel 
Wazira. ' Headman j Fazal 

Dabwbz KhSl— A minor frac- 
tion of Babur Khel, Keimal 
Kh<d, .UriQUZ Khel, Sipah 
!(1,S00J, AfiidJe. Uradman ; 
L KJiimezataan, 

DiEwi Khbl (Maatnra).— 
O.te pf the four diviaioiiB of 
the Kiahtl {3,000}," HapiBa- 
;ra?'' O^the Orakwa. Samtl, 

DiEiA.^SiN Khbi..— A divi- 
aion of Haji Khel, Cham- 

DiBTi Khii, (13).— a Bedion 
of Alizal, Darpa Kbel, Slal- 
lizad, ' Davarla. H«admen ; 
Shermon, Oul Azain. 

DiBTi Khbl (100).— A minor 
fraction' of the HotBtr Khel 
Abdul Khel, Langat Khel, 
:KbDidad Khel, (Mdi Ehsl, 
.Manazai, . AlLzal, Mahanda. 
Hea4n»n ; Bat^ Klssar, 

Da BY A Khel, Dabwbbh 

KHg^.— A minor fraetjonof 
Bizen, Khel (700), Shadi 
Khel, :N'a«ra Din, Kaln 
. Khel, ' Ahmadiai, Darwesh 
Kh^l "Wazira; Hetidmaii ( 
Sahib Khan. 

*Jf OTS—Tbis ioeladea the nian ol tlie Mirsa Khel. 

Lnm-nnv Google 

DiBE* Kbbl (SO; Bla«k 
Mountain). — A section of 
Agiz Kljel, Akaz^i, laazM,^ 

Disii Khbl (17).— A minor 
fraction of Alii Khel, Barim 
Khel, Arazoui, Mallizitd, 
DawariB, HeflSmen ; Jnmnia 
Khan, Shii&k, Ualim Kban, 
Gttlab Din. 

DiTAE Easb (Sritiali tari- 
torj).— A minor friMtion nf 
Paiuaa Kb«l'(200), 'Shttdi 
Khel, Nana Din, Eolu 
Ehel, Ahmadzai, Darwesh 

Catta Khbl. — A Bection of 
Ban Ehel, who having lands 
among the Khaddar- Khet, 
are Hgarded as ,a seotion 
th«eof for pniposes . of 
administration. . Iteadmap ; 

DiTTA Khel.— A minor frac- 
tion of Abdnl Khel, Kara 
Khel (1,000), Mohmit Khel, 
TJtaanziJ, Darwesh Ehel 

Datta Khbi,- a minor frac- 
tion of DTBpillari, Tori Khel 
(2,670), Ihrahim Ehel, 
tJtmanzai, Darwesh Khel 
Waiin. Headman; Amal- 

Da-tt* Khel J2B).-^A unb- 
dirision of ZerakH, Malli* 
zad, Dftwaiii.' Headmen; 
Ahmad and Khonar. 

Datti Khbl (516).— The 

chief anb-diTiaion of the 
Galeahahi, Shaman Ehc^ 

DATtu Khel.— A secHon of 
Shadi Kh^ Eobak, Dana 

Dapd (90).— a section of 
Barim Ehel; AmzonI, Mal- 
lizad, Dsvarie. Headman : 
TahirShfth.' , ; . 

DiUDi Khbl (40).— A section 
of the Aatanai, Shabi Eh(^ 
Alizai, Mahsnda. Headmen; 
Abae, Tahk. . 

Dacbzai (160).— a aiTirfon 
of Mamnzai or UuliBnunad- 
zai, Zaimnkhts. 

Daudzai (Penhawar Diatriet). 
—A tribe of ti^e same origin 
as the Jtfahmands, who Ave 
along th« left bank of the 
Eabul river to its jnnoUon 
with the Bara. , 

Dabiiai Kkei.— a minor 

fraction of Siltindar Khel, 
Abdnl Khel, Bara Khel 
(],000), Mohinit Khel, 
Utmaniai, Darwesh Khal 

Lnm-nnv Google 

lUtUiA^ Ehki (Bfinnu XKa* 
Ijriotj.^A ^01 fraotioo of 

Kliel ii,(m), SLin KM. 
Ahmodzai, Deirweeh Khet 

the AmftT Khan Ehel, Ali- 
ehMffi .(^)QD;k I<«(hbanM,. 

Ifirza Haafon. 

fi^iotiiw of th» iaam Kbel. 
Ehoidad Khel, (Mi Khel, 
Manazai, Alizai, Uahaads. 
Baadnum; Sltale Klia&. 

QhaUb ^an £h«l, Malikdio 
Khel MaUkdinKhel, (4,000), 
AfridiB. Samil. Headmon ; 
Alam Khan, Ghohi, Kassim, 
Hixiidi Said Qhulam, iUaud 
AUmad^tda. Miran, Ifiir 
Jffii Aai(Q, Mil SaKw. Al«n, 
Mir AJuQAd. If m; Jaa. 

Daulat Eebl.— a minor 
fiMioaof ^Mk Khet Anw, 
, (1,001)), Bodaj, !!«Viu Khel, 
A&idia. Samil. Headmen ; 
Pii Gul, Safer, Qort Hak, 
KhanflssiBftB' 2^_ Jail) 
liahjoatuUa, MadaJt^. 

IMrair Ebk. («6} Taitan). 
—A dirisifto o£ Mulbwrnris, 
a vassal idan of the Hob- 

DiTTLATEii (Ehob).— A miqor 
fraation of Ibrahimzal, 
Shadonai, Ali Khd, Sanzwr„ 

Daulatzai (^,400 ; Maatnin 
TaUey asd IdJidnlii paaa)^— 
Oneof thefoinriJaiuof tiie - 
Orakzaja. Bamil. 100 of 

th*m ue Shia^. 

Baclatzais (SDf) ; Ghazniaod 
£Alat-i-GbUMJ).~Qiie. d 
the Pawu^ (radiag tbw. 

t>Aifi.AizAi ($0 ; Eatghuk 
inonBt*iB,east oFQnetta),— 
A dMgion of pnnuu'i 


P^UI,AG K'OM SjlBIi.-'A 

BeetioD of &e Ibr»!t|itn Ehel, . 
G«diuztu, Iliasaai, Soncr- 

DAtTUiAS Khks.'— A HetHm 
of AUnzar Ehe', (360), 
Ibmhim Khol, Utnantal 
])Hriv«di Eb«l Waiin. 
H<««lnWLj (iiil MabMunad ' 

L,,n!.-ihv Google 

SjAu'Au (TOO; Qio^>.— A 
■Mtian of ShndMi, Alidii, 

DAtTLiTBii. (1,500 ; Both 
bank* of tht Buoadft riveti 
pftrt lA f opdua Taltsj ttii 
bilfe aroundj/^A division of 
the MHlizOi, Banefwala. 

Da7B Khbl (46).— a mino^ 
bta6m of Ue NikMn Kbeir 
Slier Khel, Haibot Kbel. 
Nana Khel, Bahk^ai, MAh- 
■adfl. HsBditen ; Siuutlii, 

DiOtMTW (*00 i TTfrth). 

Otac of the iMding FB«lii<lab 
tiWiiog tiibm. 

DiWab KSst,— a minof frM- 
tion 6f Ismail Ehel, Bom 
Kbe], Kadda Efael (1,600), 
HiraTiitti KheL Utmatfflti, 
Danr^h Ehel-mzitB, 

JDawibah ^Thbi,! — A. minor 
frsction of Jamba! Ebet, 
Waruka All Khan EW, 
Saiki Khel, Madda Ehel 
(WOO^ Ibrahim Kbel, Ut- 

Dafwesb Ehel 

UaUiadotMarimmd Vbrf4 
pind. Th«T ara priest iid- 
a«n and fanaticil, aai bear . 
tbe repsMlon of being odw 

ardlj. ThoQ^ vnUng 
Fnshttt, the Dawaris do not 
thMmih^B claim th« tHIs dl 
I^tWm. Tiw are bwftw- 
Irions and ^ilfiilctthiTStitts, 
SDd befon ottT nxtipii^ii 
their WazJriDeigbbtmh, •bo 
iarronad their cenntiy, look' 
ed OD tJie iichea of t^waT as 
thiir nataral prey. Dowari 
Tilla^ ai« ooDHeqiMntlv 
atrotglf vallad and Saukcd, 
while towent are found scat- 
tei^ immg \ixi fielb to Vto- 
tett t^ oaltitirtotsMid Aeir 

ItMwistAt (West oT Sm« 
Ghum Khad Dirtriet}.-^A 
•Botion of DedBEai) NofeAtai, 
I^ihanai, Uom Kkels. 
Headmaa; Baoi. - - - 

DAWit Of Ditit Ki*!:-*- 
A BMHon of KMai Her, 
Ottuditb, Sslimzfti, Hub- 
Uluidi. Seadmen ; Hiibsm- 
itoA Hsbibi liQnkStdei- 

Dawat or ■ t>AXT** Khil 
(Bobid D^ ; a Kw at Goabta, 

Lnm-nnv Google 

DaWbeai n,000).~Oiie of 

- the aJBlUtad Mohnumd 
oUns. Headmen ; Haziir 
Ehan, Habib Jan ; sne note 

D*wis*i (Wert of Dera Ghszi 
Ehan Blstrict).— A ntb- 
divieion. of l)'(n^, Lahar- 
lu, Ua»a SlieU. Headman ; 
SbahBaz., ; . 

DBHaiH.— AminorfracUon of 
Umar Khel, AH' Khel, 
Khaddar Khel (770), Moh- 
mit Khel, XTtmanEai, Dar- 

■ w*h Kbel Waiirs. 

■DbboaB.— A tribe inhabiting 
Kn'nar, Laghman and Niii- 
grahar. A fen Dehganaare 
abo to be foand la Zurmat 
and Bajanr. The Dehgans 

' are laid to be deeoendants 
of tbe Indian races origin- 
ally inbtbiting North- East- 
em Afghaniatan. 

Pbbtku Khkl. — A minor 
. frootbn of Mobmaud Ehel, 
Kattia Khel, Hasmn Khel, 
. SBthiL Eban Khel, Kuki 
. ., Khel (4^0), Airidig. Gar. 

DtaaiwiLB (720 ; B 1 a k. 
Uonntain).— A tribe of 
Sffati origb. 

BnriraAi (10; Zaighun 

- mtniiitalii, ^astoEQnettaO — 
'A diTinoD of the Domar, 

Dhahhi Ebbl (iO).— a minor 
fraction of tlie Shnmi Khel, 
Palll Khel, Manami, AliEat, 
Mahsuds. Headmen i Bare 
Khan, Ahmad Khan. 

DKi»in Khbl (86].— a minor 
ftafltion of the Gnrri Khel, 
Doohi Khel, Palli Khel, 
Uanazai, Aiiui, Idahinda. 
Headmen ; Azam, Diwar. 

1)hciii Khel. — A minor fni^ 

tion of Bllal Khel, Kebnal 

- Khel, Urmnz Khel, Sipab 

(1,2UU), ; Afridia. Samil. 

Headmen ; Gul, Salim. 

DiCAOBi, — A EQb-diviaion of 
Wamke, Dana, Battannls. 
Headman i ^*^ffi Khali' 

Dio«N Khsl. — A minor frac- 
tion of Datta Khel, Abdul 
Khel, Bora Khel (l.OOOJ 
Mohmit Khel, Utmaniai, 
Darwesh EheLWazirs. 

DiQAB Khel.— A minor frac 
tion of Morib Khel, TTtman 
Ehel, 'bkhti Khel, Bakka 
Khel, Wall Kbel, TJtmsniai, 
Darwesh Khel Waain. 
Headman ; Islam Khan. 

DiBQAN (15). — A minor frac- 
tion of Idal Khel, Muham- , 
mad Khel, Mahtkh, Ualliiad, I 
Dairarie. Headnumj Zar- , 


ElLiZiKs.— A petple Scythi 
origin who inLabitcd the 
Pealiawar valley befcre the 
Pathan invaeuin. Scattered 
familieB of tliem are 
lo be found along ihe left 
bank of the Indos ii the 
Hazara and Baval Pindi 

DlLSlB KbBL.~A minor, 

fraction of M.o hnsnd Khel 
Khattia Ehel, Ha^n Khel, 
Uitha Khan Khel, Euki 
Khel {4,5C0), Afridis. Gar, 
Headmen ; Baghi, Saidal, 
Ghanni, Torhaz. 

lllL F171BI (14).— A minor 
fraetLcn of Boya, I'appii'ad, 
Dswarie. Headman ; ijheikb 
KabL ■ 

DlHi».— A minor fraction of 
Umar Khel, Ali Khel, 
Khaddar Khel (770}, Moh- 
mit Khel, tJtmanzai, Ihir- 
we»h Khel Wanirs. Head- 
man ; ZArak. 

DiHAii. — A minor. fiiMstion of 
Ali Khel, Shugai, Tori Khel 
(3,670), Ibrahim Khel, Ut- 
manzai, Darweeh Khel 
Wazirs. H«adman; GnllL 

DiSiE (401.— A snb-division of 
Arghund, Mallizad, Dawaris. 
Headman ; Miomai. 

DiSJiN Khbl.— A minor 
fraction of Shpalkai Khel, 
ZargDD Ehel (300), Galai, 
Adam Khel, Aftidis. 

Don Khel. — A minor fraction 
of Mir Hasani, Macha, Mad- 
da Khel (1,600J, Ibrahim 
Khel, Utmanmi, Darwesh 
Khel Wazlrs. 

DoDAZAi {West of Dera 
Ghari Khan District).— A 
section of Ualizsi, Ahmadui, 
Balil Khel, Mnsa KheU. 
Headman ; Iiawangai. 

DoDi Khbl. — A minor frac- 
tion of Titar Khel, Khan 
Kbel: Takhti Khel, Bakha 
Khel .(liOOO), Wali Khel, 
Utmanzaj, Darwesh Khel 
Wazira, Headman ; Gnls- 

DoDi Khel (Bannn Diatriet) 
—A minor fraction of 
Khandar Khan Khel, Hathi 
Khel, IShin Khel.Abmadzai, 
Dai'wcah Khel Wazira. 
Headmen; Nizam Khan. 

DoBi Khbl (50),— A sab-div- 
eion of Ehaddi, Malliaad,- 
Dawaria. Headman; Shah- 

DoDi Khbl.— SeBLag!iar(or 
Dodi) Khet. 

Lnm-nnv Google 

DosiLLi.— A section of WnEi 
Khd (800), Mohmit Khel, 
UtmuiTg!,. Darwe^ Khel 
Wazin. Bcadman ; Nivki 

. Gul-. 

CoEALi:!.— Sftid to be a sec- 
tion of Ehaddar Khel (770). 
Thej are I'eally, howevei', a 
section of Wmi Khel, 
Uohmit Khel (iM above), 
owqW land among Uie 
EhadJar Ebel. 

DODAL (Nandilmrl.— A divi- 
sion of the Ifandihari 

DoDiu Kbel.— (Bannn Dis- 
trict). A minor fraction. of 
Ali Klicl, Mow Khel, 
BatKi Khel (i.OM), Shin 
Khel, Ahmadi&i, Darweih 
Khel V/aan. 

PoDizil (160 ; Weat of Dera 
Gha;:! Khan District).— A 
eub -division of Noknrat, 
Laharzai, Hnea £hcl. 
Htadmen; Panzai, Balak, 
Bawarzai, liazi, Mandiiais 
Khan Daomn. 

X>osT Mali Ebbl.— A sec- 
tion of the Bazar Klian 
Khel, Utman Khol (400), 
Dftubttai, OrakEais. Ssmil. 

Di« DiBTZ.— A mitior fractic.n 
of All Khel, Shngai, Tori, 
Khel (2,670), Ibrahim Khel, 
XTtmanwii, | Darwesh Khel 
Wa^ra. Headman ; ' Gal 

Dbe Khhl.— A section of 
Wuzi Khel (800), ]tfohmit 
Khel, Utmanul, Darwesh 

Dsaiu.—See Kattagarm. 

Dbb Naui.— a minor fraction 

of Miisakki, Wnzi Khel 
(>jOI)), MohmitKhel,Utman- 
z&i, Darweah Khel Walirs. 

Dbb N»m.— a minor fraction 
of Bala) Khel, Hasan Khel 
(40U), Mohmit Khel, Ut* 
manzai, Darwaah Khel 
Wazirs. Headmen ; Malak- 
din Khan, JSljas Muham- 

DBEPiLiBA.— A snb-diTJrion of 
Shakbi, Wara^nn, Battsn- 
nis. He-men ; Husen 

(Ghnrburu), Asbak (Miani), 
ISaidal (IsmaiUk). 

Dbe PriLiBi.— a minor frac- 
tion of Asat Khel, Wuzi 
Khel (SnO), Uohmit Khel, 
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel 


Dm PiLiiBi,— a minor frac- 1 
tion of Mnhammad Kho1, 
Hassan Khel (-lOn), 
Mohmit Khel, Utm&nzai, 
Darweah Ehel Wazirs. 
Hesdman ; Sippar. 

Dk« PiiLiBi,— a section of 
Tori Khel (3^70), Ibi«him 
Khel, Utmanzai, Darwesh 
Kh«l Wazira. Headmen ; 
jkliandin KhiM, Khari, 
Shahiadin, Atnaldar, Keili. 

DBEPiLtiBi— A toiiior frac- 
tion of Biiriti Khel, Mad- 
da Khel a,""0), Ibrahii 
Khel, Utmaszai, Darffeah 
Khel Waxirs. Headtnen ; 
Modal, F^all, Aki Khan, 
Umar Khm aod Bijan. 

Dbsflaba (260).— a seation 
■ of Bhnarogl, Nasr-nddin, 
Zatcha KbelAiiidis. Samil. 
tieadmen; gee Mir Kalan 
' Khel, Dada Khel, and Bur- 
ban Khel inb'dectioni. 

Dbbfuba.— A section of 
Paindai (940), Na«t-i 
din,: Zakha Khel Afridia. 
SamiL Headmen ; Chik- 
kun, Tama«, Anwwi Na: 

Dclha Kait (Dir).— A sec- 
tion of Sultan Khel, Sesada, 
Maliiai, Yusafzaia. 

■DCMiBg (MO ! Zarghun 
Monntairi, ea^t of Quetta). 
— A Kakav elan. Headmen ; 
Azmal, IJmar, and Kwadad 
(Nokarzai). Eahimdad, Lal- 
han, Bahawal (BarzaiJ ; 
Lalbeg (Dawarzai), Sabnr 
(Danlatiai), Hngen.(Faizai). 


DEiQZii (374; Thai Choti 
all).— A clan of the Lunis. 

Dds, ise Madi Khel and Dnr. 

DuEiKiB— (100/»0) The do- 
minant' lace of Afgbaii9 ; 
and the one to vhich th(t 
nre*ent rnlSng family of 
Kabal belongg. The Dura- 
nis hove two bmnohee, the 
Zirak and the Fanjpai. to 
the former belong the 
Popalzai, Alikozu, Barak- 
za'i and Achakzai, to the 
latter the Nnrzai, Alizai, 
laakzfti, Khokani and Maku 
tribes. See also Sadozaia 
and Bar Donnis. 

DOBAB f300).~A section of 
KhuEToei, Naainddin, Z&kba 
Khel Afridis. Samil. Head- 
men ! fee fiacha Khel. 

C,,n!.-lnv Google 

DvsBA Kebl.— A section oi ) 
Hamza Ehel, Gandab J'a- 
limzu, Uohmands. Head- 
men ; Bogh Muhammad, 
Dauran, Saraf, Sahibroz, Yar 
GntAkbar, Gnl Ali, lazat 
Khan, Amir Khan. 

DcBBA Khbl.— A section oi | 
Hamjfi Khel, Eamali, Ha- I 
limzal, Mohmands. Head* 
man ; Jamal Khan. j 

BuBBt Kbbl.— Aaub-diviflion I 
of Ksmbar, Kambar Khel ' 
(4,51X1), AfrldiB. Gar. Head- , 
men ; Mnhamniad Sher | 
Khwaja Ali, Yaro, Nural ' 
S^her Rhan, Hamid. 


Khel.— 'A seetion of 
Uusa' Kbel, Kuz-Sulizai, 
Baizai, Akoiai — Ynanfzai 

Uriji Khsi..~A snb-diviBloi 

of Rama Rhe^ Malikdii 

•■ Khel (4:0CO), Afridis 

Dub Khbl (106).- A minor 
fraption of Babakki, Hassu 
Kbel, Tor, Mallliai}, Dawa- 
ris. Headmen; Badar, Mr 
Kazam, Diwana Khan, 

DrrsM* KoB (600; I«lpnra, 
Lot Shitman). — A section 
of Shah Mananr Khel, Tadu 
Khel, Tarakzai, Mohmands. ' 
Headman ; Akbar Kban, 
Rhan of Lalpara. 

DCBKDB Khbl (65). — A see- . 
tion ofTJmar Khel. Nana 
Khel, Bahlolzai, Mahsuds. 
Headman; Zawakal. 

DiAM or CnoTiALiwiL.— (28). 
— A division of Spin, 

Tanne. Headman ; Shahbaz 

EXAHI Kbbl.— A minor ban- I 
tion of Bi^bdad Khel, Kei- 
nial Khel, Urmuz Khel, 
i^ipalk (1,300), Afridia. I 

c,ri!-i ht Google 

Piliii (30 ; ewrt of Qnetla). 
—A divigion o{ DomEir, 

Faizuiia Koa. — A minor 
fructaonof Brmra Khel, Shati 
Khel, Wftli Be^ Kor. 
Gtindab, H alimiai, Moh* 
maadB.' HMdman ; Mnsbki. 

rABiHiK.— A section of Barim 
Khel, Amzoni, Uallizad, 
Dawaria. Beadman ; Gol 

pAKiKAS (12).— A minor fmo- 
tion of Khuttaj, Taib Khel, 
Amzoni. MalHzad, Pawaris. 
Headmen ; Arsakband, 


FaCIB Khkl.— a miniir frac- 
tion of Ashrab Khel, Ismdl 
Khfl, fiozi Khel, Uadda 
Khel (l,eOO), IbrahimKhel, 

Utmanzai, Darwesfa Kfiel 

" F*siB!f*Mi."— A term 

which covers Guj Bra, garden- 
era, plon^liinen, tanners, 
maaicianB, ar.hiing, menial 
serraiitB, carriers, pedUm, 
etc , who live amongst the 

Ynaufzais and are taxed by 

Fabidai (90).— a minor frac- 
tion of Khamar Khel, Gidi 
Khel, Maoazai, Aliiu, 

Fabid Kbbl (Khanki Talloy;. 
—A sub-division of Sada 
Khel (80), lamaUaL), Orak- 
zats. Samil. 

Fabid Khbl, — A minor frac- 
tion of Feroz Khel, Hashi 
Khel, MaiiniaKhel, Hassan 
Khel, Mitha Khan Khel, 
KnVi Khel (4,500), AfridU. 
Gbi. Headmen.; Mulk Na- 
zir, Mirwal, Said Gul. 

Fabioh Shah Kob (South of 
Kharmana river).— A sec- 
tibn of Aiizai (50), Masu- 
2ai, Laahkarzai, Orakzais. 
^mll. Headmaa ; Nur 

Fabiqh Shah Nm*ri , 

(Samana, and Khanki val- 
ley). — A Bub-diviiion of 

Lnm-nnv Google. 

Eabia Khel (700), Igmailzai, 
Orakz^. Samil Headmen ; 
Tahir Shah, Kamar, A/adi, 
Muiiamtaad Zanian, Mir 
Afzal, Ghnlam Muhiaddln, 
WaU, W«ir. 

FiTBH Kh4N Khbi..— Aanb- 
di vision o£ tlttoan Khel 
(400^ Daalatzai, Orakiais. 
Samil. Haadman; Khanak. 

FiTBH Kh*k Khbl.-A minor 
■ fraationof Marnf Khel, Basi 
■Khel, Kama] Kbel, Sahib 
Jan, Aka Khel, (1,800), 
Afri^. Samil. 

Fateh Khbl.— a minor frac- 
tion of Sab Khel, Sbekhai, 
Annai (1,0C0), Budai, Ziikha 
Khel, Afridia. ■ Samil. 
Headmen ; Ehalu, Alimast, 
Khanmast, Aligul- 

Fatbb Khbl.— a minor frac- 
tion of Sultan KheUSuran 
Khel, Babakii, Sipih 
1,200), Aftldis. Samil. 
Headmen ; Nax Katim, Iran, 
Gul Muhammad. 

FiiBH Khbl,— A inb-di vi- 
sion of Abdul Khal, KnH 
Khel (4,500), Aftldis. Gar, 
Headmen ; Mnlla Anwar 
Shah, Gnlnnr, Said Ali. 


Fatbhuib Khsl.— A minor 
fraction of Ahmadbeg Khel, 
Mohib Khel, Shebliiu, Annai 
(1/00), Bndai, Zakba Khel 
Afridifl. Samil. Headmen ; 
Shahzada, Arsala, Aligul. 

Fa^IMaKob.— A minor frac- 
tion of Sharagh Khel, Kad- 
dam Khel, Feroz Khel, Ma^i 
Kbel, Mannia Kh'el, Hassaii 
Khel, Mitha Kbau Khel, 
Knki Khel (4,5C0), Afri- 
dis. Gar. Headmen ; see 
Fai'id Khel Section. 

Fattbh Khil.— a minor frM- 
tion of Miri Khel, Fakhai 
(l,CO0), Bodai, Zakha-Khel, , 
Afridis. Samil. Heitdmefa; 
see Shahbeg and Wallibeg I 
Khel. ' 

Fattbh KfiSL,— a section of 
Tavi Khel, Sbakhi, Waraa- 
■ pun,' Battanuis. 

FiiTBH Kbbl.— A 8Ub-divi" 
sioQ of Abazai, Khwazazai' 
Akozai— Yuanfiai, Swatis. 

Fatibh Khbi..— a <!nb-divi- 
BionofAli Khel, Bar-Bani- 
zai, Akozai — Yuaufzai 



Fattbh Rbbl (S).— a Beatios 
nf Barim Khel, Amzoni, 
llallizod, DawarU. Head- 
man ; Bohawnl Kban. 

PiTTBH KoB. — A mlroi frac- 
tion oE Baiol Khel, Kadai 
Kor Qandab, Halim/ai, Mo- 
hniands. Headman ; SaT- 

Patwa Khil. — A minor trac* 
tion oE MuhanuDBd Khel 
(700), Isperka, Kalu Khel, 
Ahmadzai, Darwesh Khel 
Waziris. Headman; Habib 

Fizlt ICaiD.— A minor Erac- 
tioa of Ya Khel, Babn KM, 
Adinzai, Khwozazai, Akozai 
— Yuiuf zai Swatis. 

^AlliI KoH. — A minor fraction 
ot Baanl Kor, Wali Bog Kor 
Gandab, Halimiai Moh- 
mande. Headmen ; Baba- 
dux, Zulkadar, Nazro. 

Fbro* Khbi.. — A section of 

Tor Sapar (350), Galai, 
Adam Kbel, AfrldiS' 

Feboz Ehbl.— a minor frac- 
tion of Uaabi Khel, Mannia 
Khel, Hassan Khel, Mitha 
Kban Kbel, Knk'i Khel 
(4,600), AEridia. Ueadmiui; 
•ee Maihi Khel. 

FlBoz Khin Eob, — A minor 
fraction of Ali Khan Kbel, 
Ali Karan, Mamnzai (S.SOO), 
I^shkarzai, Oraluaia. rieaa- 
man ; Firoi Khan. 

FiBOZAi (1,00a eztremr 
north-east of Boner). — A 
snb dlvieion of Chagarzai. 
Malizai, Buncrwals. 

FiBOZ Khbl (90 ; Dera Ismail 
Khan pistriot). — Nomadic, 
a minor fraction of Balooh 
Kbel, leot Khel, Mian Khel, 
Lohaaa, Pawindahs. Head- 
man; see Mian Ebel. 

FiBoi Khbl (30 ; Dera Ismail 
Khan District). — Nomadic, 
a minco' fraction oE Paaanl, 
I>:ot Kbel, Mian Kbel, Lo- 
bans, Fairindahs. Headman; 
see Mian Khel. 


Ebbi. — A sub -division 
of Niamat Khel, Tatta, Bat- 
Iannis. Headman ; Dinak. 

FiBoz Kbbl (1,000 ; MaKir' 
ghai,and MaiAnm valley). — 
A division of the Daulatsai, 
Orakzals. Samil. 

FwTTBH Khbl. — A minor 
f Taotion of Kattta Khel , 
Hassan Khel, Mitha Khan 
Khel, KukI Khel (4,500), 
Afridis. Gar. Headmen i 
Gul Haasan and Asad Khan. 

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GaDai Khbl.-A Bection of 
Kambar Khel, Bawti (oOO). 
Daulatzai. Orekzais. Samil. 

> GiDAiZAi {900 ; Southern 
aloptH of the Dam and 
DoBirri roountains),— A divi- 
Bion of Iliasiai, Buaerwals. 


.HI (Wwtof Dora&naii 
Khan Distriet).— A ■ Bcrtlon 
of Inzai, Hasan Khel, Balil 
Khel, Mttsa Khcls. Ilead- 
man ; A!i Mubimaiad. 


Kbbi, {50; Dor* 
Xamall Khan Distiic;).— 
Noinadif, a minor fraction 
of Umrzai, Sein Kh.l, Mian 
Khel, Lohana, Pawindahs. 
Headman ; see Mian Khel. 

GiDii Khbl. — A Bection of 
Tatar Khel or Akborwal 
(:jO0), Hassan Khel, Adain 

GiDoz*! (30).— A sec! ion of 
Land, Amand, Ahmad Khel, 
Oba Ktcl, Sherania. 

Gabuns (3,800; Mahaban). 
A tribe of Pathaiis, some of 
whom also live in Briiiah 

GjaA--Zii8 (450).— A clan of 
the UehtaranaB. The divi- 
aiona, etc., of the G^geliais 
are not separately indeied 
in thia Dictionary. 

Gajji Khbl (30)— A minor 
fraction of Saliini Khe1, 
Daohi Khel, PaUi Khel, 
Ma^nazai, Alizai, Mahmds. 
Headman ; Ayaz Shah. 


(1).— A Buh division of . 
Sliamezal, Bakanwat Lnnis. 
Headman \ see Shaniezai. 

JiZBB KoB. — A section of 
the Umar Khan Khel, {3.a)0) Lashkar- 
rat, OrakzaiB. Samil. Head- 
loan ; Ali Sheikh. 

QiLBiHAHi (696).-A div 
lion of Shamaa Khel, Alizi 


GjIiI KHBti— a minor frac- 
tion of KasiiQ Khel(25G), 
Kimat Kbel, Jawaki', Adam 
Khel, AfridU. 

GiLLA Khbl (7).— a Bttb- 
divTgion of Bora, Tappizad, 
Dawuis. Headman ; S)iali* 

G-iLL P*o (Bajanr).— A sec- 
tion of Kalnt Khel, Nur 
Khel, Samilzai, Tnrkanis. 

OiLZiDA Khbl. — A minor 
fraction of Aib Kot, Shaikh 
Khel, Aib Khel, Salarzai, 
Iliaazai, Banermli. 

Ga^ DAFD%9 (1,300 i Dera 
Ismail Khan Dis'i-ict). — A 
small tribe, of Pavindab 
origin. Headmen.; tiuldad 
Khan, Naurane Khan. Tbe 
clans, etc., of the Gandapais 
ace not separately indexed 
in this diotionary. 

QiMQi Khbl (400, Wana j 
400, Gomatti].— A minor 
fraction of Bomi Khel, 
Nasradin, Ealn Ehel, 
AhmadzM, Darweah Khel, 

OiBA Khel.— A minor fno- 
tion of Knndai, Tor Khel, 
Umarzai (600\ Shin Khel, 
Ahmadzai, Darwesh! Khel, 
Waiira, Headman ; Fazal. 

GAB»BAt (170). 'A minor 
fraetion of the Shnmi Khel, 
FaU! Khel, Manazai, Alizai 

Gaswis (8,000).— a tribe 
inhabitinK the head of the 
Swat Ti^ley. They are 
probably allied to the Kohis' 

Gavhab Khbl.— a minor frac- 
tion of T.iraam Khel, Nazar 
Khel, Star All Khan Khel. 
Sarki Khel, Madda Khel 
(1,600), Ibrahim Khel, Ut- 
maniai, Darwejh Khel, Wa- 

Gazmi.— A section of Khaki> 
lai, Asbszai, lliaszai, Bnner- 

Gbga Khbl (140V— A minor 
fraotjon of Sher Khel, 
Haibat Kbel, Nana Khel, 
Bahlolzai, Mahsnds. 

Ghaibi Khel.— a snb-divi- 
sion of Babakrl, Sipsh 
(1,200), AfridiB. Samil. 
Headman ; Darya Khan. 

Ohaibi Khbl.— a anb-divi- 
eion of £ahram-ka-KheI, 
Bar Kanizai, Akoiai — 
Yaanfzai Swatis. 

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fraction of Bakar Kbel, Hal 
Khel, Hathi Kbel (3,000), 
Shin Ehel, Atimadzai, £ar< 
wesh Ehel Wazira. 

Ghil.-i-A minor fraction of 
Karim Ehel. Jamal Ehet, 
Malik Shahi (400), Wali 
Khel, TTtmani^, Darwesb 
Khel, Wazirs. Headman ; 

Gbalaf Khel.— a minor 
fraCiion of Dosalli, Wuzi 
Kbel (8{.0), Uohmit Khel, 
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel 

XjHlLiT KhBL (Bannu Dig- 
triot). — A minor fraction of 
Knndi, Fiiba Khel, Hathi 
Khel (2,000). -Shin Khel, 
Ahmadzai, l}arweah Khel 

Ghilib KBas Khel.-A 
Bub-di'isiou of Ualikdin 
Khel, Malikdtn Khel {-1,000), 
Afridia.. iiamil. Headmen; 
Bazmir, Qholu Jan ,H<>xnLt 
Gnl, Kolkal, Kiran Mir, 
Zaman, Mnlla Mbhsht 
Fajao, Baml, Salim, Sardar, 
Akbar, Doalai, Sher Gul, 
Zarif, Shamauddia. 

Gh^lib Eh>n Khel.-A 
section of the Mir Ahmad 

Ehel, Alisheraai (3,001). 
Ijaalxkanai. Orakzaia. Samil. 
Headman ; Ibrahim Khan. 

Gealib Khak Kob. — A minor 
fraction of All Khan Khel, 
Ali Karan, Mamnzai (d.RljQ). 
LaitlikaTzai, Orakzaia, Gar. 
Headman ; Araala. 

Ghalib Khel (iSl).— a aab- 
division of the Badaniai, 
Shaman Khel, Mahauda. 

Gbalibzai (18).— a divi- ' 
sion of Drigzai, Ltinis. 
Headmen ; Khndar (Jafar* 
zai), Siirat (fihambozai), 
Gbaui (Gaganzai). 

Ghani Khel.— a minor frac- 
tion of Mir Haaani, Macha, 
Uadda Khel (1,600), 
Ibrahim Khel, Utmanzai, 
Darweah Ehel Wazira. 

jhasu Keel.— a minor fi-ao- 
lion of Ashraf Khel, Kamal 
Khel, Sahib Jan, Aks. Ehel, 
_{1,S00), Afridia. Samil. ' 

aHAZiLMil KiLLA (35).— A 
minor fi-aotion of Dan gar 
Khel, Piran Dangar Khel, 
Muhammad Khel, Maiakh, ' 
Mallizad, Dawaria. Head- 
men i Ghazo Shah, Sarwar. 



Gbazi Bx&. Kob (103).— a 
swtion of Ibrahim Khel, 
Kamali, Halimzai, Moh- 
matids. Hendmen ; 'Abbas, 
Madasir, Muhammtul Gnl, 
Badshab, Oal Said! ■ 

GHiii Khan {60 ; Black 
Monntain).— A Motion of 
Tasan Khel, Akazai, Isazah 

GaiEi Khel. — A minor frao' 
tion of Baghdad Khel, 
Eeimal Khel, Urmnz Khel, 
Sipfth (1,200), AlridiB, 
Samil. Headman ;' Ahmad 

Ghiei Kbbl.— A tab-divlilDn 
of Dawat Kbel, Khwaeiai, 
Mohmands. Headman ; Said, 
who is the Khaaof Latpara'a 
" Kazi." 

Ghazi Kubi.— A'miDorfrac- 
tion of Uannia Khel, Haaean 
Khel, Mjtha Khan Khel, 
Kuki Khel, (4,500), AfridU. 
Gar. Headmen ; see Maehi 

Oh*zi Kbbl.— a minor frao- 

tion of Mamnn Kor, Kandai, 
lea Khel, Fandiali, Moh- 
mands. Headmen ; see Iia 

Khel, Gaodab, Hallmiai, 

KCohmands. Headman ; eee 
Duvba Khel. 

Ghazi Kob.— A minor frao- 
tion of Yardil Kor,Kadaikor, 
Oandab, Halimzai, Moh- 
manda. Headmen ; see Yard! 

Ghazizai (300).-— a section of 
Mehtarzai, Hamn Khel, 8a-k 
natia, Kakare. Headman ; 

Ghazizai (15).— a snb-dlTi- 
aion of Shamezai, Bakannal, 
Lnnis. Headman ; see Sha- 

Ghazni Khkl.— a minor 
fraction of Ismail Khel, 
Ilakhozai, Namzai, Iliaszai, 

ihilzai Kob.— a sub-divi- 
lion of. Hasaad, Safia, a 
Tawol oian of tbe Mohmaada. 

iHiLZAiB (26,100),— A large 
and widespread Afghan 
tribe, who extendi^ from 
KheUt-i-Ghi1zai on the 
fonth to the Kabul river on 
the north, and from the Gnl 
Koh range on the west to 
the Indian Border on the 
east, in many places ovor- 
flowing theaa boundaries. 
The mun branches of (be 

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Ghilzaia are the Hotaka. 
Tokhi", Naaire, Kharotis, 
Hezabs, AniitUTB, Tarakis and 
Sabaks. The Ghilutia all 
execrate the Dntanis, whom 
they regard as nsnrpere. 

Ghoiam Keel (50).— A 
minor fraction of Khnttaj, 
Taib Khel, Amzoni, Malli- 
Zbd, Dav aris. Heaclmen ; 

' Hathi Khel, Mehtar Shah. 

Gholiu Ehbl (7).— a section 
of Alizai, Darpa Khel, 
Mallizad, Bawaris. Head- 
man ; Sheikh Muhammad 

Ghobizai (600).— a sub-diTi- 
sion of Alizai, Sanzar, Ka- 

Ghozikai (40).— a minor 
fraction of the Pani Pilara, 
AbduUai, Aimal Khel, Bah- 
lolzai, Mahsuds. 

Ghozi Khbi (60).— A minor 
fi'action of the Shah Alam 
Ehel, Kasim Khel, Chahar 
Khel, Shaman Khel, Mah- 
suds. Headmen [ Naair 
Ehan, Amin, Shahbox. 

Khel, Ambar Khel, Mat 
Khan Khel, Kambar Khc! 
(4,500), Afridia Gar Head- 
men;' Sher Ifhan, Hamid, 
and Nnrai. 

Ghdli Khel. — A section of 
Amber Khol, Mat Khan 
Khel, Kambar Khel (4,500), 
■ Afridifl, . Gar. Headmen ; 
Sher Khan. Uamid, Nurai. 

GHnLiM Khbl. — A minir 
fraction of Balli Khel Sliadi 
Khel, Bora Khel (l.OOil), 
Utmanzai. Darwcsh Khel 

GanuM Khel ( 00).— A 
sactiott of Haihflt Khel, 
Janaki, Adam Khel, Afridig. 

Gbdlah Ehel (16; De» 
Ismail Khan Diatrict). — 
Nomadic, a minor fraction 
of Saiad Khel, Iwt Khel, 
Mian Ehel. Lohana, Pavin- 
dahs. Headman ; see Mian 

Ghcnoa Kbel.^A minor 
fraction . of Ranra Khel, 
fhati Khel. Wall Beg Kor, 
Gandah, Halimi'.ai. Mob- 
mands. This fraction goes 
with the Buoh Khel. Head- 
man i Hazrat Shah. 


Ghubbdn. — A section of Dre- 
plara, Sbakhi, Waraapnn, 

Ghut KiEBA.— A minor fi'ao- 
tion of Karra £hel, Ghaibi 
Khel, Babakri, Sipah 
(l.iOO), Afridis. Samil, 
Hea^ueD, ase Eorra Kbel. 

GHWiBizua (110 i Gomal). 
A clan of Eakars, living 
separately from the bulk of 
tie tribe. 

Alizai, MahBuds. 

GioiiKi.— A Bmall clan at- 
tacbcd io Banra Khel, Sbati 
Khel, Wall Beg Kor, Gan- 
dab, Halioiiai, Mohmands. 
Headman ; Mir Bajan. 

GieiiBia.— See Gngianis. 

Gibaki Khkl.— a minor frao' 
tion of Muhammad Ehcl 
(700), Isperka, Kaln Khel, 
Abmadzai, Dsrwesh Ehel 

Mallimd. Dawaris. Head- 
men; Muhammad AzatD, 
Sawan, Watanai. 

GoOil.— A minor fraction of 
Mandi Khel, Wuii Khel 
{803), Mohmit Khel, Ut- 
manzai, Darwesh Khel Wa- 

Gohijha Kor, — A minor frac- 
tion of Behram Kor, Dildar 
Khel, Mohmand Khel, 
Kattia Khel, Hassan Khel, 
Mitha Khan Khe!, Knki 
Khel [4,500), Alrldis. Gar. 
Hc&dmen ; Ghanni and Tor- 

GoEAi (eon ; Scattered on con- 
Jineaof Bajaur).— Oneof the 
eight clana of the Utman 

Gobi Khbl. — A minor fraction 
of Rhoii Khel, Bozi Khel, 
Madda Kbel (1,600), Ibra- 
him Khel, Utmanzai, Dar- 
weeh Khel Wasira. 

GowHAS Khkl. — A section , 
of Durbi Khel, Kambar 
Khel, Kambar Khel 

(4,5aO, Afridia. Gar. Head- 
men ; Muhammad Sher, 
■ Khwaja AH, Yaro, Nural. 

GcjARB. — A stalwart Mnnal- 
man pastorxl tribe of Aryan 
or Tartar origin, scattered 



m large nDtnbers amongst 
the Pathan tribes, hont the 
BUclc Mountain io the 
Kunar river. They oirn 
separate yiUoges in or neat 
the loner hilla, und in sum- 
mer migrate with their 
flocks to the mountains. 
Gujars ate nameronB in 
iiortL-weefera India (m^ 
.Kashmir. They Bjieiik the i;._ 
KUtge of their wmter hom'ep, 
bwt have a few worda pecu' 
linr to themgelves. 

GceriHi.— (Peahawar 

trict). A tribe who inhabit 
the Doaha or plain in the 
angle between the Kabul and 
Swit rivere. 

Gttj. Ahuad Koh.— a aection 
of Khalil Khel, Kasim 
Khel, Tarakzai, Mohmands, 
Headman ; Saifal, 

Guti Khel, — A minor trao- 
tion of Pira Khel, Mir 
Hasani, l^Iacha, Modda Khel 
(1,600), Ibrahim Khel, Ut- 
inanzai, Darweah Kbol Wa- 

GCL* Khbl (.ro),~A minoi 
fi'aetion of Walidad Khel, 
Ladj Khel, Abdulhti, -Aimal 
IChe', Bablolzai, Mahmds. 
Ileadmaii ; Aligai. 

GtfLiKBii (West of Pera. Oulkak Khbl (16).- 
0baii Khan District.).— A traotioB of Po! 

section of Inutl, Haaftn Khel, 
Balil Khel, Mtibb Khela. 
Headman ; Haru. 

GnLiPiR (10).— A seetion of 

Barim lihel, Amaml, Malli- 
zad. Dawai^B. Headman ; 

GotDIK Khbl.— A minorfrao* 
tion of Dawar Khel, Ismail 
Khel, Bo» Khel, Madda 
Khel (l,eifl), Ibrahim Khel, 
TJtmanzai, DarwMh Khel 

OLi ' Khbl. — A gedion of 
Adiiai, Bobali, Dana, Bat- 
tan n is. 

GuLLA Khbl (Wana).— A 
minoi' fraction of ZaIU Khel 
(3,000), BomI Khel,Na8ra- 
dit, Kaln Kbol, Ahmadiai, 
Darwesh Khel Wazire. 

Gplli Khel (Bannu District). 
— A minor fraction of Wali- 
gai, Musa Khel, hathi Khel 
(3,000), Shin Khel, Ahmad- 
zai, Dai-weah Khel Waiirs. 
Headman ; Adam Khan. 

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Hnhammad KM, TSsiakh, 
Halliiad, Dawaria. Head- 
man; Onlnam. 

Qvu> Khbi. (TakUand).— a 
division ot TJtntanzai, Mofc- 
manda. Headmen ; see 

<JuM«BZ*i (Wert of Drea 
Ghazt Klian District ).— A 
aection of Kabaliai Nokn- 
ta!, Lahanai, Muaa Klieb. 
HMdman ; KhatoL 

Gcsvi Khbl '(Mahabw)- — 
A Bpotion of Hawnbax Khel, 
Slada Khel, IsazaE, Yasnf- 
lais. H«ailmeii'; see Kaaan- 
W Ehel. 

GcMDi Khbl (],000; Enr- 
am).— A snb-diviiion of 
Landlzai, Chardai, Tnrio. 

GUHNA Ehet. (60}.— a minor 
fradjon of ihe ffliamalt Khel , 
Abdnllai, Aimal Khel, 
Balilolxai, Mahsads. Head> 
man; Uanak. 

OiTBBAZ (1,000 ; aonthem 

border of Kiioat).— Origi- 
nally a clan of Waiir origin 
who have since lost all eon- 
nection nith tiie parent 
tribe. A feir fttmilie* still ' 

TeaideinSttawal,tReadme1i ; 
Khan Sahib and I'aidil) 
in the Tociii, (Headman; 
Massan Shah) at Kpin Nimal 
Ehel in Mahsnd country,- 
and at Miriam, in Bannu^ 

GCBEVZ. — A miser fraction 
cf Khan Khel, Takhtt. Khel, 
Bakka Khel (^000), Wall 
Khel. Utmanzai, Darwesh 


Headman ; 

G^FBBtrz.- One of the four 
divisions of the Safis, who 
are a vassal clan of the 

6n«BT!ZAi (3a). — A inb divi- 
iion of D&rpa Khel, Malliiad, 
Dawaris. Headmen; Shah- 
lada, Shadt Khel, Uanzar 
Khel. Shahdarra. 

GoEii Khbl (120).— A minor 
fraction of the Daohl Khel, 
Fall! Khel, Uanaziu. Aliuti, 

Gdbbi Khbl (60).— A sectioa 
of the Shamerai, Manazai, 
Allzai, Maheuds. Headmen ; 
Zale Khan, Karim Khan, 

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HiBiii. — A snb-division of 
Nasruddin (1,200 to 1,600), 

■ Zakha Khel, Afridis. Samil. 
Headmen ; Chikkan, Tamas, 
Anwar, Nair Din. 

Haxibiin. — A minor fraction 
of Draplara, Paindai (940), 
Nasi'nddin, Zakha Khel, 
Afridia. Samil. Headmen ; 
Bee Habib. 

HiBiBZAl (30).— A snb-divi- 
sion of ItlanuKai, Oba Khel, 

HaFIZ Kob.— a section of 
Kani Eliel, ICasim Khel. 
TWskcai, Mohmanda. Head- 
man i Abdullah. 

HilAT Khbl.— A minor J 
tionof Mnsa Khel, Makhozai 
Nasiizai, Iliaszai, Bnnerwals. 

Haiazi. — A. ii'ifion of the 
Mabmnd Kbel, Zmarais. 
Headman: Sardar Hakim 

Haibat Kksl.— a minor frac- 
tion of Pardoni, Wuai Khel, 
(8i0), Mohmit Khel, TJt- 
manzai. Darwesh Khel Wa- 

Haibat Ehbi (I,100).~A snb- 
division of Janoki, Adam 

Kfae', Afridis. 

Saibat Khbl (l.llS).— The 
most important tmb'dtTiBioii 
of the Nana Khel, Biblohai, 

HiiBAT Kbbii.— A minor frac- 
tion of Aka Khel, Igmailzai, 
Dainlatzw, Maliuu, Bnnet- 

Haibianai.— A aeation of 
Tori Khel (2.670), Ibra- 
him Khel, Utmaniai, Dar- 
wesh Khel Wazirs. Head- 
men ; Gnlzamir Khan, Mian- 
dad, and Lai Khan. 

HaidabAliKbbl.— A section 

of the Fftteh Khan Khel, 
Utman Khel (400), DauUtza!, 
Orabzaia. Samil. 

Haidab Khbl (Mastnra 
yalleT).-0n8 of the four 
divifiiang of the Uiahtis 
(3,000), " Hamrajas " of the; 
Orakiaie. Samil. Headman 


HilDiB Khel. -A section of 
the Mir Ahmad Khcl, (Mir 
Hnstain Khel), Fir.:s Khel 
(1,000), Daabtxai, Orak/^is. 
Samll. Headniiui; Shirin. 

Haidib Khbl(F52).— a snb- 
division of the Tor, Tappiziul, 
DawHiis. Headmen ; Mad 
Alam, Alif Khan, Gul Khan, 
Lai Khan, Nazar Khan. 

HaIsix Koi.— a aub-diviaion 
of Aeaf Khel, Tarakzai, 
Mohmanda. Headmen ; see 
Atiaf Khel. 

HilDBii (133).— A Guh-diiri- 
aion of Chahar Khel, Shaman 
Khel, Mahsuda. 

Hmi KoB. — A enbdivision 
of Sabazai Kor, Dawexai, 

' Mohmanda. Readmen ; iia* 
car Khan, Khalik Jan. 

HilDiRZsl (100).— A sub- 
division of Alieai, Sanzar, 

Haisabzai (280).— 4 seeUoa 
of Natoliai, Diiraar, Sanzar, 
Kakara. Headman ; Khani. 

H*JI Khbl (20). -a minor 
fraction of Poi Khel, 
Mnhamniftd Khel, Malakh, 

HiJi KoB. — A division of TTt- 
manzai Mohmands. Head- 
' man ; see Utmanzats. 

Haiizai. — A snb-division of 
Ladu, Rakanwal, Lunis. 
Headman ; see Ladu. 

Haeih Khel.— A minor frac- 
tion of Machi Khel, Abdul 
Khel, Bara Khel (1,000), 
Mohmit Khel, Utmaniai, 
Darwesh Khel Waiira. 

Haeiu Khbi,. — A minor frac- 
tion of Pira Khel, Jamal 
Khel, Malik Shahi (400), 
Wall Khel, Utmanzaj, Dar- 
wtah Khel Wazira. Head- 
man ; Zariban. 

Hariu Khel.— a minor frac- 
tion of 8ini Khel, Zai^n 

Iabim Khel — A minor frac- 
tion of Sharagh Khel, Kadam 
Khel, Firoz Khel, Mashi 
Khel, Mannia Khel, Hasaan 
Khel, Mitha Khan . Khel 
Kuki Khel (4,^00), Afi-idia. 
Gar. Headmen ; Abbas, 
Hakim and Nazir. 

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Haeiu Kebl (e9).--A sob- 
diviHi5n of Mubarak Shahi, 
Sfaltiiad, Dawaris. Head- 
mni ; Sbandai, Ahmad £bah, 
Uir Akm, and Sakhadin. 

Hakikzai (30).— Asedion of 
Sab, YahiaKhel, Sen Khel. 
ijheranis. . 

Halal Tabab. — A minor 
fraction of Sikandar Khel, 
Kandai, Isa Khel Fandiali, 
Mohmands. For Headmen ; 
gee La Khel. 

Halim Kob.' a minor frac- 
tion of Bucfaa Khel, Darar. 
(300), Khu»rogi, Na« 

. din, Zakha Khel Afridia. 

Samil. Headmen ; see 
cha Khel. 

Halimzai (130).-A lection of 
Baxai, Hatnn Khel, Sanatia, 
Kakug. Headmen ; Taj 
MnljaliiLmad and Zargar. 

Halimzats ot Qandab (1,660). 
— A ■□b-diTisibn (acoording 
to location) of the Halimzat 
Gandab Mohmands. For 
headmtn ; see Suttan Khel, 
Durba Khel Babi Ehel, 
Bam Khel, Yardil Kor, 
Bahmatal Eor, Tatatar, 
Danat Khel. Uaui Khel, 
Shati Khel, Sasnl Khel. 
See note on page 46. 

Halimzai* of Kakali (800). 
— A divlgion (aeeording to 
looation) of Halimzal Kamall 
MohiDands. For headmen ; 
«ee lakai Kor, Khwaju 
Ktthai Kor, Gthari Beg Kor, 
Nahaki or YoFuf Kor.Hamza 
Khel (Kamali), Ato Kbel, 
Sroh. 8eo not* on page 46. 

Halkahab Hob.— a minor 
fraction of BaanI Kor, Walt 
Beg Kor, Gandab, Halim- 
lai, Mohmande. Headmen ; 
Abdnlla Khan. Yaknb, 

HAMgATAGAif (20). — A section 
of Hakim Khel, Unbarak 
Shahi, Mallizad, Dawaiie. 
Headmen ; Uir Alam, 
Sakhadin, Jamadar. 

Hahsataian (13). ^A section 
of Nawar Khel, Miram Shah, 
Tappizad, Dawaria. Head- 
men ; Uir Hassan, Gnlistan, 
Fir Khan. 

Hamza. Khbs (l,OCOiKiir- 
am).— A diTiaion of Sar- 
galli, Turia. 

Hamza KBBL(4eO).- A sub- 
division of Gandab, Halim- 
zai, Uohicanda. For head- 
men ; see Snttan Ehel, 
Duba Khel, fiabi Khel, 
Barn Khel. 


Hauza IChhl o[ Kamali 
(160).— A Bob-diTiiion of 
Kamali, Halimzfti, Koh- 
mBtidR. Headmen ; Jamal 
Kh&n (Dnrba Khel), Jabbar, 
£ii«i Khan, Faix Talab, 
Ohani, Jamal, - Mubabbat, 
Zarghun, QhaDKai, Jangia, 
Baz Khan, Zamulla Xban, 
Sufaraz Khan, Momha, 
Dara Shah, Ajmer. 

Bauza Ehel, — A section of 
Bai'kazal, Caqlatzai, Mali- 
zai, BunerwaU. 

Hamzazai (],0(Mi West of 
Den Ohazi Ehan District). 
—A division of Salil Ehd, 
Utua Khela. 

Ha'Heazais (2,000 } KeklitaT). 
A dEvision of Saozar, Eakan. 
Headmen ; Gano (Pakehzai), 
Anwar Khan (Barowii), 
Wazir Khan (Mahozai), 
Shama Kb an (Mandozai), 
Yosin (Safarzai). 

Hansu KHBL(BaDna District). 
— A minor frairtion of Dodi 
Khel, Khandar Khan Khel, 
Hathi Khel, Shin Khel, 
Ahmadzai, Daiiresh Khel 

Habii Kob (fart in Mob- 

mand, partiu British terri* 
toryl- — A sootion of Kani 
Khel, Kasim Khel, Tarak- 
zai, Mohmands. Headmen ; 
Khad Gnl ,Khadi Gnl, Jallal, 

Habipai (800).— a oUn of 
Sbei-anis, Headman ; Uulla 
Abdnl Hak. 

of the tffo divieloni cd San 
tia, Eakars. Headmen ; 
Guldad (Shamozai), Sirdar 
Habo Khan (Kehtarzai), 
Sirdar Bai Ehan (Sai-ang- 
zai), Baidula (Bazv), Sii'dar 
Ibrahim Khan (Paoizai). 

HABf »■ Khel (100 ; Dera 
Iimaii Ehan IMstrlct). — 
Nomadic, a minor fraction of 
Baloch Khel, leot Ebel, 
Mian Khel, Lohana, Pawin- 
dahs. Headman; see Mian 


Khel, Adam Khel, Afridia. ' 

Ha9ah Khbl (450 1 Maha- 
Iran). A sab- division of 
Mada Khel, Isazai, Yusuf> 

Hasan Khbl. — A minor frac- 
tion of Jalai Khel, Mali (or 

L,,n!.nnv Google 


HisiH Khbl. —A snb-diviBicn 
of Gadaizai, Iliiuzai, Buner- 

Ha'asKhil.— AraWmaion 
of Shamezai, Khwazazai, 
Akozai — Yasnfiai Swa'is. 

Hm*mKheI: (29n).— a divi- 
sion of Khoidad Khel, 

Hjsah Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Mawal Khel (760), 
Haibat Ehpl, Jawaki, Adam 
Khe!, Afridis. 

Hasan Khel (l.SOO; West 
of Dera Ghazi Khan Die- 
trict).— A division of Balil 
Khel, Umsb, KheU. 

HASAirBAZKaKL(450; Maha- 
ban). — A sub -division of 
Mada Khel, Isazai, Yugof- 

ASAN ZAi' (30). 'A section of 
Barakzai, Taraghari, Sanzar, 
Kakars. Headman; Gnli. 

Harahzais (2,300 ; Black 
Monntain and both udea of 
Indn.^). A diviaioQ of 
Isaiai, YuBnfzaii". liead- 
men ; ^laahim Ali Khan, 
(Khan Khel, and Khan of 
the . Uasanzaia), t! amid 

Khan (Kotwal), Sherdad 
(Mir Ahmad Khel), Najim 
Khan, (Zakaria Khel), Toi'a 
Khan, (Loghman Khel), 
Aladad (Kaka Khel), Saiad 
Azim Shah. 

HAiiHAU KoB (TJtmanzai); 
(Yakbdand).-A division of 
Utmanzal, one of the affiliat- 
ed Mohmand cliinH. H(«d- - 
men ; see Utmanzai. 

Hasbau Kob (Khnaexai). — 
A sub-division of Khad! 
Khel, Khwaezai, Hohmands. 

Hashmi KHBt. — A sedjon of 
of the Bazar Khan Khel, 
Utman Khel (400), Daulat- 
zai, Orakzais. Samil. 

Ha^sani Kob. — A snb-di'ri- 

sion of Mnhammad Khan 
Kor, Bnrhan Khel, Moh- 
mauda. Headmen ; Said 
Gnl, Shahlai,- Badshah, 
Narai, Malik. 

K&ANZAi (3).— Aanb- 
division of Salezai, Bakan- 
wal, Lcnis. Headman ; see 


lissAN Khbl. — A sub-divi- 
sion of Abba Khel, Tatta, 

Batlannla. • 


Habran Ebel (Ningmhar and 
Upper Helraand). — Noiiib» 
die, A Bub-division (jf Pawe- 
lai, Kuchis. Hfadmen ; Haji 
Islam, Abdul Earim, Abdul 
Wabab, Gbnlam, Lalagai. 

Hasbah Khbl.— a iub-divi- 
sion of AliBbeizai (i.W), 
Lasbkarzui, Oraktais. Samil. 
HF»diuan ; Sbalabaz. 

Hassan Khbl(SO).— Asection 
oi Shamerai, Monaxai, Ali'zai, 
Mah^uds. Headmen ; Ehui- 
an, Zardoat. 

Hassan Ebel (40).— A minor 
' fraction of the EharmBob 
Kheli Nazar Ehel, Aimal 
Khel, Bahlolzai, Malisuds. 
Headmen ; Aitwar, Asbik, 
Sbawat Din. 

Hassan Ebkl.— A diTi^on 
of Dawezai, Uobmandg. 
Headman ; Babib Jan. 

Hassan Esbl (400 i Eaitn 
andLaram).— Aaub-diVision 
of Mobmit Ebtl, Utmanaai, 
Earwesh Ehel Wazirs. 
Headmen; see Muhammad 
Ehel and Baki Ehel. 

Hassan Ehel. — A sub-divi- 
sion of Ehabi Ehel, Malik- 
din Khel (4,00(1). Alridia. 
Sarail. Headmen ; Darya 
Eban, Dauran, Yar Ehan. 

Hassan Ehbi.. — A section of 
Pakkai (l,Oi 0), Bndai, 
ZukhaKhel.Afridis. Samil. 
Headmen ; Zarin, Sharatiat, 
Snidai, Mirdiu, Madrai, 
Nadir, Golab Shah. 

Hassan Ehel. (1,900; Koliat 
pass). — A division of Adam 
Khel, Afi'idis. 

Hassan Ehel.— A giib-divi- 
Mon of Mithn Ehtui Ehel, 
Euki Kbel 14.500), Afridis. 
Gar. Headmen ; Zaman 
Ehan is tbe chief ; see also 
Makki Ehel, Futtch Ebel 
and Mobmand Khel. 

Hassan Khel.— A snb-divi- 
Eion of Shckh All Khel, 
Ksmm Khel (600), Afridia. 
Samil. Headmen ; Mulla 
Amir Shah, Mulla Akhnnd- 
zada,and SherWalii. 

Hassan KbBl (70).-A mc- 
tion of Urnitz, Tor, Matli- 
cad, Dawaria. Headmen ; 
Nemm Dhi, Sheikhdan. 

Hassan Eob. (Loi Shilman). 
— A seotion of Shah Mau- 
snr Khel, Dadu Khet. Tarak- 
zai, Mobmands. Uradmen; 
Khaiata Khan, Gulistan. 

Hassanzai (Maatura Tslley). 
— One of the four divisioua 
of tbe Miahti»(3,000),"Ham- 

Lnm-nnv Google 


Hasbbn Khbl (340).-A sub- 
dimion of Mada Kbel, Isa- 
zai, YaEufzajs. 

Hasstt Khbl (808).— A gob- 
division of Tor, MaUizftd, 
Dawaris. Headmen ; Bedil, 
Dili, Painda Khan, Uadda 
Kbel, Qui HoBMn, Mir 
Kazam, Fanjdar, Mad 
Afzal, Badar, Mir Eazatn. 

Hath Kox.— A sub -division 
of Mnkimiaad' Khan Kor, 
Bnrliaii Ehel, MobDiands. 
Headmen; Mabar Eban, 
Azam, Kazo, Saiddal, Uu> 
^ liammad Shere, 

Hathi Khhl (2,000; Banim 
District, Thai, Shakai, Birmal 
and Wana). A anb-diTision of 
Sbln or Sani Khel, Ahmad- 
Zfti, Dai-wesb Kbel Wazirs, 
Headmen ; see Khandar 
Khan Khel, Idal Kliel, 
■Pirbft Khel aiid Mnaa Khel. 

Hati Khel.— a section of 
Mali (or Mali) Khel, SaUr- 
zai, Iliaazai, Bunerwab. 

Hatu Khel (S ; Dera lemail 
Khan District).— Nomad to, 
a minor fraction of Sbadi 
Khel, Isot Khel, Mian Khd. 
Lohana, Pawindaba. Head- 
man ; see Mian Khel. 

HaearBdz. — Nomadic, a gab- 
diviaion of Danezal, Knchi, 
Mohmands, Headmen -, Sher 
Mnhammad, FazI, Fazli 

Hezai (Wert of the Dera 
Gbaxi Kban Distriot).— A 
BQb -division of Hamzazai, 
Balil Khet, Mnaa Khels. 
Headman ; Saidal. 

HiDAEZAi (100).— A section 
of Baralizal, Tabia Khel, 
Sen Khel, Sherania. 

HiLAL Khbl.— A section of 
Keimal Khel, Urmaz Khel, 
Sipah (1,200), AfridiB. Sa- 
isil. Headman ; Gut Salim. 

HiMUAT Kos. — A minor frac- 
tion . of Gbazi Khel, Kannia 
Khel, Hassan Khel, Mitha 
Khan Khel, Knki Khol 
(4,.i00), Afridis. Headmen; ■ 
Bee Mashi Kbel. 

Hindi, Khbl. —A minor frac- 
tion* of Tor, ilani Khel 
(l,OM), Wall Khel, Utman- 
zai, Darweih Khel WazJrs. 
Headmen; Malknn, Fir 



HiBDKi.— The name given* fo 
the Hindus who iii1>aciit Af- 

S'lftaistan. They are of the 
hotri class, and are found 
all over the oonntry, even 
among the wildest trilwa. 
Bellew estimates their nnm- 
her at about 300,0^0 eouU. 
The name Hitidki is also 
loosely Med on the Upper 
lodne, in Dir, Bajaur Ac. to 
deuote the apeakeis of Fnn- 
jabi or any of ite dialeoti ; 
and it in further someUi'ira 
appliedi in a hirtorical sense, 
to the Buddhist inhabitants 
of the Pe>hawar volley north 
of the Kabul river, who were 
driven thence about the dth 
or 6th centnry, and settled 
in the neighbourhood of 

HlNDEI KoB. — A minor frac> 
tion oi Raeul Kor, Wall Beg 
Eor, GandiO}, Halimiai, 
Mobnunds. Headmen ; 

MaLikdad, Hosa&in, Gulab 

HiMDDBTAiJi Fanatics.— A 
band of fanalios reemited 
from Hindustan, who have 
inhabited vaiioui poTtlons 
of the Chsgbariai, Ama^ai, 
Chamls, and Buner hills. 
They are now said to be re- 
ading in Chaghaizai terri- 
tory, and to number some 900 
men under their aged leader. 

Hanlvi Saiad Abdnlla. 
Latest information points 
to their desire to return to 
Amazai limits. 

loBBNZAi (260).— A minor 
fraction of Barakzw, Tar- 
ghari, Sanzar, Kakars. 

Hozi Khbi , (23).— A section 
of Gurbuiai, Darpa Khel, 
Malliiad, Dawaris. Head- 
men ; Tamai, Zevakki, Uodi 
Shah, Zanpii' Shah. 

Hpbabzai {BOO; Zliob).-A 
division of (Northern) San- 
zar, Kakars. 

HuGiTK Seazai (160).— a 
minor fraction of Mulazai, 
Panizai, Harun Khel, Sana- 
tia, Kakars. Headman ; 
Mulla Nnr Muhammad. 

Hdbaih Kbbl (Sen Khel).— 
A sub-division of TTtmanzai, 
Bar Bauizai, Akozoi — 
Yuaufzai Swatia. 

HnsBKZAi (West of Dera 
Ghaii Khan Distriot).— A 
sub- division of Ahmadzai, 
Balil Khel, Muaa Kbels. 

L,,n!.nnv Google 

Headmen ; Eaki Khan Lan- 

HussAiN Khbl. — A sab-divi- 
eloDofEhabi Ehet, Malik- 
ain _Khel (4,000), Afridk, 
Sanil. Headmen ; Darya 
Khan, Daaran, Yar Khan. 

HosaiiN Khbl.— A diviBion 
of Haji Ehel, Cbamkannis. 

ErsBAiN Keel (10).— A »nb* 
dlvJMcn of Khaddi, Mallizad, 
Davcaris. Headmen ; Janiu, 
Sheikh Uajid. 

HTiTAi KoB (400).— A sec. 
tion of Sbah Sfansar Khel, 
Dadu Ehel, Tarakzai, Moh- 
manda. Headmen ; Abdul- 
lab, Baboian, Sayad Basal, 
Davezai, Soli, Mnltan. 

Hydbb Khkl. — A minoT frac- 
tion of KhtzaT Khel| Mintar 
Ehel, Muhammad RheL Has> 
«an Ehel (400],Mohmi<: Khel, 
Utmanzai. Darwesb Ehel 
Wazirs. Headman ; Misrai. 

Ida Ehbl (12).— A aeotion, 
of 1'arota, Idal<, Tappizad, 
Dawaris. Headman; Faqir, 

Ibbahih Khbl. -a minor 
fraction of Eaaim Khel 
(260), Tiraal Ehel, Jawak', 
Adam Ehd, Afridis. 

Ibbahiu Khbl.— a minor 
fraction of Danlat Kb el, 
Ghalib Ehan Khel, ATalikdin 

Khel, Malikdin Khel (4,000), 
Afridis. Samil. Heailmen ; 
a^e Danlat Ehel. 

Ibbahih Ehbl.— a anb-dici- 
aion of Landi Khel, Sipah 
(1,200), AfridiB. Samil. 
Haedmen ; Amir, Walli. 

Iebahiu Eebl. — A minor 
fraH^ion of Tarkial Khel, 
Mughal Ehel, Barmi Khel, 
Kanirai Khel {6)0), Afridis. 
8"mil. Headmen ; Amar, 
BahadarShah, Sifat Shah, 
Sheradin, Zardad Mir All. 

IflBiHiM Khbl (4,630).— One 
of the three great diviaiona 
of the Utmanzai branch of 
the Darweah Khel Waxira, 
viz., Uohmit Ehel, Wall 
Khel) and Ibrahim Ehel, 
The Ibrahim Khel inelttdea 
the Manzar, Madda and Tori 
Khela. Headmen; see the 
abore sob-diviaiona. 

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Ibbahim Khel. — A Eub-divi- 
moa of TJtmanzai, Bar 
Eanizai, " AkozM— Yusuftai 
Swatis. Headmen ; Alam 
Khan, AsUm Khtui. 

Ibbaeiu Ehel.— a minor 
frartion of Musa KJiel, 
Makozai, Nasnzai, Iliaazai, 

Ibhahiu -Khel,— a subrdivi- 
sion of Gsdaizai, Uiaaiai, 

iBBiHiM Khel (Bajaur).— 
A division of Salarzai, 
Tarkanis. Tlii? is tlie 
" Khan " Khel of tlio elan. 

Ibbahim Khel (Kharmana 
rivcrl.^A minor fraction of 
the Abdul Mirzi (410), 
LandaiTai, Masuzai, LsaV 
kavzai, Oiakiaig. Gar. 
Headmen; Aigbar, Hazrat 
Nur, HussLiin. 

Ibeihim Khel (40'>).— A 
sub division of Kamaii, Ha- 
limzai, Mohmands. Head- 
men ; Antar, Arsalla Khan, 
Eedai, Nurai, Umac Din, 
Dauran Shah. (Lakai Km- 
and Khuam Kuhai Kor )— 
Abfaas, Mudasair, Muham 
raad GqI Badshah, Gitl Said. 
(Ghftzi Bep Kor)-Saimal 
Gol Sbah. Zai Khan, Post 
Khan, Gul Hamesh. (Naha- 
ti or Ynsaf KorJ. 

IbeaHIM Koe. — A minor frac- 
tion of Dildar Khel, Moh- 
mand Khel, Kathia Khel, 
Hasan Khel, Mitha Khan 
Khel, Kttki Khel (4,500), 
Afridis. Gar. Headmen ; 
Baghi, Saidal. 

Ibbahim Kob. (Loi Sbil' 
man). — & minor fraotion of 
Dnrma Kor, Sbah Mansur 
Khel, Dadu Khel, Tarakzai 

Ibbahiu l^ABAB.— a minor 
fraction of Bajai Khel,Yttraf 
Khel, Isa Khel, PandUK, 
Mobmands. Headmen ; ere 
Isa Khel. 


Ibrahihzaib (Zhob)— a sec- 
tion of Shadozai, Aii Khel, 
San Ear, Kakars. 

Idak (615).— a division of 
the Tappizad, Daintrls, Some 
authorities bowevet, pay they 
arc a separate elan belong- 
ing neither to Tappi/ad, nor 
Mdlifad. Headmen ; Ma- 
zaiband, Daisab. 

Idal Khbl (Bannn, Shakai" 
Bircoal and Wana).— A sec- 
tion of Hath! "Khel (2,000), 
Shin Khel, Abmadiai, Dar- 
wesh Khel Wazirs. Head- 
men ; Bandar Khan. She.ikh 
riyao, Laodai, Rasim .Shah. 

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iDiL Kbbl.— a Bub-division 
of All Khcl, Bar Itanimi, 
Akozai — Tnaafzai Swatts. 

Idil Khbl{72).— a geotion 
of Muhammad Kiel, Ma- 
lakh, Mallicad Daivaria- 
Headmen i Kazi, Shahid 

ISAB Eesl.— Aminor f TBction 
of All Khel, Khaddar 
K,hel(779), Mohmit Khel, 
Vtmanzai, DartccBh Khcl 
Wa/.irs. Headmen ; Nnr 
Muhammad, Ahmad Din, 
Hakaeh, Ziarai, Sakhe Man. 
Akbmad, Nambati. 

Idia Keel.— A section of 
Jani Khel (J.OOO), Wali 
Khel, Utmanzai. . Dar- 
w«ah Khel Wazira. Head* 
men ; Kaxam Khan, Mir 
Birjan, Zai^han Shah, Gul 
GhaftiT, Akaidtn, Zai'gai, 
Sheikh Majid. 

lEHTiTjtB Khbi.— A minor 
fraction of Bndi Khel, 
Dardoni, Wuii Khel (800), 
Mohmit Khel, Dtmantai, 
Dai-weali Khel Waiire. 

khai, Anna! (1.000), Bndal, 
ZakbaKhel, Afridie. Samil. 
Headmen ; Mir Khan, 

iKHTiriR Khbl.— Asnb-divi- 
BJon of Yar Ali Khel, Kam- 
rai Khel (600), Afridis. 

Iebtiiib Kob (Kharmana 
river). — A minor fraodon of 
AKh Khel (580), Khwaja 
Khel, Uasnzai, Laahkarzai, 
Omkzaia. SamiL Headman; 
Said Ali. 

Iehtiiab Kob (Loi Shil- 
man).— A minor fraction of 
Durma Kor, Shah Mansnr 
Khel, Dsdu Khel, Tankzai, 


iLiABZAt (6,000 ; Buner val- 
ley. Slopes of Dosirri 
range): One of the twoclan» 
of Banerwab. Headman ; 
Hastum Khan of Bampo- 
kha, (SalaTzai). 

luAB Kbbl.— A minor fi'ac- 
tion of Torsam Khel, Naiar 
Khol, Star All Khan Khel, 
Ssrk! Khel, Madda Khel 
fl,600}. Ibrahim Khel, 
Utmanxai, D&rwesb Ehel 

Lnn..„. Google 

IXDAS Ebbl —A minor frac- 
tion of Biaen Khel (JOO), 
Sliadi Khfl, Kfk^a Bin, 
Kalu Ehel, Ahmadzai, Dar- 
weuh Khel Waiirs. Head- 
tnan ; Halir Khan. 

Ihdub Khbl.— a TOinor frac- 
tion of Indns Khol, Drepil- 
lari, Sarki Khel, Madda Khel 
(),6C0), Ibnhim Khel, 
ntmannJ, Dtmresh Khel 

Imdub KhKl.— a minor frac- 
tion of DrepilUri, Sarkl 
Sitel, Uadda Khel (1,600), 
Ibrahim Khel, Utmanzai, 
I^rw«ah Khel Wazira. 

Ivvs Kbbl.— A minor frac- 
tion of Fainda Khel, .Manak 
Khel, P^»hi Khel, Ua^da 
Khel(l,6U03, IhrahimKhel, 
Utmanzai, Darwtah Khel 

ISSAI (Weftt of Dera Ghazi 
Khan bigtriet). — A anb- 
division of Mamn Ehel, 
folUEhel, Masa KheU. 


{ie6).-A section of 
Haidar Khel, Tor, Tappiiad 
DawariB. Hetidmen ; An- 
daram Khan, Fatteh Kt-an, 
Kashmir, Ibrahim Qui. 

IBABE4I.— A seetiou of Ah* 
mad Khel, Targhari, San- 
utr, Kakars (Hamsajae), 

Ibab Khsl (40).— a section of 
Tappi Khel, Badanxai, Sha- 
man Khel, MahsDda. Head- 
man ; Adil Din. 

Ibus Khel.— a minor fraotion 
ofShadi Khel, Bara Khel 
(1000), Mohmit Khel, Ut 
manEai. Darwesb Khel Wa 

IsiJB Khil (20}.— a minor 
fraction of Ks«r Ehd,, 
Haidar Khel, Tor, Tapgi-' 
zad, Da'ffarJB. Headmen ; 
Shnjo, Ghazo. 

1»A Khil (Jarobi).— A anb- 
division of Uaman Ebel, 
Baezai, Mohmand^ Head- 
men ; Payo, Tola, Gal 
Unhammad, Muid. 

Iba Khbl (21).— a Beotion of 
the Birri Khel, Galeshahi, 
Shaman K he), fS ahsud*. 
Headmen ; Pi]rBo Shah and 

Ia\ Khel. — A section of the 
. Umar Khan Khel Alisher- 
zu (S/WO), Icahkarzai, 
Orabzaia. Samil. Head- 
man ; Ahmad. 

Iba Khil (360 ; Samann with 
JUUhtiHand All Khels) A 

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diriaions of tlie . Inuailzat, 
Orakziua. A religions sect. 

IsA Khbl,— A minor fraction 
of BakarKhel, Idal Khel, 
UatMK)iel,8bInEhel, Ab- 
medzai, Darweah Khel Wa- 
zirs. Headman : Sheikh 

IsA KhBl.— A minor fraction 
of Do»lli, Wnii Khel 
(800), Mohmit Khel, Utmait. 
lai, DatwMh Khel Waziia. 

Is* Khbl.— A minor fraction 
of Saifali, Kahol Khel 
(4,600), Wall Khel, TTtman- 
Mi, Darwesh Khel Wazirs. 

Iba Khbl (398).— A anb-divi 
sion of the Ahinod Khel, 
Oba Khel, Sherauis. 

IsA Khbl (l,266}.-One of 
the two diviaions of Sanatia, 

Iba Khel (600).— A division 
of Pandiali, Mohmandu. 
Headmen ; Ghukm Khan 
Pai-ud-din, Hakim, 8 hah 
Dad, GuldoB', Bahmgnl- 
Kachkol, ChaS Said Khan, 
Solibat, Zaidnllah. — See note 
on page 46. 

IsA Khel. — A minor fraction 
of Handi Khel, Wnzi Khel 
(800), Mohmit Khel, Vt- 


laAZAi (West of Dera Ghazi 
Khan District}.— A sob-diTi- 
sion of Hozai, Laharzai, 
Mu^B Khels. Headman i 

IsAZAi (U).— A dJviMon of 
Drigzai, Lnnis. 

laAZAIs (Bajanr).~One of 
the four cluia of 'I'arkanis' 

ocenpying the -Tandol ralley. 
Headman ; Saiad Ahmad 

IsAZAis.*— (On thalnduB be- 
tween the BUck Mountain 
and Mahaban). A clan of 

—A division of Aliiai, 
nan Kbels. 


IsuuL. — A aectiou o 

Khel, Ashazai, Iliaazai, 

IsuAiL KhbI:. (3,000 1 Shamil 
valley, Khost).— A olan of 

IbUail Khel— a section of 
Makhozai, Nosuzai, Iliaszai, 

Ismail Khbl.— A atib-divi- 
sion of 8ultan-ka-khcl, Bar 
Banizai, Akozai — Ynsafzai 


Isuiix Khbl.— A subilivl- 
slon of the Khoia Hanas 
Khe), Ali Khel (S.mi), 
" HamsayaB " of tbe Orak- 
laia. Gar. i Shmli. 


L Kbbl.— A Mctioii of 
the Stnri Khe] (4C0). Alizai 
(Star! Kiel), . Danlatzai- 
Omkiftis. Samil. Headman 

Ismail Khbl.— A minor frao- 
tioD of Bozi Khel, Uadda 
■-Khel (l.eO()), Ibrahim Khel, 
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel 
'Wazirs. Headmen ; 
ffisn Shah, Kasar Khan 

Ismail Khbl (160).— A ___ 
tion of Kimat Khel, Java- 
. ki, Adam Khel, Afridis. 

Ismail Khbl.— A minor frac- 
tion of Warnikai, Iilia' 
Khel, Jani Khel (1,000), 
Wall Khel, Utmanm, Dar- 
weah Khel Wazirs. Head- 
man ; Zargai. 

IbmaIl Khel.— a minor frac- 
tion of miiia Khel, Moh- 
mand Khel, Kattia Khel, 
Hasaan Khel, Mltha Khan 
Khel, Kuki Khel- (4,6U0), 
Aftidiu. Gar. Headmen ; 
Kamlar, Boner, Kaddam 

IfHAiL KoB,— A nection of 
Batai Kcr, Mnhunmad 

Khan Kor, or 'Bar' Burhan 
Khel, Pandiali, Mohmandf. 
Headman ; ]|f nhammad 

IsKAiLAE.— A section of 

Dreplara, Sakhi, WaraBpnn, 

ISMAlLlLiOH (381).- A dlvi- 
■ aion o£ Spin, 'I'aring. Head- 
men i Sher Khan, Panid 
Khan, Mobin and. others. 

Irmailzai (Gomal).— a diri- 
aiott of Miani, Sheranfa. 

IsMAItZii. —A snh-division of 
Danlatzai, Malizai, Buner- 

jBMAiLiAi (8,100).— The most 
- powerful of the eight clans 
of tha Utman KheU. 

IsMAiiZAi (70).— A Bob-diVi- 
fiion of Mannzai, Aba Khel, 

IsHATLSit (Zhob).— A sub- 
division of the Alizai, San- 

Ibmailzai (2/)30 ; Samana 
and the Khanki valley).^ 
One of the four elans of 
theOraknais; 600 Gar, re- 
mainder Samil. Headman; 

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Ibiijii.zii (7).— a section of 
Barim Khel, Am^oni, M»Ui- 
zad, Dawnria. He&dnitiD ; 
Uaji Mutwmmad. 

I90T Kbbl (600 ; Dera Ismail 

Khan Dial riot). — M omadic, 
a eab-diTiEion of Uian Khel, 
Lohana, Fawindahs. Head- 
man ; Aiim Khan, (Mian 

IsOTS or SoTB (4S0).~-A 
small tribe of nomads, who 
live in the cavee of hills 
west of the Dera Itmail 
Khan frontier. Headman ) 
Bhagu Khan, Nohzai. 

IsFBKKA (1,350 ; Bannn Dib- 

trict, Shakai and Birmal). 
— A Eub-diTiBion of Kalu 
Khel, Ahmadzai, Darncah 
Khel Wazirs. Headmen ; 
Mani Khan is the leading 
man ; for others, pee 
Unhammsd Khel, Sndan 
Khel, Sadda Khel. 

Ikfih Khbl (8). — A section of 
Shniawal, Ifnbarak Shahi, 
Mallizad, Dawarin, Head- 
men; Idak, Tilir Kazam. 

IssUBi (135). — A snb-dlvision 
of Tor, Tappizad, Dawaris. 
Headmen; Samand Khan, 
i/Lani Shah, Kbwaja 
Ifnbaminad KhM. 

JibalzaI (100).— a reclion of 
Brahimzai, Yahia Khel, Sen 

Khel, Sheraius, 

J«B«B Khbl.— A minor frac- 
tion of Manak Khel, Bakhshi 
Khel, Uadda Khel (1,600), 
'ahtm Khel, tTtmanzai, 
nreah Khel Wazirs. 

B Khxl.— A HCtlon of 
aa Khel, Sepab, Baezai, 
hmands. Headmen; 

ilrat, Ahmad Nnr, 
hmati Satfaraz. 

JiBi KoB.— A minor fraction 
of Sangar Khel, Ynsof Khel, 
he, Khel, Pandiali, Moh- 
manda. Headmen ; see Yiuof 

Jakob (130 ; Black Mountain). 
— A divfoion of Deshiwal, 

Swatis. Headmen; Ambul 
Shahi, Izzatullah. 

Jaebaits i see Zadbas*. 

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JaDBixi. — A BDUtU tribe, 
occnpf iiig the eaet dopes of 
the Sallmsn range, east of 

JlDDHg. ; see G1.IHJIIB. 

J*vm% Khbl. — A miiKS' frac' 
tion of Uavlat Khel, Ghalib 
KhanKhel, MBlikdin Kbal, 
Malikdin Ehel (4,000), 
Airidia. Samil. Headmon ; 
see Daulat Khel. 

JaFiBs (630).— a small tribe 
living on the apttra of the 
SuIimaTi rfinge. Headman ; 
Kala KhaB. 

Jajib.— (l,GeO; Ehoot, in 
the valley of the Hariab, an 
ai&uejit of the Koram river 
beyond thcBriiUh bardoi). 
— A tribe of Khoet, 

jALtL Kebl. — A minor frac- 
tion of Khoii Khel, Bozi, 
Kh«l, Uadda Khel (1,600) 
Ibrahim Khel, Utman- 
zai, Darnesh Khel Wazi». 

Jii^L Khbl. — A section of 

Mali (01- Muli) Khel, Salar- 
zai, lliaszai, BunerwaU. 

JiLAL Khbl (aCO).— A motdon 
of the Sher Khel. HaibatT 
Khal, Nana Khel, Bahlolzai, 

Jalal Efilt —A snb-divlaion 
of Sana, Tatta, Battannii. 
Headman ; Sher Khan. 

Jalal KBBL(Dir).— a section 
of Fainda Khel, Sesada, 
Ualizai, Yusof zais. 

Jaiai-zai (Wert of Dera 
Ghazi Khan Dietriel). — A 
sab-division of Nozai, iMiax- 
zai, Musa Ehels. Headman ; 


jAiAtZAi (40).— A seotion of 
Mehtaraai, Hamn Khel, 
Sanalia, Kakara.. Headman ; 


JaIiALeai (Zhob). — A section 
uf Shadoiai, AH Kbel, 
' Sanzar, Eakars. 

Jalalzai (West of the Bera 
Ohazi Khan District).— A . 
sub-division of Hasan Hhrl, 
Balit -Khel, Musa Khels, 
Headmen ; K h □ i d a d, 
(Salem Khanzai,) Mian 
(Sadozai), Lawatig. (Hir- . 

Jalalzai (3,S00).— a snb' 
division of Alizai, Sanzar, 
Kakars. Headmen ; Sirdar 
Shah Jehan, Doet Muham- 
mad, and Saifnla. 

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Jalamzai (40). — A " Ham- 
saya", section of Kft'oKai, 

JiLBKil (10),— A snb-dmaion 
of Ladu, iiakanwal, Lunis. 
Headmaa; see Ladn. 

■JiLiL Khkl.— A section of 
Durbi Khal, Kambw Khel, 
Kambar Khel (4,5 lU). 
Afridis. Gar, Headmen ; 
Muhammad Sher, Khnaja 
All, Yuno, Murai. 

JalliL Khbl.— a miner 

. fraction of Shadi Khel, Bora 

Khel(l,0(KO. MohmitKhel, 

Dtmanzsi, Danresb Khel 

Jallil Khbl. — A mtnor frac- 
tion of ;£han Khel, Takht 
Khel, Bakka Khel. Wali 
Khel, ■ Utmanzai. Danresi 
Khel Wazirs. Headman ; 


JiLUt KoB (Knng).— A sub- 
division of Maimana Khet, 
Khwaezai, Uobma.ds. 

Headmen ; Ehalil, Tavur. 

Ja'Mal KHEL(a7).— A minor 
fraction of Ali Khel, Barim 
Khel, Amioni, Malliiad, 
Dawaris. Headmen ; Shsh- 
badin, Namballi Khan, 
Patila Khan. 

Jaual Khkl. — A minor frac- 
tion of Kaddam Khei, FeroE . 

Khel, Mashi Khel, Mannia 
Khel, HafflftD Khel, Mitha 
Khan Khel, Kuki Khel 
{J,500), Afridis. , Gai, 
Headmen ; Amir ' Sher, 

Jamai Khbl.- a minor fcai> 
tion of MicBa-arf, Macha, 
Madda Khel (1,600), Ibra- 
him Khel, TJtmaozai, Dar- 
weah Khel Wazirs. 

liMiL Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Dnrar (300), Khus- 
rogi, Nasmddin, Zafeha 
Khel, Afridis, Samil. Head- 
man ; see Biicha Khel. 


Jamal Khbi 

trict).— Aminor fraction of 
Ali Khel, Musa Khel, HatH 
Khel (2,0tiii), Shin Khel, 
Ahmadzai, Darweah Khel 

Iamal Khei..— a minor frac- 
tion of Badi Khel, Dai-doui, 
■Wiui Khel (80 i), Mohrait- 
Khel, Utniau ai, Darwcali 
Khel Waz-irs. 



■J«iiA3^ Khrl (Dii). — A seo- 
tion of -Painda Kliel, 
Sesftda, Matitai, Yusofuus. 

Jamal Khbl.— a BSd^'on of 
Malik Shahl (4(KJ), Wali 
Ktiel, Utmaniai, Darwesh 
Khel Wmits. Headmen; 
Jamazan Khan, JUtuIiam- 
mad, Pirjao, Saijama), 
Taghar, Urmirr, Unesami, 
Zariband, Galla ' fihaii, 
Pirzai, Sulemani. 

Jaual Khbl (30).— A sec- 
tion of the Ohalib Ebel, 
Sadanzai, Shanuui Kbel, 
Ut^suda. Ueadman ; Fat- 
teh Box. 

JAMti Ebbl.— AseaUoi] of 
the Haidni, Chahar Khel, 
Shaman Ehel, Mahsuda. 

Jauil Khel (20).— A minor 
fr&ction of Shadi Khel, Jax 
lATai, Laod, Halakh, 
Hallizad, Dawaria. Head- 
men ; Nazar Din, Ovl 

JiVALDIH Ehbl.— A minor 

fraotion of Wadiu Ehel, 
Ehazzar Ehel, Star All 
Khan Ehel, Saiki Khel, 
Madda Khel (1,600), Ibrahim 
Ehel, Utmanzsi, Darwesh 
Ehel Wazin.. 

Jahali Kzel (Bight bank of 
Moatnra river). — A sub -di vi- 
sion of the Mani Khei 
{^Of-O), Mnhammad Khel, 
Orakzaia. Gar. Shlah. 

Jahalzai (West of Dera 
Gbazi Khan Biatrict), — A 
division of Umruii, Mnaa 
Ehela. Headman ; Sadak. 

Jamilzai (200).—A seotion 
of Arozai, Ahmad Khel, Sen 
Ehel, Sheranis. 

JakalzaI (12).— a snh-divi- 
sioQ of Ladn, . Bakanwal, 
LoniB, Headman ; see Lttdn. 

jAUALZAr(8). — A fmb-dirigion 
of Shamezai, Bakanwal, 
Lonis. Headman ; see 

Jaiuleai (100).— a section 
of Sarangzai, Hamn Khel, 
Sanatia, Eakars. Head- 
man ; Galnn. 

Jaualzai (60).— a section of 
Barai^zai, Eebzai, Sanzar, 
Eakars. Headman ; Gnl- 

Jaubai Eebl. — A miner fno- 
tion of Wantka All Ehan 
£hei, Satki Ehel, Madda 
Khel (1,600), Ibrahim Kbel, 
UtmanzM, Darwesb Khel 

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JiUsrBAi. — A minor fraction 
of Painda Khel,Manak KLel, 
Bftkhslii Khet, Madda Khel. 
(1,600J, Ib[»hlm Khel Ut- 
manzai, Danresli £liel 

Jim KoB.— A minor fraetion 
of Sultan Kliel.Haniza Kiel, 
Gandab, Halimzal, Moti* 
mands. Uoadman ; Qholom 

Jjiu Sesb Kob.— a it 

fraction of Abdnr Eat 

E:iiel (gOO), T/Ltua Ehel, Mo- 
mnzai,' Itfishfaikrzai, Oraktau. 
Gar. Headiaan ; Kamicir. 

'JiNAi Khbl.— ^A' minor fren- 
tion of TJalDui Khel, Tafchti 
Khel, BaUia Ehel (1,100), 
Wall Ehel, TTtmanzai, 
Psrwesh Ehel Wazln. 
Headman ; Akmad Din. 

JiHAKBOBI (800).— A sub- 
diviuoQ of ' Bassan Khel) 
Adam Ehel, AfrtdU. 

JiHAi Ehbl.— A minor Erac- 

■ tionofFerosKhel,Tor8apar 
(850), Galai, Adam Ehel, 

' JiBBBO KBBL.— A wb-divl. 
Bioa of Fabbi Ehel.'Kambar 
Khel (4,501)), Afridts. Gar. 
Headmen ; Muhammad Sher, 
Ebwaja Ali, Taio, Kniai. 

tion of ■ Saiwar Kiel, Yiuiif 
Khel, Im Ehel, Pandioli, 
Kobmands. Headmen ; see 

Jur Bbq Eoe (Fart in 
Mohmand, part In Britiih 
territory).— A section of 
Eani Ehel, Eanm Ehel, 
Torabzai, Mobmonds. Head- 
man; SheisE. 

JuiatB Ehbl. — A minor frno- 
tlon of Said Khel, Umarz&i 
(60(1), Shin Ehel, Ahmadui, 
DsrweshEbel Watirs. 

J&VGI Ehbl. — A minor frao- 
tion of Maobi Ehel, Abdnl 
Khel, Bora Ehel (1,000), 
Hohmit Eb«l, tTtuauai, 
Darwe«h Ehel, Woiira. 

Jivai TABA.B.— A minor frao- 
tion ef Mamnn Rot, Kand^ 
In Khel, Fuidiali, Uoh- 
monda. Headmen: aw laa 

Jaki Ebbi. — A minor ftac- 
tlon of Khadi Ebel, Mannia 
Khel, Haesan Ehel, Uitha 
Khan Ehel, Knki Ebel 
(4,500), Afridb. Gar. Huad- 
men ; Kaahmii, AbdoUa 
Ehan, BUai. 


Abdnl Hbd (110), Lasdai- 
zai, ' Maiszai, Loshkanal, 
OrakzBJs. GsT, H«ftdiiian ; 

JiKi EsBL (1,000; Ehasora 
and Wana).— A Bab-diTigion 
of Wall Khel, Utmanzai, 
Darweeh Ebel Wazira. 
Headmen ; see Idia Khel, 
Tur, and Malik Shahi. 

Jani JKhbI: (7).— a iciftor 
fraction of AH Khel, Barim 
Khd, AxQioni, Mallizad, 
Dairaria. Headman ; Qub- 

JAN KOiS Khbl (36).— a 
minor fraction of So^ Khel, 

MubammadShel, Malakh, 
Mallizad, Dawarb. Beadr 

Jataeii.— A ■nthdiriBion > of 
Babakri, Slpah (1.20o), 
Afridis. Samll Eeadman ; 

JiWAi. Khbi, — A Bub-diTi- 
Mon of Abba Khel, Tatta. 
Battannis. Headman ; Uebr- 

Jbwis Kob.— a BQb'dlTiHioii 
of Dawat or Danta Khel, 
Khawaeisi, Mob mauds* 

Headman ;. Bara Khan. 

jBiMDi Eebl. — A seotion of 
Gbalib Khan Khel, Malikr 
din Kbel, Malikdin Khel 
(4,000), .Afridis. Samil. 
" ' I Nathtt Kbel 

J jK KHiM KfiBL (6).— A anb- 
diviaion of Boya, Teppizad, 

J*N UuHAUMAD KoB (Khar- 
manariTer).~A aeotion of 
the Alizu (GO), UaraZai, 
Lasbkarzu, Ch^kuus. Samil. 
Headman; Unhammad Gal. 

JibsaT Kbbl.— a Bub-dl'ridon 
of tbe Khoia Bawu Kbel, 
Ali Kbel (3flOO), ■' H»m- 
eaya« " of the OiakiMi. Oar. 
i Shiab. Headman ; Yam. 

Jilakzai (SO),— a aeotion 
of Sbabazai, Dunar, Sanzar. 
Ei^an. Headman ; Ualla 

JiLAK Khbl.— A minor frac- 
tion of Kambir (or Kambo) 
Khel, Aib Kbel, Salarzai, 
Xliaeiai, BuneTwala. 

JiiriZAi (West of Den Qhan 
Khan Uiftriet).— A ■eetJon 
of MasbduTai, Ahmodlai, 
Balil KLel. Mnu KbdA. 
Headman; I«tt 


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JlMSl KHRI. (l,2C0»).— 1 
■Db-diviuon of Bar 8uli£ai, 
Baitai, AkozAi — Yiunf zai 

JiMKi (Bannu District), — A 
Djinoi iraction o£ Hirba Khel, 
Hathl Khel (2,000), Shin 
Kh«l, Ahm»dzaJ, iSirwMk 
Khel Wuin. Headmen ; 
Sloihurab Klun, Gulbagh, 

Joaizu (3,000).— A section 
of Jalalzai, Alizai, Sanzar, 
Kakara. Headman ; Sirdar 
Hhah Jehan. 

JoJi Kbxl (10 ; Black Moon- 
tain). — A tection of Painda 
Khtu, Akazai, laazai, 

JtJooi Ebil.— A lection of 

Eenua Khel, Ahaiu, Kbwa- 
zazai, Aboial— Tosnfziu 


Jul* Kbbl.— a section of 
Aka Maraf, Babozfu, Bal- 
zai, AJlozu — Tngofiai 


JoMilM.— A minor fraotion 
of Datta Khel, Abdal Khel, 
Bora KheL (1,000), Uohmit 
Ehel, Utmanzai, Darweeti 
Khel Waiirs. 

JCHi Khel (IS ; Dera Ismul 

Khan District). — Nomadic, 
a snb -section of Warrki, 
Bein Khel, Kian Khel, 
Lohe,na, Pawindahs. lie*d- 
men ; see Mian Khel. 

Jvw-i. KsEL. — A section of 
Firozai, Ohagarzai, Maliaii, 

EaBileai (800 ; West of 
Dera Gh»»l Khan District). 
—A snb'divisionof Nokuzai, 
Lahafzai, . Mnsa Ebels. 
Headmen ; Khatol (Gnmar- 
lai), Momiu (fiarakiai), 
Uala Nadar (Brahimsai), 
Huan (Bilnlz^), Homin 

KiBiLZAi (Bern, Zhob).— A 
rob-diTiiion of Kibzai, Sann, 


KiBiL Khel (7').— A section 
of the Teri (or Toii) Khel, 
Tapiai, Tappizad, DairariB. 
Headmen ; Said Shah, Zakor 
Shai), SaUk JUd, Awaraai, 

* Ihwa ntuBbem {nelnde D,000 men Uring beyond Swatt limits. 

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KaOb. KsfL f Khanki TEiUfy). 
— A ButdiTlBion of the 
Sada Ehel {m), iBmailmi, 
Orakzais. 8amil. Headmaa ; 

Kabul Khbl (2,600 i Knr- 
am, Shawal, and Birroal). — 
A snb-diTisiouofWali Khel, 
Utmaniai, Darweeh Khel, 
WaziTB. Headmen ; see 
Bu&U, Paipali, and Uiamai. 
Mwth»Jk and Qulba Khan, 
of the Miamal Bection, are 
the chief men. 

KiCHn Khbl.— A seotion of 
Azi Khel, All Khel, Bar 
Ranizu, Akozai — Tnaufzai 

EADti EoR (400}.— A snb- 
division of Qandab, HoUra- 
lai, Mohmands. Headmen ; 
see Yardil Kor, lUhmatal 
Kor, Kataaar, Datid Khel, 
Kami Khel. 

Ki.Di]iKHEL(Ma>fnm river). 
— A glib-division of Abdul. 
Aziz Khel (80), Mabammad 
Khel, Orakzais. Gar. Shiah. 

KiDiH Khbl (60).— A minor 
fraoi.ion of the Aii Khfl, 
Haidar Khel. Tor, Tappiiad, 
Dawaria. Headmt^n ; Mad 
Alam, Saifal Salandar. 

Ktnmii Khbl. — A minor 
fraction ' of Feroi Khel, 
Mashi Khel, Mannia Khel, 
KasoanKhet, Mitha Khan 
Khel.^ KuU Khel (4,500), 
Afridis. Gar. Headmen; 
Abbosj Hakim, Nazir, Itfnlla 
Wall, Khaia Khan, Amir 
Sher, Zaman. 

KiDBii Khel.— A min«r 
fraction of Kbairak Khel, 
Wadln Khel, Khazzar Khel, 
Star All Khan Khel, Sarki 
Khel. Madda Khpl (1,600), 
Ibrahim KLel, TJtmanzai, 
Darweah Khel Wazirs. 

Kadueai (600). — A section of 
Bazai, Hamn Khel, Sanatia, 
Kakars- Headmen ; Mnlla 
B^dola, and Uulk Majib. 

KiFSBi Khel (12).— A minor 
fraction of the Nasi Khel, 
Haidar Khel, Tor, Tappizad, 
DftwariB. Headmen ; Mir 
lazam, Mir Ali. 

Kahi Khbl (120).— A minw 
frartioo of the Kboidad 

Khel. Gidi Khel, Manazai, 
Alizai, Mahsade. Head- 
man ; At Muhammad. 

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Kiln: Khbe. — A iection of 
Suntn Ebel, Babakri, Sipah 
(1,200), Afridu, Samit. 
Headmen ; Niaz Eaiim, 
Iran, Gvl Mabatninad. 

Eaih: Kebl. — A section of 
Sheikhmal, Eambar Khel, 
Kambar Khel (4,500), Af- 
ridis. Gar. Beadmaa ; 

KiiK KaBL. — A minor {tac- 
tion of Ismail Ehcl, Bazi 
Ehel, Madda Kbel (1,600), 
Ibrabim Khel, Utmauzai, 
Darwesh Khel Wazirs. 

KlIM Khbl (6).— A minor 
fraction of Alii Khel, Barim 
Khel, Amzoni, Mallizad, 
Dawaria. Headman ; ChoT' 

KaIHZII (E). — A Bi:b«diTision 
of Shamezai, Eakanwal, 

Kajji Khei. — A minor frac- 
tion of Paipali, Kabul Khel, 
(2,aX)), Wall Khel, TTt- 
,inanz!i:I| Darwesh Khel, 


KaEAi KoB.— A section ot 
- Zianddi'i(aiO),iJudai,Zflkhft 
Khel, Afridis, S".-^il. Head. 

Khaddar Khel, (70), Moh- 
mit Khel, Utmanzai, Dai- 
wpah Khel Wazir*. Head* 
man ; Akhmaii. 

KaKi Khbl. — A section of 
Tari Khel, Shakhi, Wam- 
jpon, Battannis. 

KiKA Khbl (300; Black 
Mountain).— A snb •division 
of Hasaniai, Isazai, Tnsnf- 
uus. Hea^inaii; Abdad. 

Kaka Khel. — A snb-diriuoii 
of Niamat Khel, Tatta, Bat- 
tannis. Headman; Khnshal 

Kaea Kesl (110).— a sec- 
tion of the Datti Khel, 
Oaleshahi, Shaman Khel, 
Mahsods. Headmen; 
KhTraja 3Iiihammad,KaTim, 
Mnbaiamad Yar. 

Kaka Khbl (10).— a minor 
fraction of sWe, Taib Khel, 
Amzoni, Mallizad, Dawaria. 
Headmen ; Uina Khan, 
Gbnlam Itasnl. 

Kaka Khbl.— a clan of the 
KhatUke, deecended from 
Sbckh Babim kiir ; tb«j are 
considered Uians, and, are 
much venerated by other 
Patliaiis. Thej rtmd« near 
Nowebera, and are great 
trans-frontier traders. Head- 
man ; Hahim Shah. 



KiEAEa (■40,433 ; Qnetta to 
the Gomal Pass). — A large 
tribe of patbans. 

KiEiBzii (3,000 ; Bajanr).— 
A. division of Mamnnd, 

K*LA Khri, (50 ; Black 
Moon tain). — A section of 
Aziz Khel, Ak&zai, Isaxaii 

Kai^l Kob— a minor fraction 
of Shroh, Basiia Ehet, 
Eamali, Halimzai, Moh- 
mands. Headman ; Taza Gal. 

Ealal Koe. — A minor fraction 
of Eanra Khol, 8hati Kliel, 
Wall Bag Kor, Gandab, 
Balitnzai, Mobmonds. Head- 
man J Jamdar. 

EiLANKAB Keel.— A minor 
fraction of Ali Khel, Man7^T 
Khel (360), Ihrabim Kbel, 
UtmanMi, Darwwh Khel 
Wftzirs. Headmen ; Mihrab 
Khan, Kabal, Kawaz Khan. 

Kalavdib Khel ' (Bannn 
District). — A minor fraction 
of Taos Ebel, Firba Khol, 
Hathi Kbel (2,002), Shin 
Kbcl, Ahmadzai, Dat'wcsh 
Kh«i Wazirs. 

Kalakd>bKhbl.-~A Rfdion 
of Sftdin, Ilal Khel, Salaraai, 

Kaut Khbl,— a minor frac- 
tion of Hnhammad Khel 
(700), Isperla, Kaln Khel, 
Ahmadui, I^rweflh Kbel 
Wazirs. Headman; Mo- 
hammad Jan. 

Kau Khbl.— a minor frac- 
tion of Morib Khel, Usman 
Khel, Takhti,Khel, Bakka 
Khel {1,000), Wall Khel, 
Utmanzai, Darwesb Khel 
Wazirs. Headman ; Khoja* 

Kali Khbl (300 ; Tran^ 
frontier).— A diviBion of Ali 
Sher Khel, Shinwaris. 

Kalla Khel (700) ; A lec- 
tion of Ashn Kbel, Hasnn 
Khel, Adam Kbe), Afridis. 

Kallandas Khbl.— a sec- 
tion of the Badzai, Katta- 
gann, Tatto, Battannis. 
Headman ; Nawaz. 

Kaili Khel. — A minor fac- 
tion of Baohagiu, Tor, Jani 
, Khel (1,000), Wall Khel, 
Utmanzoi, Darwesh Khel 
Wazirs. Beodmaa; Kaimal.. 

KiLu Khel.— A minor frac- 
tion of Sikandar Khel, Abdnl 
Khel, Bora Khel ^,'.00), 
Mohmjt Khel, IT^manz^, 
Darwesh Khel Wazirs. 

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Kalu Khel( 8,500),— a divi. 
eion of Ahmad?*!, Dar- 
wesh Khel Wftzirs. I". 
Kban, Isperka, is the leading 
man ; for other Headmen 
aee ]iperka and Nasradin. 

KiLU Kebl. — A minor firao- 
tion of Musa Khel, MakbO' 
zai, Nasnzai, Iliaszai. Bnner- 

SiLOT Khbl (Bajaur).— a 
division of Samilzai, Tar- 

Ealczai (60).— a BBction of 
Banttzai, Yabia Ehel, 
Khel, Sherants. 

Kahal Rhei..— a anb-divi- 
aion of Sahib Jan, Aka Kbel 
(1,800), Afridis, Bamil. 

Eamal Bhbi,.— A minor ftao- 
'tiouofMaddo Khel, Assad 
Khel, Mitha Kban Khel, 
Knki Khel (4,500), Afridis. 
Gar. Heodinen ; Unbammad 
Amin, Gnt Jan, Bndai, 

KiKAL Khbl. —A minor frac- 
tion of Bakar Kbet, Idal 
Khel. Hatbi Khel (2,000), 
Shin Ehel, Ahmadzai, E>ar- 
vesh Khel Wazirs. Head- 
man ; Landai. 

Eakal Khsl(8).— a Beotitm 
of Ozbakai, Sbip^, fiablol- 
^ai, Mabands. Meadman; 

Eaualzii (9).— a Bub-divi- 
rion of Sbamezai, Bakanwal, 
Lanis. Headman ; see Sha- 

Eaualzai (West of the Dera 
Ghani Kban DistTiot).-A 
Bubdlvision of Hamzazai, 
Balil Khel, Mnea Ebels. 
Headman ; Hasan. 

Kauaizai (West of the Dera 
Gbaii Khan District). A- 
section of Hugenzai, Ahmad- 
zai, Balil Khel, Mosa Khels. 
Headman ; . Gnlan. 

KAMitZAi (10^).— A BBotion 
of Shaboiai, Ihiinftr, Sanzar, 
Ealars, Headman ; Mazdar. 

Kahab Khsi. ; gee Eausai. 

Eahab Ebbl (36).— a minor 
fraction of tha Karmacb 

Ehel, Malai, Shingi, Bahlol- 
zai, Mahsnds. Headmen ; 
Kajit Khan, Bakhtamir. 



£iilAZii (I6n).-A rab-divl- 
BiOTk of Utnianz^Li MftDdau, 

Kajuab Ehbl (i,SOa ; Shilo- 
W, Bazar Valley, andKajn- 

raij.-^'One of the sir Khyber 
Afridi ckna. Gar. IlAadmeD, 
Mnbammod Amir, Sal eh 
Muhammad, Jan Uuham- 
mad, Mehrban, Kh^r Mu- 

E»KB«B Ehsl, — Adivlnonof 
the Kambar Ehel clan, 
(4,600) of Afridis. Gar. 
Headmen ; Jan Mahammad, 
Ifuhammad Amii. 

EiicBab Ehbl.'— -One of the 

tvo wottong of the TTmarzai 
Sheikhan (3,000), " Ham- 
H^aa " of the Orakzufl. 
Samil. Headman ; Mlaridad. 

Kjlkbis Ksbl. — A sob-diri- 
Bion of the Bazoti (500), 
Daalatzai, Orakzaifl. Sanul. 
Headman ; Amir Shah. 

EaKBAB Ehil. — A miner 
fraction of Warkam Kbel; 
Aib Ehel, SaUrzai, Iliaazai, 

Kambib Kob.— a minor frao* 
tion of Snltan Rhel, Hamza 
E^el, Gandab, Balimzai, 
^lohmandfl. He^tdman^^Mir 

Ki*B4B KoB.— A minor frw- 
tion of Asaf Ehel. Balkha 
Kor, Dada Ehel, Tarakziu, 

KAKBiB(or K*«Bo) Ehii.-— 
A section of Aib Ehel, Solar- 
zai, Iliaszaii BoaerwalB. 

Eakb Ehbl.— a minor frac- 
tion of Gftdia Khel, Tatar 
Khel or Akhonral (800), 
HatMBTE Khel, Adam Khel, 


CaUbai or Eahab Khbl.— 

(dOO ; Eitreme west of 
Bare valley, neit the Sipah 
and Zabha KhelB).-One of 
the sii Khyber-Afridi dana. 
Samil. Headmen j Hafiz 
Samandar and Aiam Ehan. 

KAKDAHABIt. — A diviainn of 
the Safis, who are a vaaeal 
clan of the Mohmands. 

E*KDii. — A dub-division of 
In Khel, Pandiati, Moh- 
mands. Headmen; Gholam 
Kbao, Paiuddin. 

Eabdao Khbl (400).— A see* 
tion of Aahn Khel, Haasan 
Ehel, Adam Khel, Afridia. 

Eakbeai.— A Bnb-divi«on of 
Katta^rm, Tatta, Bat- 
tannia. Headmen ; Miani 
(Alam), Khojak and Haan 

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(Seni^), Tor Klan (Mm), 
PaotftD Khan (Tar). 

KaNI Khbl (600; Part in 
Ifobmand, pbrt in British 

territory).— A sab-division 
of Kanm Khel, Tankzai, 

K-*«JBii (*».— A minor frac- 
tion of the Dachi KheL, Falli 
Khel, Manaui, Atizu, Hah- 
eaA». UeBdman ; Ehan, 

Kixozii (400). -A " Ham- 
mj& " awtion of Natcnai, 
Somar, Sanzar, Kakare 
Headmaa ; Btif, Mnliam- 

KiBD KHBii (37).— A TOb- 
diriBion of Ahmed Ehel, 
Oba Kfael, SWania. 

Eixnui (West of Dera Ghazi 
Khan Distriet). — A Motion 

Eahzil Khbl.— a minor frac- 
tion of Alishei Kbe], Unsa 
Ehel, Nurizai, Malizw, 

Kabav Eob. — A Beotion of 

Hassan! Eor, Hahamm&d 
Khan Kor, or ' Bar ' Bnrhan 
Ehel, Fsndiali, Mohmands. 
Headmen ; Badihah, Baz, 


KiEB Khbi,.— A seotion of 
Shadi Khel. Bobok, Dana, 

Eabi Khbl.— a snb-diTision 
of Bnltan-ka-KheU Bar 
Banbai, Akozu— Ynsnfzai 


Eakiupad Khbl (4I). — A 
minor fraction oi Abdul 
fiahman Khel, Sber Khel, 
Haibat Kbel, Nana Khel, 
Bahlolzu, MabsndB. 

Kabikdao Khbl.^A minor 
fraction of Must Ali, Shqikfi 
Khel, Aib Eh«l, Salarzai, 
nisszai, Bnnerwals. 

Kabiu Khbl. — A minor frao- 
tioD of Korim Khel, Jnmal 
Khel, Malik Shabi (400). 
Wall Khel, TJtnianz^, Dar- 
iresb Kbel Wazirs. Head- 
man ; Khan Mohammad. 

Kabih Eebl.— a miDor frac- 
tion of Jamal Kfael, Malik 
Shabi (400), WftU Ehel, 


TTtmanni, Darweeh Khel 
Wftairs. Headmen ; Juma- 
taa. Khan Muhammad 
JPiija«, Sarjamal, Taghar, 

Eabik Khsl. — A Bection of 
Fatteh Ehel, Abaiai, Ehwa- 
tszai, Akom — ¥iibii{e^ 

K :i Bin EoB.— A Uoisor fraction 
of the TJmar Khan Khel, Ali 
Karon .MamaE^, LaahkBrtai, 
Oraktaia. Gar. 

EiBiMZAi (60).— Aseotion of 
Uehtaizai, Hamn Khel, 
Sanatia, £akan. Headman ; 

EiiK Eeil(EO ; Den Ismai' 
Khan Distriet).— Nomadic 
a minor fnction of Sakori' 
Sein Ehel, Mian Ehel, Lo- 
hana, Pawin-daha. Head- 
man ; aee Mian Ehel. 

Kabkuidi Ehah. — A minor 
fnctlon of Uadda Khel, 
Miamai, Eabnl Ehel 
(3,000), Utmanzai, Darvreah 
Khel Wadrs. Headman ; 
MehT Ali, 

Eabxixi Ehkl.— a minor 
fraction of Marchi Ehel, 
Abdnl Ebel, Ban Khel 
(1,000), Mohmit Ehd, Ut- 
jDMDiai, Darwesh Ehel Wa- 

KiRMI Ehbl (601.— a minor 
fraction of the Oarri Ehel, 
Dachi Ehel, Sani Khel, 
Kanaz^, AUzai, Mahsnda. 
Headmen ; Tar Khan, Li- 
waad. Bandar Shah. 

Kabko Khbi (Dir territory). 
— A aeotion of Painda Khel, 
Semda, Malixu, Ynanfiaia. 

Eabhoe*! (250).— a snb- 
diTiaioa of Ahmad Khel, 
Sen Ehel, Sherania. 

KABiinzii'(eO).— A Bection of 
Mehl&nal, Hamn Khel, 

' Sanatia, Rakar«. Headman ; 
UnUa Eamal Ali. 

Eabni Khbl,— a diviaion of 
Malikdin Khel (4,000), 
Afridis^ Samil. Headmen ; 
Aiim I)iji, Samand, Sharif 

Kabba Ehil (liO).— A 
aeotion of the Uamdai, 
Shingi, BahloUiu, Mahaada. 
Headmen ; Eandhar, Bagh- 
dad, Mirza. 

Cabba Khbl.— a wction o^ 
Qhiubi Khel, Bsbakri, Sinah 

. (1.200), Afridia. Samil. 
HMdmrn ; Gnl Mast, Jan 
Gnl, Shah Morad, Ualik 
Sher Hnhammad. 

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Khaddar Ehel (770), Moh- 
mit Ehel, Utmaniai, Bat- 
weah Ehel Wazira. Head- 
man ; Sadirai. 

KiRBI Ehbl (180).— a sec- 
tioa of the Mandcri, Idak, 
Tappizad, Dawaris. , Head- 
men ; Mataiband, Eaim 
Shah, Ehffaja Muhaimnad, 
Badda Khan, Mirab Khan. 

Eabbi Ebsl (40),— a seotion 
of MnUagan, Tar, Hallizad 
Dawaria. Headman ; Faz- 

Easbi Ehbi, (60).— a section 
of Urmaz, Tor, Uallizsd, 
Da^varis, Headmen ; lEalim 
Ehidder Ehan, Snhbat, 
Mohammad Amin, Gul 
Bahman. ^ 

Eabu Ehbl. — A section of 
Uali (or Mnl!) Ehel, Salaf- 
zai, Ihagzai, BnnerwaU. 

Eabcn Ehbl.— A section of 
Asad Khel, Kitlia Kban 
Khel, Knlti Ehel (4,500), 
Afridis. Gar. Headmen ; see 
Shekhau and Miahslc Ehel. 


A Motion of Ehaki- 
tsi, Aahazai, Iliaazai, Buner- 

Ei9*HEHEL(70).— A minor 
fraction of Dnr Ehel, Ba- ' 
bakki, Haastt Ehel, Tor, 
Mallizad, Dawarifi. Head- ' 
men ■, Diwaiia Ehan, Ni- I 

Eabiu Kbbl (2S0).— a sec- 
tion of Kimat Ehel, Jawaki, 
Adam Ehel. Afridia. 

Easiu Ehbl.— a minor frac- 
tion of Aib Eor, Shaikh 
Khel, Aib Ebel, SaUriai, 
lUm^ai, Bunernvls. 

Elgin Ehel.— A Bection of 
Saran Ehel, Babakri, fiipah I 
(1,20(1), Aftidiz. Samil. 
Headmen ; Ghafar, Hassan, 
Shekh Ehan Muhammad, 
Hnhammad Asgw, Nawaz, 
Niaz Mahammad, Shekh 
Nnr Akm, Syad Alam, 
Shekh Qui. 

Eabik Ehel (80).— A snh- 
division of Badantai, 

Shaman Ehel, Mahsnda. 

Eabih Ehbl (60).— A section 
of ITmar Ehel, Nana Ehel, 

Bahloliai, Uahsuda. 

K>siM Ehel (SDO; hiUz 
north of .Michni, part in 
British territory). — A divl- 


Bion of Tankxai, MohmacdB. 
Headmen i see Kani Kbel 
and Ebalil Ebel. 

KasIU Khbl (YakhdaPd).— 
A diviiuos of Utmanzai, 

Mohmanda. Headmen ; xee 

Easih Khbi (228).— a snb- 
dirinoa of ChaW Kbel, 
Sbftman Kbel, Mah«nde. 

Kabik Kob,— a minor fra«- 
tioD of Bahmatal Kor, Ka- 
dai Kor, Gaudabi Halimzai, 
UohmandH. Headman ; G«e 

Babmatal Ear. 

'Ktav Khbl. — A minor frac- 
tion of Pridai (150), Aahu 
Kbel, Haenau Kbel, Adam 
Khel, Af ridis. 

EataOabav (18),— a n^or 
fraction of Umawai, Zira 
Efael, Amumi,. Mallizad, 
DawarU- Headmen ; Jnma- 
lan, EbaubadBbab. 

Ki'lA GbaK.— A minor frac- 
tion of Sbogai, Tori Kbel 
(3,670), Ibrebim -Kbel, Ut- 
manzai, Darwesb'Ebel "Wa- 
drs., Boadmen.; Khonamiii 
Pbai, Dalai, Ma^Am, Uu- 
hammad Onl. 

Kitk -Kbil.— A uetion of Eatomai (Bajaar) A di^i- 
Aks Uanif, P nlwiiii, Biu- sionof Bamilzai, IJarbtnis. 

iai, AkoMti— YnBlif?^ Swa- 

E»Ti Keel (60).— A section 
of Manderi,' Idak, Tap, 
piiad, Davaris. Headmen ; 
i^hib Khan, Zama Khan, 
ainghal Shah, Niiam 8bah. 

Kata Khbl {17).— A divi- 
n of Drigiai, Lunis. 

Katal Khbl (60).— A minor 
fraidon of Walidad Kbel, 
Lodi Kbel, Abdnllai, Aimal 
Kbel, Bahloliai, Mabands. 
Headman; Khoidad. 

K*iiais.— A section of Radal 
. Kor.Gandab, Halmmi, Mob- 
mands. Headmen ; Jamdad 
Abdol Wahid, Jamal, Sbamo- 
zaii Itanjak, Charogai, Shab 
Milnir, Babadnr, Bamodiii^' 
Makaiz, Jallal, Khan Mn- 
bammad, Faiznllaii Baihat- 
nlkh, Ghatol, Pir Muham- 
mad, Wahab. 

KaTi Khbl (16 ; ttera Ismail 
Khan District).- Nomadic, 
a minor fraction of Umrzaii 
Sein Kbel, Mian Khel, 
Lohana, Pawindatis. Head- 
nan 1 see Mian Khel. 

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Ehidizu (200 ; Khsoki 
river).— A diTiMon of 
lunaihai, OrokzuB. Sasul. 

Keadf Khel (620). -A divi- 
sion of Ehoidad Ehel, Z^- 


KhaSf Khel (35 ; Dera 
Imnail Ehan Distriet). — 
Nomadio, ft minor fraction 
of Saind Ebel, Isot Ehel, 
Uian Ehel, Lohaoat Pawin- 
dfthg. Headman ; see Miaii 

Ehu. — A mintff fraction o 
E«i Khel, Tqt Sapar (360) 
Gatai, Adam Ehel Afridis., 

Eeaibie Khsl.—A minor 
fraction of Wadin Khel, 
Ehazzar Ehel, Star AH Khan 
Khel, Barki Ehel, Madda 
Khel (1,600), Ibrahim ■ Khel, 
Utmanzai, Darweah Khel, 

Khiib»t Khbi.. — A minor 
fraction of Pira Khel, Mir 
Hasani.Macha, Madda Khel 
(1,600), Ihrahim Khel, 
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel, 

EHAiBaiH (6),— A section of 
Nana Ehel, l^piai, l^ppizad 
Dawaris. Headman ; Gal- 

Khel, Wall Beg Ker Gan- 
dah, Halimzai, UohmAids. 
Headman ; Shore Ualtam- 

Khaisti Eob (Yakhdand).— 
A diri^on of Vtmasiai, 
Mohmands. Headmen ; lee 


Kealar Khei (310).— a 
minor fraction of Sipah 
(Azad Khel), Ali Earan, 
Mamnzai, 8,600 Lashkanat, 
Oiakzais. Gar. Headman ; 

Gh ALIDAD KoK. — A mino' 
fraction of the Saiad Khan 
Nmasi.Ali Karan, Mamoiai 

' (^,500), lAshkaTzai, Oraki- 
aiB. Gar. Headman ; Saran- 

.?HALij Khbl. — A minor frao* 
tion of Usman Khel, Takht' 
Khel, Bakka Ehel 

(1,000), Wali Khel, Utman- 
zai, UartFesh Khel Waziri. 
He«dman ; Sakam. 

Ehaiil Khbi. (200iHilb 
- ntoib of Michni, put In 
Briti^ temtoi7]- — A tab- 
division of Kasim Ehel, 
Tatakzai. Uohmands. Head- 
men ; Janai, Ssifal, Sbah- 
. zada, Onlfuai. 

c,ri!-iht Google 

EHiUi Ebbl.— A minorfrao 
tion of Idar Ehel, Alt EW, 
Eb&ddftT Ehel (770), Hoh- 
mit Ebel, Utnuuiui, Du- 
weah Khel Waiin. il^d- 

man j Wftkhanti . 

EhiBIlb (3,eOO ; PeBUmr 
Diitriot).— A tribe o* the 
wme origin as tlie Moh- 
mondi, who live east <^ the 
Ehybec pM9 and alung the 
left bunk of lower Bam, 

Khauleii •(120).— a mh' 
diTuion of Tahia Ehel, Sen 
Ehel, SheraniB. 

Ehal Kbel.— a section of 
Ohaihi Khel, Babakri, Sipah 
(1,200), Afridig. ■ SamH. 
Headmen ; Akbar Hnanun, 

Ehjili Ehbl (337).— a diri- 
non of Shamian Ehel* Mab" 

Ehalczii (West of Dera Gbszi 
Eban Diatrict), — A aub-divi- 
ston of Land Pakl Labanai, 
Mnsa Kheli. Headman ; 
Soba Ehan. 

KHllIlREHBL{a401,— A PK- 

tion of Gidi Ehel, Manuai, 
Alizai, Uahaads. 

Ehimis (86).— a divhsion ot 
&jin, Tarins. 

Ehabaeai'Ehbl.— A minor 
fraction of 'AU Khel (100), 
Aebn Ehel, Massan Ebe), 
Adam Ehel, A£idis. 

Ehaita Ebkl (6 ; DetB 
lamail Khan District). — 
Nomadic, a minor fraction 
of Unsaz^, Sein Ehel, Mian 
Ehel, Lohana, Fawindaba. 
Headman ; see MUn Ehel. 

EHAHBBa Khel (Banna Dis- 
trict). — A minor traction of 
Tori K hel, Mtun Khel, Hathi 
Ebel (2,000), Shin Khel, 
Ahmadzai, Darneah Ehel 

Khan Bibi Khsl.- A miUOT 
fraction of EKairak Khel, 
Wadin Khel, Kharaar Khel, 
Star Ali Ehan Ehel, Sarki 
.Khel,_ MaddaKhel (1,600), 
Ibrahim Khel, TJtmanzai, 
Darweah Ehel Waiira. 

Ehasda Khbl. — Aseotionof 
Khan Kbel, Kub— Snlisai, 
Baizai, Akoiai -Toanfiai 

Ehandab Khah Ehbl 
(Bannu Digtriot). — ^A section 
of Hathi Khel (2,000), SUn 
Ehel, Ahmadzai, Darwesh 


Khel Waiin. Hesdmen ; 
Niiom Etuui, Landai, Shah 

KHiNDiS KHBt. — A minor 
fotction of Pairudi, Kabul 
Khel (2,600), WaK Khel, 
TTtmonzai, Dacwesb Khel 

XHtKl KhBH (eOO).— One of 
the four claiu of Cham- 

Ehik Ehbl (70 ; BUcl 
Uoantaiii). — A Mction of 
Sant Khel, Akazai, leazai, 

Xhih Ehbl (S.OOO).— A 
minor frartlon of Enz 
Salizat, Baii&i, Akozai — 
Ynnifzai Swstis. 

Ehak Ebbi. (180 ; Dsggar). 
—The I'amilf of the Khaiu 
of Da^ar, diBtinct and vert 
iuflaential in fiuner, and 
not belonging to an; olan< 
Headman ; Unkmat Eban 
of Daggar. 

KSAN Shsl (ISO; BUck 
Mountain). — A division of 
Deshiwal, Swatis. Headmen ; 
Az&d Eban, Eamal. 

Ehiit Kbbl[SOO; TheBlttok 
Mountain). — A snb-diviiion 
of Baaanzai, Isanu, Yitsnf- 
zais.' Uet^man g Hatbim Alt 
Khan (Ehan of the Hasan- 

KsiN Ehbe. — A minor fno* 
tion of Matkai, Halik Sbahi 
(400), WaU Khel, Utmanul, 
Darwesh Khel Waein. Head- 
man ; Tonbaa. 

KskS Khbl(36).— A seotion 
of Khan ^heUShahi Khel, 
Aliziu, Mabsuds, Headman : 

KHtH'. Ehbl (76). — A sub- 
' division of Shalii Khel, 
Alizai, Mahfinds. 

Ehiit Ehbli-~A minor fine 
tion of Takhti Ehel, Bakka 
Khel (1,0U0), Wali Khel, 
Utman^, Darwesh Khel 
WaziTB. Headmen; Khan 
Badshah, Ehazan Khan, 
Miyan Ehel, Qnlazamir, 
Zamma Mir, Miraa, Onl 
Ehatnu Bahmat Shah. 

Khah Hai Tab*b. — A minoi 
fraction of the Hamnn Kot, 
Kandai, lea Ehel, Fandiali, 
Hohmands. Beodman ; Pai- 

Khah Khbl (Nandihar).— KhaH MIuhammadzai (Wert 
A diTinon of Handihari of Dera Ghail Khaa Dia- 
Smtii. trlot).— A Motion of Unh- 

L,,n!.nnv Google 


ammodzai, Ahmadzai, Balil 
Ehel, Mnsa KheU. Head- 
man ; Ehan Maharamad. 

Khabb (80).— a minor frac- 
tion of Kharc, Taib Rhel, 
Amioni, Mallizad, Dawaris. 
Headmen ; Wailrgai, Baiid, 
Khalim Sbah, Mir Gliaiam. 

Eharb (90).— a geotion of 
Taib Khel, Amioal, Malli' 
zad, Dawaris. Headmen ; 
"Wazirgai, Mma Khan. 

EsiBB Khbi.— A Diioiir frac- 
tion 6i Iffandi Kiel, Mad 
Khoxhal, Kliaddar Kbel 
(77t>),Molim!tKhel, tltinan- 
xni, Darwesh Ehel Waxirs. 
Headman ; Kahar. 

Eb&bi Khbl.— a minor fcao- 
tton of Kata Gran, Shngai, 
Tori Khei (2,670), Ibra- 
Iiim Ebel, Utmanzai, Dar- 
wegb Ebel Waiin. Head- 
maH ; Firai. 

KhiBI Kebl.— a minor frac- 
tion oi lamiul Ehel (LW), 
Elmat Ebel, Jawaki, Adam 
Ehel, Afridis. 

EHABUi.CH KSBL (306).— ^A 
spction of Naur Ehel, Aimal 
Ehel, Bablolzai, MabandB. 

Ehabiuch Ebil (SI).— a 
section ef U^tu, Shin^, 
Bablolzai, llaliand& 

Khabkanj Ehbl. — A minor 
fraction of Madda Efie), 
Uiamai, Eahnl Ehel (3,000), 
Utmanzai, Darweeb .Ebel 
Wazirs Headmen ; Snikam 
and Gulbat Khan. 

EHiBOTn (1,710 ;. between 
Eborasan and India).— One 
of Pawindab t lading 

Kbibbi Khbi (70),— A eM- 
tion of the Kikarai, Nana 
Khel, Babloiii^, MahandE. 
Headmen; Fatt^> Kamin- 


k&ABBIM (300 ; tTppei Tochi 
vallej),— A Mnal! tribe, 
cUiming to be Saiada frtoi 
AbyBBinia, Mttled amongst 
the Madda Ebel Wazira. 
Headmen ; Sai^wal, EhaLik- 
dad, WoduB, Natobak, 
Alimnk, A lai^ter Wanch oi 
the saitM tribe resides in 
Babaru, a distikt of Elxwt, 
east of Matun. 

Ehutai.— A small tribe lir* 
ing beyond the Den Ohazi 
border. HeadinaD; Jebon 

Eh IT A EBtti (60— Sera 
Ismail Ehan dlidHtit)^ 
fiomadio, a minor fiaetion 
of Faaani, Isot Ehel, Mian 
Khel, Lohana, Panindab*. 
Headman ; see Mian Ehel. 

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Eh&tiizai {West of Dera 
Ghaii Khan Diatriet). — A 
■ection of Inzar, Hssan Khel, 
SaUH Kbel, Mnsa ELek. 

' He^dioMt ) ICftlikTiilAr. 

Khattaks _(34,00[) ; Sonth- 

. eastern portion of the -Pesh- 
awar district, and thf south- 
em and eastera portions of 

■ the Kohat dSstriot). — A 

. great tribe of Pathaas, 
whose' main zenealogical 

- divisions are as follows, ttii., 
Tari, Taraki and Bolak. 
Irrespoctive of the abore, 
however, the tribe has a 
local division into two main 
branches, vix., Akoraoreaet- 
em Khattaks, and Teri or 
western Khattaks. There is 
a tbird inter-tribal division 

' whieh Balanites the three 
classes below mentioned 
from the general bod^ of 

' the Ehattaks, nz., the 
Eban Khel, which includes 
the relatives of all the 
chiefs ; the Fakir Kbel, who 
bave a great reputation for 
sanctity, and the Kaka Kbel. 
The divinons, et«., of the 
Kbattaks, witb tbe eicep- 
tion. of the Kaka Ehel, are 
not indexed in this Diction- 

Nana Khel, Bablobai, Mab- 

KhaWas Khbl.— a minor 
fractiui of Ismail Kbel (150), 
Kimat Khel, Jawaki, Adam 
Khel, Afridis. 

Khitasta Kor.— a minor 
fraction of Abdnr Babman 
Kbel (200). Moss Khel, 
Mamazai, Laahkarzai, Orak> 
zais. Gai. Headman ; 

Ehazzab Khkl, — A minor 
fraction of Star All Kban 
Khel, Sarki Kbel, Madda 
Khel (1,600), Ibrobim Khel, 
ftmanzai, Darweab Khel 
Wazirs. Headmen ; Sadda 
Ehan, Alambe Khan, Sha- 
dam Ehan (Ger Madda 
Khels,) Sftbir (Inzar Kach), 
NurSIiah(Sanxalai), Umu 
Khan (Iniar Kacb). 

KhepjaI (0). — A anb-division 
of Salezai, BakanW, Lnnla. 
Headman ; see Salezal. 

Eebsb Ehel.— a section of 
the Tarkuki Ehel, Bazoti, 
(GOO) Danlatzai, Orakzala. 



Ehiddi Khbl (25). -A sec- 
tion (rf Baromai, Shabi Khel, 
Alizai, Mahauds. Headman ; 
Uahammad Ajaz. 

KBisB^ifi.— 7A 8nb-diTuian of 
Mekhianl, ^pln, TarinB. 
Ueadman ; Maaladsd. 

Kbisb KBBL^Mj.-AHnm 
MjaB section of ' Shabosal, 
Dnmar, Sanzar, KabnrB. 
Headmniij Hotan. 

Khibbi (100).— a section of 
Manderi, Idak, Tappizad, 
Dawaris. neadmen ; AUf 
Khan, Kaim Shah, Hit 
Abbas. WaU Hassan, Salek 


iiZAi. — A sub- division 
Arbn Khel, Sanaar, 

Kbidrzii (416).— a enb- 
division of Ahmad Khel, 
Oba Kbe), 3heranis. 

Khiiir Kbbl.— a minor 
fraction of Mintar Ehel, 
Mnhammad Khel, Hassan 

- Khel (400), Mohmit Khel, 
Utnianzai, Darwcab Khel 
Wftzirs, Headmen ; Misrai, 

. Kabol, Kliugalgai, Saadat 

Kboa Khbl, — A minor frais- 
tion of All Kbel, Manzar 
Khel (360), Ibrahim Khel, 
TJtman^f, Daxwesb Khel 

Khodadad Khbl.^-A minor 
fnuAion of Ismail, Khadin 
Khel Ashaxai, Iliasiai, Bu- 


Khoidadai (74).— a aeetion 
of Malikshai, Aimal Khel, 
Bahlolzai, Mahanda, 

Kboidad Kbsl (777).— a 
section of the Gidi Khel, 
Manaz^. Alizai, Mahsads. 

Khoidad Kbbi ; see Bajnla. 

Khoidad Kbbl.— a aBb-di»i- 

sion of the Hamnzai, Miahtia 
(3,000), "iHamsayaa " of the 
Orakzais. Samil. Headman ; 

Khoidad Kob or Ehudadad 
KoE. — A Bub-dmsion of 
Babazal Kor, Dawezsi, Hoh- 
maada. Headman ; J&£ar. 

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KboisiD Kob-— a minor 
fnotion of Saltan Ebel, 
Hftmza, Khel, Gandab, 
HBlbazAiiSfohinanclB. Head- 
man ; Uahammad Akntm. 

KHOiDAreir (2,000).— A pm- 
lion of Shadozai, Aliiai, 
Banzar, Kakars. 

KHOiDi.DZAi{Zhob}.— A minoi 
fraction of Ibrahiaizai, Sha- 
doz^, Ali Khel, Sanzar, 

Kno/j, Eawab Ehsl (Upper 
, Maatnra river). — A dWision 
of the Ali Kheli (3,000), 
" Hsmsajaa " of the Orak- 
zaia. Oar. i Shiah. Head- 
man ; Havas Kban. 

Khoiak (3O0).— a amall tribe, 
an ofi'gkoot of the Kakare. 
Headman ; luihkar Khan. 

Ehoji. Ehbl (Gnmatti and 
Wana). — A minor fraction 
ot Ali Ehel (10), Bomi Ebel 
(6,410), Ha»ia Din, Kalti 
Ehel, AhmadTai, Danresh 
Kiel Wazirfi, 

Ehoia Khbl.-~A minor frac- 
tion of March! Khel, Abdul 
Khel, Bom Khel {1,0' 0), 
Sohmit Khel. UtmaoEai, 
Duweeb Ehel Wbuts. 

Keoii Kbxl (80).— a minor 
fraction of the Kaimdad 
Khel, Abdul fiahman Ehel, 
Sher Ehel, Haibat Khel, 
Kana Khel, Bahloka 
Mahsnde. Headmen ; Jan^n, 

Khojakzai (4C^.— A (Ham- 
tayaa) taction of Umizai, 
Dnmar, Sanzar, Kakars. 

Khoiakzai (50).— A section 
of Tahia, Ahmad Ehel, Oba 
Ehd, Bheranig. 

Keojal Khbl.— A snb-divi- 
inon of Hat Khan Khel, 
Khambar Khel (4,600), 
Afridis. Gar. Headmen j 

. Mehrdin, Gattai, Matta, 
Mirabak, Sha^bai, Jumma, 
B^mat, Uiro. 

Ehojai. Kbil (600 ; Wana), 
-A minor fraction of Shadi 
Khel, Nasra Din, Kaln 
Khel, Abmcdzai, Danrexh 
Khel Wazire. Headmen ; 
Sarwar Khan, Amir Ehan. 

Khojawas Kob, or Kewaja- 
WAs EoB.— A minor frar- 
tion of baeul Kor, Wali Be^ 
Kor, Gandah, HalimEoi, 
Uohmanda. Headmen t 

Abdcl Amir, Qhafai. 


Ehoji KHBtr.— a minor frac- 
tion of Bozi Khel, Madda 
Khel (1,600), Ibrahim Khel. 
UtmanTai, Darwesh Khel 
Wazira. Headman; Num. 

Khoji Kbil [Bftnnii Dis- 
trict). — A minor fraction of 
DeuU Khel, AH Khel, 
Mun Khel, Hatbi Khel 
(2,000). 8fain Khel, Ahmad- 
zai, Daiweah Khel Wazire. 

Ehojzai '(60).— a eeotion 
of Khan Khel, Sbabi Khel, 
Allzai, Mahaads. Headmen ; 
Plr, Watoa, Wsryam. 

KEOJBi.1 _(2m.-A section of 
Shamerai, ATanazai, Alizai, 
Mahanda. Headman ; Akbar 

Ehojxii (60),— a snb-divi- 
sion of Darpa Khel, Malli- 
la^, Dawarig. Headmen ; 
Shah Hosseio, Hahammad 
Tar, Mianwar and Uakhmad. 

Khoni Khsl. a minor frac- 
tion of Dad Khel, Mir 
Hasani, Macha, Madda Khel 
(l,«Xi), Ibrahim Khel, Ut- 
manxai, Darwesh Khel 

Kkobti Skbkhs (204).— 
" Hamuyas " of the (west- 
ern) Sanzar, Kakan. 

KHosTWiL (5).— A minor frac- 
tion of AH Khel, Barim 
Ehel, Amzont, Mallizad, 
I^warie. Headman ; Lai. 

Khobiwals (12.60DX— An 
Afghan tribe deeoended 
parti; from the Ehngianis, 
partly from the Ohilzais, 
inhabiting the Bhamil valley 

KHTiDiDAD Khbl.— A minor 
fraction of Tal^h Khel, 
Kaddam Khel, Feroz Ehel, 
Maabi Ehel, Uannia Khel, 
Hassan Kh^l, KitJia. Eban 
Ehel. Kuki Khel (4,600), 
Afridia. Gar. Ueadmaa ; 
aee Talagh Khel. 

KauDir Ehbl (1,800 ; wmth 
of Bnner). — A seotion ol 
Sadozai, Utmaniai, Han* 
dam, YosafziuB. 

Keuqa Ehel. A nVdM- 
sion of TJsnuin Kliel^Biezai 
Mohmandi. Headmen ; Fi- 
rai, Shahnan, Imat, AUah^ 

IfHTTjiT. Ehbl.— A section rf 
Mnghol Khel, Bartni Ehel, 
Kamral Khel (600), Afridi*. 
Bamil. Headmen ; Hafiz 
Samnndar, and Feroz Eban. 

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EEcrBAU Khbl 'S5J.— a mi- 
nor traction of Shinki Khel, 
Babttki, Bu»u KheL, Tor, 
HftlHzad, P&warig. Head- 
men; Fanjdar, Mad Afzal. 

Ehuuibi.— A minor fracUon 
of Ktmti Kbel, Ali 
Ebel, Moaa Khel, Narizai, 
Malizai, BimervFals. 

EHimiBi Ebbl.— A section 
of Jawabi. Babakri. Slpah 

g,300}, AfridU, SjunU. 
ea jiaan ; Ahniad. 

Khel Wazirs. 
Sheikh Majid. 

Ebuhi Khil {30).— a minor 
fiaetlon of tbe Kbarmaoh 

■ Ehel Naar Khel, Aimal 
Ehel, Bablolzai, Mahsndii. 

EsnauA Khbl (200 ! 
Onnuttl, temporarily).— A 
minor fraotion of Shadi 
EKel, Nisra Din, Kaln 
Ebel, Ahmadz^, Dortregb 
Ebel Waztra. 

KHI7K Khbl (20)-— A minor 
fraction of the Shnmi Khel, 
Falll Khel, Manazai, Alizai, 
Mabanda. Headman i J^la. 

KHTTBAKiii (180).— A section 
of Baranzai, Eebzu. Sanzar, 
EakarB. Headman ; Ifadai. 

Ebobri Ebbl (S}.— A minor 
fraetioD of Eiki Ebel, 
Muhammad Ehel, JIfaUkh, 
Mallizad, Daorsiis. Head- 
man ; Miyau Ehel. 

E BUSH ALA I. — A aeotion of 
Tori Ehel (2,670), Ibrahim 
Khel, Utmanzai, Darwesh 
Ehel Wazirs. Headmen ; 

Fattob MiT and Shahmak. 

Ebdsbosi 1560).— A sob-diTi- 
sion of Nanrnddin, Zakha 
Ehel Afridie. SamU. Head- 
men ; Madraza, Mangar 
Shah. Nut Dost, Mir Khan, 
Jamrez, Shah Uard, Gulrez, 
Mir Hasean, Amir Shah, 
Haji Lawsr Khan, Tor, Sul- 
tan Mohammad, Sfaeno, 

EflttTAT (87)-- A section of 
Taib Ebel, Amzoni, MalU- 
zad, Dawaris. Headmen ; 
Hathi Ehel, Gul Habib, Ar- 


EawAD Khbl.— A sttriJon of 
Tara Ehel, Moia, Walftpvn, 

u,,.,, Google 

Khwaizai (3^00 ; Bchai 
Dag, Goshta,KabTa Biver} — 
One of the Moluoftnd clioH. 
Ptv Headmen ; Bee^Oawat 
Ehel, Uaimana Khel, Khadi 

Ehwiidad Ehbl.— a lec- 
tion of the Cbawar Ehel, 
Bazoti (SCO) Danlatsai, Orak- 

zaiB. Saiml. 

Khwaidad Ehbl (BetireeTi 
Khanki and Mastnra val- 
iejB).— A snb-diviaioii of the 
Bar Muhammad , Khel 
(1,000), Muhammad Ebel, 
Onkiau. Gar. Shiah. 

Ehwaidad Ehil.— a anb-di- 
Tigiou 6f Barmi Ehel. Eam- 
»i Khel (600), Atridig. Ba- 
mil. Headmen ; Azam Ehao, 

* Ali Jan, Azad Eban, Fateb 
Mir, GnlzaT, Jnmma, Mira* 
bat, Mir Zaman, Mir Faahak, 
Temn, Hamid, fiabmat Khan, 
UiT, Zardad, Hohahat. 

Ebwaidad Ehxl.— a minor 
fraction of Zsmia Ehel, 
Muti Ebel, Eambar Ehet. 
Eambar Ehel (4,600), Afri- 
' di*. Gar. Headman; Ma- 
hammad Yar. 

Khwaja Ahkad Khil.— a 
minor fraotioa of Warnka Ali 
Khan Ebel, Sarkl Ebel 
Uadda Ehel (1,600), Ibra- 

Khwaia Ali Ehbi,. — ^A minor 
fraction of Ihnlat £hd, 
Ghalib Kban Khel, Malik- 
din Ehel, Malikdin Ehel 
(400f>). Afridia. BamU. 
Headmen ; see ' DaulAt 

Khwaja Dbxb Ehak.— a 
minor fraotlos of Idia Ehel, 
Jani Ehel (1,000), Wall 
Ehel, Utmanzai, Darweah 
Ehel Wazire. Headmen; 
Mir, Bir Birjan. 

EswiJA Hawas Eebl.— a 
Bub-^vision of tbe Zanka 
Ehel, Ali Ehela (SAW). 
" HamBajaa " of the Orak> 
zaia. Gar. i Sbiah. 

EhwajaKhbl (1,500; Ehar- 
mana river}.— A sab-divi- 
sion of HasDzai, TAnhbmnni, 
OrakzaiB. i Gar, i SamU 
Headman ; Hiualii Shah. 

Ebvaia Ehbl (800;Iioar- 
gai).— A division of Aliabet 
Khel, ShinwarJB. Headmen ; 
Eamran, Saiad Gbnlam, 
Nadir Ehan. 

EBWAJ.A Ehbl.— A seotion ot 
Fatteh Ehel, Abaiai, Ehw». 
laTai, Akozai— Tiunfni 

Lnm-i ht Google 

Kbwaji Kbbl.— a name 
'■ometimeg given coUectwely 
to the Darre Khe! asd 
Mirj& Ehel, . clauH of the 

Eh'WUA KaBL— An nn- 
iiliportant division of Bar- 
Baoizaii Akoiai,— YuBufzai 

Ehwaj* Khbl.— a . Biinor 
fraction of Ismail Ehel (150), 
Etmat Khel> Jawalu, Adam 
Khel, AfridiB. 

■Khwaja Ehbl.— a minor 
fraction of Miamal, Kabul 
Kbel (2,600). Wall Khel, Ut- 
manzaii Darweeh Khel Wa- 
^ra. Headnaen ; Surkam, 
GnTbat Khan, Mehr All . 

KhwaJa Khide Khbl.— 
A Boetion of Mir Kndi 

■ Khel, BaMti (500), Daalat- 
lu, OrakzaiU. Samil. 

Kbwaji Ehbl (60; Dera Ib- 
ma9 Ehan Dirtriot).— No- 
madic, a niinor nfictTOn of 

■ Bttloch Khel, iBOt Khel, Mian 
Khel, 'Lahana, Fawindahs. 
Headman ; «ee Mian Ehel. 

KBWWoKrBii KoB.— A seo- 
Uoa of Ihr:Jiim KKel, Ka- 
ftiali, Halimzai.MoliniandB. 
Headmen (with thoae of 

l4aJ(kai Kw); Antar, Ax* 
sails Khan, Said Fakir, 
Bedai, Nurai, Haidu Ehsn, 
Fmp Din, Danran Shah, 
Ghnum Jan. 

Khwu Khbl (150).— A bco- 
tion of Ali Karan, Mamuzai, 
Iiashkarzai, Orakzais. ' Gar. 
Headman ; Ibnibim. 

Ehwab KH«L.-Aminorfrao' 
lion of Msdda Ehel. 
Miamai, Eabnl Khel (2,600), 
Utmanzai, Darwesh Ehel 

EEWAZiZtl (lft,0rO ; right 
bank of the Swat river, 
from Eohistan to the Panj- 
koia riieT).~One of the 
three clans of Akozai— Tu- 
irafzsi, Swatis. 

EiBiAi, Kkbui, 01 Ebw«. 

ZAi (1,180; Zhob).— A divi- 
sion of Banzar, Eakars. 
Headmen ; Bangor Zakaria- 
zai, (Mareghutzai) ; Mtaii 
Khan (Barsniai). 

KiEAXAi (117). - A anb-diT!- 
sion of Nana Eh«l, Bahlolzai, 

c,ri!-i ht Google 

KiKEAt (105). A Motion cA 
OoiA Khe!, Gale«liftlii, 
Sl^man Khel, MabandB. 
Headmen -, Id Akbar, Sawan, 
Amzuu, Saifal* 

KrEi Khbi (73).— a section of 
Maliatamad Eiiel, Mslolih, 
Malliud, D&warlg. Head- 
men ; Niaznutitd, Tirob, 
Mian Khel. 

KiHAT Ehbl (830),— a mb- 
division of JawftM, Adtm 
Khel, Afridis. 

KiHAT Khbl (140),— a 800- 
tion of Haidar Khel, Tor, 
Tappizad, Dawaris. Hea|1- 
men ; Nasar £liai)i Gal 
Badin, Mad Akbar. 


L, (12).— A Bub- 
diriaion of Khaddi, Matlizad, 
Danaris. Headmen ; G 
Boshid, and Elioja Azam. 

EiBCH Khbl (9).— A section 
of Hakim Khel, Mnbarak 
Shahi. Mallizad, Damtris. 
Headmen ; Aiu Shah aaA. 

EiBSADiH !Ehbl (40).— a 

minor fraction of Salimi 

Khel, Baohi Ehel, Palli 

' Ehel, Manazai, Aliiai, 

Mabsnda. Headman ; Ajab- 

Eiz KiiIpA (3S). — A minor 

fraction of Dangar Ebel, 
Piran Hangar Khel, Mnham- 
mad Khel, M&lakh, Mallizad 
Dawsrifl. Headmen ; Sahib- 
gai, Gnlli, Pir Badshah. 

Kiz Parbz Khrl (12).— a 
BectioD of Tapiai, l^^izad, 
Dawaria. H^men ; Fatt«h 
Khan, Ka'sim Khan, 

KoB Khbl.— AoectionofSnl- 
tan Khel, Sher Gulla, Aka 
Ehe1(l,S00), Afridis. Saiml. 

KotiA EnEL. — A minor frac- 
tion of Muhammad Ebel 
(700). Isperka, Kaln Ehel, 
Ahmadzai, Darwesh Kbel 
Wazirs. Headman; Wuila 

KoDA Ehbl (Bohai B^).— 
A 8nb-di™ion of Usman 
Ebel, Baezai UohmandB. 
Headmen ; Tad GnI, Qhafar, 
. Shad Nam, GnUatan, Almaa. 

Koi Eebi> (16).— a seoHon 

. of Malla Ebel, Chahar 

Ebel, Shaman Ehel, Mah< 

Budg, Headman; Uommdar, 

, Mirdad, 

EoLT Ehel Dakka, Girdi, 
Pielia-var, nad Upper Hel- 
niinii).—(Homadic, a snb- 
diviaioT! of Kucbi, tftmanial, 

Ln,.,;,n nv CoOglc 

KcwiE Kbbl (160).— a ibinor 
fraction oi tUe Abdul Khel, 
l&rgarKhel, Khoidad Khel, 
Gidi Kiel, Manazai, Alizai, 

KOTWAt (440 ; Black Moun- 
tain) -—A sub-diviBion of 
Ha»an/ai, Isa/Ai, Ynanfiais 
Headmen ; Hamid Khan, 
Bostan, Dana Elian. 

Koiwai Khbi.— A sfction of 
Aya Khel, Ashaial, Iliaszai, 

KncHBLAi (90 ; Blafk Moun- 
tain).— A division of Deahi- 
wal, SwatiB- Headmen ; 
Ahmad, Mir Husem. 

KucHii {Utroaniai ; Upper 
Helmand and Ningrahar).— 
Homadic, as distins°5shed 
from the Udredunkai, are a 
division of Utmuniai, Moh- 
mandfl. Headmen ; Asim, 
Abdullah, Nnr, Khandad, 

, KUCHIS (DaweTai, Upper 
Helmand and Ningrahar).— 
Nomadic, as dielinguiBhed 
from the Urtrt'dunkai, are 
a diyision of Dawezai, Mob- 
mauds. In winter they leave 
their familiea in Ningrahar, 
and carry merobandize 
Between Kabul and Pesha- 
war. They are mb-dirided 

into FlaRBan Khel, Mandozai, 
Haiarbuz, with an associated 
ohm caUed Za Khel. 

KuDi KHKt. — A snb-division 
of the Umarwii, Sheikbana, 
(3,WI), "Hamaayas" of the 
Orakzaia. Samil. Headman ; 

KuBBZAi (80)^A section of 
Baranzai, Kebzai, Sanzar, 
Eakais. Headmen ; Mir 
Shah, Walidad. 

EiTBizii (West of Dera Ghail 
Khan District), — A sub- 
division of Abmadzai, Balil 
Khel, Musa Kbela. Head- 
men; Lai Khan (Shamizai), 
Dost Muhammad (Ali Ehan- 

KuHADAE Keel. — A minor 
fraction of Misri Khel, Bosti 
Khel (160), Oalai, Adam 
Kbel, Afridis. 

Kci Khel.— A section of Tor. 
Sapar (350), Galu, Adam 
Kbel, Airidis. 

Kci Kbel.— A minor fraction 
of Darnr (300), Khusrogi, 
Nnsruddin, Zakba Kbel, 
AfridlH. Samil. Headmen; 
ue Bncha Khel. 

c,ri!-iht Google 


KiTEi Ehel (4,500 ; Baia 
Haidan, Bajgal, the Otid&r 
and lashora valleja).— One 
of the BIX Khj'ber Afridi 
clans Gar. Headmen ; 
Zaman Khan, KamW Khan 
and Khaifita Khan, 

KuKi Khbl.— A minor frac- 
tion of Manak Ehel, Bakhshi 
Khel,Madda Ehel (1,600), 
Ibiahim Ehel, Utmani^, 
Darweeh Ehel Wa^ra. 

KCEEOZAI (Bight bank of 
KabQl- river).— One of the 
affiliated Mt^mand olana. 

Edlla Ehil. — A eab-diviuon 
of Ualikdin Kbel, Malikdin 
Khel (4,000), Afridia. SaraiL 
Headmen ; Akbar, Dostai, 
Bher Onl, Zorif, Sbamend- 

KuLU Ehbl.— A minor frao- 
'tion of DUdar Ehel, Moh- 
mand Ehel, Kattia Kbel. 
Ha-aan Shel, Mitha Khan 
Ehel, Enki Ehel, Afiidis. 
Oar. Headman ; Mirwal. 

Kum Ehbl. — A anb-divi- 

Bion of Shekh Ali Ehel, Kam- 
-rai Ehel (600), Afridis. 
Bamil. Headmen ; Mttlla 
Amir Shah, Mulla Akhnnd- 
zada and Sher Walli. 

ErHAi. — A minor fnwtion of 
Sndan Ehel (850), Igwrka, 
Ealn Ehel, Ahmadzai, Dar* 
wesh Ehel Wazire. 

EUNDAI. — A minor fraction of 
Jambai Ehel, Warnka AH 
Ehan Khel, Sarki Ehel, 
Madda Khel (1,600), Ibra- 
him Ehel, Utmaniai, Dar- 
weah Ehel Wazirs. 

EuHDAi. — A minor fraction of 
Tor Khel, UmariM (600), 
Shin Khel, Ahmadzai, Dar- 
nesh Khel Wazin. Head- 
men ; Niazzi, Fazal, tali 
GdI, Ghttllai. 

KcKDAi.— A minor fraction of 
Bizen Ehel (700), Shadi 
Ehel, NaaraSin, Eala Khel, 
Ahmadzu. DartreEh ' Ehel 
Wazire. Headman ; Jalal 

ECHDi (Banno District).— A 
minor fraction of Pirba Ehel, 
Hathi Khel (2,000), Shin 
Khel, Ahmadzw, Danvesh 
Khel Wazira. Headmen ( 
Shakhai Ehel, Wani Ebel 
Ghalat Khel, Mia" «"< 

EruBis (200 ; North-- 
Dera Ismail Kban D 
— One of the lewer 
dah trading tribe*. 

Lnm-nnv Google 

KuHi KsiT. (60 ; Khatmana 
river).— A minor fraction of 
th« Abdal Mirzi, LaDdaizai, 
U&mwi, LashkarMii, Orak- 
zaig. Qar. Headman ; 3Iiau 

Knaio Khbl,— A minor frao- 
tion of Eni Khel, Tor, Sapar 
(350), GgM, Adam Ehel, 

Edbamzai (West of the Dw» 
Ghaii Khan District}.— A 
sab-diTiaion of BamxaKsi, 
;^UI Khel, Mnsa Eheh. 

KuBWiT (li).— A Mctitm of 
Taib Khd, Amzoni, Mal- 
IJzad, Dawaris. Headman ; 

KcsHA Khbl. — A snb-dividon 
of the Zakka Ehel, Ali Khele 
(3,000), " Hamnayas " of the 
Orakzus, i Shiith. Gar. 
Headman ; Ehan ]lf nhjtm- 

J^csHAB. — A minor fraution of 
Kanial Khel, Alieher Khal, 
Mnsa Khel, Norizai, Mitli- 
zai, Bonerwela. 

EvBHi. KoB (Kabul Kiver, 
west of Miohni, and part in 
British territory)- — A minor 
fraction of Asaf Ehel, 

DaJkha Kor, Dadu Ehel, 
Tarakzai, Uohmands. For 
Headmen ; see Asaf EheL 

Edtab Khbl.— a section of 
the Badzai, Eattagarm, 
Tatta, Battannis. 

EuTAB Khbl.— A minor frac- 
tion of Ball) Ehel Shadi 
Kh«l, Bara Ehel (1,000), 
Uohmit Ehel, Utmanmi, 
Darwesh Khel Wazirs. 

EijiA Kkbl.— A diTision o£ 
Sanizai, Cie-Swat Utman 
Khela. Headmen; Saiad 
Shah, Uir Alam. 

KuiAB Khbl (Miranzai and 
Mastura valleys).- A divi- 
sion of Mada Khel. (800). 
"HaniBayas" of the Or^ixaie. 

KuTAB Khbl.— Aminorfiae- 
tion of Hindi Khel, Tor, 
Jani Khel (1,000), Wah 
Khel, Utmanzai, I^aiwesH 
Khel Wazirs. Headman; 
Plr Makhmad. 

EuTTA Ehbl.— A minor frac. 
tion of Mir Ali Ehel, Idia, 
Khel, Jani Khel (1,000), 
Wali Khel, Utmanzai. Dar- 
w-esh Ehel Waiirs. Head- 
miin ; Gnl Ghafar. 


EtJITI Ehb£.— A gegticm of 
Umu Khan Kbel, Malik- 
din Ehel, McLlikdin Khel 
(4,000), -AfridiB. SamU. 
HMdmen ; ' Bumir, Oholu 
J&n, Hazrat tiol, Eolki, 
Miran, JSJx SSkman, Malla 
SIftnsnr, Pajaa, Baaol, 
t-alimi'Sordar, Akbaf, Boa- 
Ui, Sber Gnl, Zartf, Bh&mB- 

Kuiti.Khbl (40). -A section 
of Nawar Kiel, Mtnn 
Shah, Tappizad, Dawarie. 
M es^en ; JKn MoliaiiLmKd, 
Bhdkha Sin, Bhamb. 

Eni (or Ebbasfawai,) Bob- 
BiH Ehsi.,— A Bnb-drvimon 
6i fiariian EIkJ, Faodiali, 
MAhmand*. Ueodioan. 

Kuz KssL.-^A minor fokotus 
of Bolaki EM, Tatar Eliel 
or Akhorwal (300), Uamaa 
Ehel, Adam Ehel, Afridis. 

Kuz Sduzai (6,600 i left 
bank of Swat riTer, from 
Thona to ]llBniBz)-r-A ^vi- 

. sioD of Baizai, AkozM — 
Yusnfsai Swatii. . 

Krzi Khbl. — A snb-diTision 
of Shekh Ali Ehel, Kamni 
Ehel (eOO), Afridis. Samil. 
Headmen ; UlnUa Amir 
Shah, Mnlla Akhnndzada, 
apd SW Walli. 

Kwui.— A section of Khadin 
Kliel, Ashfuai, niaszai, 

LiDDAT (30).— A Be<)tion of 
Tarota, Idak, Tappizad, 
llaww*. Headmoa i Idar, 

Lii>Di Ebsl (Hi).— a minor 

fraction of the Nekzan Ehet, 
tiher Ehel, B^hat Khel, 
Hana Ehel, Bahlolzai, 
Mahmda. Headmen ; Daraz, 
Asutn Shah. 

IiaDi EsIL (70)>-A section 
of Mnmkki, Tor, Ualli^ 
Dawarig. Headmen; IMl- 
band, Pasta Ehan, Mnham- 
mad,2amir, Mihrjan. 

iDi Khsl,— A minor tm- 
tionofKhan Khel, Takht: 
Ehel, Bakka Khel (IflOO), 
Wall Ehel, ntmAnui, Dar- 
wesh Khel Waurs. Head- 
men 1 Zamma, 31ir. 

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LamKbbl.— AminorfRwition 
of IWii Khal, ShoTski (2 -0), 
GaW, AdiunlEhel Afridis. 

LlDU (60).— A division of 
Kakaswal, Lnnig. Head- 
men ; fialiindil, Malikzai, 
Oaldod, Hajini, 1^1 Khan, 

-- JomalEai, Khandai, Jalezai, 
Lai Gnl, Malwancai, Dasmal 
Boiazai, Fatehan, SidzaL 

Li.0 Khel. — A minor fraotion 
of Hira Khel, Mad Eliozbai, 
Khaddar Klial (770), Moh- 
mit Khel, TJtmanzu, Dar- 
wegh Khel Wazirs. Head- 
man 1 Sonobar. 

LiflHiB KhIL (orDoDi).— 
A minor fraction of Kbazzar 
Ehel, Star All Ehan Khel, 
Sarki Khel, Madda Ehel, 
(1,600), Ibrahim Ehel, 
' Utmaniai, DarweA Khel 

Laqhab Ehel,— A minor 

fraction of Aghrab Ehel, 
Ismail Khel, Bozi Ehel, 
Madda Khtl (1,600), Ibra- 
him Khel, Utmanzai, Bar- 
weah Khel Wazirs. 

LiHiBBAi (1,060),— A divi. 
rion of Uosa EheU. Head- 
men ; see Nosai, Hoknzai, 
land Palai, Muigizal. 

La I LI. — Aooording to to tradi- 
tion, a tribe of Waziis 
residing on the north-weit- 
ern slopes of the Safed Eoh ; 
bat they have never been 

Lakai Eob.— a Motion of 
Ibisblm Ehel, Eamali,Hali- 

mzsi, Mobmands. 

Lazhabi Khel (Close to 
Ublan Pass).— A gub-^vi- 
uon of Sipah (400), Hnham- 
mad Khel,. Oiakrait. Oaa. 

Laksi Ehel. — A minor fisc- 
tion of Pridai (160), Asba 
Ehel, Hassan £hel, Adam 
Ehel Afridis. 

Laekait (J,000 ; E^tnvallev, 
Khort).— A clan of the 

LAU.KEAI (S7)- — A Mdion of 
Shamozai, Hatnn Ehel, 
Sanatla, Kaksra. Headmen ; 
Isaf kach, Qaldad (Head- 
man of the Bhamozai), 
Qhafar, Mian Ehan. 


LiLAT KoB.— A mlaor fr4o- 
tion of Biimi Khel, Kod&i 
Kor, Gsudab, Balimzai, 
Mohmasd^ Headman ; 

LiUt Khbl (8). — A Bnb- 
division of Shaddi, MbIU- 
zad, Oanuia. Headiaan ; 


IiiAKi Ehel. ~A section of 
the Stari Khel (400), Alijai, 
Danlatzai, OiakzaU. Samil. 
HeftdmoD ; Aziz Elutn, 

LiLi ; 


Lali Khbi. (36).— a minor 
fraction of Rahimdad Khel, 
Abdnt Biihman Khel, Sher 
Ehel, Haibat Ehel, Nana 
Ehel, Bahlokni, Mahai^ds. 
Headmso. ; Nazar, Mitha. 

Lai.1' Khiii. — A minoT frac- 
tion of Tol Ehel, Abdul 
Ehel, Bora Ehel (1,000), 
Mohmit Ehel, Utmanzai, 
Darweeh Ehel Wasira. Head- 
man i Pahlwan. 

IiAXizAi (West of Dera Gbazi 
■Kha» , DiBttict).-A snb- 
diTi^ion of Man^zai, lothar- 
xai, Unaa Eheb. Headman ; 

Lal Khan Kob.— A minor 
fraction of Said Ehan Nma^, 
Ali EAran, Mamuzai {3,600), 
Laahkaizai, Orakzais. Gar. 

Lal Khbl (60; Black Moun- 
tain),— A section of Painda 
Khel,'Akazai, laazai, Yusuf- 

Lal Ehkii. i A section * of 
Abdul Ehel, Urmuz Khel, 
Sipah (1,200), Afridia. SamiL 
Headman. ; Chimnai. 

Lal Khbl. — A minor fraction 
of Nikki Khel, Hassan Khel, 
Pakhai (1,000). Budai, 

. Zakba Khel, Afndis. 8«niL 
Headmen ; Niazgal, Mah- 
bub, Mir Abbas, Hamid, 
Jumma, Zaman, Mir Azim. 

LiLH Khel, (British terri- 
tory). — A minor fraction of 
Painda Khel (200), Shadi 
■ Khel, Nasra Din, Khain 
Kbel, Ahmndzai, Darweah 
Khel, Wailrs. Headnaan ; 

Lalla Khel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Jamaldin Kbel, 
Wadiu Khel, Kbazzar Khel, 

. Star Ali Khan Khel, SwrHi 
Khel, Mudda Khel (1,600), 

■ Ibrahim Khel, Utmanzai, 
Darwoah Khel Waiirs. , 

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IiilLi Khel (MS).— a Motion I 
of AbduUfti, Alm&I Ehel, 
Bfthlolzai, Uabmds. 

Lalzai (Westof Dem Obui 
Khan District).— A wetion 
ol Inui, Hasan Khel, Balil 
■Kbel, Unra Ehela. Head- 
nian ; Qhulai]!. 

Laiub.— A Bection of Keso, 
Wamke, Dana, Battannia. 

LiMUl Ehxl (60).— a sec- 
tion of Kaiyam Khel, 
IHipa Eliel, Matlimd, Dbw- 
Mis. Headmen ; Mi^i, 
Shamali, Niazi. Lagan ShaK. 

Lahd (20).— a section of 
Unnui, Tor, Mallizad 
Bawscis. Headmen ; Gbain 

LiHD (300).— A Bob-dirision 
of MalaUr, Mallizad, Pawa- 
ria. Headmen; Muhammad 
Akbar Khan, Nazal Din. 

LuiD AuiKD (217). — A anb* 
division of Ahmad Ehel, 
Oba Ehel, Sheraalt. 

IiUiDAi.— A minor frastion of 
Jambai Ehel, Wainhk Ali- 
Khan Ehel, Sarki Ehel, 
Kadd* Ehel (1,600), Ibn- 

Lixviieii (2,800; Ehannan» 
river).— The lareest of the 
Bab-divinons of Masniai, 
Ladikarzsi, Orakzais. i Oar. 
(north of the rivei), \ Samd 
(eonth of the riTBr). 

Lamdi Baddab Ehsl.— a 
minor fraction of Saadat 
Ehel, DiepiHari, Sarki Ehel, 
Madda Khel (1,600), Ibra- 
him Khel, Utmanzai, Dar> 
wesh Khel Wazirs. 

Lawdi Khbl. — A minor frac- 
tion of Gadia Khel, Tatar 
Khel or Akhorwal (300), 
Hasaan Ehel, Adam Ehel, 

Lahdi Ehsl. — A division of 
Sipab (1,200) Afri^. Sa- 
mil. Headmen ; 9her Mu- 
bammad Khan, Onl Salim, 

- A]i ShAb, Amir, Wi^. 

LUTM KeII.— A minor frae- 
tion of Said Ehel, TJmarzal 
(600), Shin Ehel, AhmadEai, 
Darwesh Ehel Wuirs. 

IiAItin Ehbl.— A minor frac- 
tion of Kata Qtan, Bhng^, 
Tori Khel (3,870), Ibrahim 
Khel, Utmanzai, Darwesh 
BHiel Waori. Headman ; 


LiXia Ehil (14].— a wction 
of tbe Alt Ehel, KbMli Khel, 

losDiwiL Khil.— A mhior 
fnotios of Ghnlam Ehel 
(300], Haibkt Khal, Jaraki, 

AdamEhd, Afri^ 

LiMD Piiii (11].— A sub- 
diTtaion of ^eui, Sak&a- 
wti, Lnnis. 

LiND PALii (200).— A diviiion 
of lAharzai, Mnaa S.hela. 
Headmen ;. Khan Dasrand, 

Soba Klian, All £hBii. - 

T.iw niTit. — A mlnoi fraction td 
Kii Hnaaoi, Uaeha. JU^dda 
Ehel (1,600), Ibrahim Khel, 

' UtmanZEJ, Darwesb Ebel 

LmaiB Khkl. — A mmor 
fraction of Axis Ehel, Sha^ 
Ehd, Bara Khel (1,000), 
Mohmit Khel, Utmanzt^, 
Darweah Khel Waziis. 

luxsAB Khbl (166).— A 
minor fraction of the Khoi- 
dadKbel, Gidi Khel Ha- 
nazui Alizai, Mahauds. 

LAirQAS EoB — A minor frac- 
tion of the Umar Khan 
Khel, All Karftn, Xamnzai, 
Laahkarzai, Or&kiaia. Gu. 
Headman i Uadaki. 

Lab Lobu (96).— A aeotion of 
Land, Ualakh, MalHiad, 
Dftwaiia. Headmen ; Nazir 
DId, Sanobar, Aknb, 


Labheabi (39).— a seotion of 
Utman, Miiam Shah, Iwp' 
lOzadiDawaria. Headmen ; 
Nakkar, Said Ahbai. 

Labheabi Esil. — A minor 
fraction of Uiari Khel, Bosti 
Khel (leO), QaUi, Adam 
Khel, Aiiidis. 

Lashkabi Ehbl.— a minor 
fraoljdn of the Abiahim 
Eliel (660), All Kaian, 
Mamnzai, I«shkarzai, Orak- 
zaiB. Gar. Headman ; Malla 
Umri. . 

LabBzabIaI (1I,S00 ; Kbankt 
and Kiiarmaaa valleya). — 
The laq^eat and most im- 
portant of the four clans 
of the Orakxaie. Gar. 6,000 ; 
Samil 6,600. 

LabBUXeai (7.) —A inb-dhi* 
aion at ICizral, BakuwaJ. 
LuitiB. Headman; see Mix- 

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LilHi ZhHi.— Aminorfeac- 
tiou of Mariihi Khel, A^dal 
Kiel, Bore Kiel (1,000), 
Uohniit Kbel, Utmaazai, 
Darire^ Kbel Waiirs, 

JjiVB Kafti {8J.~A seofion of 
the Ozbakbi, Sbin^ Battlol- 
zfti, Mahgnds. HeKdmoD ; 

LiAizii (87).— A geotion of 
Shamozaj, Hacun Kbel, 
Sanatia, Kakara- Headmoii ; 
Nnr Mabammad,. Aftba, 
Malla Abdnlla, Paindi Anlia. 

LiWANsi - Khbl (36). —A 
minor fnuittan of Poi Kbel, 
Mtihammad Khel, Malakh, 
Malltzad, DawaiU. Head- 
man ; Pimam, 

LocHi Khbl.— A minor frac- 
tion of UosalU, Wuzi Kiiel 
(BOO), Mohmit Kbel, Utman- 
zai, Darweeh Khti Wama. 
Headmen i Niaz GiU; 

LohaKju (Ghazni in winim', 
Derejat iaiumnior).— A oUn 
<if the great trsoing tribe 
ofPawindabe. ■ 

LoLC Kebl.- a minor frac- 
tion of Idar Khel, Ali Khel, 
Kb»ddai Khel, (ZtO), Moh- 
bAi Kbel, ntmanzal, Bar- 
weili Kliel Wazire. Head- 
nui i Nambuti. 

LuDiifi,— A miriof fraction of 
Maniur Khel, Tor Khel, 
TTmami ■ (eca Sliiii Kiel, 
Abntadzai, IJarweeh Kbel 
Wazira. Headman ; Alam 
■Kbail. - 

Eiuiriiiir ■ .Khbl-— A minor 
fraction of 'Karim' Khe), 
JamalKhel, MaUh Sbabi 
(40(^ WaU Khel, Utmatiiai, 
Darineeh Khel Wasirb. Head- 
man ; Uimur. 

■LDti, (8),— A eeetiot of Taib 
Kbel, Amzoni', Uallizad, 
Dawaris. HeacGnan ; Uir 

Lfmda, Kbel.— a sob-divi- 
BLon^ of Usman Khel, B^ 
Ranizai, Akozai — Yoenfzai 
Swati^, . 

IiUNSi Khbl (16).- A eab. 
section oj . the Kboidadai, 
Halikebai, Aimal Kbel, 
Bablolzai, Maheude. Head- 
man ; Khiesani^ 

Lvjiu (900 ; from the Bori 
and Tl^l plaint to Uie foot 

' of the. main eiilstern branch 
of the Snl^an iiUa).- A 
Patban tribe, nomadic until 
recenit jean. The j ara Saia- 

- band AfghaoB by dmcent; 
their oUef is - Samiandar 


Machi. i A section of Madda 
Khel iX,W-), Ibrahim Kbel, 
ntmanzai, Darvesh Khel 
Wazirs. Headmen; Sfirza 
Shah, Shah' Badftn, Ware 

Macha. Khbl.— a anb-dlvi- 
ewD of . Sahram-ka-Kb»l, 
^T'Banizai, Akoaii-Tttsnf- 
' ztu SwatU,. 

MiCHi KhbIi.-^A -miiloi- the- 
tioQ of Abdul Khel, B<ua 
Khel (1,(10(1) MohmitKhel, 
Ctmanzai,. Darwesh Khel 

Machi Khel '{BSO).— The 
Wgeat and moat, jppprtant 
of the minor- fraofion* of the 
Shnmi Khel, Palli Khel, 
Uanazaij Alizai, Mabenda. 

vUtm Kitil (Khanki val- 
Ict.)— A sntj^iriBion rf the 
MamDzai, Ismailmi,' Orak 

Hiti&E {Babnk»wah Tftlley). 

— A division of Salarzai, 

Tttrkanls.'B..— K section of Bada, 

MACi. Keii (2,085'; Blsha- 
ban);— A diTisidn 61 laazai, 
TuB^fiziB. ■ 

MiDi'KHBi,.— A minor frac- 
tion {of, Bai Khel, PItoim, 
Ch^arzai, MfiJizai, Bnner- 

Wabaeii Khkl,-^! ' minor 
fraodon of BiBhJRhel, Annai 
(l,OiK>), Ba^I, ZaUa Kbel 
Afridis. Samil. Headmea; 
Giilbaz, Mir Akt^.'Nairtz 
Khan, Zardan, Zaitar, ^rln, 

Mada'NaMa (950),-tA hh- 
diviBion of Mfttta-' Kbel, 
Iiiaeaii Yosufzius. .| , . 

Uapab Khbl.— a nib-diri- 
iion oi Abdnl Khel, Knki 
Khel (■1,BOO),- Airidis. Gar. 
Headmen ; Mulla Amir, 
tSulsfl'ni, ShwuUa, Budai. . 

Madda Khbl (1,600 ; Tochi 
andShawal valleys).— A sub- 
division of tte Ibrahim 
Kbel, Utmanzai, Darwesb 
Kbel Wttzkg. Headmea ; 
Sa4da Khan and Aluabo 

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are the foremfxt j see also 
Sarki Khel. Bakhalii Khel, 
Bozi Ehel, Mooba. 

MADDi Kkbl.— A minor frao- 
tidn oi Miamai, Kabul Khel 
(2.600), WaUi KheUUtman- 
zai, Darwesh Khel Warira. 
Headman ; Ueihu. . 

ilADDA KSBL (40).— A mjnor 

- fraatjon <£ die Salimi Khel, 
bachi Khel, Palli Khel, 
TUftnami, AUzBi, Mahsuds. 
Headmen; Badahah Khan, 

itfin iM Knat.— Aanb-AJYialon 
of Sher Qnlla, Aka Khel, 
(1,800), AEridia. SamiL 

iwin in Khel.— A minor frac- 
tion oE Hubatanai, Tori Khel 
ra,67D), Ibrahim Khel, 
Utmanzu, Darweah Khel 
Waiira. Headman ; , Qnl- 
lamir K^ian. 
Uadsi Khii. — A minor im^ 
tion oi Mir Husani, Macha, 

■■ MaddftKhel (1,600), Ibra- 
him Khel, Utmaniai, Dar- 
weeh Khel Waare. 

lUDOt Khil (34).— a seoMon 
o£ Zarri Khel, Chahar Kh«l, 
Sliaman Khel, Mafasada. 
Headmen ; Zargnl, Uir 
miADiil Keil.— A sub- 

Bauii^, Akozu— Tnsofzai, 


MiDDC Khbl. — A aBction of 
Asad Khel, Uitha Khan 
Khel, Kuki Khel (4,600), 
AfridJB. Gar. Headmen ; 
Mnhammad Amin, Gnl Jan. 
Budai, Langar, Mir Khan, 
Oul Khan, Zalmai, Mnlla 
Nam, Miiwal,SMd GaU 

Madi Khbl and Dns. — A 
minor fraction of Biien Khel 
(7(K)), Shadi Khel, Nasra 
Din, Kaln Khel, Ahmad- 
zai, Danveah E^el Wazirs. 
HwdinMi 1 Qui Adam- 

MiW Khbi.— A minor frac- 
tion of Aiii Khel, Shadi 
Khel, Bora Khel (1,000), 
Hohmit Kheh Utmansai, 
Danresh Khtl Wazirg. 

MUdi Khsl (Bannn Dis- 
trict). — A minor fraction of 
Jiraki, Piiba lOiel, Hathi 
Khel [3.000), Shin Khel, 
Ahmadzai, Danresh Ekd 
Warirs. Headman ; Mnsliat^ 

Madi Khbl (12 ; Dera Is- 
mail Khan Distriot.} Noma- 
din, a minor fraction of 
Husazai, Sein Khel, Mian 
Khel, Lobana, Pairindahs. 
Headman ; see Mian Ehel. 



■ Khel, fend, M^kh, Malli- M£k1udu.— A seetion of 
lad, Da«Bri3. HendiwMi } Arfni Kiel (1,400), Jbmn 
Ehel, Adam Ehd^ Afridis. 

Uanna Khau. 

Mad Khozhai.— a eeetion of 
Kii»da»r Khel (770), Moh- 
wit Khel, Utmfinzai, Dar- 
wesli'Khel Wmjts. Head- 
men ; Watanroi, Sanobar, 
Eakhm Shab, Pir Mnham- 
mad, Kakar, Maente, Am- 

HlDITB Kob. — A anb' division 

. , of Maeand, Safis, vho are a 

rasaal oUd' of the MolunuDdB. 

Ki^HDUZAi (WeO: : of Dera 
GKari Khan DiBf.riot}.— A 
«nb-£Tiubn of AliMBdun, 
B^l Ehel, Mow Khela. 
HMdtdeD ;' Halim, Patozai, 
' SardsT Eban, Biahimzai 
Lat, Jinizai, Jamat, lyazai. 

■Khbl.^A elan of the 
Zmaraia. Headmen; 6adar 
Hakim Khan, Bara Khan, 
Ehakai Khan, LandAi. 

UiaHZAi.— A section of Tan 
Ehel, afnia, Wuupttn, Bat- 

MaBBUB Eok. — A minor frac- 
tion of Easnl Kor, Wali- 
beg KoT, Gandab, Halim zai, 
Holimaodt. Headmen ; Jam- 
dad, Illian Khan, TiUa. 

Sr^BUA£iii ZoB (Khumana 
riwer).— A ee«tion "rf the Ali- 
cai, 'Maenzai, Laahkttrzai, 
Orikzaie. Sttmil. 

JiAiiiivzii (West of Dera 
Ghazi Khan District).— 
A sub-division of Alimadzai, 
Salil Khel, Musa Khelx. 
Headmen ; Khan Uniiam- 
mad Khan (Mnhammadzai), 
Fateh Khan (Arabzai.) 

diriaion of Khaai Khel, 

Uahhttd Kbsl.-^A minor 
. fraction of Aib Kor, Shaikh 

Khel. Aib Khel, Saiarzai, 

lUaezai, Buiemals. 

Mahmcd Khbl.— a min<ir 
fraction of Earn Khel, MM, 
{or MnliJ Khel, Sakrzai^ 
Ittasza!, Bunerwala. 


Khbl.— A clan of the 
ZnlKais. Headmeo ; Sordor 
HaUm Kiian, Bam Kliau, 

Khakai Eban, LaodoL 


Makdd KHtfL.-'A OTb-tSd 
mtki of ''ICskoiai, Uaoibiid, 

Mah«cdb otMahhud W^zjsb 
(H),048)— An impojl^nt 
tribe, who^ coautrj i? sita- 
ated ropghL; between i)32° 
and 32°4i5' N. Lat. and 
(to^ao' and 7u°30' E.Lon'g.- 

MAIUU(iKHEL(Bahai Hag). 
A main division of £hnftL>- 
zai, Uohmands. 

Makh Kob (Hills north 
- west oiE Michni, Haiki Gaft- 
dao).-^A minor fraction of 
Aaaf Ehel, Dalkha Kor, 
Dadn Kbet, Tftrakzw, Mbh- 

MABHii, (40).— A minor frac- 
tion of th» Kimat Khel, 
Haidap Khel, Tof. 'feppiilad, 
Dftwaris, Headmen ; Gul 
Badin, Qui Satam, Shahsa^. 

IfAKRAL Ehbl.~A section of 
■ SbadiKTieli-Bobafc, D*ia, 

KiSSiilZkT (40).— A section 
of SarAtgiai. HarnnKhel, 

MiEHAB ' Khbl.— A minor 
fraDtion of Dtid Shd, Mir 
Hasaai, Maeliai Madda Khel 
(1600). Ibraliim Khel, 

. Utmaniai, 'Dirwwb Khel 

SIAEHB1L9 or MnESBiiA. — 
A tribe of Khost, bordering 
TT|ip"r Kiircam ; they lie to 
the BreEt of the Chakuanis. 

MiBHI (40).— A minoifrao- 
tion of Ifi, Haidar Khel, Tor, 
Tappiiad, Dawaris. Head- 
men v Ibrahim GnA, Dalle. 

MaEbi Khbl (80).— a minor 
fraotlon of the Wft^Kai, 
Ehamar Khel« Oid! E^el, 
Manazai, AlJi^, UahendB. 
Headmen ;. , Nicam, , Amai 
Diu, Mani', Banrai. 

M*BHMiB KhM— Aminor 

' fraction of Shpalku Khel, 
Zargon Khel {30<^, Galai, 
Adaiu Khel, Afridb. 

IS^KBOXAi (Part of Pnrsn 
Tallej, and east slopes of Do- 
sirri mbnntain). — A a n b- 
diviuon of Nasazai, Iliaa- 
jsAi BuoensaU. 

MtK-t Khbe.-'A aeotioa ol 

' firoBM, Chagarmi, UkUui, 



Misci Sbbl'.— A toinor'firw 
tion of Kattu RHel, Ha«s&D 
Khel, Mitha Khan KM, 
Kuld Khel (4,500). AfrldiB. 
.Oik: .Headm.en ; M^nji Mtr 
Mrti, SbsSiB-:iiddin, Zafln. 

M*.LAi (100). — A 8t[bf-«eotion 
of the Dachi Khel, Palli 
Ehel, Manazai, ^lizai, Alali- 

Mitii 'J'294).WA Bnb-dWieion 
oti SUngi, Bahloljzai, Uth- 

eolcmr cJE " Hmtieaj^ " of 

theXbttannUlt'riiig nebT the 
Larzan Pass. 

Uai^ Ehxl (10 ; De^ l^ail 

■ KbanDiBtriot.)— Nomadio,* 
tuinoi fnifrticti of ;Aba JPiel, 
Japi Ehel, I^jCisn Stie), ]jo- 
hanii, Pairindahs. Headnikn ; 
gee M^an Ehel. 

Uttiic KjrL ffO^ ~A :ininor 
fraotioti of Tana Khel, S9gi 
Kliel, Muhammad ' Khet. 
Matalth, MalJiiiul, .Dawaris, 
Headmen; Khan' Miihajo- 
mod Khan, Gnlat, Mnham- 
mad Khan, Safd Muhammad 
VxtkaS: ■ ■ ■.; ; 

Halae Kssi. (dOj^Denit*- 
omit KhaO' Drtrtrid£}.-;i<No- 
madic, a nuiior"fir&obioa 'ot 

:' 8»tai{ Khe], Isot K)i«l. iWiui 
fiHiel,'' Lbhana, Fb«iad^e. 
- ' H(«dtet», ; . A^ta 'Kh^n. ' 

STalas S'gEj..— A'minof filic- 
fion of Slkaaaar Khel,.Ahaiil 
Khel. Bora Khol (l.COO), 
-Mojimit -KheL UtmanMi, 
- Darwesh Ktel Wazira. , ' 

Maiaii Ehob (Kbanlii valley] . 
-' — AoibriiTium-'^Kbadiiai . 
■.m>), Uvi^lmi .Qr&kii^: 
■ S«a^.;' J^Bidiiiftiiri Wsa 
Din. , ,. 

MirANoKHiiL-feO).''-^ minor 
fraction of Torang Ehel, UHi 
KbeL Abdallai,. Aimal Ehel, 
' Bahtol^i, IfoWdB. 

Mii,AZAii|^A snh-dhirion of 
Acbu KheL Saiiiiu;,'5&k»rs. 

Maibzai .(91).— a "^TlBion 

. olSa)[aiiimt, Lnuia. Hesd- 

. m«n[- Pftil ■ (Chnareai), 

Bilanda ^haint, B a 7 e 

(Dariazai), PiIwmIi, Bangi 

-. (Varnfz^), 'Madat (Ahmed' 

. wn Vura %hm- (Sadaui), 

Jiwa, Salooh' Khan [U6U- 

Mal^ABavai 166).— a anb- 
"diviai6n . oi- Inniiklagh, 
%iiii; Tarina. Headnuin ; 

c,ri!-i ht Google 


HALfOUS Khk. (30).— a 
minOi flBction of the Pirdad 
Xhd, AMdI Bahmau Elgel, 
Sher Khel, Hnibat Kiel, 
Htina Khel, BahlolzBi, Mah- 
tnis. TUaimen ; Gnldftd, 

M*tiK DlHii (230).— A sob- 
divi^on of ManttzBi, AJiziti, 

Mii,iK»iMKHBL(4,0(»! M»i- 
&I1, Ilrah, Chora trad Eajn- 
T»).— 'One of tlM 6 £liyber 
Af ridi ohm. Headmen j 
Saltan Mnbanunad, Feroz, 
Paiys Klua, auid Qv\ Har 

Maiikdim Ebbx.-^A aiTielon 
of Malikdin Ehel (4,000), 
Aiiidis- Samil> Headmen ; 

Sultwi Mahammod Khjui, 
Feioi Khan, Yar Slnham- 
mad Ehan. 

Malikdih Ehhl.— a seotion 
of Fanjpu, Nasnzai, Hibs- 
zaii Banenrala* 

Mali Khii..— A minor frao- 
tion of Kanm Khel (360), 
Khnet Ehel, Jawakl Adam 
Ehel, Afridu. 

HaXi (or Uiru) EhK 
(Wtatem BnnM;).-r A anb-di- 

]Uaii Keil.— a aab^diTiBlas 
of All Efael, Bu Baniaal, 
Akozu— Ynsnfial Stfatiti 

Malik Ehsl.— A section of 
MnBa_ £h'el, Km Bnlizal, 
Eaizai, Akozai— Taaafiai 


M*i,iE Khbl (30).— A minor 
fraction of Miri Khel, Land, 
Kolalth, Mallizad, I>avariB. 
Headmen ; Pir Stah Alant, 
Mama Ehan, Shrikband. 

Malikb1iai(16S).— Anb-diri- 
Bion of Aimal Khel, Bahbl- 
lai, UahtudB. 

]£alik Shasi (400 ; Siah Koh 
and Etirram).^-'Nomadia, a 
amall Bub-diririon of Walli 
Kbel, Utmanz&i, Darwe^ 
Ehel WadrB. Headmen ; see 
Jamal Ehel and Matkai. 

Malie Shahi.— a motion of 
Jani Khel {1,000^ Wall 
Ehel; Utmanid, Darwedi 
Ehel, Wazln. Headmen ; 
Fawiudah Ehan, Rjao 
Kban, SaUb Oal. 

UaIiIEui (Wert of ]>9»Gha- 
d Khan Dirtrict).— A snb- 
diTJaion of Uangixal, LaW* 
zai. UBBakheb. Headman ; 
Gsl KImu. 

c,ri!-iht Google 

131 ; 

Uaiikzai (50);— a (tectioB of 
Tfth^B, Ahnmi Ehel, Obs 
Khel, SbenniB. 

Haxixeai (20). — A snb-divi" 
■ion of Ladn, B«kaTiwsI> 
LtlniB. He«diii«i; ieeliBan- 
M*LiaAt.-(W;()f DeraGhftzi 
. Elikn DiHtrict).— A sab-aivi- 
n'on of Abmadzai, Bali! Ebel, 
MnHt IQieU. Headmen ; 
Jala (Kaanz^), BsJiman 
^Mnnenzfli), Lavangai 

(Dodazoi), Wadan (Marizai). 

HixizAi (3,700; Bnnnr and 
noitheiik Chamla).— One of 
the two clan* of the Bnner- 

UiLizit (200)^A section of 
Baranzai, Kebzai, Sanzar, 
Kakan, Headman ; Kian 

Haliui. — A division of the 
Mahmnd Khel, Zraarvs. 
Headoan; Bara Eban. 

Haleali (160 ; North of 
AgTor).— One of tbe leading 
eed^tom of the Tikriwak. 

Halla Kh8I (800 ; Miranxal 
and Msetora ralleja). — 
One of the font " Hainnya " 
riuu of tile Orakzais. Samil, 

ITalu Kbxj,.— a Beetson of 
- Sttiri Ehel (iOOX Alii^ 
Daaltttial, Omtait.' Samil. 

MiELA')KHl»'fSl)r-A iob- 

dirimoU of Chahai Ehel, 
Sbaman Khel, Uabtnds. 

Maliazh {1,000).— One of the 
eight diTisioui of MaUlzad, 
DawsHs. Headmen ; nee 
Cbarkhel, Miri Ehel, Jac 
Lorn, AMtil Babman Ehel, 
Gita Ehel. Kiki Khel, Sogi 
Ehel idal Ehel, Pol Ehel, 
Piran, I^gsr Ehel, Oji 

Ualli (3,000; Samil valley, 
Ehoatj^'^A' elsD <£ the 


Malw Ehbl (18).— a minor 
fraction of Pir ' Muhammad 
Khel, Haidrai, Chahar Khel, 
Shaman Ehel, Mabandi. 
Headman; ZoleEhan. 

Ualli Ehbi(156).— a Hub- 
dlTision of " Idalt, Ttlppi- 
zad, Dawarix. Headmen ; 
Nazar Shah, WaOi' Haggan, 
Sfokhsein, Ulnak, Smi 

Mali: Ehbi (Wsna).— A 

Abmadzai, Uarwedi Ehel 


Kalli'iid (4,008).— Ona 

■ thft two nlftw (flt*., Tftppifflid 
and MdUisad) of Dawarig. 
Headmen ; see Tor, Mallakli, 
Amzoni, Darpa Khel, Muba- 
rak Sl)ahl, Khaddi, Zetrakii 
and Arguad Khel'. . 

Mitw'iiiZAi {lol— ^sub-diVi- 
lioD. of Ladn, Rokanwal, 
Luius. .Headman ; see ludn. 

MauaDZaT.— A section 'of 
Hasn, Panesnn, Sanzhr, 

Mava Khxl.— a minor frao- 
tinn of Usflhi Ekel, AMol 

■ Khel, Bora Khel (l,(m), 
Mohniit Khel, Utmanzat, 
Barwfesh Kbel Wazira. Head- 
man ; Khoja Mir. 

Maka Khbl.— a snb-divinon 
of 'Sbamosai, Ehwazazai, 
Akozai — Yusnfzu Swatia. 

Maxa KaiSL.— A minor fntc- 
, tion of Adam Khel, Nazar 
. Khel, Sfar Ali Kban Kbel, 
Sarki Khel, Madda Khel 
(1,600), Ibrahim lOtel, 
trtmanzai, DanreBli Khel 

Uaua' X'Btt (80).-aA sec- 

■ tion of Malli Khel, Idak, 

■ TapptEad, ■ Dawaria. Head- 
' men ; Mlrsak, (^anamriiiig, 


Maka KHKt(ao).— A section 

. of Tarota, Idak, T«>piad, 
Dawaiis. Headman i SaDiati. 

MiiUL Kheh (*)),— a minor 
.fraction of Wnjji Kbel, 
Haidrai, Cliabar Khel, 
.Shaman- ''Khel, Mahgtkb. 

-, HeadWn; .Muhammad Tfar, 
Nazi, Azmat. 

MAMANDfiAi (80).— A section 
of ^Iffa Khel, Ahmad Khel, 
Oba Khel, Slieranis. 

MAMAiiiii (IBi'Dera Igmail 

Khwi ■ District).— Nomadip, 
a minor fraction of UnSazai, 
,Saia Khe), ,Mian Khel, 
Lohana,: pBrvindah^. Head- 
. mitn;,A2imKIiaii. 

Mauabab . Kbsi [liy—j^ 
.wction'of .the Kikarai, Nana 
Khel,-Balilot;!ai, Mahsuds 
Headmen ; Khoitand DIdari' 

Mamdai (350)— a mb-Jlvi- 
aitm of 3hme;i; Bahlcdeai, 

Mahi Kheii (53).— a seetioQ 
'at the Malaii; ' Shingi, 
Bablolzai, Uahsnds. Head- 
men ; Atnbri, Bahimdad, 
Gnlpir, ■ Zardak, . IMnham- 
nud Alii.GiOdadi SnlunHU 



MiMi Khkl (320).~A lainor 
ftaction o{ Ehannaah Khel, 
Nazar Khal, A'tnal-Khel, 
Bahloliai, Mahsads. Head- 
nun ; Amir Shadoi. 

H<ki(ii. Sbil.'--'A. raotlon of 
gnnin Khel, BobakH, ISpfili 
nM<), Afridis. Samil. 
Head'mea ; . Amir S^h, 
Faizn, Kadir Sliaii, Mic. ' 

MaiutKbbl (60).— Amioor 

fnctioD of Mashi Kbel, 
■ Shitml Khel. RiWi KHel, 

Manazai, Atuttit IdahsiiAB. 

Headmen ; Tawakat, Tirsam, 


Mamizai (West of Dero Oliazi 

Khaa IKstriot).— A sobdivi 
e'lOD of Land I alai, Laharzai, 
Husa Ebels. Headman ; Ali 

STauli Khbl. — A snb-divi- 
Mon'ol Umar Ebel, 'Cattft 
Battannu. ' ' ' 

UahJzai (Foot ofSampaflhi 
■. pBMj.— One of the Eonr diTi* 
■gioM'of tW MiahfiB (3,000), 
.■ "Hamw^a's" of tko Orak- 

sa\a. Thej' are fhe black 
- aheep of -the Uiriiti clac. 

Bomii. .Headinaa;.£reka. 

Uaksbz K'hbl.— A' . miDM 
fraction ,of Badi . Kiel, 
Vudanii Wiizi Khel (800), 

Maubbz. fiuxL (Bannn Dis- 
trict).— A minor fraction of 
Baritu Kttd, Khftndar Khan. 
• Kiel, JHrthi Kbel (3,000), 
Shin Khel. Ahmadzai, - Dar- 
weah Khel Wazirs. 

Mamp Kbbi..— a minorfrao* 
tton of Matrk Shahi, Jani 
Khel (1,(100), Wall Khel, 
UtmatiEai, Darwesh Khel 
' 'Wazirs. Headman ; Pow 
indab Kban. 

. of 

J^uutms (6,000 ; Bajanr, 

E'incipallj in Watelai Tal- 
y, bnt they own Tillages on 
both side!) of the Duiand 
■ Kne).— One of tfie f onr clana- 
' of Tarkania. Headmen ; 
Mahammad Amin Khan of 
Inayat Kija, Mdmin Khan. 

JUauuh Kob. — A Bflttion of 
' Kandai, lea Khel,' Pandisli, 
Mohmands. Headmen ; Ghn- 
lam Khan, Faiuddin. 

Uakdzai or MuEAUHASZAi 
(Wbstb^n) ' Zaiuuebti 
, (1,830). —One of the two 
' ' olanB of Zaimakhts. 

■■ihv Google 

MuiDEAi (3^00; sonrem of 
Khanki river).— One of ttie 
three diTUlong of the Lash- 
Wzai, OnkzaiB. Gu. 

Mahdza.! (Tnmifzai Plain). — 
A diviiioii of Razat, Yiunf- 

Uahuzai (SO ; Blaet Monn- 
tam).— A Beetion of 
Tasas Khel, Akazai, la^ai, 

Uahak Khbl.— a minorfrao- 
tion of Bakhsbl JOtel, Madda 
Khel (1,600). Ibrahim Ehel, 
Utmanzai, Darwesh Ehel 
Wazire. Headmen; GulUof 
Stars, and Alam Shah. 

MiNAiirwAL (flOO).-A divJ- 
mon of Kamnzai or Mnham* 
madzal, Zaimnkhts. 

Makazai (2,773).— The lai^r 
of two diTiBioni of Alinii, 


Mahajai {200 : Daiadar, 

Khanki valle;).— One of the 
eix dinsioiu <a the Iinnailaiti 
Orakzau. Samil, 

MAMDAL(t,O0O).— One of the 

eizht clam of the Utman 

Makdak ot MAiiDAsa(26/X>0— 

30,000 ; Peahawar Digtriot);— 
A great cIhq of the YTunf- 
z^B, who hold that pardon 

of the Peshawar distrfet" 
not occnpied by Ebalib. 
Dandzais, Gngianui, Boizais, 
OT Mnhammndz^. 
UiHDANi (260).— A diviaioD 
of Uamnzai or Hahammad- 
zu, Zaimnkhts. 

MAHWSKHKLfS; Ders Ismail 
Khan IHstrioi).— Noma^o, a 
minor fraction of Said Ehel, 
Isot Ehel, Mian Ehel, 
Lohana, Fawindabe. 

MAnitAZAi.— A mb-divirfon 
of Daolatzai, Haliiai, Boner- 

. . . Idak, l^pizad, 
Dawaria. Hfadmen ; Zarmak, 
Sahib Eban, Sanrband, 
Tanai Ehao, Alif Eban. 

iStvmzti (Bajanr).— A diri- 
Hion of Isaui, Taifkania. 

STas'DBZaI-— A anh-di vigiim of 
Hngenzai, Hahmnd Ehel, 
ZmaraiB. Headman j Landai. 

MiiTBT K:bbl. — A minor frAo* 
tion of Sadda Khel.(SOO), 
laperka, Kalit Ebel, Ahmad* 
xai, DarwMh Ehsl Wadn. 

MiKDi Eesl.-~A seetion of 
Wvri Ebel (800), Mohmit 
Kbel, Utmanzai, Darweah 

c,ri!-iht Google 


HilTDi Khii.— A minor fnw 

tion of Mad Xlu»Iifti, Khad- 
dw Khel (170) Mohmit, 
£hel, , Uimaiiui, Banreah 

fhel Waitra. Headmen ; 
^BT, MognU and Amzs}k. 

Masdi KH8t.— a seeUon of 
Chaplft, Moia, Waraapnn, 

^A5ri Kbsl (24).— a BMtion 
of Naoa Ehel, Tapi»i, Tap- 
pixad, Dawaris. Headmen ; 

'. AziiiiEliaa) Sbaii Eban. 

UANitiZAl (West o( Dent 
Gliazi ELaa. IMictrut).— A 
enb-di^ioa of tjie I«nd 
FaW, liSliarEai; MuBaKhels. 
Headman; KhuuDaen^id. 

Maksieii (WeetofDeiaGW 
zi Kban Diitriot). — A wetion 
of Dodami, Jiokniai, lAbar- 
Mi, Mtlm Khel*. fieadman 

MiMDo Khbl (600 J Zhob).— 
A diTiuan of (Nair^iem) San- 
ua, Kakara. 

Xandozii (1,000— Sliamil 
Tallej, Khoet),— A ck 

Uahsoeu (Cbardeb, Kabul 
river, Peshawu valley and 
Upper Helmaod].— Jloma- 
din, a snb-dirinon of Dawe- 
zai, Eaohif Mobmanda* 

Masdbi KHn..— a minor 
fraction of Ali Khel (100), 
Aetiu Khel, Baesan Khel, 
Adam Kbel, Afiidia. 

If AH DBA Kbsl^-A minor 
fTKotion of Dildar Elie^ 
Jlohmand Khel, Eattia Khel, 
Uaeaa Khel, Mitha Khan 
Khel, Knki Khel (4,600) 
Afridie'. Qar. Headmen ; 
Kambar, Soner, Kaddam 

M«BiiBAE Knst.— A enb- 
diviaiai of Firoi Khel 
{1,<)00), Daolatzai, Orkziua. 
SamiL Headman i Abid 

Mahdbashi Eor.— -A minoi 
fraetion of Sroh Bnsha 
Khel, Kama]], Halimzai, 
tfohmanda. ' Headman ; eee 

MiSfiiT Khbl (eOO; Khar> 
maoa river). — A eaction of 
Nasrazai. Mamzai, Laehkar- 
zai, Oiakiain. Samil. HaKd- 
nrmn ; Unhammad Shah. 

c,ri!-i ht Google 


ISAvankX (6).— A ininOr 
fraction of Aghzai), Sirs 
Khe], AiDzoni, 'Malliiad, 
DawariB. Headman ; Pijao 

Ujvuli (i).—7-A miooT frac- 
tion pi Cbttttan, Ziia Ehel, 
AniEoni, Uallizod, DkwariB. 
Headman ; Dadai. 

MiNGALS (8,000 ; hillfl betweon 
Khost'and Znirmat).— This 

, tribe "toQclieB the British 
bordiei near the Peiwar 

If AKGAl EsBi,.— A minor 
fraetion of Sardi Kbel, 
Bakkft KhM (l(i(m Wali 
Khel. tltmanzai, DariFeab 
Khel, Waiin. Headman ; 
^anlodad Khan. 

MiSQi Khel (200) . —A m inor 
fraction of Bada Khel, Datti 
Ebel, Galeshahi, Shaman 
Ehel. MahiDds. Beadmen ; 

. All Khan, Daulat, Sbaffidai, 

lliFeiiAi (395; near Qqet- 
ta), A section of Bazai, Ka- 
run Khel, Samitia, Eakars. 
Headman ; Said^l. . 

lliKQiZAi ' (800 ; Wert of 
Dera' Gbaii Khan and 
Zbob).— Nolnadic,^ion 
of Iiaharzat, Unsa' Eliela. 

HeadinCTi',. Japaal (laliini), 
MUn Khftp^{Dkiiz^), Mehr 
Ban (Npknamwi); Alikan 
(Khadwa'i), Dadu (Biabim- 
' lai) Zlmba) (godczai), Gnl 
Khan (Malikzai), Xifbaz 

Mill Khbi- (1.000; MastMR 
Talley and l^anduki pass). — 
One ((f the four diviBiona of 
the Mnhammad KBel, Orak- 

■ z»iB. Gar. Shiah. 

MiHizii (W*Bt of Dera Ghaii 
Eban District).— A seotion 
of Uaghdnzai, j&hraadzai, 
Balil Khel, Uqm Khela. 
Headman;.' Bain Kban. 

JSaXjah ItoB.— A'minor frac- 
tion of Hakim Kbel, Sbaragh 
Khel, Kaddain, Khel, PeroK 
Khel, Mashi Kliel, Mannia 

' Khel, Hrasan'Khel, MHha. 
Khan Khel.' Knki Khel 
(4,5110), Afridis. Gar. Head- 
men ; Abbas, Hakim, Nazir. 

UiKEALZAi (40).— A division 
of Haripal, Sheranis. Head- 
man ; Haripal. 

iri»NiA.'KflBi.— A aaotion of 
Haeaan Khel, Mitba Khan 

, Khel. Knki Khel (4,600), 
Afrjdia. Gar. Headman ; 
Kh^sfia Khan is the lead- 
ing man. 

c,ri!-i ht Google 


Xisoiil (99).— A dmrim 
of Falso. LnniB. He&d- 
men ; Bafamfts (Abnwdcu), 
Al&m Khan (Isazai)' K&rm 

Maitsck Khbl (Bannu Dis- 
triet)!— A minor frafltion ot 
Barmi Kbel, Khandar Ehan 
Khel, HatM Khel (2,000), 

- Bfain Xbel, Ahmodzai, Dm- 
wesh Khel Wazira. " 

Monntwn), — A (rub; division 
o{ Haeanzai. Isaiai, Yosaf- 

laiB. Headman ; Kkadi. 

AUxsjCs Ehbe (80).-^A ninor 
fi^ioit of the Asii Sbel, 

. Nazar Kbel, Aimal Etiel, 
BaUolzai, MahmidB.' .Head- 
men ; Samandar, Uuhan, 

' EadirSh^. 

MuiZiB Khbe (360 ; Tochi 
' iherJ.-T'A - sab-ditisiaii' bf 
Ibtahim Khel, TltmaiiEai, 
Duweah £bel Wszirti. Head- 
laeii ; we All Ehel, Daok- 
■ fan Ebelf 'and Sikandar 

Jfi^zftB Eh^z— A mttor fnie- 
tion of Tor Khel, UiBwai 
(m)). Shin Khel, AWtidtai, 
Dar*eeh Khel WaStirt. Head- 
men ; 'JamBl'"DlD, Adal 
Kban, A)aia KbaUi Senian. 

iUECHi KHBL.~-A.inioor frac- 
tion oE Abdnl Khel, Bora 
Khel (1,000), MohWit Khd, 
UtAiaoi^i Iltin'esb Khel 

StABDiH KpxL.— A. mxb-4jrFr 
iikm of Snltan-ka-Khel, 
. ^r [BamMi, . Akcoai — 

. T»nifau9«»tiB.', / 

Mabdahzai (130).— A seotion 
of Isa . Khel.' Abmef . Kbe^ 
. . ObaKbel, Sbennlg... 

Ml*DASZiI . (1,000).— A BMr 

tion of Jsialzai, Alizai, 
Sanzar, Eakata. . . , 

Uabat Khil (S).— A Action 
of .ZhaoEhel, Tapiai. Tap: 
pizad, D^narli. HeWlinan ; 

- AbmadSbab. '>' 

Mabbshctzai (600).— a mb- 
-' ditiMobof Edbui^ Saazaf, 
' Kakara. Headmadj BaD^ 

c,ri!-i ht Google 


IQiaur (1&).^A minor &m> 
' itiop qf l^ohi Ktel, Shumi 

Alibwid, Shaistam. : . 

A clan of 

lUsHSl. (136].- 
tha ShemniE. neuman ; 
Eabar £luiii. 

Uabid Khel.— a minor Frio- 
tion oi Mian Ehel, Janak- 
hori (800), Hawaii Shd, 
Ad&m Khel, Afridia. 

ViBI EoB.— A seotian of 
'Ha.ti.i Kor, Mnbammod 
KbanKon ot ' Bar ' Bnrhan 
KImI, PaDdioli, Uotmnodg. 
Headmen ; Nazrai, KLalid, 

Habizii (ISO).— a elan 
of the ucrta. H«adman ; 
Uohammad Tar (Adamzai.) 

IfiiSiZii (Weet of Dera Ghazi 
Khan District ).— A section of 
Sblizi^, Ahmadztid, B»1U 
Ehel, Unsa KheU. Head- 
man ; Wudan. 

ilUuix Khbl.— A leotion of 
TJtmanzai, Adiosai, Ehwa- 
EBZfu, Akoiai—Tnaufzu 

Uabjanui (31 ; Thid— Ohoti- 

. Ali^.'-tA dinnon of Diit;!^ 

Lunia .HwdmeD ; Alif Khm 

(Hnsezal), Mir Gvl (TTmr- 
xai), Karm Khan (Jitian^)t 

Astmat (Ishknn). 

Uabzi Khbl (80).— A sectioii 
of Mattd Khel, OalMhahi, 
Shaman Kheli Mabrail*. 
Headmen ; Aiam, Shah 

MiBXi Khil Kalak.— a 

section of Kosara Khel, 
Aahazi, ILiaszai, Bnoerwals. 

IfiBXi KhBl Khubd.— a 
section of the Alusara Khel, 
Afhad, Iliaszai, Banemals. 

SidUnai, Shahi Khel, Alisad, 
Mafasuds. Headmui i Kusari 

MutoitAi. — Amimi frastjon 
of Takhmat Khel, Nazal 
Khel, Star Ali Khan Khel. 
Sarki KheL Kadda Khel 
. (MOO). IbraUm Khel, 
Utmanzai, Darverii KhA 

Uabob Kbbl.— a minor frae* 
. tkm of Pin Khel. Jamal 
Ehel, Uriik fflkshi (WO), 
WdiEhel, UtmanEai, Sar- 
msh Khel Wuiis. Hwd* 
man; Huss^ni. 

Uabcuai <ZIiob}.— a minor 
fcaotioa' of IbrohimzH, 
Shadosfti, - All Khel, Sanzikr, 

HUarun (83).— A sub-dM- 
sion of iBDuiklagh, Spin, 
Tarina. . HeEtdman ; Sber 

Mabbu (80).— A minor frsc- 
tion of the 'GaTerai, Stmmi 
Khel, Palli Ehel, Manazai, 
Alizai, Mabands. Headmen; 
Takn, Slutkal, Gvlzu. 

Mabbid'Ebil.— A minor frac- 
tion of Kalla Xhel (700), 
Aahu Khel, Haman Khel, 
Adam Khel, Afridis. 

MxBUV Khbl.— A minor frao* 
tion of Besi Khel, Kamal 
Khel. Sahib Jan, Aka Ehel, 
(1,800), Afridia. SamU. 

ISaxut Khbl.— a ffiib-diri- 
sion of Wargare, Dana, 

MiKvia Ehsl.— A inb-Aii* 
aion of the Zanha Khel, 
Ali Khels (8,000), " Ham- 
sajaa" of the Orakcais, 
1 Shiah. Gar. Hwdmsn ; 
Nur Hnesian. 

MiBWAT.— A niinor fraction 
of Snlimani Kliel, Ismail 
Khel, Bori' Khel (1,600), 
Ibrahim Khel, FtmanzKi, 
DaTwesH Khel Wai^n. 

Mabtax Keii. (36),— a aeo- 
tion of Gbalib Kbel, 
Badanzai, Shaman Khel, 
Uahands. Headmaii ; Nawai. 

■ Maetam KhSi (79).— a snb- 
divieiou of Darpa Khel, 
Maltizad, DamLrta. Head- 
men! I>idari Tur Mnham- 
madi Masad, PvAi, Zerdaet, 
Mitai, Shomali, iSiad, lagac 

Mabutzai (100).— a wotion 
of Brahimiai, Yahi» Khel, 
Sen Khel, 8herani«. 

Ku»7Tui (31)^A nb-divl- 
non of UalevS. Baksmral. 
lAtnis. Headmen; DUtm 
(HKmfzu), Bangl (Baogt- 

Masa (2,000 ; Zhob).— A divi- 
sion of (NtMthern) SanaUi 

UaiIiIi KoC (SHI* north* 

mat of Uichin). — A miiKr 

fraction of Asaf Kbel 

Datbba Kor, Dadn Eflel, 

Tankzai. MobBum^ Head- 
men i see Aiaf Kbel. 

c,ri!-iht Google 

. of. the Akhel (600). Ismail- 
■ Mi, Orakasis. Qm. Head- 
men ;., Mnlmiiimad ' Sber, 
. MakhmadMir, YaTa,'Ea!nr. 

MaB4Dd Eob (Nortb-east of 
, tie Bednjanaj psBs). — A divi- 
sion, o£ Safis, who are a' 
Tassal ■ clan of the Moh- 

MiSitTD koE (Kam Shilman). 
—A minor fraction of Asaf 
Khel, DaMft Kor, Dadn 
Khel, TaiakzU, Mobman^. 

Masaz*! otMachaiai (lOi'i).- 
A aeotion of Jalalaoi, Alizai, 
Sansar, Kakai-s.. - 

Mabita Ehbl (25 ; Dera 

. Ismail Khaft. Ksirict).— 
. Nonuldjd, a B^etioii of Stan 

Ebel, Mi»n. Kh^l, Lobana, 


MAaHAFI.— tA .minor fraction 
, of Shalwl Khel (100},-Haibat 
Khel, Jawftbi, Adam Khel 

Uahhi Ehsi;— Aminor frao- 

titai of Mannia Khel, Hanon 

Khel,J Mtha Khan Khel 

. Knlti Khal (4,600) Afridifl' 

- dAi. Htadmen ; Mnsa Khan' 

Khaiata.Ehm. ■ ■ ■ > 

M.ssAB Khbl {5()).-^A rtb- 
■ .djviaJon .of Boba, Dana, 
■ Battapnia. 

Mabiai 'Kott.— a minor frac- 
tion of Bami Khel, Kadal 
. Kor,., |Gand»b, Halimzal, 
Mohmands. Wit^ ibem live 
. a BmatI section cf the Ynanf 
; Khel. Peadmaii ; Kanaal. 

Mahal Khbl.— A minor frac- 
tion of Hakki Kbel, Eattin 
Khel, BasB»B 'Khel, Mitha 
Khati Khel, Eoki Khel 
(4,600), AfridU.. Gat. Head- 
men ; see' Makki Khel. ■ 

Uasti IChel,— 'A miuoT ftio- 

tion of Karmandi ■ Khel, 
Khwajft KheI,Miamai,Kal«>l 
Khel (2,600), WaH Khel. 
. TJtn^ianzai, Damesb Khel 

Mabii Khel (Wana).— A 
minor fraction of Toiija Khel 
; (1,600). Bomi Khel; Wagra 

Masii' Khel.— ^A miutn finM-. 
tion of Bahnr Klid/Kebaal 
Khel, Ormns Khel, a*ah' 

' (1,200); Afridis. SunO. 
Headmiu ; Khanezaman. - 

L;,ri!-iht Google 

Uabu Khbi.,— a. sQb'divimon 
.' of' KneqW km. Ettmbar 
. Kbel(«0(», AfritUi. Gar. 

■ Hoadtnsn ; MuWnliaad Yar, 
. Sikh, G«lUti(n,.0ul8bah, 

Masti Ksfii, (1,125 ; Khar- 

eT).-A 8 

1 of 

, Landimi, Hasnzai, I^qbliE . 
zai, Or^kzais. Gar.. Head 
man ; Ars^ Kban. 

Masip 5:hel'{1,S0O; ■Karram). 
—A dirisioo of Sargalli, 

Masdkai (6QW< Kharmana 
'rirw, close to Karram); — 
Tho largest of the three 
divuiona of tbs Lashkarzai, 
QrakzalE. Some authorities, 
however, regard them as' a 
separate clan, i Gar, anij i 
Samil. Maoh split up bj 

Mat AN I. — A snb ■division of tli© 
. Kheia Hawafl Ktiol, AB 

Khet (S,00nX"H»mB»3FM" 
. of tbe Oraludt, Gilr. i 


Mati KhBI..— a minor frao- 
tion of Drepillari, Savld 
Khal, Madda fcbel (1,600), 
IbraHim •Khel, trtmimiai, 
DoTWcsii Ski WuUs. . , 

Mahwai. (49 ; Bsra-! lunnit 
■ Khan District).— KiiAwUo, 
a minw, fraMlfSi. «f :Waraki, 
Sein Ebel, Mian Khel, 
Lohanq, Fawiadaha. ^ead- 
m^n,;iKe Mian Khel. . 

MiTXAi. — A seotion of Malik 
.■ShabL. (40O1 WaU Khd, 
■ UtmeniM, Darwesli Ehel 
I.W^ici.Hflftdmen; loraln^ 
Harota, Pirwal, XJaua ^hel, 

Mi-T ,Khm» Kbbl.— a divi. 
. sSt>taaiEEambat'Khel(4»e00). 

Alridic. 6ar. HeadmW ; 

Sb^c Kban, Hamid, Smu. 

Mlbrdin, Gattai and Uatta. 

Uatta Ebbl.— a ewtioitiof 
Obaltb Khan Khel, Malik- 
din Ehel. Malikdiu Ehel 
CA.OO'i), Atridis. Saini;!. 
, HeadwBn i-toe Natbn Kbpl- * 

Maita Eob.t— a winoEfraa- 

V.tlba, of Srob.Busba KbeX, 
.' Aamali, Halimzu, Mob- 
, mands. . Headman i Khsnl- 

c,ri!-i ht Google 


HATttKHiL mO).— A ___ 
diTblon at (blwliahl, Sha- 
man Ehel, Utthsodf. 

Matcit fl.O00 J Samil Talley, 
Khost),— A clan of Khost- 

MiTcRiKii (1:^00),— A gab- 
division o! Bar SnUaai, 
Baizai, - Akozai — Ttvsofiad 

MiDLi Khbl (30).— a minor 
fnclAim of Sharri Kb«l, 
Eaidu Khel, Chahai' EImI, 
Shunan Khel, MaWds. 

. Headmen ;Fattehroi,Alijan. 

Mawai Khbl (760).— A Mo- 
tion of Hoibat Ehet, itania, 
Adam Khel, Atridia. 

HiTAN Khbl.— A minor frae- 
fion of Dod Khel, Mir 
Hasani, Macha, Madda Khel 
(1,600), Ibrahim. Khel, 
IHmaniai, Darwesb Khel 

: TVaiiTB- 

UatabKhxl (80; Qomal).— 
A diviuoD of Mian], Sheranig. 

Mjtub Khil.^A minor hut- 

■ tion (* Saadat Khel, Drepll> 
" Iari,8arki Khel. Madda miel 

■ <l,eOO>, Ibrahimzat, Darweah 
Khel Wadn. 

MiaADiiT Khbl.— A mlAor 
fraction of Janaldin Khel, 
Wadin Khel, Khaisar Khel, 
Star All Khan Khel, SbxU 
Khel, Madda Khel (1,600), 
Ibrahim Khel, TTtmaniai, 
Darweah Khel Wadrs. 

Mazai Kob (Bohai Dag).— A 
Bub-difision of Maimana 
Khel, Khwaezal, Mj>h]nanda. 
Headman ; SalEniUio. 

Mazak Kbbl.— A minor frac- 
tion of Khairak Kb.el, Wadln 
Ehel, Khazur Khel, Star 
AU Khan Khel, Sarkl 
Khel, »sdda Khel (1,600), 

. Ibrahim Khel. Utmanzal, 
Darweah Khel, Wadrs. 

Mazsid Khbl^— a minor 
fraction of Sikandar Khel, 
Kandai, I«a Khel, FancUali, 


Mazut Khbl. -A inioor frac* 
tiM of Pridfti (160), Aabn 
Khel, Haaaan Khot, Adam 
Khel, Afridia. 

Mazid Kbxl. — A minor frso- 
tion of Hati Khel, Mali (or 
Hnli) Khel,* SalaiTZ^ 
IlIasKAt, BnnerwalB. 

c,ri!-iht Google 


Usarj-s KfiSL.— A minoi' frac- 
tion of Unihakki, Kacha, 
MaddB Ebel (XfiOf^, Ibrsldin 
Ehd, Utmukzalt Danresh 

HsHTiBSii (960).— A Bub- 
' divitioB rf ' Hanin KhtA, 
Satuftift, EAkan. Heftdman ; 
Sirdat Habo Ehan. 

HsKBiL.— A minor fraetion o( 
ShnMi, Tori Khel(2,efOJ, 
ibrahini Khel, ITlimaDzai, 
Danregh Khel Wazii* Head- 
man ; Gal HuB^. 

KSEBiisi or Chils^Bi (TW). 
-■— AMi^felOh rf Spin, Tarfss. 
Headm«n ; Maaudad, Aziin, 

Ukniai (Suada ; 16).-A 

MBT1U.E Kbei. -A minor 
fraotion of Pir Muhammad 
Khel, iBmail Kbel. Bozi Khel, 
Mftdda Khel (1.600). Ibia- 
him Khel, TJtmanzu, ]>u> 
week Kbel Wazlre. 

UBWiniT Kbbl. — A mliiai 
ftootion of Pit UuhamiDad 
Khel,lBmailKheI.Bozi Khel, 
Madda Kheljl,600), Ibra. 
him Khel, Utmanzai, Dar- 
WMih Ebel Waziis. 

UiWAKHiLfaS),— A Beetttni 
of Falalf,' imiai, ECap^nd 
Daimrii. Headmen ; Gnl 
Ahmadi HnhamlOAd Khan, 
AmirChaa. ■ 

Mn Khil —A nunoT fisetion 
of Bar Ehozhai, Ebsddac 
Khel (770), Mohmit Khel, 
TTtmanzai, Darweeh Kbe^ 
Wazirs. Headman ; Budigai- 

SfliDSt Khsl. — A miofii 
fraotian of Mandi Khel 
(lAugi), Mad ' Ehoxbair 
Khaddar Khel ■ {700); 
Mobmit Eh^ Utmanzaif 
Darweeh Khel Waww. 
Headman ', Alaffvle. 

MUKAI.— A Mctton of Kabul 
Ehel &fiO0i Wall Kbal, 
Ulmaniai, Iteife^ Kiel 
Wazira. Headmen^ Mesbai. 
Snrlcam, Gnlbat Khan. Sf ehr 

MuBA (Mirwizu, VihoTO)i 
— A Xrans-IndnB tribe, 
nnmhers of nhloh are f onnd 
scattered alon^ the frontier, 
some Unng with the Ban* 
gash, others with the Khet- 
ram, etc 



VusBii KoB. — A' minor 
firscHon of Ytirii Kheli Sro* 
Kbel, Muhi Kbei; Huian 

. Khel, MithB. KhanKhel, 
Kaki Khel (4,600),. ifridia. 
Gar. fie»dcaen ; see Hahim 

. Kor- ■; ■ : ■. ,,■■■-' 

Ujah Gc'l Ksb^ (Bannn 
District).— Ai miaor fiaotion 
of Knndi,Pirba HIi«t Hathi 

. Khel (2.000), Shin Khel, 
Ahmadzai, D.TweBh , Eht) 

JbiNi.— A-neetloiiof DropWa, 
Shlihi, ■WftMipntl, Battan- 

MiAinR K-hKl' ■■■(80).— a 
minor fraction of the 
Wsdidad Khel-, lalH'Khet,' 
Abdnlhi.' Aimd' i Khel, 
fiahlclzai.HahBBdA.' Head- 
man ; Salch ^idh. 

SIiAKiB (340 1 ,*Gij|iw1).— One 
of the lesser Fawiniah 
trading tribea. 

Mris KHi» Khbl.. (Bannii 
, District).- A minrtr faction 

of Jirak), PirWl^iel, Haihi 
■Khel (2,000), Sliin or Sttni 

Khel, Ahmadni',' Darwesh 

Khel Wazira. ' ' 


JSikTS- KSBt.- A rainnr frae- 
tlon of Baghdad-Khel, Kelmal 

■ Kh'eli Urmni'Khel, -Sipah 
(1,200). Afridis. Ssmil. 
. Headmen ; Amimi, Fakir. 

MiAK Hhsd.— Aminoriiiotioa 
. of AonrKlwl, Aniiu(liOOO), 

Budai. Ikkha Khel, Afd^B- 

Headman ; BasgaL ! 

Kii^- KHA.IIZU.— See Baiaa- 

Khel, Adam Khel, Afridig. 

UiAR: Khhl (IS^.TT'A: minor 
ft^ipnof Blmd^i, Itfalik- 

. BhAi, ^imal K]iel,,.BaUolzai, 
Mahiuds. Headman j Khat- 

.ariii' KH«i,\{l;4p0;Cl,Sn)i' 

aiid 'Derajat).J-^A ' dWision 
of the Lohana, Pawindahs. 
Haadmfan ; AiidI Klian. . 

M^HB^ Dim Kob.— ^ minor 
, fraction of Tardil Kor, 
. Kadii Kor, Gnnttab, Halim- 

z^, Hohmands, Headmen ; 

Shah Jehan, Nawab Khan'. 

MiHB ksiv iafi. (lO; 
Dera Isnlail Khati t>!ifaict). 
Notoadio. a rflinni; fraction of 
Aka-Kliel, loot Khel. Mian 
'Khel, Lohaiia,.' Panindaha. 
Headman ; see Ulan Khel. 



MiBB Kbar Ehsl.— i. mlBot 
£»ctuHi of Balli Ehel, Sbadi 

: Eb^l, Bum . Khel llflm), . 
lUoWit Khdi . trtmau^ai, 
Darwesh Khel Wazira. 
Hmdnutn ; Eippat Khan. 

Mil* EbeL'— a section of 
Zargun Eie! (300J, Gaki, 
Adam Khel, 4"idi^ 

UiMA EhXL. — A minor tAo- 
tion of Uolik Shahi, Jani 
Khel (1,000), Wall Khol 
Utmanzai, DarweBb Kbel, 
Wazirs. Headmen ; Fiyao 

■ Khan. 

MiNi. Khbl (35).— a seotion 
oE Qurbuzai, Dajpa Khel, 
Mallizad, DanaTiE. Mead- 
men ; Sbahzoda, ghadi K^el, 
Shohdana, Manmr Khel; 

MiNtiB Khbl.— A minor frac- 
tion of Mti>iammad Ehe1, 
Haaeon Khel (100), Mohmit 
Kl«l, ITtiDaTizai, Darwesh 
Khel Wazlra. Headmen ; 
' Misrai, Kabul, Khagalgai, 
S^tadat Beg, Fazal tj^h, 

MiB Abuait Khil (140; 

- BUok . Mountaiii). — A sub- 
dirinoncf Huanzai, laaiai, 
TuaaftBis. Hesdmen ; Sbei^ 

dad, Jehandad. 

Ma Abjiad 'Kkhb-tA minor 
fiwotiou of Aka Khel, laiii^- 
lai, Danlatzai, . Uillzai, 

. Bvuienrala. . 

UiB Ab)(ad Khel.— a snh- 
dt vision of AIMi^nsi'(3,00(^, 
'Lasbkarzu, Orakzais. Samil. 

' Headman ; >Zira.$hah- 

,MiB Ahmad Khel.— A bb9 
ZM, Iliaszal, BnuemBls. 

IClR A&kad ' Ebbl 
.' HTtMaiiKhel).^ABBb-' . 
sioniof t^ 9lroz EheKLOOOl, 
Daulatzai, Orfakiala. SuniL 
Headman ; Sherbaz. 

'M,*B' A^MiiD Khjl.— A 

' MiAoT fractioii of Uir 

Ahmad Khel, . Uir .'Httssain 

ITibaKhbl. — A seotion of Zar- 

fin Kbel(3Q0), Gal^, Adam 
hel, AfridU. 

MlBA KHEt. — A minor fratt- 
tion of AH. Khel, Shogai, Tori 

■ Khel (2,670), Ibmhim Khel. 
Utiaanzm, Darwe* Khel 

. WuiiK Headman ;' Qnland. 

Lnm-nnv Google 

•Xiii. Esn.— A mioof trw 
'tion of Bdli Khel, Shodi 
Ehel, Bon Ebel (1,000), 
Mohmit Eliel, TJtmaiiEaii 
Darwesh Ehel Warns. 

XiBA Ehbl.'— A minor. frac- 
tioD of Mad Ehozhai, Khad- 
dar Khet (770), Mohmit 
Ehel, TJtmanzai, Danreah 
Khel Wazira. Headmen ; 
Wntanrai, Sonobar, BaUun 

MibiEhsl (10).— a toinoi 
fraoHon of Charithil.Cbaric 
hi]. Land, Makkh.Malliaad, 
Danaria. Headinan ; Id 

MiBiE Eebi (Dakka, Obdi 

( and Fesbavar valley, and 
ITpperHelmand),— Vomadic, 
a unb-diviBion of TTtmanzai, 
Eochi, Mohmauds. 

Mibae Eob. — A minor trac- 
tion of Datid Ehel, Eadiu 
EoT Gandab, HaHmzai, 
Mohmands. Headmen ; 

Mirak, Suleiman, Mnb&m- 
mad Eabib. 

ifijl Ali.-^A minor fAotton 
of Dtb Kllftri, Tori Khel 
(3,670), Ibrahim Ehel, Ut- ' 
manw, Darwesh Kbel Wa- 
zirt. Headman 4 Sbabzadin. 

Miiixi Ehsl.— A minor f^ 

tioD of Mirkaka Ebd (900), 
JffxiBa Khel, Malnnzai, L^< 
karzai, Orakxais. Gar. 

Mia Ali Ehbl.— a minor 
fraction of Idia Khel, Jani 
Khel ilfiOO), WaB Khel, 
Utmanzat, Darweeh Ehet 
Wazin. Headmen ; Zar* 
ghnn Sbab, Gnl Oha&r, 

Mm Ati ■ Khbi. ' (200).— A 
minor fraolioa of Abrohim 
Ebel, Ali Earan, Mamsztu, 
Laahkarz^, OrakzuB. Oar. 
Headman ; Bahman. 

IIjb Ali Ebbl.— A nb-divi- 
aiou of the Bazoti (SCO), 
Danlatzu, Orakzaia.' Samil. 
Headman ; Saforali. 

MiBAKia ;. loe Shbbihii. 

MiBLK Ehil (8).— a section 
of Zhao Ebel, Tapiai, Tappi> 
zad, Bawaria. Headman ; 
SbeiUi Amin. 

Mirak Shah (179).— A divi- 
aion of Ta^uad, Dawaria. 
Headmen ; Din Muhammad, 
Eboja Azam, £abawui, Mir 

Boeb, Nakar, Mongol, Qui. 

„,,.,, „ooglc 


lEisui Kbxl. — A minor fnc- 
tion of Ksrim Khel, Jamal 
Ebel, Malik Sluihi (400y 
Wftli Kiel, OtmftiiMt, Dar- 
wMti Khel Wazin. H«d. 

UiBAH Khil.— A Bsctidi of 
Sbeikhnua Khel, Kunbai 
EheL EtunbA £b«l (4,S00), 
AfridiB. Gftr. HMdmen ; 
Hirzado, Wazir, Maddah 
ITnt, Mut AU. 8heT Onl. 

MiUK Ehbl.— A tDb> 
difisioD of EalDft Khel, Ms- 
likdin Ehel (1,000), AfridU. 
Samll. Headraen ; gee Yu 
MnhaiDiiLad Khftl. 

.MiB&NZAi (67).— A divuion of 
F&Ifto, linnu. Headmen ; 
Poind Khan (Ehanikzai), 
eher Khan (Karimdadzai), 

, guca]), Bamzan (Shikar 

MibAsak Ehbl.— a lectaon 
of Babn Ehel, Adinzai, 
Kbwauzai, Akwsat— Tntaf* 
tai Swatia. 

MlBAB £bel. — A minor frao- 
tion of lam^l Ehel (160), 
Kimat Ehel Jawaki, Adam 

Ehel, AfridU. 

MisiiiE Ehbl (Near landn' 
ki pa«).-A mb-diTi^on of 

the Bar Mohammad E3ie( 
(lOOO). Mnhammad Ehel, 
Orski^. Gar. Shlah. 

KlBBABH Kebl.— A minor 
fraotSon of ^uM Ehel 
(100), H^bat Ehel J^Mrakl, 
AdaOi Kbel, Afridis.' 

MiBBUB Ehbl. — A minor 
fraction of lamail Ehel (1^0), 
Eimat Ehel, Jawaki, Adun 
Ehel, Afridis. 

MiB Baz Eob. — A minor frao- 
tnnof fiani Ehel, Eada) 
Eor. Gandab, Halimiai, 
McAmands. Headman : 


MiBBBS Ebbl.— A lection of 
the Eambar Ehel, Bazoti 
(500) Danlatmi, Orakzua. 
Samll. ' 

MiBBia Khbl.— A minor 
fraction of I^wal Ehel, 
Tatar Ehd or Akliorval, 
Haaaan Ehel, Adam Ehel, 

MiBBxa Ehbl (Bannn Di^ 
Irict). — A minor fraction of 
Tori Ehel, KCnaa Khel, Ha- 
th! Khel (2,000), Shin Khel, 
. Abmadzai, Darwesh Khel 
Wazirs. Headman ; Sbidi 

Lnm-nnv Google 

Uibda'd Keel (Ktiiini).— A 
Bub-diviaicoi erf Dnperzai, 
(1,600), Charaai, l^rig. ■ ' 

HiisDtD ELhbl (88]'-rAiiiinra 
fmction of the.Abdul , Bah- 
maaXhet, Sher Khet. Hai- 
bat Kbel, TS.ana. Khel, Akb- 
tokai, Mabsuds, 

MibDad Koe.— a Bub-diviaion 
of the Bazid Khel Sbeikbans 
(3,0011), " Hamsayas ", ofthe 
OrakzaiE. Saiail. ^eladtnan ; 
Alidad, . , , 

MiftlUDZAi (West of' Dera 
.Qhari Kha-n Diitrict).— A 
' section of JaUlzai, 

Khel, BalU Khel, 

Khels. Headman ; Lawang. 

MiBQHii ■ Khei.. — A minor 
&acti<|n of BaN Khel, Kamal 
Khel, Sahib Jan, Aka Khel 
(1,800), Afridie. Sami]. 

UlB GHiSiB. — A miner ifrae" 
titm of Taktmirl Khel,Nazar 
Khd, Star AE. Ehaa K£el, 
Sarki Khel,'. lUadda Hhel 
(1,600), Ibrabim Khel, 
TJtmanz^, Darwesh. Khel , 

., Waii^. . 

MlB HiBJSi. — Aminorfrao- 
tioD of Maoha, Madda' Khel 
(1,600), Ibrahim Khel, Ut- 
manzai, Darwetih Khel Wa- 
ztra. Headmen ; Mirza Shab 
and Sh^ Badan. 

MiriHiSBAit KsBir.— ft iB«- 
. tiOB of the Mir Ahmad Khel 
^- (Mir Hnwain Khel), tfroz 

Khat (1,000), Danlatiai, 
' OrakzoSs.-Sainil. HeadmAn; 

Lai Khan. 

MiB Hotbaim Khbl,— a sttt- 
■diviBion of tlie FSroe Khel 
(l,O0i;) DbitWzai, OtakaaiB. 

- Samil.' Headman g Zain 
■ Kban. -■ ■. ■ 

MiBi Khbl. — A division of 
-'Aka Khel (1,800), Afridb. 

Iibi-Khbl.— A' awAion of 
Pakbai (l,00(i), Bodai, 
Zakha Khet Afndia. Samil. 
Headmen ; bM Fatteh Khel 
■ and Mitha Khel. 

Jtfrai KHBir.—A m5cOr'frao- 
tion (if Nek^i Khel,' Hassan 
Khel, PAkhai (1,000), Bodai, 
Zakha Khel Afridis. Samil. 
B eadman ; Wall Mnhammad> 

KiBI Shbl.— A B^otion of 
Snran Khol, Babakri. SJpah 
(1,2001, Afridis. Samil. 
Headmen; AbdolU, »ahlb 

MiBr Khel (120).— A BectJon 
of Land, Malakh, HaUizad, 
Dawari«- Headmen ; Kbo. 

' ' jal, Uhbammad Akb&r, 

Lnm-nnv Google 

■MlB KAiiH''KHiS''C40S).-'A 

-' WftbLiiz^i.^'LnsliWzai, Orab- 
zsis. Gear. Hetdman'; Mtlla 
Abdnl.Kadir Aklinn- 

-' miuor fl«<3iioQ' of- Dis^ara 

Khsl AlridiB. Samil. -Hsad- 
. men ; Jamrez, AH Mast, 
ZtiMriyia, 'ArjnmaTid Sirah, 


I Kt^, Nar- 

MiBKHA Khbl (6ri)i— A'seo- 
tion of Bsromw, Shabi Khp], 
: AHntirStahsnds. HntdiiieA ; 
■ KWctod, ToTw. ' 

Ujr Khik 'Eflac.i-^A sbb- 
dirigion of Alt'Khot, Bar 
Eaniifti, Akozw — Ymnfzai 

Swatia. ■ ■ ■ ■"-••■' 

UlK ESAlf KHEL''(ie)'.'A 

uiiwt ifndjon of EhoJda- 
d»I, Uatikehai, Alm&l JKhel, 
BahtolisiiMahBudB.' Hettd- 
nen ; HassoDi, ^habbas. 

MiB KHiii Kfiat (25),— A 

- MfliorftaodoiiofthePlr&ad 

Ehei, Abdsl Kahmatt Khel, 

Sher Khel, Hsibat Khel, 

Sana Shel, BahioTzal^ Mah- 

' mda. Headman ; Mitha. 

'«inlta, Ala .SMet \l,m], 
Afridis; Samii.', ' ". ' 

Mir Kh-UC K-hcl.^'A taitiior 
f ra«tioa of Dnrar (300;t 
KhUBfogi, NasridaH' Zakha 
Khel.Afridi9. Bamil., Head- 
jaen; aeo Bttcha HJiel. «nb- 

MiB KHiM Kbb^. — A minor 
'ffftotion of Asat Kh'olt Wnri 
Kiiel,(BO0], Mohmlt Kiel, 
tJiimanzai, Darwesh '' Khel 
Wazirs. Headman:' Jclmft 

HiB tkiiT. itHEL.— A ifllnor 
fi-aotion of Adam Khel, Tla- 
lar Khel, Star 'AU fOum 
Ehel, Sarki Khel, 'Madd^ 
Khel (1,600), Ibrfthlm Eiel, 
DtManzai, Darwesh Kiwi 

HrS'l^akn; KsfBt,— A rieotion 

of- tlaman Khel, Sikandar 
■KBel,' Kaki Khel {iffiu), 
Aft-idiB-- Gar. Headman ; 

HiB KfliHiiii (*■). — A ' sttlf- 
- division of "■ Wiflflnai, 

Btfkannal, lunta. ' H^- 

man ieee Walaitiai. 

MiB KERr, fKhanki riTer).-7- 
A subdivision of Khadlzai 
(300), bmailzai. Orakzais. 
SaroU. ' Headman ; GnSa, 

L,,n!.nnv Google 

ICis KBoni (13).— A aah- 
dinuon of Khaddi, Uallizad, 

MiB Kdlli Ehbl. — A sub* 
diTision of Bazoti (600), 
Dutlatzai, Omkiau. Sa- 
mil. Heftdman ; . Qhnlam 

ISiRVix Khbl. — A minor 
fraotion of Donlti, Wozi 
Ehel (SOO), Mobmit Khel, 
tTtnuuxaii Danreeh Khel 

SIlBOB Ehxl (Banna District] 
— A minor fraction of H^os 
Ehel, Pirba Khel, Hathi 

; Khel (3,000), Shin Khel, 
Ahniadzai, Darweah Khel 
Waiira. Headniaa ; Filawu 

KiBO Khbl. — A. Bttb-dividon 
of Uamnzoi, MUhtii (3,I>0U), 
" Hamuyu " of the Orak- 
zais. ^mi^ Headman } 
Hajrat Khan. 

JCixo K£>i. (Daradar vaUer). 
— A rab-diviBion oi Abmu- 
xai (200), Ismailzai, Orak> 
zaii. BamiL Headmtn ; 
Khan Alir. 

Ui&o Khbl.— A sub-diTislon 
of Sfaamoiiu, Kh"v»>ui>' 
, Akraaii-YoW^ Swatia. 

MiBo Ebb£.— A minor frae* 
tlon of Faajpaii Mas Khel, 
Nnriiaii Mitl''^', Banffl^ 

MiBO Ehbl.— A snWivinon 
of Sepab, Bmzu MohmaadS' . 
Headmen i Sultan Sud, 
Ghalam Hamn, ShaEa Alam, 

UiBOir (42).— A section of 
ITawar Khel, Jtiran Shah, 
Tappizad, Ibmris. .Head- 
men; Bezan Shah, Shah 

KiBQiB Ebu (60).— a minor 
fraction of ShamiMt, &Mn 
Ehel, Tot, Uallizad, Dawa- 

. ria. Headmen ;■■ Kakib and 

. FazalKn. 

MiB Said Khbl (lODj Ehar- 
mana river}— A minor frae- 
tlon of the Mandn Khel, 
Nanazai, M^^mTf.i, I^ahku^ 
lai, OrakiaiB. Samik Head- 
BMn ; Mir Hnw^n. 

MiB Saiad'Kob (Pipal).— a 
anb-diviaian «f Hawan Ehel, 
Dairezai, Mghmaado. Head- 
man ; aee Dawetaia. 

MiK Bud Khbl.- A minor 
fraotiou of Sanzal or Sanyal 
Khel, Kamal Ehel, Sahib 
Jao, Aks Ehel (1,800), Aiil- 
dia. Sunil. 

Lnm-nnv Google 

M« Wiis Khel.— A minor 
fnotion of Fanjpaii Slim 
Ehel, Nnrizai, Ualiwi, 

UlKTAB EEiL.— A sab-diTi- 
BJon of Sbftmez^, Khw&za* 
Kfti, Abozai — TiiBii£zai 


MiBWiz Khsl (MastQiv 
ralkv). — A emb^dirisioii of 

• Mani Khel (1,000), Muhwn- 
mftd Khel, Oiakmis. Ooi. 

MiBWAz Ehbl. (7) — A minor 

- tractdon ol Uitha Khel, 
EMimi, EbftUi Khe^ 
Shaman Khel, Mahsvdg. 
Headmao; Khangnl. 

HiBzjLBsa KsiL. — A aoh- 
diyiiiion of Mat Khan Khel, 
Kambor Khel (4,500), Afri- 
du. Gar. Headmen ; Sher 
Khan, Hamid and Nuiai. 

MiBZii (300).— A Mctlon of 
Mehtarzai, Hanm Khel, 
Sanatia, Kakon. Headmen; 

' Sirdar Habo Khan (Head- 
man of Sfehtariab), Alif, 
Miz, Saodogu, PaiOi Mnlla, 

' Kamal Ali. 

MlBEAl (1,000).-^A eiA-divi- 
aion of Aliioi, Saniar, 

- Eakat^ Headman ; Shah 

HtBzA KfiXL. — A minor fno- 
tion of UBi EhaB Khel, Awt 
Khel, Ww«i Khel ' (600), 
Mohmii Khel, . Utmaniiu, 
Darweah Khel Waziis. 

UibzaKhsl. — A minor frac- 
tion of Said Khel, Umaizai 
(600), SHo Khel, Ahmadzai, 
Darwesh Khel WattrB. 

HiBZA Kebl.— A minor f rao- 
tiou of Hnhommad ^el 
(700), Igperka, Ealn Khel. 
Ahmadzai, Dsrvesh Khel 
Wazirs. Headman ; Daolat 

UiBEt Kbbl (GOO).^-aiie of 
the four claui of the Cham- 
kannia. The Miiza Ehel 
and Darre Khel are Bome- 
timea known colleetiTBl; aa 
the Khwaja Khel. " 

UiBZA Khxl.— A anbiidivi- 
rien uf Kandahsri, Safia, who 
are a Tawal clan cS. the Uoh^ 


Mtxzis.— See. Zkauii. 

MiBHiK Kbbi.— A minor 
fraction of Karon Khel, 
Aaad Ehel, Mitha Khan 
KheU Knki Khel (4,600), 
Afridia. Gar. Headmen ; 
Abdnl Aziz, Gnliatan, Sher- 
mnsiii Uahammiid Amin. 

* Includes Dane Ehel. 

Lnm-nnv Google 

Ui^HbiKh^.^A minor frao 

tion of Jf^el Eheli U&li ' (oi 
Muli):iOie1, a^srzai, Iliaa- 
zfti, fianern&lB. 

MisHTI {3,000 ; Maetura val- 
ley dpvn to Britiah territory ;Haiiga).— On* of the 
fonr. " Hanwnjii " olftna of 
the Orakzais. 'Omj are a 
powerful clan and are looked 
up ; te' hj t'l'^ others u 
Jaodera in importuit qqes- 
tioriB. Siimll. 


Mis*i Khel. — A minor frao- 
tion' of SsmDA Khei, Gholi 
Khal, Ambar Khei, Mat 
Khan Rhel, Kambar Khel 
(4,500), AfridiB. Gar. Head- 
men IweKhojalEhel. 

MisBi Kbbl.— A section of 
fiottti Khel (ISO), Oal&i, 
Adain Khel, AmdiB. 

MiBEi Khee. — A Brotion ' of 
the Umar Khan Ehel, All- 
Bherzai (3,000), Lashkarz*!, 
Oratzsi». Samil. Heodmai^i 
Madda Shah. 

KiBBi KJhel. — One of the snb- 
diriBiiHiB oi the Boisanzai, 
Miahti ,(3,000), " Ham- 
eayaa " oi the Orakiais. 

MlsBi Khhl (13).— 'A minor 

£&el,^ Aii»aaii,t .iUt^l»6d, 

.'. DawArJB. .' Hwdman.i- 'Uml 

Habib. . ',.,■,;,.- ' 

HisBi' Ehbl . (iO).-^A aiiKDT 
fraction of Siudi Khel, liar 
IjOfsi, Land.Makkh, Malli- 
zad, Dawaria. Headman ; 
Kaimat Khan. 

MiiaKbbi. (35). — A section 
of IsBuri, Tor, Tappiiad, 

. < Dawaria. Headmen ; Mam 
Shah, Dolai, Shah. Baram, 
Jalar Khan Sahib. 

MiTA Ebke. — A. minor £cao- 
tion (J . Ehannanj' Khel, 

. Khiraia Khel, Mtamai, 
Kabul Khel (2,600), Wall 
Khel, tJtmanzai,' I>arwesh 
Khel Wasira. 

IttiTHi Khah Khm.— a 
diyision of KnH Khel 
(4,W0), Afridis. Gar. 

MiTHi KflBt (196).— A»eo- 
. . tion of the Badiwai, Khali 
. Ehel, Shaman Khel, AUh- 

MiiHA Khel (60).— A nwnop 
fraction of Snammal, Haasit 
Khel, Tor, Maltkad, Dairari^. 
Headmen ;. Fakii Shah, 

. HaniaT£hKD,;Sh^. Salim, 

Lnm-nnv Google 


HilBiB (300 ; North-WHt I 
of Den Imuul Khan Dis- 
trict}. — One of the lesMT 
Fitnindali tribe*. 

MiTHv £hbl.— A mlDoi frac- 
tion of fch« Barid Khel, Stnri 
Khel (400), AUwii (Sturi 
Khel), Daulatw, Orakzaia. 
Samii. Headman ; Badshah 

MlTTi.B Khut Ebbl (Clow 
to TJblan paBs).— A aob-divi- 
lion <^ the Sipah (400), Mu- 
hamiDad Knel, OrtJuats. 
Gar. Sbiah. 

UlTTi Khbl.— A minor frac* 
tioD of the Khamar Khel, 
Gidi Ehel, Uanazai, Alizv, 

MiTAM Khxl.— A minor frao- 
tion of Ifalik Shahi, Jani 
KheL(l/}0(J), Wall Kbel, Ut- 
manzai, Darweab Khel Wa- 
zits. Headman ; Sabib Qnl. 

If I Y AMI Khxl (20).— A mjoor 
fraotion of Abdul Bab man 
Khet, Huhaumad Khel, 

' Malakh, Ualllzad, I^waria, 
Headmen ; Qol Eadam, 
Olhoiam Shahsada. 

MiTiH Khbl (30).— a section 
of Malli Khel, Idak, Tappi- 
zad, Dawai'iH. Headmen ; 
Naiai Shah Azld. . 

UiiBAi (28).— A dWudoD of 

fiasanwa], I.nn^. HW* 
men ; - loahkar Saiad, Skha- 

MizBis.— See ZiuBAia. 
MoBABAK Ebbl.— A minor 

MoBlN. — A minor fraotion of 
Takhmal Kbel, Nazar Khel, 
8'ar Ali Khan Khel. Sarki 
Khel, Maddft Kbel (1,600), 
Ibrahim Kbel, Utmaniai, 
Darweab Khel Wailre. 

IfoQAt BiBAEffAN Khbl.— 
A minorfraetion of Khwaja, 
Kbadin Kbel, Aahazal, Hi- 
aizai, Bnnerwala. 

MooAi Khbl.~A minor fiw 
tion of Ynnae Khel, Boeti 
Khel (160), GaM, Adam 
Kbel, Afridis. 

UooEAiQAi (60).— A section 
oi PIbisM, Sbabi Khel, Ati- 
zai, Mahands. Headraen ; 
Zarpijao, Matta. 

HoOHAL Khbl (100),— A gec- 
tioD of Pathanai, Shabi Ehel, 
Alii^, Uabaads. Headman ; 
Sbahzad. ' ' 

MoGHAL KhBl.— A- m'inor 

fraction of Manzar Kh^l, 

Top Khel, Umarzai (600), 

Shin ■ Kbel, ■• ■ ■ 

L;,ri!-inv Google 

Dsrwoah , Khel Wadre. 

MoGHAL KHBt.— A minor 
fnotionof FinkKhel, Mir 
Haaanii Maolui, Madda 
Khel ■ (1,600). Ibi^lm 
Khel, Utmwizai, Darwesh 
Khel Wazira. 

JIoaHAL- Khbi..— A minor 
fraction of Dani Khel, 
MaiJcal. Ualikshahi (400), 
Wall ](hel, TTtmanzai, Sar- 
weeh ^el Wazirs. Head- 
man ; Achegal. 

MoaHAX Kbbl (Bannn DJB- 

trict). A minor fraction of 
Danlat Khel, Alt Kiel, Mo. 
Khrf, Hatbi Khel j2,000). 
Shin Khel, Ahmadzu, Dar- 
wflsh Khel Wa^ia. 

MoohOl Kbbi»— a minor 
fraction of Uaman Ehel,' 
Sbsnqi (7S0), Bndai, Zakha 
KhelAfridis. 8smU. Head- 
men ; Mihr Din, Bawar, 
Snltan Mir, Qnl Shah. 

UoHABAi Ehel.— A minor 
fraction of Kandao Khel 
(400), Aahn Khel, Haaun 
Khel, Adam Ehel, Afcidia. 

MoEiL Kbbi.^A minor fn«- 
tion of Shckhu, Annai 
(1,000), Bodai, Zakha Khel, 
Aftidii. Samil. Headmen ; 

MoHiB Kebl. — A minor frae- 
lion of Sarmaet Khel, Badi 
Khri,' Dafdonl, Wtizl Khel 
(80ir), Hohmit Kllsl, BtOian* 
zai, Barwesh Khel Wazira. 
Headman }Bo£i> 

MoHUABD Ehsi,.^A minor 
fracUon . of Danlat Khel, 
Gh^b Khan Khel, Mallkdln 
KhdhMalikdin Khel (i,OQO), 
Afridia. Samil. Headmen ; 
Bee I^uht Khel. 

KoHUAHD Kbil.— A. minor 

fisvtibu oi Kattaa Ithel, 
HaBsan Khel, Mitha Khan 
Khel, Kuki Khel (4,5r0), 
Afridig. Gar. Headmen ; 
Kamhu, ' Boner, EadtUm 
Khan, Boghi, Baidal, Qhen- 
ni, Torbaz, Mhrvali. 

MoHUASM (16,D00 to 18,000 ; 
hilU north-west of Pesh- 
awar, between the Swat 
and Kabul rivers). — A 
Pathan tribe of pare Afghan 
deaoent. They hare four mwn 
diTiaions, vit., Tarakzal, Ha- 
limui, Baezai and Khwaezai. 
A fringe of a^liated clans, 
(the Kukkozai, Bawezai, 
and Utmanzai) Burrounds 
the tribe i it is further hedg- 
ed in, on the glopee of the 
Tatatȣu)ga, bjtbs wel 

c,ri!-iht Google 

otan of the Mullagoris, and 
towards Baiaui: b; the Safia. 
The Isa Khel and ' Bnrhatt 
Kiel of Paiidkii were ori- 
ginallT- branchet of the Ta- 
nkz^i, but are now quite 
distinct. The chiefsi who 
tre leriogmxei as KWs 
of the KobnuindB, are those 
' of Lalpdnt, - G^ta and 
Psndiali. Of these the moet 
importaDt are the Khans of 
' Latpnra. The bpM«4r of tbe 
Lalpnia Khansbip is AkHax 
Khnn, who i».at ptescnt at 
Kabul, under aurreillance. 

UoBHiT '^Bkx Ebbl.— A 
minor fraction of Tor, JanI 
Khel (1,000). Wali- Khel, 
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel 
Waziis. Headman ; Amal- 

MoKniT Khbl (2,970).— One 
of tlie three great divisions 
of the Utmanzai o]au of tlie 
Darweah Kbel Woziis, the 
other, two divieione being 
the Ibrahim Kbel and the 
Wali Khel. ■ Headman ; 
KIppat Khan. Bora Khel is 
the leading man. 

MoKADDi (35).— A sub-dlTi- 
don of Zetakki, Mallizad, 
Dawarli- Headmen i Fit 
tlnliammftd and IVUsaL 

Haibat Kbel, Nana Kbel, 
Bahlolzai, Mahands. Head- 
man ; Mir Ajal, Bore Kbon, 
Malang Khan. 

UoBcHA Khbl (I«IpQiBi Kan, 
Daliba, eto.., on tbe Kabnl 
riTer). — A minor fraction of 
Darma Kor, Shah MauBsr 
Ehel, Dadn Khel, laraksai,. 
Mohmands. T^ are the 
Khan (or, chief) Ifliel of tbe 
Molunands, and it is. from 
them that tbe KbaUs of 
Lalpnra are invariably 
selected ; see Mohmands. 

MoRSAI KoB. — A section of 
Hatai Kor, Mnbammad 
Khan Kor, or 'Bar' Barhan 
Kliel, Pandiali, Jfohmands. 

MoBIB Khri,.~A minor frac- 
tion of Kata Oran, Shngai, 
Tori Khel (2.670), Ibra- 
him Khel, Utmanzai, Dar- 
wesh Kl)el Wazirs. Head- 
man ; Makam. 

wesh Kbel Wazirs. Head- 
men ; Khojamir, JIazabnir, 
Islam Khan. 

Mot Khbx.— a minor fraction 
of Shadi Khel, Bora Khel 
(1,000), Mohmit Khel, 

Lnm-nnv Google 

MoWA Kebl.— A minor frac- 
tion of IndQi Khel, Drcpil- 
Uri, Swfci Khel, Madda 
. Khel (l,6tJ0). Ibrahim Khel, 
. ntmanzaii DanreBb Khel 

UoziDtir Taiab.— A minor 
fraction of Hminn Kor, 
KandM, Isa Khel, Pandit, 
Mohmandg. Headmen ; see 

MtFBiBiK Khbl.— A minor 
fraction of Mirghat Khel, 
Ba«i Khel, Kamal Ebel, 
Sahib Jan. Aha Kbel, (1.800), 
AfridU. Samil. 

MuBiBiK SaiH.— A minor 
fraetion of Khizar Khel, 
Mintar Khel, Muhammad 
Khel, Hasaan Khel (400), 
Mob mi t Khel, Uimanzai, 
Darwesh Khel WaiirB. 
Headman ; Saadat Beg. 

UuBiBiE Sbihi (226).— a 
diviwon of ■ Uallizad, Da- 
waria. Headmen ; Sheikh 
Vansnr is the leadinKman ; 
■ee also Sha javal and Hokiu 

U^DAH Khel. — A tBb-^ivi- 
ricm of Ehada)<zai, Khwaza- 
&u, Akoiri— Vuiufzai Swa- 

MnoFCL Kbel.— A rob- 
diriiioB of Barml Ehel, 
Kfmrai or Kamar Kbel 
(600), AfridJH. SamiJ. Head- 
men ; Hafiz Samandar, Firoz 
Khan, Anar, Bahadnr Sbab, 
Si&t Shah, SheiadJs, Zar- 
«lad, Mir Ali. 

MdhamiiaI) Ksax Kob— a 
Bob diviuon of Borhan 
Khel PandifJi, Mobmandai 
the(j: are alao kjiomk aa lEar,' 
Bnnian Kbel. 

McBAUUAD Kh8l (Goshta). 
A 8nb>dtv'8ion of the Ehadi 
Khel, Khvafzai Mobnnnds. 
Headmen ; Mir Mabammad 
Kl an, Barhab Kban, Tuenf 

MuHAUHAD Kbbl.— A minor 
fraction of Ismail Khel, 
Makhoiu, Kaauzu, Diaazai, 

MvEAHiTAD Khbl (Khanki 
rivir).— A Bah>diviB)on of 
the Khadizai (200), Ismail- 
zai, OrukzaiB. Samil. Head- 
man ; Mirak. 

MvHAUMAD Kebi. (130).— a 
minor traction of the Machi 
Khel, Sbnmi Khel, VeAH 
Khel, Manaiai, Alizai, Mah^ 
sudi. Headman ; Bhah Salim. 

MuHAUMAD Ebil (2,480 ; 
Maatnta vallev and Lan- 
dubi p\is].— One of th« 



fonT oUnB of the OnkztSa. 
The; are much nnder iht 
inflnenoe of Saifida. Oar. 

HiTHAUXAD Khsi..— A see- 
tbn of Ziagan Khri (SOOi 
GalM, Adam Ebel, Afridie. 

migratory). — A Bection of 
iBwrka, EbIq Khel, Ahmad- 
M), Darwesh Khel WaiiTB. 
Headmen g Mohaniinad Jan, 
Danlat Khan, Hkblb Gnl, 
Jan, Nnr Mohammad,' Shah 
Kamian, Katam'r, ^-Mn- 
bftmniad, WagiU Khan . 

MnH»mtAii Khel— A me- 
tioa of Ha»an Kh(d{4'«), 
Uohmit Khel, UtiUan»ai, 
Daiweah Khel Wailre. 
Headmen t Hlir^, Kahnl, 
Kh<i«ilg»i Saadat Bpg, 
Fazal Shah, GliiUb«na, 
Gnlbat Shah, 8i[l]wr. 

UuBAUMAD Ebel (18).— a 
gab-divieion of Khaddi, JSi.]- 
liiad, Dnw&TU. Headmen ; 
ib^d Khan, Hadasui. 

VCH&VHAD Khbi, (t2).~A 
■ection of Nana Khel, 
^piai, Tapplz&d, Pawaris. 
Headmen i Uofa. Ahmad 

men; Khan Maliammad 
Khan, Fasil IKn, Makhmad, 
Shah Azam, aliai Bioh, Bal.- 
rang, Ghaliam Shah, Habib 

ITuHiuilAti 'Pik:— A Bootion 
of Alizat, Darpa Khel, Mal- 
lizad, Dawai-is. Headman ; 
Muhammad Pir. 

minor f raotlon of ■Pami Khel, 
Kada! Kor, Gandab, Halim- 
zal, MiAmands. UJwtdman ). 
Uthba Din.' ' 

UrHAUiszu (371)-— A sob- 
diviBion of Ahmad Khel, 
Oba Kh«l, Sherame. 

]|IiiHAHii>s¥4i (Pe»ha(r&T 
J istrlct).— A tribe .-who U»e 
in Ha'ihtnagar: thej are 
tiao knoWn as Mohmandial 
-or Maaan-fd. 

MoH*MMApi*i— see, Mamu- 

MriA (B'X)>.-M>ne. of the dtvi- 
■iotMof Waraspan, Battan- 
bU. Headman I Ahmad 

Bh«h (Kandi Ehe]), Bidari 
(Dari KheR luit Khaa 
(Ehwad Khel). \ . ,, 

-Uukhbali i Ke Uaehbub. 

iivsLHiUti Kbki. (701).-t-A Mdi.a Khkl.— a ieotion of 
snb-divlBion " of Makkh, Aja Khel, Aahazai, Uiasial, 
JUslUuLd, rawaris. Head- Boaenrals. 

Lnm-lnv Google 

153 ; 

UcLi. Khxl (SaO; north- 
vest of D«ra Ism^l Klun 
, District). — One of the Uttar 
Fawindidi trading tribw. . 

MuLAZAi (340).— A sedtion of 
Fonizfti, Hartm Khel, S»afr- 
tia, Kakara. Headman ; 

MctLioiH (60).— A BOb" 
diviaioa of Tor, Mallizad' 
Dawaris. Headmen; Mnham.' 
mad Amin, Fazalli. 

MuLLi&iji (14).— A ■ mnor 
fraoti6n of Ipi, Hddar Kliel, 
Tor, Tappizad, Dawaris. 
Headman ; Mir Alam, 

Mdliaoobi Eos.— a minor 
fraction of Rajai Khel, 
Ytunif Khel, Isa Khel, Pan'J 
diall, Mohmands. 

kcLueoBis (400 ; Tarten). 
—A vasBal dan of thejffioh- 

UcLLi Khel.— One of the 

two Hub.-divieionB of the 
Umariai SheikhaiiB (3/KX», 
"ifcinwyaa" of the Oralula. 
8(unil. Headman g Bahman. 

MuLLA Ebbl (Dir).— a wo* 
tion of Sultan Khel, Sesada, 
Malizai. Yoaof zaia. 

UuLikS Ehbl.— A nib-dlvi' 

Mon of .Bahram-ka-Khel, 
Bar BanIzai,Ahoiai— Tasof- 
zai Swatii. 

Mullah Kob.— A minoi'frac- 
' tion of Snltan Khel. Iknuta 
Khel, Gandab, Halimztu, 
Mohmaada. Headman i La- 

M0itAB Kob.— A minor frac- 
tion of Sroh, Bnsha Khel, 
Kamali, Halimzai, Moh- 
mands. ' Headman i Eh^ni- 

Mm-TABr , ElBL.— A seotaon 
of Zakkn. Ehel, Sikandar 
Kheh K»ki Khel (4.&00), 
Afridia. Gar. Headmen ; 
Tana.' Said Gnl. 

Mttbadi' Khkl (350).— a sec- 
tioaof DaUdia Eor, Dadn 
Khel. Tnrakzai, Moh- 
mands. i Headmen I'Mnltan, 
Najai, Mtthammad Hasan 
(Shahl Eor), Aohnk (Takhai 
Eor). Akbar, Mtdda Ehan. 
MirAli. , 

MuBADD JChbl— A saetjon 
of AziKhel, Ali Khel, Bar 
Ranizni, Akozai — TnaafiM 

MoBaBniAi (Wert of the Dera 
Ghasi Khan Distria).- A 
8e«tiort of Malizai, Ahmad- 
ZBJ, Bali] Kbel, Mnsa Ebels. 
Headman ; Rahman. 

McsA Kbbl.— A minor frac- 
tion of Nanni Ehel. Bakka 
Khel (IjXn). Wall Khel. 
Utmanaii, Darweih Khel ' 



.H»dmaa; Banal 

Mdbk Khbl.— tA mjaot it/pi- 
tioQ of Misri £l>el, ]^i 
£IieI (ISO), Gahi, Adam 
■Shel, Afrjdi* 

MdiaKhbl^A fmb-diriaion 
of Y&r AU Ebal, Kasqi^ 

£1W (6'-«) Afridift. HvH. 

UubaKhbi. (Bannii Disbciot)- 
— A Beotion qf Hatbi K^el 
(2,O0Q), ^lun £h^l, Ahmad- 
lai, PttTwesb KJiel Wazire. 
Eeadmeti ; Adam Kban, 

JfFB;A ■ K^L , tBaiiHw:),-A 

HCBA KHBf"— A minor tiao' 
tion of WaTkap £b«l, Aib 
Kbel, ISa1«rzM> lUouzai, 

MCBA Khbl.t-A section of 
Ufakhozai, Sw>^i Iliwzai, 

MosA Khbl.— A mb-diviaion 
of If uriiu, Maliiai. Bnnei- 

Brazaii . Mo^— Ynanf zai 

^D^ IChe^. — A »ctioa of 
Seb Kbel, Gadaizai, Iliaezai, 

MbIsa Khbl.— a Boetkia of 
ififa £hd, AahftiM, IlJwuti, 

MuBA Khbl (15 ; Dtm Imaail 
Khan District). -- Nonmdir, 
a minor fradion fJ.Faaatil, 
I«)t Khel, Mian Khel, 
Lohana, PawiiMnhs. Hrad- 
man; Bee-Wan Khel- 

MuBj. Ebe'l (^awiD4a}1!^ 12; 
Deri I^mai! Khan PiBtrirt). 
—Nomadic, »■ minor frartion 
of Zakori, SMa Khel, Mittn 
KheU Lofaona, Pawindahs. 
Hoo^en ; bm Mi^ Kbel. 

JflPBA Khbl (1,800).— A snb- 
^Tiraon of Sepoh, Baiz^ 

HcaA Khbl (7).— A minor 
fraction of Umsrzal, Zira 
Kbel, Amzonl, Mallliad, 
Dawaris. Headman ; Malak 

UirsA Kbbl (12}.— a Bub* 
diYiaion of Kbaddi. Halllzad 
DanariB. Headman ; IKdar. 

MrBA Khbl (1,500).— A mb- MrsA Khblb (4,670 ; west 
diTision of Kqe Sullwi, of Dera Gbazi Kban Dit- 

Lnm-nnv Google 

■trict).— A 'itt^ 'tribe rf 
Pfttbans, B»id to be de«end- 
ed.from a yonnger brother of 
the unceBtor of tbo Kskar 
MusiKKI.— A section of Wnzi 
KM (800), Mohmit. Khfel. 
Utm»iniMi Dftrweab Kliel 

'HosAEXi (a60).T-A fttb-di-ri- 

■ »lon of Tor, Mallirad, Dowa- 

'■ (19, Hfadmeni bm Tnkar 

Kh?l, LadI Khel, SliaJiabdia 

Ehel.uid.ShabiKlul. . 

Musi KoB (B6li^ Dag).— A 
inb^diviiion. of Maimanft 
Khel. KhWaezal, MohmandB. 

McbamKhbl.— A minor frac- 
tion' ■ 'of ■ Slkmidar Khel, 
Man»f Kte) (MO), Ibrahim 
Kbel, UUnaniw, Datwwh 
Kuel WmIm,' Hiadmaa i 
Iwl Klian. 

MugARi. K^BL-— A , Bnb-diTi' 
«ion of ^a^^^*^'' IlEaszaj, 

HoBilil (86 ;■ Der» Imail 
Khan Districti.— Nomadic, 
a BBction oj Bein KheL Mian 
Kbe', Lohana. ' Pnwlndalli-. 
Headmen ; see Mian Khol. 

MVP4IA1 (West of Dera Ghwl 
Khan- Diati iut),— A wb- 
'div'iBiiii tf Hamiazai, Balll 

Hdbhaeei. — A minoi'frwition 

of Mafiha, Hadda Elhel 
(1,6'^), Ibi-ahim Khel, Ut- 
■ maiitiiT, Darwpsh Khel 
WaziriB. Headmen;' Ware 
Khan of Sarram, Barloi of 

MoaawANis. (260; Shuod). 
— A small tribe of Saiads di- 
Tided into fire otao*; Mtt^ 
Barkoiaia, Panjpaie, Chicha- 
Eats, Uuhammad Khels, and 
Mian Khanzaia A few 
MaA'i^anis lire whh the 
Utmanzais of the Hamra 

' iiotder. Tire- olam, etc., of 
the MtahwanlB are - not 

' separately indejed i« thii 

.MijiaKai(600; fonthof joite- 
tion of Jandol and Bajanr 
streams).— One of the rfglit 
olaoe oi the TJtman Kbels> 

t5vz\ Rhbl:— A minor frw 
tion of Mushakki, Moclia 
Madda Khel (1.600), Ibn- 
him Khe!, Utmanza}, Vts- 

I weeh Khel Waziw. 



MiBi Kns^ (13).— A eni-divi- 
■ion ' oE 'Bc^ ■ lappuftd. 
Dkw&rig. Headman ; Kat*- 

Nihaeki or YvBir Koe 
I8<t).— A rectiono* IbnJiim 
Ehel, . K&siali, Halit&tel, 
Mohtoande. -j>- - 

VaHa^ (Dera Gh'azi Kheui 
.Duttidt Mtd Khetnn Hilh). 
--.-A PaihtM tribi^ Egad- 
mao ; Ehan Mnh^mad. 

Jt*iv. Shkb Kes; (KbanM 
■rivar).— A anb-tttrisiim ;;of 
jKWbzai (290), ilnoailifti, 
Orakzak. Samu. Headman ; 

ITakKiz ' (13fi).— A V»9tion bf 
Shnianat,' MubirAk. Shajii, 
MftliiAM. DjWIa. 'He^- 
raen; ZarTf, Mania Hagg&n, 
Uoghlaj.and tfaia. ■ 

KiKgiSBAND ICdoB '(K^riki 
valley)^— A guli-diTiaion of 
Sada KM J.lfD, lunaiW,' 
Orakz^. San^l. Headiaan ; 

SaidSalam. ■ \i 

NiiTA Ebbl.— A mininrfhic- 
tion ol BalU Khe1,: Sbadi: 
Khe!, Bora: Ktel (1,000), 
HobQmf Kliol, : UtmaoEiu, 

NiKA K B 11 . -rA pinoT frac- 
tion of Idar Kbal, Ali Khe!, 
EhaddaV KMl (770), Xoh-'. 
^it Kbel, Utounmi, Dar- 
-w«dj Ebel Wizifa. Head- 
man ; Zui4L < ^ 

Nana KBsh.-T^i miaoi; fraa* 
tion' of .JiIaiMar' Klie)^ Tor 
Ehel, UmatEai.(fiOO), Shin 
. Khel, .Ahmadzai, - DiinrMh 
Khel WaUT^ : Headmaa ; 
Adal Khan.' 

NA«i/Eau.-^A ntiiKa; f»c- 
. tion of Mlr.iEhan. Ehel, 
As9t< KM, Wnd Khel (mi), 
Uohmit Ehel, Utmanzai, 
Dan^ Ehel Wa^rs, ' ' 

Nana EHBL<4ai; I>eTa bmul 
Kban DIatrict).— Nomadid, 
ft mhioT' fraction irf Zakori, 
Sefii E)t«l, Ui^' Ehel, 
LohaiiB, Pftwli]dab8.'HeBd- 
nMi;aee Mitln'EE^l. 

Nana Ehel (142).-A nib- 
diviaion' id Topiot, Tappi-' 
lad," X^iwatis. . Headmen ; 
Ad4I BlMh, Aiim Khan, 
GnUhahdad, Unw,: Ehaoiid, 
HMratFSr. . 

Nandab Khel.-^A minor ft^ 
tioh of I aipa'i, Itabnl Ehel 
(3,600), W^i Ehel, Ufamanr 
ui, Darnesb £bel WauiS. 

c,ri!-i ht Google 

NiKDiHiHie (1,000 ; Nandi- 
har vitlle;, north of Hazara 
DiBtriet).~A tribe of Swati 
origin. Headmen j^mtadar 
Kau), MoznSar Eibaii. 


Khbi. {ll}— a •edaon 
or AHbw, Darpa Kbel, 
Uallizad, DKwaru. Head* 
lyan; Snlimui Klwl. 

Nidi Khbl (3"). — A mjnor 
fraction of I«r Lor», Laod. 
Malakh, Maliiiad, Danjrie. 
Heedmeu ; Bonobu Ehati, 
Walibas, Madjgai. 

Sabv Ebil (;0 ; Black 
Moantahi).— A Bab-diririon 
of HasHiiai, Imal, Ynanf- 
zak. Headmen ) Fakir. 

ifABAiui.— A dtvi^ui 
Kakkozai, who areaTaawl 
elan of the Holmuuida. 

IfABAna Kbki..— A minor 
fiMtioii at fiolaki Khal, 
latar Khel or AkhoTml 
(SUO), Hawfui Khel, Adam 
Khel, AftidU. 

NaXkI EaiL (Bonnu and 
Shawal).— A mtion of 
Bakka Khel (1,000), Wall 
Khel, Utmaazu, Darwesh 
Khel Wazba. Headman j 
Banai Khan, Shah Nawaz, 
Ghainadin, POod Khan. 

»r frae- 

Hasani, Uscha, Uadda Khel 
(1,600), Ibrahim Khel, 
Utmaniai, Darweah Khel 

Naiak KSbl.— a minor frao- 
tiou of SaBBi Khel, Zargva 
Khel (300), Oalal, A^ 
Ehel, Afridis. 

NABisKHst (ft).— A seotkan 
of Zhao Khel.O'spiai, Tapp- 
zad, DawaTiB. H<«dman ; 
Quia Din. 

NiilB« (7>6iO. i move Teartj 
Jbom Kborasan into Dejia- 
jat].— A trading idan, one 
. of the wealthiest . of the 
Piiwiodah tribe. T^eyare 
divided into (1) JalalEhel, 
(a) UaM Khel, (3) Pat 
Khel. (4) Alambpg Khel, 
(6) Banu Khol, (6) Yahaja 
Khel, m Kamal Khel, (8)- 
Khel, (9) Mnaazai, 


hel. (12) Nimat Khel. 

Saiabzai. — A division of 
Anjra Khel, Zmarais. Head- 
man ; GliMiat Khan. 

Nasi Kob.— a anb-diviBion of 
Azim Ebon Kor, 0m Ar 
Khan Khel, Aliahemi, 
(ifiOO) Otakzaia. Samil- 

Nabib KoB-— a minor frac- 
tion of BaBul Kor, Wall 
Beg Eor, Qandab, Haiimzai, 
Muluuutdi. Heaven i Hm- 

L;,ri!-iht Google 

., Qlinlam 'StiAii Uelt 

N*sKsBL.(600; Bori, Zhob) 
—A dtTiaioB of the (Sooth- 
em) Suntar, Eakars. 

NiBii- Dis (7,210).— A mb- 
divuiion of ^lu Ebel, 
Ahmadiai, Darwesh Khpl 
Wszira, Headmen ; we 
ShadI Khel and Bomi Chel. 

NiRKiT Ebbl (di-Indnt, 

and on the north-eaatem 
hordeiB of Banet). — A sub- 
divi^n of the Chagarzai, 
, MaHiai, Ynmfzaifi. They do 
not belong to Bnner proper. 

Nasbat Khil.^A leetlon of 
' OhiaibKliuiKheI,UaHk(t!n 

Khel.Malikdin KheU4,O0O). 

Abidu. Sam31' Itiadmeu ; 

Bee Nathn Ehel. ' 

NABBtT Ehbl (RO ; Btae^ 
Mountain). -i-A anb-diTiMon 
of Hasanzai, Isazal, Ynsuf- 
Z^e. Headmen: QaiarEhui, 
Sabaid. , 

Narbazai (6S0 ; Khannana 
river).— A fub-diTiBion of 
Uasnxai, Laahh^aTai, Orak- 
7.ai8. 1 Gar, i SamlL' Head- 
man ; Mir Ahmad Shah. 

, Nacbi KHlt.— a minor irw 
tkin of Bacbani,: Tort Jani 

Khel, (UW), .Wall Khel, 

Naibi Khii. — A minor frao- 
tion of Mnehakki, Maeha 
(l,eOO), Ibrahim Khel, Ut- 
manEfii, Danreeh Kbel Wa- 

Nasbi Khsi. (Ifi).— a minor 
ftaoUou of Bar Kanm, Hbmv 
Eh^l.Tor, Mallizad, J>aira> 
ris. Hwdman } Onl Sahib. 

Sui Eebl.'(302).-tA wction 
of Hwdw Khel, Tor, Tappi- 
lad, .Dawarie. Headmen ; 
GulEhan, LakiKhan. 

NABBDDDrB (1,200 to 1,600). 
— A division of . Zakka 
Khel Afridb. Samil.l Head- 
men; iee Hablb. Faindai. 
and Ehoarogl. 

Nabbitdiv Khel (1,500 ; 
Maidan, Dir). — A sab-diri- 
giim of Snada, Malizai, 
TnsafTaia. Heftdmeu ; Khana 
of Bobat and Fan, Jan of 
Baigolai. and Saron. 

Nabuzai (2,000'; western and 

.ea*tem' tlopei . of Duma 

. .mi)iinfiMn).— Oneof tbefonr 

; dlvtuona of IliBauu, Bnuer- 

NaTBU Kbul. — A mUiIoq of 
OHalib KhannKhel, Malik- 
din Khel, .Markdin,Khel 
(4,000), Afridis. Somil. 

m Google 

Headmen ; 'Sultan Mtifaam- 
Hisd Khan.FcTM Kh&n. Yar 
Mahaicm&d Khftn, Jlduhaiii- 
mod Bam, Alam Khan, 
0holBi; KBsim', Hamid, Ss,id 
GhnlaTO ; Mdld Akhnndiada, 
Mimn, Mir ' A\m. Mir 
Azimi Mir Salim, Mir Ah- 
mad, Nor Jan.. 

■-'SkJoZki ■(2,0005'21i6^).— A 
division of (Northern) San- 
zar,' Kakkra. ■ ' ' 

NiWaB'KOfl.—A ttrioor frac- 
tion' rf EAlmiatal' Kor, 
' Kadat Ko^ Gandab.lTfdim: 
zai, MohnuutdB.' Headman ; 
Naaaher £han. 

Nnr*KKHEi;(l25)~4 anb- 

■ division pf Mii^to 'Sliah, 
Ta^iiad,' Dawarls: Head' 
men ; IKn Mnfaamnad, 
Kboja Azam, Bahawan, Mir 

■ ■ Bosh. 

■ NiWiB Kksl (SO).— a sec 

tton of Nawtf EW, Hiram 
Sfuii, Tappiiad, Dawaria. 
Headmen i Bahawan, Na- 
lakh, Tani. 

N*wiB Kan (10).^A sec- 
tion' of Zfra Kb'el, Amioni, 
Ualliaad, DawarU. Head 
man ; Azam Shah. 

VtwiS Ehrl.— Amlflor fr^ 

TSitil Kfi'feL.—A minor ffnc* 
tion of Aziz Khel, Shadi 
Khel, Bora Khel (1(\I0). 
Mohmft Khe', Utmaazai, 
Du^nh Khel Wazirs. 

Nazaj, KltiL,— a minor frw- 
tion of Murclii Ktol, Abdul 
Khel, Boi» KbM (1,000), 
Mohmit iCI;e), Utmanzaii 
Dorwesb Khel Wazin. 

Nazavbn Ebti. (Britiaii 
, territo^),-AminorIi]Mition 
; .of .Budin Khel' (101)}, Shadt 
Khe\, . Naon Dia Khel, 
Katu Khel, Ahtoadzai, Car- 
., weHh.Khd Wazin, Head- 
man ; Mir Alam. 

NiEaBKBSt.-^AinlnOT frarf- 

' ' tion cd Btar All Khan 

Efael, Sarki Khel, Madda 

Khel (l,flOO), Ibiahlin Khel, 

TJtman^i, Dorwesh Khel 
Warirs. Headmen ; Kadam 
KJban, Nabbi Khan. 

TSitBI KaBL.— A minor frac- 
tion of Pira Khel, Mir Has- 

.ani, HbcAb.. Madda Khel 
. (1,600), Ibrahim Khe], Vi- 
SBDzai, Darwwb Khel 
Tf aiira. 

Nazi Khbl. — A aection <£ 
Abdal Khd, Urmui Kbel, 

' Sipab(l,dOO).A&ia)a.SaiaiL 
Hea&man i J nima. 

Lnm-nnv Google 

TTiEi Khel.— A minor fmo- ! 
tion of M(^hQl Klul, Usman 
-RhfU Shanai (7S0), Zakha 
Khel Afridli. Samil, Head- 
men ; Mihi Din, Bairai, 
Saltan atir.'Ghil Shah. 

K^ZTS Khel.— A minor friu;- 
' tlon ot Sanni Eh^l, Zurgan 
KhA (BOO), Qalai, A<hni 
Ehel, Afridifl. 

NVzo KHBti— a anb-diTision 

' ' of Aima1 Khan Khel, Zanka 

Khel (8,000), " HamBayM " 

of the Orakzais. Qat. J 


"ITiZo Khbl.— A mb-dirUion 
' of the Khaja Ha was Khel, 

■ All Khels (3,000), "Ham- 
uyas" of the Orakzais. Gar. 
i Shiah. 

■ NiZB Ali KhkIi.— a .section 

of Uaddi Khel, Utmanzai, 
Bar Banizai, Akoral— Yn- 
tiifzai Swatia. - 

Hbexu KHBt,— Aminorfrfto* 
tion of Biien Khel (700), 
Shadl Khfil, ' Naant Din, 
Kaln Khel, Ahmadiai, Dat- 
. wMh Khel Warira. Head- 
man ; Haiar KhMi> ■, 

NiCHiKEAi (Weiit of Den 
Ghaai Khan Piatrict). — A 
sub-diyiaion of Hamzazai, 
BaUl Khel, MoBii Kheh. 

'■ HeadmaB ; Shamhi. • 

NBEHAMiiu' (West of Dera 
flhazi Khin District).— A 
aub -division of Man^zai, 
Laharzai, Mnaa Khels. Head* 
man ; Hehrban. 

NicFi Khbl (4,000; avaller 
of the same name on rigbt 
bank of Swat).-^A dirision 
id Khwazazai, Aliozai — 
Ynsufiai SwatiB. Headman ; 
Tnsnf Khan. ' 

NsEZiu Khel. -Asection of 
■ Tor- Sapar' (360). Galai. 
Adam Khel, Afridia. 

Nbezim Khbs.^A minor 
fraction of WhlU Khel, Ali 
Khel, Sheikhmal Khel. 
Kambar Khel, Kambat Khel 

' (4,600). Afrtdis. Qar. Head- 
man ; Saleh Muhammad- 

Nezak Khbl (26):— A Mo- 
tion of Haklra Khel, Muba- 
rak Shahii Mallisadi I>awa- 
ris. headman j Nazam 

NiAMAT KflSL (ISO).— A diyi- 

' Bioa (£■ Tatta, EattanAia. 

Headmen ; Eushal Khan 

(Kaka), Marwttt (Agzar), 

c,ri!-i ht Google 


Hit Azar (Shabgal), Eaddat 
(BMMa},Biii«k (FiroK). 

NiiMiT Khel.— A n 
irMtionof WttraltaAli L™. 
Khel, Sarki Khel, Uadda 
Khel (1,600), Ibrahim Khel, 
^tqianzal, , Darwesii Khel 

NlABT Khbl; a seotion of 
Aya Khel, AbIjuzw, lUasuij 

SliZIB ( 

; Khorawn and 

the perajat).— MigTtttory, a 
oivided as 

Fawindah tiibe oiviaea ae 
Mows i— (1 Mamrez Khel, 
(200) ; (2) Nnrkkhan Khel, 
(170j; (3) Mahsnd Khel, 
(330),; (4) AU Khfll. (120); 
(5) Mala Khel, (260). Thera 
are four other clans of this 
■teibei ne.,iea Khel* (1,806) j 

■ Kamar Mashani (30), KnndJ 
. (360), and Sarhang (l.'iiK))' 

who ate settled in British 
territoj? in lea Khal, Kala- 
baghiMiaawflli, Baunu, etc, 

HiKKi Khbl.— 4 minor, frac. 
tion of Hassan Khel, P^hai 

■ ^h^^' ^'"^'' ^"I'l'* t^el 
.Afrioi's. Samil. Headmen : 

f^Miri Khel, Ahmad ?hel, 
iial Khel and Kazian Kor.. 

, NoKcaii (4S0 J West of Deia 

GVail ■ Klan .Distriot).— A 

. division of Latarzai,. Unsa 

Khela. Headmen t Baiok, 
Bazi, Khan Daoran (Doda- 
zm), Khatal, Momin, Mnlla 
Nadar, Haaan (Kabalzai), 

Nob Khal.— A minor fraction 
of Bala! Khel, Hsaaan Khel 
{400),-,Mohmit Khel, Ut- 
manzai,,DarweBb Khel Wa- 
ziw. • Headman ; Ghnlam 

NoZAi (250).-A elan of Isoti 
Headman i MahmudKhan. 

Nozii (ICO; west of Dera 
Gliaz! Khan).-A dirision 
of Lahareai, Mwsa Kliek. 
Headmen t ^hbaa (Dftwi- 
lai, Sheran {Baahwiizai), 
Galsher (laazfti), ifendak 

KuBAX Khbl (TUash and 
■ Dbs^ Khel, Bir).— A anb- 
diviBion of the ■ An» Khel 
J Maliiai^Tasufzidfl,. ' 

NiTKAK Khm.— A anb-divi- 
«ion of ^rsii, Tatta, Batfan- 

. nig. ' . ,. « 

NcBi Khbl (10).~A sertion 
of TItman, Mifam Sliah, , 
Tappraad, Dawaria. He&d- i 
man j Mongol. ■ . ' ■ I 

NtiBiZAi .■.(1,300 iaontfjern 
<!bmer of lie Bnoer Ttfljoy) 
— ODflofthethrte dirfdoa 
of .JkfaliMi/BanennJB.. ^ 

c,ri!-iht Google 


ITdb KHiit Khsl (20 ; Dora 
Ismul Khan Distrlot). — 
Nomadic, a minor fraotion of, , 
Aktt KhBl, leot Kbel, Mian T 
Khel, Lohftna, Pawindalw. 

nllnor fraction of .Snltm^i 
Km, Ism^l Ithel, Bod 
Khel, MaddaKfiel (1,600), 
Ibrahim . . Khel, tltman- 
z^ 'Dahreah Khel Wa- 

Nub McK*Km,D Khil.— A 
minor tracUon of Tor Khel, 
iMA Khel, Mltba' Khan 
Khel, Knki Khd (i,5t)p), 
Afridis. Gar. Headmen; 
BMti, latomdin. 

NrBfiCAl (Gomal).— A dlvinon 
of Uiani, Sheranis. 

NcBwaz Khbi.— A Bub-diyi- 
uon of tha KhvrBJa ' Hawss 
Khel, All Khelfl (8^000), 
" Hamsayas " of the Oiak- 
laU. Gar, i Shiah. 

Oba KHEt (l,63;l).— A clan of 
1|he Sberaim. Headman') 
Asim. Khan. 

Oil K8Bi.(I0).— Awctionirf 
Mnhammad }Cilel,. Malakh, 
MaUizad, ,P»i«aiis. iHead- 
mm ; Habib |ihah> Hnham- 
mad Sftid. 

OsAEiUi (?7^0O ; Tireh, Ae 
mountainous diatriot florth- 
wert of Kohat, and imme- 
diaitelr wnth (^ ths Afrldi 
oonnbTi down tatbe Miran- 
naj v»llej).^On« of the 

most'lmjportant of iihe 
tribea on the Nortli-West 
Frontisri It maj be notod 
that the Mohammad Khel 
olan, aa (kl«) portions of th4 
Aliziuiand ALi Kbela, are 
. SbiahB. 

OzBUAi (11).— A eob-diyigifm 

of SluDgi, BahlolzAt, 

On (60].i-A nib<diTiBioa of 
ZerakJd, Mallixad, Dawaijs. 
Headmen i. SaUmsi, and 
Nabat Sbab. 

Lnm-nnv Google 


of' EatntiBr Kbel, Kambar 
Khel (4,500), Afriditi: Gar. 
Headmen ; ' Jfuhiunmad 
Sher, Khwaia Ali, Yaro, 
Nnisi>.Sbemi, uti 8her. 

Fadai Kob. — A Bnb-diviBion 
' of the Diwat Kbel, Ktme' 
zai, Mtdunands. Headmia ; 
Bara Khan. 

Padki (83).— a wction of 
Taib Khel, Amzoni, Mallizad 
Da«aria. Headmen ; Fai- 
znlkh, Herai. 

PiDBHAH Khbl.— A minor 
fvaotion of Ta Khel, Babn 
Ehel, Adinzai, Khwazaiai, 
Akom — Ynsnf zai Swatia. 

Pasai, Kob or Kabal Eoa.'— 
AminoT fraction of Dand 
Khel, Kadai Kor, Oandab, 
HaliiaxatiVohmandB. Head- 
men ; Taknb. AIM Mit. 

Paoal Kob or Wali Bbo Kob. 
— A minor fraotion of RmiiI 
■Kor, Wall Beg Kor, Oandab, 
Hftlimiai, MohioandH. Head- 
men ; Sbere Zaman, Oul 
HaiBan, Gbnlam Jan. 

PaHas Khil.— a minor frae- 
tion of Dre Natni, Sblal 
KLel,. Haaean Khel (400), 
Mohmit Khel, TTtmanzai 
, Darwesh Khel Waura. 
Headman ; Uakk DIb. 

Pah Khbl (Bobai Vagi—A 
cnb-diTinon of Ehadi ^el, 
Khwaezal, Uobmanda. Head- 
men ; Qndw, Mnhammnd. 

Faia Khbl.— a aecljon of 
Janakhoii (800), Haaaan 
Kbel, Adam Khel, Afrldii. 

Faia Khbl (200).— A section 
' of Tarn Khel, Boba, Dana, 

PiiB (850).— A dan of Iha 

Pai Khbl.— A minw frwtloB 
of Eondal.Tor Khe), Vmar- 
Hti (600), Shin Khel, Abmad- 
zai, Darwesh K^hel WaE^. 
Headman ; Ohallai. 

pAt Khbl (60 ; Bern Lnnatl 
Khan DiBtriet.).— 'Somadio, a 
minor fraotion of ' Ummi, 
Seia Khel, Mian Kb«l, LohnT 

' DB, ' HwJndaha. ' Headmui ; 

■ seeMiaa'Khrf..'.- 

Lnm-nnv Google 

PAinKii — A-minoT fraotMn of 
Hadftk, Bada, Aeil, lemailaal, 
Utman Ehels. 

PiiBD*i (840).— A mb-divl- 
mon of Nasrnddiiii Zaikba 
Khel AfridU. Samil. Head- 
men; Abddltt Mir, Shah- 
bftE, Mit Kasirri, Sher Ali, 
' BnAa!, Afzal, Lai Kir, . EHaii 

Pawpa KHit. (170 1 Blflok 
MountEun.}.— A Bub-diTisioii 

■ of Akazai, Isazai, Tuaufzals. 
Headmen ; Zorif Khan, Ab^ 

FiiNDA Khbl —A section of 
:ABaher ' .£hel, Gadaizu, 

Ilia«z^, BiuiWF>Jai 

PiijiDi knBL (300].-^A Mc- 
tion of KMdrzai, Alunad 
Khal, Oba Khel, Sherauis. . 

PitNi>i ■ Khbl.— A minor 
fraction of Manak Khfl, 
Hdcbshi Khel, Uadda Eh4 
(1,600), Ibrahim Klicly ITt- 
manzai, Darweoh Khel 
. 'Warits. 

Pjirda .KHBt-— a geotioh of 
' Muha Ehd, Bahram-ka- 
' She}, ■ Bar Baniziu, Akozai 
— Ynanf zai Swalis. 

PaindaICbbl' (200; BritlDh 
tondtOTj).'— A minoi frac- 

tion of ShadiSaiel, Nun- 
. , Din, Ealn Ehel, Ahmadzai, 
Darw«8li Ehel Wazoa. Head- 
men ; Gtdbw, Sarwar Shan. 

Faiksa Ehbii.— a Bub-divi- 
eion of Shamtttai, Ismailzid, 
Utman KheU. Headmen ; 
Ajtib Khan, Iilir Saiad. ... 

PjiKDA. Khbl.— A anb-dM-. 

mm of ShamoXai, lamMlzai, 
. Utuan Khel. 

FilHiU Ebbl (3,900 I left 
bank of ' the Panjkoitt rirer, 
Dir). — A snb'ifiTision of 
Sesada, Malizai, YnsofzaJB. . 
' Headmen j fiahmatnlla of ' 
Barkhandj Uir Aizal of Sam- 
kut, Gal Abdnlla'of Buidtn, 
Abid Khan of DoHbI, and 
Suad Kamal of Aiibagram. 

Pamtdi KHBt— a gnVdivi- 
■ioQ of Barmi Khel, Kamiai 
Khel (<00) Afridift- Stiulil. 
Headman; Daolat. 

P^o KBXL.--A mtnbr fraetibn 
of Ehazzar Ehel, Star Ali 
Khan Khel, Sarki Khel, 
■ MaddaKhel (1,600^ Ibrahim- 
Khd, Utmanrai,' Darweah 

■ ■ KlielWazin. 

Paipali.— A section of Kabnl 
Khel (SfiOCf),- Wali- Khel,- 
- Utmaneai/ DtevrMh Khel 
Wazira. ■■ ■ . ■ v.. 

Lnm-lnv Google 


PiKiN Khbl (30).— a „„ 
tion of Umma,Tor, U Alli^d^' 
Dairaris. , ' Headmen ; Alam 
Din,: ffobm, Hassan jfu- 
hamtnad, Ishsk. 

P*KHAi (],000),— A mb- 
divWon of Bndai, Ziikha 
KhelAfridig. Samil. Head- 
men ( gee Wall Khel, Saddo 
'KJiel,KM3anKhel, Shekh-: 
wsli SikandaFKUl, and MSt 
Khel.. ■ 

Paebai.— A minoT fraofcioilflf 
M^madai, ,, A^lm Khd 
(l,4i»}„Hanati Ehel,. Adam 
Ehel, Afrldlfl. 

Pakhzii.— A mb-division of 
Hamzaaal, Sanzor, Eakara. 

PAUj,i|y6).— A enb-diTigion of 
Tapiai, . Tappizad, Datrarig. 
Headmen ; Mir Ban, Mir 
Akin, Gi] Almiad, FatteK 

Falao i^iS i AnamW knd 
CluDtiaJi.),— A oUrt of LnnSe, 
For Headmen; ko Baba, 
Sadozal, Miranzai, Ikfanozai. 

Pai KHBt,— a (MtioB of' 
^ M^d»iai,DaDlatra), .Ualixtii, 

pAtti KfiBi' ;r,S3B).— The 
niogt important of the fonr 
gnb-diviaionB of tKB Mana^, 
Alizai, Mahindg. 

PHTAiiAl'.— A: minor fraotjon 
of Sifcandai; Khel, Abdnl 
Khel, B6l^, Khel (1,000), 
-Mobmit- Khel, Utmanzai, 
Dahreah Khel Wazirg. 

PiHEfcir ;(PeBliia>;— A. divi- 

, Bion of San^ar, Kakaia. 

Pii?i.-T-A tribe tiTinff at 8l6i 
and Sanga, irho elwai to be 

Pakibai (3,3&).— a TOb-dlTi- 
. aion of Haran Ehel, Sanatia, 

Kakars, Headman i Sirdar 

Ibraliim Khan. 

Panizun (500).— a difinon 
of (Western) Sanfar, Kakan.. 

'aUjiKhbl (10).— a' minor 
fraction of Bizodai, MtJik- 
flhai, Aimai Khel, Bahlolzai,' 
Mahfluda. Headman j Saleh 



PiMjTAi,— A McHon of 
MuBft Khel, Nuriiai, Mali- 
zoi, Bnnerwab. 

Panjt il (Bnnpr^— A tub- 
^viflion of Nasuiai, Hias- 
«ai, Banerwals. 

PiMJ PlLABA (880) —A section 
of AbdnlUi, AJmal Khel, 
Bablols&i, Mikhrods. 

Vau^h (West of . Den Qbazi 
' Khan DUtiiict).— A seetion 
iof Dadatai, Nobuai, lAb&r- 
zai, MtUB Elielii. Hesditutii ; 

Paba Khbl (50).— a minor 
iract.taii of the Shaial Ehel, 
Palli Khel, Manauii, Alizu 
MaWdfl. Hendmen; Gnl- 
amir, KotasKi)an,and, Banj- 

ViiAVCKM (Kchat and Peeh- 
awar diatriots, EAbnl, Bo 
Icban). — A tribe of merdiantfi 
.who are settled in varions 
parts of the frontier dUtnota. 

PabatbKhbl — A minor frao- 
tion of Madda Khel, Miamai, 
Kabul Khel (2,600), Utman- 
zai, Darwesh Khel Wazirsl 

PabdbsI Kob.— a minist fra 
Khel, Im khel Paiidiali, 
Mobmands. Headmen ; see 

Fabbi Khbl (60).— a Motion 
of the Uanderi, Idak, Tap- 
piztul, Danaria. Headmen; 
Zarmak, Knndai, Said 
AlatDi Zei^L 

Paebi Khbl (67).— A mh- 
diviaion of Tapiai, Tappiicad, 
Bawaiis. Headmen ; Abdul- 
la, Fatteh Khan, Zarar. 

Pabiabta (400; Black Moun- 
tain). — Divided into Saiade 

Pabit Khbl (fi),— A eub-divi- 
aion of- Khaddi, Malliiad, 
Danaria. Headman i Tawan. 

Pab .Khbl (Tartara)— A 
division of Mullogorle, who 
are a vameal clan of the 
Mohmands. ' 


' Uad&k, Bado, Asil, 

lai, Utman' KbeU. 

PanAHi (US ; Dera 
Khan Diairiot)/- 
dio,,B aection.of Tf^ 
Mian Khel, ; Lohana; 

PA9BAEitfi,(6).— Aa 
aion of Khaddi, A 
Dawsria. Headman 

cniLi!.-! hv Google 

Pashbsai.— A dlTiBioti ol I 
TTnmai Mnsa KTieia. JirbA- 
m&D ; Sbshoxai. 

Pmsms KEBt.— A minor 

' fraction of Paipsl', Itabnl 

Kbel (2,6001 Wali Khel, 

TTtmaozai, DarneBh Khel 


Past Khbl {30n ; Loai^iV— 
. A diTisioa of Ali 8W Kbel, 

. ShinwarU., . , 

Pambaitis.— A tribe said to 
inhabit the northern most 
hills , of the Dera Gh^zi 
JOian District. \No other 
information aTalUble. 

Patol Khsl (Shakai).— a 
minor fraction o! Khanda 
Khan KHel, Hathi Khel, 
S&in Khel, A^maJzai, Bar- 

■ WMh Kbel Wazim. Head- 
man ; Iiandai. 

Patoiai (West cf DeH GUiw 
Khan Xflati'iot).— A section 
of Mkg^dtizai, Ahmadiai, 

■■ Balinthel, Mnsa Khels. 
Headman; Halim. ■ ■ 

■ PahU Ehbi.— AminoT fric- 
tion of'Mawal Ehsl (76u),. 

; HaUwt Ehel, Jawaki, Adam 
Khel, Afrid'a. 

Fawindasb iSi'SO'O ! between 
Khoraaan and India).— The 
name applted in the 
DerajatfoaH those ^mim* 
t«ry Pathan tribes who 
come down to BrTtitli terri- 
tory in winter, returning, &■ 
fwmmer apprpacli^i **> ■*{- . 
ghanistan. , The leading 
■ I awindah clans ^ ;— 
Nasars, Snlimaa KLek, 
Ebaiotls, Mian Khels and 
Dantanis. Of ' leea import- 
ance' are ;■— Nta-sis, Hnla 
Khelsi Mithia, Enadis, 
Tarakis, Tokh's and-Andars. 

PaIan Khbl.— A minor frao- 
tion of HasMD Khel, Pufehai 
a,00>), Bndai, !(altlia Khel, 
AfHdis. Samil. Headmen ; 
Zarin, Sharabat, Saidai.Mir 
Din, Madrai,Na^, Gr]*b 
Shah. \ ■. 

Payao Khbl.— a switlon of 
the ChaWar' Khel,' Baioti. 
(50O) Danlatmi, OrakMis. 

Pasavi KebL' (Samana and 

Khanld raUey), - A snb-di- 
Vision of Sabia -Khel (700>, 
lamultiai, Orahzais. Samil. 
Headmen; Zatain, Uastan, 
Sahib Ehan, Sal Ahmad, 
Ubulam Shah, On. '- 

c,ri!-iht Google 


PccBi SiltDi (45).— 4 dtvl- 
s'on of (Western) Ssnzar, 
Keban (Hamnjai). 

Pbohozai (200 ; Knz Totil)- 
--One of fbe sigbt oUi 

Utbiftn' Eliels. 

Pe8Ha Kob (PIpul).— a sab- 
diTiaion of HaasAit Kh^l, 
DhwezaF) MolmuBda. 

PlL* Khbi.— A minor frartion 
ol Sliugai, Tori Khel (2,870), 
Ibnthim Khnl. TTtmiOizai, 
Darwesh Khci Waiirs. 

' Heedmni ; KhonU) PIr 

PiBi Khel.- a minor fraction 
sf BoBft KLel, Tor Khel, 
Umarzai (6001, S,h"n Kliel, 
Ahmadzai, Barwnh Khel 

PibaKhbl. — Aminor fraCiion 
of Jamal Khel, Malak Sh^ii 
(*jO)', Wall Kiel, Ctmanai'i, 
Danresh Khel "WMira; 
Headmen ; Hunaini, Zari- 
band, Gnlla Khan, Pirgai, 


;— A Mctlon . of 
Kanezai, Kattagram, Tatts, 

PiBi Khbl.-'.A miner frac- 
tion of Mar jan Khel, tJtman- 
ui, Adinzai. KhvaMzai, 
Akozai— Yiuofw Swfttia. 

Pisi KHBt.— A uinor fasc* 

. tlon of Mir Haaani, Maaha, 

Madda Khel ( 1,60(1^ Ibrahim 

Khel, TJtmaniai, Darmih 


PiBiEltl (106).— A leetion 
of tha Khidnai, Ahmad 
Kbel. Oba Kh^ Shenois. 

PiBALi (16).— A.mb-dmtion 
of Banda, Tappiud, Damrit. 
Headman i Bbadak, AUm* 

PlBAL Khsl (IS).— a minor 
fraotiou of Ipi, Haidar IQbal, 
Tor, Tappizad, 'Dairarti. 
Headmen ; Sahibdin, 1*1 

Pi Bin (6}.— < A rab-diviiion of 
Zerabbi, Mallizad, DawarU. 
Headman ; Khataki. 

Pieas Dahoab kHZi.(lSO). 
— »A aection of Unhammad 
Kh^l, KUlakh. Ma"' ' 
I)awa^ Headman ; 
rang, Qhanam Shah. 

PiBAT' Khb» (10).— a mlngr 
' f raotioD of the Barnmi Khel, 
i[ Ktiojdad Khel. Oi<Ii Khel, 

Manataii . Alizu,. Molondi. 

Headman ; Shahleh. 

Pt*BA KSiL (&nDV Dlf 
trict).— A wction of Ratbi 
Khel (S,000), Shin, Khel. 

Lnm-nnv Google 


Ahraadzai, Danvenh Khel 
WiiEirs. Headmen ; Miuhor- 
TAb Kban, Gnlbagli, 

Pilwar Khan, Daogir 

PiBDAD Khbl {135).— a 
minor - fmotion of Abdnl 
Rahman Khel,' Slier Khel, 
Halbat Khel, Nana Khel, 
Bahlolzai, Mahsada, 

PlB Kmtt.— A minor fraction 
of Khttniya Khel (300), 
Shadi Khel, Nasra Din, Kalu; 
Khel, Ahmadzal, Dariresh 
; Khel Wazijre. Headman ; 
Lalo Khan. 

PiB Mdhauuid 1Chil(4i3).; 
— A section of the Haidiw,' 
, Chahar Khet, Shatnan Khel, 

FtB Muhammad Khbl.—A 

minor fraction- of Ismail 
Kliel, ' ' Bozi Khel, Madda' 
Rbel (1,600), Ibrahim Khel, 
' ' Utmanz^, Darweah Khel 

■piRU Khbl.—A accliofi '«f 
■ Gbaibi Klie!, ' Babaltri, 

alpab (1,200), AfridiB. Sainil.; 

Headmen ; Aabntf . 

piBWAL Khbl J8p0 ; Lobt-| 
pai). — A'dirijion of All S1i#r, 
Khel. Shintrarla. Stod-^ 

FiBWAL Khbl.—A seotion of 
Tatar Khel or Akhorwat 
(900), Hasmn Kbel, Adanv 
Khel, Afridia. 


PiBZADA.— The^eaoendant of a 
Fir, or Mnsaalman ypiritnal 

For Khbe (81).— a Beetion 
of Mnlisminad Khel, 
Malakh, Mallizad, Dawaria. 
Headmen ; Sbadazam aHat 
■ Bich, Olialam Jan, Jnma 
Kluin, Fimam. 

FOFAi-ui.— A aeotion of 
Hani, Faneznn, Sanzar, 
. Kakare. . 

Fos Khbl (25).— A minor 
fraction of Padmi, Taib 
Khel, Amzonl, Mallixad, 
Dawaria. Headmen ; Miru, 

'Saddagul, Ajam Shatu 

Po9 KitLA' (50).— A minor 
fraction of Dangar Khel, 
Firan Dangar Khel, 
Mabammad Khel, MaUkh, 
Mallizad, DavariB. Head- 
man ; Uhanam Shah, L&l 
Shah, Sher Ali. 

Foa KiLLA (30).— A aention 
of KhoJTai, Darpa Khel, 
Malliiad, 'Dawaria.' Head* 

' men ; Shah Hussein, 
Hubaninad Tar, Mian- 
war, M^bmad. 



Po9 Pabeb Khbl (30).- a 

Mction of Ikptti, Tappiiad, 
Dawaiia. Hejidiiien ; Abdul- 

1b, Nazir Mtthainiaad. , 

PoTiA KBEDi-^&iratlimr name 
for the Ali^ai, Uahmds, , 

FoTiTi. Khbl.— A minor &aa- 
tion of EbnitiTft Ehel (200), 
ShadI Khel, Nasra Din, 
Kaln Ehel, Alimadzai, 
DftrwMb Khel Wuin' 
Headmen ; BMttcau KIijUk 

Polity Smti^.— A minor frao- 

tioQ .of ITitar Khel, Khan 
Kbel, Takhti Ebel,. ht-Vki 
Khel (1,00©, "W^.KhflJ, 
Utmanzai, Danresh Khel 
Wadra. Headntani itiaq 
Ehel, ■ . ■ ■ . 

Pbidai (UO).— a Mctum of 
KU, Haawn Khel, 

Ftyn Ehil (40).— a minor 
fnuitlon of Pd KiuA, 
Mahammad Ehel, MohUt, 
Mallizad, Da^ria. Head- 
nieQ 1 SliadaEam, oftiii Bich, 
Ghnlam Jan. 

BABii, Erbl (700 ; SAoiata'a 
and Khanki valley)..— The, 
larj^st division of the 
Inmailzai, Orakzaia. Samil. 
Headtnan ) Muhammad in. 

Kab Khbl (Khanhana Tio-er). 
— A miiior frafltioii of Atidol 
Kirai (410), landalzai, 
Hwazai, LashkanLU, Orak- 
laif. Gar. Headman i Hvai. 

RiQor Ehbl (Banlnu Dis- 
trict). — A minor fraction of 
Balk Khel, KhandarKh^ 
Ehel, Hathl Khel (2,000), 
Shin Kbel, Ahmadiai, D^- 
weah Ehel Wazix*. 

lUoBZAi (60}i— A section of 
Taib KHielAnizoni, Malliiad, 
i DavaHs. Headinen ; Said 
I Akbar,. Mokheein, Janak, 
; Fir Sadahah, ^bairan. 

IUhbo KoS.— a minor fiSw-- 
I tion of fiania Khel,' Shati 
i Khel, WaHbeg K^oE, Gaud^b, 
I Halimz^i MoluDandn. 

Headman ; Ondai. 

Babihdas Ehxl (29).^A 
minor- fraction or Abdnt 
Kahman K^l, Sher Ebel, 

Hubat Ehel> Nana Shell,'' 
Bahloliai, HaJignds." 

Lnm-nnv Google 


fUHiysm Khxl>— A minor 
fraction of Bwh Kliel (160), 
ShaMid, Qa!Ui, Adorn Khel, 
A&ldia. ' . . ; 

BiHlvDAD KttJi — A minor 
fiaetioD of Baai Kbel, Kunal 
Ebel, ^ib. Jan, Ala Khal, 
fl,B001, Afiidi* Samil. , 

Bahikdad KHBf (45)'.-T-A 
section of Ghalib Khel, 
BtAmnA, Sbunas Khet^ 
UahBQcli ^nettdmeai':ZBr- 
piyBa,:Fakii Shah. 

KiHiMiuii Kot— A minor 
fraction of Aiaf Khel, 
DalkhaKor, Dada Khel, 
T&nkzai, Mohmands. 

BiHlu Khbl.— A uunoT frao- 
tioitoE Talagb Khel, Kad- 
dam. Khel, Feioz Khe!, 
'Mashi Khel, Mannla Kbel, 
'H&Man Kbel, Mitiia 'Khan 
KhBlj-KKW Kher(4,B0Ol, 
Afridtn. Gar. ''Headman; 
Ebaz4 Khan. 

RabiuKhbl.— A minor. trao.- 

Uqivof Mobib Khel, Shekhai, 
Aniiai. (V,ObO), ;,Bildai, 
Z^kha Ehel, AfridiB.. Sama. 
Headmen i Khwaa Kban, 
Dadrai, Gholai, Mozam Din. 

Kbel, .Maahi Khel, Hannia 
Khel, Hawan Khel, Uitha 
Khan Kbel, KnU. Khel, 
(1^00),- Afridii: ■ Gar; 
Headmen ; Mnlla Nazir, 

itfirwai, a^id Qnl. 

BahiA Kob.— A mltiOT fiao> 
tion of Snltan K;h,el, Hamza . 

Khei; Gandab,' Halimzai, 
MohmftTidB^ ' , Headman ; 
Uobammad Ghaag. 

Bahm&x Khbl.— a minor 
fraction .oE SHakal. Kbel 

— - n.;i t 1.1 

^HHAS KiA (Confines of 
Bajanr).— A difinon of 
Goiw, tTtm^ai KheU. ■ . . . 

BabJcaitzii (4).— A snb-diTi- 
Bion of 2aliari^i,' Baban- 
wal, Lnnis, 

BtHuu KoB.— A iBotion of 
Stitsa Khel, Sipab. Ba^wl, 
Afohmands. , H&dmen ; 
Salad A^m, Has^m, Alazai 

BiHK&tAL .KoB.— A seotion 
oE Kadai. Kor, Gandfth, 
HaUnuai, Mohmands. 

](Ieadmen. i Kapshere Khan, 

. AbdalEad;^ir>dia'&°i <''''> 



Bahiu Kexl. — A miner iiiM- 1 

tian of Shei Khan Khel, 
tJmar Khan Khel, Halikdin 
Khel, Malikdia Khel (4/)pO), 
Afiidig. ' SamU.' Headmen; 
•BeGkoW.. - .i 

Bjibat Khbl (Banna Tfie- 
triot.) — A miinr frai*tion' of 
AK Kiel, Miua Khel, 
Bathi Khel (2,000), Shin 
Ebel. AhimJ..;, Parwesh 
Ehel Wazire. 

EAiBAin (114).— A rtih-divi- 
don of lemailalagh. Spin, 
^RffiiiB. Headman; Fanid 

Saiai Eebl (Daitish Kol).— 
A section d Tosnf Kiel, 
lat Khel, FtmdiaU, Uoh- 
mands. Headmen ; Kaeh 
Kol, Chat. 

lUiAK Kbbl.— A mlnaf frae- 
tion of Bat , Kbonhai, 
Khaddar Khel (f70), 3tfoh- 
mit Khel, Utmaiizai, Dar' 
w«h Khel Waiiw. Head- 
maa ; Hnkm Shah. 

. EiJH Kbbl (60). -a miner 
fnoUon of Ualai, Dachi 
Khel, PalH Khel, Uanaiu, 
Alizai, Mahends. Headmen ; 
Said Muhammad, Mir Shah 

Bajji Khxl.— a ttAttor frac- 
tion of Mintar Khel, Mu- 

hammad Khel, Haeaan Khel 
(MO), Mohmib Khelj Ut. 
numzai, Darweeh Khel 
I Wazin. Headman ; 6ila- 

Eajji KhSl (36),— a iectioB 
of .£sna £he], Ii^iai, Tappi- 
zad, Dawarie. Headmen ; 
Hairat Pir, Fatteh Mir, 

ItAEurwiLB (286; ThatCho- 
'^lali). — A ' clan <d Lnnia. 
Headmen .{ we Maleiai, 
ladn, Walainai, Miziai, 
^aiadan, .Zakami. 

Raki ' KBel.— A aK&ra: of 
Kadai Koi, GandaEv Halim- 
tii, Molmiaiidfl. 

Bamsebb Khbl. — A wction 
of Dnrbi Khel, Kambar 
Khel, . Kambar Khel 
t4,&0i;'], Afridia. Gar. Head- 
mea; Mnhammad Sher, 
Khwaia Ali, Ybio and 

Eaxa Khbi (70 ; Den laroail 
Khan i>iitcict).— Nomadic, 

a minor fraction of .Uml- 
zai, Sein Khel, DHan Khel, 
Lohana, Pawlfidalu. 

Baksi Khii.— a Minor frac- 
tion of Idar Khel, jUi Khel, 
Khaddai Khel (;7(>). 
Mohmit Khel, ITtmaniai, 

Lnm-nnv Google 


Bwvreah Khel Warns. Kjmtil ICHSii.i— A wedon of 
Headman ; Salihe Man, l^rn Kbel, Bobs, Eana, 

Bahizai, Bab (4^00 ; Left 

bank of the Swat riTer).— 

One of the three cUna of 

AkcXai— YuBOfzai S^'atiB. 
' BeadinaD ; Khan, of Ala- 

Eapizai, Sam (8,2(» j Soath 
of Shakot and Digar, and 
north of Mardan).*— A divi- 

^□n of Bar BaciTai, Akoz^i 
■■■^YuBirflM Swatis. 

Bu BtDlf d. Cat now ludspindeut. 

Banba Khel.-"A minor ftac- 
iioa (£ Shati Khel.AK Beg 
KoT, Gandab, HoUmzaii 

£AsiiAKKHBt(30>.— Aminor 
fraction of Charkhil, Cbar- 
ihil,Laad, Malakh, Maltl- 
Btd, D»«am. Headmen ; 
Gnl gftlipiftn, GnW. 

£abul Kebi. (80 ; Blaok 
Honntain).— A section of 
Aziz Khel, Akazaii Isazai) 

Basul EEBt. — A minoi' frac- 
tion of Haibtanai. Tori Ehel 
12,676), Ibrahim Kiel, 
tjtroanz^, Darweih Ehel, 
V^atirs. Headman ; Mian- 

fiAsrL KoB,— A section of 
Wall Beg . Eor, Gandab, 
HaUmisi, Mob mands. 

Ba?# Kb ex. — 4- miat^ frac- 
tion of Ootti^ KheL Tatar 
Khel, or AthorjinJ (30i.), 
Haeaan Kl^el, Adam Khel, 

Baza Eh£L.— A pedtionof 
KuIla'Khel, Mahkdin Khel, 
Malikdin Khel ,, (4,000),- 
Airidie. Samil. HeaMen; 
see Bakhmali Khel,' 

EiZA Khel. — A mipojfrac- 
'tionof Samna KheL pholi 
Khel, Ai^b^ Ehei,. Mat 
Khan Khel,'"Kattibar Khel 
{4,500), Afri'dia. Oar. 
Headmen ; aee Khojal Khel. 

Bazo Khbl (15).— a snb- 
diririoii of Khaddi, Mallizad, 
Dawaris. Headmen } Eotal 
and RftliiTTn Shah. . 

Baeoni.— A sectioii of Wnzi 
Kbel (SOD), Htjnnit Khel, 
Utmsnzai, Darweah Ehel 


Bbram Ebxi. {0).— a minor 
fraction of Kharmach Khvl, 
Halai, Shingi, Bahlolzai, 
Mabwds. Headmaai Ata- 



BzeBhiha Kob (Datljsh 
Kol).— A minor frutien of 
Baiai Khel, Ynsnf Kbel, 
Iwt Khel, Pandiali. Ifoh- 

' inandB. 

Rz^BUiH Ehel. — A miDoF 
fraction of .Madds, Kliel, 
MUmai Kabnl Kiel 
(3,6(JOj, Utmanzai, Dai^esh 
Khel Wszirs. Headman ; 

Rbshuin Khrl.— a mitor 
fraction of Sikanciar Khel, 
Abdul Khel, Bora KLe! 
(1,000), Mohmit Khd, Ut- 
manTai, Darwesh Khel 
Wazirs. HoadmBn ; Sbeikb. 

Bbbhkin Kbsl (H).— a ttinor 
fntction of BariKaaio, Hwsu 
Khel, Tot, Mallitad, Dawa- 
ris. Headmen ; Falnda 
Khan, NezamGul. 

SiCBBiN Kbbi:. — A minor 
frartion of Kemal Khel, 
Babu Ehel, Adinzai, Sb*a- 

Akojai— Tneuftai 

Eozi Kbbl (26).— A aection 
otZHM Kb«ly Taj^a, Eijtpiii 
iad,' ' iDanatis. Hpadmaa ; 
iwtii Khan. 

Bozi'Kbsl.^A minor fic- 
tion of Ali . Kb«I, M^sa 
Khel, Hathi Khel l9,(X)0), 
Shin Kbel, Ahmadiai, Dar- 
wesh Khel WazJTg. 

EuKBiH Keel,— A minor 
fraotiim of Kaadao Ehel 
(400\ ABhn Kbel, Baaan 
Ebel Adam Kbel, Afridia. 

KcaT*»iKaBl.~A section of 
Hasan Ehel, Gadai^ 
Iliaizai, Btmenrab. ,. 

EneT*M KoJi.— A rab-dinsioii 
of Bazid Khel ^heikhans 
(3W0), " HaiDsayas ■' of tbo 
UTakzi^a. Samil. Hesdnum ; 


SiiPii Khbl,— A minor frac- 
tion of Drepillari, Sarki 
Khel, Madda Khel (1,600), 
Ibrahim Khel, TJtmaBHii, 
Darweah Khel Wazira, 

Sabae Ehbi.— a section of 
Shadi Khel, Bobak, Dana. 


Sab* Kob.— a awtion of 
KJalil Ehel, Kasim Khel, 
^l^uakzoi, Mohmiuida. 

Sababi; (2,000; Shamil val- 
ley, Khoet).— A clan of the 

Sabat KOE.-A minor fmction 
of AliKhwi Khei, Ali Karen, 

Lnm-nnv Google 

UBTnnzaJ (3,SO0}, LgBlik&nai, 
Orakzais. Gai. Headmaii ; 
*Fcro£ £han. 

Sab KhBL.— a minor fnwiion 
of Shekbii, Annai (1.000), 
Badai, Zakha Ebel, Afridia. 
Samil. Headmen; KattU 
KEir Khel, Fateh.Eh«l, 
Sahib Eh«l. 

Sabitzai (lOO).— a Bection <if 
Sbadzai, Alizai, Sanwr, Ka- 
ksTS. Headman ; Bagai. 

Sabiizai.— A minor (Hapi- 
lajtO fraction ol Saiadzai, 
BarakzAi, TurgliaTi, Sanzar, 

SABOGAt.— A miTioifnioaon of 
Sadda Ehel(300), Ispfrka, 
Kaln Khel, Ahmadiai. 
Darwesh Khd Wazire, 
Heodmati ; Abmsd Out. 

Sabetbai- Ehxl' QtfutUTa 
river).— A eub-diviiion 'of 
tbe Mani Ehel (1,000), 
Uuiiammad Kiiel, 0/iJLzaiB. 
Gar. Shiah. 

Sada Ebel (80 1 Kbanki 
Talley). A anb-divigiotv of 
BabU Ehel (700), iHnailzai, 
Oratzaia. Samil. Head- 
man; Nakshband. 

Sadae Ehel.— A'minorfr&c- 
tioD ot Mamf Ehel, Bau 
^Bl, J^mi Ehd, S£^ib 

SiHi H ZAi [West of Dera Gb»7i 
Ehan Diatriot^'. — A »nb- 
diviiiion of Hamzazai, Balil 
Khel, llnia Ehela. Head. 

Sasazai (10). — A inb'diTin^ 
of Malexai, Bakaniral, -Iinnia. 
Headman ; see Malezai. 

&A&DA Kbeu m).~rA minrr 
fraption of Mlrdad Khel, 
Abdul Rabman Khel, Sher 
Kbel, Halbat Ehel, Nana 
Ehel, Bahlolsai, MahaadB. 
Headman ; Dakkas. 

8a»d* Ehbl (300-, Bannq 
and Sbak»i)« — A eeotion of 
Isperk*. EalaEhel, Abmad' 
ifli, Darwesh. Khel Waiilrs. 
Headmw. Zalim Ehau, 
Abmad Gul. 

§iDiio EsEti.-A section of 
PaHiai (1,000), Bndai, 
ZahhaKbel.Afridis. Samil. 

, Headman ; Zarin, Sbarabat, 
Sddai, Mirdin, Madrai, 

. :K«dir,;Gn]ab Shah. 

Saddq Ebbl.— a anb-dlmion 
of Hamozai, Miabtis (3,0OO), 
" Hamsajas " of the Orak- 
zaia. ■ Samfl. Headman ; 

aADiANJAi (62).^A dJTiBipn 
'■* Palao, Jfunis, 



SADIEZii.-r A. minor (Ham- 
aaja.) fnctioii of Hosenzai, 
Barakx^, Titrgbui, Sanzar, 

8i.DiH . (Babnkamh vtJhj, 
Bajanr). — A divinon of 
SaUrz^, Tarksnis. 

Saso Kob or Nazas Eob 
(BoW Dag;.— A' mb'dWt- 
non of M^ffi&na: Khel, 

Khwaezai, Uohmands. 

Headmen ; Sadoi Ahmad. 

Sadozais. — A clan of Pop^- 
ZM Duranit, which furnish^ 
the first independent Shahs 
of the Da rani dynasty, 
(A. D. 1747), the Barakzaia 
furnishing the Apiirs. The 
line of the Shahi was Over- 
thrown in the third genoia- 
tion (A. D, 18S4), after a 
protracted period of anarchy 
and dissension, 'whioh broke 
out on the death' (A;' D. 
1773) of Ahmad Shah Do- 
rani, the founder of Afghan 
national independence. 8^ 
also Duranie> and Bar'Dti- 

Badozai (110).— a section of 
KarmozBJ, Ahmad ^el, 
gen Khel, Sberanif, 

SaDozai (40).— a minor frac- 
tion of Haidariai, Natozai, 
Dnmar, Saiuar, Eakars. 

Sabozai.— A minor (Ham- 
eaya) fraction of Hasanzai, 
Bar^sai, Targhari, Sanzar, 

SadozJi (Wwt of Dew 
Ghait Khan Djstriet).— A 
section of. Jalalzai, Hasan 

, Khel, ■ Balil Khel, Musa 
Khels, HMdmttQ ; Kian. 

Sadozai (West of Dem Ghazi 
Ehw DUtriot). -A tab- 
division oi ManKizai, Lfthar* 
zai, Muea Ehels. Head- 
man'; Zhobai. 

Sabmahzai,— A minor fr^. 
tion ofMaaeaaitHaoii^ne- 
zun, Sanzar, Eakars. 

S»riS KhbIu— A minor frao- . 

SAiAtiA.-A Bob-div; 
the Huozauii 

SAFABZAt (SO].— Ase 
Baztu, Harun 
Sanatia, K»kars, H 

Lnm-lnv Google 

SiTABZiI. — A minor fraotion 
of Stiamozai, HaihzdEai, 
Arba Khel, 8&nzar, Eaktkrs. 

Safib,— A TBasal okn of the 
Uohmanda, who are prob* 
. Ah\j Kafir oonvttte'to Idam. 
HnLdmen; Shamsai, Shet-^ 
dil, yi&zim, Uiuu, Kbaii< 
pur, Janetaz, Zarap^ Mian 
EhaU, Abbaa. . 

8ah (110).— ABub-drngfon of 
Yolita, Sen Kbel, Shentnis. 

SaHab Kob (Lai Sliiliiian),— 
A BBftion of Dnrma Kor, 
Shall Mananr Kbel.'Tarak- 
231, Mohmands. 

Sasib Jait.— a division of Aka 
KhBl (1,800), Afridifl. Samil. 

Sahib Khak Kob-— A se 
don of Hatai Eor, Muhan 
mad Ebon Kor, at Bi 
Borhan Ehel, Pandlali, 


Sabib Ehbl. — A seotion of 
the Umar Khaa Khel, Ali- 
sherrai (3,000), UA- 
kanai, Oiakzais. Samll. 
Headman ; Ka^ Khan. 

Sahib Khbl.--^A ntlBor frao- 
tion of Sab Khel, Sbekhai, 
. Annai (1,000), Budai, Zakba 
Khel, Afndis. SamU. 
Headmen ; Mnlla Fal'z 
Muhammad, Mulla AU 
Mohammad, Ahmad. 

Sabib Kbbi. (30; Bern 
lamait Khan Dtfrtxiet). — 
Nomadic, a minor fiaoUon 
of Aba Khel, leot -Khel, 
Hian Kbel, Lohana, Fawjn- 
dahs- Hmdman ; wa Mian 

Sapooi (70).— A minor frac- 
tion d the Kimab'Khel, 
Haidar-Khel, Tor, T^iad. 
Daworis. Headmen; Mad 
Akbar, Jalal. 

HAiADg. — A tme Saiad is the 
desoendant of Ali, the ton-. 
in-law of MuhamiDsd, bv 
Fatima, Mnhammad's 

daughter. Many of (he 
Fathan tiib^, stiah Ba the 
Bengaah of Kohat. and the 
Mishwanis of the fiazara 
border, claim Saiad origin. . 
The apoatlea -who oompleted 
the eonvenion of the 
Pathans to , Iilam where 
called Suads if thej came 
from the west, and Sbekhs 
if from the eaot ; hence 
donbtleu, man; false cbina 
to Saiad origin.' In Afghan* 
istan the Salads have muoh 
of the oommerce in their 
bapda. as their holj charac- 
ter allows them to past un- 
harmed where other Hathans 
would infallibly be murdered. 



, SiTiv.— AgMotioa of UftDzar i 
' Ehel (360), Ibrahim KLel 

Vftdn. . Headman ; Asw&r 
* Shah. 

Saiadb (330 1 Black Mono- 
tain)— A 8ab-di»ision o( 
llaKtBzaii^lnut, fitauhais. 
Haodmen ) Saiad Azim 
Shah, Bahadur Shah. 

8*IiD Ahj»*d.— A Bttb-diTi- 
Eion «f Aliaherztu (8,000,) 
Lashkarzai, OnkuuB. Samil 
He&dinui ; Bayaz. 

S*i*BAB (7).— A division 
of Bakawwal* JiwUB. Head- 
man ; Alun Shah. 

SAi(iP4|tZfi (3),T-A 8ub-ffivi- 
uon of Zakaizu, Bakanwal 


3ai»s Ali £hbl (Mah*h«n)-. 
— A Motion of Hasan Khel, 
Uada Khel, Iiiazai, Yxmi, 
zais. Headman ; Sher 


SAiAoaii (480; Wazriatan).- 

A clan of Baiads who inhabit 
Zow«, Shawiti and the Toah.I 
Dawarghar, Ka nibogh and 
the Oan^i plfti^i north of 
Uuram Shah. There are alao 
8ome S^adei». acroM tha 
frontier in Biimal, of whom 
little is known. The diyl- 

aioni of th« B^adgSs are 

l^iown by the names of the 
looalitiea they tnhAb'tf an 
above. The . Saiadgia of 
JCanibiffib and of Shftw^ i^e 
CaatoiaT in [their bahiti, and 
an aiB on goo4 teimB with 
the Darwesh £hel> Jlead- 
men; Zatmai (Dandi plain) 
IB the leading man i others 
ai8 Mir Sahib (Zowe), Qui- 
bfgh (Shswal),Obamit (Da- 

SaiabKhan NMA»i(320).— 
Aaection o{ the M.^awt, 
Mama^oi, loahkanAO Otak- 

Saiaj) Ebxi (120; Derk-^ Is- 
mail Khan Dirtriot).— 
Nomadic, a section of Isot 
£hel, Mian Khel, Lohiuia, 
PawindahH- Headinen ; see 

Saiad EfHifSAI. — Asectiouof 
' Maizai, Nas Khel, ^aosar, 
' Eakais. 

Sai^dzai (6). — A snb-diTinon 
of Uiirai, Bakanwal, Ltmis. 
Headjnen'; see Mizr^. 

Saiadzai (120).— a (Ham- 
aaja) section of the Ba- 
lakiai, Tatfghari, Sanzar, 

■.I hv Google 


Kakan. Headmen; Kalaudv 
of Tbkhor, hai Italimatnlla 

Sii«i>««: (200).— X BBrtlon of 
S&rsngiai, Hsrnn Ehel, 

'' ' Sanstia, Eakan. Headmui ; 
^TdsrBai,. ch!^ of all 
the Sarangzaii. 

SJiiiDEAi (300).— A Mctitm of 
' M«litarasi, Hanm Khel, 
Sanatift, Eabars. Head- 
man ; Aziz, 

Saidav DaBqab Eebl (10).— 
A geMion of Shajawal, Mu- 
barak Sfaah), Msllizod, Da- 
waria. Headmen ; HnaBain 

' Shah, ehelkh Esbir, Sheikh 

Saidoai^— A ndnorf notion of 
Efaan Ehel, Takhti Ehel, 
Bakka Ehel (lUOO), Wall 
Ehel, Utman^, Darwesh 
Ehel WariM. Headman; 
Gnl Ehatoi; - 

Said Ebil (Bannn, Enram). 

. — A Becti«ft of Udtarzai 
(600), Bhin Ehel, Ahmad- 
zai, Dorweah Ehel Wazin. 
Headman ; Firmal Khan.' 

Saifali. — A eection of Eihul 
Khel (3,600), Wall KheJ, 
TJtmantai, Darwesh Khel 
Waiira,' Headman; Eotan 

Saifali EH«L.'CBaniiu IKs- ' 

. ,trict). — A njlnca fraction of 

Bodl Ehel, EbanJu Khan 

Ehel; ' Hathl Khel, Shin 

Khel, Ahmadiai, Daiwesb 

. Ebel WaiiiH, ' 

Saini EHiL.-rA, minor flao- 
tion of Narmi Ehel, Bakka 
Kbel (lAOO), WaU Kbel, 
Utmanzai, Danreeh Khel 
Waiirs. Headmen; Shah ' 

Saini Khbl. — A minor frac- 
tion of Titar Khel, Khan 
Khel, I^khti Ehel, Bakka 
Khel (1,000), WaU Khel, 
ntmanifU) Darweih Khei 
Wazira. Headmen ; Ehan 
Badahah, Khaian Ehan. 

Saik Ehsi. (70 ; 'Blade Mtmn- 
tain). — A section (d Aziz 
Ehel, Akazu, kiazai, Yaanf- 

Buvcii (Oomal).— A di^i- 
non of Miani, Sheiauis. 

SikaKebl (SOt.— a Motioa 
of Salimkai, Kliadl Ehel. 
Shaman Ehel. Mahuids. 

' Headman i Haji Sluhsm- 
mad, Halal. 

Saxei Khbl.— a suh-3Ivi- 
won of Mamozai, Mishtis 
(3,000), « Hamattvaa " cf 
the Onikzaia. Samil. Haad- 
imui; Shahzn. 

c,ri!-iht Google 


fiaotibn of Kmdai, Tot 
Khel, Unmrzai (600), Shin 
Ehel, Ahmadau, I^iwesh 


Si^UBui (1^00 ; WeitatnSB- 
net). — A dirinoirof Ittawair 
BqiuewbIb- HeBdraan i- 

Hastun Ehaiii. oCnr aa old 

SuiBZAi. — A miiior fraction. 
of Shamozair Hamzazair 
Aibn Ehel,,Suizar^ Et^&rs; 

SAL4BZAtB (44K)0i Balnkat- 
rah ¥alley, Bajanr).— One of 
thefooi cTuna of tlie Tar- 
ianis. Headmen ;. ' Khan 
of Fashat, and SafoaA Ehaa- 

- of Matta Sluth. . 

Salbki Ehel (B ; Dera IsmaR 
Kiian Distriot).— Nomadiora. 
mmoT fraction of Aba Ebelr. 
bot Ehel. Sian. Ehel, 
Lohana, FlkwindahK Eeod- 
Diair; seellian Ehel.. 

9«LBiii Ehsl. — A Bafi-diTF 
uon of Uvar Ehel, Tail*,. 
Bftttttmu. Hsftdman; Shet: 

SiCLElt Ehavzax (Wes£ sf 
DeraGhaaKhan Distriot). 
— A section of JalakaF^ 
Hasan Ehel, BaliF Ehal, 

SiiLiB Khii (40y. — A mtBor 
fraotibirof SJiihM KheLSa- 
Eahlii, HasBii Ehel, Toi^ 
KallTzafT, Dawarig. Head- 
men ; Gnl Haiwn,Gnr Eai- 

S^Lur Eos, — A fflin nr &Kt!bBi 
of Bahmatal Eon, Eadai' Eer, 
Gandah) Halimz&iv Moh- 
m»ida. Headmen.^ AbdB£ 
Ea£i^ Shulam. Jan.. 

Sunn Esse ^40).— A mfitor 

fraittroii of the Dachi EheB, 
Palli Ehel, ManazaS Alfcai, 

a*i.iKKia-(I25).— AmiK.di»i" 
BioB of Euadi Ehe),SIiatiiaa 
Ehd,, If abends. 

Sjhtw Kak (f!0>.— Jl mSMir 
fncUon sf Panr Pllarai. 
AbdTrilaT, AmaJ' Bh^^ 

- ..BaElelnTrtHiAnidk. IBn«- 

,c,ri!-i ht Google 


Saliu Khut Kob.— Xanb- 
divisiim of : " Kni " or 
"Khrapyawal" Bnrl»n Khel, 

F»tidiali, !Uobmands.'H«ad- 
man ; ^nlzar Sbah. 

SiLiMOHAi (36).— A minor 
fraction of the Abdnl Khel, 
Xai^ Kiiel,-E;&oi(hd Khe), 
QiiH Klieij Maaazai, Aliiai, 
UilhBndfi. Heftdman : Nirla 
Khan. _ ,^^ ,. ... 

Saeo Kob.— jA nupor fraction 
of Sroh,' Bnsh^" Khel, 
Kamall, Halimzai, Uoh- 
muida. Headioaii ; Kltan- 

Suva Ehsi (^:-^A Section 
of iIallagBn,T«,MaUi7ad, 
Dawaria. Htadnait ; Mn- 
hammH Amia/ 

(456).— A snb- 
dirinon of Isa £he1,, Sans- 
tia, Kakars. Headman ; 
llalikdad Moliaipiaad. 

Saxand (59).— a diviBion «f 
Diigzu, LnnU. 

Sahbl (or lamaO) KsBl.— A 
Bab-dtTi'sioii of Shsmoxai, 
Kliwazazai, Akozai— Ynnf- 

[Samobi {2H)).— a dftn of 


' flAHHAB^BL.— A minor fisc- 
tion of Ghnii Khel, Amhar 
Khel, Mat Khan Khel.Kam- 
bar Khel (4,500), AfridiB. 
Oar. '>&admaa : see Khdal 


Sakokai.— (Mastnta, KhsnK 
■ and Miranzai TaHeyg).— 
One o{ the three division* of 
the Shcnkhuifl, ^^Hanuayas " 
of ttie Orakzais. Samil. 
Headman ; Sharab. 

SiWAiiAg "(7,373 ! Kalat, 
Feshin, and Upper Zhob).— 
A cUn of Kakarp. Head- 
men ; GnlcUd (Shamozai), 
Sirdar Habo Khan (Uehtar- 
zai). Sirdar Bai Khan {Sar- 
anzai), Baidnla 'Saianmu), 
Sirdar Ibrahiui Khan (Paai- 
zai), Malikdad HnhamnuKl 

Samdbbai (West of ths Sen 
Ghazi Khan District).— A 
seotion of Kabalzai Nokn- 
z^, Laharzid, lIlDsaKhela. 
Headman ; Momin. 

BAiULZAia fBajaW>.-piie of SaitOabai ffi6).-A sNtlon of 
the four etau of the Tadta- Bazid Kbd, Jaw»kl. Adam 
»». I Khel,Afcidi». 

c,ri!-iht Google 


A wctien of YoMf Ehel, Ian 
Khe). PKndl&lI, MohitfucU. 
Headmen ; Zaidnllah, Gol- 
dort. ■ ■ 

SiSi Kbxi ; we. SstK ;Ei^i. 

Suatu ^000; Sat and Knz 
Tcit>i).M)]ie of eight dus 
of tbe TTtDuui Xhcu. 

8akhi Ebil;— a seetion of 
Zargnn. Ehel (300), CUai, 
Adm'Shd, A&idu. 


Ehxi-/, t^ SiAfiML £ssi>. 

StMEAL Ebbl, cer Sahtil— 
EHJUif-A ledaoB UE Eanul 
Sliel,'Sftbib Jan, Aka Ehel 
(l,800}iAfrt^. Suoil. 

Saxub or Babih Ebbl 
(81,669 i Bori^' Zhdb nnd 
Thai Cbotuli).— The moat 
powerfnl of the &re Eak&r 
olans. Th^ an divided 
into Boatherii,.VMteni, and 
northern .Buuub. The 
■onthem number lome 
Jfi6&; the weetem (mostly 
HkmwTas) 3,99d, uidtbe 
northern (termed ZbobU) 
18,1100. He»dmaA ; ' Sif dar 
Shah Jahftn, Dwt Ifaham- 
mad, SaifoUa. 

8a%'Es4JI,— Aminor ftootkn 

' of NeldUn Ehel, Tot Bapar 

(350!), Galaf, Adam Ehel, 

8u EaflL.— A ^dnor fmotSon 
of Makki Ehel, Eattia Ehel, 
' Hasai^ EhdJ Mt^KhAB 
„ Khd, Enki BJel (4,S0O), 
• AfricUa. Oar. Headmen ; 
see Hakki Ehel. 

BiBUieiEii (l,396].-i-A inb- 
diyiaion of Haruii Ehel, 
S&nittia, 'Ksliars: ' Headman ; 
Sirdar Bai Ehan. 

Sabab.— A eeotion of Tan 
' Ehel, Unia, Warupim, 

SiBBADiL EoB.— A 'ittfnor 
fraotlon fd Uniadl Ehel, 
I^&Iiki.Kiie;'! Pado. Ehel, 
Tuakxai, aUhtUndi. 

Sabbapab Eblbl.— a vnb- 
diTision of Hat Ehan Ehel, 
Eambor Ehel (di,SOO), 
Afrits. Oar. Headmen ; 
Sher Ehan, Eunld, ITiUBi. 

StsAAB Ehbl (1,200).— a 

aectlon' of Baiud Ehel, 

. Jawaki, Adam Ehel, Afri- 

Saboalli.— {8,600 i EnnamJ. 
— Tb* RmaU«r ot the two 
olwnt dt tin Tsrls. 

c,ri!-i ht Google 

Sasdaii Khil(401.— a mhuff 
fnetJon of Firdad Khel, 
Abdul B&liinui Ehe), Sher 
Ehel, Halbat Khe], Nana 
Ehel, Bahlolzai, MahBiids. 
Hokdnunj AlUhdad, Shahud. 

SiRDi Kbbl (Banmi and 
Shawal).— A section of 
Bakba IOmT (1,0001, WaU 
Ehel, TTtmanxai, Gartfesli 
£he1 'Waiira. Headmen ; 
Ashraf 'Khan, Khaki Shah, 
Onkk Khan, Basnl Shah, 
I«ndak, iMaaladAd Ehan, 

SAaOAN KoB.— A minor frac- 
tion of Ismail, Ehadiu Ehel, 
Ashazu, lliaszai, Bimer- 
ml«. . .- 

SAKaAKVil Kox (B«W Dag). 
—A BnWivi^n of Eham 

Ehel, Khmezu, Mohmands. 
Hea'ilmen i Aknm; Azk 

Sabkahi Ehil.— a aub-div 

Utman Ehela. . Headmen ; 
Dost Unhammad, Mohr- 

Saxkahi £hil (Arani').— a 
sab-dlvifion of Shamozai, 
Ismailiai, TJtman EheU* 

Sabkhi Ebbl. — A minor frac- 
tion of Mira Ehel, M^ 
Ehozhai, Khaddar Ehel 
(770), Mohmit Khel, Ut- 
manzai, Darweih Ehel Wa- 
rira. Headman ; . Bakhn 

Sabei Ebbl. — A leotion ef 
Madda Ehel (1,600), Ibra- 
him Ehel, Utwaii^i, Dar- 
we»h Ehel Wazirs. Head- 
men ; Sadda Ehan, Alambe, 
and Shadam Khan are the 
leading men («ee also Madda 
Khel, Alt Khan Ehel, aad 

Sabbi Ebbl —A mbKlIvbdon 

of Akhel (600), Ismailzai, 
Orskzais. -Oar. Headmen ; 
Ualik Maddn, Mir Khan, 
Ssld Gal, Nnr Ayas, Said 
Shah, ehec AIL : 

SABHASHir (50). — A Hction of 
. SalimkM, Khaki Ehel, Bha. 
' mani Ebel, Uahanda. Head- 
men ; NamaT, Paati, Ghaso. 

Sabmist Eebl.— a minor 
&aotian of Maohi Khe), Ab- 
dul, Kbel, Bon Ehel, 
(1,000)« Slobnit Ebel, Uf 
man&ib Darwesh Khd 
W«ir» ^ 

L;,ri!-iht Google 

Sabiubt Eebl.— a minor 
Arfiction of Ynnaa Ehel, Boati 
Ebel (ISO), QaUi, Adam 
Ehel, Afridis. 

SiBjuBT Ehbl. — A minor 
frMtion of Ki&n Ehel, Jan- 
akhori (800), Hawaii Ebel, 

Ad^ Khel, Afrii^. 

Sabhabt Ehbl— a minor 
fraction of Badi Ehel, Dar- 
doai, Wnzi Ehel (800), 
Hobmit Ehel, Utmanzai, 
Duweah Khel Wazin. 
Headmen ; Bozi, Wazir 
Eban, Nakii Ehan, 

8abmabiEhbl(70).— Aminot 
fraotionot the Gega Khel, 

Sher Khel, Haibat Ehel, 
Nana Khel, Bahlolzal, Mali- 
suds. Headmen ; SCoham* 
mad Af zal, Miaa«al> 

Sakmi Ehbl.— a anb-diTiiion 

of Sbamoz^, Ismailoai, 
Utmau Ebola. Headman ; 

SiBFi Khbl (Arang).— 
A Eub-diTiaion of Shamoxai, 
Ismailzai, Utman EheU. 

"SaB»A (lOO).— A divlwon of 
Tatte, Battannie- Hntdmen ; 
8her Eban (Jalal Ebel), 
Lawat (Nurah Ehel). 

Sabc Khbl (Earram).— A 
sub-division of Dnparii 
(1,600), Cbardai, Taria. 

Sabc Ehbl ^0; Den 
Ismail Eban Difittiet).— 
Nomadic, a minor fraction 
of Aka Ebel, leot Ebel, 
Mian Ehel, Lohana, Fanin- 
daba. Beadmen ; aee Mian 

Sabwab Eh bl. — A minor frac- 
tion of Nekiam Ehel, Tor 
Sapar (350). Galai, Adam 
Ehel, Afridis. 

S^TTAL Khbl— A minor fiae- 
tbu of Ohnlam Ebel (30u), 
Hubat Khel, Janaki, Adam 
Khel, Afridis. 

Saub Ehbl. — A minor frac- 
tion of AB Khel (100), 
Ashn Khel, Haaaan Khel, 
Adam Ebel, Afridis, 

Sbbcjbi (2,000 ; Ningolu to 
tbe Uarnawai stream). — A 
divirion of Ehwazazai, Ako' 
lai — Ynanfiai gm-t;. 
Headman ; Jalal Eba; 

Ibih Ehel (600 ; Dera 
Ehan IHsteict).— Nom 
sub-division of Mian 
Lohana, Pawindabs. 
man; A^m Ehan. 

c,ri!-i ht Google 

8nuHi (54).— A mb-dirlsion Bbbsit Ehkl (or Sito).— A 
ot lamailalagb, Etein, l^ns. wotioii of Fanjpai, Sasa^r 
Headman ; bs Ehaa. Ilisszai, Btmerwals. 

&BS Khie.— A mMMnon of 

tiadaizol, IluB^al, Bn&ei- 

Ssszii.—A seotioB of Kanezai, 
Kattagarm, Tatta, BatCannia. 
Headmen; lOiaiak^Haan. 

Sbhzai.— A teofdon o! Eeaa, 
Woruke.Danar BattKonia. 

Sediai ( Bajanx ). — One of 
tlie diTisiona. of Isauu, 

SiniAi (Baiai]r>.— A Httall 
aborigiDal tribe, living at 
SenzMttwo milea north of 
Knndah, in Jandol. 

SxFaB' — A wb-diTisioB of 
Blandahari SaGs, who are a 
vassal olan of the Uobmands 

Sbpae.— A di^on of Bacxai, 

3b^an<i Eon [Bohai 1%)-— 
A Bob-diTimon of Hfrndi 

Khel, Kbwaeiai, Hohmanda. 
Headman ; Faloda Khan. 

Bhabadim Khbl (30).— a 
amtion' of P^li, Tapiai, 
Tai^zad, Dawaris. Head- 
men ; ^(r Alanf or Mir 

Shaba Ebbi..— A sitb>£Tiaion 
of AUKhel, Bar Banixai, 
Akozu— Ynaofzai Swatia. 

Shabak Esbl (10).— a 
minor ftactiou of Ebamaeh 
Ehel, Ualai, Sbingt, BabJol- 
aai, Uahtoda. neadman ;. 
Fatteh Khan. 

Shabab Ebbi..— Aminor frac- 
tion of Sarmast Ehel, BadT 
Ebel, Dardoni, Wnii Ehel 
(SOOJ, Uohmit EbeliUtman- 
lai, Darwesh Ehel Waiin. 
Haadman; Nakii EUn. 

Shabbab Ehbl.— a minor 
fraction of Eharmanj Ehel, 
Ehwaja Khel, MisDiai, 
Eabul Khel (2,600), Wall 
Khel, Utmanzai, Darweah 
Ebel Wadn. Headman ; 

c,ri!-iht Google 

Shabaz Erxl (15).— a mlaoT 
fniction of Idal Kbel, MuhAoi- 
mad Ehel.Uslak1i,MalUud, 
Dawaris. Headmaa ; Kosl. 

Sbabbzai (80). — A seotion of 
luL Ehel, Ahswl Khd, Oba 
£hel, Sherania, 

Shabi Khbl (1,370).— a 
diTiBLoD of the AliEai, 
Hahmda. , . . . 

BkabilKhbi.— A minor frac- 
tion of TJiuaT Khel, Anna! 
(1,000), Bndai, Zakha Khel, 
Afridu. Headmen ; Shahaba 
Din, Bolak, Arab. 

Shabzai (Zhob). ~ Aaeotion of 
Ibratiimz^, SbadoEai, Ali 
Khel, Saniar, Kakara. 

Sbadae Khbl (6). -A Motion 

Sbapak Eob.~-A minor fiao- 
tion of Bj*M Eioi. Shtfa 
MuuQt Khel, DaduEhel, 
Tar^kzai, MohmAnd*. He^- 
nuui ; Sofi. 

Shadaeb.— A minor fraotion 
of Muhammad Etiel (70u), 
Liperka, Kala Khel, Ahfnsd- 
Eai, Darwegh Khel Wazira. 
Headmen i Katamii, 

SSADAT EoB. — Asub-divirioB 
of Maimana Ebel, Kh-waezai, 
Mohmands. Headman i Hin 

Sbadi Khbl (200).— A anb- 
diviaitni of Bobak, Dans, 
Batt&nnii. Headman ; Bator 
of Bagb. 

Shadi Khbl (75 ; Deralnnail 
Khan District).— Nomadio, 
a BMtion of Isot Ehel, 
Mian Khel, Lahana, Fawin- 
data. Seadman ; see Mian 

Shasi E&bl tl,600 ; British 
territory, Wana and (.iamstti. 
Soma fractima mlgnte 
to Baddar).— A sedabn of 
Nana Din, K^n Khel, 
Ahmadiai, Dameah Khel, 
Wazirs. Headmen ; Sarwar 
Khan; Amin Khan, Jalal 
Khan, Timai Khan, Nazir 
Khan, Gol Adam, Sahib 
Khan, Gnlbaz, Sawar Khan, 
Mir Alam, Bhittani Khan, 
Uihiwab, Lalo Kbm. 

Shapi Khel. -A icinor frac- 
tbn of Sikander Khel, Man- 
zar Khel [3e0], Ibrahim 
Kbel, Utmanzai, Darweab 
Khel Wazirs. Headman ; 
Uaddi Khan. 

Lnm-n nv GoOglc 

Shidi KHBt.— a Motion of 
Bont Kbel (1,000), Uohmit 
Khel, Utmanzai, Darwesh 
Khel WsiEin. Headman ; 
Eippat Ehan. 

Sham Khbl.— a mlww fr«- 
tion of Bou Khd, Tor Khet, 
Umanai (600), Shin Eh«1, 
Ahmadzai, Darweah Kbet 

Shadi Khbi.— a minor frac- 
tion of Balal Khel, Hasaan 
Khel (40O), Mohmit Khel. 
Utmanzat, DaTweeh Khel 
Wazirs. Headmen ; I^vao 
Khan, Badde Faldr> Ehas 

Shadi Khbi (35).— a mh- 
diviaioD of Sanda. l^piud 
Dawaria. Headmen ; Shabol, 
Kaix Muhammad. 

Bbasi Khkl (9)-— a mihtff 
fraction of Ipi, Hwdar Khel, 
Tor, ■ TaHii^*^. Dawaris. 
Ueadmen ; Qitl^d, Salim. 

Shadi KHit. (40),— A n^or 
fraction of Ln Lorai, Land, 
MaMh, IVbUizad, Dawaria. 
Headmen ; Bazar Din, ^mat 
Khan, Faldi Hahanunad. 

Shadozai.— A minor (Ht 

Baya) fraction of 
Hasaniai, Barakzai, ^^r- 
ghari, Sanzar, Kakars. 

Shadoiai (376).— a minor | 
fraction of Bnlozal, Paniz^ 
Harnn Khel, Sanatia,Kai:aTs. 
Headmen ; Ali Mnhunmad, 
Ramzan, Faiz Mnhammad- 

Seadeai (3,SOO).— A snb-divi- 
aionof Ali»u, Sanzar, Kakars. 
Headmen; AU (Aktartai), 
Sajad Rahmat (Ali Khel), 
Hamzai (Daolak^), B^ai 

SHAauKttB.— AminorfraotioD 
of Ambora Khel, Sanzal 
Khel, Kamal Khel, Sahib 
Ja», Aka Khel (J^OO), 
Afridia. Samil. 

Shahab Bin Khbl (60).— 
A aei^ioD of Unaakki, Tor, 
Uallizsd^ Danuiis. Head- 
men; Hawan,'Bainui, Gnl 
Buhan,Mihr Gul. 

iHAHAB Khii.— A minor 
fraction of Manzar-Khel^Tor. 
Khel, Umaraai (600), Shin 
Khel, Ahmadaai, Darwegh 
Khel Waziis. Headman; 
Jamal Bin. 

Shamzai.— ABectaonofAbmaa Shababcddik Khbl (90).- 

Khel, Targhari, Sanzar, A minor fta^Icm ti 
Qaienil, Shaml KfaeI,Maiii 



Ebel, Masuu, Alizai, 
Hahsads. Hesdmeii ; Z&tftr, 
Inb, Eftbil, Kkrmut. 

ShahAi*mKhbi (128].— a 
BeelioB of the Kosim Kbel, 
Ch&har Kbel, Shaman Ehel, 

Shahbasi Kob.—A Diinor 
fraction of Soltan Khel. 
Hamza Ehel, Gandab, 
AUmui, Holmiuidi> Heod- 

Shabbab Ebbl. — A Dunot 
fmctioD of Mir Said Ehel, 
SanzalEhel, Eunal Ehel, 
Sahib Jan, Aka Ehel 
(1,800), A£ridi>. Samil. 

Seabbae Ebsl (40).— A 
minor fraction of Bizodai, 
Ualikahai, Aimal Ehel, 
Bahlolzai, Mahmids. Head- 
loen ; Zoha, Aaal Elian, 

Shahbae Eob. (Danish 
Eol). — A minor frootion 
of Bsjai Ehel, Ynsaf Ehel 
In Ehel, Fandiali, Uoh- 

Shahbbo Ehsi.— a minor 
fraction of Tor Ehel, Asad 
Ehel, Millia Ehan Ehel, 
Enki Ehel (4600), A&idis. 
Oar. Hcftdmeu ; Bazai and 

Shabbm Ebbl.-^A mtnot 
fraction of Patteh Ehet 
Hil Ehel, Pakhai (1,000), 
Bndai, Zakha Ehel, AfridU. 
Samil. Headnien ; Mnham* 
fcad Knr, Muhammad Shah, 
andEamr Din, 

Seahbudiheai (West of 
Dera Qiuiti Ehan^ Dii- 
ttiot). — A mb-divinon of 
Hamiazai, BalU Ehel, Mma 
Khels. Headman ; Kalandar. 

Sbadad Ebbl.— a section 
of the Eambar Ehel, 
Baioti (540), Danlatzal, 
Orakzais. Samil. 

Shahsozaib (200).— a imall 
Fathan tribe, said to be an 
ofthoot of the Eakars. 
Headman ; Jehangir. 

Ebsl.— A - 
divinon cS Niamat I 
•StM^, BattennU. K 
man ; Mir Azar. 

Sbahoul Eob.— a n 
fraotion of lUaul Eor, ' 
Beg Eor, Qandab, Halii 
Mohmandi. Headmen ; '. 
lid, Ghnlam Din, Kalan 

L,,n!.nnv Google 


BHiBiEHBiflG ; Deralsnx^ 
Sttao District). — Nomadic, 
a minor fraction of Saiad 
Khel, Isot Kbel, Mira Ehel, 
Lobana, Fairindalu. Head- 
men ; Bee Mian Khel. 

SsAEi Khbl (80 ; Black 
Mountain).— A wotion ■ of 
Barat Eiiel, Akaui, IsoEai, 

Shihi Ebbl. — A minoi frac- 
tion of Ghnlam Kliel (300), 
Haibat Khel, Jawaki, Adam 
Ehel, AfridiBv 

£>HAHi Ehbl(40).— A Bection 
of Mneakki, Tor, Mallizad, 
Dawaris. HeadmeD ; Nia- 

^midar, Azmat, Gnl Sahib, 


Seihi Ehsl (6).-A minw 
fraction of Padmi, Taib Khel. 
Amzoni, Kallixod, Dawaiis. 
Headman ; ?aiznllah< 

Shahi Kob. — A minor fraction 
cf Mnradi- Khel, Dalkha 
Eoi, Dadn Ebel, Tarok- 
t&i, ItlohmandB. ' Headman ; 
Muhammad Honan. 

Seahi Eob (Ebarmaiia rivet). 
— A minor fraction of the' 
Ash Khel (S80), -Khwaja 
Khel, Maenzai, Laslikarzai, 
Orakzais. Somil. Headman ; 

ShiH JAHiirEHTi"— AminoT ' 

fraction of Jambai Khel, 

Waruka, All Khan Khel, 

Sarki Khel, JHadda Khel. 

(1^00), Ib»him Khel, . 

Utmonzai, DonTEsh Kliel 

Shah Khbl. — A section of 

Ibnliim Ehel, Gadalztd, 
Iliasz^, Banerwals- 

ShiH MlHBUB Khbl (1,800). 
—A section of Dadn KhcJ. 
Tarakzai. Mohmands. 

ShahMibi.— AminifffacHon | 
of Dre Paiarl, Tori Khel 
(3,670), ■ Ibiahim Khel, 
Utmanzat, lUrwesh Khel 
Wazirg, Headman ; Ebari. 

Shah Mcbahu as E'hbc. — A 

■ . mi(ior fraction af Pira Khel, 
" Jamai' Khdl, Malik Shabi 

*(400), TVali Khel, TTtman- 
zai, Danreeh Ehel Wazirs. 

. Headmani.Pirgai.. 

Shahkal JChbl,— A sifnOT 
■ fraction of Firdj Kbel, Tor 

Sapar (SSO), Gttlai, Adam 

Khel, Afridis. 

ShaBSU* Koi.— a minor frac- 
tion of Zaman Ehel, H^U 
Khel, Kattia KliBl.'HasBaD I 
Kbal, Miflia Khan ■ Khel, ' 
EnkiKhel (4,500), Airidia. ■ 


Shahoeai (West of De» 
Ghari Khan Distriot).— A 
diviiioD of TJmorzai, Uasa 
KIteU. HeadnBn ;. Shahoxai. 

BBism. Ehxl (40).— a mh- 
dJTision of Ismail Ehel, 
Uuuoai, SherantB. 

Shahwali Ksbl.— a tniuor 
fraction, of Sibandnr Kkel, 
Abdul Khel, Bora Khel 
(l/XB), Mohmit Ehel, Ut- 
manzai, Danredt Khel Wa- 

SHAHWii Khbl,— Asob-dlvi- 
mon of tlie Khwaja Hawag 
KM, ; All . Ehel (8,W0), 

' "Hain4a(^"oftheOrak3aia. 
Ow. iShlah. 

8kaib Khbl.^A aeeUon of 
the Mir Ahmed Efael, 
Alisherzai (S.OOO), Lash- 
luraai, Orakzais. Samil. 

Sjuib Kbbl.— a "indr frac- 
tion of Dani Khel, Matkai, 
iK^ljlBbaLt (400),Wrii Ehel, 
trtmanz^ DiMweah "^hel, 
Wazirs. Headooan ; SEardta. 

teAiEH £a«d (Wana).— a 
. minor frastioiKiE ZalliEhel 
[8,000], Bwu Eh4 Nun 

Shaikh Kpm,.— A lection of 
AityKhel,' fiihriaii IHsszal, 

Shaisb, Ehsl.— A minor frao' 
ttoa;^ Karobir (or Kambo) 
Ehal, Mb Kiel Salamu, 

Iliaazai, BanerwalB. 

Shaikh Ehelb (Talaali valley, 
and DliA.Khel, in Dir).— 
A divlBlott of Ansa Khel 
(Ualiirai) Tosafzais. In 
eombiDttlion with the Nnrak 
Khels the^f can muriei soma 
1^00 fightdng ibeb. 

Shaeai. Ehii, (100).— a wo- 
' tion of Itaib^ Kheli Jawakl, 
Adam Eliel; Afridu. 

ShikhiU Ean.— a minor 
fiaetion of Hnaakki, Wmi 
Ehd (800)^. Ifohmit 'Ehel, 
Utmanaai, Ilbnreeh Ehe] 
Waziia. B^tdman ; Kaloiil. 

Shaksas KHBt (Banntt Die- 
tiict). — A minor fracOon of 
KnnJi, Pirba Khel, Hathi 
EM (2J»0), SUq 01 Saoi 
. Ehel, Ahmadau, Barwesh 
, Khel Waidre, " ' 
J))ingjr Eltan. . 

Lnm-nnv Google 

SSAERT (230).— A division of 
WoraspnTi, Battannis. Head- 
meu ; Saidnl (Ismidlak) ; 
Ja&dar {Chaiik Khel), Ah* 
mad Khan (ffttehEbel).' 

Sbaehibya Khbl, — A minor 
f notion of Khoiil Khel 
(600), Slwdi Kbel, Nasra 
Din, 'Kaia Kbel, Abnutdxai, 
Darwesh Khel Wazin. 

Shiehvl Krkl.— a minor 
fraction of Mir Hnaani, 

' . Ifacha. Madda Khel (1,600), 
Ibrahim IHieL^ TTtmanzai, 
Datwesh Khel nazirs. 

Shieei Kkbl (60).— a sub- 
division of the Band Kbel, 
fiahlolzai, AtabsadB. Head- 
man i Kahimddd. 

Shakbeai (40).— a section of 
Land Am&nd, Ahmad Kbel, 
Oba Khel, Sbeisnia. 

■SoALHii Kol.— A minor fnc- 
Mod of Bami Kbel, Kadal 
Kor, Qandab, Halimzai, Mob- 
mands. Headmen; Ehan 
. 8heie, Ztuunllah. 

.Sbakai Ehxl (4S0). __ 
■Htloii of the Abdnllai, Aimsl 
Kliel, BaUolzu, Mahsnds. 

Shiiul Khbl.— a minor firao- 
' tion of Firwat Khel, Tatar 
ILbtA at AkhoTwal, ^amn 
Khel, Adam Khel, iiridia. 

Shaxali Kbbl.— a «ab^vi- 
don of the Akhel (600), 
Ismailzai, Orakzaig. Gar. 
Headman ; Makbodi. 

Sbamakeai (300).— A mo- 
tion of the Baranzai, Eeb- 
lai, Sanzac, Kakars. Head- 
men; Jamal, Bdiai, Paio. 

Sbaubbai (140).- a sab-dlvi- 
Bion of the MaoBi^, AHzai, 


SEiHIZAI (4,000 1 HaAuwai 
stream to Koblatan). — A 
diviaiou of K^wacasai, 
AkoTsi— TneofMi Swatis. 
Headman ; Hauin Khan of 

Seahi Khsl. — A mtnoT frac- 
tion of Shne^, Tori Ehal, 
(2,600), Ibniam Khet, 
TJtmanxai, Darweelt Khel ' 
Wazirs. Headmen ; Hakim, i 
Mom, Hashim Kban. I 


Shakil (1,000 ; Shftmil 
vallev, KboBt). — A dao <^ 



Sbihizai (West of D«Ta QImeI 
Khan Diitrict)-— A »etioii 
of Kudizai, Ahmadrai, Balil 
Kiel, ]ffaaa Ehels. Head- 
mau 1 IaI Ehftn. 

IHwaris. Reiuimen ; Manila 
KhBii,Gnl Ha«an, MfrKa- 
zam, Nakib, Fazal Din, Fa- 
kir Shah, Msitiar Elum, 
Sh^ Salim, KaiH. 

Shakmi Khel (40).— a sec- 
tioQ of Ntion Khel, !^Ui> 
Tappizad, Bawaris. Head* 
m«ii } Adil Shah, Pirdil. 


Shamoiii (8,000, .,_ 
lonth of Bftiaui).— A 31' 
riou of - luoailzai) -Utmsa 

Sbahoiii (174).— a nb- 

dlTuion of I^niB Khel, 

' Suistiaf' Kakarsi Head- 

SIuudozeubO - I ' ^ 

SEAVOfdt-^A esBtion of 
Uamzazai, Arbn. Khel, 
Sanzar, Kakars. Headmen ; 
Shah AhUn (Mahrttfti), 
Soba Ehui (Kaihmlnai), 
P«1o (JSJaaktai, headmaa of 

SbaxoUI (2,000; Swat 

tint). — A diviskn of 
Khwazszai, Akond-^Ttumf- 

zai Swatb. ' - - 

ShahsBa Kkbl.—A alaoi; 

flaotion of MawatEbel 1(980), 
Ibibat Khel, Jawsid, AJam 
Khel, AfridiB. 

SsAiuaxB Ebil.— A minor 
fraction of Idis Kbel/ Juii 
Khel (1,000), WoU Khel, 
trtmanzal, Darweeh Khel 
Waiin. Headsum ;.EaTghiia 

SBiXeHBB Kbbl (IS).— a 
sab-diTitioD of KTiailili-, 
Ualliiad, Damtria. H«ftd- 
men ; Patteh Ehan, W«ti. 

SsAMai Khto ( lOO).— A 
' minDT fraction of the Jalal 
Khel, ^BT Ehel, lUbat 
Khel, Nana Khel, Sahlol- 
zai, Mahsndi. Headmen ; 
Katim, Kai^ah. 

fisAHai Khbl fWana).— a 
minor {notion of Tojijra Khel 
(1,600), Bomi Khfil, Nana 
Din, Kala Khel, AlimadiM, 
Darwesh Khel Wadra. 

Skaubi Khbl (86).— A minor 
fraotion of the AU Khel. 
Haidat Khel, Tor, O^ppicad, 
Bawaiil. Haad'iiiK^i; 



6BAW9 EOB.— A mb-divi- 

Bion of Kuand Safia who 
. ^ ue a Tfwwl clan of the 

Smtm KbiL' (80).— a divi' 
. vw fit Tatti^ Bftftaniiis. 

Headmw,. ICir Ailm 


SSdiTAt'oT Sour EiHXL(7£0)^ 
— Aidlylsbn of Zakha Khel 
Afridis- < ' Samil. Headmen ; 
Said Ehan, Mihr Din, 
Bawr, rSaUan Mir, Ool 
Shah, Ehanzad, Luignr, 
£handjii| S^d XbaH' 

8sib:lse Eesi^—A mlaoT 
fraction of Kaddam KLel, 
fcroz Khel, llashi Kfael, 
Uannia Khel, Hassan Kbel, 
Hitba Ehon Ehel, KuM 
Ehd (4(600)y AizidnL Gar. 
HeadmeQ ; Abbali ; Hakim ; 
Kailr. - . 

Sharae Ea«L.-nA miiot 
fraction of Sadda Kliel 
4800), liperhi) E^lBEbol, 
Almudzd. Darwnh Khel 
W«zin. Headman; Zallm 

Shabaki (200).— a sab-divi- 
rion of Q^ Adam Khel, 

SstBBAl Ehil.— A minor 
fraction of Fupali, Kahnl 

Shibit Khu,.— a mince &aa> 

tion of Kata Qtan, Shngai, 
-> Tori Ehel (3,67U), Ibrahim 

Khel) tttmani^i, Darwesh. 

Khel Wazirs. Headman ; 

Hohaounad On]. . 

ShaufEhbIc — AseBtion of 
tbe Chawar Khel^ Bfzotl 
(600), Danlatzai, Orakzaia. 

Shabib EHBt (lO).-'A sec- 
tion of Hakim Eliel, Iffn- 
barak Sbahi, MaQizad, 
Dawarie. Headmen ; Ah- 
iqadnQT, Badidar. 

SSasbi Khhi. (66)'.— a fxc 
tion of KflBvm Kiel, Chahar 
Khel, Sljaman Khel, 
Mabsads. ' 

Shati Ehel.— a ,Beofion of 
WalE Beg Kor, Gvidab, 
I&limxai, Kdhmands. 

Sbatkai (60).— A-eectiort of 
Ualik Dinai, Manazai, 
AHiai, BfohauaB.' Headibkii ; 

Saao Kaat (PijwO.— * <*''>• 
diviidoB of BabuM Biffi 
Datrani, M^luBUtds: Head- 
man ; Kobmandai. 



Shawie K'HZI.— a miner 
fraction of ShBdiKbe!, Balal 
Ktel, Hassan Khel {40U), 
Hohmit Kliel, TJtmanzai, 
t>Hr«eBli Kiel Wariw. 
Headman ) Piyao Khan. 

Sbbikb Afzal CWasa).-^A 
minor fractioB of Gtvgi Khel 
(800— 400 in WanaJ.Bomi 
Khel, NumDm Kbel, Kaln 
Kbel, AhwadM, DaiiraEih 
Khel Wuira. 

Sbbikb Au.— A minor fnc- 
tion of Narmi Khtl, fiakka 
Khel (1,000^ Wall Khel, 
Utmansu, tjarwoBh Khel 
WazitB. Headman { Gbai- 

SBXiEHin (9,000'; Hastara, 
£banki, and Miranzai >ftl> 
'm).— A"HainH»j»" clan 
•ftheOrakzaia. SanuL 

Shbjkhajt (15).— a sab>diri- 
Eion:' of .Eliaddi, MaUizMl, 
Dfiwaiis.' .'^e^dman; Za- 
. Togh^ Din. 

SeXikh' All— ^A minor £»»■ 
tian of MaBhakki, Maaha, 
Uadda Khel (l,6U0),n>Tahim 
Khel,. Utmanpti, Daraeahf 
Khtf Wazirg. \ 

Sbmieh Bttdix.-^A , mtnoi 
- fnetun of Sardi Kbel,Bakkt 
Khel (liOOO), WsH Khel, 


' trtmanzal, Darweih Ehel 
Wailre. Headmen; AAtai 

Khan, Kliaki Shah, Golak 

Sbeikhbcbik Kbsi.— a 
minor fraction of Wadin 

- Khel, Khaamr' Khel, ■ 8Ur 
All Khan Khel, Barkl Khel. 
Uadda Khel (1,«00), Ibrahim 
Khel, UtraftEial, BarweBh 
Khel WadiB. 

Sbbieb ' Kbbl fBajani). — 
A division of the Ihuu, 

Sbbikhkai. Kb el. — A sab- 
division of Kamhai Khel, 
Kambar Khel (4,500), 
Afridie. Gar. Headmen ; Jan 
Unhaamftd, Mn h a mm id 

SBBSKiL KB:eL (600; La> 
argai). — A diTision of All 
* ShfT-Kliel.Shini^m. " ' 
SBBikEiuLi Khel sm.— 
A mittor fraction of Am- 
him Khel, Ali Earan. 
Uamazkii liwlikaiun, Onfc* 
aie. Gar. Headman; Said 

SaEiEBirnB Kbb£.— A miiwr 

fraction ' of Jamb^ Khel, 
Wamka Ali Khan Khel, 
.Sarki Ehel. MMda Ehel 
(1,600); ■ fbrahim Kiel, 
trimanzai, Darwegh Kbel 



^BIXE Umbii,'-A m 

fmction of Pira Eli«l, Jamal 
Ehel. Malik SbaM (400), 
"W^ Khel, Utmanaii, Dar- 
wesh Khel Wazirs. Head- 
maa ; SnlemaBi. 

Shbikhwjdi,— A minor frac- 
tjoo of -Sliadi Ehel, Bon 
Ehel (1,000), Hohmit Ehel, 
ntLOADzai, Darwesh Ehel 

Sbieh.— An Anthio wcard 
meaning elder or ohief. It 
is a title properly oonfined 
to ttibra of Arab descent, 
liiit is very commoEly naed 
to denote a convert tt> It- 

SSBKHii <M)Oi Trang fron- 
tier). — A division of the All 
Sher Ehel, Shinwaris. 

eection at 
AnnM (1,000), Badai, Zakha 
-Ehel, ifridlB. Samll Heed- 
maD ; Ehwas Ehan. 

SisBES Ehii..— A ndnoT 
fraction of Ehnsalai, Tori 
Ehel (2,670), Ibrahim Ehel, 
Utmanzfd; Darwesh Khel 
Wazira. Headman ; Shah- 

Shbeb Ali EHfit.— a divi- 
uon of Eamni or Eamar 
Ehd (600), A&idia. SamiL 

Headmen ; HnQa Amit 
Sfaah, Mnlla Akhnndzada, 
Sher Wall. 

Shbeis.— A minw fraotioii 
ofEaaim Khel, Snrau Ehel 
Babahii, Sipah (1,200), 
AfiidiB. Samil. EeMdtnen { 
we Easim Ehid. 

Seeeb BiBiD Khbl (TD). -A 
minor fraction of the Kikar- 
rab Khel, Ehoidad Ehel, 
Gidi Ehel, Manazai, Alizai, 
Uahmds. Headman ; Sab 
Kban, Plyao. 

Shbehas.— A minor fraction 
of Eamn Ehel, Asad Khel, 
Mitha Ehan Ehel, Enki 
Ehel (4^00), AfridiB. Gar. 
Headmen ; Gnlab, Alam 
Sher, Sherai, Ohnlam Ali, 
' Ehaifdad, Alladad Fakir, 
Abbas.' ' 

SHBK3SC Khbl , (20 j Dera 
Ismail Khan District) — 
Nomadic, a minor fraction 
of Baloch Ehel, Isot Khel. 
lUian Ehel, Lohana, Pawin- 
daliB. Headmen ; see Mian 

Shee'wal. — A aeotion. 


SgsxBEAl.— A minor traotitm Shbbbaz K^Be,— A (Hfbien 
of MaseKBi, Ham, . Panezun, of Tor SapM (850), Oatai, 
Suniar, KakHB. Adam Khd, Afriaii. 

Shsb. — A snb'dirincoi of the 
Khwaja HAwas Ehel, Ali 
KheU (3,000), HamsayM »f 
tbfi Orakzais. Gar. j Shiah. 

Shbb Abmad Khbl.— a 

minor fraction of Saifali, 
, Kabul Khei (2^600), WaH 

Khel, tJtniaiiiiai, Darwesh 
■ Khel Waiira. 

ShbB*eai. — A minor fractjon 
of Dreplara, Paindai (910), 
Na«n>dain, Zakha Khel, 
Afridig. Samll. Headmen t 
Chikkxtn, Tam^ Anwai, 
Nan Din. 

Shib All Khbi (20).— A 
minor fraction of the N«kian 
Khel, Sber Kbel, Haibat 
Ehel, Kana Ehel, Bablol- 
zu, MahandB.' Headman ; 

Sbbbaxis, also called Sheon- 
nh and Mirasu (4,500 ; 
oonntry around Takht-i- 
Snleman).— A triba of 
Fafhwu. Headmen; Nika, 
Aam Khan. 

Shbhinzai, (SO)-— a minor 
fraetion of Babnzai, Natozai, 
Dumar, Sanzar, Kakar». 

SbbeDabiKhel tl60).— a 
minor fraction of the iTalal 
Eiiel, Sher Khel, Haibat 
Khel, Nana Khel, Bahblzai, 

Shiboa Ehbi..— A rtetlon of 
TJtmanzai, Adinzai,' Kh«a- 
zazai, Akozai-^TiwQfzu 

Sbbbovl Ksbl. — A ' minor 
fraction of Ynnaa Ehel, Boeti 
Ebel (150), Galai, Adm 
Ehel, Airidis. . 

Sbbb GiTitA.- a diviaion of 
Aka Ehel (l.SOO), Afridis. 

Sbbbi Kbbl.— A minorfrao- 

. tioA of Baghdad Ehel, 

Keimal Ehel, TJrmoz Khri, 

Sipah (1,200), AfridiB. Samil. 

Headman ; Lai Mnluunmad.' 

Shbb Kbah Khbl.-^A 
minor fraction of Kharmanj 
KheU Ehwaja EkeL Uia- 
mai, Eabnl Ehel (ifiWh 
WaiilChel, Ftmanzai, Dar- 
veah Ehel Waziria. 

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8bsb Eeik Ehblv— a minor 

■ fraottOD of UmarKhanKhel, 
Malikilin Khel, Mriikdin 
Ehel C4^00), Afiidia. Samil. 

. Headmen ; see £utti Ebel. 

BhbbEhan Ebel.— a ioinor 
fraction of E^in l^el 

■ (250), Kimat Ehel, Jawaki, 
Adam Ehel, Afridis. 

Sbbb E{u» Ebbi..— a naoQv 
iraatfon of Mohmaad Ehel, 
Eattia Ehel, Hassan Ebel, 
Mitha Khan Ehel, Eaki 
Ehel (4^00), Afridis. Gar. 
Headmen ; Kambar, Boner 
and Eaddam Ehan. 

Shbb Kkis Ehel. — A minor 
fraction _ of Muaa • Ehel, 
Makhozai, NaSDzai, Iliaszai, 
Boner wals. , 

Sbbb Ea^k Ehel (16).— One 
of the two sections of the 
Malla Ehel, Chahar Ehel, 

. ^aman EImI, < UaluudB- 
.Hwdmiai; ^ahid Eban, 


SBBK Ebvl.— Aminorfrac- 
tionof Kamhir (or Eambo) 
.Ehel, Alb Ehel, Balarzal, 
- IliMiat, Bunerwab. 

SOTb Ekei (1,030).— a «eo- 
■tloh of the Ifcibat Ehel, 

■Nana Khel, ' 

Sbbb Ebbi^.— A Tainot fno- 
tionof-TargaS, Mnhammad 
Ehel, HasMU Ehal (770), 
Mohmit Ehel, tTtmanzai, 
Danresh EhelWani^. 

8hbb Ebbl.— a minor frae* 
tion lof Bre Nami.Balal Ehel, 
Haaesu Ehel (400), Mohmit 
Hhelj Utmanzai, DerweBh 
Ehel Wazira. Headman ; 
Niyaz itfuhammad. 

9hbr Ehel. — A minor frac- 
tion of Boha Ehel, Maddo. 
Ehel, Asad Ehel, Mtha 
Ehani Ehel, Enki Ehel 
■ (4,500), Afridis. CJar. Head- 
men ; Mulla Nazir, Alir- 
wal. Said Qui. 

8BEB EsBL. — A miooT frac- 
tion of Ghara Kkel, Aahraf 
Ehel, Eamal Ehel, Sahib 

Jap, Aka Ehel (1,800), 
.A^dis. Samjl. 

Sees Eebl— A enb-diTinon ' 
of Mat Ehan Ehel, Eambar 
Ehel (4,600), Afridifc 
Oar: Headmen; SherEhsn,' 
'Hamid,aiid Nnr^. 

Sbbb Ebbl.— A minor frac- 
tion of Ahmad Beg Xhel, 
Mohib Ehel, Shekhai, 
Ann^ (1,0(10), Budai. Zakha 
Ehel, Afridis. Samil. He^- 
' men; Bhahzada, ArSala. 

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Skb Kksi (30). — A nnnot 

fraction of Elmat Kfael, 
HaidflT Khel, Tor, Tappizad, 
Dawaris. Headmen ; Naaat 
Ehan, Btmocha ■ Kbrn, 

minor ftootion of Mir 
Hasuii, ]lfoclift, libdaa Ehel 
(1,600), Ibrshim Khel, 
tJtiaaniu, Dtxweak XhA 

Sbsbfui Erbl.— a leotioii 
of Uuidibii' _ Daolktzai, 


Shbbzii. — A nunorfraetjon of 
tile AUKhutzu, Kimiaud, 
Atbn Khel, Sauor,' Eokara. 

fisBBiAt Xril. — A Bedtion of 
Hasaa Eliel, Goduzai, Ilias> 
zai, Bnnerwala. 

SBiiauin Monuirra j^SOO ; 
Ld'land -Earn fiUliaaB)! — 
These are really Bectiong of 
the 9hab Uatumi Ekel mi 

. the.lbiand'Eor, D*da Ehel, 
Tarakzaia and Halimzai 
2Sahina>d« iu Loi S&Uiban ; 
In&iiiL'Bliibiuin..ibe*«iR a 
minor fraction of Asaf Khel, 
Daliha.'Eor, Dadu Khel, 
TarakBti,' MabmandB; > 

Saiw at Suri Khil (3,400 ; 
Britdih tenUoiy, Shakai, 

and Wana).— A 3i<afflon ol 
Ahinadzai, ''Datwmh Ehel 
WMirs. H«Bdiaeii i see 
Halhi Khel, Birki Khel, and 

Shihki Kbbi,.— a Bootion 

,.of SnltanKheL^n^la, 

Ala _ ;Ehel , (1,800), Af sidi«. 

Shihki Khbl(16S). — Amuxo- 
fraction <^ Bab^ki, Haeni 
Khel, Tor, Jttallizad, .Dawa- 
rli. He^^inen'; . Fanjdar, 
Mad AfiS, , Karar,, Gul 
Hassan, Gtil K^Lan.' 

SHissiKii KoB.— A''^''Mnor 
fraction of Hyatai . Kor, 
'^ah ' MansitT Khil TtiSa. 
Knell' Taraks^," MohiiiMids. 

. Headinan; 6aiji4 Bastili 

Ssiuk EBitc.— A mineftliae* 
"JiioD'of llawal. Khel' (7to), 
Haibat £h^<JaWfrU, Adam 
. Khel, AfiridU. '■''■ 

Sbibae i Ehsl.-^ sidi-iiiTi- 
aion of the BtMunai, 
MishtiB (3,000), " Hamanaa" 
of the Oralctaigi SaiUil. iMtd- 

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6hib EiHKir (18).— 
djviuea, of Zenkki, JAiUi- 
zad, Dft^raris. Headmen ; 
Gukpir, Ehsngnl. 

Shixi Kebl ot Alizat (500 ; 
: Mastnn' Tiv«i). — A dlritiDii 

of.tiie DanUtzai, Ora!kzaU. 

Samil. 1 8hiah. 

9H1T1 Khbi (80).— a section 

■ of Isenri, Tor, - Tappiiad, 

Dawaiia. Headmen ; inland 

Klukii> Dinai, Nadam, Minai.- 

Sstvum Khbl (26 ; Mastora 
livra): — A BTiii-di vision of 

SI Al'zai forStnri Khel), 
illatzoi, Orakzois. Samil. 
Shiah. Headman ; Dslil 
Khan. -_, .. 

SHO MUHAKUlb ^HBL (16). 
-r-A. minor fraction of the 
BaTQmi Khel, . Shoidad 
Khel, Oidi KM, Manazat, 
Alizai, MalisndB. - Qeadman ; 

fllWBis EjtBi. (3Q).— A minor 
. fnotion of the B«h)mdad 
£hel. Al>dQl Bahman Khel, 
Sher Kiel, E^iat Khel, 
Nana Ehel, Bahlolzai, Hah- 
Mds. .Headmen; Shaltt, 

Ghalib Khel, Badiinxal, 
Shaman Khel, UabBods. 
Headman ; AkW Khan. 

Shooi Ksbl.— a minis frac- 
tion of Umar Khel, All 
Khel, Khaddar Khel {77(i), 
Mohmit Khel, Uimanxki, 
liarv«gh Kbel Wazira. 
Headman; Nazarko. 

Sbohab Khxl (li).— a minor 
fraction of the Bahimdad 
Khel, Abdnl Bahman Khel, 
Sher Khel, Haibat Khel, 
liana Khel, Bablokai, Mah- 
snds. _ Headmen ;. Gwidapnl, 

Shokai (35).— a minot fnc- 
tibnottJwOam Khel.Baran 
Khel, Cbahat Khel, Shaman 
Khel. Mahends. Headmen t 
Lai Onl, TSmbOBA. 

Shpileai Khel.— A section 
of Zargnn Ehel (900), 
Qalai, A^im Khel, AhWg. 

SfiUDASEA (60). — A minor 
fiaotion of Gilia Khel, Mn*. 
hammad Khel, Sblakh, 
Mallizad, Dawaris. Head- 
■nee ) Sawan, Ahmad Din. 

aHOGii.— A »9otion of Tori 
Ehel ^,670), IbnUm Ehel. 
Utmani^, Darweeh Khel 
Wazlrs. Headmed ; Ilisa Utd 
Madd (:v^tthwunad) Al;bA^ 


BHin KHBt.— A minor fnw- 
doD of Narad Ehe), Bakka 
Khel (1,000). Wall .Khel, 
UtmaDEai, Danreeh Khel 
Wazira. ^eadmaB ; Pilod 

Ssvj± £biil.— A Dunbr frac- 
tion, of Kata Gian, Shngu, 
ToriKhel (3,670), Ibrahim 
Ehel, . ntmauz^, Darwesh 
Kbel Wszirg. Headman ; 

Saviivxi- (38).— A section 
of Shujairal, Mnbaiak Sbabi, 
Haltind, Dawaris. Head- 

. men) Sheikh. Mansur, Sidih 
Ebui, And Khaa. 

Shdjawai (136),--rA «ab- 
dirUioa of Mubarak Shahi, 
Mallizad, Dawaria. Head- 
man ; Sheikh Mtuunir, Salih 
Khu), Shahmadi, Zarif, 
Mania Hassan, tdak, Mir 
Kaiam, Hnmaiu Shah, 

- ShukhEabir. 

Shdhi Kbxu (896).— a sec- 
tion of Falli Khel, Mauazai, 
' AHxai, Uabsnds. 

SiDui (9).^A snb-divinon of 
Ladn, Bakanwal, Lnnia. 
Hfladwan ; see Ladn. 

SiEAHfiAB Khbl (Daiadai 

, Talle;),^--A nb-diTinon ot 

Uamuzai. (300), laouilial, 


of Eandfli, Isa "Kkel, Fan- 
diali, Mohmandfi. 

SiBiiTDAB KsiL.— A Motion 
of Hanzar Ehel (360), 
Ibrahim Ehel, Utmfuizu, 
Darweah Khel Waiirs. 
Headmen ; Lat Khan, Ayas 
Khan, Maddi'Khan. 

SiKiNDiB Kebl— A diviMon 
of Koki Khel (4,600). 
Afridia. Gar, Headmen ; 
Mir AIka, BahmatnUa. 
Kadr, ■ Guljal, Tans, Said 

SiEANDAB Ebbl.-~A lectlaii 
of Pakhai (1,000), :Badai, 
Zakha £beI,Afridia.'S^l. 
Headmen ; Band ' Ali, Mn- 
hammad Azim. 

Si£iHDAB Kbbl (26).— a 
section of Palali, Turi^, 
Tappizad, Dawaria. Hoad- 
mcn ) Bazi Khanzam, Zabta 

SiEANDAX Eebl. — A minor 
fraction of Ehnnija Ehel 
(300), Shadi Ehel, Naara 
Din, Eain Khel, Ahmadzai, 
Darffeah Ehel Waairt. 


SixAHDAB Kssi- — A minor 

fraction oE Sikandw Khel, 
Manwr Khel (360)_, Ibra- 
him Khel TJtmanzfti, Dar- 
weah Khel, Wazira. Head- 
' nmn'i Ayaz'Kliaii, 

SiKiKDis Khbl.— A Bec- 
tJobof Abdul Khel (1,000)_, 
Hohmit Khel, Utmantai, 
DarwcaK Khel, WuiT*. 

Si Si HOAX Kok.— A minor 
fraction of Kamal Khel, 
Maddor Khd, Asad Khel, 
Mithft Khaa Khel, Kuki 
Khel (4,500), Afridis. 
Gai. Headmen ; Mabanunad 
Amin, Gul Jan, Bo' 

SuiAIf (20).— A eeotion 
IffJli Khel, Idak,' Tappizad, 
Diwam. Headmen ; Said 
Shah,. Azim, Khan, Jamal 

SlHur KsKL (6)- — A eeotion 
' of Palali, Tapiai, - Tam>intd, 
' Dawaris. Hesdman' ; Fatteh 

- acr. ■ 

Sim KsBC.-^A minor firaotion 
■aS'KidaaicShiA, Mintar Khel, 
HnhtmniiMi Khel, ^ssan 
EM (40e), Mbbniit Khel, 

TTtmuiiiai, DanreA IChel 
Wazin. Headman ; Elm- 

SiBi' Knit.— A Bsctlon o€ 
Khunija Khel (300), Shadi 
Khfl, . Nasra Din, Kaln 
Khel, Almiadzu, Darweth 
Khel WiaxtB. 

SiNi Kebl (8).~-A minor frao' 
tion of Khnttay, Taib Khel, 
Amion!, Uallizad, DawariB. 
Headntan ; ^Nayar Khan. 

SiHi Kbbi (a6).-~A minor 
fmctjon of Lai L(n«i, Land, 
Malakh, H^liiad^ Dafraris. . 
Headmen 1 Akub, Balaam, 

- Said Hnhammadii 

SiH Khttb.— A minor fraetion 
of the Khoidadzai, Shadiai, 
Alizai, 8anzar, Kakacs. 

SiHKi Khel.— A;niqor fnae- 
tion of Shadi Khel, Balal 
Kbel, JIawian :E>1 (400), 
Mohmli. Khql, Utmaoiai, 
Darwesh Khel . Wnnrs. 
Headman ; Badde Fakir. 

SiFAH (1,300 ; Bara vall^ 
and Kajnrai).— One of ths 
ns Khybei Afridi clans. 
Samll. Headman ( Sim 
Mnkammad, Shah Mnmd, 
SnJiman' Shah. 



SifaH (400 ; Mastnra n\lej, 
and Landuki paaB,}— A 
diiiaion of the Mniam- 
raad £b«l, Onkiaia. Gfn. 

-. .ShwJi. . . 

SiPAH- (610).— A seotion of 
the Ali Eann, UamtiEai, 
Lashkaria!, Orakzttis. Gar. 
See ifaA Ehet. 

SiaaiBi. or Sisqbabi (300 ; 
PMhin).— A BMwl Kakar 
olftn. HeodniAD. ; Sntian 

SiBKi Khei (800 tiOO in, 
Waaa], Banrn, "Wana and 
Binnal)- — Aanb-diyi^on of 
Sliin Khel, Ahmadial, Dftr- 
wash Khel Waidrs. Head- 

. ' men ; Lajmir Khw, Band 
Khan, Madazan, Zargai 
Khan, theee M^ks are lee- 
ponsible for the Qtiiiml. 

SiBKi Kebl (15).— a minor 
faction of Gita Khel, Mu- 
hammad Khel, Malakb, Mai- 
II»4< Dawaiiflt Headman: 


SiBEi KHit (SO),"-A minor 
fraction of Taoe Khel, Sogi 
Kiel. Mahammad Khel. 
Halaih, Mallizad, Davaris. 
Headmen ; f iiat Shsli, 

SkhahKebl.— Aminor&M- 
tion of Bu Khel, Firozat, 
Chagarzai, Malisai, Bouer- 

SMBtKHBL.— A minor feao- 
tion of Bai Kbel, Firozal, 
Cha^ziu, Malizaii Bvnei- 

Sob Khbl.— a minor fractaon 
of Jambai Khel, Waruka All 
Khan Khel, Sarlri Khel, 
Madda Khel (1,600), Ibra- 
him Khel, Utmaniai, Dar- 
weeh Khet WaiirB. 

Sooi Khbl (14(1)^— a Motion 
of Mahammad Khel, 
Malakh, iiiXH^fid, Dawaria. 
Headmen; Khan Mnham- 
mad Khan, Mahhm^d. . 

SoBi Khel (70).— A minor 
fraction of the 'Gefea Khel, 
8ber Khel, Haibat KhBl, 
Nana Khel, BaUolzai, Vah- 
snda. Headman ; Shahid 

SPiiGi (30).— A mmOTfreo* 
tionot Abdul Eahman Khel, 
Mahammad ^el, ' Ualhkh; 
Mallizad, Dawaris. .'Head- 
men ; Hakim KhftD) Wazir 

Sfbbu; wedriiQi, for irbtolt 
' it U another name. 

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Sni Ehbi(16) A section of 

2!tuM Khel, ^piai, Tappizad, 
Dftwatia. .HwdTiun ; Zari- 

Sboh (120).— a motion of 
Biuh& Ehel, EatnAli, Hallm- 
lai, SIohm»iid«. 

Stab A1.1 Khan Keel.— 
A ttame «om«tiines applied 
to the Khazzar Khel nai 
Kaiai SHiet, minoi fiaalJonB 
of the AH Khan Khel, Sarkl 
Ehel, Madds Khel (1,600), 
[brahim Khel, Utmanzai, 
Darwcsh Khel Waiira. 
Headmen ; Sadda Khan, 
Akmbe and Shadam Khan. 

Sf ITBI Kan ■ (40D, Msstnra 
river), — A Bnb-diTision of 
Aliui, or Stnri Ehel, 
Danlatzai, Orakzaia. SamiL 

SVSAX Khbl (S50 ; Bannn 
to Shaku, and Birmal)— 
A leetdoh. of Isperka, Kaln, 
. Xhel; Ahmadz^ ' DarWeah 
Khel Wazii*. Headmen ; 
Jalandar Shah and Maui 

Sou.ixiir Khxl (Khw^i 
■ valley) .r^A rab-diTuion of 

SviBiiUH EflSl.— A nation 
of Sheikhmal, Ksmbar Ehel, 

Kambar Khel (4,600), AM; 
die. Qar. Headmen ; Ualla 
WalU, Aa^nlla. 

SmSHAXi.— Sometiraee »id 
to be a aeotion of Khaddar 
Khel (770), bnt in reality a 
seotion of Wnzl Khel, Mohi 
mit Khel, baTing land am<aig 
the Khaddar Ehelg. Hevi- 
men ; Sahib Bin and Gol 

SiTiBHiin.— A eecti<m rf Wnri 
Ehel (S(iO), Mohmit Khel, 
UtEoanzai, Danreeh Ehel 

Sdlikani Khbi:.— A tnino' 
fraction of Ismail Khel, Bozl 
Khol, Madda Khel (1600), 
Ibrahim Khel, tTtmanzai, 
Darwegh Khel Waiirs. 

SifLiHAH Khbl.— A mh-divi- 
don of Bahram-ka-Khel, 
Bar Baniiai, Akoi^— Yn« 
mhti Bwatis. 

ScLiKiK Khel (830).— A 
mctionof Targhari, Sanzar, 
. Kakare. 

StxiHAN ES1L8 (4,330 ; 
between Ealat'i'OtiilEai and 
Jalalabad). — The most nn> 
meioUs and poweofal •t ths 
^irindah tnoing tribes. 

SCLIHIN Uahahaseai (300), 
— A eertidn of Arozai,AJimad 
Khel, Ben Ehel, Sheiania. 

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SultaM'Ea-Ehbi. (700 ; east 
and sontb of the Swat-Fanj- 
kora jnnetion).— A diTision 

- of Bif Banizal, Akozai— 
Yosafza! Swatis. 

SnLiiF Khbl.— A minor 
fraetion ofEtiermBSJ Ehel, 
Khwaja Eh«l, Miamai, Ka- 
bul Ktel (3,600), Wa« Khel, 
Utmanzai, Du'Weab Ehel 
Wazira. Headman ; Snrkam. 

SotTiN Khbl. — A eeotion of 
AbdnlKhel, Urmnz Ehel, 
Sipah (1,300). AfHdis. Sa- 
mu. Headman ;, Sher Jan. 

SriTAH Ehbl.— A aeetton of 
Stifiui Ehet, BaBakri, Sipah 
(1,300), Afridis. Samil, 
HesdmeD ; NIas Eariu, 
Iran, Gul Mohammad. 

ScLTAH Ehbk.—A nib-divi- 

Bkm of Bhw Onlla, Aka 

" Ehel (1,800), Afridis. Sa- 

SULTAK Ehzl. — A aeetion of 
Ann&j (IflOOy, BQdu,Zakha 
Ehel Afridis, Samil. Hcaa- 

SULTAK Khbl.— Amlnorfra^ 

• . tioQ of Gbalam Ehel (SOO), 

Haibat Ehel, JavakI, Adam 

Ebel, Afridis. 

SuLTAir Ehbl.— A minorfrac- 
tion tif Hasaan Ehel, Fakhsi 
(1,000), Badai, Zakha EheU 
Afridis. Samil. Headmen;. 
Mahrban, Mad Afzal,Uoh* 
abbat Sardar, Koru. 

BuLfAit Ehbl (Near Ublan 

C). — A leetioii of the 
>h (JCO), Mnhanimad 
Ehel, Oiakzais. Qar. Shiah. 

SuLTAS Esxt (Mshftinn). — 
A section of Hassan Khelr 
Uada Khel, Iwzai,- Tnsnf- 
zais. Headmen ; Torai EbaB> 
HamzB Ehau. 

Sttliah Ehel.— a eeotion of 
Ham^ Ebel, Gan^, Ha- 
limiai, Uobmanda. 

ScLTiir Ehbl.— A section bf 
Hftrnza EhelfEamalJ, Hailiia* 
vai, Mohmaiidsi, Headmaii i 
Ajmir Eban. 

ScLTAN Eb BL.— A aiata frac- 
tion of Aka Ebel, Ismailzai, 
Daulatsii, Kbliiai, BuDer* 

Stltah Ehel (3,400 ; Faaj- 
koitt, Dir).— A sob-dWaion 
of Sesada, Maliiai, ToHif* 

SVLTAK Mchashad.— A i 
Ijon of Unsara Ehel, As 
lai, niaOAi, Bnuenrala. 

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SntiJJUii (240).— A mb-^n- 
of Shabi Kbel, Alizu, 

am of Shi 

ScLTiHzii (1*)).— A mb- 
diridon of Yaknbzu, Uann- 
zai, Shen^. 

SrKLA Ehbl (120; Black 
MonntoiB).— A tlJTiaioo of 
DeshivGil, Swatis. Head- 
men ; IdW Ali| Samsn. 

SuBiB KoE.— A mmor feno- 
tioa of Fatina Kot, SWagh 
Ehal, Eaddam £hel, FeroE 
Eliel, Maalii Ehel, Masnia 
Ehel, Haaaan Ehel, Mitha. 
Khan Ehel, Eoki Ehel 
(4,500], Afridk. Gai. 

ScSAX Ehbl.— A Bab-dlvinon 
fit Babahri, Sipah (1,200), 
Afridis. Samil. Headmen ; 
Niai, Earim, Iran, Gal Mb- 

£cBi.T EoB.— A Motion of 
Ziand^n (200), Bad^, 
Zakba Ebel, Afridis. Samil. 
HeadnUn ; Mir Uimui, 
Nnmi, Onlistan, Pahl- 
wao, Tsi Siaih, DftUaQ, 

Subbat Ehil.— a flection of 
Enlla Ehel, AbliMin Ehel, 
UaliJidin Khel (4000), Afri- 

dis. Samil. Headmen ; Mt 
Bakhmali E^l. 

ScB Dosi Ehel (Bftonn Dif 
liet). — A miaoi &aetion of 
Boii Ebel, Ehandai Ehaa 
Ehel, H*tbi Kliel (2,000), 
Shin Eh«l, AhmadjEU, Pair- 
wosh Ehel Wazira. 

Snw (80).— A Beotion'of Sa- 
raDgzai, Harnn Ebel, 
Sanati*, Eakara, Headpien ; 
Saleb Muharamadi Anvai. 

SuBi Pio. — A Bttb-diTiBion of 
EdtttKbel. Suuilzai, Tw 

Sdbbih* Khsl.— a aection of 
Ghaibi Ehel. Babahri, SiptUi 
(1,200), Afridi*. , Sanul. 
Headmen; Akbai, Uanla' 

BuBKHi EoB.— A BDb-divUon 
of Ede' or ' Ehnqmairal,' 
Barhaa Ehel, Kndiali Hob- 
mandg. Headmen ; Salo, 
Nuim Gnl,Baz Mir, laTJan. 

SuBZE Ehbl (16; Den la- 
mail Ehan Distriot). — Nom- 
adic a minis ftaotion of 
Shadi Ehel, Isot Khel, Mian 
Ehel, Ixdianft. Fawindabi. 

SwABAi. — A division of Man- 
<U, Utman Ehels; 

SwaTH.— The original inhabit- * 
Kota of Swat, tometimM 

c,ri!-i ht Google 

tailed Debguu, knd aocord- 

ine to some aathvritles, of 
Indiui Drigin. Driven oat 
ot'Bwat and Buner by the 
AkoEai— Ynaiififtis in the end 
of the fifteenth century, thej 
emigtsted eastwards, under 
theleaderahip of SaiacL J&lal 
Baba, a son of tVe famous 
TlrBabaof Buner- CroMfug 
Um lodiu, th^ settled 

Tikri, Alia!, DeshI, NandiW, 
Pahll, Konsh, BogarmanK, 
Agrar, Balakoti and'CarU 

■ Habibnllsi nortt of Hazara, 
' and tlieir desmndaiitB are 

' there to this daj. , 

SwXiia, («)B»j« &^t valley 
from Panjkoia, jnaotiou. to 

■ . KohiBtan).— A term Jotgely 
applied to the Akozai-rTn- 
sDizM tribe. 

Tabbi Kan.^—A mino^fnc- 
tion of Hindi Klul> tor, Jani 
Khel {IJXOi Wall Khel, 
Utnauzai, Darwesh Ehe! 
V^dit. Headxnao ; UaUcvu. 

Iaobai. Kkxl (20).— a minor 
fraction of the Bahimdad 
Khel, AbdnllUhmui Khd, 
Shet Khet, Hsibat Khel, 
Nana Khel, Bahloliai, Uah- 
auda. BeadmeQ ; Janbil, 

TaQBI Kai (60).— a aeetion of 
Malik Dinid, Manax^, Allzai, 
Ucthgtida. Headman ; Sahib- 

TaBIB 8hah (6).— a section 
of Barim Khel, Amzoni, 
MftlHzad, Danatia. Eead- 
mnu ; Taliir ShaL 

Tub Khbl (800).— A anb- 
diviaion of Arnxont, Halli- 
■sd, Damtris. Heiidmen ; 
Waiii:^, Hathi Khel, Wa- 
nak.SaidAkbu, Mokhsetn. 

Taik KsBb.--A section of 

TAimnKHU.— A minor frac- 
tion of Gkdia Khel, Tatar 
or Akborwalf^OO], HaMan 
Khel, Adam Km, Afridia. 

Tajal Khbl (not.— a *eo- 

tlon of Aetanai, Shabi Khel, 
Alizu, Mahsuda. Headmei [ 
8hahz&r, and Shahnir. 

Tajbi Khel (160).— A ■«•- 
tioQ of the Taru ^el, Boba, 
Sana, Battannia. 
> TheM unmbeia do not inolnde Gnjaia, Uiani, and otlui FaMr- 

c,ri!-i ht Google 

Tajiks.— — The name used 
tbrongboat Afghaaiitoo to 
denote any Persian gpeaking 
people who are naitiieir 
8aiad3i A^baaa nor BaEuaa. 

Tatu Ksxl (60 -, Den iBmail 
Khan DiHtriot).— Nomadic, 
a mioOT fraction of tiie Unsa- 
2ai, Sein Khel, MUn Khel, 
Lohaoa, Pavrindahs. Head* 
man ; lee Mian Khel. 

Takhai Kob.— a miDDT frac- 
tion of Maiadi Ehei, Dalkha 
Kot, Dadn Ehel Tarakzai, 
Hohmanda. Headman ; 

Taeekal Khbl.— a minor 
fraction of Naiar Ehel, Star 
All Khan Khel, Sarki Khel, 
Uadda Khel {1,BOO), Ibra- 
him Khel, Utmanxai, Dar- 
weeh Khel WaEirs. 

TaeBII Ehbl (Bannn and 
ahanal).— A section of Bak- 
ka Khel (1,000), Wall Ehel, 
TTtmanzai, Darwesh Ehel 
Wazirs. Headmen ; see Uii- 
lUan Ehel and Kiian Ehel. 

Taehti Ehbl (British terri- 
tory).— A minor fraction of 
Bndin Khel (lOt), Sbadi 
Ehel, Naera Din, Ealn 
Ehel, Ahmadiu, Danreah 
Ehel Wazirs. 

Taehti Ehbl.— a sabHUvI- 

of Ismailzai, t 

Takoh Ehbl.— a minor frac- 
tion of Kaddam Ehet, FeroE 
Khel, Mas^i K:,el, Hannia 
Kliel, Hassan Khel, Mitha 
Ehan Ehel, Kuki Ehel 
(4,500), Afridis. Gar. Head- 
men; Mnlla Wall, Ehaza 

Talik EHB]b.— a section of 
Zai^n Kbel (SOO), G«U), 
Adiun Ehel, A&idi& 

Tal KSAireAl (M).— A (Ham- 
saja) section of Shaboxai, 
Dninar, Banzat, Eakan. 
Headman ; Salim. 

Tahi Ebil.— a minor frac- 
tion of Ghaui Ehel, Mir H»- 
sani, Macha, Madda Kbel, 
(1,800), Ibrabim Khel, 
Utmanzai, Danresh Ehel 

Tamis (8,000 ; Southern bor- 
der oIKhost). — A tribe liv- 
ing between the Zadrane on 
the west, and the Garbai oa 
east. Headmen ; Khan Bad- 
flbah. Chief Tillage Dragi, 
Abont too families (Head- 
man i Kaim) are settled 

c,ri!-iht Google 

Tin KcsHi (30).— A sectton 
of Tarota, Idak, Tappimd, 
Dawarie. Headman ; Gunkm 

TaNz<I.—A di'tinoD of Anjn 
Ebel, ZmanuB. Headman ; 
Aku KhoD- 

Taos Khbi. (Soddq Distiiol;]. 
— A i:9inor freciion of Firba 
Elwl, Hatbi Ebel (2,000), 
Shin or Sani Ehel, Ahmad- 
ui, Dguwesh Kbel Vazin. 
Headman ; PilawaT Khan. 

Taos Eebl (90).— A minor 
■fcftctionof Sc^i Khel, Mu- 
' }utmmad Ehel, Mqlakh, Mal- 
liiad, Dawaris. 'Headmen ; 
Pjrah Shab.Ehan Sfnlum- 
mad Khan. 

1 of 

T*Fiii (5tW). — A division ol 
Tappizid, Dawaris. Head- 
men ; Baz, Mil Alam, Gnl 
Ahmad, Fatteh Mir, Jnma- 
un, Said Shah, Abdnlla, 
Adil Shall, Imb Ehan. 

Tappi. — Another name pven 
to the Tapiai, Tappizod 
DawaciS' - 

Tappi Ehbi: (83),- a gnb- 
dWi«ion of Badanzai, Sha- 
man Ehel, Mahsode. 

Tappizat) (3,836).- One o< 
the two claoa 6f Dawsrig. 
Headmen ; Talo Eban, IaIo 
Khan, NacarboBd, Said 
Shah, Din Unhamnud. 

TiBiKi (60).— A section of 
Yahahzai, Manntai,' Oba 

Ehel, Sheranij, 

Tabakw (fiflOO,; Ghaad and 
KaIat-i^ht!Eli).-rOn« of 
theFawiudah tisding tribes. 

TabagzaiotTibohabi (3,210). 
— "Huao,ym"j>i the S&nahi, 


TiBABZii (2,850).— One of 
the Mohmand elana. Sw 
note on page 46. 

Tara Ehbi (40^).^A wb- 

diviiion of Alida, Waiss- 

fun, Battannie. Headmen ; - 
Mf Khan (EhTOd),Kaid«t 
Khan (Sarar), jfaya Eban, 
(Maghzfti). 1 

Tabam (Saiade) (46).— &m- 
sayas of the (Western) San- 
2, Ealcare. 

TaBsiDDa (40).-^A minot 
fraotion of the Eboidad Ehel, 
Gidi Ehel, Manaaai, Alizsi 
Mahsnds. Headmen; Shahib 
Dad, Eaim 8hah. 

c,ri!-iht Google 

lAB&Uii.— A ramor frMtion. 
of Miiluuiiinad.Khel, Husaa 
Khel (.401), Mohniit Etiel, 
UttaaUAi^ Dafweah Ehel 
Wsius. Headmen i Gnlbat 

fjOa^M Ehbe.— A minor frao- 
tbn of Torpam Ehel, Sboat 
Kkel, Star All ELan Ehel, 

' .fiarU Khel, Hadda Khel 
(1,300^. 'IbnbiBi Ehel, 
Utttiantaij ' Dtlrmah' > Ehel 
Wft»ra. , , , . 

TitteHABi (S,a!ff|.— A Ifcin- 

baya diTiaioQ of Uie Sahzar, 
. Eftkan. 

TkBKi Khb& (30).— -A eeotion 
of Matti Khel,i Chileehahi, 
Shaman Ehel, Mahrads. 

' 'Heaamen ; Paiftng, Kbaaa, 
fiinuaOiu. ■ 

Tabi Ehbl. — A Bub*diTision 
of Shakhi Ehel. Waiaspnn, 
BattanniB. Headmen ; Jan- 
dai (Chalak), Ahmad Ehaa 
(Fatteh Khan). 

Till Eh»i.. — A minor fraction 
ofTol Ehel, Abdul Ehet, 
. Bom Ehel' (1,000), TJtman- 
BV,I>aTwe*li Ehel> Waziis. 

aearlj all belong to Peahb. 

Tauu (80).— a eeotion of 
Shamerai, W«na«Li, Alizai, 
iUahsada. Headman; Pim 

TabkiEhkl (80).-'A minor 
fraotion of Cbarkhil, Landt 
'MalaUif Malliza4> IJawatia. 
Headman ; Badant, Sultan, 
Mir Eazam. 

Taseaiti (or Takkalaxi). — 
The name of the; tribe in- 
fanbitiibR the . vAtHe of 
BaisST.^eadmen ; Ehana i^ 
iTawagAl, Jhar, Khar, 
Paabat, Banra. v 

Tab ; Ebbl (l!aitaia).— A 

. division of : Uollagara. 

.a TOsa^ clan of the Moh- 

Tab Ehbl.— a section of 
Eanizu, Eattagarm. Tatta, 

Iabkul Ebbl.— a leetion 
of Unghnl Ehd, Banni 
Ehel, Kamnd Khel (600), 
Afridia. Samil. Headmen ; 
Anar, Bohadsr Shah, Sifat 
Shah, Shendin, Zaidad, Mir 

Tabzi Khel (30).— A section 
of Bibizai, Sbati Kbol, Ali- 
zai, H^iooda. Headinani 

c,ri!-i ht Google 

Taeki KHSL.r-A aectJoB tS 
XSamsa Kbel, ShBD&i (760), 
-Bnaai, Zaklia Khel, Afridis. 
gamjl. Headmen ; JAeht Diu, 
Sawar, Sult&n Mir, Cnl 

TiBOf*(184).— A mb>aiTiaion 
of Idnk, Tappizad, DaWarie. 
HMtdiueii ; . Isnfil iW. 
Ohnlam JEtaaul, Dajaal. Kig- 
ali, Fakir. ; . ■ 

Tahu Eml: (730).— Asnb- 
diTiuou of Soba, Dana, 

Tabu Ehel.— A Qcbtion. of 
HamzB EhelfGandab, Halim- 
zai, Mohinands, tiaeelf allied 
to the Bam Kliel.< Head- 
man ; Hamid GnL 

Taxu Ehxl (10 ; Bera Ismail 
Khaa Disliict). — Nomadic, 
atmjtoi fraction of Siiisd 
Khel, laot Khel, Mian Khel, 
Lohuia, Pawindahs. 

Taswizai (SOO i Bhauiil val- 
lej, EhoBt). — A clan of the 
EhoBtwKb, also known as 

Tabar Khbl (200; Black 
' Ifanntun). — A Bob-dirisum 
of Akazaj, laazd, Tiutif zais. 
Headmen ; Dad Ehan, Said 
Ulan, Sahmiit Ehan, Sola 

TiflHi KHEt.— A nitioii.ef 

Sharaii (200% Qalai, Adam 
£hel, Afnidis. 

Tatax Ehki, or Axbo&wak 
(30O.; Kohftt rass).— A unb- 
diviaion of Hassan Ehel, 
Adam Ebel, Afridia. 

Tatob Khbl (B 1 Dera lamail 
E?ban Dietriot). — Nomadio. 
a^minor frartioa ttf Hhadi 
Khel, leot Ehel, JCmi Kiel, 
Lohana; Fawindahs. 

TiTTA (8901.— A clan of tha 
BBttI^uli■> Headmen; Boi^, 
Ehitahal Ehon, Mb Adm, 
Eotta, Na,ma, Miaui, 8h«T 

-' Khan. 

Tatta Kbbl.— a minor frae- 
tion of Madda Khel, Miamai, 
Kabul Ehel (2,600), Utman- 
zal, Datwesli Khel Wazira. 

TattabKhbi (30).— a minor 
fraction of Idal Khel, Mnham- 
mad Kbal, Ualakh, Hdli* 
j»d, Dawaris. H«idmen j 
Shahid Eban, Gnlak. 

T*T0 Ehm..— A minorftaotion 

of Mawal Khel (780), 
Haibst Kbel, Jawaki, Adam 
Kbel, Afridis. 

TiUB Ehel.— A aection ot 
Sen Ehel, 6adaizai, Iliatiai, 

L;,,n!.-ihv Google 

Tavi Kbbl (36 ; Dero Inuail 
Ebtm Ditrtrict).— 'Nomadic, 
ft minor fntetion of Wftrnki, 
Sein Khel, Mian Khel, 
LafaUM, PftwindaliH. Hnd- 
man i aee Mian Slieh 

Taci Kkbe, — A minw frao- 
Uon of BakLahi Khel, 
Madda Eliel {.ifiOO}, llrra- 
htm Ehel, UtinauiBi, Dar- 
wesh Khel Wodrs. Head- 
nun; Onlli oi Stara, and 
Alam Sbalk 

.Tawu. Khh (Bannn, Wana 
and Birmid). — Aiectioa of 
SirU Khel (800 . [400 in 
Wana]), Shin KhBl,Ahniad- 
zBJ, Darwesh Khel Wazin. 

' Headmen ; see ^ki K&el. 

TaZI Kb£L (2fi ; Mastnn 
river). — A gub-diVision of 
Alizai (or Stnri Khel), Dau- 
IatzsJ,OrakKai*, Samil, Shiah. 
Headmen ; GlmlamMnbam* 

TixiTBZAi (200).— A section 
of Bbraagzal, Hanm Khel. 

, Sanatia, Kakeis. Headmen ; 
Daoran "■■^ Mnlla Axif ■ 

Tbbi Khbb (140).— a snli- 
dmeion of Tapiai, Tappizad, 
Saitan'R. Headmen ; Jamax- 
U, Said Shah. 

TiiHWALa (400 ; l^kri Tal- 
ler, MTth of Agror). — Mat- 

kida and Aahtois are tho- 
jwineipat sectiDiia in tbi». 
rall^, nhicfa alw' otratains- 
Swatis, Saiada, and Gnjan. 

Tlii Kkbi.- a minor ftaodoa 
of » ir Haeani, Maoha, Madda. 
Khel (1,SOO), Ibrahim Khel„ 
Utmaaiaii Dkiweah Khel 

TiKtB Kbb& (3SI>^A seetioa- 
ot ■ Oarimaai, Davpa Khel, 
Hallizad, Dawaria. Head- 
men ; Kami^, Khan Pir, 
PalaU, Old Nam. 

Tib* KHit.~A minor f laotion. 
of Mnshakki, Maoha, Madda. 
Khel (1,(J00)^ Ibiahim Khel, 
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel, 

Tiba Khbi,.— a eectlon of the- 
AH Khel, Bobak, Dona,. 

TtB KHBl[eo).— A minor frac- 
tion of the Alt Khel, Hoidar 
Khel, Tor, TsppiMd, Dawaria^ 
Headmen ; Alui Khan, Anal 
Eban, Aba Samand, Unbati. 

TitabKhbe.— A minor frac- 
tion of Khan Khel, Takhti 
Khel, Bakka Khel {1.000>, 
Wall Khel, Utmanz^, Dar- 
vcflh KM. Waiiia. Head- 

c,ri!-iht Google 


men r Khtm Baclaha}!, Kht- 
Ikn Khan, Mian Ehel, 

TlTTAB Khbe (80)*.— a section 
of Baran Khel, Ch^ac Ebel, 
Sbaman iChel,, Jfahsods.. 
Heaidman ; HilaWazk. 

Tint Khbi, (60).— a sob- 
division ' of ' Khel, 
Sa)ilolziu,.K^Bads. Hlead- 
m«n ; Saddal)ili,' Gahman. 

TocHi ksBL £30).— A minor 
fraction of .Eifci Kiel, 
Mnhamraad "Klid, ^^kkh, 
MaUbad; T^wiris. ' Hfad- 
men ; Nidzamaad, - Amid, 
Wali Paist, Gaiia'Khsn.- 

TosSLi.Kssil — A mjiior frac- 
tion ai Dani Kbel, Matkai, 
Malik Shahi («X}),Wali Ehei, 
Utmanzai, paiweab Ehet 
Wazir?. Headtean y Dtnar 

ToiaKhbl.— A minor fraction 
of Bach^, Tot, Jail i. Khel 
(1,000), WaU Khel. Ftmsn- 
zai, Larwesli Khel Wazirs- 
HeadmaQ ; Mirboshi ' 

ToiB Khbj. (55).— a minor 
f ntotion of the Sher Khel, 
Hailiat Khel, Nana Khel, 
BahloLaai, Mahsnds. Head- 
men ! Mir Aipb, Bare 
KhaH) Maiang^Enati. 

ToJi K'an,.— A minor Eraotibn: 
of Pira Khel,, Jamal Khel,. 

' Malik Shahi (4U0). Wali: 
Khel,. Utmanzai,. DarneBhi 
Khel Wazire. Headman ;; 
Galla Ehan. 

TbiliTA Khw- (1,605,— of 

' wbomilpOOO'are.iuWana).— At 
. miuor^raction of Bomi Khel, 
Naara Din, Kaln Ehel, Ah> 
OMdzair ' Danresh. Khel 


(1,500 ; Ghaznt and 
. Kalat-i-Ghihi!),— One of 
the Pawindah ti'ading tribes. 
TobiB Khbi (30J.— a minor- 
fraction oi- the Kolar Khel^ 
AhdnJ Khel, Langar Khel,. 
EhaUad, Ehel, Gidi KheK. 
Manaztii, , Alisu, , Mahsads.. 
' ' Headman i Sojamir. 

Toii KttEL— A minor frao- 
tton of Mir Khan Ehel, Asat 
Khel, Wnzi Khel (800)>, 
M ohm it Kh«l, Utmanzai, 
Sarwesh Khel Wazirs. 

'ToLAZAi CWtst of Dera Ghazl 
Khan District). — A anb- 
di vision of Maghdazai, 
Ahmadzai, ^lil Khel, Mnsa. 
Kbols. Headman ; JamaL 

Toii Khbl,— A minorfraotion 
of Musakki, Wnzi Ehel. 
(800], Mohmit Khel, Utmaar 
zai, Darwesb Khel Wazirs^ 

Lnm-nnv Google 


ffiot Ehbl— A minor &a*iwii 
oi Abdul Khfli; BoTa Khel 
(1,000), Mohmit Khel, TJt- 
manzHi, Darwadi ,Jt H e 1 

■ToB (1,328).— A division of 

"' MftUisaS, Dawaris. Hwid- 

men; BeeHa88uKhel,'Miil- 

lagaa, UrmuB,Wd tMnBaWci. 

Tob{987)-— A diviBioi) , of the 

■ Tappiaad, Dawaris. 

ToRABG Khel (60).-A Bdnor 
• fraction of the Lalh Khel, 

AbdoUai, Aimal Khel, Bsh- 

lolzai, Mabsnds. 

O-oBAMo Khbi (80).— A minor 

■ feaetion ef the Torang Khel,, 
tftdi Khel, Abdnllai. Aimal' 
Khel, Baiilolzai, Mabauds. 
HtaJman;' Kbawaja Mn- 
hammad. ' 

'ToBDALI (18).— A anh-divi- 
sion of 'Khaddi, Matlizad, 
Pai^riB. -Headio^n ; PiU- 
ymr Khan, Agbor. 

loB DoDi Khel (Bannn l^ia- 
' trict)-— A minor fraction of 
]>odi Khei, Kbandar Khan 
Khel, Hal^i Khel (8,000), 
Shin Kbel, ALmadzai, D&r* 
Fe«h Kbel Wftziw. Head- 
nian ; Kezam Kban, 

JtoBi Khbl (p70;A«oitir 
nnonfibeltof country outside, 
but parallel to .ijnr frontier 
from the Shalttn to the Knr- 
i:am tbw i:*"^ *!"* Kaitu 
stream). — A subrdiyision of 
.Ibrahim Khel, .Utmanzai, 
tiarweahKhel W.azSTB. Head- 
men; Iliaa and Madd 
(Mnfcaninj^) Akbar are 1^ 
leadingimen ; for others see 
Shngai,KWhalai, Haibt^iuii 

:»na Di^,PHlarL 

._. St'ah Alain 

Jtbel, Kasim Kbel, Chalar 
.Khel, ■Shaman ^1, Hah- 
Bu^s. H^dmeiVf Shahzad, 

MviiaiomBd JCbel, ,Mf]*th, 
Malli^,, I)awafls. H^- 
. a)fD i Nia^ llntaipmad. 

TOBI Khel (Bannn D'atrict). 
—A minor fraction of JiHan 
Khel, Hathi Khel. (2,000). 
Shin Khel, Ahniad«ii, Dar- 
we^ Kiel WajiiE. Head- 
manv&bah Tamoz. 

.loBtKmi f?0).— Aaeotipn«f 
Teri.or Tori Khel, Tapial, 
Tappii^i Dawai'is. Head- 
man i Jomazai:, HaafAn 
Shah, Magbsr Babim. 
Sheiki Pir, aiultan. 

Lnm-nnv Google 


^TaBi Eebl. — Another n^e. 
far Teri Khel, TfpW, Tappi-' 
zad, Dawsris. 

■ fiwjtlon of,Cliftrkhil, liand, 
Malatli, Itfalll^ad, DaV^riB.' 
HeadmeTi ; Kabii ' S L a h, 
VtDST, I^lztkm Kban. '' 

ToB Khbl.— A wction of the 
Mil Kulli,Kbel^Baioti (500), 
DsvUtTftl, Qr&kpia. Samil. 

ToB KhBI.-— A geptUin of 
ibdul Khel, Crnnii Khel, 
Sipah (i;200),AfridiB.SaroiJ. 
Hm^tttt ; p&nd. 

ToB KfiBL.— A section of 
Awd Khel, mtia Khan 
S9if!l, Eo^i Ehel (4,eW0), 
Abidi*- Gar. Headineu ; 
B^Eai, laUm Din. 

ToB Khbl.— A minor fraction 
of Aziz Eliel, Shadi Khel, 
Bo™ Khel (1000), , Irfotiinit 
Khel, Utmanzai, Gorweah 
Khel Wailra. 

'oB Khbl--^A gpctlen of 
Jani Khel (1,000), Wall 
Kbel, Utmanial, Darwesh 
Khel Waz^rs. Headmen ; 
Malknn, Plr Uakbioad, 
Amaldftfl, Mirbosh, -Shada- 
mir, Kaimal and (iulhoz. 

XqB (or BiBTsy .Kbbl.-~A 

nlifbr iraution of Khaizar 
Khet„Btar',AJi Khan Khel, 
.Sarki Khel, Madda Khel 
^(I.POO), Ibrahim Khel, Ut- 
jnanziu, Danrfflh-Khel Wa- 

ToB KpuL.— A minor fraction 
of Mnsatki,' "Wazi'-Khel 
(800), Mohmit Khel,' Ut- 
man/fti, Darvefh Khel 

.ToB Khxl.— A minor fraoUtm 
of Said Khel, Umarz^ 
(eoo). Shin Khel, Ahmadiat, 
Darweah KhelWaKirs- ' 

ToB Khbl. — A Bnb<div!sion of 
Sheikh All Kli«I,K a mrai 

Khel (600), Afridii. Samil. 
Hcadnsen; Mu)la Amir ^hah, 
Mulla Akhn'nzada, Sher 

ToB Khbl (Bannn and Kur- 
Tftm).— A aertion of Ilmarzai 
(«00), Shin Khel, Ahmadzai, 
Uarwesh Kkel Wazirs, 

Fazal, Zaid Oul, 

ToB Khbl (9).— A Motion 
i o£Ahiai,Dari)aKhel,Malli- 

7jid, Dawai «. BeadmBai 


Lnm-i ht Google 

ToBaAxKait;— A minor frac- 
tion of N&aar Kbe), Star 

■ All Khan Khel, Sar-ki Khel, 
HaMa Kiel . (1,«00), Ibra- 
him Khel, Utmuizai,. Dar- 
wrah Khel Wajrira. 

ToB SiPPAB (350; a valley run- 
ning from th« Kohat road). 
— A Bub-division of Galai, 
Adam Khel, Afcidis. 
ToB Tambs (3,fi00) Pesliin"). 
—A clan of Tarlns,' ditided 
into Haran Kfaols and AU 
Khela. The diviaone, eto., 
of tlie T6r Tariita are not 
. separately indexed in this 

• In oddition some tamilias of 
the Tor-Tarina live with the 
SiHU Taring oF Tbal-Cbatiali . 
Tot* Khel (Mahaban).— A 
section of Bazid Khel, 
MaddaKhel, laaml, Yusaf- 
zais. Headmen ; see Bazid 
Khel and Hadda Khel. 

Toi Kbrl (16i ).— a section 
of Haidar Khel, Tor, Tap- 
pizad, Dflwaris. Headmen ; 
Gul Khan, Halim Khan, 
Asad Klian. 

Tbingasi.— A anb-di vision 
of the Mekhiani, Spin, 

TPiLOB Fi.*!i4.— A minor, 
fnic-ionof Shn,tiKhnl. VPali 

■ BcgKoi, OandaKHalimiai, 
Mohmand'i. Hcadnitn She- 

Tso Kebji.— A mb-dlyision of 
the Khoio. HawaB' Khet, 
All Khel (S,OnO), « Ham- 
sayaa" of the Orakiais. Gar. 
i Shiah. 

TcrsHiii Kbbl.— A diTiBion. 
of Cis-Swat, Sanizai, Ut- 
man Khela. 

TcKAB Khel (90).-^A Beo>. 
' tion of Mnaakki, Tor, Malli- 
zad, Dawaris. Headmen.^ 
Samand KKan, Hibat Khan,- 
Wali Khan, and Taivabiii. 

TuBi KflBb.— A section, of 
Sadin, Hal Khel, Salarzai,. 
Tarkaoie. , . 

Tfeanoi (14).— a section- of 
Aliui, Darp^ Khel, Ma)li> 
zad, Dawaria. Headmen ;. 
Ghazal,Gnl Azam, Pir Azam .- 

TuBAHel Khbl,— A minos 
fraction of Paihda Khel, 
Manak Khel, Kikhahi Khe], 
Madia Khel (1,600). Ibra-. 
him Khol, UtmanTai, Dar- 
wcah Khet WazirB. 

Tbei KHBt.— Aminorfraction 
oJDod Khel, Mir Hasani, 
Macha, Madda Khel (1.6 0), 
Ibrahim Khel, TJtmanzai., 
Darwesfa Khel Wazira. 




Ttkis (6,100 i KDrmio).— A 
tribe of Shlaha, divided into 
two fractions, tailed wspec- 
lively "fing Gb«ndi, and' Snst 

TuBiZAi (600; Shamil rolley, 
Kliost).— A clan of Khost- 
-wbIs, abo known asl^nnzEu. 

TuBKi Khei,.— A -minor frac- 
tion (flf.Glrali Ktol.Ambar 
Khel JiTat Khan^Khel. Kara- 
bar Khel (4,500), Afridis. 
Gar. Headman ^ JamaUin- 

TuiKAi Khhi.— A minor frac- 
tion of Mian Khel, Jana- 
ihori (800), Hassan Khel, 
A-dam Ktel, Afridls. 


Udei Khex,.— 1 snl-divi'sion 
of " Km " oT Khrappawal. 
Burhan Khel, Pand^ftli, 
Mohmanda. Headmen ; Khaii 
Mir, MuhannHad Um»r, 
Gnliw Shah. 

tJDRBJpcHKii (Pinal}.— Thia 
naine ia applied to thcmin 
seetiona of the Dawezai and 
Utmanzai Mohmands, who, 
in Mntradiitinction to ijie 
Knohis, or nomad tribes, 
have tiled habitatioiw in the 
Uohmond country. 

Vmn KoE.— A snfc-diinflion 
of Km or Khrappawal, 
Bnrhan Khel.Pandiali, Moh- 
monds. Headman ; lal. 

Vxij. Khel.— A minor frso- 
tion of Mir Hnsami, Jll-acha, 
Madda Khel (1,600), Ibra- 
hica Khe], Utmanzai, fiar- 
WMh Khel Wuirs. 

CiuK.— A section of Mugara 

Khel, Asbaiai, 
UmR Bed Khbi.— A snb- 
dlTision of' Sbanai' (750), 
ZakhaKhel, Afridia. Samil. 
H«admen-, Khaniad, l4in- 
, gar, Khandin, Said Khan. 
Virna Kbah— A eection of 
Miiaara Khel, ' Ashazai, 
■ ilia-iMi, BunerwalB. ' 
Ukab Khan Khbi..— A sec 
tjon of Ali Karan, Mamnsai 
(8_,600), Lashkarrai. Orat- 
zala. Gar. Hpadman : Areola 
UiUH Khah Kbbl.— a snb- 
diviaion of AliBherzai(8,000), 
Laahkarzai, Orakzais. Samil. 
Headman ; Abbas Khan. 
UkabKhah IChrl— A sub- 
durisian of Malikdi« Khe), 
Ualikdin Khel (4,000), 
Afridis. Samil. Hcadmqi ; 
Darya Khan, Dsaran, ^ 

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UhaB Khiit'KhSl,— a minor 
fraction of Batli Ktel, 8ha<li 
Kliei; Boi* Khel (1,01)0), 
Mohmit Khel, UtmabXai, 
Daxw«sh Khel Wazira. 

ITviBflEEAH Khbl.— Aijiinor 
fraction of Malik Sha^i, 
Jani Khel (l.OCO), Wali 
Khel, UtihsDZ^, Darweeh 
Khel Wazirs. 

Ujtitf KHii^ KHBt (30):— A 
mtnoT fraction (£ Miri KUel, 
Iwnd, . MiUakh, Malli^, 
Daw&ris.' Headn^en; Khowi, 
Idali, Khoja Akbar, Nek 
Fir3ad, Zarbasd, Fakir 

Umah Kham TCos'.:— 4 section 
of Barkazai, Danlat^, 
Malizai, Bunerwals. 

UmaB Khbl.— a Btb-iivTsion 
of Kak^zai, Uamaiid, 

UitAB Khel. —A' iriirior'ftac- 
tion of the Marjtiii Rbel, T/t- 
niaiiiai, Adiaai, KTiwamai, 
Akozat— Yusufzai Swatis. 

Umab KBBl (10d>.— a djyi' 
ifion of. T»t*a, Bflitlaniiis. 
H^meh ; Bangi (KFamli 
Kh(d) Sher Mabbmmad 
(Satemi Khel). 

TJmab Khbl.-^A section of 
Tarn Khel; Muia, Waras- 

pnn, Battannia. 

Umab Khbi. (Kharmatia 
river). — A section of the 
Alixav Mtiflazau.Lashkarza!, 

Orakzais.' ^mll. Headmen ; 
Said Ali. 

UmaS' KspL.— a., ^ion of 
Haati' Khel, Kiloibar Khel 
t4;gO0),'Afc-idl8. (jftr. Head- 
man ; Mnhammad Tar. 

TTuar Khil. — A aectiqn «f 
■ Atlnai „.^j, . Budki, 
Zakha KV^, AfndiB. Sanril. 
Hradmei)'.; ghaliabai Dja, 
^lak, Arab, Bangai^ 

nUAi KheU.— A viiiior frac- 
tion of l>tWlat Kh'el, Gliaib 
Khan, Khel Maljkdin Khel. 
Malik^n' Khel ,(4.000), 
Afridis. Sami}. Headnaen ; 

I see Daulat Khel. 

Iukab 5HB;,.-r-A Beetipp of 
' SLaraki (3liO), Gi^i, Adami 
Khel, Afridia: 

Ukab Khbl.— a minor ' frac- 
tion of Saflda Khel (30<)) 
Isperka, Khaln Khel,A1ioafid- 
m, DaraesK Khel WiLdnt. 


Ehd; MTrmrnmad I^iel, 
Hassan Eh»I'(S^>," Mtthtntt 
Khel, Utmanzai, . Darweeh 

tion of Alf-flh;d<,^Kba«ar 
Khel (770), Mohmit Khel, 
Utfttattzai, Dai^esh Ktf^ 
WaziTB. Kta£aa«ti i Salih 
Din, NazBika, Zaxtk. 

Uiiia Kh8£-,.('i5B);— 4 .sec- 
tion of ^Fii^ai, iibabi Khel, 
Alizaf, MslisuJll., rEeadmen ; 
Alif Slab,- Kbur^ 

■UMkE'ICH*t(l$5)!-^A- itiinot 
frtrtlon o£ NjtaMb Khel; 
KhoHafl . Kli6l,' Gifli lOiel, 
Vanalliii,' Aliib^i 'Uab^dg. 
Headmen ; Badar Din; ttu- 
hammud Afzal, Salehin, Sari 
Bwid. - 

tJais Khei i^OS^-'A fnb- 
dlviiioB of" tha\» 'Khel, 
BafaloW, M&iwiSf:. 

UiLCB Ko».— A miawfirUioii 
of Sroh, BashA Ehel, Kamali, 
Uftlnnzai, Ij^ohmanda. £l«ad- 

tuAEZiii.— A sab'diriBion of 
Shainozai, KluTszaiaii Ako- 
ai — Ynsufzai Swatis. 

tTHASZit . nSMtoH) . Kbanif 
mi KiTtHiW ralle}'!).— 1 
divUion of the Sbeikhans 
" HamNiTas" of the OiakisJa- 
^nll. HtodiBaii' ; NorAlk^ 

TXH-ABbir (60(y;Bftniiti ani 
BeH^k)^ — '& Bttb^ivlBion of 
Shiii Khel. Ahmadnti,' Dar-' 

weSh Khel Wftzirs. Headmen j 
Pifrnnl Khan, Jannd' Din', 
A'lam Khan, Senlan, Niazi, 
Fa^l, Zaid Oul, OhaJiai 

■Uttiiiif (SSi.-^A' gaetkin of 

- ZbaKbeI,Xmitaii,Mdliaad,' 

Dawaria. HeadmeJi' ; Anii, 

Malak. Kbaii, Jnmazan, 

TJtiBiS (lisman):-^^' teeiioTi 
of fialo, AdI. Isnaitsai. 
Utraah Khels. 

TJwBAEl^ KflBii.-^A? ,snb-*Ti- 
«ion of 3i£ltan>ka-Khel, Bar 
Banii^f, Akozai— Yuanfzai 


XJiTLi Ko^^'-^-AMetion of tbb' 
iSii Abmad Khel, AliafaeiTaf 

'Uhb Kebl (Agra, ClnB^i 

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'2U : 


IDKBZii (80).— A aectioB of 
-8ah, Yahift Khel, Sfln Khel, 

WuRZAi ' (213; PawindaliB ; 
Dera Ismail Khan District). 
Nomadic, a aeotion of Sein 
Khel, Uian Khel, Lahana, 

. TPmbzai (45). — A division 'Of 
Drigzai, Lunis. Headmen ; 
Galac, (Hamalzai), Vdbai 
(Amranzai), Tahan (Dungar- 
zai), KaiiA -(iBsfini), Uibtar 
(Wataizai), .JUohabat (Go- 

(989).— A minor frac- 
tion of Bulozai, Pauizai, 
Haiun Khel, .Sanatia, Ka- 

^HBzai MuBA Khrl (120; 
West-of Pera-Ohaii KhMi). 
—A clan of Musa KheU- 
Headmeu-; see . Shahosai, 
Pashezai, Jamalzai. 

>Umb TIaBL (785; Kharmana 
riTar).— A minca fraotion of 
the Maatn Ehel, Kbtvaja 
Khel, Alasuzai, lAsUcarZai, 
Orak^Ia. Gar. Headman ; 
Ynsuf (?). 

"ITkb Kbbl.— a minor fmcWon 
^tf Mir Asan Khel.&bn Khel, 
Adinzai, Ktwazazai, A\ 
— Tnatjzai Svatis. 

Uiiz Keku— tA aecfion «f 
Ibrahim Khel, TJtmanzai, 
-Bar Baniiai, Akozai — 
Xoinf z^ Swatia. 

TIm« Kw.-A minor fraction 
'of the Hyatai Kpr, Sl)ah 
ManaoT Kbel, Dado Khel. 
Tankzai, Uohmanda. Uead- 
loan i ItaiTezal. 

TJbmab Keel (40). — A sec- 
tion of Malai, Shin?!, Bah- 
lolzu, Uahiu&B. Headman ; 
Hian Hauan. 

IJBMiB Keb£ (45V^A anb' 
division of Nana Khel, Bah- 
lolzai, Mahsods. Headmen ; 
.Jakhar ;■ Khwajabaz, Shah> 

Ubiubb (900).— a tribe of 
Saiads living among ths 
HaluDds. Thej have a lan^ 
gnage and onstoma of tbdr 
own, and ate probably dea* 
oendanfa of the original in- 
babitatUt of the aoiuitiT. 

Ubwcb.— A minof fraction 
of BaUi Khel, Shadi Khe). 
Bora Kbel (1,000), Mobnit 
Khel, Utmanzai, Darweah 
Ebal WazitB. 

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TTbktjb (8). — A eeotioft of 
IWibKliel,- Amzoni, Malli- 
2!td, Bawaris. ' Hesdman ; 

TTemdz (ito). — A Biili-divWn 
ol Tor, AlsllizatI, BairatiB. 
Headmen ; Niiivn .^'fn, 
Eolim. Kbiddar Khan, Alain 

' Diii, K<>tui, G|haiQ.8)wli. 

Ubhuz . EbbLi — A idiriiion 
at Sipa,h '<l.aOO), Afridia. 
Santil.. Jlmdmen ; see £ei- 
mal £hel and Abdnl Khel. 

USHTiiiN»g'' (900; hJKj" op- 
posite^ ibe 'Southern most 
portion 'of' the Dera laroail 
■Khan Digtrirt).— A, tribe of 
Patbans allied tu the Ganda- 
pars. Tbej are divided, Jnto 
iwo clans, Oagahais t^A 
AhmactiaU. .., , 

-Ubmak,': JChm. CU060}--^A 
minor fraction of Khndti 
Kh«l, 'Sadsz^'. Uta^n^ai, 
Man&n, Yuatifzais. " ^ 

DsMiKl KoB (Bohai Dag)'.— 
A Hak-ffiviBiDii of MaimtfOft 
Kbfll, Kh««flMi, MohinaJida. 
H«^n»n; Mb Waiz. ■ 

UBKAWKHiH Khbl ■(*)).— 
A Bection of patbanai, Sbitbi 
Kher,'', Alizal, Hahsude. 
HesdMan j DftfiV- ' 

ITeiUj)?feHEL (tjppcr iBobai 
Dag)i- A diiri»ion.o£,Pa8iai, 
KoWuida. 'Hofdm^n; tee 
Jw KKe^tKhura Kiel, Ata- 
jnarKiiel,,XodiaKhei. .■ 

ITsMAif Khbi.— A . seoyon. ot 
Kaean Khel, Oadaizfki, Ilias- 

Ubuak Khil (500 ; Smt 
rlrer, norlJi-^eBt of Ifala- 
taijd).— A' division of Rtr 
Eaniiai, Akoial— Yusufzai 
SwatU. " 

UsMiS Khbl (30).— a wo- 
tion of Tappi Kiel, itedan- 
lai. Shaman Khel, MahsnflB. 
Headmen; BadtawaUi Auli 

TTsMiNKaBL.— Aminorfrac^ 
tion of Takhti Khel, Bakka 
Khel (lyOOO), Wall Khel, 
UhaaniM, -'DarWeBh .Khd 
Waara. Headmen; Khtja- 
mit, Motalmir, lela^n Khui, 
Akti^ i>iii, Sakam. 

JaMJN Khel (BritiBh fer- 
. ritory).— A minor fraction 

rfBudin Khel (100), Shidl 
'.Khel, Naara Din, Kiln 

Khel,Aliniadzd, Darwfflh 

Ubman Khbl.— a Bub-divi- 
.■ffltm '■ of 81iaii4 (■WO), 

Zakha Ehel, AfridiB. SamU. 

HMdaeni MihP Dinv'Ba- 
. iwai', 8nltaD Mir, Gal Bluih. 
^sKiir Khki.— A sub-divi- 

«ian of Sikandar Khel, 

Kuti Khel (4,500], AAjidia. 

..Gar. Headmen ; Mil. Aha, 


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tfslQirf'TCot:— it minoir frao- 
Hda- of' Khwaja',' ^hadiii 
Khel, AshazAi> IliaaZaiy 
Bnnerwals. ' 

triT* KhBi.— A Itfinfir fi»»- 
dod of Khwaja, ^hadiii 
Ktid,' Aahazai, Diaszai, 
Boner wala. 

tJliH K'SBii.— A Bcotiail of 
Sultoa Kh'el, Sher QuUa; 
A)» £lLe]- (l,eOlJ), Afridia, 

Gfibir.(69):-r-A iab-diTiilon 
' o£' TSmrto' ^id%, Tap^did, 
, DtMrarul HeadmeA; . Nak- 


.niffidr febSibrt of 'Zttlll J?he( 
', (SboU; BonA KM, Na^ 
D^; K^lti ftbel, Atmiadzbi, 
Oanreah Ehel yftkt&A: 

tJiHUN EaSu (12^; V 
Btretoh' of eoitnWy 1. nprtb- 

- tfest; of: the- FMhavar 
boM«).— A Fathaft tfibe. 
inhabiting a l^rge. tract of 
' certftttry wffieH atoiffli 
acrb« tWe KtlU KprderlnK 
(he Potliawar' valley, ana 

■ 'ittdudeS' thif oountiy west 
asd Muth-weM of flie 

Ut'kaJI Khbi (2/)()3 ; Upper 
Zhob and BSrt TiUejJ.— a! 
diriaion-of (Sfttitherfi) Siin- 
tfor, ElakarB. . . 

tJlitA* IChbi.^ (4O0' to '600 ;■ 
HHtnTs ttth abd UbIaW 
pa*).— i diriiioo of- Dia- 
ktsH, Oatxak. Samll. 

TJTJUN Khk» (10).— 4 miuOf' 
fractbn- of Charkbil,' Ch»r- 
l(hil, Land, Malakh, mi- 
ll za^ PaWari*. Headma'D^ 

rtvCTl'DafciraniSliawal^ — , 
One of the t^ elans' of 
■BffriiMi KM Waibi- 

HiiMAiiZii (336'f,baW^>- 
. — A diTjst<»t (d Uandft^ 


0«Mairt&r (BeeV'BA' «ai 
•Km.' TaVl>daiid)'.'^On» of 
the afflUted Uobn^d 
clans. _They are 4|pd<^ 

; iftto' ''KucIij''and;"U4re. 
dnfikai." Hewfejen? Bad- 
gtiaK, THnlisMpaa Ah: K!i»"^ 
Shamshai, ^tnhaiamad Ab- 
bas, Amirbbi' (.&t '?akh< 
dand), TTmar, Islamdln, Lai 
Kaim, W^i Ifubaniinad, 
UttiAm ■:. (Snz faUldand).^ 
Seendte'oii pager'4fl," 

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CTTMiSZJi.— A mWivirion' I TTiHiKiAi f 800 ; Left biftfo" 
of Adinztti, Kh wft zftzii, ofSwat tiTer].— A dlVJaiOo 
Akozai— Yuaafzai SwtitiB'. l of BMr-Eatiizail ikozBi — 
! Tasof m Swatis. ' ' 

WjIHEb (Kntuir riTer.)— iA 
diri«ion cf tih^ %d6e, whn ai'e 
a. vasaiti clau of the Mbh- 

WiDifl KHffL.— A irfnor fraft" 
tion of .K;hBSzar KhelJ Star 
Ali Khan Kkel, SarkiKhel, 
MaddaKhel.dieoO), Ibra- 
him Khel, UtmaiiTai, OAr> 
wesh Khel Wanira. 

WAHisKoB. — A email, brolcen 
Hab-dtTJslon of Gandab, Ha- 
limia!, Mohmaiide, irbo are 
eloseljallitd to the Basnl 

W*LAi XoB.— A miant 1 

tWof Abnf tM; Dalkha' 
Kor, DadnKhel, TarakzAi 


WALiTtTil (33; l?ba!-:3hotift!i). 
— A division of Eakalnrtl, 
Lnnis. Headmen ■, Ali Umi- 
zai, Hir Khan. 

yfAii Khbl.— A miDOT frac- 
tion of Sardi Khel, Bakka 
Khel (t,000). WnU Khel, 

ntvianiii, Dnv^h KUel 
. Wazirs. Headman ; Haiol 

Wi nt fc KdBL.— A min«r ftan- 

tion of DoMlli, Wnzi Khel 

I .l(SOO>;- Mohmrt Ehe( Ut- 

I . tmaaai, Ditireah Khel' Wh- 

*. nJbtdiTuion of Oftndsb, 
I -'HaUmiaijMohmaindi. ' 

iVrinDAD Khcl. —a ^nor 
fractifiii , of liilal ^elt 
IKeimarKbcl, TTTrDitE J|LDfil> 

> Sipah' (i;200), Atniia^ ^- 
mil. Headmen ; Gnl Sklim. 

|V<iUiuii' Kbbl (i4B)^A 

I imiitor fr^otton of tiia Ii»di 
^Kb'el; Albdullai, Ainril Khel, 

I : 'BadiloUai, Uahauda.' ■ ' ■•' 

Wiiibifl' KhKl.— A .''ibmbr 
' fnctibn of ^khoKUe), Jida- 
"k^ori''(aO'i), Haasaii "SM, 
Adkm'klit'li Afridis. 

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"WalIdab Eor.— a minor frac- 
tion of M^mnn Kor, Kandai, 
lea Ehel, PaudiaQ, Moli* 

WiiiBAi [Bftflnu Digtrtct). — A 
mtuor f^tton of Mosa KM, 
Hathl Khel (2,000), Shin 
Khel, Ahmadzai, Darweali 
Khel Waiiis. Headnun; 
Adam Khan. 

WiLi Keel (60 ; Kharmana 
rivier), —A minor fraction of 
the Aah Khol, Khwaja 
Khel, Masnzai, Laskfa^rzai, 
-Orakzaia. Samil. Headaiftn ; 

Will Mohammad Koe (800 i 
LoeShilmaanith WazirKoT 
and ilassan Kor). — A sec- 
tion of Shah Mansnr Khel, 

■ Dadn'Khel, TaratzM, Moh- 
mands. Headmen ; Ohnlam 
Kadir, Adam, Nasro, Kaiai, 
Fad Din. 

Walii Bb& Khbl.— a minor 
, fraetionnf Ahmad Beg Khel, 
Mohib Khel, Shekhai, Annai 
ilJKO), Budai, Zakhi. Khel, 
Afrldia. Samil. Headmen ; 
Akbar Din, Aliakai, 3fohi- 

Wallibbq Ebel.-A Bnb> 
diviaiom of Mat Kban Kbel,- 
Kambar Khel (4,500), Afri- 
di*. Gar. Headmen ; Sher 
Shan, Hamid, and Nnial. 

Walli Dab Khel.— A Beetion 
of Knlla Khel, Malikdin 
Khel, Malikdin Khel 
(4,OnO), Afridis. "Samll. 
Headman ; see Bakbmali 

Walli Khel, — A minor frac- 
tion of All Khel, fiheikhmal 
Khel, Kambar Khel, Kam- 
bar Khel (4,HJ0), Afridis. 
,Gai. Headmen ; Uiro, Ali 
Kban, Qaahar, Fero& 

WaliiI Khbl.— a Boption of 
Asad Khel, Mitba Khan 
Khel, Knkl Khel (4,500) 
Afridis. Gar. Headman ; 

Walli Bbo Khel.— A minor 
fraction of Patteb Khel, 
Miri Khel, Pakhw (l/'W), 
Budai, Zftkha Khel, Afridis. 
Samil. Headmen ; Akhar 
Din, AUakai, Mohinddin. 

Walli Khel (35).— A minor 
frartiMi of Mirdad Khel, 
Abdul Bahman Khel, Sher 
Khel, Haibat Khel. Nana 
Khel, Bahloljai, Mahsnde. 
Headman ; Mianji. 

Walli Khbl.— A minor frac- 
tion of Mirghat Khel, Basi 

Khel, Kamal Khel, Sahib 
■lanj Aka Khel (1,600), 
, Afridis. Samil. ° 

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WiLEi Keel (5,000).-0ne 
of the 3 giea,t divUIona (vis.,. 
Mohmit Klfel, Ibrahim 
Khd, and Walir KLel) <i£ the- 
Utmanzai clan of tbe Bbt- 
wesb Khel Waaii^ Head- 
men i Bee ICabnl Khel^ 
Motikshahl, Bakka Ehel and 
Jani Khel. 

WiLLi Khel.— ^A section of 
Pakhai (1,000) Budai, 
Zakha Khel, Afridia. Samil. 
Headmen; Kamran.Kad'iii. ■ 

Wand Ohabai. — A buIh^jtI- 
Bion of Land! Khel, Sijiah 
(1,200), AfridiB. Samil. 
Hesdmen ; Shei Muhammad 
Khan, Gnl Salim. 

WiHi Khbl (Bannn District). 
— A minor ftaetion of 
Kuiidi.Pirbn Khel, Hathi 
Khel (2,00 p). Shin Kbel, 
Abmadi^, DRrwcsh £hel 

WiM¥0Ei (307)-— A diviaioa 
of Spin, Taring. Headman ; 

WiBA"" (or Wcb) (3,000; 
Wattelai raUe^).-A divi- 
sion of the Mamusdr Tat- 

WiRAaPUN (1.03.)) —A clan 
uf the BatUsnis. Headmen ; 
Saidal Abmad Shah. 

Wae DuEBi Khbi.— A sfC' 
tion of Dorbi Khe], Kambar 
KheI,Eambar.Ehet (4600)^ 
AfridU. Gar. Headmen ; 
Muhammad. Sher,- Kliwaja 
All, Taro, Hurai- 

Wabo*b8 (iOO)'.— -A divisiion 
of the Pana, Battannts. 
Headman; Gtnla Khan (Ma- 
raf Khel). 

Wae Ghabba-- a minoi frac- 
tion of Karra Ehel.i Gbaibi 

■ Khel-BabakrirS^ah (1,200), 
Afridis. Samil. Headmen ; 
Lalgnl, Pnrdil, Shah Kalim. 

Wabia Khee (33)-.— a snb- 

WABErA Khel.— A section o£ 
AU Khel, Bobak,. Dana, J&t- 
taanis. ' ■ 1^ 

Wabika (12).— a minor frac- 
tion of Ahmad Kbel, Zira 
Khel,Amzoni, Sfaliizad, Da- 
warisL Headman ; Shandai. 

Wabkak Khel. — A section 
of Aib Khel, Salarzai, llias- 
z^ , Bnserwals. 

Wab Khel,— a minor fraction 
of Drcplava, Faindai, (tii^)i, 
Naaruddin, Zakha KlieU 
Atridis, Samil. Headmen; 
Chikkiin, [Tamas, Anwar ,. 
Nazr Din. ' 

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Wae,oiai (HP ;_ Black Mowj- 
toml. — A division oE De- 
•biwal, Swatis. ileftdmoD 
Hftzrit Shah. 

Wabo Usman .Khei..— a fub- 
division of tTBiaaii Kiel, 
■Bar EEuii;?w, Jjkpf^— 
iXoBQfzai SWAtu- 
WAKWJKAi.— Aminorfrtotaon 
of Idia Khd, Janj Khel 
(1,000), Wall Khel. Utman- , 
lai, Darwesh Jfhel Waair*.' 
Hesdmea; Zugai and Bheikh 

ff*^iA ku.KfAV ^B3h.~ 
A name Bometimes applied 
to the NiatDatltkelpi^bivaja 
Ahmad Khel and JamliBl 
Kbel minor fractioni of .the 
Mian Ali 'Khan Khel 
fraction ' of Sarki Khel, 
MaddaKhd (1,600), Itra- 
him .Khel, Ctmpnm. Dar- 

. wesh Kh*l Waiirg. Head- 
men: Maddi and SheikhnnT' 

WABVKi.(126i Dera IioQaU 
Khun District.) —Nomadic, 
a section of .Shin Khel, Mian 
Khel, Iiobana, Fawindaha. 

Wasul Khxl. — A section of 
Paindai (940), Nasmddin, 
Zakha Khel, Afridis. Samil, 
lleadman ; see Paindai. 

Watab (26).— a minor btf- 
tion of Bar Kaum, Hassa 

.Khel, Tov, Mallizad, &- 
warjs. Hfa^lmen ; Bafei, 
Badrang. ' ^ ' 

Waii Khbl (60).— a minor 
fraction of Mirj Khel, Land, 
Afalakh, Itfalli^. Dawaris. 
Headmen ; ' Mnhammad 
Akbar, Kaim Khan, ,Alam 
Shah, .(awahir Stah. 

WaTibai (35).— a minor frac- 
tion of Aghzan, Zii* Khel, 
Anizopi, M^i^, Dawaris. 
Headmen ; -Siaji ' Mniad, 
Ami Khan* 

Wattzai [510).— a diritwa 
of Maninzai or HuHam- 
madiai, Zaimnkhts. 

Wazas Kkbl. — A minor fcao- 
tbh of Ulr Khiui,KIiel, Asat 

ad.. Wnin 'Kftel (800), 
hmit Khel, TJtman^i, 
Darwesh Khel Waziria. 

WAKAi Khbi._^5).-A minor 
fraction' of Kiki Khel, Moh- 
ammad Kbel, Malakh, Mai- 
Hiad, Dawaris. ^eadmen; 
Tirob, Kutti Khan. 

Waii Khel (90).— A minor 
fraction of Shammal, Haam 
Khel, Tot, Mallizad, Dawaria. 
Headmen ; Madda Khel, 
Gvl Ilaaaan, Mir Ka^am, 

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Wazib Khbl (S).— a minor 
fractioD of All Khel, Beriin 
Khel, Amzoni, Mallizad, 
Davaris. Headmen ; Sath->. 
tamir, I'ija Khau. 

yfiiisBii (160}^— A .minor 
fraction ^ Eh?iQ«r Efiel, 
Gi^i Khe'i Mansiai. iAJifai. 

ttie hill country to -.- 

of the Trans-lndug Frontier 
from the Kurram river nejr 
^iil. -to the.'GomiJ paas. 
■lley are aiviaed into- 5 
-main bn>iieh*B— The Itar- 
wesh Khel, rt«., ■ Ptmanzai 
12,^00 and Ahmadzai 
llMOi theMahsnds 10.048'; 
ite i0niba2( the 'Laili ; 
Hea^nM&'i see the .aboTe 

Wazie Kob (300).— A.Bection 
of Shah MaoBar Ktiel, Dadu 

. 'Khel,' ,Tar^k^,.M<>l}P^ii4f' 
.JjMflmejn jjfC^^i, Haji, S&jih- 
.taZijAipin tJii<i^,-,S^ad|!^n- 
.}i;»mt)iftil,-parfiaj|?#za Khftn- 

WiLiYii koB...;774 mino^.feao- 
tion of Sangar £hel, Yusaf 

WocHAK Khel (iO).— a 
minor fraolion of Mitha 
Khd, Badiwai.Eh'adiEfad, 
Shanofin 'Khel, lUalMadB. 
Headmen ; JBi^iil,SbabB&. 

Wqbu^b 1350).— a divimaa 
of the -Danaj ^ Battannifl. 
H^men ; Momd Khan 
(E*W) "; MehV man ' "(gS- 
»i)i Adil Shdi .and JUi 
Onl (Ujuesizai.; 

of trfaki /ktagpS 

Mohamad Aahrai, Khnn 
^ gal(adpT. 

tion of the Haidrai, Chahar 
%M, tibwwn JCfael, fflah- 

Wczi JiHBL (800 ; Khaigora 

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Taoei Kob.— a miiiar frac- 
tion of Srob, Busha Khel, 
Kam&li,: Holimiai, Soil- 
mauds. Headman ; Balasd. 

Taqi Khxl ; see TosSiftab. 

Tibia Khbl, or Hbzai, 
{115).— A snb-dWision of 
Ahmad^ Khel, Oba'Kihel, 

TiHlA Khbe (167).— a divi'. 
Bion o£ the Cbuar. £bel, 

Yahia Khbl, or Hkzai 
(600).— A division of Sep 
Ehel, Sheraaia. 

Ta Khbl. — A section of Kbn 
Ehel, Adiuzai, Kbnazazai, 
Akoiai — Ynsufeai Swatis. 

Yaeubi Keel, (Gosbta).— 
An offsfcoot of the Sargarrai 
Kor, Khadi Khel, Khwaezai, 
JUobmands. Head men ; 

Jam^, Nadir ^ukb, Mian 
Juiuma Khan. 

Yaeub Keel.— a section of 
Ghaibi Kbel, Bahram-ka- 
Khel, Bar Kanizoi, Akozai — 
Yusafiai Swatis. 

Ya£itb }CoB-— a minor frad^ 

' " tion of Tiwu'^ Kbel, Shati' 

Kbel,. Walibeg Kor,- Gandab, 

Halim7ai, Mohmao^.^ Head' 

man ; Abmad. 

Takiibzai' (266).— A_ sub- 

Yab Ali Khbii. — A .division! 
of Kamm or Kamac Khel. 
. (600), Afijdig. ^nil. Hwd- 
man; AzamSin..;.: 

Xabah KhBl.— A> seetion of 
Sbeikhaial, Kanbar Khel.- 
KsmW Kbel (4,600), Afri- 
dis. Gar. Headmen ; ICvktMn-' 
mad, Sher, Khwaja Ali, Yaro, 

Tabdie Kob.— a eeetion of 
Kadai Kor, GanAib, Haliin> 
zai, Mohmands. Headmen ;. 
Shah Jehan, Hawab, Mnia 
Kban, Gnki, Yad Mnhami- 
mad, Niamat. 

YABOtL Khbii. — A section at 
Fabbi Khel, Kambar Khel, 
Kambar Khel (4,500), Afri- 
die. Gar. Headmen ; Sherai, 


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Xa» Kmif KSBD.— 'A KiiDor 
fraptiiw o£ Kasink £hel 
(2B0^ Kimat Kh«lv Jmroki, 

lr«B R^a's Khbi.— One of 
nozaf, Sffsbtia . (SfiOO), 

YlBEITLLI IChkl.— A sali-di- 
Timos of Baioti (500), 
Daolatzai, OrakzaiB, Samii.^ 
Headnuut ; Saznnr. 

Tife MiirmarM'tn Ka^t-r^A 
snb-dlviaiotf 6f Kicnai Khel, 

SWh Kbet. Ka^m"Eliet, 
OUkr Kdet, Shftimil :^el, 

',M.tkAi„'K»«iw4W£^i(si;^.'. > 

YtBtJ KnOU.— <A aeetknti of 
tliw YHl»ilir>Eli«l,..fiuoU 
(See^ SEMataiw Onbnu. 

Tabivzai fi^:'-Jt^MUt«H of 
.^annoztd, At^nad' Kl)el, 

f^mt^i/ Batbp'.. '$w»r, 

Kakawi'-'-^""' ■"'^■' ■^- 

'^n ^ Ita' Kltt>l,'f^U, 
aB*M»tlaIfet^/, -I'j '^ 

tajas" of the Orakza 
Stuoil. Headman ; Ali Sher, 

uon of laa Khel, Fandiali^ 
-. |ldlau«Ii^ .v.r..~A .< '; ■,!■.. 



tton of FaindA Shel, Seaado, 
Mallz^i TmnfziuB. 

Tpiprwt (78,000'').— A great 
group of FatliBn tribes 
wManiiiolndea those, of tLa 
Black Monst^n, tLs Snner- 
wals, the Swatiii, the people 
of Dii and the Fanjkora 
. tbU^, find the Inhabitsoia 
of tlie YoBiifzai pbiu in 

firitiih ttrritoij. "Fbej all 
claim IdeHcent from one 
Handi^, Mb son Tittaf, and 
^ndaon Handan. Fh)m 
Ynaaf B four sons, Iso, Mosa, 
Mali and Ako are descended, 
reapectiTely, the Isazaia, 
Iliaszaia, Malizais and Ako- 
zaia : Ako was alga the pro- 
genitor of the Banizaia. The 
trtmanz^ are deaoendad 
fcam maudan. 

ZabaB Kas^ (North-eaat of 

Bjuiet:).— '4- minor fraotdon 
' of Upsa . Ehel, Makhoziu, 
NaaozM, Iliaazai, Ynanf zais. 

ZAi>C!.— 'A minor fraetion of 
Kadkk, Sada, Asil, IgamR- 
zai, Utmau Ehels. 

ZiDBUn or Jaksins [9'flOCl; 

gpslgmn TaUey, Ehoet).— 

' At^MofKhoat, bordmng 

. ' iJie Kaiha UaddaEhebof 

die TooU;- They Uo be- 

tnteen Um Ghilzau on the 

. treat' and the Tanis on the 

. M(; Hebdman I Bt^imk. 

ZmiB Seil <S5i).— a aec- 
tionofNana Khel, Tapi^, 
Ti^izad. Dawaria. Head- 

ZktiJtMV EoB.-^A ip'nor 
frfcdiDn df HjatJa^'Kor, 
-Bbah Manasi' Ehel, Dadn 
Khel, Tsxaksti, Mohiit^Ads. 
Headman ; Abdullah. 

ZiinKHBLfe).— A mi^-Ain- 
sion of Khaddi, Uallizad, 
Sawaiia- Headman i ^iam. 

■ZaimitKHis Of ZimuiSTB 
(8,600 i country betWeentho 
Kawe^har range, Knrram 
rtni, and Jtluajuai).-T-A 
I tribe of Fathana, ' divided 
. :,kiln«'Kheidad.> KM, at 
Eastern Zaimnkhti^. and 
Mamozu, or Weatem Zu- 
makhta. 6andl- ' 

) eatioMte, U probably ooooidfM'*'' 



Ziuiu EJan. (140 ; Blaek 
libontB^).— A BitWiriakm 
of EaeKBui, laaitl, YmSf- 
lais. Headmen ; ' Na^m 
Khan, Zabbar Kb&n. 

IUkasuui (800).~A uctlon 
of Maiegtatzai, Eebwi, 
Sanzor, Kakan. Headman ; 

ZiEisitA Ehil.— A minor 
fraction of Ehojal Bitel 
(eOO), Sliadi Ebel, Kaara 
pin, KalQ Ehel, Ahmadzu, 
Darwesb Khel Waiirs. 
Hesdnuui ; Amin Elian. ' 

ZgiAX Eh^i.— A minor frao- 
Hon of DiepilUri, Tori Ehel 
(3,670}, IbiBhim Ebel, 
trtnuHizai, Barweeh Ebd 
Wa±iia. Headmen ; Eeilj': 

Zaeabku (7)- — A divJuoti of 
Bahmwal, Lnnia. Head- 
men; M(Ui, (Saift&QE^), 
Gvldad (Bahmanzai). 

ZiEHA Ehel (4,500;: Ehy- 
ber, Bazar, Bant and Uudtui; 
!:•., ' dia^naHjr acron ihe 
vhola Afridi Eoraitty). — One 
. of tbe mMt important of the 
C El^ber' Afridi olaoB. 
Samil. Headmea; Ehwas 
Eban and Wnli MnhamT 
mtA . (boti'i deposed by 
Gaveromerit , in 1B99, bft 
rinoe reinsUted) ; . and tbeir 
fiepliem Onlnnil tfAd SnUan 

ZiKHBBL (ISffl.— A' (&m- 
Baja) Hctioa o^ 1jinr»i, Dn< 
msr, SaniEki Ehel, EakAn. 
Headman ; Anlia. , 

^EBBL<QMiCata, Eabol 
m«r; '0oui«ae,AfghaBM- 
tan). — A Bttb-division. ano- 
oiated with the. Dairezal 
Enobig of the KohmfUid*. 
Headman i Azamdin. 

KiEBo EBiL.~-A Bection of 
Janakboti (800), lUnan 
Ehel, Adam Ehel, AStWa. 

ZiKEu 'Eebl.-^A anb-divi' 
rion of Sikand&r Ebd, 
Enki Ehel (4,600;, AWcCi. 
Oat. Headmeb ; XTtzir, 
OnlJ^, l^iu. Said Gnl. 

ZUeoki (130) Den Imiai) 

. Ehan DiBtrict). — Nomadio, 

a eedjon o£ 8ein E^ej^ Kum 

Ehel, Xohana, Faimidalis. 

ZiEMiKutt (30)<*-vA tnbMtf 

. fraotioBof tiie Uitha Ehel, 

Badiw^i EiiaUi Ehel* Skt- 

mM Ebel, MabirdK Heftd- 

moiitlb^tEhu. -' 

ZiiLi fesSL (3,000 i 2,00tiik 
WAna). — A' mljuir (raotion 
■of;Bomi'Khit,.Na8fa Dfat 

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tfiSiWi'iiliiior Meii* 
- ' eSlt^h Vti«a raiel, Hftibi 

'^'^tiiiUdif^;. ,]>ttn^ti' Kbel 

ZiKAir Khbl.^A minor frao- 

tun: of JklaUi <Eik«l, .KstUfc 

. ^. Hsmh K.M, laJia 

' Mn i£tL?<. . K>^ Kiel 

(4^), Afridii. Gar. 

Zljkf^ 1E~HKL.-pA MCltioil of 

' Saiiajr ' - jUojiU!— YcBofm 

tiHiii SiA ipa^ Epl).- 
' A V&aae iralction ot 'Baiai 


tutu fEBtOi;— A ndtin iS 
JS»BU;EliBl, KdaWr Ebel, 
KudUrJfibd 104,300), Abi- 
4i«; GWr-ilnflian^ Valdr, 
GnIUtsivatli8^Bli, Babmt. 

Zf iiD«i KbiM^)-'-A minor 

^Erecifcn ofWazirgiLBla- 
■^arX^, Qidi E3iel, tS*M- 

afen ; OnbaSiBi CbuiaL 

SMnnK K^lLr-A aediai. of 

Zaba Kbbl.— a section of 

M^iSiasHii, Bonerrnds. 

ZiBQi Ehel.— A BceUon of 
Gbwbi Ebel, £sbakn, Sipaji 
(4^), AMiia. Sa^U. 
Hwtdmui} Sacyft Khan. 

Zahk« ISb^l (Maatnra rirer, 
at ita aciirce).— A diTimtai of 
the All Ithela (3,0(M)). 
"IbmaaraB" ^ tlte iO]iak* 
oaiB, Gki. i fflurii. HenAnum 1 
J^ialid .Khan. 

^Aiu KHBfc <14V— A MoHon 
of Boya, Tappiiad, Dawaria. 
Hendmimf Qidab. 

ZiSflAK (e;}.*-A'BbWiviBOB of 
Kbaddi, UiJlizMl, Dwrarif. 
Hwdmea ; Khoja, Moham* 
Mto»d Chan. 

Zaxaai Eau fl^^— A imaor 
Aae<aon of Klannadi dChal, 
Vua: Kbel, jUmri Khel, 
Bahblnd, iSiibma^ 3ivA- 
man; Halo. 

ZiABaut Ebbl (IS). — AiaiBiv 

bactioa of t^ Niiwrab 

Kh^ Khoidttd KM'I. Qidl 

. EJbal.Uaoazai, Aliuii Matf 

auds. He^hdman ; Ut t OM t . 



KW. K«ft3 KM 

2u««x ^Kix. — AKiaor &ar- 

KldAtf Kid C77M(c S«b- ^^ > 
wl KM, rtMcai, Bta- 5" 

I KoU, 

ZiHAB Kon. (1«)^-A >ab- 1 
^rtawrf Bcf». typnmtl [ 

IHiwmm. lli«fa« ; CribM ,i„, ^ »y, n* Ja~ 
^^■^ Kkavi fSff% niiM EM. 

AdM EWL Afndb. 

ofMalliKhtt, Uak, Tan^ Zuux Ksxl (ISI^— A Brav 
nd, Itemrii. HodnaB;! ftacfsa dT Enmbd KM. 
Wafti Hmbhi. J AUbI ^I^ ^ri. A*T 

KM ^ibM Ski H^M 
Lsen Krl (aao^-Attb- SMl. 
£twm sf Gobi. Adui' "frT* 
KM, AfrUn. —." 

&■» ^DL— A weHn «f ^ 
AiMi Kka KM, &ak» 
KM, AE KMi (a,H»). 

ItxsjiK Khu (S).— a ui« 
feMtim of WdlU EM. 
U«EM AkMki. AiMi 
KM. BhkMw, afabd*. 



Saxut Ks»l (Bannn Disj 
■■'fHiifl WWl, Ktin lael, 

ZiHur Khbl.— A minor frac- 

, tuK of ^Kkki 1 lOrtt , <SK»ih 

, KM. Itum E^. Uatba 

^^ Ebl^.K>^ Kiel 

(4.600), AfridiB. Gar. 

Z^fkiW ^B-Ik-i-A woljan of 
'jgtga ■KheV-Kiiii Suliaai, 

■ A nfeaac fcaftbti of 'Bsju 

KiniU^, Mbbmsu&B. 

SMu lEHtai-^A fl^icm cX 
JttstJ.Kbel. Erinkir Ebel, 
Kui^iXibillCA.SOI^> ASii- 

QiilwtatwQtiI;8Wi, BaluMt. 

ZtHD^i KbbMSO).— A minor 
IractSou of TVazirgiu, Kha- 
:«>ar 'Ettel, Qidi Ehel, Umul- 

men ; finlwfliiii dbofial. 

ISW), . IlHtattea. ikakzais 
Saiqil. : 

Zak*. Ebbl.— -A section o 
U'^ (or HbVF) em, Bakr 
«a!,£iasBii. Bimerwals. 

Zansi Ehel— a RNtinn o 

Gliiubi Ehel, Babakri, S^aj 
n»2oO), Afndis. Sfttsil 
HMdaUui i T>ai7& Khan. 

ZlNEt Knii (MBslara rirer 
at ita Minrce).~-A diTigion o. 
the Ali Kheli (B.OOti) 
"HftioMrN" «f tbe lOiK^ 

. tEJuIid Eban. 

2au IChxi. 'f 14)-— A aaobioT 
of Boya, Tappizad, Dairaria 
'HeiidmEmt Odab. 

Zakom (S).-f A suMiviiion oi 
Ehaddi, UftUizad, Dawarif 
Headmen ; Ktioja, Muham> 

ZiBGUB Ehvi d^^-'A rainoi 
d!netio& of Ebttnuaoh Kiel, 
'Naiar Ehel, Aimd Kbel, 
BidikJi^, Habmaf. Head- 
man ; Malo. 

ZjBUAjt Kbbl (ia).~A-m>B« 
£ractioa of Uw fiilwrtal 
£h^ Ithoidad EVl. t^« 

. EWiMftnaui, AUaoi, Uab- 
Huds. Hettdman i Utman- 

Mift) Muuziu. Huos. neMUnan i iJ imao- j 


Ehel. Dardoni, Wczi Ekei <S,«7»), It«d&ft Efael. 

BakdiM* ; "Wo^ Ebsn. 

IkMkS KhrI. — AtninoT frac- 
tion afUmar Khti), AJi Kliel, 
Ebaaar Khel (77U], Sbb< 
vH Ehd, USmuiiaif !^- 
•mA Kbel Watira. 

Umax Khbl (18).— A Bub* 
£4iaiaii of Bofh, Vuph^d, 
Dkwaris. Headnan ; Oalbat 

IiBGiB Erl (2(^.— aaection 
oE Halli Ehd. Idak, Tappi- 
tid, Dftwaria. Headmuit 

IiBsFB Ehsl (300}<— ArMb- 
dmsion of Galu, Adam 
Khd, AJridia. 


Ziuv KhsIi^A mteorfiac- 
tioa of Hwbt Ebri, Hkdbw 
Ehel, Hasaan Khel, Uitha 
Xhaan SivA, Kuki Kbel 

KoUk, Sberai, KhidnSU. 

ZUinr f-HWh — A t^tta fikc- 
ttm of ' ^tui Khel, Jana 
Khan (800), ^ssaB lEliel, 
Adimi Khel, Afrtdu- 

Zuwix Kssi. ^IB). — ft njinoT 
fraction ef 'Snttddsd Ehel. 
iMnl lybsfui ra^el, Bher 
Ehel. Haibat lOrfU- Kana 
Ehel. Bablolzoi, Uahaads. 
HmdKieD % **Awai^; Ma' 

■' tna Khsl.— A minor frao- I 

_ — 1 Ainial Eban Khel, Zmka 

im-rf Dmar (300), Khss- Kbel, AU Khels (, 

.™^ Naamddin, Zakha 
Ehel Afrits. Samll. Head- 1 
■ see Bncha E* 

' \ua Eo».— A Bofionxif F>' 

'* Ehet,E«dinEbel,maTal 

It Jftoiuiiandi. Hadiii 

J flha- ■ ■ -.. Daii 



1 7.1BS1K Km^ fS'iiaAJf'ri. 

■.I hv Google 


frftotipa «{ the Shiuiwk 
, Kbel, Abdnlki, AinuJ.Kluil, 
' BaiilolibL .Jtffttuada. Head- 


ZiBBi KnBL (116).— A stib- 
dinuoa of Cbabat Kkel, 
Sbaintui Khel, Mahsiids. 

Aknmd 81M, Sheikli Aii^ 

^uunviB (200).— A mb- 
divisiou d S&du, Zabha 

Khel, Airidis. SamiL Head- 
men ; Mir n^man, Kazai, 
Galistan, PahLran, MIi 
Azam, Ifabrez, Amir Shah, 
Tar .Sher,'Sb«rdaii, Daaran, 
Tar Baz, Siud Khnn, tat, 

Zbbazei (203).— a diTiBion 
. of Uallisadi Dawarld- HeadK 
nq^j Shabiads Haibad 
iQiai^, QulaoiT, Ahmad 
Sbonar, Bozam Shah, Q)mn 
Shah, Pit Muhammiid, 
Maa»l, Dodj, Bandit,. Said 
Akbar, SaWmal, Ifabttt Sbah, 
Sbataki, Saidalk Jon, 
Sadrsng.' . 

Zvi>As* Kbii.— A mUor 
frsotion of Sher^ '.Khel, 
Utmaozu, Adinzai, Khwaza 

. i^ Kambir (pr Kambo) Kbel, 
Aib Khel. Salaw^,. Jliartai, 

Zhao ^KHflb/ (SS),--A sqb- 
division of Tgtpiai, Tappiiad 
IJawaria. Headiqen ; Ual 
Khan. AW<d< Qolab Din, 

iiKBTA Khbl (Martn» river), 
A anbrdirlsion of the Man! 
Khel (1,000), Mnhsmroad 
Khel, Orakzois. Gar. Shiah. 
Headman i All Jan. 

ZiHiiiT. — A minor fraction of 
Aib Kor, Shwhh Khel, Aib 
Khel, Salaraai, ISanita, 

ZiBAi (10).— A minor fraotion 
of Shadi Khel. Lar. Lwai,- 
Land, Malakh^ MalL'zad, 
Dawaris. Headman; Fakir 

Kubammad. - 

ZiBA EhBL. — A minor frac- 
,r tidn of Had Ehoihiri,.KhMl- 
dar Khel (770l Mohmit 
.Khil. ntmanzal, Darwoah 
Khel Waiw. " 
Pir Mohammad. 

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ZiBA Kbel (247).— a nib- 
divimon of Amzoni, Mollizad, 
DawBTiB. Headmen ; M«Jik 
Khan, Uobammad Alam, 
Gsrwal Khan, Ghnlam. 

ZiBA KflXL (15).— A BQb- 
diviaion of Banda, Tappizad, 
Dawaris. Headman ; Ayaz 

ZiBKiSAi (W«gt of Bera 
OHazi Khan District). — A 
gnb-dlTinon of the Hamza- 
zai, Balil Khel, Miua Ehels. 
Headman ; iWiliaT. 

ZuABiig, MiBZia, or HiZBia 
(130 ; Deta Ismail Ehan 

frontier).— A small tribe 
olaimiog descent from the 
ancestoi of their neighbours 
the Mnaa Khels, wi& whom 
they are Tery friendly. 

Headman ; Sardar Hakim 

ZoHBA KoH.— A ainoT fraction 
of Zaman Khel, Makki Khel, 
KattiaKhe), Hassan Khel, 
mtha Khan Ehel, Enkl 
Ehel (1,600), Afridla. 

ZoLi Khel (14).— A seotion 
of Atman, Miram Shah, 
Tappizad, Dawaris. Head- 
man ; Bhabah. 

ZoLizA Khel.— A minor frac- 
tion of Mohammad Ehel 
(700) Isperka, Kalu Khel, 
Ahmad zai, Darwesh Khel 
WazijrE. Headmen ; Jan 
Nor Mahammadi Shah 

ZuBAiB Khel.— A minor frac- 
tion of Mnsa Khel, Makho- 
zai, Nasuzai, Uiaszai, Bnner- 

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lr« MQ:V.«..I. B.— t-T-Mi^-fiW.— Bom. 

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llowing note by Captain A. IT. MeMahon, C.8.I., C.7.E,, 
'olitical Agent, Uir, Steai and CMtral, explains the 
iriojM ipiriival titles and denominations in use among 

'The den omi nation it nnder whioli the desoendants of all 
wnsaadaD Rpiritnal leadero come (according to f atban, and I 
.t nAy Indian, usage), are, in order of spiritual rank, as fol- 

1, SaiadB.—This is the term given to descendants of tlie 

^«phet Owing to their laree number and varying 
ciicumstanaes, it does not follow that a Saiad. as such, 
is given precedence over other spiritual denomina- 
tious, bataSaiad nrho oomes into prominenoe as are- 
lipooB man takes prettedence of all nthet .reli^oua 

2. Mians.—TheEe are tlie descendants of saiota and spiri. 

tnal leadenr wlio have acquired a. wide reputation 
ampug many tribes, and not a metiely local repntation. 
All Mians are, or are supposed to be, descendants of 
saints of Bomepaat century. The term ia not givento 
deacanduita of modem saints, but some of tbeee 
may in course of time bpcome Mians, The remarks 
iTiade regarding Saiads apply to Atiaoe also. The 
piinoipal eaints of thiselaas on the northern froDtier 
are nmked ae follows : — 

(I) Pir Baba of llai, Baner (as a Saiad, lie lanka first}. 

(9) KakaSahibof Nowsbem. 

(3) Hazrat Ji, near Attock. 

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