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j^f l6l77 


1903 —No. 8. 








Digitized by VjOOQIC 




Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Department of the Interior, 
Bureau of Government Laboratories, 
Office of the Superintendent of Laboratories, 

Manila, P. /. , September 22, 190S, 
Sir: I have the honor to submit herewith manuscript of a 
paper entitled * ^ A dictionary of the plant names of the Philippine 
Islands,'' by Elmer D. Merrill, Botanist. 
I am, very respectfully. 

Paul C. Freer, 
Superintendent of Government Lahoratories. 

Hon. James F. Smith, 

Acting Secretary of the Interior, Manila, P. I. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


By Elmer D. Merrill, Botanist. 


The preparation of the present work was undertaken at the request 
of Capt., G. P. Ahem, Chief of the Forestry Bureau, the object 
being to facilitate the work of the various employees of that 
Bureau in identifying the tree species of economic importance 
found in the Archipelago. 

For the interests of the Forestry Bureau the names of the va- 
rious tree species only are of importance, but in compiling this list 
all plant names available have been included in order to make the 
present work more generally useful to those Americans resident in 
the Archipelago who are interested in the vegetation about them. 

In the preparation of this paper the double arrangement alpha- 
betically, both under the native and scientific names, has been 
deemed essential, the latter arrangement especially, because it is 
often very important to have all the synonyms of the native names 
together in one place, and, moreover, the notes regarding the 
species are best given under the scientific name in order to prevent 
repetition of the same information under each of the native names 
given for the same species. The family of each genus and short 
notes regarding species of economic importance have been given 
in order to aid in the identification of the species. 

The native names used to designate species of economic impor- 
tance, those which produce edible fruits, medicinal plants, trees 
valuable for timber, etc. , are almost invariably applied to the same 
species, although in critical genera some variation and confusion 
of names are found, which is to be expected. The names applied 
to plants of little or no economic importance are frequently yerj 
unreliable, and accordingly, in using this dictionary, whenever 


Digitized by 



possible the plant should be compared with at least the generic 
description before accepting the scientific name to which the 
native name refers. 

Most of the names in the present work not compiled from data 
on the specimens now in the herbarium have been taken from the 
following "works: Blanco, ' ^Flora de Filipinas/ ' first edition, 1837, 
and second edition, 1845; Fernandez- Villar and Naves, ^'Novis- 
sima Appendix ad Floram PhiHppinarum, ' ' 1880-1883; Vigil, 
'^Diccionario de los nombres vulgares que se dan en filipinas d mu- 
chas plantas usuales y notables,'^ 1879; Vidal, S., ^^Sinopsis de 
famiUas y generos de plantas lefiosas de filipinas," 1883; ^^Resefia 
de la flora del archipielago filipino," 1883; ^'Revision de plantas 
vasculares de filipinas,'' 1886; Ceron, ^ ^Catalogo de las plantas del 
herbario," 1892; Puigdulles, ^^Apuntes para el mejor conocimien- 
to, clasificaci&n, y valuaci&n de las principales especiales arboreo- 
forestales de filipinas, " 1895; Tavera, ^Tlantas medicinales de fili- 
pinas,'' 1892; Espejo, ^^Cartilla de agricultura filipina," 1892; 
^ ^Catdlogo de la exposici&n general de las islas filipinas, ' ' Madrid, 
1887; ^^Guia oficial de las islas fiUpinas,'* 1898. 

In many instances much difficulty was experienced in properly 
referring many of the native names recorded in some of these 
works to the accepted scientific names of to-day, due to the present 
chaotic state of Philippine botany. The greatest difficulty was met 
with in attempting to properly refer the many names given by 
Blanco, for, in spite of all the work done on the Philippine flora 
since the publication of Blanco's ^Tlora de Filipinas," his species 
are to-day very imperfectly known. In most cases in referring 
the native names given by Blanco to their scientific names I have 
followed F. -Villar in his generic identifications, as given in the 
Novissima Appendix, but, except in the case of widely distributed 
and well-known species, his specific identifications have been 
discarded. In identifying Blanco's species F. -Villar made few 
errors in his generic identifications, but his specific identifications 
of a large per cent of the species can not be accepted. 

The present paper enumerates about 5,000 plant names used by 
natives of the Philippines, and has been compiled chiefly from the 
publications of the various Spanish botanists who have worked on 
the flora of the Archipelago. So far as possible these names have 
been compared with the names on specimens in the herbarium of 
this Bureau for verification. It seems that in the past there was 

Digitized by 


never any serious attempt made to carefully compile the various 
native plant names, and therefore the present list, though drawn 
from many sources, is comparatively incomplete. By fai? thjB 
greater number of names in the present enumeration are those of 
the Tagalog language, while of many of the dialects spoken in 
the Archipelago not a single plant name has ever been recorded. 
It is probable that the people of the mountain tribes, the Ne- 
gritos, the Igorrotes, the Mangyanes, etc., employ even a greater 
variety of names in specifying the various species of plants than do 
the more civilized tribes of the lands at lower elevations, but little 
or no attention has ever been given to the names used by these 
peoples. The limitations of the present enumeration can best be 
realized from the fact that most of the names here recorded are 
from perhaps 12 or 15 of the 70 or 80 dialects spoken by the various 
peoples of the Archipelago. With the great variation of the names 
in the same dialect, and the great number of dialects spoken in thje 
Archipelago, the task of compiling a complete or nearly complete 
dictionary of the native plant names of the Archipelago is an 
unending one, and one that could be completed only with great 
difficulty even if the subject were of sufficient importance to war- 
rant it. 

Previously but two attempts have been made to compile any 
extensive lists of the plant names used by the natives of the Archi- 
pelago. The first was Vigil's ^^Diccionario," a pamphlet of 50 
pages published in the year 1879, which enumerates about 2,40D 
names, the identifications being largely based on Blanco's ^Tlora 
de Filipinas." The second list is that given by Vidal in Appen- 
dix II to his ^^Sinopsis," where he enumerates about 1,800 names 
of tree species, giving tne generic identifications only. Blanco^ 
in his index to the native names given in his ^Tlora," gives but a 
small per cent of the total number enumerated in his text, whife 
F.-Villar gives no index to the native names in his **Novissiraa 

The words '^puti" or ^^maputi" (white) and ^^pula" or *^ma- 
pula" (red) are frequently used in combination with other words 
to designate certain species, as are also the words *^lalaqui" (man)^ 
^*babaye" (woman), ^'dagat" (ocean), ^^itim" (black), ^^ua^' 
(deer), ^*aso" (dog), ^^bundoc" or ^^gubat" (forest), and other 
words. The prefix ^^mala" is used in the sense that we use the 
word ^^false" — ^^malaacle" is ^^false acle," ^^malabanaba" is ^^falsB 

Digitized by 


banaba," etc. Frequently combinations of native and Spanisb 
words are used to designate certain species, such as ^^matang dia- 
hlo'' {^Evodia), ^^thedeviPseye^'; ''m^\^(^ie\Glochidion,RandicL^, 
'.'false coffee.'' Sometimes some of the words introduced by the 
Spaniards have persisted without change, such as tabaco, maiz, ca- 
cao, pifia, and others, while on the other hand some have become 
greatly corrupted— for example, see the word "camanchiles" un- 
der PithecoloUum dulce (p. 176), or "achtiete," under Bixa orellana 
(p. 129). 

Some of the introduced species are known only hy their Spanish 
names, while for other species native names have^ been adapted. 
Of the names of Spanish origin we find two classes— those of pure 
Spanish origin and those of American origin adopted by the Span- 
iards and transmitted by them with the plants to the PhiHp- 
pmes. Of the former we have such names as coronitas (^Lantana 
camara); manzanitas {Zizyphus jujvha)] madre cacao {Gliricidia 
maculata); dama de noche (Oestrum nocturnum); hoya cruz {Cres- 
centia alata); caballero, or rosas de cahsllero (Caesalpinia pulclier- 
rima). Of the second class we have such names as chicos (Achras 
sapota)] mamey or chico mamey " (Z/i^cwma mamvwsa^-y tabaco 
(Nwotiana tabaco); Sichexxie (Bixa orellana) ; maiz (Zea maya^] ca- 
cuate (Arachishypogaea); maguey (Agave americana); casuy ((Ana-- 
catdium occidentale) ; guayabas (Psidium gtuiyaba). Among the 
species that have been introduced into the Archipelago since the 
Spanish occupation and to which the natives have adapted names 
may be mentioned durang parang (Doha nigra)] macahiya, or 
damohia, literally, '^ashamed," suggested no doubt by the sensi- 
tive leaves of the plant (Mimosa pudica)] diluario (Argemane 
Tnexuana)^ etc. 

Many of the native plant names are also the names of towns 
such as Iba (Phyllanthvs distichus), Quiapo (Pistia stratiotes^ ^ Paco 
(Asplenium esculentum) , Sampaloc or Salomague (Tamarindus in- 
dica), Calumpit (Terminalla edulis), Iloilo (Aglaia argentea)^ and 

During the past two hundred years there has been considerable 
change in many of the native plant names, as is proved by an 
examination of the earlier publications on Philippine botany, 
such as the works of Camell, Mercado, and Delgado. In all these 
works, but especially in the first, are found a very large number of 
names which are unkno^vn to us to-day, and many of the ones of 

Digitized by 


well-known species are spelled quite differently from their accepted 
form to-day. One example from Camell's work, published in the 
year 1704, is sufficient to illustrate this point: Camell's ^'Conyza 
Helenitis odoris salviae'^ is undoubtedly the plant known to-day 
as Blumea balsamifera DC, and Camell gives the following native 
names for his species, which should be compared with those given 
under Blumea balsamifera on page 129: SamboUj Lacarbulan, 
LagdanbuLaUj Arutcadbtdarij Olacdanbtdariy Guitingguitan, Gabuen^ 
Lalacdan, Ayolan, Alihon, Hantilibun. 

None of the names of these earlier authors, not found in later 
publications, are included in the present publication, for the reason 
that we can not accurately identify many of the species. 

So far as the dialects of the various names were determinable 
they have been specified by the following abbreviations : B. , Bicol ; 
Cag., Cagayan; Ig., Igorrote; II., Ilocano; Mang., Mangyane; 
Pamp., Pampangan; Pang., Pangasinan; Sp., Spanish; Sp.-Fil., 
Spanish-Filipino; T., Tagalog; V., Visayan; Z., Zambales. Fre- 
quently, where the dialect of the name is not specified, the name of 
the island or province where the name is used has been given in 
parentheses. It has been impossible to identify the dialects of a 
large number of the names for the reason that many of the Spanish 
investigators did not consider such data of sufficient value to warrant 
recording the same. With the exception of the data compiled from 
the herbarium of this Bureau, the authority for the dialects of the 
various names is that of the several Spanish investigators, and cer- 
tain allowance must be made for errors. 

Most of the Spanish authors gave little or no attention to accen- 
tuation, and frequently where accent marks were given they were 
erroneously placed. In the present paper an attempt has been ma de 
to properly accent the various words, and with this end in view ail 
the names have been carefully checked over with various native 
employees of the office familiar with many of the dialects. 

As the names have been compiled from different works of Spanish 
authors, it is to be presumed that the latter recorded the native 
names by the phonetic system of spelling, giving the different letters 
the same values as in the Spanish language. A cursory examination 
of the following work will show at once that there is a great varia- 
tion in the spelling of the same word, e and i, o and Uj and fre- 
quently i and y have the same values and are interchangeable. With 
the exception of ng, which is pronounced like ng in sing, bring, 

Digitized by 



etc., the letters in the various words have the same values as in the 
Spanish language. 

The only Philippine author who has used any other method of 
spelling the native names is Tavera in his "Plantas Medicinales/^ 
In this work the consonants are pronounced as follows: g always 
as in get ; h a gutturalized aspirate ; A; as in English ; w always as the 
initial w in English, as win, won ;geisng in sing, hung, etc. While 
this method of spelling the native names has much to commend 
it, it has not been adopted in the present work, for the reason that 
no attempt has been made by the Americans so far to change the 
spelling of the words of the native dialects, and accordingly it was 
deemed advisable to retain the plant names under the spelling 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

P^HT I. 


AAgao, T. Premna vestita Schauer. 

AbagA, T., V. Musa textilis Ne6. 

AbAlong, V. Colocasia antiquorum Schott. 

AbAng-AbAng, T., V. Oroxylum indicum L. 

AbAng-AbAng, T. Leea rubra Blume. 

Abab, T. Santiria?. 

AbegAste, V. Morinda bracteata Roxb. 

AbiAb, V. Cyclea peltata H. f. & Th. 

AbiAn, Pang. Livinstonia rotundifolia Mart. 

AbilAo, T. Garuga floribunda Decne. 

AbIlo, T. Garuga floribunda Decne. 

ABfBLiNG, B. Artocarpus. 

Ab6bo, B. Planchonia. 

Abod, V. Eurycles amboinensis Herb. 

Ab6ng-Ab6ng, V. Oroxylum indicum L. 

AbsIc, T. Eleocharis. 

Abud, V. Eurycles amboinensis Herb. 

Abub, V. Eurycles sylvestris Salisb. 

AntJTAB. Lophopetalum toxicum Loher. 

ABtJTRA, Sp.-Fil. Anamirta cocculus W. & A. 

AcAna. Sideroxylon. 

AcAPtJLCO, Sp.-Fil. Cassia alata L. 

AcdAn, T. Cryptocarya densiflora Blume. 

AciifoTE, Sp.-Fil. Bixa orellana Linn. 

AcHtJETE, Sp.-Fil. Bixa orellana L. 

AcHtJTE, Sp.-Fil. Bixa orellana L. 

Acl6, T. Pithecolobium acle Vidal. 

Acl^ng-pArang, Pamp. Albizzia. 

AcTOiiGAN. Clerodendron macrostegium Schauer. 

AdaAn, T., II. Albizzia procera Benth. 

AdadInco (Benguet). Sageretia. 

Adambagu^n, n. Adenanthera. 

AdoAo, V. Premna vestita Schauer. 

AdiAvan, T. Cocos nucifera L. 

AdIo (Tayabas). Premna. 

AdlAy, V. Coix lachryma-jobi Linn. 

Adt^as, T. Canarium. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Adyangao, T. Albizzia procera Benth. 

Aetan, T. Aristolochia tagala Cham. 

AfapiJyan (Cagayan). Musa paradisiaca L. 

ArtJYAN (Cagayan). Musa paradisiaca L. 

Aga (N. Ecija). Ficus. 

Agac-Ac, V. Amoora rohituka W. et A. 

AgalAnga, V. Chisocheton sp. 

AoAna. Pterocarpus indicus Willd. 

Agao. Ipomoea quamoclit L. 

AgapAnga, II. Aglaia? sp. 

AgAro, Z. Lagerstroeiiiia speciosa Pers. 

Agas-As. Scolopia roxburghii Clos. 

Agay, T. Phyllanthus. 

AgAy-on (Cebu). Abrus precatorius L. 

Agbo, Cag. Saccharum officinarum L. 

^GBOLfGAN, II. Clerodendron macrostegium Schauer. 

Agb6y, V. Mussaenda grandiflora Rolfe. 

AgdA, Ig. Coix lachryma-jobi Linn. 

AgdAo, T. Premna. 

Agin, T. Dysoxylum blancoi Vidal. 

Agho, V. Leucaena glauca Benth. 

AgiyAngyiAng, V. Abrus precatorius L. 

AgnAya, T. Lumnitzera purpurea Presl. 

AgnAya. Polypodium. 

AgniyAng-yiAng, V. Abrus precatorius L. 

AgnocAsto, Sp.-Fil. Vitex negundo L. — ^Vitex obovata Thunb. 

Ag6go, T. Dalea nigra Mart, and Gal. 

Ag6ho, T., v., Pamp. Casuarina equisetifolia Forst. 

Ag6ho, T., V. Ipomoea quamoclit L. 

Ag6ioi. Homonoia riparia Lour. 

Ag6noy, V. Spilanthes acmella L. 

Ag6o, T., II. Casuarina equisetifolia Forst. 

AgopAnga ( Marinduque ) . Chisocheton. 

Agor, T. Fimbristylis miliacea Vahl. 

Ag6so, T. Casuarina equisetifolia Forst. 

Ag6soc, T. Ficus hispida Blanco. 

Ag6s-os, T. Ficus hispida Blanco. 

Ag6tai, V. Heliconia. 

Ag6y-oy, T. Homonoia riparia Lour. 

Agpoy, Pamp. Bauhinea. 

Aguason, V. Strychnos ignatii Berg. 

AgubAhan, V. Crinum asiaticum Linn. 

AgubArao, V. Vitex obovata Thunb. 

AGt;cuc, T. Homonoia riparia Lour. 

AgTjIIO, T. Casuarina equisetifolia Forst. 

AGtJiio, V. Oldenlandia diffusa Roxb. 

AguibAgan (Cagayan). Hypoestes. 

AGufNCiAi, T. Pennisetum nigricans Miq. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


AgijIO, T. Dysoxylum blancoi Vidal. 
Aguiu, Pamp. Dysoxylum blancoi Vidal. 
Aguis, V. Eugenia. 
AgupAnga (Mindoro). Chisocheton. 
AGtJPiT. Ficus quercifolia Roxb. 
AGtJSiP, V. Melastoma imbricatum Wall. 
AotJso, Z. Casuarina equisetifolia Forst. 
AGtJs-us (Tayabas). Dysoxylum. 
AGtJTAi, V. Heliconia. 
AGtJTAY, V. Musa. 
AGtJT-UT, V. Cordia subcordata Lam. 
AQUYAif&YAN, V. Abrus precatorius L. 

AhihIbo, V. Bauhinea tomentosa L. 

Ahling, T. Mallotus moluccanus Muell. Arg. 

AImit, V. Ficus glomerata Roxb. 

Ajos-Ajos nqa MAPort, V. Hymenocallis. 

Ajos-Ajos n&a MAPort, V. Panceratum zeylanicum Linn. 

Ajos-Ajos ^a mapotI, V. Habranthus. 

AlacAac, T. Palaquium latifolium Blanco. 

AxAcAO, Pamp. Palaquium latifolium Blanco. 

AxAcAp, T. Palaquium latifolium Blanco. P. oleifera Blanco. 

AlagA, T. Premna. 

Alag-Alag sonson, T. Artabotrys odoratissimus R. Br. 

AlagAo, T. Premna vestita Schauer. 

AlAgao dAgat, T. Premna. 

AlAgas, V. Semecarpus perrotettii March. 

AlagAtu, T. Canarium cumingii Eng. 

ALOQBAGtJNiT, T. Premna. 

AlAngasi, V. Leucosyke capitellata Wedd. • 

ALAGtJNG-UNG, V. Capparis micrantha DC. 

AlAhan, T. Diospyros sp. 

Alal, Ig. Pinus insularis Endl. 

AlaiAngat. Adenanthera pavonina Linn? 

Alam, T. Dactyloctenium aegyptium Pers. 

Alam ( Mindoro ) . Toona. 

AiAmag. Parinarium. 

AiAmag, T. Aporosa. 

AlAmang. Villebrunnea frutescens Blume. 

AlambIhob^ V. Bauhinia tomentosa L. 

AlAngasi, V. Leucosyke capitellata Wedd. 

AlanghIdan it bAnug, V. Canthium mite Bartl. 

Alang-Ilanp, T. Cananga odorata Hook. f. et Th. 

Alang-Ilang s6nson, T. Artabotrys odoratissimus R. Br. 

AiAif&f^i, V. Vitis carnosa Wall. 

AlangIsi, V. Pipturus asper Wedd. 

ALANGfTNGiT, T., V. Ehretia buxifolia Roxb. 

Alang-lAngal. Adenanthera. 

AlAnguit. Ehretia buxifolia Roxb. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


AlanIgni ( Zamboanga ) . Myristica. 

Alan6ti. Wrightia ovata A. DC. 

AlAntag, T. Diospyros. 

AlArO; V. Maranta arundinacea L. 

AlAsas, Pamp. Ficus aspera Blanco, 

AjJlSAS, T. Freycinetia. 

AlAbjlB, T. Pandanus exaltatus Blanco. 

AlAsis. Streblus asper Lour. 

AlatAnay (Cagayan). Musa. 

AlAui, T. Vemonia. 

ALAufHAo. Dracontomelon cumingianum Baill. 

AlAyan, T. Quercus llanosii A. DC. 

AlAyan (Angat). Unona odorata? DC. 

AlbahAga. Ocimum sanctum Linn. 

AlbahAca morAdo, T. Coleus acuminatus Benth. 

ALBtJTRA, Sp.-Fil. Anamirta cocculus W. and A. 

AlcAnfob, Sp.-Fil. Cinnamonum camphoratum Blume. 

Alem, II. Mallotus ricinoides Muell. Arg. 

Alg6a, T. Premna vestita Schauer. 

Ali, Ig. Excoecaria agallocha Linn. 

AliAma. Morinda braeteata Roxb. 

AlibActa, B. Clerodendron. 

AlibAnban, p., T. Bauhinia blancoi Baker. 

AlibAnban, T. Bauhinia purpurea L. 

AlibAnban, T., V., Pamp. Bauhinia tomentosa L. 

ALiBfHiL. Bauhinia binnata Blanco. 

AubAngbang, T., v., Pamp. Bauhinia malabarica Roxb., and other species. 

AlibangdAn, Ig. Alsophila glauca Blume. 

ALiBHON, V. Blumea balsamifera DC. 

ALiBiHiL, V. Bauhinia tomentosa L. 

ALiBtJBiJT, V. Tabernaemontana pandacaqui Poir. 

AiiBUN, V. Blumea balsamifera DC. 

AlicbAngon, T. Commelina benghalensis L. 

AlicbAngon, T. Cyanotis cristata R. and S. 

AiJHfzo. Bauhinia binnata Blanco. 

Alim, T. Mallotus ricinoides Muell. Arg. 

Alim, T. Mallotus moluccanus Muell. Arg. 

ALiMfQUEN, II. Musa paradisiaca L. 

ALfNAO, II.? Calamus rhomboideus Blume. 

AlInao, T. Callicarpa. 

ALfNAO, B. Columbia serratifolia DC. 

Aling, B. Mallotus moluccanus Muell. Arg. 

AlInqad, Pang. Shorea. 

Alingaro, T. Elaeagnus latifolia L. 

Aling HOTtJNGAS. Callicarpa. 

AlintAtao, T. Diospyros pilosanthera Blanco. 

ALiNTUTtJNAS. Astronia rolfei Vidal. 

AlipAchao, II. Garcinia. 

Digitized by 



AlIpai^ T. Nephelium longana Camb. 

ALfPAi, T. Nephelium glabrum Noronh. 

AljpAro, T. Sumbavia rottleroides Baill. 

AlipasIao, B. Villebrunea. 

AlipAta, V. Exeoecaria agallocha L. 

AljpAta, T. Dodonaea viscosa Linn. 

At.tpAyo, V. Homalomena. 

ALfPAY. Nephelium glabrum Noronh. 

AljpAyong, V. Homalomena. 

AiJPdONO, V. Pavetta angustifolia R. and S. 

Alip6ong, V. Ixora lanceolaria Coleb. 

ALfpuNO, T. Gmelina. 

AotAptap, B. Planchonia. 

Alm^ndeo, Sp.-Fil, Terminalia catappa L. 

Alm^z. Celtis philippinensis Blanco. 

AlobAhai, T. Pithecolobium lobatum Benth. 

Ax6cAN, 11. Allaeanthus luzonicus Benth et Hook. 

AlocAsoc, V. Clerodendron intermedium Cham. 

Al6dig, II., T. Streblus asper Lour. 

Al6pag. Euphorbia litchi DC. 

Alpay, T. Nephelium glabrum Noronh. 

Alpos6tes, Sp.-Fil. Chenopodium ambrosioides L. 

ALUBfnoD, V. Spondias mangifera Wall. 

ALXJBfHON, T. Spondius mangifera Willd. 

AlugbAti, V- Basella rubra L. 

ALULtJAN, Cag. Pistia stratiotes Linn. 

Alum, V. Mallotus ricinoides Muell. Arg. 

Alung-cAgay, V. Decaspermum paniculatum Kurz. 

Alung-cAgay, V. Nelitris. 

AlXjpag, T. Nephelium longana Camb. 

Ali^ag, T. Nephelium glabrum Noronh. 

ALtJPAi, T. Nephelium longana Camb. 

ALUPfDAN, V. Vitis lanceolaria Roxb. 

ALUPfHAN, T. Muehlenbeckia. 

ALt^SANG, T. Cyperus. 

ALUSfMANG, V. Trianthema. 

Aly6pyop, V. Erianthemum bicolor Schrank. 

Ama^t, V. Xylosma cumingii Clos. 

AmagA. Diospyros blancoi DC. 

AmagA, v., T. Diospyros pilosanthera Blanco. 

AmagA, V., T. Diospyros discolor Willd. 

AmamAle, V. Leea sambucina Willd. 

AmamAngpang (Albay). Gironniera eel tidifolia Gaud. 

Amarg6so, Sp.-Fil. Momordica balsamina L. 

Amabg6bo bAbi, Pamp. Mollugo. 

AmbAlod, T., V. Nauclea obtusa Blume. 

AmbabAlud, V. Nauclea obtusa Blume. 

AmbogitIiIS. Koordersiodendron pinnatum Merrill. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Amb6long, V. Metroxylon. 

AMfEtAY, T. Boehmeria nivea H. and A. 

AmIson. Ficus glomerata Roxb. 

AmlAng, T. Sterculia. 

AmiAs, T. Calamus pisicarpus Blume. 

AMOGUfs, T. Koordersiodendron piimatum Merrill. 

Am6i/>ng, II. Epipremnum medium Engl. 

Am6res secos, Sp.-Fil. Chrysopogon aciculatus Trin. 

AmpAl, V. Musa sapientum L. 

AMPALi:A, T. Momordica balsamina L. 

AmpaiAya, T. Momordica balsamina L. 

Ampas, Pamp. Streblus asper Lour. 

AMPUPtJYOT, V. Homalium panayamum F. Vill. 

AmuAuan. Vitex littoralis Decne. 

AMtJBLiT, V. Macaranga bicolor Muell. Arg. 

AMtJGAN, T. Pygeum. 

AmugAnan. Vitex littoralis Decne. 

AMtJGNi, V. Artocarpus. 

AmuguIs, T., V. Koordersiodendron pinnatum Merrill. 

AMtJLUNG, Cag. Rhaphidophora. 

AmurAong, B. Vitex. 

AmuyAon. Vitex littoralis Decne. 

AMtJYON, B. Xylqpia dehiscens Merrill. 

AMtJYON. Melodorum fulgens Hook. f. and Th. 

AMtJYON, T. Xylopia. 

AMtJYON (Tayabas). Unona. 

AMtJYONG, Pamp. Melodorum fulgens Hook, and Th. 

AnaAo, II. Livistonia rotundifolia Mart. 

AnabIon, V. Trema aspera Blume. 

AnabA, T. Abroma alata Blanco. 

Anab6, V. Malachia bracteata Cav. 

Anab6. Abroma angusta L. 

Anab6. Abroma fastuosa R. Br. 

AnAbonq, V. Abroma alata Blanco. 

ANACtJ, T. Cupania. 

AnagAb. Pithecolobium lobatum Benth. 

AnagAp, T. Pithecolobium lobatum Benth. 

AnagAp, T. Pithecolobium montanum Benth. 

AnAgas. . Semecarpus anacardium L. f. 

AnAgas. Semecarpus microcarpa Wall. 

AnAgas, babAe, T. Semecarpus. 

AnagAsi, B. Leucosyke capitellata Wedd. 

AnagAt. Pithecolobium lobatum Benth. 

ANAGATLi, T. Canarium cumingii Engl. 

Anagu^p. Pithecolobium lobatum Benth. 

AnAhao, T., V. Licuala spectabilis Miq. 

AnAhao, T. Licula elegans Mart. 

AnAhao, T. Livistonia rotundifolia Mart. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


AnAiiao, T. Corypha. 

AnAhao, T. Rhapis flabelliformis Ait. 

AnAhao, T., V. Livistonia. 

AnahAnon, B. Sterculia. 

Anam, V. Buchanania florida Schauer. 

An-an, Mang. Buchanania florida Schauer. 

AnanAgtao, V. Dysoxylum blancoi Vidal. 

AnanAnotano, V. Dysoxylum blancoi Vidal. 

AnanApla. Albizzia procera Benth. 

AnanAplas, T. Albizzia procera Benth. 

AnanG; T. Diospyros. 

ANAiifGi, T. Canarium. 

AnAo, Pamp. Livistonia papuana Becc. 

AnAbep, II. Pithecolobium lobatum Benth. 

Anas, Pamp. Bambusa. 

An At AN, T. Memecylon. 

AnAtao, T. Linociera coriacea Vidal. 

Anan, Cag. Livistonia rotundifolia Mart. 

AnavInga. Casearia cinerea Turcz. 

AnAte. Bixa orellana L. 

Anch6bhan,.T. Cassia fistula L. 

AndarAyan (Cagayan). Alstonia scholaris R. Br. 

An^^ai, Pamp. Curcuma longa L. 

An&Ange, Ig. Elattostema. 

Al^GHET, T. Premna. 

Ai^fLANG ( Jolo) . Cananga odorata H. f. et Th. 

A^LAi, V. Aegiceras florida R. and S. 

AJf&UD, Pamp. Achyranthes aspera L. 

AniAs, T. Andropogon. 

AniAtan, T. Brackenridgea fascicularis F. Vill. 

ANfBioNG. Abroma alata Blanco. 

AnIbog, T. Abroma angusta L. 

ANfBONG, T. Abroma alata Blanco. 

ANfBONG, T. Abroma angusta L. 

AnIbong, v., T. Areca nibung Mart. 

AnIbong, V. Cocos nucifera Linn. 

AnIbong, Pamp. Talauma angatensis Blanco. 

ANiBUNG, v., T. Areca nibung Mart. 

AnIbung, Pang., Arenga saccharifera La bill. 

ANfi, T. Erythrina ovalifolia Roxb. 

AnIlao, T. Columbia serratifolia DC. 

AnIlao-uan, T. Columbia. 

AninaplA, T. Albizzia lebbek Benth. 

AnIno, V. Morinda bracteata Roxb. 

AnIs, Sp.-Fil. Foeniculum vulgare Gaertn. 

ANfs cAhoi, T. Myristica philippinensis Lam. 

ANfs moscAda, T. Myrictica philippinensis Lam. 

8956 2 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


An It AG, T. Stephegyne. 

AnItap^ Pamp. Albizzia procera Benth. 

AnItap, Ig. Macaranga. 

AnItap, Ig. Albizzia procera Benth. 

AnoAang. Premna. 

An6bing, T. Artocarpus cmningiana Tree. 

An6bing cAGUfosiNG, T. Artocarpus nitida Tree. 

An6bion, Pamp. Artocarpus cumingiana Tree. 

An6bung, T. Talauma villariana Rolfe. 

An6bling, T. Talauma angatensis F. Vill. 

An6bling, V. Artocarpus cumingiana Tree. 

An6bijng, T. Artocarpus nitida Tree. 

AN6BLiNG-CAQufESiNG. Artocarpus lamellosa Blanco. 

AnobrAn, II. Premna vestita Schauer. 

An6lang, T. Polyalthia lanceolata Vid.^ 

An6nag, T. Litsea. 

An6nag, B. Cordia blancoi Vidal. 

Anong, T. Cordia blancoi Vidal. 

An6nas, Sp.-Fil. Anona reticulata L. 

Anon6o. Musa sapientum L. 

An6pol (Albay). Conocephalus acuminatus Turcz. 

Anos. Bambusa. 

An.6sep, T. Palaquium cuneatum Vid. 

An6tong (Zambales). Wrightia ovata DC. 

Ans6han, V. Stereospermum quadripinnatum F. Vill. 

AntAgan. Pterocarpus indicus L. 

Anten, II. Canarium luzonicum Miq. 

Anten, II. Canarium cumingii Engl. 

Antip6i/), T., v., Pamp. Artocarpus incisa L. 

Anto, V. Amorphophalus campanulatus Blume. 

AntobAnag, T. Glochidion. 

Ant6lang, T. Graptophyllum hortense Nees. 

AntolAngan, T., V. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L. 

Ant6ng (Nueva Ecija). Casuarina equisetifolia Forst. 

Ant6ng (Abra). Canarium. 

Ant6ng, T. Dipterocarpus. 

AnuAng. Musa sapientum L. 

AnuAng, T. Musa paradisiaca L. 

AnuAng, T. Kyllingia monocephala Rottb. 

ANtJBiNG, T. Artocarpus odoratissima Blanco. 

ANtJBiNG, T. Eugenia. 

ANtJBiNG. Artocarpus cumingiana Tree. 

ANtJBiNG NA CAGUfosix, T. Artocarpus nitida Tree. 

AntJbion, T. Artocarpus. 

ANtJBiONG (Tayabas). Talauma. 

ANtJBLiN, T. Artocarpus. 

ANtBLiNG, V. Talauma angatensis F. Vill. 

ANtJPiNG (Zamboanga). Myristica simiarum A. DC. 

Digitized by 



ANt^SEP, T. Palaquium. 

Anil, Sp.-Fil. Indigofera tinctoria Litm. 

Apalaya, T. Momordica balsamina L. 

ApAlia, Pamp. Momordica balsamina L. 

ApAlit, Pamp. Pterocarpus blancoi Merrill. 

Apalong. Osmoxylon pulcherrimum Vidal. 

ApAna, T. Eupatorium ayapana Vent. 

ApabiAgua, T., V. Laportea guadichaudiana Wedd. 

Apas6tis, T. Chenopodium ambrosioides L. 

ApAtono, T. Nephelium. 

ApAtot, II. Morinda braeteata Roxb. 

ApAtut, T. Morinda braeteata Roxb. 

ApiApi, T. Avicinnia officinalis L. 

ApiiT, Ig. Viburnum odoratissimum Ker. 

Apfpi, V. Colocasia antiquorum Schott. 

Apfs, T. Pothos. 

Apfs (Zambales). Calamus. 

ApfTON, T. Dipterocarpus grandiflorus Blanco. 

ApfTONG, T. Dipterocarpus grandiflorus Blanco. 

Apnit, T. Anona. 

Apnit, B. Dipterocarpus. 

Ap6iapoyan, T. Gynandropsis pentapylla DC. 

Apon, T. Amorphallus campanulatus Blume. 

Ap6o. Bohemeria nivea H. and A. 

ApoptJYOT (Cagayan). Diospyros pilosanthera Blanco. 

Apos6tis, T., v., Pamp. Chenopodium ambrosioides L. 

Ap6y-ap6yan, T. Cleome viscosa L. 

Ap6y-ap6yan, T. Ammania. 

Ap6y-ap6yan, T. Cleome viscosa Linn. 

Appan (Cagayan). Mangifera altissima Blume. 

Apt^LONG, V. Osmoxylon pulcherrimum Vidal, 

APtJYO (Paragua). Callicarpa. 

AptJYOT, Z. Mallotus philippinensis Muell. Arg. 

AbagAo, V. Premna. 

AbagoIroy, V. Opilia javanica Miq. 

AbAhan (Albay). Li tsea albayana Vidal. 

AbAhan, B. Diospyros. 

AbAna, B. Li tsea. 

AbAn-cAlao, V. Xepenthes. 

Aband6n, II. Wikstroemia ovata Mey. 

ArAn^&a, T. Homalium luzoniense F. Vill. 

AbAi?ga BLANCO, T. Eugenia. 

Abakan, T. Eugenia. 

AbAna (Manila). Gynandropsis speciosa DC. 

AbAt, T. Scleria.' 

AbAua, B. Eugenia. 

AbAyan, T. Flagellaria indica Linn. 

Abbol de fuego, Sp.-Fil. Poinciana regia Bojer. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


AsBON (Paragua). Cerbera odoUam Gaertn. 

AbdAtag, V. Elephantopus spicatus Juss. 

AbgAo, V. Premna vestita Schauer. 

ABicth^DAL, y. Musa paradisiaca L. 

ARfLAO. Columbia serratifolia DC. 

AbImai, II. Boehmeria nivea Hook, et Arn. 

AbIngit, V. Marsdenia tinctoria R. Br. 

ARiT6i?&TONQ, II. Terminalia. 

Abo, II. Casuarina equiseti folia Forst. 

Ab6e-mAmay, B. Maoutia. 

AbodAyday, T., B. Ipomoea pes-caprae Roth. 

AbogAnan, T., Pamp., V. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L. 

Ab6ma, T. Prosopis juliflora DC. 

Ab6ma, T. Acasia farnesiana Willd. 

Ab6bo, v., T. Maranta arundinacea L. 

Ab6sep, II. Antidesma ghaesembilla Gaertn. 

AboyAngyang, V. Abrus precatorius L. 

AbquIg?, Cag. Pandanus fascicularis Lam. 

AbbAyan. Psidium guayava L. 

Abb6o. Casuarina equiseti folia Forst. 

Abb6u-bou, T., V. Maranta arundinacea L. 

Abum. Mallotus ricinoides Muell. Arg. 

ABtJBU. Maranta arundinacea L. 

Asac-tAlonq. Phyllanthus ?. 

AsAna, T. Pterocarpus indicus Willd., T. vidalianus Rolfe. 

As-AS, T. Ixora stricta Rozb. 

AsiAsiMANAN, T. Derris sinuata Benth. 

AsfMAo, T. Harrisonia bennetii B. and H. 

As-fs, T. Ficus heterophylla L. 

As-ls, T., v., Pamp. Ficus hispida L.? 

Asfsio, V. Physalis angulata L. 

AsnAngai, V. Clerodendron intermedium Cham. 

AtaiAtai, T. Graptophyllum hortense Nees. 

ATALAPiupic, Z. Sapindus. 

Atab6lan, T. Ardisia. 

Atay-Atay, V. Eranthemum bicolor Schrank. 

AxctJY, Pamp. Bauhinia. 

Aton. Canarium ovatum Engl. 

Ates, T. Anona squamosa L. 

AtibAngdan. Alsophila glauca Blume. 

At! luag ( Abra ) . Breynia acuminata Muell. Arg. 

AtImon, V. Cucumis melo L. 

At6la. Bixa orellana L. 

AtoAtong, Ig. Selaginella caulescens Spring. 

AxstJiTi, T. Bixa orellana L. 

AtJGOD, Pamp. Achyranthes obtusifolia Lam. 

Aua, II. Musa. 

AusfMAN, B. Portulaea oleracea L. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


AvfiX), T. Garuga floribunda Decne. 

Ayam, V. Trianthema monogyna L. 

AyAngao, T. Albizzia procera Benth. 

Ayant6to, Pamp. Amaranthus spinosus L. 

AyapAna, Sp. Fil. Eupatorium ayapana Vent. 

Aymit. Ficus glomerata Roxb. 

Aymit, T. Ficus minnahassae Miq. 

Ayo, V. Casuarina equisetifolia Forst. 

Ayo. Pamp. Oxalis acetosella L. 

Ayo, T. Vitis capriolata Don. 

Ayo-ayo. Micromelum. 

Ay6ban, V. Blumea balsamifera DC. 

Ayu-Ayu. Micromelum. 

Ayu, Pamp. Vitis carnosa L. 

AYtJMiT, T. Ficus minnahassae Miq. 

AYtJPAG, T. Nephelium. 

AztJCENA. Polyanthes tuberosa L. 

Babagion. Memecylon floribunda Blume. 

BabAgion, V. Ardisia humilis Vahl. ' 

BabaisAcan, T. Quercus. 

BabAlod, T., V. Nauclea obtusa Blume. 

BAban (Zamboanga). Donax arundastrum Lour. 

BabAnat (Nueva Viscaya). DeeriHgia indica Zoll. 

BabebAbe, Pamp. Quisqualis indica L. 

BAbo-bAgo (Bohol). Garcinia venulosa Choisy. 

BABOi-GtJBAT, T. Thespesia populnea Corr. 

BAbuy, T. Thespesia populnea Corr. 

BacAboc. Scaevola koenigii Vahl. 

BAca-bacAhan, T. Cyperus. 

BacAlao, Pang. Nephelium. 

BAcAN, T. Litsea. 

BACAN, T. Sterculia. 

BAcAN (Tinago). Bruguiera gymnorrhiza Lam. 

BacAnts (Zamboanga). Eugenia lineata DC. 

BacAnun, T. Bruguiera gymnorrhiza Lam. 

BacAo, T. Ceriops candolleana Am. 

BacAo, T., V. Rhizophora mucronata Lam. 

Bag Ac, T. Bruguiera gymnorrhiza Lam. 

BacApie, V. Calamus albus Pers. 

BacAuan, T. Ceriops candolleana Am. 

BacAuan, T. Bruguiera caryophylloides Blume. 

BacAuan, T. Rhizophora mucronata Lam. 

BacAuan guba, Pang. Carallia integer rima DC. 

BacAuan laxAqui, T. Rhizophora conjugata Lam. 

BacAyan, V. Canarium cumingii Engl. 

BacAyao, Pang. Illipe betis Merrill. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


BacgAlao. Nephelimn glabruin Noronh. 

BXccuNG. Crinuin asiaticum Linn. 

BAooNQ, T. Crinum asiaticum L. 

BAcoNG,. T. Hipppeastrum. 

BAoong-bAoong, V. Crinum amoenum Roxb. 

BAcoNG NGA dulAo, V. Crinum pratense Herb. 

BAoong sa Pebsia. Pancratum zeylanicum Linn. 

BAcoNG SA s6log; V. Crinum pratense Herb. 

BACtJGAN, V. Dysoxylum blancoi Vidal. 

BACtJiT, Pang. Harrisonia bennetii Hook. 

Baci5^it, Pang. Alstonia. 

BAcuNG, V. Crinum asiaticum Linn. 

BAcuoG, Pang. Vatica. 

BadIang, T., V. Alocasia indica Schott. 

BadIang. Colocasia antiquorum Schott. 

BadiAba, T., v., Pamp. Coleus atropurpureus Benth. 

BadlAn, V. Sterospermum quadripinatum F. Vill. 

BAdog, II. Gnaphalium indicum L. 

BAgao. Ehretia. 

BAga-bAboi, T., V. Gmelina asiatica L. 

BAga-bAboi, V. Gmelina villosa Roxb. 

BagAcan, T. Bambusa. 

BagAcay, V. Dendrocalamus membranacens Munro. 

BagAcbac, Pamp. Eugenia. 

BagalAnSit, T. Palaquium lanceolata Blanco. 

BagalAngit, T. Palaquium luzonensis Vidal. 

BagalIguan, B. Astronia. 

BagalIbat. Nauclea glabra DC. 

BagaloAn, T. Marlea begoniaefolia Roxb. 

BAGAXtJGA, V. Melia dubia Cav. 

BagAnac. Clerodendron macrostegium Schauer. 

BagAng, Cag. Amorphophallus campanulatus Blume. 

BagAng Aso, B. Anaxagorea luzonensis A. Gray. 

BagAng-baqAng, B. Glochidion. 

BAGANfTO (Morong). Diospyros. 

Baga6lan, T. Marlea begoniaefolia Roxb. 

Baga6lan, T. Guettarda speciosa L. 

BAgab, II. Anisoptera. 

BagabIlao, T. Anthocephalus cadamba Miq. 

BagabIlao na iTfM, T. Nauclea. 

BAGABtLAT, T. Anthoccphalus cadamba Miq. 

Bagas6a, T., V. Ipomoea pes-caprae Roth. 

BAga-tambAl, V. Zanthoxylum avicennae DC. 

BAGA-TtJBANG (Samar). Cratoxylon blancoi Blume. 

BagAuac, T. Clerodendron. 

BagAuac na mobAdo, T. Clerodendron blancoanumm F. Vill. 

BagaybAy, T. Derris. 

BagbAg, II. Erythrina indica L. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


BAGKiiB. Clerodendrou. 

BagmAn, T. Quercus. 

BagnA, T. Glochidion. 

BagnIt, T. Tristellateia australasica A. Rich. 

Bag6. Commersonia platyphylla Andr. 

Bag6, V. Gnetuin gnemon L. 

Bag6. Garuga floribunda Decne. 

Bag6abon, V. Vitex heterophylla Roxb. 

BAgo-bAgo (Bohol). Garcinia caihbogia Desrouss. 

Bago-bAgo. Ixora macrophylla Bartl. 

BAgo-bAgo, V. Garcinia. 

Bag6mbon, Pamp., V. Alpinia gigantea L. 

BAgonq (Jolo). Amorphophallus campanulatus Blume. 

BAgong, V. Tapca rumphii Schauer. 

BAqong-bAgong, V. Tacca rumphii Schauer. 

Bag6ngbong, V. Alpinia brevilabris Presl. 

BAGONiTO, B. Cupania. 

Bag6oen, II. Parkia roxburghii, G. Don. 

BAG6-siLi. Gnetum gnemon Linn. 

BAgsang, V. Caryota rumphiana Mart. 

BAgud, T. Pterospermiun diversifolium Blume. 

BAGt^N, II. Parkia roxburghii G. Don. 

BAgui-l6mboy. Eugenia. 

BAGUi-Lt^MBAN, T. Aleurites trisperma Blanco. 

BAguing, T. Generally applied to woody vines. 

BAguin-castIla, T. Argyreia. 

BAguin-castIla, T. Ipomoea. 

BaguinunbAng NA pulA (Negros). Garcinia. 

BaguIb, II. Ixora. 

Baguib6bO; V. Viburnum luzonicum Rolfe. 

Baguib6eo, V. Adenanthera pavonina L. 

BAquit, B. Tristillatia australasica A. Rich. 

BaguitArim, T. Hopea philippinensis Dyer. 

BagulIbas (Mindoro). Buchanania florida Schauer. 

BagulIbas, T. Garuga. 

Baguma6niao, B. Maesa laxa Mez. 

BAhay, V. Pueraria phaseoloides Benth. 

BAhay, T. Ormosia calavensis Blanco. 

BAhay, T., V. Lepidopetalum perrottetii Blume. 

BAhay, T., V. Adenanthera pavonina Linn. 

BAhay, T., V. Pygeum. 

BAhay nam6g, B. Ardisia. 

BAhi, V. Arenga saccharifera Labill. 

BAhi, V. Calyptrocalyx spicatus Blume. 

BAhi, V. Livistona rotundifolia Mart. 

BAho-bAho, V. Cassia toffa Linn. 

BAiao, T. Fagraea morindaefolia Blume. 

BAiAO, V. Bruguiera eriopetala W. and A. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


BailAyan (Mindoro). Dipterocarpus. 

BaIno, T. Nelumbium speciosum Willd. 

BaIo. Bruguiera eriopetala W. and A. 

BaIt. Canarium?. 

BaIt, T., Pamp. Euphorbia neriifolia L. 

BAiTO, T. Bambusa. 

BaiyabAsin, T. Cassia alata L. 

BalabAgo, V. Hibiscus tiliaceus L. 

Balabalan6yan, T. Cleome viscosa L. 

Balabalan6yan, T. Gynandropsis pentaphylla DC. 

BalabalAntian. Cleome viscosa L. 

BALABALATt^i^AN, B. ludigofera teysmannii Miq. 

BaxabalAyan, T., V. Gmelina asiatica L. 

BalAbang QUiLfNG, V. Connaropsis philippica F. Vill. 

BalAbo, T. Grewia. 

Balab6not. Sterculia. 

BaxacAnog, T. Eugenia. 

BalAcat, T. Zizyphus trinervis Poir. 

BalacbAc, T.? Jussiaea suffruticosa Linn. 

BalacbAc, T. Eugenia jambos L. 

BalacbAlac, T. Mallotus ricinoides Muell. Arg. 

BaxacbalAc, V. Toumefortia argentea L. f. 

BaxagAnSo, T. Melia candollei Juss. 

BaxAgay, V. Psophocarpus palustris Desv. 

BaxAg-baxanqg6tan, T. Eleocharis. 

BaxAqnan. Calophyllum vidalii F. Vill. 

BaxAgnan, V. Calophyllum cuneatum Vidal. 

BalAi-lam6c, II. Mussaenda grandiflora Rolfe. 

BaxAi-lam6c, II. Crataeva religiosa Forst. 

BalAi-tocAc, II. Ixora. 

BaxAnghas. Sterculia balanghas Blanco. 

BAXANGiGAN, V. Guettarda speciosa Linn. 

BAXANGiQUiN, Cag. Streblus asper Lour. 

BAxAifGOT, T. Typha angustifolia L. 

Balang6tan, T. Cyperus. 

BalA^ud, T. Scirpus mucronata L. 

BaxAngun, V. Musa sapientum L. 

BaxAnoi, T. Ocimum sanctum L. 

BaxantAna, V. Clerodendron intermedium Cham. 

BALANTi, T. Homonoia riparia Lour. 

BalantI . Croton muricatum DC. 

BalantI, T. Alchornea mollis Muell. Arg. 

BaxantI, T. Homalanthus fastuosus F. Vill. 

BAlao, T. Dipterocarpus vernicifluus Blanco. 

BaxasAbis. Cupania regularis Blume. 

BalAsbas, v., T. Graptophyllum hortense Nees. 

BalAsbas-max6may, T. Graptophyllum hortense Nees. 

BaxAsin, T., v., Pamp. Anamirta cocculus W. and A. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


BalAtbat (Paragua). Licuala. 

BXlatinao. Diospyros pilosanthera Blanco. 

BalAtong, V. Vigna catjang Endl. 

BalAtong, T. Phaseolus mungo L. 

BalAtong-Aso, T. Cassia tora L. 

BalAtong-Aso, T. Cassia occidentalis L. 

BalAuen, Pang. Vitex. 

BAlay, V. Cassia fistula L. 

BalAyano, II. Musa sapientum L. 

BalAy-bAyan, Z. Pterospermum diversifolium Blume. 

BalAy-namtJc, II. Crataeva religiosa Forst. 

BalAy-oAc, U. Parkia roxburghii G. Don. 

Balay6hot, T. Buchanania florida Schauer. 

BalAyon, T., V. Afzelia rhomboidea Vidal. 

BalAyon, V. Cassia fistula Linn. 

Bai^yong, T. Afzelia rhomboidea Vidal. 

Bal^bo, Ig. Pinus insularis Endl. 

BalengAsoy, T. Buchanania florida Schauer. 

BALENGtJAY. Flagellaria indica L. 

BALfiTE, T. Ficus clusioides Miq. and other species. 

Bal^te-gApang (Marinduque). Ficus radicans Roxb. 

BALAfcAG, V. Dioscorea sativa L. 

BalibAgait, V. Dalbergia spinosa Roxb. 

BaubAgan, V. Guettarda speciosa L. 

BalibAgo, T. Grewia. 

BalibAgo, T., Pamp. Hibiscus tiliaceus L. 

BalIbai, Pamp. Symphorema luzonicum F. Vill. 

BalI-balI, V. Couthovia celebica Koorders. 

BalibAnban, V. Bauhinia tomentosa L. 

BalIbay. Litsea luzonica Blanco. 

BalIc?, V. Allophylus cobbe Blume. 

BALicAO, V. Schizostachyum. 

BalicAsan, T., V. Talaumia angatensis F. Vill. 

BAiic-BALfc, Pamp. Amomum ciliatum Blume. 

BAiic-BALfc, T. Hoya diversifolia Blume. 

BALic-BALfc, T. Pongamia glabra Vent. 

BalIctan?. Cryptocarya villarii Vidal. 

BiALiCTARiN, T. Clerodendron blancoanum F. Vill. 

Balic^cup, V. Epipremnum medium Engl. 

BaligAngan, B. Duabanga moluccana Blume. 

BaligAn-nin-gAngan, B. Eugenia. 

BalIgnon, V. Melochia arborea Blanco. 

Baiig6hot, B. Buchanania florida Schauer. 

BALiHtJD, T. Buchanania florida Schauer. 

BalIlang oAc, T. Oroxylum indicum L. 

BalIlang oAc, T. Claoxylon wallichianum Willd. 

BalIli, Pamp. Imperata arundinacea Cyr. 

BammbIn, T. Averrhoa carambola L. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


BaumbIng, T. Averrhoa carambola L. 

BalinAnay, T. Calamus. 

Balina6-na6 (Unisan). Ixora. 

Balina6-na6, T. Otophora blancoi Blume. 

BALi]!fGAcTA, II. Diospyros pilosanthera Blanco. 

BALrNGXGTA-ooLORADO (Abra). Diospyros. 

BAUNGijEiooD, T. Buchanania florida Schauer. 

BaungAsay. Buchanania florida Schauer. 

BalIngay. Flagellaria indica Blanco. 

BalingXyo, T. Erythropalum. 

BALi^BtNG, V. Averrhoa carambola Linn. 

BalIng ciJHLOY, V. Glochidion. 

Bau^JghAsay, T. Buchanania florida Schauer. 

BalingnAy, T. Flagellaria indica L. 

BALiNGtJA, V. Evodia triphylla DC. 

BAiiNGUAY, T. Flagellaria indica Linn. 

BalinhAsa, T. Buchanania florida Schauer. 

BalinhAsay (Morong). Buchanania florida Schauer. 

BalinhAsay (Abra). Semecarpus perrottetii March. 

BalinsiAgao. Aporosa. 

BAMNTtJA ( Zamboanga ) . Myristica philippinensis Lam. 

BALiNtJAY, T. Dracaena. 

BAuo, V. Pandanus dubius Spreng. 

BalIscup (Zamboanga). Eugenia. 

BAiisENG, V. Clerodendron inerme R. Br. 

BalitAdham, V. Quisqualis indica L. 

BALTTBiTAN, T?. Cynomctra ramiflora L. 

BautbItan, T. Sideroxylon balitbitan Blanco. 

BalIti, T., Pamp. Ficus indica L. and other species. 

BalIting payApa, T. Ficus. 

BAiin pulA, T. Ficus clusioides Miq. 

BaiJtnon, V. Melochia arborea Blanco. 

Balit6son. Terminalia. 

BALitJT, Pang. Hopea. 

BAiiYOCO, B. Andropogon schoenanthus L. 

BAlam-bAlam. Leea ?. 

BAlu^ng, Cag. Livistona rotundifolia Mart. 

Bal6bar, Pamp. Eugenia jambos L. 

Bal6bo, T. Diplodiscus paniculatus Turcz. 

BAloc. Sapindus ?. 

BalocAnac, T. Chisocheton paniculatus Hiern. 

Balocanad, T. Aleurites moluccana Blume. 

Bal6c bal6c, T. Pongamia glabra Vent. 

Bal6c-bal6c, T. Gliricidia maculata H. B. K. 

Bal6c-bal6c, T. Linociera. 

BAii6c-BAL6€, T. Scaevola koenigii Vahl. 

Bal6i), T., V. Nauclea obtusa Blume. 

Balogo, T., v., Pamp. Kntada scandens Benth. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


BAloi, V. Musa paradisiaca L. 

Bal6ng-cadyos, V. Alleanthus luzonicus Benth and Hook. 

BalongcAuit, B. Cedrela taratara Blanco. 

BALONGfTA. Diospyros pilosanthera Blanco. 

BALONO-LtJYON, Pamp. Coryplia umbraculifera L. 

Bal6nos, V. Entada scandens Benth., T. Cassia occidentalis L. 

Bal6t-bal6t (Tayabas). Pongamia glabra Vent. 

Baloy, T. Musa paradisiaca L. 

Bal6yono, V. Cassia fistula L. 

BALTfc (Paragua). Agathis loranthifolia Salisb. 

BaltJan. Macaranga?. 

BALtJBAD, T. Anacardium occidentale L. 

BALtJBAT, Pang. Eugenia. 

BALtJBO, T. Diplodiscus paniculatus Turcz. 

BalucXnad, T. Dysoxylum. 

BalucAnad, T. Aleurites moluccana Blume. 

BalucXnag, II. Aleurites moluccana Blume. 

BALUCBtJc, T. Clausena?. 

BalX^cao, T. Chisocheton. 

BaluclItu (Morong). Uncaria hookeri Vid. 

BALtJCJOT. Garcinia. 

BaludgXngan, T. Digitaria. 

BALtJGAi. Derris. 

BalungcanAyan, V. Pittosporum floribundum W. and A. 

Bal^nqgay, V. Moringa oleifera Lam. 

BalunsayIng, V. Canna indica L. 

BALtJNUT, B. Mangifera caesia Jack. 

BAmbag. Plumbago viscosa L. 

BambAn, T. Maranta dichotoma Lour. 

BambAn. Amaranthus spinosus L. 

Bamb^ng, T. Bauhinia. 

BAMTOiico, Z. Diospyros. 

BanAasi, II. Murraya exotica L. 

BanabA, T., v., Mang. Lagerstroemia speciosa Pers. 

BanabanAlo, T. Myristica. 

BAnaq, II. Allium sativum Linn. 

BAnag, v., T. Smilax china L. and other species. 

BanAgan, V. Smilax indica Vitm. and other species. 

BanAga-puiA, T. Thespesia macrophylla Blume. 

BannAgo, T., V. Thespesia macrophylla Blume. 

Ban Ago, T. Garcinia. 

BanAgo, T.? Diplodiscus?. 

BAnai, V. Hedychium. 

BAnai-bAnai, T. Sterospermum quadripinnatum F. Vill. 

BAnai-bAnai, T. Sterospermum pinnatum Rolfe and other species, 

BAnai-bAnai, II., T. Naravalia laurifolia Wall. 

BAnai-bAnayan, V. Sterospermum quadripinnatum F. Vill. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


BanaijO, T. Thespesia populnea Corr. 

BanAlo, T. Cordia subcordata Lam. 

BanAoag, V. Hedychium hasseltii Blume. 

BanAot, Z. Murray a exotica L. 

BanAro^ T. Guettarda speciosa L. 

BanAro, Pang. Thespesia macrophylla Blume. 

BanAsi, Pang. Murraya exotica L. 

BanAti, v., Pamp. Murraya exotica L. 

BanAto, T. Mallotus philippinensis Muell. Arg. 

BanAuac, T., V. Uvaria purpurea Blume. 

BAnay, V. Hedychium coronarium Koenig. 

BAnat, Pamp. Alpinia brevilabris Presl. 

BAnay. Sterospermum quadripinatum F. Vill. 

Ban Ay AN, V. Dioscorea eburnea Lour. 

BAnay-bAnay. Evodia. 

BanAyan. Sterospermum quadripinnatum F. Vill. 

BanbAn, T. Maranta dichotoma Wall. 

BanbAng (Morong). Clinogyne grandis B. and H. 

BanbAyan, II. Shorea. 

Banb6m, T. Maranta dichotoma Lour. 

BancAl, T. Sarcocephalus cordatus Miq. 

BancAl, T. Nauclea. 

BancalAguan. Terminalia calamansanay Rolfe. 

BancalAn, T. Calophyllum inophyllum L. 

BancalAnan (Zamboanga). Nauclea. 

BancalAuag, V. Terminalia calamansanay Rolfe. 

BancaxAuan, T. Buchanania fiorida Schauer. 

BancaxAuan, T. Terminalia calamansanay Rolfe. 

BancAl-cAbog. Sarcocephalus cordatus Miq. 

Banc6an. Cyperus difformis L. 

BancoIlan, T. Bridelia stipularis Blume. 

Banc6bo, T. Morinda bracteata Roxb. 

BancXjdo, T., V. Morinda citrifolia L. 

BAnqa, V. Calyptrocalyx spicatus Blume. 

BAnga (Camarines). Areca catechu L. 

BAnga. Corypha umbraculifera L. 

BanqAx, T. Gnetum gnemon L. 

Baikal, T. Nauclea. 

Ba.n^alad, V. Grewia paniculata Roxb. 

Ban<^Ar, II. Sterculia foetida L. 

BangAti, T., V. Abrus precatorius L. 

BangbAnq, II. Plumbago zeylanica L. 

Bangcal. Nauclea glaberrima Blanco. 

BangcAl, T. Sarcocephalus cordatus Miq. 

Bangc6ang-bond6c, T. Pandanus dubius Spreng. 

Bangc6lon, T. Cardiospermum halicacabum L. 

BAN6ctJDO, V. Morinda citrifolia L. 

BANGCtJDO, V. Morinda bracteata Roxb. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Bang-hAy, V. Hydnophytum. 

Bangg6eo, T., V. Morinda bracteata Roxb. 

Ban&Il, T., V. Sophora tomentosa L. 

BajJgbAy, v., T. Zingiber. 

BA]!f&L]fes, II. Hopea*. 

Ba]^6n, B. Caesalpinia. 

Bang6t, T. Pterocymbium javanicum R. Br. 

BangquIling, v., T. Phyllanthus distichus Muell. Arg. 

Ban&kay, V. Zingiber. 

BAnig (Morong). Xanthophyllum. 

BanIlac, V. Terminalia catappa L. 

BANfLAD, v., T. Sterculia urens Roxb. 

BANiNtJYO, T. Antidesma ghaesembilla Gaertn. 

BanItan, Pamp. Cryptocarya sp. 

BanItan. Xylopia dehiscens Merrill. 

BanIti, T. Garcinia. 

BanIti, B. Illipe betis Merrill. 

BanItlon. Melochia arborea Blanco. 

BanItlong (Zamboanga). Pierardia?. 

BanlatinXo, Pang. Diospyros. 

Ban-naAsi (11.)- Murraya exotica L. 

Ban6t, T. Bauhinia cumingiana Benth. 

BANQUiLiN, T. Phyllanthus distichus Muell. Arg. 

BansalAgin, T. Mimusops elengi L. 

BansalAqon, T., V. Mimusops elengi L. 

BansalAguE; T., V. Mimusops elengi L. 

BansalAguin, T. Eugenia. 

BansIlai, T. Gomphia. 

BANSfLAY, V. Ochna squarrosa Liim. 

BantAna. Ixora. 

BantAna, V. Clerodendron intermedium Cham. 

BantIgui, V. Pemphis acidula Forst. 

BantolInao, v., T. Diospyros pilosanjthera Blanco. 

BantolInon, T. Diospyros. 

BanuAng, T. Octomelis sumatrana Miq. 

BanuAy, Ig. Vaccinium indutum Vidal. 

BANtJTAN (Nueva Viscaya). Hopea palagata Vid. 

BANtJYO, T. Dipterocarpus. 

BANtJYO, T. Albizzia. 

BAOANG, V. Allium sativum Linn. 

Ba6ang-bAoang, V. Pancratium zeylanicum Linn. 

BAoNG, V. Dioscorea sativa L. 

BAqtji-bAqui, V. Cyperus difformis Linn. 

BAqui-bAqui, V. Spinifex squarrosus L. 

BAquin-baquIt, II. Helicteres spicata Colinb. 

BAQUiSQufSAN. Elcusine indica Gaertn. 

BabAbag. Eugenia jambos L. 

BarAc, T. Curcurma zerumbet Roxb. and other species. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


BabagbAc, II. Eugenia jambos L. 

BAbao, Pamp. Smilax china L. 

BabAn^oi (Bulacan). Orania regalis Zipp. 

BabanhAnyo, V. Eugenia. 

BabansiAgo, T. Aporosa. 

BabaumAban, T., V. Sophora tomentosa L. 

BabaybAy, T. Cerbera odollam Gaertn. 

BabAyon, V. Afzelia rhomboidea Vidal. 

BAbbo, B. Celtis?. 

Babb6n. Andropogon. 

Babc6lon. Cardiospermum halicacabum L. 

BAben, V. Pandanus dubius Spreng. 

BabiAt. Pinus insularis Endl. 


Babi6-an, Pang. Coliunbia. 

BAbit, V. Metrosideros vera Rumph. 

BAbit, II. Calamus haenkaemus Mart. 

BAbit, T. Homalocenchus hexandrus O. Ktze. 

BABitJAN, II. Pterospermum. 

BAblis. Diospyros pilosanthera Blanco. 

Bab6bo, V. Diplodiscus paniculatus Turez. 

BAbong? (Cagayan). Eugenia operculata Roxb. 

BABOQuf:BOG, T. Scleria. 

BAboy. Pterospermum diversifolium Blume. 

BAbsic, T. Mimusops elengi L. 

BAbu. Arenga saccharifera Labill. 

Babubat6nes, V. Kyllinga monocephala Rottb. 

BasAb-basAb, II. Loranthus. 

BAseng-bAseng, V. Sida rhombifolia Linn. 

BAsENG, II. Zingiber officinale Linn. 

BasiAc, T. Canarium. 

BasiAd (Tayabas). Canarium. 

BASfLAY. Ochna squarrosa Linn. 

BASfLOAG, II. Dysoxylum blancoi Vidal. 

BAta. Pinus insularis Endl. 

BatabI A NGA POTf, V. Musa. 

BAtad, V. Sorghum vulgare. 

BAtang ( Bontoc ) . Pinus insularis Endl. 

BAtang-bAtang ( Cebu ) . Cissampelos pareira L. 

BAtao, T., V. Dolochos lablab L. 

BatAvia. Musa sapientum L. 

Batbatid6r, Ig. Nepenthes alata Blanco. 

Bat^te. Wrightia?. 

BATfcAN. Dracontomelon cumingianum Baill. 

BaticulIn, T. Litsea perrottetii F. Vill. 

BaticuiJng, T. Litaea perrottetii F. Vill. 

BaticvlIn, T. Sterospermum quadripinnatum F. Vill. 

Batid6r, 11. Nepenthes alata Blanco. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


BatInan-Amo, T. Calophyllum wallichianum Planch and Triana. 

BatIno, T. Litsea. 

BatIno, T. Alstonia macrophylla Wall. 

BatIti, V. Cynometra inaequalifolia A. Gray. 

BATiTfNAN, T. Lagerstroemia batitinan Vidal. 

BatitInan, T. Shorea. 

Batlan. Sterospermum quadripinnatum F. Vill. 

BAto (Balabac). Justicia. 

Bat6an^ V. Dracontomelum mangiferum Blume. 

Batobat6, T., V. Litsea. 

Batobat6, T. Lepistemon reniformis Hassk. 

Batobat6nis, T. Euphorbia pilulifera L. 

BatolInao (Cagayan). Diospyros pilosanthera Blanco. 

BATtJAN, V. Garcinia. 

BAtul, T. Strychnos multiflora Benth. 

BAuANG, V. Allium sativum Linn. 

BAuang POTf (Jolo). Allium sativum Linn. 

BAui, T. Pongamia glabra Vent. 

BAtJso (central Luzon). Olea. 

BAwANG, T. Allium sativum L. 

BayAbab-Aso, Pamp. Randia. 

BayAbas, T. Psidium guayava L. 

BayA-bayabAsan, T. Gardenia obscura Vidal. 

BayActo, B. Trachelospermum. 

BayAg-cabAyo, T. Barringtonia. 

BAYAG-CAMBfNG, T. Orchipeda foetida Blume. 

BayAg CAMBfNG, T. Caesalpena bonducella Fleming. 

BayAg usA. Mussaenda. 

BayAg usA, T. Orchipeda foetida Blume. 

BayAg usA, T. Tabernaemontana globosa Blanco. 

BayambAn. Maranta dichtoma Wall. 

BAyangbAyang, V. Amaranthus spinosus L. 

BAYANTf, T. Aglaia. 

BAYAQuiBOC, T. Vernonia chinensis Less. 

BayasbAs, V. Gynotroches axillaris Blume. 

BayAti, T., v., Pamp. Anamirta cocculus W. and A. 

BaymAn, T. Quercus. 

Bayn6, T. Nelumbium speciosum Willd. 

BAYNtJD. Columbia serratifolia A. DC. 

Bay6c, T. Pterospermum blumeanum Kth. 

Bay6c, T. Pterospermum acerifolium Willd. 

Bay6c, T. Pterospermum diversifolium Blume. 

Bay6c-bay6c, T. Pongamia glabra Vent. 

Bay6g, T. Pterospermum blumeanum Kth. 

Bay6g. Callicarpa bicolor Juss. 

Bay6g bay6g, Pamp. Pterospermum. 

Bay6go, V. Chionanthes ramiflora F* Muell. 

Bay6go, T., v., Pamp. Entada scandens Benth. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Bayt5can, T. Quercus. 

BAYt'CAN, T. Sesuvium indicum L. 

BAYt^'CAN, T. Dipterocarpus. 

BAYtJCO, V. Artocarpus nitida Trecul. 

BAYtJCO, V. Dittelasma rarak Benth. 

BAYtJCO ]!fGA BiRfoN, V. Artocarpus nitida Tree. 

BAYtJCO n6a cacAuon, V. Artocarpus cumingiana Trecul. 

BAYtJCO ]ff6A LANGcXoN, V. Artocarpus cumingiana Trecul. 

BAYtJCO n6a lanhAn, V. Artocarpus lanceolata Trecul. 

BAYtJG, V. Pterospermum. 

BayugtIn, T. Pterospermum blumeanum Korth. 

BAYtJNO, V. Mangifera caesia Jack. 

BtBE. Pinus insularis Endl. 

B£beng. Pinus insularis Endl. 

B^HEN. Moringa oleifera Lam. 

BEJtJCO-sfPAY, T. Calamus. 

B£lis, T. Canarium luzonicum Miq. 

BELt^NOA, T. Macaranga. 

BenoAno, T. Commersonia platyphylla Andr. 

Benticoh6l, T. Musa sapientum L. 

BeobayXno, V. Buchanania florida Schauer. 

BESSfN, T. Bruguiera gymnorrhiza Lam. 

Bfixis, T., Pamp. Illipe betis Merrill. 

B^Tis lalAque, T. Illipe betis Merrill. 

BiAs, T. Gnetum scandens L. 

BULs-BiAs, Pamp. Commelina benghalensis L. 

BiAs-BiAs, T., V. Polyscias nodosa Seem. 

BiAs-p6go, T. Ammania baccifera L. 

BiBtLi, V. Cordia blancoi Vid. 

BiBfT, T. Engelhardtia?. 

BiBfT-pABANG. Sterospermum. 

BfcA, T., V. Vitis latifolia Roxb. 

BicAcAo, II. Setaria italica Beauv. 

BfCAL, II. Rhamnus. 

BIcal-bAbuy, T. Bambusa. 

BfDAY, II. Ocimum sanctum L. 

BigA, T. Homalomena. 

BigA, V. Colocasia indica Schott. 

BigAa, V. Ficus. 

BigAa, T. Zizyphus trinervis Poir. 

BigAs, T. Oryza sativa L. 

BignAi, T. Antidesma bunius Spreng. 

BignAi-calabAo, T. Antidesma. 

BignAi-mAya, T. Antidesma. 

BignAi-p6go, T. Antidesma ghaesembilla Gaertn. 

BignAy, Pamp. Antidesma bunius Spreng. 

BignAy-p6go. Phaenthus cumingii Miq. 

Bign6n, II. Kleinhovia hospita L. 

Digitized by 



BiLiMBfN, T. Aveirhoa carambola L. 

BIlan, Pamp. Macaranga tanarius Muell. Arg. 

BfLANG-Bf LANG ?, V. Cyanotis axillaris Roem. and Schult. 

BIlan g-b1lan6, V. Sesuvium portulacastrum L. 

Bilanqt6n, B. Calophyllum. 

BilAun. Macaranga mappa Muell. Arg?. 

BfLiD-BfLiD (Zamboanga). Claox^lon. 

BiLiMBfN, T. Averrhoa carambola L. 

BiLiMBfNES. Averrhoa carambola L. 

BfLis (Zamboanga). Trewia. 

B£l6go, T. Celastrus paniculata Willd. 

Bil6lo, T. Eugenia sp. 

BiLuA, Pamp. Macaranga. 

BiluA, T. Octomeles sumatrana Miq. 

BiLtJAN, T. Octomeles sumatrana Miq. 

BiLtJAN-LALAQUE, T. Macaranga. 

BilucAo, T. Garcinia cambogia Desrouss. 

BfLUNO, T. Macaranga. 

BiLtJ^A, T. Macaranga tanarius Muell. Arg. 

BiLtJNG-DAxAGA, T?. Terminalia. 

BiNAGtJAN, V. Dipterocarpus affinis Brandis. 

BiNAHfAN, T. Sauropus androgynus Merrill. 

BinalAton, V. Musa paradisiaca L. 

BiNALfUAN, T. Shorea. 

BinambAng, T. Oryza sativa L. 

BinAto, V. Musa sapientum L. 

Binay6co, T. Antidesma ghaesembilla Gaertn. 

BiNBfN^UAY, II. Loranthus pauciflorus Blanco. 

BingAbing. Macaranga moluccana DC. 

Bin^Abing, T. Macaranga mappa Muell. Arg. 

Bin&lIn, T., V. Polyscias nodosa Seem. 

BiNGLiu, V. Dysoxylum blancoi Vidal. 

BiNiGuAsAN, T. Heterostemma cuspidatum Decne. 

Bingtigoh6l, T. Musa paradisiaca L. 

Bin6lo, T. Terminalia. 

Bin6lo, B. Eugenia. 

Bin6nang, T. Octomeles sumatrana Miq. 

BiN6i?<&A, T., v., Pamp. Macaranga tanarius Muell. Arg. 

Binoy6c-boy6c, T. Modecca palmata L. 

BiNTtN&'DALAGA, T. Pithecolobium lobatum Benth. 

BiNTtif?<&-DALAQA (Tayabas). Micromelum tephrocarpum Turcz. 

Bint6c50. Casearia moluccana Blume. 

Bint6co, B. Evodia latifolia DC. 

BinuAn, T. Macaranga tanarius Muell. Arg. 

BiNtJANG. Octomeles sumatrana Miq. 

BinuAng, T. Macaranga mappa Muell. Arg. 

BiNtJCAO, T. Garcinia cambogia Desrouss. 

8956 3 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


BiNtJLO, T. Terminalia. * 

BiTfiJ^Af T. Clerodendron macrostigium Schauer. 

BiNtJNGA, V. Macaranga tanariiis Muell. Arg. 

BiNti?6A, II. Melochia arborea Blanco. 

BiNUSfsi, T. Tristellateia australaisica Rich. 

Bfo, II. Garuga floribunda Decne. 

Bfw. FicuB hirta Vahl. 

BfBi, T. Carthamus tinctorius L. 

BibI^i, T. PhaBeolus vulgaris L. 

BirlAo, T. Elaeocarpus. 

BIboo. Calophyllum inophyllum L. 

BisaclAt, T. Panicum. 

BisAco, V. Epipremnum medium Engl. 

BfscJO, T. Musa paradisiaca L. var. 

BiSLfs (Tayabas). Ixora. 

Bi8l6t, T. Eugenia. 

BfTA, V. Alstonia scholaiis R. Br. 

BItai-bAlanq, Pang. Parinarium. 

BfTA NO. Kleinhovia hospita Linn. 

Bitanh6l, T. Calophyllum inophyllum L. 

Bitanh6l, T. Scolopia crenata Clos. 

B1TANI16L, T. Flacourtia cataphracta Roxb. 

Bitanh6l-na-babAe, B. Myristica. 

BitAoo, v., II., Pamp. Calophyllum inophyllum L. 

BitAoi, Z. Calophyllum inophyllum L. 

BitbId, B. Eugenia. 

BfTCAC, T. Ternstroemia. 

BiTic, T. Shorea. 

BfTis, T. Illipe betis Merrill. 

BitlAg, T. Chailletia gelonioides H. f. 

Bitn6g, II. Kleinhovia hospita L. 

Bitn6n. Kleinhovia hospita L. 

Bitn6no, II. Kleinhovia hospita L. 

Bit6c. Calophyllum inophyllum L. 

BiTOCOLfNG, T. Palaquium luzoniense Vidal. 

BitocolIng, T. Litsea. 

B1T06, II. Calophyllum inophyllum L. 

Bit6go, T. Cycas circinalis L. 

Bit6ngol, T. Flacourtia sepiaria Roxb. 

B1T60N, V. Barringtonia speciosa Forst. 

BfTUG. Barringtonia speciosa Forst. 

BItung, V. Barringtonia speciosa Forst. 

BiTtJNGOL, T. Scolopia crenata Clos. 

BfUAS, T. Bruguiera caryophylloides Blume. 

BluAS, T. Ceriops. 

BfuAS, T. Rhizophora. 

Bl^ido. Amaranthus spinosus L. 

BoA, II. Areca catechu Linn. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Bo Ac, Ig. Albizzia procera Benth. 
BoAda, Ig. Melastoma obvolutum Jack. 
B6boa, V. Nephelium glabrum Noronh. 
B6boa, V. Lansium domesticum Rumph. 
B6bog, V. Sterculia foetida L. 
B6boi, B., T. Ceiba pentandra Gaertn. 
B6Boi-GtJBAT, T. Thespesia populnea Corr. 
Bobon6yang, V. Anaxagorea luzonensis A. Gray. 
B6boy, T. Ceiba pentandra Gaertn. 
B6buy-gubAt, T. Bombax malabaricum DC. 
BocAboc, T., V. Scaevola koenigii Vahl. 
BocAuAY, T. Schizostachyum acutiflorum Munro. 
BocAuf, T. Bambusa diffusa Blanco. 
BocAuf, T. Beesha rheedii Kunth. 
BocAuf, T. Bumbusa. 
B6cB0C, T. Streblus asperCour. 
Bodb6d, T. Bauhinia. 

B6dot, V. Dioscorea. 

BogAuac, T. Clerodendron. 

B6gna, V. Eurya japonica Thunb. 

B6go. Garuga. 

B6go-b6go. Brucea sumatrana Roxb. 

Boqol6yac, B. Chisochaeton tetrapetalus Turcz. 

B6gos, V. Acalypha stipulacea Klotzsch. 

B6gto-tAe, V. Streblus asper Lour. 

BohAve, V. Dysoxylum blancoi Vidal. 

Bohayan, V. Dioscorea. 

B6ho, T. Bambusa. 

B6ho, T. Dendrocalanus flagellifer Munro. 

B6ho-b6ho, V. Lantana camara L. 

Boh6l. Gmelina villosa Roxb. 

Bolaqtab, V. Solanum nigrum L. 

BolAhan. Oryza sativa L. 

BolAla, B. Aglaia?. 

B6lao, Pamp. Santiria. 

BolAtong. Phaseolus mungo L. 

Bol-l6, Ig. Acalypha grandis Benth. 

Boll6go, II. Anacardium occidentale L. 

Bolobot6nes, Pamp. Euphorbia pilulifera L. 

Bolobot6nes, V. Kyllinga monocephala Rottb. 

BolohAn, T. Oryza sativa L. var. 

Bol6n, T. Cur cur ma xanthorrhiza Roxb. 

BoLONGA]feTA, T. Diospyros pilosanthera Blanco. 

Bol6ng-cAuit. Jatropha curcas L. 

BoLONGUfTA, T. Diospyros pilosanthera Blanco. 

Bol6ng LtJYONG, Pamp. Livistonia papuana Bece. 

Bol6ng tAmbal, V. Dysoxylum blancoi Vidal. 

Bol6ng-tAmbal. Clerodendron intermedium Cham. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


BoLOXGufTA. Diospyros pilosanthera Blanco. 

Bol6t, V. Dioscorea fasciculata Roxb. 

BonAc, V. Ocimum basilicum L. 

Banato, T. Mallotus philippinensis Muell. Arg. 

BoNtTES. Barringtonia speciosa Pers. 

BOiiiiA, T., V. Areca catechu L. 

B6i^A (Batangas). Bauhinia variegata L. 

Bon&Abono, V. Macaranga mappa Muell. Arg. 

Bo^ab6jv&a, T. Alternanthera denticulata R. Br. 

BoN&Aix>N. Bauhinia grandiflora Blanco. 

BoN&ANG-MATtJiJS, T. Areca catechu Linn. 

Bon&Ang-pAto, T. Areca. 

B6^a-pAix). Areca catechu L. 

B6nga-bAntol. Areca catechu L. 

BoifoAN labnI, Pamp. Calamus albus Pers. 

Bon&lAs, V. Zizyphus. 

Bo^Lfu, v., T. Polyscias nodosa Seem. 

BoNS6T-BOif66T, V. Cyperus. 

BoNLAf, B. Lunasia amara Blanco. 

BoNLfN, T. Polyscias nodosus Seem. 

B6nog (Paragua). Garcinia. 

BonotAn, V. Cocos nucifera Linn. 

B6ntot-usA, v., T. Helicteres spicata Colinb. 

Bod-Bo6, Ig. Pinus insularis Endl. 

BoocAn, V. Lansium domesticum Rumph. 

BobnAy GtJBAT, V. Antidesma. 

Bobobot6nes, V. Kyllinga monocephala Rottb. 

Bob6na, Pamp. Setaria italica Beauv. 

Bob6na. Zea mays L. 

Bob6t, V. Dioscorea fasciculata Roxb. 

Bosb6bon, T., V. Scaevola koenigii Vahl. 

BoslCAD, V. Kyllinga monocephala Rottb. 

Bosl6g-Amo, T. Melastoma. 

B6ta, Ig. Mussaenda. 

B6ta-b6ta, T. Excocaria agallocha L. 

B6ta-b6ta, II. Melastoma obvolutum Jack. 

B6TANG-GtJBAT, T. Homalauthus fastuosus F. Vill. 

BotAt. Barringtonia racemosa DC. 

B6to, T., V. Scaevola koenigii Vahl. 

Bot6an, T. Musa sapientum L. 

Botobot6nes, B. Cyperus rotundus L. 

Botobot6nes. Euphorbia pilulifera L. 

BotohAn, T. Musa paradisiaca L. 

Bot6lan, T. Fluggea obovata Wall. 

B6ton-c1lo, V. Kyllinga monocephala Rottb. 

BoTONCfLLO, T. Gomphrena globosa L. 

B6T0NG, T., V. Barringtonia speciosa Forst. 

B6T0NG, V. Cocos nucifera Linn. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


B6TONG, V. Milletia sericea W. and A. 

B6tong-b6tong, T. Barringtonia speciosa Forst. 

Bot6nq-man6c, T. Sterospermum quadripinnatum F. Vill. 

B6vi, V. Euphorbia pilulifera L. 

Boy6c-boy6c, T. Momordica cochinchinensis Spreng. 

BuA, Cag. Areca catechu Linn. 

BuAS, II. Malotus philippinensis Muell. Arg. 

BuB-BtJGNAY. Antidesma bunius Spreng. 

BuB6Y-GtJBAT, T. Bombax malabaricum DC. 

BtJBUG. Erythrina indica Lam. 

BtJBUR?. Dracontomelum mangifera Blume. 

BtJBUY, T. Oeiba pentandra Gaertn. 

BtJBUY-GtJBAT, T. Thespesia populnea Corr. 

BucAcAO, II . Setaria italica Beauv. 

BtJC-B6c, Pamp. Streblus. 

BtJCTON (Masbate). Calamus. 

BuENA vfsTA, Sp.-Fil. Codiaeum variegatum Muell. Arg. 

Bu^NG, Pamp. Acorus calamus Linn. 

BugAjin, V. Strychnos celebica Koorders. 

Bugay6n, H. Abrus precatorius L. 

BtJGNA, V. Glochidion. 

BtJgnai, V. Antidesma bunius Spreng., and other species. 

BtJGNAO. Semecarpus perrottetii March. 

BtJGO, V.*, T. Garuga floribunda Decne. 

Bt'GOS, T., V. Acalypha grandis Benth., and other species. 

BtJGTONG, V. Caesalpinia bonduc Roxb. 

BuguAbon. Lagerstroemia batitinan Vid. 

BuGufBUC, T. Eragrostis tenella R. and S. 

BtJuo, V. Dendrocalamus flagellifer Munro. 

BufCAN, T. Shorea. 

BuiQUfQurr, T. Mucuna monosperma DC. 

B u Jtj c AN ( Albay ) . Fagraea. 

BtJLAC, T. Gossypium herbaceum L. 

BtJLAC, T. Ceiba pentandra Gaertn. 

BulacAn, V. Thespesia populnea Corr. 

BulacAn, V. Thespesia macrophylla Blume. 

BulacAn, T. Ipomoea peltata Choisy, and other species. 

BulAcao (Iloilo). Argyreia. 

BClac-bulAcan. Ipomoea peltata Choisy. 

BtJLAC-BULAcAN, T. Asclcpias curassavica L. 

BtJLAC-cAHOY, T. Grossypium perenne L. 

BtJLAC-CASTtLA, Pamp. Ceiba pentandra Gaertn. 

BtxAc-CASTlu^., Pamp. Gossypium herbaceum L. 

BtJLAc-CASTiLA, T. Asclcpias curassavica Linn. 

BtJLAC-DAM6, T. Asclepias curassavica L.' 

BtLAC-DOND6L (Ccbu). Ceiba pentandra Gaertn. 

BtJLAC-MANtJC, T., Pamp. Adenostemma viscosum Forst. 

BtJLAC-NA-MONTf, T. Gossypium perenne L. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

^' iJuV u' .5;. ". ' »«rja ;" u_3;«ufc 2._ im**. 

l^«'U<Aii6y, Vii*rx piji.ippiiMAfris MerrLI. 

HCu^f W BambiiAa lon^uiodis Miq. 

I$<;mj<.aaa5, V. ^iompLia angnstifoILai VaiJ. 

lU:UfSt,LtTAS, T- Diospyros. 

BtXATOX, Hijuneratia. pagatpat Blanco. 

iH:^iA ^Cagayan;. Dipieroc-arpus. 

MfiifAf ^^ag, Pt4ero>penmiin diversifolimn Blume. 

Bi?,^oA, T, Are^-a catechu L. 

\U:fiUkU)S, V, Homalocenchua hexandnis O. Ktze. 

Bi;,^/Alon, 'I\, V. Avicennia officinalis L. 

J5i;,^iALt', T. Avicennia officinalis L. 

JJi ,^;Al>tN, V. Honneratia pagatpat Blanco. 

Hi;>r;A.\ON (Tinago). Ryparosa. 

\U:fttihkH. Zizyphus?. 

hxSoiASf T. Polyscias nodosa Seem. 

lU:f^iLU), V. Amoora. 

Ui:fi7i't/)Y, V. FolyHcias nodosa Seem. 

Hasans, II. Allaeanthus luzonicus Benth. and Hook. 

Bi;NTi(jfLAN, T. Musa paradisiaca L. var. 

BuNi.Ao, V, JuBticia gcndarussa, L. 

Hiinsh', II. MuHa Hapientum L. var. 

BcgtJli^AN. Qnaphalium. 

BuQurrgulT. Asclepias curassavica L. 

Mf'iNTOT I't^HA, T. Mallotus ricinoides Muell. Arg. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Bl^NTOT-PtJSA, T. Setaria glauca Beauv. 

BtJNTiJT-tJSA, T. Helicteris spicata Colinb. 

BuNUAY (Bontoc). Vacciniiim indutum Vidal. 

BuNtJGAN?, Cag. Calamus rhomboideus Blume. 

BuQufNGAN, T. Gomphrena globosa L. 

BuRf, T. Corypha umbraculifera L. 

BusAiN, T. Bruguiera caryophylloides Blume. 

BusAiN (Leyte). Pterocymbium javanicum R. Br. 

BusAiN, V. Sterculia. 

Bust?, Cag. Calamus rhomboideus Blume.- 

BusfLAC, T. Amoora. 

BusfLAC, T. Alchornea blumeana Muell. Arg. 

BusfLAo, T. Aglaia minutiflora Bedd. 

BusfLi, Pang. Diospyros. 

BusfM. Bruguiera. 

BusiiG, II. Eleocharis. 

ButA, T. Excoecaria agallocha L. 

ButAbutA, T., Pamp. Excoecaria agallocha L. 

BtJTANG-GtJBAT, T. Homalanthus. 

BtJTAO, B. Ardisia humilis Vahl. 

BtJTiNG. Phaseolus vulgaris L. 

BuTfi^A, T. Phaseolus vulgaris L. 

BuTtN6ui. Vigna. 

BuTNfiG, II. Musa sapientum L. var. 

BuTNii;NG, II. Musa sapientum L. v^r. 

Bth'O-BtJTO, V. Cerbera odollam Gaertn. 

BtJT0-BUT6Nis, V. Phyllanthus. 

BtJTO-BUTONfsAN, T. Euphorbia atoto Forst. 

BtJTONG, V. Dendrocalamus. 

B^ONG, V. Pongamia glabra Vent. 

BtJTONG, V. Derris sinuata Benth. 

BtJTONG, V. Milletia pulchra Benth. 

BtJTONG-MANOc, V. Cyclostcmon. 

BuTtJAN, T. Musa sapientum L. 

BuTtJLAN (Tayabas). Fluggea obovata Wall. 

BuTtJ]i?5-MAN6c, B. Hydnocarpus heterophylla Blume. 

BtJY, II. Musa. 

BtJYAG, T. Citrus medica L. 

BuyayAva, V. Euphorbia pilulifera L. 

BuYf:N (Balabac). Mussaenda grandiflora Rolfe. 

BtJYO, v., T. Piper betle L. 

BtJYO-BtJYO, B. Astronia maerophylla Blume. 

BtJYO-BtJYO (Albay). Piper caninum A. Dietr. 

BtJYO-BtJYO. Trichosanthes amara L. 

Buy6c-buy6c, II. Ehretia buxifolia Roxb. 

Buy6c-buy6c, T. Momordica cochinchinensis Spreng. 

BtJYO IT Amo, V. Piper caninum A. Deitr. 

BtJYO IT Ayam, V. Piper caninum A. Dietr. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


BtJYO IT LiNTf, V. Piper caninum A. Dietr. 

BtJYON, V. Mussaenda anisophylla Vidal. 

BtJYOJTG, V. Melastoma. 

BtJYOB, V. Mussaenda. 

BtJYUN (Zamboanga). Lophopetalum. 


CAbag. Sarcocephalus cordatus Miq. 

CAbag-hambabAlos, V. Sarcocephalus cordatus Miq. 

CabAhoy. Eugenia. 

CabaicAbai, T., V. Sophora tomentosa L. 

CabAjuy. Eugenia. 

CabAl, T. Fagraea morindaefolia Blume. 

Caballi&ro, Sp. Fil. Caesalpinia pulcherrima Swartz. 

Cabal6ngan, T., Pamp. Strychnos ignatii Berg. 

CabAlte, V. Elaeocarpus oblongus Gaertn. 

Caba6-y, V. Eugenia. 

CABALfTi, T., V. Colubrina asiatica Brongn. 

CabatIti, T. Rhamnus wightii W. and A. 

CabcAb, V. Polypodium quercifolium L. 

CabcAban, V. Polypodium quercifolium L. 

CabcAron, II. Elephantopus spicatus Juss. 

CabIlao, V. Commelina benghalensis L. 

CabIlte, V. Elaeocarpus oblongus Gaertn. 

CABfQUi, T., V. Mimusops elengi Linn. 

Cabit-cAbag, T. Mezoneurum glabrum Desf. 

CABfT-cABAG, T. Caesalpina nuga Ait. 

CabItong, T., Pang. Eugenia. 

CablIn, T., Pamp. Pogostemon heyneanus Benth., and other species. 

CAbog, T. Unona. 

CAbog. Citrus hystrix DC. 

Cab6gbog, T. Antidesma ghaesembilla Ga.ertn. 

CAbo-ni&gro. Caryota urens L. 

CAboy. Unona. 

CabrAb, B., T., V. Erjrthrina indica L. 

CAbra-cAbra, V. Heliotropium indicum,. Linn, 

CabucabulAuan, B. Strychnos. 

CABtJGAO, V. Citrus decumana Linn. 

CAbul. Cucumis sativus Linn. 

CABtJLAO (Tiagan). Citrus aurantium L. 

CABtJTi, T. Boletus?. 

CABtJTi, T. Polyporus. 

CABtJYAO, Pamp. Citrus hystrix DC. 

CAcA, T. Nepenthes. 

CacAdle, T. Streblus asper Lour. 

CacahuAte, Pamp. Gliricidia maculata H. B. K. 

Cacahu6te. Arachis hypogaea L. 

CacAna, T. Quercus soleriana Vidal. and other species. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


CacAo, Sp. Theobroma cacao L. 

Cacao-cacAo (Ticao). Agrostistachys maesoana Vidal. 

CacAo-cacaoan. Talauma ?. 

CacAo-cacauAn, T. Lunasia. 

CacAo-cacauAn (Tayabas). Aglaia. 

CAcAo-fTA (Balabac). Fagraea crassipes Benth. 

CacauAte. Gliricidia maculata H. K. B. 

CacauAte, T. Arachis hypogaea L. 

CachA. Memecylon edule Roxb. 

CACHtJMBA, II. Argemone mexicana L. 

CACHtJMBA, Pamp. Carthamus tinctorius L. 

CaclentAsan, T. Canna indica L. 

CadAba. Grossypium herbaceum Linn. 

CadapdAp, B. Diospyros. 

Caday6han, T. Celosia argentea L. 

CAdco, Ig. Polypodium dipteris Blume. 

CaddIl, B. Duabanga moluccana Blume. • 

Cadd6l. Pongamia glabra Vent. 

CAdir. Duabanga moluccana Blume. 

CadlIn, V. Pogostemon cablin Benth. 

Cadlom, V. Pogostemon cablin Benth., and other species. 

CADtJNG, Ig. Nepenthes alata Blanco. 

CAd-yos, V. Cajanus indicus L. 

CAFt, Sp. Coffea arabica L. 

CagatCngan, T. Pygeuni. 

CagayAn, II. Boehmeria nivea Hook, and Arn. 

Cag^l, Sp.-Fil. Citrus aurantium Linn. 

CaglIndi. Phyllanthus acidus Muell. Arg. 

CaguIndi, V. Vitis carnosa Wall. 

CAGy6is, T. Cajanus indica L. 

Cagy6s. Cajanus indica L. 

CahAna (Jolo). Coffea arabica Linn. 

Cah^l, T., V. Citrus aurantium L. 

CAhoy-dalAqa, T. Morinda bracteata Roxb. 

CAhoy-dAlAga. Micromelum. 

CAhoy-dalAga. Pavetta. 

CAhoy-dalAga, T. Evodia. 

CAhoy-dalAga, T. Mussaenda grandiflora Rolfe. 

CAhoy-dalAga, T. Mollotus moluccanus Muell. Arg. 

CAhoy-dalAga. Tristira triptera Radlk. 

CaicAi, T. Adiantum lunulatum Burm. 

Caib6can, T. Beilschmiedia cairocan Vidal. 

CAni6Ni, T. Dioscorea. 

Caj:6l, 11. Citrus aurantium L. 

CalAad. Cissampelos pareira L. 

CalAbang, V. Daemonorops draco Mart. 

Calabant6s, V. Mucuna nivea DO. 

CalAbao, T. Monochoria vaginalis Presl. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


CalAbao, T. Ottelia alismoides Pers. 

CalabAsang-bil6g. Cucurbita maxima Duch. 

Calabaza. Cucurbita pepo Linn., and other species. 

CalabAzano bil6g, T. Cucurbita maxima Duchesne. 

CalabAzang pulA, T. Cucurbita maxima Duchesne. 

Calab6a, Pamp. Blechnum brownei Juss. 

Calab6a. Monochoria vaginalis Presl. 

CalAbot. Citrus toroso Blanco. 

CALABtYO, T. Saccopetalum. 

CalacalamAyan (Batangas). Cissampelos pareira L. 

Calacam6te, V. Ipomoea bona-nox Linn. 

CalacauAyan, V. Arundinella nervosa Nees. 

CalachuchI, T. Plumiera acutifolia Poir. 

CALAGtJN&tJG, V. Tournefortia sarmentosa Lam. 

CalAuos, V. Caryota rumphiana Mart. 

CalAi, T. Monocarpia blancoi F. Vill. 

CalAi, T. Xylopia dehiscens Merrill, and other species. 

CalaIcai (Leyte). Desmodium pulchellum Benth. 

Calai-calai, T. Various species of Anonaceae. 

CALAfTic, Mang. Litsea. 

CalalAuan, T. Asclepias curassavica L. 

CalamansAlan, T. Stephegyne. 

CalamansAlai, T. Stephegyne. 

CalamansAnai, T. Terminalia calamansanai Rolfe. 

CalamansAnai, T. Stephegyne. 

CalamansAnai, T. Diospyros. 

CalaalansAnai, T. Bursera?. 

Calamans6, T. Citrus aurantium L. 

CalamantAo, T. Antidesma ghaesembilla Gaertn. 

CalamAyo, T. Erioglossum. 

CalamAyon, T. Terminalia. 

CalambAe, V. Litsea. 

CalambIti. Caesalpinia bonducella Flem. 

CalambibIt, T. Caesalpina bonducella Flem. 

Calamb6-calamb6an, T. Cyperus. 

CalamIas, T. Averrhoa bilimbi L. 

CalamIsmis. Psophocarpus tetrogonolobus DC. 

CalamismIs, T. Psophocarpus tetragonolobus DC. 

CalamondIn, T. Citrus medica Linn. var. 

CalAnaq, B. Ailanthus moluccana DC. 

CalanqcAng, V. Heptapleurum subulatum Seem. 

CalanIgi, V. Gardenia. 

CALAMiTTfT. Terminalia. 

CalantAs, T., Pamp. Cedrela toona Roxb. 

CALANTfPAY, T. Scirpus. 

CalAn-um-oXjac, V. Trichosanthes globosa Blume. 

CalAoag, V. Curcuma virdiflora Roxb. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


CA.LAPI, v., B. Calamus albus Pers. 

CalapIa (Mindanao). Palaquium. 

CALApfNAi, T. Dodonaea viscosa L. 

CalapIni, T. Avicennia officinalis L. 

CALAStJsi, T. Plumiera acutifolia Poir. 

CalatIngan, T. Pterospermum. 

Calatond6n, T. Cyathea integra J. Sm. 

CALATSth'Si, T. Plumeria acutifolia Poir. 

CALATtJCHE, V. Plumeria acutifolia Poir. 

CalatumbAga. Crudia blancoi Rolfe. 

CalAuag, V. Curcuma longa L. ' . 

Cal-auItit, 11. Terminalia. 

CalavAga, V. Curcuma longa L. 

CalavAga, V. Cucumis sativa L. 

CalayAcay, V. Desmodium pulchellum Benth. 

CalayAte, V. Tectona grandis L. 

CalbAng, T. Bambusa. 

CaliAcay, V. Desmodium pulchellum Benth. 

CalIan, T. Glochidion. 

CaliantAng, T. Leea rubra Blume. 

CaliangtAng. Leea sambucina Willd. 

CalibAyoan. Bruguiera eriopetala W. and A. 

CalAica. Clerodendron intermedium Cham. 

CalIcot (Tayabas). Maesa indica A. DC. 

CalimAntao (Unisan). Evodia. 

CalimAntao, T. Diospyros. 

Calimanta6. Vitex. 

CalimbahIn, T. Micromelum tephrocarpum Turcz. 

CalinbagIn, T. Psidium guayava L. 

CALfi^A, V. Cinnamomum pauciflorum Nees. 

CalIngad, Pamp. Cinnamomum pauciflorum Nees. 

CalIngad, T., V. Cinnamomum pauciflorum Nees. 

CalIngag, T., V. Cinnamomum mercadoi Vidal, and other species. 

CalInSan, V. Melochia corchorifolia L. 

CAlin-man6g. Canthium mite Bartl. 

Cali6s, T. Streblus asper Lour. 

Cali6t, Pang., II. Hopea plagata Vid. 

CalipAyang, V. Codiaeum variegatum Muell. Arg. 

CalirAobao, T. Eragrostis plumosa Link. 

CALfSAi, Pamp. Terminalia catappa L. 

CALfr-CALfT, T. Vitis carnosa Wall. 

CalItes, V. Amaranthus spinosus L. 

CAlo. Artocarpus incisa L. 

Calobc6b, T. Eugenia jambos L. 

CalocAgo, B. Eugenia. 

CALOCATfN&AN, T. Pterospermum obliquum Blanco. 

CalocantIng, T.* Clitoria ternatea L. 

CAloc-cAtmo. Kayea. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


CalohAdia. Diospyros pilosanthera Blanco. 

CalohAdiano, Pamp. Diospyros. 

Cal6is. Streblus asper Lour. 

CalomAla, T. Elaeocarpus lanceaefolius Roxb. 

Calomans6la, T. Symplocos. 

CalomAta, T. Clausena excavata Burm. 

Calompan, T. Sterculia foetida L. 

CalompIt, T. Terminalia edulis Blanco. 

CalondAoni. Bridelia stipularis Blume. 

Cal6o, V. Abrus precatorius L. 

Cal6oy, V. Ocimum basilicum L. 

CAlot, Pang. Dioscorea. 

Cal6tang-bil6g. Trumfetta semitriloba L. 

CaloyAnang. Diospyros pilosanthera Blanco. 

CALtJAO, T. Casearia. 

CALtJBAY, V. Lagenaria vulgaris Seringe. 

CALUBCtJB, T. Eugenia. 

CALtJGAY, T. Moringa oleifera Lam. 

Calugc6g, T. Eugenia. 

CALtJis, T. Streblus asper Lour. 

CalumAcan, V. Elaeocarpus. 

CalumAnay, T. Rapanea philippinensis Mez. 

CalvmAnog, V. Koordersiodendron pinnatum Merrill. 

CalumAnog, V. Terminalia edulis Blanco. 

CalC'MBAn, T. Aleurites moluccana Blume. 

CalumInga, Ig. Gaultheria. 

CALtJMPANG, T. sterculia foetida L. 

CALtJMPAG-SA-LATi, T. Xylocarpus granatum Koenig. 

CALtJMPAG, T. sterculia foetida L. 

CalumpagIn, T. Marlea begoniaefolia Roxb. 

CALtJMPAN, Pamp. Sterculia foetida L. 

CALtTMPANG, T. Sterculia foetida L. 

Calumpai^In, T. Guettarda speciosa L. 

CalumpAnga-sa-lAti, T. Xylocarpus obovatum Juss. 

CALUMPfT, T. Terminalia edulis Blanco. 

CalunAcan, V. Elaeocarpus obovatus Arn. 

CALtJNGAi, T., v., Pamp. Moringa oleifera Lam. 

CALtJNGPANG, T. Sterculia foetida L. 

CALUNTfNOAN, V. Anthocephalus candamba Miq. 

CALUNTfNGAN-NGA-iTfM, V. Nauclea purpurea Roxb. 

CALUNTfxGAN-NGA-MULATO, V. Nauclea purpurea Roxb. 

CALtJPAD, V. Clematis gouriana Roxb. 

CALUPCtTP, T. Eugenia. 

CalupInes, Z. Avicennia officinalis L. 

CalutpAmo. Phyllanthus acidus Muell. Arg. 

CAlut, Pamp. Dioscorea hirsuta Blume. 

CamacamatIsan, T. Solanum nigrum L. 

CAMACHfLis, T. Pithecolobium dulce Benth. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Camaoahal (Morong). Diospyros. 

Camag6n, T. Diospyros discolor Willd. 

CamagsA, T. Rourea multiflora Planch. 

CamaosA, T. Smilax indica Vitm. 

CamagsA-taguIus, T. Rourea heterophylla Planch. 

CamagsX-taguIlis, T. Connarus. 

CAMAGt^AN. Diospyros discolor Willd. 

CamaisA, T. Croton tiglium L. 

CamaisA, T. Macaranga mappa Muell. Arg. 

CAMAisA-SA-Gt^AT, T. Cleidion. 

CAmal. Allaeanthus luzonicus, Benth. and Hook. 

CamalAgui, V. Tamarindus indica L. 

Camal6n, T. Evodia. 

Camal6ngay, T., V. Moringa oleifera Lam. 

CAMALtJN&UE, Pamp. Moringa oleifera Lam. 

CAMALtJSON, V. Psophocarpus tetragonolobus DC. 

CAMANCHtLE, T. Pithccolobium dulce Benth. 

CAMANCHfu:s. Pithecolobium dulce Benth. 

CamandAg, V. Croton tiglium L. 

CamAnga, T. Croton. 

CamAnge, V. Ocimum sanctum L. 

CamAngi, T. Dalea nigra Mart, and Gal. 

CamAngi, T. Gynura sarmentosa DC. 

CamAngsi, T., V. Artocarpus camansi Blanco. 

Cama]^uiAnis, T. Clausena excavata Burm. 

Caman6c, V. Crypteronia. 

CAMANSfLE, T. Pithecolobium dulce Benth. 

CamantAyo, V. Cratoxylon formosum Benth. and Hook. f. 

CamantIgui, T., Pamp. Impatiens balsamina L. 

CamantirIs, II. Pithecolobium dulce Benth. 

CamAog, V. Geodorum semicristatimi Lindl. 

Ca-mabIa, T. Artemisia vulgaris L. 

CamaeiAng-songs6ng, T. Leonurus sibiricus L. 

CamAs (Zamboanga). Myristica gutteriifolia A. DC. 

Camast^les. Pithecolobium dulce Benth. 

GamAtis, T., II. Lycopersicum esculentum Mill. 

CamAtis. Physalis angulata L. 

CamayX^an, T. Gymnosporia. 

CAMAYt^AN, T. Diospyros. 

CambAl. Pygeum latifolium Miq. 

CAmbba-cAmbba, V. Heliotropium indicum L. 

CamiAs, T. Averrhoa bilimbi L. 

CanIgang, T., V. Ipomoea pes-caprae Roth. 

CamIgay, II. Cryptocarya ilocana Vidal. 

CahIin, Z. Henslowia. 

CamilIng ( central Luzon ) . Diplodiscus paniculatus Turcz. 

CAMfBiNG, II. Semecarpus. 

CamIt-gAbag, T. Caesalpina nuga Ait. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Cam-mAleo (Abra). Ficus. 

CamocamotIhan, T., V. Ipomoea bona-nox L. 

CamochIle. Pithecolobium dulce Benth. 

CamochIles, T. Pithecolobium dulce Benth. 

Camog, II. Clethra canescens Reinw. 

Cam6nay, T. Diospyros. 

Cam6ng-c Among. Capparis aurantioides Presl. 

CAM0N6si, T., V. Artocarpus camansi Blanco. 

CamonsIles, T. Pithecolobium dulce Benth. 

Cam6tin, T. Strychnos potatorum L. f. 

CAmot-cabag, T. Caesalpinia bonduc Roxb. 

Cam6te, Sp.-Fil. Ipomoea batatas L. 

Cam6ting-cAhoy, T., V. Manihot utilissima Pohl. 

CAMOT-PtJSA, T. Mezoneurum. 

CAMOT-PtJSA, T. Harrisonia bennetii Benth. and Hook. f. 

Camp6pot, T. Tabernaemontana pandacaqui Poir. 

Camp6pot, Pamp. Jasminun sambac Ait. 

CAMtjLAO, II. Citrus hystrix DC. 

CAMtJNGUi (Zamboanga). Harrisonia bennetii Benth. and Hook. f. 

CamunIng, T. Atalantia. 

CamunIng, T. Murraya exotica L. 

CAMtJMiN, T. Rourea heterophylla Planch. 

CAMUNfN, v., Pamp. Murraya exotica L. 

CamuntAy, V. Citrus hystrix DC. 

CAmut-cAbag, T. Dalbergia ferruginea Roxb. 

CAmut-cAbag, T. Azima nova Blanco. 

CAMtJYO, T. Citrus hystrix DC. 

CAna, V. Cardiospermum halicacabum L. 

CanaasAga, Parap. Abrus precatorius L. 

Can6bong, V. Tacca pinnatifida Forst. 

CanAla, V. Musa. 

CanAlong, V. Tacca rumphii Schauer. 

CanAra, v., T. Musa. 

CanArem. Bischofia javanica Blume. 

CanAuay, T. Uncaria. 

CandAba, V. Gossypium herbaceum L. 

Candar6ma, II. Cinnamomum pauciflorum Nees. 

Cand6l, V. Benincasa cerifera Savi. 

Cand6n, II. Memecylon edule Roxb. 

Can^la, V. Ocimum basilicum L. 

Can^la. Cinnamomum pauciflorum Nees. 

Can6la-de-m6nte. Cinnamomum. 

Can^t, T. Artocarpus. 

CAngay, Pamp. Zanthoxylum avicennae DC. 

CAngon-cAngon, T. Hygrophila salicifolia Nees. 

Cangc6ng, T., Pamp. Ipomoea reptans Poir. 

Cangc6ag-dApo, T. Jussiaea repens L. 

CanIngag, T., V. Cinnamomum mercadoi Vidal. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


CanIsi, V. Piper betle L. 

CanlAea, V. Strychnos ignatii Berg. 

CanIngag, T. Xylopia. 

Can6may, T., V. Diospyros inultiflora Blanco, and other species. 

Can6nay, T. Croton. 

CansasAga, Pamp. Abrus precatorius L. 

CANSfLAN, V. Cratoxylon blancoi Vidal. 

CANiisAY, V. Cratoxylon. 

CANStJYOT. Aporosa. 

CANTfifGAN (Mang). Pterospernium. 

Canting^n, II. Cedrela toona Roxb. 

Canto-cAnto, T. Exacuni tetragonum Roxb. 

Cant6n. Gossypium barbadense L. 

Cant6n. Boehmeria nivea, H. and A. 

Cant6tai, T., Pamp. Paederia foetida L. 

Cant6tan. Paederia foetida L. 

Cant6tan, T. Vinca rosea L. 

Cant6tay, T. Paederia foetida L. 

CANTtJTAC, T. Paederia foetida L. 

CANTtJTAN, T. Paederia foetida L. 

CANUBStJBAN, T. Scirpus. 

CANUBStJBAN, T. Panicum. 

CANUBStJBAN, Pamp. Polygonum barbatum L. 

Ca^us-cAbag, T. Mezoneurum. 

Cana, Sp. Bambusa. 

CANA-DtJLCE, Sp. Saecharum officinarum L. 

Cana-espIna, Sp. Bambusa. 

CANA-pfsTOLA, T. Cassia fistula L. 

CANA-FfSTULA, Sp. Cassia fistula L. 

Can6n, II. Lilium philippinense Baker. 

CapAl, T. Hoya multiflora Blume. 

CapalAuan, V. Homalomena miqueliana, Schott. 

CApol-cApol, T. Asclepias curassavica L. 

CApol-cApol, T. Calotropis gigantea R. Br. 

CAPANiTtJLOT, T. Justicia gendarussa L. 

CAP AS, II. Ceiba pentandra Gaertn. 

CApas-sA^lay, II. Ceiba pentandra Gaertn. 

CapAyas, T., V. Carica papaya L. 

CapcApa, II. Poly podium quercifolium L. 

CAPfLi, T. Aleurites moluccana Willd. 

CApoc (Jolo). Ceiba pentandra Gaertn. 

Cap6n, T. Areca alba Rumph. 

Cap6pat-vi8Aya, V. Jasminum sambac Ait. 

CAPtJLAO, v., T. Cynomorium philippinense Blanco. 

CAPtJLi. Physalis peruviana L. 

CAPtJTOL, V. Oryza minuta Presl. 

CababAvi, II. Bridelia stipularis Blume. 

CaradAp, B. Scheichera. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


CaracAlla. Phaseolus caracalla Blanco. 

Cabacat6n, V. Musa paradisiaca L. var. 

CARACHtJCHA, T. Plumiera acutifolia Poir. 

CABAc6B-BUTiGuf, V. Eugcnia. 

CABiDAT, V. Leea javanica Blume. 

CaragdA. Trichosanthes amara L. 

CARAGii, T. Gardenia obscura Vidal. 

CABAHt^MAi, T. Pandanus. 

CarAmat. Phyllanthus. 

CabambuAya, II. Euphorbia neriifolia L. 

CabampAlit, Pamp. Sesuvium portulacastrum L. 

CabancAn, v., B. Heptapleurium. 

CabanyAn, V. Gomphia angustifolia Vahl. 

CabangcAny, V. Heptapleurum venulosum Seem. 

CabAoL) Z. Acacia. 

CabapdAp, T. Erythrina indica L. 

CabAuan, B. Duabanga moluccana Blume. 

CabIquis, II. Albizzia julibrissin Durazz. 

CabisqdIs, T., II. Albizzia julibrissin Durazz. 

CabitAna, V. Bryophyllum calycinum Salisb. 

GaritAna, y. Kalanchoe spathulata DC. 

CablIn, T. Pogostemon cablin Benth. 

CabmAi, T. Glochidion. 

CarnAte, V. Musa sapientum L. var. 

CAbo, II. Casuarina equisetifolia Forst. 

Carobc6b, B. Eugenia. 

CAR0Bc6B-BUTiQuf (Camarines). Eugenia. 

CabocsAn, T. Linociera. 

Car6pi, V. Amomum ciliatum Blume. 

CaropsAn. Linociera luzonica F. Vill. 

Cab6t, II. Amorphaphallus campanulatus Blume. 

Car6t, II. Dioscorea triphylla L. 

Carucans6li, T. Leucas aspera Spreng. 

CARUGtJ, T., V. Myristica. 

CasAbang, II. Zanthoxylum oxyphyllum Edgw. 

CasabhA, V. Carthamnus tinctorius L. 

CAsAi, T. Pithecolobium montanum Benth. 

CAsa-sagA. Abrus precatorius L. 

CAsAY, B. Albizzia littoralis, Teysm and Benn. 

CASAY, T. Aglaia. 

CAsAY, V. Pithecolobium montanum Benth. 

CAsAY, V. Adenanthera pavonina L. 

CasibainlAng (Paragua). Iguanura. 

CasIben, II. Sapindus turczaninowii Vid. 

CasindIc, T. Erythrina indica L. 

CasIrag, Z. Dodonaea viscosa L. 

CasItas, V. Cassia a lata L. 

CaslA, V. Jatropha curcas L. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Casni5t-cAbag, T. Azima nova Blanco. 
CasopanguIl, T. Glerodendron intermedium Cham. 
CASOPANGfL-SA-GtJBAT, T. Clerodendron. 
CASOPANGufL-NA-PUTf, T. Clcrodendron. 
Cas6y, T., V. Anacardium occidentale Linn. 
CAstio-casti6gan, T. Hibiscus abelmoschus L. 
CastIogan, T. Hibiscus abelmoschus L. 
CASTO-CASTOLfAN, Pamp. Hibiscus abelmoschus L. 
Cast6li, T. Hibiscus abelmoschus L. 
CASTtJLi, T. Hibiscus abelmoschus L. 
Cast^mba, Pamp., T. Carthamus tinctorius L. - 
CASt^ANG-Aso. Argemone mesdcana L. 
CASt^BBA. Carthamus tinctorius L. 
CasxjbhA, T., Pamp. Carthamus tinctorius L., II. Argemoue mexicana L. 
CAStJi-CAStJiAN, T. Dehaasia. 
CASufT, Pamp. Capparis. 

CASUPAif&iL-GtJBAT, T. Clerodcndrou blancoi Naves. 
CASUPAN&iL-Gt^BAT, T. Clerodendrou infortimatum L. 
CAsTio, T. Hibiscus abelmoschus L. 
CastJt, T. Anacardiiun occidentale L. 
CATAci.-TAcl, T. Bryophyllum calycinum Salisb. 
CatacA-tacA, T. Kalanchoe laciniata DC. 
Catal6n<^a, V. Strychnos ignatii Berg. 
CatamantAs. Antidesma cumingii DC. 
CatandA, T. Cassia alata L. 
. CatandA, T. Cassia tora L. 
CatandA, T. Crotalaria. 
CatandAng-Aso, T. Cassia tora L. 
CatangAl, V. Eurycles amboinensis Herb. 
CAtang-cAtang, T., B. Ipomoea pes-caprae Roth. 
CAtang-cAtang. Alpinia brevilabris Presl. 
CAtang-oAtang, T. Ipomoea pes-caprae Roth. 
CAtap (Zamboanga). Croton leiophyllus Muell. Arg. 
CatApang. Shorea guiso Blume. 
CatAbay (Balabac). Blumea chinensis DC. 
CatAypa (Dinagat). Ardisia perrottetiana A. DC. 
Catbal6n&a. Strychnos ignatii Berg. 
CatcAtan, Pamp., V. Alpinia brevilabris Presl. 
CatcAtan, V. Hedychium coronarium Koenig. 
CATCHiBONG, V. Datura alba Nees. 
CATCHtJBUNG, V. Datura alba Nees. 
CATCHtJBUNG, V. Datura metel L. 
CatelAna, T.? Diospyros. 
CATfcoT, T. Maesa indica A. DC. 
CatIguis, T. Sapindus turczaninowii Vid. 
CAtil, Ig. Eriosema chinense Vog. 

8956 4 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Catim6n, V. Cucumis melo L. and other species. 

Catm6n, T., V. Dillenia philippinensis Rolfe. 

CATLufiN, V. Pogostemon eablin Benth. 

Cat6n (Albay). Ficus. 

Cat6ngal, T. Pancratium zeylanicum L. 

0at6n-mach1no ( Zamboanga ) . Canarium. 

Cat6lan, V. Alpinia brevilabris Presl. 

Cat6tang, V. Hedychium coronarium Koenig. 

Cat6tang, v., Pamp. Alpinia gigantea L. 

Cat6tang, v., Pamp. Alpinia brevilabris Presl. 

CAtoy (Albay). Conocephalus. 

CAtoy (Albay). Artocarpus. 

CATStJMBA, T. Carthamus tinctorius L. 

CATUBActJLAN, T. Dysoxylum. 

CatuIt, T. Euphorbia tirucalli L. 

GATtJNGAL, T. Eurycles amboinensis Herb. 

CATtJNGAo, Ig. Loranthus spicifer F. Vill. 

CATtJBAi, T. Sesbania grandiflora Benth. 

CAuAD-CAUijaAN, T. Panicum. 

CauAd-cauAsan, T. Naravalia. 

CAuAi, T., V. Sophora tomentosa L. 

CAuat-cauAran, T. Cynodon dactylon L. 

CauAyan-Anos T. Bambusa longinodis Miq. 

CAuAYAN-BALfcAO, T. Bambusa luzonica Munro. 

CauAyan-bocAui. Schizostachyum acutiflorum Munro. 

CauAyan-bX^ho. Dendrocalamus. 

CAuAYAN-CHfNA?. ScMzostachyum blumei Nees. 

CauAyang-b6o, T. Bambusa laevis Blanco. 

CauAyan-guId, V. Bambusa blumeana Roem. and Schult. 

CauAyang-tot6o, T. Bambusa arundinacea Retz. 

CauAyang QUiLfNG, T. Bambusa monogyna Blanco. 

CauAyan-lumanpAoT. Dendrocalamus. 

CAuAYAN-NGA-iTtJM, V. Phyllostachys bambusoides Sieb. and Zuoc. 

CAuAYAN-osuf. Schizostachyum acutiflorum Munro. 

CauAyan-pAna. Bambusa. 

CauAyan-tAyo-uAnac (Tayabas). Schizostachyum acutiflorum Munro. 

Cau Ay an -TAIN An AC. Dendrocalamus. 

CauAyan-tinIc. Bambusa blumeana R. and S. 

CauAyan-t6bo. Bambusa blumeana Roem. 

CauAyang tot6o, T. Bambusa arundinacea Retz. 

CaumpAng (Jolo). Sterculia foetida L. 

CAUON, T. Arenga sacchifera Lab. 

CavAl, T. Garcinia. 

CavilAn, T. Vitis carnosa Wall. 

CayAga. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L. 

CayAnga, T., v., Pamp., II. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L. 

Caya^a-r6sa, II. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


CayangcAn, V. Heptapleurum vennlosum Seem. 

Bayai^cAn. Dioscorea pentaphylla Pers. 

Cayant6l, Z. Linociera?. 

Cayant6n, Z. Fieus. 

CayaoyAo, T. Alstonia spectabilis R. Br. 

CayApo, V. Pistia stratioles Linn. 

CAyo, B. Geiba pentandra Gaertn. 

Cayob-c6b (Cebu). Ophiorrhiza. 

CayomAnis, V. Cocos nucifera L. 

CAyong, V. Gloehidion littorale Blume. 

CAyos, V. Dioscorea hirsuta Blume. 

CayumAnis, T. Clausena pentaphylla DC. 

CayutAna, Pamp. Zanthoxylum avicennae DC. 

CayutAna, T. Zanthoxylum oxyphyllum Edg. 

CEB6LLi-CEB0LLiSAN, T. Ipomoea. 

Cer^zas, Sp.-Fil. Muntingia ealabura L. 

ChA, T. Aphananthe. 

ChachA-chachAhan, T. Scoparia dulcis L. 

Chac^A-chachAhan, T. Lippia nodiflora Rich. 

ChA-cimabb6n. Ehretia. 

CHAM-BtJNDOC, T. Ehretia buxifolia Roxb. 

ChampAca, Sp.-Fil. Michelia champaca Linn. 

ChampAga, T. Michelia champaca Linn. 

ChanchAe. Cissampelos pareira L. 

Chang-pAbano (Angat). Osbeckia chinensis L. 

Ch^che (Nueva Vizcaya). Stephegyne. 

Chigal6te. Argemone mexicana L. 

ChIco, Sp.-Fil. Achras sapota L. 

Ch1co-mam£;y. Lucuma mammosa Gaertn. 

ChIle, Sp.-Fil. Capsicum minimum Roxb. 

CnfLENG-BUND6c, T. Capsicimi minimum Roxb. 

CHfLENG-BUND6c, T. Piper. 

CHfLi-picANTE, Sp.-Fil. Capsicum minimum Roxb. 

ChinchAo-chinchAuan, T. Cissampelos pareira Linn. 

CiANB6G-Tt^GBA. Temstrocmia toquian F. Vill. 

CIdba. Citrus medica L. 

CfDBA-CAY6TE. Cucumis citrullus Sir. 

CiLiN&lwA, V. Averrhoa bilimbi L. 

Cinam6mo, Sp.-Fil. Lawsonia alba Lam. 

CiNAM6MO-DE-CHfNA, Sp.-Fil. Aglaia odorata Lour. 

CinchAo-cinchAuan, T. Cissampelos pareira L. 

CfNCO-cfNCJO. Gynandropsis pentaphylla DC. 

CfNOO-LiAGAS (Manila). Erianthemum bioolor Sch. 

CfNTAS-ciNTAsAN, T. Vallisncria spiralis L. 

CiRtJLLAS. Spondias purpurea L. 

CfscA. Imperata arundinacea Cyrill. 

Cfsip, Ig. Loranthus. 

C6bag, T. Dioscorea sativa L. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


C6baq-na-quir6i, T. Dioscorea. 

CobAmba, T. Canscora diffusa R. Br. 

C6be. Dittelasma rarak Benth. 

C6bong-c6boi70, V. Cyperus elatus Linn. 

Ck>cATMON, V. Buchanania florida Schauer. 

C6co, Sp.-Fil. Cocofi nucifera L. 

C6ooNO-iCAi76c, T. Barleria prionitis L. 

C6QOJX, T., v., B. Imperata arundinacea Cyrill. 

C6gon-c6gon, T. Hypoxia franquevillei Miq. 

Coh6mbbo. CucumiB sativa L. 

C6la, T. Geodorum semicristatum Lindl. 

CoLABATfAN, T. Gyperus. 

C6lano-bund6o, T. Geodorum semicristatum Lindl. 

G6LAS, T. Geodorum semicristatum Lindl. 

GoLASiiiAN, T. Portulaca oleracea L. 

Golatc6lat. Agaricus. 

ColAtay, T. Gynodon dactylon Pers. 

GoL^NQAT, T. Astronia. 

G6les, T. Morinda bracteata Rozb. 

G6LE8, T. Memecylon edule Roxb. 

G6LES-MALt^EO, T. Plsonia inermis Forst. 

GoliAt, T. Gnetum gnemon L. 

GolintAsan, V. Ganna indica L. 

G6lo, V. Artocarpus incisa L. f . 

Golob6t, T., V. Citrus hystrix DG. 

CoioCATXit^. Glitoria tematea Linn. 

Goloc6go, V. Ocimum sanctum L. 

G0LOCOL60, V. Clerodendron intermedium Cham. 

GolohAdia, Pamp. Diospyros. 

GolonAuab, T. Averrhoa bilimbi L. 

Colonc6gon, B. Hemandia peltata Meissn. 

Colonc6qon, V. Gcimum gratissimum L. 

Coix)po6p, T. Eugenia. 

C6LOT, V. Dioscorea hirsuta Blume. 

Col6tan, T. Triumfetta semitriloba L. 

Col6tan, T., v., Pamp. Urena sinuata L. 

Col6t-col6tan, T. Chrysopogon aciculatus Trin. 

Col6t-col6tan, T., V., Pamp. Urena sinuata L. 

ColoyAnang, Pamp. Diospyros. 

C6lung-c6lung, V. Crotolaria. 

CombAb-combAran, T. Hyptis brevipes Poir., H. capitata Jacq. 

Comimp6l, V. Hyptage madablota Gaertn. 

CoMMONsfL, V. Pithecolobium dulce Benth. 

ConAcon. Elaeocarpus floribundus Blume. 

Gond6l, T. Benincasa cerifera Savi. 

CoNGf, Pamp. Gxalis corniculata L. 

GoNTfNG-cortNGAN, T. Hellotropium indicum L. 

G6nty, T. Solanum migrum L. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


C6PANG, T., II. Parkia roxburghii G. Don. 

Ck)Pc6p, T. Eugenia montana Blanco. 

CJoPRAiiN, T. Ichnocarpus frutescens R. Br. 

Cobobc6b, B. Eugenia. 

CJoBOCABCt^DAN, V. , Lippia nodiflora Rich. 

C6R0NG, T. Chailletia. 

Cob6ng-c6rono, V. Erythrina ovali folia Roxb. 

CoRONfTAS, Sp.-Fil. Lantana camara L. 

Coe6s-cob6san, T. Chloris barbata Sw. 

Cob6t, V. Dioscorea fasciculata Roxb. 

Ck)R6T, H. Amorphophallus campanulatus Blume. 

CosiB^N, II. Sapindus turczaninowii Vid. 

CosiNDic. Erythrina indica L. 

C6SOL, V. Eurycles amboinensis Herb. 

C6SOI,, V. Kaempheria galanga L. 

C6soL-c6soL, V. Monochoria hastaefolia Presl. 

C6TiNG-C50Tf]!?GAN. Heliotropium indicum L. 

Cotm6c, B. Terminalia edulis Blanco. 

Cot6lan. Urena multifida L. 

CbocalAsay. Selaginella. 

Cuacuac6han, T. Abutilon indicum G. Don. 

Cuant6n, H. Amaranthus spinosus L. 

CtJBAO. Dictyoneura. 

CuBATfu, T. Aglaia grandis Miq. 

CtJBi, V. Artocarpus cumingiana Tree. 

CXtbi. Dittelasma rarak Benth. 

CuBfLi (Bulacan). Cubilia rumphii Blume. 

CughAi, T. Allium uliginosum Don., A. tricoocum L. 

CucuBfTAN, T., v., Pamp. Trichosanthes anguina L. 

CuctJN-BANtJC (Masbate). Hymenodictyon excelsum Wall. 

CudiApa, V. Celosia argentea Linn. 

CudiApa, V. Amaranthus paniculatus L. 

CufiLA. Homalium villarianum Vidal. 

Cu^LANG (Benguet). Cratoxylon floribundimi F. Vill. 

CuintAs-cuintAsan, T. Canna indica Linn. 

CufsoL, V. Kaempheria galanga L. 

CulAd, V. Dioscorea fasciculata Roxb. 

CulAlao, Pamp. Curcuma longa Linn. 

CuLAMBfsAN, B. Garcinia. 

CulantA, T. Barleria prionitia Linn. 

CulantrIllo, Pamp. Adiantum lunulatum Burm. 

CulAntbo (Manila). Coriandrum sativum L. 

CulApo, T. Boletus. 

CulAsi, B. Decaspermum paniculatum Turcz. 

CulAsi, T. Lumnitzera purpurea Presl. 

CulAtai, Pamp. Jasminum sambac Ait. 

CtJLES, T. Memecylon edule Roxb. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


CulI:t£S, V. Amaranthus spinosus L. 

CuLiAo, II. Curcuma longa Linn. 

CuliApa (Iloilo). Amaranthus mangostanus L. 

CuMiLT, v., T. Gnetimi ^nemon L. 

CuiicuL, V. Pithecolobiimi lobatiun Benth. 

CuLiiii. Commersonia platyphylla Andr. 

CuiiLis, T. Isolepis barbata R. Br. 

CuLfus, T. Amaranthus viridis L. 

CulilIsiao (Tayabas). Linociera cumingiana Vidal, Elaeocarpus. 

CulIng-bAbuy, T. Chisocheton. 

CuiiNG-MAN6c, V. Canthium. 

CttaOT, Pang. Hopea. 

Ctiiis, T. Memecylon eduliB Roxb. 

CtiLis-NA-PULA, V. Aporosa microcalyx Hassk. 

C^LIT, T., V. Morinda bracteata Roxb. 

CtJiX)c-ctJix)C, V. Eugenia. 

CuLUBtJNG, Pamp. Musa. 

CtJLU-cuLt), B. Calophyllum. 

CuiitJTAN. Urena sinuata L. 

CirLU-CTrLUTAiT, T. Urena sinuata Linn. 

CuLtJT-pi.MO, Pamp. Vitis carnosa Wall. 

CuMBAR, Pamp. Hypoestes laxiflora Nees. 

CtJNAG, T. Calamus. 

CunAlon, V. Diospyros eunalon A. DC. 

CtJNiG, II. Curcuma longa Linn. 

CtJNTi, T. Solanum nigrum L. 

CtJPANG, T., II. Parkia roxburghii G. Don. 

Ct3PANG-BUND6c, B. Gleditschia maculata H. B. K. 

CuPCi&p, Pamp. Eugenia. 

CtJPiT-ctJPiT, II. Lepistemon reniformis Hassk. 

CtJRAG. Calamus. 

CuragdA, v., Pamp. Trichosanthes anguina L. 

Curcan6la (Albay). Rauwolfia. 

CURBIBUETBU^T, H. Tabemaemontaua pandacaqui Poir. 

CuBtJCAT ( Nueva Viscaya ) . Shorea guiso Blume. 

CubyAo (Nueva Viscaya). Shorea guiso Blume. 

CuscusfPA, II. Cissampelos pareira L. 

CusiB^N, II?. Cupania. 

CusnAo, II. Curcuma longa Linn. 

CtJSOL, Pamp., V. Kaempheria galanga L. 

CtJSUNG, Pamp. Cyperus rotundus L. 

CuTCtJBAN, T. Plectranthus. v 

CtJTi, B. Solanum nigrum L. 

CutIl, Ig. Eriosema chinense Vog. 

CthX)-ct^TO, T. Bridelia stipularis Blume. 

Cuyao-yAo (Masbate). Alstonia. 

CuYA-QutA, Z. Pometia. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


CuyanyAn, B. Alatonia. 

CtJYON-ctJYON, V. Lepiniopsis tematensis Valeton. 
Cthros-cthros, V. Taxotrophis ilicifolia Vidal. 
CtJYOS-ct^YOS, T. Cupania. 


DAat, T. Xerotes longifolia R. Br. 

DAat, T. Scleria, 

DacandAng, V. Tephrosia. 

DACth'UNG (Jolo). Glerodendron cumingianum Schauer. 

DagAbas, T., V. Pteris opaca J. Sm. 

DAGALfGUAN, V. Astronia. 

DagAmit, V. Rubus glomeratus Blume and other species. 

DagangdAng, V. Tephrosia luzonensis Vogel. 

DagangdAng (Jolo). Maesa. 

DAgmay. Colocasia antiquorum Sehott. 

DAGMAY-NGA-Apfpi, V. Colocasia antiquorum Sehott. 

DAGMAY-NGA-BOLfLAO, V. Colocasia antiquorum Sehott. 

DAGMAY-]^A-iNfTLOG, V. Colocasia antiquorum Sehott. 

DAgmay-n&a-quins6l, V. Colocasia antiquorum Sehott. 

DAGMAY-i?QA-TAP6L, V. Colocasia antiquorum Sehott. 

DAGUfNOT, V. Rubus parviflorus L. 

DaguInot, V. Fragaria indica Andr. 

DAha. Mallotus. 

DAHfu, V. Coeos nueifera Linn. 

DaIla, V. Epipremnum medium Engl. 

DaitAnag, Pamp. Pterocarpus indicus Willd. 

DalAcan, II. Palaquim oleiferum Blanco. 

DalagAnum, V. Uvaria dulcis Dimal. 

DalAgao, V. Uvaria dulcis Dunal. 

DalAguit, V. Ficus indica L. 

DalAho, V. Fleurya interrupta Gaud. 

DalAnan, V. Tectona grandis Linn. f. 

DalandAn, T. Citrus aurantium Linn. 

Daland6n, V. Tectona grandis -Linn. f. 

DalangIan, v., T. Artocarpus camansi Blanco. 

DALAifSufL. Ficus indica L. 

DalantA, V. Zizyphus dalanta Blanco. 

Dala6ba, V. Justicia diehotoma Blume. 

DalAquit, V. Ficus. 

DalAsa. Terminalia catappa L. 

DalAyap, V. Citrus medica Linn. 

DalAyat, Z. Linociera. 

Dal£nse, T. Terminalia. 

DALENSfN, T. Terminalia. 

DALfMA (Jolo). Punica granatum Linn. 

DAUNDfi^QAN, T. Shorea. 

DAii^A, V. Dioscorea fasciculata Roxb. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


DalIn^ag, V. Dioscorea faaciculata Roxb. 

DalinhAs, T. Polyalthia, 

DaunsI, B. Terminalia catappa Linn. 

DaupAco, D. Adiantum lunulatum Barm. 

Dalipaoen, II. Alstonia scholaris R. Br. 

DAiisAY (Mindanao). Terminalia catappa L. 

DAiJ^a-DAxAoA. Musa paradisiaca L. 

Dal-lopAvkn, II. Alstonia scholaris R. Br. 

Daixx:nAsan, B. Eugenia. 

Dalond6n, V. Tectona grandis L. f. 

Daix)ni>6ng, V. Diospyros pilosanthera Blanco. 

Daijon6ban. Pipturus asper Wedd. 

DAii6xoT, T., Pamp. Pipturus asper Wedd. 

Daix)x6tan, V. Pipturus asper Wedd. 

DALUGDt'G, V. Caesalpinia bonduoella Fleming. 

DaluguIan. Artocarpus camansi Blanco. 

DALtSNOT, T. Pipturus asper Wedd. 

DalI^an, T., v., Pamp. Urena sinuata L. 

DALtrPAN, T. Hibiscus abelmoschus L. 

Dal^ang, V. Urena sinuata Linn. 

Dali^&at. Aglaia argentea Blume. 

DaiXtrv-babAk, B. Lumnitzera purpurea Presl. 

DALtjBU-LAi^QUE, B. Sonucratia pagatpat Blanco. 

DALt^LT, Pamp. Aglaia. 

Dama de n6che, Sp. Gestrum noctumum L. 

DamJLs (Camarines). Agathis loranthifolia Salisb. 

DambuhAla, T. Diospyros. 

DAM6-HfA, T. Mimosa pudica L. 

Dam6ng-dAgat, T. Spinifex squarrosus L. 

DAM6NG-HiYA, T. Biophytum sensitivum DC. 

Dam6bo, T., Pamp. Carum oopticum Benth. 

Dam6bo, V. Fleuiya interrupta Gaud. 

Dam6bo, T., V. Carum oopticum Benth. 

DamortIs, II. Pitheoolobium duloe Benth. 

DampXijt, T., v., Pamp. Sesuvium )K>rtuIacastrum L. 

Damp6l, T. Glochidion. 

Damp6L; T. Terminalia, 

Damp6l, T. Bischofia javanica Blume. 

DAirC-iCARfA. Artemesia grata Wall. 

DAirt^XG-GC'BAT, T. Pogonatherum crinitum Frin. 

DAict^G-pAsiG, T. Panicum. 

DAir€s-APf, T. Panicum. 

Danag, T. Capparis. 

DanJLpra, Pterocarpus. 

DancAgi. V. Strychnos ignatii Berg. 

DancJLlan, T., v., B. Calophyllum inophyllum L. 

DANGLf, II. Vitex trifolia L. f. 

I)ANGLi (Tayabas). Grewia laevigata Vahl. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


DanglIn, II. Grewia laevigata Vahl. 

DaJ^SlIn, II. Dipterocarpus. 

DANGLfif^AN, T. Callicarpa. 

DANGLfNG-Aso, V., T. Hclicteres spicata Colinb. 

DANQLfNG-Aso, T., V. Grewia multiflora Juss. 

DA^LtJC, T. Saccopetalum longipes Vidal. 

DAn&oy, T. Grewia. 

DanIgga (Cagayan). Cedrella toona Roxb. 

DanIri, V. Oldenlandia diffusa Roxb. 

DANLfG, T. Shorea. 

Danl6y. Grewia umbellata Roxb. 

Dans6, T. Selaginella. 

DANt^RA (Cagayan). Cedrella toona Roxb. 

Danylin, T. Grewia laevigata Vahl. 

DAo, T., V. Dracontomelum mangifera Blume. 

DAo, V. Zingiber zerumbet Rose. 

DAoA, V. Setaria italica Beauv. 

Dao-dIua, V. Fleurya interrupta Gaud. 

DApal, V. Opuntia cochinillifera Mill. 

DapdAp, T., v., Pamp. Erythrina indiea Lam., and other species. 

DapedApe. Erythrina indiea Lam. 

DapnIt, Pamp. Schleichera. 

DApo, T. Universally applied to epiphytic orchids, ferns, lyoopodiums, etc. 

DApo-mabip6sa. Phalaenopsis amabalis Blume. 

DaponAya, V. Coleus acuminatus. 

Dap6-sa-cAhuy. Loranthus philippinensis Blanco. 

DAP6if5-BABA, T. Hoya multiflora Blume. 

Dap6n&-tibAtib, T. Rhaphidophora montana Schott. 

Dap6-sa-cauAyan, T. Cleisistoma amabale T. and B. 

Dap6-sa-pAjo, T. Loranthus ampuUaceus L. 

DaracAN; II. Palaquium oleiferum Blanco. 

Daeac6t, V. Triumfetta semitriloba L. 

DabApdt, V. Samadera indiea Gaertn. 

DabAsig, V. Oxalis acetosella L, 

DabAya, T. Cratoxylon polyanthum Korth. 

DabiaI75Ao, T. Albizzia procera Benth. 

DABfAS, T., V. Pteris opaca J. Sm. 

DABfpAY, T., B., V. Ipomoea pes-caprae Roth. 

Dabobg6b, T. Eugenia macrocarpa Roxb. 

DAT, V. Scleria. 

DAtiles. Muntingia calabura Linn. 

DAuA, T., V. Setaria italica Beauv. 

DAUA, T. Eugenia tetragona Wight. 

DAua-dAua, T. Panicum crusgalli L. 

DAuAG, T. Capparis micrantha DC. 

DAuAG, T. Capparis horrida L. f. 

DAt^suM, V. Eurycles amboinensis Herb. 

DAuT, T. Scleria. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Di.VA, T., V. Setaria italica Beauv. 

DayAca, T. Wallichia tremula Mart.? 

DayagsAc. Ficus quercifolia Roxb. 

Di-YANG, T. Blechnum brownei Juss. 

Di.YANO, T. Anisoptera. 

DAyang, T. Cyathula prostrata Blume. 

Di.YAP, T. Citrus acida Roxb. 

DAyap-dAyap. Plectrona horrida H. and T. 

DAyap-dayApat, T. Atalantia. 

DAyap GtJBAT, V. Xanthophyllum. 

DAYAP-NA-MONTf, T. Atalantia monophylla Corr. 

DayAquit. Ficus indica Linn. 

Day! A, V. Rhaphidophora pertusa Schott. 

DaytAnag, Pamp. Pterocarpus. 

DECDfic, II. Chailletia griflSthii Hook. f. 

DfA, Z. Zizyphus. 

DfAc, Pamp. Memecylon. 

DibAtib, V. Epipremnum medium Engl. 

DiclAp. Zizyphus trinervis Poir. 

DictJTA, Pamp. Paederia foetida L. 

Di£go-de-n6che. Mirabilis jalapa L. 

DiglAs, T. Terminalia. 

DiGQufT-DiGQUfT, T. Pisonia aculeata L. 

DigtAn (Tayabas) ?. Calamus mollis Blanco. 

Dfis, V. Bauhinia tomentosa L. 

DilAan, V. Buchanania florida Schauer. 

DfLA-DfLA, T. Elephantopus mollis H. B. K. 

DfiA-DfLA, Pamp. Lepidopetalum. 

DfLA-DfLA, T. Cynometra inequalifolia A. Gray. 

DfLA-DfLA (Marinduque). Excoecaria agallocha Linn. 

DfLA-DfLA. Onychium auratum Kaulf. 

DfLAG-BUTiQuf, T. Podocarpus. 

DfLAN-BUTiQuf. Dcntclla repens L. 

DfLANG-Aso, T. Hypoestes. 

DfLANG-BAcA, B. Olea. 

DfLACfG-BAcA, T. Opuntia cochinillifera Mill. 

DfLANG-BoAYA, V. Aloc barbadcnsis Mill. 

DfLANG-BUTiQLf, T. Tylophora bifida F. Vill. 

DfLANG-BUTiQUf, T. Blumca laciniata DC. 

DfLANQ-BLTiQuf, T. Dcutella repens Forst. 

DfLANG-iiALO, V. Aloe barbadensis Mill. 

DfLANG-usA, T. Elephantopus spicatus Juss. 

DfLANG-usA, T. Carallia integerrima. 

DilAo, T. Curcuma longa L. 

DiLAo-PUTf, T. Curcuma. 

DilAnan. Citrus hystrix DC. 

DfLiG, II. Canthium confertum Korth. 

DilimAn (Manila). Polypodium. 

Digitized by 



DiLivimOj T. Acanthus ilicifolius L. 

DiluXrio, T. Argemone mexicana L. 

DiNCiUN, T. Calophyllum inophyllum L. 

DinglAs, T.? Terminalia. 

DinglAs. Eugenia. 

DinglAs?, II. Hopea. 

DiNGCixiN. Calophyllum inophyllum L. 

DinlAs, T. Eugenia. 

DiNUGtJAN, T. Musa paradisiaca L. var. 

DirAn, II. Zizyphus. 

DIbig, II. Otophora blancoi Blume. 

DlBiG, II. Capura. 

DibIta, T. Alstonia. 

DfTA, v., T. Alstonia scholaris R. Br. 

DitAa. Alstonia scholaris R. Br. 

DitAan (Zambales). Calamus haenkeanus Mart. 

DfTA-DfTA (Camarines). Astronia pulchra Vidal. 

DruAxAT-NA-fTEM, T. Dysoxylum. 

DoAtlo. Urophyllum glabrum Jack. 

Dobl:^sa, T. Lumnitzera purpurea Presl. 

D6cat-d:£cat, V. Cyathula prostrata Blume. 

D6c50T-d6oot, T. Achyranthes aspera L. 

D6c50T-d6cot, V. Pupalia atropurpurea Moq. 

D6cot-d6cot, V. Desmodium laxiflorum DC. 

D6GUE, Dioscorea sativa. 

Dald6l, V. Ceiba pentandra Gaertn. 

DolItan. Palaquium luzonense Vidal. 

DoiiTAN-PAcATAN, T. Sldcroxylou. 

D0L6TAN-PUI4A, T. Sideroxylon. 

DoLfTAN-PXJTf, T. Garcinia. 

DoloAbin, T. Acanthus ilicifolius L. 

DolocnAsan, B. Eugenia. 

DoLONGfAN, T., V. Artocarpus. 

DoLON^fAN, T., V. Artocarpus camansi Blanco. 

Dol6ntas, T. Chrysanthemum indicum L. 

DolovAbio. Acanthus ilicifolius L. 

Dond6l, II. Ceiba pentandra Gaertn. 

r)oNG6N, T. Heritiera littoralis Dry. 

DonhAo, T. Astronia. 

D60L, v., Pamp. Moringa oleifera Lam. 

D6soL, Z. Kaempheria galanga L. 

Doy6c-doy6c, V. Gynotroches axillaris Blume. 

DuaduAban, T. Panicum. 

Dt^AT, T., v., Pamp. Eugenia jambolana.Lam. 

Dt^CA, V. Dittelasma rarak H. f. 

DtJCA, V. Erioglossum edule Blume. 

DuclAp, T. Zizyphus trinervis Poir. 

DuciiTAN, T. Sideroxylon diiclitan Blanco. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


DucTtJLAN, T. Eugenia. 

DucTt^NQ-AHAS, T. Naravelia laurifolia Wall. 

DuctJM, V. Hibiscus abelmoschus L. 

DthsG. Bischofia javanica Blume. 

DuEiiTAN. Sideroxylon cinereUm L. 

DtJGAN, T. Eugenia. 

DuoAbon, T. Bridelia stipularis Blume. 

Dugay6n, V. Decaspermum paniculatum Turcz. 

Duo6an. Myristica philippinensis Lam. 

Dug6n-lAte, T. Heritiera littoralis Dry. 

Duqt6nq-Ahas, T. Parameria philippinensis Radlk. 

Dugt^ng-Ahas, T. Streptocaulon baumii Decne. 

DuGDtNQ-XHAS, T. Vitis quadrangularis Wall. 

DugmAn, V. Wolffia schleideni Miq. 

Dug6an, B. Myristica. 

DuGtJAN, T. Myristica cumingii Warb. and other species. 

DtjHA?, V. Pterocymbium javaniciini 11. Br. 

DuhAo (Zamboanga). Myristica niindnnaensis Warb. 

DtJHAT, T., v., Pamp. Eugenia jambolana Lam. 

DtJHAT-MAN6c, T. Ixora. 

DufAN (Jolo). Durio zibethinus Linn. 

DulanAbi. Acanthus iliciformis L. 

D^LAO, V. Curcuma longa L. 

DtJLAo-BABAE, T. Globba strobilifera Zoll. 

DulauAbi, Pamp. Acanthus ilicifolius L. 

DulIan (Jolo). Durio zibethinus Linn. 

DuiiAN, 11. Dioscorea batatas Decne. 

DuiiTAN-PUiA, T. Palaquium. 

Dui.uAbio, T. Argemone mexicana L. 

DuLtJPANQ, V. Abutilon indicum G. Don. 

DuMALf, T. Oryza sativa L. var. 

DumAnai, T. Homonoia riparia Lour. 

DumayAca, T. Wallichia tremula Mart. 

DuifoAo, T. Astronia. 

DungAbug, V. Ficus cuneata Miq. 

Dti^ON, T., V. Heritiera littoralis Dry. 

Dun66n. Tarrietia sylvatica Merrill. 

DtTNGdL. Tarrietia sylvatica Merrill. 

Dui?G6N-DUN&6NAN, T. Pygeum. 

Dung6n-lAte, T. Heritiera littoralis Dry. 

DuNGtJN, T., V. Heritiera littoralis Dry. 

DuNG^N, V. Tarrietia sylvatica Merrill. 

DuN6uBtJNGXJT, C. Citrus hystrix DC. 

DtJBA, V. Ruta graveolens L. 

DtJBANG-pABANG, T. Dalea nigra Mart, and Gal. 

DubiAn. Durio zibethinus Linn. 

DuBtJGU, T., V. Myristica. 

DtTS. Bauhinia binnata Blanco. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Dtjso, T. Kaempheria galanga L. 
Dt5^suL, T. Kaempheria galanga L. 
DtJYONG, II. Shorea. 

6bano. Maba buxifolia Pers. 
lEM-tM, Ig. Chloranthus brachystachys Blume. 
Esc6bang-habA, T., V., Pamp. Sida rhombifolia L. 
EsooBANG-HAB-A, T. Sida carpinifolia L. 
Eses-mAta, T. Ficus. 

Falumob^a, T. Calophyllum. 

FangfAnSun, Ig. Vemonia. 

FangInhan. Pterocymbium javanicum R. Br. 

FABfcTANy T. Geodomm semicristatum Lindl. 

FfisA, T. Oanarium. 

Fb^a, Sp.-Fil. Strychnos ignatii Berg, 

GAbi, Gag., T., v., Pamp. Golocasia antiquorum Scliott. 
GAbi-gAbi, V. Monochoria hastaefolia Presl. 
GAbi-gAbi, V. Bootia cordata Wall. 
GAbi-gabIhan, T. Typhonium divaricatum Decne. 
GabIhan, T. Monochoria hastaefolia Presl. 
GABfix), T. Garuga. 

GAbing-mobAda, V. Golocasia antiquorum Schott. 
GAbing-onAc, T. Alocasia indica Schott. 
GAbing-polA, T. Golocasia antiquorum Schott. 
GAbing-silAi?gan, T. Golocasia antiquorum Schott. 
GAblos, T. Ardisia. 
Gabu^n, V. Blumea balsamifera DC. 
GAby-nga-guinAtos, V. Golocasia antiquorum Schott. 
GAby-na-sib6yas, T. Golocasia antiquorum Schott. 
GAby-na-sinib6yas, T. Golocasia antiquorum Schott. 
GAccA, Ig. Loranthus. 
GA-ga, T. Mallotus ricinoides Muell. Arg. 
GAla-gAla, T. Agathis loranthifolia Salisb. 
GalAmai-Amo, T., V. Heptapleurum venulosum Seem. 
GALAMfNY-AMUC, B. Walsura robusta Roxb. 
GaiAJyga. Maranta arimdinacea L. 
GalIang, V. Golocasia antiquorum Schott. 
GalonAlpas, Pamp. Cyperus rotundus L. 
GahagamatIsan, T. Solanum nigrum L. 
Gam6t-sambAli, T. Parameria philippinensis Radlk. 
Ganda, V. Allium sativum L. 

GANDt^s, T., v., Pamp. Golocasia antiquorum Schott. 
Gan-gAn, V. Flemingia strobilifera R. Br. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


GApas, V, Gossypium herbaceum L. 

GApas-c6sta. Gossypium herbaceum L. 

GApas-gApas, V. Vitex obovata Thunb. 

GarAdat, B. Leea javanica Blume. 

GabamansAtay, T. Ternstroemia toquian F. Vill. 

GabanoAn, V. Averrhoa carambola Linn. 

GabbAn, V, Epipremnum medium Engl. 

Gabong6n, Gag. Hopea. 

Gas-gAs, V. Rhodamnia glabra Vidal. 

GaspAs-cas^ba. Gossypium herbaceum L, 

GAtas-gAtas. Euphorbia pilulifera L. 

GatAsan, T. Garcinia duodecandra Pierre. 

GatAsan, T. Terminalia. 

GatAsan, V. Fagraea morindaefolia Blume. 

GatAsan, T., V, Garcinia cornea Linn, and other species. 

GatAsan dilAo (Tayabas>. Garcinia. 

GatAsan-pulA, T. Garcinia venulosa Choisy. 

GAtas-gAtas, T., V. Euphorbia pilulifera L. 

GAuay-gAuay, V. Sesbania grandiflora Pers. 

GAuay-gAuay ifoA pulA, V. Sesbania grandiflora Pers. 

GAuay-sing-buAya, V^ Alocasia. 

GAvai-qAvai, v., T., Pamp. Nymphaea lotus Linn. 

GAvAY, T., v., Pamp. Colocasia antiquorum Schott. 

GAway-gAway. Nymphaea lotus L. 

Gay6man-man6c, T, Adiantum lunula tum Burm. 

GAyos, V. Dioscorea hirsuta Blume. 

Gfcos-Gfcos, V. Abrus precatorius L. 

GilalAs, T. Mirabilis jalapa L. 

GiLiG-GiLfGAN, T. Abutilon indicum Don. 

GimubAon, V. Vitex. 

GinAbang, II. Macaranga. 

GiNGufu, T. Holarrhena macrocarpa Hassk. 

GinlagAse (Mindoro). Hopea. 

GfNTiN-GfNTiN, V. Blumea balsamifera DC. 

GoAn-qoAn, V. Aristolochia indica L. 

G6go, T. Entada scandens Benth. 

G6go-cAsay, T. Pithecolobium, 

G6gon-toc6. Albizzia saponaria Blume. 

G6GONG bisAya, T.? Aglaia grandis Miq. 

G6HONG bAcay, v., Pamp. Entada scandens Benth. 

GoLANDRfNA, Sp. Euphorbia pilulifera L. 

GoLASfMAN, T. Portulaca oleracea L. 

GoMAMfLA, T., v., Pamp. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L. 

G6na, Pamp. Polypodium quercifolium L. 

Gorgor^ta, II. Nepenthes alata Blanco. 

G6rung-g6rung, V. Crotolaria. 

GtOYAbAno, Sp.-Fil. Anona muricata L. 

Goy6n-goy6n, T. Cratoxylon. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Goy6ran, T. Musa paradisiaca L. var, 

GranAdA; Sp. Punica granatum L. 

GbanXtes, T. Nelitris. 

G&ANATES. Melastoma. 

GranAtis, T. Melastoma malabatricum L. 

GuanabAno, Sp.-Fil. Anona muricata L. 

GuayAbas, Sp. Psidium guayava L. 

GuBGt^AO, Ig. Ardisia. 

GuayAbo. Psidium guayava L. 

GuenAyang, T. Eugenia. 

Gufcos-Gufcos, T. Connarus. 

Gufcos-Gufcos, T. Rourea heterophylla Planch. 

Gufcos-Gufcos, V. Abrus precatorius L. 

GufD (Tiagan). Citrus hystrix DC. 

Guf JO, T. Shorea guiso Blume. 

GuilalAs, T. Mirabilis jalapa L. 

GuiiAmhon, V. Cyperus difformis Linn. 

GufLiNG-GUiiiNQAN, T. Abutilou indicum G. Don. 

GufLiT, T. Pygeum. 

GuinAbang (Abra). Macaranga tanarius Muell. Arg. 

GuinAtos, V. Colocasia antiquorum Schott. 

Guinbaba6. Allaenthus. 

GuInguen, T. Glycosmis pentaphylla Corr. 

GufifGUiN, T. Holarrhena. 

GufNTiN-GUfNTiN, V. Blumea balsamifera DC. 

GuiRfc-QurfN, B. Cupania?. 

GutSAY-CALABAo, T. Cyperus. 

Guis-Gufs, T. Rhodanmia glabra Vidal. 

GuisIan, T. Nephelium glabrum Noronh. 

Guisf AN, T. Ratonia montana B. and H. 

GuisIan, T. Kayea racemosa PI. and Tr. 

GuisfHAN, T. Eugenia. 

GuisfHAN, T. Dittelasma rarak Hook f. 

GuisfHAN, T. Nephelium glabrum Noronh. 

GuisIhanq. Shorea guiso Blume. 

Gufso, T. Shorea guiso Blume. 

Guis6c, T. Shorea guiso Blume. 

Guis6c-GUis6c. Aglaia. 

GulsoL, T. Kaempheriai galanga L. 

GufsoN, T., V. Sophora tomentosa L. 

GufsoNG-DiLAo, T. Shorea mangachapuy F. Vill. 

Guf SUL, V. Kaempheria galanga L. 

GufTiN-GufTiN. Blumea balsamifera L. 

GulangulamAnan, T. Cissampelos pareira L. 

GULiLfsiAO (Tayabas). Elaeocarpus. ' 

GuMAM^LA. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L. 

GtJME, T. Eriachne. 

GuMfAN, V. Artocarpus blumei Tree. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


GtJMi-GtJMi, T. Xyris complanata R. Br. 
GtJMi-GtJMi, T. Fimbristylis schoenoides Vahl. 
GtJMi-QtJMi, T. Eleocharis pellucida Presl. 
GtJMi-ot^Mi, T. CJyperus. 
GtUL-Qtrui, T. Eriocaulon sexangulare Linn. 
GurayAcan, T. Rourea heterophylla Planch. 
GubuquanAbao, V. Linociera luzonica F. Vill. 
GtJBUNQ-GtJBUNG, V. Crotalaria linifolia L. f. 
GusutAn. Elaeocarpus floribundus Blume. 
GtJTA-GAMBA. Garcinia venulosa Ghoisy. 
GuTLf, T., V. Acalypha grandis Benth. 
GutAba, Sp. Psidium guayava L. 
GuyAbas, Sp. Psidium guayava L. 
Guy6n-guy6n, T. Cratoxylum blancoi Blume. 


HAba, Sp. PhaseoluB limatus L. 

HAbul, v. Elephantopus spicatus Juss. 

HagachAg, T. Dipterocarpus pilosus Roxb. 

HagadhAd. Dipterocarpus. 

ECagAhOj V. Eugenia. 

HaganAsi (Camarines). Leucosyke capitellata Wedd. 

HagnAya. Polypodium. 

HagobAoa, V. Pancratum zeylanicum L. 

HAgon, B, Memecylon. 

Hag6nay, T. Wedelia biflora DC. 

Hag6nog. Uncaria. 

Hag6nog, T. Spilanthes acmella L. 

Hag6noi, T. Spilanthes acmella L. 

HAG6N0Y-SA-BtJQUiD. Sambucus javanica Blume. 

Hag6noy-sa-lAsang, V. Elaeocarpus. 

HAGORfLis, T. Deeringia celosioides R. Br. 

Hagos6s, T. Ficus. 

HagnichIc, V. Phrynium. 

HAGufGUiT, V. Leptosolena haenkei Presl. 

HAGufNUT, V. Ficus. 

HagupA^a, T. Aglaia. 

HAGtJpiT, V. Ficus. 

HAGUSHtJS, B. Canarium. 

HagusnAy, T. Panicum. 

HAGUYtJY (Tayabas). Dodonaea viscosa Linn. 

HAla-hAla, T. Trichosanthes anguina L. 

HalamhAm?, V. Daemonorops. 

HALAtJMO, V. Mallotus paniculatus Muell. Arg. 

HALiBUTBtJT, B. Tabernaemontana cumingiana A. DC. 

HaligAJ?(&o, T. Hymenodictyon. 

Halim6mo, T. Ehretia. 

HALENTiHfNAO, V. Astronia cumingiana Vidal. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


HAix>BAOBtJO, T. Ipomoea. 

HAlom^ T., V. Amaranthus viridis L. 

HAix)N, T. Morinda tinctoria Roxb. 

HA1.0N, T. Amaranthus melancholicus L. 

Hax6pag-Amo (Tayabas). Nephelium lit-chi Camb. 

HalugAbat, T. Capparis micrantha DC. 

HamamAle, V. Leeea sambucina Willd., and other species. 

HambabAi, V. Nauclea. 

HambabAlod, T., V. Nauclea obtusa Blume. 

HambabAlos, T. Sarcocephalus cordatus Miq. 

HambabAyod, V. Nauclea. 

HambAlod, T., V. Nauclea. 

HamIndan, V. Macaranga bicolor Muell. Arg. 

HamIndan, B. Clerodendron brachyanthum Schauer. 

HamitanAgo, V. Kleinhovia hospita L. 

HamlIbno, V. Blumea balsamifera DC. 

HamolAuon, V. Vitex. 

HampapAre, V. Cissampelos pareira Linn. 

HampAs-tabAlanq, T. Smilax. 

HampAs-taqbAlakg. Dioscorea. 

HamtAc, V. Vigna catjang Endl. 

HamulAon, T., B. Vitex littoralis Decne., and other species. 

Hanag6, B. Albizzia. 

HawAbion, T. Trema amboinensis Blume. 

HanArion, T. Sponia. 

Hai^dalAmat. Pipturus asper Wedd. 

HAin)ABAMAi, V. Pipturus asper Wedd. 

Handle, T. Ficus. 

HangAbat, T. Bruguiera ritchieii Merrill. 

Hang6b, T., V. Achyranthes aspera L. 

HAjngot, T. Achyranthes aspera L. 

HAngut-na-babAe. Lepidagathis. 

Hanlilim6con, V. Deeringia celosioides R. Br. 

HanmababAo, T., v., Pamp. Rourea heterophylla Planch. 

HanmababAo, T., v., Pamp. Connarus. 

HaitmabalAb. Cnestis trifolia Pers. 

Han6pol, T., V. Conocephalus erectus Blanco. 

HANTUTtJNQAO, T. Melastoma. 

HANtJGDONG, T. Gyrocarpus jacquinii Roxb. 

HapIton, T., V. Dipterocarpus grandiflorus Blanco. 

HAba, T. Leea. 

HabAngan, T., V. Centripeda orbicularis Lour. 

HAbas, V. Piper corylistachyon C. DC. 

HAbas, V. Scleria. 

HAras, V. Garcinia cowa Roxb. 

HArum, V. Amaranthus spinosus L. 

HAUfLi, T. Ficus. 

8956 5 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


HAtJLi? (Jolo). Cyanotis axillaris Roem. and Schult. 

HAwfu, T. Ficus. 

HAya-hXya, V. Buddlcia neemda Hamilt. 

HAyoc (Tayabas). Vitis lanoeolaria Koxb. 

Hay6pag, T. Quercus llanosii A. DC. 

Heb6no, Mang. Aglaia. 

HiBi6c, Vis. Arenga saccharifera Lab. 

HicamAs, T. Pachyrhyzu8 angulatus Rich. 

HiDi6c, V. Arenga saccharifera Lab. 

Hi^BBA DE San PfeoBO, Sp. Phyllanthns niruri Muell. Arg. 

Higant6ng, V. Clerodendron fragrans Vent. 

HigotbalAto, T., v., Pamp. Sida carpinifolia L. 

HfGUis-MAN6c ?, T. Eclipta alba Hassk. 

H1LALAY-6N. Heliotropium indicum L. 

HfMAG, V. Ipomoea paniculata R. Br. 

HimamAo, T, Chisocheton. 

HimamAo, T. Dysoxylum blancoi Vidal. 

HimbabAlob, T. Nauclea. 

HimbabAo, Pamp., V. Excoecaria agallocha L. 

HimbabAo, T. All acanthus luzonicus Benth. and Hook. 

HimpapAray, V. Melochia indica A. Gray. 

HimpapAra, V. Cissampelos pereira Linn. 

HiMPAs-LAGBAliANG. Smilax divaricata Blanco. 

HiMtJLAO, V. Clausena willdenovii W. and A. 

Hii^AGDtJNG, V. Trema aspera Blume. 

HimarAmay, V. Pipturus asper Wedd. 

HindalAmai, V. Pipturus asper Wedd. 

HiNDURT^GU, T., V. Myristica. 

HiNGASfN, V. Derris uliginosa Benth. 

HingasinAn, V, Derris uliginosa Benth. 

Hingo]^6to, T. Bridelia stipularis Blume. 

HiNGtJE-CALABO, T. Beaumoutia. 

HiNGU^N, T. Malasia tortuosa Blanco. 

HiNGUfo, T. Ichnocarpus frutescens R. Br. 

HiNGufoN. Monochoria vaginalis Presl. 

H1MLALAY-6N, T. Heliotropium indicum L. 

HintAn. Terminalia catappa L. 

HintipAlo, T. Drosera indica L. 

H1NTOT60R, T, Crudia blancoi Rolfe. 

HiPGfi, V. Ichnocarpus ovatifolius A. DC. 

HfPON-irfPON, V. Vcriionia chinensis Less. 

HfTAM, V. Terminalia catappa L. 

HoAg, V. Flagellaria indica Linn. 

HOJA CRUZ, Sp. Crescentia alata H. B. K. 

HojAS DE BUYO. Piper betle L. 

HALiGA]ff5A, T, Hymenodictyon. 

Hol6g, V. Rhaphidophora. 

Hol6g-]^a-I8A, V. Pothos cylindricus Presl. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


HomAi-homAi, V. Typha angustifolia Linn. 

H6NGO, T. Elaeocarpus. 

H6pong-h6pong. Litsea. 

H6bog, V. Epipremnum medium Engl. 

Hoth6t, T. Trichosanthes anguina L. 

H6tog, V. Rhaphidophora. 

HuAc, V. Flagellaria indica Linn. 

HuAiis, T. Lepidopetalum. 

HuAMPfT, T.? Clausena wampi Oliv. 

HtJBAB (Balabac). Jasminum sambac Ait. 

HuLABLt^, V. Solanum nigrum L. 

HulAya, V. Gynandropsis pentaphylla DC. 

HuiAya-sang-Ayam, V. Cleome viscosa Linn. 

HuligAnga, T, Hymenodictyon excelsum Wall. 

HtJPONG-HtJPONG, V. Buchanania florida Schauer. 

Htjsu-Htjsu, B. Eugenia. 

Ht^YA-Ht^A, V. Mimosa pudica L. 

HtJYA-HthrA, V. Biophytum reinwardtii Wall. 


lAcAL, T. Hopea plagata Vidal. 

fBA, T., Pamp. Phyllanthus distichus Muell. Arg. 

fBA, V, Averrhoa bilimbi Linn. 

IbabA. Aglaia. 

IbabAo, V. Cassia fistula L. 

Iba-ibAan, T. Phyllanthus urinaria L. 

IbaibAn, T. Rourea. 

Ibi6c, V. Arenga saceharifera Lab. 

fBO, V. Chisocheton tetrapetalus Turcz. 

fBUD-fBUD, V. Tristellateia australasica A. Rich. 

fcoG-fcoG-SANG-cuTf, V. Heliotropium indicum Linn. 

lofAO. Pterocarpus. 

iDfoc, V. Arenga saceharifera Lab. 

fGANG, T. Vitex aherniana Merrill. 

IgAsud, V. Strychnos ignatii Berg. 

IgAsub. Trichosanthes amara L. 

iGfw&A, T. Clerodendron intermedium Cham. 

IgnAbca. Dioscorea divaricata Blanco. 

iGutA., Turraea virens L. 

iGufo, Pamp. Dysoxylum blancoi Vid. 

iGufi^A. Clerodendron intermedium Cham. 

iQtT, V. Eugenia. 

Igiw, T. Dysoxylum blancoi Vidal. 

Ilai-bAquib, II. Basella rubra L. 

Ilalu-gAbat. Capparis. 

fLANG-fLANG, T., V., 11. Cananga odorata H. and Th. 

fLANG-tLANG DE ChIna, Artabotrys odoratissimus R. Br. 

Ilib, Pamp. Imperata arundinacea Cyr. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


iLOfLO) Painp. Aglaia argentea Blume. 

Il6n<&0, T. Elaeocarpus. 

iNixiA, T. Lemna. 

lNAi?5D6N, T. Callicarpa. 

InXta, T, Limnopliila gratioloides R. Br. 

InAta (Bulacan). Utricularia flexuosa Vahl. 

InAta, T. Ceratophyllum submersum Linn. 

InAta, T. Hydrilla. 

InauAqui, V. Albizzia saponaria Blume. 

IndAnq, V. Litsea perrottetii, B, and H. 

InoAs. Semecarpus perrottetii March. 

iNtAM) V. Antidesma ghaesembilla Gaertn. 

iNiQNfN, T. Casearia glomerata Roxb. 

InoyAban. Parastemon. 

iNtJMANG-cAix), T, Nepenthes. 

InyAm, V, Antidesma. 

loAs, T. Harpullia blancoi F. Vill. 

fpiL, T., V. Afzelia bijuga A. Gray. 

Ipil, Z. Adenanthera. 

fBiNG, T. Grewia? 

Iris, Mang. Tabernaemontana. 

fBOC, T. Arenga saccharifera Lab. 

tsAiy T. Enhalus koenigii Rich. 

Is-fs, T., v., Pamp. Ficus aspera L?. 

Isiofsio, T., v., Pamp. Ficus hispida L?. 

iTfBAN, T. Parameria philippinensis Radlk. 

Itm6, v., T. Piper betle L. 

Itm6ng-dalAga, T. Ehretia blancoi A. DC. 

Itm6ng-ouAc, T. Gnetum gnemon L. 

JamolAuon. Vitex littoralis Decne. 

Jandayagc6t, V. Tabernaemontana. 

JAkas. Garcinia. 

jARBfTO, T. Nepenthes. 

JAbro, II. Nepenthes alata Blanco. 

jATSAHENGfM, T. Canarium. 

JaunAqui (Albay). Albizzia saponaria Blume. 

jAvfLi (Zamboanga), Bridelia. 

LabAyo (Tayabas). Commersonia platyphylla Andr. 
LAbba-lAbba, 11. Zizyphus trinervis Poir. 
LAbig, II. Livistona rotundifolia Mart. 
LabindanAia, II. Livistona rotundifolia Mart. 
Labn:6i, Pang. Calamus albus Pers. 
LABNf-AuAY-NA-MAL6T0, Pamp. Calamus albus Pers. 
LABNfB, B. Calamus. 

Digitized by 



LabnIs, II. Boehmeria nivea Hook, and Am. 

IjABNfT, B. Calamus albus Pers. 

LA BOG, V. Hibiscus surattensis Linn. 

LiAbog-lAbog, V. Malachra bracteata Cav. 

LAbon, V. Abroma alata Blanco. 

LiABBtJS. Boehmeria nivea H. and A. 

I^abs6b. Ficus pseudopalma Blanco. 

LAcAB-BtjLAN, V. Blumea balsamifera DC. 

LacatAn, T. Musa sapientum L. 

Lacb6ng-lacb6ng, V. Vernonia cliinensis Less. 

LACoAN-BtJLAN, V. Blumca balsamifera DC. 

LiAc-hA. Ficus. 

LACLAY-GUfNAN, T. Flemingia. 

LactAno, T., v., Pamp. Anamirta cocculus W. and A. 

Ladc6, Ig. Wendlandia luzoniensis DC. 

LAoA (Cebu). Abrus precaiorius L. 

LaoAbi. Phyllanthus. 

LagayrAi, T., B. Ipomoea pes-caprae Roth: 

LagbAnqan. Guettarda speciosa L. 

LAgi-lAgi, V. Eugenia lineata Duthie. 

LAGfNi, V. Vitis carnosa Wall. 

LAGfwLAGfw, T. Acanthus ilicifolius L. 

LAqna, T. Conocephalus suaveolens Blume. 

LAgni, Pamp. Calamus. 

LagIni. Cedrela toona Roxb. 

LAGNf G. Clausena ? 

Lagn6b. Ficus. 

LAGNtJB. Ficus. 

LAgo, T. Carthamus tinctorius L. 

Lag6q (Hoilo). Celtis philippinensis Blanco. 

Lag6lo, T. Acrostichum aureum L. 

Lag6nhon, V. Ardisia serrata Pers. 

LagpAcum, V. Solanum nigrum L. 

Lag-tAl, V. Anamirta cocculus W. and A. 

LAgu, T. Olax. 

LaguicdI, Mang. Diospyros. 

LAGUiNO, V. Capparis horrida Linn. 

LAguio-lAguio, T. Acanthus ilicifolius L. 

LAGtJNDi, T. Vitex obovata Thunb. 

LAGtJNDi, T. Vitex negundo Linn. 

LAGtJNDi-LATi, T. Pluchea indica Less. 

LAGtJNDi-SALAsA, V. Buddleia asiatica Lour. 

LagundIn-dAgat. Vitex trifolia L. 

LagundIng-gapAng, T. Vitex obovata Thunb. 

LaguIno, V. Capparis. 

LagvAy, T., v., Pamp. Colocasia antiquorum Schott. 

LAha? (Jolo). Pandanus odoratissimus Linn. f. 

LAho, V. Myristica. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Lai6c-lai6c, V. Jasminum marianum DO. 

LaIta. Harrisonia bennetii B. and H. 

LalacdAn, V. Blumea balsamifera DC. 

LalAsi, Ig. Leucosyke capitellata Wedd. 

Lal6oo, V. Pandanus sylvestria Rumph. 

Lambat6ng, T., B., II. Ipomoea pes-caprae Roth. 

Lamb6tan, T. Calamus. 

LamhATj V. Corchorus capsularis L. 

LamIo, T. Dracontomelon mangiferum Blume. 

LamIsi, C. Wrightia ovata A. DC. 

LAmot-lam6tan, T. Adiantum lunulatum Burm. 

LamfacAnai, V. Typha angustifolia Linn. 

LamfabahAn, T. Gnetum gnemon L. 

Lampat6no, T,, B,, V. Ipomoea pes-caprae Roth. 

LAMPtJYAN, T. Zingiber. 

LAMPtJYANG, V. Zingiber zerumbet Rose. 

LAMPtJYANG, T. Curcurma xanthorrhiza Roxb, and other species. 

LAMPtJTAi^G-DOBAG) V. Curcuma caesia Roxb. and other species. 

LAMPtJYANG-iTAYAM, V. Zingiber. 

LAMPt>YANG-:^A-GUiNAT6LA. Globba marantina Linn. 

LAMPtJYANG -NG A mapulA, V. Globba marantina Linn. 

LAMPtJYANQ-NGA-MAPUTf, V. Amomum cardamomum L. 

LAMPtJYANG-TApoL, V. Curcuma caesia Roxb. and other species. 

LAMt^io, T., V. Carum copticum Benth. 

LAMtJYO, T. Oryza sativa L. var. 

LanA. Sesamum indicum L. 

LanAhay (Tayabas). Bruguiera parviflora W. and A. 

LancA, T. Artocarpus integrifolia L. f. 

Lanc6as, Pamp. Alpinia galanga Swartz. 

LAndo, T. Bridelia. 

Lan6te, V. Picrasma javanica Blume. 

Lan^te, T. Wrightia ovata A. DC. 

LAl?GA (Cag.). Sesamum indicum L. 

LanqAla, V. Fleurya interrupta Gaud. 

LangcA, 11. Artocarpus integrifolia L. f. 

LangcAuas, V. Alpinia galanga Swartz. 

LanggAsi, V. Leucosyke capitellata Wedd. 

LAn&as, V. Semecarpus microcarpa Wall, and other species. 

Lang^bay, T. Bruguiera ritchieii Merrill. 

LAngil. Albizzia saponaria Blume. 

LAngil, T. Albizzia lebbek Benth. 

LAngil, T. Albizzia retusa Benth. 

LAi?GfNQi, V. Vitis carnosa Wall. 

LangIs, Pamp. Sesamum indicum L. 

Langn&A, T. Sesamum indicum L. 

LAifSpA. Cedrela toona Roxb. 

LAi^ufGi. Phyllanthus acidus Muell. Arg. 

LA]^ufL. Albizzia lebbek Benth. 

Digitized by 



Lan<§u1s. Sesamum indicum L. 

LanIoda, B., V. Cedrela toona Roxb. 

LanIgpa, V. Cedrela toona Roxb. 

LanInguing, T. Ficus cumingii Miq. 

LANtPGA, v., B. Cedrela toona Roxb. 

LanIti, T. Wrightia ovata A. DC. 

Lan6go, V. Pandanus sylvestris Rumph. 

ULnot, V. Musa textilis Nees. var. 

LiAn6tan, T. Hibiscus grewiaefolius Hassk. 

L«an6tan, V. Musa textilis Nees, var. 

Lan6tan, T. GoniothalamuSj and other arborescent species of Anonaceae. 

LAN6TANG-iTfM, T. Phacanthus nutans Hook. f. and Th. 

LAN6TAN-rrfM. Hibiscus. 

Lan6ti, T. Zizyphus trinervis Poir. 

LANSfNA, T. Ricinus commifnis L. 

Lans6ne, T, Lansium domesticum Rumph. 

LiANs6ne8, T. Lansium domesticum Jack. 

LantA, T., v., Pamp. Anamirta cocculus W. and A. 

LantIn, T. Plantago erosa Wall. 

LantXjndal. Musa paradisiaca L. 

LANtJsi, Cag. Wrightia ovata A. DC. 

LANt^TAN, T. Saccopetalum longipes Vidal, and other species of Anonoceae. 

Lan^tan, T. Thespesia campy losiphon Rolfe. 

Lan^tan, T. Xylopia dehiscens Merrill. 

LanX^tan-itIm. Phaeanthus nutans H. f . and T. 

LANtJTAN-PUTf. Goniothalamus giganteus Hook. f. and Th. 

LANtJTi, II. Wrightia ovata A. DC. 

Lanz6n. Lansium domesticum Jack. 

LaocpAo, Cag. Vernonia arborea Ham. 

Lapn:6i, Zamb. Calamus albus Pers. 

LAPNfs, C. Boehmeria nivea. H. and A. 

LapnIs. Malachra bracteata Cav. 

LiAPNfs NA bolohAn, T. Malachra bracteata Cav. 

LApo-lApo, II. Gyrocarpus jacquini Roxb. 

LaponAya, V. Coleus acuminatus Benth. 

LAquis-iAquis. Acanthus ilicifolious L. 

LAba. Capsicum minimum Roxb. 

Lar6an-an1to, T. Clerodendron intermedium Cham. 

LAsA. Nipa fructicans Wurmb. 

LasAlia. Wendlandia luzonensis DC. 

LasgAs, B. Villaria philipinensis Rolfe. 

LASi?&ATON, T., V. Laportea gaudichaudiana Wedd. 

LAso, V. Allium sativum Linn.. 

LasonA, II. Allium cepa Linn. 

Last6n, V. Vigna catjang Endl. 

LasunA, T. Allium cepa L. 

LauAan, T., V. Anisoptera thurifera Blume. 

LAuan-na-pulA, T. Vatica. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


LAuAN-MAPUTf, T. Dipterocarpus. 

LAuAN sandAna. Anisoptera thurifera Blanco. 

LAUAS, T., Nymphaea stellata Willd. 

LAuAs, T. Limnanthemum cristatum Griseb. 

LAuAT, V. Litsea chinensis Lam., and other species. 

LAvAS, T., v., Pamp. Nymphaea lotus Linn. 

LayA, II. Alstonia scholaris R. Br. 

LayA, B. Zingiber zerumbet Rose. 

LayAl, Z. Zingiber officinale Linn. 

LayasIn, T. Leucosyke capitellata Wedd. 

LAyo, B. Alyxia odorata Wall. 

Lay6han, V. Phyllanthus distichus Muell. Arg. 

LeAsiN) T. Leucosyke capitellata Wedd. 

LECHfA. Nephelium litchi Camb. 

LechIas, T. Nephelium longana Camb. 

LechIas, T. Nephelium glabrum Noronh. 

L&6AS, T. Semecarpus perrottetii March. 

JjtiSQAY, T. Melastoma. 

L6NGNGA, T. Sesamum indicum L. 

L6nqua-de-p£bro, Sp. Fil. Euphorbia neriifolia L. 

LfiNO, T. Psychotria malayana Jack. 

LetebAn, T. Gouania. 

L^TLET-Tt^BUY, T. Piper coiylistachyuni C. DO. 

LfA, T. Wolffia schleideni Miq. 

LiApa, Z. Terminalia. 

LibAcan, T. Litsea. 

LfBAi, T. Achryanthes aspera L. 

LfBAS. Eugenia. 

LfBAS. Modecca trilobata Roxb. 

LfBAS-LfBAS. Symplocos. 

LibAto, T. Lumnitzera purpurea Presl. 

LibAto, T. Basella rubra L. 

LiBATO-PUTf, T. Cumingia philippinensis Vidal. 

LiBAxo-NA-PUTf, T. Neesia altissima Blume. 

LibAto-pulA (Tayabas). Lumnitzera purpurea Presl. 

LibAto-pulA, T. Xylocarpus gi*anatum Koenig. 

LfBAY, T. Achyranthes obtusifolia Lam. 

LiBfBAN, T. Scirpus. 

LiBtJN, V. Emilia sonchifolia DC. 

LictAng, T., v., Pamp. Anamirta cocculus W. and 'A. 

LigAas, T. Semecarpus perrottetii March. 

LfGAo, T. Zizyphus trinervis Poir. 

LfGAO, T. Zizyphus arborea Merrill. 

LiGAO. Grewia. 

LfGAS, T. Semecarpus perrottetii March. 

LigAsan, T. Geriops candoUeana Arn. 

LfGUiD-iiGUlD, V. Alpinia. 

LiLfTAN, V. Paederia foetida L. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


LimA-umA, T., V. Dioscorea, 

LimA-limA, T. v., Pamp. Heptapleurium caudatum Vidal. 

LiMANG-stJOAT. Erianthemum bicolor Schrank. 

LimbAon, V. Cocoa nucifera Linn. 

LimolImo, T. Heptapleurium caudatum Vidal. 

LiMOLfMO, II. Vitex. 

Lim6n, Sp. Fil. Citrus medica L. var. 

LimonAto. Triphacea aurantiola Lour. 

LimoncIto, Sp. Triphacia trifoliata DC. 

LafOBAN. Zalacca edulis Reinw. 

LimobAn, T. Calamus. 

LinalIna-Ahan, T. Zinziber. 

LfxAS, B. Eugenia. 

LinatogAnac, V. Samadera indica Gaertn. 

LincamAs, II. Eriosema chinense Vog. 

LingA, T. Sesamum indicum L. 

Linga-lingAhan, T. Hyptis capitata Jacq. 

LiNGAsfisrA, T. Ricinus communis L. 

LIngat, T. Begonia rhombicarpa A. DC. 

Lingat6n (?). Lapoitea guadichaudiana Wedd. 

LtNGO. Sesamum indicum L. 

LfNO, Pamp. Morinda bracteata Roxb. 

LfNO, V. Morinda citrifolia Linn. 

LiiNOG, Z. Scaevola koenigii Vahl. 

LintAng-Aguin, T., v., Pamp. Anamirta cocculus W. & A. 

Lint6n-qAmai, V. Samadera indica Gaertn. 

Lfo-iio, Ig. Ficus. 

LjosIn (Zambales). Heritiera littoralis Dry. 

LipA, T. Laportea gaudichaudiana Wedd. 

LipA, T. Fleurya interrupta Gaudich. 

LfPAi, T. Mucuna monosperma DC. 

LipAng-Aso. Fleurya interrupta Gaud. 

LipAng-castIla, T. Fleurya interrupta Gaud. 

LiIpAng-d6ton, Pamp. Laportea gaudichaudiana Wedd. 

LipAta, V. Excoecaria agallocha L. 

LipAta, T. Rauwolfia. 

LipAta (Ticao). Cerbera odollam Gaertn. 

LiPAxAT-GtJBAT, B. Ixora amboinica DC. 

LtPAY, V. Laportea gaudichaudiana Wedd. 

LtPAY, V. Mucuna pruriens DC. 

Lip6te, T. Eugenia. 

LipsipAn, T. Lepidagathis luzoniae Nees. 

LIbio, V. Rhaes discolor Hance. 

LIbio, V. Crinum. 

LiBio, T. Habranthus versicolor Herb. 

LisAc, T. Nauclea. 

LisAnqay, Z. Curcuma longa Linn. 

Lis6han, V. Musa. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


LfsoNQ-iNSic, T. Payena. 

LfTA, V. Voacanga. 

LiTBfT, V. Piper corylistachyon C. DC. 

LiTLf, V. Piper corylistachyon C. DC. 

LiTLiT. Piper. 

LfNAS, V. Bauhinia tomentosa L. 

LivfAN. Castanopsis philipppinensis Vidal. 

LobAlob, T. Bridelia stipularis Blume. 

L6RAS, Pa rap. Vitis geniculata Blume. 

L6bis, V. Cocos nucifera Linn. 

L6bi-l6bi, V. Eulophia elongata Blume. 

LoBfo, T. Mollugo hirta Thunb. 

L6bi-nga-hinbAon, V. Cocos nucifera Linn. 

L6BI-NGA piLfpoG, V. Cocos nucifcra Linn. 

LocAy? T. Limnophyton obtusifolium Miq. 

Loc6an (Masbate). Calamus. 

L6co-l6co, V. Hyptis suaveolens Poir. 

L6co-l6co, T., Pamp. Ocimum sanctum L. 

Loct6n. Trichocarya. 

Loct6n. Duabanga moluccana Blume. 

Lod6cx)NG, Pamp. Moschosma polystachyum Benth. 

Lod6no. Celtis philippinensis Blanco. 

IjOp6ng, Ig. Rhododendron verticillatum Vidal. 

Log6g, V. Celtis philippinensis Blanco. 

Logonh6n (Iloilo). Ardisia serrata Pers. 

Loh6d-loh6d, V. Pollia sorzogonensis Endl. 

LolIo, T. Artocarpus odoratissima Blanco. 

Lol6an, II. Pistia stratiotes L. 

LoLOQUfSEN, II. Limnanthemum cristatum Griseb. 

Lombay6ng, V. Cassia fistula L. 

Lomb6y, T. Eugenia jambolana L. 

L6M0T, T. Potamogaton javanicus Hassk. 

L6mot-lom6tan, T. Hydrilla verticillata Casp. 

L6mot-lom6tan, T. Adiantum lunulatum Burm. 

L6nga, V. Sesamum indicum L. 

L6NGAS ( Cebu ) . Semecarpus pubescens Thw. 

Lo:ngAyan. Wrightia ovata A. DC. 

LonIti. Wrightia ovata A. DC. 

Lon6c, V. Ficus. 

L6no-l6no. Payena. 

LopA, Pamp. Fleurya interrupta Gaud. 

L6po-l6po, V. Allmania nodiflora R. Br. 

L6po-l6po, V. Achyranthes aquatica R. Br. 

L6uan-l6uan, V. Pistia stratiotes Linn. 

LovfAN, T. Castanopsis philippinensis Vidal. 

L6Y-A, V. Zingiber. 

LuBACAN, V. Cocos uucifera Linn. 

LubAlub, T. Bridelia stipularis Blume. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


LiUBi. Cooos nucifera L. 

LiUBlGAN, T. Acorus calamus Linn. 

LuBl-LUBf, V. Geodorum semicristatum Lindl. 

LfUBi-LUBf. Osmelia. 

LiXJbI-lubI, T., v., B. Solanum nigrum L. 

LitJBiD-LtJBiD, B. Semecarpus. 

LuBl-LUBtLi (Bataan). Cubilia rumphii Blume. 

Lubt6b. Ficus. 

LiXJBTtJB. Duabanga moluccana Blume. 

LucBiJi, T. Citrus decumana Linn. 

LiUCBiJT-QtJBAT. Citrus. 

LuM:ti (Zamboanga). Ardisia philippinensis DC. 

Lug6, II. Terminalia catappa L. 

Lt^GOS (Zamboanga). Areca catechu Linn. 

LujtJLA. Oxalis acetosella L. 

LiULtJPAO, II. Abutilon indicum Don. 

LumAnpao, T. Bambusa lumampao Blanco. 

LumAnai, T. Homonoia riparia Lour. 

LtJMANG, Cag. Caryota rumphiana Mart. 

LumAnog, V. Terminalia calamansanay Rolfe. 

LumAti. Lagerstroemia batitinan Vid. 

LumbAn, T. Aleurites moluccana Willd. 

LuMBANG, T. Aleurites moluccana Willd. 

LuMBiAC (Tayabas). Iguanura. 

Lumb6i, T., Pamp., V., II. Eugenia jambolana L. 

Luna. Ficus caulocarpa Miq. 

LtJNAS, T. Lunasia amara Blanco. 

LtJNAS, T. Gonocaryum tarlacense Vidal. 

LtJNAS, T. Oleandra neriiformis Cav. 

LtJNAS. Pancratium zeylanicum L. 

LtJNAS. Nymphaea lotus L. 

L'Cnas-bund6c, T. Lunasia amara Blanco. 

LtJNAS-NA-iTfM. Gonocaryum tarlacense Vidal. 

LunbAn, T. Aleurites trisperma Blanco. 

Li5pid, A. Bauhinia. 

LtJPO, V. Vitis carnosa Wall. 

Lurut?, Cag. Calamus rhomboideus Blume. 

LtJSONG (Lepanto). Vaccinium barandanum Vidal. 

LuTt^NAN (Zamboanga). Eugenia. 

Lt^YA, T. Zingiber officinale L. 

Lt^A-LtJYA, T. Panicum. 

L^A-LtJYA, V. Cyanotis cristata Roem. and Scliult. 

LtTTA-LtJYA, T. Zingiber. 

LtJYA-LUYi.HAN, T. Panicum repens L. 

LtJTA-LtJYA-iT-i.YAM (Iloilo). Globba parviflora Prcsl. 

LtJYAN, T. Diospyros nigra L. 

LtJYANG-Aso, T. Zingiber. 

L^A-NGA-isA, V. Zingiber. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Lt5yang-6siu, T. Zingiber. 

Lt^YONG. Diospyros nigra Retz. 

LuYONG-LtJYONG, V. Cratoxylon siimatranum Bluine. 

Lt^YOS, Pamp. Areca catechu L. 

LuYtJSiN, T. Pygeum. 


MAAsfc, Pamp. Tephrosia luzonensis Vogel. 

MabAlot, T. Sarcocephaliis eordatiiH Miq. 

Mab6lo, T., V. Diospyros discolor Willd. 

MABtJLO, T. Trichodesma zeylanicum R. Br. 

MacaAsin, T. Carallia integerrima DC. 

MacaAsin, T. Eugenia lineata Duthie. 

MacaAsin, V. Shorea. 

MacaAsin-pulA, T. Eugenia. 

MACAAsiN-PUTf, T. Palaquium. 

MacabAlo, Pang. Lagerstroemia speciosa Pers. 

MacabAngon. Aglaia. 

MacabInqao, T. Quercus llanosii A. DC. and other species. 

MACABtJHAi, T. Tinospora crispa Miers. 

MACABtJHAi, T. Lunasia aniara Blanco. 

MacaisA, T. Cleidion javanicum Blume. 

MacaisA, B. Ehretia philippinensis A. DC. 

MacaisA, T. Ailanthus moluccana DC. 

MacahIya, T. Mimosa pudica L. 

MacahIya, T. Biophytum sensitivum DC. 

MacalalAnang, T. Clerodendron intermedium Cham. 

MacalascAlas, B. Talauma. 

MacalbAng, V. Dendrocalamus membranaceus Munro. 

MACAiiNGAG, T. Cinnamomum pauciflorum Nees. 

Macamb6jo (Iloilo). Garcinia venulosa Choisy. 

MacAn, V. Panax fruticosum L. 

MacApil, T. Dalbergia lanceolaria Linn. 

MacasampAloc, T. Tamarindus indica L. 

MACASfLAD, T. Corypha. 

MacasIli, V. Dysoxylum blancoi Vidal. 

MacAsin. Eugenia. 

MacAsin-mulAto, T. Eugenia. . 

MacAsla, V. Croton tiglium L. 

MACATtJRAY. Stereospermum. ? 

MACiifN. Musa paradi.siaca L. var. 

MACtJPA, T. Eugenia jambos L. 

MACtJPA, T., V. Eugenia malaccensis L. 

MAdang, T. Litsea magnifica B. and H. 

Madond6n, T. Vangueria spinosa Roxb. 

MAdre-cacAo, Sp. Fil. Glircida maculata H. B. K. 

MagaAn, B. Kayea. 

MagabagAba, T. Arytera rufescens Radlk. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Magab6yo, V. Celtis philippinensis Blanco. 

MAqai, V. Agave americana Linn. 

MaoAlat. Harpullia arborea Radlk. 

MagAlay, T. Bruguiera ritchieii Merrill. 

MagalAyao, C. Afzelia rhomboidea Vidal. 

MAGABANBtJLO (Tayabas). Cyclostenion. 

MagarapAla, T. Terniinalia. 

MagabIlao, T. Nauclea. 

MAGARiLAO, T. Terminalia. 

MagaspAng, V. Fluggea obovata Wall. 

MagatAdi?, Cag. Mangifera altissinia Blanco. 

MagAtas, Pamp. Euphorbia pilulifera L. 

MAGCABtJGAO, V. Atalantia monophylla Correa. 

MagcAsao, V. Aralia javanica Miq. 

Maglim6con. Urophylluni glabriim Jack. 

Magix)l6poy, Z. Sterculia. 

MagotambIs, V. Antidesma. 

Magsal6bo, V. Tacca palniata Blunie. 

MAGSAL6B0-NGA-DACtJ, V. Tacca pinna tifida Forst. 

MagsinAya. Aglaia. 

MagtAbig, v., Pamp. Rourea heterophylla Planch. 

Magtamb6cao (Leyte). Canavalia ensiformis DC. 

Maguey, Sp. Fil. Agave americana Linn. 

MAGUiLic, Z. Litsea. 

Mag uf Lie, T. Geunsia cumingiana Rolfe. 

MAGt5.Lioc, T. Buchanania florida Schauer. 

AlAGULivE, T. Chisochaeton tetrapetalus Turcz. 

MAGtJMU (Albay). Vitex.* 

MagusAyac, V. Fagi'aea morindaefolia Blume. 

MaguttAta, V. Maesa haenkeana Miq. 

MahihIin, II. Biophytum sensitivum DC. 

Mah6tay, V. Mallotus. 

MaisipaIsi, T. Clausena excavata Burm. 

MAfz, Sp. Fil. Zea mays L. 

Mai*aachu£te, Pamp. Mallotus ricinoides Muell. Arg. 

Malaachu^te, T. Melochia arborea Blanco. 

MalaAgle (Tayabas). Dracontomelum. 

MALAADtJAs, T. Ailanthus moluccanus DC. 

MALAADtJAS, T. Dracontomelum cumingianum Baill. 

MALAAMtJYON, T. Ormosia calavensis Blanco. 

MalaanIs, Pamp. Scoparia dulcis L. 

Malaan6nan, T. Shorea malaanonan Blume. 

Mala API, T. Premna. 

Malaap6lid, Pamp. Kyllinga monocephala Rottb. 

Malaap6lid, Pamp. Cyperus rotundus L. 

MalaasIs, T. Vangueria spinosa Roxb. 

Mala Axes, T. Glochidion. 

MalAbac, V. Atalantia nitida Oliv. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


MalabacAuan, T. Randia. 

MalabAchao (Cebu). Loranthus blancoanus F. Vill. 

MaiabAga, T. Clerodendron. 

MalabAgan, Pajnp. Dysoxylum blancoi Vidal. 

MalabAgna, T. Croton. 

MalabAgo, V. Hibiscus tiliaceus L. 

MaiabAguio, T. Olax imbricata Roxb. 

MalabAguis, B. Eugenia. 

MalabAhi, B. Eugenia. 

MALABAHfo, B. Memecylon. 

MalabalAnte, T. Polygonum. 

MalabalAtong, Pamp. Flemingia. 

MALABALtJBAT ?. Semeoaipus gigantifolia Vidal. 

MALABALtJGBUG-DAois, Pamp. Oxalis corniculata L. 

MalabanabA, T. Amoora grandifolia C. DC. 

MalabanabA, T. Dudbanga moluccana Blume. 

MalabAn&ao, Pamp. Dysoxylum blancoi Vidal. 

MALABAi^QUiiiN, V. Counaropsis philippica F. Vill. 

Malabat6an, T. Garcinia ovalifolia Hook. f. 

MalabAya, T. Cl;iisocheton tetrapetalus Turcz. 

MalabayAbas. Dysoxyliun. 

MalabayAbas, T. Eugenia. 

MalabayAbas, T. Gardenia obscura Vidal. 

MalabayAbas, T. Gardenia pseudopsidium Blanco. 

MalabAyo. Hibiscus tiliaceus L. 

MalabilTjcas, T. Litsea. 

Malabocb6c. Ipomoea quamoclit L. 

Malabocb6c. Meusa ferrea Linn. 

Malabocb6c, T. Calophyllum. 

Malaboh6c, T., V. Cassytha filiformis L. 

Malaboh6c, V. Casuarina equisetifolia Forst. 

Malab6nga, T. Iteadaphne confusa Blume. 

Malab6nga, T. Macaranga. 

Malab6nga. Beilschmeidia madang Blume. 

Malabon6t. Sterculia stipularis R. Br. 

Malabot6nes, V. Kyllinga monocephala Rottb. 

Malabucbt^c ?, T. Meusa ferrea L. 

MalabXjlac, T. Bombax malabaricum DC. 

MalabulAon, Pamp. Symphorema luzoniense Vid. 

MALABt\\Ao, B. Ochrocarpus. 

MALABt'NGA. Macaranga tanarius Muell. Arg. 

MalabCnga, B. Phoebe umbelliflora Blume. 

Malabun6t, T. Sterculia. 


MALACABt^YAO, T. Acglc dccaudra Naves. 
MalacacAo, T. Erioglossum edule Blume. 
MalacacAo. Lepidopetalum. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Malacacao, T. Lunasia grandiflora Muell. Arg. 

MalacacAo, T. Sterculia. 

MalacAdios, B. Dehaasia. 

MalacAdios, T. Phoebe. 

MalacAdios. Myristica. 

Malacadp6, T. Micromelum tephrocarpum Turcz. 

Malacaf^, T. Glochidion. 

Malacaf^?, V. Mussaenda grandiflora (Meyen) Rolfe. 

MalacafIi:, T. Randia. 

Malacaf^ (Paragua). Agrostistachys maesoana Vidal. 

Malacafe (Tayabas). Webera. 

MALACAPf, T. Elaeocarpus. 

MalacaquIos, T. Sesbania aegyptiaca Pers. 

MalacAhuc, T. Rourea multiflora Planch. 

MalacalantAs, B. Canarium. 

MalacAlios. Elaeocarpus monocera Cav. 

MALACALESQUis, T. Adiantum. 


MALACALtJMPiT, B. Terminalia calamansanay Rolfe. 

MALACAMONSfLE, T. Pithecolobium montanum Benth. 

Malacam6te, V. Ipomoea bona-nox Linn. 

Malacam6te, T. Beddomea luzonensis Vidal. 

MalacApai, T. Diospyros malacapai A. DC. 

MalacArios, Z. Desmodium umbellatum DC. 

MalacAro, V. Desmodium. 

Malacaropc6p (Bataan). Eugenia montana Blanco. 

MalacArpa. Randia. 

Malacatm6n, T. Delima sarmentosa L. 

Malacatm6n, T. Tetracera macrophylla Wall. 

Malacatm6n, T. Dillenia speciosa Gilg. 

MAiACATtJRAY, Z. StcFospermum. 

MALACATt^AY, T. Cassia. 

MalacauAyan, T. Panicum. 

MalacatJyan, Z. Hemigyrosa. 

MalacbAn, T. Vatica. 

Malacb6c (Morong). Acalypha tiliaefolia Muell. Arg. 

Malacd6g, II. Combretum. 

MalaclAc. Clethra canescens Reinw. 

MalacmAc, T., Pamp. Pygeum. 

MalacmAc, T., Pamp. Palaquium oleiferum Blanco. 

MalacuiAin-bIsan, T. Gynotroches axillaris Blume. 

MALADfAC. Tristira triptera Radlk. 

MaladIta, T. Rauwolfia amsoniaefolia A. DC. 

Maladoso6s, V. Erianthemum bicolor Schrank. 

MALADtJHAT, B. Eugenia. 

MALADtJNGUN, T. Hcriticra littoralis Dry. 

MalagahAnip, T. Dalbergia. 

MalagahAnip, T. Terminalia. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


MalagaItmon, T. Diospyros. 

MalagAnit, T. Albizzia. 

MalagabAyat, T. Strychnos. 

MalagarAyat, T. Eugenia. 

Malagas Ah A, B. Pisonia umbel lata Seem. 

Malag6so, T. Mollugo stricta L. 

MalagquIt, T. Oryza sativa L. var. 

MALAGUiBt^YO, V. Celtis philippinensis Blanco. 

MalaguinIsan, V. Kayea philippinensis Planch. 

MalaIba, T. Melia candollei Juss. 

MalaIba, T. Phyllanthus reticulatus Muell. Arg. 

Malaib6hod. Buchanania iiorida Schauer. 

MALAfcMO, T. Celtis philippinensis Blanco. 

MalaIgot B. Ixora. 

MalaIhao, T. Dracontomelum. 

MalaiptJtai, B. Streblus asper Lour. 

MalaisA, T. Ardisia pyramidal is Pers. 

MalaisIs, T. Ficus. 

MALAisfs, T. -Malaisia tortuosa Blanco. 

MalaItmo, T. Celtis philippinensis Blanco. 

MalaItmo, T. Gnetum gnemon L. 

MALAfYAO, T. Dracontomelum mangiferum Blume. 

MalalIgas-na-babAe. Lunasia. 

MalalIgas-na-lalAque, T. Buchanania. 

Malalim6n. Taxotrophis ilicifolia Vidal. 

MALALtJCBAN, T. Champcreia griffithii Planch. 

MALALtJPAY, Parap. Micromelum. 

MALALtJYA, T. Globba parviflora Presl. 

MalamAnga, Cag. Litsea. 

MalamayAna, T. Coleus acuminatus Benth. 

MalambAng, T. Mallotus. 

MalabangcAbas ( Zamboanga ) . Pittosporum. 

MalamolAuin, T. Evodia. 

MalamolAuin, T. Glycosmis. 

MalanAnca. Ficus luzonensis Merrill. 

MalanCig, Cag. Caryota rumphiana Mart. 

MalapacpAc-balAuay, T. Epipremnum medium Engl. 

MalapAco, T. Jussiaea sufTruticosa L. 

MalapAho, T. Dipterocarpus vernicifluus Blanco. 

MalapAho, T. Mangifera. 

MalapAho, T. Sindora wallichii Benth. 

MalapaitpIt, Sapindus turezaninowii Vidal. 

MalapAjo. Dipterocarpus vernicifluus Blanco. 

MalapalItpit, Pamp. Sapindus turezaninowii Vidal. 

MalapandacAque, B. Gonocaryum. 

MalapangdAn, T. Freycinetia insignis Blume. 

MalApao. Dipterocarpus vernicifluus Blanco. 

MalapapAya, T., V. Polyscias nodosa Seem. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


AIalapat6pat, T. Canthiuin confertum Korth. 

MalapIgas, T. Desmodium umbellatum DG. 

:MalapilAuay, B. Ganarium. 

Malap6co, T. Jussiaea suflfruticosa L. 

MalapotocAn, T. Glerodendron macrostegium Schauer. 

MAT.APtjAD, Pamp. Olea. 

MALAPtJSO, B. Litsea. 

MalaputAd, T. Barringtonia racemosa Blume. 

MAi.APUTi.T, T. Gleidion. 

MAT.APUTi.T, T. Terminalia. 

MalaputAt, T. Palaquiuin. 

MALAPUTth?AN, T. Palaquium. 

MALAPtJYAO, T. Pygeum. 

MAXAPtJYAO, T. Gynometra. 

Mat.abAyap, T. Gymnosporia montana Roxb. 

MalarAyat, T. Gratoxylon fonnosum B. and H. 

MaiabAyat. Atalantia nitida Oliv. 

MAT.ARTCONDt^BON, Pamp. GalHcarpa. 

MaxabtJhat, T. Eugenia operculata Roxb. 

MAXABtJHAT-NA-PULA, T. Eugenia cymosa Lam. 

MAiiABtJNQON, T. Heritiera littoralis Dry. 

MAiAsAcoT, T. Terminalia. 

MalasAoa, T. Ormosia calavensis Blanco. 

MalasAoa, T. Derris scandens Benth. 

MaiasAguin. Dysoxylum arborescens Miq. 

MalasAguin?, T. Aglaia palembanica Miq. 

MaxasAguin-putI (Tayabas). Erioglossum edule Blume. 

MaxasAguin-lalAque. Kayea. 

MalasAguin-pxjlA, T. Amoora. 

MalasAginq-pulA, T. Alaia. 

MAiAsAGiNG-Purf, T. Eugenia. 

Maxasamb6ng, T. Vernonia vidalii Merrill. 

MalasampAgA; T. Wikstroemia indica Mey. 

MalasandIa, V. Ipomoea pes-tigridis Linn. 

MalasAngui. Ginnamomum. ? 

Malasant6l, T. Sandoricum. 

Malasant6l, T. Thespesia populnea Gorr. 

MalasapsAp, T. Pterocymbium javanicum R. Br. 

MalasaputI, Pamp. Palaquium. 

Malasc6g, T. Symphorema luzonensis Vidal. 

MalasIac, B. Ardisia humilis Vahl. 

MalasIgo, T. Litsea. 

Malasin6bo, B. Fagraea. 

MALASiTufN, Pamp. Gonocaryum tarlacense Vidal. 

MalA86bo, B. Diospyros. 

MalasugA, V. Antidesma. 

MalasTjBUT, B. Guettarda speciosa Linn. 

8956 6 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


MalatabA, T. Callicarpa. 

MalatAco, T. Albizzia. 

MalatadiAng (Morong). Canthium arboreum Vidal. 

MalatAgun, B. Canarium. 

MalatAlang, T. Myristica cumingii Warb. 

MalatAlano, Pamp. Diospyros. 

MalatalIsay, V. Terminalia. 

MALATAMBfs. Kibara coriacea Perk. 

Malatam6yan, T. Casearia. 

Malatamp6y, T. Eugenia. 

MalatAn5an-tAn&an, B. Hernandia peltata Meissn. 

MalatApay, T. Alanguim octopetalum Blanco. 

MalatApay, T. Grewia. 

MalatApay, T. Diospyros discolor Willd. 

MalatAyon, Pang. Adenanthera. 

MalatibIg, T. Anneslea crassipes Hook. 

MalatibI (Morong). Melia. 

MalatIgui. Albizzia ?. 

MalatInta, T. Phyllanthus reticulatus Muell. Arg. 

Malatoc6, T. Albizzia odoratissima Benth. ^ 

Malat6ro. Albizzia saponaria Blunie. 

MALATtJBA, V. Cleidion javanicum Blume. 

MALATtJBA, B. Croton consanguineum Muell. Arg. 

MALATt^BiG, T. Eugenia. 

MalatumbAga, T. Crudia blancoi Rolfe. 

MalatumbAga, T. Combretum squamosum Roxb. 

MalatumbAga, T. Nelitris. 

MALATtJNGAO, Cag. Melastoma. 

MalanbAn, T. Planchonia. 

MALAtJBE, T., V. Aristolochia tagala Cham. 

MALAtJPLi. Ficus ampelas Burm. 

MALAtJNOT, T. Sterculia. 

MalAwin, T. Vitex negundo L. 

MalayAmbo, T. Eugenia. 

Malayant6c, T. Holarrena macrocarpa Hassk. 

MaliAna, T., v., Pamp. Coleus atropurpureus Benth. 

MalibAgo, T. Thespesia populnea Corr. 

MalibAgo, T. Hibiscus tiliaceus L. 

MalicascAsan, V. Talauma angatensis F. Vill. 

MalIco, V. Evodia mindanaensis Merrill. 

MALf-MALl, T., Pamp. Leea aculeata Blanco. 

MalInga, T. Benincasa cerifera Savi. 

MalInta, T. Phyllanthus reticulatus Muell. 

MALfs, V. Abutilon indicum G. Don. 

MalIsa. Capsicum minimum Roxb. 

MalIsa (Camarines). Ananassa sativa Lindl. 

MalIsa, T. Piper nigrum L. 

MalismalIs, Pamp. Euphorbia pilulifera L. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


MJLlit, T. Cynodon dactylon Pers. 

MAlit-calabjLo, T. Panicum. 

Maix>N6AiN; T. Melia candollei Juss. 

MalubAgo, B. Hibiscus tiliaceus L. 

MALt^BO, T., V. Diplodiscus paniculatus Turcz. 

MaltJco, T. Pisonia inennis Forst. 

MalugAgnao, V. Vitex. 

MALtJGiT, v., Pamp. Moringa oleifera Lam. 

Malug6sO; V. Mollugo pentaphyllum Linn. 

Maluli5cban, T. Champereia griffithii Planch. 

MalunAjl-unSAyam, T. Dalbergia. 

MALtJNGAY, T., V. Moringa oleifera Lam. 

MaiajisqAyen . Melia candollei Juss. 

MalX^nSit, v., Pamp. Moringa oleifera Lam. 

MALUStJNGAY, T. Crudia blancoi Vidal. 

MALtJTAY, T. Erycibe. 

M^LVAS, Sp. Abutilon indicum G. Don. 

MAlyas de CASTfixA, Sp. Fil. Abutilon indicum G. Don. 

MAlvas-tagbAi^ng, T. Delima sarmentosa L. 

MAMAGUliiL, T. Harrisonia bennetii B. and H. f. 

MamAle, V. Leea sambucina Willd. and other species. 

MamAxis, T. Pittosporum femandezii Vidal. 

MamAijs-babAe, T. Pittosporum. 

Maman^d. Columbia longipetiolata Merrill. 

MAmao (Jolo). Rhaphidophora pertusa Schott. 

Mamb6b. Stephegyne diversifolia Hook. 

Mamb6g, T. Mitragne. 

Mamb6g, B. Nauclea blancoi Vidal. 

Mamb6g. Stephygne speciosa Korth. and other species. 

Mamb6o, T., V. Morinda bracteata Roxb. 

Mam£y, T. Lucuma mammosa Gaertn. 

MAMfN, B., T. Piper betle L. 

MamItic, T., V. Hygrophila salicifolia Nees. and other species. 

Mam6us, T., v., Pamp. Sida frutescens Blanco. 

Mam6n, V. Piper betle L. 

M AMP Alan (Jolo). Mangifera indica Linn. 

MAMPfeL, V. Uncaria acida Roxb. 

Mamp6l, V. Ijoranthus pentandrus L. 

Man. Cinnamomum pauciflorum Nees. 

ManA, T., II. Jatropha multifida L. 

ManabA, B. Premna. 

Manabb6ng, B. Aglaia. 

ManAlao, T. Aglaia oligantha C. DC. 

MANAiisiD, V. Heliconiopsis amboinensis Miq. 

MananangtAng, V. Dysoxylum blancoi Vidal. 

MananAog, V. Strychnos ignatii Berg. 

ManAog, V. Saccolabium. 

ManApo, B. Sindora wallichii Benth. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


MANi.SA, T. Bridelia ovata Muell. Arg. 

ManAul, V. Tournefortia argentea L. f . 

ManAyao (Central Luzon). Diplodiscus paniculatus Turcz. 

ManbAn, T. Maranta dichotoma Wall. 

Mano6nOj V. Xanthostemon verdergonianus Naves. 

MANDALt^SA (Cebu). Erianthemum bicolor Sdirank. 

MAnga, T., V. Mangifera indica L. 

MANOA-ANfs. Mangifera anisodora Blanco. 

Mangachap6i, T. Vatica mangachapoi Blanco. 

Manoa-d6ix)nq, V. Abrns precatorius L. 

MangAgao, V. Hoya multiflora Blume. 

MANGASiNdBO, Z. Shorea. 

Mangasin6bo, Z. AlbizziaT. 

MANOASiNdBO, T. Fagraea volubilis Jack. 

ManoasibIqui (Bulacan). Quercus pbilippinensis A. DO. 

Manoat6layT. Koordersoidendron pinnatum Merrill. 

MAngga, T., V. Mangifera indica L. 

MAnggis (Jolo). Garcinia mangostana Linn. 

MA^HA, T. Clerodendron. 

MANGfPOD, T. Areca catechu L. 

MangIt. Ehretia buxifolia Roxb. 

ManglAtt. Lagerstroemia batitinan Vidal. 

ManglAy, Pamp. Zingiber. 

Mangost^n, V. Garcinia cornea Linn. 

MangostAna, V. Garcinia ovalifolia H. f. and T. 

MangquIet, T. Desmodium. 

MANOufs (Jolo). Garcinia mangostana Linn. 

MANGUfT, T., V. Ehretia buxifolia Roxb. 

MANGtJPOD. Areca catechu L. 

MANGtJYAO, B. Sophora tomentosa L. 

MANf. Arachis hypogaea L. 

MANfc-MANfcAN, T. Cypcrus. 

ManIlad, T. Scyphiphora hydrophyllacea Gaertn. 

MANi-MANfAN, T. DesmodiuHi. 

MANi-MANfiiAN, T. Cassia tora L. 

MankIt, T. Urena. 

Manl6ab, T. Quercus. 

MangAl, T. Samadera indica Gaertn. 

ManquIl, T. Eugenia javanica Lam. 

ManquIt. Desmodium pulchellum Benth. 

MantalA, T., V. Sophora tomentosa L. 

MANtJL, V. Jasminum sambac Ait. 

ManumbAga (Zamboanga). Myristica simiarum A. DC. 

ManungAl, T., B., v., Pamp. Samadera indica Gaertn. 

ManungbAga, V. Hemigyrosa canescens Thw. 

ManzAnas, Sp. Fil. Zizyphus jujuba Linn. 

ManzAna-r6sa, Sp. Fil. Eugenia jambos Linn. 

ManzanItas, Sp. Fil. Zizyphus jujuba Linn. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Ma6ro, V. Lumniizera purpurea Presl. 
MapolA. Hibiscus mutabilis Linn. 
MaputI, T. Leucaa aspera L. 
MAQUiTARfN (Tayabas). Orophea. 
MababIcat, T. Diospyros. 
MABACtJLAN, II. Litsea. 
MABAOAHtJLO, T. Symplocos. 
Mabaqao^d, II. Cinnamomum. 
MABAiioAO, V. Casearia einerea Turcz. 
MAbang, T. Litsea. 
MAbang, T. Artocarpus. 
MabanmXbang, V. Ficus. 
MabapAco, II. Polypodium dipteris Blanco. 
Mabap6to, V. Hibiscus abelmoschus L. 
MababjLyat-cAhoy, T. Capparis micrantha DC. 
MabasagAt, II. Vitex. 
MABAvfcAL (Morong). Diospyros. 
MABAvfLLAS, Sp. Fil. MiraWlis jalapa L. 
MabayAbay, T. Cerbera odollam Gaertn. 
MabayApa, T., v., Pamp. Coleus atropurpureus Benth. 
MabbAab, V. Zanthoxylum avicennae DC. 
Mabg6so, T. Momordica balsamina L. 
Marg6so-dam^log, Pamp. Mollugo. 
MabicacAo, T. Gliricidia maculata H. B. K. 
MabindAto. Cnestis trifolia Pers. 
MABictiM, V. Hibiscus abelmoschus L. 
MABfscos, T. Chrysopogon aciculatus "Trin. 
Mabop6to, V. Hibiscus abelmoschus L. 
MABUCtJM, V. Hibiscus abelmoschus L. 
MabulInao, V. Bauhinia tomentosa L. 
MabumancAs, T. Sideroxylon. 
MabumancAs-na-lalAque, T. Sideroxylon. 
Masamb6ng. Desmodium. 
Masip6n, Cag. Saurauja. 
Mat Abes, T. Micromelum. 
MatabAng-dIcut, Pamp. Paederia foetida L. 
MataiApay, B. Symplocos. 
MatamatA, B. Schleichera. 
MatAng-Aban, V. Mussaenda grandiflora Rolfe. 
MatAng-Abao, T. Melicope ternata Forst. 
MatAng-diAbix), T. Evodia roxburghiana Benth. 
. MatAng-olAng, T. Salacia prinoides DC. 
MatAng-olAng, V. Phyllanthus reticulatus Muell. Arg. 
MAxANG-PtJNE, V. Abrus precatorius L. 
MAxANG-tJiAN ( Tayabas ) . Breynia cernua Muell. Arg. 
MatAng-ulAng (Tayabas). Breynia cernua Muell. Arg. 
MatAvia, T. Musa paradisiaca L. var. 
MatinggaIn. Mussaenda frondosa L. 

Digitized by 



MauIng-dAto, V. Samadera indica Gaertn. 

MAtjBAN, T. Planchonia. 

MAtJBiNG, T. Quercus. 

MavindAto, v., Pamp. Rourea heterophylla Planch. 

MayacyAt, B. Canarium. 

MayagAbin. Citrus hyatrix DC. 

MayAgos, V. Homonoia riparia Lour. 

MayAgos-lalAqui, V. Acalypha. 

MayamAgaB; V. Commersonia platyphylla Andr. 

MayAna, T., v., Pamp. Coleus atropurpureus Benth. 

MayAno (Paragua). Gardenia. 

MayApis, T. Dipterocarpus mayapis Blanco. 

May6bo. Timonius philippinensis Merrill. 

May6yo8, V. Homonoia riparia Lour. 

MAYt3iius. Micromelum tephrocarpum Turcz. 

Mab^tbot, B., V. Eugenia. 

M^LSAS, T. Abutilon indicum Don. 

MelIndbes (Manila). Lagerstroemia indica L. 

Mel6n, Sp. Fil. Cucumis melo Linn. 

Mel6ng-ouAc, T. Modecca heterophylla Blume. 

MiAgos, V. Homonoia riparia Lour. 

MiAgus, V. Eugenia. 

MiApi, T., V. Avicennia officinalis L. 

MfDLLA, Pamp. Lagerstroemia. 

MfQUi, Pamp. Xylocarpus obovatus Juss. 

MiJO (Cebu). Setaria italica Beauv. 

MfLi-pfLi, V. Canarium. 

Mil6n-dagA, T. Melothria indica Lour. 

MfMBBE. Homonoia riparia Lour. 

Mim6n6a, T. Macaranga tanarius Muell Arg. 

MfSAY-CALABAo, T. Cypcrus. 

MfTLA, Pamp. Lagerstroemia speciosa Pers. 

Mob6ti, V. Antidesma. 

M6co ( Iloilo ) . Musa sapientum L. var. 

Mogb6c, V. Xanthophyllum. 

MolAuin, T. Vitex littoralis Decne. 

MolAuin, T. Murraya exotica L. 

MoLAUiN-Aso, T. Prenina nauseosa Blanco. 

MolAve, T. Vitex littoralis Decne. and other species. 

MolAvin, T. Murraya exotica L. 

MolAvin, T. Vitex negundo L. 

MolAvin, T. Vitex littoralis Decne. 

Molop6lo, T., v., Pamp. Urena sinuata L. 

Molug6so, T. Mollugo stricta L. 

Mongo-mong6iian, T. Cassia tora L. 

M6ngos, T. Phaseolus mungo L. 

M6pio, V. Erianthemum bicolor Schrank. 

M6ro, Sp. Fil. Andropogon muricatus Retz. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


MorAdo, Sp. Fil. Graptophyllum hortense Nees. 

MorAdong. Justicia. 

MoRADONG-MAPUTf, T. Justicia gendarussa L. 

MoRJlDONG-MAPUTf, T. Graptophyllum hortense Nees. 

MobAl. Morus alba Linn. 

MobAndong-maputI. Graptophyllum hortense Nees. 

M6ras. Morus alba L. 

Mosbob6n, T., V. Scaevola koenigii Vahl. 

M6ta, Pamp. Cyperus rotundus L. 

MostAza, Sp. Brassica juncea H. f. and Th. 

MuGU^Y, Sp. Fil. Agave americana Linn. 

MuGufs. Koordersoidendron pinna turn Merrill. 

MulAon (Iloilo). Vitex littoralis Decne. 

MulAto, T. Vitex. 

MllAuen-babAe. Vitex. 

MulAuin, T. Vitex littoralis Deene. 

MulAuin-Aso, T. Premna vestita Schauer. 

MuiiNG-MULiNG, T. Diplodiscus paniculatus Turcz. 

MtJNGO, V. Phaseolus mungo L. 

MuntAui, V. Harrisonia bennetii B. and H. f. 

MurAon-balon56n (Iloilo). Jasminum. 

MuBtJGNA, V. Phyllanthus. 

Mt^THA, V. Kyllinga monoeephala Rottb. 

MtJTHA, T. Cyperus rotundus L. 

MuntAni, V. Harrisonia bennetii B. and H. f. 

NAbo, B. Gnetum gnemon L. 

NAbo, V. Abroma alata Blanco. 

NAbo, V. Ficus. 

NacboiJgan, II. Clerodendron macrostegium Schauer. 

NAga, V. Pterocarpus indicus Willd. and other species. 

NagboiJgan, II. Clerodendron macrostegium Schauer. 

NAla, Z. Afzelia bijuga A. Gray. 

NAlis. Picrasma javanica Blume. 

NamAued, T. t^olumbia. 

NambabAxos. Sarcocephalus cordatus Miq. 

NamacpAcan, II.? Ochrocarpus pentapetalus Blanco. 

NAME. Dioscorea sativa L. and other species. 

NAnca, T. Artocarpus integrifolia L. f. 

NAnga, V. Plectocomia elongata Mart, and Blume. 

NAnoca, T. Artocarpus integrifolia Linn. f. 

NAngos, V. Eugenia. 

NApan, B. Piper corylistachyon C. DC. 

NapnAp, V. Cephalostachyum capitatura Munro. 

NarangItas, T., V. Citrus aurantium Hook. f. 

NarAnja, T. Citrus decumana L. 

NaranjItas, T. Citrus aurantium L. var. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


NAbdo (Cebu). Polyanthes tuberosa Linn. 

NArba, T., V. Pterocarpus indicua Willd. and other species. 

NArra-pulA (Unisan). Pterocarpus vidalianus Rolfe. 

NAto, V. Palaquium bamesii Merrill, -n. sp. 

NAto, T. Sterculia rubiginosa Vent. 

NAto, V. Terminalia catappa L. 

NAtob, T. Terminalia. 

Nen£nu, Cag. Anisoptera thurifera F. Vill. 

1?GAluy, Ig. Boehmeria weddeliana Vidal. 

I^Qa^aIta, T. Ehretia onava A. DC. 

iTOisiN^fsi, T. Lepidopetalum. 

I?G6NTiOT, Pamp. Cocoa nucifera L. 

Nfoui, T. Xylocarpus obovatus Juss. 

NilAd, T. Scyphiphora hydrophyllacea Gaertn. 

NilAb, T. Scyphiphora hydrophyllacea Gaertn. 

Nil6mot (Tayabas). Oryza sativa L. 

NfNO, T., V. Morinda citrifolia Linn. 

NfNO, T., V. Morinda bracteata Roxb. 

NfoG, T., C, II., B.. V. Cocos nucifera L. 

NfoG-]!fSA-POTl, V. Cocos nucifera Linn. 

NfoG-NfoG, T. Geodorum semicristatum Lindl. 

NlOQ-NfoG, T. Osmoxylon. 

NfoG-Ni6GAN, T. Quisqualis indica L. 

Ni6g-ni6gan, T. Ficus pseudopalma Blanco. 

NfPA, T. Nipa fructicans L. 

NfPAi, V. Mucuma atropurpurea DC. 

NfPAY, T. Mucuna pruriens DC. and other species. 

NfpiN ( Zamboanga ) . Phyllanthes reticulatus Poir. 

Nfpis. Agave americana L. 

NfTO, T., V. Lygodium dichotomum Sw. and other species. 

NiTONG-PUTf, T. Lygodium sctindens Sw. 

Noc-n6c, V. Fieus. 

NolalAqui, T. Litsea. 

Non6c, V. Ficus indica L. and other species. 

N6oG-x6oo (Cebu). Solanum verbascifolium L. 


OAy, 11. Calamus pisicarpus Blume. 

6bat, T. Smilax. 

OefEN, II. Artocarpus. 

6bud-6bud, V. Cyperus. 

Oda6deg, Ig. Berchemia philippinensis Vidal. 

6dling, V. Cynometra ramiflora Linn. 

06y, Pang. Calamus buroensis Mart. 

OoAo, B. Diospyros. 

6gob, B.? Artocarpus incisa L. f. 

OisAc, T. Nauclea. 

OlAng, T. Smilax indica L. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


OLANigK)^ V. Pandanus radicans Blanco. 

Ola6mag, T., V. Sophora tomentosa L. 

OLAsfMAN, T. Portulaca oleracea L. 

OlAyan. Quercus soleriana Vidal., Ig. Helicia cumingiana Presl. 

OlIngon, V. Cratoxylon celebicum Blume. 

OiivAS, Sp.-Fil. Eusideroxylon. 

6lob. Artocarpus rima Blanco. 

6lod, Pamp. Cynometra inaequifolia A. Gray. 

OLONGiJN. Trichodesma zeylanicum R. Br. 

6loy, T. Artocarpus. 

OmAding, Pamp. Cyperus rotundus L. 

OmAdiung, Pamp. Cyperus rotimdus L. 

OnAnaTj Ig. Gnaphalium luteo-album L. 

OnAoa, T. Capura. 

OnAva, T. Ehretia acuminata R. Br. 

6n^ot, Z. Cocos nucifera Linn. 

6ngsay (Manila). Coriandrum sativum Linn. 

OnorAn, Pamp. Cyperus rotundus L. 

6nti, T. Solanum nigrum L. 

06NGON, II. Bruguiera gynmorrhiza Lam. 

06NGON, II. Rhizophora mucronata Lam. 

06nog, II. Albizzia julibrissen Duraz. 

OplAy. Alstonia scholaris R. Br. 

OPLf, T. Ficus. 

Opling-mAya (Tayabas). Ficus. 

6po, T. Lagenaria vulgaris Seringe. 

6pong-6pong, B. Litsea. 

Obaci6n, Sp. Fil. Mirabilis jalapa L. 

ObatAn, II. Aglaia. 

OrAyi, T., V. Amaranthus spinosus L. 

Or^gano, Sp. Fil. Limnopbila repens Bentb. 

Ob£gano, Sp. Fil. Coleus aromaticus Bentb. 

ORfGANO-LALAQUi, T. Coldenia procumbens }j. 

Or6t, V. Dioscorea hirsuta Blume. 

6boy, V. Amorpbopballus campanulatus Blume. 

6siu, T. Bambusa diffusa Blanco. 

6te-6te. Pittosporum. 

OuAy, II. Calamus pisicarpus Blume. 

6vAi-NA-PA]fSLAo, II. Naravelia. 

Oya^JgIa, V. Abrus precatorius L. 

OyIsan, T. Myristica. 

Oy6c, Ig. Myristica. 

PaanbalivIs, T.? Boerbaavia repens L. 

PAbto, T. Acalypba. 

PAc. Artocarpus camansi Blanco. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


PacAc, U. Artocarpus camansi Blanco. 

PacAcal. Mai lotus ricinoides Muell. Arg. 

Pacagonc6n-ca8tIla. Cassia alata L. 

PacalcAl, Pamp. Mallotiis ricinoides Muell. Arg. 

Pacancal, Pamp. Palaquium latifolium Blanco. 

Pacapis, V. Clerodendron intermedium Cham. 

PAcat-Aro, T. Pisonia aculeata DC. 

Pacay6mcom-ca8t1la, Pamp. Cassia alata L. 

Pacay6mcon. Lycopodium. 

PAciiAfNGAN, T. Canarium. 

PAco. Aspleniiim esoulentum Presl. 

PAcoL, V. Musa. 

PAcong-anCano. Onychiura auratum Kaulf. 

Pac6pod, T. Vitis carnosa Wall. 

PacpAc-bAlang, T. Berrya. 

PacpAc-lAncjao, T. Desmodium triflorum DC. 

PacpAc-lAi IN, T. Rhaphidophora pertusa Sehott. 

PacpAc-lAvin, T. Polypodium quereifolium L. 

PacnAn, T. Quercus. 

I'ACtJPis, T. Trichosanthes anguina L. 

PaddAn, Cag. Pandanus odoratisRimus Linn. f. 

Pad6ng-pad6ngan, V. Celosia cristata Miq. 

Pa^tax, V. Lunasia ainara Blanco and other species. 

PagAlo. Acrostichum. 

PagaplacIm, II. Ficus. 

PAgat, Ig. Cnicus wallichii DC. 

PAgai-pAgat (Laguna). Diospyros. 

PagatpAt, T., v., B. Sonneratia pagatpat Blanco. 

Pag ATP At, T. Diospyros. 

PAGBf'T, Pamp. Gardenia obscura Vidal. 

PAgla, B. Garcinia. 

PaglumiiC'yex. Eugenia. 

PagpAoan, C-ig. lllipe betis Merrill. 

PagsaixgAix, T. Canarium luzonieiim Miq. 

PAgi'A,' V. Musji textilis Noes. var. 

PAGrfLiNG, T. Ficus. 

PagurIxgox, B. Cratoxylum floribundum F. Vill. 

PahampAc, Pamp. Gouania. 

1*Aho, T., V. Mangifera longipes Griff. 

Paiioii6tax, v., T. Mangifera odorata Griff. 

PAiio-sfcco (Cobu). Mangifera longipes Griff. 

PahCtax, T. Semecarpus. 

PAfiioi), V. Albizzia procera Bentli. 

PAfiiOT. Albizzia procera Benth. 

PaIlax. lllipe betis Merrill. 

PAiMAfBAT, T. Litsea. 

PAfMO. Sindora wallichii, Benth. 

PAfxA. T. Hopea plagata Vidal. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


PaipaI-Amo, T. Polypodium quercifolium L. 

PaipaIsi, V. Leucas aspera Spreng. 

PaIt. Micromelum. 

PaIt, T. Lunasia amara Blanco, 

PAfT-PAlT (Zaraboanga). Lunasia amara Blanco. 

PAiT-PAfx. Micromelum tephrocarpum Turez. 

PaitAn, T. Garcinia. 

PaitAn, T. Lunasia amara Blanco. 

PaitAn, T. Terminalia. 

PAja-de-m6ca, Sp. Fil. Andropogon schoenanthus L. 

PAjo, T. Mangifera longipes Griff. 

PAlac-pAlac, T. Palaquium latifolium Blanco. 

PAlad-pAlad, V. Hemigraphis repens Blanco. 

PalagAbilm, V. Samadera indica Gaertn. 

PalAqium, V. Samadera indica Gaertn. 

PALAGt'CON, V. Crinum asiaticum Linn. 

PalAli, B. Dillenia speciosa Gilg. 

PAlang. Acalypha. 

PAlang-pAlang, V. Canavalia obtusifolia DC. 

PAl,Ao-A^', V. Homalomena miqueliana Schott. 

PalApad, T. Sonneratia pagatpat Blanco. 

PalApar, V. Alpinia brevilabris Presl. 

PalapasAgui, V. Hyptis capitata Jacq. 

PalApil. Flacourtea. 

PalAsan, Z. Calamus albus Pers. 

PalAti. Dillenia speciosa Gilg. 

PalatpAt, T. Sonneratia pagatpat Blanco. 

PalAuan, V. Daemonorops. 

PalAy, T. Oryza sativa L. 

PalAyen, Ig. Quercus jordanae Lag. 

PAli, V. Mangifera odorata Griff. 

PalIa, V. Momordica balsamina L. 

PaliAvan, V. Tinospora crispa Miers. 

PALicpfc-pfTO, Pa nip. Sapindus turczaninowii Vidal. 

PalindAn, T. Orania regalis Zipp. 

PalIng huAi, B. Walsura robusta Roxb. 

PalinlIn, T. Buchanania. 

PALfPAL, T. Maesa. 

PALIS, T. Callicarpa bicolor Juss. 

PalItic. Ficus ameplas Burm. 

PallA, T. Momordica balsamina L. 

Pal-lAm, .11. Psophocarpus tetragonolobus DC. 

PAlma-brAva. Livinstonia rotundifolia Mart. 

PAlo, T. Xylopia sp. 

PaloAhan. Otophora spectabilis Blume. 

PaloAhan, V. Capura. 

PaloaI, B. Litsea. 

PalochIna, V. Cassia alata Linn. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Palo-de-hi£bbo, v. Xanthostemon verdugonianus Naves. 

Palo-dC'RO (Zamboanga). Eugenia. 

pAiX)MARfA, T., Pamp. Calophyllum inophyllum L. 

Palo-makIa, T. Vidalia lepidota F. Vill. 

pALO-MABfA DE m6nte. Calophyllum wallichianum Planch and Triana. 

PALO-MABf A DE plAya. Calophyllum inophyllum L. 

PAT.o-MABfANO-ot)BAT, T. Vidalia navesii F. Vill. 

PalonApin. Tarrietia Bylvatica Merrill. 

PalonApoy, Z. Heritiera littoralis Dry. 

PalonApoy, Z. Tarrietia sylvatica Merrill. 

PAlox^gro. Lepidopetalum. 

PALONPALdNOAN. Cclosia cristata Moq. 

PAlo-pAlo, B. Randia cumingiana Vidal. 

PAiiOPfNO. Pinus insularis Endl. 

PalosAxto, T. Rourea hetcrophylla Planch. 

PalosAnto, T. Orophea. 

PalosAnto, T. Koordersiodendron pinna turn Merrill. 

PalosApi8. Shorea. 

PalosApis, T. Pinus mercusii Jungh. and de Vriese. 

PalsahinhIn, T. Canarium cumingii Engl. 

PALSANHiNoufN, T. CanariuHi. 

PALTUO-PALTtJCAN, Pamp. Cardicspermum halicacal^um L. 

Palnhambob6cag, V. Dysoxylum blancoi V^idal. 

PALtJNAG. Spilanthes acmella L. 

pALUMBtJYEN, Pang. Eugenia. 

PalX^nai, Pamp. Spilanthes acmella L. 

PalunTiApoy, 11. Heritiera littoralis Dry. 

PamalalIan, Cag. Sindora wallichii Benth. 

Pamalatangu^n, II. Canthium mite Bartl. 

PAMALATAGUi^:N, 11. Amoora. 

PamAlis, T., v., Pamp. Sida carpinifolia L. 

PamaxgpAxgon, V. Boehmeria nivea H. and A. 

PamangquIlon, V. Amorphophallus campanula tus Blume. 

PamangquIlon, V. Leea aculeata Blanco. 

PAMAYUGstJcoN. Ixora. 

Pamita6guen, U. Calophyllum inophyllum L. 

PamitlAtn, 11. Ochrocarpus pentapetalus Blanco. 

PamitlaIn, 11. Calophyllum inophyllum L. 

PAMiTi>ATf:N, II. Calophyllum inophyllum L. 

PamitlatIn, 11. Ochrocarpus pentapetalus Blanco. 

pAMi^ArB6YEN, II. Eugpnia. 

Pam6col, T. Cocos nucifera L. 

PampAng, V. Musa sapientum L. var. 

PampAr. Kleinhovia hospita L. 

PAMtJcuG, V. Pollia. 

PAMtJHAT, V. Premna vestita Schauer. 

PamulaclAquin, T. Gonocaryum tarlacense Vidal. 

PamulaclAquin, T. Symphorema luzonensis Vidal. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


PamulaclAquin, T. Combretum ovalifolium Roxb. 

Pamunoan, V. Feronia elephantopus Corr. 

PanAbang. Aglaia. 

Panab6long. ^Scaevola koenigii Vahl. 

PanAbon, T. Ardisia. 

PanAbor, V. Eurycles amboinensis Herb. 

Panab6long, T., V. Scaevola koenigii Vahl. 

PanAcla (Bulacan). Pisonia aculeata L. 

PANAGufTMON, B. Diospyros. 

PanalayApin, T., II. Champereia griffithii Planch. 

PanalingAen. Pterospermum oblicuum Blume. 

PanampAt, Pamp. Kleinhovia hospita L. 

PananculAnan, B. Vitex. 

PANANGQUfLON, V. Leca aculeata Blanco. 

PanAo, T. Dipterocarpus vernicifluus Blanco. 

PanAon, V. Elettaria. 

PANAPTtJM, V. Erianthemum bicolor Schrank. 

PanaquitIn, T. Sterculia. 

Panari6n, II. Tacca pinnatifida Forst. 

PanAvan, V. Tinospora crispa Miers. 

Panayangtag6n, V. Leea javanica Blume. 

PanaypAy. Memecylon. 

Pancalian, Cag. Sindora walliehii Benth. 

PANCtJDO, T., V. Morinda braeteata Roxb. 

PandacAguc, T. Tabernaemontana pandacaque Poir. 

PandacAque-lalAque, T. Rauwolfia amsoniaefolia A. DC. 

PandacAqui, T., v., Pamp. Tabernaemontana pandacaqui Poi . nul otlui 

PandAn, T., V. Pandanus odoratissimus Linn. f. and othti spcdrs. 
PandAn, II. Terminal ia catappa L. 
PandAn -sabotAn, T. Pandanus. 
PandapAnda, T. Ganophyllum falcatum Blume. 
PandapAnda, J. Dysoxylum. 
PandAya, V. Tabernaemontana pandacaqui Poir. 
PangaouAson, V. Strychnos ignatii Berg. 
PangalAn^an, T., V. Sophora tomentosa L. 
PanganAn. Quercus. 

PanganAua, Cag. Orophea enterocarpoidea Vidal. 
Pangangt6lon6, T., V. Scaevola koenigii Vahl. 
PAi^AS, Pamp. Tournefortia. 
PAngas, Z. Zingiber officinale Linn. 
PAngas, Pamp. Curcuma longa Linn. 
PangosIn. Cocos nucifera L. 
PangdAn, V. Pandanus odoratissimus Linn. f. 
PangdAn, T. Freycinetia luzonensis Presl. 
PanghAs (Dinagat). Ardisia humilis Vahl. 
PA]<fGHfNG-BtJYEN (Abra). Eugenia. 
PAn6i, T. Pangium edule Reinw. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Pai^iAvan, V. Tinospora erigpa Meirs. I 

PAi^l^lLfNON, Z. Wormia. 

pA^LANCAi:N, II. Gelonium glomerulatum Hassk. ' 

Pan5lomb6tan, II. Eugenia. 

Pa^lonb6yen, Ig. Loranthus. 

Panama VAN. Anamirta cocculus W. and A. 

PANGOSfN, V. Cocos nucifcfa L. 

PAngui, V. Pangium edule Reinw. 

Pa^ubInSu, V. Cratoxylon blancoi Blume. 

PanhAcad, V. Pandanus odoratisaimus Linn. f. 

Panil6nga-bAca. Memecylon. 

PANLAMBt^YEN, II. Eugenia. 

Paninguin6n, Z. Wormia luzonensis Vidal. 

PanItan. Globba marantina Linn. 

PanitlaIn. Ochrocarpus pentapetalus Blanco. ! 

PANNiLTA8Qi:fN, 11. CalophylluHi. 

PANNiBifiN, 11. Tacca pinnatifida Forst. ' 

PAnno. Dipterocarpus vernicifluus Blanco. 

PanodIas, V. Saurauja. ! 

Panosib^n (Tiaj^an). Sapindus turczaninowii Vid. 

PansipansI, T., V. Leucas aspera Spreng. ! 

PansipansI, T. Hypoestes laxiflora Xees. 

PansipansIan, T. Hyptis suaveolens Poir. ' 

PantIgui, V. Pemphis acidula Forst. 

Pant6g-sang-usA, V. Orchipeda foetida Blume. 

PAnuo, T. Dipterocarpus vernicifluus Blanco. 

PAo, II. Mangifera longipes Griff. 

PaopAnan. Mangifera longipes Griff. 

PaopAuan, T. Mangifera foetida Lour. 

PapAca, Z. Cratoxylon. 

PAPALSfs, T. Callicarpa bicolor Juss. 

PApas. Solanum tuberosum L. 

PapAya, Sp. Fil. Carica papaya L. 

Papoh6tan. Mangifera longipes Griff. 

Pap6nya. Mangifera longipes Griff. 

Pap6n^a, Z. Eugenia. 

PappAgay, Gag. lllipe betis Merrill. 

PAquit. Dioscorea. 

PAPtTA, T., v., Pamp. Panax fruticosiim L. 

PaquilIng, Pamp. Ficus. 

PAquit, T. Dioscorea. 

ParAcan, II. Rhizophora mucronata Lam. 

ParagIs, T. Paspahim. 

ParaIso, v., T. Melia azedarach L. 

PArang (Paranaque). Alysicarpus tetragonolobus Edgw. 

Paran&isAt-it-manatAd, V. Tacca. 

ParApad, Ig. Alpinia. 

ParaparanAiian, T. Desmodium. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


PabApit-hAngin, T. Naravelia. 

ParAsan, V. Calamus albus Pers. 

PARI, V. Cissampelos pareira I^inn. 

PabIa, II. Momordica balsamina L. 

PARiTtJiX)T, T. Justicia gendarussa L. 

PARNiPANSf. Leucas linifolia Spreng. 

PabonApin, II. Helicteres. 

ParonApin, II. Heritiera littoralis Dry. 

PabonApin, II. Tarrietia sylvatica Merrill. 

Parongt6ng-Ahas, T. Streptocaulon baumii Decne. 

Par86tis, T. Chenopodium ambrosioides L. 

PArua, II. Pinus insularis Endl. 

Pas Ac. Paranariimi philippensis Radlk. 

PasAc, T., Z. Mimusops elengi L. 

Pas Ac, T. Pygeum arboreum Endl. 

PasAcla, II. Ficus. 

PasaIn&in, T. Canarium. 

PASAO. Corchoms capsularis L. and other species. 

PAsao, V. Graptophyllum hortense Nees. 

PAsao-na-bii,6g, T. Corchorus capsularis L. 

PAsao-na-habA, T. Corchorus acutangulus Lam. 

PasApla, II. Ficus. 


PascuAs. Euphorbia pulcherrima Willd. 

PAsi, B. Cinnamomum. 

PAsiG, V. Buchanania lucida Blume. 

PasItis, T. Capsicum minimum Roxb. 

Pas6tis, T. Chenopodium ambrosioides L. 

PasnIt (Tiagan). Alstonia scholaris R. Br. 

PASQUfT, T. Memecylon paniculatum Jack. 

PasubI AO, V. Dendrobium lunatum Lindl. 

PAta, Ig. Cinnamomum pauciflorum Nees. 

PatabuguIn (Paragua). Vernonia arborea Ham. 

Patact6l, Pamp. Ardisia. 

PATAf-6oD, V. Tournefortia sarmentosa L. 

PatAlo, T. Commersonia platyphylla Andr. 

PatAni, V. Phaseolus lunatus Linn. 

PatAning-dAgat, T. Canavalia ensiformis DC. 

PatApto. Ardisia. 

Pat At AS, Sp. Fil. Solanum tuberosum Linn. 

PATfipuT, T. Maesa. 

PaticAn, V. Caryota rumphiana Mart. 

PatIni (Mindoro). Phaseolus tunkinensis Lour. 

PatIpol (Morong). Maesa. 

Pot6la, T., V. Luffa aegyptiaca Mill, and other species. 

Pot6lo, T. Commersonia platyphylla Andr. 

PattJbo, T. Cycas circinalis L. 

PAf^HAN (Mindoro). Litsea. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


PauhApi, T. Shorea. 

Paun^Aoan, T. Castanopsis philippinensis Vidal. 

PAtTAN, T. Santiria. 

PAUPAtjTAN, T. Mangifera. 

PatAle. Timonius philippinensis Merrill. 

PayAn^oa (Bulacan). Flemingia. 

PayangpAyang, T. Desmodium pulchellum Benth. 

PAYAXGUiT, V. Marsdenia tinctoria R. Br. 

PAyao-pAyao, V. Monochoria hastaefolia Presl. 

PayApa, T. Ficus payapa Blanco. 

PAyhod. Albizzia procera Benth. 

PAyna, T. Scolopia. 

PAyong-pAyong, V. Cyperus. 

PAyong-pay6iS?^an, T. Boletus. 

PaypAysi, V. Leucas aspera Spreng. 

Pedp£d, 11. Casearia. 

Pel6tan. Rhizophora mucronata Lam. 

PepInd, Sp. Cucumis sativus L. 

PepIta, T. Strychnos ignatii Berg. 

PepIta-de-San IgnAcio, Sp. Fil. Strychnos ignatii Berg. 

PEpfTA-8A-CATBAL6NGAN, V., T., B., Pamp. Strychnos ignatii Eerf(. 

PERNAMBtJCO, Sp. Fil. GossypiuHi barbadense L. 

PETtJTAN, T. Bruguiera gymnorrhiza Lam. 

PiAgao, T. Xylocarpus obovatus Juss. 

PiAfo, V. Agathis loranthifolia Salisb. 

PiApi, T., V. Avicennia officinalis L. 

Pi As, II. Averrhoa bilimbi L. 

PiAyo, V. Agathis loranthifolia Salisb. 

PiCH^L, T. Nepenthes. 

PiDPfD, II. Casearia. 

PfLA. Codiaeum variegatum Blume. 

PilAni, T. Canarium luzonicum Miq. 

PilApll, T.? Scolopia. 

PilAui, T. Canarium ovatum Engl. 

PiLDfs, Pamp. Garcinia. 

Pil6u, V. Ficus. 

PfLi, T. Canarium luzonicum Miq. 

PfLi, v., T. Canarium ovatum Engl. 

PfLi (Zamboanga). Gelonium. 

PiLic (Cebu). Ficus. 

PIli-pilAuay, T. Canarium commune L. 

PiLfpoG, V. Cocos nucifera Linn. 

PiLfPUD, V. Mallotus ricinioides Muell. Arg. 

PiLis, V. Abutilon indicum G. Don. 

PfLiT, B. Pemphis acidula Forst. 

P1M16NTA, Sp. Piper nigrum L. 

Pimi6ntang-bund6c, T. Piper philippinum Miq. 

PinAli. Canarium luzonicum Miq. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


PiNANG, V. Areca alba Rumpli. 
PincabAnao, T. Buxus rolfei Vidal. 
PincapInca, T. Oroxylum indicum L. 
PincapincAhan, T. Oroxylum indicum L. 
Ping6l, T. Engelhardtia. 
Ping6l-bat6, T. Begonia rhombicarpa A. DC. 
PiNtJAN, Ig. J^aoutia platystigma Wedd. 
PiNA, Sp. Fil. Ananassa saliva Lindl. 
Pin6nes, V. Quisqualis indica Linn. 
Pfpi, V. Litsea garciae Vidal. 
Pfpi, V. Albizzia retusa Benth. 
Pfpi, V. Semecarpus macrophylla Merrill. 
Pipisfc, T. Aegiceras corniculatum Blanco. 
Pipisfo, T. Aegiceras floridum R. and S. 
Pipisfc, T. Avicennia officinalis L. 
PiPislc, T. Scyphiphora hydrophyllacea Gaertn. 
PibApit-An6in, Pamp. Vitis repens W. and A. 
PfRAS, T. Evodia roxburghiana Benth. 
PfKis, T. Clausena. 
. PlBis, T. Garcinia. 
PisA, T. Canarium luzonicum Miq. 
Pisang-dAya, T. Mimusops. 
Pislc. Aegiceras corniculata Blanco. 
Pis6ng, T. Citrus aurantium Linn. var. 
Pisslc, V. Centripeda orbicularis Lour. 
PIta, II. Ananassa sativa Lindl. 
PfTA (Cebu). Agave americana L. 
Pit6qo, T. Cycas circinalis Linn. 
PlAtano, Sp. Musa sapientum L. var. .. 
P6as, T. Harpullia blancoi F. Vill. 
Pocotp6cot, v., Pamp. Trichosanthes anguina L. 
P6lang-p6lang (Hollo). Ipomoea pes-caprae Forst. 
PolayAgan, T. Bursera javanica Baill. 
Pol6o. Verbena bonariensis L. 
Pol6gan, V. Dioscorea. 
PoLONtA., T. Alpinia cemua Roxb. 
PongApon, T. Amorphophallus paniculatus Blume. 
P6NGLO-POifGL6AN. Corchorus capsularis L. 
P6]cf5o. Dipterocarpus vernicifluus Blanco. 
PonoAn, V. Feronia elephantum Correa. 
PonoAn, V. Samadera indica Gaertn. 
PorAo, II. Toona ciliata Royle. 
P6BAS, V. Phyllanthus distichus Muell. Arg. 
P6bo. Piper betle L. 
PostaxAgon. Gomphia angustifolia Valil. 
PostalAgon, Z. Mimusops. 
PotAt, T. Barringtonia raceraosa Blume. 

8966 7 

Digitized by 



PotAt, T. Aralia javanica Miq. 

PotIan, T. Eugenia. 

Pot6o. Cypenifi. 

PotocAn, T. Physalis peniyiana L. 

Pot6o-potocAn, T. Physalis peruviana L. 

Pot6t, V, Cooos nucifera Linn. 

PototAn, T. Bruguiera ritchieii Merrill. 

PototAn, V. Ceriops candolleana Am. 

PototAn. Rhizophora mucronata Lam. 

PotJGSO, Pamp. Jasminum sambac Ait. 

PiJas. Harpullia blancoi Vidal. 

PuooPtJcoT, v., Pamp. Trichosanthes anguina L. 

PugAhan, T. Caryota cumingii Mart. 

PugAhan, T. Arengasaccharifera Lab. 

PugAhan, T. Caryota urens L. 

PtJGANG, V. Dioscorea. 

PugAuy. Decaspermum ?. 

PuigapuigAhan, T. Arthrophyllum. 

PulAng-balAt. Eugenia. 

PulAt, T. Linociera coriacea Vid.? 

PulAt. Barringtonia racemosa Blume. 

PulayAgan. Bursera javanica Baill. 

PtJLUG (Zamboanga). Kibara coriacea Perk. 

PungApung, v., T. Amorphophallus campanulatus Blume. 

Punt AS -PUNT As, T. Ipomoea paniculata R. Br. 

PuQUfNGANG, T. Chitoria ternatea L. 

PurA, B. Saurauja. 

PuRfQUET, II. Pisonia aculeata L. 

Puso-Ptjso, T. Litsea chinensis Lam. 

Puso-PtJso (Mindoro). Buchanania florida Schauer. 

Puso-PtJso, T. Eugenia. 

Puso-PtJ30 ( Tayabas ) . Agrotistachys maesoana Vidal. 

Puso-PtJso ( Marinduque ) . Quercus castellaranauiana Vidal. 

PutAd, T. Barringtonia racemosa Blume. 

PutAt, T. Barringtonia racemosa Blume. 

PuT^NG, T. Linociera. 

PutIan, T. Eugenia. 

PuTPtJTAY, B. Ehretia buxifolia Roxb. 

PutucAn, T. Hibiscus abelmoschus L. 

PuTtJD ( Nueva-Viscaya ) . Viburnum luzonicum Rolf e. 

QuETQUiiT, Ig. Deutzia pulchra Vidal. 
QuiApo, T. Pistia stratiotes L. 
QuiAQufA, Z. Pometia. 
QuibAl, T. Vigna catjang Endl. 
QuibAl, T. Dolichos. 
QuilAa, V. Cordyline. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


QuiLALA, V. Saccharum ofl&cinanim L. 
QuilalA, V. Musa. 

QuiULmo, T. Crypteronia paniculata Blume. 
QuilAp, T. Uncaria. 
QufLiNG, T. Bambusa. 
QuiLiNGfvA, V. Averrhoa bilimbi L. 
QuilIte. Amaranthus spinosuB L. 
QuiLfTis, T. Amaranthufi spinosus L. 
Quinamb6y, V. Curcuma longa L. 
QlinampAi (Cebu). Dioscorea. 
Qu1na-p6stula, T. Cassia fistula L. 
Quimp6y, V. Colocasia antiquorum Schott. 
QuiNANDA, T. Oryza sativa L. var. 
QuinanAyan, T. Musa paradisiisica L. var. 
QuiNASAicAsAi, T. Adenanthera pavonina L. 
QufNAY-QufNAY, T. Pterospermum. 
Quinday6han, T. Celosia argentea L. 
QuiNTANA, T. Melia candollei Juss. 
QuiNTASfN, B. Ixora. 
Qtao, T. Ardisia. 

QuiRAP, T. Sumbavia rottleroides Baill. 
Quib6i, T. Dioscorea sativa L. 

QuisoL, V. Kaempheria galanga L. 

QufTA-QufTA, II. Xylia. 
QufXA-QufTA, II. Albizzia. « 

QufTA-QufTA, II. Bischofia javanica Blume. 
QuiTfcoT, V. Capsicum minimum Roxb. 
QuiUATULtJAN, T. Erianthemum bicolor Schrank. 
QuENALUSctJA, T. Hoya. 
Quer6e, T. Dioscorea. 
QuES^BO. Bombax malabaricum L. 


RaquIndi, Pamp. Hibiscus tiliaceus L. 

Raiz-de-m6eas, Sp. Fil. Andropogon schoenanthus L. 

RAMI, Sp. Bohemeria nivea H. and A. 

Ratipan, II. Arenga saccharifera Lab. 

Ray-yaray-yA, II. Ficus. 

RfMA, T., V. Artocarpus incisa L. 

RiMO, T. Artocarpus incisa L. f. 

RfRAo, B. Palaquium. 

Rocn6han, T., V. Sophora tomentosa L. 

R6ma, T., V. Acacia farnesiana Willd. 

Romero, Sp. Rosmarinus officinalis Linn. 

R6na8. Smilax. 

R6sas-gaball£bo, Sp. Fil. Caesalpina pulcherrinia Sw. 

R6sas-de-p6rsia, Sp. Fil. Pancratum zeylanicum L. 

R68as-sa-bAbay, V. Vinca rosea Linn. 

RtTMBANG, V. Aleurites moluccana Willd. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


SaAno-cabAyo, T. Scoparia dulcis Linn. 

SabA, T. Mallotiis. 

8abA, II. Musa Hapientum L. var. 

SabAng-visAya. Musa paradisiaca L. 

SAbia, T. Piper caninum Dietr. 

SAbila, T. Vanda lissochiloides Lindl. 

SAbila, T. Aloe barbadensis Mill. 

SabilAo, V. Commelina benghalensis L. 

SabilAo, V. Cyanotis axillaris Koem. and Shult. 

SabilAo-nga-laba-An, V. Commelina benghalensis L. 

SABLES. Asplenium nidus L. 

SABLtJT, II. Litsea chinensis Lam. 

Sabn6t, T. Rubus. 

♦SAbong-8Ab6ngan, T. Eleusine indica Gaertn. 

SAB6NG-SABtJNGAN, T. Pauicima flavidum Retz. 

SabotAn, T. Pandanus sabotan Blanco. 

SAbung-sab(jn&an, T. Paspalum. 

SAbay (Tiagan). Coloeasia antiquorum Schott. 

SacAt, T. Terminalia nitens Presl. 

SacsAc, V. Metroxylon. 

SacsIc, T. Areca catechu L. 

SadAc, Ig. Ichnocarpus ovatifolius A. DC. 

Sad(jngan, V. Garcinia cowa Roxb. 

SAga, Z. Nipa fructieans Wurmb. 

SAga, T. Abrus precatorius L. 

SagAd, II. Vitex littoralis Decne. 

SagamamIn, T. Abrus precatorius L. 

SagapsAp, V. Chionanthes. 

SAgsa, V. Glochidion littorale Blume. 

SagAsa. Lumnitzeria purpurea Presl. 

SagAsa, T. Scyphiphora hydrophyllacea Gaertn. 

SagAsa, T. Osbornia octodonta F. Vill. 

SAga-sAga, T. Abrus precatorius L. 

SagAt, 11. Vitex littoralis Decne. 

SAgay, V. Claoxylon indicum Hassk. 

Sagay-cAngay. Zanthophyllum oxyphyllum L. 

SagId, V. Parameria philippinensis Radlk. 

SAgin, T. Pinus insularis Endl. 

Saging, T., V. Musa sapientum L. 

SagIt, T. Parameria philippinensis Radlk. 

SagkI, T. lllicium anisatum L. 

RAGMfT, T. Rubus rosaefolius Smith. 

SagnIt, T. Mezoneurum glabrum Desf. 

Sag6may. Psychotria malayana Jack. 

SagC Caryota urens L. 

SaguilalA, T. Corydeline. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Saguilala, T. Codiaeum variegatum Muell. Arg. 

Saguing, T. Musa paradisiaca L. var. 

Saguing-nang-calao, B. Myristica. 

Saguing-sAguing, V. Caima indica L. 

SAGUiN-SAGUfNGAN, T. Aegiccras corniculatum Blanco. 

Saguin-saguIn-estAcas. Aegiceras corniculatum Blanco. 

SaguinsIn, V. Memecylon edule Roxb. 

SaoxjinsIn. Agioeras. 

SaguIt. Lunasia amara Blanco. 

SagunyAte, V. Tectona grandis L. f. 

Sala, T., V. Mallotus philippinensis Muell. 

Sala. Mallotus ricinoides Muell. Arg. 

SAlab, T. Cupania regularis Blume. 

SATiAB, T. Hemigyrosa canescens Thw. - 

SaxAday, V. Erycibe paniculata Roxb. 

SalAday. Zantlioxylum oxyphyllum Edgew. 

JSAlag. Hemigyrosa canescens Thw. 

SalAgo, V. Phaleria perrottetiana B. and H. 

SalAgg, T., V. Wikstroemia indica Mey. 

SaxaosAlag, T. Trichosanthes anguina L. 

SaiAouin-pula. Amoora rohituka W. and A. 

SALAGUfso (Albay). Leucosyke bispidissiina Miq. 

SAlai, T. Andropogon schoenanthus L. 

SalAii). Andropogon schoenanthus L. 

SALAMtJif^AY, T. Aglaia. 

SALANOCt^QUi, Albizzia tomentosa Miq. 

Salapao, T. Ventilago maderaspatana Gaertn. 

SalApong, T; Modecca cardiophylla Mart. 

SalaquI, T. Amoora perrottetiana C. DC. 

SALAQUf, T. Chisocheton ceramicus Miq. 

SalaquIng-pulA, T. Amoora rohituka W. and A. 

SalarAdan, B. Eugenia. 

SalasAn, T. Crypteronia. 

SalasandIa, V. Ipomoea pes-tigridis Linn. 

SAlay, V. Zanthoxylum oxyphyllum Edgew. 

SAlay, Pamp. Zanthoxylum avicennae DC. 

SAlay, V. Bombax malabaricum DC. 

SAxay, T. Andropogon schoenanthus L. 

SAlay-cAngay, Pamp. Xantlioxylum avicennae DC. 

SalaysAy. Terminalia catappa L. 

SalbAc, Pamp., V. Alpinia gigantea L. 

SAleng, 11. Pinus insularis Endl. 

SaleoAsol, V. Areca triandria Roxb. 

SalibangbAng, V. Crinum asiaticum Linn. 

SaligangbAng, V. Bauhinia. 

SalilIhan, V. Decaspermum ])aniculatum Turcz. 

SalimAba, T. Piper. 

Salim6mo, V. Capparis micrantha DC. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Salim6mo, T. Ehretia philippinensis A. DO. 

Salimp6cot, T. Trichosanthes anguina L. 

SauncApa. Vitex littoralis Decne. 

SixiNQ-B6B0G, v., T. Crataeva religiosa Forst. 

SAling-ouAc, V. Clerodendron maerostegium Schauer. 

SAling-ouAc-nga-maItum, V. Clerodendron blancoanum F. Vill. 

SAling-sAguing, B. Agiceras corniculatum Blanco. 

SalipapA (Albay). Vitex. 

SalIsay. Terminalia catappa L. 

Sal-lacApo, II. Tournefortia sarmentosa L. 

Sal-lAday. Connarus ferrugineus Jack. 

Sal-locApo, II. Tournefortia. 

Sal6ag, V. Ptychosperma punicea Miq. 

Sal6go, V. Pandanus. 

SalomAgue, II. Tamarindus indica L. 

SAlong, Z. Pinus mercusii J. and de V. 

S A LONG, V. Canarium multipinnatum Llanos. 

Sal6yong, T. Corchorus olitorius L. 

SalsalIda, V. Mollugo pentaphylla Linn. 

SALUDSALth). Nepenthes ventricosa Blanco. 

SalumAgui, 11. Tamarindus indica L. 

SAlung ( Paragua ) . Canarium. 

SalupIsin (Bontoc). Podocarpus. 

SamAc, II. Macaranga tanarius Muell. Arg. 

SamAc, Pamp. Melochia. 

SamalAgui, V. Tamarindus indica Linn. 

SAmat, Pamp. Piper betle L. * 

SambAc, B. Tamarindus indica L. 

SAmat, Pamp. Piper betle L. 

SambAgui, V. Tamarindus indica Linn. 

SAMBALABtJAN. Koordcrsoidcndron pinnatum Merrill. 

8ambalAgui, V. Tamarindus indica Linn. 

SambAle, T. Eleusine indica Gaertn. 

SambIlao, V. Commelina communis Linn. 

Samb6n, T., Pamp. Blumea balsamifera DC. 

Samb6ng, T. Blumea balsamifera DC. 

SAitfBONG galA, T. Sphaeranthus indicus L. 

Samb6ng gatA, T. Pterocaulon cylindrostachyum Clarke. 

SambuAlau, V. Nephelium. 

SambulAguan. Koordersoidendron pinnatum Merrill. 

SAMBULtJAN (Mindoro). Hopea. 

SAMBtJNG, T. Blumea balsamifera DC. 

SAMBtJNG-c6LA, T. Buddlcia asiatica Lour. 

SamIlin, T. Cinnamomum. 

SampAc, T. Michelia champaca L. 

SampAca, T. Michelia champaca L. 

SampAga, T. Jasminum sambac Ait. 

SampAga-del-m6nte, T. Gynura angulosa DC. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


SampAqang, Pamp. Jasminum sambac Ait. 
SampaguIta. Jasseminum sambac Ait. 
SampaxAoui^ B. Tamarindiis indica L. 
SampaxIa, V. Momordica balsamina L. 
SampAloc, T., B., Pamp. Tamarindus indica L. 
SampAxoc-sampal6can, T. Dalea nigra Mart, and Gal. 
SampAng, T. Vitis geniculata Blume. 
SampapAke, V. Cissampelos pareira Linn. 
San-Ant6nio. Bauhinia tomentosa Linn. 
SandalaitAn, T. Sophora tomentosa L. 
SandAna, T., V. Anisoptera thurifera Blume. 
SandAna, V. Cedrela taratara, Blume. 
JSandAna. Anisoptera oblonga Dyer. 
SandAna, T., V. Anisoptera thurifera F. Vill. 
SAN-FBANcfscx), Sp.-Fil. Codiaeum variegatum Blume. 
SAngay (Zamboanga). Caladium bicolor Vent. 
Sanqc6ylano, V. Bridelia stipularis Blume. 
Sangdig^quit, T. Plumbago zeylanica L. 
SangIlo, V. Piper corylistachyon C. DC. 
SANGfTAN?. Gelonium glomerulatum Hassk. 
SAN^tJMAi, T. Trichoglottis rigida Blume. 
SangumaIn, T. Dendrobium. 
SANGtXMAY, T. Panicum indicum L. 

Sanqu^, V. Pterocarpus blancoi Merrill. 

SanquI, T. Clausena. 

SansAli, T. Sapindus. 

Sans Ac. Cissampelos pareira Linn. 

Sansa6san-san8a6san, T. Cissampelos pareira L. 

SaittAn, T. Ixora stricta Roxb. 

Santa Ana. Ixora stricta Roxb. 

Santa Helena. Leucaena glauca Benth. 

Santa Mabia. Artemisia vulgaris L. 

SantAn, T. Ixora coccinea L. 

Santiago, V. Acacia famesiana Willd. 

Sant6l, T., V. Sandoricum indicum L. 

Sant6r (Zamboanga). Sandoricum indicum L. 

SAoG, V. Piper corylistachyon C. DC. 

SapAng, T., II. Caesalpinia sappan L. 

Sap^not, T. Hibiscus. 

SapIloo, Ig. Pollia thyrsiflora Endl. 

SapInit, V. Rubus glomeratus Blume. 

SapInit, T. Schrankia aculeata Willd. 

SAPfNiT, T. Rubus rosaefolius Smith. 

SAPfNiT, V. Hibiscus abelmoschus L. 

SAPfNiT, T., V. Caesalpinia nuga Ait, 

SapinsapIn, T. Peristrophe contorta Blanco. 

SapinsapIn, T. Blechnum brownei Juss. 

SapIt-USA (Albay). Tabemaemontana. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


SaplIt, B. ,Albizzia. 

Sapling AN -COLORADO. Chisochaeton. 

SAPLtJNGAN, T. Hopea plagata Vid. 

SapnIt, T., Pamp. Mezoneurum glabnim Desf. 

SapnIt, T. Rubus. 

Sapol6n^an, T. Hopea plagata Vidal. 

Sap6te. Diospyros ebenaster Retz. 

SabAmo, V. Achyranthes aspera L. 

Sabang-putI, V. Euonymus. 

SabAsA; T. Graptophyllum hortense Nees. 

SAbay, Gag. Shorea guiso Blume. 

Sabipongp6ng, B. Litsea. 

SAboc, Ig. Pogostenion cablin Benth. 

vSabsalIda, T. Mollugo oppositifolia L. 

SasA, T. Nipa iructicans Wurmb. 

SATfNG-cAGAN, B. Cratoxylon floribundum F. Vill. 

SAuA-sAuA. Scolopia dasyanthera Benth. 

SAuA-sAuA, V. Flacourtia sepiaria Roxb. 

SAtJCE. Salix azaolana Blanco. 

SAtJCE. Sambucus javanica Blume. 

Sausauli. Sapindus turczinanowii Vid. 

Sausai:6li, T.? Cupania. 

SAYCtJA, V. Luff a acutangula Roxb. 

SAYfcAN, T. Portulaca quadrifida L. 

SayIcan, T, Euphorbia pilulifera L. 

SayIcan, T. Portulaca oleracea L. 

SayIcan, T. Euphorbia pilulifera L. 

SAyo, Ig. Weinmannia luzoniensis Vidal. 

SelbAng. Erythrina indica Lam. 

Sf AC, V. Excoecaria agallocha L.^ 

Sib6g, T. Acacia concinna DC. 

SibucAo, v., T. Caesalpinia sappan L. 

SiBtJYAS, T., Pamp. Allium cepa L. 

Sib6yas-sa-TaAl. Allium porrum Linn. 

Sib6yas-son6s6ng. Allium jaquemontii Kunth. 

SicAleg, V. Morinda bracteata Roxb. 

Sfco, V. Achras sapota Linn. 

SfCAY, V. Lagenaria vulgaris Seringe. 

SiEMPBEvfvA, Sp. Fil. Kalanchoe laciniata DC. 

SigAn-dAgat, B. Cordia subcordata Lam. 

SigAng-dAgat, T. Elephantopus spicatus Juss. 

SfGGAY, 11. Hopea plagata Vidal. 

SfiT, V. Mezoneurum glabrum Desf. 

SfLAC, II. Corypha umbraculifera L. 

SfLAO. Dolichos sesquipedalis L. 

SiLASfLA, T, Derris uliginosa Benth. 

SrLHiG6N, V. Sida carpinifolia L. 

SfLT, T. Capsicum minimum Roxb. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


SiLisiLi, T. Jasminum iiiarianiini DC. 
SilisIli. Plectrona moluccana Merrill. 
SiLisiiiHAN, T. Cleome viscosa L. 
SilIfao, T. Ventilago maderaspatana Gaertn. 
SiLisiAN, T. Cleome viscosa L. 
SilisIhan. Gynandropsis pentaphylla DC. 
SilisilAhan, T. Cleome viscosa L. 
SiLisiLfHAN, T. Sphenoclea zeylanica L. 
SiLisiLfiiAN, T. Erianthemum bicolor Schrank. 
SinalIgan, II. Cordia blancoi, Vidal. 
8iNAMPi.GA, T. Randia dumetorum L. 
SincamAs, T. Pachyrhyzus angulatus Rich. 
SincamAs-aso, T. Pueraria javanica Benth. 
Sinc6yi.ang, V. Bridelia stipularis Blume. 
Sind6c, T. Cinnamomum. 
SIngon, Ig. Vernonia. 

SiNGCULCtJQOS, T. Jasminum marianum DC. 
SiNGfTAN, Ig. Jasminum luzoniensis Vidal. 
SfNiT. Memecylon. 
Sint6nis, T. Citrus aurantium Linn. 
SfpiT-cAiT. Leea javanica Blume?. 
SfpiT-oLAG. Smilax latifolia Blanco. 
SiRic-PtjYO, V. Lippia nodiflora Rich. 
SiBiHtcLAS, T. Spondias purpurea L. 
SiBfQUE. Quercus vidalii F. Vill. 
Sfsio, V. Physalis angulata L. 
Sfsio, V. Physalis peruviana L. 
S1S16HAN, Pamp. Euphorbia pilulifera L. 
SlTAO (Manila). Vigna catjang Endl. 
SoAl, T. Cyathocalyx zeylanicus Champ. 
SobosAbo, T. Terminalia. 
Sobs6b, II. Blumea balsamifera DC. 
Sobs6gan-b6go, B. Geunsia cumingiana Rolfe. 
Sogons6gon, V. Nepenthes gracilis Korth.- 
SolAsi, T. Ocimum basilicum L. 
SoLASOLASiAN, T. Leucas aspera Spreng. 
SoLfNAO, T. Maesa gaudichaudii A. DC. 
Sol6nga, V. Jmpatiens balsamina L. 
SontIng, T. Cassia alata L. 
S6ob-cabAyo, T. Hyptis suaveolens Poir. 
Sorogs6roo, T.. Pamp. Euphorbia neriifolia L. 
Soy6soy, Ig. Li Hum philippinense Baker. 
StJA, II. Citrus. 
SuAl. Bruguiora. 
SubIan-dagA. Plectronia. 
SuBStJBAN, T. Polygonum barbatum L. 
StJcAO, 11. Nelumbium specioaum L. 
SuD-st^D, V. Oypenis. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


SuD-stJD, V. Kyllinga monocephala Rottb. 
SuGij^DA, T. Coleus. 

StJGPON-stJGPON, V. Vitis quadrangularis Wall. 
SuGStJQA, Ig. Aralia hypoleuca Presl. 
St^A (Batangas). Citrus hystrix DC. 
StjlAmiog, V. Ficus pseudopalma Blanco. 
SulAsi, T. Ocimum basil icum L. 
SulbXng, Pamp. Erythrina indica L. 
SulIac-dagA, T. Plectronia. 
SuLfpA. Gardenia pseudopsidium Blanco. 
SuLfAC-DAGA. Canthium horridum Blume. 
SuLf AG, V. Dendrobium lunatum Lindl. 
SuLUDStJLUD, V. Nepenthes gracilis Korth. 
StJMA, T., v., Pamp. Anamirta cocculus W. and A. 
StJMAG, Pamp. Elephantopus spicatus Juss. 
SumalAgui, V. Tamarindus indica L. 
StJi^UT-OLANG, V. Breynia cernua Muell. 
S^ngot-olAng, V. Phyllanthus reticulatus Muell. 
SuNTiNG, v., T. Cassia alata L. 
StJPA, T. Sindora wallichii Benth. 
StJPiT-CAiG, T. Leea javanica Blume. 
SurAnga, V. Impatiens balsamina L. 
SuransubAn. Gordonia luzonica Vidal. 
S6aOG-s6BOG, T., Pamp. Euphorbia neriifolia L. 
S6ro-s6ro, T., Pamp. Euphorbia neriifolia L. 
SuRStJR, Pamp. Cyperus rotundus L. 
St^soNG-CALABAo, T., V. Uvaria purpurea Blume. 
St^NTENG. Cassia alata L. 
StJGPON-St^GPON, V. Vitis. 
SurAn-surAn, V. Gordonia. 
Susocay6li, T. Oxalis corniculata L. 
StJsoi, T. Crotalaria quinquefolia L. 
StJSONG-DAMt^LAG, Pamp. Uv^iria. 
StJSONG-DAMtJLAG, Pamp. Artabotrj^s. 
8u808Us6yan, T. Crotalaria quinquefolia L. 
SuspfROS, Sp. Mirabilis jalapa L. 

TaAl?, V. Chamaerops excelsa Linn. 
TaAl, T. Afzelia bijuga A. Gray. 
TabAco, Sp. Fil. Nicotiana tabacum L. 
TabAco-tabac6han. Solanum verbascifolium 
TAbag. Hernandia peltata Meissn. 
TabAngan, Cag. Lagerstroemia speciosa Pers. 
Taba-tabA, V. Mussaenda grandiflora Rolfe. 
TabatabacAhan, T. Elephantopus scaber L. 
TabAyac (Iloilo). Piper subpeltatum Willd. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


TagAtoi, T. Illipe. 

Tag6gon, Z. Terminal ia. 

TAGOfSMON, B. Diospyros. 

Tagpa, C. Pterocarpus. 

Tagp6, T. Ardisia. 

Tagp6, T. Psychotria malayana Jack. 

TAGPtTNG-PULi., T. Ardisia. 

TAGtJC-TAGtJC, V. Parameria philippinensis Radlk. 

TAGutLMA. Heptapleurum. 

TaguIman, V. Ardisia perrottetiana A. DC. 

TaguipAn. Clerodendron lanuginosum Blume. 

TaguipAn. Caryota urens L. 

TAGUfp-ASlN, T. Mallotus moluccanus Muell. Arg. 

TAGufp-s6so. Hydrocotyle asiatica L. 

TaguIsan-bayAuag (Unisan). Ficus. 

TAGUfsi, T. Bambusa. 

TagulAuay, T., V. Parameria philippinensis Radlk. 

TagulAuay. Ficus. 

TAGtJLfNAO, T., Pamp. Emilia sonchifolia DC. 

TAGUlP-ctJHOL. Hydrocotyle asiatica L. 

TAgum, V. Indigofera tinctoria L. 

TAgum, V. Indigofera teysmanni Miq. 

TAglm-tAgum, V. Tephrosia luzoniensis Vogel. 

TAgum-tAgum, V. Indigofera tinctoria L. 

TAgung, V. Indigofera tinctoria L. 

TAGUSTtJS, V. Scaevola koenigii Vahl. 

TagX^tong, V. Solanum ferox L. 

TahAd-labTjYO, T. Cudrania javanensis Tree, and other species. 

TAHlT-LABtJYOC, F. Allaenthus. 

Tah6d-nga-ilAhas, V. Ixora fulgens Roxb. 

Tai^ti, Ig. Alsophila glauca Blume. 

TainAnac. Bambusa. 

TaiiJ^Ang-dagA. Oxalis corniculata L. 

TaIris, V. Alpinia previlabris Presl. 

TAfTAi, V. Paederia foetida L. 

TaiuAnac, T. Bambusa blancoi Steud. 

TAla, T. Limnophilia roxburgii G. Don. 

TalacAtac, T. Castanopsis philippinensis Vidal. 

TalactAc, II. Capparis horrida L. f. 

TalAhid, T. Anthistiria gigantea Cav. 

TALAfLO, T., v., Pamp. Nymphaea lotus Linn. 

TalampAy, T. Solanum. 

Talamp6nai, T., Pamp. Datura alba Nees. 

TALAMP6NAi-NA-iTfM, T. Datura fastuosa L. 

TalAnas, T. Zizyphus. 

TalancAo, II. Plumbago zeylanica L. 

TAlang, T., Pamp. Diospyros discolor Willd. 

TAiiANG-BtJLO, T. Solanum sanctum L. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


TAlang-bund6c, T. Myristica guatteriifolia A. DC. 

TalangcAw, 11. Plumbago zeylanica L. 

TALANG-GtJBAT, T. Diospyros embryopteris Pers. 

TALANQ-fNDONQ, B. Strychnos. 

TAlanq-tAlanq, T. Myristica philippinensis Lam. 

TALANfeoY, B. Tabernaemontana. 

Tala6nor, V. Eurycles amboinensis Herb. 

TalalabAco, V. Sphaeranthus africanus L. 

TalatAla, Pamp. Limnophila menthastnim Benth. 

TAla-talAbum, T. Aristolochia tagala Cham. 

TALAtJYO, T. Thmeda gigantea L. 

TalAylo. Nymphaea lotus L. 

TalbAc, Pamp. Alpinia. 

TaliantAn, T. Leea. 

TaliantAb, Pamp. Morinda bracteata Roxb. 

Talib6bonq, V. Ehretia philippinensis A. DC. 

TAlic-habAp (Tayabas). Mussaenda. 

Talicn6no, T. Buddleia. 

TalicobAn, T. Hippeastrum miniatum Herb. 

Tal1c50t, V. Ficus. 

TalictAn, T., Pamp. Dysoxylum blancoi Vidal. 

TALfcuT. Ficus. 

TaligAna, Z. Pterospermum. 

TALiMtJBONQ, T. Mitrephora reticulata H. f. and Th. 

TALTMtJRONG, Pang. Cyclostemon. 

TalinghabAp, T. Anisomelis ovata R. Br. 

TALiNotJNO, Pamp. Capura. 

Talip6po, V. Mimusops elengi L. 

TALfSAi, T., v., Pamp. Terminalia catappa L. 

TalocnAsi. Pygeum. 

Taloct6n, Z. Gomphia angustifolia Vahl. 

Tal6la, T. Calamus buroensis Mart. 

Tal6lon ( Marinduque ) . Quisqualis indica L. 

Tal6long, 11. Cudrania javanensis Tree. 

Tal6long, 11. Allaenthus. 

TAlong, T., V. Solanum melongena L. 

TALONO-GtJBAT, T. Solanum ferox L. 

TAL6N(iON, T. Solanum. 

TALONPf'NAY. Datura metel L. 

Tal6san, T. Helicteres spicata Colb. 

Talostos. Leea. 

Tal6t(), T. Pterocymbium javanicum R. Br. 

Talot6-on (Benguet). Ilex. 

Talt^ctoc (Nueva Ecija). Ficus. 

TALtJT?GUN, V. Gmelina villosa Roxb. 

TALtiTO. Pterocymbium javanicum R. Br. 

TALfxr, V. Bombax malabaricum DC. 

TAMAxfAN. Calophyllum inophyllum L. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


TamakIndo, Sp. Fil. Tt marindus indica Linn. 
TAMAufAN, T. Calophyllum inophyllum L. 
TAMAtJYAN. Gymnosporia ambigua Vidal. 
TAMAtJYAN-PULA (Tayabas). Canthium. 
TAMAtJYAN-PL'Tf, Z. Gymnosporia. 
TambXl, T. Eurycles amboinensis Herb. 
TambalabAse. Callicarpa cana L. 
TambalaguIsai, T., V. Sophora tomentosa L. 
TAiCBALfSA, y. Cassia occidentalis Linn. 
TAMBAiiSA, T., V. Sophora tomentosa L. 
TAmbao, T. Myristica. 
TambIs. Eugenia. 
TambIt (Dinagat). Eugenia. 
Tamb6, T. Phragmitea roxburghii Nees. 

Tamb6n-tamb6n (Tayabas). Mallotus ricinoides Muell. Arg. 

Tamb6yog usX. Casaeria moluccana Blume. 
TAMBU-HAiJSuiN, II. Eugenia. 

TAMfs, V. Dioscorea. 

TAM-fs, V. Cocos nucifera Linn. 

Tam-isAn, V. Cocos nucifera Linn. 

TAMLiG. Aglaia. 

TAmo, T. Zingiber zerumbet Rose. 

TAmo, T., Pamp. Curcuma xanthorrhiza Roxb. 

TamocAun. Costus. 

TamohIlan, T. Globba strobilifera Zoll. 

Tamp6i, T., V. Eugenia jambos L. 

TampXjc, T. Eugenia. 

TampuhIng, T. Musa sapientum L. 

TAMPtJPOT, T. Tabermaemontana. 

Tan-Ag, T., V. Kleinhovia hospita L. 

TanagAyay (Dinagat). Bruguiera parviflora W. and A. 

Tanagd6n. Parasponia. 

TanAua, T. Premna. 

TancApan, B. Evodia lati folia DC. 

Tanc6ng, V. Ipomoea reptans Poir. 

TandadAgvy. Ficus. 

TANDCc-TANDtJCAN, T. Acgiceras corniculatum Blanco. 

TAn&a-babAe. Bruguiera carophylloides Blume. 

TAif&AL, T. Ceriops candolleana Am. 

TangAl, T. Bruguiera gymnorrhiza Lam. 

TangAl, T. Rhizophora mucronata Lam. 

TaSqAl, B. Terminalia. 

TAi?GAL-LALAQri, T. Ceriops roxburghiana. 

TangAijON (Marinduque). Quisqualis indica Linn. 

TangAl-ta^JgAl, T. Ceriops roxburghiana Arn. 

TAngan-tAn&an, T., II. Ricinus communis L. 

TAngan-tAn^ax, T. Solanum sanctum L. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


TAn&cong, V. Ipomoea reptans Poir. 

TAn&i, T. Oryza sativa L. var. 

TangIli, T. Dipterocarpus polyspermus Blanco. 

TangIli, T. Shorea?. 

TAN&fLi (Tarlac). Gonocaryum. 

TAiJtjISAN, T. Ficus. 

TangIsan, T. Teraiinalia. 

Ta^isan, T. Uvaria. 

TANGfsANG-BAGfo, T. Xylopia dehiscens Merrill. 


TANGfSAN-PtoAY, V. Phyllanthus. 

TangItan, V. Alstonia macrophylla Wall. 

Ta^gIuAd, T., V. Andropogon schoenanthus L. 

TanglAy-mal6to, Pamp. Premna vestita Schauer. • 

Tan&l6n, Pang. Amoora?. 

Tang6lon, T., V. Quisqualis indica L. 

TANQO-Tij^o. Randia. 

TAN^PtJPO, V. Ixora coccinea L. 

TAN&ufu. Dipterocarpus polyspermus Blanco. 

TA]<?5ufSAN-BAYAUAC, T. Ficus cuncata Miq. 

TAiif&tJLAY, T. Alphitonia. 

TANGtJLON, T. Quisqualis indica L. 

TanhAs, V. Doliehandrone spatbacea K. Sch. 

TanIgad (Dinagat). Rapanea philippinensis Mez. 

TANfTAN, V. Alstonia?. 

TANtJAL, V. Eurycles amboinensis Herb. 

TaointaoIn, II. Aristolochia tagala Cham. 

TapA-la6, Zamb. Pinus mercusii J. and de V. 

TapAt-tapAt, T. Casearia. 

TAPiASfN, T. Coldenia procumbens L. 

TAPiASiN. Cocos nucifera L. 

TapIt, B. Mallotus ricinoides Muell. Arg. 

TAPLf, Z. Albizzia. 

TapolAnga, T., v., Pamp. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L. 

TaponAya, V. Coleus acuminatus Benth. 

TapulAga. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L. 

TAPtJLAO. Pinus mercusii J. and de V. 

TapurAnga, V. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L. 

TapubAnga, V. Canna indica L. 

TAPtJRAS (Mindanao). Palaquium. 

TAPtJYAY, V. Ganophyllum falcatum Blume. 

TAQuiNG-BAcA, II. Sida frutescens Blanco. 

TAQUfNES, V. Ficus. 

TaquIng-bAca-bAca, II. Sida frutescens Blanco. 

TAqui. Dioscorea hirsuta Blume. 

TaquipAn, T. Caryota urens L. 

TAQufp-AsfN, T. Mallotus ricinoides Muell. Arg. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


TaquIp-asIn, T. Macaranga tanarius Muell. Arg. 
TAQufp-AsfN, T. Garuga. 
Taqu1p-c6hol, T. Hydrocotyle asiatica L. 
TAQufp-su86, T. Hydrocotyle asiatica L. 
Tabamb6ix), T. Solanum ferox L. 
TabamhampAm, T. Limnophila menthastrum Benth. 
TabXn (Zamboanga). Bridelia ovata Decne. 
Tabatac6pes, V. Abutilon indicum G. Don. 
TabatAra, T. Cedrela taratara Blanco. 
TabatAba, II. Limnophila menthastnim Benth. 
TarnAte, V. Musa sapientum L. var. 
' TAROcA]<f5A, T., v., Pamp. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L. 
TabbIn. Curcuma viridiflora Roxb. 
TabtabAo, II. Quisqualis indica L. 
TabumpAlit, T. Sesuvium portulacastrum L. 
TARUMPtJNiA, T. Datura metel L. 
TAta, Cag. Nipa fructicans Wurmb. 
TATANfc, T. Psychotria. 
TatatabA, T. Jatropha curcas L. 
TATCHtJBONQ, V. Datura alba Nees. 
TatlAc-anAc, T. Garcinia. 

Tati,6ng-pAlad,' T. Hippocratea obtusifolia Roxb. 
TavatAva, II. Jatropha curcas L. 
TavatavanqsIna, U. Ricinus communis L. 
TavAva, V. Euphorbia pilulifera L. 
TawatAwa, II. Jatropha curcas L. 
TawatawasMqa, II. Ricinus communis L. 
TayAbas, T. Psidium guayava L. 
TayAcan, Mang. Gardenia. 
TAYA-LtJ^^ (Paragua). Artocarpus. 
TayAn (Tayabas). Alchornea javensis Muell. Arg. 
TayAng TAYtJN&AN, B. ludigofera tinctoria Linn. 
Tay6bong, V. Tacca pinnatifida Forst. 
Tay6con, V. Aegiceras corniculatum Blanco. 
TAyoc-tAyoc, V. Eleocharis. 
TAyom, T. Indigofera tinctoria L. 
TayomAmis, V. Cocos nucifera Linn. 
TayomtAyom, II. Marsdenia tagudina Blanco. 
Tayomtay6man, T. Tephrosia luzonensis Vogel. 
TAyon-tAyon. Indigofera angustifolia L. 
TAyong-tAyong, T. Eugenia. 

TayulAuay (Iloilo). Parameria philippinensis Radlk. 
TAyum, T. Indigofera. 
TAyung, Pamp. Indigofera tinctoria L. 
TEB-BtG, Ig. Ficus. 
Teb^c. Ficus. 
T^CA, Sp. Fil. Tectona giandis Linn. f. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Tecb£c, II. Ficus. 

Tegb£, T. Coix lachryma-jobi L. 

Telb6ng. Erythrina indica Lam. 

TenAan. Phyllanthus?. 

TENiAN-BANTAY (Tayabas). Cyclostemon cumingii Baill. 

TenoluXng-gXtos, T. Mussaenda. 

T^QUE, T. Pithecolobium. 

TernAte, T. Graptophyllum hortense Nees. 

TiAui, T. Shorea?. 

TiAuN, T. Salix (Blanco). 

TibAng, Z. Canarium. 

TibAtib, Pamp. Poly podium quercifolium L. 

TibAtib, T. Epipremnum medium Engl. 

TibcAl, Z. Aglaia. 

TibiAyon, V. Benincasa cerifera Savi. 

TiBfG, T. Ficus glomerata Roxb. 

TibIgi. Xylocarpua obovatus Juss. 

TibIq-na-lalAqui, T. Ficus glomerata Roxb?. 

TicamAs, V. Pachyrhizus angulatus Rich. 

TlcAs, T. Canna indica L. 

TfcAs-TfcAS, T. Canna indica L. 

TfcAY, T. Cyperus. 

TfDA, T. Tectona grandis L. 

TiCL^B, Ig. Quercus. 

TiqAlot, V. Elaeocarpus multiflorus F. Vill. 

TfGAO, B. Callicarpa angusta Schauer. 

TigasAn, T. Ceriops candolleana Am. 

TiqasAn. Rhizophora mucronata Lam. 

TigasAn, T. Bruguieria gymnorrhiza Lam. 

TighAlang, T. Smilax. 

TigbAo, V. Heteropogon contortus Roem. and Schult. 

TigbAo, V. Anthistiria. 

TiGBf, T. Coix lachryma-jobi L. 

TigcAl, Z. Aglaia. 

TiGHfMAN, T. Cassia occidentalis L. 

TiGsf, V. Ipomoea batatas L. 

TiHOL-TfHOL, V. Eranthemum bicolor Schrank. 

TlLE, Z. Xylia. 

TfLE, Z. Albizzia. 

TiiiLES, V. Amaranthus spinosus L. 

TimbAn&an, T. Aristolochia tagala Cham. 

TiMBANG-TncBANGAN, T. Aristolochia tagala Cham. 

TiMsfN, T. Rottboellia muricata Retz. 

TiMtJYUNG, T. Antidesma ghaesembilla Gaertn. 

TinAan, T. Phyllanthus. 

TiNAiNGtJi, T. Nephelium glabrum Noronh. 

Tinalong, T. Musa paradisiaca L. var. 

Digitized by 



TinatInan, T. Phyllanthus reticulatus Muell. Arg. 

TiNcix (Zambonga). Pierardia. 

TtNDAix), T. Afzelia rhomboidea Vidal. 

TrND6i, T. Acanthus ilicifolius L. 

TfNQAN-Bi.QUis, T. Aegiceras corniculatum Bianco. 

TtNGAN-TfNGAN, T. Ptcrospermum obliquum Blume. 

TtNGA-TlNGA, T. Mussacnda grandiflora Rolfe. 

TiNGCix, Z. Aglaia. 

Tin(3Jj6g, T. Acanthus ilicifolius L. 

T1NGL61, T. Acanthus ilicifolius L. 

TinIsa, T. Artemisia vulgaris L. 

TiNiTRfGO, T. lachacmum ciliare Retz. 

TinXqui, V. Albizzia lucida Benth. 

TtntatInta, n. Eclipta alba Hassk. 

TintatintAhan, T. Phyllanthus reticulatus Muell. Arg. 

TiNULtJAN-oXTAS, T. Mussaenda. 

TipIg. Ficus. 

T1P61X), T., v., Pamp. Artocarpus incisa L. f. 

TiQU:^s, T. Pithecolobium montanum Benth. 

TfQuio, T. Cyperus difformis Linn. 

TiQufs-TiQufs, T. Sapindus turczaninowii Vid. 

TiQuls-TiQufs, T. Canna indica L. 

TbbbAtib, V. Epipremnum medium Engl. 

TiBiBtJHAN, T. Panicum colonum L. 

Tib6bon, B. Canthium?. 

TiTio, V. Acanthus ilicifolius L. 

TfTio, T. Cyperus difformis Linn. 

Tit5i, V. Dolichondrone spathacea K. Sch. 

ToAb, V. Tabernaemontana pandacaqui Poir. 

Toi., T. Bischofia javanica Blume. 

ToXc, T. Bischofia javanica Blume. 

TobAyan (Tayabas). Conocephalus ovatus Tree. 

Tob6gor, T. Mallotus ricinoides Muell. Arg. 

T6BO-T6BO-LiJ?GiT, V. Kyllinga monocephala Rottb. 

T6cod-bAnua, Pamp. Amorphophallus campanulatus Blume. 

T6coD iJLn^it, v., T. Amorphophallus campanulatus Blume. 

T6COB-PABI, Pamp. Cordyline terminalis Kunth. 

TocT6c-cliLO, T. Cerbera odollam Gaertn. 

ToctJD-LAif&iT, T. Semecarpus gigantifolius Vidal. 

TognAo-tognAo, B. Astronia rolfei Vidal. 

ToGufNG-p6ix). Dioscorea. 

ToGtJis, V. Amomum. 

TqQtia-^A-tSA, V. Amomum villosum Lour. 

Toi, T. Dolichandrone spathacea K. Sch. 

ToULng-sang-bAnug, V. Clematis. 

TomAtes, Sp. Fil. Lycopersicum esculentum Mill. 

8956 8 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Tomb6ng-Aso. Morinda citrifolia L. 

ToncApan, V. Evodia. 

Tonc6d-ob1spo, T. Cordyline terminalis Kunth. 

Toj^nXo-tongnXo, B. Astronia rolfei Vidal. 

ToN^, T. Dioscorea fasciculata Roxb. 

T6NG0G, V. Rhizophora conjugata L. 

T6ifGOG, B. Lumnitzera purpurea Presl. 

Ton6c. Serianthes grandiflora Benth. 

TonuAb, V. Eurycles amboinensis Herb. 

T60B, T. Bischofia javanica Blirnie. 

T60B, T. Chisocheton tetrapetalus Turcz. 

T60C, T., V. Bischofia javanica Blume. 

T60G, T. Bischofia javanica Blume. 

T06GAN, Cag. Bischofia javanica Blume. 

ToQUfAN, T. Ternstroemia toquian F. Vill. 

ToQUlNG-Pixo. Dioscorea. 

TobtobAoc, T. Quisqualis indica L. 

Tost6n, T. Trianthema monogyna L. 

ToTOCCix/), T. Cerbera odollam Gaertn. 

T6VAL, T. Gnetum scandens L. 

TRES-PtJNTAS, Sp. Fil. Mallotus ricinoides Muell. Arg. 

Trompalipa^e, V. Heliotropum indicum L. 

TsampAca, T. Michelia champaca L. 

TsatsatsatsAhan, T. Lippia nodiflora Rich. 

Tsfcu, T. Achras sapota L. 

TtA. Dolichandrone spathacea K. Sch. 

TtJA. Bischofia javanica Blume. 

TuadtuAban, T. Panicum. 

T^A. Jathropha curcas L. 

Tt^A, T. Croton tiglium L. 

TtJBA, T., v., Pamp. Anamirta cocculus W. and A. 

Tt5BA-CAMAlsA, T. Croton tigliimi L. 

TtJBAC-Tt5BAC (Iloilo). Bidens pilosa Linn. 

TtJBANQ DAiAoA, T. Callicarpa bicolor Juss. 

Tt^A-SA-BtJQUiD, V. Croton tiglium L. 

TtJBA-Tt^BA, V. Barringtonia racemosa Blume. 

TtJBU, T. Milletia splendens W. and A. 

Ttjb6, T. Saccharum officinarum L. 

TucAn-cAlao, T. Aglaia. 

TucAn-cAlao, T. Sterculia. 

TtJCAS-TtJCAS. Canna indica L. 

Tu^, T. Dolichandrone spathacea K. Sch. 

Tii6l, Ig. Bischofia javanica Blume. 

TugAbang, V. Mezoneurum glabrum Desf. 

TtJGAN, T. Myristica guatteriifolia A. DC. 

TtJGAS. Vitex littoralis Decne. 

TuglIma, V. Heptapleurum venulosum Seem. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


TuGNANG, II. Buddleia. 

Tuq6gong, Z. Terminalia. 

TuGul, T. Dioscorea. 

TuGufs-NQA-isX, V. Alpinia. 

TuGul-TUGutA.N, T. Ipomoea marianensis Chois. 

TuG^p, V. Artocarpus. 

TuGtJS, T. Amomum. 

TCi, T. Dolichandrone spathacea K. Seh. 

TufA, T. Pouzolzia indica Gaud. 

TtJLANG-NANbc, B. Cascaria. 

TtJiA-Tt^LA, B. Mallotus floribundus Muell. Arg. 

TuLfBAS, T. Micromelum tephrocarpum Turcz. 

TtJLO-LALAQUi (Iloilo). Pluchea indica Less. 

TumahIba, T. Curcuma xanthorrhiza Roxb. 

TtJNBON-Aso. Morinda umbellata Linn. 

TtJMBONQ-Aso, T. Morinda bracteata Roxb. 

TtJMBONG-Xso, T. Zingiber. 

TtJMBONG-i.80-Hi.PAY, T. Morinda tinctoria Roxb. 

TUMLNTfNG, V. Vitis. 

TtJNAN-TtoAN, V. Melastoma obovatum Jack. 
TtJNAN-TtJNAN, B. Astronia calycina Vidal. 
TtJNAs, T., v., Pamp. Nymphaea lotus Linn. 
TtJNAY-TtJNAY, V. Astrouia calycina Vidal. 
TtJNCAL, V. Tabernaemontana. 
TtJNCo-TtJNco, T. Evodia. 
Tt^NCUT-ULN&uiT, T. Tacca. 
TtJNQAo, B. Melastoma. 
Tth!?6uNG, V. Ceriops candolleana Am. 
TuNQufN. Ipomoea muricata Jacq. 
TubucAn, T. Hyptis capitata Jacq. 
T^AO, T. Vigna catjang Endl. 
TiTTUuAcAC, T. Physalis angulata L. 
TtTT, B. Dolichandrone spathacea K. Sch. 
TtJYAT-BAGufo, V. Desmodium umbellatum DC. 
TtJYA-Tt^A, B. Mallotus floribundus Muell. Arg. 


UAc, V. Flagellaria indica Linn. 
UacAtan, V. Alphitonia moluccana Teysm. and Binn. 
Ualisualisan, T. Decaspermum blancoi Vidal. 
UAmpit. Clausena wampi (Blanco) Oliv. 
UAni (Jolo). Mangifera caesia Jack. 
UANUij^A-NA-puTf, B. Glochidion. *■ 

UATfTic, T., V. Colubrina asiatica Brongn. 
UauausIn, T., v., Pamp. Sida frutescens Blanco. 
UayAn, T. Quercus blancoi A. DC. 
UbAldo, Z. Jasminum. 

Digitized by 



iOban, B. Adina philippinensis Vidal. 

t^BAN, T. Barringtonia. 

tJBAN, Premna?. 

tJBE, Dioscorea. 

tmE'tBE, T., V. Aristolochia tagala Cham. 

tJBi. Dioscorea alata L. and other species. 

UbIan (Tarlac). Myristica. 

Uef AN, II. Artocarpus. 

t^ic-T^ic, II. Loranthus. 

t^i-UBfHAN, T. Smilax china L. 

UBODt^BOD, T. Eleocharis. 

UdiAon, T. Pterocarpus. 

UoAbano, V. Mezoneuriim glabrum Desf. 

UgAo, V. Cyclostemon. 

UgXo, B. Diospyros. 

UbcbabAon, T. Sterospermum quadripinnatum F. Vill. 

UtiOB6i(7<^N. Commelina bengalensis Linn. 

tTLUD (Tarlac). Cynometra ramiflora L. 

tJLVD, Z. Crudia. 

Unci6n. Smilax. 

UNG-iu, V. Solanum verbascifolium Linn. 

UngAli-na-puiA, v., Pamp. Rourea heterophylla Planch. 

UnIp, Pang. Acacia. 

UnIsoc, T. Adina polycephala Benth. 

U6s, B. Sterculia oblongata R. Br. 

UplAs, II. Ficus heterophylla L. 

Upii (Tayabas). Ficus. 

t^po. Lagenaria vulgaris Seringe. 

UbIan. Pterocarpus blancoi Merrill. 

tJ^RUNG (Paragua). Fagraea fragrans Roxb. 

IJBUTiJT, T. Linociera. 

t^siu, T. Bambusa. 

tJTTA (Cag). Musa textilis Nees. var. 

UyAyan, V. Quercus. 

tJYO, T. Calamus buroensis Mart. 

tJYOS. Cupania. 


ViCBfQUi, Ig. Rhododendron rosmarinifolium Vidal. 

VfLOS, Pamp. Mallo'tus ricinoides Muell. Arg. 

VfTAM. Calophyllum inophyllum L. 

VocABUii, T. Malachra bracteata Cav. 

VtJAS, II. Mallotus philippinensis Muell. Arg. 


Wampi, T. Clausena wampi Oliv. 
WawalisAn. Sida carpinifolia L. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


YAbag, T., V. Sophora tomentosa L. 

YACAL, T. Hopea plagata Vidal. 

YAcAL-DiiAo, T. Sindora wallichii Benth. 

YAcAL PUTf, T. Vatica. 

YAcoT, Z. Sindora ?. 

Yant6g umobAn, T. Calamus pisicarpus Blume. 

YAhon-yAhon, V. Hydrocotyle asiatica L. 

YambAn, II. Shorea guiso Blume. 

YAhbo, T. Eugenia jambos L. 

YambolIn. Eugenia jambos L. 

Yahb6sa. Eugenia jambos L. 

Yamp6ng, V. Abutilon indicum G. Don. 

Yant6c. Calamus. 

YAte, V. Tectona grandis L. f . 

YAyo, Pamp. Oxalis corniculata L. 

Yba, T. Phyllanthus distichus Linn. 

Yemoum6han, T. Cissampelos pariera L. 

Yngula, T. Flagellaria indica L. 

Y6ro (Mindoro). Caryota. 

Y6vAS, T. Graptophyllum hortense Nees. var. 

ZabAghe. Phaseolus lunatus L. 
ZAleng, V. Canarium. 
Zaf6t£. Diospyros ebenaster Retz. 
Zap6te-n£gbo, Sp. Diospyros nigra Blanco. 
ZItan, Cag. Shorea guiso Blume. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

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Abboma alata Blanco. {Sterculiacece.) Shrubs, the roots and bark some- 
what used in the practice of medicine ; the bark also yields a valuable 
Anaba, T.; Anabong, V.; Anibiong, Anfbong, T.; Lfibon, V.j N^bo, V. 

A. AUGUSTA L. Anibong, T.; Anibog, T.; Anabo. 

A. FASTUOSA, R. Br. Anabo. 

Abbus pbecatorius L. {Leguminosece,) A small vine, very common in the 
Philippines, the small seeds, red and black, used as beads; also used 
in the practice of medicine. 
Agfiy-on (Cebu) ; Agniyangyiftng, V.; Agiyfingyiang, V.; Aguyfingyan, 
V. ; Aroyftngyang, V. ; Bangfiti, T., V. ; Bugayon, II. ; Cal6o, V. ; Cftsa- 
sliga, Cansas^ga, Pamp. ; Glcos-glcos, V.; Gulcos-glcos, V.; Mga 
(Cebu) ; Mangadolong, V.; MatAng-pune, V.; Oyangia, V.; SSga, T. ; 
saga-saga, T. ; Sagamamin, T. 

Abutilon indicum G. Don. (Malvdcece.) A small shrub with yellow flow- 
ers, common, used in the practice of medicine. 
Cuacuac6han, T. ; Gulling guillngan, T. ; Gilig-gillgan, T. ; DuMpang, 
v.; LulCipao, II.; Maivas de Castrlla, Sp. Fil.; Maivas, Sp.; MaHs, 
v.; M^lbas, T. ; Pllis, V.; Taratacopes, V.; Yampong, V. 

Acacia. {Leguminosece.) Spiny shrubs or small trees, generally producing 
more or less gum similar to gum Arabic. 
Caraol, Z. ; Unip, Pang. 

A. CONCINNA DC. Sib6g, T. 

A. FARNESIANA Willd. Ar6ma, T. ; R6ma, T. V.; Santiago, V. 

AcALYPHA. {UrticacecB.) Trees, shrubs, or herbs. 
Mayagos-laiaqui, V. ; Pabto, T. ; Paiang. 

A. GBANDis Benth. Bol-16, Ig. ; Bfigos, T. V. ; Gutll, T., V. 

A. STIPULACEA Klotzsch. B6gos, V. 

A. TiLi^FOLiA Muell. Arg. Malacb6c (Morong). 

Acanthus ilicifolius L. {Acanthacew.) A small shrub with glossy spiny 
leaves resembling ilex, and blue flowers, common in regions inundated 
by salt water. 
Dilivario, T. ; Doloarin, T.; Dolovario, Dulanari, Dulauari, Pamp.; 
Laguio-Iaguio, T.; Laquis-iaquis, Lagfw-lagfw, T. ; Tind6i, T.; Ting- 
I6i, T.; TinglCg, T.; Tftio, V. 


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AcHBAS SAPOTA Linn. {8apotaoecB,) A tree introduced from Mexico, cul- 
tivated for its edible fruit. In Mexico a valuable gum, known as 
"gum chicle," is obtained from the bark, extensively used in the 
United States as the basis of chewing gums. 
Chfco, Sp. FiL; Sico, V.; Tslcu, T. 
AcHYBANTHES AQUATICA R. Br. (Amo/rantacew.) Herbaceous plants, some- 
what utilized in the practice of medicine. 
L6po-l6po, V. 
A. ASPEBA L. Afi|^d, Pamp.; D6cot-d€cot, T.; Hftfi|;ot, T.; Hangdr, T., V.; 

LIbai, T. ; Sarftmo, V. 
A. OBTUSIFOLIA Lam. Atigod, Pamp. ; Libay, T. 

AcoBUS CALAMUS Linn. (Aroidew.) Herbaceous, the root stock very aro- 
matic. The "sweet flag" of the United States. 
Bu^ng, Pamp. ; Lubfgan, T. 
AcBOSTiCHUM. {Filices,) Pag&lo. 
A. AUBEUM L. A large coarse fern, common in tidal marshes. 

Lagdlo, T. 
Adenantheba. (Legumi/nosecB.) Trees without spines or tendrils, with 
bipinnate leaves and very small flowers in small spike-like racemes. 
Adambagu^n, II.; Alang-l&ngal ; tpil, Z.; Malat6yon, Pang. 

AlaUngat; Bfthay, T., V.; Baguirfiro, V.; C&say, V.; Quinasaic&sai, T. 
Adenostemma viscosum Forst. ( Compositcr. ) A glandular-pubescent herb. 

Btilac-manflc, T., Pamp. 
Adiantum. {Filicea.) The "maiden-hair" fern. 

Malacalesqufs, T. 

Caicfii, T.; Culantrfllo, Sp. Fil.; Dalipftco, II.; Gaydman-mandc, T.; 
Lfimot-lam6tan, T. ; Li6mot-lom6tan, T. 
AdiNa polycephala Benth. (Rubiaceoe.) Shrubs or small trees with glo- 
bose heads of white flowers. 
Unlsoc, T. 
A. PHiLiPPiNENSis Vidal. trrban, B. 

Aegicebas cobnici; latum Blanco. (Myrsinacece.) Shrubs or small trees, 
common along the borders of mangrove swamps, etc., on the sea- 
Pisic; Pipisic, T.; Sftguin sagu!ngan, T.; Sftguin-sftguin-estftcas ; Sft- 
ling-sftguing, B.; Tay6con, V.; Tanduc-tandtican, T.; Tlngan-bft- 
quis, T. 
A. FLOEIDUM R. and S. Aiiglai, V.; Pipisfc, T. 

Aegle decandba Naves. (Rutacew.) A small tree, the fruit with a muci- 
laginous, aromatic, acid pulp. 
Malacabtiyao, T. 
Afzelia bijuga a. Gray. {LeguminosecB,) A very valuable timber tree, 
always found near the seashore, 
fpil, T., v.; Nfila, Z.; TaAl, T. 

Digitized by 



A. BHOMBOIDEA Vidal. Like the preceding, producing a very valuable tim- 
ber. Pods much larger, and leaves smaller than in A. hijuga. 
Balftyon, T., V.; Balftyong, T.; Bar&yon, V.; Magalftyao, C; Tindalo, 

Agabigus. Many species of Agaricua and other genera of fleshy fungi are 
found in the Philippines, some of which are used by the natives as 

Agathis lobanthipolia Salisb. {ConifereoB.) Very large trees, growing 
in the mountains, and yielding the valuable gum known in commerce 
as "dammar." 
Baltic (Paragua) ; Damfir (Camarines) ; Gfila-g&la, T.; Bifiyo, V. 

Agave amebigana L. {Amarylideop,) Introduced from Mexico and culti- 
vated for the valuable fiber known as ''maguey." 
Magtiey, Sp. Fil.j Mfigai, V.; Mugtiey, Sp. Fil.; Nipis; Pita (Cebu). 

Agt.ata. (MeliaceoB,) Mostly very large trees, some valuable for timber, 
many species being found in the Philippines. 
AgapAtiga, XL; BayantI, T.; Bolfila, B.; CacAo-cacfiuan (Tayabas) ; 
Cfisay, T.; Daltiruy, Pamp.; Guis6c-guis6c j Hebfing, Mang. ; Hagu- 
pAnga, T.; IbabA; MalasAging-pulA, T.; MacabAiigon; Manabr6ng, 
B.; MagsinAya; OratAn, XL; PanAbang; Salamtingay, T.; Tamllg; 
TigcAl, Z. ; TibcAl, Z. ; TingcAl, Z. ; TucAn-cAlao, T. 

A. ABGENTEA Bliune. Daltiray; Xlollo, Pamp. 

A. GBANDis Miq. G6gong-bisAya, T.; Cuba till, T. 

A. MiNUTiFLOBA Bedd. Busllao, T. 

A. ODOBATA Lour. A small tree with fragrant yellow flowers, introduced 
from Asia and cultivated for ornament. 
Cinam6mo-de-China, Sp. Fil. 

A. OLIGANTHA C. DC. ManAlao, T. 

A. PALEMBANICA Miq. MalasAguin, T. 

Agbostistachys m^soana Vidal. {EuphorbiaoeoB.) Shrubs. 

CacAo-cacAo, Ticao; Malacaf6 (Paragua); Pusopiiso (Tayabas). 

AiLANTHUS MOLUCCANA DC. {Stmaruhece,) A lofty tree with large leaves 
and winged seeds. 
CalAnag, B. ; Malaadtias, T. ; MacaisA, T. 

Alakguim ogtopetalum Blanco. {Comaoew,) MalatApay, T. 

Albizzia. (Leguminosew.) Trees, many valuable for timber. 

Acl4ng-pArang, Pamp.; Bantiyo, T. ; Hanag6, B. ; Malatlgui; MalagA- 
nit, T.; Mangasinfiro, Z; MalatAco, T. ; Quitaquita, 11.; Sapllt, B.; 
TaplI; Tile, Z. 

A. juubbissin Durazz. Carisquls, T. ; Carlquis, XI. ; 06nog, II. 

A. lebbek Benth. AninApla, T. ; Langull ; LAfigil, T. 

A. OTTOBALis Teysm. and Benn. CAsay, B. 

A. LUCIDA Benth. TinAqui, V. 

A ODOBATissiMA Benth. Malatoc6, T. 

A. PBOCEBA Benth. AnanAplas, T. ; AnanApla ; AdaAn, T., II. ; AdyAngao, T. ; 
AyAngao, T.; Anitap, Pamp.; BoAc, Ig. ; DariaiigAo, T.; Palhot; 
Palhod, V. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


A. RETUSA Benth. P!pi, V.; Lftngil, T. 

A. SAPONARIA Blume. C6gon-toc6; Inaufiqui, V.; Jaunfiqui, (Albay) ; 

Lftngil; Malatdro. 
A. TOMENTOSA Miq. Salangctigui. 
Alchobnea blumeana Muell. Arg. {Euphorhiacece.) Trees or shrubs. 

Busllac, T. 
A. JAV ANSIS Muell. Arg. Taydn (Tayabas). 
A. MOLLIS Muell. Arg. Balfinti, T. 

Aleurites moluccana Blume. {Euphorhiacece,) Tree, the seeds yielding 
large quantities of a valuable oil, used for illuminating purposes, etc. 
Baguildmban, T. ; Balucftnad, T. ; Balucftnag, II.; Balocllnad, T.; Ca- 
llimban, T. ; Lumbfin, T.; Lunbfin, T.; Lumbftng, T.; Rtimbang, V.; 
Caplli, T. 
Allaeanthus luzonicus Benth and Hook. ( Urtioacece. ) A deciduous tree. 
Tahlt-labliyoc ; Tal6long, 11.; Guinbabao; Bal6ng-cady6s, V.; Al6can, 
II.; carnal; Buiig6n, II.; Himbabfio, T. 
Allium cepa L. {Liliacece.) The onion. 

Lasona, II.; Lasun&, T. ; Sibriyas, T., Pamp. 
A. JAQUEMONTii Kunth. Sib6yas-songs6ng. 
A. POBRUM Linn. Siboyas-sa-Tafil. 
A. sativum L. Garlic. 

B^uang, v.; Bdnag, II.; Bftwang, T.; BSoang, V.; Bftuang potl (Jolo) ; 
Ganda, V. ; Lftso, V. 
A. uliginosum Don. Cuchfii, T. 

Allmania nodiflora R. Br. {Amarantacew.) A diffuse dichtomously 
branched herb, with a sessile globose inflorescence. 
L6po-l6po, V. 
Allophylus cobbe Blume. {Sapindacece.) A small tree or shrub with 
trifoliate leaves and edible red globose fruits. 
Bal!c?, V. 
AiocASiA INDICA Schott. {Aracew.) Herbaceous, leaves very large, known 
to English-speaking people as "elephant's ears." 
Badlang, T., V.; Gfibing-6nac, T. 
Aloe barbadensis Mill. {Liliacece.) Introduced from America and culti- 
vated for ornament and for medicinal purposes. Aloes of pharma- 
Dllang-boaya, V.; Dllang-hfilo, V.; Sabila, T. 
Alphitonia moluccana Teysm. and Binn. {Rhammacece.) Shrubs or 
Tangtilay, T.; Uacatan, V. 
Alpinia. {Marantacece.) Tall herbaceous plants. 

Parfipad, Ig.; Llguid-llguid, V.; Talbfic, Pamp.; Tugufs-iiga-isfi., V. 
A. brevilabris Presl. Bfinay, Pamp.; Bagongbong, V.; Cat61an, V.; Cat- 

cdtan, Pamp., V.; Catotang, V., Pamp.; Catang-cS.tang. 
A. CERNUA Roxb. Polonia, T. 

A. GALANGA Swartz. Lanc6as, Pamp.; Lafigcfiuas, V. 

A. GiGANTEA L. Bag6mbon, Pamp., V.; Catotang, V., Pamp.; Salbftc, 
Pamp., V. 

Digitized by 



Alsophila glauca Blume. [Filices.) The common tree fern of the north- 
ern Philippines. 
AlibaiTgdfin, Ig.; Tai^te. 
AXrSTONiA. (Apocinacece.) Trees with milky sap, the bark being used in 
the practice of medicine as a substitute for quinine. 
Bacliit, Pang.; Cuyao-yfto (Masbate) ; Dirfta, T. ; Cuyanyfin, B.; Tanl- 
tan, V. 
A. MACROPHTLLA Wall. Batino, T.; Tangltan, V. 

A. scHOLARis R. Br. Andarfiyan (Cagayan) ; Bita, V.; Dita, V., T.; 
Ditfta; Dal-lopfiven, II.; Dalipfioen, II.; Layd, II.; Oplfty; Pasnlt 
AtTEBNANTHEBA DENTicuLATA R. Br. {Amarantacew.) An herb, pros- 
trate, flowers white. " 
Bongftbonga, T. 
Alysicarpus tetbagonolobus Edgw. {Leguminosew.) A small herb. 

Pftrang (Paraiiaque). 
Alyxia oix)BATA Wall. {Apocinacece.) Shrubs with milky sap. 

Lfiyo, B. 
Amabanthus mangostanus - L. (Amarantacew.) Culiftpa (Iloilo) ; Cu- 
diftpa, V. 


A. SPINOSUS L. A low herb, very common in waste places about towns and 
along rivers. 
Ayant6to, Pamp. ; Bfiyangbfiyang, V.; BambSn; BlMo; CaHtes, V.; 
Cuant6n, II.; Cul^tes, V.; Harum, V.; Orftyi, T., V.; Quillte; Quill- 
tis, T. ; Tilltes, V. ; Tillies, V. 
A. viBiDis L. Common in waste places. 

Culilis, T. ; Hfilom, T., V. 
Ammania baccifeba L. {Lythracece.) A small herbaceous plant. 

Apoy-ftpoyan, T. ; Bias-p6go, T. 
Amomum. {Sdtiminece.) Herbaceous plants, with creeping root stocks. 

Togflis, V. ; Tugfis, T. 
A. CILIATUM Blume. BaHc-ballc, Pamp. ; Caropi, V. 
A. cabd AMOMUM L. The cardamon plant. 

Lampfiyang-iTga-maputr, V. 
A. viixosuM Lour. 

Togtiis-iiga-isft, V. 
Amooba. ( MeliacecB. ) Large trees, valuable for timber. 

Bungllo, v.; Busllac, T. ; Malasaguin-pulS, T. ; Pamalatagu^n, II.; 
Tangl6n, Pang. 
A. gbandifolia C. DC. Malabanabfi, T. 
A. pebrottetiana C. DC. Balaqul, T. 
A. BOHITUKA W. and A. Agac-fic, V.; SalAguin-pulfi. 

Amorphophaixus campanulatus Blume. (Aroidew.) Tuberous herb with 
rough, mottled petioles and purplish spathe. 
Apon, T. ; Anto, V.; BagAng, Cag. ; BSgong (Jolo) ; Cor6t, II.; Car6t, 
II.; 6roy, V.: Pamangqullon, V.; PungSpung, V., T.; T6cod-lftngit, 
v., T. 

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Anacabdium occidentale L. (AnaoardiaoecB.) A small tree introduced 
from America and cultivated for its edible fruits, the seeds of which 
also yield a valuable oil. 
Cas6y, T., V.; Castiy, T.; Boll6go, II. j Baltibad, T. 
An AMiBTA coccuLUS W. & A. ( MenispermaoecB. ) A vine with long petioled 
glabrous leaves, the roots being extensively used in the practice of 
Bayftti, T., V.; Pamp.; Balfisin, T., V., Pamp.; Lag-tftl, V.; Lantfi, T. 
v., Pamp.; Lactfing, T., V., Pamp.; Lictfing, T., V., Pamp.; Lin- 
tang-bftguin, T., V., Pamp.; Sflma, T., V., Pamp.; Ttiba, T., V., 
Pamp.; Abtitra, Sp. Fil.; Pangmftvan. 
Anan ASSA SATiVA Lludl. ( BromeliacecB. ) The pineapple, introduced from 
America and cultivated for its fiber and for its edible fruits. 
Mallsa (Camarines) ; Pita, II.; Pifia, Sp. Fil. 
Anaxaggbea luzonensis a. Gray. {Anonacece.) An under-shrub. 

Bag&ng fiso, B. ; Bobon6yang, V. 
Andbopooon. {GraminecB.) C!oarse or fine grasses. 

Anifts, T. ; Barb6n. 
A. MURICATUS Retz. M6ro, Sp. Fil. 

A. SGHOENANTHUS L. The roots of this species yield an essential oil, used 
for perfumes, etc. 
Ballyoc, B.; Pfija-de-m6ca, Sp. Fil.; Raiz-de-mdras, Sp. Fil.; S&lai, T.; 
Sftlay, T.; Salftid; Tanglftd, T., V. 
Anisomeus ovata R. Br. {Labiatew.) A coarse erect branching herb 
with purplish flowers. 
Talingharfip, T. 
Anisopteba. {DipterocarpacecB.) Tall trees, very valuable for their 
B&gar, II.; Dftyang, T. 
A. OBLONOA Dyer. Sandana. 
A. THUBiFEBA Blume. Lauftan, T., V.; Nen^nu, Cag.; Sandftna, T., V.; 

L&uan sandfina. 
Anneslea cbassipes Hook. {TematroemiacecB.) An evergreen tree with 
crenulate, acute, or obtuse leaves. 
Malatibfg, T. 
AxoNA MUBiCATA L. (AnoTKicew.) This species like the two following were 
introduced from America, and are now generally cultivated in the 
Philippines for their edible fruits. The "custard apple," "sour sop," 
etc., of English-speaking people. 
Goyabftno, Sp. Fil.; Guanabfino, Sp. Fil. 
A. reticulata L. An6nas, Sp. Fil. 
A. SQUAMOSA L. Ates, T. 

Anthistiria gigantea Cav. {OraminecB,) A coarse, tufted grass growing 
in open lands. 
Tigbfto, v.; Talfihib, T. 
AxrHOCEPHALUs CANDAMBA Mlq, {RuhidcecB.) A glabrous tree with 
flowers in solitary globose heads. 
Bagarllat, T.; Bagarllao, T.; Caluntlfigan, V. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Antidesma. {EupharhiacecB.) Trees or shrubs, bearing numerous small 
spherical fruits which are edible, having a pleasant acid taste. 
Bornfiy-gtibat, V.; Bignfii-mfiya, T.; Bign&i-calabfto, T.; InyAm, V.; 
Mob6ti, v.; Malasucd., V. 

A. BUNius Spreng. Bignay, Pamp. ; Bignfii, T. ; Btignai, V. ; Bub-btignay. 

A. cuMiNGn DC. Catamantfis. 

A. GHAESEMBiLLA Gaertn. Ardsep, II. ; Banintiyo, T. ; Binay6yo, T. ; Bigna- 
y6co, T. ; Bignfii-p6go, T. ; Calamantfto, T. ; Cab6gbog, T. ; tniam, V. ; 
Timdyung, T. 

Aphanthe. (UrticacecB.) Cha, T. 

Aporosa. {Euphorbiacece.) Trees with alternate entire leaves. 

Alftmag, T.j Baransifigo, T.; Balinsiagao; Cansdyot; C<ilis-na-pulft, V. 

Arachis hypogaea L. (Leguminosece.) The peanut, introduced from 
America and more or less cultivated. 
Cacachu4te; Cacaufite, T.; Manf. 

Araua javanica Miq. {Araliacew.) Magcfisao, V.; Potftt, T. 

Abdisia. {MyrsinacecB.) Trees or shrubs, many species being found in 
the Philippines. 
Atar6lon, T.; Bfihay nam6c, B.; Gftblos, T.; Gubglibao, Ig.; Panftbon, 
T.; Patact61, Pamp.; Patfipto; QCiio, T.; Tagp6, T.; Tagpting-pulft, T. 

A. HUMiLis Vahl. Babftgion, V.; Bdtao, B.; Malaslac, B.; PafighAs (Di- 

A. perbottetiana a. DC. Catkypa (Dinagat) ; Tagulman, V. 

A. philippinensis DC. Lu^ti (Zamboanga). 

A. PYBAMiDALis Pcrs. Malalsa, T. 

A. SEBBATA Pers. Logonh6n (Iloilo). 

Abeca. (Palmece.) Several species of Areca are found in the Philippines, 
the nuts of one species {A, catechu), the "betle nut," being exten- 
sively used by the natives, being chewed with the leaves of Piper hetle, 
and slaked lime. 
Bongftng-pftto, T. 

A. ALBA Rumph. Cap6n, T. ; Pinang, V. 

A. OATECHU L. Bfiiiga (Camarines) ; B6figa, T. V.; B6nga-sfintol ; Bongfing- 
matdlis, T.; B6nga-pftlo; Boft, II.; Bufi, Cag; Btifiga, T.; Ltiyos, 
Pamp. ; Ldgos ; Mangdpod ; Manglpod, T. ; Sacsfc, T. 

A. NIBUNG Mart. Anibung, V. T. ; Anlbong, V. T. 

Abenqa sacchabifeba Labill. (Palmw,) Anfbung, Pang.; Bfihi, V.; Bfiru; 
Cfiuon, T.; Hidi6c, V.; Hibi6c, Vis.; Ibi6c, V.; froc, T.; Idfoc, V.; 
Pugfthan, T. ; Ratipfin, II. 

Abgemone mexicana L. {Papava/racecB.) An herb with large yellow flow- 
ers, spiny leaves, and yellow sap, introduced from Mexico. 
Cachtimba, II.; Chical6te; Casflbang-dso ; Casubhang-fiso, II.; Djlulirio, 
T. ; Duludrio, T. 

Abgybeia. ( ConvolvulacecB. ) Scandent shrubs with showy flowers. 
Bfiguin-castlla, T. ; BulScao (Iloilo). 

A. NITIDA Choisy. Bulalficao, V. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Abistolochia tagala Cham. {Aristolochiacew.) A4tan, T.; Gofin-gofin, 
v.; Malatibe, T., V.; Taointaoln, II.; Tftla-talftrum, T.; TimMngan, 
T. ; Timbftng-timbftngan, T. ; tJbe-ube, T., V. 
Abtabotbys. ^(AnofCtLcecB.) Sarmentose or scandent shrubs. 

Stisong-damtilag, Pamp. 
A. ODOBATissiMUS R. Br. Alag-&lag sonson, T.; Alang-flang sdnson, T. ; 

Ilang-flang de China. 
Abtemesia gbata Wall. {Compositce.) Damti-Marla. 
A. vuLGABis L. An erect herb, used in the practice of medicine. 

Ca-Marla, T.; Santa Maria; Tinlsas, T. 
Abthophyllum. {AralicLcew,) Shrubs or small trees. 

Puigapuigfthan, T. 
Abtocabpus. (UrticacecB.) Large trees with milky sap, many of the 
species bearing very large edible fruits. 
Antiblin, T.; Amligni, V.; Antibion, T.; AMbling, B.; Cfttoy (Albay) ; 
Can6t, T.; Dolofiglan, T., V.; Mftrang, T.; Oblen, II.; 61oy, T.; 
Tugtip, v.; Tfiya-ltingo (Paragua) ; Ubian, II. 
A. blumei Tree. Similar to A. incisa, but leaves small, entire. 

Gumfan, V. 
A. CAMANSi Blanco. Camftngsi, T., V. ; Camongsl, T., V. ; Dalanglan, V. T. ; 

Dolofiglan, T., V.; Dalugulan; Pfic; Pac&c, II. 
A. CUMINGIANA Trec. A valuable timber tree. 

An6bion, Pamp.; An6bling, V.; Antibing; An6bing, T.; Baytico nga 
^ langcfton, V.; Baytico figa cacfiuon, V.; Cflbi, V. 

A. INCISA L. f . A tree with large incised leaves and large edible fruit. 

Antip6lo, T., V., Pamp.; C6lo, V.; Cfilo; 6gob, B.?; Rlmo, T.; Rlma, 
T., v.; Tip6lo, T., V., Pamp. 
A. INTEGBIFOLIA L. f. A tree with small ovate, entire leaves, fruit on trunk 
and larger branches. 
Lftfigca, II.; Lftnca, T.; Nfinca, T.; Nfiflgca, T. 
A. LAMELLOSA Blauco. Andbling-caqulosing. 
A. LANCEOLATA Trecul. Bayfico figa lanhftn, V. 
A. NiTiDA Tree. An6bling, T.; An6bing cagulosing, T.; Antibing na cagul- 

osin, T.; Bayuco, V.; Baytico figa birlon, V. 
A. ODOBATissiMA Blanco. Antibing, T.; Lollo, T. 

Abundinella nebvosa Nees. {Graminece.) A tall, coarse grass growing 
in wet places. 
Calacauftyan, V. 
Abyteba bufescens Radkl. {Sapinddcece.) Shrubs or small trees. 

Magabag&ba, T. 
AscLEPiAS CUBASSAVICA L. {Ascleptadacew.) A small herb, introduced 
from America, with milky sap, red and yellow flpwers, etc. Now 
very common in the Philippines and used by the natives in medicine. 
Btilac-bulfican, T.; Brilac-dam6, T.; BCilac-castlla, T.; Buquitqult; 
Calalfluan, T.; Cfipol-cfipol, T. 
AsPLEXiUM NIDUS L. (FUices.) The "bird's-nest fern." Very common in 
forests, growing in large tufts on the trunks and branches of trees, 

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A. ESCULENTUM Preal. Young stems and leaves much used for food by the 
Pftco, T. 
AsTBONiA. (MelastomacecB.) Shrubs or small trees. 

BagaHguan, B. ; Col4ngay, T. ; Dagallguan, V. ; Dongfto, T. ; Donhfto, T. ; 
Dungfio, T. 
A. CAi/YCiNA Vidal. Tflnan-ttinan, B. ; TUnay-tunay, V. 
A. CUMINGIANA Vidal. Halentihinao, V. 
A. MACBOFHTLLA Blume. Bflyo-btiyo, B. 
A. PULCHBA Vidal. Dita-dita (Camarines). 

A BOLFEi Vidal. Alintuttinas ; Ton^fto-tofignfio, B.; Tognfio-tognfto, B. 
Atalantia. {Rutacece.) Small trees. 

Camuning, T.; Dftyap-dayftpat, T. ' 

A. MONOPHYLLA Correa. Dftyap-na-montI, T.; Magca-btigao, V. 
A. NiTiDA Oliv. Malftbac, V.; Malarftyat. 

AvEBBHOA BiUMBi L. {GeraniocecB.) Tree, cultivated for its edible acid 
fruits, which have rounded lobes. 
Calamlas, T.; Cilifig-Iwa, V.; Camlas, T.; ColonAuas, T.; fba, V.; Pifts, 
II.; Quilihglva, V. 

A. CABAMBOLA L. Fruit similar to that of the preceding species, but the 

lobes angular. 
Bilimblnes; Balimbin, T.; Bilimbln, T.; Balimblng, T.; Balifigbing, V.; 

Garang&n, V. 
AviCENNiA OFFICINALIS L. ( Verhenocew, ) A shrub or a small tree growing 

in wet soil along the sea shore, with small yellow flowers. The bark 

is used in dyeing. 
Apiftpi, T.; Bungfilon, T., V.; Bufigfilu, T.; Calupfnes, Z.; Calaplni, T.; 

Miftpi, T., V. ; Pipisic, T. ; Pifipi, T., V. 
AziMA NOVA Blanco. ( Salvador acecB. ) A shrub. 
Casn(5t-cfibag, T.; Cfimut-c&bag, T. 


Bambusa. (Graminew.) "Bamboo." Several genera and many species of 
bamboo are found in the Philippines. 
Anas, Pamp.; Anos; Balto, T.; B6ho, T.; Bocllvi, T.; Cftlbang, T.; 
Cafia, Sp.; Cauayan-pdna ; Quiling, T.; Tainftnac; Tagufsi, T.; 
tjsiu, T. 

B. ABUNDINACE^ Rctz. Cauftyang-tot6o, T. 
B. BLANCOi Steud. Taiuanac, T. 

B. BLUMEANA R. and S. Cauftyan-tinfc ; Cauftyan-gufd, V.; Cauayan-t6bo. 

B. DIFFUSA Blanco. BocAui, T. ; 6siu, T. 

B. LAEVis Blanco. Caufiyang-b6o, T. 

B. LONGiNODis Miq. CauSyan-ftnos. 

B. LUMANPAO Blanco. LumAnpao, T. 

B. LUZONICA Munro. CauSyan-balfcao, T. 

B. MONOGYNA Blanco. CauSyang-quiKng, T. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Barlebia pbionitis L. {Aoa/nthac€€e.) A small shrub with straw-colored 
Culftnta, T.; C6cong-man6c, T. 
Babringtonia. {MyrtacecB.) Trees or shrubs, with racemes of large pink 
or white flowers, the petals and stamens falling early. 
Bayftg cabfiyo, T. ; tjban, T. 
B. BACEMOSA Blume. A shrub or small tree with a long drooping raceme of 
white flowers. 
Botftt; Putftd, T.; Potfit, T.; Putftt, T.; Pulftt; Malaputfid, T.; Tfiba- 
taba, V. 
B. SPECIOSA Forst. A tree usually found near the sea, with very large pink 
fragrant flowers and large angular fruits. 
B6tong, T., v.; B6tong-b6tong, T; Bit6on, V.; Bitug; Bon4tes; Bl- 
tung, V. 
Basella bubba L. {Chenopodiacecp.) A much-branched twining fleshy 
herb, wild or cultivated. 
Alugbftti, v.; Ilaibfiquir, II.; Libfito, T. 
Bauhinia. (LeguminoaecB.) Unarmed trees or vines with simple leaves, 
which are usually deeply cleft at the apex. 
Atcfly, Pamp.; Agpoy, Pamp.; Bamb6ng, T.; Bodb6d, T.; Ltipid; Sali- 
gangbftng, V. 
B. BINNATA Blanco. Aliblhil; Alihizo; D(is. 
B. blangoi Baker. Alibftnban, P. T. 
B. cumingiana Benth. Ban6t, T. 
B. gbandiflora Blanco. Bofigfilon. 
B. MAT.ABABTCA Boxb. Alib&ngbang, T., V., Pamp. 
B. PURPUREA L. Alibftnban, T. 

B. TOMENTOSA L. Alibfiuban, T., V., Pamp.; Alibihil, V.; Ahihiro, V.; 
Alamblhor, V.; Balibftnban, V.; Diis, V.; Linas, V.; Marullnao, V.; 
Beaumontia. { ApocindcecB.) Climbing shrubs with large flowers. 

Hingtie calabo, T. 
Beddomea luzonensis Vidal. {Meliacecp,) A tree. 

Malacam6te, T. 
Beesha bheedu Kunth. (OraminecB.) A bamboo. 

Bocftui, T. 
Begonia bhombicabpa A. DC. {Begoniacece,) Succulent herbs, valued for 
ornamental purposes. 
Lingat, T. ; Plngol-bat6, T. 
Beilsghmiedia caibocan Vidal. [Lauracece.) Evergreen trees or shrubs. 

Cair6can, T. 
B. MADANG Blume. Malabdfiga. 

Benincasa cerifera Savi. ( Curcurhitacece. ) A climbing herbaceous vine, 
Cond6l, T. ; Cand6l, V. ; Mallnga, T. ; Tibiftyon, V. 
Berchemia philippinensis Vidal. {Rhamnacece,) A shrub, with armed 
Odafideg, Ig. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Bebbya. {Tilidcece.) Trees. 

Pacpfic-bftlang, T. 
BiDENS PILOSA Linn. {CompositcB.) Herbaceous, a kind of "Beggar tick." 

Tflbac-ttibac (Iloilo). 
BioPHYTUM SENSiTivuM DC. ( OerwniacecB, ) An herb, with sensitive leaves 
and yellow flowers. 
Dam6ng-hlya, T. ; Hfiya-htiya, V. ; Mahihlin, II. ; Macahlya, T. 
BiscHOFiA JAVANICA BluHie. {EuphorhiacecB.) A lofty tree, valuable for 
Canfirem; Ddeg; Damp6l, T.; Quitaqulta, II.; Toob, T.; T6og, T.; 
T6oc, T., v.; Tu6l, Ig.; Toll, T.; To6gan, Cag.; Ttia. 
BixA OBELLANA Linn. (BixdceoB.) A shrub, introduced from America and 
now very common in the Philippines, the red seeds being used for 
coloring food, etc. 
Achlote, Sp. Fil.; Achtiete; Achflte; Atsfiiti, T.; AnAte; At6la. 
Blechtjh beownei Juss. {AcanthacecB.) An herb of American origin. 

Oalab6a, Pamp. ; Dfiyang, T. ; Sapinsapin, T. 
Blumea balsamifeba DC. ( Compositce. ) A tall almost woody herb, 5 to 
8 ft. high, very common, and extensively used by the natives in the 
practice of medicine. 
Ay6ban, V.; Alfbun, V.; Alibhon, V.; Gfibuen, V.; Gultin-guitin ; Gfn- 
tin-glntin, V.; Guintin-gulntin, V.; Hamlibon, V.; Lalacdan, V.; 
Lftcad-btilan, V.; Lacdd.n-btilan, V.; Samb6n, T., Pamp.; Samb6ng, 
T. ; Sambting, T. ; Sob86b, II. 
B. chinensis DC. Catftray (Balabac). 
B. LACINIATA DC. Dllan butiquf, T. 

BoEHMEBiA NiVEA Hook. and Am. ( Urticacece. ) A small shrub, the leaves 
white beneath, yielding the valuable commercial fiber, ramie. 
Ap6o; Amlray, T. ; Arlmai, II.; Cant6n; Cagayftn, II.; Lapnis, C. ; 
Labrtis ; Labnls, II. ; Pampangp^ngon, V. ; RAmi, Sp. 
B. WEDDELIANA Vidal. Ngfiluy, Ig. 

BoEBHAAViA BEPENS L. ( Nyctaginacew. ) A prostrate spreading herb, with 
very small pink or red flowers, common about towns. 
Paanbalivls, T. 
Boletus. A genus of fleshy fungi, with numerous pores on the under side, 
but no gills. 
Culftpo, T. ; Cabtiti, T. ; Payong-pay6ngan, T. 
BoMBAX MALABABicuM DC. {MalvacccB.) A tree with digitate leaves and 
very large red or white flowers. 
B6buy-gtibat, T.; Bub6y-gtibat, T.; Malabtilac, T.; Ques^ro; Sftlay, V.; 
Taltitu, V. 
BooTiA COBDATA Wall. {HydrochaHdew.) Submerged fresh-water herb. 

Gftbi-gftbi, V. 
Bbackenbidgea fasciculabis F. Vill. {Ochnacece.) Trees or shrubs. 

Anifttan, T. 
Bbeynia acuminata Muell. Arg. {Euphorhiacecp.) Shrubs or small trees. 
Atlluag (Abra). 

8956 9 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


B. CEBNUA Muell. Arg. MatAng-ulfing (Tayabas) ; Stifigut-olAng, V. 
Bbidelia. (Euphorhiacece,) Shrubs or small trees. 

Lfindo, T.; Javfli (Zamboanga) ; Quinay-qulnay, T. 
B. OVATA Muell. Arg. Man&sa, T.; Tar An (Zamboanga). 
B. STiPULABis Blume. Bancollan, T.; Cutoctito, T.; CarabA, II.; Calon- 

dftgni; Dugfiron, T.; Hingoiig6to, T.; LobAlob, T.; LubAlub, T.; 

Sinc6y-lang, V.; Sangc6y-lang, V. 
Bbugea sumatbana Roxb. {SimarubaoeoB.) A shrub with large pinnate 

leaves, the bark, etc., very bitter. 
Bbuguieba. {Rhizophoracew.) Constituents of the Mangrove vegetation. 

Petals 8 to 14. Useful for tans and dyes, much cut for fire wood. 
Busfm; SuAl. 
B. GABTOPHTLLOIDES Blume. BacAuan, T.; BusAin, T.; Bfuas, T.; TAfig^a- 

B. EBIOPETALA W. and A. Bafo; BAiao, V.; CalibAyoan. 
B. GYMNOBBHIZA Lam. BAcan (Tinago) ; BacAnun, T.; BAcao, T.; Bessfn, 

T.; 06ngon, II.; Pettitan, T.; TafigAl, T.; TigasAn, T. 
B. PABVIFLOBA W. and A. LanAray (Tayabas) ; TanagAyay (Dinagat). 
B. BiTCHiEn Merrill. HangAray, T. ; Lang4ray, T. ; MagAlay, T. ; PototAn, T. 
BucHANANiA. {AncLcardiooecB.) Trees. 

Malallgas-na-lalAque, T.; Palinlln, T. 
B. FLOBIDA Schauer. A variable and widely distributed tree valuable for 

An-an, Mang.; Anam, V.; BalifighAsay, T.; BalinhAsay (Morong); 

BalinhAsa, T.; BalefigAsoy, T.; Bagullbas (Mindoro) ; Ballhud, T.; 

Baligfihot, B.; Balay6hot, T.; BaliflgAhood, T.; BeobayAno, V.; 

BancalAuan, T.; CocAtmon, V.j DilAan, V.; Htipong-htipong, V.; 

Magtilioc, T.; Malaibdhod; Pusoptiso (Mindoro). 
B. LUCIDA Blume. PAsig, V. 
BuDDLEiA ASiATiCA Lour. (Logo/niacecB.) A shrub, the leaves grayish, 

pubescent beneath. 
LagCmdi-salAsa, V.; Sambting-cfila, T.; TugnAng, II.; Talicn6no, T. 
B. NEEMDA Hamilt. HAya-hAya, V. 
BuBSEBA. .{Burseracece.) Balsamiferous trees. 
CalamansAnai, T. 

B. JAVANICA Baill. PolyAgan, T.; PulayAgan. 

Buxus BOLFEi Vidal. {EuphorhiacecB.) Evergreen shrubs or trees. 

PincabAnao, T. 
BBYOPnYLLUM CALYCiNUM Salisb. (Cra^aulacecB.) A tall, erect perennial 

CatacatacA, T.; CaritAna, V. 


Caesalpinia. {LeguminosecB.) Trees, shrubs, or vines. 
Bang6n, B. 

C. BONDUC Roxb. Flowers yellow, leaflets 2 to 3 inches long. Pods with 

spines on the valves. 
Bflgtong, V. ; Cfimot-cAbag, T. 

Digitized by 



C. BONDUCEixA Flem. Flowers yellow, leaflets i to 1 inch long. Pods 
with spines on the valves. 
BayAg cambing, T.j Calambiti; Calambibit, T.; Dalugdtig, V. 
C. NUGA Ait. A vine. Pod naked on the valves. 

Cfimit cftbag, T.; Cablt-cfibag, T.; Saplnit, T., V. 
C. PULCHEBBIMA Sw. A Small shrub with striking red flowers, common 
about towns, introduced from America. 
Caball^ro, Sp. Fil.; R6sas caballero, Sp. Fil. 
C. SAPPAN L. Shrub or small tree. Pods unarmed. The red wood of this 
species yields an important dye. 
Sapfing, T., II.; Sibucfio, V., T. 
Cajanus indicus L. E. {Leguminoftece.) Erect, herbaceous, 4 to 6 ft. 
Flowers yellow. 
Cagy6s; CAd-yos, V.; Cagn6is, T. 
Calamus. {Palmce.) Extensively climbing palms, which yield the rattan 
of commerce. The Philippine species not well known. 
Apis (Zambales) ; Balinanay, T. ; Bticton (Masbate) ; Bejflco-slpa, T.; 
Ctinag, T.; Cdrag; Lamb6tan, T.; Lftgni, Pamp.; Loc6an (Masbate) ; 
Limorftn, T. ; Yant6c, Calamus. 
C. Ai^us Pers. Bacfipie, V.; Calfipi, V., B.j Boiigftn labni, Pamp.; Labnlt, 
B.; Lapn^i, Zamb.; LabnI-ftuay-na-mal6to, Pamp.; Labn^i, Pang.; 
Par&san, V. 
C. BUBOENSIS Mart. 06y, Pang. ; Tal6la, T. ; tjyo, T. 
C. HAENKAENUS Mart. Bfirit, II. ; Ditfian ; Dit-ftn, T. 

C. PifiiCABPUS Blume. Amlls, T.; Ofty, II.; Oufiy, II.; Yant6c-limorfin, T. 
C. BHOMBOIDEUS Blume. Ahnao?, II.; Buntigan?, Cag.; Lurtit, Cag. 
Cauljcabpa. {VerhenacecB.) Shrubs or small trees with small usually 
pale blue flowers. 
Aptilo (Paragua); Aling hottingas; Alinao, T.; Danglingan, T.; 
Inafigd6n, T. ; Malatab&, T. ; Malaricondtiron, Pamp. 
C. ANGUSTA Schauer. TIgao, B. 

C. BICOLOB Juss. Bay6g; Pftlis, T.; Papalsls, T.;'Tnbang dalfiga, T. 
C. CANA L. Tambalab&se. 
CaijOPHYIXUM. {Guttiferece.) Trees, valuable for their timber. 

Bilangt6n, B.; C(5lu-ctilu, B.; Falumor^a, T.; Malabocb6c, T.; Pannil- 
tasquln, II. 
C. CUNEATUM Vidal. BaMgnan, V. 

C. INOPHYLLUM L. A large tree usually growing near the sea shore. The 
wood is exceedingly hard and durable, while the seeds yield an oil. 
Bitog, II.; Bitanh6l, T.; Bftoc; Birog; Bitfioi, Z.; BancAlan, T.j 
Bitftog, v., II., Pamp.; Dancftlan, T., V., B.; Dingcftlin; Dincftlin, T.; 
Palo-marla, T., Pamp.; Palo-marla-de-playa ; Pamita6guen, II.; 
Pamitlat^n, II. ; Tamaulan, T. ; Vltam. 
C. viDALii F. Vill. Balftgnan. ^ 

C. WALLICHIANUM Plauch and Triana. A species found in the mountains, 
distinguished by its rusty-tomentose branchlets. 
Batfnan-fimo, T.; Palo-marfa de mdnte. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Caloteopis qigantea R. Br. {Asclepiadaoece.) A shrub or tree, flowers 
medium, in cymes. 
Cftpol-cftpol, T. 
Calyptbocalyx spicatus Blume. {PalmcB.) Bfinga, V.; Bfi.hi, V. 
Cananga odorata Hook. f. et Th. {Anonacece.) A tree very common in 
the vicinity of towns; the flowers yield a valuable perfume. 
Angllang (Jolo) ; Alang-Ilang, T.; flang-llang, T., V., II. 
Canarium. (BurseraceoB.) Large trees, many species being found in the 
Philippines, several species being of special importance as they 
yield the odorous gum known locally as "brea," which in commerce 
is known as Manila elemi. 
Adfias, T.; Anagfilti; Ant6ng (Abra) ; Anfingi, T.; Basific, T.; Basifid 
(Tayabas) ; Bait; Bfllao, T.; Cat6n-machlng (Zamboanga) ; F6sa, 
T.; Hagushtis, B.; Jatsahengflm, T.; Malatfigun, B.; Mayacyfit, B. 
Malacalantfis, B.; Mlli-plli, V.; Malapilfinay, B.; Pasalngin, T. 
Palsanguinguin, T.; Pachalngan, T.; Palsanhinguln, T.; Piiaui, T. 
Sfilung (Paragua); Tibllng, Z.; Zftleng, V. 
C. COMMUNE L. A source of elemi. 

Plli-pilfiuay, T. 
C. cuMiNGn Engl. Alagfttli, T.; Anagfitli, T.; Anten, II.; Bac&yan, V.; 

Palsahinhim, T. 
C. LUZONICUM Miq. This specie^ yields most of the elemi exported from 
Manila, and is locally known as "Brea blanca." 
Anten, II.; B6lis, T.; Pagsaingftin, T.; Pilflni, T.; Pin&li; PHi, T.; 
Pisft, T. 
0. MULTiPiNNATUM Llanos. S&long, V. 
0. OVATUM Engl. Aten; Pfli, V., T. 

Canavaua ensifobmis DC. [Leguminosew.) A twining glabrous perennial 
or biennial. 
Magtamb6cao (Leyte) ; Patfining-dftgat, T. 
C. OBTUSIFOLIA DC. A prostrate vine with purple flowers and rather 
large hard seeds, common on sandy sea shores. 
Pfilang-pftlang, V. 
Canna indica Linn. [Scitiminew.) Erect herbaceous, with showy red 
flowers, growing wild; and commonly cultivated for ornament. The 
Balunsaylng, V.; Colintdsan, V.; Cacuertfisan, T.; Cuintfis-cuintfisan, 
T.; SAguing-sftguing, V.; T!cas, T.; T!cas-t!eas, T.; Tiqufs-tiquis, T.; 
Tticas-tticas ; Tapurftfiga, V. 
Canscoba diffusa R. Br. {QentianacecB.) An annual dichotomously 
branched herb, with quadrangular stems and rose-colored flowers. 
Cobfimba, T. 
Canthium. (Ruhiacece.) Usually spinous shrubs or small trees, witb 
small whitish or greenish flowers. 
Ctiling-man6c, V. ; Tamatiyan-pulft ( Tayabas ) ; Tir6ron, B. 
C. ABBOBEUM Vidal. Malatadiftng (Morong). 
C. CONFEBTUM Korth. Dllig, II.; Malapat6pat, T. 
C. HORBIDUM Blume. Culfac-dagS. 

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C. m:ite Bartl. Alanghldan it bfinug, V.; Calin-man6g; Pamalatafigu^n, II. 
Ca:pparis. {CapparidacecB.) Trees, shrubs, or woody vines, usually armed 
with spines. 
Casuit, Pamp.; Dfinag, T.; Ilalugfibat; Laguino, V. 
C. AURANTiOTDES Presl. Camfing-cAmong. 
C. HORRID A Linn. A climbing shrub, with stout thorns. 

Dauag, T.; Laguino, V.; Talactftc, II. 
C. MICRANTHA DC. A shrub or small tree, with small thorns. 

Alag(ing-ung, V.; Dftuag, T.; Halugfibat, T.; Mararftyat-cfihoy, T.; 
Salim6mo, V. 
Capsicum minimum Roxb. {Solanacew.) A stout herbaceous plant, with 
red fruits which have a very pungent taste, universally cultivated 
and used as a condiment. 
Chile, Sp. Fil.; Chlli-plcante, Sp. Fil.; Chfleng-bundCe, T.; Lfira; 
Malfsa; Pasltis, T.; Quitlcot, V.; Slli, T. 
Capura. {Sapindacew.) Shrubs or small trees. 

Dirig, II.; Onftoa, T. ; Palofihan, V.; Talinotino, Pamp. 
Carallia integerrima DC. {Rhizophoracece.) A small evergreen tree, 
with small white flowers and ovate leaves, found in dry forests. 
Bacduan guba (Mang.) ; Dllan usa, T.; Macafisin, T. 
Oardiospermum halicacabum L. ( SapindacecB. ) A small herbaceous vine, 
with inflated fruits, found in waste places about towns. 
Barc6lon; Bafigc6lon, T.; Cftna, V.; Pftltug-paltfican, Pamp. 
Carica papaya L. {Passi oracece.) A tree commonly cultivated for its 
edible fruits, introduced from America. The Papaw. 
Capfiyas, T., V. ; Papftya, Sp. Fil. 
Carthamus tinctorius L. {Gompositas.) An herb with orange-red 
flowers, commonly cultivated, the flower being used as a condiment 
to color foods. The Safflower. 
Casabha, V.; Catstimba, T.; Cachflmba, Pamp.; Casubha, T., Pamp.; 
Castflmba, Pamp., T. ; Biri, T. ; Lfigo, T. 
Carum copticum Benth. {Umhelliferece.) Herbaceous, the leaves finely 
pinnately compound, flowers white. Commonly cultivated for its 
seeds, which in form and taste resemble anise. Caraway. 
Dam6ro, T., Pamp.; LamMio, T., V. 
Caryota. (Palmw.) The sheaths of various species of this genus produce 
a very strong black fiber. 
Y6ro (Mindoro). 
C. cumixgii Mart. PugShan, T. 
C. rumphiana Mart. BSgsang, V.; Calfilios, V.; Lfimang, Cag. ; Malantiig, 

Cag.; Paticfin, V. 
C. URENS L. Cabo-n6gro;^Pugahan, T. ; Sagfi; TaguipSn; Taquipfin, T. 
Case aria (Samydacece.) Trees or shrubs, with alternate leaves and 
small axillary flowers. 
Cairiag, T.; Malatamoyan, T.; Pidpfd, II.; TapSt-tapfit, T. ; T(ilang- 
nanoc, B. ; Inignln, T. 
C. ciXEREA Turcz. AnavinjVa; MaraHgao, V. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


C. MOLUCCANA Blume. Bintoco; Tamb6yog usfi. 
Cassia. {Leguminosece.) Usually shrubs or trees. 

Malacattiray, T. 
C. ALATA L. A small shrub with yellow flowers and angular winged 
pods, probably introduced from America, extensively used in the 
practice of medicine. 
Acaptilco, Sp. Fil.; Baiyabfisin, T.; Catandfi, T.; Casftas, V.; Paca- 
gonc6n-castf la ; Palochlna, V.; Sontlng, T. ; Sunting, V., T. 
C. FISTULA L. A tree with yellow flowers and long cylindrical pods, used 
in medicine. 
Anch6rhan, T.; Bal6yong, V.; Balfiyong, V.; Bfilay, V.; Cafia-plstola, 
T.; Cafia-ffstula, Sp. ; Ibabfio, V.; Lonrbay6ng, V.; Qufna-p^stula, T. 
C. occiDENTALis L. A diff'usc glabrous undershrub, pods compressed. 
Baiatong-ftso, T.; Bal6tang-fiso, T.; Tighlman, T.; Tambalfsa, V. 
C. TORA L. Herbaceous, or developing into a small shrub. 

Bfiho-baho, v.; Balfitong-^so, T.; Catandfi, T.; Catandfing-fiso, T.; 
Manimanfhan, T.; Mongonong6han, T. 
Cassytha fileformis L. {Lauracece.) A leafless twining yellow parasite, 
common on grasses, shrubs, etc., on the seashore. 
Malaboh6c, T., V. 
Castanopsis philippinensis Vidal. {Gupuliferece.) A tree, fruits re- 
sembling chestnuts. 
Livlan; Lovlan, T.; Paunngftgan, T.; Talacfitac, T. 
Casuarina equisetifolia Forst. [GasuarindcecB.) Trees with very hard 
wood, slender cylindrical jointed leaves (not true leaves), and small 
cones, common near the seashore and along rivers. 
Ag6o, T., II.; Ag6ho, T., V., Pamp.; Agtiho, T.; Agtiso, Z.; Ag6so, T.; 
Arr6o; Aro, II.; Ayo, V.; Ant6ng (N. Ecija) ; Cftro, XL; Mala- 
boh6c, V. 
Oedrela taratara Blanco. {Meliacew.) This species and the next are 
known as the Philippine cedar, the wood has the appearance and 
odor of red cedar, and is used for the construction of cigar boxes. 
Sandana, V.; Balongcfiuit, B.; Taratfi.ra, T. 
C. TooNA Roxb. Alam (Mindoro) ; Calantfis, T., Pamp.; CantXngen, XL; 
Dantipra (Cagayan) ; Danlgga (Cagayan) ; Lagfni; Langp&; La- 
nfgda, B., V.; Lanigpa, V.; Lanfpga, V., B.; Porfic, XI. 
Ceiba pentandra Gaertn. {Malvacece.) Trees with straight trunks and 
few branches, extending at right angles from the trunk. This 
species yields an abundance of a fiber known in commerce as "copak" 
and used for stuffing pillows and mattresses. 
B6boy, T.; Btibuy, T.; BCilac, T.; B(ilac-dond6l (Cebu) ; Btilac-castlla, 
Pamp.; Bulacsfno, T.; Cfipoc (Jolo) ; Cfipas, II.; Cfiyo, B. ; Cfipas- 
sfiDglay, II.; Dald6l, V.; Dond6l, XI. 
Celosia arqentea Linn. (Amarantacew.) An erect glabrous annual herb. 

Caday6han, T. ; Cudifipa, V.; Quindayohan, T. 
C. CRISTATA Moq. An erect glabrous herb, cultivated for ornament. , 
Palonpal6ngan ; Pad6ng-pad6ngan, V. 

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Celtis philippinensis Blanco. {UrticacecB,) A tree, leaves prominently 
triple nerved. A valuable timber tree. 
Alm€z; Loddno; Log6g, V.; Lag6g (Iloilo) ; Malalcmo, T.; Mala- 
guibtiyo, V. ; Malaftmo, T. ; MagabOyo, V. 
Cewtripeda osbiculabis Lour. {Compositw.) A very small prostrate 
herb with small yellow flowers. 
Harfiiigan, T., V.; Pissic, V. 
Cephalostachymn capitatum Munro. (Gramtnecp.) A bamboo. 

Napnfip, V. 
Ceratophyllum SUBMEE8UM Linn. (Ceratophyllacecp,) Small herbs found 
in fresh water. 
Infita, T. . 
Cerbera odollam Gaertn. (ApocinocecF.) A shrub, found along the sea- 
shore, with white flowers and milky sap. 
Arbon (Paragua) ; Baraybfiy, T.j Btito-bflto, V.; Lip&ta (Ticao) ; 
Marayabay, T.; Toct6c-cfilo, T. 
Cebiops candolleana Arn. {Rhdzophoracew.) A constituent of the man- 
grove vegetation. Petals 5 to 6. 
Bficao, T.J Bacfiuan, T.j Bluas, T.; Ligftsan, T.; Pototftn, V.; Tangfil, 
T.; Tlingung, V.; Tigasfin, T. 
C. ROXBURGHIANA Am. Tangfil lalfiqui, T. ; Tafigftl-tangfil, T. 
Oestrum nocturnum L. {8olanac€ce.) A small shrub with greenish 
flowers, cultivated for ornament. Introduced from America. 
Dama-de-n6che, Sp. 
Chailletia gelonioides H. f. {Challetiaoece.) Small trees. 

C6rong, T.; Bltlag, T. 
C. GRiFFiTHn Hook, f . Decd6c, II. 

Champereia griffithii Planch. {SimtalacecB.) A small tree wiUi alternate 
leaves and very small flowers. 
Malaiacban, T.; Malulticban, T.; Panalayfipin, T., II. 
Chenopodium ambrosioides L. {GhenopodiacecB.) A tall aromatic herb, 
introduced from America. 
Apos6tis, T., v., Pamp. ; Apas6te, T. ; Alpos6tes, Sp. Fil. ; Apas6tis, T. ; 
Pas6tis, T.J Pars6tis, T. 
Chionanthes. (OleacecB,) Trees. 

BayCgo, V.; Sagapsftp, V. 
Chisocheton. {Meliacece.) Large trees or some species shrubs. 

Agupfiiiga( Mindoro) ; Agapfinga, V.; Agopfinga (Marinduque) ; Baltl- 
cao, T.; Ctiling-bfibuy, T.; Himftmao, T.; Sapltifigan- color ftdo. 
C. CEBAMicus Miq. Salaquf, T. 
C. PANicuiATUS Hiern. Baloc&nac, T. 
C. TETRAPETALUS Turcz. Bogol6yac, B.; fbo, V.; Malabfiya, T.; Magullve, 

T.J T6ob, T. 
Chloranthus brachystachys Blume. {Chlora/nthaoece.) Small shrub, 
flowers in terminal racemes. 
Em-6m, Ig. 
Chrysanthemum indicum L. {Gompositce.) Cultivated for ornament. 
Dol<5ntas, T. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Chbysopogon aciculatus Trin. {Oraminece,) A tufted grass, common 
in open places. 
AmCres secos, Sp. Fil.j C61ot-col6tan, T.; Marfscos, T. 
CiNNAMOMUM. {LauracecB.) Several species of cinnamon are found in the 
Philippines, the bark of the several species having to a greater or 
less extent the properties of true cinnamon of commerce. 
Can6la de monte; Malasfingui; Maragao^d, II.; Pfisi, B.; Samllin, T. ; 
Sind6c, T. 
C. MEBCADOI Vidal. Callfigag, T., V.; Canlngag, T., V. 
C. PAUCIFLOBUM Nces. CandarCma, II.; Callfigad, T., V.; Calliiga, V.; 

Can6la; Pfita, Ig.; Macalingag, T. 
CISSAMPELOS PABEIBA L. {Menispermacea.) A vine with a cylindrical 
woody stem. Much used in the practice of medicine. 
Bfttapg-bfttang (Cebu) ; Calfiad; Chanch&e; Chinchfio-chinchSuan, T. 
Cinchfio-cinchfiuan, T.; Calacalamfiyan (Batangas) ; Cuscuslpa, II.; 
Gulangulamftnan, T.; Himpapfira, V.; Hampapfire, V.; Pfiri, V. ; 
Sampapfire, V.; Sansfio; Sansa6san-sansa6san, T.; Yemoum6han, T. 
CiTEUS. {Rutdcece.) The lemons, oranges, limes, etc. 

Calam6ndin; Lucbfin-gtibat ; Malacabtigao, V.; Stia, II. 
C. ACIDA Roxb. Dfiyap, T. 
C. AUBANTIUM L. Orange. 

Calamans6, T.; Cah^l, T., V.; Cag6l, Sp. Fil.; Cabtilao (Tiagan) ; 
Dalandfin, T.; Pis6ng, T.; Narangitas, T., V.; Sintdnis, T. 
C. DECUMANA Linn. Cabtigao, V. ; Lucbftn, T. ; Narfinja T. 
C. HYSTRix DC. Camaiao, II.; Camuntfiy, V.; Camtiyo, T.; Colob6t, T., V.; 
Cabog; Cabtiyao, Pamp.; Dilfinan; Duflgurtifigut, C; Guld (Tia- 
gan ) ; Mayagfirin ; Stiha ( Batangas ) . 
C. MEDICA L. Btiyag, T.; Cldra; Calamondfn, T.; Dal&yap, V.; Lim6n, 

Sp. Fil. 
C. TOBOSO Blanco. Calfibot. 

Claoxylon indicum Hassk. {Euphorhiacece.) A shrub or small tree with 
pubescent branches and variable leaves. 
Bllid-bflid (Zamboanga) ; Sfigay, V. 
C. WALLiCHiANUM Willd. BaUlang ofic, T. 

Clausena. (Rutacew.) Unarmed shrubs or trees with white flowers and 
small ovoid fruits. 
Balucbac, T.; Lognig; Piris, T.; SanquI, T. 
C. EXCAVATA Burm. Camafiguifinis, T.; Calomftta, T.; Maisipalsi, T.; 

Cayumfinis, T. 
C. WAMPI Oliv. Huampit, T.; Ufimpit; Wfimpi, T. 
C. wiLLDENOvn W. and A. Himiilao, V. 
Cleidion. {Euphorhiacece.) Trees with alternate leaves. 

Malaputfit, T. ; Cam&isa sa gubat, T. 
C. JAVANICUM Blume. Macaisfi, T.; Malattiba, V. 
Cleisistoma amabile T. and B. {Orchidacece.) An epiphytic orchid. 

Dap6-sa-cauayan, T. 
Clematis goubiana Roxb. {Ranunculacece.) An herbaceous vine. 
Caliipad, v.; Tolfing-sang-bfinug, V. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Cleome viscosa Linn. {Ga/pparidacece,) An annual erect, softly pubescent 
herb with yellow flowers. 
Apoy-apoyan, T.; Balabalan6yan, T.; Hulfiya-sang-fiyam, V.; Sili- 
silfhan, T.j Silisfan, T. 
Clebodendeon. {YerhenoLcew.) Shrubs or small trees, many of the species 
with very showy flowers. 
Alibficta, B.; Bagfiuac, T.; Baggfib; Bagfinag, T.; Gogfiuac, T.; 
Casopfinguil-na-putl, T. ; Casopfingil-sa-gtibat, T.; Malab&ga, T.; 
Mfifigha, T. 
C. BLANCOANUM F. Vill. Bagfiuac na morfido, T.; Balictfirin, T.; Sftling- 

oufic-iiga-maltum, V. 
C. BLANCOi Naves. Casupafigil gubat, T. 
C. BBACHYANTHUM Schauer. Hamlndan, B. 
C. CUMINQIANUM Schauer. Dactitung (Jolo). 
C. FEAGBANS Vent. Higant6ng, V. 
C. INEBME R. Br. Balfseng, V. 
C. INFOBTUNATUM L. Casupfingil-gflbat, T. 

C. INTEBMEDIUM Cham. Small shrub with showy red flowers, common. 
BalantSna, v.; Bantfina, V.; Bolong-t^mbal ; Alocfisoc, V.; Asnfingai, 
v.; Iginga, T.; Iguffiga; Colocol6g, V.; Casopfinguil, T.; Cal&ica; 
Lar6an-anfto, T.; MacalaMnang, T; Pacfipis, V. 
C. LANUGINOSUM Blume. Taguipfin. 

C. MACBOSTEGIUM Schauer. Actoligan; Agbolfgan, II.; Bag&nac; Bintinga, 
T.; Magbollgan, II.; Malapotocfin, T.; Nacbollgan, II.; Sfiling- 
oufic, V. 
Clethra CANESCENS Reinw. {Ericacew.) Shrubs. 

Cftmog, II.; Malaclfic. 
Clinogyne grandis B. and H. {Scitiminece.) Erect herbaceous plants. 

Banb&ng (Morong). 
Clitobia tern ate a Linn. {Leguminosew.) Herbaceous vine with large 
blue flowers, common about towns. 
Calocantlng, T.; Colocantfng; Puquingang, T. 
Clobis babbata Sw. (GrarninecE.) A tufted, handsome grass, 1 to 2 ft. 
high, found about towns. 
Coroseor6san, T. 
Cnestis trifoua Pers. {Leguminosew.) A climbing shrub. 

Hammabalfir; Marindfito. 
Cnicus WAIJ.ICHI DC. {GompositcB.) A thistle. 

Pagat, Ig. 
Cocos NUCIFEBA Liun. {Palrnce.) The coco palm, the natives distinguish 
many varieties. 
Adifivan, T.; Anfbong, V.; Bonotfin, V.; B6tong, V.; Cayomfinis, V.; 
C6co, Sp. Fil.; Dahlli, V.; L6bi, V.; Lubfican, V.; Nfog-nga-potf, V.; 
L6bi-nga-hinbfion, V.; L6biiTga-pillpog, V.; Ng6ngot, Pamp. ; Lim- 
bfion, v.; Lubl; Nlog, T., C, II., B., V.; 6ngot, Z.; Pamocol, T.; 
Pangosln; Pot6t, V.; Pangosfn, V.; Pillpog, V.; Tapiasfn; Tam-ls, 
v.; Tam-isSn, V.; TayomSmis, V. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


CoDiAEUM VARiEGATUM MucU. Arg. (Euphorhiacew.) A small slirub with 
exceedingly variable variegated leaves, extensively cultivated for 
ornamental purposes. 
Buena vista, Sp. Fil.; Calipfiyang, V.; Pflaj Saguilalft, T.; San-Fran- 
cisco, Sp. Fil. 
CoFFEA ARABIC A L. (Ruhiacew.) A shrub or small tree. Coffee, uni- 
versally known to the natives as caf6. 
Cahana ( Jolo) ; Caf6, Sp. 
Coix LACHRYMA-JOBI Linn. {Oraminew.) A stout grass with very hard 
globose fruits, which are used for beads. "Job's tears." 
Adlfiy, v.; Agda, Ig.; Tegb4, T.; Tigbl, T. 
CoLDENiA PROCUMBENS L. {Borraginaccce.) A prostrate scabrous herb 
with alternate crisped leaves. 
Tapiasfn, T.; Or^gano-lalfiqui, T. 
CoLEUS. {Lahiatece.) Commonly cultivated herbs, ornamental. 

Sugfinda, T. 
C. ACUMINATUS Bcnth. Albahfica morfido, T. ; Daponfiya, V. ; LaponSya, V. ; 

Malamayana, T.; Taponfiya, V. 
C. AROMATius Benth. Or^gano, Sp. Fil. 
C. ATROPURPUREUS Benth. Badifira, T., V., Pamp. ; MaySna, T., V., Pamp. ; 

Maraydpa, T., V., Pamp.; Malifina, T., V., Pamp. 
COLOCASIA ANTIQUORUM Schott. {Aroidew.) Tall, coarse herb from a 
tuberous root, extensively cultivated for its edible root, very 
Abaiong, v.; Aplpi, V.; Badlang; Bfga, V.; D&gmay; Dfigmay-nga- 
quinson, V.; Dagmay-nga-inJtlog, V.; Dfigmay-nga-bolllao, V.; D&g- 
may-nga-apfpi, V.; Dfigmay-figa-tap6l, V.; Gfivay, T., V., Pamp.; 
Gfibi, Cag., T., V., Pamp.; Gfibing-morfida, V.; Gandtis, T., V., 
Pamp.; Gallang, V.; Gfiby-na-sib6ya8, T.; Gfibing-polfi, T.; Gfiby- 
nga-guindtos, V.; GSbing-silftngan, T.; Gfiby-na-sinib6yas, T.; Gui- 
n^tos, v.; Lagvfiy, T., V., Pamp.; Quimp6y, V. 
COLUBRINA ASIATICA Brongu. (Rhomnacece.) An erect glabrous, unarmed 
Cabaim, T., V.; Uatltic, T., V. 
Columbia. {Tiliaoece.) Shrubs or small trees with 3 to 5 winged fruits. 

Anilao-uan, T. ; Bari6-an, Pang. ; Namfiued, T. 
C. SERRATiFOLiA DC. A Very common shrub; the bark yields a strong bast 
Anflao, T. ; Arllao; Bayntid. 
CoNNAROPSis PHiLippiCA F. ViU. { Gcraniacew.) Shrub. 

Balfibang quilfng, V.; MalabangquiHn, V. 
CoMBRETUM. {Gomhretocece.) Large shrubs, with long pendent or scand- 
ent branches. 
Malacd6g, II. 
C. ovALiFOiLiUM Roxb. Pamulaclfiquiu, T. 
C. SQUAKOSUM Roxb. Malatumbfiga, T. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


CoMMELiNA BENGHALENSis L. {Commelinacece.) A slender creeping suc- 
culent herb, with blue flowers. 
Alicbafigon, T.; Bids-bias, Pamp.; Cabllao, V.; Sabilfio, V.; Sabilfio- 
. nga-laba-fin, V.; Uligb6ngon. 
C. COMMUNIS Linn. Sambllao, V. 

CoMMERSONiA PLATYPiiYi.LA Andi. {Bterculidcew,) A tree with broad 
pubescent leaves, white flowers, and 6-valved capsules which are 
covered with soft bristles. 
Bag6; Benoftng, T.; Culilli; Labfiya (Tayabas) ; Mayamfigar, V.j 
Patfilo, T.; Pot6lo, T. 
CONNARUS. {Connardcece.) Trees or shrubs with odd pinnate leaves. 

Camftgsa-taguflis, T. ; Hanmababdo, T., V., Pamp.; Gufcos-gulcos, T. 
C. FERRUGINEUS Jack. Sal-lliday. 

CoNOCEPHALUS. {Vrticacew.) Climbing shrubs with alternate entire 
Cfitoy (Albay). 
C. ACUMiNATus Turcz. An6pol (Albay). 
C. ERECTus Blanco. Han6pol, T., V. 
C. OVATUS Tree. TobSyan (Tayabas). 
C. SUAVEOLENS Blumc. Lfigna, T. 

CoRCHORUS ACUTANGULUS Lam. {TiUacew.) An annual herb with elon- 
gated 6-angled capsules. 
Pfisao-na-habfi, T. 
C. CAPSULARis L. An annual with sub-globose capsules. 

Lamhfiy, V.; Pfisao; Pfisao-na-bil6g, T. ; P6ilglo-p6ngloan. 
CoRDiA BLANCOI Vid. {BorraginacecB.) Shrubs or small trees with alter- 
nate leaves and rather large flowers. 
Anong, T.; Anonang, B.; Bibfli, V.; Saloyong, T.; Sinalfgan, II. 
C. SUBCORDATA Lam. Agilt-ut, v.; Banalo, T. ; Sigfin-dfigat, B. 
CoRDTLiNE TERMiNALis Kunth. {LiUacecB.) Shrub with distichous linear 
Quilfta, v.; Saguilalfi, T.; Tonc6d-obfspo, T.; T6cor-pari, Pamp. 
CORIANDRUM SATIVUM Linn. {UmhelliferecB.) An aromatic stout, smooth 
herb with white flowers, cultivated. Coriander. 
Culfintro (Manila); 6iigsay (Manila). 
CoRTPHA. [Palmw.) Anfihao, T. ; Macasflad, T, 
C. UMBRACULIFERA L. Bulf, T. ; Bfinga ; Burl, T. ; Bull-burf ; Bfilong-ltiyon, 

Pamp.; Silac, II. 
CosTUS. {Scitiminew.) Leafy erect herbaceous plants. 

CouTHOViA ceu:bica Koorders. (Loganiacece.) Tree. 

Ball-ball, V. 
Crataeva religiosa Forst. {Gapparadacece.) Tree with 3-foliate leaves 
and large yellow or purplish flowers. 
Balfii-lam6c, II.; Balfiy-namtic, II.; Sfiling-b6bog, V., T. 
Cratoxylon. (Hypericacece.) Trees. 

Goy6n-goy6n, T.; Papfica, Z.; Darftya, T.; Lfiyong-lCiyong, V. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


C. BLANCOi Blume. Baga-ttibang ( Samar ) ; Cansilan, V. ; Guyon-guyon, 

T.; Paiiguringu, V. 
C. CELEBicuM Bluine. OHngon, V. 
C. FLORiBiTNDUM F. Vill. Cu^lang (Benguet) ; Pagurfiigon, B.; Satlng- 

gfigan, B. 
C. FORMOSUM Benth. and Hook. f. Camantfiyo, V.; Malarfiyat, T. 
Crescentia AiiATA H. B. K. {BignoniacecB.) A tr^e, introduced from 

America, sometimes cultivated for ornament. 
Hoja cruz, Sp. 
Crinum. {AmaryllidacecB.) Succulent herbaceous plants with long leaves 

and large white fragrant flowers. 
Lfrio, V. 
C. AMOENUM Roxb. Bficong-bficoug, V. 
C. ASIATICUM Linn. Agubfihan, V. ; BScong, T. j Bficung, V. ; Palagticon, V. ; 

Salibangbfing, V. 
C. PBATENSE Herb. Bficong sa s6log, V. ; Bficong nga dulfio, V. 
Cbotalaria L. {LeguminosecB.) Herbs or small shrubs with yellow 

flowers and simple or 3-foliate leaves. 
Catandfi, T.; C6lung-c6lung, V.; G6rung-g6rung, V. 
C. LiNiFOLiA L. f. Giirung-gtirung, V. 
C. QUINQUEFOLIA L. Sfisoi, T. ; Susosus6yan, T. 
C. VERRUCOSA L. Biilai-lfiva, T. 
Croton. (Euphorhiaccce.) Shrubs or small trees. 

Can6nay, T.; Camftiiga, T.; Malabfigna, T. 
C. CONSANQUINEUS Muell. A'rg. Malattiba, B. 
C. LEIOPHTLLUS Muell. Arg. Cfitap (Zamboanga). 
C. MURiCATUM DC. Balfinti. 
C. TiGLiUM L. A small shrub, the seeds yielding the croton oil (Oleum 

tiglium) of commerce. Used by the natives in the practice of medi- 
cine and for poisoning fish. . 
Camfiisa, T. ; Camandfig, V. ; Macfisla, V. ; Tflba, T. ; Ttiba-camaisa, T. ; 

TUba-sa-btiquid, V. 
Crudia BLANCOI Rolfe. {Lcguminosece.) Shrub or tree with odd pinnate 

Calatumbfiga; Hintot6or, T.; Malatumbfigo, T.; Malustiiigay, T.; 

mud, z. 

Crypteronia. {Lythracew.) Trees with opposite entire leaves and small 
white or green flowers. 

Caman6c, V.; Salfisan, T. 
C. PANICULATA Blumc. Quilfimo, T. 
Cryptocarya. {Lauracecc.) Evergreen shrubs or trees. 

Banftan, Pamp. 
C. DENSIFLORA Blumc. Acdfin, T. 
C. ILOCANA Vidal. Camfgay, II. 
C. VILLARII Vidal. Ballctan?. 
CuBiLiA RUMPHii Blume. {Sapindacew.) Tree. 

Cublli (Biilacan) ; Lubilubfli (Bataan). 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Ctjcumis melo L. {GurcurhitaceoB.) The melon. 

Atftnon, V. ; Catimon, V. ; Mel6n, Sp. Fil. 
C. SATivus Linn. The cucumber. 

Cftbul; Calavftga, V.; Coh6mbro; Pepino, Sp. 
CuBCURBiTA MAXIMA Duch. The squash. 

CalabSzang bil6g, T. ; Calabftzang pulfi, T. 
C. PEPO DC. The pumpkin. 

CuDBANiA jAVANENSis Trcc. {Urticacew,) Shrubs or small trees. 

Tal6long, I., II.; Tah&d-labflyo, T. 
CuMiNGiA PHiLiPPiNENSis Vidal. {Malvac€W.) A shrub or small tree. 

Libfito-putf, T. 
CuPANiA. (SapindacecB.) Shrubs or small trees. 

Anficu, T.; Balasfibis, Z.; Bagonlto B.; Ctiyos-ctiyos, T.; Cusib€n, II.; 
Guirlc-gutln, B.; Sausaiili, T.; tjyos; Sfilab, T.; Balasfibis. 
Curcuma cassia Roxb. {8citimin^<je.) Herbaceous plants with large 
Lamptiyang-tapol, V.; Lamptiyang-dorfic, V. 
C. L0N6A Linn. Afigai, Pamp. ; Calftuag, V.; Calavfiga, V.; Cullao, II.; 
Culfilao, Pamp.; Dilfio, T.; Dtilao, V.; Ctinig, II.; Lisfifigay, Z.; 
P&ngas, Pamp.; Quinamb6y, V. 
C. vntiDiFLOBA Roxb. Caiaoag, V.; Tarrln. 
C. XANTHORRHIZA Roxb. B6lon, T.; Lampliyang, T.; Tftmo, T., Pamp.; 

Tumahlba, T. 
C. ZEBUMBET Roxb. Barfic, T. 

Cyanotis axillaris Roem. and Schult. {Commelinaoece.) Prostrate herb 
with small leaves and small blue flowers. 
Bllang-Wlang?, V.; Hatili? ( Jolo) ; Sabilfio, V. 
C. CBISTATA R. and S. Alicbdngon, T.; Luya-luya, V. 
Cyathea integba J. Sm. {Filioes.) CalatCndon, T. 

Cyathocalyx zeylanicus Champ. {Anonacece.) A tree with acuminate 
leaves and large carpels. 
Softl, T. 
Cyathula pbostbata Blume. {Amarantacece.) Atf annual, prostrate, 
flowers in small solitary clusters. 
Dfiyang, T. ; D6cat-d6cat, V. 
Cycas cibcinalis L. (Cyoadacece.) Bit6go, T.; Patiibo, T.; Pit6go, T. 
Cyclea peltata H. f. and Th. {Menispermacew.) A climbing shrub 
with peltate deltoid leaves. 
Abiftb, V. 
Cyclostemon. {Euphorhiacew.) Trees. 

Btitong-man6c, V.; Magaranbtilo (Tayabas) ; Talimlirong, Pang.; 
UgSo, V. 
C. cumingh Baill. Tenfian-bantay (Tayabas). 

Cynodon dactylon Pers. [Graminece.) A low prostrate grass, the "Ber- 
muda grass" of the United States. 
Colfitay, T.; Cfiuat-cauSran, T.; Mfilit, T. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Cynometra. (Leguminosew). Trees. 
Malaptiyao, T. 

C. INAEQUALIFOLIA A. Gray. Batlti, V.; Dfla-dlla, T.; 61od, Pamp. 

C. EAMIFLOBA L. Balitbltan, T.; 6dling, V.j tJlud (Tarlac). 

Cynomorium PHiLipriNENSE Blanco. Captilao, V., T. 

Cypebus. (Gyperacece.) Coarse or fine grass-like plants, usually found 
in wet soils, the sedges. 
Alasang, T.; Bfiea-baefihan, T.; Balafig6tan, T.j Bofig6t-bong6t, V.; 
Calamb6-calamb6an, T.; Colabatlan, T.; Gfimi-gtimi, T,; Gulsay 
calabfio, T.; Manfc manican, T.; Misay-calabfio, T.; Mtita, T.; 6hud- 
6bud, v.; Pot6c; Pfiyong-pfiyong, V.; Sud-sdd, V.; Ticay, T. 

C. DiFFORMis Linn. Banc6an; Bfiqui-bflqui, V.; Guilfimhon, V.; Titio, T.; 
Tfquio, T. 

C. elatus Linn. C6bong-c6bojig, V. . . 

C. BOTUNDUS L. This species is somewhat used in the practice of medi- 

cine, the "nut grass" -of the United States. 
Botob6tones, B.; Clisung, Pamp.; Galondlpas, Pamp.; Malaapdlid, 
Pamp.; M6ta, Pamp.; Mdtha, T. ; Onorfin, Pamp.; Omfiding, Pamp.; 
Omadiung, Pamp.; Surstir, Pamp. 


Dactyloctenium iKGYPTiLM Pers. {OraminecB.) A common tufted grass 
with digitate inflorescence. 
Alam, T. 
Daemonorops. {PalmoB.) ^ A climbing palm, related to Calamus and 
yielding rattan. 
Calfibang, V.; Halamhfim?, V.; Pal^uan, V. 
Dalbergia. {Leguminosew.) Scandent shrubs or trees. 
Malaga-hanip, T. ; Malunfil-ungfiyam, T. 

D. ferruginea Roxb. Cfimut-cftbag, T. 
D. LANCEOLARIA Linn. Macfipil, T. 

D. SPINOSA Roxb. Balibfigan, V. 

Dalea nigra Mart, and Gal. {Leguminosew.) An herbaceous plant in- 
troduced from Mexico and now common in many localities in the 
Ag6go, T. ; Camfingi, T. ; DCirang-pJlrang, T.; Samp&loc sampalocan, T. 

Datura alba Nees. (Solanacece.) Stout herbaceous plants with elon- 
gated large whitish flowers, the "Jimson weeds" of the United 
Catch(i))ung, V.; Catchlbong, V.; Talamp6nai, T., Pamp.; Tatchti- 
bong, V. 

D. BASTUOSA L. Talamp6nai na itim, T. 

D. METEL L. Catch dbung, V.; Tarumpflnia, T. ; Talonptinay. 

Decaspermum. (Myrtaceoe.) Shrubs with white or pink flowers. 

D. blancoi Vidal. Ualisualisan, T. 

D. PANICULATUM Kurz. Aluug-cfigay, V.; Culfisi, B.; Dugay6n, V.; Salill- 
han, V. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


r>EEBiNOiA CEiiOSioiDES K. Br. {AmarontacecB.) A climbing shrub With 
small greenish white flowers. 
Hagorflis, T.; HanlilimOcon, V. 
D. INDICA Zoll. Bab&nat (Nueva Viscaya). 
Dehaasia. (Lauracece.) Evergreen trees. 

Gas6i-casdian, T.; Malac&dios, B. 
Deuma 8ABMENTOSA L. {DUleniacecB.) A woody vine with very harsh 
leaves, small white flowers, and small red fruits. 
Malacatm6n, T.; M&lvas-tagbfilang, T. 
Dendbobium. {OrchidacecB.) An epiphytic orchid. 

Safi^maln, T. 
D. liUNATUM Lindl. Pasurlao, V.; Sullao, V. 
Dendbocalamus. {OraminecB.) A bamboo. 

Gau&yan-tain&nac; Caufiyan-lumanpfio ; Caufiyan-btiho ; Btitong, V. 
D. FiAGELOFEB Munro. Btilio, V.; B6ho, T. 
D. MEMBBANACEUS Munro. Bagficay, V.; Macalbfing, V. 
Dentella bepens Forst. {Rubiacece.) A small, weak, prostrate annual 
with white flowers. 
Dllang-butiquI, T.; Dflan-butiquf. 
Debbis. (Leguminosew.) Climbing woody vines. 

Bagfiybay, T. ; Balflgai. 
D. scandens Benth. Malasfiga, T. 
D. SINUATA Benth. Asiasftnanan, T.; Btitong, V. 
D. UOGINOSA Benth. Hingasinfin, V.; Hingasfn, V.; Silaslla, T. 
Desmodiuh. {Leguminosece.) Trees, shrubs, or herbs with jointed pods. 
Malacfiro, V.; Manimanlan, T.; Mafigqulet, T.; Masamb6ng; Para- 
paranfihas, T. 
D. LAxiFLOBUM DC. A small shrub, the branches angled, pubescent: 

D6cot-d6cot, V. 
D. PULCHELLUM Benth. A shrub, the flowers hidden in persistent dis- 
tichous bracts. 
Cal&icai (Leyte) ; Calayficay, V.; Caliacay, V.; Manqult; Payang- 
payfing, T. 
D. TBIFLOBUM DC. A trailing herb, the flowers axillary. 

Pacpftc-lfifigao, T. 
D. UMBELLATUH DC. A shrub or small tree found near the sea shore. 

Malapfgas, T. ; Malacfirios, Z.; Ttiyat-bagufo, V. 
Deutzia pulchba Vidal. {Saxafragacece.) A shrub with opposite leaves 
and white flowers. 
Quetqu6t, Ig. 
DiCTYONEUBA. (Malphigtacece.) Tree. 

DiGiTABiA. {OraminecB.) A slender grass with digitate infloresence, the 
"crab grass" of the United States. 
Baludg&ngan, T. 
DiLLENiA PHiLiPPiNENSis Rolfc. {DUleniacecB.) A tree with very large 
showy white flowers. 
Catm6n, T., V. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


D. SPECIOSA Gilg. Malacatm6n, T.j Paldti, Paldli, B. 

DioscoREA. {Dioscoreacew.) Climbing plants, usually from fleshy root- 
stocks, many species being used for food. The Philippine species 
are very imperfectly known. 
Bohftyan, V.j B6dot, V.; Cair6ni, T.; Cfilot, Pang.; C6bag-na-quir6i, 
T.; Hampfis tagbfilang; Pol6gan, V.; Pfiquit, T.; Ptigang, V.; 
Limalima, T., V.; Quer6e, T.; Quinampfti (Cebu) ; Tamls, V.; 
Toqufng-pfilo; Tuguf, T.; Togulng, T.; Togufng-p6lo ; the, 

D. ALATA L. tJbi. 

D. BATATAS Decne. Dullan, II. 

D. DIVAHICATA Blauco. Igu^ma. 

D. EBURNEA Lour. Ban&yan, V. 

D. FASCICULATA Roxb. Bol6t, V.; Bor6t, V. Cor6t, V.; Culftd, V.; 
Dallfiga, v.; Dallfigag, V.; T6figo, T. 

D. HIBSUTA Blume. CAlut, Pamp. ; C6lot, V. ; Cfiyos, V. ; Gftyos, V. ; Or6t, 
v.; Tftquf. 

D. PENTAPHYLLA Pers. Bayafigcfin. 

D. SATIVA L. Bfiong, V.; Balafcag, V.; C6bag, T.j D6gue; NSme; Qui- 
r6i, T. 

DiosPYROS. (Ehenace<B.) Shrubs or trees, many species being found in 
the Philippines, most species having very hard dark-colored wood, 
and some species having edible fruit. The American persimmon 
belongs to this genus. 
Alahan, T.; Alftntag, T.; Arfihan, B.; Anang, T.; BantoUnon, T.; 
Baganfto (Morong) ; Balingfigta-colorftdo (Abra) ; Banlatin&o, 
Pang.; Bulofiguftan, T.; Busdi, Pang.; BamtoUco, Z. ; Camagahdl 
(Morong) ; Calim&ntao, T. ; Calohadiang, Pamp.; Calamansfinai, T.; 
Cadapdap, B.; Cateiana, T.; Cam6nay, T.; Camaytian, T.; Colo- 
yfinang, Pamp. ; Colohfidia, Pamp. ; Dambuhfila, T. ; Laguicdl, Mang. ; 
Malagaltmon, T. ; Matobat6, B. ; Maravfcal (Morong) ; Marablcat, T. ; 
Malas6ro, B. ; Malat&lang, Pamp.; Ogfio, B.; Pagatpfit, T.; Pfigat- 
pfigat (Laguna) ; Panagultmon, B.; Tagolsmon, B.; Ugfto, B. 

D. BLANCOi DC. Amfiga. 

D. CUNALON A. DC. Cunaion, V. 

D. DISCOLOR Willd. Amfiga, V., T.; Camagtian; Camag6n, T. ; Mab6lo, T., 
v.; Malatfipay, T.; Tfilang, T., Pamp. 

D. EBENASTER Rctz. Sap6te; Zap6te. 

D. EMBRYOPTERis Pers. TSlang-gtibat, T. 

D. MAiACAPAi A. DC. Malacfipai, T. 

D. MULTIFLORA Blanco. Can6may, T. 

D. NIGRA Retz. Ltiyong; Ltiyan, T. ; Zap6te negro. 

D. PILOSANTHERA Blanco. Amfiga, V., T.; Alintfitao, T.; Apoptiyot (Caga- 
yan) ; Bfilatinao; Bantolinao, V., T.; Batollnao (Cagayan) ; Bo- 
longa^ta, T.; Bolongulta, T.; Balonglta; Bftrlis; Balifigficta, II.; 
Dalond6ng, V.; Calohfldia; Caloyfinang. 

DiPLODiscus PANICULATUS Turcz. {TiUacew.) A small tree. 

Banfigo, T.; Bal6bo, T.; Bar6bo, V.; Baltibo, T.; Camillng; Malfibo, 
T., v.; Manfiyao; Mulfng-muling, T. 

Digitized by 



DiPTEBOGABPUS. (Dipterocarpaceos.) All large forest trees, valuable for 
timber and many species producing valuable gums. 
Ant6ng, T.; Btlnga (Cagayan; ; Bandy o, T.; BaiUyan (Mindoro) ; 
Bayflcan, T.; Dafiglln, II.; Hagadh&d; Lftuan-maputI, T. 

D. AFFiNis Brandis. Binagfian, V. 

D. OBANDIFLOBUS Blanco. Aplton, T.; Apltong, T.; Hapfton, T., V. 

D. MATAFis Blanco. May&pis, T. 

D. piLOSUS Roxb. Hagach&c, T. 

D. FOLYSFEBMT7S Blanco. Tangulli; Tanglli, T. 

D. YEBNiciFLUUS Blauco. Bfilay (Batangas) ; Bfilao, T.; Mal&pao; Mala- 
pfiho, T.; Panfto, T.; Pfinuo, T.; Pftnno; POiigo. 

DiTTELASMA RABAK Hook. f. {Sopindocecp.) A tree. 

Bayaco, V.; C6be; Cabi; Dfica, V.; Guishlhan, T. 

DoDONAEA viscosA Linn. (Sapindacecp.) A shrub, the leaves somewhat 
viscid with a shining yellow resin. Seacoast. 
Alipata, T.; Calapfnai, T.; Caslrag, Z.; Haguyfiy (Tayabas). 

DoLiCHANDBONE SPATHACEA K. Sch. {Bignoniac€<B.) A tree usually found 
near the sea, with large white flowers. 
Tlia; Ttii, T.; Tu€, T.; Toi, T.; Titii, V.; Tanhfts, V. 

DoMCHOS. {Leguminosecp.) Twining herbs, both species cultivated. 
Quibal, T. 

D. ECJHiNULATUS Blanco. Ttitao, T. 

*D. LABLAB L. Bfilai (Batangas) ; Bfitao, T., V. 

D. SESQuiPEDALis L. Sflao. 

Don AX ABDNDASTBUM Lour. {Marantacew.) Bfiban (Zamboanga) ; Al&ro, 
v.; Bambftn, T.; Banbfin, T.; Banb6m, T.; Bayambfin; Galftiiga; 
Manbftn, T. 

Dbacaena. {Liliacew.) Balintiay, T. 

Dbacontomelum. (Anacardmcece.) Trees. Malaftcle (Tayabas) ; Malal- 
hao, T. 

D. CUMINGIANUM Baill. Alaulhao; Batican; DSo, T.; Malaadtias, T. 

D. MANGIFEBUM Blume. Bfibur ; Bat6an, V. ; Dfio, T., V. ; Lamfo, T. ; Ma- 
lalyao, T. 

Dboseba indica L. {Droseraceo'.) Low herbs, the leaves being adapted 
to catching insects. 
Hintipfilo, T. 

DuABANGA MOLUCCANA Blumc. {Lythracccp.) A tree found near the sea- 
CAdir; Caddfl, B.; BaligSiTgan, B.; Carfiuan, B. ; Loctftn; Lubtiib; 
Malabanabd, T. 

DuBio ZIBETHINU8 Lluu. {MalvacecT.) A tree found in Jolo and Minda- 
nao, much prized for its edible fruit, the durian. 
Duri^n; Dufan; Dulfan (Jolo). 

Dysoxtlum. {Meliacew.) Trees with straight, nearly unbranched trunks, 
the long, pinnate leaves being crowded at the top. 
AgtSs-us (Tayabas); Balucfinad, T.: Catubaofilan, T. ; Diuftlat-nsi- 
ftem; MalabaySbas; PandapAnda, T. 

8956 10 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


D. ARBORKSCENS Miq. Malasfiguin. 

D. BLANCOI Vidal. Aguio, T. ; Anan&gtag, V.; Aguiu, Pamp. ; Agin, T. ; 

Ananfingtang, V.; Bactigan, V.; Bingliu, V.; Baslloag, II.; Boh&ve, 

v.; Bol6ng tfimbal, V.; Himflmaw, T.; fgiw, T.; Igulo, Pamp.; 

Mananan^ftng, V.; Malabfiiigao, Pamp.; Macaslli, V.; Malabfiga, 

Pamp.; TalietAn, T., Pamp. 

Ec'LirrA ALBA Hassk. (Compositce.) An erect or diffuse slender annual 

with small heads of white flowers. 
Hfguis-manCc?, T.; Tintatfnta, II. 
EiiRETiA. {Borraginaoew.) Trees or shrubs with alternate leaves and 

axillary or terminal paniculate or corymbose inflorescence of small " 

white flowers. 
Bfigao; Chfl.-cimarr6n ; Halimomo, T. 
E. BLANCOI A. DC. ItmCng-daiaga, T. 
E. BUXIFOLIA Roxb. AlangJtngit; T., V.; Alfinguit; Buy6c buy6c; Cham- 

bfindoc, T.; Maitglt; Mangtiit, T., V.; Putptitay, B. 
E. ONAVA A. DC. Ngaiigafta, T. ; Onfiva, T. 

E. PHiLiPPiNENSis A. DC. Maeaisfi, B. ; Salim6mo, T. ; Talib6bong, V. 
Elaeaqnus latifolia L. (ElaeagnaoeoB.) A shrub or small tree, the 

leaves silvery or rusty beneath. 
Alingfiro, T. ^ 

EiAOCARPUs. (Tiliacece.) Trees with simple leaves, the flowers in axillary 

Biriag, T. ; Calumfican, V.; Culillsiao (Tayabas) ; Gulilfsiao (Taya- 

bas) ; Hag6noy-sa-lfisang, V.; H6ngo, T.; Il6tlgo, T. ; Malacapl, T. 
E. FLORIBUNDUS Blume. Conficon; Gusutfin. 
E. LANCEAEFOLius Roxb. Calomfila, T. 
E. MONOCEEA Cav. Malacfllios. 
E. MULTIFLORUS F. Vill. Tigfilot, V. 
E. OBLONGUS Gaertn. Cabfilte, V. ; Cabllte, V. 
E. OBOVATUS Arn. Calunfican, V. 
Elatostema. {Urticacece.) Herbs or undershrubs with alternate leaves 

and minute flowers. 
Angange, Ig. 
Eleochabis (Gyperacce.) Glabrous sedge-like plants with simple erect 

unjointed stems. 
Absic, T.; Baiag-balangg6tan, T.; BusUg, II.; Tfiyoc-tAyoc, V.; Ubo- 

dfibod, T. 
E. PELLUCIDA Presl. Gfimi-gfimi, T. 
Elephantopus mollis H. B. K. {Gompositw.) Rigid erect herbs with 

scabrid leaves, the heads surrounded by leafy bracts. 
Dfla-dila, T. 
E. SCABER L. Tabatabacfihan, T. 
E. SPICATUS Juss. Ardfitag, V.; Cabcftron, II.; Dilang usa, T.; Hftbul, V.; 

Sigdng'dfigat, T. ; Sfimag, Pamp. 

Digitized by 



Elettasia. {SoitiminecB.) Leafy erect herbaceous plants. 

Pandon, V. 
Elettsinx indioa Qaertn. {Qraminew,) Common in waste places, inflor- 
esence digitate. 
Baquisqufsan ; Sfibong-sabCngan, T. ; Samb&le, T. 
Emuja 80NCHIF0LIA DC. {Compoaita'.) An annual herbaceous plant with 
purple flowers, a common weed. 
Llbtin, v.; Tagullnao, T., Pamp. 
Engelhabdtia. (JuglandacecB.) Trees, the fruit adnate to a three-lobed 
Blbit, T.; Plngol, T. 
Enhalus KOENion Rich. (Hydrooha/ridacecB.) A submerged marine herb 
with very narrow leaves 2 to 3 ft. long. 
Jsai, T. 
Entada scandens Benth. {Legumvnosece.) A large woody tendril-bearing 
vine with jointed pods, 2 to 3 ft. long or more, 3 to 4 in. wide. 
The bark is extensively used as a substitute for soap. 
Bal6go, v., Pamp.; Bal6nos, V.; Bay6go, T., V., Pamp.; G6go, T.; 
G6hong bftcay, V., Pamp. 
Epipremntjm medium Engl. (Aroideos.) A scandent shrub, rooting on 
trees, with distichous pinnatifid leaves. 
Am6long, II.; Balictipcup, V.; Bisfico, V.; Dafla, V.; Dib&tib, V.; 
Garbfin, V.; H6rog, V.; Malapacpfic-balfiuay, T.; Tibfttib, T.'; Tir- 
bfttib, V. 
Ebagrostis plumosa Link. {Oramvnew.) Slender tufted grasses. 

Calirfiorao, T. 
E. TENELLA R. and S. Bugulbuc, T. 

Ebanthemum bicolob Schrank. (Acanthacece.) A small shrub with entire 
leaves and spicate inflorescence. 
Aly6pyop, V.; Atay-fitay, V.; Cfnco-llfigas ; Limfing-siigat ; Malados- 
d6s, v.; Mandallisa (Cebu) ; M6pio, V.; Panapttim, V.; Quiuatu- 
Itian, T.; Silisillhan, T.; Tfhol-tlhol, V. 
Eriachne. {Gramin€(P.) Slender tufted grasses. 

Gtime, T. 
Ebiocaulon sexangulabe Linn. {EriocoMlonaceoB.) Slender glabrous 
sedge-like plants, found in very wet places. 
Gtimi-gt5mi, T. 
Erioglossum. {SapindacecB.) Shrubs or small trees. 

Calamftyo, T. 
E. edule Blume. Dtica, V.; Malacac&o, T. ; Malasfiguin-put( (Tayabas). 
Ebiosema cniNENSE Vog. {Leguminosece.) Slender, erect, 1 to 2 ft. high 
from a woody tuber, flowers short peduncled in the leaf axils. 
CAtil, Ig.; Cutn, Ig.; Llncamas, II. 
Ebtcibe. (GonvolvulacecB.) Scandent diffuse shrubs with densely hairy 
corolla tubes. 
MaMtay, T. 

Digitized by 



E. PANicuLATA Roxb. Sal^day, V. 

Ebtthbina indica Lam. {Leguminosew,) A tree with crimson flowers, 
much planted for ornamental purposes. 
Bagbftg, H.j Bfibug; Cabrfib, B., T., V.; Carapdfip, T.j Casindic, T.; 
Cosindlcj Dapdftp, T., V., Pamp.; DapedApe; Selbfing; Sulb&ng, 
Pamp.; Telb6ng. 

E. OVALIFOLIA Roxb. Anli, T.; C6rong-c6rong, V. 

Ebtthbopalum. {Olaoinece.) Climbing shrubs with alternate palmi- 
nerved leaves. 
Balingfiyo, T. 

Eugenia. {Myrtacece.) Small or large trees with white flowers, some 
species with edible fruit, others valuable for timber. A very large 
critical genus, the Philippine species, 60 or more, very imperfectly 
Aguis, v.; Antibing, T.; Arfinga bianco, T.; Arfifigan, T.; Arfiua, B. 
Bagfibac, Pamp.; Bagui-l6mboy ; BalacAnog, T.; Baligftn-nin-gfingan 
B. ; Balfscup (Zamboanga) ; Bal6bac, Pamp.; Baldbat, Pang.; Ban 
salfiguin, T.; Baranhfinyo, V.; Bil6lo, T.; Bin6lo, B.; Bisl6t, T. 
Bitbfd, B.; CabShoy; Cabfijuy; Caba6-y, V.; Cabltong, Pang. 
Calocfigo, B.; Caltibcub, T.; Calligcog, T.; Calflpcup, T.; Carac6b 
butiguf, v.; Carobc6b, B,; Car6bcob-butiquf (Camarines) ; Colop 
c6p, T.; Corobc6b, B.; Ctiloc-cGloc, V.; Cupclip, Pamp.; Dalocnfisan, 
B.; Dinglfis; Dinlfis, T.; Dolocnftsan, B.; Ducttilan, T.; Dtigan, T. 
Guenfiyang, T.; Guislhan, T.; Hagfiho, V.; Husuhtisu, B.; Igtit, V. 
Lfbas; Lfnas, B.; Lip6te, T. ; Lutfinan (Zamboanga); Mabfitbot, 
B., v.; Maca&sin; Maca&sin-pulfi, T.; MacSsin; Macfisin-mulfito, T. 
Malabfiguis, B.; Malabfihi, B.; Malabay&bas, T.; MaladGhat, B. 
Malagarftyat, T. ; Malartihat, B.; Malasfiging-putl, T.; Malatampoy 
T.; Malattibig, T.; Malayfimbo, T.; Miagus, V.; Nfingos, V.; Pag- 
lumhfiyen ; Palo-dtiro ( Zamboanga ) ; Palumbfiyen, Pang. ; Pam 
lomb6yan, II.; Paiighfng-bfiyen (Abra) ; Panlambtiyen, II.; Pang 
lomb6yan, II.; Pap6nga, Z. ; Potian, T.; Pulanbal&t; Puso-pfiso, T. 
Putlan, T.; Salaradan, B.; Tambls; Tambit (Dinagat) ; Tfimbu- 
hfiiTguin, II.; Tamptic, T. 

E. ctmosa Lam. Malartihat-na-pula, T. 

E. jambolana Lam. Fruit edible. 

Dflat, T., v., Pamp.; DCihat, T., V., Pamp.; Lomb6y, T.; Lumb6i, T., 
Pamp., v., H. 

E. JAMBOS L. Fruit edible. 

Balficbac, T. ; Bal6bar, Pamp.; Barfibag; Baracbfic, II.; Calobc6b, T.j 
MacCipa, T.; Manzfina-r6sa, Sp. Fil.; Tamp6i, T., V.; Yftmbo, T.; 
Yambolln; Yamb6sa. 

E. JAVANICA Lam. Manqull, T. 

E. LINEATA Duthie. Bacdnis ( Zamboanga ) ; L&gi-lfigi, V. ; Maca&sin, T. 

E. MACBOCABPA Roxb. Darob-c6b, T. 

E. MALACCENSis L. Mactipa, T., V. 

E. MONTANA Blanco. Copc6p, T.; Malacaropcdp (Bataan). 

Digitized by 



E. OPEBCULATA Roxb. B&rong? (Cagayan) ; Malarfihat, T. 

E. TETRAGON A Wigh't. D&ua, T. 

Euix)PHiA EiX)NGATA Blume. (Orchidacew.) Terrestrial herbs. 

LCbi-l6bi, V. 
EuoNYMUS. {Celastracew.) Trees or shrubs. 

Sfirang-putI, V. 
EuPATORiUM AYAPANA Vent. {CompositcB.) An American herb, intro- 
duced, cultivated, and spontaneous, used in the practice of medicine. 
ApSna, T.; Ayapdna, T. 
Euphorbia atoto Forst. An erect frutescent herb with abundant milky 
sap, common on sandy seashores. 
Btito-butonfsan, T. 
E. neriifolia L. {EuphorhiacecB.) A small erect glabrous, fleshy shrub. 
Baft, T., Pamp. J Carambufiya, II., j L€ngua-de-p^rro, Sp. Fil.; Sorog- 
sorog, T., Pamp.; S6ro-s6ro, T., Pamp. 
E. PILULIFERA L. A small prostrate herb, densely pubescent, much used 
in medicine. 
Batobat6nis, T.; Bolobot6nes, Pamp.; Botob6tones; B6vi, V.; Buya- 
yfiva, v.; GStas-gfitas, T., V.; Golandrlna, Sp.; Mag&tas, Pamp.; 
Malismalis, Pamp.; Saylcan, T.; Sisi6han, Pamp.; Sisiwhan, Pamp.; 
Tavfiva, V. 
E. PULCHERRIMA Willd. Introduced from America, cultivated for orna- 
E. TiRUCALXi.. An erect unarmed shrub, the branches green, leafless. 

Caturt, T. 
EuRYA JAPONICA Tliuub. {TcrnstroemiacecB.) A shrub, the flowers small, 
in axillary fascicles of two each. 
Bogna, V. 
EuRYCLES AMBOiNENSis Herb. {Amarylliddcece.) Abod, V.; Abiid, V.; Ca- 
tangfil, v.; Catimgal, T.; C6sol, V.; Datisum, V.; Panfibor, V.; 
Tala6nor, V.; Tambai, T.; Tantial, V.; TonuSr, V. 
E. SYLVESTRis Salisb. Abur, V. 
EusiDEROXYLON. {LauHnece.) Ollvas, Sp. Fil. 

EvoDiA. [Rutacew.) Trees or shrubs with small flowers in axillary pan- 
icled cymes. 
Bdnay-banay ; Cfihoy dalaga, T. ; CalimSntao (Unisan) ; Camalon, T. ; 
Malamolauin, T.; Toncfipan, V.; Tiinco-trinco, T. 
E. LATIFOLIA DC. Bintoco, B. ; TancSpan, B. 
E. MiNDANAENSis Merrill. Mallco, V. 
E. ROXBURGHIANA Benth. Mating diablo, T. ; Plras, T. 
E. TRIPHYLLA DC. Balfngua, V. 

ExACUM TETRAGONUM Roxb. (Genttanacece.) An erect branched herb 
with blue flowers. 
CSnto-cfinto, T. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


ExcoECABiA AUALLOCHA L. { Euphorbiac€CB.) A small evergreen tree of 
the tidal forests, with alternate long petioled leaves. 
Ali, Ig.j Alipftta, V.; Btita, T.; B6ta-b6ta, T.; Butabtita, T., Pamp.; 
Dlla-dlla (Marinduque) ; HimbaMo, V., Pamp.; Lip&ta, V.; Siac, V. 

Faubaea. {Loganidcew.) Trees or shrubs with opposite entire leaves. 
Bujtican (Albay) ; Gatftsan, T., V.; Malasin6ro, B. 

F. CRASSIFES Benth. Cacfio-lta (Balabac). 

F. FBAGBANS Roxb. Crung (Paragua). 

F. MORINDEAFOLIA Blumc. B^iao, T.; Cabftl, T.; Gatfisan, V.; Magusfi- 
yac, V. 

F. voLUBLLis Jack. Mangasin6ro, T. 

Febonia ELEPHANT um Correa. {Rutacece.) A spinous tree with alternate 
leaves, with the odor of aniseed. 
Ponoftn, v.; Pamunofln, V. 

Ficus. {UrticacecE.) Shrubs or trees with milky sap, the inflorescence a 
hollow, fleshy, globose receptacle on the trunk, branches, or branch- 
lets. A very large critical genus. 
Aga (Nueva Ecija) ; Balfting payApa, T. ; Big6a, V.; Cam-mfileg 
(Abra) ; Cat6n (Albay); Cayaut6n, Z. ; Dal&quit, V.; Esesmfiya, 
T.; Hago86s, T.; Haguinut, V.; Hagfipit, V.; Handle, T.; Hauili, T.; 
Hawili, T.; Lac-hA; Lagnob; Lagntib; Llo-llo, Ig.; Lon6c, V.; Lub- 
t6b; Malaisis, T.; Maranmfirang, V.; Nfibo, V.; Noc-n6c, V.; Opll, 
T.; Oplfng-mfiya (Tayabas) ; Pagaplacfm, II.; Paguiling, T.; Paqui- 
ling, Pamp.; PasAcla, II.; Pasfipla, II.; Pil^n, V.; Pllic (Cebu) ; 
Ray-yaray-yft, II.; Tagulsan-bayfiuag (Unisan) ; Tagulfiuay; Tall- 
cot, v.; Talicut; Talilctoc (N. Ecija); Tandadfiguy; Tanglsan, T.; 
Tangfsang-baytiac, T.; Taqulnes, V.; Teb-b6g, Ig.; Teb6c; Tecb^, 
II.; Tipig; UplI (Tayabas). 

F. AMPELAs Burm. Maladpli; Palltic. 

F. ASPEBA Blanco. A shrub with very har8h leaves. 
Alfisas, Pamp.; Is-fs, T., V., Pamp. 

F. CAULOCABPA Miq. Lunfi. 

F. CLUSioiDES Miq. A tree, fruit red. 
Balete, T.; Baliti puia, T. 

F. CUMINGII Miq. A shrub with linear leaves. 
LafiTguing, T. 

F. CUNEATA Miq. Dungfirug, V.; Tailgulsan-bayfiuac, T. 

F. GLOMERATA Roxb. A Small tree with the green fruit in great masses 
on the trunk and larger branches, very common. 
Afmit, v.; Amison; Aymit; Tibfg, T.; Tibfg-na-lalflqul, T. 

F. HETEBOPHYLLA L. A small shrub with green or red fruit, leaves ex- 
ceedingly variable. 
- As-fs, T.; UpMs, II. 

F. HIRTA Vahl. Bfri. 

Digitized by 



F. HISPIDA Blanco. Agosoc, T.; AgOs-oa, T.; As-Is, T., V., Pamp.; Isiol- 

sio, T., v., Pamp. 
F. INDICA Linn. A small tree with small purplish receptacles on the ulti- 
mate branches. 
Balfti, T., Pamp.; DalatTgufl; Dalfiguit, V.; Dayfiquit; Nonoc, V. 
F. LUZONENSis Merrill. Malanfinca. 

F. MINNAHASSAE Miq. A tree, the fruit purplish on long specialized 
branches 6 to 10 ft. long, from the trunk and larger branches. 
Aymit, T.; Ayflmit, T. 
F. PAYAPA Blanco. Payfipa, T. 

F. PSEUDOPAI4MA Blanco. A slender unbranched shrub 10 to 15 ft. high, 
,the large leaves all crowded at the apex of the stem, giving the 
plant a palm-like appearance. , 
Labsdb; Ni6g niogan, T. ; Suldmiog, V. 
F. QUEBCIFOLIA Roxb. A -Small shrub with harsh, variable leaves. 

Agtipit; Dayfigsac. 
F. RADICANS Roxb. Bal6te-gapang (Marinduque). 
FiMBBiSTYLis MiLiACEA Vahl. {Cyperocece.) Low, tufted, grass-like plants. 

Agor, T. 
F. SCHOENOIDES Vahl. GCimi-gtimi, T. 
Flacourtea. (Biwacece.) Trees or shrubs with toothed or crenate leaves. 

F. CATAPHBACTA Roxb. Bitanh6l, T. 
F. sepiama Roxb. BitoiTgol, T. Sfiua-s&ua, V. 

Flagellabia INDICA Linn. {Flagellariacew.) A long slender vine with 

linear parallel-veined leaves, climbing by means of the prehensile 

leaf tip. 

Arfiyan, T.; Balliigay; Ballfignay, T.; BaleiTgday; Ballnguay, T.; 

Hofig, v.; Hufic, v.; U;tc, V.; Yngula, T. 

FiiEMiNGiA. {Leguminosece.) Shrubs. LaclSy-guInan, T. ; Malabalfitong, 

Pamp.; Payfingca (Bulacan). 
F. STBOBiLiFEBA R. Br. Gan-gfin, V. 

Fleubya interrufta Gaud. (Urticacece.) An annual herb with stinging 
Dalfimo, v.; Dam6ro, V.; Daodfiua, V.; LaiTgfila, V.; Lipfi, T. ; LiptliTg- 
ftso; Lipfing-castila, T. ; LopS, Pamp. 
Fluggea obovata Wall. {Etiphorhiacece.) Botolan, T. ; Butfilan (Taya- 

bas) ; Magaspfing, V. 
Foeniculum vulgabe Gaertn. {Umhelliferew.) An aromatic, atout. 
smooth herb, cultivated; "fennel." 
Anis, Sp. Fil. 
Fbagabia INDICA Andr. {Rosacece.) A strawberry. Dagufnot, V. 
Fbeycinetia. {Pandanacecp.) A climbing shrub, the leaves spirally ar- 
Alftsas, T. • 

F. INSIGNIS Blume. Malapangdfin, T. 
F. LUZONENSIS Presl. Pangd«1n, T. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Ganophyllum falcatum Blume. (Burseraoece.) Pandapftnda, T.; Ta- 

ptiyay, V. 
Garcinia. . iOuttiferecp.) Trees, usually with yellow juice, with ever- 
green coriaceous leaves. Several species yield gamboge. 
Alip^chao, II.; B&go-bdgo, V.; Gaguintinbang na pulfi (Negros) ; Balfl- 
cot; Ban^go, T.j Baniti, T.j B^ttian, V.; B6nog (Paragua) ; Cavfil, 
T.; CulamWsan, B.; Dolltan-putf, T.j.Gatftsan dilao (Tayabas) ; 
Jfiras; Pftgla, B.; Paitfin, T.; Pildis, Pamp.; Pfris, T.; Tatlfic- 
anfic, T. 
G. CAMBOGIA Desrouss. Bfigo-bfigo (Bohol) ; Bildcao, T.; Bintlcao, T. 
G. CORNEA Linn. Gatflsan, T., V.; MangostAn, V. 
G. COWA Roxb. Hfiras, V.; Sadfingan, V. 
G. DUODECANDRA Pierte. Gatftsan, T. 
G. MANGOSTANA Linn. Fruit edible, highly prized. The mangosteen. 

Mfinggis (Jolo) ; Manguls (Jolo). 
G. OVALIFOLIA H. f. and T. Malabat6an, T.; Mangostflna, V. 
G. VENULOSA Choisy. Bfibo-bfigo (Bohol) ; Gat^san pulfi, T.; Gtita-g&mba, 

Macamb6 j o ( Iloilo ) . 
Gardenia. (Ruhiacew.) Shrubs or small trees, the white flowers very 
Calanigi, V.; Tayfican, Mang. ; Mayfino (Paragua). 
G. OBSCURA Vidal. Caragll, T.; Baya-bayabfisan, T.; Malabayfibas, T.; 

Pagbtit, Pamp. 
G. pseudopsidium Blanco. Malabayfibas, T.; Sullpa. 

Garuga. {Bur8€rac€(r.) Trees with alternate leaves and globose fleshy 
Bagullbas, T.; B6go; Gabllo, T.; Taquip-asin, T. 
G. FLORIBUNDA Decne. Abiiao, T.; Abilo, T.j Avilo, T.; Bag6; Bio, II.; 

Btigo, v., T. 
Gaultheria. (Ericacece.) Low herbs in the mountains. 

Calumfnga, Ig. 
Gelonium. (Euphorhiacece.) Evergreen glabrous shrubs or small trees. 

Pili (Zamboanga). 
G. glomerulatum Hassk. Pafiglanca6n, II.; Safigltan?. 
Geodori'm semicristatum Lindl. {Orchidaccce.) Terrestrial herbs. 

Camfiog, v.; Cola, T.; C6las, T.; C6lang-bund6c, T.; Fariqtan, T.; 
Lubi-lubf, v.; Nlog-nlog, T. 
Geunsia cumingiana Rolfe. {Verhendcew.) Shrubs or small trees. 

Magullic, T.; Sobs6gan-b6go, B. 
Gironniera celtidifolia Gaud. {UrticacecB.) Evergreen unarmed shrubs 
or small trees. 
Amamfingpang ( Albay ) . 
Gliricidia maculata H. B. K. {Leguminosew.) A small tree of American 
origin, with white or purplish flowers. 
Cacahufite, Pamp.; Cacaufite; Cfipang-bund6c, B.; Bal6c-bal6c, T.; 
MSdre-cacSo, Sp. Fil.; Maricacfio, T. 

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OiiOBBA MARANTiNA Linn. {BcitiminecB.) Lamptiyang-flga guinat61a; 

Lampdyang-nga-mapulfi, V.; Panltan. 
G. PAEVIFLOBA Prcsl. Ltiya-lfiya-it-fiyam (Iloilo); Malalfiya, T. 
O. STROBiLiFEBA Zoll. Dfilao-babfiye, T.; Tamohllan, T. 
OijOCHIDION. { Euphorhiacece.) Shrubs or small trees, a large and critical 
genus, of little or no economic importance. 

Antobfing, T.; Bag&ng-bag&ng, B.; B&gna, T.; Baling c&hoy, V.; 
Btigna, V.; Calian, T.; Carmfii, T.; Damp6l, T.; MalaAtes, T.; 
Malacaf^, T.; Uanufina-na-putf, B. 
<x. LiTTOBALE Blumc. Cfiyoug, v.; Sfigsa, V. 
Olycosmis. {RutaoecB.) Shrubs. 

Malamol&uin, T. 
O. PENTAPHYLLA Corr, GuIiTgucn, T. 
Omelina. (Verhenacece.) Shrubs with showy yellow flowers. 

Alipung, T. 
O. ASiATiCA L. Bfiga-bfiboi, T. V.; Balabalfiyan, T., V. 
O. viLLOSA Roxb. Bfiga-baboi, V.; Boh6l; Talfiiigun, V. 
Onaphalium. ( Composite. ) Small, herbs, found on the higher mountains. 

O. INDICUM L. Bfidoc, II. 

G. LUTEO-ALBUM L. Ouauat, Ig. 

Gnetum qnemon L. (OnetacecB,) Small trees or vines, rather common in 
Bag6, v.; Bfigo-sili; Baflgfil, T.j Colifit, T.; Culi^t, V., T.j Itm6ng- 
oufi.c, T. J Lamparfthan, T. ; Malaftmo, T. j Nfibo, B. 
G. scandens L. Bias, T. ; T6val, T. 

CrOMPHiA. {Ochnacece.) Glabrous shrubs or trees with yellow flowers in 
axillary or terminal racemes or umbels. 
Bansllai, T.; Bulfinan, V. 
G. ANGUSTIFOUA Vahl. Bulocfinan, V.; Caranyfin, V.; Postalfigon; Ta- 

loct6n, Z. 
GoMPHBENA GLOBOSA L. {AmarontacecB.) Hirsute or villous herbs with 
thickened nodes. 
Botonclllo, T.; Buquiflgan, T. 
GoNiOTHALAMUS. { Anofiocece .) 'Small trees or shrubs with a solitary or 
fascicled flowers. 
Lan6tan, T. 
G. GIGANTEUS Hook. f. and Th. Landtan puti. 
GoNOCABYUM. (Loganiacece.) Malapandacfiue, B. ; Malasituin, Pamp.; 

Pamulaclfiquin, T.; Tangili (Tarlac). 
G. TABLACENSE Vidal. Ldnas, T. ; Ldnas-na-itlm. 

GoBDONiA. {Temstroemiaceas.) Trees with evergreen leaves, flowers usu- 
ally axillary, large. 
Surfin-surftn, V. 
G. LUZONICA Vidal. Suransurfin. 

GossYPiUM ABBOBEUM L. {Malvacece.) Cotton. Several species and many 
varieties of cotton are cultivated in the Philippines, but little 
attention is given to the industry. 
Btilac-na-btindoc, T.j B(ilac-na-tot6o, T.; Bfilac-figa-bisfiya, V. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


G. BARBADENSE L. Cant6n; Pernambtico, Sp. Fil. 

G. HERBACEUM Linn. Bftlac-castJla, Pamp.; Btilac, T.; Btilag, T.; Cadaba; 

Cand&ba, V.; GUpas, V.; G&pas costa; Gasp&s-cas^ra. 
G. PERENNE L. Btilac-cfihoy, T. ; Btilac-na-montf, T.; Btilac-na-tot6o, T. 
GouANiA. {Rhamnacecf.) Unarmed climbing shrubs with alternate 
leaves. ' 

LeterAn, T. ; Pahampfic, Pamp. 
Graptopiiyllum hortense Nees. {AcanthacecB.) A glabrous shrub; the 
leaves purple, or sometimes variegated; commonly cultivated for 
ornamental purposes. 
Ant6lang, T.; Ataifttai, T.; Bal&sbas, V., T.; Bal&sbas-maldmay, T. ; 
Morfido, Sp. Fil.; Morfidong-maputl, T.; Mor&ndong-maputi ; Pfisao, 
v.; Sarftsa, T.; Ternfite, T.; Y6vas, T. 
Grewia. {Tiliacece.) Shrubs or trees, more or less stellate-pubescent. 

Balftbo, T.; Balibfigo, T.; Dftngoy, T.; Iring, T.; Ligao; Malatfipay, T. 
G. LAEVIGATA Vahl. DfingU (Tayabas) ; Dafiglin, II.; Danylin, T. 
G. UMBELLATA Roxb. Danl6y. 
G. PANIC ULATA Roxb. Bangftlad, V. 

GuETTARDA 8PECIOSA Linn. {Ruhiacece.) A small evergreen tree with 
broadly ovate leaves and woody globose drupes, common in littoral 
and tidal forests. 
Baga6lan, T.; Balaiiglgan, V.; Balibfigan, V.; Banftro, T.; Calum- 
pangin, T.; Lagbfiiigan; Malaslirut, B. 
Gymnosporia. {Qymnosporiacecp.) Shrubs or small trees, with alternate 
leaves, the branches often spinescent. 
Camaytian, T. ; Tamadyan-putf, Z. 
G. AMBIGUA Vidal. Tamafiyan. 
G. MONTANA Roxb. Malarftyap, T. 

Gynandropsis pentaphylla DC. {CavparidacecB.) An annual herb with 
5-foliate leaves and white or purplish flowers in glutinous racemes; 
common; used in medicine. 
Ap6iapayan, T. ; Balabalan6yan, T. ; Hulfiya, V.; Cfnco-clnco; Sili- 
G. SPECIOSA DC. An American species sometimes cultivated for orna- 
mental purposes. 
Ar^na (Manila). 
Gynotroches Blume. {Rhizophoracew.) A small tree with oblong coria- 
ceous leaves and numerous small axillary flowers. 
Malaculfiin-bfsan, T. 
C. AXILLARIS Blume. Bayasbfis, V.; Doy6c-doy6c, V. 
Gynura angulosa DC. {Compositw.) A robust, glabrous, corymbosely 
branched herb, with large sessile leaves. 
Sampfiga-del-monte, T. 
G. sarmentosa DC. A glabrous climbing plant. 

Camfingi, T. 
(tYrocarpus jacquini Roxb. {Comhretacece.) A tall tree with alternate 
long-petioled leaves, the nut bony, crowned by the elongate spath- 
ulate calyx lobes; common near the seashore. 
Hantigdong, T.; Lapoldpo, II. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



HABR4NTHUS. { AmarylUdacecB .) Ajos-fijos iTga mapotf, V. 

H. VERSICOLOR Herd. Lirio, T. 

Harptjllia abbobea Radlk. {Sapindacece.) Shrubs or trees. 

H. BLANCOI F. Vill. loJls, T.; P6a8, T.; PCias. 

Harbisonia BENNETn Benth. and Hook. f. {SimaruhiacecB.) A glabrous 
shrub with short recurved spines in the lower parts of the branches, 
and pinnate leaves, used in medicine. 
Asimao, T.; Bactiit, Pang., T.; Cfimot-ptisa, T.j Camtifigui (Zam- 
boanga) ; Lalya; Mamagu^l, T. ; Muntfini, V. 
Hedychium. {Sciiimineo'.) Herbaceous plants with distichous oblong or 
lanceolate leaves. 
Bfinai, V. 
H. CORONABIUM Kocuig. Bfiuay, V.; CatcStan, V.; Catotang, V. 
H. HASSELTii Blume. Banfioag, V. 

Helicia cuminqiana Presl. {Proteacece.) Trees or shrubs with alternate 
leaves, the flowers in terminal or axillary racemes. 
Ol6t, Ig. 
Heliconia. {Scitiminece.) Ag6tai, V.; Agutai, V. 
Helioconiopsis amboinensis Miq. {Sdtimineoe.) Manallsid, V. 
Heucteres. {Sterculiacece.) Trees or shrubs, more or less stellate- 
pubescent, with simple leaves and axillary solitary or fasicled 
Btintut-tisa, V.; Paronfipin, II. 
H. SPICATA Colinb. Bfiquin-baquit, II.; Bontot-usS, V., T.; Daiiglfng-fiso, 

v., T.; Tal6san, T. 
Heliotropium indicum Linn. {Borraginacew.) A low herbaceous plant 
with densely flowered spicate inflorescense. A common weed, used 
in the practice of medicine. 
Cfibra-cabra, V.; CAmbra-cambra, V.; Contlng-cotlngan, T. ; Coting- 
cotlngan ; Hilalay-6n ; ' Himlalay-6n, T. ; f cog-lcog-sang-cuti, V. ; 
Trompalipadtc, V. 
Hemigraphis bepens Blanco. {Acanthacece.) An herb with opposite 
leaves, the flowers sessile in heads or spikes. 
Paiad-pfilad, V. 
Hemigyrosa. {Sapindacew.) Trees with alternate abruptly pinnate pallid 
Malacadyan, Z. 
H. CANESCENS Thw. Mauungbfiga, V.; SSlab, T.; Sfilag. 
Hensldwia. {8antalac€(B.) Parasitic shrubs with spreading, erect, or 
twining branches, alternate thick leaves, and minute flowers. 
Camlin, Z. 
Heptapleurtjm. {AraliacecB.) Large shrubs or trees, glabrous or tomen- 
tose, with digitate leaves. 
CarancSn, V., B.; Tagullma. 
FT. CAUDATUM Vidal. Limallma, T., V., Pamp.; Limollmo, T. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


H. suBUiiATUM Seem. Calangcfing, V. 

H. VENULOSUM Seem. Carangcftny, V.; Cayangcfin, V.; Galfimai-£iino, T., 

v.; Tuglima, V. 
Hebitieba littoraus Dry. {SterculiacecB..) A small tree with oblong 
leaves, white beneath, and oblong, woody, boat-shaped fruits, 2 to 
4 inches long. Common along the seashore. 
Dung6n-lfite, T.; Dtifigon, T., V.; Dug6n-lAte, T.; Dong6n, T.; Dfiii^^un, 
T., v.; Liosin (Zambales) ; Maladtifigun, T.; Malartingon, T. ; 
Palonfipoy, Z. ; Paronfipin, II. ; Palungfipoy, II. 
Hebnandia peltata Meissn. {Hemandiacew.) A tree with rounded- 
ovate acute or obtuse peltate leaves, common on the seashore. 
Colonc6gon, B.; Malatangan-t&ngan, B.; Tfibag. 
Heteropogon contortijs Roem. and Schult. (Oraminecp.) A tufted grass. 

Tigbfio, V. 
Heterostemma cuspidatum Decne. { Asclepiadacece.) A twining, nearly 
glabrous shrub. 
Binigu&san, T. 
Hibiscus. {Malvacew.) Herbs, shrubs, or tr^es, with usually showy 
CayaiTgar6sa, II.; Lan6tan-itim ; Malib&go, T. ; Malub^go, B.; Sap€not, 
T. ; Sapfnit, V. 
H. ABELMOSCHUS L. An annual hispid herbaceous plant with yellow 
flowers and polymorphous leaves. 
Cfistio, T. ; Cfistio-casti6gan, T. ; Casti6gan, T. ; Cfisto-castolian, Pamp. ; 
Cast6li, T.; Castflli, T.; -Castnii, T.; Daldpan, T.; Ducdm, V.; 
Marap6to, V.; Maricfmi, V.; Marop6to, V.; Maructim, V.; Putu- 
cJln, T. 
H. SUBATTENSIS Linn. A weak-stemmed trailing plant, the stem with 
recurved prickles, the flowers yellow with a dark- colored center. 
Lfibog, V. 
H. GBEWiAEFOLius Hassk. Lan6tan, T. 

H. MUTABiLis Linn. A small tree without prickles, the flowers pink or white, 
turning red at night, cultivated for ornament. 
H. ROSA-siNENSis L. A shrub with ovate acuminate leaves and large red 
flowers. Commonly cultivated for ornament. 
Antoiangan, T., V.; Arogfinan, T., Pamp., V.; Cayfiga; Cayfifiga, T., 
v., Pamp., II.; Gomamlla, T., V., Pamp.; Gumam^la; Tapolfinga, 
T., v., Pamp.; Tapulfiga; Tapurfinga, V.; Tarocfiflga, T., V., Pamp. 
H. TILIACEUS L. A much-branched tree with cordate leaves and yellow 
flowers, common near the seashores. 
BalabSgo, V.; BalibSgo, T., Pamp.; Malabfigo, V.; Malabfiyo; Ra- 
qulndi, Pamp. 
HiPPEASTRUM. {AmaryllidacecB.) Bdcong, T. 
H. MiNiATUM Herb. Talicorfin, T. 

HiPPOCRATEA OBTUSIFOLIA Roxb. {Celastracecc.) A climbing shrub, the 
young branches often quadrangular. 
Tatl6ng-pftlad, T. 

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HoLARRHENA. {Apocitiacect.) Trees or shrubs with opposite leaves and 
white flowers in many flowered corymbose cymes. 
Guinguin, T. 
H. MACROCARPA Hassk. Gingulu, T.; Malayant6c, T. 
HoMALANTHUS. {EuphorhiacecP.) Glabrous trees or shrubs. 

Btitang gdbat, T. 
H. FASTUosus F. Vill. Leaves peltate. 

Balfinti, T.j BalJlnti, V.; B6tang-gflbot, T. 
HoMAUUM LUZONIENSE F. Vill. {SamydcLoecB.) A tree with alternate 
leaves and small hairy flowers in slender racemes. 
Arfinga, T. 
H. PANAYAMUM F. Vill. Ampupfiyot, V. 
H. viLLARiANUM Vidal. Cu61a. 

HoMALOCENCHUS HEXANDRUS 0. Ktze. {OrominecB.) A slender grass, 
commonly cultivated in paddies near Manila for forage. 
Bfirit, T.; Bdngalon, V.; Zacate Sp. 
HoMALOMENA. {Aroidew.) Herbs. 

Alipfiyo, V. ; AlipSyong, V. ; Bfga, T. 
H. MiQUELiANA Schott. CapalSuau, V.; Palfio-an, V. 

HoMONOiA RiPARiA Lour. {Euphorhiacece.) A small shrub with the appear- 
ance of Salix, very common along river banks, bars, etc. 
Ag6y-oy, T.; Aglicuc, T.; BalAnti, T.; Dumfinai, T.; LumJlnai, T.j 
Luman&ja; Mayftgos, V.; May6yos, V. j Miflgos, V.; Mlmbre. 
HoPEA. {Dipterocarpacecp.) Large forest trees with winged fruits, 
valuable timber trees. 
Ballot, Pang.; Bangles, 11.; Barincuctirong, II.; Ctiliot, Pang.j 
Dinglas?, II.; Garong6n?, Gag.; Ginlagfise (Mindoro) ; Sambultian 
H. PHiLiPPiNENSis Dyer. Baguitfirim, T. 

H. piAGATA Vid. Bandtan (Nueva Viscaya) ; Cdliot, Pang., II.; Ifical, T.; 
Sapltingan, T.; Sapol6ngan, T.; Siggay, II.; Paina, T.; Yftcal, T. 
HoYA. {Asclepiadacece.) Twining pendulous shrubs with milky sap, the 
flowers in umbels, the leaves coriaceous. 
Quenaluscfis, T. 
H. DIVERSIFOLIA Blume. Balic-ballc, T. 

H. MULTiFLORA Blume. Capal, T. ; Dap6ng-bftba, T. ; Mang&gao, V. 
Hydnocarpus iiETEROPHYLLA Blume. {Bixacew.) Tree. 

Butting-man6c, B. 
Hydnophytum. {Ruhiacece.} Epiphytic glabrous shrubs, with opposite 
leathery obtuse leaves, the swollen base inhabited by ants. 
Bang-hfiy, V. 
HydriiXa. {Hydrocharidew.) Submerged leafy dioecious herb, forming 
large masses in still or slowly running waters. 
Infita, T. 
H. VERTiciiXATA Casp. L6mot-lom6tan, T. 

Hydrocotyle asiatica L. {Umhelliferece.) A low prostrate herb used in 
Tagufp s6so; Taqulp-c6hol, T. ; Tagulp-ctihol ; Taqufp-sdso, T. ; YShon- 
yfihon, V. 

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HYGROPHiiiA SALiciFOOA Nees. {Acanthacew.) Herbs with opposite leaves 
and bluish flowers. 
Cfifigon-cangou, T.; Mamltic, T., V. 
Hymenocalus. {Amaryllidacew.) Ajos-ftjos nga mapotl, V. 
Hymenodictyon. (Ruhiaoece.) Trees or shrubs with thick branches and 
bitter bark. 
Haligftfiga, T.; HaligaiTgo, T. 
H. EXCELSUM Wall. Leaves ovate, pubescent, panicles large, often droop- 
Cuctin-bantic (Masbate) ; Huligfifiga, T. 
Hypoestes {Aca/nthaceo!.) Herbs or shrubs with entire or toothed 
Aguibdgan (Cagayan) ; Dllan-fiso, T. 
H. i*AXiFLORA Nees. Branches herbaceous, diffuse, minutely pubescent; 
corolla pink or white. 
Cumbfir, Pamp.; Pansipansi, T. 
H. FBANQUEvrLLEi Miq. Cog6n-c6gon, T. 

Hyptage madabota Gaertn. {MalphigiaceoR.) Climbing or suberect shrub; 
flowers fragrant; fruit winged. 
Comimp61, V. 
Hyptis brevipes Poir. [Lahiatece.) An erect annual, flowers in heads I 
inch in diameter. 
Combarcombfiran, T. 
H. CAPiTATA Jacq. Combarcombfiran, T. ; Lingalinngfihan, T. ; PalapasA- 

gui, v.; Turucfin, T. 
H. suaveouens Poir. Flowers blue, plant aromatic, very common. 
L6co-l6co, v.; Pansipansfan, T. ; SCob-cabSyo, T. 


IciiNOCARPUs FRUTESCENS R. Br. {ApocinacecB.) An extensive climber 
with variable leaves and rusty-pubescent axillary and terminal cymes. 
Copralln, T.; Hingufo, T. ^ 

I. ovATiFOLius A. DC. Hipgfi, V.; Sadfic, Ig. 
Iguanuba. {PalmcB.) Slender unarmed palms. 

Casibainlting (Paragua) ; Lumbiftc (Tayabas). 
Ilex. {Ilidnece.) Shrubs or small trees with alternate simple glossy, 
often spinous, leaves. 
Talot6-on (Benguet). 
Illipe. {Sapotacece.) Trees with milky sap. 

Tagfitoi, T. 
1. BETis Merrill. A large tree, the timber of much value. 

Bacfiyao, Pang.; Banlti, B.; B6tis, T., Pamp.; B^tis lalfique, T.; 
Bitis, T. ; Pagpfigan, Cag. ; Pallan; Pappfigay, Cag. 
Impatiens balsamina L. {OeraniacecE.) A succulent glabrous or pubes- 
cent herb with rose-colored flowers, commonly cultivated for orna- 
Camantfgui, T., Pamp.; Sol6nga, V.; Surfinga, V. 

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Imperata abundinacea Cyrill. [Oraminew,) A perennial grass 1 to 3 ft. 
high with narrow silvery-silky panicles; common. 
Ballli, Pamp.j Cisca c6gon, T., V., B.; flib, Pamp. 
Indigofera. {Legmninosecc.) Small undershrubs, the source of the dye 
Tagum-t^gum, V.; Tfiyum, T. 
I. angustifolius L. Tfiyon-tfiyon. 
I. TEYSMANNi Miq. Balabalattingan, B.; Tfigum, V. 
I. TINCTOBIA L. Afiil, Sp. Fil. ; Tfigum, V. ; Tfigung, V. ; Tayfing-tayfingan, 

B.; Tfiyom, T.; Tfiyung, Pamp. 
Ipomoea. {Convolvulacew.) Twining, usually herbaceous vines, with 
large, usually white or pink flowers. 
Bfiguin-castlla, T. ; Ceb6lli-cebollisan, T. ; Halobagbtig, T. 
I. BATATAS L. The sweet potato. 

Cam6te, Sp. Fil.; Tigsl, V. 
I. BONA-NOX Linn. Calacam6te, V.; Camocamotlhan, T., V.; Malaca- 

m6te, V. 
I. HEDEBACEA Jacq. Cultivated for ornament and spontaneous ; flowers 
pale blue, turning pink. 
Bulacfin, T. 
I. MABiANENSis Chois. ' Tugul-tuguian, T. 
I. MURICATA Jacq. Tunquln. 

I. PANicuLATA R. Br. Hlmag, V.; Puntaspuntfis, T. 
I. PELTATA Choisy. Bulacfin, T.; Btilac-bulfican. 
I. PES-CAPBAE Roth. Flowers purplish; common on sandy seashores. 

Arodfiyday, T., B.; Bagas6a, T., V.; Canigang, T., V.; Cfitang-cStang, 
T.; Cfitang-cfitang, T., B.; Darlpay, T., B., V.; Lagfiyrai, T., B.; 
Lampay6ng, T., B., V.; Lambay6ng, T., B., II.; P6lang-p6lang 
I. PES-TI6BIDIS Linn. Malasandia, V.; Salasandfa, V. 

I. QUAMOCUT L. Flowers crimson, leaves incised. Introduced from Amer- 
ica, cultivated for ornament and spontaneous. 
Agao; Ag6ho, T., V.; Malabocbdc. 
I. REPTANS Poir. Common in stagnant water and very wet soils. 

Can^c6ng, T., Pamp.; Tanc6ng, V.; Tftflgcong, V. 
IscHAEMUM CILIABE Rctz. ( Oraminece. ) A low grass. 

Tinitrtgo, T. 
IsoLEPis BABBATA R. Br. (GyperacecB.) A small tufted grass-like plant, 
common on sandy seashores. 
Culllis, T. 
Iteadaphne confusa Blume. {Lauracew.) Malab6nga, T. 
IxoRA. (Ruhiacece.) Shrubs or trees with white, pink, or red flowers in 
corymbose cymes. 
Bagufr, II.; Balfii-tocfic, Ig.; Balinfionao (Unisan) ; Bantfina; Bislls 
(Tayabas) ; D(ihat-man6c, T.; Malafgot, B.; Pamayugsficon ; Quin- 
tasin, B. 
I. AMBOINIOA DC. Lipatfit-gflbat, B. 

Digitized by 



I. cocciNEA L. A shrub, frequently cultivated for ornament. 

Santfin, T.; Taugpapo, V. 
I. FULGENS Roxb. Tah6d-nga-ilfihas, V. 
I. LA.NCEOLABIA Coleb. Alip6ong, V. 
I. MACBOPHYLLA Bartl. Bfigo-bfigo. 
I. STBICTA Roxb. As-as, T.; Santa Ana; Santftn, T. 


Jasminum. {OleacecB.) Scandent or erect shrubs with very fragrant 
white flowers. 
Murfion-balong6n (Iloilo); Ubfildo, Z. 
J. LUZONiENSis Vidal. Singitan, Ig. 

J. MARiANUM DC. Lai6c-lai6c, V.; Silislli, T.; Singculcfigos, T. 
J. SAMBAG Ait. Commonly cultivated for ornament. 

Cap6pat visaya, V.; Camp6pot, Pamp.; Culfttai, Pamp.; Htibar (Bala- 
bac) ; Mantil, V.; Podgso, Pamp.; Sampfiga, T.; Sampfigang, Pamp.; 
Jatbopiia oubcas L. (EuphorhiaceoB.) A small shrub, introduced from 
America and commonly cultivated for a hedge plant. The seeds 
yield a purgative oil. 
Bol6ng-cauit; Casla, V.; Tatataba, T.; Tavatfiva, II.; TawatSwa, II.; 
J. MULTiFiDA L. Differs from the preceding in its incised leaves. 

Manfi, T., II. 
JissiAEA BEPENS L. (OnagracecB.) A creeping herb in very wet soils 
with small white flowers. 
Cangc6ng-dapo, T. 
J. suFFBUTicosA L. An erect herb with 4- parted yellow flowers. 

Balficbac, T.?; Malap&co, T.; Malap6co, T. 
JusTiciA. {Acanthacece.) Herbs or shrubs; flowers sessile or nearly so 
in spikes or panicles. 
Bfito (Balabac) ; Morfidong; Morfidong-maputl, T. 
J. DiCHOTOMA Blume. Dala6ra, V. 

J. OENDABUSSA L. A shrub, 3 to 5 ft. high, corolla white or rose, with 
purplish spots. 
Bunlflo, v.; Capanitfilot, T.; ParitCilot, T. 


Kaempiieria galanga L. iScitiminece.) C6sol, V.; Cuisol, V.; Ctisol, 
Pamp., v.; Ciisul, V.; D6sol, Z.; Dtiso, T.; Dusul, T.; Gulsol, T.; 
Gulsul, v.; Quisol, V. 
Kalanchoe laciniata DC. (Grassulacecp.) Succulent, erect herb, with 
laciniate leaves. 
Catacatiicfi, T. ; Siemprevica, Sp. Fil: 
K. SPATHULATA DC. Leaves spathulate-oblong, erenate. 

Caritilna, V. 
Kayea philippinensis Planch. {Outtifereoe.) A tree. 
Malaguinfsan, V. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


K. RACEMOSA PI. and Tr. Guisian, T. 

Ktbara gobiacea Perk. {Monimiacew.) A tree. 

Malatambfs; Pdlub ( Zamboanga ) . 
ExEiNHOViA HOSPiTA L. {StercultacecB,) A tree with palminerved leaves, 
lax paniculate infloresence, and inflated membraneous capsules. The 
bark yields a strong bast fiber. 
Bign6n, II.; Bltang; Bitn6g, II.; Bitn6n; Bitn6ng, II.; Hamiton&go, 
V. ; Pampftr ; Panamp&t, Pamp. ; Tan-Ag, T., V. 
KooBDEBSOiDENDBON PiNNATUM Merrill. {AfiacardiacecB.) A tree with 
pinnate leaves, tufted at the ends of the branches; yields a valuable 
Ambogu4s; Amogufs, T.; Aniuguls, T., V.; Calumftnog, V.; Manga- 
t6lay?; Palos&nto, T.; Mugufs; Sambalabdan ; Sambulftguan. 
Kylunga monocefuala Rottb. (Oyperacew.) Low, tufted, grass-like 
Andang, T.; Barubatdnes, V.; Bolobotdnes, V.; Borobot6nes, V.; 
Bosfcad, v.; B6ton-cilo, V.; Malaap61id, Pamp.; Malabotdnes, V.; 
Mfltha, v.; Sud-sfld, V.; T6bo-t6bo-l&ngit, V, 


Lagenabia vulgabis Seringe. {Gurcurhitacece.) A large tendril-bearing 
climber cultivated for its large edible, bottle-shaped fruit. 
Calflbay, V.; 6po, T.; Sfcay, V.; tjpo. 
Lagebstboemia. {LythracecB.) Trees or shrubs with showy flowers. 

Mfdla, Pamp. 
L. BATTTiNAN Vid. A tree yielding a valuable timber. 

Batitlnan, T.; Bugu&ron; Lum&ti; Mafigl&ti. 
L. INDIGA L. A shrub with showy bright pink flowers, cultivated for 
Mellndres (Manila). The "crape myrtle." 
L. SFECIOSA Pers. A medium-sized tree with large purplish flowers. The 
wood is hard and durable. 
Ag&ro, Z.; Banabfi, T., V., Mang.; Macabfilo, Pang.; Mfttla, Pamp.; 
Tab&figan, Cag. 
Lansium domesticum Jack. {MeliacecB.) A tree with pinnate leaves and 
sessile or subsessile flowers, cultivated for its edible fruit. 
B6boa, v.; BoocAn, V.; Buiahan, V.; Lans6ne, T.; Larisones, T.; 
Lantana camara L. {Verhenacece.) An aromatic shrub with heads of 
yellow, pink, or red flowers, introduced from America and now 
common about towns in the Philippines. 
B6ho-b6ho, V.; Coronitas, Sp. Fil. 
Lapobtea gaudichaudiana Wedd. {Urticaoew.) Perennial herb with 
stinging hairs. 
Aparifigua, T., V.; Btilan-bfilan, V.; Lasngfiton, T., V.; Lii^at6n, (?) ; 
Lip&, T. ; Lipfing-d6ton, Pamp. ; Lipay, V. 

8956 11 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Lawsonia alba Lam. {LyihraoecB,) A shrub or small tree with panicles 
of straw-colored flowers, introduced from Asia and cultivated for 
Cinam6mo, Sp. Fil. 
LiEEA. {AmpeUdaoew,) Shrubs or small trees with terminal corymbose 
cymes and red, yellow, or green flowers. 
Bftlam-b&lam; Hftra, T.; Taliantfln, T.; Talost6s. 
L. AGUU&ATA Blanco. Mall-mall, T., Pamp.; Pamangquilon, V.; Panang- 

qullon, V. 
L. JAVANiCA Blume. Car&dat, V.; Qarftdat, B.; Panayafigtag6n, V.; Sipit- 

cftit; Stipit-calg, T. 
L. RUBRA Blume. Ab&ng abftng, T.; Caliant&fig, T. 
L. SAMBUCINA Willd. Amam&le, V.; CaliangtAng; HamamAle, V.; Ma- 

mAle, V. 
Lekna. {Lemnacew.) Minute, floating, green, scale-like plants. 

InAlia, T. 
Leonurus 8IBIBIGUS L. (LahiatecB.) An erect, leafy, stout herb, the in- 
florescence whor\,ed, axillary, corolla red. 
Camariftng songsdng, T. 
Lbpidagathis. {AoanthaoecB,) Herbs or undershrubs, the flowers sessile, 
usually capitate. 
L. LUZONiAE Nees. Lipsipftn, T. 
Lepidopetalum. iSapvndacecB.) ^ Shrubs or trees. 

Dfla-dlla, Pamp.; Hualls, T.; MalacacAo; Ngisifigisi, T.; Palo-n^gro. 
L. PKRROTTETn Blumc. Bfthay, T., V. 
Lepiniopsis ternatensis Valeton. {ApooinacecB,) Tree. 

Cflyon-ctiyon, V. 
Lepistemon R£NIF0R]£IS Hassk. {Oonvoloulaoew,) A twining herbaceous 
Batobat6, T.j ctipit-cupit, II. 
Leptosolena haenkei Presl. Hagufguit, V. 

Leugaena oiiAUGA Benth. {Legumi/noaece,) A small shrub with globose 
heads of white flowers. Introduced from America and common about 
Agho, v.; Santa Helena. 
Leugas. {LahiatecB.) Woolly or villous herbs or undershrubs with axil- 
lary whorls of white flowers. 
Maputi, T. 
L. ASPEBA Sprang. Carucans61i, T.; Paipaisi, V.; Pansipansi, T., V.; Pay- 

p&ysi, V. ; Solasolaslan, T. 
L. LINIFOLIA Spreng. Parnipansl. 

Leugosyke GAPiTEiiLATA Wcdd. {UrttoooecB,) A shrub or small tree, 
^the leaves white beneath, prominently nerved. 
Alagg&si, v.; Al&nggasi, V.; Anagftsi, B.; Hagan&si (Gamarines); 
Lal&si, Ig.j Langgfisi, V.; Layasin, T.; Lefisin, T. 
L. HiSPiDissiMA Miq. Salagulso (Albay). 
LiOUALA. {Palmece.) Balfttbat (Paragua). 

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L. Ei£6AN8 Mart. Anfthao, T. 

L». SPEGTABius Miq. Anfthao, T., V. 

LnjUH PHiLiPPiNENSE Baker. {LiUacece.) A lily with large white flowers 

found in the mountains of Northern Luzon. 
Cafi6n, 11. ; Soy6soy, Ig. 
LiMNAiTTHEMUif GRISTATUM Griseb. {OentionooecB,) An aquatic iierb with 

long floating stems. 
Lftuas, T. ; Loloqulsen, II. 
LoMNOPHiLA ORATIOLOIDES R. Br. {8orophulariac€<B.) A small herbaceous 

plant found in swamps and rice paddies. It has the odor of 

Inftta, T. 
L. MENTHASTBUM Benth. Talat61a, Pamp. ; Taramhampftm, T. ; Tarat&ra, II. 
L. BEFENS Benth. Or^gano, Sp. Fil. 
Li. BOXBUBon G. Don. Tftla, T. 
Ljmnophyton obtusutolium Miq. {AliamacecB.) An erect succulent marsh 

Locfiy?, T. 
LiNOCiEBA. [OleacecB.) Shrubs or trees with opposite entire leaves and 

axillary or terminal inflorescence. 
Bal6c-bal6c, T.; Caiocsftn, T.; Cayant6l, Z.; Dalftyat, Z.; Putfing, T.; 

Urutftn, T. 
L. GOBIAGEA Vidal. An&tao, T.; Pul6t, T. 
L. CUMINGIANA Vidal. Culillsiao (Tayabas). 
L. LTJZOiaGA F. Vill. Oarops&n; Guruguan&bao, V. 

LiPPiA NODIFLOBA Rich. (VerbenacecB.) An annual, creeping, much- 
branched herb with numerous heads of pink flowers. 
Chachachachfthan, T.; Corocarctidan, V.; Sirlc-pflyo, V.; Tsatsatsa- 

tsAhan, T. 
LiTSEA. (LauraoecB.) Trees, some species being valuable for their timber. 
An6nag, T.; Ar&na, B.; Bfican, T.; Batino, T.; Batobat6, T., V.; Bito- 

collng, T.; Calaftic, Mang.; Calambde, V.; H6pong-h6pong ; Libfican, 

T.; Magullic, Z.; Malabiltlcas, T.; Malacalubctib, T.; Malam&nga, 

Cag.; Malaptiso, B.; Malasfco, T.; Maracdlan, II.; M&rang, T.; 

Nolal&qui, T.; 6pong-6pong, B.; Paimalbai, T.; Paloai, B.; Pasasa- 

bltit, n.; Patihan (Mindoro) ; Saripongpdng, B. 
L. ALBAYANA Vidal. Arfthan (Albay). 
L. OHiNENSis Lam. Lftuat, V.; Pusoptiso, T.; Sabltit, II. 
L. GABOiAE Vidal. Plpi, V. 
L. LUZOiacA Blanco. Ballbay. 
L. iCAONiriGA B. and H. M&dang, T. 

L. EEBBOTTETn B. and H. Indftng, V.; Baticulln, T.; Baticuling, T. 
LiviSTONA. {Palmes,) AnAhao, T., V. 
L. PAPUANA Becc. AnAo, Pamp.; Bol6ng Itiyofig, Pamp. 
L. BOTTJNDIFOLIA Mart. Abifin, Pang. ; AnaAo, II. ; AnAhao, T. ; Anan, Cag. ; 

BAM, v.; BAllang, Cag.; LAbig, II.; LabindanAia ?, II.; PAlma- 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


LopHOPETALUM. {CeUiatracecB.) Trees or shrubs. 

Btiyun (Zamboanga). 
L. TOXICUM Loher. A tree, the bark used by natives to poison arrows. 

LoBANTHUS. (LoranthacecB.) Small parasitic shrubs. 

Bas&r-basAr, II.; Cisip, Ig.; Gftcca, Ig.; Pafiglonb6yen, Ig.; tjbic- 
libis, II. 
L. AMPUUiACEUS L. Dap6-sa-pftjo, T. 
L. BLANCOANUS F. Vill. Malabftchao (Cebu). 
L. PAUCIFLORUS Blanco. Binblnguay, II. 
L. PENTANDBUS L. Mamp61, V. 
L. PHILIPPINEN8I8 Blanco. Dftpo-sa-cfthuy, 
L. SPiciFEB F. Vill. Cattingao, Ig. 

LucuMA MAMMOSA Gaertn. {Sapotacece.) A tree introduced from America 
and cultivated for its edible fruit. 
ChIco-mam6y; Mam^y, T. 
LuFTA ACUTANGULA Roxb. {Gurcurhitoceos.) An herbaceous vine, fruit 
elongate, 10-angled. 
Sayctia, V. 
L. AEGYPTiACA Mill. Cultivated for its edible fruit, 

Patdla, T., V. 
LuHNiTZEBA PUBPUREA Presl. {ComhretocecB.) A shrub or small tree 
with crimson flowers, common along the seashore, borders of man- 
grove swamps, etc. 
Agnftya, T.; Culftsi, T.; Dalfiru-bab&e, B.; Dobl6sa, T.; Libfito, T.; 
Lib&to-pul& (Tayabas) ; Ma6ro, V.; Sagfisa; T6flgog, B. 
LuNASiA. {RutaceoB.) Shrubs. 

Cacfio-cacduan, T.; Malahgas-na-bab&e. 
L. AMARA Blanco. Bonlal, B.; Ltinas, T.; Ltinas-bund6c, T.; Maeabahai, 
T.; Palt, T.j Paitftn, T.; Palt-palt (Zamboanga) ; Patau, V.; Sagult. 
L. GBANDIFIX)BA Muell Arg. Malacacfto, T. 

Lycopebsiguh esculentum Mill. {SoUmacece.) The tomato, introduced 
from America; cultivated and spontaneous. 
Camfitis, T., II.; Tom&tes, Sp. Fil. 
Lycopodium. {Lycopodiacece.) Pacay6mcon. 

Lygodium dichotomum Sw. (Filices.) Twining ferns, the stems being 
used by the natives in the manufacture of hats, etc. 
Nrto, T., V. 
L. scandens Sw. Nltong-putl, T. 


Maba buxifolia Pers. {EhenaceoB.) Ebony, the wood black. 

Macabanga. {EuphorhiacecB.) Shrubs or small trees. 

Anitap, Ig.; Beltinga, T.; Biltia, Pamp.; BiMan-lalftque, T.; Bflung, 
T. ; Ginftbang, II. ; Malab6nga, T. 
M. bicolob Muell. Arg. Amtiblit, V. ; Hamfndan, V. 

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M. MAPPA Muell Arg. Cam&isa, T.; BilAun; Bingftbing, T.; Binu&ng, T.j 

Bofigftbong, V. 
M. TANABius Muell. Arg. Bllan, Pamp.; Bin6^^; T., V., Pamp.; Binfian, 

T.; Biltinga, T.; Bintinga, V.; Guinftbang (Abra) ; Malabtifiga; 

Mim6tiga, T.; SamAc, II.; Taqulpasln, T. 
Maesa. {MyrsinacecB.) Shrubs or small trees. 

Dagang-dfing (Jolo) ; Palfpal, T.; Pat6put, T.; Patlpol (Morong). 
M. GAUDiCHAUDii, A. DC. Solfnao, T. 
M. HAENKEANA Miq. Magutt&ta, V. • 
M. INDICA A. DC. Calf cot (Tayabas) ; Catlcot, T. 
M. LAXA Mez. Baguina6niaO; B. 
Mai^chba bracteata Cav. {Malvacece.) An annual or perennial coarsely 

hairy herb with angled leaves and yellow flowers. 
Anftbo, V. ; Lfibog-lftbog, V. ; Lapnfs ; Lapnfs na bolohfin, T. ; Vocftbul, T. 
Malaisia tobtuosa Blanco. {Urtioaceo!.) Hingu^n, T.; Malaisfs, T.; 

Saba, T. 
Maliotus. {EuphorhiaoecB.) Shrubs or small trees. 

Dftha; Mah6tay, V.; Malambftng, T. 
M. FLOBiBUNDUS Muell. Arg. Ttila-ttUa, B.; Ttiya-tliya, B. 
M. MOLUGCANUS Muell. Arg. Ahling, T.; Alim, T.; Aling, B.; O&hoy da- 

Iftga, T.; Tagulp-asin, T. 
M. PANicuLATUS Muell. Arg. Halatimo, V. 
M. FHiLiPPiNENSis Muell. Arg. Fruit red, medicinal. 

Aptiyot, Z.; Banfito, T.; Banfito, T.; Buds, II.; S&la, T., V.; Vtias, II. 
M. BiciNOiDES Muell. Arg. Alem, II.; Alim, T.; Alum, V.; Arum; Balacbft- 

lac, T.; Btintot-ptisa, T.; Gfi-ga, T.; Malaachu^te, Pamp.; Pac&cal; 

Pacalc&l, Pamp.; Pillpud, V.; Sftla; Tamb6n-tamb6n (Tayabas); 

Tapft, B.; Taqulp-asin, T.; Tob6gor, T.; Tres-ptintas, Sp. Fil.; Vflos, 

Manoifeba. {ArUuxj/rdiotcece,) Trees. 

Malapaho, T. ; Paupatitan, T. 
M. ALTissiMA Blanco. Appan (Cagayan) ; Magat&di (?), Cag. 
M. ANISODOBA Blanco. M6nga-anfs. 
M. c^siA Jack. Balfinut; Baytino, V.; Uftni, (Jolo). 
M. FOETiDA Lour. Paop&uan T. 
M. INDIGA Linn. The mango. 

Mampftlan (Jolo) ; Mfinga,.T., V.; Mfingga, T., V. 
M. LONGIPES Griff. Paho, T., V.; Pfiho-s^co (Cebu) ; Pftjo, T.; Pdo, II.; 

Paop&nan; Papoh6tan; Paponya. 
M. ODOBATA Griff. Pahoh6tan, V. T. ; P&li, V. 
Manihot utilissima Pohl {Euphorhiacece.) An erect frutescent plant 

from large tuberous roots. The tapioca plant. 
Cam6ting cfthoy, T., V. • 
Maoutia. {Urticdcece,) A shrub. 

Ar6e-m&may, B. 
M. platystiqma Wedd. Pinlian, Ig. 
Mablea begoni^folia Roxb. (Comacece,) A tree. 
Bagal6an, T. ; Baga6lan, T.; Calumpagln, T. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Mabsdenia tagudinia Blanco. {Aaclepiadacecp.) Tayomt&yom, 11. 
M. TINCTOBIA R. Br. A tall climbing vine. 

Arlfigit, v.; Payangult, V. 
Melastoica« {MelaaiomcLcecB,) Shrubs with showy purplish flowers. 

Bo6l6g-ftmo, T.; Btiyong, V.; Gran&tes; Hantuttiugao, T.; L^iigay, T.; 
Malatd-ao, Oag.; Ttifigao, B. 
M. IMBBIGATUM Wall. Agt^sip, V. 
M. MALABATSicuii L. Gran&tis, T. 

M. OBYOLTJTUM Jack. Bo&da, Ig.; B6ta-b6ta, II.; Ttinan-tt&nan, V. 
Melia. (MeliaoecB,) Trees. 

Malatibf (Morong). 
M. AZEDABACH L. A shrub, cultivated for ornament. 

Paraiso, Sp. Fil. 
M. CANDOLLEi Juss. Balagft^o, T.; Malalba, T.; Malong&in, T.; Malu- 

ng Quintftna, T. 
M. DUBiA Cav. Bagaltiga, V. 
Meuoofe tebnata Forst. {Ruiaoe<Bi) A shrub. 

Matft^-ftrao, T. 
Meloohia. {Sterculiaoeas.) Herbs or shrubs. 

Samfle, Pamp. 
M. ABBOBEA Blanco. A shrub or small tree, the herbaceous portions stellate- 
hairy. The bark yields a strong bast fiber. 
Ballgnon, V.; Balftnon, V.; Banltlon; Bintlfiga, II.; Malaachu^te, T. 
M. OOBOHOBFOLIA L. An erect, much-branched herb. 

Callfigan, V. 
Melodobum fulqens Hook. f. & Th. {Anonacecs.) A large woody climber 
or (?) a small tree. 
Amtlyon; Amtlyong, Pamp. 
Melothbia indica Lour. {Curcurhitctoece.) A nearly glabrous climbing 
vine with globose fruits. 
Mil6n-dagft, T. 
Meicecylon. {MeUutom(u>ecB,) Glabrous shrubs or trees with opposite 
leaves and small flowers. 
An&tan, T. ; Dlac, Pamp. ; Hfigon, B. ; Malabahfo, B. ; Panaypfty ; Pani- 
I6flga-b6ca; Slnit. 
M. EDULE Roxb. Cficha; Cand6n, II.; Coles,- T.; Cfiles, T.; Cfilis, T.; 

Saguinsln, V. 
M. FL0BIBX7NDA Blume. Bab&gion. 
M. PANicuLATUM Jack. Pasagult, T. 
Metbosidebos veba Rumph. {Myriacew.) B&rit, V. 
Metboxylon {PalmcB,) Amb6long, V.; Ambtilong, V.; SaesAe, V. 
Meusa febbea Linn. (Outtifereo!.) A glabrous tree with yellow flowers. 

Malabocb6c, Malabucbtic (?), T. 
Mezoneubum {LeguminoaecB.) Robust woody, prickly climbers with bipin- 
nate leaves and paniculate inflorescence. 
CAmot-pflsa, T. ; C&nus-cftbag, T. 
M. GLABBUM Desf. Cablt-cftbag, T.; Sagnit, T.; Sapnit, T., Pamp.; Slit, V.; 
Tug&bang, V. ; Ugftbang, V. 

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MiCHEUA GHAMPAGA L. (MognoliacecB.) A tree with pale yellow or 
orange very fragrant flowers. Cultivated for ornament. 
Samp&c, T.; Samp&ca, T.; Champ&ca, Sp. Fil. ; Champ&ga, T.; Tsam- 
pfica, T. 
MiGBOMELUM. (ButocecB.) Shrubs or small trees. 

Ayo-fiyo; Ayu-Ayu; Cfthoy dalAga; Malaltipay, Pamp.; Matftares, T.; 
M. TEFHBOGABPUM Turcz. Blntfng-dalfiga, (Tayabas) ; Calimbahfn, T.; Ma- 

lacftdpo, T.; Maytimus; Part-part; Tullbas, T. 
MiLLfiTiA PULGHRA Benth. {Leguminosece.) An erect tree, the branches 
and leaves beneath clothed with a grayish silky pubescence. 
Btitong, V. 
M. SEBiGEA W. & A. A woody climber. 

B6tong, V. 
M. SPLENDENS W. & A.\ Ttibli, T. 
MiMUSOPS. (SapotaoecB.) Trees. 

Pisangd&ya, T. ; Postal&gon, Z. 
M. ELENGi L. A tree with fragrant straw colored flowers, frequently cidti- 
vated for ornament. 
Bansal&gue, T., V.; Cabfqui, T., V.; BansalAgin, T.; Bansalflgon, T., 
v.; BArsic, T.; Pasftc, T., Z.; Talip6po, V. 
Mimosa pudiga L. { Leguminosece,) A prostrate spreading plant with 
numerous heads of pink flowers and sensitive leaves. Introduced 
from America. 
Dam6-hla, T. ; Htiya-htiya, V. ; Macahlya, T. 
MiBABiLis JALAPA L. {NyotogirMceoe.) A somewhat succulent herb with 
white, or more often, red flowers. Introduced from America and cul- 
tivated for ornament, also spontaneous. 
Guilal&s, T.; Di6go-de-n6che; Gilal&s, T.; MaravfUas, Sp. FiL; Ora- 
ci6n, Sp. Fil.; Susplros, Sp. 
MiTBAONE. {Bubiacew.) Shrubs or trees, the flowers in globose heads. 

Mamb6g, T. 
Mttrephoba betigulata H. f. & Th. {Anonacece.) A tree. 

Talimtirong, T. 
MoDEGGA GABDioPHYLLA Mart. {PossifloracecB.) A shrub with long peti« 
oled cordate-ovate, acute leaves. 
SaUpong, T. 
M. HETEBOPHYLLA Blume. Mel6ng-ou&c, T. 
M. PALMATA L. Leaves glandular, palmately lobed or entire. 

Binoy6o-boy6c, T. 
M. TBiLOBATA Roxb. Lcavcs three lobed. 

MoLLUGO. {Ficoidece.) Herbs. 

Amarg6ro b&bi, Pamp.; Marg6so damulog, Pamp. 
M. HiBTA Thunb. Prostrate, stellately wooly. 

Lobfo, T. 
M. OFPOSinFOLiA L. Sarsalfda, T. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


M. PENTAPHYLLA Liiui. Maliig680, V. ; Salsallda, V. 
M. STBICTA L. Often a foot high, glabrous. 

Malag6so, T.; Molug6so, T. 
MoMOBDiCA BALSAMINA L. {Curcurhitacew.) A slender herbaceous vine, 
the rough, elongated fruit edible. Cultivated. 
Amarg6so, Sp. Fil. ; Ampalfiya, T. ; Ampal^a, T. ; Apal&ya, T. ; Apfilia, 
Pamp.; Marg68o, T.; Palfa, V.; Pfilla, T.; Parla, II.; Sampalfa, V. 
M. csocHiNCHiNENSis Spreng. A large vine with ovate, muricate red fruit. 

B6yoc-b6yoc, T.; Buy6c-buy6c, T. 
MoNOCABPiA BLANCOi F. Vill. {Anonocece.) Cftlai, T. 
MoNOCHOBiA HAST^FOLIA Presl. (PontederiocecB.) Aquatic herbs. 

C68ol-c6sol, V. ; Gftbi-gfibi, V. ; Gablnan, T. ; Pfiyao-pfiyao, V. 
M. VAGINALIS Presl. Calabfto, T.; Calab6a; Hingufon. 
MOBINDA BBACTEATA Roxb. {Ruhtocew.) A shrub. 

Abegfi-ste, V.; Ali&ma; Anfno, V.; Apfitot, II.; Ap&tut, T. ; Banc6ro, 

T.; Bafigc6ro, T., V.; Bafigctido, V.; Cahoy-dal&ga, T.; C6les, T.; 

Cfilit, T., v.; Lino, Pamp.; Mamb6g, T., V.; Nino, T. V.; Panctido, 

T. V. ; Sicftleg, V. ; Taliantftr, Pamp. ; Ttimbong-fiso, T. 

M. CITBIFOLIA L. Banctido, T., V.; Batigctido, V.; Lino, V.; Nino, T., V.; 

M. TINCTOBIA Roxb. Halon, T.; Ttlmbong-Aso-hApay, T. 
M. tJMBELLATA Linn. Ttinbon-Aso. 

MOBINGA OLEIFEBA Lam. {MoHngnoecB.) A small tree with soft white 
wood, white flowers, 9-ribbed capsule and winged seeds. 
Baltifiggay, V.; B^hen; Caltigay, T.; Calflfigai, T., V., Pamp.; Cama- 
Itifigue, Pamp.; Camal6figay, T., V.; D60I, V., Pamp.; Maltlngay, T., 
v.; Maltifigit, V., Pamp.; Maltigit, V., Pamp. 
MoBUS ALBA Linn. {Urtioacece.) A small tree, the mulberry, introduced 
from Asia and occasionally cultivated. 
Morftl; M6ras. 
MoscHOSMA POLYSTACHYTJM Bcuth. {LahiatecB.) A slender, much-branched 
herb, 2 to 4 ft. high, the angles of the stem frequently rough. 
Lod^cong, Pamp. 
MucuNA ATBOPUBPUBEA DC. {Legummosew.) A woody climber, the pod 
covered with yellowish brown irritating bristles. 
Nipai, V. 
M. MONOSPEBMA DC. A woody climber with a 1 -seeded pod. 

Buiqulquit, T. ; Lipai, T. 
M. NIVEA DC. An annual climbing vine, the pods glabrous when mature. 

Calabant6s, V. 
M. PBUBIENS DC. An annual vine, cultivated. 

Lipay, V. ; Nfpay, T. 
MUEHLENBECKIA. (QramifiecB.) Slender grasses. 

Aluplhan, T. 
MuNTiNQiA CALABUBA Linn. {TUiocew.) A small tree with small edible 
dark fruits. Introduced from Mexico. 
Cer6zas, Sp. Fil. ; Dfitiles, Ratiles. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


MuBBAYA EXoncA L. {Rutocew.) A shrub or small tree with glabrous 3 

to 8 foliate leaves and small globose berries. 
Banaftsi, II.; BaMot, Z.; Ban&si, Pang.; Banfiti, V., Pamp. ; Ban- 

naasi, II. ; Camuning, T. ; Camunln, V., Pamp. ;. Mol&uin, T. ; Molfi- 

vin, T. 
MUSA. (MusacecB.) The bananas, plantains, Manila hemp, etc. 

Agtitay, V. ; Alatftnay ( Cagayan ) ; Aua, II. ; Batabia, flga poti, V. ; 

Btiy, II. ; Can&la, V. ; Canfira, V., T. ; CulubOng, Pamp. ; Lisdhan, V. ; 

Pficol, V. ; Quilaia, V. 
M. PABADisiACA L. The plantain. Many varieties are recognized by the 

Afapliyan, (Cagayan) ; Aftiyan, (Cagayan) ; Alimtlquen, II.; Anu&ng, 

T.; Arictindai, V.; Arictindal, V.; Bfiloi, V.; Baloy, T.; Binaiaton, 

v.; Bingtic6hol, T.; BiscOi T.; Botohfin, T.; Bufigtilan, T.; Caract6n, 

v.; Dallvi-dalfiga ; Dinugtian, T. ; Goy6ran, T. ; Lanttlndal; Machfn; 

Mat&via, T. ; Plfttano, Sp. ; Quinanfiyan, T. ; Sabfing-visftya ; S&guing, 

T. ; Tinfilong, T. 
M. SAPIENTUM L. The banana. Many varieties are recognized by the na- 
tives. Probably not specifically distinct from the preceding. 
Ampfil, v.; Anon6o; Anu&ng; Carnfite, V.; Balfingun, V.; Balftyang, 

II.; Batftvia; Bentic6hol, T.; Binato, V.; Bot6an, T.; Bunn6c, II.; 

Butn6g, II.; Butn^ng, II.; ButOan, T. ; DinugOan; Lacatftn, T. ; 

M6co, (Iloilo); Pampfing, V.; Piatano, Sp.; Sabfi, II.; Sfiging, T., 

v.; Tampuhing, T; Tarnfite, V. 
M. TEXTiLis Nees. The plant that produces the fiber known in commerce 

as Manila hemp. 
Abacfi, T., v.; Lftnot, V.; Lan6tan, V.; Pfigua, V.; mta (Cag.). 
MusSAENDA. {RuhiacecB.) Shrubs with yellow flowers, each flower with a 

large white leaf-like bract. 
Bayftg usft ; Bota, Ig. ; Btiyor, V. ; Tftlic-harftp, ( Tayabas ) ; Tinultlan- 

gatas, T. ; Tenolufing gdtos, T. 
M. ANisoPHYLLA Vidal. Bliyon, V. 
M. FBONDOSA L. Bul&clac-nang-dal&ga ; Matinggaln. 
M. GBANDIFLORA Rolfe. Agb6y, v.; Balfii-lam6c, II.; Buy6n (Balabac) ; 

Cahoy daiaga, T. ; Malacaf 4 ( ? ) , V. ; Matang-firan, V. ; Taba-tabfi, 

V. ; Tinga-tlnga, T. 
Mybistica. (MyristicacecB.) Trees generally with hard wood. The nut- 
meg belongs in this genus. 
Alanlgni (Zamboanga) ; Banaban^lo, T. ; Bitanh6l-na-babfie, B. ; 

Cartigu, T., V.; Dug6an, B.; Durtigu, T., V.; Hindurtigu, T. V.; 

Lfiho, v.; Malacadios; Oylsan, T. ; Oy6c, Ig. ; Saguing-nang-cfilao, 

B.; Tambao, T.; Ubfan (Tarlac). 
M. CUMINGII Warb. Dugtian, T. ; Malataiang, T. 
M. GUATTERIIFOLIA A. DC. Camfis, (Zamboanga) ; Talang-bund6c, T.; Tti- 

gan, T. 
M. MiNDANAENSis Warb. Duhao, (Zamboanga). 
M. PHiLiPPiNENSis Lam. Anls cfthoi, T. ; Anis moscdda, T. ; Balinttia, 

(Zamboanga) ; Dug6an; Taiang-taiang, T. 
M. SIMIABUM A. DC. Andping, (Zamboanga) ; Manumbftga, (Zamboanga). 

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Nabavelia. {RcmunGukLcecB.) Climbing shrubs with flowers in axillary 
1-flowered peduncles. 
C&uad cau&san, T.; Ovai-na-pafiglAo, II.; Par&pit-hAfigin, T. 
M. LAUBIFOLIA Wall. Bftnai-b&nai, 11.^ T. ; DucttLng-Ahas, T. 
Nauglea. {BuhiacecB,) Shrubs or trees with white flowers in a dense glo- 
bose inflorescence. 
Bagarflao na itlm, T.; Bancftl, T.; Bancal&nan, (Zamboanga) ; Baifigal^ 
T.; Hambabfti, V.; Himbabftlob, T.; Hambftlod, T., V.; Hambabftyod, 
v.; Lisftc, T.; Magarllao, T.; Oisftc, T. 
N. BLANOOi Vidal. Mamb6g, B. 
N. OLABEBBIMA Blanco. Bangc&l. 
N. GLABRA DC. Bagallrat. 
N. OBTUSA Blume. Ambabftlud, V.; Ambftlod, T., V.; Babalod, T., V.; 

BAlod, T., V. ; Hambabfilod, T., V. 
N. PUBPUBEA Roxb. Caluntffigan-flga-itfm, V.; Galimtl^an-figa-mulAto, V. 
Neesia altissoca Blume. {MaVvaoecB,) A lofty jbree. 

Libato-na-putt, T. 
Neutbis. {RubiacecB,) AlungcAgay, V.; Gran&tes, T.; Malatumb&ga^ T. 
Nelumbium sfeciosuh Willd. {NympheacecB.) An erects large water herb 
with peltate leaves and white or pink flowers. 
Baino, T.; Bayn6, T.; Sticao, 11. 
Nepenthes. {Nepenthacece,) Usually climbing plants, the midrib of the 
leaves produced into a peduncle which bears a pitcher of various 
Arfin-cftlao, V.; CAca, T.j Inthnang-c&Io, T.; Jarrlto, T.; Pichfl, T. 
N. ALATA Blanco. Batbatid6r, Ig.; Batid6r, II.; CadtLng, Ig.; Gorgor^ta, 

II.; Jftrro, II. 
N. OBAGiLis Korth. Sogons6gon, V.; Suludstllud, V. 
N. VENTBicosA Blauco. Saludsaltld. 
Nephelittm. {SapindacecB.) Trees, some species valued for their timber. 

Apatong, T.; Aytipag, T.; Bac&lao, Pang.; Sambujilau, V. 
N. QLABBUH Noronh. Allpai, T; Alfpay; Alpay, T.; Altlpag, T.; Altlpay; 
Bacc&lao; B6boa, V.; Guisfan, T.; Guisfhan, T.; Lechlas, T.; Tinai- 
ngul, T. 
N. LiTCHi Camb. Fruit edible. 

Hal6pag-&mo (Tayabas) ; Lechfa. 
N. LONGANA Camb. Allpai, T.; Alpfti, T.; Altlpag, T.j Alftpai, T.; Le- 

chlas, T. 
NicoTiANA tabAcum L. {SolafKioecB.) Tobacco. Introduced from America. 

Tabfico, Sp. Fil. 
NiPA FBucncANS Wurmb. (Patmce.) The leaves of this species are exten- 
sively used for the purpose of thatching houses. 
Lfisa; Nfpa, T.; Sftga, Z.; Sasfi, T.; Tftta, Cag. 
Nympelsa lotus L. {NymphecLcecB.) Large equatie herbs, the pond lilies. 
GAvai-gAvai, V., T., Pamp.; Gfiway-gfiway; Lftvas, T., V., Pamp.; 
Ltlnas; Talallo, T., V., Pamp.; Ttlnas, T., V., Pamp.; Tal&ylo. 
N. STELLATA Willd. Lftuas, T. 

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OcHWA SQUABBOSA Linn. (OchnacecB,) A shrub or tree with alternate 
serrate leaves and yellow flowers. 
Bansflay, V.; Basflay. 
OcHBOOABPUS. {OuttiferecB,) Trees with coriaceous leaves and axillary 
Malabtinao, B. 
O. PENTAPETALUS Blanco. Namacpllcan, H. (T); Pamitlflin, II.; Pamitla- 

ttn, a 
OdMiTM BASiucuM L. {LahiatecB.) A strongly scented herb with pink or 
purplish flowers. 
Bonftc, v.; Cal6oy, V.; Canfila, V.; Sol&si, T.; SulAsi, T. 
O. OBATISSIMI7M L. Strongly scented, shrubby. Flowers yellow. 

Colonc6gon, V. 
O. SANGTUic Linn. Strongly scented, herbaceous. 

AlbahAca; BalAnoi, T.; Bfday, II.; Oamatige, V.; Goloc6go, V.; L6co- 
l6co, T., Pamp. 
OcTOMELES SXTMATBANA Miq. {DatisocecB,) A tree. 

Banu&ng, T.; BiMa, T.; Biltian, T.; Bin6nang, T.; Binu&ng. 
Qlax. {OlaoineoB.) Trees or shrubs, often scandent, sometimes prickly. 

Lfigu, T. 
O. IMBBICATA Roxb. , Scandent, unarmed, leaves ovate-oblong, racemes many 
MalabAguio, T. 
Qij)ENLAin>iA DIFFUSA Roxb. {RuhiaoecB.) An annual glabrous diffuse 
annual with linear leaves. 
Agtiho, v.; Daniri, V. 
Olea. {OleacecB.) Trees or shrubs with small flowers in axillary or ter- 
minal panicles. 
Batiso (Central Luzon); Dflan-b&ca, B.; Malabtitong, T.; Malaptiad, 
Onyohitjm aubatum Kaulf. {FiUcea,) A fern with finely dissected leaves, 
yellow beneath. 
Dfla-dlla; P&oong-antiang. 
Ophiobbhiza. {RubiacecB.) Erect, creeping, or decumbent herbs. 

Cayob-c6b (Cebu). 
Opuja javanica Miq. {Olaoinece,) A low, scrambling shrub with alter- 
nate entire distichous leaves. 
Aragolroy, V. 
Ofuntia cochinillifeea Mill. {CactacecB.) A cactus introduced from 
America, occasionally cultivated for ornament. 
Dftpal, v.; Dllang-bflca, T. 
Obania beoalis Zipp. (PahncB.) A palm resembling the cocoanut palm 
in habit, but with numerous small globose fruits 2 inches in diameter. 
BarAfigoi (Bulacan) ; Palindftn, T. 
Obghipeda foetida Blume. {Apocinacece.) Small tree with rather large 
Bay&g cambfng, T.; Bayflg usft, T.; Pant6g-sang-usfi, V. 

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Okmosia calavensis Blanco. {Legutninosew.) A tree, the pods with 
small red seeds. 
Bfthay, T.; Malaamtiyon, T.; Malasfiga, T. 
Orophea. {AnonacecB.) Trees or shrubs. 
Maquitarin (Tayabas) ; Palosftnto, T. 
O. ENTEBOCAEPOiDEA Vidal. Panganftua, Cag. 

Oboxylum indicum L. (Bignoniacece.) . A small tree with large pods, 
3 ft. long. 
Abftng abdng, T., V.; Ab6ng ab6ng, V.; Balllang ofic, T. ; Pincapfnca, 
T.; Pincapincfthan, T. 
Obyza minuta Presl. {Oraminece.) A variety of rice. 

Captitol, V. 
0. sativa L. Rice, of which many varieties are recognized by the natives. 
Bfgas, T. ;, T. ; Bolfihan ; Bolohftn, T. ; Dumali, T. ; Lamtiyo, 
T.; Malagqult, T.; Nil6mot (Tayabas); Palfiy, T.; *Quinandft, T.; 
Tangi, T. 
OsBECKiA cHiNENSis L. (MelastomacecB.) Ghangpftralig (Angat). 
Obbobnia octodonta F. Vill. {Myrtacec^) Sagfisa, T. 
OsMELiA. {8amydacece.) A tree with alternate glabrous leaves and ter- 
minal panicles. Flowers white, tinged with red. 
OsMOXYLON. (AraliacecB.) A tree. 

Nfog-nlog, T. 
0. PULCHERBIMXJM Vidal. Apfilong; Aptilong, V. 
Otophoba bulncoi Blume. {Sapindacew.) A small tree. 

. Balinfionao, T., V.; Dlrig, II. 
0. SPEGTABiLis Blume. Palo&han. 

Ottelia alismoides Pers. {Eydrocharidew.) A submerged fresh- water 
herb with rather large white flowers. 
Calabfto, T. 
OxALis ACETOSELLA L. {(^eromocece.) The common sorrel. Mistaken by 
Philippine authors for the next species?. 
Ayo, Pamp.; Cungl, Pamp.; Ctlngui; Darfisig, V.; Lujtila. 
O. COBNICULATA L. A Small herb with an acid taste, flowers yellow. 

Congl, Pamp.; Malabaltigbug-dfigis, Pamp.; Susocay6hi, T.; Taigan- 
d6ga, T.; Taifiang-dagft ; Yfiyo, Pamp. 


Pachybhyzus angui-atus Rich. {Leguminosece.) A climbing herbaceous 
plant from a turnip-like tuber, which is edible. Cultivated. 
Hicamfis, T. ; Sincamfts, T.; Ticamfis, V. 
Paederia FOETIDA L. {Ruhiocew.) A climbing herbaceous vine with foetid 
Cantfitac, T.; Cant6tai, T., Pamp.; Canttitan, T.; Cant6tan, T.; Can- 
t6tay, T.; Dictita, Maboloc, Pamp.; Lilltan, V.; Matabftng-dlcut, 
Pamp.; Taltai, V. 

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Palaquium. (Sapotacece.) Trees, all of which produce gutta-percha, the 
leaves of most species glistening beneath. Flowers on the branches 
below the terminal leaves. 
Antisep, T.; Galapla (Mindanao) ; Dulltan-pulft, T.; Maca&sin-putf, T.j 
Malaput&t, T.; Malasaputf, Pamp.; Malaputtitan, T.; Kfrao, B. 
P. BABNEsn Merrill. Leaves obovate obtuse, pubescent beneath. 

Nfito, V. 
P. CUNEATUM Vid. Leaves small, glabrous beneath. 

An6sep, T. 
P. I.ANCEOLATTJM Blauco. Bagalftngit, T. 
P. I^ATIFOLIUM Blanco. Leaves large, densely rusty tomentose beneath. 

Alacfiac, T.; Alficao, Pamp.; Alftcap, T. ; Pacancftl, Pamp.; Pfilac- 
pfilac, T. 
P. I.UZONIEN8E Vidal. Leaves long petioled, glabrous beneath. 

Bagalftiigit, T.; Bitocolfng, T.; Dolltan. 
P. OLEIFEBUM Blanco. Similar to P. latifoUum, but leaves acute, not obtuse. 

Dal&can, II.; Darac&n, II.; Malacm&c, T., Pamp. 
Panax fbtjticosum L. {AralicLcew.) A shrub 3 to 6 ft. high, with tripin- 
nate leaves. Cultivated for ornament. 
Macdn, V. ; Paplia, T., V., Pamp. 
Pancbatium zeylanicum Linn. {Amaryllidacecd.) Ajos-fijos nga mapoti, 
v.; Bftcong sa Persia; Bdoang-baoang, V.; Cat6ngal, T. ; Hagobftoa, 
v.; Ltinas; R6sas-de-p^rsia, Sp. Fil. 
Pandanus. {Panda/ncLcece,) The "screw-pines," so called from the spiral 
arrangement of the leaves. The leaves are much used for the manu- 
facture of mats, baskets, etc. 
Carahtlmai, T.; Pandfin-sabotftn, T. ; Sal6go, V. 
-p. DUBius Spreng. Baiio, V.; Bangc6ang-bond6c, T. ; Bftren, V. 
P. EXALTATUS Blanco. Alfisas, T. 
P. FA8CICULARIS Lam. Arqulg,. ( ? ) Cag. 
P. ODOBATissiNUS Linn. f. Lfiha (?) ( Jolo) ; Paddfin, Cag.; Pandfin, T., 

v.; Pangdftn, V.; Panhficad, V. 
P. BADIGANS Blanco. Olfingo, V. 
P. SABOTAN Blanco. Sabotfin, T. 
P. SYLVESTEis Rumph. Lal6go, V.; Lan6go, V. 
Pangium edule Reinw. ( Bixacece. ) A tree. 

Pftfigi, T.; Pfingui, V. 
Panicum. (Qraminece.) Coarse or fine grasses. 

Bisacldt, T. ; Canubstiban, T. ; Cfiuad-caufiran, T. ; DamCing-pasig, T. ; 
Damtis-&pi, T. ; Duadufiran, T. ; Hagusnfiy, T. ; Ltiya-Mya, T. ; Mala- 
caufiyan, T. ; Mfilit-calabfio, T.; Tuadtufiran, T. 
P. COLONUM L. Tiribtihan, T. 
P. CBUSGALLi L. The "barn-yard grass" of the United States. 

Dfiua-dftua, T. 
P. FLAVIDUM Retz. Sab6ng-sab(ingan, T. 
P. INDICUM L. Sangtimay, T. 
P. BEPENS L. Ltiya-luyahan, T. 

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Pabamicbia philippinensis Radlk. {ApopinacecB.) A woody vine with 
white fragrant flowers, the bark producing an abundance of milky 
sap; which on coagulation becomes rubber. 

Btilao-btilao, V.; Dugt6ng-Ahas, T.; Gam6t-sambAli, T.j Itlban, T.; 
Parogt6ng-Ahas, T.j Pasftc; Sagid, V.; Sagit, T.j Tagtic-tagflc, V.; 
Tagulftuay, T., V.; TayulAuay (Iloilo). 
Pabasponia. {Urtio(ioecB.) Tanagd6n. 
Pabastomon. (BoaaoecB.) Shrub or small tree. 

Pabinabtum. (RoscLcecB.) Trees. 

Al&mag, Bltai-bftlang, Pang. 
Pabeia BOXBX7B6HII G. Don. {LegummosecB,) A large tree bearing long 
dark-colored pods. 

Bag6-oen, II.; Bagtien, II.; BalAy-o&c, II.; C6pang, T., II.; Cflpang, T. 
Paspalum ( OrammecB. ) Tufted grasses, usually found in wet places. 

Paragls, T.; S&bung-sabti£gan, T. 
Pavetta. {RubiacecB,) Shrubs or small trees. 

Cfthoy dalftga. 
P. ANGUSTiPOLiA R. & S. Alip6ong, v.* 
Paten A. {Sapotacece.) Trees, yielding gutta-percha. 

Lisong-insfc, T.; L6no-l6no. 
Pemphis acidula Forst. (LythraoecB,) A shrub or small tree, common 
along the seashore. Flowers small, white. 

Bantlgui, V.; Pantfgui, V.; Pllit, B. 
Pennisetum nigbicans Miq. {QrammecB.) Aguffigai, T. 
Pebistbophe oontobta Blanco. {Aoa/nthaoecB.) An erect spreading herb. 

Sapinsapin, T. 
Ph^nthus cuiONon Miq. {Anonace<B,) A small tree. 

P. NUTANS Hook, f . & Th. Landtang-itfm, T. ; Lantitan itim. 
Phalaenopsis amabaus Blimie. {OrcJUdacecD.) A very striking epiphy- 
tic orchid. 

Phalebia pebbottetiana B. and H. {ThymeliacecB.) A tree. 

Salfigo, V. 
Phaseolus cabagalla Blanco. {Legumvnoaew.) A twining herbaceous 

P. lunatus Linn. A twining biennial, everywhere cultivated for its edible 

Haba, Sp.; Patfini, T., V.; Zabb&che. 
P. MUNGO L. Cultivated. 

Balfitong, T.; Bolfiton; M6ngos, T.; Mtingo. V. 
P. VUI.6ABIS DC. Cultivated. 

Birlngi, T.; Btltifig; Butlfiga, T. 
Phoebe. {Laurinece.) Evergreen trees or shrubs. 

Malacftdios, T. 

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P. UMBELLiFLOBA Blume. Malabtifiga, B. 

PsBAGMiTES BOXBUBGHn Nccs. {Oram4n€<B,) A very coarse reed-like 
grass found in wet places. 
Tamb6, T. 
Phbynium. iSoitimineoB.) Hagnichfc, V. 
PHYIXAITTHU9. {EupkorhiocecB.) Trees, shrubs, or herba 

Agay, T.; Asac-tftlong; Btito-but6nis, V.; Car&may; Lagftri; Mu- 
rtigna, V.; Tafiglsan-ptinay, V.; Ten&an; Tinftan, T. 
P. ACIDUS Muell. Arg. A tree, fruit edible. 

Cagulnd; Calutpfimo; Lafig^Igi. 
P. DiSTiCHUS Muell. Arg. A tree, fruit edible, very acid. 

Banqullin, T.; Bafigqulling, V., T.; Iba, T., Pamp.; Lay6han, V.; 
P6ras, v.; Yba, T. 
P. NiBUBi Muell. Arg. A small herbaceous plant much used in medicine. 

Hi^rba de San P6dro, Sp. 
P. BETicuiATUS Muell. Arg. A small shrub with black berry-like fruit; 
very common. 
Malafba, T.j Malatfnta, T.; MatAng-ol&ng, V.; Nipin (Zamboanga) ; 
Stifigot-olftng, v.; Tinatlnan, T.j TintatintAhan, T. 
P. UBINABIA L. A small herb used in the practice of medicine. 

Ibaibftan, T. 
Phylix>stachys bambusoides Sieb and Zucc. {Orammew.) A bamboo. 

Cau&yan-liga-ittim, V. 
Physaus angulata L. {SoUmacecB.) An herbaceous plant, common in 
waste places. 
Aslsio, v.; CamAtis; Sfsio, V.; TuttullAcac, T. 
P. PEBUViANA L. Similar to the preceding, but the fruit edible; culti- 
Captili; Potocftn, T.; Pot6c-potocAn, T.; Slsio, V.; 
PiCBASMA JAVANICA Blume. { SimoruhaoecB.) A tree with large unequally 
pinnate leaves. 
Lan6te, V.; Nftlis. 
PiEBABDiA?. (EuphorbiacecB.) Shrubs or trees. 

Banltlong (Zamboanga); Tincftl (Zamboango). 
PiNUS iNSULABis Endl. {Coniferew.) A pine tree found in Benguet, etc. 
Three leaves in a fascicle. 
Alal, Ig.; Bal^bo, Ig.; Barifit; BAta; B&tang (Bontoc) ; B^be; B^beng; 
Bo6-bo6, Ig.; Paloplno; Pftrua, II.; SAgin, T.; Sftleng, II. 
P. MEBGUsn J. and de V. Pine from Zambales, two leaves in a fascicle. 

Palos&pis, T.; Sftlong, Z.; Tapfilao, Zamb.; Tapdlao. 
PiFEB. {PiperdcecB.) Herbaceous vines. 

Chlleng-bund6c, T.; Litllt; Salimftra, T. 
P. BETLE L. The leaves of this species are chewed with the nut of the 
Areca palm. 
Btiyo, v., T.; Canisi, V.; Hojas de buyo; Itmo, V., T.; Mamfn, B., T.; 
Mam6n, V.; P6ro; Sftmat, Pamp. 
P. OANnnJM A. Dietr. Btiyo-btiyo (Albay) ; Btiyo it Amo, V.; Btiyo it fiyam, 
v.; Btiyo it lintl, V.; Sfibia, T. ' 

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P. COBYLISTACHYON C. DC. Hftras, v.; L6tlet-tfibuy, T.; Litbit, V.; Litll, 

v.; Nftpan, B.; Safigllo, V.; Sfiog, V. 
P. NIGRUM L. Yields the black pepper of commerce. 

Malfsa, T.j Pimi6nta, Sp. 
P. PHILIPPINUM Miq. Pimi6ntang-bund6c, T. 
P. 8UBPBLTATUM Wllld. Tabftyac (Iloilo). 
PiPTUBUS ASPEB Wedd. iUrtioacecB.) A small shrub. 

Alafiglsi, v.; Dalon6ban; Dal6not, T., Pamp.; Dalon6tan, V.; Dallinot, 
T.; Handalftmay; Handar^mai, V.; Himarfimay, V.; Hindaldmai, V. 
PisoNiA ACUUJiATA L. {tfyctagmocecB.) A tall woody climber with axil- 
lary recurved prickles. 
Digqult-digquft, T.; Pftcat-ftro, T.; Panftcla (Bulacan) ; Puriquet, II. 
P. INEBMIS Forst. A tree, unarmed. 

Coles maltieo, T. ; Maltico, T. 
P. UMBELLATA Seem. A tree 40 to 50 ft. high. 

Malagasftha, B. 
PiSTiA STBATIOTES Liiin. {Aroide<F.) A floating stemless herb, the leaves 
forming an erect cup. 
Alultian, Cag. ; Cayfipo, V. ; Lolofin, II. ; L6uan-l6uan, V. ; Quifipo, T. 
PiTHEcoLOBiUM. {LeguminosecB.) Trees. 

G6go-cft8ay, T. ; T6que, T. 
P. AGLE Vidal. A large and valuable timber tree. 

Acle, T. 
P. DULCE Benth. A medium or large tree now common in the Philippines, 
introduced from America. The fleshy aril surroimding the seed is 
Camanchlle, T. ; Camanchfles; Camachllis, T. ; Camansfle, T.; Caman- 
tirfs, II.; Camast^les; Camochlle; CamocMles, T.; Commonsll, V. ; 
Camonslles, T. ; Damortls, Ig. 
P. LOBATUM Benth. A valuable timber tree. 

Alobfihai, T. ; Anag&b; Anag&p, T. ; Anagftt; Anagu^p; AnArep, II.; 
Bintlng-dalfiga, T. ; Culfcul, V. 
P. MONTANUM Benth. Anagap", T.; Cfisai, T.; CAsay, V.; Malacamonsfle, 

T. ; Tiqu6s, T. 
PiTTOSPOBUM. {Pittosporacece.) Trees or shrubs. 

BuMlang, B. ; Malambangcdbas ( Zamboanga ) ; Mamdlis-babde, T. ; 
P. FEBNANDEZii Vidal. Mamfilis, T. 
P. FLOBIBUNDUM W. & A. Balufigcanfiyan, V. 

Planchonia. ( Myrtacece. ) Trees with the alternate leaves crowded at the 
ends of the branches. Racemes short, terminal, flowers greenish^ 
yellow or white. 
Ab6bo, B. ; Alitaptap, B. ; Malanban, T. ; Matiban, T. 
Plantago ebosa Wall. [Plantaginacece.) Lantfn, T. 
Plectocomia elongata Mart. & Blume. {Palmce.) Scandent palms. 
Nfiflga, V. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Plectbonia. {Rubi4tcew.) Unarmed or spinous shrubs, erect or climbing. 

Cutctiran, T. ; Sublan-dag&; Sullac-dagft, T. 
P. HORBXDA H. & T. Stems with many hooked spines. 

P. MOLUCCANA Merrill. Silislli. 

Pluchea indica Less. (CompositeiF.) A low shrub, growing in the salt 
Lagtindi Iftti, T.; Ttilo-lalftqui (Iloilo). 
Plumbago zeylanica L. {Plumhaginacece.) Herbs or undershrubs with 
diffuse branches, the rachis of the spike pubescent or glandular. 
Bangbftng, II.; Sangdig^uit, T. ; Talancfio, II.; Talangcftw, II. 
Plumieba acutifolia Poir. (Apocinacece.) A tree with very fragrant 
^white flowers, introduced from America and cultivated for orna- 
Calachfichi, T. ; Calastlsi, T. ; Calatslitsi, T. ; Calattiche, V.; Carachd- 
cha, T. 
PoDOCABPUS. {Coniferece.) Large trees found in the higher mountains. 

Dllag-butiquf , T. ; Salupf sin ( Bontoc ) . 
PoNOGATHEBUM CRINITUM Trin. {Graminecp.) A delicate grass found on 
damp ledges along rivers, etc. 
Damting-gtibat, T. 
PoGOSTEMON CABLIN Beuth. (Lahiatew.) Herbs or undershrubs. 

Cadlln, V. ; Cadl6m, V. ; CarHn, T. ; Sftroc, Ig. ; Catlu^n, V. 
P. HEYNEANU8 Bcnth. CabUn, T., Pamp. 

PoiNCiANA BEOIA Bojer. {Leguminosece.) The "fire tree," commonly 
planted in the Philippines for ornamental purposes. 
Arbol de fuego, Sp. Fil. 
POLLIA 80BZ0G0NENSIS Endl. (Commelinacew.) Large herbs with lanceo- 
late leaves, the stem erect, viscid. 
Loh6d-loh6d, V. 
PoLUA THBYSiFLOBA Endl. Sapllco, Ig. 
PoLYALTHiA. {Anonacecp.) A tree. 

Dalinhfis, T. 
P. LANCEOLATA Vid. An6lang, T. 

PoLYANTHES TUBEBOSA L. {AmarylUdacew.) Azticena; Nflrdo (Cebu). 
Polygonum. {Polygonacew.) Herbs with alternate entire leaves, in- 
florescence a spiciform or panicled raceme. 
Malabalfinte, T. 
P. BABBATUM L. The nodes furnished with long bearded stipules. 

Canubstiban, Pamp.; Substiban, T. 
PoLYPODiUM. ( Filices ) . A large genus of exceedingly variable ferns. 

Agnfiya; Dilimdn (Manila) ; HagnSya. 
P. DiPTERis Blanco. CAdco, Ig. ; Marapfico, II. 
P. QUEBCIFOLIUM L. An epiphytic fern. 

Cabcfib, v.; Cabcflban, V.; Cabcfibun, V.; Capcfipa, II.; Gona, Pamp. j 
Pacpfic-lfiuin, T.; Paipaf-ftmo, T.; Tibfitib, Pamp. 

8956 12 

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PoLTPOBUS. A genus of pore-bearing woody fungi. 

Cabtiti, T. 
PoLYSCiAS NODOSA Seem. {AraliacecB,) A glabrous shrub with panioled 
umbels and pinnate leaves. 
Bifts-bifls, T., v.; Bifiglln, T., V.; Bofigllu, V., T.; Bonlln, T.; Bufiglfn, 
T.; Bufig-16y, V.; MalapapAya, T., V. 
PoMETiA. {Sapindacew.) Tall trees with pinnate leaves and simple or 
panicled, elongated, slender racemes. 
Cuya-qula, Z.; Quiaqula, Z. 
PONGAMIA OLABBA Vent. [LeguminoaecB.) An erect tree with odd-pinnate 
leaves and woody, flattened, indihiscent pods, common near the 
Balfc-ballc, T.; Bal6c bal6c, T.j Bal6t-bal6t (Tayabas) ; Baui, T.; 
Bay6c-bay6c, T.; Btitong, V.; Cadd6l. 
POBTULACA OLERACEA L. (PortulaccLcecB.) A prostrate succulent weed, 
the "purslane" of the United States. 
Ausfman, B.; Colasfman, T. ; Golaslman, T.; Olasfman, T.; Saylcan, T. 
P. QUADBIFIDA L. Saylcan, T. 

PoTAMOQATON jAVANicus Hassk. {tfoAodaoecB,) Submerged water plant 
with floating leaves. 
L6mot, T. 
P6TH0S. {Aroidece.) Climbing branched shrubs j the branches rooting. 

Apis, T. 
P. CTLiNDBicus Presl. H61og-iiga-isa, V. 

PouzoLZiA iNDicA Gaud. {Urtioaoece.) A slender, erect or prostrate herb 
with axillary white flowers. 
Tula, T. 
Pbemna. (VerhenacecB.) Shrubs or small trees with corymbose or panicled 
cymes of rather small greenish or yellowish flowers. 
Adio (Tayabas); Agdfto, T.; Alftga, T.; Alagfto dftgat, T.; Alogba- 
gtinit, T.; Anghet, T.; Anoftang; Arag&o, V.; MalaApi, T.; Manabfi, 
B.; Mulfiuin-fiso, T.; Tanftua, T.; tJban. 
P. VESTiTA Schauer. Leaves softly pubescent. 

AagAo, T.; Adgflo, V.; Alagdo, T.; Alg6a, T.; Anobrftn, II.; Argfto, V.; 
Mol6uin-6so, T. ; Pamtihat, V.; Tafiglfiy-mal6to, Pamp. 
Pbosopis jutlifloba DC. {LeguminoaecB,) A shrub or small tree intro- 
duced from America and now very common along the seashores in 
certain places. Thorns stout, flowers yellow. 
Ar6ma, T. 
PsiDiuM GUAYAVA L. {MyrtocecB,) A shrub or small tree, native of 
America and now very common in the Philippines. The fruit is 
Arrftyan; Bayfibas, T.; Calinbagin, T.; Guay^bas, Sp.; Guayftbo; 
Guyaba, Sp.; Guyfibas, Sp.; Tayfibas, T. 
PsoPHOCABPUS PALUSTBis Dcsv. {Leguminoaew,) A twining herb from 
a large tuberous root. Pod 3 to 4 inches long. Cultivated. 
BalAgay, V. 

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P. TETRAGONOLOBUS DC. Similar, but with a pod 6 inches long or more, 
square, winged. Cultivated. 
Calamismls, T.; Calamlsmis; Camaltison, V.; Pal-lftm, II. 
PSYCHOTRIA. (Ruhiacece.) Shrubs or small trees. 

Tatanfc, T. 
P. MALAYANA Jack. L6no, T.; Sag6may; Tagp6, T. 
Pteris opaca J. Sm. {Filices.) Dag&bas, T., V.; Darlas, T., V. 
Ptebocarpus. {Leguminosece.) Trees with yellow flowers and orbicular 
pods which have a rigid wing. Valuable timber trees. 
Dan&pra; Daytftnag, Pamp,; Idlao; Tagp&, C; Udifion, T. 
P. BLANCOI Merrill. Leaves acuminate, pods glabrous, wing broad, wood 
Sanqu^, V.; Urian, Apfilit, Pamp. 
P. iNDicus L. Similar to preceding species but leaves acute and wing of 
pod much narrower. 
Agftna ; Antfigan ; Asdna, T. ; Daitfinag, Pamp. f Nftga, V. ; N&rra, T., V. 
P. viDALiANUS Rolfe. Pods covered with stout spines. 

Nfirra pula (Unisan). 
Pterocaulon cylindrostachyum Clarke. (Compositw.) A tomentose 
herb with alternate decurrent leaves and sessile heads of yellow 
Samb6ng-galft, T. 
Pterocymbium javanicum R. Br. {Sterculiacece.) A tall tree, the seeds 
Bang6t, T.; Busftin (Leyte) ; Dtiha, (?) V.; Fafigfnhan; Malasaps&p, 
T. ; Tal6to, T. ; TaMto. 
Pterospermum. {Sterculiacece.) Scaly or stellate- tomentose trees, with 
leathery oblique leaves, woody-angled capsules, and winged seeds. 
Baritian, II.; Baytig, V.; Bay6g-bay6g, Pamp.; Calatlngan, T.; Can- 
tlngan (Mang.) ; Qulnay-qulnay, T. ; Taligdna, Z. 
P. acerifolium Willd. Leaves roundish or oblong, entire or coarsely 
Bay6c, T. 
P. blumeanum Kth. Bayoc, T. ; 3ay6c, T. ; Bay6g, T. ; Bayugtln, T. 
P. DrvERSiFOLiUM Blumc. Leaves horary beneath, acuminate. 

Bfigud, T.; Baiay-bayan, Z.; B&roy; BayCc, T. ; Btiiiga, Cag. 
P. OBUQUUM Blume. Calocatliigan, T. ; Panalingfien; Tlngan-tlngan, T. 
Ptychosperma punicea Miq. {Palmw.) Sal6ag, V. 

PuERARiA JAVANICA Benth. {LegumifiosecB.) Stems twining,, covered with 
dense, spreading brown hairs. 
Sincamfis-&so, T. 
P. PHASEOLOIDES Benth. Bfihay, V. 
PUNICA QRANATUM L. (Lythrocew.) A shrub, the pomegranate, cultivated. 

Dallma ( Jolo) ; Granada, Sp. 
PuPALiA ATROPURPUREA Moq. {Amo/rcmtacece.) A slender, erect herb, with 
acuminate leaves and long spikes. 
D6cot-d6cot, V. 

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Pygeum. {Ro8ac€(B.) Evergreen trees or shrubs. 

Amtigan, T.; Bfihay, T., V.; Cagattingan, T.; Dung6n-dung6nan, T. ; 

Gullit, T.; Luyfisin, T.; Malacmdc, T., Pamp.; Malaptiyao, T.; Taloc- 

P. ABBOBEUM Endl. Pasftc, T. 


QuEBcus. (Gupuliferew.) The oaks. Many species are found in the 

mountain forests in the Philippines. 
Babaisfian, T.; Bagmftn, T.; Baymfin, T.; Baydcan, T.; Manl6ab, T. ; 

Matiring, T. ; Pacndn, T. ; Panganftn ; Ticl^b, Ig, ; Uyfiyan, V. 
Q. BLANCOi A. DC. Uayfin, T. 

Q. c ASTELLABANAUIANA Vidal. Pusoptiso ( Marinduque ) . 
Q. JOBDANiE Lag. Palfiyen, Ig. 

Q. LLANOSii A. DC. Alftyan, T. ; Hay6pag, T. ; Macablngao, T. 
Q. PHiLiPPiNENSis A. DC. Mangasirlqui (Bulacan). 
Q. SOLEBIANA Vidal. Cacfina, T. ; Olfiyan. 
Q. viDALii F. Vill. Sirlque. 
QuiSQUALis INDICA Linn. {Comhretacece.) A rambling, subscandent shrub 

with slender, elongated fragrant white, pink, or red flowers. 
Babebfibe, Pamp.; Balitfidham, V.;. Nlog-ni6gan, T. ; PinCnes, V.; 

Taldlon (Marinduque) ; Tangfilon (Marinduque) ; TangClon, T., V.; 

Tangfilon, T. ; Tartarfio, II. ; Tortorfioc, T. 

Randia. (RubiacecB.) Shrubs or small trees. 

Bayabar fiso, Pamp.; Malabacfiuan, T. ; Malacaf^, T.; Malacilrpa; 
R. CUMINGIANA Vidal. Palo-pfilo, B. 
R. DUMETOBUM L. Sinampfiga, T. 
Rauwolfia. (Apocinacew.) Shrubs or small trees. 

Curcan6la (Albay) ; Lipfita, T. 
R. AMSONI.EFOLIA A. DC. Maladlta, T. ; Pandacfique lalaque, T. 
Rapanea PHILIPPINENSIS Mez. {Myrsinacece.) A small tree. 

CalumSnay, T. ; Tanigad (Dinagat). 
Ratonia MONTANA B. & H. {^apindacew.) Shrubs or trees. 

Guislan, T. 
Rhamnus. {Rhamnacece.) Shrubs or trees with alternate leaves and small 
berry-like drupes. 

Bical, II. 
R. wiGiiTii W. & A. Cabatiti, T. 

Rhaphidophoba. (Aroidece.) AmCilung, Cag. ; H6log, V.; H6tog, V. 
R. MONTANA Schott. Dapoug-tibatib, T. 

R. PEBTUSA Schott. Dayla, V.; Mdmao (Jolo) ; Pacpfic-lftuin, T. 
Rhapis flabellifobmis Ait. {Palmw.) An&hao, T. 

Rhizophoba. {Rhizophoracece.) A constituent of the mangrove swamps. 
Petals, four. 

Bluas, T. 

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R. CONJUQATA L. Bacftuan lalAqui, T. ; T6ngog, V. 

R. MUCBONATA Lam. Bftcao, T. V.; Bacftuan, T.; 06ngon, II.; Parfican, 

II.; Pel6tan; Pototfin; Tangfil, T.; Tigasftn. 
Rhodamnia glabra Vidal. {Myrtdcea.) Small tree or shrub. 

Gas-gSs, v.; Guis-gtiis, T. 
Rhododendbon bosmabinifolium Vidal. {Ericacece.) Small shrubs, found 
on the higher mountains. 
Vicbiqui, Ig. 
R. VEBTiciLLATUM Vidal. Lop6ng, Ig. 
RiciNUS COMMUNIS L. {Euphorhiac€<F.) The castor oil plant. 

Lanslna, T. ; Lingasfna, T. ; Tfingan-t&ngan, T., II.; Tavatavangslna, 
II.; Tawatawasiflga, II. 
Rosmarinus officinalis Linn. {Lahiatece.) The rosemary, introduced 
from Europe, cultivated and ( ? ) spontaneous. 
Romero, Sp. 
ROTTBOELLIA MUBICATA Retz. ( GraminecB. ) Stout coarse grass. 

Timsin, T. 
RouBEA. {Connaracece.) Trees or shrubs, sometimes scandent, with odd 
pinnate leaves and axillary paniculate inflorescence. 
Ibaibftn, T. 
R. HETEBOPHYLLA Plauch. A scaudcnt shrub with small white flowers and 
red capsules. 
Camagsa, T. ; Oamftgsa tagullis, T. ; Camtimin, T. ; Gulcos gulcos, T. ; 
Gurayfican, T.; Hanmababfto, T., V., Pamp. ; Magtfibig, V., Pamp. ; 
Mavindftto, V., Pamp.; Palosftnto, T. ; Ung&li-na-pulft, V., Pamp. 
R. MULTITFLOBA Planch. Malacahuc, T. 

RUBUS. (/Rosacea?.) The raspberry. Several species are found in the Phil- 
ippines; berries usually rather tasteless. 
Sabn^t, T. ; Sapnlt, T. 
R. GLOMEBATUS Blumc. DagSmit, V.; Saplnit, V. 
R. PABVIFLOBUS L. Dagtiinot, V. 
R. BOSiEFOLius Smith. Sagmit, T. ; Sapfnit, T. 
RuTA GBAVEOLENS L. {Rutacew.) A strong-smelling herb, cultivated. 

Dtira, V. 
Rypabosa longipedunculata. {Euphof-hiacecB.) Bungftnon (Tinago). 

Sacchabum officinabum L. { Graminece. ) The sugar cane. 

Agbo, Gag. ; Cafia-d(ilce, Sp. ; Quilaia, V. ; Tuh6, T. 
Saccolabium. {Orchidacecc.) Epipyhtic orchids. 

Mandgo, V. 
Saccopetalum. {AnonaceoB.) Trees. 

Calabfiyo, T. 
S. longipes Vidal. DaiTgltic, T. ; Lanfitan, T. 

Sagebetia. {Rhamnacew.) Shrubs with rigid or scandent branches and 
very small sessile flowers. 

Adadlnco (Benguet). 

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Salacia prinoides DC. ( Celastracece. ) A large climbing shrub with coria- 
ceous leaves. 
Matftng-olfing, T. 
Saux azaolana Blanco. (Quid?) Satice; Tifiun, T. 

Samadeea indica Gaertn. {Simaruhiacece.) A small tree with fleshy 
leaves and long peduncled many-flowered umbels. 
Darftput, v.; Linatogfinac, V.; Lint6n-gamai, V.; Mongal, T. ; Manun- 
gftl, T., B., v., Pamp.; Maulng-dftto, V.; Palagftrium, V.; Palfigium, 
V. ; Ponoan, V. 
Sambucus javanica Blume. {Gaprifoliacew,) A straggling shrub with 
corymbose inflorescence and small white flowers. 
Hag6noy-sa-b(iquid ; Sadco. 
Sandoricum viDALn Merrill. {Meliacece.) Trees with trifoliate leaves and 
fleshy fruits. 
Malasant6lj T. 
S. INDICUM L. A tree cultivated for its edible fruit. 

SantCl, T., V.; Sant6r (Zamboan'ga). 
Santiria. {Burseracew.) Balsamiferous trees with alternate trifoliate 
Abar, T.; Bolao, Pamp.; Btilao, T.; Paiitan, T. 
Sapindus. {Sapindacece.) Trees. 

Atalapllpi, Z. ; Baioc; Sansftli, T. 
S. TURCZANiNOwn Vid. Caslben, II.; Catlguis, T.; Cosibfin, II.; Malapallt- 
pit, Pamp.; Malapatplt; Palicpfc-pfto, Pamp.; Panosib^n (Tiagan) ; 
Tiquls tiquis, T.; Sausalili. 
Sarcocephalus cordatus Miq. (Ruhiacece.) A tree with globose heads of 
white flowers. 
Bancai, T.; Bancai-cdbog ; Bangcfil, T.; Bul^la, II.; Cftbag; Cabag 
hambabaios, V.; Hambabillos, T. ; Mabfilot, T. ; Nambabaios. 
Saurauja. {Ternstroemiacew.) Trees or shrubs with the leaves approxi- 
mate at the ends of the branches. 
MasipCn, Cag. ; Panoddlas, V.; Purft, B. • 
Sauropus androqynus Merrill. {Euphorhiacecp.) Binahfan, T. 
Sc^voLA KOENiGii Vahl. {OoodenoviacecB.) A small shrub with stout 
branches, tufted leaves and pale blue flowers, common on the sea- 
Baloc-baloc, T.; Boc&boc, T., V.; Bosb6ron, T., V.; B6to, T., V.; 
Linog, Z. ; Mosbor6n, T., V.; Panab6long; PanabClong, T., V.; Pana- 
btilung, V. ; Pangangt6long, T., V. ; Tagustds, V. 
ScHizosTACHYUM. {Grominece.) A bamboo. 

Ballcao, V. 
S. ACUTIFLORUM Muuro. Bocfluay, T. ; Cauftyan-bocAui ; Cauayan-osul ; 

Cauliyan-tfiyo-ufinac (Tayabas). 
?S. BLUMEi Nees. Caufiyan-chlna. 
SCHLEICHERA. {Sapindacece.) Trees. 

Dapnlt, Pamp.; Matamatft, B. Carabdftp. 
ScHRANKiA ACITLEATA Willd. (Gruciferew.) Saplnit, T. 

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SciRPUS. (Gyperacece.) Usually coarse rushes, growing in wet soils. 

Calantfpay, T.; CanubsHban, T. ; LiMran, T. 
S. MUCRONATA L. Balfingud, T. 
ScLEBiA. {Gyperacece.) Slender or coarse grass-like plants, in wet soils. 

Arfit, T.; Baroqu6boc, T.; Dfiat, T.; Dftt, V.; Ddut, T.; HAras, V. 
ScoLOPiA. (Bixacecp.) Spinous trees with alternate entire leaves. 

Piiyna, T. 
S. CRENATA Clos. Bitanh6l, T. ; Bittingol, T. 
S. DASTANTHERA Beuth. Sftua-sdua. 
S. ROXBUROHii Clos. Agas-fis. 

ScoPARiA DULCTS L. {Scrophulariacew.) A much-branched herb with 
numerous small white flowers, common in open places. 
Chacha-chachfichan, T. ; Malaanfs, Pamp. ; Saftng cabftyo, T. 
ScYPHiPHORA HYDROPHYLLACEA Gaertn. {RubtcLcecB.) A glabrous tree 
found along the seashore with coriaceous leaves, the young branches 
Manllad, T.; Nil&d, T.; Nilfir, T.; Pipislc, T.; Sabftsa, T. 
Selaoinella. {SelagineUacecB.) Crocal&say; Dans6, T. 
S. CAULESCENS Spring. Atofttong, Ig. 
Semecarpus. (Aruioardiacece.) Trees. 

Angfts babfie, T.?; Camiring, II.; Ltibidlflbid, B.; Pahtitan, T. 
S. ANACARDIUM L. f. Anftgas. 

S. GiQANTiFOLiA Vidal. Leaves 3 ft. long or more, crowded at the ends 
of the few branches. 
Malabaiabat?; Tocud-langit, T. 
8. MACROPHYLLA Merrill. Leaves obovate, ^ to 2 ft. long. 

Plpi, V. 
8. PERROTTETii March. Alfigas; Anfigas, V.; Balinhftsay (Abra) ; Bflgnao; 
Ingfts; Lafigas, V.; L^gas, T.; Ligftas, T.; Lfgas, T.; L6ngas (Cebu). 
Serianthes grandiflora Benth. {Leguminosece.) Unarmed tre^ with bi- 
pinnate leaves and large yellowish flowers. 
Sesamlm indicum L. {Pcdalinea.) An erect herbaceous plant with whit« 
flowers, cultivated and spontaneous. The seeds yield a valuable oil, 
known in commerce as sesamum oil. 
Lftna ; Lfinga ( Cag. ) ; Langfs, Pamp. ; LangiTg&, T. ; Languls, L6ngfiga, 
T.; Linga, T.; Llfig6; L6iTga, V. 
Sesbania aegyptiaca Pers. {Leguminosece.) A shrub with pale yellow 
Malacaqufos, T. 
S. GBANDIFLORA Pers. A Small tree with very large white flowers and 
slender pods a foot in length. 
Catfirai, T. ; Gauay-g^uay, V. ; Gfluay-g^uay nga pulfi, V. 
Sesuvium portulacastrum L. {FicoidecB.) A succulent branching herb, 
found along the seashores. 
Bflang-bflang, V.; Carampfilit, Pamp.; Dampfilit, T., V., Pamp.; Ta- 
rumpftlit, T. 

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Setabia qlauca Beauv. (OraminecB.) "Pigeon grass" of the United 
Btintot-ptisa, T. 
S. ITAUCA Beauv. (Oraminece.) Italian millet; cultivated. 

BicScao, II.; Borfina, Pamp. ; BucScao, II.; D^oa, V.; Dfiua, T., V.; 
Dfiva, T., v.; Mljo (Cebu). 
Shorea. {Dipterocarpacecp.) Large trees, valuable for their timber. 
Calyx in fruit with an obscure tube, two segments enlarged. 
Allngad, Pang. ; Banbfiyan, II. ; Batitlnan, T. ; Binalluan, T. ; Bltic, T. ; 
Bufcan, T.; Dalindlngan, T.; Danllg.; Dflyong, II.; Macaftsin, V.; 
Mangasin6ro, Z.; PalosSpis; Pauhfipi, T.; Tafigfli, T.; Tiftui, T. 
S. onso Blume. Catfipang; Curticat (Nueva Viscaya) ; Curyfto (Nueva 
Viscaya) ; Guljo, T. ; Guisfhang; Gufso, T. ; Guisdc, T. ; Sftray, Cag; 
Yambftn, II.; Zltfi^n, Cag. 
S. malaanonan Blume. MalaanCnan, T. 
S. MANGACHAPUY F. Vill. Gulsong-dilfio, T. 

SiDA CARPINIFOIIA L. {MalvacecB.) An undershrub with yellow flowers. 
Escobaghaba, T.; Higotbalfito, T., V., Pamp.; Pamfilis, T., V., Pamp.; 
SilhigCn, V.; Wawalisfin. 
S. FRUTESCENS Blanco. Mam6lis, T., V., Pamp. ; Taqulng-bftca, II. ; Taqufng- 

b^ca-bfica, II.; Uaualisfn, T., V., Pamp. 
S. BHOMBiFOLiA L. Bftseng-bfiseng, V. ; Ese6bang-haba, T., V., Pamp. 
SiDEROXYLON. {Sapotacew.) Trees, some species yielding gutta-percha. 
Acfina; Dolltan-pacfitan, T. ; Dol6tan-pulfi, T.; Marumancfts, T. ; Maru- 
mancfis-na-laiaque, T. 
S. BALiTBiTAN Blauco. Balitbftau, T. 
S. ciNEREUM L. Duelftan. 
S. DUCLiTAN Blanco. Duclltan, T. 
SiNDORA. (Leguminosece.) Trees. 

Yjlcet, Z. 
S. WALLiCHii Benth. A tree growing near the seashore, calyx beset with 
soft bristle-like processes. Pod armed with stout spines. 
Malap&ho, T. ; Mandpo, B. ; Palmo; Pamalalfan, Cag.; Pancalfan^ 
Cag. ; Stipa, T. ; Yftcal-dilfio, T. 
Smilax. {Liliacece.) Climbing shrubs with alternate 3 to 5 nerved leaves 
and small dioecious flowers. 
HampSs-tabaiang, T. ; 6bat, T. ; K6nas; Tighfilang, T. ; Unclon. 
S. CHINA L. Bfinag, V. T.; Bftrag, Pamp.; tJbi-ublhan, T. 
S. DIVARICATA Blanco. Himpfts-lagbfilang. 
S. INDICA Vitm. Banfigan, V. ; Camftgsa, T. ; Olftng, T. 
S. LATIFOLIA Blanco. Slpit-olfig. 

SoLANUM. {Solanacece.) Herbs, shrubs, or small trees, spinous or un- 
armed. Fruit a berry. 
TalampAy, T. ; TalCngon, T. 
S. FEROX L. Tagritong, V. ; Tfilong-gtibat, T. ; Tarambaio, T. 
S. MELONGENA L. The egg plant, cultivated. 
Tfilong, T., V. 

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S. NIOBUH L. A common weed with small black berries, used in medicine. 
Bolagtab, v.; Camacamatlsan, T.; C6nty, T.; Ctinti, T.; Ctiti, B.; 
Gamagamatlsan, T. ; HulabMb, V.; Lagpficum, V.; LubMubl, T., V., 
B. ; 6nti, T. 
S. SANCTUM L. Tfilangbtilo, T. ; Tfiiigan-tftiTgan, T. 
S. TUBEROSUM L. The potato, cultivated in the mountain regions. 

papas; Patatas, Sp. Fil. 
S. VEBBASCIFOUUM L. N6og-n6og (Cebu) ; Tabfico tabac6han; Ung-fili, V. 
SoNNEBATiA PAOATPAT Blanco. {Lythracew.) Tree, growing in and on the 
borders of mangrove swamps, with broad leaves and rather large 
BunSyon; Bungftlun, V.; Daltiru-laiaque, B.; Pagatpfit, T., V., B. ; 
Palapad, T. ; Palatpfit, T. 
SoPHORA TOMENTOSA L. {LeguminosecB.) A small tree with leaves densely 
tomentose beneath and yellow flowers. Common on the seashores. 
Bangll, T., V. ; Baraumftran, T., V. ; CabaicAbai, T., V. ; Cauai, T., V. ; 
Gulson, T., v.; Mangtiyao, B.; Mantaia, T. V.; 01a6mag, T., V.; 
Pangaiangan, T., V.; Rocn6han, T., V.; Sandalaitftn, T.; Tambala- 
gufsai, T., V. ; Tambalfsa, T., V. ; Yftbag, T., V. 
SoBQUM VULGABE Pcrs. ( OraminecB. ) Cultivated, "sorghum." 

Bfitad, V. 
SPHiEBANTHUS AFBICANUS L. {Compositce.) A low annual, the branches 
winged, whole plant fragrant, a weed in waste places. 
Talababfico, V. 
S. iNDicus L. Differing from the preceding in its toothed wings of the 
branches and other characters. 
Sambong-gaia, T. 
Sphenoclea zeylanica L. {Campanulacew.) An annual erect herb with 
axillary and terminal spikes, common in rice paddies, swamps, etc. 
SilisiUhan, T. 
Spilanthes agmella L. [CompositcB.) An annual erect or ascending herb 
with solitary or panicled heads. Much used in medicine. 
Agdnoi, v.; Hag6nog, T. ; Hagonoi, T. ; Palfmag; Palflnai, Pamp. 
Spinifex squarrosus L. (Graminece.) A very coarse trailing grass with 
spherical, spiny inflorescence; very common on sandy seashores. 
Baqui-baqui, V. ; DamCn-dfigat. 
Spondias mangifera Wall. {Anacardiacece.) A glabrous tree cultivated 
for its edible fruit. 
Alublhod, V. ; AluWhon, T. 
S. purpurea L. Similar to the preceding, introduced from America. 

Cirflllas Sirihfielas, T. 
Sponia. ( UrticacecB. ) HanArion, T. 

Stephegyne. ( RuhiacecB. ) Shrubs or small trees with globose inflorescence. 
Anttag, T. ; Calamansalai, T. ; Calamansaian, T. ; Calamansflnai, T. ; 
Ch^che ( Nueva Viscaya ) . 
S. DIVERSIFOLIA Hook. Mamb6b. 
S. SPECIOSA Korth. Mamb6g. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Steeculia. {Sterculidcece.) Large trees or shrubs, with simple, palmately 

lobed or digitate leaves. 
Amlftng, T. ; AnahSnon, B. ; Bfican, T; Balab6not; Bus&in, V.; Maglo- 

l6poy, Z.; Malabun6t, T. ; Malacac&o, T. ; Malatinot, T.; Panaquitln, 

T. ; Tucfin-cfilao, T. 
S. BALAXOHAS Blanco. Balftnghas. 
S. FCETiDA L. Leaves digitate. The seeds yield a valuable oil. The flowers 

have a foetid odor. 
Bafig&r, II.; B6bog, V.; Calompftn, T.; Caltimpag, T.; CaMmpan, 

Pamp. ; CaMmpang, T. ; Caltlmpang; Caltingpang, T. ; Caump&ng 

8. OBLONGATA R. Br. U6s, B. 
S. EUBiGiNOSA Vent. Nfito, T. 
S. STiPULABis R. Br. MalabonCt. 
S. UBENS Roxb. Banllad, V., T. 
Stebospebmxjm. {Bignoniacew.) Trees with 1 or 2-pinnate leaves and large 

lax terminal panicles. 
Bibit-pftrang J Macattiray; MalaeattSray, Z. 
S. PINNATUM Rolfe. Bfinai-bftnai, T. 
S. QUADEIPINNATUM F. ViU. Ausdhan, v.; Badl&n, V.; Banai-b&nai, T.; 

B&nai-bfinayan, V.; Bfinay; Ban&yan; Baticulfn, T. ; B&tlan; B6- 

tong-man6c, T. ; Uimbab&on, T. 
Stbeblus. {UrticcLcecB.) Shrubs with small harsh leaves. 

B<ic-b6e, Pamp. 
S. ASPEB Lour. Alftsisj Al6dig, II., T.; Ampas, Pamp.; Balafigfquin, Cag.; 

BCcboc, T.; B6gto-tfie, V.; Cacfidle, T.j C&lios, T.; Cal6is; Oaltiis, 

T.; Malaipatai, B. 
Streptocaulon baumii Deene. {AsolepiadacecB.) Twining tomentose 

shrubby vine. 
Dugtting-Shas, T. ; Parongt6ng-fthas, T. 
Stbychnos. {LogcmiacecB.) Trees or scandent shrubs. The fruit of sev- 
eral species yield strychnine. 
Cabucabulauan, B. ; Malagarftyat, T. ; T&lang-indong, B. 
S, celebica Koorders. Bugajin, V. 
S. ignatii Berg. Fruit large, spherical, medicinal. 

Aguason, V. ; CabalCngan, T., Pamp. ; Cataldnga, V. ; Catbllonga ; 

DancSgi, V.; Canlftra, V.; Frtita, Sp. Fil.; Igfisud, V.; Mana-nAog, 

v.; Pangagufison, V.; Peplta, T.; Peplta-de-San Ignftcio, Sp. Fil.; 

Pepita-sa-catbal6figan, V., T., B., Pamp. 
S. MULTIFLORA Benth. BfituI, T. 
S. POTATORUM L. f. Cam6tin, T. 
Sumbavia bottleroides Baill. {Euphorhiacece,) A tree with stellate 

Alipfiro, T.; Quirfip, T. 
Symphorema luzonensis Vidal. (Verhenacece.) A scsndent shrub with 

capitate peduncled cymes, with an involucre of 6 bracts. Flowers 

blue or purple. 
Balfbai, Pamp.; Malabulfion, Pamp.; Malasc6g, T. ; Pamulacl&quin, T. 

Digitized by 



Symplocos. (Stryacece.) Trees or shrubs, often drying yellow. Species 
many in the Philippines. 
Galomansdla, T.; Lfbas-llbas; Maragahdio, T.; Matalftpay, B. 


Tabeen^montana. (ApocinacecB.) Shrubs with milky sap, wljite flowers, 
and red fruits; much used in medicine, 
fris, Maner. ; JandayagcOt, V.; 8apit-us& (Albay) ; Talanlsoy, B. ; 
Tamptipot, T. ; Ttincal, V. 
T. CUMINGIANA A. DC. Halibutbtit, B. 
T. GLOBOSA Blanco. Fruit globose. 

Bayfig-usfi, T. 
T. PANDACAQUI Poir. Fruit elongated. 

Alibtibut, v.; Camp6pot, T. ; Curribu6tbuet, II.; Pandac&guc, T. ; Pan- 
dacAqui, T., V., Pamp. ; PandAya, V. ; To&r, V. 
Tacca. {Taccaceas.) Herbaceous plants from a creeping rootstalk, the 
scape leafless; flowers umbelled. 
Parafigisftt-it-manatftd, V.; Ttincut-lafiguit, T. 
T. PALMATA Blume. Magsal6ro, V. 


Can6bong, V.; Magsal6ro-figa-dacti, V.; Panari^n, II.; Panniri6n, 11.; 
Tay6bong, V. 
T. BUMPHH, Schauer. Bfigong, V.; Bfigong-bSgong, V.; Canfilong, V. 
Talauma. {Magnoliacece.) Trees or shrubs with large white flowers and 
large fruits. 
Antlbiong (Tayabas) ; Cacfio-cacfioan ; Macalasc&las, B. 
T. ANGATENSis F. Vill. Anlbong, Pamp.; AnCbling, T. ; Antibling, V.; Bili- 

cdsan, T., V. ; MalicascSsan, V. 
T. VILLABIANA Rolfc. Aufibliug, T. 

Tamabindus indica Linn. {Leguminosece.) A tree with straw-yellow 
flowers. Seeds embedded in an edible pulp. The tamarind. 
Camalfigui, V.; Macasampfiloc, T. ; Salomfigue, II.; Salum&gui, II.; 
Samal&gui, V.; Sambfic, B. ; Sambftg, V.; Sambfigui, V.; Sambalft- 
gui, v.; Sampaiagui, B.; Sampftloc, T., B., Pamp.; Sumalfigui, V.; 
Tamarlndo, Sp. Fil. 
Tabbietia sylvatica Merrill. [Sterculiacew.) Tall tree with leaves white 
beneath, fruit winged. A valuable timber tree. 
Dungfil; Dtingon; Dting6n; Dflngun, T., V.; Dungtin, V.; Palondpin; 
Palonfipoy, Z. ; Paronfipin, II. 
Taxotbophis ilicifolia Vidal. {Urticacece.) A small shrub with glossy 
leaves similar to "holly." 
Cfiyos-cfiyos, V.; Malalim6n. 
Tectona grandis L. f . ( Verbenacew. ) A large tree, stellate tomentose, 
leaves large ovate, inflorescence paniculate. Teak 
Calayfite, V. ; DalAnan, V. ; Dalandon, V. ; Dalond6n, V. ; Sagunyftte, 
v.; T6ca, Sp. Fil.; Tida, T.; YSte, V. 
Tepiirosia. {Leguminosew.) Herbs or undershrubs. 
Dacandftng, V. 

Digitized by 



T. LUZONENSis Vogel. Herbaceous, prostrate. 

Dagangdfing, V. ; Maasfc, Pamp. ; Tfigum-tftgum, V. ; Tayomtay6man, T. 
Terminalia. {CombretacecB.) Trees with leaves and spicate inflorescence 
approximate at the ends of the branches. 
Aritfingtong, II. j Balitdson; Bilting-dalfiga, T.; Bin6lo, T.; Bintilo, T. 
Calamftyon, T.; Calamittit; Cal-auftit, II.; Digits, T.; Dal6nse, T. 
Dal^nsin, T.; Damp6l, T.; Dinglfis, T.?; Gatftsan, T.; Lifipa, Z. 
Magarapftla, T.; Magarllao, T.j Malagahftnip, T.; MalaputAt, T. 
Mahisficot, T.; Malatalfsay, V.; Nfitob, T. ; PaitSn, T. ; Paitdn 
Sac&p, Z.; Bobosflbo, T.; TagCgon, Z.; Tafiglsan, T.; Tang&l, B. 
Tug6-gong, Z. 
T. CALAMANSANAY Rolfe. A tree with winged fruits. 

Bancaldguan; Bancalduag, V.; BancalAuan, T. ; Calamansfinai, T. ; 
Lumfinog, V.; Malacaltimpit, B. 
T. CATAPPA L. Commonly cultivated for shade tree, fruit edible. 

Alm^ndro, Sp. Fil. ; Banflac, V. ; Daldra ; Dalinsf, B. ; Calfsai, Pamp. ; 
Dallsay (Mindanao); Hintftn; Hltam, V.; Ltigo, II.; Nftto, V.; 
PandSn, II.; Salaysfty; Sallsay; Tallsay, T., V., Pamp. 
T. EDULis Blanco. A forest tree, fruit edible. 

Calompit, T.; Calumftnog, V.; Calumpft, T.; C6tmoc, B. 
T. NiTENS Presl. Sacftt, T. 

Teenstroemia. (Ternstroemiacece.) Glabrous evergreen trees with leath- 
ery leaves. 
Bitcac, T. ; Cianb6g-ttigba. 
T. TOQUIAN F. Vill. Garamans&tay, T.; Toqulan, T. 

Tetraceba macrophylla Wall. {Ditleniacece.) A shrub with rigid scabrid 
Malacatm6n, T. 
Themeda gigantea L. (Oraminece.) A coarse, tufted grass, common in 
open dry lands. 
Talafiyo, T. 
Theobroma cacao L. {Sterculiacece.) A small tree, introduced from 
America; cacao or chocolate. 
CacSo, Sp. 
Thespesia campylosiphon Rolfe. {Malvacece.) A tree with large flowers. 

T. MACROPHYLLA Blume. A tree with large flowers, found near the sea 
Banftga-pulfi, T.; Banfiro (Pang.) ; Bannfigo, T., V.; Bulacfin, V. 
T. POPULNEA Corr. Very closely related to the preceding. 

Bfiboi-gfibat, T.; Babuy, T.; Ban&lo, T.; B6boi-gtibat, T.; Btibuy-gtibat, 
T.; Bulacfin, V.; Malibfigo, T.; Malasantol, T. 
TiMONius PHiLiPPiNENSis Merrill. (Ruhiacece.) A small tree. 

May6ro; Payfile. 
TiNOSPORA CRISPA Micrs. {MenispermacecF.) A climbing shrub with 
ovate cordate leaves and single or fascicled racemes. 
Macabflhai, T.; Palifivan, V.; Pandvan, V.; Pan^ftvan, V. 
TouRNEFORTiA. {Borroginacecp.) Pfingas, Pamp.; Sallocftpo, II. 

Digitized by 



T. ABGENTEA L. f. A Small shrub with thick branches, densely pubescent 
leaves, and numerous small woolly flowers, found on the seashores. 
Balacbftlac, V.; Manftul, V. 
T. SABMENTOSA Lam. A woody, climbing vine. 

Calagting-rig, V.,- Patai-6od, V.; SallacApo, 11. 
Tbachelospebmum. {Apocinacew.) Climbing shrubs with white or pur- 
plish flowers. 
Bayficto, B. 
Trema amboinensis Blume. {Urticacew.) Shrub or small tree with 
tomentose leaves. 
Anablon, V.; HanSrion, T.; Hinagdting, V. 
Tbianthema monogyna L. Ayam, V. ; Tost6n, T. 
Tbichocabya. ( RosacecB. ) Loct6n. 
Tbichodesma zeylanicum R. Br. {Borraginacew.) A coarse hispid herb. 

Mabtilo, T. ; Olongfiin. 
Tbichoglottis bigida Blume. {Orchidacece.) An epiphytic orchid. 

Sangtimai, T. 
Tbichosanthes amaba L. (Gurcurhitacece.) B(iyo-bflyo; Caragdft; Igfi- 

T. ANGUINA L. A herbaceous, climbing vine, cultivated. 

Cucubitan, T., V., Pamp. ; Curagdfi, V., Pamp. ; Hftla-h&la, T. ; Hoth6t, 
T. ; Pactipis, T. ; Pocotpocot, V., Pamp. ; Pucopticot, V., Pamp. ; 
Salags^lag, T. ; Salimp6cot, T. 
T. GLOBOSA Blume. Calfin-um o(iac, V. 
Tbiphacea aubantiola Lour. (Rutacece.) A shrub or small tree. 

T. TBIFOLIATA DC. Limonctto, Sp. 

Tbistellateia austbalasica a. Rich. {Malphigiacew.) A scandent shrub 
with yellow flowers, found near the sea shore. 
Bagnft, T. ; Bfiguit, B. ; Binustsi, T. ; f bud-Ibud, V. 
Tbistiba tbipteba Radlk. {Sapindacece.) Large tree. 

Cahoy-dalftga ; Maladlac. 
Triumfetta semitbiloba L. {Tiliacece.) An herbaceous plant with glo- 
bose prickly fruits. 
^ Calotang-bilog ; Colotan, T. ; Daracot, V. 
TuBBAEA viBENS L. {BursevacecB.) A shrub or small tree with axillary 
peduncles bearing elongated white or yellow flowers. 
Typha angustifolia Linn. { Typhacece. ) Common in wet, open soil ; "cat 
tail flag." 
BalSngot, T. ; Dilang-butiquf, T. ; Homdi-hom^i, V.; Lanipacanai, V. 
Typhonium divaricatum Decne. (Aroidew.) Tuberous herbs. 
Gc^bi-gabfhan, T. 


Uncaria. (Ruhianea) . Climbing shrubs, the flowers in loose globose 
Canauay, T. ; Hagonog; QuilSp, T. 
U. ACIDA Roxb. Mamp^l, V. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


U. HOOKERi Vid. BalucUtu (Morong). 
Unona. {Anonacew.) Trees or shrubs. 

Amtiyon (Tayabas) ; Cabog, T.; C^boy, Stisong calab&o, T. 
U. ODOBATA (?) DC. Alayan (Angat). 

Urena. {Malvacece.) Herbs or undershrubs "more or less covered with 
rigid stellate hairs. 
Mankit, T. 
U. sinuata L. Flowers pink. 

Col6tan, T., V., Pamp. ; Col6t-col6tan, T., V., Pamp. ; Culucultitan, T. ; 
Cumtan; Daltipan, T., V., Pamp.; Daltipang, V.; Molop6lo, T., V., 
Urophyllum qlabrum Jack. {Rubiacece.) A shrub or small tree. 

Dofitlo; Maglim6con. 
Utbicularia flexuosa Vahl. {Lentihula/riacew.) A floating herb with 
yellow flowers. 
Infita (Bulacan). 
UvARiA. {Anonacece.) Trees or shrubs. 

Stisong-damfilag, Pamp.; Tanglsan, T. 
U. DULCis Dunal. DalagAnum, V. ; Dalfigao, V. 
U. ovALiroLiA Blume. Buldgac, B. 
U. PURPUREA Blume. Ban&uac, T., V.; Stisong calabao, T., V. 


Vaccinium barandanum Vidal. (Ericacece.) Shrubs or imdershrubs of 
the higher mountains. The "blue berries" of the United States. 

Ltisong ( Lepanto ) . 
V. INDUTUM Vidal. Banufiy, Ig. ; Bunufty (Bontoe). 

Vallisneria spiralis L. (Hydrochariddcece.) A submerged marine herb 
with very long linear leaves. 

Clntas-cintfisan, T. 
Vanda lissochiloides Lindl. (OrchidacecB.) An epiphytic orchid. 

Sftbila, T. 
Vangueria spinosa Roxb. {RuhiacecB.) A shrub or small tree with num- 
erous spines and small edible drupes. 

Madond6n, T. ; Mala^sis, T. 
Vatica. { DipterocarpacecB.) Large trees yielding valuable timber. 

Bficuog, Pang.; Lftuan-na-pulfi, T. ; Malacbftn, T.; Yftcal-putI, T. 
V. MANGACHAPOi Blanco. Mangachap6i, T. 
Vernonia. (Compositw.) Herbs, shrubs or trees. 

Alfiui, T. ; Fangffingun, Ig. ; Slngon, Ig. 
V. arborea Ham. A small tree with purplish flowers. 

Laocpao, Cag. ; Patabuguin (Paragua). 
V. CHiNENSis Less. An annual herb. 

Bayaqulboc, T. ; Hfpon-hlpon, V.; Lacb6ng-lacb6ng, V. 
V. viDALii Merrill. Similar to V. arborea, but the leaves densely pubescent. 

Malasamb6ng, T. 
Verbena bonabiensis L. (Verhenacece.) An herb with sessile oblong 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Ventilago madebspatana Gaertn. {Rhamnacece.) A scandent shrub with 
glabrous leaves, the flowers in simple or paniculate spikes. 
Salapfto, T. ; Silipao, T. 
ViBUBNUM LUZONicxJM Rolfe. [Caprxfoliocew.) A scandent shrub with 

Baguir6ro, v.; Puttid (Nueva-Viscaya). 
V. ODOBATissiMUM Ker. Aplit, Ig. 
ViDAUA. {OuttiferecB.) Trees with coriaceous leaves. 

C&loc-c&tmo ; Magafin, B. ; MalasAguin-lal^que. 
V. LEPiDOTA F. Vill. Palo-marfa, T. 
V. NAVESii F. Vill. Palo-marlang-gtibat, T. 
ViQNA. {Leguminosece.) Herbaceous vines. 

V. CATJANQ Endl. Cultivated, the "cow pea" of the United States. 

Balfttong, v.; Hamtdc, V.; Last6n, V.; Quibal, T.; Sltao (Manila). 
VnxABiA PHiLiPPiNENSis Rolf e. ( RuhiacecB. ) Shrubs or trees. 

Lasgfis, B. 
ViLiLEBBUNEA. {UrttoacecB,) Shrubs or trees. 

Alipaslao, B. 
V. FBUTESCENS Blume. Al&mang. 

ViNCA BOSEA Linn. {Apocinacece.) A low, erect undershrub with showy 
white or red flowers, common along the seashore. 
Cant6tan, T. ; R6sas-sa-b&bay, V. 
ViTEX. ( Verhenacece. ) Trailing or erect shrubs or large trees. 

Amurftong, B. ; Bal&uen, Pang.; Bulaufsan, 11.; CalimSntao; Gimu- 
b^on, v.; Hamolfiuon, V.; Limollmo, II.; Magtimu (Albay) ; Malu- 
gagnao, V.; Marasagftt, II.; Mulfito, T.; Muiauen-babSe ; Panancu- 
l&nan, B. ; Salipap^ (Albay). 
V. AHEBNiANA Merrill. A tree with glossy leaves. 

fgang, T. 
V. HETEBOPHYLLA Roxb. A tree. 

BagCaron, V. 
V. LiTTOBALis Decne. A large tree, valuable for its timber. 

Amu&uan; Amugftnan; Amuyfion, Bul&on, T., Pamp. ; Hamul^on, T., 
B. ; Jamol&uon; Mulfion (Iloilo) ; MoMuin, T. ; Molftve, T. ; Molftvin, 
T. ; Mulfiuin, T. ; SagSd, II. ; Sagfit, II. ; Salincfipa, Tfigas. 
V. OBOVATA Thunb. A trailing shrub with obovate unifoliate leaves, com- 
mon on the seashore. 
Agubftrao, V.; Gfipas-gftpas, V.; Lagtindo, T. ; Lagunding-gdpang, T. 
V. NEGUNDO Linn. An erect shrub with 5-foliate leaves. 

Agnocasto, Sp. Fil. Vit. ; Lagtindi, T. ; Mal&win, T. ; Molavin, T. 
V. PHILIPPINENSIS Merrill. A tree with large 5-foliate leaves, the petiole 
broadly foliate margined. 
V. TBiFOLriA L. An erect shrub or small tree on seashore. 

Dfingia, II.; Lagundln-dfigat. 
ViTis. {Ampeliddcew.) Tendril-bearing woody vines. The grape and the 
"wood bine" of the United States belongs to this genus. 
Stigpon sflgpon, V.; Tuminting, V. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



V. GABNOSA Wall. AlaiTgliigi, V.; Ayu, Pamp. ; Cagulndi, V.; Calitcfilit, 

T. ; Cavllan, T. ; Culutpamo, Pamp. ; Laglni, V. ; Laiiglngi, V. ; Ltipo, 

V. ; Pac6pod, T. 
V. OENICULATA Blumc. LCbas, Pamp.; Samp&ng, T. 
V. LATiPOLiA Roxb. Blca, T., V. 

V. ULNCEOLARIA Roxb. Alupldan, V.; Hfiyoc (Tayabas). 
V. QUADBANGULABis Wall. Dugdting-fthas, T.; Stigpon-stigpon, V. 
V. REPENS W. & A. Pirfipit-dngin, Pamp. 

VoACANQA. {ApocinaceoB.) Shrubs or small trees with large white flowers. 
Llta, V. 

Wallichia TBEMULA Mart (?). {PalmecB.) Dayfica, T. ; Dumayfica, T. 
Walsuba bobusta Roxb. (Melidcew.) A large tree. 

Galamlny-amfic, B. ; Palfng-hufii, B. 
Webeba. {RuhidcecB.) Trees or shrubs. 

Malacaf^ (Tayabas). 
Wedelia. {CompositcB.) A clambering herbaceous plant with yellow flow- 

HagCnay, T. 
Weinmaxnia luzoniensis Vidal. (i^axafragdcece.) Sftyo, Ig. 
Wendlanoia luzoniensis DC. (Ruhiacece.) A shrub or small tree. 

Ladc6, Ig.'f Lasfilia. 
Wikstboemia indica Mey. (Thymeliacew.) A shrub with subopposite 
leaves and flowers in terminal subsessile fasciles. 

MalasampAga, T. ; Saldgo, T., V. 
W. OVATA Mey. Arand6n, II. 
WoLFFiA schleideni Miq. {Lemmacecp.) Minute floating scale-like plant. 

Dtigmfin, V. ; Lia, T. 
WoRMiA luzonensis Vidal. (Dilleniacece.) A tree with large flowers in 
terminal racemes or panicles. 

Pangillnon, Z. ; Panifiguin6n, Z. 
Wrightia (?). {Apocinacecp.) Trees. 

W. OVATA A. DC. A tree with pubescent leaves, milky sap, and pink flow- 
ers, yielding a valuable timber. 

Alan6ti; An6tong (Zambales) ; Lamlsi, C; Lan^te, T. ; Lanlti, T. ; 
Lanfisi, Cag. ; LanCiti, 11.; LoiTgfiyan; Loniti. 


Xantiiophyllum. {Polygalacecp.) Trees with usually yellowish green 
Bflnig ( Morong ) ; DAyap-gCibat, V. ; Mogb6c, V. 
Xanthostemon vebdergonianus Naves. {Myrtacecp.) A large tree with 
exceedingly hard wood. 
Mancono, V.; Palo-de-hi^rro, V. 
Xeroxes longifolia R. Br. {Juncacece.) Rush-like plants. 
Ddat, T. 

Digitized by 


Xylia. {Leguminosece.) Tall, unarmed trees with bipinnate leaves, the 
flowers in round heads. 
Quitaqurta, II.; Tile, Z. 
Xylopia. {Anonacew,) Trees. 

Amfiyon, T.; Canfngag, T.; Pfilo, T. 
X. DEHISCENS Merrill. Amfiyon, B.; Banltan; Cfilai, T.; Lanfltan, T. ; 

Tangfsang-bagfo, T. 
Xylosma cuMiNGn Clos. (BixacecB.) A tree or shrub. 

Ama^t, V. 
Xyix>cabpus obovatus Juss. {Meliacece.) A small tree frequent along 
tidal rivers, bearing large, spherical, woody fruits. Leaves obtuse. 
Calumpftnga-sa-iati, T.; Mlgi, Pamp.; Mlqui, Pamp.; Nigi, T.; Nlgui, 
T.; Piflgao, T.; Tiblgi. 
X. GRANATUM Koenig. Similar to the preceding, but leaves acute. 

Calflmpag-sa-lfiti, T.; Libftto-pulft, T. 
Xyris complanata R. Br. {Xyridacecp.) Tufted, rigid, grass-like herb. 
Gtimi-gflmi, T. 


Zalacca EDULis Reinw. (PalmeoB.) Limorfin. 
Zanthoxylum avicennae DC. {Rutacece.) Tree or shrub. 

Bftga-tambftl, V.; Cftngay, Pamp.; Cayutfina, Pamp.; Marbftar, V.; 
Sfilay, Pamp.; Sfilay cfingay, Pamp. 
Z. OXYPHYLLUM Edgew. A shrub clothed with hooked prickles. 

Casfibang, II.; Cayutfina, T.; Sfigay-cfingay ; Salfiday; Sfilay, V. 
Zea mays L. {Oraminece.) Corn, cultivated. 

Bor6na; Malz, Sp. Fil. 
Zingiber. {Zingerheracew.) Herbaceous plants with aromatic root-stocks, 
the source of ginger. 
Baiigbfiy, V., T. ; BaiTgrfiy, V. ; Lampfiyan, T. ; Lamptiyang-itfiyam, V. ; 
Linallna-fihan, T.; L6y-a, V.; LCiya-lflya, T.; Luyan nga isfi, V.; 
Ltiyang aso, T. ; Luyang osiu, T. ; Manglfiy, Pamp. ; Ttimbong-fiso, T. 
Z. OFFICINALE Linn. Bfiseng, II.; Layfil, Z.; Lfiya, T.; Pfingas, Z. 
Z. ZERUMBET Rose. Dao, V. ; Lampdyang, V. ; Layfi, B. ; Tfimo, T. 
ZiZYPHUS. (Rhamnace(r.) Trees or shrubs with prominently veined leaves. 
Frequently armed with prickles. 
Bfga, T.; Bonglfis, V.; BuiTglfis; Dfa, Z.; Dirfin, II.; Talfinas, T. 
Z. ARBOREA Merrill. A large tree. Spineless, leaves glabrous. 

Llgao, T. 
Z. DALANTA Blanco. Dalantfi, V. 
Z. TRiNERVis Poir. A tree; leaves pubescent. 

Balficat, T.; Bigfia, T.; Diclfip; Duclfip, T.; Lfibba-lfibba, II.; Ligfio, T. 
Z. JUJUBA Linn. A small tree armed with short prickles and bearing an 
edible fruit; not a native of the Philippines, but frequently found 
in cultivation and spontaneous. 
Manzfinas, Sp. Fil.; Manzanftas, Sp. Fil. 

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