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Full text of "A dictionary of the principal languages spoken in the Bengal presidency, viz. English, Bángálí, and Hindústání. In the roman character;"

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English, Bdngdli, and Hinddstdni.; 





Printbd bv G. Woollaston, Commbrcial Press, 9, CossnoLUH. 


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\ ■ • -> 




C^e ettltgOtttieU ^titnh 0f Nattbr education* 




Calcutta, April 27, 1887. , 

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In order to convey a correct idea of the nature of this work, it is neces- 
sary to explain the motives which led to its being undertaken. The English 
language has for some time past begun to be appreciated as it deserves to 
be, by the Natives qf India. It is rapidly becoming the language of liberal 
education. It is cultivated in the numerous Seminaries which have been 
established ^t the principal stations of the Bengal and Agra Presidencies,, 
and the persons are not few who study it at their own homes independently 
of any Seminary,. 

At thia turn of the national taste, the essential aid which a Dictionary 
■ alfords in the acquisition of a new language was almost. entirely wanting. 
Those which were procurable had been prepared for the use, not of the Na-^ 
tive, but of the European student. ^ Their excessive cost placed them beyond 
tbe reach of any except the most wealthy, and the interpretation given by 
tbem in the Native language was generally confined to tbe nearest corres- 
ponding word, without any detailed explanation. 

Under these circumstances, it appeared to me that I could not confer a 
greater benefit on my countrymen than by giving them an English Dictionary 
intended expressly for themselves. It has been made cheap in order 
may be accessible to all who learn English. The explanations in the Native 
languages of the English words have been prepared in the manner best cal- 
culated to render European ideas intelligible to a Native of India ; and in 
order that the work may be equally useful in every part of India in which 
the B&ngili or HIndtistiini language is spoken, the Native part of it has been 
rendered complete in both those languages. 

3ut although primarily intended for the use of the Natives, this Dictionary 
will not be without its advantag^e to Europeans. Even to them it supplies a 
place which is not exactly occupied by any existing work. It explains, both 
in B&ngtii and Hindiist&ni, the various terms Connected with European litera- 
ture, science, religion, civil and military affairs, &c. &c. in some detail, and 
in a manner suited to Native associations and habits of thinking ; and it there- 
fore cannot /ail to be an useful manual to every European who has frequent 
intercourse with the Natives. > 

It will be proper to add a few words on the mode in which the work has 
been prepared. I undertook the compilation in the hope of finding all the 
necessary materials in the existing Lexicons. I accordingly obtained all the 
Bkngkh and Hindiistini Dictionaries procurable'; but after I had com- 
menced, I goon discovered that I was far from having all the materials 
required to complete my intended publicaUon. In the letter ▲ alone I found 
that there were about 660 words more in my text than I could find in any 


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vi . 

existing Hinddst4ni Dictionary.*. In this dilemma I sought the assistance 
of competent indivi4uals. In the Hind6st4m part of the work^ Maola^^ 
Zainuddin Hiissain and several other Gentlemeii gave me their ready aicL. 
In the Bkugkli, the materials I had collected were not insufficient, but a^ the 
plan of my work was different from that of the existing publications, I ob- 
tained the valuable assistance of the Rev. W. Morton, and my friend Bdbu 
Ukrk Chdnd Chakrabarti. In carrying the work through the Press I have 
been assisted throughout by Bdbu Shydmdcharan Sark^r. 

My text book was Corrall's Johnson, but^ I have added many useful, and 
omitted many obsolete and uncommon words; and when the definitions 
ai>peared not to be sufficiently compreliensive], I availed myself of the as- 
sistance of Todd's Johnson and Smarts Walker's Dictionaries to improve 
them. As I did all this aft?r the sheets had passed through the hands of the 
Gentlemen abovementioned, I am alone responsible for the imperfections of . 
the work. Pr S. D'ROZARIO, 

• Many of the^e are words not in common nse, but others, of which the following 
are instances, are in daily tfse -.-Acerbity, Aeronaut, Affiliation, Affosion, Aisle, Altera^ 
tive, Ambient, Ambit, Anglicism, Antemeridian, Arcade, Arcanum, AUanUc,, Attic, 
Aotocrat, &c. &o. 

a.. Adjective. 

ad Adverb. 

c Conjunction. 

int,\ Interjection. 

pa Participle. 

pr. Preposition. 

fi , deon. 

A. ' for haon. 

J... i^ 

k karan, 

b. w. for.. ..bandne w41d 

d deuA. 

d. w. dene w41d or 

h.* bond. 

h.j.... ^^ J^"^;,, ' 

h. w hone wala or 

j jdn4. 

j. w jane wdU or 

k. . ......... .karnd. 



s .Substantive. 

s,pl, .Substantive Plural. 

pro Pronoun. 

V .-...Verb. 

va .Verb Active. / . 

vn. .Verb Neuter. 




I laon. 

r T&hhan, 


orwdli. k. d ....kardend. 

k. h .Xiydhtk, 

w^i. k.g ,^^y^s*yA .K 

k. w. . . ..... .karne wdla or wan. 

jj, rakhnd. 

wdli. r. w. rakhne wdl^ or w4M. 

1 lend. 

wdli. 1. w. ....... .lene wala or wall. 

w. g^ waghaira, 

Digitized by 














Bh M 




, ^ 





bh m 





. ^• 



^ . 

B ar 









V Sh, 


chh ' 

j . 






V sh* 







, J 


Z ^ 





















^ . 






T • 














. ir 









A' 1 


U U' 

Ri Rl 




M O An 


4 i 




ri ri. 




Eli o au 


m t ' 




at « 




^ ^ d 


Faufels, wiih IttustroUve ujords. 


^*/ flW^ 




4 C 







ai . 





tr — 







n — 

iftflft^ dinhin 







^- — 








^. — 










*.. — 





«<. — 



























Ungnals, or Cierebrals, 












Dentals, , 


\ tK; 

















^ ^ 

















?5 , 

tiSl ^"'^.^^u*!!?.^*'^?®" **' ^®"«"' ^ ^^^^ "^^ *^« guttnrals ; y and sh with the.pala- 
tines : r and sh ^th the Unguals ; 1 and s with the dentals ; and ▼ with the 1 '^^ ' ^ 

Table of Anomalies m JS(lng4H. 
Letters. Proper sound. Anomalous sound, 







; labials. 

Proper sound. Anomalous sound. 
jea gyao 

ksha khya 



* In Bangili, the ^ is generally sonnded like short o in English ; but when prefixed to 
words to express a negatiye, it is pronounced like a in fall, and often in the middle of a 
word like « in but. 

Digitized by 






Bh P 

Pb T Th T 

TH s J 

Jh Ch Chh M — Kh 

bh p 

pb t th t tb 9. j 

, jh ch chh, h kh 



♦r V 

^{ O 4>" ^^ fJ ^ ^ 

V ^ ^ z t 




D Db 

fd db 

5 Jt() 

Z R R Rb Z Zb 

c r r rb z zh 

S Sb S Z T Z 
s , sh s z t z 

LT L/* C^ O**, *» 

A' '. 



K Kb G Gb L M 

k kb ff gh i m 

N* N V W H Y 
n ^ ▼ why 


1 . 

4 i i u d , e ai 

o au 






Ji P"! * 

M m 

A' , 



• yU bdp 

N . a 

noM ; jl^ ,amiz 




Uj^ patdi 

•n 9 

. /««« . .^^^ibhfia , 




«^<> davr 

d ® 

g« /> 




- i\j Wgh 

P p 

papa Ajpdr 





^Q a 

«uoit ^(>SSt^^^™ 




. ^d dagh 

R r 

race .|j r^ 




J15 ^w 

? ? 

cter#el» tf^^^a^ 




vi>;4e P'^ 

S « 

«in V JUfii 




Jwioi /azl 

SH 8h 

' «*« yi sAakr 




jyS Sfarm 

T t 

P«< 0«^ tfMt 




• ^ gham 

T t 

'a* yj laffii 



' htre 

Jj^ haz6r 

U u. 

•''«" *j:^b«t 

I . 



d •'^ 

U' 6 

rule ^^^ kbfib 





V' V 

vine yj^'i^ t^i4yat 





W . w 

«^" .>^j «aj(id 

K . 




Y y 

you ^b y4r 




aidLL A^dim 

Z z 

'^^'^ ^^j^Uf /«?4b^ - 



. Httic 

^^IaI 2ib6s 

ZH zb 

awe , ^0; zhiy6a 

. * French. 

Note 1. 

-»Ia this sebeme j^ and are rep 

reseated byh, 

^^ LL>^bys,^t»^*' 

Note 2,— Bh, chh, dh, 4h, jh, kh, ph, fb, th, th, are aspirated letters^ and louaded toge- 
ther ; as bh in hoi-Aouse by dropping the ho : thtts^>,bottSf . ^ 

Digitized by 





N, B.^The English word tvith it^ meaning is placedArst-th^ meaning in Bdngdlt is next in- 
werted-and last of all the meaning in Hlnditst&ni.—To separate each language as distinctly as 
possible f the meaning in Bdngdli is inserted in Italics. 

The dots within the crotchets [. . . each standing for a syllablet lead to the particular part where 
the sound varies froyi the spellings without a repetition of the word at length -A.%dX"\exkaXe, 
[uile-yen,] When the dots are used without any part of the word^ tfieu show the number of sylla^ 
bles in which the word ought to be pronounced. Which is often dqubtful. 

The asterisks placed at the beginning of words show that ttiey follow the same rule as that imme- 
diately before them ; being generally the same word in different parts of jrpeecA— Actual, {»tshu.\ 
•Actually, •Actualnesa, 

The double accent at the end of some verbs is only to show that in the participle the consonant 
is to be doubled^Ahe' % Abetting. 

A, an article set before nouns of the singular number, a^ a boy, a doff. When placed before 
a word beginning with a vowel or silent h.4t is changed into an, as an earl, an hour. It 
is placed before a participle, or participial noun, as a riding. It also denotes proportion, as 
a year. It is sometimes used as an abbreviation of the Latin word artium, as A» M, artium 
magister; A, D. anno domini—A, barna ek bachanditta shabder purbe sthdpita hay^ jathd 
a. boy, a aog. Ebang swarddi sjuibder bd anuchchdrita (h) harner agre sthita haile an hay, 
jaf/i<i an earl, an hour. Ihd Icridanta sangydr bdkriyd bdchak shabder piir be sthita hay, 
jfLthd a riding. Ebang kdl nirupan sankhyd bdchak-o hay, jathd a year. Ebang kakhana 
sankhyepdrthe bebahdrjya hay, jathd Ldtin bdkyer sanket, A. M. artium magister; A. D. 
anno domini — A, barf yd tankir hai, w&hid ismoa l^o dge ra^h& j^ti hai, iaisd ki a boy, a dog, 
Jiswaqt ki lafz shurd hogd sdth harf-i-illat Se yi s&th sdkin (h) ke, a ki jagah men an UyA 
jdegd, jais& an Hrl, an hour, Isra-i-fdil y4 fiili isn\ ke dgQ bhi rakhd jatd hai, jaisd ki a 
riding, Yih Tddid bhibat^td hai, jaisd ki a yeaf, Aur kabhi kabhi ikhtisdr ke w&ste isliam^l 
kiyd jatd hai, jaisd L&tin lafz k& ishdraj A» M. artium magister ; A, D. anno domini, 
Aba'ck, ad, backwards, h^ck—paschdddige, pasc/iat— pichhii taraf, pichhe [t<lj 

AVacot, 5. an ancient kind of crown— je^pra/c^r prdchin rdjmakut-'-Qk taur ki qadln^l bidshdbi 
Ab'acus, 5. a counting table — ganandr takti^h^&b kd takhta 

Aba'ft, or Aft, ad. towards the stern from the ship's head— Ja/tajcr agj-a bhdg haitekdlir dige-^ 

jdhdz ke sir se pichhwd^rd, ydne sdmue se patwdr kl taraf ^ fkd nishda 

Abai'sance, «. a bow, a mark of respect— prana;n, swdpakarshabodhak hydpdr — komisfa, tdzim 

Abaf ienate, va, [.o/g-i/cn.] to make over to another — dpan drabya dnya ke ddn k, — apni chiz 

ddsre ko dend ' • 

Aban'don,va. to desert, forsake, resign— cA/i4ran, parityag k. tydg fc.— chhofnd, tarkk. 
Abandoned, pa. a. [. .] deserted, given up— iyakta, parltyakta—chhotk Had, tark kiyd hdd 
Aban'donment, ». the ac£ of forsaking— tydg*— tark [beqadr k, 

Aba'se, va. to humble, bring- low, depress— 7tim7ia k. nich k. apakrishta h — gha^^nd, zalil k. 
Aba'sed, pa, [..] depressed — apakristdtd prdpta—heqiidr kiyd gay^, halkd, khafif 
Abasement, s» the- state of being brought.low— nimna6ast/i<i— beqadri ki hdlat 
Aba sh, va, to make ashamed, to cbn fuse— 2a;j it k. aprustut fe.— sharminda k. ghabrd d. 
Abash'ment,*. great shame or confusion— atyanta lajjd bdapratibhatd—hdLti sharra yd ghabrdhtf 
Aba'te, va, to lessen, to low^r in price — nyiin h, mUlya Idghab k.— gha^ind, qimat kam k. 
Aba'tement, s, the act of lessening, the quantity ab^ed— nywn kard, je angshu rhds kardjdy 

— gha\do, kami . 

Abb, 8, the yarn on a weaver's warp— paf ii/4n sutra— bharni 
Ab'ba, s, father, a scripture word sjgnitying father— pita'— b dp ' 

Ab'bacy, s. the rights, possessions, privileges, and immapities of an z\iho\r'-malhddkyaker 
/^•i&i/ciczr 6rf swatwa— khdnqdh kemutawalli ke huquq [sarddrni 

Ab'bess, «, the governess of a nunnery— «tn'cii^gr mather ftartr*— auratoa kf khanqih kl 
Ab'bey, «. residence for religious persons, whether men or women— »»af A, dfear?»as^/a— iman- 
dir mardou yd auraton kd makdn, khdnqdh 
Abbot, 4. the chief of a convent of men— r»at/iac//ii/afc^ya— khdnqah ka sarddr, mahanth 
Abbreviate, va, to abridge, to shortea--5attk/iy«p h* alpa /j^ikhtisdr k. kam k. ^ 

Digitized by 


ABB (^) ABn'' 

A'bbrevia'tioD, «, the act of ibndging^sankhyep hard — ikhtistf r 

Abbreyia'tor, i . one who shortens or zhtidges-^ankkyep k^(ra/c— ikhtisdr karnew^li 

Abbre'viature, i. [. • . .tckure] a mark used for shortening ; compendium or abridgment— <aY»f- 

khtfep chinha ; gankhyep — ^ikhtis&r k( nishdni ; khul&sa fse istlfft k. 

Ab'dicate» va. to resign an office, to give Jip-^karma bd pad tydg k. tydg k. — k4m y& daije 
Abdica'tion, «. resignation, act of giving 'up— ^arfatyrf^, tydg fcarrrf— darje ko tark k. 
Ab'dicatiye, a. that which implies abdication— ^atfafyig.'trt/iafc — ist!f& se jo nisbat raklitA bai 
Ab'ditive, a. that has the power or qqality of hidiog^/ukaiya rdkhe 6(i rdicAitep^re je—poshida 

karoewAI& . • ^ 

Ab'domen, s. the lower part of the belly— ta/pei—perfi, n&f ke nfche l 

Abdom'inal, a, relating to the abdomen— ta/pe.^ sambandhiya — talpetf, shikamf 
Abdom'inous, 5. paunch-bellied, unwieldy— ^/tuurer nadape/a— tondkU, motashikamf 
Abdu'ce, va, to separate, ' to draw away— prit^fe k, sthdndntare dkarthan ^.— jud& k. alag 

Abdu'cent, a. drawing or pulling back— praty(ifcar5ftafc— pichhe se khaiuehnew&la 
Abduction, «. the act of separating or drawing— prit/wfc kard bd sthdndntare dkdrshan — jndk 

karn& y& alag khaiQchnd 
Abduc'tor, 4. any muscle that contracts— /iXrarshafc mrfn^s/tapes^t— l^hfachnew&linas 
Abeceda'rain, i. a teacher of tlie alphabet— 6arnrtma/rt «/iik/iyafc— miy^ujt 
Abece'dary, a« belonging to the alphabet— 6arnam4/a<am6aiuiAti^(i—hurnfse nisbat rakhaew&li 
Abe'd, ad, in bed, on the bed — ihnjydy, shajyqpari — bichhaune par 
A'bele-treC'tf. a kind of white popidT^btikhya bUhesh—ek qism kA darakht 
Aber'raatCi «. a deviation from the right way — bipathe fflman— berfih yd badrdh jdni 
Aber'rant, a, wandering from the rig^ht vfaiy--bipath gdmi—sidhi rdh se bihar-honewdld 
Aberra'tion, s.-tlie act of deviating— 6ipat/i« Mman— badrdhf yd gunirahi [d. targhlb d. 

Abe't, va. to aid, encourage, set on ~fa/ia;^a«.s(i/ia5dan,pra&rittijanm;ina-7roaaad k*himmat 
Abet'ment, s. act of abetting, or encouragmg— xa^ajva—targhib 

Abet' tor, «, he that abets, an accomplioe— s^a^firi, kukarmer sangi — ^madadgdr, hamjurra 
Abey'ance, s. in law, goods in reversion but not in possession— «mriti shdstre upddhi ttUagit-^ . 

mdl jo d6sre ke'bdd.roilegd 
Abgrega'tion, s.ser'aration from the flock— prf/ bdjhdnk haite prfrt/iaVya- rewar yd ghol se juddf 
Abho'r, va. to detest, loathe, abominate— ^/trinff k. abagyda k, — ghin k. nafrat k. kardhiyat k. 
Abhor'rence, s. aversion, great hatred— oftag'y.'ia, ati^y g'/irma—nafrat, kardhiyat 
Abhor rent, a. struck with abhorrence, odious ; contrary to, inconsistent vrMh—ghrindjuktat 

ghrindrha; biparit, biruddfia^gh'm kiyd had, kardhati; barkhil&f, ndmuwdfiq 
Abi'de, vn. to dwell in a place, to attead— 6(i< k» upeuthit tfta/e4n —ekjagah rahn'd, hdzirrahnd, 
' intizdrmeu rahnd 
Abject, a, mean, base, vile, contemptible«--nfcft, khi/udra, adham, ghrindrha^2dM\, kamfna, 

khardb, ndchiz j^nne ke qdbil - \dkamatd'-^i\ kS kamlnagi, xillat, khardbi 

Ab'jectness, s. meanness of mind, seryility, baseness— maner khyudratd, nick byabahdr, o- 
Abjectly, ad, in an abject manner, meanly— a<i^mn2p«, niehatdp4rbak^kha.rihi se, kamina 

tarah se - [istiaddd, tdqat 

Abil'ity, «. power, skill, capacity, qualification— Mci^ya, nipHnatd, pdragatd, khyamatd^ 
Abintestate, s. the heir of an intestate person— maranfci/e ddnpatrandkariydckhenjini tduh^ 

tittarad^iAari— wdris-i-bewasiyat ^ - 

Ab'jugate, va, to set free, to unyoke— mukta k.joydlikhuliyd d. — ^khalds k. dzdd k. 
Abjura'tion,f. theact of abjuring, a renouncing on o^th^anyathd, thapath dwardtydg^ 

tnunkir bond, qasam par tark 
Abju're, va, to retract, or recant -solemnly, to renounce an opinion ; forsake the realm— 

vitrbakritabisl&iykeshapathdwdrdrahit k, matparitydg k, desk tydg ib.— qasam par iahirdf 

K. fdi badalnd ; mulkchhornd . 

Ablac'tate, va, to wean from the breast— ston tydg kardna^ndh chhufdnd 
Ablacta'tion, s. weaning; a method of* grafting— jtanatyiig'; kalam karibdr ekriti^^vidh 

chhufdnd ; qalam karne kd ek taur 
Ablaquea'tion, s, opening the ground round the roots of trees to admit air or water- 
fray u bdjal prebeshdrthe brikhyer mid nika{asiha mritikd dlgd k. — thdld bandf, y.dna bawd 

yd pdni ke pahunchue ke wdste darakht ke gird khodnd 
Abla'tion, s, the act of taking away— iaon, iaiyfyfrfon— lend, lejdnd 
Ab'lative, o. that which takes away ; last case of Latin nouns — laiydjdyje; Ldtin bhasttdr 

shesh kdrak, artknt npdddn^jo le jde j Ldiin zabdn kl dklifr hdlat, ydne hdlat-i-ma/diiyat / 
A'ble, a, capable to perform, skilful— jojya, para^— Idiq, qdbil 

Able-bodied, a, strong of body, powerful— 6aia6at sharir, balabdn — zordwar tan, zormand 
Ab'legate, va, to send abroad on some public business ; to send away— dtzr deihe kdrjye pr«- 

ran k, dure pdthdna — dtir muik mea kam ko bhejnd; dur bhejnd ^ ^ , 

A'bleness, s, strength of mind or body— maner bd sharirer shakti^zihn yd tan ki qdwat^ , 
Ab'lepsy, s. want of sight, uoadriseuness— drwfc/i fcinata, apor^marsfto^a- ndbindi, beihtijFati 
Ab'ligate, va. to bind or tie up from— 6an(i/mn bd baddha (c— bdjidhod yd b^nd k. . 

Ablocate, «a. to let out to hire— 6A/fra d.— kirdya d. ^rakhti hai 

Abluent, a. having tlie power' of 'cleansing— d/iauto karane samart/ia— dhone Jt( tdqat jo 
Ablu'tion, 5. act of cleansing, purification— dnauttf kard, pa6i(nit4— gbusl, ashndtf 
Ab'negate, va, to denv, renounce, reject— aswtkar k, tydg fc.— rinkdr k. tark k. ^Jf^ornd 
Abaegit'tioni s. denial, renunciation— onoi^ifr, tydg^mkir, tark ^ , 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 

ABU ( 3 ) A B S 

Abnor'niottS, a. misBhapen, vast, hnse-^kaddhir, brihdt, prakAnda^h^MiM, \Atk» azim ^ 
Abo'ard, ad. in, or op board a ship^jdhqjer maddhe bd upare-^jah&z mea y6 jah&z par 
Abo'de, s. a habitation, a dwelling place— niMi, abettthiti sthdn^mikkn^ rahne lei jagah 
Abo'dement, s. a secret anticipation; omen—bhdbi biskyak gydn ; p^rbalakkyan—poahidAfimea 

ftse Q^ias k. ; shigi&n 
Aborisn, va. to repeal, tomaie void — whit bd lop k. uthiydd, — rad y&m&uqnf k. ufhft d. 
Aborishable, a. that which may be abolished— roAtt karibdr Jogya — rad y4 mauqdfi ke qibil 
Aboli'tion, t. the act of abolishini^— u<A4na, fep— raauqdfl, inhid^m 

Abom'inable^ a, detestable, hatefnl, unclem—ghrindrhatgarhaniyatapabitra — makrdh, n^pik 
Abom'inableness/ s. hatefulness, o^oumttS'-ghrindrhatd, irarfcantyatft^a— kar&liiyat, n&]^( 
AboRi'inably, ad. extremely, exceedingly, in the ill sense— ati garhaniya bd apakrishiatd riipe 

— nih&yat, karih fhiyat k. n&chlz j6nn& 

Abtfm'inate, va. to abhor, detest,- hate — gkrind k, nynkkdr k, ashraddhd fc.— ghin k. kara* 
Abomina'tion, s. detestation, hatred, pollution, or defilement— ^/trina, nyakkdrf bhrashtatd bd 

ashuddhatd-'?id6.w^t, karihiyat, kharl^i yk n4p4ki 
Abort 'gines, s. [..rui^-e-nn] the primitive or original inhabitants of a country — kona desher 

ddi /ofc— kisi mulk ke buny^i ya asl rahnewile [paida 

Abor'tion, «. a miscarriage, untimely hiTth—garbhapdtf akdle ianma— pe| gim£, bewaqt 
Abor'tive, a. untimely, premature— afca^ja, asdmayik, nufcpfca^— bewaqt, z&ya, befiida 
Abo've, pr. higher in place, more in ouantity— «i. the regions of heaven— urddAe, adhik-^nd, 

rffafefee— dpar, ziyida->-aii. iilam-i-b&U 
Above'board, ad. withoutanytrick.fairly— cfc<tittrt5yati»**fce,»ara/«Mptir6ai— aliniya, &shk&rA, 
Abou'nd, vn, to have in g^eat plenty— paripiima h.— kasratse h. mamiir h. 
Abo'ut, pr. round, encircling, near to, engaged in, relating to, — ad. every way— c%tfttt«ftp^rsAto«, 
.gheriya, nikate, nijuhtayhishayak—ad, prati dij^e— chiron taraf, gird-i-gird, naodlk, mashghul, 

nisbatd&r, — ad. hartaiaf ^ 
Abracadab'ra, ». a superstitious charm — fufc— jadu [ — ragarn&, ghis d41n& 

Abra'de, va, to waste by degrees, to mhoW—krame-kramekhyay fc. irrkashiyd bdpunfihhiyd pheUtn 
Abra'sion, s. the act of rubbing off—ghashiyd bd ^nchiyd pheld^rksAXy ^isfto 
Abre'ast, ad, close together, side by side — nikata-nikatiipdskd-pdshi—htimkinkT 
Abrid'ge, va. to contract, to shorten, to express the same sense in fewer words—sankock k. 

mnkhyep k, ikiartka ke pHrbdpekhyd alpa kathdy byakta k. — ikhtis&r k. kara k. ekl m4ni thori 

bit men bay4n k. . 

Abridgement, s. a summary, any larger work contracted into a smaller tompzas-nchumbaJc, 

sankhyipta grantfta— ikhtisdr, kisi barf kit&b kA khul&sa 
Abro'acb, ad. in a situation ready to yield the liquor contained— €2ra6a drabyd nirgata karite 

prastuta—^T^(^ dene ke^ w&ste laiyir 
Abroad, ad. witl^out doors, in foreign countries, widely scattered— M/ttre, paradeshey meld 

— bihat, gUair mulk men, phail4y4 n66^ 
Ab'rogate, va. to disannul, to abolish— ariyatftti k, rdhit k, — rad k. mauqnf k. 
Abroga'tion, s, act of disannulling — anyathd, bd rahit fcarri— rad, mauqnf [nashebfardz, bemel 
Abru'pt, a. sudden, rough, unconnected — ahasmdt, asamdn bduchcJta niehay ajukta — achdnak, 
Abrupt'ly, ad. unseasonably, U^atiXy-'-ashamayey^hatiti — bemauqa, ekdek 
Abnipt'ness, t. an abrupt manner, suddenness— j^afitiftfc'^ft, dehambitatwa--'}Mi, beimtiyazi 
Ab'scess, f . a tumour containing matter— p^orrf-phoyi, dnmmal 
Absci'nd,'t>a. to cut off— fedft'va phelan— kit d^nk 
Abtcis'^a,<. that part of the diameter of a conic section, which h intercepted between the 

vertex and a semi-ordinate — khyetra paHmdn bidydr rekhdr angsha bishesh — ridzf iim ki 

shaki k& koi bissa 
Abscis'sion, s. act of cutting or lopping off—kdtiyd bd chhdntiyd pheld~-]!iA\ yd tat-ish dilnd 
Absco'nd, vn. to hide one*8 Eelf^gupta h. — rfiposh h. 
Absco'nder, $. the per§on who abscows— pairftofc— gh^ib,bh4gnewiU. 
Ab'sence, s. being absent ; inattenti(^— aoartawKifiata ; amanq/'o.?— ghairhizK ; ghdfilf 
AVaent, a. not present ; inattentive — abartamfin ; amahojogi — ghairhizir : ghdfil 
Ab'sent, vm to keep away, to withdraw — upasthii nd k. sthdndntar h. — ghairhdzir h.'kin^re h. 
Absente'e, $. one who is absent from his employment, station, or country— j« swakarme, bd 

tthdne, bd deshe upasthit nd thdke^^pne k&m, y& jagae, y& mulk se ghairh&zir jo rahe 
Ahsm'thiated, pa. impregnated with bitter — tikta may — ^karwil se p(ir4 hu4 
Absi'st, vn. to cease or leave off^khydnta h. bd tydg ib.— baz rahni yd chhorn4 
AoBol've, va. to set free, to acquit, to pardon— muifa k. hhyamd (r.— 4z4d k. Tchalds k. mn4f k. 
AbJ«)lute, o. complete, not relative, arbitrary, without any restriction— samjm»*na, swatantra, 

fkeekchhdchdrly aft<i(2Aifa— mutlag, kulmukht4r, beqaid 
Ab peremptorily, *positively—nisfcc/i«y rttpf,nit<£nta— iputlaqan, albatta 
Absolu'tion, <. acquittal, the remission of sins, or penance by a priest — mukth dharmddhyakhyer 

dtndrd pdpmochan—WiUksiy pidri'ke wasfle se gunih k& mu6f h. 
Absolu'tory, a. that which absolves or acquits— TOu.(tafcrfrt—khal4s yd mudfkarnewila 

Ab'sonaat, a. contrary to reason, zhBurd-^ukHbiruddhay asangata—^qXke khiW, bej4 
■Jj'sonate, va. to shun, avoid, detest— fwa^- fc. par itya^ib.* tuc/tc Afca K.—ihtirAz k. karihiyat k. 
^Jjo'rb, ua.'to suck up, to swallow Vii>—shushiyd laon, grds ^.r--;azb k. nigalnA 
Absorbent, s. a medicine that draws away superfluous moisture in the bcfdy— s^arir*r'ras8ft<wA«fe 

oKiW^ yibis dawgi 30 iism k( rutdbat ko jasb kare 
Aosorpt, pa. swallowed up— ^r<i«ita bd iushka^nt^M h64, }ith k. g, 

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ABS ( 4 ) AOC- 

o'n»tioD, 3. the apt of ffwaUowing u^^grdi har^ hd ihmhi^d 2a4Mi-*Bigal&6^ sokni 
ta'iii,i;n. to ^forbear, to refrain iroin-.'kiyrfnta A. nidrtto a.— b&z raliii4, parhez k.' 


Absta'i-, . , ^ . - , . . ,, , ■ • 

Abste'mious, o. temperate, absUnent, sober— panrnttticft^n, panfnit4A4H» hivatishU-r 

muatadil, kamkbor, parbezff&r . ;.,. ' ^ [parbezgirf'Se 

. Abste'miously, od. temperately, soberly— panmifaicMCr p4iarhah, shuhfdchdr jrtlrfcot— iatid^l w, 

jibste'miousness, ». sobnely, tcmpeTance— jwriimtdc^rare— iaiicUil, parhezg&rf 

Absten'tion, «. the act of holding off-^y««*«— biz rakhnd 

Abste'rge, clean^< to wipe off— parwAfcar k. muchkiyd p&«2an— s&f k. p^chhd&to^ 

Abster'gent, a. having a cleansing quality— parisfekrfr kdri g<m bishuhfa^^ii karnew&li 

Abster'sion, 5/ the act of cleansing— yflrtt/ifedrfcarrf—safAi . 

Abster'sive, a, that has the quality of cleansing— «crMfefair kdri g^n bUhUhia-^s^f karnew&kl 

Ab'stinence, «. a refraining from, temperance— fcAyanti, parimitdcHr-^Az rabni, iatid&l 

Abstra'ct, va, to separate ideas, to abridge— wiawte bUhay bkBd fe, tdrdriha grt^n bdianghhytp 

fc.— intikhibk. ikhtisirk. . ' . ' 

Ab'stract, s. an abridgment, an epitome— sanjffcAysp—ikhtisar 
Abstra'cted, pa, separated, refined, abstruse— prit/uife krita, shuddha-b^ nirmal krita, gUrha U ' 

<iur«^— judd k.g. mugblaq 
Abstractedly, ad, simply, separately— fcete!, vrithak rwpe— khuUsa se, ajahida se 
Abstraction, «. the act of abstracting— pntfciii fca.r<i—jdd4i 

Abstrac'tive, a. having the quality to abstract— prit^fe kamn $kakti frif^ts/^^— ]ud& karne ke qibfl 
Abstrac'tly, fid, absolutely, simply— noatantm rtfpe, fccftai— mutlaqan, khullisa tarah se 
Abstni'se, ft. hidden, obscure, difficult— <»prafcij*ya,^rfca, fca tfcin— poshida, mughlaq, musbjpl 
Abstru'sely, ad, obscurely, not obviou8ly-»cprafo*fcyfl Hipe, atpashta rtfpe-rmughlaq tarah se, 

n&z&bir tarah se 
Abstru'seness, «. difficulty, obscurity — katkmatd, apashtafd — ashk&l, mugUaqf 
Absu'me, t?a. to waste. gradually — krame krame IcAj/av jt.^— ^hista ihista nest k. 
Absu'rd, 6^ unreasonable, inconsistent— tJu^i^ruo^iaa, osangato— kbil&f-i-aql, bejd, n&m&q^^ 
Absurd'ity, s. not agreeable to reason, {oWy-^uktibiruddhatd^.agyautd'^he^&i, ,bewuqufi [se 
Absurdly, ad, improperly, ioohehly—c^athdrtha rdpe, abibechandpunbak — ^bew^ibiseidlw&oasi 
Abundance, s. great plenty, exuberance— pracfetfrjya, bdhtUya — zfidati, kasrat 
Abun'dant, a, plentiful, exuberant-^cwMiii, W»tor— ziydda, beshumir 
Abun'dantly, od. in plenty, amply, libcrally-*-procfcar rtfpe, 6tt&u/yo rtfpe— zfddati se, kasrat 

8e,bahutsii ' .„ '.,.,*.., [g^H d. fareb k. badsulukl k. 

' Abu'se, va. to revile, to impose on, ill use— *»<««* k, gdh d.prabanchand k, ku-bvabahdr it.— 

Abu'ser, a, he thatuses ill, or reproaches— *t»-^a6aA4rajt, tiraskdrak-^M denewali, mal&mat 

karaewAU . , , . [nuqsto karnewili, fareb denewdii 

Abusive, a, offensive, injurious, deceitful— *■««*» 6a diti«A2/<»» apakdri,prabanchak — badzabAn, 
Abu'sively, ad, rudely , reproachfully— <i<««Aya W^a^ttnipe,t»^«iarpfirfcal^— «akhtise, malaniatse 
Atu"t, vn, to bound or border upon, to meet — kona tthdne anta pdon, ^mmilita h. — niulhiq 

h. mel y4 sh^mil h. [se mutassil 

Abuf ment, s. that which joins to, or borders upon another object>— anj/ct* simd pdyjdhd—dusn 
Aby^sm, Aby'ss, s, a fathomless gulf or pit, hell — atalashparsha khdt, naro^beintihA gh4r, 

dozakh -- ' * [hai 

Academ'ical, a, belonging t6 an academy — bidydlay sambandhiva — ^madrase se jo nisbat taikti 
Acade'mian, Academ'ic, Acad'emician, Acad'emist, s. a student at an academy— &idy<iiayer 

paruyd — ^madrase k& ttilibulilm \ „ 

Acad'eihy, s, a school where the arts and sciences are taught, an university— ^j^tfn o shUpa 

bidyd abhydshasthdn, ^/tauptfri— mad rasa . . * 
Acanth'us, s. the herb bear's {oot—hdkuch JWa<ri— hari6r& 
Acatalec'tic, «. a verse exactly perfect, having the complete number of syllables— pikfoamptfnu*. 

«A2ofc— pdr& misrd jis ke k&mil lafz haiQ 
Acatalep'tic, o. incorhprehensible-'^odker a^amya— dary&ft ke bdhar 
Acce'de, vn, to comply with or subsQribe to a treaty, to agree to— ^bna ekrdre samtrutta k. bd 

Accelerate, va, to quicken, to hBsten-^ruta'gatik, tward h, ihighra I:.— chaUn^, jaldl kar&n^ 
Accel'erated,pa. quickened, hastened— dn^to^attib>ita» shighri krita, tward krita— }iXd kiy& h^ 

shit&bikiy&hu& . 
Accelera'tion, «. a quickening, hastening— dritte^ati kard, tward feirrf— jaldi, sliitdbi 
Acce'nd, va, to kindle,. to set on ^r^—jwdlan, agni 2<^don— jal&n&, ig la^inii 
Accen'sion, s. the state of being kindled— jwa2tta6ast/u{—jalne kl h&lat 
Ac'cent, <• manner of ' pronounciation, a mark to direct the modulation of the'voi^e^ 

uchehdraner dhdrdy uchchdran c/iinAo— talaffuz \i. q4ida, Ulaffuz ke faraq ki n j^h&nf 
A^oent'uate, va, [ . Hihu,'] to place an accent properly— proibuto rdpe uchchdran chinha it.— 
/sihhatsetalaffuzVnish^nd. ' [talaffuz ki nishin d. 

♦Accenjtua'tion, s. due placing of the accent— praXrito nipe tuhehdran chinha Acar<i— eihhat se 
Acce'pt, va, to receive, to take, to admit^^afcan k. smkdr fc.— lend, qabdl k. 
Ac'ceptable, a, agreeable, seasonable — manoram^ppajukta Xra^e^to— dilchasp, barwaq^'^ , 

Ac'ceptably, ad, m an acceptable manner— mafwwam rt<p«— marzi ke mut&biq 
Acceptance, s. reception with approbation— rf/ZAdd plir&iit p*ajan— khushi se len^/& qabul k. 
Accepta'tbn, <• good reception, the received meaning of a vtova-^dUhdd purbak grahan, bdkyer 
> ehalitdrtha-'UidLtudkri se pesh dn4. lafz ki. murawwaj mini ' % ' 

' Accept'er, s, the person who accepts— yrdAofc, wifcrfrok— lenewAU, qab6Uarnew6U 

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ACC ( ^ ) ACC 

Aeeeptik'tioa, A.i«iiia«iG&efaclcbtbT tn aeqwltaikce firom « ertditorriMtrfr dwdrd rin 

haite inttJ^t--4i&riglikhaUi ke wa^e se qarz ge izid hon&^ 
Acce^88» s, admissioa to a place Of penoci-4M>M §thdn$jirebuk kmrite hd Mtm' nXkatjdif pAoA^ 

ras&l, f uzar, pahunch 
Ac'cessary, s. an abettor, an accomplic e m ia h a hAti, onusAan^— madadg&r, fiharik, s&thl fsake 
Acces'eible, a. that which may be approached— t'<SA<ir nikatbafti htnte pdrdjdy^yi^^ nazoik 36 
Acces'sion, s. addition, arriving at— frrMUM,pa&Audb4aiuiMprtfpta A. rdjdr singhdtan* fratham^ 

ifro^n— bhartS, pabttachli6, jalis 
Ac'cesaory, a. additional, 8upc^ded-i«. an accomplice, not a principal— «4A»fc, upari^t. 

jaim'— z&id, fizil.^s. hamrdh « 

Ac^ci^nce, s. alittle book containing the first mdimenta of grammar— 6y<i^nm«r ddi praharoMtr 

ffoaitAa— pahle q&ide ki kitib, Mif 
A^odent, s. property or quality of a word or being, separable from it, at least in thought ; 
cisoalty, unforeseen eventr^bdkyer hd hithaytr gUn ; jdhd kaidt bd akatmdt £ay— lafz ki 
khisiyat ; ittif^q, h&disa, amr-i-khil&fciaiis 
A(»»dent'al, a. casual, fortuitous-^-o/cajmat. dotMt— ittif&qi, nig ah^i 
Accident'ally, ad, casually, fortuitously— aAofiiMSt, dai6(Ct— itti^an 
Accip'ient, t. a reeeivei^-*^<iWk, rf(i&4r— lenttw414 

Acci'te, va, to call for or upon, to summon— deiten, taldp ft.— bnl4n&» talab k» 
Accla'im, Acclama'tion, s. a shVrat of applause, pvaise, exultation— <iAanya6(M, frothangtd, 

«t/l<i«— sh&bAshi, t&rif, kbushi • 

Accliv'ity, 1. the ascent of a hill— )>ar&ae«r kramasha uthck at d . - pa hiy ki chafhii 
Acclo'y* va, to cloy, to satiate, suneit— aporimita riipe dhd^ k. adhik bkojan hitu jdfita A.— 

ser h. ajirai^ h. y&ne ziy&da kh&kar bim&r h. ; , 

Acco'il, va, to crowd, to bustle about— bHir k. haUmib ib.— bhSy k. shor sh&r k. 
Accom'modable, a. that which may be fitted— wpoiiUrta hayjdhd-^ma^A^q howe jo 
Accom'modate, va. to supply, reoonctle— «ift<^ya fc. miiriiiaT-khabargiri k. maninii 
Accommoda'tion, t. composition of adisagfeement; provision of conveniences — birodhbhangan 

k, praycjanofjukta drabyad^^^nm ki rafa h. asbftb baham pahuachini 
Accompanied, pa* [. . . .] attended by— MAtt— hamrihi kiyA gay4 
Accom'paniment, 1. something added to another j harmonious union of parts — tangejdybd 

Mongjukta hayjdhd ; shvindar r4p€ mia»— sbimtl ; khush mel 
Accom'pany, va. to join, to associato with — sdingejdon, sanga k, — hamr&h h. 
Accom'ptice, s. a partner, an associate— dJifi^', soa^'— sharik, himijurm, sAjhi 
Accom'plish, va. to complete, to obtain 4 to adorn the body, to improve the miud-r^omdma bd 
tampanna h, prdjata h. anga tht^xd k. buddhi nutr^tt Ic.— p6r& yi. tam&m k. hAsil k. y4 kam4n& ; 
jism ir^sta k. ziiin ko toz k. 
Accom'plished, pa. a. completed ; elegant— sfinga ; uttaoi— tamim ; b&kam&l 
Accom'plishment, s. eompletion, full performance, elegahce, ornament of mind— samp^ma, 

nUhpannay uttamta, gUn b4 nipunaM —ihiimim, q&biliyat, 'iazflat 
Acco'mpt, s. [.roimt] an account, a reckoning— Aisa^ ganand-^haBib, shumir 
*Accompt'ant, t, a calculator, a oomi»uter— Aasrf6i, mttWir— his&bi, ginnew&l& 
Acco'rd, va. to adjust, unite, agree with — milk, jog k. aikya k. mtMna-^rafa y6 bandobastk. 

shilmil k. mel yi mu&faqat k. 
Acco'rd^ s. a compact, harmony, union — iandhi,aikyaf sammatir-'-mel, ittif&q, rizimandf 
Accord'ance, s. agreement, conformity— «aimna<?, mii— riz&mandi, mel, muAraqat 
Accord'ant, 4u willing, consenting— soiwiMla—rAzf, mu4Lfiq 

Accord'ing,^pa^ agreeably to, in proportion — anujydi, amuhdre'^nvmi.^q, mutftbiq 
Accordingly, ad. agreeably, conformably— antiryiit, ta<2r^— mutibiq, na muw&fiq 
Acco'st, va. to address, to salute — tambhdsh k. natiuukdr le.— mnkh&tib h. sal&m k. 
Accosf able, a, easy of access, familiarr-:/(iA/ir nikat andydu jdite *pdTd jdy, prafkayi^-BBib ko 

b4ry&b kamew&UL, mihrbftn, do^td&r. 
Accoucheu'r, 5. [^ .share] a man midwife— preasaA kdrak pur^A— mard d4y4. 
Acco'unt, va. to compute, to esteem, to answer for, to assign to, to give an account— ^nan<i k. 
mdnan, ttUhd k. konit rin kdhdra upair phelan, Ukhd <i.— ehumirk.jawibdihi k. bis&b den& 
Acco'unt, 1. a computiattiqn, examination, nanation, dignity, rank, estimation— ht<66 Ukhd 

btbarwn, pad, sambhraml frifiecnonti— his4b, shumir, baiin, darja, martaba, taw&zu 
AccountTable, a. subje<;t to an account— d<Syit—jaw&bdih, mnh4sibahd4r 
Account'ed, pa. valued, reckoned, esteemed^-cUrita, ^onita, iiMCnfta— tashkh(s kiy4 gay4, 

liis4b kiy4 gay4, m4o4 |ay4 
Accou'ple, va, to join or hnk together— san'j^/og* bd tkatra fe.— sh4mil yk ekkatthi k. 
Accou'tre, va. ][. .tur"] to. dress, to eguip— poridAiSn k. sajjd k, — po8h4k pahinn4, s4jn4 
*Accou'trement, t, equipage, trappings— taj[;4 bd tharanjdm, frA4sA«it— f4z y4 asb4b, zewar 
Accre'tion, s. the act of growing to another— aiiy«ee "^angjog dwrdrd briddhi pdonr-^^i 
Ghlzse«h4mil hokeba|hj4n4 [sh4mil howe 

Accre'tive, 0. that which -by growth as added— frruU&t dwdrd tangi^kta hayjdhd^beLthne se j* 
Accru'e, vn, to rise byj;>rofit, to be added io-^Uibher dtodrd briddhi h. utpanna h, tammilita fc.— 
h4sil h. 8h4mil h. [<2J^r<l— kli4ne ke waqt takiya lag4ne ke qadim dastdr 

Accnba'tion, «. the ancient posture of leaning at meals— 6%Vm kdle heldn detner prdchitk 
Accu' to pile up, to heap together— iletiiiW k. rdthi fc.— ^herf k. jam4 k. 
, Accumula'tion, », a neaping up, a heap— punm, ro»At— dh*rl, tuda 

Aoeu'mulatiye, a, that which incteases— 6araliam4t/— bajrhnew4l4, [w4li 

Accu'mulator, s. a gatherer ob heaper together— r<i<At 6a skatra ftfCrafc— dheil y4jam4 karne- 

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>C0 ( ff ) AC4 

Ac'iJuracy,*. eztictaese, nicety, tomctntaa^athdftkatd bd abailakhmnya,siikhymatd,ih(iddha* 
ta— smhat, ^blk h. • 

Ac'curate, a. very exact, done with care— prafcrita, shuddha, shdbdfidne krita—xhfky mhi 

Ac'curately, ad* without error, nicely— shudd/ia riipe, skukhyma rupe— thik, sihat se 

Ac\;uratenes8, s. exactness, nicety, correctness— s?at/Kfrtfcat4, sUfehymatd, ih^dhatd-^ 
sihat, diq({at, beghalti 

Accur'se, va, to doom to destraction— a6ht$^P d.---Unat d. . , ' 

Accurs'ed, pa. tf. that which is doomed to misery, execrable, hateful, detestable—afefeMAapte, 
jagkanya, heya.ghrindrka-^maX^ny kai^hiyatkiya gayd [gun&bg(fcr 

Accu'sable, a.' that may be censured, ciApMe-^niHddntya, d4shya—hzdn&mi ke q6bil, 
* Accusa'tion, s. charge, impeachment— apoiid, dash d .— n^lish , dokh 
Accusative, a, fourth case of a Latin noun— Latmi bl^dghdr dhattLrtha bd karma kdrak—h&tin 

zab&n kl chantbl hilat, mafol - / 

Accuse, va. to charge with a crime, to blame, to censure, to impeach--apa6«rf d, nindd k, 
dosh (L ndlish k. bdddbi dnan — nalish k. dokhnl [fari<di,muhtasib 

, Accu'ger, «. o|ie who prefers a complaint against another, a censor— /onodi, dikshak—mnddatl, 
Accus'tom, va, to make famihar b> use, to inure— a6fcyd«fc fe.— muh&vara k, rabt k. 
Accus'tomable, a, habitual, customary — byabahdrjya^ chalit, abhyasta — miimuli 
Accus'tomably, Accus'tomarily,^ ad, usually, customarily, long practised— «ae^racA(ir> 

rityanHjdyi — aksar, muh4vare ke.mutdbiq, riwHj ke mut^biq 
Accus totoary,a. common, usually Aone-^sachardehdr, 6ya6a/uirtXr— aksar, ,mutdbiq-i-riw&j 
AccusUomed, pa, a, frequent^ usualr*6aram^r, prackalit bd d^m»ia«~-dafAtan, hwdj ▼& 
. dastur ke mut&biq . [pfee k^ ekki, nicbiz 

Ace,, 5. an unit on ca^ds or dice, a trifie~taj«r bd j^dshdr ek phoid,atyalpadrabya,kanikd'-t&s yd 
Aceph'alous, a, without a bead<— mostafe&tn — ^be^ir [ka^wli, dusbw&r 

Ace' rb, a. acid, rough) bitter, severe — tak, kdrkkash, tikta \bd kalu, X:a//»tn-~khatt&, sakht. 
Acerbate, va, to make bitter or sour — tikta bd anUa fc.— kaywi yi khatti k. ' " 

Acerb'ity, s. a sour taste, severity of temper— am^w<i£{, ^a.^usu^afr/ia^— turahi, karwi mizij 
Acer'vate, va, to heap together— riiiAa fc.— dheri k. 

Acerva'tion, 5. the act of heaping together '-kdnri bd rdshi k, — t6da yi, dheri k. 
Aces'cent, a, tending to sourness, or acridity-— am^i bhabanshil—m&ii bi. turshi 
Ace'tose, Ace'tous,'a having a sour quality— .tafeto^ — khattisd 
Ache, s. [afcd] a continued pain— 6edna-«dard 
*Ache, vn, to be in continued pain — byatkita h, — dardmand h. 
Achie've, va, \^,tsheve] to perform, to obtain — hdraUf pdon — kam^,pin& 
•Achie'venlent, s, a deed, a performance, the escutcheons, or ensigns armorial — karma, kdrjya, 

bangsha marjydddr c/iin/ia-«k^r-i<:buzurg, khinadin Jce martabe k! aramat 
*Achie'vcr, «. he who^ performs his intentions — swdbkildshsiddha feriralc— matlab h^sil karoew&lA 
A'chor, s, [.fcor] a species of the herpes — ddd bishesh^ek raqam ki khujli' \ 
A* cid, a. pour, sharp, biting— .^afc, tifcfci/na— khattd, tursh 
Acidity, A'cidness, «. sharpness, -sourness — ^^i(c%nat<i, am2ata-^turshi, khattdi. 
Acid'ulae, s, medicinal springs impresoated with certain sharp particles— am/a bishis(a auihadkiya' 

Jaler uhui bisbesh—S\^} ke p&ni ka chdshnld&r chashma 
Acid'ulate, va, to make sour in a degree — iskad amlarasdkta k. — thor&s4 khattdi k. [mAtlni' 

Acknowledge, va. to confess, to be grateful— 9ii» ferir k. prdptopokdr swikdr k, — iqr^r k. ihs^a 
Acknowledging, a. grateful— prrfptoj^o/car swikdr' kareje — ^mashknr 

Ackno-'wledgment, s. confession, gratitude — aii^kdr, prdptopokdr shmkdr — iqrir, shukrguz^i 
Ac'me, s. the height or crisis of any thing— pranta bd shimd-^kj&i chfz k& auij yiikam&l 
Acol othist, s. a servitor in the Boman Catholic Church— jR<tmig^ dharmashdldstha pad dhdri 

bishesh^R^aai kbanaq^h ki khitdbddr 
Ac'onite, s, wolf's bane, poisbn — batsdndbh brikhya, bisk — kuchle kd darakht, zahr 
A'corn, s, the seed or fruit of the oak— c/w^ma brikhyer bij bd phal — ok darakht k& tukhm yi 

mewa, bal6t 
Acous'tics.j. theory of sounds, medicines or instr\iments used to assist the hearing — sraban- 
. bishdyak bidyd, srabonopokdri auskadh bdjantra — &wkz kd ilm, sunne k& iUj y& A\k 
Acqua'mt, va, to inform, tamake known— ^a^ta fc. jlanana-r-wiqif k. igih k. 
Acqua'intance,*. familiarity, fellowsl^ip, a person with whom we'associate-rf'i/An, parichay,pra'^ 

nay, sahabds^jdnbit,sangi^w&qihy^t,dostiy hamrAhi, jiske sdth mus&hiWat ki jie, yine ishni 
Acquainted, pa. a, familiar, well known to^-^aricAtto, gyduta — wkqil, mahram • 
Acque'st, or llcqui'st, s, a tiling gained — Idbdha drabya — hisil kii gayi 
Acquie'sce, vn. i,kioe-es8] to yield, comply — $ammata h,-rr&zi h. qab^k. 
Acquies'cence, 5. compliance, consent — ^sammatt— rizimandi . 

Acquirable, a, that may be hid, ox attained— pr^poyitya bd updrjaniya — ^pine ke latq, muyassar 
Acqui're, va. to gain by industry — updrjan k, — kamani, hisiJ k. 
Acquirement, s. that which is. gained — dpdrjita drabtfu^o kamdyd gay& 
Acquisi'tion, s. the act' of. gaining, the advantage gained, acquirement*— uparjan. Idbh, labdha 

rfradya— tahsil, kamii, nafa 
Acquis' tive, a, that which is gained— t^arjtto^jo kamtlyi jit^ hai [firighattf d. 

Acqui"t, va. to discharge^ set free^ absolve— muicta fc. nistdr &.— beguaih tharAn^ Azid k. ' 
Acquit'ment, s, the act of acquitting— mtifeti—khaUal y& rihii 
Acquittal,*, deliverance from An offence— d<wAliait«»iHifett—guo<lhsekhaUsl • 
Acquit'tance, s. a discharge in writing for a debt— rtn haite wiifctipatra— qarikifArighkhatti 

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A OWL. .( 7 ) ' APJD 

. A'cre, s. [.fcur] a portion of land co^taiotog ,40 perhces in length ftod. four tn treadth, or 484 - 
square yards — bhumi parimdn bislisslf, arthhdt 440 hasta dirgha ebang 44 hasta prattd ■Eamio 
k4 taidadv yAne ,440 h6th tiil aur 44 h6th arz 
A'crid, a. having a hot biting taste, bitter — katu,jhfil, tifcto-H!harpar&, tez, ka^wli 
Acrimo'nious, a, sharp» con^osive— ^<u, ti^Ayna— karwti, sakht 

A'crimony, s. sharpness, corrosiveness, severity of tamper or language— 4tAc%nal<(, kafutd 
- ti^ra5u;a&^6 6aA;^^u^a^^a— tezl, lufwii, miz&j y&zab4nki8akhti ' ', 

A'critude, A'crity, s. an aprid taste, a biting heat on the palate — kafu stodd^^karwA, maza [d^r 
Acroamat'cal, a. pertaining to deep learning— giif^ bidyA bishnyah-'Zijidk ilm se nisbat- 
Acron'ical, a. a term of astionomy applied to stars When ibey appiear above or 8ink~ below the 
horizon at the time of sun set — swjydstagata samaye tdrdr uday bd asta haati — &ftdb gburdb 
hone ke waqt sit&re k& tul6 jA ghurdb hon& 
Acr'oss, act. atnwart, laid over any thing— arp^r bd drd^driy jndjdmdji — 6fA,>w&rp6r 
Acro'stic, s, a poem in which the; name of the person or thin^ described is fouiul on joining the 
£rst letters of every liae-^'e kdbyer pratyek chrunet ddyakhifar sangrafM karite at kabitdy 
bamita byaktir bd bastur "nam Aav^muamm&, y&ne jo shir ke bar misre ke pahl& harf 
jam&ne se bay4n kie hue shakhs y4 chiz k& nim zdhir howe f— karn&, anjAm k. — va^ naql k. 
Act, vn, to do, to perform, — va, to imitate — karan, — va. dnurup k. bd anyamHrtidharan, sangsdjan 
Act, s. a deed, an exploit ; a part in a play — karma, brihat bd adbhut karjyd ; jdtrdr bd ndtaker 

ek angsha-^kkm, buzurg yd tijijub k&m ; naqlb&zi kd ek Jiissa 
A'ction, s. opposite to rest ; gesture in speaking ; ^ deed ; a battle *, a lawsuit-— jrriy^, ckeshid 
katha kahaneanga bhanga ; kdrjya ; juddha; abhijog makaddamd^-kkvi ; guftogu men jism kf 
harakat ; amal : lardl ; inuqaddama rj^e qdbil 

A ctionable, a. that which is punishable by law— <Iandaniya— share ke rautdbiqsazd yd jarimdne 
Ac'tionary, s. a holder of public stock— sarfc4ri not rdkhe je—sdi,rk6,Ti not kd rakhnewdld 
• Active, ad. nimble, agile, quick, busy — chdldk, udjo^, drUta, 6«/^ta-^chdldk , chusfc 
Act'ively, ad, nimbly, briskly, qttickly*-*udjo^irr&afc, drtita riipe, twardpurbak, chaturatd tiipe 

— chdldkise, jaldi se, shitdblse * - 

Act'iveness, Act'ivity, s. uimbleness — udjogitwa, tttfora— chdidkl 

Act'or, s, one that performs, a stage player — kartd,jdtrd feara&— karnewald, naqqdl, bhdnd 
Actress, s. a female stage player— j/ifroiar int—bhdnmati 

Act'ual, a. l.tshu,^ really in act, certain— jw-afcrt to, nisfichay — sachchd, haqiqi/ muqarrar, thik 
Act'ually, ad, in act, In effect, reaHy— :;ai/uirt/ia rupe, nise^y ni|)«— filhaqiqat, yaqin se* 
Acfualness, s. the quality of being actual — nishchayatwa — yaqini yd haqiqat 
Actuary, s. a register, or clerk of a court— ^(i/ater muhafir bd fRuns/tt-*addIat kd munsbf 
ydmuharrir . [sarkdnA 

A ct'uate, va. to putinto action, to mowe^laodna bd prabriti janmdna, cA/(^na— harakat d, 
Act'uate, a. Act uated, pa. put into action*— c^/tta —harakat diya hud 

Ac'uate, va. to make sharp, to point— ttfcAyna k- kuljvkta k. — tez karnd, nesh k. V - 

Ac'uleate, a. having a sting or sharp point — huhjukta, chhuachdla — neshddr [nesb, zibn kf tezf 
Acu'men, s, sharp point, quickness or sharpness o('mte\\ect-~tikktfndgra,fmddhirtihhynatd—tez'» 
Acu'minated, pa. ending in a sharp point — tikhyndgra^nokdAr / [zahf n 

Ac'ute, a. sharp, keen, subtle, ingenrous— ttik/»yna, prakhar, dhurta, buddhimdn—tez, tezfahm 

tezfahmi se^ 

Acu'teness, s. sharpness, subtleness— ttfcAt/naM, chaturatd — tezi, chaturdl 
Adac'ted, pa. a. driven hy (orce^bala dward chilita—zoT yd 2ulm se bdakd hdd ' 
Ad'age, s. a maxim, a common saying— upama, parampard chalita ftat/t^—masal, rdij bdt 
Ada'gio, 8. in music, a term for slow time — swarer bd bddyer lagkutd~-kwi.i >d bdjo ki subkf 
Ad'amatit, s. a diamond, a -loadstone— /ixnifc, chumbak pdthar — bird, miqadtls 
Adamant'ean, a. very hard, impenetrable — ati kathin, abhedya—bnii. sakht, beg^uzdr 
Adaman'tine, a. made of adamant; hard — hird bd chumbak nirmiia, Icathin — almds ydroiqodtfs 

se bandy d hnd, sakht [ke mutdbiq k. 

Ad'apt, va. to fit, to suit, to proportionr-tjogya k. upaMta jfc.— muwdfiq k. mutodsib k. anddze 
Adapt 'ation, s. the act of fitting — updjukta fc.— mundsib k. yd muwdfiq k. 
Add, V. to join to, increase, number up— jog k. briddhi k, thik d.— shdrail k. ziydda k. mlzdnd. 
Adde'cimate, va. to take or value tit\its---dashamdngtha iaon bdnirupan ib.— daswda hisse ko 

lend yd tashkhis k. 
Adde'em, va. to esteem, to account, to award — mdnan, pratiphal d«on--jdnnd, mun^ifl k. 
Ad'der, $. pdisonous serpent— frts/ia^a sarpa — zahrddr sdup . v 

Adder Vgrass, «. the name of a plant*-trma bishesh — ekraqam ki ghds kd ndm 
Adder's-tongue, s. the name of an herb^-trina bUhesh—ok raqadk ki nabit 
Ad'dible, a. that which may be added— sanpo^aniya—mizdn dene ke Idiq 
Ad'dicejk Adze, f . a cooper's tool, an axe— Si^si^, miraji— basvUd, kulhdfi 
Addi'ct, va. to devote, to dedicate — rata fc.— ^mdil k.' Add k. 
Addiet'eil, pa, a, devoted to, fond of— anura^a, fSs4a^to— mutawajjih, dshiq 
Addi'-tament, s, the thing added, addition— mi/ito bd jukta kaiyd£khe j<Ui4, tangjog^jf^ 

chfz shdmil hui hai, paiwand 
Addi'tion, ^. an adding to ; a rule for adding sums together— :;>^ bdbriddhi k, ^h dibdr bd tm^iter 

dhdrd — mlzdn, shumdr karne kd qdida , * 

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ADD ' ( 8 ) ADH 

Addi'tbnil, a. that which '^^dded-^tangjukta, adhik^tMBi 

Ad'dle, a. barren, empty, ttsvally applied to tuch t%^ as are rotten— s: dry leee— «p&aU« 

shUnyh, ethabdaordy paeh4 dimer bUheihan rUpe prayog hay-^s. thuthk($ titd bd gdd-^gUidaL 

— s. khushk talckba( 
Ad'dle-pated, a. empty-headed, wetk-^buddhi Hhiya, IcAytn— gandamajj^hz, beaql, ahmaq 
Addre'ss, v4, to speak or apply to, to direct to, to prepare one's self for any action--4e^Mr« 

prati bdkifa vrayog bd rUbedan k. thikdnd d, kana karmdrthe dpandke prastut k.— mutakalUn& 

. h. chi(thi ka sam&ma likhn4, kisi kim ke vr&ste apne tain taiy&r k. 
Addre'ss, (. a petition, direction, skill, dexterity, mode of behaviour— nt6«dan bd praslutngsd 

patra, fhikdnd, naipHnyat ehdldki, dcharaner <i/uira— arzi, chi^thf k& sarnilma, hunar, ch&i&ki» 

Addu'ce, va. to bring in, allege, assign — dnayan fc. pramdn bd kdran danhdna — l&n&, batl&n^ 
Addu'eent, s. any muscle that contracts— ^ilBorf^k mdng$hpethi — khiuchnewiU. path& 
Addu'lce, va. to sweeten, to make pleasant^-mu^^a fc. dUuidjanakk, — shfrlQ k. khush k. 


mand, kisi fan k& ^&mil ' ' ' ' ' 

Ad'equate, a. proportionate, equal to— taiya, jorya^ iipajtife^a— muifiq, l&iq, k&fi 
Ad'equately, ad, m exact proportbn, duly— tuMa Hipe, uMukta r<tp«— and&ze 8e,'w&jibi se 
Ad'equateness, <. equality, exact proportion— tWWotii, «|Kt;iifctattf— liy&qat, mu&fiqat 
Adfec'ted, a. eompounded o( affected— s«n£f»/rta, Jartta—raiU h6&, 
Adhe're, vn, to stick close to, to take part with, to remain fixed to any opinion— san^'tajna k. 

idgyid thdhaUfpakhyehnkcmamaunuhtluL bddrifha t&tiiirait- chipakn^^ tarafd6/f kJaslmatlab 

meu q&io^(fthnA 
Adhe'rence, (. attachment, tenacity-^ioiifjet^mitrf, ni^tkatd,l4giyd f A^Uerf— taalluq, rafiqat, istiql&l 
Adhe'rent^ a. united with, sticking to— san^bjTui, dbalainbi—mtinewi\6,, lagnew&U 
Adbe'rent, Adhe'fer,s. a follower, partisan — anttgdmi, dattifcranta— dimangir, mutawassil 
Adhe'sion, s, the act ofstickin^ to something— sani^y'u^d bd Idgiyd tA^iXrifn— paiwastagi 
Adhe uve, a. sticking, tehacious— sanfJa^iuuM/, <S^f(a— lagnewiU, lasdfir [l&n& 

Adhib'it, va, to apnly to, to make use oi—liigdrui, bvabahdr le.— h^&ni, istiam&l k. y& kim mea 
Adhibi'tion, s. application, use — Idgdna, byabahdr k, — laginA, istiam&l k. 
Adja'cency, s. a state of being near or close to^natkafya— nazdiki, qurb 
Adja'cent, a, lying close to, bordering upon— niXea/6artt, — muttasil, naidik 
Adioph'orous, a, neutral, indifferent— apafe^yapdtt, uddthin — na idhar na udhar, beparwC . 
Adiaph'ory, s. neutrality, indifference — apakhyapdt, lid^MnattM— beparw&f 
Adje ct, va, to add to, to put to— ja^ fc.— sh&mil k. bhartf k. 
Ad^ec'tion, s. the act of adjecting or adding— sanWo^—sh&mil yA bharti 
Ad^ecti'tions, a, thrown ib, added— ;^fcea—d&16n6&, mel& htii 
Ad'jectiye, a. a word added to a noun to denote its quality, as good, bad, StC'^bufuthan bd 

guna biehaktabda,^thd, bhila, manda, ityidi— simt, iais&, bhatd, burd, waghaird 
Acueu', ad, farewell— 5u6Aa bd mangal ftaule— khud& h&nz / ^ 
Ad|o'in, va, to ioih to, to unite or put to-^og k, ekatra fc.— mil&n&, ekatthA k. 
A4)oin'ing, pa. being close to, near to— fNirsAioastfto, nikaibarti—\^z^ h6&, muttasil 
Adjou'rn, va. to put off, to defer— att|fa saniay parjyanta sthagit r^^Aan— multairl rakhn& 
Adjoura'ment, $, putting off to another time — anya samay patjyanta sthagit rdkhan—B.nt waq 

par mauqdf rakhn&, t&til 
Ad'ipose, Ad'ipous, a. fat, greasy— it^uj kdy, charbimay—motAy charbid&r 
A'dit, s, a passage under ground for miners— ncran^a—niArion kf surang 
Adjii'dge,v< decree, to pass sentence— dos/iltidMA sthir k, bicMr nishpanna ^.— Adsal k. 

tahqikit karke hukm d. 
Adju aicate, va. to determine by Hw^$hdttrdnusdr€biehdrnithpannak,--^h^re ke mu&fiq faisal k. 

, ^ . . , ^, njj -. -. _ - . ^ 

Adjur'ation, s, solemn proposing of an oath to another — anya he dibya fcarcina— d6sre ko qasam 
Adjure, va. to tender or impose an oath to betaken by, another, prescribing the form— anyoike 

sapath kardna, dibyer dhdrd bidhdn karan — dnsre ko qasam khiUn&, qa^m k& taur batUna 
Adjust, va to regulate, to put in order, to settle— ^Aifc karan^niyam bd sktinkhald pilrbak rdkhan, 
' mitdna, nishpatti k, — tartlb k. raf& k. 

Ati|utant, 9i a miKury officer— latny^iclii^a^a 6t5^sA— lashkar k&«ardar fk. r&zi h. 

Adjute^ va. to assist, to aid, to concuT^^tdh^ya k, tahakaritd k. sammata h, — maddaa k .puabti 
Adjutor, s. a helper, an assistant— jrf^ya kdrt, saAailMirt— pushti karnew&U, maddadg&r 
Ad'juvate,va. to help, to forward— srfA^jya te.r- maddad k. dastgiri yi khabarglri k. 
Admeisuieinent, s. the act of measuring — mtfp bd parimdn karan — paim&ish 
Admin'ister, va. to act as an agent, to supply*-^ir;2fa nirbdha karan, deon bdjogdna bd sdhMya 

fc.— sanni^m k. k&rguz&rl k. sarbar&h k. 
Administr&tion, t. act of adminiBterinc— AarmanirfrrC^ fc.— k&rguzkr{ 
Administrator, i. one who manages me aflairs of a person dying without a "w^h-^ddnpatra 

byatireke mrita byaktir kdrjya nir6<iAafc— wasi, yine, jo shkkhs behib&h mutawaSi ke 

imUk ki sannj&m kaie ' 

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Adm' ( ^ ) 4DV 

Adminbtra'tiiz, «. a woman who admuiisterB~]H|rMta i^. ietfO>4 nlrftd^ ^tirmt— wa»lyak 

vine, jo aurat behibb&h ffiutawaffa ke iml&k k& 89^oj4iii ]care . 
Ad^mirable, a. to be admired, good, nse—praahangtdniyat uttam, adbhut^t^ih, n<idir» ky& kh6b 
Ad'mirably, ad. wonderfully, ^xcelhnUj—tUkcharjya riipe, utkrishia r^jx^HJab tarah se, 

kh&ssitarah se . , . 

Ad'miral, s, the chief commander of a Beei-^uddha jdhdj iamiihir addkyakhya-^VBaindbahw 
Ad'miralship, t. an office of an admtral-^udaAa joMj tam^iker oJ^ydkAj^aM— amiroibahar kf 

Ad'mirahy, <. the supreme office for the superintendence of naval affairs-juddAa jdhdjiya 

karma nirbbdher pr4»dhiU\ AnicftAiiri^angi jaha2C(|| ke kAm ki sadar kachahrf 
Admira'tion, «. act of admiring, wonder— ^oson^sAd, dsckafjydghdn—ziih i&nni, taajjnb 
Admi're, va, to be surprized at, to esteem— cfcomat/cnta ht.tkreihta ;fti(n K.-*taajjub h. qadrjk. 
Admi'rer^ s^one tbataidmires, a lov eT-r^dieharjya gydn hareje bdpra$angthak,premi^ii£Aw janne 

w. ^sbiq ^ [&ne dene j& manznr karne ke qjkhjl 

Afimis^sible, a. that which may be admitted--prt6csft kariU dibdr bd twikdr .jogya, grdjhya-^ 
Admis'sion, i. the act of admitting, the allowing of a position not fully proved— jirel^a hiriiB d. 

iandigdha bishay iwikdr Ae.->4ne den6, ghairsibit chiz ko manzdr k. 
Admi"t, va, to grant entrance, to allow an argument, or position— 7r«&e<A karite d. bdkya bd 

buthay grdghya bd swihdr k.-^iue d. b&t y& dalil ko qabdl k. [qabiU karne ke q&bil 

Admit'table, a. that which admitted— j»ra6«sA kariu dibdr bdswikdr jorya— 4ne dene yk 
Admit'tance, t. the act of admitting, custom— pre6esA harit$ d, bd twikdr, cAaian— 4ne den&, 

biryfib k. rasm 
Admi'z, va, to mingle, to mix with— mtiArita fc. mtZ^na— sh&mil k. milfin& [shamuliyat 

Admix'tion, <. [. ,uku.n\ the uniting or blending one body with another — mithrita ft.— ekkaHhii, 
*Admix'ture, s, the substance of bodies mixed— mu&rtta 6a<tii— mU&o, imtiz&j 
Admon'ish, va. to advise, reprove, caution— tt(Ku{«iA d. anujog Is. tatarha fc.— naslhatk. sal&h 

d: sanijhin& [w&li, n&sih 

Admon'isher, (. an adviser, a reprover ~<upari»sar«Aa d&yok^ anujog kdrak—sMh dene. 
Admonition, s, advice, counsel, re^r oOt^tupurdmartha, upad€»h, anujog — naslbat, sal&h 
Admonitory, a. admonighing, warning gently— lijMU^esAalc, prabodhhd dieiau/ijanaA— nasihat&mez,' 

&ei,h k. w. - 
Ado', s. trouble, confusion, bustle, tumult— X:ajA/d, golajog, ktUarab, gol—tazdiysL, shorsh&r, 

bhir, shor ^ [sbab&b * 

Adolescence, t. the flower or primeof youth-^att^}ui&ut&^— jaw&niki h^Iat, ay&m-i-buldghat, 
Ado'pt, va, to take a son or daughter by choice, who was not so by birth, to embrace any 

particular method or manner-^puthya putra bdputri loon, kona bishegmat bddhdrd grahan k, 
, — mutabann& ko ikhtiy&r k^amal mea l&n& 
Adop'tion, s, the act of adopting or state of adoptiog— pusAya putra bd putri bd kona bUheth mat 

6a itAardgraAan— mutubanni k. ijkhtiylir k. 
Ado'rable, a, worthy of adoration, divine— pujiintya, tnoariya— parastish ke qibil 
Ador'ation,<.yiivine worth, homage— piij<i bd arckohandf toar^ yadA—ib4dat, bandagf, parastish 
Ado're, va, to worship, to honour highly— ]>'i2j<i k, ati marjyddU k, — pAJn4, mukarram i&nn|l 
Ado'rn, va. to dress, decorate, embellish— wjja k, sdidm, sobhit fc.— ix'4ish d. zebiish k. 
Atorn'ment, g, ornament, embellishment— aMaran bd bh^ukan, «o6A<i— iriish, zebaish 
Ado'wn, pa, down, towards the ground— nic*«, mHtikdprati—niche, zaminki taraf Jgardfin 
Adri'ft, ad. floating at random— ocArenXeAolii Hipe bd aniyame AAoMM^n— beqibu bahtft hua, sar- 
Adro'it, a. active, skilful, dexteron*— cAai^ile, giiita6asi, nipfin— ch&liLk, hAnarmand, dastk&r 
Adroit'ly, od. dexterously, nimbly, skilfully— niptfnatd bd chdldki p<2r6aie— dastk&rf se, cbttUkl 

se, httuarmandi se *■ 
Adry', a. thirsty, desirous of drink, athirst— tnafctMiniwta— py4s4, tishnft [mustlr 

Adsciti'tious, a. l^m-tuh-w] borrowed, added— anyotra haiU grahita, upan bd adftik— anyati, 
Adva'nce, va, to bring forward, to raise to preferment, to improve, to propose, to pay before liand 

--agrBdnayan bd briddhi k,pada briddM k, uttam k, prastdb k,4igre J^d.-4ge barh&oft, ohde 

mettbarhAnA,bibtark.izhftrk.pe8hagid. - . ^ ,-^^, ^ .. !^^T^^ 

Adva'nce^s. a progression, an improvement— fcraf)MitAo6rtddAt, gydne ftnddAi— barnao, ziyaaati. 

fftdaiaiand, mufid i^ll* l «^ 

*Advanta'geou8ly, ad, conveniently, profiubly, opportunely— wtftfcrtamate, Idbhjanaic rfipe— 

muffd ki tarah se, f&idamandl se , ^ ..,',. ^ e< u\a^ 

♦Advanta'geousness, t, profitableness, usefulness— ia6&yatd, ttpafcrfnta— naJa, laiaa 
Adve'ne, vn. to be superadded io^iangjvkta h^muzdf h. mazid h. 

A^'7eS:^aUS^;1^U^^^^ the celebration of Ch^bt'sna- 

li^ty/liing 4 wieks b^^^ Khru^er sangidrdgaman mdrak pavba 

^^TkTihril^^^rma dibam pHrhe cA^ritapt^Aa-MasIh ki roz-i-paiddish ki tayydri ke 

J^^^aIS^^^^^ a. accWenUl, casual ; additional, supervenient-rfaiW(, 

hatdh adhik, bditi-n&gah&ni, itti&qi, z4id, f&zil 


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Advent'ore, »; f. .^Am^l w ^cMeui ; tl chatiee, an ef«iit of which #e have no dkection-^ 

daibarhafand, adritkiddhin ktSr^yo-^ittif&q, mi,)aH, qisBMUzitUlf 
*Ady€irt'ure, t>n. to try the ehance— «4rt^t« Ubr fe.— ^i8matlL^6f k. 

*AdveBt'ixrer,c antiiiiettledperson ; oae who haxards 0f risks any chance^tattot^ hkrmman kdri] 
. adrithte nrrbharkdrak^mxktaX&sai j qisinat&zin& [dher 

^Advenfutaome, «. baaerdous, dting^-adrishtddhin Icarme mrmbeiauhil, ifi&ostje— kbatara&k, 
*AdirMit'nr0U9, a. ineUnedtoadventnreB and consequently, bold; daring, courageous-— 4pa<2julbti 

bd hhayankar kdrje prebeshi, sAhasik^^hih'i'hmmdX, j&nb&z [bazf Se 

* Advent uronsly^ ad, boldly, hafeatdously^stiAoapfEfM, iurbkaypiirbak^himm.9i se, j&n^ 
Ad'verb, s. in grammar, a word joined to a veirb or adjective, to dmiote the maner, time, &c., of 

an actioQ'-fcrtytlh bishMhan, ubifoyasabda^iaif, y&ne lafz jo fial y& sifat ko zamioe yfi taur- 

ke batine ke waste lagilyi j&ti hai ^ * [rakht& hai 

Adverb'iaU a. that which relates to adverb8-rfcrif46i<fc^(m utmbandkiya-^ztLrf se jo nisbat 
Adverb'ially, ad. in the manner of ao adverb,— leriyiir besheihan rvpe — zarf. ke taur par 
Advefsa'ria, i. a cominon-placebook^Mtatfra^gvantAa, c^td— bayia 
Ad'viersary, t. an antagonist, enemy, foe—'bivakhya, «itrtt---mukh6lif, dushman 
^ Ad' verse, a. contrary; calamitotts—ti^f a ; apadjanak-^hiW ; Aiatz4 [se, badnasibl se 

Ad'versely, odl oppositely; unfortnnately^&tr«{a<2^ riipe, bipatti bddurddrisfa p^rbedk-^khMft 
Adversity, s, misery, distress, affllction-^dufcfc^a, kleth, <ipa^l— kambakhti, hadt41af> taklif 
Adve'rt, vn. to attend to, to heed, to regard — mano^gi h, tdbadhdn h, ddar fc.— mutawajjih h. 

lihiz k^ 
Advert'ence, Advert'eney, s. attention to— «ian0;of — tawajjuh, khay&I 
Adverti'se, va, to inform, to give public notice— ^y^itta k, prakdsh fc.— w^qif k. ishtihdr k. 
Adverfiseinent, t, inteiligence, information, a&ionition, ndlice in a public paper— istdil^r, 

samddhAr^ Mgya^P^^^^habar, ittiU, ishtihdr 
Adverti'ser, s. one who gives informtitioh'-tamdehdrgyfidpak — ^ittil4 k. w. 
AdVerti'sing, pa, giving. notice—ianMfcMr deod — ittiladihi, ishtih&r 

Adves'perate, vn, to draw' towards evening-rrfin46a»rfn, *fc. — sh&m k& qarib h. [khabar 

Advi'ce, 5. counsel, instruction, intelligence— pardmarsAa, upaiieshy ia)nMtf->saUh, nasifaat, ' 
Advi'se, va, to counsel, <!on8u)t, it^mm^^pardmartha d* mantrand k, sambdd d, — naslhat d. 

mashwarat k. khabar d. > [samajke, j^nke, khabarddrf se 

Advi'sedly, ad, deliberately, pmdently— pardmartfcap4r6afc, tdbdhdnatd pitrbak — din&f se, 
Advi'ser, s. one who advises ; a counseller— ^^'tt&tuMtdi, pardmarsha ddyak—Bulkh d. W. mushfr 
Adula'tioQ, s. [M-ju. «] 'highcfompliment, flattery— atyMa bd mithyd prtt>^cmg^*-khnshtoad, '- 

* Ad'ulator, s. a^raBite,a flatterer,'-'<e/i&alr, fhithyd prtkangtd fctirl— ^khush&madgo, mutamalUq 
*Ad'ulatory, a flatteringt fawning — mithyd pmshanisd kM, ft<i6afc— khushfitnadl 
Adu'lt, s, a person arrivetl 4t maturity — manusyatwa prdpta j§^h6\igh 
Adulterate, Adult crater), m. corrupted with somefoaseringre^ents, debased— Arona Opakriskfa 

drabya tangjoge aihuddhakr.jaghanyatr.-^iiAtiiB chizoQ se-&mezish k. g^. beqadar k. r. 
Adultera'tion, i. act of comiirting or ddbasinr ; stati of bemg eontamhiated^~4ipa«rtfea 

drabt^tt mn^vge fiahuddfia bdjaghanf/o, k, a*kuadhdbaxthd'—xii.^\a chizoQ seftittezish k. najis 

hojiine ki h^lat 
Ad al t e r e r , j . the ^:.^ii c iilty of adultery— AyaWfcMrafc—zindkAr, fijir ' 

Adult'ereEs, s. the wuiiia;! guilty of adultery— 6yab^t«^rtnt—zlLnl4', fftjira, fllhisha 
Adulterous, a, guihyDradhltery— 6yo6fci«fcar dotkbiskish^a — ^zin&kir 
AduU'ery^ s, Vielatihg the marriage bed-— ftyabhicA^ir— zin&kftri 

Adum'brate, \)a, to shadow out faiotly'-^'sAaif sodrij^ ahayabdiika»*^haAki8i tavwlrkhaS|ilehil& 
Adumbra'tion,<. giving a slight and imperfect representation — i^iad sadriska abaifttb dt^kari^ 

halkfsi taswlrkhaittchn& fekkatth&l 

Aduna'tion, $, the state of being united: being joined— samtiuilta b&4&,.scnnmtia>i— sharaAi'yat, 
Adun'city, s, crookedness, a bend inwards— fiaVratti, antardigt bdak-^^/bfi,i, kaji 
Ad'vocate, s, a pleader ; an interc^or j one who defends the cause of another-<-«ifc<l, parihfhi 

prdrthand kdri, anyer pahhya haiyd bU>dd karej$ — ^wakil, jo kisi ki taraf bolt& hai 
Advocation, s. the act of pleading— uHfer kdrjya bd hoMero pakhy^ 6a/an— wak&lat, kisf kf 

taraf boln& 
Advowe'e, s. be that possesses the right of ad'vowson, or presentation— «{^rma ^canbandMya 

hnttiu niyeger khydmatd deiiAejiiAir— wuh shakhs ki jis kop^dri muqarrar karneki iktiy&r 

hai [— p&dri mukarrar karne ki ikhtiy^r 

Advow'son, s, a right to present to a beneBce— <£Aarma sambimdhiifa brittite niyogffr khydmatd 
Adu're, va. to bum up-^^Aa Jt«^aUn£ 

Adu'st, Adu'sted, a. burnt up, acorclied*— (iu^ti^iu^ -jhaLvina^iidii huA, sokhta 
Adusfible, a, that w hid i may^ be burnl up — dithaniya^i^Xrui ke llig, sokhtani 
Adust'ion, s. act of huming, or diY\tt%--d^gdha bi shuihka h^ion — jalni, 6ukhD& 
Ae'rial, a. [a-«. .] bebngiug lo the air ; high i—btiyuinElmifftk, uch£kii—*htLwi,i, dsm^ni, bulaod 
A'erie, s. [<-'*«] a ne-^t a( eagles, or blrcfci of prey — nhyefi thi bdj pakhyir M<4— u^&b k& ghoii^i 
AeroVogy, t, (a^ur, . .] the tbeory of the mT—biiyaHdyd^imA-haw'^^ [shugutf leaA 

*A'eromancy, s. the urt nf diviniag by ikits aif — ^udmdrd gananfi ltd nirnaykanAi-^d^wk se 
^Aerom'etry, s, the art of me^iiuriii^ the «ur — bdyu iaai bti parimdn bidfti-^hnmAtEii^ue k& ilm 
. *A'eTonaut, s, one T^ho sails thro* the air — hdyu iftadhtfe diyfi gati fcar«ji»— haw^o, faaw6 par. 

chalnewU ^ 

*Aerb8 copy, s. the observation ef the air^-Myu nimap k, — ^bawi ko muUbiza y& ghaur k. 
*Aerosta'tion> t, the science of ^igbiog air — bdyuparimdn fridyd— haw& tohfte k& ilm 

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Afe'ard, a. afraid, iern&ea^-^hita, shankdnwita^-^axS, h66, khanfn&k 

AfiabiVit^, t. courteoush«ss, <;0iMM<^n8i9pr-4&tiA^a£iUr,»amrat«--rBbafamaJt, nawCzish 

Affstble, a. e.ajBy of mannei^, benigDyiml^-^ii^M^, ti^ii, lu{i^MntaAJ(<ir4n^b&wuiraw.w(iLt^ 

o^diip, mihrb&n, / 

Affableness, «. civility, condescennon— «At^M, skiahtdchdr^ namratarHnuia.ww^Uf«^f£k 
Affably, ad. $0urt«<>«4y,^iDdlyrCiviUy<--4iiA^/i«^^a4fiMffMa6aAi(»n<^ 

A^a^Vi s. -bij^si^sB, coocern, transaction — kdrjyay bishay, byapdr-^Vkm, fiui^ila*,ij^q|£ddama 
Affect, .*. affectiMi, sensation, quality— onttrrfjr, gK«%,. cbetmk^, gwh— a«af , tisir, , kU4asiyat » 

Affecta'tion, 5. aA^^^cial appearance— ^A^i-^waza badalni, $id k. 

A^tredly, ad. conceitedly, byp9critieaily—/itwatfet»an.p<«r6fMc, chbal bd kaipanil^tdniirb^k 

— khudbinl se, ndzokmizigi se , ^ , 

Affect'edoeBS, j. ^lly pride. conc«it— »^iw«»r-ft4B«ki, n&saKmis^f 
Affcc ting, pa. moving, imitating— AsA«d >#»afe, aWaitart— riqqataiTMZ,, naql karU fr^a 
Affec tion, ^. lov^, kindn«M-:pre»i, jn«^, a?*u^raAa— mabaWiat, jaoiiburfcij^i 
Aa(^.UQnate, a. fuUof aSection^aei^s/it^--^fib^M - . 

A^ec'tibnately, ad, in an affectionate manner— ^7}«Aa bdprwt bd daya p^r^— sbal^iqqat «9 
AAect'ive,a.thatwiuch alTects, moving— m««M bicl^itkdrak, smth^^Jbdikid Jamk'-p^UltiiS^ 

Affi'ance, s. a marr^ige q^ntrad, reliance, jbope, confidence, generally xjx a religiQD9 sense— 

bib'ihdrtha nirbandha, jprdtyay, bbarasd, bishwdsh—im^t, m^ngni, iatibir, ummed 

tawakkul - * 

4Mmcfi, va. to betroth, to bin^by VT<imse:-^I>dJMrtha mr^bandha Jt, ^gikdr dvdrd baddha k. 

— niabat k. mangnik. muqayyad baiqr^r.k> 
Afiida'vit, s, a deposition on oath— «Aapat^ patra — bay&n hi. qasm 
4IS'.?^; P^' *• wed Wcontract-^ifiajMA«^(ir4.«*ni^ikta^^ 

.A^ha tiw *. tb^ ^option of a &l^^wfshyap^tra. fcara?*— farzandi mm len4,.^uta,bafti^ k. 
Af^nage, s. the act of re&oing m^tBk^-'dhdtu k^H harath-^^t ko ifiMs k. ' 
A& ned, a. relaited to another— vsa»i|iarfca9^i4»to~r^iiirhta€kir 
^^"li*^' t ',«^*^%*>y^*"'i^e^lHi8ed tocoe^ngniwty; ««fl|»blaiuse^t^ Mm: 

parfca, kutmnbitd samparka ; wwirwya— nshtadfiri ; misil 
A|-rm, »a. taii^clare, to toU«>qfidenay:.-l»r*W*kfc. Wdrt»«fc».i^4aAaJi-z4hirJt.iqiAr k. ' 

sSchd "*' '^^ affirmed, true-^rtrAartipfl .toWtflUiya, MW?^r-^fe ke qibil 

Affirma'tion, $. ton^^1ion,6^Uv^j^rr^ jpraoh4rii bd «ii(?Wt.4&^jijjw:^q«*r;^iLtu! 

Affirm ative, «. that. affirms or 4eciftres— pr»iwin:&an,,mV*«^« A4riSZi<m«irr,iauzl2r 
Affirm auvely, od. positively, absolutely— ni«h«Wt, rtipe—iqbAlse, iiitijififse, yaaiao « / 
iim\,ya. to uftU^, to j^^bjoin-^<J^fe«ranhr4a«i«d^ mSiiA^ , 

Affik uon, «., the act of breathing upon— /lis/iukC*^ p^eiaw— kiei ch^z par dam k. 
Affli'ct, va. to gtieye, tr^wibje, torment- doMa d^pvrd d.— s^t&nfi, takUf jdI.. 
Afflic tion, *.. w>iro}v, calamity, mieecy-rtfwWsAa, ^ipiwi-r-rani, dfat, aziy tA 
Affile tive, a. pajnfvil, tormeAtio«r^<i4*W{fta JW j«»tra»d ^^jra^-r-mqai,: rani d^v. 
Af ^uence, «. nches, plenty, abundwicer-d*«tia64iiWya, MwruWAata— 6«iid«i, Arighwt 
Affluent, a. wealthy— dAaiw—6sudah6l, mutamavvif •«»*»«•• ♦•* 

Affltt'x, Afflux'ion, «. the aqt oC flawittg-r,»&siAai>— bahna , j6ri b. 

. Afo jd, -va. to yieW, pr nroduce ; to grant ; to be able to bear certain Mp6l»ea«r«t»ddaii : djum : 
bydye tamartha /i.— 4,en4 ; gunjiish ra^hni ; kharch kar lukuh > -h^ > 

Affira^nchise, flis^ke frea--T«itfci<»^u-74z6a k. 

^fta y, va. to strike with fear, to terrify— fcfcay 6a sanhijanmdnar^faf^nit>4aii^Uu d. 
^S^* y» *• * <ma£^pl.K<i^UwbMicc, XfAipMktr^bdd, fcan^«„^<^«(l/— qaziy»„ htng^nui 

Agri;«ltt,\4^rig^Wnt ». .ter^w/fear- 5a»&», .^^ 

Affio nt, «a.i toinsvlt,,to provoke, to.qffend-apa«d»ifc. »%dna, a«i<j^«,ifc^^heiOTatk.fibhesBi, 

A§«'nt, g. outrage, insult, dis^rnc^^dawrdtmya, dpanvin, a<92af7yM^— ja£&>.kbifat» zillftt 
Affront ive, a. causing, affront— apam4n jowoAc-^hafif kar^ae ^M6, [piiai kitar^h ron^d. 

Affn^se, va. topourjpne thiog.oftiMiafchtr-.^ </ra6ya rtnyft Jraiwcr vfar dhdhn^^in cWt pw 
.AffusMin.,, tbfea4:t.o£^ffusing-^Wa«-^ezish [niifeAli k. iatibir k, jatitoMk. 

A Pis'*' *? *^«"^«^» ^o trust in, to €sonfide-,«6»Aa. sa^mbandha ^ proJ^^Sf ^^,Ai#A»M^jR.— 
"^r: •T^ OKfia ^lie-field^Ay«tmeAi.kfc»e*ra ma<%e-^kh«t ko,;y4ki»t.inea. 
^^^'•f^' *f* woe tbe, watar— 4fc/UafwlnMail^T-pinlpa^ tirt.<iAttA . 

Ari k * ^'^ ^^*^'' *** action, m motion— pa<ia 6r«5e, kSryt^a bd^gaman* vdy4t»-:jM»h PW^* 

Afore, yr.befoi^, sooner in iime-r-^^«,W 

Afo rehaml,.4idk by prevms provisi^n-*^»4rfe-4ge 

Ato fesaid, a- said befpte, napied^before— ptir 6okta— s&biqulzikivjjjia«k<ir 

Afraid, ka. «. struck witb ftar, t4rnfied'--^^a(tf&aniMiiii^aHrv4haA»kk&if, dah^b^twda- 

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•A'Fr' ( 12 ) AGO 

Afin'fh,' ad. anevr, oTer asii!r»<mce mi at niU an, drbdr, punorMr-^aiuau, iktye m6 se, 

pHir, ddsr& martaba ' • 

After, ]»r.behind--<a<I. following lAodier, inpnit^tof, iDiimtatioiiof,insueceediogtiiiie— |te<ft- 

ehdt'-ad, pdehktpdehht, anu»andhdn$» «nur47^, par^^icbbe— ad. \Ad, paitavi men, &mda 
Afterbirtb, n.t. tbtf membrane in wbicb tbe birtb was involved, which is brought away after 

— :;ardt>f M/--gabb6lan» jer 
Af termtth, t. the second crop of gras8-;-^Adtfr duntiym p&osal^hAd kl dnsri fad 
Afteraoo'n^. time from noon to evening— ^iut prakardhmdhi. tandhydvarjyaritaf apardnha^- 
> dopahttrib ahdm tak [aurat ko dard hoMi hai . 

Afterpains, «. pains after child birth->pra«a&anantar byathd — lafke ke' paida hone ke b&d jo 
Aftertnought, s. reflections formed after the aet'--fcir^4ntore bibecharui, gatdnv44ehaiid^ 

pichche samajhnAv k^m Ice bid fikr k. 
Afterwards, ad. in succMiinr time^parf— bid is ke, is ke piche, iinda [sard&r 

A'ga, s. a Turkish military officer of rank— ,7«rfci>> tyainyadhyakhpa bishetk-^'Rim kf fooj ki, 
. Aga'in, ad. a" second time, once more, moreover~*dt0itia6dr, pttfi«r6^r, tadMtiina— phir, 

dobirah, al&wa 
Aga'inst, pr. in contradiction to> in opposition to, to th^ hurt of another^&trifddte, bipakhye 

prattfcttis— khiUf, barkhiliff men» zarrarkhwdbi men 
Aga'pe, ad. staring eagerly, or with surprise— ft<i kariyd cAoAiyd—hairin, mutahfaayyar 
Agast, or Aghast, a. struck with terror, frishtened, staring with amazement— fanlfedfuXEta, 

hhaydnwita, Mfmaydpafmo^— haibatzada^ dahshatn^, hair&n [sang-i-suleindni 

Agate, <. the lowest sort of pr^ious stone^-soiHriMia, ortAdt kkyHdra ratnabi^k^yuhb, 
Ag'aty, a. partaking of the nature of agate — rnngitmia dAormoXe^yashb kl khassiyat rakhnew6i& 
Affe,.«. any period of time, generation of men, a hundred years, maturity, decline of life^- 

Itdl bdjnjf, baytu, pnuAdrnMBfam, eksftat batMar, manushyaiwa, pripakwattoa, bnddhcJcdl^ 

zam4na, umr, pusht, ek sau baras, buldghat, burhdpft . 

A'gi^d, a. advanced in years, old, ancient— -driddAai purdtoii, prdcMn— buddh&, puranA, qadim 
A'gency, t, action ; managing another's affairs— Jeartritioa ; ^•mdtfa^^'rt— k&rpard&u; mukbtar- 

A'gent, (. a deputy, a factor— pratitttd^', n&yeb gomittdr^ynkil, n&ib, ^[umishta [j&n& 

' Aggela'tion, t, concretion ofice—^'aler jamd.««FftAdt baritph Aom^— pAnliai^jAnft, yiUie baraf he 
Aggenera'tion, s. a growing to another body— on^fsr gdtre 6ardAd»— ddsre jism par bafhod 
Agglom'enate, va. to gather up in a hiil-^bartwuUhriti ik.— gole kl tarah lipe^nd 
Agglutinate, va. to unite together— fofoA bd tangjog few— earesh se jorni, iam&jaA 
Agp;lutina'tion, t, union , cohesion— sangjog, jariyd d^rati^-^aresh se j orai, j aro&n& 
Ag srandize, «a. to enlarge, to eaalt, to advance m power; honour, or rank— 6drdna, unnata k. 
Mfett M iambhram kmdd pad briiiSii Ic.-'baTh&ni, aarfarftz k. huktimat yi. hiiunat y& qadar 
ki taraqqi k. 
Agvraod'izement, s. being exalted or preferred— ttiinali->taraqql, sarfar&zi 
Aggravate, «a. to make worse, to provoke<-d(M^6drdna,rdgdMa— badtar k. chhern& 
AgKravH'tiim, t. ezdting to anger— f^gdwo—chhe? 
. Ag gresate, a. framed by the collection of sundry. parts into one body or mass— ^MfrOrtta 
— majmuiS, y&ne bahut hissoft ke jama hone se murattab, k. g. [— nnajmoa, }a|na « 

Ag'gregate, s. the collected sum of various quantities, the sum total of an account— dcun, mo$ 
Ag'gregate, va. to add or heap together— skatra bd ^kun bd rdtki A:.— jama k. dberf k. 
Aggrepa'tion, «. the state of being collected— skateWierita bd rds/»tkrtto— ijmAi, ekkauh&i 
' Aggre ss, va. to assault or injure first— ^at^me ^krasian bd hdni karan — ^pahli hamla y£ 
nuqs&n k. 
Aggres'sion, t. the commencing a quarrel— MrodA drambha k.— pahU hamla [nlfis&d 

Aggress'or, «. one who first assaults another— prat^mdferaman kdrt— pahM- hamla k. w. b&» 
Aggrie'vance, s. hardship, injury— kissh, duhkka, ikdni— zulm, jabr, sakhti 
Aggri'eve, va. to vex, to injure, to harass-^-^troieta k, dukkha d. hdni k, tyakta fe.— zulm k. 

nuqs&n pahnnchini, rani d. 
Aggrie'ved, pa. [..} afflicted, injured— duMcAiia, ^Mk prdpta*— mazlfim, mutaaezf 
Aggro'up, vs. to brin^ together into one view— onsk mwrtiekatra koran— shakloa ko jama k. 
A'gile,a. [ayit] nimble, active, light— c^nckai, udjogt, «kdidk-^hust, cMiUk, jaldbdz 
* A ^ileness, a. quickness, activity, nimble nc s s dni tatiga,ttdjqgttd,cAa»cAafatoa— chusU^ ch&kUd 
*Agil'ity, $, activity, speed, reaqinese— iidjogitd, dfutatd^sattiNiratd— chust!, ch&Uki 
Agist, va, to let cattle feed in pasture gfounds at so mu^ per week— nirMpit mUlya hdyd 
muku cAarke'd.— thlke par jfowaroo^ko charhne d. ffikr k. 

A gitSte, va. to shake; revolve iq the inind— idran ; mane dZocAaiid k.—bilin&j jumbish d. 
Agita'tiohjf.-Mte act of shaking, any thing, violent motion, perturbation of the mind, contro- 
versial examination — ldfanfdndolantasthiratwa,bydkulatwa, bdddnubdd bd dfeckand-^jum- 
bish, harakat, ghabr&hat, beqariii, mub&hisa, radobadal 
A'gitative/». having tbe power to agitate — diaraimAyamydndQlanakhyam — hilnew&hi,mutahanik 
Agea'tion, s> descent from ttie same father— ^gydn^tiva bd ek pttrt bangAe iatim»^hamjaddi 

li.v&neekd«dekea«16dh. , . ^ 

Agni tion, s. an acknowledgment— ivtkdr-^qblLl 

Agni'^, va. to coi^fess, to acknowledge— swikdr k.— m&nn4» iqr&r k. ''■ ^ 

■ Ago'; od. in*time past : as long ago— Purfe, jathd 6akttkd/piiSr6e-^4ige, peshtar. stfbiq 
Ago'j^, od. in a state of longing— dkdnkkd Irishiskfa niM— isbliyiq te, Arztimandi n 
Ago ug| p». «• IB action, movuig— ^i bitkuhta^^hadtk hn& 

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JL^6 ( 13 ) , 'ALC 

ilgimist'ei, s. a prite fighter, z ^ndMLUn-^HHrdkhhfdjuddka kareje, tutra jenVaA;^pfttteb&z, 

shart par larnew&l&, jo shakfas tamasha dikbline ke waste lart& hai ' s 
Ag'onize, im. to 1)e in extreme pain'-^j<iiitnni4 p<fMi— nihiyat dard p&n&, bahut dukbDi 
Ag ony, s. pangs o( death, angnidi— 4iiHttytt/ontraiMi, jtmtraud bd atyanta byathA^n^ik, 6z4h 

Agra/rian, a. relating to fields or gTonnd»^fc^y«tra bd bh^nUbuhMfok-^lth^i k&, y& zamSnl 
Agre'e, v. to accord, to concur, to settle — miian, sammaia h. bd swikdr k, sthir icaran— mutta- 

fiq h. rfizS h. qab61 k. bandobnt k. ' 
Aj^ee able, a. pleasing ; conformable to — dlkdd janak bd manoranjak ; mata bd tammator^ 

dilpaaand; mnw&fiq 
Agree'aUeness, «. the quality of ipleasang — manoMi^akatdr^kbAhi, pasandidagl 
Agree 'ably, ad. pleasingly; consisteptly— ^manoran^'an piirbak, a»iwdr«— pasandida tarah se, 

bam^ib, mn&nq [z&mandi se muqarrar k. g. mihad 

Agre'ed j pa. a. settled by mutual con0ent->-ttMay«r «immati pHrbak nirc^&aHya^tarafain kl ri- 
Agree ment, <. concord, compact,' bargain — mily nirbtoutiiat ekrdr, cAuiltft^ttimq, qar&r, ahd> bai 
Ag'riculture, 5. [...t«Aure] tillage, husbandry — krUhikarma^ziriaty kiahikiiTi 
*A|neult'ttri8t. *• a husbandman, a Urmtt^kriskak, bkUmi dbdd kartd^^x^n, kishtkAr 
Ag rimony, t. a name for the plant lirerwort— ^^uAtfh bnkktftr ii<im*— ghAfis 
Agro'und, ad.-mn ashore, stranded~-«Aafiay bd bhdmitB {iwdyd baddha—Hakt^ lag&bii,«imiii 

paFtahar&h6& . * 

A'gue, s. an intermitting fever, with cold fits<»*AumipajiiMir-~iap-i-larsah , 

Ah^ int, denotin^oniempt or p\\f-^hhiy hdy, dhdr-ehhi, chhichhi, tauba, half, afsos, hti, ih 
Aha, tnit. a word intimatinc tnumph and contempt-^6afc6(i, hdy Kdy, chhU ehhiehhi-^yrkh 
. w«h, shfthb&sh, Uuba, chhichhi [y4 besabari se 

^ Ahea'tioit. farthest on, preoipitaotiy—offre, tfhdrgunjiyi td utald bd pramitta ripe^kgB, jaldi 
Aid, va. to succour, to relieve — sdhdjyaic. updhdr fe;7-kumuk k.>dastgiri k. [dastglri 

Aid, Aid'ance, s. help, support^ assistance-— sa^jya, upakdr, tahakdritd^kum9k, madad, 
A'idaot, A'kting,'a. helping, BBmtxng^sdlu^ya.kdri, «)Mifc4r»>^9nadadgAr, y&war 
Aid-de-ca'mp, s. l^.kawng] a military officer attendant on a general,' to convey orders, 6cc.— 

pradhdn sendpatir idhdjya kdrak bd dgydu bdhak^^VL} ke sardir ki mus^hib 
A'idIe88^a.fneadle8S, unsupported--^tAMAdy, sriA'i^a'raAit — bemadad 
Ail, V. to be in pain, or sufier sickness— ^lyotiuta h, pirit A.— m^nda h. kasaknand h. 
A^iling, fNK. a. dnordeied, uDhealthy*«-aSHst/ia, rogt-^-mdnda, kasalmand. 
Ai'lment, s. pidn, disease, affliction — bednd, rog, kMi — dz4r,' biro&ri, taklff 
Aim, s. direction, endeavour, design^^fcndArin bd tdk, eheihtd, manast/ia^sbast, koshish, matlab 
' Aim, V. to direct towards a mark, to guess*— la^r^a Ic. anumdn k» — shast biadhni, qailU k. 
^Air. s, the eiemeut in which we breathe ; a tune or melody ; the mien of a person-^Ai^ytt, mar, 

chdli bd dkdr bd dhaf — haw&, &hang, ilb&n ; waza, ravish 

" Air, va, to exi>08e to the air, to dry^-^^t'iM roMum bd bdtdtldgdna, tuftana-^kawi d«. sak^AnA 

A'irily, ad, gaily, merrily—tpfciiif'ti bddmod p«Sr6ak — khushmtz4ji se . [diri; khuahmiz^i 

A'iriness, «. exposure to the air ; gaiety-^Mtd« idgite pay ^mataboitkd ; dmod bd tphdt^i — hawA« 

' A'iring, s. a jaunt or short excursion to enjoy the air—doyu tebatidrtha 6ftranaTi^-<^air, haw&khorl 

4'iriess, a wanting air, close— nirMt, gumat — behaw&, ^aram, hirr, )chamas 
' A'ir-pump, s. a machine by which the air is drawn out ot certain veasels^^i&tfya pr0khyepapak 

fto/— haw& ke nikilne ki kal 
A'iry, a. belonaing to the air; gay, sprightly — bdyu tambandkiya ; dmfidi bd^pkdrtijukta^-' 

haw&i, hawid&r ; khushmiK&j,'shanqin 
Aisle, s. \iie] a walk in a church— jfrijiljfAarer madhye path — ^giije men k& rasta 
Ait, s. a small islan^d in a river^^nodiit^ khyudra dmip^nsAi k& chotA t^pii rhibih, milAfiq 
Aki'n. a, related to ; resembling ; alike<-<«amparkiya ; sadrisha ; tuiyar--qirib ; rishtahdir ; mus- 
Al'abaster, s. a species of soft white marble^-^^coma/ $kukla prastar bithsth^n^vm safed macmar 
Alac'rity. ,5. willingness, readiness, briskness— auttukya, wiyam, «pJ^^rti— sauq, dildihf, 

A-la-mo'de, ad, according to the (ashion— rt^anu^'<^y<-^riw&i ke mut&bui 
' Ala'nn, va» to call to arms ; to surprise--y|«Mid&y<irMe prastut haUe bedem,bi»mayd panna k, bd trds 

janmdna—jdLnjg ke liye khabard&r k. dar&n& f khabar ; ach&nak 4ar 

Ala'rm, t, a notice of danger ; sudden 'terror— ^tsanna bipod gydapan ; akasmdt May — AAit ki 
Alann'ing, pa. irif^tfiil, givinj^ alarm— Ma^nafc, sawAwijawJfc— d&hsh a it n iik. 
Ala'rampost, », the spot to wfich each regiment is to repair in case pf alarm— 6ii)atti tatmiye 
' tanket karile tainya upasthit haaner nirupit tt^ln— 6fat ke waqt faiu ke Jama hone k{ 

^ Ala'rum, <• a clock ; an alarm bell— satarilcafearafc ghari ; bipaigydiipak gAanid— ghafl ; ghan^A 

ki khabardAr karne ke waste ifat ke waqt bigtA hai' . ^ 

- Ala'i, Alack, tnt. denoting pity or grief— o^ / Kdy hay /— hAi ! w&i I afsos ! haif ! 
Alb, s, a priest's surplice— «Marmdd%aMyad«r bastra ois/tM^— jubba, kbirka 
Aibe'it, ad. althouf;h, notwithstanding— t^adyapio^ tot^pt— agarcbih, taabhi 
Al'bioB, s. the ancient name of Britain — Inglanftr wddiin ndm— IngUstAn k^ qadim ndm 
Alca'id, s. the name of a civil officer in Spain— ^pondss^ biehArddkiyakhya--<d^{C\d Spen ke 

mulk ki qAzf [kimiyil, rasAyani 

Alchym'ieal» a, [inm..] relating to alchymy — kimi^d bd dhdtu paribartan Indyd bkhayak^ 
*Al'chymist, «. a^niofeaaor of alchymy-rfcifaiyaffar ba 4hdUiiptaTibartan ^idya^ajA-^kimiyigar, 

mnhawwis, rasayani ^ ■ .> .. . 

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i: 1 c ( 14 ) A I. c 

•Af^ymy, s. the more flublime 4iid occult part of chft&istry wfakb proposed for i^ol#^' 
the traoftmutation oi metak— ^imiyd bd dhdt^^paribartan bidyd*^^gimiji. yi dhAtpadaUe ki. (an 
muhavvief' ... 

Al'eohol, «. an Ambiek tevm used by chymiets for abish .lectified depbegmated^pint of wi&e or ' 

for any thing reduced into an impalpable powder — madya sdr, sUkhyau fwitf rf--kubat - 
AVconm,s, the book of the Mahometan precepts, and dredendB^-*-^E»r4n««««lqttWin^Mui9alr> 
'Alinoa keiaazhab kl kitib [kbilwat«^ 

Alco've, 8, a recesa in gardens or pleasure grounds — upabanattha niUirita 5^A4n*^alqubba, 
Al'der, s. a tree resembling the haxel-^brikhya bUkesh — ek qism kil darakht . 
Al'derman, s. aninco'porated magistrat^^^ajraradd%aX;fc^a — IngltstAn ke shaharoQ k6 h4kim 
Ale, s. a liqwd made by in^sing malt and hops in hot vfrater^a&ete nirmita madya bifkssh^^^ 

shar&b'klqism , . . 

Aleconner, s/an officer whose duty is to oblige publieans to use just measures~-4nady«r porim^n 
niriiptmdnha fod dkdri bishesh'-ek ehdahdar jisko^harib ke {MBdUliroa hi lamiistksupurd h^ 
A)l'egar» 9, 60«r ale^-rotniiiA^ta el $idmak maiya^^khkt^i el sharAb 

A'lehoof, s. gTpnnd-iyy-^bKikhy^ 6u^e92i^shqpe«he ki qism fd^k&n 

A'lehouse, s. a house where malt liquor-is sold — el ndmak madya bikray gkai~^ sharib kl ' 
Alem'bic, s, a vessel used in distiUing»^Aau4|ft6dr potra'^bhabka 
Ale'rt, a. watchful, vigilant; brisk, nvmwi^tatarka, udjogi, cAaiaJt*-4h«banlAr, hoshylLr 

ch&mkjaldb&z , 

Alert'nesS; $. sprightliness, briskness— satarfrat^, «fc42^Xct— ^hoshy&ri, chAMM [k^ misi^ 

Alexaa'dnne, 8. a verse of -twelve. syllablecM-cfiMtdasAillKAyatv kabitdr -cAAan^-^bfirah hijf« 

* i__i_u-_'_-- A !-_:..„/.•_ _ *L l:-Lj ^j^ asan antidote to poison, or iafectioa— *6»/Mt^Aaib ' 

zahr aur blm&rl ko radd kartd hai 
„ , , , hmetio^Mj^antla*-^ljabar,jabar^«ntt^tibala, abikt«anU 

Algebraic, Algebra'icai, a. pertaimng to algebra-— Mj^^xntto «am6att(2At^ia'-4^Kbar-o-muq&bale 

se jo nisbat rakhti hai ^ ■ ^ ' 

Algebia'ist. s, one well versed " in algebra — 6«jpirami»iert^^abar*«^piuqftbik|e kA k£mil 
Al'gid* a, cold, ejctremely cold-^<M'tal, oHsayshitat^thajai^, babut (haad^ . ' 
Algid'ity, Arger, s. chil&ess, Goldne8S--'Sfcteaia«(i— (haiid,'i^^, eardf ' \ 
Al'gorithtn, s. the science of numbers — ankabidyd—hisib kA ilm 

Alguazi'l, s. a Spanish bailiff or cotateJoAe-'^Spdnd^dier ketoydl-^ Inuik ^i kjotwdl 
Alias, ad» otherwise-^i. in law, ^•wnt'-^tiutbd^s. (in iaw) hukuamdmd M^sfc-^DabiaCo,— s. 

urf (share men^ asimi ke pakaf ne k& hakmn&ma 
Al'ibi^ 8, elsewhere. The plea of a person who to prove himself innocetit, alleges that at the time 
stated to thesaccusation, foe was at «ome place remote from .where the ac$ was *said to have 
been committed—onyalraydM^av't^riM/e' ami anyotTA tkUnm, lemat bdky^dwdrd uttwr-^ 
dusrS jage men, qus^r ki j4 se gbairhazirf *■ 
Al'ible, a. nutntwej DOuri8hing*'pujA.^ifean poihak — ^muqavvi. tllqatbakhsh 
AKien, «. {aU^ymj a foreigner, a stranger— ^Mief^',iAiiMui baMpary^-parde^t ajoabf . 
*Ariettable, (|. that may be transfenred-^jiiMttf imuwatwm iydgdmantar 4myer swdtiod janmdite 

pdra j4t/— d^sre ke haw&le karne ke 14iq 
^Al'ienate, va. to trmnfer to another ; to withdraw the afieetion'^-MMMaartfa tifdgdndift(»r anyey^ 
^maatma-janmdna ;-sn^iernibnti k, — d^sre ko haw^a k.- bee&na kar dend [muah 

*Arienate, a. estranged or withdrawn from — bhinnikrita^tyeJcta, «i&arta~-in«uh phir& ha&, ter^ 
*Alieoa'tiott, s. the act of tmasferriag ; change of affectioQ ; mental deraagemeQt*<*^raswa<^wa 
janmana ^ anya ke deoA ; sneher anydthd ; gydnner fraiiUcofcyan^a-- hawila y tafw-VE ; beg6nagl, 
mub&inat ; diw^nagi <» 

lAIi'ght, tm. to descend, to eomedown, to dismount--n4tnan, ««lt<r»Mi ^*-^utani&, Heuwd h, 
Ali'ke, ad, with resemblance, equally— <a<{ri<fta, «<twira^Quishilbth, nratibiq, eks&n 
Al'iment, «. [aM«.] food, noHrishment~4;ffc4iiyo, 4^r«-khjiDd, khovft, q6t 
*Alimeni'al, a. noacishing, nutritive— fNTdba^—'muqawl, tft^atbakhsb 

*Aliment'ary, a. that which belongs to aliment — khddya sambandhiya^khAne k&, muqavvf 
Alimo'nous, a. that which nouvishes-^putftcifeiar — ^nraqawi, t&qad>akbsh - 
Arii»ODy,<.«that{>^tateappropnated to*sapport a wife, when -separated fco«n her 
^busbaod, unless Of iminaUy so — nirddoshi strirswdmi hcnt« bbinna k&on iki^Un idhnr bhwran 
mkandrthe swdmir dattwdhan — mahr . . 

Al'iquant, a. anyporttoii4>fa gi¥«li nvaiber, which multiplied or diversified in ^any possible 
manner, will still make more etr less'than that given number esaetly, as 3 is an aliquant <kf 
10, thrice 3 being ^, four tiiae&diaakiQg IQ—^oaa-anker agam4ntf8hat }9tfMn^a»ker.a8amdng8a 
tin hay ; tin ke tin diyd piiriU nay hay, chdri diydpHriU bdra hay : kona kramefkikda^hkaynd 
•«<4qsl «bd4d k^ ek adad, jieko a^ar-kisi Urah zarb de, tani4»hi ida» mazkdr 8e> yi «iyidabaw», 
y&kam howe ; jaisa, das ki. tin ek hissah bai ; agar tin ^mea saxb 4e» to nau boa; agar 
c barmen zarb de, to birah boa ; kisf tarah das pdre n&hiji ho sakeit ; is waete tin das k4 
^Hquant hai / 

Al'iquot, a. any portion of a given aninber w^eh beto^iwitipUed, will i aAWMmt 4o -that ip^tn 
numlo9t^siUitiy-^kmaa»her8am^ng»ka'^J9mM«U89h9^ dm i^dui JtitjpdRoli gun, 

kank fhik dtt^ &ay— kisi idid k& koi adad jisko agar zaib de thf k wuhi £dM ho jiLwe 
Ali've, a. not dead, active, sprightly— jt6anta, nirdlasya, eatarka, spfcurtijukto— Jilt, siada, 
. ch&lik,shokh {k^gaUf^essAki, araq 

Al'kahest, j. an univeraai ^dissolvettt, a Kquor— «ir^>d«wiyaMdi>d64ky^nt6a(di^ai>y4t^«tab chlk 
Al'kalif.s. the iUedsaltof any body^-kk^r-^hirysajjii 

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A 'I. K ' ( 1& ) A I. I. 

Allied. a» KavikHt the^nrtity of tULalv^X^WftitoniMfc-^lUlii 

Alkal'vate^ make 9\lnXiwi-^hdHbh4ta ib.— kMrf k. 

Al'kanet, t, the name of a plant-^ftis^s &nfAcAy«r nidn — alqana, yine ek qiim k& c&hofi darakbt 

Alker'ines, <.[...]« odnfectieiimade of tlnerbenT called kermes— 4mrmeff pknier fMrabM-^ktr^ * 

masi pbal k^ murabba . f 

AIL a, the whole number or quantity, ef^ry one— tordttt tdfcit—fla^ kitl, taraAm, harek 
Alia'y^ va. to temper one metal with another for eoininr ; to compose* to paciff mudrd nit* 

mdndrthe khddi mitkrita karan ; itkir k. tdnta bl— rbpiyft baniM ke w^e ek dhftt ko ddtre 

db&t se imtiz&j d. taskfn d, ihan^hi k. ' 
Alla'y^ s. anir ba^er metal mixad with a supeiior kind to kafden it, any thing whick btinf added 

lessens the value jof that with which it is mhi^ied^^kMd»,je drabjfaaw99r mhit miikranB 

tdhdr pm hd miiha rhds kar^-^khirih dhit ki jtske milioe le khAIis dhit sakht ko j&ti kai, 

-wuh chiz jis k^ niune sedusrf chii aiqia ho jdti kai 
AUecta'tion, j. on alluring, in enticing— jikiuMna, 6^Mld«a-— dam d. phusUnA 
AUega'tidn, s. an affirmation; eaouae) plea— niiiicAajr b^k^, bdMnd, <9ar-^r&r, bahina, hi^jalt 
AUe'ge, va, [.ledge] to declare, to mamtain, to plead-^rtrk» tUpe kmthmu, freturhi k, tyor k, — 

iqrftr k. bogjat k. 
* Alle'geable, a, that ^hich may be alleged— driHUf^M kathmniga-^tibiir karna ke q4bil 
*AIIe'giance, t, [. .janse] the duty of a subject— Mjios^f M^Statwa—fidwiyat, farmiabaidirf, 
*Alle'giant, a, loyai, conformable to allegiance— r4;&«i^<6^4t«, rdjbaikibMitmtwimuj4yi'^mmld, 

mnndM, ftmnftnbardftr 
Allegor ical, a. in the form of an aUegory-^if&pak bd d r op itm ' m u8ta4f, tamsiH 
Allegory, s, a figuratjive manner of speech, by which instruction or information is raeaat lo^bt 

conveyed — Hipak hdkya, jdkdr dwfrd tMkkffd kimbd gydn de&yd jdm^vHiiAnt, mi^Az, miiil 
iUIe'gi^, s, a ^rightly motiob of music— dmca 6(idM— Mje kf shitAbi 
Allema'nde, «• a dante well known in Germany— /rirffMrnt dsi ^(y nrttya frwkeiA— Allemte k» 

mulk k4 nich 
Alle'vtate, va. to esse, to soften— ^tpM^ANi h* naram A.— kam k. takhfif d, 
Allevia'tion, i. that by which any pain is diminisl^, or anf fault exteawatod— ^A/fr dwdrd 

pirdr upashdm bd dasher thdt fraj^— takhlif ^ wvk ckiz jis 8« blm^i gka| jiwe y&qusdr ki riAyat 

ho ' ^ 

Afliey, 8^ any narrow passage, in ws^k-^^^usW pa$k bd f «Zi— galt» k66ka 
Allirante, s, relation by marriage, or kindred ; a league or cmitraot with foreigii powen; simi« 

larity of qualities— sam&xiuiAa, kutumbitd, gyduti tamftarka; bhinna detkiyardjdr tahk mndki ; 

^imerKldmkya— riehtad&fi; akd-o-paimAn, qaul-KMjpir ; hamkhisaiyyat 
Al fies, 8, states who kaVe entered into a league for tkeir mutual defence-^s rajdrd p&rtapar 

rakhydrthe sandhi ^artsf4c/iA#— oud&r jinhoft neb&ham madad k4 i(|rar kiy& 
Alliia'tion*, s.tlie act of tying together; that rule of airithmetic which teaches to adjust tba 

price of articles cemponHded of ingredienta of different value— tfkatm baddha k. ttanand 

bUhesh—^)t}Ldi^k b6Qdn&, hi8libk& wuh q&ida jis se murakkab ehiion kf qfmat m&16m h^ti hai 
AUiga'tor, s.. a crocodile, a kind of pear— ktunMtr, pAaJ 6iafos&— magar, nihang, kumhSr, ek 

qism ki n^hp&ti 
Alli'uon, s, the act of t^tiking together— P^f^Mpar dghdt k.— do chizoft ko b&ham (hoaknd 
Allitera'tSon. #. the beginning two or more words wkh the same letter-^^iiMfc aabderddfakhfOt 

tulya bd ek haon, anuprdy—lafion ki ek harf se shur6h k. 
AUoca'tion, s, act of placing or adding Xo-^dkkan, eangjeg k.— rakhnft y£ ahamil k. [guftoird k. 
Allocn'tion. f. the act of speaking to another— onj^ eahit kathopk^than-^iure ke sith 
Ailo'dial, AUo'dian, a. independent, heM without acknowledgment of superionty— imddkin, 

Anadhin bd twmtantra fHpeadhi kr.— zamio kl sifat, ki milik&na tasarraf mea ho^ aur. us ki 

iwaz nieu kisi kl tfibid&ri lAzim na ho, manrdsi 
AUo'nge; s, in fencing» a pa&s or thrust— ostra krird kdU tutrdghdt^htLl, bhook 
Allo"t, va. to parcel out, to <ihstribute, grant— fr^g kariyd bd bdntiyd d.— taqsim k. hissa 

lagAnA, batwIrAk. 
Anot'ment, *. the i^rt give^ to any one— 6«k*r<C bd angiha^-himk • 

AUoV, vtf. to admit or acknorwledge any pontion, to permit, yield, or grant, to make aii abate- 
. meat iu«elling— fwikdr k, anumati k. kdrite bd haite d* detm, bikrmffe mdiya njfAi k.— miaai, 

«iw& rakhni, qab(H k. bechne men takhflf k. . , 

Anow'able,a. that may be permitted, lawful— iwifc<ir jogya, anumatijogya, nydiya-^mwA, }kh 
Ailow'ance, t. indulgence, pensiad, sanction, licence, a rate or appointment for any use, a 
d^uctiod- reytiit, betan bd britti, anugyda, nirHpit mtftya bd bUhay, 6cW— riiyat, taakhwAh, 
lUw^lk, bardt, minhii ' [kamf 

All oy, 8, a baser metal in doini, diminaCion-^k<Sdl, nyi2fiot<i— rapaia man nulte kkarAk dbAt. 
Allu de, va. to hint at, to insinuate, r^fer to— kik^^aNk. ingite kahan, Uky^ kariyd kokaii— ima 

Allu minate, va, to decorate or zdotn--8abhit k.— zinat d. ikiikh k. [warghalina, phuslinft 
Allu re, oa. to entice, to decoy, to #heedl<J— toftk dankdon, phdnde fhiian, 6Aui4na— farebd. 
AUnrra, i. something set up to antice birds— pakkytr hbhjanak btutihphdud bd cAdr— tuania, 

ch&ra jo cluriyoa ko pakaftie ke wAste rakhte haiu 
iUltt rement, s. entidement, temptation— ^&k dcinkfifia— laiacb, urahib 
Allu'sum, s. a reference, hint, implication^Zofckytf k, sanketdbhdsh^itikk, tun 
Allusive, a. hintinfg at sotnethingf— ^8anfc^t fcHH— kisl <*hiz kl taraf Imik. w. 
Ally', va. to uniiiB by friendship or kindred— frittdkut^i bd kulumbitd dvtdrd aiti(Siu«-*daati 
karini, rishta karani* 

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ALL ( 16 ) . AHA 

Ally', i. a friend, a confederate, t relation— ftMrf^M, sakhH, ihi^Mi&«^-dost, rallq, rialitad^ 

ATmanac, s. an annual calendar--|ianj»4ui— jantriiMbi. taqwim; patrA 

Al'mandine, t. a kind of inferior ruby— maiii bishath — lal kl <|i6Bi-i-doyam 

A Imi'ghtir, a. of unlimited power, omnipotent— t. the Djvine Being; God— «ar6a saktimdn 

— «. Pttr«m««oar— q&dir-i-routlaq— 5. Haqqta&U, Paramesw'ar 
Alm'ond, s. the frnit of the almond-tree— 6<i(Ei4in—bid&m 

Alm'onds of the throat, improperly called almonds of the ears, are two small glands on tb« 
sides of the basis of the tongue^«64a miUer ubhag pdrskwattha khifudramdngsha granthi 
— zab&n ki jar ttaen jo dooon taraf gosht hot& hai ' 
Alm'oner, t, the officer of a prince employed in the dtitribntion of charity — n^ nip/kkta ddnd^ 

d^^ofc^ya— beUbard&r, khair&t k& rouhtamim 
Aim oory, «. the place where alms are given— <i{4fuA4ia—khairitkhAna, langarkhina 
Almo'st, ad, nearly, near, well nigh— pr<i|f, ntleaf— ^arib, anqarfb» naxdiktar 
Alms, i. any thing given to relieve the poot-^bkikhyd bd ddn — kbairit, bhikh, din 
Alms' bouses, <. houses built gratuitously for the poor— ddnbdfi bd- daridra pratipdlanthdldr^ 

gharibkh&aa, muflisoa ke muft rahne ke w&ste makfta 
Al'oes, s. a medicinal gum extracted from a tree of that name; there are two kinds, the best 
called succotrtnt aloei ; the inferior, hone dhei—musabbar, aguru b4 ghratakutudri'^wi, 
musabbar ' 
Aloet'ic, Aloet'ical,a. consisting of aloes— dE^uru^^'t^/a-rausabbarf 
Alo'ft, ad, on high, in the air, above— urd<i^, ihtinpe, upare— 6par, ldam«i-bdl& par, bAU 
Al'ogy, t, absurdity, unreasonableness— a6i60cAafcata, anydyalwa, jukU ^irtAdd^twa- khil&f4* 

a^i, bejii 
Alo^ne, a, without com[>any, solitary, only— efc<ikt, kebal-^9ke\&, tanh&,^arkia, sirf 
Alo'ng, ad, in company', forward, tbroughout-^soiU^, agre, tdbat ifydj^ifd'-akth ji, bamr&b, ige 
Aloo'f, dd, at a^ distance— <£^rf—d(ir, taf&wat par 

Alo'^cy, 8, the talliag off of the hair — keih ufhiyd jdonr^hHon k&jhaT)&n& 
Alou'd, ad, loudly, with much noise— eA«j|cAt|f^, uchchaihsware — chuUke, buland 4wiz se. 
Al'pha, t. the first letter in the Greek alphabet, it is therefore used to signify, the first or hisik* 
ut^ Grik bhdihdy bama m'dldr prathamdkhyar, aUub eshabde pratham bd atipradkdn 
bujhdy -^Ytin&ai zab&n k4 pahU barf ki awal aur aftalltJi mini bhj rakhti hai 
Al'phabet^ s. the letters of any language — bamamdld bd akhyar mdld — bur<if4-tahajji. alifbf 
Alphabeti cal, a, according to the order of the alphabet-*^6ania kramdnujdyj — hardf-i-tahajjl kc 

qiiide se 
Already, ad, now, at this time* or at time past— «iAe%iiie, ssmpratt, ihdr pt<r6e--abhit pahle; 
Izfz'i'chukd jab m6.zi ko lagite haio, alrtady ke mini rakbti hai> jaisi, main karchukd, I ham 
already done it ' 

Al'so, ad, likewise, in the same manner— o, droy ebang, tadrUpe — ^bbi, aur, usmut&biq 
Al'tar, t, a place for divine offerings orxommunion — jagyau itedi, kktmii^^ffdmtikmmmmiiMim 
JmumyaMaj iffirfpnnsii eikdn — qurbing&b [saawirni, islib d. 

Ai'ter, V. to change, to reform, to vary— r^p^ntar fe. mdhrdnat badal Xe.— oadal k. tagbir k. 
Al'terable, a. that which may be changed — rtfpdntar/caramya— badalne ke qibil 
Alterant, a, that which produces k change— rt^p^iitar lc<irai^badalnew&l&, m'ubaddil 
Altera'tion, <. the act of altering or changing, the change made — rupintar bd anyalkd k, 

Tfipdntar bd bailakhyanya^—tBkhdHi tagbir 
Alte rative, a. medicines called alterative are such as imperceptibly improve the conttitutioii 
from sickness to health— prafc<iriintar kdri, arthdt je atuhadh asustha ikarir ke alpe alfi 
tuttha kariyd tole^miiii ki badalnewili dawi, yane jo daw4 ki jism ko bim&ri kl kklat se- 
batadrQ sibaf ko pabuacb&we ' Qbagri 

Alterca'tion, s. debate, controversy, wrangle — bdddnubdd, bitanddf bdgjuddha — taqr&r, bans, 
Alter'nate, a. by turns, one after another— «W par ek — ek ke biddosri t^^''^ 

Alter 'nately, ad, by turns, mutually — eker par ek ei kratne^ porotpor— naubatbanaubat, hM* 
Aiterna'tion, t, reciprocal succession — eker par ek eikram-^pheTphUr, adalbadal 
Alter 'native, s, the choice given of one of two things, so that if one is rejected the other must 
be tsikeik'^jekhdne dui bdstiir maddhe ek ke tydg karile anyake abashyai grahan karite haibek^ 
«p:i^— do chizou se ek chiz ko l&cb4ri «e ikntiyir k« 
Altbo ugh, ad', notwijthstanding, liowever— jcKiyapio, Hjdhdhauk-^iguchi, harchandki, . b&wa- 
jiide ki, s&th'iske [k4iim 

Altim'etiy, «. the art of measuring heights — uchehatd parimdn bidyd — buland jagah ke n&puQ 
Altisonant, a, high sounding, pompous — achehaihthabdakdri,jdiijkdla — ^buland&w4zi, maghriir 
Al'titttde, s, height of a place ; elevation of a heavenly body above the horizon — uchehAtwa ; 
udayagthal haite grahddir uchcfiatwa — bulandi, uachii ', ufak par bulandi [uucbi 

Alto',«. tbe upper or countertenor — a. high-^bddyeruchchattcar — a, uchcha—hAje kS charn&o— «• 
Altoge'tber, ad, completely, entirely — eampurna riipe, $arba prakdre — mutlaq, mahz, nir& 
Arum,-!, a mineral salt of an acid taste— ^)Aaj/ctrt — phi^kari 
Alu'minons, a, consisting of alum^-p^|lrin frM^^^a-^phi(kari&mQZ 
Al'waj^s, ad. perpetually, constantly — sarbadd — hamesha^ harwaqt 

Amiability, 4.Jlovelineas, power of pleasing— inan^amat<l,tiu»no^ratioa—mahbi!ibiyat, pytfiipu 
Amiln, ad, with vehemence, fiercely— te^e,ugTatapr2rfrafc—zor se, betah&shi, tundi se 
Amal gam, s. a mixture of metals— mw^nta dkdtu^-iaili bdi dbit 
Amalgamate, va, to mix or unite jaeiddB~-dhdtu misfwita fe.— dhatou ko &mez k. 
Amand', v. to send away, to remove— pi//»atya d, faHna— ek taraf Dhejni, ddr k. 

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^mM^ ( IT ) AME 

Amaaaa'tioo, «. Cfae^ECt oC sendiBg ftivay--tM(/A<£iyi< 4nm'*ek tanf bh^ii4 

Amanoen'sis,*. clerk or secretary, who writes, what another dictates— anwa ja^ fco^ t4M 

^ieftftafc— ddsre ki taqrlr kimttharrir 
Am'arkntb, ». $fae Mme.(i>f aplant : in poetry, an imagiBary flower that never fades-^afiy^i A4k, 

(in poetry)— wWni rahit jMM^pa— kalghi, tAj-i-kburds ; gul-i-bekhiz4n, amritpliiil . 
AmmjaXWmtta,tMnm^goX^,mzxdin\^^ pnshpa bithithfor^ 

kalghi V ' , 

Amar'itHde, Amar'aleace, s. hitternessr-tUBtatwa— karw&h.a|, talkhi. 
Amas meot, s. aa alccumulation, a heap— efcatrlM^to drabva, yunja— farihami, gathri, dher 
Ama'ss, va. tocoUect together, to heap Vip—ekatra fc, umehug fc. rdtki A.— fardham k. jama k. 

dher k. 
Am'ateur, s. j[. .tare] a lover of any particular art or science; 'not a professor— fcona ihilfA 

karma bd buiyd jpriya^^asi (ukn k& sh&iq 
Am'atory, a. relatmg to or causing •love--priti bitkapak 64 janafc— ishqS 
Amanro'sis, a. dimness of sight occasioning the appearance of flies or dust floating before the 
eyes—khyin dmfclt— tewar, tirn&r& [— bhachkiuft, hairftn k. 

Ama'se, va. ^ surprise, astonish, to confute— 6um0yapa»na k, chamatkrita k. hatabtuidhi k. 
Ama'ze, i. aKoaishment, confusion-^frum^y — ghabr&ha( 
Ama'zemeqt, <. confused apprehension ; fear ; wonder at any event ; admiration — bismay ; 

bhay ; adbhutgydn ; athehaijya iodfc— ghabrfihat ; eariislniagl, haul ; taajub 
Ama'zing, pa. a. wonderful, astonishing— ad 6^ttt» dshcharjya — achambh^, ajlb 
Ama'singly, ad. astonishingly, wonderfully — dickaijya rupe — s^ib tarab se 

Am'a«on, <. the Amazons were a race of women famous for valour ; a virago — ekjdt'iya strilok 
jdhdrd biratwa prajukta pratiddha ehkila ; bikrami — wab auratea ki jiu ka sbiir .dilerl ke sath 
baiHn karte hain ; mardmanish 
Amba'ged, s. circoinlocution ; tediouaness— ^^ura pkerd bd peafikdo kathd; srdnti bdbirakti 

jankatwa — gol yi pefefalda kaUm ; tawil kal&m 
Ambass'ador, s. a person sent as the representative of a prince or. state on any public business 
-to a foreign country--«ii3fa rdjdr nika(e prerittt ra^a pratinidhi^lchi felcU kf jord 

Ambass'adress, s. the lady of an ambassador— anya rdjdr niJcafe prerita rdja pratinidhir stri — 
A m' bassage, Am'bassade, f. the business of an ambaaftulor— an^ rdjar nikateje kdrjyerdja 
'pratmtd^t prerita ^y— dohigid [kahrubd. 

Atak^ber, $, a yellow transparent, gnm^haridrd bama iwachchha gaud, drabd, chandarus^ 
Am'bergris, i. [. 'grese^ a fragrant drug— ^sujwnd^i au$hadk bisheski ambar — ambar 
Ambidex'ter, s. a person that can «ae both- bands .alike ; a knave who plays on both iides— 
tabyasdeki bd dui hdtke tamdn rupe buabahdr karite pdre je ; doihakd bd banchandrtha ubhay 
pakhya gr4At— doh&ththa, dodastl ; ais^farebi jotarafain k& sbarik rahti hai 
Ambidex'trous, ». dohble dealing, deeeitful*— do^'ca, ,i>ra6an<:Aafe— janibain se s&zisb r. w. 

daghib&z, makk&r 
Am'bient, a., compassing ; surrounding, partipularly applied to the air whicb surrounds all 
bodies*--Yart6esfclafc, eihabdabiskeAr^pfbdtdterfrati prayogliard jay kenandbdtds sakai bastu 
ke besktan kariyd t^e— ghernewdli, gird k, w. khusdsanbaw& ko ambient kahte haiu, is wdste 
ki sab chlzoQ ke gherti hai ^ • ' . , 

Ambifa'rious, a, having a donbloL meaning — dtoyartho^— z(im&nain, domini ' ' 
Ambigu'ity, s. obscurity of words, double meaning, uncertainty of signification — arther aspash- 

fatd, dwartha, arther i0niii^d^tioa'— >peehidagi, inuzabzab m&nl, ibh&m, dom4n{ 
Ambig'nous, a. doubtful, myBterions— ^sasdi/ugaiidb, gkor, ajpa«A/a— mashkiik, pechd&r, 

mnbfaam .^ - . ' 

Ambig'uously.' ad. in a doubtful manner— aspos^/a rup«— pech se, ibhim se 
Ambig'uousoesB, <. uncertainty o£ meaning— arther aiu«/us^yatii;a — gbairmuqarrar m&nl, ibh&m 
Ambil'oquy, s. use of doubtful expressious-^atpash far tha bdkya 6ya6a^r— pechd.4r b&t kahn& 
Am'bit, s^ the line that encompasses or.encarcles any thing-^^'^^a?* rekhd, ber — halqa, d&ira 
Ambi'tion, 9, an earnest desire of preferment, honour, or power ; great pride — iambhram bd 
uchekapad bd prabhdb dkdnkhyd j doind^— hurmat y&dllmartabay^ hukdmat ki &rzd, d&iya : 
takabbur , [mutakabbir, dim&ghl 

Ambi'tious, a. aspiring, proud,*vain— ^auraiii^nfeAyit«, dain6hi/c— s&hib-i-ddiya, hausilamand, 
Am'ble, vn, to move easily, to walk daintily and affectedly— la^j riipe chalan, ridnd bidha thdl 

bd lAangi Icartyi cAo/an— yargh& chaln&, dsdni y& suhdliyat yk naz&kat se chalni , 

Ambro'sia, s. the name of a plant; any thing eminently pleasiqg to the smell or taste— 6rt/e&ya 
bitketk ; atishty tugandhi bd eumvddu dtabya bitheek — >p&rj4t ; , tdbi^ amritphdl^ koi chiz jo 
edngne me& y& maEe mea bahut paaandida bai • 
Ambro'sial, a. possessing the qualities of ambrosia, fragrant, delicioos— su^anfZAI, suswddu-^ 

khushb^d&r, mazaddr 
Ambula'tion, s. the act of walking^-^rana — paidaV cbaln^ 

Ambusca'de, Ambttsca'do,^Am'busb, s. a private post in which menlie to surprise an enemy— 
tatrtur apekhydy Lukkdiyd titdidbdr $tktm — ^kamingdh, ghdjt ki jagah ^ [asbdb. 

Am'el, a. the matter used for enameUiog^-^'e drabya dvfdrd mindrkdj kard jdy — mindi&ri ka ~ 
Ame'n, ad, may it be so : verily-^ mata hmuk ; «o^— ^min, ais& ho 
Ame'nable, a. responsible, answerable to— ^yi, adkin — ^zeramal, jawjibdin * 

Ame'nance, S. conduct, behavi^, jnien— ooMratv byabahdr, ckdli bd dkdr — ch&l, kjrdir, taur ' 
Amende hmorabU, s. (Fr.)% gentkmanly ^^oX^gy-^-Mfidraloher nydy iruli iwikdr^Mzi ch&bn& 
Amend, v. to reforsij f fow better, ctfcreot— sikifcrano^, iiraA-r-diuust k. sh&yista k. 

3 ..... 

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AM 15 * ( 18 ) 


Amend'ment, s. a refortnltioti dFlife ; n ehaiYga for the better ; reetfverr of health— fcu rUighu*> 

chiya $uTiti hood; manda ghuehehiyd bfiAlahaod ; drogya^-dumtii ; atw&r ko durust k. sihhat 

p&n& , [— j^>&> badU 

Ame'nds, s. tecompence, 8atisfactioii<— }>^/, badaif doth thodhandrthe krito bd prati dattajdhd 
Amen'ity, s. pleasantness of situation-^ft^ner r<imyat/(>->ja;ah kl farhat 
Araer'ce, va. to punish by fine or penaUj'^cifcana danda dwdrd $kdsti d.— jarimftne te 8az& d. 
Amer'cement, 5. pecuniary fine or penalty— <i^na dancfo^jarf m&na 
Am'ethvst, <. a precious stone of a violet colour— ^ma^nt bi$he$hr^yAq^t 

A'miable, a. lovely, plea^ag, charmioif — Tpritijanak, mndar, manoram — hardilaziz, ftrnpasand 
A'miableness, s. agreeableness, lovelinefls— niMyatii, taundarjya, pritijaftakatwa*^mdLqh^yBt, 

khubf , pcMandldagi 
Am'icable, a. friendly, kind, obligin«;--prtftt<fc</, Attou^i-^dostdar, khairkhwfth 
Am'icably, ad» in a friendly way— pranayjrtirftai— dosti se, kfaairkhw&hi se 
Am'ice, t, the undermost part of a priests shottlder^sloth, or tAb-^harmddhyathver uttdriya 

bastrer adhobhdg—pidri ke jubbe ke niche kA hissa ' 

Ami'd, Ami'dst, a^. in the middle, amongst— fiMk2<2^, abhyantare—hich, darmtyfto 
Ami'ss, ad. faultily, criminally, wrong— inflnda riipt, d,wkyardpe, anydyriipe, aprakrita Hlpt 

— buri tarah se; khat& ke silth 
Ami'ssion, s, loss, deprivation, dismission — kkyatU hdrU, pada«A^uti— nuqs&n, bartaraf! 
Ami't,vn. to lose, to drop, to disauss^-Aifrdnd, pheliydj, karma chyuta k» — kho d. gum k. 

bartai^f k. 
Am'ity, s. friendship, love, harmony — bandhutd, priti, mi/— dosti, ishq, mel 
Ammo'niac, s, the name of an Indian' gum-^^2td bithesh, laban bisknk — naush&dar 
Ammuni'tion, s, military stores— juddW s<£ma^ri— jang ki s&m&n, janci asb&b 
Am'nesty, $, an act of general pardon — khyamd patra — ^mu4finAma, tasalUnilma 
Amo'ng, Amo'ngst, pr. mingled wikh— »»adAy«— bich, darmiyAn [^hiq 

Am'orist, Amoro'so, s. a gallant, a lover — upapati, dsakta bd anuragi jpuruA — hoanparast, 
Am orous, a, disposed to love, enamoured— prenwAi/, dcoAta-^AsbiqmizAj, ishqbAz 
Am'oronsly, ad, lovinglV, fondly, kindly— <i*<»fctip<ir6aA, priti pier^fcl-AsbiqAna,. piyAr se, 

Amo'rt, a. dull, dejected, spiritless— «pfctfrti rakit, bimanha, nirytfc— sust, ghamghin, raardadil 
Amo'tion, «. the act of putting away— dtir bd sth4ndntar fcaran— ek taraf k. . [baf-hnii 

Amo'unt, vn, to rise in value, to increase— mo^ bd jumui k, Iniddhi A.— tAdAd ko pahuachnA, 
Amo'unt, s. the sum total, whole, result— -mol, tififtat— jama, hamagi, tddAd 
Am 'our, «. an affair of gallantry, an intrigue— upapatiiaitltrilAto bithay, byabhiehdrgh^ftt 

dyrfpdn— ishqbAzf, y6rf, AshnAi 
Amphib'ious, a. that which partakes of two natures, so as to live in air or water— dtoid^rmoA, 

arthdt jale-o-bdyute savrutbhdbe jibdhdraruhaktoy^Ofnsviti, yAne, jo jAnwar ki iatidAl se 

kabhi hawA mea kabhi p4ni mea ziodagl kartA hai [yA mashkdk mAni kf guftoga 

Ampbiborogy, s. discourse of' uncertain meainiig-~^a<pafAi/£rtAa& WA^pibat&an— ghairmuayyaa 
Amphib'olous, a. tossed about; doubtful— ioutato utkhyipta; anithehit bd $dndigdhar-*4dhu 

udhar dAlA htlA ; mashkAk 
Amphis'cii, s. [..c«-i] those people who inhabit the torrid tone, whose shadows fUl both 

ways — ek ayane ek dige anya ayane anya dig€ ehkdyd pareje dethe taddeahiya ioA— mantaqa- 

i-mahrtiqa ke b&shincfe pinkA sAya do taraf rahtA hai 
Amphithe'atre, «. a bmlding in a circnlar or oval form for public amusements— Ju^uetife' 

darshandrtha gol bd bdddmer dkriti ^Aar^khass-o-Am ke tamAshA dekhae ke wAste gol y& 

bAdAm ki sdrat kA makAn * [aakhl, dAti 

Am'ple, a. large, wide, liberal, diffusive-*6nAat, praduuta, prafihdr, frisfri^o— bari* chaufA, 
Am'pleness, s. largeness, extent, UberaIity--6nAat«i«^)NYiiastaM, prdcAtu-jya—bafAi* chau^, 

Am'pliate, va, to enlarge, to extend— MrtSna, prosatto A. Httima k.— bafhAna. kush&da k. 
Amplia'tioa, s. diffuseness, enlargement — bUtd/r, prataatatd, 6rtddAi— kushAdagi, bafhti 
Amplificate, va. to enlarge, to spread ouc-^tstdr A.»— bafiiAnA, phailAnA 
Amplifica'tioD) s. enlargement, extension — briddki, dutdratwo— barhAo, phailAo 
Am'plify, va, to enlarge, to exaggerate— 64^R«-^barhAoA, chanddarchaad k. 
Am'plitude, s. extent, largeness, capacity— 6titrfr, brihattoa, khyamatdr^pkulAo, barhAo, tAqat 
Am'ply, ad, largely, liberally^ copiously— proiaita rUpe, bdkulya rupe, praehur nipe — bahutAt 

se, kasrat se, afrAt se 
Am^putate, cut off a Hmb— angAcfcAcdoM k.--azo ko kA( dAlnA yA qalam k,* 
Amputa'tion, t. the act of cutting off a limb— <wg ac tt » da w o ao ko kAtdaiitft [mddiiZt— tAw(s 
Am'ulet,s, an appendant remedy or preveutive, always worn about 'the person— iSeo^i^', bd 
Amu'se, va, to entertain, to divert— dmacO'<(n)ndfia — bahUuA, tafrih d. 
Amu'sement, $, a pastime or entertainment— dmod, fcfcsid— bahlao, farhat, tam&sha, khel 
Amu'sing, pa, entertaining, pleasing— dnrodljanaA—dtlchasp, farhatangez 
Amyg'dalate, a, made of almond»-H6ddd})i nirmtta— bAdAm se banA huA [barAhari se 

A'na, ad, in the same quantity, equally— <«fMdndnjr<^ bd tiUya paritndne^-bta&har hisae men* 
Anabap'tist, s, one of a religious sect Who assert that baptism is improper tiU the person is of an 
age to answer for himselt-^it 6itfc<tA dhmnna matdbai4Bmbiy tAsAdfidsr «» mat je, i^-pw. 
jyanta dpanhttdhit bodh karitB pdre emat bayas nd hay tdbat jaU mar jam nip kkri^dm 
dharmdbalamban saHgaskdr tdhd kartabya n«At— ek maxhab k» Jog jo kabM iuuA ki jab tak ^ 
ki Adml apnA nekobad na sanijbe, us ^ maBhab men lAnA, dornat nafaift 

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4NA ( 19 ) AWB 

Anafiamirtic, a. any thing reflected, an echo--^n4»i(MiMto, pratibimim bd j^ratidhwuii j^n^ 

r-wiilichizjukl8^albaraksz&bir4)o, g^j TdntiH 

Aoftc'faiorete, Anac'horite, «. a iiermit — hanaprastha bd congsarfyagt— goshanajibin, t&rikud- 
Anac hronism, <. an error in computing the time of apy great eveoi—Ml nirup^^nB bhram— 

t&nlh kl ghalati . [bid^dr-^^miki roshani jine ki fann 

Anacla'tics, s. the^sciencexNr doctrine' of re&icted lights or vmosk-^iptir bukragati bithayak 
Anacreon'tic, a. an? thbg having a relation to' the ancient poet Anacreon — A'ndkrin ndmaJc 

prachin kabi sambatidhipa—Anikrin sh&ir se nisbat r. w. 
Anadiplo'sis, «. redupUcaUon, a figure ia rhetoric, a repetition-^dtoittoa bd digun k. bdku0r 
, alankdr bisheshf punarukti's^ohtiQ, ilm-i-&s6hat kA ek q&ida, taqrir pakht&hai 

Anagoget'ical, a. religiouslf mysterious — atyautaguhjya bd ntg>ur— jo jazba-i-imini se taaluq 
An agran, t. a transposition of the letters of a sentei^e or a word /so as to form other words^ 

ek pad ke anya pad karibdr nimitte tdhdr afe^yar ultd pvd^d karan—^k lafz 7& fiqre \o 

munharif karn& aur lafzou ke ban4ne ke wiste* tahrif, qalb [kA muntakhab 

An'alect, 8. fragments coUected from author8-^<i n4 groaxAa iaito saa^Txi^— oahut kitdbon 
Analep'tic, a. restorative, strengthening — ptishfikdri — muqavvi fqailna 

Analogy,- «. resemblance* similarity of one thin;; to another^s^mAya, aiiicya^musha'bahat, 
ABal'ysis, sJ a separation of any compound body into the parts of which it is formed, the chymi- 

cal reduction of metals, minerals-, &c. to their original principles^^icona miihrita drabya 
. haiXe prntyek drabyahe pritkak karanf dhdtu bd pra$t€urddi drabya haite tdhdder mul paddrtka 

nxrgata fc.—murakkabchizoakojndiiiid4k.daw4 kl tisir se dh&t, paththar, w«. g. asl par 

qAam k. tafriq, tashrih - , ~ 

Analy'tic, a. belonging to an analysis—pritfeofc karan bwhayofc— tafriql, tashrShi ^ 
An'aiyxe, va, to sesolve into first principles ; to reduce to its primitive parts-^m^^ paddrtha 

nirgataKprithak k, — asl par qdim k. tafrSqk. tashrih k. 
Anambrpho sis, s. a perspective projection, so aude, that in one point of view an object shall 

appear deformed, and in another an exact reBresentaUoa--«jiv»t chitra karan je ek dighaite 

darshan karik kaddkdr dr arufa dighaite dekhUs prakritdkir dekhdy^io taswir ki ek tamf 

se bad shakal aur dusri tarai se durnst shakal dikhUide. 
Ana'nas, «. the pine apple — dfidras — anannis 
Anaph'ora, 5. in rhetoric, when several clauses of a sentence are begun, with the same word-^ 

b^Ucyer aiankdr biAesh, arthdt bdkver prithak prUhak ddite ek shabda i.^-ilm-i-fas^bat ,ki 

r6ae, ek fiqre ke kai hissoa k& ek lafz se ekvan h. mussajja 
An' arch, s, [.ar^J an author of confusion — ulatpdlat bdgolmdl kdrak'^h^dsjoaii k,w, ghaddfir 
*An'archy, t» a want of government, disorder, confasioo^ chaos,, tumult-^rajo^ta^ asrinkhaid, 

ulatpdlat f golnvU* &jt2st/ztt/— 4>adamal{, ghadr, halchal, andher, jhaag^ma 
Anasarc'a, «. a kind of dropsy — shoth — istisq^-i-za^, jalandbar 
Anastomo'sis, s. the int)scttIatton'Qf vessels— :8^ir4 «afi^^'->ragOii k6 mel 
Anas'trophe,*. [.../e] -a figure whereby words that should have preceded aie postponed-^ 

bdkyer agrejethabdadbdihymktdhdkepashchdtesthdpati k. — ^muqaddam ko muakhKhar k. 

y&ne avval lafzou ko akhir men Un& 
An^h'eroa, c. an ecclesiastical curse— thdstrdnujdyi a6&Ma|»— ^aazbab ke mu&fiq linat ' 
Anathem'atize, va. to pronounce accursed by ecclesiastical ^.uiihjmty^shdstrdnujdyi sdjf d,-^ 

siazhabkebamfiilb 14nat k. jw^iqifk^r, tashrihd«ln 

Anat'omist, s. one skilled in anatomy— sbmr hyabackked bidydgyaii-^ism ki baqiqat kd 
Anat'omy, s. the art of dissecting any animal body to discover exactJy it» structure— Ts/uinr 

byabachhed bidyd — ^ilm-i-tashrih, y&ne, jism ki tarklb ke dary&ft karne k& fann 
An'cestors, s. predecessors, forefathers — pur6apurusA, pitri^Xt— KlAdipardfida, ab^ajdid 
An'cestry, t. lineage, descent, birdi— &»/, pangs/ui, ^otra— gharaba, khiaadan 
Anch'er, s.^n iron instrument, which, being fiiced in the ground by means of the arable, keeps 

a ship from driving — uangar — langar 
Anch'oar, v. to drop the anchor, to- fix on^<-iaa»gar phelaH^ baddha k. — ^langar diin& 
Anch'orage, «. ground for anchoring in ; a duty paid for leave to anchor — ndugar karibdr sthdn ; 

nangarer nwis/iu/— langai*g&h ; langargah ki inahs6l [t&rikuddunyA 

Anch'oret, Anch'orile, «. see Anachorete— WnaprasiA* bd sangsdr tava^i— goshanashin, 
Ancho'vy, $, a small sea fish— somfi^rtya khyudra nuUm ^s^s^—samoxuiar ki ek qism kl chho(i 

A^ncieot, «. [ane-ttheut^ old, of old time— prrfcWn, pitrfeafcaZia-^adlm, deiina 
*A'ncient, s. the bearer of a flag, an enai^—patdkd bdhan kartd, nufean— Aish^bard^r^ jhand^ 
•An'ciently, ad, in old times, formerly--p^rfca&aie, piirie-^^e, pahle, qadimulaydm 
•A'nxrientry, *. dignity of hirth,ancietit lineage— 6an^«feerpraG4i»atwa,pracit» bangsha—khiaa- 

dftn kl qadimat, qadlml nasal 
• A'ncienUi «. men who lived in old times—piirAdlsi/ttt je lokerd chhila—puTB.ue, mutaqadaimio 
And, c. the particle by which sentendes or terms are joined— efta/tg* ar— aur, o 
Andan'te, ad. in muac, distinci, exact— *p<Mla, prUhak prit^fc,,/&ife— khula hOa, thu 
And'iron,*. irons fixt to the end of a fire-grate, «n which the spit turns— ^*^ii;r»r ^atal jdkdte 

shik ghurdy—qnMJhif r»i:i_i.^^i.. 

Andro'ginal, o. partaking 4>f both sexes— ft»jr<i—m»khanDas [qissan, kahaai, afsana, naql 

An ecdote, «. a biogrziphical incident— l(«na mauu^yer kona ek karma bdbishayer brittdntc^^ 
Anem'one, *. £ . .<K«Jthe wind fiowcr— jwwApa 6«6««&— shaq6iq-i-nuam^ni 
AiK'ettfiMn, s« {an-u,} a deease of an airtery, by which it becomes dilated— ra^ta prabdhah ndpr 

^tiioy ephiti bd ^tsblr— ek bknaf & jis se rag pliiilj^tl haift 

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ANB- (30) ANH 

Ane'w, ad, over agaiiii, repeatedly— )>unarb<lr~phir, f ftrinau, naye sir se [ter^ber^ 

Anfrac'tuous, a. intricate, \nndmf;—j^uchdla, anth bd^jukta, ^fturaHiya—pechida, kajma, 
A'ngel, t. a celestial spirit; a gold coin worth aboat Wi.^^wargiya diit ; pdtlfik fdkd mukyak 

iwarnamuiird bUhesH — firisht'a ; pAneh r{ipai ki asbrafl 
Angerica, s. the name of a pkint— Mbfcya biihesh — ek \qi8m kA b(i(& ' ' 

Angel'ical, Angelic, a. heavenly, like.angels-^stoorg'iya (2«it6at— <fartshtakho 
An'ger, s, resentment, rage ; pain of a sore-^crociA, ushmd, ghdyer 6yatAd— ghussa, khafiagi ; 

An'^er, va. to provoke, to enrtL^e-^hrodhjanrndnd, rdgdna-^}i:}iM k. khij&Qi 
Angt'na, s. a disorder called tha quinsy— Jcant^ rojr—kbandq * 

Angiog'raphy, s. a description of vessels in tbe human body ; the nerves, arteries^ Scc.'-mdri 
nimay'—iism ke rag reshepathe kft baiAn [xiwij^ ; baoisi 

An'gle, s. a point where two lines meet ; an instrument to take fish-^feoii^i ba^rsi — kond, gosha, 
An'gle, vn. to fish with a nshing rod^-chhiper dwdrd matsya dKaran — banal lag&nA 
An'glicism, s. an English idiom or expression — Inglandiya bhdtdy bdkya prayoger riti-^ 
Angrezi zabin kd muh&wara [jaltfi h^ 

An'gry, a. provoked, enraged, inflamed-~fcrod^ntotta,j«paMM ^sdna jufeta—ghusse, khafi, 
An'guish, s. excessive pain of mind or body— atis^y mdnas bd skdririk pird — ^d&^b^ axiyat, dil 

yi. jism k& nih&yat dard 
' An'gular, a. having comers or ^angles — ^n&tshuA/a— konedir, goshediir 
Anbela'tion,^ «. the act of panting— fci2tfKifui—hampn&, dam k. 
Animadver'sion, «. remark, reproof, blame» censure— <io</i darthdna, anujog, nincfa— sarzauish, 

tambih, chashmnum^ii, mal&mat 
Animadvert, «a. to remark or criticise, to reprove— <2os& danhdna, anujog k, — zajr k. tambih k. 

chashmnum&lk. malAmat k. 

An'imal, s. a body endued with ltfe,-motion, and sense^-a. not spiritual— :;antu,Jt6^a. pashuhat 

hd bdjhendriyabi^uiyatc—jinwdiTt haiwin — a. haiw&ni . [ularz 

Animal'cule, 5. a very small animal— AAyudra lej^bahut chp^A j&nwar, kfre makore, hashrit- 

An'imate, va, to quicken, to give life to-^sachetan k, jib d, autsukya Jdinmrina— jilAnd, zinda 

k. ji d. 
Au'imate, a, living, possessing lifd— ji6ita» jib 6wfeMfcta— zinda, jindir , 

Animated, pa. lively, brisk, vigorous— xo/t 6, autsakyajukta, sat«j— zinda, chilik. qavf 
Anima'tion, t. the act of animating, the state of being enlivened— s«^i6 bd sachetan ^. autiukya 

— jiUnA,i4ndiir$, cll«4ki,jl 
An'imative, a. tending to animate, brisk— :;i6an bdchaitanya ddyak, lots;— j&nbakhsh, ziodadil 
Animos'ity, s. aversion, hatred, malignity — dw&ih, Aairita- khusi^at, ad&wat 
An''i8e, s. a species of parsley-^tr<{— anfs6n, sauaf 
Ank'er, s. liquid measure— dra6adra62/0r.]»arim4n 6is^h— araq k^ n&p 
An'kle, «. the joint between the foot and leg— jtm^p^— takhna 
An'nalist, s. a writer of annals — bibaranr€Khak — muwarrikh, taw&rikh k& musanntf 
An'nals, s. histories digested into years — bibaran bi updkhyan — taw&rikh 
An'nats, s. first fruits, annual masses— prat^m phal, Rumiya girjdy ek barta bydpiydje dra* 

dhand /care— pabU phal, naubar ; Rumi tarike kes&liyflne kl niy&z 
Anne'ai, va. l.nele] to heat glass, or any thing, so as to give it the true temper— ft(i»Ac& bd kona 
drabya ke kathiu harandrtka tdt d«— shisha y& aur kisi chiz ko sakht karne ke wiste t&o d. ' 
Anne'x, va. to unite, to join, to connect— jo; /c.— lag&n&, jo^ni, paiwand k. 
An'nex, s. the thing subioined or annexed— san^'uilrta—jori hdi chiz 
Anni'hilate, va, to annul, to destroy— lop k, bindsh k. — ^metni, n&hdd k. 
Aiznihila'tion, s. the act of destroying— friwi«A—adam, fanA, n&s 
Anniver^ry, s. an annual or yearly festival or commemoration— a. annual— 6 iri&a6r»£U&»r 

din jdhdke parba rupe praHpdtan hard jdy^-a. 6<ir<Aiit— bars(, roz-i^l-ra. harsila 
An'no Oom'ini, s. in the year of our hotd^I^huJekrishler sfca/es— Hazrat ls& ke sinn men 
Annota'tion, s. an expfanatien , a note— it^a- tafslr, sharah 
An'notator, s, a commentator, a critic— H/calrar — ^mufassir 

Anno'unce, va. tp publish, to proclaim— nroit/isA k. ghoshand /e.— z&hir k. ishtih&r k. 
Anno'y , va. to injtire, to molest, to ^ex — atthkha d, utpdt k, birakta k, — khijAnA 
Annoy'ance,^. that which hurts or annoys— <iuMe^, utpdt — ddkh, taklif, tasdi J[raAJdih 

Annoy 'er,s. one who injures or molests — duhkha dey bd utpdt bd birakta bare j<— khgine w. 
An'nual, a. that which comes once a-year— &irs/»ife— hars&la 
An'nually, ad, year by year, yearly— prati dstiar- s&lb^&l, hars&l 
Annu'itant, t. one who has an annuitv— jdiat ji6an(irtA« bdrthik britti 6Aoj^{— saliyinad&r 
Annuity, f. a yearly allowance for iitt—jdbut jibandrthe bdrshik 6ritn— zindagf tak^liyAoa 
Annu'i, va. to abrogate, to abolish,to repeal—Jop k, uffdyd d. rafUt fe.— radd k. naauqiif k. 

mansdkh k. 
An'nular, a. having the form of a ring— an^uHyo^ rCikdr— cbhalisi, chhale kl tarah 
An'nulet, s. a little ring— I^Ayuctra an^urtyo^— chhotA chhaU, chhoti anf^dthi 
'Annu'merate, va. to add to, to include— jog- k. bhukta /^.— sh^mil k. bharri k. 
Annumera'tion, s. addition to a number— piirfra sankhydr tahitjog ft.— iz6d, bharti 
Annun'ciate, va. f . . she.'] to bring tidings— san^ftid inan— khabar Und 
*Annttnda'tion-aay, t. Ime day celebrated by the church in commemoration of the angel's sala<* 
tatioti of tbe Virsin Mary, being the 25th March— Aarsfctib parbalntheah : Mdrek mdatr 
panehabingthati dubas, ai dibate ektwargiya duthhM Khriiht4^janmabdrtdMariavik9 gydt^ 

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AKO ( ^1 ) ^^'^ 

i kmyd ehhUm-^MAreh mthinQ kf pacMswfa tirikk ki fktuA^ ne mi tfrikh ko Hazrat UtL k« 

I»id4 hone ki khabar Hazrat M»mm ko di tbi ^ * 

An'octyney a. mitigating pain; assuagiag — hyatkofoskamalcdri, niratt^kdrak — dard ko kamk. 

w.. taskln d. w. < . 

Ano'int, va, to rub with oil ; to cousecikte-'titH mdkhdna ; abhUhek lc.>-til& k. tel l8g&n& ; sir 

par tellagikar roakhsns k. [q&ida 

Anota'alism, Anom'alt* s. irregutarity-^6yaAfM<i bd niyam 6a&ir&A«ita it.«*-beda6tdr, khil&f-i- 
Anon'ymoas, ft. withoat a name^ unknown~4uifn/tin 6a nw-ndm— ben Am, gumn&ip 
Anortber, o. not l^e same ; one more— «iiyo ; ar«fc— ddsril; aurek [k. hall k. 

An'swer va, to reply to ; to resolve— uttor tL tandeha, JMnjfin ba kathindrthapasf^ta Ac.— jawAb 
An swer, «. a reply, a confutation, a solution— uttar, khandan bd jKirihdr, taiuUha bhanjan bi 

hathindrtka tpcuhfa fc.— -jaw^b, jaw&b-i-m&qul, inkish&f 
AttWerable, a: |bat to which a reply may be made ; oblig^ to give an account— «ttarjo«ry« ; 

<ldyt— mumkinnljawib; jawdbdih^ zimmaw&r 
Ant, fc ap emmet, a pismire, a small provident insect— ^»piiifc<i—cheuiit4, roor 
Aatag'oaist, «. an, opponent, an adversary — bipakhva, pratt6^t— harif, muq&bil, mukh&Iif 
Antarc'tic, a* relating to the southern pole— fw-itAtWr dakhyin /cendra MmfeiwiAeya—janiibiqutk 

An'te,a Latin praticlc signifying before— Lottn l>hdihdr abyay tabda, ikdr arthAp^rbe bd agre 

— L4tin zab&n k& zarf '}o dgB ki miini raklnii hai 
Antece^de, vn, to go before, to precede — agragdmi k. yurbabarti A.-^ige jdni 
Anteee'dence, «. the act of going bcfore—agr^oman bd jwir^ &.— Age j^A, qabl h. 
Antece'dent, a, going before, preceding — agra gdmii ydrba gata — &ge ]. w. peshrau 
Antece'dent, «. that which goes before ; the' noun to which the relative is subjoined— |K2r 60 hay 

bd agre kare je ; je skahder fuir jini,jdhdj ttyadi shabda deod jdy^iige '). w. muqaddam 

y6ne mutaalaq maustil k& 
Aa'techamber, «. the chamber adjoining, or leading to the principal apartment — darddldn 

— jilan kh&na, bfihar kA kamr* . .. , , 

An'tedate, va. to date before the real time— p4rbakdr tdrikh d.— 4ge ki tarik dilna 
Antedilu vian, a. existing before the deluge— Nahw iamayeje jaiapldban hay tdhdr ptfrfier— 

Hazrat N6h ke tfifAn ke Age kd 
An'telopej 5. a kind of goat with curled or wteathed horn— foiit^r— hiran 
Antemeridi'an, », before noon, morning— ptirMnAa—dopahar ke 4ge 
Antemun'dane, a. that which was before the creation of the world ; eternal— pritAtW shriihtir 

frt&"ter— jj^hAn ke paidd hone ke 6ge k* 
A n' tepast, «. foretaste— ptfrfter sweidrfnu 6fco6— Age ki maza 
Antepenult', «. the last syllable but two in any word, as te in antepenult— s 7 6d<intefeyar dwoir 

rUrbdkhyar-^khu se m&qabl tisri hijje [ausfwdfe-tasbannuj ki dawA 

Antepilep'dc, t. a medical' preparation against convulsions— wrijr* bd murcnhd bdyu ntbdrak 
Ante'rior, .0. going before, prior to— pttr6e,<^<—peBbrau, qabl ■ tPJsW 

Auterior'ity, «. priority in time or situation-^ur Aaftartitioa, agradareitwa- waqt ya jagab ki 
Anth'em, s. a holy spng or divine hymn— ishwarbishayak ^-an— ilAhi ^\ ..,.,, , ^ . 

Anthology, *. a collection of flowers, poems, or devotions— |)u»fep«r bdkabitdr ba Utuvar^tabtr 

nmgro^— guldasta, phfibu kA guchbi, majmtiulashHr ^j ' uk 

Anthropoph'agi, s. cannibals, eaters of human flesh— riifc/iyas—rAchhis, Adamkbor 
An'tic, a. whimsical, odd, ridiculously wild— fe4«yoj«nafc, dnkhd, frfcaarw-nyay— maskharAna, 

zatali&na, tarangi, bandarchAl ,1^1 <i 

An'tic, «. a buffoon, he that uses antics— 6fc4nf, nakrftt—mashkara,^bh And, naqqA I 
An'tichrist, ». an adversary to Chnst ^KhHshttr Wpaicfcyo— Hazrat l8A.kA mukhAltf, dajjal 
Aatichris'tian, a. opposite tp Christianity— ^ferMfefan water WriwWfcacAari— Isawi mashab kA 

mukhA.lif w x. 

Anti-ciriatcra. to foretaste, to take something sooner than another so as to i^event bimthat 

comes ^her-piirbe dswdddnubhab k, anyer pi&rbe grahan <*|?'^''» .««y«'*'»*«*'**l:;""llf"? 

mazachaknA,'pe8hdastik.sabqatk. .... ^^^^"^^'j^l^StTh-ni^^ 

Anticipa'.tion, «. the act of >ta^hig up something befor^ its time-ii*yamia «f"P^«f f*^^^^^^^^ 
• AnticVy. (td, drolly, with6dd geitures-raii^«rfe«fc, WwUfer bkangt ptirtefc-khushtabai sa, 

tamaskhur se l /» * • l^l. ^ iJc 

Anticli'max,*. a sentence in which the kst part is lower than tb© ^^^-^ . ^^thfff'lfi 

i^hydsLshbhdgeld^habdrthabdehakhay-&qTii ki Jis ke Akhir mea mAni ki UkWit pAI 

]ze,m2JS^UnfdzUthd»khwdndathd,lekinkiu;hjdntdthd *' u «««;iri' Hs»wiS rWK6i;r 

Amiconvnl'sive, a. good against convulsions-fc/ufficfcant rog n^Mc T^f >^^3 j^i^^f^^^ ti S^ .' 
Anlicourt'ier, 1. one that opposes the court-rrfj sabhd sadtrb^n^dhdeh^rt-^^^^^ou kA ma- 
Antido'tal, o. that which counteracts poison— fei«fe nrfsAafc^riyAqi. «*o";^^r;, 
An'tidote, j. a medicine to expel poison— frisA ndshak aushad—tmykq, zaurmunra 
Antiferbrile, a. good against fevers —jwaraghnn—t^^ ki dawA 

,fariq jo UwsJtkul ko aziz rakhtA hai aur nek atwAroa ko kam lihAz kartA hai, 

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AMT ( 22 ) A^A 

Afi'tinomy, s. contradictioo between two laws, or 4wo clauMi in the same law— ihti iyaitthdr 

birodhM ek byabastkdr madhve dui sthaler birodh'-^o AiiiO]i meny& ek iia kedo himoa cnen 

barkhii&fi rmttkhaliT 

Antipathet'cal, a. having a natural contrariety to any thing— swabhdbata iir%tddka-^iLB^li 

Antip'athy, s. a natural hatred, aversion, or dislike to any thing— ciwcsfc, ghrind, birairt— oafait, 

karihiyat [Kkudi kl t&rff ki ^ft 

Anti'phone, «.[...««] a hymn of pruse^IiAwarcr stuttinUhayak gdn^-^^nq^b^t, nmn^ih^ , 

Antiph'rasis, $. the use of words in a sense opposite to their proper meaning— -6i^ri<<irtke kotut 

skabda byabahdr /c.— asl mdnl ke kbil&f lafz kiiatiamil k. 
Antip'odal, a. relating to the antipodes— }V'tthi6t> H'parii pdankuMstha lok sam^omf^ya— dunyA 

ke us tanif ke rahnew&loa se jo taaluk rakhti. bai 

Antip'odeS; s. [.. .des] those people, who, living exactly on the oppo&ite part of the globe, have 

their feet pointed against ours^'ri&ar/i prithibir biparit pdr$hwe bd$ kartadmddger pdyerdigt 

vd kariyd t^/ce— jo log ki duny^ ke kure ke us taraf rahtehaia aur an ki piuw haai&re pia^ 

ke sftmne hot& hai [R6m kesard^^pidri k& jnukhAlif 

An'tipope, s. one that usurps the popedom — Ramiya mahd dharmddhiakhayer pad4haraa4fiartd-^ 

Antiqua'iian, An'tiquary, s. one who studies antiquity ; a collector of ancient things— p^6a- 

kdlin bishay anu$andhdn kartdt piirakdlin drabya sangraha kartd—^o salaf k6 h&l dary&ft 

karne men masritf rahti hai, pur&ne chizoQ ki, jama k. w. 

An'tiquate, va. to make obsolete — abyiibahdrjya bd apraehaUt Je<— »beraw4j k.d, [wazaf 

Anti'(^ue, a. [.teefe}-ancient, old fashioned— pr4c&tn»Dtt9*i{tanpr<a^r«r—qadim, pwina, qmdira- 

*Anti que, s, a piece oCaatiquity> a i^ki-^pHrbrnkdlm dralya-^talai ki chiz, si^biq«&m^ae ki 

. > chiz • , / . 

Antiquity, s, time past, long ago, a^pientoess, the people of old times— p^r^aAki/, prodktiwttMr, 

purbakdler jo/c— pahii waqt, s^bul zam&n, salaf, ay^m-i-m^«i, qad&mat, qadim log 

Aniis'cii, s. [..c«-i] people who live under the same meridian of latitude, but different, sides of 

the equator, equally distant, the ^ne to the north, the other to the south ; they therefore have 

noon and midnight at the same time ; 'but while the one has summer, the other has wiatef— 

bishub rel^dr ttiraddkhyin ubhay pdrskioe tamdn dure $aina siitre tthita lok^ *e dui athdne<ek 

kdleimadhvdnha ebang arddha rdta hay, kintu ihdrdctthdn»jakhan gaMma takh^nmnym tthtde 

shit hay — ^khatt-i-istiwii ke i&nibain ke rahnew&le, jo janab aur shioDil men bar<ibari ae rahte 

haiu, ais& ki dopahar aur i^ihir&t donoa jtgah men ekwac|t hoti hai, lekin jab ki ek j^h ^armf 

k& mausirn hold hai dusrl men sardi k&mausim hot6 hai 

Aptiscorbu'tic, a. good against the scurvy-:^/car6t ndtM labanaja rog nas^<^— kl^irish ki da^ 

Antisep'tic, «. a medicine to prevent putrefaction — petchd nibdran kare je ousA^k— earati, ki 

dafa k. w. daw^ 
Antis'tropbe, 8. [.../«] in an ode sung jn .parts, the second stanza of every three— ~ 
bhdgbhdg kariyd gdyie^dn tdhdr kabitdtrayer madMf/e clt&ttya i^^itd- ghazal jo shiar ba 
shiar qata ba qata g^yl j&ti hai, us ke bar qate ke b4d d^sr& qata 
Antith'esis, s. opposition of word or senteiioes, contrast— ^pa^2^ bdbdkyer baiparituM, baiparitnta 

•r~bdtoay&juml(^kimu4raza, muqibila ,\ 

Antitrinita'riao, 5. on who denies the doctrine of the Christian Trinity— je mate Ishtoarhe 
tribyahtydtmak kahe tdhdr amdnyakdri'-t^aiia k& ink&r k. w. [chiz ki jis ki naql ki j^ 

An'titype, s. th^^t which is resembled or shadowed out by the type— adars/ia, ddrshtdntar^wuh 
Autity'pical, «. that which explains the type— jwadmitrtir g-yiinpafc— naql k& izhir k, w, 
Aot'ler, 8. the branch of a stag's born— inri^er ehringa ja^d— hiran ke sing ke sh&khea 
Antoe'ci, s. l.tee.] those inhabitants of the globe who live under the same longitude and lati- 
tude,' but in different hemispheres— 7>rit^i6«r uttar ebang dakhyin pdrshwe bishub rekhdfr 
unujfrasthagdmi rekhdte bishub rekhd haite sama parimdn dura sthdn odsi mamtshy a— j^olog ki 
iLhatt-i-istiwi ke jiinibain ,mea lamb&i aur chaurai ke r6 se baribar fisile par rahte haiy 
Antonoraa'sia, s^ [. . . .2/t«-a] a form of speech, in which instead of a proper name, the dignity 
is used, as a king is called his majesty — bdkyer alankdr bishesh, arthdJt kona byaktir ndm- 
paribarie tdhdr gun-bd marjyddd bodhak sabda Xikhan^ jathd rdjd sangyau sabaa paribarte 
tatprabhdbbd tat shrijukta sangydj^ byabahdr ^y— ek muh^ vara hai kinto kijagah men 
Xk%\m)Lk lafz bolte haia, iais4 ki bads^&h ke n4m ki jagah h/izrat kahte haia 
Ajk'tre,s. [-tMr] a cave, a den, a cavern— «»rta, eahbar eu&a— ghdr, khoh . 
An'vil, «. an iron block which smiths use— nei — nih&i, sind&n 
Anxi ety, [a»^-zt. . J Anx'iousaess, s. [areg-fc-afc^is.lperplexity, solicitude about any future event, 

depression of 8:fu\ts-^udbeg,utk«.n4hitatv}at c^inti— andeaha, turaddud, fikr, ud&si 
•Anxious, a. solicitors, much concerned— utfeauffcit, bhdbit, udfiwwi— fikrmand, Autaraddid 
A'ny, u, every, either, whosoevej^e&e^, keha, kona,jekona — ^kol, narek,. jokoi 
Ao'nian A£ouRt,«. the iabled residence of the jnuses, tne hill Farnassus-^^tg^sr adhishfkdtri 
debtdder bdtasthdn rape biimita Pdrndsas tuimair par6at— Parnassas, Yun&n kd pah^jah&jn 
mashdr karte the, ki nau, deoti^ ki jin ko ilm-i-sh&iri w. g. meu qudrat thi, rahti thl 
A'orist, n. indefinite, indeterminate— a»t|4cAit-r-bemuqarrar, ghair muayyan 
Aor'ta, I. the great artery which rises immediately out of the left ventricle of the heart — rhi^ 
pinder bdm kosh haite mrgatajeraktaprabdhak brihatndn—wuh rag jo dil ki bdia taraf 
fie nikli bai ' ^. . 

Apa'ce, ad. quickly, speedily, with hzst^—isighra, twartfy- jaldi, shit&M 
Aj>a'rt, arf.-separatelar, privately, at a distance— prit/wk, cAkSfrf, ^uptartlpe, diirtf— alag, poshf- 
dagimen,d6r,y4]taMwatpar [kamri 

Apart'ment, «. a par^ of a house, a room— 6(£/tr ekdngsha arthdt mahal, ghar, fctt^ari— ko(hTi, 

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APSi (23) UTT 

AyJAhy, s. a want of seamtnlitf i coidiiew, indolence, ezem|>tion frdm pasMi^itfrMnatwd, 

mrnawfjgitd, kuremi, anudyafnatd bd au<2<lsya—beparw&l, k&hili, gha^flat, taj&hul, murdadUi 
Apei s. a kind of monkey, a miroiC'^'idnar buheth, bhdur—htindni, bMnd 
Ape, va. to imitate ludicroosly, to ndmC'-^narer nvdy bkangi k, 6fc«nf (£na~bandar ki tarah 
- lHui&a&, naql k. lakhymm, 6A«daie— kholnewiU, mulaiyyin 

Ape'rient, a. that wl^ch has the' quality of opening, medicines gently purgative^Je^ukin- 
Aper'tion, s, an openmg, a paseag«, a gap— ^ftiCuX:, path, raiid/ira^^hhed, sdr&kh 
A pertnre, 5. [ ..Uhure] an open place, a gap—raiMMm, p^/c-— cb^ed, sdriikh 
Apet'alods, a. having no petals— ptfMAtw—bepaokhri 
A'pez, s. the tip or point of a thing— ^^—kisf chfz ki nok y£ sir 
Aphe'liqn or Apheiinm, t. that part <n a planet's orbit' which is the paost remote point from ^ 

the svn— ^oAusf amon •pother je angtha mrjya haiu anfdngsha apekhyd ati dur — saiyAre ki 

diirajo suraj se ziyAda dtir hai ^ 

Aph'orism, t. a maxim, precept, general rule— stitra, 6tdhi— masla, maqdla, q&ida, nasihat kt bat 
A'piary, t. a place where bees are kept— mad^ fnakhyikd rakhyau st^n— shahd kf makkhl ^C 

lakfaAe k& mak&n 
Apie'ce, od. to each one share, for each— pratyefc bhdge, pratyek ^— ekek ko, harek ko 
A'ptsh^ a. foppish, silly, insignificant— 6<inar svMbkdb, m&ricka, tuc^A^— iMndar ke miniodt 

n&d&n, n&chiz 
Apoc'alypse, s. a revelation, the last book in the sacred canon— ipto6ac^n, daifrabdai, Kkritk' 

tdn dharma putttAwr sheshgtantha-rw^hi, ilh&m, InjU kl akhir jild 
Apocalyp'tical, a, containing revelation— :;4kdt« djpitabdkya thdfce— ilb&ml 
Apoc'tope, «, [a-pok-o-pe] a figure in grammar, when the last letter or syllable of a word ir 

taken away— s/(a6der antMyarer ^— hazf, yine kisi lafz k& akhir harf kam h. j. . 
Apoc'rypha, s. books whose authors are not certainly known adjoined to the bible— JSCftni^^n 

dharma granther tahit thdk$ agyduta grantha kartdrje aiprdmdnya grantha—kdii kit&beajo 

Baibalke s&th hamjild hoti haui aur unk musannif ke taaiyun hone men shakk hai 
Apoc'ryphal, a. not canonical, uncertain— ics&^ta, aprdmdnya — beshara, shakki 
Apoc'ryphally, ad. uncertainly, doubtfully— iMtrddnicSrit rupe, aprdmdnya bdapramdn rUpe 

— betaaiyyuni se, shakk se 
Apodic'ticai, a. evident, demonstrative— ipaj&fa, pramdn stddAo— zihir, sAbit 
Ap'ogvt^ f . that point in the heavens in which the siln or any planet is at its greatest possible 

dittaace from the earth during its revolution— dfed<^ noagaman pradahkyin kdle prithifyi 

^n4al haiu shiirjer bd griher utrb^khyd dUrasthdn—isniitk ki wuh jagah ki jahiji 

4fi iftib aur jsaiy&re zamin kl gardish se ziyida dor haia - [uzr ^k. w. 

Ap^loget'ical, a. defending, execusittg— doiAer- hetu darshak, truti ttoi^ardrthafc- mutaazzir. 
Apologize, va, to plead for, to excuse— <iat^ ^tii darshdna, truti swikdr fc.->uzr k. 
Ap'ologue, s. [.•log] fable, story contrived to teach some moral irnih—nitibodhak upahathd^ 

m«Ml, kahawat 
Apol' ogy, s. a defence, an excuse— dotA^r hetu darshdna, trutiswikdr'^mr 
Ap'ophthegm, j. [^-tfcsm] a remarkable saying— tfttaraoJctir-qaul-i-mashdr, kaUm-i-maqbdl 
Apoplec'tic, a. relating to an ap^oplexy — bisheth mrigi rog sam6and/itt/a— saktad&r 
Ap'oplezy, s. a sudden deprivation of all sense and motion by a disease— je rogc akaimdt gydn 

gatiihakti rahit hay, mrigi rog 6i«^A— sakta 
Apos'tacy, <. a departure from the religion before professed, dereliction— nood^rma tydg fc.— 

apne mazhab ko tark k. [k. w. 

Apos'tate, s. one who renonnces his religion- fiMidfcaniiatyd^i— murtadd, apne din se mkAr 
Apos'tatize* vn. to change one's religion, to forsake one's principles— ^'dAarmi h, swamatatydgi 

&-. — murtadd h. apne din ko tark k. 
Apos'Ue, t. a person sent to preach the gospd, particularly those despatched by our Saviour 

for that porpote- JK^risik/dn dharma prachdrdrthe prerita hyakti, bi$keshahta sei karme 

jdhdrd Isu Khrithtir diodrd prerita haiydehhila—hdiwkti, wuh log jin ko Hazrat Is& ne Injil 

ki tAlIm ke w&s^ Bhc^& 
Apos'uophe, <. [.. ./«] in grammar, a ttiark thus ( ' ) signifying the contraction of any word, as' 

can't, for cannot ; a sudden turn in a discourse— «fca6d4 tankhyper chinha ( ' ) jathd 

cannot $abd he ^^nkhyep kdriyd can't likkt, *k bishaye bdkya kahata hafdt anya buhayer 

kathd upatthit k.— IsdTz ke ikhtisar ki aisi nishini ( ' ) ki jais& carmot ko cah't likhte haia ; 

sabAn pbemi Iprattut kortd— daw&farosh 

Apoth'ecary, s. a person whose business is to prepare medicines for sale— M^roydrt^ avshadh 

Ap'othem, s. see Apophthegm— apoppthegm sabda deUia— aizan apophthegm 

Apothe'osis, «. the consecrating or deifying any person after death— mat an dnantor manushyako 

debtd rtcpc ganya ft.— fidmS ko b^ marne ke deot4 muqarrar k. . ««. • 

Ap'ozem, s. a decoction or infusion of herbs— kimitA bd pd2ic/ian— joshinda [baibat dikbltei 
Appai, va. to fright, to daunt, to terrify— 6Aay dddidna, trdsjitkta fc.— darani, dhamkini, 
Ap'panagefi.laiuiiset apart by princes for the maintenance of their younger children— rdjdr 

katmhfa tantdn pratipdlan janye nnHpit A^^mi— b&dsh&h ki chhotl aulid kf maish ke 

wAste jo zamSn muqarrar hai 
Api>aca'tiis, J. any tools, furniture orneccessary instnuneots for any ^rade, kc.—jantra, astro* 

jAflftm, s4r',Mranjdm— e&z, s&m&n» sarinj&m. il&t, asbAb' 
Apparel, s. dress, clothing, vestments— paricMod, kdpar, poi^^— iib&s, kaprft, poshik 
Apparel, m. to dress, to deck, to cover— Ir^par pardna, beshhmyds k» dehokhddit k.— posh^ 
pabiimi, gab d. 4hfl]iMi 

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AP.F, ( 24 ) Atm 

Appa'yent, a. |ylaid, evid6iit» ceHatn— 6fMA4a, pratyakhya, spath^i'ni^uhay^^tiihir, hav^idK,. 
sarlh, yaqin ^ [dekhne men 

Appa'rently,(M2. evidently, visibly, openly— pratofci^a nt^^, tpa$hla riiM^^^hiri:, sarihaa 
Appari'tion, «. appearance, a spectre— .i/fir, chhdyA, hhut-r^iifdLU bhut, palit, palfd 
Appar'itor, <. a low ecclesistical officer — dharmfuankrdnta dddlate nichapada$th» byakti-^ 
I»A1 ib^datg&h ki chhoti mnjiwir [bariinad k. D&i|^h fc. iliimd. gUa k. 

Appe'acb, va, to impeach, to censure, to reproach, to aocus*— «6A4Jojr k. dosk d, apabdd A.— 
Appe'ach Client, s. an accusation, a ck9Tfie--abhtfog, apa 6ri<i--nilish,.bardinad 
Appe'al, s. removal of a cause from a* lower to a bigber court—c/i^.U dddCater bichdre atushta 
haiyd bafa dddlate bieh4r prdrthand — ^appil, y4ne cbhoti adilat se nariz ' bokar bapl adtiat 
men ios&f ch&hn& [s^ppil k. yine ddsre se insif cbibti&. musanoA k. 

Appe'al, vn. to refer to another as judge— on^a bichir kartdr nikaie bkhdr prdrthand k,-^ 
Appe'ar, va. to become visible, to be in sight, to be evident-:-pratoHya h. drishfa h, tpatkuih. 
-^nazarftnd, dikbUi d. z&hir h. , ' 

Appear'aoce, 9. the act of coming into 8i(;bt; semblance, not reality; show, probability— 
drishta /A. dkdr, bijhyabhdb bd bahirdarskan, tambkaband—zuhai ; zihird&ri num&ish 
surat, shaki, ihtim&i . ' 

' Appea'se, pacify, tocaln^ to reconcile, to pat in a state of peace— «4<£aea k, ttkirk* 
nirattak. — taskin d. tjiand^ k. man&nd 
Appe'asement, s. the state of being at peace — ikdnti, f usthtrati— tashaffi, tasalii, taskin 
. Appellant, <. a challenger at arms; one who appeals to a supiirior court~c£{tru&» juddie 

dhbdnkdri; punarbicfMr prdthak—\9^i chabne w. jangjo ; appil k. w. musanni k. w. 
> Appellation, s. a name, title, term — ndm,upddhi — ism, laqab, nam 

Appel'lative, s, names for a whMe rank of beings are called appellatives— jiti bdchah shabdn-^ 
, isra-i-jins, jais4, insdn, skahar, w. g. , [khw4hiki 

Apperlatory, a. containing an appeal— punar 6 fticftar prarthandrthak^-^ppiU, mukarrard^ 
Appe'nd, va, to han* or join to, to add to-^laikdna, jog k.-^U\^in6,, joi^n4, lagiai > 

Append age, s. something added'-anyete jukta koaa <£r<xAya— paiwand, il^a, mulhaq 
Appendant, i. an adventitious p^rt—dnushan^ik paddrtha-^Arizi chia 

Append ant, Appended, a. haoging to, annexed, belonging to, concomitant— ia/Acrina, ju^i^ 
sambandhiya, dnushangik^iitkA h64, Uhiq, taalluq, hamrfih ' 

Append'icate, va, to join to, to append— san^jogr k, — paiwand k. ilhiq k. [takmila 

Append'ix, s. supplement, addition made — nyHnaXd p{arak,ang$ha, sangjuktdngtha—^tai^mtMi 
Apperta'in, vn. to belong to—urshan, sambandha rdkhan — lag& r. iUqa ratchu^, taaiuq rakboi ' 
Apper'tinent, a. belonging or relating to^samftandAtyo— mutaalliq, nisbatdir 
Ap petence, <. sensual desire — shfiririk sukhibkUdsk—^h^hwiit 
Appetibil'ity, <. the state of being desirable — bdnchha,niyatwa — 4rz6 ki j^ne ki h^lat 
Ap'petible, a. engaging, desirable— frftncA^niyo — ^ii ke q&bil, dilchasp 
Ap'petite, s. hunger, earnest desire of pleasure, violent ioaging—khyudhi, shiririk ihukheckkd 
atUhay icA^— bhdkh« raghbat, kw^hish ^ ^ . ' 

, Applau d, va. to exCol, praise, commend — dkanyabdd k, prask%ngsd k, sukhydt k» <ifrla k. 

6ar4hn4, tdrif k. ' 

Applause, s. approbation, praise— prasAangsa, sukhydti^(ria^ tarif 

Apple, «. a common fruit; pupil of the tye—shtbphai bd dtd} nayontari, — ^seb; &nkh ki patli 
Applicable, a. suitable, proper, fk— jo^ya, upajukta, tarigata — laiq, mun^ib, qlbii: 
Application, «. the actot ^pplyiog, intense study, great industry, the act of applying to any 
' person as a petitioner — Idgdiia, mananibesh, ^parUkram, prdrthand bd darkJkdst-^Aai^Ao, 
shughl, tandihi, darkhw^t 
Ap'plicative, a. relating to application — I'igite pdre, sangata,manonibeskbdpari^ambdprdr'' 

thand sambandkiya — iagio yi tandihi y& dark hw&stse jo nisbatrakhtdhai 
Appli'er, Ap'plicant, s. a student, one who applies, a petitioner — idgdy je, mammibeski, pari- 

sramkdri, prirtAaic— -lagAne w. shughl k. w. darkhwist k. w. ' 
Apply", V, to put one thing to another ; to study ; to address to ; to suit, to agree — Idgdna, 
maHonibeih k. prdrthand k. jogya bd sangata /i.>-lagind, shughl k. darkhwast k. sasawir h. 
mundsibh. * [qarrark. 

Appo'int, va, to determine, to name to an office — niriipan k, bd nijukta &.— thahr4n4, mu- 
Appoinjt'ed. pa, settled, agreed on, chosen— ntr^pita,ni;u/cfa—muqarrark. g. maHdd,chund h<\& 
Appoint'ment, i, a ^(ipulation, salary, post— ntyof , nirdpit miUya,pcfd^v(fida., mushiiiara, ufada 
Appor'tion, va, to divide into just pdLTii—jathdrtha rape bibhdg k, — w&jibi se taqsim k. 
Appase, va. to question, examine, pnzzle—jigyiusd k, parikhyd k, bd manojog kiriyd dekhan^ 

sawdl k. imtiltan lend, mit k. x 

Ap'posite, a, suitable, fit, well adapted \o—jogya^ upajukta-^Xtd^i, mawdfiq, (hik 
Appositely, ad, suitably, fitly, timely— jojr^a rwpe, upajnkta r^, apjuktakdie^mvLwkhqnt 
se, liydqat se, barwaqt [mil b. 

Apposi tion, «. addition of new matter— nutans bishayer bd drabyer sanjog^-Hozyi chiz k4 shi- 
Appraise, va, to value goods for sale— mu/ya sthir k,jdchdi fc.-^niol mukarrar k. tashkbis k. 
Appraisement, s, the act of valuing — muiya nirupan — tasbkhls 

Appra'iser, s. one who values or appraises — mutya ntritpair, jacAond^r- mushakhkhis, muqtm 
Apprehe'nd, va. to seixe on, to arrest ; to comprehend or understand ; to fear— dA«w«m, gtrtftdr 

k, Ujhan; bhay k, — pakarnd, giriftdr k. samajhnd; darnd 
Appreben'sion, «,fear ; conception ; seizure— 6Aay; bodh; dharan^A^ff eamajh; gariftdri ffahm 
Apprehensive, a. feartul, perceptive— 6Aayju/cta, bodhakhyam M MA^rt— dahthatndk, tes 

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MfW ( * ) AH* 

At » i i »i lQe, i. ftif himoA hy t»Tiwint to a trfcdgimm « artiftbdr, who ta^&s^ to iDftraet him 
/iilly m his an or mystery— Xeona byabatdyi bd ikilpir nikaft tdMr bmakoidf bd hMtkikk^dr' 
tkiJ9bfAktimymifmtr^d»d^ibaddkB Mw.Mptikidp'iikikkMJe bd iiikpd uaiU-thkfitA 
kisi kingar yi saudigar k&, ki joAii&dUi-iiiakikU tak kmsar y& pMhakesikhnt kit wteto usUUI 

Apprent'iccsiip, t. the ttrm Ibntted for the strviGt of an appreiitiee^iya6Mtfff bd ihHp» bidyd 
skAkydr niyamit kdl — apprentis kl kirguziri ki muayyaa muddat [jaBRft. qadr k. 

Appre'ciate»^a.£. .^.] ioestimatei to valae^-tftima hUkfijftr mulpa bd gun bodk ft.--azls 


_. . nasdikiai 

Appro'ach, va. to draw or bHng near to^^^iikalg jdon bd nikatt daan— nasdfk imk yi Uni 
ApprobaUon, t. the aict of approving'*>6fc42a gydn bd grdjhifa bd patanda Ic-i-pesand k. 
ilppro'phatfe, va, to set apart, consirn to any particular ust—hma bitht$k hafjfdrtht bkmna 

kartyirdkhatty kmnbitkethkdrjftbdbiikaye M^iU^taiakksiisk. kisi kirn ke waste maqarrar^^ 
A'ppioprir tion, s. the application of somethi'ng to a particular ase or parpose-^^^Mia buknh 

krirjye bd biihaye ki^dnth^kiii chfs ko kki kAm ko wAste kh^ss k. tashakhkntis, tao^rmr 
Appro'vable, a. meriting approbation-<-^(<j^ya bd anurdgdrka-^p^tind karne ke q&oB 
;/^pro'val, Approve'meot, «. aporobation— 'sumsiati bd tuiA/i-^^^aMl, manaiiri 
Appro've, va. to like or allow of; to conimead, to be pleased wtth-^Arik gydn bd grdjkpa bd 

pasand k, anurdg k. tantuskh A.— pataad k. qabdl k. t^rlf k. masriir {i. [mumtahaa 

Approv'ed, pa. [. .] liked, tried, examined--maiiOTttta,panieAyita, fti'ftir^if<i pasandmij a«to6ita^ 
Approximate, a. to come nt^r-^nikatbarti A.— nasdilc j. qarib h. 
Approxima'tion, s, approach to any thing — nikal 6artafi--4iazdik j&ni 
Appu'lse, 5. the act of striking against^-JA^Merf, fAt«— ^kkar, sarb 

Appur'tenance, s. that wHioh appertains to something etst-^att^ukta bithay, dtbdb bd dtUdt^ 
^jo chis ki dusfi chis ke mntaali^ hai 
A pncot, A'priikock; s.a wall frmi-^hai bUktsh-^kktihini 
A'prtI, s. thie fourth month of the year— /itf/«it^ty« batsarer ekuturtka mdsh, artkdt Ckutnr 

ihiahdrdka o Baiskdkkir prttthamdrdhm-^Knsrezi ail ki. chauth& maUni, yftna Chait 

k& &khir lidhi aur Bais&kh k« pahli &dbA, vabiussAni 
A'pron, 8. [apum] a part of dress ; that which coven the touchhole of a cannon to keep off 

^he ^/TH-ranya bastrer dchhdduk riif j§ hattra ht sammukkepare-- ^ahband 
Ant, «« fit, ready, quick, qualified, iaclined^-^^;tikt«, jogya, satwor, prakkar, kmrmnthil bd 

n^tmshil-^\^\q, taiy&r, ch&liik, q&bil, n^&il 
Ap'titude, t. fitness, tendency, disposition^ofyattM, ^^ptt^jogitd^f^kdb,iwabhdb^'<|ihi)pf^i, mail, 
< saliqa' [pinaltAcfar<Cp<Sr6ak~m&qdUyat se, sallqe se, nh&nat so 

Apt'ly, ad. properly, justly, readily, acutcly^-^pajtUcM riipe, jatkdrtka rtfpe, twardm^bak, 
Apt'ness, s. quickness of apprehension ; fitness, readiness, tendency, suitableoess—OaibiAir 

prakharatd ; jfagyatwa, tatwaratd, upfQogUd, upajufctatioa-— tezCiihami ; liyiqat, taiy&ri, mail, 

raghbat, q&biliyat * [auikatUi 6tii^sA*— tet&b 

Aquafor'tis, s. a corrosive liqnor made by distilling nitre with calcined vitriol— jk«r4l9<(»« 
A^aat'ic, a. growing or living in the mMltr-^j^ya bdjalaehar — ihi, d>ry&[, jalchar 
A'quedact, i. a conveyance made for carrying water from one plaeo to "anothot— -fMnianMf, 

A'queous, a. watery, like water, thin-^jaja&o^, jaluyd^^hi, pinisA 
Aquiline, a. resembling an eagle ; applied to the nose, curved — utkrothpakkyir nnydy; ttabda 

ndiikiir buhetkan kaiyd utkro$k pakhyir tkof^fer nyky bdjj^ ndk 6»jn/S3p— uq&bsi ; nAk ko 

|ab aquilain kabte haia, kkamddr ke mini murdd hai, yiac uq&b ko ekonch ki minind 
Ar'abic, 4. the leakage of the Arabians-«-ilra6ii 6^«Ai-— Arabiaaban 
Ar'abie, a, fit for tillage' or ploughinf— ^cAdf^aj^/cta-- khet ke l&iq,«iriat koUiq 
Ara'neons, a. rs^sembling a cobweb — rddkarsdr jdler nyrfy— makfi ke jile ki mftnind 
Ara'tioB, Ar'ature, s. the act of ploughiog^e/tofkan — nalchalAni 
Ar atory a. that which contributes to tillage— ^ftafAAesmier ttp«Jc(fW--^tne k& madadgir 
Ar'balat, A'rbalist;f. a cross how-^kaldhanuk — ghulel 

Air'biter, t. an umpire to settle a dispute— nuKi^yojAtAa, sdHt^^tiitiB, munsif pkbtiy&r 

Arbit'rament, s. decision, will, choio^^-^nisHpattit iek^thd, manon^totHNi—raunsifi, marzi, 
Ar'bitrarily, ad. absolutely, wiUiout' control---<iMcAcAAdfittsilri, a6(i^Uri2ps— sarkhadise, 
aiine iklttiyir se < [sakn 

Ar'bitrariness, s. tyranny, de%p9Aim-^gweekckkdehdrHwm,niyamtr onM^Atnciwti— sarknudi^ 
Ar'bitrary, a. absolute, despotic, unlimited-- stoeeAc^ricA^Sri, niyafnf^ mnadkitf^iM^hmd, mut- 

Ai^bitrate, va. to decide, determine, judge— attfttf A. biekdr a£sAp«t<iA.--sal«si k. munaifi k. 
Ai'bitri'tion,*. the decision of a cause; the termination of any dbpute by persons mutnally 

chosen by the parties — ubhay pakkyer mdnita madhyoitkir dwdrdbibdd nM^Mtft—^arafain . 

ko iSAlisOa ie qasiye k& infisil p&n a 
AKbttratof, s. an nrnpioQ, a judge, a pfetldont— iiMhlAy«s<Aa, $di»r^^i*> nnnsif [v. shairi 
Ar'borary, a. oCor belbnging to trees— 6rifcAyer bd brikhya sambandkiyA — darkhtOQ se nisbat r. 
Aibo'iooHiS, a. bikm^gto trees— 6riA^a s<m6andAtya— ^araklitoa oe nitbat r. w. ohi^iri 
Ar'koret, s. a staall ti^e or shrub— ^A^tir«'6rtAAtf« bd jftt/ma^-^^cbhotA <iarakht, ih&v, on|A 
Ar'bocist, s. a natoralirt who studies Uom^brikf^fa bidydy ^oaftit— ^lartJcbtoa kA ilm t . w. 


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AlfcB • ( 26 ) •' 'iffe% 

Ar'bour, s.a seat «haded with trees, a bower--frrltl^ef^h0fM4lY{(iid^ s&ye tf nastg&h, kunj 

Ai'buicle, I. any small tree or tkrub'-^ch^rahrikhya bd guliha-^^hhoti, darakkt, jh4r, bA^i 
Ar'bute, «. the strawberry tree— 6rtX:%a bisheMh-^ek qism ki darakht 

Arca'de, f , z walk arched over— Witi<^ duwirti Abrita jHith — raihr&bdftr Hh 

Arca'aum, s* a mystery, n becitt, a no^tTum— ^iWwi M ^pt<t Mshoy, apraAreCiMt ausftekHiy 

Arch, Arct ** a part of a circle ; the skf or vaolt of h^.^v€tn-'g^^dkdrerangska; 6kdther gol^kriti, 

dhanuker dkriti, Hifiri— dfiire kd hissa j mihr^b, Umkn kA daur . 
Arch. (i» chief ; mirthful, wa^fish^ lively— pr^dAdn j hdm/at farihas Icdri, mtukard, dmodi^^ 

sardir^ anrifT ihaihsh^s, khui^htaba 
Arch, va, to builid ar cover wth arche^^fci^iMn fe- — ^inthr&b ban^iift - 
Arch^'Dgel,f, [eirit, ,]a chief anf el, a p\ajit—iwargiya prttdkdn d<it, brikhya bUhe^-^mnq^tnh 

^isbta [ hdtt it qi^m 
•Arch angelic, a. b^londne^ to arthaagrtls— stimr^er pradhdn tftSt <amftaiuitya-~i[naqan4b 

fariihtou »t jo ilAqt rakbLi hai 
Archhkh'op, j» thepfipcipal of the bishops— muM rfAarffMidfcyafcfeya-^^mujtahidon k& sard6r 
Archde'acon, #. a bishop's deputy ^•dhaTTi%ddhaakhi/erndyeb--m\iitthid k& oiib 
Archdeaconry. Archd^ acotithip. &. the office qjt jurisdiction of an archdeacon-— <2&ari|^ 

dhyakh^fr nd^tbsT k^rma bd adhikdr — mujtabid ^e n^ib ki khidmat 
Archduch'csi, i- the wife of aa a.rchduke— ju&arrtjp/ii/ii— amfr-i-Azam ki begam 
J Archdi]'ke» ** a *overcig:n prince^ gtaad duke— ju Sir ^l—amlr-i-dzam 
Arch'edjpa. vaulted, formed Like an JiTch—khiidn kar'i, fikitdndkdre nirtnita — mihribd&r 
Arch^er, i. one who^jhoots with a bow — dhufturdhar — tli':ind6z, kam&nd&r '• • 
Archery, J* the art of mm g: & bow — dhanurhid^d — tirandizl 
Ar'ehetypaJ, a. [-jfe*. . ] origioa.!— laiEiwiirti bd ddunha. ih/imbandhiya^mM 
*Ar'cbetype» s^ the ongioalj of whkh aoy pattern is ma.iie — miilmHrti bd ddaf$ka jdkd hatU 

pratimurti bd anuruphay — wuh chia ki jui se duari rhli: naql k! jie [mujtahid ae ni<>bat r. w, 
*Archiepjs'copa!|, a., belooginji to an archbishop— 'MA Li dharmddhyakhyz sambandhiya-^^nrdAt 
*Archiperago,i,aiiy sea which abouada with small ulsjid'^^'^nekkhyudrakhyudradwipbithiihta 

ihmndra, samudr^stha u^adwip iamuha—h^hiki \i.pM^T dtijyi, 
'Ar'chitect, a, a profe^*>r of the art of baildiog j a itirveyqr,> a designer— friAti/ nirmdn 

bidifti^^mi bd nirmdjt kartd, dhdijchd bi nakihd foirafe— miamAr, im&rat kA aaq<«h(;Az 
•Ar'chiteciiyc, b, thdt performs tlie work of arehiiecture— ^oat&an kdtjya sampddak-^nik* 

•Ar'chitMturej f-l [*.-?ifeiir*] the science of bmid'intf—grihddi nirmdn 1ddyd-^nn9mi.Ti^ k< ilm 
*Ar'chitrave* s, the main h^2Jti of a buildiag, oTnamental part of a pillar — irkil bd pdri, thdtnir 

mdtkldr adhahhdgjdhiiti! nakihd kdfd — &hahtlr, go!4^ sit(ia kf naqshad&r j&nib 
Ar'chivee, i. [.ftiDsJ record*; the plice where recordi^orancient writinjrsrarekept— ^4cW7i)t<£^fja 
. grmiikft bd kdgfickpiiifa i }s sthine prdchin kdiiti grantha bd kdgaeh patra rdkhdjdy— 

qadimi ki^hai { qadim daftarkhina 

ArchpraKate, J. a leading or chief prelate— ijrndA'l/i dharrnddhMiyit^m^m 

Arch pies* by tcr, j, a chief prosbyter — pradhdn jdjak'^m^m 

ATc'tic, a. aortbeio, towaid:^ th^ north— u^far kendn^fi:, uttardig^^-^himiMf tittar \i taraf 

Arctic circle* v. that circle fit which the northern frigid sope commences— ttttardi^« prithibir 

thititpradhdn desKer drarnbha hay j€ sthdn ^ite>— d&ira jahAa se ki miataqa^i-mabr^da 
ahurii beti hai 
Arc'uate» ftm>to bend like an arch— d^anulcftat bakra k, — mjhrftb'ki m&nind kham d. 
Arcua'tion, «. an arching, an incurvation— d/ianuVi/criti — mihrfib ki shakl [dildihf 

Ar'dency, Ar'dentness, s. eagerness, zeal, heat— £ya^at4, uttdha, uttdp-^g^jmi, ghauq, 
Ar'dent, a. hot, zealoiu, affectionate, ^erc^—uttdpta, ii.tiukf byagra, inih^ bUhukla, prtuhanda 

— shAiq, fchafiq^ tund . ' 

Ar^detitly^. fliip eaEprly^ aHt^ctioatttelji, fervently, xealoualy — -byttpniti ptlrbah, 5ii§lux p^bsk, 

uttdha p^Mt— bahutfiliauq se, mahabbat &b, aarsamii ae, Arzi i^e 
Ardour, 5* f .ilwrl wiroilh, w.irm afl^ctioa, fcnfency— 'iiti%, Qt^antft ^n^j^q bd atmrdg,byagrat4 

— ahauqi \ani&l mahabbat, sarearmi 
Ar'duotjSi ff* [Ju-»ial liifRcult, iaborioa*— fraf/iin, dtwAfeir— mushkil, sakht, mihnattalab 
Are, the pinnl t'f present lease of the verb to b^—haon kridr hartumdn biikubaeha* 

thaidaj^t^d hay^ hao, hai-^Ia ki zamAQa-i-h^l kijama, jaisS ki ii^i are, y£ ari^ they are 
A'rea, f. ^.>] the surface contained betweafLany lines or boundaries; an open apace befora a 

Wilding^ — rekkddvLsy bd simddaway madhya harti sthdn ; uihuH — sahn ; fAhat 
Arefac'tion, f. the atata of growinc dry — shiLshka haoudhatthd — siikhtje kf hilat 
AreDa'ctouif AretiosCi «> aandyj full of sand — h4Uyd^ l^iukd F?iay— retilA, bhdr 
Affect, a. lilveryi white, ahiniug like silver — tupdr, ikttbhrfij rupdr nydy njjaU»nnqxiit 

an fed, ch&&diai darakhshin 
Ar'^il, 5, potters' clay, fatj ?afteaflh of which re^sela are made — kumbhakfiTer kdrjyop^ukia 

mkfittlkdt g/mf hyddi gaihanopujitksa rkikkan. mriUiki^^—ktimiiikr kk chahli^ bartan banioe 

Arfill^'ceous, [.^jAws] a. eonsisting of clay— cftifeAcin mrittikdr — chtknf mt|tf feft fki n&niik 
Argol^i. the tartar or salt fro ra^wifie lee* — maditdr tatdniu jdt^ iaftait— sharitb kl talcbha^ 
Ar'goBy, I. a large merchant tkip^-bdm^yer firi^t jdii4f— saudigarf k£ bari jahfiz 
At f ue, tit« to reason, to dispute, to debstte— ^arJSca le, bdddnjtbdd Jb,— hujiiat k- takr&r lb. ^ilisk. 

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.Af^wmentv ♦. a q< wii w rtwy > msfta illegM to indiiee b^lkfr ih^ tuUect of any disM«ri« or 

writiDir — h4dAnuhM;vhapramXnbdkdran,h^yahdUkhArphtiHtdrtha'-^^ dalil; fttf- 
> togn >4 tahrfr lei nasmtin ..-••. 

Arsument'al, a. belooginf to arf^iiment-— M<Mnu&aJ«nii&iiYitfik{j(a^--bahsi 
Arfomenta'tion, s. the act t)f reasoDinff— tor^alb— tabahhus 
Arf ameot'atiVet a. replete with . "argmneDt/ciisputatioils, disposed Uy controTeny— earib^tt, ('C 

juktite paripArnn, bddiiiiubdd Mri, bdddnuh£dtchchktik^ViLmii[, hilj}atoa se bbait boft, hujiatf - 

Ukt4ri, mubihiel [^4Hk 

Ar<^u'te; o. subtle, witty, sharp, shrill-^^^^^, ehatur, jrrakhar^ t{Hna-H:haturi, tez&Bim, 
.A nanism, «. thedocUineof Anas, who asserted that Christ was not equal with the Father, 

nor even divme, but the ftrst andh greatest of created beings-* ilnoMr mat, tduMr mnt 01, j« 

Khrista Parnmeshw'hrer tulya nahenf ebang Parameslkoarer dhartnao idnhite niU, kintu^b 
■ rrkhl^ir ihadhye tint ddi o irsib^^Arias Iti mazhab, ki jis k& yih, qaol hai, ki Hazrat Isft .Qa 

Khadft na Khu<l& ke baribar hai, lekin makhlidq k& awal anr afical hal 
A'rid, a. dry, parched np.-^s&ja&A-c-kbushk, sdkhi [khoshkf ; - ib&tlat meg berujdi 

Arid'ity, s. dryness ; io<; nvsibiUty in devotion— «fetisA^/ifioa ; wp^nd bisfiays chitter kdfhht^-^ 
A>ie$,.s. the ram, aMga.of the zodiac— 9me«^r4(At--mQn<}.h4^ burj-i-haml, mesh, mekh fse 
Aright, ai. ri^htty, without mistake>-:;at^^rt^ rUpe, thik, nirbhram pi^btA^^^iMti se, sihuai 
^ri'se, vn. to rise ap, to mount up^it^Aa/i— athni, charhn& 
Aristroc'racy, 5. a form of government which lodges the supreme power in the nobles, the 

body of the nMeB^^maryydddbanta bd omrdo lok sam^ih»r ddMpatya, marjydddban^ b4 tnikrig 

lok iam-Aha~^vxi\i hakdmatki jis 1^ nmr&o muttafia hoke kartjs hain, iami atnr&o 
Anstocrat'ieal, a. relating to aristocracy —mirtyoda^anta 64 omrAo lok iam6her ddhipatl/9' 

iambandMya bd marjydddbant^. lok tamb^ndhiyor^wnTii huknmat se, y& umHbnse niabat r. w. 
Arith'raetic, s. the science of computation — anka &t4|f4^siyftq, his4b, ganit 
Arithmet'ical, a. according to the rule or method ot arithmetic^-snfca bidydr tUyamdnujiyi 
,> -^-siy^q ke 4;^de le mUt&biq. ftiy&qdan 

Aritberoeti'cian, s, one whojprofesses the knowledge of arithmelie— anXc/iUdy^^SK'll'-'bis&Ddiny 
.Ark, 5. a vessel to swim upon the water, usually applied to that in which Noan was preserv^ 

from the delude ; the repository of the covenant of God with the Jews ; a chest"— nmi«4, 

bisheih rupe set naukd ke bujhdy jdhdttjala fralay tamaye Nuh rakkuiptUvd cihifeu ; je nn- 
, duke Ihudird Imarerniyampatra rdkhita ; nnifulc— lysfati, khua U N6n ki kisntf ; tAb^t-i-saklnai 

yane wuh tibiitki )is men Khudi k^ farmin Yahiidion ke yahAa rahtA th& ; sanddq 
^ Arm, p, the limb which reaches from the hand to the shoulder; a branch of a tree ; an inlet^of 

the sea— 6a^u ; bnkhytr idl ; tamudrer khdri bdkkdl-sA^kue se kalAi tak ; daiakht kf sh4kh ; 
. samundar]ULsot4 

A'm,i;*^ provide with or takeuparms— sas^sMx k» bdk, — ^musallah k. musallah h. 
Arma'da, s. a large fleet of ships of wzr—^tiddha jdhdj samiSAo^angf iah&zon ki barl bahr 
Armadillo, <. a^opall animaUike a ho%'~$hukariUcdr khy^rajantu 6i«^«A— chhot4 j&owarsdar 
, kamujhibih , . [drftw-jang kew^ste Crista ki gay i fauj; si IfihkhAna 

Armament, <. a force equipped fet war ; a stote house— ^uddMrtfca iosajjd ; iainydttra bkdn- 
Armiriary, a. resembling a bracelet— ^ai^Aa prabhiH hattdbharaner nydy — pahuQchi ki 

rninind • j * * • 

Armin'ianism, t. a doctrine so called from its founder Arminius, who contended for free will 

and univental redemption— Armintydser mat 6<idAaniw, Ms^4r mot n,JBmanu9ky^ jdikd 

, ichchhd tdhdi karite pdv, dr parakdU sakaleri nistdr Aai6efc— Arminiyas' k4 mazhab ki jis 

'kenazdlks&bithaikiinf&okoapoejamia£&l par ikhtiyir hai, aur Aqabat mea sab vih^f 

pAwenge ' Tzormand, diler; mard&nf 

Armip'otent, a. mighty in war, brave, hold-j'tiddfee pardkrdnta, tdhmi btkrtmi^Vini k& 
Arm'istice, s. [..««i<]ashortces8atioa of arms-*i«cfeit kdl jnddha nibritti V-»janibain kf 

rizimandi se thofe din l4r&l k& muattil h. fdar kA chho)& sold ; fa6z<iband 

Arm'let, t, a small arm of the sea ; a bracelet— somtSidrBr ekhota khdri bd kkdi. dija<<i— samuB- 
Armo'rial, a. belonging to the arms or escutcheons of a family — bangihA mavjydddr ehinha 

sam&a4Ati/a^kh4nad&n ke nishin se jo nisbat rakht& hai 
Arra'ory, «. a place in which arms are deposited for use ; ensigns armorial-— aitra^ , 2>wtgska 

marji/idaxtic^Xcc^in/ui— etl&hkh4na;khanad&nktaUmat ^ • '1. 

Ann'our,Arm'or<, defensive arms to cover and defend the body-4BaWAMi4ijj<iyd--zwah, 
. jaushaa V^ f*?^ 

Arm'ourer, «. one who makes or sells arms— «fira nir mdn bd 6iiray.fc(irafc— silihsjz, hathyar- 
Arms, s. warlike weapons; war in general ; ensigns awnorial— ^^ttwArfitra; juddka; bangsAa 

marjyddd iHehak cAinAa— lajjAl kA hathyir ; jang ; kh&nadAn ki alimat , ; ^ 

Army, ,. a large body of anned men— wtnya— hahkar, fauj . ikhufrnbtelar 

Aromatic, Aromat'ical, a. spicy, fragrant— stt^flndW drabyao^Ut, sttg-anrfAajtittaT-ma^tlaoAr, 
Arom'atize,-f>a. to scent, to perfume— suyond/it fe. subisjvUta fc.— khushW k. miuittnr k, . . 
Aro'und, ad, pr. about, encompassingwcfcatunHire, kesA^o* f^^»ft— 4sp(U> P'^S^* ***J^^. • . 
Aro'ose, iw,.to awake, to raise up, toexQite-^rff 4«a, ^thdna, ehiiydina^^H^xi^r ••*« fc. A(lttoft, 

cbaunkinft . . « j. " / . • .< 

Aro'w.fld. in arow,.ui a straight line— sArewf ibrwie,pa!!fcH p*&»6ii*>-{»fbaBdi 8e» q^UAandi se 
Aro'ynt, MBtd, bef one» depaiA, go ivnj^dojda, ^tir^o— jAo, tafawat ho j4o 
Ar'qnebuse. |. [. .M'a hand-gun, a fusee-Ucfcyudro hd hdt Aandttfe-qaribin 
Arra'ck, i. a spirit procured Iw distillatioiii from the PftUtt ti«e,.*ice» 4wv>"4«-o» to » rf. i>t(»rti<e 

iiyjemMlya^araqiy&aeUei&seadhijW.f. '^^ ' > ' » 

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Afrari^ttiiieiit,4Kth«iotof »ec»mff, ach»r(f0--«6Aii(9/i«p«diW^ 

Arra.'Dge,«a. to set in ordef or pUce^-Jera)iiiitu«((r» bd trtnkhaUi^irbmk HM% luawfd^whftn, 
6andobasta ik.— tartlb d. saowftrnA rfrM«(f-p^rtlb,iBtii4ii 

Arra'agement, t. the act of patting in ot69t^f«riitkktiip4rbtk ttkarmn, hUi, Ifyabmhd, b»i%d^ 
^r rant* «. v«ry bad, Botorioi»'-4tiiiMnflbi' 6<f uttjogWnys, atiMd diMA^a-««iahi bad 
Ar'ras, «. rich tapestry or hanginga— ii4iiii mArti ehitrita ioMtrM j^ha thobh4r nitnittt 4€tfMt 

^ifn^tinajdir^naqsbomgir k& kaprd ki jo makin ki zebiish ke waste diw&ron menf lag&t* 
' haiB, divrtrg<f rf 

Arra'y, s. order of battle ; dress-^tny«r thrtni hd hy^tha ; heth hi JV»?.M--*Mrdr4f ; poshiV 
Arra'y, va. to out in order, to deck, to dress— lArtittpdrftiiAE 9th4fan, hMUhit^k, Mk)jita k^^ 

intizllvii.d. KdD4k.posb4k pahinni , rbis4b ki bftqf 

Anv'ar, Arre'arage, I. that part of an aeeoimt which remata? unpaid, thongh due-^6a^yn-^ 
Arre'st, m. to wize on, to oojttrnct-^. a legal caotioa or seizure of the p^rson-^^ri n M 

pt^dt k» Atak%.'^^, hytbasthduutdrg grtphtdr ^«^pakairn&> rokni^-t. share ke rou^fi^ 

gtriftitrf w 

Arre'tjS. the deeinion of a soToreign couit— sftrwA^a bichiratthaU bithdrdntarje ^dn hay-*' 

sadr ttdilat ki infis&l ^ ' 

ArrieVe, s. the rear of an army— sainyfr pvhehit bhd^-^B.9kkt.T k! pichh&fi, ohamj^wal ■ 

Atri'val, r; the act of coming to a piace-')K|)iftMC^&an<i'*^pahuiich, imad, ranid 
. Arri've, vn. to come to a place, to Teaoh Uy-mat^kuchanm — p«.hii||ohn4» 4nd, dikbil h. ^ 
Ar'rogance, s. great pride, pre8umption-^^«ro«, ^pordk^^^^hamand, ghnn&r, gusi&khf [tikk 
At'rogaot, s. vory , prond, presumptuous-- <farMu, fpordndnwita-^maghrdr, mutakabbir, gii»' 
Ar'rogantly, ad. haughtily, saucily, proudly^^n f^ i syiij h u k, tpardhdj^Mak, akafMrf4rbak-^ 

ghamand se, gust&khf se, takabbur so 
'Af rogate, vd. tXi exhibit unjust claims prompted only by pride ; to assume, boast— aArsnAoSr 

p^rbak ajathdrtha ddoyd h. garba k, i^nkdr le.— ghurtir se aihaq diw4 k. ^poe taia 

Duzurg j6nni, fekhr k. ' 

Ar'row, i. a pointed weapon shot f^om a bow— »tr, bdn^ shar-^tir 

Ar'seoal,*. a repository or magazine for all kinds of military stores-^* udi&y« drah^ifdr-^ 
■ lar&i ke bar qism ke sariojim kk makAa, magazio, topkh&na (sankhy^ 

At'senie, t. [oretHii^] a poisonous mineral— mm&sifcAy^r, haritdly monaAsktM— sambulicbiry 
Ar'son, $. the crime of house buroing-^^tAoddA^zr^ anaradh-^g lag^ne kft gunii 
Art, t, scieiice,' skill, dexterity, device, cunning, trade— ^tdyd, piniitwa, dakkj/atd, kouth^!: 

dhiirUitd, 9hUpa bd ^a6asdy<— ilm, huaar, mabirat, hikmat, faan ' 
Ar'tery, s. a canal or tube^hicb conveys the blood from the heart to all parts of the body— 

jt ndrir dwdrd rhUpUtda haitetdbat Aa^retakt^ bydpey^barfAn, ydne wuh rag ki jis se khiia 

tam&'m jism men pomxiichti hai '|lib.4sf 

Ait'fal. a. cunning, dexterous, artifiotal-^ti^nffta, dtkh^a, kriirim bd fco^pif— iiy4ra, 9^4Hir, 
Art'fuliy, ai, cunningly, slily, with art— d^wrtatX frdrbak, shathatdjo'irb^k, dakhyatd^b i kati^iil 
-fitfrfoV— ehhal se, siyinpan se, tenn fareb se [jhaDsdcbAdi, Az4 ke bandishon se nisbat r. w. 
Arthrit'ic, a. gouty, relatiug to the joints— ^tro^ toestoiMMiy/i. granthis^mbandkiya^tnqrki, 
Ar tichoke, s. an esculent plant or root— feV'idjfO brikhya bi miil bishsth, hdtickdIC—ek ois.n ki 

Ar'ticle* t. one of the parts of speech ; a condition of a covenant ; a stipnlation ; a clause or 

ittm, a distinct but undefined thing— 6Mfc*«A«« pad ; tandhi bd niyam 'pofrsr madh-M ek 

niriamniTbm^ha;tk dafd. bd buhay ; kona tdmofri— bftrf44ftHf aur harf-i-tankir- ahd-o- 

paimia kk ek qalam; shart ; fiqra ya dafa ; mftlnm chfz lekin ghairmausdf ■' 

Ar'ticle, V. to settle the conditions ofany agreement, to covenant with— fand/ii stAir k, hdhdra 

M^it niyam bd kardr fe.— Adn^e ke shartoa ko muqa'rrar k. ahd-o-paim4n k. 
Attie'uUte, v« to pronounce distinctly— spas^.toc^^rait k;— sif talaffuz k. 
Artic' distinctly, clearly— tpasft^ooftdWfmA p4r&<tfc— adi^-raakhraj se, saftt se 
Articula'tion, I. ajointorknot; the act of forming words— ?ra^M &I rdnit ; bdkuaiohiirti 

feiran-girah, g&u\h ; makhraj ^ -^ ^ . • [fareb*; faun ylVesha 

Anrifice> *. Uick,^raud ; Art or trade^^fckal, vrabanehand ; shilpakarma bd M&isiif— hila 
Artificer, <. an artist or manufacti^rer— c^tlpakdr-^kirigar 09$ 

Artifi'cial, a. made by art, not aaturalH-^ntriM— baniyft hd6, s&khta 
Artillery, s. weapons of war, chiefly cannon, mortars, and their appendages, the men wh» 

manage th9m--^tMhdttra,bkbi^taU;^cdmd»ddi,jfolanddj.^i{kh'i'^^^ taoen.bam 

au» un kelawizim ; folandia *^^ 

frtdlery Company, t. a voluntary association of the citizens in London, who are trained ua 

-?;j'^"ft[l*??*^'*^T^'*?^*» »«*«•««*» fo*»r 9k dal jdhdrd sweehehhd pdrbak jwldki 

Myd *^*1(^^'>^^1^<^ k* bAahiodott ki jam4at ki jis men logkhusW se Akar sip€hg^ 

Art;i8ao, t. an artist, aa inferior tradesman— «^i,fcAWr« 6y'«d«wW--fcirIgar 

^ihm^^i^"^^^^^ «M-W sL/pk«rme pan4it. hunari^^i faun H 

i^S^i • T^^^^ '"^ *^ ^'*'*^' honest-fcaiis^ roMt. db>«>.f, snraZ-sAda, bhol4. diyi^' 

As, e. in the same manner, becaase-^MMia, je^ta— jaisi, kydnki 
AtatQBt;i4a«f« » gvua of tn offeaaiva amttU— Mntfi-Maf ,tkif<lta 

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Ash^'Wp «. «kiad effoatd-wkicfaisfty^ti^tiiato 3lhreAil» «nd ttaawnts, tii4 which; etmnm 

be consumed hy fire—elk •rdbfr f»4thar jdhdk^khmaia kariU vdtmr nafdy hmg^ t&Mf dfunt 

dagdhit hay luU-eV qiem ki j^ilfathar jo' kbilttchAe .•« e6t U Urab fukre fakre he takti hai» av 

4g se jal aahiii sakU hai . 
Aflce'od^ V. to moant, toriae, tomove hi^lMZ, to-advanee la exceUeoee^<^e4ai» k, ufhun, 

^rdhagata hi vUaHrottar uitamaU nrupta &.<«<-ebart^Bft, uibni, iwlaadtar h. Aeki mq| 

kimilb. . 

Ascen'daQt, t. height, elevation, sttpertor ioflttence— a. predomtoant« scrpener, overpowermguu. 

uehckatd, unnath prddurbKdh, prabhiUwa^d, pradhda, frabal—bnUndi, fuiqiyat, fhalahia-^ 

a. gb,&lib» aul4, zabardast 
Aaeeod'ency, t. influeace, Baperiorit7-rin*a6^^iDa, fradhdn^d^ghtiXibt^ fiuiqiyat 
Aseea'sioD, <. the act of asceading or nsitt^^-^rohlinH, fra 4irdha ^owan^ohafoi yft tt|luiA 
Ascen 8iou*ia]/r <. a festival tea dayt before Whitauatide, «a eommemoratioii of oar Savioiii't 

asceovioniato beavea— litt-iT^rtt^Ao* iwargdrohan dibatr—Htaxtit I'sd ke ism&a i>ar jiae 

kidin L-*pabftrkUkavhif.til& 

A^e'nt, s. rise, the rising of a hill, aa emiQeQ.C6^-4rdhagati, jparbattr uehehnid, uekMa itkdn 
Aflceirta'ia, va. to make certain, to gain certain knoirledge— nw^c^jf k, nisAehayktwiyd jdnam 

— tahjiiq k. sibit k. 
Ascerta'iQiaent^ t. a fixed ri^e or staodarJ— atyaia, fiufcck«y— Cabqiq^ isbat 
JUcet'ic, s. a hermit, a devout piersoQii. employed in devonl exereisee-'taofdft— 4k 

t ijpasy iytnibuhta^^ta^^, 4bid— a. sakbt ib&datmeiiniaardf 
A«cici'tious, a. supplemental ; additioaal-'««««tg>«kta. ; adlni>^riy»fci ; f&zil 
Ascri'bey va, to attribute to,tQ impute to—kona gun bdkdrjya. kdhdr0 baiiyd gydu kanm, tungm i m 
. k, litjgdna, gkaidna — lag4Q4, (ahrini, oitbat k« • # 

Ash, s. a well known tree so called— ^i^rhay fti«^sh—ek qism && wU&yati darakht 
Asha'med, a. f. •] abashed, coafou(ided— *i(uiito, joiprattutm — sharmnida, gh4briya hfi& 
AaK'es, .s. the dust of any tiung burnt, as of wood, ooais, ^c.*'**ehh(ii bd bhatma, ehitdrUuum^ 

7}d^ mritadeher raja— rikh, kb&kistar 
^Asho're, ad. on shore, on the land — ta^, ^d»;4y— kin^re par, khnshki par ^ 
^Hh'Wednetday^ $, the first day of Lent— l^isklmder matB ekalluh din- upabd$ bmtrnr 

pratham din—ls&ioii ke chille k& pahU din 
Ash'y, a. pale, a whitish grey, like aeh • coloajr-^pf^iiniitf, y pdttftkfd6 a> * tm ' ■ • yifamfed^ 

kb&kistari, y&ne ash darakht ke rang ki miaiod ... 

Asi'de, ad, to one side, apart from the rest — ek pdnhwe, d»lehhdriyd'--€ik tarf^ alag 
As'iaary, As'inine, a. beloogiog to an ass— g^ardk^^ sajn6«»(£Atya-— ^adhe sa aisbat r. w. 
Ask, iM. to make request, peiition, to seek, lo inquire, set a price BO^^hdioH, jaehiHgd k, 

anusandhdn k.jigydnsd k, mulya did^n— ch4ba6, mingnd, t&l^h k. pitch ha&, dkm lagAni 
Aaka'nce, Ask'ant, ad. obliquely, on one side— t«rduS rUpe, ek pof^Awe— ^rcUh^i se, ek taiaf 
Asx er, *. an inquirer » 9^ e£t, .a water aewt— ^yifstok ; je^ki, jaiakit AitftesA— piichhae #• 

pint ki bimhnl [nazar se, ghamaad sa 

Aske'w, ad. with a wry look* contemptuously— &i^»n<2ntkftte, tdeheKkiUya p^rAalc— 4irckhi 
Asla'at, ad. obliquely, on une side— taro/ia rape, *k pdrikwe — tirchh&i ie, ek larf 
Asle'ep, od. sleeping, at rest— /udm^ota. bisrfitngata — Bot& h(iA, ftr&m men 
Aslo'pe, ad. obliquely, with declivity — terchd rvpet garaniya 6kd&«— dhkld, dhil sa 
Asp, a. a very venomoos serpent ; a tree— kdicarpa ; brikhya UdUs^-^biBsiuiyft. fl&]|p# aid ; ik. 

qism k& darakht 
Aspar'agus, s, an esculent raot — khddiya miU frtt^ft— ek qism ki tark&ri fsbakl, haiat, aiaaear 
. As pect, s. loj'v, air, appearance, view— ciris^ii, mtikher tAdb, dhap, dkir^ dsrsAm— s6rat, 
Asp'en, $. a kind of poplar tree, the leaves of whtch always tremble— «&. prakdr btildiyajdftdr 

pdta sarbadd kdQpite tAdk#— chin&r ki ek qism iis ke patte hamesha hiU karte hafQ 
Asperate, va. to make rough or uueven-— ^irie/ca«a bd uchcbanicha /c.— rdvbi y& n&hamwAr k. 
Asperity, s. roughness, harshness of speech — kar/cas/uita, uchchainchatd, idkyw Hkrhaed—' 

riikhal, durushti, bolna ki sakhti 
Aspe'rse, va. to slander, to censure— g-2dat k* apahdd k» — tuhmat lagdni, dakhai 
Asper'sion, s. a sprinkling ; censure, calumny— ck&s^dna ; apabad^ iu/idi<-^khiikio ; dokk» 

tohmat, buhtin 
AsphaVtic, a. gummy, bituminous— ^^^aZu, metiyd teifrukisA/a— lasdir mitfl ke tel 14* nafti 
As^phodel, s. a kind of plant, a d^y lily — tk jdti shmiskan bd padma piwfcpa-'^saa ki qism 

As'pic, 5. a very ]ifenomous serpent— A:di<arfM-^-li41tshtiya siaP* A^i 

As'iarate, va, to pronounce fully or strong— ^tr^T^aaiwdM uehekdm k.t^shiddat se talaffuz k. 

Aspira'tiou, s. an ardent wish or desire ; the act of pninoiiaciag' with full breath— arisAay 

4kdnlrhyd ; dirghashwdthe uehckdran /(.— kamftl.4Gi4 ; shiddat ^se talafiat k. 
Aspi're, vn. to desire eagerly; aim at what is lafty or diffioitU— atiiaf itikftnk^^jaArcaA. ucheha 

bd kathiu biihaj/i cheshld ^.— t&k rakhnd ; bulaod y& muahkil par koehish k« 
Asqui'at, ad. obliquely, not in the straight line of visianr— i«ed«kafc^«-^rchhi nazap se 
Ass, t. an animal of burden ; a stupid .|ellow—^asdfta6 ; mi2rka bd M(t-r^«adhi ; ahmaq. 
Assa'il, INT. to attack in a hostile manner ; to attacic with argument— s4a«rur«i|w ckardt^ k. • 

bdktfadwdrd dghdtk. — ^hamla k. mub&hifta k. 
Assailant, s. one who attacks.or ioyadesr-^katoo jfd 4kraaMniBdr>*-4iaiiilayd<ch«rh4i k. #• 
. Assaas'in, Assassinator, s. a secret morderer-^^^ 6apratdra»d vtirdak nara kaal«i-iM^^ 


Assass'mate, va^ to murder by secret assault— oiU^4^.aratdrafitfMiiiiM- MWMiiifaf hUh k,^ 
nigab&niwArseqatlk. r- , i-- 

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^IMu%4« «ttaek, itofA ]«f a fotctt « blow, > or attempt |»nnli»-*>ftfr^^i9, M piIrAafc g€f0 

' - irrab(Bih,mirpif, dan^i^hamla, qile par hall a, mirplf 

Assault, va. to attael», ta mvade-^cA<tfd» k* dhl»tmmik,^hkTB^%^ iuUklit k. / ^ 

Asssc'y-a.trial, lamination, attempt-^-jpa. to tryaa meUXs^-pwnkhyd, ek^itd-^^a. dkdtu 
• 'fMU^Je^^'/e.^iam&isb, imt;th&Q, kosbi8h--tfa. dhitOBJkokasn6 ; , 

lAssay'er,«.<0Q!9 who assays metals, &c<«^fc(it» ityMir,pankhMdkilirak-^kiii w. g. j&achoe w. 
Assem'blage, s. a collection of things — famf^ha^jama, ijtitD&, hujam ^ ' 

-Aaaan'ble, v. tomeetoc^all togothir-Hlifcatfa h, M fc.^farAba^oa h. yA k. ' ^ * 

rAssem'bly, <• aeampaay-assembled, a balU-4a6^,jnanJaii, 9»4clwr ma>£i<-»majlis, mahfil 
Asse'nt, vn. to agr«eto,to yield—*, coaseat — aammata h* twikdr !:.•*-«. «animati~qabdl %, 

m^nnA—a. rizimandi [— bolnii, iqrAr k. ddwi k. 

Asse'jt ««. to affif ODt to matntaiQ, to claim — drifha rdpe kahan, praurhi k, rakhyd fe« ddoyd k' 
•.Asser'tion» ». a positive affirmation'^ nit^^ ^ihfa, praurhi — iqr4r • ^ 

Asse'ss t^a. totax, to.valuaforthe purpose o( taxing^-^aroas^ua ; kci/r basdibdr nimitte mnljfa 

stkir fc.-^khir6j 1. jamabandi k. khir&j ke baiih&ne ke w^ste tasbkhls k. 
Assesa'tnent, s. the act of asaesstag, atax-*ior4a»4n«> Jcar— jarnabandi, khir&j 
Aii$'ets» $* effects of a deceased or insolvent persoa— 'inri^ya bd deule hker (iAan-^marda f4 

dlwftli:^& shakhs Id. aml6k, maujdddt 
.Assevera'tion, », a soUqqq protestalioa— <{rif ^ 6i&va bd thaT^ath -pHrbak kuthan-^ta^viiqr&t 
Aes' head, s. a d^nce, a blockhead— m<2rfe^,' nirMA— gadhi sir^ n&din, ahmaq 
As6tdii'ity,<. diligence, close apptication-^^ariiJkram, manojog-'-mihaat, mashaqqat 
Assiduous,*, [..ju.] constant in application— flarit^amt, neanajo^'t— •naihaati, masrdf 
TjlAsi^i'^OfiVtt. io af^Boint, t^ malFe over a ri^^ht to anbther^ntrupoA k, nljukta k. eker sattoa anyaht 

<^.— tahr&nd,1cisi chiz ko kisl shakhs^i kiei kim ke w&ste muqanrar k. makhsus k. bar&t k. 
Assi'g»nable; a. that niay he transferred -^nv^t^ praddndrha—dasve ke haw ^le karne ke qabil 
Assigna'tian, «. an appuintmeat to in9ei'*^sdky4t haondrt/te nird/t^ran— mul&q^t k& iqrir 
AssigneCe, ^. [a&-ge^ne] one >vho is deputed to do any thing on behalf of others--pr<|^^'nie2H 

riipe nijukta byakti^ na^efr— jo shakhs ki aor logon ki taraf se kisi kAm ke sarinj^m ke 

w^te muqarrar hai« n&ib [taqarrur, bar&t, taukhw^h 

Assi'fnmeat^ «. . an appa«ntment, a transfer — nirHpan, niyog, eker swata any^te arpc^n-^ 
Aasiin'ilate, va. {o convert to the same nature or use with another thing ; to bring to a likeness 

orreseftiWance— «a/»MKiA4»'/»ik. *adrM^/c..— eks^nk. bard bar k. muw&fiq k. 
Assist, V3. to help, to succour, to aid— upa^ar ^. daukulya k* ^dhajya k. — madad k. da«t> 

giri k. himiyat k. [kumak^ dastglri, puai^ 

A'isi'^tance, i. heip, aid, relief, support— lipatir, »ihd}ya, dnukulyatdf sahdyatd — mada(|, 
Aasi Z3, s. court of justice ; an order respecting the price, weight, &c. of sundry commodities-^ 
■ bichirAStkdn; dra'jyermutyiparimdiiddi 6is^y ak niy/x m—adilat; nirkh 
Asso ciatCj va. [..«Ji«.j to unite, to join "vith-^sanjog k. mil k, — suhbat k. muttafiq h. 
.* -\sso'ciate, «. a partner,. compamon, or sharec^nifsM» ««nj^t, M^gt— sharik, hamr&h - 
*Asso'ciation, s. an enterin;; into an agreement with others, in order to perform some act ; a 

confederacy, a partnership— kwm kirjydrtke aneke mil karan bd ditbdjidhan ; jog bd efc- 

bikyati — ahd-o-paim&n ; mushftrakat, shar&kat 
Asso'n, va. to range in order, to class —krom^inMorf sdjdna, bdehMan bdkramfinutdr$bdckhii^S 

p/it/juk frritAafc k.— tarlib d.. tafriq k. 
A^^orimeut, 8. di^ribution into sorts; variety— kramp^r^ak pritkak prithak rupe sdjdn^, 

prithak prithak kjri ; ndnd prahdr dra^tya- tafriq, tartib ; anw4 chizou kd muntakhab 
Assuage, va. [.swuj^l to soften, to ease, to pacify— rk<i« bdnaram k. upasham k. bd shdnt* 
,. k.^^->takhiifd, ir&md^thanih&k. t^askfnbakhsh chiz 

^Assua'geraent, <. what mitigates or softenss—uposkam bd rhdt kdrak — takhfif k. w. chiz, 
*A8sua'^ef, who pacifies or appeases— jkai»at(i M rka« k^ak— th^andh.^ k. w. taskin d. iy. 
*A3sua'sive, a. softening, mitigating, mild— rkot^tifkamatakiri, niHiftkj/ajaiiak—narm k. w« 

takhfif k. w^halim 
Assub' jugate, va, to subject to-^ashibhiita k.— tibiddr k. 

Assu'etude, ». [.ju».^ accustomance, custom— 6yafrak^, abhyds, Hh*— idat, dastdr * 
;A^asa'mB> vo. to take what is not ju^t nor natural, to cia(iia with proof, to arrogate—ant/ay piirbdk 

grahaii k. paradharma grahan bd anya miirti dharan, pramdn hyatirekedioya k.— n&haq len&» 

n&haq d^wi k. shekhi k. farz k. . 

Assunaag* pa. atwairrogant, hau^hty-^a^kim^/iit garbita — din^&ghi, maghrdr 
Assu';npait, s, a voluntary promise made by word, whereby a man taketh upon him to perform 

or pay any thing to another — kojia karmn karite bii kona tdnutgri dite bdkyer dwdrd sxoech". 
. ckhd purbak angikdr-^kanketj^ dene ki, iqr&r 
Assumption, $. the a«t of taking the thing supposed; a postulate— 'praynan byatireke grahoA ; 

anumita bishayt pramdn xakit aimbhab — kisi chiz ko farz k. farz ki gayi ehiz / 

Assumptive, a. that which is assumed— pramait byatireke grihita bd anumita— farzi . « 

Assu'rance, 4. confidence; certainty ; want of modesty ; asecurity againstloss— g)ratyay, fr^roirf]; 

nisheliayatwa ; lajjdrdhitya ; ^'^ti— iatibir ; yaqin ; besharmi; qauUqrif; bfmfi 
.As»u' to assert positively,, to secure — nishchay *iipe kahfiti, bharmd d, nlrbigiiHa k.— 

iqr&r k. yaqin kar&n&, mazbdt k. 
As'terisk, i. a tittle star C!^) signifying thatsome words or letters are wanting to complete tl^ 
« :ientenc«» jQS serving as reference to a note at the bottom of the page, or i^ the margin— n . 

ehinher '(*) nam — aise (*) nif^i^n k& n&m ki lafz y& harfou ke kam hone par dalilat 
- . kafti hai y6 hikliiyfi ki taraf iahilta kaJrt& hai 

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sitiron ki jam&at 
Aste^rn , a<2. in the hinder part of a Mp-^jdhdyer fathdkM ihdge^^h^z ke ptchho 
Asrihma^ s: [ast.] a disease oftfaeluBgs->-fft0as laisht hinp4m kd$k — =;Aaki ^am% zi«ifiniiafs * 
*Asthmatic, Asthmat'ical, a. troubled with an tisitkm^*^§kwdi'h4th^aslha — ^4aki» i.^jannifWs 
Aston'isb, v&. to amaae, to confoand — dshehAfjydvwita k. bismaydpanna k.— taajjab tn^n 

d&Ini, hair&n k. 
Aston'ishment,;. amazement, rai^rize'>i>-^ft«fcaWya^tf a, ftifmajr^-taajab, tahaiiraN- [aSnat 
As'tragal, «. an omameiit ia architecture— sAoM'irtAe g^ikAdtr rathan 6rt^<<sft— 4na^at kf «k ' 
As'tral, d. relating to^the stars, li^ht-^drd wambandkiga, «i;ti?ir^-^ tiros se nisbat r. w. 

Aatfa'jf, ad. ont of the riiht wayt wrong— *ip«tfc«, path bakirhMtaTfip9^ fiw^rih bhuU,bhatk<, 
Astric tion, s. the^act ofconfracting parta — §artko^t d%ti — qabstsame^ [p4aw pbait^ka 

Astri'de, ad. across, with legs, open as on a hoTse-^-'ghof^u ehardrmata pd phdulc farip^i^^TA, 
Astri'nge, va. to draw together, to hind^sankuekita k. Ma/ttrfc.'— sametui, sakornA, qabs k. 
Astria'gent, d. binding, contracting'-iaiUAtf kdrf-^-H^ha^ sametne w, « [kA iint 

Astrog'raphy, t. the art of describing stars — ndkhfatra nirnay bidyd-^ntkmix ke bay^ln kartte 
AjsTtrblabe, 5. an instrument used to take the altitude of the sun or stars, at sea— ^^tlrjiya bd 
nakhyatrer Mchchatwa nirupak jantra jdkd samadrg bifahahdrjya fcay-^uflturUb, yftufc AflAb 
aur sulroQ ki bulandi m&ldm karne ki al& 
Astrol'oger, s. one who pretends to foretel. events by the aspects^ &C. 4)f ihe sVU&^jyotir 

ganak, daibagyan betta, jdn — munajjim, nujiimi, jotlshi 
ABtrology, a. the science of foretelling events by the stars, planiets, hc^^-jltfUkktr ^idSt 

ganand '6i<2y^i~-ilm-i-nuidm, nujdm 
Afitronom'ical, a. belonging to astronomy^yotir fridya MPm^ndfciyap-hayati 
Astron'omy, s. a science that teaches the knowledge ofi-the heavenly bodies, their mat^nitiides, 
motions, distances, &cc.^jyatir fr{</y^i*«iim4-hayat, hayat,'yiiie wahiim ki jis se&sni&Ti ki 
- mutaalaq&t k& miqd£r, harakat, fi&siia, w« g.fli&l(im bot« hai' ^ 

As'tro*theol'9gy, s. divinity formed on the observation of the celestial bodies — nakhyattiidi 
darshan dwdrd Ishwar nirupan bidyd^-^m'-iSqp ki wuh qism ki jis-ke banifcne par Ism&a ka 
•moshdhide ne dalilat ki 
Astu'te, a. sbrewd, penetrating-^totur, wdkfuir, pro^MAsfcti— «ty&na, surtl, tezfahm 
Asa'nder, ad, separately, in two parts-^atnna, T^thak, dMiangik^-^adH, alag 
Asy'Ium, s. a refuge, a place of protection--<i«^ay, rakhyd tthdn — pan^h, ssran, -hififtzat ki jaga^ 
A'thefem, s, the disbelief of a God— n<i<Hfc<fU-^dibriy&pattry&ne K.hud6 par imin na lan& 
-A^'thcfist, 5.^ one whq disbelieves the existence of a God — ridsf ifc'-dahriyl*, mulhid, n&stik 
Atheisfical, a. belonging to atheism, impious— wlf'i^l/i ammbadhiya, jxtsAoncta^dahriy&i, 

mulhid, fisiq . 

Athir'st, ad, dry, thirsty, in want <»f drink:-«-»-<rt5^N4r(a, pip<i«it— tisb'ni, piyfisa 
Athlet'ic, a. strongs lusty, bony, vigorous~ta6a^ rhishta pushla, shukta, balabdn-^zormsLtxd, 

qavi, balwant, pablawdn 
Athwa'rt, ad. across,. wrong— <irftari rdpf» biparit r ^pa ■ (i i&, bend^, barkhilif 
Atilt', ad. raised forward as if to thrnst^ostra^idci^ karife unmukh bhdbe arthdt samnvukkB 

hiliyd bd kdit haiyd — ^bboakne ke waste mustilid, paintare par 
Allan tic, s. the ocean between Africa and Armerica — dfrikd Americd ei dui dethiBr maddhy^ 
tthita sam^'^ra— Bahar-i-zulm&t, ydne jo daryA mulk-t^AfrikA aur mulk*i-Amerika 
ke bicb mea hai ' ■ . . 

At'las, 8. a collection of mafw ; rich silk — ndnddesher nakskdr bahi, uttam 'pdffa bastn bitketk 

— mulkou ke naqshou kikltlb ; atlas, yine reshmi k&pre kiek qism v , 

At'mospbere, s. the air that encompasses the solid earth on all sides->^« bdyupritkibikt beshtan 

teinya /icA*c, <ifais&— zamin ke gird ki haw4 freza 

At'om, At' omy,s. an extreme small partide^-parafntinu, r«nu — zarra, ylae nihAyat chhotA 

Atom'ical, a. consisting of atoms, minut^ — paramdnu bishiihia, iukhytna'^reiojaL kA banA hdi, 

zarrasA^ nannd . . - 

AVomist, s. one who maintains the doctrine of theiatomical philosophy^pof^amfinu haite jagat 
srithti hdiydchhe ei matabddi^jo shakhs ki is qaul k& qlil hai, ki zamin aur Asmdn be hukm 
KhudA ke ittif&qan, zarroa kejama hone se bane hai& 
Ato'ne, V. to expiate by sacrifices, make satisfaction or be equivalent— aparficib moohan hay 
jat'dibdrd tat karma k. ajftarddhsr bd khyattrpariburtetulya k. prdyashchitta fc.^mUttafiq k, 
maninft, kafira k. prdshchit yd parichit k. iwaz d. 
Ato'nement, s. satisfaction ; expiation, reconciliation ~fn>ar<i(}A mochandrthe bd kkyatir pari' 
'• tarte je kdrjya ka¥d jdy, prdyashckittaf mmarmH — ^ittifaq; ri«Amandi, kaf&ra, prdshchit, iwaz 
Atrabila'rtan.'Atrabila'rious, a. melancholy-— frtmarf ha, K»Aan/ia*— ;udis, afsurda 
Atrament'al. ^trament'ous, a. inky, black-^XemAna bama, fca/a^— siyih,saw4d 
Atro'cious,:a« {.ahus] very wlckeid^ heinous— ati dushta, ati duriJcWr— -ttihftyat aharir, bafaat 

mdydb * ' , * 

•Atrociously, ad. very wtck^ly, hainously— «Hd«»fe/(rt4 bd durbrittatd pdrbak-^hahxA 

shardrat se 
Atro'city, J. horrible wickedne«—afyanta"dt«fcfcritatB«»--'bairlgunan,mahftpftp 
Atrropfay, J. a disease in which what, is taken fdr food cannot act aa nounshmeht-i^jtf rage dhdr 
^jMrdtkoHrer pu$ktihaynd, khyay r0g^^^ bim&rfkijis meu kh&ni quv>at nafaia detA 
lua,tiikbAf sokhchhafi.jdulbaqar * « . ^ 

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Akta'di, Ml. tD win orUf^ MA «» ;- Io^wIb or.fuii> wv ; fo ^ to om'tiiitamt^-iilMNtHi^ '#ki^ 

/c. aniiirafcta k, twapakkya k, anugata k, — pakaro&; girwidak; miil k. 
Attachment, s. tke taking of a p«noa «r gooda br iegal process in a -xnvil salt ; adheniioe, 

fidelity, nstrd-^MdlaUr 4gyaiidnuidr9 kdhdkt grtpktw- k, b4 jmi* patra d^^k fc. dnutt^pm ; 

nitkihatd. anurdg, sn0^— adalat ke qftnan so kisi Ahakbs ya mil ko garitt&r k. girvmcf» 
^ watt, libit * . . ^ 

Atta'ck, $, an assault, an on9Qt-*^hardo, uyare paran^hanila, t&kht, y6rUh 
Atta'ck, vm. to a«tult, to invade ; impuf a in any maaBier^--c/iara« k, ukraman ki dotkdrofmm 

4(.— bntmia k. taxht k. aib pakarnft ' [b&bam pahoficbiiii 

Atta'in, v. to come to or reach by efforfca^'^tiw dimdrd prd^ta h. hd paishuehhana^htoBX k^ 
Attain'abie, a. that which may be^ttaioea^jirdpcintya — yittani, muyassar 
Attaia'der, <. the act of atuintiug in law ; taut, disgrace— ^uru d^rddk janya dddlaU^ 

dgydud dvdtd Inthafe anmUtikdri kmtun, fcaisnlBa— ^id&lat ko bukm le khirijttiina&ad* k. d^h^ 

aib, ruswAi [waef 

Attaia'meni; t. a thing attained, a quality^-Ubk, porij^es Imhay, gvn— hntiiA, p&yl hdi obit. 
Attaint, va. to dishonour, to corrupt, to corrupt the blood of a traitor, so that he cannot inherit 

estatO'^aniai^yida k. iokaUmka k. guru aparddh jaiKifa er^pe doshi karau jdhdte bitkayt 

sdhikdr thdktnd-'Mih lagani, rutwA k. f&sid k. nimakhar&mki nasal ko aisi khati whi lahrtoA. 

ki wuh larka nahia p& sake 
Attemp'er, Attemp'erate, va, to mingle, to soften, to mix in fust proportions-^mMArtto It. naram 
. k, MTssMt Ham ek drabjta anya drabymr takk wutkrita k;-— milAni, nana k. muifiq k. inn* 

tizaj d. [k. koshish k. qasd k. 

Atte^mpt, M. to try, to endeavour, to matLj^^ehnhtd A;. psrMyd kM^jog k. upakratn fc.— azm^usk^ 
Atte'nJ, V. to wait; to listen : to accompany^iipaftfcit thdkan; imnai^g k, iangeidon-^'hAtix 

rahnA; khiy6lk. hamMhik. , , [hftzirbAshf 

Attciifl'anee, ». the act of iwaiting mi another---iijMitAit thdkan, pdrkhctdatwa, parUhdrj^m-^. 
Attedd'aar, «. one>wbo attends tnother— a. aeeompaayiag-'parisAad, pariekAtak-'^. wmmgi 

-^h&zirb&sh, hamrahrik&b, khidmatg&r--a. hanr&h ' [mudAr& 

Attention, $. the actof attending, act of eiviKty->^Ma«u9of , tmutdav^hyAn, khiy&I, taw6zn» 
Attentive, a. heedful, regardhil, intent— iotar^, »«MH(7ogi,a6wA/a— hosbyir, mutawaiiih, 

Atten'uant, a. making thin, dr a)ender-^i(to<^ lMfrr'-<p^i k. w. mulattif 
Atten'uate, va. toHoake tfaia or slender. ^^«to^ i(.<^atl4 k. raqfq k. 
Attest, lis. to bear witness of j to call to witness— f/iicAyt k. pramdn k, tdkhyi hatm£rthi 

cfd/can— cahlbk. gawahf d. istishh&dk. [gaw6h£ 

Attesta'tion, s. testimony, witness, evid«nce«^-pr«m(if», tdkhya-^^thid^ty tashih, ta3diq» 
Attic, a. fine, elegant, just, etentted'-^'Mc/uitfr, «ttom, ytthdrtha^ ufftcfta— kh&ssa, khushnuott, 

kh6b, mumtAz 
Atti're, t. clothes, dress, habits ; a stag's home-^-poruI^y* battrd, poskdk, b9$h ; mriga tringa-^ 

kapfi, posbiik, libis ; biran ki sln^g 
Atti're, va, to dress, to habit, to array— toftranwira k. bahjukta k, trf j4na— pahinnfi, malbits k. 
At'titude, s. posture, gesture, actiotk— s^rirf r bhdb bd bhuingi-^tAVii, tarah, madaz 
Attor'jiey, «. one who is deputed to act and be respottaible for another, particularly in affair* 

of law— prattTtifiliU, ufcf^wakil {farefta k. 

Attra'ct, va. to draw, to allure, to entice— 4^anA«ii k, Uhher dwdrd dkarshan k.^khiACba^ 
AUrac'tion, s, the power of drawing^d^rs^n— klncblio, kashish 

Attract' ive. a. inviting, alluring, enticing-^fcafs^fc, /oMjanafc— khinchne w. dilbar, ditrubi 
, Attrib'utable, a, that which may be ascribed or imputed— ^co^ra guu bd kdajya balidgamy^ 

. — munteabat ke lAiq ' 

Attribute, i, property, inherent quality-— ^n, <2AarMa— wasf, sifat, khissiyat [nisbftt k. 

Attrib'ute, va. to impute or ascribe, to— fca^ra gu* bd kdrjya baliydganya k, — {hahrftni, 
Attfi'tion, s. the actof rubbing, grief for ua^gharshan^ pdpgr nimittak khed—ng^f, ghtsifto; 

nadimat [khu8fa4w6ak# 

Attu'ne, i)a. to tune, to make musical— swar bithuhta k. iurMiidAan, sur miMiia— sur nuUii4; 
Avail, vo. to profit, to promote, to WBnOh^idbh k. tdhtijya /c. vpahdr ^.—- k4m&ni, f6idt ' 

k. madad k. 
Available, a. profitable, advantageous, valid— JiiM ddsfak, vpo^rt— fi&idaoiand 
Avant-guard, «• the van or front of an array— «aiAy«r agra doi— &gi]i ki fauj, har&wal 
Avaint'«courier, s. one dispatched to notify the approach of the rest ; a herald— pattkiicA^aiitf, 
' tambdd debar kdran jdfidke agre preran kardjdytdvt-'^^id jo Amad ke khabar deue ke wAete 

dgebbejij&tdhai, elehi/ . . 

Av'arice, s . covetousness, mggardtines8-^{o6.'», kripanatd^\unt Ulach, bukfal 
Avari'cious, a.' covetous, greedy, mean— iai/it, IdUtehi, fertpan— I^achi, bakhil, t&nd, khastt 
Ava'st, ad. jsease, hold, stop— fc/iyasta-koa, niroMtorkao^ «tkaktt-fca9— bas k&ro, bas btt 
Ava'unt, wt. ^ away, begone; word of abhorrence— dt^r-dtir, dnvhae; tuehMidrtMak 

<a6da— ddr ho, gumho; nafrat kl bit 
Au'biirn, ». brpwn of a fine tan colour— ^ftafd bd pdu4u fiarna— gandumrai^, jtaaigdAs bbdrd 
Auc'tion, *. a public sale of goods by bidding— ru7 dm— nll4pi 
Auctioneer, I. th« manager of an auction— nfildmitartd— niUlm k« w. 
Aucujpa'tioft, s. the act of bird-catching— fidWdAaru»i»->chi|iyoiL k& pakarni . 
A«da cioos, a, impudent, daring.'bold, sMCf-^-nitUjfa sir^&oy, Bdhathik^frageUhk^ •MkUkfm 

— gUBtikh, nidar, beb4k, sinazor, b«adab 

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. AaUk'damtm, Avdl'citT. «.xb«MiMts,1mp«4eiiee, n»hmn nirbkajoid, mrlt^jitwrn, dhrkk* 

iatd^^udMti, beadabi, beb&kf 
Andlblo, •. that may Jbi0 dbtiiictly htard— irl *^jf l u noii doiit ke q&bil, baUnd, fiuchi 
Aad'ieBCt, «. [. j«ii^] hearers 4 an mttnltn^^trotdgam ; idkhydt^^nnntw^^ ahl-i-ijiii; 

Att'dft, t. a final account^v/ to take a final accoant, to examine, to tcnitinize — Atth hUhdb 

— tf . ^tMih kishdb k, manojog kariyd dtkkan, mhuandhdn /c'.-^hit&b ki taahih— «. hiaib 1« 

aamaihnfi, tahqiq k. [ne w. hia4b k4 lahih k. w. 

Att^ditor, 8. a hearer, an examiner of accoaats—jfvt^i, hitdlnr tatkjfduth^ biehdr kdri^muK* ' 
An'ditory, «. an aaseaibly of hekren; a pUee where lecmret, &c. are heard— trottf matk^uii ; 

Mpadmh ddibdkya $raban$r i^iMii— sHnoewiUii kl i«m&at; dart ki jagah [wU d. 

Ai^'nge, va. to revenge, to ^uiah—ptatMtmi d, dwi^a bd skdtti «.— badla 1. ibtioim L 
Av'enue, t. an alley or walk between trees leadinc to a ho m e winfi pmth, grilut frabtdidrtAe 

brikk^a dehchhddita path-^n'^iah, ko^bl kl j&ne ki fiyadfir tarak [ifihir k . 

Aver", va, to affirm, loaiteit, to deelare—niiMay hS^ hai^n, mrmkdih Ic.— kaho&, M^rar k. 
Av'erage, |. the mean, or medium of any given quantities— far, hdrdkdri, bar dar—^iMatX 
Aver'meat, 1. establishment by evidence--pradUM dwdrd sanf st&ifipait— gawfihi te tnbnt 
.A vei^nat, s. asort of grape— cIr4IAy4 ^u^iiA;— ek qiam ki ang6r . [duahman, niriz 

Ave'rse, a. contrary to, hating, disinclined-ivatt^ti/, dweshi, mniekchhuk, asaiiimata**mukh4Uf, 
Aver'gioA, s. hatred, dislike, aotipathy— diossA, aniehehki, r^iJiil— doshmani, qtin&b« nafrat 
Ave'rt, va, to tarn aside, to keepoff-— «l fdrtkwa. k, d4r k, tdbdran Ic.— dafa k. d<lr k. bisrakhni 
Auger, I. a carpenter's tool to bore hole with~turp(M», 6/iramar— barmi . / 

Aught, ^ro. [awt] any thing— /tona drabya bd Msibay— kuchh 
Attgme nt, va. to increase, to add, to enlarge — £Klf4iia— barh&n4, ziyida k. 
Augnenta'tion, t. the act of increasing— 6r)ddAi—uy&dati, barhti, aftiish 
Ang'ur, s. a soothsayer or dif iner— v. tq c«aw, to coniecture by sigae— ^eiieJe, Idkh^mn dwdrd 

bht^bUkn^adbiihay buktdr^^.ammmdn k, lakksfmn dm^rd amkbhab ib.— shugdniyi— v. qiyis k. daryift k. 
Aug'ury, s, the foretelling eyents to coiaeby the flight, liseding, &c. of birds— pafc^yi uran it- 

yd4i UkHpan dtodrd bhdbi bishaf fcacA«j|-*-parindoa ki hamkatoa M iinde ke hil ko taimis k. 

lalkuflhii, shugfinsizi [ya,vabitra bd dAdmii^— illshin, wiiimartabat, ilijih, muqaddas 

AugU'st, a.> noble, grand, majgnificeot, holy— moAtflMSnipite, miahat, utahdpratih^nwita, atiimdn- 

An'gust, 8. the eighth month in the year— i'Mrop^tfa battartr asktam mdt, m-thdt Srdbaner theih» 

. nrdka Bhddrer pratkimdrdha—Aikirttl sil ki i(hwiii mahini, yine Siwan ki ikhir idhi 

aur Bhidoa ki pahli idhi, shibio, shab-i-barit 
A'viary, t. a place inclosed to keep birds— pideiyi sikdU— ^hiriyikhitia, qishkhina 
Avid'ity, s. gieedineas, eagerness, anxiousness— ioM» oHihay 4ybdfiJcAy(C— tama, shauq, irzi 
Aul'ic, a. belonging to a roylil court— r^6te^rgri^ sam6aj»dfciya— aiwinl, bidshihi adilat 

himutaalliq [— Frisfsi mip, sawi gax 

Auln, «. (avm) a French measure, an tM^Phrdtuadeih» bjfabakdrjya parimdn Mthtik, taoydgai 
Aont, s. a father's or mother's sister^ also uncle's wiiis— ^ut, mAmi,)€ldi, kAufi, nufmi— phuphC 

kihila» chaohi, momini • . 

Av'ocate, va. to call offer away — kanakdrjifa kaite 4dkiyd /aon— buli le jini 
Avocn'tioo, t, calling away, businesS'that calls — konakdrjya haiu 4dkipdrlQ0fi, havma, kdrjya-^ 

bttlihat, shughl, kim 
AvO'ki^, o. to shun, to escape, to retire— AconaitsAay haiu antar$ bd khydnta^ thdkan, uriyd bd 

ptddiydjdodt§vapdthait$ bduehan,$fdna,antargjdonbdpra$thdn ^t— parhex k. bachna» ek 

taraf jini, ha( jini 
A?otrdttpo is, «. [av<^-dtt-poi«] a weight most commonly in use, containing 16 ounces to the 

pound ; in proportion to a pound Troy, as 17 to li^-atyantafrachalit parimdn iHshe$h tdhdr 

tk paun49 artkdt ardha i9r§-thoia autu kay— ek bi| jo Inglistin mea aksar murawwaj hai. 

lis ke ba mtijib sola autu ek pound, yine idhser kd^ote haio, aur is ki paund, pauni 

Trify se yih nisbat rakhti hai, jaisi chaudah se satiab 
Avola'tion, s. the act of flying away— uftyd j^Son— uijini 

Avouch, va, to assert, to affirm, to justily— t. declaration, evidence— Aco^n, ms^Aay Hipe 
• > kaJkoH, fftamdn d. bd nirdoihatd iihdpan k,^s, prakdthmdn bdkya, pramdn bd sdkhya^' 

kahni, iqrir k. dalil d.— s. izhir, gawihi langikdr Xc.-rzihir k. iorir k. qabul k. 

Avo'w, va, to declare, to assert, to acknowledge— praibaU kariyd kahan, nishckay Htpe kahan, 
Avow'al, t, a positive or open (Mclaration— nu^Aay bd prakdihmdn 6^ya— sif iqrir, izhir 
. Aurelia, «. a term used for the first change of a maggot before it becomes a fly;'chrysalis — kif§r 

pratkam rdp paribartan; g«^pefc<i— kirmak ki pahli taghaiyur lab tak ki makkhi na ho» 
Au'ricle,!. the external ear; two .appendages of the heart covering its two ventricles— ^ner 

pdtd, rhidayer rakt6 kosA— girda, dil ke.khiooa ke parde 
Attiic'ttla, s. a verjr beautiful flower— ati tundar puskpa buhesh—^k bahut khabsfirat phil 
Auric'ular, a. wkhih hearing, told in secret— <ra6an<ddAya, kama goehar, kdn§ kdne bdgopatu 

iealAtiA^suMie ke qibil, gqehzad, kin mea, yineahistagi se kahi gayi 
Auriferous, a. that which produces gold— liMtrrtbtpiidak— soni paidi k. w. zarkhes [subh 

Auro'ra, s. poetically, the morning-r(^4^ byaba^fjya thabdii) arunoday, fratyt2i4— £^r. 
Auro'ra Borea'iis, s, a luminous meteor, frequently visicle in the northern hemisphere,, gene- 
. rally ca^^d nortMm lights— pritAt6ir xittar bhdge dkdthe J9 dl^k madhyt madhy dritbfa 

i«y ; dUd^^kihSkki qatb^i-ehimiU ki Uraf aicsar dikhUi deti hai ^ 


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AlfB (34) 'U^lf 

'Atl'spiiaM> va. to fareshe^ ; to Inttfl t blifliiMl*^r&tjM««UrA<tn h. kdrjya draim^ha Kr.A. 

pahlesejaUd. shurdk. ^ jrhiinAy«t, tqHl 

Au spice, ». an omen ; prbteetion, intfuence-— ^fcfcyon ; dthray hd ftratddfprabhabsAiugnn, ffit^ 
Auspi'cious, a. prosperous, fortunate, favorable, hzppj'^saubhkgyabdn, mangaiddyak, pra^ 

sanna, su^Aa— oekbakht, bakhty4r, sh&dm&n [kar^ 

Auste're, a. severe, rigid, iiardh, stern — k»ihin, Icathor, karka$ht feafs^-sakht, durusht, tund,' 
Auster'it^, i. severity, mortified life, roughness— to/ft»n<tt<i bd ^ktdi, hathwbyabahdfr bd ta. 

pasyd, fraffcaxibttt'a— sakhtf , parhezg&ri, riy&zat,' khu8h6nat 
Aa stral, a, tending to the south— ^(ifcftjrttuCMmu%Ai-~d8k ban kf taraf m&il [asl, s&bit 

Au^thor, f.the fint beginner of a thing ; the writer of a book'^prathamfiramibha kaptd bd m4l 

kartd ; grantha ^rt/i— b&ni, y&aekisiebis kft shard k.w.musannif, y&nekit&b kk banAne^. 
. Aafhor'itatite, a. having %}9X\tonij''--^rtrit^iMhuhi^ 

Authority,'!, legal power, inilaence, rvX^-^by^ihtuthdne^dyi kky^matd, kmrtritwn bd ^nhkunoa^ 

thdsanr^\\9ite ke mutdbiq t&qat, d6b, haktimat f ij&zat d. mub&h k« j&is raldiai 

Au'thorize, va, to givie authority, U> }WiA(y^khmmatd bd atmmati d. jdthdrthaidbhyaita k,-^ 
Auto'cracy, s. independent power-^samyafc ddhtpatyn-^hndhiikimi 
Autocrat, s. absolute ruler— samyafc adkipati — satkbod, hikim-i-mutlaqulinlin 
. Autography, s. an original vni^ng-^nomhdstdkhyair-^khk%9 bith kA likb^ bf\& 
Autom'aton, s. a self-moving raacnine^svajfanir ekaUje kat-'^oi i\A kijo &p se harakat kare 
Autom'atous, a, having the power of self-motion— sw^yaniT c^|an*/iil— kbvdro, Ap so barakat 

k. w. * [mush&hada 

Autop'sjr, s, ocular denimstration— firatofc^^ pran^in-'^u^h k« dekhne se sAbitk. muAywui> 

Avul'sion, s. puHing one thing froin another— e^t drAbya afii|fa haite tdniyd ^otm-^khfocfa I. 

AuxiKiary, a, helpings, aidinrg, ul8Mdng--'tahakdri, upo^ri^-madadgir, muivin 

AuxiVianes, s, troops called upon, iu virtue of a treaty, to asdst another nation, ^e.^-sajidAi 

prajukta bhinna d)^hHh rdjdr sahdkdri saiiijra<— beg&oi fauj jo ahad-o-paim4D kf r6 ■%, 

kumak kc wa^te talab kf jAei kumakl fanj ^ 

Awa'it, wo. to expect, to wait (or-^dsh^ kariyd thdkan, aiw^jraic-^mtintastr r. i^ih d^]|n6 
Awa'ke, v. fo rouse from sleep, to put into new action— a. not sleeping, without sleepi-^/igvuto 

k, wdtan kdtjye pratrttta fc.— «i. anidrita, jmgrat^itt^AhAi bedlir fc. boshyAr k.>~a. jagi h6A» 

bedAr ' ' 

. Awa'rd, 0. to adjttdlge, to assign by sentence^biehdr purb^k ttMr k, biehdrdmaHUtt'jdkdkf 

jdhd arshe tdhdr prati tdhd bidkdii fc.— insdf kl r6 se d. infisAl se d. 
Awa'rd, s, a sentence, a detenbination— 6ieA<fni«iaMar dgfdti^ -bd jtiidMnto— faisala 
Awa're, a. vigilant, apprised before— satarfca, agre a6a^ald— khabanttfi faosbyir, wAqif, 

Awa'y, ad, zX a dHtah'ce ; let us go, b6gone-«<kire> HkdiHdntaii^} ehata dmrd.j4i,jdo, dUr Aawi- 

dtir, taf&wat par; bam chalen, j6o, farq, ho ' 

Awe, i; fear tningled with reverence, dread— ^rocMM bd bhakH p4irbak bhay, &A«y-^dar> dab* 

shat, t&2im, nisib • * , 

Aw'ful, a. striking awe, terrible-^sradd^ ]n<r&i^ bhayjanakf bhayankar — tarsnibir, hauln^ 
Aw' fulness, s, qcrilify of ^riking vHth ttwe-'traddhd pHrbt^ May jantikead. bhaytu^emratd'^ 

haibatnAM, baulnAkl ^ 

Af^ha'pe, va. to strike, to confound-^— efg*^ fc* hmMbttddhi ft.*— aitf,iti4, ghabri d. 4 

Awbi'le, trd. fbr some tlphcit of time^kiehhukdl-^th^xk araaj chand muddat 
Awk'ward, a. clumsy, unhandy, ungracefol --utabkya, apaiu, kadarjya-^wt&fiintqkhil, badsdrat 
Awl, t, a sbarpjnstrument to make holes-^ltirpun 5ttAiMft— sut&ri, darosb 
Awme, s. a Dutcb measure answering to what in England is called a tierce-, or one-seventh •£ 

an Englisb ton—^HaUhda dethiya purimdnbiik^kjdkd Hghnda deiher tidlt^ ndmdhparimdntr 

tulya bd ingrdjiek tuner sdt angiker sk angtfin ^y— nulk-i-Hiiand k& ek paim4Ba» 

mut&biq us paimftne ke ki jts ko InglistAn tneft tirt kahte haiu, jknt ian k&«4tw&]|liisBa 
Awn'tng, s. an^coyeHng to keep olF the heat or wet— c^od^y^^, ehdadni, cMatrif^kimiyintL, 

8&yab^n,t)anigira' * 1 

Awo'ke, the preteritci ftbtti awake^ilwato) ktiydr bhUkdt bdchtk ihabdef^-asoakB kf nVUf 

y&ne jagd [(^hi se, n4hanw«ri sa 

Awry', ad, obKqtiely, asquint, uneven1y-*t0rch4 rdpe, bakra bkdbe^ atekuxin Mtp*— tirchbAi m, 
Axe, s, an instrument used to chop Wood-J>/ci^/ir 64 d rfisfc ■ ■ k ulh<brl, tabar 
Ax'ioiti, s; [ak'shuin] a self-ietidmt proposition or trutb'-^stotttafc tiddhm bdkym^^wal ki aitdA 

sad&qat rakhtl fa^, badffia 
Ax 'is, I. a real or insa^^inary litae which pliflMs directly through the centre ol my thing that 
' TtroUea on it—bdsttir'ihddkyagdfif deekda bdkkkpitarAkA ^dhdr'ttpuntt bMugkwr9,d^ 
kbatt-i-raudyani yi kbaySU kisichlt Ice bleb nes ki jis ke <ipar ctoakhar phirul Mi, dh'^ti, 
Ax'le, A]fle6«e, 1. a shaft oii wbich carriage- wheels inn—gdrir ^Mdr d^^^faakkar ki dhurf 
Ay, or Aye, ad, yes, used to miBirm the tr«ith>^(ftt', W/«— h«a* 4i«^hal#, MhnhMb • 

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ATI 19^) :»A« 

Ayr, a4i dtrtyf, for tver^ p^c^mwe'-^arbadd, mdfi, pm^^r^mnhtL, haaiwftra. udjft. 

Azjm^th, «. the azimuth of the sun or any star, arch b^twofQ the meridian of the pl^ee 
and any given vertical line ; an astiTonQmicaliRLStrumeni— iMrjva ^d nqkliyaira sthalniih' 

• fihayhUri kalpibt ckakra bishah, jyotish gfinandrih4 jfintra bishesJir-'-^ khiyili khatt fiitiroM 
k& ki jis ko darmiy&n tam&m zamin aur ismia ke d&ir £arz k^ejti, aur us ke xarie ae har 
ek ko, do bts»e meu mumia^ini jftnea, alsaoiat; alsamat daryift karoQ kft iW liamiM 

A'ziire> «. l^hure] light orfaiat blue ; sky coloUre4->0/pa nil Ix^rna; dkdsh jbarna-^uilt^ ; 

\ ' -.; ;■> /' . B. ^ ; 

B, ^he second letter in the alphabet^Aom«;i barmimdld/r dmtiydkkyat'-RomtLn faarfif-i- 
_ tahajji ki. dd^rA harf . [mimiy&iii 

Ba'a, VR. to bleat or cry Kke a sbeep>~«nM6 bat rah hd bhyd bhyd ghabda l^-^hheuhhlyAtil, 
'Ba'al, i, a Canaanitish idd^Kdndn deslur prcuimd Hsi^M— but, Ball 
Bab'fole, vri. to, ta)k idly^ tO' tell secratd— avuirt&a^ bdkya byd^ b, guffta biskay prakdth k,-^ 

baknft, rkz bej& z&hir k. fbakki 

Bab'tler, <. an idle talkative person,- a pratt)er-^fia»'tAajt bdkyabddi, 6ar-&aryt(^b9hudagp. 
Babe^Ba'by, s, a yoon^ child— ^u^ciAa p^hya bdlak, shuku-^lsufkA, iiaeheba 
Baboo'n, s, a large species pi' moQ}Ley^^kjqtiya bora bdnar, hanumdn — langfir 
Bac'ca^ed, a. beset vrith pearls, hsriag berries-^muTctdt* khMchiki, 4dtidjHm'-^moiio^ se ma- 

raasa ; dAnad&r ^ 

Baccliana'lian/fl. a drunken riotous perst>n— m^ftd/ — ^matwald, maat [ke shor 

B^c'chaoals, s. drunken riots or revels<-«»i4t4%a'?oZM utsa^^rindoi) ke ghulghule, badnuLston 
Bach'elor, s. an unniarrted man ; one who takes his first degree at the university ; a knight 

• of tbe lowest order — abibdkita jmriish ; jbidydlayer prvithavi upidM frdpta byakti ,• ndif 
tan^ak paddbhiskikta iMfol^Hder madhyB kanitkfha pad jdhdr — ^raujarrad, n&katkhiKi&', 
anby4h&; Inglistin ke madrisoji ke niche dairje ka^ t&Ubulilm^ ttiche darje ki. mumtac 
saw'dr • " _ ■ 

Back, s, the hinder part of a thing— 7xrt«fr^^ pa$9kdt 6/ufg— pith, pusht 

Back, va. to mkinnt a horse ; to* second, to justify, to strengthen^ to miinUkn-'^-priththdrohan 

k. sdhdjya k. pakhyikh. pMiikatd k, sabal h. takhtfdk.-'^vf^i)^, pu^i k, paaravik.* ustuw&r 
j^k.taq^viyatd, ' . [g^aimnilzi k. 

Back'bite, va. to slander an absent pexsoa-^afaH^^/tttf apabid ^. — chuthnlknorf k. ghfbat k. 
BacVbiter^ s* one who slanders secretly-— p<iVa&%(ipaM4<i-rMHiughulkhor, ghaiaaidz, ghlbatgo 
Back'ed, ps. [:] seconded, supported ; mounted— ^sa^ijya prdpta, abaUfkban prdpta ; drurha 

^^push(ik.g. itpdid k. gi eawdr ' 

Baokgam'mon, «. a game with dice and tables — vdshd kkeid — nard, takhta nard 
Backsli'der, 5. an apostate— posftc^'it dige pictMiydparBJe^piohkdyjefdharmaehyttta lok-^ 

piche phisaine V. muAkir, mulhid ' [ke picbf 4(f rasi^a 

Blck'stays, <. ropes which keep the masts from pitching forward — mdttul bdidhd ^ri<*-.mastdl 
Back'sword, <». a sword with one sharp edge — ek dhdr j^kta £/i^y<ir^ekruk hi talw 4f 
Baok'ward, a. unvtrilKng, dull, sluggiish— aia<, «f^i7^— rdgarddn, kashida, sust' [sustl se 

Back'wardly, ad, unwillingly, sluggishly — anichchhd pdrbak, dlasya p4rbak — niSnzimandi $e, 
Ba'oohi *i the 6e<)h of hog, salted and dried — labaudkta shushka-^ thUkar mdn^sha—^^^t ki 

khushk o namkin gosht ' • 
Bad, a. ill, wicked, hurtful, vic^ious, siek-;»m«iMia, dashfa, ahita kdri, huUil,pirita^'AMtd, burl, 

• sharlr, muzir, bim&r ' * . [dwd 
fiad, or Bade, pret. of to bid— [&t(2] Icriyd pader (itita kdl tJl^hak shabda-^bid ki m&zi yiine Aum 
Badge, s. a mark or tok&n of disdaetion— Avnafrts/i/?]/ gydtki^ak bd kd^yastUhak ehinha, 

c4/fpr4«~ni8h<in, aUmat, chapr&s 
Badg'er, i, an animal resembiin^ a haf|> and dog ; a man whp buys and sella coru-^hUkar 

kukkurdkdr jantu hiffiesk ; shosyer phafiyd — ek j&nwar kk nim ki «4ar aur kutte ki mdnind 

hai, sbugtirj ghallafiiirosh t 

Baffle, 'va. to elude, deceive, to coafound— 4>tfartAa k. bhdufdnaf ckhintta bhinna bd landa 

hheaidm, k, 'apragtut k, — rdigin d. z|iya k. fateb d. ghabr4 d, ' fy&ni, lewft, aiin 

Bag, i.'a sack, a purse; an udder— <tei^ii, 6a^il; pash^r'pdMn bd Mtif— thaili, kisa; hami* 
Bagatelle, f^- [..«ei] tLtn^e^^tuekehha bd khyudra UihajfiBf o^Mz . 
^^'p-S^f <• the luggage of an army ; .clothia|, &c. earned on a jouMiey ; a Wjtprthless woman 

— iainyer drabyddi ; path ehalaner drabyddt; ati sdmdnyd stri — lashkar yd safar kA s&m&n ; 

•behayi, f&siqa, f^Wa [beshydlay-^itLmm&m. ; ^asUkh&na 

Bagnio, «. [ban-yo] a -house for warm, bathing ; fapuse of ill fame— uf^no jaier sndndgdr ; 
Bag'pipe, s, aSpotch musical instrument— Sileat^nrf <2esAi^a sdndi frtj^s^— SkfiUand ke mtflK 

WekpWaknekA.bdji • , ' 

Bail, s. sarety given for another's appeafaace-^A^jtr-jannAt— ^h&zirzimini 
Bail, «a. to give bail, to admit to bailr^jimm d. jldmin /loon— z&mini d. zamftnat qobdl k*> 
Ba'ilable, a. tbat*may be 9et at liberty by bail— ^AmiHt laen jogyo— 1^ zdmiiii ke 
Bailiff, >. an officer who puu in force an aurest; aland steward; a magistrate -^<ichA<iftr 

Mkm%» isenpkbdr kate je,, s^i^'an ; jamiwAanr gpmdttd biaht^ ; doMia/fiyofc &iii^esk.^arif* 
<MH kk ithdad&r ; zaminddrf k& muhtamim ; ek qism ki nkar 
Ba'i&wick, s. the iurisdiction of a bailiff— Bfi^tpAer adyi7k4r—'Belif k& iiiqa' 
Bait, I1. a temptation ; a refreshment— c^r bd ip^jajiak biskay ; tktdMi Mr haawvdrtht dhdr 

--*cb4ra, ttta«M,-tana,.l&laok;^»48ht6 . 

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«Ai ( 3« ) - Bitn 

BtfSnv* to bftit tlM hook in ftiigKftir; to teto refMimeiit mi tOounity ; to Mt dogs vpov-^ 

barthiU top d, vatha skrdnti dUrkarandrthe dhdr k. kukkwr neliydd.^chinL nkhak; safat 

men nishti k. KuttoQ ko lnilkArD& 
Biise, t. a coane kind of nappy cXt^h'-motdbmtdt 6»fc«(ft^patt^ 
Bake, v, to harden by fire : to drefle victnaU in an otttk^-agni dwdrd thakta k, tundtant 

piik k,—^ se sakht k. pakinft 
Bal'ance, t. a pair of scales ; the difference of an aeeonnt ; the beatiag part of a watch ; a coo^ 

steHation-^fufcti. tardju ; bduki.kaiphiyat; gharirje amka diwHrd $habda A«y ; twM rrW 

tarlLxd, mfzin; b^f, baq&yi ; gharl kipnrxa jo kba) kha^chalti hai ; bnrj-i-midui 
Bal'ance, v. to counterpoise ; to nuctuate^tar^jit iamdn k. any0r iMt bhdre tulya h. dwidhd 

bd $&ng$hay fe.— pILsanf k, bar&bar k. wasw^ k. 
Balco'ny, s, a small gallerr of wood or stotie on the outside of a honsa hdrdndd-'-hiM. khina 
Bald, a. without hair ; inelegant, unadorned— ilcssfc^iii 6(i fdkpard^ Ujrd ; kadOrjym^ an^irni^ 

fcrite— ganj4, chandU. kal ; badnumli, n&cebi 
Bal'derdash, t. a rude mixture ; confused or illiterate discourse— aftyaioft^ pHrbak mithrita 

drabya ; ahyabasthit 64i(eya— betaur miiio ; beh^Mlagoi [aangdpait 

Bald'ness, <. want of hair ; nakedness-4e«tftAiiMit<i, fdk ; andbritatd, nagnatd-^f^Tii, ^handUi ; 
Bal'dric, s. agirdle»a belt; the zodiac— Ica^ihoadAoii ; rdtkichMkrar-~peii; nnntaqa-aUburdj, 

lagan mandal 
Bale, f. goods packed for carriage ; rai8ery-*ir<^* '^^'^ ; du^fcfta— ga|har, moth ; pare^hini 
Baleful, a. sorrowful, sad, fuUof mischief— d«/(/cfc«gratta, ihokdmoUa^duhkhaddifak, mandakdri 

— paieshin,gharoglQ, badbakht 
Balk, <. [tetMBj disappointment ; a beam or rafter ; a ridge of unploughed land— mr<Cf& ; 

dfkdfd M barogd ; hMimir d(»— yis, niummedi ; shahtlr y& kafi ; banjar tamin kd, qata 
*BaIk, Baulk, v, to disappoint ; miss of— nirdsfc k. ehhdfi^ j<ioii^--mahi6m k. n&nmmed k. 

jn6y68 h. 
Ball, f. any thing round ; a globe : an entertainment of dancing— tertiti4ib*ift drakgm ; 

gold ; writya IcHr^i— gel& ; kiira ; naeh ' 

vBaliad, f. a common or trifiing song— f^nkinyag'dn^-mashdr y&salisgft 
Bal'last, t. weight placed in the bottom of a ship, or any other body^to pceTeot ito orersettia^ 

— 0. tokeepany thing steady— -fd4<£jd<2i«tfctrrdMt64rjany«ti^r taldy dey je konm bJkdri 

fira6ya— V. sthir rfSfcAon— eangui chiz jo jahia w« g. ke taht men sKdhi nibne ke w&ste rakhUi 

haia^v. qiim rakhni ' 
Bal'let, s. a dance— nritya 6ti^fc— naqlime^ nAch 
Ballo'on, «. a lai^e Tessel used in chemistry ; a ball .on the top of a pillar ; a globe made oif 

silk &c. which, being in^ted with gas, rises into the air— Atiia^ kdrjyo byabahdrjyn ihodhan 

pMra ; ttamhker upwevMrmita gold; rethamddiU nirmiia goUkdr bagtu jd^e bdyupurile 

dkdMho u^tf^imiyfi kim ki mustamal bartaa; kalas; reshmi kanre w. g. ki ban! h&f 

gol chix ki jia men thorl hawi bharke uf&te haiu> ghubira 
Barlol, «. a ball or ticket used in giving votes privately— va. to choose by ballot— l(ona kamS 
' iok gthir hairibdr yany gopan$ dpan dpan abhivrdy gjfdnpak guli bd /ipi— va. gopant guli 

bd Ufd dwdM iok gthir k.— qur&, y&ne wuh chu ki jis ke poshida rakhne se logoA ko mu- 

oairar kam& murftd hai— ^im. quri rakhn6 ' 

BaJm, s. the name of a plant— va. to sooth— 4e%ttdra brikhjfm bUhtihr^^fa, upoiham k. mttkir 

Ic.— balsin, b4drangboya — va. narmk. mul&im k. 
Balm'y, a. having the qualities of balm' ; soothing, sweet ; fra<rantr odoriferous— B/im brikhp^ 

guniuki$h^; nutkir' kdrak, mishfk; sufondU— bals&n ki minind; narm k. w. mUhA ; 

Barneary, s. a bathing room, bath— sndn^ff^r-^huslkhina rbals&lft 

Bal'saro, t* an ointment, a sHrub^-pra/ep, ma/am, khyudra brikhya bttheih-^nMrkn-i^tthdn, 
Balsam'ic, a. mitigating, softening, heutng-^paiAam kdrak, tioyl^iya joaok— baladnl, taskin 

d. w. naran k. w. diim d. w. 
Baruster, <. a spiall pillar or column— kkyudfa statnbha» piZp<(— chho(& sitiin yi khambi 
Bal'ustrade, t. a row of small pillars— ^itdra Uambha threni, farddayii— kafahri, ka|hghai4 
Bamboo', f . an Indian cane, or measure— 6<^i«4~bias [bahkAn^, nnighiUata d. Unh d. 

Bamboo'ale, veto trick, deceive, to cheat-^^Ao/cc&ia, ehdturt k. mrabancluind Jk.— ^hulftni. 
Baa, «. a public notice ;a cutse, interdiction— ^AdiAand; Adng^ lUiWkr— ishtih&r ; ULoat, man* 

hdi kS rozmarre men mandi bolte haiu 
Bana'na-tree, i* a kind of plantain— fcod^it Ms^fc— keU Ham^at 

Band, t, a bandage or tie ; a company— 6and^iit ; dal, <amprad<Cy— band, pa^tl ; garob, t&ifa^ 
Baad'a^^, j. a fillet ; a roller lor a wound-p-AoitdAan ; pa^c— band ; paiflf 
Band'boi, s. a thin slight box— 42&Ao/« hdiki lindufc— ek qism ki paui sanduqcha 
Ban'delet, t. in architecture, a flat moulding — frt/— imirat men pafti k\ adrat ki naqsh 
Bandit'ti, s. outlaws, jobbers, plunderers^dXcdii^r dal, dafy«, iM^'«r<i— ^ahtanoB yi ^akaitoa 

ki garoh, lii|ere, aazziq 
3andoWerB, t. small wooden cases, each of them containing powder that is a sufficient chvin 

for amusket— 64r«der 4ihd bd taikddii-.toahdin 
Ban'dy, va, to toss to and fro, to give and take reciprocally ; to contend at a game— e dio e dig- 

phiUn, Idrd chdrd d. adalbtidalk. Mfdto juddka k.— idhar udhar pl^^kni, ipaa own 

mutawitir leni deni ; khel man lapii 
Ban'dy, a. crooked— f. a crooked stick— ftokra-t. &ikta jaa4fi— |er<r-f . terfcidiob 
Ban'dy-leggedi «• [.- j having crooked legs— 4a^ pdd« bMthfm-^k^ipd, kf9si4 

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mx'^st ( 3? ) 1 A » 

BtB», i. iniiBckidf, ruin, pmitm'*^. ^ poitOQ— iqMfeeir, ndA^ ikh-^i biak khd^y^M'^miq^^ 

Ba'nefal, 4. poisonous, hurtfuI—frM^itUcta, apofc/iraA;— zabrdir, muzirr 

Bang, s. a blow, a thttrnp^-v. to beat-^Ini, dtdpar-^' miron— thappar, tamlLiiclia^— v. ^irn6 

BftQ ttfa, va. to^aood or drive to e3dle--<2iir kTiyd d. (Utfcio&irM^a «;-^r k. d. jalAwatan k. 

Bannhment, <araQsportatioii, ei^e^d$ihdntar k. dethtydg—iMwttBin, desnik&U 
Bank, t.tbe side of a river; a Httle hill; a shoal in the sea; a repository whrere money is 

occasionally lodged-^nodir tir $ bkefi' bd pui^ tafiwdrtr ckcf4 ; btntti kd fkaftr ku(i-^ 

daryd k& kiniir%; cbho(4 pah6r; saoi'undar k& char ; sarr&fkhana, bank 
Bank-note or bill, s. a note for money in the bank — m4Ue tthdfita fdkdr ehiti, no^— lot, bank* 

lot ; ytee bank ke rdpaioQ kl t^p 
Banker, s. one who receives money in trust — rokari beniyd bd kufiwdU, podddr — sarrif 
Bank^rupt, s. one who being unable to satisfy hiS' creditors, surrenders his effects- dt u Uy d — ' 

Bank'niptcy, <• the state of a bankrupt — dmliyd ahatthd^^e^kXk 
Ban'ner, s. a military standard or flag— ^nMid^ T^dhd, dAuxrj/i— ^handA, nishio, alam • 
Ban'neret, », a knight created in the field of battle^* hjfokti juddhatihaU naif ndin$ marjyddd 

pmdprdffta A<iy— jo shakhs lafii ke maiden mea niumt&z saw&rou men bharti ho 
^anni^'n, <k a light undress, a morning gown— ^a^r^kM, januC— qarais, kurtft, pair&han 
Ban'nock, «. a loaf or cake of oatmeal-^o^ ndmakjaber ruti bd pcc^ak— chap&tl, phulk4 
Ban'quet, s. a grand entertainment of feasting — 6hq;~ziy&fat, d&wat - [d6r machhlS 

gan'kiele. •. a very small prickly ^sh^kdufdjukta Uwudra matsya bkheth — ek qism ki k&a(4** 
Ban'ter, va, to rally, play upon, ridicule, jeer— kaittuk k. bydnga k, pMrihdt k, bidrub fc.— • 

bausf k. chefnli, maskhara banin4, tba^iii k. 
Bant'iing, s. a very young child, an infant— att <^ofa chheliyd, shhku — bachcha 
Bftp'tism, i. an ordinance by ^ich a penen is initiated into Chrbt's visible church — Khrith' 
Aiytin dharmdbalambandrthak iangMr — ^wub rAsm ki jis se k*i I'sawi mazhab men d&khil 

hot^ hai, istib&gh 
Baptis'ma],a. relatingto l^pixBm-^^rkhtiydadhafmdbalambandr^akmneskdrtambandhiya^ 

istib^gfaf • [Wtrf— istiWigh d. w. 

Bap'txst, Bapti'zer, 8, one who c^m^l^i^^Khrishti^dn jdkarmdhaiambaiur tangaskdr kardy jf 
Bap'tistory, 9. fi tont, or place tor baptizing 9X—je}iala kunde bd je sthdne J^ritkiidn dk(u:md^ 

balambansangaskdr kore— istib^h k& haus y&jagah 
"Bdx", V. to secure, or fasten any thing with a bar; to hinder oroWraot— Avr^Suir dwdrd btiddha 
. k.T(fdh k, bd di^k fc..-4>end^ Jag&ni ; rokni, sadd k. 
Bar, 8. a lon^ piece of wood or iron ; the place aasi^ed for lawyers to. plead, a partition at 

which criminals are placed during trial ; a shallow at the entrance of a harbour ; a hinder- 

ance ; a small room in a tavern— /kiri^tl bd garddi; dddiate ukilder bdddnubdddrtka wirypita 
• tthdn ; bichdr kdleje sthdns do^i kncdigkeddt^r kardy ; nangarbdrir bd mahandy tthita chard 

bddhxpi; pruiibandfudc ; $ardiy$rmaddhe cKhotagkar^\9kjiyi\6ke ki U(hi; adiUatmeu 

waitlloii ke jawab*o*saw&l karne kf jagah aur zertajwizoQ ki jagah ; bandar y6 daryA ke 

muh&oe k^ uthl&o ; a^k&o ; mus&Hrkh&ne k& chhot& kamrfi. 
Barb,-«. a Barbary horne ; a beard; the points which stand backward -in an arrow or fishingf 

book—Bdrbdri duhiya ashwa ; ddfi; tirer bd bafsir btAra pWdE^Barbar ke mulk kk ghofft ; 

d^i ; tfr yfi. macbhli k»k4nte ki. phire htie rnkh 
Barb, va, to furnish horses with armour ; to sh'ave the beard ; to point an arrow^— oiAiiw ke 

sajjita k, ddri khauri k, tirer phalite hul d. — ghore ko saj^iii ; Jiaj^mat k. tir ko kh&rd&r 

ban&ni ' ' ^ " . 

BarVacan, $, a fortiication before the walls of a town, an opening in the wall forguns—^ 

nagarer tammukhastha durga bd buruj^ prdehirer chhidrajdhdr bhitar diyd gold ehd&najdy 

— marhalabandi, y&ae shaharpanfth ke o4har ki gafhf ; rand, y&ne diw^r mcQ bandviq m<irne 

Barba'rian, f. a rude vnciyilized person, a savage, a person without pity— suaMya byakti, 

jan^U lok, chayaff ntrday ^aktt— jangH, wahshi, j&liil, berahm 
Barbar'ic, cr. foreign, rode— -wiinna dethiya^ asabhyOf g'Oiiydr— beg6na, ^awiriS, janglf 
^Baib'arism, <« ignorance, inkumanity ; an uncouth manner of speaking or writing — agydnatd, 

nirdayatd ; ashuddha bd apar bhdihd bd rac^nd— wahsbat; jihUat, berahm ; betanr guftogu 

y6 nawisht 
Barbar'ity, s. inhumanity, cruelty— mrdoyatd, Disft^turaM-^berahmi 
Barb'aroud, a. rude, uncivilized, jgnorant, inhuman, cruel; unacquainted with arts— ifo^r, 

asabhya, miitk^, nirday, ni^thur; shilpi bidydy aw^igu^ — ganw&r6, wahshi, j&hil,berahn)y 
behunar v 

Barb'ed, ]». [.] fnrni9hed with armour ; bearded or jagged with hooks-^tatajjita ; hul bd di^d 

jakta— jaushand^r, khArd&r, ankfidftr 
Arb'el, 5. a large fish; superfluous fleshy knete growing in the mouth of a him^-^-brihat 
t matiya bith^ ; athma mukhamaddhe bardhitq mdngsa MsA^sk— ek qism ki bafi machhli ; 
. ghore ke muQb ki bimdri ki gu(hli 

B^'er« », one whose trade W to shave-^jMt— nAi, haij&m, bArbar [ki, darakht 

Bar'berry-tree.s. the name of a prickly shrub— fcan^afc yuktakkyudm brikhya WskeiA— .yarishk 
Bard,i. apoet-'-Aai^fijUf— «h4ir^bhi| [muflia, dubi&„ s&da 

Bare, «• naked, poor,^ lean* ttaado^n sd" ■ u Umga, €$itditiim^ darkk^a, hrisha, Miithita^-n&ugi, 

Digitized t^ VjOOQIC 

Barefaced, «.[.•] 8kameleM» ittiui<leiitr-«iiMria^«--b«I|airi» 4«ii*4kk 

Ba'rely, ad, nakedly ; openly; rnQteij^ulanga riipe ; andbtita rUpe; ksbal mdirtk^lMjikfUfMgi 

se ', z&hir4 ; sirf, faqat 
Bar'gaia, I. ac!ontractor afreement ; a thing boaght or sold; stip«laitioQ<^dk((fett krikikd 

bikrita drbav ; niyam bd uirbandha^'^d, qaaliqr&r ; khftrid fiuDoVht ; khairidi chiz, beaoii' 

h(ii chiz.; spart * 

Bdir'g^'\n,vn. to make a coatract for the sale or purchaM of 9tkf tkungy^hrmyd^rike bd bif 

kraydrthe chulti fe.—mol lend y& beuchni 
fiarge, $. a larice boat for pleasure or trade^6i|ru ubandrttie bd bdnijydrthM brUuiniumkd, 

bajrd, bhar — sair y& sauddgari ki ba|r^ kithti, baii^ 
Baril'l a, 8. potashes used in , making glass —ics]|ca nirmdnA^the bjfahahdrjyu khydr-^hiAiL 

ban&nek&kh&r ^ [ebofdjahiz 

Bark, s. the rind of a tree j a small slxip^gdMtr ehkdl ; khyudjra jdhdj — daratcbt ki chh^l ; , 
Bark, v» to make a noise li'*%e a dog or wolf, to clamour at ; to strip trees of their h9xk-r-kukkwr 

bd kenduyd bd^her nydy rab k, tarjan. garjan k. gdchher chhdl hhasdna — ^bhauukai ; 

darakhtOQ kl chhdl chhflnd [ghaugUi:. «; 

Bark 'er, s. one that clamours, a snarler-^torjan garjan kdrak, kh$ii^i bytkU^r^hot k. w« , 
3ar'Iey, $. corn used in'making beer-T-ja6— ^au 
Bar'ley-corn, s, a grain of barley, in measurement the third part of an inoh^ci^r dd»d; 

buruler tritiydngsa—JTiu. ki diua ; jau bhar, y&ne inch k& tfsri bissa • 

Barm, s, yeast, us^ to make drink ferment— m^iiyer phend, mit-^hAmit 
Barn, i/a stbrehouse for corn, ^c.-^old jr^r— khirmao, amb&r, khaliy&n« Jbhusela ' 
Barn acle,'«. a kin^ of shell-fish which adheres to wood, &c. in the water; a bird like c 

goose ; ao iron instruBAent to hold a horse by the nose during an operation of farriery--t 

sdmuk bd gutrli hisAesk jdhdjala madhye kdshphdditeUgiud tluike ; hangiir ny4y f^ikhi bitkuh; 

ashioer ndsiki dkramandrthe lauhdr djikrd MfA^s^—sy^lapoki yine nim ma^hhU k^ ki p&a( 

men lakfi w. g. par lagtihai; hi^s ^e mushibih ek cbifiyi; ek lobe k&lil^kijUwimt 

ghore k& iUj karte haiu, to us ila se gliore ke natbnea pakarte haia 
Barom'eter, s. an instrument to measure the weight of, and variations in, the atmpspl^ere, in 

order chiefly to determine the change of the weather-^64y<ir gurutwa bd LfightUw gydupnk 

jantra btshesh—ek &U ki jis se wazo aur taghir o tabdil hawi k&, aur p4nf barasne y6. aa 

barasne ki h&l mildm karte haiu w« 

Baromet'riaal, a. relating to a barometer— M^ur gurutwa laghutwa gydMpakjantra sambandkiy^ 

— hawi ke wazn daryift karne ke ile se }0 oisbat rakhta hai 
Bar'on, «. a rank in nobility next to a viscount; two ^sirloins of beef— Jng^an^ dfish^.ViQau^t 

ndmak stimbhram suchak upadhir parje upddhii. utJuiy pdnhwiya pai^or tuddka ginnd^S^-^ 

Inglistin ke khitibdarou ki daqa jo Vaikauot kc darje ke bid hai ; g^i k« do&Oft puuhoft 

ki^osht • ^ 

Bar',oness,.<. a baron's lady — Biran ndmak upadhi buhUhla hyutw serir<^Baron kC jord 
Bai;'oQet, s. the lowest title that is hereditary, qext in rank to a baron-" fn^^oA^a duM le^ 

sakal sambkram sihhak upddhiU putrddir adhikdr ht^ tdhdr sarba kaniihlha updAhfj artkdt 

Bdran ndaiakupddhir parje npadki — Inglistin ke maurilsi khitibdicoi^ ki nichi darjajo 

Baron ke darje ke bid hai 
Bar'ooy, i. the lordship whence a baron derives his title— 70 adhikdrer ndn Bdra^ pad<utk0 

byaktir upddhi hay —^uk maqim kijis ke ni.n par Barou mukhitab hota hai 
Bar'oscope, «. [...J an instrument to shew the weight ol the atmasphere— 64iyur gurutwa 

gjfdapak jantra disAtff^'— hawi ke wazn daryift karne ki ili, yine baromitajr [pau4 

Bar racau, 5. a strong thic<; kind of camlet — ekprakdr motd bandtr^&k qism ki (QQfi'^iaa^t 
Bar'rack, $. a building to quarter soldiers m—sainya sM^^sipihikhina, birak 
Bar'ri^tor, s. au encourager of law-suits; a wtdLagler-^makaddamdU auttukkya j^nmdy je $ 
' kalahakdri—dkwoji ki tacghib d. w, bahs k. w. jhagfild u 

^Barratry, J. foul practice in law; a fraud committed by seamen on merchants' goods-^ma- 

kaddami bUhaye ckhdl bd prabanchand ; bdnijya kdri laker drabya bishayejdhd^i iok katrik 

konaprabancltandi—SidiUl ki fareb ; saudigari mil ki jo mallih log ghnbaa karte haia 
Barrel, s. a round wooden vessel ; the hollow tube of a gun ; a cylinder— ptfKi ; baiiMifir 

chuun'i', ntf/t-rrpipi; .banduq ki nil; nail . ., 

Bir r^'fi, ii, uii fruitful J not prolific, sterile* linmeaum^, uninventiye» ^VLW-^-apkald, r4li4^> 

handkjjd, marutawirthak, ttprakhar,ni»te}f medd — sJior, kalian, biajh,bemini,kam»ihn,au6t 
EarVt^Dites?, if. stGi-tjity^ wEiQt uf m¥GD.iiQD,—aphfiiak(itii}a.,bandhydtwa,bu,d&iraprakhwai4' — 

shoriyal; biujiipan^ kinuizilmi 
Barricade, va, to^a^iLT^ a plice^ to fortify— -pat j^^fg^rafidi k, gar-handi .fc.'— »kdcbabaudC k> 

qaUba^dl k. if k. 
Barrieade, Barrica'do, t. a forliliciiboii^aD ob^tructioQ^ a bar to prevent admittance— igaf6aAi^ 

aht^r&dh, (i^flft— golabftodii if, 6ftdd - ^ ^ 

Bar rler, t. [.r^-wrt a boundary /a rli^ftjnc/^^ a bar Iq. mark the limits of a place-^^Mua, bejrd, 

riiafc, jiipiMU(irt4i«Aa^dartiadd» ^4F, pan&h, haddbandi 
Bar'rist<jr, a. a pkader at tlie bar. an advocate— (idfiiaie kdhdru pakhyn,k<iiydhdddmbddkarii 

j«, dddUter ufei^— adftlat ki wakil 
Biu^'row, s. a J^mtill hand i:,irriaie lo convey fruit, herlii, &c. ; a small mound of eartli uoder 

which boiliea wtire aneiccitJy deposited ^ a hQg^Jidtgdri\artkdt,ckhotagdriJ4kdlMterdwdrd* 

cAdldnajai/; }irdehinkdiiyAi kaburlhipi ; shukar — atimi ke khiachDe kl cbbotifjirl; auU^ 

ki UkjiE ko qadimi bg qabr kt j^gah banAte the i iuar . ^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

" MMWL (89) lAT 

Bt^lter^ i»«. to^ivi ny thmg ii eaeiitfBge-- ^M<|piprtftf<Cii hi m^d It.^fnubidiU IT. 
: jta/l^, r. tb« ibcfe or pmctk^ of XttSLfi^Jig-^^dnfrud^ 64 m4^HI-^iniib4daTa 

Base, s. the foundation of any thing ; a rustic play—mt^, ^t»rii ; tk frmktir diAshdfiyd kJkeU^ 

btany&d : ek g&wiurl khel 
BaM, a^ n\e, mean, low ; metal below t)i« stiBdard'; in music, deep, crate—h^ya, ^intyaj* 

adA«ii»; /cAaVt biihUhfa bd khoafd ; fur bitkafe gamhhir — p^i, kamfna, d6n ; khoa(& ; ilm-i- 

mueiki meo bhftrl kmix, y&ne bam / [kaminagf ; kamasAlat 

Baee'ness, s. vilenesa, meanness ; bastardy— adAcmoftMi, niehattoa ; jdrjatwa — pAjlpata, 

BaihaV} 8. a Turkish viceroy ; a proud imperious person— Furfc deshiya rdjdr pratinidM ; 

garhbita lok — ^p&sh&h, y&ne R6ro ke sulUn ki s^ibadiir ; roaghrur shakhs 
Bashful, a. wanting confidence* biodest, ibantefaced — Idjuk, mufc^fcor/i— sharmgfn, bay&d^ 
Ba'sit, ^« the name of a plant; the edge of a joiner's tool ; a kind of leather—fc^ta tuUsi bd 

' bdbul', ehkutdrei( tutr^ dhdr; eharma biihtth-^ktiH tulsf ; barbl ke hatkiydr kf dh&r; 

ek ^ism kd cham? & 
Ba'si 1, va, to grind the edfe of a tool*-Mtrf $dn d.--hathiyir ko s&o d. 
Basil'icoli, t. a kind of ointment— pra^Niui)ladA bd malam iiifuth—iep kf ek qism ' 
Btt'iliak, s. a kind of serpent, a cockatrice, said to kill by lookinc ; a piece of ordnance — sarpa 

bithethjdAdrdrisAtipdtt frdntr ndsh hmy, ei Hn lak€ kahiyd tkdiu ; hdmdn ftiiJ^esA— ek qism ki 

^fip jis ko kahte haift ki dekhne so m&r dalti hai ; top ki ek qism 
Basin, Ba'son, <. a small vessel to hold water ; a dock where ships maV float in safety : a small 

pond— 6^/i, bapind ', jdkd^ gudi ; kkyud%a ptwAfcdi^ni— bdsan, oartan; kund ki jah&u 

j^£z hif&taf se thahar sakt& hai -, chhot> tii&b 
Ba'sb, s. foundation, suppdrt— ^orrf, mi!^— buny&d, jay [khAn&, tdpni 

Bask, V, to be in the heat of the sun, or fire^-a^ pehdna bd' raudra tdp teon bd t«tai»--dn4p 
Bas'ket, s. a vessel made of twigs or rushes— ^Atin, ekupri, ^dM-<-tokri, tokr( 
BiMs, s. mauing, a. (ba$e) intnusic, grave, deep— mfSduV, oriti— «. (mrbitkaye) gamtkfr bd 

khdri'-^bonf^y eha^&i— a. ilm^i-tndsiql men gambhir y& bb&ri imUt, bam 
Bas'set, s. a game at cards— (a« kheld btfhBth^i&» kf ek b&si 
Baasoo'n^ s. a musical wind instrnmeBt-^sdiuii 6ts^A—- ek taur kf sbahnAf 
Bass-relie'f, or Basso-relievo, 9, sculpture, the figtlres of which do not stanc) out from the 

ground in their fiill - proportion— ]NitAiif4dtM khodd m^irti jdhdr anga takai sumpdrna rnp$ 

uehchdL nd ^y— wuh sangtar&shf ki jis ki shakloQ kk ek rukh m61i!km ho [uzzini 

BaaTtard, 1. 1 cbild bom out ef W«dlock^<fra;A tatttrtn, ftt^oAmd— har^mzAda, har^mf, walad- 
Bas'tardize, v. to declare a child illegitimate : to beget a bastard— ibona hy^U^ jdraja niihchay 

h. jdraja mitdnotj^annii fc.— kisi ke hartimi thihrind ; harimi ko paidi k. 
Baste, va. to beat with a stick : to drip butte»: to sew slightly— 4 Acn;4na ; filpa alpa kariyd 

^hrittUtia k, bora bara i6iik kkriyd theUi ik.— iakr^ >« mftrn& ; chdpapiA ; halki sil&f k. 
Baa'tile,* s. £.tceO formerly a state prkoo ia France ; it i»now destroyed— PAratita de$her $k 

pradhnn kdrdgdr^r ndm, ekkyoM tdkd tuii— ek qaidkhftna FHisfs ke mulk kli ki jis men 

badsfadhi qusurw&r rahte the, aur ab munhadim hai 
^stma'de, Bastinfa'do, imi. to^pusish ^ person by striking the soles of his feet with atmdge)^ 

pder taidy k^vf dwdrdprahdr karata shdsti d.— taluoa men lakri^n mArke sazA d. 
Bas'tioD^ 8, a large mass of earth standing from a rampart ; a bulwark, a fortress— intir<;A<i8andj ; 

gaf, dur^^r— turj ; damdama, qala fsarangi 

Bass*viol, «. [base] a fiddle for the base— ^«m6A»r bd khdd turjuktasdrinddbd 6«yrfW--bamdlr 
Bat, 8, a flattened club to strike a ball with ; an animal resembling a mouse, which flies with 

membranes distended like wii^— gofefimfrtdar ciW]»^(i <4|ik« ; thdmtehikd, 64rfftfir^chaug(ln: 

ishamgidar, khaffish, shablMra [7od ko pakarna 

Batrfowling, 8. bird-catching \^ the nigbt tlifte-'r^H kdU ^akkj^ dhatan^-^^l roeu yk\ se chiri- 
Batch, 5. a quantity of any thmg, baked at one time ; any quantity made at once— «iiealf« hd Je 

konadrabya 8am{ih ek bdrepahoa hay bd 9k bdre nirmita Aay-^hfsea eks&th pakhfyA 

banf hdl [qfmat ko kam k. 

Bate, V. to lessen, to rctmh^to lower a priee— My^ k, ttydt k, mulyanytin Je«--«hatdn&, chorn&» 
Bath, s. a place to buhe m; a lUeasure^wwiAajr'ir ; yr^mdn ^wA«sA— hammam, ghuslkhftna, 

saq^^ ; ok ptim&na [ghusl k. htaimdm k. bhigon&, narm k. 

Bathe,, va.. to wash ia a bath ; to soak,/ to soften— tn^fn. k, dhaiU k, bk^jdnaynaram /e.— Bab6n6» 
Ba'tbcs, Si m Oretitterm liteiuUy meaniag depth, satirieally uWd to express the reverse of sub- 
limity in style— eia6da Grik bhd8d haite di8e, 9kdr prhkritd mrtha gabkiratd, kintt^ bydiga 

kMbebdkya rufiktcnd hi8hay8 idmbhit^iyer btpatii 6ttiyMy— Ytinini lafz ki jis ki asl m&ni hai 

niehdi aur naam y& nasar kf buri ib&rat par haoiif se yih nAm rakbte baiQ 
Bat'let, s. a square wooden instrument used for beiting linen-^&^r huudi katMr mudgar^ 
^ kundigaf kH mugdar 
Batoo'n, s. a staff or tlvth; a truncheon borne by a marshal in an army— ^n^a bd lagUr; 

8enddhydkkyer pad tkinha wAehak d8d /<ijM— cbob» isi ; fauj ke fndr8M, J^m baTe sard&r ke 

nhde ki chob 
Baitaria, ^. l^tak-ya} the osder of battle— fan^grrfiiKfrtlU 8mny8i 8hrnH, ^<2^— eaffirif 
Battafioo; «. [. .Vuh] a body ef foot soldiers, in number fh>m 600 to 000 men ; a division of an 

wimj^padMik8ainytr^kdaljdhdU pdjkch that abadhi dt 8hdt varjydnta thdke ; pattan-^ 

sip^hfofl kk giLToh p4ach sau se Ath baa tak ; pal(an ; fhoj ki ek mssa [miqdl^r 

Bit'ten, «raiWirrdwb«tod j a scantling— <i(|iapra»l*o takid^bdid, cfcfcr— kamwt takhta ; andftaa, 
BlS^tia,if.tli^ falter, ti fertilize ; to grow, ht^pushia k, urbard k, mojd *.— lAot* k. khet ko 
. UTkhea;k.matAb.j. 

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•BAT ( 40 ) . :-BKA 

Bit'ter, s. a mixture of Bour^ eggsi^roilk, &c.~^. 1o bctt^bett Aowa-^^nunftki, o -4imba, p d«^- 

dhMi mwit drabya-^. mdr-an, dghdt dwdrd bkdngi^ pk$ian^&^, atid&i d6dh W, g. ki miUo 

-^v. m&r&&» dh6D&, giri d. • 

Bat'teriag-ram/s. a military engine, formerly usod to batter down walls, haviiig a head re- 

aembling a ram't-^m««Aer mOitaker nydy agra buhUkfa $k hiljdhd de^dl bhdngibdrnimitta- 
' piirba kdliii juddke byabah4rjya ckhila»dlumki fc«/— ek jangi • £l& ki jis k6 sira raendbe ke 

sir ki tarafa hot& tba aur us se aibiq ke log lar'&i meu diw&r gir&te the 
Bat'tery, «. raised work oa which canaons are mounted ; ialaw, a violent assault— ucfccJa 

krita sthdnjdhdr upar hdmin chardiyd rdiduijdyf murckd; atishay dghdt — ^morcha, dawdft* 

ma ; m^rpit 
Battle^ s. a fight between fleets or armies^widAa, ram — ^lafii, jang 

Bat' tie-array, s. a form or order of battle — by4ha purbak sthiti bdjuddka <Arifikftaia— safilr&f 
Bat^tleaxe, s, a weai>on like an axe ; a bi\i-r)wtdhdstra ; kuthdr^ fanj^i— tabar, tab^nfn 
Bat'tledeor,s. a flat instrument used to strike shuttlecocks with~6^atu£ kkeniu byabakdrjy€~ 

daiida 6is^s^— chaug^n ki tar^h chiz ki jia se pard&r geod u^ate haia 
Bat'dement, s. a wall indented on the top of buudings*^^tAej' upart gratkUa khd^j kd^d 

prdcfctr— fasil, tirbandi, kang6ra [P*^ - 

Baube'e, s. in Scotland a half pbnnjSkatlanda de$ktr paytd bi$k$th — Skailand ke mutk k6 
Bav'in, s, a bundle of small wood, a faggot-4ni<er<(<f— lakfioQ k6 gatih& 
Bau'ble, s. a trifle, a trinket, a plaything^tucAcA^ middrthay idmdny'a hishay, alpa mui^ak 
. bd phangmdni drabua, fc^Zan<(~-adhn4 chiz, halka gahni* khilauni 
Bawl, V, to spe9.k loua, to call out, cry oni-^hea^kiyd balan^ ckBuchiyd ddkan, ehitkdr skabda km 

•— zor se boln&, pukarn&,chiiUn6 ' ' 

Baw'rel, s. a kind of hdyrk-^hyen pakhpi bi$heth-^ek qism kd biz 
Bay, i. an opening into the land wheie the water is shut in on all sides except at the entrance; 

a tree— a. ohesnut colour— Mmudrcr ghoi, arthdt tamiidrtrje angskw ek mukh hhinnatahU 

dig banda ; ddrchiui jdtiya brikya btthesh-^, katd bd pdikUdrang juiBto— fiamundar ki ek 

hissa ki jis ke do yd tin taraf zamin. hai, kol, kbahj ; darakht ki ek qism— «. kumait 
Bay, ^^. to bark as a dog ; to surround— ^ukitur bat rab k, beshtan k, — biiaunknd ; gherni y4 

gird k. , . . [^laban — pdngd naniak 

Bay^alt, s. salt made from sea water exposed to the san, so named from, its colour •^-<atiMUa& 
Bay onet, s. a dagger fixed to a musket— «an?{/i—4angia [yd sihr4 

Bays, ». an honorary crown or gaVland— mirjya<i4rtAafc mukat bd ptukpahdr-^saatu&zi kd Vfj 
Bizaar, s. constant market; a covered market place— 6ajar—bdzdr 
Bderiium,$. [del-yum] an aromatic gum— g'u^g-u^ — gdgal, maql 
'Be, vn. to h^ve existence, to exist— ^aon, t^^a— bond, rahnd 

Beach, <. the sea shore, th& strand, the coast— Mmtectra tir, kill, ta^^^amandar kdkitidra,8dhil 
Be aeon, s. an eminence where signs are made— ucAj/m sthdnjekhdn haite sanket dwird kona 

biihay jdudna jd/y — bulaild jagah jahda se pattoa ke sdth kbabar dele haia 
. Bead, s. a small ball, with which necklaces are made— maiar guffkd — mdid kd ddna 
Be'adle, s. an inferior officer in a parish, university, or trading company— in^ian^/dMAtfrfi^ 

profcar pey<Cd<i— sarhang, piydda [ke shikdr kd chhotd kuttd 

Be'agle,.<. a small hound to hunt hares —khargoth thikdri khfudra kujkhtr bisheih — khargoek 
Beak, <.,the bill of a bird ; a promontory— a^ucAu, gamudrer <eain— chonch, minqdr, pahdV ki 

chonti . [pfydla 

Beak'er, s. a cop with a spout formed like thebeakofabiitl— ^^j|to|f4^<i }>an|Mftra— (hoa(biddr 
Beam, t. the principal piece of timber which supports a building ; the balance of a pair of 

scales ; a ray of light ; the pole of a chariot ; the horn of a stag— ^ri^^i^ ; ddnri ; kiTan \ 

gdrir sammukh danda bd • b<m ; tnrtgomnga— shahtir^ gold ; tacdzu ki 4aiid[i \ kirn, shag, 

paVtau ; gari kd jnd ; hiran kd sing ^ 

Befim, vn, to emit rays oi beams— /ciran nwgaXa fe.— partaa ddlnd 
,Beao, f. a well-known kind of pulse— &ar6a/i MxAesfc, sAim— lobiyd, sem 
Bear, ^. a rough^savage animal ; a rude unpolished man ; the name of two constellations, called > 

the greater and less bear ; in the tail of the less bear is the p(^e star— 6Wi6^ ; atabh^a byakti ; 

dui i^akhyatra ganer nam, arthdt Aer nam brihat bhallwc' dreker nam khyudra bhaU/Hkt ai 
, khfftidra ohalliVcer antim f^gi dhrubatdrdr Hhdn — ^richh, bhdl, khirs ', do sitdcoa ki jamdat 

ke nam, ydne dubb-i-akbar, bard richh, auc dttbb-i*asghar, cfaotd richh, aur dabb-i-asghar ke 

dumbdle meu shimdl kd qutabtdrd haj 
Bear, v, to carry a load, to support, to keep from falling ; to endure ; topress; to be fruitful— 

bahan, bhdr grahan k, dhdran k, sajhya k, chdpiyd dharan ; phala banta a. utpatti ffd pratab k, ' 

•^le jdnd, barddsht k. na giroe d. tabammul k* zor d. phalndf jannd 
Beard, s. hair which grows on the chin and lips ; the barb of an arrow or hook— ddfi, g«i|p ; 

tirw bd bartirjkakdna fcui-^drhl.-iish ; fir yd kdafe ki phiri hdi nok 
Beard'less, a. having no beard ; youthful— gvsp bdddri hin, mdkundd ; alpa ^yosd— beriaha* 

amrdd, gabhru ; jawan ' [kabdr 

Bearer, s. a carrier of any thing, a supporter— AiOoA:, kdkdf, dUrakr-hdmil, hammdl, mopyd, 
Bear'f^arden, s. any place of tumult— g-okKiZer ttftan— richh lardne ki jagah, shor ki jaaah 
Bear'ing, s. the situation of any place, both .as to distance and direction— #k itiidntr saait anya 

sthdntr dik o diirttt^a biskay^ tambandha 6ka&— nikb, taraf, simt 
Beast, s. ad irrational aaimai -, a brutal man— poJ^u; miirh bd nirday ^o^— haiwdn, jdnwar* 

dawdb, pasu ; haiwdn ddmi rwdnsd, ganda, ndpdk: 

Be'asUy,^. brutish, nasty, iilthy, obscene— pasdutet, nongrd, aparisSfdr, ghrindrhtk^-kH'- 

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»«A- ( 4i ) SSF 

hat, v. to strike ; to oonqver ; to Ihro b Ht n ir aw , ptpm ; jov. k. dhuk ikuhfc-^Mmi, pftni ; 

Beatific, Beatifical, a. biissful, makiag happy or blessed, beioogiof tothe happy— paramtuXc^ 

ddyak, ttMir^fya^farhatbakhsh, fihatrafz&, bihishtf [ ki madAkhalat 

Beatifica'tioii, s. adOHSsioa to heayeoly honors— twar^yaloksr madkye ^ahan ^ron— bihlsht 
Beatify, «• to Mess with celestial enjoy tMnt-'''Swargabhog prdpta ^ear(ln«c---bihisht mea dikfail k. 
Beating, i. striking repeatedly— mrirt. pr«*ir— mirpit, zad-o-kob 

Beat'itiide; s. blessedaeis, happiness, feHcity— param julSAa^bihisht kf khusfaf, bafi ashrat 
Beau, t'[oo] a fop^, a man 6r dTas^kiilbdbu, khot^oshdki byakti^^6.nk^, wazad&r 
Beaumo'nde, •. [bo-mond} the fashionable world— Miu lok bd khothposhaki lok ta^al— jo log 

ki apnl waza awim se kh^ J&nte hain, khushposh&k khodirft nafts log 
Be'aver, s. an animal, otherwise named the castor, amphibious, and remarkable for his art in 

building his hi^tation'; a hat made of its for ; the part of a helmet which covers the face«> 

udbirdl bishe^, ih4r ek n&mkestar., ejuntukak^emajaUkakkana sthale ihdke.dr dpfindr 

thakibdr t^har ati dshcharjya Hipe nirmdn kar$ ; bibarer loms nirmita fupi ; ioparer sammUkh 

^—ek^&nwar ddbifib Id sdmt k6, ki jo kabM tari menmnr kabhf khnshkimea rahlA hai, aur 
. apne ghar ke banfoe ke hunar men mashhiir hai, anr us ko eattor bhi kahte haiu; topf ki jo> 

bwar ke post kf b^tl hai ; khod ki jhilmil ' [sdrat, pAkiza, hasf n 

Beau'teous, [^-^n&s-tis] Beau'tiful, a. fair., elegant, loTely-*nM^', twidart manoAar— khdb- 
Beau'tifuliy, ad. in a beautifut manner'— sundarH^M — hasinl sfr, aOhchhi tarah se 
Bean'tify, va, to adorn, to embellish— f/mb/^tta fc. alankdr bi$hishta k, — iriM^ k. zeb d. 
Bean'ty, s. that asseniblage of graces which pleases the eye ; a beaufif ol person — saundarjya, 

thobkd, shri ; shrijukta 6yofcti-"khnbi, khdbsdrati, naaJikat; khdbsirat shakhs, parizAd 
Becafi'co, s. a small bird, the fig-eater—ttfumbar khddak paMiyi bUhesk—ek qism k& chhof& 

chiiiyA, anjfrkhwir [HhAzA, kydnkar, kydnki 

Beca use, c. that i«, by cause, for this reason— «wnan«, jehetUy kdra^ — zlrl ki, is- waste, is liye, 
Beca'lm, va, to still, to quiet the mind— ^^ rdhit k. nirbdt k. tutthir fc.— ta^kin d. 
Beca'me, the preterite of 6seoin«-^become dhdtur atita kdj^ bdehak pad, haila arthdt-- become k& 

DAd, y£ne ho j^ayi 
Beck, s. a sign with the hand o^* head— tng-if, thdr, itdrd — imA, ishAra 
Beek'on, vn, to make a sign without words — ingit k, Udrd fc.— $m& k. ish&ra k. 
Beeo'me, v. to be fit, to be suitable to the person ; to enter into some Bt&tt-^upajukta A. shobhd 

pdoa bd ffidndna ; kona abasthd prdpta h. — muAfiq h. jism ke lAtq h. kuch hoj^n£ 
Becom'ing, a.jiuitabl^o, ^rvsoSnil'-^pajukta, gundar, shobfi4jaMk—\(iiq, shiyista, khusbnumA 
Becom'ingness, s. saimbleness, propriety — upajuktatd, shobhd bishishfatwa, smti/idarjya — liyiqat, 

sh&yietagl, khushnum&f , 

Bed, J. a place to sleep on ; a division in a garden in which seeds are sown ; the channel of 

a river *, a stratum— ffcajwi ; bd^dnerje je tthdne biy baoan kard jdy, bd bdgdner ek ek keydri; 

nadir sroter path ; ta5aw-»bichhaun&, bistar ; kiyiri, cnaman, khiy&bfin ; tah-i-daryd ; tabqa, 

parat * * ' 

Bod'^, va, to {>ut to or into* bed, to sleep ; plant in earth-^s^^^i^ata ki shayan k, kiritHkdt4 

ropan fe,— bichhaune par Iit&n&, son& ; bon&, zan^in men lag&nA 
Bedab'ble,* va. to besprinkle,' to weX-^hhifdna, Mijrfmi— chhite d. bfaigOnA 
Bedar gle, Bedrag'gle, va, to trail in thtdiri-^kdddy lotdna 6(1 g^3«rdna—kf char meu ghisI&nC 
Beda wb, fa. to daw b; to^ besmear— <span, mdkhan — dldda k . lepnd 

Bed'ding, s, the materials belonging to a hed^ihajydr bdstrddi drabya — bichhaune ke lawAzim 
BedeCck, va, to deck, to adorn, to embellish — bhushita k, sdjdna, alankdr bishila 1;.— sajdai. 

AiAish d. 
Bade V, va, to moisten gently as with dew— sAis^tVrlX^tf fc. alpa ftAtjtina— namnik k. tar4t. 
Bede-houee, t. an hospital or alms-house— cM/cttsd/ay bd d4n6dn— ehifAkhAna,,khairAtkh&na 
Bed'lam, s. an hoM>ital for lunatics— p^i^a^ chikitsdtaj^^ pd^'idgeirad— majnnoou kA shifd- 

khina, pdgalkhtna 
Bed'lamite, s. a madman or noisy person— p^;a2, khyepd — dlw&na, majnun, shorldahAl 
Bed'rid, a, confined to the bed by violent sickness or extreme old age— ptrd bd bdrdhakya^ 

prdpta thajydgctta — zaf f yd bf mar jo bistar se ha ufh sake/ s4hib-i-far6sh 
Bed'stead, s, the frame wbich supports a bed — khatta» vdlanga — palang, chdrpAi, kh&t 
Bee, s. an insect which produces honey— modfttt makhyikd, d/tramar— maumakkhi, shahd kS 

makkhi^ nahl 
Beech,s. the name of a large tree— M^a jdtt^^o brikAya bufeecJi— ek qism k& darakht 
Beeeh'en, a. coasistiog of the wood-of beech — bhitrjakdthtker^bich darakht ki lakrl kA , 
Beef, s. thefiesh of an ox, bull, or cow^^omdngso— gde yi sdnd yA khassf bail kA gosht 
Beefeater, s, a yeoman of the guard— ^^omdngsa bliakhyak ; ehaukir adhyakhya 6i<^s&— gAe ke 

gosht kA khAAe w. IngKstAn ke bAdshAh ki khAss chauki kA sipAhf 
Beer, «. a liquor made of malt and -hops— anhuntajabaia mod^^o— bosA, yAna.ek qism ki sharAb ' 
Beet, $, the name of a garden plant— pdiang sMfc— chuqandar 
Bee'tle, s. an insect; a large heavy mallet— gttfrurtpefcd; fen7iatmudir«'^»wbraunda, gubrlla ; 

bafA bhArl mogrA 
Bee^, r. bladkcalOe^ oztn— go-ddi jantur pdi— gbrd, mawAshi 
Befa'U, vn, to happen, to come to pass— gAo^on, upatthit Aaon— ndzil h. wAqi h. parnA 
Befi'% DO. to be 8inlil>le to. to become— tipajufcta h, fcftdfafi'->'mawAfiq h, munAsib b. 
Before, or. further, onward, not behind, in the presence of; prior to, sooner— a^vs, tammulfh^t- 

tmakny i prtttiumg, p^r^e^Age, ^eshtar, sAmne ; pahlo, mAqabl . ^ 


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B^o'rahtBd» «i. befor* ii Alius, ^nw of pUc^-^prtkam^y pfSMi, ^fM'-ptlklei ^sbtsr, tf^t 
Befo'ul. va. to soil, to dirty, to make foul^pam^ir k. mayUi it.— hMuM ii. fNilid k* nftpu k. 
Befrie'nd, va. ta f&voui, t»be kind t»— aaukul fc. nkiyutd k. WMgr^ka ilc.-^Mt^ri k. sul^k. 
mihrbftnik. [ch&hn4, ftn6 k. 

Beg", «. to ask aim?, entrest, petitton-^&ifcfcy<i k, jdckingd k, pt4rtkatidjk,'^bhikh m&tlg<^ 
Bege''t, va. to generate, to produce— janmrfnls, ulpanna fe.^patda k. tawalmd k. mavi?alitd k« 
Beg gar. «. one who lives by begging— 4ft»*fcwttt-^gadA,^fcuiir, bbikhiri 

^eg'garly, a. in want/ stingy— «(i. mean\y-- mrutra, krifan-^ad, nikHMhfia riip» — ^mafiis/ kangil, 
I bakhll--«M{. p6ji tarah se 

Beg'oary, s. great want, iadig«Bce, porerty— «^aru2rae<S, iiatn|fald-^enaidt{, faqirC, mvflisf 
Begi' n, v. to enter upctn, to commence^pfaftorta iL ^{rfanMk fe. 54'A.— thurft k. ibtid&k. 
Beginning, •* the first original or cause, the first part, the rudiments or fimt ground$-*4it 

^mbha, prmharMingfha, mdl, s^ra-HbtidA, &gh4z, shurfi, sabab, jat", bnnyid 
BegiVd, va.. to gird, bind round, shut up->-4»t^^n k, kamoar bethian fe. paf^artfiw, baddka ft.i- 

kamr b^adhoi, UpetnA, band k. 
Begone, int. get away! go hence !-Mit2r fcaa, ehaUydjdih-d&r ho, chale jie C*^^. manl^d 
, e^ Begot, Begot ten, po. poscof to beg^^dta bduipddita-^-^get \A mA«',ydne ian^yfi gayi, paidi 

/i-^^^'V^>^^>^<^"''^' ^^* ^^ *^' ^'^ ^^^y ^^^ soot~ma2^<tf>. hdU <c.— mail& k. siyihf&m k. 
^J ^ Begui'le, va. to cheat, to itapose on, to amuse, to deceive pleasiagiy— ^prattfranii k, bhogd d. 
bhulAna, kdt harttu k.-^hieh d. bahkini, dam d. warghaUn^ 
Begu'n, pa. pass. oi4o bBgin-^rabdha^sh^ord ki]r& gayd [jinib^ taraf 

Beha'If, g. favour, support, vindication— poikftya, je kdran, /anya^wista, khitir, liye, haqq, 
Behave, ttu to act, to conduct— 5ya&a^^ ^.— <:halni, ravia ikbtiy^r k. suldk k. 
B^haViour, s. conduct, coarse of life— deiaran» byabakdr^waaiiLt Uur, tarfq, chalan» ravtya 
Behe'ad, va. to kill by cutting off the head^masto/ccAW fe.— sir k&fn&, gardan m&rn& 
Beheld, pa. pan. from to behold'-abalakitai drishpa^'-btkoU kA mitl, y^ne dekhi gay& 
Behe'moth, *,,the river horse j hippopotamus— no<ifd»ar ghoiak — dary&f ghoffi 
Beh'est, 8. a coninand, order, precept— <i^<ii|, dd€sh, upociMA-^hukm, anfi nasfhat 
Behi'nd, pr^ at the back of another, followmg another, inferior to another^^ot&o^, pddhhe, 
pare, nit^e-^plchhe, aqab meu, m&b6d, bad [baq^y^aS 

Behi'ndhand, ad. late in time, in arrears— M<a«»6«, bdki bd khdta^paran pHrbak^^^der se; 
Beho'id, va, to look npon, to view, to see— tnt. seti ial'-abahkan k, drishfi k. dehlian — int. 

de/cfea— nig&h k. nazar k. dekhoA— int. dekho 
Behold 'en, pa. a. obliged in gratitude— pnSpta upakdjr dwdrd baddka-^v^JamCai, ihsinmand 
Beheo'f, s, profit, advantiige — labhya, pfta/«*nafa, f6ida. ^ 

JBehoo'ye, Beho've, vn. to befit, to become— jo^a A. upajufcta A. — ttnw4fiqh. miiBi^<]i. 
Be'ing, 8. existence i a particular state or condition; the person existing-— ^to^i^stAitt; 

abasthd ; tattd^ prdni— haski, wujod ; hftiat, ahwil ; jindir, mutaaaifis 
Beia'bour, vo. to beak soundly, to thumpU^^ dgkdt k. ghutd mdran — kd(na, gh^sA mtoi6 
Bela'ted, a. too late, benighted— g-auni6At2ta, rdtri-grasta — der k. g. shabrasida 
Bela'y^ va. to way lay, to fasten a rope— pa^ dgldna ; ra^u wbda^^w^-^h rokni; ttsf 

Belch, vn. to eject wind from tha stomach— ^Metir tolan^hUkkkmik, dhakdr lea& 
BeTdam/ 1. a hag, a scolding woman-«lciirtip4 briddhd itrt, kundaU*-AMr{ink& )9g^\A bufhiyi 
^ Belea'guer, va, to besiege, to block up — bevitan k, abarodh /c.— fauh&sara k. ghemi 
Berfry, i. a place where bells hang— gAon^ ^ &ar— ghantighar 

Beli e« va. to give the lit, to slaodar, t» calumniate, to give a falsa nepresentatton of any tlttng 
—mithyd k. mithyd gldni k. mithyd kalanka k. kalpita tUp dhdran bd nakal Jc.<— jh&lbA k. 
jhdthhtnd ; badgoi k. gfaOMt k. barkfatMf bayAn k. 
Belie'f, s. petsuaaion, opinion : creed or form containing tbe wkicks of faith«--Us/Mirfs« mot, 

dAarmor—bftwar, iatib^, yaqin ; Smfo, aqida, aqidat ki kaUn 
Belie' ve, v. to credit, to trust, to think true— pratyay fc. bishwdg k. tatya jyia k^^Maiaai, 
b&war k. yaqfn k. ira4n Uo4 
^ Belie' ver, i. one that beUaves or credits— pratfay bd bi^wdt AartiC— li^war k. w. yaqin k. w. 
Beli'ke, ad. probably, perhaps, bkely-^kajfto, haite pdre, bujki**^hi^td, ehiiuye 
Bell, 8, a kollow sounding vessel— ^A«ie^(i—^hant6 

Belle, <• [beQ a gay, dressy youdg wmxa^^ubeAd ratik jabati-^'hd^U albalif'^raacftf'. 
Belles-Let 'tres, s. [bel-la'tur] polite literature— ajaniuir 6tdi/a— ilm-oihu&ar, fazl'^»<bahlf hat 
Belli'gerent, a, enwed in war^-t^'odd^ kdrt— jang k. w. mMJ^dil v 
Bell-metal, i. a mixture of copper, tin, zinc and antinioiky«x-lBdBsd«>-kAj|si» roll 
Beriow, vn. to roar Kkea bull, or thaaea; to danour, to vocifeiato<<^dUar0r mota ddkan, 
mmmdrabat brihat ^tabtia k, gurjaHk, gda gd^ 8kabda k, gaithir sk«M» le.*««4MLil fA w- 
mandar ke minind shor k. shor k. ciuiiAn& 
Btl'lows, 8. aftiastramentttt Uowkhafii«>^dAa(mlwl &didt|td-*dk«uiiknf 
Bel'Iy, 8. that part of the body coatalodsg tbe #atr«ils ■ ■ nd gr*^pet, a^^Lata 
B^mtft. f. h» wha prodfeias aay thing by tmpog hnhtkl^'-^kmfd 4wdrd ikaufrd dafj^^ 

ek nhdad&r ki jo gali kdche meu ghan(& baj&ke ishtih&r det4 hai^ 
Belo ng, vn. to appertain to, to be tka psoparty o f * ' M k dtf a tawbaiMijfa h* trifc d r a odMd^ 

bd bastu fc.-rmutia^q h» milk k, 
Belov'ed, a, [4.] lovely, Jiear to, ralvtd wiinc h^ pri ya ' pi yii*, tnahbib^mdakdfy aalz 
Belo'w ad. lower in plaet, infarior— ntfdki, ad^amHHoicha, tal% kamtar 
Belt, 1; a girdle, a gash, a ciaQtawo^kufltwrtewie^ pa^akH^fker bd t i y 'j hwi M rh i adi p»t^r < Uw d U 

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^^^^ . ( ^ ) *».« 

Bd'irtthar, i. a timp whkh lead» Ue flock witb a Ml 9ft Ui ttMd(«.-«f ftr mgntdmi ghmttA. 

Bemire, ra. ta soil, to daab with mire— Acardam dwdrd apmriiUedt fc. UiU aiiHrn— Uebar 
. se naild k. boar d&lai ' ' 

Bemoan* «a. to lament, to baw«U..-4AoA It. hiU^k.-^wkw^i, k. raai^ailak. 
SeDcb, «. a seat k ajudce^aseat ; juolioea-tiGMa^iitrfiba kikkthdt^' bieh^fkkmi ; ftkftA- 

feartarrf-baithne ki piyadAr takhta ; Jaj ki nashist \ik takhta ; xSou U daiia ^^ 

Bencher «. a aenior in the maa of coarl-^wiriti Mifdhgrnr prtMdH chhdtra, ^JcU bkhe^-- 

•hanyat ke madnse ke avval darje k& ah&gird 
Bend. va. to croqk, to bow ; to subdue— ftafcra fc, nopdaa ; kkarba /k.—terhft k. kham k. fatih k. 
JJendablg.a, that wbicfamaf be mew »ated— «k^i|r«, bakrmkaran <(£d)Wa-^tarbe bona U 

qabii .^ . 

B«ie'ath, pr. under, loww in place or excaUeaee ; nnworti^y of-*lai«, j«A(£m 6ifi fmt«M afdbtf ; 

ajogya-^niche, jaijah y4 khissiyat meu niche ; n&Uiq 
Beoedict'ine, s. a meok of that order, named afiter its focnder St. B«acdict--6lfiifa BemtdOtta 
ndnuk mwvifdm matdhaUmbi tann^i^ja firqe k& 6bid ki jis ko pir Benedikt ne batUiyi ' 
iienediction, <« a blessms; an ackaowlea^ement for Uessiag received--d«Air6(M; ufak^it 

«u»ffcA'6/%«— d«&, a8la,asbkb£d; shnkr 
Benefaction, «. a chaxitable gilt, a ^ne£t-'-<2i^, ttpdbSr^kbaufAt, ihain 
Benefac'toj, Benefac 'tress, *». a man or woman who does acts of kindness, a contributor to 
some public charity or religious foundation— u|MBft(Jr feorfta hA mJcmr kartri, JoAffy^hs&m 
KaTaew6i& y4 karnewill, mukhaiyar, vr^ f yioe vaqi k. w. fibs&a 

Ben efice. *. a chuwjh living, a, benefit^-^i^rma skikhyakm' britti, «.ifttfr— p4dr£ ki kbidmat, 
Benefieenccs. geaefoSity, acUve goodaess_<l47tsbt6it4, ^Mw«|rakdraibat<i--|«i^zi, nekkfiii 
Beneficent, o. kmd.obUgiog, doings gQod-.-datav daydlu, p«ropaik/$rt— faiyiU, mifarb&n, nekk&r 
Benefi'cial, a. adTantafleous, vMial^^atadtiyiA, upahdri^mnSid, addmand [«. 

Benefi'ciary, «. one who holds a benefice— rfAarma thdlnr britti Afcoifi— oidrljit kkidmat fakfine 
Benefit, «. kindaess, adi«iUage,.nse^>-«]Miftar, /i£M, Act— Bihrhini, f^a Ffaiy^i 

Benevolence, s. dbposition to good; charity— ikitaeAdUM; ddu, dayd, .ghikitdr^-4»AMiA9^kLi 
Benevolent, «. .kind, goad, afli»tionate--fc»t«cteMitfc,«tt«i;daf*iii--kbaiiandeab, saw*b: 

andeso, mibrbAn 
Benighted, pa. overtaken by tha night; involved ia, darkness or igaoranoe— r«Ctn gtfubi} 
andhakdre dchchhc^na, agydndndkakdre ro«g7w— shabrasida ; tiriki yi jahilat men girtftiCr 
Benign, o. [.ma«l kind, geaamma, wbolesome— day<i/ti, kripdbdu^ bs<W<..HriihrbiB« kaifm ; ' 

khiinemaa mutid 
Baai^'aity, s. giaciousness, k ia d na ae- h r ip d, Anugraha-^strm, auhrb&ni 
Ben isoo, s. a blessing, a benediction- &ar, dshirbad — dar&d, dai. 

Bant, «. the state of being bant; decUnty ; indiaation, disposttion, iixed parpoaB-^d. croakei 

-rbakriOhdb; nich^ dig«r4hdL;jko^iiekfikHbdj^dbritti,maiurnidu:hmatwa'-^d,bdnk^ 

r^riiam hone bi b&lat ; utir ; ruju, tawa}jah, qaad« irida-^. feham [faahiia k. s6kit IL 

Bcan'mb, va. to make torpid, to stupify— a^^ k. sdrhin k. drashta bd wpandavahit Ic.— sua k. 

Ben'soin, s. a medteinal kind of resin, vflgarly called' ^MiftnKJt—kuadans, labdu^lchin 

«Beqne'aUi,«ia.'to give by will,, to laava-'-aiania yfitiA kdl^niifamprntter djodarddin /cr-^e marni, 

wasiyat se hiba k. . [ki hibaoime ki ni sa di jia 

Beqoe'st, s. something teft by wili^-ffiMimn prdk hdU ninjmwpatrer dwdrd deata dAav— k6l ekffe 

Bere'ave, va, to deprive of; to take away— ra&il« bd kin k, kdrmd ^a— chbin leoi. le lan6 ' 

Ber'gamot, s. a kind of pear: an easenee or perfam c y fcat bkketh, dtar^Ushosh—tk qiam ki 

n^hp6t], atr y& khosbbo 
Ber'gmote, J. a coart held to detarmiDe nattea relating to mines and miners— kMni g-&a^ifa 
imhiOftr <kia(at— ek ad&lat kijo mqqarrar hai w^te k&noa aur k&nw&loa ke muqaddaiftit ke 
Bar'Ha, s. a coach of a particular coostruetion, ficst used at Berlia-^A^ofcrfr r«ri j'ikd, pra- 
'thamattL Boritis noniofe iiagme bjfabahdfytfa Ad^— ek qisra ki g^i jo anabar-i-Baflin men tjN 
Ber'nardines, t. an oidev of monks, so named from their founder St. Bcmaid-- 5sftta Bamdrd^ 
ndmak stsmmfdmr matdbalambi saaaydn— dbidan k&\ek firqa ki jis ko ptr Barnard ne banilyi 
Ber'ry, s. a small fruit of several kinds— ^Ayudm pkal-^koe ki sorat kdpbal 
- Bar yl, s. a pveciana stone af greenish caat—mani bishesh bd 6sr«j— firoaa [-Aiizi k. istidi K 

Besa'eeb, «a. to bag, to intreat, to implore*-pr/£rtibana k. minati k, jdchinffd «.— iltimdd If^ 
Bese'em, vn. to become, to befit^^manrina, upajukt h» — nyun&sib h. Hliq h. ^ 

Bese"t, va. to surround, ta hara^— bssAton ^' uttyakta bd biraktm A.— gbarn&, diqq k. 
Beabia'w,. V. to cuise, to happen ill i(^^abkmhdu^ d. amangtd prdetkaad k. ^mangal ghafa^tr- 

ko8n&, bad du& k. h&disa pesh &n& 
Besi'de, Besi'des, pr. at the side, over atndabove— pdrfiive) adbihantd, bfftirrtkB:, etadbkinn*^ 

kin&re, aaxdik, il6wa, siaai 
Besie'^e, «b. to beleaguer, to lay siege to-^beshtan k. rodh ^«*gher 1. mubAaara k. [k.lQda 
B— l a tr, aa. -takflail. to daob ac smear over— etoy 2d k. lepmn , ndkkdna, jubriyd d.-*-Biaila k, 
Besmu"t, va, to blacken witb smut— dkifana dwfkrd vuiyid ic..-.k6ial se ildcn k. 
Ba'soas, #. a biaon to awaep witb— k^airnsH^^* buh%6. [sb4r k. madhosfa k. 

^a8o"t, aa. toiafiatnate, atopify wilkliqaor— motta k, gydn rahit k. bikbkol k.— behkhodrk.aar- 
JBappan'ile^ata. tadatoraiawiAapaaglaa cJMJfinakiyifdraAygdisir^ bhda/ut k.-4ifiriiiB k. abrllL 
Bnpat'ter, va. to soil with water aad dirt, to slander, to ^a^ierse witk reproach— aai • kddd clddi^ 
ki^dd. afaMdk.kaiaBka.k.^»-«bb4(a 4^U1.; tukaiatd. aib Ug«n4 . . 

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BBS ( 44 ) BID 

Ben«'ak, «o. taspetk for beforsltttid ; to orditr, to speaV to» addrMs ; to batokon^-agtv lea&syi 

ra/cAan, pharmdish d, kdhdru vrati bAkyakahan ; dekhdna bd prakdsh fc.^kah rakhni, far- 

miish kar d. mutakallim h. daUlat k. r4&lna, dbabb& d&ln^, abd k.. 

Be8po"tv va. to mark with spots, to variegate — hindu hindu eMnhk iukta^ k, ohitra k.-^i^h 
Besprin'kle, va. to spriakle over, to moUtoD— ^^Mna, 6Aiiiaiui— chfairakn&» bhigoai 
Beat, a/ mOBt good, mOsVpreferable^-atyttttom, sarfra«r«ifcfa^achchlie se achchhi, sab se 

BasC'tial, al Ibes^tsheJ] like a beagt, btvL^h'-fa$hubaUjagkanya^h?dwi.n%i!n%t wahshi 
Besti'r, va. to move ouickly, to hzatQa^skighragati biihishfa k, gatwar h,$highra. /c.^hoshy&r 

k.chlWkJc. . _ 

Besto'w, va. to apply, to confer upoo^^^dna, <20on— lagini, deni* at& k. 
BestreV, va, to stniw or scatter about— c/i^i^na 6*4 cAfcarana— phaiUn^, muntashir k. 
Bestrrde, va, to get adiossany thing— ^pA^jile kariydddofdna bdcharmns cimfiy^ j^O'^eharfa 

baithnd, saw&r h. 
^ Bet'.', fc a waiter— V. to lay a wager— jian bd bdji'-^^ bdji r(Cfc&>»— shart— o. thart badn& . 
Beta'ke* va. to take, to have cecourse to^loim, dtray ^.^leni, mutawajjih h. nasrdf h. 
Bethi'nk, vn, to Tecollect,.to reflect— smaran k. nisne k. bibeehand ib.— y&dk. m^lum k. b6.jhn& 
Beti''de, vn. to happen, to befall, to cbm^^ghatan^ daiyd para», «j»as£4ttfc«-^&para&, &a& 
Beti'mes, a(i. early, soon^ seasonably— >sa^(i6), iHighra, tftpajuibta Moiaye— sawere, barwaqt^ 
. barmahal 

Be'tlfr, %. an India6 plaBt<«^ii-«-pAn, tambol 

Beto'ken, va, to signify, to foreshow— JaJJeMna, bd byakta k. purbt byakta k. — ^batlini, daUlatk. 
Bet'ony, s. the name of a pl^nt-^khyudra brikhya bUkeih-^k qism k& bati 
Betra'y, va. to deliver np treacherously ; to divulge a BocrQi'^bishwdsghdt p^bak §hatruhastif 

arpan k. gopaniyd bUiiay byakta k.'-^lagh&b^i se aompoA ; pardadari k« 
Belro'thy va. to give or receive a contract of marriage ; to affiance— ^i6a^ iambandka dhikjyd, 

Ic.— mans^b k. i^sbat ya mangni k. rachchh&, bihtar 

Bet'ter, a. superior, improved, more fiood-^uier madhye 6^^^^, 6A<u2ratar, crm^tar— ddsre se 
Betwe en. Betwixt, pr. in the middle— wadAye—bich, darmiyin 

Bev el, 8. in masonry, a kind of square rule — rdj mUtrir mifdm, bd pd^d-^^k murabba n&p 
Bev'erage, s. drink, liquor to be druak— ^/et/a drabya.pdnd, madya— sharbat, shurb, sharib 
Bev'y, «. a flock of birds^ a company-^pi^&ir jhdn^, pdl, ganasamiiha^ chtfiyojn kt jhund ; 

garoh, ghol ' ' * 

* Bewa'il, va. to bemoan, to lament— s^ k. rodan k. Hldp fe.— roni, n&la k. 
Bewa're, vn. to be -cautious, to take care of— st^tor^a h. $dbdhdn h. — hoshy&r h. khabardAr h. > 
Bewil'der, va. to mislead,' to puzzle— pat^ hhuidna, dkdtkdd Idgdna, bhrdntyitmndna, pea^ 

pAe/an— bhnlind, gumrtlh k; ghabrA d. ' 

Bewi'tch, va. to injure by witchcraft, to charm, tofascinato, to please urresistibly— data khdon, 

bd gun k. mahit k. ba^k. mugdha fc.— j&dd k. farefta k. girwida k. 
Bewra'y, vo. to disclose perfldiously, to hetrSky'^bitkiod$ghA pdrbak prakdth h, bishwdtghdt k» 

—pardadari k. bewafil k. - [dir. Beg 

Bey, i,- a Turkish governor, or viceroy— TuraluiM/iMi^tpatar ndyeb^ R6m ke snlt&n k& sdba* 
Beytfnd, pr. on the further side, out of reach— aw, pdr», odtge, aUta, ^^r— pare, udhar, 

ustaraf, maqddr se bdhar . . [khaohita fca«— angd^hi ke nagine k& khdna 

Bez'el, Bez'il, s. that part of a ring in which the stone is fixed— att^uriyai^r j« sthdne mani 
Bez'oar, s.js. medidnal stone, anti-poisonous— 6isApatAar— pdsahar, zaharmuhra ' 
Besoar'dic, a. compounded with bezoar — bisApdthar 6is^hfa —zaharfauhradmez 
Bian'gulous, a. having two corners or angles— ^Ittikono — dogosha, doz&wiya 
Bi'as, «. inclination, beiit ; weight on one side— fiMfner fan, pakhyapdt, f&aafc— nyd, mail, 

kashisb ; jhukdo ^ , • ^ [— mdil k. rAghib k. 

Bi'as, va, to prepossess, to incline partially— X»ma<2i^0 laoydna bdjhoi^dna,pakhyapdtjcaundna 
Bib,.«. infant's breast cloth— Miafeer buk 4hdkd fcapar— bachchoQ ki pefi y4 slnaband 
Biba'cious, a, addicted to drinking— pa«e rata— pine* ki ddat rakhne.w. 
Bib'ber, «. a tippler, a toper, a sot— madyapayt, mat^i— nashdb&z, shaiibi 
Bi'ble, i, the sacred volume in which are contained the revelations ^of God— d^rma puttak^-^ 

kit&b-i-muqaddas ki jis men Khudd kd iarmdn likhd gayd hai [m^taalliq 

Bibitcal, a, relating to the bible or divinity— <2/kirma pustak sambofuiAtya— Baibal Vd fiqe kd 
Bib'liograplier, «. a man skilled in the knowledge of hooks-^grantha bishaye dig'yjta— kitdboQ 

kd jdnne w. ' 

Biblio'raania, «. the rage of possessing scarce or curious . books ; book>madne«s--^>nfe^in 64 

durlhab gratUha prdpane bydgratd, bate ftayu— kitdboa ki hirs, qadimi yd nddir kitdbou i^ 

-Bibli'opdiistj m a bookseller^^antAa bikray IScarM— kitdbfarosh 
Bib'alous, n. tha,t is apt to imbibe, spongy^'a/ skoshafuikhyam, p^2|pn(— jdzib, dbkash, abr- 

i-m\irde kf mdnind, halkd palkd 
Bicao'sular, a. [. ,shu,'] a plant, whose seed pouch is divided into two parts— diU khande^mkta 

b{jkosh dhdri emat brikhya-rkoi bd{d ki jis ke bij kd ghar do hiisse mea hai 
Bice, s. a blirt colour used in painting— cAttra kdrjye byabahdtjya nili ranf — taswir khlachntt' 
' kd ek nan kd nild rang [mudmile mea raojish k. ohherchdf k. 

Bick'er,vn. to dispute about trifles, to wraagle— tucAcb/ia biskitye bibddk. jhagrd fc.— adnd 
-Bid", V. to conunand ; to oiFer a price— 4^(fii k. dor ^o/can— hukin k. mol k. ' ' 
Bid'den^po. invited, commaoded-<*<ifcl^> nimatUrita, <idtiA.^— ddwat k^ g.^ukna k« g. 

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BlS>i (46) BIP 

Bidder, 1. he who iMflfbn or propows ft price-^f byakti dar 4dhB hA mbima diU eMh»^ 

qlmtt kvw'. mushtari * 
Bkl'ding, «. si command, order, charge— ogyrfa, ddeth—hxikm, irsh&d [tahtmmiil k. 

Bide, V, to dwell, to contiode, to endure— to k, thdkan, $ajkya k, — sukliaat Ic. raha£ 
Bident al, a. having two teeth-r-dut dsnta bi$hi$hia^-dodkutk 
Ba'ding, «. an abode, residence, stop, sttLj^basasthdn, bds, itHti-HnaskaD, rahne k& ma^Lftn, 

istiq^mat, qiyftm , v . 

Bien'nial, a, conUnning two years, happening once in two years-^ui bmttar sihd^ijdhd, dui 

batsare hay-^o siX tak rahne w. do baras mea hone w. 
^^®r»,** [^''J * carriage on which the dead are borne to the grave— fcaJarojtMue shab laiyd 

jiUbdr MA^— jan.^za, tdbiit . [dtkgdha^^ymi 

Bie'stings, t. the first milk after "calving— praaafranonter garur je dudh pratham hay, genjd 
Bifa rious, a. two fold, double, donbtful— <iwtM», dokdrd, dtoartAafe— dochand, dohrl^ anubham; 
Bi ferous, a. bearing fruit twice a year— dopAaid— dofasla ^ [kha 

Bifid, Bif idated, a. divided into t^o-^uibkdge Inbhakta-^o hissoQ mea taqslm k. g. dosh&- 
Big, a. large, great, swoln, pregnant— 6ara, briha^, gthul, sfhita, ^ariftint— bar&, azim, mo|&, 

Wmila . fdojordrakhnekigunih 

Big amy, s, the crime of ha vine two wives at once— <& bdre dui'itri Ubdha janya aparddhr-^ ■ 
Big^gin, 5. » kind of cap for a child— M/citer tupt— larkoa kl |opf 

LL ^' ^^^ unduly devoted to a party, a zeilot-^nbibechand ^rbak hona mate byd^fta bd 

P^khyapdttjei gourd— jo shakhs ki kisi tariqe ki shiddat se pairavi kartft hai, mutaasib, bafhi 
Big otry, s, blind zeal, superstitioti — gonrdmi, bibechand rahit traddhd bd pMyapdt — ^taasab, 

oath, pachh, jihl-murakkab _ - 
Bil ander, s. a small vessel, broad and flat, ufedfor the carriage of goods— nauJui bithesh, tdmigri 

bahandrthe ckdtdla chhota jdkdj — ek chho|itehaiiri bamw&r Ibshti liijistiaeii asbib l&dte 
_.*ij»a , / , » . - [sdrat k4 suikh mewa 

Bil berries, t. small purple-coloured berries— rafctaftorna Idiyi^dra phal 'bi$he$h—ek d&ne ki 
Bil'boes, s. a sort of stocks on board a ahip—jdhdjt thdke je hdri kdt — -jah^z men gaid kame k& 

Bile, t, a thick" bitter liquor collected iathe gall bladder; a painful swelling— pitto ; pAoro— 

pit, safr&, zahra, zard^b ; pho^a, dummal 
Bilge, 4, the breadth ^f a ship's bottom— ;;A^j«r taldr ekaurdi, jdhHj&r dakrd^i^hiz ke tahti 

ki wusat 
Bi'Uary, a, [.jfa-re] belonging to the bile— pitta somdafui^'ya— pit yA safre se mutaalliq 
Bil'ing^iate, s. afiiti market; foul language — mdchher bdjdrikcuitJctitpachal — machhllka biz&r, 

gfli, dushn&m [garmmiz^f 

Bilious, a. [.yits] full of bile, choleric— ptttamay,.pi«aprAiA/i«aJk, r<i^t— safrAwi, zardibi. 
Bilk, va, to cheat, to over reach, to defraud— pr«(»ancA4Aui k, thakdna, ehdturi k, — dagh&btei 

k. fareb'k. thagnfi 
' Bill, $, the beak of a bird ; a hooked instrument for cutting ; exhibition of charges ; an act of 

parliament ; an advertisement — chanchu; dd ^pdand tdkdr hisdb ; Ingland^r Pdrlimenta dwdrd 

rachita niyean ; ghotfiandpatra — chonch ; minq&r; dao; ropai lene ki dast&wez ; Inglistin 

ke hakimba k& qanun ; ishtih&r , ' [place — kundi — hun4i, hundavi 

Bill of exchange, s. a note which authorizes the bearer to 'demand a sum of money at a certain 

Bill of parcels, s. an account delivered by the seller to the buyer of goods — bikray patra, jdhd 

^kraykartdke bikraykartddey-'bi}ik,sfi.h& ' 

Bill, v\ to caress, kiss, fondle ; to publish — ikoup Idgd Idgi k. chumban k, sohdg,k» prakdsh k. 

— -d&na badaln^, piyar k. bosa Ien& ; mashtir k. [ruqqa ; chaild, kunda 

Biliet, s. a small letter; log of wood— eh^o(a patra ; kdlher ku^ddbd ^usfi— chhou chi^hf^ 
Biliet, va. to quaiier soldiers— satnjr^ bdsdr bill h» — sip&hlou ko chand roz rahne ke waste ' 

gharoa roeu taqsira k. 
Bil'let-doux, s. [^.la-doo] a short love-letter— pretncr patra— >&shiqina ruqqa 
Biriiards, s. [.yurdt] a gaipe vrith balls and sticks— entat kheld biskesh — gend aur cbaug&n kf 

hi.ii ki jo mez ke dpar kheli j&ti hai 
Biriow,, 8. a large hollow rolling wave— 6afadA«t»— bafl mauj, bar! lahar [koth^S 

Bin, s. a repository for wine, com; &c. — rooiya o shcuyddir M^ndar— shar&b, d&ne w. g. ki 
Bin'ary, a. double ; composed 6f two— do^ni, jord, duibastute ntrmita— dohhl, do chiz se bani- 

y& hui 
Bind, V. to confine with bonds, to oblige by stipulation ; to make costive — bdudhan, tandhi bd . 

niwtmdwdrd baddhn k, koshta baddhak, — b&odhD&; shark sebindhni; munqabiz k. bandhej k. 
Bind, s. a stalk of hops — hdp ridmak khyudra brikkyerddstd — h^ darakht 1^ tana 
Bind'ing, «. a fastening -, cover of books, a bandage— 6and/utn ; pustajcer maldt, pa^t— band ; 

jildbandl ; pat'ti [(^ur6tN— dochaahmi ddrhin 

Biu'ocle, s. a telescopie with two tul^, so that an object may be seen with both eyes — dui nalir 
Binoc'nlar, a. having two eyes— dut chakhyyk fritftisftta— Kloaak!h&, dochashma 
Biog'rapher, <. a writer of persons* lives— manuthyer fetrti bdeharitra baman kartdr-^ shakhs 

k£ muwarrikh • [ki tawirikh 

Biog'raphy, s. a history or writing of lives— fiMintwftyer charitra baimand bd itpdkAy an— 4dm i 
^'parous, a, bringing forth two at a birth— «fc bdre dui santdn prasab kdre Je, dui bd jamak 

vrashutd-'ek dafe mea do bachchou ko rautawallid k» w. 
Bi partite, a. divided or cleft into two equal parts— dttt $afndn ungsha bishithta^^o^ hiasou meu 

barib^r taqslm k. g« . ' 

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BIP (46) BLA 

ftiparti'tioA, a. tbc %et dldividiag ta tiro— <^i hkig tovm-^o biswa m^B ta^fm [A4i«l 

6i ped, s, an animal having only. two feet, a human hQing—'dui paajantu^ wmnushya^'-^op&ysL, 
Biped aly/a. having two (eei-^uiptid 6i«Ai|4^a— dop&;a 
Bipea'nated,^. hariag two wings— ^a^ya^way di<^uA>ta-^ob^ 

Bipet'aIouB,a. consisting of two no««r teay^ft-^fiu'i^i ^ <iui yo/eri ji»^-<-dopaiikhrldir fcHba^ 
Birch, s. the name of a tree ; a rod — brikhpd J}ish$sh ; Jathti^ek ^wa ki darakbt; sh^khdtfr 
Bird, 8. a name applied to all fowls— pafc^yt — pakherti, murgh, chifiyi, pariqda [-— 14^4 

Bird'Iime, «. a glatiaoas sabstaaoe used to ents^Bgle the feet of small hird^^^-^fiikhi dkafkbit did 
Bir'gander, i. a fowl of the ^oose kind— &a»;«» bishesh-^hiJis ki ek qism 
Birth, s. the -act of comiag into life ; liaeage ; extraction ; ranl^ inherited by descent— jenma; 
kul; baag^a; bangs!ia marjyddd — pai(Uish« tawallud, wil^dat, iaaam; gUarAna, fch&aa- 
din ; aasab, nasi, i^l ; ab&i martaba Ql« twatwa bd adhikdr hay-^ irs, haq<)-i-vU&d« 

Bcrfeh'right, s, the lighu and privileges to which a person is hf^tn—paitrikadhikdr, jauma dwiiri 
Birth' wort, «. the name of a |>lant— 6rtHya ^'s&e<A— xar&wand, yane bd|e ki ek qism 
Biscuit, 8, [Jfit] a kind of bard flat bread— iAofcto cJkdkfi rufi— nankhatii 
Bise'ct, va, to divide into two equal part»— 4atiui;« 4ui kkan^^ ^— baribardo bisse k. dotukrefc. 
Bisb'pp, «. one of the head order of the clergy who has the charge of a« diocese ; a liquojr com- 
posed of oranges, wine, sugar, &c.— pri|(i&/i» dkarmddkifakifa ; kamidr rtn o madya 9 qhitd 
ityddi mukrita pdniya drabya-^plainaa ^ peBhw&« mi^tabid, imdm ; n&ringi stiar&b aut 
. shakar ki. murakkab araq < ' [ka taalu<ta 

Bbb'opric, s. [.oprriJe} the diocese of a htshop-'pradhdn dharmidhyakkyiuUiikdr — mujlaUid 
Bis'muth, t, a hard, white, Iwittle mineral— cUkUu &uhA(A— pbul dhit 

Bissex'tile, t. [••<»/] leap year; every fourth year in which the day, arising from ^x odd hoars * 
m each year, is intercalated^^ifi Hn b<^t!aar awtar je battareunatrith dibMe PhebrtkorimA 
■ p4ma Aay-^hunki Angrezl his&b se baiai ke tin sau painsath din aur chha s^4at bote haia, 
cbdr baras ke Wid un s&atoa k& ek diu hot& hai, aur us din ko Fabruerl mahlne meu lagi&e i 
lah&zd us s&l ko, kijis loea Fabruerl mabina a(b4f».sa until, din ki ho j^t& bai, Bissextail 
Bis son, a, b iind , deprived of sight — andkaf drishtihin — aadhl^, n&bin& [chjhuri 

' Bia'Jtoury, $» a chirurgical incision kttife— qi^ra chikUsdte byabahdrjyn chhurikd biphith^x^ii^JkA 
Bisurcous, a, cloven-footed— 6i 6 Wcto khur bishiihta-^khnr idkr, sumdacida 
Bit,. J. the iron mooth-piftce^of a bridle; a smalt piece of any thing ; a Spanish silver ceia^ 
value seven pence half penny — kajayi bd Id^dm ; tukrd ; Spen deshiya piach dnd mulyer 
rupya jnudrA^la^m, dah&na, qaiaal; tukr&, zsicra, pur^a; malk ki piftch ioe kk 
ripai . [fasebyQhh^l 

Bite, «. act of biting, a Uick-^angshan, kdmar; tnagdmi,prahanchand-^\ii.\, burrub, chabio ; 
Kte, tza. to separate or pierce with the teeth ; to %\Hy to pain ; to cheat, to Xxxck—kdmrdnm;, 
kdtan, pird d» lhagdnck,'praAanch<md fc.— dijijt se kitni, ki\ khini, cbabdni; k^tna, 'dukla 
d. 4:hhalnd, fareb k. . ^ , 

Bitt'aele, t. a frame of timber in the steerage, where the compass is placed— j^iMjer fashcttddi 
digekdshtha nirmUa sthdnjdhdu Kantpdi ndm^Hjawtra rdkkd jdy^i^^(^i ki khina jah&K ke 
^iche ki taraf jis meu kampis rakl^te baia . 
Bit'ter, a. of a hot, acrid, and biting taste ; sharp, cruel, severe, keen, ^tirical— fi&ta,, ha^ik ; 
tikkyna, nirdayf kaikiu^ pifdddyak, ttro^irak— kafwi,, talkh, kbatti; tez, beraiim, aakht*. 
tezfabm, tazngo 
B it'tern, s. a bird of the heron kind — krannchapdkhyi 6uft«<^— chamar bagla„ bdtimif 
BitWne^, f. » biuer taste; malice; griet^-^i/etatri ; dwesh; </»(7,^— kafwihat, talktil; bughz» 

kina; gham ' , • 

Bikii'men, «. a fat, unctuous matter— me.%4 toi/— mi^iyi tel, nafta; qafrulyahud 
Biittt'minoua,*a. compounded of or like bitumen — metiyd tail bishishia bd meiiyd tail ^— 
mi^iyi tel si, nafti [— fauj ki maidio mea sliabbisbl 

fiiv'ouac, $. a guard performed at the whole army — tddtit sninya kartrik rdtri chauki 
Bi'nntiney s. a piece of gold, valued at \5L-^der thgUa tdfed miUyak swama mudri bishesh-^ 
dej sau ripai ki tone ki. quriza {phuMi k, — pardadari k. r^z ko- fish k. bakai, ^bgoi k. 
Blab", v. to tell a secret, to tattle, to tell tales— giiyta katkd byakta k, bar bar kariyd bak<iit 
Black, a.. dark, cloudy> raournfol, mckodr^kdla, krisna bama, shokjauak, ku— kala, siyib, . 
' gfaaragin, aharir [kdia 6astra— babshi ; kili rang ; mitimi libi^ 

Black, «. a negro ; the dark colour ; mourning— fto&s^i, krisbna bama ; mrttyur shok stichak 
Blacken, va» to make black ; to defaipe^^ti^ k. kalankajukta k.— kili k. aib lagini 
Bl^ck'ffaard,<. amean fellow, a scoundrel— 4<y4nta^a,p/|ft — lu^bcbi, shuhdi, badmaish 
Black rod, «. the usher beloitgiog to the Order oftbe Qarter; he is usher of parliament— Gartor 
udmak upAdhi jukta Syt^Uider madkye jini krishnabarna jashji dhdran karen, sei byakti 
Jnglan4*r Parlimetk^er d$d barddr hayen— Gartar ke daijewiloQ ki si/ih d&i rakhnewili 
aur yibi shakhs Pirliment ki (ki IngUstin ki bafl kaunsil hai,> bbi isibacdir hoti hai 
Black'smith, <. a smith wha wocks in iroa-^ka^rmahdr bd ^uAakrir— lohir, ihangar, hadaid 
Blad'der, <^a vessel containing some liquid in the body ; as urine, bile, ficc— «karirer antar'^- 
attfiA thaUr nydy ddhdtjdhdte mutra pittyddi thdke, phoknd, putk^,-^jism ki ibdin ki 
jis meu peshib, pit w^ g. rahfci hai, m^sjftna^ phukni, pitti 
Blade, f. the spire of grass before it seeds ; the green shoots of corn ; the sharp or cutting part 
of an instrument ; a gay man — ghdser pdtd ; attrer phald bd pdtd ; satgj 6yal(<S'*-gbis yi* 
9ak6i ^ bote ki patti ; hatj^if ki bif ; binki [phunsi, qara,.phaphol4 

Blain, #• a pustule, an ulcer, a bile, a blister— p^tM&feift ; ghd, spholak, pAotAk^— pboti. 
Blame, !• imputation of a fault, offence — nindd, doshf apdrddh-^dokh, iizim, masammat, guniHb 

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BLA ( 4T ) BH 

B1«n«, v^» to cflosiira, to HftttLchr-ttiHidk.d^^d^^doWkni,, ilztfin d. nalimat k. sananisli k. 
Bla'meable, a. deserving censure, culpable— Aiftdantya, if^sftya^mvUirn, qusdrw&r 
BtaTmelMs, m, intt9ceiit» guiltleis, ttpright-Hitr^«ffct, nirapaoMki, fciU<>— beqosdr, begunifa, 

barl, mubarr& 
Blanch, V. to whiten ; to peel alinoqd ; to evade— i<i<2<i ft. bdddmer ehhdl iAsshdma; ikoM" 
. r4an — sufed k. b&d&m k& chhilH ut&rn& ; tiioi 

Bfand, a. soft, mild, gentie-r-koma/, mridu, dkit^-HAtta, rauUim, halfn, irmida [phuaUii4 

Blaud'ish, w. to eoften, to wheedle— narflw fc. mishfa kathdr dwdrd MuWna— muUim k. 
Bland 'ishment, «. softspeechee, flattery— muikfa bdkya, xtuli— mlthi b&tea, n&e, khushitnad 
Blank» t, void space,; unwritten paper ; a disappointmeat— sA^ya $thdn ; alihhit kdgaj ; 

luitrfftAya^khillijagah ; s&dakighaz; naummeui 
Blatik, a. M-hite, unwritten; dnW-^iddd, alikhit ; vtiofcarafttt— sufed, belikhl, s&d& ; ahmaq 
Blank-verse, <. verse without rhyme-^mitrdkhyar kin ^&ita— nazam beqAflya o radif 
Biank'et, m. a woollen cover for a bed-^kambait (ui— kammal, kainU, gilim [kafr k. 

Blasphe'me, va, to speak in terms of impious irreverence of God-^lshwar nindd k. — kal&m-i- 
Blas'|>hemou8, a. impiously irreverent with ref;ard to God-^Iihwar nindak--ki&n, ilhAdf 
Blas^phemottsly, ad. impiously, irreverently— Is^tvar nindd p^r bak— kuir^oi se, kafrat se 
Blasphemy, s. indignity offered to God— Mto«r aind4— kalma-i*kafr, kufrsof 
« Blast, s. a gust of wind ; the sound made by a wind instrument ; a blight which damagea trees, 

corn, Scc'^bdtdserjhdfttd bdyudwdrd bddya kuyjejantr$r tdhdrthabda ; .hrikki(a o.ihtnyddi 

ndih/ikupadrab^jhokkf }hakor& ; ph^akne ke bije ki 6w6z ; gherai ki jis se anij, darakht w. 

g. zlya bote hain [murjh&ni, jhulasai 

Blast, va, to injure,' to wither, to blight-r^uuftla k. thukiydpheUn, jhaliiyd p^/an— auqsin k. 
Bla'tant, «. bellowing aa a calf ; noisy — If&ehhurer nydy skabdikdri ; uehehmshabda kdri-— 

bachere ki tarah hinhiu&tfi boii, shotdir 
Blaze, c. the light of a flame ; a wlute mark on aliorse's forehead ; publication— ^ffpfi ; gkordr 

hipdUr iddd ddg-, prakdsh— bhab6ka, shu&la, ldk& ; ghofe ki peahfeS k^kaskqa ; izh&r 
Biaae, v. to flame, to publiah^wo^n, diptimdn h» frdkdtk k. — dhadhakoi, bharakni 

muahtiil h. iahtihdr k. ^ [d&n ki aUmat ki ilm 

Bla'zon, Bla'zonry, s. the art of heraldry— ftaagi^ mmrjvdddr ekinka huhayak fricfyi— kbin- 
Bla'zoii, i». to explain figures en ensigns armorial; to deck, to embellish; to malw public^ 

to eelebrate— ft«n^<^ marjydddt^ ehinka $akaler artha k» shobhitd k. bhdshita k, byakta k» 
' gunfrakdth Ic.— khdnd&n ke nishinoQ ko bay&n k. 2eb d. Ardish k. iahtihii' k. tdrif k. 
Bleach, V. to whiten, to grow white— t^icia k. bd A.— nikhirnd, aufed k. sufedh. 
Ble'ached ya. f.] whitened, made white— s^uk/a ftrita^-nikhdr^ gay&, sufed k. g» 
BUft, a. cold, chilly ; pale— «. i. Mi^ihiial, Aim, pdngdsh bmrna—s* mattya Msk^— b&rid, 

sard, thandhd; zard, pili— 4. ek'qism ki machhli faadhera 

Blear, «. watery, dim, weadc, obscure— Ja2uy4, jhdpsd, ghor, i^kym— chiyidhU, tehobi, kambfn ; 
Blear'eyed, a. having tore iafiamed eyes— ^^la ehokhu bUkidhta, netra ro^t— ehundhli 

chiprd; iish<^i 
Bleat, tm. to cry like a tfaeep-^-mesilter shabda ft.— bheabhi^dnd 

Bleed, «. to lose blood ; to let blood— roibte $nokkyan k. rakta fcAyortm— lobd d. faad kholnfl 
Bleoi'isb, s. a apot or stain ; a defikraity— do^ kalanka ; khunt-'^^h, kalank, aib ; qubh 
Blem'ish, va. to defame; to injure— kafanifcajufcto k. khutkt panfno— d&ghi k. aib lagteft; 

nnqsin k. 
Bleoeh, «n. to shrink or fly off; to obstruct— «anfcuc/«^ fc.^pwAfetyaparon, bkarkina; dfakh 

— faa^ad, ijtifl&b k. rokn& 
Blmd, va. to mix, to miagle-^«ai<J^int4 k.-^-nnildnd, ioMZ k. makhlut k* ' to wish happiness to another, to give success, to, make happy— man^ai prdrthdtUk, 

dikitbdd, k. mangal k. sukhi A^.— kiflf ke waste barakat chdbni, dud d. mubdrak k. khujisfta Ui 
' Bless ed, Blest, pa. happy, talting felicity— kaiydit/ukto, param tukhd prdpto— khushbdl^ 

mubdrak, bakhty6r, bihishti, bai^untbdshi _ ^ . uu • J****™** 

BHod, a. deprived of sight, dark, obscure— an(i/*a, andJiakdr, gfcar— addhd, kor, ndbind, an- 

dherd, tdrik , . ,^. ^t . 

Blind, I, any thing whioh is placed t<^ intercept the sight; a false pretence— dmA<arijika* 

battu; drdl, cMai-wuh chlz ki jis se nazar roke, perda, andhydri, chriman ; bahdaa, 

hila [kori,ndbmdi; jabl,jahdlat 

BlioTaeis^t. a waatofsigbt.ignoranea'^ndfcatd, MjfyEtd, mdrfcfcatd--andhldpan, ajidhWi^ 

, BKnd'Md, a. having the eyes covered-^cAaltAu mudrita, chakhyu dcfccfcMdita— daanroundd, 

ehAehmbasta ^ " - ^ [aahnldrsdap 

Biiad-werm, a. a ediall f ettwnDus viper-^WsA^ia kkyudra sarpa KitesJ— ek <!«?J J^* chho|d 
Bliak, »«. fa wink; to see obscurely— c&afcAvi* tipan, chakhya mitmtt k.jhdpsdjh&psHdekhan 

-**akhiiiicb*Mohdnd,jaldipalakindrn4;luin(idekbDd ,^ , [hambasdrat 

Bliok'ard^ «. ene who has weak eyea-wii|«w.U bd kkyin drishfi jdhdr-^hufmk, dhaodld. 
Bliss, «. the highest degree of happiness; happiness of Messed soaU 5 arwt 3oy'--Mwm 

ntkhmi wrgtym mMm; pmtM ^TaMde— kbuehl hd mhdyat martaba; bth^t ki kboahi ; 

Vdff kh^sfal [-4«rhatBdk, fafahbakhsb, diNrasfad 

Bliss'ful, <*i full of joy, happy in the highert J#giiie-»^«i» «***•» ;»«••» dnamdit, tAddit 

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. ]3!f^(«r, J. a watery rising lA tUi skin; a 'plasty— ^iftfMr^, phmkd janah tnalafii^p^litLpoli^ 

chli&l&, ibila ; c^aw6 ibilaangez, pUstar, cniu& 
Blis'ter, v. to appfy a blister; riseia hMsten^phoskd janai m&lam Idgdon; photkd rdpepku- 

'liyd u'Man— pI4starlag4n4, daw4 ibilaangez b&ndhnd ;• &bila pa^n^ 
Blithe, Blith'some, a. gay, merry, sprightly— ^rap^u//a, sahdsyabadan, hatsha bishishfa, dmudk 

— khushdil, kush&dapesh&Q{, khushtaba, haa^mukh ... [i^Q^ 

Bloat, V, to swell ; to grow pafty—sphita h. phulan;phdw^n—p\i}il^n& ; phdl j. sdj j. bhabh«» 
Bloat'edness, s . targidness, svrellmg— «pA3f f », phuZrf— bhabharihat, stljaa, farbahi^ mo>^4pi 
Block, s. a large heavy piece of wood or stooe; a stupid fellow; a pulley— g^unri kdsh&ta^ 

hundd, pdtMtrer bara thdn bd chdp ; mfirha bd agydn bydkti ; fcapifcai— lal^l yA paththar ki 

bayi bhftri tukrA, kiiada, chatAn ; ahmaq; rassf khinchne k^ ^HfrkldAr kunda, chakoiundrf 
Block, vn. to shut up, to enclose — baddhla k, ruddha k. besktan k, — band k. gheroA 
Blocka'de, «. a siege carried on by shutting up the place — va. to shut up by obstruction— «w*»yqi 

dwdrdpath rodh .pHrbak bestan—wt. patkrvddha fcw — muhisare ke tarike ki nikabandi-^-9<z. 

Hh rok len$, ^ ' 

Block'head, «. a istupiil person, a dunce — wdtkbAy bd nirfroife— bewTi<jfif,'ahmaq [se.achchbd titt 
Block'tin, «. unadulterated tin ; the best tin— ni^MiJ rang"— kh^lis tin, arziz-i-knAUs ; achchhe 
Blood, «. the red fluid that circulates through the body ; kindred, lineage; a'rake— rafc«a j 

bangska, gotra ; lampat byakti-^lo\in,'kh(Ln ; kh&nd4n, nasi ; b&nkA, rind 
Blood hound, s. a hound that foUdws by the scent and seizes with great fierceness^«iifeMfcfcttr» 

bUhesh, artMtJe huknr gkr4n dwdrd jdiyd atyanta bdle shikar kare — ek ktltte ki jqism kijo 

stingne se kho] lag^td hai aur bahut zor se pakar leti hat 
, Blood 'shed, «. the shedding of blood, slaughter-^r/7fctap<if,7iaty4—Jchilhrezi,qatI 
^ Blood'shot, a. filled with blood, red— r>iWa piima, rakta 6arna— khdnildda, surkh, Ul 
Blood'y, a. stained with blood ; sanguinary — rdktdkta, raktamay ; atinirday, khune—' 

tchdndlftda, purkhtin, loh^bharA : khdnl . . 

Bloom, 5. the blossom or flower of a tree ; the prime of life, a native flush on the cheek ; the 

blue that appears on some fruit — phul^ mukul ; jaubandhasthd ; gdltr Idl rang ;*kona isomi. 

phaUte drishtakayje hila rang'--daraLkht k& phdl ; naujaw&ni, shabih, bah&r ; giloa ki 

%iirkhf ; halkii 6bl rang jo bAze mewepar hoU hai 
Bloom, Blos'som, vn. to produce blossoms— pu«7ipa&ati bd mukulita h, — maulnd, phulnA^. 

khilni, shigufta h. [— maul&y& h<i^, sarsabz, bah&rd&r,- naujaw&d 

Bloom'ing, Blotim'y, a. flowery ; youthful-— 6au2 bd pushpa bishiskta ; i(^ubandba8thd prdpttt 
Bloss'om, s. the flowers of trees or plants— puA^pa bd mukul — daraicht yk bate ki. phdl, maul, 

baur [chhit— V. bhar d. d4gh lag&ni, aib lag^nA 

Blot," 8. a blur, a spot — v. to disgrace, to stain — ddg, kaUinka^v, kalanka jukta k» — (iR^gh,^ 
Blotch, i. a pimple or pustule on the skin — phuskuri bd aiicM/— dado^a, cha( 
Blow, s. a stroke ; a gale of wind ; the act of a fly by which he lodges eggs in meat — dghdt, ghdi 

ehot ; bdtdser jhdptd ; mdngsete mdckhir r/im paran— cho^, w&r, zarb; jhakar, jhok&; s&f 

ydne gosht mea makhkhi k& kffe d&ln^- 
Blowj V, to pant or breathe hard ; to put forth flowers; to drive by the force of wind — phuu 

d. hdupdna ; ' bdyu dwdrd phdldna — phdnkna; haopu^ ; khiln& ; haw& ke zor se chaUnA f 
Blowze, sra ruddy fat faced woman, a slattern — push^a mukha bishishtd stri, dhuma putni, 

kmttitA stri — yalshalifhingi aurat, tantosh ki aurat, phdhar aurat. . ^' * 

Blowz'y, a. sunburnt, ruddy-faced— mueifettf dagdha, rdngd muMo— dhdp se jhauaUyA hd&, 

surkhrd , . ' / - [ki charhl 

Blub'ber, «• thefat of a whale, &c.— Hoe! ndmak brihatmatsyddir tai^hdt w. g. machhif 
Blub'ber, v, to swell the cheeks with weeping— jcondiyi mvkh phuldna — ^rone men muah pbn* 

Un& [soat^ 

Bludgeon, «. a short thick stick used as an ofEeDsiw weapon— jfadeC, Idthi, khetiyd^iaiad^,. 
Blue, a. sky-coh)ured— nii 6ama— nilA, nilgdn, kabiidi, dsmini 
Blue'ness, s, the ouality of being blue— nfiatwa— niUi, kabddiyat 
Bluff, a. stern, blustering, fierce; big — hathin, garjankdri, bhayi&nak'; bara motd — sakht, 

durusht, tund; bari ' . . 

Blun'der, i. a mistake, a gross oversight— Mti!, ci&uk— dhok&, bhdl, chdk 
Blun'der, vn. to mistake grossly ; to' err— oti bkrdnta h, bhulanr^hok& khin&» bhdlnil, 

chdknA • [bare muah ki chhoti banddq 

Blun'derbuss, s. a' short gun v^ith a large bore— &ar a mukh bishishtas khudra binduh — ek^ 
Blunt, a. dull, rough, un polite, abrupt— b^o^tM, moUi^ katkotsh, asabhya, mura^maihii.,' 

kund, kundzihan, badlihdz, beimtiy&z ' * . 

Bluntj va, to dull the ed^e or point— fe/iozifa k, dkdr moid ft.— muthrA k. kund k. h&j marni 
Blunt ly, ad, rudely, plainly, roughly— a«a6yii/a rupe, mv>ra rupe, karkash tupe — bemurdwat 

se, sakhtise , ■ • . [beimtiyArf 

Blunt^ness, t, a want of edge ; rudeness— atifcAynata, muratd, asabhyatd—msjXYixKU ku»di ; 
Blur," 8, a spot, imperfection— va. to stain — ddg, khu-aJb^va. ddg Z(£jrana— d^gh, aib — va. 4Af a 

lagin& [kah baithuA, bemah&b& boln^ 

Bltirt, va, to speak heedlessly— ^a^<ie baliyd pheldn, bibechana ndkariyd iba^n— betaammul 
Blush, V. to redden in the face through shame— /aji^a jan^s ishad rakta badan k, lajjit 

k, — sharm se chihre k& tamtamdn^, khajil h. 
Blush, 8, a reddish colour on the cheeks raised by shame ; red or. purple colour; sudden ap« 
' pearance — iajjd prajukta mukher rakta bama, rakta barna ; hatdt prakdA '^•'— ftharm . se 

cbibre ki tamtam&hat ; surkh rang ; ni^dh zdhir h. 

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K«te^«ik to AMT, to iMetor, tos«affi«r«-f4i<;^ <c. rfami tta le. forfts lr.-i^\ifriib k. HfMpf ^ 

fc. khndfaroshi k. takabbur k. 
Mi'teier, s, a noisy person, a twtifferer— ^anmiXHirt, 4<<iiiM{fc<-Uftan, Untar&ni 
.Kas'troas, a. noisy, tunrnltiious, harah -"^umaMmitttiri, gari^nkdri^^hori, dkumdinf, tnnd 
Baar, «. the majeof swine; a High tide—pMag ifc^ fco r ; ^in^nara^ar, khdk; huoimi, b4o* 

Board, s. a flat piece of wood ; « table «t which a council or court is held— 4aia(i H piif4 ; 
ie iiMter thaturdig* nvrntritan M biekdrk^tdrd Asutn— takhta» p6(, paiiri; mez ki jk ka gird 
ahal-i'iaasiahaty&ad&ratijiiskareA ' , 

Board, ». to pave with boards ; to enter a ship by force ; to piy for lodging and eating— tafcid 
inekhim; bnlpHrbmkjdhd^ulhan; tOcd di^ anifer gk(if% bdi^dhdr k.—pti\ni, Ukhte 
bickb^oi; dto^e}ah4z meaaabardastisefhufjiDi; ddsre ke fhar men kh&ne rahne k& 
.kharcb-muqarrar karies ank^nat k. . i 

Board'er, s. one who pays to diet with another— mufya dijfd anyer gharg khdif ja— diisre ka 

ghar men jo kh&ne pine rahne ki (hfki karke rahtd hai 
Boardw&'gea, s. an allowance for victails^tkojamdHhak mulya^ fcW<(W— khorakf ke d&nA 
Boar'ish, t. brutish, rude, rough, cTne\^-ih^kar§rmatai toditriyd, aiobkya, aiifA/A^r-^-sdar ke 

mAmo^l, aagaffa, s^tar&shida, B^mnUini, berahm [bafAi , 

Boast, s, a proud ^{>eeoh, a br^g^-dambhn^ &ar4i— lifzanf, Ufikhur, khiidfaroahf , khudsar^i* 
Boast, V, {0 brag, to glory in, to exult— dam&^ k. ahanhdr k. bardi lb.— >fakhar k. lifzaai k. 
khudsarii k. umang k. fkhuiifaroth, khudsari, ^karHU 

Bo'a^ter. s. a braggart, a paffar, a swaggerer— dam bfcoirartrf, bardi bijdtik hart ^-^dfzan. 
Boastful,*, proud, haughty, vain— ddinyii'c,.darpas^ti,9sr|to— dim&ghf, maghrdr, mutakabbir 
Boa-it'ingly, od. ostentatiously, vainly— dat7>a p*ir6a/c, jdak pHrbak-^UizdiUi ae, iantarinise, 

shekhl ae 
Boit, «. a small vessel used on rivers, kc^nauki, dingi, pdnsl— q4o, kishti, bpt [mall&h 
Boatn^an, s. amana^rof aboat— ^Ad^iV, dd|^', ns^t^niowiU, d&ndi, minjM, kishtih4a, 
Boit'swdin, «. [fto-in] an omcer who superintends a ship's rigging', &c. and overlooks the 
tailors in their suodry duties— fdk<$#r harmakdri bisheA, arthdt rashd ratki rdhhe ebaug 
yiildiider karma ^r;ya dek^ 70— sarhang, yinejahas ki ek uhdadir ki jo malUhoa tt 
Vim leta hai our rassioQ ki khabargiri karti hai 
Bob," I), to beat, to cheat, to dangle— -mdron, fhagdna, bMna, d&ldna^mirnA, Istftb d. hilini 
BahbioyS.. a small pin of wood with a notch to wind the thread about when women w^v« 
laCe— jVi/t banibdr janye sUta jardibdr na/i— phirki ki jis par j41i baoine ki sdt 
lapette baia 
Bob tailed, a. {..] having the taiNsut short— 2«;kd^ bd ftsartyd— ran4ari. bindi 
Bode, va, to forestiew, portend— 6\d6i bishay prakdth bd gy^-aan k.— «hug6n d. dal&lat k. 
Bo'dement, s. an omen, a foreboding — lakhyaut bhdbi bitkayah tfktnka— snuffda, fdl, dalil 
Bodice, $. a sort of stays for women — kdaektUi— aqgiyi, mahraoi [nirangkir ; rdh&ni ; p6k 
Bod'iless, a. without a body ; spiritual ; pure — niukarir, nirdkdr ; dtmdmay ; pabUra-^b^ism, 
Bod^ily, a. relating t4> the body-^kortrik^ism&ni, badani 

Bod' kin, s. kn instrument 10 draw thread through a loop— sdcAt &i«^k— chhonchhi, §(14 
Bod'y, s. the material substance of an animal ; a person ; a collective mass ; a corporation— 
$harir ; drabua, byakti ; pinda^ punja', dal — badan, jism, tan, deh, sarir ; ah»khs ; kisi chiz 
k&wajtid; firqa * * 

Bod yclothes, t. clothing for horses— asktooporiek^d—ghore kl gardanf 
BogyS. a marsh, a fen or morass; a swamp— joZddd toatd bhUmi, pankamay bd daldaUyd bhAm 

— daldal, andan, dbasan ^ 
Bog'^le, on. to hesitate, to wav^r— ekatomota khdon, sandska k. »angshay k.— thi^hakni, 

ihajhakni, pasopesh k. wasw4s k. 
Bog'gler, $, a doubter, a timorous man— sandekakortd, bhiru — chann\«I, khaufhik, darpoknft 
Bohera,<. A tea more astringent, than green— ckd buhethjdkd $abuj ekdapek^iadfiik kafiA 

kay— ch& ki qism jo sabz ch& so ziy&da q&biz ha» ,j 

Boil, V, to be agitated by heat: to dress by putting into boiling wHtar-^tdMwdrd pkulan. JjOiA^ 

dddha k.-^khaulni, josh kbkaA, abaln& ; ubilnA, josh d. / '^ ^ 

Boiled, pa. [.] dressed in boiling water — siddha» paktoa— ub&li hdi, josk k. g. ^ <^ <sVX^ 

Boi'ler, t.- a vessel for boiling water, &c.^nddka kart&dr kafd^ k<i<trt~--deg, khum, ka^ih 
Boisterous, a. loud, furious, stormy— atifrrikat soddakdrt, procAoJiia, jhapukta — zor shor 
k. w. shadld, tund [lor shor se 

Bois'terously, ad. furiously ; very loudlyi— procAon^a r4p$ ; atithay ghahda pdr^>ak— ^hiddat se, 
. Bold, a. brave, stout, daring, impudent,— skdkos^, bhartdjukta, nirbhay, nirio/ja- bahidur, 
Bttibdt, nidar, behay^ [hauaila d. 

Bold'en,.oa.'to makiB bold or confident— «dka« bd bharasd jukta A«— himmat bandh&n&, 
R M'^'' ad. in a bold manner, bravely^tdkai pHrbak, fsirbhay r^p«— cHlerkna, marddaa 
iJold ness, 1. courage, impudence, confidence— «dkas/ nirbhay atioa, nirli^atd, 6&ar<u4— diier f , 

oah4duri; besharml, gust&khi ; taq^riyat, istiqiil 
Bo(e, I. an earth, a «oni measure of six bushels— nw^kd bith$»h^ thasytr parimdH Atskaik— 

Kil-i-armanf , multinl ma^ti ; ch&r man batis ser ki ghalle ki paimkna 
owl, s. a pod, a seed vessei-^jddkdr— tnkhm ki khina [paidi h. 

oolLon. teseed or form into a seed vessel— 6tj bd bijddhdr k.— tukfam yi tukhm ke khinoa ki 
^wf^^'^^^f^ pillowy a long cuahioa— 6ani bdtiihi lambd 6dftik— bftfi takiya; Iambi 

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B'OL ( 3D ) 3JMQ. 

Bolfller, M. to raim«rt wttii • rbdlrter ; > t» pm p MM . Jtyrf iKMgvfc>iiltofc 4ffMahiC A^v 

Bolt. I thebar o^ adoor ; a tlmiide»boH.*^4tk£i,«iifM ; %m.-k^ vl^^iUitii 

BoU. V. to (aston ; to sift; to rmhmxb'Tkhii d.imfhd d, clMmi^;ib9gB iiiyr .&^^.«beadi 

la«4B&, bend k. «hb6i»i ; }ast kadoa aikilnft 
Bolt er, s. a sieve to separate meal ftrom brao-r^^iOamr-ch&lDi, ghirb&l [qiin dBlmHi^i 

Bo'lu8,«. a large ^U akmdjofearthr-^mitfcaaAm^ifiitt; •nn^JHi:&iikei6«Mi«NL Ui>a|i«oU;:^ 
BoHlb,-s« « globe- of iron cmirainiwg combiiatibles/&s. tobe lUsdiarfod '(ramia tmoiter i pMf i^.^ 

bar nifnitta bdrudddi bhard gold^hubkte k4» jkut gMnewiii tfoli ' {thmihilBkif^ 
Bom'bard, s. a (preat gua | a bafval >tQr -wtne^Afira 4c(&MC»,<t^j^<W. <piiip(l«ff«bufaixe JciJtop^. 
Bo»ba-rd, va, to attack with bombs— 6om mamak ioid iii4mii^9btib6ra dialini ; ^gaimULZ 
•Bombardie'r* <. [..itoffri] :a!iboiBb.;en8iQoei^-«lom~.ntfMafc.«a<«('dkiUTOl^^ 
Bombard ment^ i. aa attack with bombe--^oiit ndmak ^U nlUUmn^dmAm sftm^Jn'ttgbiifaftr^: 

ke goto mftriiamargl^ k. 
Bombasi'o, <. slight black silken stiiff-^iMSialttrfiatwkaiiit jM^Mr^Hiivfth atkt • . /. 
Bomba'sti a. faigh.Mua4riig--r.fustiaQ*-^arti«&ift tofafcirft Mfeya ftiiMh^a'H*^ €amrtbaknbtam 

Mra6<(fcya,pratefi(ika'<»inubilagha&nex— «. mab&lagha - < .1 .*. 

Bom'bula'tioa, t. a great eouad, a hum— 6aiw JiAbda, ^wnpuk afaabia-f4Mif&4uiris* bbfUHlk ■ . . 
Borab'ketch, s. a ship lot \MJa3b»^'bfim^^Amak%9^ri6i^'^}i^ttAd topdR^iaiUia 
B«aas'us»<.akaad«tibttfialo--*4mdktt&Jtt«ft«tft^«<^4ism|[ibbaias ""• v 

Bond^ s. cords or dhaiiui with which any one is bound ; cause ofttaion,'ltiikof coanaekiaii ; aay 

written obligation^-fwi^a. sikol ftoadi jdAdrdwmrd kdhdkt baMhdk^rd^^ .hfmihmait 
' fe^t, )ttrton/Udpatrar-*band, zanjir yi rassi kijis se koi b4DdiMl'}6aw( : ' ' 

ekrdmdnUi, khat, 

rlsila; tamassnk, daaliiins* 
Bond, a. in a servile state ; enslaved, cdkpivve-^ddsatwabhdbe ; ddaatwaprdpta, haddku .ii^nldnii 

kf bilat men ; gbul&mk. g. garift&r» qaid 
Bond 'age, «. capti«ty» slavery* impciaoiiment-^&aiMtiCiMi» ^liiatwa, hdffdgdrt .btuUBta A.^ 

asM, habs, ^ttl4mi, qaid 
Bondman, Bondmaid,*, a male or femakslave-^mCa4{^M:<i<lft'ngiMik»i« barda ; kaiiic» 

Wndi ,_ ^ , 

Bonds'man, s, one bound for another— jrtmt««*-«4mMi^ kafil 
Bone,.f . the aidit s^lid-part iiit\»^h€dyrr4U»hiM Jmr^yi^di, Mtttkhw&n 
Bo'nelace, s.a coarse kind of lace ; flaxen lace-'inff^fi jdU toitra bisheth, ^uuur ;^i-*ok . qiMi ^ 

kimofij6ll.sai»iIj4U '• ' •; ' u u jj. 

■ Boae'le»i» o» having Ao bones ^tenderT-MtniAtn; narom->^baha4<p j narm 
Bon'fire, t. s^fire made for triamph^-^joy jhoaya 4asa:6fte . v^tptA. 0fm***ek aUo kt.jia tko 

vftllyat aeH' Mihv* kbttshi aiea kante h9ift 
Boat'net, 4. a covering Cor tba head, a Qdjp^fupi ki$h«$k^\fkvU^ k uUh - > 

fion'aiiyi ad. prettily, gaiU; . handfl<pia)i y ^- < ti ii dorriM»<, ^dihddpiirbtds, ^jwipd^trtZp^^kh^U 

.«eikhasbiie„«ebckhitaKfthse • 
Ban'ny, d. handsome, beautiful, merry, gay^-r^iu^ar, »u<Art» a^ai(2ftla/|m^pAH^aT-4aaio, 

kh&lis6rai,;khssfaUb4,baah6h^ ' 

&JMnflBag'num, s^-a great plum-riiAai to2i«c^'-bari &la 

Bo'ny, a.stroQfl^t stoat, UiU.WlMae^^HMFta*aMJ6iii, g«ti^4M;r<n)qiftv(, jnaabat*vha44id&r 
Boo'by, $. a dull stupid fellow ; a large hird^-mvarkha bd hokd ; poie&yt buMi-r-^aAuaaq ; ek 

insm kt baf 1 chiriya . 
{Bofak,s..a votumoia^arhich we, read or wnle ; a fiartiQiilarauictar division of a mwh^jfimnthm, 

picfttffc, boi, fc^a ; grantUr angtha -pa^hoe y& likhne ki kitAb ; kit&b ki>b&b 
:Bo»Mbinder,.««aaew<)iabtadsibooiift-^f«Mg«>^ ' ,['Kif>-Tfkit&bdo8t,.ikiMleat 

Book'ish« o.-much giv^n to readmg, studious— ntyata pmtak»<iMbitkta, am^»^<Mti9»chimd' 
fiookikeeper, «. 0«a who ihatM-accQiiBts^Ais<S6t» jMiftiMr«--^biaib4ikhne w« Qafchil 

Bookrkeeping^j.thevast af ^keeping aooQUQt»-^iftfM6tdy<(» ma^ari^i^hisib kitib* AdbkA 
Book'mate, s. a schooNfellow-'MttrMa, sainadAy^i«-«b«sndan«.hamsabak 
,Book:seUer,^. & vender of lwakS(by:prof(iS8ion'-|Mwt«Jk^fc]i«4-Tt^ . .' . 

Book worm, t. a mite ; a clotiestudQBt<-rp<Mt«^;te'!^#4rD(K»«^kaiv ntyf fMte aiiiiik«4u» koMse-- 

kit«bk4klr4';^tfibo]iaaiaUa% , / . . 

BooB^ s« fripar toaateod aioail (ra ehain or«ftUe.aGrMS a rwer ;.tbe distaat saaoddofcaaiioa^ 
.,\piUiiiistde kamb^Akt^i;-.nadirAMayHr pindf^aiMai bdif^jj^i diirMthakdmdmr ihnbdiP^ 

.blUb^.latk&ne kl lak^i ; dary& ke ars ki zai^ir y& rassf ; top ki dank&r |>ti«.«B4in>;- duA 
. Bqoo««. ^ g'ltt.'a pMseat^ a^pwit ; ft;pW|reJMrd4»» Jtakihrnt bar ddn ; priirtAaat^lMikhBhiahy 
.Boaa#ia«-aa^.DMMDry^^«Kleasantt ebeigf 6U'T>4wfldv«<i/fe<i«akwifli<tt» A^dfiaafMtoTi^Jutshmia&j, aui.. 

didUl, khushtabiyat ^ [wah«hi»- 

nBipor,r4..a ckMrn,*a Joat, A mide- aaaQT^ck^lUC, ni<ifAa» aiaM3r«6|ra&<t-.fraiiw6r, 4ahj|toi, 
Booc'dsh^ .a.'eastic>.^fiUiwniah, t^^^r^rtkdAdfwd* 'iiAih0^y»-T9aawdfl<i, nfttartehSda, ibetamf s > 
BoaF i fl ha a a i^ti. ca a i wciieflfl .ogjmanjiBrsmraa iWiyfli ^ rf g aftw4b-apan».heUmiBi .@^ii«t«I^ 

Boose, s. a stall for a cow or ox to feed m-^^arux idber gdml4 AtiJUK&T-gii.y&^bail ke biadhoe 
4Stoti^. Iftffiofi^ la«aiai;; i^0»i on, baAlS'->44M>^p4«MiipiAe;k. ahosira n^Aporm'^li^tti. 

£ftida ptoA ; mow pnhinoiL 
loot,.«; profit, advantage, booty ; loe jpaoa Qafpraaawa ooaisniaaB aaa..M»a «qm4^ ; cavonnc 
ior tkBleisfrMtk^pttdptiiMkatd.dri^^i ^(imhi.<9Mhihdoddi9mrmiaad9miidhuatitk^, 
r.«k4rvi«;aP«s)tf*HMda> fUU»J«i^ kash/yiaa^lUMi gfkO aur.iiBaQhii4i,ika banhae 41 

jagah ke darmiy&n k6 f&sila J moza, bat 

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' 4tik&Dd4roa k4 sAyabin . • 7- k^um. 

Bwt'les*^ a. iweleM, uoavaiittji; vaiih-aiMrtkdk, m'iftpfcaf brf6iday aUiath, baliisil 

Bdnuchk^tf. [.rot-t^Ao] a drunkard j a leathern boUdtt^matM ; wkAtimt batal, arthdt kmpi'>^ 

.ttflt«&lfti;.koppf " {fcn<sdiHJtAya>k«ft«A-^haltrtokliiitomdekb4f&' 

Bbra'^mei, «. theveietableiamb^ ««i«fallyka«mi by- the aane of Airaiu ScyAkoi mmkA- 
Bo'nK^^ aaartiteiatsalt; pTa^mdsfnm saiammoniftey mtra* caloiiwi tartar, sea sait^aad 

'■h wr, diw J y ed in wiBc-w<ajUip<>-gah<g4, tinker, banraqy }aw<kbto 
Bbr^ABii, fi.«iii0dKiB|^. a«kle,a boandary— d^r, fciiidr^, jNlr ; |crv Jtmd, vrdntabidg^'^kiafmk'i 

:bidBir»;: Uraf^ hadd, sarfaadd 
Bordnar^ «» aoin h abitai i t naai tha b0ideri«<-fim(l idtJH-iarhadd k& rahaaviU 
BDMM»«helioU(nPof Kfroa.; a«i«e»iDg4id*«-teMdttftw>]KAuim^; Wa--baiid6q kiniDhrf, bandto 

kl bbitar ki pahail ," b^nr, bamnii • [badlifl&, bafmaat 

Bern m. temake abole, to»iM6ne-^AMdM k,phmbmrk. tedihw, aA9ra»««^ic&kh k. obhadii4^ 

. Bqtwl, «. awthem, teading^ to tha north^^uttari^, uttar dihattha^^iflardhltimskhi uttaila. 

shimili) uttar ki taraf miUi 
Bo-rttaM«-tbaJimb3«ited<*->-iit«arty»&i^^«^ haw4, b^d-i-ahioaiil 
Bore e, t. a FMneh dance-^-Frdnji nriCyaiduMli-Hifc qiua k4 FHtaititi nich 
BO'Mr* ». a^gimbtlet : one who« bmn^-^^mfmny ekkidtmkdm k jt a nai, 1 minqfab ; efahadiia w; 
Bm^pavbamffbt iot»thaworld--^d«BiM.ja««taHuft> fud4, z4idi,dBida» zA. » 

Bann»ftt».aamed, broughti sapported^da^ita, chdiita, dhrita^iyk say&, Uky&-gay4, iith694 

gafi^ bantosht^k. «•'' ... 

Bor ottgh, s. [dur-roj a oorporatioa town-^Inglanda desheremat praitfk jt takMmbi^ hkdigtr 
. g#faatia>Awfaifctic%i— td ffc dfc * sbafatfjahia bAdshih ki ijisat- m^ panab iatiiin^ kawSbte 

maalahat kar^^ n^udh^rl. 

Boc^ww, vo. to ask a loan ; take 00 eTadit->^tfi k^ dkdr k. karja ie« — mftngB L.b& 4nyat 1. qarz 
Bor'rowe^, s. ona- who borrows froiii:another^-«n»t» adkammntm, ktBtja>iayiji, frfrrftrt* qan 
. kbwih^ ^aMd4r,.BMii0l&;'mttitair 

Bot'cag^ <• a wood, a grove— aronya, 6a», jc}^»i*-jjaBgal, baa, daMdbhlistio. 
Boakfy^ a. woody*-^ni«^^aifMy, kimiyd/imigallyd^jaBgali 

Boa'oai, s. tha< breast^; ihe boait^ the saat> of^ tande w eat > fcy»n tekftyodflMl; rUdoa .* trntah' ■ 
cAmm^MobUUf^aiaas dct^; mababbatkljagab > . . . . T^. 

Boa'om, va. to enclose in the boeoia-wiiMg'an H kole l:.--ebh4ti men rakhai^;. 
BoM, fc c 0tud,« bnbb, a' raised work--ko/i» pA^ra-. H alankdmte j«. ii^ wdbdU. Id^tmkiUki 

Botan'ic, Botan'ical, a. pertaining to botany or the description pf plaotB-^MfcAya.' Msfamafc 

^»%HtaaMtoad*iy<i^iiab4tt,' b4((qi>'ke4)aiki6 fltutaalltq^ ^k4^k4altt> 

Bacanietvt* a panwa skilled .iikherba-'^tMjfia MsAayab^M#<% pan^«< MaiiU-^bdtou be Hoti 
Bot any, s. branch of natural history which treats- ot plants— ^rtMya dirtafok Myd«-*b6toa 

Jiliiin;,dia»i>afld>4t • 
Botch, o. an ulcerous sweliiog-^-^aaa, pAoni-^digh, cba(, pbbi^, mubda4. [b0BiohkaioiLiagfio&. 
Batchy mend olnmsily, to patc h h t tti t rUp^ sdroHy tdtt^i.^-bari tarab-Bemacaonaat k. 
B)»tcb'er,4. onawho maadsoM olothes--p«4^tef» testrasdfv j«<-HrafiDgar 
BjathnA the two, of two«*HaMay, dai-KloBO, bardo. 
Bot'tle, «• a vessel with a narrow mouth to contain liquids — kd^ich nirmita fttnkitt^agtda^akta 

pi(j$rmt.botiflf$kis ki '> a r a qrafcbneA4 chhote:mai|b'k& hartan, qariba, sbtoba, giii&bl^ botiaL 
Bot'tom, t. toe lowest part ol aay thing; a. valley; the fouadation-^toM; duiparte^sr 

madhya sthfU» b^ilmi, m<</— tal4, tall, pend4, pe&di, tab, tafat»>p4ia> aicb^^, daaaj do ]HK- 

bdfQftikadarauyAaicf jagab ; buntyid. [tab«agaBi. 

Bat'tomleU, a..QBratbomablei wntbout boltom<*-atoi<upari6a» athd^\ uU kin^ gord rahit-'^B^i 
Boi'laikiry, $^ money borrowed on the pledge of a ship— ^'oAaj bandiuik pdkkiydjk tdkd karja . 

karajdyr^jahta ki m&liyat' par jo nipai qaratliy^* j4t4 hai 
Baud, <« an insect: wbioh breeds in.raalt-<^t.< biikefh^-^k. qism k4 kl^< 
Boogbf a. aii.aqii^: a tree, a branch— sM/e/uf, ddl-^hikh, d41, d4U 
BovshtifMiit. of tp bay— 4. a knot, a flexure-'bay d^atar tUilskdl bdehak ^mbdm aHhdt krita, 

ifimUn^i g4nth ^H^ ^ mar— 6M|rk6 m4si, yana kharida,. mol %4 g»rA^-*'« g^otl^ lacbak 
Bougie', s, a wax-taper ; an instrument—mam^a^i ; astro bishesh— mom kl batti ; jasribi batti 
Bounce, an. to leap, to spring ; to bully— ^^ft^iyd paran, Uphifd utkaui fhikri^duibtm dq>hd- 

4dM k. dttrpa lit— kddbedtaatnb, lapakna, jnapakkaf chains ; dbamktei 
Batttt'ows f. a boaster, a bully— dsrpa^«n» dd»6b*b,d8p^toaiGar«Ad.Miiy.dan^i«.-14&aa, 

lbbadfH<Qlh, afaorpnshE- 

k,*fioaiid'itfy^s. a limit, amark^.an.Qttdi— sfmi^ antat— badd» sarhadd^intihC 

Bound, a. to lump, spring, fly back; to nmit— iarnp^ lairan, tkikri^d ufhan bd pamn, ul^d 

dmmd- frnhm^ .uehhdi)yd uihan^ bd pmpn, simdmHipan &.— k6do4, jatt k. )app4 kb4a4, 

aebbaliitfr; hadd b^mdhnA • 

BOttfld^'O^ <to8liaad 4br, gotag to-^Md^i^o, boiw^ ttbdas gaiaywada ■■'Azi m ,' qtoid, UbiB 

jtfoeivftli [tth4,bep4fAn,beqaid 

Jfarnvfless, at ttaUmiled; infinite; unconftned-^amna^ aaaate, aamticbta) «>pdi^-^eliadd/ beia- 
Baaad'etoiie j $k a -atona to^plby with*^/rAaiiMr pnutar Msbcf^^^helaa k^r^patbthai 
BaoBl'eoaa^ f.«sb«-iia> Bovaak'\iyL\taAih9t9kifffn»ou»*^ddittkiif,bdddnyartadd^ytkripd^ 

taiEbS»i»iy4a, imibbaiyar 

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W9V ( » ) ' IMbfilc 

6«, dil kfaolke . ■ ,<^* 

Boiitt'ty,s.f«Deronty, muaifioe&ce'-iiikilntiMriic^^faisybakhsb^ . . { 

Bour'geon^ vn. Ibur-jun] to sprout, to bud, uxs^ootiau> bmoohes----m#]ij«ra}i««Iw{iri.eftA<£fniiV. 

^^na-^^psnapnj^ kali kbilo&, ihikh pb4$ni • .> £ aadi, oal^i. 

Bourn, J. ft bound, limit ; brook ; tOTT^at—simd, anta ; khyudra nodi ; srot^baKM** MitiMir; 
Boufie, or Booac, vn. to drink to ezcea8<^ratuAay ]m^ fc^^betiwl^d pSq4 [vR^ife 

B4»ttt'y»«^ madcUed with lii^ucr, drvitikr^-m9dya.pfint ma^fiv mat/i/^nafthe m9\i-^y6.\k(i&, mat* 
Bout, «. a turn ; as much ot a:n action a^ is parformed at OBe time without iaterrupUotiT* 

khy^^kram, bdrt dafd—bin, l^, dafa ^ [iag&aew&Ut fitari]fa«- miif»(^' 

Bou'tet'eu,«. an incendiary ; a d\Bifnih9r^'grihaddlutk, je agni Idgdy bd birodh >jaiimay^iktz^ 
Bow, s. an inclination of tfaie body in token of lespaet ; an iftatruntent ta shoot acrows ; « knoti 

•made with a ribbon-^mar;{radArt^ wu^tak hent kwran, namaskdr ; dhunuk ; pkAtdr^ -f^i 

M pAasi— kefsnsh, ta^im ; kam&B, qaus, dhanuk ; kapie ke bandiU ph^i . . 
Bow, v^ to b^nd -, to sloop^-mAtlika heut k, namasJitdr is. heikt h, nata. ktjiumikiudpar^n^mp^t 

ihuJe&n^j lacking nboko/ii * . 

Bow'elless, a. cruel, unfeeling, m^ri^lees — nirday, nu/i.^^ur^b^rahm, beriqqat, saagdil 
Bow els, s. the intestinal parts of the body ; compassion, tend«r^esS'^42t', no^ri bh^uuTh on^ar ; 

da|f^, (n«&a--antanfij;L« >4nteii, roda, am4 > rat^m, riqqat 
Bow er, s, an arbour in a garden ; an anchor— frn^yete ebang Uttdte dbrita sthdn, bdr4$ttt^ 

leun^ ;. nai»^ar-<^wiihf0ph4 la jiako.da{Eakht<ijiki)ahiiiaA Uiham bdodhkac ban&t^ hiiqt» 

kunj;langar [kunidir, s&yadAr 

Bow'ery, a. ftfll of bowers^ 8hady?r*^nia bufnihta, brikhytr bd latdr dmd^d daheytddUft'^. 
Bowl, «. a hollow cup or glass ; a round niass which may bn roibd along the ground — bdiii, 

kafordffiydid'; l»dutdr"t^uki,.tks^ i&m« bildiya; gol chiz kijiskazamin pardhudkite haia 
Bowl. V. to play at bowls; to roll, to ttuadi^'^hdntd kkelan, gariyd d,--ngol« so kheini^ 

dhulkini, iutkbtoli 
BoVleggad, a. (..) haviof ci«okfid.l«gs---Wera|Mid 6u&w&ja^<4a}p&, kbamSdas^q 
BowKer, 9* one who bowls* or plays at bowla-^hhdufd kh^iajtanjer^ffsoln so khDine. w» . 
Bowline, s» th^ name of a ship's to^^-^jdhdjer dari ^i»h4ikmr nofls^jahaz ki ek lassi ki nAm ; 
Bowriog^gTeen, s. a level green for bowlers— 6^ khelibdr m/i^^—goU khokm k4.maid&a- 
Ibm'man, s. «& archer i sbooW vkt\ihom9^^haHUFdJuf,r^kim^udi.r, dha»ukdkar,ikamftait :/: 
Bowsprit, s, the mast that projects in a sloping-direction fram a ship's bead-r-^AA^^iSftf^tf^iM^ 

bdukdkariydd^Offdjdy.Jemdstuh'^^zke&%ekii&}MAitiT,^^ .^ . . n- 

Bow'string, s^ the stciag used far a bQw^dhauuk$r ehhiid--^biiii, vh, kamio k4 diarhAo 
Boffr'yer, t. aa archer; a maker of bows<-d^»«rd4ar ; dhatmk nirmdnkarid^kuahad^^ 

kam6ngar ^ . 

Bctx,^.'a case made of wood ; a blow— simtttk bdiikdUF ; kU, 4^r— r<anduq.; thappa|r,ftam^iHm 
Box, va.-to strike; to pack in a box -^kil mdrantchafindrau; iimduke pmraa bd baddkak.^- 

ghidai maml^, tajiMicba m^ni^. saiid6q mea band k. . 
Boxer, s. one who. Bghts with the fist— ^Au«dr iardi fc«r«^>~ghds» marne w.mushfcaaA 
Boy,.-«v a malechild, a youth— c&^Uyi, ^<i^— chhokr4, lairka, b4lak 

Boy 'ish^ a. childish, smigii'^bdlakeir nydy, chkepld-^^ki ki m^uiud, chiballa, V^^^ 

Boy'ishness, Boy'ism, «. .childishness, play-— 2»fUakati9a, ckMydtni, kktld-^i^akpsLn, tiflagi^ 
Brab'ble, I. a clamour, a broil— un. to contest— fc«iara6, kato&a— «». kalaha ^.^-shorahar, 

•qaziya — vn.qaziyak. 
Brace, s. a bandage ; a pair— ^ndAnit ; jor/i— band, bandhin, paUS, kasni ; jora, juft„sai9 
Brace, va. to bind, to tighten— 6a2id/ian, Kas^tt->bandbn&, kasnft 

Bnk'ced, pa, [.] made tight— ^zid^a, /ca«^— kasft h6i [pabiuchf 

Bca^celet^t. aa ornament for the wrists— kanfad^ran, paiuckd kankan tlyadi— «hurx, kaagaa, 
Bca'cer, «: a bandage ; any thing that tightens— ^fida»> bdudhaui; tdn bd baddka kariyd rdk/m 

-jrlAo— »patU> baadh^ 
Bra'chial, a. Ibreak-ifai] belonging to the arm— 6^u iambandbiyd^hizu. k& mutaalliq 
Brachyg'raphj, <. [btu>-kigTgra.] the art or practice of writing in a short compass— sani^A^Mit - 

liJckan 6i£/ya— muKhtasarnavisi fi;.— darir, shaq<~<va. aankto k. 

Bracb, s. ahreach, acrack- vu. to.8alt-^6Aa^a4t^», biciiehiud, phd^^ pk^ifdlr^it. Mokibmm 
Braok'et,^^, a small support made of WQod-^^kona drabya r^hydrtke kditr goaj buhesh^kkiH 

Brack ish, o. saltish, like sea water— io»ia—kh&rft, loni, shor 
Brad, i: a thin sort of nails used in doots^tmktdr mejeu moft&dr rwlialt€ eh prakdr prffe— bhe 

ki mekh ki. ek qism ,ki jis se gharoa ki takhtabaod i karte haia f tte khel ki ek uiah 

Brag, «. a boast; a game at cards— 6arAi, ahankdr ; tds kheli &i«A«s^— sbekhi kli kal^u ; Ua 
B»g," vn. to boast, to swagger, to pvtlS^bafdi k. ahankdr Ac.— lifzani k. kallaxani k. makik^ 

laghesei&rif k. ^ 

B^a^tado'cio, t. [^-o] a boaster, a swagg erer-N^rm bd chtoAdr feare/r— I4f»a# kalla«a& ^ 
graa gart, Brag'ger, «. a- vai^ puffing feliow*--6arai bd Uuk karr jt— khudfaroih^ khttdsaril 
Braid, va. to w«ava together, to plat— frwjirti^ beni k. «4ima/, k.— «iindhn4, baaa4 
Bmd.s. asortof lace; aknotorcomplicauon of spmethiug woven together— pAstdMiii/s 
•.^«*i 6««t,^lj^-r,ekqi8nBkij4lijgdiMiha»,B«Bndi |>lWa.k& bMhdaJape(iMtAh^ 
Brails, t. ropesttsadtadraw tt^a.ship'a saUs-jii**^ p<i^>ariifo>><^ar»--«ass<4a hi jia aa 
Jiram, $. tl^e colleGUoa of Vessels and.organswithia the skuii. from which atasa and motion 

ansa; seose, aodatataadtag-iiKifi^; ^d4iAi^^y«ii-inaghj5,bheji^di»<ihi*a«h,fah» 

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»v* { 51 ) use 

B M bV #tr4a^Kai»y beattag^mt tile 'bnk»-^$ium4f ^ftg iyt wiiya j ft<»»-fc;*-4lwigfaitiiirtllt '^ 
Biaia'laUfO. flilly« foolish, thoughtless— M6a, niriodh^bem2ug\iz, 8ubaks&r» bboti, 46(14 
Brain'^pan, t . the skull contaioins the bnins-^MKtMr ^Auii— khoprf, k4sa [wahmi, wssvriti 
Bnun sicic, «« ^iseadsd in the vtwiien^ndmii^mdthd pdgU^ atthir buddki bithiikta—ma^nkn, 
Bmt,. ». a rough unpolished dizmond—acAikkaan hriu hivdk^vBii. bfrfr ki jo tit& Ur49h& 

firakB»s.a thicket of brambles; an mstnimeiit for dressing flax; a kueadim; trotigh*^ic<l9M- 
ban ; shan dt^chtdibdr HcrfiiM ; m^dd ehkdnilkir jee«iiy<i— kh&rdArjh6ro]| ki iangai; aau tai^ir 
karae ki M ; 4t& g^ndhne kk kafhri 
Bra'kjjr, ». prickly, thorny— XedR^afc Ms&wA^a->kb4rd4r,p«rkh4r 
Bran ble, << a priclrly or thorny bush— ^(inM>^«r-^h&rd4r jhiri 
Bra'min, t. a Hindu priest^&rVEmAttn— -bcibmao' • 
Bra% «• the husks of ground corn^M^iAt'— chiAar, kan 

Branch, s. a bough, a. shoot ;-oifi&priiig--^tfii, «A<iftAav Mt»tett^-d&U, d^vshftkb*; nasi, aulid 
Branch , v. to spread in branches-^^eMotri^ par oA-^hikhea aikiloA > 
Brand, va, to mark with hift iion^tapta tauhar dwdrd dag d.— garam lohese d4^h k. d4gho4 
Braad, g. a mark of inftiray : a lighted stick—^pamtfner d^nha ; katanka, JMnlanta krishtha^ 
; dAgb, barf, kalanlt; sokhta lakff, ldk4 ' ' 

Brand'ed, pa. burnt With iron ; disgraQed«-laiiAadwd6n(d<«gdAa ; apaevCinta, kaiankajuikt»-^ 
. lobe se d4gh d. g. behurmat k. g. 
Braad'ish, oa. ta wave, or shake, or floaibh as a weapon-^oitm kkelan bd ^lirdna. b£ gfcuo 

r<iaa -;^hathy4rJitl4n4 y4 phirin4 ... 

Brandling, ». a small worm, the dew worm-— fcsgefcuyii, fcimp*fc4«— ke||chw&, gensi 
Brao'dy, f . a strong distilled liquor-'-madva frisheth— ek qism ki sharib ■ • 

Bran gle, s. a qaarrel, a-dispute, a wrangle^MMd, ^ierodk^ j^o^^qissa, qasiya;' jhagfi. 
Brank, s. a sort. of grain called buck wheat^sftasjfa ftittoV-ekqiara k4 anaj 
Braa'ny, a. consiiiting of bran ; dry^bkuski map ; s^tuUm—chokarimez.khu^k 
Bra'sier, «. [.f^tii^J one who works in brass— <fc4st<fri— kaseri, tbather4 
firasi'l, «. an Ameriean wood fdr dying red-^-Aaricam iaiisfc^-'baqam' 
Brass, f . a yolldw metal made by. raizing copper and lapis ealaminans ; bBpodonoo'^'ptteol ; 

iitriaj^atii^pftal,binnf; besharittf ' ** - - - 

Brassy , 4. hard aa brass ; made of brass 7 4wld^-ptf Colsnny^y thdHa ; pitimi'niifmita $ nirktjjm 
>«-9itatkemanindsakht; pf false batt4y&gsy&;birii^i, pitalsi; gnstikh. beshann [chhokfifc 
Brat, t. a child, by way of contem pt—^n tt^ bodhak shabda, ckhourd, chmgrii^tiA; - knnd&, 
Brawa'do, i, a brag — garba\ batdj, m4kdt, Maoprad<trs^n*^hamki r darlK>, takhwif 
Brave, a. courageous, gallant, nobla ; ezceirent->$dfaut> MAddiSr; uMant— bah4i«r, diler, 

• mardina; kh^saa, ttthfa 
Brave, «a* to challenge, to defy, to hector— s^frufre juddhs dhbdn k. tnehekka k^^tofH 

Bi4iiga4, AQkhea mil4nA, simnA k.muq&bil h. 
Bra'vely,ad..gallantly, nobly, generously, exceUently^^«aA«it jribrltdt^ buratmi p^rbak, ditritwa 

r^, mtUim rtip0--dilerl se, jawiomardi se, sakh4wat so ; kh4ssi tarah se 
Bra' very, s. courage, heroism, magnanimity ; splendour— tdAoj^ birtttwm ; uttamatd ; j4i^ 

iduaai— bah4duri, dileri, himmat, jawAQmardl ; tnmtar4q,eh&n8haoki(t 
Bra'vo, s« one who murders for hire ; aa exclamation expreauy« of appiobation^« b»Utn lai^d 
, .manu$kya b^dh kare } i/i^MiA^wuh shakhs ki jo kisi se kuch Mar ddsre ko mirdilta kai ; 

sh4b4sh, ifrin, marhaba 
Bravura, j. [Itoi.] applied to such songs as reqatro gveat vocal ability ia the singer— f4i» 

b ifhn k m ushkil git * 

Brawl, on. to quarrel, to 9peak loudly— fAsfcra k. ^^&an<t*^haff4 k. sborsNLr k.* - [dangai 
Brawl'er, ai a wrangler, a quarrelsome ftbraon-^hahfAtiyi, /cufecifffiya— jhagfild, - lar&k^ 
Brawa, s. the fleshy or mitscakius parts of the body^^rtVer je, ang a thnMhm mdngm 

win^iopeihite nimiita fta^-~>badaLii k4 wufa in< ki jis mea bilkul gosbt anr pathA bai 
Brawn uess, •'«. streogMi, robastness— ^<; stofctt— zor, quvvat ■ ^ ■ 

Brawn'y, a. fleshy, strong, muscutar— mds^ia, to^Aait— hurmttsht4, <not4, t^aa, khing4, 

kungr4, tatyar 
Biay,«. the noise of an ass, harsh erf-'^gddhdr ^, kafker sAoftda— reak. ka?6 4w4z _ • 
Bray, o. to bruise or pound in a morlar ; to bray Hke an ass, to make a harsh aoiso— A4m<ia- 
,dutdye4tirsa k. rddhtir nydf4dkan, l^^hor sabda fe.— okhti y4 hdwandaste aseu kdfn4 ^ 
• re&fvni, ka^d &w&z k. 
Brz'yer.s. one-that brays like an asv; witbprinten, an- instrumeait to stir up ink— ^ardAo6 
but tab kiir^k ; ^iUUpdrfiaJtrgiktfM-^reakne w. chh4p&kh4il^dloQk«eiy4higholuek4iM 
Bnae, va. to eover or solder with brass— pi»o( mandit k, pittakrjhdli d.— pital se maadna 
yAjofni [sharam^ gattdUh 

Bra'zen,-a. made of brass; impudent, bold— otfta/ airmtta ; niWa/;a, nirii«y-*birii^; be-^ 
Bra^KO^e, s, a bold, impudent person— »tr<tj$a 6yaEtt— bedharam, gu^takh (gutC4khi 

Bra'!zaattesB»<. appearing hke brass, impudence— ]ntto(te(4^ttt;air^jsl4^^lrftarl«d,besharamf. 
Breach, <. an opening, a gap ;' a quaivel, violatioa— pfc/i)tit', bichked ^' ih0fr^,'Ugdr, bhanga 

ia«i/sitgAaa'^-dar4r, phatan, sbigif; rakhna, qaaya 

\/f4:^KKl madoof ground corn ; sapport— raft ; .fstoavpdy— rott ; kh4ii4, rixk, khortsh 
Bi«ad'corn,s. corn of which bread is mado-^e theuyete raft hay, gow il9«idi«^oi aaij )ls 


se fotitband'hai 
Broadtb» o> ,tho.niiaat rt MP» 4r om aid»to<ida-*'yag1fta'^ha»T4^, an, pa^ufti^ ]n$ 

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JMIS { St ) WWfS 

, to difc•rd^frem office-— 6ib<lnfan, tesMMilv / ... — - .-»- . ...-. 

tofftttoUt> to difcMTdlrom' office^6Unfan, biahihih4ita K diuUfi h. fffwmifkmalat^*m 

Break'tt», «. w«vm wbicb bremk rtotently over joints of vunk rooks or ttdil bi, wfc r t - ia»mtt ^w » 
tibri ehardr bd p diM w$r upar je dh€u £A(i>i^«u.*mattiea kf jo jp«tlliM> yA rett pa^^tkHIMlr. 

JMttJHLt * r / 

Break'Cut,^ tbe firitme»l-^tt. to eat the first meal in^the dwr'-^dmertrntikfej^ivakim ■ i^ 

JM-^m.^MMT mmdh^ frmtkam bkt^ ki'-^iitmfi, ■iiiiit, «aMri--««t% Mwi kMiiA' 
Bteadi, s. the name of a fish—^. to biirm filtli^ from a ship^ bottom^^-miitssfa biskmh^^-v. jdht^ 

tai<frMaMp<>frffia--ekqisrakimachyi'-^0*l'^^B^ tal«lc4'iMB jlkMb '^ 

BreMt, <. that pan oC the oody which oratetM^bebeaFt attd \m%^ ; ^^^ boeon^; the e t a t gi ** 

e»ce.: the heaft-^-6ulr; sth«fi, «MM»,.cntaAAMran-^hhiiti; siaa, dit ' 
Br«Mi.hi«h» a. as hifk as the hfsaist >idfcymym»a<Mlacifak"^faM tak, ehhlM-dikfttf 
BMMt'knot* .«. nbkoos fawn on the breael'***fak6snrfa phittUrfhU^lap9^U ph« tt «^ 

k^aiM par lagile.baift ... (Mifdhca4ii^ 

Breastplate, t. armour for the breastM-6t(Vi.l<£~lohe ktHikhtibi jis/bO'tarCf ke wa^t sSafe^j^r 
Braafet'wo^s. aftard saiicd bwastt^Mgl btrnptdnik mmim ueh^ia gmri* ^^it^-'^tM tkl^ 

^aohft morcba 
Bfbatb, s. air dratm in and diseharsed by the kngs;. lies'; moriaa «r: an* iftaiit mUNtiM 

proAvAi.prdH ; ikl^; Uyas^-damr sAqs. riib ; j&n ; haasfr; lahttr, m bm l 
Breathe, v. to draw breath : toH^ ; to taloe^ btwtiM>pgw> ' ^isfcw d i p ^to a ; *i2i»k*» ; MMM. 

>.-dam L }ia&, ztoda^sM: ihakar Joe^aw 1. » [dam'^L tet^; Ultll, vHtMit^ 

Breathing, ' s. respiration, aspiFation, respite-'ttiifciwis ^4?'; j i i ilM fcs n^; b itk m im U tt ka W i^ 
Breathless, a. oakolbpeatk, dead^-sfciiMis r«Mtv n«9'i6-y mrtm^bedtom, b^Aoy nmMia ^ 

Breecb,f. tho. lower part •! tbo bady^ behind ^ Ike kftadtr pait aif a gun, ^.->«^iMAirf 

Aandttft/idtrpafAc&HdMiig^-^htof } bandilq ki koikf 
Bi8ech'es,s,partof »wan's a p pate U n prfj ibn f Misik i ■ fb ataknl^ yUMfbvtaofttak M |i«9iMP 
Bieed,>«. to f enerate, to muhiplf , raise or bnng np-*-»tp<i»^ k, gmnt4ti v$f>imi k, bttntfu^biH^ 

dki k, fMHpdlan k, bdrdna-^zoin^, bachche 1. qasl ba|Miii^ pAlniv barhod o -^ ^ > ^ vi - 
Bta0d»«. .fecasl^kiadv niec,iKHEipcinf-^doi(^ 1hng9m-*t£^ qmm, kMUidin, nasi, mUtd ' - - 
Bfaadkif,s»adiseati0n, BaMinera;> ■arf ro ■ «! A i fc ib y t, riti; p»mlJyt(o n >'H» ri wyat, tklfii, 1«% 

cbakm; parwarnik 
Breeze, s. a gentle gab ;i 'a e^Bfing fly sinsida aiaad« MkCt;: ikirf UsfcMfv MolAeiM'-fdli^ 

r<iitiw^aMii^l«»baiw4.; BBBbdAranaidEki . " . . 

Bree'zy. a. fanned with gentle gales, cool— manda manda bdtdsete iitaikr, siWtaf '^i aW it tt fci , 

bkwft j« ^ndA k^^tfaMd^ 
Bret, J. a fish of the tnrbot kin<l^m4tova MsAstk^-^eb qisas W nmofahlf 
Bitilh'^o,^ tliKplvsaoC biotker-^^^fcudniMli btiUkaf kl iand,^ bh«<«||, bbdl birMarf 
Brevets, a note in nnsia ; a sommons-^mrer kd tdkr parimdpak ekikim bkhmk^ -fUM dtttM. 
. «-^bd)»k«Aadi;f talabchiithi . . a 

Brevet, s. abpointment sod rank in tha srafy, steovetho specific appotntmeit: lar wbiell pm; 
V .iareeataad; a«i^^tam,taaingsBad«maiorby brevet, eosoystbe pay os)(f bf th$t f#riner boF 

the hononr and privileges ef the latter statton-^atngw^jMid' Utkss^ j/ihM* tti |MMiei* sfeM- 

bkram mrdpH hay kintu t^Oid kaite nieha pader betan pdoyd)dyJewmt^ •khdfOAiit jmdkltMim 

Mor kuti, tab* ttftt mi^t pader k&bai luM m v m prdpSe km^ dr hdptdm pMr'btt^nptkH^ 

&uj ke afsaroQ ki ns nau k& martaba ki jis ki tankbwik na p&ea; jaisfi* fei kaplte br«^iQ 
. mciar ho jdflr kai, anr tankwik kaBtlmhlJdi p&td hai 
Bre'viafyj.iu*raM^} th« book oontainmg the 4aalyserviee ef the Chntchi ef Home*-Ji n s f if tf 

d4amidkaki^ prati dibaserprarthandr rmthm-'UAmi p6idri kl wild o waifisld ki/Hb' 
Brevittt, sh a skprt.cgiiipendittnH^'ianigfcfcyfp, ik wai ^aifc w ukbtasar, mnntakhab 
Brevier, t. a small kind of printmg-letter--«ftAdpdr kkyudra mkhftu^ bit k m h ' e k qisoi' k*' 
^ ohbofe chh^pae ke hardf 

Brevity, Briefness, s. conciseness, shortness-^soiig/eAycpatiwt, a2paer(— ikbtis&P, ^f L ' 
Brew* v. to make liqnors by snixing sefend inglredienCs ; to eontrive-^uMdya p9m»tmt^ k. ^fkMh 
• It*, tidydg Je,*-Biiiiakkak efaiaoi^ ki skacab bandod ; macnsoba bdndhni, tadbn- k; 
BM«iar»«.4Me wbabvsws ; one^aFho contew oo t-ta ed ya pdk kertd.; h§mtpkUdr bd %ifAg kM 

— boiagar ; manstiba k. w. 
Brew'hoiise,>s. a^flaoe appreeiated^to bsesring wdya pd^ grtAtf^-^ia bandoe kd ghar 
lk6wis^j^bfead4ightlyMiMiftpe«tage^/iWesidd^^rd>fwfi-^^oHbeki josh k(gayiro(f 
Bribe, s» a gift to pervert the >i)dgment-*^AfUfk, utAtoc^— rishwat, ghda, oiaahbkaiii > 
Bttbei vai to* gain or corropt by gifU-- gAu^ d, utkoek dwdrd mukk baddka k. — ri8hwat>d# 
Bri'b^,s. tbeaetorcrimeof uking. o« givtag brtbes^^gfttis^ d, bd iosn-^fisiiwatkheri ytl 

Bnck, s. a piece of moulded b«riib day^if id uk|ai(r---lttl» kbu^ 
Biickbat; t; a broken piece •la.brick^kfcs y d iatvkd lakyd, rog£ 
Brick'di^ t. dust made by ponnding bnek^saniAsiffpsilrkkS > 

Briek kiln, s. [.kiil a kiln lor burning bricks inr— c^ pordibdr &kd/i bd pai^^-^pukvrt^ paydivio 
Bricklayet>.s.a^tckmaaen^^JMsirtt<^rds^id>>miBmdr ' 'V 

Bh'dal. a. relating to Jfiarriage, nuptial-^M^iiAa soMkandktyo—bydh sh^ kft-oMtaaKq 
Bride, t, a newly mariiid wonan*-k«aydk' mtkubd n i kmn biMtiid itH>"dalba«» arfts, bajitf ^ ' 

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Bitoi ( » ) 

Bri'dfttnaid, t. a w«nMin who ittends the bride at the awriefe ceraneof*-MMiU w pyt ftons^ 
^MfoiiU. «^j kiny^jdtri stH— ^viat ki jo ah&df ke waqt dulhan ke stth i land 4mf : ■ 

Bn'deweU. a.ii0wM ot >corieQtiiMfc«»-4nM«iln ^ to<Mi Mrj^wahiqudkihimi filiAa 'qndfon W 

. HDwluUEMUi l(kUn<dete haio 

Bridge, <. a building over water, for the commnieaee of ptsinf ; the uipper part of the «eee ^ 
soppoiter ^ the suings to a violin»lf»> mU, wta ; %4mkAr mddhd bhdtr ; he^Atiar 4dr M»a 
«^Mr,lo^|Mb.-H|«il; b%Mi;iM6ri,74Mwnh kkfikijiske^pffriftiihgi te tir tmirte 

Bri'dle,< iQ6triime«ttoffe»tsatBa4Mr8e^Ugrdm-««la96Ri - 

BritflMe. V. ^e^re^trftifi*- to^uide^ito ehMk-^dbdsem k, dmmane ^rdtfAwi, Midnm, •iidrimir.«*-kgiin 

d.rokii6,iilhparla9&ni,haak. ' 

Bri'die-haod, «. the hand which holds thei>ridle—j« hdtaidg£a^Ahm§-f-hig pakaioe M hMh 
Brief, «. ao epnl^iM; shoit .eKiraei ; JotlBia fiateatinr charitable .cattecti o i a . ' .iq. akett • ■ *€ * 
ikt^p^ckmkdk ; .4dB .SMgrhdrthak4gifdjipatra hd yir w frf w a.. — . ^ogitfcyep, «<|M*>m8iltl, 
Ikhus&r, intikh&b ; khair&rmingne k& i|4iatii4nar~^ .maUriBMr, nrajmal, bat^h 
Bffiaf aap^ <> cgftcieeaess^ ghotttteM-<»<eafitibyi!pafaiM. iiipacwa*«4kfatii4r, ijiaAU kolibi 
Briefly, ad. cooeiwiy, shortly, in Sew worda-Uaitjriobptf, aijM, dbtcmtob^^ikMite at 

lag, mjiupto>.hita>e.4faKia 

Bn'er.c.a prickly bash, a species of rose tree— Xcan/^ifc brikkva bUhuh, Ajdtiym mMt'^^k 

^ptkih klt^im k& k^t«dir damkbt, «mK g«lih . i 

Bri'ery.a. fullpf brieca, rough, prieUy.^^ inU itdsfdmtigi ^tai^tmk itdmfa, hii^ bkurd^ 

Jchij:d^.d9i»khKia,a«<bhaiAbQi,kh»riih|irt - 
Bri'gade, s. a division of ^tMcea ; a body of dma coosistiagoif ^mrnnAa^a^dt^n^mih^fm^rhtMi^ 
. Jwy a£iQOt»"^tiyar >^siii iJI(<f A< ifcrf i toi iiA jia giett . itoe sasAIe yA ful^uMft 
hot! haiQ, kampd 
Bfi«adMB9iiof,>f« aa. atpifiif to » 'Mpdaert^^Mifrfdtr wlwafc: aeinfd^ifcfalehyfr saftofcdr^ 

brigadii yine kanpd ke aaidir k& CMfladgir 
Brigadie'r-gencnit, j^aapajqep ybe caMiwanda a jmgade aC boiw^m foot in an .anajr tieatin 
order below a major-geiMral-<-n^aT- 4f9a§nkr m«ba ye itttiiyiMfty«Wyn>. i.wab. amar ki jd 
«Mi4r 9&.piyidoft beitan»p4 ki«»dir boti bai «w daije «eB }nH|ar jaaaiel ka nlaha bati 
" hai 

Briga'nd, s. a thief, fBcaba<4«, phm^emt^^^tUf, i^AHi^ j y^ wi .. la baaa, ^aaat^ Uteri 
Bsig'amiQe, s. anall vaisel ; a eoat ofniaiU4ifcytuimi^4/; ad«iayrfa'-«ohhot& jah&s; tira^ 

Bright, a. abuiing, .clear; witty ; famoas, iUaBtrkHi»T«4»j;a< ki dntiiaiia, pamsUidr*; .M^pdta 
M^Auddftita di|i(»fi«iii ; kkyd<y<yaaa ■■ iaaahaB,aif, w/kk ; teafehm, xaJd ; nioH/ jiAmvar . 
Bright'en, V. taBolisbttoiaaake bngbt--^iM^ 1b« ^bniiaidii i, Umtf difiimdn ir.^^taasban.c. 
i&4k.ibaik4Br«ka«k4a4 ^ fbi, te^:; faasbaal, ^^haaaak 

Brif^ht'nesB, t. acuteaess, wit ; bright state— tsAcAywaMf f>rabkaratif ; sq^/ai^ »/4eafabini» cb4ti- 
Bril'liaacy, *. lostra, apleadoar , Jkamti ■ raoshani, iaartl, aho4, raanm . 
Bririiaat,.a» aparUing*^. a fioe diamoaiW-t^aiaay, IfdmU 6uhisk^t,^*-u ^tuimtf iaktt ^uktm 
,i#r4«i«hao4Llli,4ibt6bi^,akrau8haabM . . 
Brim, s. the edge ; Up ; bank of a fountain — kdnd ;' dhdr ; ttrwkin&ra, dab- ^ . ./ 
Briaa'tttarra^>gia#a full ta tbe hnm-^ p eri p tfwai ad tr a^w^biBW P^f^ " ^ 

Brua'atone, t. a yellow mineral ; snk^iam^^gmdnnkn yaadbak, gogird [babr4, aUaq, labaid&r 
Brind'ed, or Bna'dled, «. streakad, apottadi^^'^ar* ^<^, bnm^ .hnmdm J<%9Mbta'r-flhill<y 
Brina> a. riJupload aak ; the sea : team imtan mUhritaiaLi samatdt^ ; Atbi>U'*<ikb(ri piikif 
ibahor; ^6u v [aiaik. 

Bring, oa.^ fetch, ^qoi^aat, >pra«ail on. . d»wh (oayd^dwaa, (acydiai i d<(a4, la>*lw nftii ki. 
Brie niah, Bri'ny^ a. saltish, like brine^ltfitd— khiri, namUn, akor 

Brink, s, the edge of a place, or preciiace.»«^lvir. Mud, f^«^kinara,--b«FirA > l^ 

Briak.xK. qaiek, hmh* «tsang, , iaetia o -r < e<aMff, cos^, halahdm, eMMb^^ebaat, ohAlik. mvfi. 
Brisk et, f. the broast of an aniaaal— paa/hAr ioja to a rfa B if j ^nwar fca ilaa . > [johiiatiae 

Briak'l^,«d.activ«ly, qasckiy, nioably^iwiAdidka wi^rAaip,. twmrd n^bJc-irnchtkUkl^riMi «a, 
BiiBktnasa,4.i»feliaaw, t^lanm, gaiaty niaAdfiiiht, tt«artt»#pbnrri ■ ..shMtl, «b&UUii,JUwah«u«> 

Bris'tla^f. the hair on a awiaeVi boKb-^abiaHnwr pw^ito* iapti'r^dar |d>^^ 

Bria'tle, va« to stand eseet as brisllao. i *M*nswr tear ayay 4am bUrd hm si ar ba bftl bf 

ai6Bi|:id4haf4ih»phurabffil. . ^ 

Bristly, o^^aet with btisaes, J^agh, angiy-^MsAiSbaftff ioststa gibaaar^kbadkic* c«aiada» 4av4b<& 

4Hnta-^iUi^pp^iie.«akait^b6|oaMbharib^, 'kbnibhitf&.gh]^ > 
Biia'tolstone, «. a kind of soft diamond— fcird bishesh-^ek qiam k4 hiri 
Irit, J. the name of a iish^iaa^ia toittk > lek-qism klaMcfahli Idi ndrH [aim 

Bdtain,«.-an ancient nameiovi^an4^ijigr<atidadcsAar yyato^io ad wi J i mii a flw )(i<^adiial 
Brit'ish, a. belonging to, or made in, Bcitaia— Brtin dether, Britn ds9h$ aiha^^Kglist^pi* 

Imditt^ft k4*fi&bta 
Brirao, «. avnative of Gaeat Britainr^Bn#ipd«ibtfa Mc id Jag/^HlBflislftni dM^ 4ngn» . 
liiirala,4i.»«ptao ^baaab, «e8k,-lraiW6^»ianfiUl, laafaiarapa, ihunhd,$kmkd, 0mlrta'^''UfW, 

-birflEH^UAt^attfti' >. ^ ... 

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Brize, t. the gad fly— <{4!!s— difis [kbo)ii& ; kah d. a&liiV k. 

Broach; m». to tap !a ^wai^-, to give but-^Mfi^t hJMdra It. hfdkta h& %kti Jk.^Hliipe ko sAInC, 
Br6'aebed,ps. f .J tapped^ pierced; uttered-— «fcAidra kard^hiddha; tilcta— s^&kh k. g. khrol^ ir. 
kab4g. zAhirk/g. [zibir k. w. g|kb 

Bro'ncbcJr, <. atelier of « thing ; a spit—^aXctA fcarM, ukU hwrtd ; sfc<k M sko^iiU—kftfaiie vr. 
Broad, o. wide, ' extended ; vurlgar, coar«e — chautd, praihasta ; itar, jattdmanya, kadmjjfa, 

kuint, ithtf^^.-cbau|l, adr, kttsbida ; kamhia, ganda 
Broad'ckKh, «. « fine kind of woollen cloth->-&an4t-— banftt 
, Broad'nees, 4. breadth* extent from aide to side: coarseness, fulsomeness—ckaiifiit* mUm ; 

tth4latd,ja^han^atd — ehaorfti, arz, pahniC chakl&i, bar ; k&rainagi, gandagi 
Broad'side, «. the side of a ship ; a disenarge of all the gnns from one side of a' ship at once ; • 

« Jarge single «heet of p^per-^jdkdjtr pdnkwa ; jdhdjer tk parshwa haite pii[akhfifta t^fpet ek 

hdrtderif; ektd bora kdgttt^jtAtfii k& ekpahM; iah&zkeek pafald kl topoa kft ek birgl 

oh)Hlt«A; kighavkAbafaektakhta *^ ' ' / '^ . 

Broad sword, «. a eword wkh a broad biade~-«ft«iif fi talodr-^hKuxH talwftr, tegba 
^ro cade. «. a kind of fine Howered 8ilk~-«tt)(xm0r bd rdpyer gotdte bdpushpete aimnkrita batira 

buhesh, butdddr pdtta bastra, kvmfcfc46--4rimkhwib 
Brocage, t. profit gained i»y pforooting bargains; dealing in old things ; hire— d^iMii ; fturdtam 

drabyer byabatdy ; betan — dal&l ki oastdri ; pur6ni chizoQ ki savd&garl ; kir4ya 
Brock, «. a badger-^^^/uik jiitiffa khytidra jantu bUhetk—<k q\am k&lafnewiU chhot6 chsn- 

p&yaj&nwar [surkKharaal 

Brooklet, s. a red deer two years oid-^niban^iyardngd karin hiiketh — do baras kf astf ki. 
Broc V>li, s. a species of cab bt g e '■ fesyt ikdk bitkmh — ek nism kt kobi 
Brogne, f. akindofshoe; corrupt dialect — e^rma piidttk^ bUketk ; iiskuddha bdkya bd hhd* 

<M4^j|<ite kl ek qism ; burft mnbAwara jk talafliiz < < 

Broil, s, a disturbance, tumult, quarrel— ^oiuUfo/, kalaka, jkakffd^^iasai^ quiya, ni4r]nMAf » 

kushtam kushta 
Broil, «,to roast on Ihe fire, to be bot*-f«m2a»ta ungdn^ tipar rdkhiyd pordtta, g^rwm h,-^ 

bhdnnA, kabib ki garm h. 
Bro'ken, pa. destroyed, shirered, redttced-^Ma^iia, bkdngd — (d^ii, pb^t^f khasta» shikasta 
Bro'ker, s, one who tloes business for others — d<l(<i(-*--dal4l 

Bronch'ial, a. IMeJ belonging to the thros^-^nf Aa bUhayak, gala deskiya— gale se motatiiiq . 
Bron'choceie, s, fiko'SeUj a tumour of that part of the aspera arteria, called the bronchos ; 

generaHx called the Derby n^ck-^gandumdld 6uAesft'-ghengh&, khuniq 
Bnmze, t. brass, brass colour ; a medal— mttaf, pUtal bama ; prdchin mudrd bd marjyddd 

i4cKak mudrd-— pitH, pltal kd rang ; tam^hi 
Brooch, $', [brotsh'] a jewel, an ornament -of jewels— «2an^<Sr — gahni., zewar« dhuk dhuki 
Brood, «. offspring ; production ; the number of chickens batched at once— Mnt^n^ bdekckd : 

utpanna drmbya ; ekebdn jata kukktard Mbak utpantM kay — bachcha; paidi hdi chfz vifael 
Brobd, «. to sit on eggs ; to watch anxiously ^im6e tap d, ati idbdkdn purbak kana kuMMu. 

rmkhyd k.— sewni; taraddnd k. fiqr k. 
Brook, t. a little river, a rivulet— kkyudra trot bd kkdf t— nadi, nahar 
hn>ok,'«. te endure, to^»ear, to suffer— sajAya k. — barddsht k. burdb&rf k. tabammul k« 
Broom, t, a shrub ; a besom to sweep with— kkyudm ^rikkya bUheah ; jkiafd— ek qiem 

kk bd^d ', jh$x^ faarhni, buhirf 
Brqom'y, a, full of or like broomr-6Ht«n -ndmak brikkyatnay bd tdkdr nydy, jhdn^tiyd§. 

— brdm bdfe se bhard bdd yd brdm ke mdnind, jhdrd sd 
Breth, f. liquor in which flesh is boiled— mangf a nddtU Aayje ja^, j'kot— skorbd 
Brothel,*, a house of lewd entertainment — beshydlay — ^kasblklidna, khardbdtkhdna 
Bro'lher, s. a male born of the same parents— 6^~bhai, birddar 
.Bro'therhoo^ t. union, society, class—aikya, barga, 9am4j, ^k byabeadyi lokjamiilM—birkduri, 

egdnagat, apodyat, firqa, farfq 
Bro'theny, a, like brothera, very fond— Mtitrmato, <fMfcak4rt— birddardna, bhdl sd 
Brow, t» the arch of hair over the eye ; the forehead ; edge of a place— ikr^ ; kapdl ; kenm 

stk<iner dk4r— abrd, bhauQ ; mdthd,peshdn!; kindra 
Browbeat, «a. to bear down, to bumble, to depress with stem looks or angry words— daataa, 
' tkakhyu. rangdna bd dkanMna dwdrd daman k.— dabdnd, dabkdnd,diLkhea dtklildod, dhamkaoi 
Brown, «. the name of a colour compounded of black and any other colour— ka/rf bdmd^iyd 

rang^-^andumf rdlig, gandnm gdn, gehddu rang, bhdrd rang 
Brown'isb, a. inclined to brown— ifkat mdtiyd bd katd frama- mdil ba gandum gdn 
Brownstud'y, «. gloomy meditation ; study in which we direct our thoughts to no certam pouit— 

bimmuuka bkdbe atyanta ehintd bd 6ki6and— saaadfd, dlani-i-ghaflat, khudfardmoshi ^ 
Browse, ». underwood ; sprouts of trees— jkop,jan^«i ; gdehbtr pai(^6— jhdri, pdld ; dar«k»> karilen " ' 

Browse, vn. to feed on browse, to feed— daZpd/(i dhdr k. bkakyan k. ekoran— charnd, chngnd 
Bruise, «a. to hurt with blows, to crush— ag-d^t dwdrd tkeutldua bd i^dkntckan— kuchalnd^ 

kuchld k. pfend, dalnd ' , .^ • 1 '* 

Bruise, s. a hurt ff om a blow, a codtusion— ckof, chkar, kdUhird, kAt|a^a— kuchldhatp cao( 
Bru'ising, ». the art of boxing; a crushing— ifurtA^Ag-krtt ; ekktufiMan, tkeii</dmi— g h isldi^ 

ghdsan ghdsa, mushfsani ; daldo, pisdo [v. mishdr k. shuhcat urdad,«dllir k« 

Bruit, J. Ibroot] a report— v. to noise about-;7«nara6— ». got bdprakdsk k,!rrf^wih, •hAtmlrr 

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*lifr ( 6T ) / • BUL 

Br^'mal,*a. beronginff to ♦inter-<'sAillMS2rf*-sanii&{, zamist&oS 

Brtwe'tte, «, [6roof>7i«tl « woman with a brown complexion — itkat gaur b^rnd «fr»— sia^'W 
aurat, aaluai raog ki aurat f^v^* ^^^ 

Braat, t. a shock, violence, blow, stTQke^-dhdkkd, dghdt, jhou^, Ug^yakktit sadma, zor» 
Brash, «. an instrument made of bristles set in wood used to clean an)thiag ; a i^de assauU-^^ 
' torn nirmita marjani bd kunehi bd tuU ; dhraman, cAiar^— banit w. g. s&f karne ki chlz ki 

lakfC par b^t jamdkar taiy&r karte ham, knachi, brash ; hamla, yiirish 
Brush, v. to rub with a brush, strike aligmj-^kunchi dwdrd jhdfan bd pofmhkdr fc. buldnor— 
. kdnchf m^rn&, brash se sif k. Ahista mimii, haJge mimi . .. _. ^ ^ 

Bmsh'wood, t. rough, shrubby tKickets>*cAfto/a chhotajhop bdjang^l^h^, )bir, jh&n>ata ^ 
Brutal, a. savage, crnel, inhuman, ch\irV\9h^^-^paskubat^ ^ataihya, nirdajf,nUMkiir» kaikar^ 

hniwjInC^ wahshi, sai^gdtl, berahm, talkhmiz4j 
Brutarity, s. savageDess, inhumanity — paskuiwa, asabiyatvaat nish^hratwa — haiwinfyat, berahml 
Bni'talize, v. to make savage or brutal— pa«fco&ot k. nirdau fc.— haiwinsirat k. bahiimkbo k. 
Bru'tally.<Mi. churlishly, inhumanly— fca/A«rata pMrtoAc, mrday rttjje— haiw4niyak ae, dnrnshtl 

se, berahmf se > 
Bmte, I. a creature without reason — pathu — ^halw&n, j&nwar 
Brute, a. senseless, savage, fierce, wild — agydn, asabhyu, markka, nirday— beaqU wabahX, 

berahro, japgali 
Bru'tish, a. resembling a beast ; unpolite— paiAu^at, as^ufc^A^baiwinslrat ; bemucdwat 
Bry'ony, s. the name of a plant — brikhya bUheth—f^hiTSLf bimbi 
Bub, «. strong malt Kquor ; any strong liquof— >a6 janitu atyaM* mddak madya ; ^tjfant^ 

mddak kona fkidya — bahut nashedftr boza ; koi kbnmird&r sharib 
Bub'ble, s. a water bladder ; anything wanting solidity, an empty ^roject-^bitdbud ; sidr 
bfutu, bhuyd bdphi^ir' bydpir^\kM^, bulbnli» koi beasl chis, khiyil-i-kh&m, behdda 
Buc'aniers, t. pirates ^n AmtTic^-^Amerikd dtakiya bambefiyd — A.merikakl taraf ke dary^i chor 
Buek,«. water to wash clothes; the male of- rabbits, deer, &c.«-&astra dhaut hayjejaU; 
khmrgoth p karin ityddijanturpurmh ja^t— 4apFe dhone kA pioi ; knargosh, hiran, w. g« 
jinwaron k& nar 
Buck'bead, s. a plant ; a sort of trefoil— 6nX;^ya 6uiWs&— itrifal kf qism rdolcM 

Buck'et, s. a vessel to draw up water in~^jaf tulibdr kdikthu pdtra, bdldi — dol, dalv, ^olcha. 
Bttc Kle, f . a fastening— 0. to fasten with a buckle ; to engage— rtiifcra bd bandha-^v. dukrdr 
dwdri bandha k, nata h. prabHta A.— chapris, baksdi — v. baks^^ lag&n4, baLks6e se kasnfi ; 
mutawajjib h. kamrbandi k. , . [dastgirl k. 

Buck'ler, s. a shield — va, to deTend, support — ^A^/ — va. rakhyd k. — dh&l, sipaj^— va. bachina. 
Buckram, s. cloth stiffened with.gum— ka/ap deoyd kdpar — kalapdir k'apf4 
Biick'skin, s. leather made of buck's skin — mri^ocWma— haran ki charori 
Buckthorn, $, a thorn, a prickly bush — kan^ok jvkta brikkya biskesh — ek qism k& khftrd&r biijA 
Bucolics, 8. pastoral songs, rural dialog ues-^ak/»af kdi-jya bishayak ^ it— gaftwiroa kl gu, 
chaupiioi ' [ghuncba 

Bud, s. the first shoot of a plant, a germ— kuAft, wwhd, kal, ankur— koApal, kali, shigdfa, 
Bud^,o. to.put forth buds; graft- ^aj^na, manjarant mauUn, kcUdtia i kaUunk, — kaliy&n6, 

koiipnl phdtn& ; paiwand lag4tt&, qalam lag&n4 * 

Bodge, vn« to stir, to go, to move off — laraut cAaian, laran— ha(n&, (aln&, sarakmi 
Budg'et, f . a bag, a pouch, store— t/iai(t*, bagU, puajt— thaili, kisa, pnnji 
Buff, «. leather made of a buffalo's skin ; colour resembling yellow ; a military coat — maJiUhm'^ 
eharma ; itJiat pit barna ; sendr bmtra bd kurti bUhesh — bhai^s kjk chwaipk ; zard rang ki 
ek qisin ; sipibi ki kurti 
Buff, Baff'et, va. to box, to beat, to strike— g^Ausa bd char bd fpil mdran, dghdt k, mdrajk**- 

mukki m6rn&, f^Xidsk m4m^, thoukn6 
BttiTaio,!. an animal of the ox kind— maAi«k — ^bhaiusi, bhaias 

Buffet, $, a blow with the fist, a stroke ; a kind of cupboard to hold China— (tZ, ghud, thdbrd, 
ehar, dghdt ; Chiner bdsan rakhibdr tok- mukki, t^appar, tamicha ; Chin ke b&san lakfaoe 
bl Uq yd aimdri 
Bvffoo'n, s. anarch fellow ; alow jester — matkdrd, bhdijr, wnkali — maskbara, bhdnd 
Bafibon'ery, I. low jests, mimicry — nichbydnga, bhan^dmi^ maskdrdmi — ^ipaskhar&pan, naqqui 
, s. a disagreeable insect bred in beds — chiidrpoka — khafmal 

Bug, „ ^. ^ , 

Bttg'bear, s. a frightful object ; a false terror —sankajonok bUhay, mithyd 6&ay— baulndk chk, 

wasw&s ki chix, y&oe ki jis se ddmf n&haqq dare ^ 

Bw'gle, «. a small bead of glass ; a plant — kdtjcAer ddnd ; khyudra brikkya bithtih — shishe k4 

d&na; manki ; ek ^sm ki bdU ^ 

Bu gleborn, s. a hunting horn— soi^rtf bdjdibdr sAtngi— ahikir ki naHrf , karn&i 
BttHd, 0. to raise a building ; to depend on-^-^tka nirmdn k. nirbhar k. — tdmir k. imdrat band- 

nd ; iatimad k^ bharosd k. ummed r. 
Bviid'er, s.nne who buil^ houses— ^tka nirmdn kartii, riymUtri — ^miamir, rdz 
Bqild'ittg, t. an edifice or fabric built— ko/A4, ifnArat,grtka-^imdrat [mdniod 

^" ' :c.— ^o/ wiif, gsitro, ^aa»/— gdj^tb, girab, piydz w. g. ke 

ii/jtf]^ta— girabddr, ga(hiid 

-naukd dditekU uihan, pkuUyd ufhan, h4hir haiyd pafan 

— ^jahdz ka pdni se bhar'jdnd ; bdhar ko jhuk jdna, bahiri taraf sarak pa^nd 
BoTIiiDy, «• an eoormoui appetite— oiu^iy kkyiMika— baukd, ylne anddzeae ziydda bhdkh 


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BUL ( .56 V B trit 

Bulk, t, magnitucfe, size ; the mass — ithfilatwa, hrihat parimdh; adhtkdnf$hd'^tiHi{ hifl^' ' 
km chlz kft ciyAda hiasa Tmea M takhtoa k& p^i 

fiulk'head. «. a partition made iq a »bip— ^/a^jer madhye kdsther ^ li/ahadhdn-^]9.hA:z ke Vldi'^ 
Bulk'iness, i^greatoesa ofstature, or size — ithdlatwa, brihatwa—mox&pk, tao&warl, ^askmat * 
JBulk'y, a. losii, Utge, heavy, of great she-^tthUl, brihat, hhdri, prakdnia—mo^; barft, bticri^ 

jaslm .'7 

Bull, «. the male of cattle ; an edict of the Pope; a Munder ; a sign of the zodiae-^ftrf^o^ 
sMduf, d^riuii ; . Rumer sarbapradhdn dharmddhyakhyer -dgyaupatraj biiut. chuk ; hrtikd^ 
rdthj—tiudvL bail, bij&r, s&nd ; Ktim ke bare p&drl k& hukmnfiaia • ghals^, skhtil&f ; 1m^4* 
saur, yi(tie i&ara&ni bira burjoQ k& ek bun '' ' . 

Bul'lace, s. a wild sour plam— ^k nrakdr jantcaliyi fcuZ— jaDgatt kha\t&^&1A 
BuH'baiting, a. a fight of dogs with a bull— sA4|^r o kvkknrer ter<Ci— ball Aur IcattOQ k1 )xf9A 
Buirdagi 1. a sUung dn^ or great courage ui^d m baiting the "hvSi-^atVbdUihdn Mioiiii 
kukkur jfikfikt ifidurer suhit lufftna jdy—ek qlsm k& qavl j^arratdir .kult& jis ko s&od im 
lar^tG haifl ' < "'" 

ButTetf f. a rotind h'xW of Ve»d or iron^Unher bd shUhdr guli — lohe y& shlshe kf goTf 
BuritiUii. fl. !|u Q$c^ia1 acronnt of public aews — r^j dg^djiy pr<ichdrit taffuUhdr patra-^hvSgjai 

Bull h«}iid. s. a Iteiivy stupid felbw ; a fiih7-6^i A4 ntiW^ byahti i matsya bts^t^— -aiimaiq^ 

b^b&da ; ek qifjn ki tnachhli 
Bull'ion, J. [.i/unj giild or liilver jn ihe mass-jwimsr frff rupdr t&/iu'^soQ&ch&ndti(, %ar-o-slm 
Btilli'iiocit 4. (he act or state of li^jUmg — tiddha k. taf^haft kariyd phutan — Ubil, josh 
Bull'ock, j^. an UK ; a t:aitratad hull — >i^p^^ ^ftr'u, htjtadt ddmrd — ^bail 
BuiTy, #1 a v^ff noi^y^ qiiafrelaomi] iti£T:^on^kuftdalud,Jha^dliyd—%QiM^ngt dangaf 
BiiJJV» V- *<f hector^ to bwn^^er, tn b€ ni>LSy-^A^;ii/iijij, damhha k, ddmhhik bdkya kahatt-^ 

dliaiii L Ana , a hek h i k. g (i u riis h k- M^tq. 

Tiiirrushj, ft. a litrge rush growiog by nv^r^-^ka^kdr^ ^htirfytlkhya hishesk—^nii^ moth^ki bajlf 
Bul'wark, M. 3. for^iflcatiott. a defeace— far, (^nr^-^l fri*F-uj— marhala, burj * fpiyfida 

BumbE'itjH'f s. a bailiff of the b^vcat kind-^'ft^u^ra dmma ndynk, dddtater peydd4—tJ[AHt ki 
BufQ'boat. t, a ^maU bmt io ivbidi fruttt dec. iire carried ou^blpboard (or s2^t^~jdhfUe phulddi 

Mkriiijdnh¥ :/iji|-i— 'jahftxwUloa ke pk& mewa w, ^. ttochae kt chhotl k*ishtf rtaro^ixch^ 

Bianip, s. a swelhnsj, a bbw, a i\mmp--phuld ; kit, tWAra— warm, 8fljan;tnukii, thappa^; 
Bump'tir, ^. & glass full of liquor to itiu hfim~madirdtt parip4rna p4fra~labrez piyfita» 

mulabbab pijAEa rdihq&ni 

Bump'JilEi, ». a clowoj a loiit^ a ruiEie— vtt?(M^, ashafiA^a, /£«rfr{, |rourf»*-— gsiuwAr, oetauiJ*^ 
Bun, d. a small kind of light ^i^ka—khifudra ^nihiak bishesk^ek qism ki chotA milh^ kalcha ' 
Buncb, *. a du&ter, knot^ liard lump—kdtjihi, t.hhfird, utabak, thaluydj guchehhd, th(k>d, pinfit 

— amchcLhs^ khctsha, gSnth, dalfi 
Baach'jj va, growicig tUfOr fidLof Uutiches— ^Ariff^it biihishfat thobd jukta, guchchkd jukta^ 

guchcahed&r, khosh^dir \ [pulind4,buqcha 

Bsiti'dkj i. parcel of things bouod together— -rtfi,j)M/iridd,|r(S2i7f{,pun/a/i\W/tfea~gathri,basta, 
Biin'dle, ta. to tie up. to put up wgei'kei—bdndhaut paUiidd k, ekatra kariyd "bdu^kan"' 

la^hii k, ikatl^ti bAndn^ 
Buciff, J, a. stopper foi^ a barrel^pijipiir efihipi — dhitt^ dhathft, muhra 
Bun'gle^ if. to perform any rUine ctumsily — dtidrir uifdy bd kadarjya rtlps k, — burl tarah k, 

kka/iiU k. bigifn^ g^y^ 

Batt'Eled^ pa, [. , 1 datie in a clumsy muTiiier — kadfirjy ft ^^tpe fcrtta —buri tarah k. g. big&^ 
Bung'lfir, i, H cfuia^y awkward workmau—apifu byakti, dndri — fia&zmadak&r, 'kfa&mkAil. 

Bnntcrj J, a meaf>, dirty, vulvar ^amzn- nichf jagAanif a atrt— phfihar, kasff, badsaHqa aorat 
Bunt'in^?, a. a thin woollen cltjlli ; ihu isluff ol wkicli a ship's coloars are made; a bird— «fc 

prakdr pa&hami pdttd kdyar, jf kAptife jdhdjer nuhdn hay ; pakhyi bishesh — ek qisnr k< 

pa^hmi bink k^pfi j vmh kapri ki jb se JRh&t k& nishan ban&yft j&t&hat; elcqismki 

Btiov% i. 4 large body gf wotid ot cork fastened with a rope to an anchor to discover where it 
^ lip, or 10 mark ihoai*. iunk rocb, bcc.—jdhijer nati^arer umge bdndhd th^ jg IMifhid 

uirmita hrlh^tjdldr tfmtu fftmla, nuiivarer phdtnd, £>njyfC— kunda kl jis ko darv4 men langXr 

«e qaim karic^ haiu t^ ki u» ati kami ztyftditti phjtl kl miliifn ho 
Btioy, V. to keep afloat, uphold, supporl— M iiawnin rdkhmn^ iirdhe tulan, patan hditend deon, 

dhdiuti k.^\uhii&, tli&mb L tiiljibuii 
Btioy aocy, i. the qualuy tifBQVLUa^-^hkiUamiunhLm^ih&a, bhas&o D***lf ^>a^kA 

Buoy's tit, rt, that which will BuLsink, h^hl^hhisiyfi uthan dharmak ,\ lagku, ArfMrf— time Joe 
Buoyed, pa. [.] kept from BinkioB, supponed— frAriiati, ntiotita—lirAyA. g. thimb liy* jf. 
Bur, f. the pnckly head of the burdock— BartkJfc udmnk kunLak brikkyer kuntakjukta thh^ 

€k qi&m ke kbArdArdarakbl kl phuoang 
Bur^bot, t. a fish fuU of pi\ckh^^hiniakjukla mnis^n ijsA^ifc— ck qism kf kfintedftrmachbH 
Bur Uen» <, a load ; birth ; uneasJUts**— &/tfir, %/*ft, chdp ; prasabi Iroi^^a— bojh, b<lr ; hafnl ; 

fioj.diqqat [zerbAt k. zolm k. 

Bur^defl, wi. to load, incumber, oppresi— ZmJ/mi h. chdpdn&, ka$hta d.— bpjhlfidni y& rakbna, 
Bui deasomc, a. beuvy, severe, gntvom—bhdri, darbahtt, dukhaddyak^bhiff\B9.khtt dnshw&r 
Burdock, j a broad leaved prickly pl^ni—jifashaitajiiUra jukfa kanfak bmhya Ushcsh-r^k 

qiiun ki kharjir cbaure patte ka biitl ' ^ '' -t. .>> 

DigWd by LjOO^IC 

B^|fBatt'» |<] a ehost of drawers with awrUiag deak—likhibdr dlmdri hUhesh^zXmixi )d 

Jia mei) IiKbae ka Ukhta Uga bo 
Burg'age, s. a tenure proper to cities- and towns whereby held for « quit teat-^Inglantf^ , 
de$Mr nagar/idiie bh{imif ijdrd bi^ah jdhdte bhiirmirkar nishchit thtike'^-tMoitk ke qabse let 
ek tarah ki sUahr ke log zar-i-muqarrarj par ra>chte haiQ 
Burgamo't. s, a species of pear ; a perfume^efc prcJcir ndspiti phal ; iUgandhi dfnbufi bishtth 

— joiahpiti ki ek qisin ; ek khushbd [ek qaditnl vaea . 

Bnr'gaiiet, f. ari aocieat kind of hetmet— Dftr&z hiilejiiddKe hydhahdrjyi tnpi duhwA-^okhod ki 
Burgea'is, s. [.joice^ atiitizea i a particular size of printing letter — uA^arbdni; cKhdp4r akhyar 
6uA«t4<-H5Kahri; chhipe ke harfki'ek qism '• 

Bur'geas, s. a citizen; a . reiK'esentative of a corporate town — nagarbdU; nagmratika loker 
prmtinidhi hftiyd jini IngUin^^a^^r Pdrtimant ndmak iabhdu ftautfu-^shabrf ; shahrk* 
b&sbiodou k& waVilkiio IngHstan ke Vaunsil mea.dakhil rabti hai . , 

Borgb, $. [burg'] a town with a corporation, a borough — em-ttnagar jt tikhdnhdr kkdi^ertdj. 
datta bishesh khyamatd t^Jtee-— wuh'shabar ki jis meQ b&dsh6h ki 'i}Azat te wah&a rate 
jama hokar intizim ki maslahat karte baia , 
Bv^'her, ». one whahas a right to the privileges of a burgh— fki^fvr sdmdj^ hk, artkdt ttOf • 
" garaUha je sakat loker jrdjdaita bhhesh kkifftmmtdthike tdhddermadhytekjan — on shakhsojl 
. ki s^arlk Ki iin kq apQe shahar k^ intiziih Jcame Icl ij&zat hai ' , 

Bur'glary/s. the crime of housebreaking by night, or breaking ih with intent to flteal«->^uri 
karibdr nindtte rdtri kdle gkar bhdngipd prabeth k, sind d.—rtit ko chori ke Iride se ghar 
mea gbusj&ni, naqabzani [h&kin 

Baf ^omasier, $. one employed in the government of a clty-'^agarddkydkhya^-^htnv let 
Bu'nal. 5. [ber-re.] the act of interring the dead— g'ijr d. MnuitiiSt— dafan, tadfiA 
Buri'ne.f* r*rinTa tool for engraving, a graver — khodkdri kdrjya' karibdr eutta — naqshkanS 
k44r& «» ^ , * Tmazakh 

Barle'^ue, s.. [.^es^l ludicrous language, a jest-^ariAof. bidrup, ^fc((//>{— |ha(hR, khilU, 
''Burle'sque, ba. to ridicule, to lampoon— |)art^<is k, bycMga ]^.^haih& k. mas^&kh k« 
*Bttrle'8que, a. merry, jocular, drolli laughable— jrajriAds bUhiihta, hdtya jatuA — ^haosfimezu 
tamaskhurina, sarifftna ^ ' [naql 

Burlet'ta, «. a ludicrous musical farce— «fe prnkdr^ parihds gkdliia jdttrd — ek tarilaskhuramez 
Barly, a* blustering, falsely great,, swoln — tarjan garjafi kdrit sth^dy, Inihaty tphita/ tnof^ 

— shekhlbfiz, laotarinj, mo^iadU 
tfum, I), to consume by fire, to 1>e inffamed— {2a^ k, pcrdna, jwdidna,' dkgdkd k. pwran, 

Jtoaian— jalini, jalni 
Burn, f . a hurt or wound. caused by ftre— o^i dvodrd hrita Ihydtm, pofd ^ft<f— jaln« k£ iakhi» 
Bura'et, t. the name of a plant— ^M-t^jfa bitheih-Ai6.\e ki ek qism \ 

Barn'ing, s. state of inflammation— ju^aian, jwdtd, drCAa— jatan, sos, sozi^h « ; 

Bura ish,);. to polish, to make bright — mdrjan k. ujjwaU k, jelld k, chakctuikiydte,''^\asx 

kiai, jhalk&nd, jili d. saiqal k. " * * ' 

Bum'isber, s. an instrument used for burnijahing ; a person that burnishes or polkhee— je^ 

karibdr attra ; fadrjan bd ujjwal l;ar^ je—saiqal karne k& fiti ; saiqalgaf, jilks&t 
Burr, ». the lobe or lap of the ear— Xc^Sner p4M— kin ki lauh, binigosh 
Buf rel, <• a sort of pear ; an insect ; a. bee— ^/c prakdr ndspnti phal ; kit Bishesh .*, 'fitaumifiMti^^ 

ek qism ki nishp&ti ; ek qi?m k& klr^ ; rnumakkhi . ^- - - 

Bur'reUhot, s. a sort of case shot filled with small bullets, nails, stones, piece^of , old iroa &c. 
— gold bU^esh, jdhdte chhi^nchhota guU,prek, pdthar, laithd khanda ityddi'p&rd* rhake — ek 
qism ki top ki goti ki jis ke jauf men gollaa, kilea, pathth'ar, lobe ke puize w. g. hhatle' haiu 
Bur'row, vn. to matce holes, to mine— garta k. suranga k, — ^bil banini,'8drikh k. kin' khedni 
Bor'rqw., s. a corporate town ; a rabbit hole — eniat nagar je sekhdnkdr Ipk diger rdjUdtta 
IMssh khyamatd thdke ; hildti khargosher garta— wuh shahar ki jis ke liisoU ko us ke in 
tiiim ki maslahat n^en i|isat bai ; wiliyati khafgosh ki bil 
Buift'ajy $. the treasurer of a college — bidydlayer dhanddhyakhya — ^madrase ki khazinchf 
^arse', s. aa exchange where.marchants meet— je sthdne mahdjan lok ekat^a hay — saudigaro^ 
ke ikatl^i hone ki jagah [chatakni, taraqna 

Burst, V. to break asunder, to fly open— |>^/aM, bhagna h. p&u/att— phd^ni, pha^ni, t^t^ 
Burst, s. a sudden breaking, an/eruption— akasmat bhdngan, phdtanf phutan^p\i^\,\klt jharap. 
Burst' ness, t. a rupture, a tumour— p^/eH, phalan, bhangan, spholak, drana— ta(, phu^ 

bidkhiya, warm, si^an 
Burst wort, «. an herb good against ruptureli — brikhya bisheih jdhd braner-'aushadh Aay— bii* 
kkiye ki ilij ki bntl rrahj,diqqat 

Bar'tneQ,. «• load; birth; uneasiness— iojArt, bhdr, chdp ; jtrasa^; kashta-^hhoi, hir^ ham\; 
Burt, s. aflat fish of the turbot kind — matsya bishesh — ek qismv ki machhli : 

Bar y» pa. [^r.l to put into a grave,' to hide— jgrar rf. samddhi d. patan, ^!ktfkaa— gifnS» 

dafan k. madmn k. chhipioi 
B|»h^#,,a,thicksbrub;abougli-^*ftfl^p,^Mf; JaZ— jhiff jHifi; sh'i^^ 

Bttshei,'<.adry measure contaiomg four pecks— bxtmA ferer'parimdn fiuAesA— batfe ser ki 
paimimi [shikheudir 

Bash'y» a, thick* f^U of small branches, &c.— nt&ir, jhdjupdla, Jhdf^la—ihifi^r, ghani ; 
Bu'ioly, ad. [Wc .*] with hurry ; very actively— ^a*tatdf piirbatc, toar/S |>i&6«k— mashaqqat se, ' 
teai 99, cbaliki se > [pesha, oiatlab, muimala 

^Bus^mesftf ti an employment, trade, ^SBXt-^drjya, karma, byabasdy, bydpdr, bithay^kim,. 

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Bfcs t *® ) ^^^ 

busk, i. a piece of whaUt)oi^e, or steel, ^orn by motafsh it their tthyt-^striidktr pAtidhiif^ 

timimatsifer kdrer bfi isvdter odfd^'i&pit y& bdt mtchhK ki h^di ftt Cakhti ki jts kd wiliyMl 

auratea sinaband mea Ugitl naii^ * 

. Busk'in <. a kiod of half boot, a high shoe worn by the aacient actors in tragedy — charmer 

chhota mcjjdf j^rha kdU^dtrdiB paridhepa pddukd hUhesh — nisf moza, ek qism ki pdsbn^d^f 

jatA ki iis ko pabinke naqq&l dabshataik baton kf naql karte the ^ Ihd^ 

Buak'ioea, (l, f..] dreme^'iB buskins— 6a«fe»M ndmak mojd bd jiUa oar/i— p&shnidir jat4 pahine 

Buss, s. a small vessel, a fishing boat ; a kiss^cA^^a naukd, mdcnltuyd dingi ; «/(uma— machh- 

II ke sbikir ki kishU ; eh6m&, boM 
Bust, i, a half statue — masatakdbadhi buk parjfaMa manushyer miirti — nii;f q&mat k( Ubat 
Bust'ard, s, a laree bird of the turkey kind— ^att fteru—peiix kf qism kA ek jfinwar, kagdar 
Bus'^tle, 8. [6u6-s/T a hurry, a great aiir^bya$tatdt daurddauri, dhutn dhdm, kalbali, hurdmUri 
' -— haqmaij, kal6alf,'bh^bh&i:, dhdmdh&m [daw&dawish k. daa|rd*hdp i> 

^Bus'tle, vn. to be busy, to hurry, to stir-^^ta h. tdrdtdrik, daurddauri !r.^tagp>d9U k. 
*Busfler, s. an active person, a busy hody^byattatd pHrbak karma, kareje, chhaiphaliyd, dhftm 

dhdm kimyd btf 4^ ^'•^titiip^\yAf kAuiki.}i, harb&bi 
Bns'yt a. [d^S-ztf] 'employed, active, officious-^kariAtf nibishfa, byaita,. chulbulyd, parddhi)cd^ 

cAarcJ^fc«~masbghKl,'masr6f,sargarm, barjfimanjud ^ 

*Btts'ybody. s. a meddling officious person— parodAik^V charchak, purer kdrjyf kntdeyjer- 
. hard4fgj cnamoha, bar jl maujiid [— siwi, ghair, juz, magar, illd,balki, o lekin^ lej^ib 

. But, c. except, nevertheless, however, &c. — byatirikta^, Hnd, nahitet tuthdpi^ hintu, parantu 
But, s. a boundary, limit, end of a thing— stm^i, anta — ^Uadd, sarhadd, intih4 
Butch'er, s. one who kills animj^ls to seil^'Wit— qassilb, qas&{ 
Botcher, va. to kill, to slay, to murder — badh k, hatyd fc.—qatl k. kh6n k. hal&k k, 
Butch ered, pa, [..J killed, mvirdered— ^to — haUk k> g. qatl k. g. kh6n k. g. ^ 
Butch'erly, a. cr-uel, bloody^ barbarous^ brutal — nirday, kKuniyd, n»fi/i.^Aur--berahifi^ kb6i^ 
- 6ang:dil,'khnnkhw^r - [sangdili ; qaas&bkh&na 

Butchery, s. murder, cruelty ; a slaughter-house — badh, nishthurdtd ,• kasii kh(md—qax\^ 
But'ler, I. one who is entrusted with a g'entlemanV liquors and plate; an upper servant-* 
moidya o rupdr drabydUUr bhdfuidri, khdnsdrnd^-^hs^iih aur ch^ndi ke asb&b k& muhtamiiou 
. mfrs&m^n • - ' ^ , [/core— mihrAb k& jHisht^ 

But'ment, s. the support of an irch—khildner je angsha dui pdrshwer bhitir upare nirbhar 
Butt, $. a mark ; object of ridicule ; a vessel made to contain 126 gallons— ^okAya ; parikdnt 
biskay^ bard pipd — badaf, nish&na ;> tir-i-miz&h k& hadaf, hansne ki. sabab ; ek pipd ki }i^ 
men tin sa'u chhahattar ser samdte haia ftakkar m&rn& 

Btitt; vaj to strike with the head like a ram, &c,— ^Attsaiw, gutdna, 4^ui mrtra«--takr4n^ 
But'ter,^. an unctuous food made from cream— nu£k/ia», nabanita — makban, mask& 
But'ter, va, to moisten with butter — mdkhanmdkhdna-'makhsin lagfin4, makUan se chupafnA 
But'terflower, s, a bright yellow May flowe^-i-fi^ barnsr puthpa bishuk—li^hit ke mausim k& 

z^firini phul 
Bnt'terfly, i. a beautiful winged insect— ^ajftp<»tt—titrf, tutli 

)But'teris,'s.' a farrier's paring instrumeat-^ia/6andir attra 6is^«h— sumtarish [ghol 

But'termilk, «. the whey of churned cre^ifi—gkol, takra, ma/Ari— chhachh, mathJi, dogh, 
But'terpump,'!. a fowl; the bittern— iak biskegh-^k qism ki chipyd, chamarbagla 
Biu'tertooth, i. a large broad foretooth — mnenukher bara <i(ist— s&mne k& bar4 d&jit 
But'tery, <. a place where previsions are kept— kAodya sdmagrir frAandar- bhand4r, modikhi- 

na, hi&matknina ' 

But'tock, t. the thick pact of the thigh— nttamfta, pdckkdr-^hntzr, surln 

But'ton, va, to fasten with buttons— ^A/inti ldgdna,botdmdiyd baddkak.—f^hvmii d. tukmalagllni 
But'ton, s. a knob or ball used for the fastening of clothes; bud of a plant— 'j'Aim/f* mudd", 

puutiyd ; ku2iri— gbundi, tukma ; kalf , shigdfa 
' But'tonhole, i. a' hole to fasten a button— g'^untt ghard — ghundi \A phllndi, tukme kH halqa 
But'tress, s. a prop, shore, support^djt/i, .^/te/(o— pu^hta ^ ' fkhu^htaba 

Buxom, a, lively, brM, gay, joll^— fp^i^r^jtikta, rasik, am^t— zihdadil. sliokn, . ra&g9&; 
• Bux'omness, s. wantonness, amorousness — rasikitd, prem— khushtabai, shokKi, raAgfn! 
Buy, va, to pay a price for, to treat for^-^ay k, kenan— mol 1. bai k. kharidni ; moltol k* 
Buy'er, s. one who buys, a purchaser— /»/»eje, kre(^ — mol 1. w. kharid&r, mu^htari 
Buz», s. a whisper^ humming, low talk— pAtM pkus, bhanbhan, gungun, j'umr^fnt^— phu9 pbu)^ 

bat, bhin bhindhat, halg&ki boll 
Buzs, vn. to hum Uk6 heel; to whisper or spread secretly— 5Aa»i6^n k. phu$phu$ k, kdn^ 
kdne kahiyd byakta k.— bhiu bhin&ni, phus phus4n4 ; sargoshi k. k^papniisi k> [oidiQ 
Buzz' and, s. a hawk; dunce, blockhead— s^ye/t pakhyi bishnh ; mHirha, bokd — ^b&z ;, 
Buzz'er, s. a secret whisperer— pAus^M kariyd berdyje, gapaitschupe chupe baliyd berdy}^ 
phus pbttsi&hat k. w. k&naphdsi k. w. {,a.hi8ta boll 

Buzz'ing,s« humming <noise, low talk— 6Aan6Aan shabda, chupe chupe kathd — ^bhio bhin^ilt. 
By, pr. denoting the ageht. ^ay, itoeans, near^/cartrtit, dtodtd, diyd, prajukta, nikafe—9%, bat 

ke sabab, keb&is, nazd Ik 
By»and*by', ad, in a short time, presently— kinckit pare —thoxi der ke bid 
By-law, $, private rules or orders in a society— kima samdj bd sampraidyer lok dpndder ^tadky^ 

je niyam nirbaddka kare— kisi firqe ki ipas mea muqarrar k. g, qiida 
By-pam, s, a private or obscure path— cAora gaU, gu^ta pa^k— pag^andl^ jida, alag rib 
By-room, s. a retired, private room— nirj«»«*ar -khalwatkhina 

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j^y-8treet,.«. a private or Obscure street— ^a/t« irup^a}ui(ft~gali, kucha • 
By-word, 5. a cant word—feat^r. kathd,uj>abe8er katML-^k^kwzt, maBal 

/ • : c . ■ ^ ' 

C, The third letter of the aVh'abet-; it is used as ao abbreviation 0^ the Latih word ceatom, a 
kmidnd^Bamamdldr ttitiydkhyar ; tanghhyepe ek $hatabo4ak hay — Angrezi ]ci tisra liar^ 
L&tin zabda Qieuikbtis&rke wAstesaa kifaqatnkfjagahyihl likbte haiQ • 

Cab.s. a Jewish measure of about three pmts—Yahiidiya farimdn bitheth, prdy derter haihi 

Yabddi paiiQ^na ki us raeu qarib de|h ser ke sam&Ut hai 
Caba'l, s, an intrigue, pnv^te }nnto-'kumantra,nd,.'anek$r guptabdd — ^bandieb, sfi^Isb* wub 
^^ jam&at ki jokhalwatmea fas&dk&mushwarakarti hai . .. ^ 

Cafoa'l, Cab ala, s: the /ewish traditions and secret science*— Fa&<Su£t tokef p^rampardgatd 
. itih4s $amuhat ebang guptabidyd^^Y^hndiojike riwdyit anr poshlda iim 
Caba' ) vn, to intrigue privately, to plot— 4eumantraM k, hikalpand fc.-^bandisb k', 
siiz ishk. [Yahddiou ke riw&y&t k& 41iin 

Cab'atfst, «« one skilled in Jewish traditions —Ya^udid^ guptaifidydbettd, tadrittgyiiji^ 
CabaJi-stical, a. mysterious, secret — gUrhdrthay aprakdsh, jri'P^a-^baidulfabia, poshida . Ftart 
^abai'ler, s. an intriguer, a plotter — kumantri, kukaipand kdri — bandish k^. w.. s^sish k. w. muf- 
Cabal'line, s. a coarse kind of aloes, used by farriers to physic cattle— aifttmdir bkedakdrabytt 

bUhe$h, ek prakdr aushadh — musabbar ki dusrl qism 
Cab'odge, «. iMdge] a well known vegetable — kold — kobf 

*Cab'bage, va, to steal in cutting clothes— d«r;i7 m»taparer^kdpar khdnik kdiiyd ^ooitr- kap|i 
qata men chur6n4, katarbyoflt k. lUmtii, jhomprd 

Cabin, j. an apartment in a ship ; a cottage— >j4^aj«r tk kuthari, kunfiyd ^/i^r— jahdz lii 
Cab'inet,'t. a set of drawers; a room in which state consultations are held— 6<utra ratnddi 
' rdidiibir bahugrihamay sikduk, dlmdri ; rdjiabhdr griAa— alm^ri ; 'wuh kamri ki j'm mea 
h&kim'bdham mulk kfinashwaratkareu . ^ 

8a'ble, s, a rope to hold a ship at anchor— JAfcaje?'. kdchhi kimbd d<vf4~-)angar k^ rassi 
achec'tical, a. [Jcek. .] of a bad habit of body — khyayrogbiihishta, sadd iuustha — ^beiat(d^ 
Ca'chet, J. r^/utj a seal, a private ^tate letter — mokar, gopaniya rajpa^ra— muhr, makhfif 

Mdsh&hi nukmo^ma [tabiyAt, ^tar-sarisht 

Cachexy, «. [/ca/c-fce/c.«} a disordered habit of body— lAdririfc dMihiwaWidb, Modd togi — qW^ 
Cac'kle, vn, to make a noise like a hen, UQ.—kukkuter nyay dbnoam k^ kiUs kkikihakdak,-^ 

karkafini . ♦ 

Ca'chocfaymy, $, TJco-kimJ] a depravation of the humours from a sottnd BlaJie^'-ruktapittddi 

6ikdr, dbd^u 6Aed— akhl&t ki *^^id honi 
Cacode^'mon, $, an evil soirit, a demon — mandabhutdtmd^ pretpishdchddi — r<ikhl)aa, ifrit, detf 
Cacog'raphy, «. bad spelling— &dma6my^«er dosh^ bdndne akhyarabhram-^iml^ ki ghalati 
Cardav erous, a. like a dead body — mritadehabat, mardr nj^dy— murdawir, zard 
Cad'bate, s. a worm, good bait for trout — biskesh ntattya dharandrthaehdr, kif. 64iA^s4— geani ^ 
Cad'dls, s. a kind of tape ; a worm— p/ittd bishesk, kif 6uAesA— fite ki ek qism ; ki^i 
Cade, a. tame, soft, tender, delieate— pAs^, komat, namra —hilii, narm» n4ztik* . ... [lahja 
Ca'dence, «• a fall of the voice, a sound— swordnto, ckhanda, noar^awiz .k4 ut^r,. lai,. Jah.ii| 
Cade't, f . a volunteer, a younger brother— <ainyer kdrjeshikhydnabishjt i.anntictf kaniAia bhrdf 

td—ummedwiir, chhoi^i bhil 
Ca'd.ew,s. the straw worm ; an Irish mantle — ghdispokd, trinaja kit bithesh , Jdme^ati bmtra 

bishesh'^k klpi Jd jo bich&li mea p&y& jat4 hai ; ek labiida ki pa ko Airiaa4 ke jazire ke b^r 

shinde pahinfe baiji 
Ca'di^ s. a chief magistrate among the Turks*— Turfe dethiya bichdrkartd, k4ii — Q4zl 
Cadtt'ceus, s. Mercury's wand, or snaky .aisM^debduter sarpajul^a demdla biskesh-^^mp 

iipii hiii chhafi, id Farangist&n ke qadtm log bayan karte the ki Markarf ke hath. mea rah ti 

tbf, aor Markarl ko &sm&n k^ hark^ra mashndr karte the [khaftia, Irdn ki poshish 

. Caftao, t; a kind of habit, Persian garmeotr-Pdnuwodeffttya paridheya basira buktth-^ 
Cagy i. a small barrel, or cask — khyudrapipd ^^es^— ehhoti pip& 
Cage, ti a place of confinement for birds, &c. — pmjfar, kkdnchd^qaSA, pinir& 
Cajo'le, va, to deceive, to flatter, to beguile-^/uincAito k. bkt^idna,—pbusl&n&, daia 

d. khushfimad k. fareb d. [madgo, ianebi 

Cajo ler, s. a deceiver, flatterer, parasite— pra&anc^X;, iha^h, chdtubddi-r^suaab&z^ ki^ishi- 
Caisso'n,Caissoo'p, s, a chest of Bombs or powder ; hollow fabric of timber— jru^i kimbd bdruder 

sindi^k, kdgh^Aa nirmita ddhdr ^(<^«4— ghub&re ki goii y4 birut kd sanddq j lakfi kl 

kbokhli imdrat ^ ^ Iki&t^^^ 

Caitiff, t. a base fellow, a wretch, a knAjfo-n^adhfun lok, ^hilM, ^&aJk-^harimz&da, ip(^nfba4> 
Cake, 5. a amall loaf— va. to harden, unitQ-^ishlak, mi/Mi— oa. shakta k, drirha k.-f^o^kha- 

tAf , kiilicfa!a,' girda— va. ^ht k. 8ukh4ni, jam4n4 
Calamanolo, s, kind of woollen stuS—mesker Umer battra 6u^&«^banit ki -ek qisou 
Caramine, t, an ore of zinc — kdchd dastd — kachcl^i dasi^ 

Calam'itous, a. distressing, unfortunate— du^kAac^dya^, bighalita—ps^eski,!!, tang, kambakht 
Calani'ty, <« misfortune, disaster— fripad, duhkha, bigha^n-^fu, bail, ssiislbat^ . - 

Cal'amus, s. a kind of /sweet scented wood — tugandhi kdsktha 6mA«s4— is^urg&chh, ^asb^zzarfr 
Cala'sh, f. an open carriage. ;- a Jiead-4re8s—rai4 bishesh, chkit Mn gh^^dr gdfi > n^a^^h^ 

bkaran 6iMeiA— dpar te khulf hiii g&ri i*sir ke kapfe ki ek qism 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

CAt ( 63 ) €JLh 

Galea teout, a. haviti; the nature and propertiMof aai»*»-e&ite(ijiMy; tkmMpdMaimnUtkd^^ 

ftnakslfat, ehdn.4f Od •' 
Calcioa'tion, s. the act of pnlyjBriuns hy tin-r-hkairdna, agni di^ ehiima J(/ir<^-*jal4kAf 

reza k* . * ' ' 

Calct'oe, va. to btirti td a ^wdtT'^kharAtuL,a4p»$i&k^dwArdch4rngkara»^k)^^ Mkh lu 
Caleo|('raphT^ <• the art of engraviog oa brass—pttto/f rauir^cii ankana bidjfd—pitMl par a^-qsh 

karoe fci hunar [widAaakv 

C^'calate»va» to compute, to reckon'g>aitan(i k, Ukhdjokd k.^his&h k. ^inni, j&oetMi&, 
Calcula'don^ s. a computation, reckon! ng-^fe^Mtjokii, gunawd immgkhyd^^hkkbr, gintl, and^zn* 
^ takhmffta ' 

Carculator, s. a computer^ ^ reaJLoner-^sankkyaki gafutk^vauhiaib, haaSAtdAa ' [patlHhai;U& 
Cat'culotis, a. stony, graveUy, gritty— ^a^al* hd frastttrtnay, Aarfe^rriyd^kankrlli, kirkifii/ 
CaKdroD, s. [kawL] a large kettle or boiler— feattffta, 6rt/uit A^ari 6Mft«f&— deg, bandi , 
Caledo'nian, 5. a native oi ScoiUaA^Skattanda de$hiya^ ke mu)k kd rabne w« 
Calefac't^ory, a. tending to warm— la&nafcorafc, ttttrfpafc— sarmtdrif, garm k.- w. 
CaPefy, D. to make w;irm-rif«rtpttf fc; t£itrf««-^garm It. t&pni • ' 

Cat^endar, t. an almanac, a register of the year— panjifci, panjt— jaatribahi, taqwira, pattrft 
Cel ender, va. to glaze linen, to smooth— 6ts:^sA kaUr dvdrd kdpar ; Aars^n-r-mnhrak. kund( 

k.chikn&nft ~ [karne k4 &)& 

Cal'ender, s, a hot pres^, engine to calender— c^piMi* kil, kfiparddi ghfmk^n9rkai — ktrndi" 
Cal'etidefer, J?, the person who calender*— feiparer ^fcoafowkrfrafc-^rauhraeAz, knndigar 
Cal'ends, s. the first day of every monih^praiimdser ^atktim c^ttt— mahine ki pablft ,diQ« 

ghurra, jKirba 
Cafenture, '^. [; • tthw^'J a baramg fever, incident to saibni in hot conntrtes-v vsr r»g biskesk 

-~tap'>i-h^rr Ki jo garm mulkoa m^ muUih logon ko hoykti hat [bachhiy& 

Calf^.s. thick pan of the ^e^; young bf a cow— pa^er ^tm ; ;«6at«a*— pindli, s&q ; baehbn&» 
C^t*tber, 5. the bbfe oi ^v^ttttxi-^bandukddit nalir ^Uudra, totpartman— top, band6q w. g. 

kltoiThH [kdradti; ing)istiamett,sat^8iiti 

Cal'ico, s, printed cotton doth ; in England, white xsotton ciotfa-^e&U/, k<ipar-'*^hit, qaiam« 
Carid, a. very hot, burning, scorching— uifcna, -dfv^jftnM— bahnt garttf 'mahriqt AOBioda 

tibnik - " - . 

Calidity, Calldness, «. intense or great heat— u*fc»(», athhty t^^y^bahnt ganmf, tapieh 
Caliga tion, s. darkness, dimness, obscurity— andJialuir, gkar-^-9ndimc4^t U^rikU dbuod «^^ . 
Cali ginous, a. [.lidje.,^ obscure, dark.'dim—andfttfkvtrmay, ^&(r-«-aitdhei4» t6rik, dhandbm^ 
CaHgiTiphy, «. Wutiful writing---it«ndflr' iefcferf— khushnaviti . ■ 
C^'Uph, sJ a title of the successors of Mahomet among the Safacens-^JHa&aniHacIijfa ^ohw 

abhiskikm'djdebangjrradKdHjdjatc-'kh^lif^ - 

Cariyer, s. a ha^d gun, an arquebuse— fc^yurfra &iit4itt%^-*<banddq •■■.•' [pU6l ki kator 

CVIfXy s. k<itip'*i word used in botany— 64/(; tadikrUi ^uler brinta$ih» parra— piyala. 
Calk, vn. Ikavfk'}, to fill up the seams of a ship— nsitki gtftm, Mtdpdti Ar.— gibn4-, k^Upatti k. 

jahil^ ki datt^ea san se band k. 
*CM'er, 8. ona «vbo stops a ship's seamB-^gdoiiiddr, kdUtpdH-^gkhsn w. kil6patiy& 
Call, va. to name, to invite, to summon — nam d. bd rdkhan, ddkan^ dhbin At;— a&m rakhiki» 

bul<in&, talab k. [4ftMn— bumwA^taUtb, darkkwi$t 

CaH, s, a vodal ^ddt^s of summons or invftation, a demand— fS^iy, 4^k, ntimMhchdran, 
€artat, (?ariet,'^.' a tmli , worthless wottan^tof&ya. bardng^nd^mUz&di, n&qis aitrat 
Calltdlty/Cal'lidness, s. craftiness, wtr-'dhurtatd, khai /ta- makr, hihfas&af > 
t^alKing, s. an employment, trade, &c.— <^yafraff(, bUhay ilraniM, dyapeir^pesha, byoh&r; hirfa ' 
Cal'lipers, f. compasses with bowed 8faanlaH»Miii(;i^'fcanpa»^'sAef^— khaadir parkir 
CaUo^'ity.s. a corneous or bony hardness, a hard tumot^^bedtn&rahit spkita mdngsa, hafd-r' 

sing y& haddl ki m&nind^akhtf, 4ha(h&, ghath& ' [beparwft, n&ut« 

Callous, a. hardened, brawny, insensible— tonfpni^, ^at^ifii nird»y^^49kht, ghatiii* bedard; 
Caf lottsness, s. hairdness, ins^nsibiUty-^^aftyar^tiiytftiMt, osdneatDa^ A^vriMb^tta— sakhtl, i«ng* 

<Kli, bedardi» n^tarsC ■ . 

Callow, a. wanting feathers, unfledged— jv^m, ai4topafe%^**bepar, ldnd& w^t^k 
Calm, v/t. to quiet, appease, pacify-^/i^mcfntf , «ft<inito bd $^r h. mifdn^-^-^iUsi, d* tasldli k^ 

taskln d. dhlraj dk * •. 

Calm, $. stillne^, quiet, serwitf'^HUratd^itkaiiuttA, nirbdt, «AtfMtr4— suktin.&s&ish, Ariro,r&kat 
Cttlm, A. unTU«ed> undistfirbed, easy— ^icseAir, shdnta, kfctfaata— sanain, tdkin, dhlmi 
Calmly, ad, quietly, coolly, without piasiou^^t^a^ibhandg, dhirs, okrocl/M- dh'iraj se» taaro* 

mul se, beghazabi se [tahammul, saz&w&r taba, sanjida mizilj 

Calnk'^ess, t, tranqaillity; freedom from passion— dAatr7ya, skdnti, kdma kridkddikiuatd-* 
jCal'orael, «. mercury six times sublimed— s^od^ito p<Sri 6Aa«ina—chha martaba khili8k.g. pftri 
Calof ic, s. a ti^Hn denoting heatr>^i0iifM(i4»»& ushtiatdyuUdp$r m^karan— garmf , har&rat 
Calorific, a. heating, causing heat — uttdpjanak, taftmaAparak— garm k. w, mutaharrir 
Calo'tte, «. [.tet] a cai> or coi^-*ma«tokac^u^k4(fdm«r' iicpi 6ts^e<i— topi, orhni, mejiar 
Cal'trop, s. an inAruttent of w^ir with t^ree spikes, thrown on the ground to asnoy tbo «i6- 

mies* horse ; a plant-^«mAtf«fcr»«i JHddit4$tra bnhe^, chdrd MsAesft^gokhrfit nsbit kf 

ek qism 
Cal'vary, s. thonfti(i« eftlie mMUt om which. Christ was cnict6»d^Khn^(a OfdidrpUa haOm 

je fdrbaU tdhdri iwim— us pabAf k& n&m ki jis par Hazrat Is* taslib k. g. 
Ca^ve, vn. to briaf loftb a ealf-^MyiiiKi^ gobattaprai^ k.— bachlira ko jahni - 

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CAI. * (Bt)^ CAW 

CaV^itotomrs. the doctrine of i^k<edM|iMtsMi,&e;.UiBfrht by Cahnn-^forfcq^cr wdriihdhm 

bitkaife Kaibin ndinak dhamurpadeshaker mit — Pir Kalvin k& tariqakijia k&yibqaulhti 

kt««ftt men bahiBht{ aur deiakHi tafrfq ktye gaye baia 
Cal'vioist, 9, a follower of Calvin— purMcta matdbalambi—Fir Kalvin ki muatiqid 
CaTum*iiia»0, «a. to accauae falsely, to revU o mit kydpabad It. nindd j;.— tuhmat lagaaA. ilzAtn 

d. blldii4nal k. 
Calam'ft^ator, t. a faUe accuser, tld^nderw—mitkydpabddak, mm2afc— muftarf, tdftoi, tuhma^ 

fagAwe w. r*»im;buhtAa 

CarQiniiy, i. slander, aspersion, false obarge— «iiMt^, fcuttii, mtt^ydrop-^tuhmat. iftir&, itti* 
Calz/«. any thing that is rendered reducible to powder by buming-^pori ckilnidir l^katma^' 

wu-b cblzki'jo Ag ve jallcar q&bil'rese hone ke bo gayi hai 
Cal>ete, a. (^M} ^ smaH bud of m )>iant— IrAyudra tmJcui bd ikoZtlBtf— bu^ \i chhoti kali 
Cam^aiett, t. (..yoo) a stone with vanous^gnres and repreaentationa of landscapea formed by 

naturex-fwiMMdlXc lutiwiM^ hama bitkUkta jtratUtr ftuAesh^— ek nan kit paththar ki jis par 

kai ek qndrati naqsne bote hain - 
Cam'bering, a. rising like an arch^6dtln*a, khUdn tulva, hifrja^st-^^ibribsi u^A kdi 
C^'itibrkk^a.ia kind of line linen ao called from C^mbrey where it was principally made-^ 
. BiUHi ihmn9 nirmita ufiam tddd kdtpof bUkuh-^mtkiik san ka kapie kl ek qtsm ki jis kf IbtidA 

Kambre shahar se hai - . 

Cam'el.^^ a laff^ecninal eonraionin the East— u^ uthpnt'^^, shnt«r 
Cam'eo, <. a picture of only one coloor; a small stone or composition wheredn G^ur^i ar^^ 

4h ranftt ehhabi, nibtdbidha wtdtthdjuktm prmttar b Uhnh o kl rang ki u^v^ir ^ ck chhi^ti s^f 

yd bandy A h6d paihthar ki jis par naqsh kiyi gayd hai 
CiuSi'ei^-obsoara, «. an optical aaaehiae used in a darkened chaoaber, «o ihat the tight coming 

only through a double convex glass, obiocia expoaeil today lij^ht and oppt^ite lo the gliiM 

aM-ropresenled inverted ntion any white matter placed opposite to the «h«a— tCriiAtt &iud 

idmbauihiya 1^, friiftsiA; UkdU ubh^jf d^k kHrma prithfhdkrUi ek khda kduch dchhit, 

0bangtiirj9r Icirsi^ tdhd diydywaUiU dritkta battu iakai uifd htUyd dekkd Jdjf^ilmA-msimA- 

aa'reaurroardyekdekiinadir did ki jis ko tirfk kamre nea ran&h&Di ke Eauq&bil rikhto 

haia, to QB men anal taawfr ke bdhtr kl ebfzoQ kd aks sdhir hotd hai 
Cam'let. s. a stuffmade of wool and silk^jnu^ita misher tome ebtuig pafle nirmita btistra 

bish$ih'^n reakamkd mild hdd kapfd 
Cftfn'omilers. a fine physical herb— ««iiAedJk:y« puthvtt 6MiWi^«*Mb^na 
Ca^moys, «. flat, level; only vo6d of the iioafr-^4l|e(Aa6arvi, Jfthduda-^^h^ptA. 
Camp, s. the tents placed' by armiaa when they keep the field*-«nd goner tdmbi^ thrmu-^ 

lashkar ke khare hde dere, ardd, lashkar 
Campaign, s. (,f>aM)'tL large level tract of ground ; the time for which an army keep the 

MMi without entering into quartef»«*^saMidi» bkitmir tk brikat khanda, Mtmvem ^a Ipdi 

roAMUmite bdg bdjuddha Jkora^— zamin kd ek ba|d hamwdr qata -, wuh muUdat ki jab tak 

laahkar apne maqim so^ niuhtmm par rahe 
*Campa'igner, $. an old experienced soldier— frriddAa tend lok, ^v4ik— jangdzmdda sip&hS 
Campea'tral, a. growiof in the fleldx, ynldr-^Mdikotpamna^.prdataii'tQt, baniga—maiddn kd 

dgne w. jangalf 
Cam'phor, Cam'pbife, s. a white'gum—learp^ir— kdfdr, kapur 
Cam'plhorate. a, impregnated with com phor^-^pot^pdrtj^, Jearpi2r;itfcki-*-kdfHrdmez 
Can, vn, to be able to— •«. a vesael or cup— jiKirait, $amartka a, thufftu h» — c. bdti, kkyttdra pdw 

pdtra — saknd— <. qardba, piydla ][mrae baiij 

Cana'ille, a. (.yurie) the lowest' of the people— iter iok, rUeh ^^— jami khaldiqse jo log ka- 
Cana'l, s. a water course, a duct— nai, ju/t, prandU, ttiiia— nahr 
Cana'i-coal, s. veiry fine kind«f Coal^-^^^Wya kayld bitkesk-^kol patthar (jis ko patbthar 

kd koila kahte haiu) kf ek umda qism [band h6d 

Gaaalic'ula^ed, a. made like a pi |le or gutter— luiidkn'tt, juUbat—naA yd muhri ki mdnlnd 
Cana'ries, t. a cluster bf islands in the AOantic oceaur near the Barbary coast— j4|»/frtlr(i 

mahddwiper uttdr pasohim diger nikalabtrti kayek upadwip^^ tdhdmdm^ianUon kd ijmd ki 

bahar-i-ztthndt mea mnlk^i-Barbar^ ke nazdik hai 
Ccna'ry, f. a wine biongbt from the Canaries now called sack- v«. to 'dance, to frolic — 

Kdneri ndtnak upadwip thekednitamadya bithesk^va, ndchan, pariJkdt fc^Kanerl ke jaztroa 

ki ahardb iis ko ab lak kabte haia— on. ndchnd; kholnd, abokhf k. 
Canary-bird, t. an excellent singing bird whioh tame origtnall]^ from the Canary islands— 

Kdnari desher pakk^i bUhs»h-^k bahut khdb bolne «rili chipyd ki jo ibtidd mea Kaherl ke 

Can"cel, «a. to cross a writing, to obliterate, makA Void— /aUona^f on, ^ k. 6yartAa— kbatt 

khlachod, mahv k. Ai^i d. mamuHch k. radd k. 
Can'cenated, a. marked with lines crossing eacb othoi^-4Mi^&^, drekerd, kdihfJia baddha dfdl 

M5d«iA-^hdtkhdna, jdlddr s^khk.g. 

Cancelled; pa. (..] blotted out, eraaed, annulled— kipl«, k<f /li— mildyd g. mahvk. g. man- 
Can'ear, s. aerab-iish; one of the twelve sign# <if the aodiae; a virulent sore— A:ia^aric, 

karkmfrdtki,atibiapkot,ghwrgkwreghd^ktk3l^, aaffCdn; bvrj-i-aartdn » bhakandar, bancfar- 

Can'ceraie^ on* to grow cancenma«-^iirg>Auf» gk<lr nydy ftdli h. puujbriddhi A.- bhakandar 

kd rogl h. 
Can'cafottt, a. iaoUniog to, orlilBa ^tMkut^ghwrghure gdJAat-^bhatainHa rad 

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Oufe^M, «, ]M«a«rlli€i ^MAti of a. ciiOiHbnMl^^ MM #«MiM i»r««i» <iMf^ 

-iarULpiiftt. MraguAi ' .... [muaavir*, ratf^tt 

Can'dent. o. glowing with heat, bright , *k »Ha§t m»3444oahMmAn^3waUfU€,,d^pyamM^^ 
Candes'cent, «. growing white or dd, hottry— l«ii«iA»< fdkd eM, prdpV, huj»'^-9akd y6 ba«lM 

h« jnr^ sufedsir. 
Can'did, a, white, fiiir, open, hoaest— sAu&Ara, wraZ, 9utbi]Mit— etiCed* sif, sachch&, «6dkr 
Caa'didate, f« ond who loea oi^ it propoaed far an oBof^-'padditymhi^-^armttprdrtJmk — qait 

medwir.liUb [ae, s&fdillse 

Cao'didly, ad. uprightly, fiirly, ontnh '^^uh1capafr4fe, piralyap^bakr^ntkehAi ae, «adiqat 
Cao'dify, M. to make «rhite— ^ibMftZa k. pm>iihknta fc.-«afed k. batt^aliaiia 

Can'dle, i. a light made of tallow, wax, &c.r-rtiwm fctm^i^ pkarUr Aji^i-gimorn yA oharb(.ki 
Can'dlemaa, j. the feast of the Purification of the blesapd Vcrgio Mztf-y^rkk^er md Mdrifti 

kumdrir vroiab Aawhm ]Mirfrwittt— Bibi Manyaift ke chili nahioe ki din 
Cap'dl^ttick, t. aq iastrnment io hold cvid{e^^-m»m4dk bvrtgddfidr-^^ham^^^^ 
Can'dour, s. (.dur) openness of heart, fairness, ittLBkaeaB^'^tmulbhdb, niMapatya-.^fi^U 

Gan'dy, ««. to conserve with sugar, evaigeal^^kh^nmdd^ ckip 4. fMddi mte -pMmnr^ 

pikB&, l^and In qiwim mea rakbn&« marabba banini 
Cane, s, a kind of strong reed of which walking staffs are made ; a reed from which Bugar is 

cxtractei— V. a, to beat with a caao*-dUari* itstrm, M#r i^t^i ik^-^^ a. fiftrvig^4t. 

^>ed, chkaff ; ^h, ganni-^. a. bed mirni 
Canic'ular, a. Mongiag to t^ d<ig<star } hat^-siiWla tdrd*mibandhiy<i i «tyu<Aaa--«tthail k& 

mutaaliq; garam, hixr ^ . , f ki khis^iyat f. w. 

Cani ne, a. kaving the properties of a dog— /euklmr gun* hukukt^* kvkkurhat^^kiaivk^^ katte 

Can'ister, s. a sma)l basket or vessel-^^Mjpdtfd rdkiMar dibd, 4a«^-*sandukeha, A^h^ 

Cank'er, s. a worm ; that pieyanpoa ond destroys fruits ;^ eating sore— Myoj^lnl hUkuk,j4Md 

. phaUr maddhe prebeiA harivd 6Ait«r h<UU kMiyd jdy > ic^«f ghdr-^ kifA ki jo' mewte .ko 

andar se khileti hai ; baadar gb&o, bbakand&r [f^im. kh4 I.-m^ k. 

Capk'er.'^n. to grow corrupt— ^a. cocrode,.^llute— r^^drpaofcas— va. Miya k.tmikia h,-^iipii 
Cank'erworro, $, a worm that destroys frtats — phaldii kk^ythdri kit huhnJki skud jMJtd— 

ek klfi ki {o andar seroewe ko kbi leUl hai . 
Can'ntbal, s. a human being that eats human flfesn ■ ■ m 4n mb mAugm &baibAy«k, nufm tknk, 

pi$M<:hbat mdnusha — idamkhor idmi ', 

Can'non, <. a great gun for cannonading— An&4U guU kk^fp^ ag^pmtra bishesht kdwtim'—Ufp' 
Canocma'de, tM. to batter with canon-'^mfifiak ouaoft ham^H k — topea mirnd, gotandizi k^, 
Cannonie'c, s. one who manages cannon — top kirak teiid—topohi, oolandi^ 
Cannot a. word compounded of «att and wft, dionottng iiiabitity^--t<i|>diyt»«-<aa sakai 
Canoe', s. a boat made by cutting the trunk of a tcoa into a hollow vessel— «/M4(i nauAd, ^Migi 

•^ongd ^ 

Can'on, s. a rule, a law ; the book of holy scripture » a dignitary of the Chrisdan obuieh— 

atvani, hidhi ; iarha prmtita dharma grmoha tamiha i dh^rmashdld stHta jAjak. bytAH** 

qandn,iIa;BaibalyAneaadidldkitib;ekpddfikiqiBm. [bioiaifil 

Canonical, a. scriptural, ecclesiastical — shdstrdnv^dyi, dharma hfabastkd sidd^— din ke qiide 
Canon'ically, od. agreeably to the canons— tkditi'di|U4xir«, ^^tiaate— q&ide ke mu&fiq 
Canon'icals, s« ^stt^^hed dress of the cl^gy-r-iMiroktlddir upqjukta paric/t/md— i^rloa ki 

muqarrari libda [dlnkeqaiNHdWij4nn^w* 

Can'oniat, s. a man versed in the ecclesiastical laws— byabasthd bettd, bidkishmtra hmd — fa^, 
Canoniza'tion, s. the act of declaring any n^tn a saint— Icmux mdnusA ka <tdd^ jmrv^kmoiksfi 

sangstkdpita 4.— kisi ko wall qarir d. [ohila 

Can'onry, Can'onship. t. benefice of a canan-r-dAarmaf^didy s$Jk4^ jdj^ksr pod— p&dHki A 
Canopy, t. cloth of state spread over the head; a tes^ef^—tKi. to cover with the oaaoipf— 

rd^dehekkddan, ehandrdtap biskesh i pdlangtr dhdkawa, battra bisAesk-^va, emdd bas^fu i%d 

dchokhddan jr.-^yabia, chatr, shimiydna; pal'ang kl chhatgiri— oa. s&yabin chhdnni 
Cano rous, a. liiusical, tuneful— uttom iwara. M<hisMa,«<«6<MM'a''t— VhushiwaSpshlrlalalian 
Cant, s. a particular form of speaking peculiar to some certain class or body of men; a whining 

pretension to goodness in formal and affected terms— ^naioV'd^r ^«/td biiheikt ■djUr aw 
_ hiih4iy€ kauskalbdMHtdr^hAi firqe ki khissboU ; din kibitoumea charbxab&ni auraiyidagoS 
Cant, va. to use formal or affected terms ; to wheedle, to flatter, to tos»— 6d|cM ba^ k, 

p\usaldm i aiM;Ay«p^.^-cfaarbzabdni aur si^dagoi k. phusUai, dam d. khushiUnad k* 

%ar phenkni ^ f ^ism 

Canta'ta, s. an air; a grave piece of music— g-tt bisAesh, gabhira gM^-ek gambhir rig ki 
Canta tion, i. the act of sfnging— gdw, ^i«gdiUn— g4n4 
Can ter. s. a moderate gallop ; a hypocrite— oiAtetfr piutagaU i thak, M/paiu'k^poyi, chirttgi; 

Tiyikir, zihixi zihid 
Canthar'ides s. (....) Spanish flies used to raise blisters— A umarivd pokd, makhyikd hi^hmk 

jdhd tejmkar kartrndarthB maUtme Idgdna jdy^-r^atdrib, biadU, y4ne makhkbi ki ek dmA k( jo 
tezl ke waste pidstar men mildte haur . - * \^ • 

Can thus, s. the corner of the ei^'-^hakkyux kenr-^j^, go9ha4-abashm 
Can tide, «. song of Solomon, pious song— Sa/omaiwr krito dhajrma git, dharmabttkm/nk 

jajwrtt—Sulemin ki ban&yd h^ manqabat . l/tukfi tnkyi Wtni 

Cant le, va, to cut, into i»eces or parte— AAawda khan4ak, kkyudrakkyudra kariyd kdiun-^ 
Can Ue^ Canrlet, s. a piece, a fragmenfc-^tifeird, kj^n44, ^^fc^ni— mk|4,r p^tst, pur» < 

Digitized by CjOOQIC . 

OA.J? ^c m y ^AF 

OMir^ t. partef apMi, seefw; iKroii w myg r fctan^g/Jb^tftfe- «fe &l<f|r-ita9mi W Mt>; 

fesal, qaU. fchwd [khail, qaum 

S^\^^» <« a (livMioft x>f « eaiHitry; a clma-'-ittker on^rtfta, }NKr;an«f ; tfaZ-^zila, pargana; 
CaotoiwOaBtoDiie, o». to divide UD«l-^«>^iiafartf<ft 6i6A^^— zHabandf k. nralkko taqsfm k. 
Can vass, «. a coane rtiff cbth ; a solicitiog— <a^ kdpar, shan^ imtra ; nibedan, dddAih-^ 

wa4]F%tl t4|» Jrinniz ; darkbftsr; tHimis 
CanVajB, tw, to ttft, to exantne, to debate, V> solicit y^Am—^arkab&lnhechnA k, dndoUnh. 

hma karmdrtka iammati prdtkand fc.-«chhiiiiii, jAnchDA, bahasoi; logon ae uhde ke takar* 

TUT ke w^te iUtmiAs k. 
Caa'^onet, s. a short song or nT^sanghhyifta git hd gdn, tajppd^-ek cbhoti dffi, larod 
Gap, f . a QoveoDg for tbe hiead— s£r<^AeAMAin, f«ipi-^pf, kaUh ' '^^ 

Cap/' va. to cover the head or top ; to name alCemaiely in contest— mafto/e deheMddank. 

ndtkddhdktmr; tMeikkAid ka^i ik.^r ko dblfciB|Hii; nnbdhise men ashiryi fiqie pafhoi 
Cap-a-pie, ( . .pe > from head to fooit^-dmattakpddt angafratyanga^^^t se pk^w tak, 8arl(p& 
Capability,!, capacicyi ^Maa, adeqiNiteiiesa— ]Mlr«lca«d, kkjiameddijogyal4'^i,W\y^X,]iyAqtiL 

istiadid ' 

Ca'pable, m, eqvai to, qualified— ptfniir, «pa;«lct^-~qAbi], Uiq 

Capa'cioas, a. wide, large, ▼ast—^ot^sei^ 6mfcat-<cbaiiri, kuth&da, farikh, trasf [kush&dagl 
Capa'ciousneBfl, <. largeness, width, space~-prM^ast4t<<,' ^Wsor— chau|ii, cbakUf. wasat, 
Qapa'citate, va. lo enable, qaaKfy, maaR fit->}T'frag> k, biiketh hmrmdrtha upajukta fc.-~qabU k. 

liyiqat d. sAmanhi bania^, roaqddr bakhshni 
Capacity, f. the power of hoMiog or containiog any thing ;- ability, sense ; condition, state 
^ — ^mdi; k^yatMtd, buddhii jMd, dashd, fanmdn — samAo, gunjiish, samAl; istiad&d - 

qabiltyat, fahm, ahn; bilat, daija fdr&ish kijhfll 

Capar'ison, t. asnperbdress, for afa<Mse— ^&o<afc<{Mitran, «4Av0r vtfam pam&Aad— ghore ke 
C^ar-'ison. va. la dress pompous! y-^^Mfc ihiUkd ft,— zeb-o-zf nat k& kapr& pafaiDlai - 
Cape, s. headland, or promontory ; the neek^pteee to a co«t-^antan|> ; gribdy Idge je bastrtt 

khanda-^w^^mia hi. nokd&r qata la jo ek taraf se dary& men h^l hocA jiai ; kurtf k& gareb&n 
Ca'per, s. aleap, ainrnp; a berry, a pickle — hmpha, jkampa ; khyudnpkal, dchdr Mshesh 

bakarkdd, uchh41 $ darakht k6 dina, ^ebAf^ki qiBBi 
Caper, vn, to daiije frolicksoraely, to frisk— (ampftoii, nitya k, kundan-^kndntk, nchhaloi 
Qapei^nsh, a.> plant which'growsietbe tooth of France, the bnds of which are pickled 

tor eating— P^*4ns dether dakhyin dikejdia brikhya bUketk tdhdr pkal di^d ekprakdr dehdr 

iMiv^-ek jhilr kt.}o Fr&usfai mtiUt ke jnntib ki, taraf paidA faotA hai anr us ke phal k& ach&r 

Ca J>ering, na. skipptttf, jumpiag about— ]M(/f2i(^ait, ulUtiiij^hem^-k&dtk \k<A, uchhahd hu& 
Caph, <. auiquid measuie of five wine pints—^atddtr ^nmdn biskesA, pray drdi ser Aa6e— ek 

|»aiQitoa ki jia men-qaitb aikii ser pkai w. g. sam&t^ hai 
Ca'piaa, $, a writ for the seizure of the person-r^i^nd deoner sangati nd thdkdte dsdn^i dhara- 

jmrtAa porra—gariftiri ]|^ hnkimiima 
CapUkiry, a. sroul, aainute, likfta hair-^itthEfcAyMis, ekuter nydy-^bihi, birlk, mihin ■ 
A|pita], a. relating to the bead ; criminal in the highest degree so as to touch life; chief, 
^yiinciJ^'^mattakiya ; attdandaniyaj prdn* dandaniya ; foradkinr^t Id mutaaliq ; aisd shaal 

ki 9&bil-i-qatal ; aaira, kalte 
Cap'iul, s. a princip^ sum, stock ; a large letter, upper nart of a pillar ; chief city--mtti-! 

dkani hma b^na thabd^ prathameje bara akhuar ; stambker mdtkdl ; ftdjdMnf— jama, pnnj^' 

sarm&ya, biz^t ; qalami y& chhipe k&' barft haraf ; sir6n^e sir kf kagar; d£inilkhil&fat 
C^ita^liim, I. nwBMiation by faeads-^JMir Uumdrthe ndm dhariyd hksamUka gdnand k,-^ 

airshumiri ' , ^ 

Ca^p'iSol, J. a splendid castle and tetnple at Rome-r-R^ mahdnagt$rer preuiddha durga ebang 

t^aumtdAyaitrntft deba nwndir— purftne Rdm k4 ek-ostawfir qila aur butkh&na 
Capit'ttlar, t. frpttiA-O a body of statutes divided into cfaapteis; member of a chapter-^ 

byabagtkd tangraha, bithnh dAamuuabhfir tabAdgtka-^qAaun U kitfib ki jttde jude bib 

men munqasim ho ; padrloQ ke madrase kd ek pddrl ' - " 
*Capil'ttIate, vn. to draw up any thing in heads or articles; to yield or surrender on ^ certain 

atipnlatians — d^fphdwdri icmriydkiUHa kdgaj taydr k, skatrur sahit bishssk nij/am kariyd dur^ 

gddi tthdn ty^ bd samarpan k.;— ek kighaz ko b& dafai&t tay&r k. shartoa par mati h. yi 

*CapitiiWtioo, s. terms, conditions ; the surrendering of a to#n upon certain terms— ntyom 

irame dtwgddi tydg hard, niyam, ehukti^-qaxLUq^xir, ahdopaimin ; shahar yd qile kf soar-s 

toa ke sith tashm 
Ca'pon, I. a castrated cock-r^^nniiAka chkinna kukkuf-'khassl'murgb 
Capr'ke, i. l.frece} freak, fancy, whim ; sudden change of httmour-^cmerffta mdtiora^ ; 4kkuf 

— wahm, khim khiy&li ; bulbawa^, ochhipaA, talawwunmizijf [ochhi, ai^okhd 

Gp|>ri'cioas,«. wh^msiqal, fancifnl, odd-'^Mu^t, chinckal, ad6Mt^bu]hawas, talawwuntaba, 
Cip'ricorn, «. a sign of the zodiac, the goat, the winter solstice^-fiuikaf rdsftt; malhyikd — 

baij-i-jadi, makar, rdsuljadi, dakbnden SQiraj ,^ 

Can'stan, Cap 'stern, s. an engine to draw up- great weights, as anchors, &c.— m^ft^ bhdr 

dkarihandrtkaji^attka brikat ckarki bkkmhH-fk charkh ki jh se langar w. g. bhdrl chizeu 

khlacb lete haia, janr-i-sakil 
Cap'solaf, [.siu.j Cap^snlaiy, a. hollow like a ditst^mnduhgrn^dyk'holbishiskta^koshJMt 

— sanddq kl tarah jaidddr 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC, 

' •'-^isA bund jaisi eaDddq men ... , i-i ' ^ Jl.* 

C«p'taTn, «. a chief cpmtnander ; xU cointMin«er of * ship ef imr, of tifo»p J» w^js^. ^<^^*- 

pany of foot— n«a*<W*^ait%« j wndaater yiftfjrfMw it*— ifcrdAr j jatagi jah^a kft DfttlftMlft? 

ri8<Uadtr, stibadAr, kapUtu 
Capta'tioD, «. the i)ractice of catching favour or applauw, conrtiftf llattfery— pdrfc* ,»n«tiwi- 

jaim 6td«a— khiKiTJoi, raiAtalabi, khhsh&mad ^ . 

Captivate, mi. to«ttbd«e, to charm--eMifiJlfe. «»<*«» fc.--phaiii««<l. moh l.fefieflak. 
Cap'tive, 4. onetakeft in war, a 9\^ve—}uddhe labdha, shatrugrasta, ite*irft, doM^lafki *a 

gariftiiT, aairlMdf, banda, i^hiiUm ' t , ,»i. , -i 

Captivity, *. subjection by the fate of iwir, bondage, rtavcry—d/<latt£«, mnnmmdtdy anhcMt 

p«tan«^aid, gtriftArf, a«iii;banda^,ghtii*'»i ^. ». ' ' . ., r ^x. 

Cap'tiottflly, arf* in a peevitfh tmnrnm-^ugrtttA rdpc— chifchnfil se, tunuk mizajf se lT*^V 
Captiousness, t. disposition to find fault— wfrat4, eW»*ttfttfa-^kaj bahsi, Ijfiktichinf, cui^m- 
Cap'tion, «. the act of taking my peraon-^gra*am hard; d^ara*— gtrtft^rf, ni^khAti 
Cap'iious, a. (.$hu8) snarling, peevish, cross— c^Aa/ajr»"'<Ao&, tt^ra—jhagfilfi, hujjatl,tair&rl, 

Cap'lor* a. one wLa talie* prizifs or fMrisoDert— jtfyi fc#iy*t dMtmi hart khnbd Ivf kar* j« 

.-pa k an i e w . w u b sha k li s Li j h fAC otoQ'Mt y A dnthinaB ke Adrai ko pakar lie 
Cap til j«, s, (-fji/j4iTf] iljea{*it>f taktng a'prfze; n ptizB-^ufita btistu, dhrita jfihdjadi, luftr 

dAntJ, M^^^nrii— pakaij firiii ■ i6t, yaghmi, ghanimut . 
Capiurt, im. to i ake as a priaee in war— >irfdAa Wte hifiy^ l«nm— yaghmA !. 16t 1. [Me 

Capu'tlifcd, a. [. ,1 coffered aft with a hood^-^hekhdditai^ tupthishishta^-^y^iJiiLt oihtA ti|he 
CiputbrDp s. [. -.^/Imm] afiiiLrj a woman's cloak— efc jnrakdr itkrishlitfa sninydiii UrUohier^ 

paridht^a bfi^ra Qitheih — ek aiam M pAdfi; anra^kft JabAda 
Car, i, a cart, a chariot; Ciiarles ^ wain— ^rfri bisheih, rsth '^taftarihi udmdk tdrd j)u«|jtf— g6n» 

Tath, ^horbahal ; dubh-i^akbar, &tptiikh,'givdinak ' . 

, Ca/ac, 5. a Spaniili ^llepd, a Urge Aip-^Speudeier jdkdo, brihdt jdhdj biskesh-^Speaft^ 

jahAflc, batiJaliAi ' 

Car'ai, j* a wtn^hi of lour gi^aiaa-ratna t«lafi4rtfc« piirimdh 1]dth§$k, prdy thdr naH—nhUt 

cbAwal kA mrazn / . ' • 

Caravan, s. a body of traveWag mercHianta or'pHgrims; a large carriage— iya6aa^i H 

^dtri b4 patUk uMtitkmV'btnhit ^^-^k&rwAn, qiffla ; ban g^r^ 

Caravao sary, s a pubUc building erected for the conveotence of eastern iravelleTS, where iBey 
...... . .« . , .^^ 

may Teriose, &c. — sardi, pathikdshray — sar&i, musAfirkhii 
C&r'avel, Car'vel, t. a litht bid fashioned ship— prdc^'n Kdl* 

qadim tamh kA halkA iahAz 
Car'a:vay, 8. a plant producing warm seed used in medicme atid confeeffonery— aMUr^l^r 

»y4y ^u4rA i^/ Ms/i^sA— tarwiyi,. ijniod 
. Car'bine, Car'abiue, s. a smaU muskei—chhota hdt banduk Mtheih-- qarAMn (saW&K 

Carbioi er, CarKbihi'er, s. a light hor8enian^~-luit baiednkdkdri hthwdrHrha ^mtf ^-««btOtsiti^ 
CarlMoa'4e« v&i to out or hack and p'repare tneait for broiling or frying— M^<ni^ti^ "*^^j4 

/ca/a^— gosht ko kAt kufke bhdnne ke i&iq ban&ni 
Car'buncle, s. a precious stone ; a red piniple — mani hd ptdnik bUh^ ; rWktimd banUi htt^n 

kimbd «]7A0.tttik— i&l-i-shabchar&gh ; cinQh par kA garmrdfina, mubAsA 
Cai^cass, s. ^e dead body of an animal ; a botnb— fAa6, mard, mrita skurir ; nstrh bAard,^ld 
' —lAshymutda, inaiyit, loth; ghub&rekd gold, bam - 

Card, s. a comptimentary note; a painted paper used for rames^ the paper on which' tl^ 

points of the coinpass are marked; the instrument with which wool is conibi^^— 6ij^^ 

patrii; khelibdr tds i kampd»er digankihlt^, kdgnj UAB^h-^ UdfdiMl'ph^anditt^'^M.m ii 

ruqq^ : khelne kd tds; qutaVoumd kft .kdgbaz ki jis parsharq anr gliarb aur jiii^tib uir 

shimdil ki taraf nishdn ki jdti haia ; dauddneddr dla kijisse dnsdfkarte haiji ' ' '\^ 

Card, ». to conib wool ; 'to play at cards^pia jan ; tdikh^hd Ic.— dhunbd, dhliiraknd, tdniMi, 

bichiirnd ; tds khelnd 
Caf'damums, «.'« medicinal 86ed8«-^^Ai'>~ildechl,^dqula 
Car'diac, a.. cardial, airangthening, cheeriqg— rAidroflrrfiirlrdn, t^a^ar, fttttfhtik-^Xifny^i, 

pusht, vnufarrib 
Cair'dinatl, a. principal, qbi^f, eminent— prad^dn, shreshta, »ar6otfam— dzam, akbar, arv^ 
Cat'diiialyS.-adigutt^ry ofthe Eomah Catholic church; a woman's cloak— Atcmiya pdpdr 

adhin pi^dhin dbarmddhyakhya bUhfish ; Btriiokgr uttariya busttHi *i«/*«fc— Rfimf £i^e ke 

DaardniOQ kd tnujtahid; auratkdlabddd - ' 

Car'dinal-points, s. east, weat, north, «oulh--^i*rfctt, poscfciw, «ttar, 'rf«ik*vtn, « clkrfH rf^— 

dise, ydueftdr^b, pachchtnjn,:uttar, dakhan ^ 

Cafdioal-vHtues, i. prudence, temperance, Tuatice, for^t^e-^sdbadhdnatd.indrivddahMn, 

jdthdrthya,sihastei ckdri gun,pradhdnd tadbkab—ehtLT khfiblan ki jo sab khiibftn selhi 

haiu, ihtiydt, parltezgArij insdf, himmat ' -^ - 

Care,«. solicitude, anxiety; charge— cfcinta. udb^, rakkyandpekhyana WMr— fikr. andetfa^ 

taraddud, cbiutd ; hawdia, hifdzat, ibtimAui . €\^ andeshhdklt 

Care, vn, to be aflfected with, to be anxious— utJwnfWte h. bhdbandjukta h. udbignu k —fir 
Care'en, va. to calk, to atop leaks— naufcrf gdon, kdldpdti Jt.— gdbnd, dari baud k. ' '^ 

Career, «. a coarsej race, awift vamuk-^dtiuff rfnrta^oti— iJaur, aarpat, khez 

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•AH ( « ) «A* . 

hofthyir, mihoati, fiqrmand , [niki, fiqrmajidi 

Cft'refuliiMS, f. vi(tUiiee.,«iixi9Mr» gnat ctre— Mt^HM^* wifcaii^JU.^rA^sft^'i^hwhyiri.anaesh- 
Ca rel«s8, «. negligent, heedUw. Wimixkd(vk\-^nMnajogi» fusekintn^gk^Sl, bekbabarr heihiiy&t 
Ca relessness, i. heeaie»sQes9, inaUention~^iMMii0i^, ifi«ya— ihifiU, ghafUt, beihiij^tt 
Care'ss, M. ta Auiaie, ta treat witb kiaaiiMir-A^'ya A;, at^anta sntka mkdth k, tokdg fe. 

— pyar K. naw&zishk.shafaatk^ 
Car ret. i. a ntarkifi writiog, ihm (k) to'leoote tbateomethiof; writtea above, er in tbe'mat«iii, 

» waoting Ui complete ihe.s^ii*o--«i c^i»A«te( \>/cana e^s&tfar kimbd pad lap gydn hay dr luptm 

jfi $e upare kimbd ek pink toe Ukhd dehh* eibodh Aay— (a) i» gbakai ki nisbdn ki< je alf^z ki 

karpi batlAtdbai aur dpar Wibirat. yi b<«shie ke iiiiai par dal&Jat karti hai -[bojh 

Car so, s. a ship's ladmf^, freis^t, great load— iMuJIerfr bojhdi, bara ^fto— jali^K ki bbarli, befi 
Caricature, «, ( . , .tthwf) a ludicnus, droll likeBea9--&4iyai^iuuk<i|MmifKi»Mn|r» Aiikr<<f»famefr* 

ocu ;itA:«a «4i6/i^>ft-^kMi k{ swing k e ta ur par taswir 
Ca'ries, Carip'sity, «. (korre-ix) iQtt&i^n9s»^-^aukir galita lAdlh-A}w\sUgi 
Ca'riotts, a. rolteu, flecayed, putrified—jra/tt/utAi, jirna, a<4r<-bQ«ida, saf4 
Cark, I. c»re, aQziety-— vn. to be 9,ax\ovLf'^iatd, udieg-^o, n. frAo&t A. tit^n^Aie 4.^fikr, 
. andeeba — v. n. mutaiaddid h. m utafakkir b. ' . 

Cark'ing, pa. e. dtatfessieg,. perpleuQ{;-<kksfcj>(iutlE, duhkhaddyi^-^mmakidU dushjwir 
Carte, <. a meao, mde roan, a clown, ohvirlr^^-chdtkdiak^ murk, afaAfcyar-gattw&r* pAxU 

dhith admi, dih<|ini 
Carl'mgs, s. timbers lying fore aodaftin a ebip-^MuJkiy UmbdUn^ paHta kdih itm4hm-9 
. we ka|iy4a ki jo jahiz ke tul mea oasab botS bai^ 

Car'man, s. oae who drives or keeps c9jrtA^i(4rotg4n^ s^rotkt— g.1fibin. babalwan 
Carmelite, s. a begging friar; a peAr-^Iihriihtijfa bkikk^uk sanm/dti- bUhtsh ; ndapdti phal 

W«A«4— f^qir; ekqism kl nasUp4ti - {«i.4»ildber. bb&obartA 

Carmia'ative, a. tbat which experU wind — bd]fttnebak,.bdafun4thak aujAadA— bawa nikilae 
GatBaioe, $, a bright xed or crimsea colo^r--raitatonia-N^ nibdyat suckb raog. abmar 
Car'aage, s. slaughter, havoc, devasUtion — kdtdkdii, nipot— ^atl, qit4l, kb^reai» tab&bi 
Qar'aal, a. fleshy, lustful^ seosual— nuu^futto, hdmuk, mdriybatk^^-Humiiui, 1mMiu» ktoiC^r 

shahvatparast, rasiyA 
Car pally; <Ri. accordiag to the f^h^skdrinlp. bk4A$^ kdmabhdbB-'atkahnht te* palsiaiyai se 
Carna'tioA, s. a flesh eoloar; a kii<^ Aoww-^Ukadmiaaabama ; putkpabUk»Ut-'-^9!^ii&nT9a$g; 

Car neous, Car'notis,a. fle-^hy, plump, Ut—mdmgsiHa, sthuiakdw, mold, pushfa^mo\it farba 
Car'oival, s. the feast held ija ILomaa.Cachelic couiitrie<i befo<ie isaX-^Kkriikfiyck mahopabimr, 

piirbdahik uuab bishe»h^-ek jashn ki jo Raman kitholie ke maxbabv^oa ka blch Joeu 

rpBoa ke diaofiM pahle bar sAl neqfurar hai 
Carmx'orous, cc. flesh eating, that of which flesh is the proper food — mdngtabkuk, palal" 

kh(kMf krabffa Moii— ^gpshtkhor* m&sadbAri 
CaroQ^'ity. «.a fleshy exereaceoce— ma/igaapin^ db^ fa/afdM^e-^massa, aaid goehi . 
Carol,s. asongofexultatioQ or praise— <i/&<ii<«r gdn, jay<t jr^iu, sa»^irtoi», 9tAbiik git^khoahi 

Carol, vfl. to sing, to praise* to oelebrate— ^-iZ^iidtfr bd stabsuchatur gdn k» MnkirUm, jaSM^'* 

6cSdan ; 5£«6ast/& ^.— grind baj&ai, t&r if giQa» hamd k. 
Camu^'al, s. a feast, festival, driQking-bottt—p«ra6, «toa6, tdnofiU madya]Ktfi'-*3hldi«jasbn, 

ztydfat, matkashi, abarib kbori [piai» 4abosn& 

Caro'ofe, va. todriok hard, to Mbp^-^^irikta vwdya pdn Jc. dnande pdn i(c.— kasrat ee shaMb 

Carp, V, to censare, to cavil— <• a fish — do$h graha.i, chKul grafuiH,dputti ib.-»<. tnaitya bishet^ 

■ ---aibgiri k. kburd^giri k. kaibahai k^.ttlajhni^s. m^cUbii ki ek qiaoi 

Carp'eater, «. an arudcer in wood, a buiklerr-«itr«d^r< bafui, ckktUdr, takhyak-^hdLjrk&i 

khitf, baijir 
Car'pet/.s. acoverieg for a floor or uUle^sAataratM&i, duUchd, bickkdnd, (f^^oroii-^farsh, 

qilfn, dari, shatraoji, me% k& farsh 
Car'riage, s. (kar-tidje) the act of carrying or traasportiqg ; veiucle» that VK which any. thing 

19 carried ; behaviour, manners— 6aAan «ny4, ehdlau ; gdri, j4n, rathigati, dchdatg fikdli 

— ^birbar4&r(, saw^ri; gafhi, rath, bahal w. g. cb&J, tanik, Urz, rawlya 
Car ner, s. one who carries ; a sort of pigeon said to be, used as carriers — hdhcJc^ ihdurti 

moti}fd ; samdchdrddtd kapot bis/mk — motbiyd, barbardar, baromil ) kabdtasc^ kl ek qism 

ki jis k4 wasf cbi(ti pabuncb&qe ki hai 
Cai'Hoa, s. anyfle^not tit for foodr— oJIe&adya nidi^gve, eUoHy^— wuk gosbt ki kbiaeko 

iiiq aa bo, murd&r, makrnh 
Carrot; s. a commoa garden root — bhakhyanifffi,*hdlf M p^ul.biiheikt gdjar-r-g^v • 
Car'roty, a. red-haired, very red— gijerftoit p^igatbat'Ha l^e*^, TMktubturnar—lidh^ rakhne w. 
. baliutUK 
Car'ry, v. ^o convey, bear ; gain ; behave— ^aAaU; ehdldfut, $ahafk, mrdpan, dchdr byabahdr it;.— 

Iej4all, 4h0Qa ; jitni ; cbalchaln^f raviya laikhni [— chhakfi. larki--va. Udna^ dhoi(i&, lejana 
Cart, s. a carriage for luggage— va. to carry— gari, tkakat, ehhakafd—va. gdrikariyd Uiyd jiion 
Carte-bianche, s. (karubiiiMh) Yt, a bla&l; paper to, be filled with cooditwos eutiiely at the 

opiion of the person tq whom it is sent — $w>akhyar 3%ikia alikhita ptura, grdhoker idichhd 

maUA^kkUabya twdkhyarita patra—ek a^a k&gbaz kiji^ i^ matlab se.kisl ke ja« bheji }Ml 

hai kt wah apa& khatukw4h maziii(ui likhe . 

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CAB ( 68 ) Ch.% 

e^f^'h s. an ftgreeittintbeiive^ii saiioiis at war> reUlhee to •xehadKa of pnmmn ju i kd 
$anwy>ubhaymkyufajuddhelabdhabyaktiruddh4rdrthatindh^ tadbishaymk myoM- jMitm 
frtsAfsA^ek attd-o«paim&Q ki J9 do far^iqoa ki mukb&Ufat ke darmiy&o meu ganfitiroake 
wApas kanie men qar4r plil^ hai 
Car tex, (.. <oae who drives a cart— f 4f mCr, itiratki, gdri €hdUtf bdMu^ j*— gftrlwitt ' 
Cart'iFage, «. a smooth aad solid body sofitef than a boiie but harder thana ligameot--tiiM aHAt^ 
kurkun h4r--k^kwi haddi, cfaabni ha44i [baiMi htf 

Cartit;t'^iTi>ni}s, a. consisting ' «f cartikiges-UiiKiftfctmay, kwrkuri /Mffte^-chabni baddii ki.' 
Cartcto n« ^. a painting on large paper—fw^ ehitra, ekkrita patni^bafe kig has par kS tasWfr 
Carto'uch, ii. ( .tootsh) a case to hold bdis— fc<(i}i4nfr gmlikgth, tad ddhdr hishesk, trnd^rr 

tosd^Q, suigri A 

Cartridge, 2 , a paper case to hold power— Mnui«r ^^— kirtiif , |0||(A 
Cart'ridge-tu)x,.s. a box containing caruidge»— to<<fr dibd, fotAdfuir, tatddn>^ftttidiu 
Cm' wrifUi, I. a maker or seller of ctitta-^gdrinirmdnkartd, gdfikar-**^^^ ban^oe j£ bochaAw 
Carve, va. to cut wood, atone, or meat-^iCiXAa bd frtuitar bd mdngm kdfmH bd MtdtH 

— lakrl paththar gosht tar&sbnft 

Cafv'ing, s. scutpture, figures canredi^-^^iikar, hh^diia vrtSrlytSdi-HUbfiiishUsangtariik; 

f naqshonig&r ' [ehAdari 

Cascade, s. acauract, a waterlall-^-iwrMtsr jaiafrakdJka^ jkor^ MrjAar--ihara4, . ^bskir,. 

Case, 5. a covering, sheath ; a stajte of thiofs ; a variation of potuM^-^-^^dMUMais* -ddMr, 

khdp, tcosh, dibd ; dashd, abasthd i kartf^^—g^tl&f, oiy^ ; h6l, baqiqat, r6d4d ; ismoft ki hftiat 

Case» va. tb pat in a case or cover ; to strip off; to contrive representations of fiacts — deAthbdir 

ditak.dbriUik.khdpd,chholan, ekiuUddi tolan, biike$k brittdnta kaipand ^..^rfbiUfcf-k. 

dh&mpn6, mandhni ; nangft k. besatar k. kisf mnqaddame ke wuj4h&t durust k. 

Ca^sebarden, va. to harden oathe outside— ^;k|r^ngwA» thdcta^ bd drifha ^.--kisi cblxkf 

hfiharltaraf ko«akhtJc. - 

Ca'semate, «. a kind of vault or aoeb of a stooe-^Mln ghat ^tskcsk— mihrib ki ek tarak 
Ca'sekoife, t.a:iargekiteh6irar Uble knik'^rutidh^n shdUr. bd mt^tr brihat dUmrikdo^hif 
warchikhluie y& mez ki bar^ chhuri [iharakki 

Ca'aemeot, u a window openiag upon lit ng si kd^itkal bitkiik^ kkirki bd ^ndld^Wa^ 
Cash^ 4. any money, properly ready money — mudrd, tdkd, rgk fAkd—^iad,, naqd, roka? 
Cashi'er, t^ a cesh-keepef-^-ito. todiseafd-^-^v^i'^ kmhddh^fdkkga^ takbUddr-^va, kmrmm 

karan i -mdnkdiiydd. ckhdrdiifd d,^^hmCkncbi, fotsdAr, tahwiJdac }. baotaraf k« minll ,. 
Cashoo', s. the gum of an Bast Indian tiee^^^iA bnkhger d^d"-^ Hiad4it&n ka.4amlirt 

k& gond 
Cask, Caafue, s. a helmet, a haad-piec^-^uddAai makuf^ |0p— khod 
Cask, s. a barrel^ a wooden vessel— k<isk/W nudyddhdr buketh, pipdr^pipk, tumg 
Cask'et, s. a small box, or cheBt—khemi, gahandr sinduk bd dibd---4^i6,, 8aBdaft?cha, danak 
maq^wft [Mitiik. 

Cass, CasSs'ate, .va. to annul, to make void— aiwatM ksrahit k, l^.k. nintrthak Ic^raddk 
Cass'ia, s, a very fragrant aromatic spio»— adracUiii bitktik, iondli — t^j, salikha, ti^pdt, 

awMiltisv roagba4-fai!^ , . > 
Cassock, s. the long under garment of a pneat-^djakerparichqhhad 6uAef&— jubba, kkarqa- 
Cast, «. the act of casting or throwing; a squint; a movld^a form; a shaide or iMidfloef 
to any colovr— ilcAysp, prakhyep^ pheiankriyd, utkhyep; dradrishfU p*ltdc; chhdaApketiA 
rangw iBhatd4ihid^)ph9o>ki and^ht ; kajbini, ttrchhi-naaar'; aaqsha, namdaa ; ran|; ki 4b- 
^ast, V. to throw ; to decide against a person ; to model, contrive— ]»rak/iy«p k. phelufd dam: 
doshi k, ckkdi^ ifautn, kalfand k,-^ph&Dkni,, d&io4, jhoakn4, girina; kisi ke iMurkiiiiif. 
ins&f k. tarah dAlti&', tarklb lag(in&, tikr k. ' 

Cas'tanet, s. small shells of ivory or hard wood,' which dancers rattle in their ffands — narMbr 
"jkiui^humi bdkhyudrakaratdti Mskstfc— chakhchaki 

Cast'away, r. an abandoned or lost person— te;3fa, nt/carma— gay& guard, nikamm&, n^Uqi' • 
' CafeTieltony, «* the lordship of a castle— dttr^d(MtiRCr«r pad, garer adhymkkyatd^qilioi^i. 
Cas'tollated, a., built like a castle — gaf bd durgar nydy garito-^ile ke mdnind ban& hak 
CasTtigate, t^a. to chastise, to puaisk, to beat— a&oMa, daman, nigraka k, mdron— 4axi d*- 

• m4md 

Castiga'tion, s. punishment, discipline— ^ja, nigraha, shdsti, danda, pr/tAar— saz^ tick 
Cast'ing-aet, s. a net thrown by the band-^kA|rep/4j'fU— h&th se phenkne k& j6l 
Cas'tlOj s. a fortified house— durg-a, gar^ r<j[;grt/ia— qila, kot, gafhi 
Castle in the air— ^itAa fca/fMniri— khinnkhiydh, khiy&lbandi 

Cas'tor, s^ the name of a sta^ } the beaver— <4r<i Ms^sk, udbirdl bisheth^^ sit&re ki ate; 

ndbilio ki ek qisro jis ko aagrezi me^ bivar kahto haifl , • ' * . 

Castramenta'tion) s. the art or practice of eiu;amping«»-5&i&tra sangsthdpan hidyd, ekkdmi 

karafter H^i^ashgari^h ustuwir kame kiidLm 
Cas'trate, va. to geld— miM^Aa ckhedan, kosh Ac/io^na- khasi k. ikfata k. badhiyi k^^khojak. 
Castra'tion, s, the act of getding-^^^nus^ ekkedan kriyd, koth cAksdan— khasi k. khoja k. 
Casual, a. (kath.t) accidenial, uncertain^akajeMk hay j>, hathdt upasthU, daibaghmlitt 

anishchit, dkatmik, daibi^ datftddAin— ittifi&qi, nigahini, 6rizf, ghairmuqarrar t 

*Cas uaHy, t. an accident, ehanob— datftag'kaiatM^^IaiM, kaiJkdt «pa«t^— uftid, 4riva. 
^Cas'uist, ff. one that studies and settles cases of conscience— ddsMt/os/i ^tskayak umdeha. Man- 
jakjr; tadftAunja/i^ti— daqiqaras> toasiildin, faqih [taasiild&ni, faqihit 

^Cas'uistry, s. ibe skill or practice ot u Qta\Lit-''doihddpih kUhayak tandeha ^haiyatta Uid^fd^ 

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CAT i 69 ) CAT 

^*^aSb **' -fc*^. •> far-feiched, forced^ftisnlafcAy^nya, aw/ifttla-baid«lfahm, diq- 

Cat'aclysm, i. a deluge, an inundsLUon—jalapldbftH, b^nyd^-'wA, saiUb 
Catracombg, ». « eare, iffotte, ^r siibterraneom placa for banal of the" dewi^tfMh r4khiHr 
f^^ gfttr, mrUtffcdr hhi€a»v tdmddki Akdn^^-mMr^kfH *« mklme Iclltahkhina [mutaftlia 

J^cawtic, a. relatinj to reflected ^imdB--i»ratW^woiw bi$hauak, tnmmbandkiwa'-^m U 
Cat ^©tfue, ». enumeration of pardculars, a list, a register of tilings one by tme-^-^rgkanta, 
r^^ ^^wi, w*ifAfp««yi-.fihmt; ely^i^ . [mea gbarq hai? opchi 

i^arapfaiact, «» a horsemaa in eo«iplete amiottr— «tMtjja, afAiiyCr^fta-^airAr ki jo sar^pft lobe 
Cat aplum, I. a poultice— prn/ep Aufcesfc, p/ifcajaiM* tepan pati—lubdf 
Catapult^ s. an engine to thi^w Bton^a—jmntar prOthyeridrtha jantra iisfceiA—paththar 

^ar^, », a large waterfall -d^sortUf lo tb«««ye^n<ryA«r. f/im-<C ; eftdbA^in- eUiCnt M mngurd 
^h^'*** ^^"^ ® n<»e-*'»J>*, iAtefc«rf, ?*.t«^t^aaila, wkAm, sardf, nAk kil 

QmrrbTaK^ pertntkkig tocttarfh, or increased Mcrelioik of mwiat«4;/»pft M pkdndi $tmbaH - 

^mhh^y shleshmd biihai/ak-^zakfimiy rezishi 

C^. toopbe. $* r . » inhfa} final evetft. cotielcMion.^ coiawitT^ dlniler--tft^, «im^/a phtd, antk 

o^Hfnter th«ihbr%tti^ta^ bipod, durda$kd, durgati-^q\h^, anjimk^r, badanjim, &fat 
Uat^eal; s; ««inall «q«eaktiig instrntnent-^Mrfyo >»«<ta Ugheth ; i^^^bluafiti ' 
€«telM V. tostop. Jay bold on ; ensnare ; ©lease— rdbit k. keuu dkanm, tfrmkau, 4Adna ; yrfte 
•^^/ «**«»■«» W baddha k. phtsaldna; «iMitefi~-pakaft>&, pakafleni; 'pbau#in& ; 

Cateb, «. act of seizing ; a «na(cb-; a ^ma AttnginaaocegnoQ wbwejme eateheait front another 

— dhardn bd grahan kard, dhard, dnkati; ehhiniyd laoyd; sangit biskgth--jp9kir, oabx. «iriff 

chh*» lenl ; gitkj jo ek d6wre ke mnnb ntt lekfr gAyiijittl im . [y& bawA^e liiJe wl 

»ttchio^,4WV'a.infectiiw*, apt to eatcb-^ajwrt/waswSmafc, cMd^ytUfva f wneMroJk—cbhdt 
Caleb poll, I. a h^iUff-^harandrtha pdik 6isfci/i— adilat fcA piyidft . 
Csteh'^up, Gat:»up, «. a li^or ^xtraetcd- ft^to mnOmom^-^hhdtd hrUAm nvrntto kddumJSi 

MMk^iAtMik ke |»b61eii k* ras £«nrtll^jaw&b k« 

Catwim leaf, a. eonautiiig In f|tfestioiift and^ tLtigmw^^^pnuknmtar bitkkhta, pnahwtturiyar^ 
Cat«<i|ifte, va.toinstruct by asking q«Mtiobs ami ieoTwetiaig .tb« aiiswets^«» qnestioo— 
^^'l^ntahmitt^ kramt shmydd. jigjdi^um--tAvHi\-o^wmih karke sitiil&Q& ; sawftl k. . 
Cat echisin, ». a form of instruction by questions and answers ; an elementary book •eoBsistitag 

of questions and Rn^wers-^pmshtuHtar bUhUki*t $kikhfmr puttak ; bdtgktr pratknHta^r put- 

*"*"":;*!? ?^*'i*°® ^^ ^^^ ^* jo jawAbHi>-8aw*l ke nriye m anal nea MteWiain ; sawil-o^ 

jaw&b kf l*rkoii ki kitib . 

Cat'eefaist, i. one who catecbises—prot&natter krame up^dethak bd dkatnuukifdi^ak, prtiknot- 

tar diod^d $kikkm ^ifni^^-saw&Uo'jaw&b ke zarlye se jo tilim ktatk bai 
Catechumen, s.[. Ucu.] oo« wbo Teoei^es iastructioa by Gateebiaiafl; ; -one in the first rudtmeats 

of chnstianity— pra«Arei>etar dMdrd shikhyd pdy je ; dharma tkuhftk-^ shidtfas ki jaw&b-o* 

88w«l ke sitth t&lim pkxA bai ; Tsawl dfn ke aqAid ki mubtadi 
Gategoi'ical/a. absolate, positive, express— spafftt, pariaihkdt, satontra, wddhifk-Mdikk^UiC^ 

bel3^;io.qatai.mntlaq f— nan, jtas, daija, qism 

Category, ».« class, rank, Ohier of ideas-^am, paddrtha, pad, bargos yaiturbdmdnvMF kram 
Catena rian, a. belonging to a chain— «Mkai tam^n<i/wya— xanjir k& m«ta» lliq 
Ca'tetKi'tiott, 5. conneciioii bf ikiks, cbams^sA^iiolrf, M}ii^i«Mi4a, sUkaZ-^anjirbandl, silaila. ' 

nshta, il4qa, lagfio ^ 

Ca^, v». to provide 1bod-^<iMrttM(ibi k,hh»l^yadrahytt dy^jan k.*^h&nekflsarin}Am k. 
Ca'ter, Ca'terer, s. one who provides (ooA'^hddya drabyajolak, dkdr mrbdkak, pariehdrak^ 

^Mae k6 sariaj&in k. ar. 
Ca'teress»^^. a woman wbo prwndeaiood'^'^Mdyadtabya tangraiui kd/rkn «trf, parUhdrikA^ 
, kh4oe ki sarinjim karn^w4IS Rbinibi 

Cat^^ilUr^ t. the larva or worm state ofiasetts-^s/ittuyd pokd, guti pokd^ hmtmki M^-^lr^; 
Cat'erwaul, vn, to cry as a cui-^birdter miu miu $habda h, tadbatdhwani k, — mynu myiiB k. 

Gates, f . eakes, daiaties, viands, nice food--4iiMft/4»iia» miihdi, tukhddya uthtm bhog'-^mmaL* 

ghan kbini, lazfz taim, ni&mat 
Catgut, s. intestines dried and twisted for striag!ir-4(its#-.^nt, iod& 

CwMhAt'dc, a. purging, cleansing the bowels^6ft«dak mnthadh, reckak dradyoH ttUabi, mn^il 
Catbe dral, i, the principal church in a dioecser';^ekSr pradhdnbhajandlay'-'ek ale kii bar& 

Iff a > . • 

Cathedral, a. episcopal, antique, venerable^pradAiia dharmddhy€Aky§r tumbandkifa, prd- 

ckin, gurtttara — majtadhidi, qadim, bazurg 
Cath'oiic« a. universal, liberal— ffir^Maaimk, idrbatrtk, tddhdtan, sarbagrdjhya ; apt^hwa" 

]>«C^,.aiMi{Aati-~ira»kttll,iz&dtaba,beqadd^q&vish [dawA 

Cathoricon, «. a udiversal medicin^-««»rda rog ndtkak nuihndh kisktih^ektmh blmiriyon kt 
Catliof , s. a surgeon's knife ; fiddle4trings-*^fira bmidy^ ckhurikd ; ritdrmddr tar--jarr4h kf 

ehburf; iftrangiketir 
Ottep'tHcal, a. retatkig to reflected visioo-^ratiKnite sMibmdfciya, pwatkhkdpd hidpd bitk- 

•faJB-Hnttat nazar ie tiiqa rakhne ir» 

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IS AT' ( TO ) ' ««^ 

Cat'tl^*, 5. beasts of pa<ttlir«,fttiiauil9 of the bo?ift^ kiaA^g^wi»h4dii vkatu^pad, ^iif€t pnt^M 

, — roi^wdshi, (oru, gke gom, j^agaff dhor < [p^ri 

Cavalca'de, a a procession on horsebacVc — athwdrdrha skr^ni hA laMtiAo-^sawAri, saw&ton kA 

CavaU V) «. a horseman, tLkniiht-^aikwdrohi, ghorti c/cam» tura/t^<iia<s{» — saw^r, fhuf^harh^ 

Diwntaz Mwdr ' [bahA(lur*.4ikr«>rtiAt4idi 

Cavalier, a. brave, warlike, hau^hty-^^r^ileramti jn&osi, lstfdk,.w»Joddbd, ddtrMik, garki-^ 
Cavali'erly, ad. haughtily, arrogantly — garbka rtipe,'damblia kramet ugm hhdbe^fsiiur^ sd, 
. tajrabbur se - - 

Cav'alry, s, military troops on horses — fl»AwHrilr/wJ»rtiMy«rfai 4a,Mw?ifca-*-«'aw4rv turksaw^dr, 
CavaVion, «. the hollo«<riaf or uaderdiggingof the earth for ceiiara<](e— pal«' arthdt mdU giiaf' 

nirmiHdrtkamrittikd Idumau bd g^ria ^.^—tahkfadna baniae ke vdsie zamin kk khodiid ' 
Cau'dle, s. a mixture oi wioe ami other iogrediente given to vKomen- tnt childbed an'l *tick peo- 

9on9^^nabavrMiUikdr.pathyfibi3he$ht fc«ioya->acKhw4ni, sathof^t, karfra ~ [gupKd, kah<(f 

■ Cave, «. a <ieo, a hollow place in- the -MeLrth-^galwar, garta\ kukar, guhd^khoh^ ghdr. 
Caveat, s» [...] a procese in law to.stop proceedings-^&miM, nishedk d^jfdu ]Mfra->«a(idlal ki 

hukoi ki }i^ se nibakdri multavi hoti hai [gb&r 

.Gev^ero, s. a large cave, .aho)U)ir placftin the earti'^^^riW gakwir^ pgpbater p^ttfanr-4ehoh4 
Cav'emed, [..] CaVernoos, a. full of caverns; hollow, excavated ; lodged 'in a o^vera-* 
. g/ihwar. bUhiskfay phuharamajf i- ga/fta. iiii— ghdrddr-; khoh ki tafah kbudi hdi.; khoh mea 
rahnew. [mitk/uis Ais^es^— ^pdzi,pat|d, ofHrfira 

Caves'soD, s. inhoraemanihip, a8ortoCiM9ehan4 for a \ioK9»--^ih»and$ikd rodkak paft bd 
.Caaf,. «. a chest with holes to keep ^ak ior-'-matsfA jibdna ehiiidtafuay sinduk hahetk-* 

machhli rakhne k& aiirdkhdar saml^ 
Caviare, s. [.veer] the spawn ofnturgeon pickltA-^bishish matsyer dimbamay dehir bUhesh'^ 
ek wlj^yaiimaehklikeandeuki&chdx ' 

Cavil, va. to find fault without gomt reasoft— nlrare^ok ciosft grahan, mithydpatH k.-^wnktz* 
, chiR^ k. harfgirl k. n4haqq aib. pakaf n^ 

Cav'iller, jt.. one who paiaes captious objections — mithydpatti kirak, kdkya bitandah, ha^fa 
kalpandkdri--h3ir{giT, nuktaehla, aibjo • [gbAr, jiuif 

Cav'Kf, (,ai»aJlow piaee, % cavern— ^^w«r, gatta^ ohhidra^ kuhar, ^u^—- ga|1i4, gapka, 
Caukv«. a^ coarse kind of spar found in mines — dkariya dhdtn bmhethr-^ biUaur k4 odqis qism 
. ki jo bdz kdnoU men p&y&jlitd hai 

Caul, s. vhe net in which women enclose their Hair ; a membrana covering the lowec part of 
the bo welsr— stri^afcer^'aZa^t keshdbharan, arUrdpldbak, ndfi hotk->-wMh }dli ki jis mexk aurMea 
bdloa ko bandhti ha4ii; ekichketi jM'ti pet kd parda* pet ki jhilU ^ 

Caui'iilower, g, a species of .cabbage<r~p/itt^fit <Ai!i&~ph(ilkobi, karamkalla 
CauS'aU a. reletiBg* to^ or imply ing cau^s-^fcaraA sambaridkUfa, naiinittikf- hetubkhighla bd 
ctoTMi/c— musabbib, ydne sabab kd mutaalliq yd sabab batldne w. 
^ Cause, <. that which pro<luces or effects anythiap,. reasoOr motive; a suit in law.; gni«nd-or 
principle of action^ttfimis, Mtu, nimidtat prayoytrif miUt abhiprdy, ddddshLs abhijog ; dmui^ 
w^a, w&sta ; muqaddama, mudmala,; asam, pesbnihad 
Cause> va*. to effect as aa ageni ;< lo' make to exist---4n»r^/M, jaamdna, gka^dua^ u$pddam~- 

karnd, kardnd, nikdlna, ijdd k. qdim k. paidd k. 
^ause lea»>. o. having no jast reaAui ; original'-ikAraia, anarthak, twayambhiUat hetubikin—' 

besabab^ ndhaqq, biild wasta ; asii, bunyddf 
Cau'sey, Cause' way, s. a raised way over wet groun4 — bdtyihd path, rdjpathy uahchitrita 

gamdndgamamer pathr-^nanhi sa^sk ki ]o saildbe ke sabab se banddete baiu 
Caustic, §, a burning or corroding aipp\ka.^9tk-^wdldjukia prakp,ddhakf dhdtumay authadk-^ 

muqarrih, muhriq tezdb'eioua, 0. cunning, crafty— setarka, <2A^ta, aaehetcM, s46ad&an-^hoshydr, hiiabdz* 
... m^aJckdr 

Caut'erize, tMZ. to burn or sear witb a hot iron, &c. — uttapta lauha dvtdrd mflng»%. pordaa 
t^abUhisktA kkyayhdri drattya diyd-pttrdna bd dagdk» k* dag d.— ddf h d. gal d. jaUa<i 
. chhakad. 

Cautery, t, a burning or searii^g morbki flesh, with a. hot iron or caustic medicine-^-^tta|»(a 
laubabij0k9uaU]a9iMy. draiya dmdrd. mdngta p^rdna bd khddant tatkrij^a— ddgli/ gal 
ydne raUrddr goSht ko garam iohe se yd tezdb se jaldnd 
Cau'tioo, 4. pfovident «ar»; w^rnukg-^salarkatd,. tdnMtdhdmiU, cMaitanya, cheiand—huMm, 

ibtiydt, hoshydri ; nasihat 
Can't^on, v/i. to warn, advise against, admoBish^eketano, tamdchdr d, satarka k. pardmartka 

d*^$ah k. khaharddr k« hoshydr k. iatdnd 
Cau'tionary, «. containing caution ; given as a ploA^f ^bodhak, sdbadhditflkdri, chaitanifajanmk ; 

bandhak bd panet su;a9-«|/y~nasihatdraez ; girwi kiyd gayd 

Cau'tiou^, 1^ w^toliful against danger» wary-^o/utttkes^^ satarka, siiadkan— hoahydr, khabar* 

ddr, chaukas [ikiiydt se 

Cau'tiously* od. prudently, wzTiif—idbdhdn^t^pw'bakt i0tar&e-r-khabarddri se> hoshydri se^ 

Cau'tiousness,- s. care to avoid danger, pfwiQacQr—tatarkatd, $dbadkdauti, dHrM4innlutd, 

■ chaakashdi ; «kaUrat<i— khabaiddri» hoshydri, ihtiydt 

Caw» vn. to cry a« a rook or cfo.w^/fker kd kd shdibda k,r-ki]i kdak.-^avveki mdnind boM 
Cease, vn, to leave off, desist ; to fail, to be extinct ; to rest—t/idkan, kydnta h, rahita^h. ghd^any 
tkeik h, nirbdri A. tikikk^ k. kitirdm' ^.^hdit rahAd» cbhogc^, daatbarddr b. bo cbukl^dj idU| 
rahn^, tamdm h. fardghat k« . , ^ 

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0SA < yi' ) ««« 

MwMlkm* «• iwwr JOMuai, ^m dHmM mirmtmr , tf6 ir< ft fc, •iwigtr«U» aifcaifey atofarAfo^liiati* 

M, dftimi, mud&mi 

QB'€ity» Ci, bhndaese, Wm^ot waiH of «isblM.«fiJ^tf , ^ImiMi ^ «2arsftamliAfcii hinqt4^Btt^\i\ii 

. andbMpMi. aibioii ^ [sanaubar kl ek bari qtsm 

Ce'dar, s. » geoug of evergreem treet— 6rtlefcya frisfosfr, jrf*rfr pita chirakdl saUuj b«m« ihdke^ 

Cede* «a. -to yieid, <ive up, sartemdW'^swMkikdT tffdg k, ihatru kartrik purdjita haiyd 

iwifcdr /c.--de a&lni. hW&)e k. 
Ceil, va. to overly or cover the inner roof of a huildm^^—kdshthddi diyd ehbdter hhiiaira dig" 
4hdk4in bi 4A€khSdm» i^.-^bh«t ko Midai se haiAuk 
- Ce'iims» 5. tkewoer rooi, Ue^-^hhdter bMtar dig 6a4ifi4ar<M^sfta~bhflari taraf kiekbat . 
CeraUite, s. {. J<Mit«l the srt of tngnntk^^khed^tdri harmA U bidyd.nuuirdhkunddi hidf^d-^ 
.jiaqqlLabi yftrawUmDi 

Cel'ebraie, a». to praise, to snake tamone; to dislingmsh bv ^ema rites; to mt^tioa ia,ft»et 
or sole»i) Bianoei v^kether of joy or aorvew— rpnisAai|g<a k, ^gnkirtany prasiddha k, praiuk- 
iha.k.immdrokMpurbakkanuhitka^n'dUMHkhed yntkdt l;.-^9V^biM, tdnf k. mMbbdr 
. k. m^imA, Uzim k. kifti b&t ki siirldi yd ghaMi kk iaUin k. 

C«)ebra'uim, $. aolena periorinaflee; aoXenaD remembcaBco; praiitei fenown^bmui bi^i^sk 
udd€»he m^hoUabddi karma k. bidhimate pra$angsd karau, ndpi $angkirtan^ prmiuk(kd; 
.i#«^6«rMii*-atf at . ykTHftb ke edtb ^mai m^ Uii& ; t^viin, sUkii yi gbmmi ki iaiia f «drif 9 
Celeb' riott£, a. famous, rewmrMd-r^skcawt, <ide%i(te, Ujf«f^iip«liiM-*Btewar, n^indAr 
Coi«b'nty, it. fame» lenownr-^aak* siftlekydti, iu'rti-Mikrawari, ohnkrat C^'i^^ 

Celei'ity,«. swiftness, speed, velocity — beg gaiif drutagotnan, $highrag4ai, beg^*-*Qkv»Xit shitabl, 
' C^'^tftS, % 4)Uut uaed as a«tbid^ak^MsMMk-«3«rftea kbnrdstei 
Celes'tial, [..tsAa^ a. beavenly*-s. an inhabitant of heavea-^^. tmargiftt-^. nttrgianikdsip 

MUMTgastha drabya-—^. bihisbti, )aanati~-«» bihislit k4 rahne w. 
Cefti'bacy, Celibate, t . single life, uamarried state^aMkHka, ttnMngsBTgatydf, an^hdbatthd 

-^m ujanadi,. n&katkbiKJUa ki Mlat 
C§A\t #. a small eavity er room ; a little bag or bladder in aMaals or p]aiils-*igarto, gahwar^ 
. M^drtL kuihari ; koih^^hoK koibri, bvjta; jdnwatoji y& botoa ki acaq rakiuK ki jagab 
CeiTat» ^ .a place under«iouBd wbere Uqnois^or doies are^epo6ited-**ind«Iy(i4i..ntk&iiar«i^ 

^^r-^tahkb&na ki jis m^ sbarib w. g. rakbte bain - ■ » 

Cel'larage* s. tbe part ef the building which makes the cellars— ma'igftas^ '* antkidid, gkar&t 

44|f«((4fr Mk«ii— kisi imdfat ki tahkbtoa 
Cell'vlar, «. coaaistingof little «olls .or iMMeSf^$&kkymagnH«»atf, snadMtkoAbai kkpudvH 

/:osktoktikia— kb&oad&r, khftoa khdpa 
Cem'cAt, J. the matter with which two bodies are made to cohere, :as mortar or 4hm-^kardii, 
grfinthAn0rnuishdidt kdi^leiy dtd^ityddi, tangiagwt kdri drabya^^^-muli thiZ' ki }ia se do 
cbivott ko bdbam jofte baqi, iaisi sarM gaeh w. ^ paiwlkod, jof 
C^me'ut, vo. to .unite by aMsans of somethiiig inter|iosed--f«a>2ia^o je iama .ibvAya diyA 

aangiagua k,juriyd d, mildiyd soii^f ^.^-chiptAnd, jornd, paiwand k. . 
Cemetery, s . a plac« wiiem the dead tn ^poaiiti-^mmddkitthdn, tkabdrp^nm nimHia lAii- 

«u«tAa/>-goii»t6n, skaqbara, rattsa * . . . - 

Cenotaph, «. a oioa^meni for one buried dsewbere— 6fainMdash< mrita i^ktt/ ^mmrandtthit 
mandir bd gtambka ityddi ; ^abnditahdte $habder m. artAo-^raam ki jia'ko fe^y4dg&i1 
. .ke-waatobandehaiiiaur u8>meako$ihifan na ho - 
Cen'aer.'^f. tbe vfriael in wbiDhiaeeBse -isbmnt-wz&dpsdite, gtnudfim diftikya ^vnUMst tUS^a- 

dkatwlakhla^iid, bakhwdia* dbdpdda 

Censor, <. an officer of Rome who had tbe power of correctiiifg maimers; «iie wliois 

given to censu]e-*-pfir&alr4^'M Kvmiyadtr kaixiii ihdtandrikt ^hdfiv^ mitigyafirdjhirmc^dn 

byakti bislteshi dosk, praduHhak — pur&ne Hum k& ek uhdadir ki jo khalo ke atw&r dutust 

kaiue kl kbidmat lakhti tb&, muhtasib ; aibjo, niikhtaobin [khidmat ]c6 mutaaliq 

Coaso^rian, »• belopgjag to a cen6or-!~piir60/(t« huniiUkditd Mm&audltijfc-— mubtasib ki 

Censorious, a. addicted to censure, severe, full of invective — madafc, bharttandk^rt, para' 

dothadA,apabddak, /o/ozk— aibjo, harfglr, nukhtachia 
Cen'surable* ^. deserving ai' censure, blamabie^diiskaBijfa, nkwddniya, thdtaniyA — ^ili dm ke* 
Uiq, malamat ke qibil / 

Qen'sure) i. blame, reprimand, reproach — dafkkelAaii, ntnda, bhartsand, kuttd, MfM-^ 
ilj&m, maUmat, dokh . ■ fdoktmd 

Ceo'bure, va. 10 blame, find fi^ult with*<-fiifi<i4 k. bhart^n, tdran; doih h/han*^itAm' d. 
Ceosurer, «. he that blames^-Hinddi^art, bh^rtsandkilrak, dmk isatAvk^ilxttm d. w« ^dkhne 

Cenlt s. (a hundred) a-copper-£oia of the United Sutes, equal in value to tbehitndretb part 
of a doliar-^ $Ua ; . dmerikd dtdter r^pya natdrdr shatatmndngtka, s« pi-dy 4k -payaid haihe 
. — sau, saik^d; Amerika ke mulk kd paisd ki jo ddlar ke situ mea kd ek hissa bai 
Cfiot'aar, s. a poetical being half maa h^f korse— fM^AIn kdbya iMstrs pftindHka na^d* 
thwa saaritimau j/bntH, biiheih, artkdt te ardkt^ksftak ordkamanKuhyAkdre ^ftydtd^-Hjautdras 
. ydik« ek khiydtl j^nwarjci jis ko shdiroft ne adhdiinsin ddkd gbord qardr dtyd hai - 
Centenary, s. the number of a hundrad^^k sibolj^^ftdttaA^— eaavak-k^shumdr, sadS • 
Ceotes'tmal, a* tbe hundredtb<-*Uatelam/iiig'tiU, Mhaiabhdger ek ftAd^^sauwdgt 
Ceutifidous, a. divided into a huudred paita-><ika«dai;s/bf/crf«o, skaPdHgthibkfiUi, tkatabhdg-^ 
sau hissoa mea taqsim k/g. • .; . i 

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IMitte rt1cb]ie w. sadbarga 
.Ceat'ipede, 5. an insect having a hundnd feet--6icU4£, briskchikt thttaipadi poicii-^aDkhajdri 
Otint o, «. a compoiitioQ formed by jqining scrape from otber authors-— miiia gratUhir tdti^ 

tan^raka-^vtrnh iMrat ki jis ko anr kitaboa sefiqre Iq lakar baiiite hain 
Cent'ra], a. relating to the centre ; place in the ceq^re or miMit-'madhyatthaU tambtaidMifa, 

mmdhtfa, madhyattkita, madhyaoarti-'daxmijini, bichoablch, mnte^assit 
Gea'tre, s. (.tur) the middle, that 'wKich is equally distant from all extremities— fMadAy«, 

fiutik, mdjhkhdiif mdjhdrt ehdkfa ma<2%«t/M/— darraiy&o^ markaz; wAsat yane wah jagah 

ki JO har cjhah&r taraf se bar^ibor ftsile par bki 
*Cen'tre, va. to iix as on a centre, to collect to a point— nnt. to rest on a central point ; to be 

collected to a point — tamandbki k, mndkyabarti k. — vn. madhye sthagit k. ek sthdM tthiti k, 

— ^markaz par qiim k. ek }& jama k. — im. darmtyin meu |hahani4 ; ek ji mujtama h. 
Cen'tric, a. placed in the centrcmodAjfOftfctta, mmdhyabarti — ^bfchou bich, mntawassit 
Centrifugal, a. having the quality, acquired by bodies in motion, of receding from .tho centre 

''•chakragamanabege madkyasthiUatydg karamaskilr nuMyagtiioUipahartfUta, madhifutlfdfi i 

madkydpqfigatjushvr^^muktz se bh&gne w. ki jaise |^6miieirdU chtz ko-quwat-i-fisila bMil> 

botf hai 
Centripetal, a« having a tendency to the centre wwdfcyrffcanMta ; madkydbkigdmi'^ 

markaz ki taraf m6il 
Cen'tui>le, a. an hundred fold ifc tf octtn-^saugdni, sauhisse, sadchand 
Centu'riate, va. to divide into huBdreds— siftala thtUa ithdg k» akaia $kata kariya tmgthm Ir.— 

sau sau karke bia(n& 
Ceatu'riaioc,,<. a name applied to historians who -distinguish time by' centuries — sk A $kat 

batsarer 6»l»ar«n kow Je itih4$ bdehak^wvih muwanikb ki jo zamineko sau sau baras men 

tafriq^ karte hain i 

Centu'non, s* « military officer aniong the Remans who commanded 100 men— *sk skat R4miym 

tendfoHf $hsta sainyddkykkya^Khm k& afear ki jis ke sau jaw&n t&Mdilr the [sadf 

Cent'ury, t. [.ttku.] the period of a hundred years-— «k skat batsartr parimdn k^— sau bans, 
Cepbal'ic, a. belonging to the head'-mastok sambandkiya^'^ ke mutaalliq ft^mp 

Ceras'teSf t. [«..] a nocned serpent— ^tiftasekkytltaskrin^ bUki$k$a tmrpa bithtik-^tk singdir 
Ce'rate* t. an ointment of wax and oil— kAsrota roger au4kadki inditah, taildkta mamer praUp^ 

marham, momraughan 
Cere, va, to cover or smear with wax— ffumuSkta fc. mmM mdi^nA, mom lepan-'mom lag4ni 
Ce'recloth, Ce'rement, s. cloth dipped in melted wax— monM^itta kdpar, $kab jar/hiar fi9in« 

4kdl, mmnjaata^momi kapr&, momjama 
Ceremo'ttial, Ceremo'nious, a. consisting of outward rites: attentive to outward rites uidtM 

forms, formaU- fri(^k|a, byabahdrik, dhdrdbdkik ; tkUhidckdrit dmhdchdri, parafnpoyvf Vt- 

tydnus^rifc— zAhiri tariqoft k6 mutaaliq ^ zihiri tarfq sur rasmiy&t ki miil, ukallufmin^j 
Ceremonial ,^ Cer emony, s, external form m religion ; forms of civility ; outward forms of state 

-^kdrdbakik riti, dnkdehdr, thukidckdr ; dnhikddi dharma karma, bdboya kriy4 hram-^n 

ki zihirl tarfqa ; ukallof&t, raam-i«mttd4ri ; sh&n-o-shaukat 
Cer'tain, a. sure, unquestionable, settled ; such as " a certain man told me this" — nishehU, 

ttkhr, nirmita, niktaud§ka, •muk, 6ufc«s&— >yaqfn,>beshaqq, muqarrar; Mka 
Cer'tainly, od. without doubt-^oittfkva, m httrndeke^ nitdnta, nfskckttyr<<yg— beshaqq, muqarrar 
Cer'Uinty, Cer'titude, «. exemption from doubt or foilute; that which is real' and nxed*— nt<lb- 

chaygydn, itkirJtodk, nirnay, ikikdnd, nik»andahatu>atprakrit6rtka,^tyAtdi jatkdrtkats 

— yaqfn, uhqiq, taqarntr, uaiyun ; wuh chiz Id jo sach yi muqarrar hai 
Certif'icaie, s. a writing to attest some fact-^HudersAanZtpt, nirnaypah'af abhigydnpatra-^ 

waalqa, dastiwez, sanad [igil^k. 

Cer'tify, «a. to give certain iuformation. of^ nuekay j^dnpofi, jdndna, gydnta k.— muttali k. 
Certiora'ri, t. [isr^is-o-ra«nl a writ issued from the Court of Chancery to call up the ftt* 

cords of a cause therein depending— ^nidarsAon parrdnayntfrtAa makdbUhdrkartdr dkhd» 

tiaufKUra— ek parw<ina ki jo Landan ki Ch&nsarl ki adilatse niuqaddame ki misal ke talab 

ke w&ste j&ri hoti hai [nisbat raUme w. 

Cervi'cal, a. belquginc to the nfick'--kcNi<ka bd gnibd $ambmndkiya, gkdnr, kafi^kf,— gale se 
Cerulean, Ceru'leous, a, blue, sky coloured— dktifkftartia, t«Aatnt26ania— isminirang, 

Abi, nilgiin 
Cerulific, a. producing a blue colour— dfccuAdat bama janak, i$kadnil bariudpddak^niU 

rangpaidik. w. 
Cerumen, s. the wax of the ear— kamamai, kdner niay2<i--4c6n ki mail ' 
Ce'rase, s, white lead— d^atu biskeih, skwet si$dr ckdma bd gu^d, sopedd— eafeda 
Cesa'rian, a. (.sa.,) relating to the operauon of cutting a ohild out of the womb— santdv pn^b 

kait0ndpdrdt« kdtiyd nirgata karaot t^6wAaya— pet ohak karke lafkenikilne ki mutaalliJi 

Cess, t, a levy made uuon the inhabitants of a place rated according to'their property-'prvti 

janeriampattibdbibhabanuidre itkdf^ kar bd mdtka^, ninipttdnka, nagarbdsi ek ek' 

ioW dsya rdjlcof*— bicb, dimisihi, hissarasad 
Cessa'tion, «. stop, rest, pause; end of actaon-^Aatok, biraH, nibritti, kbdnta, biahrdm, 

karma tydg^ sAmA— tawaqquf, lAuhlat ; fai^hat, mauqftfi, 
Ceslble, f, liable to give way, yielding-^kkydnt«6ya, paidyanbd f^janosfctj-^abnewili 
Ceis'ion, «. a giviM up, a yielding. sarreuder^-fMidddi^djr. ckkdriyd d. rakkyane osainartiU 

baiyd arpan, pa/4yan-4iawila, de ^klnk 

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CAlk ( W ) .OH.A 

C^'eeoas, «. (.. lAus) of th« whale kind— moAtar nuitf^a6at,.j/bte«Aaik<Mi jalajaniu btUOkth-^ 

jMtAiachhli Idqism ki . 

CM»»va^i«^arm with rubbing; to make aeffy— «». to raga, fret, fume, m¥e-»f-Wtkaii <{i0iCr^ 

«ipaj»<a k. r<^ laim^ao,. mhdtM^^^^m. u4^ k^rd§4mtti^ k..-*inalke gam k.mAlisk m garm k. 

kbalftk.— VA, khi8iy6ni, ghuswh.khasbmn&irh. hjosh 

ChafiB, «. heat excked* itrkalioti, passiao-'-^ttfi^, itfkmd^ nif » kriNl^— garmi. efiiier» khafagi, 
CM^i.theJMukfii^ivdrycialyMaef o«ra ^od gnmtt-^dkdmfddir kikma^ iutk, 6*ia«-bW»f, "• 

phokar, suo 
Charer, v. lo treat about a barMuo, to baggia-'^aiftyftt^ayikcmM gkmgdnm hd loaeAdi A. 

AMtfk.— leodeniaeaiakrAr k»jbagaro4 . [takrtlrk. w. 

Chafl^rer, ju ooe whoti^aU aboot faHyitnK— /c«Ak^ Jbari«a km^ kain\je\ hkn^' k4ri»Hnol'leQe men 
Chafi^ineb, <. aamall \m^^-kimixttfMiif% &i«kilkH*ek flism khchhotf cbifiyA 
Chaffy, «. like chaff ; full of chaff ; light— tttska&iie« tutkumay, bkiuki buhukim, ; Utghu, mUr^ 

M6urkfiDaaMi4;UKMtebhar4ikaijbftlMi,a^k • [itisbtKit 

CjwfingdUalif.ara. disk lor hot coalS'-Haptoia^a wltrat tif^^kdr dAtmt-*aii9B^hf, roajmar, 
Cbacrm, s. ($ha'gr«€n) ill humour, veaaiio»««4str(Mttt» ylgnid, iikadmig, mmnaitdpt McntMk^ 

barbam, rai^tdagi, iznrdagl 
*CkagrHi»«iujtoi.vex,, to niertify«r4(ft4l|Mi k. d9H6bkrathtak,r munUttk janmdna, biroktk bd 

bitkaima k.-^barbatn k; isurdak. maghmdm k. rmaghm^m 

*Ch'agri'Qed, jmx. (..) vexed; mortified~6«ttt«A^a,' biraktot rutkla, aianojtrlpit/i— izurda, ratijida. 
Chain, s. a serial ef liakt fastened one. wUbifc anotkag g*rtiikke<,. tkikttl, 6ari,iujraf— zanifr* 

silsila, siokar 
Chaia» va«to lasten* with a chain ^sAikai baddhak, shrinkhalbtmikan, htfi diy4 bdadhan — 

saajir ae b4tuihn4 . 

Cha'inshot, i. bullets fastened by achaia-^sArMkkaia^addAa ^o/<i~-xanjirl gonk 
Ghaii, iSi. ar moveable soat- 4t<fgt|^gtnay dgan U§hmk, k s t Urd ^ mtckyd, cftcrukt'— karsf, chauki 
CbaiffDan, t, a presiding^ offieer is. a. meetiar*-^<aM<^>ah', frdmdmA fryakti^-^ajUs k4 

sarkarda,.mirmailis ^ 

Cbaifee, s. atravdIin|rea7rMgk-*-^^'k<(MUfcMlHak^&F^, gb«|bahld . 
(4halcpff'rapb9,.sw^keM0^..) engriivingN oa brass-^at^iU khodan^ kidyd^ pitulkd^, iMlpa- 

karer bidyd bd fcarma-^pilal 1^ naq^hf 
Chardfoti,t. (tAa-drun) a measure containing 36 bushels of coals— ao^^rtfrjNsrtjMn bitheaktdkd 

dfditk man battrit iher haibe^ek paththac ke koile k& paimina ki liamen afh&is man battis ^ 
, mr jsam^to haiji [—pende dAr piyAIa 

Chal'ice, «. a cup standing on a foot, a communion eup— kkur/i told piydU, ' bdti biJtesh 
Chalk, s. a white calcarious earth'—skuib/a mrittikd bUKssh i khari mdli, thild dkdHb^^kKfi 

mft(i . - ^ . 

Cbalk,.tMi« to mark ^ith chal k- 'kkan <%<i aMkfl%^ltkk<i^a'«-khaif m»t|{ se nish&n k. 
Chalk'cutter, s. one who .digs chalk— l^W k^Mk,. kkari nUUi kAationktfrtd— khaff roif|f ki 

khodne w. 
Chalk'y, a. consisting of, or ioiMegnated with chalk'-kkariaiayy kMafmdiibUhigh(a / kharimi- 

tkrito-^^khari mi^ k4 ban4 t»i^ kkarl ma||i ki is&f rakbne w« 
Chal'lenge, va. to call to a. contest ; to aceoae ^ to object to a jury or jurors ; to claim as d«e— 

juddfiedhbdnk, dpattik.dothdrop k,bichdrdrAm mtM^ukta bodk k,mAmakAr k, niyasvoa 

kakan>-Iaril mingni, muqibala* cbihai ; iliim-d^ Aid k. panch yk panch ke idmioa ki 

i^k^k k. diwi k. 
Chal'len^e, i. a summons^ to cembat ; a demand of something as d«e ; ex<teption to a 

'}o^'or$ma9'''»iUpardhd^}widhi$dkbd»^mjmmodit^ jwi «^jka-k.— jaBg)oi,mubiEara- 

jtofabl ; diwi 'f panch yi panch ke idmioQ ki inkir 
C&^b'eato,a. <ka.^. <) impregnated witbinoA— 4ct4kaftm 6iskisk^a-<*-lohe ki asar rakhne w. ' 
Gkf!Ws.C^m>tbe30verQicnof Tartary^7ir««rtyAdMkeredk»fM^^ bdrdjd^Tur&a kemulk 

ki^idshih, ykne khin 
Cbite^dek «. (tkA») the bealof the dtam whwk deolaiies a smrrender^-^iMidAs lemaffMiKSckak 

ja^ dkdMr ftrklya—tambir ki iwiz ki jis se shikastwile zinhir chihto bain ^ 
Caaii^ hta, t^an apattment id a bouse ; ajiy;eaflrity er hollow^ tbe lower part of a gun whete the 

charge is lodge(U^ar, grika^ kuthari, gkar ; kmh^gortm; agftyaitrer guU bdrut ; 

irA<M^<i— kamri, ko(hri, hujra; koi khiUjagah ; bandnq kl ko|b( 
Cnamber'lain, s. an officer m the British^ king's household— Brifandassr rdj griarakkydk^^ 

IngUatinke pidshihke daulatkhine ki uhdadir 
Cbam'bermaid,«. a. female serf aat who has the oaie of bedeh«mber»--tfkayai»4g<^r kannc 

kdrimi^paHchdi4kS^k khidima ki jis ke khibgih kl kbkltaat mutoalUq ho 
Cbam'blM, va, (kam.) to jrioegate ;.to« streak— eMtraMdfcilm k. ndfuir<mger rekhd diyd 

ehitrUa k.— lahriya k. lahardir k. 
Uuk^'liOiV^' (ka* . .) a spe<»es of lieaid, whose celbtir ohiogea with: bis iMtetion to the light 

f^^irgifh bmkurujpa ndm$ kkydUt k^i|k/4s bitluik-^mw^ 
Cbnn'fer,*. the fluting in a column— gronMtto- iUmbhtr bMhirdigtr ndidbat hholbdnimna 

Mthtk^^-^iiiuk ke ipar ka sldhe sldhe khatt [bakrf , buzM.kbh£ 

Cbam'ois, s. (tkoM-me) an animal of the goat kimA^pmrbe^tiya^Mtdgmlbaifan^ kiihttk—paJ^^i 
Cbtfl^ «flb to bitowttha fi^uent action of the teetb— oAoriem, danU ghmrtkant muk* 
- kipaiitrgm»or<M»«Mifckes kdwutfdntt cMibni, cbabini . « , 

Champaign, s. {tikam*) a flat open country— m4fk, «imdfi bkiimi, kkystra ^kkiiflM— maidia 


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C«A' ( 74 ) CHA 

Champa'ign, s, (tkam, ) a kind af mikB^madird bi$hi^'^tik qtsnt kf tharib 

Champini'oQtS. (^sfcam-ptn-yun^ a small kind of muikroom^kkyudra ckhdtd brikkya HthMh, 

/^oiirafc— zaroln ke ph^ klchho|l<^i8iii - , ' ' 

Cham'pioo, «. a maa who uudertakies a cause in sing^le combat; a hero, a stout warrior — Mr, 
jodd&d, Mr, mallajeddhA, mdl, mahdbaiabdn-^ek pahlaw&n ki jia ke akele la^ne par koi 
kim mashrdt hot& hai \ pahlaw&n, dilawar, sdr 
Chance, s, fortune ; accident ; possibility of any occurrence — bhdgya, adrishta, kapdl, dai' 

bugka^md, hafkdt bd okMtndt ghafand, sambkaband, gatik^-^iuau, nasib ; ittif&q, ufUd, 
Chan'cel, s. the eastern part of a church in which the altar u p]9ieed^^dharmabh9jdrtha 

maneha bUhishta bhajandCayer purfra <j»k ^riAa— rgirie kf shar4|i taraf ki jts mea wub mes 

rahti hai ki jis par Hazrat Isi ke tasUb ke y4d m4a roti kh&te aur shar&b pite haiu 
Chan'cellor, «. the highest judge of the English law ; a high officer— ma/ui6ic^rkarta—Ioglist&n 

ke sardar jaj ; ek bariuhdadir 
Chan'cellor of the Eichequer, s. the Minister at the head of the department of reveooe 

and finance in England —infjancffr dmddniokiUirach$r pradhdn r<i;karniakan^Inglist6n ki 

woh kimd&r ki )is ke iimadani aur kharch aupurd haia 
Chan'cery,,5. an English court of equity — nuikdbiehdrkarana stiial bd iabhd,se pHrboktm wtaki 

bichdrkai'tdr (ui/tt7c<ir^Ingli8t&n ki wuh ad&lat ki jis ki jaj ifn k^ p4iband nahiu hai, balki ji^ 

tarah ins&f ho sakti hai wuh sdrat amal men liti hai, aurois k& jaj Lord Chancellor kahlite 

haiQ ' . 

Can'cre, s. ($kt^ngk-ur) an ulcer, a bad ftore-^iuU< ghd, duthtakhyat'^tinki, chat ' 
Chandelier, s. a frame with branches for candles— dipod^ar biike$h, bdtirjhdr bd gughekkd ; 

dipabrikhya—bitiiou k6 jh&f {— -battis&z, battSfarosh 

Chand'Jer, s, one yho^makeSj, or deals in candles — bartikdnirm^yak, bd bikr0td, ' bitibyabatdp 
Change, va, to put one thing in the place of another ; to alter, to make other than it was — trn. to 

undergo change — pta'ribiirtant eker paribarU anya d,binimayk,anyathdk,^un,abBthdntarbd 
stfidmntar h, pariTkdm h, — tabdil k. badl&od, adla. badii k. taghir' k.~vn. badal jioi, 

mutaghaiyar h. 
Change, s. alteration ; small money ; an exchange where merchants meet-^portn^m, baiiak' 

hyanya, gundatar, abatthdntar, anyikd, paribartan, binimay ; mudrd ; bhdi^dni bdnijyagtkdn 

— tabdil, Ughaiyur ; pais& kauri ; guzrl ki jah&n saudigar log jama bote haiji 
Cha'ngeable, Cha'ngefol, a. inconstant, fickle — chanehal,, astkir, khyattik, attkdyi — mutt- 

lavvin, rangbarangi, mutaghaiyar, talawuntaba, lahrf 
Cha'ngeling, s. a child changed ; an idiot ; a fickle person— suMuantaa diyd je i^nya.Mantdtt 

rakhd giydchhe, paribartita santdn ; pdgal ; ehanchat to/c-^badld laf k&, iwazi ; pigal ; taltT- 

vuntaba^ lahri 
Chan'nel, s. the hollow bed of running waters ; a strait or narrow sea between tWo countries— 

jaLer irandli,juU ; duidesher madkyabarti nac^l— 4aryi y&n&le kl.iamin ki jis ke dpar piai 

bahti hai ; do mulkou ke darmiyin k& chboti daryft - , 
Chant, «. song, meiody-^g'rin, fit— sarody naghma' 

^Chant, va. to sing in a particular manner— sur hariydgdn karan-^lh&n se pafhui 
Chaut'er, s. a singer — gdyak, ntr kariridpafB jc — iUi&n se pa^hne .w. g^e kltirah pafhne w. 
Cham'icleer, s, a name given to the cock from the clearness and loudness of bis Qvoyr^-4tuih^, 

spashta gdyak^-ekf &wiz se bolne w. y&ne murgh , 

-ChantVess, «. a female singer— ^(ij^ifca, gdyaki stri— g&newftli 
Chant'ry, s.a chapel to sing mass in — dharmagit gdiyd Tskwara bhajandrtha mandim' pnltUk 

ithdn 6u^sA-^murdoa ke haqq men du& m&ngne H chhoti giiji 
Cha OS, s. {kn-oi) the ma<;s of matter supposed to have been in confusion before it was divided by 

the creation into its proper classes and elements ; confusion ; irregular mixture<*«ri«4fyiraiBMer 

piirbakdle yalasthaUiflir mithtita bk'ib; f oiiiki^— alam-i-haiydUni, yine wuh hilat ki j'ls mea 

Afrldagir ne kisi chfz ko tnlizim na bakhshi th&; darhaml barhami, ;arbar; koi betartib 

Chao'tic, a. resembling chaos ; confused— a 6ya^tAita, mishrita, akramdgata-^say^iUiiBLi, bed* 

hang^, darham barham, gafbar 
Chap, 5. a cleft; aerack in the flesh; a jaw; a beak— pAii/^, phukar, phdh ; mdngter dtvr ; 

^a« ; c/ianc/m— dar&r, darz ; gosht ki pha^n ; jabr&, kalla; chonch, minq&r 
Chap/' va, to break into hiatus or gapings — jhdtdnat ehafdna, pkdk fc.— tarqdn&^dark&nA, phifiU, 

Chape, s. a thin plate at the point of a scabbard ; catch of a buckle— a«i /reaper agrahtddha 

rupyddi,yutddir dhdtumay frand^anirkAi^— ko|hi, tahn&l ; baksde k^ k&nt& 
Chap el, s. a place of worship, a church— sta6(£/ay, Tihwara bhajnndlay — ib&datkh&na, mibad 
Chap'elry, s* the district of a chapel— 6^7an(i/ay tambandhiyM bhUmi, tadodki/ciir— ibidatkbine 

ki il&qa ' . . 

Chaperdn, s. (^shap-ur'oon) a kind of hood or cap worn hf the knights of the gart^r^-r-at^tiKfr^iU 

sdmpraddyik setMr tupi bisAeah—gi.TtA.r ke dai3ewAloa ki ek topi [latki hdil, ndai 

Chap' fallen, a. having the mouth shrunk, cast dovfUr^mukhbasd, chupkard, matinmukh^numh. 

Chapi ter, s, the capital of a column-r<tam6/i<r mdth4, m4t^^<i— sitda ki choutl 

Chaplain, ». a minister who attends a private family, a charitable institution or a division oCthe 

army or navy — bkajandlayer adhikdr prdpta j>urohit, s»ndgan kimbd jahdyiya daler dharmo* 

padesh drthanimkta purohit—pi^xi ki JO ki»( l^hindia k6 yi khairitkhina ki yi fauj k& 

y&jangfjab&z k& mutaliqhai 

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CHA ( 76 ) «3ttA 

€btp'Ie§8, «. Whoiit Ml about tht month— fAtt<Afcit«iuffcA, mukhimdngts ndijdhdp-^khvtshkr^, 

yilne woh shakhs ki jis ke muah meji kara goeht hai 
Cbap'Jet, s, a s^rland or wreath to be worn abont the head , a string of beads used to keep an 

account of devotional expressions ; a little raouliding carved into roundheads, pearls or oHves 

^^mhpamdld, garbhakJajntmdUir—mhTi, ; tasbih, mi.\i. ; gulk^f ki ek qism 
Cbap'maii»s. a cbeapener; he that offers as a pure ha^r-^^Sra^ofrfyi lok, kretdbikretd, henaniyd 

— kharidir, mushtari 
Chap ped, Cbapt, ^. past, cleft^ cracked—pfttifa, chafd, pfc/Uc— tarkida, phat^ hM 
Chap'ter, s. thedivision of a book ; an asseobiy of the cletgy of a cathedral or collegiate church 

— 4k2Ayny, parbd^;dMrmddhyakhya sarnpraddjf^bib, fasl ; baie girje ke mutaaliii pddriou k& 

Char, t. (^tshar) a fish found only in Windermeer in Lancashire ; work done by the day ; a 

ain|(le job or task-^maltva bithesh; din majuri; ek karma— mkchhll ki ek qhrn kijo sirf 

Wiadarmir ki jhil meu> Lankashir ke zile men, paida hoti hai ; rozd&ri ki mihnat ; ek kAm 
Char, V. to burn wood to a black cinder: to worx at other's houses by the day without being a 

hired. ~'3rvant—fcasA/&a pordiud kayld k,di7t, majuri fc.^koeU ban(in6 ; rozd&ri par mihnat k. 
Character, t, (kar,.) a mark, fetter ; personal qualities ; I'eputition ; a ^rson — ehinhat akhyat, 

gundguH i Miydti i byakti—nkh&n, harf ; jauhar; sifat, khissiyat/ khaslat ; n4m, iatab&r ; 

shakhmyat , ' 

Characteris'tic, a. that which marks the peculiar properties of any person or ihiti^-^iwdbkdbik 
' gunasHchak, swlihdbmulak^kvai shakhs j& chiz ki khassiyat zihir k. w. 
dharac'terize, va, tp describe the peculiar qualities of any p^on or thing-^^undgun byakta k, 

lUnkddoih bydkhyd k, gwna 6ariutn-r-ki«i 4dmi y4chlz ki khassiyat bayin k. 
Char'coal^ s. «oal of wood from which volatile matter is expelled by ^re-^kayld, angdr-^' 

koel&, ankitht ' ; 

Charge, va, to entrust ; to impute as a debt ; to accuse' load, to enjoin ; to load a gun with 

powder and bullets ; to attack*— pratyay kariyd samarpan k. deni thdordna ; doth d. dgyin 

k, banduki bdirtid guU bharan ; dkraman k.'^hawiila k. thahr&n4, lagin^, zimma k. mulzam 

k. qusnrwdr thar4n4 f^ tikid k. taqaiyud k. band6q- ko bharn4 ; hainla k. ydrish k. 
Charge, s. care, custody ; precept, command ; commission, trust conferred ; accu^tioo, 

imputation ; expense, cost ; onset ; the quantity of powder and batl put into' a gun— 

jimm'i; dgydn i bhar i apabdd: kharach; dkramaik ; ek bare idu gnU c bdrud banduke 

M2ra ^^2f— ha w&la,tafwit; t&kid, taqaiyud; am&nat, khidmat ; doich, iiz&ra; kharch, Idgat ;' . 

hamla; goli b4rut k& ek mutid . , . . . 

Chargeable, a. expensive, costly ; imputable at a debt or crime ; subject to chargeor accusatioh 

-^atitnfayasddhya, bakumulya ; draponiya ; diuhaniyq tt^a/afcta— qimati, beshbab^ ; 

zimma kar dene ke I4iq ; ziramawAr, saz4w4r [tasht ; ham'le ki. ghord 

Charger, s. a . large dish ; a horse for attack— tftfif^Xcritt pdtfa bii^esh ; jod'dhdr ashoa—c[ii\), 
Ch&'riness, s. caution, nicety, scrupulousness — satarkatd, sUkhyma ehethtd, /carpan^a-^ihtiy^t, 

tawahhum, waswis ' - 
Charcot, s. a wheel carriage of pleasure or state ;a car in which men of arms were anciently 

placed— H^Afiri ehakra bnhishta nth bd gdri 6is^^— ghufbahai, rath ; draba ki jis mea 

qactlpii log saw&r hoke larte the [kochbdu 

Charioie'er, 5. th« driver of a cuariot— T<irwan, kochbdn\ rathi, sart At— g&rihin, rathb4n. 
Char itable, a. kind in giving alms, liberal to the poor ; kind in judging of others ; disposed to 

tenderness, benevolent— (imoj^t/, ddneakdtar; (^ayi^-^mukhaiyar, fetiydk, sakhi, ddta; s4fdil, 

nektinat, khatiposh, ahal-i-dil 
Char'ity, <. benevolence, universal love; liberality to the poor, alms ; candor— ^If4, pora^tt- 

eehcMui; dnnaMtaran— khairandeshl, khaldiqkt khairkhw4hi, faiydsi, khairit ; bebughz ' 
Chark, va. to burn wood to a black cinder— fcos/iiAa p&rdiyd kayald fc.— koelA ban4n4 
Char'latan, f. Cs^r..) aqu^ck, a mountebank, an enipirick— /tituriyA ehikitsnk, pmbanehak' 

fiaidytt— jhdti tabib, ^hagbidyfi hakim [jfthil 

Gharlatani'cai, a. quackish, ignorant — hdturiyi, abodht 6A«(Aaj— |hagbidy4 k. w. hirzigar^ 
Charles's Wain, s. the Northern constellation, called Ursa Major, or the Great Bear— «npfariAi 

ndmak tapta tdrd, cfcttra«/»ik/Mndiniz/i— dubb-i-akbar, saptarikh « 

Char'loek, *. weed growing among'the corn with a yellow flower— <4a»ya khyetraja shdk 6ts/tetA— 

ek pile phdl k4 bu(4 ki jo an4j ke khetea mei^ paida hot4 hai 
Charm, wa. to subdue by some secret power, to Bubdue the mind by pleasure, to bewitch, to 

enchant— j^idtt k. mohan, mugdhak. mdydbaddha fc. 6Au/ana— jddii k. farefta k. moh lend, 

Ittbhind . 

Cbarm,t. magic power, sjielli enchantment; something that pleases irresistibly— niayi6i<fy(f, 

mantmfjddu, gungydn—)&d(i, sihr, afsiin , farefta karne ki khdssiyai [manmohan 

Charm^^r, s. one who enchants or delights— m(ijf4^t, /^Aakt, tiuind/iar- jdddgar, sdhir, dilbar, 
Cbarming, pa. a. very pleasing, delightiul— attsund^ir, mtnohar, c/i^Sru— dilrubd, dilchasp 
Char'ndl lu>use, t» theiplace under churches whei'e the bones of the dead are deposited —mamr 

a^tA^fpanntt^n— gifjott kd tahkhdna ki jis meii murdou ki bosida haddidu rakhte haiu 
Chart, I. a delineation or msLp of coasts for the use' of sailors— norfi tirattha deshidirpaf— 

dafyd ke kindre kd naqsha 
Charter, s. any writing bestowing privileges or rights— ai^iamanpafra, rdjdgyii^tra, 
. ^npcftra— sanad ^ ' - 

iphartered, a. <. .) invested with privileges by charter, pmihged-^djdgydurpiia, nidarshan 

fotrk prafndn^ upad/iogi-^Aaiiad ki r4 se ikhtiy dr rakhne w. 

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c^A ( 76 ) <j«* 

Cfharter-partyKS* % writiiis,1i»y wbicb aa^p in hired— noiiJUir bktffdkuhaijftdc.niymniiatra^'jai^ 

ke kir&ye k& iqr&rn&ma 
Char'womaD, t. a woman hired hy the day— lAtJea stri(ol(, dt6a<«&^anfr<iAini— woh aarat 

ki jo ek roz ki qjrat par kitm karti haf ^ 

Cha'ry, a. careful, oautiQU5, frugal— sii<<iripa, gdbadhdn, parim^--h9Bhjir, kbabardir« kiC&sFatf 
Chase, va, to hunt, to pursue, to dnve—mrigayii k. dhariU gmtan^ tdfdna-^'Mr k. khedafi, 

pfchh4 k. taaqub k. h^inkoft, bha^ni 
Chase, s. hunting ; .pursuit of any thing ; open ground stored with such beasts as are hunted ; the 
whole length of a gun taken inside ; a printer's frame— mri^iey^ ; anvdhdban ; ihihdnuUutl ; 
handuher\ nalUr hfhbdi i ehhdndkarer flniidr4dA4r— shikar : taa4)ub» pairavi ; shikikg4h» 
ramnft ; baoUGqki bhfur ke anddz se dariizi ; chhape ke hurof ko D&intiz&m rakhneJK^ iU 
Chasm, s. (kasm) a cleft, gap, opeo^g-Tpk'S'c, guitar r/r^fdro— darz, dartU-..shig6f 
Chass'v, *. a window frame; * fastening— kfc<fWr chauk^ik^ ^tmd&on-r-khirkfd&r daiw^M ; 

Chaste, a. undefUed, pure, true to marriage yo^^^sddhui mti, jp§raddrbimukh, patibratd^^ 

kiza, afifa, p«k \ ■ 

Ch&'sten, Chast'iae, va. to correct, punish- ihdsaA, danila k, I4r4<i— tamblh k. t^dib k. gosh- 

Chas'tisement, s. (Ah,) correction, punishment --i/idstt, danda — tidfb, t^zfr, goshmiU 
Chastity, Chas'tene^s. <. purity of body, or of language— a6y«^ft<cft^, tmtitwi, •skuddbatd-^ 

iffat, p&kd&roanf, p&kizagi, shustagi 
Chat," vn. to talk familiarly, to p#aAtle— 4Zap M. f^QijM aopjni Je.— b^tak^U^f guftogi k. gapk. 
Chat, s. familiar Ull^, free conversation— /col^opKat^n, gapttet ta^pa, katkdbdrtd—btuikal- 

lufguftogii, gap 
Chat'ellany, s. the district under the dominion of a castle —durgddhikdrtr antargata M6m— 

qile k6 taalluqa 
Chat'tel, s. any moveable posaessioa — ojeA^Aor dhan, (^map-t't-mid-i-manq^Ja, mil, p^i 
Chatter, vn. to make a noise like a maini ; to talk idly or carelessly— paAc^yi^otiAoAda k» bakan 
^ — chirchir6i\$, \en\^u k. harbar&n&, bakml 

Chav ender, Chev'io, i. the chub, a fish— «iatwa^i^^— ek qiaro ki OMMrhbli 
Chaw, va. to champ between the teeth— cAartNii^, dii6dna—ch&bni> chabioi 
Chaw'dron, s, eatra^ft— oi»*ra, ndribhwm—iu^ii 
Cheap, a. low i.n price, cocamon ; of M(tk worth— «A/iijta, $um4ly(n tddhdran-r-uaU, inandi, 

arz&n ; kambah&, beqadar 
Cheapen, va. to .bid for any thing, to lessen the price oi—ffhulya k, tnut^ g^tdtta—mxA k* 

qimat k. <)lmat ghatini 
Cbe'apness, 9. lowness of ipiiQe—sumulyatwa, suiafrftol^— arzinf, s^st&i, kamqlmatl • . 
Cheat, s. a fraud, a trick, imposture : ap^r^onguilty of fraud— c^iimri, prat4ran4 ; ffung, prabtm' 

chak,juyd<fiun'—'(2LTeb, dagljia, cbhal, makr ; dagnibftz, farebi, makk^r * 
Cheat, va. to defraud in a bargain, to deceive— pratirand k, pra6ancA/iaa— (hagni, daghibizi 

k. fareb d. chhalni 
Check, V. tq repress, curb ; chide ; control bra counter reckoning — thdMn, nigruk«t k, daman 

— rokn^, 2a Dt k. d4n(n& -, mut&biq k. muq&bale se j&nchn^ 
Check, 5. stop, reatraint ; order oo a bank— 6/irfA4, pratirodh j (dkdr cfti^f— rok. «abt ; (£p 
Check'er, Clie'quer, va. to variegate or diversify in the manner of a cK^ board— s«(«rafidbcr 
ndy chitrabichitra k, nd*idpraKdr k.— ahaUanj ki biait ki miftind banind, aUaq k. chitUk. 
dorangi k. , . , 

Cheek, a. th^ side of the fajCe below the eye— gan^adeift, ;di— g&l, rukhs&r^ 4rii, hkr 
Cheek'tooth, «. the binder tooth or tusk— 'cater <^at, dtn/toddanta— 4^^ 
Cheer, s, mirth« a state of gladness ; shout of joy : provisions served at a feast— <fZft44, harakmj 
nlUiui4hy)ani ', tU9aber kIMya draftycUii— musarrat, khurraml ; khushS ki puk&r; mibminl 
ki saiinjdm ' ' 

Cheer, vo. to incite ; encourage ; to comfort ; gladden— vn. to grow gay— a4;i»fcta k. $dntandk* 
dlhddit k.-'vn. hrishiachitta /i.— db&ras d. himmat bandh&n& ; tasaUi k. khuakk.— vii. khiiah luj. 
Cheer'^er, t. a person 01 thing that cheer|-^iuind(?jaAak, tmA/ikar— 4h^as d* w. khushJu W» 
Cheer'ful, a. j;ay, full of life, full of mirth— rasi^, praphulia c^ttta, r/)if#fa— kbuah, kbaodariiy 

khushmiz4j , 

Cheerfulness) «. liveliness, gayety ; readiness— a^2ad, ^(m^, autfukyi^— khusbiuizijl, kh^ndai^; 

Cheei less, a. comfortless, dreary, gloomy— ntr/inanda, ud^s— ud^', sun4, laqq-o-daqg. 
Cheer'ly, Cheer'y, a. gay, mirthful lively — uUdiita, ra$ik, iiriiftjai^ian— kbaoidar^, sui)d«i9» 
• khushmiz&j ^ . • , 

Cheese, s. a kii^d of food made by pressing the c^rd of coagulated milk and 8u0ering the m9» 

to dry— jftiM^ka mUtbana ckhdad, panir — pan^r 
Cheese'cake, s. a cake made of soft curds, sugar and buttef— fa<:&j/ii makhari dbdndr p^k- 

tak bUhesh — ek mi(h4i ki jis ko pha^e hue dud aur shakar aur makkhan se banite haii^ 
Cheese'monger, a. one who sells chelae— pamr (^rfM-rpanlriaroi^ 
Cheese'press, s. the press in which the curds are pressed in malang Qhewfirrpanir ch4pib4r 

kal M jantra— panir banine kiahikaiya 
Cheese'vat, s. the wooden case in which the curds are confined when they ^M^e pr^Mcd ii^o 

cheese— pant>«r chhduck^p^nu k.4 afincha, 
Che'iy, s. [kg,] the claw of a shell fi|h-r^2i^<M»r ^ug bd pad— k«ukre k^ p<y&w 

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CHB (77) tai'* 

Cbe'nff, «. tbe high pfiest of the tempTc of Mecw-'JtfaAinir prinlKiCn frntvilt-^BIakke &• 

kh^dimoQ k6 sarcUur, Sharif 
Cher'ish, v«. to support tadionmgd iiitk cneovTmgemeDt, help and protectioB, tonvrtvre 

--jHithanpdlan, fratipdlan fc.— pilni, 8ew6 k. khabargiri k. fmurabbf, h&mi 

Cher'iahor, s, om wbo cherubes or encoafaget^-pnittpd[/-9<(, potfcak, Morotri <i«%alc — ^pftlne w. 
Cber'ry, «. a fruit of many ▼arieties— ]»&«/ M 6r»kAv« mi^eiA— ^I6bfil^, nashdAna s 
Cher'ry-cbeeked, a, having ruddy cheeks—fiAadraktimd^nfia gandadetk jdkdr, ^badan, 

sttTidar^Ularukh, gulis^ Ijkti bat 

Cb«rt, 4, flint in strata— a^tprAStar 5}sftflifc*-chaqm4q ki jo kfOk mtu takhtl ke taur pti 
Cber'ob, «. a celestial spirit which to the hierarchy is placed next in order to the seraphim 

— ^«i|0ttarfra, soiorgfya g-an ii^sftesfc—karrdbi, yine tts daije kH farishta ki jo marube mea 

Isr^fil ke bid bai . [MmAan<2fctya— .firishtasfrat 

Chera'bic, Cheriibip'ical, a. angelick, relating to the cherubim— stoarg^, Fthwwrifia d^ 

Cher'up, vn. to chirp, to use a cheerfal \oice^lnchmkihdnatfakkifithdbaherghiJbdak. nuArdlnfa 

dkwani k<— ^bin>btr6n4 ; chdnchna k. khnshiAsiez &w6a k. ' 

Chesnut, Chestnut, s. a sort of fruit--pibai biMheih-^ek qism ki. mew^ 
Chess, s. a nice and abstruse game in which two sets of jnen are moved in opposition to each 

other — &hataratiehar'^btitnn} 
Chess'apple, s. a species of wild service^ftfcj^ra bril^ya hUheshr^h&tB ki tk qism 
Chess'board, s. the board on which the game of chess is played— sftaUr«n«^r ckhak kd fdtd 

M<Aedk~-shatranj ki bas^t 
Chess'om^. mellow t^xXh-^thdla mdH, ardra mrHtikd — oamddr mitti 
Cheat, (. a large box ; the trufik of the body or cavity from the shoulders to the belly -*stnd«ik ; 

hakhyasthal, 6ufc— sanduq ; chh&ti {shahsawir, pahlawftn 

Cbevali'er, s. \%htt'a^Uer\ a horseman, a gallant strong man—athwdriirha tend, 6if^~«awAr, 
Chef&nx-de-Fn'se, s. {shev'-O'de-freeiA a military fence cooMposed of a piece of timber, 

trajrersed with wooden spikes pointed with iron, five or six feet long, used in defending a 

passage, stopping a breach, or making a retrenchment to stop cavalry—^fftw^irtfrAa tainytr 

gamaurodhdrthe kdththa virmUa drU hykUk^tk jangi chaush&kha &1& jis ko fauj rokne ke 

wisic zamin parrakhte haia [chab bhi kahte haiu 

Chev'en s. a river fish, the same with chub — nadir matsya bisheth — nadi ki maehfali jis ko 
Chev eril, «. a kid ; kid leather— aja shdbak, a;acftariRar-bakri k& baciicha aur us ki chamfi 
Cbew, v; to grind with the teeth, to masticate ; to meditate or ruminate in the thooghts-7- 

charban, maner madkye bibeehand k.— chibni, chab6n&, kachalni ; j&achni, ghaur k. 
Chica'ne, [the.] Chicanery, s. the art of protracting a contest by petty objection and artifice ; 

artifice in geoeral^e^&a^ fdlmafdl, dpatti, mkkyd prourM— laitolil,-t&lmatoi, hilabawila, 

chakar makar [chdza 

Chick, Chicken,*, the young of fowls — kukkutddir ekhd^ pakhyi skd6afe-^murgh I& bacbcha, 
Cbick'enhearted, a. CDwai^ly,fearfttl---i^trtt, mcyemnk^, as^iShott—buzdil, darpokna 
Chide, V. to reprove, to correct with words^ to blame,.to reproaqh— b^rtsiw, nindd k, anujag 

ik.— z^ar k. jhurakni, d&atu&, dokhoi, taubikb k. [taubikh 

Chi'diipg, ]Ni. reproviogi rebuking, scolding— 6Jkartsan<i, dkainok, .durb^kya— zauar^ jbifak. 
Chief, a. highest in office, ipnncxpdA—sHreshtha, fradhd^t agrogany*— sarkaida, sard&r, afsar 
Chieflflss,a.havbg no leader— ^rti^tn, andtk^-besardftr , [avvalan, aksar 

Chiefly, ad. principaHy, eminently, more than common— fris^s^ta^ odkikoiUa— khusdsan, 
Ckiefuin, s. a leader, a commander— agra^4mt, adhipa, prtidk^ii— sardir, sarkhail 
Cfaii'blain, s. a sore caused by cold— Aiinaja Mphotak ifd kkyata 6isftesk«— biwii 
Child, i. a very young person, a son or daughter— s^iskuiok, santdn, $antati — ^bacheha, b&lftk, 

tifl, bet& bexi, farzand 
Chi'ldbearingl t . the act of prolduciog cliil4reo--jrarfrftat3f<ig, prose 6 kriyd^a.nni,U z&idagi 
Chii'dbed, Chi'ldbirth, s. the state of a woman tearing a child ^ travilil, labour— ^iraMd diatkd, 

96tikdbatthd, priua/)6edana-«>janne ki hiiat, waaahamal, dard-i-«ih 
Chil'dermas-day, s. the day of the we^, throughout the year, answering to the day on which 

tbe feast of the Holy Innocents is solemnized— ptfrfo^^n ^dthu ganer httyd haila j4 

dibase uunbatsarer madhye pratigkaptdker a diba$ — haft^ k& wnh din ki ji* m^H Yahdidf 

pidshih ne ilairat Is4 ke shubbe dicu larkoa Ho qatal kiydth& 
Cta'hlhood, s. tbe sute of children from the time of their birth to puberty— sMskicka/, bdlyd* 

6aj<Ai{— larakpan, tufiUiyat, yine wuh hftlatkijowiUdat^etibulfighat rahti bai 
Chi'ldish, a. having the qualities of child ; uifling, simple— ^a/oib d^rmok, ehhgpid, iarat — 

tiflmiz«i, la^kekisi, laVkpan, chhuluhli Tlarakpaose 

Childishiy, od. in a childish triding way, like a ohild-*6d'aibatwei pupe,ekkd»ldmiripe^tiA&ndi, 
Chi'idishttess, «. puerility, state of < a child-«bdikM<f> ckkooioiin— U|akpun, tifimiz&ji. 

chalbu46bat - [farsaad, nipdui 

Cbi'ildless, a, having no child— eputroit, anapatya, bandhyd, nilsfc«mMfi-4»eauIad, liwalad, be- 
Chirdren, s. pi. of child, descendanta^-santnasentati, eHkelydpUyd'-^kaUd ki jama^yiae lacke* 

bile, ayilatfil,aalid,bani ^ ^ , 

Chilf iad, s. [kiZ..] a collection or sum containing a thousand — ek saAofHya— haziri 
*ChiHae'dron, «. a figure of a thousand 8ides-r-MJU«ra kond to^MA^a-'-hazir pahlo ki shakal 
"Cbiliarch, s. l.,ark] a commander of a thousand men— «k sahMra sendrpati-r^hnz&t sipihioaki 

aaidir [thaodhi, sard, khunuk, birid, sili| sardlzada 

Chill, a. that which is cold lathe touch, having the sensation of cold^-^Ual, $hitdrtw&-' 
Chill, va. to make cold— mtgd^ |e, himdhmHita Ic'-^tbaiidhi k. sirini 

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•CHI i 78 ) ^ C HO 

Gbininess, Chiln^, s. coUnuM^Ar, sAaftjra, fttmatfC— sardf, ihandb, sil 
Chil'ly, a. so«Qewhat cold'Aimtfrta, s^fte kampaoKin— thandi)&s&, sardlzada 
Chi' mar, <. [it-i»a9*]part of a bisbop*8 vestmint^-^nahMkarmddhynkhyer bastrdni^skt^ bUhgth'^ 
niujtahid ke jubbe lei ek hissa [ganthoQ ki Ulmel, bik 

Chiine»<. acoQSOiULiiceoffiound80rofbelU~aA«fc6i(2y«r bd gftantdr $abd«riamatdL—bA}B yk 
Ohinae» vn. to soaad in consoaance — *amatdl k, — ekUl 1). ham4hai|s b. 

Chime'ra, i. [kt.*'} a vain idle fancy— am^/«ilr kalfand, atambkab c/imtii-^wahnu, kb&mkbayil 
*Cbimer'ical, a. imaginary, fanciful — asambkah kalpaniya, tnitkyd, atdr-^wshmi, khay&li 
Cbim'ioage, s, toll for passing throngb a forest — ban path diya gamandgamaner Jlear— jangal 

k( rib 86 inej&ne ki mabs&l 
Cbim'ney, s. tbe passage tbrougb wbicb tbe smoke ascends from the fire in the house ; the 
turret raised above the roof of the house for conveyance of the smoke : the fire-place— f)aX:4 
gkartr dkAmdrandhra, dhiimd nirgamaner naii ; dguaer (i»^;fc4— dhaia nikaloe ki surikb« 
« dd^kash ;dbnia nikaloe kiminira ; aoge(hi 

Cbim'oey piece,^. an orilamental frame of wood or stone that is set round fire-places—.?* 
prastar^bd kdshtha tohMrthe arni pdtra beth^hita tAd^f—iakfi yi paththar ke takbte ki jin ktr - 
xf nat ke wiste angethi Ke gird lagite haia ' 

Chin, 4. tbe part of the face beneath the under Wp-^c'iihuk, <2(in— thuili, tho|b{, zana';h 
Chi'na, s. the country so Called ; a fine species of earthen ware made in China— C&m dttk ; 

Chindeiher shubhrtt^mrittikd bUheth nirmita bdsanddi^Chin ; C^iiui bartan 
Chin'cough, s. a violent and Convulsive cough to which children are subject-^— 6<fjafc<r ghaf" 

ghariyd fetish— lafkoQ ki sbiddat kf khiasi 
Chine, s. the part of the back in which the spine or back bone is found— prisft^Acr dd^dr 

ubkay pdrshwer mdngsa-'-Tijih ke do'noa taraf ki gosht 
Chhik, «. a small apertnre longwise^Xs^^iAira chhidra, phdk — d^rz, shtgif, darir 
Cbink'y* o* full of chinks, gaping, opening into narrow clefts — bahuckhidrajukta, ^anekphdk 
N6ufctiAfa— <larzdir, shigifta.tarklda 

Chintz, s. cotton cloth printe4 with colours — ckhii kdpaff rang ehhdpd 6astra— chhi( 
Chip," va. to cut into small pieces '; to diminish by cutting away a little at a time — kkaw^ 
kkan4a k.kuehana^aipedipekdiiydnirmitlk.^tuk.Tk ^ukri k. pira pira k.chhipti utirni, 
waraq tarishni 
Chip, Chip'ping, <. a fragment cut ofi^-^han4a, ^uc^i— chhipf i, tarisha 
Qhirog'rapher, s. [ki. . .J a writer— /^/cAafe, 2ipt<car— likhne w. muharrir 
•Chirog'raphy, «. the art of waiting— fcaila lipi, i«fcAa»W<Zyti— likhne ki ilm 
*Chiromancer, s. one that foretells future Events by inspecting the hand<-;;at», kdtganak—vkwn' 
' driki, yine jo sbakhs ki jo hitb ki alimat dekbkar qismat ki hil zihir karti hai . 
*Chi'romancy, sithe art of foretelling events of life by inspectinz the hand— jr«nan bdsdmndrVe 

bidyd'-s»,bi\idnk, yine hitb ki alimat dekbkar qismat ki hil zihir karne ki ilm 
Chirp, vn, to make the noise of so^all bird»^kiekmiehdaat pakhyibat ^ab ir.— <:huragni, chna* 

chda k. chirdhirani 
Chirp, 8, the voice of birds or instcts—pakkyi kitddir irah bd ^a/:— chiriyoii yi ktrOQ ki iwiz 
> Chirur geon, s. (ki...) one that cures ailments, not by mternai medicines, but outward applica- 

tions—astrackucitfak, aitra6ai<iya— jarrib 
Chirur 'gicul, a, relating to surgery— Mtroc&t/nts^fridyd tamhandhiya, tad^wAtfyak— jarribi 
Chis'eliS. an instrument with which wood or stone is pared away— 6i/4i£t, iiltradkarer axtra 

6uA€s^Tiikbini, nihini, chheni, t<^nki ' 
Chit, t. a child, a baby ; the shoot of com^ from . the end of (be grain— Miok, bdiikd ; anfc»r^ 

maf^ari— bachcha, tifl : rakbe hiie dinoa 'ki killi 
Chit'chat, s.. prattle, familiar talk— ^apj9a sappa, parospar a/ap—gapshap, bitchit, bolcbil 
Cbit'lerlings,s. the guts; the bowels— antro, nanfcfcuttri-in tea, roda g 

Cbiv'alry, s. (itcktv..) the military dignity of linightb'ood ; the qualifications ot a knight, ai 
valour, dexterity inarms, itc—aikwdrnrka joddkripadjatkd, bdkddr ttydiit— mnmtiz sawir . 
lei darja ; mumtiz sawir ki hunar ausaf, jaisi ki kartab, bahiduri w. g. 
Cbives, $.(tskivt) tbe threads or filamenta rising in fiowers with seeds at the end— pwk- 

per mrindl bd XctiAor— pbul ke darmiyin ki Iambi pattiyia 
Choc'olate, s. a paste or cake made by grinding the kernel of the cocoanut with odwr 
substances, 16 be dissolved in hot water and drunk— p/ui( bukether gkdutpiskfak, taddrmbifm' 
jAoi— wuh chiz kijo niriyal ki p;ari ko aur chizon ke sith tarkib deke banite bain aur ua ko 
garampinimengbolke pite.haia 
Choice, s. the act of choosing ; the power of choosini^ ; election, care in choosing *, the thing 
chosen ; the best part of anything that is more properly^be object of choice ; several things 
propo^d at once as object? of choice — nirbdekan; pasanda karibdrkkyamatd ; nuiTunita ktaribdr 
sdbdkdnatd; abkiskta drabya , kana bastur uttam bkdg fdhd pasanda karibdr jogya r 
wurtumUdrtke vpattkita dra^a— chuniwat, intikbib ; chun lene ki ikhtiyir ; , chunne 
Jd ihtiyit ; cbuni gayi chiz ; kisi chlz ki bihu'r hissa ki jo chunne keliiq.ho;kat'ek 
chizea ki jo chunne ke wiste pesh kf jiti haiu 
Choice, a. select, of great value ; chary, frugal ; careful in choosing— utkruk fa, bakumuhfa ; 

niyamtt, sa5d^n— l^^issa, beshqimat ; kifiyati ; miisbkilpasand 
Choice'ness, |. nicety ; particular value— ucronmta ; tekumu/yot^— nafisat ; tubfagi 
Choir, «. [gutre] an anembly or band of singers ; the part ot the church where the qboristiTS 
or singers are placed— ^^^okda 2 bd Mompyaddy ; dkarmathdidte gdyakgantr stAdn— gili«wiJeA 
kitiifa; giije kfwuhjagah ki jahia ginewilt ba^(ht« haia 

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CMoB, vav to kill by. itopping the passage of respiration; to ftop up, to obstniet, to 

block vp a passage— ^(a tipan, tkwdt baddha k. abarodh k.—^dM. ghoiitni, gaU dabinft; 

baod k. ^e^CTk: . . [k4 g<ld4 

Choke, s, intehial part of aq, ariichoke—&fsft«s^ fu$hper khdi^r s^gs— &rtSchok tarkM 
Cbo'kepear, t. a rough, baiab, unpalatable pear; any aspersion or sarcasm by which another 

is .put to siAeact—atikuswddu pAai ln$kesh, niruttarhdri bidrUp • bdkya — ek qism ki taikh 

bemaza nisbpiti : aisd t&na ki jis kl oadMat so&dmi chup ho jfie 
Chol'er, s. [fcof.] tne bile ; the humour which by iu superabundance is supposed to produce 

errascibility; anger, rage~p((t(i;krM<A, u<Am4— pit, safra; wuh khilt ki jis ke ghalaylUi se ghuW 

siyftdahoti bai; khafagi, tezi [khashmgfn 

Choi'eric, a. full of cnoler, passionate— AnmNlAskti, ngra, rdgdla — safrdwi, ghussanik, 
Cbo'lera-Morbtts, t. a sudden overflowing of the bile, discharged both ifpwards zad down- 

wardis— 0/4 %tihd ro^— haiza, wabi [chonni 

Choose, Chuse, «. to select, to pick out>— ckunon, nirhiahan, hdchhiyd Uum — ^pasand k. 
Chop/- ta. to cut with a quick blow ; to cut into small pieces ; to break into chinks ; to ghre one 

•ttimgfor another; to put one thing in the place of another —ek kope ehhed k. kuti kuti 

kariyd katant phdtan ; tk bustu diyd anya boitukg Uuni ; panbarian^tk Gbo| se. k&|n4, qklam 

k. tu&rfttukra k. ph4rn& ; mu&wasa k. tahdil k. badalnd 
Chop, «.-ar small piece of meat — indng$a fc/iancia— gosht lUl !oth|6 
Chop'bouse, 1. a house where provisions are* sold ready dressed— M<£^t««Sr'C ghar, hhojan^ 

ikild, pdk «y/a— wuh ghar ki jis mea pakki gosht bikti hai, n&nbk4i k& dok&n . 
Chop in, 5. the Scotch quart, in wioe measure-^mociak drabytr panmdn fruAesk—Sk&tlandl 

ke mulk ki shar&b ki paimdish ^ [farbih, mot&, tandurust, tixa 

Chpp'ping, a, large, lusty, healthy, }o\\j^^mdngsdla, hrishtapavthta, skust/ta, ntskptr^ 
Chop'ping, 4. a sort of hi^h heeled shoe— -uckcha taU bi»ki»hta' yutd 6uA«sA— pishnadftr Jiiti 
Cfaop'py, a. full of holes or^bahuehMdra jukta, pM<a— phat6 bdfi-, shig&fta [mutaaliq 
Cbo'rsJ, a. .[ ko. ] belonging to a choir— g-atkak dal samiiaiuiAiya— g6n«w4loD ke t&ife ka 
Chord, s. string ot a musical instrument ; (in geometry) a right line which joins the two 

elide, of any arch of a circle — binlddir siitra, tutdn ; (khyetra parimdn bidydy) ordhaekandnt 

titdkdri rsk/ti—bAje k4 Vkt ; wuh lakir ki jo qurs ke muuh pair khinchl ]&e 
Chord, va, to furnish with stHngs or chofds--6t9)d<(ir tdr bn^han — tir charhftni 
Cbor'ister, 5. [kwir»ru'tur] a linger in a choir — v»ath$r ^iltkak-HS^newilott ke t&ife kH 

ek gawaiyi > ' [bidyd — zilloa ke bayin karoe kk ilm 

Chorog'^rapby, i^ [ko... ] the art or practice of describing particular regions— 6ukesk deshbanum 
CboVns, B. a number of singers; vers^ of a song in which the company join the singer — 

gdthahampraddy ; dkfiyri— ginew&k>a \k t6ifa ; git lUi wuh maq^ jabift sab ahal-i-majlis 

miike g&te baia [pasandida 

Cho'aen, pa. of choose ; selected— Mck^'ia; mawmita-'-chdt kk mafal, yftne cbuni gayi* 
Chough, s. [tshuf] a bird resembleing a crow which frequedts the rocks by the sea side — 

Mamudriya paLkyi bUheth^ kawwe ke mfinind cbifiyd ki jo daryi ke karipon mea rahti hai 
Choiile, s. the crop of a bird— pakkyfi* udar ; gal — chifiyi ki poti 
Choiise, va, to cheat, tri^k, defraud-r^ rafranckan, thakdiyd ^on— ^hagni, chhalni 
Ghrism, s. [kriMm] unguent or.jiuction used ,in sadred ceremonies— saa^tMto tail bUlitth — 

tib(an ki jo din ki rasmiyat men ami men Ute haia 
Chiistom, s. a child that dies within a mouth after its birth— ;7anifi«r par ek mater madhye mare 

ieaantdn — wuh lark& ki joapnl paidiish se mahine ke darmiyin mea mare 
Cnriirteo, va, [krit-sn\ to baptize or initiate into Chr'istianity by water ; to name, lo denominate 

...^risheshjala $angskdr pi(arbak ndm k<— istibigh d. o&m rakhni, I'sfti ban&n& 
Chris'tendom, s»tbe regions of which the inhabitants profess the Christian religton — Kkriihtiya 

l^tddhUhthUa dah saka/— sab mulk ki jah&a I'sii rahte haia 
Chris' tening, s. the ceremony of the first initiation into Christianity— X&ruA/iyo ^{kanna 

t^ngikdrer ntt— I'sawi mazhab m^ dikhil kame ki rasm, istibigh 
Chri^an, s. a believer in the religion of Christ— iCkruAitya dkannakakim&i ; Khritktiydn Uk, 

l'sawS,Nasar&ni, I'sawi mazhab k&muataqid 

Christiatt'ity, s. the religion taught by Christ— ICkriskfiya dharma, Khrishtepadishta matdmmt 

— Is&wi mazhab ^ 

Cbri^tiaoiae, va, to make Christian, to convert to Christianity— lUMMlkarma tydgpCrbak 

Khri$hiiya matdthrita k, Kkriihtiya dharme tangskdr k.--I's4i k. I'sawi mazhab mea lin^ 
Chris' tian-name, s. the name given m baptism distinct from the family name or surname-* 

tangtkdr ktirun samay rdkhd giydehhe je ndm, ddkndm — wuh n4m Id jo istib&gh ke waqt 

rakhft jat& hai aur ek shakhs ki zit par dalilat kartft hai 
Christmas, s, the ieast of Christ's naUvity— ICkrisk/sr janmaporda— Haziat I'si ki paidaish ki 
- din ki jis mea harsil I'sii khushi karte haia 
Cbromat ic, a, relating to color ; relating to a species of ancient music by semitones— raniT bd 

bamatambaiuLhiya; pdrbakdlingdnbdbddya bithayak-^nn^ se muUalliq ; mnsfqiki e^ 

qadim urz ke muualliq [— diimi, deipi, ykne dariz bimiri ki sifat 

Chron'ic, Chronickt, a. of long continuance, as a disease— 6akuka(«r rog^ apratikdrjya 
Chronicle, s. a register or acdouot of events of time, a history— k^ianupMriok upakyan^ 

kdlagkaiita rdjya ^rtltdnCa— tawirikh 
Chroo'icle, va, to record in bistort— kdlt^nakrame rd^opdkhydn it.— tawirfkh men likhni 
Chroni'cler, 9. a writer of chroDtties,'a ^iAUtvMXk^^djyabrittdniabittd, tadopdkhydnkdri-^ 

•ttwarrikb, riwi, niqil 

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CBR ( 80 O «IC 

Chfon'ofram f. akind'ofYercttor desenptton, Uie Dumeral letlers of whith nmke up thediit 

oftbeactioD meu^oned—kdlanirHpalc sank&t kdbyd 6ufce;A— tirlkh, siU-UKkh, maozdm 
' t&rikh. y&DO £qra ki jis ke hur6f ke k^kd se sal aur t&rikh ra&16m ho 
ChrQDolo'ger, t, he that studies or explaiae the science of eoinputinir past timej or of raagiii; 

pasteveats accoroiag^ to their proper years— AMU4mri2pafc,i6i(/ate'^fiteU<i— pichble auq^tki 

sbum^r k. w. y& w4rid&t0D k& waqt ke mut&btq murattab k. w. 
Chrondlpg'ical, a. pertaining to ohroaology— kiia6arnanri tamkaiMiya, kdiabidyiibishayak 

—pfcble waqt ke tartlbkaroe k» ilm se> mutaailiq 
Chroaol'ogy» s. the science of computing time, and asQertamtng dates of tv^nis—kdlaganan 

bidydt kdUtharnanbidyd, kona ghatandr $amav sthir karanbidyd — pichle' auqi6t sbum&r karne 

k4 aurw&rid&tonke waqt dary^ft karoe ki ilm 
Cbrys'aliS;,*. aurelia, or the first apparent change of the maggot of any species of ioaects— fu<t>o- 

kdf kiler dwitiydbasthd'-h&dikmdi, sunda, yiae klre k& pahli tagbaiyur 
Chrys olite, s. a precious stone of a dusk'y graeti with a cast of yellow — ishat ihydmabar'' 

na mani bithitk — ^labsaniy&, y&ne ek qism ki. sabx oagina miil ba sard! 
Chub, s. a river fish ; adunce— nadir mfstsya bUhsth ; tnttrka^fe-^nadi ki ek^machhli ; ahmaq 
Chub'bed, a. big-headed like a chub, biuS, stia^d—^akdnda shiraska, mdthdhhdti, nirbddh 

— ^barsira, betamiz, n&din [jis ke rounh mea bahut geeht hai 

Chubby, a. having a large or itibce^okebrd bd l^tihi «itt/e^— galphdl&, y&ne wuh shakhfi ^^ 
Chuck, t« the voieeof a-bto; a gei^tle stroke und^f the chin — kvkkutidhioani ; thutir nicht 

isat thoknd mdran — ^ka|-kuu y^M murghi ki &w6z ; tbuddi ke niche ki Ihapthap&hat 
, Chuc'Ue, V. to laugh ; to eall as a ben— ik<»iMn£ khil khil'skabda k» kvkkvttir nydy shabdeth 

— haosnijkhUkhiUke haasni jkutkutinft, [adiai^ gajiwir 

Chuff, t. a coarse, fat-headed, bLunt clown— «Mi6Aya lah, u^rtt, m<2r fui—angaih betamiz 
Chum, t, a chamber fellow, mess-nate — ektangi, stAabdtViBji — hamhujra, hamta&m 
Chump, s, a short thick piece of waod^sthUl hdtklba khmuLa-'kundk, chaiU 
Church, s. the collective body ^ ChristiaM uavaHy termed the Catholick Church ;. the body of 

Christians adhering to one particular opinion or form- of worship ; the place which Christians 

consecrate to the worship of God-^Khrishtiya lok sam^ka bd sabhd,numdaliibhaj(mdUi$(, 

Karishtiya mandtr— jumla l's4i ki jia ko K^Uholik Charch kahte haia ^ iViiou ki firqa ki 

Jo ek tariqe par chalte bain ; I'siioB ki ibidatgih, yiae giiji^ kalisa 
Church, va, to perfoha- with any one^ the oAtce of returoing of thaoka in^ the- church after 

deliverance from, the danger of chiM hytth—prasabsdhauchapar tnandire giyd-Jthwarer 
, itab k.^^'larke ke paida hone ke bid ^e meii diisreke sith shukrguziri ki wazifa pa^Juii 
Church'ing, «, the act of eiving thanks in the church ftfter^birth-*|»raMz6<i«<afv Mtab bd dhawya-' 

6ad W^—lark4 paida hone ke bid girje mea-salimatiki shukrguziri k. 
Churchman, s. an ecclesiastic, a clergyman, one that ministers in sacred things ; an adherent 
, to the church of England—dAaniw^pad«sAa^, Infflanda deaer rdjstlidpita mata6a(am2n-'piohl; 

Inglistin meufp-sarkir ke ha!km se diadiri ki intizim muqarrar hai uski muataoid . 
Churchwai^dens, t. offieeis yearly chosen to look to the church, church-yard, andsivsh things 
. as belong to both— Aatjar batfur m^ikta kard jdy je'hhajangrika mkhyak—vfuh uh4adAr 

.ki giije «ttr us ke mataalliait ki Jdiabardiri ke wiste silhasil rouqariar hote haia 
Church yard,' s. the ground aajoining the church- in which the dead are buried— de&idzjr^r 

chatwar jekhdne samddhi kardjdy-^T}% ki ihita jis mea aksarmurde dafan kiye jite haia 
■Churl, s. a rustic, a countryman, a rude, surly, illbred man ; a miser, a niggard ; a. selfish 

or greedy wretch— c^A4, mdrha } kripan ; dtmagrdhi, io6^t^gaii)wir, dihqini ; beUmiz, 

ka^wimiz^ admi ; bakhil ; khudgharaz* haris adml [talkhmizij, bakhll 

Churrish, a, rude, surly, niggardly— osius&.la, atabkya, byayakunthita-^tuaiz, durusht, 
ChurriBhIy, ad. in a suriy manner— ugrotd piiirbak, asa6kyartip<— duruabti se 
Churluhness, s. surliness, morosenesa, clowniBbiiess — ugratd, chirehirydmi, OM^^yofd— dur- 

uihtl, talkhxniziii, betamizi 
Churme, s, a confused sound, a ncHse-* Wti^ri, jroinuiZ— eh orshir, shpr, ghul 
Chum, s. a vessel io which the butter is, by long and violent agitation, coagulated and separat- 
ed from the serous parts of the milk— mantteiMrp^i^a^matnaniyi, mihini [nikilni 
Churn, vo. to make butter by agitating the miOc^mantAon, d6are<»t'— mathni,'ma8ka 
Cbyla'ceous, a, [ki-Ut-shus] belonging to chyle^ anmxros sam6and^fya— kail iisi, kaimiai 
Chyle, i* the white juice formed in the stomach and in testinesliV , digestion of the aliment, and 

afterwards changed into blood— anrioros, dUt«»potAak«ar6h4g— kailus,kaimus 
Chyiki'ical, a. made by or relating to chymifltry— i-ostfyanMya samtend^'ya— asbyiJd khissiyat 

daryift karne' ke ilm ki mutaailiq . [se daryift k. w. 

Chym'ist, 5. a professor of chymistry— rai4yaniett<<— ashyiki khissiyat ig w.g.kewasile 
Chym'istry, s. an art whereby simple bodies are separated from each other, so that their respec- 
tive powers and virtues are thereby discovered— ra«4yan^dyii, sarbabastur sdr kimbd 

iR^gV^aiMin 6tdy<i— wuh fann ki jisee ashyi ki khissiyat ig w. g . ke wasile se mil^m 

hoti hai; aur cbinkiyih faunkimiyi ki talishkezariye se faisil hui lahasi is ki nam 

khimistry, vine kimiyi rakhi gayi 
Cic'atrice, s. iM'tris'] the scar remaining after a wottQd--fch]K>M chinha, ghdyerkard^-zaikhan 

ki nishin , ' 

Cic'atiize, va* to heal a wound, to skin orw^khyc(fa thutkka k. ghd piirdno— ghiw changi k. 

»akham par gosbt lini, mundamiLk. 
Cieero'nian, a. like Cicero, elegsAt, forcible— iSisero ndmak prdehin. tadbaktdr nydy bdkpatu^ 
, MUAhyan Mchd bd iafcya-Siaero ki minind kbushtaqrfr, tasih 

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CIC ( 81 > CIB 

Cictflbe'o, s. a pliant atteodiiig a \tidj--upapaH, paroitrttonft— ishqb&z 
CiVurate, va, to tame ; to make mild and tnctMe—pdtfxnhd k, dofium— f&m k. hiUn& ; 
m&Qiis k. I [sharAb 

Ci'der, s, the expressed juice of dipples—kishesh phcUer mUhrita rathamay mad bishesh — ^seb kS 
Ci'derkin, s. anmferior kind of cider— ai madhaite $e phaler kinchit apakrishta nurd— Mb 

kl sharib ki ek n^is.qism 
Ci-de'vant, ad, pr. [Fi\] heretofore — ihdr piirbe, vilibakdUr — ftge, qabi, sfibiq 
Cil'iary, a. [.ya-re] oelongiog to the eye'Vids—duKhipiUd iambandhiya — papo^e kk mutaalliq 
Cili'cious, a. [se-lish-us] made of hair; hairy— lomuntrmtta, keshamay, lomaj, lomamay — baloft ki 

band hM, hA\ w,- 
Cim'^ter, s. a short curved iword—kkarga bishesh, fearaMi— shamsher, khamd&r talw&r, <in&- 
Cinc'ture, s. [.tshure] a belt/a girdle ^katibandhaUf pa/ufca—kamarband, pafkA ' 
Cin'der.s. half burnt coals — an^ar— ang&rd, 

• Cinert'tious»a. having form or colour of ashes— ^Aasmaframafc, pdn^ker ticZyaran^-^-khtidstani 
Cjn^gle, $, a girth used for a horse — ghornrpeti — tang, ghofe kft zerband * 

Cinnabar^ s, an ore of quicksilver, vermilion— rasadfcatu, lindiSr— shangarf, Ingur 
Cin'namon, f . the inner bark of a Species of laurel— darc^ini, bUhesh brikkytr mithta bdkal^ 

ddrchlni, d&lchini 
Cinque, 5. [sinffcj [Fr.'] five ; any thing composed of five— p^acft, paneha sangJckyak-^pdJijti, 

y&ne wuFi chiz ki jis meu pdnch adad haiu 
*Cioqne-foil, «. five leaved clover— pan^^patrafc ghds ftixAesft— pdnchpattiyi gh&s 
*Cinque-pace, 5, a kind of grave dance — nritya dhdrd bishesh—ek dhista nich 
*Cinque-ports, s. five havens of England, that lie towards France, and require to be^vigilantly 
guarded against invasion* vi£. Hastings, Dover^ Hithe, Romney, and Sandwich— Jn;/an{fa 
dtther piirba diksthita praiiddhn pdtich nagar — Mulk i IngUst&n ke pAnch bandarjo Fr&ns k« 
nulk k{ taraf wiqi haiu, jin kf hir&sat ke wAste ziy&da hoshy&rf darkftr hai 
Ci'on, s, a sprout ; a shoot from a plant— onkur, paltab — nayi sh&kh 

Ci'pher, <. the figure [Oj standing for nothing; initial letters of a name ; a secret manner of 

writing — anka, shUnya, bindu ; ndmer pratham akhyar ; guptamat akhyar binyds^nir, sunni ; 

n&mk&pahU harf; ramznavlsf/kamsaU 

Ci'phering, «. the act of practising arithmetic— atifca, ganand, ganita kriyd — hisib kl mashq 

Circinater, va, to make a circle ; to turn roMndr^-chakrdkritidji^n ; goldhiti ^.— 4&ira banini, 

ghum&nA . , ' 

Circle, si a round figure ; an assembly — chakrakdr, ka(ak ; mandaii— d&ira, kundal, -haTqa;'' 
logon k& halqa, y&ne jamdat r. * [ph'irnA, gherni 

Cir]cle, va. to move round any thing, to inclose— cA/itKrdi/ctf bhraman k, beran, gheran — gird k, 
Cir'clet, s, a little circle— fc%udra mandal bd cha/cr/ifcar— chotA ddira, kundal! 
Circuit, t.[.kit] the act of moving round any thing; a circular space; that by which any. 

tiling is incircled^g^/irHran ; got sthdn ; beshtan — chakkar, daur ; ^gol jagah ; ihita, his&r 
.^Cir'cuit, vn, to move in a circle — mandcUdhire bhraman, beshtan kariyd pftiran— gardish k« 

ghumnA, chakkar k'hanA 
Circu'itoas, a. going round in a circuit— ^es^ftto, gheriya, peufihdla — gh<im& bd&, plisr 

khiyd hdd 
CiKcular, a. round, like 9.c\Tc\e^goldkriti, cftaferatot— mudauwar, gol, balqeddr 
Circular'ity, s. a circular form — chakrdkdr — goldf, girddgirdi [phirdnft 

Cir'calate, va, to move round, pass about— c^kra^att kardna, gheriyd c^^Mna— ghumdnd, 
Circula'tion, (. a circular motion, a passing ^howi-^chakragati, praoaAa— ghiimdo, gardish 
Ctrcumam'bient, a. surrounding, encompassing, enclosing — chaturdigaitha, sarbatra bydpak 

— mubit, girdagird 
Circamam'bulate, vn. to walk round— fttfriyd 6Araffian— girddwarf k. gird phirnd 
Cir'cumcise, va. to deprive of the ' foreskin— ftvo/cc/i/ted k, puruahdnger agra eharma kdtiyd 

pAe/an— khatua k. musalradni k. 
Circumcision, s. the act of circumcising— tivafcc/i/ied kn'i/d—khatna, sunnat 
Circurodu'ct, va. to contravene ; to nullify ; to carry or convey round — byartha k, anyathd 

k, iange kariyd beriyd ehalan — ^bdtil k. radd k. sdth lekar phirnd 
.Circum'ference, s. tiie line including and surrounding anything, periphery— man^a/, ber,paridhif 

kundal, ehatuhsimd — ihdta, gird, gher 
Cir'curnfere'nter. s. an instrument used in surveying for measuring^ angles— fconii parimdpak 

aUra 6(iA««A— fann-i-misdhat men kone ndpne kd did 
Cir'cumflex, «. an accent between grave and acut^— iR|7)ta guru laghu iioar gydupak ehinha^ 

us talaffaz kd nishdn, ki jo na bahut zor se, na khiffat se, add kiyd jdtd hai 

Circumfluent, a. flowing round any thing— chaturdi^« bahamdn, chakre prabdhak—%\rd bahtd 

had, mubit • [h(id, muhit 

Circum'fluous , a. environing with water — chdkragamaneprabdkak, beshiita jalddi — gird bahtd 

Circamfu'se, va, to pour round ; to spread every wny'-^haturdige bydpta k, bd 4hdUyd daou > 

chhiiriyd d.— gird dhdlnd ; chdroQ t^raf phaildnd 
Circumftt'sioo, $. the 'act of spreading round ; the state' of being pbured r9und«-pari£»f£pff, 
ch£Uurdi^g$ bydpta /cam— phaildnd, phaildo Tkand 

Cirau'ro^y'rate, va, to roll or wheel round— g-Atfrdn/f,pAen£na, pdfcdtfrdckaian— chdroQ taraf dhal- 
Circumi tion, t, the act of v going round— pdkc^aAera, ehakragati, d^rittt— ghdmnd, ch'droa 
taraf gashtk. [^sp^ 

Circumjacent, a. lying aiound, or neu^-diaturdigastha, ntlw^aftartt— mutaasil, qaHb, naadik, 


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. oiR ( 85 ) CIV 

Ctrcomlocu'tion, s. a cireoit or compttt of wotd§r-bdkjdl, bdkfmbdhulya, bdkffdfambar^t6Xik' 

\Am, eardish-i-lafxi ^ 

'Cirucmlo'cutory, a, depending on circumlocution, tedious, prolix — bdkjdlamay, f$^ehAla 

Mftu/ya— tdlkal&mf, trihawUi 
Circummu'red, a, [. . .] walled round-^prdchira beshiitat g-ftertta—ch&roQ taraf diw&r se gherti 

h6d,ih6uk. h. [warlk. 

Clrcumnaviga'tion, s, the act of sailing round — naukdpathechaturdik bhraman — ^kishti par gird&* 
Circumnaviga'tor,f. one ^vho sails round — naukdy ckdtur dig bhraman kariyd befdy je ndbih 

— wuhshakhs ki jokishtl par gir,d4wari kare ' 

Circumrota'tion,s. the act of rolling or revolving round— rfcafcra/f a^an—chdron taraf kl gardish 
' Circumscri'be, v/t. to inclose ; to limit; to confine — beshian, btr d. $imd diyddikdna — gber 

!en& ; badd b&ndhn& 
• Circumscrip'tion, s. determination of particular form or magnitude, limitation; boundary— iim/{, 

parjyanta^ sheih — haddbtndi, sarhadd [khabard&r| chaukai 

Circ'umspect, a. wary, cautious, prudent — satarkdt chatikash, tdbadhdn, dnradarihi — boshy&r, 
Circjimspec'tion, «. caution, watch ful nefa ; general attention— S(f6a<i/ianatd, satarAcatci ; m/ifunof 
— hoshyart\khabard&ri, ihtiy&t; tawajjuh [cjiaukas 

Circumspect'ive, a. attentive, vigilant, caulious— manojojfi, c^auXrasA— mutawajjih, hoshy&r, 
Cir.'cumspeclly, ad. watchfuUy, vigilantly, carefully— si6adAdnpt2r6ailc, manojogpiirbak-^ 

hoshyAri se, tawajjuii se, ihtiyftt se (wuqd 

Circ umstance, s. condition, state ; incident-^ashd, abasthd, hishay ; ftn'tt/fnta— h&lat, kaifiyat ; 
Circ'umstanced, a. [. . .] placed, situated — dashdpannn — ek hilat men rakhi g."" 
Circumstan'tial, a, accidental, Casual; minute— ciai^a, akatmdt ; Ju/(Ayma— ndgahfiDl, 

ittifiqi^ mufassal. ^ < 

Circumstan'tiate, va, to place in particular circumstances ; to .explain the particulars of any- 
thing— 6i</iesA abatthdy rdkkan ; bistdr kariyd brittdnta kathan^ek u&lat men rakhn& ; 

bay&n-i-wd(}ai 1:. 
Circumvalla'tion, s. the art or act of casting up for tifications round a besieged place ; the for- 
tification or trench so thrown up — chaturdigastka prdchir bd gar' bd pagdr, gherd — «h&roa 

taraf ki morchabandi 
Circumvec'tion, <. the act of carrying ronnd^iange kariyd beriyd e^/i^n-cb&roa taraf lej&ni 
Circumve'nt, va. to deceive, to over reach — prahanchand v. ihakdna^hr^b k. dhokhd d. 
Circumven'tion, «. delusion, imposition, fraud — pratdrdndt ehhaland, p/m/ct— dhokbi, fareb 
Circumve'6t, vd, to cover round with a g^imtni—^chaturdike dbrita k. bastrdchchhddita k.— 

kap)r& lapet d. * • . ^ ^kardna, ghiirdna^Xdipetn&'y ghamini 

Circumvo'ive,va. to roll round ; to* put into a circular moiioa—jardna ; mandaldkdrt bhraman 
Circumvolu'tion, 5. the acf of rolling round ; the state of being rolled round— 6i6arta, chakragati, 

pher — gardish, gumdo, lip^o, peuch 
Circ'us, s, an open space or area for sports with seats round for the spectators— t<fiii^(i dekhibSr 

gkerita sthdn, dkhnrd—go\ tam^shagah ki jah&u girddgird tamdslia-dekhnewale bai^hte baia 
Cisalp'ine, a. od the Italian side of the Alps— yl/p ndmak parbata $hrenir dakhyin digastkita-^ 

Alp pah^rl^i is taraf,. ydne purine R6m kl taraf [ghil&f; phore k& charofft 

Cist, s. a cabC ; the coat or inclosure of a tumour— Xc/iot, khdp ; kana sphita sthdner chhdl— 
Cis'tern, s. a receptacle for w^iier-^jalddhdrtjatakuiida, chaubdchchd—hmi, chahbaqhcha 
Cit'adel, 1. a castle in a city — nagarer durga, g-af— shahr k& qila, gafh 
Ci'tal, Cita'tion, s. reproof; summons to' appear'before a court; a quotation, from an author— 

bhartsandf nindd ; bichdrasthdne dgaman patra ; kdna grantha haite grihtta lipi — ^mal&mat, 

jharakui, tambih ; talabn.ima ; kisi kl ibdrat kl raql yd tamsll % 

Cite, va. to summon to answer in court ; to qnote^bichdrsthale prQ$tut htojter dgydy;^^ 

preran ; drithidntabd pramdn d.— jawdbdihi kewdste talab k. kisi ibdrat ko Jiaql k, yd tamsU 

mea Idnd 
Cit*ness, s. a city woman — nagarajtibdsini^ ndgari— shahr ki rahnewdlf 
Cith'ern, s, a kind of ancient harp— prac^'n kdler birid 6u/tesA— qadim tarah ki barbit 
Cit'izen, s. an inhabitant of a city; d tradesman; a freeman of a city— na^arftrisi, n^ar ; 

bishesh nagare kray bil^raydditg adhikdra prapto— shahri ; ahl-i-pesha ; shahr ke huqiiq 

ka mushtarik 
Cit'rine, s. a species of pure crystal-^uU^m sphalik mani bishesh — ek qism kd khdlis billaur 
Cit'ron, s. a large species of lemon--^ajuya /£6u— turanj ^ 

City, s. a large collection of houses and intiabitants; a town corporate — nagar, gandagr^m, thohar 

--shahr ; wuh shalur ki jis ke bashindoa ko apne shahr ke intizdm kd ikhtiydr ha'i 
Civ'et, 5. a perfume obtained from the civet cjii—gandhagokuUir saurabh — ^zabdd ; ek tarah kf 

khushbd ki jo mushkbildi se paidd hotd hai^ * 

Civ'ic, a. relating to civil life, or honours— 6/ta<£ra loker pad bdsambhram 6M^tyai(:-«abl-i-qalaD 

ke kdra yd irzat ke mutaaliq 
Civ il, a. pertaining to society ; kind, polite— janapadrya, sdmpraddyik, sabhya, n^^or— molkf, 

mdli, diwani ; bdmurnwat, sdhib-i-akhldq [kiu 

Civil-law, s. the code of laws of ancieiit Rome— pr^e/iin i^ttm desher byabasthd-^pvLtdtiQ Rdm kd 
Civil-war, $. an intestine yvdiT-^swadebhiyader paraspar juddha, dpase dwandwajth paraspar 

wn^jram—dpas ki lardi, khdnajangi 
Civili an, s. [ie-vt/-yan] a -professor of the cilvil Idw ; a person employed in civil affairs as op- 
posed to military— 6td/ti^yaa, prdckin kdU7i Riimiya shdstra bettd ; mOlki b maliiiabajf^ w^s^ 

d^ei-^purdne Rdm ke din kd mdhir; mulki &aa ki khidiiiat nkfane w. 

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CtY (83) ChA 

Civiruy, c. politeness ; kiad iTe^imeni'^shithtat4, tabhyatd, Jiki«fc^4«)Ur-r^Uyat, iasAaiyat; 

Civi'fize, va. to reclaim from savage life; to instruct in the arts of regular life— tusft 4f an, 
mnushija dharnM ihikhyi diyd guitirabat asfkUhfa lohkt shishi^ fc.— tarbiyat k. tdlim k. 
sUista k. 
CjVi'lized, pa. [.. .] polished, improved, civil-r«fcw/t^a, sabhya, n4^or— shilista, t4lim k. g. 
Cize, «. the quantity of any tWiag, with regard to its external foTtn—parimdn, dnddj — qadar, ancIAz 
Clack, *. frequent repetition of sudden sharp sounds ; that which strikes and littles— j/ia« jhan 
lhan}han ityidipunahpunahdAwaniijakdtejhandtkdrsabdahay'-')hsin\iA.Ttq\\-0'qA\ , wuh chfz 
]is se ki jhaiik^r nikaiti hai ^ [jhankirnii ; bak bak k. 

Clack, v/i. tomakea chmking noise; to let the tongue run— pitrbokta dhwani k^ bar bark.— 
Clad,prtfr. of c/otAe; investecl, covered-^bastrdchhdditat kiparpard — ^pahanAy^ hda, posHida 
Claim, s, d!<emand of right — nydyprdrthand, adhikdr, ddoyd-^diiw^, islihqdq 
Claim, va. to demand, to assert as a right — ddya dAirau, nt/dy prdrthand fc.—dAwi k. [q^bil 
Cla'imable,a.thatt which may be demanded as due — nrdrthanxya,nydjya prdptahya—diw9 ke 
Cla'imant, ■». one who demands any thing as due— rfooiriar, ddwdkdri — muddai, d&w^d&r 
Cla'imed, p 7. [.] demanded diS dvLB—prdrthita^ddoyi krita — d^wa k. g. 
Clam'ber, t;n. to climb with difficulty, as with both hands. and feet— fc/wAfc c/mran bd iithan, 
U(i%aroyi«n— bilangni, mushkil se chayhnA ^ . [san^/a?7J« ,^. — UsalagiinA 

Clamm, va. to clog with any glutinous matter — dlhibat drabya diyd dtak k. di-hdy baddnaBd 
Clara'miness, «. viscidity, stickiness— ri/lirt bhdb, ardrata— las, laslasihat, chipchipihat 
Clam'my, a. viscous, adhesive, glutinous — dthdla,drdi'a, c/ia^c/iaiy/i— lasdir, laslaisd, chipchipi 
■ Clara'our, s. great noise of voices, outcryr-;?o//n'C/, hurdhuri, chitkdr — shor, ghul 
Clam'orous, a. vociferous, noisy, importunate — uchckabhdiihitkalbaliyd,ghengdniyd—^h9.ugh&i, 

shor k. w. fary<id k. w. ' 

Clamp, 5. a piec^ of wood oriron to strengthen any thinj ; a qiiBtsttlsr of bricks— pwijir, bdtdj 
iihtak nii^i— lohe kd pattar, yk lakfi ki takhtn, ki jh ko mazb iti ke w^sie laglie ntifQ ; pajaw& 
Clan, s. a family, race — kul,baHg8fia,jfiii — khai.!, h^irftJarf, ffiiroh fDiibtp^, ^upt 

Clanc'ular, a. clandestine, private, hidden, ohscare^aprakuhit, ^npt'tj s^^^prtwir/fl— ptjiliiija, 
Clandes'tine, a. secret, hidden, private— aprafc^^ft, eupta, iittfeai/jf^^poshida, cEifiip^, khufiya 
Clandes'tinely, ad, secretly, privately — guptatfhdhet goptne^ tfitale^ehhipAket poshidpj?! se, 
ikhfd se • [AwAi, kh^ikh^ 

Clang, Clan'goiir, Clank, $. a sharp shrill, noise — kitrhishsh^hda, fh/jkthaki — ek ka|f aur Dilkhnih 
Clan'gous, a. making a sharp harsh sound— jh nt }h mi i/i, jhnndtkiri — kbaikhai t. w* 
Clank, p. to clatter; to make a loud shrill noise— jAnaj/mrt^rtii—jbanltir k. jfianjIiafianA 
Clap," V. to strike together; to do anything with a sulJeo h:iity nioLbti ; to applaud by dipping 
the hands — dui drabya piraspar aghdth. kona knrmti jhat'ui Him k. kai'atiii diyi mbdii 
balan — do chizoii ico b&ham zaibd. kisi kam ko jaldi ke s&th k. Carif men t^li bajind 
Clap, s. a sudden or unexpected motion; striking of h^nds in applauding— dat6a ; prashang$dr 

^urataa— khatkA ; ti/if ki till 
CIap'per,5. he that claps with his hand in applauding ; the tongue of a bell — hdtbdianiyd, 
karatdliddtd ; ghantdr lolak bd nu»nuri —kartaliyi, til d. w. ghanie ki lalkan [zajr k. 

Clap'perclaw, va. to scold, to tongue-beat, to Q.W\d%—tira&kdrk.tarjantdhamkina — ^jbafakni, 
Cla'renceux, or Cla'rencieux,s. [. . ihu] the second king at arms who marshals the inferior nobi- 
lity — dwUiyashastrard) ei rup khyata mallnjuddhd o shastrabit biskesh—Mirtnzzxik ki niib 
Cla'ret, s. a French wine of a clear pale red colour — raktimdbarna Phrdns deshiya madird, 
bishesh—Y T^nsisi lil sharib fkhilis k. 

Clarifica'tion, s. the act of purifying — maldbd gdd kdtan, parishkdr feriy^— mail kitni, sif k. 
Clar^iCy, va, to make clear, to purify — parishkdr k.gddkdtan—sk^ k. mailchiulni [karni , tura^f 
Clar'ion, «. [fc/aje-yim} a trumpet ; a martial wind instrument— ttXrt, ^/toran^a, ranasinghd— 
Clar'itude, Clar'ity, s. brightness, splendour— praftAa, s/jo/>yia— chamak, tab 
Cia'ro OJbscuro, «. the art of distributing lights and shades in painting— c/i/tra karane dipti o 
ekhdyd ubliaye uchita nidt diyd rang puran bidyd — taswir men dhup chhiya dene kf sanaat 
Clash- V. to make a noise by mutual coUision ; to Jppose ; to wrangle — paraspar dghdt dibdrd 
sabda k. biparit k. biddnubid k. — khatkhatini; ha{ yi zidd k. jhagayni [lakkar ; muqibila, 
Clash, s. a meeting of bodies with violence ; opposition— c/uifrasturparasparrCifAat; baiparitawa — 
Clasp, va, to.shut with a clasp ; to embrace, hug ; to inclose — dlingan i koldkolik. pdkaran — 
band k. inkri se gale lagni, pakar 1, [^nkii ; bagh'alg'lrf 

Clasp,'*, a hook to hold any thing close ; embrace— aflfcari, dukari ; kole fea?'a«— band karne ki 
Clasp er, $, he that embraces ; the tendrils of creeping plants, by'which they cling for support — 
dliagankdri; /atar(iA:a?"s/m/it— baghalgirh. w.belouki shikhen jo darakhtoumen lipat jitehai^ 
Class, va, to arrange in a class, or ordQvsJf,renibaddha h, pankti kariyd rdkhath jdti bishesh 

krame rdkhan — tartib men rakhni; qism ba qism rakhni • 

Class, Ciass'is, s, a rank, order, degree — bargh, shreni, pankii, kram — darja, pi yi, martaba 
Class'ic, s, an author of the first rank- pradA-iw pand,itj uttam granthakiri — awwal darje kii 

Class'ical, a. pertaining to authors of the first rank — uttama granthakartdr snmbandhiya — awwal 
darje ke niusannifott ki mutaallicj I a5pas/i/a «iAioani—kharkharih at 

Clat^ter, s. a confused rattling noise— j/ian ihan, khar khar ityddi shabda, chenchd cheuchi, 
Clat'ter, v, to make a confused noise by striking bodies together— p?ir6ofeta shabda k, golmdl k, 
—kharkharini, (hakthakini [apiirita kathd ; niyam ; dajfhd—^qra.^ jumla ; shart ; dafa 
Clause, s. a sentence or part of a sentence ; a particular stipulation ; article, item— 6^^^ /inj's^ 

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OLA ( 84 ) ell I 

Cltu'inre, f . l.thure] eoBfinement, the act of shutting— -£a«d, dtak, baddha kriyd^M, habs 
Claw, s. a hooked nail of a beast or fowl, the pincers of a shell -fish— pasftu pakhyddir nakh bd 

thdbd, ddfd^nMi^fk, changul, panja 
Claw, va, to tear with the claws, to scratch — nakhdghdt k, ducharan — ^nochn&, kharochnft, 

panje mdrni , [pindol 

Clay, «. a species of unctuous and tenacious earth— tff%ai2am<ift, dodastndti, fca£{(i~chikni mrttl, ' 
Clay-cold,, a, cold as unanimated earth, lifeless, dead — j>ankabat shital, nirjih^ mrita—mitil ki 

m&nind thandhd, bejdn, murda 
Clean, a, free from dirt, neat, pure, innocent — nirmal, parishkritar, nishpdp^-^if, ujU, p&kiza, 

nirmal, p(ik, t&hir ,. 

Clean, va, to free from dirt, to purify— poxisftferff" k.shuddka fc.— sdf k. p^k k. 
Clean, ad, quite, perfectly, fully, entirely — sarbatobhdbe,sampiirna rtipc— hilkul,kam&l,tamdmtar 
Clean'liness, Cle'anness, s. freedom from dirt, neatness, purity— pam/cntatioa, pdripdtya, thu- 

chitwa—saif&i, pikfzagi ., i i • 

Clean'ly, a. free from dirt, neat, nice, pure— nirmai, T^ariskdr, pmpafi— sAf, ujm, p^k, t&hir 
Cleanse, free from impuritiep, to purify from g\xi\l^pariskdr k, nirdoik fc.— s&f k. p4k k. 

tihirk. , 

Clear, ad, quite, completely— ni/isa/ide/ie, sdniyuk prafcarc— sdf,. sarihan, bilkul 
Clear, v, to free from obscurity, to cleanse, to vindicate ; to remove any encumbrance— parisAfcrfr 

bd ujjwal k. pabitra k, nishkanfakk,— zkhir k. pAkk. mubarr& fc. diir k. uthid. 
Clear, a, bright, transparent, perspicacious ; pure ; evident, obvious ; vacant ; unentangled ; free, 

acute, innocent— nirmai, shuddha, pharsd-, spashta ; khdli ; adushya—s&f, shaff&f, salis ; pik ; 

zdhir ; khili ; khulfoa ; &z4d ' , ,. . 

Clearance, s, a certificate that a ship has been cleared at the custom-house— ra^jyrfna, ehhdrchilt 

— parmil ki nikJisI kl chitihi , ^ [p^k k. w. roshan k. w. 

Clearer, s, brightener, purifier, enlightener— paris/ifcrirafc, nirmalkdri, ujjtoalkdri—sM k, w. 
Clear'Jy, ad, plainly, evidently, brightly— spas/if a ritpe, ms/i&ars^a, prafcasA vdpetujjalr'dpe^ 

sif, zdhir, sarihan, chamak se . \ [shafFifi, safif, ujldi 

Clear* ness, s. transparency; distinctness ; fjiimess ; brightness — swachchhatdj spashtatd, shobhd^ 
Clear'siglited, a. quick to discern, judicious— tifc/iywfl buddhi, Stt6i6ec/ta^— teznazar, durandesh 
Clear'starch, va, to stiffen with starch— fca|)flrc mar rfeon— kalapk. [liptd rahna ; chlrni 

Cleave, v, to adhere,, to stick ; to split, divide— c/iap/iya lagan ; cherarif p/ia<an— lagi rahnA, 
Cle'aver, s, a butcher's instrument to cut animals into joiuts — mdngsakdtd fc^ritari— kasdi ki kul- 

hdp, bughda [m6siqi kd wuh nishdn ki jis se s(ir mdlum howe 

Clef, s. [klif] a character to show the tone or key in music— ^t( shdstre chinka bishesh-^ilm-i 
Cleft, s. a crack, a crevice ; pa, pass, parted, divided asunder— p/wifc, p^a/a, bidirna ; dui khanda 

fcr.— darfir, darz ; dotukre k. g. , . ^ • , , , . , * 

Clem'ency, «. mercy ; mildness o. temper ; kmdness— aftin^srf ; dflyo— rahm ; rauldimat ; shafqit 
Clement, a, mild, kind, meiciful-^mridu, kkyamdbdn, dayd/u— rahim, rahmdil 
Clench, va, to hold in the shut hand j to fastep a nail by bendmg down the end of 'li—mushtite 

dharan, miithd kanyddharn, mulhd bd^dhani preker dgd muron— mu{h^hi men paka^nd; 

kil kd muah mofnd .uiit^/i * ri._* 

Clepe, ya, to call, to name— rfdfcan, nam fc.— buldnd, nam 1. [gha|l 

Clepsy'dra, s, an instrument to measure time by the runnmg of water— jaZa^Aa/ifcrf—pdni ki 
' Cler'gy, s, the body of ministers of the gospel^Khrishtadharmopadeshakf prfdW— pddri log. 
Cler'gyman, s, a person in holy orders, a mimster—dharmopadeshak, purofeit- pddri 
Clerical, a, relating to the clergy j a man in ovders^dharmopadeshak sambandhiya ; prfd/i— 

pddrioiikd mutaalliq; pddr( . , , , . . 

Clerk, s. \klark\ a clergyman; a scholar; a writer; the person who reads the responses. m the 
' church to direct therest— d/iarmopadMfcok ; bidydn ; lekhak ; grijdte pdthak 6is^sfc— pddri; 

&lim ; muharrir; wuh shakhs ki jo girje men jara^at ke age pafhtd jdtd hai 
•Clerkship, s. scholarship; the business of a clerk-'gunavandf pdthakatwa ;lekhaker bd dharm- 

opadeskaker poci— fazilat , muharrir yd peshnamdz kd kdm . [mustaidd, znfandn, hoshyir 
Clev'er, a, dexterous, ready— cAdirffe, nipun, pdrag, prastuta, satarka, gunaftdn— chditt, 
.Clev'erness, 5. skill, dexterity— cfcaturatd,pdraffatd, waipunnya- chdlaki, hoshydri 
Clew, s, a ball of thread ; a guide, because men -direct themselves by a clue of thread m a 

labyrinth; the lower corner of a sail— stifr^ gutikdbdluti; patha dekhdna; pdlir nichastha 

fcond-^utkipechak; rahnumfii, kydnki pechddr rdh se sut ki pechak ke wasile segusar 

kSirtehain;bddbdnke niche kdkond ^, ' , ... ^ . u^ju.c i ,a 

Clew va. to raise up a sail to the yard— naufc/ir pdl gutdna ba jardna— bddban lapetna 
Click' vn, to make a small sharp successive noise- c/iia chin shabdakaran—khzx khaik. 
Click'et s. the knocker of a door— dwdrc ghdmdi aner hdturi feiiftesA— dastak dene ki hathauri 
CK'ent,*s.' the employer of a lawyer--tt&ii rf/id»afc-muwakkil, munib * 

Cliff or Chft, s. a steep broken rock, a precipice ; a character in viuBic—bhngn, drurt ; giuhdstn 

cAinfea 6ishes/i—tfitepahfirkdpahld;ilm-i-mfisiqikdeknishdn , . , _ . 

CUmaCter, s. a progression of years, supposed to end m a critical and dangerous penod— j« 

ka^ek batsa*e shdririk bailakhyanya bd bhdbdntar'hay.sei «ci— badaydm, nuhdsat kd dm 
CHmacter'ic, «. a critical period of life— s&dririfc bhdbdntar kdrak bd suchak fedl— zmdagi kd 

kbatarndk aydm ' ^ . , , .^ . j-.- * .i. 

Cli'mate, Clime, s. a region or tract of land, differing from another by the condition of the 

nit—deshabhed, jalabdtdser itara bisheth hay je stkdne bd d$she) d«&— kisi mulk ki db-o-hawd 

ki kaifiyat, iqlim 

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OLI ( 85. } CLO 

Cti'maz, t, gradatioD ; ascent ; a figure ud rhetoric by which the seDtence rises j^raduallr-^ 

Icranuuk ; ehardu ; uttarottar bdkyatn-iddhi ^-ddirii, badarja^; charh&o ; ilm-i-fa6'&hatk& ek q^ida 

ki jts se- batadrij jumla k&roil ho j^t& hai, jaise ki "main -sunti bdai dekhti huQ, balki 

samajhti huu'. 

Climb, va. to ascend any place— 4roAan k. charan — cha^hnd, bilangnft 

Cli'mber, «. one. that mounts or scales any place or thing ; a creeping plant — ckardk, udga- 

mankurtd ; latd, latiki — charhne w. beU 
Clinch, va, to gripe ; to fasten a nail by bending in the end of It ; to confirm, to fix— 
muthdte dkaran, muihd fki^dhan ; preker dgd muran ; drirha k. — muththf men * pakafn^ ; kf 1 
k& muah mofni ; mazbut k. 
Clinch, 4. a word used in a double meaning; that part of tfie cable which is fastened to the 
ring of the anchor— cZui artha hay je sabde ; nangarer sahit dardr je gero deayd thdke — 
domdai kd lafz; rassi kd wuh tuk^d ki jolangar ke halqe men bdnd'hd jdtd hai 
.CUneh'^er, s. a bold fast, a cramp — bandhani^ patar, dkarshani—\o\ie kd qabza [pechfda h. 
Cling, vn. to hang upon by twining round ; to adhere~a>|fcariy4 tdgan, jariyd Idgan — ^lipatqd, 
Clin'ic, «. a person confined in he^i—shajyigata rov]— sdhib-i^hrdsh 
Clinical, a. relating to a bed— sada shajydgata, ati2)}'rita— bistar kd mutaalliq . 
Clink, va. to make a sharp interrupted sound, to jingle — tanlan jhanjhau ityddi shabda k,— 

Cliok'er, «. a paving brici: ; bad cinders— jAama ; ap krishta aw^rar— jharad ; khardb koeld 
Clin'j^uant, a. shining with embroidery and spangles— mitA^a shohhd feart— beasl zinat r. w.- 
Clip , va. to cut off as with scissors, to curtail— ch^a/Sn, kartaut kharba k, nyun k, — katarnd, 

tardshnd, ghatdnd 
Clip' per, «. one who clips, or diminishes by cutting — kartanakariyd, nyHn kdrak — tardshne w. 
Clip'ping, s. the part cut or clipHP^d off—ehhdtf khawla — kataran, chlida( 
Cloak, va. to hide ; to cover with a cloak ; to conceal— dostrete dhdkan, guptaUaran, chhdpdna 

— labdde se dhdmpnd ; chipdnd 
Cloak, 5. the outer garment ; a cover, a blind— &uHt, uttariya, angardkhd bisheih>, chhal, 

cA/iuta— farghul, labdda ; parda, bahdna 
Clock, s. a time piece ; a beetle ; ornament of a stocking— 6ara gitari, ghaiikd jantra ; gobaH- 

pokd ; mojdr jj/iu/— ghari, sdat ; gubrild ; tooze ka phfil ' ' [kdl 

Clock' work, s. machinery or movement of a clock — gharir kal, gharir krama$hah ;at<— gha^i kd 
Clod, s. a lump of earth ; dull, ^ross stupid fellow — mriipinda, hshtra ; mtirkha—dheU, dhimd, 

kdlukh ; ahmaq, ndddn, * * 

Clod'pate, Clod'pole, s. a stupid, ignorant, low fellow— 6oka, sthiilabuddhi—9}\miq, ndddn, 

Clog, 5. a load ; an obstruction ; a kind of thick or wooden shoe— bojkd ; bydghdt, bddhd , 

kAaram— bojh ; rok, a(kdo, harj ; kharduw ^ 

Clog", V. to encumber, obstruct — dtak k. roihan — atkdnd, rokod 
Clois'ler, <.a placeof religious retirement, a nunnery 6r monastery; a p\9iTxdi^dAarmashdld 

bishesh, uddsinader dshrayi math^ ekatribliuta bairdgi bd bairdginidLsr birala bdsasthdn i dbrita 

tthdn — dbidoake rahnekijagah; chhatddrrasta, chbatta . ' 

Clois'ter, va, to shut up in a religious bouse, to confine — dharmashdldy rdkhan bd baddka k, — 

dbidoii ke ghar men band k. qaid k. 
dose, V. to shut, to lay together ; to conclude — baddha bd ruddhaj^, juriyd d.ynudita k, thesh 
, 6« iamapta fc.— band k. paiwand k.khalmk. 
Close, s. any thing shut ; a small inclosed field ; the time of shutting up ," a grapple in wrestling; 

pause; a conclusion — baddha bdmudrita drabya; gheritakhyetra, berdbaddha hhiin^ikhanda ; 

baH<la karibdr samay i kusti karan ; birdm ; samdpti—'koi bandhi hui chlz ; ihdta kiyd hud 

kbet; band karne kd waqt ; pahaiwdnou ki awekht ; ek waqf ; khatm 
dose, a. shut fast; confined; compact; near to; reserved ; covetous; clondj— baddha tmitdrita f 

biralf gherita, dtkdna ; nirel ; nikatharti ; bhitarabudhe ; byayakunlhita ; ghor — band, 

mundd; malisur; thos; paiwasta; muhtdt, bakhil ; habsi 
Clo'sebodied, a. [. . .] sitting close to the body — ange thik Idgeje bastra, kasha kdpar — badan 

se mild h(id, chust 
Clo'sely, ad. in d close state pr manner ; attentively ; secretly — dntdriipe, kdchhdkdchhi, 

drirhamate; tnanojog purbak ; guptarupe — band taxah se ; tawajjuh se ; poshldagi se 
Clo'seness, s. the state of being shut ; compactness ; nearness; privacy — dnidbastlid; apra$hastatd, 

sanibimaM ; «an^(agtiata ; ntrjanata— bastagf ; paiwastagi ; poshidagi 
Clos'et, I. a private apartment — guptdgdr, nibhrita /cujAari— khal watkhdna 
Clos'et, va. to shut up in privacy ; to take into a closet for a secret interview— «irjo»i« baddha 

k» gopane'sakhydtdrthe antarakutharite Zaiy4 jdon— poshidagi men band k. kbufiya muldqdt 

fce liye khalwatkhdne mea le jand 
Closure, s. a closing, inclosure — fheran, beshlankard, beritfi stWn— ihdta, gher 
Clot", vn. to concrete ; to form into a lump— 6awn, ghana h. pindibhiUa ^.— jarond ; tbakkd 

Clot, s. a concretion, a lump — gdrha, pinqfa— dnthf, thakkd 
Cloth, s. any thing worn for dbreas or covering whether of animal or vegetable substance ; a ' 

covering for a table — battrOf ' kdpar ; mejer chddar — kapr&, pdrcha ; dastarkhdn 
Clothe, va, to invest with garments, totlrefi»--6as<ra paridltdn kardna, pariehhad diyd shobkita 

fc. beihbh'iukan fc.— kapfi pahndnd 
Clo'thier, <. a maker of clbth— ftA|Nirtyd, tduti, battra bune je— juldhd, koli 

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' L \ ( 86 ) c o ▲ 

Clothiofj Cloaths, Clothes, s. jrannents, dress— 6af era, pariiheya, pariehhad-^ktipt^, posh&k, 

Hb&s •• 

Cloud, i, a dark collection of vapors in the air; any state of obscurity ; any thing that spreads 

w\de^megh,jaladhar, bddal ; jhont arCdAakdratwa ; samUhatd^^hT, l^&dal ; tirikf, ahdher&; 
. kasrat v 

Cloud, va, to darken with clouds, to obscure— me^Mc/ic/i/umna k. andhakdr fc.— abr se t&rik k, 

andliera k. ' ' ' . 

Cloud^capt, pa, topped vrith dondi^meghdshrita, meghdhrita^zhr se chonti kf taraf chhip& hdii 
Cloud^less, a. free from clouds, clear — meghshunjfat pbara«/i— beabr, s&f. khuU hd& 
Cloud'y* a. full of clouds; obscure; gloomy .of look— /n«^/id/a ; andkakdr ; fW-rghanghor, 

gher^ hua ; andheri ; siy^hrii [lahsan ki putM 

Clove, 5. an aromatic spice; a division of garlick — laban^a i raiuner lros%— laung, qarnaful; 
Clo'ven, pa, cleft, divided, separated — cherd, bidima, phdtd, 6t6/imna— shig&fta, cniri b6&, 

khuridftr [tarfil 

Clo'ver, «. a species of grass, called- trefoil or three leaved— tripatrafc ghds 6ts/i«&— tipatiy4. gUii, 
Clo'vered, r. .] covered with clover— ai g-Aasaftnta— tipatiyd gh&s se cfibip^ hu4 
Clough, s. iklow] a cliff in a hill^^par^ter kakar bd phdit — pah4f k& \(ii& hu4 pahlu 
Clout, s, a clotji for any mean use ; patch; plate of iron— »e/cara; tali ; patar— latt&,safi ; paiwand, 

jof; lohe k&pattar 
Clou'ted, pa. congealed, coagulated— f^nt5'i?<ta,'6a<a, ^ar/ia— jam^ hiid, thakkd ha& 
Clown, -5. a rustic, a rude uupolished person — chdikd, gonydr, tniirha io/c^'gauwar, hetamfz, 

nitarishida 4dmi • . ( [aogarh 

Clownish, a. rude, rustic, clumsy, ill-bred— aiuft/ij^, gduiy'dt ashishtatapatu^Q^\iw^^, hata-mh. 

Cloy, va. to satiate, to glut— parttr/pt/i k, aparimitadhdrk. — ser k. ciihak&na [nahju hosakta bai 

'Cloy'less, a. that which cannot surfeit, or glut — atripti/cari,p<irii»ito— wuh chiz ki jisse admi ser 

^Cloy'ment, s. satiety, repletion beyond appetite — kkyunnibritti, tripti, lobl^dtirikta bAojctn^ 

serl, chhak&wat . . 

Club, «. a heavy stick ; an association of people for any object— /^e/ig-tl, geutd i kona kamdrtht 

swabka-f 3on\A; raajlis ki jo kisi k^tn ke wiste hui karti hai [hissarasad d.' 

Club'', vn, to contribute to a common expense in settled proportions — chdudd diyd byay k.^^ 
Club'law, s. regulation by force — prabalalfartrik niyam — ^zabard^ti ki hukiimat fkamri 

Club' room, 5. a room in which a club or company Taeeis-^bailhfikgjiar, sabhdsthdn — mujlis kft 
Cluck, V. to make a noise, as a hen calling her chickens^/cu/e/ctf/i dkwani k, murgir swar* 

^a^an— !iutku( k. raurghi ki tarah kutkuu<n& * 

Clumps, s. a stupid fellow — bokd^ ithulabuddif mur^— ahmaq, mnrakh 
Clurosi'ness, 5. heavine'^s of motion, awkwardness — dndripand, mandagati, apatutioa — bad- 

wazaf, bedhangsipan » ' ^ 

Clum'sy, a. awkward, unhandy, heavy — dndfi,apalu, oit/i^^tpra— besaliqa, betamiz, be(}hang& 
Clung, prct. and p. of to cling, hold-fast upon— a. wmied—saagLagna^a, shuska, krUha^kiifhi^ 

— "Chipt^y^ hu&«— a. murjhayi hu& 
Clus'ter,<. a bunch, a number of things of the same kind growing or joined together — kdadi, 

jhdVf thobd,guchchhd,samuha — khosha, ghuncha, guctichha, ghaur,iam&o, ghol 
Clutch, s, a gxfpe, grasp, seizure-r'^Zi^'^r^^ ^^^^^> hastai^ata karaa — girl ft, pakar, qabs 
Clutch, va, to hold in the hand, to gripe, to grasp— /idte dharan, dakariyd d^aran-^mii^bthi 

men pakaini, qabze mea len&, gahn& . [hangdnu 

Clut'ter, s, a noise, a bustle, a tumult— d/ium<2/tam, golmdl, cheachdcheachi — sbor, gbul, 
Clys'ter, «. an injection for cleansing the lower bowels — bishesh nal dwdrdgujhya diyd bh$d9k 

fiushadhprakhjieptpickkdri karma — huqna • *[k. 

Coa'cervate, va, to heap up together; to ^dd—rdshibhiita k. sanchay k, — ambdr k, dher k. jama 
Coach, $,\ four wheeled carriage fpr pleasure or state— c^^ri chakrer g^drtdu/te^A^chlrpahiye 
^WgM \ . £►• 

Coa'ct, vn, to act together or in concert — ekatra haiyd karma k, bd chdldna — ^muttafiq hokekua 
Coac'tion, «. compulsion, force — aryacAar, 6a2^tfc'ir-— zor, zabardasti « ' "^ 

Coact'ive, a. having the power of compulsion ; acting in concurrence — prabal, twfchchhdm^t 

damankdri; aikya haiyd karma fcareje- zabardast; milke kam k. w. 
CoiEidju'tant, J. helping; co-operating — paraspar aaukul bd sa&ay i—madadg&r, hfimf. 
Coadju'tor, i, a fellow-helper ; an associate ; one engaged in the assistance of another --saMy» 

Hpakdtaik,sahakdri^maidsidgkr, muin, himi - [chiptdoft 

Coagme'nt, va. to congregate; to cement— ras/ii fc. sanjf^jrna ^.junyti c7.— dher k.jaraa k. 
Coagulate, va. to force into concretion$-?-t;n. to run into concretions— 6asiiui, gdjrha /c.— ingu 

basan, gdrha &.— jara&na, munjamid k.— vn. jamn&, muojamid h. 
Coagula'tion, <• the act of curdling— 6a«an;, ghana bd gUrli/i haoyd — jam&wat, injlhidd 
Coal, s. the common fossil fuel ; charcoal— pat^urc kayald ; kayaid,vord /cas&/Aa— pathihar 

kd koel& ; koeU fpaththar'ke koele ki kin 

Coal'ery, s. a mine from whence coals are obtained— pi^Tiure kayaldr dkar, tadutjMtti sthdn-^ 
^Coalesce, vn. to unite in masses by a spontaneous approximation to each other— M/i^io^na h, 

sangjukta h.-miliyd jdon — milni, paiwasta b. 
CoaWcence, t. the act of uniting, union— songjo^Ti Mii— mel, paiwaafagi . 

Coali'tion, s. union of persons, confederacy — aikjf tmat, ekbdkyatd^ttxdq, md [minind 

Co'aly, a. containing coal, like codA^hayald paripurna, kayaZrfr mata-^koelil&mez, koele ki 
Coapta'tion, s. the adjustment of parts to each other— ^oAu angshatkatra k. bd iiu/ana<-^hizoa ' 

ko mulifiq k. 

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CO A ( 87 X • COD ' 

Coa'ret, «a. to straighten, coafiiM, press — •thdntralyitdp bddhitak»mtkdna, eJuipan^t^nglt. 

band k. dab&na [tar&sbida, durosht, kajakhl^q 

Coarse, a. gross, rude, rough, iDelegant^moM, adham^ 4n4rit Atabhya, anuttam^moii,^ ni- 
Coarse'ness, s. grossness, rudeness* roagbness— mo^iit, sthiiatd, tddharan, atabhyatd'^mo\i,i, 

mot&pan, kajkbulq(, dumsbtS 
Coast, s. margin or border of land next tbe sea^samudra tir bd c^ft^r^samnndar k4 kinira, sfthil 
Coast, vn. to sail close by tbe sbore — kindrd diyd naidid bdhan, MUekHU bdhiydjdon — kisbti ko 

kin&re kin&re lej&D& 
Co'asting, s. sailing near l^nd^-dhdre dhdre naukd chald^liishti k^ kin&re kin&re jini 
Coat, s, the upper garment ; a covering — kurti, purusher angardkkd, gdtrdbaran ; chAdl, ekhol 

— korti ; ghilif f oA ; dam d. 

Coax, va, to flatter ; to humour > entice-^-f^tuMna ; bhulina ; lobh d«VMna<- phusUnd ; buhU«> 
Co'balt, s. a mineral of a reddish eray color, used for giving a blue color to glass, enaniel, 

procelain, &c. — kdnchddir nil ■ barna kdrak dhdtu 6u/i«5A~ek dkdt ki qism ki jis se 

sli^she w. g. par rang karte baij) fl^'^l^i^^ 

Cob'ble, va, to mend coarsely, or clumsily — idli Idgdna^ kdnchd kdrmak, mtrdmit k. — gftnthnA, 
Cob' bier, s. ^ mender of shoes ; a bungler— miif At, purdtan ch'armapddukdr tdli deoniyd ; dndri 

— cbam4r,jfit4 t^okne w. besaliqashakhs ' [quisio 

Cob'cal, s. a ladies' sandal worn in the E^si-^striloker pddukd bishesh—ZAndni kba|:6uw ki ek 
Cob'ifoo, s. an iron with a head or knoh^-mandaidkriti mdtkd biihitkla iauhar daN^a— lohe ke 

6se kf ek qism 
Cob 'swan, «. the head or leading swan — pradhdn bd agragdmi kangta r<^'— wub r&jbans ki jo 

'sab se Age urtA jfttd bai 
Coh'web, •. a spider's yreb—nidkarsdr jdl — makri kd j AI& [«sA— qirmiz, kirmddoa 

Cochine'al, s. an insect used in dyeing scarlet— ^imiJan^, uttam vaktimdharnotvddak kit bith- 
Cock, va, to set upright ; to cock a gun ; to raise hay in' small hezfis^ khdrd fc. banduh^r kal 

fdnan; ghdterdhibik.^sidhi^kh^^k, banddq kd gho^A chafhAnA; ka(i h6igbAsk{ dheri 

Cock, s. the male to the hen ; tbe male of any small birds ; a spoyt to let out water at will ; the 

Etfrt of the lock of a gun that strilces with the flint ; a leader ; a small heap of hdiy^kukurd, 
ukkut ; je kona pung pakhyi ; jal nirgata haibdr nal ; landuker ghcfd kai ; pradhdn ; ghdter 

dAt6i— murgh ; chifiyoukA nar; pAnf nikAlue ki (ooti ; bandnq kA ghofA ; peshwAj kati hdl 

gh&skidberi • ^ . 

Cockade, '<. a nbboo, or knot of ribbon, worn in the bat to distinguish followers — tupir phitdr 

pkul bishesh—fite kA tukrA yA phnl ki jis ko pahchAnne ke wAste topi roea lagAte haiu L^^ ^^^ 
Cock^ahoop, ad, in high mirth and jolity, exaltia^— at ydlhddebd sdnande phulita — kfiushf se pbd- 
Cock'atrice, $, a serpent fancifully supposed to i;tse from a cock*^ egg— sat-pa bishesh, tdhd murgir 

dimba maddha haitt nirgata hai, «i rUp bydkta dchke^ek skmp kS qism ki jis ko farz kaite haiQ 

ki murgh ke andesenikalta.hat . [niAmat se pAlnA 

Cock'er, va, to foodie, indulge, pamper — koldkoli k. poshan toshan, tohdg fc.— pi^Ar k. nAa o 
Cocker, s, one who handles or fights cocka—kukkut krird kdrak, kukkut (ar/i^— murgh bAz 
Cock'erel, s, a young cock— ju6<i kukkut, kukkut s^a6a^— murg kk patthA, chAzA | [chit\hf, rawAna 
Cock'et, s. a ticket or pass from tli« custom house'-iMZrmi/sr ehhdrchili — parmif ki nikAsi ki 
Cock'horse. a, on horseback, triumphant, exulting— asAicaro/ii, jayi, anandita — sawAr, faiabyAb, 

Cock'ing, Cock'fight, s. a flght of cocks— kuUuf lardi bd jucfd^a— murgh ki laf Ai 
Coc'kle, s, a genus.of shell fish— jAinwk, sAamti/e— g'honghA 
Coc^'kle, va, to contract into wrinkles like the cockle-shell— sMmtSk^r nydy mukh mundan, 

sankoch fc.— ghonghe ki tarah pecbdAr h. j. - • 

Coe'fclestairs,s. winding or spiral stairs— pafesturi — pechdAr sirhi 
Cockloft, s. a room over the garret, in which fowls are supposed to roost — griher sarboparistha 

kuthari, cAi/e^Aar—baweli ke dpar ka darja ki jis men murgh w. g* baseiA karte haiu 
Cock'raatch, s. a cock-fight ior a prize— ku^u/ juddAcr karuajnbandhiya /cA«£a— murgbuu ki 

sbart badi hiii laiAi 
Coek'ney, $, a contemptuous name for a native of London ; an efiiminate ignorant citisen— 

Laudan nagariya laker ghrindrtha ndm ; ffhitu o mUrkhd nagar frn'st— LlandanwAlou kA khiffat 

ki nAm ; koi bodA jAhil shahri 
Cockpit, $. a place where cocks fight ; a place on the lower deck of a man of ^zr^kukkut jud' 

dhi bd kheldntkin ; juddha jdhdjer stfidn bisheth—pkli, yAne murghou ki la^ne ki jagah ; 

jangi jahAz ke niche ke daije ki ek jagah 
Co'ckVcomb, s. the comb of acock; a plant— kukktefer sAikA^, tadbat phuttr brikhya bishteh 

— murgh kA kes, lAj ; phdl kA nAm, yAne tAj-i-khuros 
Cock 'sure, a. quite sure, very confident, (a word of contempt)— ntAsandijrdA^, nxhsandeha ; tueh- 

chAdrthuk s/iaMa— yaqin k. w. (yih lafa khayAl-i-khAm k. w. ke khafif karne ke wAsie 

bolta bain) [darakht 

Co'coa, 8, [k<hko] a species of palm-tree pteducing a large n^t—nfirikel 6rikhya— nAriyal, kA 
Coc'tioo, $, tbe act of boiling ; digestion— pak kard, siddha kamn, annapdk ; jtmui— josh, u6A1; 

bazm, pachAo [kAosa— samundar ki machhli ki ek qism ; phali 

Cod, a. a sea fish; any case or busk in which seeds are lodged— samudnya mitiya bitheth ; 
Code, s. a collection of laws— 6yaAiistk4 Monghitd, rdjniti$ltd$tra san^rska— ainoQ kA majmiia 
Coi'ieil, s. a supptement to a miX^—ddnpatrer kror patra,mumurthu patre «pa/ikkan— wasiyat- 

nAae kA utiinma 

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COD * ' ( 8^ ^ C OH ' 

Codi'ile, s. [.dti] a term in playing at ombre when the game is won-^dskheldr tangyd bitketh-^ 

Msbizi ki ek istiUh 
Cod'le, Cod'dle, va. /to parboil, to soften by the hes^t of water — ardk% siddha k. tnandapik k. — 

nfmjosh k. adhpaki k. 
Cod'liog, s. a young cod ; a species of apple— &t«h€s/i maUyer chhd ; bishesk teb phal^^kad 

machhli k^bachcha > seb ki ekqisro 
Coefficacy, Coeffi'ciency, s. the power of several things aeting together to produce an effect— 

ekatribhuta bastuder shakti-^ek s&th asar k. w. chlzoQ ka zor 
Coemp'tion, s. the act of buying up the whole quantity of anything— i;ona drabyer samuday 

krny fcaran— kisl jins ko sab kharid kar 1. [martaba, mus&wf 

• Coe'qual, a. being of the same rank or dignity—sanwtu/jt/A, eh pardkram bd marjyddd — bam- 

Coe rce, va, to restrain, to keep in order by force— <2aman, nibdran k. jabda k.—zer k. zabt 

meo 16ud [ki rii se zabt, rok, jabr 

Coer'cion, s» penal restraint; checic, compulsion— tfan^a^iw^rrf jabda bd dtak, baldtkdr — siyasat 
Coercive, a. serving to restrain — bddhaic, pratirodhalc — rokne w. zer k. w. 
Coessen'tial, a. participating of the same essence — samabastUf 5ama6^6— hamjins , . 

Coeta'neous, a. of the same age with another — samabayaska, ek /ca/er— hamjoli, hamumr 
% Coeter'nal, a. equally eternal with another— ^sojnanifi/a, nityakdldbadhi swa swa tuLya — ham- 
d^imi, haroabadi 
Coe'val, s. a contemxK)rary, of the same age — ek samayer, samabayaska — hamwaqt, hamasr 
Coe'val, Coe'vous, a. beingof the same a?e— sama6aya«j, samakdlaja — hamjoU. hamumr, bamsbn 
Coexi'st, vn. to exist together — ek kdle jibita Jiaon — hamwaqt h. ek waqt men rahnd 
Coexist'ent, a. existing at the same time with another — samakilajibi, tfAfca^i no— hamwaqt h. w. 
' Coffee, 5. the berry of atree much used in the form of an infusion, as an agreeable beverage— 

phal bishesh, kdoyd, siddha ^rioi/dr jm^— qahwa, bun 
Coffee-house, $. a house of entertainment where coffee is sold and the guests are supplied with 

nevfSTpdipeTS—shiddhakdoydrdokdnebangsekhdne samdchdr patra pdthdrthe thdke — qahwa- 

kh^na ki jis men khabar kA. k&ghaz bhi pafha j&e ^ [k&sanddq 

Coffer, s. a chest for keeping money — khijdnd bd fdkdr sinduk, dkanddhdr — khaz&na rakhne 
Cofferer, s. a principal court officer— ro; karmddhyakhya ^'s/ies/i— logiist&n ke b&dsh4h ke dar- 

bdr )l& muazzaz uhdad&r 
Coffin, s. the box or chest in which dead bodies are put into the ground— »jar4r, sinduk, thabd- 

dhdr — wuhsandiiq ki jis mea murde ko rakhke dafan karte haiu, kafn 
Cog'', V. to flatter, or sooth by adufatory speeches; to cheat- pAus/a/ta, bhuldna ; pratdrana 

fc.— chapllsi k. charbzab^ni se r&zi k. far^b dt , 

Cog, s. the tooth of a wheel by which it acts upon another wheel — chakrddir dd^t bdfdki 

jdJidte anya ehakra g'/mr6— chakkar k& 4&nd&na ki jisse ddsre chakkar ko harakat hoti hai 
Co*gency,«. force, strength, power of compelling— pra6a/ata, pardkram, jor, shakti — lor, qd- 

wat, istiqrdr ' 

Co'gent, a. forcible, strong, adapted to convince-^a'pram'iK, prabal, sftndehablutnjak — qawf,, istiqriir ke Uiq 
Cogita'tion, s, thought, act of thin*{ing — dhydn, bibechani, 6/t^6ana— fikr, sonch, khay&l 
Cog'nate, a, born together, related— so^ajata, swajdtiya, swajan— hamjins, hamnisbat 
Cogna'tion, 5. kindred, relation-r-sampar^a, sampaikiyatwa, gydatitwa — qar&bat, rishtad&ri 
Cognise'e, s. he to whom a fine in lands or tenements is acknowledged — bhumyddi bUhaye. pra- 
' dkdndtwa swikdra gydupak pdritoshikgrdhi bd lay je arthdt uttama pakhya—wuh shakos ki 

jis ko zamln y^ makdn^t kd nazardna diyd jatd hai 
Cogniso'r, s. h^ that passeth or acknowledgeth a fine in lands or teneiyents to anotber-^p<{rMta 

pdritoshik ddyi'jearthii adhinatir pakhya—z^imln yd makdndt kd nazardna dene vn 
Cogni'tion, s. knowledge, complete conviction — gydn, nishchaygydwd^nlsi, khabar, tayaqqua 
Cognizable, a. falling under judicial notice— ^icAirjya, bichdraniya, dddlat karaner upajukta 

6i5/iay— ahal-i-addlat ke sunne ke laiq [bdzpurs 

Cog'nizance, s. judicial notice— 6)o&ar, bichdr karandrthe anusandhdn — bdzpursi, addlat ki 
Cogue, s. a small wooden vessel— kdsklher khyudra pitra bishesh'-ek chho(d lakp ka zarf 
Cohab'it', vn. to dwell together ; to live as man and wUe^sahabds k, stri purus/t' hdiyd tang' 

sarga k. sangamk, — ekja rahnd; mard aur aurat kd ham bistar rahna 
Cohab'itant, s, an inhabitant of the same plsice—ek sthdnabdsi, pdrdparashi—€)k}ik rahne w. 
Cohe'ir, i. l.are] a joint heir with another— Mwottam dhikdri^ saindn 6/id^t— hamwaris 
•Coheir'ess, «. a female who is joint heiress — ^samottara <i/iifeari«f— hamwdrisa 
. Cohe're, vn. to stick together— san^/ag-na h, sangjog A.— bdham lipat jdnd ^ 
Cohe'rence, Coherency, s. adhesion of bodies, connection— sanjr/agnat^, tangjog, samhandha^ 

b^ham paiwastagi, silsila, taalluq 
Coherent, a, sticking together, consistent— sang-jafcta,sangZajrna, sangata — chiptd h6d, chasp(da 
Cohe'sion, s. the^ act of sticking together, connection— jan^jo^, taugghMiand, sambandka — 

chaspidagi, taalluq ^ , [lasdai 

Coh^'sive, a. sucking, adhesive— mtZan^ari guna bishishta, sangjojak, cfc/imur— chipcbipi, 
Cohib'it, va, to restrain, hinder, hold in cmh—nishedh k. dfak k, bddhau -roknd, zabt k. 
Co'hobate, va, to pour the distilled liquor upon the remaining matter and distil it again— Jmnm 

drabyer drak bdhir kariyd . laiyd punarbar ai drak tdhdte mishdiyd drak bdhir le, ^^aUj/d 

pdk /c.-Hcisi chiz kd araq khiachkar phir usi chiz mea mildkar khiachnd 
Cohoba'tion,<. the .pouring the liquor distilled from iainy thing back upon the remaining naUer 

or upon fresh matter of the same kind and distilling it again—itcpna, drabyir drak bdhir kariyd 

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coH ( 89 ) * • CO I. 

ffi drabye IfimbAnfttankona drahye punarbdr tdhd miahdiyd drak bdhir ifr.--4i8f ki araq 

khfncbkar pkir usi chiz meji yi. nayi mea mil&kar arq nik&l 
Co hort, «. a troop of soldiers in the Roinao armies containing ab oat 500 foot-^prdehin Rumcr^ 

panchaskat sangkliyqk sainya dal — pur&ne R6m ke p4nch sau piyidoQ k& paltaa 
Coif, s. a lady's cap, a law Serjeant's cap — bibiydnd |«pi bishe$h, dddlater ptuiat^tehak t^pi 

bisheshr—<L^niitii topi, addlat ke ek uhdad&r ki topi x 

Coigne, s, a corner-^^<m Jkona, rekhd dwayer sandhi sthdn — ^kon&, gosha 
Coil, va. to gather or wind into a ring — chdkti k, tdl pdkdna — chakti k. 
Coil, 5. tumult, turmoil, bustle \ a rope wound into a ring— gan^ago^ cheochdehemDhi, dhum" 

dhdm; chdkti bd tdl kard dari— shor-o-ghul, dhdmd&m ; halqe ki tarah lape(i hfii lassi 
Coin, s. money stamped with a legal impression;— tnucfra, ianta— sikka 

Coin, va, to stamp roeials for money — mudrdnkant tankddi nirmdn k, tdkd k, — sikka k. zarb d. 
Coin'age, s, act of coining money ; money — mudrdnkana kriyd ; mudrd — sikkazani, sikkazarbi ; 
^ *?^K*j • * ■ [muiwfiq h. rout&biq h. 

Coibci de, vn. to fall upon the satne point, to agree, concur^e^/tttta h. uimmatah,milan^m\\nk, 
Coin'cidence, s. agreement, concurrence— ^xammati, aikamaty jog — ^rouw&faqat, mutibAqat, mel 
Coin'cident,a. falhng upon the same point, agreeing/consistent— safiuin<l&Atpr<iy, tamiMdb — 

muwfifiq, mutabiq, muttafiq • 

Coiner, s. a maker of money — mudtdnirmdn kartd—T\xp^\ ban&ne w^ 

Coi'tion, 5. copulation, the act of genciration, coming together-— jan^ram, maitkun—mxj^^miX^ 

mubdsharat^ b^ham &nd [liyi gayft hai 

Coke, s. fossil coal charred^por^i pdthure kavaM— wiih paththar k& koelA ki jo jaUkar bujb6 

Col'ander, $, a sieve for straining liquor-^orak chhdsJkibdr kal buh&h, cAdiani, jhdajkari-^Knq 

chh^nne kisdfi, chalni 
Cola'tion, Corature, s. the act of filtering or straining — chkduian, c^i2an— araq k4 chhan&o 
Colb%rti'ne, s. a kind of lace worn by women— atrt/ofcer byabahdrita goidbdphitd bishesh — fite 

kf qism ki jis ko auratea apne libds men lag&ti hain 
Cold, a. wanting warmth ; wanting passion or zeal ; not affectionate or friendly^anuiAna, him, 

thdnddi ihitdria ; dhir ; andsakta ; mukhchord — thandh&, sard ; sardmizij, sust ; beparw&, 

Cold. s. sensation produced by the loss of beat ; disease caused by cM-^hitattoa, him, shitabodh ; 

s&itaja ro^, fcapA, kojA—thanfl, sardi : zttk&m, nazla 
Cold'ish, a. rather cold ; rather indifferent<— Armc/iit- ihital ; kichhu apakhyapdti — thofA si 

tbandhi ; kuchh beparwA [— sardi se ; beparwii se 

Cold ly, ad. without heat ; without concern— us^nota byatireke, shitalatd riipe ; pakhypdtbiwi 
Cold'oesd, s. want of heat ; unconcern ; want of kindness— finiu/ma bhdb, himatd ; apakhyapdt ; 

nirdayatd — thandh&i, sardi ; beparw&i ; n&iltif&ti 
Co'lewort, 5. a species of cabbage— ^aMs/iaXc bUheih — kobi ki ek qism 
Coi'ic, «. a painful disorder of the bowels — pet^r bedand, bdyu^hUl^quYm}, bfiosdl 
ColIa'pSe, vn. to fall together, to close so as that one side touches the other — ekatra haiyd patan,' 

6a5{jfa jaon— pichak 3&n/i, bai|hj&ni - 
Col'lar, s. something worn round the neck — galdbandha, gcMr pdridheya bastra, pdfd, hdn^Ui-^^ 

gareb^n, pattft, guldband, tauq, haasli 
Col'lar, va, to put on a collar, to seize by the collar ^g'aZa&and^ pardn^ gold dharan, t^nfi 

dAaron— guliiband b&odhn&, gareb&n paka^ni 
Col'lar-day, s, a day on which the knights appear at court in the collars of their orders — rdja pada^ 

stha Ickerd $u>a swa pada suchakdbharan galdy pariyd rdjsabhdy prastut hay'je dibas,sei dibaser 

ndm—s&l kd ek roz ki jis men umari B&dsh&h ke darbar men apne apnedarjoa ke nisu&noQ gale 

mea pahanke b&zir bote haia [muqdbilak. mil&D&, jduchni ; dedSlni 

Colla'te, va. to compare, examine; bestow— mu/c'i6t^a k, khuntdiia, mildna, parikhydk, deon-^ 
Collat eral, a, side to side ; those that stand in equal relation to somecommon ancestor— saman 

samdn, pdshdpdshi, Idgdldgi ', gyd%ti tamparkiva — bV4barbar6bar, pahln b& pahlA ; hamjaddl 
Colla'tion, s. a repast ; gift ; comparison — Idnckitdhdr ; ddnapraddn ; mildnay aikya karan — nisht& ; 

bakhshish ; muw&jaha, rouq&bala [ddtd, ddnkartd — muqabiia k. w. bakhshish k. w. 

Colla'tor, who compares and examines ; a giver— muko^i/a kaHyd bd mildiyd dekheje ; 
CoHeagae, «. a partner in office— ek karmakdrit karmer angshi — k&m k^ sharik, hammansap 
CoUe'ct, va, to gather to gether; to infer— sanc/ia^ k, ekatribhuta k, konik nidarsAane anubhabk,^^ 

jama k. ekkatthd k..kisi dalil se mdldm k. 
Collect, 8. a short comprehensive prayer — sangkhyep prdrthand bishesh—ek mukhtasar dull 
Collection, s. the act of collecting ; the things collected — sanchaykard, samdhdr ; sangrahita 

ifra6yiM(— jama k. jama kf gay ichizea , 

Collect'ive, a, formed by gathering— sangrtAita, ekatra krito— jama kame sebani hud, jama k* ir; 
Collect'ively, ad. In a general mass— Mzka^e, samudaye^ek sdtb, sab milke 
CoUect'dr, s. a gatherer, a' compiler ^^ a tax gatherer— lan^rakakarak; r<ijkar ticiayaktfraX;— 

jamak.w. muallif; tahsil kd muhtamim,'kalektar . - ^ 

CoKlege, s, a society of men set apart for learning or religion, the house in which the collegians 

tende— bidyd bd dkarmdrthe ek jana tamCiha bd sabha, math, bidydlay, chaupdri— ke jamiyat 

ki ^o din yd ilm ki pairavi ke wdste muqarrar hai, madrasa 
Coll egian, «. a member of a college— iipdy^iayer c/t/iatta- madrase kd mutaalliq shakhs 
Colle'giate, a, belonging to a college— kidydlay sambnndhiya — ^madrase kd mataialliq 
Gol'let, «. something worn round the neck ; part of a rint in which the stone is o^-^galdr 

dbharan ; angwiyajferprtuthdrddhdr bd ^0/— guldband ', ang^tbi kd khdna 


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c ji ( 90 ) . c a M 

Coriier, «.^ a digger of coals ; a coal -merchant ; a coal, nhip-^dthure kavaldkhanan kartd ; 

kctyeUd bikretd; kayald bdhakjdhdj bishesh^^vtMYi shakhs ki jo kin se koeT& nik&lU hai; ko^Id 

farosh ; koeli dhooe ki jabiz . > 

CoIIiga'tion, s. act of binding together~-«^tre handhanakriya — ek ko~d6sre men bindhni 
Coriiquate, va. to melt, liquefy, dissolve — drab k. ^ci/aRa—gholni, galini, pigUni Tt^kkar 
Colli'sion, f. striking together, a clash — dtn bastuvparaspardghdt^pratighdt.pratirodh — dhakki, 
Col'locate, va. to place, to set in otder—sthdpita k. kramdgaia kariyd r^/cAan-^tartib se rakhni 
Colloca'tion, «. a placing together— fcrat^e shns^sthdpan kard — tartib 

Col'lop, s. a small slice of meat — mdngsa klianda bd <Mfcrrt— gosht ki pircha, botf ; muchcba 
Collo'quial, a. pertaining to common conversation—s^c^ararAar bd sdmdnya kathopakathan 

sambandhiya — rozroarre se mutaalliq [kalim 

Col'loquy, «. a conference, a dialogue— fcat/iopafc/xtA^n, kathabdrtd—^vihogii, bitchit,i^alama- 
CoUu'sioi^, s, a secret agreement to defraud — konapratdrandr karma karandrthe gupia pardmar- 

$ha — bandish, sizish _, • [gayi 

Colln'sive, a. fraudulently concerted — pratdrandbdprabanchandpurbakkrita-r^sAzxsh sekiy& 
Col'ly. »a. to grime with coal— fcoyaW mdkhdna — koele se siyih k. 
Coilyr'ium, an ointment for the eyes: — anjarif karjal^ suramd — inkboQ ki anjan\ surmi 
' ..Co'lon, s. the point (:) denoting a pause greater than that of a comma, and less ihati that of a 

period ; the large intestine— 6afrf/«r chhed suchak dwibindu (:) chinka bishe!;h ; brihat ndri— 

waqf; is nishin (:) ki ijim ki jis par bamma (,^ se ziyida aur piricd (.) se kara waqf kahte 

bain ; kulmi [ki sardir 

Colo'nel, s.[kur-nen the chief commander of ?i re^'iment—iainpadaler adhyakhya — paltiiin 
Col'onise, va. to settle with inhabitants — deshapattan k. naba deshe bdsati kardna-^hKs^n^y 

ibid k. nauabid k. 
Coloona'de, 5. a series of pillars on columns disposed .in a circle, a range of pillars— 

stambha shreni, tkdmer pftrt/eft-pcbihilsutiin, sutdn kl-qatir 
Corony,s. a company of persons who remove and settle in a distant country ;'the country. 

colonized — sadesh tydg kariyd de$hdntare basati kdri lok samuka ; naba bdsita desk — 

admloQ kiguroh ki jo apne mulk senaql karke d6sd jagahmcnmutawattin nowea; nauibddi 

Colophony, s» rosin, turpentine, pitch— rf^tfn<£, dMp-rrkX, cbemp, gandabiroza, qir 
Col'orate, a. coloured, dyed, tinged, stained — ^c/ittnta, rangdna^ ch/ioprna— rangin,rangi hfii, 

dighi, dighila ' 

• Colorific, a. able to produce tints or colour — rang dharmak, chhobakt bamotpati hay jdjidte— 

jo chiz rang dene ke liiq howe^rang paidd k. w. ' [bari m(irat 

Golos'sus, Colos'se, 5. a very large statue— 6rtAat puttalikdf prakdnda pratmtf'rti^babut 
Col' our, s. the appearance of bpdies to the eye ; nu6, dye ; the freshness of the fair ; ap- 
pearance ; pretence— 6arna ; rang i shukla mukher raktimd barna dbhd ; abayab ; chhai— 

rang ; r6p ; sufed rukhsire ki surkhi ; surat ; bahina 
CoVour, a. todye : to iinge ; to blush; to cloak, to palliate ; to make plausible— ran^ fe. 

chhopdna ; Ujja pdon ; dhdkah ; kamatd Ac.— rangini ; rang charhini ; raogin k. i-ang d. 

lijini ; sarmini; chhipini^ 
CoVourable, a. plausible, specious— 5u<2risA^a, chhalajukta, kalpita, sambhabaniya-'^raid&r, 

zihir nnmi 
Col'ouring, 5. the act of dyeing, or colouring with propriety and beauty — rang k, rangdna, rang 

piirav — rangiwat, rangii / 

Corourist, «. one who excels in giving the proper colours to his designs— pattejfa, uttam Hipe 

chitra bd rang kareje — jo rang bharne men ustid ho, jo shakhs rangne ke kimmen kiipil ho 
Colours, «. a banner, flag, ensign— patrifca, nishdn, dAwo/a— nishin, alam, jhandi 
Colt, s. a young horse ', a young foolish feWow-^ ghotaka batsa, ghordr bdchchd ; chkepld, 

e^^— bachheri, ghorekibacheha ; chhichhofi 
Corumbary, s, a dove-cOt, pigeon house — kopotdgdr, kajpoter bdsd bd /c/u>p— kibuk, kabtitar 

ki ghosi , ' 

Col'umn, jwa round pillar; a round body pressing vertically upon its base ; a row of troot>s 

or of baggage of an arm'y in its march ;^ a long row of short lines in abook— 5tamb7ia, thdm ; 

foinyer bd tadrabua sdmqgrir sdri ; paukti — 8utnn,pllpiya,thihib; sipihion yi unke asbib 

ki qatir ; safha ki ek ziia fsdrat 

Colum'nar, a, formed in columns^stamhUdkriti, thdmabat — satiini, sutdnshakal, pilpiye ki 
Co'mate, j. a companion, an associate-^srSt^t, sanjft,.mitra, 6aii<i&u—rafiq, dost, yir,asbni, 

sithi • ^ 

Comb, s. an instrument to separate, adjust, and clean hair, wool, &c. ; crest of a cock ; the 

cavities in which bees lodge their honey --Jcdngui, chiruni ; kuldtuter phuikd ; madhurchdk*- 

kanghi, shina ; kes, tij ) makkl^on ki shabad khina 
Comb, va. to dress, separate and clean with a comb-^iK^aran, pev(jan, chirunir dwdra 

pariihkdr fc.— 4canghi k. b41 jhi^ni, kanghi se safi k." 
Com^bat, «. a battle, fight, dMeX—juddhai lardi, maZ/ajuddAa- larii, jang, khinajangi 
Com'bat, v. to fight, to oppose, to Teaisi—juiddha k: pratirodh k, — la^rni, larii k. raukhilafat 

k. rokni [la^iki) paMwin, jangiwar 

Com'batant, 5. one who fights, an antagonist in arms; champion — lardk, joddhd—Utfne w. 
Com'binate, a. betrothed, promised, aeitled'-'bdgdatta, angikdritai niyanuta — ^mangetar, 

muqarrar, bandobast k. g. 
Combina'tion, s, union, association— langjog-, mel, sang8arga-^iiti{6.q, mel> melip,8ijh6, sangai 

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cow . ( 91 ) COM 

Comli'ac, v. to unite, agree, link ; to join words or ideas together«-m«/an, pardmarsa,k^sang}Qg 

k. — melnd» mushwarat k. g&a(hn&, paiwasta.ft.iJQrn& 
Combi'ned^pa. (.>) joined or united together — mUUa, sangjukta, tf&paramarsM-r-paiwasia, 

me}dh(i^, ^mektita, muttafiq 
Combus'tible, a. that which easily takes ^re—andydshejwalaniya bastu, pitribdr jogya, foliaje 

(/a/Mifr«»/a— dtasbgir, jaianh^r, b&r6tsi, jo chiz &s&ni se ja,* u|he ^ , 

Corabus'tion, s. cooflagratipn, buraing; iMm\ihtConi}iai<m—agniddh^,jwal»n; gan^agolf golnuU 

— jaian, spzish, sokhtagf ; hang&ma, hapbari 
Come, vn. p. came, pp. come ; to move towards, advance nearer, to proceed ', to happen-*- 

diskaTit dgaman; niJca'&artt A. ^Aa<an-r-&n/i, djini ; gtttarn&, w&ridd b. , 

Come'dian, s. an actor of comic parts, a stage-player— sangfearaniyd, bheki, bhdbiiki, nd{ak 

— sawdngf, naqqdl, naqlb&z, bhAnd «^ [pekhni, naql 

Com'^y, s. a humorous dramatic piece— «anf, abhinay, hap, ndiakdrtha iatttufc— sawing, 
Come'Iiness, s, grace, beauty ; dignity— s/m)6/i4, saurupya, saundarjya, jbesh bhHshanddi i 

marj^ac^a— khdbsdratf, saj&wat, dr^tagi; shin [jamfl, sundar, khu8biHiD& 

Come'ly, a, handsome, graceful, decent — sundar, manohctr, kdntd, sushri — khiibs6rat, ha«{n, 
Coine'ly^acf. handsomely, gracefully — sundarupetUttamrvqte^sobhyatdpiirbah^kktbi Se> dbsy se 
Coin'^et, s. stars that emit a train of light, and move in long and eccentric ellipses roand 

the sun— if/^a, dhumketu, jwalanta nakhyatra 6ts^0s^— dumddr sitara, jb<if6. chhair tari, 
Com' At, $, a dry sweet-meat — shushka mithdi bishe^ — ek quism ki khusbk miib&i> iUchtdftna 
Com'fort, va. to invisjorate, enliven,, console— d5/i«;ftson,sa«tana k. thdmdna, sdJut^ahmdna-^ 

qdwat d, tasalli d. dilas4 bharosd d. 
Com 'fort, s. support ; consolation, eBSe-rdshwds ; sdntaud, duhkher upaskafh^ sachchhandatd-^ 

bharosa ; tasalli, taskin, dil&sd, chain, &rAm [taskin bakhsh, qdwatdih 

Comfortable, a. enjoying ease; giving strength — swMhhandat sdntat 8dntan^anak'-^&mdahii\f 
Com'fortless, a. wanting comf oti^aswachchhahda, nirdnanda, sukha 6ao'ita— bechaiu, ud^s. 

diltang [^ba|hol 

Com'ic, a. relating to comedy, humorous — san^ sambandhiya^ «aXeautnjc>r-maskhar&, .zarif, 
Com'ical, a. diverting, droll, odd-^hdsya ^rayojak^ kautuki^mashkdrd — zarif, thathol, maskh&r& 
Com'ing, s. the act of approaching; drawing nearer, arrival — dgamani pAhumokanyupagaman — 

awdi, imad ; pahunch, rasld 
Com'itfg, pa, forward; future; about to come— rfgtim»;fea»6ejiiW/ dihiuMe ji^ pray upd$' 

tAi7<i— ^ge, pesh; istiqbdl, ainda : Ane w. aneke qarib .' 

Com'ma, s. the point (,) noting a short pause in reaiding— ;atA(i ati alpa bir^ Hay t^id ei 

chinha ( ,) deoydjdy — yib ek waqf bai (,) jiske hone se jumlemea kuchh ^hahrni pairti hai 
Cbmma'nd, va. to order, direct, govern— ^gy^s k. dtieshk, tkdsan, ddhipatyak,—hiik»}t. 

farmand, bukdmat k« 
Comma'nd, s, supreme authority; injunotion, order — agydu, cidhtth ; upadeih, farmdisk^*' 

hukm, far^ndn ; farmAish, t&kfd [sard^r 

Comma'ndant, s, a commanding officer— ae7A«patil,«famyad/iya^^ya—sihib-i-hukumat, tbuj 'bd 
Commandeer, s. one >vho directs or gdlerna; a general 4 a kader, a ehiti-^gydti^kitrtd, 

adhipati, sdsankartd ; sendpati ; pradhdn---hkkim ; sipdh s&ldr ; sard&r 
Com mand'ment, j. mandate; authority; IdiW^agydu, dde^ ; pnabhUwa.} Ud&i^huktA, 

amanr, farmdn; huknmat; masla * [wAll 

Command'res^, 5. a female who:commands— ^^yeiffi featrt, praci^nrS — bdkima, hukum. karne 
Come'morate, va. td preserve the memory by some public act; to celebrate solemnly-^ 

smarandrtha utmba4i ki pratiththd k.'kirti sOcktA karmddi byabahdr, fc.— yddgdri rakhna, 

tdrifk. sarhdnd ' 

Commemora'tion, s. a public celebration— &ona biahishta karma bd lok $marandrt1ui Mttabddi 

— shadi,urs, yddgdri ^ 

Cornmen'ce, vn, to begin, take rise, originate—^iirafn^Aa k, bd h, utparma k- upakram h, — 

shuru k, yd h. lagna, cba^hnd, dast anddz h, fibtida ; tdrlktf 

Com men' cement, s. beginning ; date— arazn^/ia, upakram, anushthdn ; tririH— shard, dghdi. 
Commend, va. to praise, to speak in favour of^-prashang$d /c. anurdg k. kdhdro sukh§dti 

lenriy^ /co/iait— sardhnd, tarif k. sifdrish taqrib kv fpasandida 

Commen daUe, a. laudable ; worthy of praise— pros^ngsintt/zx, upajukto— tdrif he Idiq, 
Commend'am, s. a void benefice held by some person till a pastor is provided — amfm-pari- 

btirte kiyat lull parjyantajdjak pader britti bhogi hishe$h^p^dti ke 'muqarrar hone lak jo 

shakhs girje kd mukhtdr howe ^ ' . . v 

Comnenda'tion, s. praise; rtcommendation— pra5/ia7<ffsd, guna kathan, bydkM i supdrish-^, 

madah.tdrif; sifdrish . 
Commen'sutate, ua. to reduce to- some common measure — a, e<5(ual, proportionable — sama 

parirndn k.—a. tulya, sd/nriTt—hamandaz yd ham wazn k, — a, bardbar, ek sdo, hamanddz 
Commensura'tion,*. proportion J reduction tp a common measure— «i»»a parirndn — haman- 

dllzC, bardbari 
('omment, »«. toannotale ; t« explain by words or notes^/tfea likhan, artha k, bydkkyd k. — 

snarali liklind, hdshiyacharhand^ mdni baydn k. • . 

. Com' mentary, s. comWnt, exposition— /tfea, fippani; 6i/a/tAiya— sharali. hdshiya, tdwil 
Com me Ota' tor ,^ s. one who wlites notes or explains, an annoiator — iikdkar^ bydkhyd kartd, 

Mas^aloar— ^siiarah k. w. mdninurod, shdrih 
Comcn^oti'tious, a. invented^ imaginary^fea/pita, dropita, krUrim, mitAyfi— mukhtara, ijddf^ 
khiyalfjwahrai ," . • 

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COM ( W ) C-OM , 

Com'mercQ, vn. to trade, barter, traffick^-iltray Mleray fe. hdnijffa k, drabya hinimaf X;.— baip4r 

k. tij&rat k. saad&gari k. Itijirat, baipir, leiidea 

Commerce, t. interchange of commoditiei, trade — iytCpir, byabasdy kray bikray — saod&gari, 
Commer'cial, a. relating to commerce Or traffic — bdnijya sambandhiya, kray bikray sambt^n" 

cAi^a— tij&ratf, saud&garf 
Commina'tioD, «. a threat of paoishment — abkUkdup, bkaya 'pradarskan—'\^n9jLt sazi kidhamki 
■Commin'gle, va. to mix together, to unite .intimately— muara k. ekatra &.—b&ham mil4n&, 
« eVa^ibft k. [k. mihin mihin k. 

Comminute, to reduce to 6ne particles— «A<^nito h, gunrdna, tukhma fc.— sqrra&sd k. rezareza 
Comminu'don, s. act of reducing to fine particles— cb^rnita k,dhiitdbat gujifd k. — rezas^i, 

larra zarra k. [dayi jog 

Commise'rable, a. worthy of compassion ; pitiable— ^runtir^, daydpdtra — rahm ke I4iq, 
Comroi«'er?te, va. to pity, to compassionate— <2aj(<i k, sneha k. kripd ib.— rahm k. tarskb&n&, 

gham khw&rf k. 
Cemmis'eration, s. pity, compassion— fcrt|Ki, dayd, fcarumC— rahm shafqat, day& 
Commissary, s. a deputy, an officer attending an army, who iospecU muster rolls, or regu- 
lates provisions, 6cc.—pratinidki, ndib ; tainyer dhdrddi drabya jogdy j«— in&ib j pal(an 

k& sarbarahk&r . 
Commis'sion, s. a trust ; warrant of the office ; act of committing a crime'-paddrpan patra ; 

karmett nijtikta patra ; dushkarma karan — kiita mea bah&li chiuhi ; amfni sanad, mukht&r- 

n4ma ; ifUk&b, mach&n& [d; qudrat d. muqarrar k, bah&l. k. 

Commis'sioo, va. to empower, authorize, appoint— 6Mr i. khyamatdd, paddrpita k, — ^ikhtiyir 
Commis'sioner, s. one included in a warrant of authority^ — dmin, karmakdri byaktit bisheth 

karma ckdlandrtha prerita, bhdrjukta'-dLvainf mukhtdrk&r, wakil [g&Uth. por, baud 

. Commis'sure, «. [. muh-ure] a jointi a seam, suture— jor, sandhiithdn, ^tiiti/, ^raalAi— joy, 

Commi't, va. to entrust, send, perpetrate, imprison, pledge — arpan, bhdr d.paddrjtan^ preran, 

dushkarma k, kdrdgdre pdthdna, gacliclihita k. — sompna, supurd k, bhejni, irtik&b karn&, 

machAni, qaid k. zimma k. , 
' Commit'tee, s. a select number of persons appointed to. do any business — karma sampddikd 

tabhd, kona karma sampanndrtha nijuktajana <amu^— panch&yat, kol majlis jo kisi k6m ke 

karne ko liduqarrar ho ^ [sh&mil k. 

Commi'z^.tMi. to mingle together, to blend — mishrita k, ekatra k, mu^na— bdham milin&, 
Commix'ioD, s. l,mik-$huji] mixture; a blending of different things— muAran, sa7«j[;o^— 

imezash, niylirl niy&ri chfzon kft miUo 
'Comnu/de, s. a woman's head-dres^— stri loker shiro bhiishan b'uhesh—ztin&tii (opi kl ek qi^m 
Commo'dioQ6,a. convenieht, suitable— prOjAajto, upajukta,jogya, 6isAisfc/a— m^qui, muw6fiq, 

Commo'dtousnesB, t. convenience, fitness— 3aus%<fca6, sachchhandatd, upajuktatK, bishvAlatd— 

kh6bf, ^r&m, muw4faqat [dra6ya— nafi, l&bh ; jins, m&I, saud&gari kk asb^b, chizbast 
Coromod'ity, s. interest, profit; wares, merchandise — Idbk, pfml ; drabya, sdmagri, bdnijya 
Coolmodore, $. a commander of a squadron— ^ud<imi&^j samuker adhyukkya, ndbik sainytr 

adhipati — lashkarf bahar kA, sard&r, sip&hs&lar 
Com'moQ,a. public; usual; belooging/to a number; vulgar, ordinary, mean ; prosdfcute— 

sadhdran ; 8aQhardchdr,prachalita ; bahujaner swart ha bdadhikdr dphke jdhdte; nick, itar ; 

beshyd — iimm, r&i) ; chalni; panchki; itar, r&sf, kamlna; kasbi 
-Com'mon, s. a tract of land belonging to two or more^biskesk bhumi jdhd aruker adhikdrt 

tluike—z?imim k& koi qaU^ki jo doch&r shakhs ke iliqe mea ho we 
Com'monalty, I. the body of common citizens, the bulk of -mankind — abachchheddbaehehhede 

tdballok, sdmdnya bd sddhdrun lok samiiday — aw&munn&s, &mm 
-Com'moner, s. one not noble; ameitaber of the house of commons — akulin, abhadraiok, 

sdmdnya lok ; sadhdran loker praiinidhi bishesh—nkurndsif ^mm ; haus ov kaman k& rukn 
'Com^mpni'tion, s, advice, warning— upadw^, pardmarsha, cft0tan<f— nasi hat, sal&b, ibrat 
Com monly, ad, usually, .frequently — sachardchdr, pracharadrUpe, sarbadd, punahpunah-^ 

aksar, beshtar, birh& [buht&t 

Com'monness, s. frequency, usualness— punaftpun^^a, sdmdnyatd, prac^a/an— kasrat, aksariyat, 
Commonpla'ce, o. ordinary, common, usual— simanya, sddhdran, c/ia/il— r4ij, murdws^, 

Commonplace'book, «. a book in which things to be remembered are reduced to general heads 

— finrttt Ukhd boAi bishesh, smarandrtha Upi bahi, sdraf sangraha thdkei je bahite — bay&s, 

chaupatA • 

Com'mons, s. coipmon people j house of representatives ; common land ; food at a common 

tahlt—dpdm I sddhdran loksamuday; Inglanda deser sddhdran tckder pratinidhider sa^>hd 
tthal; aswdmika pard bhumi; aneker^ efcinna— aw&mun4s ; loglisht&n mea jo log 

r&iyat ki Uraf se wakil bote bain unkf ijUs ki ^har ; zamln-i-besar ; 4mm ki kbinA 
Commonweal'th, s. a polity, a state, body politic in. a free sute^sddhdran prabhdtwa, rdjd 

bytOirikta dtmabashedi prajdgan samttdayer rdjya «^kican— bandobast, intizim, jumhiir &niai 

kl huk^mat y& muiki kim k& intiz&m 
Commo'tion, s. tumult, disturbance, perturbation— rafx^^o^» golmdl, dhumdhthn — hang&m> 

harbaTi, ghabrihat, halchal , s .a » , [tarabk. 

CommoTve, va. to disturb, to unsettle— jsro^mri/ k. byasta k. asthir It.— harakat d. dul4n4, mui- 
^*l"» ?.***• ?!?• V* co«»v«rae, confer, have intercourse— il^p A. kathapkathan, sam'bAdth k.fsti- 
• W*tA.-bilichitk.g^ftg6k.rthrasmili. 

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C 31 ( 93 ) * COM 

Commu'oieaiit, s, one who communes at the Lorcl*s supper — Kkrishfiya dharma bhojane so^a 
bAdgi—}o Hazrat I's& ki y&dgdri ke rasmi kh&ne men sharik hot& hai 

Ccjmmu'aicate, v. to impart, ta reveal ; to receive the Lord's supper— jryanta k, khyata bdprakdsh 
k» samdchdr d, Khrishiiiya dfiarma bhqjane saha bkojan — batUni, z&hir k. b&t ko ifsbi k. 
Hazrat l's& ki y&dgiri rasm ki tarah kb^oe pine par baithnd 

Communica'tion, «. act of imparting ; passage— 6}g^^npan, bidka karan ; jdtdifater patk-^ 
ifshd-i-raz, bhedkbolDi ; rastft, guzargah ' [ghairmahjuh, be hij&l> 

Commu'nicative, a, free to impart, unreserved— sambftas^i, dldpf, akapat, bdchdl—kshniL m'lzk}, 

Co;nmunion, s. union in faith or action; taking.of the Lord's 'supper; fellowsbip ; intercourse— ' 
aneker ek hdkyatd bdsama pratyay bd ek dharma^ aikyamat ; KhrUktiya dharma hhffjane taha 
bhtigitd; san^sarga ; aiap— hamdini, ham iatiqidi; Hazrart I'sd ki y^dgdri ke khdne pine 
par ki nishast ; hamsari, sajhdi; mel, miidp [ki milkiyat ; sangat, suhbat, mel 

Coromu'nity,5. common possession; society — sddhdran.prabhiUwaiiampraddyt sangiarga^—dyikva. 

Comma' table, a. that may J[?e changed one for another — paribartaniya, badal jogya — herpher 
ke q4bil, raurakinuttabdil . [iwazmuwawaza, herpber, iwaz 

Commuta'tioo, 5. change ; exchange of one for another — pariburtUf 6intniay, 6akit— adldbadli, 

Commu'te/ va. to exchange one thing for another— pari6art« k, baduL d, badal k. — tabdil k. 
b^adal d. badla k. f ahdpaimda 

Coro'pact, s. a contract, an agreement, league— ni^am, nirdhdran y cfeufcti— shark, qaulqar^r. 

Corapa'ct, i. closely united, firm, dense ;bnef—t/iasa, dntd, drirha, wfcta, nibir; sau^kJiyep-^ 
thos.'ghaVs, saft, kasif, gdrhd ; mukhtasar ' [pofUdpan, injimdd, sangini 

Compactness, firmness, closeness, density— drirhatd, kashdkaskif dttfddnti, nihirabhdb-—' 

Compani'on, 5, an associate, fellow*partner — mitra, sangi, siiakhd, sdtki, angshi, sahabhdgi— 

sathi, ham suhbat, rafiq, dost, ydr, sdjhi, sharik 
Coro'pany, s, assembly of person^as for an entertainment, conversation, &c. ; a firm, partner- 
ship ; a. band — dmader sabhd ; banik samuha^ bhdgdbkd^i ; sampraddyj da2— majlis, jals^, 
suhbat, jamaat ; kethi ; sajhd, shardkat ; tdifa 
Com'pany, v, to accompany ; to associate with^sangejdon ; sahabds bd sangsarga k.— hamrdhi 
k. suhbat rakhni , ■ [roumkinutashbih' 

Com'parable, a, worthy to be compared— upamcy«, samatulya, fu^antt/a— ^bar&bar, muqdbil, 
Compar'ative, a. estimated by comparison— *(tara bUJush bd tdratamya bibechandte ithiri krita • 

— kisi chiz ko nisbat se takhmina k. g. . . ' ^ . fmuqdbile ke rd se, banisbat, nisbatan 
-Compar'atively, ad. by way of comparison — itara bishe&h bibechandpurbak, tuLand pHrbak-^ 
Compa're, va. to liken, examine together — utiamd d. tuUmd k. itara bishesh bibechand k, khuii' 

fana, miid/yd Jek/ian— 'tashbih d.rauqabiia k. mildnd, nisbat d. [mushabahat 

Compa're, t. comparison, similitude — upamd, sddrishya, tuLya 6Aa6— tashbih, muqdbala,- 
Compar'ispn, s. act of comparing, simile ; estimate— t«/ana diyd niriipan, drishtdnta d£on, 

upamd i anuntan— tashblh, bardbari; k(it, janqh, anddz (jtaqsim k.juddjudd k. tartib d. 
Compa'rt, va. to divide, to arrange— 6{6Aa<^ k, pritkak k. kramashah sdjdna — khanakhdna ff. 
Compart'iment, s. ^division of a picture, or design — chitrer bkdg bd stkal- — taswir w. g. ki qata 
Com parti' tion, s. aot of dividing into apartments — bibhdg k. prithah priihak kariyd ankaa — 

hissahissa yd k^dna khdna karnd 
Com'pass, va, to surround, to inclose ; to walk round; to besiege ; to grasp ; oht2i\n'^besktan, 

gheran ; pradakhyin k. beran ;jdpiiyd dharan ; prdpta k. — gi|iernd > gird phernd ; muhdsara k. 

paka^nd ; hdsil k. 
Com' pass, s. a circle; space; a magnetised needle upon a card whereby mariners steer — 

gher, her ; stfittl, antar ; chunbak pdtharer gunanwita suchijukta digbidig nirupak jantra 

ftisri«s/t-^aur,' gherd, ihdta; jagah ; qutbnumd [astra biskesh — pargdr 

Com'passes, s. an instrument to make circles — sutradhar prabhitir dwishula'jukta parimdpak 
Compass'ion, s. pity, ^commiseration, mercy, feeling— karuna, dayd, sneha, mdyd — rahni, shaf- 

qat, tars, dard [rahmdil, narmdil, daydl, momdil 

Compass'ionate, a. inclined to pity, merciful, tender — karundmay, dayddrachitta, daydlu — 
Compassionately, ad, tenderly, mercifully — krlpdpurasJiare, daydpurbak — kariradna, lahm se 
Compatibil'ity, s. suitableness, consistency— jfoa-t/aita, sumel, ek^td — liyacjat, muwdfaqat, 

mundsabat [Idiq, muwdfiq, raunasib, qdbil 

Compatible, a. suitable to, consistent, agreeable, fit— ea£2an?<sari, sangata, mata, upajukta~r- 
Compa'triot, :• one of the same country — ekdeshaja, ekdeshiya, swade^hiya — hamwatan, watani, 

ek desi [hamsa/, hamdarja, rafiq, sdjhi, sdth! 

Compee'r, i. an equal, companion, colleague— ^adris^a, samamarjydda, vtngit «at^t— bardbar, 
Compee'r, vn. to be equal with, to match — samdn bdsadrisha bd samashaktimanta A. yot bd tulya 

h, — bardbar h. hamsar h. hamdarja b. {k, — jabr k. zor yd zabardasti se kol kdm kardnd 
Compe'l, va. to force, constrain, oblige— Parana, bat k. anechchhuke dhariyd karme prabritta 
Compella'tion, s. style of address — ndm, sangyd, upddhi — laqab, khitdb 
Compen'dious, a. [. . j«.] short, hrief, summaryi-aZpis/ttAa, sangkhyipta, abistdr^ sangrihita — 

makhtasar, mujmal, rountakhab [ijmdi, intikhdb 

Compen'dium, $. an abridgment, summary — sdrasangrahat sankkyep^ sankhyipta bibaran — ikhtisdr 
Com'pet^te, Compen'se, va. to make amends, to recompense, to counterbalance — khyaii purd^ 

na, pratiphuiL d* parUhodk k. eker paribarteanya cteon^^ajr yd jazd d. taldfi k. iwaz»a. badla k. 

hamwazn k. . . [taldfi, mukdfdt, 

Compensa'tion, s. recompense, amends— feiyati pHrandrtha ddnddi, ptfritos^ife— jazd, badla, 
Com'petence, Com'petency, s, sufficiency, legal capacity— ^iftifca, nirbdha, dinapdter ' sang- 

tihdn, UMgati, ^ftyamdtti— kifayat, wajihkafdf, fardgat, qdbiiyat 

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COM (94)" COM 

Com'petent, a. fit, adequate, sufficient— -Jo^i/a, wpajukta, jathe$hia'^\^\i\, q4bU, k6ff, bas ' 
Com'peteutly, ad. adequately, 6ufficienlly-r«pa;u/ctamaf«, pruchiir i-upe—munisdbat se, 
" and&ze se, kif^yat se • [rautdbiq, sdz^^r 

Compet'ible, a, suitable to, consistent with — Mmfin^ samatulifa, npajukta — mtiSv66q, 14iq, 
Competi'tion, s. coritest, rivalry, strife— 6iww6at/, aneker ek pixddbhildsh, cheshtdcheshli — 

rouq&bala, dekh&dekhl, muq6wamat, koshish 

Cora pet'itoff s. a rival, an opponent — ekdbhildshi, pratibddliak, 6tpafcA2^a'haintalab, harlf, 

muqftbii, mukhdlif fronntakhab 

Compila'tion, s. a selection from auttiors — sdramntfr^ha. sdragrantha — (ilir, majm6.a, 

Compi'ie, va. to select from various authors, to collect — ndnd grantha haite bdchchiyd ekatra k. 

sangraha fc.— kitdbofl raeli se intikhdb k. jama k. 
Compi'ler, s. a collector: one who selects horn ^^uihoxs— sangraha kartd ; bdhu grantha 

haite dniyd ekatra fcarafc— muallif ; kit&boQ mea'se intikhab kar jama k. w. 
Compla'cency, s. pleasure, satisfaction of mind, approbation ; civility — prasannaid^ tushfi, 
sammati ; sujanatti— khushi, taskin, diliamai, khdtirjama!, razdmandf, manziiri, pasand; 

rourdwat ^ [khush, hausitiukh, s&hibsuliik, muriiwatf ; mullim 

Compla'cent, s. cheerful, civil, affable ; soh-^asanna, santushia, shishtu, dtdpi ; namra— 
Compla'in, v, to murmur, lament, inform against — kachkachi k. bildp k. terandan, nibedan bd 

bigydpan k, ddddsh bd ndlish k, — shikayat k. kurhn^, afsos k. n&lish faryAd k. 
Complainant, s. one who complains, a prosecutor— ^cidas^t» nibedankdri, phariyddi— 

faryidf, muddai . ^ . 

Compla'int, s. a representation of pains or injuries; accusation; grifef ; radthdy ^ddddsh ; 

ndlish; bildp; ro^^ ^fariy^d ; n&lish ; shikdyat ; blroiri 
Complaisa'nce, [.pie.] civility, desire pf p[Bftsing—sabhyatd, shishdtchdr, santosh karan- 

echchhd — muruwat, tawAzu, neksul6ki, tnud<irit 
Complaisa'iit, a. civil, polite, courteous— sis/ita, «a6^t/a, anwrodfet, s^AiZ—khaHq, sllhibsuldk, 

raildpf, sdhibmuruwat , [bar^bark. 

Compla'nate, Corapla'ne, va. XoX^veX—samdnk.ek'dhdl k.chauras k. — chaiiras k. cliikn&ni 
Complement* ». perfection; the full number— sampurnatd ; purakdngsha — kamal * pari 

tiad&d, tam^mi ' ,. . 

Complemenl'al, a. filling up the number— purafc.'ln^'sfca —jis se tiaddd p4ri ki j4we, bhartfw^lii 
Comple'te, a. finished, perfect, entire — samdpta^ pUma, akhanda, samtiday, — purl, kSmil, 

samftchA . 

Comple'te, va. to perfect, to finish — sampuma k. sduga bd samdpta k, — tamdm k, anjlm ko 

pahuoch&nl, sarnd, niberni , 
Comple'tioB, s. accomplishment, act of finishing, perfect state; utmost height — samdpti, 

paripurnatd, sdkalya ; Mc/ic/kitwa— kamAI, tamftmi, intihft, niber^o ; nachAi, bulandi 
Com'plex, a. compounded, complicated— 'Sanfcar, mishrita, aspashta, prf/cpir^— murakkib, 

Complex'ion, s. the colour of the external parts of any body ; temperament — sharirer barna, 

shdririk dharma bd swabhdb ; dTidtur 6/iafe— badan kA rang; miz4j, hdla^ 
Complex ly, ad. intricately, obscurely-^aspos/i/e, aprakdshriipe — pech se, lapet se 
Compli'ance, s. the act yielding to what is desired, submission — swikdr, sammati, anurodh— 

razamandi, mar^f, qabnl, t^ediri 
Compli'ant, a. disposed to yield, submitting, bending, civil — anurodhi, swikdri, namra, 

6inav{— halim, qabiil k. w. muldim, narm 
Com'plicate, a, compounded of a multiplicity of parts, intricate, difficult— 6afcu drabya bd 

bishay ekatri krita, ghordrthaj aspashta, peuchdl — bahut si chizoQ y& b&boQ se banA hua, 

pechida, dushwdr ' * 

Complica'tlon, s. an interweaving, entanglement — mishdmisbii pherphdr^ pench, jhanjhdt— 

pech, aljherd, uljhilo 
Com'pliment, s. an act or expression of civility, praise— sfcis.fdc/iar, namaskdr, stiiti, shldghd 

— muddrfit, saUm, tArif 
Compliment'il, a. expressive of praile — stuti siichak, shishtatd prafcdsfcAfc— t&rif nufnft 
<;om pline, s. evening service, vespers— ratripM;a, sdyaugkdler archanddi—xshk, sh^m k( namdz 
Complo'r, s. combination, conspiracy — aneker ekpardmarsHa, kujuktt, kumantrand, ganatd,— 

bandish, sdzish ' 

Coraplo't, va, to plot together, to conspire — kujiikti k. mantrand k. — bandish k. slzish k. 
Com plot' ter, s. a conspirator, one joined in a plot — kumantrand kdrak, kumantraitdte thdkeje 

— hambandislx, badmansube mea sharfk [r&ti h.qkW h. muafiq h. 

Comply', vn. to yieW to ; to submit to ; to accord with — swikdr k. sammata n. anumaia h. — 
Compo'nent, a, that which constitutes a compound body— atiek angsher ek angsha, -angshibhuta 

— juz, fard 
Compo'rt, V, to endure, to behave — sajhya k, nchdrbyabahdr k. — barddsht k. chalan chaini 
Compo'rt, Comport'ment, s. behaviour; practice — riti, dchdrbyabakdr, chalan, dcharan^~~chk\, 

chalan. suI6k, rawish 
Compo'rtable, a. consistent, suitable— jo^-t/a, biparit n«y— muSfiq, mun^sib, saziiwar 

Compo'so, va. to form by joining diffeient things together; to calm, toquiet — ekatra k. bandna. 

' rachand k. thdminn, sthir ^c— tarkib d. raurattab k. dhiiha k. dhiraj d. 

^ ' ' ^ V . ^ . • ... " r, shdnta, Sthir, gambhir— '' ' 

f musannif, insh^parddz ; 

rantha hartd, lekhak ; s 

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Compo'sed, pi, a, (. . ) calm, sedate, serious— wJt/iar, dhir, shdnta, sthir, gambhir—dhUA, sali- 

muttaba, sanjida, mustaqil f musannif, insh'^pardAz ; dilAsft d. w 

Compo'scr, s. an author, a writer; one who calms-^srant/ia kartd, lekhak; shdntikdri— 

COM ( 95 ) CON 

Coropos'ite, a. in architecture, is the combination of the fop r Greek ortlers of colnmn*, it is 

also called the fifth or J?oman OT(\eY^^rihanirmdnalndydy stamhher 'pancham Tprakdr jdhd 

prachtn Grise chdri prakdrer sahit miliyd jwrmita haiydche, ahoiig ikd ke Rumiyho baldjdy 

— ilm-i-t4rairi measitiinbandi ki p^nchwiu waza jo qadini Yun^oi cb^r wazou se roilkar 

bani hai ; aur usko Rumi bhi kahie haJQ 

Composi'tion, s> a mixture, agreement, union ; written work— mishra, sangjog, mel; rachand — 

ilmezish, lag^o, sazg^ri; inshA -^ [baithfitfi hai 

Compos'itor, s- one who sets types — chhdpdr akhyar basdy hd ^djdy je—jo chh&pe kA harf 

Com'post, 5. a mixture for manure— s4ranta/i, bhiimi urbard karandrtha ndnd drabyer mishra-^ 

kh^d, khdd ki tarkib, pdas ' * , 

Compost, ia, to manure, to enrich with sod— sara mdti chhardna—khkA ki tarkib k. khad d. 
Compo'sure, s. calmness, order, (raime—dhairjya, paripd^i, dhdrd, dkdvy garan — fihistagf, 

barow^ri, baoao 
Compota'tion, ». the act of drinking together— sa/iapan, eksange pdn karan — suhbat meu ki 

maikhuri, bazm ki piy^labdzi 
Compo'und, v. to mingle, intenpix ; to come to terms with a debtor — mishran k. mishdna, milidyd 
d. katak'diydriner parishodhk: ddnidsdhi k.—mi\^nA, tarkib k. q^rzkhwahse bandobastk. 
Com'pound, s, a mixture, compound of many ingredients— anefc drabyer mishra, ekatrikrita 
bahu drabya — murakkab, tarkibi, mil^o [daw^s^z 

Com pound 'er, s. a mingler, one who compounds — mishrankdri,'aushadhbdntunyd — milline w, 
Comprehe'nd, -ca, to contain', imply, understand, to conceive — dhdran k. bujhdn, bodh k. 

— mushtamal k. mutazamman k. samajhnd, b(ijhn4 
Coroprehen'sible, a. intellegible, that can be understood — bodhagamya, andydse bodh hay^ 

ja/ia — q^bilulfahm, bujhnejog 

Comprehen'sion, s. act of comprehending, understanding, knowledge — abadhdran, bodh,^ 

gydfif buddhi — samajh, b6jh, mudrika, daryaft [chakl6,qalilullafz kasirulm^ni 

Comprehen'sive, a. capacious, extensive — 6ara, brihat, nandrthak — bayA, kush&da, chauyfi, 

Coippre'ss, squeeze, close, press, Embrace, in small campass— dafoan, cft/fpan, ningran, 

ckumbakk,—dibAui,,n\qhoin&,\n^ Ipatti 

Com'press, s. a bolster or bandage— 6 Aagwrfn^a bdfidhandrthe gadi bd pa(i bishesh-^diddi, 

Cqmpress'ible, a. capable of being forced into asmaUer compass-^c^frantj^a, chdMniya^ 

alpete rachaniya—^imt^u^ dabanhdr Tdabfio 

Compres'sion, s. act of pressing together — ddbdna, chdpani, kharba karan^ sdrasangraha k, — 

Compre&'sure. s. the act of forcing" bodies together — bhar^ chdp, ddban karan, chipiyd sangjog 

bd chhola k.—ddihAo •> 

Compri'se, va, to contain, to include— d/iaran, sdmil k. bhukta k. — mushtamil k. Iftnd 
Comproba'tion, s. a full proof, attestation — nishchaypramdn, ni(iars/ian— pakki dalll, tasdiq, 


Cora'pTonyse, s. amicable agreement — ubhaye aikya haiyd panshkdr bd nishpatti kard, dpas 

mel — mus^laha, &&zgATi [jokh^, shumir 

Compt, 8. (count) account, computation — ganand, sankhyd, lenddendr lekhd — his^b, lekh^ 

Conaptro"), va, (kon.) to control, to oppose— shdtanddhin k, tattwdbadhdran k, pratibandhan 

—t^bi k.'rokBfi, atkand, firn6,mukh61ifatk, 
"*Comptrorier, s. supervisor, a dnector—tattwdbadhdrak, kartd, karmasampddak — mutasaddi, 

k&rkun, roukht^rk^r' 
Compuls'atively,-ad. by Constraint— ftaZo bashatah, balpilrbak—hnzor, zabardasti se, jabran 
Compul'satory, a. compelling, obliging — abdrjya, prabdl, dbashyak, aprdtikdrjya — zabardast, 

sakht, jabri, nfiguzir 

Compul'sion, $. force applied, act of compelling— 6a2karan, atydchdr, balitkdr, Jbaktbashatak 

— zor, zabardasti, zor&warl [sakht, zabardast 

Compul'sive, Compul'sory, a. forcing— aniWt^i/a; bal dwdrd prabartak bd prayqjok — ^jabri, 

Coropunc'tion, s. remorse, sorrow — anushok, ajiutdp, k/ied— pachhtAwA, hasrat, J^ssuf, gham 

Coropurga'tion, «. a vouching for another — parer saijandtd prakdsh bi gunabarnan bd doihor 

hhaniauj parer adoshitwa bd bishwastatd sdbhyasta k. dpdndr mdnyatd dwdrd anya byaktir 

mdnyatd sapramdn A:.— dusre ke nekakbliq z<inir k. dnsre ki begundnf par -gaw^hi d. apni hur- 

mat ke wasile se d6sre ki nek tinat sdbit k. [pazir, ginnejog 

Coropu'table, a. that may be computed— ^^nantya, sangkhyeya — tiaddd ke q6bil, shumfir- 

Computa'tion, s, act of reckoning, estimate — ganand, sankhyd, amimdne lekhd—muh^SdbSi, 

tiadid, ginti 
Compu'te, va, to number, reckon, cast together— ganani k. lekhd k, thik J.— ginn^, shumdr k, 

miani, jumlabandi k. ' ^ , , 

Compu'ted, pa. reckoned, estimated — ganitd, sankhydta, nimifa— hislb k/ g. shum^r kiy4 

h(i6, mabsdb, takhmina k. g. 
Com^rade, 8, a comi>anioD, a partner— mttra, sangi, sdthi—yAr, rafiq, sharik 
Coo," a prefix denoting with or SLgdAnst—sangjogdrthabodhakujyasdrga shabda, ihd shabder 
q.dite prayog haile sambandha bd mUan bd biruddhatd bujhdy—}ik lafz ke muqaddam yih 
harf likhdjiwe j&no ki wuh dal&lat kare sangat par y4 khil&f par 
Concam'erate, va. to arch or vault— fc/iii^ k. kurmaprishlhdkdre dbrita bd dchchhddita fc.-*- ' 

mihrib bandnA 
Concate'nate, va. to link, to connect by links — shrinkhalabaddha k. granthan,''shrenibaddha k, 
— silsiktband k. zanjiraband k. [zanjlrabandi, la^bandl 

Conqatena'tion, ». connection by links, series — abichchhinnashrinkhal, dnupurbba — silsilabandl. 

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CON ( 96 ) c ci w 

CoD'cave, a. hollow in the inside, arched— uttina, kttrmapriihihAkriti, Miildnahat, madhytL- 

nimna — mujauwaf, khokhrA, qausl. 
Concavo-Cbnca've, a. concave or hollow on both sides — dvnprishjhe tadbat, duidige khal, 

.jt«ana, fcttrmapmfeffeadway 4fcritt--dpnon taraf .mujauwaf yi khokhrd 
Concavo-Con'vex, a. concave on one side and convex on the > other — ekdige kholekdigg 

phdnpd jdhdr, kilrmaprishlhdkriti—ek taraf quasi ek taraf kk gumbazi 
Concav'ity, s. hoUbwness of a hodf—khol, ktirmaprishthdkdra' bustur inadhya nimnatd, 

phdij,pd drahyer madhyabJuig — jauf, khokh 
Con'cause, s. a joint or mutual cause — kdrandntar, anyer sahit sangthrishta kdrani bkUta — 
• wuh mnjib ki jo dusre se mushtarik hai, ek s^th ki dalii 
Conce'al, va. to hide, to keep secretsambaran,guptak.goj^anerdkhan, chhdpdna—ch\iipi,n&, 

mdkhfi rakhnd, poshida k. luk&ni 
Conce>lable, a. that, may be hid or kept secret— |r<^ant'yo, sambarantya — chhip&ne jogi 

• makhfi rakhpe ke liiq 
Conce'ahnent, 5. act of hiding, secresy— sam&aran bd gopan fc. aprakdsh — poshidagi, 

chhip^o, ikhfd. [minnft, rdzi k. haw&lak. dedAln& 

Conce'de, va. to grant, admit, yield, give up—swikritah, sammatak. chhAriyd d. tyd'g k — 
Conce'it, s, fancy, conception, vanity — j/mnas, artubhab, bodh, ahamikd, garba—]uujkl, 

w^hm, fikr, ghuriir ' ^ 

Conce'it, va, to imagine, lo fancy— fcod/i k.kalpandk. — khiy&l k. tasaUwur k.^ 
Conce'ited, pa. a proud, opinionative> affected— darpt, mdna^puma, thentd, dtmdhhimdni — 

maghr{ir, khudrai, k^hudpasand, khudbfn ^ 

Conce'ivable, a. that may be conceived — anubhabaniya , ^oei^^'ami/a— nramkinulfahm, 

qdbilidr&k, samajhnejog 
Conce'ivc, v. to become pregnant, to think, to understand, to comprehend— ^forftfto dJidran, 

mane k. bujkarit bodh /c;— hamal lend, h^mila h. samajhnft, b6jhnd, daryAft k. 
Ct)nceiver,«. one who com prebends — boddhd, bodh bd $angskdr /care'je— samajhne bdjhne w&l&, 

mudrik . - - [— hamdwazi, sar;A, muwifaqat 

Conce'*it, «. concert of voices/ concord, consistency — surer meit anek stoarer sdmabhdb, aikva 
Concent'rate, va. to bring to a common centre or point, to bring to a closer union— c/ia^radan^tfr 

nydp mandhya sthdrie ekatribhuta k, sangshlishta k. — bammarkaz k' chhankdn^ 
Concen'tre, vn, (.* tur) to come to one point— ekmadhy a h. ehmdjdr ^.— hammarkaz b. 
Concent'ric, a, having a common centre — ehmadhyaf chakr^dandabat — hammarkaz 
Concep'tible, a. intelligible, conceivable — bodhagamya, anuuhabaniya — qdbilidrdk, qaribulfahm 

samajhnejog [fahm, saraajh. irida 

Conception, s. ?ct of conceiving, idea, purpose — bodk, gydn^ mdnaSt afc/tipray— hamal, khiy41, 
Conce'rn, va. to affect, move, belong to — bhdbita fc. udbigna k, swddhi^dr h. — dilgir k. asar k. 

aldqarakhnd, mut&lliq h. [fikr, chintz, andesha 

Conce'in, s, an affair, anxiety^ solicitude— 6i«/»tfy, bydpdr^ ndbeg, bhdband—mu&mil^l kirobfir, 
Concern'ing^pr. relatingto, orabout— «am6and/iiya,dw/iat/afc,ar*/ia^— mulilljq, nisbatdAr.b&batf 
Concern'ment, s. a concern, business — bydpdr, ^Orma, fe/ir;y«— sarokAr, aliqa,k&mk6j 
Conce'rt, va. to contrive together, to plan— efesaf^ haiydjukti k, manttand «?.- ek s&tb bando- 

bast k. roaslahat b&ndhn^, bandish k. ' ' ' 

Con'cert, s.* agreement, harmony, music in parts— aiif:ya, mfiU pardmarsha, bddyabkdnda, 

ai/earf?r Mrfya 6a gan— muwdfaqat, mel, ittif&q, sam6, pachbajnd 
Conces'sion, «. act of yielding, thing yielded, a gnni—rchhdriyd deon, praddn, swiifdr, deya 

drabya, datta 6astu— dend, haw&la k. indyat, qabul. marzf, digayi chiz 
Conch, 8. (kongk) a shell, a seavshell— «/ian)t/ia, shaakhf Jtamiw— sdnkh,n6qu8 
Concil'iate,va, to gain by favor, reconcile— prapan, punarmel k,, mi/ana^h&sir k. paid& k. 

Qiel k. mil^in^, tasfiya k. 
Concilia'tion, «. act of reconciling— 5ama»j<wya it- f>Mn«nn»i«n— tasfiya, sulh 
Conciliator, s. one -who conciliates— jand/tiitarair, panormi^nifr4ri— sulhkul, tasfiya k. w. 

melne w. fqat, mundsabat, q4biliyat,,kh(ibtari, sulhri 

Concin'nity. s. fitness, suitableness— upajuittotva, uttamatd^ autkarshya, ^tundarattoa — liya-^ 
Conci'&e, a, brie^f, short, summary, as language^— sanit/iytpta, abistdr, ehumbak — tang, 

mukhtasar, mujtnal . 

Conci'scness, s. brevity,, briefness in words— stfniftyep, flftisftrnatd— ikhtisdr, ijmdl, sanchhepan 
Conci'sion,s. a cutting off, excision — chhedan, jtd/an— kdt, tardsh 
Concita'tion, £. a stirring up, or disturbing— utt/idpan, prabartand — ukasnd, juinbish d. 
Con'clave,^. an assembly of cardinals— d/iarindd/11/aitAya^dtger $abhd bti «amdj— kardinal log 

kl maplis . [cbukdnd, tamdmk. anjdra ko pahunchdn|jp|iqarrar k. aikaloA 

Conclude,va. to finish, determine, infer — mishpatti k. tampanria >k.t-uMr k* anumdn k, — 
Conclu'dent, a, decisive, convincing — nishchit, niskkriskta^ sandehabhanjak — yaqin, qataS, 

shak diir k. w. - [tamdm, anjdm, intibd, natija, b&sil^ atkal 

Conclu'sion, $, end, close, consequence, inference*^s/ie<ft, parichchhittif siddhdnta, anumdn — 
Conclu'sive, a. closing debate, 6ecis\ye--shesh,nirdishta, prdmdnya,alaf — khdtim, qalaf, atkal 
Concoag'ulate, va. to congeal together'^6asdna, garAa ir.^Aaaa ib.—bdhamjamdn6, thakkd k, 
Conco'ct, va. to digest in the 8toma.chf—j athardgniie pdkk,jima k^ — hazm k.pach&nA 
Concoc'tion, », digestion in the stomach — paripak, annapdk — bazm. pachdo 
Concom'itance,<. a being together— sriAitya sangatd, san^^og-— hambdshf, sdth, mel 
Concom'itant, a., accompanying, attending— songjtdta, milita, tangattr, w&ita— meldo, 

paiwasta, mulhaq, shdmel, sdthi 

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1 CON (97; cotf 

t ^ 

Concomitant, 5. an attenda Qt-^5^Kme^ samanwita, safti^ tAai:« J6— sathf, hamrih; hamsuhbat 
CoQ'cord, $. agreement, harmony— ar/ti/a, mel, suswar — muwiifiiqat, s^zgirS, miii^p. khushdw<iz 
Coa'cordaqce, s. an index to the script ures^ittc/a'patra, dharmaihastrdntargatashabda samu^ 

htr nirghania—B^\f^\ ke alfiz ki fihrist ' 
CoDpor'dant, a. ai;ceeing, suitable — anusdri, upajuhta^vaMviktiq, mut&biq, mundsib 
CoQCor'date, «. a compact, a convention — pa/i, niyan, shanndhi — qatulqar^r, ahd o paiman, mel 
Concbr'porat^, va, to unite in one m^-ss^ckatrikaran, rduhi fc,— kai chiz ko milAke ek karn^, 

dher k. jaraA k. . [bhir, izhdihftm \ 

Cna'course, «. an assembly, a meeting, a crowd-— me2a. janatd, t>anghat!a — majJis, jamftat, 
CoQcre'te, v. to unite into a mass — ekatra k, pinddkriti k, jariti k, bd h. — ^jam&n^, munjamid 

k. biadhn^ fsau/ctrna-^munjamid, basta, kitni ajz^ou k& murakkab 

CoQcre'te, a, composed of different parts— san^msfc^^i; bastute nirpiita, sangjdta, anek drabyei^ 
Concre'tion, s, act of concreting, a mass— sa^/tgjam karan, •pinda, stuptrdihi — j&mdo, iajimdd, 

4her. arobdr 
Con'cttbine, «. a woman in keeping— upastrt, dhemaii — madkhula, saheli, harAm randi 
Concupiscence, y. irrci^ular desi/e, lust — kdm, indriyadosh, lampatatd — shahwat, masti 
CoQcu'r, vn* to meet in union, to agree — sanghalita h, sammata h. swiMrita /i.— muttafiq h. 

muw&fiq h. ekdil h. qabiil k. m&nnd 
CoDCur'reace, s. union of minds, agreement, assent — maneraikya, sammati^ swtfcar— mu- 

w&faqat, diloQ ki meU q^bdl, istirazd 
Coqcar'reat. a. acting togetl^r, being united>-^-re/canta, ekdbhiprdy, sa/tita -muttafiq, muw&fiq, 

ekdil, bampard&z 
Co'acQr'rentness, «. a concurrent state - ekbhdh, ekdrthatd, sa^a/canta— ittifdq, ikhtildt ki h4lat 
Cobcus'sion,*. a shaking, a shock— dui bastutparasfardghdt, ^/wirf.d/iri/c/ca— tasddum.dhakkA 
Cond'^mn, va, to pronounce to he wrong, to sentence— dMfei k. apctrddhi nuhcliay k. dandd' 

gyduk* — taqsirw&r k. gunahg&r (hahrdu&, fatw& d. [nd^fatwl, sazd kH hukm 

Coademna'tion^ <. act of condenming, sentence— dfls/i d«on, danddgyda, sdjd- taqsii wiir ihabrd- 
Condem'natoiy, a. passing condemnation— c2on^asi2c/ta^, dctnddgydijidri — fatwd mazmiin sazd 

\k hukm imes 
Condens'ate^ va. to make or to grow dense or thick — iankirna k. ghana k. sthut k^ bhdri k. — 

jam4nd. gArbd k rounjamjd k. sangin k. fjamind, g^rhA k. mpkhtasar k. 

Coudensa'tion, s. the act of condensing— ^/ui»aA4 sthiil karan, shakta k. sankhyep k. — taksif, 
Cottdett'«e, v, to grow thick or close — a, thick— wifcir h.ghanibhutah, — a. sthiil, gkana-^'jimttd, 

munjamid b. gfifbd h.-r— a. girhA, kasif 
Condens'er^ s, a veissel for condensing arr—^iatfedt himadwdrd b'iyur jarita bhdh bd ghanatd 

kirakjantra bishesh—^iiv/d ko ghafs yd kasif karne ki kal FJi^^^t^. tnakkdf 

Condeos'ity, s. the state oC being condensed — ghanatd, draba drabyer jaj-ita bhdb—kasikiiit} in- 
CoU'ders, «. thosfe who direct herring fishers— i>i«fce«J matsya dhetram tattivdhadhdrak-^temng 

ndm ek machhli hai us ke shikdrioQ kf rdlinuradi jo log kai;e unko yih kahte hain 
Conde8c'end> vn, to submit to, to yieid^abhimdn tydg kariyd shishtdchdr k. bhdbyatdpivr'Oakswi* v 

krita.h. sammata ^.— dabnd, farotani k. qab(il k, rdzi h. f farotaoi, inkisdr, muldima^ tawdzu 
Coadescen'sion, s. act of condescending, courtesy— nantrotac/taran, Wiabyatd, shishtdchdr— 
Condi'i^a, a* (.dine) deserved, suitable— wpa/ufrta, s/imwc/iit— Idiq, wdjib, Idzim, nlunasib 
Coa'diraent, s. a seasotiging, sauce, pickle— aimer upafcaran, byanjan, dahdr, jhdldM masd- 

lab, chdshni, chatni, achir ' ["^^^r k. namaktndrn4 

Con'dite, va, to season, preseiveby sa\i—jhdl 'di diyd sustoddu k, salaban /c.— masdlahd. chl^li- 
Coadi' tion, s. term of agreement ; state ; article— pan, niyeim ; .dashd, dharma ; bishesh knti 

-shart, ahd, iqrar; hdlat ; bdbat [qaul-o-qardr bi'ijhd jde 

Condi'tional* a, implying terms or conditions — saniyam, kayi nirdfcarita— sharti, jia mea kuchli 
Condi'tionary, a, stipulated, agreed on— niyawiita, pratisAruta— mashrnt, mdhiid, qabdl k. h. 
Coada'le, v. to lament, mourn,- or bewail with another— paradu/i/c/ie duhMta h. bdbildp fc.— 

matam pursi k. tdziyat k. dnsre ka gham o rani dekhkar dzurda h. ' [gharakhwdri 

Condo'lement, s, grief, mutual distress — parer aukkhe kheda praitas^— mdtampursi, tdziyat, 
Condo'lence, s. grief for another's loss — dtmiya byaktir diirddrishle shbkasuchak byabahdr 

kimbd ihithtdchdr ebang prabodha MJh/a—mdtam pursi, ghamkhwdri, hamdardi 
Condona'tion] «. a pardoning, a forgiving— «io«feai?»i/awa, aparddha ma^yana— a fd, gundiv 

kd mudf hond, darguzar [chiriyd, ek qism kd giddfi 

Con'dor, «. a large fowl, .a epecies of vulture— jr?*idftra pakhyi bat brihat pakhyi bishesh— ^k bnfU 
Condu'ce, v. to help, to promote, to conduct— onu/bti/ bd sahakdri h. pratipddan, nirbdha bd 

upajofptd k. phaiaprdfpany «adAan —mdda»l k. yd mumid h.taqwiyat k. pusliti d. sahdrd 

d. ihtirodm k. [mumid, mudwin, sahdi, pushti d. w. 

, Coodu'cible, a. tending to some end, promotive — ahhiprdya sddhak, phalotpddak, upajogi-^ 

Condu'cive, o. promotiiJg, contributing— posfeo^, hardhak, upakdri, sddhya sddhak, chatuibdr— 

nudwin,saNli, pahunchdne w. murharrik 
Ooii'<]uct, s^ behaviour, deportment — chdU,gati, dcharan, riti, swdbhdb ^Bulnk, chdl, chalan, 

shewa, atwar . ^ ^ 

Condu'ct, va. to lead, guide, manage, behave— potfc darshdtia^ dge chalan, chdldna, dcharan bd 

/roti ifr.— rdhnumdi k. Techalnd, lejand, ihlimdm k. chaldnd, chalan chalnd 
Conltict or; ». a leader, director, chief— ag^'a^ar, pathadarsak, sdmpddak, pradhdn— peshw^, 

muqsddaro, sarddr, bddi, rahnunrd ^ ' [nali 

Oon'dmtf s, ( ,dit) a water-pipe or canaJ, a duct— ndU, pranilik/t, payndld, ndli — nahr, dbrez. 
Cone, s. a body like a sugar lodki—shuuldkriti niret drabya^gkot\\xm, makhrul, sunchd 


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cxJn ( 98 ) CON 

Confab'ulate, rn. to converse, to cliat—itaf/iopaiaf/ian J", a/rtp k. gappa^ppa- k.^hAtehit k, 

gufiRu k. gapshap k. '' » _ fguft j(i. qiloqii 

('onfabula'tion, s. familiar t'alk, discourse ~paraspar dldp, sambhdsht halibali'^hiLichit, bolcklll, 
Confec'lion, s. a sweetmeat— mwfe.Mnna, mii/i4i — murabba, i)iit>i4i, halwA • ' 
Confec'tionei, s. one who sells sweetmeats, Lc.^moclak, mayard, mi^hdlhar, mithdibihretd^ 

hatw&i, nutlidiw&lA. mithdifarosb, halw/isdz 
Confe'deracy, «. a league^ union of persons— a nc/c«r r/r bdkyatdf chakra takra—hiUAq, ban- 
' dish, mel, sazish : * * 

(Confederate, va. to unite, to conafbine — ekjukti h, ekpardmarskihaiyd jog /Er.— hamsaUh m. - 
" routlaBq hokar sazish k; ek mushwirat par rafiq h. [raflq, sharik 

Confed'erate, 5. an ally, an accomplice— «a/»rfy, ek jaardmarshifSdthit angshi — sdlhi, SHJhl 
Confedera'iion,«. alliance byjeague orstipulaU^n— e/c bdkyatdh,sandhi,jog, me^-muwafqat, 

mel, niildp, paiwastagl [ded^in^ 

Confe"r, v. to discourse with, to bestow— rf/ap k. katMbdrtd k. dan it.— bdtchlt k. bakhshana 
Conference, «. djscouise, meetinsj for converse— '6a<iantt6a(i, kathitpahathan, biehdrdrthe nirii- 

pita sabhd — jawftbsawdl, guftg6, bolch/tl, mubdhise kl naajlis 
Oonfe'ss, va. to own, acknowledge, avow — swikdr k» angikdr k. byakta k.^-mknnit, qnhQ k. 

iqr&r k. bAu k. iatiifif k. , 
Confessedly, ad, avowedly, by aekowledgment — prakashriipe, nitdnta, swikdrap^rbak 

iataifif S8, yaqinan, beshubha, iqrftrse' . , ' 

("onfes'sion, s. avowal, acknowledgment— woi/car, dosddi wianan— iqr^r, qabnl, iatirdf 
Confes'sor, s. one who coiifesses or hears confession*: — dosh swikdrakdri ; jdkdrsthdne dash 

swikhr fcare— rauatarif j jis ke pas gun^h qabdi karea [z6bir 

Confe'sl. a. open, known, plain, evident— spa«/i<o, bidita, suprakdsh — raashhiir, fish, nTil6n, 
Confida'nt, Con'fident, s, a person trusted with a secret, a bosom friend — sakhd, «<Jk/it, tititfv, 

bishwasta byakti—ii,iii6.T, namriz, bhediyd; mahram, do«)t-i-j&Di 
Confi'de. vn. to trust in^ to yely upon— pratyay k. bishwds k. gupta kathd saTnarpan — ^iatib^r k« 

ic^tim&d k. bhed sompnA . . . • 

Con'fidence, *. trust, reliance, boldness— prfltyay,«fiAas,' damiAa, abhay — bharosi, iatiqid, 

partft, dileri. jurat • |.dhi(h, gust6kh,n»uataqtd 

Confident, a. bold, daring, assured— sa/iasf, jiirb/jay, drfmiHfc—nianclialA, shermard, njarddna, 
Confiden'iial, a, admitted to confidence— ^sftio^ pdtra, bishwasta — mahra-m-i-raz, rftzdilr, 

bheJiyd, iatib&rl fstirat, zfihirf, tarkib, baniwat^ fsaiySrou kf hsiyat 

Configura'liou, s. external form, aspect of planets— a/car, riip, grahasthiti, naldiyatrer idtasthd — 
Config'ure, va. to dispose into form— *4&rtr k. abayab nirmdn k, garan — shakl d. ban^n^i, s&kht 

k. kisl cliiz ko dhdlndj saratshakl den4 
Con'fine, s. a'limjt, border, bound— sima, prdnta, stnu«n^— sarhadd,,ib(lta, kin6ra, intih6 
Confi'ne,i;. to border upon, bound ; immure— sfmav^ta h*kdrdgdre baddhd k, dfak k, banda k, 

— haddlagnd, ih^talagna, quaid.k. band k. - ^ 

Confi'nement, s. restraiht, iinprisonment— «/afc, kdrdbandhan^qKid, giriftiri, habs, band 
Confi'rro, va. to make certain, establish — nirnay bd nishckay k, sdbhyasta k.nirdhdran-^yzqin 

k. s&bitk. taqarrurc(en6, muqarrark. / 

Confirm'alfle, a. that may be proved xn* made sure— sapram^n, pram^y a, nirdhdraniya-^^hit, 

muqarrar hone ke liiq, q&bilussub^t, dalllpazir 
Coafirm'ation, s. act of establishing ; proof; the rite of confirming baptized persons— Yiii^ftay, 

nirnay karan ; pi'amdn ijalasangakdr samayjeprg^tigydfi kdrd giytlchhe tdhd dpase nirdhdran 

— muqarrark. subiit, tahqiq, dalil ; Sin fehakhsoa ne isiib&gh p4ya ho unke balghiyatmea pa- ' 

hunchline bdd unke 2i&l par P&dri log Isawi mazhab ki ek rit baj& Ute haia,. usi rft ko yih 

kahtehaifi [zabt k. baitulmftl mead. 

Obnfis'cate, V{t, to s^ize for the public — dandandrthe sangsthin samvdnv hariyd Moti — ^<|ttrq k. 
Confisca'tion, s. the act of seizing as forfeited, and adjudging to the public U%ix&}ixy-Tdckchhed , 

rdjngydnte aparddhi byaktir dhnnddi /jaran— qurqi, zabti » 

Confiture, s, (..tshurej a mixture of sweetmeats— mif/iat, mishfdnna bishesh — mithftioQ k& 

ek mil&e, ek qism ki mi|h&f ~ . , 

Confix, va. to fix. to fasten down— sthdpan^jthir k, baddhak. — lagdnj«, jsrn&, atkand, band k. 
Confla'grant,.a. burning together— ^featre^tt^a/^nta aneke, ekdgnite dagdha bd prajwaiita-^ 

ek kattha yd ek sdth jaJne w. hamsoz [agniwat, dtasbzadagi 

Conflagra'tion, s. a great fire or burning on buildings— £{a/ia, bydpakdgni — Idkwdi. agwdb , 
Confla'tian, *. the act of blowing many instruments together ; a meliing of meistl-^bd^yadam^ 

ekkdlin bahujantrephjtLn deon bd bddya karan ; .dhdtu drabyer galdna bddrab karan — qism 

qism bdjan ko ek dam se hajdne kd kam ; dhdt kd galan 
ConBi'ct, vn. to fight, to contest, to strive-^'uddha k, bibdd k, jhakard /r.— laf&d, jang fc. 

muqdbala k. qaziya k. ' [sate*^ 

Con'flict, s. a contest, combat^ struggle— jWd^a, lardi, birodk, kalaha—iaij^i, j^mgi muqdbala. 
Confluence, 8. a fio wing together — muhand, prabdka jog, nadnadir, sangama .f^Aaa— saDgam, 

ek sdth kd bahdo yi. jawar, darydou ke mefne ki jagah, te mohanf 
Con'fluent, a. runmn^ \6gel}aer--sangjuktat milita, ekdhird, eksrot,siihasruta''Cka^ib chalae 

wdle, ek sdth bahne w. 
' €on'fiu^, 8. a junction of currents— xan^am, nudyddii^ muhand—s^nium, darydoQ kd mel 
Confo'rm, v. to coniply with, to yield— sammata h. swikrita /i.— qabul k. rdzi h. 
Conformable, <z. agreeable, suitable, \ikfi--anvsdri, ekprahdr, agydnmat, agydjibaha, tvlpd — 

mudfiq, munasib, Idiq, mdnind ^ / 

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I CON '( ^^ ' ) CON 

Confbrma'don, s. d)S]>osttioii of parU-wiitHti, murfi, garan, rtip, dhap, (fau/— tarkib, banil- 
i wat, dSldaul, surat, clhab 

. Ccfoform Wt, «. one who complies with established rites— ra/a^agtc sefcrtpita mate shwikdrakdrif 
ritimate chalejet dhdrdbdhik-'io jo rit rasm muqiirrar bile unkd qabdl mansiir k. w. 
Confo'rtnity, «. compliance with, lil^, dgydnbahatwa, tulifntd, sddrishya^q^hnl, 

roaotdr, muw&faqat, mut4baqat,4na8h&bahat« tashin, mis^) 
Conforta'tion, s. the act of strenttthenini;— ^//x6a^ fc. pra6a^ fc.< sdbhyasta k. mhwdsabirdkan 

—mazhat karne yA zor dene k& k:lm, qiiwatilihi 

Ooofo'und, va. to mix, perplex with amazement — mishrita k. golmdf k. ghabardna, ahdk L\ 

npratibh /e.— raiUnd, maVhldt, k. ^harbA d. haTbar<4 d. ficesAih 

Confoufid'edly, ad. hatefully, shamefully — ghrinyardpe, nindUariipe — zabiini se, jaesharmi 

Confound'er, -5. one who destroys r« perplexes — nash}akdri, ghihardiyd deyje, udbignakdrak, 

— ^h^rat k, w. pdjmdl k. w. ghabr^dene w. gafhar k. w. 
Confratei'nity, 5. a brotherhootl— srtmpraday,5<iTOrt;— b^idclarf,bh"6fpan 
Confro'nt, v/t. to^face, to set face to face — dui adkhyir parnspnr dpatti^k. mukhdmuJehi k. bd 

h. — mnqabil^.sdmne k^ baham muwdkhiza k. 
Confro'nt^, pa. brought face to face— pa)*asptir snmnuikhabartit ubhye prastut haiyd bdddnu' 

Artrft— muqAbil kiyi hiU, donoa r6barii hokar dkhiz k. w. 
Confu'se, v«* to confouncl».blame, perDlex, abash— ^/uxiafrana, winrf/i k. ubdk k, bynkul k.-^ 

ghabr& d. dokhu^, maldmat k. hair^Q k. 
Confo'sion, «. perplexity, disorder, tumult, indistinctness — bhdhardnUgolmdlf dhumdhdm, 

aspnslitatwa — gafbaf^liat, abtari, ghoh n^khuKlsai 
Gontn'table, a. that may be disproved — kkandaniyUt aprdmdnyat m4ihyd-^hM karne ke Iai(f, 

jhiitHine jog, mardild karne ke q^bil 
Confuta'tion, s, act of disproving— Mfcya khandan, parihdr — butlao, ibt Al, ir<l<l 
Confu'te, va. to disprove, refute, ha.Sifi'-khankanf doah kdtan, parihdr /c.— biitil k. jb6th4nji, 

Conge'e, Conge', ». a bow, act of reverence — namnskdr, pvandm— S9.] Am, kornish 
Conged'elire, «. {coit-je'dt-Uer) leave to electa bishop {^n%.)—dhdrm'idhykhyapadebisheth 
byaktike nijukta karnndrtherdjagydn — barA P4dri ydne Bishop banane ki paf winagi yA izati 
Conge'al, v. to freeze, haroeo, grow stiff— liime jar ita h, skakta h, gdrha h. — ^jamnd, bJindhjilna,' 
munjamid h. • [munjaniid hone ke laiq 

Congea' table, a. that may be congealed— ;/»iroete jarita bd ghaim hailuir jogya — ^jamnejog, 
Congre'alQent, *. congelation, concretion— jarya, g/irhitii bhdh, ghanatd—ya,mAwKt, injimid, 
thakk^ [»a;<it»,up(y"ufct«-—liamjins,"ham tubal, hara ziti, tnun^sib, muwAfiq 

€onge'nial, a. partaking or the same nature natural, suitable — ekswabhdb, tuiua, swdbhdbik, 
Con'geon, «,. a dwarf, a little penon—kharhafbdman—hAw^nAtihnmkA, kotaqati 
Oon'ger, s. a large species of sea^eel- samudra/a bdin matsya 6is/i«s^— samaodar ki b&m- 

machhli ki ek qism 
Conge'rtes, s. (•.re-ex) araassof small bodies, a hQaLp—siikhyma bastu sangrot stnp, rdshi^^ 
chhofi chhoti jinsoakA dher, toda^ ambdr > * * [jama k. Ul k. dher k. 

Congo's t, va. to amass, to* collect into a hen.p—sanchay -k^stiipihhiUa k, ekatra k, — batornA, 
Conge«'tioo,». collection qf matter— s«»M;^y,d/»ipt—jam4oy dher » 

Congla'ciate, v,f»* she. J to turn into ice, Hcc, — himste tushdr bdndhan, jaler him-ini bd jarita 
bhdb fK—pA\Ak. barf }9.mnA - [golJsA banslna- 

Gonglo'bate, va. to gather into a ball — guldn(t, goldkriti k, hartulahat /c.— goliy&na, gdthhtnii, 
Congloba'tioD, «. a gathering into a ball— goid/fcar h. bd k. gui-ikd karan — goli, si bann^i .y<i k. 
ghurchi [— ghurchiyin^, chizoa ko batorke goUhakl k. ek got \A\ ban&na 

Conglom erate, va. to gather into around mass — bartuldkriti k. pindabat k. jardna, guiikd k, 
GoDglooaera'tion, $, a gathering into a round mass, a collection— jfo^aA:riti hriyd, sanchay— 
ghurcbi, pechtab, gnljhari, ijtim^ ', \bdjuriyd d.— saresh w. g. se jojrna 

Conglutina'tion, $. a joining by tenacious matter — dthdbat dxabya diyd sanjukta bd sanglagnak. 
Con gou, s, a sort of bohea tea— /rJ/4 chd bishesk^kilA cha ki'ck qi$m 

Congra'tulant, a, ( . gratsh-u,) rejoicing witii—mangaiagdyak, parer sufcAe«u/c/»i— mubarakbdd 
. Jc. w. tahniyatgo 

*Coograt'ulate, V. to wish ioy to, to compliment on any happy event — mangahi gdyan, parer 
mangoloddeshe bandand k. anyer sukhe sukhi haiyd mangalabadk. — mubdrakbad kahnd, niu- 
birttkbildi deqd, tahniyat k. 
•Congratulation, «. a wishing of i(yy—-maHgalabdd, mangaldcharan, parakalydne sukhaprakdsh 

/caranr— mubdrakbddi, badhdwa, tahniyat 

*CoDgrat'iilatoTy,«. expressing joy or pleasure— prtrersiifcAe swasukhaprakdshak^mangaldrthik — 

tahniyat&mez, mubdrakimazmdn,jismeubauh.'ii ho [muwi^Hqli. 

Congre'e, vn. to agree, to join, to accord— /natamata h.milan, aikya ^.— muttafiq h. melna, 

Congre'et, va. to salute mutually-^pflr^sparer mrtnga/«6ad bd na/nasKal/c. — ekdusre fed salam k. 

tarfain salam k. ' ' 

Congregate, a. collected, firm, close— e/catri 6/1 fUa, saiigsrishta, mi/it.'i, |rfea«a— batord hua, 
jama k, h: basta, munjamid, sangin, ghand ' . '. . ' 

Congregation, s. an assembly, collecliou of persons— »a6/i'S hkfisnmuha, man /a /i-^.imiy at 

majlis, guroh,,bh<f 
Con'gress, «. a meeting, the legislature of the IJuited States— s/i 6/1 i, rdjkarma nishpfdunathri 
sahhditkader $amdgam, desha saMYi— sabha, janjiyat, I nilcd Suiti.> jo Amyiika incu waqi liai 
us ki sarkar kd mulki kauu.^al 

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CON ( 100 ) . , CON 

• Congress'ive, a. roeetio$» encountering— muA.^fnu/c/it hay hd hars je pfiVatpar $akhyMkdri, 

parasparjuddhafedri — miine w.'rdbbarnh. w. baham rd f&ne w. muq&biU k. w. [h. ittifiq b. 

Congru'e, vn. to agree, to suit, to conform— mi/un, lagan, upaJtiJcta h. — miln^l, rauwiifiq h. s^zgir 

Congruence, s, agreement, fitness — mel, aikyUf sambanMia, . up<yuktatd — mei, mun4sab«t, 

muw^taqat, sazuw&ri 
Con'gruent, a, agreeing, corresponaent— samaH, tulya, milibd tdgeje, ufajukta — ^hik, muwi- 

tiq, hamwir. lAiq 

Coogru'ity, $, fitness, consistency, agreement — upajuktatdf sainabkdb, samajitoay •^muw&UqBiU 

ittifaq, mel, bar^hari [fiq, l&iq, munAsib 

Con'^ruous, a. fit, suitable, meet — samabhdbi, upajuktOt jogya, uchit — barow4r, t^ik, muwi- 

Co'nic, Conical, a. baving tbe form of a cone — uliuncltikriti, sapalejurt^aAnngi, giwdami, 

Conjec'tor, Conjee' turer, s. a guesser— anuffifii/afc, anumdn kartd, dlkol kare je — khiydl k. 

w. wahrai, qay&s k. w. atkalb^ 
Conjectural, a. [..ts/iure.] depending on conjecture — anumeya, anumdnasiddha, dnumdnik, 

bibechandsiddha — kUiyali, qiyAsi, gum^ni • 

^Conjecture, s. a gudss, supposition, surmise — anumdn^ anubhab, bodh, dfkol, bibechhnd — 

khiy^il, atkal, andaza, wahm 
pbnjecture, vn, to guess, to suppose— 6od/ifc. annmink, — qiyAs k. and^sa k. atkal k.khiy41 k. 
Conjo in, va. to connect, to unite — sangjog fc. joran— miland, lagdni, jocn^, paiwasta k. 
Conjoin'e(t pa. [..] connected, united, linked— san^/ujlcta, sangiagna, sangsriihta — mulbaq, 

paiwasta, oahami, mdqrun 
Conjointly, ad. in union, with united effotXa—eksdthe, ekatra haiyd — sharikat se, biHshtir&k, 
b'ilittiKq, elis^th [sambaodhi, bydb k& mut4llk] 

Conjugal, a, pertaining to marriage -bibdhab'uhayakf bibdha sambandkiya, baibdiaka — zauji, 
Con'jugate, a. that springs from one origiual — ekmulak, ekm^daja^jaikgik — sarfi, gard&oi 
Conjugate, va. to join, to inflect as verbs — sangjuktu k.jord d, dhdtu bd shabder Hip kmran— 

mildnii, tasrif k. gardanni^ 
Copjuga'tion, $, the form oi inflecting verbs— <^atu bd shabder rup samu^-sarf^ gard&Q, bib 
Conju'nct, a. joint, united, connected— sangy'u/cta, milita, Mii;<rwAfa— mildo, molhaq, 

Conjunc'tion, $. a meeting, union, league, bond — milan, sangam, sangjog, sanUtandha, sandJU-^ 

niel, ittis^l, paiwand, samhandh 
Conjunctive, a. serving to unite-^san^'og karandrtha, samuchchaya bodhakshabda — wasli 
Conjuncture, $, {. ,tshure\^ critical time, combination— ciai&at abasthd, bdrik samay,j(^ — aio- 

waqt, mel 
Conjuration, s. enchantment— nwntra, dhdhana mantra prf/fc— jfiddgarl, sihrk&ri, to^kA 
Con ju're. va. to summon in a sacr&d name— /cona pabitra ndmochchdrana dward alibdn le.—- kisi 

pdk nam ko parhrkar talab k. 
Con'jure, vn. to practise enchantments, &cc.^bhajabidyd prakdsh L gun k. mantra pd^h k, — 

jddn k. fasi)n khwdni k. 
Conju'red, pa. [. ."1 enjoined with solemnity— jaf/irtrt/ia rupe bhdr (i.>— sanjfdagi se takid k. 
Con jurer, s. au enchanter, a fortune teller— 6/ie//ct, kuhaki, baitdlik, mohani kartd — jadCigtr, 

afsungar, sahir, sihrkdr 
Conju'remeni, s. a solemn injunction— Jat/iart^a 6/i<ir — sanjida t&kid / panam 

Conna'scence, s. community oi hinh—samakiU janma, ekkalqtpaiti—fk waqt men paida yd 
Connate, a. born at the same time — ekkdiina, satna^cdlajat jamo/'a— bamzid, hampaidd, htm 
zamdn [sifdt, hamwdr, bardhar 

Connat'ural, a. [. ,tshu, .] suitable to nature, Wke—swdbhdbik, sahajdta, samatulya — sdtj, ham 
•Connat'urally, ad. by nature, originally- «i(?a6/iafeatafc, nijadharmubashatah-^zkxi «e, sifdti se, 

apnikhdsiyat se * 

Conne'ct, vtt. to link together, unite, tie— jor d. sangjukta k. sangsrishla k.juriyd bdadhan^ 

jofnd, milatia, la'^and, paiwand k. bandhna 
Connected, pa. linked together, united— san^sm/i.^a, sangjukta, sameta, jorita — muttasal^ 

mulhaq, paiwasta 
Conne'x, va. to unite together, to }oia— sangjukta k, sangsrishta &.— milana, mulhaq k. pai- 
wasta k. jornd 
Connex'ion, s. an union, a relation — sangjos^, sambandha, samparka-^me\, aldqa, nisbat, risfata 
Connivance, s. voluntary blindness— cte/c/iit/rt 7id dekiuin, jdniyd ndjdnd^-^ighmaz, chasm- 

poshi, taghaful, tasdhui 
Conni've, va. to wink at, forbear to see or blame— de/d/ityti chakhyudhdkhan bd nd dekkan, dosh 
Sfijhya k. shuniyd nd s^a/iau— ighmiz k. sunkhi'iichni, an^h chuipand, matiyinA,' ^nakani d. 
Connoisseu'r, $. ( ko-nes-sare ) a nice judge of tlie fine Arts— bUhesh bidydte ^tikhyma bibe- 

chak, gunaboddhd, bigyaa—k'isi fann mea khub kamil, y& parkhiya, w&qitk&r, bind 
Connubial, a. pertaining to marriage, n[iyU9.[^bibdhabishayak, buibtihikar bibdhajanita — 

sambandhi, bydb ka mutdliiq 
Centuri'tious, a. nourished together — sa^prafipa^ita— hamparwarda 
Conoid, $. a figure like a cone — «/<u/»Ja/cara wmr/t— sdrangi ya g&odumi shakl- 
Cunquass ale, va. to shake, to agitate— /arana, dhulana, a^oran--hiland, dulana, harakat d. 
Conquer, va. to overcome, to sutidue — parastak. hdrana,jitnn, bashtbhtiiak. — fatah k. jitai. 

taskh.r k. lam k. 
Con'queraMe, a. that may l.e sul dued— j<>yrt, paruhhabaniya — fdiiiLh karne kc qabil, magblub 

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CO.N ( 10^ ) CON , 

Con'flueror, i/o^e who subdues^or defeats— :;ayfcart<i,>yf, Wjay «~fatAhmand' jaim&Q, n^r, 
tafary&b ... - [taskhir 

i-on quest, *, victory, reduotioa to one 3 power— ^'ay, pardjay, pardbkab fcaran— fatah, zafar, 
Cooaanguin eous, a. related by birth or h\ood—gyditti, wjrotraja— hamzir, y6 harasar, ek lahn, 
qarib. egdna, kbesh [qardbat, eg&oagC 

Consanguinity, s. relation by blood or hinh—gydutitwa, sag>otrat<*— sa^f, kbeshi, harozAti> 
Conscience, «. natural knowledge, self-knowledge— 6i6e/c, sangtkdr, swadoshddoghagydn'-' 

fahm, bibek, samajh, zamir 
Conscien-'tious, a. ( ,she-en-ihui ) scrupulous, governed by conscience— dharmabhaye sandig^ha, 
dharmabhita'^im^ndAr, Khod^Urs, diyllnatd&r [qiil, khard, wdjibi 

Con'scionable, a. (.shun.,) reasonable, jaa^—juktUiddha, jathdrtha, prafcintu— sachd, md- , 
Con scious* a. ( ,shus) inwardly persuaded, knomus-^antargyduta, atmaboddhd, sachetan-^ 
^ w&qif, khudkhabar, agah '''. 

•Con'sciously, ad, with ini^ard persuasion— aMtorgyana piirbak, dpan gydntasdre, manojfig 
p»ir6afc— waqiif se, khud&g6hi se, tawajjuh se 

Con'sciousness, s. the knowledge of what passes in the mind— ontarfcodA, sangikdr, dtma- 
dcihtidashagydnr-wikqnf, khudllirdhf. tamiz - 
Conscript, a. written; «. an enrolled militia man— iifcWfa, Idchd—s. nabya joddhd^UkhA- 

haa, navishta— «. nay4 sipihi y^ lai&k 
Con secrate, va, to hallow, to dedicate solemnly— iangrsfcar k. hhwaroddeshe uisarga bd iamar- 

pita *. abkUhek /c.-r-niyAz kara»l, pratisthA k. sankalp k. 6da k. 
Consecration, s. the act'of making sacred, or devoting to sacred uses— pratM^/w, abhiskek, 

lUsflr^at-HsangskAr k. fiddk pratishiha 
Consec utive, o. following in order o) a senes—kramdnwavi, kramrigata—mni^b, mutasalsal 
Consem mate, va. to sow mixed seeds— mis^nta nana prakdr bija bapan^ ek khyetre bibidha 

bij chfiardna-^h^r raqam k4 milihui tukhm bonA 
Consen sion. Consent, s. concord-^meZ, sammati, etdbhiprdy—me\, ittifaq, raziimaodi 
Consent, vn. to agree, to accord in inind or v/ii\^sammatah.' ekjuktih. ekpardmarsh4i h.-- 

muttafiq h. r6zi h. meln6, rizA d. ekr6i h. 
Consentaneous, a. agreeable, consistent— aniyViyi, anusdri, tuly dbhipr ay— mnx&hiq, muwAfiq 
Consen tient, a. agreeing, uniting in opinion— Mtmmata, ekjukti, £kchitta, ekbdkya—nz&mdiud, 

muttafaq, ekdil, ekrdi 
Con'seqoence, s. tha^ which follows, effect, inference— anioay, samanwayy phalitdrtha, phal, 

anumdn, ami^rittt— mdhasal, arthit, natija 
Consequent, o. following natufaliy—^cramanwoyt, anusdri, nimittak, sheshdnta, anukritta— 

mutaaqib, mutdbiq, muwdfiq, muntaj, rouakhkhar 
Consequen tiaJ, a. conclusive, important— aiar, 6/i«rt— qatai,.bh6ri 
Con sequent} y, ad, by consequence or effect— pfcakfafc, philtdrthe,ataeb, sutardng, tadarihe^ 

banaiijtt, lih^zA, zardratan, uswaste 
Conserv ancy, s, courts held for the preservation of the Bshery in the river Thames— nadt'r 
matsya rakhyandrthe chauki ftwfces/i— daryAki machhii ki hiffiaat ke w&ste io chauki rakhi 
jati ^ai •' 

ConseiVa'tion, «. act of preserving, preservation— ra/cAyan, rakhyandbekhyan — hif&zat, mu- - 

hAfizat,jatan,nigdhbAnT ^ » n n ' 

Conserv ative, o. having power to preserve— ra^/ty/xnafears, khyayanibdrak-^hkfa., hifdzatgar 
Conservatory, j. a place for preserving things— rafeAya«t^n,rak/tyam'ya busturdkhibdr ithdn 
— hiftzat ki jagah, chizou ko hifazat mea rakhhe ki jagah f gulshakar 

Con serve, i, a sweetmeat, preserved fruit— mir/ifti, ww/iirfnna— mithdi, murabba, gulqand, 
Conse rve, va, to preserve or c^indy fruits— mi</irft k, mishtdnna pdk fc.— murabba banini, 
~ muhfii pak(En& . r • '' 

Conserv'er, *. a preparer of conserves ; one who lays" up or preserves— nit/ Aaifear, modafc ; , 

rak/wa kartd, raWtyoifc— mith&igar j hdfiz, hifdaatgar 
Consid er, v, to examine, to regard, to doubt— 6*6ec/uina k\ thdharan, bitarka fc.— sochnA, 

ihabrnA, atkalnA [kam niWa 

Consid'erable, o. worthy of regard; not trivial— nwinya, bhdri ; iag/m nay— buzarg, assim ; 
Consid erably, ad. in a considerable degree— atj, atishay, feofeu— ziyAdatarin, bahutsi 
Consid erate,;«. thoughtful, prudent— 6i6e/c2, buddkimdn, dhir, Mtorica— dhyAni, fahmida, 

mntaammil, ddrandesh 
Consid erately, ad. with thought and prudence— bibechandpurbak, dhire, snbadhdnpurbak-^ 

uammul se, tidbir se, thahrke, dqildna , . 

i?2r?* ^on, $, serious thought, prudence, motive, recompense— ma nojoy, sdbadhdnatd, 

bibechand, ketu, pratiphal—dhy&n, khiyal, lihdz, ddrandeshi, sabab,jazi [sompni 

Consign, va. [.sine] to send or intrust— samarpon, 6Aar d«on— hawila k. tafwiz k* amdnat 
Con« goment, s. act of consigning, goods consigned— ^oo/i/iajia, gachhita /i/ian4di— taslim, 

Utwiz, supurd, amanat k. g. chizeu 
ConsimilMty, s. a common likeness— stirfrisfcya, samata— tashUh, tumAsul, mumdsalat 
Const St, vn. to be made up of, to stand, or Me—tattatdrabyete haon, hartan, tishlhan, thdkan, 

ftaow— murakkab h. bannA, matfjad h. rahna, bond 
Consist ence. Consistency, $. the natural state of bodies, agreement, substance, form—it/iiti, 

abastfui, bhdb, rUp, <ifc(ir— Hasti, wajdd, hAlat, gal, dasa, dhab 
Consist ent, a. agreeing, contbrmed to, congruous— wn^aia, samanwita, talya, upajukta — 

munasib, muwahq,sam^n, mutAbiq, Uiq i 

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CON ( 102 ) CON, 

G«B«i8t'eiitly. ad. with agreement or suitableaesi— 5ama6^6e, upnjuktamate, jogyamate — mu- 

•b&bihat se, roun&sibat se, liyiqat se 
Consisto' rial, a. relating to a consistory — dharnuuabhd bishayak bd tatsatnbandhiya — din ke 

bab mco jo ijlds hoti hai us se nisbat rakhne w. 
Consist'ory, s. a spiritual court, an assembly — dharma iabhd, jonajamu^-r-wuh ijl^ k^ jo din 

ke b&b,mea log karea, jamiyat > 

Conso'ciate, «. [. .sAe.] an accomplice, a partner— wftAf, sangi, angthi — s4jhf, hamrdh, sharlk 
•Conso'ciate, vd. to unite in a body— cfcatra k, mandali k, sangjukta fc.— ekatihi k. ekaug 

k' mii4n& 
^Consocia'tion, «. alliance, a meeting — mil, fandhi, sabhd — mel, ittiffiq, sabh^, jam<(o 
Conso'lable, a. capable of being consoled — sdntwaniyn, prabodhaniya^-dWAs&p^zir, tasatlfirfr 

honekeq&bll, khitirjama hone jog [tiijamai, dild?^, dhdra? 

Consola'tion, i. alleviation of misery— liinrtcanci, dshwis, dnhkhopaiham — tasalli, task{n, kh^- 
Coosoratory, a^ tending to yield consolation— s^ntio^n^janafc, prahodhak, dshwdsajanak — 

tasalli bakhsh, taskio bakh^h, dr6m dib, gam gusfir ^ 

Conso'le, va. to comfort, cheer, revive — adntwandk, maner jprabodhd. bd janmdna, dshwds 

k.— tas^lH d. taski'n d. kh&tirjamaid. 
Con'soler, «. one who gives comfort — dihioddcdrit sdntioanddtiyak — tasalli bakhsh, taskin bakh!»b 
Consol'idate, v. to harden, to combine— sAakf a k, drirha k, ekatra k, santgrishfa k, — sakht k. 

muojamidk. b6ndhnd,iam&D& ' , 

Conaolida'tion, s. act of making or becoming hard or firm, nnion of things — drirha h, bd k, 

ghanabhdb, sangsrishtatd, sangjog — bastagi, injimdd, jam&wal [muwAfaqat 

Con'sonance, s. agreement of sounds, accord — swaramtl, tulyatd'—iAT y& iw&z k& mel, ittifdq, 
Coo'sonant, s. articulation, a letter denoting the junction of the organs of speech— ^M^an/an ba 

WaakAyar samti^— harf-i-sahih, hal - \ [nAsih, l&iq 

Con'sonant, a. agreeable, consistent — sumel^ anu$dri,jogya, upajukta — muwdfiq, q&btl, mu- 
Con'sQnous, a. harmonious, musical — sushrdbya twar, suswar^ mithiasmar — ek sdr, khushftwaz 
Consopia'tion, «. the act of laying to sleep— wpta h. nidrnkri$hfa h, ghumdna, nidrdbcuthd, 

shayan—~soQ&, hambistar h. nindj^n»i, Ardm k. [khaSam, hamkhw4ba, siithi, sftjbi h. 

Con'sort, «. a wife or husband, a companion— strt bd <wamt, sahabdstf angshi, idthi — ^jord y^ 
Con'sortf t?. to associate with, to marry — sahabds k. sahabdsi h, $ange gamanbd rdkhan, bibdha 

k. — suhbat k. eksdt r. hambistar h. bydh k. [tawdn^i, bind!, basrat, mushdhida 

Conspectu'ity, t. sense of seeing, view — detrshanashaktit darshanendriya, drishli—dekhne ki 
Conspicu'ity, s. brightness, clearness — dipti, parishkdr, swachehhatd, supitikdth —, 

chamkdhat, 6jdlfti, zdhiri^ safii « [aldniya, khuJA, mashndr 

Conspic'uous, a. open to the view, obvious— subya/cta, suprakdsht rpashlay bikhydta — zdbir, 
Conspicuously, ad, plainly, openly— prakdshrHpef byakta bhdbe — zdhiran, namuddri se 
CoQspic'uousness, s. openness to view, cleBmes^^sudrUhyatd, prakdshatioat subyaktatd — 

zahiri, namdddri 
Coospir'acy, s. a plot, comlMnation for evil — kumantrandf-kukriydlcttrandrthe aneker-aikyatd 

bd ekbdkyatd, chdtar, dmmantrir chakra — bandish, sdzish, gosbt, kisi bad kdm karne ke 

wAste bahut log kd sdzish karnd 
Gonspir'ator, Conspirer, s, a plotter— diirmaneri, rdjdroha cheshfAk^ kupar^marsAi f-badan- 

deshi, mufsid, badsaldhi, baghi, hamr&z ^ , ' 

Conspi're, vn. to unite for kn evil purpose, to unite or meet for any purpose— J« kona dusk- 

karme bisheshatah rdjdroha karandrthe ekbdkya haiyd pardmarshp. k. mantrand k. —bandish 

k. bddshdh kimukhalifi meu sdzish k. muttahq h. maslahat k. [gandagf, najdsat 

Conspurca'tidn, s. defilement, pollution— &Krask<a k.apabitratd.bkrashlatd — nip4ki, altidagi. 
Con 'stable, «. an oflScer of ihe peace— ko/d/, chaukiddr^ dandandyak—th&ne6i.r, ndiir,. 

kotwAl * [nazdrat, kotwdii 

Con'stableship, «. the office of a constable— ^otd^t, chaukiddrer pad bd karma-^ih^nedAfi, 

Con'stancy, «. fixedness, firmness of mind, steadiness— stAiraM/ sihairjya, qchdnchalya^ 

' dhriti — subiit, istiqrdr, ustwdrf , qardr 

Constant, a, firm, fixed, faithful in aflPection — atAtr, sthdyi, drirha, nitya, $thirnchiUa^ 

suprataieta^sAhitt musthakm, mustaqim, atal, qariri ' [barqar&r, aladdawdm 

Constantly, ad. invariably, firmly — niyata, nityOf ekhhdbe, sthairjyaj>iirbak—hz.j6im^ 
Constella'tion, s. a cluster of fixed stars— rasW, nakhvatra, tdrdsamiiha— bur'], rds, eit^ra, t»4ia 
Consteroa'tion, s. terror that confounds — atibhay, bismay, bhebd chekd lagan — dar, bairat, 

sargard&nf, ghabrdhat fgarhd k* qabz k. 

Con'stipate. va. toi crowd, to make costive — nihira k. ghana k. koshlhabaddha k.^gii^h k» 
Constipa'tion, i. act of stuffing, cosiiv^nesa^gdddgddif gddiyd bharan, koshtha baddka — 

^hdsnd, bastagi, qabz, inqibdz - fjiballi, zAti 

Constituent, a. (Mitsh-u-ent) essential, Tea.l—swdbhdbik, m«/t, mdlaja,dbashyak—hs\i^\thi\qi, 
Constit'uent, $. a person who appoints-r-niyog-kartri, nijojak, nijoktd— munfb, muqarrar k. w. 
Constitute, va.. to make, appoint, depute — karan, janmnna, utpddan, niyog k. pade nijukta 

k. prcrcn-=-ban6nA, paidd k. muain k. muqarrar k. bhejna, tain k^ . 

Constitu'tion, s. frame of body, mind, or government — dhdtur gundgun, swabhdb, prakriti, 

charitra, de$hdchdr, rdjyaniti — va\t.fC], tabiyat, tinat, sirisht, zabt rabt, intizim, zdbita- 
Constitu tional, a. according the con slilu lion —s«;dfefcafrit7f, dkdtvghalita^ prakrita, rdjyani- 

tisiddha, deshdchdrdnnjdyi — khilqi, zatf, aglijibalii, sharai, rAij, hasb^i-zdbita 
Con'stitutive, a. that constitutes or establishes— ridi/crtjaw, mnlibhutft, stAnpa uakaVi— asl, 

bunyAdi, tAin k. w» muqarrar k. w. 

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CON • ( 103 ) CON 

Constra'in, '«a. t© compel, force, votk^ne—anichckhdiekona karme prabarta k. baldtodrd 
nijukta bd swikrita k. dtak k, bad^ha /c.— zabardasti se kisi kum ko Iag&Q6 y6 qab61 kar&oft, 
. atkind, qaid k. 
Cbnstra'inable, a. that may be constrained— -ia/' vitp^'ra pra6artanti/a—zor y6 zabardasti se 

kar6ne V^ Uiq 
Constra'int, s. compulsion, violence— 6a/atl:ar, bale jirhbartan fc.— zabaidAstf» zor, zulm 
Constric'tioD, s, contraction, compression'— «'an^fcocA, kuujkarant rhdsa j/rrfpau— sikor, sirotio, 

kamti , ' • [sametnA 

Constrin'ge, va. to contract, to compress — tankochan^ sankuchita k, kuukardna — sikofni,. 
Constriagent, a., .binding, contracting — kunthanahdi-i, ^ankochak, rhdswakdri --hAndhne w. 
saroelne w. sikorne w. [bio^ k. naqshak..daul d. 

CoQStru ct. va, to build, to form, or erect— nirman k. garattt granthan, go/Z/an— Iban&na, 
Construc'tion, 4. form of hyilding or edifice, meaning, verbal arrangement— /?aran, rachand, 

shabder artha, iiiahdabinyds—ikmU^ bifn&wa|, taqrir, tarkib,'maBm6n, samdis, mel 
Construct'ure, «. ( ,,tshure) a edifice— g-HAa, afidlikd, ghar — imArat, aiw&o, qasar 
Cons'triie, va, to translate or interpret— art//a k. anubdd bd bhdshdntara /c.— tarjaroa k. rabt d. 
Constu'prate, va, to violate.lo debaucli^Mra</i/a k.jdti bd uititwa ndsh k,-~ I igij:n&, khar^b k. 

bar&mzin&k. [hamasll, hamjins 

Consubstan'tial, a. of the same substance — satnamulak, $amabastti, ananyabastu — hamzat, 
Consubstan'tiality, s. [. ..5^0.. .] participation of the same nature — samabatttitdf unanyabaiiutwa,. 

snTnamHUikatd—hdim z6t], ham jinsi, ham asll 
'^Consubstari'tiate, vn.\o unite in substance — samabhdbe sangsrishta k, eklastu kdriyd rdkhuf* 

bd fnaiian— ek )ins k^^ek ch!z j^nnA, ham jins kar fakhn& 
*Con»:ixb8tantia'tion. s. union of the body of Christ with the sacramental elements— T^^rtM/tya 

bhoja sangskdrer khtidya peyadrabya pratishtkdkariyd tdhd ebang Idnhdr rakta s/iarirer 

iamabhdb bd ek bustutwa haoyd — Hazrat I'si ke y^d meu jo rotl khdte halo aur' sharAb pite 

hai|i„ us roti mea hazrat I's& kA. badan aur shardb men un k& lahu miljin& 
Conftue'tude, s, f.swc] custom, usage— ?-iti, dhdrd, byabahdr^ c/iit/aM— chAl, rit, suluk, 

dastiGr, rawfij, z6bita 
ConVuiyf. a chief officer in ancient Rome '; a commercial agent — Rumiya sarba prajdr. 

tvoaprai^Htwa kale pr-adhdn byakti bd rdjkarmakdri ; hideihanihdsiswajdtiya bdnijyQ bynpdr 

nirbdha karandrthe fiadastha byakti bishesh^wuh i^hakhs ki jo Riim ke. rdiyatou ke apne 

mulk entiz^m karne ke waqt h&kim the; jo sbakhs ki/Saudagari kdm sarbardh ke wdste 

ddsre mulk mea wakil muqarar bote hai « [shakhs k& mutaalliq 

Con'sulac, a, [.s/iu.] pertaining to a consul— at byaktir pada bishaydk, tatsambandhiya — walii 
* Con'sulate, Con'sulship, «. office of a consul— piirbakta byaktir bishesh pad bd kar:Mi 

— Rdmki qadim hakimi yftjuiibf 
Con'suU, va. to ask advice of, to debzie—pardmarsha laon,juktigrahan, parer tahit bibecktmi 
.bd bichdr k, — maslahs^t k. saUh I. mashwarat k. 
ConsuU'ation, «. act of cpnfiu)ting— panimars/ui jigydnsd, jukti grakan—sMh khw^hf, mash- 

warat lenA 
Consu'mable, a, that may be consumed— d/ijAyo, khyayniyay fcAaditaiya- jalnejog, tahlilpazir 
CoDsu'me, va. to waste, spend, destroy— lc/ii/ay k, byay k, nJ«/i k. fc/wo»— ghirat k. talaf k. 

kbarch k. p4em6l k. ' * / [h- kh^yfi hU 

Consu'med, pa. [..] wasted, devoured— wpacAita, bhakhyita, na»A,^a— gh&rat k. g, paimal k. - 
CoDSu'mer $, one who consumes, or destroys — khyayakdri, ndshalc, khddajc — uji,vi, musrif, pie- 

mdl k. w. . [nib&hni, p6ri k. 

Consam'mate, va, to complete, to perfect — satnpanna k, samdpta k, tampiirna /c.— tamam k. 
Coosumma'tion^ s. completion, end — samdpti; sampddan, shesh, udydpan, sdnga — tamdrai, 

saranj&ro, itmim, 6khir 
Consunjp'tion, <. a wasting disease, a wasting— &Ay^2/arog-,Jaicftvmd— sill; cbhairog 
Consumptive, a. destructive, inclined io couBumptioa-~khyayakdri,ndshak,lJtyayarogagrasta 

— p&em&l k. w. masldl 
Contab'ulate, va, to floor with boards— -fca/^er pdtd diyd meje nirmdn k. — takhtabandl k. 
Con'tact t. touch, close imion-^sangsparshu, sangjog, tangshUth, saughatand— Initio, mel, 

ittisAl, ilh&'q 
Contac'tion,'«. the act of touching — sparsha i^aran- chhdh6wa|, mas 
CoDta'gioD. s. [...J secreted matter of a diseased body, that may communicate the disease — 

ehhut, sangirabadosh, tajjanita byddhi, roga bistaran — sariit, marz kA phailio, t&assur 
Conta'gious, a, having the quality of infecting— sgnc/iarair, spirshdkrdmak, chhoyducht janak 

— sArf; mdsir, jis men sariit krkhissiyatho 
Contain, va. to hold, comprise, restrain — rdkkan, dharan, dutaut bhttkta bdsdmil k, bdran k, 

— rakhni, samind, sbdmil k. mushtamilkl thdmnd, roknd 
Conta'iDable, a, that may be contained— 6m^s/i ddhdre rdkhite pdrdjdy jahn, dufibdr bd 

dharibdr jo^a— samdne ke qdbil, antnejog [k. dlnda k. ganda k. 

Contam'inate, va, to defile, to pollute— Mraa/ita k^ ashuchi' k. nashla ft.— napdk k. bhrasht 
CoDtam'inate, a. polluted, defiled— fnatin, bhrashia, sakaUuika, apai^itra— ndpdk, najis, 

asudh, bhrasht , . [dliidagf 

Contamina'tion, s. defltement, pollution— oj^uc/uM, apabitratd,bhrashtabhdb — ndp£kl, chhdt, 
Conte'mn, va. U tern] to despise, hate, neglect— /i«i/a^an k. ghrind k, abagydu k. qnddar k, 

— baqir jdand, ihdnat k. past samajhnd, makrdh jannd, kardhiyat k. gbin k. 
Contemp'^r, Contemp erate, vo. to moderate by mixture— teja rhds kara\i, anya drahya 

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• CON ( 104 ) ' . co^ 

mishdivii ushnatfi bd ugrdta rhds k. Mtnaid /(.— tarltib se durust k. yd nana k. kisi chfz men 

* aur chizen iniUlcar us ki tezi yd garmf ko kamdnd 
<^6ntenQp'erament,«. moderated degree — samatd, kinchit tejarhdi, guner kinchit alpatd — iatiddl, 

darj-i-muatadil, tezi y& khissiyat ki thori kaiwri 
Contempera'tion, s. the act of tempering— ^iparit dhgrma bishhhla dralya mi^hran dwdrd 

koiia drahyer guner rhds kararC—mutitzdil karnd, maddhara karae ki. Kum, kisi cbiz mea 

d(\sri chfz melftkar uski tezi ko kamdnd [bicharnd, taammul k. mashq k. 

Contem'plate, v. to muse, meditate, study.— dfcy4n k. chintd k. thdhan, abhyds fc.— feochnd, 
Gontempla'tion, s. meditation, study— dhydn, bibechatid, abhyds — taammul, gnaur, mnl&haaa, 

mashq [mutafakkif, undeshamand 

Oontemplarive, a, studious, thoughtful — dhydni, bhdbandjukta, chintdnwiia — mutaaromtl, 
Contempla'tor, «. one employed in meditation — dhydnkartd, chintdkdrif bibech<ik — taammul 

k. w. fikr k. w. sochne w. ghaur k. w 
Contenip'orary, s. one who lives at the same time with another— samaJca/iAr, ekkdlubartif 

samakdlaja, eksdmayik — hamasr, hamwaqt, hamahd 
Contemp'orary, Confempora'neous, a. living at the same time, co-etaneous — samakdliH, 

ekkdlirit samabayaska — hamasr, bamwaqt, hamjol: [k. hamwaqt k. 

Contemp'orise, va. to make contemporary— efc kdlesthdpan, samakdiin kariydrdlchdn-—hikmmt 
Contempt, s. act of despising, hatred of what is medin—abaheld, tnchohhagydn, rhrind — 

hiq&rat, ihdnat, kardhiyat, mazammat ^ [haqir, subuk. khwdr, n&chfz, pdji 

Contempt'ible, o. deserving contempt, mean — heya, ghrindrhot tuchehaniya, tuchehhn — zalll, 
Contempt'ibly, ad. meanly, piufuWy—ninditarttpeftuchchhe^ tdehchhalyapurbak — hiq&ritte, 

khwdrf se, kar&hiyat se .[sa^r^— maghrdr, mutakabbir, beadab 

Contempt'uous, a, [..ts^.] scornful, haughty — tdchchhrrlya kdri, anddarukdrit ahangkdri, 
Conte'nd, v. to strive with, to contest— iirorf/i fc. bibdd k.jhakard fc.— jhagarnd,lafnd, muq&bala 

k. qaziya k. ' [hutjatf, qaziya k. w. fisftd k. w. 

Contend'er, «. one who contends, or disputes— fetrorffef, hibddt, kala/ti, dwandaji — ^jhagarae w. 
Conte'nt, a. saty^fied, quite willing— ntr^^anfc/f^^^, tripta, swikrUa, sammata, «autiM/i/a— rdzi, 

raz&mant;), khushn6d 
Conte'nt, s. satisfaction of mmd—xhinti, jtaritriptir nirdkankhyd — khushi, qaniat, saotokb 
Contenta'tion, ». satisfaction, content— fr/pti, shdnti, a«pn/irf— razdmandi, knushl, qandat, seri 
CoQtent'ed, pa. satisfied, pleased, quiet — tripta^ tush(a, shdnta, khydnta-'BeT^ rdzl, khusb, 

rautawakkil, santokht 
Conten'tioh, s. strife, quarrel, debate — birodh, jhakard, dwandwa — qaziya, jhagfd, mubdbaea 
Conten'tious, a., J]. .shiis'\ disposed to contend, perverse— fcirorfAf, kundaliyd, katahi -jbaffdld, 

bakheriyd, hujjati, takrdri franjfda, bezdr 

Content'less, a. uneasy, dissatisfied— atripta, atushla^ bitushfa — ndrdz, bechain, ndkhush, 
Content'ment, s. satisfaction, gratification— n?5^prz^d, paritriptif shdnti, santosh — khushi, serf, 

Conte'nt's, s. the heads of a book, index — nirghanta, s^ji — fihrist [paiwasta 

Conterm'inous, a. bordering,touching— tt>ast)ra, sannihit, eksimd, sanglagna — lagdo, mild bd4, 
Con'test, 5. a dispute, debate, quarrel — bibdd, dwandwa^ kalahti^ ^ bdddnubdd — mojddala, 

mubdhasa, qaziya, takrdr [hujjat k. takrdr k. mubandsa k. zidJ 1^. 

Contest. V. to dispute, wrangle, to vie with-— 6i6ad 7c. bdddnuhdd k. drddri k. — qaziya k. 
Contest'able, a. that may be disputed— 6iro<i/»arAtt, aspashta, aj/rdrnd-'ik-^hziiS karae ke Uiq, 

hujjat koqdbii [bunnd 

Conte'x, va. to weave together — bunank, bunane mishrita k, — do chiz ko bdham biuDd yd 
Con'text, s. series or order of discourse— W«/i«a'/i bachaner purbdpara bdkya — mato, qaHpa, 

ibdrat, mazm(in [tarkib, btudf 

ContjBxt'ure, s. an interweaving, texture — bunaner dhdrd^ bunat, kdparerbundni — bnndirat, 
<!Jonligu'ity, «. close position, contact — sannikarsAa, antikcitdf ^rigran— ittisdl, mel, was>, jof 
Contiguous, a. adjoining, touching, adja^cent— sannifca/, tirastn — muttasil , mild h6d, paiwasta 
Con'tinence, or Con'tinency, s. forbearance of sensual indulgence— iwdr»'ytf</am<m, satttwa, 

kdmddi nip^aha, upadan— pdrsdi, parhez^dri, taqwd, shahwatparasti kd ijtindb 
Con'tinent, j. a great extent of land — mahndw\p,abichchhinna bhumi — mahddip 
Con'tinent, a, not indulging in pleasure, moderate— ^/ttendrti/a; sddhu, uishkdm — parhesgdr, 
' pdrsd, zdhid, mujtanib, muhtariz, beshahwat 
Con'tingent, a. accidental, casual, uncertain — daibaghatan, daibddhiiif dkutmih, ani$hehit~^ 

krlzxy ittifdqi, sanjogi, ndmuqarrar, ghairmiiaiyan ♦ 

Con'tingent, s. chance, proportion, quota— gfca/antya angsha, arshibe jt angsha bd bhdg 

— iftifdq, wdqa, sanjog, anddz, hissa [paiham, mutawdtir, lagdtdr 

•Contin'ual, a. incessant, uninterrupted— ntyafa, abirata^ nitya — damddam, ddim, muddm, 

Contin'ually, ad. without intermission— iatata, abirdme^ anabarata — hamesha, muddm, 

Contin'uance, s. duration, abode '-st/iiti, sthdyitwa, nityatd, 6a<at<— muddwamat, hameshagl, 

paiddrf, suknnat, bud o bdsh 

Contin'uate, a. continual, uninterrupted — ablrata, annntart a6^a6<f{2^n— lagdtdr, mutawdtir 

Continua'tion, s. constant succession — nityatd, dnupurba, abichchhinna kram, parampard— 

. mud^wamat, tawdtar, hemeshagi, lagdo 

Contin'ue, V. to remain in the same state, to dwell, to preserve, to last— «k abaithdy thdhan^ 

tishihan. rahan, teiikan,sthitik. tilfan, nirasta nd /laon— ek hal tfien rahnd, thdrood, sukii- 

nat k. bahdl rahnd, barpd lahna 

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C O K ( 105 ) , CON 

Cotttinu'ity, «»ttoioterrupiedconii^tion--«MchcMiYifia 6^6, abyabadhdnatd, sthiti, thdkd, 

tekd — ilh&q» lagitir, mudawimat« p4id&ri * [pher£D&, ghamdni 

Coato'rt, ta. to twisty writhe, tura — pdk d. mdchar^n, dkunchaut moran — ainthn&, marofnft, 
Conto'rtioQ, t. a twisting, a writhing — nwchard, dkunchan, pdkldgd bd pard, mor^n— ainth. 

pech, maroi& ' * , . [4aul 

Coa'tpur, «. the outline of a ' figure— murtir ^aul, garan, a^h— naqsha, shakl, 'suiat k& 
Cott'tra, a Latin preposition signifying against, used as a prefix in compound words-^- 

ruddha, prati, biparit, ityddi artha bodhak upasarga — yih L&tin zub&n k& ek harf bbi jo 

murakkab alffiz mea muqaddam karke miliy& jfit.'i hai, aur yih khilaf ki m&ni rakhti hai 
Con'traband, a. unlawful, forbidden— mjfttdt^Aa, abihita, akartabya — man&> inamnda, mah- 

joj, barjir 
Con tract, t. an agreement, bargain— pan, niyam, c/tufcti^qauliqar&r, ahd o pairo&n, hor, chuktl 
Contract'ible, a. that may shrink— sankochaniy a, kunchanajogya, sankhyepaniya — siko^ne ke 

q&bil| 9ame(nejog, ikhtis&rpaair 
Contractile, a. capable of contracting — sankochi, kwnehanashil^ kuiikaraniyd~'9\W^ixe k« 

q&bil, akarnejog, sametpazir ' , ' 

-CoDtrac tion, s. a shrinking, a shortening, abreviation— fetxncAan, mnkoch, rhasvoa karan, Man' 

khyepsimx&o, jakfio, jakf^ihat, ikhtisir 
Cpntract'or, si one who conttacta— san&oc^ft, chuktikdrak, phurdn kariyd lay je — aametne 

w. sikofne w, ^hikedar» mustajir, katkanad&r 
Contradi'ct, va. to deny, gainsay, oppose — kathd kdtan, bitanid k, pratibdd h, — radd k . 

baraks bolna, barkhilaf kahn&, jh^thland, zidd k. * TkhiUf w. g. kahne w. 

Contradict'er, t. an opposer, a denier— prati6^t, bibddi, bitan4dkdrak—ziddii, radd k. w. 
Contradic'tioQ, i. a denying, denial, or gainsaying— ^at^iiita/an, bitan4<i, bdkya khandan, 

pratibdd — kbii&f, mu&raza, palt^o 
Contradict'ory, a. contrary, inconsistent — ultd, biparit, asangata, biniddha — barkhiUf, 

baraks, mukh&lif, ndmuw&fiq, mukhtalif , 
Contradistinc'tioo. «. distinction by opposites — baiparitya, baildkhyanya, bisheif^j blied; gu- 

fiaporthafeya— mnkhdlafat, takh^luf, ikhtil&f [Uf, kajrawi 

Coatraregula/ity,s. difference from rule— niyama teipartty^— khilAfdastiirS, q&ndn ke barkhi- 
Contra'riant, a. inconsistent, cross — blparit, biruddha,asammata, khyepd^nAmnwa^q, n&mu- 

t&biq, barkhil&f, magri 
Con'traries, t. propositions that oppose-^pratipaHya, anyathdbadadway — azd&d, zidd&a * 

Contxar'iety, s. opposition, inconsistency—^atpartti/a, biparjyay, byatyay,anyathd^ananusdr 

— khilaS, mukb&lafat, nimuw&faqat, ikhtiUf 
Con'tranly, ad. in an opposite manner— anj^at^y, bipceritabhdbe, anyamate— barkhil&f» 
' baraks, n&mut£\>aqat se 
Contra'riwise, ad. on the contrary— 6i/att&rame, ulfdmate, anyatkhdrame — baraks, barkhilif 
Coo'trary, a* opposing, disagreeing— 6tpartt, bit-uddha, pratikiil, &i2o»i— mukhilif, ult&, . 

Con'trast, s. opposition in things of alike kind — bailakhyanyat parasvar anaikya, bhinnft 

battur tuland bd ^u^^&aman— muq&bala, hamjins chizou men k^ ikhtiMf 
Contra'st, va. to place in opposition— para<par«r baiparitya prakdsk Ic. bhinna bastur tuland 

d, mildiyd bishesha ^aQpari— muqabala k, baraks J&n^ [muqabala k. h. 

Contrast'ed, pa. placed in opposition— porasparer tuland deoyd giydchhe je bastadway-^ 
CoQtravella'tion, «• a parapet raised by besiegers— pratt6and^/c berd, pratirodhak prdchir 

bi^tesh—mtiWi kH kamgur& jo qile ke muhlsir log uthAte haiu [r..b&z r. firn^, rokn& 

Contrave'ne, va, to oppose, to obstruct— &a<iA4janmana, bydgkdt bd pratirodh k, — mahrdm 
Contraven'tiou, s. opposition, viola^on—6yig^t ftara, dlak, atikram, anyathdcharan — mu- 

kh&lafat, rouz&hamat> shikastagi 
Contrib'utary, a, paying tribute to the same sovereign — ekrdjdr adhin, ananya kartdr adhin, 

eker bash haiyd karaddyi — ekhl h&kim ka muU, ekhi p^h&h ko khiraj denew^le 
Contrib'ute, v, to give, to bear a pdict—sdhdjya kariyd deon, angsha d, chda4^ d,—den&, bakh« 

shish mea madad k. ch&ndil d. ^ [madadgfo 

Contrib'nting, pa. assisting, helping— anu^fti, tahdy, upakdi t— bakhsish men madad k. w. 
CoDtribu'tion, s. act of contributing, sum given — mdtkat, chduidd, angsha, kinchit arthaddn — 

chdnda, bakhshish, bihrS, hissarasad 
Contris'tate', va, to make sorrowful — duhkhi fc, bhdband janmdna, udbigna k.— ghamgin k. . 

ud^ k. dilglr k. dukhdni 
Con'trile, a. truly penitent, broken-hearted for sin— anuiftoc^t, anutdpi^'bhagnamandhi pdpa- 

janita duhkha^atta^mntissif, sakhtpashem&n, gunih par dilshikasta o nidim f t&ssuf 

Contri'tion, t, sincere sorrow for sin— anutip, doshaja kheddpii—p^chhtAin^f nadAmat, tauba, 
Contri'vance, a. scheme, plot, plan — kalpand, updy, kaushal, parimarsha'^hikmat, tadbir, 

bandisb, mushwarat 
Contri've, va, to invent, project, devise— kajpan^i bd kaushal bd updy k. kona karmete chsthtd 

pdok bd k.— nik&ln4, ij^d k. tadbir k. kisi k.^ntmen sai k. 
Contri'ver, i. an iventor, a schemer — kalpandkdrak, updy trishfi kdri, chhalakdri, dhidrta — 

QlUi k. w. mansdbabAz, hikmatf 
Control, i, governing power, authority, check-<4aiWa, skdsaner adhikdr, kartritwa, a|«k— 

ikbtiy&r, hukumat, siy^isat, a^&o, rok, zabt 
Contro'^t, va. to restrain, govern, check-^hdsan, daman, kartritwa k. dtak^ k. bashibhuta k, 

•^atk&ni, roknft, mahkum k. t&bi k. 


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CON ( 106.) CON 

CoDtforiable, a. eapable of being towen^—boManmiya, thdtmUya, Udkjfa^ dMrng^— 

atalrae ke q&bil, roknejog, siy&satpazir, q&bilazzabt 
Cootrol'ier, t, one who controls, an officer who checks other officers by a counter register of 

accounts— tftfitofifcorM, tttttwdimdhdrak, ati byaya pratibandhaka byakU-^min, gaungir, 

sarkob, mustauft [tauft kl khidmil 

Controllership, 4. the office of controller^-ai byaktit pad bd karma — amlni, gaungir, nnis- 
Control'ment, s. restraint, oppositioQ— «ft<isan, aojitaft^ bydghdt, pratirodh — zabt, t&ba, rok, 

atk^, Tnukh6lafat, zidd 
Controvei'sial, a. relating to controversy— 6irod/i bd bitan4d tmbandMya, bdddnubdd m- 

te»irffcty«— hujjatmanstib, bahs y4 jhagre se nisbat r. w. [qaziya 

Con'iroversy, i. dispute, contention — bdkjuddha, hitandd, birodh — hujjat, bahs, raddobadal, 
Controve'rt, va. to dispute, oppose, deny — bdkyakhan^an, doth d. bitandd k. ^aswikdr k.^ 

bahasn&, jhagarnft, raddobadal k. ink&r k. 
Controverti'ble, a^ disputable, dubious -^os^anfya, khandaniya, atpashfa, bitarkanUfa-^ 

*htijjat^Qtlr,bahasnejog, madhkuk, mushtabah, muzabzab 
Con trovertist, *. a disputant, an cpp08er^6i6adt, bilandak, khania^t pratipakhya — hujjatf, 

bahastte w. mukhiilif ^ . [beadab, gustAkb, shokh; gardankash, t6gW 

Contuma'cious, a. (...thus) obstinate, perverse — nbddhya, theutd, abash, dgydn UinghaJ^ 
• Contunta'ciousness, or Con'tumacy, s. obstinacy, perverseoess — abtidhyatd, dhentami, 

abashatd, /f^/ia/ang/ian— beadabi, shar&rat, gardankashf 
Contume'lious, a. reproachful, abusive — tiindak, apabddak, gdluniyd, durmukh, gldni M 

mn(iAi<^Va^— badoimgar, aibgo,badzubftn, bafbolA; daridadahAn, dushn^ro, y& shik&yatimet 
COn'tumely, s. (^ .... ^ contemptuous Ungnzge—katubdhya, gldni, nindd, gdli — badznbiof. 

daHdadahanl, dushndm, gdli 
Contu'se, va. to bruise, to beat together— t^eiitaWna, kuti kuti bd khanda fc^n^a^. chh^fiA^n^ 

^irCroii— kuchalnA. kofta k. chikndchAi- k. 
Contu'sion, *. a bruise in the flesh — chot, kdithird^hhiiBrmAr, theki\ch, chot 
Convalescence, #. return of health — dram, roganihriti, iwdsthya, pirop(uhitm — ifftqat, Ba<^- 

hat. sihiiat, shifi ' f naqih, 4rAin pAnew4l6 

Convalescent, a, reciovering health —siist^,^ra^, byddhirahit, upashamaUMha— diditodi^ 
Conve'nable, a, consistent with, fit— samatttiya, upajukta, jogy^i'~]iiq, niunAsib, muw&fiq 
Conve'*ne, v- to call together, to assemble— snm4/it<ta k. ddkdiyd_ dnan, tabhd k. ekatra k, 

bd fe.— jama k. buU ke ekatthd k. roajlis k. jama k. yd h. [ihsAo 

Conve'nience*, s. fitness, accommodation — upajuktatd, thubhitd, ujxifcdr— liy&qat, taw&faq, 
Conve'nient, a. fit, suitable, proper, handy-^upajufcta, jogya, bhdla, thik, karma jogya—Unxit 

mun^sib, riidqftl, thik, kdm k& 
Conve'niently, ad, 'suitably, commodious! y—'upa/ufetomate, andydte, BwachcMiande, sunittr- 

rf?j»^liy4qat se, munfisabat se * 

Con'rent, t, a religious house, a nunnery— »na<fe, uddHnlpker dtkram, dharrhdehdrini sfrxfoMf 
. dlay — asth&n, takiya, akh^d, auratouM kh&nq&h 
Cera vien' tic le, s. an assembly for worship, a secret assembly — IthwarddkaiUlnhe mmdg&m, 

ftipta safrAri— ib&dat ke liye poshSda jamiyat^ majlis 
Conveh'ticler, s. one who belongs to or>freguent8 a meeting*house, or conventicle— dK 

tabhdy gamandgamnn kdri, gupta sabhdr sa6Mst W— ibfidat ki majlis men Amadraft k. v. 

posh1d4 roajlis k& jftlis 
Conven'tion, ». an assembly ; temporary treKtj—sahhd ; mrHpiia kdler nimittn niyam bdiait' 

dhi — majlis, sabhd, jamiyat i chandroza k& qaulqar&r yii sulh 
Coiivennional, a. agreed on by contract — nirdhdrita, niyamita — ^mashr^t, m&htid, nkuqarrar 
Conven'tionary, a. settled by contract— ntyatmta, niyamdnujdyif tadamndri — ahdpakfi failA, 

qauliqr&r par q£im k. h. i [asth&n se mutalliq, mabtnt 

Conventual, a. ( . Mhu.) belonging to a convent—mafhsambandhiyaf uddtin — akhtf|« yi 
Conve'rge, vn. to incline towards one point— cann^ian, madhydbhisaran, ekmadhye tisthan — 
. bammarkaz h. ekhi simt ko m&ii h. paw&bsaw&lt, charchttt 

Convers'able, a.' free to converse, sociable— <iMpi, bdbadHk, bhdshi-^h^t&QijA, m^dlgQ. 
Conv'ersant, a. familiar vrlih—bigyan, paiu, nipun, p'frag —rmdhir, wdqif, ftgah, dsmddakfir 
Conversa'tion, t. familiar discourse, behaviour— /catArf6artrf, dldp, chariira, c/i4Zt— gnf^ft, 

bdtchit^ jawdbsawil, dhaog [chain se nisbat r.w. 

Conversa tive, a. relating to conversation— <if<i]p bd byahahdr tamhandhiya^gvikgb: yi chAl 
Conversazio'ne, i. (..satch,.) (Ital.) a meeting . of company— lonttij bd baithcJt bhkuh — 

majlis, ba«m, suhbatd&rf 
Coo'verse, s. conversation, familiar discourse— <f/^, katkdbdrtd—'h&tchtt, boleh&I 
Comre'rse, vn. to discourse, tsdk, cohabit— samd£lsAan, dldp k, sahabds bd sang$arga k, — 

batiy&ni, bdtchit k. bolchil k. hamsnhbat h. hamkh£ba h. harobistar b. 
Con' verse, a. contrary, directly opposite — ulid, biparit, pr/itiJku/— baraks, khildf 
Conrreree'ly, ad. by change of order — hyatikramwHipe, tt//<^— taqliban, barkhiiftfl se 
Conver'sion, <. a turning, change of heart— man^nror, par^lnMTutn, mat M man paribartati^^ 

taqlfb, dH y& marzi k& phirj&nil 
Con'vert, «. one who has changed his opinions or ith^ou—twadharmatydgi, aniyai nat dM ^- 

Mfnftji— itttumurld, jts k& din y4 mat dnsre dfn aur mat se badal gayA ho 
Conve rt,. t)o. to change from one thiqg or sect to another— parifeorftm, tv>adhaTvi^ty4tt kttf- 

•Alter «nyo dharm9 mijvktu. karan, matantar fc.- badal4&ln4, paltAni, ek din y4 mtthab s# 
^fisre din men l&nd 

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CON ( 107 ) coo 

C^nrext'ei, s. one who converts— 6^mna vmtdthrita iKtrl—beg&ne din kf taraf m&il IcaiiM w. 
Csnvert'ible, a. that may be changed, one for the ether— pffrtftttrtamsfa—taqllbpa^tlr, 
^ badlejog . ^ 
Con'vex, a. using to a roundish form on the outside — khildnabiU,kirmaprukihdkdr,nyvJna, 

fnandira ^Aop-— qubbadir, gurabazd&r, gumbazl rjirm-i-rouhaddab 

Con Vex, s. a convex or spherical body — ardkagoldkriti battu, Mm6afc^rr— gumbazdir chis^ 
Convex'ity, $. spherical form on the outside— 'bimbdkriti, lairmapriihthfikriti—kokl^i, b4bar 

k£ mudauwar s6rat 
Convex'O'Con'cave, a. having the hoIFow on the inside corresponding to the external protu- 
berance — kurmaprishthdkdr^ madhydngthe nimna bahirangshe nyubja je—}Vi}[i bhStari edrat 

qausi aor bdbar ki sural gumbazi ho • , 

Conve'y* va. to carry, bear, transfer^-6a/ian, bahdna, chdldna, laiyd jdon, hattdntara h.^ 

lechalnd, lej&ni, pahuncb&n&, ut.h&n&, baw&la k. 
Convey 'ance, s. the act of removing anything, the means or instsument by which any thing- 
is conveyed — sthdndntar bd^hastdntar karan, se jaddwdrd hay^ bdhan^jdn — intiq&l, markab 
Convey 'ancer, x. one who draws deeds, &c. — dan bd kray patra frabhriti ritimate Ukheje— 

hiban&ma y^ ddnpattar w. g. hasb-i*z&bita likhne w/ ' [ne w4U 

Convey'er, g. One who conveys or carries— 6a/tafc, preiaky laiyd jdy je—lech9\ne w. pahunchA- 
Convi'ct, va. to piove to be guilty —docA sdbbyasta k, partg^^anfMin— gundhg&r sdbitk. taqsir- 

w6r thahrdn^ ^ ftaqsirwfir, fcandhdi 

Coo' Vict, t. a person found guilty of a crime— aparad^t, dashikrita, banduydn — ^gun&hg^, 
Convic'tion, s. a proving guilty, sense of gnilt, satisfatlon— do5/i pramdn k., moadothag^it^ 

nUhchayagydn — ilzdm, guoih y& taqsir ki sub6t, iatiqdd, tayaqqun 
Convict 'ive, a. adapted to convict— s(^D%a£(a kdri, tapramdni — mosbit, ilz&m dene jog 
Convin'ce, va, ^ persuade of the truth or fact — sand^ia bhanjan, prabodh k, bujhdnay ptw. 

vM,n-k, — q&il k. kisi bdt ki rdsti par bdwar kardnd 
Convin'cible, a, that may be convinced—- pmbad/umtya, Jahdkg prabodh dite pdrA (fdy — 

qdil karne ke Idiq, samjhdae yd bdwar kardne jog 
Convio'ciogly, ad. in a msinner to persuade — nischayrUpe, prabodh p^rbak, niisandsk^— 

qdil karne ke daul se, bdwar kaidne Jcl tarah se, beshak , 

Convivi'al, a. festive, social, jovia), gay — dmodiya,' dnandajanak, rasik, praphulla chiUa — 

khushikhtildt, milans^r, kburram, khusbtabd 
Conun'drum, s. a quibble, quirk, low jest — h£uydli, prahelikd, sklesk, ihdlid—jugAt bdsl, 

chutkuid, pdjiydna, khilli, thattd [batomd, talab k. abdban k. 

Con'vocate, va, to call together, to svLmmon^dhbdnp^baJc ekatra k. d'ikiyd dnayan — buldnd, 
X^onvoca'tion, s. an ecclesiastical assembly— d^arma sabhd, dharvm pakhya pdtider tabkd:y 

<iA6a»— majlis-i-din, pddrf logOQ kd majlis meu jamd hood [k. buldke jama k. 

Convo'ke, va. to call or summon, to meet— d<i^an, dhbdn k.. 4^iyd ekatra k. — buldnd, talab 
Convol've, va. to roll^ or wind together— gttiana,Jaf ana— 'bdham lape^d 
Convolu'ted, a. rolle'd upon itself, twisted— jartina, gutdna, <2rmimat— liptd b(id, lape.|d hdd' 

ain^bd bad 
Convoju'tion. 5. a rolling together— jarito bkdb, tirmimafatd, jar^na— lapet, lipat, ainth 
Convo'y, va. to accompany for defence — rakhydrthe sangejdon, sankafnibdraiidrtiie sa/iagaman 

— bacbdo yd muhdfazat ke liye hamrdh jdnd 
Con'voy, 0, attendence^of force 00 the road for protection — raidvyaudrihe bd^nkapddr kara^ 

ndrtke sangi — badiaqa, rah kd chaukidar « 

ConvuKse, va. to draw or contract with shaking — kheuchdna, thariranga dkarthoHf gd" 

kd^pdna — akirdna, ainthdnd, marornd 
Conval'«on« «. violent spasm ; commotion — angakhenckan, dkarthani, tdn; dhumdJidm, 

koldkal — martyr, ain|h, chihonkbdi, laqwd; dhiundhdm, hangdma [chbotd chdrpdya 

Con'ny, s. a rabbit, a small quadruped — thashdrubat khyudra jantu biihesh — kbargoah, ek 
Coo^ vn. to ery as a dove or pigeon— gAu;^ bd kuku ifuibda k, pdyatddir nydy ddkau^ 

ghutakod, k6k6 k. kabdtar w. g. ki si dwdz nikdlnd (je— bdwaichi, rasdiyd 

\ Cook, f* one who dresses victuals for the table— }>^c}ufk, siipakdr, randnuniyd, annapdk kan 
Cook. va. to aress victuals for the table — anna puk k. randoan— pakdnd, rasui banand 
Cook'ery, <. the act or art of dressing victuals — pdkkard, rdndhanabidyd, rdnndy rMud— 

bdwarcb^ri, rasdlkdr £k. yd h. mandd k. tbdm^bhnd 

Cool, v» to make or grow cool, to quiet— jurdna, thdndd k. bd h. thdmdna, shdntajc' — tbaD4hd 
Cool, a. somewhat cold, indifferent— ktnc^t thital, thdndd, snigdJia, ahudydgi — thord sd (ban^ 

4bd, sital, afsurda . [t^patra— thandd k. w. tds, kunddld 

Cooler, i. that which cools; a vessel for cooling— <ntg^/ia ledri ; shitaL bd fhdudd karandr» 
Coorness, t. gentle cold; indifference— kmc^it thitalatd, sni^dhatd, Ihdnddij anvjydgitd^ 

kucbh tbandh, sardi ; afsurdagi [mail, kajal^ jll^l 

Coom, |. grease of wheels, soot— gart'r ckakra haite nihsrita je mal, J^wi— pahiye ki kit yd 
Coomb, f • a corn measure of four biiahels—i/uuy idir parimdn tdthesh, prdy tin man iwuiia$ 

odkik Aai6e— andj ki ek paimaish jis meu chdr bdshai samdwe 
Coop, «. a cage for fowls and birds— pinj^, khdwchd-ikpk, darbd, khdnchd 
iCoop, va, to cage, shut up, coofine— pinjard baddha k. khdijchdy r^ikh^fd xuddha k, apra^ 

^katta tthdne dtkdnar-qKfds men band r. piojre men band r. atkdod [odch ki ekwan 

■Coope'e, $, a motion in dancing — uritya karane anga ftifcfcyep— ndchne mea wu>dd ki haraKat. 

Cooper, s, one wbo isakes barrels, iic^drabadrabya rdkhibdr pipddi nirmdn kartd— pipd 

«r*f. baodne w. 

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coo ( '. 108 ) COR 

Co-ot»'erate, tm. to labor for the same end^-ek karma nishrxiinndrthe sahakdri k. sahdyatd h* 

— ekhi k&m ke anjim ke Hye roihnat k& shadk h. milke Ic^m k. ' 

Co«opera'tioa, $. joint operation — sahakdritd, ek ,chittatd, elpdbhifirdye sdhdjya karan — 

ittif^q, mel, ekhf mallab par muttafiq h6n& 

* Go-opta'tion. s. adoption, union in choice — poshya putra grahan, ek chitta hdiyd hdchhiyd 

/aon ^ groA^n— mutabann& karnil,, kisi chiz ko pasand karae men ek dil hond, egdnagi, 

ekdill • " ' , rmartiba 

Co^or'dinate, a. holding the same rank^— samapatfastha, sarnamarjydda — hamqadr, hara- 

Coot, s, a small, black water fowl— fcfeyudrd jalachar p'akhyt bUJkesh, pdnikauri — pandubbi, 

ek chhotf kdlf si kbi murgh 
Cop, s. the head, the top of any thing — mithd, upirihhdg, cfti2ra— sir, ebon ti, qalla 
Co' pal, J. a Mexican gum — brikhya nirjdsbd dthd bishesh — ek qism ki gond 
Copar'cenary. Copar'ceny, s, an equal share in a patrimonial inheritance^paitrik dhaner 

tulydngshi ?iaQn— bapautf mea k& baribar hissadar hon^ 
Copan'ner, s. ajoint partner — angshi, bhdgi — sharlk, sdjhi ... 

Copart'nership, s. joint partnership — bhdgdbhngi, *ajfc4»— sharakat. sAjhA, ishtir&fc 
Cope, s. a priest's cloak ; acancavearch — Rumiya jdjaker parichhad bishesh ;^ gol khildn — . 

Humi p^dri ka lab^da y& jubba ; mihrftb, salqf 
Cope, V. to contend with,. to ^rive, to oppose — birodh k. pratijog.k, ek cheshtdy udjog k. 
f^atikiiLi /u— jhaga^nd, bar&bari k. lafni, muq&bala k^ [mus&hih 

Co pesmate, .«. a companion, assotriate, friend — sahachar, sdthi, sarigi, mitra— y&r, rafiq, dost, 
Cop'ier, Copyist, s. one who copies or imitates — prati2/pifearak, 2e&^aib, maif/tfrt— naqlnawfs. 
kdtib, mutatabbi ' ' [mi\kh4 

Co'ping, s, the top or cover of a wall— pmcWrcr mdthd bd uparibhdg—mma^Tf parchhatti^ 
Co'pious, a. plentiful, abundant, Bjaple—^atheshta, prachUr, bistar, £a/iu2a-^bahut, ziy&da, 

kasir, bistar , « 

Cop'ped, .Cop' pled, a. rising to a top or head — chiirdkriti, mdthdsahi—min&rif gAodumi 
Cop'pel, 8. Instrument for purifying gold and silver — swarnarupya shodhandrthe pdtra bishe^, 

mutchi — machi; sond chdndi galinc k& ek bartan 
Cop 'per, s. a metal; a large boiler— tamra, tdnbd; brihdt pdk patruy ^cg-— tfimbd; mis; 

deg, hand& ' . .■ 

Cop'peras, s, a sort of mineral, blue vitriol — tuiiydt /n'rafca«A— 7angdr, hlrAkftsfs, tntiyd 
Cop'per-plate, s. a plate on which designs are engraved; an impression .from the plate — 
ehhdpannrtke khodita tdmra pdt ; taddwdrd chhdpdna chhabi bd c/tftra— t4m be' kj takhti 
jis par naqsha khodi ]Ai& hai ; us takhti k& naqsha 
Cop'p^r-sroith, 5. one who works in copper-^Tdmrakdrf ferfa^rfri-^thatherd, miv^gar 
Cop'pery, a, containing or- like popper — tdmramay, tdmrabat, idmraras bishishta, kashny — 

jis men t&mb& hai, tambe ke minind,'karwi 
Cop'pice, Copse, «. a wood of small low trees — kharba brikhyer ban, dgdchkdr ban-^)\k&^, 

jangal&, chhote chhote darakhtoQ k& jangal 
Cop'ple-dust, s. powder used in purifying metals— dA<i*u drabya shodandrtJie guurd drabya 

bishesh f sohdgd-^iifdf ki ek qism jis se dh&ton ko saf& karte hain, suh&gd 

Cop'ulate, V. to mix, unite, conjcfin, ^cc-^sangjog k. ratikriyd k. jambhan, sangsarga fc. — 

milnd, joind, mubdsharat k. mujdradt k. • [bat, rat 

Copula'tion, *. enibrace of the sexes — ratikriyd, shringdr, mait/tun— mubdsharat, jimA, siih- 

Cop'ulabive, a. tending to connect or unite — sangjogakdri, sangjqjak — ^mub&sharat yd suhbat 

kltaraf miil, mujdmat k. w. - 

Cop'y, 8. a manuscript ; an imitation ; a pattern to write after ; a transcript ; an individual 

Dook — hastaUkhd; pratilipi i ddarsha; uttdrd; ek khdn pus/ito^— dastnawishta ; naql ; 

nn9kha; utdrd; ek adad kitab [naql k. manqiil k. uidrnd, biskd k. naqlnawfsi k.. 

Cop'y* V. to transcribe, imitate, ^rite kom^chhdnch k, uttdr k. ddarsha dekHiyd likhan — 

Cop'y-book, 9. a book in which copies are written for learpers to imiute-'ddarshdnusdre 

<i/cAt6/Sr ^Ai— tdllm mutdbiq likhne mashq kariie ki kitdb 
Cop'y-hold, . s. a kind of tenure— 6fctfmir pd^d biihesh^p^ta. fwdld, patted&r 

Cop'yholder, s. one possessed of cop)fhoid \2ind---bhumfr pdttd bishishta prq;<i— pattd rakhne 
Cop'yright, 5, the sole right to print a hook-^bishesh granthe tad granthakartdr bd tdkdr 
pratimibbrti byaktir bishesh swatwa bd a(i^i/c<ir— musannif yd us ke <^dim m'uqdm ki kit4b 
chbdpdne ki islhiqdq fi^hq ki bdbat men dhokhd d* 

Co-que t, ya. [.fcct J to deceive in ]ove-^rasikatd k, shaihdldp k,.lild k — add k. ndz k. itrdnii, 

* Co«quet'ry, s. deceit in love — ras, rasikatdf ndnd ndyaka mohan karanechchhd — add, n&z-, 
karisbma, ashwagari ^ [ndzparddz, choQchId karne w^If 

♦ Co-que tte, s. a gay, airy girl ; a jilt—Zc^Mn, rasikd^lild kdrini manrrk^Aani,— nakhreb&x, 
Co'racle, 8, a boat used Sy Ushers— ja%a^ dingi 6is^sA— machhwdou ki ek qism ki B40r 

roachhwddfn^i , ' ' 

C«r'al, s. a hard, calcareous substance growing in the sea like a plant ; a child^s toy — 

paid, prabdL ; cAt^sAt—m^ngd, hajrulbahr, marjdn ; chiisnf, gulli 
Cor'aline, a. consisting of cor^.l—prabdlamay^paldnirmita — bussaddm'ez, m^ngd kd 
Cora'nt, 5. a nimble sprightly daDce—nnt^fd bishesh — ek qism kd ndch 
Corb, 8. an ornament in building— jfriAa granthane sdj W«A<?s^— tdrafr ki ek drdish yd xeb 
Corb'an, s. an alms-basket : a gift, an z\m9^l>hikhyddhdr ; ddn, Mt^yr£— bhik rakhne ki 
. (ukri; bakhshish, ddn, khaiidt 
Cord, 8, a rope ; a sinew— r««t, rajju, dard, dafi ; shir — rassd, rassi, «Jor • pa|bd, nai 

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COR ( 109 ) COR 

Cor<i. va. to tie or fasten with cnrd^—tlari diyd hdndhav — rassiyoa se lilndhni 

Cordage, 3. a quantity of conls, vopQ&—darddafi,jdhdjer dnri bd rasi samt^m— raf&waiiA, 

bandhanwaBdhan, jahfiz ki ra^4 rasi \rnddhyakhya^Frannskan qaum k& pddri 

Cordtjli'er, s. [. .i«erj'a Franciscan friar— Mfiftu FrrfnsMfcan nrlmtf/c ftyafctir mat^fta/amW dhav'* 
Cot 'dial,*. [ .jeaij a medicine or draught that increases 'strength, comforts, or exhilarates— 

dhdtuposhak aushadh, piishlikar bti tejbaradhak drabadrahya—ji'wAnsh, yiqytf, daw4-i- 

inuqawwl [push^; sachchd, sddiq, beriyA, rUst 

*Cor'dial, a. reviving; sincere, hearty— te;o6ard^afc, pauihtik ; akapat, sural — rouqawwf. 
*Cordiarity, s. sincerity, affection — akapatya^ saralatd, sauhdrdya, praruiy —r4sti, siddqat, 

sachdi,. muhabbat 
♦Cor'dially, ad., sincerely, h^z!ti\\y—jathdrth<trupet sural bhdbe, antahkaraner sakit — rdsti s«, 

sachdi se, sidq-i-dil se, shauq se, dilkholke 
Cord'wain, «. fine Spanish leather— iSpamyadtfJ^er uttam charma biskesh^lspen Ice mulk ke 
. . mihfn cMmre kf qism ' * ' fkafshdoz, cham4r 

Cord'wainer, Cor'diner, s. a shoemaker — charmakdrf' juta nirmdyakf mucht — juti banifne w. 
Cord' wood, s. wood tied up for firing — dfibdiidhdjwdldni kashtha — dthi bdndhl hdi jaldnilak|i 
Gore, 5. the heart; the inner part of any thing — rhiday, antar ; madhybhdg, mdij, sdrabhdg — 

dil ; dartina, andar, kis< chiz ki bhitarihissa 
Coria'ceous, o. [,. . .s/iiw] consisting of leather, of a substance resembling leather — charmamay, 

charmabishishta, charmabat — chamfe kA, chanj^e ki jins kd, chamjre ke mdnind [kishniz 
Corian'der, s. a plant ; a hot seed — dhanyd brikhua ; dkanydr bij 6(i/ianrf— ^othmlr ; dnaniyd, 
Co'rinth, s. the fruit usually called currant— pfca/ bishesk—ek phal jis ko aksar carrant k^ht^ 

haiQ ^ * 

Coijnth'ian-orA?r, s. the name of the fourth order in architecture — grihddi nirtninabidydy 

grihagranthaner chaturtha riti bd daul — ilm-i-timir men im&rat ki jo kai ek tartib haia un 

kl chauthi tartib 
C ork, s. a tree and its bark ; a stopple — sholdr nydy mridu balkan bishishta brikaya bishesh i 

chhipi bd gunji — ek darakht aur us k& bakld ; dha^^hd, ga^td [utdrne ki peach yd kal 

Cork 'screvr, «. a screw to draw corks with— ai chkipi khulibdr kal bishesh, peuch ^dh9i\\hi. 
Cor'morant, s. a water raven ; a glutton — matsya khddak pakkyi bishesh j pefu/c, bahiidhdri — 

mdhiglr, chdhmdr; khdii, petii [/cara— and], ghalla, ddna ; gokhrd, thel4 

Corn, «. the grain of wheat, rye, maize, &c. ; an excresence on the feet— d^4ny«i(ii skasya ; 
Corn, va, to sprinkle with salt ; to granulate — labandktak, ddnd ddnd k.—'ntirMik malnd, ddna 

ddna k- [^khurda bechne w. 

Corn 'chandler, ^s. one who retails (^rn—shasyabikretd^sAasyerkhyudra mahdjan—^ui} w. g. kd 
Cor'nel, s. a plant, the cornelian cherry — phaler brikya bishesh — ek qism ke mewe kn. darakht 
Corne'lian, «. a precious stone— man* bishesh, dkik, jdmulyd prastor— aqiq, dginpatht^: ^ 
Cor'neous, a. horny, like horn— s^rin^r^wy, skringabat—ahSkhi, sing kl mdnind ^' • 

CoV'ner, 5. an angle ;' a secret or remote place— fcon, kond, khunf ; nibhrita bd^ gupta stlidn — 

koDd, gosha; kunj kd raakdn, khalwat kl ja^h 
Cor'nel, «. a musical iastriiment ; an officer of cavalry v^ho bears the standard of n troop — 

ranasliir\gd, turi ; ashwirurha sainya daler patdkd dhdri kanishiha padastha sendpati" 

qarnde ; risdie k& alambarddr , [bdjdne w. 

Cor'neter, 5. one who plays on a cornet — ranashingd bd tiiri bddak^qvn&e n'awdz, karndl 
Cor'nice, s. the top of a wall or column— prrfcAir bd stambher uparibhdger ^o//<S— kangni, 

qarnas, sinkd, kagar 
Cor'nicle, 5. a littje horn— fe/iyudra s^rin^a— chhold sing 

Cofm'gerou?, a. [.ntfigc.J having horns — shringa bishishta, i/iring'i-i-shdkhddr, sing wdld 
Cornuco'pia, *. ttie horn ot plenty — Rumiyader pUjitd shasya briddhi kdrini debir hastastha 

phala jSiulabishishta shringa bishesh— ek phal ptiulddr sing jisko purdne R(im ke log pujte the 
Cornu'ted, pa, having horns, cuckolded— «/irin^a bishishta ; e shabda bhrashld striloker patir 

bisheshan feay— shdkhddr ; daiytis bandyd hdd 
Comn'to, 5. a cuckoXd—byabhichdrinir swdmi, bhrashtdpati—hh&x^Md, bhaywd, daiyus 
Cor'ollary, s, a conslequence, a conclusion, surplus— anufrritti, anxoay, siddhdnta, shssh, 

abashesh — natija, asar, khatm, beshi, bachti . , , 

Cor'ollated, a, having flowers, like a crown — mukut dkritipushpa bishish(a — tdjsd phdidar 
Cor'onal, 9. a crown ; a garland — mukut; pushpamdld — tdj; phnlmdld, hdr 
Cor'onary, relating to a crown— mutwt sambandhiya—xA} se nisbat rakhne w. 
Corona'tion, 5. act or solemnity of crowning — rdjabhis^i^, rdjtilak, rdjdbhishek samay mukuf 

dhdron bd tangskdr fc.— julds, ^ikd, rdj abishekh 
Cor'oner, s. an officer whose duty is to inquire how any casual or violent death was occasion- 

ed.—haihdt mrityur bibechand kdrt byakti bishesh, daiba mrityur kdrana nimay kartd — ek 

shakhs jis kd yih mansab )iai ki jis waqt kof ddmi ndgahdni maut se mare us ke marne ka 

sab mdjard tahqiq kartd hai ^ 1 n t.- l t 

Cor'onet, ». a crown worn by the nobility— /cuiindi^er rnvkufanyny mastakdbharan bithesh, 

Wri/— ek tdj yd afsar jo umrd pahinte haiu , . . , j . ' » i 

eor'p6ral, *. the lo^vest officer of the] infantry— podneifc senddaler kamshtha padastha by aktt 

bishesA—n&ek, amalddr, paltanon raca sab se chhotd uhdeddr, kaprel [jisrodni, sariri 

Corpo'real, Corporal, a. bomly, material— «4kar, sfcefririfc, ifcautifc, prapancha, dehibhiitor^ 
Corporate, a, united in a body, general— d«/tMitta, sdmdjik, srfdA^ran— muuafiq, ekdil, 

kulliya . 

Corpora' lion, «. a body politic, or society, authorized by law to act as a smgle person— na^«r«r 

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COR ( 110 ) COB 

kdrjyasampddandrtlu nagariya sanKd^^ pmchdyat huketktje kona huhtsh hirmm MluindTthi 

$amprad(lti^mzu(l9\if mardum ki i]las jo sark&rke hukm se marattab holS hai aur un ki 

nrilke ikhtiy^r aur iqtiilir jaisd ekhi h&kim k& hoti, hai 
Corps, h [kore] a body of hrcessainyadal, pa/^an-— laskar, pal tan ' [mirtak 

Corpse, s, a dead body, a carcass, a corse— mrtta «/uiwr, tnard, sfcafe— murda, I^sb, loth, 
Cor'pulence, s. bulkioess of body, flesbiness— it/i<2^ta, lihuiakdyatwaf mo.t^t— ino<i&p&, ta- 

D&warf , farbihi, jas^mat ' [bihjasim 

Cor'pulent', a. fleshy, bulky — mo\df sthulakdy^ udari, lundil — dalddr, mo^i, tan&war, far- 
Corpus'cle, s. a minute particle^anu, kand, sukhyma bastu, paranf^nu— zarra, reza 
Corra'de, va. to eat away by degrees — krame khyay fc, — ba tadrij kn& j&n& 
Corra'diation, s. a conjuuction of r^ys—angshujogt kirana san^Hhaf surjyer pra&^o— kirnoB 

ki, miUo, partauoQ k^ ittis&l 
Corre'ct, va. to amend, to rectify, to take away faults; to punish^shudkardna, doth d^ 

karan ; shdsti bd shdjd {/.— sahlh k. (hfk k. khati aur ghalat ko'uth6d. tambih k. tfidib k. 
Corre'ct, «■ free from faults, accurate — shuddha, nirdosh, fJiik, jathdrtha, nir o/iwl—sahih, 

durust, ^hik, tahqlq 
Corre'ction, a. act of correcting, punishment, discipline, amendment, »eprehension— sAruAa*. 

shd$ti, shdjdf sfiuddhi, dhamak, $kodhardna — tashih, sihhat, isldh, durastl, tambih tftdlb 
Correci'ive, a, having the power to coirect — $hodhankdri, dosha ndthak — sihhat rasdn, sodhao* 

b^r, durst k.w. ' . [sahoo khati 

Correctly, ad. accurately, without faults— sfcudd?iarf«pe, thik, dosh bind — sihhat se, thik, Iw 
Correct'npss, s. icc\iTacy—shuddhatd,,jdthdrthya,hhulardhitya — sihhat, sod h, durastagl 
Corre'gidop, s. a Spanish magistrate — Spdniya desJier bichdrkartd bd fco/a/— Ispen ke mulk k4 

qizi yA rauhtasib y& h&kim 
Cor' relate, s, what has an opposite pr reciprocal relation— ptMr sahit putra samhandhabat 

paraspura iambandhi, taddrtha bodhak thal)da^\iiz\mm3\z^m, hamnisbaf, hammarjft 

Correlative, a. having a reciprocal relation — parasparasamhandhabishishta — Uzimuliiifatf, 

. ham nisbat [nish/danii ghurki, goshm&l 

Correp'lion, «.Teproof,*chiding, rebuke— ifeartsomi, doshemigraha, d/tamak — piaUmat, sarja- 

Correspo'nd, vn. to suit, to answer, to agree ; to keep up commerce by alternate letters— wi/an. 

lagdn, tulya bd samdn h.jogya h. patrachdldchdli k, — muwifiq h. lagni, milni, bar&bar b. 

|hik lu khatt-kn&bat rahnd murasala r. 
Correspond'ence, ». relation ; reciprocal adaptation ; epistolary intercourse — aikifa, md, wm- 

bandhik, patradvjdrd uttar pratyuttar Z^^/ui/iHi— muwdfaqat, mun&sabat, mut&baqat; 

khattkit&bat, khattkhutdt, mur&sala [sam&n, thU, m 

Correspond,'ent, a, suitable, adapted, Bt—jogya, thik, Idge bd mile je — muw&flq, mutibiq, 
Correspond'ent, ». one who corresponds— p<itradw;rira dlAp kdri, bandhu, jdlidr sahit patrdd* 

chale—khdiii kitdbat rakhne w. rour&saladiir I 

Cor'ridor, & a gallery loixnd sl hm\diQg--grihddir pdrshwabarti bdrdndiibat gamandgamantr 

An^/^H— ghar k& bar&mada, dihliz 
Corrigible, a. capable of being corrected- s/iociAantj^a, sdraniva, parishkdrjyOf sidsoMdH 

dwdrdjdhdr dosha daman haite pare— nasihatpazir, sodh^rli, soahnejog 
Corrob'orani, a, strengthening— wxia&xrdd/uifc, tejaskar, posAafc— muqawwi, pushf 
Corrobo'rate, va, to confirm, to establish— MUfl'Stferfpan, shakta bd drirha k. sdbhyaita "k.-* 

sftbit k. mustahkam k. ustuw&r k. q&im k. nasb k. ' . [k. iM 

Corrobor'ation, s, the act of confirming— safta/ bd sapramdn fearan— istihkiLm, ustwAri, qaim 
Cor'rode, va. to prey upon, to consume— /cA/ity<i phelan, khyay fc.— kh^lenA, kb^ini. 

gud6z k. [z«ya hone ke qibil 

Corro'dible, a. capable of being coijsumed— fc/iyayaniya, khddaniya—th.h[iipAzir, UiU^ 
Corro'sible, a, corrodible* See Corro<ii6te— fc/iyaj/antyo— tahlilpazir, zAya hone jog 
Corro'sion, s, the act ot eating or wearing away by degrees-' ^ramtu^a khyay h, bd h. jdT»,' 

khddan — tahlil, ka;fio, burish 
Corro'sive, s. that which conwimes^khyaya kdH 6a«tu— gal&6, gal&ne w, 
Corro'sive, a. consuming, wearing away — khyayakdri, khddak, Jdrak — h&dd, bnrinda, laW^ 
Corro'siveness, «. the quality of corroding— ^KieuK^at^, khyaykdritwa^hufish, hiddat, Mtn« 

fcikhdssiyai rJbdnj^4n&,sikop* 

Cor'rugate, va, to wrinkle or purse up — tobardna, sankuchita k, fcoafcarana— jingurAni, 
Corru'pt, V. to infect, to defile, to bribe — pachdna, pachan, bigardna, nasJifa If. bhrash^a k» 

ghush ^^.— sa^ana, sarnd, gaUnd, galnd^ bigdrnd, khardb k. ghus'd. rishwat d. 
Corru'pt, a. spoiled, tainted, putrid, vicious— pac^, sard, ntuh^a, bhrashidchdrt, ghush 

kheku^d-^fksid, uakdra, safd, dbsd, big^d, khardb, rishwatkhor 
Corrupt'er, «. he who taints or vitiates — nashfa kdri, bhrashiak, satitwandshakdri byakti^ 

bigdrd, alddagar, khardb k. w. [— biga jne jog, rishwatpazir, tfandpazit 

Corrupt'ible, a. susceptible of corruption— apakarj^mi/a, utkochagrdhif ndshya, khyayaskH 
Corrup'tion, s. wickedness, perversion of principles ; putrescence, matter or pus in a- sore 

—dushiatd, dharmandsh ; pachd bd galitabkdb , pugj— badadtf, Irado kd tabaddul ; wian, 

sardo, pib, rim [begAyd. aardu, galdu 

Corruptive, a. haTiog the quality of tainting— nasft^afcrfrt, khyayakdrak, punjajanak,— 
Cofrupt'ness, i. putrescence : vice — pachd bd safd bhdb ; dushfatd, nashtatd, duh^wt^bhdb^ 

-jsaran, sardo ; badzdti, hdrahizdclagi 
Cor'sair, ». a pirate; a piratical vessel— samudrer naukdrHrha dasyu, bambefiyd} tdhdr 

fwutrf— samundar kd 4akait, daryfeJ ddkd ; 4akaitf jahda 

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CO* ( 111 ) COE 

Cone, «• lidctil body, a corpie, a carcats-^^6^ mard, nirjib <te*a— Iftsh, lotb, mirtafc, 

Cor'selet, or Cor'slet, $, a light armour for the fore, part of the body^ bakhya»thalarakkyani 

astra biiketk^ch^iim, cbaodar, chapris, petf 
Corte'ge, s. ^ traio of attendants— «ama6hi6ya/tartsam^/ia->inuUzimoii'k/l para 
Cor'tes, «, the assembled states of Spaia-^Spdniyd desher rajsabKa—Upea ke mulk kf siibajit 

kS roajlis 
Cor'lical, a. barky, belonging to the nnd—balkali, chhdl sambandhiya^ ta^trjrfta— postdAr^ 

chhfil yi chhilke se mutfilliq [bakle kf misil 

Cortica'ted, a. res)emb1ing the bark of a tree — baikalabat, brikhya chhdla sadrisha — darakht ke 
Cor'vet, Corvet'to, s. the curvet ; a UoMc—plutagati^ lampha, kundan—^aiSi, bakarkiid, alol 

kalol * 

Corus'cant, a. glittering by flashe!:. BBshins-^hakchakiyd, jaljaliyd, bidyuter nydy nal- 

pain'jfa— 1ahakt4haa, chamakt& hd&, bhabhaktA hiiA [damak 

Corusca'tion, ^. a quick vibration of light— c^mafe, chdkckikyi, bidyudddm—ch2imik, Iauk4, 
Cosmet'ic, s. a wash to improve the skin — f^dtra mdrjana drabya, angardg — iib^an, ghftza, spn- 

dh&,ek cblzjisse ddroi apne chamye ko chikn&te haio 
Cos'niical, a. relating to the world ; rising or settinflf with the ^MXi^hhumandala tambandhiya ; 

iUTJya sahit udaydstaprdpta tdrddi—dnnykv\, jahdnt ; Aftdb ke sftth hamtuld yd hamghurdb- 
Cosmog'ony. «. birth of the world, creation— 6/iu 6anotpa«i,' ja;fatsns^ /i—khilqat ka shuru 

ifrinisb, kdinit - 
Cosroog rapher, *. adescriberof the y/forld—jagatsrishli beitd, bhumandal barnana bettd 

kdinftt kd baydn ya taqrir k. w. 
Cosmog'raphy,<. the science of the general system of the w odd— jagatsritkti bibarcm, brah- 

mrinta bidyd.biihwa barnana bidyd^vfuii ilm ki jis meu kdindt ke marbdt hone kd baydn bai 
Cosmop'olite, «^ a citizen of the y^orld'^deshbidesha samdnagyau, sdrbatrik, $arbadeshi — ahl-t- 

Coss'et, 8, a lamb brought np by the haLud—hat poskd mesha batsa— pdid hud^bher JcA baclicha 
Cost, «; price; charge; expense; loss — mUlya; argha ; bhdo; byay ; khyati — qlmat; mol; 

kharch ; nuqsdn ; ghdtd * 

Cost, vn. to be bought for, to be had at a price — bishesk mUlye h, Idgan, mfilya dwdrd 

bikrayaniya A.-;-qfmat pa^nd, yalagnd, dnd, baithnd 
Cost'al, a. bielonging to the ribs or side — pd-Qjara sambandhiya, p :njar bd pdrskukd samparkiy^, 

pdrikwasthaler^p^ll yd pahld se mutdlliq yd nisbat r. w. 
Cost'ard, s. a bead ; a large round apple— m^t/ia ,* golakritiphal frtsAesft— sir ; ek bard golsd seb 
Cost'ive, a. bound in the body ; restringent— -kosAtAa6aii{d/ia, malabaddka ; bi$Vichikd janak-^ 

qahzf band ; bandheji fbeshqimati, gardahahdl 

Cost'lines^ t. sumptuousness, expensiveness — bahutniUyatdt byayabdhulya, durmtUyatd--^ 
Cost'ly, a. expensive, dear, of great pribe—^NzAumuZj^a, durmtilya, mahdrghya — qimati, besh-- 

qlmat, garedbahd 
Costu'roe, s. style or mode of dress— pcridA^ya bastra o beshbkuskd byabahdrer nft— poshdk 

pohanne kd dhab, libds kd taur 
Gotemporary, see Contem'porary ^e( krler, tama^iJiA;— hamahd, hamasr 
Cot, Cot'tage, s. a hut, a small house—kutir,jhupari, kunriyd ghar-^ihompfu marhf 
Coteh'e, ». a select party or clnh—antarangader dal bd $abhd-^ek makhs(is tdifa yd majlis 
Cotinoo, 8. [•»yong] a brisk, lively dance — twarita nritya bUhe$h—ek chdldki o chosti kd ndch 
Cot tagor,«. one who lives inacottage -kuuriyd Msi— marh{ kd rahnewdld, jhomp^l kdrahne w. 
Cotton, f . a plant; the down of the cotton tree ; cloth made of cqtton— /carpds brikhya ; kdrpds^ 

tuU, rui; tuidr /capar— kapas ;, sembal, rdf, paraba ; siiti kapfd 
Conch, V. to lie down ; to hide ; to bend down-^sh'ayan ; lukart ; hent haiyd tAa^an— le^nd ; 

chhip rabnd ; dabak rahnd, nihornd ' 

Couch, t, a seat of repose, a bed—shayanastkdn, shajyd, pdhnga—pzhLng^ khit 
Covich'ant, a, lying down; squatting— «^yita, gupta ^.thdbariyd basd — ietd hdd ; gurbaniskast, 

iikr6baitbdhdd [wdld 

Couch er, j; be who couches cataracts— cA^mi tulejet ehakhyur phuHdoakaghTtA — tent kdfhne- 
Cove, s. a small creek or bay, a shelter— fcAa/, khdri, naukd wiiribdr dbrita athdn, dshray^-ko], 

khdri, pandh 
Cov'enant, s, a contract, agreement, deed— pan, niyam, niyomjAitrA —shart, qaul, iqrdr, 

ahdndnm " fg* k< r^zi h. 

Cev'enant, v. to bargain, contract, agree— ntyam k. nirdhdmnt pan k, sammata \.— shaft ^mt. 
Covenante'e, s. a party to a covenant— ntj^awtf badhita byc^i, niydmaky nit/a mkarM—ahd 

o paimdn mea wdbdsta, qaul o iqrdr kd tailq ' f bdz ; kdrsdz; natkhat, rind 

Covenoos, a. fraudulent; collusive; tvickisli-^prabanchak ; chhali ; ihak, dAwrta— daghd- 
Cov'er, «a. to overspread ; to conceal ; to l^ide — bydpan ; dehehhddan, chnpdna, dhdkan — 

ehbdad ; dhdmpnd, dhdnknd, chbipdnd [pandh, rok 

Cover, «. a* concealment, a screen; defence-— byabadhdut dfdl, dbaran, dMkani^ ra- 

kk^tU-^nrposh, dhaknd, dbapnd ; afot, pandh, rok 
Covering, t. dress, vesture— parid^ya fca«tTo,jpon«AcAATd, fcrfpar—posMsh, libds, joyd 
*■ Cov'eriet, Coverlid, $. the upper covering of a bed, the quilt or counterpane— pd2«n;«r 

6ehchhddaMa bastra, Hehhdndr $mrbopariitha bastra — palangposh, lihdf, bdldposh 
Cov'ert, s. a shelter ; a defence; a thicket-niiftret/a sthdn, kot; rakhftyani; ntWfaftan— paftdb 

ki jagab, sdyd ; bachdo, dr ; }h4fi, }h«D4 

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COR ( 112 ) COR 

^ov'ert, a. sheltered \ private ; insidious ; under protection, as a married ^omzn-^de^hMi'. 
ta; gupput biral ; aspashla; Hrlid stri—&r& h66 ; saya dhi hu&; chhip&j n& z&hir; bim^yat 
ke s4ye me&, jaisd ki awrat apne khasam kanc rabti ^hai 
Co'verture, J. [,,tshure] shelter; the^state of a wife — dbaran; swimir adhinatd batthd; 
bihdhitd strir dharnyt bd adhikdr — s&ya, ^r. pan<ih ; joru kl kbasam ki tilDeddrl men rahne 
kf hdlat [JAlach k. lalcb&n&, dusrQ ke mk\ par nazar lag&D& 

Cov'et, i?a. to desire eagerly or iaordinatfely — lohh k. Idlach Ic, paradhineehchhd k, Ufldna— 
Cov'etable, a, to ibe wished for — lobkaniya, lobher bishay — q&biluibirs» lalch&ne jog . 
Covetous, a.. avaricious, greedy — lobhi, paradhanechchhuk,lolup—hdiTiSf Ulchi, lobhi, hirsf 
Cov'ey, s. a hatch or brood of birds — godmba pakhyi samii^o— jhol, p4l, pote 
Cough, »5 [kofl a convulsion of the lungs — kaph, kash, kdshirog, galdkhushki—kh&aiiip 

dh&osi, khokhi . 

CoV'in, «. a deceitful agreement— prataranrfr cJmkti — far^b k& qaulqarir 
'^Coult'er, or Cul'ter, «. a pIoughsnare-^^an^a^erp/ia2— ph&r, nasi ^ 
Coun'cil, «. an assembly for consultation— mantrana bd bibechandrtha sabhdt bichArdrtha. 

pancMyat bd baithak — muslahat y^ mushwarat karne kl majlis yd sabhi, panch&yat 
Coun's^l, Sy advice, direct!on„consultation ; a coubseUor or advocate— montran<i, pardmar- 

«Aa,iufct» ; ju/ctid«t4, ttfei/— nasihat, pand, raaslahat; mushlr, wakil 
Coun"sel, va. to give advice, to advise— wiantrarwl bdpardmar^a bd jukti d, bd k. hibecha- 
nd kariyd upodesh d, — mashwarat d. yi k. sikhliinfi, nasihat d. . f warat d. w, 

Coun'sellor, s, one who gives advice— :;u/ctid'ita, 7»antrt, amdtyd, tachib — naslhajt d. w. mash- 
Count, s. number ; charge ; a ibrei^rn title— san^/iya, ganand ; ddy bd do&habdd ; bideshiya 

iambhrama siichak upddh} 6is^ej^^:-shumdr; taqsirn&me k& ek jumla ; pardesi laqab 

Count," va. to number j to tell ; to reckon— g-antma fc. sankhyd k, thik d.— ginn^ 5 shum&r y4 


V Cdunte'nance, s. form of the face ; air ; look ', exterior appearance ; patronage ; ^support — 

mukh, d'sya, badan; daiil; rUp ; dkdr; kripdiMlokan ; pratipdlakatdf upakdr, sakakdritd — 

chihra, muah, qiy&ta ; waza, daul ; dhaj ; ctiai, rud&ri ; tawajjub, shafqat ; &sr6, taqwiyat 

Countenance,, va. to -support; to encourage— pratzpakn /c. dshwdgd, sahakdritd k, mukh 

bd prushray c2eon— isri d. p&In&, mihrb&ntic. qadrdani k. muah d. ^ 
Count'er, s, base money; shop table; Teckoner-rjkuthd tdkd, kalpitamudrd; dokdnir mej bd 

sinduk; ganandkdrt—ifinihk rdpiya ; diik&n ki mez ; shum&ri, ginne w. 
Count'er, ad» contrary to, in a wrong w^y T-biiruddhe^ biparite, 6i/ati^'ame— baraks, barkhilif, 

uUe dhab se ^ 

CounteVa'ct, va. to act contrary to, to hinder— pratipakhyatd k, anyathd k. khandatit bddhd 

janmana— ul(dl by&pn4, k4tn&,i tO]:n& • , 

CounterbaKance, s. opposite weight; equivalent power— 6ipari£ 6/i^6e tulyabd samdn pari- 

man ; p(^raspar samdn shakti—pisdLUS, ddsre kd bamwazn jo kol tbiz ho ; ek dusre ki 

' hamtAqalf • [pisang k. 

Counterbal ance, va. to weigh against — zama parimdn k, pratijog bd pratikdr fe.— hamwazn k. ' 

Cr.uoterbu'ff, va. to repel, to strike back— pra%/iat k, uitd ghd maran— tdl d. hatdd. m&r ke ' 

hatdn^ [adUbadli ; mu&wiza 

' Count'ercKange, s. exchan^^e; reciprocation— paridartorn, binimay, pratiddn — badal, tabdil, 

Counter'charm, s, that which dissolves a charm— 6an^4.M mantra, mdntrapratikdr mantra, 

chhedak mantra — \otii. par fond, mantar y& afsdn hd k&tne w. afsiin [sarzanisb 

Couni'er'check,. i. a stop; rebuke — dtak, pratirodk ; nishedkdrtha dkamak^Sii&Ot a^ak; d&ot, 

Counterev'idence, s. opposite evidence— prati/cii/asak^j^a, purbasdkhyir biparita sakliyi — 

ulti ^aw&hf, khiUf shah4dat . [khotd, taqtidl 

Count erfeit, a, forged, fictitious, deceitful-r-/Sfa/pita, kritrim, mithyd, </ui/c— jhiitha, lib&si, 

' Count'erfeit, va, to forge ; to imitate ; to copy^kalpita k. mithydnUruJ^ h, chhadmabesk 

dhdran k.jdl /c,— taqlid k. bhes k. bhagal k. naql k. . 

> Counterma'i^d, va. to revoke a commBiud-—piirbdgydTirbiruddhdgyduk.rahitak.^de8k^phx'' 

fona^hukm tabdil k. radd k. pheriin&, maasukh k. [kdch, kuch-i-xnuq4m 

Count'ermarch, s, a marching back— pratya^aman, phiriyd disan bd chalan — mur6j&t k& 

Count'ermine, s. a mine to frustrate the use of one made by an enemy— siira%a, pratikdr, 

shatrur surauga pratibflndhak suranga—sfinLng niche sdrang, uU& sdrang 
Countermi'ne, va, to counterwork— anj^a suranga diyd shatruganer suranga bhanga k, — 

ultii sdrang niiirn& 
Count'ermption, s. contrary motion— ^rattpakhy a, pratibdkya, pra%aman— khildf ki harakat, 
ul(a jumbish fpoih 

Counterpane, s. a coverlet for a htd—pdlanger dchchhddanabastra, khattdbarcm—Mhi.f, palang- 
. CouQt'erpart, 5. a correspondent part, a copy^pratijog, pratirUp, pratilipi-^joi^ii, palU, oaqi, 
Count'erplea, s. in law r a replicationr-prati6od,pr«tyu«ar— jawdbdihi 
Counterple'ad, va, to contradict, to deny— pra<i6a^ k, apanhab k, pratydkhyd k, — barkhiUf 

kahni, ink&r k. mukarnd . ' 

Couote rplot, s, a plot opposed to another plot— para chbal pratirodhandrtha cMai— wvli 

s&zish jo dusrl ek s&zish ke muqdbil yd ziddi men ho 
Count'erpoint, «. the art of composing harmony; a coverlet; an opposite point-^swarainet 
kara^er bidyd ; khatfdbarati ; biparita dig — t&lyd siir mel ki bandwat ; palangposh ; v\\t 
taraf ki npk, nuqta-i-mdkits 
Counterpo'ise, ». equivalence of weight— pratyor, tulya Wir— dhard, hamsang 

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ooir ^ 113 ) ^ cou 

Cmittterpome,Ta. to eoiii\terWaiiee— frofrjoi^ k. samdn k, — hamwazn k. moq&bil k. 
Coanterpro ject, s. correftpondent scheme — kana phikirer aiki/a hi angsha-^mvitihlq Udbfr 
Comit'erscarp, ». 5a fortification, that sid« of the ditch which 'is next to the amp—garkhdivdr 

&pdr, durger bahirdis^tthita parUchdr odt;— pashta, fiftaU, qiK ke 6spds io kbandaq hai ns 

\e maidftn ki teraf fci f inftra 
Connt'ersign, va. tosi^nan orderof'as«iperior, in quality of a^CTetarj-^twatkrahtha 6yaJt(tr 

nodkhyara pare swakhyaf k. — ni41iky& h&kim ke fanniin par dastkhatt k. jais& ki mirmuaahf 
aar hazitrnavis log ka uhda hai 
Coanterten'or, t, a middle part of music — bddyer ans^a bi$hesh — ^ma^fqf kft ek hissa 
Connterti'de, s. a contrary tide — upare srot dchhe niche 6ar», dr tadhiparit ; bhdfdr pratik^U 

}nydrf ehang juydrer pratikule 6fcrf/fl— madd ojazr 
Coonterva'il, v, to be equal to, to balance— Jamatu/jfa hd samdn h. eilei h, tulyagun k. soma paru 

mon^A.-— bar^bar h. harasang h. hamwazn h. [muq^bala 

Coant'eryiew, ». contrast— frai'Txiritya, madrithya drishtdnta, biparita prasanga bd prakdsk-— 
Cnant'ess, s. the lady of an earl or count — bistush kuUnapaddbhi^ikta byaktir $tri — khinam, 

Connt'less, a, innumerable — aganya, asankhyak — ^beshumi(r» anginal 
Conn'try.f. a tract of land, a region ; one's residence or native noil; rural parts, opposed to ^ 

town or city— rfgsR, pradtsh ; jayimabhumii swadesh ; pattigrdm — sarzamin, bhdm, mulk ; 

tratan, janambh(im ; dih&t, mufassal 
Conn 'try, a. rustic, rural, rude— •rrfmya, chdshd, genye^ asahhya — dihqilnl, g&Qwf, ganwAr 
Coun^tryman, t. one born in the same country ; a rustic, a farmer— ei^it»Aa;a, iweduki ; 

grdmya, chdshd, krishak — hamwatan, desbhfti ; dihq&ni, gaQw&r, kisftn 
Count'y, «. a shire, a circuit, or district— pr<irf««/i, ckdkald, pargand — chakU, zila, s^iba 
Coant'yf a. relating to a county or shire — ehdkald bd pradesha tanUtandkiya-'iile yd adbe so 

mut^lHq yfi'nisbat r. w. [ek chKl 
Coupe 'e,«. a motion in dancing — nritya bidydy bhangimd bishesh — raqs k& ek waza, nAch ki 
Conp'le, s, two ; a pair vmana^id wife— dui, dway;jugma,jugal,j0rd; datnpati, stripurutK 

do ;jor£, juft : bfbfsdhib, jor^khasdm 
Coup'ie, vci. to join ; to marry— san^'ukta k.jorviim ; jotmi, bibdha fc.— jofa&, sambaadh k. 

Ifa^hbandhan k. bydh k. 
Couplet, s. two verses, a pair— tfwic^rana shlok, payrir— bait, dohd 
Courage, s. bravery, valor— «SAa<>. shaurjya, pratdp, 6trattoa— himroat, . dileri, ^ babddnri, 

mardanagr, sdfmdpan 
Coarage'ously,4!(i. bravely — sdhatapHrbak^hxtnm^twwri s^ dileriiia 
Coo 'rant, s. [kur-rant] a nimble dance ; any thing that spreads quick, at & newspaper — 

shighra gatir nritya oishesh ; sarba gdmi kona ba$tu'Jathd tambidapatra — ek acbpal yd chan- 

cbal n&ch ; kof b{it jo jaldpnaiiti hai, jaisd ki akhbdr n&me ki mazmdn 
Courier, s. [koo-reer] a messenger sent in haste, an express-^i/iur^, dut, drutagdmi bdrtd" 

fttffAoA;— q&sid, paik, harkdra 
Course, s. race ; career ; progress ; conduct ; ground on which a race is run ; natural bent ; 

track in which a ship sailsy^/. licenses— ^our ; gati; chtili; byabahdr ; ghora, daurr 

math ; swabhdb ; path — pi. rajas bd ri(M— dauy ; rau ; chalan ; dhang ; ghordau; ^ maidda ; 

jhnkdi;'jahdzkecha1ne kirdh— -p/. haiz, raj - * 

Course, V. to hunt, to pursue, to rove about — mrigayd k, pashehdddhdban, daurijd gdman'^ 

shikdrk. ragednd,Tamnd 
Courser, «. race-borse ; horse-racer— druta^rfrnt ashtoa, ghcndaurer ghord ; ghofadauf9 nipUn 

Msantusft/a— bddpd, ghufdaur kd gho)d ; ghufdau^ kd mashsbdq ya s^diq 
Cours'ing, «. sport of bunting with greyhounds— /eukkur laiyd shUcdr karan—i&zi knttou ke sdth 

shikar kd tam^shd 
Court, s. residence of a prince; seat of justice, jurisdiction; open space before a house — rdj 

bdli^ rdf dhdni, rdjsabhd; byabatthdn, kdeAfidri; u^^n— daulatkhdna, bdr^dh, qasr; 

kachabri, roahkama. addlat, darbdr, takhtgdh ; sahn 
Court, va, to woo, to solicit, to seek-^bibdkdrthe sambhdsh bd sneha k, vpdsand k, prdrtAand 

k. chesMtd fc.— ishq mangni k. istidd k. taldsh k. . 
Court'eous, a, [kur-tshe-us] polite, well-bred, civil , respectful— sa6A^a, shishta, iusJiil, 

kMot— ahl, neknihdd, khushakhldq, muad4ab 
Coartesa'n, s. a prostitute— desftjr^, bdrdngand, fcuZaM— kasbf, kanchanf, besyd 
Coart'esy, 5. civility, complaisance— sadftyat<i, shiihtdchdr, anuroc2^— khulq, muddrd» 

Uwdzu, murdwat, sil 
Coart'esy, s. [kurtse'] reverence made by women — striloker bisheth namaskdr bd shithfdchdr-^ 

saldm ki ek qism jo Farangistdn ki bibiyoQ ke bich mea murauwaj hai ^ 
Coart'ier, f . [.yur] one who frequents courts ; one that courts favor — rdjsabhdsat; dmdtya, 

kripd prdrthak byakti — darbdr 1, huzdri ; mihrbdni kd istidd k. w. 
Courtle^t, f . tourt of the lord of the manor for regulating copyhold tenures, bic-^rajdder 
ndifdpradarshan parikhyandrthe sdmbatsarik Mbhd bd kdohhdri^-'t^mindiLt yd jdglrddr kl 

icachaDrf jis meu pattedd'r w. g. kd bandobast hotd hai . ' [khushakhi&q 

Coiirt*like, a. elegant, "polite — sundar, sabhya, thishta — latif, khnb, khush, khaliq, sallmtaba. 
Court' lioess, «, elegance of manners — sabhyatd, shithtdckdr, fu<kt(at4— mardumi, lutf, dhaog ki 

khdbi . ^ 

Court'iy, a. relating to a court ; polite," aoh-^sabhdsambandhiya, sabhdsthai iabhya, kpmal, 

trtlom—birgdhS, darbdr 80 mutdiliq; nekoihdd, latif, muldim, odzuk 


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OBB ( 116 } CBI 

Cftd«n'tiaU, t, that ^hMk gives & tUletocradit--'frt«fcw(iiapa<ra,prit(y«ytfftfta2Mi»ra,fratte»^- 

la patra^-dast&wez, sanaUy sipirishn&ma, i>artU patar 
CredibiVlty, Cred'ibleness, s, claim to credit, worthiness of belief ; probability— prot^r/ry 

jogyatd, bhkwMtatd, tat^atd, biihwasaniyatd ; sAmbhab, frrdmdnya^\%,tib4Lr ke l&iq, mi^- 

labari; honh&rf, ihtim&l ' 
Cred'ible, a. worthy of credit, deserving of Mitt-^biskwdsajogya, jpraty^tyittibyaf bishwatta, 

sapram4n— iatim^d ke Idiq, iatibftr ke q&bil, bdwarpaztr 
Cred'it, 5. belief; honor, repntation, esteem, good opinioo^ ; faith, trust reposed; influence 

—pratyay; sambhram, mdn, sukhydti ; mdnyatd, bUhwds, shraddhd ; siddhi sddhytd — ^iatiq&d; 

iszat, hurmat, jas, nekn&mi; qadr, iatiqad, iatibAr ; ikhtiy&r 
Credit, iMi. to believe, itoAt-^ratyay k, bishwds k, — iatibdr k. m^nnd, b^war k. 
Creditable, a. reputable, honorable, estimable -sambhrdntaf mdnydt sukhydtydpanna, 

bUhwasta, bis/ittfafa/ogi/a^maatabar, iatih&ri, n^niwar, s4hib-i-hurmat r 

Cred'itably, ad, re'putably, wii\wut dii^r^CQ^sambhrdntariipe.'utUmriipetbiihishpariipe — 

qadr se, bd hurmat, b& iatib&r, izzat se [byohariyA, mahajaa 

Cred'itor, s. he to whom a debt is owed — uttamama, $ddhu, mahdjan, rina (iaya/e— 4|arz khw^h, 
Creda'Hty, s. easiness of belief— an%a<« bithwdt, dshu bishwds, ha^hdt bithwas — zaiful iatiq^di, 

sarlul iaxiq&di, sidadiii ' . 

Cred'ulons, a. [i^'u.] apt to believe, unsuspecting ; easily deceived — d$hu bisbwdti, atandigdha, 

tthirapratyayi, Imlkdt pratytiyi ; dbar^miirha — zaiful iatiq&d,sariuliatiqdd ; sddadtl,bhola» 

sldha [jna b'dkya — din ke mujmat aqdid, jaiM ki kalima w. s. 

Creed, t, a summary of articles of faiih—pratai^^kya, 'pratyayita shdster- sdrdrtha, mar^ 
Creek, i. a small port, a bay, an inlet, a cove, a small river— i:Aai,. ndld, Khdri-'koi, khiift, 

ndU, khAl 
Creep, vn. to move with the belly to the ground, as a worm or insect; to grow along the 

ground; to fawn— ih't bd sarpabat gati k, buke hd^tan ; Utiyd gaman, hdmd d. binaypiirbak 

tipisand fc.— rignd, petse chalod ; zaminse lage hue ugn& ; chl^pl^sf k. - \ 
Creep'er, s, a plant that supports itself by means of some stronger body ; an insect-^Zotci bri- 

khya ; kit, kraini— bel, lat j kir6, kirm - 

Crema'tion, i. the act of burning— a^nuat karan h, bd h» agniddha^Mzhhf jalan 
Cre'mar, s. milky, creamy substance— du^d/ier iharabat drdbya^dddh ki mal&i aisi chfz 
Cre'nated, a. notched, indented— unc/uinicAanuittf ckJUmia, k&aQ;/e<i/a— lahriyd, khanddnadai',, 

dand&nad4r • 

Crepita'tion, s, a small crackling noise— p^/p^Mdi shabda, eharchar s^i^a— chircbirdhat 
Crepiis'eule, s. twilight— J/iu2»j^'kri6e/a, arunoday, godhuli, suryysr uday bd ctstagamana kdi—^ 

arun, saur, shafaq ^ ... 

Crepus'cuious, a. glimmering; in a state between light and darkness— asAa£Utptt6t<Aisili<a/ 

ktncAi(^W— shafaqdmez; (Hiundhla, roshni o t&riki 4mez 
Cxes'cent, s. the mooa in her state of increase — kaldbriddhikdlin bd shuklapakhyiy9 chandra^ 
, apiirna chandra, ardha chandra^hiltil, ch&nd jab taraqqf ki h&lat meu hoe ["Qdi 

Cres'cent, Cres'cive, a. increasing, grow'iuf^^^bardhishnn krame'bardhita—b&j^hl^ hud, ugti 
Cress, 14 aspecies of herb— k%u{ira6rtkAya bdishadtejamay shdk 6uA«s/t,k/(tim— 4i61im,tarateAk 
Cres^'et, s. a great light or beacon ; ligUt-bou9e,.£>r watch-tower— ucAc/i4Mt/iafui«tAa maJkddip^ 

ulkd, nuuhdL^kk&s-dijk, raushand&n 
Ci:est, s. a plume of feathers upon a helmet; the comb of a cock; an ornament; a tuft; 

pride, spirit— d/»<2ra, sliikhd ; pakhyir jhuu^ ; mastakdhharan, kirif, mukut ; gochhd ; 
• ahaiikdr,.tej, a6^iman— par k& turra, taghma, chdr& ; murgh k& kes, tdj-t-khunis ; ek 

qism k& singer y& alankdr jo sir mea pahante haia; parckam ; ghurdr, fakhr 
Creste'd, a. adorned with a plume or crest — churd bd shikhd bishishta, mukutadJidri, .kirita" 

jukta— ch(irad&r, turrad&r, kafchaddr 
Crestrfallen, a. dejected, sunk, dispirited— mattnmukft, adhahadan, hatdih, bisJtanna — n& urn- 

med, diltang, afsurdadil, udas, bedil Ituc/icAa— be zirah, bebaktar; p<ji 
Crest' less, a, not. dignified with coat-armour; mean— asa;(;ita, saj^dhihina ; asambhrduta, 
Creta'ceous, a. (. .s^us^ chalky — khufimd^i dharmak, kharimdli bishiskpa, kharibat, tadguu 
. bisJ^M/a- kharimitti aisd, kharimitli ki kh&siyatddr [shig&f, su'r&kh, ruklina 
Crev'ice, s*. a crack, a cleft, a fissure— c/i/it(ira, plidiiy phdk, chhendd, dudkisiudhi^dSLn, 
Crew, 8, a company of people associated for any purptose, as a ship's company— jtanki;', d^i ; 
. jdhdjer lok samuha, ndbikg an^-^m Adit, bbir ; ahl-i-jah6z [hu& bowe 
Crew'el, t. yarn twisted and wound op a knot or ball— stUrer tdl — siit jobat^e f#ar ba(& 
Crib, s. a manger, a stall ; a child's bed— ja^p^tra, keihuyd ; bdlaker khyudra khdl bishggh 

than, kkuili; larkekiciihotepalaDgkiekqism 
Crib", va. to sliut up in a narrow habitation, to confine: to commit petty thefts— fan^ktma 

sthine baddka k, kaid k. Idlpe alpe apaharan k. laghu battu ckurt k. — tang mak4tt maa, 

band k. qaid k. balkl halki chizeu churinii 
Crib'bage, s. a game at cards— tas krird biskuh — tis ki biiziki ek qism 

Crib'ble, s. a sieve for cleaning corn-^dhdnyddir chdiani bishesh—inA) sAf karne ki chaloS 
Cribra'tion, t. the act of sifting, or -cleaning with a si&ve— cAa^ani dwdrd dhdnyddi jhdran 

bdparishkdr k,—ch^lni 86 siif k. 
Crick, f. noise of a.door; a painful stiffness' in the neck— k^uitia kapdfer karkash tkabda ; 

g-a(ar 6«da7i<f— darw&se kimachmacb^hat ;.gale k| akr&hat . ,. 

Cricket, i . an insect ; a low stool ; a game— 6ArmsrA>a( kit, uchungd pokd; pdnfi; ddurd guU 
M</<i— jhiogur, ghurghuri; «k pichi chauki, pi|h& ; gobizi» gofci^augftn 

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ctti ( 117 ) . ORo 

Cff 'er, t. one who inalrcs |>rocIamation ; oae who cries foods ^or 9n}e^hen4ariyd, gho$hak ; 

bikray praJca«^Je— ishtihir k. w. dbiDdhori7&, munddi \ wuh shakbs ki jo bechae k& isti&r 

klarU hai 
Ciime, s. an oflTence ; a great faoU ; a wicked act— <iasfc, a'parddh, ghdit , mahdndp ; duth- 

/barnla—taqsir, gan&h ; bar& jurm ; sharir harkat fpakd&man 

Cri'meless* a. innocent, free from guill — nirdosh, nis/rpap, anapar/id^—beguodh, betaqsir, 
Crim'inal, Crim'iDOus, a. faulty* contrary to right,, guilty— fcriMparadA, .sados/i, doshi, 

aparddhi — m&ytlb, gun&hg&r, aibf, taqsirwdr 
Criin'inaU 5. a man accused, a person guilty of a crime— doifta^osta byaktit aparddhi, doshi 

— taqsirwar, gnnahg&r, pdpi, badk&r 
Crimina'tioo, s. the act of accusing, accusation, charge — doshdrop, doshdeoyd, apabdd, 

tfttrmim^ra— tuhmat, ittihdm, roalamat, ilzdm, aibgoi 
Crimina'tory, a. relating to accusation ; accusing ; cetisonoua^-afiarddhasambandjiiya ; dosha- 

ddyak ; bhartsandkdriynindatdrt — ^tuhmat manddb ; aibgo, niadak, harf(;ir ; malmatgar 
Crira'inous, a. wicked, iniquitous, gmhy—doshagrasta, aparddhi, duMarmakdii — sharfr, 

badk&r, gundhgdr, taqsirwdr, mujrim [surkh rang 

Crim'osin, s. a species of red colour — drnUtabarna bishesh, ghora Idl bama—ek qism k6 
Crimp, a. friable, brittle, easily crumbled— ja/ia sahaje gunrd hay, ihunkd, mulmule, chda" 

ehar-^yo chlz sahaj men chnrchiir howe, phuskd, murmuVd 
Crim'ple, va. to contract, to corrugate— i(roi|karaita, tankuchita k, to6arana— jakfdna^ 

aintiidnd, jhuriydna 
Crim'son, s. a deep red color — ghor Idl bama, ^nzkto^ma— qirmizi, arghawdnf. surkh, Ul 
Crin'cum, s. a wbimsey ; a cramp — akasmdd bdsar^d,- bibhram ; angagraM, ^«21cAd— kbiy&l, 

Jahar ;' alca^b^ii .... 
Cringe, s. a servile bow, mean civility— ^sicapafearsAa bodhak byapdr, ati namratdchdr, 

namaskdr piirbak updsand, stabastuti—sijda., zamfa bosf, farrashi saldm, chdplusi 
Cringe, tm. to bow, to fawn, to flatter — bandnndk, namratdchdr k. stabastuti k, binaii k, 

— Kijdak. saUm k. chdpldsi, tamalluq k. khush&mad k. 
Crink, Crin'kle, s. a wrinkle, winding fold— /ci>2i/eara, konchkd, mdngsddir sankoch — chfn, 

chunat, shikan, pech ki lapet . ^ [chunat hojdna 

Crin'kle, v. to riin in wrinkles— X'aa^Wy^i^on, feo»tc/ikana— purshikan h. shikandar h. chuna( 
Cri%nos, Crini'gerous, a, hairy, rough— kenAi, lomaja, lomamay, khaskhasiy d—miiadkr, hid- 

wdld, khdrkhard,n4mul&im 
Crip'ple, s. a lame roan — khoufd, pangu, netigard, kkanja — langrd ddmi, Inia, lang, pangd 
Cri'sis, s^ a critical time or turn^ as of a disease-^o^^ir prdkhU, rogapa&ham bd tadbriddhi 

hay je kale,' bikdrakdl — buhrdn, ainwaqt ' . 
Crisp, va» to curl, to twist, to indent— pi/e d, koukardna, kunchita k, khdaj ^a/an-T-pechtdbd. 

ainihod, marornd, danddnaddr k. 
Crisp, Crisp'y, a. curled ; brittle; ^'indme'-chunat,koi^rd,cAinchar: ihunkd, tusd ; Jteun- 

e/itfa—chunat, ainthd hud ; kurkurd, chuichuid, pbuskd ; pechddr, pechild 

wrispa'tion, s. the act of curling — koukardni, pdkdna — taftag!, pechidagf, aia(han 
Cris^'neSfi, Crisp'itude, s. crispy state, curledness — chunaf bd koukardbifsthd, kunchitdbcuthd 

— ^knrkurdi, pechidagi, aiathan 
Criterion, s. a standard whereby any thing is judged of, as to its goodness or badoess<- 

htkhyan, uttamddham bickdrdrtha ehinhat gunasuchak je, bhdlamanda nirnaya /cnran— ek 

aldmat jis se kisi chlz ki bhaldi burdi sabit hoti hai 
Crit'ic, 9, one skilled in the art of judging of literature — bidydn, bib^ki, gunagyaut subichdrak, 

bhadrdbhadra bibechak,supandit^n}iktAdi,ti,B\\aimz,w6qifk(iT, daqiqasanj, bdrikbln, i^uk- 

Crif'ical,/!. exact, nicely judicious ; producing a crisis or change, as of a disease— //iJfe, 

tukftynut ; byddhir bhdbdntarakdi, prdkkdiina — tluk, bdrik ; bulirdnf 
, Crit'icise, va. to judge, to cens\ire—bisheih granther doshddosh jdndna, guna bibechahd k, 

bilandd fc.— tamiz k. dokhod, khurdabini k. 
Criticism, 5. art or act of judging — gwndgun bigydpauna bidyd, doshddosh bibechand~-khvir' 

dabloi, khnrdagiri, nuktacb^nf, harfgiri 
Critique, s, a critical examination ; science of criticism— 5ts/i«</i gundgtin bibechand, guna' 

bydkhyd ; dosddosh bibechand 6idya— khurdabini ke sdth imtihdn yd dzmdish ; nuktachiof 

kd faan ' [dwdz 

Croak, 5. the cry of a frog or raven— 6h6^«r dhwani, kdher d^w^tnt— meaclak yd kauwe kf 
Cro'ceous, a, [.s/ie-usj consisting of saffron — kuTikumadharmak, kunkuma 6iii/iis^^a— zdfrdni, 

kesar kd • 

Crocita'tion, a. the croaking of frogs or ravens— <2asrfea/c bd bheker rob, koukon bd kdkd shabda 

karan — ^mcttdak yd kdg ki dwdz [pi^dla, mi(ti kd bartan ; jhdl, kdlak, 

Crock, s. a cup or vesssel made of earth ; ^ot—peydld, tnrinmay pdt'ra ; hanrir kdli bd jhai 
Crockery, s, earthen-ware— mWeti/edr bdsanddi, mriumay pdtra— sifdlina, mitti kd bartan 
Croc'odile, «. an amphibious animal of the lizard tribe-^kumMir, kumir, nakra, jalahasti— 

jnagar, grdh, nihang 
Cro'cus, s, a flower— pusftpa bisheih—^ qism kd phui 1 ke pds kd chbotd khet 

Croft, «. a small field near a house— |T>Aa .$am%pe Hhita khwdra ghd$khyetra--ko\A, ghar 
Crone, s. an old ewe ; (in contempt) an old woman— 6ura bhert, bridSui rmshi ; (ghrindrthe ) 

briddhd ttri, buri-^hofhi bheri ; ( hiqdrat men), burhiyd. pifzdl [langoiiyd ydr, rafiq 

prv'ny, i. an oKl Acqu^ntaac^, or ^wociato — tahukdUr mitra bd 6andAu— ydr-i-qadiro. 

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Oft'O . ( 118 ; CKU 

Crook, J. aay thing bent ; a slieephook ; a* ciirve— ftitfrrfltestu, (tnkoihi ; meth pdlaker ttgHk^ 
btinkdj>drichanabdribi8keth ; bduk, pfc^f^kharndfir chfe ) khamdar Ukt{» aokr, anksi ; 
kham, bfink, pech 
Crook, va. to bend ; to thwart ; to pervert— ftafcrui. bdukdna ; htidkad, bigdf /k.— lachftn^/ 

lerhA k. muz&haraat k. badrdh yi gumr^h k. 
.Crooked, a. bent ; winding ; perverse ; untpwards— ftt&ra, bdukiit nyub^a, kor; 'phsrd ghord ; 

bigar, duskfa^ adamya — terhd, kham, kaj ; pherph^r ; tirchhi, bakar, ziddl 
Crop. s. the harvest, produce; a bird's craw— p/irMO^ mukh, khyetre utpanna skasyddi ; 

pakhyir galdr thdli—f^sl, h&sil, andj ; potd, haustia 
Ciop'', va. to cutoff; to mow, to reap — chhdtjtan, chhedan, kdtan; skasyddi kdfan, phala 

mukk sangraha /c.— -khontn^, chh&ntnd, k&ta&, katni k. fasal k&tna, an&j jama k. 
Crop'lul, 5. quite full, satisfied, crammed— pf^rnodai^, 'parihUhtaf tripta, gaidr thali paripdma 

dchhe jdh(ir ^hhnri. h(id, ser, khush, jfOik bharft hiiii hojis k(t 

Cro'sier, 9. [kro-zhe-ur'\ a bishop's staff which has a cross upon it — tnah4 dharrnddkyakhyer 

dherdkriti danda 6w/i«sfc— baye pAdri k6 asii jis parsalib hai i^kpi 

Cfos'let, s. a small cross — khyudra dherdkriti fcai/i/Aa— chhotfi salfb, dhefe ki maoind cUhotf 

Cross, s. One straight body or line placed at right ansrles over another ; the ensign of the 

Christain religion ; misfortune, vexation, trial of patience--ar^/zr» kd$hthamay shfil 

bishesh ; kri$htiyadharmer chinhdrtha rekkd bd dherd, tadbat jashii ; dpad, mahdduhkha, 

khyamdr parikhydrtha klesh — salib; I'swi mazhab«ki ek aUmat ; hadisa, dfat, sabr 


Cross, a. transverse, oblique, jieevish, hetM-^drddrit dr, bakra, terd^ terchd, ugra, bipakhya, 

chirchird, khitkhitiyd-^Ard, tirchhd, terh&, raukhalif, bezdr, diqq, chicchird 
Cross, V, to lay athwart ; to sign with the cross ; to cancel ; to pass over ; to thwart ; to vex 
— ar k, dherdkriti ankan k, likhane kdtan ; par h. pratirod k^ bddhd janmdna ; klesh d, — 
dfi'rakhnd yd lagdnd ; salib ki khiydU shakl bandnd;,iRi(d3id, kd^nd; pdr^utarod ; muia* 
ham at k. diqq Jr. ' 

Cross'bite, s. a deception— va. to cheat — phdki, ehdtu/ri, pratanehand^va, pratdrand k, ^ha- 
^^na— dhokhd, chhaldwa— va. thagnd, chhaind [karadu 

Cross'bow, s. a missive weapon— ^'a/ati, guli khyepandrtha dhgnu ^M^esA— ghulel, ek qism ki 
Cross'grained, a. [. .] having the fibres transverse ; ilUnatured., troublesome— aroari bd ultd 
ehonch bd ra^ bishishla ; pratikHUitwabhdbi, dukkha ddyak, khitkhitiyd, ugraswabhdbii ktir- 
.^as/i— tirchhd yd ultd reshayd ragddr; tundkho, riikha, mtisf, diqqk. w. 
Cross'ness, s, transverseness ; peevishness— rfrd4H bhdb ; khiikhitdmif rdgashilatd-^titGhhM, 

teyhdi; haih, zidd, chirchirdhat •' ' . 

Crotch, s, a hook or fork— anfcara, fca'3/rt— dnkyi, kdntd 

Crotch'et, s. a note in music ; a'mark in printing, thus [ ; a fancy, a whim^g-itasJ^stre chinhd 
bishesh i chhdpdgranihebyabahdritaeichinha{^; bdmnd, maner (fA^u— tlm<^i-muaiq( mea 
ek nisbdn ; chhdpe mea ek nishdn jaisd kT [ ; khiydl, tarang 
Crouch, V. to stoop low, to fawn, to cringe — he^t h» jhunkan, guri mdran bd d, swdpakarsha' 
bodthak namratdcharan k, stabastutipiitbak binuti /(.-^dabaknd, liihoynd, jlidkand, chd- 
■plfisi k. tamalluq k. 
Croupa'des,s. [kroo.] a high' leap; a svLmmerset^ghotaker utplahanUgati, Idph, k^ndan-^ . 

ghore ki 6uchi jast yd kud, phdnd 
Crow, s. a )arge black bird ; an iron lever ; a cock's voice— iba^, bdyas ; lauker shdbal^ kukku- 

<er <J/iwa»i— kauwd, kdg : lobe kd sdbar ; bdng, murgh ki dwdz 
Crowd, 5. a confused muttttude, the populace — hur, bhir, loka9am(iha,janatd, tanghatla, ttaf 

2okasamtt^— bhir, jamdat, awdmnnnds 
Crowd, V. to fill with confused multitudes, to press close, to swarm— .^A«M/^» k. huf k»hhir 
• k. 6a h.— bhifbhdf k. jama k. jamnd, bhirad, bharjdnd 

Crown, s. a diadem worn on tlie heads of sovereigns ; regal power ; top of the head ; a sliver 
coin ; a garland ; completion — rdjmukui ; rdj khyamatd ; mdthdr khuLi ; rtipdr mudrd bisheah ; 
pushpahdr bd fovnr ; nishpatti, samdpti — taj-i-shdhi; pddshdhi hukumat» chdodi; chdndi ' 
kd ek sikka; pliuloQ ki hdr yd tOpi ; itmdm, nibefdo ^ . - 

Crown, vo. to invest with the crown ; to dignify; to adorn; to reward; to complete, to fiaish 
—rdjmuktitddi diyd abhish^k k marjyddd k, ^bhita k, pur^iskdr k, nithpatma k, taiwiptak, 
— tdj rakhnd ; hurmat d. rannaq d. jaza d. tamdm k. anjdm ka pahunchdnd 
Crown'glass, s. the finest sort of window-glass — khirakir uttam parka Id bd kdnch — kdnchkf 
sab se umda ek qism, khifki ke dine ki ek bahut khklis qism - ^ - fm.ataqati 

Cru'cial, a* (.s^«.^ transverse;- intersecting*-ttr,rtr4(in, dherdkdtd — dya, lirchhd, kondkonf*.- 
*Cruciate, va. to torture, to torment, to excruciate— afic^Wt^/^a d, birambanjwaldnajantrand d. 

— dzdr d, azdb k. dnkh d. 
Cru'^cible, s. a <^hemist'a mMng-pot—dh^tudrabya drab karaner muehi, taijmdbaTtmi-^ v 

jghariyd, kdfhdii, buta, dhdt w. g. galdne k& bartaa 

Gru'cifix, $, a represetitation, in painting or sculpture, of our Saviour oxk the cnm- dherdkriti 

shiiiabaddlut Jagattdruker m^rt£— jis h41 neik Hazatat I'sd aalib par maiethe' ua s6raft 

ki taswir yd mnrat ftaslib hi uqdbat, aalb 

Ccncifix'ion, 5. the punishment of nailrng Co a cT^i^-^herdkriH $hfildrpan, shnle bdue^an-^ 

Crnci'fy, va. to put to death by nailing or fastening t^aiOTOi&^shukirpita k, shHUehatak, sMUk 

^ bdndhiydhastapdddditebindhiyd mdran^tdeMb k. ^llb par mekfa mdrke yd bdodhke'm4r 

ddlnd [Qdpukbta, khdm, ft^kaam 

Crude, a. raw, unprepared, siuipe, nudlg&i^ --^dma, apakwa, huUfikd, q/inu— kaebob^ 

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<yRV (. 119 ) CUB 

Crndeness* Cni'dity, «. uatipeoess; indigestk>n-^apa^ae(i ; apdk,€^imi, (Cm— kacb&f,kh^inf ; 

badfiazmf f 

Crudlft, V. to coagulate* to cnrdle^-dugdhadir basiydjdon, ghana h, gdrka A.— jan>n&, thakk4 

b^ndhoS, g^fbd h. pha\]an& 
Cru'el, a, pleased with hurting others ; hard-hearted, njischievouJs— nirday, nishthur, kathin- 

dntahharan^ pishun, fnandcJ(dr—heddL.Tdf berahm , kathoy, sangdil, ziyaakAr . 

Cru elty, s. innumanity, barbarity — nirdayatd, kruratdf nirmamatd, nishthuratd—iznfdiM, 

berahm!, kathor&i, zulth [rakhne kishishf 

Cru'et, s. a stoppled vial for vinegar or oW^kdacher sirkd hdtail&dhdr — sirkad&nl, tel yd sirk^ 

Cruise, vn» to sail in quest of an enemy, or without any certain course — bipahhya jdhd^dnwe' 

shahe ehala/i, idjahdja dwdrd itastatah 6ftrainail— dusbman ke plchbe yd sair ke liye jah^z 


Cruis'er, 5. (kroo-zur) one that roves upon the sea in search of plunder j a small of man of 

war — lut harnndHhe^amankdri jdhdj ; chaukir jdhdj — wuh jith&z ki jo lii(lle ke liye pher& 
kare ; chauki k6 j&h4z 
Crum^, 5. the soft part of bread ; a small particle of bread— ru/rr komaldngsha : tdhdr khyudrtt 

khmvda hd guj^rd—ioXi k^ gdd& ; rot{ kd tukr^, rezi [tukri k. chii^ k« 

Crum'ble, va. to break intp small pieces — iukrd tukrd k guvrd k. guufan, churnan — tuk|^& 
Crum'my, a. soft, consisting of crums — komal, gunrdmay , gunra — naijn, muldim.chura bbur& 
Crum'ple,vtf. to draw into wrinkles— &9ii^rana,/coac/i^afe.—'torQa,,marorna, shikan d. dal< 

masal k. 
Crump'ling, s. a small degenerate app^^—shushkibkiUa bd nirasa phal bishesli—chhQ\^ 

aur z^t mea kharlb seb ki ek qism 
Crup'per.s. a leather reaching from the saddle to the tail of the horse— ^^^^a.Ver nejdr—ghoxt 

kl dumchf, HdkhorA * 

Cru'ral, a, belonging to the \es—onghri sambandhiya, urudeihoiamjbandhiya bd sthita^&iq 

se mut^lliq, pindli k>i 
Crusa'de, Croi'sade, s. an expedition against infidels .:.a Portuguese coin, value 2s. 6d, -^dJiarma 

juddha't ndstikder bipakhye juddka bd dkraman ; mudrd bishesh—yhM, k^firoji yd bediooji ke 

iipar chfhdl; PortagU ke mulk kd ek sikka ' . 

Cru'set, s, a goldsmith's melting pot— swarnakdrer muchi, swarnddi drabdrtha patra —sundr - 

ki (^hariyd, sond w. g. galdne kd bartan 
O^ushy va. to S(^uees5e, to bruise, to subdue — tipan, chdpan, pishan, gunrdna', mardan, bath 

k. daman Ac.— nichornd, kuchalnd, ddbnd, dabdnd, maghl6b k. * Qakkar; tasddum 

Crush, s. a collision; act of rushing iozeiher—thesathesi, gheBshdghenshi — dabao, dhakkd. 
Crusr, i. any shell or external coat, covering, or case ; outer part of bread — ckhdl, twak, klwad, 

uparibhdg } rutir chhilkd—shWaf, chhiWi, paprd, papri; roti kd post 
Crusta'ceous, a. [..sAusJ shelly; jointed— c/t/ti/fca bishishta, clihfilajukta i granthibishishla^ 

— chhilkaddr; girihddr,jorddr 
Cnisjty, a. covered with a crust ; morose, surly— twafc bd chhilhd jukta ; harkash, ka^hin 

— chhflkidar, kdiddr ; «t<^shrn, durusht 
Crutch, 5. 'a support used by cripples— pan^u bd pddahin J)yakiir chalandrthe daii^a bd 

ja«A^i &uhesA— Idthf, asd,bais«khd, phdo^i . * 

Cry, V. to speak with vehemence and loudness, exclaim, proclaim, to weep— fAcarMn.a,^i»&a», 

uchchaih$habda k. ghoshaudk^kdndan-^cliiUkQ^., buldnd^ pu!cdrnd,mashhdr k. rond 
Cry, «. lamentation, shriek, weeping; clamor; proclamation; voice— W/ap, khedokti, chit- 

kdr,duk, kdiik.rodan; golmdl; ghoshand; swar bd sa&c^a— wdwaila, ndla, zdri, ndra, 

bdak]^ rond ; snor, ghul ; ishtihdr ; dwdz 
Ccyp'tic, Cryp'tical, a. htddea, secret, private— g«pt<JP, gurhirtha, aspashta, aprakdihya-- 

posMda, chhipd, makh(( 
Crypto' graphy, «.. the art of writing in cypher— ankawwifcet likhana bidyd, aspashfdkkyan 

patrddi likhanq, 6kiyri— guptpatrl kd fann 
Crys'tal^i. hard, pellucid and liaturally colourless bodies of regularly angular figures— ipAa/ift, 

'X:anc&— biHaur, kachdhird 
Crystalline, rr/ consisting of crystal, bright, pellucid, transparent— «pfca/»fcflmay; swach^ 

chha, kdnchabat parkald, paris/ifcrtfa— billaurl, loshan, said, nirmal, shafTaf, ujjal 
Crys'tallize, va. to^cause to congeal or concrete in crystals— spAa/ika/criti k, basdiyd kdnch- 

abai swachchJui k. bd k. — qalam k. 
C«b, s. the youn|; of a beast, as a bear, fox, S^c.—pashushdbcLk, bhdliik, khenkshiydladir bdch- 

p^— bacucha.i-haiwdn, ricfab Iom;i w. g. kd bachcha 
Cu'batory^ a. recumbent, lying down — iiiuiU patita, gariyd, tkayita—takija. zada, letd h(id 
Cu'bature, s, [,. ishure] the finding tbesolid contents of any body->-ntre.^ chatushkon bastur 

p>arinui|i^m— kisi sangin cbangosheddr jism ki paimdish 
Cube, «. a square solid body, of six equal sides — niret chatuthkona tostu— kdb, sbashdar ^ 
Ciib«b»«.»8maJl dried fruit rescmfb ling pepper, ajlspice—fcaia^ chini, iital cftini— kabdb 

cMni, sital chfni 
Ca'bic, wu'bical, a. havingth^formofacobe-^ptifACibaf, pdthdkdr, niretchatushkojia bat- ^ 

(KMOm'ti— kdb kl sbakl kd^.sbashpablu aisa * 

Cu'bit, I. a naeasure, 18, also 22 inches— ftasto parimdn,^ ek kdt pariman— hdtb bhar mip, 

dast, ek mdp athdra inch k4 aur bdis inch kd bbi ' 
CuTbital, a, ^ontaiaiog tb^ length of a cubit-^k hdi Idmbd, ek ha$ta parimt/a— bdtb bhar, ek 

dutbbar lambd 

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cue . ( 120 ) CUP 

Cuck'niG:-stoo1,«. anengnQeforpTinishiod; scoldf* — kund^liyd ttr{loke¥ $hdsH karandrtka kaX 

bi ihesh^ jh^rUa auratoQ'ko saz.l dene k& sbikanja 
Cuck'old, «. the husband of an VLdnheress—byabhichdrinirvati^ dushtabhdrjyd bd bhrathld striT 

•todmi—d^iyASf zanjalab, qaltab^n, bhafw^, chhindl k& oydhta khasam 
Cuck old ,vaAo wrong a husband by adultery — ]parastri bhrashid harane tatswdmir apamdn k. 

6<£ efur/rdm/t f/z janmritm— daiyiis ban^n^, zanjalabbanfind, kalanki k. 
Cuck'oldly, tf. having the qualities of a cuckold, poor, mean, despicable — bhrashid patir dhttf' 

mdntunri, mdnahint pdji, pdmar, ndham — ^bhaf wA sd p&zi, kamina, faromdya 
Cuck'oo, «. the name of a hira—kuho pakhyi, kokil, pik, shdranfta — keel, pik 
Cu'cumber. «. [fcow..] a plant, and its (rmt—sashd gdckh, sashd, khyird, Xf(Cn^tir^khfrd kd 

rdchh, khiid. kakrf 
Cu'curbite, s. a chemical vessel of the shape of a gourd— aushadh pdkdrtha pdtra bishesk~' 

ek qism kd kimiydi bartan 
Cud, s. food reposited in the first stomach of an animal in order to rjiminzlion—gabddir jdcr^ 

romiznthandntha udgdrita ghnsddi'^j('}^k\i, pdgur 
Cud'deb, Cud'dy, 5. a clown, a stupid doh—chdshd hk, ^-opt/rfr, mfJrfta— gaQwdr, tnurakh^jar 
Cud'dle, vrt. to lie close or snug; to hn^—ldgiyd thdkai}, koidkoli'shayan k, kole It, snehaL 

— lipat rahnd, chimatrahnd, lipatkesond : pydrk. 
Cud'gel, 8. a short stick to strike w'lih^gadd, thdn^d, W/W— Kthi, lakkar, tbetig& 
Cu«, s. the tail or end of any thing ; a hint— Idngiil, shesh bhdg ; thdr, ingit^cho\i, chondl, 

sikhd, srrd ; ishdra, paid 
Cuff, 8. a blow with the fist, a box, stroke ; part of a sleeve— W/, char, chdpar, mushlydghdt; 

1i:dj^arer hdtdr awtaM^^— gl^nnsd. tamdncha, dhaul, thappaj ; fcos, muhri 
Cuir'ass, <. [kwe.^ a breastplate — bakhyasthaler juddhdbharan bishesh bukersajjd, chdpardt 

— -baktar, chdrdina, jaushan , , 

Cuirassi'er, «. [kice-ras-seer'] a man at arms, a soldier in armor— sasajja sainya, chajwrdsddi 

JMA-tajoe/rift4— baktarpof^h, zirah posh . - -^I .. 

Cuish, 5. [kwis] armour that covers the thighs— Mrtide»/io rakhyam^ janghdr juddht^sajjd^ 

jdngh ka sildh yd baktar J 

Cu'linary, a. relating to the kitchen or cookery — pdkdgdra tambandhiyaf randhvnaiamban- 

dhiya, pdkbidyd bishayak — bdwarchikhdne kd, matbakm, tabbdkhi / fghirhal 

Cullender, s. a draining vessel. See Colander. ^chhdkaniy ckdlani, jhnran'i — enhannd. 
Cully, 5. a man deceived ; a mean dupe— jjuacAore bhrdnta bd prabanchita ; mugdha, pratd- 

rita — fareb khurda, farefta ; chutiydshahid ^ 

Culm, 5. a kind of fossil coal ; stem of grass— &/uini(a jhurd kayld; trinddir ddnfd, brinta 

— ek qi^m kd kdni koeld ; ghds kd tinkd [kalla 

Cu'lmen, s. a summit — agrabhdg, shekhar, mastakt sarboparishtha sthdn — chonti. phungi, 
Cul'minate, va. to b^ in the meud'iSinsiirjyddir madhydnha rekhd sthdnaprdpan, dkdsAnuM" 

daler madhyabarti h. madkyastkal diyd nakhyatrer ^att— nisfuniuhdr par dnd, dopahriyi 

nishdn par dnd, kamdl-uruj ko pahunchna ^ ^ 

Cul'pable, a. criminal, guilty, blam^ble — aparddhi, doshdnwita, duiNkniya, nmdantya— >maj- 

rim, wdjibuttaqsfr, taqsirwdr, dokhnejog 
Culprit, s. a man arraigned before a.judge— doiW byakti, aparddhi, jdhdr doih bichdr kaib^— 

gundhgur, taqsfrwdr, mujiim 
Cul'livate, va* to till, to improve— fcmfti karma k, khyetra bhilmi urbardk, chdihan, wtUh 

matdprdpta k. — joti^, hal chaldnd, taraddud k. dhdd k. dumst k. drdsta k. 
Cultiva'iion, I. the art or practice of improving soils, &c. ; melioration— fcrii^i/carffui, fty«- 

bahandi; bhdla /c.— taraddud, zaf^at, kheti, jotdi; durusti 
CuVture, s. [.t&hure] the act of cultivation, tillage ; improvement — chdihkriyd, shasyotpddim, 

kriskikarma ; 6/irt/a /raran— taraddud, khetf, dbdd ; isidh, durusti 

CuVver, s. a pigeon— /fopot.priy"'"'* — kabdtar 

Cul'verin, s. a species ot ordnance— ftri/irttafi-nvastra bishesh— b1^ qism kj bayi top 

Cum'ber, va, to vex, to embarrass, to entangle— fc/^sA d.jhanjhajt diyd bddhita k. ghahrdnm, 

byasta k. a barodk k.—muzidinh k. tang k. bharmand, pareshdu k. phasand, uljhdnd 
Cum'bersome, Curp'brous, «. burdensome, embarra!?sing, oppressive, unwieldy — bkdri, Idefkc" 

ddyak,jhanjhd}iyd, tttp.ifja7iafc— bhdrf, rahjdwar, thakthak 
Cu'mulate, va. to heap together— rrfs/ii k. sanchay k, ekatra k. — dher k. batornd, jama k. 
Cu'neated, a. made in form of a wedge — kildkriti, kiler nydy dkriti jdhdr — pachar yd 

mekh kf snrat kd [makkdr, hflabdz, hikmati 

Cun'nittg, a, skilful, artful, sly, crafty— c^fltur, pragyan, dUrta, <^a(A— sydnd, pakkd, 
Cun'ning, Cun'nin^ness, 5. artifice, slyness, dissimulation — chdutri, kauskal, shdh^ta, ^Onur- 

tatd — sydn, pakpan, rdbdhbdzf, aiydrpan, hila> hikmat 
Cup, *. a drinking vessel ; any thing like a cup — katord,pdnapdtrat peiydld, bdti; bdlydkdr^^ 

piydla, jdm,paimdna; pydlashakl 
Cup, va. to draw blood by scarification— rakta kdrdna, shingd hasdna, rakta mpkhyan h, — 

singl lagd ke khiin jdri k. pachhne d. ' 

Cup'bearer, 5. an officer of aking*s household; an attendant at a feast who gives wine — 

rdjbhritya bishesh p pdnapdtrabdhak, mahotsabe madya pdtra dhdri paneAdra^— pddsMh 

kl sarkdr kd ek uhdaddr ; sdql, mughbacha [niamat khdna, bnaadlirft 

Cup'board, s, a case with shelves — bdsanddi rdkhibdr maricha bd bhdnddr biskesh — tilii4» 
Cu'pel, Cup'pel, ,t. a refining y^t^^l^swamddi ihodhandrtha pdirtt bi9h4$h*^son& vr« f . 

kbdlis karne kd zarf yd bartan 

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CUP ( 121 ) CUR 

CapicTty, «. eoiiCTipisoetiee ; tmlawfal ' desire— iei», li^, indriyadoji ; I4la$4, MiUOi'^ 

tfaahwat, armADi bawft o bin. k4m ; hawas 
Ca'pola; t. a dooore, an arched roof— K^Zan ghartr golehkdtt mandirddir brihat khUdn-^wt^ 

baz, qnbba 
Cor, t. a worthies? dog ; a soappi»h, mean person— Hr^nXci kukkar ; ghrindrthe itar bd nieh 
'hk 6tcjMy— Iep4i, o&ldlra kuU& ; malnn, chand&I, pAsi 

Ca'rable, a. admitting a remedy, that may be healed— up^fyajo^ya, cAikiUya, jnvtikdrjya, 
upouhdmya — ch&rapazir» mumkinashshirft, i1<ijpazir 
, Ctt racy. 5. office or employment of a curate — j^jaker pad bd karma bd adhikdr—p^dvi logOQ 

mea Kwdt nam jo ek <^aam hai onki uhda 
-Cu'rate, t. a clergyman hired to perform the duties of another ; a parish priest— onyer vratU 
nxdhi$waHip jdjakpade nijukta ; pradesh bd anekaUr pwrahit — p4dri k& q&immaqdm,iCtiliot& 
p&dri ; mahaile kk pAdri 
Curb, va. to tsstrain, to check, to confine— «£/^na, nishedh k. dbarodh h. ikitan^ thekdna, 
thdmdna, Idgdm dwdrd ghord dtkiydrdkhan^ioknik^ tb4mn&, birn&, mmkhamat k,' qaiza Ir. 
lagAm d« r^aTf ; rok, mana, a(k&o 

Curb, s. part of a briddle; restraint, inhibition — hariydli, mukhas; dfak, nuAe^fft— zanjir. 
Card, s. the coagulated part of m'xWi^dadAit dai, chkend — dahf , jogr&t, chh^nA 
Card, CuKdle. p. to coagulate, concrete— (2dM£/ii k.dai baton, ghaiia h. li^artoitr-dahi jamni, 

thakkd b&ndhn&, rounjaroid h. 
Care, s. remedy, restorative»actof healing ; the benefice or employment of a curate— icpffi^, 
0usHadhftwdsthyaianakpathyaidrogya,rogopasham;jdjaker pad bd kartna — chftra, ili]» 
shtfdbakhsbi, sihhat, Hrkm ; piidri k& uhda 
Car% va, to heal, to restore to health ; to preserve from corniption->-fv^ofWu/iam k. nutkn k, 
dram k. mdngsddite labanddi mdkhiydnashlahaiU nd <f.— shitt d. ftram k. changft k. namak 
w. g. chhirakkai mahfdz rakhnii 
Car'ttl, pa. [.]. healed, restored; preserved— nu&ptr, sutt^, prdptdrogya ; mdug$ddHt laba* 
ndkta kariyi rathyd itr .—bh'alA changi, &r&m, sambhiU haa, shifiL y&fu ; goshl w. g. 
mea namak p&shl karke mahf6a k. g. 
Ctt'reless, a. -without care, without remedy— ntrupfljr, anupathdmya, aehikittya^heWij, 

ghairmumkinushshifA'y bech<ira 
Cai'few, s. an eveuing bell ; a cover for a fire— MiuZfty/i beldr ghanfd bdjan ; agnydbaraM 
* -^ilm k& ghanl^ ; Atashdan.kd dhakn& 

Curios'ity, s, inquisttiveness ; a rarity — bubhUtutd, boddhechehhd, sarbarydneehekhd ; dutk' 

prapya battu, dtiuharjyat adbhut drabya — shauq, rdzjoi; kamy&bf, tohfa, saughit 
Cu'rious, a. itiquisitiye ; rare; accurate; nice — bubkut*u,'sandhdnevhchhuk, bodheekekuk ; 
diukprdpya,dskcharjyat ehamatkdri ^hik ; *ukhyma^r&,z}o, shauqin, khoji ; and(hA, 
ajib gharib; thik ; b&rikbfn 
Curl, f. a ringlet of hair; wave; flexure— eAu<%t, e^asc^r keth, ehuUr koukard; dhm ; 

pcjtcft, mof — kdkul, zulf, gesd ; lahar ; kham, kaji, pech 
Curl, va, to turn the hair in ringlets, to twist ; to raise in waves—cAui kouJcardna, ehdnehar k, 
'mordn^^ peophdna, lotan bdadkan ; ^Ae»k.— bdi kd pechtdbd. marofnd, aintbnd; labrand* 
na'uj mdrnA 
Car'lew, t. a kind of water fowl^jalachar pakhyl bisheth, XwtiC&AaX:— kardkul, pankdkafi 
Cormud'geon,<. \.mud'jun\ an avaricious, churlish fellow, a miser, a niggard, a diurl— 

I06M byaktit byayakunlha^ kripan, titmamfr^rt- idlchi, kanjiis, bakhil, shdm, ' iuqandrd 
Cttr'rant, s.a tree; a small dried grape — tutwidu phaUr brikhya buheth; shutkka dngur 

bithesk—ek per ki, ndm; khushk angdr kf ek qism , 

Cop'rency, t. circulation, flqency, continuance ; the money of a country, or the paper 
passing as money— c/ia/ti, ehalan, byabahdr ; ehalan mudrd, ehalita $dkd payasd bd noj-— 
kasrat, ifrdt. chalan ; murauwaj paisa rdpiya ydlot 
Car' rent, a. generally received, common, general, popular ; what is now passing— ^y«&ft&/iri/a^ 
^ . ehalan, ehatUa^ tddkdranr dhdrd bdhik, taehardehar ; Acrtamin- rdij, jdrf, rawdn, 
chaloi, mashhdr, must&mal, dmro, bdzdii, m^rauwaj ; abkd. hdJ 
Cir'rent, «. a running stream, course— ja(aj>ra6a/ia, wotak, dAar4, .Us, cn<(/i— dbraw&o, 
^l;ifi!, laft&r 
Car'ricle, t. an open chaise with two wheels— <2tti ghardr dwichakrajuktakhold gdri bithesh^ 

do pahiye wdii khuH hdi gdfi ki ek qism 
Cur'rier, s, one who dresses and pares leather— cftanaoL^r, ekdmdr, muehi, j^aftrCsun— cbamdr, 

dabbdgh, chtrmsdz 
Car risk, a. like a cur, brutal, sour— lcA«itU kuikurabat, karkash, nirday, kundaliyd-^len^i 

sirar, sagsirat, berahm, katiar, tursh raiz^j 
Cur ry, tja. te dress leather ; to beat, to drub ; to rub a horse ; to tickle by flattery— cAanwri 
ckhoia^ bdparithkdr k, mdran^ prahdr k, kharard diyd gkordt gdtra parUhkdr k. bd ekuU 
J^W4; tta/MKittttipur^k parar tuntoth janm/ina— kamanll, dabdghat d« mdrod, pUnd ; 
kharkhard k. ghofe kd ba^an malnd ; khde sabldnd, chdpldsS k. 
^ar ryH;omb,s. an iron comb for cleaning borses— fcftarari, gk^fdr gdtra porithhdrah iovfta- 
^ ^y tbituni bisAttJ^— kbarahrd, ghore kd hadan sdf karae kd ek did ' 
^>fB«, s. a malediction ; affliction, torment— sA^, ahhiihdp^ amangaUbdd ; kletk, duhkh; 
jaatraa/i^Unat, baddud* tardp, kosd; bald, wabdl, azdb, dziyat 

tl^* ^ ^ ^'^'^ ^^^^ ^^> ^^ execrate; to afflict— a6hiff^ k. Adp d. dhikkdr k. duhkha d. 
mniw^«.4o8od, Idnatd. sardpnd ; satdnd, uklif d. ranjida k. 

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CUR ( 123 ) CYO 

Car'iedly, ad* miMrftbly, %hwntf\i\\y^^urdashdp(irbak, abhishaptaritpe, lajjitarUpe, adham^ 

r^e— bauUat» kh^ri se, behay&i se, sharmftwarf se, zat>daf se (.mubarncf 

Cur'titor, s. a clerk in the cbaacery — mahdhyahasthditstka i«icAafc— sadardlwAnl adftlat \£ 
Cni'sorary, Car'sory, a. hasty, careless— ewarita, alpamanojogi, abibechita, anabadhdni'-- 

jald» behh6z» Kb&61, bekhabar 
Cur'sorily, ad. hastily; slightly— ;;fta/ttt ; Uhadabadhdiiapiirbak—jildi; ghaflat se, kam 

taftrajjnh se ' ' ' ' \ 

Curta'il,va. to cut off, to shorten, to abndge~-a/pa fcariy^i kdtan, kharba bd khdfa k, 
• tankhyep fe.-^chh&Qtnd, kot&h k. qai^ar k. gba\&Q&, kam&n&, mukhtasar k. 
Cnr'taiiy, s. a clotb haioging round a bed, at a window, &c.-^{an^«r mcuhdri, jabanikd, 

pratismi-'masihri, parda, qjhal 
> Ouna'tion, <. the distance ofa star from the ecliptic— ^'ifoHr bidydy rdshi ehakra haite bisheth 

idrdr antax bd dUratwa — mintaqalulburj se ek sit&re k& tafaw&c 
Curv'ature, «. f.^uhure] crookedness, bent iotm—bakrabhdb, korhdr, kulfjatwa, bdnk— 

b&nk, tefh^^ kham, pech 
Curve, i>a. to bend, to crook, to inflect— 6afera Ac. 64sXc4na—lach&n&, terh& k. naw&ni 
iCurv'et, 8, a leap, a bound— /ampba, tdph, ullamphQ, kundan, utplab — ^kdd, ph&nd, uchhil, 
■ jast 
Curv' et, va. to leap, bound, fntk-ruUamphan, Idph d, fcuscZan— kddn&, ph&n(Jln&, bakarkdd Jc. 
Curvilinear, a. consisting of a crooked line, composed of curved lines — oakra reklid bishishta, 

bakra rekhdmay^ ardha foUkritt, dhanurdkdr—mutkh^ni khattw6l4, jis mea tefhe khatt hoQ 
Cushion, s. [kush-in] a pillow, a soft pad placed uponaseat— jradi, gadiyd, biohhdM, upa- 

dhdn,bichhdnd bisheshjdlid chaukHtdir upare tthdpita t/i4/c«— g&otakiya, masnad, gaddl 
. Cttsp, si the points or horns of the moon-~ardhachandrddir kon bd dui diger atlta bhdg, arthdt 

agra — hil&l w. g. ki nok 
Cusp'ated^ a. terminating in a poiht — s^chydk^r, chhuuchdla, dgdla-^noVdkr 
Cusp'idate, va; to sharpen—cAiuQcM^ k, clutitdnat agrabhdg, arthdt dgd tikhyna k.^nokd&r k. 

tez k, paindna 
C^s'tard, 5. a sweetmeat made of eggs, milk» and sugar-~anc?a dugdha chini ei kayek drabya 

pdke jdta mUhidmta bdmithdi buAesA-rfdidda, ek mithai jo ande dudh aur chfni se banti 

Cus'tody, . t. imprisonment ; care ; security — banda, dtdk, kdrdgdr ; sdbadhdnatd ; rakhyd 

— qaid, band ; amdnat, nigdhbdnl ; aroan, saldmati 
Custom, s. habit, habitual practice, usage, fashion ; tax or duties on exports and imports — 

byabahdr, dhdrd, dekdr, riti, cha&in, gati ; bhinnadBthdgata kitted swedesher bhinnadeshe 
. prerita bdnijya drabyete je karer niyam dckhe, artkat mdsiil-'^'Ch&l, ktto, dastdr, rasm, 

rawish ;* mahsul 
Cus'tomary, a. conformable to established custom, habitual, MSVLBX-^kdrdbdhik, chalita, ritya- 

fsusdr, byabahdrita, sachardchar—ddiStvir ke'muw&fiq, murauwaj, rasmi, dastnri, rdij 
Customer, s, one in the habit of purchasing~6Js/t«sh baniker sthdne drabya kraydrthe gamaud' . 

gamankdri byakti, kretd, ^rffcafc— kharidddr, gdhak 
Cus'tom-house, s. the house where the taxes upon goods imported or exported are collected — 

ja^dtdlay,shulka grahaner ghar, panchatthrd ghur, parmiigKar — chabutra, pachatrd, par- 

Cut," va. to make an incision; to divide; to hew; to carve; to pierce— &</an, ehhdian; 

ehhedan;'biddran ; khpdan ; ftiiid/ian— kdtnd, tardshnd ; qata k. phd|:nd ; khodnd ; phorn& 
Cut, s. gash or wound made by an edged tool; a printed picture ; fashion, shape — kdid ghd, 

khyat : chhdndr chhabi, chitra ; dkdr, dHul, c(^p— kdt, zakbm, gbdb ; chhdpe kitaswlr; 

qata, dau), uhab 
Cuta'neous, a. relating to the skia—twak 8atnbandhiya*—]i\di 
Cu'ticle, s. the outermost covering of the body, or tne scarf skin^-c^rma, twakf ckhdl-^poet, 

chhiikd, chamfd 
Ctttic'ular, a. belonging to the skin^twak bdcharma bd halkaia sambandhiya--^\i9xate kd, jildf 
Cut'lass, f. a broiid cutting sword — kha/rga, Mrijira— teghd, talwdr, shamsher 
Cut'ler, «. one who makes or sells knives-«c/t/iuri/ear, chhurikd nirmdyak bd tadbUn'etd, 

tikhyndstrddi nirmdnkartd — lohdr, k^radgar, chhuri w. g. kd batidoe yd bechne wdid 
Cutter, i. one that cuts; a fast-sailing vessel —ch/teda^, kartak, kdtaniyd; shighra gdmi khyu^ 

4ra naukd bisheshr—k^tne wdid, burinda, qdti ; ek qism kl tezrao kishti 
Cut'tbroat, «. a ruffian, a murderer, an assassin— -cfa/cdit, ghdtaktdasyu, gupta ghdtah, niik* 

ihura fcyoitti—lhag, rdhzan, qassdb, qdiil, galkattd 
Cut'ting, «. a piece cut off, a chop: a branch— k/tanc^a, iukard, kuti.kuchi; brikhyer kdtd 

pa2^6— katran, chhdnt, (ukrd ; ddli, qalam, kd^i hdl shdkb 
Cut'tle, 8. a fish that throws out a black liquor, to favour its escape from its Enemies; a fouU 

mouthed fellow — matsya bishesh ; durmukha byakti, katubh4ihi-^ipiy^n ; darida dahdn» 

Cy'cle, «. a circle ; a periodical space of time — ehakra, goU mandal, chakrabat rtkhd; niya* 

mitakdla kranir^ddira, charkh, daura ; muqarrar zamdna L^^ul khat 

Cyc'loid, j. a kind of geometrical curve — prdy goldkriti bishe8h — ilm-i-handasa meu ek mun- 
Cyclops'dia, «. a circle of knowledge, a course of the arts and 8tienct&—'bidy(Uidrdhali, 

gydnachakra, digdarshan, bamoMdidt akkyare kramashah 8arba bidyd gydupak grantha^ 

dderatululiim, uldm ofundn ka daura, mujmaululiim, kull bdtou ki lagbat 
Cyg'net, i. a young awan— ^i»^iA« shdbaktjvMiangta—Mins ks bachcba 

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CTC ( 123 ) DAK 

Cyt'iader, i . a long roaod body ; a nAl^t-^hunfcU nal; btUu, 4alatUl^'m\, pongi : belaa 
Cylio'dric^il, a. resembling a cylinder— 4tam5Mfttir, naldkriti, dalandhiti-^^nUtn y6 nali ki 

86rat, belan kl ro^nid 
Cyma'r.i. [««.] a slight covering, a scarf— tuUyma 6astr<S6ara», ekfrrakdruruni Imstra.ek- 

pa/a6as£ra— ekhalki si poshish, o^^hni, dopa|(& * [ek qisni 

Cym'bat, «. a musicar instrument-— manrfir/i, AcarataZ, jAarjA«rt— jhdnj, manjirA, bije kf " 
Cynan'throphy,*. a species of madness in which the person has the qualities of a dog— 

unmdd bd bdyurog bishesh j.dhdte manushya kUkkura dharma prapta hay, kimbd vnmatt* 

byaktir kukkur'a bhdb hay—ek qisra k& 6aol<pan jo kuttoa se s&ri hotihai 
Cyn'ic, «. [sin-ik] a follower of Diogenes; a snarler ; a misanthrope— rfojfca nwCtra grdhi 

Htandakuddsin; kukkuradharmak, art'tM sarbanindak ; andldpya—^k hakim Diaitna nAm 

ke shagirdoQ k^ laqab ; durushtkho; anmeli 
^Cyn'ic.Cyn'ical, a. satirical, churlish, brutal— 6jran^akram0 dosha ddyak, hidrHpirndtn^ 

ugrabhdbit karkask — tanzgo, tur^hrd, kattar 
Cy'nosure, c. [. .shure] tlie star near the north-pole, by which sailors steer— icttarolindrer 

nakhyatra bishesh, uttaradikstha tdrd^vruh sitira jo qutb-i-shim&li ke pas w&qi hai aur iis ko 

dekhke malldh log jah&schaUfe hatQ' 
Cy/press, s. a tree; an emblem of mourning— ftri&ftya bishBsh; s&oJt^ dUJina— sary, ^iro • 

m£tam ki aUmat * 

Cy'prus, s. a thin transparent black stuff— jdl bastra bishesh, nkhynttikdla'patta batira bithtsJk 

— siy&h abreshmi patle kapre ki ek qism 
Cyst, s. a bag containing morbid matter— p^jj^'er thali — pib ki thaili 
Cyst'ic, a. contained in a h^g—koshastha — thaili meQ mazrtif y& samay& h(i'a 
Czar, s. [zar] titl^ of the emperor of Russia— jRiudMA^r tdjopddhi, taddesher adhipati^R^ 
^ ke mulk ke p&dsh&h k& laqab, gaesar ^ j p&dshih begaiA 

^Czari'Da,«. the empress of Kussia—Rusde$/Mrr<i;r/int, bd rdjya kdrini — Ros ke mulk ki 


D. is ased as an abbrevation of doctor ; as D. D. doctor of divinity ; M. D. doctor of medicine ; 

as a naneral for 600 ;1and as a key in music— «» akhyar sangkete dchdrjya bd updeshtd id bai- 

dya pada bodhak,jathd D. P., <M. D. ityddi; sangkhydte pdnch sat bodhak hay '; sangita 

sdMtrechinAabishesh^yih harf ikbtisdrke w&ste mustimai hai ; jis& ki D. D. doctor of divinity, 

y4n6 U^ab-i-mnjtahid ; M, D, doctor of medicine, khit&b-i-hakim ; adad men p&usai 

kem&nihai; ilm-i-mosiqimeflLek nishin 
Dab," va, to strike with something soft; tP Moisten — naram drabya diyd mdrem bd lepan - 

drdra fc.— narm chiz se marn& ; tar k. ch^pa^n^ ' 

Dab, «. a small lump ; a gentle blow with something moist ; an artist— ^uma drabyer ek fuki ; 

namra drabydghdt i kdrikar, kAytpra— fukra, p&rcha; narm chiz kiaarb; kkrigar 
Dab'ble, v. to do any thing in a superficial manner ; to play in water — nd bujhiyd karma fe. 

unadJnkdra dtarehehd k, jalakrird k. jaU ^eA«2an— n^amajk'ke h&th lag4nA ', dabdldb k. 

p&ai men kheln& 
Dab'bler, s, a superficial meddler — anadhikdracharehehi—€p9j^ %^pk& [jk Ab\ murgh 

Dab'chick* s. a small water fowl — khyudrajalacharpakhhi bishesh — ek qism k& cbbpt^ jalchar 
Daca'po, s. in music, signifies that the first part of a tune must be repeated — sangit shdttr^ 

turer prathamdngsha punordv byabdhdr haibe ei arth^bodh hay — ilm-i-mdsiqi mea yih mini 

hai ki pahle bisse ko phir takr&r kami ch&hiye 
Dace, s. a small river-fish — khyudva nadiya mattya hishesh — ek qism ki machhtli 
Dac'tyle,s. [.ti/]. a poetical foot consisting of one long syllable and two short ones—^handa 

bithmh, arthdtekgurupaderpareduilaghu paddtmak tripada s^ftda— ilm-i*aTftzkiekbah£r 
Dae'dal, Daeda'lian, a. resembling a labyrinth— peacA. 64 pher 6is/iis^/a— pec h darpech 
Daffodil, Daffodilly, s. a flower— pttaAamimd pusltpa bishesh—^k qism ki phtll, nargis 
Daft, pa, to toss aside, to throw away^k«liyf> d» nikhyep k.— ek kioire phenkni, dal d. 
Dag'gar, «. a short sword, poniard; a mark ft]— M/dr, khanjar, kJia^tar ; [t]at chinherndm 

— kbuijar, ka$&r, chhuri ; [t] is nish^n k& n&m 
Daggle, V. to trail in the mire or water — kdddy pariyd mayaU h, kardamdkta h. bi k, gheu- 

tkorajt-v>iatbern&, sanndnii ■ * ' • 

Da^'gletail, a. bemired, bespattered— ^Aess^rdna, kardamdkta^ldXhex^ hdA, giUldda 
^ Dai'ly,«. and ad. happening every day, or very frequently— prdtyaAifc, pratidin hay Jd gkafo 

je, paunahpunik, nitya — barroz, rozroz, roz baroa, hamesh, aksar 
Dain'tily,ad. delicately, nicely; fastidiously-'-Ai^^yonr^pe, taundarjyarUpe ; ghrindpitr* 

bak — naf&satse, p&kizagi se; kar&hiyatse 
Dijn'ty, a, deticious, nice ; squeamish— «ltam, tahhojya ; sddhdrcm bastute g/^ritidktfH— nafis; ' 

inazed&r ; nakchafhi, khushkhorik 
Dairy, «. the place where milk is preserved or manufactured, a milk farm — gopagriha, 

dadhimanthandgdr, ga,bya sdmagrir utpatti bd bikraya st^an— shirk hi na 
Da'irynaidj «. a female who manages the milk — gopini, godldni, dadhimanthanakdrini 

— gawilioi . . [qi^m ke gul-i-bahir se bhari hfii 

DaTsied, a. foil of daisies— flR<i/k«r btAB^usn, basawtakdlina kkyudra ptishpa bishishta^ek 
Daisy, t. a spring flower — basanta kdlaja pushpa bisheih—ek qism ki phtil jo bahir ke' waqt 

hoti bai, gttl-i-bahir 
DalLVfj, a dicker, a Bwaber of t^ hides^diuU^Mii pafkneAarma— das kbilea chamra 

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9 Ah (124) DAR 

Dil«» 1. 1 space betwetn hHU, a viJe, a ^nllej-rkandar, ptur^ta dtpayer madhyattka sthat bA 

Mtmna 6Ai«mi— >w6di, nich&a, dara 
Dal'liance, i. mutual caresses, acts of fondness; procrastination-^paraifor dlingan, koldkoli, 

pratakti; ^un, ^anmasAi— Mochiio, nazoniy^z, rangras, dol6rpyft'r ; dhll,iUiwa, 6jkal 
Dal)op» «. a tuft or clumjp— ^itc/ichfc/i, j/wfr— turra, guchchha, jhAf, jh«ri * 
Dal'l;, V. to trifle ; , foiidle : delay ; s\ion-^tdlmatdl k. sohdg hd prasakti k, biUtmban ; kheUi fe. 

->(&p4toi v., r&och4o k. dol&r py&r k.deii k. khe^n& 
Dam» <. the mother of a beast, or a human mother in contempt; a mole or bank to confine 
N water— pa(^u pakkyir Tndtdfdhdfi ; bdndh^ setu— j^nwar y& .chiriou kf m& ; biq&rat ke liye 

ins&Q ki m& bhi mustAmal hai; b&adh, band pul, sdhil 
Pam," confine, or shut up water byd^ms^bdudh hd setu hdndfian, bheri hdndhiydjaUr . 

diak fc.— b&ndh bdadhnA 
Pam'age, <. mischief, hurt, detriment, loss—IcAyati, apachay, apakdr, A^tnt— khis&rat, nuq- 

sdn, khar&bi, pdimdli [big^fud, khis&rat k. 

Dam'age, «. to injure, to hurt, to impair— ^Ayatt k. nashla bd bigar fc.— nuq^&n pahuDcho&, 
Dam'ageable, a. susceptible of hurt--;;^ drabyer ndth bd apachay bd bigar haite pdre—nni^Aa 

karne ya begdrne ke qibii ', , ' [kimkhdb 

Pam'ask, i. figured linen or silk — buld kdpafbdpatta bastra 6ti^eiA— mushajjar, jdrnddnf, 
Damaske'en, va. to inlay iron or steel with gold or sWyei—lauher attrete twarna bd Hip^a 

man^an — lohe ke hatiydr ko sone yd chdadi se jafdwnd 
Dame, s. a lady, a mistress of a family— /cartri,. grikini, strilok — begam, bfbi, dhila 
Damn, va» to doom to eternal torments m a future state ; to curse ; to condemn— narak/fna/^ 

bikhyipta k. abh'uhdp d, donhi k, dand'irha ^ydn k, — narakbdsi k. jahanOam mea bbejn&i 

mahin k. Idnat k. rdnda k. uqdbat ke qdbil thardnd 
Dam'nable, a. most wicked ; pernicious— nara/(f, pdpithiha, damfdrka ; bindshak — Idnati« 

makrahr phitkdrl, zabdu ; muzir ■ ^ ' 

Damnation, s. exclusion from divine mercy ; condemnation — I'shariya abkWuipe narakegaman ; 
' cf/aVc/car^Idnat-i-Ilahi, phi^kdr; dhikkdr 
Dam'ned, pa. a, [,] conJemned; hateful, detestable, abhorred — doshikrita, narake patita i 

ghrinitUt ghrindrha, dhikkdri ^iahi-ondimi; Iftnaii, malun, phitkari, dhikkdri 
Dam'oify, va. to endamage, to injure — kdni bd apachaij^ bd 6i jr^r k.— nuqsdn pahuacbnii, 

kbisdrat k. 
Damp, a. moist, wet ; dejected— ttt4, bhijdi drdra ; 5/2ag-naman4k— tar, >nartdb, gU^ ; adds 
Damp, s. moist air, moinure ; vapor ; dejection— ja^uyi batds, syduUydnt ; bkdp ; kkunnatd, 

auddsya—s^rd hawd, sardi, tari ; bukhar ; liddsi, kliastadiii 
Damp, vtf. to wet, to moi^iten ; to depress, to weaken— titina^ bhijdna, drdra k. kkob bdaiiddtya 

janrndna^Ur k. martub k. afsiirda k. ddds jd sard k. 
Dam'sel, f. a young maiden, a girl— kanj^^, ju&att, ^um^rt— ^abeli, doshfza, ards ' 
Dam'son, Dam'ascene, s. a black plum-.-])Aa(frt<ke«/i— ek qism kd mewa 
Dance, vn. to raov^ with measured steps— lidck bd nrityd k, nartan— ndchnd, raqs k. 
Dan'cing, «. moving with steps to music-^nrit^a, micJurn, tatdU na/att— ndch, raqs, gat par 

Dandel'ion, s, the name of a plant— 6rtkkya frukesk- ek' qism kd chho(d darakht , 

Dan' to fondle, toplay— 6a/ak ke sokdgk, urudetke bdlakke ndcltdna, haste bdpadedolitm 

k, — halrdwnd, kuddnd, uchhdind, kheland (,bafili 

Dan'druff, «. scurf at the root of the hair— kktakt, nuutaker shuthka eharma bd mayaM— rast, 
Da'newort, 9, the dwarf elder, wall wort— AAar6t brikhya friiAe«k— ek qism kd chho^d darakht 
Da'nger, s. risk, hazard, peril— (itiy, tatikat, bighna, dpad, bhayer frifkay— khaUa, dfaC, dar« 

Dan'gerless, a* without hazard, without riak-'^irbhigna; nirdpadt ntkskirnkri- bekhatra,bedfat. 

beparwd fjanak— khatamdk, jimdr, dudbwdr, pitrdfat 

Da'iigerous, o. full of danger, p'erilous, hazardous— Mayanfcar, tdnghdUh, du^tkar, bipmtti 
Dan'gle, v. to hang loose, to bang upon any one""— jk^Ua h.parddkin bdanugdmi k.— la(akiid» 

bilagnd,mutdlliqh. [zandost, zandshiq 

Dan gier, j. one who dangles or hangs about women —pardsaktat straina, parayan- pichhJagd, 
Dank, a. damp, humid, moist, wet— tita, bhijd, /iro-ra— gild, martub, tar 
Dapat'ical, a, sumptuous in living,>costly— 6Aoja/tartka byayaihil, peluk, su6/tokM— khdne ko 
. liyesiydda khaich k. w. pe(d,^khushkhurdk [chdldk, gachgaina ; 6utbr& 

Dap'per, a. little and active ; pretty, neat — kkdla athacha khyipra mdnush ; paripa/t— aa|d dur 
Dap^perliog, t, a d^arf, a dandiprai— kAar6a minush, 6aun6— baund, thengnd, nd^d 
Dap'ple, a. of various colors, vafiegated^paskur bUheahatie chitrabichitra, pdnchrang^^^ 

pdnchrangd, ablaq 
Dare, va. to have courage for any purpose, to challenge; to defy— sri/tot k. dhamak bdspardbd 
k. shatrurprati sdhasabdd-^jurkl k- deleri, dhamkdnd, hdnknd [diler, ni«rddoa 

Da'riog, a. bold, adventurous, tearless— «a^/. aktttoMai/, ntr6/iay— ^ejdn, bedar, himmati. 
Dark, a. wantilog light, opaque, obscure— ^k<»r, dndfiakdiamay, anoaehchlui, asposk^a— 
andherd, tdiik, gha|rshaflrdf, mugblaq [k. abi se clihd d. mubhawwisb k. 

Darken, v. to make dark, to cloud, perplex — dudhdrk.meghdchchhanna k.^iraktak.— and herd 
Dack'hesii. s. alsence of light, obscurity, opaqueness— amika/car, ianuu, tiiatr— andherd, 

aadhiydrd,tdriki, tiragi 
Dark'some, a, gloomy, obscure— j^Aor, andkakdrmay—ghoT, tfra, tdrfk 
Par'iiog, i. a favorite, od« mucii beiov«d— prty^, tmhapdtra, pnyatMui^pyird^ asf z, mafaibdb 

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OAR ( 125 ) DSA 

* * ■ • / ■ 

Dam, or Beam, i^. to meq^*a rent or hole—Mn/ran* ehhinna b^ra tdrmt—nft k. bhar d. 
Dar'ne), «. a weed growing in the fields— </tajya khyetfajdta jangali laid biihesh—ek qism ki 
jangll bdti ki jo khetmeQ )>aid& hotf haf [ke liye faiij ko jaminft 

Dar 'rain, va. to range troopafor haittle—juddMrtke tainya binydt, k, bywaJe, — aaf 6rdstk. jaog 
Dart, $. a weapon thrown by the h^nd^thUlphi, baratha, bdu, hattaknyepditra hishesh — bhAU^ 
barchhi, neza, ballam ' ^ [tir kf tarab 

Dart'tngly, ad, very swiftly, like a. dart— fAtg-Ara, atibege, ikaJiti, 64na6at— jald, shet^b, jhat» 
Dash, V. to throw or strike agaitet; to mingle ; to cross or blot out ; to confound ; to bespatter 
— dchhdr mfiran; mUhrita k, kdtiyd phelan; apratibh k, cft&t/<ina— pataknd, dein6rQ&; 
. Amekbu k. k£td&In&; gbabri d. chhirakna ^ 

Dash, f. collision; a mark in writing, a line ; a h\ovr—takkar bd pardspar aghdt; likhan$chhedp 

rekhd; df^^t— fakkar,' dhakka; likhneroea eknishan, khatt,lakii ; searb 
Dastard, c. a coward, a poltroon— ^purtuA,aH6/ittu—niimard, buzUil, darpokn& 
Das'tardly, a. cowardly; mesm^asdJuui, bhiru, dardlu ; tuc/ic/i/ta— n6mard, darpokai( 
dai&6; kamfna- , [maqbal, r&st,* mahqnq 

Da'ta, «. pi: truths admitted. See Datum — tarba sammata, jathdrtha, angikrita, swikrita-^ 
Date, va, to'note the time*— t;n. to hegtn^'tdrikh.d, kola nirHpan, samay bd diiia tthir /e*— on. 

dfiambha ii^.— t&rSkh d. vk lekhnd— vn. shurd h. 
Date,'5. the time at which any event happened, or at which a letter is written ; a fruit— MnIcA, 

nirupitakdlfdindkhyatSamaybUhesK; khejUrphal — din, t&rikh ; khormfi, chh(ih4rA 
Da'telesa, a. without any fixed term— animaya kdl — bet&nkh 
Da tiv^, a. in ^rammaV.. the case that signifies the person to whom any thing is given — sam* , 

praddn,chaturthi--mai(ii\hihi, h&lat-i-mafiiliyat 
Da'tom, s. a truth admitted— jat&art/ia, sarba jpratitat sioilrzta— r&st, maqbdl, mahqfiq 
Daub, va. to smear ; to paint -coarsehy ; to fiatter — Igpun, tndkhav, mardan; tdmdnyarUpe 

cAitra fc. sta6 &.-^Ugdn&,. leana, marhnd; khardbnaqsh khinchnd ; chaplfisi k. 
Daub er, s. a coarse, low painter ; a flatterer — manda bd idmdnya ehitrakar i stdbakf khoidmude^ 

^andf i chith&riyd, khardb musauwir ; ch&plus, khnsbamadiyd 
Daugh'ter, <. a femaio offspring, of a man or woman; a female child. Daughter-in-law, a 
B00*s wife.; a woman — meyd santdn, putri, kanyd, duhitd; putra badhu — be(i, la|ki, dukh- 
tar ; bahii, badhd 
Daunt, va, [dant] to discourage, to fright, to intimid^te—f&fta- k. dardna, bhay dekbdna — 
4aT&n^,dahfihatd.dabk4n& [dard6 

^Daunt ed, pa. dbpirited, frightened — bhita, dardlu, bkay prdpta — dahshat zada, tarsnik, 
^Dalint'less, a. fearless, bold— ntr^Aajr, abhay', s/ifciisi/c— nidar, bebdk, bedar 
Daw, r. a bird ; the jackdaw-i-pa/e^yi bi^uih;. ddnr kdk bithesh—ek qism ki chiriyd ; kageli, 

kauwe ki ek qism 

Dawn, vn. to grow light, to glimmer; to begin — arunoday h, rdtra pt^iw, pratyush h, dram^ 

bha k, — poh phatnd, subn h. din nekalnd; shurfi h. [shard 

Dawn, f. break of day ; beginning — bhor, prdtakkdl, arunoday; drambha — ^bhor, snbh, fajr; 

Day, c. the time between the rising and setimg of the sun, called the artificial day ; the time 

- from midnight to midnight, called the natural day, 24 hours; an age) life; light. To^ 

day, on this day—turjyodaydbadhi asta paryyanta bydpta kdl, ikdke artificial day baldjdy, 

i{m, diba$; ardhardtra haite pardin ardnardtra parjyanta je kdl, ihdke^ natural day 

hale, charbith ghantd kdl^ arthdt ahordtra ; samay ; jiban samay ; dlok, surjyer rashmi- 

To-day, adyv, <£jt— aftaib ke tulfi se ghurnb takk& zamdna, isko artificial day kahte haiib 

din> roz ; ek adhi idt se diisrf adhi rdt tak k& xam&na, isko tuitural day kahte haio» 

dianbis ghante'; xamdna ; zindagf ; roshnf ; To-day &}, djkd din 

Da'y-book, s. a tradesman's journal— ma&ajan^ pratidiner kray bikraydrtka khdtd, jdbdd 

Mt-rrozn&mcba, khasr^i j "^ 

Day-break, s.dawn, first appearance of day— pratyu«&, iishd, arunoday— tajki., subh, saveri 
DaV-Itght,.«. the light of the sun—turjyer rashmi, dibdkdl dipti,raudra — roz roshan, dhop 
Da'y'Star,8.the morning star ; YtnMn^prabhdtkdUudita tdrd bishesh; Skukra graAa— subh 

ki sitiira ; Ndh!d, Zuhra, Sukr 
Daz'ale, va, to ov<er power with light— att dipti dwdrd drishli dbarodh k, jkakmak *k.— siydda 

roshnf se nazar ko roknd, tirmir&nd, jhakamakAnd 
De'acoo, «. [de-kn] an ecclesiastical officer; an overseer of the poor— dharma parichdrdk 
bkhesk, dharma pader kanisktha pad dkdri ; din daridra l^kerrakhyak-^p^^rlQu ke niche ki 
ekuhdadar; mobtdjoun'kd khabargir 
*De'acoory, «. office of a deacon — dharmapariehdrakerkanisihapad — padrioQ ke nfche k&uhda 
Dead, a. without life, inanimate; dull, spiritless, still; tasteless, vapid— nzrita, nir/ifr, pr<in- 
rahU; jar, nistej, nispandai biswddu, niras — ^murda, murddr, mdd, bejdn; sust, sun, mdn- 
da; bemaza, khushk 
Deaden, va. to deprive of any kind of force or sensation, to make vapid or spiritless— t«7 

mnran, nashfa k. pdnsyd k.— pazhmurdak. sunk, kamzor k. bemaza k. 
Deadly, a. destructive, mortal— antok, prdna ndshak, sdngghdtik, bi*habat-—qAt}{, mnhlik, 
fdni, haldhal • [sKiddatse 

Iiead'ly, ad, morUlly, implacably— mrito^t abasthdpHrbak, atiAiti^tnpiirftak— haldkat se, 
Dead'ness, s, frigidity, inactivity— teirakttt0a,jarafA, d(a«ya— ihandhdpan, afaurdagf, sustf 
Deaf, al [d^ wanting the sense ot hearing— /uii^, badhir, shrabanendriya barjita^hdMrA, 
kar,. anm [dnd, kar k. 

^DetTeD, m, to makt deaf-^HOfl k. badhir k. Arabana Oiakii mdran bd ndA k.-bahrd ban- 

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DEA .( 126 ) 0BC 

-'D^fness, «. want of httaing^ihrabanendriya hinatd, hadhiratva^hiht&i, kftri» bfthripia 
Deal, n. part, quantity, degree of more or less ; &T'Vrood-^bhdgt sankhyd bd parimdn ; 

debddrur kdshta-^h\sa&, qadr: sanaubar k( lak^i , [taqsim k. 

DeaU V. to (lUtribute. to give each his due— an^rs^ angsha k. Ms/an— b^a| d. hissa kar d. 
Dealba'tion/s. [de^al..! the act of bleachiBg>-dAa6a/ k, shwetd bama k, jpariskkdr k.— ni- 

khdrn&.sufed k.s&ddk. s&fk. , 

Beiirer, s. one who deals, a tTZ,deT^byabasdyi, bydpdri, banik—k&rh&rU saud&gar, f^cAdir 
Deal'ing, s. practice> intercourse, traffic— itarmafcrfr;yo, lenddend, bydpdr, kray bikray-^ 

k^robdr, tijdrat, lenden, baipdr 
Dealt, pa. used, handled, given OMi^byabahdrita, byabahdrjyat 6^B^ita— must&mal, marauwaj, 

muqassam, batit^^ri k. h. , 
De^n, f. the second dignitary of a diocese — dharmdchdrjya biiheth, pradhdn dh^rmddhyo' 

khyer dwitiva padastha^imiim y& muj tabid kA n&ib* 
, Dean'ery, s. the office or house of a de^n—ptirbokta dkarmdchdrjyer adhikdr bd pad bd britti bd 

dlay—'imdm kendib kd uhda y^makan [mahbdb; mahngd, gar&a 

Dear, a. beloved, precious ; costly-^nya, snehapdtra ; durmUlva, fnahdrgha^ aziz, pjAri, 
Dearly, a<2. with great fondness; at a bigh price— attjne^p<ir6afc ; durmttfye— bare py&r ae, 

shauq se, ashiq^na ; gardni se fkami, tangi, ak6l, qaht» wir&n 

S 'earth, «. [derth] scarcity, want, famine, liarrenness — durbhikhyd, dkdl, dhdrddir abhdb-^ 
eartic'ulate, V(i. to disjoint, to dismember— i^Aam/a khanda k, ,sandhi sthdn kdfivd abayah 
khuliyd phelan, angahin )t.— jor jof alag k. |ukra tukra k. tafrlq k. band band juda k. 
Death, «. extinction of life, mortality— panc^tuwprdpti, prdn biyog, rArityUt kdl—mzxX, 
ajl, marg, haldkf, fani< [maut, I&zaw4l 

Death 'less, a. immortal, never-dying, everlasting-'amar, nitya^ihdyi, anaihioar —amar, U- 
Death'like, a. resembling death — mrityubat, kdtaswarup—xmxiX k& sa, roarg num& 
Death'watch, 5. an insect whose tinkling noise, like that of a watch, is imagined to prognos- 
ticate death— maran tiicitak shabdakdri kit bd pokd bishesh — ek qism k& kjr^ ki jis ki aw&i m 
maut m&Idm hoti hai 
Deaura'tion. i.the act of gilding — sondr kal karan, swarna man4ana kriyd, sondr pdtd tnordna 

— mulamma k4r{, til& k6rl, zar nig&r! 
Deba"r, va, to exclude, to hinder — bahishkaran^ nishedh k» nibdran — kh&rij k. bdzr.b&mi 
D^eba'rk, va, to disembark — naukdhaite ndman» ubaran fc.-^kishtl se utarnd, ubhrd k. 
Deb'ase, va. to degrade, to lower > to adulterate—apam^in k, rhds k, khddijukta k, bhdnj d,— 

beabrd k. past k. zald k. daghal k. khontd k. 

Deba'sement, 5. the act of degrading— apaman, mrinAatv^-^tazlfl, beabrni 

Deba'te, s, a personal dispute, a quarrel, a contest— Bitanda, bibdd,Jhakafd, 6irod^— baas, 

qaziya,jhagi:4, mub&hasa I takr&r k. bahsni 

Deoa'te, o. to deliberate, to dispute,. to argue — bibechahd k, bitandd k, bdddtmbdd k.— taaromul k. 

Deba'uch,s. a fit of intemperance; lewdness — shdririkbhogtr bdhulya; Idmpalatd — beiati- 

d&Ji, bad parbezi ; luGh<;hdl fharimzioft k. kbarib k. 

Deba'uch, va. to corrupt, to vitiate, to rmn—bhra^hfa k. satitwandshk.bigardna — biigirai, 

Debauche'e, s. f* o-shee] rake ; drunkard— /ocAcA^;^lampa< ; mritdi— lindkir, rind ; m^tw4u 

Debauch'ery, s« intemperance, levfdaess—Uimpalyafmdtaldmi, lochchdnd — aub&shi, khumir, 

rindi, rindib&zl ^ . [zerk. 

Debe'l, De'bel'late, va, to conquer in ^At^hdrdiyd d» daman, bashk, jay k, — tataih k. mutik. 

Debenture, s. [. . tshure] a writ or note by which a debt is claimed ; a certificate of draW"* 

, back or allowance— itAat, ddbipatra ; pkitiyd pdoner patra — tamassuk ; wdpasi cbi^tbf 

Deb'ile, a, weak, feeble, famt—durbal, khyin, ^frtaAa— aaif. ndtwdn, haqir [za£fk. 

D&bintate, va. to weaken, to make faini-^khin k, nirbal k* kldnta k'.— ndti^in k. kamsor k. 

Debil'ity, s. weakness, feebleness, languor— <iaur6a/2/a,ileA^tnat/i. shtrnat/i— ndtw&ni, kamzori 

ztl'af [/t/^7i-— qarazddr Jr. kisi ke hiaab roeu Ukhad 

De^bit, va. to charge witb debt, put to one's account— rint k. kdhdr^ hUabe kharach bd ihdr 

De'bit, s. money du^.for goods sold on credit — dhdre bikrita drabyer mtUya,tanmt'ilya pdimd^ 

qarz men bechi hdi chiz ki qimat [latff, lidzuk, kbaliq, siakhl&q, tarbiyat y&fu 

Debona'ir, a, {deb'O-nare] elegant^ civil, well-bred— mndar, partp4/t, ihish^a, sabhya, suiAil^ 

Debt, ». what one man owes to another— (iMr,.rm, dend — daen,' udhdr, qarz, wim 

Bebt'ed, a. indebted, obliged to — rint, kkdtak, bddhita — madayfin,mamn6n, ihs&nraand ^ 

Debt'or, s. one that owes something to another — khdtak, rinagrasta, ocl^mama'— qaraddr, 

denddr [sill)<lr 

Debu't, s. [.boo] a beginning ; first appearance— prdrami^^ ; pratAamft^r luirek— ibtid& ; pahU 

Decade, s. {dek-ad} the sum or number of ten — doth, dashak, dathfl sankhyak do^tu— ^abii, 

ashra, asndr [daa oahldddr 

Dec^agon, s. a figure having ten equal sides — dash kond bishisla, das kond — muaahsbar, dahgoska, 

Dec'alogue,^. f. . log] the ten commandments given by God toMoaes — dharma^idstriya rioiitf* 

^^4a— Khudd ke we das bukm jo Injil men marq<im haia 
Deca'mp, vn. to shift acamp ; to move off— satn^/er chhduni uthdiydgaman,pratthdn k. chaiiyd 

j<ian— k6ch>Jf. derduthdnd, chale j. 
Deca'nt, va. to pour off genHj—^ukhyma dhdre 4hdlan, heldn kariyd ^Ai(/an— narmi sa ulanf- 

nd, nithdrnd 
Decant'er, s.aglass vessel, for liquor— ^anc^ chhipijttkta kdofihsr mad^ pdtra bishMskr* ' 

m(nd, shlshd, dbgfna 
Decap'itate, va, to behea4:-«i«tta^ ^*h^d», ^ir ^|afi— iir k£|ii6, Mim maud 

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DEC ( 127 )- DBO 

r>eea>, s. decKae from a state of perfection, gradual failure— fc^y, jirni, rhdmibastha^ 

taoazsul, gbatti, gliis&wat, zawdl 
Decay, vn. to lose excellence, to decline —bigaran, khvay h^rhis h. — ^tanaxzul h.zawal h.,^^a^ 
Oece'ase, s. deatU, departure froia life — mrit'yu, iokdutrag^nant prdnntyfig^mnntf rptiu, 

Decc'aae, t»n. to die — maran, dekatyig it.— marnA, rihlat k. 
Deee'ased, pa. f..] departed from lue,dead— para/ofca;ato,paac^tiMipr#tpta, mrita — mutawaf- 

fd, inarbnm, baikuntiii 
Dece'it, s, fraud, a cheat, artifice>-cA/i4i^n4, pratVir^na, phtiki — fareb, chhal, daghd 
Decek'fal, a. fraud a lent, full of 4ecQit-^rabaneh<ik, dkurtu, kulil, Mifc—J'agiiabdz, faiebi, 

chbalii, makkdr 
Dece'ive; va. to cause to mistake, to delude, to impose upoo^-Mir^ifta k. bhuldn4,prabanchiin, 

phdki <£tyd /aon— diiokhdd. tbagna, fareb d. chhalnd 
Dece'iver, «. ooe vrho leads another into error, a cheat — banckak, bkrdmak, fAai; —thagne w. 

farebi admi 
December, s. the last month of the year — dwddash miser anta mds, batsarer shesh tnds, arthdt 

Ag^tahdyanerpratkamdrdha a Fatuher AeshdrdkdtB hay jeiiui«^angrezi s&l k&dkhiri mabini, 

ydne Aghan kd pfchhia adhd aur Pds ka palila adba 
Decem'virate,^. a government by ten rulers; any body of ten men-^as jan adkyakya kartrik 
. rtifyas'isan, sei dash janer pad; dasja^ersampraddy—dKa bdkiro kl rajauti ;'da8 ddmi k( jarodat 
De'ceocy, s. propriety, decorum, modesty — uchitabyabahdritd, dhiratd, sushilatd, binay — 

shdistai^i, mdquliyat, imbyaz, , adab 
Decennial, tt. what continues to; a 8pace of. ten years— dash barsha bydpak, dashdbdik^ dash 

batsar t^fceje— dahsdia, dasbaraaa 
De'cent, a. becoming, fit, suitable, grave, modest — lukit/ upajukta, jogya, skishla, salaija 

— abdista, drasta, Idiq, qabil, UjilA [aur hayd se 

pe cenfly, a/, in a proper and modest muntket-^uehittfrnatet tajjitariipe — sbdi^agi se, iiydqat 
i>ecept'ible, a. liable to be deceived — prabanchaniya, pratdraniya. — thagne jog, fareb dene 

k^qdbil [chhal, dhokba 

Deception, s. the act of deceiving, fraud, fallacy — prabanehandj chhaiand, p4akt— fareb, 
Decept'ive, a. having^ the power of deceiving — mithyd, bhrnmak, banchandkdri — ibagoe w. 

farebaada, farebi f hda 

Dec'erpt, a. cropped, taken off— c^a^/a, fr^rfriib'ita, fcrt/a— tardsbida, chhdutd hud, kdtd 
Deeerta'tion, s. a contention, a dispute — bibdd, birodh, Aisam^Mui—^aziya, fitna, jhagrd 
Decha'rm, counteract a c'harm-maNrrak/iaiMtan, gun /ca(a»— }ddduia(dend, afsdn kdtnd 
Deci'de, va. to tix the event of, to determine, to end, xo seiXi^—niuihita k, samddhd bd nish' 

vatti k, mitiina, nirnay k.-^'thahrdod, ronqarrar k. infisdl k. rafa k. chukdnd, bandobast k. 
Deci'dedly, ad. ifk a determined manner— »(Asa7td«^, shaktarupe, st/itracAi^ta-— yaqfoan, bd 

shart, bd iqrdr 
Deei'der, s. one who decides or determines — nishpattikdrc^, Riritaj^^arta— munsif, hakam, 

qaziye jhagre chdkdnie w. tabqiq k. w. [ndpdiddr ; ek sdl se kam r. w. 

Deciduous, a falling ; not perennial, or lasting threngb the year— asl^yt ; barshajibi-o nay-^ 

De'cimal, a. [des-e-mal] numbered, or multiplied by ten— dashganak sangkhyd—wihTi, ashrdti 

^*Decima'tion, s. a selection of every tentU—dashdngsher dashamdngska grahan^ dandanarthe 

dash dash kariyd pratidashaker ek /aoyi-^dabdr, daheki, ydne harek das se ek ek lend 

Deci'pher, va, to ex{Main that which is written in ciphers ^ to anfold, to unravel— ^upea bd « 

gurhat-tha bujhdiyd dem ; fr^f^^ya it. artAa k.->guptpatri ki mdni batldnd; khoike kahnd, 

baydn k. 
DcciTsion, x. determination of a difference, doubt or event— Mmod/ii, nishpattiy sandehflbhangn, 

ntmay— infisdl, rafa, niptdrd, tawaqqnn • fp>ird,yaqfn 

Deci'sive, «. conclusive, final,' ipwilivesaitdehabhanjakj sapramdn, nishehay—qku, sdf, 
Deci'sively, ad. in a conclusive manner— ni/isande/(«,,'Ritaiita, nisi^cAayaHtp«— yaqin se,«afai 

se, beshak [k.—satiwarifd» drdsta k. singer k 

Deck, va, to cover, to dress, to adorn — bastrddi paridhdn k, snjdna, beshabhushan k. sushobhUa 
Deck, s. the fioor of a ship>-^'aMjer me/iyd—j ahdz ki manzil, takfatabandi 
Declaim, speak rhetorically, harangue— sd/anfcor bd karundkar hdkya kathan, bnktritiva 

praitdsAlc.-^tulkaldm yd rahraangef gutted k. taqrir jhiirnd 
Decla'imer, s. ooe who makes speeches to move the pai»iods — baktd, hydkhyikarid, barnand- 

dwdrd dayd bd mo/ia jan/?^— khushtaqrir, guftugu se josh d. w. 
Declama'tion, 5. a speech addressed to the passions ; an harangue— sa7<iMl;ar bd karundjnhta 

bnkyq ; 6ya^/iyd— reqqataogez kalani yd taqrir , tashrtb 
Declamatory, a. pertamiog 10 declamation, ai^pealing to tho pai»sions— /cariinrt/aMafe, mWir- 
c^Aa/cirl, a/anAcdr/iriwita— reqqati, targhihdna, natsanvez, 
Decla'rable, a, capable of proof — prdmeya, sa6^i/asta—sd bit' hone Ke ^dbih 
Declara'tion, s. proclamation ; an aflirmalion— gAosAufwi, prakash^ samdch'ir, bigydnpan ; 

prafi^y/Sn— isbftt, izhdr ; iqrdr 
Declara'iive, a. proclaiming; explanatory— Ai/MJ<faiwr, nishchay prnkdihak ; bodhak—muzhir^ 
' muqir ; baydnl [muziiir, wdqif '£. w, 

Declar atory, a, affirmative, clear, expressive— praW^rAait, ni shchayakdrt, higytthpak—amqii 
Decta're, ('a. to make known, to proclaim— 6i^'i/'i£fpar{,g/ros/ia»a^. piavhdr fc,— -jatann, zahir k. 

aldniya k. ishkdrd k. [k. g. pirk^.-ti k. %. 

DcclaVedypa. [. .]atlirined, made known— prafd««n*ra, J-iniua, prrrit.->' ifti— ini'zhir, z4t«ii 


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DEC ( 128 ) DEO 

Declension, s. declination, descent ; degeneracy ;- inflexion or manner of changing nouns-^- 

rhJUdbasthd, adkahpatan ; bhrashtatd ; pader bibhakti 5<id^n— tanazzul, naz61 ; kharftbi ; 

sarf, garden f gard&n 

Decl^'nable, a; having variety «f terminations-~M6/iafett5adft2fa— munsarif, qabil-i-t&srif yC 
Declina'tion, s. descent; decay; act of bending down-^adkahpatem ; hhyay ; jhunkan — 

utftr; zawdl; jhufc&i 
Declina'tor, «. an instrument in diMng-^raudraghari hidydy anhanakdri attra bUhesh — 

dhnpgliairi ban^ne ke fano meu elc &\6, 
Decline, y. to lean dpwnwards, to decay, to shun ; to refuse; to vary or inflect words — 

hesl k, jkuhtan, rhds h, barjan k, aswikdr k. pader bibbakti ^sddhan — kbam b. nihofn^ ;. 

ghatn&, zawdl h. ihtirdz k. inkir k.tasrif k. gardaoua f—ntar, ghatti, zawlil 

Decli'ne, 5. a falling off, diminution, decKj-^patarifkhyay, rhdtdbagthd, nyuiiatd, hhayarog^ 
Decliv'ty, s. a slope, gradual descent — dhdi, gardniydbh^mi-ynthr, db^l 
' Deco'cty va, to prepare by boiling, to digest— siddha k. pdk k.— -ob41nA, aul6o&, josh k. 
Decoction, s. act of boiling; matter hoi\ed—pdkkriyd ; kwdthjush ft.— josh karnft ; josh&nda, 

karhA, kwoath ' - 

Decoc'ture, s. f . . tshure] a substance drawn by decoction~}Mi^9tc nihsrita tm, nirjds, kwdth 

—jo chfz ko aut^ ke nik6len, karhA, kwo&th 
Decolla'tion, s. the act of beheading— fAfra«Ac^/i«<^4n~sirkAtn& 
Decompose', va. to dissolve or resolve a mixed body— dra6 k, sqnkarabastnr mtUabustu 

bhinna bhitina k. — gal4ni, murakkab ko jud& jud<l k. 
Decompou'nd, ta. to compound anew, to form by a second coroposition-^unar^j^ miskrita 

k, ditiyabdr sangjukta fc.— naye sir semil&n^, s&ni tarkib d. 
Dec 'orate, va. to adorn, to embellish — beshbhtUhan k, susbobhita k. aUtnh'ita A;.— singn^c k. 

ban&o k. Crista k. , ' < [tagi 

Decora 'tion, s. ornament, embellishment— 605^ 6Ati<^^, alankdr, al>haran — zinat, zeb, ^rlis- 
Deco'rous, a. decent, suitable to a character, becoming, proper— ticAit, upajukta, prakriMa 

— Uiq, sh&ista, uchit, q4bil ' f nikhoma 

DeC^or'ticate, va. to divest of the bark or busk— rAfcriZ tulan, nirbakal k — cbhilkft dt&rnii, 
Deco'rum, s. decency, order, propriety— «Ais&<«icAar, sabkyatd, sudhdrd, sushiUtd—ah^ia^ 

tagi, saliqa, sudhab, idmiyat 
Decou'ple, a. uncoupled, separated, free — bijukta, prithak^ bibhinna — bijof, jud&raI4bida 
Deco'y, va. tolure, to. entrap, to ensQare-^/o6ft dek/uina, Jdle baddka k. phd^de dnan — 

fareb d. phans&nd, phande mei^ d&In& - [ fareb, - pbanda 

Deco'y, s. allurement to mischief, teinptation, a i»nare— Jo6&, bhuldna, phdnd'-'VditgMkoi,, 
Beco'y-duek, s. a duck that lures others— 'je shikkyita kangsa anya hangta ke bhuldiyd phd^de 

phele—wuh hAjfts ki jo d<isre ko fareb dekar pli^nd men I4ti hai 
Decre'ase, v.. to grow less, to be diminished — nyiin h. rkds h, ^hdtan, tutiyd jVion— ghatn6^ 

kam h. 
Decre'ase, s. the state of growing Jess — rhdsy khyay, kramasJuih nyiinatii— gbatti, kamti, kasr 
Decre'e, va. to doom or assign by a decree — byabasthdd, dgyda k.—f^Limi. d. hukm d. farm^& 
' Decre'e, s, an edict, a law ; a determination of a siul — rdjdgydut bidhi, byabasthd ; nishvaiti 

—hukm, fatwd, din; infis^l [bani, pirfart6t 

Decrep'it, a, wasted and worn out with ageT— jtma, at^nriddhafjurdgratta, aehal — zaif, mun- 
Decrepita'tion, 5. a crackling noise, as when salt is put upon heated iron — churckurdntt kar- 

kash ikabduy tapta lohdr upar Uiban rdkkile jeman sakda ^2^— cbnrcbur, cha|pat, jaisi 

naraak garm lobe par d&lne so Wdz hoti hai If^^ri, bu|h&p& 

Decrep'itude, s. the last stage of decay, the last effects of oW age — atibdrdhakya, jarimd— 
Decres'cent, a. growing leas—^dptarhdsdbaithd.uttarottar nyHnibhuta-^ghmi, kamti,' zaw&l 
Decre'tal, a, appertaining to a decree— 6i/aba4^Aa «am6and^%a— sbarai, ainf 
Decre'tal, s. a book of decrees or edicts, a body of laws— 6ya6ait&a satnUha, bidhdfiasangraha 

— sharay4<lin l^i kitilb, qaw6nin 
Dec'retory, a. judicilil, definitive — byabasthita, byabasthd bishayajf,nirdhdrita-^ahwai, Ain k& 

mut&lliq, mut&iyan « fk. aib lagani 

Decry, va, to censure, to clamor against— ninda k. dumdm bd apabdd k.— dokhn&, mazammat 
Decum'bence, s. the act of lying down— s^yitdi!Mist/ia,|>artya tfc<ika— Ietn6, pafrabn4, h&iat- 

i-khuftani [past 

Decum'bent, a. lying on the ground ; low— pran/ito;, bhUmisthat patita ; adhagata — paya h6£ ; 
Dec'uple, a. tenfold— rfas/i^Mn—dasgdnd, dabchand 
Decu'rian, s, a commander over ten men— dashddhyakhy a, dash jan sendr adhyakhya — das- 

fidml k^ bikim, das si pah i kA sardar {daurna 

Decur'sion^ s. the act of running down — adhodhdban, niche diyd £>6^agati— daurna, niche 
Pecurta'tion,«. act of shortening— kArf<a|Aaran>/c/uir to karatt— kam k. chho|&k. kot^h k. 
Decussate, va. to intersect at acute angles— kone kone kdlan, ehkuuciidla kariyd pdrnpdr 

katan—konk koni kAtni, nokd&r karke tar6shn& 
Dedec'orate, va. to disgrace — apenuinita i. sakalanka k. — beizzati k. aibl k. badnamf k. 
^ejjenti'tion, s. loss or shedding of the teeth— dantapat, dduter hdni bd khyay—d^a^. g'm^ 
Ded icate, va. to devote to some diving power, to consecrate ; to inscribe to a patron— j»ra- 

tishthd k. utsarga k. nibedan patra, konarbyaktir ndm likhiyd granthdrpan k.— niyAz k. waqf 
k. madah k. ke n&m banana 

a, knhdra prati 


Ded icated, pa. consecrated, inscribed— praeis/j//iifa, Htsargita,'nibediia, knhdra prati arpita- 
cbarh&y6 h^&, nazr k. h. pralishih&k. h. 

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PEP ( 129 ) DBF 

Dedica'tion, s. consecratioD ; an address to a p^iroa^^ratiskthd ; mtJchabandha, nibedaTia 

patray mangaldcharan — niy&z, waqf ; madah 
Dedi'naD,5. a surrender, giving up — tydg, samarpant ehhdriyi — tark, cbofni, sipard 
Dedu'ce, va, to draw from, to infer, to gather— anwinan A:, tarka kariyd nimay fc.— istimbat'k. 

atkalnA, h^il btikhar&j k. - [natfja, muntaj^ 

Deda'cement, s. the thing deduced, consequential proposion— simani&ay. juktisiddhinta^ 
Bedu cible, a. collectible by reason, consequential — anumeyoy. juktiidhyOy satnamoita,-^ 

qij^i, nati}a&war > [ii4, minhft k. 

Deduct, va, to subtract, to take airay— an^sAa haran, khdttd kntan, bad d.—waza k. nikftld&l ' 
Deduc'tioo, 5. consequential collection, mference-samaitway, anumdnaiiddhatd — natij^, andaza 
' Dedac'tive, a. dedocible, inferable — anumey a, anubhabaniya— my wi, q&bil-i-int^j 
Deed, s. action; exploit; agency; fact; written evidence^fcarma, kriyd ; mahdkdnda ; 

kartritwa ; jathdrtha ; $ananda--4iun, fial ; jokhim ; peshk^ri ; haqiqat ; dastftwez 
Deed'less,a. inactive, indojent, sluggish — nishkriva, alasy kuriyd — bek&r, sust, isJcat 
DeemjiHt. to judge ; to think ; to estimate— 6»6eenan4 k, manek. anumdn k. bodh fc.— tazwfz 

1c. daiiylift k. qiyis k. m&ldin k. 
Deep, «. reaching far below the surface ; profound ; artful ; dark colored— g>aMir, gambhir ; 

sukhyma boddhd ; dhurta ; gkora bama — gaheri, gambhfr ; all&ma ; chatnrft ; ghor rang 
Deep, $. the sea, the maia, the occean— samtMira, $dgar, nilfdni — samundarj s&gar, bahr-i- 

DeepTy, ad. to a great depth ; profoundly ; sorrowfully— a^ad&« ; gambhirjyaritpe ; ati shay 

khedapurbak^^dihere pan se ; diqqat se ; nih&yat gham se 
Deer, s. a forest animal hunted for venision, as the stag or buck— Aarin, kuranga^ shdranga— 

inran, mirg, &hn 
Defa'ce* va. to destroy, to rasfe, to disfigure— 6ig«fr fc. nashta k.utkhdtauy birup k. — m\\k d. 

nahv k. chhil dilni, bigirn&, khariib k. [mahv, hakk 

Defa'cemeot, «.* violation; rasure, destruction— feyrfr ; bindsA, d/twan^sa— taknrib. bigar ; 
Defa'ilaQce, <. {/a-lance^ failure, miscarriage — trutiy dkritdrthatd—kAmti, n^isarbar^nf 
Defal'cate, va. to cutoff, to lop, take away a part— Aratan, kdliyd phelan, rhaswa k. kdtiyd 

ioon— kit dilniL, tar&shni, chh&Qt 1. '. [gha^ti 

Defalca'tion,'5. dimfnutioo, abatement of a part— r^«, nyunibhutatd, ghdif, truti — kamtf, 
Defatna'tion, «. slander, calumny, reproach- tirtf«fe<ir, apabdd, bhartmnd, ntntia— ilz^m, b^- 

D&ml, buhtfin, iftir& 
Defama'tory, a. calumnious, unjustly censorious^ libellous— 6/rart$a^, niTtdak, apabadi^ 

^thyd dumdmajanak — mulimatqar, badQ&mgar,'bnht6ai,iJz&mi 
Defa me, va. to make infamous, to slander, to calumniate— mit^apa^aei k, nindd k, — bad- 

nim k. aiblag^nil 
Defat'igate, va. to weary, to tin-^kUinta k. skrdnta k. — ^m4nda k. djlz k. sust k. 
Defa'ttlt, s. omission of that which we ought to do; failure; fault, defect— 6/mZ, ghdit ; 

trati ; <^s^— ch6k, qusdr, taqsir ; kamtl ; apr&dh 
Default'er, «. one who makes detault— niyam anyatkA fcarc j«— qarir khiUf k. w. 
Defe'asance, s. the act of annulling any contract; the writiogin which a defeasance is contain^ 

— hyartka kamn, niyamftkanjan ; kona karma hd niyam bdtil kardjdy je iikhan dwdrd — 

qaul qar&r yi. ahd o paim&n k& ibtiU ; wuh k^ghaz jis mea abd o pairain ka ibt&I ]ikh& ho 
Defe'asible, a. that which maybe annulled— onj^at^ karaniyai bhanjaniyay Zopamya— radd yd 

muwquf yii raansukh karae ke q&bil 
Defe'at, va. to overthrow ; to frustrate— porrfjay k. hdrdna ; anyathtl k. byartJva k, bddhan-^ 

shikast d. har&ni ; k^tni, tornft 
Defeat, t. the overthrow of aa afmy ; act of destruction— «ainyer hdriy pardbhab ; bindsh 

fcomn— fauj kA h&r, shikast ; p^imiK [mahr(ini 

Defe'ated, pa. routed, disappointed— ^^ito,par4ftta, hatdthy nirax^— shikast khurda, majbiir, 
Defeature, s, an alteration of countepance— ^Kuianer bailakkyanyay bair&pya — chihre k4 tafa- 

wat, rukh, ki tai^hir 
Defecate, va. to purify, to refine, to clear— jr<id kdtan, pariskdr fc.— mail k4tn&, s4f k. p&k k. 
Defeca'tion, s. purification— paruA/car, maldkdian — ^maij k& k&tni, saf&i, p&kizagi 
DeCe'ct, s. want, absence of something necessary ; failing, a fault— g/idt/ ; tr^ti ; doshy khujit 

— ghattif; qusdr; aib 
Defec'tible, a. imperfect, deficient, wanting— asfcwW^, ny*tra, a«ompt2r/»a— qftsir, niqis, 

n&tam&m - [— kamtj, taqsir, irlidid, baghAwat 

Defec'tion, s. a falling away, apostasy, revolt— afefeafe, trutiy sv^harmatydgy swapakliyatydg 
Defective, a. full of defects, imperfect, faulty— fcfeuut jukta, apHrtuiy sadoih'^tihQt&, 

o&tam&m, n6qis, b&khati ^ . [zat, pandh; uzr; rok 

Defe'nce, «. guard ; vindication ; resistance— rofe%^, dshray ; pratyuttar ; pratirodk-^hifi,- 
Defenee'iess, a. naked, unarmed, unguarded ; weak— fc^/a, ostro/iin, rakhydhiny nirdshray; 

durbal-^vfkiy 'besiidh, bepan&h ; zaif ^ 

Defe'nd, va. to protect, to vindicate; to repel ; to maintain a plan or c^we—^akhyd k, 

pakhyapdt kariyd mukta k.pratirMh k. pratikdr k.— dastgiri k. bacHdn^, 6yna ; ydri d. 
Defend ant, s. be that defends against assailanU; in law, the person accused or sued— ra*Aya 

/Irart^ ; pratiftadi, <is^mt— vakhw&la, h&fiz; muddaalaihi, asimi 
Defend'er, s. one who defends, an assertor, an advocate— rakfcyrf karta, khyapati, $ahdy — 

himl, hifiz, bach&new. pushtib&n [p^zir, qibil-i-tasdiq 

Defensible, a, that may be defended ; justifiable— roAfcyawya ; jathdrtha ^aranarAa— hif6zai 

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D ET ( 130 j DEC 

Defen'sive, 5. a safeKuard, state of defence^diau/cf, sdtadhdnatd, dtmarakhyd—-h9LthiiO 

chaukf, hifazajt 
Defe'r, v. to put off, to delay ; to refer io-^gaun k» fdltnatdl k. dpani nifhpatti nd hniyd 

anyer ujjmt bhdr diyd rdkhan-^\&\nk ; der k. dntrc par bar4t yk mauQ(if r. 
Deference, s. regard, respect ; submission — tnarjyddd, samddar ; binsy — lihAz, t&zim ; tihiditi 
Defe'rent, s. that which carries, that which conveys— 6riAa/e--pab«nch&ne w. fbebiiki 

Defi'ance, s. a challenge, contempt of danger— dspmrd Ad y nirbhtryatn-^dhtrnkit h&tir, bankir. 
Defi'ciency,*. want; defect, imperfection — truki, $bhdb; frAMt<,</^i^— kamti, ghatti; qus^r, aib 
Deficient, a. failing, wanting~ny<5», /'tn,opra«ti4t--kam, q^ir, ghatiya 
Defi'le, va. to make foul ; to pollute ; to corrupt — malin k, bhrashta k» jdti mdran ;• manda He. 

—maila fc. nip&k k. 6l6da k. khar&b k. • [n&k^, gali, kncha, sakrfgali 

Defile, s. a narrow passage— ^partkir 'path, gali j^tk, guha, parbater madhyi khyudra path— 
Defiled, pa. [..] polluted, cmrupted, tAmted—jdtimdrd, bhrtukia, ashw^i, nadtta—nApHk, 

aluda, khar&b flllndagi, kbpirtfbf 

Defi'leipnent, c. corruption, pollution-— osAuc/tttwa, kahuh, bhrmaktatd, sama/atuuf—nftpikf, 
Defiler, s. one ;who defiles, a corrupter— wasfc/afcort, bhrashiakdr%,higaTdniyd-^nk}p6^ k. w. 

kharib k. w. [karne keliiq, t&bilpasir 

Definable, a. capable of being explained— fromanfya, bydkhydtabya, arffcafcarawitya— bayAn 
Defi'ne,v. to explain, circumscribe, decide— Aarmina 6ri 6yrffc%<i kinischay bd nirdhdrita fc. 

spashta bodh fc.— tdrif k. bay fin k. bakhfin k. sharah k. tashkhis k. 
Defi'ner, 5. one who explains a thing by its qualities— sptuAtr^^freicIt, nimetd, bydkhyd kartd 

bamandkdri—mn^rnf, musharrih , bayfin k. w. tashkhis k. w. 
Defi'nite, a.[,^nit^ certain, limited, exact, pteche^nishehita,nirdishta,bi^esh, spashla- 

miiqarrar, mahddd, mdrtif, muarraf ' [aiyan ehiz 

*Defi'nite, s. thing explained or defined — ni^k^Ha, bd tpaihUirthnk battu — muqarrar y4 idq- 
•Defi'niteness, s. certainty, limitedness — nimay,nishMay^sptuhiat^ibi$heih — taqarrur, tayio, 

hadd, mfibodi 
Defini'tion, s. a short description of a thing byits properties, explicatien^-'gun bd artka bydkkyn, 

swdrupabaman, beshe^h ntrujjim— tfirif, hadd, bakbin [muqarrar; p^rd, qataf , zAir 

Defi'nilive, a. determinate ; positive express— nirntta, nititehay ; sabithesh, spashta — mutiyiOi 
Deflagrabil'ity, s. combustibility— itfatantyatiwi, cfaAamyffttm— jalnfi.sozish 
lipflagra'tipn, s. utter distruction by ^te—agniddha, agnidwdrd ndsh, jtoaliyd bhasmasdt kaon 

— jaljfinA, jalkar kh^kistar hon& 
Deflect, va, \o turn aside, to deviate from a true course— so^ti path tydg hariyd pdrshoe jdon 

Inpnthegaman—nidM r6h chhof tefhi rih jfini, ber&h jfinA [rfthJ, gumrfibi ; kaj rai, 

Deflection, s. deviation ; the act of turijing aside— patiatydg, bipathe gaman; bakre gati-he- 
Deflex'ure, s. a deviation— 6afcra 6A46— teyhApan [harim zlna k. bikr tofon, kharib IcardfiloA 
Defloja'tion, 5. theactof deflouring— jfitinwirrf 6rt khdoyd, kumdritwn mUh kard, baltuidr— 
Defio'ur, va. to ravish ; to takie away a woman's virginity ; to take away beauty or grace of any 

thing— fraWffcar k. kumdri gatnan fc. bd bhrashtd k. Mundarfya ni^ fc.— khar^b kard^n^ ; 

bikr toyn6, kapwAri'gamattk. kh6bi tofn^ 
Def luous, a. that flows down, that falls off— prubahanthil, pataiu^'i— bahne w. gime w. 
Deflux'ion, «. the flowing down of humours— 5Aarmfc rasa prabahan^zuk&m 
Defoeda'tion, s, the act of making fllthy, pollution— -osAuc^ 6a bkrashfa k. ap€irUhk4T—ni- 

pAki, kharftbi, nfisafdf [rifc^an— zor se diisre ki zamin par qabza k. 

Defo'rcement, s. a withholding of lands and tenements by force — balahrame para bhumidtkiyd 
Defo*rm, va. to disfigure.'^to spoil the form— ri«p nashta k. bd bikriti k. kariip k, bidhapk,— 

shakl big^rnA, bedaul k. badasldb ban&nfi 
Deform* ed, «.[..! ugly, disfigured ; crooked— rtiphtn, bikritdkdr, kudrUhya, bi4kap ; bakra-- 

badshakl, karlhmanzar ; kubfH fmaozarf, badsbakll 

Deforra'ity, s. ugliness, irregularity — haddkdr, bairupya, ku4^%il, tofcral<S— bedaulf, kailh 
Defrau'd, va: to rob by a trick, to cheat — chhal hariyd apaJtaran, pra banchan—- fdiieh dduir lot 

1. thagAi k. daghfi d^ ^ 
Defra^d'er, s. a deceiver— prafeewicAalt, thak, apakdrak — farebl, daghdbfiz, ihag 
Defra'y, va. to bear the charges of-^byayer dhan nirbdha k. ^dkd jo^ana— ^kbarch klsaibarah 

k.anj^m k. insirAm k. 
Deft, a, neat ; handsome ; gentle ; dexterous- paripri/» ; shohhdnwita, suvdar i komal ; daikga 

— suthr^, nafis ; khushnumd, latlf ; muUim ; chAlAk 
' Deft'ly, a<i. neatly ; dexterously— uttamrfi]?^, upajufctamate; khyipratdpurbak-^nvLSiLaal se, 

latAfat, se ; ch&lAk( se ^ rmai:hum*.-s. mutda 

Defunct, a. dead, deceased^s. a dead person— mrita, para lokagata-^s. mafd, mrita by^deti— 
Defunc'tion, s. a decease, extinction, death— mrttyu, lokdntaraprdpti, prdnatydg — maut, 

wafdt, rihlat 
Defy', i;a. to challenge ; to treat with contempt, to sMght-^uddhe ahbdn k. tucheha k. tdehchka- 

^2^fc.— laratchfihnfi; ang6thA dekhUnA, haqlijAnnd 
Degen'eracy, s. decay of virtue or goodness ; mesinneSB-'nashiatd, dharmatydg bd khyay^ 

nitidhwangsa ; antyajatwa—khvi.Tiihi din yfi oefcS kA za<v&l, badi ; pfijipan 
Defen'erate, vn, to decay in virtue, or in kind ; to grow wild or base— oi«I^rmat h» dharvM- 

chyut h. bigun h. nashfa k, antyaij h, — bddin fa. miibtazal h. kharAb h. zalil h. ' 
Degenera'tion, s. a deviation from virtue ; the thing changed from its premitive state — ^i- 

dhatnya ; baigunya, gun bd swabhdber bailakhyanya ; bhrashfa bd nafkidbasthd, bigdr— 

bedini ; kharfibi, bigftr, ruswai, istikhfllif 

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DEO ( 131 ) DEL 

X>e0n'erous, a. degeDerated, hWenSrotn Tirtue; vile» base, iikfnmoviS—duskkarvumwita, dhar* 

ntaehnyut ; apnkrithittf adhamt jaghartya, miuitta— zalil, bedfn ; kharftb, p&ji, badQ&m 
I>eg\u'\inate, va,[deg'giu,,'\ to vkn%\viB,nado^jardnabastukkuUyd d, bijukta k, kkiUiyd bd*^ 

bhdngiyd pJkelan-'kM d, ]tidit k, 
"^Delicti'tion, s. act or power of «walIoiviQgr-'lfr4sfcaran, giUm, gaUidkah ^ran-<-niga]n&^ Kln& 
Degiada'tion, s. [</e;-gTa.\ la loss of station, credit or virtue; d^neracy ; baseness — pada- 

chyut, marjyddd ndsh, dnarma bhranga ; hhrcuhttitwa ; aftakriihlatd — bewiq^ri, be hur> 

matf» be dini ; kharibi ; zUlat 
De^ra'^ place lower; to lessen, to diminish the value of^^padachyuta k. hhdlak. 

parikhita^ta k, fuUUa fc.— be hunnat k. ghat^oi, kamqadr k. 
Degre'e, 5. quality, rank, station, step^; the 366th part of a circle ; 60 geographical mWe^—pady . 

hr«m ; ikhydngiha, artkdt bhugoli^a tin shaS shdfi angsher dc hkdg; parimdn bidydy chakrer 

960 bhdger ek bkdg f 30 krvah iKinmrin— darja, martaba, rutlra, qadr. roiqdftr ; d&ire ke tin 

sau s^th juz ki, ekjuz ; s&th mil Jagrdfi ke, yine tis kos 
. Deho'rt, va, to dissuade, advise against a thing — nishedher pardmurtha d, hiiwndi darshdiyd 

kona karme kkydnta bd nirasta k, — mana k. sabab bat^ke b^z rakhnii 
Dehorta'tton, s. dissuasion, a couoselling to the contrary—fiu/iee^/ier patuimarsltat bipariia 

pai-dmarska—mana., baz rahne kl saUh 
Decide* «. the death of our Saviour^Mwartya byaktir prdnakatyd, bUheshe Yishu, KAisA^er 

mrityu bi j^dndanda-^ Hazrat ls& kf rihlat y^A intiq&l 
Dej^'ce, va. to cast dowa» to depress, to afflict, to make to look sad — adhomukh k. Jbishanna 

k. udbigtia k. dultkka deon, tnUn k, — sir faro k. (id&s k. ghamgln k. paresh^n k. azurda k- 

Dejec'tioQ, «. lowaess of spirits, melancho1|r — biskdd, udbeg, buhannatd^nd&ai, diigiri, mal^l 
Deject'ure, s. [. .tskure] the ezerement~6t«/i//t^,yn«/— ^dh, &Uish, ghalfz 
Deifica'tion, s. the act of deifying, or making a god — debaganer tnadhyek, debatwaddtiy deb 

kotiyd fndnait— deokar, khnd^^nad, de«Mi kar m&nod 
I>e'ify, va. to make a god, to adore as God-^debasabAdstka k. deb kariyd mdnan, archand k. 

debatd bodthf pujan— khudi k. yd baniod, all4h jinkar manna y&.parastish k. 
Deign, va. [dane] to grant ; to permit ; to a\\ow—anugraAa prakdsh k. angikdr k. sammatai d. 

— mutawajjih h. qubdl k. rdzi k. ijizat d. 
De'ism, s. the doctrine or creed of those who acknowlefige one God, without the reception of 

any revealed religion — hramhag^dnir dkarma bd matt para}imtm<igy<in— tasawwuf, tauhid' * 
De'ist, s. one who follows no particular religion^ and only acknowledges the existence of God 

— Asttit, <{^ri»asAns^raa«wtN;ar toiya«^ /'«^u>araMdt^--mutasawwif, mulhid, sufliiiazhab, 

beddoti, muwdhid 
Deist'ical, a. belonging to the heresy of the deists^osti^ sambandhiya, dharvut shdstra khandak, 

shdstranindak — muw&hid yd mutasauwif kd mutdlliq ^ 

De'ity, <. the divine being, divine natuie — ParamesJiwar, Paramdtmd — Khudd, Alldh, MaV>6d 
Delacta'tioo, s. a weaning from the mother's milk — dudh bd dugdha chhdrdna—dndh chUordnd 
Delap'sed, a. [. .] fallen down-^adhahpatita, adhogata, chyuta— gird bud, uftdda 
Dela'te, va. to carry, to convey— ^/lan, /tftyii jacm^lejdnd, pabunchdnd 
Dela'tion, i. conveyance ; an accusation— ^naradoAan,; doth deayd, apabdd kriyd — pahunchdo, 

lechalnd ; dokh, badudmf 
Delajy, v. to defer, to put off-* bilamba k. garima$hi k. — deri k. tdind 
Delay, t. a deferring ; stiay, stop— 6iiain6a, gaun, abaslhiti ; dlak, pratirodh—deTi, der, bihimb ; 

ihahrdo, dr, rok 
Delec'table, a. pleasing, delightful— tnanoJIiar, manoram, uttam— marghnb, dilpazir, khush 
Delecta'tioo, s, .pleasure, delight — maner triptt, manoranjan^ bara sukh — khushi, ashrat, 

khursandi [fWn— elchi ydndib karkebfieji^^; hawdla ft. 

Del'egate, va. to tend oq an embassy ; to 'intrust—pr itinidhirupe preran ; bisAesh karmer. hhdr. 
Del egate, s. a deputy, a commissioner, a vicar— pratinid/ii, preritaf bishesh karma nirbdhak^ 

oaib, wakSl, peshkdr 
Dele'gates, t • pL ai court of appeal from the archbishops — Archibishaper byabasthdn haiie pu • 

narbichdr karandrtha ntahd byabasthdn '^isAesh—'h^i yd saidar addlat, jahdu Archibisbop 

ke mahkhame se infisdl hotd hai 
Delete'rious, a. deadly, destrusctive— pmna ndiAak^ antak, /tin^sa/e— muhlik, muzir, qdtil 
Deletion, 5. act of rasing, or blotting out; a dfi&tmctlon'^likAane lopkaran, kdtan; nd*h— 

kdind, mahv, hakk ; tabdbi [6<lsafMuit— sangistdn ; chin kd taghallubi bdsan 

D^f, Delfe, Delph, s, a quarry, a mine ; a counterfeit China wstre—prattardkar ; kritim chindr 
peliba'tion, s. an essay, an attempt; taste— udjog-, chethfarambka, udrei ; dswddan — sai, 

koshish ;. maaa? zanq 
Dehb erAte, vn. to think in order to choice, to consider ; to hesitate— du?t^A4&a2pan ; bibechandk. 

sandigdhah, — sochnd, taamtaiai k. andesha k. 
Deiib'erate, a. circumspect, wary, slow — sdbadhdn, $atarka, dhir, ttuthir — hoshiydr, ddran- 

desb, sdhibtadbir, dhimd 
Delibera'tk>n, $, act of deliberating, thought in order to choice — bibechand, sandehat bhdband, 

■ MtarJwn^taammul, fikr, soch, andesha, ghaur 
Delicacy, s. daintii^ess ; nicety ; so'ftness ; politeness; gentle treatment; tenderness; weak- 
ness of constitation— su/c/Mdyatwa ; pdripdtya; komaUud ; sabhyatd ; $ushtlatd ; meha ; nir^ 

^/ota-^khnsbgawdrf ^ naldsat; nazdkat; muldimat; khushsuluki ; mihrbdni ; ndzuk- 


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DEL (132) DEH 

Delicate, a. nice; daiaty; fine; conskdng of small parts ; polite ; wfi-^-paripati ; sukhddya ; 

utyrtm; sukhyma ; shiskia; kamal—nsL(\s ; iazzatd^r; kh^sa; b^rik; khiliq; roal&ini 
Del icateness, s, tendernesH, Bo(lne&s—komalabhd(ff mridutd — oazikat, narmf 
Delicious, a. highly pleasing, very grateful, sweet, agreeable, chi.TmiQg-^triptijaHakt8ubh0jya, 

supeya, suswddu, ^itktdnna, manohar — khash&ind, lazfz, mazad£r, kfausbgaw^r, khashzii- 

qi», shirin, khush, dilchasp • 

Deliga'tioD, s. a binding up — bandhan, paiii bdndhan — patti b&ndhn& 
Del'ight,, (great pleasure, satisfaction— ViZ/iaci, u/Z^'s, atisantosh, ty^iptt-^anaod, khoslif^ 

khurrami, kh&tirkhw&hi ^ • ' [nnasr6r k. 

Deli'ght, V. to satisfy, to content, to please— tnpta k. santoshan, dlhddita k. — khush k. nih^I k. 
Delight'ful, a. hl^hlyt pleasing, charming — manoram, tushiijanak, ati sundar, sukhaddyi 

— khush^ind', dilchasp, farahbakhsh ^ ' • 

Deli'neate, va. to describe, to design, to paint— Aamana k. murtyddi ankan, chhabi bd chitra 

fc.— bayiln k. daul ban4n&, taswir khiachni ' , 

Delinea'tion, 8. the first draught of a thing, a drzwins-^dnduiipi, khasrd, ankan, barnan^ 

doul, kh^k&, n^qsha, bay&n 
Delia quency, s. a fault, a misdeed— ghdit.ti^ti, aparddh, dos/t— gunfth, khat&, apr&db, taqsfr 
Delin'quent, s. an offender--^d(7s/ii, aparddhit trulikdrak—guuk\ngA,Tj taqsfrw&r, apr&dhi 
Del'iquate, va. to melt, dissolve, clarify— (^a6 fe. ^r^lan, ^^(Z /ca.^an—gal&ni, pighUn&, mail 

fc^tn^, s^f k. [hosh, bekHiud, diw&na 

Delir'ious, a. light-headed, raving, doting — matichchhannat khyipta^ unmatta, praldpi — be- 
Delir'ium, s. a temporary alienation of mind, dotage — khyiptdhasthd, ummdd, praldp, hata- 

buddkitd — sir, (>ehoshi, bekhudl, d^iw&nagi, madhoshl 
Deliv'er, va* to give;'toset free;, to release; to rescue; to surrender; to speak or utter — 

samarpan k. mukta k. chhirdna ; rakhyd k, parahastag^ata <fc. ukta /c.—sipurd k. kz6d k. 

khalfis k. mahfdz k. haw^la k. boln& 
Deliv'erance, s. the act of releasing, rescue ; utteralnee ; the act of bringing children into the 

world— trrin, mukti^ rakht/d, uddhdr; ukti ; prasab—n^}kt, rih&f, bachio ; taqrir, guft^r ; janoi 
Deliv'ery. s. act of delivenng; release; rescue; a surrender; utterance; child*birth— at^n, 

gachchhita karan ; uddkdr, mbchanakriyd; rakhyd; samarpan; katkan ; prasabakriyd — 
' sipurd ; naj4t; bacbio; tafwiz; guft&r, bachan ; tawallud 
Dell, «. a pit, a cavity— fc/wina, garta, Jfuhavt gakwar — khandaq, gafh6, magh^k 
Delu'de, va. to beguile; to cheat; to disappoint— pr/z6anc/uimc k. ^hakdna ; dshdbhanga k. — 

fareb d.thagn&; n&ummedk. ^ 

Delve, vn. to dig^ to fathom ; to sift— fcA«non,'grarto k. bishesh bujhiyd ^iehdr bd bitarha k, — 

khodn&, khandaq ban&n£ ; asl se daryift hokar bahs k. . [ga;h^ ; khoh 

Delve', s. a ditcn ; a pit; a den ; a cKve—kh4nd ; garta ; rhad ; kuHar— khandaq ; ghar ; 
Del'ver, s, a digf^er—khanankarH., khunre je-^khodne w. kaninda ^*'. 

Del'uge,«. a general inundation— 6any4, jalapldban, afifrrish/i— tuf&n-i-^lamgfr, tughiy&ni ' 
Del'uge, va. to drown, to lay totally under wateF, to overwhelm— jaiapl46v£a k, jale ma^na k. 

bhdsdna — d6b^n^, gharq k. • ' 

Delu'siou, s. a cheat, guile, deceit; state of one deluded; illusion, error-p^oAi, cAAa2, pratd- 

rand i bkrdnti, matibhram; bhrdnta hofindbasthd, ma^f^— fareb, dbokh&, dagha ; fareb khknit • 

ch6k, mugUalata, makr 
Delu'sive, Delu'sory, a. deceiyp— fcAarmfl;«ntffe, hhrdntikar,tnithy4-^hhvL} w. 
Dem'agogue, s. a ringleader of the rabble ; a popular and factious orator— ttar ioker dalapaii ; 

jdghanya samnher priyabddi ebang kathmiadwdrd anupajukta karmete 7itsufc<tfeari— sarguroh ; 

wuh shakhs jo knalkullah ki dilpazir b^tea bole aur apni taqrir se nimun^sib kdm men 

koshish kar&t^ hal [dawf ; sawal; talab 

Dema'nd, s. a claim ; a question ; a calling— dam, nydyabdd ; jigydnsd; dkbdndgydii—^iLwA, 
Ocma'nd, va. to claim, to ask.for with authority— d«6t k. khyamatd purahsare chdk4t7i—-d&wti k. 

taUb k. m4ngn^ - . 

Demand'ant, s. a pislintiff in an action— 6ddf, (UJddshi, nyrfyart^i— muddai, t&lib 
Demand 'er, s. one who' demands or enquires— daw4 bdprashnnkdri,dgyudkdri, prdrthak-^ 

d^w4 k. w. t^lib, khw^hishmaod, arznmand \ta fc.— hissa,. zamin kitafriq, hadd b&ndhni 

Demarca'tion,s. division, marking-off, dividing— 6iftAa^,6/iumtVpart/mfeya,stmrS bhed k. chinhi- 
Deme'an, va. to behave, to carry one's self; to debase— tisfecsfe dchdr byabahdr k,jdhdrje dkdrd 

bd iwabhdb hay tdhd k. jagkAnya k. — <;halan chalna ; kamina k. f waza, chalan, dhairg 

Demean'our, s. carriage, behaviour — dchdrbyabahdr, ^abhdbf chdi(y ^dhdrd, giin — rawish, 
Dementa'tioo, s. act of ^makingmad, or frantic— utfr^^ipta k. khepdna, bdyugrasta k. — dfw6na- 

garl, b4ol^ban&ii&,shorida karn& 
Deraer'it, s. ill-deserving— anupajufctata, nirgunatd, doshaniyatwa—nMiqij a&aaz&w&rl 
Deme'sne, g. [. mene] that land i^hich a man holds originally of himself- j« bhUmi chira kdid- 

badhi ekjaner adhikdre dchhe, bhumyddhikdr, sangsthdna bhiUmi — wuh 'zamln jo barftbar se 

kisi ke milk meu hai» zamfnd^rl 
Dem'i, a. half— ard/ia, ardhek, dd/ia, ddhald—MhH, nim, nisf 

Dem'iKlevil,«. half b. devil— ardhaddnabt bhutabat, atidushia—nimdeOf cfahot^shait&n 
Dem'i-god, s. half a God; a great hero—upadebatd ; birjOshreshlha—Mpdeotk; bar&bab&dur 
Demigra'tion, s. change of habitation— ^sastAdn tydg karyid sthaitdntare 6ri5— watan badalni, 

ek jagah chhorke dfisri jagah sakubat k. 
Demi'rep, x. a woman of- suspicious chastity— ja samfthrdntd striloker satittpar bishaye prdy 

sakalert sandeka hay—}o hurmatwili aurat ki p^kd^mani par shal^ paid6'howe 

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D£M ( 133 ) ^ DEN 

Bemi'se, $. death, decease ; a yielding up or granting at one's death, a grant by wiM—wiritpn^ 

lokdntaragaman ; mumur«/i.u(2/in— rihiat, intfqal, waf&t ; wasfyat ' 

Demt'se, va. to grant at ^ne's death, to bequeath — mumurakvddnk, maran kdUdhanddi dauk, 

— demaroi, hiba k. wasiyat k. 
Deniis'sion, s. degradation^ diminution of dignity— nwina ndsh, padachyuti, padachyuta karan 

— beizzaif, m6zdli, darjese chhor4n& 
Demi^tj va. to depress; to hang down— afrarkita k, jhuldna, jdn^ana— d4bn&, past k. latkima 
Democ'racy, s. the form of government in which the sovereign power is lodged in the body of 
« the people— praja iamuher prabhutioa bd ddhipatya, rdjd byatirikta prajd Icartrik rdjya 

shdsan — ^^amhtir, ylner^iyatouki bidshdhf y& huknmat 
Deraocrat'ical, a. pertaining to democracy or popnlar government— praja ganer prabhntwa 

samiiqndhiya bd tadbishayak — r&iyatoft ki b&dsn^hi ya hakomat mansiib 
Demol ish, va. to throw down, so destroy— pAe/iya d. bhdngan^jnashta fc.— gir6n&, d^l d. tortkil- 

n&, njafnd 
Demoi'isher, s. one who destroys— nirmtiZfcart, bindshak — Ajdyn, bekhkan, rounhadim 
Deooioli tioo, «. the act of overthrowipg buildings; dealructjon— grihddi bhdngiydphel an, biitdifi,. 

chhiuna bhinna bhdb—'\mi,t^i w. g. tord4ln4, inhidam, nj^nd, p^im&li 
Demon, s. a spirit, an evil spirit, a devil— 6^m^ ddnab, pisluich, mandM,\Udtmd — jinn, shaitan,. 

ifrft, deo, dait, bhdt, , [rifta 

Demo'niac, s. one possessed by a demon— fcAwte^asta, ^^uM6ts^/a— bhutahd,deozada, imtgi- 
Demonorogy, i. a treatise on the nature of evil spirits, doctrine of demons — bhuta pishdchddi 

bisbayak grantha, bhautik 6idt/(i— ilm-i-deo, bhauttk bidy& 
Demon'strable, a. that which may be proved beyond doubt or contradiction— rmman^sya, pra- 

meya— da|4Iatpazir, q&bil-i-subut z 

Demon 'strate, va. to prove with certainty, to show plainly— sapraman h. pratipddati. nirnau 

Ac.--84bit k. dalil batidn^, jat&na ^ 

Demonstra'tion, s. indubitable evidence of the senses or reason— nisAcAat/a pramdu, miiadngsd, 

prati^tti — dalil, isbdt, hujjat 
Demon strative, a, invincibly conclusive— iupramotij^a, ^andehabhanjak, nhmayabdkya^ 

akhandaniya-^mnshit, mudallil> murbarhin 
DemuKcent, a. softening, mollifying, assuasive — mridukdri, migdhakdri, shamatdhiri— 

nariy k. w. muUim k.w. halim 
Demu 'r, v. to delay, to suspend, to doubt o(—hilamba k. dpattik,sandigdhah,stakitah\ 

dwidhdkalpan—deri k. pasope^h k. dgdpichbd k. shubha k. muzabzab k. 
Demu'r,5. doubt, hesitation— sa?u2«A(z, bilamboy dwidhdkalpan — shak,8hubhay pasopesh, derengi 
J^emn're, a. sober, decent ; grkve ; downcast, modest;— <iAtr, salajjya; achanchal i adkomukh, 

ssUaJ)a—dhiri., mahjub; garabhir i sharmd^r, mahjnb 
Demu'rely, ad, with affected modesty ; solemnly— dAire, lajjdptirbak ; gdmbhirjyapurbak-^ 

dhiraj se, mahj(ib4na,sharm se; sanjidagi se 
' Demurrage, s. an allowance for delaying ships — naukdr gaharir &Aam— jabdz ki gahri 
Demur'rer, s, one yvho demurs ; stop in a lawsuit — sandehakdri ; ddye rUaA— shubha k. w. 

aikdo ; muqaddame k& mauquf rabpa 
Demy, s. a particular size of paper— fca^o/er drd biskesh — kdghaz ki ek qata 
Den, 5. a cavern ; the cave of a wild beast — gahwar ; bamuipahwddir bdiasthdn, garta— 

gophd; ghdr, bhir ^ 

De'nary, a. relating td or containing ten — dosha sankhyak, dafhasankkyd sambandhiya — dahld 
Dena'y, s. a denial, a refusal, a rejection— apanAa^, aswikdr—'mk&r, nauhkdr, radd 
DenVable,¥>« that which may be denied — aswikdrjyaf amdnya, opcinhatabya, mi^/ty/i— qdbil-i- 

Deni'al, «» negation, refusal ; abjuration— apanAad, asumniati ; shapathpurbak aswikdr^ 

nafi, inkar, beqabuliyat ; qasamiinkdr 
Den'igrate, va. to blacken— AriJi maAAftn, kdla k — siyahi maln&, kild k. 
Deniza'tion, s. the act of en franchising— A^a byaktike konadeth bd nagarer sdmdjik khyamatd 

bdadhikdrdrpan Aaran— kisi shakhs ko kisi mulk y&sbahr kelogOQ k&ikhtiyarya istiliqaq d. 
Den'izen, s. [den-e-tn^ a freeman ; one enfranchised — stvdrtAaj^dpta ; biskesh nagar bd deshe , 

sdmdjik adnikdrabishishta^hi. ikhtiy&r ; kisi shahr yamulk ke logoQ kd istihiqdqddr 
Denom'inate, va. to name, to give a name to^nam A. bd d. dkhyd A. sangyd k. bisheih name bd 

sangydy khydta |r.— ndm r. nrf d. musammd k. 
Denomination, s, a name given to a thing— n4m, sangyd, dkhyd— u^m, ism 
Denom'i native, a. that gives a name— dAAyajanoA, upddhi ddyak — ndm d. w. khitabgar 
Denota'tion, s. the act of denoting — arthakaran, suchami, gydupan, iakhyan — hayan, bakhan, 

jat&n^, nishdndihl 
Deoo'te, va, to mark, to be a sign of, to betoken— cAtnAa d. buhhdna, bishesk arther chinha h. 

jafi<fna— ^nishdnd. samjhdna, batldnd, alamat h. jat&nA, daldlat k. . 
Denoue'ment, 5. [de-nu-mong] the discovery of the plot of a drama— n<i<aAer abhiprdy bd bishay 

gifdupan — swang yd naql kl gharaz kd daryaft k. 
Deno'unce, va. to threaten ; to accuse^-^AesA AAoy datshdna, tarjan, danda bigydnpan ; do$h 

deoH, apabdd k, — dharnkdnd ; dosnd, badndm k. 
Dense^ a. close, compact, approaching to solidity— ^//ana, nibir, niret, au'd, g^^r/<a— kastf, 

sangio, bhari, munjamid, gafhd 
Dena'ity, s. closeness, compactness— gAano<w;a,'"dartAya, snnglagnatd, sangjog, nirclabhdb— 

saogini, g^fhdi, injimad>kasdfai 

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DEN ( ' 134 ) D E P 

Dent, va.xto indent, to mark with notches-^^A^ mdripd chinha k, bd basdiyd d. kkdsy kdian, 

<o/ fc.— chapal^n^, khandiin adar k. dand£nadar k. * f^^uiini 

Den'tal, a. belonging or relating to the tieeth—dantyat danta sambandkiytt-^AJiiii, .dandAnf, 
Dentel'li, s. modillions, a kind of brackets — gouj bd kil bishesh, drabyu rakhyundrt^ kash- 

ther Hdl—HtkdHy tekan^.kisi cbfi kl thahrne ki diwArcfiri 
Dentic'ulated, a. set with small tfieth—kardtddibat khyudra danta bishisliia, khyudra danti 

-^hhotedandaned&r, kliand^n^, chdhedautta 
Den'tifrice,.;. a powder made to scour the taethr-mafijan, ddater mm— manjan, saadn, miftsC 
Den'tist, a. a tooth -surgeon^f/antu chikitsah, danta roga ndshak byakti-^&at ki tabib, dftgt 

kS bim^ri k^&rdm k. w. 
Dent'itioQ, s. the breeding of teeth ; the turn at which children's t«eth are bred^(i<i2it bdriyd 

uihdn, dantotpatti ; b'ilnher danta uthibdr sainay—di.tiX baf hn& ; dddh ke d^Qt nikalne ki. 

Denu'date, Denu'de, va. to strip,' to divest— c/ifcrtrana, lagna fc. barjita k. — nt^rni, nanga 

karden^, khAli k. 
Denuncia'tion, s. [..sJi^,.] the act of denouncing, public meaace~r//l»<4mi, dhamak^ bhayti 

«pradaV«fean, tara/irt, d««^a6ig-i/a2ipan---tahdid,dhamkj, waid- * 

Deny', v/i. to contradict, to refuse, lo disown, to renounce— aawifcrfr fe.og-ra/Aya k. apanhab 

fc.~inkar k. raunkir h. namannd 
Deob'struent, 9. a medicine that removes obstructions by resolving viscidities — chafcJiatiyd, 

arthdt chitd d?abyddidrabkdri n'uskadh bishesh — dawa-i-mufattih, mulaiyin, muiliq 
De'odand, s. a thing given or forfeited to God for pacifying his wrath in case of any misfortane 

by which an; person comes to a violent end without the fauit of any reasonable creatine 
^ — pray ashchittQ bishesh, parer ha that bipadupasthite debadattarup datida^'ii^t^t pr4chit, 

tauba, jazH « 

Deop'pilative, a. clearing obstructions, deobstruent— «iflfc»i6rtr«fe, hydg^Mtbimockak , 

anshadh bishesh~-rok khalfts k. w. ur tofne w. ek dawA . 
Depa'int, va. to picture, to describ^— c^if ra k. bisheshriipe jdnd-nhy barnand k. — na^ha 

banana, bay^n k. i&hirlc. ' ' 

Depart, v. to go away ; to die; to apostatize— prastWii k. chnliydj<ion ; tnariyd jdon ; sw* 

dharma tyd^ k. — chale j^n^, uthjati^; intiq^l k. rihlat k. apna din chhofna 
Depa'rt, Depart'ure, s. tlie act of going away ; separation, deiLth-^thfindntaragaman, pras- 

thdn; prnnatydg — raw^nagi, kiich ; intiq^l, rihlat 
Depart'ment, s. separate office, part, or division— pri«/»a/c karma b<i pad', angsha^ ek'ikalii 

— >jud.4 uhda, khidmat,qisraat, mahall 
De pau'per ate, va. to make poor — dhanatidskk. nirdhan kariydrdkhan^ kdngdl fc.-^aiutfis k. 

nikharciia k. muht&j k. [chipsa 

Depec'tible, (I. tough ; clammy — shakta,kathin ; chalchaliyd, dldlu—^VLkht, durasbt; lasdir, 
Depe'nd, V7i. to hang from, to depend upon, to he in suspense, to rely or adhere -jfcu^n, 

tdngan, abalamban, adhin h, nirbhar r4/c/ian— latakna, hilagn4» lagn&, d^maii pakarnfi, 

mutftiliq h. , 

Depend'ance, s. connexion ; reliance ; Uu^t—sambandha ; parddhinatwa ; pratijay, biskwds — 

alaqa, lag&o; t^bid(iri; iatib&r, iatimad 
Depeod'ant, a, in the power of another — parddhin,. pai'apratydshi, aswod/tin— -mut^lliq, far- 
' mdnbarddr, munhasir 
Depend'ant, Depend ent, Depend'er, 5. one who lives in subjection to or at the discretioa of 

another— para ^5/1, aswatantra, unajibi, par^sArito— ddmaogir, t&foiddr, parbas, banda 
Dependent, a. hanging down, subordinate— /a <fcn, jhulaniyd, tdngd, adhin^h^k^hnk, 

dwekhta, tdbid^r, zerdast 
Dephle'gm-, VI. [.flem]. to clear fi^om phlegm — kaphabarjita k, shieshmdridsh k, — balghani 

dafak. zuk&mddr k. jismki ratdbat s&fk. * 
Depict, va, to paint, to portray, to desctibe^chitra k, jathdrthdbayab likhan, barnand k,— 

naqsha k. tas^ir khfachn^, bay&n k. . ■ . ■ 

Depict'ed, pa. painted, described, told — chiirita, 6arntto, ^t/iita— manqdsb, taawir khiiiGhi 

gayaf, taqrir k. g. bay^n k. g. 
Depi'lous, A. without hair — nishkesk, /omara^rt— beb4l, bemn, kal fkhdn rezi 

Deple'tion, s. an emptying, blood-letting — shunyakaTran, raktapdt /carafi— khdli k. tihi k. 
Deplo'rable, a. lamentable, sad, calamitous ; despicable— 6iiflpanty<i, bildper bishayf duhkha 

janak, kleshada ; durMd^a— qAhil-i-giriya, afsos karne ke Uiq, rone jog ; tani;, kambakfit 
Deplo're, va. to lament, to bewail, to mourn— 6i/dp k. rodan, khed &.— afeos k. rooii, 

z^ri, pachht<in4 
Dep'lay, va, to display as troops ; to open-r-J>ami/a shreni bistdrk. prakdshita k, darsA^ina, 

pmshran—idiU} kl safeQ phaiU d.z<ihirk. phaifana . [bepar 

Deplumed, a. [..,] stripped of the feathers— pa/cAy«/it«, ehhinna pdkhd—pai 6kh&r& hua, 
Depo'nent, s. a witness on oath — shapathkdristikhyi, ihapath ptirbak sdkhyadey je^^g^iwAbt 

shahid, wuh shakhs jo bahalf gawahl deti hai 
Depop'ulate, va. to unpeople, to lay waste— uc^cAAi^ina bd shtitiya kariyd d. deskopadrab k, 

ujdr fc.— lijdfna, t^ikhto tirAj k. wirdn k. 
Depopula'tion, 5. the act of unpeopling, destruction; havock, waste— d«jn>ar karan, deshti' 

biwish, uchchhinnabhdb — wir^ni, tabahi, paim^ii, khardbi 
Deport, vu. to exile; to carry; to demeatn, to bGUdLve—deskahahirbhiitak, bahan, chalant 

dchdr hyabahdr k. gnti fc.— jaljiwatan k. inulk chhor^nft; lechalna; chalan chaln^ 

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DEP ( , 135 ) ox R 

l>epo'rt, Deport'medt, «« behaviour, coaduci—gatit eAdli, twahhdbt ichdr^chzlzo] dhadg, 

rawish, raftilr [mulk chHur^n^ 

Deporta'tion^s. transportation^ ex*>^«—<'ttA<tntarafcaronftnmi(2esAa bakirbhUta karan — jaUwatan, 
Depo'de, va. to degrade, to divest; to attest— podocA^ute fc. bnrjitak. tdkhya d.— taghir k. 

m&zm k. kb&rijk. shahAdat d. f^aw&hl d. 
Depos ite> va. to lay up, as a pledge->s. a pledge, security ^yexi^^gachchhita k. — s. gaehckliita 

d^rif handhak — am&nat r. rakh chliornA, sompn&~i. am&Qat mk\, g^iraa 
Deoosi'tioD, s. act of giving public testimony ; act of dethroning -a prince from sovereignty— 
thapath, takkya ; rdjdke rd/yacAy uto k.—sbah&dat, gawahf, s&khi ; h&dsh^ih ko takhrso 

utarnA [sthdn — aro&nat khilna,dharohari 

i)epos'itory, s, the place for lodging any thing^^old, dgdr, drabya%dmagr% rdkkibdr bd arpana 
Depdt, s, [.po] a place in which goods, &c. are deposited ; magazine of arms~frAanc{dr, gold ; 

attrdgdr —, am^nat kh&na, zakh'ira i siiah kh&na 
Deprava'tion, s. the act of making, any thing bad> corruption, depravity — higar, bhrashia 

ffhab, haiguny/i, naihtatd — ^bigSr, burif, kharlibi, fasad 
Depra've, va. to vitiate, to corrupt, to contaminate — luuhta k. hhroik^a k. mandak.— khar^b k. 

tabiih k. bur^ k. [burAf , tabiihi 

Depra'veiDent, Deprav'ity, s. a vitiated state— 6i(rar, baigunya^ nashtatd — big^r, khar^hi, 
Dep'recate, ra. tobeg off; to pray deliverance from-^^^yamd prdrthana k, bishesh danda bd 

bipod nd ghate entan prdrthana k.—\?>iiz\\f&T k. uzr chAhii&, shaf^at khw&hi k. 
JJepreca'tion, s. a prayer against evil, entreaty — khyamd prdrtkand, ipad bd kopa pratiknra 

prttrthand, btnati — 1Uij&, i.>tighf&r, shafAat, uzr 
Depre'ciate, va, [. .ihe-l to bring a thing down to a lower price ; to undervalue— mtf/ya gkd- 

idna ; tdchehhalya L— qfroat ghat&nA ; halk& k. subuk k. ' [k. kbar^b k. 

I>ep'redatp, rob, to pillage; tospoil — liifan,apaharan; naskta k.->l6tni, gharat k. tab6h 
JOeplV-eda'tfon, <. a robbing; a spoiling, waste^^d/rati, lupkriydt apahdr ) miihia k, bindth, < 

chhinna bhinna koran-— ldtp4t, tikht o tir&j ; kbarabi, tab^bi 
Depreda'tor, s. arobber,a devourer— /u/erd, ddJtditt da9ya,upadrabkdri^\u\er^, r&hzan, bat- 

p&r, qazz&k 
I>eprehe'nd. va, to catch one,>to take unawares, discover^d^iran, akaimdt dharan, §andhdn 

kiriyd dharan — giriftar'k. ach&nak paka^n^, dhujirh nik&lnd 
Depre'ss, va, ta cast down, to^ humble, to deject-^nicA k. abanata. k, basdiyd d. nistej bd 

bUhdnna^ karhfd rdkhan, hatiUhk, — past k. ddbo&, jhukdnd, zer k. afsnrda k. 
Depre«'sion, s. act of pressing down or humbling, abasement-ra&anamaii, nimna k, 

apakrishta k. — dah&o; pasti, Vdlat . [d&hne w. past k. w. ranj d . w. z^lim ' 

Depres'sor, s. he who keeps or presses down— tt^anavak, uimnakdri, kUshaddyak, npadrabi — 
X>epriva'tion, $. act of depriving ( loss ; (ift law,) when a cleri^yman is deposed from his pre- 

ierment-'flpakdr ; kkycn^, khyati; (in iav.) datdrjyer padackyuta .Aaon— chhin cUhAn lenA, 

adaip, nuqsdn ; zaw&l; (in law) p&driofi ki bartarfi 
Depji've, va. to take, from, bereave ; debar ; to put out of an office— Affran, ehhiniyd loon ; 

rahita k, nibdran ; padackyuta k, — lelend, chhia len^ j rokod, bdiz k. mauqiif k. mdz6l k. 
Depth, s. the measure of any thing from the surface downwards ,- middle or height of a season ; 

abstruseness, obscurity ; sagacity — gabhiratd ; ritur madhyakdl, grishma bdshiter dtishajya, 

nigHrhatd, afpa$hiatd; ckAturatd— gaihr^, umuq; shab&b-i-aiy&m ; dushwari, ishk&l; 
. cMlaki I'nirmal 

Dep'urate, a. cleaned, pure, freed from dregs— sioacftcAa, ntrmal,p(trkaM->8Af, latif.pdk, ^ 
I>epura't)on,«» aciof cleansing— ciikdkan kriyd, pariikkar— tasfiya, p&kizagf 
I>epu'ratory, a. tending to cleanse or free— part«kkdrak, malandskak, maylA kdfe jt — 

masaffi, p&k k. w. nirmal k. w. , 

Deputa'tioQ, a, act of sending with a special commission, vicegereney— pra4inidAtH!pe pr§: 

ranj rajkanne niyag, ndvedi- wakil bbejnd, wikftlat, niyabat, aminS 
Depu'te, va. -to send wifh a special commission, to empower to act — k<ma karma karandrth9 

pratinidhi kariyd nijukta bi prerita ib.- wakil bhejni y& nftib muqarrur k. 
Dep'uty,^ 8, any one that transacts business for another, a lieutenant, g viceroy— pratinidAi, 

parimurti, ndib, prattrnp— gom&shta, peshdast, n&ib, pesbkir, wakil ^ ' 
Dera cinate, va, to pluck or tear up by the roots — upardna, unmdlan, samulotpdtan — dkh&rn6, 

opAroA, jar se khodni * • 

Der/igB, va, [.rantf J to prove to justify— sd6A2/afta k. dotha khandan—s&hit k. beg unih (hahrini 
Dera'oge, va, to disorder, to embarass— uf/dpd//d k, golmdl k, ghabardna, klesh janrndna — 

darham barham k. ula(pula|^k. ghabri d. pareshin k. 
Derange'ment,!. disorder ; delirium, insauily— go/md/ ; ti/imrtd,pdgaidii»a— betartibf ; diwdnagi, 

6audii, sir ' [chhornd 

Derelic'iion, ». an utter forsaking or leaving— tydy karan, tyajan, partfytf;^— tark, tiydg, 
Deri'de, va, to laugh at, to mock— partAd« /c. thditd k. upoAUk.— haaso&,iha((b& marnA, tdu& 

De'ri'aioo, s. the act of deriding or laughing at ; contempt^ scorn— upaAos, 6tdr^p ; abagyda, 

Atfi/<^jfdn— (hathoii, thatthd, tina, zar^fat ; karihiysU, istihq&r 
Pensive, a, mocking, scoBa^^ by angajukta, pariAawsticAa/*— thathdmez, maskhard . 
Derivable, a. coming by derivation, deducible— upoddniya, dhatiitpddaniyaf upalahhyaniya 

— qdbil-i-ishtiqaq. qabil-i-istikhr&j, mukbraj - 
I^riva'tioQ, s. the tracing of a word from its original, the tracing of any thing from its sourtfe— 

pad«r byutpatti, mu/iAa&ddnusandAdn— ishtq<iq^ istikhr&j, buoiyid 


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DBR ( 136 ) DBS 

Deriy'atWe, o. the thing or word derived from another byutpanna-rf^n, mnshtaqq 

Den ve, v. to deduce from its original . to owe its origin to, to descend from-— fcyutpath k. 

janman, utpanna h, — nikaln&, inushta<t]() h. paiUi h. 
Der'nier, a. [.yare] last, the only remaining— antim,$hes/i, afrnshtsfc /a— pichhlA, bAql 
Der'ogate, v. to lessen the worth of any person or thing, to disparage— ihar/t/adrffe nyiin fc. 

mdner hdni L atndnua fc. tuchehha A;.-^ghat&nd, beqadr k. haqir k. 

Der'ogate, a. lessenecfin value, degraded, disparaged — trpamdnita, hatakhydti, tuchchhihita- 

gha^moU, beqadr, bewaqr [hiq&rat, beqadrf 

Deroga'tion, «. a defamation, detraction — apab*id, nindd, apumdn apaidp — badndmi, ru?w£i, 

Derog'atory, Derog'ative. a- detractory, that lessens the honour of, dishonourable-rnindaiari, 

''ndna Id^habkdri, tnarjyddd r/iasfcari^kalankf, badn&ra k, w. m&ytib, izzat kam&ne w. 
Der'yis,per'vise, s. a mahomedan monk — mahammadiya banabdsi,miCsalnidnder matdbalanhi 

sainydsi bisheshf fakir— ddnvvesh, faqir ' 

Des'cant, s. a song ; a discoorse ; a disputation— san^tt^ prasanga, kathophathan ; bdddw^di 

— r&g, sarod ; taqrir, guftgti ; takr&r, bahs 

Desc'ant, tm. to hacangue, to discourse at large — bahtitd k. katkopakathan, hdhhichdr k.- 

taqrfrjhilyna, guftgu k. . fniche infi.nfiiilh. 

Desce'nd, vn, to walk downward— ad^o^aman k. ulan, niche dgaman k. nabiyd disan—Mimi 

Descendant, s. the offspring of an ancestor— santdnodbhab, bangshodbhab, $ambhiita, shantdn 

«/iantafi— bans, santdn, duUd, nasi 
Descend 'ent, a. falling, sinking ; proceeding from another as an original or ancestor— pafoniWI, 

dubejdyje ; niVjraniansAt/— girau, uft&dani, dnbne w. mutfarri 
Descen'sion, s. Uie act of falling orsinking, a declension— adAofati, adhakpatan, krame n&w" 

— girdo, ut6r, nazfil, tanazzul 

Desce'nt, <. progress downwards; declivity; inclination; invasion ; birth ; extractioj- 

nimnagati^ adhagati ; dhdl, gardn; nuiyd disan ; dkramaxt ', utpatti, janma ; bangshaM< 

goshthi^Mt^r^ nuzul ; dhdl; ma'ilin ; y6rish, hamla ; tawallud,ianam ; nasi, khinddo,^^ 

Descri'be, va» to delineate, to mark out, to represent by words, to de^ne—barnand k.avkita 

k. jdnnna, byakta k. artha k, bistdriyd kahan—hi,kh&nuiL, bay&n k. taqrir k. UtI4ni. 

tarff k. ^ 

Descrip'tion, f. act of describing, representation, delineation, definition — bamand, hibaran, 

l^dkhyd,nirbachan,bdkyaiahisheihkathan—h^j&Ut naqi, bay^ntaqriT, bakhfin, sharah, tirif 

^Descrip tive, a. describing— proJcofAoit, Ligydnpak, bi$keshas^chak, 6arna?irtkHrt— nrabaiym. 

muahir, mufassir 
Descry', va. to spy out, to detect, to discover— sandWn pdon, \er pdon, dilrhaite dritktiK 

swachahhye darshan^dekhp6,nk, mAlfim k. nenkUni. 
Desecra'tion, a. the abolition of consecration — pratishtkd dhwangsa, paHtratd nd$h,nttTmi^ 
bastu nd mdniyd ta^bhiprdyer anyatft/i— pratishthd y6 nay6z ki ibl61, waqf keistirdM 
Dese'rt, s. a wilderness, solitude, wasle, uninhabited place — ban, aranya, niijana 5iw«. 

tnaru bhUmi, ttjja/a6A<imt— jangal, bayabfin, b^iya, gosha, wii^na, khardba 
Des'ert, «. merit, worth, claim to reward— gunrf^n, jogyatwa, pdritoshiker swdrtki'^^^' 

saz£w<lri, liydqat, istihq&q,)az4 kd d&wd 
Dese'rt, va. to forsake, to abandon ; to quit the army in which one is enlisted— (j^^ A. p""' 
tyakta k^saitiyachhdriyd jdoa bd patdyan—tark k. chhor d. lashkar chhoy bhagnA ^ 
Desert'er, 5. one who has forsaken bis cause or post — paldtak, bhdgard, paldniyd, tydgakan- 

bhagoffi, firdri, tArik, 

Deser'tion, s. act of abandoning a ca,use or post, dereliction— po/ayan, paWtj^, ty«;«*'»*"''*' 

dharmddi tydg /cora— firdr, tark, apne din waghaira k6 tark / 

Desert' less, a. without merit, worthless — nirgun,akarmanya,dharmahint armpajufcta— afcaia. 

nfilfiiq, n&k6ra, beg^ra _ ' . , 

Dese'fve, vn, to be worthy of good or ill— i/wi/a bd mander jogya h, upajukta h, af/t«Bi*»*'" 

doshakrame pratiphaler jogya A.— neki y& badi kdsazfiwdr h. Idiq h.jog *!• <1*^''"*/ 

Desery'edly, ad. worthily; according to desert— jot/uxjo^ya, sangata kramtj upajuktrnf*" 

wdjibi se, insdf se, haq<| se ,. -i 

Deserving, pa. worthy of, good, kind-^j ogya, arha, upajukta, uttam, pflraWtfliwM., ;k 

jog, bbaU. mihrbdn [8(ikh4roarharo,oaw«;>-pb 

nishchay bdprakdsh hay ndije hishay,jdhd bartamdn ndi athucha bdnckhaniya—jo lucn 
nahifl hai magar uske liyeaizuo khwahish kiyAjdti hai j,.j., 

Design, va. [.sine] to purpose, to intend, to plan, to project ; to 'mark out— manasthao^ 
k. bdnchd bd abhiprdy k. kalpand k. srisli k, maner madhye ithir k, thdhai-dn ; pdunf^ •' 
irftda k. ^hahrind, mansdba b^lndhna ; naqsha ddlnA ^ i kal- 

•Desi'gn, 5. an intention, a purpose, a scheme, a plan of action ; sketch— a6/iiprrfy, '""•^'i^j,^ 
pand, bdnchhd, pardmarsha, manastha, biidb» tdtparjya ; khasard, p4tarui— mans6ba, " ' 
matlab, mansh6 ; naqsha .^^^T^'^'tni 

Designa'tion, ». [des-«ig"..] appointment, direction— /cartn«niyog, niyqjan, "^J^^ 7"!?^ kijh 

'Designedly, ad, purposely, intentionally— gt/anatafe,J4niya shuniyd, cheshldpiirljak'^}^^ 
ke, bilirj^da, didao dinisla * • ^ . - ma hd^ 

Deei'goer.4. a plotter, a contriver, one who designs—kalpandkdri, shnskfikdrii diM^i^ 
• chitrakureje-mdim'(jL\i^h6.z,vnuashi, munaqqish ^ 


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DEI ( 137 ; DK 1 

Desi'gDing, a, deeeitful, cunaing, inaidiqus— ^Aurta, ekatuTt $hak, mantrandkAri, durmati^ 

gh^tf, gharaz^hQ&f khudgharaz, shadrroand, far^bi 
Desi'rable.a. wprthy.of desire ; pleasing, delightful— Mncfcfc<intya ; mndar, manohar,kdmya— 

roarghdb ; dilpasand, aziz, dilchasp 
Desi're, s. wish, eagerness to obtain or enjoy — sprihd, bdnchhd, kdmand, abkUdah, bhogechehhd 

>-ch^h, khw^hjsh, hawas, 
Desi're, va. to wish, to covet, to en treat— Mnc^^ri k, ichchhd k. lobh k. prdrthand ^.— ch6hn&, 

kbwAhish r. lalchdn^, darkhw&st k. 
Dfsi'rons, a. full of desire ; eager; coveting tifter^kdmuk, ichchhuk ; atisayechchhuk ; lobhi, 

dkdnkhyi, sj^rihabishishla — musht&q ; shauqmand ^ r^ghib, baris 
Desi'st, VM. to cea^e from any thing, tostop^nt^rtta h. stakka h, thdkatt, rahan, khydntah, 

thdman — bAz rahnfi, dast harder h. parhez k. rahj&n4 
Desis'tire, a. ending, concloding— i/ieaA, antim, antCLStka-^akhir 
Desk. 5. an inclining table to write upon— dhdl jukta likfUbdr pdtd bdpiuji biihnh, dhdlu mej, 

ie$ka — likhn« kd dli^Ua mez, desk 
De'i'oiate. va. to deprive of inhabitants, to lay waste, to make desert—tic/ic/iAtiifia k. ujar bd 

shiinya kariyd rdkh^n^ desk ujdr k.—wiHjt, k. uj^fni, bechir^gh k. kh&lik. 
Des'oiate, a. deprived of inhabitants, laid waste, solitary — uchchinnd, ujaft basatihin, shimya, 

ntVian— wlrin, ujiSr, bechirAgh, khAlI 
De8ola'£ion, s. destruction of inhabitants; gloominess; deBert—bdsandsh, . deshochckhinna, 
ihUnya karaUf ujdr ; ghoratwa ; aud4»yo—wir6ni, khar&bf , bechirdghl ; tiragi ; afsurdagl 
Despa'ir, 5. hopeless, state, despondence— ntra«/ui> abhard^d, dshdbhangaf udbeg, atishay 
bhdband—nAnmm^iU, y&a, nir&s, aodesha 

Despa'ir, vn, to be without hope, to despond^mrrSt^ h. hatdth h. nirbhairasd h beis h. 

niummed h. niris h. mdyus h. 
Despa'tch, ufl. to send away hastily; to kWl^twardy pd^hdiyd d, shighra kariyd pr^ran ; 

sOftghdr k. pr^ne maran— jald raw^na k. jald bhejoii : mar4&lD^> hal4k k. 
Despa'tch, s. hasty execution ; an express : a message— ttf;ara, abiiamba ; dMbak, dhdurSfdut ; 

bdrtd sHchak patra-^j^\di, shh&bi ; hark&ra, qftsid ; chai&n, paighAm 
Despera'do, s, one who is desperate or furious; 'a hired ruffian — akutobhay, dushkarmakdri, 
rdgonmatta, rdgdndha, du^dhasi ; betanalobhe prdnaudskddi nuthdpdp Icare je byakti—he' 
dar, bedard, himmatwar, ghussewaV, khashmn&k ; jali&d 
pes' perate, a. without hppe ; mad, rash, furious— nirup^y, mr^s^, hatabhara$d; rdgonmaita. 

duhsdhasi, ahddhya, rdgibhiita^nuAs, be tawakkul ; khashmn&k, bebik, himmati, ui^ar 
Des'perately, ad, hopelessly ; furiously— nirasW^^ ,* unwiattarupe, rdgpih'bak, nirbhaye — 

nilummedi se ; beb^ki se, tahauwur se 
Deiiper&'tioo, i . hopelessness ; despair— mr4j^4, abkarasd; dshdrdkitya i duhsdhas — niumraedi, 

bfrbdki ; tahauwur 
Des'picable, a, contemptible, mean, worthless— Aeya, tuohckha^adhan^ ghrindrhat akavmanya, 

abagyeuya, atinich—pfiji, kamina, zalii, mubtazai» ghin ke q4bil 
Despi sable, a. contemptible, despicable — lucAc/i/iamj/a, /i«3f(i, ad/tant'— nafrat keq^bil, Riakxiih, 

kamf na, zalH 
Despi 'se, va. to scorn, to contemn— a^^yta bd heyagydn fc. abakildk* tuchchha k. ghrind k, 

— haqir j^nnA, hiq&ratk. nafra^yi gbink. ^■ 

Despi'te, s. malice, anger, malignity, deB^nce—dweshrhingsd, irshd, abagydu^ pratikuldeha- * 

raw, nbagydnpurbttk baiparitya prakdsh — addvvat, badandeshi, zidd, raghm, mukh&lifat, aks 
Despi'te, va. to vex, to ofi'end — biramband k. dtoesh k. athabd hingidpHrbak kUsh d. birdkta 

it.— bez^rk. nikhush k. adiwat i'sa d. sats^nft, tasdiyad. ebheroA 

Despi'teful,^i« malicious, full of spleen — hingsdkdri, dweshi, irshdjukta^pur adawat, ptir 

oif&q, ziddf tchhinlenA, lele,nA 

Despoil, va. to rob, to deprive, to divest— iwf k. apaharan k, chiniyd I, barjita fc.— Idtlena, 

DespeUa'tion,^*, th« act ofdespoiUng or stripping— ai>a&aran> baU haran, luikknrd—l(X\, t&raj, 

chbln Ien& 

Despo'nd, vn. to despair, to lose hope — nirdshh. hatdsh h, pratydshd chhdriyd ab/iarsdk, — 

n^Uimraed h. mahrdm h. • [m^ydsi, y&s 

Despond'ency, s, despair, hopelessness- nirasyici, bharasdrdhitya, rfi^rfAinaM— niufnmedi, 

Despond'ent, a. despairing, hopeless— AaMs^ nirdik, bharasdrahit—be ds, ndummed, mftyus, 

mahrdm ^^ fmangni k. nisbai k. 

Despon'sate, va. to betroth, to affiance — bdgddnk, bibdhdrtfu^ bdk mniDandkii ^.— mans6b k. 

Des pot, s. an absolute prince, a tyrant— noatantra samrdf, iwddhin rdjd, daurdtmyakdn 

rdjdbd prabhH, swechchhdptirbak pra6Autwa&ar»— pddshdh-i-muataqili, sh<ih-i-zalim, jabir, 

kulmukht&r [anyajya/wiriprafc/iu— musiaqill, mukhiAr-i-kul 

Despotic, a. absolute in powet—fwtchchdmate rdjyddi tUdsanakdri, /ibddhya, $watantra, 

Des'potism, s. absolute power, tyrannv — rdjddir sioatantratd, daurdtmya, swecbckhdchdr, 

rdjya shdsaue abyabasthdbandha — istiqldl, tasallut, zulm . . 

Despuraa'tiouj s* scum ; frothiness— /«/ bd phend prakhep-^ phen ya mail nikaln^l 
Desse'rt, t, [deZ'Zert\ the last coui^e orserviceof fruits after meat— p/ii/a/iar, mdngsddi bhajauer 
parje phal mishidnnddir dhdr £ay— mewakhufi, goslu w. g. khdne ke bAd jo phal phalan 
Des'tinate, va. to design for any particular end— 2ns/ie£fc karmddite purbaniyogk. ahadhdrjya 
ki bishtth abfsiprdye mana$tha k, tthir k. — kisi kdm ke liye muqaddar k. badnd, muqarrar k^ 

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. D»S ' ( 138 ) DET 

Defttina'tion, s. tbeinirpose for which any thing is appointed— fruftesft ubhhrdye niyogijadar- 

the piirba tnanastJM hard giydchht-^ib^h ki jis ke w4ste kisi cfaiz maqaddar y& maqarrar ki 

j&e, bad& 
Des^tine, ta. to doom ; to appoint unalterably to any state ; to i\erote-^bi$hesh daiide arpan k. 

aparibartanriipe nisshay k, utsarga kariyd <f .~«az& mea roiiqarrur k. n^uqaddar k. ghair 

mumkinutiabdil se' mutaiyin k. tl)ahrdD& ; fidi k. iasadduq k. 
Des'tiny, s. the power that deter rmines the fate, invincible necessity'; doom— pr/(fctan, adrisk" 

la ; durbhiigya, dan^ddesh, danddgydu—iat.qdiT, qaz6, qismat, nasfb, bh&g ; ^adnasib{,<«az& 

kft hukm [Ajiz, be roaqdGr, darm&nda 

Des'titute, a, forsaken, friendless, in waqr— on4tA, hirtj <tkinchajh durdashdnuita — Uch&r, 
Pestitu'tion, «. want,' the state in which something is wanting— dtn/itnata; apratult atiduhkkA- 

basthd — Uchdrf, bcnaw&f, f^qr, Iangda8t1,bemaqddrf 
Destio'y, va. to lay waste, to desolate, to kill, to bring to nought— vcftcAhaftna kariyd d. ih^nya 

k. sanghdr k. nashta k.-^ujAj d. neat k. haldk k. 
Destioy'er, s, the person who destroys— nd«/i/car/, hindshak.prdnaghdtak, sanghdrkarid^^}irvL, 

hal6kn, h^dim \ 

Destruc'tible, a. liable to destruction— T(a«hu;ar, dhwang$aniya, ndshya, asthdyi, asthir^ 

pAimdli, nest Kone ke q&bil, rouhv karne ke Uiq t 
Destruc'tion, s. the act of destroying, waste ; murder ; the state of being destroyed ; eternal 

death— ^iriffsk, ndsh, dhwangsa ; sanghnTf prdna ndgh ; uchchhinnitwa ; nitya mfifyu— 

ihUk; liaUki, ' p^im^li; qall; khar^bi ; fan& 
Destruc'tive, a. that which destroys, ruinous— n^s^aJe,, dhwangsakdrit sanghdrak,' nashfakdri,. 

hdnikar, maHda, a;7afc^raft— muhlik. tnuzir, ihufsid, nuqs&n k.w. 
Dcstt «tude, ». [des'swe.] disuse— rf/i<£r*ir nibritti bd ubyabahdr, ritir annathd bd lop haoyd— 

nakftr^pan, beraw£ji,beistiam&Ii 
De^'wltonly, ad. in an unsettled, immethodical manner— a^amffsfte, asthiramate, khyiprabat, 

hinnhibeke—heT&hXi se, be sarrishtagi se • 

Desultory, a. ?aving from one thing to another,.unsettTed, immethodical — ashthir, ehanchaUt- 

maiidh, akramik, eluydmeiuyd, dlgd, akrarndgaiff-^bethikAna^ berabt, bezabt, h«taur, 

besarrishta [<^kisu f^e kuch 1. kisf tiida yA dheri se tho|& K . 

Desu'me,'t'4. to take from any thing — lichhu htm, rdshi haite neon, $ab nd (aiyd alpa laon 
Deta'ch, va. to separate, to disengage; to send off a party on an expedition — hibhinna k.kha^ 

ihdna, bijukta k. pHtkuk k, sainya iamuher katak sendgan biiheih prayojaiidrthe preran ^.— 

chhor&nft, jud^ k. alag k. nik^in^ ; ek ghol ko kisi rouhim par bhejnd 
Detached, pa. [. .] sepeTated,disengaffed-r7>rtt/ta^, bijukta,bibfiinna'^}MdA }Vidk k.g. muayiD, 

muqaddar .. 

Detachment, s. a company of troops sent out from the main body — tainyer ek angsha jdhi 

biskeih pruyajnndrthe shainyahnice prithak kariyd prerita kardjdy, prerita senddul, jAundu 

— ekgliol jo tauj se jud6 karke bhejft jiie 
Detail, s. a minute and particular account or narration— &t<A9tfc4>6i6aran, bittdrita bdkya, 

biittd7ita,leord, sabisltesh by dkhyd-^XaUW, mnhssdilf mashrdhan, sharahw&r, haqiqat 
Detain, ta. to uithold, to keep back, to hold— nf6r{ran, rahita k, dlak k. ro/can, dhuran, bad' 

dha kariyd rdkhan, dlkdna-^hiz rakhn^i; atk&n<l, rokn&, uljhA r. d&b r. qaid k. 
^ t)etain'(ler, £. tiie name of a writ for holding one in custody— k^ir^iP^re ftad<//ia karandrth^ 

dgydti pafrd— mahbtis rakhne kd hukmntlma, qaid rakhue k& parw&na 
Dc'ta'iner, £. he that holds back any one's right, he that detains^rf/ak kartd, dfkdniyd— 

atkane w. rokne w. 
Dete'ct, ta. to discover, to find oul-^sandhdn kariyd dharan, doshddi sandhdn k. fer pdiyd 

.dharan,paradosh.idiprakd»h kariyd ^jdndna, giipta kichhubdhir k.— dekhpiUii, pakarp^Da» 

chor! pakarnft, khat& zahir k. pos.'ilda ko l&sh^k. 
Detec'tion, s. discovery of guilt or fraud ; discovery of any thing hidden— dosfc o pratdranAdi 

apakarmer lerpdoyd ; gupta pruk/ij/t— khatagfrf, zuh<ir-i-fareb ; kisi poshlda c^iz kll zdfair Uonti 
Deten'tion, s. act of keeping, restraint — dhariyd rdkhan, dlakkard, bddhd, pratibandha, 

baddha ^amn— atkilo, ruk&o, qai(f, habs 
Dete'r, va. to discourage, to dishearten-^a6^araji deout bhay dekkdna, hatdth k, bhagnachitta 

h. subhay fc.— daiduA, behimraat k. fdUish nikdloU 

Dete'rge, vd. to cleanse a sore — hhyatddi parishkdr k. ghdrmal ndsh k.^-gh&o sdf k. jirAbatki 
Deter'gent, a. having the power of c\eRn8ing^ ghdmalandshak aushadhi, kkyata penrishkdrak 

— masaffi, wuh dawii kijo ghfio kf aldish niktflti hai 
Dete'riorate, va, to impair, to make worse— 6tfarana, apakrishfa k. gutter anyaikd k. nashta k. 

— bigarnfi, kharftbk.Aitar k. badtar k. * [bhutatv>a -hig&f, takrib. zilUt 

Deteriora'tion, «. act of making any thig worse-r-6i*/frfr, apakrishia bhdb, gunerbikdr, adhami^ 
Determent, s, act or cause of deterring— ^ftaj^aprooars/uxn, $dhat bhanga, udyambkanga-^ 

4ardnfi, dhamki, ^inimat shikani 
Deter'roinable, a. that which may be certainly decided— «is*j>'idanfya, nirdhdraniya, nimeya, 

bibechanddwdrd sthirkaraniya, nishchay hoon jo^a— qftbiUi-rala, roubaqqaq, chukjinektt 

Ifiiq. ' [k. tbik k. 

Deter'minate, limit; to fix— nirnay fc.ntsftc^i/ k. nirdhdrant sthir k.^tahqiq k. muaiyaa 
Dcter'ininr.le, /r. limited^ established, conclusive, fixed, resolute— ntrdk^rtto, niiltchita, tpash- 

ta.nirnita, khd^i, thik.hishesk, if/i tr tkrtto—muayain, tahqiq, {hik, muqarrar, yaqfni 
Deter'miuately, ad, resolutely, chTtiiiily-^nUhchayriipe, nitdnta, 9pd$h(arwpe, ni4fatuid^#— 

nhqiqan, >uq:nan, (hfk, maqarrar 

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DXT /( 139 ) * DEV 

Determina'tiOD, s. resoluttoa ; decision— nu&ehay^nircIMrcii, tthira manaHha,mtdnta kalpand; 

uishpafti, tnmddhd^ tkwtiqqun, azoibiljasm, qasd j inSsAl, rafa 
Deter'mine, va, to fix, to settle, to conclude, to Ihnit, to resolve, to decide— ntm«7 ^- ntr- 

dhdran, samidhd k, niriipan, tthir k, nitkpatti k, — |hlk k. yaqfa k. thahrftud, muain k. 

cbuk^nft [muqarrar, ^hik k. g. faisal k. g, chukdyd gayi 

Deter mined, pa. [... J resolved;»am.ita, nirnita, «tWrt/crita;M«»ApaMiifl— mutAiyan, 
Deter'sioD, s. the act of cleansin^t a Bore— khyatddi parishkdr kard, gkdmalandsh—ghiio ki 

illaish k&tni. jir&hat kd mail sdf k. 
Peter sive, a. having the power to c)e^nne''gkdmatandshak au$hadhi, kkyater pralep bisketh-^ 

gh&o ke mail sdf k. w. |5alastar yd marham ki ek qisni 
Detest, pa, to hate, to 9^}h6T'^-ghrindk.nlandabd9an,dweshLa»hraddhdk.heyagy<ink,'^ 

ghin k. addwat r. kardhiyat k. niakrdh jdnnd [ghinaood, kaidhatf ^ 

Detest'aUe, a. hateful, abhorred— gftrtnarAa, heya, garhaniya, ghrinya—mzkriih, xalH, 
Detesta'tion,<. hatred, abborrenccj, abomination— g-Artiwi, hgyagydn, oMhraddkd^ntLhtit, ghin, 

kardhiyat, istihqdr 
Dethro'ee, t;a. to divest of regality, to remove from the throne —rd;'t/a chyutak, rdjapadhaif 

tdrdiyd d, nnghdianharjita /c.-^betdj o takht k. saltanat chhtn I. Wshdh ko takht se utdrnd 
Deton^i'tion, <. [((i«t-o..] loud explosion of certain mixtures— fc/zrfct^iA ihabda bitheik, char- 

char ihahda ttvadi— chatcbafdhat, cha^chardhat, isi tarah ki kari dwdz ' 

Detra'c^, ra. to derogate, to defame, to Islander— fnirer man bd jdther hdni ft. nindd fc, apa- 

bad, k — d6sre ke daije ko gha(dnd, beqadr k. ruswd k. aibgoi k. nindyd k. ifiird k. tuhmat 

lagdnd [khatifk. aibgoi, badndmi 

Detraction, ». a taking away; slander— rfc-f* kard, Idghab kard ; niudd, fca<rAc/iA<«— ghajdni, 
Detraci'ive, «. tending to defame— a^A^^ati/car, uindak, asuyriTirirailr— aibgo, roulzim, ruswd 
Detract'ory, a. defamatory, derogatory— apaminaJnirt, marjyddd bdjasber hdnikar-^hsdaim 

k. w. beliurmat k. w. qadr ko karadne w. 
Detr'imeot, 5. loss, damage, mischief— kAvati, Aant, ajwic^Ay— nuq<(dn, khalal, shikast, gha^d 
Uetrimen'tal, u. mischievous, causing loss^khyatikar, hnnikar, apachayi—muiir, mukhlii, 

nuq^do k. w. {haf, farsudagi, mdlish 

Detri'non, «. the art of wearing BWiy—ghanhane rhds bd khyay karan, ghaskiyd J/fon— ghisd- 
Detru'de, va. to thrust down, to force into a» lower place — adhakkhyep k. uchcha sthdn haiU 

niche nikhyepk. pheliyd d. niche ^.— ddlod, bulaudi«e pasii men phenk d. niche dafidnd 
Detra'sion, s. tUe act of liirustiog dovuvk-^adhakhyeptpheliyddeoydtnichekard, Iheliyd pkslan — 

niche ddl d. phenk d. ntchegiraqd 
Devasta'tion, $, waste, havack, desolation— apacAa^^, apakdr^ upadrab, udth, t^fdr, uehchhin^ 

ni/ico— tabdhi, nuqsdnf, wlranf, pdimdli, ujdr ' * [kfduii 

Deuce, s. the two in cards or dice — pd$hdrduyd bd tdser duri, duiphotd^—pfne kd diid yd ta8> 
Devel'op, va* to unfold, unravel, uncoveK — kholaut bistiriyd k<'han, hyakta k» prakdth k. 

bigydupant vdita bd prachdrita k» — kholnd, wdzih k. s^ljhdnd, zlhir k. 
Deve'st, ra (o strip, to deprive of clothes. See Dive&i^chhdliditaUin, battrakin k. — chhilkd 

utarnd, nangdk. 
De'viate,vn. to wander from the common way, to go astray, to err, to sia^bipathe jgamank, . 

beakiydjion^gamya path chhdriyd d. bhrduta h» pdpkarma k, — bbataknd, berdh ), bad rdh 

j. ^amrdh h. ch^knd, gundb k.' 
Devia't^on, s. quitting the right way ; error, offence— bipathe gaman, bakragati , satpatha 

tydg; bhrdnti, kubyabakdr, apcfrddh—herkUit gumrdhi, zaldlat; kbatd, jurm 
Devi'ce, s. a contrivance ; a design ; emblem^ kalpand, updy ; manastha, srishti ; chinha, 

MMlleet<£nl'ii6isA«fA-TmaoRdba, fikr, gumdn; maqsad, ikhtira; nishdni 
Dev'il, t. a iallen angel, the tempter, or spiritual enemy of mankind— ^Aut, daitya, ddiiabddi, 

preia,apadebatd, saytdn—deo, ihlis, ghnl, shaitdn 
Dev'ilish, a. partaking of the qualities of the deviU diabolical ; wicked— 6A<ita dharmah, apa- 

debatd tambandhiya \ durdehdri, pdpish fa— deo 8\t9X, shaitani; zabnn, badzdt 
De'vioofi, a. out of the common way ; erring— dtpatAa^ami, supatkabahirbhUta ; bhrdmak — 

beidh, badrdh, kajraw; gumrah 
Dcvi'fe, Vt to contrive, to invent ; to grant by will ; consider— kaf/xin, raehnn, nutan trithfi ft. 

wuimurtltu ddnpatreddn k, bibeekand ft.— mansdba daufdnd, tfkr k. ijdd k. ekhtird k.hiba 

kai jdnd ; sochod 
Devi'sed,}MS. [..] contrived ; given by will— ita/pt7a, rachita, nabatrishta ; ddnpatradwdrd 

^atta— manstiba k. g. inshd k. g. ijad k. g. wasiyat ndme ke rd se diyd gayd 
Deri^'e. s. he to whom a thing is 'bequeathed —ddn patra dwnrd dhanddi ddn kard giydekhe 

jdhdhe, datta dhaaa prdpta, mumdrskuddnddhikdri — mosdlahd, raauhublahu, ydne wuh 

•hakhs jia ko biba kiyd gayd hai [ari, tihi 

Devo'id, a. empty, vacant, void, free from— sftj^nya, rakWcrita, hin^ barjita — khdlf, muarrd, 
Devo'ir,«. [.vicor] an act of civility — skishtdcAdr, sebd, dgydnkdritd — muldzamat, akhldq, 

nmnnf, m«\idrdt • 

Devolve, v. to fall by succession ; to roll down— /rrfton, itrthan, adhikdr h, gardiyd patau, 

— dast badast dnd, hdthoQ bath jdnd ; d pa^nd, pahunchna - 
Devo'te, va.. to dedicate, to consecrate, to give up — utsarga ft. pratUhthd ft. gamarpan, tankal- 

ptg kariyd lieoii— fidd k. qurbda k. usaddoq k. nasr k. de 4^1°^ 
Devote'e, s« one erroneously or superstitiously religious, a bigot— MafttiftarM, gannydti, 

tapaswM, d£bopisak, tthuaramithikd, dharmabithaye pakhyapdH, gwamat bhinna anyamatdba" 

lamhi dtpeMhfd—zihid, fiddi, riydzafi, jogi, bairdgi, Upaasi, mutdssib 

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D E T ( 140 ) D I A 

Devo'tion, 4. jiiaty i worthip; prayer; strong aff^tioa, ^rdt»T—dharm/tiiUhth4,ishvntranitk- 

thii ; drddhand, archand ; ^prdrthanidi dharmakarma, dkarmanibesh ; bhakti^ atiineha, 

autsukyu, tej — taqu& ; bandagi, ib^dat, namaz, riyazat ; bhakti; ^armi 
Devo'ur,va. to eat up ravenously, to consume, to HnniUWdite—dre gilan.ndkemukhekhddan, 

khdiyd phelatif grd& k» bindsh /c.— bliakhuA, bhakhosnd, klialen^, klidjaod, z&ya k. p^iitt&lk. 
Devo'ut, a. pious, religious; earnest, sincere— 6/kifcta, dharmaniskihat bkaktikdri, updsak. 

byafcrachitta, utsuk^ saral, nuhkapat — bbagat, dbid, pirs^, dindiir, uam&zi, mut&bid; 

.mushtdq.shauqmand, sddiq, sftfdil 
Devout'ly, flrrf. piously, religiously — bhaktipurbak^ mananibesh krame, dAirmikatwarHpesaf- 

fiydna, z&hidana, dinduri se 
Deuteros'copy, s. fdu.. . . j the $^cond intention, a meaning beyond the literal sense-^un/ortb 

bdkyer dwitiydrtha, ahlesharthat marma, a bpaktdhhiprdy— kuiA,\\, mAni-i-murAdi 
Dew, 5. moisture ; a thin, cold night vapor vyhich moistens plants— drdrata; ^iihir, oA, ftb* 

fairer nydy rasanihiaraiit sajtda bdspa—lditi ; shabnam, os • 

Dew'berry, s. the fruit of a species of branible— p/iai bishesh — ek qism ki, roewa 
Dew'drop, $. a drop of d^w^shiafiirabinda, himer kand bd pAo/a— shabnaai kd qatra yd dfina 
Etiw'lap, 8. the flesh that hangs down from the throat of oxea^briiha bd garur galadttht jt 

lolita mdngsa, galdr kamlMiL—^kw y& bail k& ghabghab 
Dew'y, dew ; partaking of dew; moist with dew — diithirabat ; shishiramay ; niaku 

6/ttja--shabnam si. ; shabnami ; osila 
Dexter'ity, s. readiness of limbs, activity, expertneas — hasta padddir utkhyipratd,khyifratd, 

dakhyatd — chusti, ch&l&ki, z6ddasti 
Dex'terous, a. expert at any manual employment, subtle, skilfaU full of expedients— By/>rf, 

dakhya; chatur, pdrak, nipun, pa^u— ch&14k, chust, chatiir, dastqibbii, dastkir, Hh^v 
Dexterously, ad. expertly, skilfully, artfully — khyipratdpiirbak, dakhyar4pe, uttatumpti 

satarke — b^ chusti, chdi&ki se, k&rigari se, cViatiirii se, siy&n se 
Dex'tral, Dex't^r, a. on the right hand sidt—dakhyindigastha, dakhyin, ddiit—dihai tarafi, 

dast-i-rast * . * ■ ' 

Dey, s. [(/aj title of the governor of Algiers — Aljir ndmak desiya rdjar upddhi bd padabi indieA 

~h4km-i-A'ljir k& khitiib yA laqab 
Diabe'tes, s. [. . . .J a morbid copiousness of urine— mUtramay, bahumHtra rog — salsul, ban), 

diyfibitus ^ - . 

Diaboj'ical, a. devilish, impious, nefarious — bhutadharmak, dushia, apakrishfa, bhutabut, 

^hrinya, atimanda—shm&u'i, deo sirat, badkAr, f&siq 
Diaoo'dium, s, the syrup of poppies— poster kwdth, postabrikhyer phaler sidda nirjds—\Aai\i' 

klidsh kA shira, day6q6za 
Diacous tics, s. the doctrine of sounds — dhwanibidyd, shabdotpatti bidyd — aw&z k& faQD,iln)* 

i 6w6z 
Dia'dem, s. a crown or tiara, the mark of royalty—mafcu/, kirit, rdjdr magtakabharan-ti], 

kuUh-i-shdhi, dehim, muka{ . 
Dia'resis, s. [.er-«.J the mark [. .]» used to separate syllables'; as, aer—padangsher bichcheda 

tiichak binduyjaihdl..]—sUebil y&ne lafz ke hije judd karne kit nishdn yl nukta, jaisi 

li[..J . 
Diagnos tic, s. a symptom by which a disease isditinguished from others — bisiichikd, byo^kif 

upasarsca bd lakhyan, roganishchdyak chinha — aldmat-i-marz, bimdri k4 nishdo 
Diag onal, s. reaching from one angle to dinoiheT—kondidnd, kondkoni land rekhd biidnk 

'^kond konl khatt, ek zdviye se dusre tak 
Diagram, s, a geometrical figure— anfca bidydy ankd bd rekhdmay ciUtra iui Zi/cfeflu— sl»ak'- 

Di'al, f. an instrument for measuring time by the sun's shadow— raudra^ijfcafi, ehhdyd <i»'>''" 

kdla nimay karaner jantra bishesh — dhap ghafi, yane ek did ki jis se saya ndpkar waqt ^ 

mdl(im kiyd jd sake 
Di'alect, s. the form or idiom of a language, style, manner of expression— </esA bhdthd,M^ 

dhd,rd, boU,bdkya kathanerriti — zubdn, lis^n, bhdkhd, boli, istildh, tarz-i-kaldm 
Dialec'tical, a. logical, argumental ; respecting dialects— jau/cttAc, nydyashdstra sambajidhif> 

tarkabishayak ; bhdshd sambandhiya, Meih bhdskd samfrand/ifj^a— mantiqi, hujjati, mudallali 

lisdnf, zubdn roans6b 
Dialuc'tic, s, logic, the art of reasoning— £ar/ca6i(/2/a,jau/e^}6id2/a, nydyashdstra — ilm-i'ioanti4> 

Di'alling, s, the art of constructing dials ; the knowledge of shadows— raud/'a ghari nirm^ 

bidyd f ehhdyd bidyd--dh(\p ghafi bandne kd ilm ; sdya shinasl , 
Dial'ogist, s. a speaker^in a conference, or writer of dialogues— prashwotftarafcart, uttarfra- 

tyuUara may prabandhakartd — mmkhdtib, sawdl jawdb dmez bdteu likhne w, 
Di'alogue, 5. [ . . log] a conference, a conversation between two or more persoQS-^sam6&<'^' 

prashr^ttar, uttarpratyuttar, kathopakathan, kahdkahi — mukdlama, guftgd, bdtchit, su^l 

Dia.m'eteT, s. the line which passing through the centre of a circle or other curvUinear figa^ 

divides it into equal parts— go/akritir madhva diyd bheditareje rekhd, by as rakhd, mawia- 

ler eksamdn dwikkandakdri rekhd — qutr, wun khatt jo daire ya aur munhaoi ashk&l ke mar- 

kaz par se guzar ke liske do bisse barabar kar dewe, ddire ke blch kd^hatt 
Diamet'rical, a. describing'a diameter; direct— man^a/er dwiklTMn4akari, bydtrekhd niripak, 

Ihik, 6ipant— qutr i ; sldha 

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DIA C 141 ) DIP 

Diamef'iicftUy, ad. in a diametrical direction— man{fa(a madhya diyd, tarbatobhdb*, sarbdng- 

the, Ihik^hz siirat-i-qutr, sidhi 
Di'amond, s. the most valuable and hardest of all the gems — hirak mani, Mrd^hirA, alm^s 
Di^pafion.s. an octave in music — bndija bulydy swar bisheih, ashram stoar — mdsiqimeu&th 

mukhtalif sdroa k^ i4hw^Q sdr 
Diaper, s. linen cloth woven in flowers or figures— ftftVito/4 Kof a r buhesh—dod Ami,, nin^ 
Diaph'anous, a. transparent » clear^swac/tc/t^, parkaltL, pttri$kkdrf sphatikabat ^irma/— shaf- 

Diaphoret'ic, a, promoting perspiration— I'A/imofprfrfafc—pasina Uiie vfA\6, 
Di'aphragm,s. [. .from] the midriffwhich divides the chest from the abdomen — bakhya o itdttrtr 

madfiyabarti «(/»««— parda-i-shakm jo chhfiii aur pern ke bich hai 
Diarrhoe'a, s. [. . . -1 * flux of the belly, a purging— atM<£>-, dmdshay, udnrabkanga, petchal4. 

— bh^I, dast, jiriy^a-i-shakara, aangirhni . . * ' 

Diary, ». a daily account, a journal — nitya bibaraner /ipi, dainawiintprdti dine jdhd jdhd 

hajf bd hard jay tdhdr lipi bd likhan, >aMa— rozn^mcha, rozndma 
Dias tole, 5. \di'a8-t0'le] the making a short 'syllable long ; the dilatation of the heart— parf- 

dngta bd rhiuwa akdrddir dirghochchdran ; rhitpiti'^er prap/mlyatd—chhoXi tiltebit ka 

barhi d. dil ki shiguftagf. 
Dib'ble, f . a gardener's planting \ooU-mdlif Miantd bdkuddli bisiteih, gdchh ropana astra — 

btlghbdn ki khuQtl, s&bar ' 
Dice, 5. p(. of Die — va. to game with dice— bahubachane pdihd bujhdy, chaupdf — va. pdsh 

krifd A^.— P&3& kA, jama, p&s^^va. pdson se kheini [j64rl 

Di'cer, «, a player at dice, a gamester— pa»Wfcrirayc, chaupdr kheld hate je ; jwy^rt— pfisebj&z; 
Dick'er, ». ten hides of leather— cAarmer daiha sankhyd, dash khan cAanira— daskbtfleu. 

da$ adad chamfe 
Die 'late, va. to tell what to write ; to deliver auihoritaiively— 6a/»y4 diyd Itkhdna ; gurutara- 

rupe kathau bd ddesh ^.— ibirat batdni y& UkhwAna ; farm^nd 
Dic'tate, 5. a rule or matim delivered with afuihority, prescription— 4.q^rfH, ddesh, bidhi— 

hukm, farm&n, q&niin IcWrf/npati— hfikim-i-rouslaqiil ; Rum k& hdkim 

Dicta'lor, 5. a supreme ruler ; a Roman Magistrate— (sA/san/carta ; Rumiya bichdrkartdi 
Dintato'rial, a. authoritative ; confident ; dogmatical — shdsanakdri, hhyamotdpanna ; safiasi ; 

fragiilbka, abddhya-^hA hukdmat, hukmi ; bimmatwar; khudnumd 
-Dicu'torship, 5. the office of dictator; authority— e/cddWpatir po^i, pradhdn shdstripad ; pra- 

^^utwa— hikire ka uhda ; hukiimat 
Dic'tion, I. style, language, %x^xemoii'^kathanhdUkhantrdhnrd^bhd$hd,bdhyaprabandha, 

TQcfiandt boU— bolchil kd muh&wara» inshd, ibdrat,bay&B, taqnr 
Dic'tionary, s. a book containing the words of a language explained in alphabetical order, 

a vocabulary, a iexioon-^abf ndhdUf thabdagrantha, kosh, thoMatangraher bhdbdrthasuehak, 

siiabdamdLd—\Mg\\9itf farhang, kosh. 
Didactic, o. preceptive, giving precepts, as a didactic poem gives rules for some art — upa- 

de$hasamhiUta, 6i<£/iY^Aaya/c— oasihatt^mee, farmin mansdb 
Didac'cicaliy, a<^. in d^ midiCtic ladLuner— upadeihirimate, ^bidhiddnapfirbak — nasihat se, far- 
• m&ish se 
Die, V. to tinge, colour ; to lose life, perish— rang^ d, rangdna, barna k. maran, prdnatydg k. 

lohdntar ataman f nashta h. — rang charhand, raugni; marna, haUk h. madum k. 
Die, #. pL dice ; a small cube to play with— pa«Art, akhya, dyuta^ chaupdr —pAsA, git|akh 
Di'er, «. one who dies cloth, &c. — rangakdr, barnakdri, bastrddichiopdy bd rangdyje^-nngrtz, 

sabb&gh [khurdk^khdnd, o6t; majhs 

Di'et, s. food, victuals ; an assembly— ib/tru/i/adraAya, dhdr, anna^pathya'; saMid—gWizA, 
Diet, v. to supply with food ; to eat by rule— a/iar niritdha k. khddya sdmagri jogdna; pari' 

mitadhdrk. — khdnakhildnd, bhojan kardnd iiatiddlse khind' 
Diet'drink, s. medicated liquors— oitf/iad/iiya^/, peya kwdth, aushadhbishuhla jai— dawtfi 

araq yd pdni, ksirhd 
Differ, vn* to be unlike, to vary, to disagree— Minna h. anyaprakdr bd bhinna bhdbh. bishesh h. 

asamdn b, nd mi/an^-khildf h^kUu^lif ydanmel h. 
Difference, s. dissimilarity in state or condition ; dispute— Mtfd, prabhed, bishesht asdmya, 

bailakhyanya ; birodh, sneha 66<inga— ndmuwdfaqat, ndmundsabat, iWitifdf ; bigdr, jbagyd 
Different,^, distinct, unlike, dissimilar— 6t«/i««A, bhinna, prithak, atulya, anyaprakdr-^dA^g, 

nydrd, mubdin, mukhdlif, ndmuwdfiq 
I)if ferently,ad. in a difierenl manner — prakdiiintare,anyath(iy, bhinnanune, anyaprakdre 

—aur tarah se, nydri waza se ' 

Dil'ficult, a, hard, not easy ; vexatious ; rigid, peevish — kdihin, dushkar, duhsddhya ; klesha 

da; ihakta, jhanjhdtiyd — mushkil, daqiq. ka^iin, dushwdr; dardsar, shadid 
Difficulty, «. hardness ; distress ; perplexity— aAa&tata, kdlhinya ; klesh ; feach, jhanjKdt 

^-dusbwdri, ishkdl ; musibat, dukh; jhanjhat, ijtidr * [beiatimadi, dhaj^kd 

Dif'fidence, s. distrust, want of confidence — asdhas, abharasd, abishwdsh, bhirutd — behimmatl. 
Diffident, a. distrustful, not confident— 5a«di^d/jaman4fe, bhiru, a<a/Mi$i <c—shakk(, wabmi, 

behimroat ^ 

Diffluent, a. flowing every way ; not Axed-'sarbatrabydpijalddi, iarhadUce bahiyd jdy bd 

ar«j> ; a«(Aar, <u/ia/cta— rhartarafjdri; ghairmuaiyan 
DifForm, a. not uniform, unlike, irregular— a««mrfn, asamatulya, hhrnna, niyamabarjita 

— nd hamwdr, nd muwdfiq, betartib 

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DIP . { I 142 ). . D III 

DiflTuse, va, to pour out, to spread, to scatter— AtfMr k. ekhitdnat bydpita k. bUdratit ehhafdtux 

— bichhdn&f phaiUnft, chhitr^nd, bikhernil, muntashir k. ' 

DifTu'se, <r. scattered, widely spread ; copious, not conciMc-^bUtima, bittdrita, bydpta^-bts^ 

tar; bahula,prashasta — chhi(kft hnfi, phaiU hdl ; roufassal ^' 

Diffu sedly, ad, widely, dispersedly— 6aftui^artfp«, bUtdritariipe, proiVostarf^pe— phailio se, 

ba iotish^r 
Diffa'sion, DifTu'siveness, s. dispersion— 6y/Cpti, prdsdr, bUtdr, bydpakatd, 64Au/yK~-inti8h&r, 

phaiMo ' 

Diffu'sive, a. having the quality of scattering any thing levery way ; scattered, dispersed, ex- 
.tende^^bydpak ; bydpta, biatirnat proj/trtfa— pbail&ne w. inuntashar.. chhitr6, pfaail&o 
Dig," va. to turn up with a s>ade or cultivate land, to excavate— feftanan, khuuran, garta k. 
, ^khodnft. gofn^, ga^hAn^ 

X)i'ge 6t, v. to concoct iu the stomach ; to range methodically — pdk p, pdk k,jirna k, shreni- 
' baddhak sdrasangrahak,^\iZ.zTa]i,p9^\ikniL; tartib se r. 
Digest, s. a body of civil X^yr^-^byaBasthdidr, smritisdnghitd, rdjnittsangrahaf bidhiadra- ' 

Digest 'ible, a. capable of being digested— pac/iya, andydsepdkbd jimi hay jdhd, laghupdkr 

pa/f<z;o^y«— qfibil-i-hazm, pachanhdr 
,Dige8'tion, s,[.jes'Uhun\ the act of concocting Tood—p4fc, jtr»i,J<f raw— hazm, pach&o 
Dig'ger, s. one who digs or opens the ground— /c^anaXc, khanan kdrak, koddliyd, khouraniyd— 

khodne w. beldiir 
Dight, va. to dress, to deck, to s.dorn—'beshbhuahd k.sdjdna, bastrdlankdr paridhdn k. 

shobdnwita X:.— poshdk pahn^n^, singh^r k. saQw&rn4 
Dig'it,.s. [didj-it] three fourths of an inch ; twelfth part of the diameter of the sun or moon ; 

any of the numbers expressed by single figures ; any number to ten, so called from counting 

upon the ^nQets-rpaunetinjabparimdn, buruUr tin bhd^ ; aurjyachanJrerdwddashdngahitr 

ekdngsha ; anka ganandy dashakparjyanta ekadianka-^p^Mn inch ; b&rhw&n hissa &ft4b 

yi. mahtdb ke qutr k& ; ah^d, y&ne wuh ^ak jo das se kam hai 
*Dig'ital, a. pertaining to a digit or ^n^et—anguliaambandUiya, ang'tt/i6itf/myaXrr-ungIfoa 

k^, angusht mans6b ' , 

Dignified, pa. [...] invested with honours, or dignity— mar/y^^ptfnna, ^auro^ bithiskta, 

^urupadastha, pratdpbishishta — izzatd^r, sh^nd&r, zi shaukat 
Dig'nify, va. to advance, to exalt, to honor, to adorn — uchchapadastha k. unnata k. son- 

bhrdnta k. sholihd bishishla k.— bafhAud, dsmdn par charh&nA, izzat d. saaw&m& 
Dig'nitary,'<. a clergyman advanced to some rank above that of a parochial priest— s^resAffta- 

padaprdpta purohit bd dharmopadeihak, pradkdn acA^irjya— muazzaz dai^e k6. pddrl, sardir 

y& ba? A p4dri 
Dig'nity, 5^ rank of elevation, grandeur of mien ; advancement— ma/itmif, uehckapad, mdn, 

sambhram, gdurab i unnati, 6riJ(i^i-^martaba, qadr, manzalat, p^ya, iftikhir; turaqqi, 

barhti ' 

Digre ss, vn. to turn aside from the main design of a discourse ; to yv^nder/^kathyamdn 

biahay chkdriyd bdkydntar kathan, pdsh kathd kakan ; b ftr qmdtmak h,-^\s b&hut mea 

kah& jatd hai wuh chhofkar aur bdt^u darmiydn land ; bhataikni 
Digression, $. act of de'viating from the main teoour; deviation— pfuftkat&/{, bdkydntar, 

kathdr tndjhe kathd ; bakragaman^'jMjpBh&ftgmei; hh^dik 
Dike, s. a channel to receive water; a mound to hinder inundation — khdt,jalapathf khni; 

setu,jdngdl, banda^ ^agc^A— khandaq, khdi ; pushta, band 
Dila'cerate, va. to tear, to rend— c^iran, hiddran, chhinran,chhinnabhinna k. — chfrnd, ph&rni 
Dilapidate, vn» to go to ruin ; to hW'-Jckyay h, nashldh, uehchhinna h» khyaypdiyd paran— 

wir&n h. kharab h. tabdh h. gir paynd [wfrfcni 

Diiapida'tion, *. waste,d€cay, x\\m~~khyay. uehchhinna bhdby naiA— khardbf, tabdhf, sawdl,. 
Dila'table, a. capable of extension— pra«arantya, bistdrjya,. prapanchita karan jogyn^ 

pbailne ke qdbil, bafbanhdr 
Dila'te, v, to extend, to widen; to relate diffusely— pras/ir k.prashatta k. bistdritak, bistdriyd 

kahan, bdJkyabdhulya k, — phaildnd, chaurd k. bafbdnft, ttil d. masiirdhan bayan k. 
Dila^torr-s* that which widens or extends— prasarak, prapanchdtdrif praiheutakdri^»'ph^\\A99 

w. barhoew. • 
Dil'atoriness, s. slowness; sluggishness ~(/ftfratii, bilamba ; dhildm%,dla$ya,*hmthUya — 

dhistagi, dirang, deri ; kdheli ^ . . [l^^bel 

Dil'atory, a. tardy, slow, loitering— c^kiZa. dirghasiitrit atatwar, alas, rii/pi/y4— Jhimd, sust, 
Dilem'ma, s. a difficult or doubtful choice ; vexatious altcfmative — kukdp, ihakthaki, 

jhanj/tdt, dwidhd, bikulpa, san^feka— dubdiid, makhmasa, haisbais 
Dilettante, s. [pU dilettanti] one who delights ia cultivating or promoting the fine arts— . 

grihagranthan chitra bhdskarddi bidydy nipun bd tadanurd^i hyakti, uttam *f{Hpabid^i- 

Uttd—VMh shaklis jo fann-i-nisiiat ke ishq aur taraqqi meji dildihi kare 
Dil'igence, s. industry, assiduity— pr<X2^a«,parukram, nirdlas^a,mahjodyam — mihnart,^ tandihi, 

mashaqqat, koshish, sargarmi 
Dil'rgent. a. constant in application, assiduous, attentive— pariskramt, karmalh, andiaiya, 

ma/<o;o^i, cka/4k— bdzirbdsh. mihoatf, mutawajjih [barrdq ; sdf, kbuld 

Dilu'cid, a. clear; evident, not obscure— «u;ackck/i/i, nirmal ; pharsd, s^iMpas/i/a— shaffdf, 
Ditu'cidate. v«, to make clear, to explain. See Elucidate —swachchha bd pariihkdr k, siis- 

pashta k. ariAa bodh kardna, mhyakta k. bydkhyd k sdf k. baydn k. sdhir k. 

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DiL ^ ( 143 ) niR 

Dilo'te, va, to make thin ; to weaken.— p4ta/a k.jalabha^kd k, tej hhnta k, — patii k. raqiq k. 
«»(ffc. haikak. [patlA k. khafff k. raqiq k. 

Dihi'tion, s. act of making thin or weak— totra/ bd pdtati kai'an, jahmishrita fe. t^ghdldna — 

Dilu'vian, a. relating to tJje delixge-^alapldban iambandhiya/ prafavabishayuk — tuftlni. 

tufiiQ mansnb • fchdndhl^, lilrlk, andher& 

Dim, a. not seeing cleanly, ohscme—j hdpsddri$hli, dhdnddli, ghor, asp/rsA/a— dhnndhl^ 

Dimen'sion, s. space contained in any thin?, bulk, extent, capacity — parisar, prdshastyot 
Lmbfiichaurdt, parimdn, map — dil, jasftmat^ lamb^fchau^&i, miqd^r, ars&, m^p 

Diminish, v- to lessen, to impair', to degrade— ny»i/i A:, chhola bd khdla k. ghdtdnay kharba t, 

khyay h. mdner rhds fc.— ghatftnd, chho^& k. kam k. yft b. chhoiA h.nuqsAn h. daije k& kamni 

Dirainu tion, s. act of raaking or growing less, discredit—rJi^ karan bd haon, khyay, apachay, 
miner hani, *mar)udddbkanza'—k^mi, nuqsiiD. gha(ti. qasr, takhfif, darj« ki ouqsftni 

Diroin'utive, a. small. little; contracted— /c^i/tuira, chhSta, pdti, stUdiytna, kharba; khuuiyd' 
— chhol^, nannhA; kfichak 

Di'missory, s, that by which a man is dismissed to aootlier /urisdiction — ekasthdn hnite pari- 

tyakta bd chyitta Jiaiyd anyatra prerita hay jdhnte bdje patra rfw4rri— wiibb khatt jis se kof 

shakhs ek ke amal se d6sre ke amif^l men bbeja jdweu itIiqiUima 
Dim'ity, s. a fiqe kind of fustian or cloth of c6tion^dure k<^r btsheth^^dony&t gimti 
Dim'ness, s. dulness of sijiKt, obscurity, titupidhy --jhdpsd, ghor drishfa/riskadujjwUi murhata 

— dbundhi4pan, zua€-i*bin£i, kam roshoi, kundi [khol^gHou^^ ffarbA y& ^hah-i-zanakh 
Dimple, s- a hollow in the cheek or chm-^gdlett bd cmbuke mdngmtoL haiyd jegarH hay bd 
Dimply, a. full of dim phf^— t<fUfishistat gdldeshf folpard-^r&lon yA zaoakdin meii garti^dar 
Dio, X. W loudnoi'^e. a violent and continued sound — golmdl.fcoldhalt cheuchdehej^hif mtfdhufi, 

aHshrdnta dhwani h i «adda— sbor, ghul, ghap^y^, ghaugbi-i-mudarot , [^?Hjr& k. 

Din", va. to stan with nm^-^^atigolmdie ghahardna bd karna badkir fc.— shor .sa ;gbabr(i' d* yA 
Dine, v. to eat the chief meal about the middle of tke day, to fped-^dhdr k. madhydnha bhcjan 

k, bhajan hfrdna, hhoj d.^^khAnA khAo^i, chdsbt k. dAwat k. khildnft , ^ 

Dinet'ical, n. [de-net..] whirling round, venigioous—^AfirnanKin, bibrittUf jthirttnivd^diuwkr, 

frardish m4rtah{kH, ghimtA hoft, pberti hn4l ... [dern4rn& 

Din?, V. to dash with violence— rtcAAar mdran, dchhrdna, rn^e tiinAhyepan — zor se |patakn<i, 
Djfi'gle, 5. a hollow between hills, a dale— porftaterfiwiyer tnndkyasthdn^ gtJid, gahvar^vrAdi, 

nich^n, shftb [— malgajA, mi|iy6, bh(ir&, mailA, kuchela 

^.''*. sy, a. dark brown, dun, dirty, soiled— m<f%riran^, kafdbatna, samal, aparishkdr, mdUn 
Din ner, «. the chief meaj of the day— ?nad^yanAa kdHer dhdr, madhydnhik 6/iq;afi— chasht, 

fehftnfi, khAssa 
Dint, 5. a blow ; the mark made by a blow; violence, force, power — dghat^ghd; ghdt kara- 

ndntar toL khol bd chinha; pruhdr, bat, jor, shukti — zarb, chof; cho^ k& nish&n ya ga^hA; 

zabardasti, shiddat, zor, bal fse shum^r yi ginti karni 

Djnumer^on, s. the act of numbering singly—^ ek knriyd ganandbd gankhyd kardn — ek ek 
Di'nus, s. a whirlwind, a giddiness— g-ZitirHoftrtyit, mdthdghord, ^^inii— bawandar, girdbdd, 

daur^n-i-sar, ghumt - * . 

Diocesan, 5. [.os-se.] a bishop as he stands related to his own clergy or Bock^pradeshastha- 
' der prftdhdn dharmddhyakya, ftis/iop— bishap y<ine aile kk bayA pAdri 
Di'ocess, 5. a bishop's jurisdiction -6isAes/i dharmddhyahhyer^hashibhuta pradesh bd chdkald^ 

tduhdr adhikdradesh^hkho^ kd tfilluqa y* qalamrau 
tDiop' tries, s. the part of optics which-.treats of the refraction of Ifght — drishtihidyd bishayak 

pra/carari— ilm-i-raun^zira kk ek raqam - ' 
Dip", V. to immerse, to moisten ; to'engage in any aflfair- ^M6«n, dubdna, ehuban, chubdnn, 

}ale magna h. bd k. bjii'idna, bd bhijan ;. majan, nibishta k. Ixi h.—dnbnA, dtUb&n^, ghota d. 

y<ikl»^n^, gharaq k. y^ h. tar k. ysl h. raashghnl k. yA h. ' 
Diph'tKong, s. the union of two vowels to form one sound, as t;<ii/i, Caesar-^juktaswar, swatd' 

baTnadway,dwiswarjuktd haiyd eksabda uchchdran haon,jnthd vain, Caesar-«-lafif-i-maqriin, 

do harf-i-iar^b kA mukhtalit Aw^z, jaisA ki vain, Cafsar 
Diplo'ma, s. a writing confering some privilege — khyamatd sangskdr bd bidydprdptir nidarsha' * 

na patra bishesh, bidydbettdr prashangsd patra — sanad, dastawez 
Dip'sas, s. a venomous serpent — utihingsrak bfi hishdkta mrjta bishesh, - taddangshane ati 

triUind hay — ^zahrd^r s&mp ek qism k4, jiske kAtne se ba^i py(is ati bai ^ ^ 

Dip'tote, s. [ . . J a noun having twp c^tii\ on\y— karmakuranddi sapta bibhaktir dui mdtra 

bishista sangydu, dwihi bhakti shabda^ wuh ism jo khali do hiil par munsaraf ho sakU hai 
Dire, Di'reful, a. dreadful, dismal, horrible — bhaydnak, ddrun, bhayajanak, ghor, kathin, 

dufcjojTiya— khaufnAk, muhib, sakht, haibatnAk 
Dire'ct,a. straight, right, open, express— abakr a, riju, nja, sidhd, ihik, suspashta, subyakta— 

sidhd, raustawi, mustaqim, khul4, srlf, zAhir 
Direct, va. to' aim in a straight line, to regulate, to order, td command— sancl/ian k. lakhya 

'iiddhi k. riti haddha k. ds-ydn /c^ nde&h /c.— nishan k. intizam k, hukm d. irsh^d k. 
Dir^ec'tion, s. aim at a certain point ; order ; superscription— sa«fi/ia/t, lakhi/ya, ihikdnd ; dgydu ; 

shirandm — thik^na, patA ; hukm; sarn^ma 
Directly, od. in aslraighl line; immediately ;hppsiriint\y—thik, sidhd, soj'isoji ; elchani,abHambe, 

tatkhyaudt; spashlariipe-'SidhA, bardbar ; tuit, abUi, tiltaur, sliitab ; zahiran, safs^f 
Director, s, one who has authority over others, a superintendent, an lusiructor, one who is 

consulted in cases of conscience — adhyakhya, sampddak, karmakartn, upndeifhak, guru — 

karkun, kar6r^, mukbtar-i-kAr, pir, muishia • 

19 -; 

Digitized by VjOOQIC. 

DIE ( 144 ) - ^ D IS 

Direc'tory, s. a book containing forms of prayer, a rule^ a ^uide-^prart&anri paddhatif dckdra-- 

hkdstra, panjikd ityddi pradarshana grantha — mun^j^t ki kit&b, dasturulaina), kitab-i- 

hid&yat, ^ahbar [n^kf, dahshatn&ki 

Di'renes', 5. disnaalness, horror, heinousness — hhnydnakatwaf bhhamatd, prachandatd — baul- 
Direp'tion, 5.'the act of plundering— /i*.ffeor4i bale apaharan — Idt, \kri.i 
Dirge, s. a mournful diity, t funeral sdhz—hhedajanak git, karund rasamay git, mritabyakti 

biahayak gdn hd'khedukti,bd kiitaria bishes-^AaiMhAfm^i^mi git, marsiya > 
Dirk; 5. a, J<ind of dagger or poniard— /c/wnjar, chhord, khyudra JtaraAaZ— chhurfi, kird, 

khanjar [kndurat, chirk, gard. 

Dirt, 5. mud, filth, mire, dust— AuUa, mal, mayaUi, kardam,pauka,dhnU'—\iiohi.t, mail, gil, 
Diri'iness, s. liastiness, meanness, sordidiie&s^aparishknratd, j^gkanyatwq,mdlinya, kadav' 

J2/r/fM;<2, fe/ffeti— maildpan, pilfdf, ghalazat, pdjjpan, najdsat ' 

Dirt'y, a. foitl, nasty; filthy, sullied, mean — samat^ mftiini kdddtiyd, kitki:d, aparishkrita, 

fewtAit— maila, kuchela, n&p^k, ghaliz.'najis^ palisbt ■ 

Diri'y, ;vz. to foul, to soil, to disgrace— »ania/ it. mayald k. sakalakka k. apamdn h, — mail.i 

k. chirk Al^d k. palishtk. behurmat k. [pbat, shikast, int 

Dtrup'tion,^. acl or state of buratiog or breaking— pM/an, pkalajiy chhedan, 6tdaran'— phiii» 
Disabil'ity, s. want of power, ]Rreakness —a^/iyamata, afdmarthya, daurbaiya, khyinatd — ii.- 

chirf, bequdrati, n^tawindi, zuaf * 
Dis'abie, 12^1. todenriveof neituralforce> to w^hken-^ ikaktihin k^ durbal k. baler rhds k\ 

akhyamkariyd rd)fhan^i)h k. betaqat k. zaif k. 
D>abu'«e, va, to aodeeeiTe, to set nght-^ifhranfhaite mukta k. bhul ghuchdna, thik baliya d. 

— mugh^late se bach^o^, thik bating* [ziy&Dy khaial 

Disadvao'tage, s. loss, injury to interest— ^^ati, apaehny, hdni, apakdr, aniwla-^nnqsAo, 
Disadvanta'jgeou^; a. [. . . Jus] contrary to interest or convenience, injurious, hviT\iai—/tdnikar, 

apakdr{, amaifigal, nuhphal, unishtukdri — murirr, besud, beh^sil, ghairmuRd 
*Didadvaiita'g^ou8ly, <(c2. in a manner contrary to interest or profit— «tMiia6Aa kdnipHrbak, 

nishphate, apakarapiirbak'^bsi beh^sili, ouqs&ni se, befdida 
Disaflte'ct, tfl. to fill with discontent, to alienate— par^r prati birakta bd bitushia k. mana- 

bhavga ^.— badzann k. badbar k. dilbig^rud 
Disafifect'ed, pa. notxiisiposed t6 zeal or afiTection— asantus^, nhitaishi, birakta, utsdhabarjiia 

— ndrdz, badkhwah, badgum^n, bedil [hadzanni, n4r&^i, beshafaqati 

Disaflfec'tion, s. dislike, Want 6f,ifFecUon—a8antosh,nianabhavga, snehardhitya — n4pasandi» 
Disaffirm'ance, s. confutation, negiitioQ— Sdkyakhandan, aswikdr^iht&\, radd, mkdr 
Disagre'e, vn, to differ in opinion, to quawel— ana <%ayi. bhinnabdkya h. bibdd fe.— n^muw4- 

fSq h. mukhtalif h. jhagarna 
Disagre'eable.^a. unpleasing, offensive; unfit— atus^^i^ar, agrdhjtja, aruchir, manda ; anupU' 

jukti-^tiAkhvLsh yk ndmaqbiil, nagawar, u^pasand, makriin ; naUiq 
Disagre'ement, 5. difference, dissimilitude — ikshesh, asdmya, bhed^ amel, baiparitya — n&mu- 

w4faqat, unmel, bigir, ikhtii^ 
Disallow', v'» to refuse permission ; to censure ; to reject— aswi/car k. asammata h. nindd k, 

amdnyak.—'mki.T k. mani k. jhiraknA; nimanziir k. radd k. 
Disallow'able, a. not allowable— a5U7ii&'2r/ya,a7»a7iya—q^bil-i-ink^r, n&mnmkinulmaozur 
Disan'imate, va. to deprive of life ; to deject — nir')ib k, nirbharasd k. mldnamukh k, udbigna 

fc.— mirddlnit, jin m^rnA ; afsurda k. lid^s k, 
Disanima'tion, s. privation of life — mrjiban,jibmdrd, prrf?i/in^sA— bejanS, janhaliki 
Disanuu"!, va. to annul, to make void, to vacate— an^atft^ k. byartha k. khandan^ lop k» tahita 

A;.-mauq6f k. b^til k, radd k. mitilnil, khilf k, ' , 

Di^appe ar, vri, to be lost to view, to vanish — antardhnn h. adrishya k. ulhiyi jdon, ckaliyd 

jdon—ghAib h. alop hoj^n^, jat4 rahnd, kifur hojand . ♦ 

Disappoint, va. to defeat of expectation ; to balk— 6anc/)ita\^. dskdbhangak..hatds/kk»^&s 

tornS, niummed k. nirds k. 
jDisappoint'meut, ». defeat of hdpes, faiUire of expectation— nairos/ii/tf, dshdbhanga, d^d- 

khandan, pandashram — hirmanf, naommedi, ySs, mayiisi 
Disapproba'tion, 5. a disapproval; censure — ndpasand^i, asnmmati, aswikdr ; nindd, crpabdd, 

6JVa^ — napasandi, inkdr ; nafri'n, ilzdm, dokh 
Disappro've, va. to dislike ; to censure — mane nd dharan^ ehrind k. aswikdr fc. apabdd k'. 

nindan — napasand k. n^manzur k. ink^r k. ilzdm k. dokhna 
Disarm, va. to spoil or divest of arrasT-astra6ar;ifa k. nirastra k. juddhdstra haran fc, — 

hathyar chhfn 1. besiUh k. 
Disarm'ed, pa [ . . ] deprived of arms — nirastrikrita,' astrabfirjita—beWdithyAr, besiUh 
Disarray, s» disorder, confusion ; undress — golmdl, ultdpdltdmi, ccsthdirjya ; nagnatwat sajja- 

m/titi/a— beintizami, abtarl, barhami ; belibasl 
Disas'ter, s. misfoitune, grief, calamity— a6/ia^i/a, dpad, bipad, duhkh, day, klesh, durghaland 

— badbakhtf, rausibat, bipat; dfat, dukh, hddisa 
^ Dis'as'trous, a. unlucky, gloomy, calamitous— aft/trt^rt, amangal, anishta, kleikjada, utpdt bd 

bipadg rust a —kambail^ht, manhiis, ghamzada, dfat rasida 
Disavouch, Disavo'w, va. to disown — aswtkdr Id apnnhab k. asammata /i,— inkar k.raukarn& 
Disavowal, Disavow'ment, s. denidX—apanhab, aswikdr, asammati— inkdr, naahkdr 
Disbdnd, va. to dismiss from military service, to break up — sainyad^lkeabasdran k, chhdrdna — 

ghol baitaraf k. lashkar mdznl k. • " * . 

Disbdrk,. va, to lan'l Tom a "ihxp—naukn. hhitf nnhmna hn uttnran—}nhAz se utdrnd, ubhrli k. 

. Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

DIS ( 145 ) DI9 

Djs'belief, s. refusal of credit, denial of belief— apra<yov, abishwds, ndmdnan, andsthd'-^he 

laiiWri, beialiq^di, beyaqidat ' [na k. namdnni, nlialiq^d k. 

iiisbeJie ve, va. not to credit, not to liold irtie—a^d^ya k. asatyagydu k, abkhwds Jt.— iatibdr 

Disbfiliev er, ». one who refuses belief— -tf6j5/i«;^«, cprafwayafcari— rauakir, ndrauataqid 

Disbranch, ra. to separate or lop off— shdkhd kdjiyd phefan, 4dl kdtau, c^/itfrtan— d61 kfttn^ 

chhantni,tar6shnA. ' * [halkdk. utirnii 

• iJisbur den, va. to unload, to disencumber— 6oj7i4 ndmdna.nirhhdr k. uttirna fc.r-bojh utfirnft, 

Disburse, wa. to spend or lay put monef—arthabyay k, tdkd kliarach k,w-isiAf k, kharj ,k* 

p.?*/'^ ^' f kharj, kharcb k. g. rupiya 

JJisbursement, «. a disbursins;, isura spent— arthaby ay, Idkd nirhdha, byayita tni/dra—sarf, 

Discan'dy, vn. to dissolve, to melt — mUhldnnddirdiMh haon, galiyd jdon, tire/ ra /i.—shafcar • 

w. g. k6 galni, gud&khta h. , - 

Discard, va. to dismiss from service or employment, to cast off— padabhraShla k, biddy d. 

cJihdrdiyd d. tydg i^P.— barlaraf k. cbbnyjin^, nik^l d. tark k, . 
Discar nate, n. stripped of ^esh—mdngsarahif, nirmdvgsa — nigoshta, bego'^ht « 

Disce'rn, va. Idiz-zern]' to descry, to see,; to judge— vn. to make distinction— pr«/c//j/an, 
dekhnn ; dekhiyd sthir k. ihdharan, bibechand k,—vn. itarabishesh fc.— talcnd, dekhnA, pal^- 
ch&nn^ ; tajwiz k. — vn. imtiz^z k. farq k. ' 

•Discem'ible, a. perceptible, discoverable,"^ apparent— prefclii/auiya, darshcmiyat bibechya, 
drisktindriyag6char—qhbi\'\-ddLry&ft, dekbne jog^, zAhir, khuli [Agah 

•Discern'ingi pa. a. judicious, kuowing— 6i6«&i, subibechak, gyduta—Aq\\, fahmida, barikbin, 
*Discern'ment, s. judgment, power of distinguishing— 6i6cA:, bishesUugydn, subodh—diQl', 

imiiy^z, fahm , 

Discerp'tible, a. franjjible, separable — chhedaniya, bhanjaniya—i(i\neiog, chur hone ke q4bil 

Discha'rge, va. to disburden, to unload ; to pay ; to dismiss ; to ' releasfe ; to obliterate 

.bhdrottdran, bojhdi ndmdna bd tuliyd phelan ; rina shodh k. ckhdr/inOf mukta karan ; 
muchiydphelan — halka k. bojh ut&rn6 ;. ada k. den& ded4infi ; bartaral k. chhujSnft ; mit&n^ 
Discharge, s. vent, matter vetiteld ; explosion ; dismission ; release ; ransom ; payment ; execu- 
tion— wir^«t<^fea bdhir hard; guli chkdraner shabda ; biddy ; mukti , mochan karan., t/d- 
dhdrdrtha miilya; pari&hadh, denddeoyd ; nishpuiti, fc«rmunir6a/ia— nikftlA ya bdharTc. h. 
sfaallaq ; bartarafi; rihli ; fidi ; add ; anjim 
Disci'Dct, a. ungirded, loosely dressed— asajfjita, «tofetfpa)^ara—dhilfikarke po^hAk pahn4.h66 
Disci'nd,-va. to divide, io cut in pieces— 6/m^ k. bhedatit biddran, chhedan, Mian^a kkaaida k, 
— taqsim k. jud& k. lukre ^ukre k. {pairao, murid, sh&gird, mutallim, b6lkd 

Disci'pie, $. a follower, a learner, a scholar — anugdmi, sebak^ shishya, pafuyd, chhdtra — 
I^'sci'pleship, s. the state' or function of a disciple -s/iti/ii/i6a{t/i4, chhdtradashd, chhdtrettd— 

sh^girdt, pairaogarS v * 

Discipline, s. [. ,pUn] instruction ; rule, order ; military regulation ; art ; chastisement — 

shikhydf udpadesh ; niyam, riti ; sayner dhdrd ; shdstra ; s/irf«ti— jfilim, tarbiyat ', qijida, 

dastdr ; fauj ke.qaw&ed ; faun ; saz&, t&sfr 

*Dis'cipline, va. to educate ; to regulate ; to chastise ; to reform — shikhyd d. shdsan k, niyam k. 

nigraha k. damem ; sdjdHiyd dosha ndih ^.—tarbiyat k. tdlim k. bandobast k. intizum k. 

s(az4 d. tizir d.-sazi se durust k. - [k. ink&r k. chbof d.' 

Discla'im, va, to disown, to deny, to renounce— su^iyafy/f^; k. aswikdr k.paritpdg k. — milktark 

Disclp'se, va. to uncover, to reveal, to teM-^andbrita k,prachdr k. byakta k. prdkdsh k, kcJtan, 

6attyeid.~kholnA, f&sh k. fishkftr k. batl&nd, kah d. 

Disclosure, «, [. .thure] discovery, act of revealing any secret-^lfupea prakdsh, kahiyd phelan, 

prae4(ir— zuhdr, poshida ko haweda karni, izh^r [k. badrang k. 

Discolour, va. to stain, or chun^e colour— mkalanka k. bibama k. banier bikdr k.—d^ghdit 

Discom'fit, va. to defeat, to vanquish— par46Aa6 fc. hdrdnUf jitan— fatah k. har&n&, shikast d. 

maghl(ibjc. • fhazimat, h6r 

Diieom'fiture, s. defeat, rout, overthrow — petrdjay^ pardkfuib, pardttc^kard, ^/irt-T-shikapt, 

Discom'fort, 'va. to grieve, to sadden — duhkha d^ udbeg jawandnti, bkdbandjukta bd Icheditak. 

— kor*»*n&» ranj d. ghamgin k. [gham„ranj 

Diseom'fort, i. uneasiness, sorrow— oMukfc, tkdbandt khed* bimanha,^ 4{u^^a— ^becliaini, 

Discomin^'nd, va. to blame, to cendure-^itoiJb d. apabdd k. apraihangsd fc.— ilz&m d. dokhn^, 

badndmlk. ril<^(°* dokhnejog, q&biUi-mal&mat 

Discommend'able, a. blamable, ceniurable^-dojfcam'ya, aprashai^gtytk, anujo/y^-^qibil-i- 

Discommo'de, va. to put to iocoDvenience, to molesi—Ac/eiA d. oitvachchhanda k. bydkul k. — 

taklif d. !z& d. dukh d. hairin Ir, 

Discompo'se, va, to disorder, to disturb the teipper, to off^nd^golmdl k. eluffdfMluyd k. chin- 

tdnwita k. klesh d. asthir k. — ghabr& d. darhim batham k. muztarib k. barham k. bezArk, 

ranjida k. . [riliMi— rouztarib k. behawtts k. ghabr^d. 

Disconce'rt, va. to unsettle the mind, to discom|K>8e — maner asthairjyak' byastfi karan, ghaba- 

Disconfor'mity, I. want of agreement — amel,aidmya, baiparitya, onttikya— n&s&zgdri, nilitti- 

fiiqf, bemel [— n&muw4€aqat, n^mel. mukh&Urat, ikhtitdf 

Discongru'itf , s. disagreement, idconsistency— araikya, bhinnabhdb, baiparitya, bailakhyanya 

Disconsolate, a. comfortless; hopeless; sorrowCul— 6imar«/ia ; nirdsh; Ic/iecfiU, anutapta 

—ddds, afsufda ; nftummed ; ghamgin ^ 
Disconte'nt, «. want of content, uneasiness at the present state— a«a7tto«/i, ud6e^, at^sh|it- 
besabrf, nftr&zf, bechaini, n&khushi « , 

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D I S ( 146 ) D I s 

Discontent'ed^'pa. a. uneasy, dissatisfied, querulous — asantushla, atriptamandh,khiikhitiyd— 

besabr, n&rdz, nashakir, nakhush, sh&ki f niriai, besabrf , ni^kliushi 

Discontent'ment, s. inquietude, discontent — asantoshr, udbeg, uchdtan, aparitripti — shikAyat, 

Discontinuance, Disbontinua'tion, s. a cessation; separation ; intermission— 6tmtt, nibritti ; 

bichchhed; birdm — n4gha, waqfa ; inqiia; tfitil ' 

Discontin'u^, v. to leave off, to interrupt — nibritta k. bd h. khydnta k. bd h. thdkan, dr nd- 

karan — mouqdf k. ya h. munqata k. y^ h. rah j^n^, muattal k. , 

Dis'cord, s. disagreement, opposition, mutual anger ; difference or contrariety of sounds— 

a?iaikyayM>aipantya, birodh; bikhdrd, swarer amil — n&muw4faqat, ikhliliif, bicj^r, stir ki 

unmel, sur ki n^muwafAqat ,[a$angatatwa — namuw&faqat, raaqabali, n&munasabat 

Discord'ance, s. disagreement, opposition, inconsistency— />ai/a/<fci/ani/«, buiparitya, aiiaikya, 

"Discord'ant, a. inconsistent, inharmonious, opposite — ajogya, a$angata, kuswar, amilita, bipa- 

rit — n&muwdfiq. bet4l,ndmauzun,mukhajif, baraks 
Discover, -ua/to show, to disclose, to reveal, to espy, to find out — darshdna, byakta k. pra- 
kashk. lev pdon, sonti/ian p,— fdsh k. ditblttna, zahir k. dekhpao^, dhundh nikAlnii 
• Discov'ered, pa. [...] found out, disclosed — driahta gydrita, prakdshita^' byakta-r-dekhpAyk 
h66i zAhirk. h. fish k. h. 
Discov'ery, s. a bringing to light any thing hidden, act of revealing or disclosing a secret — gup- 
taprakdshy sandkdn, dtokand Syakti — inkishdf, pardafdsh, ifshi, poshida chiz ko z4bir 
' karni y4 nik^ln^ 

Discount, va. to pay beforehand, deducting, according to the custom of commerce and the 
law of interest, an equivalent for so doing— «//iami d. agre tdkd diyd dhardt ladn — chot6 
d. agdrai rupiyadekarchota lend ' - ■ 

Dis'count, s. an allowance made on a debt not' yet due, in order to receive money for the 
same — dhardt^ niyamita samayer pxurbe tdkd laite haile je dfiardt deoyd }dy — cl^otd, miyad 
ke Age rilpiya lene se jo chotfli diyd jde 
Discoun'tenauce, va. to discourage— a6/iartfsa d. tdchchhilya k. — bedil k. mufih phirand 
Discoun'tenancfr, s. disfavor, disapprobation— ^asawiwair, anddar,, atushli prulc^— ndrazd- 

mandf , beiltifdtl, ndpasandl 
Discour'age, va. to dishearten, dissuade — abluvrasd d. ttdyamabkanga k, bhay dekh4iydkhi^dnta 
bd nibritta fe.— bedil k. dahshat d. bdz r. mana k. [dilshikani, hirndn 

Discour'agement, s. the act of deterring or depressing hope — abharasd karan, 'udyamabhanga — 
Disco'urse, «;. conversation ; sermon — kothopakathariy san^hdsh, dldp, baldbali; upadeshdriiia 
bdk prabandhaf dharmopddesh — bdtchit, guftgd, mukdlama ; w&z [khulq, rukhdytlurusht 
Discour'teous, a. [.. ts/ius] uncivil, rude, uncomplaisant— asAis/i.^a, eesabhyd, duhshil^bdA- 
Dis'cous, a. broad, flat, wide — cfidurd, chatdlat pras/iasta — chaufd, phaild, kushdda ^ 
Discredit, s, want of ,trust, ignominy, disgrace— a6isAw?a5, akhifdti, amarjyddd, kalanka— 

beiatibdri, ruswdi, badndmf 
Discred'it, va'. to disbelieve,, to disgrace, to ehsime^abiskwds k. hatamdn k. saktdanka k, 

apamdn i&.— iatibdr na k. namdnnd, badn&m k. beabrd k. 
Dtscte'et, a. prudent, cautious, judicious, sober, modesi^parindmadarshi, sdbad/tdn, bibeki, 

dhir, lajjdshil—kqi\. hoshydr, sdhib-i-imtiy&j, fahmida, parhezgdr,'bdhayi 
Discre'pance, s. a diflfereUce, contrariety— daiparftytf, anaikya, byatikranif arihabirodk— 

beord, farq, ikhtil&f < " 

Discre^te, a. distinct, separate— &M'n7Mi, bibiktM., pritAak, anya-^routamaiyaz, jud4, aUhida 
Discre'tion, 5. prudence, judiciousness ; liberty of acting at pleasure— punndma dartkitd, 

bibekfsubuddki ; jatkechckhd^imtiyiz, aql, hoshyarf, aqlmandl ; marzl mutdbiq • 
Discre'tionary, a. left to discretion, to be governed by judgment only -^iciiohhddhin, atiiiiiddlia, ■ 
. 6i6ec/ian^(£/lm— mutlaqulio&n, b&muqaiyad, zer-i-taj[wiz 

Diserim'iaate, Vtt. to distinguish, to separate or select from others — itarabishesh k. bibek k. 
' Tprithak bd bibhinna k. bdchehan^taimiz k. bich&rnd, judd k. chunn^ 
Dtscrimink'tioa, s. act of distinguishing— 6i6eA;, bishesAagydn, 6i6ecfcana-^iintiydz, tafrfq, soch 
Discrim'inous, a. dangerous! piurtlous, bazardou8--6&ava/ueile, bisham, ddyajanak^ duMdrjya 
— khaurndk, muhib, dfati [deaekeqabil 

lifis^sa'bitory, a. ^tted to a leaning jposture— sfcayaiuir^, shayaner jogya—so ranoe yd takiya 
Disculn'bency, 5. the act of leaning at meat — bhcjarie ek dige heliyd thdkan, ardkashayan, 
. stoahasta fhes'diyd sAayan— 4bdte waqt takiya lagdnd yd ek tarat jhuknd 
I>i8ciiml}er, vd, to uttbura^n, clisengage from any weight or balic — bhdr haite mukta k, bhdr 

jtratibandhakddi ghuchdna, sajjddi khutiyd pketan—bojh utdr lend, halkd k. sabukbdr k. 

Disctfr'sioo, «. act of running to and Uo-^daurd dauri, itastatahbhraman bd'bepgaman, pafyya- 

<ttR--dawddawi^h, da\irdhdp, tagdpd . \- ' ' [phirtd hdd, cnanckal 

Di^cur'sive, a. moving here and there, rov'm^-^tastatahShramanshil, a«(/»r'— idharudhar« 

Discur'sory.a. argumentative, rational^Mc^dr/ya, bitandaniyajuktisddhya, juvJctik — bahsne- 

jog, qdbil-i^uj)at, mdqdl ' {.frunes^— ndl, khelae kd dhnl chakkar 

Dis'cus, s. a qaoit, a round iron for play — ehakra, khelatiartha lauhatnay man4aldkriti bastu 

Discnss, va. to examioo by debates ; to disperse any tumour or swelling— 'fruanefan, bibechand 

k, bitarka k. rasadosh nashta Jr. -bahsnd, tajwfz k. mandzal'a k. akhldt ko tahlil k. bai(h4lD4 

Disccus'sion, s. a disquisition, examination, debate— ta^i4, bitandd, bak bichdr ^-tAhqiq, tajwiz, 

imtihdn, mubdhasa ' ' ^ 

Diseu'tient, $, a repelling medicine— dushtarasddi ndshak aus/ui(i^— mohallil 
Disda'in, s. scorn, haughty contemptuous ^Qger^-abagydu, davpaprajukta tuchchhabodh, 
abaheld, tdchchhaly a-~ih^U2it, istikhfdf, istihqdr 

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I) I s ( 147 ) . D I s . 

Disdiin. va. to scorn, to deapise. to y,\ig\\l^ieyagydn k.ghrind bd abaheld k^anddar Xr.— >ih&nat 

k. hiqftrat k. aictifz samajlra^ 
DUda'iQfu), a. scorDful, hauehty, contemptuous—aAanfcrin', ghrindbishishia, tttchchha^ bd hey- 

a^jryana^rt^magbrur, muhin, hiqaratgar [bimdri, -alalat 

Disease, s. distemper, malady, sickness — byndhi, rog,. dinny, pirn, byamoha—roZf maraz. 
Disease, vtt. to affect with eicknes:^, \o p^in—piri {a k. asustha k.byadhigrastak.rogjanmniia 

— bimar k. bechain k. mariz k. azar d. bearam k. 
Dis'eased, pa. [..] affected with disease — rogdnwitUf pirita, byamohujukta, asustha — bimdr, 

alii, rogi/mariz » 

Disemba'rk. v. to put on shore, to land — Hdngny ndman bd ndmdna.vaukd haite uttirna hi 

bd ^.^jahiz se kinare utarnA ya ulArnl ' 

Disemhit'ter, va. to fiee from bitterness — tiktaras uashtii k. mishta fc.— karw^i nikal d.mith^ fc. 
Disembod'ieri, a. f j divested of the body— tyaktOideha, ashariri, knyabarjita, preta— 

bejism, bebadao, besarir 
Disembo'gue, v. to discharge into the sea— sa^ai-e nadyddir prabesh /i.— sumandurmeu dary^oji 

ka dakbil h. ' ' [bald se rih4 k. 

Disembro'il, va. to disentai^gle, to free from perplexity— mufcta fc. nirutpdt Ac. - chhuraud, 
Diseacha'nt, va., to free fiom enchantment— ma /Ura kdlan', manfrer shakti haite rakhyd k., 

jhdran — ^jad6 k&tDd, afsdn se mahfuz r. jharn4 • ' 

Diaencum'ber, va. to free fiom encumbrance— 6/ia/a<ii /mite mukta k.—hArse rihdk. 
Disenga'ge, v.' to separate^from any thing with which it is in union, to disentangle, extricate, 

free from— c/i/Mirawa, mukta h. baudkanddi khidiyd d. — chhur^ d. rihai d. judd yd alag k. 
Disenga'ged', pa. a. [...] vacant, at leisure— a 6a</<//itt, abakdihn hishishta, muktUf bijtdeta — 

khali, muattah, beshughl, fdrigh 
Disentan'gle, va. to loose, set free from impediments or perplexity— franc^/mna^i thuliyd d. 

diiyoddhdr k.jhanjJidte tnukta k. — suljhdnd, baia se riha k. khalas k. 
Diseathra"!, va. to set (free, to rescue from slavery— c/i/iarawa, uddhdr k. bandhana mukta k, 

— dzdd fc. rihai d. khalds k. [/c.— betakht o taj k. saltanat se mahrdm k. 

Disenthto'oe, va. to dethrone, depose from sovereignty— raJAi/i.i^/insawa bhrmtiLu k. rdjyachyuta 
Disentran'ce, va. tos^waken from a tiauce or deep sleep— nidrd bhnnga t. murchchlid^anna ' 

bd mohaga^abyaktikejdgrata ^.— jagdnd, belioshi se hoshyar k. bedir k. 
Disespo'use, va. to divorce, sepaiate after faith plighted— itripuVuii/i paraspar prithak k. 

tydgpatra d, bibdher angikdr bhanjan — U\&q d. katkhuda ka qaul qarar tofod 
Oisestee'm, s. want of esteem, slight, dislike — anddur, heyagydn, ghrind, birakti — bcizzati, 

hiq^t, sabaki, bezari * (^/{.aT^rasa/tna A.— ndiitifdti h. bemirhbdo b. 

Disfa'vour, va. to discouotenance, to withhold or^ithdraw kindness— a/m^ui* k. parangmukh 
Disfigara'tioD, «. act of disfiguring, the state of bemg difi^ured, defoimitj—kuttitdkdr k. ruper 

Aairtipya 6a 6imttrtj/cara— badshakli, qubh, badsurati 
Disfig'ure, va. to change any thing to a worse form, to maim, to mar— 6irup bd bikriti k. ^' 

bikatdnga k. iaundarjyer hdnik. Likritdkdrk. naslt}a /c.— surat bigafnd, kudaul k. badndmd k. 
Disfig'uremeot, $. defacement, deformity— Aauri«pya, hidaui, bikriti, kutsitdbasthd— bid- • . 

shakll. kadauli, badsdratl 
Disfran'chise, va, [. .tshiz] to deprive of privileges or immunities— sama/ife khyamatd bkrashta 

k. sddhdran adhikdr barjita k. — bei<tihqdq k. behaqq k. 
Dkgo'rge, va. to vomit, to pour out with violence— twrfjfdrftn, baman, nekdr k, bdhir kariyd d. — 

qai k. ladd k. istifrdgh k. ogalnd 
Dngra'ee, va. to briug a reproach upon, to dishonor, put out of favor— tirosftar k. takalanka k. 

apamdu k. padachyuta fc.— fazifaatk. mdydb k. behurmat k. zalil k. daijoQ se utdrna 
Diagra'ce, i. shame, ignominy, state of dishonor— /ca(anfca, akhydti, tiraskdr, ,apamdn, asam- 

tkrom^ amarjytfddbastd—dib, ruswdf, fazihatl, beiszati, sillat 
Diagnc'eful, a. shameful, dishonorable, base— /o/jaAcar, katanku bd apamdnajanak, apakrithta 

-^■Uiilti, mftjrdb, sabdn, aalil 
DSsgraeiouB, a. unkind, unpleasing, uncivil— attdiarafcari, atantodiakdri , athitht a— bei\i\f&t, 

ii4Hiiuh, bemurdwat fbhekh, )hu(his<irat 

Disguise, <. a dress to deceive, false vppexr^nce^ehhadmabah, bhek, bhangimd^bbea, 
'Bisgiii'se, va. to cmiceal by an unusual dress, to bide,, to disdiMre—chhadmabesh dhdran.k. 
' imUidyita k. ekhdpdna, birup fc.— bbes bandnd, chhipdnd, badsdrat k. 
Disgu'styf. distaste, disrelish, aversjou— 6trafctt, aruchi, g/irtna— nafrat, karihiyat, gbin 
INsgn'st. va. to give a dislike, to omnd-^ghrind bd bitrishnd fc. nyakkdr fc. biraktu fc. — nafrat k. 

karihiyat k. [— karib, ndgawar, makrdb, ghindond 

Disgust'fnl, a. offensive, distasteful, odious— 6f>aittofcar, aroekak, kutsit,nyakhdTyya,gkrindrka 
Dish, $. a vessel to serve food in — bkojana patra, thdld, 6asan— rikdbi, sab oak, qab, tabaq 
Dish, va. to serve in a dish—thdldy rdkfayd MJoita, khddya drabya pdtre rdkhiyd paribezhan fc. 

— ^rikAbi mea aik&Ind, kdrhnd, parosoa 
Dishabille, s. [dii-a-6iij undress, loose dress— e/uya kdpar, ghare thdkiyd parihita je elo 

jioricfcdilfcad— 4hild kapTd, ghar men pahanne kd dhila kapra 
Dishdbit, va. to throw out of place, expel— nir^asati' fc. utkhdt fc. bahishkrita fc. unmiiUtn^ 

bcsakdnatk. nikdl d. djdrnd 
Disbear'ten,va. to discourage, deject, to terrify — udyamabhanga fc. ntr^fcarosd fc. AaMsfc fc. 

khyvJbda k. bihaya pradorsAan- shikasta dil k. ndds k. himmat tornd, darand 
Dishe'rit, va. to cut off from inheritance— puiCrifc dhane anadhikdr fc. ddyabhdger bdftir fc.— 

irs se niidlnd, mlrds se bewdris k. ^ 

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DIS . ( H8 ) DIS 

D\ih%y'e\,va.[dish-sKeV'Vel'] to spread the hair loosely— rftni khuliyd/eluydmeluydk,—\ii\ 

bikhern^ y(i darhambarham k. fhde bal, darhambarllam 

♦pishev'elled, pa. [..,] put in disorder, hanging loose — bistritakfish, eluydmeluyd^hiVhK 
Disbon'est, a. void of honesty or probity, knavish, {r^uunlent^asddhu, prabanchcity 

abishwasta, r/u«/» .(a— baddiyAnat, farebf, beimdn, badz^it 
Dis4ion'esty, s, want of integrity, kna\eTy—asddhutd, -prabanchand^ na«ft/rfmi— baddiyfinali, 

fareb, haramz^dagl * ^ 

Dishon'our, t?a. to disgrace, to bring shame upon— apamart k.setkalanka /c.— behurmat k. 

beabr6 Ic. . [matl, m&Umat 

•Dishon our, s. reproach, disgrace, censure— apam^n, kalanha, iiraskdt—heihTti, beirnr- 
Dislion'oufible, a. reproachful, disgraceful- aA:/ii//itiitar, avamdni, heya-^miyAh, beabra, 

beiiurmat [besing k. beshikh k. 

Disho'rn. va. to strip or deprive of ho^n^—shrinffarahithd nihshringa k. skringotpdtan k.- 
Disinclina'tioo, s. want of inclination, disHHe— a7itc/ic/i/ia, 6imati— adam-i-mailaji, nafiat 
Disincli'ne, v. to feel or excite dislike or aversion— pnic^cA/i a k. bdjanmdna, ghrii^ k. am- 

chijanmdua, f)h'aktd fc. — khwdliish na k, nafrat k. k. dil pher&n.i ^ 

Disincor'porate, I'a. to deprive of corporate powers— 5ama;ifc sdmarthya bd bishesh adhilar 

lopk. — panchdyatse tiikalnA 
Disingeauity, s. meanness of artifice, unfakness — fcau/iZya, kdpalya, asaralatd, chdturjya, 

c/j/ia/a?m,— khot&i, riyAkari, kapal, makar . - 

Disingen'uous, a. unfair, meanly artfuU illiberal— cA/itwr, dhurta, khalt asaral, fcuiil- 

khotA, kapti, riyik^r, fails(if, badakhUq , 

Disinher'it, t>a. to cut off from an hereditary right — paitrik dhane anadhikdr fc. ddi/bhdger 

abhdgi k. nirbhdjan fc.— mirAs ke istihq^q ge nik44 d.irsse kharij k. 
Dis1nte"r, va. to unbury, to take out of the grave — bhumydrpita shab uthdiyd plulan, iamddid 

Sttfidn haite mrita sharir bdbir fc.— qabr se murde ko khod nik&lni 
Disip'terested, a. having no interest, impartial — nihswdrthi, apakhyapdti — begharaz, beparwi 
Disjoin, va. to separate, disunite— fc/i/o^ k. bijukta k. prithak k. bibhinria fc.— -juciA k,alagk, 

aUhidak. ' ' . 

Disjoint, u. to put out of joint; to fall in pieces; to make incoherent— ^ranthiciiyttfa ^^ 

khanda khanda h. asangUgiia Ar.—jof alag.k. tokre tukye h. judi k. , ' 

Disjo'inted, pa. separated, not fconsisteut— g^riia/ chhdrd, bibhinnikrita, asangjukta, asoijjfi^" 

— judft, alag, bejof, ndtnun&sib ' * f infisil, ins^^ 

Dij-judica'tion, s. the' act of determining, judgment — uishpatti, nishpddan, bichdr—xik, 
]')i«ju'nct, a. disjointed, separate, distinct— fcf6/M»ina, prithak, bishesh— judh, alag, aUbida 
Disjunc"tion, s. disunion, separating, parting— prit/ia^ kuranbdhaon, biyog, bichchhed—'iitiriq, 

judAi, alahidagi - [manda/ 64 j)ori6e«A—gitda ; qu" 

Disk; s. a quoit ; face of the sun, or moon, as it appears to the eye-chakra; siirjya chandrddir 
Disli'ke, 5. disinclination, aversion, disapprobation — ghrindfaruchi, asamnmti^birakti, manda- 

hds — iardz, n&gawiiri, nafrat, n&pasundi, unch&hat 
Disli'ke, va. to hate, to disapprove — ghrind k. amanonita k, — nafrat Jc. n&pasand k. 
Disli'ken, va. to make unlike— asaman bd atulya k. anyaprakdr k, asadrishak. — nabaribark. 

khilftf k. ndmushftbih k. [ukhdynfi, haddi ^^^ 

Dis'iocate, va. to put out of joint, to disp1ace^grant/ii chyutak, astht sandhi 2(fr(m— saDfh 
Dislo(ia'tion, 5. a displacing, as of-at joint— ast/it sandhichyut, granthi chhutan — fa'skbi M^' 

jcfi jor chhiitnd [sarkdnA ;. oikdl d. Wbw k. 

Dislo'dge, V. to remove from a place ; to drive o\it-=-sthdnantar k, utkhdt fc* tdriyd it»r' 
Disloy'al, a. not. true to allegiance, faithless — rdjshdsane ammmata, rdjdr 'abiuh*b^f 

dharmalanghak'—p&dshkh ki hukiiraat par nAr^iz, namakhariira' 
Disloy'al ty, $. want of fidelity to a king — rdjdroha, rdjdgydubhanga, rdjshdsane bmoi" 

namakharAmf, bagh^wat, sarkashi 
Dismal, a. dark, gloomy^ sorrowful, uncomfortable, ' calamitous, dire — and1uikdram(tt»jS^> 

kheditd, ehintitUf kleshada, bhayankar — Uirik, s(in&, dcUs, ghamgin* dul(hl» haulnil^ 
Dis'mally, ad^ gloomily, darkly, sorrowfully— 6tsAamri2ptf,^/iorattfr bd andhflkdrpurbtkti^ 

bd bhdbandpilrbak-'8VLn6An\ se, t&riki se, afsurdagi, gnam se 1 , 

Disman'tle, va. to strip of dress or furnitute; to strip a town of its outwork — bibastraht^3r 

sajjd khuliyd phelanyncfgarer berddi hhdngiyd p^/an— nangi k. asb&b 6t&r 1. sliahr ptB^o 

tornA - * / 

Disma'sk, va. to strip of a m^k—andehchAdita k. beshbhiidianddi tolan, gh<»ntd khsl^*^ 

beparda k. bhes y& poshdk khol d. burqa uUlrni Tk. ix^tqlut^n* 

Disma'^t, va. to deprive of a mast or mvists^mdstul bkdngiyd phelan bd rahita fc.— bemtf*^' 

Dismay, va.'to discourage, dishearten— nt)*i&/tarai<i k. Ithita bd bhayajukta k. udyamauhtt^S^ 

fc.— himmat tornd, dar&nA, dahshat dikbani, bedU k. 
Disroa'y, s. a fall of courage ; terror — bhai^asdr bindsh, nairdshya ; shared, bhay, dtanka- 
behimmati, nirisi; khauf; khatra, haul • 

gisme, 8. ^deem] a tenth part, tithe— dasfcam^n^«/ia, dash bhd^erek bhdg^^u&hr, dasw&oj'**'* 
ismem'ber, va. to separate a member from niember; to cut in pieces — cmgachchhed h» i^^^ 
jiddddi kdtiyd phelan, khanda khanda /c.— aza ko judA k- jor joy yA band baud tafrjq. k» 
Dismiss, va, to send away, to diflchafge— Wday d, padachyuta k. chhdriyd d. agrdjhyak<^ 

rukhsat k. wid& k. bartaraf k; chhur^ni, radd k. 
Disraiss'ed, pa. r. .] sent away, discharged— 6tdayprapta, dur krita,padqLchyuta, karmachyuta, 
(i/a){-fa— rusk lisat k. g. dur k. g. bartarf k. g, miz61 - ' ^ 

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^ D I S ( 1 49 ) D I s 

Dismis'sion, f. a sending away, removal^ diacfaarge— 6idr^y, b^iir bd durkij^an, padbd kar. 

maehyuti, ehkardni — rukhsat, barkh<lst, liartarfi, taghlri 
DUmo'rtgage, va. to redeem from mortgage-'^mi/iafe ^hiriyd d, bandhakamukta ^.^giraw 

chhiifin&, bandhak khUia k. 
Dismo'ttDt, V. to throw or alight from a hor^e— g-Aora haiU ndman bd olan, ashwa haite 

adhokhyipta k, — ghore par se ufara&, giHin& 
Disobe^dience, s. oeglect or vioUtioa of lawful command, mcompM^ince—df^ydiiLanghan, 

atwikdr, cdhidhyatd, anddar, 6icAai— udal-i-hukm, sarkasbi, n&farm6ni. adm-i-it&at 
Disobe'dient, a. neglecting lawful authority — andgydstbahaj tUxuh, dgydnianghuk — ghairmuti, 

o^farm^o, sarkash, mutamarrid 
Disobe'y, break commands or transgress prohibitionq—^g'yan/ajK^Aan k. ddesh nimdnan, 
" abash k. — sarbashi k. n&farm4n! k. udnl k. kab& na m&nod, bemntl h. 
Disobli'ge, va. to offend by unkindnes^— Airo/eta k. oicmtoshakdchnrkariydtipaktir ud k, upa- 

rodh nd k, — ranjida k. beiltifaii se ndkhush k; ihsan na k. 
Disobliging, pfi. a. disgasling, unwilling to please — ghrindrha^ anupakdri^ aiumurodki 

— muiaoaffir. bemordwat, nimihrbin, namuhsin 
Disor'der,*. irregularity, confusion, tumult; diaezse—ulidpdltd^^tandabhanda, golmdt, koUHal; 

byddhi, asumthya—btXATtibi, beintizdmi, darhami, abtarf, hang^ma, kaH»ali; bim&ri 
DiaoKder. va. to derange, disturb, make sick — uitapdltd k» ghutmandat k. garbari k. byasta bd 

asthir k. byddhita 6a jnrita Ae.^gaf bar k* darhambarham k. kbiUni, khala'l datna, bimark. 
Pi«or'4erly^, a. confused, irregular, not restrained,, lawless— u/lafMi/ta, eluydmeluyd,bi$hrinkhal, 

abddhya, niyamabahirbh'vUa^^Ty betartfb, g'arbar, bezabt, beshara 
Diso]^4inarte, a. not liTing by the rules of virtiie. vicious— d^rffcantyam bd $dttrdmu$dre dmle- 
ndje,dusk{ackdri — din ke qaw&nin ke barkhil&f cbalne w. badwaza 
- Diso'wo, va. to deny, to renounce^oswiirar k. aswiyabodh k. Jyakta k, tydg k, — iok&r k. 
maakir h. chhoni&, tark k. [rita k. — z&hir k. dikhlani, pharkan&, phail&n^ 

Dispa'nd, tfa. to display, to spread abroad-~^ u2i^/i darshdna, prakdsk k. prasdrita bd bUtd- 
Dispir 'age, im. [.•rut;sf«] to match unequally, degrade-wijofj^a tutand k, apamdn k. guaer 
. nindd Jc.-^a&bartibari se muq4bila k. beqadr k. kamqadr k. 

*Dispar'agement,s. injurious onion or comparison with something of inferior excellence, dis- 
grace, reproach-^^apa/cru&^a bd^anupajukta tuland, apamdn, tiraskdr — farotar^d n&mun&sib 
muqabila, kamqadri,hiqirat,maUmat 
Disparity, $. inequality, difference in digree, dissimilitnde— asamanaM, atulytttdf asamajogya^ 

id^itarabisheah. prahhed, bailakhyauya — n&bardb&rf, taf&wat, farq, beord, ikhtilaf 

Dispa'rk, va. to tluow^ open a park, to release from enclosure — upahaner berd bhdngiyd adds k. 

— rama4 khol d. . [alibidak. 

Dispa'rt, va. to part, divide, separate— 6i6A/>^ k. dwibkdg k, bhinna bhirma it.— judi k. alag k.. 

Dispas sion, s. freedom from passion — bairdgya, kdmakrodhddi rdhityaf dhairjya, matter 

sluinti— haw& o bans se ^z^i, saUmatl-i-taba, salimuttaba 
Dispas'siooate, a. cool, calm, composed— rfiAtr, thdnta, nirdg, susthtr— salimuttaba, halfm, 
tbandd [bhejnd, jhatpat kam anjAm k. 

Dispa'tch, va. to'send i^vt^ay, execute speediiy^p^iMms, twardy karma c^/aTia— rawana k. 
Dispe^'l, va. to drive away, to disperse-^l2r k. mitdna, ghuchdna—dAr k. dafa k« mitand 
Dispe'nd, va. to lay out, expend-^khydy k. urdiyd d^ byay k. — uran&, kharj k. 
Dispen sary, «. the place where medicines are dispensed — atuhadhdgdtt aushdhiya drabya 

bdntau id bikraya§thdn—69.vriSi kb&na, daw& ban^ne y& bechne k& ghar 
Dispensa'tion, s. distribution ; exemption — bilikaran, bitaran ; nishtddha bUhaye annumati 

bd khyamd k. — ^taqsim, bdnt ; mu&fi, ijazat 

Dispensatory,*, a book in which the composition of medicines is described and directed — 

aushadhiy a drabya praitutakaraner niyam biskaydk grantha, ntctanas^aitra— alfi&zuladwiya, 

kic4b-i-nuskhaj&t . [khyamd k. — b&ntna, taqsim k. muaf k. ij&zat d. 

Dispe'nse, v. to distiibute ; to excnse-^bdsliyd d. bitaran; nuhiddh't kriyd karite .d. bishesh 

Dispe'ople va* to depopulate, deprive of inhabitants — nirjati bd narashunya kariyd rdkhan, 

basati samuddy uchchhiana kariyd ujdr k, nibdsidigke tdrdiyd ci.— wir4n k. kharab, nj^ yd 

njay k. [paciiAo 

Dis'pepsy, s. imperfect digestion— mawiagni, cjirni, dhdrer duuhpaehan — badhazmi, kam 

Dbpe'rge, va, to sprinkle, to scatter — chhitdnd, chhardna, prokhyan, bindu bindu kariyd nU^ 

khyepk. — chhitkdnii, chhitrdnd, chhiraknd * ' . 

Disper'se, va. to scatter, to spread about — chhardiyd d,itastatah nihkhyepJc. chhildiuifChhatr^- 

kdr k, — phaildna, chhit&nd, chhitkdnd, muntasbir k. 

Dispersion, s. act of scattering^6i^Ayep, cfthardna, ckhitdna, itastatah ni^k^jf ep—intishdr, 

pardgandagf, chhitrde ' [k. sbikastadil k. beummedk.sard k. 

D&spir'it, va. to discourage.* deject, d^m^—hdtdsh k. nirhharasd k. nistej k. khy'ubda k.— udds 

Displa'ce, va, tq put out of place; to put out of oifice ; to disorder^ — sthdndntar k. sthiina bd 

paduchyuta k. uUdpdlid k. — sarkdnd, beja rakhnd, taghir k, utatpulat'k. 
Dispia'cency, 5. that which displeases— aa7m/i<ac^)-, anupakdr, asantosh, 6traktt— durushti, 

khilaf-i-manfi, ndkhushi, ranjidagi, khafgi 
Dispia'nt, va. to remove a plant; to drive a people from the place in which they are fixed— 
utpdtan k. brikkhya sthdndntar k. uchdlan; basati haite ulhdiyd bd tdrdiyd d.— per sajpkdnd ; 
nikdl d. bemasican k. 
Displanta'tion. s. removal of a plant; the ejection of a people — brikhya sthdndntar k. basati 
uchehhinmt hard, tarmydd.—darakht sarkdnd; khana baraodaz'^ tabahi, besakdnat 

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DI S- I ( 150 ) . D IS 

DisplaVi va. to spread wide, exhibit ; to set out ostentatiously to view-rprasaran, pretkdskk. 

butdrita k. darihrina—phdiWAni., kboln4 y^z^ltir k. dtkhl^n(i 
Displa'y, s, setting 'to view, exhibition~profea;</t kaniy hynkta karan, pntsdran-^izhAr, phaiUo, 

namiid ^ ^ [n4j5awAr, n^pasand, karih 

Displea'sant, a. unpleasiag, offensive — asantoshak, bitushtikar, ^Arinar^a—qakbushkyaBd^ 
Diaple ase, va. to offend, to disgust— birakui k. asantosh jannuina, rush'ta k. — nakbosh k. bez&r 

k> 6zurda k. khij^n.i ' [azurdagx; n^khusbi, bez4ri, khafogi 

Dispiea'sure, «.[ p/ec/i.] uneasiness ; offence, slight anger-raiawtosA ; bairuktya, tahad rdg^ 
Displo'de> va. to burst with s'ioWiiC^—Tfvahdshabda purbak phdliy jdon bd chhufan — kari&wiz 

ke»&tb phat parna^ya chatakb darak jana [phato^ yi phdtn&. daridai;i. pbatat 

Displo'sion,f. a bursting with ao'ise^ makdshabde phdian bti pltulun 6a c/iAti/aft— 'kaiiawaz se 
Dispo^rt, s. play, sport, pastime— /crira,ra?i^a, parihds, kuntuk — khel, tam^sh4, bazi 
Disposal, «.Biaaagement; regulation — bluir, adhikdr, baaatd i bydbartand — ikijtiy^r, qabza ; 

Dispo se, V. to give ; to adjust, to set in order, to regulate ; to seW^dean, bill k, idjdna, niya- 

tnitn k. bikray k. — c|eu4, thik k. sauwarnd, arasia k. baudobast kl bei}b 4^^^ ' 

Dispo'ded, pa« [ . .] arranged, inclined— fcramaga^ar bilikrHu, sdjdua, prabritta, manonibiikin 

— murattab, ar^/ita, shaiq, raghib, roail 
Dispos'ilion, s. order,, arrangement, method, state of mind, inc^inatioa-^fcram, bili, niyamj 

riti^ swabk^t charitra-^ixiiizAm » arastagi, sajawat,.taur, sirat, miznj 
Dispo8s'ess» va. to deprive of possession— -adAifcaraci^j^uta k. tlmmM barjitfk ^.-r-bedakblk. 

nikdl d. kh^rij k. Likhraj 

Dispoasess'ioOyt. act of dispossessing—mi/itXcara6Ara8/i|a kard, swatwadhtoangsa — be dakbli, 
Dispo'sure, s, disposa), power ; slate, posturis— ^/uir, adhikdr/ batfiala ; dashd, ubastha — ^ikbli- 

.y^r, qahza y bal, h^lat [btdnami 

Dispra'ise, s. censure, blame^mnrH, bhartsaijd, apahtid, Qpra$hangid-'dQkh, maUmat, 
Dispra'ise, va. to blame, to censure, to condemn-r-tirasfear bd nindd k, doshi k, aprashoMgsd 

bdapabdd /e.-^fajihat k. jk badn^m k. dokhnd ~ [. — phail.4iili, muntashir k. .chbiCf6ii& 

Disprea'd, va. to spread di'fferent ways— ^Mr6ati-a 6yapta k. praehdr k, Hirbatra yrakdtk k, 
Disprofi't, s. loss, damage-^va. to injure—Zia/ii, apackay, khyati-r-va. hdni bd ,kkyati it^.-^-khi* 

s^rat, nuqsafi— va. nuqs^n k. ■ . [-Tibt&i» radd, ukzib-i<4liwa 

Disproo'f, i, reCutation, a proving to be false — khandand, aadbhyasta karan^ aprdmdnyt^thau 
Disproportion, va. to dismatch, to make unsuitable— asoman 6a chhoittbaja k. atuiya k. am- 

mamdtrd k. tdbadangsher amil ^.— nabarib^t y^ chhptabar^ k. beaiid^z k. n&muwaiqk. 

bemel k. 
Disproportion, s. unsuitableness in quantity of one thing to another, want of symmetry— Mam- 

ydy atulyatdf asamdnatd, tdbadangshtr.amel — n^bar^bari, beand^zi, tafi^wutya naipuw^laqat,. 

ek diisre k& bemel ' 

Dispropo'rtionable, Disproportionate, a. unsuitable- in quantity, unequal— airman, atuiya, 

chhotabara-^Dkhd^TA.h9.r, n<imuwdfiq, ghair muatadil, beandaz ' 
Dispro've, va. to conlute an assertion, to prove to be false— /c/ianr/an, /ladbhyoita k, ajdthdr- 

tkya frakdsh bd pramdn k. — radd k. b^til k. jhuthd sibit k. 
Dispun ishable, a. tree from penal restraint— adanjya, ashdmniya, shfistir ajo^a->n^qabil-i- 

sazi, tAzir ya jarimiine ke'^hairliiiq 
Disputable, a. that may be disputed— ^ttonJantj^a, bibdder bishay — bahs yi larai ke q4bil 
Disputant, s. one who disputes, a controvertist, an arguer, a reasoner— <ntan<ia/c, hibadi, bak- 

birodhakdri — bahhas, jhagf^lu, hujjati ' - 

Disputa'tion, s. act of disputing, debate, argumental contest— 6afefcir<H//t, Ubddy bitandd, bdd- 

dnub{id — bahs, jhagrji, mubahasa, hujjat 
Disputa'tious, Dispu tative, a. inclined to dispute, captious, argumentative— 2>i<^ne2anitraitta, 

kuTtdaliyd, doshagrdhaky 6a/c6ir,/e/Ai— bahh^s, jhagr4ln, aibgir, takrftri, hujjati 
Di-pu'te, va. to contend in words, to debate— >/(airara k, bdkbirodh k, bitandn k, bdddnubdd h, 

— jhagafnd, baiisn^, mubahasa k. hujjat k. ' ' , [hujjat 

Dispu te, «. contest in words, controversy— j/uifcani, bibnd, bitandd, tdddnubad^hzhs, jhagia, 
Dispute'less, a. undisputed, undeniable — abirodhya, nishchny, sarhaswikrita, nihsandeha—ha- 

hiijjat, musallam, n^qj4bil-i-ink^r ^ [n^saz4wari, nftsh^ugi 

Disqualification, s. that which disqualifies— ^ijog-t/ata. apdrakatd, anupajuktatd — n^Uiiqi. 
Disqual-ify, va. to make unfit, disable— ajo.i^ya bd akkyatn k. aparak k. anupajukta it.— na- 

Idiq k. uaniuw^tiq k. naqAbil k. 
Disqui'et, vd, disturb, make uneasy, to yex—udbigfuirdavdh k. bishanna bd asukhi it. byasta k. 

£iirafc£a /c.— myztarib k..khr}Ana, bekal k. bechain k. 
Disqui'et, Disquietude, s. uneasiness, vexatson — bishdd, blidhand, ^asthiratd, bairaktya— 

bekali, bechaini, ranj, nakhushi [se, taklitse 

Disqm eiiy y ad. without rest, anxiously— />/td^m'ipur^<f^, udbe^e, osu/c/iete — bel(ali se, be^r^mi 
Ujsquisi tion, s. examination, inquiry — bitdrkiiy alochandy prasangUy amisandhdn — mun&sara, 

taqrib, mubahase se khojh lagan»i [anakani, bekhabari, beparwAi 

Disregard,, s. slight notice, neglect— anarf/jrr, abaheLdy amanojcg, tric/iffc/iaiya— beiltiftiti. 
Disregard, va. to alight, neglect, despise, to contemn— a/im/u?- k. abuhetn k. tnchchhagydn k. 

apriyubnsan-^beiMdii k. ^haflat k. beiiU^zi k. nkfrat k. hiqjirat k. 
Disregard'tul, rti. netr.ljyeiit, lit'(Mle<^s, coiitfeniptuouiS— ow^i^rj/ogi, aiiAgydubaha , upekhynh, 

tuc/^c/l/}M/crtJ^-^be^lti•at, gh^lil, lepaTwft, mutanafl'ir 
Disielisij,»s, dista^itu, dishl.-e ^aruchi. shrind, nwirftc/jAa— nafrat, n^sHwari, kar^hivat 

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'»!• ( 151 y »!■• 

Dnfel'iBli, D4. to dblike the taste of, ^Mhi-^^anuhi bd mnichchkd k. biroMa lnMlk ^.-^oflfrsit f I 
aigiwAt k. bezau^ mftlrim k. < [tn&^ub, tifimlc|Dl 

Disrep'utable, a^ disgraceful, unbecoming — apamdnajanck, aprashangtauiya, anupuhtktti — 

Durepdt&tion, Disrepdte, f . disgrace, cUshoooar — apf^ash^ akh'jdti, itpttmin — hadninui. rus- 
y/ii, beizzatl Tad^bi, i^libqir, ii;hmfta 

DUresp^t, s. want of respect, siight — atiidar, abagtfdHt ahahetd, ^afMha^ya — btiitii'Ati^ l>c« 

Disrespect'ful, a. ancivii, nxde—^nddarakdri, aghtMfaf omithpa—bEH^rkz, beidah, bemurn-^ 
wat , ' [kipre ^L^rnA, kiiol iL unngi k, 

Disro'be, va. to undress, uncover, strip— kdpar khuliyd d.Mhaitra k, fariohtkhadddi tyfitfk. — 

Disrup'tioQ, s. a breaking asunder, breach, teai—bhdngiy(ljdi}n, phdiant ^khednrtt phdk h^-^ 
darida^l, phii(, t6t, dar^r 

Dinatiifac'tion, «.' discontent, dislike— 6 ttus^t, bUrakti, ghrind, o^rtpti— nAkhuahi, n&rliif, 
nafrat, besert ' ' fn&r&zgar, nAsawib 

Dissati<)fac'tory, a. not giving content— alriptt<(4r, asantoshak, ftitusfc^tjaao/e— nftkhushftyand, 

Disiat'isfy, va. to displease, make uneasy — atantushta k, hirakta^ k. bimarsha jauntdna — ni- 
khush k. bez&r k. bechain k. • [chedk, — k&(n&, (ukre tu-re k. tashrfh k, 

Disse'ct, ViZ. to cut in pieces, to divide a body^fc^an^ khanda k, bibeckandrlhe shaber byabd- 

Dissec'tiba, 5. the act of separating the parts of animal bodies— byabaelAedabidyd-^t^qii, 

Bisse'ize, va, to dispossess wrongfully, to deptive-^adhVidmckyuta k. anadhihdr fc.--J)edakh« 
ai k- milk o mi.\ cbhin I. • fdakhl, milk o mftl se &wira 

Di&seize'e, s, one wrongfully disposse'%ed-r/xd/iife'irac/)yt<ta bd bhrashia, rhitasarbaiwa-r-he' 

Disse'izin,<. an unlawful dispodStjSsiag—iNirer ad^i/cara/uiran— sabarda;iti se diisre ki aml&k 
chhin lend 

Disse'izor, s. one who ejects from possession— pomdfc»fcrtrafe<£rafc, anyiye apaharankdri-^ 

wuh shakhsjobehaqqdusre ko milk se bedakhl karta hai, zabardastf se dnsre k& araUk 

dakhl k. w. \pdshandatd k. — p6<<hida k. Chh^ipAn^, bahffna k. makr k, riy6 k. 

Dissem'ble, v. to play the hypocrite — ckhdpdna, ehlial k, pi'atdrand k. chhadmakesh dhdran k» 

Dissem'bled,,pa. [. . .] concealed under a-false appearance— cMra^mtitra, kdlpanikt aprakrit* 

— hilah&khta, s4hib-i-Tnakr y4 riyd [tot— riyakhir, n^nid .vni , mikk r^r, \ ljeJ 

Dissem'bler, s, a hypocrite, an impostor — pdshanda, prabanchaJi, chkudinnbeiki^ bhundutffpiit-' 
Di8sem'inate,t;a. to spread as seed, to spread'every ¥HLy-^prack(ir k, bydpia k. biatir k. bijtt 
bapan, ehhardna — phail&n&, bon^, chhitr&n& [ciihi^k^o, intisbar 

Disseraina'tion, 5. act of scattering like seed— 6unan, 6y4pan, prachdrkaM^hauH, pkaiifto. 
Dissension, 5. contention, disagreement — birodh, bhed, amilt pratuiyabhtingit—jUsLgiii, q^zjya, 
n&muw&faqat, big4r ^ ^ [daDgiilftE 

Dissen'sious, a. contentious, quarrelsome~^-^nda/iya, birodhit fc^^nAi— jha^riilu, bigArri, 
Disse'nt, vn. to disagree, to differ in opiaion— osioi^ar k.atamn^ta h, mfttintar h. — iii&inuw4(id 

h.big^rni, mukh&lif yH khii&fr&i h. f— mylh^lif, nslmnw&^q, khiUfr^i 

Dissent er, s. one who dissents— bhinnamatdbaUtmbi, mdtiintaragrdhi , asammata aswikdrakfiri 
Disserta'tion. 5. a discourse, an essay — bydkhyd, pratanga, bdkiaabandha^ ti^aran^UAl^hAa, 

maq&i, rislila, taqrfr , . [t^khl d. 

Disser've, va. to do injury, to h2iTm—apakdr k, kin^id k, dukkh d* — nuqs(ln, pmhunch^nftp 
Disscr'vice, ». injury, harjn, mischief— apafcar, purer anishtakardf khyati — nuqsAn, zarar, ziyfin 
Disser'viceable, a. injurious, mischievous — hdnikar, aptikdri^ khyitijanfxkf aaishiakdri — 

naqsan ras&a* rtiuzirr, ziyahk&r ^ 

Dissev'er, va. to part in two, to divide— (2toi6/ia; k, bhedan, bijdf^ Xr.— dohisselc. dop^ri^Jr, , 
Dissili'tion, s. the act of bursting in two — dwibhdg haiyd phd^an bd bbdngiyd^jdorit bidaran^' 
' phaind y^ do p&ra hojan&, shikastagi [roughiir, bemel 

Dissini'ilar^ a, unlike, different — atulya, bishesht bhinna,*^bidharmak — n&muw&fiq, baraks, 
Dissimilar'ity, Dissimil itude, s. unliiceness, want of resemblance— pra6^(i, asdmya, biiheih^ 

baiUikhyanya , atu/yaM— n&muwifaqat, ikhtiUf, n&barabari ^ • 

Dissimala'tion, $. a dissembling, hypbcrisy— i:apa|l2/a^ pdnhandatd, pratdrand, kdlpanikatd-^ 

riy&, rup ki tabdil. riy&kdri, makr y& kap{i ' n [ufi d. sarf k. isrftf k. 

Dissipate, va, to scatter, spread, squander— ura'iy/i d. apabyay h,'apachay k, dhanahp k,-^ 
Dissipa'tion, s. waste of property or substance, loose or licentious course of life— apa^yay, 

dhwnal&p, duskldchdr, Idmpatyddi bhrashtdch4r—fkwi.r9.%\, isr4f, aubishl 
Disso'ciate, va. [.. sfte. J to 9eparate, disunite— 6(;u^£a k. Minna ik. prithak kariyd rMan^^ 

)udd k. bichhoVn^, alAhida k. [galnejog^ 

Dis'soluble, a. that may be dissolved- ^raZaniya, drab karaniya, galanashil — qibu-i«gudAe, 
Disso'lve, V. to melt ; disunite, separate— ^afan, drab k, bd h, biyog k, prithak fc.— galnft, ' 

pighUni, gudiz k. y& h. jud& k. alag k. ^guUazinda, gaUne w. 

Diitforvent, a, that has the quality of dissolving— <frri6ak, ^alanakari, drabkdri—^ndkz. 
Dissolvable^ a, that may be dissolved— ^a<a?tit/4, (ira6karan«i:;V)|rya« J^^ ^^ drabhay^^ 

gataahdr, galnejog L^adkAr, anbish 

Dis'solute, a, loose in morals, debauched— &ftra«^f(ic^drt, lampai, Tiatkiai asat— badwaza, rind, 
Dissolu'tioa, <. a dissolving ; ruin, end, d^atti — drab k, bd h, kfiay, ndsh^ shssk, antakdl, mrityu 

— gud&khtagf, t>iglh&hat; nestf, n&bddi, dkhiri, iqibat, maut 
Dis'sonaDce, s. discord, disagreement— fwareramet, asushrdbyadhwdnip aitaikya, . baiparitym^*-. 

sdr ki ndmnw&faqat, n&khush Awdz, big&r, n&sdzg&ri, namel 
Dissonaaty a. discordant, harsh, jarring, disagreeing-;^nM/, ^usJb^tfi^a, larkaift,|piifipar, 1 

— bemelf nilmautttn, sakht, bad&w&z, n&mnw&fiq ' 


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nis ( 152 ) Bi«' 

Disstit'de, va.'io adviw tgainst a measore— frii^Mfc kurme mantrand dwdrd nihritta k. bipfln'W 

W4mar<ha d. udrek hhdngan^hAz r. mana k. manpher&nAf roknA 
DtsBua'sive, a. tending; to dissuade^mAorfofc, khydntakar—hAz r. w. muifthifn, mAni 
Dissyl'lable, *. a word of two syllables— diryafcfcyara pad, dioistoara shabda—do tillebil yfti^e 

dohijekAlafz . ^ [-pfinjjis 86 861 mke 

Dis'taif. *, a staff from which the flax isdrjtwn in spinning -p%n. »^^« nirgata J«y jj"'* p'l' 
Dista'in. va. to Rtain, tarnish, discolor— ««fc<i^wfca k. mayld k. rang nashta fc.— ddghlla k. 

mailfi k. badrang k. , , j^ , [mah)abf 

Dis'taoce, s- space between bodies, remoteness ; reserve— dtir, antar; andlap—nm, 'a''^^'] 
Dis'taoce, va. to leave behind in a rsLCe—ghor/idaure a^asar haon bd chhnrdtyd gaman, w 

pashchdt pheliyd gaman fc.— ghur-daur men pichhe chhor an& yi ftge chale j&nd , . , , 

Dis'tant, a. remote in time or place ; shy— dttraitha, duyabarti, anekkdUr ; andUtpt, mukhmra 

— ddr, bald,muddatkfi ; roahjdb,sharrana , ,. , ^u- . 

Distaste, «. dislike, aversion, disgust— ariicfci, ghrind, nyafcferfr— nafrat, ghin, karahiyal 
Pista'stefal, «. nauseous, offensive, unpleasing— tiya/c/can', ghrinya, kuswddu, aruchijaMk- 

ghinaunii, nSgawfir, badmaza.mustakrih ' 

Distemper, 5. disease, disorder, sickness— rfnwy, rog;p{rd, fcydmoha— Azftr, maraz, /fJ5. o™" 
Distem'per, va. to dissorder, to affect with disease— ptrd janmiSna, asusthak. dhdtubmr k, 

— bfmftf k. alfl k. Ubiyat big<ljn4 - n. ' 

I>isiem'perature,5. [....ts/jtire] excessive heat or cold; indisposition; confusion— ^rtshwj- 

grishmer dtishajya bd rogujanak bhdbdntar; sdmdjiya pird ; ^andag-o/— sard! yA garmilci 

8hiddat;ka8lmandl,mftndagi; darhambarhaml fbf m fir, alii* mant 

- Distem'oered, pa. f..,] affected by disease — vintafropabhhishta, bydmohajukta.aiusm'^ 

Diste'nd, va. to extend, to swell— dyata k, sphita k, phdapdna, bisHrna k, prashastnK--^^ 

phaiWnft, barhinfi, phul&nfi [pasfirfi hU, ph6l4 hn-* 

Distended, pa. widened, swelled— praidnta, pm$the histrita, iphita, p^dap^i— phaila. oaa« 
Diste'nt, s. space or length of extension— prasar, bistdr, dydm, /af»ifcdi— phaiUo, paw» 

lamhAC *- i fphailAo^barhHo. ph<ilnft.pas&r 

Disten'tion, s. a stretching, extension— pra«dran, f^phiti, sphitahhdb, prashastatd, frwW 
Dis'tich, s. [.ttfc] a couptet of verses— dwwc/iarano sA/ofe, dqiihd — bait, doh& yft dohr4 
Disti"l^ V. to drop gently, to extract spirit from— fcljyaran, choyan, nihsaran, choydna, iyanaaM 

k. mndak ras ni/wdran— chunft, itapakofi, maqattir k. chiifinfi, chuUnil, khiochnft 
Distili&tion, s. act ofcJi^tilling— »yandanafcriyd, mad chonydna — chakfdagi, araq chul&I 
Distirier, who distils— «yandafe, khydrak, shuuri, madya chouydy j>— araqkash, Abkar, 

muqattir, s6ndi ^ * .. 

Disti'nct, a. separate, different, clear— awya, bhinnat prithak, «pa«/i/<i— judfi» mutafarraqi sai 
Distinc'tion, «. difference ; eminence of character — bishesh, prabhed ; gunabishtatd, sarnhhram* 

pratipatti—hrq, tafAwat, byord ; shAn, izzat , [mumaiyiz, f^riq, ft?" ^ 

Distinct'ive, a. marking distinction — bith$sht jdhdte bisheshagydn hav, pratthedas^chak-' ' 
Distinct'ively, Distinct'ly, ad. not confusedly, c\eBT\j—bibekrupe,sabisneshe, prithak krame, 

spasTifartcptf— tamfz se, mufassalan, mashrnhan, zfihiran [&wat, farq 

Dlstinct'ness, I. clearness, plainness— su«pasfc<afd, pdrthahya, bibhinnatd — safAf, tainfz,la'* 

Distin'guish, vo. tonote difference ; exalt— 6Hnna 6hinn<]r fcariyd j'dnan, ckiiian, bxhek g^(^'^' 

. k. itarabiskesh bodh k. pratipanna k. — imtiyfiz k. tamiz k. farq jAnnd ; charhfinfi, izzat k. , 

Distin'guished, p«. a. [•••] en»inent, transcendent, extraordinary — praaiddha* sambhrdnla, 

asddhdran, atyuttamy dsheharjya — ^mumt&z, ndmi, nimwar, roshaa, nfidir, ajib, nAy^b 
Dislo'rt, va. to twist, writhe, pervert— ;;noc/iar/fna, Wfcrita fe. byangak, bakra kariydhahan, 

biparitdrtha fc.—marofnfi, pechd. pherfinfi,' bahkfina, khil&f batfini 
Distor'tion, *. the act of wresting, perversion — mochar, mord, bikafdUdr, byunga, prokritflrtnw 

:a.nyathd k. — maror, pech, pher, oIiakdwa|, asl mftflii kA kliiUf batAn& 
Distra'ct, va. to draw different ways, to confound, to harass, to derange, to make mad— «'^^* 

dige tdnan, dkul hydhul k, byastak. khyipta /c.— har taraf se khfuchnd, muztarib.k. ghabr^y« 

hairdn k. fijiz k. dlwdna k. ' ' [— muztarib, gn&brfi, fishufta, behawass, routaraddid 
Distracted, p«. a. perplexed, wild, divided — bydkul, byasta, pdgql, khyipta, udbignafnanM 
Distract'cdly, ad. wildly, confusedly, madly— 6ipra/dpe, bydkula chitte^ fcAytptarmote— ^*"* 

that sc, ghabrdha^ se, aiwfinawdr, bfiola s<i , 

DistracCtion, f . confusion; madness— dfcu^td, 6|^a5tatd, gAa6ardni; unwind, 6dfwiatd—ialirab» 

sardsfmagf, hairfinf, kashmakash ; diwfinagf , sir ^ 

Distra'in, va. to seize goods for debt— dendrdddt^ nimitte sdmagri samasta dhariyd bikrny ^'^ 

dtakk. krok fc.— qaraz ke ad& ke liye asbdb roknfi.^qurq k. 
Distra'int, s. seizure— astAdfcara dhaner dtak bd nirodhy fcrofc— zabt, qurq-i-iimw41-i-manqni» 
Distre'ss, va. to paiii, afflict, perplex — klesh bd duhkh d. pirdna, peuche phelan, ghabardM" 

takjif d. dukh d. satdni, tasdiyad. kurhfiud, hairdn k.* * , 

Distre'ss, s. the act of making a legal seizure, the thing seized by law; extreme pain or 
' angvisb, calamity— d«ndddr byaktir sdmagri samasta dtak bd krok karan, te hastui ; atisnnjf 
,santdp, maner duhkh, klesh, dpad-^q^nfin ke miitdbiq qarzddr kf chizou kf zabtf, qurqi chiir 

iz4, takllf, bipt«, 6fa| [y6, muffis, dilglr, rousfbatiada 

Distressed, a. [, , J miserable, full of trouble — duhkhl, jotrahtn, duhkhita, dpadgrofta— ^iukn* 
Pistrib'ute, va. to divide among a nwtaber, to deal out— 6da/iyd d. bili k.' bitaran k — baotni, 

jjissa kar d. taqsim k. ll • 

Pnitribu'lMa, t* act of distributing', act oi giving in charity^ batt/anb*iy<^^ bitaran^ anekMi^ 

ddn^ard— taqsfro, hiio\, batw&r4, bakshish 

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©li" ( 153 ) Diy 

^'iHcl, I, a circuit of anlhwity, region, division— pr«d*sA^ thdkald, pargawi, pdrd^iitk, 
rhakia, pargaaa, roahail , [iatib&ri k. al^ubba k. 

Distm 8t, va. to guspect, not to trust— apratyay k, abUAtxis k, sandeha fc.— iatim&d na k. be- 
Distru'st, 5. suspicion, want of conftdoncj^ — aihraddhd', abi$hwdt, apratyay, )M>uit«^— beyaqf- 
«lat, shubha, shakk, beiatimadf [tautawahbim 

Distrust' ful/' a. suspicious, doubting—samit^d^, abishwdti, apratynyishakki^ beiatiq^d/ 
Disttt'tb^ea. to disquiet, to confound, to agitate— 6vfiAnA/ t, byoitd k, ghabardna, kfuddtia, 

uchckdtan k, — bekalt k. muztarib k. ghabrani, chncfni, barakat d. , 
JPisturb'ance, i. tumult, agitation, confusioa^jrafi^a^oi, ^oimai, kkju»b, gkabardni — hang&m«, 

shor o fas&d, harjmarj, harakat, hair^ni Traoj&war,.h&ri>, fitnaangoz ' 

Distarb'er, s. one who disturbs— -^2esAa<2a, khyobhajanak^ byastakdri, golmdliyd — dukhd^f, 
Disvalua'tion, s. disgrace, diminution' of reputation— aicAj^riti, anddav, apamdn, Jasher hdnit 

manarArfs—behurmati, beabrui^ beizzatl, qadr ki kaati yd.oestf 

Disva'lue, va.Jtoundarvaluey disesteem— <ucAc/i^&. alpamfitya bodh k, anddar Ac.— istihq&r 

k. khafif k. l>eizzat'k. beqadr k. [big^r. jud4i, niufAiaqat 

Disn nion, «. want of union, separation— amei, arutikya, pdrthakya, bichchhed — niiittifdq, 

Disuni'te, va. to separate, divide, di;«iain—6»ypg-/c. Minna k, prilkak k, <»rc^^«d k.— judi k. 

alag k. aUliida k. mafraq k. 

Disunity, «. state of reparation — prithak bhdb, bibhinndbcutkd, biyog, aikyabhanga-^jvid6i, 

muf&iaqat, n&ittifaq f^matrdk k. istiamAl chhorn^, tark-i-amfil k. 

Bisu'se, va. to cease to use or practice— ar byahahdr nd k^ Pydg k. bynbahdrer anyathd k.-<>-- 

Di^u'se, Disu'sage, g. want of practice, negiect — abyabahar, tydgkard, anric/uir— beistiam&U* 

berabtl, berawiiji 
Diswb'uch, vrt. to destroy the credit of, to deny, to cbntradict— k/mn(Zan, tudbhyasta k^aswikdr 
k. aprihab k.— mansd!>h k. batil k. ink^r k. kbiiif k. [o4l6 

Ditch, s. a trench in the earth, a moat — juii, pay.a(itd,ndLi, khdt, garkhdi — kh6(, kbandaq, ^' 
Ditch 'er, s. one who' digs trenches— /t/ta^k^no/c, kfidndkdld, gartakarak— dh&nghar, loniya, 

j(h&i khodne'w. 
Ditt^yram'bic, s. a song^a honour of Bacchus — madyapriya debatdr prashangtdkdri rater 

j(4ii b^ kabitd hishesh, bdmdehnri git 6ijikesk— shar^b ke deotu kd bbajan 
Dii'tied, a. Bung; adapted to music— jr^'ka ; bddya juntrapajuJita j»t— sar&ida; gfinejeg, bdj» 

ke muwafiq sarod 
Dit'to, «. the same thing repeated— p7<r^okta&adAdk, at, tathd, diioia/— aizan, mazkpr ^ 
Dit'ty, s. a sonnet, a short musical poem— gdn, bddyajantropt^ukta tankhyiptakatutd-^aa^rod, 

gine ke qabil mukhta^ar shiar y& ghazl ^ . 

Diva'n, $, io Turkey, the king's council — Turuk desher rdjsabkd^^iw&tL 
Divar^icate, va. to divide into two— duibhdg k.—do hissa k. 
' Divarica'tion, ». a partition into two> separating ; division of opinions — dwihkHg, antetrikaran ; 
''^^^ bd abhiprdyer bibhdg bd pdrthakya — do hissa k&rn4, jud&i ;. ikhttlaf-i-rdi ya mat 
Dive, vn, to plunge under water ; to go deep into any science — dub d. dubki d, taliyd jdon, 
^fgddke gamau; bidydte manonibeih k.— ghota lag4n&, dubki loarna ; kisi iim meu gharq h. 
Di'ver,«. one who dives ;. a waterfowl — dubak, dubariyd mdnuth; dubu pdkkyi— ghotazan, 
■f^haww&s; nourgh-i-abi, pandubbf • • • • ^ 

^^i'^e' to tend various ways from one point— ^medan A, bistdr h, rekhdr ek agre janmi- 

yd digbidig bistdrita k.— ek nok se nikalkar muntashir h. paraganda b. phdtn^, phailnd 
Diver'gent, a. tending to various ways from one point—bistrita, angshumdn, angshubat bikima 

bd praidrita— muntashir, partao kl mdnind par&ganda 
DiVers, a. several, sundry, more than one— n^rui, anek, bibidha, Aaku— kai, bahut bahut, cband 
Di verse, a, different, unlike— pr«tifctt/, bhinna, bishesh, atulya, nanripmkar— mukhtalif, bahut 
.bahut, Qiy4ra, mutaf&wit 
Drversifica'tion, «, the act of making various— rwpa bhdbddi paribartan bd anytlid bd bibidha 

f^araa, ehitrabichitrakar.d^ prakdrdntar—inrdit w. g.. ki tabdil, taghaiyur, ^qsam karnd 
Diver 'sify, va, to make various or different— anyari^p k, bibhinna k. prakdrdntar fc. ehitrabi- 
outrd fc. rupabhdbddir paribartan fc.— judd k. tafriq k. tarah ba tarah k. giindgdn k. rang A 
^»Qg k. tabdil k. , . 

Diver aion, s. a turning aside ; sport— patkoiyd^, pdrshwagati ; kautuk, parihds, keUt— 

mhirdf, kindre chalnd j tamdshd, tafarruj 
•"jT^j'wty, 8. difTerence, uolil^eness, variety — baijdtya, asdmyaf baiparitya^ hiihesh, ehitra- 

Picftitra<a— ta&wut, farq, ikhtil&f, gundguni, rang ba rangi . • 
A'lveraely^ ad. differently, variously— ^i^keskrupe, bibidha pi'okdre, n^Tuimate— juddgdna, farq 

8e, rang ba rangi se 
^ive rt, v* to turn aside, to withdf aw the mind, to amuse— tj^afctapatk fc. prabrttti ndsk k. ttdyn- 
moA/tanga k. tushfaki paritosAfc.— munharif k. nanvutawajjih k. pUirdnd, bahldnd, khqsh k* 
, *'"'«rt lag, p^. merry, pluasing, agreeable— rczjik, kautuki, maner santoihakdri,. tundar-^ 
wu8btaba„ manbhdii, bahl dd. 
wiveiti se,Do. to please, to divert, to exhi\Ante—tushtijanmdna,iraha8ya k^ kautuk dekhdna, 
'fHuktaman fc. -khush k. bahldnd, tafnd&hd dikhdnd, jikhush k. . [ wal 

iver tisement, s. diversion, recreation — kauluk, bishrdaiartha ktird — tamdsbd, lafarruj, khefeai- 
'^?^»,«a' to strip, unclothe, disposseiSr^6a«tra<ii fckaskatua'd. nagna k. anadhikdr k. 
fcanya i.— poshish w. g. utdrnd yd chhiniend, nangd k. bemilk k. 

Il?i'"^e. *. the act of stripping— apakaron, ehhiniyd laoyd, baidtkdrt grahan-^chl&tk 
cflWn lend, gbazab yd lend 

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.Dtirrdab)*, Difi'dant, a. eapahle ofb^hlg wparated— >frii^ihfr«> di5Sa/aniy<i, khandimiyd, 

chhedaniya, angskaniya—judU karqe y& hone jok, qabil-i-tafrlq 
. Divi'de>v. to part, sep^rat^, five in shares— 6ft4r«. atijrf^a k, ltk$d k, bdnfan, bili kttram, 

bkdngiyd ^i.—bisaa k. aJag k. banfntli taqsim k. hisse'tag&na 
Div'idend, i. number to be divided, a sh^Te-ankashdiire bhdjya bd hArjydnka, prdTpydngsha, 

Mfij-— manqasain/maqsiim, bakhr&, btss|i 
Dividers, ». mathematical comp^^aseB-'tiitradharprahhriHr byabahdrita rtyMi bibhdgartks 

dwicharandstra bUhesh— uir^Ar 
DiT^id'ual, a. divided, sharecl with othen—angahikrita, banfita, bibhakta, bhdgokrita^mnn- 

qasam, taqsin y^fta, hissa k. g. 
.DivinaTion, «. prediction, or foretelling Of future events — bfu^bishyat kMhan, bhdbi Wsfc^ 
• b^aktakatan, ganakatd, jAndm%'^\\m'\-nim\t rami, fi&lgof, pesligoi 
pivi'ue,v. to foretel. to foreknow, to gMt9B--bhabiihyat bachan bdjdndna, ganand kariyd 

thubhdshiibha lakhya k. jdndmi k, anttmdn fc.— pesbgof k. ghuebdauf k. f^lbaodi k. sochni 
Divi'ne, a. pertaining to the nature of G^d, godlike, heavenly— I«^woT««ii»5a>uiA<ytf, 

ai»hwarik,J$hwariya, swargiya — RabbAni, ll&hf, Rahmdnf, bihishti 
•I>ivi'ne, s. a minister- of the %09pe\—dharmonadeshak, purohit, jdjak, dhamuiihdstragyajt^ 

iojil k& sikhldr.e w. murshid, injild^n/ahl-i-nqah 
Divi'lier, s. one who predicts, a soothsayer, a ^VLeBser^bhabishyatbaktd, jdn, daibagyan, 

bhdbikathak-^ghwibdAti, ramm&l, fftlgo,*k6hin,i najtimi 
Divin'ity, 5. divine nature. Deity, thMofCf—ishw^ratwa, dehattoat Paramethwar, parinndrthm 

thdrtrat hkwarabUhayak bidyd^k^Mdii, lUhl, fiqab, ilm-i-il&h( 
Divis'ibie, a, that may be divided into parts, separable— 5W^a, bhdjya, bibhdgdrha, angAa- 

nfy« — qAbil-i-taqsim, <^&bil-i-tafrfq 
Division,!, act of dividmg; a part ; disunion~UM4f' fcaran, ang$hdngshi ; angihaj bhdg ; 

biehchhed, ame^—taqsfm, inqis&m ; bakhrft, hissa ; farq, ikhtildf, bemel 
Divi'sor, f . the number that divdes— ^arafc anka, an^aAaraAt— raaq^dmalaib 
Divo'ree, va, tQ separate married persons — stripurnsfi£r hickchhed U. bd ehhdrdckhdrit. 

bibdka bandhana mukta /c.— tal&^.d. katkhud&i ke aqd se 6,zAd k'. " 
Divo'ree, Divo'rcement, f. dissolution of the marriage contract -strtswf mi ^thak karan bd h. 

bibdha bandhan haite fnukti, parUydg, 6tcfccAA«(£— tal6q, jord o khasm ki jud&f , katkhud^if ke 

girau se kiial&si [i/ardhak — mudir, idr&r&war, mut&d 

giuret'ic, Diutet'ical, a. having the power to provoke urme — miitrotpddak aushadk, niiSitvi- 
iur'nal,~a. daily, relating to the day, performed in 9. dd^y —dibasik, dinam&iier, prdtyahik^ 

rozina, din k4, yaomi 
Diur'nal, <. a day book, a joumal»pratidin«r ghatanddi likhandrtHa bahi, pratidibdstr lonKi- 

ehdrapatra, ek ek diner kray bikrayatitchak jdbdd ^Ai— rozn&mcha^ roznima, rozniarra 
Diur'naily, ad. daily, every day— pratidtn«, dmedine, prati/a^a— hard in, rozroz, harros 
Diutur'nity, s. length of dmiiion^^bethukdiabydpakatd, bahukdldsthiyitwa-^derpii^ nfud- 

dattak p5id&ri , [fash k. aUniya k. batMni 

Divul'ge, va. to publish, disclose, reveal— pr<t^af A k. byakta h, bMita k. jtraehdr fc.— izhir k. 
Di'2en,va. to deck or dress s^ud^ly-^beshbkushan k, alankdrddiU bhushit'a k, atithobhita k,^ 

banio k. sjingilr k. 6r&eta k. zeb o zinat d. {ablih 

Dia'zard, s. 9. blockhead, a fooX—miHrhaiokf nirbodh, pdgal, A-Aytpta— ahmaq, tilld, n&dAa, 
Diz'ziness, s,. giddiness, vertigo— maMa^Aor^, shirahkampa, ghurni, ftfcrami— dauran-i-sar, 

ghamrf, chakehaundhf [achetan — sargardtin ; madhoah 

Diz'zy, a. giddy, affected with vertigo; thoughtless — ghiimdyamdn, shirahkampa biakishta', 
Do, V, to practice or act any thing, good or bad^fcamn, karma U. iampanna k, tddhan, ntr* 

bdha k, — karnii, amal meiLl^nti. baji \Ani, anjilm k. . 

Do'cible,, Do'cile, a. easily Taught, tractable- anus^i»ft/a, namra, kdn khdrd,sumedhd, swt&ts&- 

ya» dgydabash, praneya — tarbiyat piair, tez zibn, sikhanh&r, salimuttaba, isldbpizfr . 
pocil'ity, f. teachableness, aptness to learn — praneyatwa, shikhydshilatwa, tiamratd, medkd 

—tarbiyat pizfrf , sadh^wat, tezzihnf, sikbanh&ri 
' Dock, t. a place where ships are built or laid np^'-maukdrtha gudi^gAddi, kh&ri, jah&ske 

banne y4 marammat hone kijagah 
Dock, va. to cut off a ; to place a ship in a dock— Mn^<^ chhedan bd rhaswa kariyd kdfan, 

kdliydphelan; guditenaukdrdkhanbddnayan fc.— tarkhim k. dum tarashn&, kndfira k. 
*jah&i ko g(iddi par charh&nH 
Dock'et, 5. a direction tied to goods ; a list of cases in court— drabyddir gduUbdndhdshirandm 

bd gydapartdrtha ehinkf^ ; mahaddumdr nirghanta bd «u;i—- pate ki ruqa jo asb^b par b&ndb 

dete haiu, nishin ; rouqaddimit ki fihrist fke banline k! jagah 

Do<^k'yard, j. a yard for building shipa^naukd jdhdjddir nirmdna sthdn, ^tdt— gdddf, jabis 
Doc' tor, f. one wf\o has taken the highest degree in the faculties of divinity, law or physic; 

a teacher ; a physician ; any able or learned m^n—paramdrtha sinriti baidyak ityddi $ki$tr§ 

byutpanna byakti, tat shikhyane khyamatdpanna ; shikhyak; bendy a, chikittak ; pandit^ 

wuh shakbii jis ne ihn-i-i44hl y& fiqah yft tibb w. g. meu fazSlat k& darja pdyi ; mumllim ; 

tabib; hakim [muiUi, hakffnf, tabibi 

Doc torghip, s. the rank of t doctor^-^ikhyakerptid, dekdrjyatd,pdnditya, /caftirdft— nnallimf, 
Doc'trinal, a. consisting, in doctiine, pertaining to the act or means of teaching— irjMNfedk 

bishiihta, gkikhyd samftund^^ya— >maslak aaansdb, t&limi 
r Doc'trine, s. the principles 4»faay sect or mastery the act of teacbiog— motfCmot, dhumwfdMtk, 

^MU(i; updufeiA, lAi&Aytf— mazbab, roaslak, Uriqa ; tilfm 

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»oo ( 155 ) nou 

l>09.'«iiBeiit, s, written instractioii, evidesee, pntof-^ddethllpi, nidartkan,jframdnM^h^kaaiimtit 

daliljisbdt ^ ^ 

]>ocameiit'al, a. relating to iustraetioa—vrf^fct^tf^MAte—bukninftma maiudb 
JDckd'der, «. a creeping, parasitical . plant— 4«<4-6ri/e%a-&MA««&-^bel ki ek qism 
Podec'agon, s. a figure having twelve equal 8)de»— .ftora kond bishishta drabya, Momaduhida" 

•A4«m— birah goshedftr fihakl y« chiz f j»Wr«a— 6reb k. kaoiy4n&^ 

J>odge, «»» to uie craft, to start akide, to evade by a sudden start^p^&fet dJ hafhat pnuiiyd 
Doe, «. the female of the fa i low-deer— Aartnt, rmigi, $hdrungi-'himit ah<ifn'4da, bannl 
Idofi^ VA, to.piit off dress, to ttrip ; to delay— n6a«tra tydg fc. kdpar ehhdfiyd jtheUtn ; gaun k, 

— kapre utdrnA ; derk. [Johe kA ek tukrd 

J>og9 tf. a domestic animal well known; a lump of iron^-^k ukkur; lauhapinda^kutx&,'Mg\ 
Dog", va. to follow continually, to hnnt—pickhi Ugan, kukkur dwdrd mrig'ayd ik.-*-plchhe 

la|nA, pichh6 k. kutte se shik&r k, \ 
Dog day?, s, the days in which the dog starrises and sets with the son— iSiiAati afirjvajog je 
• dine hay, atigfishmahdl-^}i9 aiyam mea Subael aft4b ke sAih tul6 y& ghurub hot£ hai, bafi 

■ f armi k& mausim 

Doge, s. the chief magistrate of Venice and Genoa-* J^dZiydd«&a«t&€iGenow& o Venis mahd^ 

■ nagqrer pradhdn bichdrkartd, tdhdr upddhi — nmlk>i* J/dii ke Genowd aur Vmis shahr ke 
bare kotw&l k& laqab 

Dog'ged, a. sullen, morose, ilKhunotored — kkiikhitiyd, karkatk, te^ar^sagsf rat, tnrstird, badkho 
X>og'ger, &. a Duteh iishirtg vessel with one mast^6r>/iat mdohkuyd naukd ^u&«f^— machhlt 

ke shik&r ki ek bafi kishtf ^ [^ar&b o bewazo'nazm ki ek qtsm.zatal q<l6ya 

Dog'gereF, s, mean^worthless verses— fciiftt* kabitd bisheth, sdmdnya aJUok, khemfhttrdkahitd'^ 
Dog'gishv a, like a dog, snappish, churlish, hr^tdti-^kukkuradharmak^ptuhubat, ugra, tdgdl^ 

sa^sirat, bahiim khaslal, chifchir^i, tundkho [qiida, dastiir, qandn, mat 

Dog ma, s. an established principle, settled notion — mat hhkesh, mater mtUkathd, niyam-^ 
Dogmat'ical, a. authoritative, positive— ntiAc^iydrt^, noamatabyaktahdri, noamatdbhimdui, 

Agunyd — yaqini, khudnumd^ khudhukmi; kbudrAi 
JDo gntatism, s. positiveness in opinion— fuaiiiat«r nithchayabdd, moamat thikhyans dtmdkhi- 

»dn— khudrli, apni ipat par tayaqqun ' , 

Dog'matist, <. a magisterial teacher, a bold advancer of principles— noanuita^ddt, smimaiathi' 

ichpane dtm46Aim^nt— khudrai, apnf mat ke stkhAne par mustahkam 
.*I>«^4tar, «. the star.-Sirios, which gives^name to the dog-day^^tdra Msbeskt Suhat/— Sohael • 
Do ily, s. a species of woollen siuff-^ lomamny kdvtr 6is&«s^— pashm i kapre ki ek qism 
Do'ings, <. pi. things done, trans^actioos— itritofedrjy/x, karma, bydpdr, kriyd-*'~kkm, karldt« 

afal, harak&t, mu&malat 
Doit, 8. a small piece of moviey—khyudra mkdrd 6i«Ae«fc— chhote sikke ki ek qism 
Dole, f . any thing dealt put ; grief, sorrow— an^s/ia bd bhdg kariyd deoyd giyddthe je bastu ; 

^ufk, dufcik&— maqsnra ; gham, aisos ^ 
Dole, va. to deal, to distribute— /ntaran,6fi!if an, angihdngshi kariyd dda fc.— bAotn&, taqsfm k. 
Do'leful, is. sorrowful, dismal, mefoncholy— ^fcedajanoit, thokdnwita^ biihanna, utkanthUat 

mMna— ghamnak, andohgin, afsurda, dilgir, ud&s ' 
Do'lesome, a. melancholy, gloomy, diWal— uc^laiuniMnidA, khedasiiehkk^udds, gkor, ddrUn 

— afsurda, ghamn&k, ud&s, dhumU , > [LauoA, pui1& 

Dall, «. a child's puppet or h^bj-^hkelydr daruk, mttuUip ptiltaiiAd— guryA, guddi, khe- 
: DoKlar, «. a silver coio of Spain, Germany and the United States of America— £p«n o'Jarmani 

o A'merikd detherprasiddha raupya mudrd bisheih — ekqism k& r6piya jo Spen^aur JarmanS 

aur Amerik& men r&ij hai > * 

. DoJorific, a^, [dol-o. .] causing pain or grief— fcAedar«tottAdpafc,MolHt;afMk, karuMdraHmay'^ 

alamo gham ras&o, ^^sos o hairatangez Is^Q> saotipi 

*Dororott8, a. sorrowful, doleful— ^AedaM^&uA^ak ehakdrta^ friZapt-^ghamn^k,- dngir^ andob- 
Dol'our. i,[. lur ] grief, lamentation, pain— s^oik»6i/dp, manoduhkht utfcanf^— gham, andoh, 
.'afsos, maUl [maclihli kA nAan 

DorphiOfS. the name of a fish— samii,drt3^c matsya bishesher n'^m— ek qism ki. sumandarf 
Dolt, «. a heavy stupid fellow, a blockhead— muf^ byakti) nirbodh, mdthdbhdri^knnda, 

dabaog, ahmaq, kaudan , - [gfiodi 

. Doltish, a- stupid ; mean ; dull— aftcdA, f>ashubat ; p^;i ; jafa&uddM— k«nd, dabang; kamlna ; 
Doma'^in, s. dominion » empire, estate — rdjya, adhikdr, dwipatya, siodd^dra^Arimi— pAdshA- 

faal, lAj, saltanat, mamjukat [qubba 

Dome, a. cupola, an arched roof— ^AacA^/it^r khildnt prdsdd bdtirkhilita mdthald^gumbRz, 
Domea'tk» a. belongiog to the house ; private ; tame ; not forei|;n ; intestioe-^^t/iacamftun. 

dhiya, gharer; aprakdshya ; gharuyd, gharposhd ; swadeshiya ; antarmt/ia— gharan. kbinagi, 

gharkA; chbipA; gbarailA, khAnaparwarda j deai ; darnni 
Domes' tic, f. one kept in the houito» a aervant-^g^rfr Ick, bkritya, dds, ddst— jig ko 

gbar men rakhAgayA, khA<iazAd, khidmatgAr [khAnaparwarda k. dAboA, wAbasta k. 

Doroes'ticate, va. to make domestic, to tame— ^t bd gkarpothd k. pratipdUtne daman-^ 

.Dom'tnate, va. to prevail over the rest, to goVerh— daman ie. «4djaii fc. bash k* kartritwa k, — 

bukAmat k. sardAri k, farifiAnrawAi yA dAwari k. 
Domina'tion, s.. power, dominion ; tyranny — kurtritwa, prabalatd, ddhipatya ; daurdtmya^ 

•ardAri, hukdmat, dAwari ; zabardasti 
'Domiae'er, on« to rule wvth insolence, to bluster— at^cMro^omet^dsan k. epkitaihdbe daman 

bd dhamkdna, dumbha fe.^zor o zulro 8« bidi<inat k. takubbari se sAhibS k. kbud far osh i k* 

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noTi \ 15(6 J oow 

Pom'm'ieal, a. notiiif the Lord's day, or Sundajr— 4>a6iMr MsmbanMya. bd tadlnikayab^ 

ifUhrdmbdrer — itwirf , ilw&r ki. 
Domio'ioQ, t. sovereisn authority, power; tenit^y, regi>i], 6isinci—ddhipatya,tdjtttwa^ 
khyamatd ; rdjya, desk, adkikdr, jn-adesh*-hukwi2it,p^d»hkh2d, saitaoai; mamlukat, r&j, zilft 
Dom'ino, ca kmd of hood; a long dress; a game — nuutakdhharan bd dchckhiidan bishesh ; - 

chkadmabe$h, tangsdj ; krird bishesh — topi ki ek qism ; bhes, burqa ; ek kbel 
Den, i, the Spanish title .for a geDtleman — Spdniyd desher mahaUoker Ufddki, arthdt inahd$luijfi 

bodhak/padabi — Spen ke mulk ke ashrafoQ k4 laqab ^ 

Dona'tioD. $. act of giviog, a gift, a presem—ddn, praddn, bhikhyd, furaskdr, pdritoshik — 

bakhshish, dihishf, d&n, atiya, nazar&na, saughat 
Doo'ative, s. a gift, a largessi a • present— riara, pdritoshik, purosfear—bakhshish, dad o dihisb^ 

nazar, saughat ' . [bai; 

Done, pa. pass, of the verb to do — krita, kard, hatydfhhe bd kard giydehke jaM-^karda, kiyi 
Done. int. a word nsed to confirm a wager— 'pan karane swikdrabodhak shabda, arthdt bhdia^ 

swikdrkarildm ityddi—yih iafz shart ke qabdl karne men must4.mal hai,. yine acbchhi, 

mai]i ne qabul kiy4 W. g. [bakhsbinda, dihanda, dene w. 

■Do'qor, t. a giver, a bestower-^d^nilcareiri, ddtd, bhikkya tndthat ityddi ddn kare j«--dati. 
Doom, va, to judge, to condemn, to destine—fricAiir Ac. danddgydu d. shesh sthir Ic.— tajwizk. 

8az4 y& jarim&ne k& hukm k. muqaddar k. 
Doom, 5. judicial seiiteoce, judgment; ruin; fate-^an^a^ay, hiehdrkartdr bidhdn, ddesK, 

sheshbichar ; pralay, tarbandsh ; bhdgya—saxk ;& jarfm4ne le4 holm, fatw&, amr; kliar^bi, 

pAimilli ; nasib f^iydche je, wimfto— muqarrar, rouqaddar, badl 

Doom'ed, pa. [.] fated, condemned, destined — adri^tddhin, dMhikrita, prdktao. bd bhdgye sthir 
Dooms'day, «. the day of final end, universal jiidgmen^t— ^a^atsAe«.A« mahdbicltdrer din -qiyi^ 

mat, mahshar, roz-i-qiyimat 
Pooms'day-book, st a book made by order of William the Conqueror, in whicli the .estates of 
.t£ogland were registered— i^ngianda desher pratijaner adhikdrabhiimyddi likhaadrthe 

William the Conqueror ndnak rdjir dzydnnusdre krita prdchin pustak bisfiesk—ln((lan-fke 

sab zamindaroQ ket^Huqa likhne liye Wiiliam the Conqueror padsh&b ke hukm'sejoek 

kit&b bani thi 
Door, J. tbe gate of a house, entrance^du^ar,.^^ prabesher ^ath — darw&za, dar 
Do'quet, s. [dofe-it] see Docket 
Dor'ic, a. pertaining to Doris, or to an order of Grecian architecture— ytAanirmana tiiyam 

bd prakdr sambandhiyat thdm bishesh, tadbishayak ^miSiXXi&ri ki wa^a y& taur mansiib, tham 

kiek qism, us^se nisbatdir [posh Ida, makhfi 

Dor'^mant, a. sleeping ; private— wtdrita, ghvmanta ; gupta, aprakdsh — khawida, khufla, soti ; 
Dor'mitory, i* a place to sleep in ; a burial place — shayandgdr, niddgdr ; samddhi stAdn^ 

— khwibgih ; gorislin 
Dor' mouse, s. an animal which sleeps most of the winter— fe/ij^udra janfii bishesh, seprdy tdbat 
. shitkdle nidrita thdke—ek qism kH ohhoti j&nwar jo j4r4bbar soti rarhti hai 
Do'ron. s. a present; measure of three inches— ptiritos/iiAr, bhet; tinhurul pairimdn — ^Kadya;. 
' tin inch ki nip r^/t«f/t— ek qism ka orne wila kiri 

Dorr, K. a flying insect, the hedge chafer— uddat^anas^ti ktl bishesh, patqriga bd jhiajhi 
Dor'ture, s. a dormitory, a place to sleep m—nidrdgdr, shayanasthdn — khwibgih 
Dose, t. so much of any medicine as is taken at one time— auj/iad^r mdtrd bd fhorak^ authadher 

pan bdniskchita parimdn — mantid, dawi kS paimiish jo ek bir pine yi kbine ke liye 

bas hai 
Dot, «. a small point or sjSot in a writing — bindu, shiinya, Xc^uQ/ani— nuqta, bind! , snni 
Do'tage, s. imbecility of mind; excessive fondness— 6drdAafcyajamta buddhir ndsh bd, khyvys' 

td ; atisohdg — burhipe ke sabab se aql kf nuqsini y& zaifi, sathydhat ; bari dolir pyar 
Do'tal, a. relating to the portion of a woman— strtd^n biskayak, jautuJcsamhandkiya-'jahfH 

<nans(ib, jahezi 
Do'tard, Do'ter, s. one whose age has impaired his intellects; ai silly lover — atibriddfta, 

hatabuddhi, bhimarathi ; atipremdsakta, prememagna — wuh shakhs jis kk bu|:hipe se dimagh 

tal gayi ho, bahatri, hawdssb^khta ; shefta, ishq mea gharaq 
Dote, vn. to love excessively or foolishly— ati^oAd^ £. preme mugdha A.— nihayat pyir k. ishq 

ineu sbefta h. muhabbat men gharaq h. [bakhshish piyi hdi, rakhne w. 

Do'ted, a. endowed, gifted, possessed oi'-jautu^rdpta, ddnaprdpta, bishishta — muyassar, 
Dot'tard,<. a tree kept low by cutt^ng-^niyata chhdutd brikhya—pti; jo hamesha cfahiutkar 

barhne nadeweii . [do tab,ior& 

Doil|ble, a. two of a sort, twofold^-dwi^n, dohdrd, dund, jord, dway— ddni, dugni, doori, 
Dou'ble, v. to make twice as much ; to sail round a headland ';^ to fold ; to play tricks— cimig-un 

ki^dohdrd k. antarip diyd phiriyddgaman ; mordna, kdparddir bhduj k, ehhai k» prabanemind 

k.-^fidaA k.dohrd k. mozif k. tek ke gird jahi'z lejina; mo|rni ; dhokbli d. farebk. 
Dou'ble, s. twice as much ; a fold ; atrick— dund, dwigun parimdn ; bhdnj, pdt ; c&Aa2— dfoi,. 

dugni ; tahi ; fareb 
Doublede'aler, s. one who says one thing and thinks another, a kn^Lve-^rabanchak, dh4rtii,. 

//tafc— farebf, badzit, ihag [dhokhi. makr. riyd 

Doublede aling, f. artifice, low or wicked cunning— c^fcatart^, ehdturjya, prabanehand-^f^Teb, 
Dou'ble Entendre, s. [. . . ,dur'\ a double meaning of a sentence or expression — dwyarthak 

bdkya, shlesh, byanga-^do manJdir b,it [anda, dagh&bXs 

Dottbl«miod'ed,a.deceitf4l, treacherous— dwimandft, dftHrta, bishwdsghdUsk-^donns^, fareb- 

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BOU ( 157 ) DRA 

PonbHet, t. an inner garment of a man, a waistooat ; two, a pntr^bhitanr angardkhA hishesh ; 

Jord, )p.gma, <2toay— angarkh((, daglft ; juft, jojrd 
Douhleton'gued, «.T. . .] deceitful, giving contrary accounts of the same thing— domn^A, liftttrta^ 

sAaifc-^dorangtl, dozftb&n, farebi ^ 

Doublo'on, «. a Spanish coin— iicarno mudrd ftiiihesA— ashrafi kf ek qism 
Doab'ly, ad, in twice the quantity — rftoi^unrtijDe— dugnAl se, dochand se 
Doubt, f. to question, to scruple, to, fear, to distrust, to hesitate— diyiV/irffca/jiafi, stmifeha rd^ 

kian^ani8hchitahodhk,bhayk.dhokdk.apratyay fc.— shakk k. shubha k. ya<jfn na j&nnd,. 

darnd, pas-o-pesh k. ag^^picl>h& k. 
Doubt,*, uncertainty of mind, hesitation, suspense, scruDle — sandetittt dwidhdkaipand, sang' 

sltay, dhokd, 6/1^6^71^— shakk, shubha, gum(in. ishtib^lh, pas-o-pe«h, haisbais 
Donbt'fnl, a. dubious, ambiguous, obscure, questionabie, unoertaiih— as|)«sAffl, amahehitr 

adhruba, ghordrtha, bibeehatdya, samii^ct^i— mushtabah, maSikk(ik, rautazabzab, wahmi^ 

chairmuqarrar ^ 1 

Doubtfully, Doubting'ly, ad. uncert9\n\ j—fiav>deh(tpurbak, ospa tft /a r^ps—shu bhe se, shal^ se 
Boubt'lesa, a, and ad, without doubt or fear— tit/isaiide/ie, tf^ffsAjfA— eshakk-^-shubbav 

Dop'cet, ». a common kind of custard— fc/rtr«<i hisftesh — ek qism Vf Tni(h4$ 
Dou'ceur, s. [doo-sare] a bribe, a lure— g"Aus/i, lobh, pdritoshik — rishwat, tuamft 
Dove, f. a wild pigeon, a pigeon — banya pdyard, ghughn p</Hyi-— jairgli kahiittir, ftikhla 
Do'vecote, Do'vehouse, s, a pigeon-house — pdyardgdr, pdyardrkhop bd Wj/ii^cAn— kabdtar- 

khAna^ dhabari. [— kabdtar sA, fakhte ki mAnind begnii^h o^halirw 

Dove'like, a. resembling a dove^p^yarri bdgkughubat namra ebang TiirrfwAt, uhingsrakt »Hskii 
Dove'tail, s. a form of joining two bodies together, when that which is insetted has the form of 

a wedge ref ersed— pfctn^ jor6rf ^rflntfcfln— qulfl 
Dough, I. unbaked paste, kneaded flour— c/i/idn4 stiji, bhijdna dtd—g^ndhAridA 5t4, kKam(r 
Dought'y, a, brave, noble, emfnent — $dhasi, pratdpdnunta, shreshlha — baliMur, ghAzimard,' 

buzqrg [s4 mulAim, pilpii4 

Dough'y, a, soft, like doUgh— ^4a^W, bhijdna dtdbat ashqkta, taltaliyd—rtvtm, bhigft hn^ k\4^ 
Douse, V, to plunge suddenly into water- ja/c nihkhyep k. bdjhdup d, dubdna — ghot* d. y& 

khinft, dubn6 yA dubft d. . 

Dow'ager,"«. a widow with a jointure, the title given to ladies who survive their husbands-* 

stTidkanabati bidhabd^ rdjd bd huUner randd — daulatmand bew&, bAd.<shAh yA amirou kf rAn J 
Dow'dy, $. an awkward ill-dressed inelegant woman— aparts/rfcrita bd kutiitriipe ahabhkd $tri, 

kul^Hshitdstri^phdhdiii, bure taur y<i n&safVli se sajlhui aorat [jahez, mahf 

Dow'er, or Uow'ery, $, the portion of a married woman or widow— serid^aii,j««.tNfc—dahez« 
Dow'erless, a. without a fortune— <j;«Mt«fc4, stridhanrahitd bd fcor; iM—bejabez» bemahr 
Dow'las, 8. a coarse strong linen cloth— e/c prakdr motd kdpaf—m6^& mazbiit kaipfe ki ek qisn» 
Down, 8, tender feathers, wool, or hair ; an open plain, bank of sand— narrnn pakhya bd 

pn»ham bd Iqm J mdlh , bisheshatah pdkdrer dhdrastha mdth, bdlimay prdnteTfehur — narm 

par y& pashm y& rom ; maid&n, khusi^sah pah&r ko kin/lre k6, bftldchar 
Down, pr. along a descent— od. on the ground, to a lower place or state— a. dejected— nfd^«» 

adkah — ad, bhumite, taU—a, bishanna, pard— niche, tale— ad. zaminpar, nasheb mea— a. 

dilshikasta, ufi&da , [jhok&, sarnagdn, sharmgin, dHgfr 

Down'cast, a, bent down, dejected— na<a*adAomufcfc, lajjita, mldnabadan^ fcAy«wn«— nihnr*, 
Down'fall, t, ruin, calamity, a sudden fall— d^iwin^sa, utpdt^sarbandsh, kathdt grihapntan 

x^yrWt- tabahi, khw6ri, sattyinfe, n^ighAnl se girni * [ba darje ut&r 

Down'hill, tt. defclivous, decending— rfAd/, ^ardn^ kramonimnapath^d\iA\A, dhfUw&u, darje 
Dowflly'ing, pa. near time of childbirth—prosrt6ft«?anopafcramrf itri, prasab haanet prdkkkl 

prdptd <trf— wuh aurat jo dard*!-Abastahl kf h*lat mea ho 
Downright, a. t)rain, open, directly tending to the point, unceremonious, plain without 

palliation — saral, nUhkapat, kholdt suapoihta, pralerifa— s&f, sAdi, khuld, sidh&, thik 
Hown'right, ad, plainly, truly— 6yatfa bd saralrHpef sufprtsh(e, thik-^s&fsAff sarlUan* thfkVsach 
Down'ward, a. tending down, dejected— nichagdmi, adhogdmi, biihanna, adhomukh-^nicM, 

past, ud^s, sarnagnn ' • ' 

Down' ward, Down'wards, fld. towards the centre, from a higher situation to a lower—madftya- 

dike, ndbhisthaU, adhodike, nic^-^markaz ki taraf, wasat meu. niche, tale 
Down'y, a. covered with down,* soft, tender^na^iNpa^lcAddi bishUhtaf komalf ttaram— narm 

par y& pashm jk roeud&r, muliim, narm 
Dowse, s. a slap on the face.— »a. to strike— cfcaf, chapetdghdt—va, char imfran— tarn &ncha, 

thappaf — va- tamiinchtf m&rni 
Doxolo'gy, s.'a form of giving glor/to God-^ Parameshwarer mdhdtmyaprakdshak $tuti bdkyn 
, bishesh^Khud&\.\ hamd karne kA ek taur 

Doxy, I. a prostitute— iwAjfrf, upattri, ^nia/^- qahba, kasbi, KesiwA 
Doze, V, to slumber^ to stupify, to be dull— gfcutnan, dholan, abasddita k. nidrita ^.-:*6tgKnA, 

jhapkf men h. Ankh lag&n4/unghAn<i, sol&nA 
Doz'en, s. [duz-zn] the number of twelve— d«>rfda«hrt5ffnk/iy4, d^ddaxh, bdra — b&rah, do4zda1i 
Do;ttn6S3,^«. drowsiness, sleepiness — nidrdkarshan, tandrd — unghtil, nlmkhwftbf , ghunudagi 
Drab, s. a strumpet, a slut; a thick cloth— ftu^a.M, bdrdnfcand^ oparishkritd aHh4t petani ; mofd 

kdpdjr bhhesh-^^rk\i9.\, oahba, patutiy^l, phuhar; ek qism kk gayhli kipfA 
Drachm, s, [rffdw] an old Koman coin, the eighth part of an ounce— Rtimiya prdehin mudrd 

bkheth, portinaii M«Aet«^if^am, RiimCoa k& ek qadimi sikka, ek wazo 

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» R A • ( 158 ) DAB* 

"Dnfy t. refuse, Iee9, dress, tweepiags—fnai* gdd, uckekisk}i$t jw^dl-^\%kit khoji, phtik, 

jh&rari, kurkut «^ 

Draft, t. « bil>. See Draughi-^t^nr ehiii, Aun^t—hnndi, barftt 
Drag", V. to pull afon(i:i>y force, to trail— ^anan, dkanhan^ Idniyd dnan, gheush/aran — ffhasft- 

ni., klifachD&, Unn& [k4 j&l, ankor^, chhotf g^jri k{«k qi»rn 

Drag. ff. a net, a hook, a kind of cart — tdndjal, dkarshanibd kdu^d bUhesh, ei Aat]e;4ri— ek-qifm 
Drag gle, va. to make dirty by dragging on the ground— Xuipaf/ic^t kddd diyd €^henfihariyd 

mayld k.^\\{, kapr& w. g. kichar w. g. meu ghasit ke m'aiU k. . 
Drag'gled, fMi.T-- J' miide dirty by walking— &ar(2amitpta, kaddmdkhd, mayld-^Wthj^ hdiSi^ gil 

yi kfchar.&Ind, mail4 [daryii ki tah mea bichhA ke khiuchft j&t& bai 

Drag'net, s. a net to be drawn along the bottom or the water — ^dnd jdl—trnhklA], j&l jo 
Drag'on, t. a winged serpent ; a constellation— pafc Ay a bi$hi$kfa ajdgar bd kdlpanUc aturpa 

bishesh ; bithesh tdrdjhun4a'Tek qi«m k6 pard4r khiy^li s4mp y6 azhdah4 ; Lai sitdroft k( 

Drag'onlike, a. furious, ^erj-^-atirdgdlat bhaydn(fkt iuhmdnwita—-g\i2iZtA>n(ik, Atashi, tupd 
Dragoo'n, s. a. Boldier who serves either on horse or foot— a«Aw<irtif&a 64 pa(i(£<ik «amya — 

sawAr y4 pi><lda 
Drngoo'n, v<i. to compel, to submit, to leduce— •satnya karanak datnant bath l^ran — ^fau) se 

dab&nA, t&bi k- [mori, badarrao.Biuhrf 

Drain, t. a chaonpl for water, a watercourse— Juli, nardamdt prandli, payandld^ih£\t. 
Drain, v. to draw ofT, to make quite dry— I'a/ takal chhenehiyd phelan, thuthkak. ninu'k* — 

chi)4nn&, p&nf nik&l dAlni, clilis I- sukhanA 
Drake, $, the male of a 'duck— pitihangia, punghangfa—hzii, bat-nar, badakh 
Dram, s, in troy weighty the eigljthpart of an ounce; a glass of distilled spirituoos liqaor-r- 

parimdn biihesh ; ek peydld madird hd ^kkdle pdnopajuktumadyddi^ekpaim^ish ; ek pij41a- 

ohar. 8har4h yC ek b&r pine ke muwdfiq shar&b- 
Dra'ma, s. a poem accommoviated to action which is not related but represented, a i>laf» a 

tragedy, a comedy— nafafc ka6^a. jatra— indirjdl, n4(ak, naql 
Dramat'ic, a, represented by action, theatrical— ndfak, 6tsh<tyafc, tatigkdrif ubhtnita, abhin$ffa 

— haqli, n&^aki, saw^ingS ... fmusanaif 

Dram'atist, s. a writer of plays or dramatic compoititions— rti/i/a/c ftarf^— indirj&H, n&ta& ki 
Dra'per, s. one who sells cloth— bastra6iib*eta, kapufiyd bydpdri — bazz6z, pArchafarosh 
Dra'pery, s. cloth-trade ; the dress of a picture— frastrafryadafi ; chhabir parichehad bd dhk^ 

rntuuii- kapre kA k&rob&r ; taswlr k& lib&s yA han&o' 
Dras'tic, a. powerful, efficacious, 'Tigorous—zisAu bhedak aushadh, gunabithishla, haiabdn 

— mushil, zdd dast&war jull4bi muassic, zor&war 
l>raugh, t. [dro/] refuse, swill— tgidni,,fc/ioakri—talchat, durd 
Draught, s. [draft'] act of drinking ; a quantity of liquet drank at once ; act of drawiagor 

pulling carriages ; the quantity of fishes taken by once drawing the net ; delineatioa, sketch ; 

a detachment of soldiers; an order for money— pdnkaran ;'drabdrabyer dhok^ ekkdle nihtdritm 

madyddi ; gdri ityddi Idnan bd dkarshan ; dhrita matsyddirjhdnk', chhabi^ ckhdnch, pdndu 

^ekhd ; sairlyiadal; tdkdr chili bd hundi—piaA ; ghuat* ek b&r men pigai sfaar&b ; gftfl 

^. g. k& klifucli&o ; ek dafe ki u(h&i h6i machhlloa » naqsha, chb&nch&, muswada ; f»ii 

kA ek guroh ; hundi 
Draught, Draft, a. used for or in drawing— ^ftiTkini'y^ garuddi, g4r(bdKak-^]kd^^ boihel 
Draughts, «. a kind of play on chequers— c^Aak bariydr kkeid 6ij^«A— mughalpa^Ma w, § . 

takhta nard bAzWu ** 

Draw, v. to pull forcibly, attract : unsheath ; to represent by picture; to allure, to wto— 6ai« 

l^i/iafi, dkarshaHf kheuchan ; tchaphnite bdhir k, chitra k. abayab likhan ; phmaidna, 

nrabritti janmnna, prapan— gha3i(n&, zor se kashish k. niy&m se uik&loA ; taawir khfachiUi ; 
, ^ TalchAna, phusUni, apoi k. 

, dhard^i, ehhdriyd bd pktriyl 

„_, _. _ ,^._„ r, -- communication at pteasare-^ 

told sdtjko, gw^Kchhdkrame toldjdy ehang pheld jdy kdshihanirmita tfiuko— u(n&uw6a piil, 

y&ne lakri k4 ek pul jo khushi se uvh&y& aur phenkA j4we 
Drawee', s. one on whom a bill is drawn-i-Aun^t deodjdy bd Ukhd jdy jdhdr upar— jtspar 

huodi y4 bar&t likhi j4e » [4ioabt8 ; derte 

Draw'er, t. one who draws; a sliding hox—hundi lekhak; sinduker fdnd ghar, kosA^ftd'— buo- 
Drawe'rs,s.a kind of light under breeches— p/^'<iina,jaiig^y4—rpkei&ma, iz6r, jAnghiy4 
Draw'ing, tj, delineation, represenution— cAitra, chkahi, paf— ^aqq&shf, naqsh o nig&r, aaqsh 
Draw'ing-room^ s. a room for coi^paBy — bmibdr ghar, sabhdr kuihari, atithisangawM skdU'-^ 

baithakkh&na , diw&n-i-&m 
Drawl, vtt. to speak slowly or donnishly— dfctr« bd aipashtarUpe kathan, akdradi dirghm 

kariyd kahan, asabhya bat bd cttdshdr nydy katAan-^chab^ chabi ke bolbi, «Bghar Id in4* 

bind kahnA 
Draw'well, s. a deep well of water— p4lk4y<» gabhir k^p— gaheri k6&, cb&h 
Dray, t. a carriage used by brewers — madirdbdhak (dad gdri bd thakaf bitheth^tAi 

thhakf & jis men shar4b lej&te haia 
Dra zel. s. a tnean, low wretch ; a drab— p^ji bd jaghanyq, lok, khyudra bd nieh lok ; bkrathid 

4itkaekakufu<a%4«frt— kaminashakbs, pajiyA zaUl admf; farkhal, paturiy& 
Dread, a, great fear, atire— iitonka, gkor bhay, ati ihanJjfA^diT, khauit; daAfha^ baibat 

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DBS ( 159 ) DRI 

Dread, ». to be in fear, to^tand in awe— atyanto bhay jukta h, atUhankd k.-^ATuA, dahshat 
khftn^, khatra k. fn4k;inukarrani. Inuazza^ 

Dread, a, terrible, awful ; venerable — hhayinak, ddrun ; atyanta mdnya, drjya — roahib, haul* 

Di^ad'ful, a. tefriMe, awful, frightful— -6Aa</a/ifcar, ghor, dtankajanak, bhim — dahshatnAk, 
haulnak, khaufnak, purkhatar .. [Dih4yat khaufn&ki se 

Dreadfully, ad. terribly, frisfhtfully— fmi?ia6Aayc, rfrfrunriipe, atishay bhaypurbak — haibat se, 

Dread'less, dt. fearless, 'mtrepiii—nirbhity, nihsfutukd, .sj^ast— nidar, b*b&k, bimraatwar 

Dream.*, thoughts in sleep; idle fancy~«wa/»na ; adbhutdnubhabf 6fcra»»— khw6b, sapnd ; 
. khiy&l-i-khdm 

Dream, v. to rove in sleep, to imai^iije, to be slug^fth^— sti)aptia darshan bd dekhan, kalpand 
k. bhrctme mane k. alas k. — khw&b dekhn^, khiy^l k. sust h. , 

Dream 'er, «. one who dreams ; an \(i\er—iwapnadarshak, bkramajukta, mithydkalpandkdri ; 

•W« 6rfa(as/ofc— khwftbbin. wahmi, khiydli ; sust 

Dream'le^s, o. free from dreams— wtsAtyap/itt, gabhtr nidrdbishishta-^hekhvfAh, nisapn4 

Drear, Dreary, a. gloomy, dismal— ^iar, ddrun, bhayankar, nirdnanda, nirjan— muhib, 

khatarnak, ghamgin, sunsdn 
Drear'iness, s. gloominess, dismalness— jr^cwotujar, lAaydnakatwOt udasoic'fnirf— haibatn^kf, 

khatarnaki, afsurdagi ' [--kasturd pakafne k^.jfil ; satan&j, &q8&m an4j k<i mel , 

Dxedge, $. an oyster net ; a mixture of tifSim—kasturd dharibdr jdl ; ndiid shasyer tniskrabhdh 
Dredge, va. to scatter flour on; to take with a dredge— p^fc karane mdn^sddite suji nihkhyep 

k.chhitdna ; kasturddi jdle dhuran—paik^ae meagosRtw. jg.par&t^bhurbbur&u& :jal se kas- 

tdf& w. g, ko pakarnd [bhur&ne kd zarf 

Dredg'iag-box, j. a box for dredging meat — suji nihkhyepdrthe p4(ra— ^l^pAsh, A\h, bhur- 
^'65 67, a- containing dregs, feculent — nUdjukta^ gddamay, aparUhkdr, ghoLd — gadU, pur- 

durd, maiU, mukaddar . . [durd 

Dregs, s. the sediment of liquors, ]ee9—maU, gdd,:kdit, fcAayfcri— talchhat, mail, kudurat. 
Drench, va. to >nrash, to soak, to steep; to phyMC-r-dhujan, bhijdna, drdra bi sikta k. aushadk 

p^n./eamna— dboni, bhit;onii, tarbatar k. juliab d. 
Drench, s. a dra>ight, physic for a brute — amitadher pan bd dhok, ashwd^tir aushadh^dn^i. 

k<i gbiinl, j^nwaroa ki dawd [bhigd hnd, shorbor . 

Drenched, pa. [, ] washed, soaked, cleansed — dhauta, siktrtf bhijdna, pariskkrita — dlioydhdd. 
Dress, s. clothts, garment, habit, finery — parichchkad, bastra, paridheya, be&hbkus'hdj alankdr 

— posh&k, lib^s, kappe, ir^ish, bando 
Dress, va. to clothe, to adorn, to deck; to cook, to prepare ; to cover a w'ouod — bastrddi pari^ 

dhdn k^ kdpar parana, beshbhushd k, shobhd k. pdk k, prastut k. khyat parishkdr k, aushadk 

icigniyd d.^^kapri pahinnd. poshak pabndnd, didsta k. bando k. 9auv*arnd; pakana, taiydr 

k/ghao sdf k. pattl bdndhnd yd marham iagdnd 
Dre!*«'er, s. one who dresses ; a kitchen table— ^asira paridhdnahiri, arthdt hastra pardy je; 

pdkgfiher pdtd bd tnangsddi kdiandrthe' mancha^ibAs yd poshdk pahndne w. sajdwaahdr ; 

bavearchikhdne kk mez 
Dressing, s. act of dressing, attire ; the appliiiation made to a sore— paridA^n kriyd, paridheya 

kdpar, beshbhushd ; khyater pratep bd pati — libds karnd, poshdk, sdj, singdr ; marham, patti 
Dr^s'ihg-room, s. a room to dress in — bastra paribdr griha^ bkushandgdr — poshdkkhdpa, sdj 

yd'iibds pahinne kd ghar [kd^nd, tardshnd, kd| dd^nd- ^ 

Drib,i;a. to crop, to cut short, to lop off — ehhdiji'an.kdtant kartan, kdtiyd pheLan — katayid, 
Drib'ble, vn. to fall in drops, to fall weakly and slowly; to slaver, as a child or idiot— 6mdu 

krame patan, khyaran; Idlparan — tapak'nd, ^hiind ; rdl tapaknd 
Driblet, 5. a small quantity ; a small sum— 6in(iu, tuki; dndpdi ityri(it—' khurda, reza; dnd 

pdi w. g, [sukhdne w. jdzib, khushk k. w. 

Dri-er, «. that which absorbs moisture — shushkakdrak, shoshak, shoshankdri gum bishishfa — ' 
Drift, s. impulse; scope;' a heap thrown together by the wind; a heap; a body of snow—' 

jor ; abhiprdy, bhdb ; bdyudwdrd rdshikrita bastu ; rdffii ; ghttnibhuta kimer stup— ghalba ; 

irdda, gharaz ; hawa se dheri ban! hiii chiz; tiida, dlier ; ambdrri-baraf 
Drift, Va. to drive i to throw together on heaps—cM/an ; rdshi fc.r-chaUnd ; a^.bdr k. , 

Drill, s. aa instrument for bormg holes : a small brook ; military exercise— tui'/zpan; khyudra 

nadi ; sainya binydsddi karaner nhikAyd — barmd ; chhotf nadi ; qawdid-i-fauj » 

Drink, s, liquor to be swallowed, beverage— peya drabya, pdner sdmagrtf ma<itra<2i— sharbat, 

shurb, sharab [^.— pin.^,ghnntnd, pyds biijhdnd 

Drink,'i;. to swallow liquors, to quench thirst— p<i» fc. drabdrabyii galndhah k. iriihnd nibritti 
Drink 'able, a. potable, capable of being druns— peya, pdnajogya^ pdndrha — pine ke ^dbil, 

noshfdatii . • [shardbkhor, matwdJd 

Drink'or, s. one that drinks ; a drunkard— panfearia ; madirdpdyi, fnat4/-^pine w. piyanhdr ; 
Dnp", w/i. to fall in drops— va. to let fall— 6»«<i<* bindu bd photd photd paran, jharan-i^m, 

khyardna, cAoyana— tapaknd,.raulaqdtir h. - va. chwldnd, tapkdnd 
Drip ping, s. fatgatliered from roast meat — mingsa dagdha karan samay^ je ghritddi gaiiyd 

par«,«ei —kabdb ki chai^bi , ' [nddir 

Drip'ple, a. weak; rare, uncommon— /c/iy in, dur6a/ ; durlabhf asddhdran—zhij ; karoydb. 
Drive. V. to force along, to urge in any direction i to gtiide a carriage ; to knock ia-^ckdidnn, 

tdrdiyd d, konadige gati kardna ; gdfi chdldna ; ktlddi basdiyd d. jManr^ciialdad, daordad,. 

bankdnd ; gdfi hdnknd ; roekh chaldnd, thonknd [doldr pydr k. 

Dnv*^!, V. to Slaver; to dote— /a/par<t»a, chhep phelan; atisohdg it.^rdl yd Idr (apkdnd ; bafi 
Driv'el, s. slaver, moist*u^^^froa2 twrnovLth—ldl, chhep, mukhanirgata ra«— rdl, Idr, ludb 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

dr/ ( 160 ) Dau 

Driv'ellcr,f. a slaverer; a fool, an idiot— Wiparimufcfc; hatabuddhi, prf^oi-^rilree ; K&odf^ 

"^ ahmaq . [daur&yi h64 

Vriy'en, Dro'ven, pa, of to drive-^Mlita, chdld, tdrita ityddi—chMji hii, haak&y& hdfi; 

• Dri'ver, $. one who drives, a charioteer— cWiafc, hdu^cdy hd chdldy je, tdrathi, gdriydn-^ 

hankwayA, h&nkne w. gdffb&n, kochw&n 
Driz'zle, vn. to fall in small slow drop8-r6indu bindu brUhti paran, lagku brishti h. gunruni" 

jiaran— phAhdrpa^rnA, phnhigirnA fphdhfirtS, jhisiy&hi 

Driz'zly, o. shedding smaW jdLm-^sHkhvma J aladhdrd bishiskta, bindu bindu bishtijukta — 
Drock, s. a part of a piou^—Ungaler ek bhag—h&l k& ek juz 
Droil, vn, to work idly, &c.— s« a drone — 4f^ile b'i shaithilyariipe karma k, bd h.-^s. akarmanya 

byaktit nlas loksusii se k&m k. y& h.— s. majh61 shakhs, sust &dmi 
Droll, s. a jester, a buffoon ; a farcfe— 6fcaar, maskdrd, rasik ; th&ttd, sang, kautuk—khWMhiz, 

maskhara ; sang, pekhn& * [maskharapan k. 

Droli, vn. to jest, to play the buffoon— 6tdriip k. bJidardmi ki rasikatd prakdsh it.— khilli k. 
Droit, a. comical, odd, strange, queer — uchchambha, rank, bidriipi, dshcharjay, bismayajanak 

—maskhara, khushtaba, tha^nol, achambhft, ajib , 
Drol'iery, «. idle jokes, buffoonery ; a show—thdttd, bidrUp, byanga, bhdQrdma ; san^— 

khilli, thatholi, zatal, maskharapan ; saw&ng * L^k qism 

Drom'edary, s. a sort of camel— us^/ra arthdtuuf bishesh,sdfirani—hMiti, sindnl, y&ne <in| ki 
Dro'mo, s, a swift sailing vessel ; a ^h-^shighragdmi naukd bUhesh ; maUya biihesk—^ qism 

kf tejrao kishti ; ek qism kl machhli 
Drone, s, the bee which makes no honey ; a sluggard, an idler j a low, humming sound- 

pung madhumttkhyikft, akarmanya bd kure maumdchhi ; . jarat alaslok; .gungun thabda, 

bkramarer d/iwant— makhht jo shahd nahffl ban&ti hai -, majh'6l shakhs, 4hna y& sust &dmi ; 

ek dhim(*o khush&w&z. &wiz-i-zarat)(ir [auq&t k&tn&, narzagardl k. 

Drone, vn. to live in idleness— ti^sj^a kariyd kdla kkyepan k. gda gdnkariyd berana-^sustf men 
Dro'nisb^ a. idle, indolent, sluggish— a/o^, kure, asatarka, achetan—iUBt, majbdl,' 4hni, ghftfit 
Droop, vn, to languish, to faint, to pine away — gdybhdngan, nistejh h. mldna h» murchckita h. 
< khyin h, krisha /i.— murjh&n&, pazhmurda h. tyor&n&, zaif h. n&tawftn h. 
Droop'ing, pa, fainting, languishing— mtSrc^c^^ipanna, kramasha khyin, khyaybishishta, 

mldnibhiUa-^tyoT&y& h^£, pazmuida, murjhfty& nd&,.zalf,maUn 
Drop, 5. a globule, of liquid ; an earring— ^tndu, phofd, chhiid ; tadbat fcamtf^ran—^atra, 

bund, biinda; dweza • 

Drop", V. to let fall; to fall; to fall in drops ; to utter slightly; to cease, to die, to c6me to 

nothing— ^^/an,'pan^47'dM)n ; bindu bindu pafan; dhire dhire kathan; tthakitah. dehatydg 

k, nishphal A.— d&ln'& ; girparn^ ; tapakn&, cndn&; &histe &histe kahn6 ; mauqiif h. marn6, 

barWcfjdnfi * ^ f b6nd ; chhoti Aweza 

Drop'let, s. a little drop : a small earring — ati kkyudrd bindu; khyudra fcarnrffe^oran— chho|4 
Drop'pings, s.that which falls in drops^pattto bindu <ain«2^— qatrdt, wuh chiz jo qatra qatra 

y& bund bund hoke girt! hai 
Drop'sical, a. diseased with a dropsy— jalodari rog-a^rrafta— ^jalandharf, mustasqf 
Drop'sy, s. a morbid collection of water in the \iQdrj—jalodari,udarer3aUbriddM ro^— isttsqfi, 

jalandar [g&ra: kadiirat 

Dross, s. the scum of metals; rust; refuse— nuz^, khdd; marchyd ; khit—, kit; san^' 
Drpss'y, a. full of dross, worthless, fovil'-mald bishishta, gddajvJcta, asdr, may Id — ^maiU, 

mukaddar, n&k&r&, najis 
Drove, c. a number of cattle ; a crowd, a tutkult—pashwddir pdl bd samUha, jhdj]^ ; bkir, 

yanatri— re war, halqa, gall a ; bahir, hangama, jam&at .• 

Dro'ver,s. one who fattens oxen for sale, anddrives cattle to Tmrket—baladddi rkisfputhfa 

kariyd bikraydrthehat{elaiydjdyje,piuhubyahasdyi''yni\i shakhs jo bail w, g. ko tAia 

o mot& karke bechne ke liye b&z(lr mea lej&t(( hai, baldiy^, j&nwar k^ saud6gar 
Drought, 5. [droui] dry weather: thirst— an<i6rti^(t, shukanakdl; tm^n/f- ims&k-i-b&iia, 

khushkf, khushks&ll; pyis "^ . [kbushk 

*Drough'ty, a^ wanting rain,, dry — brishtydbhdb biMhishfa, grishma, pipdsita, shukd — ^be b&r$n. 
Drown, va, to suffocate in water, to overwhelm, to overflow, to deluge, to immerge— ja/« du- 

fidiydrndran, magna k, utthalan, jalamay k.jalasdtk. — di^b&m&rnfi, dubod. saiftlb k. pu- 

'r&bk. gbarqk. [k&hillae 

Drow'sily, ad, sleepily, heavily, sluggishly— ^/^i^aiy^* dlasyariipe, dhildy-^zskat se, sustl se. 
Drowsiness, s. sleepiness, sluggishness- jftimtfni, tandrd, kuryema, d/asya— nind, ungh^ 

8ustl,k£hell ^ [j^hw&b&ld<|a, sust, k4hil, giodf 

Drowsy, a. sleepy, heavy, lethargic, dull — nidrdlu, jara, kure, alas, sthiilabuddM-^ghvin^ti, 
Drub, s. a thump, a knock, a blow— cfc^ipar, kil, mtahtffdghdt—^hipiwf, muhki, mushc, 

Drub", va, to thrash, to beat, to .bang— nuCran, pifan, prahdr /b.— m&m&, pi\n&, thonkni 
Drub'bing, s, a beating, a thumping— praArif' bd kil mdrd, pitan, shdsti-^m&T, kdt, pit, fhonk 
Drudge, vn, to labour in mean offices, to work hard, to slave— attntc^ karma k, atiparukram k, 

ddsatwa'k.-^nich k&oi karhi,8akbt mihnat k. ghul&mi k. 
Drudg'ery, s, mean labour, servile occupation— nic/flkamta, atiparishram, hinabritti, dd9aiwa 
. —nich kdm, sakht mihnat, mazdiirl, ghuUmf ' [mihnat se 

Drudg'ingly, ad. laboriously, toilsomely— attparMArampt{r&afc, att/ceuft^tf- musnaqqat te. 
Drug, s, an ingredient used in physic, a medicinal simple ; any thing without worth or value— 

awhadkiya drabya, bhithaja ; nirgun bd a<4ra6a«ttt— dawiliic|ifz,daw&j d&r^j behaqlqatcUs 

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DRU . ( 161 ) T)Vh 


Drag^Ket, i. a cosi^rse kind of wollea stuff— fNuAu lomamay moid kdpar bishesk—ek, qism 

kimoti pashmf kap^A , .* ^ * 

Dru^'gist, 5. one who deals in drng&^aushadh bikretdt gandhabanik, pa«rfrt— attdr, pas&r! 
Dra id, s, a priest 6f the ancient Enters— Inglanda deiher pHrbakdlin dchdrj^a bd purohit 

bishesh — laglist^n k&.qadlm p&drf ya mulU 
Dnun, s, an instrument of military music; the tympanum of the ear— dAo/, dhahkd, ddindmd 
ityMlij karner Arinri— tabl, dhol, tambdr j k&n ki pardi [tHonkni ; rri&rn&, pJtnft 

Drann", vn, fo beat a drum ; to he^t^dhdkddi bdjdna; mdran, pra^riran— tabl baj^n&, tambiir 
Dram-ma'jor, $, chief drummer of a regiment — tainya dalerpradhdn 4^dki — toman ke tamb6r 
naw&zoa k& sard&r [naw&z, 4holiy& 

Drum mer, s. one who beats a drum— ^^^t, dhdkddi bdjdniydf ^Aegriyrf— tambdrchf, tabt- 
Drum'stick, s. a stick for beating a drum— V^o^ bd dhdlxr kdthi,' tadmdran^ danda — 

dhol k& chob, dand4 
Drank, a. intoxibated with strong liquor, inebriated— matta, riuide bikwal^mzivvM, mast 
Brank'ard, s. one addictied to habitua) ebriety— mciM/, madyapiyi — shar&bi, maikhor 
DruQk'enness, «. intoxication with strong liquor, ebriety — atimadyapin, mattatd, mdtaldmi — 

nasha, matwal&pan, masti ^ 

Dry, a. arid, not wet, not juicy; not rainy ; thirsty ; barren ; plain ; sarcastic — shushka, niras, ' 
artu ; nirjal ; pipdsu ; maru, shunya ; alankdrbihina, ashobhiia; bidr{ipi, byangakdri-^ 
khushk,'snkh&, beras ; bep&ni ; py&s&; dsar, jh6r& ; s&d^ ; zarif, maskhara 
Dry, V, to free from moisture, to drain — shukdna, shushkd k.ihukdiyd d. Sdjaoiiijalnirgata k. 
-jidkhQ&, kbushk k. sukh&nA, p&ni nik&l d. [lufana, khushki se, rukh^wat se 

Dry'ly, od. in a dry manner, co\d\j^sdihdnyarilpe, amehapiirbak, apriyarupe-^betaknl* 
^ry ness, s*. want of moisture— sAus^Acata, andbrUhii, shosh-^khn^hki, sukhiwat, yubusat 
i)ry'nurse» s. a woman who brings up and feeds a child without the breast— M^ pratipalikd, 

stanyapdn bhinna shishu bdlak pratipdlandrthe d<f»t— dadd, d&i-i-khil&i, 6.yk 

Ba'al, a, expressing the number two— dwibachan, dtoibachandnta,' dwisankhyak^tMmyi., 

dobachan, musannA [upddhi d.— kisf ko koi martaba y& khit&b'd. 

Bub'', VI. to maike a man a knight, to confer any kind of dignity— bishesh paddrpita k» bd 

Du'bious, «. doubtful, uncertain, not cUdLt—sandigdha, bikqlpa,aspashta, anishchit—imshkiik, 

nushtabab, ghairmuqarrar . ' * ^ jmushtabab, bet&iyun 

Bu'bitable, a. doubtful, uncertain—- an^sAehay,5aHd«A^^u^fa,a5tfctr, amrd/uirita— qdbiUi-shakk, 

Ducal, a. jiertaining to a duke — bishesh kulin byakti sambandhiya^Duke k& mut&lliq 

Du'cape, s, a rich silk worn by women— strtZofcer durmUlya pafta bastra bishesh — ek qism k& 

umda reshmi kappi jo auratea pahinti haia [ashrafi o rtipiya 

Duc'at, «. [duk'it'\ a coin struck by dukes — raupya bd swarna mudrd bishesh— tk qism k& 

Duck, s. a water fowl ; a word of fondness ; bow of the head— p^ti^ngsa, hdf^s ; sneha bdkya ; 

mastak nimna karan, ^f— bat, batak, h&us i py&r.k& lafz ; taslfm, sirjhuk&n& ' * 

Buck, V. to dive or plunge under water— du^an, dubdna, dubki mdran, jaU magna h» bd Xr, 

— dubkf mdm&, ghota Iag&B& * * / 

Dack'ing, <. the act of putting under water— :;a2« nihkhyep hard, ^u6— ghota dil&i yA khori 
Duck'iag-stool, s. a chair in which scolds are tied and put under vr2L.itr—preigalbhd athachn 
kundaliyd strtlok tdrandrthe bandhann{irbeik jate dub deoner dsan bishesh— aazi, ke liye 
jhagr&ld aurat ko b&ndhke p&nl mea dub&ne ki ek chaukl 
Duck'-legged, a. [..] short legged — khyudrapddi, hangset nydy pddbishishta—chhoi&pdir^i, 
batpair4 [bachcha 

Duck ling, s. a young or small dnck^—hangea shdbak, hdtLter 6dc^Ad— batbacha, batak k& 
Duct, 8, guidance; a tube, a canal, a passage— j'ati/cdrttd ; nal, ndld, prandli, pat/t— rAbbari ; 
naii, n&l&, r&h [ntva— chimed, muUim, narm, phaiUnejog 

Duc'tile, a. [.tt^Xflexible, pliable, easily extended— nomaniya, ashaktaynamra,komal, bistdra* 
*Ductil'ity,s. capacity of extension, flexibility— >6mdi7*yat^, namrabhdb, namaniyatd — phai- 

Une ki Idiqi y4 jogat, chimffii, mul&ini^t ^ 
Dud'geOD, s. anger, resentment, malice— 6ittu/, krodht dwesh— ndkhushl, khafgi, addwat 
Due, a. owed; proper, fit, exact— ^ntya, parishodhaniyd^ pdond; prakritay jathdrtha, 

upajukta, Mi&~-dddani, haqqdaen, wdjibi pionA; w&jib,Uiq, m&qnl, |bfk - 
Due, 8, a debt, right, just title, tribute, toll— rtn. pdond, stodrtha,' aMkdr, kar, shulka—qtjz, 

dhir, istihqdq, haqq-i-wdjib, mahsnl, rusdm 
Du'el, t. a combat between two, a single ^ght^mallajuddhd^ ubhayajuddha, duijatter paras- 
par iuddha-^o kf la^ai, kb&najangi, maljddh 
Du'ellist, s. one who fights in single combat — mallajoddhd^ vhhayajoddhd, ubhayajuddher ek 

jan— kh&najang, wuh sbakhs jo akele aur ek shaks se lart& hai 
Duen'na, s, an old woman who guards a younger-^ju6ati stri rakhydkdrini briddhd strilok, 

ehaukiddyini 6un -^wuh bufhiyd jo ekjaw&n aurat ki pdsbdni karti hai 
Dtfet', t. aa air for two performers- dui janer ehsdt haiyd geya git bd rdg bishesh— do shaks 

milkar gine k& ek rdg *" ' ^ » ^ 

Dug, s. a pap,^ a nipple, a iedA—J)dnt, stan, mdt-^-sar-i-pistdn, ch6nchi, jijiyd 
Duke, 5. one of the highest order of nobility in £ngland— lnir^*^<* desher kulin barger mahd 

kulin, agrani— Inglistdn mea sab se dU martjabe kd amir 
Dukedom, s. possessions or quality of a duke— purfto^rta byaktir pad bd adhikdr, tadddhipo' 
tya—Duke ke.amldk yd martaba , [khushdwdz, khdb 

Dulcet, a. »weet, luscious, harmonious— mis/iF«, sushrdbya, suswar, jundar— shirin, khush, 
Dttl'dfy, Dul'corate, vai to sweeten— mttfcja k, suswddu bd suthrdbya fc.— shiriak.miihdk. 

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DUL ( 163 ) »UT - 

DuVci^er, $, a kind of maetcal instrument— (adj^a jantra hishesh, f^npura-fb&je k( eV qiini, 

sitar, tambara [^r«fea— ahmaq, kund, mnthrA; udAs, afsnrda 

Dull, a. stupid, blunt, obtuse*; sad, Ae}ected—jarafmddhi,nisteji nirdhdr; hnhanna, him- 

Dull, va. to stupify, to blunt, to sdidden—nirhndn hd jaribhiitak. nistej k. hhouta k. udbign(», 

6a(iii7ifc/iita /c.->ahmaq bandni, kundk. raahziin k. uddsk. « . 

Dul'ness, 8. stupidity, dimness, blUntness— st/iw/afrudd/iita, a/pam^d/ia, apar'nthkdr^ d/i'ir«- 
rrt/titya, attfc/ji/natrt— kaudani, humuq, gaodipan, kundi,.kuDdzibni * .' ^ 

Duloc'racy.s. a predomiiiance of slaves— drfs»ancr pra&Jli<itW0 M ddhipatya — ghuI&moQ ki 

huq6mat ya khud^wandi » 

Du'ly, ad. properly, fitly, exactly, in due manner— t/pajufctarnpe, jathochitamate, -prakritariipe, 

bidhffnate—w6.yhi se, kamahaqquhu, jaisAchlihiye, tlifk Jgyag, lal, mnk& 

Dumb, o. mute, incapable of speech, deprived of speech — mukaf ahdk, hoba, gongd-^gvkn^h, 
Dumb'ne^s. incapacity to speakr-7/ru/<;atwa, bdkshaktirdhitya, gongdmi^gunp, gGng&pan, 

. khamoshi, bezab^ni . < 

Dump'ling, «. a sort of pwkWnti-'Siddha pUklak bishesh—eV qism k4 pith6 ya gulguli 
Damps, s» melancholy, suUenness— iwaw, bhdband, buhdd^ hairaktya — maldl, malolfi, gham 
Dun, a, of a dark colour, d^jV-^pingal, td'mrabarnaf ghor — misrang, samund, tira 
Dun, 5. a clamorous, importunate creditoT—uttejandkartd,dharndddyak — taq/izad^r, mutdq^zf, 

muhassil [thand fc.r-taq6za Ic. muhassili k. dharn^ d. 

Dun", va. to press, to ask often for a debt— uttejaua k. dharnd d. punnh punah'pdond prdr- 
Dunce, «. a thickscuU, a dullard, a dolt^mttrHa, abodh, jara/jwddW— ahmaq, bhakw6, 

bevaquf, ,ullu, balid 
Dung, s. the excrement of animals— pos/ttmrfir bi8hfhn,g-ti, nnd, sir— ^nh, Ud.gobar, pikhdl, bflh 
Dun'geon, s. i.jun] a close, dark ptison^pdtdlghar, andhakdrajukta bandh€inashdld,kdr4gdr 

— siyihch&h, bhaksl, gidangi • .^ [masbala 

Dung'hill, Sf a heap or accumulation of dung— ^oftflmdtr e?AJW bd rdshi—knri., gobrar, 
Dun'ner,s. one employed in soliciting petty debts— dd,dylcar an karme nijukta byakti, utte- 
^andkdri—tdLqAtk k. w. saziwal, ugahiyd ^ ^[mahassili 

Dunning, pa. pressing often for a debt — punah punah rina ahodk prdrthaftd, dh/trnd-^ttiqkzti. 
Duodecimo, a. having I'i leaves to a.sheet — chhdpd pustaker parimdn bishesk, bdrabdr bhduj. 

karile j&pdrimdn — wuhkitdb j(s mea takte ke b^rah warqk^juz ho 
Dupe, va. to trick, to cheat, to doceivQ—prabanchandk. pratdrand k. fcancWta &.— farebd. 

dliokhA d. thagn& ' • [iatiqad ; modhn, sidhS 

Dupe, 8. a credulous man ; a man easily tricked— feftjrma pratyai; pratdraniya^sliaral — ^zaiful- 
Du'ple, a. double, one repeated — dwi^un, dund^ dokdrd, dokar — dohri; d6n&,'dugn6 
Du'plica,te, s. an exact copy, a transcript— prati/ipi, dohdrd Lekhd^ wtar— naql, mukarrar lekb6 

h6&, dt&r, . ( 

iDu'plicate, va. to double, to fold together— dofcar bd dohdrd k. bkdnj k» — dohrA k. tah k. 
Duplica tion, s. act of doubling 'or folding together, a fold — dokar bd dohdrd karan^' hhanj-r^ 

dohrdj, dohrJio, tah [dorangi, dorub^ni, ri^d 

Duplicity, s. deceit, dpubleness of tongue-^c&^tnrjya, shathatdf dnimukhatdt^asdralya-^fareh, 
Dura'ble, a. lasting, having long existence— c/iirast/irtyt, dirghakdlabarti, shakta, akhyay^ 

p&^d.4r, derpi, (ikao, ustuw&r, qftim [kdlasthiti — p&ed&ri, tik&wat, istiqamat, derp&i 

Durability, «. the power of lasting, endurance— cfcirasit/iayituja, tek^o, akhyayatfoa, dirgha 
Du'rably, ad. in a lasting manner — shaktarupe^ prtfcarwpe— ustuwdri se, pded^ri se 
Du'rapce, s. imprisonment ; endurance, d\itdition—dtak baddlndbasthd, kdrdgdr; sahishnutd, 

^-qaid, h»bi ; bard^ht « 

Dura'tion, $. continuance, length of time — sthdyitwat sthitij tishthd, tekdo, kdler parimdn*- 

p^ddr!, tek&o, subfit, qiy&m, miydd, shum&r-i-zam&n [p&ediri k. sftbit r. 

Dure, vn. -to last, tp continue, to remain— tfcafcan, sthiti k. tenkan, twh/fcoti— tiknd, thahmd, 
Du'ring, pr. for the time of the continuance— jei6ae, tdbat,je parjyantat 'se pnrjyanta, itomadhye 

—tA, bhar, jabtak, tabtak, darmiy&n ' [karsaka, himmat b6ndhi 

Durst, pret. of d«r«, to venture — sdhas karila, pdriydchhet bliarnsd bdndhiydchhe'-^Weri ki. 
Dusk, a, tending to darkness ; dark-colored — Sandhydr^ prakkdlabat, dndhdre ; kdldie, krish' 

nabarna — dhursAnji, andherd, godhlf ; siyfih, kilA 
Dusk'ish, Dusk'y, u. inclining to darkness, tending to obscurity; gloon)y~apra«arena, anujjwal, 

ishadandhakdr, kdldie, ghor, godhulibat, tatkdltn, timtra/inta— dhdmlft, dhtindhU, lArik, 

siyah, dhurs&nii, godhdr 8&, tira / JghubAr 

Dust, s. earth recluced to pojrder— dfet^/i, dhuld, mrittikddir guuv^t rajd/t— dhul, kh^ir, gaijd. 
Dust, va. to free from dust ; to sprinkle with dust j to levigate— rf/iti/i/Anf an ; c^iild ohhardna; 

chdtani cwdrd parishkdr ^.— dhul jh^rnft ; dhul bhurbhurAn^ ; chhdnnA ,' ' 

Du8t'y» a. filled or covered with dust— d^v/ifnay, dfiu/ac/ic^/ianna— purdhal; kb&kAldda 
Dutch'ess, s, the lady of a duke — mahdkuliner strit agranistri—Vuke ki bibi 
Dutch'y* 5. a terrrtory giving title to a duke— ma/td/eit/iner adhikdrabhdmif agranir ddhipatya 

—Duke ki hukdmat o aml&k 
Du'teous, Du'tiful, a. obedient, submissive, reverential, respectful— ^jryda6a^, dgydadhin 

Du'tifuUy, ad. obediently, submissively — dgydukdriidp^bak, uehitamate, nanrariipe'^tkiX 

se, shdistagl 8e» gharibi se , 
Du'ty, «. whatever one isjsoondto perform, service; tax, impost, custom/toll— ftavtoiya krufd, 

uekitabyabahdr, kdrjya, sBbtidit'dkarma pratipdlan; rdjkar, shulka^kiok )o kisf kokarnA 

Usiin o D&guzir hai, wAjib khidmat : mahsiil, gh«twAH, lagtA, \9X^i 

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D-WA ( 163 ) KA8 

/ Dwarf, s. [dworf] a man, animal, or Iree, beloW the usual size^bdmytn, bduniyn, beufyd-^ 

baooA. thumk&,'koUibqad, n^iii [nftti, cbhot^h 

•Dwarfish, a. below the natural bulk, smdiil—kharba, heute.chkota, khyudra—ihumkk, kot&h, to be mad or delirious, rave— pra/ap h. bd k. eiuyd meluyd bakan, praldpadarshi h, 

— diwAna h. behawAssb. behuda bakad 
Dwell, t>n. to remain, to inhabit, to live in a place, to continue — hds k. thdkan, tishthan, 

sthiti k.—T^huA, basnA, sukvinat k. bud o b^sh k. liknA 
Dwelling, s. habitation, place of residence—ftasost/irtn, bdsd, ghnr, bdti, hdri, /fiay— ghar, m^s- ' 

kan, mak&Q, muq^m \chhota h. khyay h.—mkh}AnA, ghatnA, bam h. kotlh h. tahlll h. 

Dwindle, vn. to shrink, to grow little— s/tud/c« haiyd jdon, kharhabd rhds h. ghdtiyd jdon. 
Dying, pa. expiring; giviug a new colour, tinging — mumurshu, mritaprdy ; chhobdeon, 

rangWan, ron^fcarrt— marld, martepar ;4:angt&, rangwAi 
Dynasty,*, government,, sovereignty; a race of pfmces^sdmrdjya, ddhipatya; rdjbangsha, 

rAj^/^huknmat, saltanat, raj ; shdhi kh/lnd^n y^ nasab, r&jbans 
Dys'crasy, s. a distemperature, when some humour or quality abounds in the body -^dhatubhed, 

raktddir dus^ia^^a/t^kasrat-i-khift [i»hal, jiriyAn-i-shikam, marofa, siti'as 

Dys'eOtery, s. a looseness, a bloody flux — dmrishay, vdardmny, atisdr, 4wdrafc(o— atisAr, 
Dyspepsy, s. a diflficulty of digestion— p4/cfcric/»cA/iro, mandapdk, ajirni, m^'wrfagra— behazmi, 

kamhazmi, kampachdo ' [m/j«arrtna/>/i«/»— ishk6l-i.raaq61, mnshkil se bit ntkalnd 

Dys'phony, «, a difficulty in speaking— •6d/cfcn'fftcftAra, bdkyer jnrya bd jar aid bd kashte 
Dys\iry, s. [dizh-u-re] a difficulty in voiding urine — mutrakricAchhra, prasrdh karane kushja 

— usrulbaul, habsuibaul 


Each, pro. either of two, every one of any number— prufyefc, ubhnye, ek efe— kol do men se, 

harek, ekek [drzumand, sargarm, shadld 

Ea'^ger, a. ardently desirous, ardent, vehement-^iftsnfc, byagra^ ugra, sottttar— shauqln,. 
vEa'gerly. ad. with ardor, zealously, earnestly — auUukyapurbak, byagratdpurbak, aticheshtdy — 

shaiiq se, nih&yat Arzn ya koshish se ~ [koshish 

Eagerness, 5. earnestness, ardent zeal— 6ya^raf.£, ugratd, cheshtd, wdi/oy— shamq, sargarmi,' 
Eagle, 8. a rapacious fowl of the-geous falcp— iturar pakhyi , utkrosh-^uq^b, huma 
Ea'gle-eyedi a, quick-sighted, of acute sigbi—'tikhynadrishiibishishta, tikhynadrik — tez nazar, 

teznigdlv ^ X . 

Ea'gle-speed, «. syviftness like an eagle— fcufar(£di pahhyibat drutagati — uq&b k& si. tezrao 
Eag'let, 5. a young eagle — utkroihashdbak-^uqib kd bachcha 
Ear, s. the organ of healing; a spilce of corn — shrabaneiidriya, karna ; shashijddir shish bd 

manjari — kin^gosh ; khoslia, bal , [tin ke umari k6 khitib 

Earl, s. a British title of nobility — Ins^Undiya kulin ptd bishesh, tat suchak paddhati — Inglis- 
Earr.dom, s. theseignory ofanearl — purOoktakulinerpadhdadhikdr—EarlUkdaiTia, yi. aml&k 
Ear'Iess, a. having no ears— /car nara/i if, ihrabanendriya /itn— begosh, bekdn 
Ear'liness, r. a atate of advance in ume—dshubhdb, ihtghraid, tiz^ara- shit^bf, jaldi 
Ear'ly, iid.soon, in good iimQ—shighra, sakdle, ^ar/iy— jald, sawere, shitAb 
Earlmar s6al, a. the officer that has the chief care of military soUmmties—juddhotsabddhya' 

khya bishesh — muhtkroim-i-jang « 

• Earn, va. \o merit by services, to gain— par wferam bd anya kona karmer betan prdpta k, updr- 
* jan k. Idbh k. — kamftna, hasil k. nafa k. "^ 

Earned, pa, [.] merited by services, gained— parw/iram« prdpta betanddi, uchita pratiphaly 

ttp4rjtta— jaza-i-w6jib, kamiyi hdA' , [s6i, yaqindil 

Earn'est, a. cages, diligent,'8erious- utsitfe, byagra, sacheshla, sthiramandh—hB.}\dd, shauqin, 
Eam'est, a. money advanced, a pledge— 6ara?i arthdt nirdhdrandrtha, datta je mudrddi bishesh, 

pan abadhdrandrtha tankd — baeana, d&dni, pat* an 
Earn'estly, ad, eagerly, warmly, ardently — cheshtd krftme^ byagrarnpeshdMq se, sargarmi se 
Ear'ring, *. a pendant, a jewel for the e&r—karndbharant kundal, j/i/iumfeddi— jhuml^, kuldal 

w. g, kRn ki zewarAt ' - • ^ ♦ 

Earshj i, field that is ploughed— cAa«fe/f khyetra, krishta Mfumi— jotd hiU khet, AbAdi zamin 
Ear'shot, s. within hearing, space heard in— /carnagoc/iar, skraban hay jeparjyanta tat 

parimit*stMn-r-sunte bhar men, dwAz-purtib 
Earth, i, mold 'or fine particles of the globe ; the globe, land, country— mritti/ca, mdti ; 

prithibi, hkHrdi, des^— rai^ti, khAk ; kura-i-arz, zamin, mulk ^ 

Earth' en, a. made of earth or clay — mrinmayt parthib, mdtiyd—mh\\ ki, gili, sif&lin 
Earth'ly, a, pertaining to the earth, carnal— ai/ii/c, sdngsdrik^ sferfririTc- dunyAwi, saHsArik, 

Earth'quake, s. a shaking of .the earth— 6/ttimi fcampa— zalzala 
Earth' worm, «. the dew worm; a mean wretch— /ceac/io, l^inchuluk; pdji, atikhyudralok-^ 

kech<i&, khfkr&^lQ; pijf, kamina i^'' 

Earth'y, a, consisting of earth, like earth — tnrinmayf mrie^Unbishishia bd todbat— kh&kf, 

nii(tl kft, mift! 8& 
Ear'wax, a. a thick viscous matter secreted in the ear — kamamal, khali^^ki,n ki. mail« khdnd 
Earwig, t. an insect, a centiped— fcanfco^dri, kit 6t«Aes&— ek qism kk idji. . . 
Else, t. freedom from pain, rest, facility ^nir6«dan4, isukh, swdsthya, bishrdm, aduMarattoa, 

andydsr^^T&m, chain, kal, i&hat, ^dyash, 6sini 

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EAI ( 164 ) BDf ' 

Ease, va. to relieve from pain, to assuage, dXieylaXB^duhkha byaihddi upasham &.— ranj o dard 

ko ddr k. &r&m d. bahmp^ [ — naqq^A ke t&(lag6ne k&qdlib 

Ea'sel, s. frame on which a painter's cinvass rests — chitrakarer tdt bdndhibdr pdtfd bisk^sh 
Ease'ment, s. ease, suppo>t, veWei^duhkhopctsham, upakdr — &r4m, raf&hiyat, ihs&n ffaaa 

Eas'ily, ad, without difficulty, readily— annyase, dshu, 'sahdj e-^ks&ni se, suhdlat se, betakallu- 
. Eas'tness, s. readiness, ease, rest — akashtatd, andyfdst akUsh—Aaini, suhdlat, ^r&m 
Eastj s. the quarter where the sun rises— plirfcarftfc, srtrjyodayasthdri—mai&hT'iq, pdrab, sharq 
Easter, j.the festival in commemoration of our Saviour's resurrection— FtsAu Khrishfer pu- 
, narjiban smarandrtha j^ar^d/ia— hazrat I'sA ke b&r-i-digar Hndahonekl y&dg&ri k4 teondr 
Eas'terly, a. and od. towards the'-purbadikef purbadiker, pHrbamukh — p6rab ki taraf, 

sharq i, pdrabrukh 
East'eni, a. being in the east, oriental— ptfr6adifrit/tifi, purbadeshiya^-^Tmahriqi, purab!, sharqi 
East' ward, ad. towards the east— pur6a<ii&«, pfir^bdnchale—pdrdh ki taraf, bajdnab-i-sharq 
Ea'sy, a, not difficulty, quiet, complying— sa/uiij, sugam, luatka, kornal, subineya^ik^Aa, sab|, 

dsudahdl, muli^im, halim 
Eat, V. to take food, to swallow, to consume-*a«ftan, dhdr k. gilan, khayayk. khddan — kh&n^l, 

taadwul k. nigalntl, p^eraal, ziya k. ' [ke qftbil 

Eat'able, a. capable of be}hg e^i^n—bhx^aniyata&haniyaf fe^atft/a-^khurdani, kh&ne jog, kh&ne 
Eat'en, -pa. . devoured, consumed, swallowed— ^Wmfeta, bhaWiyita, khddita, grasta— khurda, 

kh&yA had, nigld hud ' [parch hat), orl 

Eaves, s. the edges of the roof which overhang the house— g'^arer ehhd{ickif parackhati'-oitii 
Eares'dropper, s. a listener under windows— fcrtn4c/w'y4, feandriprfrd —kaolelagwd, oiti lagwd, 

goshbardwaz Uagndyd h. zaWdl h.'ghatnd 

Ebb, ««. to flow back towards the sea; to decay— 6^*d k, bd patan; khyay h, rhds ft— bbdtbd 
Ebb, s. the reflux of tjie tide ji waste — bhdld, ; khyay, rAas— hhdihd, jazr ; zawdl, ghatti 
£b'on. Ebony, s. a hard black valuable wood— re/sdr kd»hlha bishesh, /cent^u- abads 
Ebri'ety, «. drunkenness — mattata, mdtoWmt— mastf, sarshdri 
EbuUi'tion, s. act of boiling— ja/actir phutan, utMp— josh, ubdl 
Eccen'tric, a, deviating from the centre — madhyatydgi, madhydethal haite bickalitaf aniyamita 

'bhramanshil, niyam 6a/iir6/iuta— tdrik-i-markaz, kajrao, be qaida o dastnr, bakarchal 
Eccentri'city, s. deviation from a centre ; particularity, irregularity— wiad/iwatydgita ; niyofnor 

hhanga, aniyam, baishamya bd bailakhyanya-^mdj\iZ.z se inhiraf yd bnatak j khusdsiyar, 

khildi<lasturi» bakarchdl ' ' 

Eclesias'tic, s. [..z^e..^ adergyman, 9i priest'— dharmopctd^shak, dharmapade nijukta jdjaki 

pwTo/iitrtdi— muUd, jdjak, imdra, pddri [yd irfidmat mansCib, dint 

•Ecclesiast'ical, a. relating to the church— jdjafe padnimhandhiya, dharmabishayak — ^kalesd 
Ech'o, s. the reverberation of a sound— pr a tidhwani,pratishabda, gumaran — gdnj, sadd. 
£claircis8'ement,«. [..siz,] explanation, the act of clearing up an zffdiit—bydkhyd, spashta 
^ kariyd artha fc, sandeha Manga— baydn, tasfiya' 
Ecla't, «. [.fc/aw] splendor, show, lustre— s/io6/wi, jyrabhd, jduirjamafe— raunaq, bha^ak 
Eclec'tic, a, selecting, choosing— bisheshak^manonayit ckunaniy d-:-pdiS2ind k. w. chunne w. 
Ecli'pse, s. obscuration, darkness— surji/a chandrddir grahan bd antardhdn, rdkugrds, an- 

dfeafcardc/ifeanno6fta6---gahan, kusdf khusdf, andheri 
Eclip'tic, s. a great circle of the sphere— ra^/ilc/iafcrer mad/ti/areTcftd— mintaqatulburdj 
Eclogue, «.[•%] pastoral poem— rafcMrtdir git, grdmya biihayak fea^itd— chaupdn w. g. 

ki git, dihqanfghazl 
Econom'ical, a. frugal, i\\t\hy—parimiitabydyit byayakuntha—Vilkj^Xi, juzras 
Econ'omist, s. one who is thrifty or UngiX—anartkakbyaye kun^hita byakti, paritnittibyayi — 

wuh shakhs jo klfdyati yd juzras ho 
Econ'omise, vn, to retrench, to save— a/pa byay fe. bdndhd bdndhi byay k, parimita byay iariyd 

sanchay ft.— kam kharch k. iatiddl se kharj k. kifdyat k. 
Econ'omy, *. thrifty management, frugality ; disposition of things, system of matter— aZpa^yay, 

paribdrddi pratipdldne byayabibechand; niyam^ karmanirbdha, dftrird— juzrasl, kifdyatshidri, 

girhisti ; tartib, insirdm, din ' , ' v lutsdha, mUrchchhd—nih&yiit khushi, wajd, bekbudf 
Ec'stasji 8. excessive joy, rapturp, enthusiasm, a trance— attsftay dUidd, moha, maner bikdr, 
Ecstatic, a. enrapttiring, transportii^ — monahar, m(^akdri, atyanta dUiddjanak — bashsbdsh, 

magan, bdgh bdgh, wajddwar [qarf,marbhukhdi,>khdnekd8hauq 

. Eda'city, s, voracity, ravenousness— atj^anta bhqjanechchhd, dtmambharitd, pe|ujp<fmt— jdulba- 

Ed'dy, s. a contrary current, a whirlpool— dftorta, ghurna jal, pii&c/iafcra— bhaawar, 'girddb, 

I>her,'bhaoati [ghumtd hSid, mudauwar 

Ed'dy, a. whirling, moving circularly— gfturndyamdn, pdkpdfd, ghHirnana^hil — chakkaiddr, 
Eden'tated, a. deprived of teeth— danta/itn, ddrj,t ndi id^dr— popld, undaQttd 
Edge, 8, the sharp part of a blade^ brink — dhdr, tal, l^itl— dbar, bdfh, kindra, lab 
Edging, «. a border, a fringe— 6a5trer dhdr, jMlar, j^nc/ia/- jhaldr, kindra, niaghzl, saqdf 
Edge'less,^. unable to cut, b|unt, obtuse — nirdhdr, bhojktd, atikhyna — ^kund, nidhdr 
Edge'tool, s. a tool wit^h a sharp tdge^dhdrdl astra, tikhynd8tra—6.hd&t yd tez hathydr 
Edge'wise, ad, in the direction; p|[ the edge— <2^r mukhe, dhdrdl digdiyd — dhdr ki taraf, kbafd 
Ed'ible, a. fit to be eat^n, eatable — khddya, dhdropajukta, «u6/tq;ya— khordani, khdne ke qdbii 
E'dict, s. a proclamation, order— ghoshaiid patra, oigydnpan, rdjdgydjir-iBhtih&Tnkji^t., nqja, 

Edifica'tion, s. instruction, improvement— vpacfesft, shikhyd, bidyd ebang dkarmer briddhi, 

tangskdr-'tAlim, tarbiyat, ilm o daulat kl taraqqii bbaldi 

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EDI . ( 165 ) BOO 

Edi'fice, s.a fabric, 9ihni\diag'-gtihddi,afidlikd, ghar^bdti^miftA, haweli, mak&ii 

Ed'ify, va. to instruct, to improve — upadesh fc. shikhyd d, uttama prabritii janmdiyd dharma 

nUhiha J!:.— t&llm k. tarbiyat k. durust k« bihtar k. 
E'diie, «. the title of a Romaa ma|islrate— 'l^um desker prdckin bickdrkartd bishesh—^^mion 

ke qadim kotu&l k& laqab 
Edi'tion^s, pubUcatioQot abook, the whole impression of a book, republication^^rant/ia 
ehhdpdiyd jyrakdsk hard, ekkdle chhdpdna jdy^ pustaker jata ddanha, punarbdr mudrdnkita 
' karan — chhapd, chbapdl, taba-i-s&Dl 
Ed'itor, 8, one who superintends a publication— grant/uipra&eif^afc byakti, samdchdr patrer 

kartd bd adhyakhya—mvLzWif, murattib 
Ed'ucate, va. [.^'u.J to bring up, as a child; to instruct— 6a/a& fce prati^lan ebang bidyd 

shikhyd k. gydna ddn k» upadesh k. — la^ke ko pk\n& o tilim-tarbiyat k. 8ikh&Q& 

*£duca'tiQn, s. a bringing up ;- nurture-'&it^ya shikhyd pratipdlanddi ; upadesh deoyd, guna 

jannt^na— ^arwarish ; tarbiyat, t&lfm [khinchnd, paid4 k. 

Edtt'ce, wa. to bring out, to ejLiraiCt'—bahishkaran^prakdshk. nishdran^ utpanna k.-^mk&\niif 

£duc'tion> s. the act of bringing into v'levf^bahishkaran, prakdsh karan, pratyakhya k.^izhir, 

Bumaesb, dikhl&w4 . 

£dulcor»tion, s. the act of sweetening — mishta karan, mad/iurana— shiring^ri, mfthi karni 
Eel, s, a serpentine, 4imy &s\i—pdukdl bd bdliyd mdehh bishesh, bdin mdM — mdrm&hi, bAm 
' machhli [oizhAr, kahnejog- 

Erfable a. expressible, utterable — baktahya, nirbdchaniya, kathya^ bdchya — q&bil-i-bayan- 
Effa'cor va. to blot out ; to strike out, to destroy- lupta k, kdliyd phelan, mitdiKi, uihdnU— 

ine(n&, mit6n&, chhlln^ ; k4t d. hakk k. nikil ddlna, malme| k. 
Effe'ct, 8, event produced j meaning ; completion ; reality— fcarmerjyfea/ bdgun; artha ; shesh, 

nishpatti ; nuAcAay— asar, amal, h^sil ; gharaz, muddi j kam&l, tam&mi ; haqfqat 
Effe'ct, va. to bring to pass ; to produce by an- operating cause — ghaldna; janmdna, utpddan, 

khdtdna — karni, amal mea Un& ; paed^i k. asar k. 

Efiec'tion, s, a construction ; a problem— Zi/e^an, gathan, &o/i— mazmiin, shakl, masala 

Effective, a. efficacious, efficient, useful— ^ianta, saphal, sddhyasddfiak^ gun bishishta, kar- 

manya, upajogi—k^rg^T, muassir, gunkdri, mfisir, mufid frnuassirdna 

Effect ively, aci. powerfully, with effect— prafcrita bd uttamrUpe, sagunt, sap]^2e— qar^r wiqaf, 

Effect'less, a, without effect, useless— nirart/iair, nUihphal, mithyd, nirgun^he asar, be tisir, 

nirgani, ghatr mufid faxta— amw4l, j4eaad, asb6b, ml^l o matA, dhan 

Effects, 5. goods^ maveables, furniture— a«tAa6ara d/ian4cZi^ sampattt, grihasther drahya sam-^ 

Effec'tnal, a. [. . t«/i«.] producing effect, efficacious— g'unak^rt, phcdotpddak, 'saphal, amogha — * 

muassir, k&rgar , [— karn6, amal mea l^n^, pdr6 k. 

Effec'tuate, vd;. to bring to pass, to fulfill— ;&aMna, mmpanna k, sddhya. sddhan, siddha k. 

Effem'inacy, «» softnesd, unmanly delicacy— strainata, apurushatwa, Mpuru5/iacA«r— namardi, 

zan^inapan, buzdili * [ndmard, zan&na 

Effem inate, a. womanish, 8oft,,yoIuptuous-^5traina,Xcapunt8h,nw2/e2i— zansifat, randfsd, busdil, 

Efierves'cence, s, a violent motionof a fluid, attended ^ith heat— a/ttarik teje uttapta h, wh- 

mdnwita h. — 6b61, josh, gjiuliy&a ~ . 

Efficacious, a. effectual— sap^a/jguna&<irai!c,sart7iafc— muassir, k&rgar, b&is 
Efficacy, s, ability or power to produce effects-^guhakdritd, sdphalya, gun, sftafeti— muassirf, 

Usir, qdwat-i-asar 

Em cience, «. \_,fish-yense] act or power of producing effects— s^Aa^ata, kdrjyakdritd, sdpinva, 

'^P/ialya, phalotT^dane gun bd shakti — asar numii, t&sir g|iri, quwat^i-asar [sir^ (kei 

Efli'cient, a. causing eS^ts-^haUftpddak, bishesh^gunakdri, kdrak, 5(i(2Aa&— b&is-i-asar, muas- 

Erfigy, s, image; likeness, representation— pratiwiirti, anurUp, dkriti, abayaber chhabi — 

Bhakl, 86rat, shabih, mdrat ' [phiiUwat 

^Jjores'cence, ». production of flowers— pAwiotpatt/, pushpotpddan, sp^u'an— shigufa^wari, 

■Iwres'cent, a. shooting out in flowers, Uc^—sphutita pusApi&riti— ahigufta, phul s^ phdl- 

tab64 /. [hdlchlz 

Effluence, 1. a flowing out— }ii/aaran, swabhinna parotpanna^khurdj, raw&nl, ddsre se niklf 

■tmueat, a. flowing out, issuing out of— ittpanna, nirgata, nt^rito— baht&hda, j4ri, phdtt4 

•i^a via, s. small particles which are continually flying off from bodies— sa^and^ paramdnu 

Mm^a, udjrafa 6aspa— chhofe zarra y& rez& jo ajs&mae judd bote rabte hain, bukn&rdt 
'Suu X, vn. to flow — s,an eSixsion'^khyaran, bahiyd patan—8. kona bastuhaitenirgatajalabat 

ara^a udbhdb—phtL^ nikalnd, bardmad h.— s. bardmad, khurdj 
XiffoTt, J, a struggle, strain, endeavoar— /casAta, parishram, cheshid, udyam, prayds— tas- 
T?i*'?» "»i^nat» sai, jdnfishdni, kosish 

*|tfra ible, o. dreadful, firightful, terrible— ftftawrfnafe, ir^r— khaufndk, muhib fgustdkhi 

&ffroQt'ery, s; boldness, impudence— pr^^aZ6Ai/a; dheutdmi, du^ja/tas— sbesharmi, behaydi, 
Effttl'gence, s. lustre, brightness— <i6/Ki, ujjwal, dipfi— jhalak, chamak 
•bnurgent, a. shining, bright* luminous— <ho6/iiinwtta, dedipyamdn, dipta — mujalla, jiladdr, 
w nuri, chamkild - [bahdni 

p£?f*» *«• to pour out, to spill, to shed— d/iaian, ehUfdna, nikhyep fc.— dhdlnd, dl^alkdnd, 
«|ffa 'sion, s. a pouring out, waste — phelan, riikhyep, nthsaran, apachay — bahdo, rezi^h \ barbddi 
^"> s. a newt, a sort of VkizxA-^grihagodhikd bishesh, kdukalds^chhiplLiii kl ek qism 
Egg, t. the foetus or production of the feathered tribe, and of some other animals— an^a, 
w— an^d, baiza 

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EGO ( 166 ) KLB 

Egg, va. to iocile, to instigate, to spur oa—pra^/tttj^rnm'tna, uskdna, chiydna—ishtiilak d. 

nsktina, chhern&< fnasria, aevirti 

Eg'lantine, ». a species of rose, sweet-brier— sug-aTwiAa bishishta pushpa brikhyn bishesh — 
Eg'otism, s'.sel f-commeadatioa ; frequent use of the word l—dtmaslUdghd, akarnahdmikd — * 

an^niyat, khudi, khudsit&i ; ' - 

E'gotist,' «. oae who talks mach of himself— afmis^Mq^/it, 4t/napi'as/ian«ufe—khudfarosb y& 

uumd , [^punak byiakta k» — khudsitaf k. khudgoi k. 

Eg'otize, vn. to talk much of one's seU^dtmaprashantc&d k. dtmanhinighd k. dpandke punah 
Egre'gious, a. emineDt, temdirkible-^shreshtha, prasiddha.auupam-^biti., sakht, mashdr, ajab . 
Egre giously,od. emiaently, remarkably— praaidd/tirtipe, atithaif—iMk, nipat ' 
E'gress. Egression, s. the act of going out of any place, departure-;-6a/iir;i^<imaR, hihtaran, 

pra«t/wi/i— khariij,.barftmad, raw6nagi * ^ [si chijiye kf ek qism 

Egret, s. a fowl of the heron kind — bak bd krauncha pahhyi bi&hesh—bai^li yd s^ras ki 
E'grelie,!. a flower for a lady's h^did—striloker maitakdbharan oUhesh^bMoa ki topi'ke phdl 

ki ek qisnl* 
E^griot, 8, a species of sour cheiry —amU phal bishesh.- tnrali phal kl ek qisni 
Ejac'ulale, va. to throw, to shoot, to dart, out— praVtyep bd nikhuep k. baUirgata k, ehhutdna 

— phenkn^, nik^l phenkn4 , [lio; ach&nak se'dua ^4L bam4s 

Ejacula lion, s, a darting ; a short prayer— pra^^ep, nikhyep ; haidt prMthand Mfcya— phenk- 
Ejae'alatory, tf. darted out; sudden, hasty— /lat/tat nikhyipta ; akasmdtukta bd nirgata — 

nlg&h and&khta, ach^nak se phenkd h(yi.; n^s^ahati kah&hdd yi nikUhda [ddr k. uj^rni 
Eject, va. to throw out, to cast forth, to expel — bdhir k, pheliyei d. chhdriyd d.—nikii d. 
Ejected, pa, cast or turned out, rejected— t^i/c£a, uikUyipta, bakiMtita - tark k. h. ddikarda, 

Ejec'tion, s. a casting out, expulsion — bahishkriyd, tydg, phgliyd deoyd — ikhrdj.tark, dafaya 
Ejectment, s. a legal writ hy which any tenant of a house or estate is commanded to depart— 

bdli bd bhdmi bd auya athibara d'-ia/i tyig kciranirtha dgyda patrn 6u/te<&-rbiz y4 ikhr^j- 

Eight, a. twice four — dt^ /liA.^a— 6rh, hasht 

Eightee'n, a. twice nine — dthdruf ashiddask — ath^irah ' 

Eight'fold, a. eight times the quantity— a«/i/ag-«nj dtbdr, aihtasankhyak ^--nihgnn^ 
Eighth'ly> ad, in the eighth place— as/i/a rn/Mr—hashtambAr, 4lhwau dafa * - [saasil 

Eight' score, a. eight times twenty— a.^ kurit ek sau ikdil, ekshatshashii-'Mh bis y& kori ya ek 
Eight'y, tf. eight times ten— c/iar kuriy asfiiti,lishi—&s9i, hashtad 

Ei'sel,s. vinegar, any thing very acid— siVfc^, amlaswddbithhUfa c/ra2f6{ra/>^a -^serkA, khatti chiz 
Ei ther, pro. one or the other — duiyer madhye ek, any^tara, kona ek — donou k^ ek, koi, .koi ek 
Ejula'tion, «. an outcry, lamentaiion — khedokti, bilap, roda*»— faryad,'w<iwail^, di)z4ri, matam 
Eke, or Eek, va. to increase, to supply, vo ptotrdLCl-^briddhi k,nir4)dha k, bti karma ckdidna, 

biiamba &.— ba^rh^na, sarbar^h k. diran^ k. ■ ' 

Eke, ad', also, likewise, besides, moreover^— rfr, ebang, etadbhinna—hhi, aizan, aur, al4wa 
Elab'orate", a. finished with great diligence— utt^nirttpe krita bd nirmita bd nishpanna, 

shramasddhita^atinundar—bdihMt mihnat se k. h. achchhitarah se baaay4 hnA, bahut ktidb 
Elab'orately, ad. with great labour— sac/ie^^.^^y, mahdpraydsef atipurUhrampurbak^iiuiash^ 

ni se, diqqat se, mihnat se • «tmaro4 

Eia'nce, v«. to throw out, to dhrt out— astrddiprakhyep fcrfnt^/c^yepfc.- hatiyirand^zlk. phenk 
Ela'pse, va. to pass away, to glide away — chaliyd bd bahiyd jaon, gata h. shesh h.^^nzeim^, 

guzashta h. hon6, jat&rahn& 
Elas'tic, a, springing back, recovering— 8(Aiti«^^ipa/e, tdnile bdre ebang pUnarbdr kunckan hay 

jdhdf chtmardt bfiUakhyanya piirbak piirba dhdrma bd dkdr punahprdpta ha^f je— chimf^, 

chimthi, lachiild, damdAr 
Elasti'city, 8. a property in bodies,, by which tbey restore themselves to their original form— 

(^%mardi,sthititthdpakatd, idmU f^djile par swdbhdbik dkdr prdpaner dharma bd ^u»— chim- 

' fdf, lachak, dam [— mur^d ke h^sil hone se ph6U, maghrdr, ghamaqdi, buland 

Ela'te, (I. flushed with success, lofty— wA/a siddha prajukta praphuUaehitta, darp'i, unnata 

Ela'te, va. to devate, to exalt, to puff up — unnata k,ahankritak. praphulla &•— buland k. 

maghriirk. phulani ■ . . 
Ela'tion, s. triumph proceeding from sVLCcess-^ishlasiddhi prajukta janme je abhim'in, dtma' 

shldghd, pramod— maqsad ke p4ne se jo fakhr paid& ho, gburdr, maghrdrf, ghaman^ 
El'bow, s. curvature of the arm, angle— /canut, kaphoni, kon, 6^3^— kuhni, mirfaq, koni 
Elbow-chair, s. a chair' wjth arms— ^Rui ra^fttfr^r Aata bishiihpa chauki bd keddrd^p^hlA' 

d^T x^hauki [bdrfai y4 purdni log 

Eld. <. old age, old people— 6'fr(i^fcj^a, purbakdl, briddkalok, pHrba kdier /ofc— bufhipi, 
Eid'er, a. surpassing another in years— agraja, bara, jye8htha,Jfayojyeshika -bard, jethd kaUu . 
Elder, <.>a ruler, a senior; a tree or shrub*— prad^an tok, bayase jeshiha, sambkrdnta lok; 

brjtfchya bishesh — ^bafd,^ard^r, kalda, muazzaz ; ek qism k& pef yd bdt4 [sdlkhnrda 

Elderly, a. bordering upon old age— 6ar/K, bayodhik, prdy sh^shkdl prapto— adhefi bo4ha, 
Eld'ers, X. ancient rulers, ancestors «-j)tir6a&a(m pra<i^ai» lok, prdchia lok, piirbapurush — 

sard&rda-l-peshfn, buzurgdn, pirdn [bafipatf. 

Eld'ership, s. seniority, primosenitme—jyeskthatwa, prddhdnya, agrajatwa — kaldtil, bozurgi, 
Eld'est, a. oldest, most aged — Mrbajyeshiha, aneker madhye bayase baraje-^tAh ait bafi 
Elecampa'ne, <.[....] a plant ; sweetmeat— 6riHya biihish', mkhta kdtandi 6ts/tefA— ^ qitm 

kddarakht; mithdi kf ek qi&m • ' ' 

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BiiS ( 167 ) ELC 

"filuit va. tocbooM for any b^c« or use, to ieiett-^bdehhiyd M ehuniyd I. ahudhdrita bd nijukta 

' k.mdnonitak. ithdpita /:.— chun 1. pasaad k. chh6ot 1. muntakhab k. fbarg^zida, muQtakhab 

. El^'ct, Elect'ed, j>a» a. choseo, preferred— nywfcf a, sthdpita, manonitat grdhjya—mfLqhh\, 

Eiee'tioQ, t. the act or power of choosrng, choice; the ceremony of a public choice— 64- 

ciAiyd bdhir k. swechchjid bd bibeckandpiirbak grahan bd niijog k. — barguttdagf, maqbdliyat, 

intikhfib, pasandfdag|j( [neyo— intikfeAbi, ikhtlyjlTi 

Elecllte, a', having, qr rfegulated by, cho'\ce—f^ajdganer iehchhdkrame tthdpfjniya bd mano- 

£Iect'or, *. he who elects or gives a vote ; a prince who has a Toice in the choice o» the Gagman 

empet oT-^fitoechehhdpurbnk parke biihesA pade nijukta karaner shaktibishishta, nnumatiddtd ; 

Jarmani'deshiya rdjdke rdjopade nijukta karane pasandn k are je—rmntSikhiht chunway^, 

mukht6r ; wuh shakhs jo Jarmanf ke mtflk ke bddsh&h ko pasand kardet4 hai 

Elect'oral, a. pertaining to an elector, or election— Jrfrwawi de$her mahdrdjdke nijukta 

karandrthe je manonita kartdgan, tnt sambandhiya hd tadbiskayal^'mtikhihi ; Jarmani ke 

• mu'llc bddshah ko karnewdle se mut£lliq 

. Elecf oraie, s. t,erritory. or office of an elector — Jarmani desher mnhdrdjdke manonita ebang 

nijukta karan skakti bishishla je ^n^adhdn byakti tdkdr adhikdrabkiimi-^am\A.k, y4 ukda 

elector k& ' " ' [rf^rffu-kahrub^ ; ftnriekhla rih6t 

Etec'tre, 5. f . . tur] amber ; a mixed metH—ftkatsMkd gun biskishta drabya bisk^sh ; mishrita 

Elec'trical, a. of. or relating to electricity— 6idywt sambandhiya^ bajrasphutinga bishayak^ 

injizfiM, ghazab man^nb 

Electri'city, s, that property of bodies,' first observed in amber, of atti acting or repelling li^ht 

bodies when excited by friction ; a ^u'ld—hishesh bastur swdhhdbik dkarshikd ^thahd 

apasdrikd skakti bd gun, bidyntbat settbabydpta tej , bajrasphulinga nirgata kardua fttdya— 

jazb, injizib, kashidacji , [maujdn, noehdArd 

Elec'luary, s. f.. tsA«.]a9oft compound medicine— cAos^^a aushadhi bd kdsandi 6i«/»w/»— 

Eleemos'ynary, a. rel&tin? to alms; depending upon charity — bkikhyd ddn sambandhiya, 

hMkhydpajihi, &^jAE/i3niw^>khiiiffitmansub, sadqak^or 
El'egance^ s, beauty without grj^ndeur— a^o^^a, saundarjya, saushihab — lutf, lat^fat, nazikat 
El'egant, a. having elegance, phtksing—'shdbhd bishishta, (hdm, sundar,--stUhri—Uiif, ndzok, 

nfenln, kh^ib, khush / 

Elegantly, act. with elegance, graCeftilly— »ondarr^p«, uftomrii^, #iMfcWp<ir6a/c — lat^fat se, 

nasikafse [menmiist^mal, sokilwar 

£iegi'ac,s. u9ed in elegies, sorrowful- s^o/c^t^rCne ukta bd byabahrita, bUdpasilchak—tnirsiy^ 

^I'egy, j. a mournful song or poem, a dirge— «^o/cer gdn, bildpokta ^it^roarsiya, soz^gudiz 

kd^asld^, m&tamigit *■ , 

Element, s. constituent principle of any thing; the four elements (improperly se cad led) are 

earth, fire, air,. water; prdper sphere; an ingredient, a constituent part— pZ. first ludimenis 

'^mUldhAiu ; pancha bkiit ; bdsdsthtin, adhikdr ; mishrer mngska, maisHtra — uasur, unasir ; 

kh^k, Atish, bdd, &h, jo ghalativse unsur khaUte hain ; thikind ; juz, ^jzi-i-awwali 

Eleraent'al, a. pertaining to elements; CTJide'-'punehabhautik, maulik, bkautik, dh4twik; 

kducfid — unstirl, aelf; bdnyadi; 8&d&, kachcha [— awwali, mufrad, s4da 

Element'ary, a. primary, simple* uncombined--'mti2tf^^aema&, amishran, sh-dddha, bhautik, 

El'ephant, *. a large quadruped— Aas/i, hdti, gaja, (iauti— hAthi, ftl, pil [routAlliq 

Elephant'ine, a. pertaining^ to the elBph^nt—hastisambandhiya, hastibiahayak'^MM ka. 

El'evate, va. to raise up, to ejtalt, to dignify— tt«Mpan, uttolan, unnata k. ucheha k, sam- 

khrdMa k. — nthAoA, bayh^nfi, buland k. burmat d. [tfiz, muilafa, sarfarfiz 

Elevate, El'evated, pa. a. exalted, elated — unnata, uchekikrita, «ti2<istto— bnlaqd, 6U, mum- 

Eleva'tion, s. a raising up, exaltation; height — utthdpctn, uokcha karan, unnata, marjyddd ; 

uchdhatd — bulandi, bayhtl, laraqqf, sarftir*zl ; finchdi [posfi, shigird 

EleVe, ». oneproitected by another, a pupil — pdlya,poshya, shi^hya, ijhhdtra, pafuyii— pAla, 

Elev'en, a, ten and one ^dded^ekddmh, eg-ara— igArah [jinn 

Elf, ». an imaginary wandering Spirit-^/cti^nife npadebatd, 6u/r«sA part-rbh6tna, ghul, shaitan, 

Eli'cit,t'a, todrawout— flir|v«a/c. kahdna, prddurbiidb k. utpannak.^nik^i I. khit&ch nikalnA, 

z4hirf raea Ifind, paid^ k. [mustimal, oik^K htili, z&hir k.h. 

Eli'cit, a. brought into act, drawn out— 6y a iaArita, nirgata, suprakdsh, prddurbhuta— 

Elicita'tion, «. the will excited to action— pr/ldur6/iri^, uday, nirgaman, ichchhd prabartan-^ 

sudiir, bar&mad, amal, Arzit ko ki&m men l&D<i f tukre k. tor d&In&, pa|akn4 

Eli'de, va. to destroy or dash in pieces— /tAan^ kkanda fc* bhdngiyd pheian, <icMoran— tukre 

El'igible, a. capable of being elected, desirable— manoti«ta6ya, niyojaniya, jogya, upajukta 

buhishta, uttam — q^bil-i-pasand, lAiq, manzdr, auU 
Elim'inate, «n. to" turn out of doors ; re}ect^dv>drabahirbhiita k, bahishkaran,durkaran ; tydg fc. 

— darw^ze se bdhar k. nikdl d. d6r k. tark k. 

Elimination, *. act of banishing, rejection— *<iriyr£ci«ayd, bahishkaran, paritydg^ddt karni, 

hank& y& nikdl deii&, tark karni [— zubdn basta, bezub^n, gungi 

Elin'guid, a. toof uetied, speechless, dumh-^ihwdra^ita^ bdkyendriyaliin, bobd, baddhajihwd 

Eliqua'tion, ». sejAration by fusion — agnidwdrd mishrita dhdtur pratyek angsha prithak karan 

— Amekhta dh^t ko gal&ke uski harek chlz ko judd karn6. tafnq ajz4 ki 

Eli'sion, s. f.itxfe.] the cutting off a vowel at the end oi a wor^, as th' embattled field— wca- 

chdrane ihahddnU sthita «ujaracft*erf— talaffuz meu lafz ke akhir tar-i-illal kk girio yk hazf 

Elixanion, #. act of boiling, ettr'actioo of the virtues of plants— poiodwrfr*! nirjds fc.— ubilnii^ 

josbkar hir irikiln^ . ,* [Sraq 

Elixir, s. a com pound tincture, refined Spirit— ^M, nirjds, 54ra6/uCf «iraras— ak8lr,.mr« ras. 

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EhK ( 16$ ) . liHB 

£]k« s, % quadruped of tha doer kind with, j^a^mued lioriii» tba UTge«t>of tha defir kia(}:-6riW 

s^rtn^a bishithia /Larira 6tjiAe!pft*-^$rahsmf 4, gawayo^ ghof&rpj 
Ell, I. a measuraof opo yard and a (quarter— iastr^dir pwriman bisheshf s^aifpr gaj — navv^as 
ElHp'sia, s. an ovat figure ; omiasioa—oii^a/prift ; UtkbV'i^^ uJhyabakyarr^&W'i-h^ivki ; 

mu<iau(|flar minbu» taqdiri kaUm^ . ^ 

£ilip'ucal, an elipsis— tt/Aj^a, anfM^ar^miiqaddar, baizal 
Kioi/t. a tree which growa toa majestu; siii^-^hrihat bfikhy^ hUhesh^-^-ek q\9m k| bari pef 
Slocu'tion, «. utterance, delivery of wQid^-^uchchdrarit k^t^^uTisr dharat ^a/rpa.^ftta^Jass&ni, 

zuD&Q4warf, fasihat. [sanii, jmadhr wasf • 

B lo^e, £l'ogy, Eu'logy, s. praiae, pwMgyric^stababdkycLt gun^ tankirtan, pradiangsd — 

Elon'gate> v. to lengthen, draw. out; go off-^dirghak. lumbdJcriti k' pdniyd bafd k. dure ga^ 

man, ehhdfiyd j4on — lamb(in&, t<)Tk. khfachke bafh^n^; chal^j^a^, chhog^a^ 
Eionga'tion, s. a leogthening, distance, departure — dirgha karan, tdniyd bdrdna, antar, pras' 

than — bafh^o, lamb&o, bud, taf&wat, raw^nagf, kdch 
Elo'pe, va. to run away, to< get loose fxom conHnenieat, to go off cl2U)destmely--7>aiaj^ii, 

bdhir haiy4jdon, champat ^hh^$a6; champa^ h. fir&r h. 
Elo'pement, t. a secret departure—c/iompa.^, patdyan, ckhdiriyd jaon— firdr, garez, bhag 
E'lops, «.< a fish, the sea serpent— samiMtfiy a matsya bifhfish, stuniuirer jarpa— naachli 
ek qism kf,. samuodari a^mp [(as4har. khushtaqriri y& goi, ahiringuftirS 

El'oquence, s. elegant speaking, oratory, ^VLency—sadbaktritwat satka^/h bdkpaiutd— 
Eroquent, a, speaJcing witheleganee — sadifc^td, bdkjMti, suktUhak — faaib> khush taqrir y& 
guft6r,shltinkalAm , . ' 

' Else, pro, other, one or something behind^ar^a. bhinna, dr, n<Uu&a-oaur» d(1sr4, illd 
■ Elsewihe're, ad. in some other pjace — anyntrat anyakonasth'ine^9i\xrkM\^, ante 
Elvish, a. relating to elves or fairies~u|94u2«6at^i6at 64 tadiami^ndiwya>» pari buhayak, parir 

njrdy^-bhutoQ k<l m6ralliq, pari mansnb 

Elucidate, va, to explain, make cX^tzr-^bydkhyd h bujhdjta, tpashfa kariffii fittman— bayAn 

k. samjiMn^, wiijih.k. sdfkar kahnd ' ^ .[sharab^tauzih 

JSIucida'tion, «. explanaJLioa,ilhistratipn — bydkhyd^ snprakdthkard, arthaharan — tabii'^ bay4a. 

Elucida'tor, t. one who explains— 6i/a&/ti/a/carta, suspashlaknri byakti, tikdkar — sh&Tiii, 

musharrih, t£bir y& bay&a k. w. [pa^nr»— dhokha d, fareb dekar bacbni^i, xiikaKbh&ga^i 

Blu'de, va. to escape or avoid by artifice — prabanchan, prutdrand dwnrapaldyan k, phdkidiyd^ 

Elu'dible, a. that may be escaped'-prararaniya, ]>/K<ii:idAW0pa;u&ta-~farebdekar bh&goe 

ke q&bil, dhokh& denejog Cmiyaa 

' Eium'bated, a. weakened in the \o\xi%—khyinakankdl, katidesh durbal — zaifulkamar, l^igar 

Eln'sion, s, escape, e\ViSion-^pratdranddwdrdpaidyantprabaHehan,.byarthakard"^iaiTe\i dekar 

, firdr hon4, t&Jmatol, iirin [dekh4ii 

Elu'sive, Elusory, a. tending to«{lude— 'pra^«ranafc^l»,n»£^y/i, kalpita — farebf, bahkitt, b^til, 

Eiu'te, va» to wash off, tot]leanse^<27tautrt k, dkuiyd phelan, pwishkdr, fc.*-dbo46ln&, saf k. 

Elu'triate, va, to purify by washing-^Mya pariskkdr Ac.— dfaiodbAkar p&k y4a&f k. [chhordn& 

Elux'ate, va, to strain or put out of joint— gran^Ai sdran,sandhichyut kara^— jop ukh^ni, girah 

Elys-'ian, a. very delightful, hlisa^ai—eUitukhbulmhiai man^har, sukhada, swargyia^^r^im yi 

riihatftwar, dilchasp yd khush, bihishti [bihLsht, jannat, 4ramgah 

' Elys'ium, s, [e'liAh^e'uni] the heaven of pagans, place of delight— «w;arg-<j, iuk^tkdn-^ 

Ema'ciate, v. [. .she. J to lose flesh,, ta waate— JbA^in k, mdngta khyay k, kritha k^ — dubU k. 

Ughar k. gald d. [nisfcka^nkaJe.— nirmal k. 64f k, bed&gh k. 

Emacula'tion, s, the act of clearing any thing from spots or foulne6s~<;maia4i parishkdr k. 

Em'anant, a. issuing, flowing irom^—nirgata, nihsrita^ khyamnashil^kh^'^i. nikalne w. j4ri 

hone w. ^ [hayjdhd-^'ikTih9u6., khiirnj, nikaa» wuh cbiz. jo jiri hoti hai 

Emana'tion, s. actof flowing from, that which flews*- 6«/iirgtf man, nti^faraii, utpanuah, nirgata 

Eman'ative, a, tending to flow (rom—nirgmana»kU, nirgata^ utptfdyar^nikalne w« j^rl 

Eman'oipate. vo.toset free from bondage— ^^t^ mtt/cto k, okh4fiydd6t»,bwluihiuihaUe 

uddhar k.-i-girift&ri y& ghul^mi se Azjkd k. khal&s k. chho)& d. rih4 k« 

Emancipa'tion, s. actof emancipating — muktakaran, muktit moc/ian— takhlis, &z^U rih^i. 

Emas'culate, va. to castrate, deprive of manly powers^- an^ek/t«(i k. musAkamukia k. ddmard 

A:. pun jTs^afcti/iiw fc.'-akhta k. n^mard k. khojibanAni [,banda<i. 

Bmba'le, va. to make into a bale— 6oj/id kariyd bdadhan, mot 6and^tt^gathar bindhad^ mo(h 

Embal'm, va. to fill with aromaticsas a bodfy for preservation-^c/ia^tf gandJia drabya lepan, 

rakhydrthe mrita, sugandkidrabydkta k.-^khushbu bbim&, jatse \asH mea bharie haiu 

t&ki sar oa sake aur mahfiiz rahe ' [rokod, maoa k. a(kAA4 

Emba'^r, va. toshutin, to. hinder,. to stop — d{akk, bdndkan, abarodh ^..a.tkritaa^band kar.d. 

Embar'go, s. prohibition of vessels from sailing— ;Vi^j gamandgamane dtak k.-^ishukholne 

. y^ chal&ne ki man^hf, atkfio [oharhoi ; maMigUdi h. 

Emba'rk, v, to go onshipboard ; to engage — nnukdy uihan bd ekarcm ; u^fuktit h»--'}9ihkz par 

Embarka'tion, 5. a going or putting on bott.rd-'-fiav^dfvhanrjdhdje eharait bd diarana— jahaz 

yi, kishtl nashinf, charh;&o, saw^ri j^tariibik, gh^ri d. uljhaai 

Embar'rass, va. to perplex, involve, ^^nah^duhkh deon, ghahardna, pake p/i«ian,tttpi*tt^.— muz- 

Embai'rassment, r. perplexity, distTOSH'^-dukkha, kUiik, utpdt^ jhanjhdf^ ghubanini—izUr^h, 

ghabr^hat, iztiri&r, janjal, uljherii, diqqat, sargardani [zalil k. beqadt kw kharab k. 

Emba'se, va, to vitiate^ degrade-, inipair — nashiabi bkr»sh(a k, hatamdu k»r~big^na. khw^. ii. 

Em'bassage, Embassy, «. a public message— c^autyakriya, rdjdutadwdrd prerita ^amdckir—^ 

elchigarf, paighAro,>8aQdesii ... 

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tut ' ' ;;( 1^ ) KM I 

CiiN»at'«}«, 4». to aef ia^ wilder of bMllhs-t-4drttf^e»'tft^«ni VI Hjfilka k. jiidBhl^tfui sainya tftjdna'^ 

safir^f y& bandi k. , . 

Emba'y, »o.totflclosftina bay dr'irtlet— Ashrfttritc feaddfea &. 5M/nr6bi'A?tla *.^kh^fme|i batid "k. 

£)Mbd'iisfh, tm. to^dom, to make beautildi-^ffro6fcrf k. sushobjdta k. idUiitkdr k.^mg^rn^ 

6rfi6la k. bauao k. zeb d. [^^t» Bobh& 

£}mh«frii»hm6bt; 5: ol-nameni, flfeeorafion— ifeoMif, ahtnkdr, bhushatif saj)/i— JlrAisb, ^zinai, «ajfr- 

Km'bers/s. hot f:inder», ashes with ftrn-^jwalddangdr, dngard-AjhdhM, bhalbliiili ang&rH 

Em'ber-week, s. four seasons of the year appropriated "by thecburcb to implore divine favour 

*^Isi»ariyti krrpd o aaiugr^fia 'prarthand karandrfhe sthdpita chdri Icdl hUhesh—ch&T 

roausimen jo girje me& dd& aur istJghf^r m^gne ke. liye nraqarrarhaiji 

£fRbe2>le,«a. tO'appro{yFiate-to oiie's twn use what is intrusted to one's oirn c^LT^-^hUhwds* 

ffkdtanaptirbak dhan ur ana, gackchhita dhaiiddi apahnab fc.— khiyfinat k. sompi hdi daulat 

ko muij/k'irh. kh& 6r6n& 

fimbez'zlement, $. -nnlavrful a^fopliation of what is intrusted to one's care — gachcWtita dha- 

nddi swdtdir agydui^ iahfdbyhy k,''^\jknid,\iiaiki zimina kihii! dault ko tasarrufkarn^, 

tagaikb [jhalaktl^rzewarse Ar&stak. 

Embla^ze, va. to adorn, with glittering omanjcnts—joijaityrf dbharan diyd shobhita &.— jhalkAnA, 

Embia'zcn, va. to adorn with figures of' heraldry, to deck in glaring colours— A:u/i?tpadcr cfiinha 

dnfdrd shdhhfta k. chMkchakiyd ratigddi diyd suskobhita fc.— amiri o uajibi darje ke nishia 

se zfeb d. chamakdir rang lag&ke zeb d. f^ratirMp— alimat, nish^n, nazir, shabih 

■Em'blem, s. a fiatfifted efirigfna, )^ presentation of sortierning— gtfrfe^rt/i« ckinha, sasanketachitra, 

E^blemat'icaCa. consisting in an «ii)b)iem, representing by a fiiiure — mnketa hishi$ktatchinhar 

jukta, pratirtipa sam^ndftfya— aNLmatdfir , HishAnd^r. shabSh mansnb 
Bmbleniat'icai^iy, ad, by fneans e.f emblems — sankete, pratirupahramet nidars}tanapft,rbak, ^Hf' 

drt^e—ish&rat^n, shabih se, alamatan, mughl'aqina 
Bmho'ss, va, to adorn witliri^hgwork— AarCpariidir bdpi karma k, uchchdhriti bastu dwdrH 
niTTndn bd shobhd fc.— phuli yfe gttl ja^rofi, raiinabbat k. chainre o kapye w, g. par chh^pe se 
<Mehk ^aqafita ban'ilnel ' • . ' . 

Emboss'ing, s. the art of making fifgttFet in reftieVo, emhtaidery, Uf^—buld karma, geildhibiityAdi 
^gntk^ri^ f>htl-ljarf , na^haf^arf [munnabbat, bnt^, nnchli naqsha 

£m%09s'ment, s. nfflief, raised work^shobhdrthe uchchikrita golddi, buld fcanna— phnli, jarAd, 
Kwbow^'el, va. to take.ocrtthe bowels— f&iri6At«Kn bdhir k. dQtun bahishkaran—^atxi nikflTnft, 
petehirad ' * rgalelagn4,TOilB5,lipatri& 

Kmbta'ce. va. to clasp in the arms, comprise-H{/mj°fan k, bd d» sdmilk, beshian — baghalgir b, 
Embra'ce, s. clasp mrith the ^r^B^^imgan, fcoM^oJi-^^lipat, baghalgir!, hatndghoshi 
Embri^'re, s. {^..i^ttre] an opemng i'ri' a w^ll through Which canons are ^red^kdmSner 

mukh tkdhe garddir je pardehirer ^/if(f r«— randa, top k^ jharokh A ^ 

fiib'brocate> <w.>to twb any part diseased with medicitialliqiior-^uiftaci^iya drabdrabya diyd 

mardan k, sate') rase piritdnxa ma2an~till& k. bim^rbeidan ko daw& y4 tez araq se maln4 

EmbrMa'tton,*. the lotion^ wf<l^ which any dii^ksed ^art is washed or embrocated— £a(^* 

ausb4idki'^a'dTabya, mardiniya aushadh — dawii ya araq jis'se mariz badan ko malte haiu 

Etobroid'er, wt. to border with ornamental needle 'wofk-'kdpare butdkarma k, ehikanddi 

(oion-k&rcholri k. bnt4 nikfilnA y& kfir^nJi, gul but6 k. -' 

Embroiderer, «. one who embroiders— chikaiitdlttk, bujdkarmakartd — cHikaadoz, ziVdoz, gul- 

kar,b6«llgar , fyA gulk^rl 

Bmbroid'ery, r variegated needle work— ftw/A4«rma, cAtTranto^^C— chikandozf, klrchobi, biit^ 

£mb{<)Hl, va. lo dxstarbt itLV&ive^gotmdlk.jhakardJanmdnay peacftina— barhamk.jhagr&paid& 

*.. uljhdna, phans&ni 
Ktobfu'tedta* reduced to bnkality— pasftutkit, ^athutwaprdpta, nirday, nirbodh, pa$hubaddchdr 

—jarnddsii, bahftirosifat, beaq1,berahm, haiw&nsirat 
£mlMryo,«. the Rudiments of an anitnal or plant, -not distinctly formed-^bhr^in, jardyusiha 

feaiofc, partkAmdbayabfprathamot^tmdngsha, 60'~janin, gabh&, s&nch&, bij 
Embu'rse, va. to r^tore money owmg— parer byayita dhan phiriyd d. bd parishodh k,-^ 

qara addk. rdpiya pherd. ' ' 

Emendation, s, correction of a hxAi-^doshashodhan, bhul sdran, ihik'karari^guoAh k& iUsh, 

badiki lasliih, sihhat , [zumurrud 

EmmW, *. a mineral or gem of a pure light green colour— harinmani, orfwna— pann4, 

'^mtr'ge, vn, to iteue^ rise out of* ft fltiiSd ->6aAi)* h, uday h, uthan, magna basthdhaite uttifna ht 

— nHcalni, tvAd h. uthtt6, h&lat-i-gbarqi se iipai^ Anfi. 
Emer'gei^cy, s. a rising out of, exigence, pressing jnecessity— wc^ajr, bdkir haon, utpdt^ ddy^ 

dahkkfpenehf tdnkdl, apratui— nikalnA, uehhalni,&fat, hidisa, pech, zardrat 
**w'geiii, a.Hsing out of, coming: in si|?ht ; 'sudden— tttt^ttoj iidita, pratyakhya,drishligocharU 

krita- /wMflt— uthtA, nikalt<i hiia, z^ihir; nfigdh 
Em erods, s» faethorrhoids, piles— arsfedro^—baw&slr 

Eroer'sioo, «. act of «isaag out of— uday, sandarshitn, udgainan-^X\x\A, a|h&o, isd&r, bar&mad 
^*^efy,s. a mineral used^in polishing— s/winpro«ta'r bishesh, dkdtndrabya parishkdrdrthe taulier 

«htmia— ;kdrand, kuranj, sambidft 
^*fet'ic, a. that provokes vomitiotr— tomanfctrt au^adh, Mmafc— miiqal, qai&war,qai k(daw& 
*mica'iion, a. a sparkling or glittering— c/focfccfcakij/a bhdb, nj^'tt^a^ativa— chamk&o, jhalkihat 
™'i«rattti a. rembving from one cotktitry or state to another for residence— des/irffitafo^a|a, 
•p *j^«»fc», awadesha f2fa^i^prades'b6<)! 
cnrigiaait, «. om who quits tin* ^untry or «tBtr to reside io another— ittadcifta tydg pHrbak 

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■ MI ( 170 ) xwr 

bidethenibds hart je, dggkAntwhBtgt^, M<2#th^-i-#uk thakhtj* t^ai mulk chl^rlM d&R* 

piuik ineu bbd o bfish kare, pardesbishi jo ' 
Em'igiate, vr^. to remove from one country or state to another for TMidenee^-deskdntarm 
, gaman, swadeska tydg k. desha paribartan^ bid«she bds k» — ek mulk $9 ddsre mulk mea 

j4 rahai, deschoirn^, parblls k. . 

Emigra'tion, s. removal of inhabitants from one^ state or country to another Jor permanent 

settlement— swadesTia tydgpiirbak anya desht giyd bds karan — nai^Ui-maskan, parbAs, 

apn&des chhofke dusre mulk men jarabni , . ^ 

Eminence,*, a rising ground j distinction— uc/ic/i«, sthal ; unnati, sambkram, bishisklatd-^ 

6nch^n, tinchfjagah ; ba^bio, manzalat, buzurgi, (s^z\ , 
Era'inent, a. high, exalted, dis\\Q%\x'\sUed-^uchcha,pradMn,$ambhrdnta, bi$hiahta*biekakkyan 

— buland; dl&, sarbuland, murtafi, buzurg, n^mwar [zuj^da 

Em'inently, ad. conspicuously, highly— prakdshrUpe, hiskishtariipe, ' /ifi— z&hiran, batmt, 
Em'issary, s. a secret agent, a spy— c/iar, gurhapuru&h,dnt~iis{is,hhediy(Si, hark^a 
Emis'sion, s. a sending ont'-prf^an, 6a/ii«/i-fcrtran,prafc/ii/ep— irsAl^ilbrdj, nijiiftl ■ 
- Erai''t, va. to send but, put into circulation— pr«ran &. prakhyeyk, bahishkaran, nirgata k* 
' prakdsh k. prachdrk. — bhejnd, nikfilni!,- zlhir k. ' . ., '^ 

Ern'niet, s. a pismire^'an diUt—pipilihd, pfiipora— chyfiji*&/ 
Emrae'w, va. to coop up, to coahneT—pinjarddite baddha k, dtah fc. — piojre w. g. men band k. 

qaidk. makfds k. 
Emol'lient, a. softening, relaxing, solids — naramkdri^ ihital hay jdhiU'^u^\i\9\YiXk . 
Emo11i'tion,s. a softening or relaxing— ^omoi bd naram karatit thdndd k. — narm k. tban^i k. 
Emorument, s. profit, gain— /aft/t, labhya, prdptadhan—iidiUt fAida, n&8>^ ' 

Emp'tion, s. excitement of the raind, agitation— manafeifcar, Jfc/4yoi>i!i, tidbeg, manastdp, rdgddi 

— jumbish-i-dil, josh, dard,lahar, andesha, ghussa w, g*. : 

Empa'ie, vn. to inclose, to fence with pales, to put to death by fixing on a siAke—gherd diyd 

bdndhan, berd bdndhan^ shrlle hata fc.— gherna, ihdta k. suli d. 
Empan'nel, va. to swear, &c. a }\iTy—hichdrdrthe panckilyai bd tat sabhy^iganke dhtodn 

kariyd shapath feararm— panch&yat ko halaf ka.rin& y&qasam khiUn& 
Emparlance, s. a petition, a conference — nibedanapatra, uttarpratyuttar, kathdbdrtd'--6sit- 

khw^st, saw&l jaw^b, guftgu fdilan&, beqar6r k. ghusse k. 

Eropas'sion, va, to move with passion— marAr ad/mir/«a k, rdgddijanmdna^ mugdha ft.— :josh 
Em'peror, s.the sovereign of an empire — samrdl, rdjddhirdj, cliakrabarti—sh&h^ushkh, 6uU4o» 

mah&rdj . , [ran^-lafz par zarb yi zor, jjiifak, darAz y& gir&u talaffuz 

Em'phasis, s- particular stress of utterance — guruuchclidran^sivar abadhdrant dirgkockckd' 
Emphat'ic, Emphat'ical, a. forcible, strong, uttered with emphasis— MsAw&^ui'tipc abaihAritat 

abadhdrjya, teje uchchdrita, bishesh, guru— ti,kidi, zordir, zorse talaffuz k. h. bh&ri 
Emphat'ically, ad. with empnasis or for CG--'bi&hishiarupe,..dirghochc1idra»apiirbe^ — b6 Ukl4, 

* zor se, daraz talaffuz se . . , . 

Em'pire, s. dominions of an emperor, governinent— r4;(^<i/tir4/^ adhikdr, rdk^a— sh4haD5b4h(, 

saltanat,b^dshdhat . . [nim hakim, ka(hbaid 

Empir^ic, s, a pretended physician^ x a quack— an/iW^yaa chikiisak, hdtufiyd—kMchk v^bib, 
Empir'icism, s. quackery— Aaturema, ashdstra c/ii^itsa— kathbaid&i, nimhakimil 
Emplas'tic, a. viscous, glutinous— ri/a6<zt, chatchatiyd—lA8Us&, chipchipd 
Eraplea'd, va. to indict, to prefer a charge— flpfimd/ii k. kdhdrandme ddynibedan k. hd 

sddhya pakhya k. ddddsh /c.— ^gunahg&r thahr&n^, n4lish k. tuhmat laglina 
Emplo y, va. to use, occupy, e^erci&e^byabahdr ij. bynpdr k, n'trjukta k. prabarta k. 

— istiam^l k, klm men l^i^^. muqarrar k. mj^shglidl r, 
Emplo'y, Emplo'ymeht, s. business, office, post of business, business intrusted — bydpdr, 

karma, pad, kdrjya, bishay — shughl, kAro, uhda„khidmat, aldqa 
Employ'er, s. one who employs or keeps in service— karmaddtd, bhhay bydpdra 4dyi, karma 

nirbdha kdrdy je, Aartd— munib, k6m yk khidraat men mashghul k. w. k6rfarm& 
Empo'rium, s. ^ place of meichandize, a mdiri—bdnijya sthdn, dranga—st^^ng, bdz&r, bandar 
Empov'erish, va. to make poor, to exhaust— mrd/ia»t karan, daridrdbasthd prdpta k. Ujakrdt 
^ k, urharatwa nashlak. — muflis k. gharlb k. khar&b k. kamzor k. 
Empow'er,va. to authorize, give legal power to— bhdrdrpan fc. nijukta k. khamatdrpan k. 

shaktimdnk. — iktiy^r d. raukht^r k. sar-i-khud k. fi-sh&bansh&b 

Em'press, s. a woman havinjj imperial dignity— rdjrdjeshwarit pa//arant— mahir&nf, be(^in« 
Empri'se, s. an attempt of danger— 6ip ittir karme cheshld, dushkara bUhaye udyam, bd pra- 

6rttti— khatra&war .kin(i mensai, haulndk koShish 
Emp'tiness, s. state of containing nothing— skUnyatd, riktatd, abhdb -snn, khulli, khala 
Emp'ty, a. void, unfurnished; vacant 6i hedLdskiinya, rikta j nirbodk — khiii, cbh6chlUi« 

efini, tihi j khfilimaghz 
Empur'ple, va. to make or dye purple — beguniyd rang fc.-*arghaw4nl k. benjnira,ng k. 
Empu'sa, s. hobgoblin, a ghost, a sprite— JJtsAdc^ apacAArty/i— bhutna, pyet, hamzdd 
Empuz'zle^ va. to perplex, to puzzle— p«ac/ie p/ie/an, hyasta h, udbigna k.— hair4n L ghab> 

rani, uljhanfi, tang k. [ruhtha, dkdshiyja, swargtiya— falakulaflfiki, AsmAoi 

Empyr'eal, Empyre'an, a\ pertaining to the highest and purest region of heaven— sar^qia- 
Empyre'an, s. the highest heaven— ^a^an«r sarboparithfl sifedn— falakula66k 
Empy'reum, Empyreu'ma, 5. the burning of any matter in boiling or distillation— suUAz 6^- 

pdk karane poran bd dagdha ft.'— sokhtagi, pak&ne ya chuUne men jalni 
Empyro'Bis, «. a conflagration, or general fire— maftd^m, • 6iMva<i4Aa-*&ta6hgadagf, agvf^hi 

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Kirir ( 171 ) KNo 

Emulate, va, to rival, to ilrite, to equ«l or excel— jii>t'«ftt