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Full text of "A Dictionary of the Sgau Karen Language: Compiled by Rev. J. Wade, D.D ..."

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Rev. J. WADE, D. D. 


Mrs. S. K. BENNETT. 


Rev. E. B. CROSS, D. D. 









This* Dictionary has been derived from a large 
amount of material already arranged and printed in 
alpliabetical form. 

1. A collection made by EarenB themselvee at the 
request of missionaries. This consists of legends ; myths; 
and the words of their language so far as they eonld 
obtain them, and define them in their own language. 

This collection consists of four octavo volumes 
with an aggregate of 8200 pages. The work is called 
a ''Theeanrus/' It is arranged alphabeticallyy and is 
given wholly in the Karen. 

2. A large double column quarto Dictionary. This 
Dictionary is alphabetically confined to the first letter 
of the alphabet, but it enabled the author to include 
nearly the whole range of the language, and is given 
for the most part in the Karen. 

8« A ** Vocabulary." This vocabulary was prepared 

by Dr. Wade, but in consequence of the failure of his 

: healthy Dr. Wade committed his material to Mrs. 

8. K« Bennett who completed the work on a slightly 

^^ different plan. 

All the words, direct and derived, of the lan- 
guage in this book are defined in English. This is 
^ an octavo volume of 1024 pages. This Vocabulary has 

controlled the form of this Dictionary, and given its 
thicknesB. This may make the volume inconvenient as 
it mnst consist of 1300 page^. 

We have done what we could to leave out ma- 
terial withoat taking from the valne of the book to be 
printed ; and to add the new words which we coald 
fi^d. We have endeavored to make the definitions 
mpre plain and more easily caagh|i by the eiyef in ca^es 
wher^ many definitions of the same, word are given^ 

E. B, 0» 


00 1, The first letter of the Barman and Ear^n Al- 
phabets; sometimes used to denote beginning, ori- 
gin as 000^09, Bev : 1 : 8. The name Karens 
is called by the Bnrmans from 09 and 008 or C|8, 
signifying priority. The priority of the Karens, 
CO 3, Prefixed to yerbsi denotes the futnre tense, as, 

oocodbXf I will go. 
CO 3, Prefixed to verbs with oS, indicates probability, 
as, coo^oeoo1«»^c8i, it is probably lost. 

CO 4, A formativci prefixed to verbal roots, as, 00 e^, 
cx>c8i, oocSi. The compound thns formed may 
be a verb, or a noan ; oa, is nsed interchangeably 
with 00| OD, e, o, as cx>c&^, ooo5^ see e^^. cx)^^ 

cooSi^ seeco)^ eo. 000$, eo5, ooo5, 0000, carled. 

Gocoi, see enoi, mcox, ocox, and o^cox dry, stiff. 

ODQ& 1, Kink, intertwist, frizzled, see coco. 

2, 00. 000^, ODoSoocxO, ache, as. the muscles from 

over action, fever or rhenmatism ; nnmbness, 

8, Of the mind, restless, anxious, shocked, horrified. 

coc&o. Even, symmetrical, see o. 

<w6o&^ do. feel nnmb with ache, pain, see o5. 

^*5ooi\, CO. 00001100001. 1, cnrve, shelve over, turn back, 
as cBsooooii, inflect, bend to a cnrve ; oo^ooooit, 
a cnrve ; oot^oooon^ gonge. 3, concavity, arched 
way, vault. 

8 ODeSogs » 

ooooii8^c8t| opening to a vault. 

00001101, vaultf cavity, arched gateway. 

000011^1, do. see oooii. 

mSx ooo^i, broad, thick and mashroom like. 

oocSi, co» coSxcocoXf hole, cavity, excavatioo, see Sx. 

ooo^n, 00. oong|. 

OOQJI, CO. ooo^|CK>oij{), cronefa, cringe, cower, see ajj|, oo 
o^|, is often used adverbially, as g)ooqj)|^ creep, 
crawl cringingly, o^^ooajji, swallow withoat chew- 
ing, gnlp down, see cf^ and n^. o|5oootg|, paaa 
nnder any thing in a crouching postnre, see oS. 

ooe^, 00. ooe^ooS. 1, Lord, as ooeV)gt, •^ogif Lord, Qod, 
Master, as o^^ooe^, naaster of a davei owner. 2» 
The body in distinction from the mind or soid, 
ooos^o&toSdSi, oo^ooosoSooo^oo^. The body cai^ 
die, the sonl can not. 
8, The body or principal part of a thing. 
4, Self in all the three persons, as ooooe^, fc^s^, 
ooos^, ooooe^, myself, thyselff onrselves, them- 

a>e^aoe^, adv. from e^ soft, gently, oo^^8too^ooe8ioo»^ 
comSt we love gentle speech. 

a>»^o^, a £aren king whom «ome drnnken Pwos mis- 
took for the Burman King, and slew with his own 
sword, see o^. 

cDe^og, 00. ooe^ogif see og. gold, continuance, Lord God 
Eternal God. j 

ooe^oj^tf Lord God, literally Lord of eternal continaanci 
substituted by the Karens for oo^hogii oos^c^too J 


a)tk|^ CO. ooe^^^oos^ugii Lord God, tx>rd Jehovah, God 
eternal Me coi. 

not^oS, KiDg of Nats; oS, is of Pwo origin, ^^toli is the 
proper Sgan word. 

ao»ti co^ ooSi| as ooscofttoDtnoSii go off, move to a dis- 
tance, ooto5i, O08c86. 

cGm\S 1, eo. oo»i^ooc8, hill, mountain, from ei^, to ex- 
tend, 9ee 00^0^^; oa9i (»>..oooiooo), 00^9. 

(Mi^88^, 0061^8035, the crown, or top of a hill or moun- 

ooei^cooi, mountain side; odei^odSS, ooei^cooi do* 

09»i^c8^a>i^, the mount reaching to heaven, ^'Myen mo 

ro^i^^^y A projecting point, crag of a mountain. 

2, The large tendons under the knee. Hence S^ 
oo^i^ooS, the hollow under the knee. 

3, With 30^, as OD^ooei^, the thin wide roots with 
deep groves, at the base of trees. 

cotii, from •ii. 1, lineal connection of generations, and 

periods of time. 

S, Bace^ genus, species, o^^Sio^Sioood^iiotflnoi, 

there are very many kinds of trees and bamboos. 

3, A plant having a spicy root, used in medicine, 

generally called .ooii see eii. 
a>STiOMii, past generations, generation after generation; 

various kinds. 
a>f 1, Still, silently, unobserved, stealthily, cautiously, 

see ^. 

2, Unostentatiously, with due propriety, modestly; 
oof co|^, unobserv^dly, cautiously, 'silently. 



ra^Sq., do. slyly, stealtbilyy secretly. 

co^ li The monkey tiger, sometimes called oofS. 

2, CO. cowSco^Xf overspread, as trees are over* 
spread by creepers, see co^ and a^^, 

co^fGdv. and Udj. from ^S, teDaciousi sbarp^ keen o^ 

00^5, adj. from^S, deficient, unsubstantial, oSno^, green, 
raw, ancooked, or uncnred, ojjloo^Ss nnsavory, 
fio^1co^S| smell unsavory, 

oo^t, adj. intensive, see ^8, ^Soo^s, very plastic, as soft 
clay, ubcx)^8, very pungent. 

^ohtf from ii, pendant &c. co, co8i, oofeiooSi, buge, gi- 

oo8i from 8, prominent, elevated, endued witb power and 
authority ; co. oocSs, as ooc58od8, rudely, ostenta- 
tiously, insultingly, see 8. 

oo8S, see ooioa85. 1, A species of ratan ; 2, Noble, praise- 
wortby, from 85, to bear, carry and ooi excellent, 
pleasurable, delightful. 

oo8, from 8, pure, clean, genuine; with 8, wholly, com- 
pletely, as oo8S, completely genuine, i, e. perfect- 
ly faultless. Generally in a good sense. 

cd8^ from 8S, wet, moist ; hence pliant, yielding, un- 
steady, shy, excitable, suspicious, on the alert. 
1. That which excited news, rumor, tidings, oo^03i 
f oooo8^, good or joyful tidings ; oo^ODSO^sooooS^, 
sad news. 

3, CO. O9o5t as oao3too8^, make movements of the 
lips, eyes &c.; to cause excitement, generally of a 
lascivious tendency ; see 8^ and OQo6t. 


ccMxp CO, ooftinoSi I9 adt. be dietanty as, oo!io5ioo8i8tf 

oJSooioSiqbSi how far is this from your house t 

89 adv. separate^ apart from, as o^tODSif oot, move 

yourself offj oosooSicotooSi, move to a distance* 

ooSi^if same as ooSt, and ooSicS^. 

0081^19 apart from, separate, intervening space. 

oo8i(^i80to5i^^9 how great is the distanced 

008189 distance apart, aD8i83tcx)o5^oo^otc8i9 8i^i, 

$ee 9x9. 
00^^ or 00^^. 

00^^, to pretend to be ill in order to avoid labor, 

oioo^^, one who through laziness, feigns inability 

to work, see ^^. 

CO. oo^Soog^ do. 
ooccfl, CO. ooa^t from 00I9 pain or what causes pain, 

0X0^9 CO. 00069 sneeze, see 0006. 
coa^, from 9C^, thrust &c., 1. cScoa^, a spear, thorni 

spur, &c. ^enooS^coa^y or S^ooo^S^ooool, spur 

of a cock, cx)toD9^, a needle. 

89 Tnberc]es9 resembling a spnr^ point of spear &c. 

CO. ooa^ooo^), same as 009^ or 000^9 ^* coo^cot6if 

and ooa^ooij)!) oDa^^^JI^- 
ooq[^9 same as ooa^, see a^t. 
ooQjt, CO. ooa^tooooi, interstice, crevice, a defile; a roomi 

a space between partitions in a house ; between, 

see ^9. 

oosjtS^, CO. ooa^sS^oDa^t^if glen, defile, crevice^ 

space between. 
000^9 CO. ooQ^oo^i, a small species of ape. Its approaches 

6 coaj^ 

to a honsei Tillage or plaDtatioo, id a very ill 

omen among Karens. It is one kind of a^8«6>(«^ 8^s). 
.ooq6, CO. aDCO^oDob, adv. as in sneezing, biting the teeth 

together, a grinning, drawing the lips. 
codBi CO. OD^^oodBy elephanti called oo^osS^, the great , 

or oo^ob^f^y broad ear, or cS^sj, long nose. 

codScocb, jnngle or elephant grass ; an elephant, 

the smallest of the elephant tribe, tasks long. 

codiSy ring-streaked elephant^ probably fabulous. 

00^818^1 redheaded elephantf the body and par* 

ticnlarly, the head reddish. 

000806, water elephant. 

oodB^Sooi, a species of elephant, of the mediam 


codSi^f the largest species of the elephant family. 

codicqs a large, male elephant, without tusks. 

oodBo), a white elephant. 

00^0$^, a male elephant that has attained full 


cx)dB8^c8, the female leader of a herd. 

ODdBo18i, a young male elephant. 

09^8100^, a how4ah| elephant saddle. 

oo^^co^, elephant frecks, a variety of 00^^, 

or whitish spots, which appear on the human 

skin ; ^D9dB, the patches are larger, 0308^00^, 

adv. — ^oDoS, elephant tetter, a virulent kind of 

8, or ring-worm. 
008^8, CO. ooaj^od 1, smooth, sleeky fine, (from 39^), eg 

008^^, smooth, slippery, glossy, ^^^^^9^» ^ 

very smooth stick, oo^c^o5t, cos^^oo, some- 

tbiDg verj smooth) and slippery, coSzBco^^, a 
smooth, oily snrfacei o^oSooa^^y {2o. 0339^0^1 
very smooth. 

2, flOQ^^. nambnessi want of feeling in the part; 
ooa^So6 do. with a prickling, or shivering sensa- 
tion; see oono, and o^^. 
eo» oos8, from s^, and 196 which see. 
jf CO. co^co^f from s^, and nB 1, clean, unmixed, 
a^ and S^, cos^oos^, 6k2t9. clean, clear, that is 
entirely clean ; clear as a plat of gronnd. 
3^ clear as the sky. 

4, clean, and in order, as a house, qioo^oo^oo^, 
well kept house. oos^S, €uiv. clean throughout, com- 
pletely clean. 

ODg^, 00. 00^00^ see 00^9 deny, (fee., refuse, reject a 
plea or prayer. 

a>g08, CO. oorgoogti beseech, persuade, coax, from gt, 8 
03^id^j^,oogtoon^^, pacify the crying child; beg 
pardon, apologize; ocOooggs, supplicate, as in pray- 
er, ^^gt, entice, persuade, coax, intreat. 

cog^^, adv. 1, wholly, completely gone, expended, as^ 
d^ooiSoo^^, the paddy is entirely gone, ooiSco^S 
|t do. oo^OD^ooio^SngSoD^^ls, the filth is wholly 
washed off. 

if from qS, which see^ a different spelling of 
no|5| as c^OD^S, thoroughly pulverized:— oo^c^t 
Od^S^toiy ojS^i, swallow after thorough mastica- 

a>g[S, CO. OGOt from ^t, particles &c. adv. the same as 
cogj[^5, above, as SoDg^t, entirely clean, to the last 

partiole,— ogic^^ggloo^Sco^t, God knows all 
things whateoever, to the very laat,— — ajoOiSoiS 
oo^ti the rice is entirely gone,— cSico^ti reduced 
to mere nothing. 

oog 1, 00. oo^oogl, refuse, object, be disobliging, ob- 
stinate, ooe>DOO^oDic8iSt, OD^b, I asked him to do 
xne a favor, and he refused. 

2, OD^ qo. ODijjnoo^ man,(yi is generally prefixed.) 
man, mankind, Karens, in distinction from other 
races, see (di, 6i(di, Burman. 

OD^ 1, Awful, dreadful, appalling, horrifying. 

2. 00. coiX^co^Si august, dreadful, awe-inspiring ; 
with Od prefixed, n. that which inspires awe, glory, 
majesty, power &c., splendor. 

oo^^O^i^, frightful, appalling, producing fear, co^S 
0^1^, (^^cSoo^^c^i^, the cobra is fearful, oo^^ 
opS do* 00. OD^Sopi^co^SopS, do. 

oo^t, has primary reference to a deep guttural sound, 
indicating anger, suppressed indignation, wrath. 

1, od^ioo^i growl, snarl, roar. 

2, Applied to mind, as, 03tOD^i, cj^OD^icotOD^it 
groan in spirit, yearn over, compassionate, oODtoo 
^ioo^f^^,09a)8qo^ifi, — co^i33t, do. have pity 

3, With 00 prefixed, a servant, attendant, one 
acting under a teacher, or a superior, ses oo^Soo 
00^1, ooyioo^iooyino^i do. 

4, Men, Karens, same as oo^ def. 2. which* see. 
ooggi or oo&i, obliquely, askew,^ooo^i, lie athwart 

the bed, see also od^^. 

ccKo\ If Change, as money, see cbcBS. 

S« Jorisdiction, power; v. to exercise power, $ee 

3. 6d1, def. 8, see oi. 

4, ci>. oDooi oooo)| which «m. 

ax)oS| from oo6. 1, Obstractt be obstrncted, oocBSc6x 
oDooS, his throat was obstrncted ; Jig. he was si- 
lenced, — beaten in argument* 

ooooSjgi, obstructed tongae, i.e. have an impediment of 
speech, yio^sootooooSjjiji, a stammerer or stutterer. 

4, CO. coo^ScoQoSi see ooooS, hinder. 

5, eo. ooooi^(X>odS, see ooooi^, end, limit. 

6, A species of creeper, resembling the yam plant* 
C0O91 1, CO. ODooi, a bulging jar, bulging as odo3io9ooi. 

S, CO. oooon, as ooooitodooi, see odooii 
coodS, from o5^, a bulb 1, to begin from a bulb. 

2, CO. ODcBS, as 09o6Sooc8^, come to a stand still, 
see ooS def 9* and coSS. 
cocfSS^ CO. ododSooooS, or ooooBodoj^S, ooooBodcBi, com- 
pressed, pinched, straitened, wedged in, jammed, 
see ooS comp. odooS, cBSooooS, choked, — ^odooS, 
stuck between the teeth; ooiooScS^ooooSoocBt, 
doubtless I shall overtake jou ; dB^.oaooS, push, 
jam, crowd into a straight, narrow p ace. 
cooDXt CO. 0300100001, from coif compress, stqff, fill in ; a 
bulging pot, jar, jug, barrel. It differs from 03^8, 
being short and larger round, in proportion to 
height, oo^oooSi, a mock qoo5i, made of bamboo 
splints, filled with greens, stones, chips <fec«, and 
suspended beside the o&^8^, or.little demon house, 
as an .offering to the demon, called. 8tQ0 no), a very 

much feared demon in baman shape^ of gigantic 
eizO} cdc6xojp, k barrel or tbe likei made of wood. 
coooif CO. OD05icx)d8^ or coooiooool, {%ee cx>i), 1. Excited, 
agitated, be in commotion, oo^cocbidB^ob^coi. % 
The bees areallin commotion, 0600001, highest tide. 

3, 0g^oSo9O0iG8^0Di(^iO9^, the dog having died^ 
rose np a man. 

4, co^s^oo^colaDCOiooio^^iob^ooi, sickness prevails 
exceedingly, in the city. 

5, 0000108^00091 oDioocx)o6ico^, his mind was 
much excited by a desire to go ; yioooioSiooooioo 
ooi^QtcSi, this person is exceedingly given to lust; 
oDoS^oo^ootoDooi ; a drag which excites Inst. 

00001^, CO. ooooi^ooooS, 1. End, terminate; n. termina- 
tion, the last, {%ee 001^) <:^oooogoi^, end of the 
road; (d^^ooooooi^, the end of the world. 
2, 00001^ whole length or duration, o^SyiooooiS, 
as far as our eyes can see. 

8, Finished, gone, done, yiotoiSooooi^o&ooo^^oS* 
he has finished reading one book. 

4, Extreme edge or end. 

5, Last in time or order. 

6, Affix markings the superlative degree, as 9100 
001^, the best, 8^0000001^, the greatest. 

7, Nam. Affix; applied to the tides. Spring tides 
0600001^, spring tides. 

8, A solitary one, where several are expected, if 
a male it is called (»1oocoi^, if a female 8S00001S, 

9, Perfect germane oob^co6iooQ^^ioo^,o^Qt§^oo 
'^ 001^, He is not a ^i, he is a germane §^« 

ODcfil 11 

10, The name of a §i Karen who fonght with 
a 5^ hero called c^. 

opooii,from ooii, which see*y co. ooooiiooooi, fold over, or 
back so as to form a space between the parts, ooo^t 

000011, or ODO^tooooii, as a fold in a leaf; ooooii 
^ii the space between the folds; coooiicoS, under 
the folds, comp. ||8. 

coopi 1, CO. ooopiooSobS, be astonished, lose self-control, 
as by some sudden occarrence, stupefied. 
3, Maxillary glands of the animal called ooj^t. 
This gland in the ooj^t is so called because it is 
thought to be the source of its stupidity. Hence 
the ooopi of the oo^t is not eaten by Karens, 
lest it should produce like stupidity in themselves^ 

oxD^fl^, CO. m<Bc^y epilepsy, an epileptic fit •, see (gi^^cSs. 

0X32^, CO. coa^coSSf sounds low, faltering, indistinct, 
from oj^^ ; which see ; 
also sounds too distant to be distinct. 
cooj^coa^ do* 

00001, from cox, a cleft, fissure; 1, co. covjt or cooji, as 

0010000800001, OOQOtOOOpl. 

2, The name of a mountain plant, growing in 

rocky places. Its foliage resembles that of the 

oodbS, CO. oocBi, as oodbSoocBi see dbS; compose, arrange, 

fit up* 
flocBo^, epilepsy, epileptic fit. The proper Earen word 

is <jjiScB«. 
ax8x, CO. ooogSoocSi, emit words, speak, utter, (from c8i,) 

convey, conduct, &c. 

12 mSx 

ooc8i| 18 the generic term for uttering words, or 
talking, — ooScocfii, a word ? oocSiooS, the act of 
speaking ; oomp.itf say, MOO^, say to, i^o6i or ft^ 
dbidbcSi, to discourse, preachj ob or 0600^, tell| 
relate, c&i, rehearse, repeat; ses o8^ or oS^optcS 
o}\f teach, instruct, bS^cS^, reprove, rebuke. 
^ — oo^oog8i8, a figure, metaphor, parable, &c. 
— ooScx)c8ioo8^c8iooo5S, a slip of the tongue. 
— oQSooooSoodBi, criticise, cross question, catch 
his word. 
— ooScx)c8ioj^, irony, oocSioj^ooS, ispeak ironical- 


— -S^oocSiooS, talk, or argue, for mastery. 
— 8^0Dc8i(^, bear what another says, in silence* 
— <jSoDc8iooS, try to speak, speak perforce* 
— ^xmcBionSo^p yio^oocSi, an orator, a sound 
reason er. 

— -OD^oocSiSoooo), an invidious comparison. 
— oo^aoc8ioo^90c8Si a ddep, or dark, saying. 
— ODcSiooS^oooj^, speak boldly, without fear. 
— ooc8i9o8^c8i, speak to the point, *< hit the nail 
on the head." 

O3c8ioo^ogi88o6, speak flowingly like water, speak 

ooc8ioo^^oo8^ •1^001, speak at random, say what- 
ever comes to mind, without thought. 
oocBioo^oS^Ssadoo^, or ODc8too85no&S, to predi- 
cate a thing conditionally, prevaricate, use equi- 
vocal language, see cohS. 
oocSioo^cSjSStoo^^, make a promise or declaration 

ODcfil 13 

with a provisoy »• «• affirm or promiBe a things 
that i8 not positive. 

cocSioooIcjioo^, reverse an order, saj the op- 
posite, denj one's own statement. 
oocSiooo^tooog^oo^, atter falsehood, lie, ooScocBx 
coc^tcoo^f a lie, falsehood. 
ODc8ioacx>i, in word^ exceed the trnth or propriet;> 

ooc8m^ooS^90c8Sf explain the meaning of what 
is said ; from 8Sf shallow and g8S, deep. The 
long and shorty height and depth of a thing. 
ox8ioo^OD^9 say what is suitable^ make a wise re- 
mark; speak to the point. 

cxxBxcoSo^f be skilfol in speaking, speak with abil- 
ity, — yioocSiooSoj, a good speaker, an orator. 
oocSidbSi speak decisively, so as to preclude fur- 
ther remarks, a decision not to be gainsaid. 
oocSicBcS, speak with trath, without prevarication, 
or figure. 

ooc8xg8S, commence speaking, as after a space of 
silence, or after another has ceased speaking, 
speak up. 

oocBioi^ or ODc8i8^, salute, (01^ is §^) 8^ is from 
8S, a term of relationship, which see, ) speak to 
as a friend. 

ooc8i8oo^, use a figure, metaphor, similitude^ para- 
ble, &c. 

oocSiSt, mimic another's speech, mock. 
cx)c8ifit, €0. oocSif iioocSiio^, overcome in argu- 

14 oocfii 

menti eileoce an opponent, cocSi^^i promisey 
pledge one's word. 

oocSioS, or ODcSioSeii, promise, or speak before- 
hand! bespeak, predict. 

ooc8i^^^8, talk backward, transpose the letters 
or sjallables is Sic^f, for SicpSobt. 
oocSid^i come around, or bead off another in ar- 

ooc8i«^Si solace, or comfort with words, sympathize 

co<BicoiSxcx>iSi9 speak slowlji distinctly, mildly. 
oocBioo^o^, speak, or pronounce correctly, as in 
6peaking a foreign langauge. 
oocSiooag, speak in a low tone, whisper. 

<oc8io^t, 00. oodBio^ioo^odaoi, explain, interpret, 

oog8i@, talk nonsense, talk to no purpose, ex- 

O3c8i^ooc86, speak without thought or care for 

<oc8i|02^, tell secretly, tell in confidence, slily. 
ooc8i8, speak ironically, speak figuratively ; oAco 
c8ioo8 or oo8og8| the meaning or interpretation. 
oodBiS^oooDt, offer one's self as security. 
ooc8i§^, come around one in argument; see oocSic^. 
comxoSi^ use provoking language. 
<r>(B\^Pf speak with severity, use threatening or 
<lefiant language, speak with force. 
<x)c8i90i, answer, as a question. 

0x8x^1, joke, puD 9 tease, make ionuendofl, es- 
pecially in speaking of love matters ; $ee a^i, 
oocBioo^, find fault without cause, say what is 
not true of any one for the sake of gain, make 
unreasonable claims. 

oocSioo^iaboadbSi scold, brawl with a screaming 
voice; oo^oocSic^ ooobt, harsh, brawling language. 
oocSioo^oocn^oocB^y speak in a dull, feeble tone. 
coc8t^a^8, use opprobrious language to make an 
other ashamed, reproach, stigmMize, expose any 
one's faults. 

cocSi^, talk io sleep, talk at random. 
cocBx^xco^xijSj speak with truth and gravity, 
speak with candor. 

oocSiodqS, from m&S Talaing, predict,' speak or 
ooc8ioo^a3ioooDiiOdd^S, some of the Talaing odoS 

nocSic^i, or cocSioDi, to boast over, brow-beat^ chal- 

cxxBto^^cS, say more than is true, exaggerate. 
oo<8ic8S<^, talk for amusement, joke, jest. 
oxSicSSooQOf, talk together, converse. 
ooc8id8io5^c8tQbt, speak with precision, definite- 
ly, without mistake. 

ooc8i^» persuade, coax, entice with soft words. 
cocBioBi, speak of himself, say what is applicable 
to one's self, ooc8tc8ioooD8. 
ox8i§, tell abroad, spread news, or rumor. 
oocSio^tooty stutter, speak with aa impediment, 

16 oogi 

oocB^i a stop, break off, jancinroy limit. 

li Applied to place, as, oS^oocS^i Sty^ nocS^i the 

line of junction between the old field and the jungle 

border line* 

2| ODeiWdocB^i jast at the foot of the mountain ; 

ooooioooocB^i a period or juncture of time ; o^to^ 

GOODcB^, at the time of harvest. 

^oooocB^oo^y at the suitable time^ see o^^. 

3, adv. Motioui stop, cease, as S^ct^SS, stop, 
cease, c/icS^oocB^, he stopped. 

ooSoocfiS, a stop, break off, juncture, limit. 

4, Opportunity as ^tooc8^, seize an opportunity. 
6, c8^o5cx5c8S, be in reserve; — ajooi5ooc8^o5cx> 
cS^opigt, the rice is gone entirely, there is no 

6, c^SoocB^, be meddlesome ; Qtf f f S^<^Scx)c8^§^^ 
0091, don*t be meddlesome. 

7, c8i09c8% stopped, obstructed, cBSo^^cSioocS^, 
choked, stopped in swallowing. 

8, S^cSinocB^, halt, fetter, give way suddenly. 

9, oo^c^^cSiODcS^i a mountain table land between 
the base and summit, c8ioc8^, do. dStorS^, do. 
g8io^^ do. 

10, CO. oooj^S, as ODOjSoocfiS, falteringly* 

oxBS, adv. c8^, the sound made by squirrels, also used as 
a verb, o5^oacBS|^^ox8S, odcBSoocBS. 

oocB^, CO. 003011, which see^ 00001 soocB^. 

oocBi, CO. ooo6&occ8i from cBi, prepare to meet an event, 
prepare for any thing. 

oolSi IT 

cx)^ i». 00^09^1 from cp, spread, scattered, o^c8iq5i 
8i3^o8i80^oognog1«tc8i9 the basket fell over, 
spilling the paddj all about. 

oQ^ld), diverge, spread as radii, ODco^cS^oof oo§1o) 
spread the hands, open the fingers. The cognates 
(X)^,a>cp,ODCp,g1g1,cx)§1 &c. all agree in the 
geaeral idea of diverge, spread &c. 

09^^ 1. CO. oo^^ as c8i09^^c8ia:>g^, become slack, 
lirop, sag. 

2. CO. coi^S asoo^^cx)^^ see oa@^. oof^^,03|^^, 
OD^. thing massive, or in mass, heavj, bnlkj. 

3. CO. oo^^ooQ^, or co^^co^i^ sagging by 
weight, ^liSioD^^ the rope is slack, oc^too^^^i, 
slack the rope. 

>, CO. nogs, as oo^Sod^S, see oo^S, soft, oogS. 
^^f co^\ and oo§^9^ for ooglo^, suddenness in 

an act, the sound imitating the sense. 
00^1, CO. ^@[i9 as oo^iOD^i, a plant. of the arum 

oo§ and its cognate § from §, are used in the sense 

of email, slender. 

1. coQhf thin, narrow, contracted, yioooi|^ooQdt 

^9^03@9, see 0, the person has a narrow chest. 

8. CO. OD@T as OD@oo@1. see C30@1. 
coQ^ CO. oogiOD^^, or oogiaD^odgl, restlessly, 

unconfined, moving about loosely. 

1. Long, trailing,as, conogi or s6oi^c8icoif8^o6t; 

co^ioi do. with the additional idea of girting; 

the wing of a fowl when extended to the ground 

to brood. 
9 K. 

18 ^wlnf 

to^jco^ StiiiDtiogi rtmtliDg 4k>ug H k #bibaiii*l dteifii; 

2. Make n rufitliog, clattering noiee, ae to fright* 
to away an animal &c. cd^docS^oo^icg^l^i oS 


codings frighten away with npiee, i^OD^i do. 

with jumping, stamping! «^ oogi, ooc|i and oc^i. 

oo^S and its cognate od^Si soft, flexible as from being 
in a moisty cool state ; oo^Si^f, q^g here is nsed 
in the sense of tranqnili see SSv^h enervatedi in- 
disposed to action ; cSiOD^Sbecome soft, pliant, 
flexible, wilted. 

co^t 00. OD^too^ and its cognates ^8 and ^8 sudden- 
ness in an act, rapid successions, always nsed with 
its 00. oo@. 

oo^cb|iiaD^foo@ rain in short sudden showers, 
followed by sunshine, (d^OD^scx)^ weep violent- 

03^^ CO. ^@[s^@^ ^i^h its root ^ and cognates, 

co^jS CO. 00^1^00^^ and its cognates ^j5 and ^^ 
with the root c|^^, tremulous, vibratory, dazzling^ 
glittering &c. qualifying words of light and colerr^ 
1. Glare as ^^Od^^obsoo^o&S the sun's glare strikes 
ny eye; «>^^@^<^@^ th6 stars twinkte. 2. ddv. 
as 8icx>^^ glittering red, oloo^^, dazzling white. 
When the oo^^ is slight it is qualifled by ^ 
which see oo^^f^ slightty dazzling. ^<>s>^^oS 

gNsteniBg bhMk, shine red. ^^^f^'^^^^f glisten- 
ing bine or green. JbfOd@^> dazzle, dazzling 

a)@^9 0^. oo^foo^S adv. Aonnds clatteringf jarring, 
cx)@68io930^a;^ot8t, ocSSdS^OD^oo^S see @S, 
gS and \S. 

00^1, eo. co^sno^t adv. 1 Nearly the same as co^S 
or co^^f abropt and sharp see oo^ty-oo^t, gt, 
^1, and ^8, 2. Rough as timber troin its being 
cross grained op^o&ioD6boooDa^^OD|$9 co^tco^S 

<D^^ CO. oo^^ which seef a,hoc^p. 

oo@ CO. ooSi as 00^100^, see also ^ and its deriva* 
tivesy intervention. Hence @ to prevent, hinder, 

00^ CO. OD^^oo^^. 1. Make a rattling or humming 
noise, like the sound of the word. Hence noE^^ 
d^ frighten away by making a rattling noise, co^^ 
(^SSS^o^coc^S. comp. 8Si@V@S and 09^5, 
also co^i def. 2. 

3. From 9^ loose, (Pwo) betel leaves of the best 

cofflS CO. co^Soo^S adv. sounds of a harsh, abrupt 
kind. comp. @S, 03^, ^S and oo^S. 

OD^i OP. oo^ioo^i, gradually, generally used with c8i 
m c8icx>@i abate gradually, yi||Scg^o^oo^co1c8i 
cp^io^, the person waited until the epidemic 
WM a)>ated, «w>p. @i, @t, oo@i,§i, OD^i, §!> 
•^ and ^ 

Qogi 00. oocSSooogi or ooog^ooogt, occaiionallyi used for 

so CDCgt 

Jtmlo^^^ ooogi far off, afar, comp. gi, ^g^i o^cgi^ 

ooog^ 00. ooogi from draw, be drawn, or pushed asidey 
from a nataral position or direction, comp. o^i 
cx)ogS and 6S. 

ooo6. 1. or o68S sngar cane. 

2. 00. oocxH, def. 1. ooo6oocx51 exorcise. 

00001. 1. or 000^100001 from ooii to gather op. Num. 
affix things in layers or in series, 8oo8to5iyOO 
SgSSoooooi this, flower has two rows of petals; 
8^00001, the native marigold, so called becanee 
it has seven series of petals; o^ooioo^toiiOoS^cS^ 
O98toooodoi9 this paddy is a second crop, which 
sprung up after reaping; oo^aocSi090^tooo^^oo 
O9001, oo^ooc8iooc8ooooooi, one word of falsehood, 
one of truth ; oo^QcnGS^cSjSoooocoioo^ooooooiioA 
CDOOicSi, the epidemics occurred one after an other, 
many times. 

2. adr>. layer on layer, one upon another, as cSoo 
ooioj^cj^oo^ pile board on board; ^^cSiooooio^ 
plant paddy twice in the same place ; ^ScSiooooi 
oo^^S grind new and old together; ooooi88t 
same as cSodooi, as oS^^oocoiSSt place the mats 
one upon another, ooooiooooi in successive layers* 

O90|2*. ^* ^^* ooogtoocS wart, or warty excrescences, from 
cq%. — c^^cx)|S8| oocf^ oSig ooc^s ooogt ooc8, 809^^ 
this leaf is all covered with warty excrescences; — 
§Sooo|2^ ; having patches of tubercles ; ' the name 
of a creeper so called from the fruit cov^d with 
oo^oDCgi warts. ^ 

rooSi " , 81 

S. fig. Speech which is interrnpted ^u»|$ gli^r or 

grief, 6obB Ac. r*- 

(oSS, adv. slightly expressed by iah in English, from 06 

only, it has only been found to qualify c8 yellow, 

as c8ooc6 yellowish, 
oxfi, thousand, as oooocS, one thousand. 
oocS, from c8 long, tall, extensioni permanent duration* 

1. Paralyze, produce incubus or nightmare, as f o5 
8^o& numb; cSioocS become withered, neutralize 
ed, deprived of natural power; m\oop<S\coS the 
fruits are withered, blasted; dS^oo^dSto^toocSicx) 
dd, stamp him down, till he cannot move.^. 8idB 
€8icx>c8o6,odc8i60icD^ooo^a>^^ooc8oD^, the priest 
is completely silenced, he cannot answer a word. 
d. ooc8 CO. ODcSooa^, a gizzard c8ooc8. 1. the giz- 
zard of a fowl ; the name of a creeper whose, 
tough fibres are used for making fishi,ng lines 

^@H^» alackly, ass ^j5, as ei^^ioo^^^8i,no6bScx>^f t. 

2. Numb. Aflix. applied to bulky bundles, or col- 
lected masses, o5Sco^^ a mass of writing, large 
book, volume, book. 

co^i 00. oo^ioD^i, a plant belonging to the arum 
family, the name is from ^i. There are two kinds 
of ^^i viz. co^ioi the cultivated and edible 
kind ; oo^ioi the wild kind, not eaten except 
after a special process of cooking. 

0000^ 1, €0. noodoxcH or oocSnooo), derived through the 
Talaing from the Pali, glo^ to drive out evil 
spirits by prophets, to exorcise oocxJloo^l^^oSwiOD 
OD^ S^oStoo^ &oo^ floDoo^ngS. 

99 coSlAmo^n 

2. o». coQ^, u mt^\fSooSi wordi ia|lrQ^oii« from 
od1 or 00)8^ the moatbi ogiodxi^ ^Qiod'$ iir^d. 

8. Of noocflooobt uied by ^loete £Ma»« for 018^ 

It half badcoti a9 o^oooooc)) half ba^kot of paddy, 

ooooooocTlGbooobt, do. 
mol from tH antagoimtic 4ec. ra^oraef rayortf o^er- 

tarn* 1. IJaed ip a goo4, bad or indifferent seoaai 

.cp4)c8^ torn the other side op, as ooa>c8|^^^ turn 
. the mat over. 
co^oaSjS, torn the head aroaod to look hack. 
<i9lA«Sioa^S8f oool^, the turned ^od looked back at me. 
opA'ooom, toro one's self over. 
fD^dSioooDi, tarn one's aelf; also fig. tarn frooa one to 

another, 93toodi) 1. A soul retarns at deaith. 2. 

Have a ohapge of heart or mind, good or bad ; bS 

<od1, revert or roll back the eye ; be deceived bjr 


ooalcc^tcoo)^, turn from lying on the back to 

lying on the face, and vice versa. 

3. CO. 000000) be fickle, torn, change, S4e coo. 
yi|^c^ooiooc^^ooc8^oi,ooooo^ngS after becoming 
a disciple, he apostatized ( c^ioodlo^, or ^loooin. 
oodlo^, perform juggling arts by which our senses 
are deceived ; S^qooo) topsy turvyi backs and 
fronts, turn about gS^S^qooopooI do. 

3, €uiv. co^^Smil take back ; cQ^oool, give back, 
not accept; 091000) return, go back; obo^ooo) nn4 
gbo^iooglo^ii come back, — (fi^oool be on the other 
side, over against, be in the opposite party, — oB^ 
000) retort, throw back a reproof; ^loool fold back 

com Mf 

tun Mok ;'«iteoi tora over, ^apaise, as «o^ooo1|^t 

^ac;^4i)« mvwt ojr pvft .on a baoijUe wrong enijl to, 

or wrong ndo iip ; cSooA^i fig. imputing to an* 

otWa fanlt wbioii belongs to oneV self ;— itooo) 

retort, or tbe same as cSoooloojgiySsitoodlo^ibooi 

ooioodS, or one word ; <»ic6iootf) deladoi impose 

upon with false promisesi see c^. — c^ooj) do. 

^ooAj ^ooec^ooo), allare from one thing to eo- 

other, by flaUery, bribes, fair promisea d^Ot-^gen- 

orally 6^coo\ twist a persoi;! or thing over on the 

opposite sidot eee &^. 

-— (diQo£, like 2jS(oe1 eee S%. 

— oocBioool reverse one's words, say the opposite, 

deny one's own word. 

4. ado. on the contrary; 5. Norn. Affix, fold; 6 

e&. ocSootf), which see. 
nojicp A species of lanros which prodnces an inferior 

kind of cinnamon, 
coot from ot often co. with co^S as ooS^ooot flat, even, 


1. d^oooty^ the crown of the head, same as 8^3. 

— 8^09^o5o90ty^ do. 

^-ouoooi flat, with an even sarface, as o1c8i^^ 

uiiooot, spread smooth the mat. 

— Oiic8ioooio6 be on water level. ' 

-^'^{^^tooS^ooet low, short, as a tree with a 

low, wide, spreading top. 

StoMt settled io dead silence. 

J4 cboi 

i. co^ coqt as oo^iodoi or oo^tooj^ grnmblet also 
eo. oo8t090t cackle. Cognates, see bt and ooot. 

CDd^; 1. Borrowed from Ibe Pwo, o^coo^ for ooiS|ODi^, 
00^031^9 giv^ assent as q^6d8^ooiS. 
9. 00. 000^000^ adt>. to and froi from side to side, 
eee coocoSij a short, sudden movement, tnrn about. 
3. CO. ooS^ooojS, fnlli plamp, also oo. 008^1 as 
ooS^ooo^y a bnndte. Oognates see. ooojS. ODO^. 

cod from blown, or carried away, scattered away, as 
by the wind, any small, light things. 
1. 00. 0990od), see coi\. 

S. 00. coQco^x deranged, confased, incoherent, 
oomp. oDio5oDic8, and ft^x see 03^:— §000 adi». 
tall, waving, swaying. 

8. adv. sonndy shrill startling, intensive ; express- 
ing smallness as cBsooS; or cBsnoo^^ooSl, scream, 
cry ont sharply as in great fear, distress or anger, — 
chtcooorch^coicbncoilf screech, scream ; @ooo very 
small oomp. 8^<^^. 8cx)0. 

coot from ot a wing, feather, to fly about, to fly, see oDOt 
and ooot. 

1. adj. 09919 winged end, as of a Earen arrow, fig. 
S. CO. coop as OdO^ooSt, see 000^. 

000^. 1. CO. moScoot adv. in a waggling manner, with a 
quick, flapping or paddling motion. 

2. 000^090^001 the motion less rapid. 

3. CO. opoi, as 000^0001, or oooSo^oooioi. 

C001. from 01, enclose, shut up, enchained &c., an en- 
closure, a socket. 
2. 000^0001 fig. an instance or occasion in which 

»D event baa oocarcdi a6 opcbodoooioo) I have' 
come on many occaeioDs. 
8. Num. affixi nnmber of instances yi^^oSoSbi 

a>9iGD8i adv. aonnds like distant drnmming,,orrnmbling, 
009101009101 do. coSSS^oooTOii do. sounds mingled with 

those of a shriller character. Cognates see oooi^ 

001 • 
(DOitdS adv. a cant phrase/ affected gentility. 
coei^Oi, adv. in namerons pilesi clomps^ or patches» as 

oBdSio^l^, cB^oooioio9c65 ; ooo^8^c8|S(^cx)oi^oia> 

dbS dnraps of plantain spronts, see oob^. 
(o^, CO. co^coii from q opaqoei obscarei tnrbid &c.t 

roily water. 

1. A shade, a shadow, v. be shaded as c^^oop5to&a, 

oocoq^ooi. 1. This tree gives a very pleasan 


S. A reflected imagOy as o3Coq(]8^(ji|lGOio6cx)S my 

image in the water, 

3 Fig. care, protection, patronage; characteri. as 

ooooqcdioS^ he sustains a good character. 

ooqooS onder or within the shade off as c^^ooqooSo&ti, 
ooq^Sooi under the shade of this tree, the shade 
is delightful — oo^ooq a shade, or shadow ; a ghost.^ 
— GSjSoDq, shaded, screened from the sun, see ooiS» 
— ooqooib do. as by a hat, umbrella <fec., see ofS. 

ooqcoq adv. slowly, steadily, as obiooqooq go slowly^ 
tardy, etc. see ooo^tooo^s — oodScodS — ooqtoob, 
86^8S§5, enf^teo^t, oo§^oo§^ — 006^000^, o&80o» 

f0 mi^<30% 

crxfS, and oo^toob* 

4. do. ooi|mtfl, the bamble-^ee; of vbicb Earens 
notice the followiog varieti^ ; cx>^ic6^ «be yel- 
low head ; ooqo^S^ the black bead ; aad cp^OS^ 
the white head; ODt^ci^ the black or dark gi'een 

ootjt 00. coqtcoh from q^ act upon, iDfluence; combo^t adv. 
interrnptedlj^ slowly, as by coming in contact 
with some thing which hinders, (^s&e cob) QifOOl 

•c6q^ from q^ see oq^, ooq^ooojSi or oq^oo^ is also 
nsedy the bulging part of a plant enclosing new 
leaves, or the flower bud. 

ooat 00. ooqtooo^, ooq^coot see q^, coo^ and cost. 

h Matter, make low, indistinct, mattering sonnds, 

grumble, complain. 

2. Murmur, grumble, ooqtoo9^oo^oo9i. 

00^ from 9 a side branch, section &c. 1. Stunt, dwarf, 
oboSi, o9^ooloo9ooicx)ioD8ao^o6io9i I MR from 
childhood stunted ; yio&i,oo^ccn(fitooioo8oD^ioo§ 
b, 8^c8^oo|^^; yioSicoa^^cfii^ oDioo^edDifiioo 
c8, this person became dawarfish by disease,— 
g8^C09 ^^ hindered in growth, as by illness, OD^oSI 
cfi^oo9(x>8, 8^dB^oo<^aD^. 

2. 00. a>8^009 adv. somewhat, more or less, oo 
8^00898 indefinite, unanthentieated reporti*— of ^ 
02QO^oo8^oo9|^, Q^ofHc209^8^8^oSia3i; coS^S^ 
O09f do. 

fOBCo9f be in doubt, quandary, hesitating betweM this 

oa8 f7 

and i^f txSl^mhtQXipAi^^xmMtr otwootooo 
ooSdSi between the worship of Qo4 an4 the m^* 
ship of Nats, see o8« 

8. see oo^, or odb as coKo^ or oob sfdel f • e. aide 
ifiOD, becan^B used to form the ed^ ^ a tool. 

009^ JM 08^ from 9^, shun, or dodge; elude, shy, do. 
witli a sly^ quidc movement, — fc8^8t9QODf ^gB^, 
a slj habit of picking, striking, kicking, in quar- 
rdeome children, also the habit of taking things 
Aflyx meddlesome, light-fingered. 
8. CO. cx)^t or oo^tco9^ see no^t cognates, eee^^p — 
099S — and 0^9^ groimble. 

oobf from b, strike with a bread sorfaeey slap, clap. 

1. (mIo* cobodb together, mutually, whether in 
feUowsliip or collision, see ODcBiODcBt do. yioof 
aobcx>bcB^c8Sooo9i a number of persons smite one 

2. 00. co^t as ooqtoob interruptedly, obstmctedly. 
8. see ^oob intensive to words of heat as 03^r8^ 
^^oob, the weather is intensely, or melting hot. 

cob^oi eee 0001^910009^ oob^ox)^^, o^oo^cS^cgloDiobS 
gg), otflooloDobSdBi. 

coS from B, a support, sustaining part of a thing, the 
stem of a flower, the midrib of a leaf &e« 
1* Vic8^ the ribs, or rafters of a roof. 
roSooS. «<fo. sloping, as ooai^oo3oo8, the moun- 
tain is sloping, steep, see ooSbSo. 
2. The name of a fish ^^ooS, the kind moat com- 
monly dried by the Barmans, dark colored, one 
to two cubits long g^oo8|^# tS^c&^q^^i^V 

28 co9 

^Qch^ or oo8t<^^, a Tarietj of o^^. 

co8t. 1. siee o99<b^. 

2 CO* coo as ^ODO^tooSt very small. 

cd8^ from 8^, large* balky &c. 1 C3o8Sooo^i a bondlei 
sheaf— ^od8^ sheaves of grain; (Oco8^bind into 
a bandlje ; €)0O98^§^ do* 

tOiDS^^o}ia9oo8^d8f bind all together in a single 

2. Nam. affix, bandies of balky materials, o^8& 
008^9X1008^ two or three bandies of small bam- 

8. CO. cog as oo8^8|5oo^g9 more or less, some- 
wbaty 008^009 do. see cog. 

oo8f from 8y direct line, (opposed to o, divergingi) not 
oblique. 1. co. ooScoA, intercept, as ooS^i be be- 
tween the eye and an object, intercept the sight, 
— g8|Soo8, conceal one's self behind some objeot, 

2. EInde observation, keep out of sight. 

3. ooSgS^ 00. ooScfi|Sg|S, angle for fish by keeping 

4. Excel* exceed ; in this sense |H the compara- 
tive particle* is affixed* as o^^ooo&toSi, ooSooS^^ 
00818^*. this tree is more fruitful than others. 

5. To be nncomnion* extraordinary* as very high 
prices, O^IL^^V^?^^^?^^^^^*' oiiooiOd^i od8 Qi 

6. CO. 000 as 009008 unsettled, vacillating* «d6 00 
9 and 008 — 08 — and oo8. 7. 008008 <idtf. sound 
like cackling (8008108^008008. 

00 0t 29 

ooSiy CO. a>8too9t. 1. Cackling Q8|^o^^o5S8t9 ooSfb« ' 
ooStooS <M/f . cackling. 

S. Talk and langh together, in a cackling manner. 
— f ioob^^^cx>8t9 laogh in a loud, rude, unbecom- 
ing manner, see ^ and oobS. 
— (^ood^ooSt, cry ont, scream fitfulljy o^cdo6|Sq 
^i8iy ct^c^toooi^^aoSicb^— f88a>&^^oo8t do. fright- 
ened scream, 

— 00^0081 blaby tattle, gossipi yif^oj^oo^oocSioo^ 
cBiflbtoo^y Ss&^obibooo^f ^, o&sooiOQitobtoo^oo^ 

3. see oo8t or ooSt a betel box, from ooSs, ooBi or 
ooSty from 8t to receive. 

4. eee 9^a)8tooS the palate ; the under part of the 

5. From cx>i and St what is repeated ; the act re* 
peated by a different subject, as 8i9b^8ooS^^a5no8t 
Qoox this means that another of 8i£^8*s daughters 
died.— «»ioo8ioof » or Qioo8tooc^, may be rendered 
by again» furthermore on another occasion &c.» 
cot is often used without St in the above significa- 
tioDS and often cot and St are both used. 

(08^9 CO. coot as oo8^a39t flat, low, chubbedi &c. see 
coot, 008^ is from 8|S shallow^ cut off &c.» eee cog- 
nates 008^ and 0^8^. 

oogi, from g) wipe» rnb off, .&c. 00. oo| as oogoog) root 
vpf remove with the snoot. Also co* dogt, as co^ 
00^ wipe off| as with the end of the finger. 

Qigit eo. 00^ as ao§i oogt eee oo§t and gt also. 

99 cofitnt 

€o|it CO. ^g^gt from 6, to bear n burden by m ftir«p 
from the forehead. 

1. Use the maBcnlar power of the neok as oo^8 

fo^cSio^f fnrrowy or excavate by rooting. 
co^^Q^QoSf obtain food by rooting. 

2. Butt, as a calf in sacking;— —of^S^^ycB^&SoDg 

3. rogoQS CO. c8ic8i, as c8ic8ioo|oQS, bow the 
head to the ground, as in worship. Here oogo^S 
has reference to the head, as in rooting. Terms ana* 
logons to oo§ sesy 6,--oog^, — oog^,— g«, — ^t,..^8bf 
^•i— e|^^— a)?j5,— 05,1^,— @5,— bi,— 6^,— 
oooSoS, — ogp^ — 001, — 0031, — oS, — jj or o5j 
and ogl. 

oogi, CO. ooggOD^, or oogioogs from gt rub or wipe up^ 
as with the end of the finger with a sweeping 
motion ; see §t, — cogt(fi^oDg1(]8^ogSoo^Scx)idB8^i 
ooo^^.ODgsGB^oogscS^cSoboo^'^SSoi. Cognates, see 
eot, — co&tf — and oDot see also o8. 

00^ 1, CO. co^co^t from fl having power to enchant^ 
or bewitch* A feast to the Nats. The term is 
said to be Talaing, bnt ^ and coSifi are common 
words in Karen. 

oo^oiti bewitched^ witch-ridden; oiH3oS| mount npon^ 
ride; oSico^ 1, A kind of coSt, or evil demoD, 
oanoo|n^^'Q^cx>c8tcx>TOOait&ooooo2S. A person under 
tiM inspiration of a a5)co^, rolls back the eye balle> 
closes the lids, and utters oracles in metrical nnm* 

bin, wHli a ohanting toner-— odOod^, i. A kind 

of creepiDg plant, braDohea and leavee armed 

with tboros. 

2. CO. OD^ ae cx)^no^ orop of a fowl &c. 
00^5, CO. oo|5, as oo|5a)^5, see, co^5. 
roft^ CO. co^9, as cx)^tco^t see, ooft. 
oojf, CO. ooj^TCO^^, ^^P<^@i» or oc^^cX)8. 1, n. Edge> 

point, that part of a thing which pierces or cuts,— 

SSoofS a thorn or sliver in the foot, — cSoo^S the 

blade of a spear. 

Soocx)f|S the edge of a knife, — oood^^ the blade 

of, the edge of, oo^oof^ a blade, catting edge, 

slivers, thorns «fec. of any kind. 

— flbsoo^Soo^oDooS break the blade in stabbing; 

fig. attempt what is beyond one's capacity. 

2. V. Listen, prick up the cars, turn the f^ toward 

a soond. Obey, Soo^^cx^ooogS ; yield to my advice> 

or persuasion. 

oo^odooo^^odSScSi, obeyed me properly. — 8cx> 
f 88, hit, strike i. e. obey ; Ssoo^^ from Ss, receive 
clo. give heed, give ear. Analogous ^S, — o^iooco 
ogS, — cBSooooogS,^SooS. 

m^i, €0. QOfii as oo^TLCOfi, a kind of do wry « 

co|, eo. co^co^. ly Produce a rough surface, oo^ indi- 
cates that the effect is caused by mysterious in- 

co^dS^, eat into, ozydize— od^ cB^t&S, rust the cleaver. 

oo^dB^ 99S c8^o^ rust, become oxydized on the sur* 
faee, see oo| and 09^. 

2. The crop of a fowlf no called from the rough- 
neas of its inner surface. 

(a) The cheek pouches of monkeysi from the 
resemblance to a crop. 

(i) An imaginary sack, in all raniinating ani- 
mals, in which the end is deposited ; sometimes 
applied to children for gluttony, — ooi^ a sack, 
sometimes used for cd|. 

3. CO. ec8 as ec8o9| roughs spinous, as the back 
of the oo£t and alligator, a file or rasp, 

4. see 00^ and 03^ rollers, used to raise heavy 
bodies from the ground, and facilitate their being 
moved, see oo^. 

5. Infold, a pouch io the bosom of a garment, see 

OD^S 00. oo^oo^S. 1. The oil-bag or gland of birds, 
situated near the tail. The more proper spelling 
is o^S. 

2. Traffic, barter for gain, speculate. 

3. adv. with iS, permanent, as &5oo|S in a per- 
manent, unfailing manner; oo^^^ooooo^^ftSoD^S, 
hold one to his word ; take in earnest what was 
said only in pleasantry, or by mistake with an 
eye* to advantage ; see oo^S being the co. of ODf^i 
lean upon, trust in ; see ^5^00^8,0^5 and OD^SoDai. 

4. see m^^ as ^oo^^ for^oo^S present time, now. 
Odit from ^t press, or crowd down &c. see 

1. 00. CD^tno^t or cd^soo^s, oo^tooj^t said of a 
person partially strangled, by passing food or liquid 
into the trachea ; various terms are used for the 

Qo|pGQpao M 

aet of poshing, preasiag, crawding An. see 06^^109 
|i»<x>|Soo^t,— -ajjtoo^y — cSiooS, — ojioSS, — sbi^ty 
— o5i, oSsgSi — ag,8S, SgSy&^i — coij^— oDUSOii— 
@i, — booStoS, — o55, — cooSS, — 6S, — f^i, — 
«85, — 85, — odB, — od|S, — o5<j5, — oitc6^. 

2. co^t or 00)8 (Bar.) The Nipa palmi leaf 
osed for thatch, the sap for making a coarse sugar, 

3. CO. O0O1I, as oooiTc8^oo^8c8j5 perspire. 

co^^ from 1^ a year ; a garment which encircles the 
body ; a petticoat. 

1. CO. oo^Soof^ encircloi infold, in wrap, curl or 
coil np. 

— cBSoD^:8too|^, have something lodged in the 
a>|^c8^80 roll up the extremity of a dress, — oo^^cS^, 
and o^^f ^> ^^^ ^^^^ ^^ c^co^pS^cSS&f roll up 
the bed| — 608n5S hem, fold, sew down the edge. 
— og«>f^ roll, curl up, as oSK8iogoo|^oop 
worms coil or carl up the cotton leaves. 

2. Things inflected &e. as ^oof ^ the ball of the 
liand, — Spoo|^ the back part of the heel, — cBSod 
IP or (BSoD^^ fish's gills, also called oS^ ; of a crab 
the crnstaceous covering of the thorax. 

8. Followed by oSt this od^oSi this time, the pre- 
test crisis, now. 

— ^oo^^o&i do. immediately, oo|P and oo^S are 
•ooietifnes used for od|^, now. 
Yerma analogous to 00^^, see og, — 03c6,— *^t, — 
mad co<mi> also, oo|p and od|^. 
8 k. 

84 co^-A 

oofi from fi, Beparate, to branch off into individaal parte, 
: as the fingers and toes ; disorganize, fly off in 
minate particlesi as odor. 

1. CO. cofiod^ individualizedi become single* 

2. Averse to copulation, opposed to ^i ; — f/'LODfi 
a person of either gender, — ^i-^f ^^i do. female. 
gS^^^coSi,— g8^8^x^^ remained maids aod 

8. A desert, wilderness, (/^^Soofi a primeval 
forest, a wilderness nninhabited bj hnroan beinga. 
4. Wild, self-planted; ODojU^^fi a species of 
wild betel leaf. 

6. — Sc^oDfi the name of a plant with a large 
cone of red flowers, the Clerodendron squamatutn — 
8c§ico^i|^9 oosdBsoooiOD^, o«^o«Q^d3&8s8ooc^Sg), 
oootyHsbo^y our children will all be males. Cog- 
nates see ofi. 
€O^^H CO. co^tSco^S from ^iS, prominent, conspicnonSf 
thou, thy, generally contracted to ^. 1. Pro- 
tuberant, knobbed, convex, gibbous, a bunch, 
rising abote, swelling, 8cx)^ad8^oofi^03^S, a 
child's head has protuberances, c8S8^oo^io&i,qiod 
CDtoofi^oo^S, cS^n^cSi 80i^x8idb^, how very 
nneven this ground is, rising in knolls and falling 
in hollows. 

8. To heave, retch a^toocbi, oo^S^d^tooo^toofi^co 

^Sc8i. see 00^11. Cognates oo^i^^OD^i^. Terms 

. analogous, see oo85, — ooogi, — oo65,— 9, — ^^^^t 

008, — 008s, PDOgt, — ^^P> — oiSojfdB^,— TO 

x^cS^i — oo.S8fciB^oD^c8f©i,— ooScS^oj. 

a>2 89 

€o^n €0. oofuoofi from fii, overcomef stibdne. 

1. A dowry, that is, a snm which a man pajs to 
the parents of his intended bride, 
oofii betroth, esponse, ocj^o^ODty^opo^iCOfiiODiSsSS^S 

8. Wages, price, reward, ooo^oifiiSifStfCOf iicoid 
oo^Qgidb^ why do yoa expect the price of yonr 
person, that is, why do you expect wages in silver! 
8. ea. OS oo^oSoo^^ii bonps from fix horn. 
4. Feel naosea, as oooDtoDf ii my stomach is nan- 
seated, nofii retching, ^^ o^tcocbi a little different 
signification meaning nausea, — cBsoDobSSScS^ooos 
a phrase which means to retch. The c8tooo6S is 
the ctscaris lumhricoides ; the natives refer the cause 
of retching to the pecking of these in* the stem* 

a>| is sometimes used for oogi see also cog and oog. 

oo| generally spelled oog* — ^|^ or o^j^ from g pattern 
after, imitate, become accustomed to. The primary 
of this root is^ to be strict, exacting, oppressive 

1, co^ CO. 09^00^, be exact, as a measure, hence 
fSooj^ a measure basket. 

2, A beeom, or brush, made of twigs with tho 
leaves on. 

8, adv. as cB^oogi eat or live by oppression, or 
by exorbitant demands on others, — qiod^ (fi^ooj^ 
take advantage of o£Sce or power to get another's 
property much below its value. 
0)| treat unjustly, judicially, deoide arbitrarily without. 


or contraf J to evidiSDcei coticealy or (obkHpel oM ISb 

forego his rights. 

— sSSoDgs or qsoogtoS^ODg use compaUioD, as in 

compelling a child to marry contrary to his, or her 


— oocSicog dogmatizci assert what is not truei 

or' that of which there is no proof,^ in. order to 

silence objections; oo^ is sometimes used before 

the verb) as oogoqcSioo^i see also the cognates 

co^f — og and ODg. 

09|[^oog^, CO. oog^OD^^ adv. sounds of a low, mattering 
character. See odoj^^oooj^^ and odoi^cOi. 

ra^S from |S a 8offc» tenacious, viscoas mass, as the 
brain. 1. co. oogSoo^i be mangled, red need to a 
pnl^t C07np. ODc^g, — o|oroqo»l,'= — jio^cSSoSt,— 
cSioDcSi,— and cSioDobt, c8iodg6. beat to a jelly. 

2. Affix cSiODgS be crombled, comminuted, pal* 
verized as by force of pounding, grinding &c« — 
oogSit do. grind and mix incorporate, as different 
drugs for medicine, (^see qt) 

3. — cSiodgS become fine; extenuate, slender in 
places, as uneven thread, o^^^SicSiod^SqicSi 
thead fine and uneven. The Cognates oaS and 
OD^S) are used in a specific scnsci odS a measure 
by which the height of a o^8 or spear trap, ' is 
proportioned to the height of the animaU 

4. The name of the supposed being who bears the 
arrows of death by which the wicked inhabitants 
of earth, are finally to be 'sAlin. The angel of 
justice atid death. 

iiMlogoM terms cemp. 00^6, ^^<9 ^^9 Sxm 
^, — AxcofjXy cfiio^i, c8ioDc6, oocfi|S, cSioocfi^, 00 

cSic^y c8i»^i cSiogty c8i^t, c8i^t| c8ic^> c8^ 
loee elastic force» oB^o^ debilitated by age, or 
ebronio disease. 

oogt CO. od^toogt a bell used on cattle. The Dame is 
imitative of the sound produced by such bells.. 

oo^tdB^^ a variety of do. 

comp. f ^g8^o^^ a generic term for bellsi ^c8^ 
n^^ small bell with a tongue, f ^(^^c^^^tS^ large 
bell generally without a tongue. 

oo|i from gi a thick rim, obtuse edge &c« margin. 

1. eo. 00^109^1 the back of a cutting tool in dis* 
tinction from the edge, but co^x oo» co^S the cut- 
ting edge is meapt, as c&Sq&i, oeo3gioo^^ooG8S 

8. An obtuse edge, as o^^OD^oooogi the edga of 
a leaf, f oeoogi edge of the hand ; OD^ooS oocogi 
The edge of a board. 

8. Margin or edge ODC|^ooo5Soooo^9 ^Sboocx)gi 
00102 ^^® teacher's book has its edges gilded. 

4. Rim, cSSoooo^i the rim of a dish, ^^cx^^^^*^ 
rim of the ear; sometimes called f^o^S^. 

5. That which is fastened around the edge, or mar- 
gin of a thing, generally called 8^|t, as ^oooogi 
the rail of a boat. 

6. The edge or corner of a body. 

7. Side 10 distinction from the front and back, 
generally called cooi* 



8. Used adv. oo^c^^oo odj^i the tnoQDtaiD's range. 
— cbSooj^i do. back of the cleaver, see tb5. 
— SlOD^t fileep on the sidei QooiOdcooi. do. 
oogiodgyi edge-wise; fig. crabbed, obstinatei yi 

— oocx>ioeco|^ii edge up, approach eidewiee, a8 

cocks in fighting. 

— 6bio3Moooi go sidewiset stagger, as a drank* 

en man. 

— SoD^i CO. Qco^pi as 8o9gi8cof ^1 listen^ obey. 

— -oSoD&i set np on the edge. 

— c8too&i raise np on one edge* 

-<— oSooj^i aid one in turning oyer on his side. 

-— eoSooj^i rnn sidewise, reeling to fall, as a 

wounded beast. 

— -o^Snogi pare off the edges, pare to thinness. 

< — ^^^1^"^ ^^^ several things on (edge together, as 
* dishes, bricks, boards &c. 

Terms analogous to cnja, oomp. ooo^^i,— mar- 
gin, border. 

oozoii do. or a position near do. 8P|,— 8|5oS, — 

cx)rJJ|i. — fl©i, — 8po6t,— 8\o6t, — SifJ, 8io, — co 

^^,— ^P,— oo^ip,^3,— ODji cfec. 
00^. !• A leguminous plant, belonging the the genns 

Inffaf a tree also called OD^, see |. 

2. A writing style. Bur. oogS. 
00^^ CO. ^^^, as ioD^|Bboo^f , for oo|^. now, 
OD^i CO. oof6oo|i, sse oo^ior oo^i, lean upon or against, 
• trust in for support, see |i, and oogSno^i under 



> 89 

CO. co^xco^S full ; puffed out, as the abdomen of a 
full-fed beast, cS^a>|i@i at the full, (fi^oo^^igS 
cx>^i@xoo^ do. 
00^ 1. eo. oo^cD^i, or f^8tno^8i, honey-bee, builds on 
branches of trees; varieties of o6^ are, viz. od^i(8 
named from the tree «8, on which they build ; 
— oo^8to5S the kite watchers, these build on the 
extreme top of the tree ; 

— oo^8tc8^ the bear watchersi these build near 
the ground, on the body of the tree below the 
limbs; — oo^ooogi, this variety btiilds solitary, 
on high limbs, remains only two or three months ; 
— o9^03^S, this variety, builds in oo^^, that is 
creepers, intertwined and hanging in festoons; — 
oo^o^^Go^ so called from their being concealed by 
leaves, otherwise they do not differ from oo^ODogi; 
— CD^O^Sy ^^^ of either of the above varieties, 
are so called if they swarm about the time papldy 
blossoms; — cx)^G88en the swine oo^, called from 
its forming its comb into a shape resembling a 
swine*s head; — 

00^00 the fishing not cry^, so called because its 
comb resembles in shape a fishing net called co; — 
oo^^jbSoo^^, the cleaver blade oo^, so called from 
the formation of their comb, which is like the 
blade of a ti^. 

Other varieti(3s of the honey-bee, are oioocoi a 
small species about the size of a barley corn; they 
build on small limbs of trees ; comb, about the size, 
of a man's hand ; c^ a species, smaller than oo^. 



builds in cavities of trees, rdcks &e., oomb three 
or four times larger than that of the 010002*^ If 
not distorbed, they remain in the same • location 
for the year.' There *are several varieties c^« as 

d^cBS,— (^r«SfS,— (^<fi^cg,— <^f^, ajid ci^j5c8S 
c8t or rS^dSscB^o^, an insect of the bee family; it 
builds in cavities of trees near the ground ; and 
produces the wax so much used by the natives 
for stopping the seams of boats and other articles^ 
to exclude water. 

It is smaller than the 00^, wings tipped with 
white. It produces honey in small quantity. 
There are two kinds, rS^cSsfS, and rS^Si, distin- 
guished chiefly by their different modes of con- 
structing the entrance to their hives. 

CO^S honey of the 09^ ; the honey of the other varie- 
tiesi is expressed by prefixing the name of the 
variety to 8, as oo^8oot^8, — fl^8, ifec. the general 
name for honey is 00^00^00^8, 

00^008^06 the comb of the co^, in which the honey is 

<o^oo8 the comb of the ooV in which the young bees 
are deposited. 

€19^0001 the nest or hive. 

00^008101 Kings, drones,— or OD^oocf^^ do. Some think 
them kings, others, slaves. The queen bee, seems 
unknown to Karens. 

•00^009^ the villous substance, between the two strata 
of comb, supposed to be made by the drones. 

oo^S^f^ or 00^ a swarm of no^« 

co^ootc^ The bees swarm. 

QO^oSt bee-bread ; tSt simply, is bees-wax ; Qtoo^ take 
np bees. 

co^cS^ooQi attach the hive to the anderside of a limb. 

(D^^ stingy as oo^oo^ooi, a bee stuog me. 

cci^ i. CO. ODo^co^ be idle, slothful, be drones. 

flo^. 3. CO. oof) a certain Kat-feast. 

00^. 1. 00. o^S a nail, spike-, as cotoo^S or ooto'^S* 
2. €0. cx>fi^9 as oo^iSoo^ knobbed, gnarly, &c. 
3* CO. a contraction of oo^^S, permission. 

00^1 CO. oo^S'as oofSoD^i be over-spread, as by creepers, 
hang in festoons see \\. 

00^ from ^ repress, check, dwarf, keep one down, &c» 
CO. 03^09 obt wrestle, scuffle co^cSSodODt wrestle 
with each other. . 

flo^dBi Siamese mode of wrestling, done in a sitting 

1. — bicSSSsoD^ be inclined to wrestle. 
2. or oo^oo^ used* adverbially, hastily, as yioooi 
obis^o^^iOD^OD^y a person went hastily into the 
city. Comp. o^Sod^ is used only in speaking to or 
of, others. In speaking of one's self OfS is used» 
For words analogous to oo^. 2, see oo^; — ^; — 
o^^;-^of^ ; — »jS; — odoji; — oDoSoDcgl; — odISocA 
<S;-cfi8^e^8^;— c8tojcfi«<ai;— S^o^So;— ODc^S 
03c^S;— oo^ooct,«c^^«c8^; — «ooi«c8i; — 09S09S; 

<o^ (Sal) 1. CO. oofScScp, a n^imerioal ignre. The 

42 oof 

proper Karen word is f ^o^. Thisi however, is 
newly coined from f ^ note, and 6^ connt. 
2. With OfiP poet, pillar, the flag staff- erected 
near pagodas, zajats, monasteries 09^^ is TalaiDg 
00?^ do. 
OD^t from ^t catch, hitch, obstract &c. see OD^t and oo^t, 

1. CO. co^tODfS tremble, shake, shiver, shadder^ 
palpitate, any spasmodic action of the muscles. 
Also trembles, as the voice in a voluntary effort* 
trill, qnaver. 

2. fig. adv. with hesitation, unwillingly, niggardly 
as 91^^, ooeocS^ oooo^8to9^0Dioo%t8oo^ta9f SdSx. 
cx)o6iyi^^coi^S|{i8t, ^^9^ oo^no^t no^S ocB^ooocO 
OoS. o^^co^S^i pntrid, bad quality. 

oof t is also used in the above significations. 
00^1, 1. CO. to words of force or violence, as o582^o5od 

f I, die a violent or untimely death, as by accident, 

by pestilence, by force of any kind, by poison or 

in any unnatural way. 

— Qiao^ooioo^i compel, use compulsion,. 

2. With 8 affix, adv. as oo^iS, co. oo^iSoo^io), 

in a lean, haggard, sickly manner ;—8oD^oooicbt, 


— od2Q do. likeness, resemblance. 
00^ from S be distended, spread apart, &c. bmnch off Ac 

1 . CO. oof OD^ the cross pieces, or beams of a boat 
or ship. In native canvos, the 008 are used to 
keep the side, from approaching each other. 

2. Developed, attained the usual size, pubescent* 
applied to animals not of the human race. — S^ooS 

oo|^o3Soo80i 48 

the female, o)od^ the male. Of the hnmati fam- 
Ij who have attained to pnberty, ^^oo^i and 8^ 
00^ g1 are ased. 

Other terms relating to the same period of life, 
are ^dSS; — period approaching puberty cOSi the 
yonng males of elephants ; — <»lc8jS^ii, the young 
males of horned animals ;— ^^^^ do. of mon- 
keys, — elooi, do. of swine; — c8^c8 a. young 
person ; o^^cS^cS^S, youth of either gender. 
— ooc8i8 do. Men or beasts, period approaching 
puberty, — ooo^ic8| do. mankind — S^cS^cSy do. 
Men or animals;. — (/ici8ic8 an old maid, or old 

8, CO. cx>^ as oo^oo^ hastily. Cognates oo^ and 
o^od^ which aee. 

00^^, from ^ interpose, 1| co. oo^^oo^^, barricade, bar, 
obstruct, contravene *as oo^^oo^toSc^ bar up a 
road, — oD^^oiScoSeo^cOii fence around the side/ 
fence out, fence up. 

— cSoD^^ stop up, lie across a passage; as a log 
across a stream or road ;-rrc8ic8oof ^ lie acrossi as 
a boat across a rock. 

<o^^ooSoo60i make a line fence, mound, or other con- 
struction as boundaries between lots. 
3, In writing, a mark indicating a pause, or full 
period ; a stop. 

3, CO. 09&^, as OD^^cof^ in a low indistinct voice. 
The Cognate oo^^ is more frequently used ; which 
see. cSiooS obstruct as a stream by a dam ;— otooS 
confine, cut off a retreat ; a kind of trap, into 

which fish, or other animal, can enter, hot cannot 
come out; oD^i fishing etakes; — oa^V a kind of 
mat work set across a stream to obatrcict fiah; 
prevent, hinder. 
00^1, from fi, divide, apportion &q* 1. OD^iooSi, 
elevate, separate from the ground, as a flooriDg 
one or two feet high. Analogoas terme 9ee ooj> 
c8^, — oo8ic8^c8oo^ , — c8c8^, — oof g8^. 
3, Stakes set close together in a line, as fishing^ 
stakes, oo^^i is also applied to setting stakes, but 
in that the idea is to obstrnct, in this to separate, 
divide. Cognates see e^i, oo^i, and OD^i. 

3, OD^3, adv. in an even, uniform, symmetrical 
manner; alike, throughout, evenly, thoroughly. 
— -cSioo^i, be even, uniform, as the threads of 

4, Cutaneous eruption^, blotches, swelling &c, a 
small pox, measles, ring worm or tetter, confluent 
alike throughout, without space between, see ^. 
^tco^t, comflpent pimples, or blotches, as frond 
the sting of bees, or bite of ants oo^90ooiocScx)i8t 
^•oo^icSj5«i, oooj^aooo^cb^. 

5, Applied to females of the human species, and 
to certain plants because of certain development ; 
maturity— c^^g8^, trees and plants which approx- 
imate to bearing fruit, see co^, ^^oo^i, or ^^8^ 
^jSoo^i, or ^^OD^iQiico^i, a virgin, an unmarried, 
buit marriageable woman. 

— {(^^oofiS^OD^^ is also applied to grain, and 
^caases, joat before the spathe begins to appear. 

00^ CO. OD^y as ^^<>3^, bendi boWf wave, as graio by 

tbe wind* 
OD^^ CO. oo^co^ from 6^9 to wave, and oS to paddlOf 

flap, as wings ; roll from side to side^ sprawl. 
o9^^o^a2||t do. see <j^o:j5|« from side to eide, od^^oSoji 


— ooo^S, roll about restlessly as upon a bed. 

— og^^S, push forward* a prostrate body rolling 

from side to side, 
oog^^^, the act repeated again atid again. Or it may 

be nsed adverbially as ono^^oo^^^restleasly. 

Cognates see oS. Analogoas terms see coSS wal- 

loW| as in a mad hole or in the dirt. — oo5S 

wriggle ; — ooSSooioji, writhe 5 — ^cbzcf^^ crawl 

with flexnoas motions; otgly wipe along as a fowl 

does its billy first one side then the other ; cod1a2t 

coS\^f turn repeatedly from belly to back, and 

vice versa, see other terits under OD^t. 
OD^i, Oblique, indirect see 03^i. 
00^ eo. OD^no^, from 5 and ^. 1. Bent down« as 

grain, and slender plants. 

8, Prostrated, as by illness ; used where several 

are lying ilMn the same apartment. 

3, Turned up, inverted as leaves by the wind. 
cD^^cBoo^cSi, bent, leaning, lodged grain, grass in dif* 

fereni directions. Cognates^ see oa^— -00^ &e. 

Analogous terms see 090g; ooe;— Qd02;-^»n2t; — 

Qoo^ti^eoj^ • — oooi, &c. 

— ^SoD^ or bScx)^ (Sitlriug iiaoio ^f atMe) the 

rpvoper KMton laiM^is wai^« 

46 ; oooSngS 

co^, CO. co^S, as oo^^OD^^, see od^. 
ODo^y CO. coo^ooo^. 1, Reel, totter, halt, stagger, ad^v* 
as obiooo^, go reeling, staggering ; cSiodo^, limp^ 
fall sidewise; overtnrned ; — eoSoooSoouS, run 
i^idewise; — cSicroS, be feeble, tottering; cSiai^t 
do. Analogous terms see ob^cSi, swaying from side 
to side;^no2i, sidewise; 9chS^ in a limping, 
shuffling manner bsol, limpingly; coiooi, wad- 
dling; 00 c^^ walking on the toes or heel ; — 
o6tcot, the gait of a person walking with a heavj 
load, other words of motions see od^i. 
8, Qualified by c8^c8, as noo^a8^c8, very lowering 
weather as at sea, clouds upon the water. The 
same weather on land is oo^»ioooD8Qf^«ODO^'[S. 
ooo^oooj, rickety, not firm in the jointSi as a chair 
table, cot 4&c. 

3, CO. oooii, asooojioooS, full, plump; ^loooioobS 
OD^oooiiooo^Soo^toeoSt. 4, co. coo-A, a kind of 
tree; cooiSoooSoSc^pooooojS. 
coo^f, an insect resembling a cricket, size of the little 
finger, wings short, abdomen longi lives in the 
ground, ground cridket. 
oooS. 1, Surpass, go beyond, transgress, overstep &c. 
ooo5fl§5, beyond, too far ; ^ngSoooScgS, you look beyond 
the object, adv. oloooS, co. ^nooo^oloooS, step 
over*<-i^oooS, jump over, cbioooS, go beyond j 
^^ODoS, supplant; cS^oooS, slight, disregard, 
disrespeot, carry a matter which belongs to an in- 
ferior officer, up to a superior.— cBo^^cdoooS feast 

cool 47 

toexcessyglattonize ;— o^^ogjSolnooSi or o^^c^^A 
oooS (boat .common) trausgreeSi diBobey see'^emd 

2, eo. no^o9o5oDo5 ei:ce88ively soft^-— also oo. cB 
as oo^cBoi^^^^^ excessively ;— also eo. oooS as cx> 
vScooS clay, mad. 

Analogoas terms; see ooooi exceed boand/ go be- 
yond propriety y pass on, &c. 
— ooooSob^ report an evil matter to another and 
not to the person concerned; o3g8ioo^o^^8So6o> 
oS8^9t vilify, asperse, speak abasively of; — oJbooS 
same as oloooS. 
Words designating different kinds of sin see cooS. 

Qoot CO. oooitooos spathe, or sheath, as that which co- 
vers the areca flower. 

000^9 or fdBooo^y a tree belonging to Dipterocapea, pro- 
dacee a resin » and probably belongs to the genus 
8horea Yateria. A variety of the c8 family, also 
called to8^p tall, straight grain, free from limbs 
and amooth. 

ooai,'from oi side, 1. eo. mSScoox side in distinction 
from the belly and back, or the bottom, see co^x 
coox as eoogionooiooc^^— oooi sleep on the side ; 
oj^oooDoi, side of tree, oo»i^<ooi mountain side* 
oocBioooif talk aside from the snbject. 
i, adv. as cSioooi co. S\coo\SxcooXp descend 
sidewise; ASodoi eo. KoogioSoDoi, edge one's self 
in, as among a crowd ; oJlodot eo. aflooSSooloooi 
worship false gods. 

48 co6x 

cooimoXf ad», as qiodiodoicooIi wrett the meaoing of 

words — od858Sodoioi do. 
oooidlf CO. oooio^oooio), perverselji obstiDately^ disc- 

bligingl j; also oblique, wiDdiogi not straight grained. 

8. CO. o^ocoiij^cooi, frogs croak. 
<o5S ly CO. ooo^ as 000^030^ reeling, tottering &c. 2f oo. 

09oS as oco^odoS over beyond &c. 3, co. coQS as 

ODo^ooSS, internode space between articalationa in 

speaking see 8S. 
ODoS, CO. nooSoooS, or ooo5c8p^ from 65, adhesive, 

tongh &Q. 

I9 Claji mnd; adhesive soil. 
ooSSc8tc8, yellow clay, also co. of oooS, oo6S:8tc8 do. 
oooSoo^S or oooSoo^Soooj, soft day, mad. 
cooScoS^ or oooSoos^poo^S stiff clay. 
cooSeo, dry clay. 
ODoSo^i in the mnd. 
oooSS^, snrface of mud, or upon the rand, od6S8^09oS 

0^1, same as croScxjjl in the mnd. 
ODoSoDotooS, be stuck in the mud. 
o&6Sc8ia2|i^, sink in the mud, be mired. 
oooS^ojt, stuck up with mud, or stuck in the mnd. 
oooSoD^ooi, besmeared with mnd. 
oooSc^^ muddy as water in a freshet ; c8^^ means 

field ashes, when connected with oooS, muddy. 

2y CO. c8^8^ as cS^S^cooS, earth, soil, mold, fine, . 

soft earth. 
OMi, edge, selvedge. Cognates, oooi and oooi, Analog- 

ons.terms signifying border, edge, selvedge^ rim &q. 

see oo^i* 

(901^ CO. oooi^OQo^, cik)l^() OQor^, wild fig. Probably a 
species of artoci^rpas» Ther^ are two varieties 
called cx)aiU^ or o^i^ofS^; aad <ppi^qo^@9f the 
first has bitter bark ; the se<ipQd h^ ciithartic 
qoaliti^ in its froit. 

(ooi^QO^Iy another kipd of treet growing on si^lt water 
land, probably Phyllanthns. 

ooai^coi, o^v. grave, gnttnral soupds, ^>09ovpt^^8|, 

(Oq2^cx>02^, is sometimes followed by cx)oi^i has 

the farther meaning of low, faltering, indistinct ; 

cxpoi^ooi, thoQgh gr^ve may be loud apd distinct, 
coon 00. oooiiooot. 1. Spathe or sheath, as that 

which covers the flower of the arMUt plapt, see 

oooit, do. 

2. A section or sentence, generally called oocSi, 

c5Sa>cBi|^, oiif^rStgoig^SoooDoitcSi. 
Qooii, CO. oooiiooolf perspiration, moisture of the skin^ 

cooncB^, to perspire, perspiration, 
moiicfi^f^, have cold perspiration; — -^^adoiicS^, to 

have a cold perspiration on near approach of death « 
gooiig8^oo§oo§ have checked, insufficient perspiration, 

as in a febrile state; oo^ very small degree, slight 

perspiration. . , 

oxnicSiQt, cease perspiring, stop perspiration dBioi, 

cooiiojcS^, have perspiration dried up. ^ 

ODoiiCD^t, are sometimes couplets for perspiration. 

Analogous terms; — opSS^, condensed vapor, as 

4 K. 

Been on etones &c* cooler than the atmosphere ;— - 

ODo, vapor, 8team,-^oSi dew. 

2. ooonoDox, croak as frogs ; yioooii, do. 

8. c». oooiScsDo^, be fnU, bloated, bulging out, see 

ODon, a pot of bulging shape — xSooon, name of 

a tree, fruit eatable. It belongs to the family Sap^ 

co^Sf CO. co(jSoooV the large drum used by Burmans; 

also called oo(^S ^^ ^%^^^* ^p^ prominent^ 

pointed, spinous; also intensity of a red color, 

full; plump, as a fat child, * 
coi^^^coiAo^J^, CO. ootjSsj^oooSaj^, do. cBpcxx^Saj^, 

very fat, plump like gpo6ooG8c6^««(jji^ooooo5cx> 

-~oo^g8^od(2^82^, do, applied to young, fat children. 

co<^5 1, CO. OD^5cDo5, or od^5od8S, or <x>^5cobi, has the 
general signification of soft, yielding to the touch, 
(from (^6 make soft); (fiSS^cot^S, soft earth. 

oo^Sooc^S, adv. of oo^S softly, gently. 

oo^So^s, 2. Soft, agreeable to the touch, as cloth or 
leather, the fleshy parts of animals, rice well 
cooked ; savory, agreeable to the taste* 3, Mel- 
low, rich, as earth, ripe fruit. 4, Heavy, dull, as 
sound to the ear. 5, Gentle, conciliating language. 
6. Soft, gentle breeze ^^odc^S, adv. in an exhilara- 
ting, cheering manner, see ooc^S. 
Analogous terms, see cco^ ;— oo8c8, ooo8^Doc§ ; — 
8^ ; — oD^5 ;— oD<^S ;— ocaj», ooofjioDC^,— ccoyii^ 
ODO^s; — oo^SoD^, ^5; c8xoo@5 ; cBioDcfi^; — 
c8ic^p ; — aS ;— cog^B ; oDg^s ; — od^^— oc^i ; — 

oo^S 61 

b^; — mctn ;— c8i§5 ? — ^'^§p ; — cSiajjp ; — c8i 

obi? — c8i^«;— cBx^ ;■— and see oogS. 
00^ 1, or co^oool, a gimlet, an auger; the proper 

Karen word is 0Dt<2|S. An awl, bodkin &c. is 

called 00102* 
00^ 2) eo. QoyoDo), be Baving of fragments, frngal} 

economical oo^oocO. 
coij^co<>\f be saving of money, frngal. 
oo^dlooSo8pooSo8, pick np instruction, be diligent in 

acquisition of knowledge ; OD^ooo), coSh9(rAco<£\ 

oo^^d)Q^^8ioo)8t, collect fragineats of poetry. 
oo^oooToo^oo^ooSooo^ collect charms. 

— y'^^^^olooSoj, one who knows how to eocno- 

mize, an economist. Analogous terms; ooiSjS;— 09 

cfiioji ;— o5;— cSicfi ;— 0D8cg; — ooc€; — fx^tfi^ 

8. eo. co^ooot, nbeven, awry ; oat of placet ^^ 
CD^oooS and od^coos, do. 

Terms analogous to o^^oooe, 5^^ oo^xod^;— e^i 
•@i;— Oj^oDojicSoocSi ; Qi^i ;— (fe5oS^(^^rB^;— 
ooo5^^S ; — odcSoj^St^X)^ ; — ?S5d85«o5»DS ; — and 

oooS, see oooS co. oooScx^oS. spade, shovel.- 

oo^Soooof^, the blade of do. ooc^SoocSS, handle of 
do. varieties of see oo^S. 

Instrnments or tools reeoiT.hling a epado in formi 
see oocxgii ;-oo<jjS ;~?^^jS ;— co«<ai ;-cfiooaji ;— 
|^@5 and a>8^. 

oD^^^Q^^if a jnogle plant ; Btems repept, hence the 

Eareo oatue, d$e o^^cSiy wi^efpre^d; goipg and 

coming 4^c. oo^&8^C9^c8i| do. 
00^1 from ^i, a place with other roots, as 1. o^oo^i 

00. o^oD^io^ooooi, a fire-place, hearth, stove &c. 

Analc^ouB term aee ji^. 1. 09oiiu)o^, an earthen 

pan used for a fire-place. 

2. ood^ooo9^i| or c^8ioo^\8i, a road, path oo^i 

CO* m. 
cooScoiAj adv. an intedsive qnalifying sound as tB^co 

ijScocSf cry violently, scream, (fi^OD^^aiODobS, do. 

ooo^QioocbS do. applied to the cry of certain 

young animals in distress, 9§^8oo({^cBtaiooo^aico 

cbS. Generally when applied to beasts it is cBt 


coifx. 1, 00910001, name of a treci of which there are two 
varieties, odoiqo^, fruit, sour; genus, Bauhinia, 
and ODuiQOi sweet od^i, a different genus from the 

2, A large kind of reed, of which coarse mats 
are made; called by Burmans ^l^^S. The mats 
are also called odoi, by Karens. 

3, CO* odSi as oooiodSi light. Also co. od8i a 
spider, as ooSioo^i, oooi^i co. ooSi^i, as oo8i 
8ioooi§i a species of spider. 

4, Ssoooi the butterfly and moth see 810091. 
0061, CO. oo^Boobi soft, pliant, &c. 

00869 CO. 0086000), a term in cookery, poach, simmer, 
used with A^ as cnQ(&pco6\(&p see 8. 

ooSS, OP. ooSScooSy or od8Sooo1i or ooo^ooSS, space 

between, midway, midst. 

1, Id botany, the internode of articulated plants, 

o^ooooSS^i e^oo^ooi^encSi between joints of 


^g8^oo8S, pnt forth joints or nodes a^^^dSS^oo 


3, In anatomy, the space between any of the 

joints or articulated parts, as ^ q^^odSS, f 30o8S 

the fore-arm. 
cdSScS, to have long fingers, toes, arms, legs. 

Analogous terms see ODi^en,— 88> — ooSi,— — and 

3, Space between, as f cdSS, or cd^SS, oo8S, or ^ 
noSS^ooot, space between heaven and earth, ^co 
86c8i, the region above the earth, the firmament; 
ooSScSi, ^OdBScBi, npon the arms; SSo^cdSScSi, 
on the hair, o^^oo8Sc8\, on the tree, same as 

4, oo85f , a measure of distance the length of the 

5, Seethe, make pottage of gnapee, meat, or fish, 
rice flour, and chillies, beaten together and boiled, 
8ao8Sc8^, cook pottage as above. 

6, eo. noot,co8Socot, side, sidewise. 

QoSS, eo. roS^coo^, peel as bark in wide regular strips. 
see ooS^, Analogous terbis see oocBt and ooo^^. 
3, Dam, stop up water. The term is borrowed 
from Barman, the true £aren term is cSiooSodS, 
cckS^iS, ntake ridges in rice fields oo8^. 



cooXf 00. oo8inooi» surround) incIosOf eocirclei ioveaty 
environ &c, 

I9 Sap wood of trees; 2, Fruit pulp around the 

3, A' St J, pen, or small onclosuroy as for pigs <fec; 
larger are called odqi. 

4, adv. aroundy round about, as ^cdSi, fence 
around; — cS^ooSi, be round abouty on all sides, 
environed ;— c6icx)8i, go round abouty go round; — 
ogSooSi CO. ogSoD^t as ng^oo^8cg^cx>8i, look about 
in all directions, od8i,oo8i raost common. 

5) ^Soo8i9 a generic name for several plants^ be 
longing to the genus Commelinay ^jSnoSiSiogt the 
pilose or hairy oo8i; — ^^0081088^1 the large 
leaved od8i;— f^oD8ig8i, the €mall 0081; f^OD 
81000I1 the white oo8i ; the last three varieties 
are eaten bj the Karens, 

Analogous terms see 8i, — oo8i, — §^, — c^i — oo 
^t, -osos,-cx>c|^i,— 8s,— c8o5, — ODCji, — oo8p, — 

008, A sea wave; generalljooS orODS,co8 from Talaing. 

ooSS, CO. a)(^5cx>8S soft, yielding &c. from 8^, buojant, 
floating C081 or nc8iocoi> 1, Shine, be brillianti 
luminous, glossy^ from 8, overspread so as to form 
a surfacoi wash, as with silver, gold, brass <&o* 
Light, abstractly, is expressed by odSooSi, oo^ooSt 
000^1 in tlie light. 

OdSicSS) l>egin to sJiine, begin to be light; — v^incSi 
dBS, cause to shine, cfiU&o to be lighted up; fig. 
cause to see, cause to understand* 

«-^scx>8ig8^ cause to shine; t)^Ko8ic8^oo^S eame 
bis ejes to see^ t^tooSicS^oocotj cause his mind 
to perceive or understand. 

— GjooSi hold a light near to an object to make 
it visible ; oo^SsoDi, obogoDSicSfoPooojS, see 05 
carry a light to light a person^s path. 
— ^^^X)8i light np ; illuminate bj a candle, lamp, 
torch &c. 

— dSooSv emit a sudden, momentary light, flashi 
^IcB^oSdtnoSib, lightning-bug flash. 
— <^iod8i blaze, emit light by burning. 
odSio^S gleam, sparkle with lustre, O20o8o5|^ 
00810^^09^ fine gold shines. 
a>Si<^^cb^, or crsSiODcbSc^S or co8iodc5Sc5^odc5S 
obS or ooSiooobScfeS or ooSioDobSooojS, he lus- 
trous, as a polished surface or clouds with light- 
ning, odSis^ clear light; d3^(^ie^O|coSi 8^009^ 

floSifi^^S, shine with a glittering light, glitter as the 
rays reflected from a smboth or polished surface, 
or as an unsteady flame; shine with an unsteady 
light as 9^9^> indicates. 

oo3io5^«'Bi, phosphoresce, glow-worms emit a faint 
light without heat, shines as the glow-worm, phos- 
phorescent light. 

(X)Siq5o5, do. , 

ro3tt^»&t, shine feebly, giveaq obscure light, as a lamp 
for want of wick ; the moon^ or sun obscured by 

(oSkB^o^cB^o}^ glimmeri a faiat light as a low fire gleam. 

0d ctidiij^ 

odStoibt^ty flare, emit an ii&fiteiidy wavering Ifgbt aa a 

flaoie acted vpOD by the wind. 
odSxco^^, 00. oo8icx)^poD^^, dazzle, glare. 
odSiod^^o^, glitter, glisten. 
oooi82^52|S» shine with a red glare. 
od8ioo@^cx>@S, sparkle o6c8oDiS^o6p^tf^|Sooo9^oo8ioo 

^^00^% the light in the water of a ship. 
coSioo^^cS^, same as above, except that the Inminona 

objects are at rest odSicSSooodS, shine in traces of 

light here and there, lominous fnngi, rotten wood. 
ooSi^^ooooS, resplendent, vividly bright, glaring, see 

ooSio^oDooS, shine, sparkle, as small objects like sparke 

of fire. 
ooSidscs^, glimmer, shine faintly with intermissions, as 

a fire-fly. 
ooSioo^ooooS, shine by reflections, see co^ 
<x>St@[cx)OoS, shine with a clear light as thesuu, be well 

lighted, as a lighted room. 
opStc^coooS do*, also to see clearly as with glasses. 
ooSi^S. be refulgent, beaming with light ; fig. dignity 

awe, veneration. 
odSi^, 1, Living or independent light, star light. Terms 

in Optics see f^s^scSi* sbtoo^, obtcotf), reflecta 

back, radiated rays of the sun or ^ or ocfl, ^o& 

6oooic^\, spy glass, or telescope ^Soooo03l8id§i9i, 

Microscope. Cognate see oo8i, open, admitting 

light &c. 

S, CO. of ^ as OD^^doODdi. Also co. oi tbtoX 


9S ir 

9»O08t. AUo CO. 0{ (^ B8 ^8tOd8t8t, 866 ^SoDl 

and ^. 

Sy no8i <x>. ooSiODOiy a spider. The name is pro- 
bably deHved from its open web. It may be itfr 
web in a dewy morning. 
<^§'it a common large^ black spider, sometimes called 

ooSiJi, do. 

ao8i8| a smallygrey, field spider. 

ooSioo^oo^f a spider of variegated color. 

odSioo^o^i the bear spider, bite is said to be fataU 

borrows in the gronnd, eateti by Karens. 

— OMO^dboDSiStnoSif fig. his food comes to him 

like that of a spider, or he can live without work. 

ooStoooDi} the fibers of a spider's web. 

noSiooidS^oocoti the spider makes long threads. 

coSi^i^ooo^if the spider extends its threads. 

co8io3tooo^\. the spider attaches its threads. 

ooSioo9ii a spider's web. 

noSiootoQQif the spiders weave their webs. 

4| odSiooio^f and coStoBcdy in Karen fable, the 

name of two dogs which cause eclipses of the^ 

mooui by their attempts to swallow it. 
^OifSj 1* The nfime of a person in Karen fable, famous 

for his wickedness. Hence an ill-natured, malev- 

olent, or litigious person, is still provincially called 

if 00. ^ is oD^Soo^^, fiaccid, pliant. Also co. 
co^S 00. (x>§^oD^^, which see, slsb 00. cc^i, as 00 
§100 yS see 09§i. 

58 ooyiingSffSSooio&ooo^S 

ooySy CO. oo^SooySy see (^S, If Oelatinous, viscid, macns ; 
albQmiooQB, ae the white of an egg. 

ooySoD^S, do. ooySooyS, do. oDyiSoDyS, see cxm^iS* 

ooySot, 00. oo(^SStooy598| very soft, pulpy, cnrdy^ 
plastic, as ripe fruit, pap, lard, poached egg &c. 
— — c8\oo(^ become do. as food over-cooked, and 
saturated with water; become loose and flaccid, 
as the skin through weakness. 
ooySgdS, flaccid, dangling as the wattles of a cock. 
ccySoD^S, see co^S. 

2, ooyScS^oooDt, lubricate itself with slimy mat- 
ter, as a snail or a leech. Cognates see •yS, 
and 03(^8, analogons terms see under odc^S. 

<io(^i, CO. ooc/it as co(jVco(^^. 

ooyi, CO. no§i as oo8iooyi see oo8i. 

ooJS, CO. ooySfx>yS, weak, flimsy, awry, loose in some 
parts, and tense in others. Cognates e^^»§% — 
oo^Sooc^S and ODy^ooyS. 

005S, CO. ooyS, as ooySooyS ; see oo^S. 

ooyiS, CO. ooyiSoo(/S, splashy, muddy, miry. 

cojiSooyS, do. synonymous with oooji^, substances rend- 
ed soft, by excess of liquid. The Cognates, syiS 
•yS, — ooyiSooyS, and ODynSoDySoocjS. Analog- 
ous terms see (j^S. 

03^11, CO. oo(^i«ooyi, same as ODyiSooc^S, and coc^ttco 
z^t. Cognates •yisec^i, — ooyisooyt, — and 03yii 

ooyii, CO. oo<^iicx)yi. 1. Move about, agitate, stir round, 

<oyiio§5fcfi5coio6ooojS, wash out your mouth with wa- 
ter, gargle. 

co§S 5» 

oo^if rSS^iooioooS^oeo&oonj^, gargle jonr tbaoat with^ 


3* ad9» afco(p\i wash around the inside of a vesseU 

-— fibiroyiii agitate a vessel to wash it. 

— oB^noyii, be inactiTey cooped np, confined to 

narrow limits. Cognates eyn and OD^ii. 
oD^i 1, Be excitedi wakeful from mental agitation. 

— cB^oo'^i^, bird, whose fat, if eaten, prevents 


— ^SoD^€8^9 become wakefal, sleepless. 
OCX}! if GO. OD^^no^ii adv. as fiooyii or fioDy^fiooc^i, 

smell disagreeably filthy* as stagnant water, 
coj^i^y sooty dinginess by the action of smoke. Oog- 

natesy eyXf — ooyi and.03yi. 
00^^^. oo^SoDyS 1, Bubble, rise in bubbles, 0&cx>^^g8^, 

^^, as oo^^cS^i do. 

2y adv. in shining or glossy spots, here and there, 

as oil on water o6€)^(i^8to8|^wiocoDfOo^So:^S.— 

oDobSooobS, do. 
to^SobS, adv. blurred, as color,— ooQSooS, and ooQScfiS 

flO^S, CO. fio^Sco^S, breadth and limberness, flappingly. 

Cognates •bSec^^, analogous terms, see under oo^S. 
co§\ CO. oo^Snoyi. 1, Hodge-podge, disgusting medley,— 

oioo^^ leavings on a native's dish when he has 

finished his meal, see §^ and 8^. 

2.— 0^03^^, twigs, green leaves burned together, 

to produce a dense smoke, used in taking honey 

form the bee-tree. 

Cognates m^S and 0D§^, see no§^. 

€0^f CO. CO^X M 00§tOO§l, $0$ ftko §S Md •§$• 
oo§i, <jo. oQ^co§i, or O9§iooyi. 1. That wfaieh affords 
support to the weak; a fVame, scaffolding, or any 
thing used to support creeping plants, see §i and 

2, Lay hold of for support, lean upon. 

^§tc8^ rear the fore feet upon a thing, as a beast 
to get at an object, cBtco^icS^tfipo^oDiS^. 

3, adv. QOiooi^oo^i, stand by holding on to some 
thing, as a child. 

— <Xf%co^xcBPt to raise from the ground, as a rOpe 

by drawing it straight. 

— ^Soo^icS^, raise up the end of a thing. 

Terms analogous to oo^i, 3, 3. see oo^S,— o6b^,-» 

OD^i, — SSoD^i, and SSooi^. 

4, CO. oo^Boo^i, or oo^iooyS, from 8i, destroyed, 
dilapidated, demolished, marred, disfigured. 
oD§ioo(^^, easily discouraged, weak; cognate a^ 
see also OD^i. 

oo^i^i, CO. co^xQ^co^x^Xf filthy, soiled, disagree- 
able appearance of a person's face when crying, 

-— cSioD^i, become fallen, demolished, spoiled^ 
distorted, disfigured, see under Sx. 
00 gS, adv. sound made by the lips in eating, ocS^co 
2^0026, as ^icS^otdS^oo 2609 25c8i.-— 000^ od^S 
adv. sounds made by (»ttle in eating of^cB^dS^oo 
09 2tf ^dv. sound made by swine eating, cBtcS^oooo^t 
dB^oo 2*^ £*• 

ar>@?i 61 

o&£l|fO^» a^* 9QQnd m%4e bj walking in stiff mnd, 

00^^ «o. OD^W^i, vivid, epl^ndidr gandj, gay. 
%f Glare, dazzUog appearance, $^0|^§^- 
— CQr^o^^, something splendid, dazzling* 
8, adv. glaring, dazzling, splendidly. 

GQ^^oSicgi, interrnpted ligbt, as fire falling* 

mgS8i red oo^S, — od^SoI, white oogS, — ^^odGSoj* 
black or dark oogS, ooGSoo, bine oo^S, — ct)§^c8, 
yellow ^^j that is oo^^, in these colors. 

oo^^o^, is used when the co^\ is steady as to color, 
as Btoo^^opS, bright red c8oogSo^S, bright yel- 
low; ^^1 is sometimes nsed in poetry instead of 

The Cognate 03^^. Analogous terms, see under 

oogt, adv. Starting, or bursting forth suddenly with red> 

as blood. 
^S*^^ start forth from contiguous points. 
nogtoioodbS, do. Cognates, Qs — OD@t, — oogi, — and 

oogii, eee <g«. 

^@^6^» O^fo. vibratory as an image reflected from the 
snrface of agitated water, oooi^^oooi^cgloDg^ooG^ 

ooQ^oo^y indistinct, blurred &c. Analogous, S^^^^y oo 

ooQS, a plant, often called oogS, which aee, 

coQ^y from S^y coarse, opiMk work d&c; appearances 

62 ooitcx)^5gS 

same as nog^, aDg^|^o^ooS8i8i|c6c8,cb^db|Scfi\« 

IndietiDgniebablo colors. 
ODB^oo@^f luminouBy with a fickle^ unBtead; ligbt. Cog- 
nates «tf^ @S, — oo@S,— @S, — ]gS, an oo^S, not 

coLopaeti expendedy open, loose. 
ooQS) CO, oogSoD^Sy the name of an edible plant, cal- 

tivated in rice fields; also called co^f and oa@5. 
o9|^009 a variety of oo^S, growing on rockj places, in 

ooQi, CO. oo^S, as, o3(§^9 oogi, see oo§S. The root ^t* 

and cognates gi, — @if— @i>— @^j — oo@t, — 

coo^ from co\ avert, glance off or aside, slope, see co 

ooS, — o3ooS,— <gS, — oD<gS and 03<g^. 

— oo^Soo<gS and ODjg^oo^, ade. witb a glance in 

passing, or hasty manners, as yiODotobto&^co^S 

oD^gS, Stccna^ooAnji;^— ODjjg^oo^S, and oojgScx> 

<a% do. 
coi^ from ooS, beneatb, tending downward. 
OD^gS CO. ^<2l^gSoo^SgS, adv. steep, declivitous, ae 

ooSo6c5o<g5g5, very steep, gS is from #5, scratch, 

scrape. The idea is, so steep that one has to scratch 

to prevent his sliding down seCf OD^. 

— OD^5o:><g5. 1, Frangible, ready to fall to pieces, 

as wet paper, 2, Squalid, bedaubed. 

Oognates od^Sod^,— and e^a^, adv. (e^Scx) 

^]5, most common. 

— cio^oo<2|]^S, adv. dangling manner, see 0^9)6 • 

see 00(^6 and ooyS. 

Cognates, ^5, — -ajj5,— ooo5, — coooS— and ooooS. 

09^1001 1 

oxjji 1, CO. crxjpi as ooignioocgi^ «r 03<gi. 

2) CO. oo<2i^} *H parasite, a Bpeeies of tlio banjao* 
There are two varieties, the white and the red 'co 

QOt^t CO. ctK^ as oo^Soo^ see no<gS. 

coif^, CO. oxgS as oo^SoocgS,— oo^, is from ^, pierce 
ag with an awl, wriggle, twist eee q5$ to sticky 
oo55oooS, wriggle ;«— (^So^lS toek from side to 
side; — cSSo^S roll from side to side; as cSto^S 
decojy entice, deceive; ooq55 a sodden step or 
wrench to one side ooo3SoDo5S, . bj degrees, bj 
little and little, oo^, is not used alone, 

co^iSi ddo. as oico(2)iS^i6, stake, vibrate, quiver through 
want of stiffness, oo^c8»^i 8sotco<^S^Sco^S^S. 

oD^SooiS, do* see oo(2pSaDiS, limber, pliant. 

cD^t, CO. ax2pioo<2)S or cx)^iiao^, 1, Moist ground at 
the foot of hills where small streams take their rise, 
from ^i| original, ancient. 

0001X00, do* verj wet aitd spongj. 

QOoiiS, do. comparatively drj, slightlj moist. 

00^x8^, and ODC^ii^i, in or on a oo^n. 

a>^cx)Gb% the debris, or slimy matter which gathers on 
wet stonee, in a oo^ii. 

ooaiiaom% a marsh, fen ; also a oo^i, flooded. 

2, oc^nS^ or oc<gii8^oo<giioo5, the groins. 

3, adv. depressed, sagging as G8ioo(gii, Be depress* 
ed in the ceittrc; have the centre lower than the 
sidco; c8iTc<gucgn, do. 

(Miicoii, curved^ bent together, bowing arc. 

4* ooqi^d8^oq(g|Sc8i 

<o<^]S, 00. noigpi, as op^icx)^|^, iroai <g\^, over-epre^, 
cover, as with ^moke or spray ; ao^ trom 0^^$ over- 
spreadf bathoi drench. 

oo^So^S, 00, dbS^cx^Sf from o^S, undalate» implying 
also iocrease or progress with each swell, as o&cS^ 
o^^o^S overflow the banks. 
If Flapi as a fowl its wings, 8Scxmj)|Sqmi# 
2, Shake, twitch» flirt aain shaking off samething. 

Od^S, shake, or flirt oflF, oftoo^iSy poll with a twitch- 
ing motion. 

OD^|S^^o5S, twitch and pull alternately. 

oo<^S^i, shake violently, shake, agitate. 

— d6oo^|5, travel with all one's might, arge one's 
self forward. 

<o^5oo^S, Inxurions growth, verdant. 

Oogates ©<jjl5,— oo<gt5, — 33<ai5,— fliB,— o^ojS, 
yo^S,-— o^S, — Words analogons see co^t.. 

oo^|S, from <^\S a conspicnons range, whether a ridge, 
or farrow ; and more distantly from og^^, a ridge 
prominent, conspicnons, as mountains &c. 

oo^lSoinoobS, is used of paths furrowed by the rains. 

OD^j^^cS^oo^^cSiy ridges and furrows; as uneven ground. 
Cognates ODOgS — ooo^, — wjJl^, — <^f — 
2, 00. 00^1, as op^oo^|S. 

oojgS, from jgS and 05S, spin or draw out, attenuate. 
If or co^SoD^S adv. slightly, partially, momentary, 
transient, passing, suddenly coming into view, and 
disappearing, ooo^oo^o^ooc8ioo^c8i86scx>^8i,oi»sooi 
ooo^oo^^ocjji^cSi, slightly seen. 


^S 6ft 

Sy or noj^^ooS, ado. very emooth and even, 00^ 
cBSoojgSojS, oj^ooi^oi^, oSoDoii. 
^9^^9^' c^. as ({pnoj^^ooj^S^ appear smooth and 
even, oougicSicgloo^^cxjjgV Cognates oojjj^, — jjj^, 
— ^^» — cx)Oj^, — 005S, — ODOjS, — . 

00^, <^. ODjg5no^5, (Pgho Maul.)«<?^ odcJjSoo^B. 

a){|j|S, from <i>5, «etf c5j5 with its derivatives, c^5, — 00 
^» — ^»— ^^5, — ©cjj5, — ooc^S, — coc^S, — 
(JjS, — cocbS, — ODC^S, — and oocfcSf slender, sup- 
ple, quick, whiffling, flippant, pert &c. 
1, CO. ooc^Soo^S, tall and slender, </icoioo8^c8^oo 
^co^ooa^^poogo^ol, SsoocS^odSSte^Ss, oitooi 

cxH^obsSi, of a slender, feeble form, (^100018^ 
c8^a>^S66i8i, Soisoo^oooSi, 8^08^00007, 8^(^^, 

OD^5c^Soo6j56j5, whiffling, wavering, O^ooo8cx)o5x 
G|oo^oo^»i, o««ioocJjScJ)5ooc^5c^B. 

ooi^o^SSi, do. easily yieldiag to force. 

2, — 5cx)&j5, an early species of cacnmber ; — 00 
^5, ^^5, and ODcJjS, saiDO as oocJjS. 

00^, from &]i,nocyi, guide, direct, train, as a creeping 
plant ; od^i, things slender, needing support ; not 
used without its couplet od^i, which see. 
co^cobix, long or tall, slender, applied to form of 
persons, beasts, and plants. Analogous terms see^ 
ooySoDyS, — ooyS,— :-oo<g5, — ooc^S, — ooc^5, — oo 
(gi5, — occ^S, — and ooi)ico8i. 
1, from c8S, and (gS, see, oocSS, — ooc8% — ooc8l, — 
0^5, — ^5, — and od^S, — exceed limits; promL- 

6 !• 


Dent, oo^^cSS 9toooioe^90o^Sc8% that person 
has a very prominent nose* 

^SoocSS, do* Analogous terms, w^, ^^5,— o 
0011,— OD^iS, — and ooScgS, 

oo^Sf If A generic name for two large creepers, resem- 
bling each other in appearance; both produce a 
milky juice, probably belong to the family Apocy- 
nacea. oo^Sooi, and oo^Sq^, are said to be varieties 
of the above plant, producing a large edible fruit. 

oo^SsD^, do. smaller than the above, fruit deliciously 
2, CO. a>b|SoD^S, see c8S mutual. 

oo^i from c8i, direct, true, see^ ^i* 1, co. co^iooq|S, 
adv. swelling. 

oo^icS, do. c8, spread out, as any thing to dry, ^ee^ 
©Soooo^©Sooc8^, crxjSoja, — ^^y^^ ooc8oDc8,^i, 
soft 00^100^1, do. 

Cognates oo^i, — ogt, — ^i, — cccSi, — and ^i. 
2, oo^icS, the weed Purslain. Portulaea Oleracea. 

oo^i start suddenly from one's place, as from fear, 9ee 
also, oc8^ take heed, beware, oc8^oooD8. 
1, adv. startled, as 02*^00^^ fly, in a startled man- 
ner; flight, run, (qualified by ^^ and ^ as OD^^ 

2,^Soc^S, one of the names of the devil, indicate 
ing that he is eirer on the alert to accompliafa 
mischief, called also oo^cooi, The deceiver; bat 
most frequently called ^jScSioi^, which is a teroc 
of reproach. 

DO^i The plant called Holy basily Oojmnm SanctnxUi 

also called adcxj)^. 
00^1 from c8i, fall, deteriorate^ change ^i, ring-etreak- 

ed| striped cx)^i, indicates change, transition of 

state or place. 

Cognates ooc8x, — oc8i, — ODcSi, — o§i, — ^j*^^ 

OD^iy and 00^, all change, or transition of saoQe 

€0^c8p, intermit, abate, ooSod^ic8^odio5, — ooooo^i, 

have paroxysms of cerebral excitement, attended 

with great restlessness, and delirium. 

— ^SoD^c8S, have a change of countenance, 

look more cheerful. 

<^-ootoo^^SoD^i^, go oat and refresh yonrself 

by taking the air, 

— >oj5co^c8^, the fire flames np, rages as in 

burning dry leaves. 

— obioo^, do: o^c8^03^cx>^OQuoooo^(^too^i. 

QO^i^, poise one's self, as in walking with a pole. 

— cBSootStoosoo^cSt, to be suddenly, and reck- 
lessly silent, taciturn, 
oos), CO. cpoioo^i looaeness of textprci not dense, or 

coskxf), eo» cid8<A, ooScdooolocOi lightly, as not to be 

pressed lightly together, %et^ nb8o6. 
<osi, #9. ooStaoM, from «t, part,' separate, qsed of fire 

«Bd beat, aso^ooat, the separate or elementary 

puns 0f fire> live ooals. 

401QMI, CO. t^oootcSict)^, be reduced to burning 



oootoot, CO. cx)08o5^oDoiQDS9 adt. inteuaity of heat, at 
(^ioo;9S03s^ burn with intense heat» 8i03(»icx)t, red 
with intense heat, very hot of fevero 

oo(»8ascx)asos, adv. as 0|a)etetoootoSy heat, intense barn* 
ing, smarting pain, ooogoSio^i^cS^ooesoiio^i, be 
very hot, glowing hot, attended with a vibratory 
appearance, (S^S^cd^ODOSoSio^i. 

coot, 2, CO. ooSooos, light, loose ^\^% ODSoootcSi. 
8, CO. oocflogODoSoi, privately, secretly. 
4, CO. adv. as oo^fScooscot finely pulverized. 
Cognates aeCi 03os, or coles, suddeness. 

ooo^i from t3^, a fire-place, 090^^1, for o^oo^, a fire- 

2, CO. ooo^noo^, Also co. cooi^^ as 0D(31^odoi^ 
see ooi5^ and oooi^. 

oooS, CO. sfi^oDoSaS^oDei ; eee coo^. 

000^, CO. oocSSnoo^, the tree called Hog's plumb, Spon- 
dias Magnifera, see ooo^. 

ncS^, CO. ODo^cSo, the long branched ooejS, the 
fruit of both kinds is very acid. 

oodi, CO. osoioooT, from oi, distended, bloated, protaber 
ant, bulging out, implying an empty space within 

1, A kind of not to catch birds, an open textan 
made of splints, spread over a crib of grain raises 
by a prop in the centre, and having points so ar 
ranged that when the birds thrust in their head 
to eat the grain, they arc caught and held. 

2, aS^nooi, CO. cB^cooidB^oool, or sfi^'oSoSsfi^oooi 
push up, so as to make a cavity beneath, and 
prominence above, bent over, so as to be bowiQ^ 

3, oSioooi, CO. c8iooo)c8iODOi, 1, Belly-dowD, Bag, 
in the centre. 3, Carving. 

4, nooicoi, inflated, puffed OQt| pot-bellied, oc6i 

00^ CX>1 IjSt wS c8|5 OdS §8 ODoSlOO^OOJSQiaQOOtODOlCOl 

c6i. fig. proud, pnffed-ap, boastful, vain ; cx)8SaD8S 
as yioooiootGB^oo^tSt, oSoocosoo8Scn>8S^^. co8S 
c8S, do. noSSooSS, do. odScS, do. od^^^co^jS^^, 
do. 00^^ 0}^, <f(>. ooSsSflooSsSs, do. ooStcSs, do. 
noStSsoDStSs, do. co2tQtjdo. ootti^ooi, rfa «^« od»i^. 

5, Bf^oooi,8fooeS8^oooi, bulge out, as the fleshy 
extremity of the nose on each side of the nostrils ; 
or as the prominence of the throat 0^198^00(11. o 

^oeip, CO. oooi^ooeS, adv. collections of small insects 
and atoms filling the air.-- — c8i^cx>oij5oo<»^, quan- 
tities of dust flying about. 
— c8i^5fx>oi^03o^, do. 
oooi^oDoi^ same as oooi^ooo^ ;— ooloo^^ooScx?^ 

<^} f.'om <2» ft crude mass, from which the mind recoils 
with doubt, fear, and aversion. 1, Be amazed 
with fear. 

ooooo§8, do. accompanied with fright and scream- 
ing, horrifled. 

2, oo<j, CO. cxxjjoocBi, or coi^coo), paunch, stomach, 
distinguished by oc^o^S^, and oo<jccS, the large 
and small stomachs. The Karens formerly sup- 
posed that every human being found to have a oog, 
was a witch or a wizzard (^i(]S^S800(X>900<95|5,o^oi 



8, I'he soft, epfongy, int^nal (Mrtof <^6ttAiD froits, 
as of the pampkin and ^ourd. The correspond- 
ing part in cacnmberd and tt^lon, id called oot 

4| og|Sno^o&, the name ot a creeper so called from 
the resemblance of its bnlbons root to the stomach 
of a dog. 

00^8, CO. ooi^iooetf frou) tft start suddenly. 
I9 Make oo^oD<{t, that is wind variegated threads 
aronnd parts of the fringe of the tnrban worn bjr 
Karen females. 

ooSoo<j«, that part of the fringe of a turban which 
is filleted as above. 

2, oDigsooiogi, the flirting of the fringe of a tnr- 
ban, by any sndden motion of the head. 

coifPf CO. 000^03^,00^^00 o5, from ^^, be rongh, broken, 
uneven as the surface of dug up ground, cStooa 
oDgooSocttpoDoS ; the surface of rough timber, 

_ jagged. oj^oJpoo^oo^cSp. 

2, ooS^oo^, loose, flowing, as garments, aes co^ 


no^o^^, shaggy, oo^^oS^co^o^^ do. Fig. roagh, 

over-bearing, cruel. Compare oooi 001. 

00^^^^, do. 

ooc»^o5ic^i, is 00^^, or some thing long, looaep 

shaggy in motion yioooiooSQtoooo, S8ooSooc»^o5i. 

C^\, see 0610^1. 

See also ooo^ioSic^i. 

Terms Analogous to 00^^, see OD^q^.^— ooStSt, 

co^ioob, — oD^c^i,— e^c|i, — ooSJgSooSgi,— c8p 

no8^ n 

oo^ft or 09^, the name of a thorny tree, bearing eoor 

GO^t CO. oo^noS. Also co. ooes, as nooiootycS^noetooty 
9ee oooe. 

09^, or OD^y a creeper which bears a fruit and 
on being wounded, produces a inilky juice, from 
which good India-rubber has been made. 

OO^cbt, CO. ODO809S, 966 O0O8. 

0089 CO. 1| ooSoooS, be flush, soft^ plump, or puffed, as 

ripe fruits, whose skin is thi-n, and filled out with 

the soft pulp* 
oo8c8^, CO. noScSSnooScS^, rise in blisters, pustules* 

— ^co8, a plump, full, round face. 

^SosooS, have the ejelids swollen, as with exoea- 

sive weeping. 

ndSoocSS, rise in watery vesicles, containing serum. 

9ee ^tc6, dropsical swelling. 

— -gSsooS, swell in blotches, as from the bite or 

sting of insects. 
coS^^, CO. ooSi^noSe^, the meshes of a net ; enlarge a 

net by knitting on additional meshes. 
co8c8, CO. aD9o5^oo8c8, adn. plump, soft, vesicaled, or 


— -c8^8c8^ooc8t, puff out the cheeks, by filling 

fhe month with air. 

<— — a|oo3G8^.ooi^c8Sooioi, blow air into the fish 

called aoi^c8S, to distend it. 

-.^atooS, the flower opens in wide, thin petals. 

73 odS 

clo8| 2, figi with ODt, see oSodSooodSi be high miDded, 
proudi haaghty, disdainfni. 
— oo8c8goodt, do. (see oooiooi.) 

oo8tc8t| CO. ooSso5^oo8sc8i, from 8t embrace and cBi 
profit at another's cost; closley connected to 
another body, by a smaller intermeditate part, as 
flowers united to the stalk by a short pednncle, 
bushy tail of a pony, cotton pods after they have 
opened, o^otooSicSs. 

co9, CO. cg8ooo8| or 03^0389 or oDOODeDi from 8 dilate, 
expand, &c variety of sigifications. 
1) Be of a loose texturci nncompacti light, booyant* 

2, Be soft, light, silky. 

3, Be soft, fleecy. 

4, Float, swim, as a boat, touching the ground no 
8c8^, rise, float, ^oo8c8^o5. 

— 90o8c8^, sit lightly, as if about to rise, be 

excited to action. 

oo8c8^op\,^. help a person out of difficultyi 

save, deliver, 008008, emptiness from want of 

food, emptiness. 

— ono8, CO. 6oo8oDot, cooked soft, mealy, light, 

soft, and dry. 

— oSoo8c8^0QOD8, stand, or sit lightly. 

-— c6oooDtoo^oo8, make one's self blithe, cheery. 

— QiODSoc^oo8, be of a soft, light, fleecy texture 

or consistence. 

——9^008, dig up lightly, make mellow by digging. 

-*^sa;8, pitch, or stir up lightly. 

^0089 be light, of little weight in proportion to 

the bulk. 

— 8SooSc8S, lift or rise np so as not to tonch on 

the thing beneath. 

— o5too8, handle lightly, with care. 

— oo^odS, bite with caution, chew with care a». 

when the teeth are eore. 

— oi&Sno8ooS| lay in loosely t with care bo as not 

to injure. 

— i^ooSroS, shampoo lightly, so as not to hort. 
od8o5, without force or urgency, unimpressively in- 

qo8g8, eo. co9ScotS\bS\, from c8 empty, light, &c. is 

generally same as co9 alone. ooo8g8, see 0008, — 

91^6038:8, see 91^8008038, — ©^oo8c8, see ft^ood 

od8,— odc8i»Sod8c8, — see ooc8iaoSoD8o6, under, 

od8oo, — o5«cx>8c8, see o5«oo8. 

— 8iod8c8, brilliant, or lively red, o::^^^^o©«ooi 

oe8ioo8c8c8iy we say our blood is red. 
oo85^ CO. oo5[loo35. 
008^, CO. co8a>8^i which see, 
co^f 1, (or •ol) space between diverging lines, or other 

objects, see ij) diverge, &c. 

oo^c8^, diverge as the inside of a baskets 
oo^ool, diverge see 00) diverging parts of things, comp. 


— OD^cB^c8iOD(jlool, a clearing up of a rainy day. 

A break in the weather after a rainy morning. 

if adv. opening ; as d^toD^, open on one side, 

74 (Ojt 

as a bivalve ehelU oo^fioo^, git with ike lega 

spread apart. — or e^. 

8, €0. oogoojl ; see od^, 
Od^jSy CO. 0)^^03^^, or oo^^co^^y see oo^^. 
oo^y CO. oo^oocpi from ^ 1, Besprinkled, spattered by a 


— obtco^y be be-spattered, as by the beating in 

of rain, or by spray. 

— 8^cx)^, wet by sprinkling, or dribbling. 

2, CO. OD^no^ ; see oo^,no^, see e^, andoD^. 
<0^^y CO. oo^|Sco(^j^9 or oo^^oo^ty from tS>^^ through ^^ 

1, coSSoD^i^ fragments, or remnants, as of rice, 
after eating. 

2, cx)^SaD^|Sy drizzle, as a drizzling rain. 

op^jSoo^^, drizzly, as light rain, «6« •— ^^, and 

3, CO. no^jSooj^; see ooj^. 
nott^oo^s, see coij^. 

OD^, CO. oo^oD^, sqaalid, disarranged, disordered^ di- 
sheveled, see ^. 

c8^0D^^ or oB^oo^oo^, have fibres, or shreda, 
hanging as a tattered garment. 

OdocSSy become tattered, disheveled, pqaalid, <&c. 

ODoS^m, 8S multitndinons; (^i recoil, a mass as hair, 
in a disheveled, disgusting state. 

OD^no^, adt>. disheveled, rough, disorderly, see e^ and 09 j, 

OOQS, CO. no^pa>j|i, in crumbs, remnants, in minnte 
particles, as falling dnst, or drizzling rain, generally 

dBioojti to fdl, or Battle down, a8 a creeping plant 
whose tendrils have not eaflicient hold to enstain 
it, 0308, is most common. 

oog^, GO. oo^^oo<}^» 1, Graze, touch in passing, give a 
sodden but slight touch, eotcSS^ooi^ooioStfSSt, 

8» Snatchy dart down upon ; as a bird upon its 
prey; o55|^o6oogpa8, 8io6cg\b^, opioogSoo^i 
A^> ^^Bt is most common. Analogous terras, 
see o^ajjsoo^y pounce upon, as a tiger in catching 
his prej, ODcoioo^, catch the prey by chasing it. 
3, Followed by oi. as oo^^oi, a line of dishes &c« 
set edgewise 'and contiguous to each other, qodioS 
ooj^icSSooyiGS^QSno^^Oiy as if chasing each other. 

00^, CO. oojco^y see oog. 

cx>^i, scramble with agility, as in climbing a 
mountain, or precipice, OD^t, is most common. 

co^, CO. OD^co^, or 00^00^, ado. with force, irresistably, 
rapidly, d6\OD8o}ico^, go and come rapidly, not 
stopping or turning aside. 

— O3o5i0|oo§, the wind blos/s strong, or violently. 
— 0|no8, blow forcibly with the mouth. 
— oiloD^, do. 

— ?^^^§» ^'^^^ ^i^h heat, as by a hot flame. 
ODSoioocbS, shoot up in groups; strait, tall, as 
areca trees, see ^, aleo, 0^, a>^, and Q0§, oa^, 
most common* 

00^^, CO. no^^rxj^s, from ^^, collect. 

1, Ac. odt). in company, together, collectlivey ; 09 

16 cocot 

co^SQ^, is sometioies ueed for oo8S a bundle of 

bulky tnaterialB. 

2, In botanji rugoee. 

•§^, also ODc8^9 and §^i see oS^^^,— -oS^^i — 

001^^, — oon^^,— .colleot. 
oo^y from dS, solitary, throngh ^9 a kind of cutaneons 

eruption; used adverbially. 008008, apart from, io 

an unsocial manner, asi 

— oSoeo3SOoSoo§, withdraw from sleep by one's self. 

— oSoo^^oooosoD^ojiojti do. the same as 09100 

opi, wholly, utterly, eee oo§, — cj, — c^,--.^. 
oocg^, 1, €0. O0(^^oocjp|^, Tav. 6as. a stick with a bevel- 
ing edge at one end, used for digging, f^£^« 

2, CO. ooSjS, as ooS^oo(|r^, see <^93f let. 
oo^^, CO. ooS^, as oo&Soo^^, see odSjS, 2nd. 
00^^, CO. co^pf as occ|i|^no(|i|^, see oo(g^, Ist. 
00^^, 1, CO. oo^Soo;jb, a speices of Vespa or wasp, 

generally called SS, which see. 

2, CO. ^^^8^f an herb, Ocymum Sanctum ; also 

called ODcqi^o. 
oood), CO. oooSooooH, involved, entangled, &c. also 00. 

00001 ODoo) ; see 00001. 
cooot, adv, oot, past, or beyond limit ; as Odc8ic8^^^, 

cSiooxtopioS, his fever has abated, he has become 


2. CO. ^^c8nooo8c8i, become cool. 

— ooS^^ooSoooOf, comfort, relief from suffering, 

( 3. 00. coo^tcocot. soft, mellow, as fruit from being 



oSaj^ 77 

4. CO. cx)c8tOD00t, see ooc8t, and 

5. CO. gDSODOOicocoi, have a dropeical swelling. 

6. CO, ooqon, as ^iop^o8io6o©o:jjlcx>cx)ita)ooi, go 
dashing among the bushes all drenched with dew» 

Q000^» see 0300^1 plants including the roastard, radish^ 
turnipt and cabbage odco^odcS^ foreign do. 
2. CO. oocS^oooo^, dry, light, spongy. 

oocS, co> ooo5oooj, or odoqodoo), from o5, twine, or 
wind 1. The rods or guards^ used in weaving be- 
cause entwined by the threads. Each has its par- 
ticnlar name, as follows, see cognates. 
a3c6ogo^^, the rod on which the filling is wound, 
nsed instead of a shuttle. When the thread is 
wotind upon it, it is called o^^C3g. 
ooooc3o|S8^o6t, the rod which answers to the breast 
bar in an English hand loom. 
0005"^, the rod on which the lams are constructed, 
ooc&o^io^t, or ocjjio^t, the rod next the lams. 
. ODOooD^ooojScS, or 00^000^^ c8, a rod above the 
o^iio^t, around which alternate threads of the 
warp take one turn. 

oooDOoSooicS^, or QO^ooic8|5, a rod to thrust be- 
tween the threads of t'^e warp, after being opened 
by the lams to render the opening more completOi 
see oooS, — ©oS, — and ODo5. 
000681, same as aoo5. 

cooSopS, (or cx)o5ajp,) entangled, snarkdj intertwined. 
— a>CDO^^c85, mutually intertwined. 
— S^ODOOOjP, (for Q^ojodoSd^^,) tangled hair. 
— ^^Sooo5o2^, have the eyes fixed on an object as 

78 09X11 

if enchanted ; fignrativelji inteoBe devotion of 
mind to an object. AIbo tised to signify a cod- 
fnsed state of mind, as when more things press 
upon the mind than it can attend to. 
— ooSoDcSiODCDO^^, confused conversation ; in 
writing, tangled sentences. 
O9o5^, (or, more commonly 0Dc5S,) is often osed in the 
same signification as odoS, or ODo5, and, 

2. adv. qualify words of pliancy, particniarlly as 
e^oocoS, very pliant, easily flattered, see q5j5, flat- 
ted, or flatness. 

3. CO. of other roots as of odcoi« and of c88. In 
the first case, from o5^ shut, closed; in the 
second, from diS flat. 

coCDi, CO. oooDiooo^^, or oocoinooot, or oocx)iooc8, or no 

c6Sooaoi, or ooooioDooT, (fronj ooi, covered from 

sight, concealed,) of the root, as follows, 

nooDinocx^, Anasarca, or cellular dropsy, acore- 

tion of water in the cellular tissue. 

ooODicocot, do. 

ooooi^i, in cookery, rare done; baked on the surface 

oDly, the inside part raw. 

•i— 09ta900i> in disease, feel weak, sinking from 


2. CO. noc&^coooT, oover up, as with dirt or sand. 

00001001, or ooooiofi^cx^ooioDiy soft a^d fall, snccu- 

leoty filled with s^p* 
OO001S, CO. ooooiinoooi, adm. in a dresi^bed . manner, as 

wh«tD gojuBg aiDong wel bushes, ocbiop^coooitoo 


— ooitcotooitoot, do^ cot, alone has been found onlj 

as the name of a water-fowl, ^e eodit, and ODCX>it» 

0003, not been fonnd nsed alone, 

ooopgl, CO. ooopgioooDlj), in cookery, uncooked^ 

raw, nncbangedy Bee §|, see also ocgoi^i. 

cx)03t, CO* noao800008| 1| Soft J yieldingi pliable, not 

BtiflT, or rigid. 

2. Easily detatched, as ripe fruit from the 8tem» 

8, Used adverbially, as, 

— oSooopt die readily, as from slight canse^ with* 

out tenacity of life. 

— oooopt, ripe to mellowness? in cookery, done 

soft, made tender. 

Odo^to^, same as noopt, in its adverbial ase, 

4« Friable, easily crumbled ; Bee ooo^^, also 09|^6,*-» 

cx>^S, — ODc^S, and oooS, 
fidO^^, eo. ooo^SoDoSt, like the preceding word, indieatea 

a soft, mellow or friable state. 

1. Softened, as by maceration. 

cx>02Sc8^, become softened, as any adhesive sub- 
stance as. 

— ooi^oooppy a soft, friable stone. 

S. Used adverbially ; as QCOiO^^, ov«p«ripe. 

— f^ooo^^, macerate, soak to softness. 

ooo^^^^, soft, easity broken, soft luid cool to the 

coa^«2p9 ^^* ^^> ^^^ is probabfy ^. 

' ooo^^ooo^^vquite softy firiable,'crfittiDable, S^« Sasi- 

)j tabdued, sKghtj oftodevate, as a fa^^ar* 

oDop^ajpnoof^opp, do. oo^oScfi^oo^ooiooo^oj^OD 

O^So^S, a slighti intermittent fever. 

3. CO. 00001, as 00001 ooop^ ; see ooooi. 
ooo^ CO. 1| ooo5, as ooo5oo02} twine around, entangle, &c. 

oiC^ty CO. ooojsoocS, or oooj«oo008, 1, (from ojt, 

close, near, contiguous,) adhere. 

2» ft. a small quantity which adheres, (to the 

thing spoken of;) a thin coating. 

3. adv. as ^c^tooojsoocS, adhere in a small quan- 

— bcSiooojsoocS, spread, or lay on, in a thin 

layer, adv. of oooj«, thinly. 
ooaj, (or ODCJJ,) \. A species of bean, seed very small, 


2. see oo^oo^ODoo, or oooj, an insect, so called 

from the sound it makes. 
ccc&t, CO. ooc6ioooo8, adv. as c8ioodb«, or c8ioco5^c8ioo 

o^s, be ^* run off,'' become loose, and liable to 

tangle, as thread on a spindle. 

— oSSooa^taioocbS, or (S^ooa^5Sooa&«ai, eat 

greedily, as with great relish. 

-^o8ooa^i> of an oily, rich, luscious taste, or con- 
rM ii -JL^oSaDolbsoosj^o^, of nosjflo^oSocolb*, a surface 

which is very smooth, sleek. 

— oSooofbli enlirclyi npthiug left ; as ooiSoSoodbs; 
' • • c8t6S^ODr^«.' 

— ^oooj^cxKJ^gi with aptness, with tact. , 
ooc^iooobt, softly, quietly, cautiously, slowly ; as ^looc^ 

ooobi, go leisurely, cautiously, see coq^, 3rd. 


d3^^ 81 

QodBt rod like, used as a coapiet wilh nodB^i which see. 
ayfyfCO. ooo8ta>oD«, (from cSi swear;) o^i^, io amedleyi 

mew made of the leaviDgs of rice, curry, &e. some 

say •cSt^ODi. 
flodBioocot and oo^W^iy do. co^Scotp, (alone $) do. 

No. 1, 2| 8noc8t| a species of mint, of the family 

called Labiatoe. 

3. coSZf 00. of oxq^f as ooop^oocSt, soft, &o. 

Words of mingling, mixing, compoanding,^^^ c^^ 

d^, — &c. — ocB add together; — tolc^S, coai^ 

poond ;— -oocb, smear,— 4icBf, mix, Inbricate by 

sqoeesing, see oo§^. 
(oS^t 00. a>o8jSoDc8, or odoStooB^, or coS^mzo^ (from 

S^ handle, make into a bundle, or parcel,) a 

loose, spongy mass. 

1. — o^^oocB^, decayed, spongy wood, shavings. 

— o^coS^f cinders, burnt leaves, and light ashes. 

— oi^d3^a)Soocx>c8^, offal of insects eating soft 


— :<6i^^oooDc8^, the meat of a cocoanut. 

— o^ooc6p, decayed bamboo. 

9. (with c8i prefixed,) as dixmcB^ become decay- 
ed, rotten, reduced to the state of cx>dB^, or **dry 

rot'' applied to timber, leaves, clothes, &c., fall 

into a powdery state. 

c8iooc8^c8icx>a5|), do. 

3. Or ooc8Sooc8, a contracting of the muscles of 

the stomach, pi*oducing a sense of rigidity in the 

part, attended with languor and nausea* 
ooc6^a8^, in a light, dry, crumbly, spongy state. 
6 k. 

"99 cf^^Boofm^ 

odsB^dB^, mdv.^ €bc8^ ; aft c8igiTOo8^QQt£^, &U 

in orumtej o^^Stgo^o^ioocfi^oooo^t inaeote ftj im 

e^armft* J^ote^ cpai^oi^» is used ia the same 

significatioo as ooo8^ooc8^« 
ODcBo^tt a war^sUp. 
ct>c8ooit a merchant-fihip. 
09g8oo^» a sail-ship. 
oocSopy a steam ship. 
09c8^^, a sea boati junk, Eattoo« 
<ioc8o2i a gilded or golden ship, (in Karen ttadiHon'j 

belonging to the' King of the white foreigners. 
odcSo^if a flying ship, said, in Ear. Trad, to belong to 

the white foreigners. 
odc88^i the fore part of a ship, the bows. 
oocSdi the stern of a ship, after part of do. 
ooc8ot8f mid-ships. 
m^ooSof^f the masts. 
O9c8oo^ 00. coSkxAco^, the sails. 
09cBcx)^^i, the ropes, rigging. 
ooc8oo8^cx)t, the deck. 
a3G8oo^^e}5, the keeh 
mS(^^&f the ribs. 
oocS^^oSdi the r adder. 
oog8o9|, do. wharf| port. 
cogSoo^oSqi the helm. 
coScoct^, in Chinese and Barman vesseln two bare or 

beams rnnning athwart ships, one at the bowBj 

the other at the «tern. 

@Sod8t or oDi^ODo^iy an anchor ; ^^o^Stod ^i, 

or oDi^QDo^iooi^i, a oable. 

OoDstrQct, or baild a 8hip« cB^ooc8| or o^oocB, 

Hoist sails, oftcS^oo^, or •ScSpoD^. 

Trim the sails to the windi q^too^i or ^80ol<[t8. 

Hold the helm, steeri ^So9|. . 

Take in sail, a^tc8iaD^^ or ^ScSio^ioo^, c8^c8icdS. 

ToQoh atf pnt into port, cBtdB^oocS. 

Port, Soj^f or 9^00^^ or o:>c8oD|. 

Cast anchor, cgScSiooi^coc^i. 

Lie at anchor, come to an anchor, oo^oodS. 

Sail, coS^xS^ixAt i. e. leave port. 

Sail, make head-way, oo;fic6i. 

Carry a fair wind, ooo5iOD^, odSoo^. 

Sail before the wind, g6ig^ooo5ioo9. 

Sail with a head wind — lOoaoSi* 

Make a direct coarse — cbiooS^i^oqi. 

Make lee way, be driven to leeward 03c5i8|)^^ 

Roll, 'ODc8c^5o^[S, or — 08o^o^|S. 

Pitch, ODcBot^ts^t. 

Strike, ran aground, 09c8opSc8S. 

Drift by the tide, or current, — c6iog. 

Do* by the force of the wind, 09Q5iO|cgSooc8, 

Shipwreck, noc8ooi8i. 

Take shipping, go aboard. StoocB. 

Load a vessel, put on board as freight oitoo^d^m 

cd^ ; or ooitcS^odcS. 

Owner, odc8om^. 

Captain, M^aterj ooc68^, or ooc88^. 


Matei pilot, J)o5 (fiarman.) yia^ioocB. 

Sailor, Beam an, (^iooc83. 

Paseenger, ^iStnocB. 

Helmsman, yi^SoDf^* 

2. coc8, affixed to names of thingSi foreign, 

imported ; as og^.ODcS, foreign dog, 

8. (from c8, yellowi) nocb^cocdy a elimy subetance 

of a yellow color^ found on stones in damp localities. 

4. (from c8.) oocSoocB, with yellow hue; SoocS 

cx)g8, used in describing the flying in the air of 

downy seeds of a yellowish tint. 

6. CO, of other roots, as ooojgoDcS, and cdodioocS, 

^ee O0028 and cocx>i* 

6. In Arithmetic, ten million, as ooodcS, ten mil- 

lion, dOocB twenty million, &c. 
oocCp, CO. ^^9 ^B oo^cocxp see oo^« 
ooc^o), CO. co^b, as OD^booo^lo), dotted, specked in 

CDo^S, adhesively, {see eoS.,) co* of odc^iS, as oocOiS 

ooojS, see ooojiS. 
ODojt, (from eot deteriorated, soiled, musty, &c.) 1, o<>. 

of 0^8, as ODo^tq^f, see ooc^t, 

2. C^?. ODC§8, as a0C§8OD2J8^ «^tf 00C§8. 

3. c^. 000^18, Hs 030918000^8, ^ee cozfjM. 
0009^, ^* ^c^^, as ooo^jScoq^jS, see ^S. 

cocQ^ CO. cocQ^i as cx}o^hcx>3^i^ se4 cba^i. also d^. co^:g\%. 

ODC981 in fragments, or particles. 

0009803098^ crushed ; oSio6o8^g6^odo^8odo98, the dew or 

rain drops stand in globules on the leaves, ^SoocSp 

000^800098 tears stand in the -eyes; * 

cnc^tot, the same signification as ooq^tcoq^t. 

oots^oo^^y ornshed, smashed. 

cos^tcB^, crashed frnit. 

— -»^ooG^ii CO. ^ooo^i^noo^t dwarfed, oppressed^ 
kept down by disease or other caase ODO^t* Oog- 
natee, see •ojt, — ODci^i, — ooe5t| — sjt, — •t)5t|-— 
^f — G^ty — 09D&t, be derived from ^t. 

000^ CO. OD^^ooc^. in a drizzling sprinkling way, as, 
— oo^<^^inoo^^ODC9^, drizzling rain* 
— coScoc^^SxQoScocQ^Sxf the rain drizzles down* 
Cerates OD^^t as oo^oo^ScBi, sprinking, or driz- 
zling, from z&^. 
2. 00. oo3^i» as oDo^ooq^, see ooo^i. 

coayif CO. ooc^coc^ii or odo^^cxxd^i, from ^^i crnmbSf 
bit8» small quantity ; as, 
— fiG^^ooc^^ooQ^i, smell somewhat pntrid. 
-^ fif ooq^^ooQ^iy smell somewhat fragrant. 
coc^Scocffif same as 000^^00091. 
oDqjiooqji, same as odc^^odo^i,' as coc&xobcoc^i 
00091 » there is a slight breeze. 

oooDiSf CO. ooqjiSooojS, adv. splashy, miry, same a 0091S9 
Oog. #0915, — oooyiS, and ooo^nS. 

00091 iy CO. 00091000918, or 00091^0009^ , adv. same as 
00^8, and differs from 000918, and oo<^iS only 
in degree, the mad being less deep. 

oxffip 1, Agitate, stir about as a liquid ; from coi^ and 
391^, which see. Coaplets, 00091^0909^. 
cpo9i^2So59 dash about in the water to^ make 
babbles rise. 

2, €0. ot co^f as cocfftpco^f (more frequently 
ooo^^co^) make froth or bubbles risej soap-sods. 
Cognates, •091^,— ooGjip^—OMyi^,— opi^,— ,51^. 
CP^p^i from 00^ or coqff^aycg^f redncedi lessened in 
bolk by disorganization! or giving way, nsed 
with c8i prefixed as Sxco:^^, cSico^^cSinoo^^. 
A dead carcase is cSico^jSy when its stroetnre is 
destroyed. A pile of rnbbi^i brnsb c8ioo^^, 
when so far decayed as to be settled into a com- 
pact mass. A building, hay stack &e. is c8ioo 
9p^, when reduced into a mass by the action of fire 
— G^c8ioo^^, reduced to a disorganized mass 
by rot, or putrefaction. 
Cognates, OD^^^y (more common than ^^^^i) g^ — 

coc^f from ^ or ^ ; co, oo^coc^ti or oo^coo^, or 
oo^ooGb, speckledf spangled, variegated with 
spots, generally of a light color, see ^^ and c5^. 
co^coc^j collection of things of a small, white, 
roundish appearance. 

cc^ooc^t, used in describing fungous, sloughing 
ulcers; indicates thick, white pus. The spot un- 
der a Earen house where slops are poured down is 
described as being no^ODO^t, as oo^o5o^^9ec8^|^ 
QlODtOD^Odq^tOO^OOlOd^cSgg, oitooioo^oDc^cSi. 

——0^00^, the white o^, a plant bearing a white, 
round seed, size of a small pea, parched and eaten 
by Karens. 

*— ^#icp^' coTered with imatl^ white bloesoms, 

as the shrub called oot^^, ** a spedes of Hedyotis." 

— to^d^co^t spaogled with stars. 

— o^icS^OD^y dotted with white fangi (a kind 

ealled o^ig^o^f or lizard's eggs.) 

— oooD^i or 0600^, with frath, spume, bub- 

1>les here and );here on ^he snrface of water. 

r&Pco^f specked or spotted with white; cB^c^^o^ 

flo^bj CO. co^Q^co^h, used adverbially as above; also, 
in describing the shining points, or angles seen in a 
fractured metal. Cognates of od^, see ©^,—00^,— 
and OD^. 

(0^ from c^t retch, vomit ; co. ooc^soo^, tends to 
excite naasea, sickening,^ loathsome, disgasting^ 
9ee Cognates, ©c§«, — ooc§8, — and ODc^t. 

000^ CO. 000^1, as cx>a2|iooaj^, insipid; also the name 
of a small kind of spade ; see ooo^t. 

(f>oiJ/h from oy hang pliautly, &c. co. cx>o^8ooc^, adv. 
flapping, loose, dangling osoooyooc^, dangle, flap 
aboat, O9oy, is always used with, a conplet. Cog- 
nates, see C5^, — flt, — ^t, — (gt, — oDcqg,— and odooi. 
AnalogoQS terms, *^— ooyS, — coc^B,— and ©S. 

ooo^, from og^ cnt, split, or shave thin, 00. o^o^^oo 
obi, or 00091^000^, or m:xfj^co^^f 1. As a verb^ 
be thin and broad as the walls of a house, the 
^fiides of a box, mats, i&c. 

— iXMOOaji^, ^1 prostrated, treak; ooo^cS^, rise 
in a thin, broad strocture. 

88 oocKjj^Od^ 

— oo^ooo^i^cd^i have a flat and more Br Jess in- 
clined enrfiacey see o&o^^, do. 
3. Used enbstantlvely, exten8ion, enlargement in 

— o6nooj)^, an extended surface of water. 
— ooo^ODO^y the shonlder-blade. 
-— cSooo^y see c8 ; — cSooo^ooSt, and cSooaj)^, 
the name of a plant, growing in streams of water 
having leaf long, thin, smoothi succulent; leaves 

— c88^og^ooc^9 the comb of a cock, 
cocq^^pi the thin comb of a wild cock ; 031^000^8^9 
or 09030^^8^1 a rock with a broad, flat, naked 

3. Nnmi afllx, things extended in sheets or pkites. 
— obc^^^icSiooSjScbioocoo^p, a flgure, in which 
sheets of rain, as seen in a distant squally are per- 
sonified as being the feet of a celestial being mov- 
ing through the air. 

4- Used adverbially, in an outspread manner* afii, 
— — ogiooo^^ooo^P, fly without striking the wings, 
sail as a bird. 

— obooojj^cB^* spread a thin layer, see ob. 
— dipcoo^^i»SSi elevate the head and '* spread 
the neck»" as a cobra. 
— cbiooo^^, eo. c6ioooj)«, go stealthily, 03o^S 

000^03^1 same as oootjijSooo^ ; e8c6^03a^03|S, spread 
out in a broad surface. Compare oS^ooioaji, and 

oo^^^ 8f 

— <^cx>oj)^oo^5 appear broad and flati noc^^oo^, 

is alBO used fignrativ^ely, bereft of frieoda, aolitarj, 


5« CO. cfxqiflf as oao^toDo^, see noo^t. 

Cognates see adcxj}^!— 000^^9 — odoo^,— 0^^,— fgf, 

— OOCB?. 

Other terms of analogous import, see og[^ flat, as 
Q0^cx>^9 flat timber?— oj^oo^f board flat, thin; — 
29^y^, a crust like covering; thin, bard sarface. 
ooo^t, ^from o^jt,) a looscy thin membrane, a membra- 
nous fold, lamina, lajer, a fold » as of paper, or any 
thing disposed in thin layers. Couplets, ooo^tno 
001, or OD3^tcx>o^, or odo^tooc^S, example \^co 
o^ the inner merobrare of the eyelid; — ^ooc^t 
<£^ooo^t, the traditionary seven successive stages 
of the heavens and earth. — 
— -oo^09ai2|tooo^^ and ooa^jtODo^oo^, are used 
figuratively to mean deception, dishonesty; as 
oooBiODa^tooo^oo^, tell a lie; — cB^dDO^soDo^^ 
00^9 defraud, cheat, embezzle^ get gain by decep- 
tion, or in any dishonest manner, — ob^ooo^to^^ 
ooc^^, make secret lovCf clandestinely or unlaw- 
fully cohabit. 

-^bSo9ai2|tC3DS, under the eyelid, between it and 
the eye. 
- 3, 000^ affix used in numbering layers, folds &c. 
often synonymous with cx>ooi, or o}^, as •tSooco 
0^, one leaf of paper ;^^9aoa^ty two thicknesses, 
or layers, of mat ;*«— ooooo^ioonDO^t, layer upon 
layer, or one layer after another. . 


8, cx)a^tc8^ peely or riee ia tbin sealesi tomina, or 
eerieei exfoliate. 

4y cocqfl used adverbial! j ; as ^^^^oo^ty be very 
thin; thin like a scale or membranei &c. dSooo^t 
rise one above aoother like laminai or strata ;QOODt 
c8ic8coo2|ii SscSooooi^^SoStoSscSi. 
— fO^noa^jti flee out of the way ; rnn from, in or- 
der to avoid. 

o^^o^tt shave or pare off in thin slices. 
— cSiaoooococ^toooQC^t, fall off in thin scales, or 

— c^ooo^t pare, slice off. 
— 00^000^1 grazci glance off. 
— Oj^coc^tf torn inside ont, as a garment, o^^o^ 
c^t, do. 

ooc^toDo^t and ooo^t, in series, in scales, in lam* 
ina; oxSioo^ooodo^icoojit, fig. go through with 
a series of argnments and deductions ; present a 
subject in its various bearings ; — ^^od^OM^jto^t, 
divide a house by partitions into several compart- 
ments ; — o^tcS^odo^ic^t, hang up, as clothes, 
mats, &c. in successive series. 

ooc^sdt, thin as wings, wing-like, very thin ; see St. 

— OD^ODO^, name of a tree, which at the base, 
forms into thin, broad plank-like sections called 
•oo#iS. Cognates see ooo^,-— noc5t,-— QDc5iy-— ^, 
^t,-^^i, — and o^t. Analogous terms; eee coo^. 

coajji, (from ogi full, snflScient, even, &c., and o^ 
straight, having no bends, no inequalitieB of sur- 
face, a contraction of oo^ooi,) approaohiog suffi- 

ciencjt i* ^* slightlji partially insnfficienti as joico 
o^iSi. insufficiently seasoned ; o8cx>c20&od|Sooo^i 

coo^ooii eo. ooo^iod^noc^ooitf do. used also in des* 
cribing things slender and flexible ; (from offi 
straight;, and con curved,) elastic, t. e.. being cur- 
ved) it will spring back to straightness. 
noajD'iocn, in cooking, same as coo^ooii. 
floo^jKX>o^, do. 

3, coocgif CO. coo^ycotq^j a small kind of spade ; 
blade straight, upper end pointed and driven into 
a handle. Generally called ooo^i ; — Qoa2|i|^o^oo 
^Sooaoo^SooioooooijOoooajn^oocd^oo^, cS^cboooo^ 

8. — cSnoo^cSooogl, or dBooo^icSooc^l, lit in- 
sert the 000^ into a handle ; fig. answer evasive- 
ly, i. e. according to the words, but contrary to 
the meaning of the enquirer; as fOoloo^isijobS ; 

Cognates, see 00031, — ^i,— <gi, — ^i, — cqi, — 

ODOOi, — Qooi,— and odooi. 
Goc^it, CO. O302ptooa2|t, insipid, vapid, watery. 
oob2f[t» CO. ooo^ltooo^, is socretimes used, for ooof||t, 

namerous, from 0^, over-spread, implying extra, 

excess, additional, fv^o^^'iooorjjitgo)* 
coo^p» CO. cx>af||^ooo^^, a socket, wrapper enclosed 

and confined ; as ^coo^i^, the socket of the teeth, 

#M ooogt.— oo^Sooo^l^, the socket of a spade. 

If <^o^]^f generally coo^i^, the betel plant or 

the leaf; eee odo^, and ^\1^. 



•000^8, CO. ooo^|80DC^t, film, pelliclQ, as on the inner 
side of the bambooj the bark of plants, &Cm as a 
verb, flav, peel off. (see c^t.) d^oD0^|8, the film 
or membrane lining of the bamboo o^d^t used for 
boiling rieei the ooo^|8, adheres to the rice and 
forms a coating around it.— xa^jt and o^cS are 
often same signification. 

2, V. Detach in thin scalesi peel off as the scarf 
skin ; peel off, skin, flay, c)oo^|io^i do. 
— c8iooo^|8| become divested of skin, bark, Ac. 
be excoriated, abraded. 

2. ooogit, €0. oDc^p, as cHooc^^cxjajJit, having 
sk whitOf or whitish, surface, Cognates ; see oooMi 
|most common ) — •o^l«> — o^^l*» — ^h — »Cgl, 

Analogous terms; see cpo^^. 
noog|, generally ODogj, 1. Smooth, sleek; see cgj. 9. 

free, single, unencumbered, unrestrained; ^^^^^^ 

gloDOQi singlcy unmarried ;— 03C^, applied to 

letters, single, without vowels or inflections. 

— .ooc^pooocg, same as oocg|, 1. 

ooog|<^(g|i, same as cioog|, 2. 
oocajt co» cocc]8| as odo2|8ooc^ ; see cooM. 

coc^S, CO* of cooMf as ooc^pooc^^, thin, broady 

<oc^^, CO. co^cocxfjjiz, or ODc^jSooo^, .used of rapid 

growth,, as sleek, supcalent, soft, delicate, pallid, 
. whitish, &Q. ooc^^, is always used with a couplet, 

Root c^^. 

cod^^tx>c^» gelatiboQSy Bofti slimj, insipid; a8 the 
fleeh of very jonng animals when cooked ; oily^ 
yiscidy &c.| applied to certain frnits and se^ds 
when brnsied. . 

cod^^cx^ojjlty Insty, vigoronsi ef a fairi bealthji 
handsome appearance. JVote. Q^Qod)coSf ohS^ 

c6^c^pa>aji||i, do. 

oo^aDC^^coaj|||t» do. dlooc^^ooajjity white, hand- 
some, vigorousi healthy; tender, saccalent, a 
smooth, whitish surface ; see c^^, — o^^, and ^p. 
00 Jl, 00. oooloob, or coabtcofSl, (Tal.) 1, A tank, pond, 
pool, §^.— cx)q1^i orooJl^ioDOOi^i, the hollow, or 
basin in which a cool, is formed daring the rains. 

2, (Tal.) An oyster. 

3, ooJloS, (Bur.) a tree o3o5St, the Neemb tree, 
three varieties, cx)«l©^ooc8, a foreign variety, — 
cx>Jl9^@8i| a small species,-- no Jlo^osS^, a large 

4, (Bor.) more generally cool or cx)J), skilled, 

ODologS 00. cookofS, do. generally doJ) or odJI 
cgS, or gS. 

— ^coScB^fl, (generally nsed as an interjection) 
Oh wretched ! ah poor fellow ! a term of insult. 
<oo^ CO. j^03Q% 1, Debt. 

2, From i»^ disguised, disappeared, lost, gone ; 
a kind of bamboo. 

3, Lose, as qioo^^, or Qio3i»^o9pooe>3, lose charac- 

ter, bocome disreputable; yiSxcdv^, % persoa of 

of bad repute. 

— oDiooQ^y lo8e one*8 place» stray away 09q^. 

s^^oDioo(^^9 or s^^oDi3^s^^oDtooQ^y a species of 

laud crab. 

4} CO. 00669 luixy commingle; as eiSco&oo^c^^ 

c^c85ooo3ioo66oD(^^c8i9 — c8iooobc6ia3(^^, become 

ooqS 1, «^.ooqS, a blacksmith. 

CO. 008S9 as ooSSodqS ; see oo8S. 
<X)0^ 1, Err, mistake, do wrong, sin, used with several 

couplets, as cd^iodo^, — oog^ooQ^i— coySoodbtf — 

oo^tooQ^y— — ODc^iODQ^. combined with a great 

variety of verbs^ by which the different kinds of 

erring are designated, as, 

— g8^oo»|S err in eating, eat something hurtful. 

— 66ioo»^, go wrong. 

— cSiooQ^, fall into a mistake. 

— cB5ojSc8ioo»^, err in swallowing. 

— oS\coQ^, **draw a wrong breath." 

— -eo^ODQ^, err in turning, go astray. 

— o5tooo^, take by mistake. 

<^c8icoy^, err in speaking. 

— QiooQ^, do wrong. 

It is much used in a moral sense, do wrong, be 

blameworthy^ violate a law or rule of duty, iD«- 

jure another^ as, 

o ofooy^, sin with the heart, have wrong inten- 
tions or deiires. 

-•^f mi»^, Biealj ftlrike# or cM^mil'Mjr. mudemeaD- 

or with the band. 

— ^t^t^^^t^* ^* mako a guilty aaa of the 


— dSjScioQ^QQ^i in a uaoralsenee, abooe blessings of 


-^obiooQ^9 morally tarn from reatitnde, go astray. 

Sxcoii^f fall into sin, become goilty. 

— QO^o^w^, a fault, crime; — cdo^oo^, commit a 

faalt, do wrong. 

«»ico»Pg8io3I| sin against one^s self. 

— ooQ^^^ODQ^gly commit fornication, adrrltery^ 

or incest. 

03QSdBS, or oo^tn^dDQ^cSS, a flagrant crime, a 

great sin. 

— dBtooQ^, instigate, incite to sin. 

— :OO^ioolS^oo»^jgio68, oo^t o5 oVoo wf oS oj, ^. 

commit a very small offence. 

— oo^no<»Sc8^oDiOdc8i^ I am in faalt. 

— oo^oo^coc^^, suffer tbe consequence of a sin. 

— Q^oo^ootf^, seek to bring one under blame. 

— oSoo^oo«»^, accuse, charge with fault. 

— ^^oo^cottj^, forgive a fault. 

eoct^ioo^coyS, beg pardon, apologize, confess. 

— -obScSic^icSiQO^oot^^, confess one^s sins. 

— oS£02Sao^oD(^^, bide a fault, keep it secret. 

— OOQITO^ and 03Qiooo3t, deny a charge. 

— odcSi^^t (wool) defend one's self. 

— oQcSio^^QO^^ and oxSif^^OdS^, plead one's 


96 «)«p 

— o&tcjoSao^aDQ^ and •icoSoa^ooi^^i hold one 

gailty ; refose pardon. 

-^-oSoo^oou^oocS^, cause for blame. 

^i^8O0^O0Q^9 be blatnelesey be acquitted. 

— o^^^^cBpoooo^ooQSy reflect on a wrong done, 

be Bcnsible of, or remember guilt. 

noQ^Sf^y Attempt force, commit a rape, Sts^^. 

Have intercouree with another's wife, d^^yt J)f 02^ 

yiJly adidtery. 

do. with another's husband^ cd^yioif — oc^^ytoi* 

For a man to have secret intercourse with other 

than his wife, db^ooiJI. 

do* a woman with other than her husbaodf dbS 


Have several lovers; be licentious, db^ooo^idb^oocB* 

Be of a licentious dispositioui odg^^^^ooo^^i— - 


Incest^ 9^^008^109^. do. of the worst kind, db^ 

^Pcbh — il^^^^OD^dSi, and oo^S^oo^o^. 

Sodomy, d^^ocDii. 

Improper familiarity between the sexes, db^oo^S. 

Sexual excitement, ^^burn^* 03iooooi, — 03t(^i. 

Be pregnant without a husband, 9ioa^, — oiooioo^. 

Infanticide, §^66Sc8i, — cBbcSiogSooot^i. 

A wanton, unchaste woman, OD^Sic^i. 

A harlot, whore, obdb^^. 

Be rude, licentious in manners, ooo6tS^. 

Polygamy, ooSodBotojS, (fig) 

Indecent, unbecoming gestures oooSicdcgl. 

A brother marrying his brother's wife's sister, and 

«iS«o^« M 


vice versa ; also, a niau marrjing a deceased wife's 

sister, and vice versa, ooooidb^S9t^ or ^^f^§)« 

Geoeral terms for licentiousness and fornication are, 

oou^^^cow^gl,— and db^TOO^^db^ODoig^. 

Kill by witchcraft, sorcery, and cS^ooooS. The 

material nsed for this purpose, oo^c8S. 

Make ill by withcraft c8Sg3^, 

co9pt 2. Sometiems used for odq^, alligator. 
— 3. CO. cooioow^, astonished. 

coQXf eo. oo«»ico^i, a jungle tree, has a yellow flowery 
fruit size of a plum, not edible. 
— 2. CO. oowioDii, see co^i. 
— 3. CO. oowiiootti, see ooqh, 
— 4. co^ ODoiODWi, see oo©i. 

coQf nsed for coo, which see. 

ocvS, used for 0Do5, which see*^ and for oo©5, a prod- 
igy, Tal. 

oo4i, (Bur.) a plant of the Zingiber family, a species 
of 8S ; root pungent and bitterish. 

CD91, 1, Coupled with ooq^, as co»iooq»|S, be amazed, 
astonished, surpirsed, confused in mind. 
—2. Used for 03wi, deny, &c. 

cD»iS CO. co«iSoo»S, short, thick, chubby, see ».icoooi^9 
and oi^DDCji|5, and oi^coc^i^, used for oo»i^, or 
ODtfi^, and applied to mind, revengeful, wrathful, 
ostentatious; see oooi. 

00«lSoOl, CO. COQlSoO^ODttlSoOl. 

a39i^wr^, blunt, obtuse, dull-pointed; ootoj^odS^ODQi^v 

1 K. 

oowii CO. obwiicx>yi, or cx^ynooocO, holdy or mnmble 

a thing in the mouth. 

ODQuooi hold water in the month y oo»noocx>io 

cpyneoSy hold firm in the mouth without chewing. 

coyii(fiS, mumble a thing in- the mouth, as tobacco or 
betel, ooScx>«ii, or oo^cooii(fi^, (often 'pronouDced 
cx)8i,) chewing betel, obtx^, (or in lieu, 8100^,) 
the arcea nut, — osojji^, the betel leaf, — mS, 
chunam, — oooo|S, tobacco, — and oa8|^, catecha, or 
where this cannot be obtained, oocBobt, or ooob^cg* 
astringeiit bark. 

oo»ii»iiooyiiQii, adv. in a mumbling manner. 

^-^^ODtfiio^, a species of fish whose eggs are 
said to be found in its mouth, hence its name. 

cof^f same as cd^, used, with other roots, as (^i, ^, 
and 00^, a rough, shaggy, bristly, appearance. 

oo^t, rough, shaggy, harsh, uneven, disgusting, repal- 
sive in appearance, as uncombed, disheveled hair; 
the hair of shaggy animals, erected bristles, &c. 
see ec^c^i, oD^c^i, under co^. See also oo^iSt^ 

OD^CJ, 00<{|<^, 0D<2|1, ODJOD^l, 00^^, 00(^1. 

— (gloo^c^i, appear as above described; have an 
undefinable, shaggy, rough, repulsive appearance* 
co^S^c^if do. ijxcoox- 

09^^l, do. OOI02^^t)08^^»lGdOD8CD^l. 

CD^oo^, thicki tangled, in disorder, oo^no^ do. oo jOd^. 

do. co(jico^ do. OD^jOD^, used for oq^od^. 
oo^SodS, used for ^SooS, expect. 

(O^o o^ y po oi, expect help, or a friend , oo^^co^d^ have 

ezpectatione from a growing crop of paddy.— od^^ 

oo^&too^^oo^Ssy have anticipations* 
(c^ 3, dB^^Soof^gdly throughout the kingdom, the 

whole kingdom. 
ox^S, need for oo^S, a cold ; as co^oo^Si have a cold/ 

00^00^9 oo^oosooS. 
co\\, used for ooqii, as oo^oo^ic6|S betel ; see oo»ii. ' 
db| eo. oo^ooJlf l. Sometimes used in the signification 

of conscionsnessi conscioasy imaginci Jiote e^oo^y 

o5^f do. 

2, Sometimes used for co^i charm ; ooSod^, a 

charm, or co^oo^ to charm, for oo^oo^ and OD^oo^ 
co|^9 denotes a scraping or wiping motion of the hand; 

00^^ f^o^of 8obsoo^c8 1 . 

oo^Scg5,*wipe off by rubbing the hand over the part 

Me ODlogSj—gSogS,— ^ScgS,— ^ingSi—^tobtngS, 

^^>— ^SogS, — coogS. 

(Oft, used for oo^s, 1, Of oo^iyOo^goDyt, Mangifera f(»^ 
tida, horse Mango. 3, Ruboela, Measles. Tal. The 
proper Karen term is ooSodlS,— o^^oo^t, virulent 
measles, as caused by a retrocessioUi or the erup- 
tion strikng in. 

8^00^1 (or S^CD^t,) make a miniature house of 
bamboo splints at the head of the sick person*!^ 
bed, in which are placed offerings to the Kats. 

^f^, dust, powder, flour, pulverous particle, ^^oo^jS, — 
a^oo^ — :$^cof^ flour, cS^S^oof^ dust of th« 
earth. - . - ^ i r- 

100 cx>b5 

00^^00^89 finely powderedi ^Sc^t^^eooo5^o&iao^ I 
oo^tooop^i bj griodiug. 

oo^S^^ CO. oo«»tc2^9 do. bj pounding, compare 
oDj6,— oDjSq^i, — 00^8, — oDQ[5, — os^i, — c^, 
ODs8^, — gp, — ^^y ^<^- *^ under cx)j6. 

oo^ii 0(>* of o9w|S, as OD^iooQ^^ err, sin^ see 03^8O9q^ 
under co(»^. 

o5o 1| The name of a people, and country — Cambodia. 
% A species of plant of the reed family. 

oooi, used for oaoi, as oooicS, for ODoicS, a plant be- 
longing to the genus Amaranthus. 
cooic88i, a red species of do. 0001080)9 white 
species of do. oooicSodaj^^oS^, a thorny species of 
do. "A Spinosus.'' 

cob, CO. co^cohXf or 00^03^181, lone, without associate, 
bereaved, widowedi applied to either sex. 

CDb 2, (Tal.) fetters as 000800^, or od88(0^09»1, ele- 
phant fetters. 

00^5, CO. oobSoDsB in botany, 1, (from ^5 eye) gemma 
folifera^ a bud containing the rudiments of a plant, 
see Ssoo^S, and ^So^s. 2, The articulation of 
plants, joints. Ifote. The incipient germ of grain 
is termed ^^fiii ^Sg8^9 do. any seed or bud. 


oobS 3, CO. ooSSoo^S, or co^Soo^i, in timber, small 
knots. Larger, or protuberant knots and knobs of 
trees are called od8S« 

oo^S 4, In Anatomy, joints or articulations, as q^oobS 
carpus or wrist bones. 

00^1 101 

ccHS 6f Applied to enrfaces^ jftgg^dy rough , uneven » o^oo 

GO^ 6, Fignrativel jy a fanlt, something to complain oU 

oo^S^ooSS^ adv. in a rongh jagged, nnfeaeible man- 
ner; applied not only to uneven , rongh enrfacee, 
but also to the jnmbling together of different snb- 
jects, in speaking or writing, ^loooiQicSSeooScii, 
Other words indicating prominence, see under to 
^iSf rongh, nneven surface, see oo^^. 
00^1, 00. cohtcoQi, used adv* and adj. as, in a pleasant, 
agreeble, soothing, soft, tender manner, yi^^oocD 

8tc8t. S^Q\cd^%Q\Cf:>cbSf eat with an appetite, with 
satisfaction and pleasure, sometimes used for oo^s, 
Tal. adv. OD^toowi, do. for oo^oo«8. 

cob^, CO. 00^^00 w^, reserved, shy, unsociable, see ^^, 
oo^jS, and 03^^, do. 

00^^^^, CO. oD^^^^oo«p6jP, in a reserved, shy, 
unsociable manner, od^S^^, do. (^loooioooo^^i^ 

co^if CO. co^xcof^Xf or co^ie^S, or ooo^oo^i, warbles, 
make a continued strain of plaintive, melodious, 
sounds; (from ^i,) cS^oSgiooiooooog^^SSsoaoogS 
c8^^,oifooiooao^ic8i, use melodious tones in speak- 
ing 5 be jovial, merry ; cfi^yicSiOD^i, denotes an 
ominous expression of pleasure; as a bird singing 
* on seeing a person, or as a child showing pleasure 
on seeing a stranger*— — The Karens think such a 

bird or q^biU is a lost friend who recognizes rela- 
tioDsbip in a former state. Sometimes, in case of 
of a bird, tbey think it a friendly warning of Bome 
approaching evil. ODJSoD^i, is used as a couplet 
to a^coo^, as oc^ooe^oo^oo^i, a chanting tone 
in prayer, coloo^i sing in a plaintive strain, or 

oo8^ 00. oo8oo«l, or odSodqS, rising above the level of 
a surrounding surface, be elevated, swell, " bnnch 
up," as from the bite, or sting of insects. It 
differs from 008, by being without pus; and from 
0086, by being carneoue, while 00^ is osseous, or 
callous, co8c8, c^. OD8c6cx)vncol, do. see c8. cSxojS 
od8 ""'on the jump/' leaping, bounding, as doge in 
a chase. o:8ooS, bite or seize with a leap, og^ooo 

C08S, CO. od85cx)«5, or odSSod^S, or ooqScx)85, a knob, 
protuberance; knobs and knots in general, as on 
trees, plants, and bones od85, co. of the vertebral 
column. In disease, odSS denotes an osseous or 
callous protuberance, ecirrous tubercles. Ilenee 
88c8^od85, become an elevated scar. 

oo8S^8oo8, unnatural prominences of the cranium. 

— od©i^od85, abrupt peaks of mountains; — ODt 
odSSs, the common dressing pin. 
od85, used adverbially, cglooSS, appear in pro- 
minences or projecting points; c8^oo8Soc(^SoDo^9 
be raised into uneven prominences, arrogant;— oS 

ooSScfiS, rati cx)85@S, used in the adverbial sense 
of coSS. 

Other words indicating prominences of different 
kinds, see nnder oofiS, and cotfp. 

a>8i, adv. in quantities, in lots oo88CiODci>5, co. 

oo^ooSt, see co^s, oo^ooSt, sometimes used for 03oOD8t 
question thorouogbly, ODStog^, co. see ooQCoSt. 
Compare the cognates ©Ss, — ooSs, and od88 
— <^So580o8i, Tal. the puerperal fever. 

008, CO. ooSooq), (from S temporary., occasional) 1. The 
spleen. The Karens had the idea that the cd8, 
was a tumor occasioned by disease ; a person who 
has an enlargement of the spleen (}S^38000o8, 
others whose spleen is in a natural state oood'Soo 

oo8S^, have an eolarged spleen, co8c8is^8, have a 
sensation of tightness about the spleen, as if an 
abscess had formed there, coSc^^, have a sensation 
of swelling in the spleen, ooSc^t a sensation of 
lagging pain and weariness in the spleen, ooS||S, 
acute lacerating pain in the spleen, 0080S, the 
reduction of the spleen after an enlargement, Jig* 
buoyancy of spirits, hilarity. 
coS, 2. Excite, stimulate to action, induce, not 
extensively used. 

oo8^o&, TaU abstain from food as a religious duty ; not 
much used in Tavoy. 

0)85^8, (idv. sometimes used for oaSS^S, fixed attention, 
as in listening, SoD^S, and gSoo^S, do. 

106 m^ 

o^§i, CO. OD^ioo^, or O3^ico§, or ooSooiSooScp^i, or 
ooSodSooSoo^I; or ooSoo^ioo^cd^S, small bits, 
fragments, litter, refuse, particles, rubbish cSiooyi, 
be reduced to fragments, to rubbish, <fec« fall in 
loose or scattering particles, &c. oo^io, (ic^v. 
atom like, co^ico^x, in a minute manner oo^iSi, 
small, minute. Words analogous to fo^i, ooSoo 
c6^,— ooSoooj^o&o, — ooSooopooS, — ooWogiooS 
oSo, — ooSoocSiooci),— ooSoocSic^t,— ooSoocSioo^^, 
and coSooc^800oo^io5c8i, see §i, and 6i. 

oojj, used for od;^; and oojjc^i, for odc^cji, see oo^, in a 
rough, disarranged, "harum-scarum" oo^cx)^, do. 
oojjSScji, do. see also oojj and ODj. Compare 
. ©^, and 00^, applicable to things fibrous or hairy ; 
as o8^bi, — o^ogSooobi, — ^iSifiJpSi, — c8S8i9iSi , 

oojl, (sometimes ooc^t^ in lots, in multitudes; generally, 
if not alway, used with QxcocbSf as an intensive, 


co^f same as od^S, which see, ooj^ScSiopooi^^^iooojS. 

oojj^jB, same as oo^S, powder, dust, &c. see ^^5^^tt5> 
is a contraction of ^^^^^, ^^jSjP. 

oo^, sombre, downcast, gloomy ; also co. of oojj, as co 
^co^, indistinct,* confused, &c.—Qf^80o^, (used in 
describing the countenance) moody, • downcast, 
grave, dispirited, dolorous Qf^8a>^, do. — oo^oo^ in 
a. rough, savage looking, revolting state. 

oo^S, CO. OD^S, as OD^Soo^S, a very small insect. 

co^^cx)^^, adv. in continuous and rapid Buccession, 

co^^co^t 107 

00^, followed by o\ as oo^t^ioo^Sy in nninerouB clns- 
tere, or eteins projecting from the common snr- 
face, as certain kinds of fruit growing out from 
the body instead of from the branches of the plant 
or tree. In a wider application cx)^iaiooc6S may 
mean, in swarmsy in lots, in patches, here and 
there^ all about. 

oo§5| CO. cx>^i, as od^ioo^S, fragments, trash, litter, 
&c. see also ©§5, co. of ©^5, see also ^, coupled 
with ^5. 

oo§, coupled with oo^, co^^f and odc^s, as co^ao^l, oo 
Q^oo8, 00800^89 ^^9 applied to things incipient, 
inconsiderable, barely discernable, also used as co* 
OD^^, as ooSco^^oo^oo^, fine dust, particles, 
atoms; ooScojj^ooScx)^. 

OD8c8S,jnst begin to appear, as, a beard begins tobeseen. 

©|a>|, adv. of OD§, as ooD^oj^c8^no^oo§o5,— The wind 
comes very sligthly, 00^, and OD^OD^, used as 
above, so also ©8. 

flo88, adv, slightly, in small degree, 

od|S, coupled with oo^S, and 008O8, as od^Soo^S, aosxj8 
dd8^, tardily, softly, lightly, without energy, op^ 
ooSoo8SoD^5, see dimly, (gloD^^oo^S, appear indis- 
tinctly. Analogous terms, are odcoiS, 8i, gH, odc8, 
*aDd co^"^. 

cogioo^s, adv. of sound as in pronouncing the word 
itself, or action, supposed to produce such sound. 

108 oo«^6oo5^S 

oogSoogS, ad/^. do. the souDd more dall. 

OD^i 00. 8^ooQi8^oofp, Bee odqi. 

00^^, 1. Temporary, momentarj, for the oceasioD, cx>^S 
o8, or ooflScfi (at Tav.) a horizontal pole used to 
lay hold of for enpport when treading paddy ; . at 
Manlmain ^(j5.-^ 00^0800 ^So8 do. o6^ooScx)^Soo 
flS, or OD^Soc^S, have only a glimpse of; obco 
^^00^^, come for a short time, make a short stay ; 
the same as oo^^a>(^^. 
2. CO. oofliSoD^S, a mnltidade. 

00^5, CO. oc^oo^S, hook up fish without a bait. 

oo^8| CO. ooc^oo^g, %ee no(^. 

oo^S, CO, oo^oD^S, hasty, momentary. 

co^i, (not been found alone) 8^00^1, or 8paD^i8|Soo^1 
recklessi regardless of consequences, inconsiderate, 
or considering only self-gratification, self-willod 
8^co^ioDc8iooS, talk as above. 

ooqiS, (Tal.) assembly, multitude, oSoSooqiS, do. 

oofll^S, CO. oxjSoD^^S; see od<j5. 

OD^, CO. ooJ^nob, or coc^oo^t, rapidly, with agility, 
incessantly on the move, fickle, changeable ; (from 
06) (^(^, the same as od(^oo^. 

OD(^Sood^9 vibrate, as a' long reed shaken by the wind, 
brisk, pert, waggish, affected in manners^ foppish. 

ooJ^^ooSp, »* light fingered'* mischievous, sly, meddle- 
some, particularly childern prone to pilfer. 

oo<>|^aD(^^, is used in nearly the same significatione, ^ee 


oo«^Sa)«^S| and oc^Sc^Sod^^Sc^S, tremulously, with a 


jerking qaivering motion, see ^5, and cbS. Cog- 
Dates, 00^8, — c^5,-— oocfeS, — cjj5, — ^cocbS. 

oo^co^, the Ban)e as odc^^od^^, see ^\, and oobji. 

oo^5oo^"[5, ased to indicate wavering motion, to and 
fro, one way and the other, o^ooc8dbyo^88c8Soo 
OD800iooS(jjioo(j5oDq|Soo<gioDi,*^^ c85, reciprocatc. 

00^1. 1. A probosis, comp. oo<^i, and oo<ji. 2. The 
Elephant's trunk ; arms or branches of creeping 

00^, inclined, tilted, elevated, raised (horizontally) od^§ 
and ^Soo^, a small basket, Lsed by the Karens 
for betel.— 00^00^, tree, see c8^ oo^c8^ and oo^, 

ooflS, €0. oc^Soo^S, sway, vibrate, or wave to and fro, 

as trees by the wind, «^^ cxj^S. 
co&\ 1, Sometimes used for ooS, raised up, &c. 2. eo. 

co^ioo^i, and oo^ico^^, OD^ioo^i, brisk, pert, 

waggish, &c» 
0000)9 CO. oooSSooool, competition, mutual strife to gain 

an object of competition, opooo^ooc^iooicooo8§8oo 

oong8cj5c85c^ioD(X)l «8c8i. 

— coocooSi, adv. co» adj. in a flying iliass, as leaves 

driven by the wind, odooIcS^, strive together in 

rivalry or competition odhoIciodc^S; da. 0000I00 

00), (a^fu. of ooool) with excessive efi^ort ' to rival 

or outdo others. 
ooooS, and ooodSooooS, from odS, all about, on all sides, 
cooo^QOOD^, do. see St and qg, as cBsSioooo^Si, the 

gear of a Karen carrying baskets ogSioDooSSi, a 

kind of fishing net, see ooS. 



ooooSy 1. Shield, defend from danger, stand .between 
one and danger ; co. ooot^, 86 cocxjooodS ; also oo 
obS, as ODoDSooobS. The snatching from danger; 
synonymous with (jSopi^ojx. 2. Draw out, as 
a thread from a mass of fibre, as cocx)Sc6. 3. 
Beat a few strokes on a drum previous to the 
regular beat. 4. To enlarge or widen the area of 
a plantation, see ododS; ooooS. 5. The humming 
of bees about their hive. 6. oocx)Snooo5, and oo 
oo5oo5oooo5oo5, aefu. 'with a broken voice, in a 
faltering manner, speaking or crying, d^ooSd^ooS, 
do. Word analogous to odcxd5, 1. Are oSsojicgS 
oji ; — g8^§i8^o6S ; — ^SdB^oootooiyi^Sgl ; — ^ 
oji^sopi ; yieiiQiS^ ; ooiogio3^oo^l^c6i. 

oooot, {;o. a)o5^cx)oD8| surmise, guess, estimate, form an 
opinion (oooos is the usual spelling,) ooo5^oooD8. — 
^oooo«ogS,— oooDtoccSi, express an opinion.— oooos 
o6i, go by guess of the right path,^oooot98, '^shoot 

at a venture.'' 

2. With c8i| 8S c8icx>oD8o;i, become abated^ 
reduced, less violent, as a fever, a fire, the heat 
of the sun towards evening. 

oooDi, 1. CO. cx>ooicoc6ti hundred, or ten times ten. 

2. Sometimes nsed/or ooooi, a tree, fruit very acid, 

oooSS, co^ oDoSSooooS, also co. mo:^%^ as oooS^oooos, 
guess, &c. 

ooooiy 1. CO. ooooioDob, decorate, ornament. — oocx)ioo 
008, decorate one's self with dress, jewelry, or 
any kind oi ornaments.— ^ooooicS^ooooi, means, 
in reference to the sky, the sun moon, and stars ; — 

ooojS 111 

in reference to the earth, rivers, mouDtaiDs, plants^ 
flowers, aDimaU, &c. o^sodooioS^ooooi, is mili- 
tary drees, eqnipage, &c. see oo8sooc8, — oo^odcp, 
— @5b«d8, &c. 

2. eo. oocoiooocn, see oooi. 
cDooiS, see coSS. 

3. see ooooiS, weight, gravity.— c8icx)ooiS, or c8i 
ooooi^, it weighs; see oogS.j see ooooiS. 

n)00i5, preceded by 9^, as oSoocx)iS,.a preterative parti- 
cle, c8^o^oooDi5ooop^, stop a little, oococbio^co 
001S, let me go a while; see under 0^. The 0^, 
some times follows the od, as ooo^ooiS, do* see 
also o^oocSS. 

®oj«> (generally spelled ooo^S or ooo^S;) sad, dejected, 
lone, dispirited ; it has many shades of meaning 
in its connections with other words. 
1. CO. ooojSoDcBi, vertigo, dizziness, ODO^^ojS, do. 
also need in the sense of lonely, feeling the want of 

8. CO. ooo^^oo^, sad, melancholy, disconsolate, as 
a person bereaved, a3O2^0D^, and ooo^^oo^, do. 
ooo^^ODooi, do. (Bpo^a^S^co^f feel desolate, 
lonely ; also applied to places desolate, solitary, 
QDinhabited.— -ODtoDCf^, have a longing for, as to 
see a person beloved, or for home, <* homesick/'— 
ooSoooj^ooi, I feel lonely, desolate, "homesick.'* 

3. ODojSopS, (or ODo^^op^,) nsed adverbially, in- 
dicates regret, or grief. 

4. 0002^096811 (ooo^^oDcSi,) pathetic, soothing, 
tender (relating to soonde.) 

113 ooo^iodt 

5. cSiooojS (200^^) 00. cSiooo^ScSioDcBi, delicious, 
grateful to the taste, oo^ooicoiooooiODOOiS, oitcx>i 

00001 cfilODOjS. 

• 6. cxxj^SojSoooj^o^^, adv. of odo^S. 

ooo^S, CO. ODojSoocSS, adv. qualifies words of motion, 

nodding, staggering, toppling, stumbling, yioooi 

^lootSsooiooiSoDc^^oDcSlojSooojS, 866 0^5 aod 00 

0^5. Analogous terms, see coeoog^, — ooj^tcx>oi, 

-^c88^^^8^, — cK^oop, — c8io5ic8ioo|t, — cS^S 

eS^S, — and <i)5c8S85Q^. 
oooji, CO. 00001, doleful, dismal, unusual, portentous, 

causing anxiety, dubious; (applied to colors,) dun, 

di gy, pale red, ash color, 
ooojio^, or oocoiv3^, the long armed ape, "Hyloba- 

tes,*' of which the Karens say there are two 

species, the red, and the black; viz, ooo^ioSSi, 

and ooo^io^oj. 

— ooojieScx^, the ape's cry. 

— co(X^\o^<x>co^, a lone ape bemoans; this heard 
at night is also a bad omen. 

— noojie^cSc^i, and ooo^i^s^^s, the ape's scream, 
supposed by Karens to be a kind of dirge. 
O0001008, a species of tree (Bur. odScxHi,) the bark is of 
a dull reddish color 3 produces an itching sensa- 

—* 81000^1, CO. 8iooo5S8ioooji, of a reddish or 
sandy color, as plants scorched by the sun. 

— dloDOji, be of a pale flaxen color, unnatural 
whiteness, albescent. 

rpoboDob 118 

--■-^Sooo^i^ flashed as the conntenairce by gazing 
intently at a donbtfnl object, see coooi* 

GOtgS, CO. ooj^Si and oOcgS^ from €gS| extend, stretch 
forth in a line, reach, be continnons, extend or 
reach to a certain linoit, for a whilci temporarily, 
as cSooo^S i(oo^S^ swoon, be stnnned, made sense- 
iess, i. e. die temporarily; with other roots, the 
meaning modified. 

!• ooojSooobi, see oo^Socbi, besmeared, bedanbed, 
as with slime, slaver &c. overspread. 
2, ooogSoodSS, see oocSSoocSS. 
9. eo. oooj^S, or ooj^S adv^ of time, a short 
period, temporarily. 

ooojS^i (oojSjt,) a **hold'^ in murfc, dwelling 
iong on certain notes* 
coojj5ooojS (oojjBoojjS,) adv. a long while. 
4. oSoooj^S, a thorny creeper, leaves minnte, ^^ 

tacqi He coa^^ and oocgi and oDcgi. 

a>oo CO. oooooocxn, name of a jnngle plant; leaves nar- 
row and long; succulent parts eaten by the na* 

oDcoi, (x>. ooo^^, as (S^ooo^^GS^aDooi, feel lonely,desol- 
ate ; generally 09c8^09ooi. 

<t>ob, eo. 00001 as ooobcoocn, adorn one's self, pnt on 
ornaments^ see oooDi. 

<x>cba>ab, neatly, handsomely,-— -Qioo^ooobcocb, do with 
precision, care, nicely, — oocbcboDcbcb, do. also 
applied to personal appearance, with neatness, 
genteelly, oocboodS, do. see oocb. 

8 K. 

114 OOtSbt 

ootobS 1, adj. all, every; as cocbSyi every person; — ca 
cbSooSoooxooSooS, every thing of every kind, cona- 
pare dB^, ^ooiS, — and cBg. 

2, With an adv<. affix-^-brilliantly* with a glitter- 
ing or glossy appearance, generally things of a red 
or dark color, as oocb^coogSj with smooth glossy 
brilliance. It applies particularly to changeable 
colors, or glistening at short intervals,— ooobSooofcS 
lustrous, brilliant, glittering; oocbSoDo^Si do. cohS 
t6h\ sometimes used for ODob^oDcb^,— oocb^c^^ 
or coobSooSoDobSob^ glossy, lustrous, as the sur- 
face of a black bottle, silk velvet, and the like. 
— sbtooob^, reflect, shine by reflection aa a black, 
glossy, or polished surface. 

8, ODob^ojy a tree, *' Cassia nodosa'* same as cooo^ 
Oj and oDcS^oj. 
4, ooob^Si, ** Garcinia, ^ Mangoeteen also ealled 

opcbS, adv. as ODobS^t, long, or tall, slender, flexible^ 

and thereby adapted to sway or wave. 

— ooobBoocSS, adv. waving, fluctuating, moving 

from side to side. 

— oicbSoSSobScSS, do. 

ODcbS, CO. ooodS, defend, protect, &c, 
ODobt, CO. cxDcbtODcSs, move up and down with a quid 

see-saw motion, (Commonly, oocbt or ODcbs) cx>ob 

^i, quiet as a crying child, one's gait in walking 

ODobtoocSt shorty high step. 

Analogous terms are c^tdB^oooD^S^, — ^ic8S 

oodBi 115 

noobi 1, A tree, of the Palm family. 

2, 00. ODo^^Si as oDODSoDobiy see ododS. 

oodB^, a tree, Caseia; cot^o), Cassia fistula. 
oxS^ojy Cassia nodosa. 

oocSS, from c8S 1, Or odcSScocS^, extend, stretch ont| 
op or down, tall and slender, Comp. ooc85ooc8S, 

a3cBSdB^, stretch np, as the neck and head in looking 
upward, qSodcSSgSjSoocSSs^c^^I), ooc8Sc8^ do. 

oodBScSi, stretch down, as a bird its neck in looking 
down from an eminence, ooc8Sc@i do. 

aoG8S<6i, stretch ont horizontally, or nearly so as in 
looking forward, cx)g8Sc8i (£>. (ooc8S most used.) 
2, oocBS, oog8S most nsed, a kind of snare for 
catching wild fowls; formed by a cord with nooses 
fastened to stakes driven into the ground at inter- 
vals, l^oocSS a single noose tied to the end of a 
pole, used for catching animals on trees, &c. oodBS 
is nsed as a verb to express the act of catching 
animals. J/^otCf ODoSS is sometimes used for ooc8S 
and ooSS, 

(ooBtoocSt, used most, followed by c8^, raise and depress 
the body with a degree of force, as in trying the 
strength of a thing by such force, C07ry[>. cx)obt. 

ox8i, oo8t» and ooc8i, monster-like ; tall, and large 
beyond the ordinary size, see odBi, a sea-dragon, 
It is with other roots, as follows. 
1. ooc8ic8i, CO. oDc8iooSooc8ic8i» of extra size, 
monster^likei tall and larg^, see c8i. o}Pooooi|^Q^ 

116 coiSx 

00ajJ|l(»c8, 00091 OOCDpOlSl, oitooioD^cx)dBiG8ic8i. 

2. cx)c8i8, <J0. ooc8io^ooc8i8, thoroughly, through- 
out, completely, oS^oj^ogSobSifoo^oodBiSooojS. 

3. oc 08 1 1 is CO* coo^f as cca^codixf see oco^^. 
occS, 1. The tumerick plant or roots ODcS, is most 

2. Duplicated as oo<j8cx>c8, ddv. slowly, carefnlly, 
cautiously, cbioodScodS. 

oodSS, do. ODdSttS, very carefully, very slowly, 
OD(S, is coupled with 000b, as cocboDdS, with care, 
&c. Analogous terms, »ee co^. 

oocSS, geuerally oodS^, praise, eulogize, extol, be cele- 
brated for skill, wisdom, prowess, &c. oocS^ooioo 
01, noted for beauty; oodS^ODioooocSioo^p^, cele- 
brated for eloquence ; oocS^ooiooc^teitoo^oi, cocSi 
ooScS, extolled for good works and probity. cocS^, 
is used in a bad sense, notorious for any thing, 
good or bad. It also implies notoriety that ex- 
ceeds or extends beyond others. Hence oociS^, 
becomes couplet of ODdBS, as oodSSoDdS^, exteod, 
&c. It is also couplet of ooo^S, as oodS^ooo^S, &c. 
see dS^, to .tread. Terms analogous to oodS^, be 
notorious, see oc^iooiS, — 0(gd8aDlc8i, — ^^^^t — 
*td8^o@i\, — OOOD1, — ODi^cB^S^a^i, — oj^dB^. 

oodSi, from dSi cease for a time, have an interim. 1 . 
00. ood8ia3o5S, and oodSirS, v. be a long time^ 
long ago, see oo^oiSooS&i. 
2- 00. oodSioooo^, adv. slowly, tardily, see coc8 


8. CO. ooobioodSi, adv. long between joints, or ex- 


^cri lit 

tremities ; also applied to the waving motion of 
tall trees by the* wind ; swaying throngh a wide 
spaeOy see obidSi. 

4. oocSiy and codSicS, adv. long ago. 

5. cxxjSioocSi, moderately, at intervals a3noo(SiOD 
dSi, heat moderately, so as not to scorch, or bnrni 
toScoiSicoiSif turn occasionally, as in heating 
any thing so as not to burn.. 

6. cSoocSi, 00. c8o9o5idBoDc3i9 a4v. distant from, 
a long way off. Analogous to asagCy 3. see 061091 
con;— 0019181; — 6bSc8l ; — ojSoSSo^SdSS ; — true 
usage, 4. ooiocoi<gn ; — coidS; — oonooo^S^; — coi 
o6«; — ob««)biooS; — o5Sc^Sodc65ooS ; — oo8Soo«S 
oo^OD^ ; — cDoioj^ ODoioDtooS ; — ooSoSSooSfeiooS, 
to usage 5(5. c8ioo|Sc8iogi; — ooSifi; — co8i§«; — 
©iSoocoiS ; — o5io5ioDc3b5 ; — ooooio ; — oo^ySoojS. 

ao(^, from <^S, oblique, irregular, slant-wise, dang- 
ling, confusedly, see 06^^. 

nocbScS^ODc^^cdi, in a confused manner ; some one way, 
some another; " higgledy piggledy ;"'^-c8i8ico«^S, 
hang loosely down. Compare §cx)0 ; — ooosoof^f); 
ooojI^oioocbS ; — <^cx)00S ; — o:g||Scx>oo5 ; — ga> 
cx>5 ;- ^S^^S^x ;- ^^fl^^^4|S ;- ja(aSa^ ;~ 

Qoc^i, be oblong, be some what longer than broad. 
oof^b, €0. coi^xoScoi^xhf do* approaching the shape of 

an egg; a low shed. 
coc^o^, do. ovate, as ovate leaves, o'^Soaco^l^ttioeoDt 

OD<^iajc8i, see o^. 

•— ^8ooo665oo<^, (jSj^.) exaggerate, 9b«ooo5b5oo 

118 cn>€p 

i^Xf do. see coo5| see also cxx^i. Analogous 

terijis, see Sir^b ; — Siooc^S ; — 8ib6; — gioocoi; 

§000 ; od8^ooo8 ; — <j^cx>^jS ; ooc^Sb;— -65gi. 
coQ^t, A tree which prodaces the wild eandal wood, — 

grows in Mergui province. 
0C6p, divergent, spreading, expanding ; from cp. 

1, O06poo8, spread open as a fan, oo€pdB^, raise 
the arm od^cS^oo^, raise the hand and spread out 
the fingers oocpcb^; extend out wide at the top, 
as a broad- top basket see oo^^ol. 

2, oocpcp, adv^ oo6p, applied to calling or talk- 
ing, in a harsh, violent, screaming manner, comp. 

3, oocpo), CO, ODCpSSoocprf), adv. divergingly ex- 
panding, spreading, fan-like, ODO^I^odoio), do. %^ 
coo), do. 

4, CO. ooGpooSj^, or oocpooS, a contrivance for 
catching fish, viz. a kind of basket wide at one 
end and narrow at the other. 

5, ooc[o9^, moveable goods, furniture, spoken of 
as a whole, ooSttcabiwoSg, do. 

.<$, OD^IS^, the name of a frog having broad, flat 
head, ecp8j5, do. 

7, A tree growing in land overfl.owed by sAlt water 
at full tides, branching roots grow on the sides 
two or three feet high generally written oo<[). 
— cos^cr^j CO. oocJlQ^oDcpajj), in a cx>^, jungle, 
comp. oocp, — tcp, — @1, — 00^, and §1, see cp. 
Analogous terms, se^ oooSt, cx>co^,— -oo^,— »^, — 
oojl, — ©(jl, — 0^ool, — o^ODCO^,— - 03O^,<^, and 

TOCft 119 

^. Anal, to oocp. 5, see t»8tooc8,— nooDiooob,— 
^oobtS^oobi, — odS8o3So5i, — ^c8SS^8^,— oooon 
ooc8S| — ooSo9isooSoo«. 

8, CO. 00^, as od^ooon, harry, urge forward. 
<o<|^, often @^, soraetiraee cocjS or QS. 1, A 
iarrow, rake, a *< cultivator,*' oac^S^ the straight 

piece of timber into which the teeth are inserted, 
oo^Soocgi, the handle; cce^co^^ the teeth; oocjSo© 
tfi, the shafts;— cgtoosjS, to plow, see @S. Compare 

ob^ a ploqgh. 

2, ooc|^ooc|S, ado. clatteringly, the sound of the 

flocjS 1, eo* OD^S, as od^Sooc^S, ado. socind, harshly, 

%f CO. 00^89 as a3|^So3C|S see co^S, gen. odS[Sooc^S 
a zayat. 

oocji, often @« 00. ooc^too^t^ be crowded, jammed, 
pressed or wedged fast, fastened tightly, be in un- 
pleasant, or dangeroQs proximity* 

3, jig. Be in perilous eircamstances, escape difficult, 
' or impossible. 

oo€[to8i, fastened down, aoc|tc3iooo3t; the thing 
fastened, or place of fastening as ed^ODJScS^StQS 
ODC|tc8i09ca8|^9Q)cn)i.— ^ooc^s is ased adverbially 
thus, 0903^1 tie fast to, fasten by tying« — cSiooc^s 
''^fall afoul of be fast afonl, as a boat on a 
cock. ^ 

4, oD^tc8Sooo99f run a foul of each otheri as two 

120 00^ 

5, Figuratively, oe^So^jSooc^too^oooDt, eomein 6tt(K 

den eontact with nulooked for periU 

69 often ooc^ty a kind of trap somewhat re<* 

sembling a figure 4 ; ooc^ioo^, a piece of timber 

used for a weight on the 00^85 — ooc^ioqSSo, the 

string by which the coe^tj is applied ; ODC^soo^iooi^ 

the post of the cocjs; — ooc^sooo, the diagonal 

piece of a coc^t ^ — obc|tooc^t, the horizontal piece 

to which the bait is affixedj^ spindle ^—«btoDC|^ 

^•'set" a coCj%. 

ly co^coQ^t fractionsi, q^oarrelsomei irascible» pag- 

naciousi see also oo^ooc^s^ 

8^ 09C^809C^89 sound like the gnawing of rats ^ cSS 

coQ809C^i, sounds oac|tooc|r. 

see OD6|i ; — @8 •, — ftc^t ? — gt ^— odc^i ^ — @« ^ — 

ccjt; — g«, and §«. 

ooQ^ I9 Sometimes used for od^^ as odc^o^ for od^^ 
% CO. coi^^coc^l^f see 00^. 

coca If 00. OD^iooc|i9 scattered about in disorder, m^x 
eo^if do* 

2, cx)^icoc|i» or @i@i, (^do. imitative of sound 
like that of dragging brushy OD^icoo^ioo^ioo^i do. 
Zf cos^xcoQ^Xj adv. imitative of sound like cracking,, 
or the striking together of dry split bamboos; &c. 

09& ly A small creeping plant foufid in the 09^1 jan- 
gle; the leaf is remarkably brittle. 
2, 00^00^1 small articles; goods, tools, apparel 
&c^ taken a& a whole, 00^800^061^ do. see od{ 
and § see co^f 5» 


^^ 121 

to!^ \, Sometimes used for e^^, or o^S^ or oo^^, an 
urD^ or ^ng-shaped jiari large Bize.^ 

2, CO. co^Hoo^s, see 00^8 a chasm, gorge &c. 
00^, generally oo^s 1, Concentric, revolving, have a 

circular direction, — cSoD^t, a kind of spear hav- 
ing a tortnous blade. 

%j ao^t, or oo^t oooot, whirl one^s self around ^ 
an amusement of children ;— 
co^809%Sf all aroi>nd, on all sides;— cSioo^g, turn 
from the upper to the under side, as a person on 
a beam. 

3, oo^soD^s^j!^. indefatigabljy energetically, ply 
a thing on all sides, or, at all points ;—-oc^8t)5» 
no^tOQ^s^ pall tight, as in tying a thing ;-— 00^ 
OOiOQ^t, bite hard, bite with a firm hold» 

4, oo^t, generally 00^1 the large wild cotton tree, 
^'Bombax mal abaricum," (Bur. cooSou) 

5, generally oo^s, oo^tot^ a round tuft (ot wing* 
ed) as a tuft of hair left on the crown in shav- 
ing the head. 

6, OQ^noSi gen« o>^tooSi in a reeling, stagger- 
ing manner, oomp. e^8, — §s, — oo^«, — @8, — 
and gt. 

00^ 1, CO. 09^cx>c^^ hastily, briefly, in a harried mane- 
ner, generally used together yioo^ioboiScS^oo 
^ox^^Sto080D^^09iooiSo9iooopic8i. The phrase 
indicates quick sucession. Analogous terms co^S 
co^S , ooosoD^i ; o^Soooi ; oa^Sno^S ; co^co^ ; 

2, cx>^oo8i, circle, eircamference, 



oo^\, or odSiod^i, irregularly, informally, for a short 
period, hasty, bc8if ao5[Soo6j^ above. 

OD6J1, n. Inelosure, assemblage, confederacy, combination, 
party, t>. enclose, surround as witli a fence. 

1, as ^sooc^io5^coio^8, surround a house with 

— oocjiooS, fence off. 

— oocinoooDt, stockade one's self. 

— co6^ic8ioooD« 6r ^icS^oooat sleeping with 

weapons of defence. 

2, n. 006^1, CO. DD6^iOD^8, or oocjioocp, a fence, wall, 
hedge, inclosure, as (»iooc|i, make a fence; ''fence 

3, n. A yard, pen, as dSoDC^ioo^t, a fowl yard, o^S 
O0Q1, a buffalo pen. 

4, n. A patch, or plot of ground for planting v«g- 
etablesi &c. though not inclosed, as "^sooooc^i and 
6^ 0OO0CJ1 OD jScab jSoo8«. 

5, ooc^i, CO' coG|ioo^, n. an enclosure, assemblage, 
herd, community, party, neighborhood, see ot 13, 
Dum, affix, applied to specific lots and quantities. 

6, ^C^1» as oj^BoDC^ioS, plant bamboos aronnd* 

7, 8aoc^i, enclosed garden, compound, &c. 

8, ooc^i, denotes not only enclosing, but shut in. 
Analogous terms, odSi, — ooS«>d, — ooScB^i,— oo^ 
oo^S, — ^©n, — ooS^p, — fibtotoj^^, — a>ipo%5, — 
«b8^5. — abiSjSooS,— cSioo^i, — 008^06, — o^SfJ^t — 
0^1819^ ,,—8100^^, — ojoo^s. 

OD^, or 00^, 1, Rough, disheveled, shaggy, having a re- 
pulsive aspect, as 8^oo^(^, rough, disheveled hair. 

CX)^ 123 

2, oo^oo^g or oo^oo^«, rongh, savage, violent in 


00^00^, or 00^00^, do. ^«iogi^8^oo^oo^, nn- 

keiupt .Cognates, oo^, or @, — Q, — ^. 

Analogons terms, oo^(ji,— OD^jcji, — ^X^^' — ^St 

^^1, — ^\^^i — S®^"*-' — oD^iQs, — oo<j)q^, — oo^« 

<2JSg8^oS| 09^00^9 — ODOo8S^8, — rOOOOOOCxfl,— 00 

oS^apjSSicoS, — «bc8^«6c8i, — oDcxgiscoocjjg, — od^ 

OtOOO(5||«, OOOJIOO ^. 

cn^S, 9ee ^^. 

nooSoo^Sy adv. abrapt, guttural sounds, as snoring, 

ooqSi. (some times used for 30^S,) adv. found only in 
connection .(^jS, as <23^^^, chunked, low, of short 
stature. Analogous terms, od8^oo08, — ngg^SoS^, — 

<2^ngt^8, <lJ80D02t, — OtCX>^S, 0^80D?, ^^@? 

00^1, from ^ see oo^. It has, however, been found 
only in connection with <j, as <Jod^i, or oocj^i 
adf>. rough, disheveled, untidy, disarranged, sloven- 
ly, shaggy looking. Cognates, oo^i, ^i, — oo^gi. 
Analogous terms, see under dd^. 

^\ I, A kind of scaffold or shed oo^oDCp do* 

2, aij. as oo-Tgi^oo^, that species of betel plant 
which grows on a no ^. 

— oj^co^, cultivate the betel, or other climbing 
plants on a od^. 

3, V. fig. Disgrace, cover with shame, as c^ioo^SS 

124 coff 

oo^o^f a person who brings disgrace on his 

parents, see oo^. 
oo^S, adv 1, With force, energetic, as ooSoo^Sco^S or 

S^@^» r«in with force, see ^. 

2, oo^Soo^^, also cS^oD^SooooSf adv. expression 

of sonndy as of a herd of running cattle, rolling 

thnnder, force, intensity, and speed. 
oo^^o^ScsbS, adv* used in describing the gambols of a 

lot of children in play. 

Cognates, gS,-.ODgS,~gS,^o3gS,-.g[S,-03co%S. 

Analogous terms, o^Sooji,— «(^^»c8^,~«5|^«o6, — 
oooSog), — ttofwop, — OQojsoaoj, — odIoodIiB, — c8 
8^gDl8^, — IJQOOS, — ^^OD<i>^. Analogous to co^ 
ojpo?i^, see ©(feS©rBS, — oooiocSi, — i^oSiScfiS, — 
c8icoicoii, — S^oor^, — i^iSf,-i^cx)^. — fS^^S 

co^S, 00 09|Sooc^S 1, A succession of generations, as of 
men, successive companies, yiODc^SeoSSooSoooD 

2, oocx)^Soo^S, generation after generation, party 
after party, successive generations, companies, or 

3, CO. OD^SoQ^S, adv. abrupt, grunting, or whir- 
ring, sounds. 

Cognates Q5, — oo^S, — Q5,— odoo^S,— all from 
^S, Analogous to oo^S 1, and 2. oof oo^oof , oo^i 

8lOO^l8l, OOoS8lOOo58l, OO^^OO^S OOCO01 

no^i, indicates energy, force, earnestness, (generally 
spelled ^s), see oo^ or ^. 

ooj|i 125 

1, oo^too|8 energetically, indefatigably, ae cbxco 

% oo^tco^ do. with the additional idea of hastiness, 
**off hand,'* thonghtlesslj, as oocSioc^iOD^, talk 
iniprodentlj, without doe regard to facts or eon- 
sequencesy— -ooD^tQ09^9 sleep incautiooslj, with- 
out regard to danger. 

Cognates, g([«, — oo^t, — gi, — 0|», — g«, — OD 
^1, — ^|«. — Analogous terms, oo^oocSi, — §*[« 

co^S, affj. a dull, creaking sound, like that of bubbling 
water. It is repeated as od^Scoj|^, or combined 
with OD and oocx)S, as ODOo^ooooS, o6§d8^ao^^ 
co^^. Boiling water sounds ^%j^oo^^. 

no^i, sound indicated, suddenness, and violence; and 
hence hastiness ; also used adverbially, as, 
1, »ico^iooj|i, work energetically. 

2, Combined with oo and ooodS, as c8^oo(3S^ooo^t 
ooSoodo^OQOoS, the tiger pounced upon it violently. 

3, Combined with cot and ooooS as c8^cx>g8^ooi^oo 
ojitog^oosoo^iooooSS^^ODO^^, a tiger unexpectedly 
pounced upon a dog and got him at once. • 

4, ocHoo^iodIooc^S in a sudden and violent, man- 
ner. 00^00)00^103) coc^S, an act of violence, a sud- 
den dash, as of robbers upon an unexpecting vie- 


5, oo^iooc^io&soot, do. except that o&sodt is ex- 
pressive of the sounds uttered by the victim, c8i 

126 co^x 

Cognates, Q^.— ^i; — Qi, — gif — 03^if — see 

Analogous terms, ODogt,— cor^^, — ODg^,— OD^S,— 

ODcbi, OD^. 

00^, V. cry out with a sharp shrill voice, shriek, scream 
as from alarm, cx)dBooi^oo^c8^cx)g^oo^, (often writ- 
ten Q.) ad verbally used to qualify such sound 
as yi^iooS§ta5«oo5|^ooG[, also oo^Scog^, co. ^S^oo^ 
OD^Soo^S, adv. expressive of the sound made by 
a Burman crow. 

2, ODCj^, adj. bare, naked, divested of the usual 
external appendages, or covering, as ^5^S[ a tree 
bare of leaves, ^odc|^, bald, quite bare, as the 
pate without hair, &q. c8cx)q, open, full of holes 
as a mat, or basket. 

3, gen. ooGj^ an amphibious animal of the Cacarta 
or lizard family ;— larger than 000s, brown, varie- 
gated with white, 

4, oocj^Si or @8i, barnacles. 

Cognates @,— ©?[ or g,_g,_oc>^,— «^^ Cj^. 
Analogous to, oocj^. 2, ojScSoj^hcbi, — 001008, — 
coiwSfxgii,— 091008, --^oD05i,—8oo^«,—o8aDo6i, — 

coQ^P 1, cB^'DGj^^ooGj^, a bird so called from its cry 
OD^^ooGj^S, about the size of a vulture; color, 
brown ; neck long. 

2, ^§[§^§[^Si, a small fish, also called. gSoosobi 
spinous ; distinguished for ejecting slaver from the 
mouth, see «[?.— @?j— @^f— @? and'oog^. 

odC^^i, with 008S, as oo^SooC^^i, (often ©i|S©C|^i) adv. used 

co\ 127. 

in describing a sudden outpour or spurting forth. 
Analogous terms, cSis6j5c8ioj«, — c8icjSc8ic6S| — 

o£)5oogfl, — «5*5l, — ' fib«oD^, — c8i8ic8i|^S, — ©8S 
no^» or ^, rough, harsh, having power to OQangle, 
lacerate, abrade, wear away. 

1, 00^, CO. oo^i^co^, or oo^(X>8, the sharp or point- 
ed hook used by elephant drivers. Hence the fol- 
lowing couplet figuratively describing incorrigible- 
nese. (X)aSof3^oo8^ooooi,([jsooioD^oo^SoDn. 

2, oosoD^, a file, rasp, sometimes a saw. 

3, V. To file, rasp, &c. c8i, or ngS often follows, as 

4, a)^.cSi|9, make an inroad, cut away the bushes 
through the center of what is designed to be cleared 
for a plantation, ocx}^c8i^l>oi8t,o^scx>8id8^0}iooi9 

5, ooSco^, become lacerated, galled, abraded, good 

6, OD^b, and oo^bb, often oboo^ stern, austere, 
harsh, foS^^oasoo^boo^Qgiob^. Applied to heat, 
— severe, overpowering 5 ooScBSoo^b. It is intensely 
hot, cohSS^co^%9 do. ooScB^oj^^oo^S, do. ooS 
cBS^oodbt, do. 

— sboD^ or oboa^ in an austere, harsh, sharp, 
stern manner,- adj. sharp,, peaked, as ^^cx>^ a 
sharp, peaked nose, og^^cS^oo^oboo^ the dog 
bristles defiance. 
00^008, adj. expressive of the sound of a hearty 

188 od\S 

laugh, OD^^cx)^ do. |icx)i|^OQ^, or |\od^oc>^, «w 
lioilojoolobS, do. 

7| cSoD^ the name of a tree bearing a flatish, black 
fruit, called by Barman coooSoocb, 
Cognates, @..— oo\,— @. — @i— a)\»— §f — 
o^, from ^. 
oo^^, often ^^, capricionfl, unstable, fickle, ephemeral, 
but pleasant, or attractive, eee ^^) and Qo^^o6t« 
under oo. 

1, ooc^5ooi[S, adv. in a vacillating, undetermined 
manner, as ^wiooSooc^Socij^SoD c^S oo ^S St oo (^ c8^ 


— -OD^S<30^^, adv. temporarily, as (^iood^o6c8|ScDi 
oS^oo^Soo^SSsojibcSi. Compare OD^ico^i, 

2, cx)^^, name of, shruba or tree growing on the 
borders of streams and resembling the willow. 
There are several varieties, as oo^SSi, under side 
of leaves of a reddish huci grows mostly aaiong 
rocks and stones,— ooij^Soo^, leaves acid; — oo^SoSg, 
leaves, astringent, grows in clumps on sand banks; 
oo^l^SajgS^, the head shaking od^S, grows in run- 
ning water and is agitated by the. current ; it is 
called oo^Sooioi^eoooo^S or oo^So5. 

8, ^SoD^i^S, the name of a stream between Tavoy 
and Toungbyouk. 

4, oo^^cbS, (generally oo^ScbS,) adv. in a tasteful 
qnanner, in a manner that commands admiration; — 
adorments of dress. Cognates @S, — oo^S, or @S. 
Terms analogous in sense to oo^^, 1, j8,— — cot 


\x^ 129 

coi^, adv. babbling or gargling soands, as (jxcoox^db 
8tojSc8ibd8^oo5[S coi[Sc8i. iq| 

Analogoae soands are indicated by OD^Soo^Sf-— 

(8^(fi^,-@S@S,-§S§S,-(ijiS<0lS,-^^^, &c. I 

no^t 1^ CO. cx)^toac^8 n. a ravine or gorge between moan- | 

tains or hillsy as oo^tyii in a ravine ; the space 
occnpied'by a ravine, oo^tcBSoct, the apper end 
of a ravine, oo^tS^cS^, the lower end of of do. — 
cSico^t, precipitons on both sides forming a ravinci 
c8ioo^^c8ioo^i, do. 

S, CO. oo^tco^t grating sound, as the gnawing of 

3, oo^oo^s, adv. stemlji angrily^ as c^ioooioS^oo 
ooioo^oo^too^oD^t. Oppressively, as cB^oo^oo^t, 
it is oppressively hot, see OD«bi. 

4, OD^t| CO. ODCjioo^i, a yard, «fec. 
Cognates @«, — oo^t, — g«, — @« see S[«. 
Analogous terms, ooooS, — cSiooooS, — ooSo(|ji,— . 
ooc85c8ioj,— ooSooQooogS,— ooooajg,— (»03c^S,— 
ooo3c8S, — cSiODo^S, — ooc^Sajs,— coScSicSso^t, — 


^1^ obstruct or ensnare, as ooScS^^tco^oo^ioo^io 
teztores woven loosely, as cloth, mats, &c.J .^^^ 

2, 00^1 see oo^i, a door-leaf. ^ 

3, CO. oo^Soo^i, (often oo^Soo^i,) see oo^S, 8rd. 
— •oo^iso9^i» same as cw^ioo^ico^i^i. 

9 K. 

180 OD^S 

Cognates, ©S^i, — oo^ii — sco^ii — OD^i, see 2[i. 
Analogous terms c8i«)5^<fiitoi, — o^o^^oSoj, — ^l 
jSqic^i,— •dSetoi,— dB^ScB^sj,— dBsltol,— oB 
co^, — S\c&\Sxco\y — ooopic8icSic8i,^ — ooc^oo 
8«,— <jpo6^<2^dB,— ^«^6^8\i.— ?8«?«^1,-ooo6^ 

,00^1 00. inactively, inertly, quiet, still, as, 

cS^no^cx)^, generally oo^ ^^ @9 ^ inactive, 

quiet, doing nothing gB^cS, do. 

gS^co^odcoS, — g8^@oooo5, — cS^tflooooS, do. 

2, see ^, a narrow, deep valley, gully, trench, 


8, OD^oo^, adv. the sound made by a pea-hen 

when calling her young. 

Cognates @i— @,— |§f see ^, 

Terms analogous to 00^, 1 and 1, oi^33oi^, — odS 

ooodS, — oooj^iooot, — dSStoi. 
00^^ 1, Num. affix, from ^ unite, conjoin, aggregate. 

as companies, collected bodies, &c« ^ic6ooico^^5 

ooc8S ooco^SScx) ^S o5. 

2, OD^^8icooo)8i, adv. en masse, altogether, the 

whole family, or clan. 

8, co^^oo§[i, a sudden bursting forth as of liquid 

from a fractured vessel, see oocj^i. •^^•^'^i same 

as oo^SooGj^i. 

Terms Analogous to od^^ num. afix. are coOj — 

OO^S, 00008^, 00CX)C^1009S, 00^^, OOOOT,— 

^^Si generally oo^S, or @5, or od^S, or •SS, from 
^S, project, stick out, as, 

co^x 131 

1) ^oo^S or OD^S projecting teetb« 

d^ ^oo^S or oo^S, thrust, as with a spade in 

digging ^P gr^BS. 

3, oo^Soo^i or OD^SoD^iy adv. projectinglj. Used 
also as oo^ioD^i, see co^x. 

4, co^S, «. peck with the bill, as the wood- 
pecker cS^oo^SGoa9J5* 

5, co^ScSS or CD^ScSS 1, Projecting, sticking out. 
2, in a repalsivoi forbiddiug, manner, as sores on 
a person exciting fear of contagion. 

6, see 03^S or oo^S, or 8^S a zayat, chapel. 
Terms analogous to od^Soo^i, see 8CX)^i •oo^i,— 

f), — oo^ooot, — oso^oiot,— 6s&soi8t, — 8l6S8lO^, — 
«»^^«ci^,— ngiooo5^cgiooooi,— o§iooo5^o§iooc8i]| — 

oo^t \. see co^tf a sheath, scabbard. 

2, otcoS^ttJiff. treat with attention and respect, 
as words of instruction, or counsel. 

3, cxD^sSs, adj. on end, erect, applied to hair, bris- 
tlesi feathers, quills &c. see Qz to receive, bear, 
oppose to generally, oo^tSt. 

Terms analogous to oo^sSs see oo^oo^, — ^S^®^, — 

•jSScji, — oo|SSoo^i^, — oo^SoSiogi,— co^pODoS,— 
cBf^pcSffib, — cSijcSi^, — ooc^«oSoo^«o8 — cfio^^ 
cSoocSs, — oocBsS^oDcStf^. 

co^9 see ^^ and co^ scream as from fright. 

00^1, CO. oo^ico^i., adv. imperfectly, carelessly, con- 

132 TO^S 

fusedly, see ooSj^oo^i, — e^ie^i, — oo^iooc^i, — s^i 
and OD^i. 
098, see ^, orge, hasten^ be argenti be iDconeiderate 
in doing or urging forward any tbingi impatient 
of restraint or delay, 

1, V. OD^ CO. OD^oocp, basten, urge to diligencey 
or speed, yioooi«icx)ioog|Oopoo^(fiiooooS. 

2, adv. witb alacrity, witb baste, urgently, ad- 
mitting of no delay, o8^c8tyico^coi, 

3, co^coc|i, adv. blustering, driving, urgent, see s^ 
•C[S, co^oDc^s, c3ic8sc8icg^, Of ecSii a violent, out- 
rageous, angry talk, as in a brawL 

. 4, OD^BCO^; bastily, forcibly ; see oo^s. 

5, 00^00^1 see @@, worthless, useless, &c. 

6, oo^i^cx)^, see co\. 

Cognates, od^,— @,— 00^,— @, — od@, — s^, 
see 8, Analogous terms, implying b^ste, speedy see 

ODS, — oDODoocg), — o:?)6oo1«8, — c88^Q^8^, — c8» 
ojcSscgi, — 8^3^SS,— ooc^Sooo^S, — oo(^ooot,— «ob^ 
«c8^,--^ «ooi»c8i, — oooiocSi, — 05S09S1 — @t 

@«, — ^S^S,— 080J,— cjicii. 
oo^S 1, CO. OD^S8ioo€^58i, a temporary, low, open shed, 
such as is used for stacking sheaves of grain. 

2, To collect, pick up, gather little by little, 
as a priest does his rice, SicScbioo^^efi^oooicBt 

3, oo^^a>^^ adv. sound like chopping bamboos. 
4f oo^^ooc|^, adv» crashing sound like that of a 
beast running among bamboos. 

co9[t 133 

5, no^^o^oioS^ a yellowish bird about the size of 
a common fowl, often called, qBoiSHcS^ the wild, 
yellow hen, its cry is od^^o^oioS, hence the 

6, OD^^, gnessi as a riddle, explain abstrnse sen- 
tences; solve a problerp. 

7, fl^od^^o^, CO. li^oo^SoS, a large kind of cross- 

Sf c8toD^^o5 or d8tg^o5s, or oBg^oSs the name 
of a tree growing in saltwater marshes, Xylocar- 
pns granatnm ; frnit, size of a cocoa nnt, seeds 
nsed as medicine for cholera. 

9, co^SdB or 00^^08, or ^So8,<a small shrnb ? 
stalk, size of one's finger. The leaves are bruised 
with the gall of the snake called odcSi, and used 
as a medicine upon the tongue, ooSScSetSS, a 
large species of the above, roots boiled and applied 
to the spine, for pains in the back. 

10, oo^Soo^^ 8ee co^. 

Cognates, oo@S,-@S,-sq5j^-(§S,-@S,~a)qS,- 

oo^S, harsh sounds, as 1, od^Sod^S, gurgling in the 
throat, duckingi as a hen calling her chickens. 
2f oo^Soo^S, hoarse, guttural sounds, see od^S 

co^8i 1, Harsh, grating sounds. A rat gnawing bamboo 
sonnds oo^8CX)^t, see co^tco^%coG^tcoQ^t. 
2, oo^«, upon the alert, as if ready to '^^bolt," as 
an animal excited by fear, be ''on a tilt," 9D^|i8s 

134 co^i 

co^s, 6it ligbtlj, or partly raised, as if about to 


Cognates, @«, — (§t, — (§•• 

00^^, used with dS^ or ^ to denote certain official rank, 
as 1, oo^qB^, deputy to a oo^j?^. A os^jS^, is 
an officer who has the chief charge of Karen affairs 
under Government. 

cx)^i, with its cognates, @i, — @i, — OD^i, — •^i, — 
(§1,-— @i, — OD^i, — @i and the root 8i. denote 
irregularity, oblique, or counter direction, com- 
petition, antagnonisim &c. 

1, cc^ioD^i, adv. in oblique or counter direction, 
hither and thither, in every direction. 

2, co^icSsoos, do, with the idea of interlocked, as 
the roots of a tree, (see S% and cos,^ •SicBiooi, do» 

3, co^i9,adv. opposite, brought together one above 
the other as indicated by S, as ooicjoooS^oob 
co^iSi applied als» to fallen trees upheld by pro- 
jecting branches, see e^i and cx)^i, do. 

4, q8oo8i, from gS hollow and od8i, as a person 
extremely lean, nothing but skin and bone, see 
•^1, — 00^1 and OD^i do. 

6j od8iod8i, used as q8od8i, also here and there, 
confusedly, in various directions. 

6, oo^ioDcji, obstructively, lying in the way, lying 
in confusion ; applied also to sound, see ooc^i. 

7, ooSiOdS, properly cx)8ioo8, a crib of govern- 
ment grain ; ododSi, od8i here is used to mean a 
catalogue or list e8, oo8, OD^. 

8| oD^ioo^i, sounds, as of cutting bamboos, &c. 

coooS 185 

9, f^oo^i, an iDstrnroent made by splitting a 
bamboo partly in two which by striking the parts 
together frightens birds from fields of grain, by 
some called f ^c8ao8S» by some ^^cSos^S. 
AnalogoQs to ooSirBtcot see BSchScoSBSchSSx^ 
— •^looSi — doo5^o$o9t| — 85<^io5S8ScfetcBg, — o5 
o^oSdBii — ojSoooSopSoooc)). Analogous to 09818 
see ojoDoSi, — oooD€b,— oocgSooogI, — oooStcficgl,— 
00^0^3, — oocSoogS, — oStdB^oob, — oooStogi^ 
Analogous to gBco^i, see tj^^^t^ — c/^gBcS,— oba> 
fSSoS, — •^it^S) — t>5^tc»^ii^«, — cx)^toD^i, — 
yS»<^Sob«,— •ojtQsi— 8hc8c8i^,— cBicbcSiajji,— 
8<^t#r8i, — cSi^^cBil^, — cSicBtcSiogi, — cSic^S 
c8iogS, — c8iod8i8, — c8ioo|«cn. 

CDJpi CO. of c6^. 

co^f CO. 00^09 gp, a windless^ capstan, or a like instru* 
meht, also called 00^, also ^t, also oooos. co^ 
oc8i do. placed horizontally. 

co^f see ^Sco^^, a kind of creeper. 

aDOcHi blackish, of a dark color. 

1, ODocnodool, adv. a number of dark colored ob- 
jects as seen at a distance, cx)ooloicoo6S| do. ofS 
oof(fi^«sad80^(%)co1aDOcn; or oocoloioocbS. 

2, CO. of coc&j as ODoSoocolf deceptively, also co. 
of ODcb, as oDcboDCo), see cocb. 

noooS 1, CO. of 00C5S, as odoj^odooS; 0005S kidney* 

2, Used in combination with other roots, as ^^00 
00^ frequently oooocoS as the name of the ^^Bioi 
or sweet potato, particularly from its thr.owing out 
new oodOoS ; sometimes used for occBc^S ^ Und of 

186 oooot 

planty TrichoaaDthes anghiDa. Frait long and sleo- 
deVf resembliDg a goard* 

(BoooD^y a small plant, of which there two are 

If (^cooD^oi» a stinking weed, Polanisia icosandra. 
2, (Boooo^oi, a cnltivated plant belonging to the 
family Oaperideae. see ooS. 
ooooS, from coS beneath, inferior, &c. 1, Babble, boil, 
oocoSfibs^g, boil up with force with a bubbling noise. 

2, To make confased, mnltitudinons noises, make 
^' racket," the sound of distant rain ; oocoSobsGSt 
be ooisy ; oocSSoocoS, see under nocSS. 

3, Make a' noise about, complain, find fault, cx)QDS 
oSSo^^y do. find fault with in a positive manner. 

4, adv. intensive to a variety of verbs and ad- 
verbs, and may be rendered, very. 

6, Most frequently odooS, a contrivance for catch- 
ing fish, resembling a ocD, made of rat^n. 
Cognates, odcoS, — cxjjS — ,^S, — oo^S, — 8<j^,-i^ 
O0O08, CO. oocoioocbs, 1, A pivot or bolt. The ooootof a 
pair of balances, is the pin whic'.i suspends the 
beam. The oooot of a mast to a Burman boat, 
the pin which passes through the foot of the mast; 
ooo38^S| fasten together with a oooot. 

2, OD03tc8S, the point where the blade and handle 
are united n a 8, or ft, or c8, as c8ooootc8^, a 
spear having a guard,^-OD(X)t, more common. 

3. CO. of oodb, 1, A shrub, bears a red fruit, which 

f 137 


ha8 a laacioQS palp. 2| Flannel, or any cloth made 
of wooK . 

5, (probably from Bar. cxno9) a period of time^ 
foODtcB^, adv. at once; or at the same time as a 
specified event. Same as oocSSo). 
6> ooooioot, adv. qnalifying words of calling, cry- 
ing, screaming, earnest, noisy, or in a load manner, 
CDGOiootODOOiGOt. do. with the idea of again and 
again y repeated by ODODioicoobS, do. 

7, ooootooit, see oocotODii, a plant of the mint kind* 

8, eo. of oooSt, as odoSicooos, shyly, suspiciously, 

9, ODGOiSi, see oooobSii necromancy, divination. 

10, odcooos, ten thousand, 9(X)00i» twenty thousand, 

11, 8^02^001, okfv. in a slight degree; used to 
qualify words of knowing, being skilled, &c, used 
n^atively oooD^gToo^8SojoooDic8i. AflSrmatively 

Cognates derived form cot; see ^«,— ^ti — <fft — 
<jji^_a38,— a>09)i, — cooy, — odoos. 
axx>^, open, expand, spread out ; generally written, co 
GO^, from 00^ a leaf, sheet, &c. 

1, oooo^cSi or 0000^081 oocb^cSi, as a mat; odoo^ 
cBS| do. 

2, Unloose, open. 

3, Spread out, as grain to dry. 

4, Be flaring, widening outward, as small at bot- 
tom and large at top. 

138 ODooi 

5, Overflow or spread out, as a stream of water. 
6) Open^ spread ont, as the band.* 
7, Expand, as a bird its wings, see oood^. 
Cognates, oj^,— cxg^,— ODaj)P,--0D09)P,— cxxxj^, 

oocoif Spirit) immaterial existence^ ghosti genius of life, 
tutelar spirit ; pnre, cleari translaeent, transpar- 
ent; or if opake, smooth, polished, specturalf re- 
flected image, see the root, ODi. 

li Spirit, immaterial existencoi disembodied 
spirit, ghost, »*Pnenma" Matt. 14: 26 ''Angelos" 
Act8.12 : 16. The Karens speak of oocoi, of the liv- 
ing man as distinct from, though intimately connect- 
ed with, the body. The body, the animal life OD^ 
and the mind 038 are subject to and dependent 
on the 00001, so far as health and disease, life and 
death are concerned. The ODOOi is supposed to 
be capable of leaving the body particularly when 
the bodily senses are locked in sleep, and of acting 
independently, as in dreams ; but if absent too 
long, disease ensues; if permanently detained, death 
follows. Hence in illness, ofierings with various 
ceremonies are made to induce the oocoi to return. 
Neither our good, nor evil actions, are attributed 
to our ODOoi but to our coi. 

Beasts, birds, fish, insects, animals of all kinds 
are supposed to have each individual its respective 
ooooi. Even vegetable life has each kind its 
ODooi. Ghosts are called ooooi by Karens, but 
•00^ is more common. 

ODCOl I3& 

3, Specnlar, (glooooi, polished, so as to reflect 
imagoB, become specular, ({^0000109^09^, be seen 
thfoiigh a transparent medium, be transparent; 
coqotcSsbs, smootli, ^ony, as the skin of dropsical 
persons, same as oocoiooi. 

a>coiooi, smooth, polished, glistening, free from 
irregnalities of surface, specular ; oocoiODOgS, do^ 
ooooirooDi^, do. 

obsoocDiy reflect images, be specular, also trans- 
lucent, as a glass vessel. 

^Soooocoi, a spectrum, mirror ; also lens as 
used in spectacles, telescopes, microscopes, &c. 
3, Often ODCOl, clear, unmixed; — Meat that is free 
from bone, cartilage, ifec. is called g^ooooicjji^, 
a bit of clear meat. 

4, Weal, well-being, character— hence oboDooi, 
or dS^oo5oooDio8, attack one's reputation, slan- 
der, calumniate, backbite. 

The several classes of beings belonging to the 
invisible world noticed in Karen Demonology, %ee 
08, or 0800081, our guardian Spirit ; 9i<g|i8, the 
inhabitants of ^i or Hades ; O3^ooo8, evil de- 
mons; oo^^^QD^, those who in their life on earth 
were oppressors, olso those who for crime suffered 
capital punishment; oo^^^oo^^^, hobgoblins, or 
nondescripts ; oD^seo^, or oo^ODoo^, the spirits of 
persons who died unnatural deaths, or were de- 
prived of funeral rites, o6§S, do. ^ScS^S^S, the 
daughters of £^00^, or the female part of OD^ODot, 
women who died unnatural deaths; ooc^SS^ in- 

140 cx>o5 

habitants of the pit of hell ; qdc8|| (Tal.) same as 
OD^coos evil demons; £^o^3, or £^oo^cot8i, 
sometimes called £^op^i sometimes S^ooS, Ploto, 
.king of Hades; ooiSc^i or ooiSc^iooiScS, demon of 
the rainbow in the east ; c8 or c88 electrical de- 
mons. Lightning in produced bj the flapping of 
their wings; they preside over the rainy season, 
oc8i water demons, sea dragons; 9p^t demons who 
preside over the dry season ; oo^gd^cSi^^i demons 
which canse eclipses; ^9X>) or ODsS^^Soo), some 
times called (^SSio^sSii Fairies, good demons, 
od6o5, (Tal,) do.\ obcoe^S^cowS, local demons 5 
rulers of the earth and streams <g^§^i do.^ ooSdSi 
Ceres, the goddess of grain ; ooSSooS^, witches, 
wizards ; Saooooi or SsoocSSSsoocog fabulous gaints 
roan-eaters, Ssooool, do. ; 8io5i, or oot(^i8ioDi, 
the demon who sustains the earth on his should- 
ers; oogS, the destroying angel ; |^oo) and StaoS^, 
an ancient couple who dwell in the celestial con- 
try and busy themselves in manufacturing cloth 
and other goods for the benefit of our world after 
the wicked shall have been destroyed out of it. 
ooo5 1} see ODc6f a ferule, or band, as 'those put on the 
handles of tools. 

2| Unite, join, be contiguous, as the edges of mats 
spread out, oococSSoooDt, they unite side by side, 
8, adj. oooSoD^^^ wide, extensive, as openings 
made in a jungle by chopping; ODo5o3o6^, do. 
4, To be dishonest, deceive, cheat, cooSS^q^, do. 
ODoSoocb, do. yioooS oryioDo58S«S, a deceiver. 

oDofiS 141 

5, see ooo5| as obtooofibSooc^i exaggerate. 
6) oooioDoj, adv. without order or coDsideratioD, 

7| ODc5o9o6| adv. in a mixed, confused manneri in 

8| oooSnocg), hastily, unceremoniously, without 
due regard to circumstances. 
9, CO. of oocoS, as ,ooo5c8^o30oSc8^i boil, bubble. 
Cognates, o^, — ^, — ^, — ^, — ooo5,— ODo5. — see 
the root o5. 
coc&S, see oooSS, move out of place, move aside, as 
by slipping. 

1, cSiooooS, or c8iooo55c8iooco5, slip or slide to 
one side, as the foot by stepping on something 
moveable, c@icoo5Sc8ioongi, lose one's hold, slip 
back, or to one side, S^oooSS, make a misstep, 
have the foot turned aside, cS^oooSS, co. d3^ooo5S 
cS^ODOoS, step on something not iirm causing the 
foot to turn on one side, ooodi^ooo5S, unstable, 
liable to move sidewise, ooo5SngS, move out of 
place, as a round stone when trod upon. 
3, Allure, persuade, ask a person to do what he 
would not ^otherwise do, ooo5Sc8c8i, do. ; ooo5Sc85 
00001, tempt, allure mutually. 

3, adv. by force, as &^ooo5S, squeeze out, force 
out by pressure. 

4, noo55o3cbS, glance off, slide over, as a dull in- 
strument in cutting, 00056009^, do. 

5, Applied to the mind, oooSScoo^S, adv. with 
readiness, with alacrity, with cheerfulness. 

142 aDo6l 

69 ooo5S8iooo56Si, procrastinatei delaying from 
time to time. yioooioDlooQio&SStGSSo^oooo^ooodS 
8iSt65^ ooobcS^oo^ . 

7, adv. Bometimes as ooodSi which aeet intensive. 
Cognates, o^S, — ooo65, — ^S, — odoSS see o5S. 
Analogous terms, see ^, — od^i, — cooo^i — cbi 

O9o5t, revert, retract, as a covering membrane, lay bare, 
as the teeth by retracting the lips &c. 
if c8iooo5t, CO* c8iooo5ic8iooc8, or c8iooo6tc8i 
oooot, excoriate, abrade, ooS^oo^^SSlooi^StcSiaD 

^lOOoSioooSi, laugh or smile with a grin 

showing the teeth, — ^ooopoSt or ODoSt, bite the 
teeth together with a grin, 

2, ooo5tcr^S^, grin, make ridiculous or indecent 
gestures, retracting the lips, straining open the 

* eyes ; generally of a lacivious tendency. 
ooo5tcx)8, do* also of an insulting tendency. 

ooo58aoS^ooc58c8cgl, do. with rude, loose remarks. 

3, or oooitODCoi, look about slily or suspiciously, 
as a person who is afraid of being detected, <j\co 

4, oocStcoc^i, adv. in a vigorous, hale, vivacious, 
hilarious manner, (/lOOOiGS^sj^o^^UliloooStcoc^t 

Cognates, 09c5t more frequent than oooSi. o^t, — 
t*»— ^•i— ^•»— ^•'— ^^•^ 

coc&x 143 

AnalogouB terinS) §^9§^9i*^oocg)oocg), — 8^o5S 
8^06S, OObODO^S, 0000 q6, — f^oo^* — fioDioo 

coqA^j adv. qualifying words of motion, as in dancing ; 
waving to and fro, as grain moved by the wind. 
«*0n the spring," elasticity. 
1, bioooS^, 00. bi03o6^hict)6S| danoe, as a per- 
son ; ''strut/' as a peacock ; wave, undulate, as a 
field of grain moved by a gentle wind. 
8, moS^ooooi^, adv. in a bobbing, dancing, mo- 
tion, as a boat moved by short undulating wi^ves, 


Cognates, n^j5,fj^,— oo^^,— ^^,— ODo5^,— og^,— 

Analogous terms, oiAloioi, — o^So^Sc^ajj^S, — 
^?o6{S^^cg,— 8^o6^8^c8^,- %«a§^%«^^,— 0^5 

ooc5i» denotes change^ alternation, or that which is'un- 
Btable and subject to change. 

1, Change, as raiment, oooSif sooqo^^, change your 
gown, oDo6\^03i, change your clothes, coo5ingSf ooi 
do.; flOcooSi, an old gown; od^odoSi, an old robe; 
^oocSi, an old petticoat, working garments; oo^ 
o^oo^oStoooooSioDcb, changes of raiment, O3o5ic8^ 
oocot, change dress, ''dress up." 

2, odoSiooc^iy duih. changeable, unsteady habit, 
as ^lODoSiooojif adv. as Qxodo^tcodxcocsjx. 

3, Wind, O9o6id8^8i, do. so called from it fre- 
quent ehangesi its power to produce change in 

144 codx 

the seasoDB, &c. ; c^i, a contraction of oooSi, pres- 
sure, force, &c. 

ooo5i02oo^9 tbe wind blows; cx)o5ic30q8|Soo^,09o5i 
ubcS^the wind rises; oooSiooo^^ or oooSiooo^S 
cooD^, the wind blows gently; cx:>o5iubc8^09§oo 
§ the wind blows very lightly, a very slight 
breeze; oDoSiobcoojiODoji, do •, ooo5ioboD8oo8 do.\ 
ooo5iobooQpj5@@ do.\ oDc6io^coaj^ooaj^ do.\ oo 
oSiob^^^^ the wind blows a steady breeze ; cx> 
o5is{^ CO. cooSiaj^ODoSiQoS tbe wind blows strong 
cocoioo(g*i5 or ooo5iOD<g]5oD<g5, blows in strong 
sparts; cooSioo^ do,; oDCOiS^ODtS^ODt a sqaall of 
wind and rain, like columns rising obliquely from 
the earth to the clouds; 8^03ibic8ioo8^i do.\ 
obf^^^icSioeS^j do. ibc^^^cSiooS^, db.y CK>c&xf^m 
o^i, the wind howls ; coc&if^o^cc^tf or oDoSioDOc^t, 
or ocoSifjSoDajidS^Si^Sooaji, strong puffs or 
jerks of east wind, ooajs twitch, jerk ; cooSiooSt, 
the wind roars, as heard at a distance ; ODo5ic8ic8i, 
carried, or brought by the wind ; ooo5i<jScgi, blow 
a hurricane, supposed by Karens to be the result 
of cursing the wind* i. e. of saying ooo5i<^^coi| to 
the wind ; cooSiODOs, a whirlwind ; cx)o5ic8^03aoS 
(^8^8, do. ooo5ioj^Sr8S, do. 

ooc6i^^r8, tail of the wind; a meteoric appear 
ance, what it is not precisely known, 

85ooo5i06o, go with or before the wind ; oooSxooS, 
wind ceased; ooo5i(X)1q^ do.*, ooGOioojS, or O9o5ioo^ 
ODcxDiOD^, the wind is fair ; ooo5iooc8ia>^, the 

coc6\ 145 

wind 18 variable^ unsettled, not fair ; Odcdi^^^S, 
weat wind. 

cx>o5i^^c8^ commencemeDt of the Sonth-west 
monBOon, oooSi^^, or ooo5\^^d8^8\c8, generally 
denotes the North-east monsoon, bat may denote 
a stroDg steady wind from any direction', coc&i 
^dS^Sic^^i do. coo5ic8i8, denotes an occasional 
east wind before the rains have entirely subsided ; 
ODcSioD^, do.*, ooo6KjSc8iogfc8^, do.; cocdx^SS^, 
commencement of the N. E. Monsoon 9 ooo6i({^ 
c8i, do. 

oooSioo^. shadow to the wind; i* e. haze com- 
mon to the cold season. 

4. ooo5i8, children of the wind. Fables say there 
ia a city called ^Q^oo^, the inhabitants of which 
are all females. When they come to the age of 
pnbertyi they concieve by the East wind; hence 
the race is called 000618, the descendants of 
^olas. Sometimes applied^ by comparison, to 
meddlesome childreni oocdioo^ii the ^olian, or 
wind cave, the .residence of the oocoi8. 
-^•oooSiooGg, the wind's nest; this is moss on 

5« Air, atmospherci ooo5iod8cBt, the npper part 
of the atmosphere where the air is not dense 
miongh to sustain life. 

6, Flatulence. 

7, Breath. 

8) In Metaphysics, air or gas in the abdominal 
oallSf which aeta on tlie mind, prodncea pridoy 
10 X. 

146 00001^ 

evil concupiscence, ambition, avarice, and other 
evil passions. It is part of a system which holds 
a similar place in Karen science that Phrenologj 
claims to hold in European science; bat the 
organs here are found in the abdomen instead of 
the brain. There are said to be one thousand five 
hundred cavities in the abdomen containing air, 
twelve containing fire, and one containing water. 
The mental exercises are mingled in proportion as 
these three elements are combined* 

9, coc&Xt is sometimes used for ODo5i, leech, 

10. oooSi, is sometimes used for oac5i, a gland 

O90oi| If adv. as if full, or about to be full; see the 

root ODi. 
ooooiODO^S, do. as o6^ic8^ooo^(|{ioocoinoo^, the water 

has risen, the banks are full. 
00001001, do. oobSoocS^ooGOiooiooo^ooooi, his eyes are 

filled with tears. 
oooDioocx>i, do. 0000100001, do. ODOOioDiooooiooi, do 

oooDiooioo^i^i, do. 

3, see 00031, a brass cup, a basin. 

3. see 00001, in ooiooooi, a large basket. 

4, see 00001, go beyond, exceed, transgress, go- 
sooner. Cognates, oijji,— ^i, — <gif — cjp, — o^i, — 

O0OJ|l, 00001,— OOOl 00001. 

00001^, 1, V. feel about, as for any thing in the darkj 
oQ^cbioo^ ooioo^otoj}! 8ioooooi^c^o8i. oooDi^^tgt, 
do.*^ (^Sodooi^y put forth the hand to leel for souio- 

thing ; oocoi^^ogSi brush away with a light move- 
meat of the hand. 

2, Do a thing awkwardljr as in the dark ; work 

3, oocDi^, because, as oooDi^e^oo§^8lfODlo9»i^ii 
Qi80^ooio1» because I am poor, do you think to 
overcome me? ooooi^. 

4, 00001^, CO. o9q6S, as oooSSooodi^i moveable^ 
tottling, &e. 

Cognates, ngiS, — ^iS. 

Analogous terms, i^S, — ooto^^ — ^<9^^9) — ^^ 

ogcBScgS,-^-co^S,—^cb«,— 9181^91818^, — oo§S 

00001S, sometimes used for 09c8S| a while before, pre- 
viously. «io^ox85,o^ooooiS. 

oxxxit, 1, Scare away, frighten; cause to be shy. e^o 
QVcgSooS, e^oQia^oo^cSi. 
coScoooit, do* 

2, ooGOit, and CDCoii, generally preceded by on 
or 0011, fearfully swollen, disgustingly bloated, con 


ositooooit, do. ooiioocx)!^ do. 

Cognates, ooc^t, — ooodis, — ODODit* 
oocDi^, 1. see ODCx:>i^i a hole or pit in the ground. 

9, Roundish, also rocking motion, as f)otooo5^0D 

001^, the boat rocks ; ^oto5^coi^, do. 

ooi^oooDi^, or ooi^ooo5|5ooi^coqaij[>, short and 

chubby, 001^00001^, do. 001^001^, do. 00001^001^, 

QHoi^ooo^i adv. in glistening globules; yioooicS^Btoo 

148 oocf^ 

^o5c8^Qt 09001^ ODO^t, S06 ooooicocoi^) of a smooth, 

glossy, convex snrface. 

Cognates, oejP?' — V?» — fli?»— o^jiff— o:>«>if, 

— 09001^, from ooi^. 

Analogons terms, coofSoocSSj-^-oongjSoooEj^,— -^i 

^^•ft'> — ^^?^93|i — oBojS c8SojSc8S, — ot^^ 

coooii> depressed in the centre» settled, sagging, enrving 

in tiie middle, as a long rope fastened at the ends. 

cSicooon, sag in the centre, incline downward. 

cSioxoiioo^cooonoDii, do. cfliooojicflioooDn, do. 

by degrees, as^ ^^cS^ooooiinocoii, the sun rises 

by degrees, or. ooooiiooii, do. 

Cognates, oo^ii, — od^ii, — <giij from ooii. 

Analogous terms, c8iooc8t', — cSioooi, — c8ioo^^, 

-— c8ioo^ii, — cfiiooc^i,— cSipoc^B, — cSijrBS. 
coo^i adv. exceeding or coming short of fact^ hoaxingly, 

with exaggeration. 

1, coo^oooDt, adv. with exaggerations, as in tell- 
ing news, or relating facts oocSioqo^, do. ooo^ 
coSx, do. 

2, With over excitement, with undue eamestnese. 
cStoocStnoo^y cry out urgently, as a person calling 
for help. 

8, cSoDO^, having an unnatural, yellow cast. 
cBooo^y the name of a yellow insect ; the oucum- 
ber insect. 

Cognates, ^, — <j| ; from oj. 
coo^^, 1, Yoice, articulate sound ; ODo^^tCj^oog, a shrill 
squeaking voice; ooo^^obooobt, a harsh, shrill 

coQ^ 149 

v^o^ ooo^oosbibf, do. ooo^^oSt ^ o&ig6| a 
faottm^ croaking voice ; rao^^oooi^ooi, a low guttu- 
ral Toiee ; ooo^^QbicS^, a high, strained voice ; oo 
iX^coS^cooff a stammering voice; ooo^^oSiS^cSi 
^%, a soothing, plaintive voice; ooo^^^S, a pleasant 
voice; ooo^^d^i bitter tones; coa^^OD^to^cQtp 
peevishi snappish, angry tones; coo^^OdbcoSti 
conciliating tones ; ooc^^cgs a hoarsCi husky voice; 
ooo^^gi high, treble tones; ooo^^toi, heavy , grum 
tones; O90^^doc8^03c8^i boisterous tones; ooo^^ 
<8icgi^c8ic§, do.\ coc^c&t:x>ti hoarse tones, as 
from a cold ; ooo^^oSioSt, do.^^ ooo^^oDcbi, clear, 
smooth, musical voice ; coo^^oDobi^t, do,^ ODO^^O^t 
oot, stuttering tones; ooo^^oc^tooti do.\ coa^co^^ 
oogg, articulate through the nose, nasal tones ; coo^^ 
Si&^8^9, do.; 000^^00^1, tremulous tones; ooo^^od 
0|tOD0|t, mournful, murmuring tones; odo^^^t, 
discordant tones; ooo^^sbtc^S^, tones of astonish- 
ment, and surprise ; ooo^^^'^^^' ^!* ^o^^Q^t^i 
9\^ do. 

89 000^^, coo^^oDOo), speech, instruction, doctrine, 
language, precept, command, promise, threateniDg, 
tradition, &c; ooo^^cS, reliable, true, faithful 
Ac; ooojS^i, creative word. Divine word ; coogS 
c8i, decide, decree, command, promise, &c.; Ssoo 
ooog^, keep one's word, wait for orders ; 8tS^8t 
ooiooooof^, refrain from speaking; QicotSioooo 
0^, break one's word; coo^^oooOi, transgress in 
i.coa^^eo. coQf^axBx^ speak, converse, make 

160 oDojS 

coa^o^i eloqaence, epeak flaently ooo^^btf), talk 
sociably, ooc^SoocS^, unsociable ; c»o^Sooo6^8^ 
cS^oo^i, unvarying wordi unchangeable declara- 
tion. QioDO^^cS^oofi fig. maintain peace and 

4, Language, tongue, idiom, o^^ocSsooooo^^, the 
English language. 

5, Sound, as 0100000^^, the sound of a drum, 01^^ 
oSSi^^oSoecoo^^, sound of the death-drum, to be 
beaten at the time of the last great war, accord- 
ing to Karen prophecy. 

Analogous terms, cocfii, — ooooS, — aS^, — cBs, — 

<J> OOJ, cS^OOl, yi, OD8|«, 00^1, 00^. 

ooo^S, 1| From o^S, be excessive, exceed bounds, as cx> 
o^Sf^ooo^Sgn, lust after; odo^SoocSi, do. also to 
be of an unsteady, roving disposition, easily excit- 
ed. Qiooo^ScS^ (^100038, entice, use means to 
excite others. 

2, A kindy variety, species, race, ooooo^ScS, the 
same race, or kind, &c. ooooo^So|5, a different 
race, kind, &c. ooo^Soooi, of another race, or kind, 
&c? oooocD^Snoo^S, of every race, or kind, <fec; cx> 
o^Scoo^S, of various races, or kinds, &c.; oocoo^oo 
ooc8^, of a different race, or kind, &c.; ooooc^Scx) 
c^Soeootnoosii, of every race, kind &c; cS^cgf 
coa^S, a variety of the dove. 

3, Unique, uncommon, as ooo^SoSoi, ffre of a 
peculiar kind which is to burn the world ; ODob^ 

It will burn with out flame, as live ooal, by which 

OOQflOf 151 

the eaith will be eoosmned and crnmble to ashes. 

4, CO. of ODCOi, 00001 cx)0g5, bright, burnishedi 
&e.\ coo^SchXf the burning of that fire which 
is to consume the world. . 

5, The name of a certain rare bird, mentioned in 
Eareh story; also called, ooo^ScSSSi. 
Cognates, cg^S, — oojS,— (g^S,— <x)<g|S, — cxxg^^S, 

OD(X^f CO(Q\S. 

Terms analogous to roogS, 1, ooS8^8^, — oooSicS' 
c^, — c85ifl5c85n^, — ooDi^dBp, — oooegdB^,— o 

OOlcfiSojScSjS, OODSODOOl, OODtOO^fiS,— oooi 

f>6^«2» — o^aidBp, — obSoo^^, — ooo^S^Soo, — o 
ODicS^oo^i — ODingooS, — oootctSlooS. 

coa^t, 1, see ooo^t, as S^ooc^i, for S^ODogg, a cap, 
crown, cfec. trom o^t, to cover. 
3, CO. of ooDDip, which see. 3, co. co^, ^ cSico^ 
cSiooo^t, spill over. 

000^1 CO. 00001, as ooooioooj^, see oooji, 

ooc^i, plump, full, flush, fleshy, involving also the idea 
of mellow, yielding somewhat to pressure, soft, 
tender; 000^ 1 1^, (2o. as the gums, or cartilage; 
ooo^icS^. become mellow, pulpy, as fruit when 
ripening; ooo^iooo^i, in a fleshy, thriving, heal- 
thy condition, 

o&c^to^, ce>* ooo^inS^ooo^ia}' ^> With fall, plump, rotund 
features, 2, stump like, as o^Sooo^i, broken or cut 
short off, a stump; figuratively, persons bereaved, 
— ^to^-'^do^i^^f the soft-shelled turtle, see ||t. 



odo^iof I, chobbyi see ooo^icpo^i. 

Oognates, ^|, odo^i, see root o^i* 

Terme analogoua to ooogieS, *6« oooji,— -roo^, — 

oo<;^5, — ^^■"•5^> — •SoooS^. Analogous to no 

o^ioj, see cfi^,-^oo^ic8, — ooi|5oocx)i|5f — ^^odoj^, 

a^^^S, — oiBooooii,— oofiSoogS. 

^o^f. li Wanting in consistence^ lax, vapid, thin, watery 
broth or curry, see ScS^ under 8. 

ODGgo^, not well seasonedi flat, vapid,^ coc^codi, do. 
Applied to temper, . without stamina or self-con- 
trol, fickle, petulent, impatient, see coc8. 

ooc2^ob, commingled, a liquid with some other sab- 
stance held in solution, or in combination with it* 
00(^38 00 0^ ^^ocx^bSioeicoioococ^oocbcSi. see 

— s^^c^, entirely liquid, free from admixture 
with extraneous matter; wanting in proper ingre- 
dients, as curry without, salt, pepper, &o. 
' 2, From c^ pierce, stab, coupled with ooo5, as co 
dScoc^, adv. capriciously, from the excitement 
of the moment* 

— o^ooc^, sometimes used for Oj^ooc^, tapering, 
cone, or, awl-shaped, 
oocgcg, to no purpose, vainly, without effect, as cStoo 
C002^0202) call out again and again to no 

— cScoc^, see cSooogl and c8o302« a kind of palm, 
<* probably Phoenix paladosa/* 

eoQ^ 15S 

0«gn«tee, aj|,— t5oc5l,—a»— ^t— «oj, and 
▲nalogoos termsy ^gdiooi,— ^l^^^^i — ^t 

ax)2^f If Convex, prominenti rising to a ridge, beveling. 
dBiooo2^> formed to a smooth beveling, or convex, 
sarface, cSioao^^, do. Compare OD^S. c8i00O2^ 
^, be precipitous on each side, and rise to a ridge 
resembling a backbone. Mountain ridges, 
3, Combined with ooo5% prominent, as 0306^0302^, 
portly, corpulenti making a conspicuous figure, 
over^bearing, applied to both men and beasts. 
oSc8^oooDto9o6^aoo2^, oocfiSoDogS, do. 
Cognates, ocjj|^, — ooojjiS, — ooogS, — ^S, — odojS. 
Analogous to cSiooogS, see oo^ScSi, — cSioo^Sj-^- 
cSi^^o, — cSicji, — c8ic5o@n, — ooc^S^, see Qz 

^3^, — 0088, — (feoD^i, O^Od^t, — oDoSSooojS, 

see •d^8^9— >»^te^, — oo^oo^i, — oSJ^oS^, — 
oSd^^oSig, — oSS^oSi^^,— oScoSoooot, — oSooodioo 


cooj^, see ooogS, in gentle slope, as cSiooc^S, slope 
down, appear to be lower in the distance than 
where one stands. oo^ooo^ScSi, a very gentle 
slope. 0DS0002S, sensation of going down, feel 
giddy, as a person looking down from a height. 
Qioooot09o5Sooo2S, gladsome excitement, as a 
mother in caressing her child. 
Cognates, ajj][S,— oojS,— ^|5,— oooj5. from o^S. 

154 oocgi 

Terms aoalogoiis to cSiooogS, see o&c8i,-*-*oo^cBt 
00(^5, — cSiooagS, — f^cSt^ — cSiood^, to ooo55 
oDojS, see og^^oo«^,— oj^^oDi^j—o^^toSoDieoS, — 

oooj^t, 1, «^« cx>oj«, tottle, jerk, wriggle, &c. 

— -cSiooc^i, or oooj^i, slip, or slide suddenly down, 
hitch or settle dowo, as a burden carried on the 
back ; coc^eooop, see 0009, 2. 
ODoSsoocgs, cx>o5iODc^i, brisk, active, sprightly, viva- 
cious, constantly on the move. 

2, Tal., Messenger, embassador, 

3, ODsnooji, sometimes used for oDtODOOt, (Bar.) 
woolen fabric, flannel. 

4, ODiooo^t, Algaesea-weed, see cocb^co^. 
Cognates, o5||«, — oojs,— (gi«,— ogii,— cocxjit,— 
oDajjn,— (g|i, — ooojt,— sajj|i,— ooa2||i, — ^t. 
from c^i. 

oocfi, adventitionsi casual, without cause or reason. 

1, adv. as oDicooj^i, co. co%coc(j\cotcoooif gad about 
without good rjeason, be nnsteady, inattentive to 
business ; (fi^oooj^i, << eat the bread of idleness.'^ 
live by chance supplies. 

— oooSiODOj^i, unsteady, without aim or pur- 
pose; as ooicooiiooo^i, gad about idly. 

2, CO. ooc^tcocoi, a plant resembling a ratan, 
sometimes used for thatch. 

3, dSoDOj^i, a small grub, or worm, troublesome to 
sweet potatoes, see oocSi, 6. 

4, ODCgicd^, eat under ground^ as a mole, or 
ground rat. 

COO} 165 

OogDates, o^\f — ooogi, — oDcji. 
fioop, 1, adj. with ooc8^, as cocS^oooj, tentative, im- 
perfect; ae SoD^ 00 cBt 00^0x8^0009, the child 
talks imperfectly ; (^looooioocS^ooo}, it is some- 
thing like mucilage, or slime, Inbricons, smooth, 
alipperj, as the white of an egg ; &c. ootQioo 
ODtoocS^ooo^y to have a feeling of trepidation '^ lose 
heart/' have the ** heart melted"; ootooogiioo^^Qi 
OQODtooo^ooo^, oo8^cx>o}, feel cowed. 
3f Goapled with ooc^i, as ooc^inoo^y in a hitching, 
slipping manner; as cS^c^^ooc^tooo}, ascend the 
tree slippinglj. 

3, Coupled with 00001, as ooo^ooooi, adv. even, 
as ^1000900001, even full. Also used to qualifj 
words of tenseness, as ^ai^^iooo^ooooi, stretch 
the rope> till it is straight. 

4, 00093, adv. evenly throughout the surface; used 
to qualifj words of spreading, diffusing, &q. og 
^^cSiopoo^cBSooojoooofS, ooojSooS, do. 

5, 000900, 8se 000900, slender form, yioooi8^c8^ 
00090981081, he has grown very tall and slender, 
see CQ and 00, 

69 Coupled with 000^, as 000^0009, in a weak man- 
ner, totteringly, as anything weak in the joints, 

7, 000981, (Tal.) recoil, turn back, flee. 0^10009 

8, dB^ooo9, see 08^0009, a bird of the picus or 
wood— pecker family. Also a tree which produces 

166 oooffcoS 

a very handsome yellow yarnish^ resetnbliBg gam- 
Ix^e, Garcinia gambogia. 

9| 8se 030^9 a poety with the fignre of a bird upon 
ity erected by the road side, on ocoasion of the^ 
funeral procession of a yonth. 
lOf §^090^, the name of a tribe of people on the 
high lands above Ava. 

Cognates, 0005, — ^^f — 9SI»— fi* — Sd' — iQ» — 
^j — ^^9 — o^^g), see 09. 
oo<9^i 1, 00. cocqScocx>Sf and noo^^coo^ the kidneys. 

2, ooa^SSx, CO. oooj^c8iooc6ic8i, sprinkle^ or 
spreadi as powder from thumb and fingers, sprin* 
kle with powder, sometimes qualified by \t^>9 by 
little and little. oooo^cSio^y spread out grain 
thinly, coooSojS, adv. evenly, flatly, noo^.^cSioo^ 
cSSooojSoS, prepare the place evenly or smoothly 
under the spread mat. co^cSSnoc^S, do. 

<f^cx}Sco^, adv. evenly throughout with an even surface. 
The rain falls with a constant drizzle. oo^cbf^x 
03^^00^^, do. oo^ob^ioo^ioo^i, do. oo^c6|^ioo 
^^OD^S, do. 810009^, overlay with a thin sub- 
stance, as in gilding &c. ooSiooc^^^t, the water 
over-spreads the sand. 

3, 0009^0908^, in a scanning, surveying, manner, 
as oSoo^ooc^^cocSSi he casts his eyes around over 
the field of vision. 

4, -All about, from place to place ; as c8^00f8^c8i 
00C9S the flock of birds lighted all over the field 
of grain, see 0909^. 

coo^x 167 

OognateB, 00C9S,— 009S,— cjjjS,— oojgS,— g^,— 

XjjjS, — 00C5S, from cqS. 

Analogous termsy co^j — 0SBI9— O900^c8if-^d) 

c8i, — o^cSiy — i6ii — ^Iwi, — gcSi, — on, — 

flopc85, — 8«c8S. 

coo^^y 9ee 000^1 roily tumble over and over, roll 

along, as a wheel. 

Cognates, 0005^,— cgj?,— coo}^,— cg)^, from oj^^ 
coCjXf bare, divested of uenal appendages, open, exposed 
to view ; attenuated, adv. nothing left. 
1, coa^x, CO. cooijxcooDXf expose food or something 
temptiug, as in order to catch animals; allure by 
offering a bait. 

S, (idv. used as an intensive, utterly, quite, as ^x 
ma^Xf worn down quite thin, waist-like ; see eioo 
o^Xf and ooo^iSoooo^, entirely gone, quite, gone 

' entirely clean, coooo^iy greenish, faded green. 
08000(1, blackish, faded black, or brown. Soooji 
oof^, hear in an indifferent manner; hear merely 
without giving heed,— e§^oco(i, mere hodge- 

3|. coo^xmco^Xf with moderate tenseness, with a 
slight strain, see doooii; stretching a cord, differs 
Blighty from cx)0(coooi ; see coooi, and ooo(. 
4^ Destitution, bereavement, devoid of friends. 
6f 000(1, waist-like^ having thin, attenuated places, 
as •^ooo^idi, a species of bamboo having very 

* prominent joints, has long branches which interlock 
and make it almost impossible to travel through. 

158 oocb 

%t CO. to ooc8^, as 0008^00091, ^ make faces " at a 
persooi make impndent geetnree. 
7| adv. inteosive to words of hate, malice, &c. as 
0018^08^0^0919 feel settled hate, indolge protract- 
ed anger. 

Cognates, 00091, — oooi, — o^c?i>— ogjif— g|i« 
Analogous terms, oogji, — ooai^^, — nooii,— — <^, — 
00^, — 08, — 8,— ooiS. 
oo<^, transition, change, combined, mingled. 

1, Sail, be borne along through space without per- 
sonal effort, as if floating in air; be borne aloft. 
eSS^eoo^, dreamed of flying, osc^^ooob, a fljiog 
horse. o5Sao 29^000608 j592^et8cot||5, the eagle 
soared up to mid-heaven. oodbooco')> do. sail or 
float in space. 

2, CO. O9o5ooc6, used for ooo5oodb, and oooSoDob, 
displace, as an external covering so as to lay bare 

' that which was covered, exfoliate, scale off, Istrip 
or turn back, as the extremity of a garment so as 
to expose the person. ooo$i8|ooj5^KX)ic5^8^8t 
c8to8j5GBtc8ioooo8)^ oitcoiooo5ooG6c6i. 
— ^^oo<^8000(^, garments displaced, by rolling 
about one's bed. cB^cocb, push or crowd out of 
place, root up, as with the snout. oo^ooi^cB^oo 
obngSoooot8t^S(^o8^bc8i, the clouds departed, 
the sun appeared ; cSiooooioocbb, opened, so as 
to leave the solid parts, see^cb the inner sub— 
stantial part of a thing ; see also b. 
S. Mingle, combine, besmear, from c6 to change 
ooobo^^* ^^^^ together. c)^r^i|0)S^j^p, ascboo^^. 

cocbS 159 

mixed so as to disappear or be inseparabloy see oo 

codbS^n^f Commixed so as to be spoiledi rendered 
useless. ooo6c8Sooo3t, commingtedi 09d6ooD3t| be- 
smear one's self; 8o3^03G6ooo3tooioo6S| the child 
is besmeared with day. ODcbcStoDt, oom mingled 
so as to have a disgusting, foni appearance^ sicken- 
ing mixtnre; oo^oDob, frothy, having scum, snds; 
ttioooMoodbooooi, be like a mass of soft, membrane- 
ous, pulpy matter, jelly. 

4. ODCbo^i, CO. cbjOJif translate or interpret. 

5. CLdv* in an entirely demolished or disorganized 
manner^ as oDc^soDcb, crushed to pieces, utterly 
demolished; a^^ddxcccb, be decomposed by putre- 
faction. ^oo^8tc8iooc6cg5, boil vegetables to 
pieces; c8^c8icx)<^03on, beat the pot to pieces; 
oo^8o)c8iood6| feel sore throughout, *<sore all 

Cognates, c^.— ^, — a>^>— ^i — ^i— ooc^,— 
^, — 00^, — 00^, — oocb, — <x>^. 
Analogous to oocb, — c^?^> — eoltajS, — •oie^t, 
— ^5, — ocB, — oo^aj, — cSiocSS,— - c8x<^p,— 
oBfo^S, — oS§^, — 4Sc8i,— jS^i, — 0305,60^0001} 
see under oogS, and ooc8^. 
CDcb^, from g6^ wide, broad, tending to spread, or be 
extensive, spreading. It is no( found used alone 
but with other roots. 

1* ooob^cocB, Algae, a slimy substance which col- 
lects ott stagnant water; called O9o6^ from its 

160 oocbScfii 

spreading tendeDcy, and oo^cS from its yellowish 

2. ODcbSo8c8, do^ St smeared, c8 jellow. 

3. oo^iiooob^, low or flat moist gronnd; alluvial 

4. ooob^oocS^i sweeping wide^ waving or bending 
to and fr0| as a tall slender tree in the wind. 

5. ooo6So3c6^9 glance or slide over, as with dull 
cutting instruments; in a balking manner. 
Cognates, oocbS,— ODcbS,— c^S, — <}]S— ^^>— «>^S- 

ooobS, stretch out or distend in length, elongate. 

li «66 ODobS extend, or elongate, as a string of 

beads by adding several at a time. 
oo^6c8i CO* ODobScfii. 
c8ioo(^Sy slip off at the end, as beads from a string. — 

ooo66c8^oo^ooc8i, utter words and sentences in 

continued and rapid succession. 

2. oodbSoocSi, become tall, or long and slender ; 
slender-waisted, applied to persons, trees, &c« 

3. ooobSoocbS, adv. continually, time after 'time, 
incessantly, ^ioo^oooiaDdb6ooc65oiooo^oo|5, be in- 
cessantly harping upon ; oo<^SobSooG65ob6, do. 

4. ooc6Sooc8^, same as ooob^oocS^y which see. 

.5. adv. intensive to words which admit of degrees, 

6. ooobSoxSS, qualify words of shaking, or moTiiig 
one way and the other, as otood65ox6S| be very 
shaky, or rickety. 

7. ooobSooo^, tottering, reeling; bullying, swagger^ 
ing. Compare ooc86ooo^f— ooc5tc8og),-^QOc8^€o 

cSioocbS 161 

oDi| — 03toiD003ta9GbScoo^, feel weak, infiriiiy de- 

Crepity OOOOcS^OOgB^CO^, 00O3tQl00ODtODCbS00O^ 


8. c8tooc6S, from c8t touch and nocbS elongate, 
stretch out, a name by which several species of 

, intestina are denoted ; as th« lombricus terrestris^ 
or angle worm. Lumbricoides, o'r common round 
worm of the stomach. cSsco^Soo, a small kind 
of angle worm found on the borders of streams; 
cBiODcbScS^O^^i a shor^, thick worm, very soft and 
easily crushed; c88co<^S^8i, a slender thread- 
like worm found in the earth at the beginning of 
the rains; <BtcocbS<^:Sf a large worm sixteen to. 
eighteen inches in length, somewhat resembling 
a snake. It is also called cStcxx^SosS^, the great 
angle worm; cSsco^SSscS^ooDt, feel nausea, 
supposed to be caused by worms in the stomach. — 
c8tao66S88oo3t, a supposed worm in the peri- 
cardium which presides over the heart ; probably 
the aorta is meant. 

9. ODoS^cStoo^, a plant having a bitter and 
pungent root, used, as a vermifuge. 

Cognates, ODcbS, — ooc^S, — c^5, — «^5, — loo^S,— 
oo^5, — c^5, — o^c^S; from cbS. 
Terms analogous to oocbS, 1. qjjScSS, — c8c8^, — 
^c8^, — ooSidS^, — cxjji^S^f'— 'OOico^f — ®S, — ^^ 
cbS, — a^«c65, — ocj«ooi,-^cxj8cg5, — §o30, — <^co 
co5, — c8i8, — c8iii. Analogous to cBsoo^S, see 
op, — ODoSi,— ScxkSi, — dSccoj^i-, — dScocSi,— 
^, — 8So2too|5, — 058^3, — osc8eS^, — oo8S8i, — 

11 K. 

162 ODcbt 

oSS,— wo, — oSooiS, — <3i^^'5oo8, — ||teo^,*-o9£tOD 
coS, — ojSSi, — cotcooS, — §5o5S,— ^ coi^, — <j^S 
8^5, — (^^ 8ioD8, — cS^oocoS. 
cocbtf CO. coop^, see oooj^,-— ooSoooj^cSiooSoDdbicBi, 

I. 9t. Dietinctive ceremonies, or castoms, habits 
peculiar to different races, tribes, or communities; 
also called ooSioocS, and oofoo^^, and ooo^^oooo^. 
3. cSiooobt, see c8i03ob8, scale, or peel off. etc8i 
oocbs, have the skin peeled or torn off, lacerated ^ 
coei^oooicSiooobs, to slide down, as earth from 
the side of a hill or mountain. 

3. (3^^c8ioDGb8, or 0D<^9| peel or fall off, as a 
scab, scar, &c, slough off. 0^c8i09(^8, do. 

5. oDScSioocbs, torn in shreds, torn off as a gar- 
ment. ooSc8iaD<fc8, do. 

6. Szcocbi, or GStoo^t, splinter, shiver/ split in 
long strips, be full of splits and clefts. 

7. 09068, CO. cocbicoSx, a small stream, cleft, as il 
were, from the main body by an island, or strip 
of land ; also called ooobs^, and oo»)g1. 

8., cficocbi, pallid, pale yellow, as plants, leavei 
Ac. indicating an unhealthy state. . 

9. A comparatively diminutive portion or number 
thus, oocDOCTioooocbi, a hundred, implying about 
that. The root is cbs, as oo(gi^oo<^8, one or so 
ooc6ooc68, about ten (Bur. 00C05). 

10. CO, oo2, to wrestle; aa oo^oo^t, do* 

II. CO. ooojS, as ooo9Sc8iOQ^8c8i, sprinkle, or le 
fall in mist &c., see cocq^. 

cocbx 163 

IS. €0. oocBS, as oocBSooobty a mnd-hole, &g,, see 

13. co.o{ cocotf as ODOOsoocbs, a bolt, pin &q. see 


14. btooobSy small} diminntive of its kind. adv. 
very diminutive, as a small calf among a herd of 
large cattle. (Bar. sSoSoccot.) 

Cognates, d^i, — ^8,— oo^8,— c^t, — ^t, — c^i, — 
oocbt, — oocbi, from <i>i. 

Analogous terms, o^ijjjf — o^ifli^-^oDoStODcSi, — 
oocB,— ooojj'ttf — ocol, — gSs, — coa^p. 

CDob^» 1. adv. intensive, od is a contraction of ooi, very, 
indeed ; and cbS is the interrogative used asser- 
tively ; tKus ocHoocb^, is equivalent to oolooi^^, 
many indeed! very many! 

3. CO. oocb^oocSg, (Tav. Bur.) sometimes used to 
signify gravy thickened with flour or other materi- 
al, or the thickening itself, o8c@Sa8gS, StooicSi 
Stoocb^l^^, ocS^o^oDi, see oo8S 5. 
8. SoocbScS^ooo^i thicken curry in cooking,- with 
flour, or the like. • 

toobXf from cbi, go, proceed, arrange, place in due 
orderi give direction to a thing, make plastic^ 

1. oo(i>ic8i«8, place the narrow strips of a bamboo 
floor so that each shall lie straight and even, c^i 
SuB, do. 

S. ODobioooDt, applied to a number of individuals 
in company; arrange themselves in due order; 
stand, lie, or sit, so as to accommodate the great- 

164 ODcS 

est nnmberi or give room to pass between them< 
ooj5|xoocbi020D80oo5^, 88oc@^S«06noic8i. 

3. cocbxS^f educe, as co(^ig8^,(@^c^i, edace food 
from the od|» or pouchi and masticate it. 

4. Act upon, influence, carry away, prevail over, 
infatuate, as oocbio^^, have one's ears stunned 
with a confused noise; compare coSo^^, and c^3ci 
^S, c8icx)d>i, be ravished, charmed, carried awa; 
with, or overcome by delightful sounds. ooicSi 
coobif be meltingly sweet; delicious. c8Soooo£ 
cS|5oooo^oo(^ioiODc6S, the bird eats with great 

5. cx)cbiG6iooc6ic6i, adv. infatuated, the mind 
wholly absorbed. 

6. ODSCocbi, CO, ODioocbioDSOooS, feel sickish, fee 
nausea; 0D8q8^g8^, do. cSsoodbSSsdB^ooos, do 
o^^coobl0^t, be sickishly sweet, ** taste sickish.^ 
Sometimes also applied to mind^ as scg^Sisoioc 
cbiODg; 8icgSooia)io:2|88oia2|«. 

7. oocbi, used for ODobi, split apart, come in two 

00S00(^©O8CO10gl88, CX)^l«8o8oDCg800005c8l. 

8. oocbiooo^, sometimes oo(^Scoo^, weak, dizzy 
tottering, as if just going to fall. 

Cognates, oo(i)i, — ^ij^^i — <^^f — ooc^i, — ocj^i 
Analogous terms, cocSScSp, — (^5c8^,. — ocScSS, — 
ocxjfdBjB, — c§8c8^, — dB^c8^, — ooootcS^. 
ooc8| from c3, a passage, between one thing, place^ o 
state, and another ; expose, lay open one thioj 
to the influence of another, as damp clothec 

ODc88ooi 165 

graiD, &c. to the iDflaence of the san's rajB, be 
expoeed, obnoxioas, or liable to. 

1. OQNcSn^oo), busiDess, employment^ vocation; see 
0^9 a shred, and 00I9 diverging, dilating, &c. Qib 
ooicx>c8, do a thing as an allotted, or necessary 
business, as a dnty, as what properly belongs to 
one to do; hence oo^ooo^odcSi not a basiness of 
necessity, not one's allotted business, oo^o^^ooeS 
G(^|Soo^900o^aDc8^5,oo^so^oibcoioDc8, thieves have 
DO business to steal, yet they do it as if it were 
their allotted vocation • 

o^^cS, accept one's allotted vocation, i. e. persevere 
in the work of one's proper vocation, instead of 
changing from one kind of business to another. 

CDc88ooi, actual business, as ooooiio6c)o^>Sooc8Sc6Sooc8S 
c8^ooo^co^oocS8ooioo^, o^oocrgQicSi, the Burmese 
come to hire buffaloes again and again as a mere 
pretence, having something else, in view. cS^odcB, 
be real work, be of use, turn to some account. 
Generally used in the negative ooc8|Sa3c8oo|S, i. e. 
labor to no profit, oo85oodB^, do. 

2. oocBooc^^, send a notice, or message, convey 
word to ; communicate with a person at a distance. 
0x80800000^^, do. 

3. aoc8aoc8S, be neither one thing nor another, 
ad^. stupid, doltish, as c^icx)cBooc8^, a stupid fel- 
low, a dunce, a blundering fellow, a dolt. ODtco 
cSoocS^, have the mind bewildered, lose tempora- 
rily the power of judging, be lost as to the points 
of compass, Ac. odsqio^, do. Maul. 

tiQ ooc8S 

4cf SometimeB ased for o^, a channel, connecting 
medintn, tube, as 060^, o5tf Soon^i &c. obicocSco 
c8, or oo8aoc8ooc8, go from place to pldce. 00191 
81, do. 

5. Space of time elapsing between one event and 
another; in the mean time, previous to, see cocS, 
o8^0Dc8o8ooo6, the governor will stay a space of 
time before he comes^ ooc8c8c8| a long space of 
intervening time, see 03c8S. 
6« CO, of cx)«i^,' as coei^cocS, a mountain, or 
mountainous region. 

Cognates, odc8, — 0)08,-0^,— §,—^,—§,—4. 
coc8S, singular, out of the common way, prominent, 
tending to draw observation, obtrusive, rude, 
clownish, vulgar, see c8S, and compounds. 

1. ODcSS or cocSSnooji, make uncouth, odd, sportive, 
or lewd gestures, for the purpose of exciting the 
attention of others. ooc8^, is generally, used in 
a qualifying form, as QioocS^oooDt, behave rude- 
ly, make one's self ridiculous, or contemptible by 
indecorous, or lewd gestures, oSaocS^ODtoo9i, 00 
cSHoDQji, do. 

2. ooc8SoS8^, or 6^8^, behave rudely, or impn- 
dently, sport with, act indecorously towards. 

8. ooc8^c8S do. a thing done wantonly or perverse 
ly, so as to manifest^a disregard to the commands 
advice, rights, or feelings of others; irritate, prO' 
voke c^ioooia>c8^c8S<i>^, cSSQscSSQooS. Als^ 
used in the signification of outright^ actually, a 
o5880Dooc8Sc8S, 5o6iooSooo88cia>ySooiSc8i. 

oDc85 16Y 

4. gS^oocS^^^, not prompt to obey ; delay through 

5. ooc8Sooc8S, ado. obstinately, perversely. Also 
in a dilatory manner, procrastinatingly, •gS^oocS^ 

6. oDcSScSSoDcS^icSS, do. 

7. ODcSS, used for ooc8^, as c^ioocSS, for ^^loocSS, 
a depnty employed in love matters. 

8. SinDcSSSgoooDt, sometimes used for S«ooc8S8«oo 
ooiy a fabulous race of giants. 

Cognates, ooc8S, — 03c8S, — C5^^, — ^S, — oo^^, 
Analogous terms, ooo5«c8ogl, — ooo$g^ScJ]i, — dBS 
<S6d3d^, — a)c8c8if 1, — sbsoooSbSoot^i, — c8oo 
ojji, — oooj5ooc8i, — ojcBSc^dSS, — stjj^sac^^ii— fi 

f^ODo^S^, — aDo5tooS^, — oSioj^i^a^), — ODiooooi, 
— cDoSioDogl, — aDSoiSogS, CO^^OD^S, 09^0D 

cxiSSt indicates mutuality, reciprocal action, and may' 
often be rendered by together, as, 

1. oocSSoo, stir together, as water with a sedi- 
ment, make turbid. 0280oc8Sc8[>, stir up a sedi- 
ment, ^toocSScS^, stir up with a stick. <&c. ^too 

2. ooSooc85, or ooSooc85ooSoooo8, a wallowing 
place, with or without water, a mud-hole used by 
some animal for a wallowing place. If the name 
of the animal is prefixed^ oo^ is omitted, .as cStoo 
coS, o^Sc©c85, a8ooc85, &c. 

3. V, Wallow, as in the dirt, or in a mud-hole 

168 ax85 

oocSSodODSy wallow in a nornd-hole; beemear tht 
body by wallowing. 

4. Beemeared,' as by wallowing in some fool place. 

5. q8^ooc86g8^i push or crowd np dirt from a hole, 
as rats and other borrowing animals. 

6. ooc8Snooj5, flactnate^ move as limbs of a tree 
in the wind. Also nodding from side to sidci as 
a person asleep^ 

7. o8oocBSooc8S, Wave, vibrate to and fro ; cbi 
ooSooc85ooc8S, reel, stagger, as a dranken, or 
very weak person. (i)iooc85oodSS, do. c^ioocSSco 
c8^, a tall, slender, and weak person. 

8. cocSScnx^S, adv^ tottering, reeling, shaky, as a 
thing weak in the joints. . 

9. OQcSSooooS, Maul, see oocSoocS^, in a confnsed, 
disconcerted state, at loss what to do or say. 

10. ooc8Snoc86, adv. again and again, repeatedly 
but to no effect, ooc85ooc8S, do. 

11. a)c85c85ooc8Sc8S, do. cx)cx>1oood1, do. mo5\zx>\ 
TOOolcxn, do. ooc8Sc8Sooc8Sc8% do. coobxobxcocbx 
g6i, do. 

12. coc85, adv. before, in the mean time, prior; 
generally oDcSS,— ooc6Sf oodbioo^^, cS^9^ooc8Soi. 

13. odc8Sg8^, raise the cud, as ruminating animals, 

14. ODcSS, used for cocSS, a groove, as ||^oog85j 
the groove of a cross-bow, for ^^qdcSS. 

15. 03c8S, name of a bird, of a dull brown color, 
about the size of the house pigeon, apparently of 
the picuB or wood-pecker family. 

09c8t 169 

Cognates, ooc85, — oocSS,— .oc85, — oocSS, — o85, 
Anajogons terms, odc6, — tscHo^Sy — ^ — ^^^\ — 

coStf retribation, pay that which is given by way of 
finoy or pacificatioQ} from cSt^ ronlcti impose a 
fine, pay a debt, 

1. oocSt, CO, oocSsoooot, appease by an offering; 
making offerings to evil spirits; also presents 
to procure pardon ; ooc8tc85ooo38| to make rec- 
oncilliation between parties; present an offering. 

2. ooc8t, CO. oocStoocoty a class of evil spirits sup- 
posed to subsist on the CoSi of men, by way of 
retribution for some affair between the parties in 
a former state ; cocSsoiSi Tav. 8t, or ODcSicSiQit, 
denotes the coming of the ooc8i, at the call of the 
necromancer, manifested by twitching of the mus- 
cles and general agitation of his body; coc8t(fi^, 
denotes the eating of the offering (the oo^oocSt,) 
by the necromancer when called to practice for 
the sick; he takes the materials, ''bundW them 
into his mouth and swallows them with a show of 
great greediness ; nocStcfi^oS, die, eaten by aoocSt, 
When a person dies suddenly, or after a very short 
illness, and livid spots appear on the corpse soon 
after death, the death is supposed to have been 
occasioned by a 03c8t, eating the person •• 

The ooc8l, are, by necromancers, divided inta 
three classes, oocStqo^, or odcSioo^^^cS, a large un- 
manageable kind;^ODcStooooi, a malevolent kind 

m oDc8« 

which cannot be appeased by any oo^oDcSt ; — and 
oocSioo^, a ferocious kind, whose ferocity is com- 
municated to the necromancer himself daring his 
operations for the sick. 

3. oocSg, is used for oDcSi, as 8^c8ooc8«, for 8^c8 
ODcSi, a tuft of hair left on the top of the head 
when shaved. The superstitious natives think 
that unless this tuft is left, the cocox, will depart, 
and death ensue; c8^c8coc88, or oocSt, the name 
of a bird having a tuft of long feathers on the 
back part of the head. qSodcSsS^, or ODcStS^, 
a top-knot fowl. 

4. cgcSsS^y oftener ooc8t, adv. head-first or head 
downwards; as cSiodcSsS^, fall head-first, be tur- 
ned topsy-turvy, 8ic8iooc8i8^; 8«<gSc8iODc88o6S. 

5. cS^oocStoooo^, eat an offering to oocSs, figura- 
tively, eat voraciously, c^ioooicS^c^coiS^oocoiSf^^ 

6. adv. violently, as cBiodcSiooo^, scream or cry 
out violently as if siezed hy a ooc8i» see oooj, — 
<fisc8ic8«c8icg^, do. cBtoDcSaoocoi, do. 

. 7, ooc8t8«, oftener cocStSs, crouch, or squat down, 
as a person or monkey, see ooStcSt, of analogous 

8. (^oocSs, loosely, as a knife in its sheath liable 
to fall out Soooj^e^^gSsjoo^g^i, gSc^ooc8tc8i, 
S.. see b^ODcSs, a mild form of leprosy. 
Cognates, o^g, — ^«, — Qt, — o^^i — oo^», — oocSt, 
— oocSi. 
Analogous to oocSs, 2. are ooS^SooSooS, — oo^ooi 

ODcSl 171 

ooSdB, — 8tooc8^8tooo9ty 902^^9^,— SSo^^S^OD 

^^9o5^, — ooS^Scag^oi, — oo^^^cx>c^^, — coS^codS, 
— otS^^Sodq^jOoS^SocBi,— ooS^SoSSeoi, — ooS^S 

coS^, from c8Sy an incipient development, a lamp, or 
small mass as distingnished from other objects ; 
c8^c8^y acquire a form, start forth into a new 
formt or state, become ; bat ooc8^, is found only 
in combination with other roots which modify its 
meaning ; 

1. oocSSoDcSSy ostentatiously 9 with a fulsomci emp- 
ty display; oocSp, is from S^, apparent^ &c« Qi 
3. oocSSooo}, adv. iniperfect as ^loSscocBioo^) oo 
cB^oooj, o^o^looajjlooo^S^SoDi. Also, in a lu- 
bricous, gelatinous state. Also trepidation, pal pita t- 
' on of the heart through fear or anxiety. 

3. CO. of ooc8, as ooc8ooc8^, disconcerted, bewil- 
dered ; see oog8, 3. 

4. O9c8^cx)o, generally o§^, roll the eyes in a 
fierce, glaring manner, as a tiger, or other fierce 
animal; cx)c8^6So8p, or cocS^oSfSf, do. c8^odg8^ 

Cognates, og^,— §f,-c§|^,-€od2|?,~ODd2|p, 
cocSi, from g8i, the superficial, or exterior part of a 
thing, surface; coarse, line of communication &c. 
ox8i, is used only in a qualifying sense, as ; 
1. c6ic©c8i, travel just beneath the surface have an 

172 ooojSooS 

nnderground road. 8ooG8i|^dbi03G8ioo^coic8S8^ 

2. oSodgSi, work in QQder the surface of a thing, 
or between two snrfacesi as white ants under a 
mat, a rat under straw, a^So^ooc8iooic8S8oo5. 

3. gS^odgSi, eat under the surface, as fire under a 
log, &c. o^GicS^oocSiooS. 

4. c8iooc8i, falling or scaling off from lesion in 
the part, slough off; garments falling to pieces from 
rottenness. c8iooc8iqg8, indicates a deep scari 
as from a burn. cSxcoSx, lesion, qc8, eschar, 
c8iooc8iqg8, do. c3io3g8i,. and cSioocSi, same 
as c8icoc8i. 

6. d8coc8i, same as oSooo^V a grwb, or worm liv- 
ing under the surface of the ground, and very 
troublesome to bulbous* roots. 

6. 8aDc8i, a species of large, red worm, head ta- 
pering to a point, tail end, broad, a span long, 
size of one's thumbs. 

7. (^cx>c8ij a disease' of the bowels, dysenteria, 
attended with the sloughing off of the coats of the 
intestines, and dischage of blood ; incurable, call- 
ed by Burmans oo^<9foSiOr Chinese demon. 

8, ooo^SoocSi, lust, have sensual, libidinous de- 
sires, be lewd, licentious, wanton, yiooo^SoocSi, 
a lewd persoui a lecher. 

9, cSnocSi, open, of open texture, open to sight, 

OOOllOg^^dBoOcSl, 6oO^OO^c8oOc8l, OO^OD^OD 

ooc8 . 178 

Cognates, ogi, — ^i, — ooigi, — ooc^i,— ^,— ^cx) 
c8i, — oocSi, — a>c8i. 

Analogous terms ooojjjit, — ODaj)t, — ooooii,— op^i. 
ooc8i from c8, empty, deceptive, vain, &c. 

1. The thin membrane which lines the inside of 
eggshells, certain bamboos, and the like. More 
frequently 0Dc8, Compare ODo^|8. 

oodB, is generally used as a qualifying adjunct ; 

2, oo^oDcS, give for nothing, i. e. without any 
equivalent; give, as a present, or as a favor, 
gratuitiously. 3, o5i^^ooc8, take without making 
compensation. 4, <^iooc8, go empty, i. e. without 
a burden ; also go to no purpose. 5, qiodcS, em- 
ploy without remuneration. 6, o6ooc8 ojioocS, 
come with nothing, go with nothing, coming into 
the world and carrying nothing out at death. 7, 
^03^iiooc8, married, but. not with child. 8, ODOg 
ooc8, single, without family, free, unincumbered, 
unmarried ; gSScdcS, eat alone, as rice alone with 
out curry. 10, fl8^ooc8, be single, unmarried ; 
be at leisure, unemployed ; be empty, unoccupied ; 
&c. 11, ooc^toocS, the smaller division of a 
stream, see oocbt. 

12, ooc8ooc8, adv. need in all the above significa- 
tions^ except nos. 1, 2, 8, and 11. ScS, do* 

13, ooc8c8, do. 

14, o^oocS, oftener o^ODcS, or 6o9c8, a willow 
growing on the banks of streams, the leaves fall- 
ing into the stream are devoured by fish, leaves 
produce an itching sensation. 

15, ooc8, n, a fragraDt wood, mach ased by Bor- 
manwomen as a perfume ; ooc8^ and 0Dc8, do. It 
is of two kinds, red and white. 
Cognates, c^, — ^, — ^, — c§|, — ^^oocfi, — odc8. 
Analogous terms, ODog|, — t^p, — W'~@@» — @ 
ooooS, — cBooooB,— cS^qS, — gS^oo^so,— cS^oo^i, 

— c6^c8^c85, — dS^oo^i^,— 00^8, — oocSo^ii — 
^oSooS, — oSooois, — oosgfio^,— 00001001,— ojxo 
ojx, — 09x008, — C01S8. 
ooc8^, from c8^, place, trace, mark, occasion, &e. de- 
* notes instability, fickleness, fluctuation, something 
ephemeral, vacillating, deceptive, or unreal. 

1, oooDcS^cS^Si, unsteady, joking, tantalizing, 
frivolous, playful cSSn^oooocfiScflSSi, mimic, make 
antic gestures, **play the buffoon." 

2, ooc8S, CO. of 0000^, see ooojSoocS^, rolling the 
eyes this way and that, as in scanning. 

3, ooc8S, 00. of oo<feS, see ooc65odc8S, to and froniy 
from side to side, &c. 

4, ooc8S, CO. of oocbS, see oocbSoocSS. 

5, ODcSS, CO. of ooc85, see ooc8$odc8S. 
Cognates, c^%— ooc8S, — ^S, — ooc^S, — oc8S, — 

oocfiS, from c85, imperfectly, not exact, inaccnratelj, 

1, oocSSooooS, imperfectly, inaccurately, ^161 cSi 
Soocfiijioo^ooajjloo^, oocSiboocSS ooooS^i ; co 
ooS, noisy, bewildered, disconcerted, stupefied, ses 


Goc8i .175* 

2, ox85<nooc65, prattling as a child ; f6^ooScx)c8S 
oocoSi make efforts to talk, as yonng childreD. . 

3, o9c86c86ooc8Sc8S« again and again,' reiterate, 
see ooc86c85a>c85d85. 

4, c8^oog8Si same as cS^aDcSSy a species of wood- 

Cognate» oo^S. 

oooSt, 1, Depressed, hollowed, sagging in the centre, 
o5^oo (jji^cSioocSioDi ooo9io5S^ic8i, 
2, coob^oDcds, (Tav-Bur.) flour stirred into pot- 
tage, &0., see cocb^. 
Cognate c^t. 

Analogous terms, c8ioo<gn,— c8ioo<yi, — c8ic»pSi, 
— cSiooi^,— c8ia>6^5,— c8i8S(l, — c8i|)8oo8, — c8i 
ogi^c^^QS, — cSioDc^S, — c8io5S8Sooii. 

ooc8^, from c8S, come into notice, be disclosed, become 
obvious. 1, ooc8^0Dc8^, ostentatiouslj, obtrusive- 
ly, &c. see ooc8j5. 

2, 001, very, and c8^, interrogative taken together, 
as ooc8^, emphasize an assertive, of^ooq^oSiS^O) 
c8S, this buffalo is very large, is it not? or, what 
a large buffalo! ooic8^, — oonc8^,^ — cxgiicS^, are 
sometimes used. 

3, ^inocS^, the name of a plant, resembles the 
ginger ^lODcS^, do. oiddcS^, da* 

Cognates c%^,— §^,'— od^^, — od§|^,— ^^, — §j^, 
— 00^^,— c^p,— a>c8^. 
ooc8i, from c8i, fall, deteriorate, go into disuse, descend, 
make a cadence, &c. 1. Superanuated, past age, 
as o^oocSi, seeded bamboos, bamboos past use, 

176 cocSiol 

ajSoboSoBoooDcSi, oj^oboocSooioocS, a rat came 
to eat bamboo seed, — the bamboos bad not yet 
seeded,— ^so he came empty and returned empty. 
oocSi, is used to qualify red colors, as 8iooc8i, of 
a reddish color. cocSioi^Oj^S, old, rustedi blasted, 
ready to break or fall off, as parts of plants blast- 
ed or frost bitten, ooSob^iS^cfe^dBsSsSSoSolcbooS 

2, adv. unseasonable, out of the proper or custom- 
ary time, as the crowing of cocks at evening, q8 


3, SiODcSi, sometimes used for SioocSi, see Sic8^f 
&c. cSSSioocSi, a long neck, an elevated neck. 

4, CO. of oocSg, as ooSooc8«ooSaoc8i, a firfi, or 
offering made to appease demons, see ooc8i, ^ 

6, ** Serpents of the Python family," a large boa. 
They are divided by Karens into the following 
species, oocSi(^^, large, from 6 to 12 feet long, 
variegated with zigzag stripes. 
oocSiol, the white, fabulous ; odcSioo, the amphibious 
kind, often found on trees overhanging the water; 
oocSiS, a very short and thin species, from one 
to two cubits long, while it measures a foot or 
more in circumference ; ODcSicjS, a small species, 
distinguished by whitish stripes around the body 
at regular distances. None of the species are 

ooc8i<jj5«fl, the oocSi, works his bellows de- 
notes the sound of some animal unknown to tho 
Karens, being heard only at night. Some thinfa: 

covgi 177 

it a Bpeciea of oo:8i; others think it some kind of 
hobgoblin, and call it the 8^01^0% and say the 
^oi^dlo|ooc^9 White Turban blows his horn« 
7, oocSiol, a species of jangle tree, with white 

6, ODcSi, one hundred thonsand, 000, ooo, 
9, 00:81, CO. of OD^, as OD^oocSi, adv. incoherent- 
ly, at random, inconsiderately. 
Cognates, c%x, — oDc^x, — ^i>— <^^ij — «^, — 

oo<n)| in a hurried manner, unceremoniously! without 
precision. — It is combined with 000^, as 00(^00 
col, do. oooSoocgp, do. see 0006, 7. 
Cognates, ODcgl, see also oodl, — ODol, — g^i— agli 

— ffi^j — ^*—i^» ^^^ ^* ^^^^ ^'^• 

Analogous terms, g, — @, — cjicji, — o^Soooi, — 
qo^SqcB^,— c88f gof 8^, — cx)16od1c8, — odcjicdo^ 

cocj^iy in oblique direction, away to one side, &c*y from 

1, figVocgi, CO. «8^«><^5ogSoocgi, or ogSooc^i, &c. 
look about, look off at a distance instead of look- 
ing at one's steps. ogScioc^icgSoocgioo^ooji, ^00 

2, cocSioocgt, CO. O90§icocgi, to talk aside from the 
subject, talk evasively. 

3, cfiScocgt, CO. cS^oocJicS^ooc^i, eat away from 
faome^ oat the food of others instead of one's own ; 
"live on others." 

12 K. 

178 ooc^^ 

4| ooocgii sleep abroad, sleep tiway from the nsnal^ 

or proper sleeping place. 

5| biODGgi, evade, shuffle a matter off, prevaricate, 

throw the blame oq another. 

6, esooc^i, misrepresent, charge one's own actions 

upon others. 

Cognates, gi,— ogi, — ©i,— cgi, — coc^i ;— ooogi, 

Analogous terms, ODcgi,— -oocgi,— cSicgi, — cgi, 
— Cgl,— 00^1,— ODQiii— o^S^if— ^3.ii — ^^^^ 

09C^, 1, Quick,' active, &c*, as cg^ooc^, or 03<^, a dog 
that is quick or active in the chase, a good bant- 
ing dog. 
2) CO. of cf^ogif as ODCoooGgl, hastily, &c. see co 

Cognates, see cx)o§, c^, and 6. 
"* coc^S, adv. in a manner to avoid, and yet save appear- 
ance of intentional default ; put off from time to 
time, as c^^ooc^^, appoint or designate a future 
time, set one time after another oo^oq(^^o8oog^S, 
do. 86g1oo^(^^cdSi8S<2^St, oo^Soo^bftjSiiSSglftt 
GOi8Sf^eoo(^^oof^ooic8i, ^cSSoof^eOdo&tf^^ficSx. 


Cogantes, od^S, — c^S,— <^S| — ooc^S,— r^S, — oobS, 
— (^S. see b^, connected as an antecedent to a 
subsequent, &c. 

Analogous terms, oo^, — ODt^s, — 9Sc85c§c8B, — 
oji^iojicS, — oooj^oQcgS,— oSoD^I, — iJ5?^f iD?^» 

nooS IW 

ooo)» nseftily beneficial, tending to Bornething good^ from 
o1) white^ good| excellent, valnable. 
1, (xx^oocD, with a whitish appearance, as sbo^to 
fXDoloool, cotton flying in the air cooloool,— 8o3^ 
ootooolooo), children in their white dresses. 
3i codloiooobSy lots of whitish things, as (jjlood) 

3, oo^ooaloDolo^oooo^, something extraneous and 
useless, what it is, the speaker does not know. 

4, cooiiood), perspiration, because of its beneficial 

5, coboool, used for ooboocJ), that which may be 
made nsefal, see cob. 

6, oo^oool, be economical, saving of ** odds and 
ends*' cx>^ooolojiojSoj^«o55oSoj^icoSooojS. 

7, ooococn, tending to prodnce evaporation or per- 
spiration, as cdSaDooDC)), be sultry hot. 
Cognates, cool, — ool, — oodl,— ^. 

CDo^, from o^, flap, &c. has not been found except* in 
combination with other roots, as, 
1, ^. of 0009^, as ooo^Sooo^, the kidneys; see 00 
09^, said by some that cooS, is a gland connected 
with the 0000^, or kidneys, as co^8icBS8i^^oooS 

.2, CO. of oo^S, as co^SoDoS, brush with a sweep* 
ing OD^Srg5oDoScg5ooScx)^iooic88<|jiooojS. 
3, CO* of oo8i, as 0081000^, broad, circular ; per- 
sons, short and stout, as yi8^c8^0D@iooo^, cg^09@i 
QOO^,oob^, look all about. 

4, 00. of oobS, as oobSoooS, fish with a c6h% 
which see. 

5, coo^cSiogl} a race of people residing, it is eaidi 
beyond the setting sun, in a region called Sxo\ 
They are represented as giants, and cannibals. 
Cognates ogS, — cgS, — g^S, — oog^S, — og^, see oS. 
Analogous, oS, — ^scbi,— og), — @[5,— §S, — ^8, 
— o5, — co^S, eee oo^S. 

CDoSi I9 Scratch up, as dirt; scratch a-wayt or togetheri 
as leaves, oooSoooB, and ooooioooS, do. 

3, cooB^i, the hollow or cavity made by scratch- 
ing out the dirt, &c. oooS^, scratch, or scrape 
so as to leave a clean space, oooSo^a|, do. to 
prevent fire from crossing. 

8, ODoS, the name of a tree of which there are 
three varieties, oao5o£,-:"OooS8i, — and rooBc)), 
distinguished from each other by the color of their 
bark. The bark of the oooSo^^ is used in dyeiog. 

4, ootoooS, a species of worm resembling a small 
angle worm, found among decayed leaves* Hence 
dBtoooS, CO. of c8iooc6S, the angle worm. 
Cognates, ogS,— soS, — oo5, — oo5, — odoS, — 


Analogous terms, o5, — bi,— ®^,— cbsQB. 

coos, from ot, move with a short, quick motion, &c. is 

sometimes improperly used for 03oi, and •ot« 

which see. 
000S9 It A hundred million 000,000,000. 

2, CO. of ooc8S| as oocSSooo^, move from side to 

side, fluctuate. 

ZfCO. of ODcbSooo^, beiidiDg as a reed 

shaken with the wind. 

4| CO. of 00^1, as ooobiooo^f weak, shaking &c. 

5, odo^, or ODO^oocbi, dry bamboos nsed for fnel^ 

cg^y— 00130^, and 08^0^9 do. 

6f cco^, roll baokf as the eyes in convulsions, 

ODo^y do. 

Cc^natee, g?,— cg^i — og^f— ^?i — ^?» ^^^^ o^, 
twirl » whisky writhe, &c. 
cooiy from oiy an object of support, trusty dependencOy 
an aidy as oo^ooc^^oo^oociy a means of support or 
strength to that which is weak. 

1, ooSoooi, used for ooSoDOi, a dell, as at the 
head of a streamy aniong hills or mountainsy con- 
sidered as a place of rotreaty good for cultiyatiouy 
c8i09oiy become do. 

2, oooi, or cgi, as oooisbicooios, stab, or shoot 
from a place of retreat, or ambush. 

3, CO. of ooby as coScobS^coo\S^9 or oo^o3bc8^ 
oooicS^y or oo^oobic8^0DOic8^, break awajy as 
clouds after rain. 

4y CO. of cohXf as ^cx>bi^63oi, hand instrumentSy 


5, CO. of oo8iy as 00810001 y be broad in circuity 

broad enough for the use intended. 

Cognatesy ogi, — g^*— ^j— gj^. — ogi, — xoi,— 

cgi, — ogi, Comp. also, oog^i, — 00^1, — ^ggV — 

ooogi, — ooogiy — o^^ii — oocgi. 

Terms analogo\is to ooSoooi, see ooS@i, — ooS@i, 

— oo^cSiooSS, — ooSc8ioo<gn, — ooScSion,— ooS 

182 . oooS 

cSiooijS, — oo^c8i^iooi, — 00^9^008, — oo^cSiobSobi 


<o&, 1, or eoy — ooo, and 0DO| see od5. 

2| or GO, feel a prickling or tiogliog BeDsation in 

the flesh accomplinied with nambness. 

3| cS^ooo, eee c8SoO| a bird of the qnail family. 

4| oo5^a>5, as Q»iooootc8oooSc8oo6, have a lonely, 

deserted appearance, see c8f alone. 

Cognates, oo,'-cx)o,— og,— §, — c^, — «>^»— Ili— 

^|» — ^1'— i» — ^i' Sg,— ODCg, ODC^. 

oo5^, from o^, fan, flap &c. 

1, cooS, 0Qo5, throw up dirt, by scratching or 

2, 006^008^, adv. in a slight, hasty manner, as 
oo^ooSoooSodSi, see aa object in rapid motion 
get a glimpse of, o6^ooSc6ioDir^|^cjjloooSoo8S« 
— ooSc8ioo6Sc8ino8^, a space of jungle where 
the timber trees have been exterminated, filled 
with shrubs and creepers- 

3, 006^81, adv. having wide unoccupied epacee, 

4, oooSoobi, instruments, weapons, means of clear- 
ing one's way ^ooSS^ODbi. 

5, ooo^oobS, or oo6^a>bi, little depressions or hol- 
lows in stones, rocks, &c. see oobS. 

6, CO. of 000. see 006. 4. 

Cognates, cgS, — og^, — ooogS, — ODog^, — 006S, — 

o:65, CO. .od65, — o65,— ©oS, — oooS, wrench, distort^ 
twist, screw, from 65, wrench, screw, &c. 

coop 18$ 

ly OdSSoeoDti be winding, twisted out of a direct 
coarse, spiral. 

8, 09^0068, crooked and winding, 09^006609^00 
oS, do. 

3, noSScSSooooi, twist or contort one's self, as 
in yawning. &c. 

4, wi'ooooioooSoooS, reel, stagger, totter, as a 
very weak person in attempting to walk. 
Cognates, n§5, — ©oS, — 06B,— oo65,— ooSS, 
Analogous terms, 65,— oooi,— 65^1, — oog,— -jjj,— 
oQi, — oS, — o5oo6t. 

co&t, or ooSt, curve round, circulate, gyrate, &c. 

1, foDos, the carved marks, or rugae on the 

2, 8^oo6t, the crown of the head. 

3, o5ooot, an eddy, vortex, whirlpool. 

4, oocoiooot, a whirlwind. 

5, oeooois, a spiral apex. 

6, ^08^09^0008, germinate with a contorted sprout. 

7, oootot see ooSsos, contorted, curled, twisted, &c. 

8, nootooS, see 006100S, circled tight around, as 
the feet stuck in the mud. 

9, oo6ic8^, see 00o8c8|S, suck up, suck as a child. 
Cognates, ogi,— gt,— ^i,— §8,— oo§8,— :^i,— 
068, — 0068, from 68. 

Analogous terms, 81091, — 00^8, — 6oOc^i,— ogi. 
oo6^, or oooS, and 006^, bend as a spring, or any 
. elastic substance. 
Cognates, oo6p,— od6^,— c^^,~ogf,— g^,-o§f , 

Analogous iermSf oo§y***oo^. 

€o6i, done, finished, &c., used advefbiaUji as ooSiocoi, 
quiety well-behaved, obedient, doeile, well-trained 

Cognates, c§i,-,§i,— ogi,— ogi,— oc^i* 
Analogous ternas, cx>obiooo^i,— ooq^cSiooS, — ^^t 
oocfii, — ^^<^<) — oo^^ioopogi, — oo^C2too^<S^* 

oooi| or 0001, a haunt, place of resort, lair; home, 
especially the place where one was born and bred. 
Analogous terras, cSScS^cSSsBt, — c8S6c6Sbi, — 
oo8i(|ji, — iScSSiSc^, — ^icfcSoo^cSS, — oofBS<i^io^ 

0001^, or 0001^, as oi8cx)Oi^, for oiioooi^, get upon and 
press down with force. 

000, from o, pustulated, sinuous, tortuous, twisted, &c* 
adv. used to qualify words of piercing, or making 
holes all about, without regular order. 

Cognates, qg'""*'""^- 

Terras analogous to 0gjS^a:o<lioD<fe5, see oBocg^, — 
cS©)«X)1, — cotBdxcocbS, — 00(^8, — cSoDcoS, — <floo 
o5g, — cogs,— oS^eSf oo^exj, — cSiooi^cfli^, — cg^ 

009^, moving or dodging about, starting suddenly aside 
to some distance. 

^9 <gloDo^oc8S, appear for a moment in a place, 
then suddenly dart off, as light reflected from a 
mirror in motion. 

2, QioooocoD9SoooS, be skipping about, or dodging 
from place to place, ooia^8ft^oDioD^QOoc8ioc9^a> 

cx)bS 185 

3, ooo&S(X)o% glance, elide over, as a dnll instra* 

ment in catting, see ooo5S* 

Cognate, <jgS. 

ooojS — ooc^B, — jS, — 0OOD1, — cx)^§So, — ' coSoS^ 

oojiy adv. all about, from place to place, hither and 

1, cd9iod8i, do. 

— oSoooD80ooioo8i, consider a matter in all its 
bearingg, look at it on all sides, ponder. 

2, biccoS^oSoofi, l^daDce about, dance in native 

Cognate, qgi, — ooqgi, — »9i,— ocoi, see 91. 
Analogous terms, odq^iocx^S, — O08o5ootc8i, — no 
0}SoDc8S, — 00^10081, — oocSoocS^, — c8^Sq8^S,— 
g8 00 & Sgq 00 8S • 
cob, CO. of cool, and other words. 

1, ooSoDolcS^ooSoDbcS^, or ooSoDo)c8^ooScx)bc8^^ 
feel relieved, feel more comfortable, as when per- 
spiration begins to start after feyer, see cool, and 

2, &6oob&6oco), a paddy field, or moist land adapt- 
ed to cultivation in the dry season, &Sooooi^&Sa> 
b, do. ftSoj^iSoob, do. ©SoobSSooQi, do. cx)b, 
is most common. 

Cognates, c^,— ^,_;^,_^,— <^, — g,_'^,_. 
i^,— ^,— c^,— oDb,— cob. 
cob^, fish with a eg, or small net like a hoop eS^cS^ 
oob^od^, do. 

186 cobx 

oobSi BtirriDg or agitating, as corn in parchingi see b6| 

Its CO. ODoSi and oo&^, as. 

li oooSoobS, scratch, or paw np.. 

2, ooo^oobSi small hollows or cavitieSi whore water 

remains after the stream is dried op, oooDbS, do. 

oooDbi, do. 

Cognates, OD^S, — r^S, — ^00(^5. 
oobf, CO. of ODoS^ as coo\cohif same as oDSSoobS, see 

ODoS, 5. 

Cognates, c^8. — ^8, — s^i, — cobs, — o^%. 
oob^i from b|S, adv. indicates reciprocating motion , as 
finob^, langh immoderately, and with unbecom- 
ing bodily agitation, j^iODbp^iODO^, do* ^xcobS^ 
oo8i, do* ^ODb^^ioob^^ do. 
Cognates, c^^. — ^^p,_^^,_s^p,_g^,--^p,— 

oobi, from bi, a clearing, a cleared space, or field ; &c. 
a clearing away, also the means, or implements by 
which obstacles may be overcome. 

1, f nobi, Land instraments, weapons, arms, ^ODbi 
^oooi, do. ^oDbiS^oobi, do. 

2, QoScobxcS^, the clearing up of the horizon after 
rain; also an extension of the boundaries of vision, 
ooScx)bic8fooScx)Oic8^, do. ODbi,— oobi, and oobi, 

3, c^iODbi, a small species of tadpole; so called 
from their smooth, glistening bellies, called by 
some (^icoioi, by others dSiQS. 

od8S isr 

— 9ioooD9(^iODbi| said of rice kernels when half 
boiled, c^ioooScfeioobi, do. 

4, oobi(^i| bright* glaring, as the eyes, in staring 
o^ioobi, do. (^lODobs do. (^iojodcoS, do. 
5| oDioobi, CO. of cS^d^gS^i as cS^oDGS^ooiosbi 
a tiger. 

6, oobi, 00, oobioooi, generally oobS, to fish with 
a small hand-net called og, see oob^. 
Cognates, c^i, — o^i, — c^i, — ©ba, — oobi,— ODbi. 
oo8| CO. ooS, and od8, from 8, denoting circnity, cir- 
cnmference, <fec. 

1, V. To compaesi measnre a circamference, as od8 
00^, measare the circumference of a tree. 

2, 009008, evade, prevaricate, practice shifts, take 
a circuitous course to gain an object, 0008, do. 

3, 008, or 008, and 008, a village, hamlet, a cul- 
tivated enclosure, a garden, |oo8, a I^at city,, a 
paradise in native estimation. 

4| 008, or 008, a string of beads, so called as they 
go round the neck. 

6, 008, or 000I, as 00^1008, or oo(|^ioooT, be sav- 
ing of fragments, be economical. <&c. 
coS^y 1, An open space surrounded by a barrier for 
defence, as 2i^8S, or gioooS^iooSS, a 008S, for 
safety of a person sleeping in the jungle, gi^^^y 
do. also make a show of courage in order to gain 
respect, or intimidate, yioooioooocS|5ooGS^co^so^, 
2, ooSc8ioo8^<^i, a thicket of underbrush among 
the tall trees surrounding it; an appropriate 

188 oo8i 

haunt for wild beaetSi oo^oo8^^i| do. oo^cSiooS^ 
ooSc?ioo8S, do. oo8S, do. c8io6^ooi^oOioo8^^iiSa> 

3, c8ioo8^f), a Btnall openiog in the jaogle snr- 
ronnded by a thicket, 

4, 000S008S, and C06S008S, adv. see oo§S, 1. 
Cognates, c§S, — od8S, — 008S. 

oo8i| circle, circumference; snrroundi encompass; be 
circular, <fec. 

Ij Surround, encompass, OG8^o8oo^too^8ioitooioo> 
81, or ooo8iooSc8i. 

— od8iod>, move in curved lines move around in a 
circle, oo8icog, do. Qiootoo8ioco^, be broad and 
circular, applied to persons, be short and thick, 
cc8ic8|i, round, oval, roundish, 

2, adj. used in numbering plats of ground, and 
other things, of a circular form. 

3, ooSoo8i(|ji, a valley surrounded by hills, — 00^ 
. <|^ioo8i, a circular hole. 

4, adv. qualifies other things of round, circular form 
as c@ino8i, be surrounded, inclosed ; also used to 
designate the shape of ulcers, rihgworms, and the 
like as having circular margins, c8ie8i, c8ioo8i, do.. 
— and c8iod8i, do. c8ioo6Sc8iod8i, do. 

— 0^^0081, CO. (^^oo6Sq^^oD8i, pare around, pare 
into a circular form, c^80d8i, co. ri^80o8iri^8oooi, 
cut, or make circular, holes in the bottom of a pot 
used for steaming, <JjSod8ic^iod8ic^i, (fo.o^tooSt^ 
•tattoo in circles particularly r>und the eyes, c8ioo 
8i, CO. c8ioo8ic8ioDoa, draw a circular line, fl^co 

oDoi) 180 

8i| chisel out a ronDd hole, op^ooSi, pnt a ring, or 
of series rings around a thiog, as arouud a knife 
b&ndlei oocOi do. co^crJtx^ circular figures ; figured 
with circles, <x>^c8iod8i, or c8ioo8ic8icooa, leave 
ED open space, g8^od8i, co. g8|Sod8ig8^odoi, be va- 
cantyas spots of ground left unplanted in the midst 
of a field, o5od8i, co. o5od6So5to8i, leave spots 
uncleared in a plantation. 
a)8ico8i, and co8i8i, of a circular form, roundish, 
-—►00910081, adv. round about, in all directions. 

5, 00^0081^8, the name of a small creeper having 
circular leaves, ^^oo8i^S, do. 

6, ODtoo8i, CO. coioo6Sooioo8i, a kind of tree 5 
heart of the wood, red, leaves circular. 
Cognates, ©81,— oo8i,— co8i,— r§i, — §i, — OQn§i. 
Analogous terms, 0081,- — ooi[«, — oDos, — can, — 
0011, a>6|l, OD|, — ^8, — (^i, — 08, — ^. 

(OOcOi from ocO, to breathe; inhale and exhale, hence, 
the idea of doing the same thing bj repeated, or 
SQCcessive acts; also the idea ef transmission 
from one to another; the idea of receiving by 
traosmisioui the idea of quietness, stillness, or 
gentleness, is implied. 

1, To receive heat or warmth from fire, or from 
the sun as radiated from the heated ground cB^no 
ocH, do. oo^cBSooool, heat thus derived. 

2, ODOcHoocbS, successively, again and again. 
— o?o:J)o51ooDC>lan, do. ooodIoood), do. 

3, oooSooodI, odt>. in breathless silence as in lis* 
teoiog when danger is apprehended. 

190 oooS^ojScep 

4f cooSlf breathei exhale and inhale the breath] 
ooooocnooiioo^, cease to breathe. 
Terms analogous to cooS\, 1, c8^c8a|, — od&odoI, 
— oD^iooio^i, — 0011. Analogous to ooo5), 2, 
ooc8Sc8S,— ooc^c^,~coio5ioDioor, — 00S800S8, — 00) 
ojSojSoDncbso&s,— cSiojioS^cfiidjiooii,— dbioicbx 
oji, — «i6i«iooi, — cbic8fc8fcbic8ic8i. 

oooD^, CO. of ODOgpi as ODOj^oDOO^, cooling, refreshing, 
gentle; oooSioooj^odod^, see cooj^, and ooS. 

0000, 1, From 03, die, &c. co. of ooodI, as ooooooool, see 

ODOCH, 8. 

2, CO. of ODoS, as ODO0cr>d8, with most watchfal 
attention, as when danger is feared, oofjSoo^oooS 

8, oSoooS, or oSodoooSooodI, nitre, powder, (Tal.) 
ogloS^, rfo. (Ear.) 

4, SSoDOO, or odSSoo, (TaK) fast as a religious ob- 
servance, 8S00, do. S^ODooSSoDool, do. 

oooSt, CO. of oDoj^, as ooojjSoDooi, cool and gentle 
breeze; be invigorating, as a cool breeze, see cjot, 
substantial, strengthening, stimulating. 

0000^, or 0000^, medicinal, chemical, or coloring pro- 

1, Medicine; oooojSoobS, do. 

— o5SoDo5^, a* treatise on medicine, and the treat* 
ment of diseases. 

ooooSoD^^, medicinal powders. 

oooS^oo, 1, Liquid medicine, 2, dye, 3, ink, 

00 oo^cjji^, pills. 

oooo^o^^cS^f medicine formed in a bolnsi or mass. 

oDoopoooiicS^ 191 

ax&^ajjt, plasterBj cataplasmsi blistersi (fee. 

aDo5^o^8|i blisters, mastard poultices, and other irri- 
tants, of a similar kind. 

cooo^jl^y linimentsi nngaentSi oood^^ododS^I, do. oooSS 
^5, do. 

coco^o^^, poisoDi or poisonous medicine, given with in- 
tent to kill. 

ODo5^o3, castor oil, or other oils, given as medicine. 

ccao^:§t9 emetics. 

axo^a^f cathartics, purgatives. 

ooco^c'iotjjlooioo^f antacids, alkalines. 

ooo5^QO^o5, diuretics. 

cooo^cStoDcbS, anthelmi itics, vermifuge. 

cDOOpoocS^, tonics. 

coc&S^^f do. bitters; quinine &c. 

Qooo^not, astringents, styptics. 

aco^opS, antipurgatives, remedies to check purging* 

tooofoo^i^S, remedies for drowsiness; antinarcotics. 

coQoS^^, cooling lotions, or drinks, refrigerants. 

oooo^^S sialagognes. 

GocoSoo^oDtSi, medicine to improve the. state of the 
bloody &c. alteratives. 

cooDpdbcSS, alterative. 

ooQo^gD^S^i antifebrile remedies ; febrifuge. 

oooS^c^^rBSoji, refrigerants, cooling medicines. 

cz)0&^oo^§, discutients, detergents. 

oDoS^^t, do. remedies for tumors^ and swellings. 

ooooSoocSi, carminatives. 

codS>pQ^, opiates, sedatives. 

ooo5^couiic8^, diaphoretics. 

192 oooo^ojia^ 

ODOoSo^Sy expectorants; demulcents. 

<ooSScgSoo» erainenagognes. 

oooS^d|, rnbifacients, 

<oo5^^i, smelling salts, and other remedies used in the 

same way foi headacheSi faintnees &c. 
<r>^P:Bpf medicine locally applied and bound on the 

oooDpS^ool, or oooopS^odloDoSp^Soiji, remedies for 
headachei cooD^8poo1oocgi8|Soo1oS, remedies for 
chronic headache. 
cooS^bSdSOj) — for dizziness, vertigo, &c. 
<X)o5^8Sb^oo^, — for itching sores on the head. 
oooS^S^eoSi — for scald-head. 
oooS^iSoo), — for sore eyes. 
oooS^bSsyi^, — -for pricking pain in the eyes, caused by 

oooSpbSj, — for sty. 
oooS^^^ool, for earache, oooD^^^^ioo), — for ulcerations 

in the ear. 
<r>o5S;p9^io5f, — for obstructions of the nose from cold, 

influenza, <&c. 
coo5^cxJ)8^afl, — for furred tongue oooS^gico), do. 
oocoScjic^S,— for fissures in the tongue, 
coooSoooScfiSooS, — for sore mouth from salivation. 
<oooSc8^C3ol, — for aphthse, or thrush. 
coo5^b8^o6ioi,— for swelling, or ulceration of the gam. 
.oooS^booly — for toothache. 
oooS^ojjt, — for cough. 
oooS^oo^oo^S,— for colds, influenza. 
oxjS^ojjtoj, — for dry cough. 


c&^mSii^ 193 

(DcS^o^cS^iod),— -for pain in the cheet. 

cooS^ooioioi, — for distention of the bowels. 

cx)Q&^oot0|, — for heart-burn, 

ooaoSoDto82t« — severe pain at the pit of the stomach. 

coa5^ooioid3t(^,— griping pain in the bowelsi flatnlence. 

ooc&^9oeoDioi^i, — for abdominal ulcerations. 

a>a&^ooio'i8cncx)iOd9^, — for dysenteria. 

oooS^oa^o^y — for diarrhoea* 

ax&^cxj^^t, — ^^^ Purging and vomiting, cholera. 

coco^^, — -for bowel complaint in children. 

cooo^oe^toooos, — for distention of the bowels, flatnlence. 

a)o5|Sa9tcoo6i| — for wormsi nausea. 

ooc5^oo8ocni — for the spleen. # 

oooS^fiO^oSy — for djsuria, or stoppage of urine. 

ooo5j^oo^8o)^89 — for dropsical affection. 

coo5^b^cx>c889 — for leprosy, a mild speciei.of. 

QooS^oo^S^^, — for leprous ulcerations of the feet. 

oooS^oo^b^oio^y-— for scirrhns/or ossifications. 

Goco^oo^ocnooiy — for malignant leprosy, or 2^. 
when the extremites slough off. 

oocso^^sooiffloi 8^8079 — for swelling of the joints. 

coc&^coSof — for boils, and abscesses. 

coc5^cDC35i, — for swelling of the glands. 

oooo^oo^^i — for kernels, and glandular swellings. 

ooqS^oo%fi^c^^o|S, — for do^ of the groins, or other 
pigeon-egg kernels. 

CDoo^oo^t, — for sores, caused, as natives say, by cater- 
pillar hairs. 

otn5^oo^^^, — for suppurating sores. 
13 K. 

194 oocS>^co9S^ 

oooD^co^d3Sc8|— for the common, round, spreading uleoTi 

called by Burmans ooSgoS. 
a>ODJS^c^58|ScbS, — for chapped hands and feet. 
ooc»^d6fi8^oSJ5, — for chilblain. 
oooaSooScS^,— for counteracting a foreign body conjured 

into, a person. 
ODOD^ooSf||SooSob, — for rheumatic pains, or pains in the 

muscles and bones symptomatic of fever. 
ooodSooooooi— for pain in the muscles. 
oDOD^ooSoJsooScSi, — for a sensation of 'weariness. 
odod^^^cd), — for pain in the back and spine. 
0000^0001801, — for pains in the side. 
oooo^^oo^8^^8,-9~for fractures, and sprains. 
0000^ ^801 8^ 001 (jj|, — for dislocations. 
oooo^c^iojicSi^S, — for bruisesr and contusions. 
oooo^ogjSobSqScbS, — for strain of the muscles. 
oooo^<B^«85, — for burns. 
oooo^oo^coS, — for incised wounds, 
oooo^oo^doi,, — for punctured wounds. 
oooojSog^cS^, — for hemorrhage. 
oooo^q^oojS, — for snake bites. 
cooS^oooi^i, — for scorpion bites. 
oooD^otcS, — for centipede bites. 
oooojSj^^, — for the poison of tiger bites. 
oooS^^^abs, — for wound caused by fish spines. 
oooo^ooS^^ooStg^, — for poisoned wounds generally. • 
coc&p^y — for tetters, ringworm, and the like. 
oooo^S§o8^coS§80t, — do, 
oooo^§c8i, — for the Siamese ringworm. 
oooo^oo8c8^,— for vesicuUr eruptions. 

oooifooSojSao^, — for sbingles, a species of Herpes. 
oooS^ooSoojS, — for measles. 

'oDO&^oo^^jS, — for eruptions ** struck io," or repelled. 
cooS^cS^ooly — for chicken-pox. 
oooo^oo^solosS^, (or oooo^ooS jo6,) — for small-pox 
axo^^ccS^co, — for erysipelate. 
Goco^oo^jOD, — for nettle-rash. 
GDoo^ao^a9^9 — for St Anthony's fire, 
oooo^oo^^y — ^^^ papulsdy or rash. 
cooo^ooSj,— for freckles. 
oooo^oo^o^^cS^, — for livid spots on the skin. 
cooD^cSiODS, — for the itch. 
nooS^gg^S^eOy — for chronic, remittent fever. 
cooS^gD^S^cgi,-— ifor regnlar» intermittent ferer. 
cooo^^gS^, — ^^^ tendency of blood to the head. 
CDa5j^S8^S,T— for delirium. 
oocq^oo^dB^, — for cramps, spasms. 
0Da5^^oSS^oSf— -for paralysis. 

a)35^a5^o088i9— for chronic bad health after parturition. 
oooS^&^^y — ^^^ swelled breasts* 
ayx>S^obcQ^f — to promote the secretion of milk. 
oocS^SeBp, — for barrenessi 
cDOO^cSio^ty medicine to procure abortion. 
cooo|>02S8, — to prevent conception. 
03o5^Q, a tiger charm. 
coc6p<xAf\f a medicine to exorcise witches. 
oK6^69ooSSp,—to repel oo^cSjS, 
flooo^ai^, — to render a person invulnerable. 

cS^oSp, pound medicine, as in a mortar. 

^SoDoo^, grind it, as on a curry stone. 

i96 oooS^oi^ 

(j^coco^, grind it with a liquid to moisteD aod 
soften it. 

folo^SoooS^, mix different ingredients^ so as to* 
combine them. 

o^^c^oooSf , do. 

^ (^lODoSS, mix with a liqaid* so as to make plastic. • 

ocBoooD^, add one ingredient to another. 

9^cocbSf make medicine; general term. 

^oDoS^, make a decoction, by boiling. 

— • — ^jSooc^^y make an infusion. 

«iJr8^€8S| calcinate medicine. 

ejo^oDoo^, extract by boiling, or evaporation. 

oSooSool, treat a disease with medicine. 

— — coSc8ioo(»jS, swallow medicine. 

c^icSioooD^, drop into the patient's month. 

gtcSioooS^i or place it on the tongne; also 

dpready as. a plaster with the end of the finger. 
jjcSioDOD^, smear the affected part with mediciDO, 

rubbing it in with the hand. 

8^c8iooodS, do. without rubbing. 

rxjjscSioDOD^, put on a plaster. 

— QScSioooD^, rub the affected part with medicine 

ODQiioDoSf, hold medicine in the mouth without 

swallowing it. 
o^pdixcoco^f apply ^^ escharotic, or caustic. 

2. coco^, tobacco, ^^'i do. oooD^eicBS, do. cd 

superior quality. 

S. coco^obf ink. 

L coco^^S, a plant; the bark aaed to give color 

and coDBisteDce to fidhiog lines. 

5, ODo5^y Bobstances used for tempering steel. 

(Dcoi, sometimes used for oooDi, or ooDiy oo.- coo^icooS\f 
be celebrated for skill in anything. 

Goo^^y movement of air ; op the sensation prodnced by 
contact, as cooling, refreshing, (fee. 
1. Admit a draught of air. 

ooQ2§03o5t, do. oooDo^^oop, neg. of do. oScoo^^, 
expel wind, blow as with a bellowsi oSooo^^oSoo 
ODJS, do. 

S. Blow gentljy as the wind oo^ooo^^o^y db. from 
the south; blow up rain. 

oofcooj^cSi, do. easterly, oo^oooj^cSiooSoo^scSi, 
do. co^ oooj^ QS Q^ @S @S, a pleasant, steady 
breeze, oo^oDC^^o^c^t, or c^8c^<cgtcgt, breeze a 
little now and then «* in cat's paws," oo^yiooo^^ 
o^So^S, do. a>aj^6t6t, or ooo^^S^ototot, feel 
a movement of the air, as caused by a body pas- 
sing rapidly through it, 6Scx)02P, agitate the air^ 
as by the motion of a fan, o^sodojS, or oc^sooog^ 
o(^8qooO|Sf do. as with a punka. 
—— cbioooj^ooo^p, move rapidly so as to feel the 
resistance of the air, cosnoo^jS, go out to take the 
air, Ssoooj^^^'' P°^ one's self in a position to 
get the air, 6oooj{5, sleep in the open air, oSro 
oj^, or o5oDOj^o8cD008, place in the air to cool. 
3, ooQ^^cS^, exhale, blow out the breath from the 
lungs, 0902^00^^, as cocSinoo^^cx)^^, make an 
effort to speak,. but effect only a whisper. 

W8 ooc2<^% 

4. ooo^cSp, or aDCf^cS^ODoSscS^i flj off in an 
invisible vapor, as the volatile parts of liquid 

' ammonia. 

5, dScbo^^y CO. dSoDOj^^^t^y ^ ^^^^ having 
rough feathers and drooping wings. 

6| cxDOj^coQj^, gently, cooly, cocf^ooa^oooD^oa 

oof, rfo. 

Analogous terms, oS, — <jj5, — <jS, — 0|, — 8cr)o5i, — 

^,— o^oS, — oo<2|S,— co§,— 00^1,— QDOty— o55g8^, 
ooo^ty or ooo^t, as cSiooo^scSicxxgi, or cSiooo^^cSioo^^i. 

come loose so as to move out of place, ^loo^t, 

do. c8iOD^9 do. 
coc^, or 000^9 a general name for curry, stews, and 

similar dishes affording a gravy or broth to eat 

with rice, ooo£c8^c8^, do. 
coojo^cS^dB^ooi, a relishable curry. . 
ooojooco^, a small bowl of curry, 
ooo^ooag, or oocjooogooSi, cold curry, the leavings of a 

ooc^oo^^i curry uiade of flesh, ginger, onions, chillies, 

and oil, or ghee, oo^^^, do. 
oocjoo^ or ooojoooooj^, curry gravy, 
ooc^eoi^i or ODC^coi^ooojeOi curry composed, in part of 

parched and pulverized rice. 
ODOj>g^f or ooc^ojSaDO^glS, a fish curry. 
ODO^o^i, mushroom curry. 
— -^ — o^cfi^oDo^, seek materials for curry. 
— 8dBJ5coo{, cook curry. 

■oo8Sc8pooo£, or SooSSdS^oDaj, cook curry having 

the gravy thickened with flour. 

nooBr 199 

— — otcB^ooogi make a dry carry, that is, haTing a 

small quantity of gravy. 
CDo^^i a horse, pony. 
(OOD^oocB^, a fall grown etallion. 

oooj^ol^, a young stallion, odoo^oIoo^, do. ooc»^^i, do. 
ooa^^loo^, a gelding. 

oo3p^, a mare, ooco^S^no^, a young mare. 
ao3}^8, ft colt. 

oooD^oocb, a flying horse, fabulons. 
(ooj^oocSi, the horse trots. 
a>a^oo8ioo^, a saddle. 
a)c}^oo^y the mane of a horse, cocd^oo^oo^, do. 

2. oDO^^dSi, an ass; a. mule. 

3. oooj^, CO. of oos8; as ododj5oos8, an elephant. 

4. ooS^SoDODp, a species of hobgoblin resembling 
a horse. 

5. ^^ODCO^bS, horse-tail grass. 

ooob, 1, Cathay, the name of a country above Mandalay, 
2. noobSi, name of a tree; a species of Samadera. 
probably S. lucida.' 

ooo8S, CO. ooo85cocgS, uncompact, light, bulky compar- 
ed with weight. 
Analogous terms, occ^goDcgt, — <^cg7^aDc^, — oo 

CDo8i, eo. oooStoocgt, 1, adto. sounds made by talk when 
the tongue is paralyzed, or otherwise unmanage*^ 

3. Sometimes used for ooc8t, as cooStSgl, for oo 
cSiSgg), wisdom. 

300 od| 

3. ooo8t, or oooStoocsgty HDCompact, of a loose bulky 
0008^, generally 08^, 1, The lungs; the lights of 
animals, ooScx)o8^odcoJ5, do. 

2. *A sponge, or spongy substance. 

3. a>o8^, or cooS^ooc^, applied to groundi looeoi 
lighti <fec* 

4. 0008^1 sponge-like % the spongy part of fruits 
and plants, as cSiOD^oooS^/ the spongy part of a 
sprouted cocdanuti o^^oooSjSi the part of a pump- 
kin in which the seeds are opooooSS, the pith of 

ODoSScS^, same as 0008^, 4* 

6. c8icx:)o8^, become dry rot. 

6> cod8^oooS^i ad'o. sponge-like, 0008^08^, do. 

Analogous terms, ooo85oDcg5i — cx)o8«cDcgt, — od 

00100008,— oo^SooSS, — oo:8cx)c8,— o8SagSo8Ssg5, 

-— oooSpoocS, — ooooS, — •■ oDcS^,— 0008^08^,— 00 

0008, 1, or oodSoodSS, ddv. lopsely, as any thing tied 
. 2. or oooooDoS, adv. in a watchful, cautious man- 
ner as when danger is apprehended, oooSooool, do. 
3. CO. of cooo^, as oood^odcS, medicine. 

ooc8^, sometimes used for odc^^, a million. 

00081, or ooc8i8]g1,.Tal. wisdom, skill, understanding. 

oo^f, CO. of 00^8, as oo§ioD^8, see oo^s. 

00^8, sometimes used for 00^8, abrupt, sudden ; in 
claps <£ci, as sudden, or abrupt sounds bursting on 
the ear. 

ODogS 201 

oo^ico^, ckiv. soonds like burats of grief, from per- 
B0D8 wailing for the dead. 

Gogioo^, adv. sudden transition, as from rain to sun- 
Bhinoi and vice versa, oo^too^i do. ' 

Cognates, @«, — oo@«,— 0D@«, — oogg, — g«, — . 
co§^s> see ^8. 

00^^, or <^o^^oo^^i a brigbti cbeerfal, appearance 
of' things, as of the face of natnre at the com- 
mencement of the dry season. 
Cognates, ©?,— «>@^,— I?,— @?,— ooc^?, 

oo@> CO. of 00^, as m^oo^, see co^. 

Cognates, oo\,— @,— <»\,— @,— @,— (»\,— 

oog, CO. of OD^, as oogtOD^, see oogt. 

00^1 1. €0. QO^co^, enlivening, animating, applied 

to the air, and the face of natnre when it is 


3. CO. of ooQi, as ooQgooQ, which see. 

3. oo^oo^, <ldf>. of 0003, enlivening sounds. 
ooQ^, CO. of oo©5/ as oo@^oo@^, see od@^. 

Cognates; @;CD^; @? oo^; oo^; @; od@; e^; 

from ^• 
oocg), c^. of ODOg, as ooogooogi, in a whisper, or whis- 
pering manner. 
coogS, 1. From o5, to scratch up; co. of ooc§5, as ooc§5 

codoS, light, uncompact. 

2, w. of cx>o85, as ooo85ooogS, do. 

Ck>gnate8, oooS, — ogS, — ©oS, — gS, — oo5, — o 

oS, — oooS. 

809 ooc§« 

ooogi, .!• CO. of ooc^t, ae ooc§iODog«, see orogi. 

2. oocgscoGgSi or oocgtooogsodcAtcocgty ndf). harsh, 

uncouth BOUDdsi like ainging with a bad cold, 
• hoarse. 

Cogoatee, oDO«,— gt, — oot, — oot|— ogi, — og t| — 

0D«, — ooo«i — ^eo8, — oooi. 
ooc^i denotes secrecji privacy, qQietnese, something 

not observable, from 035, and 5. 

1. oo^oocA, or oo^coa3oo^ODcg)| vapor, exhalatioui 
effluvia (Tav, odo,) ooogdB^^ rise in vapor, evapo- 
rate, &c. 

2. ^34, adv. silently, privately, as cocSiooofl, 
talk in an undertone, whisper coc5cx)C^, privately, 
•unobservedly, whisperingly, f^^^^fi, do. ooaSo, do. 
Cognates, coo, — oo, — ODo, — eg-, — ^, — og, — |^, 
— 00^.— oo|,-§, — o:^,— a§,— oo<|,— 03<§. 
Analogous terms, oo^, — od^i^, — j^ojS. 

oocgt, CO. of ooogs, as oocgtcoogsoocgscoc^s, adv. uncouth 

oocgijS, or oocgipooc§, loose, uncompact, spongy, nnsub- 

stantial ; as piths of plants, loose dirt, and spongy 

substances, from, cgi^. 

Analogous termsi o8^, — ooo8^, — oocSjS,— oo8, — 

O0C§So00g5, O3C§8OD0g«. 

ooc§, 00. of ooogi^, as ooogri^ODc^ ; see oocgi^. 

CQc§S9 or ooc§$cx)cgS, light, unsubstantial, as loose amnd 

or earth, unfilled grain, straw, things that readily 

yield to pressure. 

Analogous terms; see under oocgi^* 
ooc^i or ODcgtoocgt, unsubstantial, easily cruehed» 

oxxJIi ^..of ooooi, as cSiooooicSiooool, see oocoi. 

nooo^, CO. of oooj^^i as odoj^^oood^, adv. soaods indicat-^ 
iog force, or fierceness, see noo^^. 

cocDl, 1. or ogtjjiioooDty phlegm, mucus of the throaty 
ODOOtc8^9 hack np phlegm, ODODtSseoSocBSog^, 
have the throat obstructed by phlegm^ oooosoS, 
tenacious phlegm, oocoss^, phlegm easily expecto- 
rated, loose phlegm. 

2. CO. of cooj^s, as oooj^gcDooi, see oooji, also co. 
of coobt, as nodbgODoos, see ooobs. 

0000^, 1. or ooco^ocQi, or oooo^B^ogi, a spinning 
wheel, — ooco^Qi, the wheel. part of do. — oooD^g, 
the spokes of the wheel.— -0000^8^^, the raised 
edges of the rim, — ocoD^oocx)^, the nave. — 0000^ 
oodty the slender, transverse splints of the rim. — 
oooo^S^^S, the piece of timber which connects 
the forward and after part of the machinery to- 
gether. — oooo^oo9c8, the trapsverse timber into 
which the hinder posts are inserted. — O3o0^8^c6^ 
do. into which the head posts are inserted.-— 00 
oo^oof^, the head posts. — odoo^oo^^^i, '< the 
ears" or parts in which the spindle turns.. — oocD^ 
001^, the posts which sustain the wheel.— —00 
oD^S^v {fo.— a>oo^^6S, the crank.—cooD^^, 
the. band. — ODCoSodoa, the single post which 
holds the band in place«^ — ooco^oocSSoy a small 
peg used for an axle on the side of the nave op- 
posite the crank.— ^0000^0098, transverse pieces^ 
directly under the rim, into which the outer ends 
of the spokes are inserted.— oooo^^cB, the spin- 

204 ODo^ 

die. — jhp^^h & swall bambooy inveeting the 
BpiDdlei on which the band tnrns.— oooo^oStojy 
have the band slide without torniog the spindle. 
— ODCO^ootoo^Sco^i have one side of the wheel 
Jieavier than the other, or the axle vary from the 
center. — oooo^oooB, one wheel. 

2. o^ScocoSf a carti or carriage having wheels. 

3. ODooSo^, wheel-like in form, have an expanded 
and flattish part like the hood of a cobra. 

4. ooooicx>qo^, broad and thin, or flat, nsed to 
describe a broad and flat head. 

ODOOi, €0. of oooj^i, as ODOj^iaooOi, adv. rapidly, with 

suddenness* see ooo^i. 
codSf or ooc&noJ)| a species of rough, coarse grass, 

often used for thatch, — noc&oo8, the young shoot; 

sharp and troublesome to the bare feet. — ooc5oo^, 

an open spot of ground, covered with cx)o&, grass. 

— ooio5oo^, th^ leaves of odc&, used for thatch. — 
* ood5^t, the thatch after it is prepared ; also the 

strip of bamboo on which the leaves are* fastened. 
ODoSS, CO. of ooooi, which see. 

oooSS, CO. of ooobs, as pocopooo56ooo6«, the horse neighs. 
ODOOI f 1, A kind of tree^ bark covered with warts 

with thorny points, leaves minute; ;970od valued 

for making harps. 

2. From* coi, cavernous, hollow; applied to the 
•hollows and cavities in trees, c8iodooSc8iooooi, be- 
come hollow, <fec. c8iooooic8inooo^, do. 

3. CO. of 0000^, as cpoDioooO^, see coco^. 

coo^, 1, From o^, fold to one's bosom, brood, cherieh, 

protecti ehieldi take one's part, coa^oDooS, do. co 
o^ojiooodScjii do. ODa^cS^GdODSi. trust in^ rely 
opoOf a8*cx>c^G8^oooD8cx>iogi9 trnst in God. 

2. cooc^od^^, power, ability to protect &c« 

3. cotx^^ij manifest attachment to, cling to as 
a fond child to ts parentsi see coobs. 

4. The shade or protection afforded by thick, wide 
spreading foliage of trees. 

5. oooc^ajjii, brooding, .depending! over-spreading, ^ 
applied to trees, and ropfs having low eaves. 

oxn^oooo^i 6k:fo. indicating force, fierceness^ rage. 

axx>tQocx)S, do. ooogitoooos! do* 

ODcgioooDi! dde. with saddenness,. rapidly, as the rapid 
rising, or falling of a streami ODf^iooai, do. 

Goco^, (Bar.) cement, solder* 

oocbt, 1, Neigh, as a horse; cry out with a shrill qna- 
yering sound, as an elephant, cx)c&Snoo68, do. co 
a6tcx)(Si, do. ODobioooDi, dos coobscS^, make* a 
similar sound with the human voice, indicating 
iiispjeasure, coo68dB^cx>c08dB^, do. 

2. c^iox^s, shine with a sparkling, brilliant lus- 
tre, see also oobicfei, cfeicooSSc^ioDobs, do. 

3. CDcbt, CO. of coc^, which see. 

4. see cx)c8«, 2. 

ooi8t, 1, Utter harsh, sharp sounds, indicative of reproofs 

or anger, cocSiodooi, do. 

2. oDcbsoocSf, do. 
co«), 1, CO. of cx)3^, as ooQ^cooo), groan, moan, indica- * 

tive of pain or grief. 


2. 00. of cx>(fi, as c8io3(fic8icx)otf), be slightly con- 
cave or depressed in. the center. 

3. 00. of ciDOOii as cSiooooicSiooooT), reverberatCi 
undulate, as vibratory sounds. 

<x)OoS, 00. of oocSSy as ooefiSoDooSi utter broken cries 
of distress, as an animal in pain, cocB^oooot, do. 

<X)Wty from 008, 1| cStcocBjSoDOOSi uttQr an abrupt stif- 
fled cry, see ooc6«, 

9. oooosoodbs, a^t^. qualifying c8^, as cS^ODOOSODd^s, 
cry with a catching. of the breath, adv. ^i, as ^i 
oooMfiioodbs, laugh one's self out of breath, ^ic8i 
oodbs, do. 

3. 030^800008, impediment in speaking, stammer- 
ing; utter unmeaning sounds before one's words. 

4. 00. of ooo|8, as ooo|toooo8, utter deep, hollow 
groans; sigh in agony; howl, as the wind. 

5. O3008, sound uttered by the animal, called 

6. (d^oooo8, a kind of creeper of the geans 
"Smilax," of which there are severa^ varieties, 
as c8^oo8, — ^c8^ooo»«§8i, — cS^ooootoj, — dB^ 

O3o5^, whining, whimpering, or supplicating tones, see 
oo^» strait, narrow, 1. cx)00^aQO|8, whine, as a 
dog when desirous of something; whimper; beg 
a favor in supplicating, importuning tones. 

2. ooo55c^cg)| importune, persuade, coax. 

3. ooooSooc^^, with pertness; with airs of self- 
importance; with mincing affectation. 

00001, from ooi, evil, hurtful, &c;, 1, Applied to man- 

ners, oSooooioooD8| assame a daringi threateDing 
attitude; treat i^ith defiance, oSoocogcoooi 00100 
tioioQi/ do. oSoooDtooDOiogiiy aseame baughtj, ar- 
roganty overbearing airs, oS 00 oa« oaooic^iODO©i 
cxjjii, do. 

2. AppKed to the countenance oofeSooooiajjii, be of 
a hollow, haggard countenance, have a ghostly ap- 
pearance, ^SoDoei^cooei, do* ^Sooooiajjiiocgii, 00 
Micxjjiiajjii^ do. 

3. cbiooooi, become a hole or cavity liable to 
contain snakes, scorpions, or other dangerous 
beasts, O^^o8<^ic8iooooi, the tree has a suspicious 
looking cavity, o3^^\G8^cx>90ia^i, an opening 
leading to an internal cavity, coi^oaboi^i, a cav- 
ern in rocks. 

4. 00001, applied to dolorous sounds, .dS^cSiooooi, 
make hollow, undulating, or inspiring, sounds, 
like that of a Burman gong. 

Qoai, moan, sigh, groan, ooo^oodbs, do* ODOfODg), do. 
ooa^ooocD, do. indicating, different kinds of do. oo 
8^c8iooo08, groan, moan as a pretence of suffering 
pain, or grief. 

coo^t, atter the sound 0^8, 1, ooo^toooos, preface words 
with o^soot, as in stammering, stammer, 2,ooa^8 
ood3^, expressive of hesitancy, or stops, as in' 
walking among thorns, on the utterance of o^tcSS. 

a)G|t, utter deep, hollow groans, 1, ooa|8oooo8, groan as 
in agony, odoSk^^ooo^s, or. oo8|8oooo8, the wind 
howls, oooo^oo8|8, whine, whimper, importuning 

208 090^8 

CDOO, or 0900| ginger. 

00^, or codbooocOi have some occalt power, or importi 
portendiog evil| omiooas, iDanspicioas, 1, ooSoooby 
a bad omeD, a presage of eviU sometimes any 
omen good, or bad. 

2* dBcx)^, a small speciees of jangle fowl, osed in 
decoying other wild, fowl; cSiod^i become dimin- 
ished or deteriorated in kind, or size, yet pos- 
sessing instincts beyond anything indicated by 
outward appearance. 

8. co^'by CO. oodbo^oodbbi diminutive in formi 
often applied to small infants ; e^b, do. 

4. oSoodboooDt, 00. oSoD^oSoDcSooooSy assame to 
be more than is reali be spirited, daring, forward, 
as young cocks, and young lads. 

5. cxjjtaD^i CO. cxjjsoodbo^icoool, be extremely weak, 
or hopelessly exhausted. 

00(^8, or ODobs, intense, penetrating, harsh, rough ; having 
a tendency to peel up; open in shreds or fritters, 
so as to become rough and harsh. 

1. ODobscS^, CO. aDobscS^ODobicSi, be frittered, or^ 
cracked, so as to produce a rough surface. 

2. obco^^s, in a harsh, screaming, strained voice ^ 
intense, violent heat; obcodbtdbtobcodbs^s^e^b. oodbi 
bs, CO. oodbso^ODcbsbs, applied to the voice, shrill, 

3. ^ODobs, CO. \cotAS\cof^t, applied to heat, in^ 
tense, scorching, &c. 

4. CO. of 000^8, as 000^800(^8, sigh, groan, moan« 


gS* 209 

00(^^9 CO. oodb^cpc6^9 1, Witb affected gentility, osten- 
tatiously; in a reeling, swaggering manner. 

2. «o« of oooSjS, as odoS|Soo(^J5; see oooS^, 

oodSy from -gS, a cavity 1 > oogSi oo. co^sBoocS, be hollow, 
as a tree ; have a cavity, odq8oiooc65, full of 
cavities, — ^SsoDcfi, c(K SsoogBSioocS, dig out, exca- 
vate, as a canoe,— -c^soogS, dig, or carve out, as 
with a knife, &c. 
— c8ioog8, be hollow, sunken, as the countenance. 

3. oogS, empty, having nothing within,-— cSioo 
cB, CO. c8icx)g8c8icx)Oo1, do. as the stomach empty 
of food, — oogSoQi, empty, as a cavity of any 

4. ^ioogS, few, little in quantity. 

5. 8^oocJ3, a little while, a short period. 

6. idSoogS, a certain class of snakes of a grey color, 
— tdoDGSoold, do. having a green tail, — t6a>(38 
o5Soo^, ^. striped with white on the back, often 
found in houses, and granaries. 

7. 8oo(fi, an owl, — SoooSgSt, small kind of do. 
mB^nocSf CO. oo(]B^oo€8c8tc8ic6iogt, expressive of a 

loud, bellowing sound, as that made by an ele- 
phant, or bison. 
oo4i from dS, gape, open in fissures, &c.| a sinus, in- 
dentation^ recess, &c., as in, or under a shelving 
bank, also applied to the opening of the mouth. 
1. Sxo^Af CO. cSicocScSinoocOi cave or shelve 
underi as a bank, — oodSooSi the cavity or hole 
thus formed ; cx)(fi8^no€8<£i| do. 
14 K. 

210 'ooiei 

2. oocSc^i, 00. rb(fin^^cx>c8c^i, appear '' chop- 
fallen/' as through fear or amazement. 

3. oSoocDtoocScSoacScBi pot oo the appearance ol 
courage and resolution, as in case of difficulty oi 

4. cocSy CO. of oog8 ; which nee. 

oDcSSf CO. cocSSooooSy sound caused by choking* 

cocSSf CO. ODcSscoodty (2o. 

00(3^9 1' ^'^^ of cocSy as cof&^coA^ chop-fallen, ^ 


2. <k>. of 00(^^9 as oodb^oD(fiS, staggering^ reeling] 

swaggering, &c Bee od(^S. 

3« CO. of noo^s, as coo^soogS^, with stops* checki 

hesitancy* ^^^ ooa^8| 2. 

4. oodS^cS^, gasp for breath, as a person s\iffocat 

ooqS, co^ ooSSooa^, sound like that of a heavy dash oi 

rain* see odcS. 
00019 So, co8i, as ooSinooi* sound like that of mon 

keyei* jumping about in the tops of trees ; also co 

of 00^1, as co^icooif Bee od^i. 
ooaioDOi, with rapidity and force, as the rapid rise o 

water in a freshet. 
cx)S^cx>o^, sound like that made by a 6ndden9 heav^ 

dash of rain. 
ooSioooi, the rustling of leaves, ^^ ooOi. 
cfS\ 1, Open, diverge, dilate; 2, an instrument used fo 

catching fish ; 3. carve, slice up ; 4. feel malev 
' olence; 5, one kind of ear ornament. 
oS\%%^ CO. region of danger^ Bee cS^Ss; 

ODI 211 

ocOStf CO. place of daoger (S^8i« 

9ee c3j8icxd18i, — S^cxO, — cfefafl, — ^ScxJl,-— coco), 
— 90^9— -oocxHy — po^, and odoo). 

00^,1. Break, bend; i. num. af. distance of a tree's 
length; 3. divine, presage ; 4* broken in mind; 5. 
ado. descriptive of a cackling noise; 6. q^. indica- 
tive of probability or permission. 

oo^too^^, fold, as a mat oSoo&s^^oo^ooqiSi^sgS^. 

a>^«5Sj wood breaking without separation. 

(^00^88, bamboo breaking without separation. 

co^s8o5t, prognosticate by breaking a fowl's bones. 

^^fll* <l^pi*G^ioi^ of the nose between the eyes. 

oAocqo^^i offer a little of the. rice first cooked from 
a new crop. 

oo^S^i a tree lodged in falling. 

(D^cSs^, break in many places. 

sse d^toDS, — ooifScoSc^, — ooc»80©ooS, under oSs, 
— ^SobcoS, and the derivatives oooS, odooS. 

GO^cStob, split in two. 

G0^8i88{, the name of a plant. 

see o5^og\t6c3oS, — jgi^o^i — c8tcoS, and SiooS. 

a>Si 1. Wretchedness from destitution or famine ; 2. co. 
to other roots; 3. cackliqg noise. 

ooScB^i, universal and utter desolation^ 

coScoSd, for cSBodSo, below the. house, on- the ground. 

001, 1. Attach to; %• bind together; 3. qling to; 4. in- 
terweave; 5. creep, over-run, as creeping plants ; 
6. gripe^ as the bowels; 7. block up, obstruct; 8. 
webbed, 9. })efall ; .10. design^ have in mind; 11. 
with neg. exceed ; 12. num. aff. the q,uantity 

212 oosdBf 

grasped by one hand ; 13« a small copper coiOf a 
pie; 14. a family name for several kinds of fisL; 
15. Bulphnr; 16. aff. denoting connection; 17. 
interpreti surmise* 

00800^1 scissors^ shears. 

nosc^y sbearsy forceps. 

oo«cx>i, go heavily, a3 one with a burden, or sick. 

00800^, 1. A house-pigeon ; 2. name of a tree. 

oogcBS, meet with calamity. 

oo8cB5, CO. ooicBSoogdSS, 1. Prevaricate; ^. ad^.^ at 

co8o^, name of a fish, cx)8^. 

008^, num. aff. a quantity which may be grasped 
around by one hand. 

008^1 CO. OD001, go as one with a burden, or sick. 

00 8e^, scissorsi shears, see od8o5^« 

co8c^, a species of mud fish. 

008^, for @8@i a species of early paddy. 

008^^, slowly, with di£Scnlty. 

0080001, cover up, screen. 

oosooS^, name of a fish. 

0080000^, scissors, shears* 

cx)800^S, do. 

00800S, close, as a door, &c. 

oosodli CO. O08c8809tocn,. cram, stuff the mouth. 

0080^80^8061, entangled ensnared. 

008c88, name of a fish. 

oo8cB^, 1. Fasten, or hitch up, as to a wall, &c. 2. aticl 
up, as a notification ; 3. palm a fault upon a per- 

c©^ 213 

cot9^8^» 1. A babble; 2. a foot ball. 

cot%if aff. again I %ee oo88. 

cotf 1^1, plump. 

o:)ioo2S, name of a fish. 


half breed. 
ootySf entangled viscera, 
ooootoo^i more yet. 

co^Sj meet with, as a calamity or event. 
cotooit CO. 0080580080019 covcr, scrcen. 
C083D, 0^(^10280129 reap 0280^9 harvest. 
OD8dB^9 CO. of aD8cB5. 
co8a>o)y a turtle. 
008C889 stuff the mouth in eating ; mouth stuffed with 

0010081 CO. of oocd^, strength 9 ability. 
008008, time» season. 
0080080080019 adv. obstructively. 
0080^^8, weave a * cat's cradle.' 

ooD08c8^, inadequate. 
oo8c659 CO. of cBscSS. 
oo8ooo8c8^9 name of a fish. 
no8db, do. 

see ^008, — 8^008, — o^od8, — 00008, — ooo6ojfo$ 

co8,^-8ioo8, and the forms 00008, — 00089—00 

008, and 9008. 
co^, 1. Broil, grill, roast; 2. screen, n. a screen; 3. 

adv. by way of requital, revenge, requite toil ; 4. 

of. indicating permission ; 5. of. probability ; 6. 

spoiled, destitute of usual substance or flavor. 

214 CD 

oo^oS,- ojf. quite, very, as ^09^o&, very easy. 

OD^<^^i 00. ooooSopc^^, n. an amulet, used as a de- 
fence against evil. 

00^8^, CO. cx)^8^no^f^i a canopy, ceiling. 

oo^e^SjSi q^. indicating that tbe assertion is not posi- 
tive, and that assent is solicited. 

oo^oop, incantation. 

oo^fSoopfS, adv. with a waddling, clumsy gait. 

oo^^^S, same as no^^, of. permission, assent. 

co^CQ^, grill, broil, or toast. 

00^^^, CO. ^^cop, screen, partition, oo^^ooco^. 

8ei ?^cr)^i — §^oofo^, — «ioo^, — og{5oo^, — o^ 
oo^*-^ — SscDJS,— ^00^00, and eoojS,— oood^, and 

001, 1. Scarce ; 2. bear a high price ; 3. trade ; 4. throw 
over the shoulders, as a shawl, &c. oo^coi, 1. A 
scarce article ; 2. an article of trade ; 3. scarcity. 
ooS»5«ooSooi, same as ooi, def. 3, 

ooioDi, adv. 1. Sternly^ 2. saucily. 

.ooio5Scx)iooi, adv. with a waddling, clumsy gait. 

ODtooioDicx)!, do, 

co\€f^%f same as ooicoi, fiercely. 

ooiooS, trade, traffic. 

yicx)iooS8, a trader. 

ooifiooifi, adv. in a clomsy, unwieldy manner, 

coxS^s CO, cbScS^coidS^, live by trafficking. 

»ee o|Soo^coi, ooo^|5ooi8^, cSiooi, 880Dt, co. 8i8^ 
8scx>i, and eooi, oooi, and ODOOi. 

CO, in combination with other roots, 1.* Frizzled, kinked; 
2. feel dragging pain ; 3. be restless in mind. 

o«o8 215 

(iAj adt. a whiniDg ooiee. 

rbfU^i name of a creeping plant. 

ly a water planti end of leaf twisted, cnrled« 

JM £oS, 8oSy and the derivatives coo&, ecai 000&, 

and cooS. 

c5^9 1. Tie aronnd, gird; 2. a band, ligature; 8. convo* 
Inted; 4* having short bends; 6. winding; 6« mar- 
row; 7, pith; 8. the pistil of flt)wer8; 9. midst, 
center; 10. cordiality, sincerity; II. corrugated, 
fnrfowed ; 12. worms of the grub family ; 13. grat- 
ing to the ear; 14. (idv. qualifying yellowness. 

OD^co^, oSoo^ SsoooDO^c/i (fi^b, grcens; medicine for 

no^fi CO, n5^^a^8^9 tie the wrist, a ceremony used in 

recalling the guardian spirit. 


90^^(p8i, same as ooo^SooSii shape, ooSo5Sf, the cere- 
mony of tying the wrist. 

^^ CO- coSoj^Sco^cJjIj, 1. Constrict, compress with a 
ligature; 2. the creases or 'furrows on the fleshy 
and articulatec] parts of the body. 

oS^o^ScSicocbSoocSS, a phrase, which denotes the tying 
of a ligature around the wrist, to prevent nausea^ 

Q0^<B^8, title of one of the Karen fables. 

Qofo^^, cloud yarn by tying parts of it in coloring. 

n&^oB, marrow. 

see 8pnoS, — fioSS, — ootcoS, — 8So5S, — ojjScoS,— 

06S — c8noS, — (^«o5Soi8cB«,— o5io5^o5toD«,— o5« 
oSSoSioji, — c8«o5ScBtoo8, — ooio5Scx)ioox, — cBoSS 

216 <At^^ 

cBc^p, and tke forms tooS, — a>o5S, — ooooS, and 
ooSy 1. A geDeric name for worms of the grab fAmily; 
2. adv. as if worm-eaten; 3. grating .to the ear; 

4. furrows, depressed lines, creases ; 5. tie ligatures 
at intervals, around yarn, by which means it is 
clouded in dyeing ; 6. clouded, gird the loins. 

ooSoj^S, same as o5Soj^5. 

ooS^p, tie thread, &c. def. 5. 

oo59Sog, — c6Soo^cD^, — oo5ei8^,-~oS5c6i^,-7- c55o{5 
c8p,-^- oSSooog, — o55ojf(j, diflferent kinds of 

see §5oo5, — SiooSooodi, — f ^<^S, and the deriva- 
tive ooooS. 

COS, 1. Constrict; 2. astringent; 3. compress bj twist- 
ing, screwing, &c. 4. adv. urgently, vehemently; 

5. oppressed, strained, as the eyes; t. with other 
roots, writhe, contort, twist, &c. 

ooScSs, CO. oo^oosooSoji, any thing astringent. 
cbtcozcotcot, adv. describing motion, attended with 

various twistings and bondings of the body. 
oSscotoosojti do. like a wounded worm. 

0080oSoD80Jf, do. 

oSsffiS, 1. Same as cocB^ ; 2. corrugated, crumpled. 

008(8^00809, CO. 

oo8cB^oo8oo, 1. Corrugated, crumpled ; 2. with effort, 

with straining, as of the eyes. 
o58q5, CO. nos^S. 
ooSoo8qS, a rag, cotton cloth. 
o68^S, CO. od8^So58q5, !• (w?t;. pressingly, vehemently, 

c5foo 217 

with contortioDS of the body ; 3« with effort or 
strainiDg, as of the ejes. 
ootoog, adv. preseiDglji vehemeDtlji tightly. 

oSie^^y CO. c^to^^ioiso^c^^i ad'o. very astriogent. 

see oonSi, — do5i, — bic85o5soog, — oo^c8^5c$8odi 

c8pc9i — ooSSooioji, »^8O0«, OOOD^nSlOjl, — 

&Soc6t, — no^^oDt,— rBio58c8|St35| and the forms 
•oSt, — o^n&Si — ooo5t| aad coos. 

c5^f 1. Yariegatedi particolored; 2. the thigh; 3. the 
axil or arm-pit; 4. pluck; 5. the snccolent extrem* 
ities of a plant. 

Qdoo^i figured, variegated. 

90o5^oo<Si, do. 

Odc^f CO. oon&^ooci the thigh. 

ooSoo^t something figared* or parti-colored. 

ooS<5D^ooSoi, do. 

m^co^f — oo^ooSi, — oo^ooSi^S, — OD^oDgScflS, — o5^ 
rags, — oo^oogSooS,— oS^of^c^^,— c^peocSig,— 
oo^cfiicS, — ^jSooSS^^qg), — OD^eoSSSSqg), — oS^ 
*f 8^, — OD^Sp @f g, — oS^oDogtoDogf , — o5^odo<%S 
ooo<^S,— OD^Oj^S, — oo^cSiqg, various parti-colors, 

m&coxcbij the part where the thighs begin to diverge. 

03^c)^, CO. oo^oj^S, gird op, 

oo^o^y plncki or nip off the extremities. 

nSSaS, gain reposei rest, or quiet from pain or trouble. 

foSoOy 1. Variegated with small checks resembling the 
texture of basket work ; 2« in a wider sensci fig- 
ured, variegated. 

218 "^^V?^^ 

ooSn&^oOy somethiDg figured or variegated with colore. 
00^(58^, stripedi as black and white stripes. 

no^i^^, CO. n&j5ij5a^i^no^i^^f speckled as if strewed 

with white seeds. 
06^8^15 the space between the thighs. 
n6^86too8S| spotted » speckled. 
o5pc8i^, CO. o5^c8i^n5pc8x^, cloth having one or 

two threads of a different color along the margin. 
no^c6i^5, CO. n5^c8i<g5. 
o6^c3S8^» the recess at the top of the hips. 
^^@^^^ the space between the thighs. 
ooj5o|2i^, variegated like the snrface of a melon, 
co^q^y CO. o5^q^^op^(9, the thigh ; strictly the bulging 

part of it. 
nojSqSS^y the lap, or front part of the thighs, 
co^i^^e^, the femnr, or thigh bone, 
nofq^coi, the hip joint. 
oS^q^^ooS, between the thighs. 

yio6^q^|*8t, title of a Karen fable. 
no^S^ojjS, CO. ODpS^ojSoo^SfcSi, same as oo^Oj^S. 
oDJ58^«8i, CO. oS^S^ojjS. 
n&^f ^00^1 a species of rat an. 
o6^f^cibe8| adhere to truth, be strictly upright. 
oojSoojP, various colors. 
oo^ocSi, having stripes running round the thing spoken 

o^^oiSoj^Si having stripes interrupted by other figures, 

or by a border. 
no^<Qi^8^, the lap, or front part of the thighs. 

oS^cBooSy the depressed part between the posteriors. 
0D^«»^, obecare, hazy. 

oS^coS^i, 1. do. 2. with f prefixedi the arm pit. 
oSJkjW^, the lap. 

see §c5^, — oo8xa>So5p, — 8|o5^) — 85o5^,*— cor 

©, — OD^c^^^iy — opoDp, — fco^ODS^ii and the 
forms #00^, — ODcSjS, — ono^, and oooop. 

cSiy this root has not been found nsed alone. Its im- 
P9rt as used with other roote^ appears to be, 1. 
Fret| chafe, enervate ; 2. adv. in an agitated man-- 

oSio^iy €uiv. dazzling to the ejes* 

{^looinoimii <idv. with incessant agitation or short 
motionsi oscillations. 

oo^igoS, a rag, bit of. cloth. 

mdSxf V. aff. express the juice of tobacco leaves inta 
the ear, to dislodge insects, &c. 
See oo^Sooioji, and the forms «n5i, ododi, oooSi. 

001, live for a longer or shorter period ; 2. be long-liv- 
ed ; 3. adv. long life ; 4, aff. very ; 5. move or act 
upon with a lever ; 6. combined with other roots, 
forced, out of place ; 7; form into a compact mass^ 
as clay for pots, &c. 9. fit, proper, suitable. 

ooicoooiS, extreme old age. 

ooia^^, CO. odna^^ooicS, crowded, compact, as an assem* 
blage of persons or animals. 

CDlQJy CO. a>ioj^. 

cxnoj^cS^, form into a bolus, or round mass. 

ono^^ CO. odiopSoDinj, distort, make crooked. 

320 ooiScooi 

ooicBScS^, eame as ooiojScS^, 

ooiogS, pry, or prize any thing from its position. 

ODi8t, durable, long-lived. 

(]S^ooi(]8^8s, be long-lived, of long duration. 
ooi«8i, 1. Pry along towards; 2. fit, adapted to. 
oDic8^, 1. Pry up; pressed from great fulness. 

f^oDi, a lever. 
coioOiScxjioo, apologize for an offense, 
ooicb^, af. may be rendered, indeed. 
oDi^iooiyS, middle age. 
noiooon, form chatties, from the soft clay. 
001 c8, CO. of ooio^p. 
<>Dic8^, same as ooicb^. 

yiooioooii, a potter. 

see dB^oDi, — ^sodS^iooi, — ^scfet^sooi, — 85ooi, — 

ODlOoSoOlOOl, CX>IOD1001001, fesCDl, — •ODKDl, 

oiooi, — 00^001, — Bsooi, and the forms ©ooi, — 

00001, and odooi. 
ooiS, 1. Overlay, cover; 2. a steep bank; 3. lop, or 

break so as to make the part bang down ; 4. lop- 
.ped, pendant; 5. break, as the rim of a pot; 6* 

a cover, a projecting or shelving part ; 7. lay flat, 

as a plate, <&e. 8. lie 'flat, as a person ; 9. stout, 

robust; 10. row, with oars; 11. be voracious. 
ooiSoool, and ooiSoooloji, 1. Back a boat by reversing 

the oars; 2. row back again ; 3. return, cjme back, 
ooi^ooq^, cover, in order to screen, shade 
ooiSoo|i, the part of a bank next the water. 
ooiSoo|io68, do. 
ooi^oooi, the side of a bank. 

cm^cBcfiooS 221 

ooi^oooS/ 1. Jut over, project ? 2. fold back, as the edge 

of a mat. 
ooi^co^coSi the cavity under a shelving bank. 
ccnSoo^, CO. coi^cbS. 

ooiSoji, same as toiSodsJ), move backward. 
001^(^5, €0 ooiSnSSooiScfeS, 1. Notched, indented, as the 

margin of a field ; 2. opposite, over against, as 

frnit growing on opposite sides of the stalk ; 3» 

name of a species of creeping plant* 
ooiSogS, 1. Avoid, by rowing from ; 2. break or be broken 

ofi^y as part of the rim of a pot, &c. 
coi^S^y CO. coTiSQpG^Sxf the top of a steep bank. 
noiSS^ojS, see ojSS^ojS. 
ooi^8^c8iooSy overhanging bank or precipice. 
anSfj^f CO. ooi^ooSy a bank made shelving by the action 

of water. 
(TXi^oocif ply an oar, row. 
ooi^ooS, close, confine with a cover. 
coiVdoScoi, do. cover to hide, 
ooi^oof, same as ooi^coj^i. 
ooiS^S, CO. ooiS^^noiSj^i, lop-eared. 
001^1^1, CO. ooiS^S. 
cDi^oiy the side of a steep bank. 
001^85, broken off in bits or fragments. 

GOl^oSt, CO. CX)1^0D1, 

001^001, CO, noi^o5809i^ODi screen with a cover. 
cm^ooS, CO. ooi^Scoi^odSi. a bank made shelving by the 

action of water. 
conFicBiooSf place bottom np, as a dish. 
ooi^dScSooS, 1. do. 2. lie face upward. 

U22 ODip«ia>V 

•09i^£c88^i 1. Place right side np, as a dish; 3. lie od 

the backy as a person. 

see QXcoiSf — SiooiS, — 8^1^| and ooooiS, 
ooiS, (often cBS,) 1. A short interval, a little while, S. 

short and thick, chnbby* 

see-QcoiSi and ^noiS. 
O018, see oooois, and •oois. 
<oi^, 1. Lazjy indolent; 2. Manl. (b^y consider, devise, 

plan ; 3. prejix, used in both these significations. 

oo^09i^ooD8y mid. v. feel indisposed to effort. 

ooSooi^oooS, do. 
ooi^cocSiooS, premeditate what to say; loth to speak. 
oon^fS^, CO. ODiprBjSesSp, talk of, talk aboat as any 

news, or any new project. 
ooi^c8^c85o5, €0. do. 
ooi^ocji, lazy, indolent. 

yiooi^yio^|, CO. a person of indolent habits, 
ooi^^, undecided, irresolute, wavering in purpose. 
noi^^ooSf, from- ODip, 2, and ScoQ^, think, devise, 

plan, see cqiSco2^. 
001^00^0800^, deliberate, devise, plauj see oj^ooSosooS. 
cx3i^c8p, CO. C5oi^c8jSe8c8i, deliberate, &c. resolve. 
ooiS65, name of a person in Kar. Fab. 
coi^^SSsggdb^l^ooboDiofSoooo^cSi, a fig. phrase, used 

in allusion to the above fable, to denote one who 

has undertaken something beyond his capacity, 
ooi^ocfloo^, from ooi^, 1. and ool, indisposed to devo- 
tional exercises, or attend worship. 
ooi^QiooS, 1. Device means to accomplish any work; 2. 

be indolent. 

. ojS 223 

oot^cBSoooDf 9 devise evil against each other ; 2. eoDsnlt 

Odi^ooc^y lazjj heedlessy indolenti inefficient. 
an^o5y harbor a design against one's life; ojjSoS. 

8x001^, name of a person in Earen. fable. 

6adtcbi^, be habitually indolent, 
oon, !• Bent} carved, inflected ; 2. turned as the edge of 

a tool ; 3, intense^ affix^ very, 
ooii^^t congested^ as with blood from the surrounding 

parts, 2. collected in a ring or bunch ; a herd of 


ODiioS, from C5011, 2d. def, and 65, turned or twis- 
ted in different directions. 

see fiOtODii,— -aosoDnot^^, — QOtoo^ooicoii, and the 

forms 00001 1, and oooii. 
o^^ 1. A shell, testaceous covering ; 2. shell, as of nuts; 

3. the rim of the ear ; 4. E^ren basket which 

they suspend on their backs, for carrying burdens ; 

5. adv. basket-shaped, shell-like ; 6. bark, or thick 

hard skin. 
r^, — (Tjoo, o^eS^cS^, — (tjjicSS, — 0'jso(fij5, — cr;j^\ 

», — oj^^co, to carry Of^o5{5.s, — o:^o5^^i, — cr^ 

cdSSi, different kinds of baskets. 

odBSoSoooj, * carry father's basket^' a fig. phrase 

signifying to die. 

^Sc^Soj^o^, the bark of a tree. 

966 cBio^f—rOOt^io^, — cBio^, — cSoj, — ^^f and 

ooo^io^, also mcr^i and ooo^. 
fl^, 1. Heat through, cook, by exposing to fire; 2. dis- 
tended by excessive fullness, as the breasts with 

224 oj5oo9^ 

milk ; 3. cover with a cap, bat; umbrella ; 4« a 

slave, a debtor or bond servant. 
o^^oDq^i shade with a hat, nmbrella, &c.- 
o^^cdS. heat by holding the article over a blaze lor a 

short time. 
aj^cBp, bake bread. 
o^^S^oof, a slave, or debtor-servant who is required to 

be in the actual employ of his master. 
o^ScB, CO. o^Sc8i«8c6i, burn up, burn as a corpse^ on 

the funeral pile. 
o^^9^oo38| restrain or moderate our passions. 
o^Sog^^ burn brimstone.' 
(T^^yii burn the dead, cremate. 
(TjSS, used for the first personal pronoun, I or we, in 

a humble address to a superior. 
ojS^So^S^S, 00. ctdv. descriptive of slow, tardy motion 

in large animals. 
. ajjS^Sa^S^S, do. 
^ ^^» ™ ^^ charcoal . 
o^^lfi^i cook any article by exposing it to the fire. 

(^o^^, become a slave or bond-servant. 

©lo^^i enslave. 
(B^cbcr^^ be in a state of bondage* 

see tS^o^S, and S^^o^S. 
ofS, 1. Same as of% 8d. def. cover, screen with a cap, 

umbrella, and the like; 2. increase or enliven, as 

a fire; 3. fight, combat; 4. a jail, prisoD. 
a^SoDd, same as o^^co^* 
o^SS^^^, put a cap, or hat an the head. 
n^SooB^, a jailor. 

o^iood^ 225 

o^S^li same as n^^e^, restrain or. moderate the passionSt 
o^^.c8<j^i, €0. in jail, in prison. 
o^So^y enliven or increase a fire. 
o^SoBSoooDt, combat each other. 
o^SSig88i, jail, prison. 

see cocf^. 
a^ 1. Pass from a soft^ pnlpy, to a firm, hard, mature 

state; 2. invigorated, satisfied as by a fnll, hearty 


dB^^oooo^ooo^goo^, the fowls are not full-fed. 

dS^o^s^^i, full-fed, * well off,* free from want. 

see cocf^z, — •o^«, — and ODO^t. 
o^y 1. Decorticate, peel in long strips; 2. a^i?, with 

sudden jerks and twitches ; 3. adv. in a long train. 
o^^oo^^, adv. startling, as at the touch of a snake. 
o^o^, adv. as cbio^^o^^, go in a long train. 
o^^^^ioioods, a Jig. phrase denoting using clothes &c. 

borrowed or begged from others. 

of^c8i(]Stc8i, CO. same as n^^, 1st. def. 
a^coobtf decorticate, tare up, as bark in long strips. 

see cos ooctj^oood^, — ooogoojp, — oc^jSoo^, — ooi 

o^,— fS^o^^, and oao^lSoocb, also the forms 

3^1, 1. A generic name for plants of the mushroom 
family and a variety of other fungi ; 2. adv. mush- 
room like. 

i}i8toSSi« CO. same as ncja, 1st. def. 

ijaSi^Sif do. 

ifxcog:^, adv. as oS^o^iooa^, be as unmoved as a mush- 
16 K. 

226 ODifX^iooio^i 

Varieties of o^i. ojioofiSoj^, — o^ioodBoS^, — ojiooSi, 

o^i^, see ^1. 

o^iG^i) adv, with a carved top or back, applied to 
things at rest. 

ajisjjSol, — o^icSoo^, spotted ' black and white 
o^ipoSog, — (Tjiooso^sSoo^S, — 0^1008, — o^ic8to8,— 

g8, varieties of o^i. 
(T^icSjSy spring np, as a mashrooai, 
o^iof §, — o^iSsoooogog,— cx^iBgoooosocop^, — o^i^op^y 

cx)5, — o^iobS^S,— o^ioD8c»^, puff-ball, ofioSSoDt] 

— ojio$S8^ooS. 
o^icoiS, a kind of soft stone, near or on which inosh- 

rooms are found ; there are two varieties, whit^ 

and red. 
Other varieties of o^i,— oijiooiSooS,— o^io^8^, — of^\o^ 

3, 0:^1030118^8, OJlOD^OOl^cS, O^l03^^8l 

gi,— aji02,-f^iq8§8i,-o^iOgo88^,-ojic^foo«,- 

cSiooScSioji,- affectionate, soothing, placid. 
cB^coiODScB^c^iaji, fat, stout, chubby. 
ODrS^ODo^i, adv. combining the ideas of broa<3 
thick, and flexible. 
' 001001 ooioji, adv. descriptive of an awkward, waddlin 

See toji, — oon^iy and ODoji. 

o^f 1. Clothe the lower part of the bodji put on gar- 
ments which fasten aronnd the waist; 3. fall, 
complete, wanting nothing ; 3. convexi prominent ; 
4. carved ; 5. adv. as imitative of certain sounds, 
oo^oj^'^i ^ ^i^i of offering to demons. 

Qja^ooiooit adv. fully, completely. 
ooojODcoiy not full, incomplete. 
(Bpo^cB^coif be falli cotnpletei &c. 
txyiiQ^cS^^f have a full, or abundant supply of 
clothes, oinaments, &c. 

ajmc5\i 00. c:f^coQ&ia^codbf change, ad clothes. 

oj^^iooDS, change our clothes. 

n^o^y adv. descriptive of sounds which the word is de- 
signed to imitate. 

ojoj^, adv. descriptive of the sound made by certain 

ooio^o^^f a name sometimes given to frogs which 

cry koo-kooh. 
QjcSty full, complete. 

Qjsl, a physician's treatment of a 'patient. 
njQOy wear a so or gown down around the waist. 
Q^Q^ same as c8g^, be relieved, be more comfortable, 
o^odo^'^' ^^« !• In ft curved or coiled manner ; 2. in a 

full, swollen or bloated condition. 
ojooSoDiooS, trade, traffic. 
ojoo^obtoo^, dress, put on apparel. 

o^oDOMOii, dress, put on apparel or ornaments. 
n^S^9 1. Rise in the center, — ^so2g8^, come to a 

head, as a swelling. 

S28 <^Soo|io6i 

c8^02> rise to a convexity. 

oiofj^, bent, curved, crookecl. 
ojcS^, 2, Fasten clothes around the waist. 
<92c8|So8tc8^, put on dress, clothe one's self. 
ojoiojooMi, every kind. 

ooQio^oooD^oj, do. 
ojcxDi, CO. ojoS. 

o^^f the sound used by Karens in calling a dog. 
ojojji, the name of one kind of early paddy. 
ojoS, co^ ^^ij ^* -^^ animal of some kind whose cry at 

night sounds koo-wah, koo-wah; 2. an appella- 
tion given to a person who does not keep his hair 

ojoSsi dress, put on clothes. 

oo^o^oo^oSt, clothes in general. 

ooojoooSs, do. 
o^^, 1. Thret^ten with revenge; 2, a lump, small mass, 

collection ; num^ af. denoting a number or party 

taken as a whole; 4. uprooted; 5. 6kfi>. sparsely; 

($. adv. descriptive of certain sounds; 7. favor, 

profit, advantage ; 8. shore, bank. 
ojSooeS, 1. The God of grace, a benefactor; 2. by the 

grace or favor of. 

0002^9 or ooojSoooo^S, grace, favor, profit, kind- 

oboj^ooJ), great favor, real blessing. 

ooojSooBSobn, of no farther use. 

ooo^^fi, through your kindness, aid| &c« Me otcg^. 
O2>^09|io5t, the part of a shore or bank which is in 

contact with the water. 

ooo^^oof I, a shore, 
oj^o^^i adv. with a sound like kooh, kooh. 
cnSojSj, or ojSojS<|o5jSojSoni adv. descriptive of the act 

of whirling one's self round and ronnd. 

c8^ir>2^c^t, a bird bearing sonae resemblance to a 

hen, but much smaller. 
^^S.' CO. make a noise like doves. 
oj^ngSf drive off> as dogs, or other animals. 
o^SdK CO. ojSjiojScflS, threaten with a beatiog. 
o^(Bcf^co^9, threaten to fist one, or strike him with 

the elbow. 
oj^ScSoo^ioo^y be quarrelsomei* litigious, harbour a 

spirit of revenge. 

8iog>S CO. Sfor^^SjQi, long for. 
ojSoopojSoo^, adv. now and then a word. 
ojScgp, threaten a dog to keep it from biting you. 
ojS<jji^ojS(gi^ or ojScjjipojjSQi, adv. here and there, one 

of any roundish article. 
ojScSoj^oS or ojjScSojjSobS, adv. here and there one, of 

any thing long and slender. 
ojSc8oj^Sc8, adv. now and then. • 
oj^8i, CO. f>jS<j)i^« 
o^ScX>S, underneath. 

oo^ojS, a tree turned up by the roots. 
flj^cS^, a lump, hard mass. 

ooSoj^^, a lump. 

coo^o^^ any number of individuals taken as a 
whole; hence, it often serves as an affix to denote 
the plural number. 

230 OJ8 

co^ojj^cS^ CO. c»SojSc8^c^SojSoo», a chump, or 

block of wood. 

og^oj^cSp, coagulated blood. 
ojSoS, threaten one's life. 

see derivative, ©ojS. 
cjS 1, Chop, fell as trees; 2, num. aff^ a division, part, 

section, half; 3, adv. used to describe certain 

cjSooS, chop, fell. 
cjSoD^ojjSejSi, CO. do. 
coSojS, adv. descriptive of certain sounds. 
cjSogS, clear away by chopping. 

ooojjS, num. aff. half, one part. 

ooor^S^S, half a basket. 

ooojSs, half, or part way. 

ooojjScx^B, CO. ooojSco5os8oj«, half a naeal, 

o^ooojSSiooojjSSi, breathe short, draw half a 


oooDcSooojS, SsooSpooor^S, onc half body, one half 


cSiooojjS, half gone, settled halfway down. 

oooj^SooojS, adv. in bits, in sections. 
c^SsH^ss)), the chopping season. 
cjS^s, cut a paddy field in a jungle of large trees. 
ojSooS^gooS, cut jungle. 
ojSooS, a detached bit of a. thing. 

«^ fBiojjS, also, the forms ©ojS,ooojS,oojS, and 

cjt 1| Cough; 2, cut, slice; 3, cut around, notch; 4, 

ojtcoco^ 23I 

o^moooS CO. ojtoDooSoS^ooooS, cough, spasmodically. 

00S0J8, CO* ooSojiooSoog, a cold, influenza. 

co^oo^oj^s, have cough, 
fl^tc^t a bit| a short stick of wood, bamboo^ &c. 
ojio&jS, cut with an edged tool by pressure. 
rf^S, pine away from cough. 
ojtsSi a short bit of bamboot 
njimlSoSSy CO. oj8fioipcoi^. 
021801^001^ CO. ojiooi^oSSo^sooi^ooi^, short and large^ 

with a humped back or round shoulders. 
ojiobS CO. ojtobSbSobS, cut off by applying an edged tool. 
ojtfS^S, same as o^tooi^ooi^. 
a^o CO. of o}^^^. 
nji^S, incise, gash. 
nji^y slice in two. 
ojiatcS, chronic cough. 
ojig^, CO. ojtg^oj'?, slice up. 
QjiooS, CO. ojtoS&ojtooS, a chip, slice. 
njtooSoS^, short and large ; applied to persons and 

Qjw55, CO. oj8co5. 

OD^oj^toSSo^ojgooS, short bits of wood and bam- 
ojicjSSojtoSS, adv. describing motion like that of a 

crawling worm. 

Otoj«o55ojto65, move with short, quic^, irregular 

ojtOKq^ CO. ojioDog^coloDo^^, cut off in thin slices. 
ojtoocp^ 1, Incise or cut so as to lay open the parts; 

2, cough severely. 

232 oj^ot 

o^toStfSoif make a gun-Btock. 

ojioj, have a dry cough. 

ojsgS^oS, whooping-cough. 

see ©lojt, — ©lojteicog, — ©looSjSojt, cotojt, — cot 
cSSoDiojt— 810J8, and forms ODojg— ,cx)ojtQt,0Do^t 
^5, — ©0J8, — ©ojjiQg,— ©c6^€>oj8, and oooj». 

02^ 1, Same as coi^. 1, Think, consider, deliberate, &c.; 
2, in composition, and in several of its derivative 
froms contracted, drawn together; 2, an article 
of trade. 
ooo2^q8|5, have discernment, discrimination. 

oj^oocSi, same as odi^ooc8i, premediate what to say, 

oj^ogS CO. ^^^^eb^ogS, try to devise, try to compre- 

oj^co^, revolve or turn a thing over in the mind. 

CO. oj^oooojSeofooc^, unable to comprehend, un- 
able to devise any plan. 

oj^e^^, with a contraction or drawing together of the 

0^^808 CO. 02^00^80800^, CO. same as cq^^ form an 
opinion, &c. 

ooSoj^ooScot. 1, A plan, device; 2, discernment, 

oj^ooSosooS, cOf same as ojSooSooiooS. 

n^^cS^, CO. ojpS^^tcSx, come to a resolution, co. take 
counsel, consult, settle a plan, &c. 

oj^ oocSS, Soe8do^ 00088 ooc8if)8ioo^, speak without 

02^08, same as o^jS 1, def. 

CO 233 

^^%§' eame as o2^^%^* 

QJiScb^i a trader. 

see forms, •ojj^, — •OD^eo;^^, — ®^?%^> — ooo^p, 
oooj^^^y — ooo^^Ss, — oojp,— ^^ooj^,ODo;^^, and 

0^1. If HaviDg a pommel at the end; 2, elevated in a 

curve; 3, adv. in a bounding mannerj curve in 

bounding; 4, a cluster; 5, num of. applied to 

clusters ; 6, strike with the under part of the fist ; 

7, presage or divine with a collection of hen bones. 

b^^ojiy a kettle-drumstick. 

Sioomiy a gong-stick with a knob or* bulb at the 


oo^Soooji, is the curved, elevated head or pommel 

of a native harp. 

SoQo^i, flowers in a cluster. 

•Soo^ooo^i, a cluster of yengan fruit. 

dSo^ii pound with the under part of the fist. 
ojiojx, adv. as Sf ^i-^i-i run with bound after bound. 
ojie^i, (much like cx^ie^i and o^^^ili^O ^^^' ^' ^i^l^ 

the top or back drawn up into a curved position ; 

2, in a jumping or bounding manner. 

ft^oj^ie^io^iejli, same as e^ojio^i, hop, jump. ^^ 
ojvsBvSf presage or divine with a collection of he 

Qjic8^, see njScS^. 

seeo^^o^o^x, — oj^oji, co. 09^03^09^0^1, — ojjioo 

oji, 85oji8Soji,— Sioji, and forms, •oji, — oooji, 

ooji, and ODo^i. 
09 1, Split, sever ; 2, slice up or divide into; 3, a small 

284 ^^^^* 

rod, stick; 4, a shred or fragment, as of a pot; 

5, a narrow channel between rocks; 6| debilitated ; 

7f nnhealthiness ; 8| adv.' qualifying and imitating 

certain sounds; 9, work, basiness. 
ojodI, CO. of ooc8, work, business, 

000^^, the allotted season for any kind of work. 

ooo^oooli do. 

ooofooS, fragments of broken crockery Ac. 

oon^oori^^, disease, nnhealthiness. 

ooSojooSc^^, do. 

(^loon^, a sickly person. 

odaSopoDoSq, a woanded or diseased elephant. 

dBsoo CO. dBicS^dBsc^i severe pain, griping pain ; 

sickly, infirm.. 

Q)ocBS9c5lop, do,^ 

oj^oooDsy^ 1 , An aged person ; 2, a person in 

ofiSce, a chief, 
opop, adv. as og^SSioo^opcp, the barking of the puppy 

sounds ka ka. 
ojnpcc, adv. do. 
cpoocScS, adv. do. 
cpcScS^i, sickly, out of health, 
np^c, adv. qualifying and imitating sound, 
oj^ 1, A narrow channel between rocks; 2, the allot- 

ted time for a particular business. 
co(^\co\i^\, CO. same as ^^i> 2, def. 
epos, split off, sever lengthwise. 
opOD^es, do. 

o^oj^o^op, CO. a section, splint, or sliver of bam- 

o^o^o^S, CO. do. 

oDoif o8t, divide or split into equal parts. 

QodS^, slice up, for eating* 

c^SioolSi, work, business. 

see Stco CO. dSscS^dBto}, — ??^> — ooojodco,— — 
fSoooo, — <fif^, — oQ^cSSdBgof, and forms cboj, 
and ODco. 

<5^ 1, (». 0009^0081, form, appearance; 2, nww af. 
applied to small portions and degrees. 

0D^8i, a species of grub. 

see 0009^,-^000010005% and dBiojS. . 

oj5, see ODojS. 

00^ 1, Bent, crooked ; 2, a bend, crook; 3, num. aff.. 
used in numbering bends or crook; 4, a measure 
of the distance from the middle of the forefinger 
to the end of the thumb; 5, applied to the mind, 
evilly disposed ; 6, applied to the ear, disobedient^ 
contrary; 7, pour out, as spirits. 
00^00^ CO. ooSooj^ooSoj, a bend, something crboked. 
0000^, a bend, crook, 

ooo^^oocSi, adv* everywhere, in all directions, 
ooso^^, have a grudge against a person, envious. 
f^ojSy disobedient, obstinate, 
ttio^^oof^ assume an unyielding, obstinate man- 
yioj^oo^ODSo^^, a scoundrel. 

0?^% CO. oj^oji, 

^^jjSooSoji, same as oj^oji. 

n?^, CO. opf c^fJ. 

<»^oji, CO. oj^oSSof^oji, having short bends. 

236 05{5(/o5 

noj5ojioo^orjj5, do. 
<32po;^i«5^i, do* 
cf^fS^, having short bends. 
<3j^<S, Pgho, same as op^oji. 

ooSc^S, c<?. ojSooSopSf^, adv. motion, with flexnons 

oj^C^i, crook like a ram's horn or wind instrument. 
caSogi, bend round in a' circular manner, 
oj^||i^, CO. of op^^s^i. 

oo^^8^|8 CO. ^(S^^oo^^jg, have irregular bends. 
oo^8SoDoo5, see ^. 

coS©^, bend with a regular curve, from end to end^ 
^^®go, do. 
c^pe^^, do. 

OD^©^^bf, do. 

OD^obio^i, bend with a sharp elbow. 

<3j^a8cn^S, bend like a cock's tail. 

OD^sSisl^So^, do. 

oj^oooo^oocS^, have short bends, bend first one way 

then the other, as a snake, 
o^^ooob^, bend back. 
ojjSoosb^b^i do. 
opISoog, same as ^p^,g* 
C9^9^02^8|S, same as 09^^8^|8. 
oj^8^, GO. 09^8^Sop^8§, crooked so as to touch onlj 

in some parts. 
opSooos, crooked in a winding or twisting manner. 
<^^oo5, CO. oo^o65. 

o^u&S, CO. no^o&Sop^ob^i crooked in a windrng or 

twisting manner, 
o^^ooojt, having the center elevated, humpbacked. 
oj^ODojt^S, do. 

0^^0308, CO. OOJSOOOS. 

Qj^odoty CO. c9^cx)08opj5oD08, coiledi carled, rnnning in 

circular lines which tend to a central point. 
QO^OD^, — cSo^oo^i buttons. 
op^ODi, CO. <f^^coicf^^Q\j (oDS Spirits,) pour out spiritSi 

as into a cup for drinking. 

See ODicfj^, — oBsop^, — oiop^, — cBsnp^, or o8soj^ 

cBsoj, and the forms, oono^^ or oono^oocS^,— ooop^ 

00, — oonopo. 
GOT, 1, Return, revert, recur; 2, die; 3, Pgho root, a 

barb, a point or projection that stands backward; 

4, affixj again, back. 

oon^iy a return, a coming or going back. 

oo^nji, 1. Hit back, revert upon, come by way of 

retribution ; 2. recur, 
o^oji, return again. 
ojinoSs, do. 

opinots), turn or revert back. 
001009)091, turn back again, 
ogic^, walk backwards. 
091461, return towards, approach in returning. 
091^6, 1. Beturn into; 2. tired, lamci as (dSopi^S, the 

neck is tired, the idea is that of the neck's being 

pressed into the body. 
(810919 call back. 

See 0^103091, and forms, •091,-00091, — 00091. 

338 obSoDS 

<^, !• Become; 3. live, revive,* recover ; 4. sacceed, pro- 
duce Bomething; 5. be well and strong; 6. be 
practicable; 7. aff. denoting practicability or 
physical power ; 8. aff. and couple^t of another a/- 
fix^ indicating the completion or finishing of a 
matter; 9. adv. descriptive of soands; as, 
og^Sioo^c^c^, or. (^(^ii^ the puppies barking, 
sounds kai. kai ; or kar, kai, gnai, gnai. 

<hchcoch^ adverbial phrase denoting partial failare. 

<^c8, adj. well, strong, able-bodied. 
oo(^oocS, adj. do. 
Qic^, 00. wxh^xS, be well, strong. 
g8^8{^oSj5c^, be in the enjoyment of good health< 

<fec^icfeoi, or cfec^ioi, be changed, metamorphosed. 

<^ooS, 00. <^oo^c8^odS, *come to something,' live tc 
grow up. 

racB, CO. (bcop. 

<^c8^, 00. <bS^cb(Sf 1. Come into being ; 2. 8uccee<] 
in producing the thing attempted. 

(^GoScS^Go, do. 

ooc8i6iooc8i<fe, give a final answer. 

<feofooS, self-existent. 

<^38, assume or imitate another's character or manner. 

(^3^(^c^^, become great, as an officer. 

<^c8, learn to read, work, do, &c. 

See ^chr — dbcfe^S — ,o8<fe, and 9ch. 

<b^, adv. 1. In a crossing, oblique, intercepting or ad 
versative manner; 2. used in describing certaii 

<^^oo% 00. cfeScfiS, and ^ScBi, limping. 

<bSc^\ 230 

^icm, GO. cbhcoh^SSx, adv. limpingly. 

(b^cBt, CO. €bSco\cb^S\j adv. backwaM and forward ; 2. 
in an adversative or intercepting manner ; 3. 
crosswise ; 4.*to and fro, as several running in op- 
posite directions. 

AScBicfeScBi, adv. do. 

ASi, 1. Zimmaii a country contiguous to Siam on the 
north; 2. a species of gourd. 

<Mjc^^, adv. descriptive of sound like that of the 
howling of a dog. 
/See the compounds, c^cfeScBi, — 85cfeS8ScfeS, — dB 

obS, and the forms, ©cfeS, — •cfeSiS, — ©cfeSsrSS, — 
9(^^9<^^, — ©(^Sc^Sec^ScfeS, — oocfeS, and odc^S. 

c^, !• A turn, bend; 2. change the direction; 3. the 
name of one of the Earen fables ; 4. adv. descrip- 
tive of certain sounds. 

€hSco^3 CO. oiScBS. 

^c^, adv. descriptive of sounds like that of a moder- 
ate or affected laugh> and that of sobbing. 

<^ScBS, CO. <^SooSc^ScBS, crookedy with bends one way 
and the other. 

^cgS, adv. tall and crooked. 

c8i(^6ngS, have the top incline downward. 
SxcbScSno^Sf be tall and inclining. 

flbSc^t, bends and circles, or rings. 

»<^ooc§, parts, members or general appearance, 
»<^ooogioopooio£^ojoo8c^^, his appearance is 
that of an elderly person. 

340 <^«oo^ 

oD^oo(^Sooc@i9 the beads or turns of a fish hook. 
oo^SoD^oocgioo^, he is of a good form. 
cSi<fe5c8io§i, be long and curvated. 
See dB^cficfeS, — spcfeSogS,— oo>ScfeS, and the forms 
j>^5j — 00(^5, — och^f or o(^5n§5, — 0D<^S,— 00 

{^8, 1. Pick, with a pointed instrument; 2. pierce, ad 
pain ; 3, adv. piercingly ; 4. adv. with diflSculty ; 
overpowering; 5. debate with; 6« scream, .cry 
with force; 7. in a screaming manner; 8. studded, 
(X)tec8ioocfe8, an overpowering argument. 

(fetcx)S^^oo88, scream with horror* 

(fetOD^, CO. c^8cfi8. 

«)oSc^8«)D?icfe8, run screaming and screaming. 
0Df^i^cb8OD00i8^fc6^, why do you scream at 
such a rate* 

<fe80Di, CO. c^tODSc^acoi, adv. moving the lower extremity 
of the body one way and the other in walking, 

c^8ob8, sound, like that made in pronouncing the word. 

c^8c889 scream, yelU 

{^8(88, CO. cb%mSch%6i%yl. adv. with parts running ob- 
liquely so as to brace each other; 3. adv. with an 
infirm, faltering, staggering or reeling gait. 

<fe8d38dBS, pull and push one way and the other. 

(fe8c88cfi^i, with great effort, as a very feeble person in 

oi8<fi«c^tcB8, adv. with an awkward, laborious gait. 

c^8@^@f, scream in a vibratory voice. 

chic^c^i same as ab80jSo9S. 

cfe800^i, with the back full. . 

ch§£z 241 

o^ccOo^, cry oat like a person scarcely able to make 

any noise. 
(b^S, CO. cbiSchtdif contest a point. 
a^ocsj^i CO. chioo^chio^, cry oat, scream. 
cbiocS, do. 
o6t§^, cry ont with a loud, bawling noise. 

^•9.9.» ^* ^^•SLSL^?^?* cry r^j r*> fts a screaming 

<i^q?, CO. c^iiaa- 

t^i^^f S[^f same as chi^%. 

0610^^09^, cry ont with reiterated screams. 

(^lo^^jjji^ scream with a lapping tongue. 

dtco^og^, cry heigh, heigh. 

see 9b9ch9f eo. cbBODSsbic^g, — ^bicfegooSobec^icBg, — 
cbtobi<B8,— ifi^o!)!,— 8Scfe8f»t, or 85abtcoS85obt 
cBt,— cB8<b8, CO. StcoSSzchi, — ^|^chh 00. ^^cb^^^ 
cSi, — dBsc^sdBicS,— Stc^Sf and the forms oo<^8, — 

^9 fonnd only in combination with other roots in the 

singification of extreme, excessivci exceptional. 
^a$), same as (^^dBt. 

gScx>Sc^{5o:n, Pgho do. 
3^cb^fS, the name of a chief in Ear. fab. who was 

noted for crnelty, &c. 

coiSc^^^S, a rock having extraordinary poweri 

mentioned in Ear. fab. 

cB^c^^, a very small birdf with yellow plumage. 
o6^£t9 adv. excessively, beyond what is fit or desirable. 
17 K. 

3i2 (^loSSo^S 

<^^C|8, 1. Name of a bird; 2. sel apart to a special par- 

poBOy asi ODt(^c^8| that portion of spirits which 

at weddings is consecrated and given to the 

oi>S^, CO. ^^ool, kind of ear ornanaent, worn by men. 

see c8^<^pc^t, — ojooS^cfef , and g^Si(^^. 
cbif 1* Shine ; 2. blaze. 

0D8(^i) have the mind inflamed. 
<^oodi, shine, emit light. 
<feioo^i, burst forth in a vigorous blaze. 
<^ioobt| 1 • Be brighti as a clear sky ; 2. a small species 

of tadpole. 

S^bi(^i, adv* distinctly, clearly. 
(^lODcbs, be luminous. 
c^icSi, same as c^^cSi, backward. 
(^id^^ODooSf shine with white brilliancy. 
(^i8i8i| emit a reddish light. 
(^iQ^^Q^^, shine with a dazzling brightness. 
<^i^^a3C]oSf have a glaring appearance. 
o^ibSi 00. (^1^5(^1^ I overpowering, as an object which 

we cannot bear to look at. 

bSc^iy have a bold^ shameless look. 
(^ibSo^^, same as (^ibS. 

(^ibSo^SbS, do. 

^SojjgK^i, have that peculiar brilliancy of th« 
eye which is produced by sharp pain. 

o^ioSSc^io^Si be bright, glistering. 

cbioSSc^S, do. 

ifi 243 

^So^ioSSo^Sy 1. Have the eye move and glisten ; 
2. have a eharp watchful look of the eye. 

dbio^', eo. c^i02«<fei«>8i, shine with a lurid or dark- 
red light. 

d^xoj^aj^t flash, strike the eye with a glaring lustre at 
short intervals. 

o6t02<^iool, blaze or shine with a dark-colored light, 
^(^lo^c^ico), have dimness of sight. 

obiQ^^ooooSy shinOf glare as the eyes of a beast. 
Qi^i, kindle. 

see S^chXi — gj^aj^c^ic^i, — oobic^i, — 09Cf t<^i, 
— coa^cbxf — S^bi(^ii — and 8i<^i, also, the 
forms •(fei, CO. •c^iecBi,— oocfei,— <?<>. ooc^ioo 

(B, the word in the following significations 1. A clan, the 
people or subjects belonging to a chief; 2. a body 
of reserve troops ; 3. the eldest brother or sister 
in a family; 4. an affectionate appellation given 
by the elder brothers and sisters to the younger 
ones ; 5. the stock of a cross-bow ; 6. relief from 
pain, &c.; 7. the long feathers in the tail of a cock ; 
8« the raising of one's self standing ; 9. substantial 
earthen ware; 10. short thick vessels as certain 
jags, &c. 11. the combining or adding of numbers ; 

12. the assembling tc^ether of persons or things; 

13. the lowering down of projecting parts, as the 
eoek of a musket ; 14. the taking apart of ma- 
chinery, 'furniture, &c. to bring them into a more 
compact form; 15. splitting or severing short, 
ihick articles, {Maul.) 16. adv. descriptive of 

214 (S8i8^Si 

certain sonnds ; 17. the name of a person noted in 

Ear. fab; 18. a nncleuBi b beginning. 
cBco^cBo^^, adv> some stiff, some limber; used in des- 
cribing things which are too long for their size. 
cBcB, 1. An affectionate appellative used in calling « 

young brother or sister; 2. used in describing 

sounds like the barking of a dog. 

9c8| same as c8c8, 1. def. 

ocSScB| do* 
cBrBaJlaf), same as r8cB, 2. def. 
SSSSf do. 
Sh, the papja plant, 
cBSf^, the female plant, 
cfi&oc^^t the male plant. 
(SScO, do. 
cBgS, CO. c8qS©Soo8, see ojgS, relieved, improved ii 

cBgScBg^, CO. do. 
cBcbSo8, see c8, 15. def. (Jfaw^,) slip. 
c8c8S, CO. cScBScoScx)), the people or subjects of a cbie^ 

his clan. 
cBo^, a substantial kind of earthen ware. 
cBc^S, 1. The reserve of an army; 2. troops. 
c8<38, the remnant of betel after the juice has been e:^ 

pressed by chewing. 
c88HS^, adv. descriptive of sound like the barking of 

cB8i8S8i, see c8, 10. def. 

%^Sf CO. ^^S^cb, see cB, 19. def.; 1. Use uj 

that from which profit or increase might be ex 

(SSc8S8i8i 245 

pected ; co, obtain only what was expended with- 
out increase. 
|^c8oO(^i, do. 

ooo^^cd^^cbco^i not cooked through. 
see o^^^, CO. p^jScBog^oDoS, or c^ScBog^cfe,' — ^^S 
cB,— 3<S,— ocfi^cB,— ^SocB,— bS(«, or bScScfi 
008, — ojojcBcS, — opcBcS^i, — 8icB, and c8c8ooc8, 
also the fornis, ©fB,— ©c8c8^ooa>8,— ©cBcjSecB^,— 
•c8»c8, — oocB, — oocBcSi, or oofBcSioocxricSi, — 
oocBc^^, — ocB, — ofB§^, and odcS, 

Bl 1. Hot, 2. distressed, grieved ; 3, oppressed, with 
external difficuHes; 4. hot, pungeat ; 5. titilating. 
oo^fBli CO. ooScB^ooSSi, 1. Heat, or it is hot ; 2. 
trouble, difficulty, &c. 
ooScBSooSooS war, famine, pestilence, &c. 
cflScfiS,— a3^cB5i,_cfiScfi«r,— c«f»5i, and ^8f»S,— 
8S^p<BS, and SSglcBS, varieties of odScS^iodSodS. 
038c8^, CO. 02^cB^OD8c8^i distressed in mind, be 
vexed, irritated. 

Koo8i, CO. r8^0j. 

8^0008001, very hot. 

Koo©8o5ic^i, do. 

iSoo8c8i, rendered soft or pulpy by- the action of heat. 

KaooS, CO. cBSog, to tickle. 


i^<S^, adv. quite hot. 

SdBSoolooS, adv. used in describing sounds of evil 

Rc8^8i8i, adv. 1. Quite hot; 2. with difficulty; 3. 
with exposure to the heat. 

946 cd^(8t 

cBScftSooiiooHi adv. moderately hot, warm. 
cB^rfiS; CO. cfiScBScBScBS, adv. disproportionate. 

og^elcB^rS^i the name of an insect having a very 

long fietnlar body. 

cBScjiStjjjS, severely hot. 

cBScobj CO* rBioo. 

cB^, CO. cB^cfi^fgS, feel titillation, cfiSc^cfiScocS, 

oo^r8^ng, a kind of plant. 

oo^rBScjjj), exposed to the rays of the son. 

ODicB^og, elated with joy. 

cBS8i 1. Be red hot; 2. destroyed or rendered unfit fo^ 

use by being heated. 
rS^8i8i, !• Bed hot; 2. be greatly troubled. 

02pr8^03t8i, distressed in mindf irritated. 

^ir8^yi8i| a person very di£Scult to get along 

cBSooS, CO. cBSoo. 
cfiSoo^, CO. S^z&^. 
cBSeoi, CO. cBScSi. 
cS^^p, CO* S^t&pS^fX>^$ scorchedf wrinkled by the 

action of heat. 
cBScoi^, CO. cBSiDi|5r8Se)of , do. 
r8SojJ«, CO. S\t&^S^^t, do. 
cfi^wo, CO. c8^e>DcBSe)oS, 1, Parched, shrivelled; 2. cor* 

rugated, as the cicatrix of a bad burn. 
cS^oboDO^t, be burning hot. 
cfiS«SS, CO. c8S«SSrB^og{S, burn to a coal. 
cBScSi, CO. r8^oS^cBSc8i, corrugated, contracted bj 

burning. * 

cS^dBicB^oDi, do. producing some kind of excreecent 

matter in the parts, 
iS^ooS, CO. cB^oiB. 

dKwS, CO. cBSooScB^gi, a blast of heat. 
cBSooScBSdB, do. 
(B^oS^oot, exceedingly hot. 
(B^ODiB CO. cfiSo^pcBSoDiB, brimstone, sulphur ; so called 

at ' Maulmain. 
cfi^obB CO. cfi^o5Sr8S66B, burned off. 

cS^yS, «>. cfiSyScfi^yS, melting hot. 

ooScBSyS, melting weather. 

oo^cfiSySij^oob, do. but more emphatic. 
(B^ocO, same as cB^OdS. . 
(BScttt, CO. cBSoji. 
dKo5^, 06. rBSc8. 
(B^cjti CO. jcBSojtcBSoot, burnt on, t^s rice to the pot in 

which it is cooked. 
cfiScB, CO. (BSodS. 
cBScB, {JO. cBhcScfiSoSp, scorched. 

(B^tngt, CO. oScBjSoocoo^S species of bird. 

cBS^, 00. cB^Sj^cfiScp, be hot enough to blister or sear 
the skin. 

cS^^DDobt, do. but more emphatic. 

dBSoot, CO. dB^icBp, 

cfficjt, oo. cBSc^tcB^:8, have a hot sensation on the sur- 
face, feel a glow of heat on the skin. 
cDtcB^o^t, vexed, annoyed. 

cB^cBSy same as Of^cS^, a lump or mass. 

248 cfiSoi 

cB^cS^cd^oot, do. a lamp or roandish mass, &c. 
'cS^c8^0O8c8| adv. in lamps. 

og^cB^cS^, clotted blood, 

tBSc8i, become hot, applied to the heat of the san, 

^ScB^cSi, the san shines oat, or the san is hot. 
oo^cB^cSi, it is hot, i. e. the san is hot. 

<fiSoDol, eo. cBSoDo. 

cfiSooo, €0. cBSoDocB^oDol, closo, maggy. 

cBScSodt, CO. cBSo8o|t. 

rS^c80|t, same as cS^cSoot. 

c8^c80|t 00. cS^c8o28c8^c8oo8, oppressive; applied to hot 

cB^Ggt, CO. c8^ogtcBSo8, barning hot to the toach. 

cB^Gg^, 1. Consaming heat; 2.' adv. so as to caoee 
smarting or burning pain. 

(Xj^cB^cg^, denotes rice prepared for the distilling 

(B^a{, 1. Smart as a woand; 2. smart as by the appli- 
cation of an irritating snbstance; 8. pangent. 
ODicB^oo, have barning pain in the stomach. 

(B^0|, CO, S^a^S^coSx, hot, barning pain. 

ODtcB^o^i same as ootcB^o}, also applied to the 
feeling of deep regret. 

CO. (B^oo^^oo^S, same as (B^obcotdt. 

See ^So5<B^, — cSifBS, or cSicBScSScBS,— ocBS, — 
ODScBS, — etcB^, — ^icBSoj, — ^icBStSS, — ^icB^oj, 
c^cfiS,—ODrBS,—^5i^5j^— (tiger.) ScB^i, or ScB^jg 
col, — ajScBS* — coSSf and ^tcB'?, also, ©cBS, or 

cBSoS 249 

(SS !• Neck; 2. adv. neck-liket i. e, small, inconsider- 
able; 3. fall so as to bring the chest or neck to 
the ground; 4. that part of an upright thing 
which is just between the top and trunk, applied, 
to the arms and legs, it denotes the wrists and 
ancles ; 5. the cavity of the mouth and throat ; 
$• utterance. 

ooo^SoocB5ooc8iocrB5, speak, utter words. 
co^oocBS^ speak falselj. 

cSSooooS, be choked. 

cBSooooS, do. 

c8So9f y CO. cBSoo^cBSoo^T, the prominent part of the 
throat, A^dam's apple. 

(8Soo|S» the larynx. 

(BSoo^, CO. cB5oo|^rB5oD^^, do. 

SSco^Sf CO. cBB.-oQSoDgS, have obstructions in the 

cBSa>a^icx>ooii, the parts composing the larynx. 

cSScxjgto, the back of the neck. 

<6Saj)i^i CO. cfiSogiSSf rSSajji^S, do. 

(BSS, CO. SSQ^SSh, 1. The back of the neck ;. 2. be- 
hind one, clandestinely 

(flSS^Ql, do. 2. def. 

cBSS^ODoSf, do. 2. def. 

oooo^oocSSo, a peg used for a gudgeon iji the 
nave of a native spinning wheel. 

(BS8^, CO. cBSo, and other words relating to the neck. 

fBSS^oot, the lower extremity of the neck. 

cSSiDt, be put to silence. 

^SSoSy the vertebra of the neck, neck bone. 


c8Sc8S| same as r8Sc8S. 

cBS«85cB5og|5, co. do. 

c8Sc8t| the esopbagns. 

cSSe(fity the depression at the front of the neck just 

above the clavicle. 
cSSecSt, do. 
cBSoiSsodS, do. 

cSSo^, adv. a little, in snoall degree. Maul. 
(dSooi^ooti the lower extremity of the neck. 
cSSoSo^, lie or croncb down like a fowl brooding her 

cSSoSt^i, same as cSSecSs. 
cSSoot, CO. cfiSS^cBSoot, either extremity of the neck. 

ngcB5o6«, the upper end of a basin or deep^ still 

water in a stream. 

cw^cfiSoot, the part of a tree just below the 

cBSo, CO. cBSSpcBSo, below, i. e. on the gronndi the 

ground in. distinction from any elevated position. 
cB5(|ji, 1. The cavity of the mouthy 2. utterance. 

jioD^oocfi5(|jioc8^08ooo5^oo^, we cannot stop 

men's mouths, i. e. pervent their talking. 
cBSoj, CO. c85ojd8Soj, an unnatural protuberance on 

the neck. 
cB5o58, CO. cB5cDicB5o68, be hoarse. 
cB5o5«r85@i, CO. do. 
cBSoSsoot, do. 
cB5o5io5«o5«, do. 
cfi5d8, the neck. 
cBS&i, CO. esoSt, foul-mouthed. 

cSScSoi 251 

cBSojS, CO. cBSojScfiScB, the esopbagns or gullet, 

(BSg^^ooooi^, have a breath expendedi i. e. be able to- 
sound uo loDger without replenishiug the lungs* 

(BScgSooooii, the larynx. 

(BScg^no^ti trill the voice. 

(SScg^di, the esophagus. 

(SScj^^S, do* 

cSSo^^oocSesS, the cartilaginous substance forming the 

cBSog^cSioogSy have any thing, in swallowing^ enter 
the trachea. 

(SScg^cSiooooty o(fipoiStoSd3^0Dc8S^oc8^02^9 food 
lodged in the throat. 

(BScdSo, same as cBSo, 

(BScoSS^cBScoSo, CO. do. 

(S5gdi9| same as cSSodSo, under the house. 

(BSobS, see bcdScbS^ a low shed. 

cSSdbSooSi, long, slender neck. 

<SSc8i, CO. cfi5c8ic6tc8i, fall so as to bring the chest 
and neck to the ground. 

<B5c8iooc8S, lodge temporarily in the throat. 

cBSoo^oooi, same as c8Sod|. * . 

(SSoa^oD^^ do. 

cBSoDoStooi, have the neck very short. 

cBScgt, CO. cBScgtdS^cgt, irritation in the throat. 

cBSdBt, same as c8Se8t. 

c8S(doo, the duct of the esophagus. 

See icBS,— iSicBS,— @oocB5,— oj^ScBS,— cooSt 
oj^5cB5, — ^ogScBS, — oicBS, — ^jScBS, — ©icBS, — 

252 cBtS 

— «cBS,— gcBSo^t,— «cB5ttcfiS, — §icBS,— ojscfiS 
8i,— od8«cB5,— dB5cB5, or dBScBStfi©^,— ojcfiB, 
or ojcBSojcS^i, — c6S(B5,— oSscfiS,— ^3cB5,— 8p 
§cB5, and oojScSSy also the derivative ocSSi — ooo 
cfiS,— cx>iocB5§|S,— ccBScg^,— oSSSp,— ocSS 
c8i, — and ocSSifii. 
<8t| 1. Cry oat, halloo, scream; 2. call, sammoD, invite; 
3. name; 4. coQiplain of any pain or particular 
symptom when indisposed; 5.. an island; 6. every; 
7. all without exception ; 8. be of an even nam- 
ber; 9, connect with or attach to one's person; 

10. be strongly indicated, seen to be near at hand; 

11. adv. repeatedly, every little while; 12. a 
species of charm or amulet. 

3JSc8tc8io6, the first singing of frogs at the com- 
mencement of the rains. 

cBlooS^^ooSg, cry, scream. 

<8tcx>8^8^c880D39, applied to distant calling which is 
barely audible. 

tSsoD^i, €0. (dssfp. 

cBicocoeoooot, mate a noisy outcry. 

cBsoooDtaioocbS, Jo. 

cBeooo^S, every kind, every description. 

cSscocSscStcoo^i scream out vehemently. 

fBi@^@^, cry out with a shrill vibratory sound. 

fSt^i CO. cSt^cSsooSS, call or cry opt without cause. 

f8t02|i| be jast an even number. 

fStS^, CO. cSiS^cBtcoS, for rSsS^, an island. 

<8t8^eol, complain of head ache. 

<BtSt call for^ or engage a boat for crossing a stream. 

cfigodS 25a 

cSioiy each individaal. 

(Bioiii, do. 

(BtqcSsoi, do. 

fSiocBtoi, do. 

(Steoli call, or cry out in a rougbi scolding tone* 

(Bstffle^, do. 

(8iiBi| call or bid to come near. 

(Bt^S^y utter short groans with a whimpering tone. 

(Btg^Sig^Si, scream as a peacock* 

(St^i^ti see c8t^&S. 

(Si^sS^^tii^, squall as a cat. 

(6tt, CO. cBtoi, every thing. 

(818OI9 CO. cBtsoie)0^oQi| answer to a call. 

(Btsg^y CO. c8t8^^c8toD^i9 summon or call a persoi> 

cBsoDOj.S, CO. cBiooofScBtcSs)), make reiterated cries. 
(StcodbS, do. 
(6100^9 CO. cBiO(ppc8too^i in weaving, attach the web to 

the person of the operator. 
cStcoSooSf do. 
(StcSicx^, detach do. 

(SiQ^«*{k>. cBso^ooOi call after one who is departing} or, 
repeat after another. 

(Bi|18i| call out thoughtlessly^ without cause, on an im- 
proper occasion. 

<Btf^» CO. cBicSS. 

(Btoooi, cry out with a loud voice. 

(Btoo^, do. 

(BlodS, do. 

254 cSsobSoeoi 

<dtft, CO. cSt<2tc8t^^» start a person with a sadden call 

or ontcry. 
c8t(^89 CO. cStc^cBtc^Sy cry out vehemently. 
<S)^^, separate fatnilieSi by compelling the different 

members to serve in localities distant from each 

<Si§§> cry out or call vehemently. 
<S8^^9 CO* cSk^s, call with frightening words. 
<S8^8cSt»t, adv. pref. often, every little while. 
<Bt(»ta3oSc8i9 he appears to be near dying. 
<StSi, or cSteicStei every kind. 
<88oibt9 do. 
<BtoicBtooogS, do. 

oo^QioooDScSsoicStf , a phrase nsed to denote sooie- 

thing remarkable or anaccoantable, all the parti- 
cular of a matter. 
<BǤ, or cSs^cSt^^t cry out incoherently. 
fSt^iy CO. cSi^icSSoooDty call each other friends, — cBt 

ODiODi^iy he called me his friend. 
cBto^Si call, or give a name. 
iStc^f 00^ cBtjs. 
<B«o}S, a species of tree. 
cBsc^^c^Sf make vehement and reiterated cries. 

oo^cStojS name of a particular figure in figured 


GOcBto}^! a gown figured as above. 
<StC9^c8to}^oolQ, part of an unmeaning ditty sung by 

children in play. 
<S8o6Soooi, same as cStoibt, every individual. 

S^cf} 255 

<BicBS, CO. cBacSSootcSSf !• Have each an equal number 
or quantity ; be of an equal number. 
3. or cSsf^cBscSS, every stream. 

<Bic86bt, do. 

coSz, CO. oocStooobt, eng. not of an even number. 

<Stc8i9 see under cStcx)^. 

<B8099gt, CO. (dtoDqgiODcgii call at a distance, 

<St9aqgiaDqgXi do. in a pathetic tone. 

(Biooqgio, do. 

cBtdB^, CO. cBtooojS. 

<Bto5^o5^, call aloud, shout. 

<BioDi^ooip,— cfiio5pc»|5,— cfiidBfdBp,— cBi0ip0ip,— 
cBt^^ — ^^^ different terms to describe differeni 
kinds of hallooing, shouting, &c. as indicated by 
the sound- made in pronounciation, the reduplicated 

See (^tcSs, CO. cbzccSchtSz — 8cB«, — cS^cBs, also 
the forms ©cB*, or ecSseo^, — oocB«, — cSSoocBl, 

or cSS00cBtcSS030Dt. ODcBt, cSfoDcfig, ODDcSs, 


cBS, 1. B-ead, cake, biscuit, pastry, dough, pudding; 2. 
used as a couplet to other roots in the significa- 
tion of soft, and yielding pliant ; able, weak, lan- 
guid, debilitated; 3. a species of tree, the wood 
peculiarly soft; 4. the name of a large stream 
above Maulmain. 

(B^oof ^, flour. 

<S|^a^, debilitated, languid. 

ooicB^op, debility or languor at the stomach. 
82cd^8(5)op, debilitated state of body. 

256 cfii 

cBjSojScSp, a loaf of bread, lump of dongh, &c. 

cfi^cfi^opoo, weak, feeble, sickly. . • 

oopcB^cB^^S, see cS^yS. 

cfi^8b8a8,— cfif s8o^,-cfi^oi»p,-(Bpcfi^, different kinds 
of bread or cake, 

c8^o6^^, a kind of cake or pastry made into the form 
of bangles. 

cB^cfiscocbS, vermicelli. 

cfi^g(:8i, a kind of offering, used for the cure of ortbal 

cSp|, adv. of a soft, yielding consistencoi as, 
Qc8ic8^^9 be ripe and mellow, and, 
oDo^scB^^, which 8ee\ bruised to pulp. 

cfiSo^^oj^, a kind of dough-nut. 

c8j5ooo, 1. Bread made of ooS, 2. a species of rice. 

cB^8, bread flowers, rice flour wet up with water, made 
into fanciful forms. 

oo^e^cB^S, in figured work, a figure designed to 
resemble the bread or biscuit above. 

cfi^», CO. cB^8io8i, bread, pastry, &c. in general. 

cBpo^, CO. cfi^ojBcS^Ojjp, leaven, yeast. 

(fiSttSooif a species of beetle. 

cfi^ttpcgiODS, a variety of do. feeds on the plantain tree. 

cB^tt^, or cB^o^, leaven, yeast % see ajj)|808. 

cfi^cSS, — c8c65, or cBicSS, Toungoo river. 

cB^ojj^, CO. cB^S^. 

See oogcS^, or oogcB^ootoD,— oo^cB^, — opJSooopS 
oocB^, — dBecB^dBeoj, — gjScBp, and 3^oocB^. 

(Bi, 1. Hard, solid; 2. constipated; 3. hard-hearted, ob- 
stinate ; 4. tenacio^ of lifei not easily killed ; 

cBi8icx)c«8i 257 

adv. with a couplet, persiBtiDglj, pertiDacionslj; 

6. with a couplet, ferocious, savage; 7. a species 

of blue bird ; 8. Toungoo river; 9« Nats, supposed 

to cause the easterly showers of the hot season. 
S^cSi, < hard-headed,' capable of endurance, thus g^ 

oo^c^^ooS^cSa, pfimarily denotes fish that will 

not die by poisoning; and figuratively, persons 

who contiaue to subsist, though enduring enough 

to kill others. 

ooc8i8d8C>), reckless, pertinacious. 

oo^oo^cBi, same as oo^^oo^cSi, ferocious beasts. 


^c8i, 'hard face'; 1. Shameless; 2. incapable of 


ooicBi, 1. < Hard-hearted ' ; 2. tenacious of life. 
iBiflgi, adv. 'denotes rigidity, and a bowing posture, as 

o^c8^c8ic8icgi, large bamboos as they come to 

maturity, harden and bow. 

^ic8icBiogi| a tall, stout, hump-backed person. 
Aimiy adv. with unflinching effort, asy 

obifBiobiool, go in spite of hindrances. 

dS^cBitfi^ecD, force one's self to eat 
(Siccn, see o^tooi. 

£i09^cBioo^^, or cSioc^fjS, see fic^ffi, extremely hard. 
£if^, disobedient. 

dSidBS, 966 cd^c8S, Toungoo river. 
^SidSoo, $66 def. 9. the ko are ' drinking,' by which is 

meant showers from the east. 
iB\8iGoc88i, same as cBi, def. 9. 
18 !• 

258 c86S<fi8i 

See c8^c8if — fjcBif — cfi^cBi, also the forms ©cBi 
CO. ©cBiecBi, — ooc8i| or o5oor8i, and ocBi. 

Aj the root in eiginficition ; 1. Di£Scnlt, nnfeasibley vex 
atioas; 2. adv. long delay; 3. reluctantly; 4. 
jungle chopped, but not cleared ; 5. adv. froo 
curiosity; 6. co. in the .signification of energy; 1 
extract honey from flowers; 8. suck up by mean 
of a tube ; 9. mash, in fermentation, 10. pat in par 
celsy as betel leaves; 11. num. aff.% Id. fell h 
chopping on one side only ; 13. without kernel 
abortive; 14. adv. of certain sounds. 
^icB^ a person who does not do as he is desired. 
f^c8, obstinate. 

0Dtr8| have a dull understanding. 
0D^r8| slow to bear fruit. 

fSooo^ii extremely difficult or aiSictive. 

cBop^, Tav. coto^p, a tree producing small, radiated an 
very fragrant flowers. 

AAf adv. used in describing the barking of dogs, an 
such like sounds. 

r8r8oo8ti adv. descriptive of cackling sounds. 

cBcBo^p, a kind of lullaby. 

.cBfBVbi adv. vexatious, very diflicult. 

ooSrB, CO. ooScSooSi, a perplexity or difficnltj. 
oo^rB, CO. oo^cBoopi, meet with difficulty. 

c8^, same as oo^cSoo^b. 

rB8^f8(X^, same as c8, def. 4. 

cBA^iO^oppoocoo^Soooi, a kind of tree. 

cB6^r88i, vascillate in mind. 

cSo^cBbii do* also, in a loss about the way of doing 
anj thing. 

SbzoS^ eo. cBetoSrS^obS, heaps of brush. 

cfi^obS, €0. of SbzoS. 

180COO1 do\ 

S9^, \. Mash, while undergoing the process of ferment- 
tation ; 2. a kind of tree. 

SS, ridge between paddy plots to retain the water. 

(Scoot, Gandama. 

cBoD^, 1. Eat or drink, by means of a proboscis; 3. suck 
through an artificial tube. 

S(^, CO. cfi^^cSo), a jungle cut over, but not cleared. - 

(B|^, a kind of grass. 

(Sb^, a kind of tree, wood fragrant. 

<8bSooc8, cloves, fBbS8, do. 

rSoocg, — cfi^oo^, see def. do. 

See oodSirB, — oj^rB, — ogScB,T^c8rB, — cS^birS, 
— oooK^^oooicB,- — cSsrS, co. cStoocSsrS, also the 
forms, orB, or or8oc8^,«cB, or ©r8©c8, — oor8, 
— oocSS, — oSoocB and ODcB. 

cS^, 1. A. delineated space or area ; 2. a country, pro- 
vince; 3. appropriate a female to one's self 
for a wife ; 4. affixed to another noun, the region 
or superfices pertaining to the thing denoted by 
that noun ; 5. with 00 prefixed and ol affixed, at 
onee; 6. affixed to a word for time, afterwards; 
7. etdv. in sweeping manner; 8. clear a small 
space in clearing jungle, chop the small trees part- 
ly off, over the space of ground on which a large 
tree is to be felled; 9. adv. of motion, to and 

260 rS^cSt 

fro through a wide space; 10. a small species of 

bee; 11. adv. descriptive of sound. 

oooosrS^, adv. see def. 6. when. 

•oofB^ol, adv. see def. 5. at once, 

oDcfi^Q^, a different country. 

ooooodcS^i a country. 

o68io8S8i, countries. 

ooodStBSoooJ^, a separate country. 

oooDS^SaScSSooS^fScS^, a water-enclosed country^ 
c8^OD0^, c^, o6o3©^cBSoo©S, nats which are supposed \x\ 

preside over particular localities. 
cB^0398, a species of grass. 
cS^ODt, a council. 
cBSodQoj, adv., descriptive of the sound made by a 

cock in crowing. 
c8Soj^05^, adv. do. 

cfiScBScoS, adv. descriptive of cackling sounds. 
c8SrBSra8i, adv. descriptive of the sc^ualling of a hawk 
cBScBicfii, adv. descriptive of sound, as that of th^ 

black horn-bill, 
cfi^ool, CO. o8ob^, wide; broad. 
cBS9|8 CO. c8^2|8cBSd|t, chief or head man over a lai^ 

cJ5S8i 1, CO. ooc8^, 2, a variety of the bee family. 
r8^C35pi cos cB^^f). 
cB^eoS, CO. cd^«8cS^e)0» a region where eatables ar 

cfiSifi, CO. of cB^ieop. 
(S^c88, CO. rS^c88cB^o^, 1. A small species of bee; Bi 

00^ and c^t % the wal of do> 

cBSoD^ 261 

(fi^iBiSStfi; do. 

cS^eBiooo^pi the waxen tabes constracted by do, 

cSSfiOi, CO. ooooicBScoi, 1, The boundary or limits be- 
tween two conntries, provincesi <&c. 2, ridge of 
mountains a natural boundary. 

i8^03«t, same as cSoooi Boodha. 

(9i|^, CO. r8^^ScS^e)5S, appropriate or monopolize a 
female to one's self. 

<ftoii, 1. CO. of cBScbS, 2, a wide, level country. 

(S^8, CO. a>^ScBS8| quadrupeds in general. 

^9?^> bank of a large stream, or river. 
yirS^S, the inhabitants of a country. 

<S^fS, CO. oo^ScS^oii, a pleasant, level country. 
ooScSigrB^ see 3. 

(ffi^S, CO. of cSS^S. * 

(S^ScB^^S, adv. used to imitate and describe sound. 

<8ffl5, CO. cBS^^cB^^S, adv. in an awkward, slow, wad- 
dling manner, by little and little. 

cffi^ScB^^S, do. 

(S^QoS, CO. cBSo55r8SooS, mark with broad stripes. 

c8^c65, CO. of c8SooS. 

«KdbS, CO. cB^cbScBSoni, a kind of winnowing fan. 

cfiSoScBSoS, adv. widely' to and fro. 

dBSo^, CO. of cSScBi. 

fS^o^, a variety of r8^, or beei see def. 10, distinguished 
by its dark color. 

cB^o^ooc^S, a fabled personage who is said to bear up 
the earth on his shoulders. 

<B^o9^S, CO. oSiojoo^^, do. 

<9iojP CO. cfi^oj^cBSo^, see def. 8, 

L ■■ . 

203 StSt 

See cbSSS,—S^S^, co. c8So5S<BS<«S,— IcBS, co. 

^S^ScBS, ^SoSs^ScfiS, — otcBS, €0. osooowBS, — o5^ 
cB^i and OD^ODoitcSsoo^cS^y also the forms 9SS, 
— (©cfiS^S,) tcfiSSf ,— (cfi^€c8S8S,)— cc«S._c8i 
ocfiS, CO. cSiocBScSioooS. 

r85| 1. Affx. with ^S| prefixed; indicates displeasure or 
impatience; 2. reduplicated and prefixed or af- 
fixed, do. ; 3. adv. descriptive of sounds of a re- 
buking character. 

cfiSoooSi, CO. SS^x. ' 

SSSS, 1. Adv. prefixed or leifBxedi (see def. 2.) 2. des- 
' criptive of sound like that made by a cock when 
he would give warning of the approach of an 

.cfi5cB5oo8«i a cackle uttered by fowls when alarmed. 

cSS^^, see r8^^^. 

cBSyi, CO. SStj\(SScoc6\, dun, insist on payment. 

cBB^S, CO. cBB^S. 

cfiSfiS, CO. SSe^SS^Sf see c8S^5. 

f85qScB5^S, see cBS^S. 

cSs, 1. An island, see cSg, Tav. 2. a particle used before 
the interrogative; 3. adv, descriptive of cackling 
sounds; 4. adv. in a creepingi waddling manner; 
5. adv. of a sleazy texture ; 6. prefacing ao in- 
terogatory sentence, indicates displeasure. 

cBsSiooSSi, islands in general see def. 1. 

fBiooscBtooi, adv. in a creeping, waddling manner* 

StmSStcoty adv. in a fiimsy manner. 
^tr8i| advm descriptive of the singing of hens. 

Sx 263 

StAcoht see rB5cB5oo8g. 

(Si^3| * no8e»' that is, point of an island. 

See •r8g. — •^cBs, — c^BcSsc^srSs, also the form 
(S^9 1. Be on the look ont^ reconnoitre ; 2. inqnisi- 
tive^ applied to the inquisitive looks of young 
children ; 3. the points of danger ; 4. a sentinel ; 
5. a gnard or raili fastened around the unwalled 
parts of a house, <&c. 6. adv. imitative of certain 
sounds; 7. paste, glue, &c. 
(S^flos, a council, convention. 

adv. descriptive sounds particularly the cry of 
the hornbill. 
!Si CO. fB^StodlSs, the confines of danger. 
, become notorious. 
(JpooS, CO. c8|Soo^8ioo^, be inquisitive. 
(8f 8icxJl8i, the confines of danger. 

See €8pcfip(fi|S©«,— ODi^cfi^, and SscBf, also the 
form ooc8^, (oooocfi^ejooooDS.) 
(fit. !• Bestrain, check; 2. uplifted; 3. be upheld, as a 
ponderous body on a slender column; 4. adv. 
plainly, prominently ; 5. the sea on which the sky 
seems to rest; 6. in weaving, a yarn beam; ?• 
poles tied under the rafters' and sleepers of a 
house; 8. Maul, prop to fishing stakes; 9. the 
props thus used ; 10. to bear, suffer, a reef of 
rocks; 11. pawn, mortgage; 12. (ufr. securely ; 
13. beat with a flat surface ; 14. the duties &c. 
pertaining to one's state; 15. co. variegated; 16. 
adv. imitativ.e of certain sounds, as laughing. 

264 cfitbi 

DOcfii, CO. oooj^^oocBi, see def. 10. 

SSf^oocfii, or oooj^^oer8t« the relative conditioft 

of woman, Bee def. 14, 

oScfii, CO. oScSioScbi, deliver to one's custody or 


oSsrBi, or o58r8iex>S, take a pledge. 

co^cBiy give as a pledge, pawn. 

ootcSi, or A\ simply transverse poles» &c. see 

def. 7. 
r8icx:ir8iooi9 ddv. descriptive of motion like that of a 


See ^1^1001. 
cBioos, CO. cBioogcS^oS (oo«, rag,) a bit of clotb or rag 

in which is enveloped the fragment of a bone of 

a deceased relative ; 2. any garment is so called 

in anger, when torn, &c. by any accident, 
cSio^f a large bird, classed by Earens with the hornbill. 
cSiojS, a bird said to make a noise only when the tide 

begins to rise. 
cBicBi, adv. as oScBicBi, lay np securely, see def. 12. 
c8icSicSic8i, adv. imitative of laughing sounds. 
cStc^^, a lion according to some, an ourangontang ac- 
cording to others. 
cSto^y a bitter variety of solannm. 
fBiO|5,— oocBiojS, — ODcSioS, short leaves, fruit eaten, 

see oocBi, odcSi, varieties of solanum. 
cSiS^, (Tav. 8i8^,) V. prop the foot of fishing stakest 

&c, ft. a prop, &c. see def. 8. and 9. 
^ibi, 00. ojoScBibi, in a restless, uneasy state. 

c8io^ 265 

oo^o^o^cSibiooi, something makes me very rest- 

cSiidSi bold fast, sapport, pledge support. 

«»ocSic8^ex>S| tie transverse poles under rafters for 
supports, <&c. see def. 7. 

(Bi^^, CO. of r8i9^a. 

(Si9^i, CO. cSie^^te^if adv. 1. Oonsipcuouslj ; 2. 
sticking up or standing in the way, see def. 4. 

(Sit^i (fii9^i, adv. do. 

dSi^y a rat, or mouse. 

cSiao^, — oofBioo^,— ODcBico^, see cBiop, bitter oocBi- 

cBioo^so), restrain pain, by bradng the nerves against 
it. Endure pain. 

<Si8S, CO. oooj^^8SoocSi8^, exalted in rank, having res- 
ponsible duties, 8ee def. 14. 

(Sio0{i, hold the breath. 

<Si^S, CO. oooj^^^SoocSiSS, without rank, in indigent 

<fii^ir8i8i, same as r8ie8i. 

«8iooi, CO. cfiiooidSS, a foreigner. 

<Siooidl, a white do. 

<Siooic2« black do. 

<Siooig|t, a camel. 

f^o^, supported by the patella; as c8tr8io}^, kneel. 

<»icBS, CO. c8^c8ScSic8S, 1. Bay of Bengal; 2. Toungoo 

AuA^ <the broad stream/ denotes the region beyond 

the sea. 
I oS^c8io^5 a Bnrman wooden comb. 

S66 c§c§ 

cSioi, same as ODO^ii an insect which is occasionally 

heard at nighty making a very loudj thrilling noise.. 
cSifio^ shoot ap, &c. see def. 3. 

GS^o^o^icS^cSifii in a state of great bereavement. 
cSi — ODgy restrain anger, or other passions, 
cfiiogl, see oodlcBiogl, a certain race of people. 
r8ia^t| same as cSioo^t. 

See J^tcBi, — oSjScBi, — cfiScfiicfii,— <^ScBi, co. <^ 

oSScfeScBi, — <^if8i,— ^if cBiooi,— ^^^^tf — 

ooSSScSi, <2^r8io5^, also the formsi oocBi, eo. co 

cBioooDi, or oocBiooooii,?— ©cBi, and ODcfii. 
op)i 1. Applied to waves,' small, rippling; 2. co. of other 

roots; 3. adv. nsed to imitate and describe certain 

c^opl, adv. see def. 3. 

See ooSop), — c^i8icpl8i| and ODocgl. 
cptf^i Bar. ^c£f c£, adj. fowls whose flesh and bonea 

are tinged with black, 
cp^t^, Bur. @080. 
cpi, C(?« opi8io^8i, a generic name for several birds 

belonging to the Starminse or starling family^ 

<5io^So5^, — cgi:8^S, — ognoDc^iS^, varieties of do. 
CQ\^ same as c^i, so pronounced by Rangoon Karens. 
(^80Dc8, or ^^(^oocS, name of one of the Earen fables. 
roii CO. cgi, 

c§» CO. c§8ie^8i, a monastery. 
c§, smooth, sleek, handsome* 
c^c^, adv. imitative of the sound made by. a hen in 


(^c^S, adv. in a jogging manneri with a jog up and 

down^ or to and fro. 
c§tc§t| (Mfo. 1. do. 2. in a Blow, cantiouB manner, aa 

when endeavoring to step without noise. 

Sm also cfc^ic^t. 
c^c§^, adv. !• do. 2. nsed to describe the peculiar 

gait of persons and animals having very long slen- 
der legs. 
c^goSy make publicy spread news, 
d^c^i, or ^tc§i, odo. from side to side, to and fro. 

See also coiSx, of which this is only a contraction- 
&\f same as oocp, which see. 
^1^)9 odv. imitative of the scream of a fowl. 

See OD^IoDOoS, and oo|5@oo^@1i under ^. 
^% same as odc|^, a harrow, rake. 

See @S@^@S@S. 
^y do. sometimes used, see also OD^S. 
@^@^@^@^> o^v. in a procrastinating, neglectful 


S@5@S, cidt,. do. ' 
same as ooc^t, which see. 

ei^, sometimes oot^, a variety of early paddy. 
Sm^, adv. imitative of sound, particularly the sing- 
ing of a certain kind of frog. 
§1, same as ODC^i, which see. 

See also @t@if and @[i@^i and the form 

@@, fidv. imitative of little, sharp, creaking sounds. 
@3^@3^> a<{v. imitative of creaking sounds wheD 

368 §!?§!? 

two notesi one high and the other I0W9 ft>*e com- 

See cognates od^, g, and od^. 
@^i From 00| and ^^1 1. Tether; 2. co. to other roots 
in the signification of confine. 
c8i@S, CO. of c8i@S| wedged in. 
cSi^^cSi^g^ forming a ravine^ or narrow delL 
See @5@S§5@S, and @i@S@i@i. 
@s, from 00| and ^S| 1. Tortaons; hence 2. a flexaoos 
blade; 8. circularly; 4. adv. roand and roand, 
on all sides; 5. adv. energetically, tightly. 
@t^t, see oo^too^g| also used to imitate scratching or 

slightly creaking sonnds. 
@t^8^ see OD^soo^t. 

c8i@s, turn or slide round from the upper to the 

under side of a thing, see c8i^8, cSioo^i. 

See cognates t^g, or ^t, 00^81 or @8, and gt. 

^^1 same as 00^^. 

^i, same as OD^t. 

ji, same as ooc^i. 

^icSioooDi, is found applied also to the using of drugs 
and charms to render one's self invulnerable. 

^1%, 1. Suitable, fit; 2. probable. 

^I8e8i, have union of feeling and wishes. 

^i8dBoo8Syi| we ought to' consider. 

ji8dB@ifd!}| adapted to each other. 

^1800^18, adv. probably best, or not best. 

p^@i|5i adv* imitative of sound, like that of scratch- 
ing and gnawing. 

@ 269 

^1 see 00^. 

]^y adv. imitative of distant roaring. 
JSoDcoS, adv. do. ^ 

^^^t ^v* imitative of distant thunder. 
^SmSy see ooqSi adv. imitative of interrupted gnttnral 
St, see 00^8. 

Q^@^' ^^* ^°^i^^^^^^ ^^ sound like that of pouring 
water into a large jar. 
See also odq^. 
^j I. see ooiQ, a species or variety of the negro 

monkej ; 2. see @^@.« 
^Sf same as co^» 

^^o^^d^^y same as OD^^c^^db^. 
See ^ and its derivatives. 
§[S^S, see 09j|5co^S. 
§[8, same as oo^t, which see. 

p9 a screw ; Jf at^. 
See %8, and its derivatives. 
ISf advm imitative of sound. 
ScoooSy adv. with a creaking noise. 
5§[pi same as oo^^co^. 
See ooQpoDooS, also 
^ly same as c^^i^ which «6«. 

oD^aooooSi same as 09oo^io9cx>S. 
See ^i| and its derivatives. 
§1 (#^ ^^0 Bcream or scold. 

270 • @t 

@@f CO. @@@^@^> <^v« imitative of soand like 

that of the Barman or large crow. 
^c8^i 00, @c8|5^cSi| otter a loud scream ; * also, 

scold iDcessantlj. 
^8i| sse ooG[8i« barnacles* 

See G[f and its derivatives. 

e^@^« o^t?. imitative of lond, shrill, vibratory screams. 
S^^8i| see cx)G[^oc)^|S8i, a species of fish. 

See cfi^@p§?,— <fe«@?@?,— <fii@?@p. also 
CjS, and its derivatives. 

fi, CO. ^\ same as oo^i. 
, same as op^, 1. Bough, harsh; 2. file^ rasp, &c. 
oo^@, <J0. oo^@oo^@n, be lacerated. 
@cSi|^9i see oo^cSi^o. 

See ^ and its derivatives; also oot^i o^ ootOD^, 
and 008^^^. 

tSf same as cob^, capricious^ unstable^ &c. 
^c^^, neat, in good taste. 
@S^S, see ooS[SoD^^, adv. transiently. 
^^8i@S8i, plants resembling the willow* 

See the Varieties under cx)^^, def. 2. also see ^8 

tS, see cx)^Sy a^v. Imitative of gurgling soun<l8. 
S^S, ddv. 1. Imitative of sound like that of liquid 
boiling ; 2. like that of a horse trotting. 
See yOD^SooooS, also ^S, and its derivatives. 
@8, 1. see cx)8^, a ravine, &c 2. adv. imitative of 

c8i^8y CO. c8iQSc8i@i, forming a ravine. 
c8i^8c8i@i9 be wedged in. 

@S 271 

^^1 adv. imitative of sound like that of sticks 

striking togetlier. 
@g^i, adv. imitative of soand like that of treading 

on the thatch of a roof. 

See ^t, and its derivatives. 
@^@^@^@'L* a^fv. imitative of soand like that of 

cattle striking their horns together. 

@l@l@l@l, do. 

See •^le^ii irregalari hither and thither, &g, 

£^, $ee co^, (and its combinations^) quiescent. 

^9 see co^f a whole family. 

^^SioooolSt, a family camp or clan, with all their 
stuff and baggage. 

@p@^@@, same as @§@?@?. 

^, eee oo^ (and its combinations) urge, be hasty, in- 
considerate, &c. 

fficBSy utter falsehood, or nonsense. 

^§1, same as co^oosp. 

^^t, same as oo^ooc|t. 

@^, same as oo^oo^, worthless, of no use, &c. 

OolQtocDQ, worship ignorantly, be superstitious. 
oolQoo'i, do. @, is used in this way with any 
other verb, either in the signification of hasty, in- 
considerate, or useless. 
See ^, and its derivatives. 

@^, see oo^S, A temporary shed ; 2. collect, as a priegt 
with his rice pot ; 3. study out the meaning of 
hard sentences ; 4. adv. imitative of certain 

2T2 cjjjl' 

CO, @^@S@S@S, see coB^coe^f adv. imitative of soond 

like that of running among old, dry bamboos. 
@^@^' «^^ co^, adv. imitative of sound like that of 

stamping on a bamboo floor. 
^^0081, an anchor oo^^ooSt. 
^SoSooioDt, see od^oSciod, a yellowish bird. 

^^^SoS, see @SoSi a large cross-bow. 
^^dSy see OD^^dS, a kind of plant. 
^^8i§S8i5 see ^Sf def. 1. A temporary shed. 

See ^^c8@%— d8i@So5, and ^S, with its deriva- 


eS| see 008S1 adv. imitative of sound. 
S§5| same as oo^Sooc^Si adv. imitative of sonnds 
made by a person who is very hoarse. 
^S^S, see ooSSy adv. imitative of sound like snoriDg. 

cS^S^Sy gulp downi swallow large draughts. 
^8^89 1. do. 2. see co^t, and its combinations. 
See @i@i. 
jpdB^, see oo^^dB^. 
)^^9 see 09^^^. 
Ji, see 00^1. 
^i^i^i^i, adv. imitative of sound like that of 

treading on old, dry bamboos, 
^i^t, adv. imitative of soundi as of fire ranniog 

through a dry jungle, 
^t^i^i^ii adv. imitative of sound like that of 
walking on a bamboo floor. 

See g@is@i, — •@it@"i, — ^^@i, also ^x, 
with its derivatives* 
0^9 1 • Affixedi with oot prefixed to a noun, in, amoDg, 

ogSSiSSi S78 

in the midst of; 2, be accurate} applied to pro- 
nonDcing words ; 3 oo. to the word for griod^ 
polish I &c. 

8^qj))f same as aj|p, def. 1, the noun is often re- 
peated between them, as^ 
cB^ooi(X>i^8^cx)i^ajj)y be among the rocks. 

c^loQji^ei, pronounce accurately, 
weld on steel. 
See oooo), — ?^^8|5j — ^^\^^> — c^cSiojjl 
cSiy also ooly with its derivatives. 

Qj^ 1. Used for cxjji; 2, co.*oi 03|S. 

aj^cigS, eee ajjiogi, and qjjjScjjjS. 

^ J. Dejecti lower down, paticularly the head as an 
animal in taking up food with its mouth ; 2, make 
a racket, clamor; 3, a cutting instrumenti with a 
hooked blade; 4, co. to other rootSi in one or 
other of the above significations. 

QjjSoo^S, be quarrelsome, wrangle. The*aflBx is an in- 

^oSi^^^, bend a cleaver, or flat thing to a right angle* 

ajSo^, a bush hook, sythe or similar instrument. 

t^ibSy do. with a short handle. 
ooo^SooojjS, see o^5. 

(2)Sc8Sf CO, of ooScSS, quarrel, with a clamorous noise. 

gScbs^, bend a thing slightly. 

^SobicSty scold, clamor. 

^ifi^ 1. Eat in the manner described in def. Ir, 2^ 
eat large mouthfuls. 

^SSi88i| eee def. 3. 

See ODGoS, — ogiSajjS, co. ccjjiSo^^ojjjiSccjjS, — ognS 

19 K. 

874 ^^^ 

cSSogScSS, — oooQSaoojjS, — c^pogS, — ^SojiS 

c^orgS,— ooojjS, CO. ooojgSooojjiS, or ooo^SooogS, 

also cjoS with its derivatives, 
ogti !• Bee ooooti apply flat sarfaces; 2. overspread; 8. 

prostrated ; 4. settled, as a flock of birds upon a 

field of grain ; 5. the flat cover of a pot| kettle, 

<&c. ; 6. the back of the neck ; 7. market place ; 

8. adv» in a qniveringy tremulous manner. 
oa)««!J5«j ^^"^ ^^^''•^ ^^^» ^^ * quivering, tremulous 

O!2|Si30S, overlay with any thin, flat material. 
agtcS^, CO. o!2|8c8» do. stick up as a notification. 
ODjicoif do. in order to conceal that which is beneath. 
o^8^ii a bazar. 
agtcQi, lay over as a plaster, paste, glue, &c» 

c8iorjj«, 1, Open a bazar or market; 2* overspread, 

as leaves strown upon the ground ; 3. lying, or 

prostrat'ed here and there. 

cSiogg, CO. cSicxjjtcSic^i, settle down as a flock ol 

birds on a field of grain. 
ocniooS, pay the difference, in swapping a thing. 

See o^sSicxjjsSi,— f85fxgis>, — 4^8^©^o(gt. — ^ogt, 

^l*^l*^*^'» C^sSlOgtSl, — fiOSOJI, CO. 001 

c^Soosogt, ooocjji«ooog8, eee cx>8, with its deriva- 

OG)^, 1. Same as odco^, open, spread out, applied, is 
this signification, to a cleared spot or plantatiot 
in the midst of a jangle; 2. decayed. 
ooSo^Soo^ajJS, carrion, rottenness. 

<q^(|2i. Bee ^^^^ ^Q a plantation. 

o!ji|^ODi CO. of a^^oO} decayed. 

c8iag^, fallen to pieces by decay. 

See n^^Stajg^Sty see oo^, and its derivatives. 

a%\^ 1. Sitroe as oocoi, polished, specular ; 2. bare, bald ; 
3. ode. all gone, nothing left ; 4. adv. thoroagh- 
ly, folly, entirely ; 5. reduplicated; adv, 1. Imita- 
tive of quick tapping sounds; 2. spasmodically^ 
forcibly; 3. thoroughly, efficiently. 

rntoijjt, adfi. see def. 4. and 5. 

OjjiS^, ajjiS^orgi^^, bald-head- 

ojjiooi, CO. ogiooSqgiooi, polished, &c., see def. 1. 

OJIOO^, CO. cxjjiooi. 

oEjjiofi, sometimes used for ajfjiQ^i, certain* 

rqiQ^i, CO. orjji«|Saj5i«^i, or <?gT.«lt'''^'*'^^'''» ^^^* thor- 
oughly, fully, entirely, ODySooiS* 

<KJI|tQf ^y CO. OJJlO^l. 

cjjioJ^ooooS, adv. entirely, completely, leaving nothing. 
c8icG)t, CO. c8ig6, divested of covering or appen- 

See cBsoji, — c^iogiagio:^!, — c^i-^'^^o^io^if — 
c^iPEjfji, — ooicxjji^— ODcxjji, or ODcxjjiODccjDii also 
ooi, with its derivatives. 

o^ 1. A flea; 2. co. oj^, lice; 3. dependents", 4. crouch, 
lay the body flat; 5. fasten down. 
og^oD^og^o^, dog fleas. 

oon^oo^i, the attendants, hangers on to any im- 
portant personage. 

o^o8i9 CO. o^jcBioglcSi, crouch, lay the body flat. 

^^0^, the bamboo which is' tied transversly across 
other bamboos to fasten them in place, see def. 5. 



c^8t@i8i, or co^Sio^Sty fleas. 

See ODoS, — e^jn^ttjotg), — o5o^, — oSq^oj^oSo^S, 
-— ojp8iq^8i, also oS, and it? derivatives. 

c^^i is combiDed with other roots to denote irregularity 
or UDseemlineBS ; hence, in an irregular, vaecilla- 
ting noauneri confused, naixedy sticking up or ly- 
ing about here and there, in an unsettledi unde- 
terminate manner, 
8Otc^^oo80S2)8^ sew on a patch. 
c8ic^ScfiiO£j)«, lying one here, and another there. 

^^o^jS, !• Rock, as a boat; 2. adv. in a rooking, un- 
steady manner. 
See oooSS, — o^S(^^<^5ajn^S, — o:J^^^c^o:^lSo:^i^ 

o^Scl^^c^, — <^^^^<^^^^> — ooo^S, or ooo^^oo 
nsgS, — 6oo<^Soooo)|ji, — cfliooq^Scfliooc^i, (under 
o^S,) also o5S, with its derivatives. 

ocjS, start or move suddenly. 

ngSo^S, CO. o^5aj5i5, 

c3^5org|S, CO. c^5(^S(^Scxjj)|5, 1. Rock; 2. shake one 
way and the other ; 3. adv. in a rocking, unstea- 
dy manner. 

cj^SojjlSc^SajjS, do. 

dtoSjSdS^,— COS, gird up the loins hastily. 
See ooo55, also oSS, and its derivatives. 

cijs, the significations of this and the preceding root of- 
ten seem to run into ea6h other, but that has refe* 
rence to sudden fluctuating motion, this to a roil- 

ing motion by which the thing is moved along 
first one way and then the otheri and generally, 
the substance underneath displaced. 

fl^^, CO. o^«aj5i«. 

^'o^|t> 00. o^so^ls<^t^<> work a thing into the em- 
bers, dirty and the like. 

r^So^tag|t, do. 

<^ic^8o5^i roll a thing one way and the other upon a 
plastic substance, in order to flatten or spread it 

o^ajUlt, — oot, roll one's self aboat. 

See ooo5t, — ^^^^^o^^^^l'j — oooj^o^s, — Q^^^j — 
oc^t, ODgiSoo^, also o5«,' with its derivatives. 

0^ !• r^, CO. c^Siog^Sx, several bamboos or poles 
held in an inclining posture, and the lower ends 
moved from and towards each other alternately, 
while a person is jumping between them each 
tin^e they are apart. 
2, o^p, CO. o^8i@i8i, a pestle. 

T)?^l?^.^^?^l?^' ^^' intermingling, passing to 
and fro, as a large number of fish swimming 
about and crossing each other, yet not interfering. 

n^a^, CO. cff^^vrQ^S^i same as n^^ def. 2. 

n^cBS, CO. c^^dBSc^^a^, *do. 

n^8ieoiS8i, same as def. 2. 

(^|S3i88i, used in both significations. 

Q^S8i88i, same as def. 1. 

ft^n^, or i^o^^&^S, jump or .skip the bamboo 
poles as above described. 

278 OrjjiS 

See ooofi^,— c)jt)^^^c)jt)^c^> also 05^, with its de- 

0^1, CO. o^f — cxjji, 1. Press, confiney by the application 
of a weight ; 2, co. to other roots in the above, 
or analogousi signifieatioDS. 

o^ieoSi fasten firmly, see o^icoi. 

ccQi^^f CO. nSijiao^o^iooi, compress a thing by laying a 
weight upon it. 

o^icSi, CO. coji(S\cfjj\(S\f fasten down with a weight. 
Qic^i, CO. oiftgio^i, 1, do.; 2, urge, press, com- 
pel a person to do a thing. 

ooc^ioocxjDli, be of equal size, ability, &c., applied 
to children of the same parents, and differing in 

See cooSi, — 8^c^^8^o^i, also oSi with its deriv- 

a^i 1. Used to denote fullness and roundness with even- 
ness of surface, Tnot found used alone,) 2. affix, 
used to give emphasis to the verb in the significa- 
tion of very. 

See 00001, — oogi, or ocxgiocxjj), — qcxjjiqojj]^, — 
oSogi, also coi with its derivatives. 

cxjjnS 1. A lid, or cover ; 2. cover by spreading some- 
thing over; 3. shut as a book or box, having a 
lid; 4. over-topping, excelling, superior; 5. chiefs 
main, principal ; 6. co* high authority ; 7. the 
sayings, commands or traditions of the ancients; 8. 
a convention of chiefs; 9. numerous; 10. nod; 11. 
cast, as a sweep-net; 12. grapple, in fighting. 
ooo^lS, a numerous body, a large number. 

fJCffiS<B^ 279 

oOQ^i^oocgly of superior growth, applied to grain, 

see def. 4. 

Q0C(2|i^f1f 00. ooo^iS^SojjiSog, 1, A numerous col- 
lection ; 2. an assemblage of great personages. 

ooogiS^ScxjjiSaS, do. 

o5^8^aj||iS| the cap of a thatched roof. 

oe8^aj)i^, CO. oo8^(xj]i^oo8^oot, the lid or cap of 

a thing. 

o^^sajji^y the main branches of a tree« 

oo^^ajjiSy is the main stream. 

CDp^SorjjiS, large sticks of wood. 

Cftajji^f^y the main body of an army. 

^^cxjji^cS^ogl, eat the first fruits of a hardest. 
o^iSo^S, CO. agiSojjSo^iSorjjS, 1, nod ; 2, adv. in a 

nodding manner. 

otjjiSogSS^, *the nodder/ a species of betel. 
QjiSojj^ CO. orgiSogS, and ogiSc^S. 
ojiSc8|^> main, principal. 
ogiSc^S, CO. orjjiSajjSoigiSc^S, adv. in a doubtful, pre- 

cariousy uncertain state. 2i . 1 

cryShf CO. ajjiSS^. 

a^^8Sor2|i^5» turn alternately upon the face and back. 
oyiSSSci^SooS, do. 

oyiSfoS, CO. agiSooSajjSeDSj cover over. 
ajji^foSoSooS, do. 
qjjiicoSrxjp^cbti do. 
ajiWSojjiSooi, do. 

G^i^eiy CO. oj|iSc^n^iS©i, cast a sweep-net. 
qgi^, CO. ogi^^^y great assemblege, see cxgi^. 
o^ikS^, cover over. 

280 '^i^^'?)"'? 

ojjiSoSt, 00. do. 

CCJJlSoOl, CO. OrjJlSoSjOrjJlSoOl, OF C^1^001O^1^0&t, OF OJlS 

ODio^iSool, or ogiSoDioqjiSdbt, hide by covering. 
c^iSc8, CO. ojjiS^S, see ojnSoj^. 
ogiS^S, see oocxjiS^jS. 
cxjjiSooS, CO. ogiSS^, 
orjjiScbi, CO. (XjJlScSl. 
cjjjiScSi, CO. ojjiScSiogiSci)!, or orjjiSc8ic3btc8if or cxjjiS 

cStcoScSiy 1. Place bottom up; 2^ fall, or throw 

dowD flat. 
agiSc8ib5, cast down the eyes. 
ojiScSiooi, same as fxjji^ooi. 
n^iSc85, CO. cxjjiScSSorjjScSS, or ajji^cSScJ^icSS, 1. Place 

i\\e tops or insides of things together ; 2. grapple 

clinch in fighting. 
ODjiSoj^, wooden cover. 
o:jjiSogf, CO. cqiScgtcoooS, or agiScx>cgioDoo5, cover close 

c:2)i^€6o88^i lie on the back. 
o:j5iSc8c8oo5, lie with the face down. 

See cocoiS, — ooogiS, co, oofxjji^ooajjS, or ooo^Soo 

agiS, ODOjjiS, or oDogiSQi^ODcgSojS, or ODcxgi^o^oD 

agiSoi^, also ooiS with its derivatives, 
ojjit, see ooooit, — ^^^ooisogig, — ooogit, — ODajjit, with 

ODiSy and its derivatives, 
o^i^,. sparkle, scintillate, glisten. 
cxjji^ooooS, adv. in a sparkling, glistening manner, 
c^i^o^i^, adv. 1. do.^ 2. imitative of sound, like that 

of striking iron upon stone. 

o^iicjqjiiooojjii 281 

O9^cs2)^orj)i^9 — ODorjji^oocoS, also 001^, with its 

flijjii, 1. Strong, firm; 2. of. continaance during the 

period of time specified by the noun to which it 

is affixed ; 3 invigorated, stengthened ; 4. applied 

to the mind) pleased, gratified ; 5. adv. firmly, 

permanently ; 6. q^. intensive, very, indeed. 

cB^ajjiti CO. SpiSS^cKQix, be permanent, stead- , 


^S^oi^GS^cqjii, firm, not liable to move, unwa- 

c8it5c8iajjii, settled, not moving from place to 


oStoyii, 00. o6taj)ix8^ajjii, hold with a steady 


c^^oi^oDtojiii, be in a settled state of mind. 

ootcxjjiioS^, invigorated after a state of exhaustion. 

ootooojgiiCD^, feel sinking, as from sickness or 


ooioiojjn, denotes a healthful state of pregnancy, 

or one which comes to a successful issue; costive- 

ness, constipation. 

ooo^Scgn, a sure, unfailing word, or promise. 

ojioo^^ojjii, through, or during the whole year. 

oooo^iogii, through, or during the whole day. 

dBoo^iagii, through, or during the whole night, 
qgntajjii, see iSiSorjjiiajjii. 
c(giio^iioocxj}ii, Okfv. not very strong, permanent, &c. 

382 ogi^WDCoS 

csjuiic^l^^q^, be obstructed, immovabley as that whicb 
cannot be easily loosened, or got off. 

osjjii^i, be firm, fixed. 

o^ncS^, 00. c^itcb^, intensive, verj, indeed. 

ajjiiODt, CO. oj)noj^n:j3iio3t, an elliptical phrase equi?- 
alent to glad of it, satisfied, enongh. 
See oooDii, — ooooiajjii, also con with its deriva- 

aji^, see oKjjnojiSq. 

See ooogS, — oDajj^S, with cxjS, And its derivatives* 

ojj\S 1. Impulsive, forcible, impelling ; 2. raise over the 
head ; 3. induce fowls to lay their eggs in a certain 
place, by making them a nest; 4. confine a hat 
on the head ; also girding up the loins. 

ajjiSS^oS, make a nest for hens, see def. 3. 

orjj|Syioi, perform the feat described in def. 2. 

o^lScSS CO. o^i^ScSScxgScSS, do. 

See ooojS — jSjSagiS, co. S^oiJJlSSjSo^jS, — o^<^5, 
CO. o^5c^S(^5cxj5|6,— ©to:g|6dB^ooo38, — ogojiBcSS 

OOODg, 00OJ)|5, — CSOgOOOrjJiB, CO. OOSOOOrjJ^S 008000^5, 

— a)orj5|5, — a)aj5|5c8i, co. cx>orjj|6c8ioDag5c8i, — 

O^tODOJlS, CO. O^SODr^^tODogiS, Or QI^8CX>ajj|5a^t 

ODc^S, also ojS, with its derivatives. 

o^[8 1, adv. found applied only to the act of swallow- 
ing; probably only an imitation of the slight 
sound thereby produced in the throat. 
2. same as a2)|8 a kind of plant. 

0^1800005, adv. see def. 1. Applied to a single act of 

'^l'^^ (kfe. do. applied to enccessive acts of swallow- 
See 03cxjj|lo9CoS, also o^ty with its derivatives. 

cq[l^ 1. The distinguishing name for a very large and 
tall species of bamboo; 2. adv. used in the gen- 
. eral signification of large, long and sleek. 

n^jl^ooooSy adv. do. appearing solitary, largei tall or 
long, &c. 

Q^oxB^, adv. do. applied particularly to a lazy, indo- 
lent lounger stretched out asleep when he should 
be at work. 

CO. ajjlfooooSajju^oocSS, adv. do* with the additional 
idea of numerous. 
See ODO^^,— OQCXjJiP, also og^ with its derivatives. 

(t^\x, adv. in contact with ; with sudden contact or col- 

o^iooooS, (often orjj|x,) do. 

See ODajjii, co. odojju^iooooS, — oooc^agii,— ^oocxjjii 
ooo^S, also cx^x with its derivatives. 
012)1 ^' ^^™b^<^ ^^ other poles laid parallel and 
horizontal for a door, or the immediate supporters 
of a floor ; 2. lay or place do. 3. lie motionless ; 
4. the rods used in weaving. 

nnajj|^ic8ix, a floor consisting wholly of poles laid close 

0^9, 00. o;2]|dOo86f1, or ^|8^^|^» the ends of the 

poles which extend beyond the body of the house, 
(q|8p, €0. ojjxS. 
qjl^ty the rods used in weaving* 

38* «5!ll5«Dl5<^5<^S 

o^iHa^l, CO. oSiOj^iy avoid work} used in describing a 

lazy, shiftless person. 
ojg^cSi, CO. orj5|c8icbtc8i,. see def. 2. 
<^|c8ioooot, lie motionless. 
ogiCD^ooiy lay poles horizontally, parallel and close 

o^io^t, a rod nsed in weaving which is moved np or 

down every time a new thread is inserted. 
og|8i0^8i9 same as def. 1. 

See oocxgi, also Oj^, with its derivatives. 
<^|S 1, An embankment with a trench; 2. in a prom- 
inent, hngCi massive manner ; 3. adv. imitative 

of heavy, obtuse sounds ; 4. adv. with see-saw 

<xj[nSooco5, (oftener ooag|SnocoS,) adv. 1. sound, as above 

described; 2. massively, hugely. 
^iSonjSo^lScJ^S, same as <^|S^|Sc%Sc%^. 
o:j5|Sag|S, adv. used according to def* 3. and 4. 
^l^^l^^^^^' ^^^* imitative of sound like that of 

clambering over logs. 
^l^^lL^o8)^c8)Si o.dv. in huge masses. 
<xg|Sc%S, see ^}^<rQScr^^<^. 
o^^8iogS8i, same as def. 1. 

See oDOj^S, — oocxjji^, co. ODfxg|SoDcoS, — ooocjiS, — 

ooag|Socj|^8, co. oocxj[||So:j5|^8ooo^So:j5|S©l, also 

Oj^S, with, its derivatives. 
ncjj|5aj5|5, adv. imitative of sound, like that of rapid 

o^|5o3||5<xgSo^S, adv. do. where the sound varies. 
<^l5ajj|5cJ^5c^5, adv. do. 

aj)|§ 285 

See oj^f and its derivatives. 

ajj|i, 1. Pnebi press, or work into a crevice or yielding 
snbetaDce ; 2. adv. with that kind of motion 
which tends to push or work one thing into an- 
other ; 3. chopped or burned into short bits ; 4. a 
species of green beetle ; 6. a species of creeping 

o^JltogS, eo. <X2)i«c%p. 

^•TJl^f <^' ^\}^\}^^^h o,dv. used according to 

def. 2. 
ojg^tcSi, cut into billets or short sticks. 

o^^ojiltc^i short sticks of wood. 
°^^?> ^^. ^V^^^l^c^p* cut into short logs. 

^?^«^?» short logs. 

ooSncj5|«c%, and ooSo:j5|fc)^^, old sticks of wood re- 
duced to mere remnants. 
G^tOy burned in two. 

o^a|o:j}|89) a brand. 

ojP^j^|tS, do. 
Q(j|8|02^, €0. a3l«iO2^aj)|f|065, thrust a thing into the 

sand, or other yielding substance, to hide it. 
Q!ji|t8t02^, do. 

ajj|t9i, see cB^o^, and cBjBojBcgi, a species of beetle. 
C!jj|8j5, CO. <xj5|Ǥ5<i>8|^5, work or press into. 
onicD, CO. '^po* 
cq|t6, CO. <xj!||8Qaj[)|tcA, cook an article by thrusting it 

into hot embers. 

See oooj^t,— c%«055|«,--c»o:j)|«oocoS,--and ojg, with 
its derivatives. 
<q|^, 1. Extend or stretch one's self longhthwise; 2. 

386 ^lo^Oj^'i 

adv. with a straight, independent course ; 3. adv. 

fxgi^ODcoS, as «ioooDiaj|pODOo5, inclining to be large, 
tall, or long, and straight. 
(glag|Soooo5, appear large, long, &c. 

ocgi^ooooS, CO. cxgi^oocfiS. 

cmScr^S^i CO. o^][^oooo^aj5|^ooc8S, 1. Stretch out one's 
self to sleep, 2. adv. stretched leisurely at full 

oD)|So7)i^, 1. With a straight course; 2. leisurely, in- 

orn|SdBo7)|Sc8i, stretched out, some in one direction, and 
others in the opposite direction. 

0316081, — ODt, stretch out one's self at full length. 

&ee ooonjn^^, CO. ODcxg^^cSoDajji^cSi, — Socgift — 
©i^aj5|^cx>8,— glojl^aji^,— cxaio^i^oDOoS,— oot 
^l?^l?>— c%?^l?c%?i ^^^0 oj^^, and its deriva- 

0311, 1. Applied to surfaces having prominences and de- 
pressions, rough, uneven ; 2. applied to walking, 
with irregular step. 

^l"*-^!^^^^^' ^^^^ according to def. 1. 

ag|i<^i, CO. ajDl^c^^^rc^^^ (some say ^|,) used ac- 
cording to def. 1. 

aj5|iooo;^i, co. o^|ioooj^ic^iooc8i, do. applied to the 
surface of a field, strewed with gourds, melons, and 
the like. 
For its use according to def. 2. see t'l-cxgli^iajjiii 

cjicSf 287 

See also ooogi, — Q^ogiiODOoB,— org|og|i^x, and 

ogi, with its derivativee. 
q5j 1. Grind, wear away by friction; 2. do a thing by 

way of experiment; 3. trick, dissemble; 4 tarn 

or roll the eyes one way .or the other, ao as to 

expose the white part to view ; 5. adv. imitative 

of clanking sonnds. 
fl5|CX)a5^, polish by robbing with, or upon stone, 
qjj, — agl,— grind, &c. see def. 1. 
qg|C5j, CO. csjjqsjjn^^o^^, O'dv. see def. 6. 
njjogl, whet or grind an axe or tool, 
qgng^, take a look at. 
qji — ^, perform the act designated by the verb, by 

way of experiment. 
ojjjtjS, grind, &c. see def. 1. 
q^cbS, sharpen a cleaver. 
flgcSf do, 

ojiiSif turn the eyes towards. 
qgc8^9 turn up the eyeballs, 
qjot, CO. cgwi, 
qgtti, CO. c^ic5jj«i, 1. Attempt to do experiment. 

2. csjjwi, or q5jj«ic5j)G8^, trick, impose upon. 
qjjtSi, 1. Turn down the eyes ; 2. show the upper part 

of the eyeball. 
q^oSng^, try to question* 
<qo58S, try with questions. 
qj|90^, sharpen a tool, 
ojl^^, CO. qsgcS^csjjcS, 1. Eat to see whether the article 

has a good or bad taste, endeavor to eat. 

2. qsjjcS^, CO. o^gi. 

288 <^c8 

See 000}, — 00053, ^' ^^»°^^^?>""^Sc»q5g, eo. 
^Soocl^S^Soocsjj, or ^Soocsjj^Soooqj),— .QOcsjjcBioi,— 
0Dc8iq^, and 09. with its derivatives. 

cgj^i Continnal without abatementy UDoeasing ; hence, 
severe. Generally, if not always used in a qualify- 
ing form ; as, 

og^<^9 CO. oS^oS^cq^oq^S adv. incessantly, 
severely, applied to heat, pain 9 screaming ifec. 
See <feiC5jjSc5jj^,— ^oolcjjjScjjS,— :cBS<;5jjS<;^^ 
and 05S with its derivatives. 

qajS 1*, Deceive the expectation, disappoint ; 2. be dis- 
appointedy have the hopes ^ustrated ; 3. miss the 
mark, as a ^deceitful bow'; 4. adv. in a flickering, 
changeable manner ; 6. a name for several plants 
fed to fish, by eating which, they are inebriated, 
so as to be easily caught, fish poisons; 6. adv. 
imitative of certain vibratory sounds. 

^?^?v^^* ^P^?"tll"'?^''p> ^^* ^° * glistering man- 

cjji^ajji^, CO. csjj?qS8^o:gi^<^?> c^dv. 1. Imitative of clink- 
ing, vibratary sounds; 2. in a glistening, and 
changeable manner. 

csjj^agi^cjjj^ajji^, adv. do. 

^?^?^?^^^?^?* ^^^^®^> ^^ studded with glis- 
tering white, applied to the sky and stars, 

mSooS, a species of plant, Cajanua Indious. 
<5lPc8, or yellow qjj^, a large thorny creeper, bark is 
used to poison, or inebriate fish. 

ca^i 380 

qjl^QSiy — <^^^^f varieties of do. 

qi^c^^y kill fish bj poisoning the water with, the qfi^f 

966 OJI^, 6. 

S66 also c^qsjjp. 
q^^^€J2||Sg), have expectations of marriage frastrated, 

966 def. 2. 
qg^o^^, a strong kind of c^^, 6. 

^^^^^^^^ ^• 

9^9S3^^<^^> a disappointed lover. 

qjIS^qsj^bi, 966 qjj^, 6. 

c6ioD8c(2)^» go in search of game, and though plen- 
ty is seen, a shot cannot be obtained, or if obtain- 
ed, it is missed and the game lost, 9ee def. 2. 
oto^f make an unlucky shot. 
obicob^qs2|p, fish to no purpose. 

qgScS^, a purgative medicine. 

n^gSSi^xSiy the materials used to poison or inebriate 

See giC58?^»— ^^9?)?' ^^* ^^^^^'^^^^ — ^?98l? 
nijji^, — oocsjjpcxxxgi^, — ODqgp, or ODcgi^ODogi, — 

ooo}^, and 09^1 with its derivatives. 
D|gi, 1. Pot words together in an apt, smooth poetical 

manner; 2. bare, destitute of appurtenances; 3. 

€idv. entirely, leaving nothing ; 4, used as couplet 

to other roots. 

oSxci^Diq^gi, hang bare and bulging. 

cxMScjgi, CO. ooiSo^i, entirely gone. 
^»y 00. (^^^c^i?! puii in poetical language. 

SO x« 

S90 c^,^ 

C5Jl«|X, CO. Orjjltt^l. 

qgxoDgS, fio. c5jjicx)ajS. 

cjgiODog^, CO. cjjjiooo^Scsjjioo^, make poetic lines of a 
pathetic or CDtertainiDg character. 
See oocji, — odcj|i,— cx)qsj|i^«, co. oocjjjiajSooqjji 
^«, — ODqjjioooo, and 091, with its derivatives. 

c^, 1. A path, a road; 2. figuratively, as road, path, way, 
3. be familiar or conversant with ; 4, relate, tell 
circumstantially; 5. mix, mingle, combine; 6. 
saturated, blended ; 7* changed in regard to state 
or essence; be in a state of transition; 8. applied 
to the brain, have a sensation of pressure, conges- 
tion ; 9. moving to and fro, ; stirring fluids with a 

ooc^oo^x, a roadi path. 

b5c8Si5c^, be familiarly acquainted with anj 
given locality, familiar to the eye. 
c8ic^, CO. cSic^^cSic^, mixed, blended, amalga 

c^oosijt, CO. c^oosijtc^coooi, between two roads. 

c^ooooi, CO. c^ no 3^1. 

c^odSS, CO. c^v588, half-way. 

objooSScSi, upon the road, any where on the road *b€ 
tween different houses, villages, &c. 

c^oocobS, CO. c^ooooSSoobSi a rough road. 

c^ogl, CO. c^c^. 

^<^$ CO* ^o)|)S- 

c^c^f CO* ^c^^^> ™ix» blend a powder with a liquid 

c^c^f CO. c^c^Sc^o)|)f agitate for the purpose of mixiii| 

c^oso^ 391 

oooDiy same as 9gc§3000t| circnlatei move aboat 
araong each other, intermingle. 
oo«c^c(j(j, saofie as oDSc^icJjIji, oosobicSi, oOs^|S|, 
and cBiooicoiioooos, walk to and fro over the 
same ground. 

c^8, see CO. cJjjooc^S. 

O^P, CO. c^tii, — c^coii, &c. 

o^S^cot, CO. c^S^S^c^S^ooty the commencement of a 
road, road corners, 

c^JDii, CO. c^9^c^?Oii, the sides of a road. 

txj|Wi, CO. r^^^r^eu, or c^S^c^eii, a gate or door way. 
c^ooBc^dS, a path little travelled, a small or by- 

cr^ajt, GO. <^aj8c^ooi, between two roads. 

•DD^icBi, in the way, somewhere on the way. 
, the upper side of the road. 

D^sbooS, the lower side of the road. 

0^, bitamen, earth oil. 

iij|3pidBi, same as c^8po6i, road corners. 

1^1, CO. c^ajg. 

H^ CO. r^@Sc^c8, or r^c8c^@S, or c^c8c^c8i, a 
right path, mostly used in a figurative sense. 

ilffSkf the place where paths meet. 

^^^f 1* CO. c^cS; 2 the crotch of a road. 

i^Sgji, between two roads. 

i^o6c^8, be conversant with diflFerent countries, see 
def. 3. 

1^^, a door or gate way, window. 

^^f CO. o^tii. do. 

^^§, CO. <^otq. 

392 o^So^S 

c^ois, 00* c^o8SSc^i583, branch road do. 

c^osSy CO. c^od85c^o88, denotes half way between two 


osSc^, half way. 
c^oi^sjs, same as c^oosjs. 
c^8, a small path or road. 
c^cS, a ready c^oocS, one road. 
c^<^^9 00. <^%^^^» A >^Ai° road. 
c^<^S, a pleasant road. 
c^o5iooco^igS, a long distance to go. 
c^cSi, 00. obdSic^cSiy often dbScSic^cSi, relate, tell 

circnmstantiallyi make confession, see def* 4. 
c^ODg^i, road-side. 
c^Sioo^iSiy ready path. 

See oDcb, — o^^^i — ^^> — odoi^odc^, — ^^^' 

00. c%?c:^^c%?c^f--^»c:^c)3(j, oo. ^tc^c^S^c^c%i- 

o^c^, and <^, with its derivatives, 
c^^; 1. Vague, uncertain; 2. keep a football tossing 

about in the air. 
00. c^^rd|^c^^c8)% (J^dv. in a dangling manneri or hithei 

and thither. 

oo^ic^SoodSc^S, procrastinate, put oflF from da] 

to day. 

S%e cocbS,— oof^S,— i^ooc^S, oo. i^ooc^H^oocJ^^ 

— oocijjSooc^S, — obSc^Soi^c^S, and cbS, with iti 

c^9 same as coobSy so far as it is used. 
cijjSc^S, 00. cijjScQS. 
c^So^S, 00. c^Sc^Sc^So^S, loose, working one way an 

the other. 

Q^SobSo^ScSS, inceseant going and coming, repeatedly 
sajing the same thing* 

See oor^, — i^ooc^, eo. ft^ooo^U^ooc^Si — dK 
ooc^, CO. cfiSooc^ScSSooojjS, — (^ooc^S, oo. cb5 
ooc^SdbSooa2|6, — ooc^ooodIi and obS| with its 

r^ 1. A wedge; 2. ckft^i in a wedgingmanner; 3. a^. 
imitative of clattering sonnds. 

ri^jto^, see def. 3, 

8tc^ii CO. 8ic^S8tc^i, strike and be held in con- 
tact on either sidcy see def. 2. 
cSic^i fasten npon, co. cSic^i, see ajji. 

i^ltliy be diligent, trj, endeavor, strive. 

3^io^8if a wedge. 

See nocbt, and cbi, with its derivatives. 

i^, see cSic^^. 

3^1 1. Arrange, adjust; 3. arrange in rows or lines; 3. 
pat things in rows ; 4. give an account of a mat- 
ter in a circumstantial manner; 6. adv. with 
precisci affected, or graceful airs; 6. adv* in a re- 
galarly. adjusted, orderly manner; 7. backward 
and forward, to and fro; 8. adv. of form; 9. 
stare, gase at. 

i^opx, see def. 1. 

J^i, — cci^j^'see def. 8. 

i^G^^, CO. c^ic^Xf when vibratory motion is spoken of. 

^ic^iy ^t^* ^^ def. 5. and 7. 

in(»ootc^ic^Sc^ic)3(ji, or wioooDtc^ic^icijjic^i, be, 
or affect to be graceful, put on consequential airs, 
cDic^ic^i, sometimes t^c^» walk to and ffo. 

8«4 ogep. 

• oic^ic^i, CO. oic^ic^ac^ic(^i, or oscijjicJjiSc^t 

c(^i, vibrate, &c. see def. 7. 
c^ic8i9 CO. c^ic8io^ic8i, see def. 3. 
c^ic8i9 CO. o65c8icijjic8\, def. 4. 

c8ic^i, CO. c8ic^ic8ic^i, def. 8. occijjicoc^i, do. 

Q^sc^iQ^scSiiy movey adJQBti &c. def* 6. 
c^icSi. 00. ^^c8x, J^^cSic^icSi. 
oJjicSi, set in rows, ^t in order, 
c^i, — cx)t, mid. voicef see def. 2. 

See ODc6i| and cbi, with its derivatives. 
c^j 1. A tube, channel, passage; 2. the channel or bed 

of a stream; 3. the ancient name for a maeket; 4. 

intercommnnicate, as two holes or apertures; 5( 

have intercourse with diflFerent countries ; 6. adv^ 

from place to place, every where; 7* num. off 

used in speaking of one or more streams ; 8. adn 

in furrows or channels; 9. one sort, kind, specie 

in distinction from that which is more vsaal, nat 

ural, &c. 
o3oo8« make bald as the head. 

oSc^, CO* ogc^o^^^if have a road through; def. 6. 
o3o^9 from place to place. 

cBscQoQ, call a person for help or company on d 


c8od8^oo^c^c^i devise plan after plan, geoeral^ 

used in the bad sehse. 

SS^oSo^i follow one about wherever he goes. 

Qiooooo^so^, be vagrant in one's habits. 

cotogoQ, gad about. 
0^8^, bald head. 

o^^Qf^ 295 

0^9 CO. O^fU. 

fl^oo^i, revoWeri pistol. 

Q^, dig a trench for water to run. 

Q^dBy a gQD| or tabe. 

fl^oj^oBiy have a long, large passage or hole throngb. 

fl^Sy have intercom mnnicatioD ; def. 0. 

n^ooo5f y have a hole or passage running along nnder 

the -snrface. 

8So^d, have nnnatnral intercourse with, as a man 

with a beast. 

000^9 one stream. 

ooo^ooc^, of one sort, or kind, bhongh not the 
. roost natural or congenial. 

000Q008, belonging to another race or species. 

See obiog, CO. cbic^SobiioQ, — obicficfj, — o^oQ, 

CO. o^^jSo^ogi—^SooooooioQ, — SSog, — a>«o3> ^^* 

oosoSoDJog, — oStog, — oStc^CDS^S, — ODcB, andc8, 

with its derivatives. 
0^^, 1. O^fr. in a way to excite attention, in an assum- 
ing manner; 2. an island. 

o^^o^^i see def. 1. 

cBto^Hc^^, call out repeatedly^ with a loud voice, 

to arouse the attention of any one who may be 

within hearing. 

cS^oooio^^o^^, or oogi^^dBfo^So^S, call one's 

Dame repeatedly. 

gB^gBo^^o^^, crow again and again. 
tl^St5\S, eee ^^^\S. 

<fl^<»|^, the name of a bitter herb used as a medicine 
in coughs. 

J98 ogSo6 

n^SSicBsSi, an island. 

See co(SSf and c8^, with its derivatives. 

n^S| 1. A farrow^ channel) gnllj) bollowi made by the 
action of water, the rooting of swine, Ac. ; 2. cor- 
respond to, be like ; 3. corroboratei assent to; 4. 
the same thing again; 6. in investigating a mat* 
ter, cross-question, be minnte and critical ; 6. in 
weaving, bringing the woof close bj striking the 
lay ; 7. terminate a sentence, word, or phrase 
with an appropriate affix ^8. reproach, harrow up 
the feelings. 

ooc^S, CO. ooo^SooogS, a gallyi channel, &c. i 
9. manner, habit, custom ; like, according to. 
oeo^ioeo^S, do. 

o^o^Odc^S, 1« Same as ooo^ooc^i, elevated and 
depressed lines; ^. fig* the particulars relating to 
the history or accoant of a person or thing; subject 

ooo^Sooc^S, here and there; a gully. 
cSioQS, 1. 00. cSio^ScSiogS, be or become alike, 
def. 4. ; 2. be corroborative, like, (fee. ; 3. atter 
the Barae sound with such rapidity as to become 

4. cSiooi^cSic^S, gullied, see def. 1. 
c8io^5c8Sooo98, resemble each other, be analogous ; 
tighten the woof. 

oQSco^, see def. 6. 

<i^So6, is used according to def. 5. be cirtical, exact in 
oSSSo^Soo, do. 

o^SSicKf use towards each other the language of con- 
tempt and Bcorni def. 8. 

fl^SSy twitf npbraid, def. 8. 

o^ScSSy same aa d^SSscSSi reproach def. 8. 

o^ScSiOdo, corroborate, &c. def. 3. 

Q^c8i00f)M| terminate a sentence or word with an ap- 
propriate affix; def. 7. 

See ri^So^Sy — oogc^S,— oocQS, co. ooo^SooogS, 
— 00(^9 CO. oDogSooogS,^ — coc85, and <^, with 
its derivatives. 

fl^9 1. ChangOi as the year or moon; 2. use a boat^ 
bridge, &q. for crossing a stream ; 3. ford a steam ; 
4« interpret ; 5. a trough ; 6. trough-like ; hollow- 
ing; 7* in distilling, the conductor, a trough con- 
taining water in which the receiver is placed; the 
worm, or bamboo, through which the vapor pas- 
ees into the leceiver; 8. the spindle or pan of a 
trap; 9. applied to the eyebrows, meet together 
crossing the bridge of the nose; 10. be of no use; 
11. possess a person, bewitch;* 12. in cnltivationi 
a garden, in distinction from the ordinary grain 

ooc8io^8oo€Oi9 and cocSio^soo^odcSiooooi, inter- 
pret, translate def. 4. 

coo^oo^, 00. ooogSoooQgoo^ooSoo^, (c^t nothing,) 
i. e. to no purpose, def. 10. 
ooo^sdScSf^oo^, do. 
coeSodo^t, a smith's trough, def. 5. 
oo^b^scB, often oo^o^c8, def. 7. distilling worm. 

498 og^ODo 

odScSicSso^i, def. 6. a pig trough cSsooogt, — ^oo 

o^t, feeding trough. 

0^000^8, CO. @80do^so^o:c^8| the d^z, of a trap, 

def. 8. 

flc^s, CO. oo^i^o^ii bewitch, poseess, def. 11. 

^^c^8, commence a new year. 

c6o^8, a cotton patch. 

iSoj^?o28, CO. ^So^c^i^Soji^ojji, see def. 9. 

o5)c^8, commence a new month, (infreqaent.) 

o38S, — ODoS^o^sS, see c8S, plate, anj shallow veseeU 

o88^, CO. cQs^c^tcSi, cross with a boat. 

0^81^, CO. <^c8, see oQ8c8. 

oSscSi, cross on a raft. 

o^goo, co^ o^toofc^i^, ford. 

oSscS, CO. o^8c8o^>«8, cross by a bridge. 

oSsSiajFjiiJi) a trough. 

c^i8ia>68i, a garden. 

See c^rog*, co. c^fo38(^cQ8, — •>o5So^8c8S, — dS^ 
o^Sf CO. 88^ogS88jBo^8, — ODc88, and c88, with its 
derivatives. . 

oSS, 1. Applied to the eyes, open them unnsually wide; 
2. disgustingly naked, 3. used to qualify whiteness, 
in the signification of glaring; 4. a white com- 
pound metal considered of very high value, silver ; 

5. sometimes used, figuratively to denote wealth % 

6. adv, hollow, ringing sounds; 7. strike the head 
with the end of a cudgel, co. e, c^jSSteSi, silver. 

ogjScoo), CO. cQ^ooo. 

0^^009, CO. c^coQc^pcoo), applied to the eyes, staring, 
prominent, glassy, wild. 

ogjSSieSi 299 

Q^^ooooS, need to qualify whiteness,, verj or intensely 5 


cflcQ^ooooS, intensely white. 

obic^^oocx>S, shine with a brilliant whiteness, 

<^ic^^, <^ic^^c^i(X)q8^i do. shine like polished 

o^oji, — ooSo©85occ8coiji8o^^, tongue of a bell &c. 
o^^o^^i def. 6. hollow sound. 

g8^o^^, a wooden bell. 

^^cSpo^^, 1. do. 2. a kind of snare for catching 

deer and other animals* 

ODSoS^dS^i stroll off eagerly, or in an animated 

manner in pursuit of something, as game, &c. 
03^8^, €0. og^Sfogp^S, see def. 7. 
n^^St^^y a plant used as a remedy for cholera. 
o^^&^oS^8^, see def. 2. the additional particles are in* 

terjeetions indicating disgust or contempt. 
n8?8^o3f8^, do. 
o|j^86, CO. o^f SSjol, silver, 
n^^ol, def. 1. 

0^00^,— o^^ooioQiGg^coiooSsoocS^bi cousc water to rise* 
n^^^S, CO. of 810^1, def. 4. 
o^^^S, CO. og^^5o9|5^1, def. 1. 

oo^oS^^S, < the fierce-eye' an appellation often 

given to a tiger. 

n^8i;8i, silver, cash. 

&d cSfogf,— ^09^, CO. ttog^^os,— 0609^0809^, 

— ogSoSogSng^,— oDogjB, co. cxjqjjooog^,— qgjqSj 
d^o^^, — ODc8^, and c8^, with its derivatives. 

300 €^\mS 

d^iy 1. The channel of a streara ; 2. a duct ; 3. wax- 
pipes or tabesi the production of a speeies of bee; 
4. connected with other roots, having a channel 
Jthrongh,^ hollow; 5. the path of an animal; 6. fig. 
a course of conducti usages ; 7. ni$m. aff^ ; 8. con- 
nected with other roots, tractable; 9. a connected 
series of things relating to a person or thing; 10. 
a range of houses; 11. th^ beams of a building; 
12. put on do.\ 13. with the word for hit prefix- 
•ed| strike a thing ; 14, a rod used instead of a 
<5hain in tying up a dog; 16« stocks ; 16. with an 
<lff* put in the stocks ; 17, with the word for split, 
•divide, split; 18. a kind of bird, black; 19. co* to 
other roots. 

t)OcQi, CO. oeo^iooo^S, track, channel, &c. def. 1. 
2. and ^.\fig. a course of conduct, &c. def. 6.; 
the particulars relating to a person or thing, &c. 
<!ef. 9. 

^)OO^oocSi, the strise on the surface of any thing, ; 
jig. a connected series, &c. def. 9. 
cBto^i, every o^i, %ee def. 10. 
cgSo^i, def. 3* 
«o^cQi, the urethra, def. 2. 
OD^o^i, oo. ooSd^iooSogS, a track, &c. def. 6. ; fig* 
def. 6. 

09^c8^o3i, said to be used in some sections for io. 
og^oocQicSgoocQi, see cQi, 14. 
o5^oSi, see o5^^8o5^o^i, tractable, &c. def 8. 

o^i, CO. cglooogiooojjjS. 

<]^iQoS^ fasten |n the stocks, def. 16. 

f^ODcSs 801 

ODo^iOdogs, 009^9do^i; a reaeoD, a porposey a^ 

o^ioj^S, same as def« 11. • 
(^c8i, def. 12. 
(i^icj^ot, def. 17. 
flSiSiSSi^ the cross beams of a buildiog. 

oSsSio^iSiy stocks. 

See oo(^i| 00. o^<^i^^<^iogf , — oocSdgi, oo. oogS 

O^SoocBo^l,— OOC^l, CO. ooc^icoc^i, — ooogii — 00 

n^i^l,— ooogx|j^,- »f c^i,— o5p^^«oopngi,--.05^ 

0^1, — cS^o^i, CO. cS^o^icS^ajji,— ooc8\, and c8i^ 

with its derivatives. 
0^, 1. Hasty ; 2. adv. hastily, carelessly; 3. slash off; 

4. iocise, gash ; 5. break short off ; 6. sundered ; 

7. loosOy as a sword in its sheath, loose^ easily 

moved; 8. with the word for mix, stir, agitate; 

9. intersected by lines or stripes; 10. a section; 

11. num. aff\ 12. num. aff. applied to intervals; 

13. a species of bamboo ; 14. co. to other roots. 

cx>So^, CO. coSojSooScJjIj, break short off; def. 5. 

ooA^c^, see m»S. 

ooo^SdOOc^dy ddc. def 2. 

ooo^GOcfjIj, see under cQ. 

oolQ^cfjIj, CO. cxnS^c^cBS^io^, • hasty- mouthed ^ 

def. 1. 

c8c^, CO. c8r^^c8c)jt|, sufficiently mature to be cut» 

applied to plantains, &c. 

cSic^, co« oSic^cdiajlp^ be loosey &c« def. 7. 
c^ODcBi, same as cf^oDcSi. 

302 <^S 

c^cSS, a species of creejJer of which there are two 

c^cjjS, a kind of tree, Pterocarpue Wallichii. 
c^ngS, slash off. 

cS|^ti CO. f>jS^«, reap the paddy field or harvest. 
c)^cb5, CO. c8ic^So^<fe«, slash off. def. 3. 
o^dB^c^^, cut, gash, so as to produce a flow of blood. 

o^oiS, CO. of o^ofeS. 

c)^ofe5, CO. c)j(jO&Sc)^ofe5, gash in several places, haggle. 

<3^02Sc8i, — 008, is performed by cutting a poisonous 
snake to death, and besmearing one's self with the 

c)^(i>8, CO. cfJj^S. 

cf^oDoSS, CO. c^yySt. 

c)^3Dc68, CO. c^o^oSScfJjCDcSg, looso, dcf. 7. 

c%o5, slay. 

cf^a2|5o(3^, cut plantains, <&c., and ripen by artificial 

cf^oosSx, destroy with the sword. 

See OD8c)^, — ogsc)^, — ODJScfJ).— c^c)^. — 8ic^, — 
?|8c)^,— 08O^8c|, — Sc)3(j, or So^SSc^,— o^c§, — 
^?^' — oo^^§T^cf^> — ooc8, and c8, with its der- 

<AS, 1. Clear a spot from grass, weeds? 2. used to quali- 
fy other roots in the signification of large; 3. 
widely, through a wide space ; 4. describing certain 
spots or marks on the skin ; 5. imitative of cer- 
tain sounds; 6. animals of the cow, or bovine 



adv. def. 5. applied to sounds like those of 

chopping and pounding. 
{AS(ASo:jjhonj^ ^ do. like that of chopping any thing on 

a bamboo floor. 
^S^c^c^^i ^O' ^^^^ ^1^^^ ^f dragging a heavy stick 

across a bamboo floor. 
cA^ogS, weed, clear oflF weeds, grass, &c. 
rl^'ifS, do. superficially, 
c^^so^y an 0X| not a bulK 

c^^^, CO. <^S?^cj5t6i, def. 1. 

0^^^, clear thoroughly of grass, &c. 

c^^ol, ox. 

c^Soi, wild ox. 

c^^8% cow. 

r^Soo^, CO. c^o5^c^S^» clear oflFan»old field. 

fl^^SiojjSSi, same as cf^S, def. 6. 

See cyj5|Sc^S, co. n^|Soj,|^cf5)^cf5)S,— r^^cf^jS,— (» 
c^S, or i^oocJJS, — 3cf5)S?c|j^,— oS^cJJS, — foc8S, 
and c3^, with its derivatives. 

rf^S, indicates some thing abrupt or sudden. 

n^Sc^S, 1. The jar occasioned to a person by treading 
OD his heels ; 2. the shock produced by striking a 
I)erson behind the knees when he is standing; 8. 
the sound produced by a person in going up or. 
down upon a ladder. 
^ic3iS|^ic8|S, in a halting manner. 
«^iSc^Soj)iSc(j(jS, same as agiSagSo^iScJjIjS, also 
descriptive of motion like that of the throat iu ob- 
structed breathing. 

804 c^§8^ 

See oocSSy and the root cSS, with its derivatiFes. 
c^8| 1. A Bmall patch of gronndi temporary garden; 2. 

a vegetable eaten as a salad; 3. adv. precipitate- 
ly ; 4. adv. swallowing, without chewing ; 6. adv. 

sounds like the rattling of bangles, or chattering 

of teeth, &c. 

00^(^1, CO. ooS^Soo^c^g, def* 2. 

ooSc^iOoSojji, do. 
c^sooooB, as og^(^8cx)cx>5, def. 4. 
c^»c^«, as d8pc%8c^8, def. 6. 

og^cfjj'c^, det. 4. 

^ic^Scf^s, def. 8. hastily, without caation or 

cf^scd^, CO. c^8(3^cQi(3^, in eating salads, dip them 

into a sauce or condiment, def. 2. 
c^i8ico@8i, def. 1.. 

See 00(^8, or ODc^toDooS, — odc8i, and c8t. 
c^^, 1. Oirculated, diffused, notorious; 2. intermingle, 

mix different kinds of things; 3. a kind of tree; 

4. a log or section of the trunk of a tree ; 5. num. 

aff. applied to such sections; 6. cut into logs. 

c6icf5)P> CO. c8ic^^c6ic^, mixed, combined, def. 2. 

Sc8)^, def. 4. same as 8c^, a whole or entire log. 

ooc^^, as 09^occ)j(j^,'one log. def. 5. 

f^^f^, CO. 4P4^4^^f def. 2. 

cA5c?^^S, — 001, interspersed, mingled. 
c8]^S^, def. 1. spread as news. 

tl^^Q^f Bamre as ^ def» 8. elaeh offf At. etit into logs, 

or billeta. 
^i^xa^iu def. 8. 

See cori^, CO. oDr:%?oc>fl§f .- Apo3i^^,_cig§ 

<:^, — «!JJl«W|^»— TOcS^, and co^, with its de- 

ol^if 1. A Mty band) ring, rim, hoop> Ac.'i 3. bind 

around witk a band^ 3. adv. in tbe manner of a 

band> girt around. 

4. adf. as fSiTJ^i, having a rim or hoop; 

5- as c%io}^> 00. t^io?^e%iop, cat down the 

branofaea of a tree, on all sides ; 

"G* Jif^ as Sifi^i, applied to manners, prestiming, 

bold, unreserved^ 

7. eee oo^^l^i, where it has the signification of 
Ist circnlarly; 2d. ^. a mere ontside show, or 
diell, hollow, empty ; in a familj, a hanger on ; 

8. affable, complaisant, polite ; 9% adv* qualifying 
words of shakings 1(K that string of a stringed in- 
atmment which gives the lowest note^ 11. adv. 
imitative of soands like the creaking of the bran- 
ches of trees ^ 13. co. of other roots in the signi- 
fication of prominent, ax^nsted. 

S^c^i, a head-band. 
B^cj^i-, bangles for the ankles. 
cSic^ioS^, tenaciously set aboat a thing, 
^intgi, CO. c8|^<^^c^'Lc^i, adv. imitative of clattering 

81 K. 

806 ^^g**^ 

cfjll^c^^y ^dv. imitative of 80uod like that of cboppinjd 
c^ic^iojjio^i, rfo. of light chopping. 
c^iiJoS) fasten with a hoop, ring, band, &c. 

o68c^iid6» hold fast by grasping with the thooi^ 

and fore-finger. 
c^iooi» CO. O2^60ic^iooi, def. 8. 
c^iodSi bind, or belt tight around the middle. 
c^icB^, CO. c^ic8^db«c8p, def. 3. 
cf^ic^^y to prune, trim small branches of a tree. 

See cx)c8c^i, — oo8i<Ai, — org|ic^\, — <5J^o§it~ 

C^'.C^lf 8lcJJ)l, CO t\c^%\^\^ — ooc^i,— ooo^ 

ooc^i,— c8c8ioDc^i, — CDc^i,— 6aDc^i, or oooc^ 

&33c^i.i — opioDc^iQ^, — oocSi, and the root cfci 

with its derivatives, 
f^l, 1. An axe; 2. ado. reduplicated, qualifying word 

of splitting or cracking by an expansive force ^ I 

no. to other words in the signification of effective 

Ac. 4. ado. widely. 
(^Ado^l^^, the eye of an axe« 
oglog), as c^o^og), — o^^osngto^y def. 3. f'^^^^y laug 

with the month wide open, def. 4. 
no)8t8t, an axcy made by children in play. 
ng)ooGOii» a Talcing axe. 
ooloD&iy an old, worn-out axe. 
oglcB^i an axe-handle. 

o^^cglcBS a plant belonging to the custard app 

ogl^t, a Ohinese axe. 

cg)od)| 1. CO. 0Dc6| a ferule; 3. co. 030| a gall-bladd< 
c^(jji^, Burman axe. 

ogS^S 807 

n^a5^, Earopeao axe. 

3. CO. oo|i the rollers used in dragging boats. 

4. GO. 03c6i, a leech. 

ogloS^, a kind of adze with carved edges. 

cgtSiSSiy an axoi all axes. 

See ^Sog),— o^S.Tg), — ootcglooiogl,— oooli and o1, 
with its derivatives. 

3g^, 1. Look, view, survey ; 2. watch ; 8. look after, 
take care of; 4. take into consideration, form an 
opinion or estimate of; 5. regard, place before the 
mind as an object worthy of respect or particalar 
regard; 6. examine; 7, aff. by way of examina- 
tion or trial. 

ootng^, def. 3. take care of. 

cSiog^oo^, CO. c8iog^oo^c8ic6too^, see in vision, as 
a prophet, or person having a familiar spirit. 

bWoSy disregard, look to one side, overlook by mistake.- 

^Vx>Qgi, CO, ogSfwc^ScgSoDc^i, see oocgi, look about at 
a distance, <&c. 

a^tooog^, CO. ogScocgx, 

i^oo^oDcS^i stare at. 

^g^ii eo. oStojiogSoji, def. 3. 

IgVS, CO. cg^cBcgScbt, look, gaze at. 

jgfcD^, look at by way of trial or examination. 

g^<^^qg^) look abont here and there. 

^nl^^, CO. og^c5. 

jSiol, CO. ogSf^. 

I^«2« ^^' ^^^^^9'* search for. 

l^dBi, CO. t^toBiogScSi, take a neari or close survey. 

^, CO. ogS8i. 

808 og^St 

ogS^, 00. n^iXi^. 

og^^9 eo. og^f^^^^cbSf look at with a up-stretched 

ogS8, CO. ng^SogScbi, look, survey from an eoiinence. 
og^8S| CO. cg^^^f alsoi gaze at with iateresl. . 
coSSiy CO* ^^^^^^S^> '^^^ ^^^^ occasionally, Tav. 
cg^Sii 00. og^eScg^Si, do* Maul. 
ngS«o«, <». cgSoS. 
ng^ooigly look directly in the face of, meet* each other 

og^i8oo8^, consider well. 
ogSa^t, <». cg^So^. 
ng^oocjjj, look straight'forward. 
o^QO^Sf CO. ogSoo85. 
ng^Qo8S, 00. cgSooSScg^oooS, look at a person in distren 

and offer no assistance. 
ng^ooSooSy 00. ngSooSf^cg^ooSooS, have the eyes tiim« 

off from one's work. j 

oglooS^^, CO. ng^ooSooS* 
^c8S, CO. ngSdB. 

og^cS» CO. og^cScg^cSi) take a careful view of an obj^ 
ngSooSi looking straight ahead, 
og^oo, CO. cg^ooog^oos, look at, or consider a thiij 

og^o5o6oo8oot| do. 
ngSc8, CO. ogSc8ScgSc8, — ^S, look one steadily in tl 

cgScBf, — ^, took up to imploringly. 
cg^Ssy look at in order to comprehend. 

cgS 809 

g^^9 00. ^^^^^^8^9 look at in order to recognize 
when seen agaiu. 

ig^^Si depend on, have confidence in, do a thing ont of 
r^rd to the feelinge or authority of another ; 
nmm. ojf. applied to distances, one reach of the 
eje^ 18 far as one can see wjien there is no ob- 
stmction ; use partiality in judgment, 
o&t^^^, aidf watch over, take care of. 

Ig^dBScBSt <x>. cg^cBScBSng^efio^y look over head by 
throwing the head back. 

^oAf 00. og^oo^ngSobt, look with expectatioui hope for. 

g^o6| 00. ^^^^^^i gi^e * person or thing a very 
obliqae glance of the eye. 

okSScg^ob^y stndy, read. 

gSAS, 00. ogS|p. 

J^cbi, 00. c^cS, — ogWf— -ngS^^ &c. 

^c8, 00. cgVSog^8t» follow as a pattern, imitate, learn. 

g^c8t| GO. ng^cB. 

^Ax^ 00. o&tcS^rig^dSii watch over, <bc. 

g^cBio5^c8\8bt, look at minotely. 

fA, look as one ashamed. 

J^ oo. ogSSu 

}^o^9 CO* ^o:^^\f watch clandestinely! watch nar- 

J^flo^, CO. og^dBScfiS. 

ngS, CO. oSog^o^cg^, — ooooiTgi, — roiog^, — o5 

cgS, — vicg^, — oooS, and oS, with its derivatives. 

^« root in sigiufications; 1. A cnrb, or something which 

serves to restrain a pile from spreading or diverg* 

310 c^SdBf 

iog from the centre; 2. sarronnd with a cnrb; 
3. pawiDg or delving into the ground; 4. travers- 
ing bills, rocks, dells, ravinesi &c.; 5. used in 
phrases denoting below, at the bottom, base, &c. ; 
6. in phrases denoting hollowsi dells, ravines ; 7. 
beckoning with the hand to a person ; 8. in a 
phrase denoting a very thin, lean condition of the 
body ; 9. phrase which denotes the stick nsed in 
stirring things while cooking; 10. num. aff. api 
plied to the number of curbs one above anotberj 
used in constructing a granary; 12. cufo. imitative 
of sound like that of sudden tearidg or rending. 
oo^cgS, CO. oo^o^ii 1. A path, channel, with 8tee{ 
• 8. CO. ooSQ, a ravine, &c. 
oocgS, CO. ooo^if channel of a stream. 
e^ogSy the curb of a oative fire place. 
8cgS, the longitudinal bamboos tied around th< 
sides of a granary. 

^ScgS, CO. ^Soj^^ScgS, the socket of the eye 
the sides of the socket. 

^SogSo, is said by some to denote the upper, an< 
by somei the lower sides of do^ 
cSiogS, CO. c8i<^5c8icg5, def. 8. 

noSooS, o,dv. imitative of soundi def. 12. 

ngSSf »ee ^5og5S. 

cg58^, ^ee ofcg58^. 

ogSc8^o^<^t, a deep dell.' 

•ogScB^, ^ee def. 2. 

<38ig[5 311 

i^ooS;, CO. cgScoSS^ogSooS^, def. 5« below, op the 
groQody &e. 

ogSooS^iy def. 5. of a riH>mitaio» precipice^ and the like. 
See f^t^S,— dBfoSiScgS,— ofcgSS^, — ^^^Stt^S, 
of ^fSiajji^fSiogS,— oDi^coogS,— ODogS, — 03cgS 
ooooB, — oo^^rgSf — cooS, and oS, with itsderiv- 

ngt, generally need with an affix or prefix, h Hook, 
catchy hitch np; 3. soinetimeB used to denote reap- 
ing ; S, pokoi throst, scrape ; 4. a hook^ catch ; 
6. crack slightly; 6. Jig. idle, shiftless; 7« adv^ in 
a tearing, lacerating manner; 8. adv. applied to 
pain, piercing; 9. adv. applied to crying^ in a 
ecreaining manner; 10. adv. imitative of sonnd 
like that of tearing^ rending, Ac; 11« short and 
stubbed; Id. large spots or checks, 
cocgioongt, as ooSoongiooogfy del. 12« 
oDCgicS^, c0. ooagtc8^flgsc6i, def. 6. 
ooogtcS^OQ^o^oot,^. do. 
oo^ngt, get hitched* 
^^t, det. 4. a hook &iy. 

ogp^^y CO. <^t@^ogt89 B species of barrow* 

ogicgt, !• see def. 10; 2. as gScgtogt, — ^tcgtcgt, and dSt 
ngicgty def. 7; 8. as §^og8ogti def. 8; 4. as (d^t 
ngty def. 9. 

4gtQgS, <M>. o^og666togS> displace witli the end of a 
stick or other instrument. 

«3gidBif force a thing to yon witb a pokiag or scraping 

cgt^S, scrape along the surface. 

ngtoSif eo^ oo|<]g8cx>y^ vollen for dragging hoary artfries^ 
ogtcS^f 1. def. 6; 2. #e>. tgtcS^ogtcBi^ def. 1* 
cigtfS^ aa ^|5<3gtf6, def*. 11. ^elkort^ basket-like. 

ng88» CO, cfgf^S. 
flgio^y def. 2*. BBS o^o^-^ 

qgtdSi^ioo^y Bospend a fieh-hook in the water. 

See oocgt,~Qoci» aod oi, witk ito derivatives.. 

«g^f 1. Roll the eyes back nnder the upper lids ; 2. ap* 
plied to tkready a lot twisted together and tbe^ 
ends tucked in ; 8. a^. osed in numbering ench 
lots ; 4. lop dff and pitch down ; 6. adv. • the ac^ 
tions of a person who is tipsy^ or aflected witb 
vertigo ; 6. aS^. a eareless^ slovenly manner ; 7. 
adv. descriptive of the tide whem full ; 9« fael, 
dry bamboos. 

f!g|5ooci^ one load of bamboo f«el, 

o^^rg^^ def. 2. o^oocg^, one bmdie of d^^ def. 3. 

og^ogS, CO. ^flgSc^cgS^ def. 4. 

cgjSdl^^, def. 1. 

Ag^0300^, CO. og^doooi^. 

(ig^oDooi^, CO. cg^oDo^i^cg^ODoo^, def. T. 

cg^^^cBS, lop off a tre^ above the lower bran^iea 
def. 4. 

cg^8i@i8i, def. 8. 

See eogieng^, — cBSog^cSSog^, or cBVig^cB^m^, — 
(fiSc^^cBSc^^, or daSogS<BSi]g^.GB&c^d3tcg^ 

or c8Sog^c8Sog^, — ^^^- ^ ^Sooc^^, and oi8o> 

ngjS, — ooo^y and o|S, with its derivativee. 
flgi, 1. Omit doing at some of the nsnal, regolar periods ; 

&• intermittent; 3, come upon or take by artifice 

or stealth ^ 4. oo. of other roots. 

Q^ngi, fever intermits def. 2. 
cgtot, shoot by stealth, 
flgi^^, a species of pigeon with yellow wings» feeds on 

wild figSi hence its name, 
cgtgbii slab by stealthi 
ngtflbtc^iatf 1. Lie in wait for an opportanity to shoot 

or stab ; 2. the name of the middle star in Orients 

ogiooS, CO. d^xxAf coil. 

ngio&^y 00. ngioo^cbiooS, def. 3. 
^'^^9 get ahead of, and lie in wait for. 

See 9\ngif co. 8irg\9ingi ,— . Singi, — •cgi » — o> 

cgif — ongi, — ooogii or •io3ogi| — oooi, and oi, 

with its derivatives, 
rg, 1. A deep, still place in a stream, a lake, Batnral 

pond, <feo. ; 3. have a strong attachment for ; 3. 

be in a state of titilation ; 1. have a keen appetite ; 

5. have a nervous dread of something behind one i 

6. applied to the mind, be elated; 7. cry after, 
also fig. long after ; 8. love, affection. 

icB^ngy def. 5. itching disease. * 

oo^db^oo^, ardent attachment, love. 
anOpcg, def. 4. 
afl8^^, do. 
ooicg, deft 2. 

814 <^8t 


ootcB^ngi def. 6. 
S^d^, def, 1: 

og^^, CO. <^<j^ogo1, a iarge, -deep pond, a lake. 

rg^S^^on, h^g. pbraee, denoting that subjects will be 
peaceable^ if tbeir rulers are not faulty. 

og8i@ 8i, def. 1. 

See cfi^og. — ©og, — oong,— ODcg,— oDogooa, — c^ioa 
00, and ooo 

og% 1. Bent down, inclined; 2. pnlU or force down. 

^So6^^Sno^y adv. descriptive of grain which in- 
clines downward, almost as soon as it beads. 

d^Sc&i, def. 1| and 2. 

See togS, — occgS, — ODogS, congSogSoDngSogS, and 

ogS, 1. Throw; 2. fig. abandon, reject; 3. consign to 
punishment; 4. applied to the act of tempting to 
sin; 5. affix, indicating abandonmen^9 and may be 
rendered by off, away, aside^ frjm, outy along, 
down, up, past, or beyond, according to the con- 
nection ; 6. used to denote the distance of ' a 
stone's cast; 7. throw at. 
f jSngS, see ^^^\h a eling. 

o§So65, throw or cast away. 

n^SS^coSdi a phrase applied to a feat in jumping* 

cgSoo^, def. 1. and 2. throw away* 

ogSoo^ogS, do. 

c^ooS^iwS, do. 

c§5oo^§icgS, do. 

cgSc8j5, throw or cast up. 

c^8i» throw stones, &c^ for amusement. 

c^icSp 315 

QgSooi^, throw a Btone. 
n^Sc8i» throw or cast down. 

G^, affixed, see oooSogS, — «j5og5, — ^^«^5, — ^t^S,— . 
BoiogS,— ^icgS, — ^c^Sf — ^logS, — cS^ogS,— 9 

^?^5,— ^logS,— clings,— cbscgS, — ojsogS, — 
ODogS, — tficoS, see also <»^o§5, and oo65. 

d^, 1. Applied to the posteriors, enwrap the part with 
the waistcloth ; 2. wipe off ; 3. adv. descriptive 
of plunging or diving; 4. adv. descriptive of the 
manner in which liquid or smoke is sucked or 
drawn into the mouth ; 5. adv. describing deep 
sleep; 6. ado. denoting a grin, or kind of laugliy 
alsoi things which protrude; 7. num. aff* also to 
quantities thus used on each occasion, 
corgi/ Sngt, &c. def. 7. 
oooonoi, one drink of water. 
SSoongt, a bit of cigar, enough to smoke once. 
f^o5pn§tS, do. 

ogio&cgt, plunge into the water, 
ogioooongiODcoS, or cologscocdl, do. 
ogioooicgtotngt) do. with the additional idea of 
reaching the bottom. 

n^n^r adv. def. 4. and 5. 

cfingsogi, drink, draw in swallow after swallow. 
Qcgtcgt, def. 5. 

ogtcgSy CO. '^•<^5ogiog5, def. 2. 

ngtcS^y — hf def. !• 

316 ^ 

See engseog^i— ooofiooogii— ODogtoongfi— ooo5tcgt,— 

rgi, ]. Bow» be bowing, as bainboosy the limbe of treee, 
&o.; 3. a rigid or permanent enryatnre of the 
spine ; 4. pouring down watery a religions cere-- 
monj; 5* a cotton gin. 
cSiogiy CO* o8^cSic8ic^/ def. 3. 
c8i8ingi, def 1. bowingy bent down with the ad- 
ditional idea of bj degrees. 

ngic8i| def. 1. and 2. 

ogic8\o6, def. 4. 

cgxoSi — ODi, mid. voc def. 1. and 3. 

c8i,— -oooi. 

ogi, found only in an adverbial form, as, 

cgiogiy used in describing certain gestures of combatants 
indicating defiance. 

cgioooSS, 00. cgiooQOiy 

cgiopooi 00. c^iooo$^ngia30Di| same as cgicgi. 
See 0001, and 0001. 

cgii, sometimes used for 001. 

rgiirgiii same as ^^i^gi* 

ognooooii, same as ogiooooi. 

qg, 1. Striped with long, narrow stripes; 3. affix. streams 
of falling tears, and the like ; descending stripes ; 
3. affix, things which are longy tall and small in 
proportion to their size; 4. affix. 'nsed figuratively 
to denote mischievous, unseemlji or lacivions 
gestures; 5. used in streaks of soil or dirt; 6. afz. 
a definite number of stripes^ or streaks; 7. cuf^ 



whiMling sonods; & the aot of whittling; 9. the 

name of a tribe of of people in Cambodia. 

cof£, ht^f &o* see def, 6, 

ooqgooqg, with a number of Btripes. 

<8\qg» def. 1. 

etcSqg, def. S. 

^{t^oSi^, def. 5, 

dSK^cSi^Sy def. 2. 

c8\cqg8ic^9 the trickling down of tears, &c. 

09c58c8qg» def. 4. 

oocaStcBqgi same as def. 4. 
qgqg, adv. def 7. 

oo<gooooS, def. 7. 

See ODc;g» and 009. 
qg^,' 1. odv* a long line or forrow; 2. adv. in one direc* 

tion and anotberi here and there ; 3. culv. shooting 

offf moving rapidly from one position to another; 

4. num. aff. applied to linesy channels* and ridges ; 

5. do. reduplicated* aefts. in several long lines, 
&c. here and there. 

oo<g^, 5cgS, &c. def. 4. 

ooqgSooqgS, def. 6. 
qgScooaS, def, 1. 

qg^CDOoSqg^ooooS, do. where several are indicated. 
qg^<£^, def. 2. 
^9^ def. 3. 

See oaqgScocoS, and odjS. 
cf^^ a very small kind of shrimp. 

ooi^o^c^, gnapee made of do. 
9giy 1. Circular, with circular bends; attenuated, long, 

318 c^S^oo 

sleDderi and curving; 2. Ijing in long extended 

curves ; 3 the details of a subject. 

ooo^iodqgi, def 3. 

ool^cg^Sqgii a canto embracing the whole subject. 

ooo^iooGB^ooqgiooGS^, no details, nothing definite. 

ooS^ODioosqgi, traced in detaili have a clear idea 

of the whole affair. 

cSiqgicSicgi, def. 2. 

c8iqgio§i, do. 
cgiooo}!, def* 1. 

o§iooc8iqgiooo}i^ do. 

See a>(gi,— ogSaDqgi,— cfiicoqgi,— oia>9gi,— gbtOD 

qgi,— .nooi, 
c^, 1. see oo^ a general name for the bee, or apis fami- 
ly ; 2. invokci induce to^associate with; 3. eo. 

term for bone ; 1. oblong, oval, elliptical form ; 5* 

affix, mimic, amuse, do any thing for amusement* 

8ic^b, def. 4. 

oo^c^, CO. of ooS^, def. 8. 

8tQ^, def. 5. MauL 

wiSsc^, — ODi, mimic. 

Sc^oSS, the common bazar sugar. 

c85c^, def. 6. 

c8Sd^, do. used by some for shout, play. 
c^oDOOi, CO. o^Sot^oDCOi, def. 2. invoke or use means 

to induce the spirit or genius of. a person to re- 
c^cBS, — c^fflS^S — c^cfi^cS, varieties of the bee. 
c^S^QO, comb which contains only honey. 

c^c^, a yerj small bee whieh makes wax bot no honey 
see c8Sc8tc^^So^ the gronDd. 

r^QOOi. one swarm or hive. 

fi^>5<jj|5, a species of weed or grass, 

f^ooS. «> o^Soo^r^ooS, perform the ceremony of in- 
voking the gaardian spirit. 

(^c8^i commence a new hive. 

ri^ooeiy a hive. 

f^) — ^Scd^, varieties of the bee. 
r^ob. same as c^ODCOi. 
4(fif,_c^f^._c^|S, bee. 

oDc^b, CO. ODfi^ofooc^b, — ODoioDc^,— cob, — b, 

with its derivatives. 
r^^ \f The Inmulusy or king crab ; 2. appellations to 

certain animals in allnsion to the abdomen ; 3. a. 

record, or history. 

c8r^^8» (sometimes g8^^9.) a, small 'species of 

waspi def» 2. 

o55^^, def. 3. 
c^^8Sc8, the dragon-fly; def. 2. 
€^8^c88i, a reddish or bright brown species. 
f^^8Sc8cxn, a greenish species. 
f^ScbScS, nsed for the butterfly. 

See noc^S,— tc^^,— oc^S, — OD^^S, — coc^S,— ODbS. 
c^, bent, carved np at the edges, not found nsed alone. 
<^Sog5, <^5og5c^5og5, beckon. 
c^ScgS, CO. <^5cg5. 

<^Sc^, ath. imitative of Boand like that of tearing 


ogS^ic^S(^ii hollow^ dell. 

c8x<^5^iogS, Mtf ogS, def. 8, 

^^8tngS^^8i<^S| an inBtrainent for dipping and 


See e(^S,— tc^S,— 000^, — oac^,— oobS,— oobS. 
f^t 1| Write, make marks; 2» cat with the point of an 

ioatniment; 3. expressive; 4. o^ sound like 

that made by tearing eloth \ 6» applied to backets 

of water» fill» filled. 

oi^o6c^to5» def. 5. 
v^tooooSf as obsc^tcDooS, applied to the eyes^ def. 3^ 

fJ^iooBi, 00. c^taD8ic^80DOi| cut oat a hole with the 

point of an instrament) def. 2^ 
0^80005^09, make marks with ink) paints^ &c. def. 1. 
r^en^s, CO. c^so^tobt^t, hollow, or groove oat; translate 

def. 2. 
r^8c^8 1| as ^\(^8c^8) give an expressive smile def. 3.$ 

2. applied to sounds def. 4. 
c^ifib, copy, def. J. 

c^8o|^, record, make a memorandum* 
fJ^toS, commit to writing, 
c^8o56, write. 

c^toSSc^, skilled in writing. 
(^8c8, — ^, practice writing, learn to write^ ' 
fJ^soS, as c^ioS^i, scratch out in deep furrows with a 

pointed instrument. 

See 03(^1, — 00^1, and b8, with its derivatives. 

<g SSI 

f^P^ TofQiBd on)y as a oouplet or adverb; 1. adr. of 
irregular, distorted formsi; 2« c<k reoipvocating 
rootkMi ; 8. aa amnleU 
ooo^ooc^, def. 8. #^ tsojS. 
eo. o}^o^^p^f def. 2 vSee c^ 

c^p, ^ c^^i, and c^f 

c^^fi, <v>. <^^^«^^if . cu^t;* def> 1^ troobed> distorted* 
«^^f same <^fi9 f , indieafces a stvoted forai> or ap^ 

f^, 1. iDstramenfs of the tmmpet kind^ S. used in 
ether signtficatione i« ullfisios to the Ibrm or use 
of this iDstrBfDent. 

^Xf CO. o^Stc^iSi, def. 1^ 

Q|G^i, blow a tmnopet) koro, ^c* 
go^(^ the air bladder of a ish^ 
cfiljpi^e^, a speoits of bird, the deaeription an- 
swers to that of the swallow. 
oofStf^i, solanfim, egg-plaat^ s^ oocSi long kind. 
c^ioodB^f ivory trumpet, 
r^iof ^flif bnffalo>*horn tmmpet. 
f^ioo^cD^y wooden trn^npet. 
^ ac^i,— iwi^i,— Wc^i>— o9iS(i^i>— CDbii and bt. 

'^t U Ring^treaked ; 2» oonstraet with do* bb in weav- 
ing, a garment; 3. num^ offim>, n^ed in deigning the 
nnmber of stripes \ 4. the tapir, 
^cg, having a stripe aronnd the head. 
oqKoo, def. 4w 

S9 K. 

3S^^ <^^ 

c8^c§c8S» a bird diBtiDgaiehed by a streak of 

white arouDd tbe neek. 

(^idobsc^, aD appellatioD giyeD to the BonBao^ 

who tattoo tbe lower part of the bodj* 

cfiicg. CO. c8i(]g^. see r^ 
cgooy def. 2. 
c§^S, ring aroand tbe eje. 

See 098^ and 8. ' 
C3§^, 1. The principIoB of justice; 2. personal rights; ^. 

the act of diBpenBing justice; 4. tbe poeteriorB; 

b. a species of bee ^ 6r a species of toad, oa. to 9^^ 

the eooimon temi for frog. 

oongS,— ec^S— ^f§S, — yioioocgi, bis, ouft mj, 

youri other's rigbtBi def. 2. 

»tCD|Syioiooo^, injure others. 

ScgS, def. 4, 

d^ic^, CO. d^icg^obic^, interrogate tbe parties rn 
a suit, 

i^^^c§^, decide the ease. 
^ift^^^ng^oeS^, a judge, chief- justice. 
081^^, maintain principles of integrity, (not 
general use.) 

oj^^c^, subjected to a suit at law. 
'^ ^'iOj^^o^^i tbe defendant in a suit, 
?p<^^i dief. 6. 

9^8ic§^8i» de£ 6. the toad and frog species, 
oo^cgi, be arraigned on a charge of misderoeana 
yioo^yioioec^^, infringe anotber's rigbtSe 
aj1cg^oo^« sum up the proceedings in a case. 

cg'flgi 828 

ooi8tc§l8i9 jueticey or the admiDistraction.of jast- 

ice, 8uit8 at law, feuds. 

a>ii9i3^c§i«9tG8| 8Qpreine juetioe, need io speak- 
ing of the final jndgment. 

cBiook8<^, liave a sacred regard to the principles 

of jastiocy and integrity* 

»ic^9 CO. yic§Wic^, sue, prosecate. 

,^c^\ litigious, (not in general use.) * 

cSSc^S enter a sniti implead each other. 

d^^c^y CO. o^^c§^ob^(^, same as ^c§^i and in 

ficeneral nse. 

cB^<^» 'eat the law' i. e. share the fees, fineSf 

brib^t &o. 
c^^oenSi^ a conrse of aprightness ^nd integrity. 
fl|^c^, adv. sonnd like that of the croaking of the spe- 
cies of frogs mentioned, def. 6. 
'fi«Bi, def. 6. 
<^oo^, CO. {^co^d^SoDc^, justice reverts back upon,- 

t. 6. where a suit goes .against the plaintiff; alsof 

when a judge is overtaken bj justice for unjust 

c^d^t court-house* oo^p^^c^oocfi^. 
<^^i, the most exalted integrity* the highest authority 

in law matters. 

cBcS^cg^^iy act or judge according to the strictest^ 

principles of equity. 

See co8S, and 8l. 
n^j§S| adv. sound like that of tearing cloth, 
r^^t adv. sound like that of tearing open the coats of- 

a plantain stalk. 

3B4 4^^ 

c^y 1. A coarse kind of basket; 8. tbe posteriors, the 

fondameDt or anne; tbe depressed part above the 

pobes ; 8. adr. sound like that of the croaking of 

certain frogs ; 4. species of frog. 

ocgp, same part as 9c^, though tbe allusion is 

different, def. 2. 

ocgjScSp, do. 

Oflg^cS^^i, the fundament, or annsi 

of<^pj same as 9^^- 
og^cgp, adv: def. 8. 
c^^i, aee def. 2. latter part. 

See ecgp,— oDc^p,— ooflgp, — o8f c§p, — §^, cog- 
nates, and 8^. 
o§i, 1. Encircle; 2. bend into a circle or carve; 8. or- 
bit ; ^^ circle, ring, carve ;. 6. circalar, carvhig 6. 

adv. coiled or carving manner; 7« num. of. ap- 
plied to circles and rings. 

o»fgi, def. 4. 

OQc^Soocgi, see ihS. 

Odcgi^i, the space within a circle. 

^8^000^1^1, the circuit of the heavens, tbe spaoe 

comprised within the borison. 

^^c^i, 1. The orbit of tbe eye; 2. circular linee or 

figares resembling do. 

8^c§i, a tarban, band, &c. see 8^ei^. 

8c§i, a species of flowering plant* 

cSicgi, CO. c8iqgic8ic§i, see qgi. 

o^^e5^c§i, a carving creeper. 

c8i8tcgi8i, a bamees for carrying bdrdens. S9e oBt. 
ogicgi, adv. def. 6. 

^c6 385 

c^ioodSi, CO. f§iooo5^f§io»c8i| a portion of ^ eirole. 

o|uoj^, eocirele. 

n^io3% or <^iODV:gtoo^9 bend ciroularlj. 

ooftii and 8i. 

9i 16 sometiineB used for 00| boA it ie a Pgboidmj as, 

9001, sometimes used for ooooi. 
,dfSo^^^ for ^^if^9 a qaeen. 

ddBy abbreviatioD of g)c8| same as j^Si a dear or gen- 
uine consm. 

90Q, sometimes nsed for cx>o5i aa« 

do5do6| fiir ooodcbcbt deceive, nse artificoi or tric- 
kery ;in disorder. . 
coS^c&fJoT oo^fjf deed| kermeh « 

doftS, for odoSSy allnrei persuade. 

9o5i, for f|t| a turtle. 

9o5^9 for ^, a eross-bow. 

dooiy for ^1 the back, or outside. 

9001^, for ^^> the bftnyau tree. 

90^, for ^\t search for. 

do^f for ^1, reachf come up ivitb ^t^S overtake. 

^?t for g^^i destitute of the powers and arts wliicb 
pertain to witches. 

M^ie^, for odo^i^^^ tbe gums when devoid of teeth. 

oo^ocS, for ^||, ledges and large boulders. 

peg, for jj), quick. 

^db, for ood6« \. see oooSoDcb^ 2. transition^ &c. 

336 ot 

dcS, for ooc8| as 'ocSopoo), employment. 

q:8, for ooc6, devoid, empty, &c.^ 

o)« 1. Step or pass over; 2. with the term for feet prefix- 
ed, die; 8. left behind, j^. survive, pase eafely 
through; 4. the time or season of any thing; 5. 
step over an obstacle; transgress; 6. abandonment, 
spit oat; 7. num. off. applied to gins and traps; 
8. osed in the names of certain things. 
oosH, CO. ooooeo), def. 4. 

OOODOOoli do. 

noo5ic8;n, south-west monsoon, rainy season • 

oocsSicSio), north-east monsoon, dry eeason. 

8^9), CO. ^Sc5^8^9), def. 2. die. 

00^8^9), the cold season. 

oo^^id), the rainy season. 

oo^(Si9)» the dry season. 

QOiOL)j5d), fruit season. 

obso), betel-nut season. 

odqI, the time of harvest. 
^oooS, def. 5. lit. and^. transgress, ^oooS. 
olcgS, def. 6. t<^S(<^t. 

dIooJI, barely, tolerably, di^oodl. { 

^oooS, same as oloooS. 

o^^t^^^oooS, Jig. deU 5. transgress* 
d^oS, lit. and Jig. def. 3. 

9)0006, neg. of do. fail to step over. 
i\S\, same as ologS, ses^o^f and. (£9). 
01, 1. Shoot^ as a cross-bow or musket ; 2. emit flashes 

light; 3. project the foot, as in kicking; 4. an 
- as with the thumb and finger; 5. leap, or proj 

W1 327 

4^ hoAj forward ; 6. make a enddeb tbraat ; 7« 
4raw the. elotbes up »F6iii>d the waist-; 8, Jig. 
^ack-bite-; 9. that class of deuoos which cause 
jllness and death-; 10'. <drive away these eviL^- 
mons-; lU a projection or raised seat-; 12.ia larger 
low basket; 13. num. off. specific lots or qaanti- 
ties;. li« 00^ a temporary place of coD^Dement or. 
Jail-; 15. advu soMid >like -that of a kacking eooglu 
^tSiotSiy def. 14. 

«ooo9c8ia8, 100^000 rvpees (be. i^^ooool 01,^*^^00 
^dt,— <d^8^o9oc£i9t, ex, of def. l3. 
oo8^dt» 8hrim{)s leap-; def. 6. 
ooeg^ai, same as d«, def. 12* • 
oo^QOot, def. 9L 

din>8i9 emit transient flashes •ef light. 

dtcogl, 00. oiocQS. 

dtcog^, do- ^ the fire«4y« 

dtoboo^, def. 10. 4lrive off evil spirits. 

oo^dto^f the ceremony rodnlioned def. H). 

dici^^cfiS; — 001, def. 7* 

^io^|S<D^, — ODI, ^def. 7. 

9in(2||Sc8S, — oot, def. 6. 

dicjg^, make an unlaekj^ shot. 

9tQ^, fire a gin, 

9toi» (uTo. def. 15. 

si^, €0^ c{^a^, <lef. 6« 

Qi8^, def. 11. m^t^tf a natlvp ^eot, or bedstead* 

dt^y shoot a bow. 

^^d^,— ooi« same as otci^cS^y — o^i. 

ais)f wait -npoii a great personage. os»t» da. 

338 mp9^ 

9t8| CO. oto^^S^ in ehooiiog, aim abdv^e Ihe ^bjeet^ 
. ttiakeing allowafiM ifov oircatiistaiicda. 

at^i8^, palaaqQio. 

^0O9%| dief.' 4. soap- tbe ftoger,. 

^^0100911 an inetriuneDt for ttiappiag flies, A;e. 
99^, applied %o graia deeotes tke keadiag earlier tka» 

the plants general!; do. 
otSty th^ 3, shoot at a irentare. 

ot^t^ first stalks of padd;, any thiog wbtefa shoots «p^ 
otodqgiy sboot from a gteat distaBce<. 
9^9 1. Chin, or sometbiog pertaining t«> it ; 2. bitter^ 

acrid; 8» ^. aerimodioos, bitter; 4. <9(iw of the 

term for salt^ braekish ^ 5. vsed in a term for glaes^ 


ooo^^dS, aerimonioos Usgaage, def* 3.. 
. oo^^o^y. acrid* 

f ^19^ a kind of creeper. 
. (Bp^p^ 00. cS^ogiy as (fi^Sf^oB^fi^'k; kewl disoMll j. 

e^id^y eo^ Cf^to^a^th^ daj 3^ ad^. 'sourly,. aogrBy*. 

as oS300Dt8|t9^<3^t^, put -on- a sots' leek. 

cBdjS/depress the nnder JBW. 

o^^jjUxcSo^y. open the mouth and. thrust oist the 

o^ooSscoS, o<h d^ouStS^d^-o&tsoS, the noof ^ th». 


d^oo^» have the chin q^oiver*. . 
o^o^y bitterish.. 
9^8^) 00. ^^^ 

d^9^8^, as (^idJSo^^, denol6B superior kind of triiiji.pel. 

d^bSy the corners of tbe^ month. 

d^8&» CO. o^S^opoS^ the lower jaw. 

s^; eo. 9^|d^ii» peaked chin. 

d^:8i, the [xart just under the ohiu» 

d^e, silver chin» nsed figorativety, as, 

^d^a^ the somthy (or siWer ebin of the sun.) 
8i^8i, foond osed oulj in allusion to glass, as, 

ol^d^ti glasst the materia) as osed for bottles^ 

phials^ <fee. 

ogio^t, do., 
Q^Bi^ty applied to the eyes, as ftf 0^81^, ^yoar eje& 

are collapsed bottles/ j|^. denoting that the person 

is wanting in perception^ or discretion. 
9^8|^> 0O. d^sjr^^oty beard, also extended to other 

things having Some resemblance to beard,. 

^^ojS^^^ penile or faysi>f ike san. 
•^0Mg6» 00. d^ooc^SS^OMcjySy is to have the teeth 

d^od^ooiy or d^cbao&i, oorner of the mottth. 
^^y eo. s^8i. 

a^cSi^, warts or tobereles on the chin» 
fl^> golden diioy nsedfigoratively^ as^ 

f^a^ej^y the aortk. 

d^ii, CO. 9^oii8^oti» a flat ekin* 

9^1, eo, ojSo^^o^i, the whiskers. 
8^9 CO. ^86, denoting loss of the teeth* 
8^Sy eo. ^^^^^^^i wattles, dew4ap» corrugated skiD 

oader the chiiu 


«8« S 

d^^Si, coo5^Q^f niedidoe for ^Irop^y* 

^6bio6, saliva* 

9^3^' ^^ ' ^y^f aIso ^^^ alooe in the -same aignificatiofVi 

:d^oo69^ooS| an adverbial phrase^ a alow, laboriootf 4it* 

terance, ocd3ioo<Si« 
^p02Soocx)6, very bitter, 
^obiy aiid d^obic&t, tbe part between the teetii aod 

d^cbicBi^ wbiekera. 

o^ooSy CO. 8^coSd^cx>S» the part nfiderneath the ohio. 
9^03011, CO. d^oooii^oDoiif hoUow-obeeked^ as from 

loss of the teeth 9 Ae» 
o^ODyiVf do. 
^P6ip, CO. a^s^. 

^oo^oooj)^^' ^^^^ ^^ ^^^b dMttter. 

^G^i, bo. a^d&^ff^obt, sligbtlj biUen 

Qy 1. Two; 2. bottom-; 3« the posteriors^ 4« tbe top, a 
spront^ 5« the extremity; 6« end opposite the 
point; 7. tip; 8. the part of a bnildiog where the 
£oor is ^nstracted; 9. after, i^erwards; past 
time; 10. behind; 11. remnants; 12. the heel, tbe 
elbow ; 13. the head of a stream ; 14. the first oi 
preliminary chopping^ IS. three sheaves reaped 
preliminary to htfrvestiug; also the £r8t d&yc 
work ifi thrashing; 16. the stern; 17. the eaves ^ 
18. the enter c6rner of the eye. 
o^hf posteriora. 

SS|— d, follow one-; copy one*s exam|4eu 
f|5Q|009, def, lU a firenbra«id. 
^S8|0^(f9, do. 


OddooStf thq top of a tree or plant. 

nrj)f9, ae cSSo^so. the back of tbe neck; 

o^^o, at" ^Sajfji^&i ^<7. 

r^\%h, see tt^Xt. ^ 

^|io, def. 14. ^tooSiy do* begin to cat a field. 

8^d» wrong end foremost. 

8^9O0d)y be tamed apeide down. 

S^oo^dqgiy see qgi. 

^19, tbe back, behind one's back. 

8t5, CO* SiS^StOy applied to treesy extremitiee of 

tbe liuibB. 

9^9. CO. sjod}^, hereafter. 

a; dofODSy do. 

ooOf «^ ocoooifSi, — oodcSioiy and oo^ooo, 

oo^^^d, trowsers. 

c8^o, end of a handle. 

^c8^d, the ooter corner of the eye*. • 

cbhf def. 13. head of stream. 

ocS ^58i, do. 

^Q, CO. 998^<8i, tiufi'. askew, leaning. 

^9. def. 14. 

ajd, def. 15. 

^1^5, as f fi^9) the elbow, S^fi^d, the heel, def. 


odocBi, see cSt, oar person. 

\Sh% the tip of the tail, also applied to varions 

other things. 

See 008^%, — oDoi^So,— cop^SS,— oo88oo^S5, 

332 *5fi8S 

and o6o5^^9» all which denote the eavee of a 


ooih, afterwards, beliind. 

GDidODigl, before and behind, paet and fature. 

ooiOQOicoSi afterwards. 

ooi900i^iii in time past, anciently. 

QOioo^ooid, up and down a river, or country; jS^. 

thoroughly, every where. 

dSSh, CO. c8^8^c8^d, after, afkerwards* behind one. 
hSSf the posteriors, co. hSSi^ix. 
hSSotijS^ the upper or flat part of do. 
hSSoj^ifSf do. 

orS^o^o^, convex part of do. 

l>o^t, CO. dn^ioS^, the base or bottom of any vessel. 
oojIllS, as Sdojjl^. the poles in the floor of a crib, 
oqgiy CO. 8^92^1 see qgi. 
oc§S, 8ee o^. 
I>fg^, see <^j5. 
5|. place the head add neck as animals do to butt each 

9^, the stick on which leaves or grass are fastened for 

oS^^^oDti turn the head in different positiona, listen 

h%f both sides. 
s>oi, two, or both persons. 
d2o1f the bare, indurated part on the posteribra of the 

uionkey tVimily. 
h%^, the convex part of the posteriors* 
&8i3^i (o, Bur.) weigh with a balance. 

hip, 333 

9Q0^f ti the poBteriora. 

Mg, applied to baeketSy the oro8fr sticks inserted in the 

dOM, any little thing nsed to raise one from the groond 

or floor in sitting. 
800 g1» second cousin. 
dC^S, have the extremities come off* 

oo^ccHooj^S, elephantiasisi leprosy. 

oo^t^^dO^Sy do. 
dO^Ssolm, do. 

zo^coShcqSf be affected with do. 
iabSiSS^^S, difi. 
d(A» applied to spinning wheelsi the bench into which 

the legs and nppef works are inserted ; applied to 
i a cribf thr^ horizontal timbers on short posts, 
dogi, CO. oQ^oogt extremity of the posteriors when the 

body is bent forward; applied to birds, the part 

from which the feathers of the tail prbceed. 
Mdiy eo. 68^991, the bottom. , 

cx^90i» remnants of a basket of rice. 

o^e'^^oodoty do. 

SoddOif the remnants of a crib. 

o65oi| the remnants of a jari bucket Ac. of waters 

bottom of a well &o. 
\i the relation of persons whose wives are sisters, 
iy the broad part of the posteriors. 
Lflooty flat-bottomed. 
L» 00. d8^d^ii the anns. 

9^000^^ the oonrogated membrane of do. 

384 91 

oS, of frnit^ remains of the ealjx. 

hS, same ae ooo^S8^» a small species of deer» barkin| 

deer, moantjack. 
ho^9 the pole tied along the eaves of a roof. 
9^8^^ I the coccyx, os sarum. 
9c8i, the foot end. 
ooDo^ty same as o^iODO^t. 
oodSt, a spiral extremity. 

see 009. 
iSx see •d^i and ^o^^S. 
oSS^o^f^, shake the head side wise in auger. 
htf darky nsed both literally and fignratively. 

oo^dty 00. oo^otoo^fiy darkness. 

oo^dtogl, 00. oo^otS^oo^dtojgl, in the dark. 

^Soty 00. bSdSf^ooooi, the sight dimmed, the heai 

iug diiU as by age; 

ODSdt, 00 o^^dtoDidi. morally dark, 
oto^l, same as oo^diojj). 

h%hi, adv. 1. Darkly, dimly ; 2. sniveling sounds. 
9l8^, 00. dtcxj}). 

dteoii, adv. indistinctly, dimly. I 

dto^^ooooS, very dark. 
dt(i3^ooS, twilight oSuS^odS, do. 
9tc8i, 00. oicSiooi^cdi, become dark and cloudy. 
l)io5, 00. 9to5no8ioS, be totally ignorant, io an no 

str acted state, 
dioj, CO. oioj^otfi, black darkness. 

^Sdt02» feel a sensation of dizziness. 
9A. — d8, while dark, in the night. 

at 83!^ 

^98%id3, ride ta labor before day,- 

«t5t<»id3, work in tlie evening. 

obidiobvdS, travel) or go off m the evening or be- 
fore day. 
hSf 1. A general tenn for ticks; 2* in a derivative from» 

inclined, tilted on one side, 
d^l^f I. Fold and roll into a email compaas; 2. or d^^^ 

ootooS, an anvil; dSo^ooicSS, a sledge hammer; 

8. as d^^^c8Sooo9ij grapple together, elinch ; 4. 

ado. in or by tbe lamp; as, 
d^l^o^iopiy in volnmes, as rising smoke; in lumps, or 

masses as a certain kind of clouds. 
o^f^ooioS, 1. do. also in a vast mnltitude, or ^reat 

mass, of animals or persons;. 2. in an off-hand^ 

harried manner. 
d^|S<naoo6S, do. see also ood^^oo9^|^, 3. eee ^. 
dj^S, seales or balances seef 8i8^« 
d^.8^, relates to the color of the body, 
aj^ii^,— ^o^ooSi — ^^^^9 dog-tick, a large variety, 

^^3}^y% — ^^^?^^p) varieties of ticks. 
d^o5S.— -3^^Saoo302SoOQi, a kind of small tree. . 
d^o5S8i, o^oSSoO,— o^ooSrSicoi, of this red, white and 

foreign kinds. 
9^01^, CO. d^o^io^oS^y (^^0 ^^^ troops; go on a cam- 

See coh^f as cfiiooo^, co. c8ioodpc8iooog^. 
9i| upheaved, somewhat raised, as didlooc/), to some 

extent; c8^di, rise above the common level ; c8S 

aidSi^S, and c8^9ic8i80i^, raised in ^ome places 

and depressed in others. 


336 oi^QOt 

See eoi as ^oicn^ aad eQidB^» 
oi», the relations, or bearings of things* 

oooitoono^/^o. the length and breadth of a tnM< 


oooitoo^, a <than€e> or opportunity. 
*' t»ci4000DiS, all abont the matter. 

cooity of another description, or another aooonnt 

^Soooic, obtain the subject matter. 

CD^oit, suitable, fit. 

oo^oitoooD^oif, probably, may be. 

^^oooicSob^, on what account t 

QOiSo^oosit, all that the nature of the case ad* 

oiS, 1. Breadth; 2« strong, firm, unyielding^ 3. invul* 

nerable; 4. .forcible; 5. in a derivative form, 

give support to; a supporter* 

oooS^oi^, a drugi which renders a person invnl- 

oi^f q, so certainly invulnerable as to remove all fear. 
oi^toS, shut or cover up. 
ofp^t, a substitste^ an ambassador, assistant. 
oi^oofiS, strong, firm. 

ODioi^oofi^i applied to the body^ strong; applied 

to the mindi unyielding* 
di^cBoijSfCi invulnerable to instruments of war. 
oi^wlfcOy tough, strong. 

oi^ooi, and ootoip, applied to water, that part where 
the current is strong, def» 4. 

See Forms oooi^, as oodi|SoD|i, — S^ODm^, and 
•di^, as •oi^eS. 

^p 337 

^, 1. Elated, bnojant^ rejoiced; 2. diligent| active^ 


03t^, def. 1. 

coS^f — ODf, def. 1. 

<»if c8^9 — ODI, comfort, animate any one. 

ODi^^, see 001^. 
^a^, CO. cdto^x^v^, nneteadjf fleeting^ idle wi^wisi^li 

encourage, stimnlate, def. 2. see oSio^in^ls^l. 
^dBf, def. 1. and 2. 
f|, andistorbed tranquillity. 
^o^^Of, vagrant in one's habits. 
\^f ooi^yi^tfi^, lazy, a lazy person. 

Cognates ef , as S)e^, — ^Vl}^ — ®t®^?» — ^t> *^^ 

^ €0. ftSioS^Si, field of upland cultivation. 

ycBS, a well-burned field. 

^wq^^, center part of a field. 

ftOQOy and ^tOQocSi, a field, the part first chopped. 

^tS^i the part last chopped. 

^8^c8^, have the finishing part on a hill side. 

ft^oiif borders of a field. 

^oog)^ oogl^S) length and breadth of a paddy field. 

ftoodS^i one field. 

^ap^9 CO. f *op^c^^^i9 the abandonment of a fields after 

the produce is all gathered. 
ftoSS, have a field wedged^ i. e. have some one chop 

a field between those of two others. 
CO. ftf^o5^n^, in an old field. 
fiQ^, smoke rising from a burning field. 
^1 1. Cool ; 2. free from febrile excitement ; below the 
23 K. 

338 ^^c8i 

natural temperature \ 3. calm, composed, happy^ 
comfortable ; 4. applied to the hearty chilled, hor- 
rified) shocked ; 5. a species of planti much used 
by the natives as an article of food ; general name 
for arums; 6. smoke, vapor. 

ooS^^, CO. oo^^^oo^cx)ODS, something cool, that 
which gives comfort to the body, or pleasure to 
the mind. 

oo^^Soo^c^S, same as ooSfS. 
gSS^ SoS^c^S, be in health, be contented, happy. 

^jSoooo, the wild ^^, arum. 

Q^oS, in a cool or comfortable manner. 

9^8^, the bulbous root of the ^p, def. 5. 

^j5Si<^, a variety of f^. 

^^ODo5, very cool. 

f^oo, a variety of ^^, water arum. 

^Sg8, a kind of ^^, which has several varieties, as ^ 
cSesS^, — f^cSoDSob^, and ^pcSoocg- 

^^g8^, def* 6; as, 

c^^^cSp, the fire emits smoke. 
^^^^oo6c8^, ascend in vapor. 

^^cSpocojicoqyi, and ^f cS^ojioji, smoke slightly. 

^^op, a variety of arum. 

^^yS, a variety of ^p. 

dS^i^, a poisonous kind used to make people crazy* 

^^0808, long kind. 

^So^SooooS, very cool. 

^Sc8i, become cool,, cool down. 

^So^cSi, a sudden transition from a mirthful to 

a Berioofl state, and a correspoudiag change in the 


ODt^^cSi^ 1. Have a chilling^ horrified eensalion ; 

2. composed, cooled down after an excited state 

of the mind. 
f^cSi, — o^tf rejoiced. 
)^ol8^, the white ^p. 
^o^tcBS, an arnm. 
^ogf the dark colored or purple ^ p. 
f^tcSi, a species of parasite. 

|, 1. Raise somewhat bj patting a supporter under- 
neath ; 2. bold, courageous, confident ; 3. a city ; 

4. with an afiix, secretly ; 5. roar, as a lion. 

001^, CO.' ^pf ^^f » ^^f* 2* 

ODS^cS^, acquire confidence, or courage. 

cBo, place something underneath a thing to raise 


??^i* any thing used for the above purpose. 
|0O9i^, a pillow, do. S^oooi^. 
|Q00O^, fearless. 

oS,— ODt^ooojS, pluck up courage, be resolute. 
|o6S, CO. fOj^* 
fp^f CO. ^oj^^oSS, def. 4. as oS^oj^, conceal. 

Qi^ojp, do secretly. 

dS^^cj^, be concealed. 
|8io^8i9 def. 3. cities in general. 

See *^lf^?>"^^f> cognates, oo^, — e^, and 03^. 
|t, 1. CO. |^t8i§i8i, a strong enclosure designed as a 

trap for catching tigers; 

2. OS, CO. ^tSidiSi, a place in which persons ac- 

340 |f|8S? 

cosed of crime» are confined previous to being 

tried or found goilty ; 
* 3. CO. c8| a prison. 

4* ocTloti name of a Karen inonthi commencing in 

July and extending into August. 

Cognates, e^te^, — 03^1031^9 and oo^t. 
^^, 1. Medusa; a balli as Cf^^^, co. o^^^^^obSi a ball 

of thread ; 3. wind or form into a ball, as, 

%^^^' ^* il^^^i^^' wind thread into a ball; 

4. num. aff. used in numbering such balls; 5. with. 

h^f prefixed, lump, mass, &c. ; 6. dig ; 7. some- 
times used interchangeably with 8^. ; 8. used in 

several proper names. 
l^ooc^ScS^, spade up the ground. 
^^cx)8c8^, do. 

2^ooS, CO. ^pooSsbsoDS, do. dig. excavate. 
oSooS, spoken of as one, king of hades and death ; 

' spoken of as a race, denotes his descendants. 
^^00^:8808^008000^0^, a phrase which denotes a section 

of a rain-bow rising from the horizon in the west. 
^^oojSsbscSiooSoSsc^S, a full bow seen in the west. 
oScS^i dig up, as any thing out of the earth as, 
f^OJl> — i??* — i?!/^* ^^8 gold, silver, lead &c. 
^^31, for 8^01, a crown. 
^3, a race of demons which preside over the dry 

^3cgsc8ioo8ooo309, a phrase which denotes the section 

of a rain-bow in the west, as above. 
|^^^8^^, men, women, and children promiscooaly. 

9 341 

I^Soo^^^, Dame of a man in Karen fable. 

^o^S/to wind thread. 

I^io^i name of a man in Karen fable whose wife was 

carried off by a python. 
l^cSiy CO. ^^c8icx2|io8i| bnry, as a corpse. 
|^o}^> same as ^^o^jS* 
l^aoii meriti or the reward of it. 
l^cB^, white leprous spots on the skin. 

See 9^f^> — S^^fooiooS, — o^^^ootcSS,— S^^^cSS 

OOODt, O^^^O^IO^'I'' — of ||Soo8c8, — h^^oxco 

cbS, — c8^j5oi, — 8^pc§,— -©^f ei, — oo^foo^,-;— 
co^oD^i and ooof^^ooof ^f. 
9, a generic name for the largei feline race. Indian corn ; 
several varieties of the pompion family 3. oo. season 
of any thing; 3. a sallow, unhealthy appearance of 
the skin ; 4. co. the people belonging to a ruler ; 
5. curved and pointed like a tiger's claws ; 6. ctd^v. 
sleep, < tiger-naps/ or < cat-naps/ a heavy, sleepy 
appearance of the eyes; 7. used in figurative 
phrases, with allusions to the tiger ; 8. a kind of 

fioofioSi, def. 2. seasons. 
t30doo^ii def. 4. servants, subjects. 
cB^o, and cSSoopS, def. 8. horn bill or Toucan. 
Q^d, def. 1. Indian corn. 
o9i def. 6. cat-nap. 
^o&f 9, last part of def. 6. 
o^dy eee a^. large animal like a rat. 
^^9 prompion def. 1. see o^^- 

342 . : cp 

c^^cS^d, the small toucan. 

di CO. oSicSSii the tiger family in general. 

o^ssSuSy ^ move the tiger and Iiene/ a game mach 
like < fox and geese/ 

90ocB^ooS|^,oooS<jpoo^oof 0^00^1^. means, we are not 
to trast every one who has a fair exterior. 

98^ooy^<^i Jig. denotes lawless^ hurtful persons. 

9o5^, coJ^d^QX. 

dS^SS, the cheetah. 

ogSeHi the common tiger* 

981 see o^^dS, and og^dSy a species of parasite. 

5^, CO. ?o^S. 

oSoDw^S, fig. denotes persons who fear nothing, and 
care for nobody. 

9^, a small tiger, about the size of a common dog. 

o^^, the largest species of tiger. 

oe^, Hhe fire tiger,' so called on account of its bright 
red color. 

98So5^d8ooc5^, fi^n children will be what their parents 

98Sc5^oocSid8co^ooicSi,^' children exceed their par- 
ents in wickedness to the third generation. 

ooot^^SooDioSSoooi, ^. denotes that we submit to in- 
conveniences to gratify those we love. 

902» the black tiger. 

See Cognates, ©o©8,— 000008,— aoOj—ODdgy—oS^ 
ad, and oS^ooo. 

9^, provoke. 

o^, — f S, use irritating language. 

^^?pi dispute in an irritated manner. 

UcP 343 


ooto^SjS^ a fine needle. 

00^9^8^, a kind of frniU 

C<^nate8, eo^, as e9[>e8^, — S^»?^9 — oosS^eop. 

^ 1. Exnberantf involved, interlocked ; 2. adv. a short 
interval ; 3. ctdv. again and again at short inter- 
vals ; backward and forward briskly ; 4. brisk 
backward and forward motion ; sprightly ; 5. 
CO. hardi diflScnlti pressing; 6. in certain kinds of 
trapsi the part which being moved liberates the 

ooS^, some thing very difficult. 
3. CO. coSS. 

^no|^oSi| (sometimes ^^i or ^S^) just now, at once. 

^noiS, same as ^cSS. 

WBSy hereafter. 

^cBSooo), at some fntnre period. 

^c86aod^, do. 

^(S5oo|^f next year. 

^<05oaix>^f nexti or fntnre state. 

^So^i, hereafteri before long. 

^h, CO. h^f time and again. 

^% CO. ^8, back and forth. 

^S| CO. ^5^8, adv. def. 3. as, 

4^^8, jump briskly back and forth. 

i8i, to-morrow, (same say iBicBS.) 

i8t<a5, do. 

^lO^i, do. 

^8i^oo8if in a day or two. 

^ecSy denotes a dense patch of vegetation complicated 
with creepers. 

344 U 

ho^t CO. ^oQiS/ 
^^9 CO. ^9^^, hereafter. 
^oo8t9 after three days, 
^oo8i, day after to-morrow. 

^OOt, 00. ^001. 

^001, 00. ^o&t^ooi| choked, covered, as with weeds or 

^tffoli to-day, by and by to day. 

^tfcloo|^, next year. 

^^^00^, ^»oo^, to-morrow morning. 

^wfi, the coming night. 

^ttool, this evening. 

^»5, tin ore. 

^ODiS, CO. ^ooiS^oo, a phrase denoting alli the whole. 

^db^, interog, when? how longt at what period ? 

^dbi^cbi, adv. in the finite hereafter. 

^(Pi, now, without delay. 

Oognates e^, — oo^, and od^. 

^o&i^o&i, now and again, often. 

^t, 1, Pick teeth; 2. pick out, as a thorn ; 3. pick open 
as a boil; 4. a pointed instrument; 5. the small, 
stick on which thatch is woven ; 6. num. aff. ap- 
plied to such sticks of thatch after it is made ; 7. 
entering one's self as a substitute. 
^|S^s, def. 4. f^^^, a tooth -pick. 
»^s, crummable, as §8»^8| brittle, easily crumbled, 
oo^^s, def. 5. 

ooo&^t, do. the 09o5, tall grass used for thatch, 
being of long grass. 
cbi^S^t, CO. Oj^SoD^l, (or 00^,) c6i|S^i, def. 7. 

' 8t 345 

^5, and ^idB^c^S, def. 1, 2, and 3. 

)i^ adv. of Boand like that of a puerile laugh. 

^^^^> ear-wax. 

Cognates •^t as e^i^^c. 

^, li Hake mischief; 2. adv. as 00081^^9 tell a person 
what others say about hioii calumniate, slan- 
der; 3. V. with a qualifying adjunct; as ^^ 
coot} CO. ^SooSS^Soooi, denoting the same as 
above, — cjf'^^t^^t do. see qz^^. 
4. co> 8^1 num. afx. as ^008^^00^^ 1 at no one 

^aj^^Siy to slanderi backbite. 

1, 1, Land} in distinction from water ; 2. without, on 
the out side ; 3. the corporeal^ or outer part of 
man; 4. the visible or present state; 5. adv. 
secret, or secretly; 6. taxes. 
g8Sooi8, on the shore, def. 1. 2.; in the present 
state, def. 4. outside, not in the house <fec. 
obiGOiS, go by land, def. 1. go out. 
^W, def. 3. 

itooi^^S, sufferings of the present state. 
008, CO. ooSoocBS, def. 6. 
0088^, head collector of taxes. 
[1, adv. in all states. 
i, dry land. 

fxj^f (sometimes 8o2|S,) adv. def. 5. 

ill, Watch, lie in wait for; 2. adv. on the lookout; 
3. watch, guard; 4. wait, tarry; 5. keep in mind; 
6. adv. in a preservable state ; 7. expect Arom 
others; 8« durable, lasting; 9. demand, as a price 


346 Sp 

on anj article for sale ; 10. wait for a person \\ 

marriage, see 8{, ajco^Oj^. 

oS8i, lay by, &c. def, 6. 

qQ%, sleep in the manner of def. 2. 

c^^8t| durable timber. 

(8pcoiGS|S88, durable, long lived. 
88,-^.ooo^S, def. 5. also look or wait for an order, pro 

mise. &c. 
88od), €0. 8«rBjS. 
Sgooi, 00. 8i8^. 

Q%S^,.co. 8«rfi^8803l, def. 3. The body guard. 
8898, watch for in order to shoot, def. 1. 
883jooSo^, def. 4. 
SssS, watch for fish to fall into a vessel set as a trap b 

880oS, watch a garden. 
88Qj^5, CO. ooc8S. 

88025, — ^Sgl, deter or prevent from proceeding. 
88CxJlc8Sooo98, wait for each other. 
8866o8f oooD83835g1, (she) expects the same respect as 

man, def. 7. 
8iq^, see 00888<^^, a kind of tree. 
888|5880Di, demand a great price. 

88S^88cx)icx^3D8, make one's self very consequentis 
8800^1, put a thing at a price. 
QtS, watch at a spring or marsh for game. 
880^^, sometimes used for Scj^* 
8800^9 watch in order to bite or devour. 

See e88, and e88^i. 
8^, 1. Head $ 2. adj. pertaining to the head, headed; 

8fo 347 

point ; 4. top, top part ; 5. primary, original ; &. 
chief,* priDcipal ; 7. radical, primary ; 8. things 
belonging to one head, one radix, or one lo- 
cation ; 9. num* aff. applied to the things above 
mentioned ; also to fire arms. 
See oDojifS^,— 0318^,— 6S8^,— ^8^, co. ^8^8^ 
8p,— Ql8f, CO. el8^e1ooS,— c8S8p,— 4^8^,— 
88^.— 88p,— €^^8^,— 03C88p. 

SoDdty^, part between the forehead and the crown, 

^fiiy CO. 8^o5. The sknll. 

^flo^i, the sides of the head. 

^a5o2^. hair tangled. 

^t, CO. S^eijS. 

^i, a pledge of aflSance or marriage engagement. 

^OD^y CO. S^oS^^oS, a coronet. 

^iS, a covert. 

^8^001^, the eye- brows. 

oi8pcx>i^ something laid over a pot of rice, cover. 

o5^8^ooi^, the mens veneris. 
{q^S, CO. 8^02688029 a hat. 
lo^, CO. 8^c^i. 
^1^, CO. 8^ogiS8^orjijS, that which covers the top, a 


8^n^i^, CO, .8^<^i^f^^9 head, chief, superior. 
rniSy said to be used for 8^028. 
cAi, CO., 8^c^i8^o^i, a kind of head-dress. 
cm, sometimes nsed to denote a turban. 
9, the heads and points together, wrong end fore- 
meet ; wrong end up. 

8^9000), do. 

348 S^oo 


8jS^S, cap of a roof. 

8jSgi, applied to pots, the cover. 

8S| — 8^, on account of, becaose of. 

8^coS, CO. 8^ex>S8^^5, scabby sores on the bead. 

8^^, CO. 8^o58poofii, tl:e skoll. 

8^q5S| CO. Q^zx>S. 

8^, — c8, for the sake of, on account of. 

8^©!, CO, 8^eifSei, a cord or narrow bit of cloth won 

around the knot of the hair by yonng naen. 
8^^y CO. 8p^8^<|i|, pointed. 
8^^, — c^i8^fS»i|^8^o2oooiSioSe2SStoo8^o2> 
8^8^, pinnacle, top, pointed ridge. 
8jS80i^, CO. 8^cDip8^GoS, a stump. 
8^80i^o5S9 low, dwarfish. 

c^^8^ooi^o^^fi, stumps. 
8j5d38, the peg used by Karen men to fasten up th< 

8^;§8, the temples. 
8^0091^, CO* 8^oo©i^8^oo^S, a pillow. 

8^00^S, CO. 8^00©!^. 

8^oo^s, CO. 8^oo88f^oo^8, hair dishevelled. 

8^ooc8S, a part extending beyond the main body of i 

thing; adv. beyond, over and above moreover. 
8^008, denotes the older or leading people in society. 
8^c8oD^i top of the skull over the forehead. 
8|^oo, 1. CO. S^oo^^oo, the soft open part in the skull 

particularly of children. 

2. o558^o6, the book of fate. 

8. 00*^8^061 honey comb. 
8^061, the top of the neck, a Pghoism. 

e^Jflt 849 

o^SSooCi in the begioDingi primarily, a Pghoism. 
iooS, aometimes used for j^oo^. 
icBt, CO. 8^c8t909ol, the month of a hole or cavity. 
tcBto8» 00. S^cStotf^cSsot^ a stopper. 
ic8S, 1. Applied to a field, denotes that part which 

is last cleared; 2. increase, interest. 
i9)| CO. 8^8. above the head. 
»9t, CO. 8^9tf^98, same as 8pcx)08c^8. 
•9899t, the top and bottom. 
9, CO. 8^9f^9, hair flying. 
9t, CO. 8^02 hair. 
91, a crown, diadem. 
J, CO. 8^^88069 1. A thick rim or binding ; 2. o^S^^^, 

the wall of a city ; 3. f|8^^, the rail of a boat. 
S^^ScS, fig. having great anthority or inflnence. 
89 top of the head, above the head, over head. 
8(^^» crown of the head. 

#8S8^, ode. in a haughty manner. 
^^oo^c5» same as S^od^^. 
1$, eo. 8p|S8^j2l'^, the brain. 
|5toS, the medullary part of it. 

^, the end of the hair extending beyond the knot 

when it is done up. 
uS, a binding around the edge of any texture. 
3x0^9 a species of large, green beetle. 
Sioo. another species, wings green, are much prized 

bj the Karens as ornanments. . 
<ji, eo. of 8^c^^. 
^J^ CO. of 8^|S. 

350 8^5 

Q^o$f 1. CO. S^etODS^f or ooSsScoSsS^, (eo. Bar.) 

bribe , gift. 

2. CO. of 8po«. 
8S689 (?(7. 8^di8^ot, the scalp or skin of the bead. 
8^oi^» a tnrban. 
8|SeiS8i, red tnrban. 
8^01^0^89 cotten turban. 
8^oi^ODd8^, silk turban. 

8^01^^, the tassels of the Kar. female turban. 
8j5oi^dl| a species of hobgoblin, a white turban. 
8^8, CO, 8^8f^8y 1. Horripilation; 2. co. 8^8^S^ty 1 

shamed, embarrassed through fear ; 3. co., of 8^1 
8^(gi CO. SjScg^^cgi have the hair twisted into tresses t 

being wet, 
8^^, CO. 8^^. Sharp point. 
8S^^i close caps, covers which shut over. 
8^:^^, CO. 8^c:8^8p^, the knot of hair, as done- up \ 

the natives. 
8^85, hat, a Pghoism. 
8^855, do. sometimes used for hat. 
8^3^, CO. 8^3^8^op, in some connections denotes 

peduncle, and in others, an apex. 
8^cgS5)qgi, see q^x. 

8^oo^c8i, bringing a business matter to a close. 
8Sc}dS| applied to roofs, the under side ; applied to p6 

sons, a relation as half, half-brother, &c. 

8b8c8i8^c8iooS, put a thing top end down. j 
8^091, CO. Q^o^x^^cqx, be bald. 
8^ob, CO. 8pobf^ob, the bare skull. 
8^0, cOf 8|S6f^o, 1. A slight depression on the part 



the liead jaet where the strap used in carrjing bnr- 
deos is placed, hence the name; 

2. 8S6, 00. 8^8, with cSg, prefixed, the strap 
08ed by Karens in carrying burdens ; 

3. 8^o, CO. 8^58^001^, applied to traps, the string 
by which the spring is held back when it is set* 

fifjioji, turn back, return. 
8^0101, people take leave of one another. 
S^^oj^, CO. Sfb^CDp^Sb^OD^, leprous scalls. 
fi8^b^, smell like such ulcers. 

5, CO* fiSoooo^SoDco, curly-headed. 

ooaSy c<?. 8^0D^5^SoD(g5, have the hair hanging over 
the face. 

3D0O8, CO. 8^0)028. 

ODC^y CO* 8^ 030^88^ 0DC08| a cap, crown. 
i3x8S» same as 8^ooc8S| moreover 
ODOf, the vertex of the head. 
^30S(^^, used iu some sections to denote the forehead. 
texSoSy the skull ; the head. 
^oo^Odo^, the skull. 
wa5^, same as 8^0^^. 

, CO. 8|5o28^989 hair. 
l^ooc8|5, same as 8^o8^, a wisp of hair, 
flj^o^co^, a knot of false hair. 

^00^, CO. 8^ojf8^<gi, L Applied to plants, the radicle; 
2. to the scrotum, the neck; to the heart, the 
trunk of the aorta. 
, CO. 3^^^f^^^* ^ crest. 
' Cognates e8|S, as esjSsS^, see also od)8S, — oo8S, 
— c«^8f^8^,— c88^, and ^iS^. 

362 8 

Sy 1* A side, CO. nnder-part ; a shred, fragment; 3. nnm. 
dfi. applied to sides, pairs^ opposites, and frag- 
meDts ; 4. the side teeth ; 5. pass to the opposite 
side; 6. explain words or sentences; 7. the mean- 
ing of a figurative, deep, intricate word or sen- 
tence ; 8. aff. in figurative, ambiguous manner 
9. adv. from side to side; 10. raise, as troops; 11 
the bamboo rat; 

oocSiSoo^,' speak in an ambiguous or figurative 
manner, def. 8. 

cSsS^, call a boat from the opposite side, def. 9. 
^8, the inside, internal part, spiritual world. 
d8, both sides, def. 1. 
oo8, one side, on the contrary, moreover. 
0083, one side only. 
(]SSqooo^oo8, be in a widowed state. 
(j3Soo8no^(]S^oo8o, in a widowed state. 
(]8Soo8^Soo8f1, eat alone habitually. 
ooloo8oi, pained or diseased on one side. 
^^oo8^f^oo88S, hobgoblins with but one leg an^ 

ooc^oo8, Bee cQ. 
S>8, def. 4. 

6181881, def. 11. the varieties are 8818^, — 8|S. 
000118, fragment of a pot, def. 2. 
oo8f CO. 0080^, or oo8oo3, def. 8. the meaning 
008, CO. ooo$^go8, def. 2. 
See i8,-el8,— c8S8,— dB88,— 18,— d5^cBi8,- 
odS8,--o9^8,— c88,— oDoS8,— oj^8,— o^Sf,- 
^8, — e8, and od8. 

8^ S68 

Sfl§^, €o. Sc^^Sooi, disceni and lay open the intricacies 
of a caae in law. 
yiSc^f one who explMns a case in law. 

Sdlco^j A. tree the frnit and yonng leaves of which are 

80S9 reach the opposite side, cross over. 

Saoi, eo. ScSSSooii cavil, contradict. 

So^S, intersect. 

SdB^, ascend the opposite shore ; raise troops. 

3og8, and SodSy def. 7. commentary, ^^^^ ^* 

Son, CO. of 8cgS. 

}c8, some say S^c8| empty, see odcS. 

ho%f a siphon y made of the hog's trachea, to draw oSty 
from its jar coc6\. 
09^808, give without price. 

if— OdOD^y study out the import of any intricate word 
or sentence. 

iSSSosot, adv. sound like that of coughing and retching. 

Ity platB of low-land cultivation, surrounded by a little 
earth; also used as an affix in numbering such 

^ntdt, adv. sound like that made by efforts to eject 
aoniething from the throat. 

Sy 1. Foot, leg of any kind; 3. base, foundation; 3. 
commencement, beginning; in presence ofy under 
the auspices of; 4. applied to time, instance, 
periody crisis ; 5. adv. once, when, &c. ; 6. an 
outlet ; 7. CO. ; fi* a<^\ pertaining to the feet^ or 
1^8 ; 9. receive, bear, suffer, .«m 8t and o^^. 

86« S^|i 

odoSooS^ojsoo^f near the event iof (death. j: *" 
Q^cy^^^d^^ '•zposei 'ob^) sdif/^needle^^^ t^ dan- 
•ger of death* .P* : - . . 

i ' i(»^t0vao^c89rcix4|Sly{a:ltqistB'Ht)g^ ('.ccki' 

ooc8i8^i speak for another, offer to befwdeority. 
008^, def..4*'a8f •'•'. . i.i-';if. ;'i" ••"': .'•.••: ,'''^" 
|ooS^i 00. ^oQS^oob^y dimo tioa^ o^er^ rx- 
ooSpgl, -one instance. -*• ? : '. /^J^' 

oo8^8^«Q}t »«iwtotedilyi ■'-/- '|*;" --ilJ I .'■- -/. .*.'j. : 
ooSJSoii^iii thiBlmttanoei T .; .,0 5 t- . r^^: 
oo^oq8S^i an insect with legs oa^^a^ :side ofllj^:: 
ooi8^f eee 001* ." ^- /; ; • -^ .?.'\. v. .- ..- ,". . 

^db^8^c6^y def. 4. at whato^tkirei hi owhat in- 
Btancef when? . -.' ■[ '■"'M.- '"'•; /c.-^'^oc 
c8t8^) 00. Sn^SiCfjihr detaotes absoMdbq^ -^''wheQ 
one^s services are required, . * . ■>■ 

:' ^sSiS^oSLO^Ly.strayiogv ^acidbtiog'^wkjw ^ . •. : 
coil8^y'«tfo ooi?i. t«' ' : ' ri '.. .-^".; t '^ , -- 
a^^8^> saveydeUver bj becioHngalacurityij for, 01 
suffering as a substitute for. .-' ■•.! 1 

8&pei^09&t i^ /Utrgb teudoiiB behiitd >the khee...' . «c,sr j ; 
S^a>cc)l, 00. S^ooa^. ^' - '' • '* n. it v 1 ■: . " . 
8^aDa2^}«bi<8^(v«^^(toaQl)rtHevspa]rtiof:9>icQd^ .« .^i 
8j3coopit^too)i,'itbo|Qtiito: Donie^i^ekEiatthamdjdi • o 
SScodSt;,' speab fort obei-M';^: .4- : ii> -r,r...tjj5 •».»♦ 
8^cx3|^o&ip tbe>b«tev'«dge of'>khe'<footuKr i'> ,l>oii ^^{ 
8j^a^|t^ thd^totftlep4>biiiiher[eij^ df (he^)fot>t? luUno 

.2 i'i^ 

^4^ S55 

9§coSS, eo. S^(»8S8po3^S, the iproiksh W eticft'^side of 
the ankle joint. • * •"i''!J'^' '"• "iF "■ 

%^t6S, anklet. ...:'' ,•'"'>' 

8^S, a band of black #6^"aftWr6^6i^.caliF of^thfrleg 

'""^bi'^sti-4'HgtH:-" '••'"- ■"'.>*■'•'"■ -•'' -'-• i'-' ■,'■•' 
Spoji, CO. s^opi. 'i"''J '•'■'■ •■""'■''• "!' •-^-. •' 

8f«jx,'^4irt#W'Sp<«. ■•^' '- ■•■^' "' •'•^' 1"^' ,^' • '■ '■''■'-" 
ftJift, Bte^'j' " ''' •'"■'" '•• • '■'■'"' ■'•" ' ■ ■'•■'■ ' •'■••••' 
^SoSfSpal, die. •'■ --'■' ■'■'' ■■"' " 

8^855, «):-»8p66i,"fetfa'««i'-^eW.'-" ■'■'■'" -'-■ •.^o-. •. :; 

9^, crooked foot. . m. : , .,: 

SjScoii, eo. S^oot. y^w . , » 

S^gi, stilts made of b!a»'bo<^* r? 'r ^1' ; • • ' '. > ° 

S^coi, the articulations of the leg artfl ■foot; ' ■-^- •.' •- 

9^gg)8p;>(i6.' 8f^8^8|^^lto6, -tli^tdp'of ihe fbot. ' ' ; 

8^^005, CO. 8^Qies; •" " • ' " :; { 

8fglooi, eo. 8^ffi1tf^8^^kKil|,' the'bolfeof the 

foot7'"""'' ■""''* 'iTw;'^-d|^; -111 ■.^' ■1..'- •:: ■ •-■ - ' 

8^go)aot^^oi<{^, see S^^^oi^^. " '. 

Sp<»% eo. 8^<Bi. •• "' ■■'' ■'"'' ••-'■' '■ ■_; - -/ ' 

S^ooSbS, stone braise. *"-■' : " 

SpcBi, CO. 8^(Sx8pa3i,'thife '^lihett'bh' thi ^Jdlek'of the 
feet. ■."''^," ' •-■•■''.'' 

8^V«»M«'«8*8p^.'''«'' ■""■'J '"'' ■'■:'<i"''f<i' • "' ' ■''■^" 
8^1, CO. 8S3, or 8pqp. • '" "= "-A ' V •■ r ^1'^ 
8|5o6l, eo. 8^8;58^o6i, or 8p«)n8p66t,'-at^%te,-<^t, at 

the beginning, the base, witByMn^j^r^^^^'t^f. 
9pog^, tendons of the heel. •■^'>i "^ ,^01 y^*^ 

356 SPf^ 

9^qP, CO. S^q^S^@i, the bnlgiog part below the 

knee, the calf. 
S^q^0DODi(gi^, do. 
S^<^fcx>f, do. 
S^3i CO. S^sS^^iy the ankle. 

S^ocSSy^. the ^necki^or smallest part of the ankle. 
8^s^9 the fibula and tibia. 
S^bSi CO. S^bsS^Si in dogs, &c. it denotes the small 

back claw of the heel ; in man, and the monkey 

tribe, the fibula. 
S^S^sot, one whose feet are unequal or uneven. 
S^btesS, the fibula. 

S^fl, CO. S^f^. 

S^fi^dy CO. S^fijSdS^fi^S^, heel. 
S^fi^S^, CO. S^fi^d. 

S^|^oif^9 the hollowing part of the sole of the foot. 
S^^i, inner side of the foot. 
S^8S| treadle of a loom. 

S^oSy CO. SSSsSScjS, or S^osS^S, shoe, sandal. 
3^8, CO. S^§j^. 

8^^^, a stocking, and the like. 
S^oo), CO. S^o§. 

8|>o5| CO. S^oSS^ooli or S^ciS^c^iy a fillet worn round 
the leg just below the knee. 

S^f^f CO. SScf^SSfi, the toes, varieties as follows. 
S^f^b^y gi'^^t toe. 
S^*^^m5, 2d. toe. 
S^^^ffi, 3d. toe. 
Sf f^bi, 4th. toe. 

8^ 357 

S^(^oo^» little toe. 
S^o^9 eo. S^o^S^S, toe-nail8| claws, hoofs* 

S^c^30^» the patella. 

S^c^y do. 

S^oj^oi^^' ^^ ^2^> ^^^ large inner muscles of the calf of 
the leg. 

%dS^, something to sustain or brace the feet; an ap- 
paratus to aid in climbing trees. 

S^dS^cSif a footstool, foot-prints, tracks. 

S^cfi^ojy CO. S^cS^c^S^cS^cxTIi in weaving, an apparatus 
against which the feet are braced. 

S^^, the foot. 

S^^Sooi, the knee joint. 

the knee S^ojSSjS, co. 8^05^8^8^05^006, the fore 
part of the knee just over the patella. 

S^G5^, sometimes used to denote the patella. 

SjSojSodS, {?<?. 8^05^8^. 

9^06, 00. ^02^8^069 wages. 

^oB^edf the tibia or shin. 

8^c8^e)5, do. used by some. 
8Sc8ie)5, do. used by others. 
, travelling without a load, unburdened. 

3^cBS, a track- 

^cKoa^i, one track, ^. as, 

ooooo2^ooo6^8^c8^oo<2i9 unchangeable in one's 

8^(]^8, as oo^8^c^^8^, quadrupeds. 

^ODcBioot, same as 8^^^oif jl), hollow of the boot. 

^,— oot, saffer or bear in another's behalf, receive, sub- 
mit to, often used in reference to baptism, see St, 



<pC9, CO. %iXi^ai, a carpenter..,.^, „,,,); .^ooi'y^g 

g, all the words of this com^w^i^^,^^;!^ t^^of^ 
origin- uv .wScSE 

^1, o^(2^aoooo^oo^^adi|^(2^oooi^ooiS, a i|7^«f^^n'ake, 

a*' ''i°^' «•"•* Wf-.F«ftt';?ip-i...' .,'<lt <i.'<(7/ i-.i.vK 
^to5S, C0. ^|lo552|icb^, make a writte^, ,^(j|^«jtj^^ 

^t,-cOi, restrain the desires..,,,,,. .,„,| ,„,, ,roc8?9D£l 

aIl,the,wVj9^,_,,,, ,,„,„ ,.„.', ,„,| ;.;•,„, .,„_ 
\h the Kjjjr^p^^ ft,trii>p,,^f,p^9I^}^,„ ,.,„,,,;.,.. ,00:90.: 
I^oooop, paint for houses &c. 00,.^, g ^,, ,,i;j.yooc- 
^P|, Qsed for <:^c^. .v.. v/ y-.<.-;^y:y .» «?j<:r 

§«, same as 2|t. '•.•i> n- ':i' .' '-ii; ,ics'"-3:C.'. 

1% cook by frying. ^' ' •" "' ' -" ' ^ ■'^^'^-^ 

@, all the words with this combination are descriMiv^ 
of sounds. , ,. < , ' >^ ^ 

6nBn, clangorous sounds, as of metallic bod|^^^trQck 
together; also tJ^^,.^flfl(}.jm^^^>3rgp^ ^effilg^^ 

^r- ampjii^f,i^|ia,^i,tbf>ftiJH^rtog>^{.cbiW«ettw mn 

^o5 «» 

^§^y similar to the above, bat logger >bivi[^in<vf^ sodo- 
rons, applied to th^ siHikidr^rcGjifibalSvf-'vx^ 

^g^y sonnd like the grunt of a hog.t t >[* tfy^ 1^ 

^S^^jtow^i-vibfBtOfjnAOnpde^i.'IiI" tf. ')^j:'..'ii. A .I ,^|: 
t : ^nW^(MoSi\dt^b')m')i •»- .1 .J' :'j^j.'j it) 'jz-Ii; 

^S^5| soand like that roadi3>ii>7i<>aDr<ddult'iibiieoaghiDg. 

^Xf a sonnd nttered by persons, iwhifo .viiAiiigwomf 

streQDonaieftplrt^tas.'ikiiseAfflii^. !< • < , ^^^ Vo 

§i§i9 eo. §tgsgtgt, tittering sounds, .jon ;■ .v^ \s^^ v 

S^@^> sounds like that of iMairy,!: aai^Eibfi^oiB^ bodies 

dashing against each other. .;,'; *^ .-^ .*» j. ,.v "; 

Ac. " " ' ;? 2 ,. 

OOglODOOO, tffo. 

^fiS; s<iiina'bfiarge/ sonorous bodies dashihg^'against 
each other. 

-^Z IJ' A'shtt';''2J' l^e?; a' si^otlftbeius tit^pHtaflotiV&. 
tfS©: tiflfed'to'titiallfy^^btds'if taWries^ solid, 

earthy particles; 5. ghltidulai^ ^W(6llihg8, enlarge- 
ment; 6. adv. sound of felappJtTg the hatids toge- 
theK'l •' /'^ri' - -' • f'V'i' '"i" '^^ I '• - /'^ ^ ''■*■ ;; 

^))lco^ If<^(iil%I^O&^;[fPpl^.totUe> eouiUeimnee./loo&ij^ 

_ -,11 ^Onr^iArti^dfef.LSU '[<•*{*-. .1- ;-. ...i.:'i i . -li v.;:^ . 

• i;«j%^| >*:i«hei^ jfttngiis/ J tajaoil by J? ay idfcqm pari- 
',.::. *Mft9iodei»9l#i^3aiL(dirtj!^7ng^i»u]di9gti^iig >face or 

.JO 1 

360 % 

f|,— ^1, def- 5. 

oo1^1, aB cSiool^, def. 3. 

o88i^8i, def. 2. general term for oild. 
^ i«^^1, def 4. 
f|ty 1. A. disease of children, maraamns; 2. have the 

above disease; 3. use remedies for marasoias; 4. 

adv. quick, sudden; 5 • in a derivative fornii give 

a sudden blow or kick. 
fjtcxKoSy adv. def. 4. 

oo^^«i break in a brittle, sudden manner. 

flSOJl, CO. f)«OJl. 

f|«8i^Si9 a turtle, 
^^t, adv. see |s|t. 

cxA^i or odS^odS^i, def, 1. ooS^tooScbt, do. 

odS^SooS^i, do. 
^s^^^ssol, A disease of children the result of exposure 

to the sun. 
^tc8ioo8^, cut off the head of a black turtle or black 

fowl, and put the blood on the head of a cbildf 

affected with marasmus. 

o^^cSi^scSiOdS^, do. 
^scSiOQODt, said of children when they eat bits of ooal, 

supposed to be an instinctive act to counteract 

marasmus, which may be in the system. 
^, 1. A boat; 2. seed, kernel; 3. glands, glandalar and 

other hard tumors ; 4. spoiled, destitute of the re- 

productive principle ; 5. the eye-balls ; S. name of 

a creeping plant with a tuberous rooty poisonous ; 

7. stretch out the arms at full length; hence, 8. 


a fathom ; 9. the month for patting seeds into 

the ground. 

089^^9 an addled eggy def. 4. hence §^ appli- 
ed to seeds that do not vegetate. 

—0^9—^, of&pring, those who are to perpetuate 

a name or family. 
. ^ def. 5. 

OD)a, def. 9. 
^ and 001^9 co. oo^^^oo^, seed, &o. def. 2. 

c8i^c8iOD^, have descendants or offspring. 
^— ^, the enlargement of a glands a hard tamor, 

def. 3. 
^ — oooSiy do, 

^ 00. ^idB8i» a boat def. 1. 
1^ 00. ^ic8^8i| def. 6. 
^ao|i9 sides of a boat. — ^5, the stern. — 1|8^9 the bowsi 

or head.--^8^^9 the rail. 
^ (tf) the wash board of a boat. 

^9 small boat. — y^f|S, boatmen. 

^cpty the wash board of a boat, a Pghoism ; 2. the 

demons or genii of a boat. 
f30^9 CO. ^0^%^^^ the rudder ; the stern, a landing 

place for boats, 
^ag). The beams on brace slats of a boat. 

8t^ dig out, or make a boat. 
^j tame as c^. 

See c6ia3lf|S<fli(xn^,_c,ff|i^S,_y^fjS^ip^ 

^ 1. A general name for the turtle or tortoise family ; 

S0S ^ 

< ■ ^2w'&>l<ijdi0nl)le^<refl^li^(i8otiari]^!ab<nityltttrQ; back ; 

4, and qualify words of bendiDg. btad IveaMiDg, 
; 1 0^^i^,'jbreBk.fai;iUabiil?tg|l)0HjlMDdiDg(9^ 4. 

^^991*' «d0^^^ reflectobadbiiard • *Ddt iorward. 
.^ iM f^^i^^^ beid bwAtraJediisqcBiibri^rafi^c - 
^noOlf turn. ./irnw.: *it^ 'Hrfi-.i j- 

^o^, turtle shell. .*. t j[> ,ff3i.' . I 

fjioji, def. 2. and 3. fjto^i, fold back.»: .t b ,16^/. 
fjtcSiy a B]poeciei>a£t^riftewb2|»i$be^'ci?parti^a9l^^J^ 
^cJJlf aii(ik'n|HU9wn>8|l«oib«t-'i-.!. M/i;,I ^^ccxb.';i!o 
^^|t; ^:||i||S||t^|«,libld back^ardjsnd.)fora(ard(Vaa^ « 

fan I adv. used to describe the act of.'gcdrtg first 

one way, then the other. />\> ^rccc— /o 

^^toooDt, turn one way flindt'^SiaiOldiarjfii^r^is wi^ 

and that, as a dog tracidg.ttbe./ib^oti^ .<80idc 

oj5||i^t, same as 6^^o^i^t,c a6<^e.. 1 i > . ' i. 
^?30^, small wormsiiiodnd In tfae<bo#d8/ofiitm^tlBa.} ,^'^' 
^©S, the sofl-shelled turtle. ." .! ^ .: ' c^ ^ .^g 
^•StSS, — ^©SijtS^, raideitieel 0?^^- .^ ' i.i • - ,1:' 
^l&5, same as ^^i,'£e)d ttrtle^<«6l9'i varieties ofitnjrt^ 
^tfcSiSS, cramps. .u ' t to -d m. 1., ,|. 

cB5,— p4|p<^S, turtles; ^aoij3f)tco^ft*r^ojji;:i ,r^cc 
^tc8i, — ^tc8i9dS^,.bfieeLta8>&DJipray0ry> bjsbdf^ffibwo i 

the act of kneeling. J,, -1: jnuis *« 

^jK^^-^OpltTleprfepsirfchi tl^n)rndi(fi»';or^^sfiftte^ 
f|l,^ODt, bend thej^bo^ ifl^:^arixm9j|t7£^bcrt^i^ as 

^ooooioeof^i, a fignrative phraBOi .wfaM^< /doooKe^j 

terminatioD to live .wdi dfe. ,ip Jpl|^'8>/<<))dl,lQU^l^ 

or reUgvm-^u. •- '^•.' :•• -.J- .1^^ i^'^'^ -^>'' '^^<^7 

yoj, — ||ic^, species of turtle. ,r>vv i: ^ii . p^c^^^!": 

f)K)^^, med. for dysentary. w,. < ni' ,c^ ocrqj 

f|«8ioo|t8i, def. .l^;,n[>> M.:: ,.;' .i^'-- ■ .' J ^1- .jb'\y^^£^:t 

^1 ^^fAi«pnfffal i^»P ferr.bP^a* r>/wd cn^ss-xb^W;*!; .^..r|# 

clQste.ibrii^Ri^h|}3« i^Wi,,a^Miipj)*iedi ta.ioloster; 

4. orampi suflBWjfrQp^^ieiftWp.iu^.^r^^ drilling 

a cop«riJ^tipD,-^fitfefee,§t;aff8*.. lu.w, p n-^t 
ooSfl^f 00. ooS8S ; 2t <?<>• oo5^<^ W .vthQrT:^^ifica- 
tion of def* 4. .,,-.) t> i -t tJ ^/-f^' •.,<: ^c rt? 

^flp,— 8^g^,iCr^frjp:.^^itbf(^rgiQa^»4 i^W *\c: .^ 

otjtf)^ of»*,o^lf)^llib,M»piM3modi«. wn»Jiae*l W JiUjl^ 
at the points of t^iei.fiils^ ,rH>8^/ < .m1 sh^ ,i^r ^cx-^-r^ 

|^7:>PQ$«..^t;^ ii); a,cmiing^rhftrw^i|Dg.?)9l>Be^ v 

f^^^Q^i t]^ Iwgest k^d <>f ^PW-bpW» < • . /. .1 . r:, 
|^»^«>ri|}??^fi^* thestj^ip of « .or^s^Uow... v ^ 
IpQ^j.the^jfcqab or middlQr^f.A bpw.K , .. ^, i 
^S?, ftbe^x^rjwwti^pf tUe.l)ow» i;,. . .i : 

l^fb, feel dragging, aching p^p iatb^ jpii)ts«! 
|jSpDSc8^i a kind of fish- trap. , 
2^d8S5, thetJkftefJb pf a farownbc^w, 

I^Sij^S, a bow without a stem or stock,^ 

/ n 


364 ^ip^^ 

^^ij a bow-string. 

^dB, the bow of a cross-bow. 

11^^69 CO. f)tS^S|||B^9 the catch for the string. 

^^^8, the trigger. 

^^oacSSf the grove. 

||^8i^^8if def. 1. inclndiog the arrows. 

^1 1. Back; 2. sarface, upper part; 3. behind th^ 
back, the farther or back side, behind. 
«oS|S^9 tnrn the back apon. 
ao^8jS^» the back side of an eminence; f^^, ^ 
term applied to a half-brother or sister. 
»S^i CO, ooSojx. 

^Q, the back, behind one. 

^i8^» 1. CO. ^^9 2« the back, (Pghoism.) 

Od^iooSS, the back, farther or back side. 

^io5, the back, bones of the back, behind one. 

^ooiQfSf the hollow of the back. 

^18, nsed for ^8, by some, as, 

oof|i8Qi8, for 00^888, adv. in a pert, cocked np 

^1^1 1. A general name for trees and shrnbs of the 
peepnl or banyan family; 2. The banyan faoiilj 
the germ of a seed when it first begins to pro- 
trude itself in the process of vegetating ; 3. need 
in an adverbial phrase, nnevenness, without dne 
order; 4, cover over. 

^^c88008, the banyan. 

^i^cBiy the banyan or largest species of ficns. 

^i^cBiooi, do. 

^^fX>S, def. 4. 

^obif a shnib redeiDbling ^^. 

ai^9i9 a name given in the N. T. to the fig ttee. 

aiS^ncS^. the germ has come np, def. 2. 

ai^09c8^(fi^9 a name given to the mulberry tree. 

»^3^|S, ficQs, its gum healing for wounds and scars. 

gi^8i<8Siy def. 1. 

jj, 1. Search after; 2. adv. qualifying words of goings 

moo^iESScSSy search for unremittingly. 
Cognate OD^jy as o:>^[oa^t, def. 2. 

31^91^' oifo. 1. Sound like that of a heavy body break- 
ing or passing with force through the air ; 2. with 
force, as in making an effort to move a heavy 

j||5, €ulv.. reluctantly, yielding by little and little. 
OD^lSoDOoS, is used in the same signification. 

g|i, 1. Attain to, be contemporary with, come up with; 
2. overwhelmed with business ; 3. have the advan- 
tage of circumstances ; 4. be at leisure ; 5. adv. 
before, not yet, previous. 

g^t, — 5, def. 1. 

cocSfiii, — 5, def. 2. 

oo^ty 1. neg. eo. ^\h 2. def. 5. 

oo^^id^tODt, be overtaken by trouble or danger. 

Bl^f as 1. yifllf, a person belonging to the highest 
order of the human race, in distinction from 
witches, necromancers, &c. 
S* ^fR^' ^ species of bird distangvisbed by two 


386: Ig^rs 

very long feathers, ^)tbndtttg|^.^69r<^6^''fhe>^c|^^ 
the tail. -^ '^'^ .^osCfi 

3. oojS^jS, a plant-,a^t*fifg'o'feb«a'*by»tll[*if*g'«^5iM 
single k)rtgi leaf tl)eii<;h'c^nlhi.''»'^:^ '"'^'^ ^ ^fcuij 

4. o^^i^a ;ki^ ^•'tiambod'aiattVi^H^feS!?^*^ 

^, dwto^stidde^lygiviftg ^Ay t6 effbtt? tisefl 'fe-qSifif 

words of bending or breaking. •' * *^* ^.^Os/ocn^ 
^m^Sydh:''^ ■..■./:';'•. . ''.< ■'- ; - --'o ,:•....,'' .j 

OD^ooooS, do. ' 

" ^, a^tj. used'Jiii'deb'cHbfitig'thiogb, as- ^ti^e'Tta^ 

rocks whe^e 'aome life ^Idw^^an^^Whfefg Ar<j higl 

>io and -pronsinlent.' ' * -'"' -' *'-"''■ -^ '''''■'• •'^<.! ^ 

M^^^ °^ lotd, (sraekitig sounds like thit'of i^' large 

tree 4*0 falling. ' -' ' ' 

Bl^^l^^^^^' ^^^' mixed sounds of a breiliibg and 

^ira^iftg kind. ' ' • * f 

»5, jM^ld^Wy bttt abrupt sounds; 

-.l;/ ;jcx)^|5ooa^5, break suddenly. ■ - *^ > - 
ajh^ donates <^e idea ^f a ziga^g'^t batk^w^ti-khd for 
ward direction, hencei ' t ■ "'. ■ •" ' ' • ' 
f|i^t, «^a ^tf and o^l^s Or o^|to^»' "4' qiHEdrM 

gular basket with a cover.- 


^JU ' 

U|, 1. Quick, rapid^ etiMett^S'S? rivardotisr,^ oxtijlSftle ; 3 
.' ' U iS^V^ft Wiatigtflttr piece of ttietal.niS^'tjWtlk* jmfi 

fdo^'§ • ' 3M; 

^|Qb5ty•l^5idlyiuwlth j^eat;deapat«h.oJii .^A^ .■Aj> ,ii^'«f' 

a3> ^- A long, slender strip or'liagnieiitr; ^iitttftii sound 

■- WkejtWawittigKofi al.bowi-feiLBiii^ <>i 1)''^mj/.1 .' ,5, 

|,?8,^^a?#'^ ■■■''■'''■"'■■',' ''''■^'-"' •'■' 

5lpco, a spindle. '. , . - > >v' - 

f^cof CO. a?^?a?.®' ^'^^ thrqs^,BPRH,^b^^p;?Vlle. 

^displace, uncover^ 4jgpQg« lie. ti^Bidfe*^ ,.;i .^ , 

?P?^» ^- ?P??I^?P% Btickibgti Vip: oir; jf^t, not 
even and compact. ,r j /. :, . .' t / .-. 

^^' ^- ^^P^J^I^^ ^'^^'^ «pgn0f>iwi. aS' tbejtovea^t^ 
a roof !by.t^ ^etiQEt QfntI;kQ>.wiiidv |;nrn' a^ a g^^ 

;09i^d5^/xi(>>(-,*l$Oj(*pi1ead pr.ii*^y.!open>.aft grain, in 
. ,., oc4^,^^[^^po0^htbe, light pajij8;tfo. ha blojFn away 

et^i.^i «it|W^,tfi{n<eiiftt,.tgapara^ aiK^i fljo up or 

^ ' 1^^^ ^^rP^^Ji^^^cSp^^SAes^^feifct^QOt^iOp^hi front. 
^9 deootea great dexterity, adroitnesdi^<^ «Qd<}enne88 
inritte^iMagiioB acti^j^ic/bii'is ^^^%^^ 
See obt^t, asflsba^s,— €^oo^Qb8||8,.<b3^>e;(/.^^^ 

368 • §tooc8S 

Cognates. oo§i,— oo^^oo§i§t,~ooDi^«, — oo^t 
0000S9 And ODbi^a, as yiODbt^t 

biicoooS| adv. with a eadden snap or crack. 

^t^8) adv. do. also the ecreaiDS of a yonng child when 
saffering acute pain. 

^9 1. Exposed to the action of heat for the purpose ot 
drying; 2. open work, as lattice work; 8. fignra- 
tivelj the broken pronunciation of children. 
See 6^,^00. oS^SS^I,— 8§,— 8oc)f§. 
8^, 00. 8f|^8^9 irregularly set in and out with 
interstices, as teeth irregularly set. 
b5^9 as o^bS^c^bS^, rice dried over the fire. 
cobDt^9 rice thoroughly cleaned by being pre- 
viously well dried. 

^S, yicoSScfiscoitSS, tree-cotton, bornbax. 
^^- §?¥§?§» d^f- 2. ^ee %p. 
%P%m^ and, 
§?9S?S' d^f- 3. see %p. 

^S, a Pghoism, sometimes used forn^S. 

^t, 1. Short, quick motion; 2. set on end; 3. roll up 
in a conical form ; 4. cast down rice, &c. as an 
offering to demons; 5. keep back, wait; 6. adv. a 
long way off ; 7. a eo, to words of throwing away, 
rejecting; 8. raise one end by acting upK>n the 
other, or upon some point between them. 
noSi^t, separated by a long stretch, def. 6. 
oo^t, 00. O9§too^9 — ooi^oo§f5, and 00^81, def. 
8. eee oo^t. 
3D^^t|}^, a shrub bearing a souri ited firnit. 

%mS\ def. 6. 

S?OD«p 369 

10)8^, def. 2. 
^0^, def. 7. repudiate. 

, def. 4. offer to demooe in oocSs, .and oo^oocSt* 
oo^^scSiy the materials do. 

1, def. 3. 

^tooooty (said to be used by some) def. 3. 
^idSSS, roll up tobacco in a leaf, as def. 3. 
^1 1. A general name for testaceous animals, or at least 
those which fall under the head of conchology; 

2. adv. in an incomplete or imperfect manner. 
j^§?§, ad^. def. 3. 

y^^%, adv. def. 2. 
}^m% do. 

j^, CO. §^8ioS8i. 

% CO. §^ioo^S8i, def. 1. 

i?«^.— |po??<'i.— §?@«. tbe turritella, ^f?|i,— 

ooop^, — ^^oo(c8p, — ^^osscS^o^SciBS, — ^^^ 

g8t, — §{5oc$io5^S8p,— ^^0091018^,— §^00100,— 

ooS, — l^ooioS, — I^ODio^g),— ^pcoso'i^^, ^ 

ctnoSrSi, species of ^|S. 
1^1, pearl, found in certain ahell-fieh* 
^01^^, a small shell found in places covered at high 


^^rti&^c8ooi^, same as ^pofio&pg8i, species of ^^. 
85 K. 

870 1^ 

^ 1. Boil, decoct, be boiling hot; 2. adv. staDding out 
or on endy so as to be pronninent ; 3. in a deriv- 
ative form, stick up or out;' 4. liberali generooB 
5. adv. sound like that of breaking a stick. 
oo^cS^y and oo^S, def. 3. 
00^, hot, or boiling water. 
yioo§, a liberal, kind-hearted personl def. 4. 

doDoS^, decoct medicine, def. K 

f §, 00. fj^^^l, adv. def. 6, 

^00, CO. ^00^^, def. 1. boil water. 

|oo§, do. 

|?» «^tf §00. 

|€8^, o(?. §€8f^l€8^, def. 1. 

§8 1. Koll up, as a cigar; 2. adv. abrupt, cracking souDdi 
3. adv. twinging pain ; 4. adv. bit by bit, pieo^ 
meal, 5, adv. pinching, in a repeated and forcib| 

^8^81 CO. |t§8^8^8, def. 2. 

oS§8|8, def. 5. 

oo^o^s^s^s, def. 4. bite and tear in pieces, or 1 


ocloo^o^slis^s, def. 3. 
§8€S8S, CO. §8(fi&S^8c885, roll a cigar. 
^8c3oo^i85, def. 1. 
§S 1. A general term for mats ; 2. mat-like, some^^b 

resembling a mat. 

08§|5, CO. with C080D11, used according to def. 

in describing certain scars. 

I^^^Odi, name of a female in Karen fable. 

gt 871 

1^, CO. I^SicoHSi, def. 1. 

^00^^, — §??§§02» varieties of ^^. 

|So9^, CO. ^^09, a particular kind of mat. 

^si, a kind of mat. 

g^OOIl, CO. §^^1. 

|^>a.^.-§P§io8,-fpo'i^S,-|^^S, CO. l^^eSl^oa,!,- 

^^cSop, — ^|5ooioo^, varieties. of ^^^ 
l^dB^?. CO, |pcS|^. 
|j^dB|^, CO. %^^\^^P^P^^9 ^^^^ o^ ^^^ made by the 

fi, 1. Mas. gen. of persons; 2. nsed to distiDgnisb 

things, as useful, large, efficient, hardy, &c. of 

their kind ; 3. cousin. 

See 86^, CO. 3So6^85g), and )^^i male and 

female combined, hermaphrodite. 
|S, saroe as g), def. 3. cousin of the male gender, 
^g'cfi, do. 

fll^Sy do. of the female gender. 
^&j oo» same as g)S. 

See Sgl,— Sp^,— cfii(aSg1,— oicSig),— ooSsgl,- 

o58Sg), and c§ga 
p 1. Moving around, stirring about, agitating, as with 

the end of a stick; 2. the top, head, cover; 3, 

the wooden trencher which the natives use in 

eating ; 4 a crotch ; 5* tbe name of a tree. 

8^gt, def. 2. formerly called odoS^^q. f .^ 7^ 

^tgt, stir about, &c. def. 1. 

Cognates, agt, — oogt, and 03gt, as e^tagt, — 

372 g^ 

^, 1. Comby as the hair; 2. brush, as thread; broi 
down, as the nap of a hat, &c«; 3. adjectively d* 
pressed, dispirited, effemiDate; 4. the numb 

yi^Sg, a person easily depressed, &c. def 3. 
oogt neg. CO. oo^, as oogoo^oo^, not Btaote 
hindered, oi: kept down in growth, 
og, a kind of tree, see o. • i 

§8^, CO. gSjS^aSbS, def. 1. 

aso, ninety, go* 

gc^S, def. 2. hence, ^^gj an instrument for bruahii 
of^gOD^y a kind of burr resembling the teasel 
of^goooo, the tree, sometimes called the grei 
pine apple, or ^totS^. 

g^, 1. CO* g^Sic^jSSi, a general term for several * 
the lizard iamily. 

2. adv. lizard-like, co. §^, as od8^^^, ooS^Sj 
see od8^, Varieties of g^, viz. g^8t, — gf^^^t" 
g^8,— g^obt— gfcSb, — g^<^'L, A species of liza 
g^ODe^,_g^oS^S^1,— g^oScSp, see ^|5o8d3^. 

^, 1. Jump, leap to a distance; 2, in angling, thro\r 
fish out of the water ; 3* throw one's self upon 
thing; 4. spurt out to a distance; 5. swing 
thing round and round ; adv. in a curved fore 
7. adv. sound like the squalling of a hawk. 

^ODoS, def. 3. spring over so as to clear the thing. 

^0^1, a sport in which the boy takes hold of a pc 
above his head and swings himself up. 

««• def. 7. 

00^ def. 6. and 8. 

^ 373 

jL def, 5. in whipping cotton,* give the boW a revolv- 
ing motion* 

Q^i^y def. 5. hold a rope at each end, and 
swing the center part round and roand. 

pScoco%9 adv. as op^^8^oocx>S, bend with a long curve. 

fo^f def. 4. applied to voiding urine* 

jgD^, def. 2. ^g8^» 00. %di^g\<B^^y do. pull out a 

px8^ooc8^9 def. 1. applied to repeated leaps. 

|dB^, — ©, def. 3. 

000^9 jump bjr the aid of a jumping pole. 

Booos, applied to liqnidsi as oo^oooDt, def. 4. spurt or 
jet forth. 

Cog. forms, see s^, — oo^, — q^, contraction of 
©^, and 00^. 

^, something extending beyond the usual limits, over- 
long, out of one^s appropriate sphere, eccentric. 
c8i^pc8i§^y be excessively tall, long, or slender. 
^cgS^^^^y a long sticky used to throw at any 
thing, so called in allusion to the irregular or 
whirling motion with which it proceds. 
o^^o§^, adv. with an irregular, whirling motion. 

^<Bf oom ^^Ssoly feasting the dead. 

cB^^^cS, perform the ceremony of do* 

^c6^f be eccentric or extravagant in one's talk or 

. K Sweep, clear off dirt or rubbish, &c. by sweeping ; 
9« a fish-hook; 8. eo. of the relation of cousins. 

374 ^to5S 

ased in addressing a coasiD, &c. 4. adv. obse- 
quiously, submissively ; 5. allot^ apportion-t assess ; 

as a noun 9 assesment, taxes, &c. 

00^, n. def. 5. 

oo^, def. 2. 

cos^oSs^, adv. def. 4. 
^og5, def. 1. 

^^, clear away by sweeping. 
^oS^, sweep, hence ^^^o8^t a besom, a broom. 
^8, denotes the performing of an act by a short, quick» 

oblique motion with the end of a thing. 

^S^8, any instrument used in performing acts as 


02^tcS^, scoop, dip, or gouge out of. 

02^8c8^ogSoobS, gouge out the eye. 
^8aoSc8^, pitch or spade up straw, ground, &c. in 

order to loosen. 
^tODcSScSS, stir up a liquid with other matter in j 

order to mix them. ! 

^•c^cf^, CO. ^^c^o^S^tc^cf^, stir up together. 

^tngS, CO. ^td^. 

^8ogS, CO. ^s<^S^s^9 poke, wipe, remove with the end 

of the finger or some instrument. 
^<^9 and ^s^i^oo^Si pull the trigger of a cross-bow. 
^sgt, stir about with the end of the finger, stick or 

other instrument. 

noooi^^sgt, feel about, as for any thing in the 

^800^, give one a touch with the end of the finger. 

^^o8g8^ 376 

^OD^^tSty motion with the end of a finger, as in slily 

beckoning to a perdon. 
^tc8^9 and ^8c8ioiy to dip out of the pot into a dish. 
^tcSiocHcSif empty from one vessel into another. 
^t^» denotes the same act as ^^^ bat with a different 

^08^ y denotes the same act as ^o8^. 
^lifip, take up on the end of a finger, stick, fork, or 

something else, and eat. 

tScS^^scSjS, grill, cook by grilling. 

Cog. e^t, as •^segt, — 00^8, as oo^toogt, and 

03^, as OD^tODgS. 

^^, !• Carved; 2. the strap for the back of a person in 
weaving; 3. a kind of tree, which derives its 
name from its long, carvated frait; 4. paste-like, 
plastic; 5. have or put things in exact order, par- 
ticular about dress, manners and deportment. 
9^^, turned up at the stern or hind end, def. 1* 
dS^^^, the ^^, of the back, def. 2. 
00^^^, def 5. 

o&S^^t)0038, def. 5. used in speaking of one's per- 
son and deportment. 

^Sooito^t, adv. with a pert, affected, cocking up of 
some part particularly of the posteriors* 

^pdBf, def. 1. 

^^bS, CO. ^^pdS. 

^^08, CO. ^^oS^^bS, def. 4. 

^^oScfi^Ji cook to a pap, particularly rioe. 
Qi^oS, rice boiled to a pap. 

376 o^ 

Oog. s^^, — oo^{S» AQd 03^^, all need as def. 4. 
§, curving, not found alone. 

8^§9 b&^e the legs crooked or curved* 

•S§> ^^ ^' ^§^' S^ among the grain with a long 

stick which is applied to remove spider webs. 

ofjS^, is yarn wound into a circle or hollow skain. 
§ooc8iy applied to the legs, same as §, have crooked 

bending legs. 
§|5, 1. Head off, force into a cornert intercept. 

oodBi^^y corner up in argument, put to silence. 

Cog. a)8^§^,-^-oo8^§jS, and odS^^^i see oo8|S. 
|^§^,-c8i^{5c8i§^,— ^pcgS^g, and o^^ogf, see ^. 
ij^^9 a^t;. in running, the thrusting of one foot before 

the other alternately. 
§pc^, same as gf. 

See 8^, and its derivatives. 


o, third letter in the Karen alphabet, its symbol is (j) 
written under an other consonant with whose 
sound it is combined. 

o^, 1. Pour down; 2. aunt, step-mother; 3. adv. ma- 

8io^y CO. SxoSSxoSf adv. in a versatile manner, 
suddenly and repeatedly changing from one Course 
to another. 
8ioS8ioS| do. 

^^o% def. 2. An aunt, step-mother or any elderly 

o5c«S 377 

oo^oSoo^o^y adv. in a deeided, stern maDoer, ap» 

plied to giving reproofy ifec. 
n^flgS, pour out, throw away. 
oV)5i, eo. oS§^, 

o^of^9 eo. oho\Scfio^^, used for tolof^, ec^vf^. 
oS^, eo. o^^^o^ooi, pour down in a heap. 
oSdBi, €0. 0jc8ioSc8i, def. 1. 

Oognatee, soS, — ^,— oooS,— — odoS, and ooc^S, — 

QoS, — ^S, and <^S, 
oSf 1. CroM to the opposite side; 2. pass from end to- 

end; 3. cross out of one year into an other-; 4. 

approximate, assimilate, resemble; 5. pass from 

one to another; 6* Jig. sormount, overcome dif- 


<3J}oS, eo. qgj^S. 

SoS, def. 1. 

S, — oooSoo^, make an unsuccessfal attempt to 
' cross. 

ooSSoooS, be of no use. 

^oooS, more than a cubit. 

^ooopS^^oooS, Jig. def. 6. not able to surmount 

the difficulties, <&c- 

c8^@o5SoSf be prevented, or have one's road 

crossed, by a bird. 

gg^^SioS, have the blood run out, as from a 


OD^Soo^oS, def. 5. catch a disease, take an in- 

oBioS, or d8i8c8ioS, def. 4. be like, probable. 
oS<fi^, ui^o5oSc8^, cross a country, or land. 

378 oi 

oSc^, as dBSoSc^, denotes the same as cS^^oSSoS, 

above, in superstition. 
o5o6, ootooS-SoSgooSoooSgcosoS. 
oSc^S, as ^oSobS, which denotes the deep lines crossing 

the inside of the hand. 
oSdBiy def. 2. cross a bridge. 
oS^^, def, 3. cross or fulfill a year. 
oSbS, as c^oSbS, which denotes dying instantaneonsly, 

as by violence. 
oSoD^coc8i, attend to the convenience of others, be hos* 

- pitable, make ready, 
oi, 1. Person; 2. num.affx. applied to persons ; 3. an- 
other, a different person, animal, or thing. 

cBsoi, — cSsq^cStoi, and cSiocStoi, every person, 

every individual. 

fBSoooi, cc. o6v'>ifBSoi, another country. 

moi, same as oi, def. 3. 

•oieoi, adv. in disorder, confusedly. 

a^oi, to another place, or direction. 

oooi, one person. 

oooioi, some one. 

ODOicSy one only, one alone. 

oooio6oi, each one, one by one. 

oooioo^oooi, one after another. 

oooio^, another, a different individual. 

ODoicoSooh, every person. 

cS^ioooi, any one, whoever. 

^oooi, no one. 

ttooioooi, a certain person. 

cbo|5oooi, I for one, I myself. 

6S8i 379 

S^oxQooif a different person, dietinct from one al- 
ready spoken of. 

oo^oi, something else. 

8oiq|, the whole person^ the whole body. 

(fxoXy others. 

yioiy CO. ^loicb^, how many persons? 
oioooiioioDon, is the same as oooiooaDonoooiooo3oit| 

oiy is applied to any thing else in the same way 

as to Odoiif in this example. 

Derivatives Ji, and yi. 
6^, or oS, 1. Origin, sonrce; 2. root; 3. strength, 4. 

adv. confusion, perplexity, hither and thither ; 5. 

coant, nnmberi a number; <>. the ratan plant. 

cBAScBSi, def. 4. see S. 

<f\cAc^\9S, def. 4. see q\. confusion. 

8S6S, def. 4. CO. 8Sb5. 

856S85^, def. 4. see 85. 

8i6S8ioo8, def. 4. see. 8i. 

8i6S8ioS, def. 4. see oS, and 8i. 

0OiA^Q0i^% def. 1. at first, originally. 

ojoScBibi, def. 4. see cBi^i. 

ojoSojJVi, do. restless, as from pain. . 

o^^o^o^^, tree and bamboo roots 0^9^, bitter 


oooSooM, def. 2. 

00^0^00^0^, same as oo^oSoO^o^, see cS. 

6^bi8i« roots. 
o^Q^ootf primarily ; origin. 
0^8^00, name of a Karen fable. 

380 a>S65 

ratan o^8i, brittle, leaf eaten ; 6^t6i need in 
holding rafts, large and long, A^9|5, small and 

o^ootobiooS, in the article of marriage, have regard to 
ancestry; also^ narrate, tell over one'b ancestry 
and descendants. 

*H^» prior, 

fiS^i, CO. oSoOioS^i, full number. 

0^81^81, def. 6. the ratan. 

Cognates, ©oS, as oj^^o^ODtao^i — ^S, — oo^^^ — 
yS, — oDgS. 

65, 1. Triturate, levigate; 2. compress by wriggling 
and shoving; 3. penetrating, pungent; 4. names of 
different peppers ; 5, creeping sensations of cold, 
adv. rigorous ; 6. reduced, compressed ; 7. pressed, 
straitened in' circumstances ; 8. pt*ess into, or 
by wriggling; 9. certain feats which require 
bodily contortions; 10. adv. spiteful, rancorous. 
oi^oS, CO. oDiopi, — oS, here alludes to the man- 
ner in which the animal insinuates itself into 
stiff mud. 
. odSoB, CO. ooSoSooSoyi, or ooSoSooSooi, def. 5. 

odSoS, CO. a>S8S. 

00^65, same as oo^^S, chillies and other vege- 
tables bruised together as a condiment* 
00S8S65, def. 5. rigorously cold. 
8S66, or S^oScHt^b, def. 4. red pepper, chillies. 
8^oS3, S^oSo^t, and 8^58 gi, names of the black 
c8i6S, def. 6. 

oicji 381 

dSioSy CO. cSaoScSi^i, def. 7. 
ootoS, CO. o3t65o38c^, def. 3. 
ODtoo^oS, def. 10. see oojS. 
oo^oSoo^o^ def. 10. see oo^« 

oSoooi, posh one side and the other in order to work 
one's way through. 

6So9^^, rab to powder, see ^5. 

6ScDc8c8, same as oScSSc^. 

oSoS, CO. 65<j{S. 

65<jS, CO. o5<j{565o5, def. 1. and 2. 

oSc^SdSi, compress, work into by pressure and motion. 

oScjScSiood) turn this way and that on the ' posteriors, 
used to indicate indolence. 

ojtoSc^S, cut with a wrigglingi sawing, pressing 

oS^iy def. 9. 

oS8i| in cleaning kernels of paddy, which work them- 
selves in with the rice. 

oScSSc^, def- 9. 

6Sc8ioooDt, def. 8. 

oi, agitate, shake with short, quick motion, not found 
used alone. 

6i6^, CO. of oic^x. 

6\<ji, or oioSoicji, 1. Shake down, in order to settle. 
3. as oi(2i,'~d, agitate or move the posteriors one 
way and the other with short quick motions. 

3. as oi<^i8^i shake the head. 

4. as oi<ji,— cot, twist the body one way and the 

382 018 

5. ady>. ae dsoic^i^ shake with qnick, tremalons 


Derivatives ^i, and §i, or oo^i. 
oil, 1. Still, firm ; 2. applied to conduct nniform, stead- 
fast ; 3. serious, sober, dejected; 4. adr>. firmly 

unchangeably, sober, steady, steadfast ; 5. a small 

insect destructive to timber ; 6. a small kind of 

mud-fish or eel. 

oo^oiS, something firm, steadfast, immovable. 

Qioi^, — 008, keep quite still, also, keep the mind 

in a steadfast state. 

c8ioi^o, applied to the countenance, def. 3. 

cSjSoi^, CO. (]8^oih(38^ajDii, def. 1. and 2. 
oi^oo^^. Dust oi bamboos made by worms, used as a 

medicine for the navels of young infants. 
oiSoooiS, still, very quiet. 
oiSooooS, adv. def. 4. 
oi^c^ii, same as def. 1. iand 2. with the additional idea 

of durability. 

CO. of ODiopi, also, def. 6. 
oiSoi^, adv. def. 4. 
oiSoiSogiiajjii, do. 

oiSoooiS, or oi^ODOiS, still, calm sea, tranquilly, im- 
movable, unchangeable. 
oiSoSjS, the minute particles or dust produced by the 

eating of the insect, def. 6. 

Cognates, eoi^,— ^giS, — ODOiS. 
oiS, Bee oooiS, — ^yi5, — oo(^i5, — odjiS, — odc^iS,— oo 

0918, and cx)3jiS. 
Oil, tee OD(^i8, — ccaji8. 

(jSoDcSi 383 

oit, 1. Enclose, sorrooDd; 2. a yard, email encloBure ; 

3. applied to the sun and moon, a halo or corona ; 

4. plant or bow in a little patch with a view of 
transplanting ; 5. num. aff. applied to each 
patches, yards &c. 

oo^oii, def. 2. 

(fiSoii, CO. (]8^o^c8^oii, bellow as wild bulls at 
certain seasons. 

gB^6ii, CO. (]8^onc8^o9i, sing, whistle, call out 
&c. in order to prevent the sensation of loneliness, 
or fear, 
oil©, for <ji5* 
oiioont^i, surround one's self with a guard, or servants. 

on«x>S, enclose with a close or tight fence, 
oiiooodt, def. 2. 
onc8, — oDt, said of a female when she makes the usual 

preparations for her marriage. 
cnicSi, — ODt, said of a person when he sleeps with 

weapons of defence- 
oiioo8, stockade &c. 

Cognates, •on, — 911, — c^n,-^— oDc^n, and ODo 
<^% 1. Sluggish; 2. a general term for snakes; 3. in 
some cases used for c^i, 4. used for o^. 
cBpc^S, def. 1. 

go^^, see 23^, eel, snake-fish, 
g^c^idS, Bee g^. 
c^S, eo. (^^SiosSi, def. 2. 
<^^ooc8i, CO. oocSi, simply, snakes of the python family. 

384 ciSi^S 

OOc88, ODc8l<8, CX5c8l(jS, ODc8l06ot8^, 03 

c8x^S, — ooc8i8^, — ODcSicJl, varieties of oocSi. 
oSqgjt for <jiC5jj, <J^<^, partially clean, as rice. 
oS^^^i the bow-string snake. 
c^oSj for oiSoS, which seel 
o^Sio, varieties of snakes cjS8i8^,— (jSSioDi,— (^StSoocfi, 

oo(gi, — (^^ooosSp, — c^^f viper cjS^y^S^, <J^^9^ 

— c^SoD^cD^,— <jSd8, or oSc^^(^Sd8,'-(jSd8o5,— (^SdB 
l^ogS, c^Sd8es8jS, — (jScSc^, — (^Sd8o^c6«, — c^SdBi 
ai>,_(jSd88^S,_(jSc8c8^,— <jSd8c8d8,— cjSooi, or 

o5, 1. Use force, take by violence or extortion, do with 

effort, defend, protect; 2v the ribs; 3. box, chest, 

and the like. 

ggtcj5c85, co^ g8c^5cSSggi«8Sc8S, from ^S, 1. ^S^ Qt. 
qSoDcfii, make a strong effort to speak, or to gain a 

qSoo^^x, CO. c^S^. 
qSoDoi, the region of the ribs. 
qSo^, and o^qS, def. 3, 
qSc^i, withstand, make an effort to regain that which 

has been taken away, defend against violence or 

<jSc^, CO. qSo5. 
qSqSf is to qS, habitually, perform repeated acts of force. 

qi 385 

(j5oS, for <^5o^. 

^t)5, €0. <j5c5c^Sf^, or <^z&<^co^\f a rib, the ribs. 

(jSeSoDoif same as (^coox. 

oS^^cBt, the cartilage at the ends of the ribs. 

t^5«2p, CO. (^^ijp^^^f wrest, force from, rob. 

oS|^, take bj force, pillage, or extortion. 

^^, same as <2^^* 

(^S^ a>. <2^82^f take by force or uDceremonionslj^ rob, 

(jSooS, 1. The loins ; 3. applied to a moantaini at the 

foot, along the base ; 3. fig. protection, patronage 

afforded to an inferior. 

oobicSSoDiot^SooS, submit to one another, be 

condescending towards each other. 
(jSo^t, (o^t,) same as <2^a{^* 
fSo% 1. Applied to paddling a boat, paddle with great 

effort; 2. plander, embezzle. 
ijS^^, eo. qSS^c^Sf force one's self to eat. 

ifipi^S, CO. ^P<^^^%9 live bj extortion, robbery, 

Deriv, ^S. 

{1} 1. Cleaning grain by shaking it round in a fan ; 2. 
separate by sifting; 3. a sieve or riddle; 4. shak- 
ing with a shifting motion ; 6. cull, pick up; 6. 
combined with words denoting increase and collec- 
tion ; 7. recoil ; 8. step or move backwards ; 9. 
co^ disconnected, apart from ; 10. be shy, diffident ; 
11. disconcerted, displaced, as hair after being done 
npi a knot; 12. adv. rough, dishevelled; 1?. tak- 
ing from by force, or injustice. 
S6 X. 

386 <j5 

co((q\f def. 12. 

Oognates oojcj^i,— a^cji, — •^<^T-f — Sl^^^t — oo^cp. — 

o^<iqi, — ODf(^i, and 03^81^1. 

oxqif def. 4;. see ox. 

gk^icSS, def. 13. see ^t. 

f^ii def. 3. 

^(^i, def. 3. see o. 

cSic^i, 00. SxqiSvJSSf def. 11. 
Qio^i, def. t. and 8. as (^lopioos, and ^lO^iodOOt. 
<j>i, — 5, def. 8' 

QiS^mdy advance and retreat by tarns. . 
qxox, def. 9. as oo^c^ioo^oii something different, 

yim^ioi, others. 
c^io^t^iS^y def. 4. in a swinging, waving manner. 
^i8Sc^i8S, do. 

c^xvox, and zox^ fan, as grain, 
c^ioj^f or (^Xf sift goldi to separate the particles from the 

<^x(S^o(ScB^f def. 6. increase by gradnal additions, 
qxoSi do* 

<^^^f def. 6, collect from different quarters, 
(^lo^, sift paddy, def* 1. 
(^i^Sajt, def. 10. 
(^icSi, descend, backwards. 
^S, 1. see oSf rnb, chafe, rednce, wear away by attrition; 

2. reduce to a powder or moist paste by mbbiog ; 3. 

worn away, as by the action of water or fire ; 4« 

CO. to the term for destroy ; 5. Jiff, tease, annoy. 
<pi^^S, def. 3. a bank worn away by the action 

of water. 

oScjS, def. 2. see oS. 

cSic^Si ^. c8i<j(Sc8i^, def. 3. 

ootids, def. 4, CO. oos8i. 
^iS<MD^9 rub down to a smooth sarface. 
(jSqg, def. 1, grind to an edge. 

c^c^Sy do. see csg. 
qSoS, or <jjSj alonei def. 2. 
)SdB, or (^S a bellows, is to work the pistons. 
^ogfty def. 5. get by teasing for. 

^SPf def. 3. brought np, as sand, by the action of water. 
fSoS, qneneh, as a firebrand, by rubbing off the fire. 
i^2> ^^^ over, smear. 
{Sooi^, csgQOi^. a grindstone. 

fSc8^c8Si def. 5. asking the same thing again and again. 
^dB^^, or qSf play upon a viol. 
0^1 !• A range, line, row; 2. cause, reason, occasion; 

3. series of facts and events; 4. dispute ; 5. name . 

for the ratan plant ; 6. strength ; 7* num. of. 

applied to ranges, rows, causesi ^c; 8. used for 

00^, run, flee. 
»9^, cOo 0^9^006^1, def. 3. 
o^i 0005^9^189 med. for leprosy. 

009^000^, subject matter 009^008^, do. 

ooo^oocgt, see 009^000^1, subject-matter, a reason. 

»oSSPt i^ fabricating mats, and other textures, 

twilled, have elevated lines. 

009^0106^1 do. oo9%o6|S, wherefore? why? 

909^00^9 a proper reason, fit occasion, regular 

range, line, Ac. 

388 • 9^ 

009^, CO. 009^000^, def. 6. OQo^oooolt do. 

8^009^1 liDee on the head made by parting the 


8S9S, see 8S, 

^OQO^y striae or lines on the palms oC the hands. 

00)001009^, denotes djsenteriai or flax. ooioiocH. 

009^009^, in rows, lines, &c. 

oo^9^o6tf along the base of a range of hills or 


^9^9^ > grain as seen stretching in rows across a 

field before the plants begin to cover the ground. 
9^8^0|» hasten one on an errand bj repeated orders. 
o^cSjSy for oiicSjS. 
9Sc85, eo^ 9Sc85c§c8S, def. 4. 
9Sci8ic§c8i, ioj oiic8ic^id8i. 
o^Si^iSi, def. 5. 
9^00021, — oSs)^, — oSopotS^,— 9S©^g8i,— oS8i, — 9^81 

06, — 9S€8,— 9^c8o6, — 9^39), — oSooioj, — 0^8, — 

9^:8, — 9Sc8bt, — 9Sc8cjiSol«t8^, — 9Sc8oooj, — 

9^0010088, — 9S0S, — 9S02, — 9id8^0Di, varieties 

of the ratan plant. 

Cog. 09S, for yS. 
o\ 1. Fit, proper, jnst, consistent, good, becoming, 

handsome; 2. something fit, usefnl, good, 4&c. 8. 

and fit, suitable, ought, obligation; 4. with the 

negative denotes prohibition, or expostulation ; 5. 

reduplicated may be rendered by the term either, 

or whether. 

oooi, eo. oooioooo^i def. 1. 

0091, def. 4. as 0610091, don't go. 

hS 38» 

00^91, 00. 00^9100^00^1 def. 2. 

0^91, def. 5. as 06100^0^91, 0^100^0^91, either, (or 

whether,) going or returning. 

908^0091, see 00. 
9x00001^1 the best) most proper. 
911859 fit, &o. in some degree. 
9icB58i, barely fit| properi &c. def. L 
0191, same as o^gh def 6. 8S^|5oi9i, 8Sg)oi9i| whe- 
ther man or woman. 
910^, fit, &Q. in the last degree, transcendently good 

excellent » &e. 
9ic8^, become fit, good &c. 
oicg, and 910^, def. 3. need to denominate grain which 

is of height liable to be tangled by going among it. 
910^918, and 91891061, adapted to having and raising 

oioo^oi^, delectable, charming. 
9106, as ^loiob, concentrated excellence. 
91061, 0910619 and 91061^1, it is fit we should go, we 

ought to gO| def. 8. used with any other verb in 

the same way. 
0181^ same as oicBS. 

Cog. •8ie9i. 
b^y used adverbially in the signification of successively, 

one after another, unceasingly, as, 

o5Mb^9 die one after another, or generation after 


o6ib^M, constantly going one after another, com- 
pany after company. 

Cog. oo^S, — oo^S. 

890 ^i 

^1 !• Oashi eliti slice off; 2. bavipg « form m if a 
segmeDt had bieen cut off; 8 a slit, olefti cleavage ; 
4. affixed to nouns to denote a cleaving inatra* 
ment or agent. 

Q^hS, def. 3. the aperture of the month. 
SxhSt def. 2. oee 8i. 
oc>)bS, or ODibSi def. 4. see oot, sickle. 
g^bS, locust; def. 4. see g^. 
ocBbSy or ocBibSy a spot on the side of a hill 
where the surface has been loosened and carried 
awaj by the action of water. 

bSbS| in cutting a field, is to cut or make a clearing 
of a beveling or oblique shape ; used aa an adjec- 
tive or adverb in the signification of def. 2. 
bScSibS, do. do. 
bSebSi def. 2. 

bSooj^if beveling np to an edge; having prominent an- 
gnlar elevations. 

bSoji slit or split from end to end. 

bSooStf set a oo8ty or species of snare. 

bSo6S| cut off crosswise, as straw with a sicklci 6cc. 

bSjQ, slice into longt slender strips. 

bS(d^» slice off for eating. 

Cog. ehS, see also ^S, and ^S. 

hXf 1. Stir, move about; 2. readily moved^ light* un- 
substantial; 3. applied to the mind, ardent, ex- 
citable, excited; 4. co. of the term for Bleep; 5. 
adv. in a changing manner. 
cBoSfBbi, def. 6. see rB. 
cBibi, €0. oqo^Sxhxf def. 5. see Si. 

hx^S^ 391 

ooo^i, clef. 4* we sleep and ri8e» sleep and wake, 

cSp^if aronsei awaken. 

oi^Xf def. 5. light, unfilled grain* 
. ojhi, eo. ojoSojhi, see o^. 

oDthi, def. 8. 

oB^bi, chips, shavings &c. 

dS^bi, def. 5. see Sp. 
biQOoS^ CO. hxcoc&p. 
biODo5^» eo. bioooS^bioooS, 1. Dance; 2. applied to a 

peacock and some other birds, stmt. 
biotbicS, see st, — d8, move about, (t. e. labor) at 

bxoS, CO. bi8i. 
bi8i, 00. bioSbiSi, hesitate, neither actually do, or 

give up doing. 
bi8ihi8i, do. 
bisS^, 00. bicSS. 

biaoiooip, rise to a standing posture. 
biao^f t, rise to a sitting posture. 
bia2^^' prepare one's food. 
hxvjMf CO. of bi^^. 
binoSi, CO. a^^ooSi^iooSi, move, or go round a thing 

on all sides. 
bioo^t, CO. do. 
btCDi^, CO. biooi^icSi, rise, as from a sitting or lying 

Vujj^^, CO. bi^^bis^t, throw the limbs about, struggle. 
^9^9^' move about here and there. 

398 8S 

h\c6\f see hxo^t. 

bio^sbiod), applied to afield of grain, it is healthy an 

bicSSy CO. bicSSbiQO^, active, diligent, asaidaons. 
)>ic8i, CO. hxcoi^^ 
^idB, see hiht. 
hitB^h\(Qf strive for a living. 

Derivatives ^i, and ^\. 
8S, 1. Chill, benumb, cold; 2. cold, chilliness; 8. hav^ 

chills and fever; 4. adv. shndderingly ; 6. in 

clearing a field, gather in piles the sticks whidi 

escaped burning. \ 

ooSBS, CO. ooSBSooSf)^, def. 2. 

00S8S0I, the cold season. 

ooSSSoS, see oS, chilled, rigorously cold. 

Q^8S, CO. go^S^S^co), def. 3. intermittent fever. 

oSB^g), a kind of insect, see oS. 

ooS^oooi, see 00. 
8S^i, CO. 8S*^t8So5^, def. 5. 
SSodS, CO. BSooSogpooS, do. 

Cog. §S,— CX)§5|,_e§si,_03§S. 

8s, 1* Thrust a stick or other instrument into a hole; 
2. in weaving, insert the woof; 3. shoot up, have 
projecting ends or points; 4. adv. sticking oat 
irregularly ; 5. instrument used in poking^ punch- 
ing, thrusting, &o.; 6, have carnal intercoarse 
with; 7. shove up one thing upon another; 6. 
shoot upi grow fast; 9. Jig. inform, appriie, 
tell ; 10. Jiff, of no use, to no purpose; 11. retch; 
12. applied to baskets, denotes ratans ranniDg 

86^ SOS 

from bottom to topt midway between each corner. 
! ooSSco^, CO. GoSSaocSpoD^, def. 10. see 8Sa>^. 

^^, def. 5. 

QDi85, def. 13. 

QDtSScS^f bind, confine, as in def. 12. 

o^ootSSy a cf^f thus bound. 

^09i8S, thrust with the ^^ in weaving. 

oaic8^o3s8S, def. 11. vomit. 
BSoS^, in weaving, insert various colors so as to pro- 
duce certain figures. « 
IBSnoiy is to 8S9 with a prying motion. 
BScfeSrBi, CO* 8^(^SooS85<^ScBi, see cb^, shove in an 

oblique, crossing manner. 
8S(^tcBt, see <^(B8, thrust something into each of 

several holes which intersect. 
8So6i8Sc6t, do. 

886^009, def. 6. see under d^. 
85o^, CO. 85bi. 
8Sbi, 00. 8So^8Sbi, (ufo. def. 4. elliptical. 

ODfSSbi, lying in a loose, confused mass* 
8SdB, use a bellows to blow with. 
85^S^, snatch. 

85o98ic8S, shove or slide upon something. . 
SSoo^ocJl, in surgery, probe. 
%CQ^GoSy or ooSooS, a phrase denoting a length equal 

to that of a rod extending from the axil to the 

ends of the fingers. 
85oo^, 00. 850^^8500^, def. 2. 
^^ ^ :, used in def. 1. 8. 7. 8. 18. 
[, punch or thrust through. 

8f4 8S 

85ojpog, def. 2. 

Oog. see ^i— — oo^S, and e^* 

B\, 1. Elongated, oblong, ovate, or elliptical ; 2. applied 
to time, awhile hence, not used alone ; 3; applied 
to persons, that which extends one's sphere of 
action, inflaence, &c« i. e. a companion, associate, 
not used alone. 
^oo8i, three days hence, def. 2* 

Bxr^b, cOy 8i(^op8ic^b, ovate or elongted. 

8ioS, CO. 8ihS, 

8i6S, CO. 8i6S8ihS, oblong with one or more plane 

8iooo6S, CO. 8xoocfeS. 
810006S, CO. 810006^8100(^5, oblong. 
8i8j5, def. 8. 
818^, def. 3, 

Deriv. §1, — ^i. 
8^, 1. A multitude, collective body; 2. co. to words 

denoting many, adding, and increase; 3. question; 

4. in behalf of, one's advantage; 5. on account of, 

in consequence of; because; 6. a(ft^. jumbled, shft- 

ing, in many directions. 

(B8i8^8i, def. 2. see (6. 

008^, def. 4. benefit of. 

0088008^, def. 5. 

C2i8ic^i8S, def. 6. see c^i. 

^ic8^8^, proud flesh in a sore, not heal. 

oo18^, def. 1. combine, commingle. 

o58S clef* 3. ask, inquire. 

fix 395 

tS(f\9 adv. deC 6« 

8^9^, a fewi detached from the main bodj. 

8^8^i CO. oeloo), def. S» 

ViS^f CO. oolcS^i increasiog in numbers. 

ffioi, CO. 8S^S. 

S^fSy 00. 9S<^S^oXf a nioltitnde, collective body. 

Deriv. ^^^ ^^, and §^. 
8i| 1. Bed, reddisb; 2l spoiled, destroyed; 8. features^ 
form ; 4» moral featUreSy character ; 5. size, pre- 
sence, space occnpied; 6. gripci grasp, confine, 
7* be in one*s possession, have aboat one ; 8. 
(from def* 3.) delineation^ likeness, image, pic- 
tare, limbs, members; 9. co. of the word denoting 
heat^and^. tronble; 10. rednplicated o^fv. rudely, 
perplexedlyi confusedly ; 11. early, unstable, irre- 
solute, fickle, tending to destruction, or failure ; 
12. the red sand-fly ; 13» title of one of the Karen 

oeSi, K red. 2. likeness of, members of. 
0009^0081, and oo^Soo8i, oo^Sooobt, def. 3. 
(D(2'^oo8i, def. 2. 
oocB^ooSi, def. 9. 
ooSioSt, of small size, and 
oo8i3^, of large size; def. 5. 
oo8iooc8^co^, def. 3. ugly, having irregular fea-^ 

oo8iod8|S, def. 8. limbs, branches. 
cB^ooifS^, it is yours, def. 7. 
x8io6t, near, in presence of, def. 5. 

896 SiODO 

oo^8i, def. 1. 8. and 12. ao image 
oo^Sifo^f o^Soocoo^Soooiy a kind of flower. 
oo^cB^oo^8i| def. 9. trouble. 
ooScjSodSSi, dof. 8. 
00^8100^8^1 def. 8. image. 
cBS 8ij def. see SS. 
i8i, def. 10. see ^, to-morrow. 
hxSxf def, 1 1 see bi. 
0^1819 def. 11. CO. with (^jSoSt «^ ^"l* 
05^^81, def. 10. see o^. 

ooi|SG8i8iooo3t9 def 6. invert one*8 eelf, (with 
means of defence), stand one's ground. 
a:)i|5cpi^8i8i, def, 2. be irresolute. 
081, CO. 005^081, our form, features, &c. 
^1819 see §1. 

^i8i,— oD#i^0^6id8o5^§i8i, Minrao. 
4»i8i^ 00. Qi(2Soi8i, destroy. 
f^8i, def. 10. see ^. earlj morning. 
QO181, in the morning. 
ooi8icoioo1, morning and evening, daily. 
001S81, waste, use to no purpose. 
0^81, pour out in order to throw away. 
g6i8ic6ic8, start very early in travelling. 
00181, def. 2. see cot, destroyed. 
oot8i, CO. 02^cB^oot8i, see <B^, afflicted. 
c8^8i, 1. 00. ooo5i, wind ; 2. co. of oqo^S, a kind 
of bird; 3. a reddish, stinking insecti found in 
cotton pods. 
Siooo, < little, red fellow/ applied to quite young 

8ia>otcDt| verj red* 

8iaoa2ii of a yellowifib redi arid« or eandj color. 

SlOOOj^S, CO. 8icoobS, 

Sicoo^ii same as Siooo^t. 

SioDcb^ CO. SicxDcb^SicocgSf of a bright^ gliBtering red. 

8iooS» CO. 8io6^8icx>^, a saddle. 

Bicoti as 8ioo^8ioot, and 816^81001, flushed with red 

as tbe face of a person affected w,th sadden fear, 

or anxiety. 
3i(^f I CO. 8iaD^9 harness or saddle. 
Sio5Soooo8, be of a sicklj color« and stunted growth. 
}ino^, 9ee 8LCX)t. 
tiobi, a kind of red cement or gum, with which certain 

ants attach their nests to the leases and limbs of 

SicbifS a troublesome creeper. 
Sioni, person covered with boils. 
SiSS, def. 6. in fishing, is to set stakes so as to brace, 

and confine each other. 
Si8iy def. 11. earlj morning. 
Bio?8ioS, def. 11. see oS. 
8io58io5, do. 
Sio^8i03t, see 8ioot. 
S116S, CO. 8i8bt. 
Sioo, of a dull, arid color. 
Bicbt, CO. 81^^81 obt, of a dnll^ dingy red. 
Buob^8xfiB^5 ^^^ ^^• 
StaOj^<^<^^> dazzling red. 
Sum^oSi^ eczema rash. 

398 QCO 

SicB^^^i in chopping, invest a tree with a scaffoldidg 

(sse d^(. 6.) in order to cat it high from tll« 

ground. • 

o^^SicB^i scaffolding, for de. 
8ioi| def. 6. walls or enclosarei as of a house* 
BiSty ' the red skin/ i. e. a cow, bullock^ the bos* 
<ii:B, — o^o^^Soocxx)^^, yioo^oi8inoo5|>f a modioioal 

shrub oooS^oD^^. I 

8iO| smalli reddish, atoro-like particles. | 

8io^, a kind of tree having red bark. \ 

Si^, * red eyes/ used to distinguish topersi and a 

species of monkey* 
Sxcox, have a good character, def. 4. 

oqSiooooioo^i have a bad character. 
8iq68ic8, def* 11. adv. descriptive of the appearance of 

flame mingled with smoke. 
8t02t| dark purple. 
8ic8Sooi, early in the morning. 
8ic8^<»^(d^, A skin disease troublesome to children. 

Oog. §1, — 00^1, and •§!. 

«d1, 1. Oallousi indurated; 2. hardened, desiccated, con- 
creted ; 3. mix, combine ; 4. applied to the voioe, 
vehement; 5. scold, threaten with anger in & 
loud, shrill voice ; 6. scare, frighten with ent- 
erics; 7. hardened, compacted, as a road by cos-- 
stant travel ; 8. block, or fasten up, close up ; 9^. 
€0. to words of hardness, fixedness, pungeiic;f ^ 
10. reduplicated, adv. thorovghlyi vdiemeMtiy* 

fixecU t^ompletelyt eDtirely ; 11. snperior powers 

perfection; 12. disunited, keeping off, or separate, 

miitiially repelling each other. 

coSxt6\f def. 5. 

cBtcol, and St^co% def. 5. and 6. see cBi. 

flgWI, see o^Sf here o^d in def. 10. thoronghly 


hm)f del ^. see h. 

e1co)» see •), or cSeloo), open, sleazy, def. 12. 

i^ccHf sqneese together in order to combine. 

^tacO, def. 9. eo. ^|^. 

ficoH, def. 9. eo. fi^. 

^^colf def. 11. see ^. 

dSiQo), def. 7. 

o^^cxfl, def. 2. the concreted gam of trees. 
taW, «>. colcqS, mix different substances together. 
tcHiD), odTv. def. 4. «M (Btoolool, and (^ttolool. 
tt)1fl[^, <^. oo1tX{S«Dl8^, same as qo18^. 
«>1o3ScgS, scare, frighten away by noises. 
«>1o5S, def. 8. 

ofloftcolc^^, A very load and frightening case. 
BcHofi, CO. Qo1o|^Qo1ofi, adv. def, 10. surely, 
sflofi, <k>. anQ|^(X>lQfi, do. truly. 
8>i<BS, def. 5. and 3. 
«fl<B5ooooi, do. also, bedaub each other with mad as^' 

boys in play, 
tflldp, combine different ingredients for eating, to 

render them palatable, particularly with honey or 


Obg, #101,— oHol,— ODtol, (followed by ifl) j1,— 

400 aoS 

091, from def. 10, 12, ^, — •51,-035), — 005I, 

tO^, BomethiDg extraneoae^ not a part of the person, or 
thing mentioned, generally something hortfol or 

1. zoh CO. oetSiOQtx>S ft general name for vermin, 
small insects, &c* which infest other living bodies, 
internal or external ; also, those which are desr 
tractive to grain, clothes, &c.; 

2. oo^eo^, any small, biting or troublesome insect, 
as gnats, flies, and the like; 

3. oo^Sco^, and oo^Soo^uo^, used to denote any kind 
of insect, when the specific name is not known ; 

4. with cBi even, used in the negative, as a term 
of comparison as least, most trifling, u e. not so 
much as a small insect; 

5. 00^(^^130^, and oo^^^oo^qo^, hobgoblins, evil de- 
mons which are supposed to feed upon the souls 
of men ; 

6. with ton the outskirts of the thing spoken of, 
the parts contiguous; 7. with co. and applied to 
persons, with whom we have little or no connec- 

oecD^ CO, oocSioetX)^, denotes the 00^, of that par- 
ticular thing to which it is applied. 
ODsSoS^DD^i a species of beetle found in elephant 

SiQD^, CO. SiooSioD^, 1. A flat worm that feeds on 
decayed wood ; 2. co» ODoSopjS, snarled, tangled, in 
what we term a 'witch-knot.' 

«0i 401 

8i«0% 3* #&• 39(^00^1 small flat pieces. 

«b«o^9 (^^ ^f) 4 species of beetle* 

cBi<x>^9 def. 4. 

o&cD^9 a water iDseety described as being flatt aboat 

two inches long and one broad, 
eo^ii, def. 6. 

c^^tD^QOiif def. 7. near hy^ 
cD^OD^iy same as to^wn. 

floUS^i, eaten or destroyed by moths or insects, 
lottin^i, fleas. 

Cog. jS, 9^1— 009^,— OOOD^. 

eoS 1. Eject phlegm from the trachea; the sound in so 
doing; 2. adv. fixed^ made fost to ; 3. adv. redu- 
plicated, firmlji tightly, confinei(Uy» doselj; sounds 
from the throat, and such as are produced by 
friction; smells which are very offensive. 
4. €^, as cx2<fi^Qo6(d^i seek food as one can 
catch it ; 5. applied to the head, denotes dandruff, 
scabbiness, or dry scalls; 6. title of a Earen 

8^to5, 00. 8^€dS8^^S, def. 5. 
ej^Sej^S^^^f def. 3. applied to sounds. 

d^coS, (iee «BS,) applied to smells, def. 3. 

foSooooS, adv. def. 3. 
ootoSooooSy do* 

eoScS^, and coScB^cgSi def. 1. 

floSdS^, def. 4. 

Cog. etoS, — ooodS, and ododS. 

tot 1. Intimately connected or concerned with; 2. soil- 
ed, of a foul, dirty, appearance; 3. dingy,. tawny 

i1 K. 

402 QOtool 

color; 4. affected with incipient decay, contract 

mold, ruBt, <&c. 5. sand-flyi gnat ; 6. co. of z&v 

c8Scot| def. 1. see <dS. 

oooStoocDti def. 1. see z&t. 

ooioicB, at one and the same time, at once. 

c8^<x>t| become moldy, soiled, with soot, smoke, 

rost or dirt of any kind. 

l^totooobSooS^i a phrase denoting thnnder. 

^lOO^OMOt, a filthy, dirty person ; sometimes 

used in the Pgho signification of oDt, an active 


co^cDtf def. 1. 

opcDt, 00. o^c^tf a spnrioQs kind of paddy. 

^tDi, a kind of scarecrow, a bamboo with the 

upper end split into several parts, each of which 

bent down on the different sides and inserted in 

the ground. 

^SoloDt, have the eye affected with white specks, 

film, or cataract. 

c8«ot, blasted as with lightning. 

cSitot, become old, &c. def. 2. 

oS|Scoi^tD^ def. 3. 

o^^cDi, GO. o^^toto^oDif wood or bamboo partial- 
ly decayed. 
QOtS^i dirty-headed, frizzle-haired (fellow,) said to be 

applied also to barreni unfeasible land. 

8^?9Dt, have the head in this state. 
cotSi, CO. f^op^* 

coto^^OdooS, much soiled, &c. def. 2. 
cDtooli CO. QDtCg. 

00^ 403 

COtOli CO. CDtOg. 

cot90^9 def. 2. and 3. 

eDio5G|oS, partially decayed. 

QOto^i CO. QOtogiotocn, or o^eotoiQOti black or browD 

Band -fly I two kinds, ae 
iOiC2@8i9 the small, and oDtc^^dtS^i the large kind. 

Cog. ooytr- ooqyt, — •ojt,— :§•,— syi,— oocoi,— 91,— 

QoS 1. Torn, change ; 2. turn the mind, a mental or 
moral change ; 3. change periods^ states, events, 
circnmstances ; 4. term, period, from one change 
to another; 5. (idv» repeated, throughout succes- 
sive states or periods ; 6* adv. nearly, about ; 7. 
num. of. applied to periods, states, the number 
of times which a thing has been done, or has oc- 
curred ; 8. subdued, foiled, defeated ; 9 to be 
subdued, conquered, defeated ; 10. 00. in the 
above significations; 11. a roost for fowls; 12. a 
creature of another world, ghost, apparition. 
o^^jS, def. 9. 
O2^cg^i90|5cg^, 10. and 1. 
o2^ooco|5eD^oo<^, 10. and 1. 
.cB'itDp, 1. W.seeS^z&^. 
ooSiooQO^, 4. see 8i, generations. 
ooSiStootD^eo^, 5. 

oofO^, applied to children, the period terminating 
with their being able to turn over; turn on the 
opposite side. 
CO. oo«5^i which see. 

404 tO^cSi 

cSiooQO^i CO. cSioaeS^cSiooQO^i turn or fall npoo 

the under side. 

^cdSooQO^i a future state. 

C2^«o^> suffer a defeat. 

Qi?9D^9 overcome* 

c8i8ic8i«o^, we 8i. 
iX>So3&i, turn over on the side. 
QoSoDOi, turn aside. 
QoScx>o^, denotes a wrong turn of any part of the body 

causing pain in the part. 
QO^oDdSoodSy turn slowly with care. 
QO^oodSioodSi, turn occasionally. 
t9oS(B6| turn the necki or as we say, the head. 
00^900^^1 1 turn on all sides, as in looking thoroughly 

all about one. 
eo^S^, 00. oD^S^eo^QoS 11. 
cD^QO^i def. 5| 6. oo|^e]0|5ix>^, about a year, 
co^eoiiy near by, on the borders. 
t9oS9i^80i| turn into a direct position or line. 
CD^ooc^ii, transitory, changing state. 
oD^oo^ti turn about. 

t9oS^^^if turn the back upon, withdraw favor or coun- 
coSod, turn away the face in anger. 
fBS^^Oi^c&^y CO. ?o^ogl^CDi^. 
QO^o^^QOi^i CO. cO^o^^ofi^oD^o^^coi^i in midwifery, 

press and otherwise agitate the lower part of the 

bowels in all directions. 
t90^c8i, change the position of a thing into a direct 

line, become just. 

CO! *05 

cBtoo^tO^cSi, morally, tnrD the itiiDd^ or conduct 

into a proper coarse* 
eo^c8i| applied to sitting hens^ leave the nest for a 

short period* 
to^, — oDt, and co^dB^, — oDi, change one's position or 

iD^?8i| the adventitious covering of grain, husks. 

Cog, sao^, — 0000^, — cx>«0^,— 9^,— 89^,-5^, — 

tox 1. Expel chaffi and useless substances by a fan ; 2. 
extraneous, uuimportant, inconsiderable, also things 
and persons unknown to us; 3. affix, away, aside; 
4. CO. to other roots! 5. covering the surface; 6. 
blood-flooding ; 7. adv. rustling sounds. 
cS^eoiy def. 2. co> cBSifli, see cBS. 
c^fDi, def. S. CO. r^eoni out of the road, on one 

(^icoi, det. i. eee qx. 
Sx^h see cBi. 
oottoif def. 6. 

fioDi, — StfiQOi and oScS^fieoiy def. 2. last 

(MOicoif do. applied to persons. 
&^ioit <lof* 3. (co. S^eSa^) push a thing away or 
to one side. 

o8f «t, def. 8. Pgho of o8{5(§p, or ODcg^, an in- 
different kind of basket. 
oApfOii def. 6. 

oo^ocHt^^^cOti do. when it is dangerousi or amounts 
to disease. 

406 ^^^^^p 

QOicgSy def !• 

tx>icx)QoS, def. 2. oS\mxmcoSf do. 

zo\9X>x, adv. def. 5. 

iDDia2> 00. zoxo^^xo^t def. 1. 

fi> Cog. SfDl, (a8c8l9Q0l,) §1, Jl, ODJl. 

eSy CO. o&oofiif bonei stmctarei or ose of bones in or- 
ganized bodies; 1. comelji handsomei nnexcep- 
tionable; 2. clear, gennioe; 3. chderfol. blithe, 
baoyantf exhilarated; also scattering, incoherent, 
&c. 4. cartilaginoas substance of the thoracic 
duct; 5. the midriff and stems of leavesi the 
fiber by which they are connected to the pericarp; 
6. bony parts of the body. 
See (BSo5,-o5^ii^o5,-Q^o5,-8pw5, -8^00^05,— 
8^3o5,— 8^bio5,— 8^c8^o5,— flioS,— cjSrf,— 
fq^^?£i — |3o5, — ^c8^q5, — ^^oSi — ood^^S, — 
^Sc5, — ^SogSoS, — ^5o;^^8^o5, — odi^IjSoS, and 

e5o3i9 — oScScoicoiy beaatifal, elegant. 
SSojAStA, def. 4. 
S^ODpoSf the head; also the sknll. 
^q5, the back ; behind the back. 
^lOOoSf spine. 
3t&, def. 5. 

oo?£, CO* OQ?£ooc^, the bones of. 
oo^?£i CO. crAt&coSo^, or ooS?£oo^a3fii, a bone, 
^^^^^^' ^^^' ^^^°^ of moving sarfacesi friction. 
t&t CO. ooq5ooco%9 and oo^?£oo^coi, def. 1. applied 
to persons, things, and characteri beautiful. 

?£to^09bS 407 

Cog* Mit— 8^, and coe5, def. 2. ^i def. 3; also in 
other significatioDSi ooj — m^, — 035,— §i— oo^i — 

00^,— .0D§. 

t&^ 1. Used for z&if prostrated ; 2. sound produced bj 
crauDching ; 8. co. slight collision, or slowly mov- 
ing into contact; 4. eo. contact without motion. 

dffie5^c8^ig0^f adv. do. 

Cog. yS, — ooyS,—- oc5S, — ^S, — OD§S. 

s5S 1. Oripedy pinched, crowded together, jumbled, re- 
dundant; 2. double; 3. twinsi two or more child- 
ren at a birth. 
Cog. •t6S, — ooc&S, — oDiASi — ^5, — ocyS. 

o5i 1. Tight» tense, unyielding; 2. decided, stern, rigid; 
3. exert one's self, be intent upon; 4. adv. firmly, 
rigidly, intently; 5. stringent, rigorous, press- 
ing, &e. 

oonoo^^eSt, def. 2. 

Sttdf, in trading, be close at a bargain. 
eoi^oSt^ rub together, as the branches of trees, 
oo^ofttoo^ooi, hard times, scarcity. 
oo^ei^oSt, confined with a barrier on each side. 
a^toStf adv. def. 4. see o^t. 

«5inooo8, adv. def. 4. 

a5ii)6t, adv. def. 4. 

eSto^QO^, def. 3. exert the strength upon a joint of 
bamboo in splitting it. 
Cog. oooSty — QO«£t,«— ^ty — a^t^ — ^, — q^,— 00 

408 t&ft&p 

e5|5| 1 . Matter which attaches to the bodies of persoDS 
or things, dirt or foul matter od the surface; 2. a 
species of creeping plant ; 3. general natne for 
jangle creeper; 4. need in the names of certain 
other plants; 5. co. to the term denoting ants in 
oommnnities acting in concert ; 6. adv. in concert, 
with united energies; 7. adv. applied to smellst 
of a musty, filthy, smell ; 8. of. dirty, smeared 
with filthy matter ; 9. ojf . unequal, rough, or 
crumbling 10. adv. in a clinging manner; 11. ap- 
plied to the mind, cling to, have the raind set upon. 
oo^eS^, break, as def. 9. 
cS^e5^, 00. S^t&pS^VJ^f def. 7. see SS. 
cBScS^, CO. cBS^^cB^cSf, def. 10. see c8S. 
doS^, 00. Qg^Sif see Q. 
8iq5^, 00* 8io5^8iq5i, see 8i. 
03i^8ic5^8i, def. 

001^, ?£^oo, a small species of ant peculiar for 
their adherence to wet places. 
obt&pi the t&p, of water, a slimy substance which 
adheres to stones, &c. 
fic&^, def. 

001^?^^, a kind of reed used to make coarse mats* 
ojji^toDoS, not known at Tavoy. 
^^o5^, def. 3. 

zi^coooSf adv. def. 6. 
ODicDpooooSf do. 

e5^e5^, do. as, 

oof^e&^^, said oi an assembly sfll lisCtaing at- 
tentively to a speaker. 

c6i 40& 

tfitd^eS^i eame as ocnoS^oooDS. 
aS^DOii a species of herb, eaten by Karens. 

A^iqh same as o5^> def. 1« 

CO. OdoS^OOtt^ti (f^. 

b5^, (X). woS^oo^ti do. 

si^cofloi, concreted dirt, deposit, sediment. 

Gog. oo«^^, as ooeS^ooQO^i and (i6ioDt35^c8to> 

sSi, 1. Prostrated* laid flat along the ground; 2. qff^. 
laid along together, extending along each other^ 
as the fibres of a cord; 3. stiek-lac; 4. fasten, 
seal with lac, wax, <fec.; 5. measare the circum- 
ference of a body with a string, or the like; 6. 
a measure of a hand's breadth ; applied only ta 
the measuring of circumferences. It is doubled, 
previous to measuring, so that the number of t&x^ 
indicates only half the circumference ; 7. co* ta 
other roots. 

ajSeSi, def. 2. fell, by chopping. 
SHjO^h def. 2. double or lay several together and 
twist, entwine. 

o^t&x, grain lodged or laid flat. 
c8io5i, 00* S\t&\<Sxcof9f fall over* 
o^c5i, def. 1. with a sweeping motion of the 

i^i, def. 1. So. of the arm. 
oec5i, CO. oeooi, in the ngnification of flrmness, 
decision, accuracy, and stability cf character. 

410 QOiS 

t^Sinooif stftgger. 

«5iogS, def. 5. 

t^SiQoS, seal a letter etc. 

t)5i8Sf t| prostrate or fall with force, be thrown dowD. 

c5i8tg^, do. with tumbliDg or rolling over. 

t^Sioo^f ii fall from a standing to a sitting posture. 

t^Si^^^, fall backwards. 

e5i^|S8^, pitch down upon the head. 

«)5ii^^, and o5io}^3| def. 3. 

Cog. •o5i, — ooeSi, — 0D?£i, — §i, — oo^i. 
t30i, 1. Heavy, burdensome; 2. applied to sound, dull, 

heavy, guttural ; 3. dull, dragging as pain ; 4. adv. 

heavily, &c. 5. name of a plant the root of which 

reasembles the common yam but is much larger, 

the plant is quite different* 

ooof^eoi, def. 2. 

<6Saj)i^diOi, have heavy, dragging pain in the 

back of the neck, def. 3. 

8^<X>1, do. in th^ head. 

f ooi8^?9Di, do. in the arms and legs. 

eS^QOii see e5^. 
cOiftS, same as tx>i, def. 1* 

CO. oo^ooioo^ftS, something heavy, &c. 
^io5^, root of the tDi» plant, 
toioi,, A wild yam not eaten. 
QOio^^ciOQOS, very heavy. 

Cog. ODioi, — 91, — gi, — cji, — 0x51. 
^1^, «M 8^^001^ dbS, the only instance in which thii 

root has been found. 
ODiS; npt fonnd alone. 

con 411 

(DiSfOiS, adv. heavily, absolrbedy sank as in sleep &c. 
otoiScDiS) sleep beavilj^ be overcome with drow- 
Cog. 918,— ooc^iS, — cx)^ — sajiS,— oocgiS,— ojiS. 

toitf not found alone. 

lOiicDity nsed tbe same as toiScDi6. 
Cog. Jit, — noyit}— -<3jit, — sqjit. 

^1^, 00. cDi^SieoSi, 1. Scorched, or parched rice; and 
as this is made by stirring in a vessel over a fire, 
2. stir about, stir into, as meal is stirred into 
broth or gravy in cooking ; 3. of. applied also to 
burning pain, as by a smart slap; also dried or 
parched by heat; 4. the rubbing of things together 
and the creaking sound thus produced. 
<d^cDi^, CO. (B^cDi^rS^co^, def. 3. 
SStOi^, a species of plant the flowers of which 
are cooked and stiired into curry ; hence the name; 
there are two species. 

SSfDi^S, or 8StOi^ot8^, and 88^1^06, see 8S. 
ScDi^cS^, cook by stirring 001^, into the dish. 
o&ptDi^tot, def, 3. last clause, see zot. 

BOi^oof^, is cDi^, pulverized. 

eoi^oot, def. 4. 

01^8^ the opening of rice when parched. 

poi^lfi^, def. 8. 

Cog. ^1^, — «oip, — ooeoi^, — •eoi^, — OOeoi^, — 

cDit, 1. Edge, side, border, outskirts; 2. contiguous; 3. 
appendages ; 4. append to one's person, articles of 
use or ornament. 

413 e^^p^^^^ 

00^)011, CO. ooeioitwtS^, or oeoonooifi^^ def. S. 
SS^tsoooiii clothes, ornaments, tools^ dbc* pecaliar 
to men. 

88^^ooooii| do. pecnliar to women, 
c^sooooiii weapons, stores^ &c. belonging to the 

ooeoii, CO. oo8^e>DTi« def. 1. and 2. 
ooe)Oiiooooi, beside, 
eo^ooii, def. 1. also see eo^. 
ieoTL, and 8toit8ooit» side by side. 
o^S^o^e)Oii, know how to snperintend family af- 
fairs, as spinning! weaving, sewing, cfec. 

ooiiojtfi^o^i def. 8. applied to clothes and ornaments. 

^ii|^«oii^, and, 

ooiic6e)oiif8, def. 3. applied to defensive weapons. 

usito&s, or simply e)cni, def. 2. 

exyiiotot, and eonotos^^o^i the contignons surround- 
ing part. 
Cog. 5T1, — »con. 

0^9 !• Seek, as in searching for a thing that is lostt 
searching for food; 2. unalterably fixed, irreverai- 
ble, irretrievable; 3. irregular, obstinately incor- 
rigible ; 4. number six. 
ogSoj, def. 1. see cgS. 
o^^eq, and o^oDo^i def. 3. 

Q^OD^S, seek occasion against. 

Q^o}^' ^* 02<>2^o)^S9 def* 1* 

njoj^tt^oDobjS, speculate, as in tradct 02^, and ODOb^, 

in this phrase are the Burtoau <f^dSmOt>dSf an 

equivalenti Karenized. 

•oS 413 

«^(^8C§8, seek carefallj. 
flC^^i^Sy seek earnoBtly. 
n^wcSf and oj^tS^y def. !# 
^(KMf CO. ^<^p* 
o^aoj sixty. 

c^obM^otf go hnotiag game. 

fl^a^i def. 1. 

■{ontf^^^y litigioasf quarrelsome. 

o^cfojf search for here and there. 

fo^otf do. 

tt^og^cSSt seek a qaarrel with. 

o^d^f 00. e^cfi^ajiid^, and o^cS^i co. o^^^^^^cS^f — 

02<fip9 00- o^cfi^cSSdS^y def. 1. applied to seeking 


Cog. •oj, — ODO^, — j[, — J, — 0D5, — •2;— ^S»— 
J,— ooj. 
Q^Si verbal a^* together, in company, combined i^ith, 
in connection with, as, 
o^io^Si return with. 
folo^Si mix, or combine with. 
otx^S, sleep with. 

^So2^8^§§f bring together, combine. 
obic^i go together. 
oSo^S, die together. 
Q&02^^^^^> live and die together. 
oScqSo&S^, die together in numbers. 
cBjio^S, live together, also cohabit. 
cBJ^o^SdBtSS, dwell together. 

414 ejifi^cSiocSS 

^cBScS^o^Sy asBoeiate as members of the sam* 


cS^o^Sf mess together, also eat one thing will 


cx^ti the Pgho term for ft, a place of high lao( 

enltivation. In a cog« form co^t, often contracte< 

to coi^tf it has a signification similar to o^S, ii 

companies, together. 
. €^!^y chilling, ciffix. probably a corruption of f ^, m 

o^t, sometimes nsed for qi, as 8^o^i, for 8^qa, whioli 


co^Se^Xt adv. in a confused^ jambled manner. 
ej !• Be even, square, nniform, coincide, be at peace, 

be on agreeable terms with ; 2. af* even, smoothj 

in unison ; 3. applied to plants, have the leaves 

rot off, as caused by excessive rains; 4. applied 

to the end or ends of things, square or straight 

and even across. 

^^cj' ^' ^|5c2^^c8i, def. 2. excite to do o^ 

act together, excite to peace and unity. 

^ficg, def. 2. see c8. 

^t€i2^^9 def. 4. denotes a sword which is sqaard 

at the end instead of being pointed. 

000^9 CO* o^c^opcBi, def. 3. 

yicoy ^* vtc^Sttic^, cause to be even, reconcile. 
CDcaStSt. real peace, harmony. 
c^fdBii def. 1* 
CQfdBSc8ioc8S, be on agreeable terms with, not at vari« 


80 415 

e^ooi^oi^ff even, of eqaal length or height. 

Bj^oiS, even the end of a thing by catting and tarning 

it at the same time. 
028t| def. 1. 
i|c86, CO. o^cSSStcSS, harmonize ; be smooth, and even. 

Deriv. j, 
Vj^tj^i adv. of sound like that made by of a smith's 

bellowsy &c. 
)2^i^^i6^fdBS| do. 

i^Scj^S, eo. o^Sc^StoStoS, adv. grating sotinds. 
iji. 1. CO. of other roots in the signification of profuse, 

copioosy continnons ; 2. qfix. urgently, incessantly ,. 


cB^o^ty CO. S^t&p. 

ib^^c^t, rain incessantly. 

yioo^c^ti do things with assiduity, energetically. 
Cog. jj, — co^9f — ooj*. 

ij^, chiming qfix. see w^^fcjP, pulverized, sometimes 
contracted to OD^jS. 
t)5c2^^^^» ^^* imitative of sound; see c5. 

i|^Cjj^, adv. sound made by the flying of large birds, 
snoring, &c. 

^ 1. Dry, be dried, wither, shrivel ; 3. hard, shrunken, 
wanting in flesh or succulence; 3. of. dry 
shrivelled, shrunken ; 4. of. desiccated, scabbed', 
as a sore ; 6. adv. of a dry, parched, arid ap- 
pearance ; 6. derivative form, parched, wanting 
in moisture; 7. tie, bind down together. The 

416 ^ 

ends of a band, twisted and seoared ; 8. cuft? 

stiff, anpUable; 9. a bioderi either a band oi 

something to connect and stiffen the parts ; 10 

a fence made of poles tied together; 11. con 

struct do. ; 13. off. connected intervals, one aftei 

another; 13. deriv. form, in strise, elevations aD< 

farrows, scratches ; 15. aff. haggled, rough, ragged 

surfaces; 16. aff. nicked here and there; 17. t 

range of things as traps, stakes, &c.; 18. num. of. 

applied to fences, ranges of things; 19. co. to tlu 

term . denoting a trap ; 20. applied to textures 

mats, baskets, and the like ; 2]. off. checked 

spotted; 22. aff. sleazy; 23. disease, particularly 

fever, headache, &c. chronic, intermittent ; 24, t 

small mat, wove as def. ^0. and used instead of ( 

plate ; 25. a kind of offering; 26. ask for, entreat 

supplicate, implore ; 27. a kind of worm or grul 

which feeds on young, succulent bamboos. 

o5Se)0» and oS^oo, def. 21. see <t>^. 

a^«o, def. 20. 9ee o^. 

rBSoD% CO. cBS«ocB^ejo5, def. 3. 9ee cB^. 

fS^uo, dry barren land, 

^^eOi ooo^^^oo^OD^, plain texture. 

Sioo, CO. 8100^8100, def. 5. %ee 8t. 

tS^eo, CO. cSW^dB^exD, def. 4. %ee c8^. 

•e)09, def. 13. 

•fS^^eo, def. 14. 

8Seo, CO. 8S«o«St)DS, def. 12. 

882>D, CO. Sf^SttoS, def. 15. and 12. 9ee 8t. 

obieo, def. 12. 


?§« «^ 

ooSoo, 00. ooSeoooSttoS, def. 9. and 10. 

crSvoAxf traDs verse polesy nsed in coDstrnotiDg 

floors aod roofs. 

oo^oDQoS, same as oo^oo* 

oo^e>Dc8, dry up, evaporate. 

oo^g2^eO| dried meat. 

oD^g^8S«o, def. 23. 

oo^Sog^Seo, def, 17. a whole line of fenooi traps, 

Ac. as the case may be. 

fSoDy def. 20. 

8SoOi def. 16. 

o^eoS^f a species of cotton plant, so called from 

its shrivelled appearance. 

oe^eioSi, def. 2. a species of bat which is almost 

destitute of flesh. 

obSco, def. 8. 

GbScS^obSeo, def. 22. 

dbSooobS^!, do. and tenacious. 

c8o3, spread out to dry, def. 3. 

cotoOi dry itch def. 3. 

oo^eo, def. 3. dry by the fire. 

o5toO| CO. ooieocotcDl, def. 21. 

o^ooeo, def. 6. 

sg^oD, suppression of menses in whole or in part. 
ooGogoty def. 26. 
nycqXf co. ooo^iSsc^i, ask for a thing to be given back ; 

demand an equivalent. 
aDO^y— oDt, beg off, beg to be excused. 
^9 tie, bind together with cross pieces. 
If eo. o9@soo@8, tie down with do. 
28 K. 

418 eoo3ogi 

eon^, CO. eoc^e)oajj)| tie or bind several parallel things 

on a line with each other, 
eo8iS^, red-headed ^, def. 27. 
eotx>S« CO. eo^DSeocbi, tie in a withe knot* 
eo8^9 CO. ooS^eocSi see €)0c8. 
eo^, be withered and divested of leaves as plants oon- 

tiguous to a fire. 
eooofS^, CO. eo^oocB^eooooD^i tie up somethingi as 

poles, for a screen. 
eoooSi^ CO. uDOoSieooooif surround with twigs or 

brash, for a screen or fence. 
eoooi, dried up till no moisture remains. 
20089 CO. oDcSeoS^f dry up, wither, as plants. 

ggsoSeocS, do. die. 
oDcSoos, dry to hardness. 

^cSof do* also applied to persons who are pined away 
to skin and bone. 

eoc8^, dried, divested of moisture, desiccated as a sore. 
ojcS^oocSS, dry up as streams, become dry as 
any thing which has been wet. 

odSs, CO. eoo^i) also, ask for a thing without really ex- 
pecting it, or intending it should be given. 

eoocdS, CO. eoocdSeooooS, bind together, bind asBheaveB. 

eooQO, CO. 200o5oDloo^t, petition, implore, ask for with 
prostration, or other sign of humiliation. 

eoSs, CO. ooSieoos, tie together in contact. 

oDOOi bind sheaves. 

eOQ^, dry and hard. 

eoooogi, the solitary eo, def. 27* 


HSp 419 

flOoSy 00. eooS^oSf or oooSeioeioS, wither-up and die^ 

as plants. 
opoooSi partially dry, as near ripe grain • 

aooSiy ask to have handed or given down. 
. vocdxf — ODty beg pardon, apologize. 

oodS^, CO. eodS^oosfif beg food. 
yio3cS^oo^» a beggar, 

<o8i@i8i, def. 27. Varieties see eio8i8^, and eoddogi. 
Cog, •oo, — ooooi — ^1 — g> — odjj, — 5>>— ^5>« 

oo^ 1. Flee; 2. ran; 3. move along with speed, run- 
ning; 4. decline, as the snn ; 5. a kind of basket ; 
0. 00. going or departing; 7. oo. naming and 
calling; 8. num. o^. quantities measured in 
basket; 5. about two common baskets, 
o^eo^o^oot, def. 6, able to go alone, as a child. 

«o^€X)^l, flee in various directions, as a frightened 

loVooif fall in running, rub aside. 

iD^ooo^, (oooy, and 030^t, do.) run from in order to 

BO^o^icBtopi, def. 7. call back, in running. 

soScBttooi, def. 7. call his name* 

o^cBto^, a species of voS^ used for carrying paddy. 

oWlO, said to be a small species of vd^$ with a cover 
need for carrying clothes, &c. in travelling ; flee 
or run, with noises intended to frighten away the 

oWncBtQOiy answer to call, def. 7. 

oWoo^ eee coScx>o^t. 

oVfl^, A measuring basket. 

420 vo^ 

ooSocSi, trot. 

eo^^^^^, run in companyy as a moltitade. 

«>D^^8, CO. eo^^ODS^ti escape by flight, 

eo^cBy baskets to carry paddy sheaves. 

vo^f$ CO. e)0^^008^t| run at raudom, 

00^08^69 CO. eocS^oeo^cS^B^, a kind of ^^ naed fc 

eo^OD^, CO. vcfioD^v^Soogty run scrambling np a trei 

or other high place. 
c)O^CD§» ran a certain distance with all the might, •• 4 

as far as one can well do without resting, on 

heat; run by heats. 
eo^ODO^Sy same as oD^ooo^t. 
oo^cSit applied to the sun or other heavenly bodiei 

def. 4. 
00^810^81, basket for carrying, see 00. o^. 
«>d5, same as o5Si griped, pinched, crowded, dkc. 

Gog. ODeoSy same as 'o3e)5S. 
votf of long-standingi old,* not recent. 
cosooSy adv. same as obsobs, adv. for a long time, 
eo^, or o5^ 1. Boil down; 2. dry country, or regioi 

hence a destitution of such eatables as are fooi; 

in streams ; 3. afx. very dry food, cooking to di^ 

ness; 4. afx. smells, as if well cooked, savofj 

agreeable ; 5. exude ; 6. untie, liberate any Xhii 

tied, tangled, or bound; 7. aff. loosened, untie 


cS^eo^, def. 2. see ob^, used in this signifioatio 

^eo^, def. 3. applied to cooking. 

oo^cjSieo^, def. 3. applied to cookiog. 

o5 421 

c8^odSc8i| disengage, antying or anbinding; un- 
looee a knot. 

cSioo^,. CO. c8ie]0^c8ia^^, def. Y, 

oo^ooo5^9 extract medical virtaes by decoction. 

QDJ^QO^f cotiplets in the signification of eo^. 

«90^oooo^oS| mi^ke sugar from cane. 

esoScS^oSy def. 5, exnde an oily substance from the 
headi as a male elephant at certain seasons. 

cjoSSt, dart or straigpten out from a coil as a frightened 
snake (2^ooc8»o^§8G8^9d038cx)^inoi. 

aoScSi, CO. oo^cSi^^cdi, or e)0^c8ioo^c8i| untie, liber- 

oo^c8xa9lc8i, untie as a bundle, open a parcel. 

oo^c8io5t, boil down to dryness, or till the water is 
nearly evaporated. 

adSo&ooS, make salt, generally by boiling. 

ooSdS^y boil to a proper consistence for eating. 

Cog. 5?>— 5>?,— «:>5>^i— o^gpf , — g^, — oog^,— 

foi, foand in Sgau only in derivative forms, the root 
appears to be Pgho. 
Cog. ©eoi, — ODooi, jews-harp; 

^, 1. Strong, pungent; 2. sound, harsh, shrill; 3. co. 
destitute, afflicted; 4. affx. severely, painfully, 
penetratingly; odors, strong, pungent; 5. adj, 
wretched, afflicted, forlorn ; 6. acute as pain in 
the bones ; 7. severci heavy rain ; 8« rain water ; 
9. carry on the arms, hence ; 10« num. affx. ap- 
plied to loads thus carried; 11. an armful ; 12. 

4S2 ^^^ 

harlotry; 13. an aDimal reeembliDg a squirrel with 
a strong, unpleasant scent ; 14. an insect of the bee- 
tle family. It appears in the early part of tho 
rains; 15. a place for offering to demons with al- 
lusion to the ills which they inflict on mankind. 
000^9 ^3 o^ooo^i c^^ooc!5, an armful of bamboos 
or of wood, def. 11. 
cof^h^j one or two armfuls, def. 10. 
oo^c!5, CO. oo^obooScS^, def. 6. 
oo^ll^ooSo^, do. 

oo^ooo^^Qb, the wind which precedes rain, 
ootb, def. 8. 

^y^f CO. fiobfieolf def. 4t applied to odors. 
8^o5, CO. S^obobeb, soDietimes 8, def. 5. see 8S. 
8o5, a species of plant. 

8^o5, CO. S^obolo^, or 8^€^o)o5, or 8^ob<»tfb, 
def. 1. red- peppers. 
o5{58«;5, def. 16. 
O08o&^8o^, construct do. 
cB^ob, def. 4. 00. (Bp6\t suffer hunger. 

obooobs, applied to sound, def. 2. afx. applied to heat 
def. 4. 

o^oocSS, def. 1. 

€^9^, CO. of, obf^. 

fbocH, same as €^, def. 13. 

fboo^, 'the rain insect/ def. 14. 

fbob, adv. severely, pungently, powerfully strong to 
the taste or smell. 

«bf f% title of a female in Karen fable, distingushed for 

o5^ 493 

cbs^t^f piercing pain. 

flbogSy CO. OD^i def. 3. 

obcS^t take up in the arms in order to carry ; def. 9. 

i&^y the email species of o5| def. 13. 

cbScBscSiy the gathering of clouds in the south west as 

at the commencement of the rains. 
«bo8, CO. ^b^. 

8^^, CO. obf^obo^, heavy, severe rain. 
Q^^obcBy do. 

«^^^«at, incessant) heavy rain. 
sbf^^icSiooS^y sheets of rain driven by the wind. 
cb8Sy^> large species of oby def. 13. 

SioofbS^y^i do. 
obdb^^y CO. e)bcib^^\»sc8^, (ob* evil, ob, bad fame, 

^S, female;) a female of bad fame, a harlot, pro- 
stitute, {^%ee def. 12.) 

Cog. ^,— co«^,— ^,— CX)^,— ©^,—00^,— ^,-00^. 
8^^ 1. Increase in extent widen, spread, as a hole, and 

as things which extendi or spread over a surface; 

2. adv. spreadingly, tearing, rending; 3. af. 

eating voraciously, devouring. 

4. CO. ob58ic;ji|S8i, or obSSinglSi, or ob S8iS8i, or 

obSSi^Siy or o5S8icd8i, a cleaver, or large knife. 

They are of different names, according to their 

different shapes, as o5S^8^, — o^Soioj^y — o^SotcS^ 

Q^SogOD^y — «i5S8ojjt, — cbSoo^8i and c5S^8JS. 

nQj6«bS| 9ee n^S, a species of cutting instrument. 

8^«bS, def. 1. %ee 8^ccS. 

dB^c^Sy CO. c8^cbSc8i§, become wider and wider, 

as a hole or opening, def. 3. 

424 ^t 

g8^o5Sc8^<6% da* 

^^c!5S| enlarge as ao alcerating sore. 

§c!5S| a spreading ringworm. 

c8|Sc!5S, tear, or make a noise like that of tearing. 

CQ^c!5S, def. 3| applied to eating. 

c!5Snof^^ cleaver's edge. 

c55oo|^i, the back of a o55, def. 4, 

Q^SSSSSy head of the cleaver, 

c55o55, adv. def. 2. 

(i>S(^So55o55, broadf wide-spreading. 

obScSS, same as «b5, def. 1. 

c!5S^S^, — o55^8^, — obSs^S^, varieties of the cleaver. 

«i558t:8h, the mark of a cleaver. 

c!5Sc8^f the handle of a cleaver. 

^Sof^f the shank of the cleaver. 

obSoiog, — c55o8cS,— obSojoo^, — ebSSo^s, — cb5<x>p8u 
varieties of the cleaver, 

o55oj^i, a dull cleaver, 

o55c»SooS, end of the cleaver, or the handle. 
Cog. so^S, as ©«i55©c85, — ^5. 

eibs !• adv. sound very slight, like that of something 
moving with caution ; 2. adv. applied to laoghing, 
slight and somewhat suppressed ; 3. adv* approach- 
ing to, somewhat resembling, 4. aff. in small 
quantities, scarce; r». rough, prickly : 6. ojf'. ap- 
plied to smells, disagreeable; 7. adv. applied to 
time, indicates delay, a long while; 8. adv. ap- 
plied to age, an advanced period of life; 9. qf^^ 
applied to scratching, cautiously; 10. adv. applie<i 
to an itching eruptioui spreading and virulent. 

tb^ 425 

o^SiobSy clef. 3. somewhat red, free h^. 

^^cbif def. 3. see ^^. 

8io5^8if)b«f def. 3. see 8t. 

tSobtf CO. cSesS^xScbS) def. 5. 

•fSo^t, do. 

^iQ^s^tobs, see ^t. 

^icibit CO. \\^t\\Sti def. 2. 

fi9^9 CO. fie5sfic3, or fio^s^iy^, def. 6, 

y^obs, 00. y^oSy^cibs, def. 8. 

o^tibt, def. 3. <^. of opeos. 

o^obs, c<7. o^obso^oSt, def. 9. 

o^tcbit ce>. 09«ti5tod8c88, def. 10. 

dS^fbt, (^. d8^ei58dS^«8<, def 1. 
ibiaoooSi def. 1. 
ibtdBl, o^t;. def. 4. 
i^cbt, CO. 'cbtfbtcBtcSt, a^s^v. def. 7. 

Cog. 0fbt9 — ooobi, — ««i5s, — oDobs, — ^s, — cx)^i. 
i^» varied in form, color, or quality; 1. applied to 

groQDd, variable, some places having a different 

soil from others ; 2. aff. changed, deteriorated ; 

3. ag^. applied to distances, certain marks at inter- 
vals; 4. Qsed in the signification of eiojS. 

OTStib^Sp, def. 1. 

oD^cS^ob^, do. have elevations differing from 

the other parts* 

cS^fb^f do. 

8ic5^f CO. 8iQb^8ac8^, def« 2. varied with red, 

generally indicating deterioration. 

•Sc5^» CO. eSob^eScS^, def. 3. applied to artioala* 

dooBy Qsaally long between them. 

426 c5iooi 

c8i«b^, CO. c8itib^c6ic^, def. 4. 
tib^8f)i 00. cb|58|5cb|5coS, def. 1. 
cb^cSii 00. ciS^c8i8^^c8i9 def. 4. come loose, or ontie^ 

Derivative ^j5. 
€^1 1. Tell over I rehearsei narrate ; 2. thin in flesh 

3. CO. of eoif separating of things from each othei 

by fanning; 4. an appellation given to a class <» 

demons, as departed ancestors. 

oSc^iooti said to denote the depression from eadi 

corner of the month. 

oSootcbiooS, def. 1. see 6S. 

ita>^c!bic8i| def. 1. relate a subject in a formal 

or connected manner. 

h^^Sh^^x, do. 

<i)icibi, make offerings to demons, def. 4. 

Gl^cSjScbiGSjS, def. 1. applied to bringing op 

some old affair. 

cBjStSbi, CO, o8^oi| be in a famishing state. 
q5ic^, CO. cbic^^cbio^y reduced in flesh to a d^ree 

that the bones and tendons become very promi- 
nent with depressed channels between them, 
tibng^y CO. €5id§^€5iG^, def. 1. applied to judicial pro- 

tibi8i, as f ^oScbiSii def. 2. reduced to the last extrem- 

ty, as in cases of severe famine, 
tbi^cbt, remarkably thin. 
tibioooQ^, rehearse as poetical lines in rapid sncoession ; 

spread rapidlyy as an epidemic. 
tibicBo^i same as c5io^* 
tibiooi, CO. cbiooicbing^y relate the story of a fend. 

«8 427 


i^io^, def. 3. CO. ooio^. 

ibiooS, see o^ooBobtcoS. 

cbicSi, redaced id flesh, reduce to relative order. 

cbxoOy CO. tibio5c8So5, pine away and die* 

ibic^itibiODli thin and blacki as a person subjected to 
bard labor in the sun. 

ibioof^, ghastly thin, of a haggard countenance. 
Cog, •tibii — oocbi, — ODtiii. 

eS ]. Char, singe or burn the surface; 2. desiccate, drj 
npi become stiffor solidy as paint; 3. rigid, unpliant; 
4. rough, harsh, hnskyi indurated, and bare; 5. 
clear the surface of the ground : 6. clear a stream» 
road| &c. from obstructions; 7. the silk cotton 
tree^ 8. applied to the mind, vexed, irritated 5 10, 
the relationship of* families formed by inter- 
marriage; 11. aff. the significations of def. I9 2. 
Zy 4) 5, and 6; 12. aff. applied to odors of 
burning hair or flesh ; 13. adj. cracked, as a 
pot by being overheated ; 14. adv. inactively^ 
motionless, still, silent; with firmness, explicitly, 
positively, fixedly ; 15. for the sake of, on account 
of, because of; 16. a smith's bellows ; the work- 
ing of the bellows, a forcible blowing or blast ;. 
17. CO.. destruction. 

o^dBf def. 1. Bee cq^f sometimes applied to cook- 
ing by burning the surface, but generally to burn- 
ing a corpse. 

cB^dB, CO. cS^cScB^eo^, def. 17, see eojS. 
<f^Sf def. see c^S. 

428 ^t8 

||i»^«35| def. 4. see f)t. 
(jScSi def. 16. see (^S. 
ogScSy def. 4. a maDgy dog. 
opo^Szdtf def. 4. 

SjScSy beat for the purpose of seasoning or harden- 

bScSy 00. c^S«38^«3, def. 5. by chopping. 
btoBi def. 5. by scratching or raking. 
038c8, a stiff, firmly made basket. 
ODoiicS, def. 13. 
ootSy CO. oo8|SoeQ8, def. 15. 
ooc8, 00. ooS^oocS, def. 10. 
tScxDOOB, adv. def. 14. 

c8cBSc8, browned or burnt in cooking, 

«8ogS, singe or burn off, def. 1. 

tS^z, same as «3| 1. 

e8e)o), CO. e8» simply, def. 4. and 2. 

eSeo, CO. tSooS, def. 1. to dryness. 

cSejSsi 00. c8e)5c8e)5s or o^scBeSeiSs, def. 4. 

c8e]5pi name of a bird about the size of a robin ; the 

name is an imitation of the noise it makes. 
c8c8, adv. def. 14. a:>566So8c8, do. 
eSooi^y CO. €8ooi^c8(5^, the upright parts of a bellows. 
<3g8^, CO. tScSjStoScSS, bring to the surface that which 

is covered by removing the incumbrances. 
. 038d8d8^, def. 9. 
e8^» 00. cS^tcD^i remove obstruction so as to give a 

clean surface. 

ifiScgS 429 

S^Sf the lower end or large part of the pistODS of a 

£, or ^8, Bombay flower. 

£xB, the piston rods. 

dSoy eo. tSoiSob, cook by roasting, grilling, Ac. as in 
def. 1. 

dBoo^t san^e as «8o^« 

dBobi, def. !• singe* burn off. 

dBc8S, eo. «Sc8So6«c85, def. 8. 

dBcSi, cOf <ScSi^8c8i| def. 1. 

££^i CO. iScS^^tcS^i is to <8| any thing for the pur- 
pose of eating. 
Cog. #16, — cx>c8,— §,— oo§,— ©§ — a>§,-oo§. 

dBS, 1. Pursue with eagerness, follow hard after; 2. pur- 
sue any object with eagerness in order to attain 
to it ; 3. scrape off, by a vigorous application of 
the ends of the fingers or finger nails ; 
4. CO. oobS, and o^, in def. 2.; co. of oji, in def. 
1, and 2; 5. oo. c^, indicating that the thing 
spoken of or referred to, is done to afford amuse- 
ment; 6. CO, 23011, indicating an effort to emulate 
others in power, &c. 

7. eo» ZD% generally dSi; 8. adv, cicatrices, indicat- 
ing assimilation to the natural and healthy state. 
coc8^, CO. ^SpSSS^f def. 4. 
ooicS^, def. 4. 

cSSifiS, CO. c85d8^c85(^, def. 6. 
oocSS CO. ootonoddB^i def. 6. 
dS^nob^y €0. obiifiScbioobS, def. 4. see cobS. 
S^f def. 3. 

430 iSSo55 

iSSoSStfiW, def. 8. 

tSSi 1. Confine, press, as with the hand or a weight! 
2. block npi obstruct ; 3. in traveling) a stream 
4. raise op, as stones, in order to find frogs, &e. 

6. a weight; 6. a prison or place of confinement i 

7. CO. tracing a subject; 8. qjf. carbonized, reduc- 
ed to coal ; 9. af^. discoursing impressively, bj 
pressing the subject in its various relations ; 10< 
reduce by heavy blows or force ; 11. ddv. obstruct- 
ively, cumbersomely, troublesomely ; 12. adv, 
weightily, impressively; 13. adv<, time or con- 
tinuance of a thing ; while, during ; indicates that 
the thing spoken of is of paramount importaooe 
during its continuance. 

<BSc8S, def. 8. • 

i^^Si^^x, def. 9. 

0Dc8S, def. 5. the weight of a trap. 

S^cgicSS, def. 5. a weight used t6 keep a cottoB- 

gin steady while working }t. 

S^cSB, def. 10. 

oi«85, 00. oi;jSoid8S, def. 13. 

8c8S, 00. opic8i8d8S, def. 12. 8, lightly and cBS, 
' weighty, to purpose, effectually. 
iSStJoS, def. 1. 
— <S5,-tf)S, def. 6. 
«3Scbi, as i^c^ioSSobt, def. 7. 
tfiScSS, 00. <3Sd8^2o5cDS, adv. 11. 
fSSob^, def. 1. catch crabs by pressing upon them, 
<36o5S, def. 3. 

tBtSx 431 

iBScSf def. 3. follow or travel along a stream towards 

the soarce. 
fiScoiS, CO. tfiSooi^tSSoj, def. 4. 
iSSoSiy applied to wood, denotes pntting it in or about 

the fire place in the signification of def. 2. 

Oog. •«85, — ootfiS, 
8t, 1. The sheath investing joints of bamboos, and 

certain other plants; 2. applied to animalsi the 

eeophagas or gnllet ; 3. wax made by bees ; 

4, with (ffij prefixedf the name of that species of 

bee which produces the wax used in calking 

boats ; 5, split-bamboos used as a covering for 

roo6; 6. a jacket or coat made of leather^ used 

as a shield against arrows and other weaponsi in 

former days; 

7. oo. tibtf in several of its significations, which 

see; with the negative, nothing at all ; 8. name of 

a sbmb used in coloring red, of which there are 

several varieties; viz. 

cStoiy — fStoi, CO. «8t3}^,— fStS, and tfitc^. 

9. the number eight; 10. name of one of the 

lunar months embracing a part of July. 

aStSi, def. 2. 

cS^tSt, def. 4. 

o^ttSi, def. 7. see cbt. 

ti&tBi, a plant resembling eSt, see def. 8. but 

not used in coloring. 

coltSi, def. 10. 

o5^8^8, def. 5. 
kdBif or is8t, def. 3. 

482 cfi^o^cSio^ 

fStso, eighty. 

sotSti eighteen. 
tSiOD^, and cSsc^^dB^, def, 1. 
<Sto8y salve, cerate, &c. from their resemblaDce to w: 

and oil naixed. 

Cog. ©tfii, — oDtSi, — s^t| — :§8, — a)C§t, — •c^t,- 

00:^li ODC§l^ — §8. 

<S^, 1. Segments, parallel ridges; 2. notchedy serratei 
3. segments of similar size; 4. num, affix, nan 
ber of such divisions; &• adv. in ridges, Btreal 
prominent angles, notchesi serrations, &c. ; 
affix do. 7. a pagoda ; 8. name of a river repn 
sen ted in Karen fable as being one of the large 
in the world ; 9. the Salwen river ; 10. co. c8^. 
oodB^oocS^, in ridges or segments^ oic8«8|S, or i 
cScS^otcdeo^, the phosphorescent centipede ; t 
«8^, separate into ridges or segments; Stfi^, pi 
goda flower, white, fragrant ; <^^i3^, co. of ^^«d 
o^^dB^i a pagoda ^scS^, cut roond in notchet 
oStcS^, CO. of f^SvS\j see also e«8^, or •t8^»oD,- 
cx>c8^, and odiS^odod. 

cS^ooodS, adv. def. 5. 

c8^<6^f large, nnwieldly, applied to baskets above tl 
usual size. 

cS^^i^cSi^i^, the junction of the river, def« 8. with cB 
dB^obicSicbi, denotes the two great rivers c3j 
and c8i. 

<S^c8S, the river c8^, def. 5. 

cS^o^cSio^, region beyond dB^, and cBi, 9ee def. 
and rSio^. 

cB 483 

dB^o^i segmente or bits of bamboo^ OBed ae fire wood; 
aibreVf «g^. 

iSjSSio^Si, pagoda. 

Sif CO. odS, as OQcSiooeo^, see vo^f def. 1. 
Cog, »i6v— — oofSi, and 03c8i. 

^ 1. Even, square and smooth off the eod of a thiog; 
3. even and rednce tlie edge of a tool which is 
blunt or nicked ; 3. of. smooth, even ; 4. a ge- 
neric name for several oil trees distinguished for 
being tall, straight, and having smooth biirk; 
the dammer oil tree may be taken as a type ; 5. 
generic ndme for several snakes, distinguished for 
sleekness ; the rat snake is a type; most of the 
Tarietiee not poisonous ; 6. stairs, ladder ; 7. floor ; 
8. with an ojf. lay a floor; 9. co. bridge; 10. co. 
11. adv. alone, only; 12. of. peculiar or singular 
of its kind ; 13. qff^. cause for separation ; 14. aff, 
single, without family ; forsaken, solitary, abandon- 
ed, despised, come to nought ; 15. be solitary, 
deserted ; 36. marmot, or bamboo rat. 
a>^<8, def. 14. see od^, ooc8c8, def. 7. together 
denote iron plates said by the ancients to have 
been used for the decks of junks. 
c;2|c8, def. see cjjj, — oooicS, one person only, 
alone; oooo^ScS, continually, ooc8c8, one stem, 
rod, range, oocSo^^cS, continually, and ooo8c8Sc8, 
do. illustrate the use of c8, def. 11. oo^ofscS, def. 
13. see a^tf — c8i8itdB8i, 9. fic8, co, ficSfioo), 
def. 13. applied to the smell of a kind of mango ; 
dBidB, and cSiojScSicSi def; l4. oSlSy co. ocO&ocfl 
99 K. 

434 cBcSi 

c8, and co1o^oc>1<6, def. 12. applied to a pecQUar 

kind of breathing, o5^8i<68i, def. 10. 
cSoDO^i speciea of def. 4. 
«6ood| 00. ooojSop^ooo, solitary, deserted. 
^fioDoB, CO. c8ooG&o5^^, and c8a)o8o5^o2^(^^f Bpecdee 

of def. 5. 
cSngS, def. 2. 
td8i| species of def. 4. bark and blossoms of a reddidit 


S^t CO. Sioif^Soyx^ or bSo^^^i ^^* ^* 

tdao^i 00. cSoo^cSsii blossoms acid, (6c^^, bark tougb^ 

peels off in long strips^ species of def. 4. 
tdooi, species of def. 5. 
«6ooi^y side pieces of a ladder or stairs* tfiooi^oot, foot 

of a ladder or stairs. 
cScSif and «6cSio^^9 species of def. 5« striped od the 

c8cBi, steps a ladder or stairs. 

cS^^Q^t, space between the two sides of a ladder, &c. 
cSooiy species of def. 4. distinguished for the hardnese 

of its wood. 

cSfHei, top of a ladder, <&c. 

tdoi, large species of f|8»^f or soft-shelled turtle. 

«6oii, even the ends so as to be on a horizontal line 

with each other. 
c8^c8, straw ladder, spoken of in Karen fable. 
cSo^f grind down thin and even, as the edge of a tool. 
cScS^ojS, found in poetry, a very poisonoos anake. 
<8c8i, 00. i(8c8i<:^c8i, lay a floor. 

SSSx 435 

i8o1, light, toBoj, dark-colored bark, and t6o8, yielding 

dammer oil ; species of def. 4. 
dScol, steps of a ladder, &:c. 

ifl8\§\Sif def. 6. 

Oog. ^,— oDS^i — §•— f'^^,— 03§, — c§i — ft and 

JSj 1. Be disturbed, broken up, thrown into confosion, 
tnaltitadey on the move; 2. aff. demolishedi in a 
minoits state, as an old building; 3. take down, 
as the hair; 4. go, for demolish, tear down; 5. 
aff. eating mneh in little time, wastefully^ 
without frugality; 6. co, ornaments, appendages, 
indicating superfluity ; 7. ojf. confused, out of 
order, all down, as the hair in an undressed 
state; 8. trickle down, flow out, as tears; 9. 
aff. evacuation of water, parturition; 10. co. 
spreading of cutaneous eruptions; 11. a species 
of plant, leaves used for coloring black; 12. adv» 
rustling sound, as among dry leaves. 
^{5t8S, def. 11- o6a«fiS, def. 9. cSicSS, def. 7. c8l 
cjidBicSS, def. 2. c8^c8S, CO. (B^S^S^S, def. 5. 
Derivatives, §S, and co§S. 

^oj, CO. oonoj^fiSoj, def. 6, 

<S^co^c8^eo^, def. 12. 

^oSScKooS, do. 

dS^^, def. 10. CO. e^SSp. 

dK^S^S, def. 1. 

dB^^^» do. ] 

JSSdix^ CO. ^ScSifoB^cSi, def. 4. 

436 Sp 

fSSj fonnd odIj ai^ ao adverb qualifjiog Boonds of a 
harehi grating kind. 

cSSoDooSi — cx))c8Scx>odS9 and cx)fdB6ooccS| adv. Bomnde 
like that prod need by tbe collision of one thing 
with another by rubbing, scratching, &c. 
SSooq5Scx)c6Scx)S, bis foot slipped with a grating 

foBS^fiS, CO. fc8Sc86ooS<)oS| do. soonds of hoarBeneas or 
obstrnctions in the throat. 

^oo^cSScSSy Bonnd produced by moving one thing 
after another in searching ; hence the idea of search- 
ing all about with little or no noise. 
o^oo^cSScSS, do. »ic8S^S, make harsh broken 
sounds as when one is very hoarse ; oScBSt65| 
scratch with grating sounds. 

c8t| is used in the same way as c8S, and in the aanoe 
significations, as cdtODODSj—oocStcocoSy-^toBltdtoot 
e08, same as c8Sc85ex:>S<)oS. 

(6^, 1. Lay restraints upon, discipline, chastise, teach, 
break in, bring under subjection ; 2. measure 
with tt measure of capacity ; 3. names of veaselfl 
used as measures, as 

fSc8^, — <>2^l^9 <&6* 9 ^* <^v* in & manner to 
nonplus one, quash or deprive of the power of 
self-command ; 5. name of a shrub, bears a soar 
fruit ; fruit and succulent stems eaten in tarrj. 
Three* varieties; 6. assess, levy a tax; 7 poor 
soil, unproductive, 

see 8iQb^8\c8^; 8. af. and co. c5^, as •Sob^tSidB^, 
see fb^ ; 9, of. def. 1. see d3^i6p, ioipretete. 

ifii 437 

cS^fdB^f — ^^c8^9 meHsnriDg baeketSi o8^c8S, dis- 
cipliney chastisey and o^^^^'^^^^i ^^ o" frieodlj 
terms with eacb other; 10. aff. in sig, of def. 
8. 9ee cB^dS^i and coS^cS^; 12. see 8t«Sj5, oo. 8t 
<6^8tQbS, a species of the lizard family. 
Cog, QOfS^i Bee cx)looojjscx>1oo^|S, — co«8p, §^, c§^. 

fBSoDOoSy and OD^^ooo3S, adn. def. 4. 

dB^t, CO. fdBjSeeoiei collect money from a number of in- 
dividuals in a vessel pi a certain sizcy by which^ 
when full the quantity is estimated. 

ffl^oSy species of def. 5. grows in moist soil. 

dS^^^, CO. <fi^^jSex>i^^, def. 2. 

^SoD, measure paddy or any grain with a basket. 

cfi^^y large species of def. 5. o^^ci^^dS^f a creeper, 
leaves resembling def. 5. 

dB^icjOf species of def. 5. fruit small, not eaten. 

^A\, def. 2. 

tB^c^, assess, levy a tax, g8^«6^o^, pay over the 
amount coilected in a district; applied also to the 
habits of a small kind of fish which are said to 
run in shoals into the mouths of a larger kind, by 
way of paying them tribute. 

cB^og^f gi^e by measure. 

c^8ioo8i, def. 5. 

dSi 1. Ooaxy aid, treat with care the weak and feeble, 
or heavily laden ; 2. evenness, directness ; oocSi, 
applied to persons, denotes* breadth; in weaving 
it denotes the woof; ooooi^ootBi, denotes the. 
height and breadth ^A an uprigl^t thing ; 8« oo. 
@it, — aoi| — ts^ AC. indicating evenness, fitness, 

438 SiOip 

or directneesi ae ^i8(6i» neg, oo@i8oo<6it — 9nS 

8^1,, €0. 8i6io65i6i. 4. afw. indicating motion 
to or from on a level or horizontally ; as oontfiif— 

— o6c8i ; 5. skirt along, pass aronnd the margin, 
as of a hilly instead of going over it; 6. off. 9ee 
cB^i6if where it denotes contraction, drawing to- 
gether of the parts ^ ^ 7. af. sidewise, as S^tdBi, 
CO. ooS^cSi ; 8. cocoa-nut tree, c8ic8tOD^i ooooa-nnt 
shelMike, t. e. hard, hnskj; 9. bug; hence co. to 
terms for other verroiui as o^SitdBiSi; 10« with 
voSf or zSS, affixed, a comparative term used n^. 
very inconsiderable, just none, scarcely; 11. adv. 
sound like rustling among leaves; 12. see tfitdBi, 
bees'- wax; 13. see ooicSif cp. oooooicBi, elk, 
deer; 14. see oStStdBi, co. oSiScSiaStStOi, a small 
worm, eats thatch. 

Cog. »c8i, CO* •i6i»tOi, — •«8i»oS,«— •^•cBi,— 
oocSi, or ooc8qoi6i,— ooc5Soo(6i| and oe^oocSi. 

c8icc8i, meat of the cocoa-nut. 

cSiQO^, def. 10. GOoS^foBitO^CD^, there is none at all. 

cSicoiy CO. fSlt&S. 

fSx^^iAxvDXf def. 10. applied to sounds. 
(SicSioDieoiy and cSicoicBicoi, do* 
c8ioo^oi| cSi^SooSoi, def. 5. 
c8io6, cocoa-nut water. 
fdBxoo, CO. cSiog^f cocoa-nut tree. 

foBioo^y (Pghoism) cocoa-nut shell. <0is^oocb\, busk 
of do. 

cSoDCoS 439 

d9io^ii CO. <6io^ii6i65i) fibers of the cocoa*nnt husk. 

&0D^9 cocoa-noty the frnit. 

i6\ao^o^y shell of do. idBiodSoDcB^, eoft, spo^^gj 
part of the hnsk between the fibers. cSioD^noSi, 
meat of the cocoa-nut. c8iOD^noo8^9 the spongy 
part which forms around the germ, 

Q^, contraction of <3^o^, which see. 

6\ 1. Borrow, hire, lend, wc), ask to borrow. 
ciStoyhire. c)ooc8, borrow without price. 
8tc)oooDS, hire out one's self ; ^.aee »cx>lcl, co. •co) 
c^»ocflcn» where it is used as a chiming affix, with 
the power of an intensive; 3. see d^sScl, name 
of a tree, flower fragrant; 4. applied to time, see 
«cl, last year; ODcloofS, year before last; 5. see 
oocl, 6» adv. of sound, as 88c) cl, jfcldl. 

cHoo^, CO. cp^ooSclooS, borrow, lend, or hire something. 

c^ fonnd only as an adverb qualifying sound. 

cSc\ adv. high and rather musical tones, as of cymbals, 
email bells, and certain tones of the rhinoceros. 

cS 1. adv. 00. 88, as oo8SoqcS, stupid, foolish. (^i8S 
^c6> a foolish, stupid, clownish person ; 2. adv. 
reduplicated, same as gSgS, and g^S^S, tenaci- 
ously, applied to things which adhere ; 3. redupli- 
cated CO. as cccScS and qSc^ScScS, or followed 
by ooGoS, adv. sound made by a dog in biting; 
4. affim. laughing or grinning in a stupid, silly 
manneri as ^loocSoocS; 5. Cog. ecS, «sed in 
def.' 2. see ^ecS* 

cSooooS, def. 8. 



cSc5, def. 2. and 3. 

csct, adv. Boand like the fretting of a snnall child. 

cici» adv. 1. do. 2. applied to the growling eoands 
of adultSi and to similar sounds made by tbe 
negro monkey. 

cc^ adv. soundi as a dog whining, 
ooccoocc, and cccBcS, do. 

cS 1. €0. 8^, as o^^cSo^^SjS, something disgusting to 
make one turn up the nose ; 2. co. C| as S^c^S^^, 
taken together, ado. sounds made through the 
nose; 3. co. of c), 2. 

CI) see 00CI9 an oar. 

ciS, see ecx)i8CiS,. 

011} see eoicii, where it is used as a particle to give 
•91 an adverbial signification. 

(^f terminative ajix. to certain proper namesi as SicB^^. 

(jSt^Sy CO. ^S^ScScS, adv. sound like the snarling of a 

<^\f particle affixed to ^^ 9 to give it an adverbial signi- 

^, particle affixed to ojy as n^^y curved* bent up. 

^S 1. adv. sound, as <j^<ji^$ the grunting of swiney of 
snoringi and the like; 2. particle affia^- to %cf^t 
as •ojt^Sf in a bowing, curved manner. 

9, adv. combined with other particles soundsi as <^99t 
and 0299^CC| the yelping of young dogs, 8^ 
98^, or 8^c^8^9, sound made., through the DOse. 

99, CO. 99cDc1, theyelpingof pups and squealing of pig8» 

9^, or combined with other particles, to imitate 
sounds, asf 


;^^, adv, Boonds of sonorons^ metalio substauooQ. 

^8^, adv. hollow reverberated sounds. 

^ adv. 1 . Tbe tones of females and children ; hence S. 
in a prattling manner. 

2^, particle affix, to roots of similar sound, as •c^^i^. 

&f redaplicated or combined with other particles to in- 
dicate 1. Something incessant, generally disagree- 
ablci and 2. a minute fungi overspreading decay- 
ed wood and bamboos. 

•&S»8S, def. 1. oo^c8SooaDS»^»85, constantly 
6iiSf CO. oSop^oS^t def. 2. o^^, do. 

»4S, adv. def. 1. as a>Sob^^ii565,— oDcfiiiSiS,— cBi65 

ft85c5A585c5, def. 1. as, oQ|ioQ9^ooSi58Si5cS6585cS, 

and o90{»t&S8S cS&S8ScS . 
it, 1. Reduplicated, the crying and fretting of a young 

child ; 3. see oo&t, 3. see cxybt, and 036181. 
b^, def. 1. 
^, 1. With 8S, adv. hollow reverberating soupds as of 

a broad thin plate of metal; 2. used in proper 

i^8^9 def. 1. QOCDO^^ 061^8^1 the voice reverberates. 
^81, same as ^8^1 and 9^8^. 
^f €Uh. sound like squealing. 

^8^9 adv. 80un4 Uko the bellowing of the rl^inoceros. 
l^iSSp^. 064 a, def, 2. 
1^8^, adv. sounds li)ce the bawl of a person, the ory of 

t||e barking 4eer, aq^ the ring of a small goings . 
), 1. BedopUcated of comt^f^ecl yfiti^ otber paxfiples to 

442 8a8i 

imitate and describe sounds ; 3.' need in certain 
proper names. 

8c88ct, adv. imitative of imperfectly articnlated sonndft 
made through the nose. 
oocoocSf dOm 

88, CO. 88<n(f)» adv. sound like the squall of a hawk» 
the squeal of a hog^ &c. 

8S, afx. see •c*S8S. 

8^8^, 1. adv. sound like the bellowing of a rhiooceroii 
the ringing of a large bell, expostulating* &c.; 8. 
adv. indicating a continual reminding one of 
something to prevent remissness, or continual teas* 
ing for something. 

869 1. adv. reduplicated or combined with other parti- 
cles to describe and imitate certain short guttural 
or grave sounds; 2. adv. indicating continual fret- 
ingy driving, or fault-finding, as rBs8S8S, — <^i 

8585c5c5, def. 1. yiSSc^icS, see cS. 

81, see oo8», CO. o^S 81008181 . 

8|S| 1, Name of a curious animal said to be found in 
some parts of Burmah, resembling the human 
species, but having no elbow or knee joint; 8. 
adv. reduplicated, loud blustering or bellowing 

no8^nD8^y adv. citing atid talking at the same 
time; 3. see o^^S^o^S^y where it indicates some- 
thing indecent and disgusting. 

8i8i| 1. adv. the sound made by the negro monkey, 
and of the distant, loud talking of a number of 

•ct))c8^»ocnc8i 443 

pereoDB ; 2. fig^ applied to talking much aod per* 
forming little, (^•cSi8i8i; 3. Me •88i. 

|6gS, ck^r. same as cScS, tenaciously. 

^ig^Sty adt. sound like the yelling of a cat. 

^8tg^8if adt. sound like calling of a peacock* 

ggy a<fv. sound like the squealing of a pig. 

gli^Si, (Jifdv. like the yelling of a cat. 

^^Sy adio. like the squealing of a hog. 

^^8^^^S^9 <^dv. like the call of a peacock. 

h 1. Pere. pron. I; 2. preceding j^o^. <idj. pron. my; 
3. formative prefix, often used interohangably 
with 00, 00, or cx>; if therefore a word beginning 
with this formative is not found, let the corres- 
ponding word be sought under no, oo, or OD. 

•ooc|\, see co. •oo^i»coc|i. 

KO^i^co^i, adv. irregularly, hither and thither. 

ico^i^ooc^i, adv. do. oo^ioo^i, do. 

»a>), 1. Open, spread apart in a diverging manner ; cBs 
•ool, do. ; 2. the space between two diverging 
bodiesf oi^md), co. oiS»n&^oi^»o^, brace the 
parts so as to prevent the divergence from becom- 
ing greater or less; 

3. 00. •€&. 

0<^ate8 ooad)| and ooon. 
•a9<n, eo. •no02S»oo)<n, Odv. very divergent. 
SQo)^, 00. •ocHcl. 
•CDlcB^#aflc8i, have the diverging parts extend one in 

mn upwardi the other in a downward direetion. 

44^ ©ooS^c^S 

eon^lf 00. eool^^eool^, same as •cxHc) — ,m^co\f <2o. i 

eool^S, (JO. •od)^. 

%ccSf CO. ^o^^f in the signification of broken. 
Cognate ooooS. 

•cot, 1. Generally ODoos, which see; sometimes oocot^ 
and ooDg; 2. co* erSs, also •o^i. 

mco^f found in adverbial phrases indicating hindrancesi 
obstacles, as, 

•cx)^i, adv. much to be overcome, or done, t. e. pre- 
vious to accomplishing the object spoken of. 

eco^^^f adv, in the way, so as to hinder or prevent* 
Cog. oono^, and 03cx:>^. I 

%cox, 1. Dry, stifi, as clay, &c* from which the mois-i 
tare has been evaporated ; c8i»aoi, become do. ; 
2. CO. eAxj also eo^i. 
Cog. oooDi, — oooi, and 03cx>i. 

eoDio^tgSy def. 1. 

•c&, or •c&»no), 1. Hard-twisted, kinked,^ intertwisted % 
2. see oono, feel rigidity or tension in the maselefl 
producing dragging pain; i 

*^. see 09C&, restless, anxious in miod. 
Cog. 0000, — ooo5, and odoS. 

•o&^, 1. Chokoy strangle^ •oo^oS, strangle to death as by I 
hanging; *2, stun, deafen, as with a deafeningi 
noise; 3. co. ^o^Sy hump-backed, carved apward; 
4. 00. do^^f curve or draw up the back volontari* 
ly as a dog through fear. 
Cog. ODooS. 

#oS^»r^^y ooi^^ao8^i-^ooo5ooG8S, children roagishly dis- 

lofoD^y def. 1. 00^9 close tight. 

lOD^ooi^y def. 2. •no^j^ieooSfS, deafening the ears. * 

ifl&t, contorted, drawn npi or together, eo. of ^(y^%. 

Cog. 000D8, — oooi, and com%. 
id^f 1. Short, bulging or protuberant, having a hamp ; 

3. as q^8»c5^, short and thick as the neck, waist, 

Ac. ; 3. CO. toj^, def. 1. ; 4. co. t^, a writer ; 5. 

»c&^^a, a race of people remarkable for being low 

in statnre, known only by tradition. 

Cog. oDc6p9 as e^ioDf^^. 
»Qoi, see ODcAXf cricket. 
lODiog^, eee ooo5icg^. 
tt)i, 1. Pry as with a lever, as £^eooi, — dSeodi, 2. 

mid. voc. raise one's self by mnscnlar effort; 8. 

adv. in a heavy, laborious manner, with mnscnlar 


Cog. 00001. 

Koiftocn, def. 1. 

lOoidB^oooos, def. 2. 

ioDicDi»ooicoi, def. 8. 

wn, not found alone* 

€0iiciS, cocking up the posteriors. 

€01^1, do. 

<Q{, 1. 00. erSt, hard, rough, asperons, applied to sur- 
faces ; 2. •n^@f a species of pigeon, called also 
cB^o^^, V. make a noise like do. 
Cognate •oj* 

w^f CO. •o^^ODt, 1. BoW| bend down voluntarily, im- 
plying application to business, which requires 
bending; 2. adv. in a bowing, bending ti^aAner. 



Oognate cao^t. 
•o^i^St adv. def. 2. 
•n^dSi,— ^S, and •o^icSi, — oot, bend one's self, beni 

the back, 
-eo^l^, be ignorant) inexperienced in regard to differei 

kinds of bnaincsB, untanght, ^leo^^, an igooranl 

untaught person. 

Oognate ODo^^. 
#o^i, same as Oda^i^ spread, diffused throughout. 
«of 180108, do. •o^t£tnf^i9^f throughout every city. 
«(», not found alone. 
eojyQ, contracted, drawn up, as the body of an animl 

from cold, fear, &c. have a hump or protiiberano^ 

on the back. 
dOj^j^, do. see uo^. 

»02^, CO. mcf^mctAf uprooted, turned up by the roots. 
•a^Sooo), overturned, fallen, as a house blown ov^er bj 

the wind. 
•ojSc8i§S, do. 
BO^tf CO, Bo^tBcotf BCcSBCf^tf or eniien^t, bowed, benI 

down as a person by disease or age; and as a 

bowing tree, ooo^t, &nd ODo^s, do> 
•o^s^S, do* 
sojt^lt, do. 
sooS, CO. sci^soj^' huQip-backed ; curve, draw up tlxc 

back, as an animal through fear, &c. 

ODo^p, do. 
•ajScS^ooodSy and so^^cS^oo^^, straighten up the back:, 
so^l^, in a curved, hump-backed form, 
^ojt, as f so^i, a very small ratan or fillet wound 

aroand the wriBt as aa oraumonti oonott and o© 

o^i, do. 
3(1, or •o^iMdii 00. %o^\b9, I. A barb, as Od^to^x, 

the barb of a fi&b-hook, sScd^q^m^i, barb of a 

harpoon ; oDnji, and oooji, do. ; 8* hooked, as 

o^^mc^Xf a hooked stick, ooieopi, a hooked iron, 
feS, 1. Stand on a slender basis, stand on tiptoe; 2. 

in a disabled tottering inanner, as if about to fall ; 

in a limping manner, 8tcfe^8i(^^, do.^ 3. full of 

activity or elasticity, constantly on the more ; 4. 

in an awkward, unsteady manner, as in doing any 

thing with the left hand. 

Cog. oDcbS, as a><feSiS,-.oo<fe^oocb^,^oooi)^ci>S,— 

sb^obUo^^c^^, adv. def. 5. 

MAl, def. 2. applied to binding persons, tying the 
legs of animals, &c. 

^^•obS, adv. def. 2. 

^W8l, adv. def. 8. as biac^^acB^. 

db^oS^S^, stand on tiptoe. 

i>5, and a>o65, name of a Sgau in Karen fab. murder- 
ed by the Pghos.. 

(bi, 1. Carrying buckets of water on the back, have 
the back full, ©cfegoo^i, 2. bangles on the wrist 
or ankle, full, occupying the whole space, eo^too 
^, 3. •cbtooi, be as much as one can endure, 4. 
•cbtoo, sew seeds on a gown so as to fill it up 
with a particular figure of diamond shape. 099 
obt*, a gown thus figured. 
ocxbt^ is .found in all the above usages. 

448 erS^c8|Sdocx>8 

#c6i«r0i5 1* adv. describing a pereon Wbd id ^^ tali 
and thin 9 as S^cS^^c^mcSi, ^.adv. in a transfixed 
manner, as 9btco^SSpBcb^eS\. 

•cS) 1* •cBcS^ODt; rise quickly, as when excited b| 
anger or other catise ; 2. as mS^. adv. in a aadn 
den rising) threatening manner, as with a burst o^ 
passion; 8. acB^^0c8^» adv. describing a fallei^ 
tree which is npbeld from the ground by tb^ 

bS^bSS^ adj. ytooootecS^ecfi^y describing animaU 
which are tall, slender, and lank. 

ecdt, not fonnd alone. 

•fSieo^y hard, rongh of surface, as the outer bark of 
certain trees, and the skin of some animals. 

•f8i(/^, do. as c^^etacSty^, — ooi8^8psc8i^, — Qtoooot 

acBtacBii same as ec^iecSi, def. !• 

atS, l.Same asoDcS, yawn, oscillate through drowsioese 
or dniness; 2. co. tcB, 3. erBc88^, a kind of 
bird; so called in imitation of the noise it makes. 

•cB^, and coS^9 1. Raise, lift up momentarily, applied 
only to certain things; 2. atjh. in a raised cocked- 
up manner, on tiptoe; 

•cSSacB^, def. 2. as arBScS^oooosacB^afSS. 

acS^8^y adv. as 09^^ iar8^8l, in a squatting manner, 

sitting on the heels, opposed to sitting flat in the 

usual manner. 
acBScS^oooot, stretch up on^^s s^If oiK th^ efndU of the 

toes, aa in making an attempt ttf climb a treat 

•cgS 449 

mS^, CO. mS^mS^iflf cast irp the eyes, as in looking 
np for a moment id a person'^ face; 3. a name 
eometimes^ given to monkeysi from their habit of 
looking np into one's face. 

9S$^ 1, Abbreviation of f^St^ so, too» also, likewise; 
really, actually, in fact ; 3. not well adjusted, not 
in a r^ular manner. Oog. coSt, add ODcJSi. 

•(flt^oot, def. 2. 

•<6i96y do. moooot«c9i8S« 

MBt^if do. 

•Si, CO. %Sx%cot, head man of a disfricti chief of a 
chin, aoc6i, do. ; 3. or •cfttcdo^, species of Sola- 
nnm ; the egg plant and tomato. 
3. see •ch^mS'kf and ocBi^c&l; 4. see i^mSx. 

Di| adv. adapted to sound. 
}\§i^i^\, i. e. as nnpiled brush, leaves, &q. 

in disorder, conftlsed, hither and thither, pro- 

jectively, obstructively. 

•@i»@i, do. 
•ngt» see •f^^^^* 
•fig^, adv. same as o^o^P^ more than half, beyond the 

middle, approaching* to the other extremity or to 

fulness; 2. see ^ogt^o^l^. 
Mgi, see 9cl^x. 

•ng, tame as ooog, which see. 
•flg^i ]. Bend, bow, as a ttee by the force of the wind, 

dBi^ng^, be bowed, Ac, see oDcgS, 3, •ng^»^^» adv., 

in a bending, Waving manderi Qioocoung^eng^. 
30 K. 

450 HdidB^ 

CO. •<^t9^S, aauie as ODog8oong^» odv. io an irregaUr, 

careless^ unprecisei hap-bazard manner, 
•c^, same as ODc^y idle» indisposed to labor, also eo. 

%a^f as •c^^cS^ooo, project, and elevate the poeteriorsi 
making them very prominent. 
See a^^ and its cognatesi also •^•c^^. 

•n^Sy same as ODr^S, be sinuous, have short, deep bends 
and windings op^ec^S, — oootec^S, long, carving 
wings, — cSiec^S, settled, bending down in the 
centeri sagged 

iic^iy same as ODc^i, name of a jungle tree, fruit plea- 
santly acid* 

ec8S, CO. ®<^^^^@i>f same as o^o^^» a kind of crate or 
basket of wicker work, used for temporary pur- 

ec8i, CO* enSiengi, same as ODc^i, 1. A noose, loop, or 
coil, as of a rope ; 2. orbit, socket, orbit of the 
eyes, iSecgi^i, within do. also, before one's face 
and eyes, OT^ooiooi^ODie^Scgi^i. 

edt| CO. g8i. 

6d8, adv. 1. Not clear, darkly, not perspicuous; 2. tur* 
bid, muddy, q^edS, used in both the above appli- 
cations, as ooSiq^eos, and ooi^edi, 

edi, raise, upheave, by pressure from beneath, applied 
particularly to plants vegetating, or bulbous roots 
enlarging beneath the soil; eoicii, adv. in a raised, 
upheaved manner, Q9^»9ic8^c8^8^9dicii. 

•dic8^, same as eoi, oS^^dicS^, do. 

»^ 461 

tdiSoSi $se •$, rough, having an irregular, uneven 

§9, CO. of dd^^y same as 03f , elevated and prominent, 

involving also the idea of motion. 

odf , upper and prominent part of the posteriors. 
#^5ofd3^, elevate and project the posteriors. 
•^1, adv. in an elevated and prominent manner; vioo 

•^•^^, 9ee f, same as e^ec^^. 

•|, same as oo|, and 00£. With *^^, prefixed, name 

of a white tuberous root resembling a potato. 
•|t^, same as odosoob, resolute, agile, brisk, nimble. 
•dS, tear or break up the earth as with the end of a 

stick, adverbially used as sbld^^cd^SlS. 
8^e^, same as ooj^^ooi, and CD^^oob, displacing of 

earth leaving a broken surface. 

eo, 1. Slender, pointed; curvated, or projecting, 

c^»9, a pointed sliver or stick; o^eoy do. of 

bamboo ; oSSed, a comb mounted with a tusk ; 

2. thin, spindle-shanked. 
•d»S, do. as fgbtod»8. 

•ddSS, slender, pointed, curved upward or outward. 
•93, same as ^d, — oDoo, do. 
•9^, superficial, not deep, easily touched, or excited ; 

as 8^«d^, shallow, superficial, a hole, &o. ODsSS^ 

oS, excitable in temper, irritable. 
•dS»8S, (ufv. one who appears more nimble or expert 

than others* 
•^9 00. •beooS, Bame as oo^, and 09^. !• Pitch, throWf 

452 •88i 

or cast np a shower of dirtf einbersy or the like ; 

oS»^9 do. by pawingi or scratohiDg. 

2. barbedi hooked, as cBs^^ 8*^> 8. co. of •£»• 

•^•8» Bee e8| cufv. np and dowD» or backward and for- 
wardi nimble» with agility, as i^cSSc^oo^b^S. 

•^^•^8^9 paw with the fore and hind feeti as a d<^ bj 
way of defiance or self-coDfidence in presence of. 
his fellow. 

•^001 1 CO. cover by pawing or scratching leaveSi dirt, 
d^c. over a thing, 

0^tegi| same as ^^tegt, adv. very thin, sharp-featnred, 
nsed to qualify words of leanness, as .c6i»^i#gt. 

•8i, CO. eSieot, same as odSi, mango, eStooiS^S^i wild, 
frnit sour ; •8ig8^:8, frnit small» ronnd ; e8tc8^ec, 
wild, rind very thick; eStcS^cS^S, end of the 
fruit hooked ; eStficSf frnit sour, smell disgreea- 
ble; eSsi^^y — eSi^i, a jungle tree whose leaves 
and general appearance resemble the mango ; eSi 
o5^, fruit flat ; eSt^^^^, the kind generally pre- 
fered ; •8ic8^0Di, Ceylon mango, so called by the 
Burmans, seed grows on the outside* 

•8^ 1. e8^8^, ee^ 8^, a4v. in a haughty, proud, 
self-important manner ; 2. eee eo^eS^. 

•8 1. Same as oo8, and 038, name of a plant called by 
Burmans yengan ; pith of the stems used for calk- 
ing boats; o6Sa8, a grub which eats do. i. eee 
edi^e8| 3. eee •^•8, 4. eee •^•8, 5. 8t98y name 
of a Ear. fab. 

•881, (ufv. in an elevated, prominent, projecting man- 
ner, as the posteriors when the head is bowed low^ 

•oil 453 

t^i see »^. 

•g, same as oo^, and OD^, long, bending with a regular 

•^9, adj. do. as op^^^Ot used Jiff, applied to the mind 

to denote perverseness ; oocx)to2^»^9. 
t^gs 1. See »^i, 2. same as oo^ioogt, and cx)^ioDgiy 

in a feeble, reeling manner, as from indisposition,^ 

or loss of flesh. 
%^f same as oog^, and OD^^, curving at the end or 

•^^^, ad^. do. op^9^^b^. 
•0I9 same as ^1, which eee^ 00^00^ ocOeolaDODSy give 

one sudden, penetrating, or piercing bite, 
•o^ 1. Energetic, stable, mature, 2. see e&^»o^, and 

•oS»o% 2, ckfv, agitated with opposite sentiments, at a 
I066 what to do, anxiously, oSc8^ooo38e6^»o^, 2. 
when a noun comes between these couplets the 
signification is that of •o^, as ojpeo^ODteo^. 

•01^, same as 0001^, meet; obisoi^, go out to meet; 
o^^^#ni% the branches of two trees which meet. 

•Oil, same as ^ii, and oooit, 1. A little bundle, as of 
something tied up in the corner of a handkerchief; 
3. with 00^, prefixed, a handkerchief; 8. the 
principle of life in a separate state, or what, ac- 
cording to Karens, may be termed a meteoric 
state, afterwards, by contact with vegetables or 
aoimals, it becomes the embryo of a new plant or 
animal ; 4. co. ^-[i, as ^iSi^oiiSi, 5. used as an 

454 mtoSh 

inteoeive to words of darknesSf dtsoii, extreme- 
ly dark. 

eqXf 1. Difibeveledi io disorder; $»<2^f 2, •qi^S^f cu/v. 
in a hasty, swaggering, flurried manner. 

•oi, see ©8S©oi. 

•bS, gaping, oblong, as a crevice or opening, bS»bS. 

•8a, see §i. 

©8% coupled with other roots, as 1- •(j^i»8S, see ©c^a; 2. 
f)8^0Oi, a combination of things which are con- 
trary or dissimilar to each other, neither the one 
thing nor the other, but a little of both. 

•8i90^, adv. in an agitated, anxious, flurried manner. 

eexD, same as ooodI, l.adv, qualifying words of calling, 
screaming, &c. in a violent manner, with aharp, 
harsh tones generally followed by an affix. 
2. CO. Gc8. 

eesono), same as eocH, 1. 

©co5, 1. Name of a small tree, fruit the size of the 
mangosteen, sour; 2* or e«S5»ooS, same as 03qoS, 
thicket, clump of bushes, pile of brush, rSecoS, 
obstructed with brush ; ^5©t3o5, penetrating, 
breaking through the brush ; Jig^ using arguments 
without reason ; 8. littered, covered with litter, 
c8i®«o5 ; 4. af. thicket-like, oi^o^dS, or oi'ieoDS 
oi^eebS ; 5. start aside, turn away so as to dodge 
or evade ; 6. rise from a sitting or squatting pos- 
ture, get up; 7. twist, contort, writhe the body; 
affix, tightly, closely. 
o&^eenS, ojCBoB ; 9. co. of ©bSB. 
*>S5, CO. •oaSdeooSdS^, def. 5. 



mdSg8^, — 001, cef. 6. 

uoSi^sQoS^, def. 7. 

tcoSe^i) def. 2. 

•C0S00S9 under, or within a thicket. 

•io5, — 0D«, def. 7. 

tfO^f same as ODzo^t and oo«3D^, a ghost. 

•toi, see ecSie^i. 

•16S, CO. eoSSeenS, same asoo^^SS, and 0De}5S, jammed^ 
crowded together, doable, as frnits, twins, two or 
more at a birth, where but one is nsnal, c^ieoSS, 
twins, o^se^S, conceive two at once; cbi©o55, 
be two or more in the place of one, rednndant. 

•t6So^ic85, twins, &c. which resemble each other. 

•c6S8^, a name for the rhinoceros. 

toSSooiS^, do. 

•?95i02i8i, short and thick, stont, stubbed. 

•?95iv^it do. 

•«{, see a2eo2,8ame as ooi03o^^, and opoo^i, obstinate- 
ly, contrarilj, perversely. 

•CO, 1. •«8^»eo, or e«8^«e>3« haggled, rough, serrated, 
forrowed, notched, applied to edges and sur- 
faces of things; 2. 8ie>e>D, be of a dull, dingy red, 
brown color; 3. eeoo, thin, shriveled, dried up; 
(^lOdODtooeo, — ^^^> dried up, cSoso, full of 
holes as net work destitute of moisture. 

•ojo, def. 1. 

•ooi, CO. eeOi^pSt or eooiobS, a musical instrument 
constructed on the principle of the jews-harp, 
several varieties, as eooi^s, played with the end of 
the finger, eeoio^s, played by twitching a string, 

466 ec8 

eeoicS^^ the long tailed eooi, — O|e«oif pUj on 
a eeoi. 

Bf^Sf same as o^cibSi 1. A species of tree; ecSbSd^, or 
eobSgly frnit bitter, •labS^^y frait sweet; 2. with 
oo^y prefixed, as oo^eobS^eSS, remnantSy shreds, 
bits of a garment, of timber, or of any thing, from 
which something can be colled for use ; 8. see cB» 
cbS, CO. cBeobSrSeooSy heaps of brash, obstraoted 
with brush. 

etSbS; same as ODtSbSi 1. Frail, fragile, brittle, reduced, 
deteriorated, rough and hard of surface ; bat naore 
often an intensive, t^xBt^t, very thin, ooiscbt, 
very scarce, y^eiabt, ex. 8ee cbi, very old, very 
mature, ^leisbt, very rough, resembling coarse sand, 
granulated ; 
2. CO. •c8. 

Bf^Xt same as ODtSbi, 1. Connected, near, related, correla- 
tive, next in order either above or below, ^^•«bi 
^eiibi, when a younger brother marries the yoaog- 
er sister of his elder brother's wife, the female is 
called ({jSeisbt, and the male ^a^bi ; 2. q^. in 
the same signification as above ; c8j5a«Sbi, grow 
ap together, proceed from the same spot or soarcc, 
as plants. 

•obiooi^, adv. together, side by side, standing or sitting. 

•obicSSoeoDt, immediately connected, closely related as 
brothers and sisters who are next each other. 

ec8, same as 09c8, and ooc8, dry, bard, husky, roagh, 
rugged, uneven, haying sharp or irregular point«y 
applied to surfaces. 

tdBoo^y baviDg a rough* ragged surface. 

idBiicDly do. 

PfStcbs, roQgb, dry, partially detached, as the oater 
bark of certain treee. 

i8«iS^, dry, huBky, rough, as the surface of the l?ody 
in tetters, and some other cutaneous diseases. 

c8o|, same as •c8a3f • 

dB^, same as oocB^, and oooB^, 1. Strong, rapid current, 
QOecB^, strong rapids; 2. unfinished, or in pro- 
cess of being finished ; (jj^ecB^, oo. (jj^^cB^^SetO^i 
arrows which after being whittled out, are put 
over the fire to season. 

eB^ogicSS, as yi^tS^o^icSS, persons of superior strength 
and agility. 

6S, CO. •(BS0QOS, same as oocBS, 1. Brush, &q. which 
lies about or covers the ground in a disorderly 
or obstructive manner; cS^tBS, do* in a field for 
cultivation; 2. sudden, violent, meeting with 
some calamity, oSsj^ecBS, die a sudden or violent 
death, evil spirit, 00^0^91 0c8S, do.\ 3. meet, co^ 
m8Sj — ao^9i8Sc8Sooooi, meet with each other; 
4. adv. obstructively. 

8S8100, litter, as chips, remnants, c£c. where hewing, 
or other work has been performed. 

fiiy SMse as ooipBt, something which serves as a defen- 
sive covering, either a natural hard, thick, skin, 
barki Ac or something artificial. 

8iy 00. •cSioDcBi, is a kind of shield, or leathern 
jmcketf o8t#t8i, wear do. 

8i^ hard, crnstaceous covering, oo\8^8^ei8iy% skin 

468 •6k]5 

of the rhinoceros ; o^Soiec8iy% hard enter barl 
of a tree; ^e(Biy% the hard crust which gathen 
on the teeth when not kept clean. 

etS^, !• 866 eeOy 2. 86e St^tS^, a gpecies of bird. 

0c8i4 a species of fish, ^jSatSi, scalj, head long anj 
peaked tail, marked with a red spot on each side, 

e«6i, same as ODcBi, 1. Name of a tree, the MajAn; 
e«6i96^, trait soar; •cSisoi, frnit sweet; •cBi^i 
c8, smell of the frait disagreeable, taste sour, and 
irritating to the throat; 2. with other roots, ckfr. 
in a confused, hasty, recklessi careless, negligeol 
manner; e<2^«6i, do. ooc6ecBi, applied to grazing 
off the bark, or skin, bj a blow, &c. 

•cSieuoi, def. 2. 

ecS, denoting tenacity, and confnsedness, as ^•cS, 
entangled, matted, jungle; qacS, turbid, minglec 
as water and mud. 

e^SeSSi adv, 866 iS def. 1. 

©8S, 866 65. 

e^i, CO. e^i. 

•^ii CO. e^ie^i, 6ame as OdSi, fishing stakes and th< 

like; c8ie^i, set do. 
eo), 866 eoeol. 
eo8, 866 e68t>os, and G(|^eot. 
eoeo), adv. confusedly, disorderly, without regularity 

hither and thither. 
•08 1. 866 eoseos, and eote^i^Sy 2. the grape vine. 
•6s»oi, same as eoeo). 

e6te<|2S, adv. any way and every wayt without order. 
100, wine. 

e§^ 45» 

oK^^y grape Woe. 

otco^, grapes, raiBins, 

^•oiy see soil game ae •6»o). 

sft see sote^. 

bsSt perBOQB discontented, roam from place to place, nn* 

j^ 1. Same as oo<^S, mature, decided, sober, real ; ©yS 

e^S, — ©c^Sooi^, and c8i©yS, same as ODc^Soo^S, — 

ooc^SooiS, and cSiODc^S, see ODc^S. 

2. see ey^©^S. 

^•^ 1. Split, sundered; 2 adv. in a dangling, lim- 
ber, pliable manner; ©^5©c^^, do. c8i©yS, fall from 
the trnnk, as a limb from a tree; 5oo^c8i©c^S, 
have the shonlder lamed or rendered sore as from 
carrying a burden; ^Sc8i©(^^, have a dejected 

jSgS, same as cx)(^S^S, adv. in a dangling flapping 

fi, CO. m^x. 

ipn, same as od(^ii, and coyii. 

tji, Cog. ODyi, ooyi, and ODyi, see ooyi, 1. Applied 
to the ejeSi as ^S©Qi, be wakeful. 2, •^'t-^^i soot ; 

3, CO. ©§^. 

^•9^, Cog. ©y^©^5, — OD^SoDc^S and oo^SooyS. 
^S©yS, same as OD^SoDyS, adv, in a dangling flapping 

§^, CO. ©^^cooj. or ©§S©yi, same as OD^S, and oo§S, 

heterogeneous mixture, hodge-podge ; eS©8S firo- 

brands bound round with twigs and leaves, so as 

to produce smoke and not blaze. 

460 ^^B^ 

ǤS, CO. e^S^^i, same as od^Sy littered, obetrncted witl 

this, that, and the other ; cSie^Sy become do. 
•§i, same as oa^i, l. Decayed, destroyed, demolished; 

etoSe^i, see eeoS, 2« the coantenancey soar, do- 

jected^ fallen, indicating displeasare, oobS(3^^e^ii 

— c8i0^i, nsed in both definitions; also fall, u 

cartains; 3. see co^x, i 

•§i»y^, def. 1. An old, dirty, ragged woman. ' 

•§iec^ii same as e^S»^i, obstracted with rabbishi brash, 

•Si^i, old, dirtyi tatteredy demolished. 
•^, af. as if covered with pimples, applied to dew 

drops on plants, see O^^^i covered with dew drops; 

oo^S^o^0^, all' wet with dew. 
«e|Sf same as ODo^, a kind of tree, fruit soar, astringent 
•f, same as oof , and oof , 1. As tTO^t ^v- in ft coQ' 

fused, helter-skelter manner ; 

2. ef ec8i, (idv. in a hasty, reckless, or careleesi 

confused manner* 
•o, same as 099, a species of treOf fruit acid, small. 
•^, same as oo^i, and o^^s, a species of creeper, legn- 

minous, fruit acid. 
•9, 00. enji, and •cp* 
«^, 1. Spread apart, dividedt diverging; 3. eo* of 9^ 

and •§• 
a^loO, divergent, spread apart, see ooj1a51, — oo^ocH 

Cog. 005)00),— OD^ool, — •^1(15), — 009)001, do. 
•^, same as oo^« and 00^, adv. in a sprinkling or spit 

tering manner, as ooSobis^. 
#§•^1, adv. do. ^%m^m^9^. 

•c& 461 

tt, same as oo^^, and OD^^, not foand alone. 

ij^ejt, adv. applied to remnants, here and there a 
little, or merely what remains sticking to the 
vessel in which it is contained, oB^cSiobS^^S^^t 

2i or •5{#^f same as oo^, and OD^, long, shaggy^ aa 
hairi beard, &c. 

2h 966 ^^^$}* 

^, eo. sj; 2. a^ODt, a malignant exelamationi eqoi- 
valent to < I am glad of it,' attered when evil 
befalls one who is hated. 

r, scratch, as a oat or a bear in fighting, 
same as oo^, and co^, 1. Force, vehemence; 2. adv. 
indicating do. o^^^t heat prodaeed by a vehe- 
ment flame ; obie^, travel fast, with all one's 
might; ao)e^, puff or blow oat the breath with 
force; ^^§9 blow vehementlj. 

\^^9 same as •§• 

DtJl, same as ooodl, oo. ©noi,— eojS, — eoi, and aoj, 
which 9ee. 

»•, CO. •<Bi, — acSs, and acois. 

D^, same as odCD^, mnstard ; the term is also appli- 
ed to the tarnip, raddish, and cabbage. 

]&, CO. •o5»a:))| same as cx)c5, ooo5, and ODcd, 1. adv. 
woond around ; ooc^^o^^ecDaocn, tangled bj being 
wound round and round; 

2. •c5«029 adv. ace ddc^nooj, 3. aoSer^, united 
to denote the rods employed in weaving consider- 
ed as a whole. 

462 ©o^JlingS 

•OOHf 00* 0ODiS9ODSy ex. •098, wet, drenched, BatQrati 

same as coodis, see siso cocoii. 
•o^s, 00. •o^B^oos, see noo^t. 

©;^, 00. ©ojeODl, Cog. cocj, — oooo, and odoo, #« oool 

•o6ec8, same as ooc3^jod3, 1. Negligent of dress, i 

manner; yieo^ecS, a person of negligent babiM 

2. adv. in a negligent manner^ regardless of pnj 


©a8s, CO. ecSteooi, «6<icx>c8t. 

©3jl, c(>. of ©^. 

©opt, 1. Cog. O90J8, and ODoja, ^^d ooc^t, 2. co. ^ 

©0^8, — ©qjit, — ©c§«, and ©t^. 
©c»8. <?o. ©oyjeojjj same as oocgs,— ooqjt, and ooc^, «j 

©OTi«, or ©09i8©q9«, Cog. oDcgi8,— ooqyis, and oDoyi 

«^^ cooyiB, moistened, mixed with a liquid, 
©c^i^, 00. ©0^1^©^. see coc^^pco^. 
©5)^, CO. ©5)^©09^, see 035)^,-005)^, and OD^p, d 
©j^, o(>. ©(^©098, or e^eq^l, same as 00:^,- — co^, ai 

©obooi^, see ODgooro. 

©c§8, c(>. ©^8©o98, Cog. oo;§8,— ooj^i, and aD:§8, « 

ooc§i, loathsome, 
©ojlP, «^6 ©c^p, aad cx)^^^. 

©ojll^, «<?« ODcq^p, 4. betel leaf, ooocji^^, *"^ ^^1?» ^ 
©o?||i o(>. ©o:j)|8©o^8, see ooof^|S 1* fil^iy membran 

ooa:jj|8, and oDojii, do. 
©ajisngS, see o^^^l^^S, skin, flay. 

•6^t 463 

tc^i 00. •c^cx^, see cx>c^, sleek, t'reei single, ooc^i 

aod 33C^} do. 
•0^, 00. •c^^^oc])^, a</t;. \ritli great qaickness, or 

speed; compare ooc^^, — ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^i do. 

d6i(X>^ed^^ytQ9^o}^, he travels excessively fast. 
n), 96e e^sc^l. 

s^, Cog. oo^cji, — oo^^c^t, and oo^oi. 

>|i CO. e^eo), ^^ 00^, 1. 

»8t, 00. eoeSs. see oo8i, or odoooSs, enquire, &c. odq 
oa8s« and cxDoooSi, do. 

»8t, CO. •o&t. 

15I, «e cx>^, diverging, &c* ii^tejl, — oSie^l, same as 
d^oD^'), and (Bico^, see do. 

¥j\aS\f see oo^lcxH. 

1^5, (?o. ©^i^^S, or e^SejS, see cojS, dast, litter, rub- 
bish, oo^cSie^Scdie^S. 

i^ii see e^S. 

i^Xf same as cx>^^ij and f^^^C^i. 

k[1 1. iStftf oocp, spread, diverge, expand; 2. eoleS, 
«e« ODCp, 3« fishing basket. 

iqlol, w. •cpo^ecpol, «d6 oocp, 1. divergingly. 

•^c[), Me cx>€(l, 2. 

K(S. 1. See e^S, 2. ec^S, or ©cjSe^S, a gambler, or coarse 

earthen bowl. 
Kji, sse coc|S, 7. and e^. 

464 •q^ 

0^s^, Bame as me^il. 

•^^9 60. mS^Bcfit or e^i^dS, 1. See mSj^, a kin€ 
00^^, and 00^^, 2. co. m^, and •fir, S. j 

•^ii same as gi, and co^ 

0^1 1. iSSse o^iftfiy CO. o^xa^^ofia^i, oJv. 2. c 
name of bird which at night niters the son 

m^9 of* of sonnd, $ee <^^%^« 

•^ii Ma ^UfS <^* <^^ij^<^i^^9 applied to 1 
• whose tops or back are somewhat cnrTed or| 
vex; also in manj cases involving- tbe idi 

•^1. See OD^, barey naked ; o^^^^i a bare or n 
tree withont leaves or twigs. 
2. €0. a^, 3. B^mcA^, a writer, •^•d^, di 
a^^) see oo^o, — »#^, same as ?oo^. 

a^i» CO. 9^^h ^ce coSj^co^Xy spartlof &e. | 

B\f see acpe^. 

a^S, see a^Sa^S. 

a^8^i» same as do^s^ii or co^tno^ii soond ; also i 
which prodace the sounds, s^oo^^a^ia^t. 

0^1, see a^ie^ii eee oo^ioo^i. 

a^S, see oo^S, projecti stick out, ^. 

©qp, same as od^^,— od^. and cx)^^, 1. a^^, or ai 
BC^pt name of a deep dish nsnallj used for carrj 
2. contraction of 8^£[^i 5f« 8^, stretohed op, i 
an animal on long legs^ ^^^cB^, elevated as 
building from the ground ; 8. ^^[^•^^ Q(^v. sereaifl 

0O8 465 

nigf ^ryingj &c. ; fitretch of the body, or ItB 
' mem here. 

' • *=" Cog. oofi[i, — oo^t, and co^\, 1. oofe^i, in 
[^ ^ shooting is to have the shot pass directly through 
f the animal ; from side to side or from end to end; 
2. m^Xf or g^igc|\9 name of a jnngle tree; 8. •8i 
^> 8^^, or Slc8e^iS^^, a species of small) light- color- 
ed fish, tail tipped with black. 
fCog. coQy — oo^, and oo^. 
^19, adv. see coi^coe^ty blnstering, boisteronsi diivingi 

iQi, leaking oat, or spilling in small quantities 
of water, &e. by little and little; see cio^^, 2. 
Cog. no^i, — 00^1, and OD^if see od^i, 1. •8i 
oo8, same as ooi^\S, which see ; also, see Si8i099, 
2. e8i(JS8cc8, see cto^xSzcoz, o^^e^i, bnsby top 
1 9 of a fallen tree : eSiS, same as ^SiodS, 3. see <fix 
: •8i» CO. cSie^^cSie^t, projectingly, obstruct! vely, 
' &c. 4. o^e^i, and e^iooS, see co^i, 7. 5. dS^^ii 
CO. dSe^^oSt^i, see cx>^i, 4. extremely lean, appli- 
ed particularly to persons who are also very aged. 
•onit sometimes used for encon, as 000110001, «tf«enooii. 
•C3JI, see ^^ec^i, name of a Kar. fable. No. 20, 

•<n, CO. #6. 

•o^f see coo^. 

^of^9 eo. eo^^Seo^^, the opening of the eyes, as to 

look up or shake off drowsinessi 000^, and 030^, 

eo. •o^dB^oebS, raised biB eyes. 
«oS, !• CO. edSsbSy see cooS^ scfHtiebi paW| &c. cooS, 

and 00069 ^O' 3* e&^0oS. 
81 X. 

466 ecBs 

eoSf 1. see ooo8| &tart or fly off as a fragmenti by a 
blow, &c. 00O8, and oaot, ch. 2. co. of •5i| and ebs. 

eo, CO. •Seol, «^ ooo, emit steam, perepire, &c. adv. 
tending to excite do. 0009 &nd odOj do* ox%6, 
steam of cooked rice ; oo^rSSeoacDy very sultry. 

•ocS^i 00. eocS^GolcS^, «d6 oo5c8^. 

eo^i <?o. •bS. 

eoS| CO. 0o6eoS, «^^ 000S9 wrench) reeU stagger, &o. 
D35S| (£7. adv. in a reeling, staggering manner; 
QioooDseoSeoSi appear to be in a debilitated, 
weak state as indicated by attempts to walk &c 

•08, see co6%. 

eoteot, curly, crampled, frizzled; 0001, do. 

05898, see 0001, 7. 

•oi, CO. e8i, see 0091, around, &c. 0091, efo. 

ebS, CO. abSeoS, or •oSebS, «^ cobS, scratch up, Ac. 
oobb, and oabS, (fo. a(ff. as if scratched, or scrap- 
ed together. 

eb8, 1. CO. abseot, see odbi, the act of rolling up a leaf, 
paper, &e. in a conical form, used as a little 
cup, or basin ; 2. ebsoD^, sal ammoniac. 

©bi, see oobi, — ebic8^, see cobi, 2. clear up after 
rain, oobi, and oabi, do. 

e8i| CO. eoieSi, Cog. cxd8i, and 0091, round, circular, 
&c. 0081, and od8i, do. 

•0680081, adv. of sound, see ooobt, also applied to t 
giggling laugh, ooo58oo«88, do. 

•088, 1. c8S^o8s, and cBS^cSiodS, the depression at the 
front and lower part of the neck; odc8i, do. 2. 
CO. •cbt. 


•cSSoo^f seize, bite standing ap on the hind legs; o^ 

idSoO^i do. 
%At^ same as •c8t, 1. cBSeidt^i do. coSu and ooS%9 


•90), CO. 9S8. 

soSs, CO. ftoSieSt, not filled^ defective, as heads of grain. 

99^f 00. bSi. 

•o^f ses oodbb) diminntive, &c. 

t9^G8i> see ec8i, 4. 

•d3| same as odg8, ocoBi 1. or bcQbo£\, the chesti thorax; 

2. oo. eoBoiSi, a corpse; 3. eo8c8^, eat out the 
inside; SxBtQ, inside decayed, gone^ empty; 4. 
8^»o8| the bare skull ; 5. the mere shells of eggs 
after they are hatched; 6. used as a comparison 
to denote the kindest treatement. 

•cBsy same as oooBt, and oog8|| 1. Cracked) splintered, 
particularly at the end; 2. unsound, spreading, 

3. broad, spreading, as the top of a basket ; 3. af^. 
jumbled, crowded together; 4. oo. •dbseoBt, figura- 
tively a fretful; impatient, irritable temper. 

•dStoBS, see def. 3. 

•dStSi, def. 2. 

•cSteod^, def. 1. 

•dS^i 1. A£Sxed to c§i, vomit, denotes retching, or a 
atrong tendency to vomit; oodS^, and 09(]8^, do. 
9. see f ecB^, name of a creeper having a tuber- 
ous root like a yam ; f oocB^, and f 03gS^, do. 

•1, !• As (BiHt^cSl, see taol, open, separate, disconnected, 
aleazy, scattered ; 2. adv. in a separate, scattered, 
diBODitedy sleazy manner; 3. thin, reduced, 

468 %^ 

eplashy ; i. e1&, for etiy which see\ 5. oppose, go 
against; 6. skilled, franght with wisdom; mooo} 
(fxosi)f a wise, skillfal person OQODO^^e), words 
fraught with wisdom; 8. see osel, and coSeli 9. 
co^ 8, £[88q^sel, see 8, also, co.*^, 10.- see coi). 

e\coc5xt def. 5. go against the wind. 

©looojS, act contrary to orders, or instrnctions, 

©logS, try see «icgS. 

elocD, def. 2. see zoX and c8&)qo1. 

^00, def. 6. go against the tide or current. 

Vlgl, €0. •1§n^g, or ©1gS©1@1, 2. cfif©n§1, be scat- 
tered, sparse; ooel^'l, various streams or chaDnels. 

©IgS, CO. ©1§1. 

i\^f CO. el§1. 

©Icp, a//t>. def. 3. ^5©l6p, as oDoS^Selcp, soft, thin mod; 
Sqi^SgI^, cook the rice soft and aioist, cook to 
a pap. 

^S, 1. Soft, opposed to hardness; 2. weak, gentle, not 
strong, or violent ; feeble, wanting in enei^gy ; co 
©^, weak current; odo5i©^, gentle wind; 3. ten- 
der, succulent, not tough; 4. young, immature, 
tender, feeble; 09t©^. 5. put forth tender buds, or 
leaves, be verdant; 6. abate, be less violent, leea 
vigorous; 7. limber, flexible, pliant, ^i©^ soft-shell- 
ed turtle; 8. slender, weak, 9. mild, gentle, con- 
ciliating; 000^^©^, gentle language. 10. palpy, mel- 
low, 11. €0. 8^, size, cover with size; S^o^^^^o^S, 
12. spongy, vasculari coo^i©^, 13. easily rdnt; see 
c^i©^, 14. q/b. pliant, flexible ; cx^©S, 15. o/b 
meek, mild, yfeldfng, concilf ating ; o^S^woot. 

16. ofx. see OOSG^, partariate, bring forth yoang; 

17. afx. immature; |S©S, ^SaS^SSi. 18. o/Id. pulpy; 
|W^^^^9 19. afx, real, true, genuinei original 
nature; ^^e^, and l^eS^^bS* 20. afx. recent) 
newly, 6i©^, 21. afx. abated, softened down, eee 
a8s0^, 22. see ood^, and ODe^cx)e^, 

•^cocoS, same aa ft^, in most of the above significations. 

•SiS, raw, gum-tree. 

•^dB^9 def. 5. 

•^a>t, CO. <Bgo^» abated, relieved, &c. 

•^0^1, limber, flexible as the limbs of an animal re- 
cently dead. 

•^obSft^cSS, waving, bending to and fro in a pliant 
manner; applied also to persons in the significa- 
tion of tall, and slender. 

t^&tODi, image of a lion placed to guard the entrance 
to a pagoda, 

t^Sif ^^e^^ii a beautiful female who is to destroy the 
wicked from the earth. 

•^(6i, CO. e^c8i^1c8i, be abated, &c. def, 6. 

•S, 1, Be far apart, a long way between joints, stages, 
different points, or marks; c^oSino^ieS, long way 
or road; ooSS»S, far between joints; S^sDeS, long 
eteps; 2. move in a long train. 3. march or send 
troops; 4, hoist, as a sail ; 5. afx. cg^eS, co. cgS 
•Sng^8t, look to a distance; 6. afx. see Gram* 
used in supplication. 7. oo^s>S, co* oo^eSoo^bSi a 
name given to the elk in alluBi <n to its long limbs; 
8. derivative form, see ooeSi ^. co. ^S. 

470 Mi 

eSig5^e^«6i long between joints or articulations. 

©5«6f)oocoS, do. 

©Sc8f, def. 4, 3, and 2. ©ScS^odS, — ©ScSfoji,— o^^©S 

©Scjji^i, def. 1. oocSSo©5cJji^i. 

©5cx)S, CO. ©5(i)S. 

©5c65, CO. €>5(i)5©5cx)5, def. 2. 

©So^i, CO. eSo^ieSoD^, def. 3. 

eS| 1. Go from one to another, as a monkey sqairrel* 
&e. from tree to tree ; 2. unite one to anotberf 
join, as the leaves of a Burman sail ; 3. infecti 
spread from one to another, 0Q^e8| co. co^Stoo^et, 
take an infection, bo infectious, or contagious ; 4. 
be morally influenced by the manners of others, 
'oo^©8c86oeoD8, mutually influence each other's ha- 
bits; 8^c8^o^©t, customs or habits of ancestors fol- 
lowed by descendants; 5. co. of 819 as oo8tooet, 
the ends of the branches of trees and plants^ the 
point from which additional growth proceeds; 6. 
affix^ may by rendered fold, as del, two-fold ; 7. 
PghOf question, enquire of, cSSes, do. 8. see di^st, 
9. see 6«&so8ei, 10. co. of cS^, def. 1. ooc8^o»»i, 
he looks about anxiously or inquisitively; 11. 
PghOf persuade, allure, &c.. same as coo5S, def, 
2. 12. 9. with e, the pole on which the lower 
ends of the rafters to a house rest ; 13. the wash 
board to a boat ; put on do. 14. Cog. ooes, as 
ooSsooes, which see; 15. a wheel, machinery. 

•©•8, paper. 

•ii, def. 12. 

h2i\ 471 

•idBp, def. 13. and 2. ©sdB^flooM, put wash board to a 
boat; •tcS^cbcS^, catch, spread, as fire; GS^^dB^j 
def. 2. ©scbScSjBoaSojoo^oSgSojp, unite two gar- 
ments; •«cbSdBpo^39pCD^ooo^, join two boards, 

•8c8S, def. 2. co^GScSSoooDSi det. 2, and 4. 

9^t I. Mutual connection ; c^Sg^oSi, name given by 
Karens to the Chinese, and white foreigners denot- 
ing brotherhood ; c^^oe^oSi, brothers and sisters; 2. 
CO. Sp, as SSgS, wet; co. of ^| 3. try, examine ; 
ajfix. by way of examination or trial; og^©f » give 
a look at ; o«©^, shoot by way of trial ; 4. see 
^•S, CO. bSi^, 1. species of bird; 2. skate a 
stone on water; 5. deriv. form o©^, Pgho for <^\© 
topf a ghost) also contraction of <^^^^* 

•^ngS, def. 8. 

•^o6i, (^.-88^. 

•ly 1* CO. ^\i\9H\j a large kind of fishing net ; Ssei, co. 
SteiStS, set 00. (X^zex, cast go. 2. ooSei, or ooSg^ 
oo^eiy a feast connected with funeral ceremonies; 
3| CO' <f^9 ^ ^8i©i8i, an arrow ; 4. iS^eii des- 
pieablei disgracefnl, rude, barbarous; 5. neg. as 
oo©ioojS| be of no use, worthless, despicable. 

if \. see ©si, 2. see 8Si, eo. 8Si8So2i, raised and knob- 
bed ; 3. see ODSi, a kind of creeper ; 4. see coS^, 
the highest pole in the roof of a building lying 
on the heads of the rafters ; 5. see cBi, the papya 
plant ; 6. arsenic ; 7. sounds like the peeping of 

li, odt>. def. 7. 

i8©1| name of a Karen fablci No* 22. 

470 M& 

eSobjSe^cS, long between joints or articulations. 

©5c8|)nocx)S, do. 

©SdBf, def. 4, 3, and 2. ©ScS^ooS, — •Sc8paj«,— — o^S#5 

©Sc^i^i, def. 1. oocSSoeSc^i^i. 

»5od5, CO. ©Sc^S. 

©5<fc5, CO. ©5&S©5coS, def. 2. 

©ScfS, CO. ©ScfseSoD^, def. 3. 

©8| 1. Go from one to another, as a monkey squirrel, 
&e. from tree to tree ; 2. unite one to another, 
join, as the leaves of a Burman sail ; 3. infect, 
spread from one to another, oo^eSi co. oo^Ssco^sg, 
take an infection, bo infectious, or contagious ; 4. 
be morally influenced by the manners of others^ 
'oo^©8c85oooD8, mutually influence each other's ha- 
bits; 8Sc8So^©«, customs or habits of ancestors fol- 
lowed by descendants; 5. oo. of Ssf as oo8soo»t| 
the ends of the branches of trees and plantSi the 
point from which additional growth proceeds? 6, 
affixy may by rendered fold, as d©t| two-fold ? 7. 
PghOf question, enquire of, C@^©t, do. 8. %€e oi^ss, 
9. see 6«i«o8©8, 10. co. of cS^, def. 1. oocB^o©©«, 
he looks about anxiously or inquisitively; 11. 
PghOf persuade, allure, &c.. same as coo5S, def. 
2. 12. 9. with i, the pole on which the lower 
ends of the rafters to a house rest ; 13. the wash 
board to a boat ; put on do. 14. Cog. oo©«, as 
oo8800©8, which see; 15. a wheel, machinery. 

^88, paper. 

•li, def. 12. 

i9i\ 471 

•1(6^, def. 13. and 2. G8c8pfloo»8, put wash board to a 
boat; •tcS^cbcS^, catcb, spread, as fire; GS^^dB^j 
def. 2. ©8cbSc8jBoaSojoo^o8800j^, unite two gar- 
ments; 9sdb^c8^oa^29^CD^oao^9 join two boards, 

•tcSS, def. 2. co^escSSoooDSi det. 2, and 4. 

%^9 1. Mutual connection ; (^S©^o5i, name given by 
Karens to the Chinese, and white foreigners denot- 
. ing brotherhood ; q^3e^o5i> brothers and sisters; 2. 
CO. Sp, as SSgS, wet; co. of ^^| 3. try, examine ; 
affix, by way of examination or trial; ogSc^f » give 
a look at ? 08©^, shoot by way of trial ; 4. see 
bS^S, €0. bSft^, 1. species of bird; 2. skate a 
stone on water; 5. deriv. form o©^, Pgho for <^\© 
topf a ghost) also contraction of <^^^^* 

•^ng^, def. 8. 

B§o6i, co.'SQ^. 

•I, 1. 00. GiSiSiti, a large kind of fishing net ; Bsei, co. 
SsGiStS, set 00. cc^s^i, cast go. 2. ooSei, or ooS&S 
oo^eiy a feast connected with funeral ceremonies; 
3f CO. ^, as ^8iGi8i, an arrow ; 4. iSSei, des- 
pieablei disgraceful, rude, barbarous; 5. neg. as 
ooGiOOJSy be of no use, worthless, despicable. 

&, 1. see eti, 2. see 8Si, co. 85i8So2i, raised and knob- 
bed ; 3. see odSS^ a kind of creeper ; 4. see coS^^ 
the highest pole in the roof of a building lying 
on the heads of the rafters ; 5. see cBi, the papya 
plant; 6. arsenic; 7. sounds like the peeping of 

ii, (k2v. def. 7. 

I8»), name of a Karen fable. No* 22. 

m »5 

ic^Sy oame of a snaall, blackl^ird resembling a awallaw. 

i\ 1. Squeeze, press, with tbe hands; knead» shampoo; 
2. dropsical swelling; ooSe^, have oo. 3. deriv. 
form^ see oiS, 4. see ^Sd^l, or g'^^S'^ species of 

e^^S, and &^ooSc8, squeeze, press or shampoo lightly. 

&^c8% ^Pplj ^^^^ to relieve pain. 

e^ocn, incorporate, mix by squeezing together. 

1^001, CO. e\coiiSo, salt, impregnate with salt by press- 
ing, &Q. 

eSsSp, same as SS, def. 1. 

iScStp CO. iSSziSiffif apply a warm cloth to a painful 
part with pressure; oo^e^cSs, oo, 

i^o, CO. i^ooi. 

©S^l, CO. ©1c8t. 

e^0D8, CO. &ss88. * 

e^cSs, CO. eS:B%htco9f mix, as rice and curry gravy by 
squeezing; SSo8i(3^, {fo. 

i^oS, CO. e^oS^soD, choke to death by squeezing Iheneck. 

iS, 1* CO. &S8i^i8i, or eSSi^iSi, a cultivated field of 
lowland; CgeS, co. Of^hSo^^x^ plough afield; 
QieS, work a field; c8^eS, dig up a field with a 
spade; 2. adv. firmly, fixedly, permanently, un- 
remittingly; c8i©5, CO. cSieScSio, settled, per- 
manently located; fixed, tight, immoveable; oDt 
oo^eS, have strong attachment, not give up or 
abandon, 3. sticky, adhesive; 4. pertaining to a 
field, as fjseS, the field turtle ; o^&S, co. o^bSoj^x, 
low land paddy ; 5. co. ooi, as oo^&Soo^aoi, some- 
thing heavy. 

ii@l 478 

5co|t, def. 3. 

Scx>^^, the endoBore of a field, 

Sc^ii 8ame as Sc^S. 

S3ty eo. eSSs^iSs, a field or plat of paddy gronDd whose 
limits are marked in some way* 

BiScrjnogn, def. 2. 

Soobj CO. iSoobeSood), a field caltivated in the dry 

^c8S« jombled see c8S. 

>^, an open place caltivated as a rice field. 

Sooft, def. 2, anl 3. 

U !• Say, speak, tell; oo^dB^ooSeSi imprecation; 2. 
adv. waddling or wagging, chiefly applied to yonng 
things; 3. adt>, peeping and chirping sounds; 4. 
udv. a number of little ones scrambling together 
after food; 6. a quarter, as ooet| — oSs, one quarter, 
two quarters; esS&t, half a qnarter; 6. co. S| 
clear, pure, as c8e8c8S, clear or deep yellow. 

•cocSif def. 1. Stoo^oocSioo^, do. 

McocgXf 00. htcoc&xitcoQ^x^ lay a fault to the charge 
of another, excuse one's self by blaming another. 

tit, adi9. def. 8. 

t^ty CO. it|t&t|^tety adv. def. 4. 

t^, see dB^3D^&t^. • 

itoo^, what is spoken ; &too^ooc8iao^9 do. 

^toooeif^f ask a person if he is deaf; considered an 

^gt, CO. it<^ 

474 ipch^Sx 

iscS^, 1. Com Q)6Dce speaking } 2. itcSjSo^ii, praise 

is^l^^, CO. is^l^f'i^t, tell one he is a fool, or insane; 
considered an insult. 

etf^tSs^i call one a witch or wizzard. | 

iioj)^, CO. Sscfji^isqbiy call one a thief or a liar. 

itoo^y CO. etco^oboo^, tell, inform; Ssoo^opi, repeat^ 
explain, or interpret what is said. I 

isoSsSsoSs, adv. def. 2. 

etc8ioooD8, speak of one's self, declare one's eelf to b^ 
this or that. 

etcSzy^co. etoSscBSoi, or isoSscB^Qi, use ribaldry. 

etcot8i| CO. isootc^SesoosSiy use insulting or abosiu 
language to one; villifj, 

&tOQi&ic8, slander, traduce, villify. 

i^, jump, skip ; run, i^cB^, jump or leap up ; ft^cBi, 
jump down ; 2. in figured work, specked with 
small light spots or figures ; 3. go from place tc 
place, from being uneasy in any location, wander- 
ing habits; 4. q^. in a jumping, skipping man- 
ner; as og^e^, a dog jumps; bSijS, to skip on 
the surface of water ; also, the name of a bird ; 5. 
see i^^Pi judge, 6. i^obi, give account of, 
discourse, preach ; 7. temper, harden, as steel ; 8. 
Chinese, yiS^8, Chinese. 

ijSoDoS, CO. of i^ooSS. 

e^ooSS, CO. ©^oo85olooo5, def. 1. jump over. 

ijSojis^iojia^i, — Sfoj^e^^oj^ai^, and SjSojioji, ^et 

i^c^^fSiy skip backward and forward ; an amusement, 

S^8S^8 475 

the relative position of the parties is ench ae to 
give them a glimpse of each other's face at each 

Kxgs, def. 1. see e^S^l^ojjt. 

)c^9 cOm iSoonSi^Si def. 1. a kind of amusement; 
we o^^. 

)r^i, a kind of bird ; same as Sc^S. 

)^8, skip, jnmp abont in plaj. 

>^88^, skip, jump with agilitj and skill. 

>i&Sf CO. i^obSiSoo), def. 7. temper a cleaver. 

5^1, CO. *^fS5if tbi, def. 6. 

SeoDi, CO. e^erSi. 

^•Si, CO. ip^Sii^ecoXf the sereamiDg of the negro- 
monkey at night; said to be the male monkeys 
condoling with the females that they are obliged 
to sleep without shelter and giving them assuran- 
ces that before the next night they will build a 
commodious place for them \ but they forget their 
promise during the day, and at night the same 
scene is reacted ; hence, the term is figuratively 
used to denote talking much and performing little. 

i^fti dash against, as waves against rocks, &c. $ee f%. 
def. 7. 

^^^, CO. i^^i^Si, def. 1. pitch upon each otheri and 
cling together as fighting cocks.. 

k^^, CO. i^^ti^SSf skip as a squirrel from the ends 
of limbs do. strike with the spurs. 

l§8, 'skipping on the limbs,* co» oo^i, which see. 

if8i^8| adv. descriptive of the prattling of children 


ijSSs, CO. ipitl^^h samo as S^^t^^St. 

&^8i(^8if &t@\o6@i« tradition, history. | 

^PSP' ^^* ^j^Sl^^^i^' ^ii*6cN order, arraoge, decide 

judge, 02^^^^^> submit a case. 
*?^?^^» ^^- ®?e9?^^*?^?o^» t^^y ^ses, judge jadii 

ciallj ; yiS^^f <^^» a j^^g^i arbiter. 
e^^^tD^, coudenin, give judgment against. j 

i^^^s^^, 00. ejS^jSooiy violent judgment. 
i^^^c^Sy.give a decision which is final. 
e^^fJfn, gain the case. 
e^^^Soo, same as S^p85» 
fe^^jSooi, CO. S^^^s^^&jS^jSodi, judge, decide on crim-1 

iual cases; i^^^c^H^^jSoDi, andi^ice versa, judge 

decide cases in general whether civil orcrimiDal. 
4f ooogS, CO. S^ooc^S. 
i^ooo^S, co.^ ipcoo^S. 
t^oDc^S, CO. SjSjoogSi^ooc^S, or hpcoc^i^0O(^p hop, 

leap on one foot. 
ftjSooc^S, 00. e^ooc^Se^ooogS, do. 

e^oocx)!, CO. &^QOCoie^ooc8p, jump or sjkip over. 

&^000}ic08O3oS, def. 3. 

i^oocS^, CO. e^oDCOi. 

ipOj^S, jump or leap acrossi as an animal across tbc 

road direetlj before one, considered a bad omen ^ 

ijSooScSSoo^S^li springy or jump before, in ordei 

to get ahead of encch other. 
ijSoo^cSif jump, skip backward and forward alternately 
ep66ii CO. &^obi&^cSS, or &^o)icSSdbi> pr c8Sobx&[ 

di, or S^cbiobcSi, def. 6. 

^(88, <%). S|Sa6t. 

Sod65» JQinp as those who tread on fire. 

Soc85j CO. &^oc8Sd)oooS, jump, leap across or over. 

fof, CO. if 3^. 

^8c8, bubble, boil up. 

1^8^, applied to water, break, boil up bj agitation. 

f3^, CO, h^SphpcTQt, def 2. ifSflf of , do. oSfSf , 
the chetah, or spotted tiger. 

if8Sc8» 1* Same as SS8c8, 2. name of a plant, resem- 
bling what is termed the Bengal gooseberry ; 3. 
small shrub, fruit not edible. 

»^Sf(^t) 1. Roll, dash as waves; 2. or ifSf^l&f(df§^, 
tumble, jump about in the waves. 

i^^i, jump upon, seize. 

^^1 embrjo eggs in a fowl &c. . 

^@?»?6. def. 2. 

i^a^, jump up, as to catch any thing high. 

i^if , CO. if ^. 

i^^. CO, ifc9ifiS:^, specked with white. 

if^^<^H, run or jump favoring one leg, as if lame. 

if 8, CO. if o^. 

ifffic^l, see 9^SS. 

ifc88f I 00. ifcBofifcBSf, jump, skip, bound, op and 

down for practice, 
if 00^, run or jump with all one's might, 
i^oo^fy jump up and down, jump up as out of a hole, 
f (fif d^f , run and fall, then rise, run md fall again, 

and 80 on repeatedly, glancis, move With a rising 

and falling motion. 

478 eiooGD« 

iiy 1. Indicates distance between given points; see ex 
&ii CO. ooSif and 9\i\f 2. something rare, nol 
commonly met with, as o^^cjSSi, a large species o) 

•1, or GiSs, 1. Tie. bind, fasten with a string, cord 
&c. •iooc8i, tie in one place, or with one string 
&o. eioc8i, do. two do. 2. retain a fault, not fo^ 
give, hold responsible; 3. affixed to nouns, ^ 
string, cord, &c. for tying the thing indicated bf 
the noun ; as 8^ei, a hair string. 

giodSS, CO, •ioo86eiODQS| tie a knot. 

ntx>S, CO. 9it3oSS8ex>S, tie, bind tight, or firm; eicoSoS^ 
ex>S, do. applied particularly to binding persons^ 
©icdSooSodq^, dof. 2. 

eiojS, CO. ©ioj^5©ioo5, tie around the loins or around 
the middle. 

•ic8^, tie up. 

eioS^i, tie the hands behind the back. 

»i8p, CO. ©icJ^j, tie in bow-knot, or loosely. 

eio8, CO. B^<^9^o%f tie apart, in different places or bun- 

•iSt, see def. 1. 

•lOjjS, CO. ©lOJ^eicS, splice or lengthen by tying. 

eia^i^, same as ei|^^i. 

Gif^, CO. eiot. 

•lODogi, or ©iODd§i©ia>(5gi, tie in a bow, or noose. 

©loS, 1. Tie in a hard knot, tie permanently; 3. samj 
as 91 ^oS. 

•lOOOgl, CO. ©103 c^i. 

eiooo3t» be tied, be in a knot. 

•iS^i 479 

•1^9 1. Fasten a line in a horizontal direction; 2. sail, 
move or shoot off in a long direct line, as a bird, 
without moving the wings; cgieiS, do. 3. stretch, 
strain, make tense, as a string, cord, <fec* in a 
line; 4. num. dfx. snares, <fec. which are extend- 
ed in a line; 5, co. bSS, deep; @8#iS(X)QSdB5, a 
.deep, enormous sin ; 6. oo©iS, a pass, or the space 
between things ; ooSooeiS^g, a narrow, confined 
pass; 7. straight, direct; in the direction of; ODt 
•1^801, an upright mind; 8. o/o?. exceeding, excel- 
ling, surpassing ; may be rendered by than ; oi©iS, 
exceeding good, handsome, or useful ; <j5#iSoDopS, 
more pleasant than ; (fcieiSoDopS, more travelled 
than; 9. deriv. form, see ooeiS, and o©iS, co. oQi 

I osiS, 10. cut off, sever at a blow, 11. plumbago, 
CO. y5, tin, lead, as ©iS8iyS8i, — ©iScS, a black 
lead pencil ; 12. enumerate, set down figures, 

nSa>§S, def. 12. 

•i^cx^^, lie stretched along. 

•i^cBi, extend horizontally towards ; co. of ei^aoi. 

•iWi, CO. ei^aoiei^c8i> straight, &c. def- 7, 
02^»i^QOiODt9i^<6i, def. 7. 

ti^ooi^, a long stretch or distance. 

•i^aj«, CO. eiSocjssiScSi, draw tight, &c. def. 3. 

si^dB§, tie up, as a line ; ©iSdB^oSSi, tie up mosquito 

•iScg, as OD^ei^og, is a creeper arranged and tied so as 
to form both the string and spring of a oS8. 

^^^ string of the o^8, see o^8. 

4^0 9t\ 

•i^bscSs, the strings stretched over a paddj field to poI 
clappers and frighten birds. 

•i^c8i see lcad-pencil| def. 11. 

•i^dSi, CO. of ©i^ajs. 

©iSc^icbS, stretch, or be stretched along on the gronnd 
floor, &c. 

•iSc8i, ^ee oo^ei^cSi, def. 1. 

•IS, 1. see <i^te^9f nee exertion, or effort, be diligent; 1 
see OD^sit, countenance, approve, -uphold. 

•i^cS, CO. ei^cSeijScbi, hang, die bj hanging; eiSoSoo 
COS, and ei^o5cgSoooDt, hang one^s self. 

•n, 1« Snccession of the same race, kind, descendaDtB, 
snccessors ; 8^eiio^€>ii, children, as the succeeaon 
of parents; ©nc^^, descendants; 2. v. afx. indi- 
cating lineal succession ; 3. deriv. form, see oosii^ 
race, species, and oeii, kind of tree; 4. inter* 
mediate; yioo0ii, a term including all the children 
between the eldest and jopngest; bS©ii, next th«l 
eldest child ; ^^gii, the third child ; S. afx. indi^ 
eating something intermediate or between, aa coco 
^$911, a species of elephant between the oos8^^J 
and ooc6ooc6, in regard to size ; also indicate^ 
an amalgamation of differeht races or tribes ; 8f 
^$•11, part Pgho; ^i^Sen, part Sgan; 6. o. q/^J 
helping, supporting, sustaining, &c. cg^eii, 
ng^©nc»s©ii, help, look after, take care of; takiD^ 
care of; cfi#ii, oo. c8aii^aii, aid, help; c8^ni 
CO. c8^0itc8S8^, help pound rlee ; o5t©it, eo. 
^xSl^Wt help iiold ; cS^oSsii, provided irithoc 
our care, the blessings of dirine provklenoe ; 7. 

f ODOJS 481 

afx. fiomething iDtermediate ; c^dUi co* ^^^ 
•n» a door, gate; intermediate space; ^on, co. ^ 
»ii^»i balustrade; 8. promiDent or bellying ont 
in the middle or intermediate part. 

ni^9 wide or far apart. 

nioon^def. 8. c8ieiiooii| co. c8iooi^§ipcSi»iicoii, 
be pot-bellied. 

•nooiicooiy adt>. in the manner of def. 8., aho name of 
a email bird| head yelloWt deBtroctive to fields of 

•iicBiojS, CO. eiicSioj^SS^cSi^i see def. 1., have the 
ancceseion ent off. 

\% !• Arm, band, and of aniraalsi the fore legs; oo9^, 
with one arm ; oo^^oocSie^Si not of the same con- 
federacy, CQBtomSi habits or religion ; dSioo^^, 
atretch ont the arms on each side; ooS^, co. ooS 
f^SSS, point at with the hand or finger ; ^ScoS 
f, CO. d>5c8SfGbSc8S8^i bend back each other's 
bands, nn amnsement; 2. pertaining to the arm, 
band, &c. 8. ofx, unobserved, silently, slily; ogS^, 
CO. ^^?^^^P» 4.deriv. form, do. oo^,— oo^i^,— 
.(fi^oo^, dwell together in harmony ; 6. meet with, 
come together or in contact with; 00^^, Co. oo^ 
foo^^p ; 6. num. afx. applied to time; oo^, once, 
one time, as twice; 7. see oo^^, the arms of a 
sail, a yard. 

^a>cxn, CO. ^odcoii. 

{oodS, CO. hands cramp. 

|CDooii, CO. ^ayxx^cocoXf hollow of the hand. 

89 K. 

492 ^9^ 

^003^, CO. ^oog^^ODd^, figuratively applied to pilferiiig» 
and other mischief done bj the hand; Bee fc^9^- 

fcb^Sy CO. ^oof ^fOD^^y see oo| |S| 2. 

f cx>|i, see ob|i, 2. ^no|^\8^y C<7. fcoj^iS^f co|^iODt» edge 
or margin of the hand. 

^oo^8y hands tremble. 

eoDSSy CO. ^no8S^ODo5, see oo85, 2. 

f cott^y CO. ^oo»^S^a>»p. 

1^00^5, CO. ^oDbS^cx^wS, see oobS, 4, foobSf coSS, see 
od85, 2. 

eCDOty CO. ^ODOS^OOOty «^^ odos, 1. 

©ODbi, CO* ^oobi^oooi, see oobi, 1. 

Go5^9 ck>. ^co^^cSiy 1. Creases or lines in the hand; 

2. ^o5S, CO. ^o5S^@i, or ^o5^8^cBi, the fillet 

with which the wrist is tied in the ceremonj 

of recalling the guardian spirit. 
^c6^odS(|^i, same as ^ooScoB^i. 
^cBS, neck, or smallest part of the arm, t. e. the wrist; 

^cBSoog, do. 
^c^t, CO. ^f^^^^h hand-writing; c^8c8^^i learn to write 

a good hand. 
^98| CO. ^98^^8| wages, hire. 
1^8^, CO. fS^^coS, the fist; sometimes co. of fggl- 
^Sc8, empty handed, 
f S^cSiy the end of the palm of the hand, next the 

^oS, CO. ^oSfbSi the creases or lines in the palms of 

the hands; ^oSc^Si are the large creases which 

cross the palm from side to side. . 
{9^, 00. f9^fG8i, do. same as ^oS^i 1. 

^ool 483 

fiOiSSioi) a figurative phrase denoting the embarrass- 
ment of domestio labors while the woman is in a 
pregnant state; applied both to the man and 

f^oji, see •oji. 

^fj^y CO. ^f^f^^» the left hand. 

^80^, finger. • 

fsoif CO. ^ooi^oo), the articulations of the arm and 

fsj^S^ooooty as yioo^s^^^^l^^^^y ^ phrase denoting 
the condition of the dead. 

f ^) part of the hand between the fingers and the wrist. 

^q18^, CO. §^8^^glcx)5, back of the hand; ^g^^, 
do. ^q1cx>8, CO. ^glSp^^ODg, the palm of the 
hand; ^^ooiS^^loDg, do. ^glooijB, and ^g^og^i 
a cross; ^glcoS, co. ^gTS^. 

^QOOD^i an executioner, not in common use. 

^aooz, SoStooSoooSs^ODog. 

^QoVooS^ii the axil or arm pit. • 

f 001% CO. to several words relating to the hand. 

fooiif 1. The apex or prominent point on the lower side 
of the fist when the haiid is closed ; 2. the dis- 
tance from the elbow to that point. 

^c8if CO. ^cSif^x, same as^no^, !• 

jcBi, the fleshy part of the arm below the elbow. 

f @^^ii CO. ^@^8^fg^(j2i, the spaces between the fin- 
gers, particularly the thumb and forefinger ; 
^@S8o«, do. 

f^i, CO. ^cBi. 

fcx>1, CO. focSl^oby or fooi^|oo)| a span. 

484 ^ 

fobf CO. foS\. 

f eg), eo. f (^, alsoi a towel or the likoi for wiping the 
hands; ^0^,00. 1ip^%^^* 

fOg^o5^, same as fooii, !• 

^0^9 CO. ^<^f <^f right hand. 

\^j^9 CO. f ^fSf 3, the fleshy part of the arm below the 
elbow; ft^^^oS, the hamerns or arna bone; f^ 
c8iy space between the shoulder and elbow ; «nn&' 
times applied to that between the elbow and 
wrist; (^^OD^, same as ^q^i — f^^oogi, aame 
as ^oq^i* 

f9> CO. f ?^^f or ^ooi^f 9i the wrist ; ^^cBSf smallest 
part of do. 

fjejfi, the carpal bones; ^3008| same as ^gcBS. 

^bty CO, f bs^oSy the radios or lesser bone of the fore- 
arm ; sometimes nsed for ^(^^bi, the third finger. 

f ^i» CO. ^(^f and sometimes nsed for ^^S^ finger; ffi 
Odoo^i articulations of the fingers. 

^fiS| the angle or apex of the fist, called also f ooit, 

which see^ W^^* ^^* ^f ^^^^^f^^^' ^^® angle of 

the elbow, 
foc^iy CO. focoi^ocgiy the maecnlar or fleshy part of 

the ^q^jS, on the inner side. 
foo59| a. finger ring; odqSoo^ooSsi rings nsed on the 

forefeet of elephants to clog or tether them, 
f (jiS, CO. ^(^SfoSy a rail or balnstrade used to steady a 

person in going np or down stairs, over bridgesi 

and the like' as <6oof (^Si and cBibof (^S, 
f^^, CO. ^a^^ooii, or ^<g^fc^^f the distance from the 

elbow to the end of the middle finger; a cubit. 

^OD^ 485 

fo%f CO. fotf o8f the inside of the handi the part nsed 
in handling things; also tendrils; fOoSg, skin or 
cuticle of the hand. 

f^i eo. ^^3^^^! ft glove; thimble; a sleeve; that in 
which the arnii hand, or finger is inserted. 

fp^h CO. ^(^. 

f 02^9 CO. S^ob, as ^oj^S^cby fees taken of a person for 
going to sammons or call him bj order of a mag- 

f^t CO. f f^ffif the fingers. 

ff^8^, CO. ^(^Sooi^^c{^8^9 the ends of the several 

f fS^iif the middle finger. 

I^SS^oot, CO. f(^S9jSoo8^^^S^8^, the knuckles. 

f ^^00^, CO. ^^^Soo^^^^^^, the little finger. 

{^^dOi| the articulations of the fingers. 

f ^^c8, CO. ^f^(&^<!^(yS\f same as ^c^^^n. 

f ^^biy CO. ^^^bs^c^^os, the third-finger. 

t^^S^f «>. ^^SS^^^jSo^, the thumb. 

f ^^f)eii CO. \^^^^^^^^\ the ends of the fingers. 

ff^ogSy CO. ^^Soo5^^Scx)5, the first, or forefinger. 

fo^y the nails, claws, &e. of the hand or forefeet. 

t^^» CO. ^^^nocSS, or ^^SnoooS^^SoocSS, be in the 
habit of meddling with or handling things with 
which one has no business. 

^^5ooc8S, do. 

(00^8, the two hands, or the hands on each side. 

fO^^OD^i the part of ^e mnscular congeries above, or 
below the elbow which lies next the bone. 

\oa^f the hand. 

486 • «^ 

^o^^S^f Bweety delioione. 

^g6» CO. f ogt^cbt remuneration or wages for manual 

labor. • 
fc8S» meety &e. see ^^ def. 5, oo^^c8S| do. 
fc8Sej5» the bones of the forearm,- inclnding both the 

nlna and radios. 
^c8^i mark, printi or place of the handi signature* 
^c8^8^8^i j£$^. goodsi possessions, wealth. 
)c8^oo^<d^> see oo^c8^. 
^c8i| sometimes need to denote giving an effective 

f cSitx^S, Jig. united, confederate^ have the same in- 
terests, cnstom8> &c. 
^ODrSioDt, the inside of the hand ; generally the hollow 

of the hand. 
^ODooS, CO* ^0300^^03(^^1 the distance from the end of 

the thumb to the end of the forefinger, hence a 

trifle shorter than ^ocH. 
^(§1, remedy for ooSc8^. 
^odSs, CO. f 0308^030 1, — ^03ot^, and ^0301^^9 same 

as ^coos, &c. see coo8| def. 1. 
^03^9 CO* ^o^^^oo^y bard, callous places on the inside 

of the hand made by hard labori &c. 
^c^S^o^, skilled in haqdiworki ^i^ojS^c^y handicraft, 

generally done by a capenter, mechanic, &c. 
^y 1. ^SooS, noise made by an unknown night-bird 

soOf soo. It is said swine are always to be foun 

in the direction from which this noise proceeds 

c c * 

2. ^1^% sound uttered by reapers when strivio 
for rivalry, indicative of triumph ; the victor say 

<'Ah! I ha^e got round one hog, 8OO9 soo;'* eat- 
ing cQcnmbera from a field before the paddy is 
cQtf to prevent the guardian spirit of the paddy 
from quitting the field. Also used on eating a 
cuoumber at night, during the time of harvest. 3* 
Oog. oo^S, — oo^S, — o^, — OD^S, — or odj^od'^i, 
see co^f def. 2.: 4. see oo^S, def. 1. the mon- 
key tiger, or Ictides ater^ ^S^> ^^^ ^^9 ^o» 
5. see of% or o^^oooi, be in haste, OD^^no^i, 
this barren peak of a mountain &c. a)^o^^> 
a kind of tree: 6. ooSo3|^9 co* oo^od^^oo^od'^i, 
see oof^. 
fS, 1. Attach tOy fasten upon the under side as bees 
do their comb to the underside of a limb; 2. a 
swing, swinging cot, cradle, and the like ; 3. adv. 
in a hanging, pendant manner; 4. reduplicated, 
ckft?. firmly, tenaciously? 5. deriv. form, co^S, 
ddt. or adj. in a keen, cutting, tenacious, unyield- 
ing, piquant manner ; see ogSoo^S, — ^oo^S, or 

^OO^S^CXD^S, — OpOO^S, 00^00^5, CO. OO^OD^Sop^ 

cx)»S, and ooSodcx^^S; 6. divine by making the 
end of a handkerchief, or something of the kind 
into a knot and swinging it to and fro. In this 
sig. CO. of 00^, 7. reduplicated, adv. each one, 
one by one; ^5^5,^5^5; 8. see oj^S, co, o^^Sa^Qi, 
a species of trap or gin; 9. ^Soo^S, or ^Sod^S. 

fSco^S, name of a creeper used for making ropes. 

fS»S, same as ^6, def, 1. 

^fS, see def, 4, and 7. 

^Sa>^, def. 6. ^Soo^od^ooS, see ooH, def. 3. 

488 f, 

fScSpi ilef. 1. also, sling up a swiDgy &c.f see def, %. 

alsO} put into a swing, &c., as a child to swing it. 
^S^ii same as fS, def. 2, 
^5o^, 00* ^SojSf SbS, def| 2. made with a board, or 

bamboo seat, or bottom. 
^5bS, CO. ^So^. 

^S^if {^, ^S<2|i^S8, the string or rope of a swing, &c« 

^5oo^, CO. ^5o8^. 

§5a8^, CO, j^ScS^^Soo^, as no^^SoB^, a Warm of bea 
just settled upon a limbi or other spot* 

^SooS, def. 2. .formed by slinging up a sheet, or the 

i^ScSs, CO. ^Sc8s^S^t^9 adv. see def. 3. as a tree loaded 
down with fruit. 

^ScSsy CO. ^ScSsi^SoDgy do. as grain which bends down 
from being well filled. 

^^^^9 same as ^Scx)^^. 

^6^8, CO. ^S^sSicSi def. 3. strings of beads on the neck. 

f8, ]. Cast down with the force of both hands; 2. dash 
or strike down with force; 3. cast or throw op, 
as upon a pile or heap; 4. throw OTcr, as to 
cover; 5. tumble down, as from an eminence; 6. 
cast awaj, abandon, as a thing abhorred or use- 
less; 7. afx. in a dashing, tumbling manner; e^ 
^«, CO. 6S©8c6j5§^, V^^Ji d^^'^ about in the water 5 
e^fS, CO. eS^zlStffif dashy as waves against rocks, 
&c. ooSejS^s, CO. oo8&^^(ooSi^oo8, do. part of a 
formula used in charming a boil or ulcer; 8. q/b. 
meet, as in travelling; ooS^s. 

f^ 489 

(logs, eo. ^<<^^ngS| def. 6. 

ftcgS, oo. fs<^S^8^t, def. 1. 

ftdy strike with the end down, with forcei churn c^p 

f 8c8^, def. 3. 

{8^y and f^fcS^y def. 3. 

f8^ CO. ^ingS. 

ftoSt, CO. ^SOOIt 

ftooif 00. ^tooifscSs, def. 4. j^sodiodicS^, cover over 
with straw. 

jtoji^, for ^8^. 

ficSi, 00. ^8c8i»ic8i9 def. 5. ^cSicbscSi, do. 

ftoDi, def, 2. dash down, fall with force, as an animal 
shot dead. 

|80^^t| cast down so as to dash to pecies. 

f8dS^, CO. ^sdS^^sob, throw down with a crashing or 
thundering noise. 

f^, 1. Macerate, digest in a liquid, saturate; f^SiCP 
OD^, digest with salt, pickle; 2. submerge, soak; 
88f^ooi| set a 031, under water; 3. poison oo^^^9 
00. oo^^^oo^<g^, do. (^Sc8oo»noo^^9 Hhe snake is 
chewing his venom,' figurative, a person who con- 
temptuously, or malignantly refrains from answer- 
ing when spoken to; also, to secret machinations; 
4. name of a tree and of its juice used for poison- 
ing arrows, &c. it is, when fresh, very deadly, 
causing death in less than an hour; it is said 
these fatal effects may be prevented by adminis- 
tering acid freely; cBS^^, oo. cBS^jScBS^i, extract 
the poisonous juice from the tree ^\^% co. ^x^ 

4fiO |i 

Sz^x, or o8t^^oo8^^i is to besmear tbe point of 
an arrow with f^,— 8c8f^, name of another and 
still more poisonous treei not generally known 
among Karens of the present day, if at all; 5. n. 
afx. infused as oxf ^i rice boiled in a bamboo, the 
jaiees of which are thereby infnsed into the rice; 
6* see oo^^8ic8i9 a race of men of uncomQH>Q size 
said to dwell somewhere above Ava; 7* for i^i 
jump, leap; ^^o^|tooooootoDio^8|^i9 Ear. Fab. 
(^|S, here may have been a mistake of the copyist.) 

f ^00018(3, same as f^oii. 

f ^ooop^i CO. ^jSnoo^^ f SoooD^i macerate, digest; see def* 1. 

f ^8i, to color red. 

^^90^, CO. ^^soSe^QoS, subject to the process of fer- 1 
mentation ; oo^fSooS, sourcrout made of any kind 
of vegetables. 

^P\xt CO. ^^8i^i8i, def. 4. 

^^oii, the poisonous juice made plastic by pounding. 

(^cj, to color black. 

f^c8i| dip, submerge in a liquid for the purpose of 
maceration, decoction, infusioui saturating, dyeing, 
&c. or ^Sc8i^c8i) dye; submerge in an infusion 
or solution of coloring matter, ^^c8i, co. f^c8i 
0^1 c8i, submerge for the purpose of soaking, &c* 

|^^8i<2|^8i, and ^^Si'^iSi, def. 4. 

fi, 1. Bednplicated,' adv. each one, each separately, 
one by one ; 2. affix, separate, apart ; see 8i^i,— 
0288i^i, move off to a distance from ; 3. see 8if i, 
or 81^181*^11 a kind of creeper; 4. for (i, rain; 
or oo^^i, CO. oo^fiooHcSi,— oo^cb^i, it rains* 

fifi^ def. 1. eaine ae |S^6| def. 7. 

{, !• Sharp, peaked, pointed; 8^^, co. S^f^f^t? ^^t^^ 
^1 do. 9^^, a peaked chin, or, under lip; oo)^, 
ool^ool^, whittle to a point ; c^^f^> co. ^^f^^^^t 
(2<7. d. figuratively, aoatOf penetrating intellect,, 
aptitude to learn ; 3, abandon, throw away, see 
^8; 4, 8ort| cull, retain the good and cast the 
bad away; 5. afx. as oosf^i co. cos^oos^i^ make 
an allasion, comparison, &c. to the point, be ap- 
plicable; 6.qfx. as c8i^, CO. dSi^cSi^i reduced, 
nearly broken up, or extinct, as a family by re- 
peated deaths, 

oo^S, very pointed, or peaked. 

|no^, 00. ^cx>^^^oo(^, peaked, sharp ; see co^. 

^, 00. ftogSft^^ def. 3. 

^^f and ^^^ooooS, be moderately pointed. 

^, same as ^, def. 1. ^<^noooS, be very pointed. 

^s^, sharpest possible point. 

|c6i, taper down to a point. 

joSxa^c^S, taper to a long, slender point, spindle-shaped. 

pD^ScSi, do. 

^ooooS, taper to a slender and smooth point with a 
cutting edge on each side ; lance shaped. 

J, 1. CO. ^^9 taper, converge, tend to a point; 2. 
coflSn, from its tapering form ; 3. suck up, draw 
up, or in, by suction, or, absorption ; 4. as oSlQp 
f^, Co. o6\Q^^oS\QS9Sf crave, have a longing ap- 
petite, have the 'mouth water ; ' 6. throb, twinge, 
tingle, as pain in an inflamed part ; 6. Cog. 
00^% from ^, L 7. obey, observe, regard 


as ioBtrtictiony advicei or a oomniand ; ««>• fS, as 
^^ooSfSoo^^ belieye; oo^^^oo^fS, belief» faith. 

jSopi^Soji, belie ve, trust in. 

^^0002^ , ^* t.^^^^ft^^^^» ^® tapering) larger at one 
end than at the other. 

^Sc8|5, snck np, draw up as h'qnid by snction. 

^SojSogS, def, 5. oj^ocjs^SogScgS, do. 

^Sc6i, def. 1. 

^^oo5t, sack, draw in by sactioni applied to the draw- 
ing of leeches; 1* sack spirits through a tube ; 9. 
absorption, and| 

(^001, CO. ^^oSsf^SoDS, absorb or drink np by evapora- 
tion ; oo^^if^^oSioo, the rain dcinks up the streams 
of water, said of the sudden reduction of the 
streams after a rain in the dry season. 

^^$ snck or draw up liquid into the mouth as cattle 
in drinking; said also of the rainbow. 

^S^ something impulsivoi effective, not easly avoided; 
1. With 001, sure, trusty, effective; as traps, gins, 
<fec. which do not miss the game; 2. adr>. effec- 
tively, forcible, obsgS^ScocoS, stab so as to enter 
deep; 3. afx. as S^S, co. q^, catch a nap, mo- 
mentary doze; o&Sc5S, a custom of the Karens, 
when a person has finished a new house ho goes 
and sleeps alone in it one or two nights to see if 
it is safe ; c8i^5, co, c8ibi, hang down ; and of 
cSiSi, trickle down ; see <3gsc8i^5, 4, Cog. oo|>5. 
CO. oo^SoD^S, and oo^S^t, adv. in a tapering 
manner; same as ^^ def. 6, ODf^S, is also used 
as f^S, def. 2. 



[SooooS» adv. eee def. 2. 

^SoS» the orange plant; ^S&So3^i the fruit. 

[ii 1. Be closei compact, haddled together, aeeemblage 
of persoDs or things ; blend^ mix, or add to ; pnt 
together ; 3« num. aff. applied to heaps and as- 
semblages; 4. reduplicated, adv. indicating succes- 
sion, one after another; time after time ; alsoi 
here and there in particular locations $ 6. agree, 
correspond, as different things 'With each other in 
respisct to numbers, dimension, &c. aee ^tooii, 6. 
deriv. form aee o^s,— o^gogS,— o^«<8i, Co. o^gtfit 
o#tfd8i» derived from def. 5. : 7. off, eee oSS^s, be 
modest, virtuous, agreeable in manners, opposed 
to loose, licentious habits; ^^oS^^tooiSi^g^, 
o}i^ic8^9objSo5^oi, &• reject, throw away, aban- 
don ; 9. see (tool. 

jpcfSi, CO. ^toj^sno), use, employ, turn to some account. 

|IQ2, CO. ^tool. 

^CQXf def. 1. and 2. 

M, -same as ^t, in all -the combinations. 

pngS, CO. t^^S^s^i, or f«cg5§ittS, see def. 8. eee ^t 

Pg^} CO. fi}^f}<f[if def. 2. take the poisonous juice 
from different trees, and mix it together in order 
to wake it more effective. ' 

Ljl, CO. £«|f . 

|p§^, eo, c8^§^, see def. .1. 

icot, CO, (tooir. 

■Sit, CO. figoitetoot, perform a certain kind of divina- 

[ ■ 

494 f^obS 

tioD as follows ; a namber of Bplints correspond 
iDg in namber and length with the joints of al 
the fingers; they are then counted and coroparei 
according to certain rules* 

^s^, 00. gB^^^> assemble. 

^sc8i, lay down in a heap, as the materials of a load. 

^t0d008| huddle together, as a company excited by feir 

^, or ^^•^i or ^^ob8, 1. Make straight, extend in a 
straight line, the full length; 2« look along a 
thing from end to end, &c. to see if it is straight: 
3. see o^^, aim at, point at; 4. afx. in a stretch 
ed out manner, extended at full length; see <^^ 

^j5c8Sy CO. ^^^^^^^^) stretch out, or up, the neck. 

jjSngS, CO. ^^ogSdbscgS, def. 2. 

^ScS^, CO. ^^^c8^<^8cSp, applied to the arms, legs, and 
other members of the body, straighten or stretcli 
out at full length; |^g8^,— 0D8, straighten uj 
one's self. 

©SocSjB, A palm tree. 

oSoS, CO. i^^oS^oS, see ddf. 3. 

^cSs, straighten by looking at the thing, as def. 3«| 
and bending the parts one way and the other a^ 
may be required, 

tpaj), eo. ft^oai. 

^^cxjji, CO. \^^'^^^i straighten. 

G^^c8, see ^, its handle. | 

^i&\ CO. i^cBS. j 

ip^GbSy CO. f^^cbS^^coS, straighten out, extend to fal 
length; |^^c6SoooD8| straighten out, <6c. one 

• 496 

l^tf 60. ^^c8is8ic8i9 or ^Sxm^Sxf straighten ; ap- 
plied also to the miod, direct the mind to^¥ard89 
have an honest sincere roind. 

|So90dt, straighten out or extend the body to the full 
' length* 

^if !• Applied to the mindy as oDS^i, co. OD8^ioot»^, 
CO. ^^^^^^9 ^i* 02^(toD8^^9 gentle, free from 
passion, patient^ meek^ forbearing, long^ snffering ; 
2. afx. as oooSg^i, the white dress worn by 
girls; and ooso^s^ii a species of creeper having a 
bark which is yielding or easily peeled off; 3. 
draw down the facey have a downcast look; see 
,jjic8i^S, 4. afx. as ^pft^> weep; 5. fall down, 
as showers of rain; ooS^i, Co. ooS^ioD^cSi, ooS^t 

I ol, rain which does not bbscnre the horizon; 

ooS^ioj, heavy rain, oo^^i^ecbS, rain continually 
with only slight remissions ; ooS^ioo^S, rain in- 
cessantly ; ooSo6|^i, it rains*; 6. jump, leap adv. 
in a light, dextrous manner; 7. adv. limpingly, 
haltingly; 8. see ODg^i, — o^i. 

|iooooS, and o^^icoooS, adv^ def. 6. 

^io!jj|i£iajj|i, ddv. def. 7. 

fic^if ic^i, adv. def. 7. 

^lyAy see m\ def. 15. 

^i90| the white dress worn by girls ; see def; 2. 

l^icS^y 00. ^ic8i. 

^icSibS, CO. f^iG8^^ic8i^S| see def. 8. 

#9 !• The idea of exchange; from one person, «tate, 
position, ifec. to another; silver and gold; eSio^Si, 
CO. o^^Sif 8i, or •8id3^8i; hit, oo. btdg^blf , sil- 


▼er; pay for a thing in advance; 8. separatet 
distinctf ^o. QXy as cBtoicBt^y every individnal 
also Co. of o\j as ooa^^f^oi, seven gods or objects 
of worship ; also Co. of et, as cB^c8i»d8ioty be is 
separate ; 3. n. aff* declination ; ^^9^f> io' this 
term the allusion is to def. 1. and is opposedfto 
(^^Q^ogf 4. as ooaoo^Si cnstomsf observances, 
handed down by tradition from the fathers; 5. 
with another rooti adv. as ^ii^> soft and plastic; 
6. qff. see 8tf , adv. intently ; 7. af. as bSf , ob- 
liqnoi have a bias, be inclined; -8. oc#f-— O9«oo 
g^, — ooeojlliy and ooe^iy inclined, not level, or 
perpendicalar ; reeling, going from side to side. 

^co^^f Co. eoo^if oo^Si or f oo^if oo§S; bits of silver, 
small change. 

•00^^, silver wristlet; silver ore. 

e^S) roand silver coin, used formerly by the Bnrmans. 

•ooB, Co. eOdSoooo, dean silver ; pure silver. 

eoec8, Co. eooc8ooc8i, pnre silver; also, principal, op- 
posed to interest. 

•ooois, and ooocS^, a treasury , or place for keeping 

eS<2p^, an appellation given to Siamese cash, which is 
in plano-convex pieces of specific value. 

•8, a refiner of silver, a silver smith. 

•8^8, an appellation given to pieces of native bnllion. 

f 00^8, small change of Siamese silver. 

•S, 1. Inflict evil by some occult or devilish power; 3. 
particle ; at Tavoy it is connected with iSt| and 
generally contracted to ecSt, which see. 

f ^1 1. The left, as ^ep, the ]eft hand ; 2. .^m oo)^ ; 3. 
bSo^f another speUipg for bSii^i ^0 &^, def. 4. 
also tlie qame qf a ,bird ; 5. see 8^f ^f co. 8^e^ 

•1, 1. j^otched, indentedf depressed ps the neck or waist; 
.ot^firSS, a basket witb a sinaU neek, ^^eioDt, 
ietters; 2. thin, gaupt, r^daced in flesh; in this 
sig. CO. oi, as cB^5i(]B^fi, be hangrji famished; 
8. with ^f prefixed, edge, margin, termination ; 
4. deriv. form, oaet| nsed Jn def. 1. and 2. as 
dSH^oofi, CO. c8^9aoei9> slender waist; and d^ 
oofi, a fanaisbed j^og;^. a tl^ief. 

finoc^i, and fiooo^iy.d^t \*:9M ooc9i,,def. 2. 

{toot, CO. fK^* 

fio&^, do. 
|ic35t, do. 
no^i, CO. eio^teiooti or ^logitf ic^t, pt jino^fio^t, def. 

K With the additional idea of curved, hnmped. 
^(BS, having a small or slender Ojejqk; see def. !• 
nooo^iy see fioDO^i. 
nootS^, fetters* 
•4^, CO. •x^. 
(1^, CO. fi^ajiiSoot, or ei|^$i^9 def. 2. thin, lean, 

stnntedi as a chij^ Ip IV>or health. 
•i^S\, do. 
tiQjii def. 1. Small, attenuated in some places, as a 

rope ranch wor9« 
^ 1. Sticky adheroi hang together, be tenacious; 2. a 

snare for catchiqg Jt)j;:ds, made by besmearing , a 
88 lu 

498 hixil^x 

cord 9 or the branches of a tree with a sticky sub- 
stance; 8^1 co> Q}>di\, set do* 3. fasten with 
pege, nailSf &c. 4. with cg1| pegs driven in for 
climbing; ca. e8> a ladder, as dSSibSif 5. instra- 
ments, as ^^^, co. ^^^^^b), a peg, nail, &c. 6. 
afx. closelji adheringly, assidnonslji unremitting- 
ly ; og^Si^i denotes a dog that closely pnrsaes 
game, a good hunter ; og^SiboQjgii naroe of t 
species of bird ; o1^, that to which good adheres, 
as cSSdlb, a small cup or bowl used by Karens 
in drinking spirits; i^^i co. &^b&j58t, used in 
describing the manner in which cocks strike each 
other infighting; dith, co* cSsojscSt^/ pushdown 
a thing, as with the end of the finger in order to 
make it adhere ; 7. adv. see def. 6. 

^ODf^, CO. booj^i^ODfjS, a very glutinous wax made bj 
one species of bee ; c^^cxd^^, name of the bee 
which makes do. 

booS, CO. btoSelooS, def. 1, and 3, o^S^toS, fasten 
with nails, nail up. 

bc8, CO. bojs. 

bc8S, drive up a nail or spike. 

^o^ododS, adv. def. 7. 

^008, CO. bcjs. 

^ojs, CO. ^ojs^oos, or ^ojt^cS, or ^ojsboaSi def. 1. 
Also, without the couplet, name of a tree, fruit 
od^bo^s, paste, glue, or other adhesive substance. 

iogi, CO. ^^^pfecgl, def. 4. 

bSielSi, def. 2. <88ib8i| see def. 4. 

^tcx>i 499 

^^9 this root has been found only aB a couplet; 1. co. 
^^, as ooc^oo^^i a remainderi gS^c^^gQ^^^i 
cSic^^cSi^H, be a remnant; 2. co. nS, abated^ 
&c. 806 e^c8i, 8. see ohS^ co. ^B^B* 

^f anperficial, fliiDBjy indifferent character; 1. hS, Co^ 
^S8i8i8i| or lyS8iOdi^8i| an indifferently made 
basket, 2, deriv. form, see oofeS, raw, uncured, 
&c« and obS,,C{>. o^SoeS, do slightly or partial- 
ly; 3. aff. as •^bS| see %\ def. 18, and 19. raw, 
unsubstantial, wanting in solidity ; 4. test, as 
GO 1^00^5, a test stone for trying silver, &c. 

^t, 1» Reduplicated, adv. inconsiderable, small in size, 
io degree or quality ; slightly ; 2. .adv* motion 
short, quick, changing; 8, move with a quick 
motion from side to side ; 4. adv. one sided, side 
wise, iSbt, see i^, 5. connected with the nume- 
ral 00, as 00^9, very little, small quantity or de- 
gree; oobt^t, do, 6, small degree, somewhat, as 
oi^tyiSt, employ somewhat; 7. deriv. form ; 09 
^, as ^Soo^t, very thin, soft; and oboD^t, very 

oo^t, CO* oo^tobet, in cleaning rice, do a very small 
quantity; oo^tooSt, chuck, smack, make the noise 
of a hen in calling her chickens, and that of a 
person made by a smack of the lips ; oobt, lightlyt 
&c. 8. a wheel, block, pulley, and the like. 

^tooGbi. CO. ^toooS^bsoodbt, def. 1. small in size. 

^loSf, CO. ^toci. 

^ooiy eo. ^to&^^toDi. or bsooi^iODi, adv. def. 2. oo8S 
^•(oif adv, def. 4. 

«00 ^ 

^tebtbto^^ adv. def. 3. as in smart scratcbing; ^ «^t^ 
rongby &c. 

hthtf adv. def. 1. c8iSibtbtf trickle dowD| a little at a 
time, drop bj drop; i^^tbi^ leap saddenly a 
little way and stopi as a grasshopper; ooS^l^ 
be somewhat to the point, somewhat correct. 

^tolbtoHi or ^so^btj), adv. def. 2. limpingly. 

^lo^i CO. bsolf and SsSt. 

^iSi, 00. bto^bsSt, def. 3. as the dasbiog of water from 
side to side in a vessel which is shaken in beiog 

^tobS| with only slight remissions; see ^, def. ^. oA 

^^1 1. A particle affixed to imperative and indicative 
phrases ; in the latter emphatici and in the former 
coaxing, or soliciting acquiescence, or atteotion ; 
2. said to be sometimes used in the signification 
of ^Xi far off| far apart. 

^if 1. Suspend, hang down, be pendant,; cSi^i, co. 
cdifSc8i^i» cgscSibi, CO. cgscSi^ScgicSi^iy sus- 
pended as on a nail, peg, limb, &c. 2. the thiD^ 
projecting form of the breast of a beast, as die- 
tiugttished from the broad form of the man ; 
lower part of the chest; 3. draw up or lower down 
with a rope, string, &c. 4. push or shoot dowD^ 
as the roots of a plant into the ground; 5. an 
ear, head, spike of grain ; 6. something pendant 
or suspended, as oo^i, a bucket; f^bi, an oroa- 
ment o^^ii grain heads recnrvate; afx. as cSi^v 
CO. c8if6c3ibii be suspended, banging, Ac. see 

8. 601 

del. !•; 7. attenuate, oo^o5Soo^bi, a long timet 
ciSdiShxhx^ adv. do. In the signification of at- 
tenuate, OQ^cx^^bic^i draw out a thread, spin ; 8. 
deriv. form, as oo^i, eo. oofexooSi, far off; appli- 
ed to animals, long-limbed ^ long between joints, 
9. see ki8i3D^, 10, see og^i, uttered with a spit, 
indicating contempt. 

^i8ia>^, a species of fruit in ancient poetry, unknown 
in the pres.ent day. 

hix, adv. CO. o5So55, sec def. 7. 

bio5, and ^^oo, draw water, as from a well; def. 2, 

BiS^B CO. ^ic8^eio8^, draw up, &c« see def. 9. 

fxSx, suspend, hang down, lower down, the object be- 
ing suspended by the arms, a rope, or something 
else ; also, see def. 3. 

^0^, a trap for fish which fall into it from a. water-fall. 

8, 1. Prominent, convex, elevated, rising above the 
eomraon level; rise to a prominence, rise as the 
surface of the ground into a hill or mountain; 2. 
a gnardian spirit or power which protects the 
lifs and well-being of man ; see Demonology, 
8. or oo8oooo8i, general term denoting pow- 
er, authority, ooaj»oo^S, see m^\ 4. af. prom- 
mence, loftiness, o^9f co cg^Sng^Si, look off 
from an elevated position ; i^8, see £^, c8^9, 
see def. 1. ^ig8^8, and ^iGfS, more than full, 
heaping full; G|8c8p, heap on after being full 
see ooo^^, oo88, see od8, summit, highest peak; 
qt8, 00. (^t8(^te), set on a dog; 6. deriv. form, 
as oo8, 00. cooSt, see oo8, 6. improperly used for 

50S 8) 

ft, as 8r^S, see f s«^, 1. af. as 8i8,— 8^18^ 
88^8181 difttant relatives or persons who are not 
related, see 8x9 3, 

88^9 as 00^88^ y a bill, eiBioence, 00^8, do. 

8»^f €0. 8»^OD^oot| small power, an inefficient or power* 
less gaardisn spirit, 

8ag^9 powerful do. 

8oo^ii prominentf conical, rising above tbe sarrooDdiDg 
parts, applied to hills, mountains, hillocks, things 
heaping foil, &c. 

8g8^, rise, &c. def. 1. 

8oc8, tl)e date tree; 8oc8aD^, dates, 

80X9 firing at a mark, hit one side. 

9i\ CO. 88. 

88, Co. 80^88, rising to prominence, &c. def. 1. oa^88, 
a prominence, hill, hillock, and the like. 

800S1 see 8oi| hit below. 

9Sf 1. CO. 8^00^6^00^, pinch up, nip, or pick off, with 
the nails or extreme ends of the fingers; 2. eo. 
8^00^9^00^, crumble, pick to bitS| break upt as in 
breaking bread, with the ends of the fingers ; 3, 
crumbled, crumbling, as o^8^i or 3^8^32bi| a 
species of paddy the leaves, and ends of which 
break and crumble in threshing i 4. a. short inter- 
val of time or space; as dbi8^, go some short 
time after ; 868^, follow at some distance behind ; 
cb8^, come some time after, not immediately; 5. 
sometimes used as a verb to signify follow, that is 
at some distance behind ; 6. used in form of a 
num. qfx. as 008^, co. oo8WofS, or 008^0008^ 

88 505^ 

a short spaoe or ioterval of time, 7. oo. Me «>38Sf 
CO. c)o8^eoc8, and fi8S co. fi8^fi^, 8. see 0^8^ 
8^9 Dame of a Karen Fable. 

8^1, def. 5. 

S^cdS, 1. or 8^«oS8^o5Sj pinch up and hold fast with 
the thumb and fingers; 2. co. of 8^e>3. 

8^, CO. 8^eo8^QoS9 pick off with the thumb and fingers. 

K^S, 00. 8^'cdS. 

8Sq^ Co. 8^c^e^c^Si breaki crumble, pick to pieces 
with the ends of the fingers. 

88, 1. 00. 88ooS66too^i a general term for bear, carry ; 
cxx5i88» driven or carried awaj by the wind 8888OO 
ooieioocgi^, be pregnant; 2. 00^88, co^ oo^5oo^88| 
a burden, carried; 3. raise, lift up; 4. co. to words 
of carrying! see ^ ^, and 0| 5. in midwifery, assist 
parturition, a part of which consists in clasping 
the hands close around the abdomen while a se- 
cond person presses them downwards with a view 
thereby to expel the foetus; </i8Soof8o^, a person 
skilled in the above business; 6* followed by chS^ 
adv. limpingly, followed by §8, adv. with a heavy 
laborious gait; 7., affix, see f5gS8S, co. cgS88ogS 
dbt, or flg^88og^8i. here 88, indicates the raising 
of the eyes in gazing at the object; 8. see 8(88, 
or 8l88c88ooi, through evil; 9. deriv. forms, as 
o88| CO. o8Soe8, splice, &c. ao8S, or coino88, 
becoming, bear a good reputation : also the name 
of a species of ratan ; '10. applied to the eyes, as 
^888» catch with the eye, that is, readily to com- 
prehend a thing or the manner of doing a thing. 

s^i 9$ 

SSdo^i, CO. 85oo§i85ob5t, def. S. see oo§x. 

fiSoodl, CO. 85oo8. 

85cx)8, CO. SSodSSSodcO, def. 3. also carry ligblfy, care- 

8Sat>S85c^S, €^v. def. C. geneirally abbrev. to ©<^Ssc^^. 
8Soo^oc|i, carry bcwB. 

eSoDi, CO. 85§p. 

85cfi^, dof. 8. 

85§S, CO. 85§S. 

85§5, CO. 8S$S85§5, 6* 8S§5B5§5, dfef. 6. 

8S88So5t, carry child(rb*D. 

85§p, CO. 85§p85bJi, brirtg tdgethfe>. 

88cx/l, CO. 85o5. 

8Sc5, e^. 8So58So^, tiitf aef a child wrapped in a 

8t, 1. 8too^(ji|8oo^| pecki tise an;^ iostrnmetit with a 
peeking motion; (^^St, co. <j^9K^(^n, a snake bites 
or strikes with his fangs; »8t| a hen pecks; 8t 
coHf CO. 88oo^g68oo^| scorci hew or dig oat; 2. m>. 
to Words of chopping, stahbingi digging, hacking, 
&c. see bSoo^8tooS| 3, pick ap, as with the bill; 
4. pnsh or shoot tip as the gertni of a seed ; 5. 
pnncture, bite« as a toosqnito; 6. n. afx. the 
direction of a thing; see c:8^8i| — ooo5i8t| the 
point towards which the Winds blow, the north ; 
opposed to ooo5ioct| 7. oo8t, co. oo8tooa>i| the 
end or point from which growth proceeds, the ex* 
treroe ends of the branclicsi <fec. do. Od8too^if the 
small ends of the limbs; 8. In boating, (ih Tav. 

8tob^8io!)1 50S 

cBly) pat to shore for the purpose of stopiiiiig; 
9. prefixed to nouns agreeing with one or other 
of def. 1, 3, & 3. 10. with other roots, ado. in a 
bobbing manner, 11. adv. intently, as in looking 
or listeningi darting the ejes, pricking up the 
ears, &c. peevishly, irritably; haughtily, arrogant- 
ly; 12. CO. to words of wrangling, oo^cSSSsoji; 
13. dcriv. forms, as oo8t, co. co2zQohh strike the 
end of the tongue against the roof of the moatbi 
prick up with a quick motioui as the ears, &e. 
ooSsStooStSt, haughtilyi &c. o6i, meet with; 14. 
ses 8so2^, 15. a measure equal to the breadth olT 
the hand together with the length of the thumb; 
16. measure with do. 

SaoD^iy €0. 8tooi^8ioooii a general term for insects of 
the papilto or butterfly genus; 6i| alludes to their 
habit of thrusting their bills into flowers, &c. Thie 
varieties are distinguished according to their cotorSi 
as 8tcooi8i9^8to3oidB|— 88090101, and Stoooioj^. 

Btoo^dB^, def. 3. * * 

BtoobB^, adv. def 11. haughtilyi &c. 

8k», a kind of covering for the head and back to de- 
fend them from the rain ; it is long and pointed, 
one end hitched over the head and the oth^lr 
reaching down the back. 

8tni2^, constantly reiterate the name of the ddmon, god, 
or other person trusted in. 

8ici2^, the Hopia tree. (Pgho.) same as Sf^^- 

8to6^8to6S Hropingi &c, generally contracted to Bcb^m 
66^1 which see. 

506 8tao^ 

Bio^if peck again, peck back; also, eo. of OO^cBS^ 

Sidi CO. 8s8^8t9, the extreme top of a plant or a tree. 

8(8^, €0. 889. 

9i^ CO. 8i||(ji|t^| dig out a boat. 

88001^, CO. 9ttx>t^9t^, a Bpecies of beetle having a 

kind of bill the use of which is alluded to in the 

namOf < carrion beetle.' 
8i^y 1. CO. 88001^1 and 8f<6^9 2. peck or pick off 

something here and there; 3. hack, haggle, &€. 

see oDf def. 12, and 15. 
8t<6^, 00. 88c6^88eo, a species of Lacerta, black, bead 

long and sharpi picks up its food like a fowl. 
8ta«8^, CO. 88at£^8tet3oS, a species of bird, wings and 

tail tipped with white; 88at£^c8^0DO}9 the com 

mon name for the wood-pecker. 
88a, and 888S$i def. 11. as og^ooS8sei— oo^^oohSta. 
Ssoocd^i said to bo sometimes used for 88ac8^. 
8s6bS, o^o88ob5f 9)ooc9^coio5S8^8S, level a space with 

the back of a cleaver &c. 
88dB^, 00. 8tdB|588c@i, def. 8. 
8«fl, def. 7. 
8to^, 00. 2t(fi. 

880f| CO. 8188. 

886S888t| peevishlj, &c. def. 11. 

88881 CO. 8tS88808, manly pelt, with a manl or mallet; 

|^8i38, a maul, mallet. 
^toSj CO. 680^880% peek open or crack the shell, appli* 

ed to the hatching of chickens. 
8800^, CO. 88o5|S. 

8i 50? 

8io5|5y €0. 8ic5^8ta>^, a family of ineecte, with a verj 
loDg neck and flat head, iDcluding several specieB 
of MantiB. , 

SiQOj, a epecies of insect resembliDg the horse-fly. 

8t8Se, same as 8s». 

8ic8t, eo. 8to&^8tc8ty or 8tc8t8tc8t| in a bobbing man- 
ner, def. 10. 

8io^«Dtj the croW) named thus in allusion to the ma- 
terials it nsaally gathers for a nest. 

8io^g8^i draw bloodi as the mosqnito, and other in- 
sects; also as a snake by striking with its fangs* 

8tc8^y CO. 8i(3^(gi(fi^9 pick up food, as a bird with the 

8^, !• A peak, summit; c^^oe8^, the peak, upper end 
of the stem ; 2. num. afx. distinct collections of 
things ; as 00^008^1 a constellation ; distinct 
placesi as cotoof ^oo6Soo|^oo8^c8i, remove to a 
new location each year; 3. a corpse; 038^, do. 
00^8^, or ooS8^oo^orjp, do. 4, adv, m a tall, 
long-legged manner, stuck up on high legs ; .5. adv. 
heaving, or rising and falling as the chest in breath- 
ing; 6* reduplicated, adv. of place, here and 
there, 008^8^, do. 

8^8^8^8^, def. 6. 

8^^, €0. 8^^»^ci^, or 8^^^8^q|S, adv. 4. 8^^8^^ 
a species of crob having very long legs, often 
contracted to &^^* 

S^^^cB^, adv. def. 4. 

8^^8^c8^, def. 5. 

81, eo. 0d8i002X)^i the period of a person's or thing's 

dctration or oo^8iopioo|^oSi9 a generatioiii after 
80 tong a period; 2. num. q/f« tieiglits of trees; 
ooSiodS, the ODO tree's height; oo8io^S| one 
length of a cleaver; (S^Sj^ooSif one duration 
of the earth; 3. a saccccding generation, c8i8i 
c8ic8| or cSiSicSieojS, be of very long con- 
tinnanee; 4. affixed to nounsi as 88io5i8i) daring 
succeeding or sdccessive generations; 5. redu- 
plicated, adv. throughout successive ages'; 6. eo.sM 
oo8iooc8y traditions or customs of generations ; 7. 
a raised form to sit or sleep ou ; S. see cg^8i| or 
cio^eScg^8i| young children looking intently into 
the face of a person, 9. see ^8i| by guess, inco- 
herently, &c. fS8i| — f58i| and ^i9\^do. 10, the 
instrument on which the natives reel thread from 
the spindle into a skain; 11. adv. to the end of 
life, never; sometimes used where we should say, 
oki pain of death, and other eqttivalent phrases; 
13. see o8i, 13. see ^^nS. 

8to^i, a bier. 

8iogt, Co. 8iflgi. 

8ic|i, CO. 8ic8i8icgt, ^ef. 10. a swift for wiodiog 

8ic§i9, a swift with arms yi^f^Of^* 

8i8^,Vd. 8x8^8xco5, or Bi8^c8^o, def. 7. 

8x8itD|Sco^» as oo8i8xooQO^QO^, throughout all genera- 
tion forever; (^^8^8i8i, daring successive worlds. 

8iiD^, maggot. 

8xopi, see def. 1- 

^^dBeo^ODJSi a good length of time, a goOd Old Age. 

9cx>S 609 

8i88io5i| down to children and grand childreni i. e. 
from generation to generation. 

%\9\t CO. @i8i8iwi| the ancient name for a raised formt 
&c. def. 7. at present used us coqplet to cx)^5f m 

i\\\, def. 11. 

8y !• Cleany nnsullied. pore ; f oo8| pnre» or clean silver ; 
8^8, 9€e «8^8, — d3&tc88, be of a clear, bright, 
yellow lustre ; 2. v. qfx. cleanly; 0^8, wash dean.; 
3. reduplicated, adv. wholly; 4. qfw. the jnice 
indicated by the noun; d^8,— CQ^8>-r00^89 honey, 
5. deriv. oo88, well, properly; 0089 00. ooSoo^l, 
a kind of fish-hook; 089 eo. o8oel9 test; 09^08, 
test fruit; see also 00^089 6. the masculine gen* 
der and affection; (^9, younger brother; b^8, 
elder brother; ^%, male cousin ; 889 boys, sons; 7. 
8, in this use is also reduplicated and addressed 
to an elder brother; 8. with cS, affixed, the small, 
jungle cockroach ; 9. oopulatei as fowls and birds 
CO. b^. 

BoQgj^t, ado. entirely clean, wholly, having nothipg left. 

8oQjx»fi9 wholly 9 see Gram. 

ictgi^S, do* see do. 

88, see def. 3. and last clause of def. 6. 

89^, def. 1. 88aooo, wholly; see Qram. 

89^9 def. 1. Also used in a mora) sense, pure, holy, 
free from moral defilement. 

89^g58g[t» clear9 bright9 &c. applied to the lostre of 
gold, of the eyes, and the like. 

8(x>^, def. 9. 

510 %h 

8ooiS, CO. 8c6. 

SoO| pare, free from mixtares or imparitieei. 

Soooii, def. 7. 

9<}coQ^x, be qnite clean , quite gonoi completely free 
from dirti &e. 

8S9 same as SS| see def. 6, 

^8, said to denote a great-grand-father five genera- 
tionB back, 

'SojioD^i wholly; see Gram. 

SojiODOji, wholly; see Gram. 

8c8, Co. SoQi^ScSy the small jungle cockroach. 

8c5| found in a Karen fable in the signification of 8a^. 

ScjoooD, wholly; see Gram. 

8oSo9c6t| do. see do. 

^^f do. see do. 

iSf It Porch, light for a short timci as a bird; 3. atop, 
tarry for a short time as in a zayat ; 3. ad9. 
separately, independently, apart from others; 4. 
the ancient name for a raised seat, or place to 
sit and lie upon; cb^S^, do. now called Si8^*; f. 
followed by oocoS, adv. buoyantly, lightly, as m 
empty boat; in a regular, curving manner;^. 
light touches or movements ; T.^ldv. creeping, 
walking on all fours, mode of walking, being 
careful where there is danger of falling ; (^S8So5S 
oS8^c8^, creep along carefully as upon the limb 
of a*tree; 8. anciently, instrument used in fishing, 
mentioned in Karen fable, sometimes written 
gS,— 0^88^28, a pole or bamboo used as a tenter 
stick ; 9. Udc. a particular figure or figures ro- 

• iSo^s 511 

sembliDg crawling insects; 10. rob or brash down 
threadi after mzingi preparatory to weaving or 
coloring; 11. €j^. cS^S^i co. cS^eiii^yiS^Qitny 
aid; c^^S^^ verandahi &c. c8S^i a kind of tree; 
8SSj short time; oo^SS^, a littlo temporary house 
for nats; c8^c8S^i cramplody as a horn; 12. 
deriv. form, o8^, a kind of amulet ; 13. see 9S^f 
name of a countryi Zimmai; 14 see S^^^> a species 
of stinging fly. 

S^ooodS, def, 5. 

f^^, def. 7* ootS^cSSy and ooiS^rS^S^rS^i walk on all 

i^Qfif same as S^« dcf. 4. or 8t8^, dcf. 7. 

S^^S, 1. Stop or sit down in a zayat; 2. oo. 8^b. 

8^c8^» So&tooSoooStc^cS^, draw the bow. 

SSdB^fjp,-ojcfi^f)^oio8io8i. * 

t^dif CO. %\b. 

Ift, eo. nb8W, or 8^b8S@S, adv. def. 8. 

8S^i8^, CO. 8^fi8^8^f lOoS, same as def. 4. 

;8^dB, def. 6. 

!8^^f Zimmai. 

8%, CO. c8^8^8, the bird which perches by wet places^ 
a large bird resembling a pelican. 

8^9^i see ShifSf 8^9^^, cidv. def. 9. 

8^^^ Co. 8^^^8^^S. 1. adv. used to describe light 
crawling like that of an insect ; 2. o58^8^^S| a(ft>. 
indistict vision, dimly, indefflnitely. 

8^^^i a kind of stinging or biting fly resembling the 
horse fly; two varieties S^^^otS^i and 8^^^^8i, 
the great and the small. 

S^qp^y €0. 9So^t^Qif^f def. 10. 

f^c8^S^c6^i adv. qaalifjing moti()p like that of a twig 
or limb prpdaced bj the perchiDg of a bird 
T»pon it. 

S^cSij as c8^S^c8ioDiOD^9i alight od the top of a tree. 

85, found only fis an adverb in the signification of 
gaick, sadden I qnalifying aets which are the re* 
suit of nncontroUed passions. 

8tf 1. adv* with some degree of force and snddenness; 
2. used much like 8i| 11. adv. sudden starting opjl 
3« redqplicated, a^^v. step after step; drop afUi 
drop ; 4. deriv. form, oo8t, same as oo8t, see 8t, 
13. odStoDOoSy same as 8tcocx>S, 6. see 9tcf^% naae 
^of a tree; 0. see Sioj^, 7. co. obi stab. 

88O00D6, def. 1. od|«odoo5, do. 

880D^»i adv. def. 2. ses co^t, 2. 

8102^ same as 9to^, which see. 

Sto}^, Pgho, name of a jungle tree, often used for 
boats; also the name of a certaiq :tank noted in 
Earen fable. 

8(81, def. 3. 

8^1 1. Wet, moistened; 00^8^1 eo. oo^S^co^c^, be or 
get wet ; 2. open or lift the ejes ; 3. same as 8^1 
' def. 8. instrument for catching fish; fish with a 8^, 
4. affixedf as ooc8^6^8^, see .poc8% 2. and o), 
pinch ; here 8^, is used in def. 2. in allusion to 
certain gestures or motions of the ejes and faee; 
PDc8S6^8p, and oocBSoSfSjJ, do. c&f9^, is also 
used alone in the same signification; 5. affixed, 
o3^8^y see cS^8^o5p^^ see o5|5| cover, &o. blink 

*8pO^©g 513 

the eyee; OD^S^OojSS^, adv. in a bliDking manoer ; 
cx>c8^35^S^> tbo act of opeoing the eyes id a wide, 
staring cpauner with frequent winking; oocSSo^SS, 
do. see noc8^» 4 ; 6. affixed, moist, wet, as rSS^, 
966 cB, 9. also opS8p, CO. opS8^opSc6«, 7. affixed, 
spread, diffased abroad, as c8^8^, and ^38Sf 
which see; 8. affixed, se6 cgtooKgsSS, make sly, 
wanton, licentions gestures, winks, or motions of 
the eyes designed to excite libidinons emotions in 
. the other sex; 9. deriv. form, oo8^, news, in al- 
lusion to its tendency to spread abroad ; ODoStoo 
8S, 8€6 oDo5i| 2. and co8|S, — 00^008^, same as 
00^008, a fish-hook; 10. afx. intensive to the 
term for redness; II. adv. connectively, con- 
junctively, as persons walking together; 12. adv. 
conspicuously, as any thing conspicuously present- 
ed before the eyes; 13. reduplicated, adv. used 
negatively, indicating that the act which it quali- 
fies is not done at all, or»only in the slighrest 
l^noooS, as 8i8fooooS, def. 10. 

t^OOOODO, def, 1. 666 00^. •. 

S^nodbb ; OD^^jotoo^oof ^ooqicx>^od^oqioo|S8^coio5. 
8^^, €66 9^, 2. 8^8i»^8i, def. 3. 
^^, adv. def. 13. 
i^ffii8^@i, def. 11. 
I^^l^, def. 1, and 2. 
w«o^, quite wet. 
^bio^i, adv. def. 12. 

tj^o^^g, def. 1. wet all aver, all bespattered. 
34 X. . 

514 8i • • • 

8^8i@i8i, and e^Sie^Si, def. 8. 

9\9 1* Ambuehy approach Blily» come upon anaw^res; 
2. see @ic^i, females' fondness for men, be co- 
qnettisb, arts practiced by females of a loose cha- 
racter; 3. separated so as to leave a space, or 
break between; 4. elevate, stretch up, as the 
head npon a long, slender neck ; as the arms over- 
head. &c. ; 5. weigh, as with scales, &c. or sus- 
pend in weighing; 6, scales, balances; 7. prefixed, 
to the names of the male sex to distingni©h it Crom 
the female ; 8. other roots, as o©o5x>§i, a nest, ^ 
OTOg^ODfi, blood, see def. 1. ocogooii, applied to 
eatables, old, laid apart, or aside, see dcK. 3. oo8i 
8i8i, a gown, in allusfon to its being a covering 
or the means of concealment, def. 1. ^SSiSiSi, a 
temporary kind of basket, *a covering for tie 
artic'les deposited in it ;'§S8iii8i, a place of pre- 
eminence, of def. 7.; 9 with c8i, affixed, a loop 
or noose need •for suspending any article; 10. 
affixed, ^^8i, (J(?.*ogS©5ngS&i, look after at inter- 
vale, occasionally, from def. 3.; c8i8i, co. c8i|S 
cSiSi, fall a* intervals, def. 3. as dropping water, 
&c. :^Sc8i8ig^c8i<?>5, and go^c8i?iog^c8io6S, 
the falling of blood ; 2^§i, a species of ant's nest; 

11. /x/b. as oo8icS]j) §1 (A. unci)ini'act, having 
unfilled spaces; 3, oo 8i (Aoo8ic8)» do* an 
irregular volume large and email at intervals 

12. deriv. form, od8i, — nofi^i, and oo8i^?, from 
8i, 3, and 4*. ; oo8i, Co. od8ioo©"i, stand on one 
or both knees; also used according to def. 4. 

8i9i 515 

ooStS, Qsed according to def. 4. ooSif^i co. ooSi 
^looSibi, or ooSi^^oo@ie)Oy be rade, impertinent, 
assamingj impudent vooSicSi, co. oo@ic8iooo6ic8iy 
stretch down ; oo8i^i, and oo8iQt, see def. 8, 
and 4. ; oSi, co. o8io©i, dew, from its coming 
down imperceptibly, def. 1.; 8081, the dew 
flower or tuberose. 

SicnooiS, name of the principal personage in one of the 
Kareu fables; No. 146. 

8iooc8i, sanie as 8iooc8i, see ooc8i, 3. 

8icB, name. of a Karen fable or the principal personage 
in it. 

Sio^^, CO. 9\c^\, 

Sic^i, CO. OD^Sic^i, or ^n^S8ic(^\, def. 2. oo^8ic)^i, 
with <^i, pretixed, an adulteress; one who receives 
the husbands of other women; a bold, impudent 
woman. * 

Hngl, CO. 8if^. 

Iiog^, CO. 8ifigS^8ngS| def. 5. 

liog^ajfSog^ listen or watch • silently as to discover 

tiTgi, 1. Lie in wait or ambush for, ^ef. 1. 2. co. BiogS 
8\ngi, (Icf. 3. o55§i.ngi, be a long interval of time* 

Siri^, a spocics of ^^, as ^^8i(^, co. ^^8iri^^^8icg1, 
til*? root is of a peculiar form indicated by d^, see 
^, ^k'f. 4. 

Sir^^fSl, name of a certain ancient king: ^s8io^SrBS, 
a <\v >rl of extraordinary powers belonging to do. 

8ioi, CO. 810381263, def. 1. approach clandestinely ia 
order to shoot or stab. 

516 8i8S • 

SioSi CO, ^^^t| ae 0^^t8ioS» have th^ blood epnrt oqI 

as from the opening of an artery. 
8ioo), CO. 8itb. / 

txrcS^ 1. CO. o^^oo^y ae poioo^oo^8iQ3^» and oooS^o^^, 

as cx)o5^02^Sioo^, from Si, def. 1.; 2. or 8icD^8 

(t>3, a epecies of grub used in angling; see 8i, 7. 
8ioO| CO. %\zoS. 
Slob, CO. 8iQb8ioo), a species of ratan, or a thori^ 

shrub much resembling the ratan bot not i 

creeper; see def. 7. 
8i©l, see ©), def. 6. 
8iei| CO. 8i^i« 
8ifi,«U CO. 8i^i8iei, separatei apart, def. 3. o8^8ifi| 

be or dwell apart; 0^881^11 move off, move so ai 

not to be contiguous; 0081^x00^, not far apart; 

2. CO. 8if i8i^iy a species * of creeping parasite j 

stems long, smooth, and without articulations. 
8i@, relationships, distant, as 88^8i@i distant nephews ! 

oog)8i8, distajit cousins, &c« 
81818^9 weigh in scales *or balances; see def. 5. and %x9\\ 
810619 see 8i98. 

8ioocSi| long-ne^*ked, same as 8iooc6i, see 09c8i, 8, 
• 8100S, def. 1. 

81001^, CO. 8iooS| — 8i8S, &c. 
8i^ii C{>.8i^i, 2. also a species of 8i^i, 
Sioiy CO. 818^8101, or j8ic8^Sioi| or 8i^^8ioi| or 81 

op^Sioxy king; see def. 7. 88101, the royw 

floweri a species of amaranthuB. 
li8S, CO 8i8^8i^v, or 81001^818^, def. 6. ; see %\% 

8S, weigh with do. 

5lc8i 517 

ho^^f -CO. 9\o\, and of SidS, 

k^, do. 

Ii8^* do. alsoi CO. 9iSt a priest. 

W^x, CO Si^^Si^it a kind of worm not mnch larger 
than a horse hair, and from a span to a cubit in 
length, of a white color; see dof. 7* 

ll^X, CO. 8iJ^i. 

h^x, Co. 9\h\x9xi^x, another nanie for ooojiiSSS, a spe- 
cies of deer. 

*i8iooS, elevated, uplifted, as a fallen tree, &c. see 
def. 4. sometimes abbreviated to e^iooS, ^i, is 
sometimes used in the same signification. 

k^i, CO. @iS^. 

llODl, CO. 8ic8i. 

kc8^, CO. @iot. 

hxdxf CO. 8ic8i8icoi, def. 9. 

hotJBt, CO. SiocSs, a shrub resembling eSs, def. 8. bat 
of no use in coloring. 

iidSy CO. @i8^@ic8,or Siop^SidS, a Boodhist priest. 

koo^, lie in wait as a tiger, &c for prey. 

|)^ froai •, and col 1. with *ooooS, affixed, adv. in a 
sadden, vehement, piercing or penetrating, man- 
ner; see oo1, 10.; 2.^ reduplicated, cuiv. see oo) 
10.; S. CO ^1, signification of oo) S. see ^i also 
CO j^, hardness, c£c. as ooop^coocO^, see cooq 
and j^. 

lloQOoS def. 1. ,09^oDCoS, do. 

}1^, adv. as cB^o^^^^f), — oc>)§1|l, and co)^^^^— oo^ 
oo^^^l, see the several clauses of def. S. 

^SXf CO. f^Sx. 

518 pSS9 

S\^9 CO. cSiji, 

jS, same as ao^ as obi^S ^* of ^iji^y — obtj^ Co. «6t 
^1^ meet; ODt^^i same as 03tao^y and ootodoV 
stedfasty perseveringy &c. see •o^,— aoi^y and ^V 

jS^Sy a^i>. imitative of sound like that of stripping 
down plantain leaves. 

^%, CO. \\ a/x. saddeness and force, as cStjt, or cSi^ 
c6i J9i fall suddenly and with force ; 2. an em- 
phatic particle used in negative sentencesi as cocB^ 
oo^^s, there is none at all ; 3. reduplicated adr. 
Buddenessi the same as el, def. 2. also sharp, sud- 
den, crashing sounds. 

^8^t, adv. def. 3« c8^coei^§8^t| scramble up a moun- 
tain; GOteseS, rub with a quick, strong uQotion; 
ojcS^oooDS^s^s, hurried on his clothes; ^t^t^t^s, 
def. 3. last clause ; j}^^$^^*i ^ce ^. 

^S, a kind of feast among the Karens, accompanied bv 

^i, 1. from oi| feW| of email quantity, scarce, tending 
to individuality. In this signification couplet to 
other roots; 2. afx. indicating abatement, scarcity 
or fewness ;*cSi§i, be lessened, &c. 3. from tou 
a^x. separation, expulsion, &c.^§i| pass throu« 
and off or away, as in shooting an * arrow quite 
through an animal. 

^lOoSi) abbreviated from ^ic8S8t, only a little, reduc- 
ed to a small quantity. 

QIOOCQ, do. 

§ic8S, do. 

licBSS, very few, very little. ♦ 



^xSxf CO. ^xSxcbtSif abated, rednced in ' nnmberi 
qQantilji or degree* 

^^9 CO. yiy as ooooi^SoDaoi^i. 

^1 eompressedy straitened, contracted, &c. from A^, found 
only in combination with other roots; see ^n^S. 

^^1, eontracti straiten, crowd or push into a point or 
narrow compass, as the top of a bag, basket, &c. 

^, from t&t, 1. with ododS, affixed, adv. tightly, 
rigorously, firmly, intently ; 2. reduplicated, adv. 
do. also combined with ^8, as ^s^t^i^t, to imitate 
certain sounds ; see §s^t ; 3. in the phrase oo^oS^ 
c8i§tooi,Jt is used aticording to def. 1. The being 
in a wretched, woeful, afflicted state through the 
influence of some evil genius or some withering 
ourse; 4. afx. Sx^t, co. cSi^scSi^t, see §8, def. 
1. ; 5. see 51^9^1 co. §'i^^^5ij^§^9 & cymbal. 

^•ooodS, def. 1. oD^sodcoS, do. ODttStoDcoS, do. 

^t^9 Co. ^s^t^s^t, def. 2. o5ScOi^q58^8§s, adv. imita^ 
tive of creaking and cracking sounds. 

01, from 001, \. Crushing, overpowering, prostrating, 
depressing, as severe -illness, heavy loads or bur- 
dens; 2. adverbi as 00001^1, co. cx)ODi^^odooi^1, 
heaviness from saturation with moisture ; 8. co. 
with e), soaked, saturated with moisture; 4. sub- 
merge in a liquid in order to saturate, <&c. as 
thread in coloring; 5. num. afx. number of limes 
a thing is submerged ; 6. afx, as cSi^i, co. cSii^i 
c8iel, be submerged; 7. afx. as cSi^i, co* c8ioS 
c8iOi, oppressed, straitened; desperation, driven 
to extremities; 9. the black-billed mynah. 


^id&i 00^ ^ioo^1o6| soakedy <&c. with water; def. 3. 

ycSi, CO. ^icSi^lcfii, def. 4, 

^1^, 1. Meet, come together, or come in contact; 2. af- 
fixed to nouns, denotes the junction or proximity ; 
3. affixed to ve'rbSf to indicate meeting, coming 
in contact from diflferent directions, &c. ooabt^i^, 
00. ooobsQi^oosbso^, the meeting of opposing cor- 
rents; ooS^^i^, an eddy by do. c^S8^^i^c8Sd3 
038| denotes the falling of one tree against another ; 
<^i5iS go and' meet. 

gi^ooi, CO.. 51^0015^091, def, !• 

51^00^8 meet the opposite side ; Gg^^^iSooHS, pass 
through to the opposite or other side. 

01S, not found alone. 

^iS^t, CO. §1^§'§1^5*) cymbals; probably so called io 
allusion to their peculiar sound; compare oDi^ 
o5t, — ocseiS^t, strike the cymbals. 

eii, from 011, see also eon, 1. Tie up in a budget, 
as with a rag, cloth, &c. 00S511, co. ooS^iiooS^S, 
or ' 00^51100^1^, the rag, cloth, handkerchief 
number of 00^511 Co. ,00^08^00^511, or 00^51100^ 
c8i, a budget ; 00511, do. 2. num. afx. life-budg- 
ets; 3. the after death. The animus of a beiog 
who has died out of the Hades state; Karens 
suppose it continues in an intermediate state 
' invested with a' thin oviform membrane, tran- 
sported hither and thither by the wind or other 
cause until its re-ebtrance into some organized 
body and beconfrae the embryo of a new plant or 
anitna} 4, d^. 9ifi8i5n8t, a corpse, departed 

j^t^^ 581 

spirit or gho8t| Hadee, as o5opi<g\\o5opi^ii, 5. 
Co. to other terms as 8^8|58|5^ii, an apex ; 6. deriv* 
00^11001 y Co. oo^no5^oo§iiQOi9 adv. in a snper- 
ficia1| unfinished, incomplete, rough, bungling 

^Tl^S, CO. ^ii^S, 

^n^, 00. §11^5^11^8, tie up as the month of a bag, 
or other thing in like manner, t. e. by contract- 
ing and securing the parts. 

^iiQoS, tie the folds of a blanket &c. full of articles. 

|, from o^, 1. With coodS, affixed, in a pervasive or 
suffused manner; applied to being soaked or 
drenched; 2. reduplicated, adv. in a permeating, 
effusive, or exuding manner; tears 3. with q, 
affixed, aiv. as ^J^^t meat juices continue in 
• their natural state; 4. see ^-^^f unchanged, 
filled with the natural juices, &c. 

|ooooS, as S^jjododS, def. 1. 

|£, ^Sooc8^^, oo(j^ig8^o6c8^3|5oo^^^, def. 2. 

f^, def. 3. 

|6,*from c^Sf adv. 1. With oocoS, affixed in a forcible^ 
violent manner; 2. reduplicated, adv. iiijitative 
of 'sound like that of craunching. 

jSooooS, def. 1. od^coodS, and od)^v'X)cx:>5, do. 

^Sj^Sf CO. J^^j^^S^S, def. 2. 

pjfi, adv. with force or intensitj, efficieotly. 

^i, from oil or cx^i, not found alone. 

(t^, adv. in a shifting, a reelings unsteady manner ap« 
plied to motions in walking; see c^iS^c^tS^f—S^i^i— 
cfi,— '09^19— cofSj^ci^i, and the cognate •c^^S^, 

522 yi 

j^Sj^Sy €ulv. imitative of Bonndsy Jike that of euttiog a 
bundle of leaves, or that made bj cattle Id 
chewing their (ood; see tOj^Bc^Sf 

j^ty from oj^ty 1. With ooooS, affixed, adv. indieating 
that the action is done energetically^ and har- 
riedly; 2. redaplicated, adv. do. the act being 
several times repeated. 

j|90ocoS| — 00j|8ODco5, and ocHjji^oooqS, def. 1. 

jg[Sjg|^t, or Jl^JSti^s^Sj def. 2. 

j^, from o% line, range, &c. 1. Percolate, ooze throogb, 
2. extended percolation, filtration of a liquid; oo 
^^o5, the water ha^ oozed throngh ; 3* deri?. 
form. ooeSoDe^, adv. the surface of the skin mois- 
tened with perspiration, 4. reduplicated, CLdv. in 
a cool, refrigerating, humid manner; 5. with flo 
(x>5, affixed, adv. do. also the chilling, creeping 
sensation produced by horror; 6. see oote^oSMi, 
catechu ; a dry extract from the bark of a spedei 
of Cassia; chewed by the natives with betel. 

eSoDCoS, and oolgSooooS, def. 5. 

^^^^, def. 4. applied to the cooling of the atmosphere 
i^t night, the cooling of- hot water, the cooling oj 
the body after fever, &c. 

jSc8^, def. 1. 

^, 1. sejB oD^ood^, be in a natural, fresh, sound, state 
not tainted ; oo^g^^, meat in a sound, fresl 
state; 2. Jig. as ooH^,-yi^, persons of good moralfi 
contrasted with oo^o^|5, bad morals. 

^jq, def. J . see j, def. 3. 

f from bS congruous, as on^ thing befitting another 

^ 52S 

• • 

^^noooSf adv. in a befitting manner; see St^^ooooS. 

^t| from Q^t, rednplicatedy adv. eoftlji earefally; hS^t 
^«9 squeeze or shampoo with oaroi cantionslj; 
obt^t^ti in making thatch, pin the leaves together 
one after another in a earefnl manner; cS^^s^t, 
sonnd as anything rustling among leaves. 

^1, from hx, stir, move* or o^i, lean, brought to the 
surface a shallow, rapid place in a stream. 

^ic8t, on the rapids. 

^t, 1. Brittle, crisp, fragile, easily crumbled, dry and 
friable; s^t, has a similar signification; ^. with 
an affix, adv. in a crisp, fragile, friable manner^ 

8t9^t, adv. def. 2. 

^t<»85i, do. 

^Xf from 8i, 1. Beveling, inclining, oblique; 2. pucker- 
ed, contracted, or narrow at the orifice; 3, angles^ 
or corners, acute, sharp; 4. affi. narrowed down, 
oblij^ue, &c. see ^5§i, the mouth of a bag ; 5. 
tak^ up by contracting the thumb and fingers 
upon the article; 6. num. affi* quantities which 
are thus taken up, as oo^i, o^i, one or two pinch- 
es; 7. see S^S^^i^iOD^, a nick-name for the 
ODcSicajCD^, prickly egg-fruit. 

^1^1, same as §\, def. 

^iGocSi, def. 2. 

|iool8^, def. 2. applied to the mouth. 

^ic8i, CO. §ic8i^ic8i, def. 3. 

§§, adv. speaking in a crabbed, morose, peevish, irri- 
tated manner. 

^, 1. Stop, cease, break ofi^, discontinue, intermit 2» 

524 §1 

disappear, be nearly extinct; or exterminated, 3 
redopHcated, adv. by slow degrees, in a feeble, 
and more feeble manner as if abont to cease ; 4. 
with ooooS, affixed, adv. in a clear, distinct, un- 
obstructed, perspicuous manner; without irregu- 
larities,, inequalities, or obstructions; 5. (^jS^^cb, 
the title of one of the Karen fables; No. 66. see 
oooool^S, brackish water. 

^SooodS, def. 4. (jjP^^ooodS, appear plain, distinct, Ac 
onf^ooooS, level and even; o5§SoocoS inclined 
in a smooth even manner. 

,§H^^, as (ggoobS^S^S, def. 3. the manner in which one 
in a very feeble state opens and closes the eyes; 
^jScSi^S^S, def. 3. abatement of heat, cool down 
by degrees, become cooler. 

§^cSi, 00. §Sc8i|)Sc8i, become cooler. 

§8, 1. With ododS, affixed, adv. with a sudden and 
forcible efiFbrt ; as in pressing or squeezing any- 
thing with the hands or teeth; 2. dflplicated, 
adv. do. ; 3. redupljcated. Udv. crackling sounds, 
as of walking on a bamboo floor, among dry 
leaves, sticks, &c. 

^tooooS, def. 1. oD^goocoS, do. 

^1^9, def. 2, and 3.; &^ooH§8|t, def. 2. applied to 
shapipooing ; oo^^t^t, def 2. applied to biting, 
i, 1. From 8i, 6. seize, grasp, take up with the hand, 
talons, or claw as the case may be, clucth ; 2. 
num. afx. applied to quantities, as much as may 
be grasped with the hand ; 8. m« ^io^8^, make 
a species of offering ; 4. with ^^, confusedly ^ 5. 

g^g^ 525 

Bame bb Si^iooS, ; 6. name of the principal tribe 
of Karens; 7. a creeping plant much reBcmbling 
odo^^ a speciefl of wild, piper betel; there are 
two or three varietiee. 

^i8i^f species df def. 7. the stems are red. 

§i?dS» 00. §lOoSGb^^x>S> def. K The thing seized being 
held with a firm grasp. 

^ij^, nef..4. ©8i©oS, do. 

^\c8^9 CO. §iG@^^ic8i9 grasp and take up with the 
hand here and there. 

813385, take the first basketful of padd^ from a new 
crib, and putting a handful of boiled rice with 
an egg into it, as much of the mixture as can 
be grasped with the hand is placed in the center 
of the basket, and offered to, demons with prayer. 

fiiaQi, species of def. 7. distinguished for the peculiar 
smoothness of the leaves. 

§ig8i, CO. §ic8igic8i, take out with the hand, as a 
han'tiful ot paddj, &c. , 

Sioa, species of def. 7. distinguished bj the peculiar 
dark color of ics leaves. 

%X CO. @. 

QHoo^, same as ©cpoool. 

^loDOoSi adv. sounds of a cracking kind, as the crack- 
ing of glass or other brittle substance; ooSO 
ooooS, do. 

gid), same as glcool, and e^d). 

g1, $€4 (§i§^, a(fo. a tree with wide-branching limbi. 

g^g^, same as @i§i* adjy. sound like the pelting of 
leaves. . 

626 gx 

§S| CO. §S§S, same as 0^8, also co. ^\ 

§8y odv. act done with force and snddenoess* 

^topcx)S| adf>. do. 

§109, adv. quick, scratching Bonnde like that of writing 
faBt ; also that of a sudden breaking or crushing. 

§^, sometimes used for odcj^i and ^^eQ^, for ODc^co 
»S, a teacher, or professor of any art or science. 

§1, from 6^1, or c^icji, quickly, &c. 1. adtj. .with sud- 
denness, as the sodden splitting, or breaking to 
pieces of any thing; 2. with 'ooooS, aflBxed, do. 
sounds of a sudden crashing, or crackling kind: 
oo^iooooS, do ; 3. reduplicated, adv. quickly, 
energetically; also sounds, as def. 2. 

^S, Co. §^§5, same as ©^^©6^5. 

@8, ]« same as ccq^ 2. ec^8 shot. 

^8oooo5, adv. an intensive to acts of a sudden, forcible 
kind, round about, wriggling, or shifting motion 
to give the act inore effect ; ooffisooooS, do. 
a«fi«, adv, same as ooSsopS?. 

1^, adv. ^^} same as o^\©^i, 1. which see. 

I^SgS, same as ^^^^• 

SSoocoSf adv^ sound like that of stabbing an animal; 
oo§^5oooo5, do. 

|SSSS, adv. sound like that of chewing greon snccn- 
lent vegetables adv. sound like that of chew- 
ing betel. 

g^, or <^^i eaine as S?^??» ®^^ ^^jS- 
fi^fiS, adv. sound like that made by pounding parched 
rice, rusk, &e. 
same as e^i, see ojx«^ii 1.; f>^t8i| Cidv. 'do. also, 

g^ODCoS 52t 

the idea of being motionless ; as o83ofi§t, stand 
or remain qnite motionless ; oft^n applied to 

&^§L^' ^cft>. soands like that of an elephant dragging 
Iiis feet along the ground in walking; see also 
oD^Soo^^ and @^Q^. 

55o9Co5, same as ^ScocoS, the idea of force and sud- 
denness; odQ^SoocoS, do. 

^tf same general signification as oo^s, and ^8, though 
different in application. 

§^8noco5, with force, energetically. 

§^t^«, adv. sonnd like that of cutting through leavesi 
or chewing, also indicating force in the act. 

§.*Ifi.^§*§'' ^^''' sound like that of chewing something 
hard. • 

§^1, 1. Same as oo^i, 2. afi?v. the swinging of the body 
or throwing about of the arms and legs in walk- 

j^ioDOoS, and ooQ^iooccS, violently, with force. 

|igi. def. 2. 

^, 1. same as ©cj^, oo^, and @; 2. or g^S^, a scribe, 

^009, CO, g^5S|Sao3, adv' qualifying cpeech, indicates 
that it is something between the common tone 
and screaming or scolding, or a mixture of both. 

j§D, CO. (|5f§3i same as ooc|^, 2. or coo^o. 

§9.§i» <///v. qualifying, screaming sounds: see oooj^, 1. 

Qd, nearly the same signification as ciocj^S, and @S. 

^ScocoS, and co|SSa)03S, adv. sounds, like that of break- 
ing dishes or their striking against eaoh other. 

528 gig^ ■ 

iSSffi^y advn eharp^ whizziogi or creaking soands, 

@r@^(§^|§t^7 d(«2v. 8onnd8 like that of the strikiDg of 
dishes against each other. 

§^(^^, same as od^^o^^i which see, 

^8||8, same as •^se^s, — od^s^s, and cx>^too^«. 

|§, 1. Applied to trees or plautSi as ^^(^^ oo. 03^|i^oS|§y 
a detached clamp in an open space; 2. (|^ooS, 
adv, having a sterile^ nnfeasible, forbidding as- 
pects, applied to soil ; 3. |§ooS, applied to actions, 
adv. in a grave, stern, or angry manner, 

(§^. CO. (§^§P> same as ©^p, 1. 

g^cfl^, Co. g^cA^g^rfi^, same as %\^, 2. or 8^^^. 

gSgS, adv, sound like dashing a stone upon the ground. 

@) CO. gl^l/same as oo^ a census, or catalogue of 
names ; see also e^. 

fi^i the stick with which loads are carried, a neck- 

g^ODcoSy ddv, sounds like something heavy falling 
among dry leaves. 

@^@^@^@^9 ae2v. do. when the sounds are repeated, as 
by BOQtething treading among dry leaves ; sae 
also @S^^@SQS, and co^^oocjS. 

(BSooodS adv. the sound or act of sticking up any 
thing as in a crack. * 

gt, adv. a kind of harsh or grating noise. 

gsgt, CO. S*l§^@'@^' f^e^mQ as oo^soo^t, Bee OD^t, 1. 

giODCX>S, Ddv. sound like something striking against 

■ §1^^, much the same signification as oo^iooQi, and 
ea>^%#e^C|i, eee ^^ and oo^i, 6. 

gtgt 529 

§i@i, eo. |§i@t@x(§if odt>. 80QDd like walking among 

jpf 1. Creep, go apon the bellj, as a snake, worm, or 

a child before walking; 2. creep along the 

ground as a creeping plant; num, afx. the conib^ 

of bees which during many years becomes| very 

extensive. '^M 

ipcxHX^, CO. gl<^<^l^^<^|» crawl under ; or crawl in 
a orouchingi cringing manner. 

ipQjjiPajJi^, the crawling of a large, long snake. 

glojSobS, creep like a cat, or a cringing dog for shame. 

g^y 1. Applied to the eyes as g^^Sg^f), open the eyes, 
in a wide, staring manner; see •o^, and ooo^ 
2. eee §^, 

gS, 1. Name of a race of people said to be cannibals ; 
2. reduplicated, as gSgS, adv. sound like tearing 
cloth; S. afx. from oS, scratch, &o. cog. soS, and 
oooS, ODc^gSy or OD<gSgS, see oo^S, 

gt} from ot, shake, vibrate, &c. see also 909, and odoi, 
cognates; 1. Redaplicated, adv^ energetically, or 
with such motions and gestures as indicate energy, 
or force: applied to pain, in a severe,* sharp, 
penetrating manner ; 2. with oocoS, aflSxed adv. 
' in a quick, sudden, forcible manner; 3. co. ftt, 
as cSi^tcBigs, ««d <^tg8, ^tgsgsgt, adv. sound 
like the gnawing of rats. 

gfcoooS, oogtoooDS, def. 2. G8toDgsoocx)S, split, or open 
with force, suddenly. 

gsgSy def. 1. odcStgtgty speak with energy; y^gtgt, 
smart or twinge with sharp spreading pain. 
85 X. 

530 ^S • 

g^, 1* Used as an iDtensive to verbs; borrowed from 
the Pgho. 2. deriv. form, satue as ooo^i 2, 3, 
and 4.; oofoog^, see ooo^, 2.; i^oog^i co. 6^ 
oofo^oogSy push an upright thing over on one 
^ side or one way and the other until it altnoet 

falls over; 3« see mo^, 6. afx. Qig^OQODSfi injure 
or torment one's self; contortions, writhing, &c. 

g^oDSc^^cxH, see c^^ool, 

gi, 1. Oblique, bevelling, from ox, see the cognates 
cx>ogi, — OD^i, — ogi, — cgi, — ODGgi, &c. 2, ujix. 
obliquely, as c^Sgi, cut off in .an oblique direc- 
tion ; bSgt, CO. bS^^bSgi, or bSgibSgi, adv. 
obliquely, as the corners of a house whose angles 
are unequal. 

gioocoi, GO. gioooSSgioooDif adv. in an oblique bevel- 
ling manner. 

gicBso^, bevel a bamboo or the like on each side, so 
as to make the end forked. 

gi8i8^, cut slanting the end of a bamboo to a point 

§, 1. Tough, not easily broken, or severed; 2, with 
an affix, do. also used figuratively in describing 
persons of indolent habits, whom it is difficult 
to excite or move to do any thing. 

goocSS, def. 2. tftoecx)t^09c8S, be bard to excite to do 
any thing. 

§8^c8^o9, do. also used in the signification of tough. 

^^, adv. unstable, darting one way or another, exclusive, 
not continuing in one way; see the first example 
under oo^S, ; used also as couplet of other roots. 

«» 581 

^^g^» do„ as o5^ao^§^g^, get a glimpse of^ as of a thing 
io passing rapidly by. 

^9 1. Sqoea] as a rat; 2. see cSigt, co. c8i^8r8igt, 
3. ddfo. imitative of sound like that of the squea- 
ling of rats; 4. figoratively allnding to snch 
noise, little distnrbances in families, particularly 
crying among children ; 5, a/a?. used according to 
def. 4. asi^p^t, co. c8^§8c8^gti 

^1 1. A general term embracing several of the larger 
species of Scarabseus or beetle family; the name 
is given in allusion to the noise it makes; 2. 
with f ^, and fi^, affixed, things having several 
angles, to denote that they are unequal. 

^ioo^9&^y def. 1. a large, beautiful species found 
about the dung of elephants. 

^iqj|^c8, def. 1. a species which lives on the leaves 
of the Qla'nt called q^^c8, 

§to^8, def. 1. a species found on the ratan plant. 

^icSioo^ def. 1. a species which is found in hog^s dung. 

jtfpgtti?, def. 2. 

^i^^9 def. 1. the most common species, or typ6 of the 

^idBtc8^, def. 1. a species which eats off the succu- 
lent shoots of bamboo. 

^I0^c8^, beetle found mostly in bamboos. 

^tooe^, def. 1. a species which eats the roots of cx>o^, 

f, affixed to bS, in the same signification as gi, as 
bS^f CO. bS^^bS^, Bte gi, 2. 

fly as 0901^1, eo. ooSi^ti see ^i^ and •91, 

532 §S • 

^, 1. Bevelling, oblique, iuclined aiore to one side tbao 

to ^e other; ht^, see dB^OD^is^, 2. with 

ooooS, affixed, adts* in the signification above: 

as «iooc»«|oood5, be very bevelling. 

^8S, bevelling to a point on one side. 

^cSS^cSi, having elevations and depressions, not level, 

CO. of an uneven surface. 
^S, deriv. form, see od^S, feign indisposition, &c, oo^^ 
ODg^, same as 03^^,; c^iod^H, a person .who 
feigns indisposition or uses other artifices to slip 
out of work, 
^SciDOoS, adv. sounds of a sudden, abrupt kind, like that 

of the sudden tearing of cloth ; od^SododS, do. 
^t^ti see wihtf and oDbt, with the cognates; adv. 
1. singeing things, as hairs, feathers, or other 
combustibles, 2. licking or lapping up any thing 
with a sweeping motion of the tongue ; 3. sounds 
of a crackling kind. 
^S, from b^, a kind of disease ; applied to indisposi- 
tion, denotes that it is of a chronic kind whicb 
though relieved by proper remedies remains is 
th^ system and reappears on occasion of any er- 
ror in diet, &c. 
^^oo^t, see 09^s, 2. ; oooD^oo^|^, see ooo5^. 
^i9ii, see en, 6.; odi|i, co. oDt£, see ^, 5. see also 

•bi, and cx)bi, with the cognates. 
8^, applied to seeingi and to light ; 1. Followed by oo 
ooS, adv* in an accurate, clear manner,, without 
obstructions; see odS^, with the cognates; 2. oo 
^S8S a broad spade. 

col 533 

|i, 1. CO. gi, in the signification of indirect or circular 
as b5g"ibS§i, see gi, see also tSi, with od8i, and 
cognates; 2. oo8i§i, oo. oo8i§ioooixi, a species 
of ground spider. 


»), the idea of parting with, or losing a portion of sub- 
stance; 1. Disease or pain, in allusion to a reduc- 
tion of strength, sickness, wasting awaj of the body; 
oo^to), CO. oo^s^ioo^co), or oo^s^oo^cc)), disease; 
oSoo^oo), CO. d^oo^cdl(§oo^Qc51, use remedies to 
cure disease; cosooli pain at the pit of the stomach| 
or grief, or irritation of mind ; 2. painful, irritat- 
ing, disagreeable to the mind ; oo)^S, co. oo)^ 
c8^^, disagreeable to the look; 3. with cBi, af* 
fliction, annoyance, discomfort; as oocSioeoo),— ui 
cBiQiaH ; 4. affixed painful, disagreeable, annoy- 
ing, as oocSioo), — iisoloo^, 5. affixed to nouns, 
denotes unsound, diseased, having some quality 
capable of inflicting disease, pain, or heat; g^ 
so), a kind of fish the prick of whose spines is 
very painful ; ootool, 1st. a burning glass, because 
it produces heat. 2d. co. ooi^q^, a flint, because 
it produces flre; o^oSit diseased grain; 6. heat in 
drying, evaporating, withering or debilitating; 7* 
sell, giving up or parting with the thing sold ; 
8. affixed to verbs in the signification of sell, as 
dBScol, offer for sale; 9. affixed excreted, refuse 
or waste matter; as g8^8o1, co. g8^oo^g8^sd)| 

534 008 

covered with rust; oo^qoI, evacurate urine;. o»^ 
s6\f or oo|5qc5), evacuate foeces; 10. see 8(5)cp. 

oSlajf debilitated by illness. 

GolcB^oos, or 8o)c8^o6S, a phrase used as an intensive, 
and may be rendered, violently, severely. 

Go)c8^Q^<^8| exceeding hot. 

oSloj^cJii^f be protractedly or severely ill. 

ocH^bt, struck with heat, scorched or smitten with the 

cdlcStoj, same as ooloo, with the additional idea of 

QcH^s, €0. s^s^tccn^Sf swell, turaefy. 

Qo)c8, same signification as oSlsbs. 

Qb1o|B, or oolof^, sell as articles of trade, traffic. 

8^y^8^, the heat of the hottest part of the year. 

oilo^ii CO. fio)o^tco)c8i, denotes a feeble state of health, 
without any known or specific disease; no appe- 
tite, and wasting of flesh. 

QcOcS^oxS, slightly indisposed ; not very ill. 

ocfl^S, CO. aol66cfi^^1, def. 2. 

ocHcp, a species of marine turtle, very large. 

oolo^^, denotes very hot weather occasioning a kind 
of vapor resembling smoke. 

oc^o^^cSi, CO. «JlojSc8i«6o;jSc8i, be hot as above. 

QcHcdi, CO. ocflcSiS^cSi, sell. 

6o)aoob>038, be severely ill, or in severe pain. 

coIgS^, CO. co)g8^8SgS^, or SS(B^oS\(&^f live by the 
profits of trade or by selling. 

808, soundness, completeness, free from defects; ap- 
plied to as seeds aed fruit, fine, plump, well 

QOtaoS 535 

filled, not defective; 2. applied to persons of saga- 
city, with ability as (^losos, a person of sound 
mind ; 3. 03t80t, have a soand mind, a dis- 
criminating judgment 4. ^Saos, have a sound, 
clear/ undefective ere or vision ; 5. co. cjo^o^^ 
ooSooit discernment, wisdom, clear intellect; do. 
6. afx. CO. 00, clearly, thoroughly, as ngSooogSoos, 
reduplicated, ogSooooootcoi, 7. co. o8^, but op- 
posed to it in signification ; 8. sew, with a 
needle; 9. qosodii, united as the edges of a 
wound, cicatrised, 10. lotooi, in close connection, 
grouped together ; 11. oof^oeoos, relatives, belong- 
ing to the same line of ancestors; 12. oj^sot 
oj^QOt, adv. from one to another; 13. present, 
offer, as a gift or bribe; 14. connect, attach as 
a spider its web, 15. ootos, co. ODo^i, joined con- 
nected; universal, including all 16. see oossgS, ; 
17. 866 80t£^, ; 18. see Soot, 

ooin&S, CO. ootODii, 

coic^S, embroider. 

aOKOii, 00. •oto5^ooiooii, or aoscoiios^^, def. 9» 

somgt, CO. QOtc^^QOSo^^, patch, sew on a patch* 

ootoSji CO* coin;])!, 

aotMi, def. 10. 

coMOf, CO. o5oo, def 6. 

aora^Sop, CO. ootoo^o^, 

8C>ta9p?^9 CH?. OOtS0^0^80t00^9^, dcf. 1. 

80iog^, a plant resembling the wild pine-apple, flowers 
fragrant, Bpecies of screw pine, Pandanus odoro- 

536 80^ 

QOtg3|S^9 work figures on cloth in a zigzag fornii 80ioy» 
sew one piece upon another. 

xot^t see fiotojj^, 

QOtooSooii, def. 8. sew together. 

80«c8^, def. 13. def 14. 

4089t9 def. 15. 

ooBotBS, see sotoj^, 

•001 £^9 eo. 0013^^0012^, soap. 

oDtOj^f CO, O080jj^oo8@, or ootoj^oo8o<6S. sew together 
as bits of cloth, piece. / 

oosoiji, sew one piece upon another. 

ootbtb, def. 1. 

ooscO(^8, sew or stitch a zigzag figure. 

oo8oec6» same, stitch or sew so as to form an elevated 
ridge or line. 

00^, 1. Something inferior, apart, branch; small, dimi- 
nutive; as ^80^, or f^^oo^, and S^^^oo^, see S^ 
^H, finger, toe; 2. co. oooosoooo^, oeSoeoo^, oo 
bsooooS, ocSSoo@oo^, a small village; 3, deriv. 
see coop, co> ooo^ooo^, adv» in a very rednoed 
state, oobsoooo^, weak ; 4. oo^oo^, conjunction 
but, though, notwithstanding, yet, or still; 5. see 
00^00^; 6 with rS^, denotes quadrupeds; 7. 
articles of consumption, food, fuel, feed or gap* 
port one's family ; cqoo^oiog, a supply of rice or 
eatables, as for a journey ; oooo^, oo. oooo^ooSi, 
food for animals; ojSoj^oooo^, fuel; con^So^o^^, the 
charge, of a musket ; 8. deriv. eee oooojScS^, and 
oooO|5dB^, exhort, excite, instigate, encourage; 
oooo^o8io^Q|, feed a fire; 9, the heavenly. bodies 


i^dBto) 537 

stars, planets, and comets; 10. see co^osc^; 11. 
see 0o|S^^; 12. see oosao^; 13. cS^oo^, a bird or 
insect, uncertain whichi heard at night, considered 
• admonitory. 

QO^oodSy a constellation, Ursa major. 
oo^ogiQt, CO. oo^ngi«6sQO^cigio8» Orion. 
80^1)^8^,— ^^c8^d,—^^S^, names of^ stars in the Karen 

80^1, see Q^QO^bSi. 

ao^ooS^, a constellation of starst a constellation. 
9o|SQj^^8iy the morning star venns. 
QO^O^^ooly the evening star venos. 
80^c8S, CO. aoScSSso^ooSy meteoric stars. 
€0^00^8^, CO. 00^00^8^00^^^, a constellation of three 

stars forming a triangle, sooth of Pleiades. 
cD^otcS^, CO. so^bScS^. 
80^oi<^^, or simply oi^^, Pleiades, or seven stars; oif^ 

c8iot; three stars just east of Pleiades. 
QO^S^rB^S^, denotes quadrupeds of a large kind, 
ao^oto^, title of one of the Karen fables ; No. ^9. 
80^§^odS, lemon, quince &c. 
«>^8c«S8, def. 6. 

ao^OfpS, CO. QO^o^^^^so^o^^, the galaxy. 
ao^^^cB, a comet. 

ao^^cS^/ CO. 8O^^^g8^qo^08g8|5, do. 
fiO^&^QO^oo^, a southern constellation, resembling the 

Ursa major south pole. 
ao^c^^oj^, Co. 8o|So2^0j^^ao^o2^8i, Pole star. 
ao^O^if 00' w^o^xoD^obXf meteoric or flying stars. 
ac^dBiJI, CO. QO^dBtSdBto), or oo^dSsSdBi^i, the three 

538 sot 

stars formiug Orion's belt. Title of a Karen 
fable, No. 30. 

fiO^^Sy or so^ji^o^qS, hanghtj, overbeariDg, dogmati- 
cal ; 3^^oo^, do. • 

co^8icfiS8i, def. 6. 

tD^8i88i, def. 9. All the star. 

80, 1. Take npi one by one from a disb, basket, &c. ; 2. 
ten 0090, do. soo, twenty, and so on ; 3. the same 
as oot, small, &c.; 4. deriv. odqo, co. odooodsi^, 
scattered, 5. cog. oooo, and cx>o6, order, one after 
the other oo^oooOj and oo^coso, snccession of rings, 
strips, <fec. 6. see cS^so, or cSSooop^, a species of 
creeping plant. 

socB^i see oocBS, 

oocBS, def. 3. small, littlci sparse, few. 

Q0«6^, dof. 2. ten ; see sb^, 2. 

oooocSS, take or change from one basket, vessel, &c. 
and put into another. 

c6c8^, CO. QodS^oocSx, def. 1. 

soot, CO. oo^Hooat, take out of or from among, and put 
in separate places here and there. 

oo^^Hsoat, do. 

90cbc8S, same as sooocSS, 

808, 1. Little, small, few, sparse; 8^8|SsoS808, in 
some degreci more or less; see 80^, dz. cSisot 
cSi^i, ootcSi^icSx 2. with 00, prefixed as ooooi 
000^^9 oosoicoSoon^^oD^, in a small degree, some- 
what ; 3. affijx. as oiisos, co. oiisotoii^i, or on 
ootoiiSy compressed, reduced, levelled, or brought 
down ; applied to winking the eyesi aa <nto6t, 

cot|8 589 

CO. <])iGOt(2|tS^9 cotnpreeioD of the eylids as in 
making certain odd, unbecoming gestures; 4. fly 
off or out, bound, start as sparks of fire ; fig. die, 
off, as two or three out of a family in rapid 
succession ; 5. apart, scattered ; ^Hoot, co. @^9&t 
^QO, do. 6. num. affix, as oooos, one bit or 
piece as of cloth ; 8aoi, a whole piece ; 7. ex- 
press, squeeze out as juice; oonoot, co. ooiisos 
ooiiQOt, do. with the hand ^. with ©S, parturiate; 
9. see ootqiSiooiy 10. see aStsoj^, and 80t<^^, 11. 
prefixed to &<, rough, tumbled, crumpled, as 
garments not properly folded; 12. see c6<f^, 13. 
used in interrogative sentences, how, as 00l8^, — 
aotool, — aoicbS, — ao»c8, &c. see Gram. 

a6«o5^, CO. QOScBS, 

aotcSS, C0. QOioo^sotcBS, and ootcSSSi, little, small; 
reduplicated to denote very small. 

aoicSSooscBS, adv. in small quantities ; also, used adjec- 
tively, see the word above. 

ooscgSi fig. def. 4. CO. QOtcgSooi^t, fly off, scatter, &e. 

aotc^tSiooi, same as ojoo^^, see oocoi. 

aot»^, CO. oois^f^S, def 8. see gB^<J)^) 

aosf^^, taper to a point. 

aotoo^, name of one of the Karen nionths, October. 

aotoot, with 8|S8^, see def. 1. 

aotoo^^, rebound; def. 4. 

8Dtc8^, CO. sotcS^^ioS^, fly up or out; def. 4. 

86t|^9 ^o* aotf^cS^, one who pleads the cause of an- 
other, an advocate, Iwyer. 

sot|i, CO. 80t|iooDn, def. 11. 

540 ^ o5^ 

80«§1, 00. a58@8coi§n, def. 4. co8^Scd8§1, def. 5, 

«»@«, C(>. ao8§1. 

ooiosy CO. ooi^^ootoiy def. 5. 

3088, SS^^oS^JjjpooSoocSSo, ao8c8ib, Redaction of size 
after parturition. 

908^8, CO. o58ngS. 

c68^S, 1. Name of one the Earen months, September; 
2. CO. a08O8, and 008g1, 

oo8iSo6, def. 7. in crying, expel the water or tears 
from the eyes by conipreseion of the lids* 

ao8c8i, Co. a58c8iqgic8i, become smaller, less in mi^- 

008c8i^ic:8i, become less, be reduced* in number. 

ao8c8i, CO. S08c8ic68<:8i, def. 7. 

00833^^, same as oo8oo^^. 

oosSi, CO. 9088ingi8i, or sD88ia288i, small, applied to 
the young of animals ; yioos, an infant. 

so^, changed from a natural state or order, 1. Acid, 
sour, acrid : oo^so^, ooiod^, acid ; oo^aosoo, vine- 
gar; ooi^sD^, acid stone, alum, an acid weed 
growing on rocks abd stones, resembling sorrel; 
cSySsojS, f so^, c6o6^, and ogSSso^, and q^cSoo^, 
names of certain acid plantSi 2. acidulated, fer- 
mented, pickled, having an acrid taste or smell ; 
'^^oo^, see f^, — oo^S^StsojS, souse; fic6^, see. 
soSc8y 3. reduplicated, sourish ; 4. with the term 
for bitter, acrid sour and bitter combined ? fig. 
discord, animosity ; 5. combined with other rootSt 
cSic^Sao^ooi, and 5^oigo^«6, forlorn, wretched, 
helpless, despised 6. deriv. form see ofiS^ocD^t 


6p9b 541 

8ame as above, 7. orine, ooo^, co. 080^0Q|9 do. 
haman; oo^oo^, eo. oo^oo^oo^oo^» do. of animalB; 
SSoo^y 00. S^o&SS^so^, void urine 8. with s^i, 
or Oj^S, the breaking np of a regular series or 
order; displacement; in printing, **pie'*; 9. with 
gbf sneeze; 10. $^oo^» ooiso^, enait sparks, snap, 
lU ootoo^ooioo^, cinders of a smith's forge 12. 
affix, as §130^, scattered, co. 13. cSxoo^, eo. c8x 
sD^cSiODOfl, or c6iojSc8iaop, scattered, &c. by 
slop, spill,; 14. §^00^1 see c^o^i, (^SooS) put in 
order, repair. 

QoScBS, and so^rSSe^, very acid, 
so^^ij <^o. ao^d^taocgS, the- urinary duct, ure- 
90^9^85oo, def. 4. be on bad terms, have discord^ &c. 
coSo^dbt, mixed sour and bitter. 
coSSSd^, def. 4. applied to taste. 
floSQi^i, biting sour, acrid. 
fiD^a>l, CO. ao^cc>)o|QC>), or oo^qoIqo^qI, void urine; 

see oo1 det. 9. 
soSsolSt, void urine upon. 
soSgoS, sourish. 
ooSon, sour and sweet intermingled, as in the flavor 

of some fruits. 
sD^Qjt, CO. ao^sjtocSS, or co^ajicSt^S, mixed up in 

disorder, out of place ; see def. 8. 
so^ob, sneeze def. 9. qo^«6 ; co. 9^9ioo^«6, afflication, 
evil ; — when a Karen is about to do any thing,. 
if he happens to sneeze, a bad womein it is a hence 
it is avided. * 

542 001 

ao^ojSi CO. ao^o^Sd^ojS) prevent bj thrnstiog some 
thing in the waj, get in front of so as to stop a 
thing in its course. 

fiO^Qi, 00. 80^0100^8, the urinary bladder. 

ao^^i, the condition of certain things fonnd inclosed 
in a fluid supposed to be their own excretion. 

ao^ODif 00. cSio^^oo^ooiy def. 5. 

soSc^y in cookery, acidulated in a savory manner. 

QO^cBsQO^oo^i have a sour, acrid taste.' 

co^cS, 00. oo^cSioojScSy and oo^c8^t, turned sour, 
fermented, or tending to ferment; fisO|Sc8, co. 

^loo^cSsfiQO^cS, smell sour, as anything beginning to 
ferment ; oo)8^80^cB> have a sour taste in the 

oD^o^, in cookery, acidulatedi without a due propor- 
tion of salt to make the dish savory. 

oo^OD, Co. oo^OD8|OD, have a stoppage of urine. 

s5^03nocoS, have a sharp acid taste. 

901, 1 Direct, straight, a direct line, course, or rule; 
ooooioodloo^, incongruous; •n^soi, and •i^coio^ 
ooodS, in an exact straight line 2. distended, 
strained, tense, rigid, often combined with other 
roots cBioon, see oosooi, co. a^sooiobtooi, oi^ooi 
prop up; 0^901, rigidly contracted, as the muscles 
by spasm 3. prefix, see soiooi^, co. aoiooi^ooicSi, 
rise to an erect posture; be erect; 4. seam, the 
line where one thing terminates, boundary, space 
between ; see ^, and S|S, — ^i, separate draw a 
dividing line; perceive the points of difference 
between one thing and another; ooooioococB^, 

coioo 548 

do. the JQOtare, hour, crisisy season of; 5, oom- 
plete a given period^ or coarse ; continoe daring 
a given term ; f ^QOi> go. |^80ioc>1aoi, complete a 
jeari 6. afiSx is done with direct reference to 
something done bj another, bj way of response, 
acceptancei opposition, retaliation, or remnner- 
ation; see cBtooii Co* cBooieo^coiy answer, og^eoi, 
S^i, — Ssooi, 8^801) — oSiooi,— ojSaoi, co. ojjS 
QOifAiooi, 7. confront) withstand^ &c.; 8, bj a 
strenuous effort; 9. intense desire, or loaging 
10. expecting, longing, <&c; ll. following oat, 
CO. of o^, as ODio^ODtson, sing, amuse, entertain 
as bj singing, 12. be agreeable, sweet, savory, 
palatable; oo^ooif sweetmeats, anything sweet; 
savory; o&o^^ooi, sugar; 13. reduplicated, from 
def. 12. sweetish; from def. 4, and 5. far apart; 
occasionally, infrequently ; 14. name of a tree, 
two varieties. 

Qoicoo^i, CO. coioDtqiooiooo^, see odo^i, 1. 

90ioo66i03t, see ooobi, def. 6. 

soicBtf def. 8. applied to crying out^ calling. 

0018, land species of coi , def. 14. 

90191, def. 12, coiSicoioi, def. 7. 

901SD1, def. 13. ooicoicbioofi go once after a long in« 

QOig^, cS^ooigl, cgScoi^, 00^801^1 def. 7. directly 
in froijt, front, confront, be face to face, &c. 

aoiooo^S stretch, make tense, as in pulling a rope, ifec. 

cDicS^, def. 8. 

90100, water species of ooi, def. 14. t 

544 ooi^dSi 

€01001^9 00. ooiooi^ooicSi, def. 8. stand nprighu 

ooiooi^ooc8^, CO. coiooijSoDodScoiooi^oocSS, stop in a 
standing posture. 

ooioo(2>^ob, continue until the younger brother arrives, 
def. 5. appliedi among other things, to the last- 
ing of grain during the interval between harvest 
and harvest. 

001 ^loo^, savory sweet see ^leo^. 

ooif^S CO. oon^Scx)oo5^S, or coi^ScbicSi, def. 9. long to 
obtain, and have the posession or enjoyment of. 

ooiobi, CO. ooio5. desire to depart or die, 

ooiooc8^9 def. 5. 

OOlcSlf €0. 001^^9 CO. of 001001|S. 

coicQioDcbi, see oo<^i, def. 4. 

ooio5| CO. ooio5ooi<^i, or ooic&ooly^, def. 9. long for 
death, the death of one's self, or of others. 

coi^ 1. Indented, concave, excavated, hollowing, lower 
than the surrounding surface; see cSS, c8iooiS» 
CO. cSicoi^cSkjS, 2. mortars, of all kinds 3. grind 
ing, mills for grinding corn or paddy; 4. follow- 
ing 8jS, a stumps, sticks, stubble see 8|5ooiS, eo. 
8jSooi^8^cx)S,-OD^8^QOi^, see under 8^; 5. stamp, 
like, low, dwarfish ; 6. look of contempt, knitting 
the brows; 7. nearly, or quite full ; ODt8^6iQOiS 
cx>oo5, filled with anger ; 8. see ooi^ODi ; 9. num. 
aff. applied to quantities pounded in a mortar 
at a time. « 

coiSoocoB, def. 7. 

001^9^9 and 801^96001^, def. 3. corn mill. 

ooiSdBi, Sfcoi^cS^oooSs, a large pestle. 


^OOT 555 

ayi^fijS, def. 6. 

flOiSooooiii a mortar for poonding rice, 00^001 jSooooni 
in weaving, a kind of figure resembling a Bur- 
man mortar. 

ooi^dB^f a small mortar, for bruising tbe betel-nnt, to 
prepare it for eating; a mortar for brnising the 
materials for cnrrj, and tbe like. 

coi^cB^s8, pe8tle» nsed for do^ 

QOi^c8^oot| an iron pestle. 

ooi^cBii CO. £OlpSxo^^p^\, a bamboo set in the 
ground and coming np throngh the floor of the 
honse, nsed as a socket for Karen rice mortar, 

coi^oSt, see (BSooi^oSt. 

von^copf CO. 001^0^^001^89 the tail or projection of a 
Karen rice mortar, which is inserted into the bam- 
boo just described. 

001^^, CO. 001^98001^06, def. 8. mill for grinding the 
basks from rice. 

ooi^y a small mortar for grinding cnrry staffs. 

ooi^cSy a pestle. 

ooi^dS^, CO. ooi^cSSooi^^ii a mortar whose pestle is 
worked with the foot. 

flOi^cSSoo^, ooi^cSSo^^, rice-poander, worked by the 

001^001^9 CO. ooi^o5|Booi|Scoi^, def. 5. see 02tooi^oDiS. 

80i^ooi^o58, CO, oon^ooi^S^ooi^ooi^oot, denotes the 
place JQSt aronnd the rice mortar. 

aoi^o5^, def. 5. see 8^001 ^o5|S. 

801S00I9 use, employ, make availablci tarn to some ac- 
36 K. 


count ; Bomething from which aid mt^ h$^ Mfcioi^ 

8^ 1. ThroBty SB with the end of a peajtl^^ in pouodiiig 
rice; p^QQi oa. c^Q^o^cS^, a ^iad ot p^% 
for pouQ^lng i^ice; 2. applied to Bpeecbf throw 
cot Botne pro.ypkipg, insaltiDgi obBcenei hMty ex* 
preBBion; 8. ooa^* freqaently o^ti osseoue tobar* 
^cleBf resembling Bpars, which form on the joints 
4. deriv. sep ops^, Co. oos^^i, thrnst as a per- 
son in kicking backward ; ooa^, oo. O08{oo8o), and 
ooQ^i a spnjr d^o. 

8^c8^, def. 1. 

Q^^Sy half cleaned rice a^SStS^^^^* 

8^8li def. 1. 

a^^ti CO. Q^^ta^^i, and a^^toocdS, def. 2. 

o^o^, Ca. a^o^cS^o^i def. 9. 

o^cSi, 8{c8ic8^c8iooo3t| catch the word of aq. other for 
the purpose of litigation. 

a^cS^cS^cS^y pound rice in order to clean it for eating. 

02* 1* Deflecti bend down, as the head ; 9. deriv. ses 
co9:ftco9Sf and coa^'^^f^' deflect or cast down, 
as the eyes when abashed; 3. rush between con- 
tending parties, take sides with one of the par- 
ties; 4 see a^'i d^^** ^« osseous tubercles; 5. cBo^ 
CO* c8a2*c8cDt| of a fowli the lobes of flesh on each 
side of the breast-bone, the breast. 

a^tS^, def. 1. S^a^t co. S^a^tf^s^t, the head is bent down. 

o^too^Sf deflect as the head with a nodding or, qnipk* 

Q^c8i> M. 1. 8^i8^Se8t^> bow tbe h(3t4' as in 
the act of worship. • 

aj 1. Spurt ODt, eject with force; 2. daeb, beat againat^^ 
see oSaj, oo. 068^06^1 water-fall^ swift current 8. 
deriv. see dos^cB^oooDt, shoot up, as persons atid 
plants just before coming to maturity; 4. punchy 
stab, as with a stake^jSa^^ a sharpened stake; 6; 
num. of. for holes, o^Soo^toos^, one rat bole 6. 
afn as cSiaj, co. cSis^cSit^, fall or pitch down 
endwise 7. applied to pain, piercing, severci 
agonizing; oots^, have travailing pain; 8* used for 
s^ti eo. 00); 9. preposition to, towardsi unto Ac. 
see Gram; 10. see v^coS^ tarrj, or wait for; IJ* 
a species of 8S, a plant resembling ginger, or tur- 
meric; 13. (a^^) be lost; 14. (sjoS) give over, 
cease from doing, recedCf abate. 

aj^y^ooS, and 0382OdcoS, adv. used to qualify sound like 
that of stabbing a stake into the ground. 

dfOy def. 10. hereafter co. s^sa^ooS ; backwards. 

«QOi, 00. ajc^ia^oiy to some other or different place; 
sometimes denotes in a different manner. 

8^d8y see 88, cultivate this and you have many fowls. 

Q^ggl, hereafter ; forward, towards something ahead. 

d^cS^i CO. 32g8|S^ic8^, def. 1. 

«2|^, yonder. 

sgootf^^, off yonder, at a distance, or beyond some^ 
things referred to. 

ajtinoby see 8S, follow this kind and you will bi^ 
successful. • 

658 d^tSS 

9^9 be on the look onti in expectation of the 
coming of Bome one. 

egob^, whither. 

egcSiy def. 4. 

s^ogf see 8S» black kind. 

agoSif hither; agoSid^^i, hither and thither. 

agti 1. In terBtice, apace betweeni among; oosjtodni, 
among, o^fi^t, eo. o^sgtoo^icfii, or o^sgio^ooi, 
in the crotch off between two roads ; deep glen, 
or ravine; see oo^, def. 8.; 2. deriv. see coog^yt 

3. warm, expose to the heat of the snn or fire; 

4. set fire to, 5. ocfl, eo* paioi disease ; see oo), def. 
6, and 1.: 6. (foS) same as ^^ 3. snck; f^o^ 
an instrument nsed for cupping : 7. (a^^) ^^^^^ 
draw back, 008^8, the water recedes, abate; og^ 
a^t, failing pulse, or cessation, as in the near 
approach of death ; 8. co. of soti, as ^lootyio^, 
child ; 9. the names of several species of forest 
trees; as a^tc^ — s^tScI, and 8^t036. 

dftcS^cSS, 00. sgscB^tSSsjtcB^cig^, def. 4. burn to ashes 

or to a coal. 
Q^tcgS, def. 4. agtcgSo^^, draw out blood bj cupping. 
8^8c^, the Tbengan or Hopia tree. 
ogtfogSSS, delicious, sweet. 
dftaH, def. 3. dof 5. oo^a^soo^Qol, disease. 
Q^tcS^, def. 4. def. 6. 
sjtScI, def. 9. 

sftQp. 00. e^to^o^o^, and sgtQ^ei, def. 3. 
sgtSS,' def. 6. smoke a cigar, or pipe. • 

a^^Sx 55» 

s^idbti def. 4. 

dftoBi, 00. a^toBibB^cSi, def. 7. applied to persons who 
begin to decline on accoaot of age. 

dficdiy 00. a^toBidbtcSi, def. 7. applied to pashiog a 
boat down into the water stern foremost. 

^t09^, medicine for dropsy. 

af tQo6ty a species of o^t, def. 9. distingaished for being 
peculiarly cross-grained; a medicine for oo^c8^. 

«^9 1. Be strong, forcible, energetic aj^i see oo^o^^i 
CO. ooSdf ^oo^og, energy, force odtaj^, co. oj^a^ ^03t 
9f ^, inflexibly, obstinately, resolntely, or zealous- 
ly moved : oj^djjSootiii, or o^^s^^oDta^^, strong, 
energetic; 2. stiff, hard, unyielding, inflexible; 
oiaj^i hard rice, 3. unflinching, firm, strongly 
nerved, good health; 4. cough spasmodically, as 
when something swallowed enters the trachea; 
5. dffiof. severity, violence, earnestness, energy, 
force, suddeness, excess, (fee. Sto^^, co. Sta^^St 
00^1, force, commit a rape; S^s^S, Co. eta^^S^ 
aj^ lay violent hands on ; oSa^^, Co. o5af ^o5 
jco^v, die suddenly, or by violence: 8)^o5af^, 
•^c&»^, the strong die a hard, or sudden death, 
the weak a slow and easy one; dS^a^^, orcS^a^^ 
cS^no^i, live by plunder, rapine, or extortion ; 6. 
reduplicated, excessively, forcibly, energetically ; 
7. 'hair, woyl, fur, papyrus, down, feathers, beard, 
bristles; 8. twist or do up the hair; 9. put to- 
gether as stock in trade, collect contributions ; 10. 
compact, put together in a compact manner.. 

9f§S\, def. 2. 

wo ^ 

sg^n^iofi, def. 2. 

99^8j5, Co. ^ipQ^fq^^S, or 8)8^^8^, def. 8. 

a^^scSSy def. 2. applied particalarlj to the sadden 
BtiffeniDg of the limbe as bood aa life is extinct. 

8^^8t, CO. Q\9^^Qx9tf use violence. 

sj^d}^, CO. Q^^aj^ootcx)!, 

8^^001, 00. ag^ooidf^^i, def. 10. 

82^19, def. 2. 

sij^gS^, CO. a^jScS^jjcS^, become strong, <&e. def. 1. 

8qj5g8^, 00. ^pS^cbtS^, def. 2. 

og^^y def. 10. pat arrows coinpactlj together in the 

9^^^, def. 10. be compact, crowded. 

a2^§^, CO. aj^^^oS^^, def. 9. 

sj^bi, def. 1. very strong, Ac. 

sj^oSt, see s^p, 4. Vjj^c&t, ag^oStSo&t, distill .arrack. 

sg^SiotSi, def. 7. 

90 1. Sling, or suspend something from the idioalder; 
a^£0(S^, CO. o^QOifi^a^so^i, and o^cS^o^, a small 
basket slang over the shoulder o^^^c99 co. o^^^ 
d^o^^jSoo, and oj^iso, see o^, a still smaller basket 
suspended as above used in planting, to carrv 
seed grain; 2. gown, frock, jacket; 3. Si^i in 
birds, the oo, area of the wing, 4. €^0% or adv. 
a swinging, flapping motion as og|ScDOg|5c8ooo3t, 
swing the arms about in walking^; «»iooQOt9too^ot 
C9, throw the arms about, as in efforts to get 
loose from restraint; 5. deriv. see ooo^, co. oooD 
Q>Qf5\$ 0000031, shake with a flirt or toddeD mo- 
tioui 00C900C8, same as def. 4. ; 6. fl^coi^, tame 

kB tmoodp, 3, tiprighti Btabditig; 7. tbinntb, gdiall 
cSfiOy a stnall bird rbsetnbling a biiibkto ; boo^oa, 
v^ry slender for the height; ct)o^cb, do. Me oooQ^ 
S.; gIfiOf <v>. @')fiO^@'^cO, /ew rbiDaiiiingy tbach 
dispersed, dissipated ; 8. co* ooiS, as ^obiS^co, ooiS 
ODiSsooo; ally whollj, elitirelj; d. tee soo^i^ 10*. 
deriv. form, 00C9, 0000. 

flootn, a kind o( jacket; def. 2. 

8900^1 CO. c9n5^0Dr8iy a Bgfao gown, i^gured. 

800^,(9001000068^, basket carried with strap over one 

# shonlder. 

s^cBto}^, CO. o^cBto^^cjcBso^S, a species of gown, figur- 
ed to resemble the Teaves of a tree called Eola. 

S^cBl, CO. 80O&^. 

fiOcSicSi, CO. ooo^cS^. 

9981, these roots are conpled together in the sig. of def. 2. 

89CO, see def. 8. 

aocB, fiOQO^QodB, def. 4. oocSoooDt, oodBcS^ooooi, swing 
the arms and body abont ; oSsooSdBoooDt, affoct a 
show of importance or gentility by swinging the 
arms, i&e. in walking; oiaodB, move backward 
and forward, as a tree when shaken ; oo^codB 
shake a thing in biting it, as a dog. 

s^o^gS^, CO. ooop^cS^cotSicSt, a female gown, varie- 
gated in a particular manner. 

coocn, CO. fi^odlcDG^, or 80ool8iooO, a female gown as 
H cotnes from the loom withohi seeds or other or- 

oocoi^, e^. i9900ipao)(X)i^, stfsjpebd a 001^, li^^aliifet, *from 
the shoolitor ; def., Ue altb, d^f. t. 

5d£ a)§n^S§9 

09^, CO. o^^liolf or ^^^81^^, a young man's gown. 
09^9 a jacketi Maul. (Tav* c8o&, Siam ojooi.) 

Q^ooi^, woman's oo, covered with 001^, sorgum seeds. 

o^^^f CO. 8?32^8?^^i the beaded gown of Karen fe- 

8009, CO. O}0}89@it a triangular piece of metal, used 
as a bell. 

oooli 00. fiOC^Sioly the white gown of Karen girls. 

ooo5seo, CO. o^cSteooooSseio).^ ««d eo, def. 20, and 21. a 
mao's gown having a stripe around the bottooi. 

oooStf^i, CO. o^oSif^io^oStei, (see f^io?.) same as 890). ^ 

&jS^9 CO. oocfi^oocSy def. 1. applied to slinging a 
basketf wallet, of the liice, npon the shoulder to 
put eatables in. 

8081S1S11 def. 2. 

00^1 CO, ao^ooi^i said to be sometimes used for 09001^, 
or 001001^. 

09^ 1. Applied to the sun, as ^^flo^, CO. ^a^P(x>\c68\t 
or ^^oo^colcj^, denotes the first indications of iti 
rising at early dawn; ^^o^^^^o^i at dawn and 
evening; f ^09^08^1 the morning is dawned; ^ 
fi^^o^^f morning after morning at early dawn ; 2. 
with other roots, developement, or presentation, 

oo^dt, a raised form for sitting upon. 

89^00^, (see 00^, 1.) Sc9^90^, the small strips of bam- 
boo which sustain the mats or leaves of which the 
walls of a crib are constructed, also the name of 
a flowering plant which springs up in old fields^ 

oo^oc5^g8jS8, is to insert the upright strips of bamboo as 
above in raising the walls of a crib. 

Ac 6<S 

99^001^9 adv. ased as an intenBivei the two roots being 
of opposite significations! indicate that one is no 
sooner gone than another appears ; ^cS^o^^ooi^y 
constantly come begging. 

8^001^1 for 801001^1 as 6^09^001^, help to risoi or raise 
to a standing postnre. 

fi^9^f see ooto^jS^^y where it indicates fullness^ 
plampness. or being well developed. 

89^|ii cO. o^^fiQ^^dbt, {see fi, apportion, &c.) denotes 

partial} or half rising, a position between rising 

and lying, that is, sitting; oo^^fiy see hf — e5iQ^ 

ft, see fo5\f — c8^89^|ii a place to sit on, a chair, 


fl^liooSiS^i sit so as to leave a space nnder onCf sit 
on the heelsy sqnat. 

S9^f i^t8^9 sit with legs bent ap and tamed to one 

oQ^icbtoo^ly see co^, 3. 

o9^TQo8ir6^9 sit cross-legged. 

fib !• Cock, set* or adjust, as any thing which when 
liberated, goes with a spring, or sadden, elastic 
force ; as in the following kinds of traps, snares, 
&c. ^9 — 00,— 00^,— -ooSt, — OOCX)S,— oolsiScfii,— 
00^01^801, — ooS^S, — oo^ooicS^, — ooiS^, — @t, — 
otjf — \h — Si65, — fjSooot, — d3| — €8^9^,-0^8, — 
oStfS, — 09^e5|S, and 8|t; 2. sneeze oo^fib, see 
80^, 9.; oo^fib, the act of sneezing; oo^fio^oo^fib, 
and oo^oojSfib, do. see also 80^8b, motion produced 
by sneezing; 3. the prominent muscles on l^ach 
side of the spine which give strength an'd elasti- 

city to the back; 4, see oo^i 6. erected, eoek^ 
up, prominenti piercing; 5. deriv. «0e coob, oeo9 
«b| CO. ooooc5^.ooct)«b| the lips withdntirn from 
over the teeth, grinning; 6. see oS^sbS^i ftDdd^ob 
odS, the prominent sides of a beaten track or road 
3.; 7. affix. g1, as §1^6, CO. §noo^§1«b,_@1g1 
obfibi in a dispersed, separate, scattering manner; 

8. (Bnr. ^Sf) have connection of concern with ; 

9. affiw. o^t, as c^tob, copj a writing, 
obooogii sbo^Si set a o^8. 

q6o9i8^, see ooiS^. 

^(x^f set a rat-trap. 

«6oD^i— fiboo^, CO. oboo^^fiboo^y-fiboo^^fiboo^^y def. 4. 

fib^, def. 3. opposed to sbo^t, also CO. to it. 

oboo^i see oboD^. 

^bcS^, applied to the contraction of the mnscles of the 
biick nsed in the sig. of def. 1. 

fibo8, CO. fib^S. 

fib^S, CO. ab^ScboS, def. 3. 

obcfii, CO. obcS^, def. 1. it is also nsed alone hi refer* 
ence to traps, &c. where the motion of the spring 
is downward. 

obo^t, CO. obojitfib^i, the internal fib, of the back, pro- 
bably the pancreas. 

Qb«|8, CO. 8b0|SQboot, def. 1. set a rat-trap. 

sbc 1. Thrust, stab; f^obs, CO. I^ops,— |^«bc, — ootfibtf 

needle, bodkin etc; in weaving an instrament used 

to keep the web of equal width : a plant which 

* bends its top to the grotind and thro#8 out new 

roots, and springs up agsiB ; slreamsi cSiobif 


e^piy into tbe ooesD, or other streaiAs C0. ; g8i 
oi^oBicbt, definite^ precise; oo^r, b^ slabbed, 
pierced, be wounded, bj a tlirast; 2. beat, pound 
with the end of a thing ; 3. punch, ram, force in 
with a rod ; 4. pierce, Btab with a spear 5. fig* 
produce a quarrel, provoke, traduce; oo^obi^t, 
aiatter for a quarrel ; 6. with a spade ; 7. take up 
as with a fojrk, 8. ooifibtc^, beat, throb, as the 
heart; 9* ootobtcS^, have a spasmodic contraction 
of the muscles of the stomach, piercing pain ; 10^. 
throb, pierce, dart, as pain; 11. pitch, with the 
end of a thing; 12. project, or spontaneous pro- 
jecting manner; 13« stick, set, insert, as anj 
thing upright in the ground; 14. insert; 15» 
splice, 16. fig. brilliant, beaming, penetrating; 17. 
strike, as the rays of the sun, reflect ; oflfibr, #^ 
8o1,; 18. strike, reverberate, as sound ; iee obt 
&^8^, ; 19. puncture, tattoo ; 20. perforate, thrust 
through; 2l. dot, deeignate with marks, subscribe 
or affix one's name; 22. fig. applied to speech, 
exaggerate, say something which is considered 
witty or ridiculous ; 23. with c8^, thrust, or 
shoot up ; 24. shoot up, as spikes of grain ; 25. 
try by lot, cast lots; 26. pitch, as a boat; see 
also ^, 2. ; 27. drive in, bespatter, ae a 
stream; 29. reach, extend to; 80. iufringe, drive, 
dash or beat against, as waves; 31. o68bt^i^, sm 
^^ 8.; 32. come back to the starting point; 8S. 
show through, as through glasr, or reflect * an 
iffl^e, as a speetrom ; 84« bubble, as water ii^ 

561 8bt<^ 

a stale of eballition ; 35« shake ap and down 

as water io a bottle; 36. deriT. form, ses oosbii 

co^ ooobtbSSti 37. a tree of the genas Laanu, 

Oram ; 38. 8btc8dB| a red plant of the geDos 

fibtoocxjjl, CO. 8btnonf^|Q^taoc^9 def. 13. in an inclined 

position ; def. 17. in an obliqne direction, 
sbsoofiy def. 12. as of^sbtoofi, projept one way and 

the other in short bends. 
fibtooQOiy see coooii J. and def« 33. 
«6iOD^S, def. U. 
fibtooSi, def. 19. tattoo in circular fignresi particnlarlj 

around the eyes, as the mark of a deserter, 
fibtooo^^ — fibioDo^^y— 66tooc|i9 build a stockade see o^* 
obtcoc&pf tattoo, red or black. 
fi6toS^9 Co. sb^o^lSfibtfii def; \9. tattoo in figures of 

Various forms; figure by tattooing, 
fibtooi, 00. fibtni^fibtnoiy stab and raise on the point of 

an insiirument. 
8bt(^^r8iy def. 13. so as to cross like an X. 
^chtf def. 14. mend as a mat, &c. by inserting neir 

Q6t<^o5^, CO. «6t(^cBt« 
Q6t<^(dt, eo. fibtcbtni^obto^tcBi, def. 20. thrust through 

in different directions intersecting each other. 
tibtojioocBiy def. 32. 

«6tcg^, 00. obte^^ cbtcg^, def. 1, 4, 6, and 18. 
fibtc^, stab and cut. 
flbtt^CDcjpS, def. 16. 
fibtc^i, 00. sbtng^sbtc^i, in parturition, is when the 

6bi@p 567 

position of the fodtiis is reversed, or otherwise 

in a wrong position, 
sbtf Sfoni def. 29. in plantingi extend to th% borders 

of the field. 
^flbtSSobtcgif def. 80. applied to rising water, infringe 

its banks, or boundaries, 
gbs^t, CO. ib^^t^h def* 5. oo^obt^t, a quarrel ; flcbt 

^1 a species of grasshopper* 
hi^f otfiS^cS^yioooDt, canse one to be angry, 
j^toiif def. 13. set stakes aronnd for an inclosnre. 
j^K^9 CO. fibti^SfibtoSt def. 3. applied to water, wear 

away the bank by a strong current setting direct- 
ly against it. 
JbtaOy def. 13. set stakes in a range for s fence. 
«bt^8^, def. 18. see &^8^. 
j^t8^ao^9 def. 13. set fishing stakes. 
fibi^iS^ sec ^tSf 3. 

jbi9{, def. 1. the object being within reach. 
jbiagSviaoif def. 5. be litigious, quarrelsome. 
ibtdB^c3^e5t, be employed in hunting; a hunter. 
i6i^, def. 26. 

flbsooSp, CO. QbtooS^fibtooo^, def. 21. dotted. 
^tooo3bSoo<^i, def. 22. 

^tc8j CO. fibtdSobt^i, def. 2. also applied to the heads 
of streams which push up or take their ^ rise 
among the mountsins. 
tbt<B^9 applied to the stomach, have a throbbing 

sensation in the part ; def. 2. 
sbt@S| CO. 8bt@S«6tgS, def. 6. pluck fmiti Ac. 
from a tree, by the use of a forked pole.^ 

S$$ QOfdSdtf 

«^i66t, o9^cftio^SflbQ&i, the htmt or Aot of p iMmtaiD. 

fibtcj^y <^. sbtoj^fibt^ii thrust wilb • mi^e* Bteb« 

sbtODD^f Vef. 90. 

fibtcB^y shoot, panchy or thrnst upward. 

^dB^^y {HHietuie a vein, I«t hiood. 

Qbt\pf 00. fibt^^i^cpy advocate, pleader. 

fibt^, set fishing stakes. 

fibt^t, def. 5. 

obt^^f a medicine for fever. 

obt^^y def. 9K 

sbfotODJS, set stakes around a corpse, after k has been' 

burnedf a funeral ceremony* 
^toty CO. fibsetoo^S^y def. 24. 
fibtoo6t, extending from the ends of the fingers to tiw 

arm pit, an arm's length, 
obtoty CO. Qbt<2>8bt^1y def* 1. thrust one in the loinfl 

•with the end of the finger to make him start. 
obt^ty CO. 8bt§t8bt^y def. 3. as with a pestle in 

pounding rice; as the end of a hollow vessel 

upon the ground to start the contents bj iie 

force; with the term for down affixed, pitch or 

thrust down end foremost* 
obtSty CO. obt^tfibtgs, def. 8. drive in or down with &j 

rammer; def. 35.; ooooSobt^ty def. 84. 
g5tfiy applied to streams, def. 28. applied to pain ^ 

piercing, extending from one part to aoother inj 

general, def. 10.; def. SO. 
Qbtc8c3, CO. 8btc8o8Qbsc8ocn, def. 88. ; rays applied 

light denotes the appearance produced by 

lent a 
•ay^ of 

ray^ of the sun penetnutiog a ropm throng smi 

fl^too^ii fin 

apertores and striliiQg on %h9 «u»Qiie or pmeMOi 
of di9«t flo«tting in the afHo^imeait. 

fl^icfil, 0(K abii^^fiba^f dof. dl. taitoo. 

«b«ooS^ CO. ^cx>S§sa^»ooSoo^, dof. 91. make oHAfttai 
marks on a thing to constitate a okarm or amnlet. 

^ioo^y def. 14. insert small sticks or pins into lea^ea 
to form thetji into thatoh. 

«bio5S, 00. obtcSSobiob^i and obtoSScSeSy is to divine 

by pricking throngh, or otherwise indenting Ab 

leaves of a certain book, tlien opening to febe 

I word or passage which is thus reached, which is 

regarded as the voice of the oracle. 

«6toDi» €0' obtcoicS^Si, def. 1&. 

obtooi^, vaccinate, inoculate. 

fibtcSi, in generali thrust downward; obidSioS, is: to 
set out or plant three paddy plants in a fietf 
previous to planting the seed grain ; a supersti- 
tious custom. 

«K>tc8i329f def. 25. done by taking a handful of paddy^ 
and counting out the kernels two by two« if they 
come out even it is considered favorable; other- 
wise unfavorable, and the next day it is tried 
I again and so on until a favorable result is pro** 

' duced; then it is planted in a field in three 

places previous to planting the seed grain. 

^004^ii CO. Q^too^giQ^iadogi, stab at a distance by 
throwing a spear^ lancci &e. 

fibtooQp^ CO. Q^iodop^Qbiooia^t, stick up stakes for a 

ibtao^i CO. 96»o99n86tOD^i def. 36, 

»70 £ 

cbtOD§9 CO* Q^too^icD^, def. S7. 

Q^iODoj^y tbrost backward, bntt end foremoat; also ob- 
liqneljy as in aetting po8t6 in an inclined poaition. 

c^o^^oD^i def. 18. applied to tbe lege, stand with the 
legs projecting apart. 

abtobiy def. 12. set a thing in the position of the legs 
above described, i, e. with the bottoms projecting 
apart and the tops meeting togethei'. 

obtobi, 00. Q^80&^86so6i, def. 5. 091061961. 

objSf 1. Bend or cnrve outwardly or in a backward 
direction ; 2. affix. QO, as cotsb^y ten, 3. deriy. 
see oofib^, — ooQ^jSb^, same as def. 1.. oosb^oo^, 
turn away from reproof. 

fibjScS^i^i med. for leprosy. • 

ob^^y Co. objSa^iQb^^i, bend one's self backward. 

8b^cx)ii(xj}it, CO. 8b^03iS(^^8b^ooi8rxj]ii, used in des- 
cribing a person who in standing has a bend 

ob^dB^, def. 1. 

fib^Oj^Sfib^^iy the bends or contortions of the body is 
Burraan dancing. 

ob^-ODi, same as fib^^i, — oSffib^,— cx>i, do. ^ 

(8, 1. Stopy cease, refrain from, 2. affixed, it indicates 
priority in order of time; first, sooner, o^idB, 
arrived first, oo^dB, bear fruit soonest, first fruits, 
obsSy come first, before others, it sometimes de- 
notes originallyy at the commencement; cSSS^c^ 
c8|Sc8y when the earth first came into being; 3. 
affixed it indicates that the thing is earlier or 
sooner than others of its kindi as opdBy first riee 

dBcoSp^^^p 571 

4. remaiDi dwell, stay, cSScB^cSSdB, dwelling- 
place, home; o5^d3c8^, a kind of coffin or resting 
place for the sknlle of the dead ; 5. co. D, as dB^, 
with haste, without delay, laying aside other things 
to attend to it ; 7. ooeS, co. oosSoocS, or oocSodoi, 
(ot,) a conplet, pair, an eqnal, coanterpart; 8. 

V eqaality, congraity, or rivalry, antagonism • (^sdB, 
CO. cfeidBcfescS, see also under cfet, — @i8dB@iic8, 
see ofdB, co* 08dBt5«c8, 9. num. affix^ things in 
pairs, also of small fire-arms, carts, ploughs, and 
Buits at law, or things where the whole is made 
up of several parts adapted to, or corresponding 
with each other; see ooc8, 10. deriv. form, oodB, 
CO. coto, sei 00, 5. applied to motion, indicates it 
18 reciprocating; 11. see o^^, a species of tree. 

£cx>cB^, dBoo^, stop, cease, wait. 

Boo^, def. 6. stop to listen, give continued attention 
to a discourse; Maul. 

8nov8, CO. sBcoSp. ^ 

8oo8^, CO. d3oo8^c3a3»8, consider on a subject with 
interest, give the mind to it. 

pooS^^S, examine a subject before acting. 

loDS^odBnoS^^l, turn a thing over in the mind so 
a» to look at it in all its bearings. 

BodS^oo, CO. dBooS^oooSooicos, consider thoroughly so 
as to understand clearly. 

BoD^CD|5apif call to mind, remember. 

Boo8^c6i, do^ dBoo8^c8io}ioooD8, recollect one's self ; 
generally in reference to some error, or fault* 

Boo8^oj^^^» call to mind, remember. 
37 K. 

572 dBt65 

cSoo^ngS, see dBcgS. 
c8^, def. 5. €0. oed3od|i|» 
dBcx^S, CO. cB^^Si live or dwell together. 
qBooS, Co. dBoo^d3c8| def. 1. also co. of oU^oo^. 
^noSoo^ and cSoo^.cgS def. 1. give up a wattes let it 

c8cS| CO* 60001 • 

dScgiiy CO. ooQ^8^dB^ii| firetlj, first in order. 

c88^i CO. d38|)c8»8, same as cSooSjS. 

c8» 1. Piercey insert, penetrate; see obs, — OD^dBt, eo. 
oo^dBscD^^it pricked, pierced> wonnded by some- 
tlnng capable of penetrating the flesh ; penetrate 
the ground, as animals searching for insects, aod 
plants which bend their tops to the ground ; 2. 
excite, irritate, provoke, try to wound each otber^a 
feelings; 3. acute, piercing pain from flatulence, 
&o.\ 4. S^gSi, CO. 8^dBt8^(2|i, «f6 8^dBs, ; 5. Bame 
as dB, to remain, continue; 6. see c^^cSt,; 7. 
applied to time, co. 8^, (Pgho.) occasion, in- 
stance; ooS^oc>ls8t, iu many instances; num. 
affix* ooS^oodBs, in one instance ; 8. (Bar agoS,) 
pick, pluck, as fruit. 

oBsoDb, a widow, abiding single. 

dBto^, CO. dBscSjSdSsoo, disabled from a wound or lamenese. 

dB«op, CO. oopSSStoif def. 2, 

sBsopS, for 8«r>pS, which see. 

StctZf CO. Szco^Sncbtf or dBso^idBtcS, def. 3. 

dSiAS, applied to a lot of maggots, or small fish when 
left without water, wriggling, working in between 
each other. 

Sp 578 

StSp, CO. dBscS^cotcS^i (sometimea c^Sy) is generally 
applied to sticking flowers, and other things in 
the hair. 

d3toc8S| def. 5. remain or be in a mixed state; mixed., g8^Si bo happyi comfortable; the allusion 
is to dwelling on a plain. 

cStSao^i be in the state of a child^ applied to aged 
persons in a state of dotage. 

xStSoD^gl, def. 5. said of a man who continues in an 
unmarried state. 

c8t8y CO. otoS^dBiS, stick flowers in the hair. 

dStcoi, def. 1. when the thing pierces or is inserted so 
as to be out of sight. 

^tODi^i pick the seeds called ooi^^ def. 8. 

cStcb, pluck cotton from the plant, def. 8. 

€8k^co|ii def. 5. a woman who continues unmarried^ 
an old maid. 

d3tc8i, def. 1. the motion being downward. 

cBtdS, remain awake during the night, *< watch." 

cStdSS, a pregnant woman. 

cSt^BS, def. 1. said of certain animals which work their 
heads into the ground to obtain, ants or other in- 
sects for food. 

c8^, 1. CO. dB^ooSajooS, invoke, vow, swear; generally, 
when used alone, imprecate ; oo^dS^, a vow, an 
imprecation ; cS^oB^, cursed by birds, said of gar- 
ments and other things, which come to pieces 
without having been much used ; coSoo^sSS, avert 
an imprecation by praying it may fall on some 
one elsei counter- imprecate ; ooco^d3^c8i, the cry- 

574 dS 

ing of monkeys at night: 2. kindle dB^c^io^, 
kindle a fire; 3. warn, admonish; 4, CO. S, mar- 
rjf join in wedlock. 

sBSooii Co. c8^ooid3S8s> invoke the blessing of long 

S§chx, CO. dBfobidBf c6«, dB^abia|oii,— dBfQ|obi',-d3^ 
c^idBjS. — dB^c^icSi, def. 2. 

dB^oi, CO. dBpoidBpol, def. 1. sB^oi^oi, do, invoke 
good things upon a person, bless, marry. 

s8Se8S> CO. dB^cSS»ic8Sy def. 3. imprecate. 

dB^§,— dBfb^b,— dB^c85§:8S, def. 4. 

c8^cx>^&8^, accursedi suffer the effects of an imprecation. 

c8^c8Sy imprecate, curse each other routnally. 

oB^cSiooodSf CO. cSScSicx^cSioooDSi take an oath, swear, 
vow, imprecate evil on one's self with some pro- 

dB^ooi, CO. dBSooidBjSdS, imprecate, curse. 

dB^0|c^i, see S^a^x. 

di 1. Extend or occur in series, articulations, lofts, or 
stories; odi^qS, CO. odi^8j5cx»^q8, stones used to 
raise a *pot in cooking ; dSisS, CO. c8id8c8ic^, be 
diverse, diffbrent; 2. arrange in a series, do things 
according to a regular order; be in order; 3. a 
series, section, story, o^isS, a section of, as Sin^t 
98, a joint or section of bamboo, such as are used 
for water-buckets; 4 num. affix, o^ogo^^, .take 
another man's wife in addition to one's own ; 5. . 
(coooS,) perform labor for another; 6. the com- 
mon, domestic fowl; cfitoS, see gSi* a kind of wild 
cat very destructive to fowls; od^gSi^, see oo^ ; 

sSo^fl 575 

cStSidSSi, Bwine ; cB^sSoo, a bird somewhat re- 

Bembling a fowl, fond of wet places; hence the 

name; 7. see coq8. 
qBc&sS, def. 6. the turkej. 
d8cx>8S, applied to articulating plants, def. 1. 
dScocB, CO. sSoocSafiooool, the gizzard of a fowl; a 
* .species of creeper, so called from the reeemblance 

of its fruit to a fowl's gizzard. 
sSno^y see oo^, — sSooii, the cock crows, see od^i. 
oBoxBtS^, and sSoDcSsSjS, see odcSii ; 3. a species of fowl 

distinguished by a tuft of feathers on the head. 
qBodq^^, CO. aSoooj^cSoocx)^, def. 6. see oooj^, 5. 
oSoodbf def. 6. see co^j 2. jungle-fowl. 
sScigtf ^, def. 6. see cpSfjS. 

dSc^f CO. oBcg^sScDi, judicial proceedings, def. 2. 
aSdo^t, see ^ogi* 
dB8^, a fowl's foot; odSsSS^, Co. odSsSS^odSsSS^, in 

figured work, a figure resembling fowl's feet. 
aSso^, CO, oSeo^oSdSi,* lice peculiar to fowls; def.^6. 
sSoD, def. 1. a species of bird ; *Tailor bird,' see co, 6. 
o8ojo8«g^oip, Kar. Fab. Vo. 2. No, 98. 
aSobS, a decoj-fowl 
d8c8^S|^, def. 1. large species of fowl. 
dS^i, a loose basket for carrying fowls. 
€8dB^, CO. ^obtcSrS, def. 1. in an upward direction. 
sScS^OdODi, and ^cS^ood, applied to persons, standing 

in a row or range with each other. 
dS5^, a hen's egg; ^SdBS^, Kar. Fab. Vol. 1. No. 88. 

and Vol. 4. No. 14». 
aBo^, addled eggs. 

576 dsas 

cS&^o^f egg-ebell. 

cSo^ol, white of eggfi. 

dBo^oDcBiy the jolk. . 

c8o^ODc8, the film of the egg* • 

dBo^S^cS, '< name common to Bcveral species of Pb^sa- 

Hb ; " the Bengal goose-borry ; a kind of cake or 

pastry, oviform ; babbles made by children id 

playi formed by combining the smoke of a cheroot 

with the saliva of the month. 
d8i)i def. 1. a cock ; dBel^i and dBeloocSi, a yoang 

do. cS^dBcO, a bird, tail resembling that of a 

cock, Indian fiy-catcher; SdBcH, a flowering ahrnb, 

Plumeria accumiuata. 
oStdlb^f tail of a cock ; dSolb^obiy short do. tree of the 

genus Rourea.' 
q8o1od8, 1. Insect, do.\ 2. ^a tree of the tribe Conna- 

racecB; medicine for boils. 
08(9)0), 1. A white cock; 2. insect, ^a species of 

c8S, a chicken ; oo^oSSiS, in figured work, a figure 

resembling a lot of chickens on the run. 
oSoDi, CO. oSngS. 

^5i, CO. c8ois8^i, a jungle fowl. cSoDcib. 
dSgicoog^S^, and dBoicS^S^^, varieties of the jnogle 

q8oi8^c8, 1. The yellow jungle fowl, a bird often 

mentioned in Ear. Fab.; 2. ^*a planty globVa 

cS8^, a hen ; c83S8| and ^8^03c8i, a small pallet ; 

dBSSoo^, a full grown do. 

c8t 577 

cBKog, a black hen ; cSSSojcSpooop, Ear. Fab. Vol. 3. 
No. 112. . 

dSS^oc^, a hen incubates; a small insecti 'a name 
• common to several species of Desmodinm, and 
applied sometimes to a species of Dicerma.' 

c8obXy*8c8obi| * tree, a species of Bignonia.* • 

dBo5S, def. 2. arrange books in a line with each other. 

dBoftSoo^Sf def. 2. in writing, make the letters in an 
even line ; in printing, compose, set np tjpe. 

dSoDi^cS, def. 2. place the ooi^cS, in due order. 

d8i>, CO. d8c8Ss8(i>, from s6, def. 3. and (^, change, 
change the order of a series, misplace, mix. 

cSciSiy def. 2. one thing laid down upon another, or fol- 
lows another ; orderly succession or series. 

dSc8io5S, a fowl used as a bait for a cStoS, 

oBoft CO. dSo^sdB^i, a kind of basket to confine fowls 
in carrying them, &e. 

c8a3S, def. 2. join house to house in a line. 

dBd5^dBt8» def. 5. fig. take a wife dSoooDsSso&^Sscd, 
have a family. 

dScx^f incubate; cBSdScx^,'^^^ cdS. 

dSoo^t, def. 5. 

oSo&^f fowl's dung; g^oSooS, a sriiall species of grass- 
hopper said toeatrfo. ; hence the name. 

dSt 1. Inclose, as with a net or vessel, thrown or placed 
over a thing; 2. a kind of basket, of a tapering 
shape, thrust down into the water to catch fish, 
prawns, &c. ; 3. see cBSdSf, the hollow of the 
neck ; 4. reduplicated, adi\ leaping, long, snccos- 
lively; 5. deriv. 03dBt030oS, a^Zo. single, long leap. 

6Y8 z8p^ 

oSsoo, fieh with a sSs. 

s6j5 1. Shove, push, prese ; |j5a8S, CO. ^Soon^^d8^« an 
inetrumeiit to push with; a epoon ; «8^^, a lad- 
der, to be pushed away from the house at night, 
2. with c8i, repress, restrain; 3. ^ccoD,) arouse, 
urge forward, excite to diligence ; cdS^qSS, (oac|£t 
cooD,) under the Bnrman Government, a Bnrman 
appointed to drive the Karens ; 4, overcomey pat 
down, oppress, over-bear* brow-beat; 5, constract 
the rim ; 6. see oS^oo. 

.^^00 J, CO. c^«OD|s8^oD|, and sfi^ooj, from def. 3. and 
ooa, force, compel to action contrary to the free | 
ch(»ice of the party; applied to forced marriageA. 

dS^oo^i, CO. aS^ooS. 

sfi^oool, CO. sSjSooei. 

sS^oooT, CO. oS^coeiaSSnoen, push or bend down the 
top so that the middle shall curve or <belly*-out. 

s8j5cx)oi, CO. s6jSoo5Ss6j5oooi, see odoi, 2. 'belly'- up or 
out, be up-raised or pushed out by the presaort I 
cff soinething underneath or within. | 

a8Sooc85, Bee odc85, 6. push up dirt from a hole, &ۥ 

sfiSooS, CO. a8jSoDSa8Se)5i, break down by pushing. 

sfi^ogj, CO. dSfogS. 

sflSogS, Co. d8pog5d8|5^«, push aside or away. 

qS^^S, and s3^s>|5c8S3oooi, dispute, contend in worda. 

aSfSeoS, def. 4. also, in judicial proceedings; give judg- 
ment against. 

dSB^if push over, or down. 

sS^cji CO. d8^oj^s3^«8^, or dS^Oj^sS^Si, def. 3. excite 
to peace or concord. • 

9fi 579 

tS^cSx, do. also, CO. aS^Oj^, pudh, Bhove, or urge to- 

sS^oo^Sy CO. dS^oo^soSSooft, pnsh agaiusty crowd. 

^OQ^y CO. oS^oo^oSfSoo^ii press dowu upon, hold down 
by pressure. 

oS^dB^y CO. oSj^dS^cbicS^y push up. t 

s8^^, c<?. dB^cgS. 

gS^ooi, OO.oB^oStdB^CDii^ def. 4. push out of notice. 

6^c8i9 push, or press down, depress, humble. 

^^cSicxjipy submerge. 

dB^c8\^8?oi, see ^8, 3. 

dBScSi, — 038y def. 2. restrain anger, humble one's self, 
forbear, bear with, give up one's own rights. 

dS^cSiO^t, CO. ^jSc@i3^ss8^c8ic^i, push under water* 

bS^od, (ooSd^Sii) a large species of elephant, without 

fl^fiOi, Co. dBSooiaB^dS, vilify, defame, degrade, debase. 

5), (from ool, 10, and l2.) 1. Alone, or fi8^8iajl8i, 
limber, pliable splints, generally of bamboo; bS 
a^n, cut bamboos for making do.; ^3^> make 
splints ; 2. elastic, spirited, exhilarated, brisk, 
joyous; diligentf as »if(»ia^l, do a thing with 
spirit ; oSlJoSfijfli— -0D8, make one's self appear 
spiritedi brisk, vivacious; ^Ssi^cS^, have a lively, 
animated, mirthtul countenance.; 3. shy, timid, 
wild, wary, not easily approached ; ** undomestic- 
ated,*'; 4. shrewd, arch, sagacious; 5. see ^|8^1f 
and ^8^9 unsteady,. disposed to gad about; 6. tie 

680 9}t^S 

aroQod with a splint; a eplint-ligatnre ; 7. act thf 
part of a gallaut or coqnet, allure the otber aezi 

ooiajf), do. in an obscene, vulgar, licentious maoDer] 
8. with 5^, prefixed, as 6^a^1, spring with elastie 
force, as springs and other elastic bodiea* 

fi^oSS, fo. aglfASa^cS, n. def. 6. . 

«5po^, CO. ^loof . 

«j1c^ioo5, CO. Q5pn!|SclJ|teo5, v. def. 6. 

^IdBp, def. 2. 

^lodBi, def. 3. ^ 

fijiSSgl, and 59)85^^, def. 7. 

8^et, C(?. s^o%9j]ojp, in making 8^1 is the outside o| 
the bamboo, which is rejected* 

c^lo^t, CO. s^lo^ltsi^no^i, in making 8^, the inner har<| 
part of the bamboo, which is also rejected. 

8^obi, CO. ^^cjSs^lc^i, in making a^, the whittling^ 

Qj^Ho^^cB. def. 4. very or ovor-shrewd, Ac, 

fl^t, (from cot, 4.) of a feeble, frail, fragile nature 
easily crushed, or rendered abortive; somethinf 
incipient, not yet developed; 1. ^Ss^t, co. ^^ 
^Ss^t, CO. bSa^if^s^f, or ^Sa^tfpa^i, and ^^s^ 
shrink, recoil from through fear, shame, difS- 
denco, bashful; 2. CO. ooi^, as 00i^8aa^s8i, larva^ 
worms 3. avoid, CO. ^^^h and o^^^^t ^ 
^^' 91^9 ^^ bi^]^^bia^9, (^see bt,) avoid, sbuo 5 
CO. c8r, something incipient, c6c. 

8^i^S, CO. s^s^Sa^i^l, disgust the eyes, make od< 
ashamed to behold. 

^ 591 

i^idS^y def. 3. 

^^, from fso^f tnrn, cbangei &c. 1* Take a tarD» sud- 
denly changei yield to remedieB ; 2. loose or be 
loosened, change cSSsj^ScSt, unwind, nntie, un- 
twist, relax, loosen, dB^a^^c8i0309«, bo and cS^cSi 
aj^oooDt, do. c6.i9q^, do. fall or come loo|e, &c.; 

3. ponnding things in a mortar, fly out, escape \ 

4. in examining things, look about the thing 
hero- and there, view it from different positions ; 
Gbia^^|cbia9^oS^,^go and look out a place suit- 
able for cultivation ; Si>89^f > in Demonology, the 

I traverser of the Heavens ; see oooDi, 23. Die, p. 

243.; 5. smoooth, sleek, free from that which 
causes friction or resistance, as c^SQ^f ^0. dba^j^ 

I obc^« hew smooth ; iXS^Sy a species of tree, so 

called on account oF the smoothness of its bark. 
6, deriv, form, 0335^, 1, 2.; ?• ooSa^, a thing 
of another state, a ghost* spectre, phantom. 

idSoo^, '* to turn round, as the head ^5 a boat." 

aj^oo^i) CO. a^^ooc[i9^^Qo8i, or s^^oc^tjfi^Si, go round 

I for the purpose of observing; def« 4. 

^^oo8i, CO. aj^ooijf. 

p^^ooa^^cB^, to examine land, or a country carefully. 

l^^cS^, def. 3. look about at any thing over-head. 

By^cPi, Co. e>j^c6i5)jj£c8i, or s^^cSi^^cSi, def. 2. 

1^, from o5, I, 2, 3. ; 1. Clear, not turbid, colorless, 
transparent ; Sa^, pure, clean, in a natural and 
moral' sense; 2. thin, liquid, not thick or coag- 
ulated; p^^s^f liquid blood; 3. as ^8^, morbidly 
sensitive, ''set on edge," 4. sweeten, euliveDf 


582 5? 

cleanse; agreeable taste; 6. see fia^t dieagreeablj 

fresh, unseasoned, raw smell, 
ayoocj, see odoj^, 1. Thin enough to flow; def. 2. 
s^oojS, clear, transparent enough to render object 

visible a long way down or below the surface. 
s^Si fr^m z&Pt 1. Has been found only as a conple 

of other words; of soS, see ^^^5^?i ^^- ^^^^l 

ODC^^c^^, and of d^s, see ^8$^8, co. ^sa^^^g^tj 
ajn, (from exDi,) aji, — ooi, 1. Lead, guide, direct; 2 

c^. «i, send, employ; 3. earry, convey, take charge 

of for conveyance; 85ajT, bear, carry ; 4. giv^ 

or ofl^er au equivalent, as for a debt; 5. 00^9^ 

applied to color, mixed with black and wliitej 

gray ; ocj^aji, the gray cucumber. 
sjicgS, CO, ajicgSooicgS, def. 3. convey away, as i 

thing which one wishes to get rid of. 
9^e8i, def. 3. convey to. 
a^i85, see 863^1. 
ajiooSooiooS, CO. def. 1, and 3. 
ajic8^ooic8{S, CO. def. 1, and 3. also in marriage ceie 

monies, conduct the groom to the bride. 
aoiSS, convey together, bring together as an assena- 

ajicSi, def. 1. and 2. when the direction is downward 

or descending. 
ajicSiogS, def. 4. 
ajji, not used at Tavoy. c8ig^, Co. cSiojcSioS, (Maul.) 

fall, as tears, leaves, &c. one after another sac- 

cessively ; see also ^^sj- 
i^pf 1. CO. s^^oo^s^tooS, in washing clothes and the 

g^ 583 

like, rqb, chafe, 2. followed by ^5, fret, cbafe^ 
pain the mind by beholding ; 3. preceded by ^5^ 
have a pricking sensation in the eyes, have the 
eyes irritated or inflamed: 4. prickly, having 
spines or thorns: gj^^^^^i) co* g^^^S^g^ 
ao^noi, as species of spinous fish; 5. with cx>i, or 
oo% prefixed, as oois^^, co. ooiaji^^ooi^, thorns, 
inflammation oj^ooiaj^, *throny tree of the genn^ ^ 
Gardinia*' Sooiaj^S, the rose ; 6. ^^^^t co. ooao^ 
00^, a thorn of any kind 7, Co. s^^^Sc^i^S, and 
{^i^Saj^bS, def. 2,* and 3.; 8. applied to the 
son, as ^^3J^; Co. ^Saj^^SicS^, the aurora or red 
*ligbt of the sun before it rises: 9, affix, a bright 
or scarlet red; as ^^sjfajj^, shine with a bril- 
liant, red light; Sisj^ooodS, brilliantly red; 10* 
affix. «>^^g^^» 00* ooc^Sfij^^oooSfij^, or cx)(^Sa6S 
cioc^^s^^, exuberant, flushed; taken together, it€& 
cxD^S, 2.; 11. 'tinge one's self with red,' a red 
tinge on grain preliminary to fructification. 

&j^^<bi(^if def. 7. see cbx^^yi^. 

^y^f CO. (^^^^, see ^P^p^ 

^, CO. ajj^iScbi^S, def. 2. 

^ODt, def; 11. 

, CO. oogooj, 1! Jest, joke; say in jest, pun; a jest, 
a joke, oocBig,— «ig, co. wigwij, make poetry 
of the above charater ; see also 9;B'^%^> ; 2, oe^n 
009, (sometimes 00^^,) applied to water, small, 
side streams or channels in distinction from the 
main one. 
1. Splinter a bamboo and spread it out; 2. applied 

to Btreaifis, as ofioo^poo^i email channoUy bj 
which a Rtream is divided and spread ; 3. deriv 
hewing timber, in a ragged spHoterj raaDoer 
4. go round about a thing; 6. stamp Tvith thi 
^^9^, CO. g?t@i8^> def. 5. 

,^Sqo8i» def. 4. 

m^oolj«, CO. ^Soo^i^^ioo^t, def. 4. 

mSc8^S^, def. 5. * , 

m^<jol, and ^^cSiigdl, def. 1. 

^f 8^, — «S8oojj5o ^p oDi o^ oi j^S ^ ol 00 op% bamboi 

^,1. * a generic term for plants of the sedgo tribe, 
gome of the epecies have a smooth culm vtid 
sharp, angular edges; the leaves have a sitnilai 
form,* hence the name; ^^^« co, ^^^^^^^Hi 
species of grosshopper peculiar to sedgo; hon 
the name; 2. deriv., seoco^^ co, od^od^, m 
trim, clean, &c. sedge-like; ^« Si^, in Kar. Pa^ 
the name of an unfortnnate pet pig belong! 
to a poor orphan girl; 4. cB^ODJS^, Co. cB^ 
^cS^OD^a^, a suiali bird, gr^en resembling i 
parrot; 5, bScS^^, the fcrocions temper a 
other changes indnceed in male animals, b; 
venereal excitement. 
^oiSuSi species of def, 1. * sedge which cut 
to the bone.' 

ghSoS, a species of def. 1. peculiar for smoothness. 

cbcBoi) a sedge o^^, co. nooSjS^i, salvo or poultice. 

d^i 585 

^i» K ShdD, avoid, keep clear of; ^S^), co. ^Sa^t, 
avert tbe ejes through shame or diffidence^ be 
aahamed; oDt^), and o^poot^t, ehnn, avoid,^ 
keep clear of; 2. with c8t, qaick, foreiblct recip- 
rocating motion, shake, tremble, os^sd^t, shake, 
as a boat among the waves; quake as the earth, 

^n^t ^< %'^%'§'' shake, as water in \\ vessel to 
wash it; probablj the same as cbis^. 

bi^i. def. ^. 

3, tbrnst^ pitch top foremost; cSi^i Co. cdis^cSia^, 
a cot or any sleeping place, have the head end 

I ^ •tlie lowest; co. cSiOj^S, exhausted, cutoff, extincti 
oo^c8is§8^» pitch down head foremost; 2. pour 
out bj turning the containing vessel upside down; 

3. thrust with a fire brand; hence, set fire to; 4* 
Oasuarinas and pine trees, cedars &c. 5. a weight, 
tho eighth part of a tickal; in money, two annas 
or the eighth part of a rupee; 8Sc8is§, a hundred 

I tickals dwindle to a s§, used fig. eo. mn^xojS^ 

dwindled to nothing. 
18^, CO. c^S^c^f^, pitch head foremost. 
^<^i, d^tc^tcS^, and s§g8^, or c^cS^a^lcS^, def. 3. 
^dBio^> and c^^So^, def. 2. 
SddoSy or ^o8| a name given to turpentine by Karens 

who have seen the article, 
k, 1. Timber, cross-grained; 2. deriv. osd^toD^S, seC 

»^, 3. ; 3. insert splints to strengthen the part ; 

4. CO. ^, see ^sc§,; 5. c8id§, Co. cSis§tc8i^i» 
b«ve sharp, piercing pain like a stitch, spasm; 
6. xSxSt, Co. SxQ^^cSx^tf tho hair, hanging down 

580 ^ 

so ae to interfere with the eyes or face ; 7. oodBt^ 
CO. oos^tOQODcot, anj part of the body which is 
pecaliarlj teuder, as the templeSf pit * of the 
stotnacb} (&c. ; 8. give ioformation, petitioD, pre- 
fer a complaint; 9. fluor semenalis; 10« blossom 
as frnit trees; 11. lawfnl or proper to marry, in 
reference to relationship; (^SoocBi, co. db^oo^s 
(d^ooc8i| or D^^oos^s^^ooa^t, marry a relative 
forbidden by law or eastern ; 12. ooSool^t, a 
general term for diseases of the generative organs. 

sBsoocSiy 00. s^toDcSiajtoocSi, def. S. 

(Stoot, some as s^t. 

^tdS^^oB^, def. 10. s^8dB;>o58^, def. 3. 

s^SDDsd^cx)!, def. 3. patch. 

(SscSid^oofi^, in making mats, insert splints to bind 
the corners. 

^^, 1. Consistence or state between soft and hard, n<A 
easily indentedi but penetrable; ODoSd^Sy mad '] 
or clay in a state of spissitude; oo^^d^^, con>- 
pact, solid flesh, not soft and flabby; 2. dig with 
a ^^s^^ ; 3. f p^^f co^ ^P^^I^Q^^y aa instrument 
to bring up dirt from a hole; 4. ^ «^pt8t> a * 
species of yam which strikes very^ deep into the i 

sS^oo^^, same as d§^, def^ 1. 

^p\^8«, dig *^§S«9 by the means deseribed 4ef i S. 

^^a6^8^, def. 2. 

^, 1, Dry, parched,. withered, tnroed yellow aiML«red, 
byvheat; bare, atripped^of^ ordinary appen^gee, 
deatitate.; ood^, da. m0 no,— ?^^oo^f o. 09^81 

^^ 587 

c^o^^cx>^€^, a dry, withered leaf; ^no^co^c^i Jig. 
destitQtei poor, stripped of every thing ; 2. deriv, 
oo€^, CO. 00^003^1 oos^S, cleHD, (&c. see cx)^, ; 
3* eo. o, a8 ^o^s^, have the eyes, yellowed and 
otherwise affected/ as by smoke ; 4. dry bamboo, 
splintered and used for a torch, a bamboo torch; 
9r^' splinter bamboo for a torch; 5. qnalifying 
term for yellow, the yellow tinged with red; 
bamboo col ori color of things scorched; 6. cut, 
slicei cnt fine ; ?• o^, offix. tlie length of time 
that it takes for a bamboo torch to burn out, 8, 
CO. 9^9 as ooSS^ooS^, ill-success; 9. deriv. mS, 
CO. ooSooS^ooSoo^, 10. €0. ^, as fi^fi^, be fra- 
grant, 11. the otter, 12. oh(i\c6^fS]S, title of Ear. 
Fab. No. 90. Cognates; see od^. 

^aoa2)t, CO. ^ooaj|i^ODa2)t, def- 6. cut into thin bits. 

ScoooSf as cB^ooooS, def. 5. 

|^^t^%' def. U have a red and yellow tinge, as leaves 
scorched with heat. 

^c&f withered, turned yellow and red, as leaves by 

1^, sometimes used for §S, as cx:8i^Sooco6, for od^i 
"^cDooS, see §S, 4. ; clear, distinct, &c. §S, is 
Qsed in the same signfication. 

SS, 1. Name of a tree, so called from its laminated, 
pliantf and tenacious bark, Hibiscus, several 
species; 2. bark of do. much used for strings 
and ropes; 3. reduplicated, adv. jointly, com- 
binedlyy unitedly; 4. deriv., see oo^SoocoS. adv. 
do.\ 5. qualifying nouns, ^^, like, resembling 
88 K. 

688- fi^l 

^f — o^^^i a large tree with bark reieuibluig 
that of ^^, — c8^9^^oo^» and dB^f^^cO^^ a 
bird -having roughly imhrioated, nomerous feaAherty 
reserabling the leaves of ^^i a large ape<ttea of 
owl ; 6. CO. 9^f the ratan ^lant. 
S^oyc^tf 00. ^Sooo^t^^o^o^i def. 2. $ee coo^ I. 
A^coof^t, CO. ^^ooof^t^roo^l, def. 2. inner pwt of' 
see ooajHlt, 1. 

J^^f , def. 3. 

i^vS^f hard-wood hibiacua* , 

sSoocpi species ot def. 1* 

iScB^f epecied of def. 1. 'Hibiscus macrophylliia/ 

)^oo, species of def. 1. 'Hibiscas tiliaceoSf (Lin^y 

)S8» species of def. 1 • medicinal.: 

sS<{^9^} same as op^^^i def. 5. 

iSoiy soft hibiscusi white. 

1^8185)81, def. 1, and 2. 

)t 1. (from, c^if) Hastei rapidity, quickness; S. redn* 
plicated, nto. ; 3. reduplicated > rattling, clattering 
sounds ; 4. deriv. see 03@tocoDS| same as def. 1. 

etoDODS, def. 1. 
*i§i, def. Z| and S. Cognates, see ooc^t. 
6§t^i a^tr.( from. ^1,) same as §t» except wb^B* ap- 
plied to sound» it is more grave and hardi. 
CognateSf see 03 ^t. 
agly a<79. 1. Motion, in a smarti quick manner; 8. aoood 
produced by quiek motion; S.deriv, aos^koooSy 
4. redu'plicated, do. 
QglooooSi def* 1.; 
^logl, W.4. 

^1^ 58» 

sjlSf adv. (^(rom o^i) l.SIow, tardy » sweepiog motion or 
ezteoding throngh a loog space; 2. redaplioated 
do. ; 8. cot9g^9 ttame as ootag^, speoiea of screw . 
GogDate, see op (3^. 

ag^cocDS, def. 1. 

«8^S M 8. 

9jjlf €$d9. (from ot, iee nootf) !• Short, smarts quick 
motion, rapidly swinging the arms, animal whisk- 
ing its tail, (fee; 2. reduplicated, c2o. ; *3. deri^. 
ODQOiooooS, do, see 4. sound made by quick mo- 

^gtegt, aee 2. 

^f see\ctQ^. 

^ (from &,) 1. Push, press, or stuff into, 2. with o, as d 
ag, two cross sticks which are inserted in the hot- 
tom of baskets, to stiffen the part ; 3. oo^3§, oo. oo^ 
agOD^Qgl, as ^Soo^, have something thrust it- 
self into the eye ; 4. oisg, co. oiagoo^St, is rice 
that is left of a meal ; 5. in funeral ceremonies, 
thrust the bundle containing the relics of tne dead 
into the oS^d3c8^,; 6. oo^agS^i, the animal gen- 
erally called cBtoooi^, or dBsfio, which see. For 
the reason of the above name, see ex. ; 7. ooSf^v 
sometimes oo^ago, a, ceremony in Nat 'worship; 
the stuffing of the oo^cooot, see odoot, 2. Cog- 
nates, see oo6. 

a go5 S^ q>S, fill a oavityi stop up a hole, 

a§|S, def« 1. obSagjSf^, is to force something into the 
bole in tlie lobe of the ear to enlarge it. 

590 Q^ 

9gc8S, def. 5. 

QgcSxy def. 1| motion being downward. 

.fig?! (Pglio.) ses olag^. 

^ 1. Beve\, taper on two or more sides ^S;^8^, a 
pointed cleaver ; f ts^S^i do: sword ; oSSs^S^, a 
government order written on a pointed leaf; 3. 
make tapering ; 3. (Bur. c^,) suspend. 

^3S, def. 1. CO. s^8^c8icoS, suspended bead downward. 

sbof sbarpened or beveled to a point. 

^oocbt d^. 2. ooc6^ is tbe same as codbf 2. which see. 

^c8^, CO. s^c8?si^c8i, def* 2. s^ct^f , co. e^^ottS^j 
def. 3. thrust up and down. 

sbcSi, and ^cSi^iy def. 8. 

cbi, adv. actively, with agility, nimbly; 1. Alone or 
with 0003S, or the co. agt, do*\ 2. reduplicated, 
do. when the action is repeated; 3. deriv. form. 

ODQ^IODCoS, do. 

^tnocoSi see 1. 

^t^sga, see 1. 

s^s^t, see 2. 

c^jS 1. X succession of companiesi asseoiblages, series, 
classes, kinds; oo^^oos^^, ooajgias^^, many col- 
lections, varieties, &c. ; 2. crabs of all yarieties. 
Tbe speciesi as called by the Karens, are as fol- 
lows- ; c^prBi^i, — s^o^— a^^8i, — s^f toiSo^S,— 

|S, — €^^c8ooi, or s^^dBoDS,— ^jSbt,-«^^o51dii,— 
^|5aDcj^, — s^?d8?bS,— s^^ooiootf^, and c^S; 3. 
oo^^^oDS, figured, made to resemble the color of 
a ciab's breast; 4. oo^s^^S, denotes granaloaa 


nloerei particnlarly od the bottom of the feet of 
a leprons person ; 5. 9^c8s^^, a large ecorpion. ; 
6« ^td^S| see ^y a species of turtle, like a crab ; 
7. eee s^^oi. 

;^ooi^?bS, same as s^^«oi^obS» 

c^fSi^i, see 2. named from the peculiarity of its gait* 

^^5S, the tick crab. 

;^8i| the red cr>^b. 

8^«30i^o^S, or ^^ooiSc^S, see ooiS, shore, .and cbS, 
a very small species of crab. 

^b^dBoi the np-country crab, thus named from its 
being at the heads of streams. 

ci^e^8i> the soft crab. 

^^8^^, long-legged crab. 

ob^dB, frighten away fowls. 

obSoocpj the mangrove-jnngle crab. 

obooio^f the bear crab. 

ob^^^, the true or common crab. 

^c6oo5, and s^ScSooi, tho yellow-claw crab. * Des- 
cribed as a large scorpion.* 

^^^S| have granuloua ulcers; see def. 4. 

flbS^t, the sand crab. 

ob^ocTldbt, the green crab. 

^^o)^ the white crab. 

^^oi, the crab's husband; an animal resembling a 
lizard/Iiving in the same locations as crabs; said 
to be poisonous ; probably a species 9f salamander. 

^^ooc^^, the crab-doctor ; a species of crab which 
forms the dirt from its hole into little pills. It . 
is said of tbe Barman doctorsi that when thej 

S99 ^ 

die> they beoome crabs of this speciet and eoo- 

tinoe to make their pille. 
i66^c8ebS» a species of crabe which live in old bambooi; 

thej are of the species called c^^obS. 
^^ootco(^% (see oo^^,; 2«) a species of crab wbieh 

wanders from its hole so that its place is not 


j|, this chararacter represents the sound of sh, a soond 
which does not properly belong to- the Sgan Ka- 
ren, bat it is introduced for the sake of some 
foreign worde, particularly Bible names. In Pgho 
* it is common, in many roots where y, is used 
in Sgau. 

j|t, ( Bur. ) ' a generic name for bivalve shells of the 
families Conchacea, Arcacea, and Oardiacea/ 

j|ty ( Bar j|oS, ) confneed, tangledi ont of order, pretty 
extensively used an)ong the Karens. 

^^Qoly see €^^, hibiscus, hard-wood kind. 

8^8i, see £^9 hibiscus, red, 

^^ol, see ^^9 hibiscus, white. 

^|5(§^, Bnrman 5|So2C{S, King, Emperor. 

gl|^, lawyer, advocate. 


g, represents the sound of foo, ny — ; not used in 

Pgho, OD, being used in its stead. 
^^9 1. Internal, occult, as opposed to 8,' ezterDtl, 

and visible. 



'•#»tooigDl8, my miod within.' Gram. w&. <S3S^*- 
^'9%o5n2ibooi£^8| the dead rettira within, (the^ 
4Bner world/) sj^S, in the inner or invisible" 
region; ^liB^G^jSsj^Si the eoantry of the dead, 
the inner region ; ScSicg^oo^Q^^^' ^^^ prophet 
ideecended and beheld the things of the invit^ible 
world; o3^^1, (from o^^, divide, Ac. and ^, 
ioternal,) iDtcrnal power to discern i. e. knowing, 
perceiving, comprehending; 2. before, in front, in 
advance of, see Gram. sec. 638. : 5g1, CO. cgSocgS^, 
look at a thing before and behind, on all sides, 
thoronghlj ; «of Sg), and tc^ooo^^l, tnrn around 
forward and backward; ^..consider thoroughly, 
as d38j55c88^£D), ooi^n ; in front of, face to face ; 
8tsoi^, face to face, front ; ^S^, Co. ^S8^^6^, 
before ; ahead ; ODiQODi^n, before, and behind; 
3. applied to time, future; ^^f — ^^^ooS^, — ^o 
^^f in future, hereafter; ojggl, ^o. ojos^g^l. 
do* ooigl, do.\ 4. aflBxed, the whole, throughout, 
see Gram. sec. 581 : C3o8^qI, strictly, the whole 
of one time, but in common usage it is an em- 
lihatic mode of saying once ; oo8|58^gG|1} so much 
as once; 8 — g^, as 8oi^,— 8oj^g1,— 8o6tg1,— 
8<B^£3t, 8<jjij5gD),— 8c8Ql,7-8q^, &e. the whole, 
•ee Gram.: oo<|^^, a* great deal; 5. in behalf of, 
far, by way of substitution, o^^oSoooDiociy:^, 
died for our sakes, as our subistitnte; 6. oo^g^, 
by, as to swear by, Mat. 6 : 84. \ 7. <^. deriv. see 
mf^9 00. co^9 be obetinate, Bna^commodating, 
Ac. «M oo^, 1. ; 9« (often od),) it chewing be- 



tel, combine and bnndle np the materialB in the 
betel leaf; 10. o^gl, co. Ss^gap, the flower 
which the froge respect, water-lily ; cx>)9^g9)f the 
month in which the above flower opena, Maj; 
11. Sggi, 00. oodSs, and \^o5i; 13. see golojt, 
tobacco ; IS. co. of o8, as oSodgloOi a liquid osed 
iA dressing the hair. 

^18^, as 8S^18^, see def. 3.; eo. ^a)t. 

£d1^9 CO. hh, as Q9g1g1, backward and forward; in 
speaking, oocSioo^dO^ngn^ affirm and deny, not 
tell a straight story, 

^00, def. 13. 

^8, CO. golcj8, also, the bang plant. 

glooSit CO* glS^ggloDS, def. 3. see 8pg1a>t, and 

glojs, CO. g1oj«Ql8, tobacco. 

^1g8{5, def. 19. 

gS, see <^Q^i and cBqS, relieved, more cod) for table, 
&c. the only nse in which this root has been 

qS, Close relation to odS, tear, rend, it is found obIj 
in combination with other roots, as 1. o5a^S, a 
shred of cloth ; oooosgS, the shred of a gown ; 
odSooiqS, rag, bit of cloth; 2. cot^SgDSf oo, 
ooj^SoDS^S, see ooigS, ; 3. o^^So^^S, the 
motions of the chin in ehewiug, much like d^ooS 
9^0D§, see d^, ; 4. see eySgS, in a dangling, 
flapping manner; 5. see oSS^dSodS. 

Qi, (Bar. qS«,) 1. Interdict, forbid, lay restrictions 
upon; 2. refase, act contrary to another's desires. 

gjSooooSyS 595 

reqoegl8| or commaDds ; 8. etriv^ei coDtend, an 
opponent; 4. deriv. oo^t, eo. no^too^ti per- 
Baade, beseech, coax, &c.; 5« oogot, — oogt, sap- 
pan, the CcBsalpinia sappan a Malayan dye-wood. 

otc^ScSS, strive together, i. e. one against the other; 

"^ def. 3. 

os^odS, lay restrictions upon, restrain, <&c. def. 1. 

ot^^, get by force, contrary to the wishes of the 
owner, or by over persuasion, def. 3, 

o^ 1. The textnre, tissne or snbstance of a thing, the 
material of which it consists, as of paper esS^Od 
gg^, of silver, eod^^, of cloth, oo^ojoo^oSsoog^, 
of wood, op^OdgjS, cBjSg^, splice, join, &o. ; 2. 
flesh; ogD^, oo* o^sog^, tho flesh, onr flesh, ha- 
man flesh ; oo^g^, meat, flesh ; 3. fish ; <'i^^f 
catch fish; ytwipoS, a fisherman; SgjS^sSt 'a 
fragrant epiphite,'; 4. cool, feel cold to the touch; 
become less hot, abate as heat; 5. followed by 
8^, cold, have fever; the cold state; 6. see Q^iS; 
7. see Q^^S; 8. deriv. see og^. co. o^^qS, be* 
nnmbed, atony; 9. deriv. see odq^, oo, oog^OD 
c8i, several plants that produce indigo; cog^c^^ 
c5^, « Asclepias tinctoria,* oo^g^O^^, pntrid fish 
Qsed as condiment; c^^odS8i8S, tree of the genus 
Barringtonia. ODgD^OfSoii, Marge tree, species of 
Careya.; ODgo^SoOi indigo dye; 10. affixed, dang* 
ling, flabby, as 09^^^, same as ef^ggS, 

^cotBt CO. go^oDCO^gD^cx)o8, the elephant-fish; a 
large fish, fresh-water. 

go^coooSyS, CO. go^ODooSySgDJSooooSei, a fish which is 

#pt to bi» oAOght by it» epioM in .the oMihet d 
a net. * 

q^cgB, CO. Q'^codQ^coi\y the pugnaeiom ifiih; tbt 
kind moBt common among the driad fiab of tb 
6armaii» a beantiful orange colored circle od di 

gc^oooUf def. 4. cold perepiratioD. 

g^oooii a large .fish. 

g^notcBs, a small fresh-water fieh, < resembling tk( 
carp' dietiDgnabed for sticking their beads iit 
the saod to search for food. 

eg^coic^i, — eJSoosc^t — e^cr.ta>8S, — g^ootooj5,- 
^^O0800QG8^y— g^ootdb, TalaiDg nameSf adopted 
by the Earensi for several different species of fiih 
but one of which, (the third onci) is commoD i^ 
the market* 

g^oosoc^i, A large species of cat-fish, ^^coib^, thi 

g^c8^, 00. ^^<d^^^8o1t the loaf-fish, from the ship 
of its head, horned ; two varieties, g^cB^eOfii 
the dry, horned fish ; very small species of cat-fiib 
and g^c8f c8, co. gjScB^cfigg^cS^ocn, the yelloi 
loaf-fie^h ; gd^cd^o^H, species of cat-fibht triV 

g^cBiy a species of cat-fish. 

e^O, CO. e^cg. 

g^cg^oo, dried fish. 

gg^flg^oD^, 'the Paradise-fisfai which prodoMs iilnglMi 
Poiynemus sele.' 

@^t» «M <^i, the air-bladder ef Ssfa. 

,fig^«I^S .Mir 

^cg, 00^ Qp^^^P^f the ring-streitked fii^ ; 8imlj» 
fiides spotted with browD» tail forked ; liFea in 
fresh water. 

P^y the tiger- fish; a salt-water fish, scales variegated^ 

so as to resemble the colors of the tiger. 
^8^a^y species of salt-water cat-fish. 
S^a, a poisonous fish, producing pain in the intestines 

wheu eaten. 
^^^OD^y CO. ^^^^8<3r^^^^> banyan-leaf fish x 

a short, thi,n, fresh- water fish. 
^8^9 ^^* 3^S^S^@^' ^^^ lizard-fish^ from its having 

a tail like a lizard, a fresh- water fish, flat head» 

icAf eo. ^pc;^^^^t the snake-fish, resembling an 

eel ; a fresh-water fish, having a kind of dorsal 

fin prominent and set thick Avith spines. 
ihSjQ. fish cut in strips and dried. 
Kfi, CO. gD^SSg^oS, def. 6. ooSg^SS, co. ooSg^S't 
i 8^co), fever ; ^^8^e>3, see to, 23. ; g^BSogi, gee 
I «8t> 2. 
^8^9 the gregarious- fish ; a fresh- water fi'sh, peculiar 

for being always found in companies; scaly, light 

colored, tail forked. 
>8TfSOi, the red- nose; a fresh-water fish, with scales, 

having the nose tipped with red. 
SfsO, eo. £o^c^* 
^C^^^) the square-tailed fish ; the Karen nam^ for 

cosodS^, (Bur. a>lQ3co18fr) 'a fish of the genus 
' Lates.' 


598 gfooioS^oo 

g^oOi dried* fish. I 

^^cb, CO. Q^cbg^tol, the ob, fish, see cb, IS. ; 

called because its teeth resemble those of t 

?b fetid chipmnDki a salt-water fish. 
^^c18, shark. 

^^cl8of^, hammer-headed shark. 
^^•S, the yengan-fisb, so called because the gills i 

red, or the color of the yengan frnit; a sni 

fresh- water fish, 
g|S»tSi, a fresh-water fish, see etSi. 
Q^s)o), CO. g^cB?, al80g3J5ocJ),o<>. gD|Scolg^a6, the pai 

producing fish; a saiall fish having spines, l| 

puncture of v;hich is peculiarly painful. j 

g^so^Si, the red-star fish, so called from its havit 

red fins which in the wafer have some resed 

blance to red stars; a fresji-water fish. j 

gDJBso^d), the white-star-fish, resembling the above h 

without the red fins; scales white. 
g^absoDJS^S, spotted-tail fish. 
gSso jSo^i, a horned fish having spines along the bsi 

without scales, found in fresh' water. 
gg^ooS, *a fish of the carp family/ 
goo8S, same as g^C^^^ 
g^ooo^OjjS, fish resembling the sc8i, poisonous, prodn 

ing severe purging: and cholera. 
Q^opS, CO. gfop^Q^^^j an Instrument or stick ii» 

to string upon. 
g^cSS, a short, thick fish, spotted with yellow and gree 
^^ootn5^eo, the variegated, needle-fish ; a small slend 

fish found at the heads of streams. 

00, CO. Q^oog^^iy eel. 

09S9 CO. S^oo^g^^t clear flesh, or whatever else 
the Bubstance may be to which the term is ap- 
plied : without the admixture of any other sol)- 

cSi, CO. Q^cBsgo^aS, the hog-fish. 

c8S, CO. g^cS^^^oo^, the bird-fishi a smal4 fish 
having a hard, protuberent snout resembling the 
bill of a bird, found in both fresh aiid salt water 
^ScSSolfto, the wjiite-nosed bird-fish, a species 
of the above found in salt water; f)^g^c8^, 

I 9ec^^. 

cSa^ajS, the mango-fish, Polynemus paradiscns. 
gSdSSS, the long-headed fi&l. : head equal in 
length to the body, a fresh-water fish. 

et, CO. g^ssg^Sy the fins of a lish. 

S^, h>. Q^opQ^S, fish-eggs, or spawn, roe. 

8^9 fish with a depression in the nose. 

jj^, CO. gjSofg^^^S, the frog-fish; from the resem- 
blance of its mouth to that of a frog. 

8^8f), CO. ep8f§^e?S?^^' ^"^^ big-headed fish ; a 
small, salt-water fish, with a very large head. 

BS^^i (Maul.) same as ^^t)j^^^* 

f^y the ears of a fish, denotes the small fins jnst un- 
der the gills. 

ioobSy a fish of the herring family , belonging to 
the genus Ceatcesus. 

!oi« •CO* gg^9^^^^i) the butterfly-fish, a large fresh- 
water fish, no scales^ 'having a kind of fin on the 
breast resembling the wing of a butterfly. 

^^bSt CO. 3^^Sg3^o^9 the cutting-fish «o called froi 
the breast being sharp like the edge of a knif 
found in' fresh water, no scales; go^c^SB^cA 
great-necked species of do. gSbSoft, or go^^a: 
greenish species of do. ^jSbSol, white speeiea 
do. a large, thin, flat fish. 

goSS^cS, oo. g3^3So5|Sgj58^c8| a short, thin fresh -wi 
ter fishy with scales, tail forked ; gg^8^c6o^ 
variety of the above called the cncamber aea^ 
gD^8^c8oto6^i a variety ^f do. distingnshed f 
its breadth; called also ggp8Sc8oDt^, on accoir 
of a red tinge on the breast; 8^c8oD^i8^, m 
other variety distignished by the tail being tij 
with black. 

gg^^^St, 00. g^<g^9t23^^9Sf the arrow-winged fish, i 
shape like the wing of an arroWy found in frel 

• fish ; the contents of the gall bladder only a 

supposed to .be the poisonous part. { 

g^^, CO* ^^^^3^<2l^f the vampire, or i>at-fisl 

found in fresh water. 
£2^et»1, CO. ^^ii^go^ot^y a species of fresh- wat 

fish which tak^s its name from its habit of stab 
. ming rapids. 
^Saiy <^. ^^eigo^iA, the pofc-bellied fish; said to I 

often found in the crevices of rocks. 
S^'v^^^t 63^^^' gD^icS^o^t, three kftids of fislu' 
gg^teo^^V *^ species of cat-fish.' 
3^<Bi^> rottHidish fish; 

^90^^ m tMo'fiidh fomid in taifke. 

^OOiooi S , a small frefih*water fi^hfoand in rocky loca- 
tioiM, and distingnshed for bitiog stooesi or hold- 
ing them in the month. • 

j^ooioo^no^eoy aod ODi^|S, co. ooi^Sc6^oo, or odi 
<jj|^5ooi<j^» a small, mad-fisht slightly variegated 
with colors which divide the body in sections. 

j^o^y fish that freqaent tanks and small ponds. 

^c8^^, yellow-tail fish. 

I^oo^y^, 00. g3^^^9^JS^(S3| the targeted-fish, dis- 

I tingaished for its broad scales. 

I^obo^i the ribbou*fish. 

^o^b^, described as a fish of the tribe Balmonios. 

^od, 00. g3^<^ft^^^^?f ^^^ sleeping fish, 'a fish of 
the carp family' lying perfectly strll in the water. 

jS^^f a largCi bearded fiBh, with thorns or spines, no 

^<^^8, CO. go^^^S^jSoo^S, a fish'reseinbling %he above 
bat much smaller. 

^^^, fish-tails, need as a verb and applied to grain 
when growing to denote the thickening of the 
foliage, (so as to bear some resemblance to the 

I tails of fish,) jnst before fractification. 

gS^, fi^h-eyes; ased to denote grannlations in nlcers^ 
generally of a leprous character. ^ 

»S8, Co. g3^8gD^J)i the snont'fish, a fresh- water fish 

distinguished for having a snout like a hog;' there 

-are three varieties, g^8oo^^, — g^SSieo, and 

gg^cooi^f or g^8oooi^, described as of the Carp 


Q^^^f <^0' £^^^3^9^' ^^^ wabbling-fisb, from i 

peculiar motions in the water. 
g^CD^, Co. S^OD^gjSSty the leaf- fish, a fish distil 

, goised for being dncomuionl^ thin, 
gg^coi^, Btonefish. 
g|5o5S, the kite-fish \ the winged or fijing-fish ; beloDf 

to the sea. 
g^oSS, medicine for dysentery, 
g^coxS^i Co. g^o^iSjSg^o^tf^t the 8haved*head fisl 

a large salt-water fish, distinguished by the re 

semblance of its head to that of a person wbe 

the hair is shaved ofi^. 
gScoiSpi name of a Karen fable, No. 104. 
g^c@, the nimble, or deceitful fish ; a fresh-water fig] 

distinguished for its dexterity in' taking the baj 

and avoiding the book; g^cSS, small species c 

do. *Q^c88SyS, same as gD^ooS.' * 

poSoQ^Sxy same as gjSedSx. 
gSoD32|8, Co. g^cDoajjsg^ooogs, denoti?8 thin fiafa a 

those which have little flesh, nothing but skin. 
g^oS^, CO. pjSoS^gjSo)^. the gills gf fish. 
g^opf, CO. QJSopjSQfoDJS, the coward-flph, bo ca]l« 

from its fear of the. hook. 
QJSoDpoji, CO. g^c^^^«g|S^fc)J|). the billet-fish, fr 
Jts resemblance in the water to a billet of wc 
g^ocHoS, the bony-fish ; also, a tree of this 

leaves medicinal, 
egpfl^^f CO. ^§^^p9^} rotten fish, gnapee; gf 

ggjS^^, a fish nearly related to the Oarp. 
^^gB, a fish resembling an eel, found in the hoUoi 

of bambooe, logs, Ac, in the water, or in holes in 
the 8and. 

^cSy eo. Q^cBg^ocO, spawn, deposit eggs, as fish. 

[ScSoS, CO. gg^cBS^go^cBo^, the chasm-monthed fieh^ 
distingnished for the nncomnion extent to which 
it is capable of extending the jaws. 

«, $ee gi. 

>S 1. ccScoS, be of a common, ordinary kind, or de- 
gree; hence negatively, nncommon, more than or- 
dinarji extraordinary kind or degree. 
2. g^SgSodS, (see od8») combine, act in coiDbina- 
tion, join together to do any thing. 

jl, this root has been fonnd only in combination with 

f^h adv. completely} wholly, perfectly. 

8gDt^t| completely pnre« genninci unalloyed ; c8 
vgot^t, pure, or clear yellow; ogSgStg^, pnre 
black ; ^Sc^^ocOo&to^Sgot^t, an engaging conn- 

I tenance, and pnre black teeih, a phrase denoting 

|t9^o5o5 00. wilti wither, dry np as grass &c. 

;i, this root has been fonnd only in a derivative form ; 
1. ODggi, eo. oog9^Qog3i, stale, rank, rancid; 2. 
oggi, table land oa the snmimt of a mountain or 
high hill: 3. o^ogi, eo. o^OQ^o^o^, a high 
loft or scaffolding with a floor, from which grain 
la winnowed. 

St sometimes nsed for ^S ^^Q^ffor^^t babitual. 

j, $ee og[S. 

S, found only in the derivative form, eee oo^t. 
89 K. 

gi^i 1. Particlesy fra|;aiaiito, tmidmU m hnukf tticlay 
after the first barniog of a fieldy and a aeoool 
barning; 2« coupled wUh ^^, peraooB alofaaijf, 
lazy, dirty, good for Qotbiog; be the filth, oflUj 
refaae of humao kind; ooSgj^ioo^gp^oityiy ie< 
also oDyiii a lasy, sloTeoly, ioetteieat ehanc^ 
ter ; gi^en to lethargy and inactioD ; tnppoted to 
be particles fretted from the clothes which hsv^ 
a kiad of bewitchiog effect on the wearer ; i. 
with o5» prefixed as oo^soSoS, in cookery, ptr* 
^ tially done, rawt rare ; 4. sse g§tgg^t, ; 5. derirl 
see ODgj[t, adh. dean, wholly ; be reiDsaBt% frag' 
mcDtSi atoms ; ^« deriv. %ee oogg[SQDcSi, a€h. ii i 
nice, neat, precise, puDctilious manner ; g}^ ^'^ 
is left after barning a field, see ^t* 

gj|.t8ie^8i, def* 1. 

^, 1. Slender, attenuated part coDneoliog two bodied 
or a member wiUi the body; stem, neek, tu 
ODt^, * stem of the heart,' probably the aorta i 
meant ; also, the term figuratively, any tUB| 
that is of little or no use ; 2. oag^, co. w^oofl 
space between things, as. two fields, and the like 
3. in litigation, a point in the decision af a ca| 
which is liable to be made the ground oi a ne^ 
action ; 4. a skein, or knot of thread, Ac i 
ooco^t long or tall and slender, supple, plianl 
as a fishing rod; 6. deriv, oo^. sm oa. no^^^tug 
choking of the voice in crying, attenuation olth 
voice; 7. deriv. see g^, deC. i. 

d^f^cBSt (borrowed from BiiirpDiiii») diepdle. 

1^ dariT. frout, oo^toD^, m« ^S ^• 

•9 Tbrow, to68» eioploying both fitaads ia tbe net; 8. 
ca«t away, reject, abandon ; 8. ppoceea of coloring 
black of a oerladn kind; 4 deriv. $64 at^§S« 
o^^^y— oogS^S, a seandent sbrnb of tbe genus 
Uvaria;' i. deriv. Mtf ^o^' (see oQ;t#) staging 
froa whieb paddy is poared down for tbe wind 
to drive awaj the ehaff; oSto^^t — c8iOg{r a 
ecandent shrab, (Maal.) 8^oi)i8t^ 6. deriv. a^f 
09^, CO. ^o^^f deaolatO) loneij, <fee. * 

^, def. 1, 2. 

bo^, tos8 and hit. 

icSi, def. ], 3. 

|l9 1. In disease, swelU rise in a tncnor; anasktfCOV^ 

aseitie sweUrn^ ot* a dfopsioal character; 2. vii 
I comMiratioff with other rootlB, ^tf f^^*^§^» y ^* 
» afix. aweliingSi tamors, <&c. OD^S^t, spellings 
\ and aicerations ; 4-. denV. aee oe^tm^y applieiA 

to pkuifts, sickly, atonted. 
^pof I, me ^d^. 
|kna» have a hard painfnl tatnor. . 

|kdB^, CO. ^tdB^ojJ^, def. 1. ^ic8^ftdB^,-gBtoD 

fit or ^•ofiG8& have ao' elevated hard tumor* 
1^ see def. 2. 

1. Streteb oat| extend, as- tbe arnas) legSj. <bc. ; 2. 

606 * g8 

point at; 3. stick out, as the lips; 4. deriv. • m 
0SS9 CO. o^SoggjSv aim at, as io sbootiDg; I 
whistlo; 6. deriv. no^^ocg, see gg, 6.; 7. 8^0^ 
from ^^^ and ^^, del. 1. the horizontal base € 
a native epiuning wheel) i^nd the like; 8. &5^| 
from SjSy and ^^, def. 1. lie entirely prostrate 
stretched ont in a helpless state ; c6iS^^^9 ai 
plied to the countenance, fallen, haggard, ghastly 
8^^^8SgS| adv. in a moping, dumpish roanDej 
^Sooo5i| whistle for the wind. I 

^Sg8S8S| stretch out the legs, 

^^8^^» sit flat and stretch ont the legs for a chi 
to sit on the lap. | 

^^wo}ii applied to the lips, thick, projecting. 

^^c8i8^, same as ^^c8^8^. 

gf o5p, whistle. j 

^1, 1. For c8i as oo^^i, for o^jScBii same as oqgcj 
oodBi, see ^^^ 9.; 2. deriv. form, 00^ t, eo. ^ 
go^i def. 9. • 

^9 1. Easji feasible, not difficnlt ; 00^^, row oo^^a^ 
^f something easy or feasible; oo^cSSoo^^, pra 
perity, comfortable, easy, prosperous ciroamstai 
ces; ojgoD?^, feel happy, joyful, in good spiritd 
2. affix^ of def. 1. ; 3. with jS,co. g^S, aflBzed, b 
accustomed or habituated to, or with ; 4. derii 
see 00^, CO. co^co^, deny, &c. see cpgSj 1 
ijxco^f see 00^, 2. ; 5. deriv. see o^, eo. oQ^ 
a glutinous kind of rice ; eo. oo8| definitioif 

iaiporti roeaaing; 6. 8^3^, adv. in a bowiog, 
tottering, feebloy staggering manner. 
noo^, def. \. 
^c&y def* 1. quite easj. &c. see oojSn6, 
n, CO. gjS. 
g2^, def. 3. 

1^9 4)0. ^^^^fOcDt and £§2^^c&» do. def. 3. 
, 4)0. ggjS. 

p, be familiarized with. 

f 1. Affixed) to indicate an nncommon degree; in a, 
strong, overpoweringi unyielding manner; %. 
deriv. oogS^, awfnii Ac. see m^. 
RooooS, def. 1. o^i^^ooooS, shine with overpowering 
r • brightness; ooSi^^noooS, be a strong, over- 
powering light; oS^WSf be exceedingly adhe- 
81 ve. 

f. ^ »p^?. CO. i^^^^p. 
, deriv. form, see oc^i| — ^loo^i, see oogSi, 4.; 

ootoo^i, see oo^i, 2.; 2. affixed^ oo^igSi, 9^1 

^i, see 00^1, 3.; 3. cojSqi^i, a -cat; oo^S^i, a 

species of jungle cat. 
rd^' o^fv. I. From cOt white, used to describe the 
r gentle rising of a whitish smoke or vapor ; &• (ufv. 

sound like that of the squealing of a hog. 
vSg^Sf 00. coupled with g^S, adv. in a sticking, tena- 
^ oions manner. 

ffegs, CO. a5^^#ffl^» ^^""^ *® ejSffiS. 

Mif wither, droop, languish; be faint, dispirited; c8i 

g^<> CO. c8tg^lo8«Q^i become ^. be in a famgDiBh 

^105, CO. ggtoSoDcBy or g^tODODoS, wither op, wither t 

^t^tc&sbi a^i)- in 1^ feeble, laDgniehing, drooping naniel 
gg 1. With ooooS, in a tough, teoacioDc, snyidM 

manner; coi^g|joc)a)$, ineorrigfblj lavy; ^%\ 

coS, teDacioQBi not easilj broken; S. ggMt ^ 

Bound like that of squealing. 

^^1 for ^1 pluntfi <^ the potato, aod yam tribea. 
^i^t, adv. used to deeeribe the rirfngorbureftfi»gfor| 
of smoke, indieating a etrong tendeney to blaaeJ 


00 1. A numeral, one; ODOO, ten ; ooooooii eleven ;S« an^ 
gative particle ; when the ?erb is redaplieMed befoj 
00} and reduplicated yioooSo&ooo&oSi tlie peittj 
slow in dying; ^^Gj^^O^odCji^og^, alnno^ noon. 

0000(^^9 one million. 

oonocB, one thousand. 

ooobc8, ten million, 

0903001, one hundred. 

oooocot, ten thousand. 

oooxfiit one hundred thousand. 

oooooSi one hundred million. 

coc6\ 1. (from 09I 1.) Cog. %a5\^ and odooIi spread apar 
diverge, &c.; 2. eo. corh^ in the signtfieatioD { 
•o5, whiob M#; 8. a#0 SicDon; 4. #0. omS. 

obnDl<n, $ee po^cO. 

■ .tgJkimfl 



ODOfMBi, ^pfiii#il to the legs, k to fpread tkedi iip«rt 
when Bitting* 

tx>ccS^Sf Bit with the legs ffpreiMi apart, immodest' 

poooSy CO. Oog. jtfe nfS, ii«m« qfi». 

}Offm ]. Oog. •cot, and oooot, sbeer off; ebtoooot, do.*^ 
2: Bame as eoDt, and CDfiDl^ bare aobifeg pain 
particularlj in the legB, ae from wearineat of the 
part ; 3* 09* oon^i^ and ox^; al«o ro. ooo^t« 

Donotog8| def. 1. 

e^no^ 1. (from cop, %.) screen ; oo, oocBj^,'^— 000000^, 
CO. eOodco^eea9«8^, tie up Bometbingior a acreen; 
f ^0009^, 00. |^QonQ^^^m<b^» a screen or shade ; 
2. Oog. 909^, and 00O9|S, «m •cojS ; 3. ooo5, the 
oooiiDOD, hard augmr of the basar; 4. *u, flowering 
tree; oooo^oiy shrnb, cape jasmine/ 

0O€x>^bi9 966 eoo^bi. 

doti>So&» CO* oooopQOcOp8t<3Q]fi, def* 3. 

00(00%^ Cog. enoi, and oooot, whiish see* 

coc6, €0. corAcoa5\t (from o5,) 1. Same as •oS, def. 1. 
twisted, kinked, &c. jgooc5, twist together as two 
tlHHigs or atraods; d. eaoie as cofA, 8. and anS, 2. 
have a morbid sensiti venose and aching paiiT in 
the ratteeka or bones ; ^oofAf have the teeth feel 
aore» ioolhaehe. 

oonooooMy oet* J. 

oooSoO| dei* 2. 

ooofrtf^ iWfi^ 1. earled, friczted. 

Se» also ODo&y paed io tkB above sigoifieations. 



oooSS, (from o5S, IS.) iee toM, def. 9. stun, <kc. ooni^, 
is nsed io the eame tigoification* 

oooSS, CO. 000^9 as. c8iooo&Sc8iooa^S» capsized. 

oooSt, Oog. •o5«, — *0DoSt, and oo&t. 

oon5t(ȣ^t, short of statarOi low, dwarfish. 

mmx, Cog« acSii and odo&i, 1. A cricket; 2. shelf 
over a Karen hearth. 

TOoSiSjS; CO. 09o&S^8io9^8i„ def. 2. 

00001001^9 foar-|^;ged shelf over the fire place. 

oooSic^y the poles which snpport the shelff def» S. 

00001, Cog. eooiy and ooooi^ 1. Prv, raise as with a 
lever, .&c.; 2. adverbiallj|«M«ooi,8. laboriooslyt 
&c. ; 3. affixed, to indicate excess, or the act of 
prjing cS^ooooi, CO. dS^ooooicB^ooocO, eat ex* 
cessively, cram, or staff one's self; i^ooooiy saae 

as £^9001. 

oonoicS^ooooi, Cog. sooicSlSooaot. 

0000100100001001, def. 2. see •ooiooieooinoi. 

oocoit 1. Be iu a panic, be apprehensivct alarmed; 3> 

adv. Cog.^ ftooit, and ooooit, in a eooked^op 

ooooit^it, def. 2. 
0000^,^8000^^, CO. 8ooo2^8QOOf^^, a small shrnb with 

stinking leaves. 
ooo^S 1. Torn bottom op, capsize; oSiooo^S, CO. cSioo 

o^ScSioocg^i or cSioonoScSiooof^Sy be capsized ; 2. 

affixed to o^tf as a^ooof^Sy or c^iooof^So^ooooS, 

to indicate a dark tinge in red, dark pnrple, livid. 
000^8 1. (same as •ofi, and ooo^i,) bend, l)pw; 2. oeg. 

from oijt, 2. o^ooooiooo^too^, the grain is not 

oooji 611 

well filled ; 3. ocnooo^t, or odlooa^taolooftd^, 
from a^i| 2. not breathy with a fall breath, have 
the breath iDterrapted, {. e. hicooogh. 

oocx^pi ^* ooo^jSodOo^, 1. Cog. •o^^f and ODO^^, an- 
taaghty d?c ; 3. from o{^» 2. have apasmodic 
twitches ; eiooo^jSi have spasmodic twitches of the 
akin ; 8. a kind of friiit« 

ooQ^i, Cog. •o^if and odo^if diffused thronghoot, &o. 

€oa^ 1. Cog. i^oj^y and ODoj^, overthcown, nprooted; 
2. co<r^o^^f a plural affix,% 3. the stern posti and 
ontwater, of a boat. 

ooojSy Bee ojS, — ooojSodcSs, co. mo^o:>SKOo^^co%9 
a half-measarct as a measure holding half a basket, 
or one holding lialf a pjee, &c. 
i tocf^f CO. odo^iodooty 1. Cog. 90211 and oDo^t, bow- 
edy d?c. cSiooojtf— -c8ian2»9 — cdioDojt, be bow- 
ing, bent down; 2. a low shed,* or booth; 3. re- 
duplicated, as oon^toooj'' ^^* '^^ ^ bowing, bent* 
up manner ; •ojtanot, and oo^todo^t, do. ; 4. < A 
piecey usually of some solid, lung in comparison 
with its breath;' 5. a species of bird, said to walk 
with a very slow gait; ODi<£^8oo88^(^ioo^oo^a)^, 

oon^ 1. Cog. ftoj^^, and 030^^, curve, draw up the 
back, &c.; 2. ooo^Si, (or oooj^^**) ^ species of 
6S, or wild fig, fruit edible. 

a>a2^@^f and 

Qoo^^^y eee i^^%^t i" & cnrved-up, humpbacked 

cooji 1. Cog. eoji, and ODoj^i, as fooo^ifooooi, a 

fit «<l^ 

kind of fi))et| Ac. used at an orMMneBl to the 
uriit, or to the leg beWw the faroe; t. naed 
<uft». wholly ; «8 oj^oX]]!^ •hax'v liie bead all ofer, 
leafing BO part; ue alao o^iooog^, UiidI, ai fkt 
edge of a tool, naked, baie; c^todii^i, wholly 
bane, completely naked. 

coop, 1. CO. coo^coS, from nj, 6, aad 7. be out o( 
beahb ; 2« ^Soon^, tacDe as f SoM^t or oofbo), 
oonditkniaiityf but, though, notwitbsUuiditig; K 
> aM ooQpOfdn^, a plant alao called acMAq^t, and 
ooc8f^oo1| pecnliar for having its flowers open 
at onitet. 

cfyo^^t 1. Ajfim. at the end of a pfaraae of coaraiaDd or 
prayer, aee Oram. eec. 489. % D* oaoipanitiw afioh 
mm Oram. sec. 16, SJ7: 4, 469: 8% m. ooaot^ ari 
ooQOtoD<i}^, a eiuail qQastity, or degree; odsdi 
oooj\ by (fegreesi by small degrees; ail, tfa€ 
whole, Mat. 18:44. 

oof)^V3}\«— odo^^o^^, adverbially, indicating indecisicD) 
▼ascillatioD of mind, ae c^ooo^^npW obwoo^^ooS, 
undecided about going; oB^mc^^rj^oodB^ODO^^ 
a^Sf liave the mind divided between rwtnaiDing 
and not remaining. 

coo^jS, 1. A measure of distance; S0e n^, def. 4« 0009^ 
f , do. 0009^06^ the distance of one bend in t 
stream ; ooop^cBS, the dtatance of one long bend 
in a road ; 2. ooop^oocB^, with short benda. 

odiB,— C0. conbs»icoo6i— dbieo(^,— d^^oby^-corbooffi 
inability from weakness. « 

000^1, Oog. ni3^t, Bsidxionfif'Bee ea^i. 


<fi^ •!» 

ooc^^y Gog. •chS, ODO^S, M« •ife^. 

ODo^^cS^Odo&^, boist ODe 1^. 

oo<^S| 1. CO. oo<^ooi, from c^, appearancec, condnet,. 
the things bj vbidi we JQdge a person's char- 
acter; 8. applied to eounds, change, vary, have 
a variety oi tone ; 3. t^fim. irregnlari rough, 
▼alried; c^tooi^t feel rough to tiie touch ; 4. Cog. 
9(^1 and coo^, title of a Kar. Fable. Cog. see. 

oDo^ty CO. (Xici^cocotf 1. Oog. mth^f and ooobt, see mcht, ; 
S. from <^t, ; l, 3. foreed or tnmed to one side; 
aa ^SoK^f have the foot wrenched or turned one 
side ; mrht, and od<^i, do. 

oM^tf , CO. cocht^cotot^^ have the wrist filled with 
bangles, &c«, have the hand covered, do. It is ap- 
plied to other nonns in the same way. 

anbxoiySx, Oog. •c^tacfti, l, and 2. 

o&cB, 1. A free, gray stone, < Steatite,' nsed by the 
nativee principally for pencils; 2. same as ac8> 2.; 
3. 'a plant of the goord family;' 4. take apart 
or to pieces, as frame work or machinery ; 5. 
same as •f8« K riee quickly, &c. ; 6. with d^, 
afflxedi a large forest tree having a very astrin- 
gent bark, it nsed by the natives instead of eatechn 
with their bele) ; 7. empty, not filled ; cSoccB. 
Cognates ecd, — dfi, and ooS. 

coSo^f species of def. 8. fruit, bitter. 

oDcBc^^, species of def. 3. frnit long, slender, flexnons^ 

<x)cBoor8| def* 2. same as •cS^cS. 

oocBcS^oeoDt, deft S. same as •cBf t. 

coS(^]\t species of def. 3. its flowers open only at ere- 
niog, henoe the Dame. 

oocSc^^oolf another name for do. 

coSSx, GO. oocScSioooolcSt, def. 4. 

oocBobt, def. .7. 

oocSty 1. dS^oocBt, a girdle ; 2. oofBiODo^, same as •cBi 
eo^,— oorB«(^^, Cog. ecBtc^^t ; 3, same as oocS** 

oac8|5, see oooj^oorS^, with short bends. 

00(6 1 1. ooc8ioor8i, Cog. nSx^Sx, and •o^i»c8i| tall 
and thin ; 2. oScocBiy applied to the eyes, have a 
wild, unnatural look, either from disease as 
cataract, or, from opening them uncommonlj 
wide, as in staring; in both cases the exhibitioD 
of an unusual glassy whiteness in the eye is in- 

OQcB 1. CO* oorSoDoo), the pond-lily; 'sacred bean-plantj 
Nelunibium speciosum ;' 2. Cog. 9<fi, and oodS, 
yawn, oacitate, &c. 3. co. oocB, see oocBoocBf; 4>. 
oSoorB, CO. 6Soo<^5oSaoool, a tree, species of 65, 
fruit red when ripe, edible; oS^cB, and &SoDf6, 

oor88, the flower of the pond-lily. 

oocBV 1. Gog. erS^, and o^AS. raise suddenly and 
momentarily, &o.; 2. a curry seasond with blaidc 
pepper, given as a diet to females after parturi- 
tion to prevent the puerperal fever; 8. oocS^i 
instantly, at once, at the same time; i. see o^t 



Of3cBS8S, see •cBS8l. 

0fxSSc8^ooo3t, see •cB^cS^oooDt. 

oocfi^^, see •rS^^S, both defiaitions. 

boffit 1. Cog. %S%y 2. and oorSii irregular^ &c.; 2. 
sometiined nsed as ecSs, 1.; 3. ^trom cSs, islaDd, ) 
a patch of jangle earrounded bj an open field. 

oxBt8S) det*. 1. see •fSi8S. 

oocBtoonoSj def. 1. ^e %A%%co%. 

oocBi^t, def. 1. see •c$t^t. 

QodSS, CO. 09cBSooodS, «tf6 cSp, •*>• a rally gaard, &c. oo^ 
oocS^, rfo. ooSe)OO0cB|S, do. 

coSx 1. i&d ecSii 2. and ODcSii the egg-plant, &c. var. 
see ODcSi,; 2. with •not, need in deBcribing the 
seneaiion prodooed by the crawling of a centipedei 
spider, and the like on one's tlesh ; 3. sometimeB 
aaed for •c8i, a cheiftaid ; 4. with oo<^i| as oo 
(bioo<Bi, same as •(^i, 1. tall, thin, &c.; and 2. 
in a transfixed manner; oocBioocSi, see oocSi,; 5. 
.with ^ly a^fv. projectingly, sticking oat in the 
oocBiooon, def. 1, 2. 

OdcSicBopi def. 1. 

fnAxt^f <The datnra, or thorn apple. Stramoninm.' 

oxSidBi, the 'tomato.' 

QOc8\^ii def. 5. Cog. 8f8i»^t,— oofBt^ii and edSi^i, do. 

oo<x2)S 1. eo. ooo^^ooo^S, or cotrjjScocci^, strike with 
the top of the foot ; kick with the heel ; strike 
with the spar, as a cook ; 2. with 8^| affized| the 
barking deer, * Oeryis mnntjak/; 4. eo. odojji^ eo. 

ooo^S, CO. oort^S, 00. ooo^S; 5. oo. cot 

from cxjjS, U one large movthfal; 6. m# 9^090^, 

ha^e the teeth eb alter. 
<XK>^jSd^, def. 1, and 8. dB^flB^8ia>aj){S8^, Kar. (Me; 

No. 94. 
ooojySooS, def. 1. atrike with iho sf^ar, as a eoek. 
ooo^SoocxjiS, sanae as ooagi^coo^, 
ooo^Sooc^^, same as ooa!^Soi>€t(jfr. 
ooogSooo^S, def. 1. 

cocf^Sf CO. ooc5jp. 

< bound aloag/— — & Inde»* 

QOfXfffif Same aa oooi|^^9 jim ogt^» tlie root; 1. Emptj 
bj taming the vecael or thing upside down; 2. 
ooofi)fioc>aj||l^» cover the bead aa with a hood, 
shawl, or wrapper ; 3. nod ; 4. with fh^, affixed, 
haf^ a pioaple of diy on the ejFelid ; 6. cSiODOjpS, 
€0. cSioofl^eBiooo^^y heavy, aa the ej^elids^ from 
excesssive drowsiness; lowering, as the clouds 
heavily charged with rain; cSioon^, 0^. g8»oo 
o^iScSioocbs, upsefi overturn ; cSiooo^i^, CQ. oBi. 
oocxgT^c&iQOoSy upset^ as a boat; ^ oe^eeMi^, 
CO. ooSoDO!2|iSoo^ooo5t, have the teeth striker or 
gn«eb together spasmodfeall^; QoS^ fri g p aya yS 
poSboojSoooSt, extreme misery. 

ooio^iSog5» def. 1. ooo^So^ dbw 

ooo^^ooQ^^i def. 1. 

QpO(gi^k3oa^S, de£. 3^ 

aoajpB^ said to be need proviociallj for ooogi^i ooogity 
or ooajptaoojjit a betel box made of baii^boo. 

oboqj|S, 1. Sbake» inoTe with foroe aad qsickneM^ one 
wmj and tbe other; 3. apsefi tnrn bottom up; 
throw ottt or einpt; by toraing the veeeel over 
wttb a throwing motion ; 3, Kook, butt, as cattle; 
*• oStooajj^S, CO. o6«09e!jj]^So6§oDo^S, twitch or 
pntli foreihtj i^ainst ; 5. cSiooneju^S, CO. S\mcrQ\S 
<Siaoc^\ oif 8omnd0| abropli with qcricknesa and 

! force; come looae^ as the ties or knota in skeins 

i of thread, by which means it becomes entang^*; 

i 6. CO. coaijpSj 840 ooa^iW>^|S. 

OMJMOCKf Mf« %• 

^oe^jpooo^ del. 1, and S. 

Cog. and root, see oj5, and o^S, with their de- 

ooetjftoon^t (Md^. in a heavy manuefi so as to prodace 
§haking; walking heavily, and the like. 

oocxjji^f from oo, one, and ^l^» ap|>lied to cock-crow- 
iog ; 9n^^i the second time of cock-crowing. 

09o^Sq^S8, or ooo(2||^n(2||^8ofM^|^n^^tf), see-saw, as 
on the end of a limb. 

(nqg, I. me o^^ 4. aqnint, b^ cross-eyed, show the. white 
of the eye ; %. ^tSo3c(2f, CO. ^Soocgjj^Soofxjj), black 
with patches, not thoronghly colored; ^oocj^, 
CO. ^oon^^^Sooq^, rice partially cleaned, a 
miitnre of cleaned and ancleaned. 

Qoqgo3o^S, def. 1. 
(M^ddtoi, def. 1* 

618 " ooc^S • 

oocjjjS, CO. ooqjjSooo^^, adv, badlj, without do© regH- 
larity or precision, as any thing done with too 
much haste. 

ooqjl^' ^^' ^^t^^9S^> ^* From qjl^* ^* ^"^ ^* ^^ 
vain, to no purpose, 2. yioccji^y C^'- </ioo(n^^i 
oQcgiy or <^iooojj^yiooajF)^, one who has been 
disappointed ib lovef or who cannot succeed in 
getting a wife or a husband. 
Gog. see n^^, and its derivatives; ^cgj^^ aod ODc^^f 
are used in both the above significations. 

OQ<s|^Qoa2|^, see def* 2. 

ooqcnSooogi, see def. 1. and 2. 

ooc^. one transition, turn, or change, from o^, 7.; ]. 
at one and the same time; 2. immediatelj as tbe 
next thing done, or the next occurrence foUowiig 
• the thing mentioned. 

ooc^c:^, simultaneously. 

ooo^c85oDt| be cotemporaneouB, occur at one aod tk 
same 'time* 
Oog. see c^, and its derivatives. 

ooc^^i from d^j 1. In an awkward, unsteady, irr^ulv 
manner ; as i^ooc^S CO. i^ooo^^i^ooo^^f or i^ 
oof^H^ooorjjS, or fe^oc<ijjSif>occ}J|j% from 4^, jump, 
and ooo^^, used to denote hopping on one foot ; 
8* reduplicated, limping; 3. hobbling as in walk* 
iug on an irregular and not firm surface. 

ooc^Socc^S def. 1. 3. 

OQO^SooojlS, def. 1. 

ooc^Sooc^S, def. 2, 

Qod^S 1. Same as oo(^S| shakei cause to vibrate, with 

• cbogi «19 

short, forcible motion; 2* wabble, as a loose bodj; 
8. same as ooc^S, i^ooo^S, CO. l^ooc^H^ooc^Sy 
or i^ooc^S&^QOc^^, see m<if^^, 1.; 4. quick, 
dexterous motioni ae cbSoooi^S, slice up with a 
peculiar knack ; 5. (S^ooc^Soo8^fi^5, tread on 
one's beels ; 6* oo^dooi^S, a pole, used as a sup- 
port of a bamboo floor. 

Dci^ooo^, same as ooc^^, in all its usieiges. 

Dd^S<x>c^^, def. 3. . 

DC^SoooDt, def. 2. ' 

Oci^Si, the barking deer, so called in derision. 

OogS, CO. ooqj)S. 

^DnSS 1. Knock, rap, reiterated raps; cB^ood^S, do. 8a> 
o^Sy do. 2. cSiood^Si come loosci as things bound 
together ; furrowed^ grooved, hollowed down ; 
same as ODd^S, shrink, contract so as to become 
loose in a socket or matrix ; 3. joggledi agitated ; 
S^oon^S, have the head joggled; 4. CO. oqo^]i.. 

30nSS85| def* !• with the headi as a porcupine. 

x)n^ooaj)S, same as oon^S. 

xxi^oooot, ihumpi joggle, or agitate itself, 'said of 

, • Ibings not seen which make a rapping noise. 

pd^t CO. oon^tooo^s, see o^8, neg. good for nothing, 
of no nge* • • 

bo^, CO. oocs2l^^^' ^^ oooQjSooc5j, see oocsj, squint 

Boofii, from n^i, used as follows: 1. With ^, same as 03 

* c^i^v applied to fruit, indicates little pulp in 

proportion to the seeds, a thin, slender person 

1 without an upper garm^t; 2. with sg), broad 
40 JK.. 

620 <^98^<S ' 

and long, Bhovel-sbapedy as largei broad teeth; i 
with cg^, dry and crninbliDg, as Burmao rio 
when cooked ; 4. CO. oo^Sqod^t, spade or shovel 

ooo^iSi^i, same as ooo^iu^. 

000^1 agl, def. 2. 

oooQicg^, CO. oooQic^f oooQicg^, def. 2. 

ooo^icg^, CO. ooo^icg^, 

oocAS, CO. ooc^S, and ooc^. 

oocj|)i9 from c)|)i, same as cocS|i» 1« Have an elevate* 

encircling band or ridge; 2. oooc^i, eoilf as 

oonoS, half past oaS^^oongSc^^y half- past midnight i 

after midnight, 
oonoS, see ot9. 

ooogiy CO. ooo5S, as c8iooo5Sc8ioong«, see oog5S« 
ooog^, CO. ooog^, and oocgty as oongtoong^. 
oong, Cog. trg, and ODog. 1. The plantain ; 2. folb^ 

ed by oo^f ancient name for papaya; still la 

at Maulmain; 3. cS^oocg, project; 4.G8^aoog,i 

verted; in parturition, a^tcB^oocg, have an I 

verted presentation, 
ooogc^^, def. 2. , • 

ooogS, same as ODngS, which see*, also CO. odc^S, as dj 

oof3gt| same as engs, irregular, &c, also used as CO. cod 

as ooojsoocgi, do. 
oongioorgjS, ^^^ ©^••^^i <fc. 
ooqgooqB> «<?e qg* 

0091 M 691 

OOG^ 1« Cog. ODc^, and #<:^, lazily disposed ; 2. CO. oooS, 

as oooSooc^y a weaver's shuttle. • 
ox^^, same as bo^S. 
6xi^S8Sc8, the drj^on-fly, (Tav.) 

loDc^y Oog. Odc^Si aod sc^, which see cS^ooftooo^S, 

the bird has long, curving wings; cSiooc^Sy CO. 

\ dixcoc^cSxcoctSf same as 'cSisc^S, hollowing 

down, &c. . 
ooc^i, Cog. ODc^ii and ec^i, a tree producing a drupe. 
ooc^, CO. coc^^cocf^pf Gog. ODo^^, and 9^^, a coarse, 

wicker basket. 
oar8i> Cog. oDcgi, and •o^if U Nqosc; 2. socket <&c. 
co^f CO. cohp. 
coo 1. Reduplicated, do,\ in an inclined manner; 2 used 

with other roots as follows. 
oodooicSiy a large species of deer or elk. 
cohooh, def. 1. 009009, do. 

ooocStoi, obstinate, not disposed to listen to advice, or 

authority, inclining a contrary way, or turning 

away from. 

oooS^cS, see ooSi, 7. also title of a Karen fable, No. 13. 

^co5i, Cog. •9t, and 009t, turbid, obscure, &c. 

lOOoS, CO. 009^009^, 1. Careen as a ship or boat; cSioo 

9S, CO. c8ioo9^c8ioo9^, be careened or inclined 

I to one side; 2. reel as a drunken man; 0^009^, 

CO. 6^009^009^, push over on one side, tip; c8t 

I oo9^, CO. c8too9^c8too9^, do.\ 8. Co. 00^, ,as 00^ 

0O9^, a writer. 
0091 1 Cog. •91, and 009i, raise, &c. see 991. It is 
nearly allied to scoi, — 00001, or ODooi, but that 



18 applied to mnscnlar efforti as to the operatioo 
of one thing opoo another. 

oodicii, 8&e •9icn* 

0091 c8^, see •oicS^, — dB^oodii see do. 

0091^ 1. CO. 0091^009^, bolster, or eapport with a pil- 
loW| or sotnetbing analogous 8^009iS, a pillowy 
|^oo9i|Sy do.\ 2, ^|i8^c309i^, a beetle, with foroejN 
like a centipede ; 3. same as •9i^, have a rough 
ragged sarface, 

oo9i^8i def, 8. 

oo9i^oo|i, dcf. 1. 

00^, Gog. OD^i and •f , elevated- and promiDent, &^ 
900^1 see h%^. 

oo^t, see tf^i* 

oo|^ !• Raise a thing by putting blocks nnder it; 90Q| 
stool, a support, a block; a thing' or a portion kepi 
in reserve as a beginningi or means of obtainiB| 
more; the commecement of business, as affordioj 
promise that the thing will go on ; 3. a specie^ 
of large forest tree ; 3. "^^cyD^, co. ^^f ^^^^j 
see •i^i a species of potato, or yam, called tfa^ 
Karen potato. 

oofi, 1. Generic name for several * species of Yaranov 
or Laeerta ; 2. same as e|^i, and OD|^t| resolute 
agile, &c. 3. CO. o5i, prostrate, as c8iQ5ic8i09{d 
fall prostrate; 4. co^ao|^^(d^. Lizard's grief; I 
species of tree which the lizard, it is said, can noj 
climb on account oi the looseness of its shaggy barkj 

00£<0Q^, def. 2. 

oo|^88tf6^, def. 1. see 8ic8^, see 8|^t« 

a>8 <(28 

>^to6, species of def. 1. amphibiooB. 

>otG||S| CO, ooo«jnSoo|^i<2)S, a poisoDOQs speeiee of def. 
1. when eaten the head is eat off and thrown 
away ; there' are two varieties cp|^t<^Sf ^i the 
common 'kindy and oo|^t^|88i8^f the red-headed 

^l^tcSy CO. oooic8oo|^tob, species of def. 1. yellow. 

D^icg^, a largcy dingy colored species do. gray color. 

:>|^^^t Cog. e|^»^f and o^j^^od^, see %|^. 

>9, Cog. 0D9| •Ot 1. Slendery pointed; &c.; 2. thin, 
spindle-shanked; ^^009, and oS^ooo, see •9| 1. 

)9aD8» def. 3. 

>9^, def. 1. same as •Oy 1. 

30c8^» see •9c8^, slender, pointed, projecting, &c. 

bo^, same as 8dS, which 8ee\ ooojSooS^, adv* same 
as 89p»8^. 

C>^, Gog. #^9 and 09^» 1. Throw- a shower of, as of 

' . dirt, embers, &c. ; 2. barbed, hooked, c8oo^, a 

' barbed spear ; 8oo^, do. a harpoon ; 3. CO. oo^t, 
and 03{^, ; 4. see ooboo8, oSoo^, throw op as dust 
or dirt, by scratching or pawing. 

oi^oo^S^, paw with the feet, &c. see •^^•^S^. 

0^008, adv. see e^»8, np and down, or to and fro 

d8i, Cog. •8t, and oo8t, the mangO| for the names of 
different species, see 88t. 

d8^, 1. <n8^8^, same as •8|S8^, in a haoghty, self- 
important manner; 2. CO. 009^. 

198, 1. Cog. slif and od8, the yengan plant; 3. CO. 00^, 
CO. o39i^, ; 3. ; $• raise or cook ap one end, 

e24 • obgs 

giving undue prominenjQe to one part; 4. see 8, 

several examples. 
ooSSif def. 3. see •S8t. 
ooSooc^c^, both partiesi reciprocally. 
0090011, one-sided, partial, partizan, see ooii. 
ooSooii, one-sided, partial, see ooii. 
oDSdB^, def. 3. 

ooSd, one side only, fig., one-sided. 
oo8^, CO. ooS^oodBt, see 8|5, 4. 
oogl, and oogloo^, (Bur. po^g, diverse,) diversely- 
00^, C0\ oo§. 
00^1, {see ^8, 5.) 1. Give a sudden blow or kick with 

the top of the foot; 2. CO. oo§i, ; also, CO. oo^. 
00^11, CO. oo^ioitoo^sot, see ^is in a pert manner, del 

also a person or thing curved backward or outward. 
co^^oooQS, do. 
oo^\oo|^i, CO. 00^100^8, ooo^iiooo^S, in a stumbling, 

awkward manner, not genteely. 
oo^\8, CO. oo^|8ooo8, see ^|^8,. 1. Before; 2. neg. not 

at leisure see ^8. 
00^ 1. See the word under ^,; 2. oo^cS^, raise,^lift upj 

as the foot; 3. raise as the voice in striking uf^ 

a musical air, or tune. * I 

00^8, CO. 00^800^8, fly, flirt, or bob up, or one viy 

and the other with a sudden motion. 
00,^^800^8^8, in a skipping, frisking manner, dodging 

about here and there. 
oD^8, Co. oo^8oaf|8 1. See ^8, def. 8. same as oo,^^§8, 

oooo^cb^8, equivalent to saying ooo^^^,; 2. 8^q^ 

co^cgS 626 

oD^so, a species of chilli peculiar for being turned 

op or reflected at the end. 
oo^t^t, def. h see co\%^%. • 
o:>^«c8^f CO. oo^tc8^oo^c8^9 def. 1. bend back or np • 

at the endy implying elastic resistance. 
(D^tSt, cocked or tilted np, not close down in the 

proper place. 
CD^9 CO. 00^00^, K Raise one end; 2. with S, broad 

and projecting, prominent teeth ; tilted or cocked 

np; 3., aflSxed, used in def. 1. as c88oo^c8S, co. 

o8ioo§c8fc8ioo^1c8^, raise, lift up one end. 
iD|dB^, def. 1. 

0D^9^9 CO. 00^3. 

od|3, CO. m^h^m^%^ def. 2. 

60^, same as g). 3. cousin ; also used as a term of ad- 
drees to those of similar age ; ooogi, CO. Soo^^Soo 
g)» be related as cousins \ ^oog1, second cousin ; 
OdiOQgH, third cousin. 

oogt, CO. 00^8. 

oo^, same as oo^, bending with a regular curve. 

oo^Sf adv, see •ig?,: ^3oo^, see do. 

00^, CO. oo^oobi 1. Fish-hook ; 2. fish with a hook, 
angle; o^too^, suspend a fish-hook in the water; 
fiboQ^, is to set a fish-hook with a spring and 
cateh ; obioo^, go to fish with a hook. 

oo^oofS, in fishingi the hook in distinction from the 
line and pole. 

Od^mS, A large fish-hook thrown with a line, but with- 
a«t a rod. 

6S6 ooob^' 

oo^ooS, a fish-book baited with a bit of lead made to 

reBemble a email fish. 
oo^ooc8i,-a mediarn sized fish-hook. 
» 00^(^1, a lishing line. 
oo^cB, a fishing rod. 
oo^oj^oSp, medicine for dysentery. 
oo^oS^t, curbed fish-hook, 
oo^toogi, Cog. e^stgt, and 33^103 gt, .in a staggering 

reeling manner, &c« 
00^^, Cog. •^^t and oo^^, curvedi &c* 

ODO^, CO, ooo^oDO^ Cog. toS, and oooS, (see AoS,) but 
not so frequent. 

oQoS, CO, oooS. 

oooii prohibitive particlCf see oi, def. 4. and Oran. 
sec. 220, 380, 649. 

oo^S, same as •^S, gaping, oblong &c* 

<x>85, 00. oo85ooc8^, see 85, def. 10. no use, &c. 

oo8i — ioo8i, see 8i, def. 2. after three days. 

Qo8i, ^Qo8i, see ^, day after to-morrow. 

oo2x/)f same as •co), 1. adv. Screaming, with sharp, 
.harsh tones, violently; 2, CO. oooo, CO. oooS. 

0000)0), see •00)9), CO. ooe)09« 

ootJoS,— ooSooooS^ioSi, title of a Karen fable No. »7. 

ootjoS, 00. oooBSootDSi Cog. eooS, and oocoS, «m the 
several uses of eeoS, also, see oocdSoocoS. 

ootoSooQ^S, ame as •loS, def. 1. 

002OI 1. CO. QOoSi,; 2. ooeotcS, «^ cot. 

ooco^, «e6 cx>^, 7.; 1. cSiootoS, turn or fail from the up- 
per to the under side of a thing; 2. turn, as yoang 

coaai 68T 


children, when first able to torn tbeinselyes over; 
3. oo^ootjo^, Baine as •tx>^, and oDco^f a ghoat; 
y 10009^, (^.; 4. oo. aoo5p. 

03801, «M oocSiooQoi. * 

oot6Sy CO. oooSSootoS, Cog. ecdS, and 09o5S, jammed 
together, doable, &c; yiooeaSS, twins ; o^ioocdS, 
conceive twins; cSvooviS, see g8i»o5S. 

ODcdi, tight, constricted, stringent, rigorous, pressing. 

QOoSsoooot, do. oo^ooeaSioocot, appearance of a bloated, 
or fat person. 

DooStoocS^) rigorous, severe, harsh, strict; oo|Sooo5i, 

I 00. 'oo^ooo5too^oocot> bite or gnash the teeth to- 

K>«5^Q0CD^, adv. great dispatch in the performance of 
a thing, do a thing at a single turn. 

Boofti, Cog. •oSi, and cot&x. 

DooftiOj^iSi, see •oSiOj^idi, stubbed, &c. 

DooSitf^i, see eeaSiQ^i, do. 

ODvoii, from coiif num. qfflm. one patch or plat covered 
with plants, or trees. 

ODO^f ^^S* ^^9 ^^^ ^^f ^^ 90^f obstinately die. 

r}Mf Cog. •to, and Odco,; 1. (?o. oo?j3^oooo, or ooc8^ 
ooao, «tfd •to, def. 1. haggled, rough, notched, 
ftc.; 2. Sioooo, of a dnll, dingj red; 8. thin, 
shrivelled, &c.; 4. ojooeo, dry, destitnte of mois- 

oooo^, CO. oo<oyooe)i)o1, def. 1. applied to teeth which 
are set with intervals. 

3!>oo<»|, def. 3. see •co, def. 8. 

39aoi, CO. 00d0if^8» same as^eoii and oodoii jews- harp. 

<28 ODdS't 

ooo5)^c8ooo5, a kind of plant; t^ooob^St, 'epecies of 

Eonrea, a flowering sbrnb/ 
ooobSf Cog. ee56, and coobS,; 1. A epeciea of large 

tree 'with large fruity and an oilj seed:*; 2« same 

a8 f o5Sy def 2. remnants, bits, &c.; oo^ooo5Sa> 

c8S, do.*^ fSooobScBooooS, see eo5S, def. 3. 
ooobS^, CO. ooobSo^i species of def. 1. frnit bitter, 

seed yields an oil. 
ooobSfS, do. except that the frait is sweet. 
ooc55oD«8S, def. 2. 

ooobs from o5i, slightly, caationsly, &c. 
oocb8ooc8i, applied to laughing slightly, with' a smile. 
ooQ^^obsoofiSiQSt, cautiously, slightly, as in scratching 

a sore, 
ooobif Cog. ee^ti and ODobi, see 8o5i, in its different 

uses and combinations. 
ooc8, Cog. 8c8| and 03^, dry, husky, rough, rugged, Ac 
c8oo^, see ecSoo^. 
oocSooexH, see ecSeeol. 
oocSoocS^y see ec8»c8^. 
ooc8^, Cog. ec8^ and ootfi^,; (g^oodS^, «^^ •<8^, def. 

2.; ooootfiS, «6^. edSS, def. 1.; ooiflScgicSS, see 

oocSSy Cog. ec8S, and ODtfip,; 1« oocSSoocoSi see tiSS, 

def. 1. brush, &c.; 2. o^9iooc85| «^« •c8S, def. 

2.; 3. GO^oocSS, see etfiS, def. 3. 
ooc858ioo, see eoSSSioOy litter, chips and the like. 
ooSqB|^, be taken by a od^ooiSSi see •cSS, 8. 
ooifiii eo. od«SloD(c8t, see •dBt, a kiiid of shield. 

cob 6!2» 

QOtSi^^, see scBty^, hard, crnstaceons coyering, or hard^ 
thick skiD. 

ootB^, €0. oo«8^oooo> ae^ ^tS^^ and eeo. 

ax6^ooc8^9 see f£^, def. 4. ridges or segments. 

oodBi, — go^ooc8i| see ©cBi, 

GOt6^i 1. See oooSsoocS^,; 2. ooIodcS^, co. odIooo^i^ 

ootSi, 1. 5ed def. 1. A tree, * Mangifera oppositifolia' ; 
2. same as scSi, 2. in a hasty, reckless c^nfased 
manner, &c.; 3. from c3i, def. 2. direct/ straight, 
direction from which sounds proceed ; 4. ooo8 
ootSi,^^ scSi) def. 2. and ooc8, 1.; 5. ooo5S 
ootSiy slip back, see tsSi, 2. not compact or 
close, uneven, not 'direct, c8iooo5Sc8iooc8i, fall, 
as in climbing, by losing one's hold ;. 6. oo^oocSi, 
CO. oo^oo<8i09^oooDi, See etSh 2* gnaw, tear ofiT 
the husk, bark or the like, m a hasty, reckless 
^tnanner, instead of doing it in the regular way ? 
7. confused, rustling, rattling sounds. 

ootdicoeoiy def. 6. and 1: 

<x>c\j 1. yioocIS, a fisherman; 2. said to be used at 
Manlmain to denote a priests' garment ; 3. a 
flowering tree, flower white, fragrant ; see cl, 3.^ 
4. year before last, connected with wcl, or oof ^, 
MB ooioocl, ooi«c), coiooci, ooioocloo|^. 
00C1, €0. oodoo^, an oar. 
ODC, fonr years ago; almost obsolete, 
ooby five years ago; almost obsolete. See wcO, last 
year, and oo8, three years past. 

6S0 OM 

ooi^ooS^, game as •dSsSS, applied to qoarreliDg aid 

other things almost incessant. 
o3^Soo8S| do. 966 hSt def. \.\ ODiSod86, do. 
oo&i, 1. A small knife nsed by Bnrman writers, the 

blade to cnt the leaves on which they writCi and 

the end of the. pointed handle for a style; S. 
oo^iSif a species of tree» same as Odit, or oo^tSii a 

generic name for several species of screw pine; 

3. coil, CO. ooci. 
oo8, — 001008, CO. ooioo8oo|^, three years ago. 

0085, see ooi'^oo8S. 

0086, see ooi5ao85, 

oo8t, CO. o^S, as o^S8ioo8t8if an island. 

00^, — oo§^f"t, worship day, (.prob. Tal.) 

ooe), K 00. oo@, ; 2. (Bar. 03g)f) trnth; o^^oos), take 

an oath ; cSooelf take^ or drink the oath »f 

oosSy a kind of arrow nsed for shooting the large am- 

mals, larger and longer than the common arrov. 
ooei, 1. CO. oo@t» see 8«, def. 13.; 2. co. oo^t, see ^1, 

def. 7. 
ooei, CO. 0091, 
oof^, U CO. oo^Soo^i, same as ^f^^ overspread, cover 

as creeping plants and the like; 2. co^oof^i also 

oo^oo^^y in faneral ceremonies, denotes the over- 
. spreading of the place of the relics of the dead 

with varioas garments. 
ooe» CO. 00900 g^, or ooeoo^, see ^ , def. 8. ; 6^aof» 

push an upright thing so as to make it lean; i^ooe 

odooti incline one's self over on one side. 

I 038t 631 

0Maj}|i| see e, def. 8. lean, &c* 

€09^\, do. 

(Dfooog^, canted over on one side; see ex. ooog^. 

co%p 1. See #^9 def. 2. left, on the left side ; 2. a£Bxed, 
Vfith the left hand ; SSooe^i strike (ae a smith,) 
with the left hand ; 3, affixed, figurative, wrong, 
erroneoasly, sinisterlj; o8^oo»^, lead into evil, 
teach corropt, or pernicious principles ; 4. ^a large 
treCf perhaps a species of Ficue. 

cofi, CO. 009ic30#i» 1. See oo»i, def. 4. notched, indent- 

! ed; gannti &c.; Gg^co^iy see do.% 2.' in cleaning 

' grain, the process by which the chaff and coarse 

parts are gathered to the middle of the fan. 

iomo, eee ei, def. 4. 

oofio^ def. 2. 

OD^t ]. See \ti def. 7. a small quantity; 2, oo^too8i» 
eee do. chuck» &c.v3. oo^i, oroo^too^i, in clean- 
ing ricci see do. 

tyD^iQobti very little ; cog. oo^t, and oD^t, see ^t, 7. 

ooK, CO. cnSSoocflS or a>8^ooofS,-— oo8^8i,-'Oo8^8| see 
8^9 def. 5 a short interval of time. 

oo^tS, very small quantity. 

ooSSoDtoQ^, CO. oo8So2^oo8Scx>taop, a phrase denoting 
the sudden loss of appetite, or burning of the 
stomach,' oocasioned by something disgusting. 
Cog, oo8S, and o8S, see 8S, def. 9. 

oo8t 1. Same as 0381, a species of snare or noose for 
catching birds and jungle fowls; bSoo8t, dig the 
place for the snare ; 86ao8t, and opSoa8t^ set the 
enaref 00^0081, be caught in do.% 2. 'oo8t, a 

6S8 a>8t 

measure of lengtbi see 8t, def. 15. ; 3. see 8t, def. 
13. make a Bmacking noisei &c. ; 4. start up, 
prick up as the ears, &c«; 5. cSiooStcSS, grain 
which has lodged and the heads turned np* 

oo8t8too8t8t, see 8t| def. 13. 

oo8tooet| def. 1. and 2. 

008100^1, def. 3. 

OD8tdB|S, def. 4. 

008881, adv* def. 4. in a pricked up or erect manner. 

od8|5, one 8^, see 8^, def. 2. 

0081, one 81, see 8i, def. 2. and Gram, sec. 501:9. 

008, CO. ooSooely see 8, def. 5. two fish-hooks on th€ 
same line baited to resemble a small fish.; ^too8, 
move do. abont in the water. 
Cog, see oolS, and 08. 

ooSs, same as oo8S| def. 3. * 

ooSloolS^, make a chucking noise with the month as 
an expression of sympathy, pity, regret &c. 

008S 1. CO. 00^008^, S^e 8^, def. 9. a fish-hook, san^ 
as 008, ; 2. a kind of axe, having a socket for the 
handle, instead of an eye ; a Talaing instrnmeiit. 
Cog, to def. 1. see 008^. 

0081 1. A oo8i8^o^S, see 8i, def. 12. stand on one Qt 
both knees ; 2. sit on the feet, in a sqnattin^ 
posture; 3. see 819 def. 12. 3. and 4. as otooSi, 
shoot at a long distance; 85oo8i, see 85,; «6to^ 
8i, spear at a distance; 4. see l2. rude, imper^ 
tinent, &c.; 5. see cS^ooSx, co. Gf3^oo8ic8a>8i, 
live on the tlie labor of others, live without per- 
sonal labor. 


oo8i<^ sec it, def. 11. 

cx>8iS^» def. 2. 

0981^, «<?« 81, def. 12. 

o^Steo^ 00. ooSt^^ooSeo, def« 4. asee.iii 12. 

GoSt^i, def. 3. a long way, or interval &q. 

co9xQ09Xf same as 0081,. def. 1. 

co9x<B^, stretch a long way np. 

ooSiS, see 819 12. 

0d8i^^9 CO. ooii^^ooSibi, or oo8i^^c3o8ioo, def. 4. also 
applied tp actions or labors that do not tend to 
any profit, or use. 

oo8i^, (Bar. qo^coodS^^s,) the eighth month, not 
. much used. 
Cog, see oo8i, same as ooSi, and oSi. 

co^Mf one ^11, see §ii, def. 2. 

oo^itooi, CO. oa^noS^oo^iiCDi, see ^ii, def. 6. in a 
superficial, bungling manner, &o. 

co^\9 see ^i, def. 6. 

col^x, see §i, 2. 

oo^, see g1, def. 3. 

cog^, CO. ooe. 

ooodl, (^. ooao. 

008OI, 00. oDobt. 

oosoS 1. 4S0e a>^, def. 8. excite, instigate, encourage; 
2. oobtoooo^, ^^^ 80^, def. 3.; weak, inefficient, 
ordinary, not distinguished ; 3. ooco^ooo^, tools, 
instrupientS} equipage, appendages ; 4. Co. oosb^ • 
Cog. odoo^, and 000^, or 000^000^. 

ooaD^cS^ooo, exhort, persuade, influence. 

«34 0!>flb«tt8i 


oaoo^c8to^G|9 feed m firoi excite it to action bj addi- 
tioDft] fne]« 

0080 1. Pot on ratan bandsi ferrules; a>V>90, tbebandi 
thus QBcd; 2. .ten; ue qo» def^ 2.; 3* oocod^, 
in weaving, to adjust the threads of the woof 
open a rod by which they are held in their pro- 
per place. 
Cog. ooso, and oooo. 

00901 1. CO' ooQOioocj^i verj little; 2. (oo^cBf ») a setl. 

0080^, CO. com'^<30^^9 same as coe^^ooso^i bend back- 
ward, &c. 

co9y\9 CO. ooQOiaoo), neg. sec wn. 

oo8{, same as ooa^i ^ spur, or other thing reeembUng t 
spnr ; cSooa^i ^^ ^ sharp, iron point afiBzed to the 
handle of a spear. 

oo8{, — 008fc8^, grow up rapidly; be unrestrained, 
have free scope, 

0009 1. See 8}, def. 5. shake with a quick, flirting mo- 
tion; 2. see 80, def. 4. swing the arms and bodjr 
about in walking ; 3. same as 09, 6. slender, 

ooo^o&S, def. !• shake or flirt off, 

0009 f, CO. oQCDf 00098^, flirt the hands. 

oooogg, def. 3. 

00899^ slender, tall in proportion to the size. 

oo89008cn, def. 1. 

00890018, def. 2. 

oosbt, CO. 00861008OI, in domestic matters, n^ke a match, 
or promote the making of one between parties. 
^•bS8t, do. 

09o3S 635 

ooflbjSf CO. oofib^oooojSy or 0000^0306^1 see 06^, S. beod 

backwardy &c.; o^^ooob^i crooked, bent odtward 

or backward, 
ooob^b^i do. ^ 

ODO^^oo^^i flg. 966 objSi 8. tarn away from ioBtractioDi 

despise coonsel and reproof. 
pdB 1. 00. 030^, $€€ dB» 10.; 2. one d3| ^a d3, 9. n%im. 

90c8i» M>. 008^, num. affim^ see cSt, 7. 
DooB, num. o^. one oB, see c8, 4.; oo^c8| be once 

a widow or widower, 
oodB, one ^, two annas; eee d^, 6. 
oocyty — oo^toocSi, take a bnsband of too near blood 

ooc^ 1. See s^, 8, 9.; 2. ooۤq^, eee s^i 7.; 3. one c^, 

or torch^ see 8^; 4.; 4. eee ooS^ooc^, Oog, eee 

QOggs, eee Qt] 6. sappan wood. 

00^9 eo. ooofi. 

0000I, eo. aySf and of oooo. 

0000^ €0. 0006, Cognatei oooo^. 

DO0oS« CO. 0006S. 

Dooocoo^f with snddenness and violence, as a tiger in 

seizing his prey. 
oooS^y from ooS^ same as oooo^i — cooo^oo|i« trnst in, 

adhere to by way of depending npon ; also. 00. 


Pm5S» same as o^oSS, 1. oooSSooooii, contracted, of 
small capacity, as*a vessel ; 2. ooo3S, 00. ooooSoo 
ooS, urgent, driving, crowding, oppressive; 3. 
41 K. 

636 ooo65 

• ■ 
oSooooS, urgency, or severity in travailing painsj 
'Cog, oDooS, and ODo3S. 

oooot, same as ooooi, care, caution, beed. 

ooooiSoo^n, calami^, distress, trouble. 

000011 1. Reflect in a large, loose fold, bang loosely a 
a robe ; oc^sooooii, pull up tbe bottom of a gar 
ment, or the like, into a fold or roll ; 2. tbe aj 
pearance of a large bird sailing high in the aii 
without appearently moving the wings. 
Cognate, ooooii, which see. 

ooooiiooopS, used in both the above significations. 

ooooixcS^, def. 1. 

ooconCj^S, a handful. 

ooopS 1. Same as ooopS, anciently a stockade ; abtooop^ 
V. stockade; 2. co. ooooii. 

0000, CO, coooooool, make over or repair, as a euit 

does an old tool. 

.00001 1. CO, oocoiooool, stretch out and apart, as Xh 

arras or legs ; see ooi, the root, and the cogniU 

00001, and oooi,; 2. one ooi, one bunch, or cluete 

ooc^S, from c^S, a rice bag, one c^S, or bag full. 

00(^5 1. CO, ooc^SooooSj convulse, as in the agonies 
death; 2. as the limbs with pain, or by men 
agitation; 3. ooobSoocSS, same as ooobSoo 
suddenness and violence, as short violent illn 
terminating in death ; 4. with b«, stretched o 
upon the back, as a person in illness; 5. Siooob! 
00. 8iooo6^8iooc^S, see 8i, oblong, longer thi^ 
broad, having unequal angles. 

ooc^SooooS, def. 1. 

oocgi • . 637 

ooo65ooc85, def. 3. 

ooobSbt, def. 4, 

oocSS 1. Same as cx)c8S, the silk worm; 2. silk; ooc8S 
ooo^i, or oocS^oocf 190^9 i& the web of the co- 
coon or raw silk ; oo^oocSS, * a silk ptso ; 03c8^, 
is most common. 

00085 1. affix, see^ 03ooc85, CO. o5ooc85oSaoooS, epi- 
demic which proves fatal, the occurrence of several 
deaths without apparant causci particularly among 
animals; 2. co> ODcfeSi; 3. one c85, or the height 
of an animal from the ground, to the part aimed 
at in setting a spear-trap ooc8S« one c8S, as bS 
ooc8|S, one eye; ^5c^^ooc8p, blind in one eye ; 
o^^ODcS^, one skein, or twist of thread. 

ooc8i, one section of a thing; one bridge or other 
thing answering the purposes of a bridge. 

ooc8, one load, carried on the head. 

03)(85, same as odcSS, make a chattering or twittering 
noise as a squirrel* 

oocBt, do. 

0x8^, once, one instance, or occasion. 

0x81, one -stage, degree, section; xx)c8i<i>i, distance 
•travelled without stopping to rest ; two miles. 

ooffi\<xxooc65, from @i, to shake, same as odQici 
oocbS, calling or crying, to indicate ea^^nestness. 

aoc3gi, Cog. coogi, and oocgi, 1. Distant, off on one 
side, &c. oo'^ooogi, co. oo^ooogSoo^ooogi, or 00^ 
oocgiOD^ooQ^t, 866 ODcgi, ; ^^oocgi, look ^bout 
or off to a distance ; see do,% 2. co. ooqgj^. 
Various cognates, see ooogi. 

•638 tpooDp 

• . • ' 

coc^^f eo. oocgi. 

oocg^i one Btripei in striped garmente, &c. 
coo^f one tie or Bmall bundle, as of betel leasee. 
ooG§^ooooi, neg. from <^S and ooi, as yioocotooc^ 

oocoii act in a disrepatable, disgracefal, immor^ 

'OOQ^l, CO. coogi. • 

oood>)y one od), or span. 

00001, CO* 000^8. 

coooS, eo. oooo§» !• i 

0006^1 1. CO. ooo6^ooc6| or 0006^008, one elanse, aep 
tencoi prolonged act, instance, occasion ; see Graa 
sec. 244, 311| 530; Odooo{^oooo^oo6^c8^oof i, I 
phrase denoting immatabilitj ; 2. ooa6^ooobSa>p 
neg. treat with disrespect, or contempt. * , 

ooco^tsS, or ooo6^t6c8c89 continnalljt without iDlsr 

opoo^G^p to slander. 

00C30I9 Co. 00^^, (see 00001,)- one family, clan, comim 
nity, litter. 

€O00i^, one 001^.1. or bag. 

ooo^t, 1. Twitch', have a short, spasmodic eontraetio] 
of the mnscles, as heatt^beat;' 2. applied to wind 
blow with a violent gust, as in sqnalls ; 3. hav^ 
h violent bnr^t- of passion. 

ooofioooot, def. 1. 

ooo^icS^, def. 2| and; 3. 

ooog^, 1. CO. 0002^0900^1 shake, joggle, be agitatec 
with a short, qniok motl6n; 2. jar, as the grooD( 
bj the discharge, of a canbon ; 3. om og^, 01 

QOOl 639 

opright thing, as a post, tree-tranki pillari &c 

tee og^i num. affix. 
Kif^cooo^t def. 1. 
xql^ooStf def. 2, * 

}0|^c8|S,.dof. 2. last clanse, involving the idea of 

raising the dast* 
X3|^fl, def. 3. one forenoon, from ' morning till the 

son is vertical, half a day. 
90}^, (Bnr. o^cgii) a rich man. 
yob^f 00. oooo^, 2. . • 

kS, one c8, or raft; see c8. 
bc6i, CO. cocq^f 2. 

^^oodSco^y neg. be unsnccessfal ; &c. see c8^c8. 
iog^, ses ooo^ooog^. 
ool, CO. oo8, Cognates cool, and o^o). 
nt, 1. Co. oootoobt, a scandent plant, having a fruit 

which resembles the gourd; 2. co.. ooSi, 1.; 3. 

^oo9g, same as ^Soot| a kind of trap made by 

splitting a bamboo some distance, opening the 

parts and confining them with a catch, used for 

catching rats. 
kSty CO. Qootoodg, I. Move one way and the other with 
' shorty quick, vehement motions; to copulate; 2. 
' ooStooS, prevent, hinder; 3. oooiooS, defend, 

protect, snatch from danger. 

Cognate, coon, and oost. 
K>Sf093i, def. 1. • , . 

ooioo|if (see oojt,) with energetic haste. 
D9ga3it, def. 2, 8. 
091, I. To screen; (see odoi, and ooi,); 2. concealed. 

640 , ooD • 

hid from the sight, «icx)Oi,o5oodi, intercept, hide; 
ooSoooi, something concealed, hid from view, 
secret; oSooqi, put ont of sight, hide, ^oooi, 
out of sight, have the eyes off from, not watch- 
ing; gBSoooi, be concealed, hid. secreted; 3. in 

oooi^S, CO. ODOi^SoooicS, an umbrella, because it screens 
one from the sun. 

oooi^S, be out of sight. 

0091^, 1. Same as dboi^; hastily, energetically; ojSoo 
oip^tooQijS, chop a field with haste, «8Soooi^o6t, 
follow with haste so as to overtake; cbioooi^ooi 
0001^, go and come with haste, 2. co. ooc^. 
Cognates, odoi^, and O30i^. . 

oooiSooc^, be of the same age, born at the same time, 

ooq, 1. See q^, num. affiXf one quadruped, basket, subjeu, 
finger, &c. see also Gram. Sec. 18, 255, 624.; 
2. same as oDq, name of a fruit tree, *SandoricuEi 
indicum'; 3, ooSooqoi, ooSooqciS, an exclamation 
uttered when one Js frightened, also when suffer- 
ing excessive pain, or grief. 
Cognates, cx>q, ODq. 

ooqooSt, def. 3. 

ooq, one pole, &c. see q. nu7n., affix. 

ooqi, — oooiooqi, with energetic haste, in a hasty flurried 
^ooqsoooi, do. Gog. ODqi, oq«,*and ODqi, or cx>q«a)9i. 

ooqS| CO. ocq^ooooi, see qS, n,um. affix^ otie family, 
community, clan, <&c. 
'« 1. Co. ooooool, same as ooo^, a kind of triangle 

§ ' 6^1 


used for the parpoees of a bell; 2. ooioogj steel; 
. 3. one branch, &c. see o, num. affix. 

Cognates, ooo, C08| and o^i — o^oo. 
30^9 1. Steeli becanse welded ^n to irooi from the idea 

of something mntnal or combined; 2.. rnjloobt 

exactly, accurately, as in pronouncing accurately; 

also, weld on steel. 

Cognfftes, ooby ob) and cob^ the last used hb 

def, 1. 
oo^, 1. CO. oobsoooo^, same as qpbsodco^, ordinary, 

common, not distingaished^ inefficient see ooooS,^, 

2. CO. Q09t, 1.; 3. see oobsbi, ; 4, same as odbs, 

name of a parasite, embracing ^several species of 

oobtooda^, def. 1. 

oobtooy same as ODbsoo, a tree with an echinated fruit. 
ODbtbt, CO. QoblbsooSlSt, with a short, rapid, shaking 

ooSy €0. ooSoo^s, 1. Apt, ingenious, expert, intelligent ; 

2. CO. ^ic8^, in the signification of sloping, as ^s 

c8Soo8,* the rafters of a reof. 

Cognates, oo8, and qd8. 
ooSt 1. Same as odSi, the short posts of a house used 

to support the floor; 2. with c8^, affixed, prop 

np the floor of a house; 3. Cog. ooSt, and cx>8t, 

betel box ; 4. co. oobst as oobtbiooSsSs, also, co. of ' 

ooq^, as ooq^ooSt. Gognatest coSs, and cx>8l. 
odSidB^, def. 2.^ ODSa>8idB^, def. 1. 
ooSy CO. ooSoodli 1. Intercepti shield or ward off; 2^ 

intercept, binder the sight; 3. with oo5i, be hid 

64S m9§a^P 

concealed; 4. a measure basket; 5. same as o^Sj 
1,; (^looSi a person distingaished for skill, ii>« 
genuityi courage, <&c. a person of superior abilities. 
Cognates. oo8,— 'OS^S, — o8, aee no8. 

ooScS, asmalli measure-basket^ def. 4. 

coSfi CO. ooS^ooSS^i ward off, intercept^ or conceal 
from sight by the intervention of the hand; asedj 
also to denote a similar motion of the hand to 
impose silence. 

ooSoool, see def. 1.. 

ooSdt, def. 3. also, same as ooosooSi^ shield, prevent, &c 

ooSdB^, CO. oo8c8^ooiflc8^, hold up some thing to pre- 
vent, hinder, or ward off. 

oo8oocot, shield or conceal one's self. 

ooSs, CO. oo8«ooo§i, a betel-box. 
Cognates, oo8i, and cx)8i. 

0088OOOO, a kind of reticule used to carry the betel box ii. 

oo8j5 1. Same as gd8S, a generic name for prawn; i. 
ooSSSjSoD^, name of a plant, the succulent parts 
of which h.ave an acid taste, are pounded together 
with prepared prawns, and eaten as a condiment; 
3. ooSSo^, the mind, of a quick, irritable, peevish 
temper; 4. 008^^^, too short, as the strings of a 
carrying basket. Cog 008S, and 038^. 

a>8^8{Soo^, def. 2. 

008^0^, CO. 008^^^. 

008^?^, CO. oa8^»^oo8po{5, def. 3, 4. 

cx)8^aj^, CO. ooS^o^^ocS^o^, prawns i5repared by salt- 
ing, drying and ponnding; literally, rotten prawna , 
a dish of which the natives are very fond. 

(X>fS 643 

00^, CO. oogi. 

oo§t« eo. oogtodgl, one St, or the qaantity taken np 
with tha end of the fingeri see ^s, nvm. o^. 
see also ^gt. 

93^^, ^* ^§j^' ^ ^^®^* ^'^^ ^'^^^^ grows OD the roots, the 
frnit slightly sweet, not much eaten. 

OD^ one ^, or strip; see ^' 

oofl 1. CO, ooooiS denotes calamity, wretchedness; 2. co. 
oo^, rollers placed nnder heavy articles to facil- 
itate their movement; 3 afiBxed, in place of, in 
iMhalf of, a£Fording aid or relief; as oocSioa^, 
plead for, or speak in another's behalf; oj^^oo^, 
CO. oj^^oo^ 8^00^1, or 02^oo^16bi|Sii, suffer in 
anothes's stead, become security or snbstitnte for, 
deliver by some equivalent; <^ioo^, go on an- 
other's behalf; oo^oojpoobS^I, pay another's 
debt; give on another's behalf. Oog. co^, oo^. 

00^^ 1. GO. OD^SdSoj^S, or oo^SdSQS, name for harps or 
stringed instruments having a hollow body, and 
a long curving bead; 2. Sioo^S, title of a Kar. 
fable. No..]30.; 3. co. oo^. Cog. or^S, o^S. 

oof^ojx, CO. oo^So(jioo|f^ooi, species of def. 1. the head 
and body are made of two distinct pieces., 

^^@^@' ancient species of def.^ 1. the whole dug 
out of a single stick ; fonnd in Karen story. 

ODf^^y harp string <fec. 

a>fS 1, One fS, or basket, see fS, num. affix \ 2. sam^e 

I aft oof Sf ft tree with a tetrandrons flower; 3. qo 

fSop, same as oofSn^, (MauI.) though, notwith- 
stftodiag; 4« 00. oot, in a low, dejected, depress- 

644 co\ 

ed, wretched state ; 5 with 6|S| in a deject#d, ex- 
posed manner; 6. oSoo^S, and otoo^Sy low, in 
proportion to the size; 7. co. ooQj^^ as o^o^ 
oooo^S, favor, blessing. 
Cognate, cof S, nsed in all the abore significations. 

oofSoot, def. 4. cSioofSoot, fall into that state. 

oofSciSy def. 5. cSib\oofSc|S, hang down in an exposed 

oo^« 1. Goad, or strike with the point of the elbow, Co. 
ooft,; 2. a kind of plant; 3. co. cS^t, that 
which is inimical, adverse and dangerons, a foe; 
otoo^s, and oso3ft, have an inimical disposition 
towards, be a foe ; 4. one ft, or meal ; (BpQXco^^ 
eat one meal. 

ooft»^, medicine for dropsy. Cog. cx>fi, — c»fi. 

ooftcoei, def. 2. the frait and seeds are corroding to 
the flesh ; a name given by some Karens to t^ 
Croton oil plant. 

oofsdS^t, def. 3.; ooftdS^g, do. 

00^, CO. oo|^, as ootoo^^sotoof^, see 3600^^. 

oof^^^, one f^^^f or in hour. 

co^\ 1. One fi, or one night, see ^\f\ dSdSoofi, and c8 
qpiogii, all night, during every night ; 3. co. 
00^1,; 3, ooloofiy stubborn, unyielding, obstioate;! 
used as an. intensive in the same signification as| 
o^iQfx, and o^io^i. Cog. cx)f\, •fi, Ofi* c^fx, and 


00^ 1 CO. oo^oocby same as co^, 4. rollers nsed in mov- 
ing heavy bodies. iJbc.; 2. eo. oo^ogsoon, same as 
oo^ ; 3. rough having irregularities, or sharp 


^p 645 

points on the surface, <&c.; 3. same as od&, 5. in- 
foldi &c.; 4. that which corrodes the sHrface, rnst. 
Cognates oo^, w^, and cx>^. * 

pfngicxJ), def, 2. 

d|ooc^, def. ]. 

:>|c8|S, place on rollers, def. 1. tuck up, infold, def. 3.; 
pDf cS^Ssi have a roaghneesi &c. come on the sur- 
face, be corroded with rust. 

o^c8^8\| eaten up with rust, def. 4. 

o|S 1. Same as co^S, 1 ; also, press, crowd against, 
bear heavj upoui oi* against; eoioooD^S, weighty, 
heavj; dS^oo^S, push against; o6a8^oo^5, press- 
ed against, by a current ; 2. co. oo^i, lean 
against, or upon ; 3. ^, oppress, put down, be 
severe upon. Cog. od^S, — o^S, — od^S. 

doSqS^ooi, def. 3. 

d|Soo)^i, def. 2. 

>d|Sooo5, def. 

lo^t, 1. Co. oo^too|8, or oo|too^t, same as oo|t, 1. 
crowd upon, push, press against ; aS^ODf s, or 
oB^ooitoB^oofS, ^0.; 2. or oo|soo^8, same ag 
oo^i, 2. the Nipa palm. .Cog. oo^8, — oo|8. 

r>fMO09^f def. 1, 2. 

iD^too^t, def. 1. . 

o^o5, see coft, Nipa palm, the sap used as toddy. 

Of^9 !• Same as co^^, 1. infold, inwrap, &c. ; O080o|^, 
CO. a>80o|^ootoof^, in sewing, seam ; cs^oo^^, eo. 
Of^co^pcqco^p, roll up; &c. $ee co\^i% 2. in 
wearing, is to roll up the cloth beam ;' 3. oo. oo^^, 
walk with a tossing motion of the body; bobbing 

<46 oogt 

np and down; 4.* oo^^ooool, one year, see ^ 

CogtiateBy ^f^» — ?^^^' 
oo^^cx)^, def. 4. oD^^ooiojS, def. 2. 
odJ^oB^, def. 1. 
oo|i, one day, see ^\. 
co^jS, need intensively to words of firmneBs, as oi^o) 

^iS, very firm or strong. Cog. od^iS,'— oo^iS, 
00^1^ 1. oOf ij5, a corner, in distinction from fi^i an 

angle; 2; oDfi^cQi, press down with a corner a» 

with the heel. 
oogS, sometimes used for oo J,, which $ee. Cog. cioj,— 

oog^y same as oofi^, : ci^oa|^» same as oi^oo^i^' 

oogS K See a^toogS,; 2« oo|S. or oo^S, angel of justice: 
^^^000^^, Kar. Feb * No. 150. also, Die. page 
232. sec. 22. 

ooj, CO. oojoo^, 1. See ooj^, 2. a tuft or bundle of 
twigs, &c. ; 2. see oo&, ]. exact, as a measure, 
fSooj&, a measure-basket; 3. iee o3&, 3. adt, 
forcibly, unjustly, by way of extortion, <ffc. ; co 
cfiioo|, — sfi^ooj^, CO. dS^oo|q^«oo|,— «ioo|,— d3^ 
ooj^i see co^i 3.; 4. sometimes prefixed in the last 
signification. Cog. oo&, — o&, — ooj^. 

oo|oo^, def. 1, 2, 3.^ 

oo|opoD^, def. 1. 

ooj^cS^ooS, def. 3. 

ooj^S 1. The angel of justice, An. see cn^S', 2. alio, 
cognates of ODj^Si; 2. name of a large flowering 
tree, * Mesne pedancnlata.' Cog. coj^S, q^S, co|S. 

oo|i 1. With oocfiS, ddv. roads or locations entirely an- 


►^S 647 

knowD, where no treei or other land mark ha» 
OTor been seen* before; see •cB^i and cB% ].; oo 
oD^^oo^ooj^toacB^i is to have no knowledge or 
recollection of any thing pertaining to place ; ^» 
CO. 00^8, 1. crowd npon> &c. 

oD|8oocB^, def. 1. 

oo| 1. Same ae 00^, and 00|, a tree^ ^species ot Inga* ; 
2. Bame aa no|» a landing place for boats or ships; 
as 9X)|,— ooc8oo|y; 3. the part of a ship or boat 
which pertains to the rudder ; ^Soo|, steer a 
boat or shipi ; ooco8oa|| rndder. 

oosd8| def. 2. place of landing. from ships; noc8oo|9 — 
c6oQ|9 do. 

Qoad, the stem of a boat or ship. 

O9f^oo^9 def. 2. 

oo|i, Co. oofSoo|t» or ooo3S|i; l.Lean against for sup- 
port; 2. trast in, depend npon; ^^00^^19 something 
to lean upon. Cog. co^i, — o^%i* 

00^8, betel-nnt cotter. ' 

QO^i, a»wind instrument of music used by the Burmans. 

oo^^c^Sff name of a plant, succulent parts eaten. 

\cokxi CO. co^t overspread, Ac. Cognates, 00^1,-00'^ i. 

' oD^»-oo^oo^, same as 00^, def. 2. and oa^, <idv. hastily, 

03^, 1. oo^^o^^i see co^H, 2. and oo^^oj^i.the ensign 
etafif of a pagoda, zayat, and the like among the 
Burmans; 3. ^^oo^^, eee^p,^ 3. col^S^ co. oof^ 
dScp, same as oo^S, 1. and ao^^, a numerical 

00^, 1. oo^Sqo^^, adv. uncompaot, irregular; 9. oofS 

648 oo^Soo^S 

• • 

oS, same as OD^Sc^S, name of a bird, * the whit^ 

backed woQd-pecker. 

co2t, 1. Same as cx>^i, shake, tremble, quiver s^^i 
have the chin quiver, as with cold'? 2. obstrnct 

OD^^, 1. CO. cx)^oo^|5, push with the head; 2. oo' 
• (r>i^y horn of the rhinoceros. Cog. o^?^. 

a)2i— od^iodS, adv. applied to dress, in a shabbj 
manner, ragged; OD^^ooS, do. j 

co§, 1. With fxgs, imbrowned, turned dark; tanned 
eun-burnt, involving also the idea o£ separatiu 
of the part, desquamation or peeling off ; 2. od 
odS, haste, dispatch. *In this signifiication, o 
or?, ; 3. see cnf @^i ; 4- fish-hook ; with o^ 
the large kind without a pole; with cS, a mid 
dling sized hook. Cog. oo?,— o?, — oo^. 

co?(Xj3«, 00. oof(xg8oo?c^i, def. U. 

oo^c^i, CO. oo^ocgk 

op^ooc^S, def. 4. 

a>^cS, def. a. 

OD^g^, Tenasserim. • 

oD?S,.same as od^S, 1. Obstruct, as by a fence, mouai 
dam, ifec; 2. cSoo^S, be obstructed, as thiB| 
floating in a stream, rocks, snags, &c. see ali 
oofS, I.'; 3. g8^Qo?S, prevent, hinder as persor 
fighting, by stepping between them ; 4. same i 
co%Sf 2, punctuate, divide sentences, ^ark hour 
daries;.5. c8^od^^, see c8^, thickened, iedurate^ 
as skin. Cog. oo^S,— pfS,— OD^S. 

oo^^ooS, def. 1. 

QO^Sco^S, def. 1, , 

oDoS 649 

oo^ooS, def. 1. Dam up as a stream, obstruct with 

a fence* 
oo^^Odaoi. def. 4. 
oo^y have a reflex action, rebound, bobf flj back; 

sotoo^^, see coi. Oog. o|^,— oft^^. 
oo^jSoof^, same as oo^^. 
oo^^(X)|^, do. 

oo^^cSjS, do. when the motion is upward. 
oD^oos; do. shrag, applied to the posteriors. 
co^oooaSi do, mid. voice'. 

oo^i, CO. oo^ioo^i, 1. Same as s^i, — oo|i, and od^i, 
' 2. fishing stakeS) &c. ; cSioo^l, same as cSooSi^ 

set do. ; 2. divide, apportion ; numeral, one por- 
' tion, one part ; c^ioo^i^i, some persons. * 

CognateS) od^Ii — e^x, — o^i, — cx)|i,-— oo^i. 
' ao^ioo^i,-def- 1. 

cx)s), eo. oo^, Cognates OD^I, — co^. 
oo^ 1. Seven days, or one week; 2. co. ooaoo^, same 

as cos, and ODS, bow, bend down, see od&. 
oo^, same as oo^S, an instrument of music. 

OD^S CO. 00^5. 

\ ooon^S, same as ooooo^^i 

' oool !• €0. 00^, as oo^oool, contempt; co. ooooi, as 
ooooioooloD^, see obi. def. 1. ; eo. oo^S, as oo^S 
ooo), ; CO. oo8, ; 2. reduplicated, in spots, or 
' patches here and there, Cog. ©o),-^cx)ol. 

^ coolrBooolcB, def. 2. 
oxfloooT, def. 2.: 

oooS 1. With oBS, stick up in a slanting or oblique 
directipri; cock up: 2. ajips, cg^oowS,* eo. cg^oo 

650 ODoS 

p^ojSooo^, obliquely, averse to iDstrnciioDi o^ 
coQDsel; 3. og^ooo^ CO, o^ooo^og^ooo^ leaningi 
fitanding obliqaely, not upright^ or level ; 4. u^^ 
cooSf in a droopingy feeble^, debilitated maDDer ti 
the inoventents of one who is ill ; 5. CO. ooo&^ 
as oooS^ooo^, CO. oo8^t 3. Cog« cooS. 

ooo^c9^, CO. oo6^dB^ooo^c8^i def. 1. 

oooS 1. CO. oo^S, as co<^coijSf in a flapping maoDer 
a8 any thing flexible when agitated; 2.* eo.ccS& 
as ooSSoQoSy the hamp on the Bhonldera of cattle 
3. said to be also couplet to other roots, . as d 
(^f — oo^S, ooo^t. Cog, cooS. 

ooot 1. CO. 00^1 as oo^ooos, in an irregnlar» nncoml 
pact manner as in throwing clothes into a cbe^ 
without folding; 2. CO. oo8t| the sonnd prodoe^ 
bj smacking the lips, and teeth together, as 
hog; 3. co^ cooty which see^ also CO. oooit; 
treat without consideration. Gog. •ot, oous, ooi 

oooiod^t, def. 4. 

ooot(^oo^9 def. 4. 

oooto^^otocnf wholly disregardi despise. 

ooogojSos^, def. 4. 

ooo^i CO. oo8^, see obsooB^. 

oooiy personage^ as oS^oooi^ one magistrate. 

ooo 1. oooooJ), same as •mo), confusedly, io. a florrio 
manner; 2. o^oo6o|ocp, attempt the eore <l 
disease, by medicine or charms ; 3. .odoodcoIi h 
COS, def. 2. 

followed by d^^^ arrange oa«i's clothes in a tm 

ootoidS^ox 651 

compact manner 80 as not to incommode work or 
travel. CognatCi ocoS. 

oo^cocS^, do* 

o6^ooo^c8^9 do. see al^o oco^, def. 1, 2. 

^o^cB^oooDty same as (r>j^G8^ooo3t. 

oo^ooooScSp, do. 

OoSoooS, in a flirting, flannting manner, the flapping 
of llie clothes in walking fast. 

oo% ]. CO. oootooos, a priest's rice pot; 2. co. oo^t. 
same as oocooulf 1. Cognate, ecs. 

^otooot, def. 1. 

Doioo^i, def. 2. 

»oSoocnj1| prononnce incorrectlj, or indistinctly. 

>oi9 eame as ocot, edge, border, selvedge of mats, 
cloth, &e. Cognates, ocoit — ODoi. 

9oi^^ with oi^^ prefixed, immoveable, qniescent. 

t>oitj !• Spatbo of the areca flower; 2. Bnrman black 

I book. Cognates, oooity — oooi. 

^Kmo^ofy def. 1. 

0O11, !• A pot; 2. half a rupee. Cognates to def* 1. 
cx>uii, and 03oii. 

3aiio5, def. 1. for water. 

:>oiiel, def. 1. mate pot, wide mouth, used fop cook- 
ing curry. 

90ix8S» def. 1. female pot, the common pot for cook- 
ing rice. 

Doiiogy def. 1. used for drawing water, and as a 
drinking pot. 

ooixooi, a covered pot for steaming rice. 

ooii.(SS^i, def. 1. same as oooii81. 
49 K. 

653 00^5^^ 

000^9 see ooo^, a large Burinan drnm reeembliog a 
'baas drum.' 

oooS, 1. 00. oo^SoooS, or oocj^Soobi, or oooSoo^S, flap- 
fiatter^ flactuate as any thing pliaot when agita- 
ted ; 2. co. oo8| as (XXfScoSy large, fiuctQating 
waves; 3. oo^ooc^S, eee oo^, 4. Oog. to def. 1, 

2, oo^S. 
oooSoooS, def. 1. 
cooScobxf def. 1. as long hair. 

ooo, 1. 00* po^oooly same as cx)^, 1. An instrument foi 
boring, auger, gimlet ; 2. with ooos, same as od^ 

3. and e^, away, in a confused, disorderly man 
ner, &c.; 3. with cod), same as oo^, 2. be sav* 
ing of fragments? economical, &c. Oog. oo^,— ad 

oo^ooo), def. 1. 
oo^ooofi, def. 2. 
oo^oool, def. 3, 

00^5, 1. CO. oo^jSoooQi, a spade, see od^S; 2. see cod 
. S^o^^cSi, ; 3. ^^^00(|jS, one of the names of Uui 

Tavoycnsis, Q^ooaolgl.' 
oDoSnoo^^p, the socket or eye of the native spade. 
<y3^SS^0D^c8i, medicine for dropsjk 
00^5000^1, def. 1. 
oo^SgS, CO. oo^S^S. 
oooS§S, CO. cotj^S^^oooSgS ppndo UBcd by nativesy froi 

three to four inches wide. 

oo^S^S, do. 

00^^^, the common, narrow spade, about an inch at 
a half in width. 

lj« without regularitji &c. 
coi^cobp, carelese, heedle80 or jadifferent, ti^Dg no 

thought for the /oture. 
co^Xf oue spot, see ^ii Qameral ^ffix; yiooyi, the 

people of one locality. 
3D^u6, one spot onljr. 
30^1^1, some place. 
0^100^00^9 every place, every where. 
00, 1. A kind of reed used to make coarse mats. 
Do8, CO. oooS ; .2. a small mat used by the Karens 

in travelling as a plate for their rice. 
Do^9 awry» distorted^ as the face in crying; 0^009^, 

draw the face on one side. Oog. coqS, — ooo^. 
09^^^, same as co^S. 

Doi, same as oooy 1, and 099^1 2. see also o^oi. 
060089 1. In a dangling, swinging manner; 2. the 
I gestures and motions of a woman in a dispute. 

pb^9 an anna ooo^. 
Dbt» a discipley a^^» 
othx, CO, axfS, 
089 CO. oo8:ool| s^ ooS, cook a .kind of pastry made 

of .flour an4 'honey. 

oSfi 1. CO. cfJdSayS\f a generic term for canes; 8ach- 
srnm Arnnda the reeA^ 2. c8ioo8^9 CO. c8ioo8^ 
c6iaoo^* peel or scale pffi as. paint. Tarnish, Ac; 
8. dense mist, or white fog, as seen on the suaf- 
mlu of hills after i^n. 

o8^oo«/l, def* 1. 

«51 008 

coS^db, species of def. 1. growing in wet locations. 

oo8^c8o1, CO. oo8Sc85. 

ooSSdBo, Co. OQ8SdB5oo8Sc8o1, def. 3. 

008^(^1^9 species of *def. 1. culm slenderi talU and hard. 

008S9 one 8S| or articulation, see 85, num. offix. 

coSs, one Svi or cluster, or collection, eee 3i, num. offix, 

ooSsSt, in a cluster, or closci collected body. 

008^, Same as cx>8^,; 1. eee 008^ ; 2. od8jSo&, dam, 
stop up water; 2. eee ocdJSi 1. ooS^c^^oi, peel^ 
barky in wide strips; 3, a dot; dotted; o^tooB^, 
dot, variegate with dots, or small spots. 

008^000^, def. 1, 2. and 3. 

od8^oo5, def. 1. 

coQif CO. oo^tooSi, 1. Surround; around, biooSi, moTC 
around; ^^0081, walk or step around; oto^Sii 
surround, (]S^ao8i, be around or round about 
^oo8i, di); around; 2. that which surronnds 01 
encloses, as the alburnum of wood, the sarcoctr- 
pus of fruitSi &c. see 0081, 1, 2, 8. 
CognateSi cdSi, — e8\, — od8i, all used as above 

008 1 Co. ooSqoo), or oo<2SooS, waves; 2. eeparate lighl 
from heavy grain by putting it in' water ahc 
skimming off that which swims'; ' 3.^'find fault 
murmur ; 4. inveigle, obtain as a wife w hnsban^ 
younger or better thail one's self, by deceptive o^ 
artful means ; *skim for a c<^tt)pinion \ negativelyj 
take any 6W^ tb^l offdrif:, with<^ut regard to ago] 
family; beauty, ^cl; 5. IDt^ooSy seek or pick u| 
•old clothes or other' ^Articles which have beei 
thrown aside. Cog. 008,— od8, — ddS* • 

a>y^^ 65S 

3a8o9c8x| def. 3. 

3o8q^, small, rippling waves, a ripple. 
3(>Sr^S« def. 2. 
K>8oool, def. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 
xS^^t def. 4. 

dS^^i W, oo(j^5<jSoo8<jS, large waves. 
d8o18^» 'white caps/ waves which break) 'breakers.' 
oS^, poising, balancingf be in eqnilibrinm, 1. co. ooS^ 
' 00^, one 8^, a viss or a handred tickals; 2, ^^ 

ooS^i a kind of fidhy g^c^^^/^^^ Q,^f^ ^* ^^ 

ooSSoo^oocSi,; 4, a priest's rice pot* Cog, oo8^. 
d8^oo^, def 1. 
Dd^ooV'x>cBi, a phrase prefixed to sentencesi equivalent 

to for instance, for example. 
dSS, CO. 008S000S9 see oooS, 2. the <dS92f or hnmp 

on the shoulders of cattle. 
bSsy 1. CO. coSiooot, ^ee oooti 2. ; 2. fsooSt, a colan- 

dcri or instrnmont with small holesi used chieflj 

in making vermicelli. 
3^3^0oSi nog. not funndy scarce, as any thing in the 

bSif see 8if num. nffij^^ one 8it or vessel made of a 

joint of bamboo. 
Do% 1. Same as •y^ and 03y^, mature, decided, soberj 

real; 2. co. ooy^oo^\ or ooy^oo^Si same as dc^^ 

•^S| divided, separated, or spilt into equal parts, 

&e. ; 8. oaySooy^, distorted, twistedi or drawn 

out of shape. Cog. noy^, — ay^ — o^y^. 
oy^Sp, the upper floor of a Karen house, used oolj 

far patting articles up out of the way. 

€56 ^^^fl^ 

ooySooyS, oDy^DD^^y def. 2. 

ooc^^ooi^^ ODy^ooi^ same ae #9^9 1. 

ooc^Sy 00. oo^SooySy same as cafif Eoft, ptilf^i jikiMkgt 

flaccid, &Q. aUo ce>. oo^^iS. 
ooc/SgoS, flaccidi daDgling, flabby. 
ODC^I,' CO. ooyi8. 

oo^^y 1. Bring forth jonng all of one »ex ; 2. witit og 

9^, tf^tf y^i 3. distortedi out of shape, irregalitf. 
oo^^cO, def. 1. bring forth only males. 
oo^^8^, def. do. only females. 
ooyiSf CO. ooyiSooyS, same as oo<^iS, which ^e*. 
00(^18, CO. 00^1100(^8, same as ooc^i8. which see. 
ooyi, same as od^i, — oo^Soogx,— ^Boogi,— ^loogi, — si 

(jx^Pf — cS^oogi^S, see ccgi, A. oo^i. 
oo^S, CO. ooyS, see also oo^S. 
oo^S, CO. oo^SooyS, same as co^S, and #^9 pliant 

flabby, flapping, danglings &c. also CO. ocyS. 
oo^^S, same as ooySgS. 
00^1, neg. not full, incomplete; tfioo^x, unfeasible, bej 

yond one's ability. ] 

oo§S, Cog. OD§S,— ©§S, and oo§S, see oo§S,;— oo^Soooj 

same as •§^0309, and •§Seyi. 
co^Sf same as no^S, — s^S, and 03§S, see oo^S^ a 

OD§Sc8, at once, (Tav.) Gram. sec. 600. 
oo^x, Cog. •§!, and 03^i, also 03§t, see m^v, If 2, 3 

c8xoo§i, or c8ioo§ic8iooyS,— oo§\c»yS— ,oo§i ^1^ 

oo§5oo§i, see s^t, and oo^v. 
00^, neg. not dispersed, or acattered. 
oD§S, CO. cogs. 

odgfyCO. 000I9 — e^t, and OD^t, conplets of the oorrea- 
ponding terms •Qt, and oo^i. 

oogtoogsj—egtsgs, — ODgxSs, applied to getting'partly 
wet, as by a sprinkling of rain. 

oD^toi, be wet as grass, &o. with rain or heavy dew; 
as the face with tears. 
p, large, broad, capacions; as, » 
1^00^1^, capacions ; as a garment. 
|i^oi^^ do. as the abdorpen, pussj. 
|t, small, feW| little; (an ancient term.) 

00^ 1* or oo§Sod§S, (called ooBS, by same,) the 
marigold, or mary-bod^ also; 2. plant growing 
among rocks resembling sedge; 3. o^oo^Sf a 
plant bearing a still closer resemblance to sedge; 
growing on the banks of streams; 4. one §6, num. 
affix •^ applied to water, 0000^9 one cx>c8^8^9 or 
enp of water. 

00QS9 same as oo|l|S, 1, 2, 8. 

ooajS, one <^^ or cubit; sometimes also nsed as oo<2^, 
and 03^^, see co<^. 

ooaSi same as oo<g5, — ©gS, and odo|S,; 1. Beveling, 
obliqae, having a portion removed from one side; 
oSSS^oOi^S, is to have the blade of a cleaver 
worn off at the end so as to be rounding; 8^oof|S, 
the bair fall off on one part of the head so as to 
produce baldness; 2. with ooc^lS, dress tattered, 
old, dirty, ready to fall to pieces; 8. with ooajS. 
abake, with a jerk, as a garment to dislodge dirt 
or any thing upon it. 

od^gSf CO. oo^5|Soo^gS, def. 1. 

658 ^91^ 

00^1^ CO. OD^SgS. 

oo^t, see 00^100^8. 

00^1, — oocgioo^t, ignorant, devoid of jadgraeot; sei 
also oo^ioo^t, and ooo^i* 

oo^S, CO. oo^S, a8 oa^Soo^^, eame as od^Soc^S. 

oo^ao^S, see ooaS, def. 2, 

oc^x^t, o(fr. as in ibe condition of a dirtj, Blink- 
ing child. 

00^1, one iffif or string, as of beads; one of several 
con)bined strands. 

oo^tdSijS^t in anidon, all of one mind, 

oo^iS, same as oc^iS» 

oo(giS^S, in a lioiberi pliant manner. 

oo^SooiS, do. 

oo^n, same as oo^iii^,; y^oo^iyxoc^, mtn* 
Cog. ocgii, — OD^ii. 

co^|S, same as TO<g|S,; oo^ioo'^jS, and co^ioogi^, ex- 
ceeding the proper bounds, bearing down, o^ 
overcoming all opposition. 

oo<2|5, CO. oo^|5ooy5, (see cc^jS.) I. FIsp, as a bird 
its wings; 2. Hirt, shake with a flirting motiooi 
twitch, snatch; 3. with oo^i, anger, violent ac- 
tions and gestures which accompany rage; 4 
w*ind, as oo35ioo<2|iS| a violent gust ; 5. iti eatioj^ 
as (fiSoo^S, greedily. 
Cog. oD<2)|5,— ©(gjS, '-co<ai5, -(g|5,— oDogS,— ©ogS, 

oo<g|5ao<ji)5, def. 1, 2, see'Blso o^30^S. 

OD^lSoo^i, def. 3. 

oo(j|S,— oo;j|SoD^|S, in ridges, «m ^^. 

co^^S 659 

^9L^' — o^<3|^o^^^> ring-8treaked, having circular 
liiiee aronud tho body. 

ooc^S, same as ooc^S, which see ; slender, snpple ; whif- 
fling, pert, flippant, &o. Cog ooc^S,— •cJjS,— o^JjjS. 

^^^0^5, see ooc^S, 1. 
",ob5, see ciocJjS, 2. 
1- Twitch, pull down with a jferk; 2, co. 00€6^, 
which see ; 3. co. oo^5, turn away, as frora conn- 
eel, &c. eee also co^ and cognates. 

no^i, same as oo^i. Cog. «)^i, o^t, ^i, ^i, cocSi; 

ao^c8, ana oo^icScoc^^o^^, sarae co^icS, swelling, di3«' 
tended, causing a raised, full surface; also, tho 
name of a creeper having tliick, smooth, swollen- 
like terminations; 'oo^icS, Purslain, Portulaca 

00^, — oo^^S, and oo^dSS, samo as ooigiS^iS, and 

00^1 I. oo^5oo^5,; 2. ^Soo^icS^,; 3. oo^oo^x,; 4. 00 
^i^, ; 5. c8^cot8iootoo^ic8, eee 00^1, I, 3, 6, 
7, 8,; 9. CO. 00^1, as t^ioc^ioo^i, strangers; 10. 
eo. oo^|5, 3. Cog. ODcJji, cocQi, oc6t, o^cSi, cJ^i, 
^, oo^u 

oo^if , balancing one's self in walking npon a high log, 
limb, or the like by a shil'ting motion of the hands 
to keep up an equilibrium. 

GO^oo^, eee oc^i, 6. 

oc^oo^i, eee od^i, 1. 

od^M» see oo^» 8* i,. 

««0 00^8 

oo^cS, out of one'e bead, wandering in mind; $ee 

co^i, 8. 
00^, CO. oo^Sy (Pgboy) a noviciate in the BaraMD 

ooe^ 1. One e^, or conabination, collection, aseociation; 
an affix of number; see Gram. sec. 222, 650, 651.; 

ooo^^, affix of number. 

ooo^c^^, do. 

ooaSf One os, or hand's breadth ; one bandfnl* 

ooe^i Cog. ooe^, — •dp, and ooe^, Hhe Hog's plumb, 
a tree bearing an astringent frnit.' • 

00O1, one ei, a lap or apron full. 

oo<^ 1. One f^i one collection, combin.atioD, claee, com- 
munity ; an affix of number; 2. same as oo<{,sf. 
and co<2i in a crude, irregular, helter-skelter fom 
or manner; 3. same as ooQ. 

oOf 1. One (|, stem, or bunch as ODo&ooc^f one stem of 
plantains; 2* go^oSoo^, a funeral festivity, in 
which all the lelatives assemble and with man; 
ceremonies dispose of the relics of the dead which 
were left of the burning, generally a season oi 

ooo, name of a tree ; see coo^ eo, and ODai, tbornj, 
fruit acid. 

oo^t, Gog. cohtf — 9^8, and o:>^t, ' generic name for 
several plants of the families Asclepiadaceae.' In- 
dia rubber vine. 

oo^tS, a villous substance covering the seeds of the 

d69§tboS Ul 

^J^ve fdanl^ reeenUing cotton ; ako the flower 

of t^ pUnt. 
oo^ooof ty do. (^ the fibers of do. 
09^^, Co. oo^^oo^iy (Bur. o§,) hold op, enstain, «e a 

weak person in walking to prevent hie failing. 
oo&^cS^i CO. mt^fSj^co^^S^, do. as certain birds do 

their jonng when they first begin to fly. 
tx>8 1* One child, as 0088^, a female who has borne but 

•ne child; ooSo^i the father of the one child) 2» 

og[k)o8, denotes a large, portly person. 
0080^9 def. 1. 
0088^, def**l. 
oo8t 1« One 8t| or a circumference as large as can be 

dasped around by both arms ; 2, one St, ae SooSt, 

one fiower; o^iooSt^ one mushroom. 
008 ]• CO. ODC1, as oociooS, an oar; 2. CO. 00C0I, as 

ooodIqoS, a box, chest ; 3. CO. 000$, ; 4. CO. ooc8. 
ccMp 1. CO. a>^oo^1, — oo^od), — €6too^, — ^m^. see 

00^9 — i^, — oogpi — 9^f and the corresponding 

terms under those roots ; in general, diverging, as 

the radii of a circle; 2 co. ooS. 
00^1 CO. 00^00^,* — 8bioo||, see od^, — e^, and oo^> 

with the corresponding terms; in general, scatter 

disperse, be in small fine particles. 
€0^, Cog. 00^^,-09^^, and •^^y 1. Fragments* lear- 

inge after eating, crumbs, bits; 2. drizzle, as rain ; 

3, redliplicated, in a drizzling manner. 
oo^<x>^^, def. 3. 
oo^^09ft, def, 1. 
oo^^oooS, see 0000100^, partially. 

6«i o3§p<n§^ 

ooj, co» oojoobf eame ae ocj, — e^, and acj« dis- 
hevelled, H8 liair; longy ^liaggji as hairf beardf 
and the like ; cS^^Soo^oo^, with. 

oojOToS, {see ooo5,) and, 

00^10^, see corresponding terms nnder cr^. 

ooj^i, see •g^. 

oojjt, K Draw, as throngh a ring, loop, the hand, and 
the like ; ^loo^t, fall back, Blip down, sre A\ 
00 jt, nnder ^J^t,; 2. co. oo^^. Cog. oojt, tj, 

Gog^, alohe, and with other roots, is nsed fn the eame 
significations as CDg^, and oojjS, eee wgJ5. 

t30^, 1. {»>. cog. ; 2. oo^oot, same as ft^aat, and oo^ 
ODty a malignant exclamation, expressive of J4j| 
at an J nn'drortnne which befalU another. 

X30O1, 1. Something done with agility, force, or enddcs 
effort; applied to running, run with all one'i 
might ; 2. Co. ooptaoS, one ot, or dividou, ap- 
plied parlicnlHrlj to butcher's meat. 
Cog. ocot, oo«», n^ed as def. 1. 

oo§, CO. 00^00^, or oo^oo'vp, see oc§, — s^, and 0D§, 
particularly the two first; the general inn>ort ii 
force, vehemence; do with vehemencr, &c. ©^ 
oo§, — ooToo^, — ^^§' ^®® corregpondinfT terms 
nnder co^, and •§, ; ^loo^, same »6 g6i»^, 

oo^oogfl,— 00^005, and oo^a\nod)5, see cx>^. 

oo^s, oe>. oo^too^t, one ^t, or dipper fnll. 

co^^, same as odSS, in company, collectedly, &c. 
^§^ in coiupauiea, assemblages* 

998|S8^9 in a collected body, or pile. 

XXJ^I. CO. 00^. 

£<M^S| one wink, quick as wink. 

c;^ I. CO. oo(g^oo<^^i (l^ipO ^^ ^?^> ^ ^^^^ ^^ 
adzo used in hewing timber; an iii8tranient of 
wood U6ed for digging; 2. CO. o^^^> ft kind of 

o^f^S, I'glio pronunciation of OD^^S. 

icjg, 1. jg» or fikciu; 2. strip; 3. with 9, affixcdi taper 
to a loiigi Bpindling point \ 4. with a couplet^ in 
a pliant» fle&uoQB manner. 

icjjpa^, deC 4. 

cjjjj, def. 3. 

D^t, CO. oo^QQ<2|?» didlodgcment of parta from the bodj 
to which they belonged, as 1. Chipping off with 
a cutting instrument ; 2. the eliding down of the 
surface of the ground from declivitiea; 3. with 
c8i| prefixed, the falling of limbd from treee, or 
the like. Cog. o^^i— ODcbt, have a similar signifi- 

i%€Blf1, def. 2. 

n^9 1. CO. oo^ooa^lt neg. slow, clumsy in motion* 
not nimble; 2. CO. o( coi^^, 1. 

jy^ one ^, or opening. 

0^9 1. CO. oo^oo<ji|^, game as OD^p, 1. A species qt 
ground wai^p, black wiih yellow wings; 2. iS 
co^^^ same as OD^^, jump out, as out of a hole; 
jalso jump upi as to catch at any thing high. 
ooocH^ CO. oooSy as oooSodI^ in weaving wound 
for insertion into the woof^ the quill c^^occSodS 

664 ooa6a^^i«S 

ooa>)| bind aroiiod^ m to prevent the thUg %mi 
splitting ; a^toooSa^tooaJ), drawn inte a snMi 
intertangled; 2. CO. ecoi, ae c8^eooi(d^o9Qc9« 
eat large mouthfule, craon, stnff t^e month; also 
CO. 0009. 

oooDY 1. One cot» one Rupee, or Tickal; 2, Co.oi oocfii, 
3. CO. coojt. • ' 

oocojS 1. Same as cood^, 1. oDCOp^ and •SD^» the 
mustard plant; 2. negative, #0^00^. 

oooS I. Same as ooo5,— soft, and ODC&t in general, 
wind around; 2. in weaving, the rods aronnd 
which threads are entwined, or which*are tnaerted 
into the woof; 3. in qnarrelling (with a ooopljitr) 
it indicates grappling, engaging ;in elose cootaet. 

oooSn^lcxjii def. 2. see cod&, 1. 

ooo&ooc^, def. 2. 

<oo6o9an, def. 1. 2.; see odo5, d.; o^SoaoSoj^aoafl, 
eee ooocO, ; a^toooSa^soooo), see 0090). 

oooSooo}^ def. 2, 3. ; same as oocSoooj. #00 noo5, def. 
1, 2.; QicSSod 03800 Q&oooji «^ do. 2. 

odooodSooojScS^, def. 2. ; see corresponding terra on^er 
ooco, !• 

o3o5ooSooic8^, def. 2.; see do. 

oDcAoo^8fo6i, def. 2.; see do. 

<x>di\ def, 2. ; see do. 

•OD<AoD^> same as ooaS, def. 2.; {». oooiop^ooo5ocn, 
same as eoSoj^ecSobl, ; ooo&o^^ SSodOOt^ — Q^co 
oSoo^. — 66ooo5o^^, — oo^oixBioooSo^^, see cor- 
responding terms under 000&, 2. 

oD^bo^tito^f intertwistedi tangled^ snarled. 

<x>yi 665 

ooq5o^5o5, def. 2. see correspondiDg term under ooc5, 1. 

a3Q58if see cdo^8\. 

O905jS 1. ooc&Sa^Sf same as oDoSa^^t tangled, &c* 2.; 
CO. c83, as QooS^cSSy a dish. 

coolly one ooiy or steak of meat. 

oo3Dit9 80 much, as much as, see Gram. sec. 223959|605» 

Qoo^tt CO. 0O3jtQO0Di, 1. Loosc fibers, shreds, tatters; 2. 
applied to plants, denotes the falling of old leaves. 
Cog. coo^ty •a^t, oDO^ii see oso^s, in its significa- • 

O9»$ooc6t, and ODo^jSoDC^t} in an imperfect, awkward, 
confused manner , as in attempting a piece of 
work which one does not understand. 

coogf CO. ooo5. 

Qoo^'f CO, ooojoooot, same as Odojs, ^plant of the natur- 
al family Compositese.' 
0099, CO. obbjooool, same as 0000, — ©00, and cooj, * a 

beau of several species of Pbaseolus.' 
0030^9 one of any thing flat; see the root used as a 

roumeral affix* 
ooc6ooc8| same as ec^dcSi regardless of propriety, de* 
coram, &c. 

s 0096s 1. Neg. CO. oooSooo^t, lean in flesh ; 2. c6ioos6t, 
CO. 28iooc6tc8iQOOD8, ruu ofi\ come loose, as thread 
wound into a ball or on a iquill; 3. see ooo^^. 
'<9a8 !• CO. oodBoocSiy graze so as to remove a portion 
of the surface ; illso, same as doSecdi, in a reck- 
ieas't careless, hasty inanner; 2. with (S'ltSi, have 

I the surface eaten ^into as by fire; 8. one 's8, or 

one of any thing long in proportion to its breadth, 

666 oocgi^m^ 

Mee c8, ; 4. with og^cSi coBtinnallj^ •ee Grtm. 

sec. 24,308. 
a3clB<fiSt8i, def- 3. 
ooc8ooc8if def. 1. 
oocBogScSy def. 4. 

ooc8 ). Once, see c8, tiiw. o^op ? 2. w. of ocoi. 
oocScSy oiilj once; *at once/ £0 Grain, eec. 34. 

» 090^8, CO. 00QJl5. 

000^8, CO. ocqjit, CO. of ooo^ty ;.co. occ^, ; co. oc(§i. 

Cognates, cc^s, — eqji, — orq^s, — yt, — ocyf,— 

gi, — O0tf)«, OD008, — Jf, 8Jt, «Cd ODOy. 

03C9^, CO. 0029^. 

mq^t CO, 0009200093, aame as ocaj^^-tojs, — oco^t, the 
effect of |^>reB8ure, or crn&hing, ^nbduing influenceJ 
from oSi, CO. 0009100091, a little^ dirty, neglectedj 
wretched looking child; ^0010^x098,— oS'io6c6^dB^ 
ooq98ooq9i>— ^6ooc8^ooq^8ooq9it aee under oco^. 

aoEc8^^9-^ooq98oo^(), and 000^808, see nnder O0Q&^ 

oooj^, CO. ojpoocgf). eamo as 0009^, — oo^q^, — ^9^'" 
03»^,; 00^0009^081, drizzle as rain. 

oooQif one 0^1, or patch of plants, see 991. 

ooq9iSoo^S} same as 000918, softt watery, as mud and 
other things. 

00091100258, do. see occ^i8,«^#35i8, and oc{aji8. 

00091^5 CO. ooa9i^ooc)9^. stirred np, agitated by stirriDgl 
abont; same noac^i^, — •^91^1 «nd 00091^. 

00091800^, do. when a iroth, bubbles, or the like am 
produced ; also cpnfnscdly mixed as colors, sped* 

ooojji 667 

y^f CO. oo&^^ooa^p, 1. Gog. ooq^^^^^^^, and 
OOG^^, ; c8ioo^^9 00. c8ioo9p^(Siooa^|S, demol* 
ished, reduced, &c. for a fall account 8ee <^9p3, ; 
2. CO. coc^* 

>%9 ^- oo^ooo^if 1. A mixture of any fiubetanoes 
with water; 2. scum, froth, &c. ; 3. »C0. oo^ 
000^9 one ^, or anna« the 16th part of a rupee 
or tickal. See ^^9 and compounds; see also the 
Cognates %^, and OD^. 

»^t, one ^9f or shower of rain, see ^t. 

>^^f one B^^f or pile, as of grass or other things 
gathered into small piles. 

1^9 CO. ood^tooa^t, Cog. noc^t,^-»c^i, and OD^t. 
sickening, loathsome. 

1o(^t <^0. coaj[\, a kind of spade. 

10^, sloping; cSiooo^, slope as the sides of a roof; 
c8toof|S, do. 

KK^f 1. CO. coogtooc^, Cog. coo^t; cSio^t, hang- 
ing loosely, flapping; 2. one ajf, applied to cer* 
tain things, as to looking at a thing once, baiting 
a hook once, &c»; S. CO. other roots. 

>a^, see ooo^i in its several significations; ODSOOo^^, 
be quite prostrated or exhausted. 

)0^, !• CO. ooo^tooog^, see ooojji and ooto^, oo^ooo^t, 
strip off by turning inside out ; 2. co. ooo^tooo^ 
rush upon or pounce upon. 

>a^i|tc8Sooodi, be contiguous, joining on to each other 
as houses, fields, &c. • 

>cop9 CO. 000^1000^, also ODc^, a small spade, inser- 
ted into the handle ; 2. cSooo^i, insert the above 
42 X. 

668 toqIooJI 

into a haudle ; exaggerate, say something wittji 
or IndieroQS. 

000^1^1 one o^i^i or dipper* full; one pile. 

ooo^|t» not few, many, Gram. sec. 224, 313, 515. 

ooogi^ 1. same as odo^^^, the piper betel. 

000^1^8, 'ocimom sanctum.' 

ooa2||t 3. Gog. coojll'' ^"^ ^^1^9 peel off, skin, flay; 
see ooo^|8, 2.; cSiooo^i, co. c8tooa^ic8ioooyi 
abraded, exfoliated, skinned; 2. see odo^i^ 1 
the inner part of bark, &c« 

ooog|, Cog* ooc^, 1, 2, 3. and ODC^i smooth, sleek, nn* 
incumbered, disconnected with other things, frei 

Qoa0|0oc8, unincumbered, disconnected, unmarried, free 

ooc^, one ci^, one half, division, section. 

poc^d^, see ooSood^d^. I 

ooc^«, 00* ooc^tooo^, bent or curved backward ; c8$oc 
c^t, throw the head back. 

000^^, CO. ood^^ooo^^, with great speed; Gog. ood^^,- 
•c^^, and ODC^^. 

ooc^9 once. 

ood||<8, only once, at once. 

00 J) 1. Extraordinary, peculiar, special, distinguished 
without a competitor, unrivalled, first-rate, &d 
o^coiS\t peculiar favori special blessing; disnooa 
see 91 ; 2. co. 03C|^, a teacher, or person skilla 
in some art or science; 3*. reduplicated, pecolifl 
ly, spontaneously^ in a first-rate order or mat 
ner, without fault, Gog. coJ^i-— »«{), and coiA, 

oo«)oo«^. def. 8. ; ODlooJIoilooJ), do. 


oiooS^ M9 

ooJIooS, a person skilled in making rhyme, a poet. 

OM^ K CO. 0D€^^33(/1 or cx>vn, 2.; 2» with oi, name, notori- 
ous for something bad, as oooioott^, co. oooiooci^ 
ooo3|^ooe>3, ses ooq^, 3. an appellatire to denote 
a person of bad or low character, a person of bad 
or low eharracter, a person of no reputation, sse 
coJi, 2. • 

ooM^oi, def« 2. last clause. 

lOogS 1. CO. ooqSooo^Ii a blacksmith. 

oo(#Sg8, a gold or silversmith ; 2. og^oociS, see no^,; see 
also ooS^QOtfS. 

^oottt 1. A tree of the mango family, bearing a fruit 
much larger than the common mango, horse 
mango ; see oo^t,; 2. see rSoowt, gaudama* 

ootf^ 1. CO. ooQ^ocSi, same*as 03tf^, alligator, crocodile; 
2. o^00(^^, same o^33(i^, species of millet, 

C091, applied to persons, same as ooJ), 1,2.; coo, (2o.; 
yioowi, a person distinguished for skill, or cor- 
rectness; 03800(11, discrimination of mind, sound 
judgment ; acute, discerning, see odtoot. 

000 1. coo, see oooooSs, examine 2. neg. with ODt unsa- 
tisfactory, not according to one's mind ; 8. co. oo8^. 

lO^ocoSs, generally, O3ooo8t, question, enquire about. 

CO. o^oog^ooQODt, def. 2«; odsooq, or o^jSooooDtcoo, the 
mind is not satisfied.^ 

fOooioooSt, speedily. 

0)01, one kind, some kind, of some description; Oram, 
sec, 18, S20, 624. 

ooeiooS^, something occurring unexpectedly, and sud- 

6Y0 oof 

oooioooo^, and cooxmcbh a diBtioct kiod, elaas, or 

ooQiSi, and oo^ooeifit, some kind, eomething of some 

oDoioo^ooH, every kind without ezceptioo. 
Q0Q1 !• One WI9 or ten bikethas, one tbouBand Bnpect; 

2. CO. ooqio5Sq6s, Gog. odwi, and co^n, 2, deoy^ 
* keep back or hide the truth. 
00(11^ t 1. Oog. 09Qi^9 and mQ^% 1. Rankle in tkc 

mind as anger, or ill-wiH, be morose; 2. QOQ^\ 

(lo^ii ^d^notfi^cio^y blunt, partially pointed, obtuM 

co^tSf 00(^1% a dam, or dike. j 

00^, 1. Cog- •^f — OD^, and no^, rough, shaggy, fiJ 

shovelled, &o.; 2. one collection or mass, m 
^loof , one collection or mass of people. I 

oo^qi, — <j|pOD^cji, 00^8^(^1,00^00^, and, oo<^i, see ui- 

• der OD^. 
00^^ 1* CO. oog), cousin, connections, relatives; S 

creeping and scandent plants; 3. ao^oo^ ^, have 1 

cold, or influenza ; some say oo^S, some 000& 

and some oo^^, the last is probably the oorred 

oo^S, 1. oo^oo^S, see 00^^ 3. have a cold ; 2. eo. 00^ 

oocDi. neg. be in a state of discomfort, 
oo^^, 1. oo^oo^f, see m^, 3.; 2. oo^^|^, — ??»!?• 

— ^^ciD^jS, ((ii^oocDi^, Maul oipODOOi^, Tat.) 

short and thick, chubby. 
00^, 1. CO. 00^8^, it seems, see 00^, 1.— oof , and fj 

do. 2. charm, infuse secret power ooWjj|i d 


^|5 «7i 

charm, incaDtatioD, mantara; see oof, and oo^^; 

8. oooSoo^, a pbraee equivalent to preciselyy 

exactly c3io5^c8i€6t, exactly. 
30^^, CO. oo^Sooolf a smith's anvil. 
0^9 really, actually, no sham. 
x>^t, K 00. oo^soowty same as 03^1, < horse mango^ 

Mangifera foetida/ Bur. cogoS, the fruit is small- 

ter than that called oowt, though otherwise alike ; 
2. Gog. OD^s, measles, rubeola, see coos; 3. S^oo^t, 

same as S^03^s, see oo^t. 3. 
X>o&i| surprising, wonderful, astonishing. 
DoS, neg. of o^. 
OoXy Cog. 0301, a family name for several trees of 

the 'genus Eugenia.' 
ooi8i, Oog. oooi^i, — oooicBifln,— oooi^i^,— OOOlOOlS, 

ooQiol, different species or varieties of the above. 
0^9 1. In fishing, a pole and string without a hook; 

the bait is tied to the end of the string; used 

only for a particular kind of fish ; 2. fish with 

do. ; 3. CO, to the term for fish-hook. 
0^^, GO. coQXt as 000100^^9 some kind, some manner 

of thing. 
^ibS, a little, a small quantity or degree. Oog. cciS. 
t)^88ioD^8, in small degrees, a little at a time, little 

by little. , 

^^ 1. 00. oobiooSsf qnicklyi hurriedly; 2. eo. oo^t 

coMf a species of adz, with infi:)ected edges. 

FnoocbS, indicates that the act is repeated as in 
calling, again and again. 
9 Oog* oo^^t M<1 ^^^f be afraid, diffidentt reserv* 

%1i a)8S 

ed, cantioQS, oSoo^^oooDt> do. (Pgho O/y^j.) oSoD 
ODS OD^bp^jSy CO. cohf^^coi^^e^^f be Bober, reserv- 
ed, diffident, &c. 

008, aggregation, aeeetiiblagey tendency to one point or 
objccty adi\ conabination, several being united in 
doing the same act. See the cognate od8. 

coQSy one mother; 1. One kind, as a^ooS^, one kind 0I 
paddy; oodSSooS^, one kind of medicine; cx>i 
oo8^ooSoo8^, various kinds of medicine; 2. wii 
an adjnncti a di recti straight course. 

od8S#iS«8, def. 2. 

ooS^o^stS, borne by the same mother, used to denote 
own brothers and sisters. 

008S, 1. Followed by ^8, make the customary offeriDj 
to Ceres, after having planted a rice field; 
00S0085, CO. oo^5^ooSoo85, the miniature hoi 
in which such offerings are placed, reared in tl 
middle of the field ; 3. oo85fl, co. orji», whit 
see ; 4. see cg^oo8Sy look on as a mere spectatoj 
without interfering, see the cognate, 008S. 

oo8s| 1. CO. 000008s, Cog. eSs, and (X)8t, see also col 
question, examine by asking questions ; 2. 
particle, indeed, see Gram, sec. 372, 689; i 
@Soo8b, CO* ^^0088^ ^oo^s, an anchor. 

008, 1. CO. 0000^, as 0000^008, one sentence, phrase; i 
one mouthful ; 3. followed by ooS, tear, rend 
the worst kind of leprosy, in which after a littl 
while, the affected limbs come off, see 008. 

00800S, def. 3. 

008^, 1. In traveling, one stage, or stopping place; i 


00^1 * 6T3 

in mouDtaiDSi hills, and the like, a jog, or pro- 
jection which breaks the continnity of the ascent ;: 
3. of time, 008^00^^, a long interval; 4. neg. 
ooa5Soo8^9 after a whilci in a short time; 5. co^ 
QOQ\f which see; 6. 008S8S, co. @@ as @@ 
008^8^ that which has no foundation in trotb^ 
Donsenscy talk to no purpose ; cBt^^cBioo8i, 
see cSt. 
S^ODc^S, def. 3, 
ooSS^S, Cog. od85^5, and 0085^5, *^^ oo8S, 

OoSt,. CO. of 00^1. 

ooS^y 1. Cog. <x>8^, 1. and coS^t as ooodS^od^, not 
obtain or SQCceed) be nnsaccessfal;* 2. neg. of 8^^ 
the root. ooSSco^y do.^ S. with ^^, see co8|S, 2. 
repnisively, &c. 

coS^^y def. 3. applied to dress^ immodest, repulsive. 

ooS^oo^, def. 3. ooSooS^ooSco^, a hindrance, or pre- 
ventive to obtaining. 

Oq8i, CO. OOOQS. 

00^, CO. oo^oocSi, Cog. oo§, and 00^, inconsiderate,, 
thoughtless, careless, acting without reflection, 
impulse of the moment, have the ideas scattered, 
yioo^, a person of the above description: cocBi 
00^, speak at random. 
Cognates, 00^,— »co§ — ^, — od^, see ^. 

(ȤS8S, def. 6. 

co^Sf Cog. 03^^, and 00^^, ; oo^^cSi, rain in scatter- 
ing drops, sprinkle. 
IGoyi, (neg. of ^i,) not of long standing, not well 
known; 1. A stranger; 2. streams, as o&oo^i, 

874 09^i 

prodoced by heavy rains and disappear in dry 

oo^ioo^ii def. 1 : yioo^ic/ioo^i,; do. 9106^(^09^1, do.; 
yiogjSyioo^ii cocBioo^, perform the duties of 
hospitality to strangers ; oj^^oo^Oj^^bo^i, do, re- 
ceive strangers. 

00^9 1. cO. 00^, and cx)^, desolate, neglected, raefal 
in appearance; 2« with o^t, downcast, rnefnl; 3. 
moldy, mildewed, as ^So^too^, def. 2., and o^ 
0^100^, def. 3. Cognates, 00^^ and od^. 

oo§, Cog. o:)§,— 8§, and 03§, see co§,; oo§oo§, slightlji 
in a small degree. 

002*9 A robber. 

009 %ee 008S, one kind, race, species. 

002^,1. Astonishing; 2. 00. oq|^oo2^, ^ '^^"^ ^ 
sword, ScBi. 

00^, to. 00^1, 'and 00^. 

00^^, 1. See OD^^oo^^, hasty, transient; 2. oo^^d^ 
CO. oo^^^oo(^Sc8, {%ee 00^^, 2.) a pole used U 
lay hold of for support, particularly in treadio^ 
out paddy. 

oo^S, 1. 00. oo^Soo^S, adv. the slow, flexuous motion 
of a snake; 2. oo^S^^, hook up a fish withoaf 
his swallowing the hook, hook him by the middle, 
see 00^8, ; 3. cSioo^S, co. cSioo^^oSioo^Sf hang- 
ing over, *as a mat over the sides of a thing oo 
which it is spread. . 

00^ t, CO. ooo^toogt, robber. 

oo^i, eo. oo^i. 

m^9 srs 

rD^9 CO. 00^5, and od^S* 

o^i, CO. 8^00^18^00^1 see 00^1, inconsiderate, reck- 
less, self-willedi daring. 

oflxS, CO. 00^5. 

o^, II «06 ^^' '* Rapidly, pertly, momentarilyi &c. 
frequent transitions from one act, &c. to another; 
3. with 8t, the pliant, and recent ends of limbs, 
8too^, do. 

ao^8t, def. 2. 

30^00^, def. \. .Often doing or repeating the same act. 

ao^oo^^, (sometimes oo^ioc^i, ) Cog. oo^Soo^S, 
tossing the head, &c. about one way and the 
other, brisk, pert, waggish in manners. 

so^boo^S, same as od^Soc^S, see oo^S. 

30^S<^9 same as oo^S^S^ see oo^S. 

ao^Xf oo^ioo^i, see 00^^00^^, and 'oo^ioo^i. 

oo^iSty CO. oo^^ooi^ob^^Si, 000^68 jS, a name given 
sometimes to the barking deer. 

<30^ioo^S, said to be used for oo^t. 

oo^i, Cog. 00^1, 1. CO. 00^100(^1, a probosis; 2. the 

.leafless, lateral branches of certain creepers, as 

the ratan ; 3. the branches of snch plants, as the 

piper betel. 
00^ CO. 00^00^1, 1. Same as 00^, upraised as a fallen 

tree, supported T)y the branches underneath ; 3. 

raise, elevate, as an anioaal its head, or as the 

end of a log. 
oo^cB^, def. S., c8too^c8^, do. 
ooASf adv. animals with elevated head. 

676 oooSS 

oo^i, 1. Cog. OD^i, and oo^i, ; 2. co. oo^i, eame 
ae OD^i, 2. and od^^oo^^, which see. 

09^1021, as ojS^oo^ioji, a log lying np from the 

oo^iSi same ae oo^S. 

oooo), 1. One ool, or end of betel? co. oodBoooo), 

ODOoS, €0. oooSSooooS, l.#F]y or flap about, as loose 
clothes in walking; 2, co. ooooStocbS, stretching 
out over a wide extent, as the limbs and branched 
of certain trees; c6iooodS, wide-spreading and 
bending towards the ground, as the branches ot 
low bushy trees. Cog. ooooS, and odooS. 

ooooSoocbS, def. 2. 

oocX)5, 1. Same as odcx^S^ 4. in cutting fields, cit 
arocind the borders to enlarge them; 2. 
CO. ooo^,; 3. CO. ooc8S, as o9cBSooc8S, a snare tor 
catching fowls. 

oooos, cO. oDoSSoooos, dog. nocxDS, 1. and oDoot, gnesi, 
surmise, iuiagine, faticy. 

ooootcocSi, speak by guess, without knowing whether 
certainly correct or not. 

oocx)tcgS, same as ad6os. 

oooDtd)i, see coootcbi, guess at tiie right road or direc- 
tion in travelling. 

oDooi, K In poetry, used for oocoodi, one hundred, Xo 
. accommodate the measure; 2. noooi, and ODcx)i) 
a tree bearing a very sour fruit. 

ooo5S, CO. oooDt, and ooooS. 

ooc^^ooooi 677 

90o5Soo8^, after a longer or shorter period, after a 

while, before very long. 

ksooSt, CO. cootooo5t. 

DDoSif neg. not far. 

cod&icoojtf a moderate distance, neither very far or 
very near. 

ooc^ioooSy and odcBooc^i, one fiber, or thread. 

ooooiS, CO. coooi^ooooiS, Cog. cx)cx>iS, 2, and odootS, 
ponderonsi impnlsivei ^impetnona, the force or 
] in petud acquired by gravity: c8ioocX)iS, weigh 
down, &c. 666 oocoiS, 2. heavy, lowering, gloomy ; 
iScSiooooiS, have the eyelids weighed down,^a& 
with drowsiness. 

ooooi^cSjSoooDt, is to throw the weight of one's body 
into an act to give it force. 

oooDii, neg. wanting, in part or degree, incomplete^ 
hence co. (BS, as oogSSooodh, there is 'honei and 
oj, as ooojoooon, wanting, in clothes, or some- 
thing else, not well furnished. 

ooo^S, CO. 0902^00^, feel lonely, feel the want of com- 
pany ; ODtooo^^i is used actively in speaking of a 
strong desire to see a persoui or to enjoy his com- 
pany ; gS^ooo^^, 866 a ooo^S, 2.; Qo^coa^fSee do. 
Cog. cx)02^, *"^ ooo^^. 

ooo^^oyS, lonely, solitary, or gloominess of nund, from 
being in a solitary state ; also, regret, on account 
of the loss of a thing, feel the loss of any person 
or thing. • 

ooo^^ooooi, ooooi, ooSooojSooSoooox, same as ooSooojS, 
a feeling of regret at the loss of a thing. 

'678 ooobS 

o^o^S 1. Apprly sadden force to a thing to try its 
strength; 2. the sadden dejection of any thiog 
from losing the balance of gravitating; seecoa^] 
cSiooo^S, applied to the eyelids, great drowsiDeiBi 
or the falling of the eyelids in drowsiness. Cog.: 
noo^S) and ODc^S. 

ooo^if in some caseSy the same as oo^o^ty a deranged, 

* anhealthyi morbid state, see coo^x. 
ooo^iooqgi, neg. anable, from bodily indisposition. 
ooo^ioDC^,- feel indieposed, feel derangement of the sys- 

temi oat of order; also insanity, or mental der- 
angement ; yiooo^if an insane person. 

ooo^ioodBSi feel indisposed, ont of order, nncomfortable. 

000^^ CO. 8^ooGO^doo(;oi, neg. same as og^ofdGBjScigioo 
(B^f (^aee Qgi,) indefinite, withoat the neceesarj 
details to render the thing intelligible. 

oocjI^S, one coS, or interval of time; ooooj^S, one sleepi 
or sleep an interval, whether long or short ; oSoo 
odS, CO. CDOooGgSoooo^, die for a time as in 

• asphyxia. Cog. ooogS, — ocoS, cj^f the root. 
oooj^toocS^, neg. treat with disrespect, or irreverence. 
ooGOi, confused, deranged, ont of order, some morbid 

state of the system, or part of it. 
QOog'LCXx^, do. also a degree of mental derangement; 

S^ooGgiy 00* S^ooGgif^oo^i, have a confased, 

morbid sensation in the head, 
ooooi, 00. ooo^^, Oognates coooi,^— ODooi. 
000019, alone, solitarily, withoat company, 
oocb, W cocb. 
ooobS, same as oocbS, 1, and 2. long, or tall and slender 

ooobt, Cog. oodbt, and ODobs^ game signifieatioDs. 

ooobicS^y toss op with a quick motion. 

30o5taocBs| see cx)obt. 

soobi, one obi, fiber or thong. 

wdBS, CO. oocSSoo^t, neg. not scanty, undiminished, 
not lessened in qnalitj or quantity. 

DOcBSf €0. oocBSodOoSy 1. A snare made with a noose 
for catching small animals ; f ^oodBS, do. fastened 
to the end of a limb, sapling, or something which 
springs ; 8toodB5|Set a hoose or snare; 2. stretch 
forth, as the neck ; 3. catch an animal with a 
noose; see oocSSi 4. in Karen superstitions, 
denotes the securing of the spirit when it h&s 
been recalled from Hades. 

locBSodooS, def. 1. 

xxfiSoQcBS, catch bj the neck with a noose. 

DdBScS^oocBS, stretch forth the neck. 

X)dB5c8iooooooi| and oodBScSi^ioDOOii def. 4. 

xxfii, Oog, oxBi, and ODoSi, see oocSi. 

wdB 1. CO. miSoooSi, turmeric ; 2. with 8, slowly, care- 
fully, as in handling an article, to pre?ent injury : 
see coS. 

TddSooocHi def. 1. « 

3xS8, def. 2. 

oocfiS, 00. coiS^mooS, eulogize; be famed, Ac. see 

KX0^, neg. CO. OOG^'* 

30c8i| — 00^00(01, one c8i, or dry season. 

wogS 1. CO. oDe, as oD8a>cgS, canted or inclined to 

680 oxfIA 

one eide^ not straight op; 9« ooo^^'as cSiooo^ 
c8icx>ogS, capsize. 

OOCgl, 00. OOi^l. 
OOCO^f CO. OOi^l* 
ODcbl) <^* 00<^lOX|gl, or OOGglOOi^l, 966 OOi^i; 1. 

Limbs of treesi the extremities) parts far from the 
' the stem ; 2. affix, talk, wide of the troth ; cdcBi 
• 00(^1, say more than is traOf make a great mat- 
ter oat of a little, exaggerate ; 3. bSo9<^t, co. ^\ 
ooo5f Me obt, def ^2. fig. same as oocBioo«^: C3^ 
00(^1, exaggerate. 
oDCpl. Conical excrescences that grow from the root 
of trees in ground that is overflowed with salt 
water, see oDCp, def. 7. mangrove; 2. used adj 
jectively in qualifying the names of things whici 
belong to such locations ; ^oocp, a species of Hij 
biscus growing in such ground ; s^^oocp, spedJ 
of crab, oo^oocp, species of Lacerta, peculiar ti 
such locations; o^^oo^t co* o5^0DCpo^^Qo8| | 
species of tree from the roots of which the abov 
excrescences spring, and which give the name't 
the locations where they grow ; 3. same as CD 
def* !• open, diverge from a centert as a fi 
radii of circle and the like ; 4. (Bur. ooc|pt,) la 
rule of action, &c. d^icgic^oocpf preach, tead 
the principles of morality : 5. co. oo^. 

<nc[lo5gl, a 00^, jungle, def. 1. 

oDCpifl, 00. a>€pSSoocpol, def. 3.; oocpol,— #^91, ad 

^^ cr)@l9), devergingly as radii. | 


4^ 681 

30CpQ)| — oocpoo^, — oocpooS, 866 correspondiDg terms 
under cocp and ecp. 

DooA 1. Be in the waj} obstrnction, obetrnct; 2. see ^f 
wide spreading, as the branches of a tree, &e.: 
cSiooc^^, large, spreading, or broad at the base, 
as a pagoda; 3. branching, as the crotch of a 
tree, OD^ooc^^ a crotch of a limb, or tree ; 5. gee 
oo^^,def. 5. Cognates, @S,— oocjS,— ©cjS,— @S,— 

poc|S, CO. ooc^Soo^S, 1. see 03C|6, ec^S, and gS, a gum- 
bier; 2. see ^C|6,- — ODC^S, and ooc[S, hell; 3. co. 

I oo^S, and oo^S, also co. oo^S. 

|Cr>C|t 1. Same as ^t, and coe^^ def. 6. a kind of trap 
resembling a figure, 4; 2. shout, as persons en- 
gaged in heavy work in order to secure simultane- 
ous effort ; @t, do.', 3. across, athwart, &c. oo. 
00^1, around, as obioo^s, go round, s^^oo^ta^^ 
ooQt, look all around, and all over a thing; see 
def. 1, 2, 3, of ODC^t,; 4. ooc^i^t, 'species of Di- 
ospyrus, growing on tide waters.' 
030^ !• ooc^^oS, sometimes used as oocpd), see also def. 

1. of coe^ ; 2. same as od€^^, teacher. 
oofi^i, CO. oong^ooc[i, or noog^ooc|i, a kind of coarse 

basket used to put dishes in. 
Qo4|, CO. 00^00^1 a creeping plant, growing in locations 
connected with tide waters, the succulent parts 
eaten by Karens. 
00^^, 00. oo^^ooGiSy 1. Same as od^S,— e^S, def. 2. and 
oo^^, the common .large jar;. 2. co. oo^i, as oc^oo 
^^Q^oo^i, see 00^1 ; 3. CO, oo^S, as dSoo^^cSoo^S, 

08S oo^toooot 

the fallen chin and vacant stare of a pereon *08l 
of hie wiiB,'; 4. ogcoij^f CO. o^mi^Soqcocpf and a5i 
0^00^^, the race of demons which live under and 
sustain the earth; 5, 8ee %i^f def* 3. and co^, 
def. 2. 

<30^S 1. With c8^, stick np, as in cracks or interstieei 

(see o3^t|) 2. cSico^St Co. c8ioo^Sc8iooc^S, fill 

- into a crack or intersticCi c8i^6, do. ; 3. tha 

horse of Hades, inade of bamboo, used in foneral 


oo^ti CO. oo^8ooc|t, 1. Oog. oo^t, def. 2. and e^t, ti 
aronnd, revolve, whirl abont; followed by 
{£[>.; 0^09. around, round about; cg^oo^, 1( 
aronnd: cgioo^s, encirclci put around, as a baii( 
hoop, <fec, bloods, CO. bioo^ibiooSi, going aroni 
the relics of the dead in funeral ceremonies: 
CO. oo^too^s, rove about ; 4. affix, otoo^i, 
^tooiiotoo^s, aronnd a field, 5. cotoo^s, coin- 
passes; 6. affix, f^oo^t, and f^V^*' (^^ ^'^^^i 
low in stature, short and thick % 1. see oo^S, defj 
!•; 8. CO. oo^tooc)8, the large, cotton treoj ''Bout 
bax malabaricum,"; 9. od^ ^oo^s, levigated, dee co 
^S, def. 2. reduce to powder. 

oo^tooSi, def. 1» 2, 3, and 4. 

oo&sooQS» same as oo^t, in all the definitions. 

00^100^8, def. 3. 

oo^scS^, def. 7.: move around upward. 

00^898, def. 1. see def. 6. of qo^8, a round tuft. 

oo^tS, blossoms of the large,' cotton tree. 

00^800038, turn one's self around, revolve. 

oo<|)<^ 683 

^«d3f8\, def. 3. 

^^f same as ooc^i, found only as an adverb, examples: 

aioif ODS|i| def. 8. snrroand and cover. 

;|ioo^^, loose, unarranged state^ Oog. coc^i, and oc^i. 

ai^, neg. insufficienti Co. not eqnal to the occasion. 

;^i^ododS| open, disclosed, looseness. 

Q^Sf abraptlj,. eagerly, without any hesitation. 

6|1^, same as @i^i and gi^; oi^ooc|«oi^ooc|ip, adv. 
a person with a long dress^ which obstructs his or 
her movements; ooifSi^, do.: c8ioi^ooc|i^i— c8i 
ooi^gi^i and c8ioi^^i^, descend low, as long 
garments around the feet. 

E|ii 1. Broad at the base^ or enlaj^ging downward: 
c8ipoc|ixd| do. pussy persons, particularly when 
the chest and head are small in proportion to the 
abdomen: c8iooc|ii0Di, and c8iooc^iiooiooc|iiooi, 
the wings of a bird or fowU which hang down ; 
2. Oog. oooc|iif or oj^iif praise, eulogize. 

C[nooioociiiooif hanging down, as the wings of fowls* 

g 1. Same as oo^, rough, serratedf dishevelled, &c, 
8Soo^, have the hair loose and dishevelled ; 2. 
ronghf savage in temper and manners, as a person 
in a burst of passion ; 8. followed by oooo5| clear, 
distinct, as a spot on which rays of light are re- 
flected as by a mirror, or as an objeot seen through 
a magnifying lens. Cog. oo^, @, gi g. 

jcoooS, as .<^oo^cJocoS, — ooSioo^oocdS, def. 3. 

|oo^ def. 1, 2. see oo^co^. 

|ox|tt def. 2. see oo|, def. 2. 

Wn def. 1. see def. 1. oo^. 
4S K. 

oo9|^) — os^^ooooS, cheari free from obetractioDB, opeo, 

as a streaiDi ravinei &c. 
oo^^<p^^9 same as ^^^^9 <3t(fi?. heavy, jarring soQodsi 
oo<g5, — cx>oo^5i^«, — cSicooo^S, see oo^S, soft, flexiblci 

as from being in a cool, moist state, 
oo^tf — oo^tcx)Go5, and oDOd^tcocoS, or oo^s, indiciK 
• suddenness, and abruptness, as a * sadden wakiD^ 
out of sleep, a sudden start or fright. 
00^1 1. Shake, cause to move forcibly backward an( 
forward; 2. shake with a flirting motion^ as witl 
the hand or foot to dislodge any thing adherioi 
to it; opoo^iy see op,; 3. with ooooS, a large, han^ 
some girl| ti lass : oeo9HcD^oo8iGo|Soo^icn(X>S, i 
with a CO, in a flurried, blustering mantieri i 
the acts of a person in a passion; 5. oc^oo^i, — ^ 
oo^^o^oo^i, idly, neglectful of dress and persei 
Cognates, od^i, — Qi, — OD^i. 
oo^ioocoS, def, 3. 
.oo^iogS, def. 2. 
00^100^5, def. 4. 
oo<gic8i, def. 1. 

00^, Same as oo^, def. 3. bring a person into disgrace 
make one ashamed, as by improper talk, or ai 
becoming conduct. 
00^8^00^0^, bring disgrace on one's parents by impn 

per conduct. , 
00^^ l.(with^% back,) bevel, slant down evenly, astt 
blade of a cleaver, the sides of a mountain, dbc; cS 
00%^^^, dd.\ 2« cd^aD|^S| a plant, (also called oo^ 
growing in low ground^ generally near streams 

oag^^^ ' 685 

't^^^* def. l.:.o:>|^^^, <f<>.: (S^oo^^^S the snccQlent 
stems and leaves of the plant, def. 2. 

>^S 1. CO. oo^Sooc^S, rabi for the purpose of cleaning, 
sernbi sooar, see oo&^oo^S; 3. brash, pass close 
along side, or graze the side of a thing in passing 
it; oo^oo^S, graze along the side; ooo6i8|oo^5y 
the wind dkims along the snrface ; 3. be contin- 
uous, or with only short interruptions; oo^|ioo^S', 
rain incessantly ; 4. <^^oo^S, look along the edge 
or surface of a thing to see if it is straight, or 
level Cog. 00^5, oooo^S,. QS, Q5, 

i%5ooc)S| def. 1. 

«^5woat, rub one's self, as an animA to scratch itself* 

^^SaioocbS, def. 3. from time to time, frequently. 

^1, cog. OD^», @«, 8.1,. @t, o^t, ^», oD^t, @», energy; 
1. The Chinese, so called on account of their energe- 
tic habits ; 2. ojtoo^t, CO. cjto^^to^toocit, evil de- 
mons which make people ill ; 3. see oo^s,.def. 2. 

1^, Cog. <^^i-— 9^, f^i^d oDCj^: 1. Bare, destitute of 
the usual covering, see oog^, def. 2.; oo^co^, 
a leafless tree; 2. a Saurian reptile; 3. name of 
a plant found by streams and in moist ground, the 
sacculent parts eaten by the natives ; 4. a writer. 
Cognates, see co^,-.@,— ©a^,_g, — ga:>^, 

^ood^y def. 3. 

^oo£t^ def. 2.. 

g^oocjS, def. 1. 

g^j, def. 1. 

^^, see oo^S, def. 2. the succulent parts of the 
plant, def. 3* 

68« oo^ooooS 

Cognates, see ODa?»~@?»""@?» — ©?• 
ooj[i, same as 0DC|^ii 1. A margin, edge, border; 2. mofi 

along the margin, edge or border of a thing ; S 

the verge of life ; c8iooc|^i, or oeS^dlcSioo^i, ^d 

vance to the close of lite, 
oocj^ioo, CO. oo^io6ooc|^i^, go along the margin of i 

m\ 1. Cog. 00^; 2. oo^oodt, sometimes o9^o9qoi 

same as od^ojot, ghosts and demons which, caoa 

sicknessi see Die. p. 210. 
oo^S,-^oo^SobS, see ooSj^Sc^S, neat, becoming, Ac 
oo^S 1. adv. Suddenness, or abruptness in an aclioD| 

obioo^S, pierce suddenly, as a sliTcr ; 2. Mf o^ 

\S^c8, Cognates, see oo^S. 
oo^SbtcS, see @SbtcS, gilding the tops of pagodas, Aei 
oD\Sa>^S, def. 1.. i 

00^8 1« With oo^s, ach. hastily^ energetically, abrupvl 

ly ; 2. Co. m^tf dishevelled, sticking out in al 

directions; 8* reduplicated, frequently, again a u 

again. Cog. eee oo<^t« 
oo>\ioo^8, def. 1. 
co^t^too^t^s, def. 8. 

co\\ 1. The leaf of a door; 2. Cog. t^i, oa\\t h:>\x. 
00^ 1. 00^00^, see coS^ def. 2. a gully, trench, ddl 

&Q.] 2. adv. still, quiet, motionless, see del IJ 

8. followed by 8, barren spots, whera v^getaftki 

will not grow, or only in a stunted manner; il 

cx>8, do. Cog. see co^. 
>^coodS, def. 2. 

oD^f • 687 

»^§, def. 3. 

)^^9 see oo^^i aDd od^S. 

>^^c8^, large, Coarsei ae thread: oo^^cB^, do. 

)^S» see CD^S, 1. co. oo^S8i8i, azayat; 2. with cBS, 
disgastiDgi repalsive, prominent, raw, open, as 
8Q(es; 3. with 8«, obstinate, contrary, perverse; 
also, in earnest, in spite of obstacles, &c., see def; 
8; 4. projecting: ^oo^S, projecting teeth; with 
00^1, tending to collide, strike against things ; 5. 
in a panching, thrusting, delving manner; obtoo 
^S, CO. obtoo^SobtoociS, delve, into the ground, or 
into a tree; 6. peck, as a bird with the bill, .ply, prod 
a thing,, as with the end of a pike or other instru- 
ment ; thrust, push at with the end of a rod, and 
the like ; cS^oo^S^S, the bird pecks with its bill ; 
7. ^o^^S, a pike, or other instrument; 8. per- 
, severingly, pertinaciously ; 9. floo^S, imitate, pat- 
tern after, as in learning to do any kind of busi- 
ness: 10. ^Soo^S, 00. ^Soo^S^Sooc|S, bungling, 
clumsy, unworkman-like ; 11. cSt^^oo^S^, assem- 
ble for consultation, or discussion; 12. cSsoo^S, 
eo. c8^oo(]8^, a tiger; 13. oo. of other roots, as 
co^x and €o\S. Cog, 03^S, 8^5, o:>^5, 

»^58i8i, def. I. 

o^Spo^i, def* 4. 

id^ScSS, def. 2. 

iD^SSt, def. 3. 

o^te^5o9p, def. 8. 

ofii 1. Stick o«t, project in various direetiont^ at limbs, 
•DftgSi long, rdttgfa hair or feathers, dtshevelled; 

688 • m^^ 

KA^coSjf^St squirrels which have tails with loDg 
rough hair ; 2. a sheath, as of a knife or sword 
f800^s» sheath of a sword; 3. ses oo^oo^i, an( 
oo^too^t, ; 4. CO. of ^S, as ^^00^89 be ineaoe. 
Cognates, 00^8, @8, do. 

CX>^8C8^, CO. 00^8c8^00^8cS^, dof. 1. 

oo^8S8| adv. def. 1. also obstructively.- 

oo^loobi and oo^tttobt adv. def. 1. said of auimab 
which when angry, erect the hair or bristles c 
the back or neck* 

00^ 1. Same as @, prevent, hinder; c8^od^c5So5, b 
prevented from proceeding by having a bird < 
evil omen cross the path; 2. co. co%$i 3.^ witi 
ooo), treat with rudeness, impudence, or din^ 
spect ; 4. co. or with oc8^i a catalogue, regista 
and the like; 5. with q^i, hard, tough; 6. 8{» 
^, same as 8^803^, a tree of* the ^genus Oor^ 
Gram. sec. 335 ; 7. dB^oo^. co. dB^odScB^od^, i 
bird mentioned in Karen story, 8. boo^, a doo^ 
way, window, and like openings. 
Cog. 00^, @, 03^, @, @, oo@, e^;, g. 

oo^o&S, prevent worms eating boards. 

oo^coS, stop, prevent, not suffer to advance, e 
proceed. oo^oSS, do. 

008000), def. 3. despise, treat with great indignity. 

OD^bf, said to denote the same as cgicSioo. 

ooSocd^, def. 4. oo^ttf I, def. 5. 

OD^S, See @S, and od^S, def. 4,. 5, 7, 8, 9. 1. Opeei 
widof sufficiently large or capacious ; 2* a spacit 
of viol or harp ; 3. an anchor ; 4. see Qo^i def. I 


^1 , 689 

a species of yellow bird 5 5. with oocj^S, and re- 
dnplicatedi see oo^^, def. 4. adv, imitative of 
aonnd; 6. ^S^oq^^nos^, a phrase denoting 
enough for one's self; Y. dStoo^^OD, a kind of 
treoi see 09^^, def. 8. Cog. see under oo^^. 

iS^m^t, def. 3. 

>^Soo^^ooc|^ooc|^, def. 5. 

>qSoS,def.l. large; fj^OD^SoS, co. ^od^W^^od^S 
o^f a large kind of cross-bow, see ^co^oS. 

>^^d8f a kind of plant, see oo^^i.def. 9. 

>^S 1. adv. abropty gottoral sounds, see co^S, 1, 2.% 
oooo^Sooooc|S| do,\ 2. (fioo^S, co. (Bcoi^SooS^j 
see coij^y def. 3. 

^^Soo^S, and oo^Sooc|S, def. 1. 

3^, 1. With 08^, lay up over a fire to dry, as wood; 
2. floo^^, 00. cdSc^t, have the throat and nose 
congested, as with a cold; 3. ^00^^, eo. fl8^, a* 
species of witch or hobgoblin, said to have the 
eyeballs reversed so as to show only the white; 
4. CO. ooc|i, Cog. cr>m^f and ^^. 

D^^eOy CO. oo^jScSp. 

9^g8^9 CO. oo^pcS^oo^^to, def. 1. 

D^i 1« See 00^1, Cog. oo^i, ^i,-— •^i,— |§i, and oo^i ; 
2. a deep pass with abrupt and equal sides. 

d^ioooiif the space of level, or comparatively level 
ground in a pass between mountains. 

^%j ^' <^%^^f windlass, capstan, see also 00^. 

^^ !• One ^f or community, the people under one 
chief, or of one parish ; the precincts of do. \ 2 • 

690 • ooooS 

. • • 

^Soo^^, and fSoo^^i a scandent plant, havbg 
very tough bark. 

00^1, one ^i, or vise, applied to monej, ten Yapeee. 

ooco) 1. A grizzly, or somber demon, the god of cold 
^ODoo), do.); 2. or oocolooS, a chest, box, coffii 
and the like; 3. co. oocSt: also co. ooo}, def. 1 
also €0. ooc8 ; 4. one co), or month. Cog. coco 
— coco).* 

ooodIooS, def. 2. 

oogdIoScSi, and ooocnoScSit the demon paws or rak 
down the cold, a phrase which denotes the son 
her appearance produced in vegetation, and tl 
atmosphere by cold. 

oooD^ 1. The goddess of fortune, who dwells on t| 
mountain of bliss, and spends her whole time i 
blessing and cursing, every utterance of which | 
fulfilled ; 2. alone, or with oj^, or (dS, as ooot 
oeooco^, or oecdSoooooo^, favor, blessing, pros 

oooD^dB^cSi, see dB^, def. 1. The cries of monkey 
and the cause of their cries. Those coDtignoos I 
the 'dwelling of the goddess, hear her impreoatioi 
and set up a yell| others, more distant, beario| 
do the same, and so it passes from one to anotlu 
through the precincts of the world. 

ooodS 1« 00. oocX)Soo8, (see oocoS, def. 6.) trap used i 
catching fish, constructed to admit of ingress, bv 
not of egress ; fibOTOdSy the above wUh a sprioj 
the trap is drawn out onto the land ; QioDOof 
set the above trap without the spring, placin 

oDCo^dB^ ^ 691 

it in the water with a bait; 2. co. oooSSf and 
oocSS. Cog. see ooco5. 
oooDty with other roots, 1. With oos, it indicates some- 
thing superior, or extraordinary; 2.. with 8q), 
distinguished intellect, skill, discretion, <&c. with 
ob»t, distinguished fidelity, integrity ; 3. with 3a, 
a book of divination, obsoooosSs, consult the book, 
see obtoiS, ; 4, with ^8, the parties in a wedding; 
5. with 0018, a plant of the 'Labiaee, or mint 
tribe'; 6. tDoocoa, distinguished teacher, cog ooo58, 
ooc^a. • 

Qooosoocb^, neg. def. 1. not distinguished, be nothing 

oocD8o3tf def. 1. 

QOCDsSSgly see ooco8^8, the birdegroom. 

oocx)88Sf^, see O9008^8| the bride. 

ooooaS^, def. 2. considered as peculiarly proper for 
young men '; while truth and intergrity are con- 
sidered most becoming in young ladies, hence the 
phrases, 8^8fPoocx)8ob»8, and o^8^oooo8Sg1, mo- 
ther's daughter, distinguished for fidelity ; fa- 
ther's son, distinguished for intellect. 

oooDtSs, def. J3. 

0D008^8» def. 4.: oooosSS^, a bridegroom ; oood88S({^, 
a bride. 

oDODtxit, def. 6. 

oKDtob^i, def. 2.; 8^8^oocx)iobMi, See ooooaSg^, 

ooeD^f the same as o^co^, cog. pdco^, 9ee under oooo^. 

oooo^ooS, spread out, spread flat, as a mat, iStc. 

oMO^^^, ^100 mooi^, def. 1. open, expand, &c. ' 

«»S a>o6S 1 

oooD^o^i flaring at the top, oooo^od^, moderate, not 

oocD^cSi, See cocop^ def« 2. 
ooc6^c0^i See coco^f def. 5. c^oooo^, open a mtt, 

clothes, dkCf rolled ap or folded, 
cStoocx)^, opeD| spread opeui as a book, a boat in 

making, &c, 
ooooii €0. of ,ooc8i, 
ooo6, !• CO* 0006008) same as 0Dc6, a ferrule, or band, 

to prevent splitting ; 2 with oocb^i large, broad, 

as an area : sSe ctjc&f def. 3 ; 3. with oodb,* 9ee. 

ooo5, def« 6. stick or tarn ap, as the leaves of 

thatch; open so as to disclose the internal parte; 

4. with c8S, eee ooo5| def. 2. overlap each other, 

5. obsoooi 00. bSooc^i exaggerate^ talk wide of 
the trath ; 6. c8iooo5y CO. cSiooo^i^i see coocgi^ 
def. 5 ; 7. with ooc^l, see cooS, def. 7. nncere- 
monioaslj, in a hastj manneri &c. 

Cognates, cocS, o^, f), ^ 4l« ^^* 
ooo5oo8, def. 1. 
ooo660ob| def. 3. 
ooo5oo&^ def. 2. 
ooo5ooc^, def. 7. 

oog5c8^9 obstinatOi reckless, disobedienti 
ooofioeoot, def. 4. 
ooo5^y CO. ooc8i| as c§iooc6^rgiooc8iy see c§i| part -ot t 

circle : eo. 00001, as coioood^ngioooDi^ co. €O0ji, 

2. Cog. ODOSS, (^S, ^, ODOftS. 

oogSS, 1. Move out of place, turn aside : g8iooc5S, Co. 
c8io9o5Sc8iooogi, -c8iooo5Sc8iooqdS« *8^ooc65, 

ooo6i «»8 

c8^ooo5S, CO. c8^ooc5Sc8SooodS,— 0^001 ^oocoS, see 
030689 def. !• ; g8iooo6S, eo. c8iooo55c8iooo^, 00^ 
a)c8ioo8^c8iooo5S, make a slip in speech, a lap- 
• SQS liDgusa ; ooc6S, move, change place a little ; 
3 allarcy persaade^ tempt| 3, i^oooSSy squeeze onty 
force oat of place by squeezing ; 4. with ooob^i 
or 009^, glance o£F| slide over, 5. fig, tee C006S9 
5« easily allured or persuaded} readily influenced 
by motives ; 9. reduplicated, procrastination, put- 
ting off from time to time.. 
Cognates, odo5S, n^, oc65/^5, a3o5S, 

ooo66cgS, see cooSS, def. 1. 

Qoo5Soocgt, CO. c8iQ9o5Sc8ioacgt. 

ooo5S<o<6i, same as ooo5Sooc6^. 

oooSSoocoSy CO. c8tooo5Sc8ioocoS, def. 1. 

ooc6Soooj^S| see oocfiS, def. 5. 

ooc5Sooo5S, change places, by little and little, by 

oxdSooob^, def. 4. 

0006S000S, def. 4. »ee coo^S, def. 4, 

a>o$Sc8d3t, see 0006S, def. 3. 

o9o5Sc8SoooDt, see coc65, def. 3. 

o9c6S8iooo6S8i, def. 6. 

ooc68, the same as oooil, 1. Betract as a membrane or 
external covering; also, excoriate, abrade;* c&i 
ooc&t, CO. c8iooo5tc8iooc8,— c8iooc5tc8ioooot, fig. 
OMoc6i, —110005100058, see ooo5t, def. 1.; 8. make 
ridiculous and indecent gestureSf as drawing back 
the lips from the teeth, the lids from over the 
eyes, fte«, use grimace, grin, behave rudely ; 3. 

694 ooooiS 

look abdat slyly and sospicioaBly, as a person in 
mischief; 4. vivacious, sportive, full of hilarity ;* 
5. with ogs, distorted, out of shape* Cog. cooSt, 

^»» t*' ^'' V^ ^*' ^^*' ^^*- 
oooStcodSf def. 3. see odoSi, def. 3. ♦ 

ooo5toon§8, def. 5. 

ooo588| def. 2. see coofis, def. 2. 

oooitooS^, CO. ooo5tooS^, ooo5tc8cgl, def. d. see coo^ 

qoo5«ooc8, see ooo5i, def. 3.; c8iooo5tc8iaoooi, def. 1. 

ooofisooo^s, def. 4. see cocit, def. 4. 

ooo5iooc8, def. 1. * 

ooo5^ooo3i^, see odo5^, def. 2. rock, pitch, &c. 

Cog. oDoSp, f)^, (^, OD^I?, ^, ^, oj^, ooo5^. 

aoo5i, leech, see ooo5i, 9, and \0. ooo5i, is most common. 

oocoi, 1. Cog. 0DC01, 4. past, gone by, or beyond; ex- 
ceeded proper bounds, transgress; 2. CO. ooooi 
00^1, neg. see 09i, not enough, insufficient, not 
full, incomplete, cS^oocoi, not have enough to | 
eat; 3. ogiooooi, CO. qgiooo5^cgi ooooi, see ogit ; 
4. see 0D0D1, a cup, bowl generally of brass; 5. 
see oDODi, 3. a large kind of basket; ooioocDi. 
The following are .examples of ooooi, def. !• ooo^^ 
oooOi, err in words, break one's wofd ; qocBiooooi 
coSfdO,^ 4.; i^ooooi, jump paat, or beyond. 

0000100^1, def. 2. see oo^i. 

ooGOidS^, CO. ooo3iid^oocoiifi, def. 2. not have enongfa 
to eat. 

oooDi^, 1. With ^i^^t, cymbals; 9. vilh ooi, a race 
of men in Cambodia, described aa being very 
lai^ and dwelling in caves; 8. with oemSS, slide 

ODOjSSS 695 

or move oat of place; 4. eiSooooi^, (see siSi) 
a long distance. 

jocoi^^i^^t, def. 1. 

xxxn^ooofiSi def. .3. 

)0ooi^ooi| def. 2. 

7300it|— o^tooooity same as coooUf def. 2.; oisoDcoit, do,] 
ooitoooDii^ see ooit« 

30001^} 1* Same as odcoi^y 1. and oocoi^, a pit^ for 
catching animals, tbeives» cfec; 2. ronndishi chub- 
by ; oi^oooDi^, and (jji^oooDi^, do.\ 3, see ooi^o> 

ODip. Oog. 00001^, OJJIp, <glp, (jjl^, OCJip^, ODOOI^. 

oocoi^i^i def. 2. see ooo3i^ooi^. 

ooooiiy 1. CO. oocoiicSi, properly Taleing, the Talcing 
racey bat in Tavoy it is often used for either Ta- 
leings or BarmanSi the CO. includes both ; 2. ogix 
oocsDiif same as cgiodoon. C<^. oocoii, co<fp\, mx, 

ooc^i 1. ^^0002* same as oiooog, see .oooj^i 1. distended^ 
bloated; odioi^^ooogi have the bowels do. 2. c8 
ooogi ees cooq, def. 3. a species of palm. 

oooj^i same as coo^f and o^o^% see ooog^i ; examples 
f^ooojli, things extended in length, tapering, bev- 
eling; cSiooo^^i with converging sides as a conei 
pyramid, or the sides of a moantain ridge. 

coo^^c&i some say ooo^SdBtt projeeting, as the ends 
of a floort in a native house, beyond the walls. 

oxi^^dSy eo. 0002^001^0002^88, also ooc^SSS, reverting 
of the balls of the eyes so that the papil shall be 
tamed inward^ done in acts of joggling. Ooff. 
see Q0€2^« 



ooogSj 1. cSiooc^S, — oDiooo^S, — ooSooojSoSx, and om 
oooSSoooj^Sy see ooo^Sy ; 2. oao^ScSty and ooogS 
86, see cooj^f ; 3. with ^, inolining to fall« a 
position exposed to fall, insecare ; 4. neg. be of 
DO use ; oo^ox^Sood^t, a thing of no use, a mat-* 
ter of no importance. Cognates, see ooo^S. 

ooojSoooQi, def. 4, 

ooojSooS, def. 4. 

ooc^ScSt, def. 2. • 

ooc^5§S, def- 3. . 

oocoSSSy def. 2. ; a magician, S. Index. 

oocoSy QO. ooc^iooofy 1. Same as ooo^iy def. 1. ; 081 
ooc^t, CO. cSiooc^tcSiooo}, a sadden change of 
position, slipping or sliding down, or back, start 
out of place from not being well secured; <fcc.; 
2. stagger, reel as under the weight of a heavj 
load ; ODtooc^ty dizzj as a person looking down 
from a great height; 3. brisk, sprightljy vivacionf 
&c., see oDo^r, def. 1.; ^tooo^^ ^^* ^ooo^sot 
oocot, adv* brislj, vigorously; short, fat, jollj 
looking fellow ; 4. Siooc^t, climbing, hitch bj 
hitch with agility ; Cog. see oooj^t, and ooo&t. 

ooo^tooof 9 def. 1, 2. 

o3CoS, Same as ODOj^t 1. pitch or slide a thing end 
foremost down a declivity ; cSioooj^, do. when 
accidental; 2. ^^ooo^^, adv. a large animal pot- 
gutted, or big Witt young. 

oocf^cBi, def. 1. 

<x>coi, 1. Immediately, suddenly speedily, swiftly ; 2. see 
ojoooji, also, CO. oj^oooSSojoooji, short, thick. 


cqp m 

and full ; 3. o^liooo^^i CO. cqiiooc^io^ioacSi, 
ise ^|if Cognates, cf^}}, — oooji. 

0002108^9 be qaiek tempered^ be easily provoked, fall 
at once angry. 

000^9 see cocq, 2, 5, 8, 9. a post with the figure of a 
bird on the top, an insignia of youth, set up dur- 
ing the funeral ceremonies of young unmarried 
persons ^ 2. of a slender form Ac; 3. young per- 
sons as they approach the age of puberty ; 4. incl^- 
. fatigably ; 5. jump far^ as with the aid of a pole; 
6. a tree producing a yellow gum, '"Garcinia cam- 
bogia''; 7. the wood-pecker, the mal^ has a red 
head ; 8. another spelling for the tree def. 6. 
^000^1 def. 6.; cSiooop, def. 6,; cS^ooo}, def. 7. 
and 8.; ooo^tooo^, see ooo^a,; o^ooof, see 09. 
Cognates, 0005, odo?, 055, j|, jg, jjj, ag|, cx>cxg. 

00098O9 def. 2. tall, slender. 

ooc^oocg^) def. 4. * 

0009000$), def. 1. 

coofSj def. 3. 

0009^ 1. Change often, as monkeys from tree to tree; 
as a person from subject to subject in talking; 2. 
put off or postpone from time to time ; 3. affix. 
repeatedly, incessantly; 4. courageously, boldly; 
5. affix, successively, from one to another; 6. 
tensely; 7. one of the moveable rods in weaving. 
Cognates, see under cocq^^ 

oooQ^cS^i def. 1. applied to talking. 

0009^00026, 'def. 2. 

oxq^f 1. Roll or tumble over and over ; roll from side to 

698 oocb 

Bide, as a person on bis bed wben restless; 2. in 
grinding a tooli tnrn it from side to side; 3. one 
stripi splint, sbred, as of wood, clotb, &c. 4. with 
a €0, Jig, in a bereaved, widowed state, 
cdiooo}^, CO. cSioooj^ODSo^t, def 1. roll as down 
a declivity. Cognates, odo^^^ cjj^, qg^, coo^^. 

ODOj^nosoji, def. 1. 

ooofScbS, in grinding a cleaver^ def. 2. 

oq,of^oos) def. 3. def. 4.; oo^ooo;^, see oo^, def. 2. 

ooofpcSi, def. !• . 

000919 something attenuated and intermediate, eerving 
merely as a connection between one thing and 
another; 1. Oo from one spot to another to find 
ground fit for a rice field ; 2, affix, from one to 
another, or one after another, as a person who 
leaves one for another in love matters; 3. Boaall 
waisted, or small in one part and large on eiifaer 
side ; 4. a steam, as of frnit ; 6. a neck, as of the 
scrotnm ; 6. a swing cradle, the hollow slab to 
which the ropes are attached ; the new mooD, 
crescent^shaped, suggesting to a Earen mind the 
idea of a cradle in the sky ; 7. name of a month 
in the year, answering in part to January, be- 
cause that is the season for looking, out new spots 
for rice fields 4 8. neg. not: terminated or ended. 
Oognatesi 00091, ocQi, oDo^i, qgt^ fgt, 

odO^toocB, as db^ooo^td^^iodcB, def* 2. 

coo^iopS, CO. ooof lO^^o^cBi, def. 8. 

ooofi^ooc^ioSp, def. 1. last clause. 

mobfSee coo^ .def 2. uncover a tbiagi lift tbe oofer^ 

osob'i 699 

!• Displaoedi as the bamboos in a floor; or the 
thatch on a roof; 2, Btripi or tnrn up as the 
clothes; 3. clear op, break awaj, as clonds; 4. 
the countenance brighti cheerful, free from scowls 
and other indications of discomfort* 
Cognates, see cocb, and o6, the root. 

>c6ooc8, def. 3, 4. 

3d6c8^d, def. 2. uncover the posteriors. 

^obS, see coob^f 1. Make a broad, clean area, as for 
threshing paddy; also, the area itself; 2. come 
out, come abroad, as a misdemeanor which the 
guilty person trips to hide; 3. a stick, or fork used 
to loosen up straw in threshing grain*. 
oDooioodb^, def. 4. see cocoii coo55ooc6% def* 4, 
see oxSS, Cog. 00^^,0^11^, ooc^^i c^S, <^S, ODcbS. 

Dc6^<^S, def. 2. 

!>65Sd3, def. 3. |^ooc6^a8, do. 

oobSt ^^ cx)o65, def. 1, 2, 3. 1. Say one thing after 
another rapidly so as to be scarcely understood; 
9. adv. in quick succession, rapidly, as in calling, 
8lo.\ 3. a degree, as when applied to growth, by 
rapid degrees, rapidly, hence largCf thrifty; by 
little and littlci by slow degrees. 

fttooobS, call in quick succession. Oog. see cx>c6S. 

ocbS%iobt, def. 3. large, thrifty. 

oabScoSxf do.\ coSbScoSi, see oocSi. 

:>c6Sbi, do. 

3obt 1. see oDobt, def. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, exfoliate, peel, 
scale off, fall to pieces; 2. Co. of other roots, 
c^oodbt/def. 1. see o^; oooooobt, and oooioi 
44 K. 

700 oocK 

obi^ def. 2. eee ooo, and oo&i,i ciSioocbt, def. 1.; 
and cBtooobtt def. 3. Cognatee, ooobi, ci^ ^, 

«>^«f ^^ i** ^'i ^*»- 
oodb^ 1. o^ooGbjSf a farietj of paddy ; 2, co. ooo5» def. 2. | 
ooobi 1. see cocbx, 7. diBpart, rive, split tbroDgb; 2. 
a^t>. with forcei violently enough to rive a thing; 
3. scnoothedy worn Boiooth, as the inside of a mor-l 
tar by constant ponnding; 4. prefix, neg. before 
or previoQB to the eoiiiplotion of a thing or event.j 

Qio&ODtooc6i§t, def. 2, 3.; oooco^^ooobi^i, def. 2* Gog- 
natesi occ6i| c^i, (xx^i, c^ji, co^i ^i, co^x* 

oodbicgii def. 1. see c^h def. 10. * 

oocbitiSi def. 1. split bamboos for a floor. 

oo66i§t| def. 3, 3. 

Qodbxoif CO. oog6i&ioog6i(^, def. def. 4. I 

ooc8| see coc8, def. 2. and 5. 1. Report, interpret, maka 
a matter known from one to another ; 2. inter- 
vene, as a short time before soiuething is to be 
done or transpire ; 3. a small gong ; 4. tbingi 
whose length is too great for the size ; 5. ajfiosm go 
oat for the air, as an invalid. 
8S(X)c8, and (^odc8, def. 1.; <B<x>c888^, def. 3.^ 
g8ooc8, def. 4.; ODSooc8,def. 5. Cog.cooB, root c6. 

oocSoeoDO^^, def. 1. 

ooc8oo^ooc8i, def. 1. 

oogSot, def. 2. . 

OQcSoooJ), same as ooc8^ def. 1. 

09C&^^ same as .oocSV def. 7^ aiid 6. 1. A depatj u 
love matters; 2. oo. to the word for m race c 

c8ooc8t 701 

cannibal giants, or aneient Oyclops} 8. with a 
qoalifjing tdrno, water-demons. 

SaoocS^. CO. 8iooc8^8toooot, def. 3. % ^^S\ and qi 
coSSf send a ooc8^, def. 1. ; yiOTcSf, def. 1. 
0<^nate8| see axBS, and the root c8^« 

oocS^Sioj^S, aame as oocS^, def. 1; 

O9c8^flo6, def 3. 

oocB^fS. def. h 

oogBS, see ox8S, l2f 13, 14. 1. A channeli groove; the 
channel of small streams with high banks; 2. 
empty any vessel, 3. a projecting part ; 4. with 
the same prefix, more than has been already men- 
tioned ; 5. a verbal prefix. 

8^03c8S, def. 3, and 4. 5 sSodcSS, def. 2. s^e so, def. 
1. ; oocSSf&i, before yon gOy def. 6* generally 
oocSSy Oognates, see oocSS, and the root c8S. 

cxxBSngSy empty, def. 2. 

oocSSooooS, same as oocfiS, def. 1. 

oocBScSio^, a small stream, &c. def. 1. 

o9g8Sc8^, take out, &o. def. 2. 

oocSty see cr>Stf general import, and def. 3, 4, 7, and 
8. 1. A toft of hair or feathers on the crown of 
the head, considered as a peace offering to the 
spirit; 2. haddled close together, corled, oronched 
up as a monkey squatting on the limb of a tree; 
8. npon the head, or top eudf as in falling; 4. 
a measure, the sixteenth part of a basket. 5. a 
bird having a tnft, 'of the genos Ixos.' 

dSoocfit, def. 5.: a tnft. def. 1.; 8^28oo.<Bt, cB^dBoocSs, 
bolbal, cSioxStSp, def. 8. Oog. cocBi^ root cfii. 

702 ooc8 

ooc8l8^i having a tuft on the head. 

oocStSt, def. 2. see oocSt, 7. 

oocS^i $s$ ODcfi^, 1. Rednplioatedi in lampBf or roDodiih 
masses ; 2^ with the term for head, affixed* a dip* 
per, 8. rednplicatedi in a swelling, heaving man- 
ner, as when readj to burst with anger 4» prefix, 
round or roundish 5. do* sound as that made hj 
rapid strokes on wjood. ^ 

S^cr>S^, def. 4.; S^ofS^S^cbS^, Oog. o9c8^, root 

wc8^9^, def. 2. 

ooc8^ooc8^, def. 1, and 3. 

ooc8i, general import sec oocSi, 1. Peel, decorticate; 
2. scale, or peel ofiF as the surface of a thing; 3^ 
be under growth ; 4. prefix, unapt, indisposed, 
averse, stubbron, unyielding 6« neg. a turning 
awaj of the face through displeasure or disgust ; 6. 
CO. of other roots. 

oo^ooc8i,def. 6. see oo^,; c8iooc8i, Cog. odc8i, root c8l 

oo^iogS, CO, ooc8iog5oo(X)ing5, def. 1. 

coc8i8, def. 3. 

aoc8iooo9i, def. 1. 

ooc8ioo<6i, neg, not suitable, or agreeable to pnatom. 

oocSioaobS, def. 2. 

coSxSpf def. 8. 

oocSif^^, not easy to get or succeed, ooc8to6i, ool likely' 
to go, <&c. def. 4. 

ooc8, 1. Sandal wood; 2. empty, 8. the ancient term 
for lightning; at present, the root alone is ued^ 
5. certain membihanes, as those wfaioh ineloae Im 

iSoob 708 

fcBtDs, the meat of egg^\ &Q.'^9QoSf det. 1.; ooc5t 
ooc8y and ooc6ooc8 def. 4. aee ooo5tf ; c8^oac8, ses 
c8^l OD06, Oog. 0Dc8y rMt, oB. 

oocBodS, def. 1. SaDdal wood* 

O9c8oooo1, def* 1. and 6. cocSo^odI, do. 

codSSf \m Ooe Bpotf or location; 2. a short time; 3. 
with the root repeated, repeatedly, the tame 
thing over and over again. Oog. oocS^t root c8^. 

ooc8^^» a distance about eqnal to the breadth of one 
rice field. 

oocS^cS^, def. 4. 

0x8^/ — boac8^, a plant resembling tnrmeric; i^oocS^, 
see i^. 

codiiy see cocSxf \. Affix, turned down, reversed; 2. 
eo. of other roots; 3. Jig. perversion, as in modes 
of reasoning which tend to make truth falsehood, 
and falsehood truth, or good evil, and *evil good. 

cgioooBi, def. 1. A circle, see c§i,; 8^ooc8i, def. K 
turn the head towards the foot of the bed. 
Cognates, and root, see oocSi, and c8i. 

cocjp^ CO. of ooo5, which see. 

oooH, see ootfli !• eo. of other roots in the signification 
of valuable, benignant, beneficial ; 2. economical^ 
aaving, take care of the odds and ends; 3. become 
fieroe, bold, as the males of animals at certain 
seasons ; 4. novices of the first jear in Burman 
Monasteries ; 6« co. of other roots. 

iScobiScod), def. 1. see oocO, 5.; oo^d), def. 2.; 
oSoocfl, def. 3 ; oo6ooo% def. ft. see oo6, Cog. 
coo), root o1. 

704 O9&(0^ 


000^9 see 000^, 1. Look abont, gaze'aroandf as a 

person anddeolj started from sleepf or ia amaze; 

2. neg. not to any considerable degree* only in 

a partial manner; partially, inconsiderably ; 3. CO. 

biting the teeth together, as in suffering sharp 

0301000^00^9 bat partially good ; 008^000^9 not very 

large, &o. def. 2. ; Cog. ooo^, root o^. 
000^89 as 00^000^8, def. 8. bite with one side of the 

ooo^^S, and ooo^cS^^S, def. 1. ODO^^S, one eye. 
oooS, 1. See oooS, and •oS, 1. scratch, paw; 8. co. 

of other roots ; 3« a part, half. 
oo^oooSi def. 1.; oo&SoooS, #def. 2. see 096$, and 

•5SaoS, Cog. oooS, root oS. 
0008, 1. See act, start ont suddenly as a fragment ot 

a thing by a blow, or stab ; 2. see oooS a part, | 

half; 8. nCg. see the root; 4. co. of other roots* 
ooo^ooot, def. 1. : oo&iooot, and oobtooot, def. 4. see 

00&I9 and oobt, Cog. coot, aoi, ooot, ngt, coogi. 

•gt| 00^, DOgt, root 01 • 
oooiogS, Co. ooS^oooiogS, def. 1. 
*oooi, CO. oobif and oo8i. 
oo5, 1. See mi, — oo5» and od6i def, 1. which see; 2. 

one load9 as the Karens carry; 3. one half anas;! 

in weight half a hghai, or abont fonr grains. 

Cog. oo5, root 6. 
oodoocn, def. 1» see 00&, def. 1. 
oo6cB|S, 00. ooftoB^oocOcB^, rise in vapor, or ateam 



I m6x Y08 

yyiSp we co6H^ 1. Use a besom or other ioBtrugaent with 
a striking and sweeping motion ; 2« trjing to 
walk when weak; i. with a CO. drag, tug, lag. 
f pao6^9 an instrnment need in the water^ accord- 
ing to def. 1. in catching fidh. Oog. o&6% root 5V 

oo&^od^Sy def. 1. 

oo&^oobS, see oobS, mS^oobti do. 

Qo6^Qoao8| dcf. 2. 

oo&^joot, def. 8« see ooott def« 1. 

ooo^cb^coSiJi, def. i. see ogS, applied both to dragging 
things along the groand and lagging things, par- 
tioolarly children 

••6S, Cog. 006S9 aad miS, coiS^ root, &S. 

x3oi%9 we ooftty— •Sty and odftt, applied to things that 
move in concentric circles. 

Q^ooSt, Oog. coit, 9.: oorodiaooi, see oo5i, 4.: 5ooSt, 
eee 0061, 5,: fcy96t| and 8^oo6f» see oo&ty 1 : 
9^mUf see coie^ 9. o^tooSt, name of a tree : 
o&oo6t| root i%. 

coon^f see od&i, 1. 

od&tcoS| eee co5i, 8. 

oo&tcB^, see c66%^ 9. 

O3&t0t, see oo&t, 7. 

ooSeo^ot, eo. see coiii thronghouti also a&ty and o^dt. 

co6^, eee ooS^, and 036^9 bend down as a small tree 
or limb ; 2. make long narrow stripes, in weaving, 
of a red color; 3. neg. Oog. coif, ogp, ogp, ogp, 
§pt fi§?t oo6^, see root 6^. 

oo&Xr 1* o^« bend, as a tree with the windy as grain 
that is well filled; bow down, as before a saperior 

706 oofoobS^x 

2^*applied to the eyeBy'dinii dall, m from the 

effects of hard drinkiDg; 3. rednplicated, adv. in 

a sahmissive, qaiety doeile roaboer. 
bSao5i| def. 2, Cog. oo5i, ^i, ogi, cj^v oc^^t ^ 
coixmih, 4. 
ooSioo&i» def. S. 

ooSioo^Qi, not finishedf oot completed, 
oooif 1. Se4 rooif the resort or home of aoy animal, 

the abiding place or home of persons ; 2. ai». 

cootinnally, habitnally. Cog. nooi, cgi. 
oooi^, oitoooi^f s%0 0901^, press violently or beaTil] 

nponi as in holding a person or animal down. 
co^\f 1* See 009^; 2. CO. ooc55 def. I, 4.: 3. one eity 

Cognates, 000^,-95^1 root 9S. 
009X9 1. 00. oo8i, see 009x1 1. and •9X1 round abont, om 

way and the other, Ac; 2. CO. of other roots i^ 

the above signification ; 8. strip up, as the clotho^ 

see 00069 0^009X9 def. 2. CO. bxoooS^, Cog. 0091^ 

qgx, 039X, ooqgx, m6\. 
009X008X, def. 1. oo9xc8^i def. 3. : 009x08^,. <fo. 
oob, 1. An adequate reason, means, power or sbm«- 

thing that can be brought into requisition ; 2. 1 

field in which water can be used to grow rice in 

the dry season, ftSoob, CO. ftSoobftSoool* def. 2. 

Cog. see cobf root b. 
oobS, 1. Little basins or reservoirs of water in a strean 

nearly dried up; 2. hole, hollow in stonea and 

rocks worn by water. 
oo^oobS^, def. 2.: oo&WbS, def. 1. : o&oobS, def. 1. 
• V .Cognates, o9bSr--abS, oDbS, c^S, 000^9 root bS. 

oo8i 707 

uoihMj 1. See oobSf ; 2. a leaf| paper or any- thiDg of 
the kind rolled up in oonioal form to hold water 
4&C. ; 8, the act of rolling up any thingi ^oobi, 
CO. def. 2, 3. ; qo6^i def. 1* Cerates, a^n, ^ 
o^, d^i oobt, ebly oDbi, rbot bt. 

oo^bt, — QObtbtf the face become pale from* sicknese or 
fright* faint. 

oobtooot, def. 1. 

cx>b^9 1. Tavoy: yioobjSSy Tavoyans; 9Soob^» Tavoy 
city ; 2. Title of Karen Fable, No. 147. See 
ooib^, and^b^. 

oabi, oobicB^y ca. oobicB^oooicB^y see obbi, general 
import and def. 2. Oog. cobi, root bi. 

oo8y od8« 1. A circumference: 2« meaanre, see Oog. 
aronnd the oircn'mference ; 3. a garden ; 4. a 
Tillage ; 6. the lan<f or boantry of the Nats % &. 
with the termfor heady denotes "the elders or 
leading people in a commnnity. 8^008, def. 9. see 
8^» : c8t^c8ioo8y every city, and Tillage'. Oog. see 
008, the root 8. 

aoBbo^f Co. 0088. 

ooSoooly def. 5. 

0088^1 CO. 0088^008^^9 def. 89 4* a large village er 

oo88j5t CO. oo83^ao8y^, 4ef. 5. 

0988, inhabitants of, def. 4, 6. 

00881 CO. 008800800^9 def. 8, 4. small village <fec. 

008^^1 CO. oo88^. 

008^9 nsoy.and cognatesy see-oo8^. 

oo8iy CO. 00810081, each village 1. Oog. oo8t. 

708 Odgi 

00910d8i| see 00911 surround, eDcompa^s, &c« Oog* a)8i« 

root 8i. 
ooQoly see ooodl, oootinaanoei sncoession, a repetition, 

act over again, breathing; osaallj the act is 

repeated 2. CO. of other roots* 
oooDiooacfl,* def. 2. see rnodi. 
cooS\(X>\t ca, oodB^cS^, ofteo, repeatedly. 
O90D^, CO. m&x. 
oooS, n^. see the root. 
oooSooo, a porsait never satisfied or ended. 
oooSodf, a phrase,. see ao^« 
•ooStf one quarter of a rupee, in weight the fourth of 

a tickal. 
Qodb^, ( MauL) medicine, Ac. same as odoS^. 
oooDi, same as cnoDi, and ooDi, eulogize, praiee; bsi 

celebrated for any thing. I 

ooooiooodI, rf<>. 
ooci^, cSiQOOi^t, CO. cSiQOO^tcSioo^ii oome loose, as aoj 

thing tied, move out of place. 
0002, (Maul.) same as cooj, curry, &o. 
0009, fieg. see the root. 

coobf neg. say nothing, make no noiee about a thing. 
0008, CO. oooSooobt, n^. see the root. 
oodB, 1. CO, oooS^, as oooS^oocS, medicine, &c« 2. om 

night, or day and night. 
oodBr^S, ten millions. 
oodBc^^dB, one hundred millions. 
oodB^, 1. Neg. see A^%\ 2. CO. of oo8S,,8ee 8S, daf. 10, 
00^, see cx>@t, sound of a heavy, sudden, reiterntinf 

090(9 709 

or rererberating kind ; 2. sadden tranaitioiis as 
from ratn to sunshine and vice versa, 
fioo^t, have a smell strike suddenly and strong. 
Oog. oo^t, root ^t. 

. CO. OD@ 

1. BeverberatOf eoho, as sounds; 2« ol6ar up^ as 

the skj and atmosphere after heavy weather ; 

become lively and animating, as a human faee or 

the faee of nature. 

Q0@oo@. def. 1. 9€6 oc^,; cBioo^dB^i call out 

loudly; oo^oo^^^, def. 2. Oug. iee oo^, 

root ^. 
ODgdB^t def. It 2. 
ooooly one evening, some one evening. 

ootodacH, evening before last. 
oocDt \. neg. $ee oot,; 2. CO. oooj^t. 
ooo^t 1. Co. moqtmcotf violently, furiously, as puffs 

of wind, bursts of passion, &o, . . 
ooo^t 2. oooj^ioo^, a robber, a bandit, ruffian. 
coS !• neg. m^ c8,; 2. ooioocS, three days ago. 
oocBS, oo<BS, do. oocdSoo^, see edSSoo^, biting at a 

person or thing that can scarcely be reached, or 

so as only to graze. 
oodStodS, cBSooi^iooS, the depression of the neck at 

the lop of the collar bone. 
03(^, CO, oodS^ootoot, strength, muscular strength, 
ooocn i. Neg. not many, &e. see ocO,; 2. oooAoScoif a 

phrase part Burman, denoting religious ; yioooon 

o&oQli, a religious person ; 3. oe* ooooi. 

Ooguatest oosil, taoocfl; 

710 a>c8t 

oooo^» CO. 0006^1 aod 000^^* 

ooooi K See oooot, in broken aooents*; 2. €0. oihet rooted 

ooG^tmooty ses ooo^t, ; 00. a>pa>^Soc^SoooMy have 

a hoarsenees; c6iood3fc8ioo«ei» open and fall off^ 

aB the drj barlr of a tree. 
00068, eo. \30o6too8i9 same as ao&iaSiy not filled, m 

0006^, CO. ooo&^oooojS, soiled, dingy, faded, embrowBed, 
<x)o6^oS^ai2> do. 
00891, 00. ooooiooodl, 1. Efeaf ; 2« expose one*8 self U 

action of vapor, take a rapor bath. 

f ^00001, ^. f^ooooSooooi, def. 1.; yiooDOif^, i 

deaf person. Oognates, 00001, ooooi. 
ooooiooooly def. 1. 
ooooicS^oooot, def. 2. 
^ 0000100100001001, acfo. oS.ooootooooiooioopoiool, naki 

as if one did not bear, 
ooooi^, still, as water which has no current* 
ooo^tooooi, dee ooo^toooot, adv. used to describe a ato^ 

tering, staoiiiiering manner of speaking* 
coa^P !• See ooo^jS, ; 2. be dumb, not .able to talK; U 

able to sa^ little. 
oooo, oooOf ginger. 
oodbi 1. Same as oddbi, and ooo^t, see ood^t,; 2. wit^ 

another root, adv. on quarreling terma, as bre^ 

ooa^ooflSi, def. 2. oSooooioodbioocBt^ be pemleDt, erab 

• • . bed towards others* 
ooifii 1. adSs, Oog. oo(&, open, , not doeed, gaping 

yawning, Ac.% 2. co. of other roots; see cog* 

09S TU 

ood^toocSi, a>sbt»; SxcoSt^ def. I . scale, peel. 

!>d3t8if def. !• 

3cBf 960 cx>cB, shelviog, &o. 

dcBdSi, QBod in describing diBheSf baskeu, &o. which 
are wide aad flaring at the top. 

DcBtooeS, neg. not side with one, not take* his part, ' 
not of his party. 

cf), 1. Qnalifying words of hardness, completeness, 
&c. thoronghly, intensely; 2. obstinately, per^ 
▼ersely, wilfully $ 3. all within one*s jurisdiction, 
power, authority or influence ; usiiges, customs 
of ; 4. (Maul.) palm, ^Borassns flabelliformis ;* 6* 
sound like that of slapping; 6. (prob. Bur.) 
prevent evil, or save from evil. Cog. oooo), CO. 
ooc8, and ooo^, also, change, as silver for pice, 
Ae.\ ooa>), do. def. 8.; oBico^ool, fall to one's « 
particular jurisdiction ; O06|^ooa:^„ and oo^^ooool, 
deK 3 ; 0000)00^^, def. 6; eSoo), love a friend. 

siAooQoS, def. 6. 

xn^JV. def. 1. see fli, «. 

x5)|fi, adv. intensly, exceedingly, very. 

>3)o3fit def. 1 % def. 2. . ^ 

olcxO, def. 6. 

o)c2^, (Maul.) def. 4. 

fSl^^x, def. If 2. 

j^S, I. A thing, subject-matter, goods, property, or 
what belongs to a thing ; 2. used instead of .a 
Doan indefinite, something; 3. prefixed to form 
a«bttaDtivest or verbal nouns. A full illustration 
of the uaes of this root as a particle will be 

712 09^8^ 

• found in the Grammar aeo 8S7; 4. a brandif fork, 
crotoh, aa of a river or tree. 

Gog. OOOoV 000^9 0000^* 

KoTK. aii J verb is turned into ^ neoa bj preftiiAg 
* 00^1 thiB rule will be found without exception^ 

cx)So:>oo5, Karen Fable, No. 149 1—2. 
oD^oo^i clean 9 pure. 
oo^OD^i^cSi, Karen Fable. No^ 75. 
oo^coc^ii, and oo^cx>Qii(fi^, beteli or any thing chewed 

as betel. 
oq^oSqS, oo^»o5«qS, ooSo5iq5, different spellinga foi 

ther term denoting a bit of cloth, a rag. 
oo^o&^e)Oy particolored. 
oo^ojooHcoii trafie, trade. 
• oo^oooo^oSti clothes, clothing. 
00^ eg, Me c§, def. 4. 
oo^oag, Bee dag, det. 2, 7. 
oo^d(d<di02^i see ^, def. 4. 

oo^9^39^ooa2)i8oo^^oo^ooQ5i| gnashing of the teeth. 
oo^o^Ss, a weed, 'ladies bed straw, Moluga spergnli;' 

also 'M. sfricta.* 
oo^dt, ca. oo^dioo^fi, see ei. 
ao^dtooi, covered with darkness. 
oo^dtcS^ODS, twilight, 
oo^&tojf dizziness, vertigo* 
QO^di^i CO. oo^oi^oo^Q^i something toughy atrong. 

OO^b, CO. 03^0002% or OO^cSoD^^, 966 ^. 

00^8^1 oo. oo^S^oo^f^, the head of some aaimal, d 
'' thing. 1 } r 

90^8^5 CO. om), oppofiite, extremes reversed* 

K>^8^otoo90^, 364 80^, def. 2. 

30^8, eo. coSiaoSof^^ a strip, sbredy fragment. 

oD^S^gg^^S, same as ggS^Sf when applied to ulcers. 

90^ CO. coS^ooS^, oo^^m^ooofti see % def. 8, qo^od^ 
00^9 seedi froiti see ^i del*. 2* 

93^^^, iuiv. intense, very intense^ see oSl^S. 

oo^lH^oo^Q^t woundedi hurt. 

ooS^od::88, oa^^oo^Sy oook. 

ooSftHoo^bi, roots in general oa^oSoo^OOi, first symptoms 
of fever, etc. 

oo^qSoSf K A rib| see c^S?g5 1 2« name of a plant 
whose leaves are set on the stalk in sacb a way 
as to give them the appearance of ribs procee- 
ding from a back boney hence the name. 

oa^\ao^oi, same as oo^oi, eee oi. 

aA<jSf CO. ooS8i. 

co?ioS, — ooSoSooSS, if we revile a person for an infir- 
mity we shall have the same; oo^SSco^&S, cold, 
chills, riggors. 

00^91, CO. 00^9100^0), same as oo^oioo^oo^, eee 919 
def. 2. *' 

oo^bi, something capable of voluntary motion, or which 

o9^8iy 00. oo^qSoo^Si, or oo^8iooS8|S| eee 81. 

00^00)9 CO. 03Hio1oo^q5, something concreted, or which, 
from a soft or liquid state, has become bard. 

oo^fX>^. eee woS, also, co. of o6i, mosquito. 

bD^iaDS, CO. of ao^cBS« brush, noderbrush, a thicket. 

QoSto^p CO. of ooSiA^* 

714 cxA^tm§ 

coSz&^f CO. cnS^pcoh^f KxAn&pcoS^sQp, dirti soil, or tbe 

like on the Barfaoe of a thiog. 
oo^cDioo^ftSi hff^yjr weight oo^iScSSy field for caltiTa- 

tioiii oo^fttQOi, answer, 
oo^c^i 00. oo^c^ooSSt, e^ennesssy agreement, peace. 

00^ f oocSio^^i heresy see f • 
ootids, 00. od^coSoo^dBSt see ooStSS. 
00^ eS, Bee eS, def. 7. 
oo^&foSi foretell promise. 

oa^&^oDoS, jampover ooH^obif release oo^Stfly the end. 
co^l^SsoSi any thing pickled, see ^^, def, 1. 
00^^, CO* oo^f^oo^^, anj thing pointed, 
oo^^i, CO. oo^gioofcSif rain, 
.oo^f^idly rainy season. 
oo^l^ioo^S, rain inoesBantly. 
oa^|^i|[>Sii denotes rains which continae to the tiiiit{ 

of harvest, a very long rainy season. 
ooSf^i|^o&t, denotes rains which commence very earij 

in the season before the nsoal time. 
ooSf^iSoop, CO. eo^f^iSco^QO^SiSoo^i denotes repeated 

showers or rainy days in the dry season. 
oo^f^ibotS, do. 

00^}^, CO. ooSe^oo^e^i see %\ def. 1. 
oo^8oo^od8i, #M 89 def. 2, S. 
00^800^8^1 any, thing pare, clear, dean, holy. 
09^001 9 sweettocjats, sugar. 
00^8^00^80^, sickness. ^ 
ob^sbte^ see e<|. 

OD^^jSoD^Og , 715 

oo^obsoo^S tattoo wllb briglit colors. 

DO^Sj^^^^i^S, (^8ee Q^^i 2.) that \?bich is painfol to 

the eyeSf dazzling* 
DO^^, that which is withered by heat, 
oo^gaSoSoBi tneat rare done in cooking, 
(O^ooo^jt, mnch. 

ooSooidB^ooicSi, an inenrreetioDi tnrnjoily see ooicSS* 
oo^cBy 1. A snpporteri as the principal supporters 

under a floor, 
lo^cdj 2. eo. odScSoo^Q^ troth, integrity, free from 

all deception, or gnile; sometimes used to de« 

note God. 
to^(R\ 1. A blow^ a beating; 2. eo. of other roots. 
■o^cB^cS, a large, slonghing nicer. 
ao^cB^cSi, a species of offering made to nats, consisting 

of rice and the flesh of fowls, put in the middle 

of a road, 
co^og^, a window, door &c. 
co^cS^, eo. oo^cS^oo^ obsy pains, particularly spasmodic 

pains, ascending from the extremities to the body. 
ooSoSoj^cSi, the act of procuring an abortion secretly. 
oo^S^oi^cSS, need to denote a very sndden death. 
oo^oi^i, (loinestieated animals. 
oo^q^f, an expletive teim thrown in, in talking, when 

the speaker is at a loss what to say. 
00^£J^tao*1d8p, said of persona who die by wiKl boasts, 

&c. to indicate that some ulterior being or cause 

influenced the beast. 
oo^q^, eo. oo^q^oo^^^, stipe of certain plants. 
od^^^oo^ogt fast, see t^. 

45 X. 

oo^q^^^^ revile. 

oo^i|m^«8i9 CO. do^oo^t^ ferodiou§ bdaiU» 
oo^^y eo. oo^^oo^oo^i any thing ased a» a pMNEUio»» 
coS^f 00. 00^900^^X1 a defile between monntains* 
00^9^1, in a branch, see 9. 

oo^bioot, CO. oo^bio^Soo^bioot, that whidi ia anffetiad 
in conaequenoe of ein ; that which exposes one t» 
pnniehmenti or suffering ; demerit, guilt, aifi. 
oo^biootooSy safferings of this life as the conaeqaenoe 

of sint or demerit. 
tttooHblooty do that which will prodnce misery, oj^oo^j 
bioot, suffer thp penalties due to sin. 
«»ibta>iooSi influence one to acts of wickedoeaa. 
ogSoo^bsooty render to the sinnet* his puniahmeiii. 
m^S, title of Karen Fable, No. 77. 
oo^Soof^, obey. 

oo^Soo^cS^, a beating or knocking. 
oo^St, CO. oo^Stoo^oo^, spinage, 'greens* of any kied. 
00^88, 00. oo^8^oo^<{^, something great; animala, of tis 
larger kind; great men; in the highest appljcatioi 
8^ denotes God; oo^a$)8^y said to denote small pox. 
ooS8Sj2)i>9 giddiness, aberration. 
oo^SSdS, CO. meat hashed with the bones. « 
ooSf), CO. oo^ooo^fl, a general term for witches, wis- 
zards, and inferior beings which are supposed 4o 
possess some occult power to cause ill 
death; see Die. page 239. 
oo^^si, the edge, point, or extremity of a tbisg. 
oo^^cS, a window-holcf or opening. 
oo^fS, cOy oo^f^^oo^fSf faith, confidesce, tru^ 

tiSftoaS^^^ p<»«e»ty, oiiser}iy suffering, 
o^fi, oo. coS&tao^^x, night, darkness. 
b^fioo^ocft, 8<Koethiiig hot, m ginger, onionsi spioesi, dkou 

whiefa give a savor j taste and smell to food. 
o^fiy oo^*coS^\coS^f a stink, disagreeable odoir. 
o^fi^, CO. ooSfi^oo^fic^i a pleasant smdlt sometUiig 

fras^rant, a kiss. 
D^^io^fitioii bad smells. 
D^fiSy and elbow or angle* 
D^fii, a horn. 

D^&^oo^eif a feast in fnneral eeremonies. 
D^2^, oo^l^^oo^b^, leprosy of the worst kind. 
o^^^fC^l^alf were yon so taught! 

oo^Qjj[S^^Soo^^^fo^S|^ol| do. 
»^^oaWc5i, denotes a child which is siokly and aouitt 

for its age. 
n^loo^^ an obstructien» hindrance. 

QO^^oDt, great perplexity of mind. 
oo^oSi oo^o^^oo^oSy and offering, or sacrifiee. 
QO^Sa}jS8^o6i, do. offered at the foot of a tree. 
09^, CO. oo^SSoo'ioi, a declivity. 
ao^oS, CO. bo^oSoo^cofb, covetousness, parsimony^ 
QO^iQO^^i, to reign as a king. 
co^oii, CO. oo^uii^^Q^^f and oo^oiiS^, a plnin. 
oo^^Soo^cbS, boils, ulcers, when there are several. 
coSijit CO. coSijixcoScQXf a hole, hollow,, pit, wall. 
C9^^ 1. CO. eoSoi. 

coHBi, 2. CO. oo^SSoo^^i) and oo^SScS, a small pels 
Qsed in a room to hi^ng clothes oa. 

tl8 03^§ 

€0^8^00^669 (some saj 00^8^.) preachingi a haraDgM 

nn oration. 
ooSj^ojp, denotes anj animal of llie jangle. 
coS^x, CO. ooSojooS^i, or ooSajjioo^§ii {see ooSoj,) a per^ 

son or thing of superior excellence or ^wer. ' 
ooS^i, CO. ooS^ioD^^i, fear. 
ooS<g|^, CO. oo^^|SooSQi, insanity, 
oo^c^i, a trausverso strip of batbboOf to whieh a bainbo« 

floor is tied. 

oo^cgSoo^c^i^ a virnlent kind of witches. 
00^ ^» CO. oo^^oo^o^^i oo^^^^i AQ open apace. 
ooSyi, CO. ooSQoo'^gO, swellings. 
00^0189 CO* ooSotS^oo^t^tSy midway I the* space between 

the earth' and stars. 
co^<Sli CO. oo^etoo^eii skini bark. I 

co^oioo^^^i flesh. I 

00^^^ 9 see ^^1 oo^^jScSiy in u baildingi a lower floor» 

' as a low verandah. 
00S8, see 8. 

a>^8ooS> ooSSooSooS, see voS. 
ooSS^, Pgho, same as cBisS, a tind of wild cat. 
oo^Soo^c5i, animald of the small kind; also good?, 

ooSSog, pimples. 
ooS^, CO. coS^QoSijl, white ppots on the surface of 

the ekin. 
00^ j|, CO. ooSj|ooS<p, itchingi CDtanoona awellingB, 

^£<^i ^JJl^S' different kinds of do. 
ooS§, CO. 00^^00^^, ling-v/onu, tetters. 

>^^O08S, a Tirnlent kind oi do. 

>^§o1t white tetter, herpes. 

)^^ag, black tetter, herpee. 

>^S^, CO. coS^itS'^^ i affliction, see ooSft. 

>^S> a wedding, marriage. 

>^^S, $ee ^S« insert one thing within another. 

>^Sp5« trowecrs* 

>^S^8^i a eap. 

>^o5, eo. oo^o5c»^a^» etoepneee^ a eteep place. 

)^o58cBS| a kind of charm, employed to prodnce 

hoarseness and destroy the melody of the voice. 
>^c5^, a kind of pastry. 
)^aQii meat, and the like^ done np in leaves and roast* 

cd in the fire. 
j^Ofj^oo'icS^, eee «Sc8p. 
>^02Poo^S| a meritorious actiony merit, a religious 

dSojJSoo^c^i dped skins, as used for elephant saddles. 
0^0^ CO. oo^oS^oo^db, fish, and the like, for eating 

with rice for relii»h. 
j^oi'i CO. caoSo8ooSa^l, fat meat, rich food. 
>So8^, CO. oa^o5pooSo8p, a parcel, bundle wrapped in 

an envelope, 
j^^^ooSjii, do. 

3^:8^11, the yellow h6rn| or wild cow. 
>^c8^oo^^, aomethiog easy, prosperity* 
>^a^9 CO. od^c^too^cfliy fatigoe. 
iS ^, CO. 00^00^00^3^, m fatal poison. 
iSd^ CO. oo^^ioo^^t matter discharged by vomitiiig* 
(>^o^t CO. oo^o^oo^oji^t a thief, robber. 

oo^o^if eo. QO^o^poo^o^y it rate, liiMd, w any A«f 

need to make straight Ho^. 
iooSaf|'[too^§^, favor, profit, grac<B. 
oo^qj, w« qg,; ooSqgjtf^i, birth-day. 
oo^ccgoo^a^^y aobarm or cerem^nyy ^IikA if W99i ff«- 

yente one fVooi obtaitiiiig a living bj work, ««« 

oo^wiy CO* oo^iloo^Qiy aoy Work, iDdnstryy bofiioeii. 
oo^ttt) oo. oo^8pooWi» grief, moomingy aonrow, waal. 
od^tfiooSy any thing wild, wtiMher animals or 

inS^SfxSfBO^ and cx)^f^tD^» hobgoblins, s^e Die. 
oo^^o^ScSS, oA^mdi, oo^^Hnoit^^i o^^^otA^, oo^ 

of£i, oo^^^o6StD», oo^StD^^i, ool^W 
<]0^fW^02fp> 00^ ^^ coVo^ool, names by 
different kinds of bobgoblibs are distingQiehed. 

oo^^Sy CO. oD^^ooS^S, or ooH({SoK>^oii, faappiiraaa. 

HfA^oSt an appellation given by a man to his wife 
also given to married w<mien by one another. 

oo^^y^ocSiooioo^oi^ii title o^a Kteen VtMe, No. M 

'€0^^p^\i a term dirown iny in talking, wl»n m 
is at a loss what to say. 

oo^^i a living beings life. 

O9^^oo8^» the arbiter of life. 

00^^, eo. do^^oo^, and ^f)^, 4w 5[S. 

mh\9t CO* oo^^loo^Qti toil, dii^9 Ike. «ob «iM ««rfa0e 4 
a thing ; an affim, «M ^. 

ticnlarly *««gat«tble ipaiaan. 

p Q^ iA , be drank. 

ao^^ooWfi, traih. 

goSbooiW, tMlb. 

n^tfy fmigooB.aleerB. 

90>^^o^^i, see ^^, diafigoTe««9to. 

g9S8^0D^«it, CO. 00^8^^ ^i, eee oJim. 

09^^, be. crA^Socbf a diaiDond or otb#r verj precious 

D0^5B^8i» GO^^o), white md red varieties of 4e. 
m\c&^coS<;Qt civilization oo^o5|Soo^09t. 
ooSoDii, CO. oo^icS^oo^oDiiy goods, property^ or something 

which one can look to for support. « 

po^O^^c^f ^ cQtaneoas eruption » 8hingles» a species of 

tetters or herpes. 
pd^CD^^^y oo^02^oc>)| an eclipse of the sun or rooon 

from the aupposition that thej arci in such cases, 

ewallowed by a demon. 
ffsSog^t ^* oo^o^^oo^^ljiy a virulent kind of witohes. 
ooScgsoo^oS^, reverenocy respect for superiors. 
oo^p, CO. ooSoojSoo^ogiy gloom, that which tends to 

make one feel lonely and depress the spirits. 
eo^oo^i, eiBe <io^. 
osMbSdiif a coming out of the sun for a short time» 

during rainy weather. 
coiW^SoS, meat preserved with salt and black pepper. 
mActh.9 CO. coSag^oA^x. long,. loose fibers. 
oo%dBi» a load carried aeroas the shoulder. 
od^dBf CO. o9^c8^. 
€xASpf eee ^oVcj^t. 
€cfiS\f dry wei^ttr. dronglit. 

733 oo^c8^ 

oo^(didl, tbe dry season. 

00^308, CO. oo^cotQO^(^% eometliing extraordinarj, ua* 

iisnaU strangCy injsteriou3| miraculous. 
oo^cctooV'r>Si| good repatatioii, honorablo character^ 

illnstrion^ character, glory. 
ooSo5i, CO. ooS8ooSo6t. 
co^oc>iSo2^a>^o3iSaDt, that whicb exhausts ond's lift, 

boreavementi or deep grief* 
oo^coii» warmtbi or that which produces warmth* 
ooSo^S, CO. ooSojSooSoS, an offering, sacrifice, 
coS^f — \So5, see i[S. 

ooS^^c8ic^ic8i, convention, consultatioD, statoment. 
ooSojSoS^, a tenure, 
oo^o^i, and oo^o^tooo^S, scarlet, purple, or deep red 

oo^oji, CO* ooS^^tooS^, a fiber, 
oo^oj, cOf ooScjooScxn, purging, 
oo^cjt^t, do. with vomiting, cholera. 
ooSc^S, CO. ooScjSoo^Qt, a range of mountains. 
00^00, oSooS, see oj, weigh. 
00S0508, c<?. 00S0900S08, temptation, trial, that which 

prevents us from doing as wo would, also that 

which inclines us to do evil. 
ooSojS, see co\^. 
00^0}^:^!, same as oo^cb^cSi* 
cx)So}S, 00 00^09^00^8, lumps in the flesh of oertaia 

animals resembling pebbles* 
oo^(^% 9ee 00^00100^06^. 
oo^dbtoo^o^T, go and come. 
oo8c8^, 00% oo^cS^oo^^i, a loan of monej* 

9^c6% CO. oo^8|QO^c8^, an indaralton formed in m 
person, by vritchcraft, wbicb occasions death in 
a year or two, 

>^c6i| Co. oo^c8oo^c8i9 rigfateoasnes3. 

oSSf see c8. 

)^c8» CO. co^cSooS^Sj strnck by lightningi seized by 
a ferocious beast, or orer taken by some other 
sudden calamity as a vengeful visitation for 
somo sin. • 

>1c8d, be eaten by a tiger for the cause above 

>^:8o959iy deceit, gnile» faisehoodi hypocrisy. 

I^c6^09^d^, paths of wild beasts. 

I^c8t, CO. coSf\coS<8x, rain. 

>^d8iaof5ooi, any place into which dirt and filth fftHf 
or are thrown, (as under a. native house,) care- 
fully avoided by Karens for fear of displeasing 
the guardian spirit, and thereby bringing mis- 
chief on- one's self. 

>1c8i02^80^cai, do. also, see oojS, def. 5, used to denote 
the foiscbief occasioned by going into stieh places. 

i^c8ino»|S, misconductf sin, any thing blame>worthy* 

1^61, white cloth, napkin ; something white. 

»^o^9 — cSSSs^&tb, heave offering. 

i^oSt the pawing of something; white spots on the 
abdomen of certain female* occasioned by uloera-* 
tions iff the parts during their first pregnamsy. 

f &f CO. oo^oo^cBs, a load, as carried by Karens. 

l6o»^f)t see CD^I. 

^&^ heave ^flPeriiig. • 

mcSi^t CO. mh^oAoS, or oo^&Soo^^, be emnped ly 

^il]8» or cold. 
ooKSoo^o^S, famise, and atteDdant miaertee. 
oo^6^Wi, fiometbiDf ^wmtf delicdou* 
oMivcxA<hj a thiDg aocompliBhed, completed* 
€0^9, a boilf or other tamor which tends to Bttppiwle. 
oo^fi^^o^^f 00^901, ooSfflj^ different hinda of eleeratkvu 
00^91 CO. OD^ioo^cB^, Btrike with a clab* 
eo^b^cBt, 4;he common or mild kind of leproaj. 
0O^b^ODG8l» do. 

oo^S^^t, a per&on utterly lost and bewildered 
ooHoDoo^, and oo^ooco^y a ghost, apparition, 
coSoo^^y co«QO^OL)^Soo^Q9^it a kind of caBop J o veripteid 

with new garments, used at faneral eeremoBifls. 
oo^OMO, ratan bands pat aronnd the bandies of Ihiaf 

to prevent their splittings Ac. 
4xAo9f^, an insect which makes a plaintive notae il 

oo^OD^, see OD^ooc^^. 

ao^a>S. gall, or the gall bladder of any animal. 
OT^ooSt, CO. O9^o»8ioo^39os, a pn^, particularly luida 

a floor. 
09^00^8, €0. oo^QOfSOQicB^, calaaiity, as of war, rot 

beries, Ac. 
^mlodf , dispatch, in any thing. 
n9la»&a^, an investigation, 
^o^f ^. co\aof9iA0ooSt a ohnrin, mnntw^ ii^ 

oD^odo^^oo^ CO. o^o^o^^co^odooi, or 

lonelinesss, homesickness; 

ooSoogSi a ring, ferrule, put aronud a thing to prevent 

eo^QOoSt, CO. o^sM&tooJ), glandular sw^IUog. 
oo^QCK^^cBi, the en^ of a floor which project beyond 

the walk or poets. 
oo^coo\i CO. coSooohaohoi^oXi a depreseion between hflk 

or mountainBi table*Iand. 
oo)oD6y CO. oo^ooood^ODf^f vapor. 
uAxx>6h Co. O3^od6tco'io90ty and ooHoc>2a^if depr om ed 

landy or narrow valleja winding round among hille. 
oo^oobSy hoIlow8| basins where water stands. 
to^oobti small do. 

ooHoDo^oSoDt, clean, clear, pure, holj. 
€0^09001 CO. oo^Odo^-Kx^oocRni in distilling, the receiver. 
«o^aQ0^, CO. oo^ooe^iOQ^Od^i, that which causes wretched- 

nesSy or wretchedness itself. 
oo^ao)» an J thing that breathes, 
oo^oot, itch. • 
oo^ooton, i&alevolenee. 
oo^ootoo^i, CO. 00^ 0^^ oo^ioo^ ootco^, eoinpassiooi^ 

oo^dOicBiy the transverse poles of a M>af, 
aofoot^OQOot^y CO. glad tidings, the ^^spel. 
oo^odt^te^t see ebtdbi. 
o^OdsSpi CO* anger, resentment) wraith. 
GO^oot8ty CO. a species «f boil, ** iiimd boil.'' 
«AoosdB3Qscgi long for. 
wSneft^y a soiigy einging. 
oolwai^, 4».^orfiag^cfip»iooea(, iiatMdt 

72* m\S^ 

ooScx){5, CO. ooSoj^ooSoDp, or ooSx^oo^^, for ooioj^ 

OOlOD^y fruits 
<30^ooj56i, CO. oo^OD^SiOD^ji Iinngcr, Btarvation. 
coScS>f doath; oo^oSSpy a dead carcass: oo^oSS^f ih§ 

King of l)oatb> death personified, 
oo^ajt, see ooSoji. 

QoSoj,' black cloth, anj thing black. 
oo^ojooS^s, dry. 
oo^ojooS^, see ooS^i. 

o^SojtooS^i, see (ooS 0^100^5'^- ooSogooS^i, <fo.)*^ ooS§u 
ooSo23o^03tfiOi| pleasnro. 

00^30, CO. 00^0^00^ 00^, skilli science, knowledge. 
GO^t^^ggl knowledge. 
ooSdb. CO, ooSdSS, 8(Uind, noise. . 

oo^ob&dS^aocDii slander, contumelyi defamation. ' 

QoSoS^, CO. oo^oSjSoo^cS, doctrine, instraction, preqfspti. 
oo^dS, see oaSo8^, co. ooSo©i.. 
ooScS^, CO. ooSd8|Soo^ob, noise, sonnd. 
ooSd8j)6dbooooi, see ooSo^icS^ooooi. 
ooSoot, ooSoot^ogS^S, take, receive, fraternize. 
oo^oS^, a nat honse. 

ooSotjp, CO. ccScx^^coSo^^t a thief, robber. 
oo^Oj^ooScol, report, fame, 
oo^o^too^oi, a trembling, shaking, quaking. 
oo^cb, CO. oo^oboo^c^, pnngeocj of taste. 
oo^o6£t, CO. coS(bf\oo^ab>%^f rain; it rains. 
-oo^cboOii, 'sonnd of co-ning rain. 
^o8^, 00. co^kB^ooSkS, a species of conjnratioD, I17 

which something hnrtfnl, or deadly is sappOBod 

to be coojored into a persou^ #m ^c8^8^8{^« 

>fc8^, CO. coSS^QoScoiXf inonrning, weeping, lamentft- 
oo^oi^, CO. ooSo&jSooSoo^, dung, foecesi excrement. 

0D^9&1, tbid. 

a>^ooia^, oo^oSioiy oo^o&ioi^, exclamationB need ia 
cases of great paini or other extremity, 

DD^ooii CO. 00^00100^289 any thing bad, or hurtfali evil 

I spirite, witches, hobgoblins. 

|o3^ooi^a)^5t, clonds; cloudy, or foggy weather. 

ioD%m^oo^8^i salvation, deliverancoi through another's 

OO^O^oo^oq]^, pntrefation, rottennes, corrnption* 

«>^82i do. 00^8100^0(^1 a charm, by blowing. . 

ooSoopoo^iS, honey. 

x>^oo^ao^80^, dung, manure, filth. 

30^^^, CO. oo^cd^oo^ng, love, benevolence, kiodnet8» 

yAcB^cohSt^ abide, remain, wait. 

jJitBSt'oo. coSSpooStdt eatables, victuals. 

006 1. Confine, obstruct, hinder; 2. co. to other roots 
ID the signification as above-; 3. see Cog. 4. found 
in wordd of Diirmau origin. 
Cog. see cn)OoS, def. 1.; coooS,; and oooS, at in 
oloooS. • 

c£^joS, see cB^*; oloooS, ees^^ transgress^; •lOoS, 
00. oicjS; oopocS. CO. cofc85,; ooSooS, co. q6S^^ 
alSxS, Jef. I; c8ioo5, (eee 4.) a vulture, cSiooooJS 
do. c8i.oSooS, elmt out .fioia view, conibigued to 
oblivion ; cBSSiooSSi, a stockade, see 4. • 

IdSc8i, def. I. enclose, as with a stockade, in order to 
prevent wild beasts, or dbemies. 


796 (soMfrfka 

o9tv force, soddenDMi; 1. as waves dadi aloDg, nnb^ 
strike agaiost; 2. do any thing fast, suddeoly, or 
abruptly ; 3. bail water out of a boat; the in 
Btrument basket for do. 4. redaplicated, adh^ fsit, 
quickly, endrgeticrily ; 5. Oog. adv. with haits^ 
with all one's might; See Gram. sec. 46, 49, 369, 
• 516, 00. other roots; 8. an appellative prefix ii 
the names of some anioials* 
(^o^oooty and ooj^oooi, def. 6; oooot— ocnooi, oli 
ten followed by odooS, def, 5 ; ooitSiootSi, def^ 
7; mmScotco\ def. 7. Cog. ODooir-«o>t,— oooi. 

ODloo^iiooooS, def. 5. see oo^i, ex. 

o^tcocxDS, and oDlootooooSf or abbroT* ooootooooS', def.4 

^gojojB, def. 8. a spotted and poisonous frog. 

oDtcolooto^, adu. def. 5. 

O3l€0^> ^* 09OD^> create; make certain things as an id 

aDta>c8, .oj^ocBt, indian horse-radish. 

oDtcfiff A sheW «'of the genus Cyclostoraaf said to 
in the habit of striking ito shell on to things 
which the sound toh toh is produced, hen 
the name. 

«td8^, def. 3; def. 1. 

a>t8t here cot, is used cither in def. 6, or 6. but 9 
ii a conjuction as in other cases. 

ooeoDty def. 4. 

o9S»t, eo. OD»8Jtoot|i, often oois^i, dof. 8. mookeyi < 

the genus Macacus.. 
owajiS, opposed to coiqgJ8o6, the land monkey, tail ahorl 
at>tadt8t9f species of monkey, distinguished by the hd 

on the posteriors being red. 

cDtmbt TW 

l}^f a large creeper with trifoliate learea tha* 
prodoce a kind of Dragon'i blood. 

>ta^to6» a monkey geoerallj found by streams^ lieiiee 
called the water- monkey. 

MO^to68S» the monkey's sugar cane; *'a plant reaaoi-^ 
bling a reedt a species of Saccharnm.*' 

MO^ob, a plant of the genns Yitis. 

>toi^02i9t9 a speeies of monkey famoas for leaping far. 

9tO{sdB^8^6it a plant on treeo, sends long rope-like 
roots to the ground, medicinal. 

sS 1. CO. of -other roots; 2. from Burman or Taleingy 
opposCf hinder; a hindrance, obstacle, boundary* 

l^nooS^, a planti raed. for dropsy • 

oDi^8icx)^t9 a post, and oiOD^oo^a>|59 watch, 
guard, defend, def. 1.; oeoo^, def. 2,; o^ooj^, 
2^00^ a peon. 

y\ 1. Sometimes oot, or qo\ prefixed to the names of 
aome animals, plants and fruits &c.; 2. dare, defy, 
or compare one's self with, in boastful language^ 
S. bet, lay a wager ; 4. somewhat, in sotne degree; 
5. Deriv. form, what person, Maul, what thing, 
followed by a numeral ajlx. some person, or a 
certain person ; 6. with cB^, prefixed, a gode; 7. 
reduplicated, adv^ sound like that of chopping 
with a cleaver; 8. col to other roots. 
cocoxcoif and o^tooi, see def. 4, and o^i, def. 1. 
a^ooi, as s^cSiooiedi, «ee def. 8. and a^i; c8S 
ooi, def. 6..; Od^Sooooi, a place, country; voot, 
def. 5. Derivative, «»ooi, def. 5. 

nmbi, CO. dS^ooGJ^* tiger. ' 

mxcqo^^f eatne as ooso^o^p. 

ooiQ, CO. ooiQooiQO, tho grey monkey. 

ooiogi, ^^6 def. 4, aud ojjf, 1. 

ocio, darei defy tiger^i def. 2« 

<r)itSi, CO. oo5ooic8i» deer. 

ooi^cSSS^, ooi8^8^» the* rhinoceros. 

00180^, CO. ooiq5^ooi02» aeidi vinegar def. !• 

OOlCD^OOlSl, <fo. 

03182^1 ^^* ^'^52^<>^^^» tborna. 

ootoo^, lay a wager def. 2. 3. 

ooiooiy def. 7. 

ont^^, of plants, the stipe, ooiq^oc^i, do* of yoio^ 
ratan. I 

<x>\8tc8S, def. 8. 

ooi8^9 00* toSSooiS^i the rhinoceros* | 

ODiS^S^i do. 

ooi8^S^oono»S, the gnardian spirit of the rbiDoeerot. 

ooi8^8jSscBty^y the rongh- skinned rhinoceros. 

ooiS^8^pS8|, a species of rhinoceros said to eat lire. 

ooiS^S^oDC^y the sinootlp^skinned rhinoceros. 

ooi8^8^oog^, med. for dropsy* j 

co\%it def. 2. . . ' 

ODi^S, species of tadpole, se^ c8i^. i 

ooiet, a kind of wild anir&al| described as linvirg i 
mnne like a horeci and horns like a goat, "gos^ 
antelope." s | 

ooic8cSS| an animal resembling a squirrel, thongh cc^ 
ly the size of a cat, nnder the neck yelloW| olL^ 
parts black. 2. a largo mcdicino tree. 

odS 531 

idB^iiy the wild cow, the bison. 

i^t CO* 001029 the bear. 

lb, CO. ooiQ^^f thorn. 

10^^, CO. ooio^^ooi^V (Bar. oc^oS) a species of deer. 

icjScSi, — ooSojScSi, CO. ooSSpojScSi.^ 

ic8S» dStco^ooicSSoooot, title of Karen Fable, 

No* 89. 
ic8S, 09ba3C|tooic8Soea)t88oi9 Karen Fable, No. 113. 
103^1 CO. 00102^00103^9 fruit. 
ic^r CO. 00102001^^1 a bear. 
102^9 CO.. ooioD^t fruit. 

J ^9 CO. ooio^iooic^^t negro-monkey. 
, another name for ooc^S8^9 or barking deer. 
io^9 see ooto^t, commoni small monkey. 

102 9 CO. 001Q0|5. 

idS^f, lay a wager of moi^ey. 

9 1. Iotensity9 violence9 an extreme degree; 2. make 

an earnest request, petition, address as a superior ; 

3. violently, with forces 4. certain sounds. 

Cog. oo3, CO. vOi do. CO. oo6oc|t9 def. 2 ; ooofo 

oooj^f def. 3. 
ooci, def. 1. cS^oooooSy very fat. 
o6, adv. def. 1. o^oo^oooo, ; colofooo, pull violently ; 

scold violently. 
0O9 dB^oSoo, def. 4. 
02^0602^9 def. 4. sound like the word. 
c$p def. J. o^o5o5,—f ^000^9 —*<S^o5^i very bitter 9 

extremely 000I9 very thick. 
^9 K ClosenesSi coropactnessi tboroagbne689 exactneesi 

perfectness; 2. become balbooai cv tuberout, 3. 

4« X. 

782 oSSdBi 

a balb, tuber; 4. applied to plaDta, and beasti 
denotes that thej are large or powerful of tbei 
kind; 5. adv. exceesivelji indeed, reallj; 6, adt 
cloeely ; 7. see deriv. 8.; own or blood relation 
9* with c8i, settled, inBtalled» established, precise 
complete, finished, or perfect ; 10. reduplicatec 
adv. sound like running upon the ground; 11 
neighbors, those who live near; near, not far off 
12. jammed ; 13. crushed, see ex. below. 

oodBoo^, large, male elephant; bto3^, an edible root, hi 
a vine. 

oDcBiooS, def, 4. see cocBi,; cBSooS, def. 5, see cB^j 
cxgiSooSooS, def. 6, shut cloeely; ^to5S, def. i 
see ^t, ; oS(j^So5^, def. 6 ; s8^(^^, see ^|S, ; c8ioo| 
def* 4. a large boar ; def. 6. ply closely, as wil 
the end of the finger; closely, as in lookii 
thoroughly at a thing; ^^00^9 def. 3. potsi 
&c. ; 8^00^, species of insect^ cDoo^, def. 8. nncU 
cHooSodS, step-father; oo^OfSS, def. 12; oel 
ooodS, def. 11. (SStoS, def. 6. see c5S, ; cSioS 
CO. cSioo^cSiobt, def. 9. c^^o6^o^o5S, famishiG 
dSooS, def. 6. see d8,; obSooS, see 06S. DeriTi 
tives, see cocoS, — 0009^, and ODooS. 

o5So3S, def. 10. 

oSSooi, def. 8. 

oo^aS, same as ooigS, or oo^^S. 

00^1^ closest kindred cS^:^^o6^o^o6^ or oo^Stoa^oo^ 

oo^^ScS, CO. oocSsoS^f^, def. 4. applied to demons* 

o55^^, 00. oSS^coSco^^ def. 4. applied to beasts. 

oo^cSiy— -ob^f^oo^cBi, commit incest. 

ooSoSt 73S 

ioo^cSiQOi, a plant, med« for boilB. 

ooSoDoJt, def. 13. 

ooSoDi, def. 6. 

ooSooi, see oSS^S. 

o5S, 1. Pinch, compress, sqaeeze; 2, pull out with 
tweezers, forceps, &c.; 3. cut, with scissors, 
enuffers, and the like; 4. hinder, obstruct^ straiten, 
annoy, perplex, press upon ; be brought into 
Btraits; 5. closoi near, as being closely related; 

6. close, be completly united, as the eyelids, &c.; 
filled up, made tight as a hole, door, or orifioe; 

7. the axil or armpit; 8. see derivative forms; 

9. affix. jamme(l, wedged in; obstructed, as the 
sight by an intervening object; hinder, obstruct; 

10. affix, to the names of animals with forceps, 
or other means of pinching. 

co^SooS, def. 9, see oo|S, 1 ; odSooS, def. 9. break 
down a bush in a road to give warning to others 
not to go that way; ootooS, ootooSoDi, ookxJSooS, 
def. 9. see ods, close, as a door, &c. o^ooS. def. 
10. see s>^, ; ^tooS, def. 9. see ^o65, def. 10. 
Cog. see ODooS,— ooo6o65,— oDooS. 

ooScgS, def. 2. def. 3. o65ogS8^og, cut or clip off the hair. 

c65co5, def. 1, 6; od^SodSooS, see od|S, 1. ^ 

oqSooS, CO. o3S<jSo35ooS, def. 4; «io3SooS, def. 4; ngS 
ooSooS, see ogS. 

Of35o5i, def. 5. 

coSoDU, def. 6 ; ^SooSooii, have the ear stopped up 
so as to cause deafness. 

o56c&t, CO. oo5o5io65oo% def. 6. • ' 

m q5i 

ooSooi, def« 6. 

ooS^^, QO* ooSooS, trouble, annoy. 

ooSooSi ooSooS^if the axil or armpit, def. 7; 

o35o6S,— ooootjS,— oSooojS, (o^^fi@^>) **A specks 
of Csdsalpioiai probably C. sepiaria." 

oot, 1. Efficiency, energy, thoroughness, lea^e no room 
for increased effort; force out a clue bytjuestion- 
ing; 2. particle, see Gram. sec. 519, 593; 
3. make vigorous effort, exert all one's powers; 
4* the rusliing or pressing of a multitude to any 
place; 5. see deriv. 6. adv. reduplicated, vigor* 
ously, eagerly ; 7, intensive, very, 
^pot^t, very short, def. 7. and f^, c^^oot, see 
def. 2,* and C^S) ; Deriv, oSoot, a powerful kind 
of witchcraft; heed, caution. 

ootodcoS, def. 2, 7. 

QOtcoS^f def. 3. . 

ootoot, def« 6. 

o3tc8^, def. 4. 

oot^S, enter as described, def. 4, 

oot^, press into a festival, def. 4. 

00^, — oo^gS, see oo^gS. 

00^001^00^001^, Bee ooi^, ex. 

001, 1. ""Make compact or compress ; 2. cram, ae iIm 
mouth, stuff any thing into a vessel or cavity; 
3. short, bulging vessels, jug or barrel shaped ; 4« 
a large species of eel ; 5. affix, closeness, com- 
pactness ; crowded, ae an aeaembly ; own, rad, 
genuine, as relatives ; tight, crowded, full; 6. CO. 
a companion, fellowi aocooyptlice. 

061^ YS^ 

tSoSi, CO. 8S§^8So5i, see def. S. and 8S,; iB^c&x, 
from def. 5. and^jS,; oj^odi, CO. d^^odi^^ai, 
aee def. 5. and s8^f ; cB^oSi^ 86e def. &• and cB^t 
oS^OfSi, def. 5. and 0f5^, 8 ; doo5idOODc8i, def. 6. 
Derivative tnc6xf def. 3. 

3DiQpi, def. 4. 

:6io^cf)9 the white eel, title of Ear. Fab. No* 81. 

>5i|S, def. 2. 

»5ic8^, 8€e c8^, def. 2. 

30i| \. CO. oai8i8S8it a basket made without bindings 
at the top; 2« a certain small, biting insect^ having 
a very slender neck ; Z. be excited, aronsedi in 
commotion; 4« see the deriv ; 5. rednplioated, 
ad^. in commotion , flurried, excited *as the mind 
under the influence of fear ; 6. agitated, turmoil. 

Q00D10O1, def. 6. see coooi, Cog. 1, coooi— coooioocBp,— 
ODOOioooJ), see mm\% 0900ic8^ reappear, trans- 
migrate ; (B^CDOOi, is to have that which has been 
inserted in the flesh as a charm, from some ad- 
verse cause, produce insanity, or other evil instead 
of the good intended; 2. oooi, which see. 

>oific6S| a species of def. 1. with a neck ; defi 2. found 
on dirty garments. 

smooooi, eee def. 1. unflnished basket. 

oiooiicB^cB^, def. 5. 

oic8^, CO. oaic8^ooic8i, def. 3. 6. 

OlcBli CO. 001 c8^. 

n\\ equality, sameness, evenness ; 1. Dock off, cut, eat, 

or sever so as to leave the part obtuse ; 2. adv. 

evenly, alike; 3. deriv. end, termination; the 

78* ooi^c^io2tcfio&. 

superlative degree; 4. cffix. eyennesi, particii)tr)f 
the surface or the tops of things^ on end, CO. with 
the term for maturey it indtcatee an ultimate de- 
gree, aa most real or gen nine; 5. a basket for 
the bones of the dead after the burning; 6. a post, 
pillar and the like ; trunk of a tree ; 7. of a large 
• trencher standing on a baee» to eat out of; 8. a 
shorti chubbed fish, peculiar for biting off the lioe^ 
9. resemblci as one person does some other; 10. 
generic nauie for ants; 11. a species of wasp or 
hornet that builds ou the leaves of trees, several 
varieties; 12. reduplicated, a large owl which at 
night cries tuh^ tuhf ^, ; 13. the* rainbow ; 14. 
a halo; 15. graze, as an arrow or ball; 16« prefix, 
the worm that eats into clothes ; the holes thu 
eaten; 18. tweezersi for plucking beard and the like. 
o^ooiSooS, def. 12. ojooiSoi^, def. 2. tfiooiS, co. 
c8ooi^c8e^ — c8ooi^, see def. 4. also cS. and dB. 
•c6^ooi^, see def* 4. •oSiooi^. def. €. and •n5i, 
a kind of shelf; •obiooi^i def. 2. and •cbi» oo^ 
ooiS, def. Id. cx)tooi^> def. 18. ooooiS, CO. dbco^S 
obSxf def. 6. * a bamboo water-bucket ; c8^<^ 
ooiSoji c8pooiS8, SooSooiS, the pelican; 6^c30i^, 
def. 4. ooySooi^, def. 4. oqooi^, co. oQOoi^wcg), 
def, 6. Derivative, ooooiS, def. 3. 

ooiSogS, CO. ODiSo. 

oxiSc^i, CO. oDiSc^iooiScfi, def. 13. 

ooi^c^icgi^^i CO. a halo round the sun, def. 14. 

ooiSr^iogvdoo, CO. the rainbow descends to drink up 
the water. 


SgSog 737 

n^8i, def« 6. red ant. 

n^o5^o6y a small ant peculiar to wet' places. 

n^o5^o8|t9 a generic name fpr termites. 

n^Q&l$oot| a very small ant| bite very painfol. 

n^ofi^oott a large ant of the same class* or, generally 

found among that class. 
»i^8t9 noose for catching birds etc. 
nS8o)| the bad, biting ant. 
n^oolgSiy small kind of do. 
nSool^j 00* ooi^o5^ooi^0|, the red, acid ant; two species, 

large and smalK 
nSooiSo35, def..l2. 
n^oo^tdy ooi^oo^tdSi, ooi^oo^idojt different species of 

antSy distinguished for cocking up their hind part. 
n^<^S settle* decide, terminate. 
n^^S, CO. ooiSQSooiSoooi, def. 16. 
nScBS, def. 8. 
>i^tn^, 866 def. 2. 
)iSf, CO. ooiSjooiScgS, def. 11. 
n^ffodBt a species of def. 11, of which elepbants are 

particularly afraid, hence the name. 
»iS^oioo» species of def. 11, not larger than kernels 

of dry rice, which is indicated by the name. 
i^fi^9 species of ant, peculiar for its bad smell as 

indicated by the name. 
\S^9 oo^(x>i^f^^c8Soooot, def. 9. 
i^SSx, a kind of ant distinguished for its smallness. 
i^^8i8ifbt| an appellation given to any small reddish 

antf .whose specific name is unknown. 
i^^Sioj) a very small, black ant. 

t3d <»ii 

ooiSoiSf , CO. ooi^oiS^eioS, any large ant. 

ODiSo^i the fire-anty a red ant whose bite smarts likl 

a bnrn* 
•ooi^8c8y the pot-bellied ant. 
ooi^j|^8i| a reddish ant which makes its nest of eartl 

which it carries up into trees for the purpose. 
ooiSoS^o^i, CO. ooiSoSpo^iooiScftojii, a species of tn| 

jellow round the middle, builds in the cavitie 

of wood, bite severe, 
tsoi^o^^y sadae i^s ooi^oo^. 

ooi^o^^r^i, small ant, r^d and black, slim waist. 
001^02^9 the black-toothed ant, bite severe. 
OOlScS, CO. ooiSc^. • 

ooiVcS^y def| 7. the name indicates that it is a plaa 

of which ants are particularly fond, on accooBl 

of the food they find there. 
ooi^dS^, edible ant. 
ooiS| 1. Same as ooi, 1. scarce; probably borrovd 

from the Talcing; 2. reduplicated, adv. sonnd 

lik6 that of soft bodies striking together ; 3. afii 

want, famine; 4. deriv. calamity, want, wretched 


odcoiSooodS, def. 4. cBScpiS, def. 3 ; ooooiSoof 

neg. def. 1. Cog. ooooiS, Co. ooodiBoo^, def.* 

03ooiS, do. 
ooi5oooo5f see ooooi5oocx>5, Deriv. 
ooiSooiS, def. 2. 
ooiiy 1. (Bur. d^o^i) a strong building of brick, ston 

or wood built on the ground, 2. a full, bloate 

appearance, 3. reduplicated, ad^.- suddeli bobbing 

0011 73d 

or joltiDg motions; 4. affix, pertness and liffecta- 
tion of manners % a bending backward or apward. 

ooitn^ii, def. 4. see ^^ooit<xj}iff ; def. 4. see sb^ooiin^it. 

ooitOioo^, a watch-tower. 

QOitoDOOit, def. 2. 

oaitooii, def. 3. 

C30i^, 1. (Bnr. <^S}) an upright post} pillar, stakes &c. 
2. affix, in an apright position ; 3. affix, plnmp, 
ehnbby; clo£hes which are long, coming down to 
the groandy so as to give a person a post-like 
appearancOf 4. rednplicatedf adry^ sound like that 
of chopping a large tree ; 5. dandle or jomp a 
child upon the knees, a mode of amnsing children 
among Karens. 

^tooi^i def. 2. by stabbing ; ^looi^, def. 2. by 
ponnding ; 00^031^, and oo|Sooi|So6^QOl^, def. 5. 

001^ ^g^, «^ q1, 3. 
ooi^oocDi^, def. 3. 

001^001^1 def. 4. 

odi^of ^9 a sign-post. 

ooi^gi^, def. 3. see ooc^i^. 

oai^ooijSy and ooi^ooi^ooi^oOi^i def. 3. also, clumsily. 

ooi|58io9^8i, def. 1. 

ooiiy 1. Form a cavity or hollow space) as by foldingi 
rolling np the edgeSf recnrvating the ends, 2. fly 
or sail round and round, ily in a circuit with 
little or no motion of the wings ; 3. close as the 
hand ; enclose in the hand ; compress, squeeze in 
the hand; be in loose folds, crnmpled; contract 
into folds; 4* adv. large, loose/* flowing, as gar- 

740 ooiii^f 

meots; 5. dip or ecoop up in the hollow of the 
band ; join the hands and jump in a particnUr 
.way, ae at foneral cerroonies ; 6. see derivativee; 
7* affix, to verbsy hollownee^i want of stamina or 
corporeity; hollowness in the center; .8. offix. to 
nounsi curvedi rolled or bent op at the edgesi ends, 
as large bamboo inatSi a spoon ; a measnre of 
length from the elbow to the fist ; 9. turned to 
one side ; partial, inclining to one purtyt prej- 
udiced in tavor of one against another, 
ooojjiooii, def. 7. see oDajji, ; oooduooix, 7. see oocsoii,; 
^^oon, 8. ooSooiii 9. ob^cSioo^ooioooDtooSooii^ 
ooBoon, CO. ooSoonooSoSi, 7. ^jSooiit co. ^^oon 
^^sS^t 8. fooii, see ^ , also def. 8. 8^^0011, 
spoon flower, 'genus Michelia.' Cog. 000011,000011 

00001, ODOi^lODOOIl, ODOOllcSp, 001>^1, OOC^IOOOOIl, 

ooucoS, 0011 as in def. \. Z^ 4t\ see pooon. 
ooiicoojl^, def. 2. see oooj|^. 
oonooti CO. ooii6Otooii0Ot, def. 3. 
ooiiooiofBi, def. 3. press ont with the hand. 
ooiiodS, def. 3. 

ooiiop^i o5Sooiiop^, an appellation given to large kites. 
ooiiopSoDSi, def. 4. 
ooiiciS^, def. 6. ooiig8^c5S, def. 6. 
ooiicB^o&i dip up water. 
ooiiS[^, CO. ooiiq^oonobSi def. 3. hencci numeral affia. 

the quantity which may be grasped with the hand, 

a handful, 
ooiii^^f , CO* 001 iq^f 0011(^8^, close the hand, or close 

in the hand. 

opS 741 

^TiqpcoSi fax>ld tight within the clenched fist. 

DiT^coit CO. ooiii^^o5tooiiq^QOii hide^ ehot up in the 
hollow of the hand. 

oioonq^, a lompi or boloe of rice, which has^ 
been formed by compression within the hand. 

diioS, CO. ooiioSooiioS, def. 3. 

>iigiooii@i, CO. ooii^SoQnQi, def 4. 

>ii^Soon6|n, CO. oon6|iiooiic|ii, adv. with a slow 
jawkwardy confined gaitf as the walking of a per- 
son in a long, flowing garment, 

>iic^iij see coMCj^, 

3iioS, CO. oon65. 

yii&Sf CO. oonooooiioS, def. 1. 

>110D0D^, CO. ooiioDo5pooiio3oof , def. !• 

XllODoSp, CO. miXQ^CD^. 

>iioDot, def. 2. 

D 1. Make a shrill cry as the c88^, a species of 
deer; 2. reduplicated, adv. imitative of the like 
sonndsv; 3. used in adverbial phrases denoting de- 
termination, rashness, spiritedness or haste in the 
action spoken of* 
oo^oop, f^o^QOp, def. 3. 

poD^i, def. 3. see oo^i, 1. 

^op, def. 2. 

ffS 1. Pierce, pierce through, perforate; as the ear or 
the nose; 2.. file on a string, stick, and the like; 
thread as a needle; put on a series of rings, or 
ferrules ; string as beads, lay hold of something one 
b4b said or done in order, by litigation, to obtain 
money from him ; weave basket-work ; the Bur- 

man term for witnees) t. string fish, and the like 
num. affix, files of things thtn strung; 4. aban^ 
doned} as a field from which all the produce bai 
been gathered ; done, ceasedi as in bearing child 
ren ; 5. see deriv. 6* affix, qualifying colore, fixed 
not changeable ; lonelinesSi separated or cnt oi 
from social intercourse; work, brought to a ter< 
minatii>n, or completion; extinction; 7. redapli< 
cated, adt). heavy, but dull sounds; '8. when, i 
the time of. 

OD^SopS, def. 6. ODojSopS, 6. and ooajS,; ^o^ 
4. f^opS, 8. oonopS, ooiiopSoo5i„«^ oDit,; aoo^' 
ops,. 6. and cx>ojS ; oSopS, 6. and o5; O^ta^, w 
oqtopSoS^oSt, 4. Q^opS, 3. go^ooopS, 3. Derive 
tiyes, ooopi, oDopS. 

opSS^, to string beads with little bells alternatelj. 

opSoD^i, def. 2. 

op^S, CO. ODtoD^, see def. 2. also def. 2. 

opSopS, def. 7. 

opSoot^Ss, def. «. 

opSofSooflfi, bore the bufi^alo's nose to insert tb^ 
halter. ^ 

ops ^S, def. 1. 

opS|S, CO. opS^SotjoS, and opS|Sc8^, def. 2. 

opSoS^S, def. '2. 

opS, 1. Cease, ^top, refrain from ; b^ finished, extinctj 
cause to cease; 2. terminate, cokne to an eod 
or close, proceed no further; 3. damp and coldj 
moist' and pliant, as a fresh hide ; 4. grouade<^ 
stopped by strikibg the ground, as a ship or boat 

5. name of a tree of the family Myresticacese ; 
^. affixed to verbs, indicated the utmost degree, 
(see Gram. sec. 16, 229.) attained foil growth or 
the utmost size; .7. adj. — a preventive, that 
which checks purging; 8* deriv. 7; cessation, 
termination, or extinction, cut ofif by death ; 9. 
stop, be stationary ; 10. reduplicated, adv. imitative 
of sounds; 11. blacking a knife blade by holding 
it in a flame;. 12. color the teeth with blacking 
thus obtained. 

oD^Sd^, def, 6. oooD^opS, 7. S^ajS, 6. CO. S^opS 
8^^i, 6. attain full size, &c. \ §iopS, «. CDOpS, 9. 
o^^ojS, — oooDis^^o^, 9. cSjSopS, Co. cS^opSoS^ 
ojt, 9. ^lOpSyS^i, extreme old age. Derivative, 
oops, see def. 8., boopS*, def. 8. a shed used for 
a stopping place in travelling. 

iS8^i def. 3. 

)So9^'[S, def. 3. and def. 3. 

^opS, def. 10. 

6Sp, def. 4. 

6^ def. 5. opSoo^. 

6c8t, — opScSio^oo, dof. 11. • 

6c2» def. 12. 

6og^, def. 1. generally connected with charms. 

«, '(^Tavoy.) 1. In felling trees, fell one against another 
to break it down; 2. see t^n, fight, contend, as 
armies in battle. 

*to^, def. 2. 

1^, !• Push along, force one's way ia spite of obstmc- 
ticAi, as thromfh thick ^ra«A or bushes : 2. fol- 

744 oi 

lowed by the term for neck, use obecene < 
abusive language without regard to deceucjr : i 
the nauQe of a black bird having the tail tippe 
with white, 
cfipsopp, def. 3. 

opfcBS, dk 2. 

opi, 1. Arrive, reach, as any place, period, or eveqt 
2. when, untiU untot see Gram. sec. 33, 44, 51 
230 ; 3, with c8i, the term for down affixe( 
come into place, be to the point, exact, precise 
be reduced, abated; 4. come to the same poii^ 
i. e. be equal, likci &c. reduplicated, thus mud 
thus far, &c. 6. deriv. be astounded, confuse^ 
stupefied; 6. affix, adverbial; following of oJ 
thing after another in close succession. 
SSQ^ajxojif def. 6. ooooc8Sopi, def. 1. oD^g^ 
ooic8io5f the fever has gone down. Derivativ 
ODopi, def. 5. 1 

ODiioD|§oSi, unto this time. 

opiopidBioji, def. 1. arrive. 

opiaicx>e» at another time, again, furthermore, then, 

ODicSidBSooi, fulfilled, kept a£f a promise. 

opicSi, CO. opxc8i8tfl5, def. 3. opic8ic8ic8i, do. 

opioSt, def. 4. 

oDioSiao^f from this time forward. 

OD, 1. A. whiTBtle, pipe? CO. of the tisrm for trampej 
horn, bugle; also, CO. of the term for basket; i 
with an adverbial affix, sudden, unexpected; 
followed by an other root, short, as the blade I 
a knife; 4. reduplicated, cK^v. sounds like thoi 


of a whistle : 5. a speciee of basket^ small at the 
top and broad at the bottom^ 6. thin, limpid as 
liquids ; of a watery consistence ; 7. CO, to the 
term for principal) superior, 
oDOjcg^, def. 6. opojjo^, see oooji; ^0iJ'«-, d©f» 
3. and cgl,; c5^iS^SO|JiSoj^, def. 7. and ojjiS^S,; 
oilojoDOoS, def. 2. 
o^ooooS, det. 2. 
o^ooo^y 00. Oj^oaoj^cB^oocd, def,* 5. (sometimes Oj^ooc^, 

see ooo^.) 
o^Oj^, def. 4. • . 

o^|i, def, 3. 

o^jg, support the side of a wall, see o^oi. 
0^^ 1. Bear, suffer, endure.; take, as the opinion of a 
counsellor or decision of a judge, receive judg- 
ment ; embrace, receive as instruction, or doctrine; 
suffer as bodily affliction in consequence of former 
. demerit, in distinction from the miseries of hell ; 
2. negatively, not last or continue for any length 
of time; 3. that which surrounds or embraces, 
a long range of mountains, surrounding low lands; 
the whiskers ; the eyebrow ; 4. with the term for 
great affixed, a thing of great worth, or conse- 
quence, hereditary property ; of great rank, power, 
or authority; 5. suffer a defeat ; aid, help one out 
of trouble ; meet, take what comes, stand one's 
ground; submit to, as to hardships; the Burman 
term for witness; take, hold of business with 
energy and cordiality; entertain, as strangers; 
become stout, large, full stature; uphold, be of 

746 . ojj^^n 

the same miod with ; safifer for aootberi or ia hU 
stead ; suffer death ; 6. Dames of plants and things, 
name of a tree, a small palm, nearly allied to 
the areca ; dorian ; the morning star % the even- 
ing star; a species of harp; 7. 8. rednplictted 
adv. dall, heavy sonnds. 

o^o^j def. 3. see o^,; ^Soj^, 3. see bSs; dBo^^ 
def. 6. oooj^S,— oo^iSooojS,— ocx)ic»o^S, def. 8. 
oeoj^SS^odcSiS^, def. 4. O^oj^^O^cB, vow, male 
a solemn promise. Derivative, oooj^S, ooojSodcB^,- 
oooj^^ 0902^1 see cooj^f used to qualify sound. 

ojW«S, def. 1. 

oj^ojiS^oji, def. 5. 

Oj^ojxcBxcfjXs def. 1. as favor, or blessing. 

02^8, def. 5. see S. 

Oj^^8^, def. 5. see S^. 

oj^^Si, def. 6. receiver of the dawn. 

Oj^^eo^, or oj^^f noj^^tt)^, def. 5. 

02^^^^, def. 1 see 4p^^. 

Oj^^»if, def. 5. also countenance, approve, uphold. 

oj^Sooi, CO. oj^^ooiS^ooi, def. 1. 

oj^^GHi-Oj^^eiiS^eii, bear for others, as the Savior for as* 

03^00^, suffer in place of another. 

o^^oo^, €0. oj^^oo^Q^^oo^, def. 5. see oo^x. 

cqScrAS, def. 1. 

oj>Soj^S, def. 8. 

oj^obS, def. 6. 

02^o&^, CO. cqhco^x. 

<»^c8^c8^8, def. 5. see c6^, fat, plomfi. 

bSoof^oo^^ clef. 1. 

MobibJ^'i^ 'the defendent in a law-suit. 

y^^^f do. 

ijjSSi, CO. oj^^cBSSpooi, def. 5. 

foScSi, slope down, as the end of a monntain range to 
a plain. 

jjjSbSot, (Bur. SoooSp,) def. 1. 

nSoo^, CO, Oj^SaDf^^H^ii, def. 5. 

jjSoS, def. 5. 

nSool, def. 5. the receiver of the evening, 

jj^SooiojSdB, def. 5. ojSooi co. t^pg^, 

nS, 1. Cnt or broken off, or across, crossed; liquidate, 
pay off, as a debt; 2. cut or break quite off, 
sever; short, stump-like; short as garments; 
isolated, solitary, without children or neighbors : 
shortened dor. 3. the thing, is cut, or broken 
off, headless ; figuratively, a whirlwind ; reck- 
less, daring, fearless; cut off from children u e. 
from child-bearing, barren ; 4. def. 1. come off, 
as the Extremities of plants, as the extremities 
from leprosy; obtain; be gashed, incised, as a 
wound, cut off, as supplies ; averted, as the affec- 
tions from an object; cut off, as by death; inter- 
lock the hands ; 5. reduplicated, adv. sounds like 
those of the porcupine. . 

oc8xo-iSoj5, def. 3. see oocSi, 1.: ooSoj^S, CO. oo^oj^B 
roSc^, def. 4. n6Soj5, see o5S,: o55oj5, see n6$,: 
TO^cjaS, CO. o&poiSojS, see o5p,: ioj^B, def. 4. 
Sto;^^ see 8i, Soj^S, 4. joj^BcBS, 3. |^oj5, co. 

c^Xf : S^Oj^Sy cat or chop off: f^d)So2S, a she] 
staff, see oj^5, ex. oiSoj^S, def, 4. also CO. oofi 
oo^oj^S, CO. oo^oj^Sod^od), def. 4. cSioj^B, c 
cSiOj^ScSiooS, 4. yicSiojSt see syi ; cSioj^ScBid 
see «8, oDsojB, 4. oSojS, 4. (»oiSoj^S, 4. 

ojSoDOjio^, see coo^x. 

oj^ScgS, def. 2. 

ojScBS, CO. ojScB5oj5d8S, def. 3. 

oj^6[C^, as glojSc^, — dbiojSc^, &c. def. 8, 

Oj)S$^9 def. 3. withoat a head or tpp. 

o^SSy—hoiSS, def. 2. 

ooSSs, see dl^^i o&ed as a medicinal pouUicOo 

Oj^SojS, def. 5. 

oj5@^8p, def. 2. 

odScSs, o^ojScSti chop off the tip. 

ojSo^, CO. 0^58. 

o^S^tSob^, def. 2. 

oj^58, CO' oj^Sofoj^SS, def. 3. ^lo^SSyi^ofii, a bar| 

doS^^fiy let the day pass, procrastinate. | 

Oj>S%S| name of a bird, whose cry sounds o^S^Soj^Sd 
o^Soo^oo^, def. 2. as the ears, nose^ tail, or od 

oj^So5, — oo^^^cSio^Soo, sloaghi cbme off as lepra 
limbs &c. 

oj^SooiSfoiS, def. 2. 

02t» 1. Bind or tie together, as the hands or feet 
with varioas affixes, tie fast or tight togethi 
adv. a concreted mass ; fish for small prawns, & 

ojioocdS 749 

t • •• • 

&c. ; 3. redaplioated, Boand like that made by 
the lipe in sacking; 4, derive name of a tree, 
embracing several species of Barringtonia. 
Cog, ooj^t, CO. ooj^ioQaty def. 4. ^^S^8^^o&. 

s^tcoS. def, 2-. 

jj^to^if def. 3. oj^tojItcMdoi, do. 

)j^t|S| def. 2. as ODooto^tgSy %fr)\cqt^S^.ses mcox. 

Jj^t^^j def. 2. done with a og. . 

tj^f !• Introdace water, or something else, into a person 
by witchcraft so as to kill him: 2, a hammer; 
3. sonnd like that of the splitting of bamboos; 
a species of basket; 4.0og. def. 3. 5, rednplica- 
ted, cuiv. hollow sonnds; 6. ajias. pot-bellied ; « 
species of frogy named from the sound it makes; 
a species of blue bird, named from the sonnd it 

(bto^^oj^f def. 6. ^oipS^f 6. ^Soj^, 6 Deriva- 
tive, ^^02^b^QoS, def. 3. 

iqpcoQoS^ def. 3. 

ij^oDc^y CO. cq^coc^S^coSf def. 3. o^ooo^^ do. 

■2^0^, def* 5.; cq^cqpS^S^y do. . 

qP^i^ixy see ^, def. 3. 

q\, 1. A partition, wall, as of a house; 2. numerous 
and prominent, as pumpkins, &c. in a field ; large, 
strong, hale, as persons; 3. c^v. sounds as 
walking on the ground ; 4. something projninent, 
sticking up and motionless. 
•oSio^iSi, def. 2. and •q5i. Deriv. ODo^iodooS, 
def. 4. 

^lOoooS, def. 4. 

^0 JO^o^ 

^^, def. 1. and 9, ttbe jowgin Af tj^e Afipr tki^ 
extends ^beyond ithe side o£ (be hoQ«e. 

oj^ifi^o&iy def. 1. and fi^ooi| close by tbe foot of 1 
partitioni in the angle formed by it and tbe4oor 

oj^ioi) def. 1. o^ioicfii, d^f. 1. and cSi^ on tbe wtll 

oj^iSi, — aQ&to^iSiy def. 2. 

02io&^ig6^i def. 3. 

o^ioj^oj^ioc^^y def. 8. 

00| 1 Create ; form, make an image, perform, as ai^ 
kind of work ; fit- up the knot of hair on the 
of the head ; dress up ; adorn one's self wil 
apparel; insert; (not common ;) 2. reduplicai 
Och. soand, like that of ponnding iron ; like 
made by a small species of kite; 3. see deri 

4. CO. arrange, set in order; a small kind of kit 

5. with affix, tensely^ as a rope tightly drawl 
narrow, strait, confined, as a hole. 
o^oDOOudiiy same as def/ 1. see oj), ; Soo, i4 
4. CO. p^^^9 oSSS^oo, def. 4. cS^oo^oo, a smi 
bird, plover; fS^co^coiSf do. Derivativei ox 
tooS\y see 0000. 

0000006, deft 5. 
000D91 def. 5. 

0000^. CO, oono^ootoo^, def. 1. 
0000, def. 2. 

o9dB^, as oDdB^S^, CO. (odB^SpcBjSei, def. 1. 
00006S9 2. also the name of the bird .which mab 
such noise. 

KBp»fso\\9 def. 1. 

Wfpi drf. I; 

xSf de(. 1. • 

9— »^9 as <^iooyi^ty del* 1. God ereat^d u«; 

MOODt, def» 1. also create &e^ dbnf or Kle. 

^dS§^^^9 build apr, promote the ioterests^ of i. toWit 
o^ ootnlftry. 

^of ooinf f a plUQt of the goord familji Lnfb acntangala. 

b^j !• Ca^t away ofr down a large or heiary object, 
be decidedv iisttledy steadfaeft, anwsireriag naoneri 
codditioOf &cr.; 2. part, imperativ^e model 3t, par- 
ticte of past tense, see Chbm. see. 2dl. ; 4. fl(ffixed» 
abandonment of the obfecty a depressed but even 
surface, extended in a flat^ even mander; reject ; 
consigning to ruin, give up an action; plain* 
even, void, open space of ground^ &c. ; Su e;cten-» 
ded lironnd In a oircaiar form, as the web of a 
* spider, a rin'g-worm, &c. ; insertf put into, as 
into a basket or vessel ; extend the breath as in 
a long continued cry; throw down, cast away, 
abandon to ruin ; wane, as the moon ; 6w intensive^ 
very, excessively. 

cocqScfiAi see ooc^,; d^oAf €0. og^oo^§i«»^, def. 
4.; ogScd^ogS, <?o.; 4^0D^cSi, see i^^^i,ob»^,and 
001, is probably the more correct sprelling, see oooi 
odSi, dBoo^, def. 2. and 4. oo^Soo^ootiSi) a thing 
like this^ 4bc. def. 1.; o^cd^, it was ^S oof, def. 
4. oS\<ioSS\^ def. 5. cfi^^dBoof, def. 2. Oog. od 
&^ €0. o^OfASvs^ a remnant^ somethm|[ left. 

Y68 on 

00^0081, def. 5. 

OD^|S CO. oo^jS&igS, def. 6. often oo^}^. 

oAm^sQtoV'f unpack clolhe& &c. kept for ^an oeeadon, 

coSoGgS, def. 5. see ocgS. 

oo^etf said to be need for o^^i^ split. 

ooScSi, and ooScSingS, def. 5. 

oo^c6ts§8^, see s§, cast down headlong. 

00^ 1. Insert^ put into, ae into a basket or .vessel; 2. 
lighty strong, very, bright ; a species of snailf tbe 
name is given from the sound it is said to make 
by striking -its 3hell against things ; a kind of 
bird, the name is given in imitation of the noiee 
it makes; the snlphuret of antimony; 3. re- 
duplicated, adv. sharp, ringing sonnds. 
cB^oo^oo, def. 2. see od,; odi^oo^c^^, 2. 

OD^noooSt def. 2. 

oo^P9^, def. 2. 

00^00^, def.^3. cS^ootdSpoo^^,; Sooo^dB^oo^o^^. 

oo^jS, def/l. 

ooi 1. The pinching claws of the crab, prawn^ and 
scorpion ; a kind of snare or neose used in catching 
wild fowls; num. affiw. applied to bnnches, or 
clusters of frait ; cook rice in a bamboo instead 
of a pot; 2. CO. of tbe term for cooking, inte^ 
stice ; hole ; 8. affim. cooked, done through, done 
internally ; fixed or confined to a spot within eer 
tain limits, or degrees, as human skill; 4. the 
depressed part between the shoulders ; a eeorpioo; 
a kind of pan or platter, generally of brass. 
c^ii def. 2. and c^,; fpcots^i, 4. obooi, and 

8booi8^9 def. 1, S. and sb,; ^^if def. !• ^^c8 
001^ «tfd s^^,; oo^oot» def. 2. and ooV.; oooi^^ 
def. 4. oooiy def. 3. SeioooDioo^. do. neg.; c8t 
001, def. 3. cSooi, def. 4. 

Cog. ooooii a mountain plant; co. coo^i,; ^^ob 
ooi, a species of the arum plant, see ^^, and 
noooi,: ooooi^ co ooooxoooo^, form an interstice or 
space between 9 as by stretching oat and apart as 
the arms or legs ; oooi, co. 0^9 qnick, energetic; 
oooii or oooiocSt) jump, or throw the body about, 
as a fish ; or as a person strnggling to get loose 
when held ; 0300X| co. 030010000^, same as ooooi. 

^i8^9 same as def. 1. 

}ioXf def. 1. and 2. as ooio\8qi cook rice, put it on 

{loSty distill liqnors see f^\. 

nSiooiSi, def. 3. 

> 1. Make smooth or even by hewing, hew; spread, 
flatten, as^dongh, or any plastic snbstance; take 
np rice, &c. in the hand, as to eat it ; say, tell, 
tell over circumstantially or with minnteness; 2. 
carving or cutting with the point of an instru- 
ment ; interpret something said ; a species of 
• witch or demon ; name of a tyrant, who gover- 
ned Tavoy a few years before its conquest by 
the English; 3. deriv. hastily, energetically; 4. 
afim. farrowed, wrinkled, as the skin of an aged 

jtcd^ogiob, def. 4. Odc^, def. 1. also, same as def. 1. 
Oog. 006, as Q^uob, and o^oob, def. 3. 

^^ /it 

76* AS 

^^5??lp? 4«^r ?• an^Mg oooj^, «». and. 
obdgt, def. 2. eo. c^tcqi. 
<5!l<iS; det 2,, 

oiipoH^pO. Sppo^ooS or SSooSc^oo'i, aame as def . 2. 

<3^d|(:^.op)9 «^ c9f 6* crackliag soi^nd. 

<^d3c^c0f *^ c8, 5^ qpja^relling. blow for blow. 

<igS, def. 2. *^ ojfcJbgS, employ one to inflict evil 
on others, 

(^09^9 same as def. 1. JUaul c^oo^i^gg^^ do. inform. 

^^» <^« ^rSO^^^i <l^f* 2. hew smooth. 

d>oi, same as def. 1. cook rice, set it on for food. 

obc8i, CO. 6bc8c^o8i, def. 2. ^confess. 

obQ^j def. 2. a tyrant who governed Tavoj. 

oboj^i hew timber. 

(^OD^t, def. 2. hew straight. 

&>S, 1. A bag, such, as is ^^ed for grain, hence nnn. 
atfix, applied to such bags; 2. witl^ aneqaalt 
irregular motion, limpingly; from side to side, 
as in crossing and recrossing a stream, &c. split- 
ting, severing ; in funeral ceremoniesi the oatlineB 
of a tree drawn on a winnowing fan ; 3. derir. 
a dell or deep )iollow between hills; lean agaiost, 
trust in,; 4. ajix, blurred, indistinct appearance', 
neatf befitting manner; glossy appearance; lay i 
thir\g athwart or cross \vi8^. ^ 
oD^SobS, iief. .4. q?<5iSfliS, ^. o/:i^\4^\ 4. j^oi>^oi, 
4. o1obSc85,4.;8(>bS(«i, 4. l^obS, 4. 8SoSScei, 

4. to ex. ana oDit is u^'ed^' ab a particTe, to give 
an adverbial form to iixe foois witH wbibh tt is 
cpooJiined. Oog. co^^. and ooob^ajtt def. 3. c8i 
OQa>^aoi*9 be in tbe form oiao.i oobXf 3. 

3p, <fef. ^ 1 • colors variegated. 
^, as olSScfiS, de^. 4. 
ii^i, 2. and' I. 
hHd^, iet 2. 
I^t, <ief. 2. 

hSixmKix, def. 1- 

&S, 1. Separate from, detach the parts bj cattingi 
breaking, or other means; speecby decisive, de- 
^nite, to the point; chapped, laceratedi cat, 
galled by being bound ioo tightly ; fissnred, cut 
off*, terminatedy as life^ eicpire; 2. oo. measure, 
aa the length of a thing; pattern, example, simili- 
tude; doi 3. all about, all over or throughout 
the place ; inclining, or beveling, obliquely tOr 
wards, athwart, crosswise ; come off, break off 
ID speaking, be to the point, just ready to expire, 
dying; decide, fix on a plan, give directions how 
to do or act; 4. deriv. put in order, arrange; 
convulse, be distored &c«, roll from side to 
aide, writhe, short illness terminating in death ; 

5. afix. a small palm, nearly allied to the areoa; 
a specieeTof lizard; lacerated ; ball of thread ; brush 
awayi push, or beat down, pull apart, thwart, 
hinder, interfere witn, fall from ; be tenacious, 

7S6 6^ 

streDnone, 8et upon ; a kind of epirits or Ije used 
io Da,t offeringe; fall off, as the flesb left, or fallen 

oDcSiobS, 00. ooc8io65oc>c8itfl, defl 5. oocBi&wxfii 
<^S, use a simile, give an example; ojtobS, bS 
<fe5, see def. 5. cfiSo65, 5. 8^066^; ^o65, 1.; mS 
o65, 5.; oj^SobS, cSobS, cfio65, toctai,; dB^, 
S^obS, ; ^(§S, as cx^^ijS^obS, 5. §6bS, tear off §^ 
c^S, 5. ; §Sc8iob5, S.; jgiobB, I, ^^6bS» and ^ 
obSogS, 9^o3oo6bSoo8^, QiobS,; qi<^Sc8x, cBiobS, 
or cSio^^dBiobS, o3idbS, 1. o3300^o6S, oSto6S,Q^co 
ooobSoob^, d8^6bB^% 5. o^jSobS, 5.; ooc^S, 2. ooS 
odobS, 2. 0dotc8i(^S, OQ^S, 5* c8^c8i6bS, 5. 
Cog. ooobS, def. 4. 00. odc8i,; oo<^, def. 4. m 
ooobS and componnds ; ooobSq^obSf, def. 4,; 
o3ob5,.i-a)ob5oc>c85, def. 4. 

cbSecoSooS, as cS^obSeooSooS, see def. 3. and etoS, 1. 

obBifii, def. 3. ScBiciiSdBi, see dBi, 3. 

obSooSoi, def. 3. as ifipobSooSoi. 

cabSobSeflefl, thoronghly. 

cbSobS^SobS, do. imitative of sound. 

6b5c8x, CO. <^6o6Sob5c8i, def, 3. and 5. 

^So&, a river. 

obSog^oo^oDi, see og^, 3. 

obS§t, dof. 3. d>5gtg8, 3 and 

obSo^icSo^i, def. 3. as gioocbobSc^icBo^t. 

6bSc8\, CO. ^c8xobSc6i| def. 3.; c^ScBto^icSi, tell, 

obt 1. (Bur. G^oS.) set fire to; set a fighting, qnarreli 
dispute violently,; 2. pressed or crowded fnll; 

•o6f«o? 767 

a smalli plnrop person or animaly adv. soond like 
that of several persons chopping,; children, some 
large and some small ; with agilitj^ or alacrity^ 
3» deriv. insane, half-witted > crazj ; 4. q^. a 
fighting co<!k, fighting buffalo, a goat ; 5. redapli- 
catedy shorty qnick^ repeated acts, pick np t>ne 
after another, see also def. 2. 
^lobtobt, def. 5. ^cDo^t, def. 4.; ooK^tobi^ 5. qt 
obi, 4.; of^obi, 4.; ^obicbt, and ^^dbi^t, 4, 
Derivative, cx>obt| def. 3/ 

^tc8, def. 1. set cocks to fighting; set a fighting 
cock in the j angle to induce other. cocks or hens 
to come by which means thej are ensnared and 

loofS, def. 2. as 6i6btoof S. 

fcx>)^S, def. 2. as S^oo^obtoo^. * 

^obt, def. 5* as ^tobtobt,— ooiobiobt. 

MobkSfcSi, def. 2. 

^ic8iQOtobK6tooi, def. 2. 

«cBp, def. 1. 

•oof^S, def. 1. 

i^iobibt, def. 2. as oDtobtbtobibi. 

iobtdbiobi, def. 2. og^Scbtoo^obiobtobi^, 

•c65, def. 1. 

p, 1. Put, place, promote, build; 2. a species of 
plantain, very ^hort or chubbed ; a small kind 
of pot ; 3. the water melon, 4. deriv. hastily, 
hnrriedlyi without due order. . 
Derivative, vob^, Qob^ocB^, def. 4. 

^cx>|5 see cBoJ), coin, money. 

is4 ' df • 

A^Sl eiiSDaye wil<l fo^s; 

a!jp'c«i-aicgaij^, dkf. 21 obp<«bjt— 68p*<fl, vmHetieB 
of do: the black; a:n^ tHe ithite. 

cS^S; dht. 3. (o$, TaV. but the oiCfier is adtiStted to 
be the ancient namel.) 

oS^\BpfiSf ensnare phealsants. 

obpdB^, def. 1. 

oSfb^cS, def. 2. 

obi, 1. Oracky have a slight firotrre; smatlF species of 
wasp, bailds in holed; Oram. sec. S33.; 2. haie 
a^ lai'ge or wide crack, cfacked ; pot-WKed db- 
tended, bloated, split open; 3. affix, rehearse, 
proclaim, preach ^ 4. deriv. move a thing abovl 
in the month in order to see how it tastefj 
smack the lips. 
»pc5bi * 00. »^(fcicSS(fti, def. 8. Deriv. odbi, <fcf. 1 

obinglogi, bef. 2. 

obinotngi, do. 

obidB^, def. 2. 

obto^^o^f def. 2. see Oj^. 

<^iei, CO. obioiSobiei, def. 2. 

cS, 1. Help, aid, come to one's assistance; strike, bit 
against, thump ; strike as the rays of the sod, 
wither; rouse the wind, by calling it; split witk 
si wedge, drive a wedge; longest or most pro- 
minent, as of toes, iSngers, hotise posts, the center 
post or posts; 2, yawning, as a hollow or f^^in 
heedless, reckless aid ; a species of lizard » ssiB 
gongs of ditferent sizes combined, a Bur^'^* 
strument of music; co. first, oHginil; 4. ™M 

. of .^h« cotton jp^nt ; iBonnd of.tlie jjews-ha^; a 
BpecieB ofbird; a kind of carry; a person who is 
80 thin that the bone& stiqk out ; 3, redaplioatedy 
cry repeatedly for aid; also sonnd like tnat of a 
small gqn^; 4. deriv, epilepsy; set oni teach 
young dogs to bite ; 5. ajix. withered by a blast 
of hBat, snn-bnrnt;' punch, or thrust with the 
end of a thing; see def. 2. a kind of ulcer, en- 
larges by sloughing; name of a plant. 
8^^S<fi, def. 1. ^<|Scfi, 1. ^iSc^f 2. see tbi,; 
8d)<£t 5. see 8o1, ; ^8c8, co. sbsdS^t^, 5. see 
«b«, ; d3Sc8, CO. d3Sc8d3Soo1, 5. cx>^c8, co. ooj5c8 
oo^oot, 1. q5c8, 5. ^Sc8cDpooS, 1. Cog. oDcfic^i , 
def. 4.; oc8, co. ocBuool, oc8c8, def. 4. 

cBcoooS, def. 2. qiooodscBooodS, 

^ooo5t, def* 2.; o^^^ic^cBccoSt, the ratnhole appears 
very opeli. 

c8ooo5i, def. !• ; c8ooo5ic8c8| a phrase used in calling 
the wind. 

c8c8oD^, a garden vegetable. 

c8o^, as obicBc^, def. 2. see obi., 

S^, CO. dBS^^o^, def. 2. 

cSsiif CO. cBsii^ieii^ def. 2. ; oocBoo^iOD^, does not 

00^1, see cBsii. 

cB^S, def. 2. large house lizard, touktay. 

c8ox888^y def. 2. small gong, name imitative of its 

^ tones. 

%B, def. 3. help, help. 

^fd^f* 2.eo. oSSp, as oSSfcfioot. 

T6f <m 

cB^^y meet from opposite directions as two penoni 

cScS^t def. 2. cultivated in Siam. 

Sci^^, def. 2. ai%vDx c8^c8cj|pc&if^. 

<flc8aDcB, def. 2. cfijSoDcocxjS^xcSjScBcScxxB. 

cSo^^y CO. cBoD^cSojS, def. 1. split timber. 

<BSi\, def. 2.\ee Sp\. 

cS^ 1. Hold on tO) retain in memory, observe; brass, oi 
copper; co. for silver? ponnd, beat, throst, ai 
with pestle; repeat from memory ; bud for flower* 
ing ; be cautions ; handle, as of a cleaver or axe 
00. sell} a sale; 2. 4ijix. a superior kind of brass 
push out of place, with the end of a thing; ris 
as clouds leaving a clear sky below; obBem 
carefully; put forth flower buds ; mark, pay clou 
attention so as remember; term for bangles; ti 
learn or understand, study ; 3. affig% wantoalj 
willfully, perversely ; titlp of a Kar. Fab.^ a pes- 
tle; gaze at; a small cross-bow pertaining to ft* 
neral ceremonies; moved out of place, as a ruleii 
measuring ; a small mortar ; have throbbing pain 
Hibiscus macrophyllus ; a stick or instruaient tx 
thrust; stub the toes; in the outer corner of tlu 
eye ; pass below the mark aimed at; 4. derir. tb 
silk- worm ; silk. 

oDcSScBS, def. 3. see cocSS,; oiSd5S8i, 'o^dSS, t 
see 0^^,; ngScSS, 8. see "g^flf cfiSoi, 8.; ©cfiS, Sj 
jSicSSSi, money; ooi^cB^, see eoif,; ooi}5c8Sa8,3i 
^icB^, 3. 0988bic8^i 3. ^^cfi^, 3. a3^^<fi^. see as 
^^91 ^^c8^> 3- e8c8^o5S| commit to memorj 

read till familiar with 00^08^, or oo^cS^OO^o&l, 
3. b5<SU, 8. c8icfiS, (fip<8SG8{5co1. Derivatives, 
ooc8S, and oocSS, def. 4. and nee oocSS, 

cS^oocB^, def. 2. lustre said to resemble that of gold. 

(S^coob, def. 2. c8SoDcbcg5oooDi, *^ oocb, 2. 

cfi^Si, def, 2. 

cSSdoI— cSl^^cSSooJ, commit a leeson to memory, 

c8^#n» CO. c8Ssiic8S8S, help pound. 

cS^oocb, def. 2. and G0^0di^c8^ooc^oocx)t. 

g8Scx5)8^, def. 1. repeat from memory, . 

cfiSoocflSooi, def. 2! <SSo6-ooi, def. 2. 

c8^g8^ !• 8c8^c8^o5ooS4o5r it has put forih one flower 

g8^%9 00. c8^G^c8^ p^i def. 1. pound new rice into a 
kind of pastry for eating. 

cB^^SttoS, def. 2. 

cS^f^^^eoS, def. 2. do. 

cB^f^ CO. cfi^^^otf^^.def. 2. 

cBW, with a^i prefixed, def. 3. 

dS^oS, CO. g8i6Sg8^oS, def. 2. oicS^oS, a kind of bread 
or pastry made of rice by beating it in a mortar. 

dS^Si, def. 2. as 0&§pcS^3i. 

c8^f9«, def. 2. 

cfi^eii do. 

cSSd5, def. 2. 

dSScS, dcrf. 2. 

<8^o1, def. 2. 

cBS 1. Intend, resolve, plan, determine upon ; a stock- 
ade; reproachi deride; the height of an animal 
from the ground to the part aimed at in construct- 

ins a epear trap : nameral cMx. in Bpeakine of 

ench heights ; 2. co. of preachi promalgei ^; 

'' "'* ,■'.%' ■ . *' *' y ' ; •" , 

great height, as an elephaot, referring to the 

height required in setting a spear trap; the term 
for proroalget talk) reproach one for his low con- 
dition, or inability to support his family ; chao^e, 
as money; 3. a^. in a projectingf promineDt 
manner; bulging; jumbled, crowded together; 
sleep out, as in tra Telling; bear off, to adistSDce; 
shake all over, as the limbs of the aged, 
co^5c8{S, see cx)^5,; od8Sc85> see co8S,;*#c6tc85, 
see •c8t,: ©Sc85, co. fcJSobi,; oo^BcfiS, see def. 2, 
00^5,; 6c85. co, ocSSocgi, def. 3. 6c85, eo. ocJBS 
oogi, 3. o;^ic65, €0. oj^sdBSojscjS, 3. odcBS, oo<8l 
oedS, def. U Cog. ooc8S, 1. suddenly and withool 
apparent cause, ocBS, S^ocBS, 09c8S,. co. 03c8Sa9 
ooS, ooc85,; oSoDcSS, same as o5ooc85. 

cBSeo, intend or determine to ask for, def. 1 ; a line i 

cBSool, CO. c8Se)oSc85oo«, determine, or plan to fleet 

def. 1. 
•cSBocT). determine to sell ; deride severely. 

c86ooi8^^, CO* cBSooiQ^^ooib, a stockade of thorns. 

c65(fei, def. 2. CO. ©f ^i, see &{S. 

c8S8S, CO. c8S8^«6ooi, def, 2. ; feel great malevolence 

cSSoS, def. 2. 00. ooifcBp, as ooipr8pc85u5. 

cBSqi, act from conjecture. 

cSScbi, def. 1. and c6i, plan to go. 

cfiScSi, def. 2. and 

BSaot» def. 1* and oDit plan to move, from a place. 

BS8100S819 def. 1.; fibtcSSfibiooS, set up posts for a 

Bt ]• The breaatSf ronnd, firm^ not peDdaot; 00* county 
enumerate ; 2. affix, a tree, *^ Garchiia cambogia;'' 
toachi thrusti point at, as with the end of the 
finger ; co. sticking np> or oat, projectingly, prom* 
inentlj; eo. smoothi glossy; inoonsideratCi blun- 
dering, hasty manner ; warts particularly on the 
chin; co. great wilderness. 
dpcSio, def. 2« see o^,; y^^^cSscDi, def. 2. 

hcocQt def. 2. ; cSiooo^, and cStoDo^, do. 

liogS. def. 2. ? 6SngSc8iogS, count. 

fca>^, def. 2.; cSpcBtoD^S,; poiooi^c8tcx)^6. 

lcoo€9, see 0810009, and 0009, 6. 

fcooi, eo. yS^S. 

)tbi| def. 2. 00. 00001. 

iiG^i^x, def. 2. 

iMooa^f see cBsoccq. 

t^ 1. Globular, roundish weights, used in weighing 
with scales ; 2. affix, a bell ; pressed and heaping 
full; chubbed, also a short, thick species of 
thousand-legged worm ; 3. reduplicated, sound 
like the tones of a bell; 4. affix, a deep ravine, 
or dell, as among mountains; a species of snail ; 
a buffalo bell made .of wood ; bells in general ; 
furrowed; corrugated, as the skin ; 5. numeral af- 
fix, applied to things globular, or roundish; the 

rgScB^c^, def. 4. see ogS,; ^^oOigB^, and cotcB|S, 
4» X. 

7W «Bi. 

def. i. and see o^tcB^, ; oSicS^, deC «. f^^BHI^ 
4. ; c^cB^o^, 4. 

cB^o^^t def. i. 

S^S^. CO. cB^oDcS^cS^oidS^ def. 2. 

cB|3o6i, def. 2.* see c&\f 5^ . 

(fi^cd^, def. 3«; cfi^og^^yiSdS^^oS^. 

c8^g8^02V def. 2. 

cSii 1* Convey, as by the wind; oonvey, m arCu^ by 

a boat; inark, rale, linei as paper; a bridge, 

wharf; stripe, striped ; the lines io the palms of 

the hands; on the soles of .the feet; ohanneli 

stream ; a seam, ip sewing; make a bridge; 3^ 

draw a line round, striped in lines; eoovey toj 

wards; striped across, aroand, not leogthwiesj 

name of several trees, one so called is a 8peoieio( 

Grewiae; marked with long, narrow lines; 

lower ends of the bamboos in a roof, eaves; 

to hang things upon ; oo. gully ; oonvey 

a stream with a boat or raft ; deep ohaoDel w<m^ 

by water; 3. nwn. affix^ sections of thinge, At\ 

4. deriv. convey ideas through the organs of apeeckj 

speak, converse; oo. thrashing or throwing tb 

body about ; 5. tall or long, symmetrical ; a spoM 

or trough in which water is conveyed; name of i 

tree bearing sour, ediblb fruit; burning fieldi, 

burn with a hissing noise and go out or be ex^ 

tinguished, supposed by Karens to be the worl 

of dragons. 

oodBicSi, 00. oocSioo^oodBicBti see codSi, 8jS(Si 
def. 1. ^v 1. o^^c8^ m« i^o^^s ^*^ <^ 

les; m 

S lit 

Q5c8io5lngS, 5« o58^c8i, 5. and ooBicS^c^f— -odBi 
(Sio^t,— o<fii(Siojc85, def. 5. 85<fii, 00. 85dBi 
02^<o, def. U 8^c8i, 5. oocSif <>&. oocdiooingS, X. 
do. or OQcSiooS, 1. Cog. oocSiy bc8i, 4. oo.- ocox. 

BiooSif a>. c8ioo5^c8ioo8i» def. 2. 

6i<^, def. 2. «^ qg. 

^\<^f def. 2. also, co. cBio^S. 

Sii6iy def. 1. aooSic8it3ioo^8to^^^ao^o^S. 

8102$, CO. cSio^ScSic^f def. 2. as garments. 

Bi^y def. 2.; cSi^^^y a species oi do. distingaished 

tor its long leaves* 
&i^, def. 2. 5 o5^c8i^So5pc8i(a5, 4i>. 
SiqSgSf supposed to be the uame of a person; it is 

found in Karen song. 
3i|g, def. 2. much the same as cSiqg« but the lines 

are broader. 
B\88^t def. 2. ^tc8^» is the term used in Tavoj. 
BicB, def. 2. f ^ic8, do. 
3i^^, def. 2. CO. cdioj. 
)io^8i, def. 2. c8ioj^8ij^fo6o^tooia^i. 
SidBi, def. 2. and cBic8if|> cSicSioohcxjl^' cBic8io;^« 
Jicj, Co. cBiojcBiogS, def. 2. cSic^cSi^p, <fo. * 
Iio^,— cSiojcBty and cSicjcSS, see odBicSiaj, above. 
KSidBSi, def. 1. 
I, 1. True; exact, unvarying; not deviating from 

rulci not deceptive, unimpeachable; 2. carry on 

the jiead, place upon, as on the top of rollers ; 

3. obstruct, bound, limit, as with a fence, stake 

around; ^. in making poetry , make couplets which 

we . c6 

rhyme with each other; 5« the slQepers or mtin 
Bapporters of a floor; qnick of bearing, correct 
in diBtingnishing BoaodB ; upright, true, Binoere, 
^oilelesB; 6. with other termB affixed, BUCceadTe 
BerieBf layers odo above or beyond another ; coin 
money ; placed upon by way of trial ; 7. maintain 
one's integrity, raise, pry up by being under^ 
neath ; name of a Karen fable ; tie np or fasten, 
strike athwart ; put on the floor supporters which 
also serve to hold the posts upright; spontan- 
eously, voluntarily; a pencil, particularly the white 
JBtone pencil ; stray off, or dwell alone ; jaggery, or 
native sugar, treacle, toddy water; ToungthooB{ 
the shaddock tree 3. num. affix, loads carried ob 
the head, Oram. sec. 235 ; 4. reduplicated, ade, 
traly, verily, sinceiely, plainly, without any hid- 
den or figurative import, to be relied upon ; 5. 
affix, take a careful and correct view; protoh 
berance on the head of the rhinoceros-bird, and 
the heads of certain beetles ; a strip of red dotb 
around the top of some Karen wallets; the part 
of a spinning wheel into which the spindle is 
fixed ; stop, cease, desist from ; a species of hob- 
goblin ; adv. sound like the crackling of a jungle 
fire adv. blow for blow, word for word, as in 
quarrelling; the water-melon; title of a fable; 
little hillocks rising in a plain ; the double teeth 
or grinders {^. counterpart, match; a predilection; 
betroth ; live by honest means, be upright in 
dealings. * - . 

ngSc8, ,co. ngSc8flg^c8i, defc 6, view justlji see cgS,? 
ocBy def. 5. see o, ; S^cS^ 5.; dBcB, jast view, stop, 
CO, Sco^f'j QoScS, CO. mSSco^^Sf 1. jnsticet do. 
CO. oo^dSoo^^ii 1. {20. or oo^o^oo^cB, and oo^ 
oo^cSi, 1« oo^^^^cBy 5.^ ojlHcoSSf pat one's self 
aoder oath or solemo engageraent; dbcSoo^i 5. 
6b<fi66c8, 5.; 66^c8> 5.; ^cji^cBoi, 5. ; f^o5Sc8di 
00^0^^, 5. ; f ^cSoD^ii see oo^i. 9.; oo^cB, 6. & 
089 5.; o^cB, 5. CO. ODi^f^j,; cSicB, 5,; oocBi 6. 
CO. dB.: oTe^. 1. ob^c^, (W. ob^cfiStoSt, 5.; cS^cS. 
5, cS^cBco^, eat a thing to see if we can come to 
like it. 

B00001, def. 2. on top, series, 

Booo^t, def. 2. see ooa^t, 4. false oath. 

Boo^if— ^cBoo^i, see oo^i, 9. 

Boo), def, 2. called by some objSoo^, coin. 

Boo^, def. 2* try a load to be carried on the head. 

Bcg^t CO. cStooicBc^^f def. 2. instigate law-saits. 

:Bdt oars, paddles, row a raft with oars, 

iBoi, def. 2. also ased as cBnoo^Si see ex. and 

B|, def. 2. cB^dB^, ^/o. place on top. 

6^, def. Fable, No. 28. 

BodS, def. 2. tie fast. 

Booj^i def. 2. same as cB^. , 

Boo^, def. 1. cBoo^cBoori^,' see oo|, 1, 

Boa^^, def. 2. and 1. obstruct* 

B09S1 CO. ScoSSvoS, def. 2. obstruct. 

Bd6Si touktay, a large lizard so called from his cry, 
a species of gecko. 

B<B, CO. cBcBcSicSi, def. 4. jnstly, righteoosly. 

SfHSSi <h2i^. Boimd m^ bj ihe einging of « beD. 

cSotf), def. 1. Ao amiiBein^Dt of yonthy one part^ gi^es 
a line in veree aad the other gives AD^ther in ao- 
'flwer, to rhyme with iu 

cficS^t def. 2. place upon the top. 

c8|» def. 2. see Gram. sec. 236. 

c8^iC2» a flowering shrnb of the genns MemecjloD. 

cBocBy def. 2. slate-pencil. 

c8^, 00. gS^cBqSi, def. 2. cS^ngS, do. stray off. 

c6^9 be nplield, as a fallen tree by its limbs. 

cBodS^l^t, 1. o5S^i, take an oath on the oath-book. 

cBoby def. 2, cBoboo, palm sap do. molasses. 

c8g8i, def. 2. ; c8c8i85c8, lay the supporters of tb« 
floor of a crib. 

c8o9tf)y^, def. 2* oDtfl^^y breast. 

<6a2» def. 2. see cS^oj^, Tonngthoos. 

cBoS, def. 2. often SS, shaddoc. 

c8^, 1. Strike* beat as with a stick, bend and lay tht 
lower part of the leg npon the floor, gronndi && 
notch a tree and receive the sap in a vessel; 
strike the water, to kill fish by means of leaves 
which are poisonons to them; co^ of the term for 
offering, merit, &c. ; an area, space within given 
limits, the distance from one limit to another} 
time as well as space : 2. tappiogi notch, as u 
arrow that it may break at the part ; make offiv- 
ings of a certain kind to demons for the sick; 
a large, open nicer ; terms, qualifying words of 
flatness and thinnesSi very thin; beat so as to 
raise marks or ridges ; a yonngster; a thick spread 

ing kind of grasa, a generic name A^r the graaees, 
A. 4em. Blop»'brtok, jjODCtare; Ac. see co. of tbe 
term for record, catalogue, a projecting band, 
ring, &c. ; 4. a^floo. very etont, fat ; name of a 
treey so called from its leaves being broad as the 
ears of an elephant^ a fixed, large, open, or lumin- 
• OQS spot ; something to beat with ; name of the 
hero of one of tbe Karen fables; fall at full length, 
strike down. 

o6^c8^, def. 4, ooooicSS, see ooi, ex. ooQScflS, 
def. 4. see oogS, ooSc8S, 1. co. ooS^^ ; ooScfi^cSi, 
see nnder cx)Sc8^c8, see c8^, cB,; ooScSSoj^, the 
materials for cS^CD^, ; fSc8^, see ^Sf ^c8S, def. 4. 
cS^Sy oc8S, S^ocB^, trot as a horse 8ScBS,; c8i 
cBS, 4. oocB^y 1. CO. oooj^, ; i»c8S(|jx, within the 
limits of space or time spoken of. Deri v. coS^f 
. def. 3. see the reference ; oc8h, def. 3. co. 9^, ; 
CO. oopSy and ; boc8^> co. boopS. 

cBVB^i def. 2. ; cSSrBiojjS, notch a tree. 

cS^oo^f def. 2. ; S^coS(f^f notch an arrow. 

c8^o^, poisonons shoot, see q^^y def. 4. 

c8^8S, (see n&ScB^S^,) notched or indented at the top. 

c6^8« def. 2. ; cSSSoo^^t, do. make offering to demons^ 
the foot. 

cfi^^, def. 1. and 8|S, bend. 

cB^^, def. 1. and f^, notch a tree to obtain poison. 

c6M see cB^f p« 

<^^, CO. <6^{S<]8^^i, beat tl\e poison after it is ob- 
tained in order to bring H to a plastic consistence. 
4IM oof^i Iwat in a tapping manner. 

no s^ . 

S\<Bf def. 2. se^S. 

cB^obSi def. 2. lit. beat in two ; o5^c8^obS, extremely 
thin ar flat. 

A^cOf def 1. 

cS^ooi, CO. (jfSQ^t a great wilderness. 

cB^oSsy ^. oio^cfi^o8t, def. 2. 

c8Si^, def. 2- 8oo^c8SJj|S,^. 

cB^f^y def. 2. cB^^Siy a reddish variety of do. 

S'^co^f bo. c8Sojpc8^ooS, def. 2. 

S^o^P^h def. 2. 

c8^8i ined. for dropsy. 

c8S, 1. A stockade; 2, reduplicated, adv. soand like 
that of a hen ; 3« name of a fish, meteoric stars. 
cx>iSc85, def. 3. see ooiS, co^cfiS, def. ». Oog. 
oocSS, and oocBS. 

cSScSS, def. 2. dB€8dBfc85<85. 

c8SBioo58i, def. 1. 

c8ty 1. Sounds when a clattering noise is* prodnoed, 

<n9cocoS, def. 1. Sound as of one thing striking 
against another. 

cBtcBt, see ex. under o^oo^oon^i^i Die. 

c8tcB«| cO. cSscBsQOtooi, sound like that of chopping. 

c^tcBsootobtcSioo*, sree o^. 

c8|S, I. Thick, as a board, paper, &c.; build, as i 
ship ; followed by the term for up, raise a heavy 
article up on something; applied to .the ear, 
'< thick-eared," i.e. be indisposed to listen, be 
contrary, perverse, disobedient;. 2. with other 
terms aflixed, thickened, indurated, raij^d blotches- 

oo the skin ; 00. a kind of basket, extremely thick, 
as cloth OD aecoQDt of the threadf not of even 
thickness, crowded together, as plants, &e., anger; 
Toangthoos ; the olodi tned to eorer llie reimdns 
of the dead in funeral ceremonies; name of a 
oitj, Tonngoo; oo* to Ava, <<np conntry/' 3, 
num. affia^ times, instances, occasions* 
Q0c8^f def. 3. once, in one instance; oocBjS, def. 
1* f^c8^9 1. o&ic8iox8^, or (PtcSioocS^, a phrase 
thrown in between sentences which may be ren- 
dered althongh, in case, notwithstanding, or by 
some soch term. Cog. oocB^, sm oocB^, and 
Q&tc8^ooc8^ ; noooioocS^, we noooi,; «k8^, CO. ^ 
ob^QcB^, hurried lyi hltstily. 

S^f^, def. S. %u oo|i 

S^oacSy def. 2/0e>. oj^ooo^^ 

S^oooSy def. 2. eee o6o6. 

1^^, def. \. 

BJ^^o^gS, def. 2. 

S^^tdS, def. 2.; cfl^f^tcBooSScYX^S. 

i^l^oSt, a small plant of the palm family. 

J^o^ooooS, def. 2.; o;jidS^(«po^cx)cx>8. 

^^jgnoooS, def. 2.; OD^oodtcS^^ooooS>; mc ^. 

l^dB^o^, A nieasare-basket. 

I^o^tofi, thick or dall of hearing, no calibre. 

I^<tot, (col33f,) def. 2. 

t^oj^, def. 2. see cB^oj. 

i^og^Si, def. 2.; cdjSo^^cS, do. 81, and dip relate 
only to the color. 

oo w up ooQtttrj fowl, a kui^ epeciM. 
.cBi, divide, Beparate, limit, by aome laark or obetrae- 
tioBf detaeh, kolate; \. avoid, keepaeparate from 
the other Bex»; name of a plant, a diminnti?e 
apecies of palm,; a section ^ gpaoe, or part be- 
tween certain limits, the regiou, locality, place, 
domain, territory of any persoD, animal, or thiDg,; 
bow, bend a part as of the leg in kneeling to the 
gronnd; obetrnct or dam up as a stream.; in 
cpoking, confine the article in leaf or other eD< 
velope and boil,; a prominent part, as the calf o 
the leg,; the corresponding part of the arcQi; i 
ladder, any part of, or location npon a ladder,] 
of a mortar, the socket, or bamboo forming 
socket into which the leg of the mortar is ii 
CO. of the term for weariness,; 3. with other 
affixed, with a co. adv. sound, as of stepf 
ponnding, &c. on the gronnd, co. numero«», pro^ 
minent, conspicuons, as pumpkins, &e*; ^ 
ground,; a species of tadpole,; a stage in travel^ 
ling, the distance between one stopping and aij 
other, two, miles,; bend down as the arma a»| 
legs in the act of kneeling and prostration,; Sl 
reduplicated, adv. sound like that of choppiofj 
blow after blow ; deriv. prepare for ; 4. a shield^ 
defense ; shield, ward off, &C4 prepare one's self ^ 
trot, as a horse ; 5. num affix, section, and tliiiif^ 
ocoorHng at intervaje, see Oram* sec. 18^SS8.; ^ 
affix. c(7. be in a poor weak iStele of health,; widi 

c|kc6t m 

and flaring at the top,; cross from Bi4e to ^da; 
acro88» croBwiaey; the palua grassbopper, eo oiJled 
from its being foand on that plant,; hit upon or 
come into the region or vicinitj of, come in con- 
tact with,; happen, occur,; meet with event, i&c. 
rice cooked in a leaf or other envelope,; co* be 
wearied, exhausted with fatigue. 
colcBi, def. 6. CO. 00)098,; oogScSi, 6. see oocB,; 
oo^i, 1. CO. 00^0^, 6bSc8i, 6. see obS,; ob5c8i, 
6. and same as 66^cSi,; oocBi, 1. ^^c8i, 6.; 00^ 
cB\, 6.; otcSi, 6.5 C9ic8i, !• {j{>/OjiopS, as «iopi 
ojiojSojicSi, do to completion; c8ic8i. 6. co. c8i 
jj^, — c8ioJtc6ic8x,; ooc8x, co. opobiSwcSi, l. Cog.* 
ooc8i, def. 4, more fully, see ooc8i, and com- ^ 
pounds; ocSi, def. 4, 

^icBiojS, def. 1. and cfiio^S,; ooicxji^cSirBiojS, stand 
on the knees. 

;fi\»^i, def. 1. and afi. 

cBioocSi, def. 2. CO. Ojjioocgi. 

cSiooS, def. 2. 

^icBi, def. 3.; bSo^dS^cSicBi. 

:&iofi, CO. cBioficSio^, bend down as a limb. 

Ba§5, def. 2.; <x>i@S, do. 

Ax^f a species of Grewia; 081 ^S, do. 

:Bi8^fib, medicine for cholera. 

:8iOQiooit,'def. 2. 

iBidbi, def. 2. used only with a numeral pre&xed. 

i^cSi, def. 2.; cSicSiDDgo^S, do. 

||tc8i^€Sic8i8^, bow down upon the elbows and 
knees, prostrate one's self as in worship. 

cBiOD^t, def. 1. aiid oo^i. 

cSxddQM^, def. 2«; ^aodluooo^, «lw>, flfiTl, deep wttef 

in a etream. 
cBtG6|S, def. U 
^\, same as oocp, 3« 

Cog. cx)@1,; OD@oo@1, and od@1oI, »e€ ooQl 

Cog. ODCp, OOCp, ODCp, §1, go, 09g1, «^ «^% 

•6p9 root cp« 

^S from 00, and e^, same as ooc^^,; t. A crotch, branch, 
fork, any thing forked; catch or fasten between 
prongs; 2. the space in a crotch; 3. with- other 
roots between the sides of a ladder, between the 
toes, between the figners; 4. 00. of the term for 
true, just; stretch oat, extend on each side, » 
the arms. 

Cog. ooSgS. def. 4. CO. ooScB,; @, ^S, 4.; 
C30i@S, 4. oj^@^» *•; o©@^i CO. oo^Qp^^, see 


JSodS, def. 2. gSoSSog^oxBSooi^pgS. 

)8Ssiji, def 2. 

>S 1* With other roots 00. the act is roughly, and care- 
lessly done, without precision or niceness; CO. 
sounds of a rough, harsh, hoarse kind; 2. derir. 
hoarse, harsh sounds. 

^5@S, 00. ^SgS^SgS, def. 1.;. o5i@S, def. 1. 
CO, o58@5o5igS,; ^p@S, CO. ^p@5, Cog. oogS, 
def. 2. see no@5, @5, odQS, odcjS, ©c^S 


§1 1. A kind of trap nsed to catch bird*, a large mat 
of bamboo upheld hy a catch, when liberated it 
faUa upon the prey ; call aloud, shout applied to 
monkeys; 2, with other roots scream as when 
frightened, shout with a bellowing noise; 8. 
make- a mingled noise of laughing and shouting.; 
4. CO. the name for Cbiuese. 
ooojie^gi, def. 1.; fi§,, 3.; @i8x@i8x, det. 
4. Cog «»«ii, oo«i,, ^t, §., @,, ao«j,. @,, o«|H 

^cSi. def. S.; gtcBtoog, do. 

idibcgS, shout, halloo. 

318^00, def. 2. ; o6^S<»d88i@i8^<». 

DtoS^ogti def. 2. 

dtSiStti, det; 1. 

^p, see fo^p. 

^x, 1. A kind of basket nsed as a depository for dishes ; 
2. CO. to other roots; 3. reduplicated, adi>. imi- 
Utive of sound; 4. with other roots which deter- 
mines the signification. 

Cog. 0^1, CO. ooD,, and o@n, ao§i, co. oogt. 
a)c§^^i, def. 1.; ooSgi. CO. mStiSmSS, also 
eo. other roots. Cpg. oosji, esji, wax, ffix, fix. 

§x@x, def. 3.;o5^o8pd8f§i@i. ^ "^ 'S 

§, a scandent plant growing in salt* water marshes; 
of a sweet taste, tender parts eaten 

§S, 1. -&*. 41,-05^1, and o^i ,or>^S, first def?; 2. 
fetters, same ae }iC3otSS« 
^^1 the loot. 

06, 1. A rack, or books need for puVttftig^ BpeiSr 
mii8k«t8, ewordiiy ^.' npoo a bamboo frame ated 
at foneral ceretfiotimt and called 'the horse of 
Uadee, nttm. affix^ piles, as of wood, confined 
between staked ; 8. with other roots insert ud 
confine in a space between things, as in the folds 
of a garment, &c. ;3. with other roots, a name 
given in anger to a * stone, log, or any thiag 
against which the person has hnrt himself, fall 
into a space between things, as into crevices, &c 
IpgS, def. 1. and 8.; c8i@5, Co. c9i@5c6tg5, 
def. 3. Gog. 00^, and ^S, from ^6. 

@5oa6, def. 2.; ^ooSoo^^noDioodB^^. 

tooScSS, def. 2.; mScS^ngS, do. where the thing is put 
out of the way or abandoned. 

§8, same as oo^t, whether alone or with othbr roots^ | 
og^^,; tD^^t,; i^@t, rnn around; ^^h 
oSras, ^^8^roic8i, the sun has turned the meri- 
dian d6i@t,; c8i@t,; os@i, see correspondiog 
terms under oo^t. 

BOt, and. 

^toooDt, see corresponding terms under oo2^t« 
5i, shuffled, ruffled, @ioi, — ©""Q^i »^ o^i, .^d 

tlie corresponding terms. 

Gog. 00^1, and its compounds. Gog. see ^i, 

the root. • 

*@i% same as qoc|iS,— ^iSooooS, loose, broken, as the 

sides, walls, or surface of tMings whioli' am not 

firm and compact. 

Diiy same as ooc|ii» broady iariBg at Ike hme^ &o. 
I^iiooi, ~cdigiioDi| ~-q8i@ii&i MS conwpeiidiiig. 

terms Qoder qm^i. Oog. o^ii. 
», same a». a»^f ; •c)^, we m^, 8. 
l^nocoS, Mtf OD^oocoSt in a bright, cooapiouaoa^ lumin- 

oas manner. 
S^, Batne aa o»f aDC|«^ ita% raffled maoneft Ae. 
3Dq^9 me oo^t^} rnffledi dishevelled, &q. 

have the hair hanging all abont in a most disor* 

derly manner, 
^ly—^^oocoSt adv. in a oontpienons manner, eonspie* 

nooslyi openly. 
3^@^' a(2o. dall, heavy sounds. 
^Sy fee no^S, it has not been found except ia the 

derivative form, 
^t»— "^icxKoS, same as 03^1. adv. with an abrupt, sud- 
den, tremulous motion, as the nerves and muscles 

irom panic) with a sadden start. 

Oog. oo^», and oo^t. 
^^,^00^^^^, (od^@@r>9 do.) raise, elevate with a 

sadden effort, as a load on the back which has 

slipped too low down. 
^\9 same as oo^i, shake, &c • 

Oog* 00^1^ and oo^\. 
^xcocoS, $66 co^xcoooS^ o5^o5^^i; of vibrating 

• somnds. 

ti^i, vibratiiig somidsw 
i@S, see oo^i^S. ^ 

tt8 ^SSx 

^idB^ooo/raiBe, sbrng np the posteriors, raisci push 
np with the posteriors. 
kcSSoQO^ty do.% shake one's selfw * 

hxSit shake off or down ; see oof ic8i« 
|, same as 00%, despise, treat witk contempt. 

^@i^@i^@^ tMes made by blowing a natife 
33' sound like that of hitrd gusts of wind. 
^^ 1. See 00%^,; 

2. reduplicated, dull, heavj sounds ; 

3. deriv. slack, num. affix^ Ac; 

4. qaalified bj other roots, an instrument of the 
harp kind with three strings; a fragrant plant, 
growing in moist places,; another plant, also 
growing in wet places, eaten by the nativee. 
8c?^@[S, def. 4.; d8@[S, 4.; c«^@[S, 4. see 9>tV 
Gog. ^(^^9 ^^<^ it^ varioQS combinations, 3^3^* 

^' 3^3^@^S^* ^®*^* ^' ^^S' ^%S» and the 
root jj|S. 
^5, same as 00 ^S. 1. Bab, scrub, pass close aloDg the 
margin, graze,; be incessant^ continual,; mid, 
voice, rnb one's self against something; 
2. with other roots look along the surface of a 
thing,; push down, push along,; drag along, as on 
the grearnd,; mid* voice^ drag one's self along,; 
• move one's self along laboriously, as in carrying 
a heavy burden, or from debility, drag along, as 
any thing that rubs the ground, a thing to wipe 
out or scrub with, get rubbed, abraded, grazed. 
0(^. oo%S, and the root j|S^ 

. 985g[5, det. a ; dB^QS, 2 ; oD^ltgS, 1 ; cgSQS, 
«; ogSQSooooi, '2. and ocjodo^QSodS, 2; cot 
QS, 2 ; f^QS, 8. and oo^@5, 2 ; c8i@5, ae iS 
o6cei@[5, 2 ; cbiQS, 2.^ ' 

iSngS, rab, wipe off. 
Soooctof rab one's self, def. 1. * 

t, aomethiDg energetici not easily snbdaed, Ac 1. 
Ohinese ; 2. name of a large tree, wood fragrant,; 
a species of evil genias which is supposed to 
prodoce illness in persons of a fearing, timid, 
disposition ; Co. to the term for foe, enemy, somer 
thing hnrtfal. 

f^Qs, def. 2. ?^@[g, do-y ojiQj, (o8iOD4»,) 3; 
cBqi, 2. CO. OD^i, Oog. see those of cx>j|«, see 
also ^8, the root. 
[tSi^tSi, same as def. 1. - 

l?» •^?@?' ^^^^ *® ®^?ft?» which see. 

^1,1. Oonnectively; together, in a collected body; 
2. deriv. a plant of the arnm family. 

[ic85QiceS, def. 1.. . . 

Cog. odQi, odQioi, coQio/def. 31 <|a, root. 

^, stripped) bare, destitute of the usual appendages 
• or covering; 1. an animal of the Lacerta family, 
distinguished for its resemblance to the dry limb 
of a tree ; a writer; 2. qualified by affixes, bare, 
as a tree, of leaves, with only branches or a bare 
trunk ; name of a plant; 3. name of a plant, the 
stems variegated like the animal above ; name of 
a bird from its having variegated wings; name 
of a flowering plant, the flower appears witlTout 
49 K« 

^«0 . P@5 

name ; ^^, daf. S. cfiSj^^i 8. jmw m cfi'^c 
Q9» t^^, 8. Cqg. cx^i mod tbe root ||^. 
def. 2. Bame as ^^9. 
?9, def. 2. see abo 00^^. 
~^, def. 2. 2l8o caUed <B^^. 
, ,1. Qoalified by affixes, a gUUtrieg or gintny hnnh 
inaeeti a gi^en beetle of the Bopreat fandly; 
2. deriv. glitter, daasle, &q. 
8^i@^» def. 1* oci@^f and eofl^>o«Bda9 root c^ 
01, 1, OaverB, chasm) iotecBtieOy as in the sides « 

2. qoalified bj a prefix, capacioas, oavemoi^ 
bloated, as a large abdomen in children, 
oof^x^i, def. 2 ; og^if CO. a^^oi^h intersti^ 
or cavern in a rock, see nnder Uie voQtf ^u 
@, CO, @3q8, the pointed iron, or hook ased by m 
phant drivers ; the name has an dlasion to i 
Qse in woonding or mangling the bmst I 

•Oog. 00^, also \f the root. | 

same a6 oo^S.. J 

flbigS, see obtm^S', Cog. eee a3@5,; OQ@[W)i 
slack, and shaking, as « rope. • j 

), see 0D^Sbic6, also applied to other gil<Si 
as on the covers of books, <S^; talk inoeaaaBli 
rattle off words and sentences without any biei| 
^5@S, see oo^Soo^S ; also, by. fits and starts^ ss 
commencing a thing with great energy, and fll 
stopping or' doing it veiy leisnrely, act atea<ti| 
Oog. see oo^S, Uso 2^S, die 

Uf 966 Q9^, ;ind op^iy applj#d al8o to th^ ii^intilla-. 

tipns of .liglit. 

Cojg. 866 09@t, and ii[t. 
^, Qne of the principal notes or tones plajefi on a 

Karen harp, the whole performace is represented 
. bj the following forumla. 

^\f connection, coujanction; 1. the leaf of a door; 
3. qaalified bj a prefix, eonnectively, in conjnnc- 
tiojp with each other; 3» deriv. form. 
83@i8jSgi, def. 2. same as 8^@i8|S@i, and 
g[ic8S@c8S, oo\i, the. root ^i. 
o9@i, and oagio^if def. 3. 

I lo A deep place iu the earth, as a ravinei dell> 
and the like; 
3. with an affia^ stilly immoveable^ silentt quiet» 

^ in an inactive, lazy manner; 

)^@, def. 1 ; a:>S@^x, do. Cog. cx>^, oo^, @, g, 866 
00^, and 00^. 

ioDcoSt def. 2 ^ cS^gooooS. 

^cooSSt and QBcadbS, do. 

|@. def. 2. ^?@@. 

1^ and its compound^ same as oo^S, and oompoands. 
ooSSgS, ««« ooSS, 5; 8^@S, eavie as S^@i, 
gigs, i«e gx ; @S@S, «e« @S ; <fit@S, ««« a> 
^, 18 ; also need in speaking of a person's in- 
trading himself into a hoase, or oompayy ; c8^ 
@S^S, «M oQ^S, 6 ; figs, «M o9^S, » ; ^gS 
f^gS, «M @5, 1. f ^g5, ««e wqs, 7 ? «8g5,— 

782 ^086 

^tfi^S, chop and piteli away, as brush ; oo^ 
^t, Bame aa oo^S, 2. all covered with eorea ; c 
@S^t^, do.i o5aL>@6, die snddenly, withont a] 
parent canse ; die as an anjmal of itself ; o^t^ 
CO. <^'@S<>2*^^» shake, tremblci as one with ej 
treine age ; root, ^S, Cog. see a>^S. 

58^ see oo^St 3. 
^So2@Sc^^i 8ee od^Sojop^Soo^. 

I, same as oo^t, and 00^1, stick out, project, d^< 

1. Stick oat, be dishevelled, as the hair ; a sheat) 
as of a knifci or sword ; a ravine at the head < 
streams ; irregular, disorderly, co. of the tei 
for insane ; 

2. with an a/yix. disorderly, projectingly, stickti 
ont in all directions; 

3. doriv. in a harsh, rongh, rnffled manner ; 

4. with other roots pell-mell, be hasty, incoi 
siderate in forming an opinion or in coming ta 

-'' resolution ; speak in a thoughtlesp, off-hand m 

without regard to truth or propriety ; ferment 
sour, have an old, fermented, acrid, dieagreeal 
smell ; behave in a silly, foolish, half-witi 
manner ; a silver plate worn by Barman feind 
children as a screen to nakedness. « 

oDi^S^, def. 4. and 001^ ; S^@t, 4. co. Iv^ 
cee also 6t; oofc8@i, 4 5 ooS^s, 1. CO. ooSq|^ 
8@», 1 ; ^E@«, 1. ^io5fc8@i, 4 ; o5@s, 4- « 
o^^lS 5 oSS^i, 4. not ^«, oc@t, CO. OD^t, ax| 

@i8t, def. 2. same as od^&Si, and o^^tSt, which 9H^ 

@i<}86, def. 1. 

•@^@% 788 

}if Mine as co^\, name of a jangle treOf timber some 

times osed for house posts. 

o68^^i^ said to be used for ciSfiSxf a oonduit, 

or spoot to oondact watec 
I t. Same as o3^, prevent, obstrnety Ac. 

2. with the term for np, mid. voioe, interfere} in 
. order to prevent; 

3, num offiM. loads of dry bamboo fael ; said to 
be applied to^ fences and things extended in a 
line used as preventatives* 

ng^, CO. €g^@» def. 3. and a load of bamboo 
fnel ; c8^^o5SoS, Mf 09^, 7 ; b@, Me oo^i 8; 
^@@^' «0« @^ ; Oog. of ^, the root. 

|o6S, see oo^n5S. 

|«>S» eee oo^toS. 

|o5S, 9ee oo^ooS. 

jdQ^oooot, def. 2. 

p, 1. Same as oo^^i 1. 2. which see ; 

2. with affixesi a bird resembling a yellow hen^ 
name imitative of its noise» a tree resembling 
a species of stercolia ; 

3. qnalified by prefixes, CO. the term for being 
ashamed, diffident ; leaves of the piper betel on 
the branches of the plant, on account of their 
position being more open to the ai/and light* 
bS@^, def. 3. CO. ^$391 ; oao(2ii^@^f ^* ^^* ^ 
00^^, eee oo^^, and ^^, the root. 

Scnfi%% eee oo^WSt ; @^oo8too^i, a cable. 
hQh, 9e6 OT^SoD^^. • 

^ §1 

^^65, ^ d|]^ieB of biittglesy eo called from tfieir Veib^ 

open and hollow within. 
@^o^9 with the term for cross-bow prefixed, s vmrj 

large kind of cross-bow. 
@SoSoio5, def. 25 3id8f@SoSd«o5@SoSdto5. 
@SdS, def. 2. 
^S 1. Same as oo^S^ and od^S, def. first and eecbiid^ 

rednplicated, harsh, broken, guttnral sounds; 

2. with a prefix, obstractedi ift the throat in 1 
cold; also obstructed, brokeni guttnral sounds. 
cisgScSsgS. def. 2. Cog. ^S, the root; oo@S 
CO. oo@So>@5. 

@5@5, def. 1 ; o5poDc8«cS^@5@S. 
^pf same as 00^^. 
@^c8^, see oo^^cS^. 

^1@^, CO. V18^V@?' *^^ ^^?' 3- *^ ^- * 

QBi 1. /%^ oo8i, and 0081 in all their CombinatioDS acl 
* 2. with affixes, stretch out, extend equally oi 
each side, as in extending the arms;. 

3. reduplicated, sound like that of strips of bam- 
boo striking together; 

4. with% prefixes, in conjunction, side bj sidt, 
level ground between mountains, plateau; CO. d 
term for mountain ridges ; CO. of term for sea, 00 
aceount of its surface ; a swing with alluaion to 
the parallel sides. 

5. deriv. equaf, parallel, colUier&l.; 6ofai{>a]re, c<Ai 


late; with an ofjWi stretched oat strkight a# tke 
linibB of a person sleeping on thci back. 
8^@i8^@i, def. 4. «M 6p ; 09^@i, ^ and 8^ 
@i/4. CO. S^g6^ ; a>^§@%, 4. d)9p«6^@>i 4. 
Cog. 00^1, root ^ly Cog. co^if def. 5 ; oo^i 
8, 5. 

i, def. 2 ; @ig^cg^od^. 
^i, def. 3 ; o§^^^co^@i@i. 
|i00oxi, same ag ^@^, «^^ C3ot|oooii. 

9^, Bomething which gives importance^ power, or sup- 
port to a thy^gy 1. disciples^ followersi .immediate 
adherents, 2. ^ sexnal excitementt with the. term 
for pnt prefixed ; be nnder snch excitement; fierce, 
gavage, as a beast at sacU times* 
oScg), def. 2 ; cx>^ooqoSog1|co8«, Cog. %ee cool, 
and ol» the root. 

ogS, CO. of ogS, drag. 

• c^iQoQiQg^coc^SoocSi,. whoremongers, Cog. 0Do% 
also the root. 

cgS, only foand aflixed to other roots^ urge a point or 
add force to it. by the nse of a parable or figure 
of speech; use figurative language; a poet, one 
skilled in making poetry ; figurative language. 
dBdScgS ; ootiOogS ; cSogSy see def. above, see odoSi 
and o8. 

ogty (Bar. c^goSy) matter, consideration, importance, in 
consideration of, in allowance for, on account of; 
9b reekon, oonnt, as numbers, and fignres, 9ie gt. 
0d(^d3^, nag. oo^oooB^QO^, d«f. 1. Mcgt, aa^ 

786 G^ 

cgioo^i def. 2* . . 

cgi» indicatea niQtion laterallyi or disUnoe froiii» afar^ 
i. CO. to the term for bend down, as a tre0 bj 
the windi atrike i^ the wind on the eid'e of a per- 
son or thing; 

2. with affixesi oo. to the term incline, bowi be 
snbmisBive to snperiora; 

3. deriv. obliquelyt difltanoet afar, far away, 

4u with prefix, sleep* away fronj a honset as in 
travelling, a name given in anger to the wild 
when it has done harm; be alqpe, distant or te- 
•parated* frour companions; carry off to a distance 
or in different directions. 
oQgt, CO. ocSSoogi, def. 4 ; ^^ogi, eo. coo5v^ogit 

4. cSicgi, CO. c8iQgic8io^i, 4* oQgi, or &c8S&ci^ 
4. Oog. ooogi, def. 3 ; oocgi ; ooogi, 3. 

cgic6i, CO. GgicGficgidBi, def* 2. 

Oog. coox and ox the root. ' 

Q^^, see ooo^, 1. drag, tow, drag after; 

2. with af^^ drag along, drag one's self along, 

labor as one who is weak. 

Oog. ooogS, — ooogS, CO. of ooQgi, and Odcgi, Cog. 

o^6% also'O^, the root. 
€6^g[S, def. 2. and og^^5ooo3t, def. 2. 

cg^Qbtoo, def. 2! Co. ogSg[5, as o2g[So2^a>taD. 
0^^,-001, same as og^(Q^S— 03t, as eg^S^eabfo^^eootcBt* 
cg^, frame as oo5^, which see ; also see ODog^, num. q^/u. 

long, narrow stripes, Gog. see ooo^. . 
ogi, same as 0061, 1. .bend, as a tree with the*wind ; 

S. with affixes, bend, down, as a person ; 

3. redaplicated, bow, bend repeatedly, as a tree 
by the wind; also, snbmisivelj.^ 

4« deriv. bow and make other gestures and inflec- 
tions of the body, as in gracefal ifpeaking. 
0(^. oo^if CO. oogioobi, def. 4. 
Cog.. CO. QO&i, and 5i, the root. 

3gic8x, Co. ogxdixogicQxf def. 2. o^kBiooooi, bow one's 
self, as in an act of reverence. 

sgxogxi def* 8. see also oodiii. 

12^, (Bar. <^aS,) £orm an estimate, or opinion, guess, 
tfnrmise. * 

58|5o3^, do. 

^ 1. Pile things that are broad and thin, on top of 
* each other ; be in series or layers one above an- 
other ; 

2. num. affim. to such piles ; 
8. with ojffix. pile or lay in series one on top of 
another, CO, of the term for torch ; a torch, made 
of the wood oil. 

4. deriv. name of a plant, tender parts eaten ; 6. 
with a prefix, a hammer, sledge, any iron used 
to pound with. 

OOG^,-— 90^, &o. def. 2. see ooc^ ; cbScj^, def. 6 ; 

^Sc^, small cannon. Oog. ooq^, def. 4. Gog. cob, 

and the root b. 
^cxn, CO. c^QOic^S^t, def. 3. 
^o3i^, det 8. CO. c^Sf and c^oocB. * 

^^, def. 8. 
g88t, det 8. .CO. G^ooi. 

TW ogi 

ogso, def» &• cbcori^gdB, do. 

^ooSf def. 8. o^ooiSoocSt do* (Tat,^ 

Cj^^i 1. Lead^ aidi^ guide alongi as a. person who is 

fdeblcy or as one in a difficult road where there 

is danger of stnrabling ; 

2. resemble, 

3. with (l/^f attach tOy take hold of, m for the 
parpose of aiding along, lead, join handft, aa far 
aid in walking; the largest kind of paddjy ao 
called from its ancicDt story, 'as the wild plantain 
tree, and the kernels large as pumpkins;' the eyeSf 
or coifDlenanee, attractive, beantifnl ; a'phrase 
IndicatiDg beaotj ; 

4. combined with other roots a place, or circniB-| 
stances attended with difficulties, and dani^rs ;* 

5. neg. behave in -a disrepatable, or inaaioral 

000^, CO. ooo^Sooooi, def. 6. see ooc^S ; ^6^^, 3;| 
^Sc^^oolot^to^Soo^s, 8; Odci^^<j^, 4. cog. see nobl 
and the root bS. 

o^fipi, and o^^opicSSodODs, def. 3. 

c^SdBjS, and c^SdS{5c8Sooop«, def. 3. 

^^odS, def. 3 ; also called o^SodS, and c8^cx>S. 

o^S, — o^SooS, same as ^SodS. 

<^^, (Bnr. ogSt, j used to denote the doing any thinj; 
with effect, getting along with business. 

<^i, enlargement, relief, clearing away of obstractioDt ; 

opposed to being oonftned, straitened ; need m a 

CO. and c^f^. 1. CO. the term for obtaitf i^fUSm 

^6^ help, aid, as in a case of iteeulty,. Mi m wftf d 

jAitey or coinpadfiibn, Be^ also, ^ram riec. 241 » 

CO. be alone, distatit from others; 

2. deriv. CO. far off, distant.' 

^^^i, def. 1. CO. ^o^j ; cdic^iy 2. co. ^tc^i, see 

agi ; ootcD^f^^c^i^ 2. wdooo^i, Cog. cobi,- rootbi, 
d9, same as 0089 which see. 
agif 1. Stiength, power^ ability, physical or intellectnal^ 

of a more than ordinary kind ; 

2. with a prefix, assnme to be something great ; 

put on the airs of an extraordinary personage. 

2io§^f def. 2. see co9Hy and the root 8^. 
c^fxo^ooiS^ootoolcbS, how great, and how many are 

yonr extraordinary qualities ? 
d^i» same as ooSi, which see. 


0O9 when used as a formative is a Pgboism and the 
word may be sought under 00. ^ * * 

oo^it, eeeht. 

c6\, fit together, as things whose parts come in close 
connection, rhyme, accord in sound, harmonize, 
as lines in poetry; • 

1. Poetry, rhyme, concordant or melodious tones ; 
weave, as cloth ; scrape, as grain, sand, &c» with 
the handsi into a vessel; lade water from the 
bottom of a boat ; dip anything with a scoop- 
ing motion; a span, measure with a span; title of 
. a Karen Fat>le; have the mind captiviited with 
i^n object, be greatly attached to ; with the prefix^ 
ktoff, cram the ttidnth ; 

Y90 ofl . . 

i. with o;^! talk with patbetiCf melliflaons toMS, 
u in sympathizing with the afflicted^ oo. of the 
term denoting the cloth beam ; co. of the tenns 
for sickle ; poetic libeU or scandal^ exposing the 
author to prosecution; poetry peculiar to Sgan 
EarenSf poetical satire or calumny, one stanzi 
of poetry; two timbers betwedh whichy ii^ weaving, 
the cloth is passed, and rolled as the work pro- 
ceeds; the frsBDum of the tongue, Fable, No. 78 
and 79 ; give out a line of poetry by one partj 
to be ^answered by aDotber, the^parties are male 
and female; canto, hymn, &c. a poetical tale or. 
legend; a kind of wooden koife used in beating up 
the threads in weaving; poetic enigma, poetry on 
the subject of Hades and the deadf funeral dirge, 
Kar. Fab. No. 157; see Kar. Fab. No. 168; 
love-songs, Ear. Fab. No. 159; obscene poetry, 
#poetry made by two parties, male and female al- 
ternately, a favorite amusement among Karen 
youth, by one party to try the ingenuity and skill 
of the other party in ianswering ; sit up and make 
rhyme, alone all night until day breaks; poetic 
triumph, to ridicule and pour contempt on a van- 
quished party ; oo. to the term for weave. 
3. Deriv. forms, CO* the terra for word, speech, 
use incantation ; skin, flay peel up; come together, 
intermingle, as a stream of fresh water with the 
salt water of the sea; 4. with* other roots CO. 
the terms for ferrule ; and gall-bladder ; CO. of 
the terms for rollers ; wi^it for each other; agar- 

tS\9 791 

ment jnst as it comes from the loom, that is not 
yet dyedy or worked with beads, &e. ; draw down 
the tongue with a qaiek' motion so as to make a 
noise, clack; have nlcers in the mouth, canker 
or thrash ; chicken-pox, do. ; also, any tender spot 
in the body which is pecaliarly liable to harm ; 

ootoo1| def. 1; ^ocH, i. see eg) \ ^scx>), 4.. CO. 
<x>| ; 8tcx)l, CO. 8«cxnc85, 4. cocjol, 5. oDOgSool 
oot, 4; 09^05)08^,4. oo^dBpod), 4. c8^cx5), 4; 
iiioo), 4; GfLoSlf 4 5 • 02^,8icxn8i, 4; ojOoSocJ) 
cot, 4. o^o5), 4. Cog. 0000), def. 8. see cooS\ ; 
cx>oo)oSi, def. 3; ocxH, 3 ; ocxnogS. 8; ooo)§^i 3. 

od)a>^i, CO. Go)oo^ioo)S^8, def. 2. 

oo)dgi, def. 2. co. oo)o5S, and cxTlbS. 

a$)o^S, def. 1. and ; oocB^ooifj^iod^ooi, f otcgSc30fiiOD^, 
a5)og5coi o^ooojS . 

a>lc:g^, span, measure with a span, 

ookgS, CO. colc^Sool^, def. 2. 

a>)8^, defv 2? dbl8f (BS^i, and oo)8p(x>1o6i, do. 

aS18^, def. 2 ; <;icooi«ioo)8^(i)a588. 

0:08^^^, cx)S8^©S, crave, craving appetite. ^ 

oo18^<2|]i, the under lip. 

ocn8^ot, the upper lip. 

an8^oscoS, between the lips; fig. with words only, not 
heartily or sincerely. 
oScoioo)8^otooS, is to remember, get by heart. 

cx>)85oi, move the mouth, is used to denote talking, 
giving instruction; 

aSl9f and 00)0^8, def. 2. 


aO^if def. 2; co. cdt^^i. 

^locHy daf. 2. because it cotB, or iiyfires ^aothtr. 

cplpoq^^, CO. oo1«>G2.^a5)oa9gi, dirf. 2. 

ooloo^i def. 2. <^« oo1^. 

cr^OTS, 2. and 2. 

qolodS, CO. cx>lo35orflogi, or oof JSocJlooS, d©f. 2. 

Qp1oo^, CO. ono^^ocfloop, def. 2. 

q;|)o5t, CO. oo)o&|K3ol8, or ^^ooSoolooii def. 2. lit. 

. roof of the mouth, 
Qo)o&ii def. 2. CO. QQi)9^. . 
oolcS^t def. 2. and 4. 
ool8, def. 2. 
^Q%S§, def. 2. 

oo)8o2^» ^^^* ^ ^ oc$)8o2^ool8qgii do. 
aS\^, def. 2. 

cx>)^f col a5l^oo)bD^1, def. 2. ^nd 1. 
oolSS, CO. oolo^^oAbS^ def. 2. %, or ba^t^ii. 
afl§S, def. 2. ' 

ool§^§x, def. 2. 
oolfllif CO. ool^iiool^Uy def. 2. 
oolotS^, deft 2. 
a>)8oo^, def. 2. 

oolgp/co. oolgpoolg^, def. 2. * 
odl^sdB^, def. 2. 

odloo^i def. 1. 

oolooii — cxnxitx>)c^^9 poetical lijb^i 9f^!^* 


«^^ ^'* a* 

aena^^y mafciAg love bj the oae of i^oetry, aiUI dot by 

direct language. 
ff)UI|^f aod oolo^^s^y def. 8. 

aiUuS^t CO. oo