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■» ^ l • * t, • 

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Based on the Publications of the United States 

Bureau of Education and the Rules of the 

American Philological Association and 

the Simplified Spelling Board 

Compiled from the 

Funk & Wagnalls New Standard Dictionary 

OF THE English Language 



Member of the Advisory Council of the Simplified Spelling Board; 
Author of "Essentials of English Speech and Literature, etc. 


new YORK and LONDON 

• • 

• • • • 

• • • 



A FEW years ago, a writer to one of our great dailies expressed the hope that 
the advocates of simplified spelling would issue a manual containing, ^* in 
one alphabetical order and convenient for quick consultation, all the terms on the 
simplification of which they have agreed,'' instead of referring the public to the 
half hundred bulletins they have issued for the information it requires. Three 
years have passed by since this suggestion was made, and notwithstanding the fact 
that many inquiries for a manual of this kind have been received none has yet been 
issued. The purpose of the compiler of this book is to provide such an alpha- 
betical guide. The vocabulary consists of the simpler forms of spelling that have 
been recommended for adoption from time to time by the American Philological 
Association and the Simplified Spelling Board, many of which were announced 
by the United States Department of Education in its Bulletin Number 202, 
and others, particularly the simplifications of the three hundred words recom- 
mended by the Simplified Spelling Board in the Board's Circular Number 5, as 
the bulletin entitled " SimpUfied Spelling for the Use of Government Depart- 
ments " issued from the oflBice of the Public Printer, Sept. 4, 1906, by direction 
of the President of the United States under date of Aug. 27, ld06, and the Simpli- 
fied Spelling Board's "Alfabetic List," Circular Number 23, issued March 6, 1909. 

In the compilation of this book the writer is not concerned with the reasons 
why this or that word should be simplified. This phase has already received 
the attention of many of the foremost scholars in English linguistry. All he has 
aimed to do is to provide in one volume a guide to the forms that words take 
when the rules for simplification recommended by these scholars are applied. 

This Dictionary aims to supply the need of those persons who have been 
sufficiently interested in the Simplified Spelling Movement as to ask for an 
alphabetical list of words simplified according to rule. The vocabulary is 
not exhaustive, but the number of words it contains is sufficiently large to cover 
the various classes of simplifications reconmiended by the rules already referred 
to. It may be enlarged at wiU. The rules, classified according to number 
and to the societies that have reconmiended them, wiU be found printed else- 
where. To indicate words that are simplified according to the rules promulgated 
by the American Philological Association, the symbol ' is printed immediately 
after the word. Words simplified in harmony with the rules recommended 
by the SimpHfied Spelling Board are indicated by the letter • printed in the 
same manner. Where the form of the word is affected by the rules of both 
Societies both letters are used, as eolleag, '*". 

To provide supporters of the Simplified Spelling Movement with the ade- 
quate means for determining how each simpHfied word should be divided at the 



vi Preface 

end of a line, every word is syllabicated, showing, wherever necessary, the pri- 
mary stress (indicated by the prime mark (0 after the accented syllable), the 
secondary stress (indicated by the secondary mark C^) after the accented syl- 
lable), and the hyphen (-) which indicates syllabic division in such parts of a 
word as are not accented. The reader will understand that any word may 
be divided wherever primary or secondary accent is indicated as well as wher- 
ever the hyphen is shown. As compound words in great number may be formed 
by the combining of one word with another (as, tabU-dothf door-^naU, dormer^ 
vrindoWj friction-dutch, roadrhotLse, high-baU, stomach-pump), these are not, in 
general, included. As an additional convenience, the grammatical character of 
each word is indicated, being followed by an abbreviation, printed in italic type, 
indicating its particular part in speech; as, a. for adjective; n. for noun; t;. for 
verb; adv, for adverb, etc. In every case the abbreviation is that commonly 
used for the same purpose in dictionaries. 

As Circular Number 26, published March 24, 1913, and containing additional 
rules of the Simplified Spelling Board, was issued after the editorial work on 
"Funk & Wagnalls New Standard Dictionary" had been completed, the rules 
that it announced could not be applied. In the following pages, therefore, only 
such words as the Board itself selected for examples, illustrating the application 
of the rules, are included. 

The compiler ventures to hope that the following pages will be found to 
adequately supply, the need for which they have been compiled, and prove ac- 
ceptable to supporters of the Simplified Spelling Movement as well as to the 
people who would have given that movement their support had they been able 
to secure a simple, yet comprehensive, manual for their guidance. It should be 
borne in mind that the spellings printed in the pages that follow are not manda- 
tory in any sense of the word; they are recorded there as recommended for the 
use of the general pubUc by eminent scholars who have devoted years of labor 
to the subject of the ameUoration of spelling of English words, 

f. H. V, 
New York, September, 1915. 


President, Prof. Edward Capps, Princeton University; Vice-Presidents , 
Prof. Carl D. Buck, University of Chicago, and Prof. Edward P. Morris, Yale 
University; Secretary and Treasurer, Prof. Frank G. Moore, of Columbia Uni- 
versity, New York. Initiation fee, $5; annual dues, $3. Total membership, 690. 
The association was organized in 1869. Its object is ** the advancement and dif. 
fusion of philological knowledge.'' 


Recommended by the American Philological Association 

T^HE Philological Society of England and the American Philological Asao- 
* ciation took joint action on the amendment of EngUsh spelling in 1883, 
and on the basis of it twenty-four joint rules were printed in the proceedings of 
the American association for that year (see next page). It was known that the 
appUcation of these rules was difficult, and that an alfabetic list of amended 
words must be made. A pamflet of the English society and a paper in the Transac- 
tions of the American association for 1881 ar official context for interpretation. 
The corrections ar in the interest of etymological and historical truth, and ar 
to be confined to words which the changes do not much disguize from general 

In the following list, as in the twenty-four rules, many amendabl words hav 
been omitted for reasons such as these: — (1) The changed word would not be 
easily recognized, as nee for knee: or, (2), letters ar left in strange positions, as 
in edg for edge, casq for casque, (3) The word is of frequent use. Final g =y, v, 
q, z, and syllabic I and n, ar strange to our print but abundant in our speech. 
Many of them ar in the list: hav, freez, singl, eatn, etc.; but iz for is, ov for of, 
and many other words, as wel as the final z—soi inflections, ar omitted. (4) The 
wrong sound is suggested, as in vag for vagve, acer for acre. (5) A valuabl dis- 
tinction is lost: casque to cask, dost to dy>st, (6) The derivation is obscured: nun 
for none, dun for done, munth for month. (7) The change leads in the wrong 

Words doutful in pronunciation or etymology, and words undecided by. 
the associations, however amendabl, ar omitted. Inflections ar printed in italics. 

The rules proper ar as follows: 

1. e. — Drop silent e wh«i fonetically useless, writing -er for -re, as in live, 

single, eaten, rained, theatre, etc. 

2. es. — ^Drop a from ea having the sound of short c, as in feather, leather, etc. 

3. o. — ^For o having the sound oiumhut write u in above (abuv), tongue (tung), 

and the hke. 

4. ou. — Drop o from ou having the sound of u in but, in trouble, rough (ruf), 

and the like; for -our unaccented write -or, as in homwr. 


5. u, ue. — Drop silent u after g before a, and in nativ English words, and drop 

final lie: guardy guess, catalogue, league, etc. 

6. Dubl consonants may be simplified when fonetically useless: bailiff (not 

hall, etc.), battle (batl), written (writn), traveller, etc. 
7.- d. — Change d and ed to final t when so pronoimced, as in looked (lookt) 
etc., imless the e afifects the preceding sound, as in chafed, etc. 

8. gh, ph. — Change gh and ph to / when so sounded: enough (enuf), laughter 

(lafter), etc.; phonetic (fonetic), etc. 

9. 8. — Change s to z when so sounded, especially in distinctiv words and in 

•ise: abuse, verb (abuze), advertise (advertize), etc. 
10. t. — Drop t in tch: catch, pitch, etc. 


Recommended by the American Philological Association 

THE following rules, jointly approved by the Philological Society of England 
and the American Philological Association, were reported in the Ninth Re- 
port of the Transactions of the American Philological Association in 1883, and 
were commended for immediate use: 

1. e. — ^Drop silent e when fonetically useless, as in live, vineyard, believe, brcmze 

single, engine, granite, eaten, rained, etc. 

2. ea. — Drop a from ea having the sound of 6, as in feather, leather, jealotts, 

etc. Drop e from ea having the sound of a, as in heart, hearken. 

3. eau. — ^For beauty uze the old beuty. 

4. eo. — Drop o from eo having the sound of §, as in jeopardy, leopa/rd. 

For yeoman write yoman, 

5. i. — Drop i of parliament, 

6. o. — ^For o having the sound of H in bul write u in above (abuv), dozen, some 

(sum), tongue (timg), and the like. 
For women restore wimen. 

7. ou. — Drop from ou having the sound of ti, as in journal, nourish, trouble, 

rough (ruf), tough (tuf), and the like. 

8. u. — Drop silent u after g before a, and in nativ English words, as guarantee 

guard, guess, guest, guild, guilt. 

9. ue. — Drop final ue in apologue, catalogue, etc.; demagogue, pedagogue, etc.; 

league, colleague, harangue, tongue, (tung). 

10. y. — Spel rhyme rime. 

11. Dubl consonants may be simplified: 

Final b, d, g, n, r, t, f, I, z, as ebb, add, egg, inn, purr, butt, bailiff, duU, 

buzz (not all, hall). 
Medial before another consonant, as battle, ripple, written (writn). 
Initial unaccented prefixes, and other unaccented syllabls, as in abbre' 

viate, accuse, affair, etc., curvetting, traveller, etc. 

12. b. — ^Drop silent b in bomb, crumb, debt, doubt, dumb, lamb, limb, numb^ 

plumb, subtle, swxumb, thumb. 


13. c. — Change c back to « in cindeff expence^ fierce^ hence, once, pence, scarce, 

since, source, thence, tierce, whence, 

14. ch. — Drop the h of ch in chamomile, choler, cholera, melancholy, school, 

stomach. Change to ^ in ache (ake), anchor (anker). 

15. d. — Change d and ed final to t when so pronounced, as in crossed (crost), 

looked (lookt), etc., unless the e affects the preceding sound, as in chafed 
IB. g. — Drop g in feign, foreign, sovereign. 

17. gh. — Drop h in aghast, hwrgh, ghost. 

Drop gh in haughty, though (tho), through (thru). 

Change gh to / where it has that sound, as in cough, enough, laughter, 
tough, etc. 

18. 1. — Drop I in could. 19. p. — Drop p in receipt. 

20. s. — Drop s in aisU, demesne, island. 

Change « to a in distinctiv words, as in abuse verb, house verb, rise verb, 

21. 80. — Drop c in scerU, scythe (sithe). 22. tch. — Drop t, as in calch, pitch, 

witch, etc. 
23. w. — Drop w in whole. 24. ph. — ^Write / for ph, as in philosophy, sphere, etc. 


President: Professor Charles H. Grandgent, Harvard University; Chairman 
of Trustees: Professor Brander Matthews; Treasurer: Gano Dunn; Secretary: 
Henry Gallup Paine, 1 Madison Avenue, New York; Trustees: James W. Bright, 
Professor of English Literature, Johns Hopkins University; Melvil Dewey, 
Author, and Library Economist; Gano Dunn, President, J. G. White Engineering 
Corporation; Charles H. Grandgent, Professor of Romance Languages, Harvard 
University; Henry Holt, Pubhsher, Editor "The Unpopular Review"; Brander 
Matthews, Professor of Dramatic Literature, Columbia University; Fred J. 
Miller, General Factory Manager, Remington Typewriter Company; Calvin 
Thomas, Consulting Editor, Funk & Wagnalls' New Standard Dictionary ; 
William Hayes Ward, Contributing Editor, "The Independent." 

The Simphfied Spelling Board was organized in March, 1906, for "the purpose 
of expediting this natural process (the simplification of English spelling) of 
change which has been going on for centuries, and, as far as may be possible, of 
guiding it in the direction of simplicity and economy " and to " urge educated 
people ever3rwhere to aid in the gradual simplification of English spelling, and 
thus to make the English language more and more easy to acquire and to use." 
{Simplified Spelling Boardj Circular No. i, March 21, 1906,) The number of 
adherents to its principles exceeds 75,000. 

Recommended by the Simplified Spelling Board 

The following are the rules imder which the simplifications containd in the 
list are groupt. They are condenst from the circulars mentiond, and are ar- 
ranged in the alfabetic order of the letter or letters, or the suflBix, effected. 

' Rule ' here means simply a recommendation that applies to a number 
of words having the same irregularity of spelling. To facilitate acceptance it 
was deemd expedient in some cases to restrict the rule to a limited number of 
the words in the class. Any one who chooses to extend the rule at once to all 
the words of a given class is of course free to do so. 

After each rule is given a list, either of all the words afifected (if they are 
not many), or of all the words mentiond in the original rule, or of a few examples 
of the large number coverd by the rule. In the latter case " Ex." (' Examples ') 
is prefixt, and " etc." is added. If the official recommendation applies to all 
words containing the letter, sequence of letters, or suffix, affected, in the pro- 
nunciation indicated, the word Rule is printed in capitals. For some small 
classes and for isolated amendments no rule is here given. 

1. ae, se or e* not final. Rule: Choose e. Ex.: Anesthetic, chimera, era, 
esthetic, ether, medievdl, paleontology, etc. 



2. -bt, with b silent. Rule: Omit b. Debt, dettor, dovi, indettedj redout, 
redouted, redoutaMe. 

3. ea pronounced as short e. Rule: Drop a. Ex.; Hed, spred, sted, tred, 
tkret, fielth, welth, dremt, ment, plemnt, etc. 

4. ea pronounced as ft, before r. Rule: Drop e. Harken, hart, harth. 

5. -ed or 'd pronounced -d. Rule: Use simple d in all cases (reducing a 
double consonant). Ex.: Aimd, armd, bumd, deemd, dimd, feld, fild, hangd, 
raind, stird, veUd, etc. 

6. -ed or -t, the preceding single consonant being doubled before -ed 
(-pped, -88ed) and left single before -t (-pt, -st). Rule: Choose -t in all cases. 
Ex.: Dipt, dript, dropt, stept, stopt, Uest, prest, mist, blusht, washt, toisht, lockt, 
packt, etc. 

7. -ence or -ense (Latin -ensa). RULE: Choose -ense. Defense, offense, 
pretense. Also license (Latin -entia). 

8. -ette or -et. Rule : Choose -et. Ex. : Coquet, epaulet, etiguet, omelet, 
quartet, quintet, septet, sextet, etc. 

9. gh or f. Rule: Choose f. Draft, not draught. 

10. -gh silent: (1) -ough or -ow (pronounced au). Rule: Choose -ow. 
Plow. (2) -ough or -o (pronounced 6 or o). Rule: Choose -o. Altho, tho, 
thoTo, boro, -boro (in place-names), furlo. (3) -ough or -o (pronounced ik) : 
Through, thro' thro. Rule: Choose thro, but advance it now to thru. 

11. -Ice unstrest, pronounced -Is. Rule: Spell -Is. Ex.: Artifis, coppis, 
comia, crevis, edifis, justis, notis, servis, etc. 

12. -He unstrest, pronounced -II. Rule: Omit e. Ex.: Agil, futU, servU, 
etc. Retain -He when the I is not pronounced short. 

13. -Ine unstrest, pronounced -In. Rule: Omit e. Ex.: Determin, doctrin, 
engirt, examin, genuin, imagin, pristin, etc. Retain -Ine when the I is not pro- 
nounced short. 

14. -Ise unstrest, pronounced -Is. Rule: Omit e. Anis, mortis, practis, 
premis, promis, treatis. 

15. -Ise or -Ize (from Greek), suflSx of verbs. Rule: Choose -Ize. Ex.: 
Civilize, criticize, exorcize, legalize, organize, etc. 

16. -Ite unstrest, pronounced -It. Rule: Omit e. Ex.: Apposit, definit, 
infinit, opposit, preterit, requisit, etc. Retain -Ite when the I is not pronounced 

17. -Ive unstrest, pronounced -Iv. Rule: Omit e. Ex.: Activ, adjectiv, de- 
tectiv, executiv, motiv, nativ, progressiv, etc. 

18. -II or -1 (-111 or -U). Rule: Choose -1. Distil, fulfil, instU; like until, 
compel, impel, etc. 

19. -U- or -1- (-111- or -I1-, -ull- or -ul-) before -ful or -ness. Rule: 
Choose -1. Skilful, wilful, dulness, fulness. 

20. -mb with b silent. Rule: Omit b. Crum, dum, lam, lim, num, thum. 

21. -mn with n silent. Rule: Omit n. Aulum, colum, solem. 

22. oe, ce, or e, not final. Rule: Choose e. Ex.: Ecumenical, esophagus, 
phenix, subpena, etc.; like economy, solecism, etc. 


23. -our or -or. ' RULB: Choose -or. Ex. : Ardor, candor, damor, color, favor, 
flavor, honor, humor, labor, rumor, tumor, valor, vigor, etc.; also, arbor, harbor, neighr 
bar, etc. 

24. ph or f« Rule: Choose f. FarUasm, fantasy, fantom, svJJaie, sulfur; 
like fancy, frantic, frenzy, coffer, coffin, etc., which originally had ph, 

25. ph pronounced f. Rulb: Use f« Camfor, cifer; alfabet, diafram, pamflet; 
autograf, bUMografy, biografy, fonograf, fotograf, paragraf, telegraf, telefone, 

26. -rr or -r. Rule: Choose r. Bur, pur; like cur, fur, blur, slur, spur, 
car, far, fir, stir, etc. 

27. -re or -er. Rule: Choose -er. Ex.: Accouier, center, fiber, meter, miter, 
niter, saltpeter, scepter, sepulcher, somber, specter, theater, etc.; like diameter, num" 
ber, etc. 

28. s or 1 (in the root). Rulb: Choose z. Apprize, assize, comprize, enter- 
prize, raze, surprize, teazel. (See also Rule 15.) 

29. s medial, silent. RULE: Drop s. Aile, He, Het, Hand, 

30. -ue silent, after -g. Rttle: Omit -ue« Catalog, decalog, demagog, ped- 
agog, prolog, coUeag, leag, harang, tung. 

31. -Ye after 1 or r« Rulb: Omit -e. Ex.: Delv, shek, twelv, sdos, carv, curv, 
nerv, serv, deserv, reserv, starv, etc. 

Recommended in Circular No. 26, issued March 24, 1913 

1. eh pronoimst c (chiefly in words of Greek origin). Rule: Drop h. Ex. 

Cameleon, coos, caracter, casm, dorid, dorin, colera, cord (in music), corus, 
cromatic, crome, cromo, cronic, cronide, cronology, arcaic, arcangd, cone, 
distic, eco, epoc, escatology, hemistic, mecanic, mdancoly, monarc, mono- 
crome, monastic, saccarin, scalar, scoUistic, scolium, scool, stomac, siricnin, 
syncronus, tecnic, tecnology, trocaic, etc. 

Retain, for the present, ch before c, i, and y, where, by a conventional 
assumption, c suggests the sound of s, Ex. chemic, chemist, chemistry, 
chirografy, chyle, alchemy, archeology, architect, archives, bronchial, cate- 
chism, lichen, monarchy, orchestra, pachyderm, scheme, trochee, etc. 

2. -ck pronoimst c, after an unstrest vowel, in words of two or more syllables. 

Rule: Drop k. "Ex.Bannoc, barrac, buUoc, cammoc, cassoc, charloc, derric, 
haddoc, hammoc, hassoc, hemloc, hiUoc, hummoc, mammae, mattoc, paddoc, 
pciUoc, puttoc, ruddoc, ruUoc, shamroc, tussoc, wedhc, baUivnc, etc. So 
also: Haver sac, napsac, nicnac, ransac (where there is a secondary stress). 

3. -e final, silent, after a single consonant preceded by a short vowel, strest, 

or by any strest vowel whose sound is not conventionally associated 
witii the silent final -e. Rule: Drop e« Ex. Bad, hav, gio, Uv,forgiv, 
misaiv, etc.; ar, gon, wer. 


The rule can not be applied to the unstrest syllables nice, -ode, -ope, 
-ate, until it shal be determind what letters shal be adopted to indicate 
the weak or "obscure^' vowels in question. 

4. -ea« pronounst as long ft before r. Rule: Drop e« Ex. Harken, hart, 

harten, harthf harty, 

5. -ew pronounst as long u after I or r, or ch. Rule : Change to -u« Ex. Blu, 

du, fluj 8lu, bru, cru, dru, gru, scrUf thru, chu, etc. 

Inflections: (1) -ewed becomes -ued. Ex. Brued, chued, scrued. 
(2) -ews becomes -ues. Brues, chues, cruea, scrues. See 27. 

6. -ey unstrest, pronounst like short final y. Rule: Drop e. Ex. Abhy, aUy, 

cUtomy, barly, chimny, eockny, donky, gaUy, hackny, hony, jersy, jocky, 
jumy, kersy, kidny, tacky, lampry, linsy-^woolsy, medly, mony, monky, 
moUy, parly, pardy, puUy, trolly, turky, vaUy, voUy, whisky. 

7. -ft final, pronounst f« Rule: Drop one f. Ex. Blvf, hvf, chaf, chvf, dif, 

cui, dof, dvf, gaf, gruf, hvf, luf, mif, rnvj, ruf, anif, snuf, staf, atif, stvj, tij, 
whif, etc.; hailif, caitif, distaf, maatif, midrif, pUxintif, povUiJ, sherif, 
tarij, etc. Retain off. See the general rule, paragraf 30. 

8. -gh pronounst f» in -augh, -aught or -ough. Rule: Change to -f (changing 

also au to a» and ou to o or u). Ex. Draft, laf, lafter, chuf, dvf, cof, enuf, 
ruf, dvf, tuf, trof, etc.; and hence laffing, coffing, stuffing, ruff en, tuff en, 
ruffer, tuffer, etc. 

9. -gh silent. Rule: Drop gh« Ex. Aut, caut, dauter, distraut, fraut, hauty, 

dauter, taut, etc.; drout. 

10. gn- pronounst n« Rule: Drop g. Ex. Narl, narld, narly, nash, not, naw, 

nets, name, nomic, nomon, nostic, etc. See kn-. 

11. -gn in -eign pronounst like ein in vein, skein, seine, feint. Rule: Drop g. 

Ex. Dein, fein, rein. 
h silent. See ph, rh-» -rrh-. 

12. kn- pronoimst n« Rule: Drop k. Ex. Nack, nag, nap, napsac, nave, 

nead, nee, neel, neding, nd, ndt, nicnac, nife, nit, nitting, nob, nock, 
nocker, nocking, nop, noU, not, notting, nvMe, nvrl, nurld, etc. Keep k 
in kno {know) and knoledge (knowledge) (see 20). 

13. -11 final, after a short strest vowel. Rule: Drop one L Ex. Shal, bd, cd, 

dd, dwd, d, fd, hid, sd, shd, smd, spel, swd, td, wd, bU, chil, dil, drU, fU, 
fril, gU, grit, hil, kil, mil, pU, quit, ril, shrU, sU, skit, spU, squU, stil, swil, 
ihU, thril, til, vnl, dol, but, ful, pvl, cut, dvl, gut, hvl, mvl, nut, skul, etc. 
Also, of course, forms like distil, fulfil, instil, and derivates like skiffvl, 
wilful, dvlness, fulness. See the general rule, paragraf 30. 

14. -needy after a strest vowel, pronounst like nst. Rule: Change to -nst. 

Ex. Advanst, chanst, danst, glanst, lanst, pranst, transt, enhanst, eommenst, 
fenst, convinst, evinst, minst, winst, bounst, fUmnst, pounst, trounst, 
announst, denounst, enounst, pronounst, renounst, etc. 

15. -needy after an imstrest vowel, pronounst like nst. Rule: Change to -nst. 

Ex. Balanst, drcumstanst, distanst, evidenst, eaperienst, influenst, vnstanst, 


16. -oe pronounst o. Rule : Drop e« Ex. Do, flo, fo, ho, ro, slo, to, wo, etc. 

17. «ou- pronounst like u in hut. Rxtle: Drop o« Ek. Cuntry,ju8t, tuch, yung, 

yunker; chuf, duj, ruj, tuf (see paragraf 8). But cowpie, cousin, dovble, 
trouble ar left unchanged. For unstrest -cm- see «ou8« 

18. -ou- before r, pronounst like u in bum, Rxtle: Drop o« Ex. Adjum, 

curteus, curtesy, jurrud, jumy, aojum, tumament, tvmy. But courage, 
flourish, nourish ar left unchanged. 
-ough. See 8. -ought. See 9. 

19. -ousy unstrest, pronounst like -us unstrest. Rxtle: Change to -us. Ex. 

AcrimonitLs, amfibius, anomalus, auriferus, hilius, hituminus, eaUus, com" 
modius, coniferus, credvlus, cutaneus, devius, enormus, envius, famus, 
feUmius, frivolus, frugivorus, ghrius, graminivorus, grievus, hamumius, 
herbivorus, hideus, iUustrius, imperius, industritu, vnfamus, inxidius, 
jdus, joyus, luminus, malarius, mtdtifarius, mischievus, odivs, odorus, 
parsimonius, plenteus, porus, ravenus, rebeUivs, resinvs, ridiculus, 
rigorus, serius, spontaneus, tedius, vaporus, varius, vigorus, viUanus, 
voluminus, etc. Also many words in -ceous and -dous, and -uous, which 
now take the forms -cev^, -dus, -uv^, Ex. Cretaceus, farinaceus, 
rosaceus, etc.; avdacius, faUacius, gracius, etc.; arduus, impetuus, sinuus, 
strenuus, etc. 

20. -ow, strest or unstrest, pronoimst like o, long (0) or short (o). Rule: 

Change to -o« Ex. Bh, ho, cro, flo, glo, gro, kno, lo, mo, ro, she, slo, sno, 
so, sto, stro, thro, to, etc.; belo, hesto, etc.; hello, hiUo, feUo, furro, haUo, 
hoUo, meUo, pUlo, saUo, wiUo, etc. 

Inflections: (1) -owed becomes -oed« Ex. Croed, floed, gloed, moed, 
roed, soed, helloed, foUoed, furroed, etc. (2) -ows becomes -oes. Ex. 
Bloes, croes, floes, gloes, groes, moes, roes, soee^ toes, heUoes, felloes, halloes, 
etc. (3) -own remains. 

21. ph pronounst f. Rule: Change to f. Ex. Pantasm, fantasmagoria, fan- 

tasy, fantom, farmacy, fenix, fesant, filology, filosofy, flem, ftox, fosforus, 
fotograf, fotosfere, frase, fraseology, frenology, fysic, fysics, fysician, 
fysiology, etc.; alfdhet, diafram, pamflet, autograf, paragraf, tdegraf, 
Mhliografy, hiografy, fonetic, telefone; aferesis, atmosfere, hlasfeme, cenotaf, 
chirografy, diafanus, dolfin, defant, emfasis, emfatic, esofagus, geografy, 
grafic, hemisfere, hieroglyf, homofone, homograf, hyfen, mefltic, metamor- 
fosis, morjia, rnorfology, nymf, orfan, parafrase, perifery, porfyry, profet, 
profetic, sarcofagus, sfere, sferic, sfinx, sojist, sofisticate, strofe, tyfoid, 
tyfus, etc.; also (p/i not of Greek origin), lymf, lymfalic, triumf, trofy, etc.; 
calif, dfer, gofer, etc. 

22. -reed pronounst like rst. Rule: Change to -rst. Ex. Amerst, forst, en- 

forst, pierst, etc. See -need. Such spellings wer once common (Spenser, 
Lodge, Raleigh, etc.). 

23. rh- pronounst like r (h silent). Rule: Drop h. Ex. Rapsody, retoric, 

reum, reumatism, rinoceros, rizome, rododendron, romboid, rombus, rubarb, 
rime, rythm, etc. 


24. -rrh- medial, pronoiinst like r (h silent). Rule: Change to -rr- after a 

strest vowel, to -r- sdter an unstrest vowel. Ex. Catarralf diareaj hemoT' 
age, etc. 

25. -some pronounst like -sum. Rule: Change to -sum. Ex. Adventuresumf 

UUhesum, hurdensum, buxum (fmcsum), cumbersum, darksum, doUaum, 
frolicsum, f visum, gamesum, gladsum^ handsum, irksum, lightsum, loath- 
sum, lonesum, longsum, meddlesum, mstilesum, noisum, guarrdsum, tir^ 
sum, toilsum, toothsum, trovblesum, wearisum, winsum, etc. 

26. -88 final, in monosyllables, pronounst like 8. Rule : Drop one s. Ex. Bos, 

bras, das, eras, glas, gras, las, mas, pas, hies, ches, ores, dres, les, mes, 
pres, sires. Ires, hlis, his, kis, mis, bos, eras, dros, flos, gros, los, mos, tos, 
bits, fus, mus, pus, trus, etc. 

27. -ue final, after I or r, pronounst like long u. Rxtle: Change to -u. Ex. 

Blu, du, flu, glu, etc.; ru, tru, etc.; accru, constru, imbru. Inflections 
unchanged: Blued, blues, glued, etc. See 5. 

28. wr-, with w silent. Rule: Drop w. Ex. Rack, raith, rangle, rap, rath, reak, 

reath, reathe, reck, ren, rench, rest, resile, retch, retched, riggle, right, ring, 
rinkle, rist, rite, riter, rithe, riling, ritten, rong, roth, rought, rung, etc. 
wr- may be kept where one wishes to avoid an apparent conflict with 
similar words, as in tmte, wright, wring, etc. 

29. -11 final. Rule: Drop one i. Ex. Buz, fiz, friz, siz, whiz. See 30. 

30. Double consonant, final, namely, -bb, -dd, -If, -gg, -11, -nn, -rr, -ss, -tt, 

-11. Rule: Use a single consonant. Ex. Eb, ad, od, cuf, eg, d, er, buri 
whir, bas, bos, pres, net, set, buz, etc. 


« • 

• • • « • « « 

:.:••. • .• - 

• V . • 

• . • 

A Dictionary 


Simplified Spelling 


a-ban'doiid'*"» pa. Abandoned. 
a-bashf '*", pp. Abashed. 
a-bat^a-bP, a. Abatable. 
ab'by", n. Abbey. 
ab'dl-ca-bl', a. Abdicable. 
ab'dl-ca"tlv*, a. Abdicative. 
ab'dl-tiv", a. Abditive. 
ab-hord'f*", pp. Abhorred. 
-abP, suffix, -able. 
abla-tiv'**, a. & n. Ablative. 
a-borish-a-bF, a. AboUshable. 
a-bol'lsht'**, pp. Abolished. 
a-bom't-na-bP, a. Abominable. 
a-bor'tiv'**, a. Abortive. 
ab-ra'slv", a. & n. Abrasive. 
a-bresf '*■, adv. Abreast. 
a-brtdg^ment*, n. Abridgement. 
ab-8olv"**, vt. Absolve. 



ab-solv'a^bP* a. 

ab-solvd"**, pp. 

ab-sorb'a-bP, a. 

ab-8orbd''*", pp. 



ab-8trac'tlv'*", a. 

a-bu'8lv'**» a. Abusive. 

a-bu'slv-ljr", adv. Abusively. 

a-bu^slv-ness") n. Abusiveness. 

a-buv", a., n., adv. & prep. Above. 

a-biUEe^% vt. Abuse. 

ac-cel'er-a-tlv'**, a. Accelerative. 

ac-cepfa-bl^ a. Acceptable, [ness. 

ac-cept^a-bl-iiess% n. Acceptable- 

ac-cep'tlv", a. Acceptive. 

ac-ces'sl-bl'» a. Accessible. 

ac-ces'sloiid"» pp. Accessioned. 

ac-clalm'a-bP* a. Acclaimable. 

ac-clalmd'", pp. Acclaimed. 

ac-cli'ma-ta-bl', a. Acclimatable. 

ac-cU^ma-tIz''a-bl, -tls^'a-br, a. Ac- 
climatizable, acclimatisable. [ble. 

ac-com^mo-da-bl^ a. Accommoda- 

ac-coiii^ino-da-bl-iiess'» n. Ac- 

ac-coinriiio-da''tlv**", a. Accommo- 

ac-com^mo-da'^tlY-iiessS n. Ac- 

ac-com'ple-tlv", a. Accompletive. 

ac-com'plls", n. Accomplice. 

ac-com'plIsh-a-bP, a. Accomplish- 

ac-com'pUsht^*", pa. Accomplished. 

ac-compt^a-bP, a. Accomptable. 

ac-cord'a-bl', a. Accordable. 

ac-cost'a-bP» a. Accostable. 

ac-counf a-bl% a. Accountable. 

ac-counfa-bl-ness'y n. Account- 

ac-cou'ter", vt. Accoutire. 

ae-cou'terd", pp. Accoutered. 

ac-cre'tlv% a. Accretive. 

ac-cru"*, V. & n. Accrue. 

ae-cum^pa-nl-ment', n. Accompa- 

ae-cum^pa-n]r% vt. & vi. Accompany. 


■— r*^ 

■ a n ■ 

ac-cu^mu-la-tlY'**, a. Accumula- 

ac-cu'mu-l»-tlv-lF% ocfr. Accumu- 

ac-cu^mu-la-tlv-nessS n. Accumu- 

ac-cursf '*•, pa. Accursed. 

ac-cus^a-bP» a. Accusable. 

ac-cu'sa-tlv'*", a. & n. Accusative. 

ac-cu'sa-tlv-lF% adv. Accusatively. 

ac-4BU8^toiii-a-bP» a. Accustomable. 

ac-cu8^toind'**9 pa. Accustomed. 

a-cera-lou8% a. Acephalous. 

a-cei<YU-liii% a. Acervuline. 

a-cef jr-lld% n. Acetylide. 

a-chlev'', vt. & vi. Achieve. 

a-chlev'a-bl', a. Achievable. 

a-chlevd"*", pp. Achieved. 

a-cliro"'ma-ttz'a-bl% a. Achromati- 

a-cld^I.fl"a-bl% a. Acidifiable. 

ac-knowredg-ment*, n. Acknowl- 

a-cog'nl-tlv", a. Acognitive. 

a'cornd"» a. Acomed. 

ac-quir'a-bP, a. Acquirable. 

ac-quls'I-bP, a. Acquisible. 

ac-quls'1-tlv'**, a. Acquisitive. 

ac''rI-mo'iil-us"» n. Acrimonious. 

ac^ro-los*» n. Acrologue. 

ac'tIon-a-bP» a. Actionable. 

ac'tiv'** a. Active. 

ac'tlv-ly", adv. Actively, 

ac^tlv-ness*, n. Activeness. 

ad'", vt & vi. Add. 

ad'^a-man'tln", a. Adamantine. 

a-dapf a-bP, a. Adaptable. 

a-dap'ta-tiv*, a. Adaptative. 

a-dap'tlv'**, a. Adaptive. 

add'a-bl% add^I-bP, a. Addable, add- 

ad^dl-tlv*» a. Additive. 

ad-dre8t"*% pp. Addressed. 

ad-duce'a-bPy ad-du^ct-bl'9 a. Ad- 

duceable, adducible. 

ad-duc^tlY% a. Adductive. 

ad^e-qua-tiv% a. Adequative. 

ad-es'slv*, n. Adessive. 

ad-be'slv'*% a. Adhesive. 

ad'Jec-tlv'**, a. & n. Adjective. 

ad'Jec-tlv-ly", adv. Adjectively. 

ad-Joliid"*% jyp. Adjoined. 

ad-Joiiriid^% pp. Adjourned. 

ad-Judge'a-bP» a. Adjudgeable. 

ad-Ju^dl-ca^tiv*, a. Adjudicative. 

ad-lunc'tlv'**, a. Adjunctive. 

ad-Jurn"**, vi. & vi. Adjourn. 

ad-Jurnd"**, pp. Adjourned. 

ad-Jusf a-bPy a. Adjustable. 

ad-Jus^tiv*9 a. Adjustive. 

ad^', vt. & vi. Addle. 

adld% pp. Addled. 

ad-lu^ml-dlnS n. Adlumidine. 

ad-lu^mln*, n. Adlumine. 

ad-me^siire*, vt. Admeasure. 

ad-me'zure', vt. Admeasure. 

ad-iiilii'Is-terd'^9 pp. Administered. 

ad-mln^Is-tra-bP, a. Administrable. 

ad-mln^ls-tra'^tiY'*", a. Administra- 

ad^ml-ra-bPy a. Admirable. 

ad^ml-ra'^tlv*, a. Admirative. 

ad'iiil-ra''tlv-l]r% adv. Admiratively. 

ad-mls^sl-bl'y a. Admissible. 

ad-mls^slv*, a. Admissive. 

ad-mlt'ta-bP, ad-mlt'tl-br, a. Ad- 
mittable, admittible. 

ad-mlxf '*•, pp. Admixed. 

ad-mon'lsht'**, pp. Admonished. 

ad-mon'l-tlv'**, a. Admonitive. 

ad-mo^tlv*, a. Admotive. 

a-dopf a-bP, a. Adoptable. 

a-dopt'a-tiv*, a. Adoptative. 

a-dop'tiv'*", a. Adoptive. 

a-dop'tlv-ly", adv. Adoptively. 

a-doi<a-bP, a. Adorable. 

a-doi<a-bl-ne8S% n. Adorableness. 


a-dornd"**, pp. Adorned. 
ad-8crlp^tly*» a. Adscriptive. 
a-dul^ter-ln'**, a. & n. Adulterine. 
ad*um^bra-tl?*, a. Adumbrative. 
ad-vanst^*, pa. Advanced. lable. 
ad-vaii^tage-a-bl% a. Advantage- 
ad-ven'tlvS a. Adventive. [some. 
ad-ven'tiure-sum'*", a. Adventure- 
ad-ver'sa-tlv'**, a. Adversative. 
ad-ver'sa-tlv-ljr*, adv. Adversatively. 
ad'fer-tlie'9 vt. & vi. Advertise. 
ad«yer^tla-meiit% n. Advertise- 
ad'ver-tli^liis'y n. Advertising. 
ad-vls'a-bPy a. Advisable. 
ad»vlae^9 vt. & vi. Advise. 
ad-viaed'% pa. Advised. 
ad-vise^ment'y n. Advisement. 
ad-Tti^er^y n. Adviser. 
ad-vl'^xo-ry^ a. Advisory. 
adi'**, V. & n. Adze. 
a-fer'e-sls** n. Apheresis, aphseresis. 
aTfa-br, a. Affable. 
arfa-bl-ne88% n. Affableness. 
af-fecn-bl% a. Affectible. 
af-fec'tlv'**, a. Affective. 
af-m^l.a-bi% a. Affiliable. 
af-fln't-ta-tly*, a. Affinitative. 
af-fln'l-ta-tlv-lT*, adv. Affinitatively. 
af»flii't-tlv*9 a. Affinitive. 
af-flrm^a-bl', a. Affirmable. 
af-flrni'a-tlv'**, a. & n. Affirmative. 
af-flrm^a-tlv-ljr", adv. Affirmatively. 
af-llrpid"**, pp. Affirmed. 
af-flxt"*», pp. Affixed. 
af-fllc'tlv''*^, a. Afflictive. 
af-fllc'tlv-ly", adv. Afflictively. 
af-ford'a-bP, a. Affordable. 
af-for'nia-tlv*, n. Afformative. 
af-Wc'a-tlv*, n. Affricative. 
af-frunf '» vt. & n. Affront. 
af-ftrun^tlv% a. Affrontive. 
a-ftrunf % adv. Afront. 
a-l>rMoiis% a. Aphyllous. 

a-gast^**» a. Aghast. 
a*gen'tiv*9 a. Agentive. 
ag-i^om'er-a-tiv*9 a. Agglomerative. 
ag-i^u'ti-iia-bl% a. Agglutinable. 
ag-i^ii'tl-iia-tlv'**9 a. Agglutinative. 
ag^gran-dli^a-bP, -dls^a-br, a. Ag- 

grandizable, aggrandisable. 
ag^gra-va'^tly*, a. & n. Aggravative. 
ag^gre-ga'^tlv*, a. Aggregative. 
ag-gres'slv'**, a. Aggressive. 
ag-gresf *» pp. Aggressed. 
»g-grf©v", vt. & vi. Aggrieve. 
ag-grlevd"*", pa. Aggrieved. 
ag'U'*', -Ue", a. Agile. 
ag^l-ta-bl% a. Agitable. 
ag^l-ta'tlv", a. Agitative. 
-a-gog', suffix. -Agogue. 
a-gree^a-bP, a. Agreeable. 
a-gree^a-bl-ness', n. Agreeableness. 
a-hcd"**, adv. Ahead. 
ald^a-bl% a. Aidable. 
aUd»*%pp. Ailed. 
alle'**, n. Aisle. 
alind'**, pp. Aimed. 
alrd'*% pp. Aired. 
ake'**, V. & n. Ache. 
ak'lng*, n. Aching. 
a-larmd''**, pp. Alarmed. 
a-lar^umdS a. Alarumed. 
al^ca-Uz^a-bl% a. Alcalizable. 
arco-hol-l«''a-br, -Is^a^bl', a. Alco- 

holizable, alcoholisable. 
arfa% n. Alpha. 
al'fa-bet'**, n. Alphabet. 
al'^fa-bet'lc*, a. Alphabetic. 
al'^fa-bet'l-cal'y a. Alphabetical. 
arfa-bet-tze*, vt. Alphabetize. 
aFgra-f^, n. Algraphy. 
a'lien-a-bP, a. Alienable. 
a'ltend*, pp. Aliened. 
al'^l-men'ta-tlv", a. Alimentative. 
al'^l-men'ta-tlv-ness", n. Alimenta- 

al''l-men'tlv% a. Alimentive. 


al'^l-men'ttv-ness'*", n. Alimentive- 

al^fca-U-fl''a-bl% a. Alkalifiable. 
arica-lin", a. Alkaline. 
arka-llz^a-bP, -Us^'a-br, a. Alkaliz- 

able, -Usable. 
al-lajrd"*% pp. Allayed. 
al-lege'a-bl% a. Allegeable. 
al-le^vt-a-tl¥*9 a. & n. Alleviative. 
al-U'a-bP, a. Alliable. 
al-llf er-a-tlv'**, a. Alliterative. 
al-lof ta-bl% a. Allottable. 
al-low'a-bPy a. Allowable. 
al-low'a-bl-iiess'y n. Allowableness. 
al-lowd"*", pp. Allowed. 
al-loyd'**^ pp. Alloyed. 
al-lu'slv'*", a. Allusive. 
al-lu^slv«l]r% adv. Allusively. 
al-lu^slv-iiess% n. Allusiveness. 
al'ly*, n. Alley. 
al'man-dln*, n. Almandine. 
al-rcd'y'**, adv. Already. 
arter-a-bl', a. Alterable. 
arter-a-bl-ness', n. Alterableness. 
arter-a-tlv'*", a. & n. Alterative. 
al'terd'**, pp. Altered. 
al-ter'na-tiv'**, a. & n. Alternative. 
al-tho"**, conj. Although. 
aru-iiiln% n. Alumine. 
a-marga-ma-bPy a. Amalgamable. 
a-marga-ma-tlv", a. Amalgamative. 
am'^a-ran^thln'^S a. Amaranthine. 
a-mass'a-bP, a. Amassable. 
a-masf '*% pp. Amassed. 
am'a-tiv'*", a. Amative. 
am'a-tlY-iiess*» n. Amativeness. 
am'bP, V. & n. Amble. 
am^bld^ pp. Ambled. 
am^bu-la-tlv% a. Ambulative. 
am'busht'*", pp. Ambushed. 
a-ine^o-ra-bP» a. Ameliorable. 
a-me^o-ra-tlv*, a. Ameliorative. 
a-me^na-bP, a. Amenable. 
a-me^na-bl-ness'* n. Amenableness. 

a»inend'a-bl% a. Amendable. 
a-mend^a-bl-ness'y n. Amendable- 

a-merce'a-bP, a-mer-cl-a-bl'» a. 

Amerceable, amerciable. 
a-merst^*» pp. Amerced. [tine. 

am'^e-thys'tln'**, -Iiie% a. Amethys- 
am-flb'l-a', n. pi. Amphibia. 
am-flb^l-an', a. & n. Amphibian. 
aiii-flb^l«ous'» a. Amphibious. 
am-flb'l-u8*9 a. Amphibious. 
am'fl-brach'y n. Amphibrach. 
aiii'^fl-the'a-ter% n. Amphitheater. 
a^iiil-a-bl% a. Amiable. 
a^ml-a-bl-ness'* n. Amiableness. 
am'l-ca-bl^ a. Amicable. 
aiii't-ca-bl-ness% n. Amicableness. 
a-mls^st-bP, a. Amissible. 
am-nlc^o-lin", a. & n. Amnicoline. 
a-inoi<fous'» a. Amorphous. 
a-inoi<tlz-a-bP, -tls-a-bPy a. Amor- 

tizable, -tisable. [-ible. 

a-mov'a-bP, -1-bP, a. Amovable, 
am'^phl-the^a-ter^y n. Amphitheatre. 
am^pP, a. Ample. 
aiii^pU-a-tlv*9 a. Ampliative. 
am^pl-ness^ n. Ampleness. 
am'pli-fl-ca"tlv'*", a. AmpMcative. 
a-inuiig^'» prep. Among. 
a-mungsf % pre^. Amongst. 
a-inus'a-bl% a. Amusable. 
a-mu'slv'**, a. Amusive. 
an^a-glyf^, n. Anaglyph. 
an'a-log'**, n. Analogue. 
an^a-ljrz^a-bPy -lys^a-bl', a. Analyz- 

able, -lysable. 

n. Analyzableness, -l3rsablene88. 
an'a-lyie'*", vt. Analyse. 
an'a-pe8t% n. Anapaest. 
an'a-tln**) a. Anatine. [-ise. 

a-naf o-mlze'**, vi. & vi. Anatomize, 
an''chl-the'rl-ln*y a. & n. Anchi- 



an^chor-a-bl', a. Anchorable. 
an'chord", pa. Anchored. 
an'de-sln*, n. Andesine. 
a-ne^mt-a", n. AnaBmia. 
a-ne'mtc", a. Anaemic. 
an^es-the'sl-a", n. Ansesthesia. 
an'^es-thet^Ic", a. & n. AnseBthetic. 
an'gCTd'*", pp. Angered. 

an^Sl'9 1^- & ^' Angle. 
an'gld', pp. Angled. 
an'gulsht'*", py. Anguished. 
aii-haro-nIn% n. Anhalonine. 
an'I-Un", a. & n. Aniline. 
an'l-ma-bP, a. Aniiiiable. 
aii'I-iiia-bl-ness% n. Animableness. 
an^l-mad-ver'slv*, o. Animadver- 
sive. [versiveness. 

an^t-mad-Ter^slT-ness*, n. Animad- 
an"t-iiial'9U-lin"» a. Animalculine. 
an^-ma'^tlv", a. Animative. 
an'ls**", n. Anise. 
an'ker', v. & n. Anchor. 
an^ker-age', n. Anchorage. 
an^kerd', pp. Anchored. 
an^kl', n. Ankle. 
an'iia-lin% n. Annaline. 
an-neald^'*", pp. Annealed. 
an-nex'a-bP, a. Annexable. 
aii-nex^Iv"» a. Annexive. 
an-next"*", pp. Annexed. 
an-nl'hl-la-bP, a. Annihilable. 
aii-iil^hl-la-tl¥% a. Annihilative. 
an'no-ta''tIv% a. Annotative. 
an^no-^tln", a. & n. Annotine. 
an-nounst''*9 pp. Announced. 
an-noyd''*", pp. Annoyed. 
an-nuld"*", pp. Annulled. 
an-nul^a^bP, a. AxmuUable. 
an-nun'cl-a-bP, a. Annunciable. 
aii-nun^cI-a-tlY*» a. Annunciative. 
a-noiii'^-lus*» a. Anomalous. 
an'ser-lnS a. Anserine. 
an^swer-a-bP» a. Answerable, [ness. 
an'swer-a-bl-ness'y n. Answerable- 

an'swerd'*", pp. Answered. 

aii'themd% pp. Anthemed. 

an^thro-pora-gy'**, n. Anthro- 

an-tlc^l-pa-ta-bl% a. Anticipatable. 

an-tlc'l-pa-tlv'*", a. Anticipative. 

aii"tl-cor-ro'8lv% a. & n. Anticorro- 

an^tl-fer-men'ta-tlT", a. & n. Anti- 

an-tlf^o-njr', n. Antiphony. 

an-tlfra-sls', n. Antiphrasis. 

an'^tl-pu^tre-fac'tlT'*, a. Antiputre- 

an"tl-py'rln% n. Antipyrine. 

an-tls'tro-fe'9 n. Antistrophe.. 

an"tI-tox^In% n. Antitoxine. 

an"tl-tus'slv% a. & n. Antitussive. 

anf lerdS a. Antlered. 

aii^irlld% pp. Anviled. 

a-per'l-tiv*, a. <fe n. Aperitive. 

ap'P, n. Apple. 

a-poc'a-l]rps% n. Apocal3rp8e. 

a-poc'rjr-fa', w. Apocrjrpha. 

a-poc'rjr-faP, o. Apocrjrphal. 

ap'o-graF, n. Apograph. 

ap^oplog', n. Apologue. 

a-pos'tP, n. Apostle. 

a-pos'tro-fe% n. Apostrophe. 

a-pos^tro-flze% vU &, vi. Apostro- 

ap'o-themS n. Apothegm. 

ap-pald"***, pp. Appalled. 

ap-par'eld'*', pp. Appareled, -elled. 

ap-peara-bP, a. Appealable. 

ap-peald''*", pp. Appealed. 

ap-peard''*", pp. Appeared. 

ap-peas'a-bPy a. Appeasable. 

ap-peas'l¥"» a. Appeasive. 

ap-peHa-bl'y a. Appellable. 

ap-pella-tiv'**, a. & n. Appellative. 

ap-pel1a*tlv-ly", ado. Appellatively. 

ap-peHa-tlv-ness*, n. Appellative- 


ap^per-cep'tlv", a. Apperceptive. 

ap^per-talnd'**", pp. Appertained. 

ap'pe-tl-bP» a. Appetible. 

ap'pe-tl-bl-ness% n. Appetibleness. 

ap'pe-Wtlv*, a. Ai^titive. 

ap-plau8^l¥"» a. Applausive. 

ap-plaus'Iv-lF*» oLdo- Applausively. 

ap'pli-ca-*bl% a. Applicable. 

ap'plt-ca-bl-ness^ n. Applicableness. 

ap'pli-ca-tiv'**, a. Applicative. 

ap^pU-ca-tlv-ly^y adv, Applicatively. 

ap-plo^sl¥*» a. Applosive. 

ap-potnt^a-bP, a. Appointable. 

ap-poln'tlv'**, a. Appointive. 

ap-por'tlon-a-bP, a. Apportionable. 

ap-por'tlond'**, pp. Apportioned. 

ap-pos^a-bP» a. Apposable. 

ap'pos-lt% a. Apposite. 

ap-pos^-tIv% a: &, n. Appositive. 

ap-prals'a-bl'9 a. Appraisable. 

ap-pre'cl-a-bl', a. Appreciable. 

ap-pte'cl-a-tlv*'*", a. Appreciative. 

ap-pre^cI-a-*tIv-lF"» adv. Apprecia- 
tively, [tiveness. 

ap-pre^cl-a-tlv-ness", n. Apprecia- 

ap"pre-hen'sl-bl% a. Apprehensible. 

ap^pre-hen'slv'*", a. Apprehensive. 

ap-pren'tis", v. & n. Apprentice. 

ap-pren'tlst", pp. Apprenticed. 

ap-presf ", a. Appressed. 

ap-prlze^*» vL Apprise. 

ap-proach'a-bP» a. Approachable^ 

ap-proacht'**% pp. Approached. 

ap^pro-ba"tlY", a. Approbative. 

ap'pro-ba"tlv-ness% n. Approbative- 

ap-pro'prl-a-bl% a. Appropriable. 

ap-pro^prI-a-tIv*» a. Appropriative. 

ap-pro^prl-a-tIv-iiess% n. Appro- 

ap-prov'a-bPy a. Approvable. [ness. 

ap-prov^a-bl-negs'y n. Approvable- 

ap-prox^l*iiia-tiT'**» a. Approxima- 


ap-piil'slv*» a. Appulsive. 

ap-piil'slv-lF** adv\ Appukivdy, 

a'prond** pp. Aproned. 

a-quat^lv-negsS n. Aquativeness. 

aq'nl-ltn, -ltiie'^% a. Aquiline. 

ar', V, Are. 

ar^a-bP» a. Arable. 

ar^a-bl-ness'y n. Arableness. 

ai/bl-tra-bPy a. Arbitrable. 

arUil-tra^tlv*, a. Arbitrative. 

ar'bor'**, n. Arbour. 

ar^bordS a. Arbored. 

ar-ca^tc", a. Archaic. 

arc-an'gel% n. Archangel. 

ar^che-ol'o-gy*, n. Archseology. 

ar'chl-tec-tlT'y a. Architective. 

archt'*", pa. Arched. 

ar'dor'*", n. Ardour. 

ar'e-tln", a, Axetine. 

ar^gen-tln, a. Argentine. 

ar-gu'l-tlv*, a. Arguitive. 

ar^'gu-men'ta-tlv'*", a. Argumenta- 

ar^gu-men'ta-tlv-lyS adv. Argu- 

ar^'gu-men'ta-tlY-iiessS n. Argu- 

a-rtze^'y vi. Arise. 

a-rlz'n% pp. Arisen. 

arind% pa. Armed. 

ai<iiil-stl8% n. Armistice. 

ar'mor'**, v, & n. Armour. 

ar'mord'**, pa. Armored, armoured. 

a-roze", v. Arose. 

ar-ralgnd"*', pp. Arraigned. 

ar-range^a-bPy a. Arrangeable. 

ar-rayd"**, pp. Arrayed. 

ar-resf a-bP» a. Arrestable. 

ar-res'tlv", a, Arrestive. 

ar'ro-ga-tlv*, a. Arrogative. 

ar'tl-cP, V. & n. Article. 

ar-tlc^u-la-bp9 a. Articulable. 

ar-tlc^u-*la-*tlv*» a. Articulative. 

ar'tl-flsS n. Artifioe. 


af^tl-iaii'**9 n* Artisan. 
fts-bes^tln', a. Asbestine. 
ft8-cend^a«bl% a. Asoendable. 
fts-een^gly*, a, Ascensive. 
as^cer«taln^a-bl% a. Ascertainable. 
as^cer-taln'a-bl-ness'y n. Ascer- 

•s^cer-talnd"**, pp. Ascertained. 
as-crl^a-bPy a. Ascribable. 
as'falt'*", V. & n. Asphalt. 
as-fyx'l-a'y n. Asphyxia. 
as-fyx't-a-tlT*, a. Asphyxiative. 
a8kt*9 pp. Asked. 
as-per'stv", a. Aspersive. 
a8-per'8lY-l]r*9 adv. Aspersively. 
as-perst^y pp. Aspersed. 
as-sall^a-bPy a. Assailable. 
a8-gall^a-bl-ne88% n. Assailableness. 
a8-saild^% pp. Assailed. 
as-sag'slii-a-tlT*^ a. Assassinative. 
a8-8aiilt^a-bl% a. Assaultable. 
as-say^a-bP* a. Assayable. 
a8-8aFd^'^9 pp. Assayed. 
as-sem^l^ v. & n. Assemble. 
as-sem^ld^ pp. Assembled. 
as-sen'tl?*, a. Assentive. 
as-sen'tlY-nessS n. Assentiveness. 
as-sert'a-bPy as-sert'l-bP, a. Assert- 
a8-«er'tlv'*", a. Assertive, [able, -ible. 
as-ser'tlv-ly'y acfo. Assertively. 
as-Mr^tlv-nessS n. Assertiveness. 
as-Mss'a-bPy a. Assessable. 
as-gegf'*", pp. Assessed. 
as-sev'er-a-tlvS a. Asseverative. 
as-glgn'a-bl% a. Assignable. 
as-slgnd^'*", pp. Assigned. 
as-slm'^l-la-bl'y a. Assimilable. 
a8-8lni''l-la-ttv'^» a. Assimilative. 
as-sise'*, n. Assize. 
as-fo'cl-a-bPy a. Associable. 
ag-8o'cl-a-tlv'*% a. Associative. 
as-fo'ei-a*tlv-ly"9 adv. Associatively. 
a8-8o'el*a-tlT*iie8s% n. Associative- 

as-sort'a-tlv*, a. Assortative. 
a8-8or^tlv% a. Assertive. 
as*sua^slv*» a. Assuasive. 
as-sum'a-bl% a. Assumable. 
as-sump'tlv'*", a. Assumptive. 
as-sump^tlv-ly^y adv. Assumptively. 
as-sur^a-bl^ a. Assurable. 
as'ter-lskt% pp. Asterisked. 
as-ton^lsh-a-bl% a. Astohishable. 
a-ston^lsht'^y pp. Astonished. 
a8-trlc^tlv*» a. & n. Astrictive. 
as-trlc^tlv-nessS n. Astrictiveness. 
at^mos-ferefy n. Atmosphere. 
at^mos-fer'lc'**, a. Atmospheric. 
a-to'na-bPy a-tone'a-bP, a. Aton- 

able, atoneable. 
at'ro-f jr', V. & n. Atrophy. 
at-tach^a-bP» a. Attachable. 
at-tacht"*% pp. Attached. 
at-taclc^a-bP» a. Attackable. 
at-tackt"*% pp. Attacked. 
at-taln'a-bPy a. Attainable, [ness. 
at-tatii^a-bl-iie8S% n. Attainable- 
at-talnd''*", pp. Attained. 
at-tem'perd'**, pp. Attempered. 
at-tempt'a-bP, a. Attemptable. 
at-teinpt'lv% a. Attemptive. 
at-ten'tlv'*% a. Attentive. 
at-test'a-bPy a. Attestable. 
at-te8t^a-tlY% a. Attestative. 
at-tes^tly*9 a. Attestive. 
at-tor^njr*, n. Attorney. 
at-tracf a-bl% a. Attractable. 
at-tracfa-bl-ness'y n. Attractable- 

at-trac'tlv'*", a. Attractive. 
at-trac'tlv-ly*, adv. Attractively. 
at-trac^tlv-ness'y n. Attractiveness. 
at-trlb'u-ta-bl'9 a. Attributable. 
at-trib'u-tiv'**, a. & n. Attributive. 
at-trib'u-tlv-lF*, adv. Attributively. 
at-trlVu-tlv-ness**, n. Attributive- 

auc^tiond", pp. Auctioned. 



au'dl-bP, a. Audible. 

au^dl-tl?*, a. Auditive. 

au'gerd% pp. Augered. 

aug-menf a-bP» a. Augmentable. 

aug-men'ta-tiv'*"* r. & n. Augmen- 
tative, [tively. 

aug-men^ta-tlv-ly", adv, Augmenta- 

aug-ineii^ti¥% a. Augmentive. 

au'gurd% pp. Augured. 

au'ri-cP, n. Auricle. 

au-rlf^er-us*9 a. Auriferous. 

aus-cul^ta-tlv% a. Auscultative. 

aus^pl8% n. Auspice. 

aut", n. Aught. 

au-thor'l-ta''tlv*'*", a. Authoritative. 

au'thor-is^a-bP, au'thor-ls^a-bF, a. 
Authorizable, -isable. 

au'^to-bl-og^ra-fer', n. Autobiog- 
rapher. [raphy. 

au'^to-bl-og^ra-fjr', n. Autobiog- 

au'to-graf'*% i;.,a.,& n. Autograph. 

au'to-*graft% pp. Autographed. 

au"to-iiio'tlv% a. Automotive. 

au''to-sug-ges'tl¥*9 a. Autosugges- 

au'tum", n. Autumn. 

a-vali'a-bP, a. Available. 

a-¥all'a-bl-ness'» n. Availableness. 

a- valid"**, pp. Availed. 

av^a-laneh', n. Avalanche. 
av^a-rl8% n. Avarice. 
a-verd"**, pp. Averred. 
a-ver'ra-bl', a. Averrable. 
a-ver'slA a. Aversive. 
a-verf 1-bP, a. Avertible. 
a-voc'a-tlv", a. & n. Avocative. 
a-vold^a-bl% a. Avoidable. 
a-vouch'a-bP, a. Avouchable. 
a-voucht"*% pp. Avouched. 
a-vow'a-bP, a. Avowable. 
a-vow^a-bl-ness^ n. Avowableness. 
a-vowd''*% pa. Avowed. 
a-vul'slv", a. Avulsive. 
aw', V. & n. Awe. 
a-walc^a-bP, a. Awakable. 
a-wak'en-a-bP, a. Awakenable. 
a-wak'end'*", pp. Awakened. 
a-ward'a-bP, a. Awardable. 
awd'*", pp. Awed. 
awiid% a. Awned. 
awn'lngdS a. Awninged. 
aw'sum', a. Awsome; awesome. 
ax'**, V. & n. Axe. 
ax^ll", a. Axile. 
ax'P, n. Axle. 
axt', pp. Axed. 
ajr', adv. Aye. 
az^u-rin*, n. Azurine. 


babl', V. & n. Babble. 
babld', pp. Babbled. 
bach', t;. & n. Batch. 
baclc^slldn', pp. Backslidden. 
backt'**, a. Backed. 
bad'*", V. Bade. 
badg^erd*, pp. Badgered. 
baf^', V. & n. Baffle. 
band'ypp. Baffled. 
bag^a-tel", n. Bagatelle. 
bagd*, a. Bagged. 
ball'a-bP, a. . Bailable. 

baUd'*% pp. Bailed. 
baril-wlc", n. Bailiwick. 
balz', V. & n. Baize. 
baranst*, pp. Balanced. 
bald% pp. Balled. 
ba'lir*%n. Bailiff. 
balkt'*", pp. Balked. 
baUd', pp. Balled. 
bal-loond^S pp. Ballooned. 
balmd", pp. Balmed. 
bal^us-terd*, a. Balustered. 
band*, pp. Banned. 

bangd'*", 7>p. Banged. 
ban'gl'y V, & n. Bangle. 
ban'gld'» a. Bangled. 
baii^l8ht't*» PP^ Banished. 
bank^a-bP, a. Bankable. 
bankt'^, a. Banked. 
ban'nerd", pp. Bannered. 
ban^noc", n. Bannock. 
bans", n. pi. Banns. 
bant'erd'*", pp. Bantered. 
barbd'**, pa. Barbed. 
bard*, pp. Barred. 
bare'hed^ed', a. Bareheaded. 
bar'galnd'*", pp. Bargained. 
bark", n. Barque. 
barkt", pa. Barked. 
bar'ly", n. Barley. 
bai<iia-cl% V. & n. Barnacle. 
bar'rac"* n. Barrack. 
bar'reld'*", pa. Barreled, -elled. 
bar^rl-erdS pp. Barriered. 
bai<rowd% pp. Barrowed. 
bar'terd'*', pp. Bartered. 
bas", a. Bass. 
bas'*, n. Bass. 
baskt'^% pp. Basked. 
bas^tlondS pp. Bastioned. 
baf ond% a. Batoned. 
baf tend", pp. Battened. 
baf terd'*", pp. Battered. 
bat'tP, V. & n. Battle. 
bartld% pp. Battled. 
bau'blf, n. Bauble. 
bawW*", pp. Bawled. 
bayd", pp. Bayed. 
bay'o-net^ed', pp. Bayonetted. 
beacht", a. Beached. 
bea^condS pp. Beaconed. 
bea'dl*', n. Beadle. 
bea'gl% n. Beagle. 
beakt'^% a. Beaked. 
beamd'*", pp. Beamed. 
bear'a-bP, a. Bearable. 
beat'a-bP, a. Beatable. 


beaten', pa. Beaten. 
bea'verd*, a, Beavered. 
be-calmd"^, ^p. Becalmed. 
beck'ond'*", pp. Beckoned. 
be-cum'^ vt. & vi. Become. 
be-cum'tng', pa. Becoming. 
be-daba% vt. Bedabble. 
be-dab^d', pa. Bedabbled. 
be-deckt"*", pp. Bedecked. 
be-deT^nd', pp. Bedeviled, -illed. 
be-dewd''*", pp. Bedewed. 
be-dlmd";**, pp. Bedimmed. 
be-dla'end", pp. Bedizened. 
be-drag^P, vt. Bedraggle. 
be-dragld', pp. Bedraggled. 
be-drenchf'*% pp. Bedrenched. 
bed^rid^n'*", a. Bedridden. 
be-dropf *•, pp. Bedropped. 
bed'sted'*", n. Bedertead. 
bee'tP, v., a&n. Beetle. 
beevs', n. pi. Beeves. 
be-faln^', pp. Befallen. 
he-feV^, vt. & vi. Befell. 
be-fogd^% pp. Befogged. 
be-foold"*", pp. Befooled. 
be-fould"*", pp. Befouled. 
be-frend^', vt. Befriend. 
begd'*", pp. Begged. 
het^smrd\ pp. Beggared. 
be-gon^', interj. Begone. 
be-gof n', pp. Begotten. 
be-ha'vlor'*% n. Behaviour. 
be-hed''*", vt. Behead. 
beF*% V. & n. Bell. 
be-la'bor'*", vt. Belabour. 
be-la'bord'*", pp. Belabored; bela- 
be-layd''*", pp. Belayed. 
belcht'*% pp. Belched. 
beld'*%a. BeUed. 
berdam^ n. Beldame. 
be-lea^ger% vt. Beleaguer. 
be-lea'gerd'*% pp. Beleaguered. 
be-llev'', vt. & VI. BeUpve. 


be-lieT^»-bP9 a. Believable. 
be-Uevd"**, pp, Bdieved. 
be-un%v^ Belittle. 
be-und% pp. Belittled. 
berio*» V. & n. Bellow. 
berioed*, pp. Bellowed. 
berioes'^y n. sing, & pi. Bellows. 
bellowdS pp. Bellowed. 
be-lo'", ddv. Below. 
be-longd''*", pp. Belonged. 
be-luv", vt. Belove. 
be-luvd", pp. Beloved. 
be-luv^ed', a. Beloved. 
be-moand^'**, pp. Bemoaned. 
be-mockt"*", pp. Bemocked. 
bencht*, pp. Benched. 
ben'e-fls**, n. Benefice. 
ben^e-flst% pp. Beneficed. 
be-num"**, vt. Benumb. 
be-numd"*", pp. Benumbed. 
be-queathd"^, pp. Bequeathed. 
be-reav'', vt. Bereave. 
be-reavd"*", pp. Bereaved. 
be-rlb'boiid% pp. Beribboned. 
be-rime^y vt. Berhyme. 
bertht*» pp. Berthed. 
be-seemd"*", pp. Beseemed. 
be-smeard''*", pp. Besmeared. 
be-span'gPy vt. Bespangle. 
be-span'gld', pp. Bespangled. 
be-spaf terd*"*", pp. Bespattered. 
be-spred"**, vt. Bespread. 
be-sprin'kl', vt. Besprinkle. 
be-sprin'kld'» pp. Besprinkle(\ 
be-8ted'% vt. Bestead. 
be-stlrd"*% pp. Bestirred. 
be-sto'", V. Bestow. 
be-stowd'""**, pp. Bestowed. 
be-strad^% vt. Bestraddle. 
be-strad^ld*', pp. Bestraddled. 
be-8trewd'", pp. Bestrewed. 
be-to'kend"» pp. Betokened. 
be-trayd'% pp. Betrayed. 
be-trothf**', pa. Betrothed. 


befterd'**, pp. Bettered. 
beu'te-ou8% a. Beauteous. 
beu^tl-fiil'9 a. BeautifuL 
beu'tl-fy% vt. & vi. Beautify. 
beu'ty', n. Beauty. 
bev'eld'**, pa. Beveled; bevelled. 
bev^el-lng'y n. Bevelling. 
be-walld"**, pp. Bewailed. 
be-*wlch''» vt. Bewitch. 
be-wU'derd'*", pp. Bewildered. 
be-wttcht"**, pp. Bewitched. 
be-wfayd'% pp. Bewrayed. 
bi'ast'*** pp. Biased; biassed. 
|»ibd% pp. Bibbed. 
blb^-og'ra-fer'*", n. Bibliographer. 
bib^-o-sranc% a. Bibliographic. 
blb'll-og'ra-fy'**, n. Bibliography. 
bl-cef^a-lous% a. Bicephabus. 
blck'erd'*", pp. Bickered. 
bi'^curord'y a. Bicolored; bicoloured. 
bld^da-bl% a. Biddable. 
bld^da-bl-ness'y n. Biddableness. 
bU'*% v. An. BiU. 
blld% vt. & vi. Build. 
bUd'*% a. Billed. 
blld'er", n. Builder. 
bUd'lng*, n. Building. 
birius"» a. Bilious. 
bUkt'-^.pp. Bilked. 
birio", V. & n. Billow. 
bil1lowd% pp. Billowed. 
bUt% pa. Built. 
bln'na-cl% n. Binnacle. 
bln'o-cP, n. Binocle. 
bl-og'ra-fer'**, n. Biographer. 
bl^o-graflc", a. Biographic. 
bl^o-graf'l-cal", a. Biographical. 
bl-og'ra-f jr'*", n. Biography. 
bl-part'I-bl', a. Bipartible. 
blrcht", p^. Birched. 
bis-sex'tll'**, -lle% a. & n. Bissextile. 
bls'ter***, n. Bister; bistre. 
bif n', pp. Bitten. 
bl-tu'ml-nus^y a. Bituminous. 

11 ■ 

blt'terdS pp. Bittered. 
M'valv'**, a, & n. Bivalve. 
brvalvd", a. Bivalved. 
blabd'*", pp. Blabbed. 
blackl»alld''% pp. Blackballed. 
black^end'^'y pp. Blackened. 
black'^eyd"'*", a. Black-eyed. 
black'gard'^S v., a. & n. Blackguard. 
black'led''*", t;«. Blacklead. 
black^maUd'''*", pp. Blackmailed. 
blackt'*", pp. Blacked. 
blam^a-bPy a. Blamable. 
blain'a-bl-ness% n. Blamableness. 
blame^wur^thy'y o. Blameworthy. 
blancht'**9 pp. Blanched. 
blan'dUllt''*% pp. Blandished. 
blankt*, pp. Blanked. 
bias-feme''^**, vt. & vi. Blaspheme. 
blas'fe-inous% a. Blasphemous. 
blas^fe-iny% n. Blasphemy. 
bla'zond% pp. Blazoned. 
bleaclit'*% pp. Bleached. 
bleard'*", pp. Bleared. 
blem'lslit'^*', a. Bleinished. 
bleiicht'*% pp. Blenched. 
blend'f n. Blende. 
bles", V. Bless. 

ble8s'ed% blest'*'* a. Blessed; blest. 
bllndVarm''', n. blindworm. 
bllnkt'*", pp. BUnked. 
bll8"f n. Bliss. 
bUs'terd'*", pp. Bhstered. 
blitlle^suin***9 a. BUthesome. 
blo'f V. & n. Blow. 
bIobd'» pp. Blobbed. 
bloch'f V. & n. Blotch. 
blocht'**, pp. Blotched. 
block'hcd'"**, n. Blockhead. 
blockt***, pp. Blocked. 
bloes** V. & n. Blows. 
blond% a. & n. Blonde. 
blooind'**9 pp. Bloomed. 
blos'80ind'**f pp. Blossomed. 
blotclit*9 pp. Blotched. 


blu", V. & a. Blue. 
blu*9 imp. Blew. 
blub'berd'*", pa. Blubbered. 
blubd% pp. Blubbed. 
bludg'eond", a. Bludgeoned. 
blue'»eyd''% a. Blue*eyed. 
blur*% v.y a. & n. Bluff. 
blura-bl% a. Blufifable. 
bluft'^*% pp. Bluffed. 
blun'derd"^*", pp. Blundered. 
blun'der-hed"'^, n. Blunderhead. 
blurd"^**, pp Blurred. 
blusht'*", pp. Blushed. 
blus'terd"^*", pp. Blustered. 
bo*, V. & n. Bow. 
boat^a-bPy a. Boatable. 
boVbInd", pp. Bobbined. 
bobd'*", pp. Bobbed. 
bob'taUd"'*% a. Bobtailed. 
boch% V. & n. Botch. 
bocht% pp. Botched. 
bod'ls'y n. Bodice. 
bod'lstS a. Bodiced. 
bod'ygard'"^, n. Body-guard. 
bogd", pp. Bogged. 
bog'F, vt. & vi. Boggle. 
bogld% pp. Boggled. 
boUd'*% pp. Boiled. 
bold'end", pp. Boldened. 
bol'sterd"» pp. Bolstered. 
bolt'hed"% n. Bolthead. 
boiii% V. & n. Bomb. 
boiii''ba-zIne^% n. Bombasine. 
bom^shel''^ n. Bombshell. 
bookt'*% pp. Booked. 
book'wuriii"', n. Bookworm. 
boomd'*", pp. Boomed. 
booz% V. & n. Booze; boose. 
boozd% pp. Boozed. 
booz'y', a. Boosy. 
bor'a-bP, a. Borable. 
bor'derd'**, pp. Bordered. 
bor'o", n. Borough. 
bor'rowd'*", pp. Borrowed. 


bos'y t;. & n. Boss. 
bo'somd** pp. Bosomed. 
bosf^*", pp. Bossed. 
botcht% pp. Botched. 
both'erd"^*", pp. Bothered. 
bot^**, V. & n. Bottle. 
bot'ld', pp. Bottled. 
bot8% n. pi. Botts. 
bot^tomd'y a. Bottomed. 
boul'derd'y pp. Bouldered. 
bounce^a-bF, Bounceable. 
bouns^y pp. Bounced. 
boun^tl-a-bP, a. Boimtiable. 
bowd'*% a. Bowed. 
bow'eld*, a. Boweled. 
bow'erdS a. Bowered. 
bowld'y pp. Bowled. 
bow'lin'y n. Bowline. 
box'hauld"'*", a. Boxhauled. 
boxt'*", o. Boxed. 
bra-chys'ra-fy'^, n. Brachygraphy. 
bragd'*% pp. Bragged. 
bralld'y pp. Brailed. 
bralnd'*", a. Brained. 
bralzd'y pp. Braized. 
brarnHbl', v. & n. Bramble. 
bram^bld', a. Brambled. 
braiicllt'*% pp. Branched. 
bran'dlslit'y pp. Brandished. 
bran'gpy v. & n. Brangle. 
bran^gld'y pp. Brangled. 
brassy n. Brass. 
brast^y pp. Brassed. 
brat'tls'y V. & n. Brattice. 
brawld"^*", pp. Brawled. 
brawnd'y a. Brawned. 
brayd'**, pp. Brayed. 
bra^zen'y v. & a. Brazen. 
bra'zend*9 pp. Brazened. 
bra^zler*9 n. Brazier, brasier. 
brcacht'**, pp. Breached. 
break'a-bl^ a. Breakable. 
break'a-bl-ness'y n. Breakableness. 
breamd'f pp. Breamed. 


breath'a-bP, a. Breathable. 
breath'a-bl«ne8fi(% n. Breathable- 

breathd^*** pp. Breathed. 
bred'**, v. & n. Bread. 
bredth'*", n. Breadth. 
breecllt'*% pp. Breeched. 
breez% n. Breeze. 
breezd", pp. Breezed. 
brek'fast'**, v. & n. Breakfast. 
brest'**, V. & n. Breast. 
breth'*", n. Breath. 
brewd'**, pp. Brewed. 
brickt'*", pp. Bricked. 
brlde^wePy n. Bridewell. 
brleft'*", pp. Briefed. 
brlghf endf*", pp. Brightened. 
briind'*% pp. Brimmed. 
brln^dl'y n. Brindle. 
brin'dld', a. Brindled. 
brlsktS pp. Brisked. 
brlsHld^ a. Bristled. 
brif P, a. Brittle. 
broacht'*", pp. Broached. 
broad'end'*", pp. Broadened. 
brofderd'*", pp. Broidered. 
broUd*'*", pp. Broiled. 
bro^mln'f n. Bromine. 
bronz', v. & n. Bronze. 
bronzd'*", pp. Bronzed. 
brookfy pp. Brooked. 
broomd'y pp. Broomed. 
browd^9 pp. Browed. 
brownd'**, pp. Browned. 
browz% V. Browse, browze. 
browzd% pp. Browsed, browzed. 
bru", V. & n. Brew. 
bru8ht'*% pp. Brushed. ^ 
bub'1% V. & n. Bubble. 
bub'ld% pp. Bubbled. 
buck'Fy V. & n. Buckle. 
buck'ld^ pp. Buckled. 
buck^erd*, a. Bucklered. 
buckt'*% a. Bucked. 


buP*", V.J a. & n. Buff 
buft% a. Buffed. 
bul***, V, & n. BulL 
bulbd'*", pp. Bulbed. 
bul'hcd"', n. Bullhead. 
bulk'hcd""*", n. Bulkhead. 
biilkt*, pp. Bulked. 
burioc^f n. Bullock. 
bum^bP, V. & n. Bumble. 
bum'bld^ pp. Bumbled. 
buind% pp. Bummed. 
bumpt'*", pp. Bumped. 
bun'y n. Bim: formerly spelled bunn. 
buncht'*", pp. Bunched. 
bun'dl% V. & n. Bundle. 
bun^dld'f pp. Bundled. 
bungd*9 PP' Bunged. 
bun^gPy V, & ri. Bungle. 
bun'gld% pp. Bungled. 
bunkt*, pp. Bunked. 
buoyd% pp. Buoyed. 
bur'*", n. Burr. 
biird% pp. Burred. 
bur^den-a-bP, a. Burdenable. 
bur'dend'**, pp. Burdened. 
bur^den-sum'^'y a. Burdensome. 
burg', n. Burgh. 
biir^geond% pp. Burgeoned. 


bur'l-a-bPy a. Buriable. 
burk'9 vt. Burke. 
burkt'*", pp, Biu*ked. 
burlapt*, pp. Biu*lapped. 
burld*"**, pp. Burled. 
burnd, burnt*, pp. Burned. 
bur'nisht'*", pp. Burnished. 
bur'rowd'", pp. Burrowed. 
bur'thend'*", pp. B\u*thened. 
bus*, n. Buss. 
busht'**, pp. Bushed. 
bu8^klnd'*% a. Buskined. 
buskt", a. Busked. 
bust'*", pp. Bussed. 
bus'tP, V. & n. Bustle. 
bus'tldj, pp. Bustled. 
but% V. & n. Butt. 
butch^erd*, pp. Butchered. 
buf 'end''^ n. Butt-end. 
but'terd"^*", pp. Buttered. 
but'tond"^*", a. Buttoned. 
buf treat'**, pa. Buttressed. 
bux^um', a. Buxom. 
buz**", V. & n. Buzz. 
buzd'**, pp. Buzzed. 
by^ n. Bye. 
by'gon'^, a. & n. Bygone. 

ca-bald"**, pp. Caballed. 
cab'Ind'**, pa. Cabined. 
caHbld*, pp. Cabled. 
each', V. & n. Cs^tch. 
eack'P, V. & n. Cackle. 
racked', pp. Cackled. 
ca-cof o-ny', n. Cacophony. 
ca-cog'ra-fy% n. Cacography. 
cal'tir*", a. & n. Caitiff. 
eal^a-mog'ra-fer', n. Calamogra- 

carcu-la-bP, a. Calculable. 
cal^cn-la-tlT*, a. Calculative. 

cald*, pp. Called. 
caren-dard*, pp. Calendared. 
cal'cn-dcrd'**, pp. Calendered. 
cari-ber'*% n. Calibre. 
eal^I-berd*, a. CaUbered. 
caliP*", ka'ur, n. Caliph, kaUph. 
ea-lig'ra-fy', n. Calligraphy. 
eaH-per*, v. & n. Calliper. 
cari-perd% pp. Callipered. 
calkt'**, pp. Calked. 
caU^a-bP, a. Callable. 
caUd', pp. CaUed. 
calll-grar, n. Calligraph. 


earius", V. & a. Callous. 
ealm'a-tlT*, a. & n. Calmative. 
calmcl% pp. Calmed. 
calv'**, vt. & vi. Calve. 
calvd'**, pp. Calved. 
ca-me^e-on", n. Chameleon. 
cam^fene', n. Camphene. 
cain'for'*% n. Camphor. 
cam^ford^y pp, Camphored. 
cain'inoc'^9 n. Cammock. 
cam^o-mlle', n. Chamomile. 
cain-paln'% v, & n. Campaign. 
caiii-palnd'% pp. Campaigned. 
cainpt'*% pp. Camped. 
ca-nald'*'*", pp. Canalled. 
can'cel-a-bly can'eel-la-bP, a. Can- 
celable, cancellable. 
can'^cel-a'tlon', n. Cancellation. 
caa'celd*"*", pp. Canceled, cancelled. 
can^cel-lng', prea, p. Cancelling. 
eand% pp. Canned. 
can'dP, V. & n. Candle. 
can^dld', pp. Candled. 
can'dor"^*", n. Candour. 
can'kcrd'**, a. Cankered. 
can'nond", pp. Cannoned. 
can'terd'**, pp. Cantered. 
can^tl-cP, n. Canticle. 
can^vast*, pp. Canvased. 
caii^¥ast% pp. Csinvassed. 
ca'os*, n. Chaos. 
ea'pa-bP, a. Capable. 
ea^pa-bl-ness'y n. Capableness. 
ca-par'l-sond^, pa. Caparisoned. 
ca'perd'**, pp. Capered. 
cap'l-ta"tlv*, a. Capitative. 
capt% pp. Capped. 
eap^talnd", pp. Captained. 
cap'tlv'**, a. & n. Captive. 
eap^tlvd^, pp, Captived. 
car'ac-ter", v. & n. Character. 
car^bun-cF, n. Carbimcle. 
card% pp. Carred. 
ca-reend"*", pp. Careened. 


ca-reerd''*% pp. Careered. 

ca-rcst"**, pp. Caressed. 

cai''l-cog'ra-fy% n, Caricography. 

car't-ta^tlv*, a. Caritative 

car^mln^y n. Carmine. 

car-mln'a-tlv'*", a. & n. Carmina- 

car'old'*", pp. Caroled, -oiled. 

car^ol-Ing^ prea. p. Carolling. 

car^omdS pp. Caromed. 

carpf*", j^. Carped. 

car'ri-a-bly car'ry-a-bl', a. Carri- 
able, carryable. 

car'rlage-a-bF, a. Carriageable. 

car-toond^% pp. Cartooned. 

car'un-cP*", n. Caruncle. 

carv'**, vt. & VI. Carve. 

carvd'**, pp. Carved. 

cash-lerd"**, pp. Cashiered. 

casm^, n. Chasm. 

ca8ht% pp. Cashed. 

cas'soc", n. Cassock. 

cast% n. Caste. 

cas^tF, V, & n. Castle. 

caf a-log***, t;. & n. Catalogue. 

caf a-logd'*", pp. Catalogued. 

caf a-log"cr'**, n. Cataloguer. 

cat'a-log^'lng'y pres, p. Cataloguing. 

ca-tar'ral*, a. Catarrhal. 

ca-tas'tro-fe% n. Catastrophe. 

catch'a-bPy a. Catchable. 

caf e-chlzc'**, vt. Catechise. 

ca'terd'**, pp. Catered. 

caf er-wauld'*", pp. Caterwauled. 

caf bed"", v, & n. Cathead. 

cat^"^, n. Cattle. 

cau^eus-liig% pres, p. Caucussing. 

cau'cust'*", pp. Caucused, -cussed. 

cau^dl% t;. & n. Caudle. 

cau^dld', pp. Caudled. 

caus^a-bP, a, Causable. 

caus'a-tlv'*", a, & n. Causative. 

caus^a-tlv-ly^, adv. Causatively. 

caus^a-tlv-ness'f n. Causativeness. 


caut*, imp. & pp. Caught. 
cau'ter-lie'*", vL Cauterise. 
cau'tloncl% pp. Cautioned. 
caT^erndS a. Cavemed. 
cav'Uil'*", pp. Caviled, -illed. 
cav^U-lng', pa. & n. Cavilling. 
cawd***, pp. Cawed. 
cay-en", v. & n. Cayenne. 
ceast'**, pp. Ceased. 
ce'drin'**, a. Cedrine. 
ce-fal'Ic', a. & n. Cephalic. 
eera-lo-pod% a. & n. Cephalopod. 
celld'**, pp. Ceiled. 
cel~%n. Cell. 
cel'a-tiv*, a. Celative. 
celd', pp. Celled. 
cel'c-bra"tlv*, a. Celebrative. 
ceHardS a. Cellared. 
cen'a-cP, n. Cenacle. 
. cen'o-taF*", n. Cenotaph. 
cen'slv*, a. Cenrfve. 
cen^sord% pp. Censored. 
cen^suir-a-bPy a. Censurable. 
cen'teP*", v. & n. Centre. 
cen'terdS pp. Centered. 
cen^tu-pPy V. & a. Centuple. 
ce-rog'ra-iy% n. Cerography. 
cer'tl-fl"a-br, a. Certifiable. 
char*", V. & n. ChafiF. 
charferd% pp. Chaffered. 
chaft'*", pp. Chaffed. 
cha-grlnd^% pp. Chagrined. 
chalndf *, a. Chained. 
chaird'**, pp. Chaired. 
chal-cog'ra-fy', n. Chalcography. 
charts", n. ChaUce. 
chalkt'*", pp. Chalked. 
cham^berd'*", a. Chambered. 
cham'ferd*, a. Chamfered. 
cham^plond'*", pp. Championed. 
champt*, pp. Champed. 
change'a-bl% a. Changeable. 
chan'neld'**, pa. Channeled, chan- 


chan^nel-lng', n. Channelling. 

chanst", pp. Chanced. 

chapt'**, pa. Chapped. 

chap'terd*, pp. Chaptered. 

chard'*", pp. Charred. [izable. 

char'ac-ter-tz^a-bl% a. Character- 

charge'a-bP, a. Chargeable, [ness. 

charge^a-bl-ness', n. Chargeable- 

char'l-ta-bP, a. Charitable, [ness. 

char'l-ta-bl-ness', n. Charitable- 

char'loc", n. Charlock. 

charmd'*", pp. Charmed. 

char'tcrd'*", pa. Chartered. 

chas^a-bl, chase'a-bP, a. Chasable, 

chas^I-bl% n. Chasible. 

chasfend'*", pp. Chastened. 

chas-tlac''*", vt. Chastise. 

chas^ttz-ment', n. Chastisement. 

chas'u-bl% n. Chasuble. 

chat'ta-bP, a. Ckattable. 

char'terd'*", pp. Chattered. 

chawd'*", pp. Chawed. 

cheap'end'*", pp. Cheapened. 

cheat^a-bP, a. Cheatable. 

cheat'a-bl-ness', n. Cheatableness. 

check", n. Check, cheque. 

checker", v. & n. Checker, chequer. 

check'erd", pa. Checkered, cheq- 

checkt'^, pp. Checked. 

cheekt", pp. Cheeked. 

cheerd'*", pp. Cheered. 

cher'lsht'*", pp. Cherished. 

ches", n. Chess. 

chewd'*", pp. Chewed. 

chld'n'*", pp. Chidden. 

chll'*", v.y a. & n. Chill. 

chUld', chUd'*", pa. Chilled. 

chl-me^ra", n. Chimsera. 

chlm^ny", n. Chimney. 

chln'pcof^, n. Chin-cough. 

chlnd", a. Chinned. 

chlnkt", pp. Chinked. 


chlpt'**, pp. Chipped. 

em'ro-graf , n. Chirograph. 

chl-rog'ra-fy'*", n. Chirography. 

chlrpt'**, pp. Chirped. 

chlr'rupt'*", pp. Chirruped. 

chls'cld'**, pa. Chiseled, -elled. 

chls'el-lng'y pres. p. Chiselling. 

clllo'rld'y n. Chloride. 

ehlo'rlii% n. Chlorine. 

choekt% pp. Chocked. 

choos'a-bly ehoose'a-bPy a. Chocs- 
able, chooseable. 

ehoos'a-bl-nessy choose'a-bl-ness', 
n. Choosableness, chooseableness. 

chopt'*", pp. Chopped. 

cho'ro-graf , n. Chorograph. 

cho-rog'ra-fy', n. Chorography. 

choze', V. & n. Chose. 

cho^zeii% pa. Chosen. 

Chris' tend*, pp. Christened. 

chron'I-cP, v. & n. Chronicle. 

chron'1-eld', pp. Chronicled. 

chron'o-graf 9 n. Chronograph. 

ehu*9 V. & n. Chew. 

chuck^^ V. & n. Chuckle. 

chucked', pp. Chuckled. 

chuckf*", pp. Chucked. 

chuP*", n. Chough; chuff. 

ehuind'^9 pp. Chummed. 

churchf", pp. Chiu-ched. 

churnd'^**, pp. Churned. 

elc'a-trls*9 n. Cicatrice. 

crccr'*", V. & n. Cipher. 

crfercd"^**, pa. Ciphered. 

clg"a-ref *'*% n. Cigarette. 

cim'l-tar'y n. Scimitar. 

cliiclit% pp. Cinched. 

clr'cl', V. & n. Circle. 

clr'cld', pp. Circled. 

cir'eu-la-bP, a. Circulable. 

clr'cu-la''tlv*, a. Circulative. 

cir^eum-clze'y vt. Circumcise. 

elr^'cum-naT^I-ga-bPy a. Circimi- 


cir^cum-scrib'a-bPy a. Ciroumscrib- 

eIr^cam*8crip'tiT*» a. Ciroumscrip- 

elr^euin-8crlp'tl¥-ly*9 adv. Circum- 

clr^cnm-spee'tiT*, a. Circumspec- 
clr^cum-spee'tlv-ly*, adv. Circum- 

elr'euin-8tan8t",pp. Circumstanced. 
clr^cum-stan'tl-a-bPy a. Circum- 

clr^cum-ven'tlv*, a. Circumventive. 
clr^cum-volv"**, vt. Circumvolve. 
clr^cum-volvd"**, pp. Circumvolved. 
cls'sors'y n. pi. Scissors. 
clt'a-bP, a. Citable. 
crta-tiv*, a. Citative. 
elf rin'**, a. & n. Citrine. 
clv'l-llze*, vt. Civilise. 
cIv'l-lla"[or -Us^a-bP, a. Civiliz- 

able, civilisable. 
dackt'*", pp. Clacked. 
clalmd**", pp. Claimed. 
clam'berd'*** pp. Clambered. 
claind% pp. Clammed. 
claiii'or*9 V. & n. Clamor. 
dam'ord'**, pp. Clamored. 
elainp'erd% pp. Clampered. 
clainpt% pp. Clamped. 
clan-des'tinS a. Clandestine. 
elaiigd% pp. Clanged. 
clan'gor*, v. & n. Clangor. 
clankt'*", pp. Clanked. 
clap'perd% pp. Clappered. 
clapt'*", pp. Clapped. 
elas^y V. & n. Class. 
elasht**", pp. Clashed. 
claspt'**, pp. Clasped. 
elass'a-bly class'l-bP* a. Classablsy 

clas'I-fi^a-bP, a. Classifiable. 
dast'**, pp. Classed. 


cl»f terd'**, %q>. Clattered. 

clav'l-cP, n. Clavicle. 

cl»wd'*% pp. Clawed. 

clayd% jyp. Clayed. 

clcand'*", pp. Cleaned. 

cleans'alor -l]-bl% a, Cleansable, 

cleard'**, pa. Cleared. 

cleav'y V, & n. Cleave. 

cleav^a-bFy a. Cleavable. 

clcavd**', pp. Cleaved. 

clencht*, pp. Clenched. 

elenll-ness'y n. Cleanliness. 

dcnly'*", a. & adv. Cleanly. 

densely vL & vi» Cleanse. 

clenz'y vL & vi. Cleanse. 

clenid^ pp. Cleansed. 

cler'sl-a-bFy cl«r^gy-a-bP» a. Cler- 

dcrkt'**, pp. Clerked. 

cUckt'*", pp. Clicked. 

clir,n. Cliff. 

elimbd'y pp. Climbed. 

dlncht'**, pp. Clinched. 

cllnk'erd*, pp. Clinkered. 

cUiikt'*% pp. Clinked. 

dipt**", pp. CUpped. 

doakt'*", pp. Cloaked. 

dockt% a. Clocked. 

dogd% pp. Clogged. 

dols'terd'**, pa. Cloistered. 

do'rld*9 n. Chlorid. 

do^rin"f n. Chlonn. 

do8'a-bl% a. Closable. 

dot'terd'y pp, dottered. 

doyd'*% pp. Cloyed. 

doze% vt, & vi. Close. 

dox'et', v., a. & n. Closet. 

do'zure'y v, & n. Closure. 

du*» v.&n. Clew, due. 

dubd'*", pp. Clubbed. 

duclit'» pp. Clutched. 

duckt'**, pp. Clucked. 

duT**, n. Clough. 


duinpt% pp. Clumped. 
dus'terd'*", pp. Clustered. 
dutcht", pp. Clutched. 
duf terd'*", pp. Cluttered. 
coachf*", pp. Coached. 
co-ac'tiv'*", a. Coactive. 
co-ad^u-na-tlT*, a. Coadunative. 
co-ad'u-na-tlv-ly*, adv. Coadima- 

co-ag'u-la-tlv*, a. Coagulative. 
coald'*", pp. Coaled. 
coars^end", pp. Coarsened. 
coaxt'*", pp. Coaxed. 
cobd'y pp. Cobbed. 
cob'P, V. & n. Cobble. 
cob'ld% pp. Cobbled. 
cob'wcbd"", pa. Cobwebbed. 
cock'erdS pp. Cockered. 
cock^^ V. & n. Cockle. 
cock'ny*, n. Cockney. 
cockt'**, pp. Cocked. 
co'co", n. Cocoa. 
eo'co-nuf'% n. Cocoanut. 
eoc'tll", a. Coctile. 
cod'P, vt. Coddle. 
cod^dld', pp. Coddled. 
co-er'd-bP, a. Coercible. 
co-er^d-bl-ness'y n. Coercibleness. 
eo-cr'dv'**, a. Coercive. 
co-er'dv-ly*, adv. Coercively. 
co-er'dv-iiess", n. Coerciveness. 
co-e'val", a. CosBvaL 
co^ex-ten'slv*, a. Coextensive. 
co"ex-teii'slv-ly*> adv. Coextensively. 
co"ex-teii^sIv-nes8% n. Coextensive- 

coF*", V. & n. Cough. 
coffcrd*, pp. Coffered. 
corflnd% pp. Coffined. 
coff^Ing", ppr. Coughing. 
coft', pp. Coughed. 
cogd% pp. Cogged. 
eog'I-ta-bP, a. Cogitable. 
cog'I-ta''tIv''**, a. Cogitative. 



cog^l-ta^tlv-ly", adv. Cogi^atively. 

eog^nl-tlT*, a. Cognitive. 

cos^nl-za-bly cog^nl-sa-bl', a. Cog- 
nizable, cognisable. 

€os^iil-za-bl-ne88% n. Cognizable- 

eoc-nos'el-tiT*, a. Cognoscitive. 

cog-nos'cl-tlY-ly", ado, Cognosci- 

co-he'sl-bPy a, Cohesible. 

co-he'slv'^", a. Cohesive. 

co-he'slv-ly", adv. Cohesively. 

co-lie^8lv-ne88% n. Cohesiveness. 

co-hor^ta-tiv*, a. Cohortative. 

eolft"» pp. Coifed. 

eoUd*, pp. Coiled. 

colndJ!*", pp. Coined. 

eoVef, n. Choler. 

eol'er-a'**f n. Cholera. 

corer-lc', a. Choleric. 

col-laps^% V. & n. Collapse. 

eoUlapsf *"» pp. Collapsed. 

col1ard''*% pa. Collared. 

col-la^tlT*9 a. Collative. 

colleag***, n. Colleague. 

col-lect'a-bP, eol-lecf 1-bP, a. Col- 
lectable, collectible. 

col-lec'tlv***, a. & n. Collective. 

colll-ga-tlv*, a. Colligative. 

col-liq'ua-tlv*» a. Colliquative. 

col-liq^ua-tlv*ne88*» n. Colliquative- 

col-U'sIv*, a. Collisive. 

col^o-ea^tlon«a-bl% a. Collocation- 

eono-ea-tlT*9 a. Collocative. 

coHo-graf f n. Collograph. 

col-lu'8lv'*"f a. Collusive. 

coKo-nls^a-bPy a. Colonizable. 

eol'o-iilie% vL & vi. Colonise. 

cofor*, V. & n. Colour. 

coford% pa. Colored. 

eof ter*» n. Coulter. 

€oKterd% a. Coltered. 

coruin% n. Column. 

coruind% a. Columned. 

com-, prefix. See also under cum-. 

com-baf a-bl% a. Combatable. 

com'ba-tlv'**, a. Combative. 

coiiinba-tlv-iie88% n. Combativeness. 

coiiibd'*% a. Combed. 

com-bln^a-bFy a. Combinable. 

com-bln'a-bl-ness', n. Combinable- 

com-bl'iia-tlT*, a. Combinative. 

com'blt'j vt. Comble. 

com-bus^tl-bP, a. & n. Combustible. 

eom-bus'tlT*, a. Combustive. 

eo-mes'ti-bP, a. & n. Comestible. 

coiii^l-ta''tl¥^9 a. Comitative. 

coiii''inaii-deerd'% pp. Conmian- 

com-ineiii^o-ra-bP, a. Commemo- 

com-inein'o-ra-tlT*, a. Commemo- 

com-inend^a-bl', a. Conmiendable. 

com-ineiid^a-bl-iiess'y n. Com- 

com-menst'"* pp. Commenced. 

com-ineii'su-ra-bl,' a. Commensu- 

com-meii^su-ra-bl-iiess', n. Com- 

eom-iner'ela-bPy a. Commerciable. 

com-mln^gP, vL & vi. Commingle. 

com-iiils^er-a-bPy a. Commiserable. 

com-inls^er-a-tlv'ya. Commiserative. 

com-inls^er-a-tlv-ly'y ado. Commis- 

eom-mls^siond** pp. Commissioned. 

com-iiils^slv*, a. Commissive. 

com-iiils^slv-ly*, ado. Commissively. 

commlt'a-bPy eom-mlt'l-bF» a. 
Conmiittable, conmiittible. 

eom-inlxf ^9 pp. Commixed. 

eom-mo'dl-usS a. Commodious. 

com^inoii-a-bP, a. Commonable. 



com'mondS VP* Commoned. 

coiii^inoii-weltll'^9 n. Common- 

eom-ino'tlT*, a. Commotive. 

coiii-mu'ni-ca-bl%a. Communicable. 

eom-mu^iil-ca-bl-ne88% n. Com- 

coiii-mu'iil-ca"tIv'**, o. Communi- 

eoiii-mu'iil-tiT*9 a. Communitive. 

com-mut^a-bPy a. Conmiutable. 

com-mut^a-bl-ness^ n. Commuta- 

com-mu^ta-tlT*, a. Commutative. 

com-inu'ta-tiY-ly*, adv. Commuta- 

com-pact'l-bPy a. Compactible. 

eom-pan^l-a-bl^ a. Companiable. 

eom-paii^lond*9 pp. Companioned. 

eom-pan^lon-a-bl. See cumpanion- 


com'pa-ra-bPy a. Comparable. 

eom'pa-ra-bl-ness'y n. Comparable- 

com-par'a-tlv'*", a. & n. Compara- 
tive, [tively. 

com-par^a-tlv-ly'f ado, Compara- 

com-pai^a-tlY-iiessS n. Compara- 

com-pas'slon-a-bF, a. Compassion- 

com-pas'slond'y pp. Compassioned. 

com-pas'slT*, a. Compassive. 

com'past'^y pp. Compassed. 

com-pat'l-bPf a. Compatible. 

com-pat'I-bl-ness'f n. Compatible- 

com-peld"**, VV* Compelled. 

com-pena-ble', a. Compellable. 

com-pena-tiv*, a. & n. Compella- 

com-pen'sa-blfy a. Compensable. 

com-peii'sa-tl¥% a. & n. Compensa- 

com-pen^sa-tlv-ness*, n. Compen- 

com-pef 1-tIv***, a. Competitive. 

com-pef l-tlv-ljr», acfo. Competitive- 

com-pet'I-tlv-nessS n. Competi- 

eom-plaln'a-bPy a. Complainable. 

eom-plalnd''^9 pp. Complained. 

com-plaln'tiv** a. Complaintive. 

coiii-plalii'tiv-ne88% n. Complain- 

eoin''ple-inen'ta-tlT*9 a. Comple- 

com-plet'a-bPy a. Completable. 

coin-ple^tlT*9 a. Completive. 

com-plexf *9 a. Complexed. 

com-plex'lv-ly'y cuit;. Complexively. 

com-pli^a-bF, a. Compilable. 

coiii^pll-ca''tlT*9 a. Complicative. 

coiii'pll8% n. Complice. 

com-pUs^l-ty*, n. Complicity. 

coiii^pli-ineiit^a-bl% a. Compliment- 

com'^pli-ineii'ta-tiv*, a. Compli- 

eom-port'a-bP, a. Comportable. 

com-pos'lt'**, a. & n. Composite. 

coin-po8^1-tlT*9 o. Compositive, [ly. 

eoin-po8'l-tlv-ly% adv, Compositive- 

com-pos'sl-bP, a. Compossible. 

coin''pre-bend'l-bP, a. Compre- 

eoin''pre-beii^sl-bl'9 a. Comprehen- 

com''pre-beii^sI-bl-iie8s'9 n. Com- 

coiii''pre-bcii'8lv'*", a. Comprehen- 

com''pre-beii'8lv-ness"» n. Compre- 

eom-press'l-bl'y a. Compressible. 

com''pre88'l*bl*ne88'» n. Compressi- 



coin*pres^slT*» a. Compressive. 
coin«pres^8l¥-ly% adv. Compressive- 


com-presf 9 pa* Compressed. 
com-prls'a-bPy com-prtz'a-bl^ a. 

Comprisable, comprizable. 
eoin-prlze'", vt. Comprise. 
com'^pro-duc'tlv*, a, Comproduc- 

com^pro-mlze") v. & n. Compromise. 
compt^a-bK, a. Comptable. 
com-pul'sa-tlv*, a. Compulsative. 
coin-piil'sa-tl¥-ly*9 adv. Compulsa- 

com-pul'slv'^*", a. Compulsive. 
com-puf a-bp9 a. Computable. 
coin-pu^ta-tl¥*9 a. Computative. 
com-pu'ta-tlv-ness'f n. Computa- 

eo'na-tl¥% a. & n. Conative. 
eonc*, n. Conch. 
con-ccald"", pp. Concealed. 
con-cclv", vL & vi. Conceive. 
con-celv^a-bPy a. Conceivable. 
eon-celv'a-bl-iiess'y n. Conceivable- 

con-cclvd''*", pp. Conceived. 
con-cen^ter^, vt. & vi. Concentre. 
con-cen'terd^, pp. Concentered. 
con-een'tra-tlv*, a. Concentrative. 
eon-een^tra-tlv-ness'y n. Concen- 

con-cep^ta-cP, n. Conceptacle. 
con-ccp'tlv'", a. Conceptive. 
eon-cep^tlv-nessS n. Conceptive- 

con-ccrnd"**, pa. Concerned. 
con-ees^sl-bPf a. Concessible. 
con-ccs'slv'*", a. Concessive. 
coii-ccs'sIv-ly% adv. Concessively. 
con-ces'slT-ness*, n. Concessiveness. 
coii-cU'I-a-tlT*» a. Conciliative. 
eon-clu^sI-bPy a. Conclusible. 
con-clu'slv'**, a. Conclusive. 

coii-clu'sIv-ly% adv. Conclusively. 
eon-clu'slv-nessS n. Conclusiveness. 
con-eoc'tlv'*% a. Concoctive. 
con-cres'cI-bP, a. Concrescible. 
eon-cres'clvS a. Concrescive. 
con-cre'tlv", a. Concretive, 
con-crc'tIv-ly% adv. Concretively. 
con-cu'pIs-cI-bP, a. Concupiscible. 
con-eu^pl8-cl-bl-iiess% n. Concu- 

con-curd''**, pp. Concurred. 
con-cus'slv'**, a. Concussive. 
con-cusf 9 pp. Concussed. 
cond'y pp. Conned. 
coii-dein'iia-bl% a. Condenmable. 
con-demd'*, pa. Condenmed. 
con-dens'a-bP, con-dens'l-bP, a. 

Condensable, condensible. 
con-dens'a-tlT*, a. Condensative. 
con-densf '*% pp. Condensed. 
con-dlf % vt. Condite. 
coii'dlt% n. Conduit. 
con-dl'tlond", pa. Conditioned. 
con-do'na-tlT", a. Condonative. 
con-du'cl-bPy a. Conducible. 
con-du'd-bl-ness^ n. Conducible- 

con-du'dv'*", a. Conducive. 
con-du'cIv-nessS n. Conduciveness. 
con-duct^I-bl'y a. .Conductible. 
con-duc'tlv", a. Conductive. 
con-fcd'er-a-tlv'**, a. Confedera- 

con-ferd''*", pp. Conferred. 
con-fer'ra-bP, a. Conferrable. 
con-fes'slvS a. Confessive. 
con-fesf '*•, pp. Confessed. 
con-flg^ur-a-tlv", a. Configurative. 
con-fln'a-bP, a. Confinable. 
con-flrm^a-bP, a. Confirmable. 
coii-flrin'a-tlT*9 a. Confirmative. 
con-flriii'a-tIv-ly*» adv. Confirma- 

con-flrmd"*", pa. Confirmed. 



con-fls'ca-bl'f a. Confiscable. 

coii''fls-c«t'a-bP, a. Confiscatable. 

con'fla-gra'^tlT*, a, Conflagrative. 

eon-flic^ tlT"» a. Conflictive. 

con-form'a-bPf a. Conformable. 

con-forin'a-bl-iies8% n. Conform- 

con-formd''**, pa. Conformed. 

eoii-f^uiit'% vL Confront. 

con-fus^a-bP, a. Confnsable. 

eon«fuf a-bl% a. Confutable. 

eon»tn'tM'tU% a. Confutative. 

con-geal'a-bFy a. Congealable. 

eon*geal'a-bl-nes8% n. Congealable- 

con-geald"*", pp. Congealed. 

con-gela-tlv*, a. Congelative. 

con-ges'tlT", a. Congestive. 

con-glu'tl-na-tlv'**, a. Conglutina- 

eon-grat^n-la-bPy a, Congratulable. 

con'gre-ga''tlv% a. Congregative. 

coii'gre-ga''tl¥-ness% n. Congrega- 

eon-sre8^slT*9 a. Congressive. 

eo-nlf^er-u8"f a. Coniferous. 

con-Jec'tlv*, a. Conjective. 

con-Jee'tiir-a-bP, a. Conjecturable. 

con-jolnd''*", pa. Conjoined. 

con^Ju-ca-bl^ a. Conjugable. 

coii'Ju-ga''tiT*9 a. Conjugative. 

con-June' tlv'**, a. & n. Conjimctive. 

con-nect'a-bl% a. Connectable. 

con-nec'tiv'*", a. & n. Connective. 

con-nex'lvt"* a, Connexive. 

con-no' ta-tlT*, a. Connotative. 

con-no' ta-tlv-ly", ado, Connotative- 


eon-no'tiv*9 o. Connotive. 
con-no'tlv-ly", adv, Connotively. 
con'querd% pp. Conquered. 
con'sdon-a-bFy a, Conscionable. 
con'8cIon-a-bl-ness'» n. Conscion- 

con-scc'u-tlv***, a. Consecutive. 

con-senf a-bP, a. Consentable. 

con-senfl-bP, a. Consentible. ^ 

con-scrv"*% vt. Conserve. 

con-serr'a-bPy a, Conservable. 

con-ser'va-tlv'*", a, & n. Conserva- 

con-8crvd'% pp. Conserved. 

eon-sld'er-a-bP» a. Considerable. 

con-sld'er-a-tlv^9 a, Considerative. 

con-8ld'crd'*", pp. Considered. 

con-slgnd'"^*", pp. Consigned. 

eon^8lg-nlfI-ea-tly", a, Consignifi- 

eon-8ol'a-bp9 a. Consolable. 

con-8ol'a-bl-ne88'9 n. Consolable- 

con-8ol'a-tlv*, a. Consolative. 

con-8ori-da"tIv*, a, ConsoUdative. 

con-8orf a-bPy a. Consortable. 

con'8ta-bp9 n. Constable. 

con'stl-tu^tlv'*", a, & n. Constitu- 

con-8traIn'a-bP, a. Constrainable. 

con-8tralnd"**9 pa. Constrained. 

con-strlc'tlv", a. Constrictive. 

con'8tru", V. Construe. 

eon-stru'a-bP, a. Construable. 

con-strucf 1-bP, a. Constructible. 

con-8truc'tIv'*", a. & n. Construc- 

con-8truc'tIv-ne88'» n. Construc- 

con-sub'8tan-tlT",a. Consubstantive. 

con-sulf a-bPy a, Consultable. 

co|i-8ulf a-tlv*, a. Consultative. 

con-sUlf l¥% a. Consultive. 

con-8uni'a-bP9 a. Consumable. 

con-sump'ti-bPy a. Consumptible. 

con-sunip'tlT*9 a. & n. Consumptive. 

con-8ump'tlv-ly% adv. Consump- 

con-8ump'tlT-ne88% n. Consump- 


con-taln^a-bPy a. Containable. 
con-talnd'", pp. Contained. 
con-tam'i-na-bPy a. Contaminable. 
CQii-tain^l-iui-tlT"* a, Contamina- 

con-tein'ni-bl% a. Contemnible. 
con-tem^perdf*, pp, Contempered. 
con-tem^pla-bP, a. Contemplable. 
con-tem'pla-tlv'**, a. Contempla- 
con-tem^pla-tlT-ly*, adv, Contem-^ 

con-tein'pla-ti¥-nes8% n. Contem- 

eon-tempt^l-bP, a. Contemptible. 
con-ter^ml-na-bl', a. Contermina- 

con-test'a-bl^ a. Contestable. 
eon-test^a-bl-ness^ n. Contestable- 

con-tcx'tiy", a. Contextive. 
con-tln^u-a-bP, a. Continuable. 
con-tln^u-a-tlT'y a. & n. Continua- 

con-tor^slv'y a. Contoreive. 
eon-tor'tlT"^ a. Contortive. 
con-tourd'*9 pp. Contoured. 
con-tract'I-bl'y a. Contractible. 
con-tract'l-bl-ness% n. Contract- 

con-trac'tll'**, a. Contractile. 
con-trac^tlT*9 a. Contractive. 
con-trai/tlT-ly", adv. Contractively. 
con^tra-dlef a-bP»a. Contradictable. 
eon'^tra-dlc'tlv^y a. Contradictive. 
con''tra-dls-tliic'tl¥*9 a. Contradis- 

con''tra-po8^1-tl¥*» a. & n. Contra- 

coii-tras'tIv*9 a. Contrastive. 
con-trlVut-a-bFy a. Contnbutable. 
con-trlVu-tlv^ a. Contributive. 
con-trtv^a-bPy a. Contrivable. 
con-trold"**, pp. Controlled. 

con-troria-bP, a. Controllable. 
con-troria-bl-ness^ n. ControUa- 

con-trol'ler", n. Comptroller. 
con^tro-vert'I-bF, a. Controvertible. 
con"va-ne8'cI-bF, a. Convanescible. 
con-vcc'tiv*, a. Convective. 
con-vcc'tIv-ly% adv. Convectively. 
con-ve'na-bl'y a. Convenable. 
con-vers^a-bPy a. Conversable. 
con-vers'a-bl-ness^ n. Conversable- 

eon'^ver-sa'tlon-a-bP, a. Conversa- 

con-vcrs'a-tlv", a. Conversative. 
con-vers'l-bPy a. Conversible. 
con-ver'slv", a. Conversive. 
con-versf '*% pp. Conversed. 
con-vcrt'l-bP, a. Convertible. 
con-vert'l-bl-ness^ n. Convertible- 

con-ver'tlv", o. Convertive. 
con'vext*, pp. Convexed. 
con-vcy'a-bP, a. Conveyable. 
con-veyd"**, pp. Conveyed. 
con-Tlct'a-bP, eon-Ylct^l-bl^a. Con- 

victable, convictible. 
con-vlc'tlv", a. Convictive. 
con-vlc'tlv-ly*, adv. Convictively. 
coii-vIc'tl¥-nes8% n. Convictiveness. 
con-vlnc'l-bPy a. Convincible. 
con-vlnsf 9 pp. Convinced. 
coii-Toc'a-tl¥% a. Convocative. 
con-¥ol¥'*, vt. & vi. Convolve. 
con-vol¥d'*, pp. Convolved. 
con-¥oyd"*", pp. Convoyed. 
con-¥uls'l-bl'» a. ConvuMble. 
con-vul'slv'**, a. Convulsive. 
con-vul'slv-ly*, adv. Convulsively. 
coii-¥ul^8lT-ne88%n. Convulsiveness. 
con-vulsf % pp. Convulsed. 
cood"^*"* pp. Cooed. 
cook'a-bP, a. Cookable. 
cookt'**, pp. Cooked. 


coold'*", pp. Cooled. 
co-op'er-a-tlv% a. & n. Cooperative. 
co-op'cr-a-ttr-ly*, adv. Cooperative- 


co-op'er-a-tlv-ne88*» n. Coopera- 

coop'erd^, pp. Coopered. 
coopf^**, pp. Cooped. 
qop^a-bl% a. Copable. 
cop'perd", pp. Coppered. 
cop'per-hcd"*, n. Copperhead. 
eop'pf8% n. Coppice. 
cops', V. & n. Copse. 
copt", a. Copped. 
cop'u-la-tiv'*", a. & n. Copulative. 
co-quef % V. & n. Coquet, coquette. 
cord", n. Chord. 
cor^al-lin", a. & n. Coralline. 
cor'beld", pp. Corbeled. 
co-rera-tlT*, a. Corelative. 
corkf*", a. Corked. 
cornd'^**, pa. Corned. 
cor'nerd", a. Cornered. 
cor'nI-cP, n. Cornicle. 
cor^nls", V. & n. Cornice. 
cor^^nlst", pp. Corniced. 

cor'po-ra-tlvt"* «• Corporative. 

cor-rcc'tlv"^*", a. & n. Corrective. 

cor-rec'tlv-ly*, adv. Correctively. 

cor-rera-tlv^*", a. & n. Correlative. 

cor^re-spon'slv", a. Corresponsive. 

coi^rc-spon'slv-ly*, adv. Correqwn- 

cor'rl-gl-bP, a. Corrigible. 

cor'rl-sl-bl-ness*, n. Corrigibleness. 

cor-rob'o-ra-tlv'**, a. & n. Corrobo- 

cor-roVo-ra-tiv-ly*, adv. Corrobora- 

cor-rod'i-bP, a. Corrodible. 

cor-ro'sl-bl', a. Corrosible. 

cor-ro^sl-bl-ness', n. Corrosibleness. 

cor-ro'slv'*", a. & n. Corrosive. 

cor-ro'8lv-ly% adv. Corrosively. 


cor-ro'slv-ness', n. Corrosiveness. 

cor-rupt'I-bP, a. Corruptible. 

cor-rupt'l-bl-ness', n. Corruptible* 

cor-rup'tiv", a. Corruptive. 

cor-rup'tlv-ly', adv. Corruptively. 

co'rus", n. Chorus. 

cos'mo-lin*, n. Cosmoline. 

cos'tlv'**, a. Costive. 

cot'tond*, pp. Cottoned. 

coucbt'*", pp. Couched. 

count'a-bP, a. Countable. 

coud% v. Could. 

coun'cU-or', n. Coimcilor, councillor. 

coun^seld*, pp. Counseled, counselled. 

coun^sel-or', n. Counsellor, counselor. 

coun^ter-ac'tlv", a. & n. Counterac- 

coun''ter-ac'tIv-ly*, adv. Counterao- 

conn'terd", pp. Countered. 

coun'ter-flt*, t;., a. & n. Counterfeit. 

coun'tcr-marcht'**, pp. Counter- 

coun'ter-fllsiid'*", pp. Counter- 

coun''ter-Tall'a-bl', a. Countervail- 

coun'ter-vaild*, a. Countervailed. 

coup^a-bP, a. Couplable. 

couple. See cufl. 

count*, pp. Coursed. 

court^mar^tlald", pp. Courtmar- 

cover. See cuvbr. 

cov'erd", pp. Covered. 

cov'et-a-br, a. Covetable. 

cov'et-lv-ness", n. Covetiveness. 

cow'ard-ls", n. Cowardice. 

cowd'*", pp. Cowed. 

cow'erd'**, pp. Cowered. 

cowld'**, pa. Cowled. 

coz'end*, pp. Cozened. 

co'ay', a. & n. Cosy. 



erabd*, pp. Crabbed. 
crack^'y v, & n. Crackle. 
crack^d% pp. Crackled. 
crackt'**, pa. Cracked. 
cramd'*", pp. Crammed. 
crampt'**, pp. Cramped. 
cras^y a. Crass. 
crasht'*", pp. Crashed. 
crawld'*", pp. Crawled. 
creaktf **, pp. Creaked. 
creamd*"*", pp. Creamed. 
creast*"*", pp. Creased. 
cre-a'tiv'**, a. Creative. 
cre-a'tlv-lyS adv. Creatively. 
crc-a'tlv-nc88% n. Creativeness 
cre'den-clv", a. Credencive. 
cre-den^dv-nessS n. Credencive- 

cred'l-bP, a. Credible. 
cred^l-ta-bP, a. Creditable. 
cred^l-ta-bl-ne8S% n. Creditable- 

ness. ' 
cred'l-tlv% a. Creditive. 
ered'u-lus", a. Credulous. 
cres", n. Cress. 
crcv'ls", V. & n. Crevice. 
crev'lstS pp. Creviced. 
crlbd% pp. Cribbed. 
crlm^l-na-tlv", a. Criminative. 
crlm^pPy V. & n. Crimple. 
crliii^pld% pp. Crimpled. 
crlmpt'^*", pp. Crimped. 
crlm^sond", pp. Crimisoned. 
erln^kl'9 V. & n. Crinkle. 
crln^kld'y pp. Crinkled. 
crIp'P, V. & n. Cripple. 
crlp1d% pp. Crippled. 
erispt'*% pp. Crisped. 
crlt'l-cIs^a-bP, crIt'l-cIz"a-bF, a. 

crit'l-clze^**, vt. & vi. Criticise. 
cro*, V. & n. Crow. 
croakt'*", pp. Croaked. 
eroeht'9 a. Crotched. 

erockt^y pp. Crocked. 
croed", pp. Crowed. 
croes"^ V. & n. Crows. 
crome^y n. Chrome. 
cro-mat'Ic", a. Chromatic. 
cro'mo*, n. Chromo. 
cron'Ic", a. Chronic. 
cron'I-clc", v. & n. Chronicle. 
cro-noro-gy*, n. Chronology. 
crook'ed^ a. Crooked. 
crookf**, pp. Crooked. 
croond^, pp. Crooned. 
cropt", pp. Cropped. 
eros", v., a. & n. Cross. 
cro8t'*% pa. Crossed. 
croteht", a. Crotched. 
croucht"^*", pp. Crouched. 
crowds pp. Crowed. 
crownd*, pa. Crowned. 
cru*, n. Crew. 
cruehS v. & n. Crutch. 
crucht'**, a. Crutched. 
cru'd-bF, n. Crucible. 
crum'*", V. & n. Crumb. 
crum^bl'^, vt. & vi. Crumble. 
crum'bld^, pp. Crumbled. 
crumd"*, pp. Crumbed. 
crum'pl'y vt. & vi. Crumple. 
crum'pld^, pp. Crumpled. 
cruiicht% pp. Crunched. 
crusht**", pp. Crushed. 
crutcht% a. Crutched. 
crys'tal-llii% a. & n. Crystalline. 
erys'tal-lls"a-bP, crys'tal-Uz^'a-blS 

a. CrystaUizable. 
cubd% pp. Cubbed. 
cudg^eld^y pp. Cudgeled, cudgelled. 
cue*"", n. Queue. 
cuF**, V. & n. Cuff. 
cuft'*% pp. Cuffed. 
cuP, V. & n. Cull. 
culd'*% pp. Culled. 
curor', V. & n. Color. 
cul'or-a-bFy a. Colorable. 

cul'ord'y pa. Colored. 

cul'pa-bPs a. Culpable. 

eiil^pa-bl-ness'9 n. Culpableness. 

ciil'tl-v»t^a-bF, o. Cultivatable. 

cul'tl-va-bP, a. Cultivable. 

cul^tiir-a-bP» a. Culturable. 

cuniy cums'f vi, & vt. Come, comes. 

cum'bcrd'**, pp. Cumbered. 

cum'ber-gum*'*", a. Cumbersome. 

euiii'flt'9 n. Comfit. 

cum'fort'f V. & n. Comfort. 

cuin'fort-a-bl% a. Comfortable. 

cum^fort-eP, n. Comforter. 

cum^lng'y pa. & n. Coming. 

cuiii11-ness% n. Comeliness. 

cumly'9 a. Comely. 

cum-pan^lon', v. & n. Companion. 

cum-pan^lon-a-bPy a. Companion- 
able, [ship. 

cum-pan'lon-slllp'y n. Companion- 

cum^pa-ny'y v. & n. Company. 

cum^pass'y v. & n. Compass. 

cu'mu-la-tlv'**, a. Cumulative. 

cu'mu-la-tlv-ly*, adt;. Cumulatively. 

cu'mu-la-tiT-ness^y n. Cumulative- 

cun'try'*", a. & n. Coimtry. 

cup'F, V. & n. Couple. 

cup^d', pa. Coupled. 

cuplcr'^, n. Coupler. 

eup'Iet', n. Couplet. 

cupllng'9 n. Coupling. 

cupt'^*% pp. Cupped. 

cur'a-bP, a. Curable. 

cur^age', n. Courage. 

cu-ra'geous', a. Coiu*ageous 

cur'a-tlv'*", a. Curative. 

cur'a-tlv-ly*, adv. Curatively. 

cur^a-tlv-ness", n. Curativeness. 

curb'a-bl% a. Curbable. 


curbd'**, pp. Curbed. 
curld"^*", pp. Curled. 
cur8^ed% a. Cursed. 
ciir'8lv'**f a. & n. Cursive. 
cur'glv-ly*, adv. Cursively. 
cui^slv-ness", n. Cursiveness. 
curst**% pp. Cursed. 
curs^ta-bPf n. Curstable. 
cur-taUd^'^f pp. Curtailed. 
cur^talnd'f pp. Curtained. 
cur'te-ous', a. Courteous. 
cur'te-san^ n. Courtesan. 
curte'sy'*", v. & n. Courtesy. 
curate-US'*, a. Courteous. 
curv'*% v., a. & n. Curve. 
cur'va-tiv", a. Curvative. 
curvd'**, pp. Curved. 
cur'vet-lng', prea. p. Curvetting. 
cush'lond^f pp. Cushioned. 
cus'tom-a-bl-ness^ n. Customable- 

cu-ta'ne-us% a. Cutaneous. 
cu'tl-cP, n. Cuticle. 
cut'las^, n. Cutlass. 
cut'1-flsh', n. Cuttlefish. 
cuT^e-nant^ t;. & n. Covenant. 
cuv'er', V. & n. Cover. 
cuv'erd'**, pp. Covered. 
cuv'cr-Ing', n. Covering. 
cuv'er-let*, n. Coverlet. 
cuv'ert', a. & n. Covert. 
cuv'er-ture', n. Coverture. 
cuv'ct', vt. & vi. Covet. 
cuv'et-ous'', a. Covetous. 
cuv'ey', n. Covey. 
cua'en', vt. & vi. Cozen. 
cuz'en-age% n. Cozenage. 
cuz'ln', n. Cousin. 
c/'clo-pe'dl-a", n. Cyclopaedia. 
cy'prest", a. Cjrpressed. 




-d'**, suffix, -ed. 
dabd^*", pp. Dabbed. 
dab^r, vU & vi. Dabble. 
dab^d', pp. Dabbled. 
dac'tyr*% n. Dactyle. 
dag:^!', vt, & vi. Daggle. 
dag:^ld% pp. Daggled. 
dam'age-a-bFy a. Damageable. 
dam'age-a-bl-ness% n. Damage- 

dam^askt", a. Damasked. 
damd'^S pa. Damned. 
dam'na-bP, a. Damnable. 
dam'na-bl-ness^ n. Damnableness. 
dam-nin-ca-br, a. Damnificable. 
damp'end°, pp. Dampened. 
dampt'*', pp. Damped. 
dan'dP, vt. Dandle. 
dan'dld', pp. Dandled. 
dan'drlP, dan^druP, n. Dandriff, 

dan'gl% vt. & vi. Dangle. 
dan'gld^ pp. Dangled. 
danst", pp. Danced. 
dap^l% V. & a. Dapple. 
dap'ld% pp. Dappled. 
dapt% pp. Dapped. 
dark'end^*", pp. Darkened. 
dark^sum'^'y a. Darksome. 
darnd'**, pp. Darned. 
dasht'f, pp. Dashed. 
dat^a-bly date'a-bl% a. Datable, 

da'tiv'**, a. & n. Dative. 
da'tiv-ly% adv. Datively. 
daubd'*', pp. Daubed. 
dau'flii% n. Dauphin. 
dau^ter", n. Daughter. 
dawnd'**, pp. Dawned. 
daz^Py vt. & vi. Dazzle. 
daz'ld^, pp. Dazzled. 

deaf. See dbf. 

de-bard"*% pp. Debarred. 

de-barkt'% pp. Debarked. 

de-bat^a-bly de-bate'a-br, a. De- 
batable, debateable. 

de-bauchf *•, 'pa. Debauched. 

de-bUa-ta''tlT", a. Debilitative. 

dec'a-log'**, n. Decalogue. 

de-campf '*•, pp. Decamped. 

de-cay^a-br, a. Decayable. 

de-cayd"*% pp. Decayed. 

de-ceasf '*^, pp. Deceased. 

de-celv", vt. & vi. Deceive. 

de-celv^a-bl% a. Deceivable. 

de-celv^a-bl-nes8% n. Deceivable- 

de-celvd"**, pp. Deceived. 

de-cep'tiv'**, a. Deceptive. 

de-cep'tlv-ly", adv. Deceptively. 

de-cep'tlT-ne8s^9 n. Deceptiveness. 

de-cld'a-bl% a. Decidable. 

de-cl'fcr'*% vt. Decipher. 

dc-cl'fcrd'**, pp. Deciphered. 

de-cl'fer-a-bPy a. Decipherable. 

dc-cl'slv'*", a. Decisive. 

dc-cl'slv-ly", adv. Decisively. 

de-cl'slT-ness°, n. Decisiveness. 

de€kd% pp. Decked. 

deckt'y a. Decked. 

de-dalmd"*", pp. Declaimed. 

de-clar'a-bPy a. Declarable. 

de-clar^a-tlv'*% a. & n. Declarative. 

de-dar^a-tiv-ly^y adv. Declaratively. 

de-clln'a-bF, a. Declinable. 

de-cocf l-bP, a. Decoctible. 

de-coc'tiv", a. Decoctive. 

de^'com-pos^a-bP, a. Decomposable. 

de^com-pound'a-bl% a. Decom- 

de^con-ges'tlT", a. Decongestive. 

dec'c-ra'^tiv''**, a. Decorative. 

27 _^ 

de-coyd"***, pp. Decoyed. 

de-creast"*', pp. Decreased. 

dc-cul'or% vt. Decolor. 

de-cul'or-ize'y vt Decolorize. 

de^cre-a'tlv", a. Decreative. 

dc-ci5ee'»-bl% a. Decreeable. 

de-cre'tiv*, a. Decretive. 

de-crc'tlv-ly", adv, Decretively. 

de-cur'slv'*", a. Decursive. 

ded*"**, a. Dead. 

ded'eii*9 vt. Deaden. 

ded'end'**, pp. Deadened. 

ded'en-Ing'*", n. Deadening. 

ded'hed"", v, & n. Deadhead. 

ded'ly'tfj «. Deadly. 

de-cus's»-t|y", a. Decussative. 

ded'l-c»-tlv", a. Dedicative. 

de-duc^l-bp9 a. Deducible. 

de-duc'l-bl-ness% n. Deducibleness. 

de-du'civ", a. Deducive. 

de-duc'tlv****, a. Deductive. 

de-duc'tlv-ly", adv. Deductively. 

deemd^**, pp. Deemed. 

deep'end^^, pp. Deepened 

der*«, a. Deaf. 

de-fea'sl-bPy a. Defeasible. 

de-fea'sl-bl-nes8% n. Defeasible- 

dc-fecf l-bF, a. Defectible. 

de-fees' tlv'*", a. & n. Defective. 

defen", vU Deafen. 

defend'**, pp. Deafened. 

de-fend'a-bPy a. Defendable. 

def'en-Ing'***, pa. Deafening. 

de-fcnse"**, n. Defense, defence. 

de-fen'sl-bP, a. Defensible. 

de-fen'sl-bl-ness'y n. Defensible- 

de-fen'slv'**, a. & n. Defensive. 

de-ferd'", pp. Deferred. 

de-fln'a-bF, a. Definable. 

den-nlt'**», a. Definite. 

de-fln'l-tiv'**, a. & n. Definitive. 

de-fln'l-tlv-ly", adv. Definitively. 


de-fln'l-tlT-ness", n. Definitiveness. 
defl-nlt-ly", adv. Definitely. 
defl-nlt-ness", n. Definiteness. 
defla-gra-bP, a. Deflagrable. 
de-fleef l-bl% a. Deflectible. 
de-flee' tlv", a. Deflective. 
def ness'**, n. Deafness. 
de-form'a-bP, a. Defonnable. 
de-form'a-tlv", a. Deformative. 
de-formd"**, pa. Deformed. 
de-frayd"**, pp. Defrayed. 
de-gen'er-a-tlv", a. Degenerative. 
de-glu'tl-bP, a. Deglutible. 
de-glu'tl-tiv*, a. Deglutitive. 
de-gres'slv", a. Degressive. 
de-hor'ta-tlT*, a. Dehortative. 
deln", v. Deign. 
delnd% pp. Deigned. 
de-Jee'tU% a. Dejectile. 
deP*% n. Dell. 
de-lay'a-bl% a. Delayable. 
de-layd'% pp. Delayed. 
del'e-bP, del'l-bP, a. Deleble, delible. 
de-lec'ta-bP, a. Delectable. 
de-lec'ta-bl-ness', n. Delectable- 

del'e-ga-bP, a. Del^able. 
de-le'tlv", a. Deletive. 
de-llb'er-a-tlv'*% a. Deliberative. 
de-llb'er-a-tlv-ly", adv. Delibera- 

de-llb'er-a-tlT-ness% n. Delibera- 

de-llm'l-ta-tlv% a. DeUmitative. 
de-lln'e-a-bF, a. Delineable. 
de-lln'e-a-tiv*, a. Delineative. 
de-llte", v. & n. Delight. 
de-llf ed', pa. Delighted. 
de-llv'erd'*", pp. Delivered 
delt'*% pp. Dealt. 
de-lud'a-bP, a. Deludable. 
de-lu'slv'*", a. Delusive. 
delv% V. & n. Delve. 
delvd*, pp. Delved. 


dem'»-gog^*", n. Demagogue. 

de-mand'a-bP, a. Demandable. 

de-meand'^^S pp. Demeaned. 

de-mean'or^**, n. Demeanor. 

de-inene'^9 n. Demesne. 

de-men' ta-tlv", a. Dementative. 

de-merst'% a. Demersed. 

de-mls'a-bP, a. Demisable. 

de-mls'slv^y cu Demissive. 

dem"o-cr»t"l-fl'a-bl', a. Democrati- 

de-morisht^*% pp. Demolished. 

de'mon-ls''a-bP, de^mon-iz^'a-bP, 
a. Demonisable, demonizable. 

de-mon'stra-bPy a. Demonstrable. 

de-mon'stra-bl-ness% n. Demon- 

de-mon'str»-tlv'*% a, & n. Demon- 

de-mon'stra-tlT-ly'^9 adv. Demon- 

de-mon'stra-tlv-ness°9 n. Demon- 

de-mounf a-bP, a. Demountable. 

de-murd'*, pp. Demurred. 

de-mur'a-bPy a. Demurrable. 

dend% pp. Denned. 

de-nl'a-bP, a. Deniable. 

de-nom'l-na-bP, a. Denominable. 

de-nom'l-na-tlv'*% a. & n. Denom- 

de-nof a-bPy a. Denotable. 

de-no'ta-tlv% a. Denotative. 

de-iio'ta-tlv-ly% adv. Denotatively. 

de-no' tlv% a. Denotive. 

de-nounst'^9 pp. Denounced. 

den'tl-frls% n. Dentifrice. 

de-nu'da-tlv", a. Denudative. 

de-nu'mer-a-bPy a. Denumerable. 

de-nun'cl-a-bPy a. Denunciable. 

de-nun'cl-a-tlv", a. Denimciative. 

de-pend'a-bPy a. Dependable. 

de-pend'a-bl-ness% n, Dependable- 

de-ple'tiv", a. & n. Depletive. 
de-plor'a-bPy a. Deplorable. 
de-plor'a-bl-ness^ n. Deplorable- 

de-ployd'^**, pp. Deployed. 
de-pos'a-bPy a. Deposable. 
de-pos'lt", V. & n. Deposit. 
de-pos'l-tlv*, a. Depositive. 
dep're-ca-bP, a. Deprecable. 
dep're-ca-tiv", a. Deprecative. 
dep're-ca-tlv-ly", ad». Deprecative- 


de-pre'cl-a-tiv% a. Depreciative. 
de-pre'cl-a-tlv-ly", adv. Deprecia- 

dep're-da-bP, a. Depredable. 
de-pres'sl-bPy a. Depressible. 
de-pres'slv^*", a. Depressive. 
de-prest"*% pa. Depressed. 
de-prlv'a-bP, a. Deprivabk. 
de-prlv'a-tiv*, a. Deprivative. 
dep'u-ra-tlv% a. & n. Depurative. 
dep'u-ta-bPy a. Deputable. 
dep'u-ta-tlT% a. Deputative. 
de-raild'% pp. Derailed. 
de-range'a-bPy a. Derangeable. 
de-ris'l-bPy a. Derisible. 
de-rl'slv'*", a. Derisive. 
de-rl'slv-ly", adv. Derisively. 
de-rl'slT-ness'^9 n. Derisiveness. 
de-rlv'a-bP, a. Derivable. 
de-rlv'a-tiv'**, a. & n. Derivative. 
de-rlv'a-tlv-ly', ado. Derivatively. 
de-rlv'a-tlT-ness", n. Derivativeness. 
de-rog'a-tiv'*, a. Derogative. 
de-rog'a-tlv-ly", ado. Derogatively. 
der'rlc", n. Derrick. 
derth^*% n. Dearth. 
de-scend'a-bPy de-seend'l-bP, a. 

Descendable, descendible. 
de-seen'8lT% a. Descensive. 
de-scrlb'a-bPy a. Describable. 
de-scrlp'tlv'**, a. Descriptive. 
de-serv"*% vt. & vi. Deserve. 


de-servd'", pp. Deserved. 
de-sld^er-a-bPy a. Desiderable. 
de-sld'er-a-tlv*9 a, & n, Deddera- 

de-slgn'a-bPy a. Designable (capable 

of being designed). 
des^lg-na-bl', a, Designable (capable 

of being designated). 
des^lg-na-tlv", a. Designative. 
de-slgnd"**, pa. Designed. 
de-slr'a-bPy a. Desirable. 
de-slr'a-bl-ness^ n. Desirableness. 
de-sls'tiv*, a. Desistive. 
de8^o-la-tlT*» a. Desolative. 
des-pach^'y v. & n. Despatch. 
de-spalr^a-bPy a. Despairable. 
de-spalrd'**", pp. Despaired. 
des^pl-ca-bPy a. Despicable. 
des'pl-ca-bl-ness'y n. Despicable- 

de-spis^a-bl% a. Despisable. 
de-spolld''*% pp. Despoiled. 
de-squam^a-tlT", a. Desquamative. 
des'tln*, vt. Destine. 
des'tind*, pp. Destined. 
de-stroy^a-bPy a. Destroyable. 
de-8troyd'"*, pp. Destroyed. 
de-struc^ti-bPy a. Destructible. 
de-struc^tl-bl-ness'y n. Destructi- 

de-struc'tiv'**, a. & n. Destructive. 
de-struc'tlv-ly", adv. Destructively. 
de-struc^tiv-iies8*9 n. Destructive- 

det'**, n. Debt. 
de-taGh^a-bl% a. Detachable. 
de-t»cht"**, pp. Detached. 
de-talld''**, pa. Detailed. 
de-t»lnd'"*, pp. Detained. 
de-tecf a-[or l-JbP, a. Detectable, 

de-tec' tl?'**, a. & n. Detective. 
de-ten^tlv"* a. Detentive. 
de-terd'** pp. Deterred. 

de-ter^gl-bl', a. Detergible. 

de-te'rl-o-ra'^tlv", a. Deteriorative. 

de-ter'min'**, vt. & vi. Determine. 

de-ter'ml-na-bP, a. Determinable. 

de-ter'nil-na-bl-ness'y n. Deter- 

de-ter'ml-na-tlv"* a. & n. Determi- 

de-ter'nil-na-tlv-ly*, adv. Determi- 

de-ter'nil-na-tlv-ness'y n. Deter- 

de-ter'mliid'*", pa. Determined. 

de-ter'slv'**, a. & n. Detersive. 

de-tesf a-bPy a. Detestable. 

deth'**, n. Death. 

dethly", a. & adv. Deathly. 

det'o-na-bP, a. Detonable. 

det'o-na-tlv", a. Detonative. 

de-trac'tlv", a. Detractive. 

de-tru'slv^, a. Detrusive. 

det'teP, n. Debtor. 

det'tor*, n. Debtor. 

de-verop'**, vt. & vi. Develope. 

de-verop-a-bP, a. Developable. 

de-veropt^**, pa. Developed. 

de'vl-a"tlv*, a. Deviative. 

dev'ild", pp. Deviled. 

de'vl-us", a. Devious. 

de-vlz'a-bPy a. Devisable. 

de-vlze'% vt. & vi. Devise. 

de-volv'^**, vt. & vi. Devolve. 

de-volvd''*j pp. Devolved. 

de-vor'a-tlv", a. Devorative. 

de-vour'a-bl^ a. Devourable. 

de-vourd'", pp. Devoured. 

dewd****, pp. Dewed. 

dl-af a-nu8°, a. Diaphanous. 

dl-af a-nous% a. Diaphanous. 

dr'a-fo-ref Ic', a. & n. Diaphoretic. 

dl'a-fram^*", n. Diaphragm. 

dra-framd*9 pp. Diaphragmed. 

dra-graFy n. Diagraph. 

dl'a-gramd*9 pp. Diagramed. 



dl'ald'**, pp. Dialed, diaUed. 
dl^al-lng:', n. Dialling. 
&Vtd'lat*,n, Diallist. 
dl'a-log'**, V, & n. Dialogue. 
dra-logd", pp. Dialogued. 
dra-lys'^a-bP, dl'a-lyz^a-bl% a. Dia- 

lysable, dialyzable 
di"a-re'a*, n. Diarrhea. 
dlbl% t;. & n. Dibble. 
dlbld', pp. Dibbled. 
dl-cera-lous% a. Dioephalous. 
dlGh% t;. & n. Ditch. 
dlcht% pp. Ditched. 
dlck^erd", pp. Dickered. 
dlc-ta'tlT*, a, Dictative. 
dl-dac'tiT** a. Didactive. 
didl%t;t. Diddle. 
dldld% pp. Diddled. 
dl-er'e-sis'y n. Diseresis. 
dirferd", pp. Differed. 
dirfer-en'tl-a-bP, a. Differentiable. 
dirfl-cU%a. Difficile. 
dirfl-cil-ne8s"» n. Difficileness 
dlf-frac^tlT*» a. Diffractive. 
dIf-fi*ac^tlT-ly*9 adv. Diffractively 
dlf-fi*an^gl-bl% a. Diffrangible. 
dlf-fu'slv"**, o. Diffusive. 
dlf-fuze'% vt. & vi. Diffuse. 
dlf-fiu^l-bl% a. Diffusible. 
dlf-the'rl-a% n. Diphtheria. 
dlTthong'y n. Diphthong. 
digd'y pp. Digged. 
dl-gesfl-bl% a. Digestible. 
dl-gest'l-bl-ness'9 n. Digestibleness. 
di-ges'tlv", a. & n. Digestive. 
dl-ges'tiv-ly^, adv. Digestively. 
dlg^ga-bPy a. Diggable. 
drgraP, a. & n. Digraph. 
di-gres'siv'*', a. Digressive. 
di-grcs'slv-ly", adv. Digressively. 
dl-gres'slT-ness", n. Digressiveness. 
di-gresf", pp. Digressed. 
dike", V. & n. Dyke. 
dU'*% V. & n. DiU. 

dl-Ufa-bP, a. Dilatable. 

dl-lat^a-bl-ness'y n. Dilatableness. 

dl-U^tlT", a. Dilative. 

dl-lu^tlT*9 a. Dilutive. 

dliiid''*9 pp. Dimmed. 

dl-iiien^slT*» a. Dimensive. 

dl-iiien^slv-ly*9 adv. Dimensively. 

dl-men^slv-ness", n. Dimensiveness. 

d-mln'lsh-a-bPy a. Diminishable. 

dl-mln^isht'^y pa. Diminished. 

di-mln'u-tlv'**, a. & n. Diminutive. 

dl-iiiln'u-tlT-ly*9 adv. Diminutively. 

dl-mln'u-tiv-ness^y n. Diminutive- 

dl'morPy n. Dimorph. 

dlm'pF, V. & n. Dimple. 

dlm^pld'y pp. Dimpled. 

dind'**, pp. Dinned. 

dingd*, pp. Dinged. 

dln'gPy V. & n. Dingle. 

dln^gld% pp. Dingled. 

dipt***, pp. Dipped. 

dl-recf a-bl% a. Directable. 

dl-rec'tiv***, a, & n. Directive. 

dl-rcc'tlv-ly*, adv. Directively. 

dl-rec'tlv-ne8S*9 n. Directiveness. 

dlr^l-gi-bF, a. & n. Dirigible. 

dls-a^bl% vt. Disable. 

dis-a'bld^ pp. Disabled. 

dls^a-buze^'y vt. Disabuse. 

dls^af-flr'ma-tlT", a. Disaffirmative. 

dls^a-gree'a-bP, a. Disagreeable. 

dls^a-gree^a-bl-ness', n. Disagree- 

dls^al-low'a-bP, a. Disallowable. 

dis'^al-low^a-bl-ness^y n. Disallow- 

dls^ap-peard''**, pp. Disappeared. 

dis*ap'pro-ba-tiT*9 a. Disapproba- 

dls-armd^, pa. Disarmed. 

dls^ar-rayd"*", pp. Disarrayed. 

dls'^as-slm^l-la-tlT", a« . Pisassimila- 


dls^'a-ToVa-bPy a. Disavowable. 

dls^a-vowd'***, pp. Disavowed. 

dls^e-llev", vL & vi. Disbelieve. 

dls^be-UeTcl'', pp. Disbelieved. 

dls-bow'eld'**, pp, Disboweled. 

dls-bur'dend'y pp. Disburdened. 

dls-burs'a-bPy a. Disbursable. 

dls-bursf '**, pp. Disbursed. 

dls-eern^l-bPy a. Discernible. 

dls-cern^l-bl-ness'y n. Discernible- 

dls-cernd''**, pp. Discerned. 

dls-cerp^l-bPy a. Discerpible. 

dls-cerp^ti-bPy a. Discerptible. 

dl8-cerp'tiT*9 a. Discerptive. 

dls-cl^pPy V. & n. Disciple. 

dis'cl-plln'**, V. & n. Discipline. 

dls'cl-plln-a-bPy a. Disciplinable. 

dls^cl-plln-a'^tiT*, a. Disciplinative. 

dls^cl-pllnd", pp. Disciplined. 

dl8-Glaliiid''**9 pp. Disclaimed. 

dls-clo'slv"* a. Disclosive. 

dls-cloze'^ vt. & vi. Disclose. 

dls-clo^zurey n. Disclosure. 

dIs-col^ord°9 pa. Discolored. 

dls^com-mend'a-bPy a. Discom- 

dts"Goiii-iiiend'a-bl-ne8s% n. Dis- 

dls^con-du'clv", a. Disconducive. 

dls^con-form^a-bPy a. Disconform- 

dl8"con-nec'tiv", a. Disconnective. 

dls^'con-nec'tlT-ness*, n. Discon- 

dlfl^con-ten'tlv", a. Discontentive. 

dls^coii-tln'u-a-br» a. Discontinue 

dls-cord^a-bl% a. Discordable. 

dls-count'a-bP, a. Discoimtable. 

dls-cour'slv", a. Discoursive. 

dl8-courst^9 pp. Discoursed. 

dig-cov'erd", pp. Discovered. See also 



dls-cred'lt-a-bPy a. Discreditable. 

dls-cre'tlv", a. Discretive. 

dis-cre'tlv-ly*, ado. Discretively. 

dis-cre'tlv-ness", n. Discretiveness. 

dls-crlm'l-na-bl'y a. Discriminable. 

dls-crlm^l-na-tl?'**» a. Discrimina- 

dls-Grlm^l«na-tiv«ly*» ado. Discrim- 

dls-cul'or'y vi. Discolor. 

dl8-cul'ord% pa. Discolored. 

dls-Gum^flt^y vt. Discomfit. 

dls-Gum'fl-ture'y n. Discomfiture. 

dl8-cum'fort% v. & n. Discomfort. 

dis-cur'ag^e^ vt. Discourage. 

dls-eur'ag^e-a-bPy a. Discourageable. 

dls-cur^age-ment*', n. Discoiu'age- 

dis-cur'slv'**, a. Discursive. 

dIs-Gur'slv-ly** ado. Discursively. 

dls-cur^slv-ness^y n. Discursiveness. 

dis-cur'te-ous'**, a. Discourteous. 

dls-cur'te-sy^y n. Discourtesy. 

dls-Guss'a-[or l-]bl% a. Discussable. 

dis-cus'slv'**, a. Discussive. 

dis-cusf '*•, pp. Discussed. 

dis-cuT^er'y vt. & vi. Discover. 

dl8-cuT^er-a-bl% a. Discoverable. 

dl8-cuT^erd% pp. Discovered. 

dls-cuv'er-y^ n. Discovery. 

dIs-daln'a-bPy a. Disdainable. 

dls-dalnd'^y pp. Disdained. 

dls^em-barkt"*", pp. Disembarked. 

dl8"em-bar'ra8t'**, p^. Disembiir- 

dl8"em-bow'eld'*", pp. Disembow- 

dls^en-tan^gPy vt. Disentangle. 

dl8-en-taii^gld% pp. Disentangled. 

dis"es-teeiiid'', pp. Disesteemed. 

dis-fa'vor'**, v. & n. Disfavour. 

dis-fa'vord'*", pp. Disfavored, dis- 

dis-grun^tl% vt. Disgruntle. 


dls-guize'', V, & n. Disguise. 

dls-hart^en'**9 vt. Dishearten. 

dis-hart'end'*", pp. Disheartened. 

dl-shev'eld^**, pa. Dishevelled. 

dls-hon^or", v. & n. Dishonor. 

dl8-hon^or-a-bl% a. Dishonorable. 

dis-hon'or-a-bl-ness'y n. Dishonor- 

dls-hon'ord'**, pp. Dishonored. 

disht'**, pp. Dished. 

dls^il-lu^slY^y a. Disillusive. 

dls"liii-ag:^ln°9 vt. Disimagine. 

dls-ln^te-gra-bP, a. Disintegrable. 

dls-ln'te-gra-tlT", a. Disintegrative. 

dls^ln-terd"**, pp. Disinterred. 

dls^in-volv^, vt. Disinvolve. 

dls-jolnd'*, pp. Disjoined. 

dls-Junc'tlv'*", a. & n. Disjunctive. 

dis-Uk^a-bl, dls-Uke'a-bP, a. Dis- 
likable, dislikeable. 

dls^o-ca-bl'y a. Dislocable. 

dls-man'tPy vt. Dismantle. 

dls-man'tld'y pp. Dismantled. 

dls-mayd'*9 pp. Dismayed. 

dls-meiii'berd'**9 a. Dismembered. 

dls-mlss'l-bPy a. Diamissible. 

dis-mls'slv'**, a. Dismissive. 

dls-mlst"**, pp. Dismissed. 

dls-iiioun</a-bp9 a. Dismountable. 

dls^o-beyd'*, pp. Disobeyed. 

dis-or'derd*, pa. Disordered. 

dls-own'a-bl'y a. Disownable. 

dls-ownd'"9 pp. Disowned. 

dls-pach", V. & n. Dispatch. 

dls-pan'slv*, a. Dispansive. 

dis-par'age-a-bl'y a. Disparageable. 

dls-patch'"* V. & n. Dispatch, des- 

dls-patch</B9 pp. Dispatched, des- 

dls-peld"*», pp. Dispelled. 

dIs-pen'sa-bPy a. Dispensable. 

dis-pen'sa-bl-ness'y n. Dispensable- 

dis-pen'sa-tiv***, a. Dispensative. 
dl8-pen'8a-ti?-ly"» adu, Dispensa- 

dis-pensf '*•, pp. Dispensed. 
dls-per'8lv'*», a. Dispersive. 
dis-perst"** pa. Dispersed. 
dls-place^a-bl'y a. Displaceable. 
dis-playd"*", pa. Displayed. 
dls-ple^zur-a-bl'y a. Displeasurable. 
dls-ple'ziire'y v. & n. Displeasure. 
dls-plo^slvt'y a. Displosive. 
dls-pos'a-bl'9 a. Disposable. 
dls-pos'a-bl-ness'y n. Disposable- 

dis-pos'l-tiv", a. Dispositive. 
dis-po8'l-tiv-ly», adv. Dispositively. 
dls^pos-sesf **9 pp. Dispossessed. 
dis-prals'a-bl'y a. Dispraisable. 
dls-pro'ba-tiT'*, a. Disprobative. 
dig^pro-por'tion-a-bl'y a. Dispro- 

dlg^pro-por'tion-a-bl-ness'y n. Dis- 

dls-prov^a-bl'9 a. Disprovable. 
dls-pun'lsh-a-bl'y a. Dispunishable. 
dis'pu-ta-bl'9 a. Disputable. 
dis'pu-ta-bl-ne88%n. Disputableness. 
dis-pu'ta-tl?'**, a. Disputative. 
dIs-quFe-tiv'*", a. Disquietive. 
dls-quls'l-tlv'**, a. Disquisitive. 
dls*quls'l-tiv-ly*9 adv. Disquisitive- 


dlg^re-gard'a-bl'y a. Disregardable. 
dIs-rep'u-ta-bPy a. Disreputable. 
dls^'^re-spect'a-bl', a. Disrespectable. 
dis-rup'tiv'**, a. Disruptive. 
dls-rup'tl?-ly», adv. Disruptively. 
dls-mp'tlT-ness"* n. Disruptiveness. 
dls-see</l-bl'9 a. Dissectible. 
dis-sec'tiv'**, a. Dissective. 
dls-seizd'", pp. Disseized. 
dls-sem'bl'y vt. & vi. Dissemble. 
dls-sem'bld'y pp. Dissembled. 
dls-sem'l-na-tlY*, a. Disseminative. 


dis'ser-ta-tlv"9 a. Dissertative. 
dis-serv"*", vL Disserve. 
dis-ser'vlce-a-bPy a. Disserviceable. 
dis-ser'vlce-a-bl-ness', n. Disser- 

dls-ser'vls^y n. Disservice. 
dls-slm'u-la-tlv*, a. Dissimnlative. 
dlflfsl-pa-bP, a. Dissipable. 
dls'sl-pa-tlv^y a. Dissipative. 
dls-sc/cla-bPy a. Dissociable. 
dls-sc/cla-bl-ness'y n. Dissociable- 

dIs-s</cia-tlT'*"9 a. Dissociative. 
dls'so-lu«bp9 a. Dissoluble. 
dls'so-lu-bl-ness'y n. Dissoluble- 

dl8'so«lu-tl¥*9 a. Dissolutive. 
dis-solv"**, vt. & vi. Dissolve. 
dl8-solY'a[or -l]-bl'» a. Dissolvable, 

dis-solv'a-bl-ness^, n. Dissolvable- 

dls-8olvd"*S pp. Dissolved. 
dis-sua'8lv'*», a. & n. Dissuasive. 
dl8-8yl^a-bp9 n. Dissyllable. 
dls'tar", n. Distaff. 
dl8-taliid''9 pp. Distained. 
dl8'tan8t"9 pp. Distanced. 
dU-tem'perd'**, pp. Distempered. 
dl8-teii'8l-bF, a. Distensible. 
di8-ten'8l¥*9 a. Distensive. 
dl8^tlG*9 n. Distich. 
dl8-tU''*% vL & vi. Distill. 
dl8.tllfl"", pa. Distilled. 
dl8-tlnc'tlT''**, a. & n. Distinctive. 
dte-tinc'tlT-ly", adv. Distinctively. 
dl8-tliic'tlv-ne88"9 n. Distinctiveness. 
dl8-tiii'gul8h-a-bl'9 a. Distinguish- 
dl8«tin'giil8h«a-bl<>ne88'9 n. Distin- 

dls-tlii'gul8ht'*"9 pa. Distinguished. 
dl8-tor'tlv», a. Distortive. 
dl8-traGfl-bl'9 a. Distractible. 

dls-trac'ttl'^y a. Distractile. 

dl8-trac'tlv'*'*, a, Distractive. 

dls-trac'tlT-ly^y ado. Distractively. 

dl8-train'a-bp9 a. Distrainable. 

dls-tralnd''*", pp. Distrained. 

dls-traut^", a. Distraught. 

di8-tresf '*", pp. Distressed. 

dl8-trlb'u-ta-bl'9 a. Distributable. 

dU-trlb'u-tIv'**, a, & n. Distribu- 

di8-trib'u-tlv-ly"9 adv, Distributively. 

dl8-trlb'u-tlv-nes8"9 n, Distributive- 

dU-turb'a-tlv", a, Disturbative. 

dls-turbd"*", pp. Disturbed. 

dl8-uze^', vt. Disuse. 

ditcht", pp. Ditched. 

dl-ver'8l-fl''a-bl', a. Diversifiable. 

dl-verf l-bl', a, Divertible. 

di-ver'tiv", a, Divertive. 

dl-vest'l-bl', a, Divestible. 

dl-ve8f l-tlv», a. Divestitive. 

dl-vld'a-bl', a. Dividable. 

dl-vld'a-bl-nes8^» n, Dividableness. 

dl-vln^a-bl''9 a, Divinable. 

dl-vls'l-bl^'y a. Divisible. 

dl-vl8'l-bl-ne8S', n. Divisibleness. 

dl-vl'8lv', a. Divisive. 

dl-vl'8lv-ly'', adv. Divisively. 

di-Yl'8lv-ne88", n, Divisiveness. 

dl-voree^a-bl, dl-vorc'l-bP, a. Di- 
vorceable, divorcible. 

di-vor'clv, a. Divorcive. 

diz'end'*, pp. Dizened. 

do*, n. Doe. 

dc/a-bP, a. Doable. 

doc'l-bP, a, Docible. 

doc'IP**, a. Docile. 

dockt****, pp. Docked. 

doc'tord", pp. Doctored. 

doc'trin'**, n. Doctrine. 

dod'derd^, a. Doddered. 

do^dec-a-8yria-bl'9 n. Dodecasyl- 



dof***, vt. & vi. Dofif. 
doft'*», pp. Doffed. 
dogd*, pp. Dogged. 
doF**, n. Doll. 
dole'sum*, a. Doleiome. 
dol'fln'**, n. Dolphin. 
dol^l-Gho-ce-faFlG'» a. Dolichoce- 
do^or", n. Dolour. 
dom'a-blt'» a. Domable. 
do-mes'tl-ca-bPy a. Domesticable. 
do-mes'tl-ca-tlv*, a. Domesticative. 
dom'l-cil'*», V. & n. Donucile. 
dom'i-cild'**, pp. Domiciled. 
doiii'l-na-ti¥*9 a. Dominative. 
dom^l-neerd'*, pp. Domineered. 
do'na-bl^y a. Donable. 
don'a-tl?'*", a. & n. Donative. 
dond", pp. Donned. 
don'ky^y n. Donkey. 
doomd*, pp. Doomed. 
dor^ml-tlv", a. & n. Dormitive. 
doub</a-bp9 a. Doubtable. 
dout'*", V. & n. Doubt. 
dou</ed"9 pp. Doubted. 
douf ful'*«, a. Doubtful. 
dout^ess", a. & ado. Doubtless. 
dow'a-bl'y a. Dowable. 
dow'erd'*", a. Dowered. 
downd*9 pp. Downed. 
drab^% vt. & vi. Drabble. 
drab^d'9 pp. Drabbled. 
draf, n. Draff. 
draft'**, V. & n. Draught. 
drafts^man*, n. Draughtsman. 
draff y", a. Draughty. 
dragd'**, pp. Dragged. 
dragT, vt. & vi. Draggle. 
dragld', pp. Draggled. 
dra-goond"*», pp. Dragooned. 
dralnd", pp. Drained. 
dram", v. & n. Drachm. 
dram'a-tti'^a-bl', a. Dramatizable. 
dram'a-ttie*, vt. & vi. Dramatise. 

drawld*, pp. Drawled. 
dread'a«bl', a. Dreadable. 
dreamd'*", pp. Dreamed. 
dred'*S v., a, & n. Dre^. 
dred'ful', a. Dreadful. 
dredgd'**, pp, Dwkiged. 
dremt'**, pp. Dreamt. 
drencht'**, pp. Drenched. 
dres*, V. & n. Dress. 
drest'**, pp. Dressed. 
drlbaM;. &n. Dribble. 
drlbad', pp. Dribbled. 
dribaet', n. Dribblet. 
dril''*'*, V. & n. Drill. 
drlld'*«», pp. Drilled. 
drlnk^a-bl', a. & n. Drinkable. 
drlnk'a-bl-ness', n. Drinkableness. 
drlpt'*", pp. Dripped. 
drlT'eld*, pp. Driveled, drivelled. 
drlvn', pp. Driven. 
drlz^', V. & n. Drizzle. 
drlzld', pp. Drizzled. 
droopt", pp. Drooped. 
dropt'*", pp. Dropped. 
dros*, n. Dross. 
drout", n. Drought. 
drownd'*", pp. Drowned. 
dru", imp. Drew. 
drubd", pp. Drubbed. 
drugd'**, pp. Drugged. 
drumd'*", pp. Drunmied. 
drum'hed'''', n. Drumhead. 
dubd", pp. Dubbed. 
du'bl-ta-bP, a. Dubitable. 
du^l-ta-ti?*, a. Dubitative. 
-""'■-l-ta-tlv-ly*, ado. Dubitatively. 
I', v.y a. & n. Double. 
1', pp. Doubled. 
dub'let', n. Doublet. 
dub'Ung', n. Doubling. 
dub-loon'', n. Doubloon. 
dub'ly, ado. Doubly. 
duckt'", pp. Ducked. 
due'tl-bP, a. Ductible. 



duc'ttl'", a. DuctUe. 

duc'til-ly", adv, Ductilely. 

duc'til-ness", n. Ductileness. 

du'el-ist'y n. Duellist. 

duf*9 n. Duff. 

dul'**, V, & a. Dull. 

duld'*S pp. Dulled. 

dullness", n. Dullness. 

duiii'*S V. & a. Dumb. 

dumpt^y j'P* Dumped. 

dund% pp. Dmmed. 

dup'a-bly dupe'a-bPy d. Dupable, 

du'pll-ea-bl'y a. Duplicable. 

du'pll«ca«tl¥*, a. Duplicative. 
du'ra-bl% a. Durable. 
du'ra-bl-ness'y n. Diu'ableness. 
du'ra-tlv", a. Diu-ative. 
du'tl-a-bfy a. Dutiable. 
duV, n. Dove. 
duv'taU"', V. & n. Dovetail 
duT'taild"', a. Dovetailed. 
duz'en', n. Dozen. 
dwarft'**, pp. Dwarfed. 
dweP**, vi. Dwell. 
dweld'**, dwelt", jyp. Dwelled. 
dwln'dl', vL & vi. Dwindle. 
dwln'dld'y pp. Dwindled. 


ea^gpy n. Eagle. 
eard'**, a. Eared. 
eat'a-bPy a. & n. Eatable. 
eat'a-bl-ness', n. Eatableness. 
eat'n% pp. Eaten. 
eb***, t;. & n. Ebb. 
ebd'«», pp. Ebbed. 
eeh'f vt, & vi. Etch. 
e-cbit'^nln^y n. Echitenine. 
echt'9 pp. Etched. 
e-clips", V, & n. Eclipse. 
e-cllps'a-bl'9 a. Eclipsable. 
e-cllpst"*", pp. Eclipsed. 
eclog'*", n. Eclogue. 
ec'o*, V, & n. Echo. 
ec^u-meii'l-cal*, a. Ecumenical. 
edgd'*S a. Edged. 
eda-bl', a. & n. Edible. 
ed'l-bl-ne8s^ n. Edibleness. 
eda-fls«» n. Edifice. 
e'dlle", n. -^Edile. 
ed'u-ca-bP, a. Educable. 
ed'a-caf^a-bP, a. Educatable. 
ed'u-ca^'tlv^i a. Educative. 
e-duc'l-bl^ o. Educible. 
^duc'tlv", a. Eductive. 
^fem'e-ra', n. Ephemera. 

e-fem'e-raPy a. Ephemeral. 
erfa-bP, a. Efifable. 
ef-face'a-bPy a. Efifaceable. 
ef-fa'clv", a. Efifacive. 
ef-fec'tl-bl'', a. Efifectible. 
ef-fec'tlV'*% a. & n. Effective. 
ef-fec'tu-aF, a. Effectual. 
effer-vesc'l-bP, a. Effervescible. 
effer-vcs'clv", a. Efifervescive. 
ef-frunt'er-y, w. Effrontery. 
ef-fu'slv'*", a. Effusive. 
ef-fuze", vt, & w. Effuse. 
eg'", V, & n. Egg. 
egd*"*", pp. Egged. 
e'gls", n, ^gis. 
e-jac'u-la-tiv", a, Ejaculative. 
e-Ject'a-bl', a, Ejectable. 
e-Jec'tlv*, a, Ejective. 
el% n. Ell. 

e-lab'o-ra-t|v*, a, Elaborative. 
e-laps", vi. Elapse. 
e-lapst"", pp. Elapsed. 
e-la'tiv", a, Elative. 
el'bowd*, a. Elbowed. 
e-leet'a-bP, a. Electable. 
e-lec'^tlon-eerd'*, pp. Electioneered. 
e-lec'tlv'*", a. & n. Elective. 


e-lec'tlv-ly", adv. Electively. 

e-lee'tlv-ness"9 n. Electiveness. 

e-lec'trl-fl'^a-bl', a. Electrifiable. 

e-lec'trlze'y vt. Electrise. 

©•lec'tro-lya^a-bl', a. Electrolyz- 

^lec'tro-iiio''tiv», a. & n. Electro- 

e-lec^tro-neg'a^tiT*9 a. & n. Electro- 

e-lec^tro-neg^a-tlv-iy^y adv, Electro- 

^lei^tro-pos'l-tlv*, a. & n. Electro- 

el'e-fant'**, n. Elephant. 

eia-gi-bl% a. Eligible. 

eFI-gi-bl-ness'y n. Eligibleness. 

^Um^l-na-tlv*, a, Eliminative. 

el-llps^', n. Ellipse. 

e-lon'ga-tiv*, a. Elongative. 

e-lu'cl-da-tlv*, a. Elucidative. 

e-luda-bl% a. Eludible. 

e-lu'si?'**, a. Elusive. 

e-lu'sl?-ly", adv, Elusively. 

e-lu'slv-ness", n. Elusiveness. 

em'a-na-tiT", a. Emanative. 

^man'cl-pa-tlT", a. Emancipative. 

^mas'cu-la-tlv", a, Emasculative.^ 

em-bankt"*, pp. Embanked. 

em-b»rkt"*", pp. Embarked. 

em-bar'rast'*'*9 pp. Embarrassed. 

em-benisht^*"9 pp. Embellished. 

em-bez'Py vt. Embezzle. 

em-bez'ld', pp. Embezzled. 

em-blt'terd'*, pp. Embittered. 

em-bold 'end", pp. Emboldened. 

em-bost"**, pa. Embossed. 

em-bow 'eld', pp. Emboweled, em- 

em-bow'erd'*", pp. Embowered. 

em-brace 'a-bPy a. Embraceable. 

em-bra'clVy a. Embracive. 

em-bran 'gl', vt. Embrangle. 

em-bran'gld'y pp. Embrangled. 


em-brol'derd'*», pp. Embroidered. 
em-brolld''**, pp. Embroiled. 
^mend'a-bl'9 a. Emendable. 
em'fa-sls'**, n. Emphasis. 
em'fa-size', vt. Emphasize. 
em-fat'lc'**, a. Emphatic. 
^mls'sl-bl% a. Emissible. 
e-mls'slv^y a. Emissive. 
e-mlt'ta-bl% a. Emittable. 
e-mo'tlv*9 a. Emotive. 
e-mo'tlv-ly", adv. Emotively. 
e-mo'tlv-ness% n. Emotiveness. 
em-ploy'a-bl% a. Employable. 
em-ployd"*", pp. Employed. 
em-pow'erd", pp. Empowered. 
em-pur'pl'y vt. Empurple. 
em'u-la-bl'y a. Emulable. 
em'u-la-tlv", a. Emulative. 
em'u-la-tlv-ly», adv. Emulatively. 
^mul'slv'**, a. Emulsive. 
en-a'bl', vt. Enable. 
en-act'a-bPy a. Enactable. 
en-ac'tlv'*", a. Enactive. 
en-am 'eld'^S pp. Enameled, enam- 
en-am 'or", vt. Enamour. 
en-am'ord", pp. Enamored. 
en-eampt"", pp. Encamped. 
en-elr'cl', vt. Encircle. 
en-clr'cld'y pp. Encircled. 
en-cloze", vt. Enclose. 
en-clo'zure% n. Enclosure. 
en-com'past'*", pp. Encompassed. 
en-coun'terd'*', pp. Encoimtered. 
en-croacht"*", pp. Encroached. 
en-cum'berd'", pp. Encumbered. 
en-Gum'pas'', vt. Encompass. 
en-cur'age'» vt. Encourage. 
en-cy^clo-pe'dl-a^jn. Encyclopaedia. 
end'a-bl'» a. Endable. 
en-dan'gerd", pp. Endangered. 
en-deard"*% pp. Endeared. 
en-dev'or'*», v. & n. Endeavor. 
en-de?'ord'**, pp. Endeavored. 


ei^dor8t'*» a. Endorsed. 

en-dowd"**, pp. Endowed. 

en-diir'a-bl% a. Endurable. 

ei^dur'a-bl-ness'y n. Endurableness. 

en'er-va''tiv*, a. Enervative. 

en-fee'bl'f vU Enfeeble. 

en-fee'bld'y pp. Enfeebled 

eii-fer%t;f. Enfeoff. 

en-feff , pp. Enfeoffed. 

en-force'a^blf en-forc^l-bP, a. En- 
forceable, enforcible. 

en-foraf*, pp. Enforced. 

en-g^en'derd'y pp. Engendered. 

en'gln'**, v. & n. Engine. 

en^gl-iieerd'^9 pp. Engineered. 

en'glii-ry% n. Enginery. 

en-glr'dl'y vt. Engirdle. 

En'gUsh-a^bl% a. Englishable. 

eii-graliid''*S pp. Engrained. 

en-grost'y pp. Engrossed. 

en-gulft"**, pp. Engulfed. 

en-han'slvy en-han'clv", a. Enhan- 
sive, enhancive. 

en-liaiist^y pp. Enhanced. 

en-Jolnd'^y pp. Enjoined. 

en-Joy'a-bl^9 a. Enjoyable. 

en-Joy'a^bl-ness'y n. Enjoyableness. 

cn-Joyd"*», pp. Enjoyed. 

en-ldn'dl'y vt. Enkindle. 

eii-large'a^bl% a. Enlargeable. 

en-large'a^bl-ness^9 n. Enlargeable- 

en-llglit'eiid", pp. Enlightened. 

en-ll'vendB, pp. Enlivened. 

e-nor^mus'y a. Enormous. 

e-nounst", pp. Enounced. 

en-niT'lsht^y pp. Enravished. 

en-rlcht"**, pp. Enriched. 

en-roF'9 vt. £Woll. 

cn-rold"*", pp. Enrolled. 

en-san'giiln'*", vt. Ensanguine. 

eii-seald'% pp. Ensealed. 

eii-tail'a-bl% a. Entailable. 

eii-taUd''^% pp. Entailed. 


en-tan'gl% vt. Entangle. 

en-tan'gld% a. Entangled. 

en'ter-a-bl'y a. Enterable. 

en'terd'**, pp. Entered. 

en'ter-prize", v. & n. Enterprise. 

en'ter-prlzed^y pp. Enterprised. 

en'ter-prlz^'^lng", pres. p. Enterpris- 

en^^ter-taln'a-bl'y a. Entertainable. 

en'^ter-talnd"**, pp. Entertained. 

en-thrald'*, pp. Enthralled. 

en-tlGe'a-bl% a. Enticeable. 

en'ti-ta-tlT'*9 a. Entitative. 

en'ti-ta-tlT-ly", adv. Entitatively. 

en-transe'', vt. Entrance. 

en-trans'lng% pres. p. Entrancing. 

en-transt"*», pp. Entranced. 

cn-trapt''*», pp. Entrapped. 

en-treat'a-bl', a. Entreatable. 

en-treat'a-bl-ness'y n. Entreatable- 

en-treat'lv", a. Entreative* 

e-nuf "*•, a., n., adv. & interj. Enough. 

e-nu'mer-a-bPy a. Enumerable. 

e-nu'mer-a-tiT^y a. Enxmierative. 

^nun'd-a^bl'y a. Enunciable. 

e-nun'el-a^tlv'**, a. Enunciative. 

en-vel'op", v. & n. Envelope. 

en-vel'opt'", pp. Enveloped. 

en-ven'omd'**, pa. Envenomed. 

enM-a^bl% a. Enviable. 

en'vl-a-bl-ness'y n. Enviableness. 

en-vl'rond*, pp. Environed. 

eii^Tl-u8*9 a. Envious. 

i>-o^-an", a. & n. JSolian. 

e'on", n. ^^n. 

ep'au-let'", n. Epaulette. 

ep'l-grafy n. Epigraph. 

ep'i-log'^*", n. Epilogue. 

e-plf 'a-ny'« n. Epiphany. 

^pls'co-pa-bPy a. Episcopable. 

epH-taf» V. & n. Epitaph. 

ep^oc", n. Epoch. 

ep^o-iiym% n. Eponyme. 



e'qua-bl', a. Equable. 
e'qua-bl-ness^y n. Equableness. 
e'quald'**, pp. Equalled. 
e-qulpt"**, pp. Equipped. 
eq'iil-ta-bP» a. Equitable. 
er'*%w. Err. 
e'ra", n. Era. 

e-rad'l-ca-bF» a, Eradicable. 
e-rad^l-ca-tiv", a. Eradicative. 
e-ras'a-[or -l-lbF, a. Erasable. 
e-ra'siv", a. Erasive. 
erd'**, pp. Erred. 
e-rect'a-bPy a. Erectable. 
e-rec'tll", a. Erectile. 
e-rec'tlv", a. Erective. 
erVf n. EarL 
erljr', a. & adv. Early. 
er'niin'**, v. & n. Ermine. 
er'l-si-br, a, Erigible. 
ern', vt Earn. 
ernd'y pp. Earned. 
er'nest^y a. & n. Earnest. 
ern^lngs'9 n. pi. Earnings. 
e-ro'siv'**, a. Erosive. 
erth'9 V. & n. Earth. 
erth^en', v. & a. Earthen. 
erth^llng% n. Earthling. 
ertb'ly'', a. Earthly. 
c-rup'tiv^**, a. & n. Eruptive. 
es-cap^a-bPy a. Escapable. 
es"ca-toro-gy*, n. Eschatology. 
cs-chewd"**, pp. Eschewed. 
es-cheat'a-blf , a. Escheatable. 
e«sof^a-gus*9 n. Esophagus. 
es-tab'Usht'^, pp. Established. 
es-thet'lc", a, & n. .^thetic. 
es-thet^lcs*, n. .^!sthetics. 
es'ti-ma-bPy a. Estimable. 
es'tiv", n. Estive. 
es'ti-vate", vi. iBstiyate. 
eteht*, pp. Etched. 
e'ther*, n. iEther. 
c"tl-oro-gy*, n, -(Etiology. 
et'l-quet'", n. Etiquette. 

eu'fe-iiilsiii''9 n. Euphemism. 
eu''fe-iiil8^tlc'9 a. Euphemistic. 
eu*fonle^9 a. Euphonic. 
eu-fo'nl-ous'y a. Euphonious. 
eu'fo-ny', n. Euphony. 
eu'fu-lsm', n. Euphuism. 
e-vac'u-a-tiv", a. Evacuative. 
e-vad'a-bly e-vad^l-bPy a. Evadable, 

e-vag^l-na-br, a, Evaginable. 
e-val'u-a-br, a. Evaluable. 
e-vap'o-ra-bP, a. Evaporable. 
e-vap'o-ra-tlv", a. Evaporative. 
e-va'slv'**, a. & n. Evasive. 
e-va'slv-ly", adv. Evasively. 
e-va'slv-ness'y n. Evasiveness. 
e'vend", pp. Evened. 
c-ver'si-bP, a. Eversible. 
ev'l-den-ci?", a, Evidencive. 
ev^l-denst^y pp. Evidenced. 
e-vlnc'l-bl]', a. Evincible. 
e-vln'civ'**, a. Evincive. 
e-vlnst'", pp. Evinced. 
ev'l-ta-bP, a. Evitable. 
ev'o-ca-bP, a. Evocable. 
e-vo'ca-tiv", a. Evocative. 
ev'o-lu"tlv*, a. Evolutive. 
e-volv'^**, vt. & vi. Evolve. 
e-volvd'****, pp. Evolved. 
e-vol'va-bP, a, Evolvable. 
c-vul'slv", a, Evulsive. 
ex-act'a-bPy a. Exactable. 
cx-ac'tiv", a. Exactive. 
ex-ag'ger-a-tiv*9 a. Exaggerative. 
ex-ag^ger-a-tlv-ly^y adv. Exaggera- 

ex-alt^a-tiv", a. Exaltative. 
ex-aiii'ln'**9 vt. Examine. 
ex-aml-na-bP» a. Examinable. 
ex-aiii'l-na-tlT*9 a. Examinative. 
ex-am'lnd'*", pp. Examined. 
ex-am'pl'y n. Example. 
ex-as'per-a-tl¥*9 a, Exasperatiye. 
ex-cede"*, vt. & vi. Exceed. 


ex-celd'", pp. Excelled. 
ex-cep'tlon-a-bFy a. Exceptionable. 
ex-cep'tlon-a-bl-ness'y n. Excep- 

cx-cep'ti?*, a. Exceptive. 
cx-cerp'tlv», a. Excerptive. 
ex-ces'slv'*", a. Excessive. 
ex-chang^e'a-bl'y a. Exchangeable. 
ex-cls'a*bl', a. Excisable. 
ex-dt'a-bl'y a. Excitable. 
ex-clt'a-bl-ness^, n. Excitableness. 
ex-cFta-tlT*9 a. Excitative. 
ex-cl'tiv», a. Excitive. 
ex-clam'a-tiv*, a, Exclamative. 
ex-clam 'a-tiv-ly "9 ado, Exclamative- 

ex-du'sW**, a. & n. Exclusive. 

cx-clu'slv-ly", adv. Exclusively. 

ex-du'slv-ness*, n. Exclusiveness. 

ex-cog'l-ta-bl'9 a, Excogitable. 

ex-cog'l-ta-tlv", a. Excogitative. 

ex^^com-niu'iil-ca-bl'y a. Excom- 

ex^com-mu'iil-ca-tlv", a. Excom- 

cx-cor'l-a-bl', a. Excoriable. 

ex'^cre-men'tlv", a. Excrementive. 

cx-cre'tiv'**, a. Excretive. 

cx-cru'd-a-bP, a. Excruciable. 

ex-cul'pa-tlv*, a. Exculpative. 

cx-cur'slv'*", a. Excursive. 

ex-curvd'*, a. Excurved. 

ex-cu'sa-tlWy a. Excusative. 

ex-cuz'a-bPy d. Excusable. 

ex-cuz^a-bl-ness^, n. Excusableness. 

ex-cuae", vt. Excuse. 

ex'e-cra-bl', a. Execrable. 

ex'e-cra-bl-ness'y n. Execrableness. 

cx'e-cra-tiv*, a. Execrative. 

cx'e-cra-tlv-ly*, adv, Execratively. 

ex-ec'u-tiv'**, a. & n. Executive. 

cx-ec'u-tlv-ljr», adv. Executively. 

ex-em 'pll-fl-Ga-ti¥*9 a. Exemplifica- 

ex-em'pU-fl'^a-bl', a. Exemplifiable. 
ex-empt'l-bl% a. Exemptible. 
ex-emp'tl¥*9 a. Exemptive. 
ex'er-ds''a[or -l-]bP, a. Exercisable, 

ex'er-dze*, v, & n. Exercise. 
ex-ert'lv", a. Exertive. 
ex-ha^a-bP, a. Exhalable. 
ex-haust'l-bP, a. Exhaustible. 
ex-haus'tiv", a. Exhaustive. 
ex-haus'tiT-ly*9 adv. Exhaustively. 
ex-haus'tiv-ness'*, n. Exhaustiveness. 
ex-hiba-ta-bl', a, Exhibitable. 
ex-hib'l-tiv", a, Exhibitive. 
ex-hlb'l-tlT-ly*9 adv. Ejchibitively. 
ex-hil'a-ra-tiT", a. Exhilarative. 
ex-hort'a-tiv*9 a. Exhortative. 
ex-hort'a-tlv-ly", adv. Exhortatively. 
ex'1-gi-bl', a. Exigible. 
ex-lst'l-bl', a. Existible. 
ex'o-ra-bPy a. Exorable. 
ex'o-ra-bl-ness'y n. Exorableness* 
ex'or-die'**, vt. & vi. Exorcise. 
ex-pan 'sl-bF, a. Expansible. 
ex-pan 'sl-bl-ness'y n. Expansible- 

ex-pan 'sil", a. Expansile. 
ex-pan'slv'", a. Expansive. 
ex-pan'slv-ly", adv. Expansively. 
ex-pan 'slT-ness% n. Expansiveness. 
ex-pa 'ti-a-tlv*, a. Expatiaiive. 
ex-peet^a-bPy a. Expectable. 
ex-pec 'ta-tiv*, a. Expectative. 
ex-pec 'tlv", a. Expective. 

ex-ped'i-tlvff «• Expeditive. 
ex-peld"*", pp. Expelled. 
ex-peFla-bP, a. ExpeUable. 
ex-pend'a-bl'', a. Expendable. 
ex-pen 'slv''", a. Expensive. 
ex-pen 'siv-ly*, adv. Expensively. 
ex-pen'slT-ness", n. Expensiveness. 
ex-pei^l-men'ta-tlv'*, a. Experimen- 

ex-pe'rl-enst", pp. Experienced. 



ex'pl-a-bl', a. Expiable. 
cx'pi-a'^tlv', a. Expiative. 
ex-plr'a-bP, a. Expirable. 
ex-plaln'a-bl', a. Explainable. 
ex-plalnd"**, pp. Explained. 
ex-plan'a-tlT", a. Explanative. 
cx'ple-tiv****, a, & n. Expletive. 
ex'pll-ca-bl', a. Explicable. 
ex^pll-ca-bl-ness'y n, Explicableness. 
ex'pll-ca-tlv'*'», a. Explicative. 
ex-ploit'a-bPy a. Exploitable. 
ex-ploit'a-tlv", a. Exploitative. 
ex-plor'a-bPy a. Explorable. 
ex-plor^a-tiv", a. Explorative. 
ex-plo'8l-bl^9 o. Explosible. 
ex-plo'8iv'*», a. & n. Explosive. 
ex-po'nl-bl'y a. Exponible. 
ex-port'a-bl'y a. Exportable. 
ex-pos'l-tlv, a. Expositive. 
ex-pos'tu-la-tlT"» a. Expostulative. 
ex-press'l-bl', a. Expressible. 
ex-pres'slv'*^, a. Expressive. 
ex-pres'siv-ly*, adv. Expressively. 
ex-pres'slv-ness^y n. Expressiveness. 
cx-prest"*", pp. Expressed. 
ex-pro'bra-tiv", a. Exprobrative. 
ex-pug'na-bPy a. Expugnable. 
ex-pul'slv'**, a. Expulsive. 
ex-pul'slv-ness", n. Expulsiveness. 
ex-pui8t'», pp. Expulsed. 
ex-punge'a-bPy a. Expnngeable. 
ex'qul-sit'*», a. & n. Exquisite. 
ex'qul-slt-ly^y adv. Exquisitely. 
ex^qul-slt-ness'*9 n. Exquisiteness. 
ex-quls'l-tlV'y a. Exquisitive. 
cx-quls'i-tiv-ly", adv^ Exquisitively. 

ex-qiils'l-tlv-nes8*9 n. Exquisitive- 

ex-sle'ca-ti¥"» a. & n. Exsiccative. 
ex-tend'l-bl'y a. Extendible. 
ex-ten'sl-bP, a. Extensible. 
ex-ten'8l-bl-ness'» n. Extensibleness. 
ex-ten'8il*9 a. Extensile. 
ex-ten'8l?'*», a. Extensive. 
ex-ten'siv-ly", adv. Extensively. 
ex-ten'slv-ness", n. Extensiveness. 
ex-ten'u-a-tiv*, a. Extenuative. 
ex-ter'ml-na-bPy a. Exterminable. 
ex-ter'iol-na-tiv", a. & n. Extermi- 

ex-tinc'tlv"9 a. Extinctive. 
ex-tln'gulsh-a^bl'y a. Extinguish- 

able. [guishableness. 

ex-tln^gulsli-a-bl-iie8s'9 n. Extin- 
ex-tln'gul8ht'*"9 pp. Extinguished. 
ex-tlr'pa-bPy a. Extirpable. 
ex-tlr'pa-tiv*, a. Extirpative. 
ex-told"", pp. Extolled. 
ex-tor'8iv", a. Extorsive. 
ex-tor'8lv-ly*, adv. Extorsively. 
ex-tract'a-[or -l«]bl', a. Extractable, 

ex-trac'tiv'*", a. & n. Extractive. 
ex'^tra-dlt'a-bP, a. Extraditable. 
ex'trl-ea-bP, a. Extricable. 
ex-tro'i-tl?", a. Extroitive. 
ex-tru'8l¥*» a. Extrusive. 
ex-u'da-tlv*» a. Exudative. 
ex-ul'cer-a-ti?», a. Exulcerative. 
ex-uM-a-bPy a. Exuviable. 
ey', 1). & n. Eye. 
eye'»-bF, a. Eyeable. 

P. Ph. 

fab'ri-ca'^tlv*, a. Fabricative. 
face'a-bP, a. Faceable. 
fac'il", a. Facile. 
fa^cil'i-ta'^tiv", a. Facilitative. 

fac'tl-tlv'*», a. & n. Factitive. 
fac'tord*, pa. Factored. 
fac'ul-ta-tlT", a. Facultative. 
fad'a-bl, fade'a-bl', a. Fadable, 



fa'e-ton% n. Phaeton. 

fa'Tor-lf", a. & n. Favorite. 

fagd'**, pp. FaRKed. 

fawnd'", pp. Fawned. 

fag'ot*9 V. & n. Faggot. 

fear'a-bl% a. Fearable. 

f»Ud'*% pp. Failed. 

feard'", pp. Feared. 

fal'^an-ste'rl-an', a. Phalansterian. 

fea'sl-bl', a. Feasible. 

fal'an-ste-ry', n. Phalanstery. 

fea'sl-bl-ness"*, n. Feasibleness. 

faaanx', n. Phalanx. 

feb'rU''*', -rile", a. Febrile. 

faiai-bl%a. Fallible. 

feeh', V. & n. Fetch. 

fal11-bl-ness'» n. Fallibleness. 

fecht'y pp. Fetched. 

fal^owd', pp. Fallowed. 

fed'er-a-tlV", a. Federative. 

fal'sl-fl'^a-bl', a. Falsifiable. 

fee'a-bl'', a. Feeable. 

fal'terd'*", pp. Faltered. 

fee'bF, a. Feeble. 

fam'ln'**, n. Famine. 

felgnd", pp. Feigned. 

fam'lsht'*", pp. Famished. 

fein'**, vt. & vi. Feign. 

fa^mus", a. Famous. 

felnd% pp. Feigned. 

fand", pp. Fanned. 

fel*, v., a. & n. Fell. 

fan'tasm^*", n. Phantasm. 

feldS pp. Felled. 

fan-tas^ma-go'rl-a'*", n. Phantas- 


fel'lo*, a. & n. Fellow. 

fan-tas'tlc", a. & n. Phantastic. 
fan'ta-8y"» n. Phantasy. 
fan 'torn'**, n. Phantom. 
fare'wel'', a., n. & inUrj. Farewell. 
far'ma-cy'**, n. Pharmacy. 
farmd^*», pp. Farmed. 
far'ynx^y n. Pharynx. 
fas'cl-cl', n. Fascicle. 
fase'9 n. Phase. 

fash'lon-a-bl'y a. & n. Fashionable. 
fash'lon-a-bl-ness'', n. Fashionable- 

fash'lond'*", pp. Fashioned. 
fast'cnd'", pp. Fastened. 
fa'thcrd^**, pp. Fathered. 
fath'om-a-bPy a. Fathomable. 
fath'omd'^^y pp. Fathomed. 
fat'i-ga-bl', a. Fatigable. 
fat'l-ga-bi-ness', n. Fatigableness. 
fat'ta-bl', a. Fattable. 
fat'tend'*", pp. Fattened. 
fa'vor'*", V. & n.t Favour. 
fa'vor-a-bP, a. Favorable. 
fa'vor-a-bl-ness', n. Favorableness. 
fa'vord'*", a. Favored. 

ferioes", n. pi. Fellows. 

fe-lo^nl-us'y a. Felonious. 

fem'l-nln'^", -nine", a. Feminine. 

fe'nix'**, n. Phenix. 

fe-nom'e-naPy a. Phenomenal. 

fe-noiii'e-non'^9 n. Phenomenon. 

fense% v. & n. Fence. 

fene'l-bl% a. & n. Fencible. 

fend'a-bF, a. Fendable. 

fen'slv", a. Fensive. 

fensf*, pp. Fenced. 

fer-ment'a-[or -I-]bl% a. Ferment- 
able, fermentible. 

fer-men'ta-tlv'*», a. Fermentative. 

fer-men'ta-tl¥-ly'>, adv. Fermenta- 

fer-men'ta-tlv-ness'y n. Fermenta- 

fer^men-tes'cl-bPy a. Fermentesci- 

fer-men'tlv", a. Fermentive. 

fer'tll, -tUe**", a. Fertile. 

fer'tll-ly", adv. Fertilely. 

fer^tll-ness", n. Fertileness. 

fer'tl-llz''a-bl% a. Fertilizable. 

fer'vor", n. Fervour. 



fes'ant', n. Pheasant. ' 
fes'terd'y pp. Festered. 
fes'tlv'**, a. Festive. 
fe«'tlv-ly*, ado. Festively. 
fes-toond'", a. Festooned. 
fetcht", pp. Fetched. 
fcth'cr'*", V, & n. Feather. 
fcth'crd''", a. Feathered. 
fcth'cr-y'", a. Feathery. 
fet'terd'y a. Fettered. 
fc'verd'*", 'pa. Fevered. 
fei'ant'9 n. Pheasant. 
fl'ml, Tl'ml'» n. Phial, viaL 
flbdS pp. Fibbed. 
fl'ber'*", n. Fibre. 
fl'berd'**, a. Fibered. 
fl'brin'y n. Fibrine. 
fleka% V. & a. Fickle. 
flc'tll', a. & n. Fictile. 
fle'tU-ness', n. Fictileness. 
flc'tlv", a. Fictive. 
fle'tlv-ly», flkfo. Fictively. 
fldl', ». & n. Fiddle. 
fldad% pp. Fiddled. 
fldg'et-lng'*, prea. p. Fidgetting. 
flerse'y a. Fierce. 
flgd'y pp. & a. Figged. 
flght'a-bl% a. Fightable. 
flg'iiT^a-bl'9 a. Figurable. 
flg'ur-a-tlY*9 a. Figurative. 
ffl^*", V. &n. Fill 
fl-lan'der'y vi. Philander. 
fll'i^an-throp'le', a. Philanthropic. 
fl-lan'thro-plst'y n. Philanthropist. 
fl-lan'thro-py', n. Philanthropy. 
fflcht'*', pp. Filched. 
ffld'*S pp. Filled. 
Ill'i^har-mon'lc'y a. Philharmonic. 
fll'l-bus'^terd", pp. Filibustered. 
mi'a-bl% a. Fillable. 
fl-llp'ple', n. Philippic. 
fll'lpt% pp. FilUped. 
fliaiptS pp. Filliped. 
Illmd", pp. Filmed. 

fl-loFo-ger'*", n. Philologer. 
fll^o-l<»ff1-eal'**, a. PhilologicaL 
fl-lid'o-ffUt'^% n. Philologist. 
ll-M'o-gy'**, n. Philology. 
Ill'o-inel', n. PhilomeL 
lll^o-pe'na'9 n. Philopena. 
fl-los'o-fer'y n. Philosopher. 
fll^o-sof'le'y a. Philosophic. 
fl-lo8'o-flBe'**9 vt. & vi. Philosophize. 
IHos'o-fjr'**, n. Philosophy. 
ffl'terd'*% pp. Filtered. 
fln'a-bl^ a. Finable. 
fln'ger-a-bl'9 a. Fingerable. 
fln'gerd'*", pa. Fingered. 
fln'lsht'*", pa. Finished. 
flsh'a*bl', a. Fishable. 
fight'*", pp. Fished. 
fis'sU'*", -sUe", a. Fissile. 
fis'slY*, a, Fissive. 
fit'ta^bl% a. Fittable. 
fix'a-bl'» a. Fixable. 
fix'a-tiv", a. & n. Fixative. 
fixt'*», pa. Fixed. 
fls% V. & n. Fizz. 
flsd'**, pp. Fizzed. 
flsa% V. & n. Fizzle. 
flsad', pp. Fizzled. 
flagd'*', pp. Flagged. 
flag'el-la-tlY*9 a. Flagellative. 
flaUdS pp. Flailed. 
flankt*» a. Flanked. 
flan'neld'y a. Flanneled. 
flapt'*", pp. Flapped. 
flasht'**, pp. Flawed. 
flat'tend'**, pp. Flattened. 
flat'ter-a-bl', a. Flatterable. 
fiat'terd'«, pp. Flattered. 
fla'vor'**, V. & n. Flavour. 
fla'vord'*", a. Flavored, flavoured. 
flawd'*", pp. Flawed. 
flaxt'y pp. Flaxed. , 
flayd'9 pp. Flayed. 
fie-bot'o-my'y n. Phlebotomy. 
fieckt", pa. Flecked. 



fledgd'*S pp. Fledged. 
fleerd'y pp. Fleered. 
flegm'9 n. Phlegm. 
fleg^mat'le'y a. Phlegmatic. 
flem*9 n. Phlegm. 
fle8ht% pp. Fleshed. 
flex'i-bl% a. Flexible. 
flex'l-bl-ness'y n. Flexibleness. 
flex'U'*", a. Flexile. 
flex'lvt"» a. Flexive. 
flext*» a. Flexed. 
fliek'erd', pp. Flickered. 
fllekt'» pp. Flicked. 
flincht'**, pp. Flinched. 
flipt*, pp. Flipped. 
fltrt'a-bl% a. Flirtable. 
flit'terds pp. Flittered. 
flo^*, n. Floe. 
flo*", V. & n. Flow. 
float'a-bP» a. Floatable. 
flockt'y pp. Flocked. 
floed", pp. Flowed. 
floes", n. pi. Flows. 
flogd'*^, pp. Flogged. 
flog'gap-bl'y a. Hoggable. 
floord'**, pp. Floored. 
flopt'9 pp. Flopped. 
flos", n. Floss. 
flot'ta-bF, a. Mottable. 
floun'derd'*", pp. Floundered. 
flounst*, pp. Flounced. 
flourd', pp. Floiu*ed. 
flour'lsht", pp. Flourished. 
flowd", pp. Flowed. 
flow'«rd", pp. Flowered. 
flox'*", n. Phlox. 
flu*9 V. & n. Flue. 
flu", imp. Flew. 
flue'tu-a*bl', a. Fluctuable. 
flur'lsh'9 V. & n. Flomish. 
flur^htS pp. Flourished. 
flusht'", pp. Flushed. 
flus'terd'**, pp. Flustered. 
flut'tei^a*bl', a. Flutterable. 

flut'terd'*S* pp. Fluttered. 
flux'l-bl% a. Muxible. 
flux'1-bl-ness', n. Fluxibleness. 
fluit'", pp. Fluxed. 
fljr'a-bl% a. Flyable. 
fo*, n. Foe. 
fo»ld'*», pp. Foaled. 
foamd'**9 pp. Foamed. 
fobd****, pp. Fobbed. 
fo'cust'", pp. Focused. 
fod'derd', pp. Foddered. 
fce^nlx', n. Phoenix, phenix. 
fogd*, pp. Fogged. 
fol'bP, n. Foible. 
foUd'*% a. Foiled. 
foiai-el% n. Follicle. 
fol'loed*, pp. Followed. 
fol'lowd"^", pp. Followed. 
fon'dl'y vt. & vi. Fondle. 
fon'dld% pp. Fondled. 
fo-net'lc'*", a. & n. Phonetic. 
fo'net-lst'y n. Phonetist. 
fon'le', a. Phonic. 
fo'no-graf *«, v. & n. Phonograph. 
fo-nog'ra-fer'*", n. Phonographer. 
fo'^no-graf' le'*», a. Phonographic. 
fo-nog'ra-fy*", n. Phonography. 
fo'^iio-log'lc', a. Phonologic. 
fo-nol'o-glst', n. Phonologist. 
fo-nol'o-gy', n. Phonology. 
fo'no-tjrpe', n. Phonotype. / 
foold"^", pp. Fooled. 
for-bad", vt. Forbade. 
for-bear'a-bl', a. Forbearable. 
for-bld'a-bl', a. Forbidable. 
for-bld'n', pa. Forbidden. 
for'el-bP, a. Forcibly. 
for'el-bl-ness'» n. Forcibleness. 
ford'a-bl', a. Fordable. 
ford'a-bl-ness'y n. Fordableness. 
fore-gon^'y pa. Foregone. 
fore'hed", n. Forehead. 
for'en'", a. Foreign. 
for'en-er'", n. Foreigner. 



frac'tll', a, Fractfle. 
frag'U'", a. Fragile. 
frag'U-ly", adv, FragUely. 
fram'a-bl'y a, Framable. 
fram'a-bl-ness'y n. Framableness. 
fran'gl-bl'9 a. Frangible. 
fran'gl-bl-ness% n. Frangibleness. 
frank'a-bl'9 a. Frankable. 
frankt", pp. Franked. 
frase***, v, & n. Phrase. 
fra'^se-oFo-gy'**, n. Phraseology. 
fraut'9 PO" Fraught. 
frayd'y pp. Frayed. 
frai^% V, & n. Frazzle. 
fraild'9 pp. Frazzled. 
freakt'y pp. Freaked. 
freck'P, V, & n. Freckle. 
freek'ld'9 pa. Freckled. 
freez'9 vt. & vi. Freeze. 

fore-know 'a-bl'9 a, foreknowable. 
fore-see'a-bl^9 a. Foreseeable. 
fore-warnd'*9 pp. Forewarned. 
for'felt-a-bP, a. Forfeitable. 
for^flfy V. & n. Forfeit. 
forge'a-bl', a, Forgeable. 
for-get'a-bl» for-get'ta-bl', a, For- 

getable, forgettable. 
for-get'a-[or ta-]bl-ness'', n. For- 

getableness, forgettableness. 
for'ge-tlv», a, Forgetive. 
for-glv''*", vi. & vi. Forgive. 
for-glv'a-bl', a. Forgivable. 
for-glv'nes8'» n. Forgiveness. 
for-gon^'y pp. Forgone. 
torched', n. Forehead. 
forkt", a. Forked. 
form'a-bl'y a, Formable. 
form'a-tlv*", a, & n. Formative. 
fopmd'", pa. Formed. 
for'mi-da-bl', a. Formidable. 
for'ml-da-bl-ness'y n. Formidable- 

forst*9 pp. Forced. 
fort'a-lls"9 n. Fortalice. 
for'tl-fl'^a-bP, a. Fortifiable. 
fos'fate'^, n. Phosphate. 
fo8-for'le', a. Phosphoric. 
fos'fop-us'**, n. Phosphorus. 
foss'y n. Fosse. 
fos'terd'*", pp. Fostered. 
fo'to-gpaf *•, V. & n. Photograph. 
fo-tog'pa-fer'**, n. Photographer. 
fo'^to-gpaf 'le'*', a Photographic. 
fo'to-gpaft"^**, pp. Photographed. 
fo-tog'pa-fy'*", n. Photography. 
fo-tom'e-ter', n. Photometer. 
fo-tom'e-tpy', n. Photometry. 
fo'to-sphere*9 n. Photosphere. 
fo'to-type% n. Phototype. 
fould'*", pp. Fouled. 
foun'dcpd'*", pp. Foundered. 
foxt'*», pa. Foxed. 
frae'ta-bl', n. Fractable. 

frend% n. 


fre-noFo-gl8t% n. Phrenologist. 
fre-nol'o-gy'**, n. Phrenology. 
fren'iy', v, & n, Phrensy. 
frencht', a, Frenched. 
fre-quent^a-bPy a, Frequentable. 
fre-quen'ta-tlv", a. & n. Frequenta- 
fresh'cnd'", pp. Freshened. 
M'a-bl', a. Friable. 
frl'a-bl-ness^ n, Friableness. 
fribi', v., a, & n. Fribble. 
frlbad% pp. Fribbled. 
frlc'a-tlv", a. & n. Fricative. 
frlc'tlon-a-bl'y a. Frictionable. 
friez', V. & n. Frieze. 
fright 'en-a-bl', a. Frightenable. 
frlght'end'*% pp. Frightened. 
frU'*%f;. &n. FrilL 
frild'*', pp. Frilled. 
fWskt'*", pp. Frisked. 
fWt'terd'*", pp. Frittered. 
frlT^o-lus"» o. Frivolous. 
frlz% V. & n. Frizz. 
frizd'*", pp. Frizzed. 



frlzl'9 V. & n. Frizzle. 
frls^d', pp. Frizzled. 
frockt"» pp, Frocked. 
frol'lcktS pp. Frolicked. 
frol'lc-sum^**9 a. Frolicsome. 
ttoVlet^f pp. Frolicked. 
frotht", pp. Frothed. 
frownd'*", pp. Frowned. 
frue'tl-fl'i^a-bl', a. Fructifiable. 
frue'ti-fi-ea-tl¥*9 a. Fructificative. 
fru-glT^o-rus"» a. Frugivorous. 
fru'l-tlv«, a. Fruitive. 
frunt', v.f a. & n. Front. 
frus'tra*bl', a. Frustrable. 
frus'tra-tlv*, a. Fmstrative. 
fuda', vL & vi. Fuddle. 
fudad^ pp. Fuddled. 
fu'eld'9 pp. Fueled. 
fu'gap-tlv", a. Fugative. 
fu'gl-tlv'*», a. & n. Fugitive. 
fu'gl-tlv-ly», adv. Fugitively. 
fu'gl-tlY-ness"^ n. Fugitiveness. 
fuF*", »., a., n. & ado. Full. 
fuld'*», pp. Fulled. 
ful-ffl"*', vt. Fulfill. 
ful-ffld"«, pp. Fulfilled. 
fill 'mill", vt. & vi. Fulmine. 
furness"» n. Fullness. 
fill 'sum'**, a. Fulsome. 
fum'bl% V. & n. Fumble. 
fUm'bld'9 pp. Fumbled. 
fuiid'a*bl% a. Fundable. 
fuii'gl-bl% a. & n. Fungible. 
fun'nelds pp. Funneled. 
fur'blsh-a^bl', a. Furbishable. 
furOilsht'**, pp. Furbished. 
furd', pp, <& a. Furred. 

gabd'**, pp. Gabbed. 
i:ab1% V. & n. Gabble. 
gftbid', pp. Gabbled. 
g»P*% V. & n. Gafif. 

furld'", pp. Furled. 
furlo'*", V. & n. Furlough. 
fur'loed'**, pp. Furloughed. 
fur'nlsh-a-bl'y a. Fumishable. 
fur'nisht'", pa. Furnished. 
fur'ro*, V. & n. Furrow. 
fur'roed", a. Furrowed. 
fur'therd'*", pp. Furthered. 
fur'tiv'**, a. Furtive. 
fur'tlv-ly». Furtively. 
fur'tlv-ness", n. Furtiveness. 
fun', V. & n. Furze. 
fus*, V. & n. Fuss. 
fus^cus", a. Fuscous. 
fust'", pp. Fussed. 
fu'tU'", fU'tUe', a. Futile. 
fu'tU-lyS ado. Futilely. 
fu'tU-ness', n. Futileness. 
fuz', n. Fuzz. 
fuze', V. & n. Fuse. 
fu'zl-bl', a. Fusible. 
fu'zl-bi-ness', n. Fusibleness. 
fu'zlon', n. Fusion. 
fy-l»e'ter-y', n. Phylactery. 
fys'lc'*", V. & n. Physic. 
fys'l-cal', a. Physical. 
fy-sl'clan'**, n. Physician. 
fys'l-clst', n. Physicist. 
fys'lekt', pp. Physicked. 
fys'lcs'**, n. PhyBics. 
fys^'^l-og'no-inlst', n. Physiognomist. 
fys'i'l-og'no-iiiy', n. Physiognomy. 
fys'i'l-o-log'lc', a. Physiologic. 
fys'i'l-ol'o-glst', n. Ph3n3iologist. 
fys'i'l-ol'o-gy'*", n. PhyBiology. 
fy-tog'ra-fy, n. Phytography. 
fy-tol'o-gy', n. Phytology. 


gaff, n. 

gagd'*", pp. Gagged. 
gage'a-bl', a. Gageable. 
gag'l', V. & n. Gaggle. 


gag'ld^» pp. Gaggled. 
galn'a*bl'9 a. Graioable. ^ 
galnd'*', 'pp. Gained. 
gal'terd", pp, Gaitered. 
ga-lag'ln, ga^lag't-nlnS a. & n, 

lagine, galaginine. 
gal'an-tln'y n. Galantine. 
gald'y pa, Gralled. 
galld', pa, Gralled. 
gallopt", pp. Galloped. 
gal^ly", n. Galley. 
gam'bl'y V. & n. Gamble. 
gam'bld'y pp. Gambled. 
gamd^, pp. Gammed. 
game'sum'*", a. Gamesome. 
gam'mond'y pp. Gammoned. 
gang', n. Gangue. 
gang'a-bl'9 a. -Gangable. 
gapt'9 pp. Gapped. 
gar^an-tee", v, & n. Guarantee. 
gar'an-ty'» v. & n. Guaranty. 
garbd', pp. Garbed. 
g^r'bl*', V. & n. Grarble. 
gar'bld', pp. Garbled. 
gard'", V. & n. Guard. 
gar'den-a-bl', a. Gardenable. 
gar'dend'", pp, Grardened. 
gar'dl-an'*', a. & n. Guardian. 
gar'gl'y V. & n. Gargle. 
gar'gld', pp. Gargled. 
gar'nerd'", pp. Garnered. 
gar'nisht", a. Gkumished. 
gar'rl-sond", a. Gkurisoned. 
gar'terd'y pp. Gartered. 
gasht'*", pp. Gashed. 
gas'l-fl^'^a-bFy a. Gasifiable. 
gaspt'", pp. Gasped. 
gast", pp. Gassed. 
gast'll-ness', n. Ghastliness. 
gast'ly**", a. k adv. Ghastly. 
gath'er-a-bP, a. Gatherable. 
gath'erd", pp. Gathered. 
gauz', n. Gauze. 
gav'eldS pp, Gaveled, gavelled. 



ga*-sel''9 n. Gazelle. 
ga*-iet'' 9 V. & n. Gazette. 
geardS pp. Geared. 
gel'a-bl'9 a. Grelable. 
gel'a-tln'y n. Gelatine. ^ 
ge-laf^^l-nli'a-bl'y a. Grelatinizable. 
geld'a-bP, a. Greldable. 
gem'i-na-tlT"9 a. & n. GreminatiYe. 
gen'der-a-bl', a. Grenderable. 
gen'derd'", pp, Grendered. 
gen'er-a-bl'9 a. Grenerable. 
gen'er-a-bl-ness'y n, Generableness. 
gen'er-ald'y pp. Greneraled, gener- 

gen'er-aI-lz'''[or -Is^^Ja-bl', a. Grener- 

alizable, generalisable. 
gen'er-a-tlT"» a. Generative. 
gen'1-tlv'*", a. & n, Grenitive. 
gen'tl'9 v.y a. &. n. Gentle. 
fl^n'tld'y pp. Grentled. 
gen'tl-man% n. Gentleman. 
gen'u-ln'*'*, a. Genuine. 
gen'u-ln-ly'y adv. Genuinely. 
gen'u-ln-ness"» n. Grenuineness. 
ge-og'ra-fer', n. Geographer. 
ge^o-graflCy -l-eal'» a. Geographic, 

ge-og'ra-f jr'**, n. Geography. 
ger'ml-na-bl'9 a. Grerminable. 
ger'ml-na-tiv', a. Grerminative. 
ger'mi-na-tlT-ly'y adv. Grerminative- 


ge-run'dlT", n. Grerundive. 
ge-run'dlv-ly", adv. Gerundively. 
gess', V. & n. Guess. 
gest'y pp. Guessed. 
gest', n. Guest. 
ge8'ta-tlY*9 a. Grestative. 
ges-tlc^u-la^'^tlv'y a. Gresticulative. 
ges-tlc'u-la-tlv-ly*9 adv. Gresticula- 

get-at'a-bPy a. Gretatable. 
get-at'a-bl-ness'y n. Gretatableness. 
Ghlb'el-UnV a. <& n. Ghibelline. 


gibd*, a. Gibbed. 

glb^berd^y pp. Gibbered. 

glgd>, pp. Gigged. 

glgl', V, & ». Giggle. 

glgad% pp. Giggled. 

gig'nl-tlY*, a. Gignitive. 

«U»*% V, & n. Gill. 

sUdS pp. Gilled. 

sUd% n. Guild. 

sUt%n. Guilt. 

«Ut'jr%a. Guilty. 

glndS PP* Ginned. 

gln'gerd*, pp. Gingered. 

glr'dl% ». & n. Girdle. 

glr'dld', pp. Girdled. 

glrthf*, pp. Girthed. 

glv'**, vt & vi. Give. 

glvc'»-bl', a. Giveable. 

glv'n', pa. Given. 

gUd'dend'y pp. Gladdened. 

glad'sum'**9 a. Gladsome. 

glam'or", vt Glamour. 

glam'ord', pp. Glamoured. 

glaii8t*9 pp- Glanced. 

glas*9 V. & n. Glass. 

glast^y pp. Glassed. 

gleamd'**9 pp. Gleamed. 

gleand'**9 pp. Gleaned. 

gUbd% pp. Glibbed. 

gUm'merd*, pp. Glinmiered. 

gUmps'y V. & n. Glimpse. 

gUmpst'*", pp. Glimpsed. 

glls'tend", pp. Glistened. 

gUs'terd'**, pp. Glistered. 

i^t'terd'", pp. Glittered. 

glo*, V. & n. Glow. 

gloed*9 pp. Glowed. 

Sloes*» Sd pera. sing. prea. ind. Glows. 

gloomd'*", pp. Gloomed. 

glo^rt-us*9 a. Glorious. 

glos'so-graf 9 n. Glossograph. 

glos-80g'ra*fer% n. Glossographer. 

glos-80s'ra-fF'» n. Glossography. 

glost"» "pp. Glossed. 


glowd", pp. Glowed. 

glow'erd^9 pp. Glowered. 

glu"» V. & n. Glue. 

glye'er-ln', n. Glycerine. 

glyf , n. Glyph. 

glyf' o-graf 9 V. & n. Glyphograph. 

giyf-og'ra-fy''9 n. Glyphography. 

gljrp'to-graf 9 n. Gl3rptograph. 

gnarld'*", a. Gnarled. 

gna8ht"9 PP* Gnashed. 

gnaw'a-bp9 a. Gnawable. 

gnawd*"*", pp. Gnawed. 

go^a-hed'l-tlv*9 a. Goaheaditive. 

go^a-hed'a-[or -i-]tlv-ness"9 n. Go- 

aheadativeness, goaheaditiveness. 
goba'9 V. & n. Gobble. 
gob Id'', pp. Gobbled. 
God 'bed'*", n. Godhead. 
go'fer", n. Gopher. 
gof ferd", pp. Goffered. 
gogi'', V. & n. Goggle. 
gogad'9 pp. Goggled. 
goFter% n. Goitre. 
gol'terdB9 a. Goitered. 
golft", pp. Golfed. 
gon'**, pa. Gone. 
good^^by", a., n. & inUrj. Good»bye. 
gost'**, n. Ghost. 
go8t1y"9 a. Ghostly. 
gos'slpt", pp. Gossiped. 
got'n'9 pp. Gotten. 
gownd", pp. Gowned. 
grabd'^**, pp. Grabbed. 
grab'F, vt & vi. Grabble. 
grab'ld^9 pp. Grabbled. 
grae^U**, a. Gracile. 
graf 9 V. & n. Graff. 
graf 9 n. Graph. 
graf 'Ic'*", a. Graphic. 
gralnd'*"9 PP* Grained. 
gral11n"9 a. & n. Gralline. 
gram"l-iilT^o-rus"9 a. Graminivorous. 
grain'ma-log", n. Grammalogue. 
gran'lt'**9 n. Granite. 



grant'a*bl', a. Grantable. 

gros", 0.' & n. Gross. 

gran'u-la-tlT'y a. Granulative. 

groupt'*", pp. Grouped. 

gras'^y V, & n, GraRs. 

grov'eld'*", pp. Groveled. 

grasp'a-bPy a. Graspable. 

growld'**, pp. Growled. 

gr»8pt'*», pp. Grasped. 

gru", imp. Grew. 

grav'^l-per-cep'tlv*, a. Gravipercep- 

grubd'**, pp. Grubbed. 


grudgd'", pp. Grudged. 

graT'^l-seii'sI-tlY*, a. Gravisetisitive. 

gruP*", a. GrufT. 

srav'l-ta^tlv, a. Gravitative. 

grum'bP, V. & n. Grumble. 

greaa'", grease', vt. Grease. 

grum'bld% pp. Gnimbled. 

greazd*', greast'*", pp. Greased. 

guard 'a-bl% a. Guardable. 

green'a-bF, a. Greenable. 

guize', V. & n. Gm'se. 

griba', n. Gribble. 

gnP, V. & n. GulL 

grida% V, & n. Griddle. 

gulft'*S pp. Gulfed. 

grid 'Id', pp. Griddled. 

guiai-[or-la-]bl',a. Gullible, guUable. 

grId'Prond", pp, Gridironed. 

gulpt'", pp. Gulped. 

grlev', vi. & vi. Grieve. 

gur'gl', V. & n. Gurgle. 

grlevd'**, pp. Grieved. 

gur'gld', pp. Gurgled. 

grievous", a. Grievous. 

gusht'*", pp. Ouflhed. 

grU'*% V. & n. GriU. 

guv'ern', vt. & vi. Govern. 

grUd', pp. Grilled. 

guv'cfrn-a-bl', a. Governable. 

grind", pp. Grinned. 

guv'ernd', pp. Governed. 

grlpt'*", pp. Gripped. 

guv'er-ness', n. Governess. 

grizi', V. & n. Grizzle. 

guv'ern-Ing', pa. Governing. 

grlzld', a. Grizzled. 

guv'ern-inent', n. Government. 

gro*, vt. & VI. Grow. 

guv'er-nor', n. Governor. 

groes", Sd per. sing. pres. indie. Grows. 

gus'ta-tiv', a. Gustative. 

groand", pp. Groaned. 

gus'ta-tlv-ness'f n. Gustativenees. 

grogd", pp. Grogged. 

gut'ta-bl', a. Guttable. 

groind", a. Groined. 

gut'terd", pp. Guttered. 

groomd'*", pp. Groomed. 

guz^', V. & n. Guzzle. 

groov'y V. & n. Groove. 

guz'ld% pp. Guzzled. 

groovd'**, pa. Grooved. 


hab'It-a-bl% a. Habitable. 
hab'It-a-bl-ness', n. Habitableness. 
hab'1-ta-tlv", a. Habitative. 
hach't V. & n. Hatch. 
hach'ment', n. Hatchment. 
hackl't V. & n. Hackle. 
haek1d% pp. Hackled. 
hack'ny", v., a. & n. Hackney. 

had^doe", n. Haddock. 
hackt'*", pp. Hacked. 
hag1% V. & n. Haggle. 
hag^d', pp. Haggled. 
haUd'", pp. Hailed. 
hal'lo", V. Hallow. 
harioes", 3d per, sing. 

pres. ind. 



haFlowd', pp. Hallowed. 
hal'terd'**, pp. Haltered. 
haW, vU Halve. 
halvd*"*", pp. Halved. 
ham'bPy vL & vi, Hamble. 
ham^moc", n. Hammock. 
ham'perd^*^, pp. Hampered. 
liand'cuf'^'^9 v, & n. Handcuff. 
hand'cuft"''**, pp. Handcuffed. 
hand'l-capt", pp. Handicapped. 
han'dl'^, v. & n. Handle. 
han'dld', pp. Handled. 
hand'sum'*"» a. Handsome. 
hangd^*'', pp. Hanged. 
hang'a-bFy a. Hangable. 
han'kerd^y pp. Hankered. 
hapd^, pp. Happed. 
hap'pend'*", pp. Happened. 
hapt', pp. Happed. • 

ha-rang"**, v. & n. Harangue. 
ha-rangd''*^9 pp. Harangued. 
har'ast"^", pp. Harassed. 
har'bor'y v. & n. Harbour. 
har'bord^**, pp. Harbored, harboured. 
hard'end^y pp. Hardened. 
hark 'en'*", vt. & vi. Hearken. 
hark'end***S pp. Hearkened. 
harkt'*', pp. Harked. 
harmd'^*'', pp. Harmed. 
har-mo'nl-us'y a. Harmonious. 
har'nest'**, o. Harnessed. 
har-poond'^» pp. Harpooned. 
harpt'*^, pp. Harped. 
har'rowd'*", pp. Harrowed. 
hart'*", V. & n. Heart. 
hart'en", vt. Hearten. 
harth'*", n. Hearth. 
hart'jr'*", a. & n. Hearty. 
ha8ht'*"> pp. Hashed. 
haspt", pp. Hasped. 
has^soc*, n. Hassock. 
hast'end", pp. Hastened. 
hat'a-bl, hate'a-bl', a. Hatable, 

hatch 'ett-ln", n. Hatchettine. 
hatcht"^**, pp. Hatched. 
hauld'**, pp. Hauled. 
hau'ty'*", o. Haughty. 
hav'*", vt. & vi. Have. 
hav'oc^, V. & n. Havock. 
hav'ockt', pp. Havocked. 
hawd", pp. Hawed. 
hawkt"^**, pp. Hawked. 
hayd", pp. Hayed. 
haz^ard-a-bP, a. Hazardable. 
hcald"^*", pp. Healed. 
heapt"^*", pp. Heaped. 
heav', V. <& n. Heave. 
heavd'*", pa. Heaved. 
heavs', n. Heaves. 
hec'tord", pp. Hectored. 
hed'*", v., a. & n. Head. 
hed'ake"'*", n. Headache. 
hedgd'", pp. Hedged. 
hed'land'''^*", n. Headland. 
hed'long'''*", a. <& ado. Headlong. 
heeld'**, a. Heeled. 
hef er', n. Heifer. 
helght'end', pp. Heightened. 
heP*S n. Hell. 
helmd", pp. Helmed. 
help'a-bF, a. Helpable. 
helpt'**, pp. Helped. 
helth'*S n. Health. 
helth'fulS a. Healthful. 
helth'y'", a. Healthy. 
helv'*", V. & n. Helve. 
helvd', pp. Helved. 
hemd", pp. Henmied. 
hem^l-sfere", n. Hemisphere. 
hem^l-stlc", n. Hemistich. 
hem^loc", n. Hemlock. 
hem^or-age", n. Hemorrhage. 
hense', adv. Hence. 
her-blv^o-rus'*, a. Herbivorous. 
herd', pp. Heard. 
he-red 'l-ta-tlv", a. Hereditative. 
her'1-ot-a-bl', a. Heriotable. 



her'l-ta-bFy a. Heritable. 

hom'l-nln", a. Homimne. 

her-maf' ro-dlte**, a. & n. Hermaph- 

ho^mo-cln-chon'l-clnB, n. Homo- 



her'o-ln'y n. Heroine. 

h(/'mo-cln-chon'l-dln'9 n. Homo- 

]ierse% n. Hearse. 


hent^9 W' Hearsed. 

ho^mo-cln'cho-nln", n. Homocin- 

hes'l-ta-tlv', o. Hesitative. 


hes'l-ta-tlv-ly*, adv. Hesitatively. 

hom'o-fone'y n. Homophone. 

hetb'er'", n. Heather. 

ho^mo-graPy n. Homograph. 

hev'cii'", V. i& n. Heaven. 

hoii'or% V, & n, Honoiu-. 

hev'y'", a. & n. Heavy. 

hon'or-a-bP, a. & n. Honorable, 

hic'cofy hie'eup', v. & n. Hiccough, 



hon^or-a-bl-ness% n. Honorable- 

hlc'coft^ Wc'cupt'*", pp. Hic- 


coughed, hiceuped. 

hon'ord'*", pp. Honored, honoured. 

hlch'y V. & n. Hitch. 

hon'y*, v., a,&n. Honey. 

hld'e-us*, a. Hideous. 

hood'winkt'*», pp. Hoodwinked. 

hld'n'y pa. Hidden. 

hooft'", pp, & a. Hoofed. 

hl'er-o-glyf*, n. Hieroglyph. 

hookt^*", pa. Hooked. 

hU'**, V, & n. Hill. 

hoop'lng^cof^'y n. Hooping«cough. 

hUd'^", a. Hilled. 

hoopt'", pp. Hooped. 

hUlocS n. Hillock. 

hopf, pp. Hopped. 

hin'derd'*", pp. Hindered. 

hornd****, a. Homed. 

lilpt'**, pp. & a. Hipped. 

ho-rog'ra-fy', n. Horography. 

lilr'ctn», a, Hircine. 

hor'o-log*', n. Horologue. 

hl8"» V. & n. Hiss. 

hor'ri-bl', a. Horrible. 

hist'*", pp. Hissed. 

horM-bl-ness"9 n. Horribleness. 

hltcht", pp. Bitched. 

horst'**, pp. Horsed. 

ho", V, & n. Hoe. 

hor'ta-tlv'*", a. Hortative. 

hob1'» V, & n. Hobble. 

hor'ta-tlv-ly», adv, Hortatively. 

hock'9 vt. Hough. 

hos'pl-ta-bl'^, a. Hospitable. 

hogd"» pa. Hogged. 

hos^pl-ta-bl-ness'y n. Hospitable- 

hole'9 a, & n. Whole. 


holeajr^, adv. Wholly. 

hos'tll", a. & n. Hostile. 

hole'sale', a, & n. Wholesale. 

houz'y vt. & vi. House. 

hole'suin^ a. Wholesome. 

houzd% pp. & a. Housed. 

horio^y V,, a, & n. Hollow. 

houz'Ing', n. Housing. 

hoFloed", pp. Hollowed. 

hov'eld', pp. Hoveled, hovelled. 

hoFo-crys'tal-lln", a. Holocrystal- 

hov'erd", pp. Hovered. 


howld'**, pp. Howled. 

hoI^o-hjr'a-Un^y a, Holohyaline. 

huch', V. & n. Hutch. 

hoFsterd", a, Holstered. 

hucht'y pp. Hutched. 

hom'age-a-bPy a. Homageable. 

huda% t;. & n. Huddle. 

home'sted'**, v, & n. Homestead. 

bur*", v., a. & n. HufF. 



huft'*», pp. Huffed. 
hugd'", pp. Hugged. 
hul", V. & n. Hull. 
huld*, pp. Hulled. 
hulkt", pp. Hulked. 
hum'bP, V. & a. Humble. 
hum'bld'', pp. Humbled. 
humd", imp. & pp. Hummed. 
hu-mll'l-a^tlv", a. Humiliative. 
hum'moc'y v. & n. Huimnock. 
hu'mor', v. & n. Hmnour. 
hu'mord'**, pa. Humored, hu- 
humpt'*", a. Humped. 
huncht", pp. Hunched. 
huii'ey% v., a. <& n. Honey. 
hun'eyd'^, a. Honeyed. 
hun'led% a. Honied. 
hunt'a-bl% a, Huntable. 
hurld", pp. Hiu*led. 
hur-rahd'^y pp. Hurrahed. 
hus'band-a-bl', a. Husbandable. 
husht% pp. Hushed. 

huskt', a. Husked. 
hus'tl'y V. &. n. Hustle. 
hus'tld', pp. Hustled. 
hutchf*, a. Hutched. 
hy^a-cln^thln", a. Hyacinthine. 
hy'a-lln", a. <& n. Hyaline. 
hy'brld-ls^'^a-bl', a. Hybridisable. 
hy'brld-lz''a-[or -ls''a-]bP, a. Hy- 

bridizable, hybridisable. 
hy'dra-zln^, n. Hydrazine. 
hy^^^dro-cou^ma-rln^, n. Hydrocou- 

hy'i'dro-cy'a-nld*, n. , Hydrocyanide. 
hy'i'dro-fo'bl-a', n. Hydrophobia. 
hy-drog'ra-fy', n. Hydrography. 
hy^'^dro-plc^a-lln", n. HydropicaUne. 
hy'e-nln^, a. Hyenine. 
hy'fen'**, v. & n. Hyphen. 
hyTend', pp. Hyphened. 
hy'phend", pp. Hyphened. 
hyp'no-tlz^[or -tls^'la-bF, a. Hypno- 

tizable, hypnotisable. 
hyp'o-crit'", n. Hypocrite. 

Ich', V. & n. Itch. 
Icht'y pp. Itched. 
I'cl-cP, n. Icicle. 
l-dc'a-tlv", a. Ideative. 
l-den'tl-fl'^a-bl% a. Identifiable. 
Id'i'l-o-re-pul'slv*, a. Idiorepulsive. 
lg-iiIt'l-[or a-]bP, a. Ignitible, ignit- 

Ig-no'bl', a. Ignoble. 
lg-no^l-ne88'» n. Ignobleness. 
Ig-nor'a-bFy a. Ignorable. 
11% a., n. & adv. 111. 
I1and'*», V. & n. Island. 
lie'**, V. & n. Isle. 
Ilet''**, n. Islet. 
Ula-tlv'**, a. Illative. 
U-land'a-bl% a. Ulandable. 
U-leg^-bl%a. Blegible. 

U-leg'1-bl-ness', n. Illegibleness. 
U-lev'l-a-bl% a. Illeviable. 
U-Uma-ta-bl% a. & n. Illimitable. 
U-Um'l-ta-bl-ness', n. Ulimitable- 

U-lo'ca-bl', a. lUocable. 
U-lu'iiil-na-tl¥^9 a. lUuminative. 
U-lu'mln", vt. Illumine. 
U-lu'8lon-a-bl% a. lUusionable. 
Il-lu'slv**, a. Illusive. 
U-lu'slv-ly", ado. Illusively. 
Il-lu'slv-ness^y n. Ulusiveness. 
tl-lus'tra-bP, a. lUustrable. 
Il-lus'tra-ta-bl', a. lUustratable. 
Il-lus'tra-tlv'**, a. Illustrative. 
tl-lus'trt-us", a. Illustrious. 
U'ness'y n. Illness. 
Im^age-a-bP, a. Imageable. 


Im-ag'ln'", vt. & vi. Imagine. 

Iin-ag'l-na-bl% a. Imaginable. 

lm-ag^I-na-bl-ness% n, Imagin- 

Im-ag'l-na-tlv'**, a. Imaginative. 

lm-ag'l-na-tlv-ly"9 adv. Imagina- 

Im-ag't-na-tlv-nessS n. Imagina- 

Im-ag'lnd'**, pp. Imagined. 

Im'be-clP", a. & n. Imbecile. 

Im-blt^terdf', pa. Imbittered. 

Im'brt-ca-ttv", a. Imbricative. 

Im-brownd't', pa. Imbrowned. 

Im-bru'*, vt. Imbrue. 

Im^l-ta-bl', a. Imitable. 

Im^l-ta-bl-ness'', n. Imitableness. 

Ini'l-ta-tlv'**, a. Imitative. 

Im'l-ta-tlv-ly", adv, Imitatively. 

liii^I-ta-tl¥-ness^9 n. Imitativeness. 

Im-maFle-a-bF, a. Immalleable. 

Im-man^a-cF, vt. Immanacle. 

Im-med'l-ca-bP, a. Immedicable. 

tm-mein'o-ra-bl'y a. Immemorable. 

tin-inen'8ur-a-bP,a. Lnmensurable. 

Im-me^zur-a-bFy a. Lnmeasurable. 

Im-mls^cl-bl', a. Immiscible. 

Im-mlt^l-ga-bP, a. Immitigable. 

Im-mlx^a-bP, a. Immixable. 

tm-mor'tal-lz'^a-bPy a. Immortal- 

Im-mo'tlv^, a. Immotive. 

tm-moY^a-bP, a. & n. Immovable. 

lin-ino¥'a-bl-ness% n. Immovable- 

Im-mu^ta-bP, a. Lnmutable. 

Im-mu'ta-bl-ness^ n. Immutable- 

Im-palr'a-bP, a. Impairable. 

Iin-palrd'^*«, pp. Impaired. 

Im-paPpa-bP, a. Impalpable. 

Im-part^t-bP, a. Impartible. 

Im'^par-tlc'l-pa-bPy a. Impartici- 


lm-par'tt¥", a. Impartive. 

Im-pass'a-bPy a. Impassable. 

Im-pass'a-bl-ness^ n. Impassable- 

Im-pas'sI-bPy a. Impassible. 

tm-pa8'sl-bl-ne8s% n. Impassible- 

Im-pas'slond", a. Impassioned. 

Im-pas'slv'**, a. Impassive. 

Im-pas'slv-ly", adv. Impassively. 

Im-pas'slv-ness", n. Impassiveness. 

Im-pay'a-bPy a. Impayable. 

Im-peach'a-bP, a. Impeachable. 

Im-peacht'^, pp. Impeached. 

Im-pec'ca-bP, a. Impeccable. 

Im-peld"**, pp. Impelled. 

Im-pen'e-tra-bP, a. Impenetrable. 

Im-pen'e-tra-bl-ness', n. Impene- 

Im-pen'e-tra-tlv^, a. Impenetrative. 

Im-per'a-tlV**, a. & n. Imperative. 

Im-per'a-tlv-lyB, adv. Imperatively. 

Im-per'a-tlv-ness^y n. Imperative- 

Im'^per-celv'a-bP, a. Imperceivable. 

Im^per-cep'tl-bP, a, & n. Imper- 

Im^per-cep'tl-bl-ness', n. Imper- 

Im'^per-cep'tlv", a. Imperceptive. 

Im'^per-fec'tl-bP, a. Imperfectible. 

Im'^per-fec'tlv*, a. Imperfective. 

Im-per^fo-ra-bP, a. Imperforable. 

Im'^per-foriii'a-bPy a. Imperform- 

Im-per'Ud*"**, pp. Imperilled. 

tm-per^lsh-a-bPy a. Imperishable. 

Im-per^tsh-a-bl-ness'^9 n. Imperish- 

tm-pe^rt-us^, a. Imperious. 

Im-per^me-a-bP, a. Impermeable. 

tm-per^me-a-bl-ness'y n. Imperme- 

Im'i^per-nils'sl-bPy a. Impermissible. 



tm-per'son-a-tlv", a. Impersonative. 

Im^'per-scrlp'tl-bl', a. Imperscrip- 

Im'^per-splr'a-bl'y a, Imperspirable. 

Im^per-suad'a-bl'y a. Impersuad- 

Im^per-suad'a-bl-ness^y n, Imper- 

Im'^per-sua'sl-bl'y a. Impersuasible. 

Im^per-tran'sl-bl'', a. Impertran- 

Im^per-turb'a-bl% a. Imperturba- 

Im^per-turb'a-bl-ness% n. Imper- 
turbableness. • 

Im'^per-vcrt'l-bP, a. Impervertible. 

Im-per'vl-a-bl', a. Imperviable. 

Im^per'vl-a-bl-ness'y n. Impervi- 

Im'pe-tra-bPy a. Impetrable. 

Im'pe-tra-tlv", a. Impetrative. 

Im-pla'ca-bl'y a. Implacable. 

Im-pla'ca-bl-ness"9 n. Implacable- 

Im-plau'sl-bl', a. Implausible. 

Im-plau'sl-bl-ness'^, n. Implausible- 

Im-plead'a-bl'y a. Impleadable. 

Im-pll'a-bPy a. Impliable. 

Im'pll-ea-tlv'y a. Implicative. 

Im-plo'slv", a. & n. Implosive. 

Im-polar-lz^'^a-bl', a. Impolarizable. 

Im-pon'der-a-bl'y a. & n. Impon- 

Im-pon'der-a-bl-ness'y ^* Impon- 

lm-pos'a-bl% a. Imposable. 
lm-pos'l-tl¥"9 a. Iriipositive. 
Im-pos'sl-bPy a. & n. Impossible. 
Im-po'ta-bl', a. Impotable. 
Im-pov'er-lsht'**, pp. Impoverished. 
Im-prae'tl-ca-bp9 a. Impracticable. 
Im-prac'tl-ca-bl-ness% n, Imprac- 


Im-preg'na-bP, a. Impregnable. 

Im-preg'na-bl-ness', n. Impregna- 

Im-preg^na-tlv", a, Impregnative. 

Iiii''^pre-scrlb'a-bl% a, Imprescrib- 

Im^pre-8crlp'tl-bp9 a. Imprescrip- 

Im-press'I-bl'y a. Impressible. 

Im-press'l-bl-ness', n. Impressible- 

liii-pres'sIoii-a-bl% a. Impression- 

lin-pres'slon-a-bl-ness% n. Impres- 

Im-pres'slv'**, o. Impressive. 

Im-pres'slv-ly", adv. Impressively. 

Im-pres'slv-ness", n. Impressiveness. 

Im-presf **, py. Impressed. 

Im'^pre-vent'a-bP, a. Impreventa- 

Im^'pre-vls'l-bl', a. Imprevisible. 

Im-priin'l-tlv", a. Imprimitive. 

Im-pris'ond^, pp. Imprisoned. 

Im-prob'a-bP, a. Improbable. 

Im-prob^a-bl-ness^ n. Improbable- 

Im-prob'a-tlv^, a. Improbative. 

im'^pro-duc'l-bP, a. Improducible. 

Im^'^pro-gres'slv", o. Improgressive. 

Im^pro-gres'slv-ly^y adv. Improgres- 

Im-prov'a-bFy a. Improvable. 

Iiii-prov'a-bl-ness'^9 n. Improvable- 

Im-pug'na-bl'y a. Impugnable. 

Im-pul'slv'*", a. Impulsive. 

Im-put'a-bl', a. Imputable. 

Im-put'a-bl-ness^ n. Imputable- 

Im-pu'ta-tlv", a. Imputative. 

im-pu'ta-tlv-ly'y ado. Imputatively. 

tm^pu-tres'cl-bl'y a. Imputrescible. 

ln'9 n. Inn. 



In'^ac-cep'ta-bF, a. Inacceptable. 
In'^ac-ces'sl-bl', a. Inaccessible. 
In^ac-ces'sl-bl-ness'y n. Inaccessi- 

In-ac'tlv'*", a. Inactive. 
In-ac'tlv-ly», adv. Inactively. 
In-ac'tlv-ness", n. Inactiveness. 
In^'^a-dapt'a-bl'', a. Inadaptable. 
In^'a-dap'tlv^*', a. Inadaptive. 
ln-ad'e-qua-tl¥", a. Inadequative. 
In^'ad-he'slv^*", a. Inadhesive. 
In^ad-mls'sl-bFy a. Inadmissible. 
ln''^ad-¥ls'a-bF, a. Inadvisable. 
In-af 'fa-bl', a, Inaffable. 
In'^ag-gres'slv'**, a. Inaggressive. 
In-a11en-a-bl', a. Inalienable. 
In-allen-a-bl-ness'y n. Inalienable- 

In-al'ter-a-bl'9 a. Inalterable. 
In-aFter-a-bl-ness'^y n. Inalterable- 

In^'^a-iiiis'sl-bFy a. Xnamissible. 
In'^a-inis'sl-bl-ness'y n. Inamissible- 

In'^a-inov'a-bl'y a. Inamovable. 
In^ap-peaFa-bF, a. Inappealable. 
> In'^ap-peas'a-bl'y a. Inappeasable. 
in^ap-pePla-bl', a. Inappellable. 
In-ap^pe-tl-bl', a. Inappetible. 
tn-ap'pU-ca-bl'', a. Inapplicable. 
ln-ap'pll-ca-bl-ness'9 n. Inapplica- 

In-ap'po-slt^y a. Inapposite. 
tn'^ap-pre'cl-a-bl'y a. Inappreciable. 
In'^ap-pre'cl-a-tlv'*", a. Inappreci- 

In'^ap-pre'cl-a-tlv-ly*, adv. Inappre- 

In'^ap-pre'cl-a-tlv-ness", n. Inappre- 

in-ap^pre-hen'sl-bl'y a. Inappre- 
In-ap^pfe-bcn'slv'*", o. Inapprehen- 


in-ap^pre-ben'slv-ness", n. Inap- 

In'i^ap-proacb'a-bl'y a. Inapproach- 

In'^ap-pro'prl-a-bFy a. Inappropri- 

ln-ar'a-bl'9 a. Inarable. 

In^'^as-slin'l-la-bl'y a. Inassimilable. 

In'^at-taek'a-bFy a. Inattackable. 

In^'at-ten'tlv'**, a. Inattentive. 

In-au'dl-bl% a. Inaudible. 

In-au'dl-bl-nes8^ n. Inaudibleness. 

In-au'gu-ra-tly'y a. Inaugurative. 

In'^au-tbor'l-ta-tlv'*", a. Inauthor- 

In^a-vaU^a-bP, a. Inavailable. 

In^'a-vert'l-bl', o. Inavertible. 

In^'^a-vold'a-bl'^, a. Inavoidable. 

In-cal'cu-la^bFy a. Incalculable. 

In-cal'cu-la-bl-ness'y n. Incalcula- 

In-ca'pa-bFy a. & n. Incapable. 

In-ear'na-dln', v. & a. Incarnadine. 

ln-car'na-tlT*9 a. & n. Incamative. 

In-cen'slv"9 a. Incensive. 

In-ccnsf *■, pp. Incensed. 

tn-cen'8ur-a-bp9 a. Incensurable. 

In-cen'tlv'", a. & n. Incentive. 

In-ccn'tlv-ly», adv. Incentively. 

In-cep'tlv'*^, a. & n. Inceptive. 

tn-ces'sa-bl^y a. Incessable. 

In-cbo'a-tlv", a. & n. Inchoative. 

tncbt", a. Inched. 

tii-clii'er-a-bl'9 a. Incinerable. 

In-cl'slv", a. Incisive. 

tn-clt'a-bl'y a. Incitable. 

In-d'ta-tlv", a. Incitative. 

ln-cl'tlv», a. Incitive. 

In-clln'a-bl', a. Inclinable. 

In-clln'a-bl-ness'^, n. Inclinableness. 

In-doze^'y vt. Inclose. 

In-dud '1-bl', a. Includible. 

In-du'slV", a. & n. Inclusive. 

ln-clu'slv-ly*» adv. Inclusively. 



in'^co-ag'u-la-bl'9 a. Incoagulable. 

In'^co-erc'l-W, a, Incoercible. 

in-cog'l-ta-bl^, a. Incogitable. 

in-cog'l-ta-tlv, a. Incogitative. 

in-cog'nl-tlT", a. Incognitive. 

in-eog'nl-za-bl', a. Incognizable. 

in^'^cog-nos'cI-bP, a. Incognoscible. 

In'i'co-he'slv', a. Incohesive. 

In^com-bus'tl-bl', a. & n. Incombus- 

In^com-bus'tl-bl-ness', n. Incom- 

In^com-men'su-ra-bl'y a. & n. In- 

In^com-men'su-ra-bl-ness', n. In- 

In^'^coni-iiiis'cl-bP, a. Incommisci- 

In^i^coni-niu'iil-ca-bP, a. Incommu- 

In'i^coin-iiiu'iil-ca-bl-ness', n. In- 

lii'i^coni-niu'iil-ca-tlT", a. Incom- 

iii'i^com-mut'a-bl'y o. Incommuta- 

lii-com'pa-ra-bl% a. & n. Incom- 

In^com'pa-ra-bl-ness'y n. Incom- 

In^i^com-pat'I-bl', a. Incompatible. 

In^'^coni-pat'l-bl-ness'y n. Incom- 

In^i^coiii-pen'sa-bPy a. Incompensa- 

In^com-plet'a-bFy a. Incompletable. 

Iii'i^com-pos'lt", a. Incomposite. 

lii'i^coni-pos'sl-bP, a. Incompossible. 

In-com^'pre-heii'sl-bl', a. & n. In- 

In-com^'^pre-beii'sl-bl-ness^ n. In- 

ln-com^pre-beii^sl¥^9 a, Incompre- 

In^com-press'l-bl', a. Incompress- 

In^i^coiii-press'l-bl-ness', n. Incom- 

In^'^coiii-put'a-bl'', a. Incomputable. 

In'^con-celv'a-b!'', a. Inconceivable. 

In^con-celv'a-bl-ness', n. Inconceiy- 

In^i^coii-clu'slT", a. Inconclusive. 

In^i^con-clu'slv-ly", ado. Inconclu- 

ln''^con-clu'slv-ness'>, n. Inconclu- 

ln^con-dens'a-[or l-lbl% a. Incon- 

In^'con-du'clv'*", o. Inconducive. 

In^'^con-fufa-bP, a. Inconfutable. 

tn''^con-geaFa-bl'', a. Incongealable. 

tn^con-Joln'a-bF, a. Inconjoinable. 

ln''con-sec'u-tlv'**, a. Inconsecutive. 

In^con-std'er-a-bl', a. Inconsider- 

In^con-sld'er-a-bl-ness', n. Incon- 

tii'i^coii-soFa-bl', a. Inconsolable. 

in^con-soFa-bl-ness''9 n. Inconsol- 

tn''^con-stru'a-bl', a. Inconstruable. 

tn''^con-struct'l-bl>', a. Inconstruct- 

in^'^coii-sult'a-bF, a. Inconsultable. 

ln''^con-suiii'a-bl% a. Inconsumable. 

tn^'^con-tani'l-na-bl', a. Incontam- 
inable. [tible. 

In^i^coii-teinp'tt-bF, a. Incontemp- 

in'^con-test'a-bl', a. Incontestable. 

In'^con-test'a-bl-ness'y n. Incontest- 

In^^con-trac'tlF**, a. Incontractile. 

In'^con-trol'la-W, a. Inoontrollable. 

ln-con'''tro-vert'l-bI'*, a. Incontro- 

In-con'^tro-vert'l-bl-ness*', n. In- 



In'^'con-vers'a-bl', a. Inconversable. 
In'^'con-vert'l-bl', a. Inconvertible. 
In^con-Tert'l-bl-ness'y n, Incon- 

In^con-Yln'cl-bPy a, Inconvincible. 
In-co^pre-sent'a-bFy a. Incopresent- 

In-cor'po-ra-bPy a. Incorporable. 
ln-cor'po-ra-tl¥*, a. Incorporative. 
In-cor'rl-gi-bPy a. & n. Incorrigible. 
lii'''cor-rod'l-bl', a. Incorrodible. 
In'^'cor-ro'sl-bP, a. Incorrosible. 
In'^'cor-rupt'l-bl'', a. Incorruptible. 
In'^'cor-rupt'l-bP, n. Incorruptible. 
In'^'cor-rupt'l-bl-ness'', n. Incorrupt- 

ln-cras'sa-tl¥B» a. & n, Incrassative. 
In-creas'a-bP, a. Increasable. 
lii-creas'a-bl-ne8S% n. Increasable- 

In-creast'^**, pp. Increased. 
Iii"cre-a'tiv*, a. Increative. 
In-cred'l-bl', a. Incredible. 
In-cred't-bl-ness^y n. Incredibleness. 
ln-crus'tl¥", a. Incrustive. 
lii-cry8'tal-llz"[or -ll8''']a-bP, a. In- 

In'cu-ba-tlT^, o. Incubative. 
In-cuPpa-bF, a. Inculpable. 
In-cuPpa-bl-ness'y n. Inculpable- 

In-cul'pa-tlY", a. Inculpative. 
In-cur'a-bl', a. & n. Incurable. 
lii-cur'a-bl-iiess''9 n, Incurableneiss. 
In-curd''*", pp. Incurred. 
In-cur'slv^y a. Incursive. 
Ind^, pp. Inned. 

In'^'de-cl'fer-a-bl', a. Indecipherable. 
In'i'de-cl'fer-a-bl-ness'^, n. Indeci- 

In-dec'l-ma-bP, a, Indeeimable. 
In'^'de-cl'slv*, a. Indecisive. 
In'''de-cl'slv-ly*, adv. Indecisively. 
in'^'de-cl'slv-ness^, n. Indecisiveness. 

ln^de-clln'a-bl% a. & n. Indeclinable. 

ln^de-clln'a-bl-ness*» n. Indeclin- 

lii-de''com-po'iil-bp9 a. Indecom- 

In-de^com-pos'a-bl^ a. Indecom- 

In-de^com-pos'a-bl-ness', n. In- 

In^de-fat'l-ga-bl'y a. Indefatigable. 

lii^de-fat'l-ga-bl-iiess% n. Indefat- 

In^de-fea'sl-bPy a. Indefeasible. 

In^de-fea^sl-bl-ness^ n. Indefeasi- 

In'^'de-fec'tl-bl', a. Indefectible. 

In'^'de-fec'tiv*, a. Indefective. 

In^de-fen'sl-bl', a. Indefensible. 

In^de-fen'sl-bl-ness', n. Indefen- 

In^de-fln'a-bl'y a. Indefinable. 

In^de-fln'a-bl-ness'y n. Indefinable- 

lii-den-iilt<>, a. Indefinite. 

In'^'de-fln'l-tlv'**, a. Indefinitive. 

Iii'''de-fln'l-tlv-ly», ado. Indefini- 
tively. [tiveness. 

In^de-fln'l-tlv-nessBy n. Indefini- 

In'^'de-flect'l-W, o. Indeflectible. 

In^de-form'a-bl', a. Indeformable. 

In^de-lec'ta-bl'y a. Indelectable. 

ln-d^a-bl% a. Indelible. 

lii-deFl-bl-iiess''» n. Indelibleness. 

In^de-mon'stra-bPy a. Indemon- 

In^de-moii'stra-bl-iiess'y n, Inde- 

In^de-pend'a-bl*', a. Independable. 

In-dep're-ca-bP, a. Indeprecable. 

In'^'de-prlv'a-bP, a. Indeprivable. 

lii'''de-8crib'a-bP, a. Indescribable. 

lii''de-scrlb'a-bl-ness% n, Indescrib- 

In'^'de-scrlp'tlv'*, o. Indescriptive. 


In^de-slr'a-bl', a. Indesirable. 
in'^'de-struc'tl-bl'', a. Indestructible. 

In^de-struc'tl-bl-ness'9 ^* Inde- 

lii^de-tect'a-[or l-]bl', a, Indetect- 

able, indetectible. 
In^de-ter'ml-iia-bPy o. Indetermi- 
In^de-ter^ml-na-bl-ness^y n. Inde- 

In^de-ter'nil-na-tlTe") a. Indeter- 

In^de-ter^mliidBy pa. Indetermined. 
In-det'ted", pa. Indebted. 
In'dext'", pp. Indexed. 
in-dlc'a-tlV**, o. & n. Indicative. 
In-dlc'a-tiv-ly", adv. Indicatively. 
In-dlc'tl¥"9 a. Indictive. 
In^dif-fu'sl-bl>', a. Indiffusible. 
In^dl-gest'l-bP, a. Indigestible. 
Iii^dl-gest'l-bl-nes8% n. Indigesti- 

In'^dl-ges'tlv*, a. Indigestive. 
In^dl-men'sl-bl', a. Indimensible. 
In^dl-mln'lsh-a-bl'y a. Indiminish- 

In'^'dls-cern'l-bl', o. Indiscernible. 
In^dls-cern'l-bl-ness'9 n. Indiscem- 

In-dls'cl-pUii-a-bl'y a. Indisciplin- 

In-dls'cl-plln", n. Indiscipline. 
In^dls-crlin'l-na-tlv", a. Indiscrim- 

In^dls-crlin'l-na-tlv-ly", adv. Indis- 

In'i'dls-cuv'er-a-bP, a. Indiscover- 

lii^dls-cuss'a-[or l-lbP, a. Indiscuss- 

able, indiscnssible. 
In^dls-pen'sa-bP, a. & n. Indispen- 
In^dls-pen'sa-bl-ness^y n. Indispen- 



lii-dls'put-a-bl% a. Indisputable. 
ln-dls'put-a-bl-ness% n. Indisput- 

In-dls'sl-pa-bl', a. Indissipable. 
lii-dlsfso-lu-bl% a. Indissoluble. 
lii-dls'so-lu-bl-iiess% n. Indissolu- 

ln^dls-sol¥'a-bl', a. Indissolvable. 
ln^dls-sol¥'a-bl-ness', n. Indissolv- 

In^dls-tlnc'tlv*, o. Indistinctive. 
ln^dls-tliic'tl¥-ly"» adv. Indistinc- 

In^dls-tlnc'tlv-ness^y n. Indistinc- 

In^dls-tln'gulsh-a-bPy a. Indistin- 
In^dls-tln'gulsh-a-bl-ness'y n. In- 

In^dls-trlb'u-ta-bl'y a. Indistribu- 

In'^'dl-vert'l-bl', a. Indivertible. 
lii'i'dl-vld'a-bP, a. Individable. 
ln^dl-vls'1-bP, o. & n. Indivisible. 
In^dl-yis'l-bl-ness', n. Indivisible- 

ln-doe'1-bP, a. Indocible. 
ln-doc'1-bl-ness', n. Indocibleness. 
In-doc'll", a. Indocile. 
In-doni'l-ta-bl', a. Indomitable. 
In-doni'l-ta-bl-ness', n. Indomita- 

In-dors'a-bP, a. Indorsable. 
In-dorst"*®, pp. Indorsed. 
In-du'bl-ta-bP, a. & n. Indubitable. 
ln-du'bl-ta-bl-ness'9 n. Indubita- 

In-du'bl-ta-tlv-ly", adv. Indubita- 

In-duc'l-bl', a. Inducible. 
In-du'clv^, a. Inducive. 
In-due 'til'*", a. Inductile. 
In-duc'tlv", o. Inductive. 
In-due 'tlv-ly", adv. Inductively. 



n-duc'tl¥-ne88", n. Inductiveness. 

n-dulge'a-bl% a. Indulgeable. 

n-dur'a-bf, a. Indurable. 

n-dus'trl-us", a. Industrious. 

n-du'tlv*, o. Indutive. 

n-ed'l-bP, a. Inedible. 

n-ed'u-c»-bl', a. Ineducable. 

n-ef fa-bP, a. & n. Ineffable. 

n-ef fa-bl-ness', n. Ineffableness. 

n^ef-face'a-bP, a. Ineffaceable. 

n'^'ef-fec'tl-bP, a. Ineffectible. 

n'^'ef-fec'tlv^, o. Ineffective. 

n'^'ef-fec'tlv-ly*, adv. Ineffectively. 

n^ef-fec'tlv-ness^y n. Ineffective- 

n-el'l-si-bf, a. Ineligible. 

n-ePl-si-bl-ness', n. Ineligibleness. 

n^e-llm'l-na-bl'y a. Ineliminable. 

n^e-luc'ta-bl*', a. Ineluctable. 

n^e-lud'l-bP, a. Includible. 

n-e'qua-bl', a. Inequable. 

n-eq'ul-ta-bl', a. Inequitable. 

ii^e-rad'l-ca-bl% o. Ineradicable. 

ii^e-ras'a-[or l-Jbl', o. Inerasable, 

n-er'ra-W, a. Inerrable. 

n-er'ra-bl-ness'y n. Inerrableness. 

n'^'es-cap'a-bl'', a. Inescapable. 

n-es'tl-ma-bP, a. Inestimable. 

n-es'tl-ma-bl-ness', n. Inestima- 

n^e-vap'o-ra-bl', a. Inevaporable. 

n^e-va'sl-bf, o. Inevasible. 

n-ev'l-ta-bP, o. Inevitable. 

n-ev'l-ta-bl-ness', n. Inevitable- 

n'^'ex-clt'a-bP, a. Inexcitable. 

n'i'ex-clu'slv-ly'**, adv. Inexclusively. 

n-ex^com-mu'nl-ca-bP, a. Inex- 

n'i'ex-cus'a-bP, a. Inexcusable. 

n^ex-cus'a-bl-ness', n. Inexcus- 

In-ek'e-cra-bP, a. Inexecrable. 

In-ex'e-cut-a-bl'y a. Inexecutable. 
In^ex-hala-bl', a. Inexhal^ble. 
In^ex-haust'l-bl'', a. Inexhaustible. 
In^ex-haust'l-bl-nes8% n. Inex- 

In^ex-haus'tlv*, a. Inexhaustive. 
ln-ex'1-si-bP, o. Inexigible. 
In-ex'o-ra-bPy a. Inexorable. 
ln-ex'o-ra-bl-iiess''9 n. Inexorable- 

In^ex-pan'sl-bl*', a. Inexpansible. 
In'^'ex-pan'slv'**, a. Inexpansive. 
In'^'ex-pen'slv", a. Inexpensive. 
In-ex'pl-a-bP, a. Inexpiable. 
In-ex'pl-a-bl-ness', n. Inexpiable- 

In^ex-plaln'a-bl', a. Inexplainable. 
In-ex'pll-ea-bl'y a. Inexplicable. 
In-ex'pll-ca-bl-ness', n. Inexplica- 

In'^'ex-plor'a-bl', a. Inexplorab}e. 
In^ex-press'l-bl', a. Inexpressible. 
In^ex-press'l-bl-ness', n. Inexpress- 

In^ex-pres'slV, a. Inexpressive. 
In^ex-pug'na-bPy a. Inexpugnable. 
In^ex-pug'na-bl-ness'', n. Inexpug- 

In^ex-pung^'a-bP, a. Inexpungeable. 
In^ex-ten'sl-bl', a. Inextensible. 
In'^'ex-ten'slv*, a. Inextensive. 
in^ex-ter^ml-na-bPy a. Inextermi- 

ln^ex-tln'gulsh-a-bl% a. Inextin- 
In^ex-tlr'pa-bP, a. Inextirpable. 
ln-ex'trl-ca-bl% a. Inextricable. 
in-ex'trl-ca-bl-ness', n. Inextrica- 

ln-faPll-bl% a. Infallible. 
In-faPll-bl-ness', n. Infallibleness. 
In'fa-mus", a. Infamous. 
In'fan-tllB, a. Infantile. 
In'fan-tln", a. Infantine. 



In-fat'l-ga-bP, a. Infatigable. 

in-fea'sl-bl', a. Infeasible. 

In-fea'sl-bl-ness'y n. Infeasibleness. 

In-feet'l-bPy a. Infectible. 

In-fcc'tiv^, a. Infective. 

In-fec'tlv-ly*, adv. Infectively. 

In-fec'tlT-ness'^y n. Infectiveness. 

In-fem^l-nln'*', a. Infeminine. 

In-fer'a-bP, a. Inferable. 

Iii-ferd"*», pp. Inferred. 

In-fer'ri-bl', a. Inferrible. 

In-fer'tll^, a. Infertile. 

In'fl-nlf*', a. & n. Infinite. 

ln-flii'l-tl¥"9 a. & n. Infinitive. 

In-fln'l-tlv-ly", adv. Infinitively. 

In-flxt"^**, pp. Infixed. 

In-flam'ma-bP, a. & n. Inflammable. 

In-flain'ma-bl-ness', n. Inflamma- 

In-flam'ma-tlv*, a. Inflanmiative. 

In-flat 'a-bl', a. Inflatable. 

In-fla'tll*, a. Inflatile. 

In-flec'tlv'**, a. Inflective. 

In-fledgd"**, pa. Infledged. 

In-flex'1-bl', a. Inflexible. 

In-flex'l-bl-ness'', n. Inflexibleness. 

ln-flex'iv'*», o. Inflexive. 

In-flexf » a. Inflexed. 

In-fllc'ta-bl'', a. Inflictable. 

In-fllc'tl¥", o. Inflictive. 

In'flu-en-clv", a. Influencive. 

In'flu-enst^y pp. Influenced. 

ln-flux'l-bl% a. Influxible. 

In-flux'lv", a. Influxive. 

In-flux'lv-ly*, adv. Inflnxively. 

In-form'a-bl*', a. Informable. 

In-form'a-tlv, a. Informative. 

In-form^a-tlv-ly", adv. Informa- 

In-formd"**, a. Informed. 

In-fract'l-bP, a. Infractible. 

In-fran'gi-bP, a. Infrangible. 

In-firan'gl-bl-ness'y n. Infrangible- 

In-frus'tra-bP, a. Infrustrable. 
ln-fus'1-bP, a. Infusible. 
ln-fus'l-bl-ness'» n. Infusibleness. 
In-fu'slVy a. Infusive. 
lii-fuze'% vt. & m. Infuse. 
In-gen'er-a-bP, a. Ingenerable. 
In-ges'tiv", a. Ingestive. 
In'graind", pp. Ingrained. 
lii-gus'ta[or -tl-]bP, a. Ingustable, 

In-hab'l-ta-bl', a. Inhabitable. 
In-hab'l-ta^tlV*, a. Inhabitative. 
In-hab'l-ta^tlv-ness^y n. Inhabita- 

In-hab't-tlv-ness^y n. Inhabitiveness. 
In-her'l-ta-bl'y a. Inheritable. 
In-her'l-ta-bl-ness'y n. Inheritable- 

In-he'slv-ly^y adv. Inhesively. 
In-hos'pl-ta-bl', a. Inhospitable. 
In-hos'pl-ta-bl-ness'y n. Inhospita- 

In^lni-ag'l-iia-bl*', a. Inimaginable. 
In-lm'l-ta-bl'y a. Inimitable. 
In-lm^l-ta-bl-ness^y n. Inimitable- 

In-lr^rl-ta-bl', a. Inirritable. 
Iii-lr'rl-ta'''tlv''", a, Inirritative. 
In-Ptlald^, pp. Initialed, initialled. 
In-l'tl-a-tl¥<*, a. & n. Initiative. 
In-Ju'dl-ca-bl*', a. Injudicable. 
In-Jus'tl-fl^a-bl*', a. Injustifiable. 
In-Jus'tls", n. Injustice. 
Inkt*"**, pp. Inked. 
In-nas'cl-bFy a. Innascible. 
In-na'tlv*, a. Innative. 
In-nav'l-ga-bPy a. Innavigable. 
Iii-nav'l-ga-bl-ness% n. Innaviga- 

In-nom'l-na-bl'y a. Innominable. 
In'iio-va'^'tlv'*, a. Innovative. 
In-nu'mer-a-bPy a. Innumerable. 
In-nu'mer-a-bl-ness^ n. Innumer- 




In'^'ob-serv'a-bl', a. Inobservable. 
In^ob-taln'a-bP, a. Inobtainable. 
In'^'ob-tru'siV*", a. Inobtrusive. 
In'^'ob-tru'slv-ly", adv. Inobtnisively. 
In'^'ob-tru'slv-ness", n. Inobtrusive- 

In-oe'u-la-bFy a. Inoculable. 
In'^'of-fen'slv', a. Inoffensive. 
In'^'of-fen'slv-ly*, cdo. Inoffensively. 
In'^'of-fen'siv-ncss*, n. Inoffensive- 

In-op'er-a-bPy a. Inoperable. 
ln-op'er-a-tlv*9 a. Inoperative. 
In'^'op-pres'slv'*", o. Inoppressive. 
In^os-ten'sl-bl'', a. Inostensible. 
ln-ox'1-da-bF, a. Inoxidable. 
In-quench'a-bl'y a. Inquenchable. 
Iii'qul-llii<>9 a. Inqniline. 
In-qulr'a-bl'y a. Inquirable. 
In-quls'l-tlv'**, a. Inquisitive. 
In-qul8'l-tlv-ly^9 odv. Inquisitively. 
ln-quls'l-tlT-ness^9 n. Inquisitive- 

In-salv'a-bl'9 o. Insalvable. 
In-san'a-bF, a. Insanable. 
In-san'a-bl-ness', n, Insanableness. 
In-sa'tl-a-bP, a. Insatiable. 
ln-sa'tl-a-bl-ness'9 n. Insatiable- 

In-scrlb'a-bl'9 O" Inscribable. 
In-scrlb'a-bl-iiess'9 n. Inscribable- 

Iii-scrlp'tl-bp9 o. Inscriptible. 
In-scrip'tiv", o. Inscriptive. 
Ill-scrip 'tiv-ly'*9 adv. Inscriptively. 
In-scru'ta-bPy a. Inscrutable. 
lii-8CTu'ta-bl-ness^9 n. Inscrutable- 

In-sec 'a-bp9 a. Insecable. 
In'sec-tll", a. Insectile. 
In^se-nes'cl-bP, a. Insenescible. 
Iii-sen'sl-bl^9 a. Insensible. 
In-sen'sl-bl-iiess^9 n. Insensibleness. 
In-sen'sl-tlV^*'* a. Insensitive. 

In-sen'sl-tlv-ness", n. Insensitive- 

In-sep^a-ra-bl', o. & n. Inseparable. 
In-sep^a-ra-bl-ness', n. Insepara- 

In-ser'tiv*, a. Insertive. 
In-sev'er-a-bl', a. Inseverable. 
In-sln^u-a-tlv^y a. Insinuative. 
lii-so'cla-bl^9 O" Insociable. 
ln-so'cla-bl-iie8S''9 n. Insociableness. 
In-soPu-bP, a. & n. Insoluble. 
In-sol'u-bl-ness^y n. In^olubleness. 
In-solv'a-bl'f a. Insolvable. 
In-specfa-bl', a. Inspectable. 
In-spec'tlv^, o. Inspective. 
In-splr'a-bP, a. Inspirable. 
ln-splr'a-tl¥B9 a. Inspirative. 
In-stald'B, pp. Installed. 
In-stalld''', pp. Installed. 
In'stanst^9 pp. Instanced. 
lii-sted''*B, in sted»9 adv. Instead. 
In-stU'S vt. Instill. 
In-stlld'^, pp. Instilled. 
In-stlnc'tlv'''", a. Instinctive. 
In-stlnc'tl¥-ly^, adv. Instinctively. 
In'stl-tu'^'tlv*, a. Institutive. 
In'stl-tu's'tlv-ly*, adv. Institutively. 
in-struct'l-bFy a. Instructible. 
In-struc'tlv^**, a. Instructive. 
In-struc'tlv-ly*, adv. Instructively. 
in-struc'tl¥-ness'>, n. Instructive- 

in^sub-du'a-bP, o. Insubduable. 
In^sub-mer'gi-bP, a. Insubmergible. 
in^sub-mers'l-bP, a. Insubmersible. 
In'^'sub-nils'slv''**, o. Insubmissive. 
in'^'sub-vert'l-bP, a. Insubvertible. 
In-surfer-a-bP, a. Insufferable. 
Iii-8urfer-a-bl-iiess'9 n. Insuffer- 

In-su'per-a-bP, a. Insuperable. 
In-su'per-a-bl-ness', n. Insuperable- 

In^sup-port^a-br, a. Insupportable. 




In^sup-port'a-bl-ness^ n. Insup- 

In^sup-pos'a-bl'y a. Insupposable. 
In^sup-pre88'l-bl% a. Insuppressible. 
lii'<^sup-pre8'slT*9 a. Insuppressive. 
In-sur'a-bPy a. Insurable. 
In^sur-inouiit'a-bPy a. Insunnount- 

lii^sur-mount'a-bl-iiess'» n. Insur- 

In^sur-pass'a-bPy a. Insurpassable. 
In^sus-cep'tl-bl*', a. Insusceptible. 
In'^'sus-ccp'tlv*, a. Insusceptive. 
In-tac'tU'**, o. Intactile. 
In-tan'si-bl'y a. Intangible. 
In-tan'si-bl-ness', n. Intangibleness. 
In'te-sra-bl', a. Integrable. 
In'te-sra^tlT", a. Integrative. 
In-teg'ri-tlv", o. Integritive. 
In'''tel-lec'ti-bl', a. Intellectible. 
In'^'tel-lec'tiv*, a. Intellective. 
ln'''tel-lec'tiv-ly», adv, Intellectively. 
In-tel^-gl-bP, a, & n. Intelligible. 
In-teFll-gi-bl-ness', n. Intelligible- 

In-tem'per-a-bp9 a. Intemperable. 
lii-teii'sa-tl¥<*, a. Intensative. 
In-ten'sl-tlv", a, Intensitive. 
Iii-teii'sly*9 a. & n. Intensive. 
In-ten'slv-ly'y adv. Intensively. 
In-ten'slv-ness'y n. Intensiveness. 

in-teii'tlvt*> <"" Intentive. 

In'^'ter-ac'tiv*, o. Interactive. 

In'^'ter-ad'dl-tiv*, a. Interadditive. 

Iii-ter'ca-la^tly*9 a. Intercalative. 

In'i'ter-cep'tlv*, o. Interceptive. 

In^i^ter-change'a-bP, a. Interchange- 

In^ter-cbange'a-bl-nes8', n. Inter- 

In^ter-com-mu'iil-ca-bP, a. Inter- 

In^ter-com-mu'iil-ca-tlv'y a. Inter- 

ln^teT-eoin'pa-Ta-bl% a. Intercom- 

In^ter-con-vert'l-bl'9 a. Intercon- 

In-terd'», pp. Interred. 

In'i'ter-de-rlv'a-tlv*, n. Interderiva- 

Iii^ter-de-8truc'tlv-ness*9 n. Inter- 

In'^'ter-dlc'tlv", a. Interdictive. 

In'^'ter-Jec'tlv*, a. Interjective. 

in'i'ter-Jec'tlv-ly*, adv, Interjectively. 

In'i'ter-leav"', vi. Interleave. 

In'^'ter-leavd", pp. Interleaved. 

In'i'tcr-llnkt"*', pp. Interlinked. 

In'ter-lockt^, pp. Interlocked. 

In'^'ter-loc'u-tlv*, a. Interlocutive. 

In^ter-mar'rlage-a-bP, a, Intermar- 

In^ter-med'l', vi. Intermeddle. 

In-ter'ml-na-bl'y a, & n. Intermi- 

In^ter-mls'slv", a, Intermissive. 

In-ternd'", pp. Interned. 

In^ter-ne'cln'', a. Internecine. 

In'^'ter-iie'clv*, a. Intemecive. 

In^ter-pen'e-tra-bl'', a. Interpene- 

lii'''ter-pen'e-tra-tlv*, a. Interpene- 

In^ter-pen'e-tra-tlv-ly", adv. Inter- 

In-ter'po-la-bP, a. Interpolable. 

In-ter'po-la-tlv", a. Interpolative. 

In-ter'po-la-tlv-ly*, adv, Interpola- 

In'i'ter-pos'l-tiv*, o. Interpositive. 

In-ter^pret-a-bf, a, Interpretable. 

In-ter'pret-a-bl-ness', n. Interpret- 

In-ter'pre-ta-tlv^y a. Interpretative. 

In-ter'pre-tlv", a. Interpretive. 

In-ter'pre-tlv-ly", adv. Interpre- 


In-ter'ro-ga-bP, a. Interrogable. 
In'^'ter-rog'a-tlv'**, a. & n. Interrog- 
In'i'ter-rup'tiv*, a. Intemiptive. 
In'^'ter-rup'tiv-ly*, ado, Intemip- 

In'^'ter-sperst"'*', pp. Interspersed. 
In'ter-stts^, n. Interstice. 
In'^'ter-sub-Jcc'tlv", a. Intersubjec- 

In'^'ter-sus-cep'tlv", a. Intersuscep- 

in'^'ter-veliid'", a. Interveined. 
In'^'ter-veii'tlv*, a. Interventive. 
In'ter-vlewd", pp. Interviewed. 
In'^'ter-vls'l-bP, a. Intervisible. 
In'^'ter-volv'", v. & n. Intervolve. 
In'^'ter-volvd"', pp. Intervolved. 
In-tes'ta-bP, a. Intestable. 
In-tes'tln'**, a. & n. Intestine. 
In-tlin'l-da-tlTB, a. Intimidative. 
In-tol'er-a-bP, o. & adv. Intolerable. 
In-tol'er-a-bl-ness'y n. Intolerable- 

In-ton'a-bP, a. Intonable. 
ln-tox'1-ca-bl', a. Intoxicable. 
ln-tox'l-ca'''tlv*, a. Intoxicative. 
In^tra-cll-tel'llii", a. Intraclitelline. 
In-trac'ta-bl', a. & n. Intractable. 
Iii-trac'ta-bl-ne8s''9 n. Intractable- 

In-trac'tU*, a. Intractile. 
In^trans-fer'a-bl', a. Intransferable. 
In^trans-foriii'a-bl', a. Intransform- 

lii^traiis-fu'sl-[or -a-IbP, a. Intrans- 

fusible, intransfusable. 
In^trans-sress'l-bP, a. Intransgress- 

In-tran'slt-a-bl', a. Intransitable. 
In-tran'sl-tlT^, a. & n. Intransitive. 
In-tran'sl-tlv-ly", ado. Intransitively. 
In-tran'sl-tlv-ness", n. Intransitive- 



in^trans-lat'a-bP, a. Intranslatable. 
In^ trans-mis 'sl-bl'y a. Intransmis- 
in^trans-mut'a-bP, a. Intransmut- 

In-treneht'", pp. Intrenched. 
In'^'tro-cep'tiv*, a, Introceptive. 
In^tro-eon-vert'l-bPy a, Introcon- 

In^tro-duc'l-bl'y o. Introducible. 
In^tro-duc'tlon'y n. Introduction. 
In'^'tro-duc'tiv*, a. Introductive. 
In'i'tro-duc'tlv-ly*, adv. Introduc- 

In^tro-mls'sl-bl^ a, Intromissible. 
iii^tro-inls'sly*9 a. Intromissive. 
ln^tro-puPslve"» o. Intropulsive. 
In'^'tro-spec'tlv*, a. Introspective. 
In'^'tro-spec'tlv-ly", adv, Introspec- 

iii^tro-spec'tlv-iiess*9 n. Introspec- 

In'^tro-ver'sl-bl', a. Introversible. 
In'^tro-ver'slv*, a. Introversive. 
In'^tro-vcr'tlv*, a. Introvertive. 
In-tru'slv*"*", a. & n. Intrusive. 
In-tru'8lv-ly», adv. Intrusively. 
In-tru'slv-ness'y n. Intrusiveness. 
In-tu'l-tlv*, o. Intuitive. 
In-tu'l-tlv-ly», adv. Intuitively. 
In-tu'l-tlv-ness*, n. Intuitiveness. 
In^tus-sus-cep'tlv", a. Intussuscep- 

ln-unMa-bl% a. Inundable. 
In-urnd"**, pp. Inumed. 
In-vad'a-bP, a. Invadable. 
In-vag'l-na-bl'y a. Invaginable. 
in-vaPu-a-bP, o. Invaluable. 
ln-vaPu-a-bl-ne8s% n. Invaluable- 

In-vaM-a-bl', o. & n. Invariable. 
in-va'rl-a-bl-ness', n. Invariable- 

In-va'slv*, a. Invasive. 

In-vec'tlv'", a. & n. Invective. 
In-Tee 'tl¥-nes8"9 n. Invectiveness. 
ln-Telghd'"9 pp. Inveighed. 
In-vend'l-bl'y a. Invendible. 
In-vend'l-bl-ness'y n. Invendible- 

ln-veiit'l-[or -a-]bl', o. Inventible. 
In-vent'l-bl-ness'', n. Inventibleness. 
In-ven'tlv'**, a. Inventive. 
In-vers'a-bl'', a. Inversable. 
In-ver'sa-tll', a. Inversatile. 
In-ver'slv*, a. Inversive. 
In-verst'*, j)p. Inversed. 
In-vert'l-bl', a. Invertible. 
In-ver'tlv», a. Invertive. 
In-vest'a-bP, a. Investable. 
In-ves'tl-sa-bl'y a. Investigable. 
In-ves'tl-ga^tlv", a. Investigative. 
In-ves'tl-tlv", a. Investitive. 
In-vld'l-us") a. Invidious. 
Iii-vlg'o-ra'''tlv», a. Invigorative. 
In-vlg'o-ra'''tlv-ly*, adv, Invigora- 

In-Yln'cl-bl', a. & n. Invincible. 
In-Yln'cl-bl-ness'', n. Invincibleness. 
In-vl'o-la-bl', a. Inviolable. 
lii-Yl'<i-la-bl-iiess'', n. Inviolableness. 
In-vlr'il*, a. Invirile. 
In-vls'l-bl', a. & n. Invisible. 
In-vls'l-bl-ness', n. Invisibleness. 
In-vlt'a-bl', a. Invitable. 
Iii-vlt'rl-fl'''a-bP, a. Invitrifiable. 
In-vo'ea-bP, a. Invocable. 
In-voc'a-tiv", a. Invocative. 
In-yol'a-ttl'**, a. Involatile. 
In'vo-lu^'tlv*, a. Involutive. 
In-volv''**, «;<• Involve. 
in-yolvd"", pp. Involved. 
In-Tul^ner-a-bl', a. Invulnerable. 
In-Tul'ner-a-bl-ness', n. Invulnera- 

In-we»v'% »<. Inweave. 
in-wr»pt"^*», pp. Inwrapped. 
l'o-dlii'» I'o-dlne^, n. Iodine. 


Ton-iz^a-bPy a. lonizable. 
l-ra«'cl-bl', a. Irascible; 
l-ras'cl-bl-ness^y n. Irascibleness. 
Ir'l-dln", a. Iridine. 
Ir^'^l-dos'iiiln*, n. Iridosmine. 
I'rist", a. Irised. 
Irk^sum^*", a. Irksome. 
Irkt", pp. Irked. 
I'rond^y pp. Ironed. 
lr-ra'dl-a'''tlv*, a. & n. Irradiative. 
Ir-rad'l-ca-bl', a. Irradicable. 
lr-rar'e-fl'''a-bP, a. Irrarefiable. 
Ir-ra'tlon-a-bPy a. Irrationable. 
lr-re'al-U'''a-bl', a, Irrealizable. 
Ir'^'re-but'ta-bl'', a. Irrebuttable. 
Ir'^'re-cep'tlv", a. Irreceptive. 
Ir^'^re-claliii'a-bP, a. Irreclaimable. 
Ii^re-claliii'a-bl-ness'» n. Irreclaim- 

Ir-rec^og-nlz^a-bl', a. Irrecogniz- 

lr-rec'on-cil'''a-bP, a. & n. Irrecon- 
Ir-ree^on-ell^a-bl-ness', n. Irrecon- 

Ir'^re-cov'er-a-bF, a. Irrecoverable. 
Ir'^re-cov'er-a-bl-iiess'', n. Irrecov- 

Ir'^'re-cu'sa-bl', a. Irrecusable. 
li^re-deem'a-bP, a. Irredeemable. 
Ir^re-deem'a-bl-ness'y n. Irredeem- 

Ir'^'re-dres'sl-bP, a. Irredressible. 
Ii^re-duc'l-bl', a. Irreducible. 
Ii^re-duc'l-bl-ness', n. Irreducible- 

li^re-duc'tl-bP, a. Irreductible. 
Ii^re-flec'tlv*, a. Irreflective. 
Ir'^re-flec'tlv-ly*, adv. Irreflectively. 
Ir^re-flec'tlv-ness", n. Irreflective- 

Ii^re-flex'iv", a. Irreflexive. 
Ii^re-form'a-bl', a. Irreformable. 
Ir-ref ra-ga-bl'y a. Irrefragable. 


ir-ref'ra-ga-bl-ness'y n. Irrefraga- 

Ii^re-fran'gi-bl', a. Irrefrangible. 
iT')^re-fran'gi-bl-ness'» n. Irrefrangi- 

Ir^re-fus'a-bl', a, Irref usable. 
Ir^'re-fufa-bl', a. Irrefutable. 
iT^'^re-fut'a-bl-iiess'y n. Irrefutable- 

|p-rel'a-tlv*, o. & n. Irrelative. 
|p-rel'a-tiv-ly», adv. Irrelatively. 
Ir-reFa-tlv-ness", n, Irrelativeness. 
Ir^re-Uev'a-bl', a. Irrelievable. 
Ir-re'me-a-bPy a. Irremeable. 
li^re-me'dl-a-bP, a. Irremediable. 
Ir^'re-me'dl-a-bl-ness', n. Irremedi- 

Ir''re-mem'ber-a-bl', a. Irremem- 

iT^'^Te-iiils'sl-bl'y a, Irremissible. 
Ii^re-mls'slv*, a, Irremissive. 
Ir^re-mov'a-W, a. Irremovable. 
Ir^re-mov'a-bl-ness', n. Irremov- 

Ir^re-iiiu'iier-a-bl',a. Irremunerable. 
Ii^ren'der-a-bl', a. Irrenderable. 
li^re-new'a-bP, a. Irrenewable. 
iT^'^re-iiun'cl-a-bl'y a. Irrenunciable. 
Ir-rep'a-ra-bl'y a. Irreparable. 
lr-rep'a-ra-bl-ness'9 ^* Irreparable- 

li^re-peal'a-bP, a. IrrepeaJable. 
Ir'i^re-peal'a-bl-ness'y n. Irrepeal- 

li^rc-place'a-bP, a. Irreplaceable. 
li^re-plcv'l-a-bP, a. Irrepleviable. 
Ir'^re-pteY'l-sa-bl', o. Irreplevisable. 
Ir'^re-porfa-W, o. Irreportable. 
Ir-rep^re-hen'sl-bl'^, a. Irreprehen- 

Ir-rep^re-hen'sl-bl-ness'y n. Irrep- 

Ir-rep^re-sent'a-bPy a. Irrepresent- 


Ir^re-pres^sl-bl'9 a. Irrepressible. 
Ii^re-pres'si-bl-ness', n. Lrepressi- 

Ir'^re-pres'slv*, a. Irrepressive. 
Ir'^'re-proach'a-bP, a. Irreproach- 
Ii^re-proach'a-bl-ness'9 n. Irre- 

Ir-re^pro-duc'l-bP, a. Irreproduci- 

Ir-re^'pro-duc'tlv", o. Irreproductive. 
Ir'i're-prov'a-bl'', a. Irreprovable. 
Ir'^re-sis'tl-bl^, o. Irresistible. 
Ir^'^re-sls'tl-bl-ness', n. Irresistible- 

Ir-res'o-lu-W, a. Irresoluble. 
Ii^re-solv'a-bP, a. Irresolvable. 
Ii^re-solv'a-bl-ness', n. Irresolva- 

Ii^re-solvd'*, o. Irresolved. 
li^re-spect'a-bP, a. Irrespectable. 
Ir'^'re-spec'tlv", a. Irrespective. 
Ir^re-splr'a-bl'y »• Irrespirable. 
Ir^'^re-spoii'idl-bPy a. Irresponsible. 
lr^re-spon'sl-bl-ness% n. Irrespon- 

Ir'^'re-spon'slv*, o. Irresponsive. 
Ir^'re-s train 'a-bP, a. Irrestrainable. 
Ii^rc-strlc'tlv*, a. Irrestrictive. 
Ir'^'re-sul'tlv*, a. Irresultive. 
Ir^'^re-sus'cl-ta-bP, a. Irresuscitable. 
Ir'^re-ten'tlv^, a. Irretentive. 
Ir'^re-trace'a-bl', a. Irretraceable. 
Ir'^re-trac'til*, a. Irretractile. 
Ir'^re-triev'a-bP, a. Irretrievable. 
Ir'i're-triev'a-bl-iiess^, n. Irretriev- 

Ir'^rc-veal'a-bP, o. Irrevealable. 
Ir'^'re-vers'l-bP, a. Irreversible. 
Ir'^re-vers'l-bl-ncss', n. Irreversible- 

Ir^re-vert'i-bP, a. Irrevertible. 
Ir'i're-vls'a-bP, a. Irrevisable. 
Ii^rev'o-ca-bP, a. Irrevocable. 


lr^re¥'o-ca-bl-ness'9 n. Irrevocable- 

Ir'rl-ga-bF, a. Irrigable. 
lr'rl-g»'''tlv*, a. Irrigative. 
lr'rl-t»-bl', a. Irritable. 
Ir'rI-ta-bl-ness', n. Irritablenees. 
Ir'rl-t»''tlv''**, a. Irritative. 
Ir-rupt'l-bl', a, Irruptible. 
Ir-mp'tlv*, a, Irruptive. 
-Is*, -ice, -ise (unstrest). 
i^so-ag-glu'tl-iia-tly*» a. Isoagglu- 

ts'o-la-bl'y a. Isolable. 
Is'o-la^tlv*, a. Isolative. 
t8'su-a-bl% a. Issuable. 


-It. -ite (unstrest). 

ItehtS pp. Itched. 

I'temdS pp. Itemed. 

It'er-a'^'tlv'**, a. & n. Iterative. 

It'er-a'''tlv-l3r", adv. Iteratively. 

It'cr-a^tlv-ness*, n. Iterativeness. 

1-thag'ln", n. Ithagine. 

-Itly. -itely. 

-Itness". -iteness. 

-Iv". -ive (unstrest). 

-Ivly«. -ively. 

-Iveness". -iveness. 

I'vo-rln", a. Ivorine. 

-126*9 verb suffix, -ise. 

Jab'berd'**, pp. Jabbered. 
Jabd*, pp. Jabbed. 
Jackt", pp. Jacked. 
Jagd'y pp. Jagged. 
Jail', V. & n. Gaol. 
JaUd'", pp. Jailed. 
Jamd'*", pp. Jammed. 
Jam'bo-rln*, n. Jamborine. 
Jam'bo-sln*, n. Jambosine. 
Ja-pand^'y pa. Japanned. 
Jard'^", pp. Jarred. 
Jar'gondS pp. Jargoned. 
Ja8'iiilii'**» n. Jasmine. 
Jaun'dl8*» V. & n. Jaundice. 
JaunMlst", pa. Jaundiced. 
Jawd*9 a. Jawed. 
Jeerd'**, pp. Jeered. 
Jel'ous'**, V. & a. Jealous. 
Jel'ous-y'**, n. Jealousy. 
JePus'', V. & a. Jealous. 
jep'ard'y vt. Jeopard. 
jep'ard-7', n. Jeopardy 
jerkt'**, pp. Jerked. 
jer'sy", n. Jersey. 
Jes'sa-iiilii'*"^ n. Jessamine. 
je8t*» pa. Jessed. 

Jew'eldS pp. Jeweled, jewelled. 
JIbd'", pp. Jibbed. 
Jtgd", pp. Jigged. 
JIg'gerd'y a. Jiggered. 
Jobd", pp. Jobbed. 
Jock'y*, V. & n. Jockey. 
Jogd', pp. Jogged. 
Jog1% V. & n. Joggle. 
Jogld', pp. Joggled. 
Jolnd'**, pp. Joined. 
Jold^y pp. Jolled. 
Jolt'erd*, pp. Joltered. 
Jo8Hl% vt. & vi. Jostle. 
Jos'tld**, pp. Jostled. 
Joyd", pp. Joyed. 
Joy'us", a. Joyous. 
Judge'a-bl', a. Judgeable. 
Judgement", n. Judgement. 
Ju-dl-ca-bP, a. Judicable. 
Ju'dl-ca'^tlv'*", a. Judicative. 
JugdS pp. Jugged. 
Juga% V. & n. Juggle. 
Jugld', pp. Juggled. 
Jum'bl'y V. & n. Jumble. 
Jum'bldS pp. Jumbled. 
Jumpt% pa. Jumped. 



Jun'gl', n. Jungle. 

Ju8'tl-fl^a-bl>'» a. Justifiable. 

Ju'^'rls-dlc'tlv*, a. Jurisdictive. 

Jus'tl-fl'>^a-bl-ne8s% n. Justifiable- 

Jur'nal'*", v. & n. Journal. 


Jur'nal-Ism', n. journalism. 

Jus-W l-ca-tl¥", a. Justificative. 

Jur'nal-lst'y n. Journalist. 

Jus'tis*, n. Justice. 

Jur'ney', v. & n. Journey. 

Ju've-nll'", Ju'¥e-iille% o. & n. 

Jur'neyd', pp. Journeyed. 

Juvenile. , 

Jur'ny*, p. & n. Journey. 

Ju've-nll-ly*, adv. Juvenilely. 

Jus'slT'y a. & n. Jusflive. 

Ju've-nll-ness*, n. Juvenileness. 

Just'", V, & n. Joust. 

Jux^ta«pas'l-tlT*» a. & n. Juxtapos- 

Jus-tFcl-a-bl% a. Justiciable. 


kang'9 n. Kangue. 

keeld'9 pp. Keeled. 

keel'hauld'^*", pp. Keelhauled. 

keend% pp. Keened. 

keep'a-bl'9 a. Keepable. 

keevd% pp. Keeved. 

kend*9 pp. Kenned. 

ken'neld*, pp. Kenneled, kennelled. 

kernd'y a. Kerned. 

ker'neld", pp. Kemeled, kemelled. 

ker'sy*, a. & n. Kersey. 

keta% n. Kettle. 

key'y n. Quay. 

keyd*» a. Keyed. 

kieh'en'9 n. Kitchen. 

kickfy pp. Kicked. 

kid'napt'*", pp. Kidnapped. 

kid'iiy<>» n. Kidney. ' 

kU"-*-, V. & n. Kill. 

kUd%pp. Killed. 

km'a-bl% a. Killable. 

kiii'dl% vt. Kindle. 

kin'dld% pp. Kindled. 

kln'e-neg^a-tly*9 a. Kinenegative. 

kls% V. & n. Kiss. 

kis8'a-bP» a. Kissable. 

kiss'a-bl-ness'y n. Kissableness. 

kist'*^, pp. Kissed. 

knackt'y pp. Knacked. 

knagd*, pp. Knagged. 

knapt*, pp. Knapped. 

knead'a-bl'9 a. Kneadable. 

kneeld", pp. Kneeled. 

kneP, V. & n. Knell. 

kneld*, pp. Knelled. 

knlt'ta-bP, a. Knittable. 

kno*, vt. & vi. Know. 

knobd", a. Knobbed. 

knockt*9 pp. Knocked. 

knold'y pp. Knolled. 

knowFedge-a-bl', a. Knowledgable. 

kiiowFedge-a-bl-ne8s% n. Knowl- 

knuck^^ V. & n. Knuckle. 
knuckld'9 pp. Knuckled. 

la'beld'y pp. Labeled, labelled. 
la'bor'y V. & n. Laboiu*. 
la'bord'*", a. Labored, laboiu*ed. 
lab^y-rln'thln", a. Labyrinthine. 

lac'er-a-tly«, a. Lacerative. 
la-cer'tln", a. Lacertine. 
lach'9 V. & n. Latch. 
lacht'y pp. Latched. 


lackt'*", pp. Lacked. 
lackey*, V, & n. Lackey. 
lacM-ma-bl'y lach'ry-ma-bl', lae'- 

ry-ma-bl'» a. Lacrimable, lachry- 

mable, lacrymable. 
lac'rl-mal*9 a. Laciymal, lachrymal. 
lac'ta-rln'y n. Lactarine. 
la-cus'trlii<*» a. Lacustrine. 
lad'derd'y a. Laddered. 
laf**, V, & n. Laugh. 
laf a-bl', a. Laughable. 
laff lug*, ppr, &, verbal n. Laughing. 
laft'y pp. Laughed. 
laf ter'*", n. Laughter. 
lagd*» pp. Lagged. 
lam'*", V. & n. Lamb. 
lam'ba-tlY", n. Lambative. 
lamd*, pp. Lambed. 
lamd*, pp. Lammed. 
lam'en-ta-bl'y a. Lamentable. 
lam'en-ta-bl-ness', n. Lamentable- 

lam'l-na-bl', a.' Laminable. 
lam-poond'", pp. Lampooned. 
lam'pro-tln", a. & n. Lamprotine. 
lam'pry*, n. Lamprey. 
lampt'y pp. Lamped. 
lam'py-iin", a. & n. Lampyrine. 
lanchfy pp. Lanched. 
lan'gulsht'**» pp. Languished. 
lan'lii*9 a. & n. Lanine. 
lanst*9 pp. Lanced. 
lan'ternd", pp. Lanterned. 
la-peld'*9 pp. Lapelled. 
laps'**9 V, & n. Lapse. 
laps'a-bP, laps'l-bPy a. Lapsable, 

lapst'**9 a. Lapsed. 
lapt", pp. Lapped. 
lar'l-dlii% a. Laridine. 
larkt", pp. Larked. 
las"» n. Lass. 
lasht'**9 pp. Lashed. 
Iatclit*9 pp. Latched. 


lath'erd'*s pp. Lathered. 
latht*» pp. Lathed. 
Lat'lnd". pp. Latined. 
lat^l-pen'nln*, a. Latipennine. 
lat'tls'y V. & n. Liattice. 
lat'tlst", pp. Latticed. 
laud'a-bl% a. Laudable. 
laud'a-bl-ness'y n. Laudableness. 
laad'a-tly*9 o. Laudative. 
launcht'", pa. Launched. 
laun'derd*9 pp. Laundered. 
lau'reld*9 a. Laureled, laurelled. 
la¥'en-derd*, pp. Lavendered. 
laT'en-tln", n. Laventine. 
Ia¥'l8ht*» pp. Lavished. 
lawnd*9 pa. Lawned. 
lax'a-tlv'**, a. & n. Laxative. 
lax'a-tlv-ness*, n. Laxativenees. 
leachfy pp. Leached. 
lead'a-br, a. Leadable. 
Iead'a-bl-nes8% n. Leadableness. 
leaft*, a. Leafed. 
leag'**, V. & n. League. 
leagd*9 pp» Leagued. 
lea'ger*9 n. Leaguer. 
lea'gerd", pp. Leaguered. 
leakt'", pp. Leaked. 
leand, lenf*", pp. Leaned, leant. 
leapt'y lept'*», pp. Leaped, leapt. 
learn'a-bl'9 a. Leamable. 
leas'a-bP, a. Leasable. 
leasht*, pp. Leashed. 
least'**, pp. Leased. 
leav', V. & n. Leave. 
leavd*, a. Leaved. 
lec^'^a-no^rin*, a. Lecanorine. 
le-cld'e-ln", a. Lecideine. 
led'**, V. & n. Lead. 
led', pp. Led. 
led'en'**, v. & a. Leaden. 
leerd'**, pp. Leered. 
leg'a-bl', a. Legable. 
le'gal-lce, vt. Legalise. 
leg'a-tln", a. Legatine. 



leg'a-tlv", a. Legative. 

U'beld'", pp. Libeled, libelled. 

legd*, a, Leg;ged. 

ll-beFlu-lln>, a. LibeUuline. 

leg'l-bl', a. Legible. 

lib'er-aUCon-ser'va-tlv", n. Liber- 

leg^-bl-ness', n, Legibleness. 


leg'ls-la'^'tlv''*', a. & n. Legislative. 

llb'er-a-tlv", a. Liberative. 

leg'ts-la^tiv-ly", adv. Legislatively. 

Ub'er-tln'*«, -tlne'*S a. & n. Tiiber- 

leiigth'end<*, pp. Lengthened. 


len'l-tlv'*", a. & n. Lenitive. 

IFeens-a-bl', a. Licensable. 

le'o-nln", a. & n. Leonine. 

IFcense", v. & n. Licence. 

le'o-nln-ly^y ado. Leoninely. 

li'censt'*", pa. Licensed. 

lep'ard^, n. Leopard. 

U'chend", pp. Lichened. 

lep'o-rln'^y a. & n. Leporine. 

Uckt'*S pp. Licked. 

lep^to-pod'l-lii"» a. & n. Leptopodi- 

lle'o-rls", n. Ticorice. 


llft'a-bl% a. Liftable. 

lep'to-rhln^y a. Leptorhine. 

light 'a-bP, a. Tiigh table. 

lep^to-staph'y-lln*, a. Leptostaphy- 

Ilght'end'*", pp. Tightened. 


light'erd", pp. Lightered. 

lern', vt. & vi. Learu. 

llght'sum", a. Lightsome. 

lernd', lernt^, pp. Learned, leamt. 

llk'a-bl% llke'a-bl% a. T.ikable, like- 

lern'ed', pa. Learned. 


lern'lng', n. Learning. 

llk'a-bl-ness*', llke'a-bl'-ness'', n. 

les", a.f n. & adv. Tiess. 

Likableness, likeableness. 

less'end'", pp. Lessened. 

llk'end", pp. likened. 

les'sond", pp. Lessoned. 

llin'*», V. & n. Limb. 

leth'er*"**, v. & n. Leather. 

llm'berd", pp. Limbered. 

leth'erd*, a. Leathered. 

limb", a. Limbed. 

leth'ern'", a. Leathern. 

llm'lt-a-bP, a. Timitable. 

let'ta-bP, a. Lettable. 

llm'lt-a-bl-ness', n. Limitableness. 

let'terd", a. Lettered. 

lliii'l-ta'''tlv", a. Lmutative. 

let'tls", n. Lettuce. 

Ilm'l-tiv", o. Lmutive. 

leu-els 'ein'*, a. & n. Leuciscine. 

llmpf^*", pp. Limped. 

Le-vant'ln", a. & n. Levantine. 

lln'a-bl', llne'a-bl*', a. Linable, line- 

lev'eld'*", pp. Leveled, levelled. 


lev'el-lng', n. Levelling. 

lln'gerd*, pp. Lingered. 

lev 'en'*", v. & n. Leaven. 

lln-guat'u-lln", a. & n. Linguatuline. 

lev'end', pa. Leavened. 

lln'sy^wool'sy", n. Linsey-woolsey. 

lev'erd", pp. Levered. 

Iln'teld", pp. Linteled, lintelled. 

lev'l-a-W, a. Leviable. 

ll-ofrl-ehln", a. & n. Liotrichine. 

lev^l-ga-bF, a. Levigable. 

Upt'*", a. Lipped. 

lev'l-ta'''tlv", a. LevitMive. 

Uq'^'ue-fae'tlv*, a. Liquef active. 

lex'^'l-cog'ra-fer', n. Lexicographer. 

llq'ue-fl'''a-bl', a. Liquefiable. 

lex'^'l-eog'ra-fy'*, n. Lexicography. 

llq'uld-a-bP, a. Liquidable. 

ll'a-bl% a. Liable. 

Uspt'*", pp. Lisped. 

ll'a-bl-ness'^y a. Liableness. 

llst'a-bl% a. Listable. 


lol'terd*"**, pp. Loitered. 
iold'y pp. Lolled. 
io'ma-tln"9 a. Lomatine. 
ione'sum", a. Lonesome. 
longd^, pp. ~ Longed. 
lon^ge-pen'nlii", a. Longipennine. 
long'sum'y a. Longsome. 
lookt'", pp. Looked. 
loomd*'**, a. Loomed. 
loopt'", pp. Looped. 
loos'end''", pp. Loosened. 
loost'", pp. Loosed. 
lopt'*», pp. Lopped. 
io^phl-o-don'tlii"» a. Lophiodontine. 
los", n. Loss. 

s'a-bl', lo8e'a-bl'» a. Losable, 

o'so-fan'*", n. Losophan. 
io-tora-gus'^9 a. Lotophagous. 
love, lovable, etc. See luv. 
lowd», pp. Lowed. 
iow'er-a-bl', a. Lowerable. 
iow'erd*, pp. Lowered. 
lu'brl-ca''tlv', a. Lubricative. 
lu'd-bl', a. Lucible. 
lu'cra-tlv'*», a. Lucrative. 
lu'cra-tlv-ly», adv. Lucratively. 
iu'cra-tlv-ness^, n. Lucrativeness. 
luF*", V. & n. Luff. 
luft^*», pp. Luffed. 
iugd", pp. Lugged. 
luP, V. & n. Lull. 
iuld'**, pp. Lulled. 
ium'berd", pp. Limibered. 
ium^brl-cln", a. Limibricine. 
iu'inln", n. Lumine. 
lu'ml-nus", a. Luminous. 
lumpt'**, pp. Limiped. 
iuncht", pp. Lunched. 
[u'pln^, a. & n. Lupine. 
iurcht", pp. Liu*ched. 
iurkt^, pp. Lurked. 
lus'ter', V. & n. Lustre. 
lus'terd", pp. Lustered, lustred. 

lis'tend^*", pp. Listened. 

lis'teT-ln% a. Listerine. 

li'ter", n. Litre. 

Uth'a-gog', a. & n. Lithagogue. 

Uth'o-grar', v. & n. Lithograph. 

Uth^o-graff, pp. Lithographed. 

Mth-og'ra-fer', n. Lithographer. 

Uth-og'ra-fy*', n. Lithography. 

llt'1-ga-bP, a. litigable. 

llt'l', a. & n. Little. 

lit'terd", pp. Littered. 

llv'*», vi. & vi. Live. 

llv'a-bl', Uve'a-bP, a. Livable, live- 

llv'a-bl-ness', n. Livableness. 

llvd'*", a. Lived. 

llv'end", pp. Livened. 

llv'erd*, a. Livered. 

Uv^ong^, a. Livelong. 

lo», v.f a. & n. Low. 

loaft", pp. Loafed. 

loamd", pp. Loamed. 

loan'a-bP, a. Loanable. 

loand", pp. Loaned. 

loathd", pp. Loathed. 

loath '8uiii'*<*, a. Loathsome. 

lobd<*, pp. Lobbed. 

lo'^bo-don'tin*, a. Lobodontine. 

lo'ca-W, a. Locable. 

lo'cal-lz^a-bF, a. LocaUzable. 

loc'a-tlv", a. & n. Locative. 

lock'a-bl', a. Lockable. 

loekt", pp. Locked. 

lo'^co-de-scrlp'tlv", a. Locodescrip- 

lo^co-mo'bU^, n. Locomobile. 

lo'^co-mo'tlv*, o. & n. Locomotive. 

lo^co-mo'tlv-ness", n. Locomotive- 

loct', pp. Locked. 

loc'i^u-ple'ta-tlv*, a. Locupletative. 

lodge'a-bP, a. Lodgeable. 

lodgement", n. Lodgement. 

logd% pp. & pa. Logged. 



lus'tra-tl¥", a. Lustrative. 
lu'trin*, a. & n. Lutrine. 
iuv', V. & n. _Love. 
luv'a-W, a. Lovable. 
luvd', pp. Loved. 

Iuv1y% a. & adv. Lovely. 
ly'i^eo-doii'tlii*, a. & n. Lyoodontine. 
lymf *•, n. Lymph. 
lym-fat'le'*", a. & n. Lymphatic. 
lyncht'**, pp. L3mched. 


maeh', v. & n. Match. 

maeht'y pp. Matched. 

mac^TO-glos'sln", a. & n. Macror 

iiiae'>^ro-phyl1ln"9 a. Macrophylline. 

mac^ro-pln", a. Macropine. 

ma-^rop'o-dln'9 a. & n. Macropo- 

mac'ro-TlUn*, mae'ror-rlUn*, a. 
Macrorhine, macrorrhine. 

mad'dend*, pp. Maddened. 

mad'derd", pp. Maddered. 

mag'to-tra-tlv*, a. Magistrative. 

mag'ne-tln", n. Magnetine. 

mag'net-l2^[or -to'>^]a-bP» a. Magnet- 
izable, magnetisable. 

mag^net-o-mo'tlT", a. Magnetomo- 

mag'nl-fl^a-bl'y a. Magnifiable. 

mag-nlf'l-ea-tlT'y a. & n. Magnifi- 

maUd'*"» pp. Mailed. 

malmd'*", pp. Maimed. 

maln-taln'a-bl'y a. Maintainable. 

maln-taln'a-bl-ness'y n. Maintain- 

maln-talnd''*", pp. Maintained. 

male, n. Maize. 

mak'a-bP, a. Makable. 

mal^a-co-no'tln, a. & n. Malacono- 

mal^a-co-scoPI-cIn*, a. MalacoBCol- 

ma-la M-U8", a. Malarious. 

maid'*, pp. Mailed. 

ma-llgnd'", pp. Maligned. 

ma-Un'gerd*9 pp. Malingered. 

mal'toS n. Malice. 

malld', pp. Mailed. 

mal^e-a-bl', a. Malleable. 

mal^e-a-bl-ness', n. MaUeableness. 

ma-ma'', n. Mamma. 

mam'moe*» n. Mammock. 

man'a-eP, v. & n. Manacle. 

mand", pp. Manned. 

man'age-a-bP, a. Manageable. 

man'age-a-bl-ness', n. Manage- 

man'cl-pa-bl', a. Mancipable. 

man'el-pa-tlv", a. Mancipative. 

man'da-tlv", a. Mandative. 

man'du-ca-bP, a. Manducable. 

ma-neu'ver'*", v. & n. Manoeuvre. 

ma-neu'verd'*", pp. Maneuvered, 

man'gl', v. & n. Mangle. 

man-gld', vt. Mangled. 

maii'l-fe8t^a-[or l-]bl', a. Manifest- 
able, manifestible. 

man^l-fes'ta-tlv*, a. Manifestative. 

man'l-fes-tlv, a. Manifestive. 

ma-nip'u-la-bl', a. Manipulable. 

ma-nip 'u-ia'>^tly*, a. Manipulative. 

man'nerd*, a. Mannered. 

man^u-duc'tlv*, a. Manuductive. 

man^'^u-fae'tur-a-bPy a. Manufao- 

man^u-mis'sly*, a. Manumissive. 

man'u-mo^tlv*, a. Manumotive. 

ma-nur'a-bF, a. Manurable. 

mapt", pp. Mapped. 

marcht'**, pp. Marched. 



mard', pp. Marred. 

mar'glnd'» a. Margined. 

markt'**» pa. Marked. 

mar'ket-a-bPy a. Marketable. 

marld'y pp. Marled. 

mar^lin'y v. & n. MarUne. 

ma-roond^^y pp. Marooned. 

mar'riage-a-bPy a. Marriageable. 

mar^riage-a-bl-ness'y n. Marriage- 

mar^sbald", pp. Marshaled, mar- 

mar^tyrd"» pp. Martyred. 

mar'veld'", pp. Marveled, marvelled. 

mar'vel-ous'y a. Marvellous. 

ma8% V. & n. Mass. 

mas^cu-lin'*", -lne*» a. & n. Mascu- 

masbt'y pp. Mashed. 

maskt'*', pa. Masked. 

mas'slv'*", a. Massive. 

mas^siv-ly", adv. Massively. 

mas^siv-ness", n. Massiveness. 

mast'y pp. Massed. 

mas'terd'*", pp. Mastered. 

mas'tl-ca-bl'y a. Masticable. 

mas'tlf 9 n. Mastiff. 

mas^to-don^tin", a. & n. Mastodon- 

matcb'a-bl'y a. Matchable. 

matcb^a-bl-ness'y n. Matchableness. 

matcbt", pp. Matched. 

ma-te^rl-al-tze'*", vt. & vi. Mate- 

ma'tris", n. Matrice. 

mat'terd"» pp. Mattered. 

mat'toc", n. Mattock. 

mat'u-ra^tiv", a. & n. Maturative. 

ma-tur'a-bP, a. Maturable. 

maiild", pp. Mauled. 

maun'derd", pp. Maundered. 

max-U^lo-paFa-tin", a. & n. Maxil- 

mea'ger'*", a. Meagre. 

meaFa-bl% a. Mealable. 
me-aii^derd'» pp. Meandered. 
me-aii'driii'» a. Meandrine, msean- 

mea^sl8% n. Measles. 
me-can'iCy a. & n. Mechanic. 
med^ald"» pp. Medaled. 
med^dle-sum'» a. Meddlesome. 
me'^di-as^tlii", n. Mediastine. 
me^di-a^tlv'y a. Mediative. 
med'i-ca-bl'y a. Medicable. 
med'i-ca''tl¥"» a. Medicative. 
med^i-cin'*', n. Medicine. 
med^i-cind", pp. Medicined. 
me'^dl-e^val", a. & n. Medieval. 
me'^di-o-pal'a-tlnBy a. Mediopala- 

me'^dl-o-poii'tin", a. Mediopontine. 
med'l-ta'^tlv'", a. Meditative. 
med^l-ta^tlv-ly'y adv. Meditatively. 
med^i-ta^tiv-ness'y n. Meditative- 

med^% vi. Meddle. 
med^d'y pp. Meddled. 
med^-sum'y a. Meddlesome. 
med^ly"» a. & n. Medley. 
med'oW", n. Meadow. 
me-flt'lc'", a. Mephitic. 
me-fl^tls% n. Mephitis. 
me-gac'er-o-tln"» a. Megacerotine. 
meg^a-der'min", a. & n. Megader- 

meg^a-lo^pin", a. Megalopine. 
meg^a-lo^tln"» a. & n. Megalotine. 
me-gap'ter-ln", a. & n. Megapterine. 
meg^'a-tbe'ri-in", a. & n. Mega- 

mel'an-col-y'", a. & n. Melancholy. 
mePe-ag^rin>9 a. & n. Meleagrine. 
me^llo-ra-tiT*>9 a. Meliorative. 
me-Upb^a-gln", a.&n. Meliphagine. 
mePU-su^gin", a. & n. MeUisugine. 
mel-Uv^o-rin'y a. & n. Mellivorine. 
melMo", V. & a. Mellow. 



mel^owd', pp. Mellowed. 
meF^o-loii'tliIii"» a, & n. Melolon- 

melt'a-bl'» a. Meltable. 
mem^o-ra-bl'y a. Memorable. 
mem^o-ra-bl-ness'y n. Memorable- 

mem'o-ra-tiv, a. Memorative. 
me-mo^rl-al-tze'*", vt. Memorialise. 
mem^o-rlz^a-bl'y a. Memorizable. 
men^ace-a-bl'y a. Menaceable. 
mend'a-bl% a. Mendable. 
men^i-sper'mlii', n. Menispermine. 
men'su-ra-bP, a. Mensurable. 
men'su-ra-bl-ness', n. Mensurable- 

men'su-ra^tiv", a. MeDsurative. 
ment'", pp. Meant. 
men'tlon-a-bPy a, Mentionable. 
men^tiond"» pp. Mentioned. 
mepb'i-tin'y a. & n. Mephitine. 
mer^a-lin", n. Meraline. 
mer'can-til'*"* -lie'*", o. Mercan- 
mer'cliaii-dl8^[or-dtz^]a-bl', a. Mer- 

chandisable, merchandizable. 
mer^cban-dtze'y v. & n. Merchandise. 
mer^cbant-a-bl'» a. Merchantable. 
mer^cbant-a-bl-ness'» n. Merchant- 

mer^Sln', a. & n. Mergine. 
me^ro-pin^y a. & n. Meropine. 
mer'u-ltn'y a. Meruline. 
mes', V, & n. Mess. 
mesbt'*'» pa. Meshed. 
mes^mer-lz^a-bP, a. Mesmerizable. 
mes^o-rbln", a. Mesorhine. 
mes^o-tapb'y-lin", a. Mesotaphy- 

mest'*", pp. Messed. 
mes^ure", v. & n. Measure. 
me-tab^o-ltz^a-bl'» a. MetaboUza- 

met^a-fy sales', n. Metaphysics. 

met'ald', a. Metaled, metalled. 

mefal-in", n. Metaline. 

met'al-lin", a. Metalline. 

met^a-iiior'fose% vt. Metamorphose. 

met^a-mor'fo-sl8'**» n. Metamor- 

me'ter'", v. & n. Metre. 

me'terd'y pp. Metered. 

met^% n. Mettle. 

met^d'y a. Mettled. 

metl-sum'y a. Mettlesome. 

met'tie-sum'y a. Mettlesome. 

mewd"» pp. Mewed. 

mewld'*», pp. Mewled. 

me^zu-ra-bl'» a. Measurable. 

me^zure'» v. & n. Measure. 

me^zured'y pa. Measured. 

ml'i^cro-pbyl^n", a. Microphylline. 

ml-crop'o-din", a. & n. Micropodine. 

mi^cro-spor'in", a. Microsporine. 

mld^'y v., a. & n. Middle. 

mid^ng% a. Middling. 

mid'rlf", n. Midriff. 

mlf", v.f a. & n. Miff. 

mlft'y pp. Miffed. 

inl^gra-tly"» a. Migrative. 

mil'", V. & n. Mill. 

mUd'*", mIUd% a. Milled. 

iiiil'dewd'*^, pp. Mildewed. 

mll^i-o-lin", a. & n. Milioline. 

mllkt', pp. Milked. 

mil^le-por^in'y a. MiUeporine. 

mlm^ickt'y pp. Mimicked. 

mlm^ict'y pp. Mimicked. 

mim'in", a. & n. Mimine. 

mln'a-bl'y mine'a-bl'» a. 

iiiin^er-al-tz^[or -l8'']a-bl', 
eralizable, mineralisable. 

mln'gl'y vt. & vi. Mingle. 

mln^gld', pp. Mingled. 

min'gle-a-bi', a. Mingleable. 

min^isht", pp. Minished. 

minst", pp. Minced. 

a. Min- 



mln'is-terd'y pp. Ministered. 

mln'ls-tra^tly^y a. Ministrative. 

mlr^a-cl''9 v. & n. Miracle. 

mlr'rord"» pp. Mirrored. 

mis", V. & n. Miss. 

iiils^ap-pre'ci-a-tl¥*» a. Misappre- 
ciative. [hensive. 

mls-ap^pre-beii'si¥*» a. Misappre- 

mis^be-eum'% vL Misbecome. 

mls'chlef-a-bl'y a, Mischiefable. 

mls^chle-vus", a. Mischievous. 

mls^con-stru'a-bl'» a. Misconstru- 

mls^con-stmc'tlv"* a. Misconstruo- 

mis^cre-a'tiv", a. Miscreative. 

mis^er-a-bl'y a. Miserable. 

mls^er-a-bl-ness'y n. Miserableness. 

mls-glv''", vL & vi. Misgive. 

mis^ln-tel^-Sl-bl'y a. Misintelli- 
gible. [pretable. 

mis^ln-ter'pret-a-bl', a. Misiater- 

mis-lead ^a-bl'y a. Misleadable. 

mls-man'age-a-bl'y a. Mismanage- 

mls^o-log', n. Misologue. 

mls-rep^re-sen'ta-tlv"* a, & n. Mis- 

mls^sl-bl'9 a. Missible. 

mls'sll'*", -lle*9 a. & n. Missile. 

mls^slv'^y a. & n. Missive. 

mist", pp. Missed. 

nils-tak^a-bl'9 a. Mistakable. 

ml8^tl-toe% n. Mistletoe. 

mls-un^der-stand'a-bPy a. Mis- 

mls-uze^'y vt. Misuse. 

mi'ter', v. & n. Mitre. 

mFterd", pp, Mitered. 

mlt^l-ga-bl'y a. Mitigable. 

mlt'l-ga^tlVy a. & n. Mitigative. 

mlt'tendS pp, Mittened. 

mlx'a-bl', mlz'1-bl'y a, Mixable, 

mizt'y pp, & pa. Mixed. 

mo*, V, & n. Mow. 

moand", pp. Moaned. 

mobd'y pp. Mobbed. 

mo'bll', -lie*, a. Mobile. 

mock^a-bP, a, Mockable. 

mockt'*", pp. Mocked. 

mod'eld', pp. Modeled, modelled. 

moda-fl^a-bl', a. Modifiable. 

mod'l-fl^a-bl-ne88'» n. Modifiable- 

mod^l-fl-ca^tlv', n. Modificative. 

mod'u-la-tlT*>9 a. Modulative. 

moed", pp. Mowed. 

Mo-gun'tln", a, Moguntine. 

molld', pp. Moiled. 

mols^tend", pp. Moistened. 

mold', V. & n. Mould. 

mold'a-bP, jiioiild'a-bl% a. Mold- 
able, mouldable. 

mold'[or mould']a-bl-ne8s% n. 
Moldableness, mouldableness. 

mold^er", v. & n. Moulder. 

mold'erd", pp. Moldered. 

mold'ing*, n. Moulding. 

mold'y*, a. Mouldy. 

mo'Un', a. & n. Moline. 

moiai-fl^a-bP, a, MoUifiable. 

mollin', n. Molline. 

mo-los'sin", a. & n, Molossine. 

molt", t^. & n. Moult. 

mon'arc", v., a, & n. Monarch. 

mon'eyd", a. Moneyed. 

mon'isht", pp, Monished. 

mon'l-tiv'*", a, Monitive. 

mon^ky", v. & n. Monkey. 

mon^o-cer'a-tln', a, Monoceratine. 

mon'o-crome", n. Monochrome. 

mon^o-graf, v, & n. Monograph. 

mon^o-log'*', n. Monologue. 

mon^o-pbyFlin', a, Monophylline. 

mon'o-rbln', mon'or-rbln", a, & n. 
Monorhine, monorrhine. 

mon^o-stlc", n. Monostich. 



moii'o-syl"Ui-bl% v, & n. Monosyl- 

mQii-tlc'o-lin"» a. Monticoline. 

mon'y", v, & n. Money. 

moond", a. Mooned. 

■loord'", pp. Moored. 

mopt", pp. Mopped. 

mor'al-tze", vL & vi. Moralise. 

mor'fl-a", n. Morphia. 

mor-foPo-gy"9 n. Morphology. 

mor'mo-pln'*, a. & n. Mormopine. 

iiior'tard"» a. Mortared. 

mort^gage-a-bl', a. Mortgageable. 

mor'tl8"» V, & n. Mortise. 

mor'tlst", pp. Mortised. 

mos^y v. & n. Moss. 

most'", pp. Mossed. 

mo^ta-ctiain", n. Motacilline. 

moth'erd^y a. Mothered. 

mo^tU", -tle*9 a. & n. Motile. 

mo^tiond"* pp. Motioned. 

mo'tlv'", v.y a, & n. Motive. 

mo'tivd", pp. Motived. 

mot^y"» o. & n. Motley. 

mo^tord"» pp. Motored. 

mournd", pp. Mourned. 

mouth ^a-bl'» a. Mouthable. 

moutbd", pa. Mouthed. 

mouz'y vt, & vi. Mouse. 

mouz^er'y n. Mouser. 

mov'a-bl'y move^a-bP) a, & n. Mov- 
able, moveable. 

mov'a-bl-niess', n. Movableness. 

mowd'*", pp. Mowed. 

mud'P, V. & n. Muddle. 

muf*», V, & n. Muff. 

mufl'y V, & n. Muffle. 

muf^ld', pp. Muffled. 

muff", p^. Muffed. 

mugd", pp. Mugged. 

laiuPy V. & n, MuU. 

mulcbt'", pp. Mulched. 

mulct ^a-bl% a. Mulctable. 

mulds pp, MuUed. 

mul^len", n. Mullein. 

mul^liond", a, MuUioned. 

muF^ti-cau^lin'y a. Multicauline. 

mul^tl-fa'ri-us"» a. Multifarious. 

mul^tl-plF^a-bl'y a. Multipliable. 

mul'tl-pli^a-bl-ness'y n. Multipli- 

mul^ti-pll-ca-bl'y a, Multiplicable. 

mul'tl-pll-ca^tiv^y a. & n. Multipli- 
cative. . 

mul^tl-pli-ca^tlv-ly, ado, Multipli- 

mum^bPy V. & n. Mmnble. 

mum 'bid', pp. Mumbled. 

muncbt'^", pp. Munched. 

mun-dlf ^l-ca-tlv", a. Mundificative. 

mun^ey% v, & n. Money*. 

munk'y n. Monk. 

mun'key'y v, & n. Monkey. 

munk^tsb'y a. Monkish. 

mur'derd'*^, pp. Murdered. 

mur'murd'**, pp. Murmured. 

mur'rin"* mur^rbln", a. Murrine, 

mus'y V, & n. Muss. 

mus'ca-dln", n. Muscadine. 

mus^car-dinS n, Muscardine. 

mus-dc^a-pln", a, & n. Muscicapine. 

mus-dc^o-lin", a, Muscicoline. 

mussel', n. Muscle. 

must", pp. Mussed. 

mus^te-Un", a, & n, MusteUne. 

mus'terd", pp. Mustered. 

mu'ta-bP, a. Mutable. 

mu^ta-bl-ne8S% n, Mutableness. 

mu^ta-tlv", a. Mutative. 

mu'tiv", a. Mutive. 

mut'terd", pp. Muttered. 

nkuz% V, & n. Muzzle. 

muz'ld', pp. Muzzled. 

my^a-des^tin', a. & n. Myadestine. 

my-ce'tin", a. & n, Mycetine. 

my^l-a-des^tln", a. & n. Myiadestine. 

my^l-ag^rin", a. & n. Myiagrine. 



myF^i-ob'a-tln", a. & n. Myliobatine. 
my-og'a-lin'y a. & n. Myogaline. 
myi'i^nie-eo'bi-in"* a. & n. Myrme- 

myi''^nie-copli'a-glii"» a. & n. Myr- 


myr^mi-cliiBy a. Myrmicine. 
myr'tl', n. Myrtle. 
mys^ta-dn", a. Mystacine. 
mys-tac'o-plnS a. & n. Mystacopine. 
my-zom'e-lin'y a, & n. Myzomeline. 


iiabd'*"» pp. Nabbed. 

nack*» V. & n. Knack. 

nas"» vL & vi. Knag. 

nagd"» pp. Nagged. 

nalld'*", pp. Nailed. 

nam'a-bl% name'a-bl'» a. Namable, 

nan'dln", n. Nandine. 
nap*, vt. & vi. Knap. 
nap'sac*, n. Knapsack. 
napt", pp. Napped. 
naptha, naf tba', n. Naphtha. 
nar-ds^sln", a. Narcissine. 
narl"» v. & n. Gnarl. 
narld", a. Gnarled. 
narl'y^, a. Gnarly. 
nar-rat^a-bl'y a. Narratable. 
nar'ra-tlv'*", a. & n. Narrative. 
nar'ra-tlv-ly", adv. Narratively. 
nar'rowd'*^, pp. Narrowed. 
nasb", vt. & vi. Gnash. 
na'^so-pal'a-tlii", a. Nasopalatine. 
nat", n. Gnat. 
nave*, n. Knave. 
na'tlv'**, a. & n. Native. 
na'tlv-ly", adv. Natively. 
na'tlv-ness", n. Nativeness. 
nat'u-ra-bPy a. Naturable. 
nat'u-ral-ize", vt. & vi. Naturalise. 
nau'se-a-tlv*9 a. Nauseative. 
nav'i-ga-bl', a. Navigable. 
nav'i-ga-bl-ness'y n. Navigableness. 
naWy vt. & vi. Gnaw. 
nead*, vt. Eiiead. 
neaptS a. Neaped. 

neard»*», pp. Neared, 
ne-ces'si-ta^tlv^y a. Necessitative. 
neckt"» a. Necked. 
nec'tar-ln"* a. & n. Nectarine. 
nee", v. & n. Knee. 
nee'dl% v, & n. Needle. 
neel", vi. Kneel. 
needing*, pres. p. Kneeling. 
nef ew', n. Nephew. 
ne-fHt^ic'» a. Nephritic. ^ 

neg'a-tlv'*", v., a. ^ n. Negative. 
neg'a-tlvd», pp. Negatived. 
neg'a-tlv-ly", adv. Negatively. 
neg^a-tlv-ness', n. Negativeness. 
neg-lect^a- or i-bF» a. Neglectable, 

neg^llge-a-bl'» a. Negligeable. 
neg^lt-gl-bl'» a. Negligible. 
neg^-gl-bl-ness'y n. Negligibleness. 
ne-go^tl-a-bPy a. Negotiable. 
neigb'bor"* v., a. & n. Neighbor, 

nelgb'bord^y pp. Neighbored. 
neigbd'y pp. Neighed. 
nets", n. Gneiss. 
nel% V. & n. Knell. 
nelt^y imp. & pp. Knelt. 
nem'a-lin'y a. Nemaline. 
nem^a-to-scol'i-ciii", a. Nemato- 

ne-mer'tin^y a. & n. Nemertine. 
nem^o-rbae'din'y a. Nemorhsedine. 
nem^o-rlc'o-lin"* a. Nemoricoline. 
ne'^o-iiior'pbln"* a. & n. Neomor- 




nenr'**, v, & n. Nerve. 
nenrd'*S pp. & a. Nerved. 
ner^vtn** a. & n. Nervine. 
net'tl') vt. & vi. Nestle. 
nes'tld'y pp. Nestled. 
net"* a. Nett. 
net^tl'y V. & n. Nettle. 
neu'tral-lxe'*** vL Neutralise. 
nev'eW, n. Nephew. 
iiew^faii'gld% a. Newfangled. 
new^i^fash'iond'y a. New-fashioned. 
iiez'i-bi%a. Nexible. 
HIM', pp. Nibbed. 
nlba'y V. & n. Nibble. 
nlbad', pp. Nibbled. 
nlck'eld"* pp. & a. Nickeled, niokelled. 
lllckt'**» pp. Nicked. 
nlck'name^a-bl'y a. Nicknameable. 
lllc'ii»c*» n. Knickknack. 
lll-eot'i-dlii"» n. Nicotidine. 
iilfe*» t;. & n. Knife. 
iilfd*» a. Nigged. 
iilg^'» t^. & n. Niggle. 
nlg^d'y pp. Niggled. 
lllmd*» a. Nimbed. 
llliii'bl'» V. & a. Nimble. 
nlm'bl-ness'* n. Nimbleness. 
lllp^'» V. & n. Nipple. 
nlpld', pp. Nippled. 
nipt", pp. Nipped. 
nits vL & vi. Knit. 
nl'ter**", v. & n. Nitre. 
iil-tram^-dlii*» n. Nitramidine. 
iil'tni«ttii"» n. Nitratine. 
nl'tri-fPa-bl', a. Nitrifiable. 
nlt'ttng*, n. Knitting. 
nob"* V. & n. Kjiob. 
nobd", pp. Nobbed. 
noehS v. & n. Notch. 
iio€lit% pp. Notched. 
nock*, v.&n. Knock. 
noek'w*, n. Knocker. 
nocking*, n. Knocking. 
noe-ttl^-o-nlns n. Noctilionine. 

nod^, V, & n. Noddle. 
no^do-8a'rln"» a. & n. Nodosarine. 
noi'sum'y a. Noisome. 
noli"» V, & n. Knoll. 
noine"» n. Gnome. 
no^men-cla^tlv", o. Nomenclative. 
no^mle^, a. Gnomic. 
nom^l-na-bl% a. Nominable. 
nom^i-na-tlv'*", o. & n. Nominative. 
nom'1-na-tiv-ly", adv, Nominatively. 
no'mon^r n. Gnomon. 
non^#a-inal'ga-ma-bP, a. Non« 

non^^ap-por^tlon-a-bP, a. Non^^ap- 

non^^ap-pos'a-bl'y a. Non^apposable. 
non^^ar'bi-tra-bl% a. Non^^arbitra- 

non^^a8-sess'a-bl% a. Non^assess- 

non^#co-ag'u«la-bl', a. Non^^coagu- 

non''*co-er'clv'*», a. Non^coercive. 
non^^cog^nl-tlv", a. Non*cognitive. 
noii^^col-lap'sl-[or a-]bF, a. Non* 

collapsible, non^coUapsable. 
non^^coin-ineii^su-ra-bl% a, Non« 

non^#com'inoii-a-bF, a. Non-com- 

non^^com-mu'ta-tlv^y a. Non«com- 

non^^com-pet'l-tlv'*", o. Non^com- 

non^^coii-deiis'i-bl'»a. Non^condens- 

noii^^coii*duc'tlv*» a. Non^conduc- 

noii^^coii-no'ta-ttv*» a. Non^conno- 

non^^con-sec'u-tty'**, a. Non«oon- 

non^^con-ser'va-tlv'*", a. Non*con- 




non^^^con-struc'tlv'*", a. Non*con- 

non^tfCor-ro^dl-bPy a. Non*oorro- 

noiucor-ros'lv'**, a. Non*corro8ive. 
non^tfcrys^tal-lin* -Ine", a. Non' 

non''*cu'inu-la-tlv'*", o. Non*cu- 

non^tfdeFe-ga-bl'y a. Non^delegable. 
non'^^de-prest"**, o. Non^depressed. 
non^tfde-squam^a-tlY", a. Non^de- 

non^^de-veFop-a-bPy a. Non*devel- 

non^tfdi-lat'a-bl'y a. Non^dilatable. 
non^«du^ti-a-bP, a. Non^dutiable. 
non^^eat^a-bPy a. Non*eatable. 
noii''*ed'l-bl% a. Non*edible. 
non^'^^ef-fec'tlv'", a. Non«efifective. 
non^^em-fat^lc, a. Non«emphatic. 
non-en 'tl-ta^tlv, a. Nonentitative. 
non-en ^tl-tlY"» a. Nonentitive. 
non^^ez-com-mu^nl-ca-bl'y a. Non« 

non^^ex-cu'za-bl'y a. Non^excusable. 
non''*ex-ec'u-tlv'", a. Non*execu- 

non^^^ex-pan'slv'*", a. Non«expan- 

non^^ex-pan^siy-ly^y adv. Non«ex- 

non'^^ex-plo'slv'*", o. Non«explosive. 
non^^ez-ten^sil", a. Non^extensile. 
non^'^^ex-ten'slv'*", a. Non«extensive. 
non^feb'rll'*", non^feb^rile", a. Non« 

non^fe-nom'e-naPy a. Non^phenom- 

non0fer-ment'a-[or i-]bl'» a. Non« 

fermentable, non*fermentible. 
non^fls'stl'*", non^fls^stle"» a. Non« 

non^fo-net'ic'y a, Non^phonetic. 

non^for'feit-a-bl'» a. Non«forfeit- 

non^flreei'a-bl', a. Non^freezable. 

non^fund'a-bl'» a. Non'fundable. 

non^fun'gl-bl'» a. & n. Non'fungible. 

non^hos^tily -ile*, a. Non'hostile. 

non^lg-nlt'i-[or a-]bl% a. Non«ignit- 
ible, non^ignitable. 

non^lm^i-ta-ti¥'*>» a, Non^imitative. 

non^tfin-duc^tiVy o. Non-inductive. 

non^ln-flam'ma-bl', a. Non-inflam- 

non^in^te-gra-bl'» a. Non«integrable. 

non^tr'ri-ga-bl'y a. Non«irrigable. 

non«tr'rl-ta-bP, a. Non*irritable. 

non^mag'ne-tlz^[or -ls^]a-bl% a. 
Non-magnetizable, non-magneds- 

non^mar'riage-a-bl'y a. Non-mar- 

non^mis'ci-bl', a. Non-miscible. 

non^mo^btl, -tle*» a. Non-mobile. 

non^na'tlv'*", o. Non-native. 

non^nav'i-ga-bl', a. Non-navigable. 

non«ne-go^ti-a-bl% a. Non-negoti- 

non^nu'trl-tlv'*», a. Non-nutritive. 

nonces ^cin", a. & n, Non-oscine. 

non^pas'ser-in^y a. & n. Non-pas- 

non«peakt'"» a. Non-peaked. 

non^per^me-a-bl'ya. Non-permeable. 

non^plust'y pp. Nonplused, non- 

noii«po^r-lz^[or -Is^^Ja-bl', a. Non- 
polarizable, non-polarisable. 

non^pos'l-tlv'*», a. Non-positive. 

non^pre-ben'sU'*", non^pre-ben'- 
stle", a. Non-prehensile. 

non^prim'i-tiT'*"» a. Non-primitive. 

non^prin'cl-pld'y pa. Non-principled. 

non^prob'a-bl'y a. Non-probable. 

non^pro-duc'tlv'**^ a. non-produc- 



non^pro-duc'tlT-ness'*", n. Non« 

noii^pro-fest"*"» pa. Non^professed. 
non^pro-gres'slv'*", a. Non*progres- 

noiupro-trac'tU", a. Non«protrao- 

non^pu-tres'ci-bl'y a. Non«putres- 

non^re-celf , n. Non*reoeipt. 
non^rel'a-tlv'**, o. & n, Non»rela- 

non^re-pay^a-bl', a. Non^repayable. 
non^rep'^re-sen'ta-tlv'**, a. Non* 

non^re^'pro-duc'tlv'*", a. Non»re- 

non^re-spect'a-bl'y a. Non^respect- 

non^re-sptr a-bP^ a. Non^respirable. 
non^re-trac'ttl, -tie*, a. Non^retiac- 

non^re-turn'a-br* a. Non-return- 
non^re-ver'si-bt'y a. Non«reversible. 
noiusac'cba-riiiy -ine"* a, Non* 

non^sen'si-bl'y a. Non«sensible. 
non^sen'si-tlT'*', a. Non-sensitive. 
non^^sub-mls'siv'*', a. Non«submis- 

noost'y pp. Noosed. 
nop*, n. Knop. 
nor'den-sldtfl-dlii*, n. Nordenskidl- 

nor'ma-tlir*, a. Normative. 
nor'ma-tlv-ly*, adv. Normatively. 
nos'tic*, a. & n. Gnostic. 
not*, V, & n. Knot. 
no^ta-bP, a. & n. Notable. 
no^ta-bl-nets', n. Notableness. 
not€ht*9 a. Notched. 

no'ttce-a^bl', a. Noticeable. 
no'tl-il^a-bl', a. Notifiable. 
no'tls*, V. & n. Notice. 
no'tlst*, pp. Noticed. 
nour'isht*, pp. Nourished. 
not'tlng*, n. Knotting. 
no-va'tiv*, a. Novative. 
novels*, a. & n. Novice. 
noz^% t^. & n. Nozzle. 
nu^bU'**, -Ue*, a. Nubile. 
nuckle*, t;. & n. Knuckle. 
nu^cle-o-ltn", n. Nudeoline. 
nul'**, v., a, & n. NuU. 
niild*, pp. Nulled. 
num*, V. & a. Numb. 
num'berd*, pp. Numbered. 
numd*, pp. Numbed. 
nu-me'nl-in*, a. & n. Numeniine. 
nu'mer-a-bl', a. Numerable. 
nu'mer-a-bl-ness', n. Numerable- 

nu^nier-a''tlY*, a. & n. Numerative. 
num^skul^', n. Numskull. 
nun^d-a^tiv*, a. Nunciative. 
nun'cu-pa^tlv*, a. Nuncupative. 
nund*, pp. Nunned. 
nur'tsh', vt. & vi. Nourish. 
nur'isb-a-bl% a. Nourishable. 
nur^tsbt', pp. Nourished. 
nurl*, V. & n. Kjiurl. 
nurld*, a. Knurld. 
nunt*, pp. Nursed. 
nu'trl-tlv'**, a. & n. Nutritive. 
nui^l', V. & n. Nuzzle. 
nyc'ta-gln*, n. Nyctagine. 
nyc-tlb'l-ln*, a. & n. Nyctibiine. 
nyc'i'tl-ce'bln*, a. &n. Nycticebine. 
nyc'i'tl-or'nl-tbln*, a. & n. Nyctior- 

nyc^tl-pitb^e-cin*, a. & n. Nycti- 

nymf**, n. Nymph. 




oard'*"* a. Oared. 
o-bey'a-W, o. Obeyable. 
o-beyd'», pp. Obeyed. 
ob-Ject'a-bl% a. Objectable. 
ob-Jec'ta-tlv", o. Objectative. 
ob-Jec'tlon-a-bP, a. Objectionable. 
ob-Jec'tlv'*», a. & n. Objective. 
ob-Jec'tlv-ly", adv. Objectively. 
ob-Jur^ga-ti¥*9 a. Objurgative. 
ob-Jur'ga-tlv-ly*, odv. Objurgativdy. 
obli-ga-bP, a. Obligable. 
Dbll-ga'^tlv^, a. Obligative. 
ob^-ga^tlv-ness^y n. Obligativeness. 
ob-llt'er-a"tlv", a, Obliterative. 
ob-senr"*", t;<. & vi. Observe. 
ob-senr^a-bl', a. Observable. 
ob-senr'a-bl-ness'y n. Observable- 

ob-ser'va-tlv", a. Observative. 
ob-servd"*^, pp. Observed. 
ob-ses'st¥% a. Obsessive. 
olil-sest'S pp. Obsessed. 
ob^sta-cl'y a. & n. Obstacle. 
ob-struc'tiv", o. & n. Obstructive. 
ob-struc'tlv-ly", odt;. Obstructively. 
ob-Btruc^tlT-ness'9 n. Obstructive- 

ob-taln'a-bl', a. Obtainable. 
ob-talnd"*", pp. Obtained. 
ob-tru'slv'*", o. Obtrusive. 
ob-tru'slv-ly", adr. Obtrusively. 
ob-tru'slv-ness^y n. Obtnisiveness. 
ob'vo-lu'^tlv", a. Obvolutive. 
oc-ca'slon-a-bl', a. Occasionable. 
oc-ca^slond^y pp. Occasioned. 
oc-du'slv", a. Occlusive. 
oc'cu-pa^'^tlv*, a, Occupative. 
oc'co-pl'^a-bF, a, Occupiable. 
oc-curd"*", pp. Occurred. 
o^ce-an'i-tin'y a. & n. Oceanitine. 
o-cher", v., a, & n. Ochre. 

oc^to-eo-ral'llii"» a, & n. Octocoral- 

oc^to-don'tinS a. & n. Octodontine. 
oc^to-syl'la-bl'» a. Octosyllable. 
od'", o. & n. Odd. 
od^a-etn", a. & n. Odacine. 
o^dl*us"» a. Odious. 
o^don-toph'o-rin", a. Odontophorine. 
o'dor", n. Odor, odour. 
o'dor-us'y a. Odorous. 
orfend'a-bP, a. Offendable. 
of-feiise"*», n. Offence. 
of-fen'slv'*", o. & n. Offensive. 
of-feii'siv-ly"» adv. Offensively. 
of-feii^sl¥-ness"» n. Offensiveness. 
of ^fer-a-bl'» a. Offerable. 
orferd»*», pp. Offered. 
of 'fls", n. Office. 
o-fld^l-an'9 a. & n. Ophidian. 
of-tbaFiiil-a% n. Ophthalmia. 
of-tbal^mic*', a, Ophthahnic. 
of-tbaFmy', n. Ophthalmy. 
o'ger'*», n. Ogre. 
olid", pp. Oiled. 
old^tffasb^ion-a-bl', a, Old^fashion- 

ol-facta-[or a-]bl', a, Olfactible, 

olf actable. 
ol-fac'tiv", a, Olf active. 
ol^l-go-syt'la-bl', n. Oligosyllable. 
ol'lv'*% a. & n, Olive. 
ol'lv-ness", n. Oliveness. 
om^ber", n. Ombre. 
om'e-let», n. " Omelette. 
o^mend", a. Omened. 
o-mis'si-bPy a. Omissible. 
o-mls'st¥'» a, Omissive. 
om^nl-rep^re-sen'ta-tiv", a. Omni- 

om^nl-rep^re-sen'ta-tly-ness"* n. 




om^nl-spec'tly^y a. Omnispective. 
om'plui-clii'y a. Omphacine. 
onse", a., n. & adv. Once. 
ooi'y V, & n. Ooze. 
ooid'^y pp. Oozed. 
o'pal-ln', a. & n. Opaline. 
o'peii-a-bl'» a. Openable. 
o'pend'**, pp. Opened. 
op'er-at^a-bl'» a. Operatable. 
op^er-a^tlv*, a. & n. Operative. 
op'er-a^tlv-ljr», adv. C^ratively. 
op'er-a^tt¥-nes8*» n. Operativeness. 
o-pln'l-a'''tlv*, a. Opiniative. 
o-pln^on-a-bPy a. Opinionable. 
o-piii'ioii-a^tt¥*» a. Opinionative. 
o-plii^oii*a^ttT*ly*, adv. Opiniona- 

o-plnlon-a^tlT-iiess", n. Opiniona- 

op^is-tlioc'o-iiiIiiS n. Opisthoco- 

op-pas'a-bF» a. Opposable. 
op'po-8lt'*», o. & n. Opposite. 
op-pas'i-ttT*>» a. Oppositive. 
op-pas1-tt¥*ly*, adv. Oppositively. 
op-pas'i-tlT-ness'» n. Oppositiveness. 
op'po-sit-ly"y adv. Oppositely. 
op'po-slt-nes8*» n. Oppositeness. 
op-pres'slv'**, o. Oppressive. 
op-pres'Bl¥-ly*» adv. Oppressively. 
op-pres'sl¥-ness*» n. Oppressiveness. 
op-pregt"*», a. Oppressed. 
op'ta-tlv»*", a. & n. Optative. 
op'ta-tt¥-ly*» adv. Optatively. 
or'a-cl», n. Orade. 
orbd'", pa. Orbed. 
or-daln'a-bl'* a. Ordainable. 
or-daliid^» pp. Ordained. 
or'der-a-bl'» a. Orderable. 
or'derd'**, pp. Ordered. 
or'dl-iia^tl¥*» n. Ordinative. 
o-fec'tlv», a. Orective. 
o^^re-o-plia'slii"» a. & n. Oreophasine. 
o^re-ot'ra-gliiS a. Oreotragine. 

or'fan'", v., a. & n. Orphan. 
or'gaii-tz^[or -ls'']a-bl', a. Organiz- 

able, organisable. 
or'gan-lze', vt. & vi. Organise. 
or'gan-Eln", v. & n. Organzine. 
or'i-fls', n. Orifice. 
o-rlg'i-na-bl'y a. Originable. 
o-rig'i-na-tl¥*>» o. Originative. 
o-rig'l-na-tl¥-ly"9 adv. Originatively. 
or^iia-meii^ta-ti¥"» a. Ornamenta- 

or'phand'y pp. Orphaned. 
or'tbo-graf » n. Chrthograph. 
or-tbog'ra-fer'» n. Orthographer. 
or^tho-graric'y a. Orthographic. 
or-tbog'ra-fy, n. Orthography. 
or^tbo-pe'dle", a. Orthopaedic. 
or'tlv», a. Ortive. 
os'cU-la'^tlv*, a. Oscillative. 
os'cll-la''tlv-ly*, adv. Oscillatively. 
os'cln"» a. & n. Oscine. 
os-ten'sl-bl'y a. Ostensible. 
os-ten'sl-bl-ness', n. Ostensibleness. 
OS-ten ^sl¥*» o. Ostensive. 
OS-ten ^siv-ly'y adv. Ostensively. 
os'tra-dn", a. & n. Ostracine. 
os^tra-ctz'^a-bl'y a. Ostracizable. 
os'tra-clie'", vU Ostracise. 
o-tar^i-in", o'ta-rln", a. Otariine, 

our-8el¥s'"» pron. pi. Ourselves. 
out-Uv'', vt. & vi. Outlive. 
out-spred"*», vt. & vi. Outspread. 
out-strech'', vt. Outstretch. 
out-strechf *", pp. Outstretched. 
out-strlpt^", pp. Outstripped.' 
out-walkt"", pp. Outwalked. 
ov'endS a.^ Ovened. 
o'^ver-aw", vt. Overawe. 
o^¥er-awd"*«, pp. Overawed. 
o^¥er-com'a-bF» a. Overcomable. 
o'ver-hed''", a. & adv. Overhead. 
o^ver-lapt'», pp. Overlapped. 
o'ver-leapt^'>, pp. Oveiieaped. 



o^ver-lookt'", pp. Overlooked. 
o'>'ver-p«8t"*", pp. Overpassed. 
o'l'ver-spred"*", vt. Overspread. 
©'"'ver-stralnd'", pp. Overstrained. 
o^ver-turn'a-bl'y o. Overtumable. 
(/'ver-whelmd'", pp. Overwhelmed. 
(/'vl-bo'vln", a. & n. Ovibovine. 
o'vllS o. Ovile. 
oMn«, a. Ovine. 
o'vu-lln", a. Ovuline. 
oW, vL & vi. Owe. 

owd'*», pp. Owed. 
ownd'*», pp. Owned. 
ox'ld', n. Oxide. 
ox^i-da-bi'» a. Oxidable. 
ox'l-d»''tlv», a. Oxidative. 
ox'l-dii''^[or -dls^]a-bl', a. Oxidiz- 

able, oxidisable. 
ox'y-geii-lz^[or-l8^]a-bl%a. Oxygen- 

izable, oxygenisable. 
ox^y-suFfld", n. Oxysulfide. 

pa'ea-bl'» a. Pacable. 
pacb', V. & n. Patch. 
pacb^a-bPy a. Patchable. 
pacht'y pp. Patched. 
pacb^y-eeph'a-lin'y a. & n. Pachy- 

pac^i-fl^a-bl'y a. Pacifiable. 
pack'a-bl'y a. Packable. 
packt'*", pp. Packed. 
pack'tbred'^'**, n. Packthread. 
pad 'doc", V. & n. Paddock. 
pad ^"9 V. & n. Paddle. 
pad'ld% pp. Paddled. 
padlockt'^, pp. Padlocked. 
paind'*', pa. Pained. 
palrd'*", pa. Paired. 
pal'at-a-bP, a. Palatable. 
pal'at-a-bl-ness'» n. Palatableness. 
pal'a-tln'", -ine', a. & n. Palatine. 
pald'y pp. Palled. 
pa'leirog'ra-fy', n. Paleography. 
pa^e-o-lltb'lc", a. & n. Palseolithic. 
pa^le-on-tol'o-gy'jn. Pateontology. 
Pa^e-o-zo'tC, a. & n. PalsBozoic. 
paUd% pp. Palled. 
pal'M-a-tlv'*", a. & n. Palliative. 
pal1I-a-tlv-ly*» adv. Palliatively. 
palmd'^9 a. Palmed. 
paFpa-bFy a. Palpable. . 
pal'pa-bl-ness'y n. Palpableness. 

pal'pa-el% n. Palpacle. 
pal'terd'", pp. Paltered. 
paFu-dIn", a. Paludine. 
pa-lus'trin"» a. Palustrine. 
pam'flet'*", n. Pamphlet. 
pam'perd'", pp. Pampered. 
pand", pp. Panned. 
pan'co-lln"» n. Pancoline. 
pan'derd'", pp. Pandered. 
pan 'eld'*", pp. Paneled, panelled. 
pan'l-cF» 71. Panicle. 
pan'l-cld'y a. Panicled« 
paii'tber-ln"» a. Pantherine. 
pan'to-graF» n. Pantograph. 
pa'pa-bl', a. Papable. 
pa'perd'f f, pp. Papered. 
papt"» pp. Papped. 
par'a-bl', v. & n. Parable. 
par'^a-cal'ca-riii", a. Paracalcarine. 
par'^a-fer-nall-a'y n. pi. Parapher- 
par'af-fln", v. & n. Parafi^e. 
par'a-firas^a-bl', a. Paraphrasable. 
par'a-firase'", v. & n. Paraphrase. 
par'a-flrast'y n. Paraphrast. 
par'a-gond'y pp. Paragoned. 
par'a-graf*", v. & n. Paragraph. 
par'a-graf-er", n. Paragrapher. 
par'a-graft'*", pp. Paragraphed. 
par'al-lel^a-bl', a. Parallelable. 


par'a-leld'*», pp. Paralleled, paral- 

par'a-lyze*, vL Paralyse. 
par^'^a-napb'tlia-liii", n. Paranaph- 

par'a-nymf , n. Paranymph. 
pa-ras'tl-cin', a. & n. Parasticine. 
par'bolld'**, pp. Parboiled. 
par'celd'**, pp. Parceled, parcelled. 
parcht'*", pp. Parched. 
pard'in', a. Pardine. 
par'don-a-bl'y a. Pardonable. 
par'don-a-bl-ness'» n. Pardonable- 

par'dond'**» pp. Pardoned. 
parkes'ln", n. Parkesine. 
parkt'y pp. Parked. 
par^-ment'y n. Parliament. 
parleyd'*", pp. Parleyed. 
parlor", n. Parlor, parlour. 
par'ly", v. & n. Parley. 
par'o-dl-a-bt'» a. Parodiable. 
pars^a-bl', a. Parsable. 
par^si-mo ^Hi-US', a. Parsimonious. 
pars^y"» n. Parsley. 
par^sond^y a. Parsoned. 
parst'", pp. Parsed. 
part'i-[or a-Jbl', a. Partible, partable. 
par-tak^a-bl'» a. Partakable.^ 
par^the-no-gen'l-tly^y a. Partheno- 

par-tlc'i-pa*bl'» a. Participable. 
par-tlc'i-pa'^tlyBy a. Participative. 
par-tic ^i-pa''tiv-ly*» adv. Participa- 

par^tl-cl-pl''» n. Participle. 
par'tl-d'y n. Particle. 
par-tl'tlond*9 pp. Partitioned. 
par'tl-tlv'*», o. & n. Partitive. 
par'tt-tlT-ly*» adv. Partitively. 
par'tt-iaii*» a. & n. Partisan. 
part'nerd*» pp. Partnered. 
par-tu'rl-ttf*9 a. Parturitive. 
pas"» V. & n. Paas. 

pas'cl-bl% a. Pascible. 
pass'a-bl'» a. Passable. 
pass'a-bl-ness't n. Passableness. 
pas^ser-in"* a. & n. Passerine. 
pas^sl-bP, a. Passible. 
pas^sl-bl-ness'y n. Passibleness. 
pas 'sly'", a. & n. Passive. 
pas'slT-ly", adv. Passively. 
pas'slT-ness"* n. Passiveness. 
past'*", pp. Passed. 
pas'tur-a-bl% a. Pasturable. 
patcbt", pp. Patched. 
pat'ent-a-bl', a. Patentable. 
pa-trold"*", pp. Patrolled. 
pafro-nlx'^tor -iil8^]a-bl', a. Patro- 

pat'ron-lze", vt. Patronise. 
pat'ta-bP, a. Pattable. 
pat'terd", pp. Pattered. 
pat'tern-a-bl', a. Pattemable. 
pat'ternd'*", pp. Patterned. 
Paul'ln", a. Pauline. 
pa-vll'lond'*", pp. PaviUoned. 
pawd'*", a. Pawed. 
pawn'a-bl', a. Pawnable. 
pawnd'", pp. Pawned. 
pay'a-bl', a. Payable. 
peaee'a-bl', a. Peaceable. ' 
peaee'a-bl-ness', n. Peaceableness. 
peacbt'*", pp. Peached. 
peakt", a. Peaked. 
peald'*", pp. Pealed. 
peas', n. sing. & pi. Pease. 
peb'l', V. & n. Pebble. 
peb'rin", n. Pebrine. 
pec'ca-bl', a. Peccable. 
peckt'*S pp. Pecked. 
pedl', vt. & vi. Peddle. 
pedld', pp. Peddled. 
pedler', n. Peddler. 
ped'a-gog'", v. & n. Pedagogue. 
pe-dlc'u-lin', a. Pediculine. 
ped'o-mo^tlv", n. Pedomotive. 
pe^do-bap'tlst*, n. Psedobaptist. 



per'co-la'^tlv*, a. Percolative. 
per-eus'siv", a. & n. Percussive. 
per-cus'sl¥-ly', adv, Percussively. 
per-cus'sl¥-ne8s"» n. Percussiveness. 
per-eusf 9 pp. Percussed. 
per'du-ra-bl', a. Perdurable. 
per'du-ra-bl-ness', n. Perdurable- 

per'e-grin", a. Peregrine. 
per-fect'i-bl', a. P^ectible. 
per-fec'tiv'*", a. Perfective. 
per-fec'tlv-ly», ado. Perfectively. 
per-fec'tlv-ness'y n. Perfectiveness. 
per'fo-ra-bP, a. Perforable. 
perTo-ra^^tlv'*", a. Perforative. 
per-form'a-bP, a. Perfonnable. 
per-formd"*", pp. Performed. 
per-fu'slv", a. Perfusive. 
pe-rif 'er-y'*", n. Periphery. 
per'l-frase', vt. & vi. Periphrase. 
per^l-f)ras^tlc'» a. Periphrastic. 
per^l-gour'din", n. Perigourdine. 
per^l-Jour^din^y n. Perijourdine. 
per'lld'*", yp. Perilled, periled. 
per'l-og'*», n. Periogue. 
per^lsb-a-bl', a. Perishable. 
per^lsb-a-bl-ness', n. Perishableness. 
per'Isbt'*", pa. Perished. 
per'^l-u'ter-ln", a. Periuterine. 
per'l-wlgd'*», pp. Periwigged. 
per^i-win^ld', n. Periwinkle. 
perkt'*", pp. Perked. 
perl% v.j a. & n. PearL 
per^lin", a. Perline. 
per'me-a-bl', a. Permeable. 
per'me-a-bl-ness'» n. Permeable- 

per^me-a-tl¥"» a. Permeative. 
per-mls'd-bl', a. Permiscible. 
per-mis^si-bP» a. Permissible. 
per-mts^st-bl-ness', n. Permissible- 

per-ml8'8lv'*», a. Permissive. 
per-mls^slv-ly", ado. Permissively. 

pe-dun'cl', n. Peduncle. 
peeld'*", a. Peeled. 
peept'**9 PV' Peeped. 
peerd'*", pp. Peered. 
pegd'*", a. Pegged. 
pe'Jo-ra'^tlv^, a. Pejorative. 
pe'Jo-rai^tlv-ly", ado. Pejoratively. 
pel', n. PeU. 
pet'U-ct% n. Pellicle. 
peF^^mel", ado. Pell*mell. 
pel-tlg'er-ln", a. Peltigerine. 
pen'clld'*", a. Pencilled, penciled. 
pend'*", pp. Penned. 
pen-den ^tlv", n. Pendentive. 
pen^dl-cF» n. Pendicle. 
pen^du-lln', a. & n. Penduline. 
pe-ner'o-plln"9 a. PeneropUne. 
pen'e-tra-bl'» a. Penetrable. 
pen'e-tra-bi-ness'y n. Penetrable- 

pen'e-tra'^tlv'*", a. Penetrative. 
pen'e-tra"tly-ly*, ado. Penetratively. 
pen'e-tra''tlY-ne8S", n. Penetrative- 

pense'y n. pi. Pence. 
pen-sle^u-la-tlv", a. Pensiculative. 
pen'sll'**, -lie'", a. Pensile. 
pen'slon-a-bl', a. Pensionable. 
pen'slond'*", pp. Pensioned. 
pen'slv'", a. Pensive. 
pen-tac'tin', n. Pentactine. 
people', V. & n. People. 
pep'perd'", pp. Peppered. 
per-celv'', vt. Perceive. 
per-celv'a-bl', a. Perceivable. 
per-celvd"*», pp. Perceived. 
per-cen^tll', a. Percentile. 
per-eep'tl-bl', a. Perceptible. 
per-cep'tt-bl-ness', n. Perceptible- 

per-cep'tlv'*», o. Perceptive. 
per-cep'tlv-ly*, adv. Perceptively. 
per-cep'tlv-ness", n. Perceptiveness. 
pcrcbt'**, a. Perched. 


iiioii'o-syl''Ui-bl'» V. & n. Monosyl- 

mQii-tic'o-liii"» a. Monticoline. 

mon'y'y v, & n. Money. 

moond", a. Mooned. 

moord'**, pp. Moored. 

mopt'y pp. Mopped. 

mor'al-Ize", vt, & vi. Moralise. 

mor^fl-a'y n. Morphia. 

mor-fot'o-gy"» n. Morphology. 

mor'mo-plii", a. & n. Mormopine. 

mor'tard"» a. Mortared. 

mort^gage-a-bl*', a. Mortgageable. 

mor'tis", V. & n. Mortise. 

mor'tlst", pp. Mortised. 

mos% V, & n. Moss. 

most'**, pp. Mossed. 

mo^ta-ctl^Un", n. Motacilline. 

moth'erd^y a. Mothered. 

mo'tU'y -ile*, a. & n. Motile. 

mo^tlond", pp. Motioned. 

mo'tiv'", r., a. & n. Motive. 

mo^tlvdS pp. Motived. 

mot^y", a. & n. Motley. 

mo^tord", pp. Motored. 

mournd", pp. Mourned. 

mouth'a-bPy a. Mouthable. 

mouthd", pa. Mouthed. 

mouz', vt. & vi. Mouse. 

moulder', n. Mouser. 

moT'a-bl'y move'a-bl'y a. & n. Mov- 
able, moveable. 

mov^a-bl-niess'y n. Movableness. 

mowd'*", pp. Mowed. 

mud'l'y V. & n. Muddle. 

muf*", V. & n. Muff. 

muf ^'» V. & n. Muffle. 

muf^d'y pp. Muffled. 

muff", pp. Muffed. 

mugd", pp. Mugged. 

inuPy V. & n. Mull. 

mulcht'", pp. Mulched. 

mulct ^a-bl% a. Mulctable. 

muld", pp. MuUed. 


mul^len", n. Mullein. 

iiiul11ond"» a. MuUioned. 

mul^tl-caullii", a. Multicauline. 

mul^tl-fa'ri-us'y a. Multifarious. 

mul'ti-pU^a-bP» a. Multipliable. 

mul'tl-plF^a-bl-ness'» n. Multipli- 

mul'tl-pll-ea-bl% a. Multiplicable. 

mul'tl-pli-ca^tlT*>» a. & n. Multipli- 
cative. . 

iiiiil'ti-pli-ca^tl¥-ly'» adv. Multipli- 

mum'bl', v. & n. Mmnble. 

mum'btd'y pp. Mumbled. 

muncbt'^^y pp. Munched. 

mun-dlf 'l-ca-tiT*>» a. Mundificative. 

mun'ey'y v. & n. Money". 

munk% n. Monk. 

mun'key'y v. & n. Monkey. 

munk'lsb% a. Monkish. 

mur'derd'", pp. Murdered. 

mur'murd'*", pp. Murmured. 

mur'rin", mur^rbln", a. Murrine, 

mug^y V. & n. Muss. 

mus'ca-dln'y n. Muscadine. 

mus'car-dln^y n. Muscardine. 

mus-elc'a-pln"» a. & n. Muscicapine. 

muB-cic'o-lin", a. Muscicoline. 

mus^cl% n. Muscle. 

mugt", pp. Mussed. 

mus^te-Un", a. & n. MusteUne. 

mus'terd"» pp. Mustered. 

mu'ta-bFy a. Mutable. 

mu^ta-bl-ness'y n. Mutableness. 

mu^ta-tlv", a. Mutative. 

mu'tlv", a. Mutive. 

mut'terd", pp. Muttered. 

muz^, V. & n. Muzzle. 

muzld'y pp. Muzzled. 

my^a-des^tln", a. & n. Myadestine. 

my-ce'tln», a. & n. Mycetine. 

my^l-a-des'tln'» a. & n. Myiadestine. 

my'^l-ag'rln*, a. & n. Myiagrine. 



myF^l-ob'a-tln", a. & n. Myliobatine. 
my-og'a-llii'y a. & n. Myogaline. 
iiiyi''nie-eo'bi*in*» a. & n. Myrme- 

myi''^me-copli'a-glii*» a. & n. Myr- 


myr^ml-cln", a. Myrmicine. 
myr'tl', n. Myrtle. 
mys'ta-cln'y a. Mystacine. 
mys-tac'o-pin'y a. & n. Mystacopine. 
my-ioin'e-llii", a. & n, Myzomeline. 


ii»bd'*», pp. Nabbed. 

iiack*» V. & n. Knack. 

nrng", vt, & vi. Knag. 

nagd^y pp. Nagged. 

nalld'*", pp. Nailed. 

nam'a-bl', name'a-bl', a, Namable, 

nan'dln'y n. Nandine. 
nap*9 vt. & vi. Knap. 
nap'sae", n. Knapsack. 
napt", pp. Napped. 
naptbay naftba', n. Naphtha. 
nar-cls^sln"» a. Narcissine. 
narl", v. & n. Gnarl. 
narld'y a. Gnarled. 
narl'y"» a. Gnarly. 
nar-rat'a-bl'y a. Narratable. 
nar'ra-tiv'**, o. & n. Narrative. 
iuir'ra-tl¥-ly*9 adv. Narratively. 
nar'rowd'**, pp. Narrowed. 
nasb^y vt. & vi. Gnash. 
na^so-paI'a-tlii*9 a. Nasopalatine. 
nat'y n. Gnat. 
nave*, n. Knave. 
na'tlv'*", a. & n. Native. 
iia'tly-ly*» adv. Natively. 
iia'tlv-ness'y n. Nativeness. 
nat'u-ra-bl', a. Naturable. 
iiat'u*ral-tze"» vt. & vi. Naturalise. 
nau'se-a-tlv", a. Nauseative. 
navl-ga-bl'y a. Navigable. 
navl-ga-bl-nets^y n. Navigableness. 
iuiw*» vt. & vi. Gnaw. 
neads vt. Eiiead. 
neapt*9 a. Neaped. 

neard'*** pp. Neared. 

ne-ce8'8l*ta^tl¥*9 a. Necessitative. 

neckt'y a. Necked. 

nee 'tar-in", a. & n. Nectarine. 

nee"» v. & n. Knee. 

nee'dl% t;. & n. Needle. 

neel", vi. Kneel. 

neel'lng*» pres. p. Kneeling. 

nef 'ew', n. Nephew. 

ne-fHt'ic% a. Nephritic. 

neg'a-tlv'", v., o. ^ n. Negative. 

neg'a-tlvd^y pp. Negatived. 

neg'a-tlv-ly", adv. Negatively. 

neg'a-tlv-ness', n. Negativeness. 

neg-lect'a- or i-bl', a. Neglectable, 

negllge-a-bl'y a. Negligeable. 
neg'll-gl-bl', a. Negligible. 
neg'lt-gl-bl-ness'y n. Negligibleness. 
ne-go'tt-a-bP, a. Negotiable. 
nelgb'bor", v., a. & n. Neighbor, 

neigb'bord"» pp. Neighbored. 
neigbd'y pp. Neighed. 
neig", n. Gneiss. 
nel", t;. & n. KnelL 
nelt"» imp. & pp. Knelt. 
nem'a«llii"» a. Nemaline. 
nem^a-to-scol'l-cin"» a. Nemato- 

ne-mer'tln"» a. & n. Nemertine. 
nem^o-rb»'dlii*9 a. Nemorhsedine. 
nem^o-ric'o-lin** a. Nemoricoline. 
ne^o-mor'pbln"* a. & n. Neomor- 




nenr'**, v, & n. Nerve. 
nenrd'*", pp. & a. Nerved. 
ner^fiii"» a. & n. Nervine. 
nes'tl'* vt. & vi. Nestle. 
ne8^tld% pp. Nestled. 
net*9 a. Nett. 
net'tl'y V, & n. Nettle. 
nea^tral-tze'**» vL Neutralise. 
nev'ew', n. Nephew. 
new'i^faii'gld'y o. Newfangled. 
new^^fagh'lond', a. NeWi:fashioned. 
nex'l-bl%a. Nexible. 
iilbd"9 pp. Nibbed. 
nlb'P, t;. & n. Nibble. 
nlb'ld', pp. Nibbled. 
iilek'eld*9 pp. & a. Nickeled, niokelled. 
nlckt'**, pp. Nicked. 
nlek'name'^a-bl', a. Nicknameable. 
nle'nae*, n. Knickknack. 
iil-€Ot'i-dlii*» n. Nicotidine. 
iilfe*9 V. & n. Knife. 
nlgd", a. Nigged. 
nlg^'y V. & n. Niggle. 
iilg'ld'9 pp. Niggled. 
iilind*» a. Nimbed. 
nlm'bl', V. & a. Nimble. 
nlm'bl-ness'y n. Nimbleness. 
nlp^'y V. & n. Nipple. 
nlp^d', pp. Nippled. 
iilpt*9 PP' Nipped. 
iilt"» vt. & vi. Knit. 
nl'ter'**, v. & n. Nitre. 
nl-tram'l-dlii*, n. Nitramidine. 
nl^tra-tln*, n. Nitratine. 
nl^tri-fl'i^a-bP, a. Nitrifiable. 
iilt'tlng"» n. ICnitting. 
nob*9 V. & n. Knob. 
nobd*9 pp. Nobbed. 
noeh'y V. & n. Notch. 
noeht'y pp. Notched. 
noek*9 1;. & n. Knock. 
noek'er*, n. Knocker. 
noek^ng", n. Knocking. 
noe«tll^l«o-iiIii*» n. Noctilionine. 

nod'l, V. & n. Noddle. 
no'i^do-saMii"* a. & n. Nodosarine. 
noFsum'y a. Noisome. 
noll'y V. & n. Knoll. 
nome", n. Gnome. 
no'nieii-cla'>^ti¥"9 a. Nomenclative. 
no'mic'', a. Gnomic. 
nom^i-na-bl'y a. Nominable. 
noiii^i-iia-tiT'**9 a. & n. Nominative. 
nom'l-na-tlv-lF", adv. Nominatively. 
no^moii"; n. Gnomon. 

non^'^^a-nial'ga-nia-bi'y a- Non« 

non^^ap-por'tlon-a-bl'f a. Non^ap- 

non^'^^ap-pos'a-bl'y a. Non^apposable. 
non^^ar'bl-tra-bl'y a. Non«arbitra- 

non^'^^as-sess'a-bl'y a. Non^assess- 

non^^eo-ag'n-la-bPy a. Non^coagu- 

non'Veo-er'clT'", a. Non*coercive. 
non^^cog'nl-tiv'y a. Non«cognitive. 
noii^*eol-lap^si-[or a-Jbl**, a. Non« 

collapsible, non^collapsable. 
non^'^^eoiii-nieii'su-ra-bl', a. Non« 

non^'^^coiii'inoii-a-bPy a. Non^com- 

non^'^^coiii-ina'ta-tiT", a. Non-com- 

non^^com-pet'l-tiv'*", a. Non*com- 

noii'>^^coii-dens'l-bl',a. Non^condens- 

non^Vcon^due'tlV*, a. Non^conduc- 

iioii^*eoii«iio'ta-tl?"» a. Non^conno- 

non^con-sec'n-tlv'**, a. Non*con- 

non^^con-ser'va-tlv'", a. Non«oon- 

servative. ' 



non^^con-struc'tiv", o. Non*con- 

non'Vcor-ro'di-bF, o. Non»corro- 

non^cor^ros'l?'*", a. Non-corrosive. 
non^^crys^tal-lliiy -ine", a. Non« 

non'i'^cu'iiiu-la-tlT'", o. Non*cu- 

non^^del'e-ga-bl'y a. Non-delegable. 
non'^'^de-presf **, a. Non*depressed. 
noii'>^^de-squaiii'a-tiT"9 a. Non^^le- 

non^^de-veFop-a-bl^f a. Nonsdevel- 

noii'>^*dl-lat'a-bl'9 a. Non-dilatable. 
non^^du'tl-a-bl', a. Non^dutiable. 
non^^eat'a-bl', a. Non^eatable. 
iioii''*ed'l-bl', a. Nonsedible. 
iioii'''*ef-fec'tlv'*», a. Non-effective. 
non^^em-fat'lc', a. Non-emphatic. 
non-en ^tl-ta^tl¥"9 a. Nonentitative. 
non-en'tl-tlT*9 o. Nonentitive. 
non^^ex-com-niu^nl-ca-bl% a. Non« 

non^^ex-cu^za-bl'y a. Non*excusable. 
non'i'^ex-ec'n-tlv*'**, a. Non^execu- 

non^^x-pan^slv'*", a. Non«expan- 

non^^ex-pan'slv-ly**, adv, Non*ex- 

non'i'^ex-plo'slT'*', a. Non*explosive. 
non^'^^ex-ten'sil', a, Non^^extensile. 
non'^'^ex-ten'slv'*", a. Non»extensive. 
non^feb'rll'*", non^feb'rile"» a. Non^^ 

non^fe-nom'e-nal', a. Non^^phenom- 

non^fer«inent^a-[or i-Jbl', a. Non* 

fermentable, nonsfermentible. 
non^fis^sil'*'*, non^fls'slle", a. Non« 

non^fo-net'iC, a. Non^phonetic. 

non^for^felt-a-bl% a. Non*forfeit- 

non^fireei'a-bl', a. Non«freezable. 

non^fund'a-bl'» a. Non-fundable. 

non^fun'gl-bF, a. & n. Non«fuzigible. 

non^hos^tlly -lie", a. Non«hostile. 

non^lg-nlt'l-[or a-Jbl'y a. Non-ignit- 
ible, non-ignitable. 

non^lm'l-ta-tlT'**9 a. Non>>imitative. 

non^^ln-due^tlv", a. Non-inductive. 

non^ln-flam'ma-bl% a. Non-inflam- 

non^ln^te-gra-bl', a. Non-integrable. 

non^lr^-ga-bl'y a. Non-irrigable. 

non^lr'rl-ta-bl', a. Non-irritable. 

non^mag'ne-tlz^[or -Is^Ja-bl', a. 
Non-magnetizable, non-magnetis- 

non^mar'rlage-a-bl'y a. Non-mar- 

non^inl8^cl-bl'» a. Non-miscible. 

non^mo'blly -lie*, a. Non-mobile. 

non^na^tlv'^'y a. Non-native. 

non^nav'l-ga-bl'y a. Non-navigable. 

nontfne-go'tl-a-bl% a. Non-negoti- 

non*nu'trl-tlT'*", a. Non-nutritive. 

nonces ^cln"» a. & n. Non-oscine. 

non^pas'ser-ln", a. & n. Non-pas- 

non^peakt^'y a. Non-peaked. 

non^per^me-a-bPya. Non-permeable. 

non'plust", pp. Nonplused, non- 

non^po1ar-lz^[or -ls^]a-bl», a. Non- 
polarizable, non-polarisable. 

non*pos'l-tlT'**, a. Non-positive. 

non^pre-lien'8ll'**9 non^pre-hen'- 
8lle"» a. Non-prehensHe. 

non^prlin'l-tlT'**9 a. Non-primitive. 

non^prln'cl-pld'» pa. Non-principled. 

non^prob'a-bl'y a. Non-probable. 

non^pro-due'tlv'*"^ a. non-produc- 



non^pro-due'tlv-ness'^'y n. Non^ 

non^pro-fest"**, pa, Non^profeesed. 
non^pro-gres'slv'*"* a. Non^progres- 

non^pro-trae'tll*, a. Non^protrao- 

non^pu-tres'cl-bl'y a, Non«putres- 

non^re-celt", n. Non«receipt. 
non^rel'a-tlv'**, a. & n. Non»rela- 

non^re-pay^a-bl'y a. Non^repayable. 
non^rep'^re-seii'ta-tlv'**, a. Non* 

non^re'^pro-duc'tlv'", o. Non^re- 

non^re-speet'a-bl't a. Non^respect- 

non^re-splr a-bl', a. Non^reepirable. 
iioii^re-trac'ttl» -ile"» a. Non^retrac- 

non^re-turn'a-bl'f a. Non-return- 
non^re-ver'sl-br, a. Non«reversible. 
non^sac'cha-riiiy -lne"» a. Non« 

non^sen'sl-bl'y a. Non«sensible. 
noii^sen'sl-tl¥'**» a. Non«sensitive. 
noii'i^KSub-mls^siT'*", a. Non-submis- 

noost*9 pp. Noosed. 
nop"» n. Knop. 
nor'den-sldlSl-dlii*, n. Nordenskidl- 

nor'ma-tly"* a. Normative. 
nor'ina-tlv-l7*» adv. Normatively. 
nos'tic", a. & n. Gnostic. 
not", V. & n. Knot. 
no^ta-bl'y a. & n. Notable. 
no'ta-bl-ness', n. Notableness. 
notcht", a. • Notched. 

no'tlee-a-bl', a. Noticeable. 
no'tl-fl^a-bl% a. Notifiable. 
iio'tl8*» V. & n. Notice. 
no^tl8t*9 pp. Noticed. 
nour'lsht'y pp. Nourished. 
not'tlng", n. Knotting. 
no-va'tlv", a. Novative. 
nov'ls", a. & n. Novice. 
noa^'y V. & n. Nozzle. 
nu'bll'*", -Ue», a. Nubile. 
nuek^e", v. & n. Knuckle. 
iiu'cle-o-llii'» n. Nucleoline. 
nul'**, v., a. & n. Null. 
nuld'y pp. Nulled. 
nuiii", V. & a. Numb. 
num'berdS pp. Numbered. 
numd"» pp. Numbed. 
nu-me'nl-iiiS a. & n. Numeniine. 
nu^nier«a-bl'» a. Numerable. 
nu'mer-a-bl-ness'y n. Numerable- 

iiu'iner-a''tlT», a. & n. Numerative. 
num^skul^', n. Numskull. 
nuii'cl-a^tlVy a. Nunciative. 
nun'eu-pa^tlv", a. Nuncupative. 
nund"» pp. Nunned. 
nur^lsh^ vt. & vi. Nourish. 
nur'l8h-a-bl% a. Nourishable. 
nur'lsht'9 pp. Nourished. 
nurl"» V. & n. KnurL 
nurld", a. Knurld. 
niirst", pp. Nursed. 
nu'tri-tlv'**, a. & n. Nutritive. 
nui^'y V. & n. Nuzzle. 
ii7c'ta-giii"9 n. Nyctagine. 
iiye-tlb'l-iii*9 o. & n. Nyctibiine. 
nyc'^tl-ce'blii*, a. &n. Nycticebine. 
nyc'^tl-or'iil-tliliiS a. & n. Nyctior- 

nyc^tl-pith'e-cln*, a. & n. Nycti- 

njrmf *■, n. Njrmph. 




a»rd»**t a. Oared. 
o-bey'a-bl'y a. Obeyable. 
o-beyd'*, pp. Obeyed. 
ob-Jeet'a-bl'y a. Objectable. 
ob-Je€'t»-tlv», a. Objectative. 
ob-j6€'tloii-a«bP» a. Objectionable. 
ob-Jec'tlV", a. &n. Objective. 
ob-Jec'tlv-ly", adv. Objectively. 
ob-Jur'ga-tly"» a. Objurgative. 
ob-Jur'ga-tlv-ly», adv. Objurgatively. 
obai-ga-bF» a. Obligable. 
ob11-ga^tlv», a. Obligative. 
ob1I-ga^tlv-iiess*9 n. Obligativeness. 
ob-llt'er-a"tlv", a. Obliterative. 
ob-8er¥"*», vt. & vi. Observe. 
ob-senr^a-bl', o. Observable. 
ob-serv'a-bl-ness'y n. Observable- 

ob-ser'va-tiv, a. Observative. 
ob-servd"*", pp. Observed. 
ob-ses'slv", a. Obsessive. 
ob-sest'*, pp. Obsessed. 
ob'sta-cl'» a. & n. Obstacle. 
ob-strac'tiv"» o. & n. Obstructive. 
ob-struc'tiv-Iy", ado. Obstructively. 
ob-strac^tlv-iiess"9 n. Obstructive- 

ob-talii'a-bl'» a. Obtainable. 
ob-talnd''*», pp. Obtained. 
ob-tra'sl?'**, a. Obtrusive. 
ob-trn'8lv-ly", adv. Obtrusively. 
ob-tru'slv-ness*** n. Obtrusiveness. 
ob'vo-lu'''tlv», a. Obvolutive. 
oe-ca'sion-a-bl'» a. Occasionable. 
oc-ca^siond"9 pp. Occasioned. 
oc-elu'siv", a. Occlusive. 
oc'cu-pa^tlv", o. Occupative. 
oe'cn-pFa-bl', a. Occupiable. 
oc-curd'^*", pp. Occurred. 
o'l^ee-aii'l-tliiOy a. & n. Oceanitine. 
o-cher*» v., a. & n. Ochre. 

oc'i^to-eo-ralllhS a. & n. Octocoral- 

oc'i^to-doii'tlii*, a. & n. Octodontine. 
oc^to-syl'la-bl', a. Octosyllable. 
od'*», a. & n. Odd. 
od'a-cin", a. & n. Odacine. 
o^dl-us", a. Odious. 
o^don-toph'o-rin^ya. Odontophorine. 
o'dor*, n. Odor, odour. 
o^dor-u8"9 o. Odorous. 
orfend'a-bl% a. Offendable. 
of-fense '*•*■, n. Offence. 
of-fen'sl?'*", a. & n. Offensive. 
of-fen'8lT-ly'» adv. Offensively. 
of-fen'8l¥-ne88"» n. Offensiveness. 
of 'fer-a-bl'» a. Offerable. 
of 'ferd»*», pp. Offered. 
offlss n. Office. 
o-fld^l-an'» a. & n. Ophidian. 
of-thaFinl-a'9 n. Ophthahnia. 
of-thal'inlc'^9 a. Ophthalmic. 
of-thal'm)r'» n. Ophthalmy. 
o'ger'*", n. Ogre. 
oild", pp. Oiled. 
old'^fash^lon-a-bP, a. Old^fashion- 

ol-fact^l-[or a-]bl% a. Olfactible, 

olf actable. 
ol-fac^tlv", a. Olf active. 
oFi-go-8yl'1a-bF» n. Oligosyllable. 
oi'lv'*", a. & n. Olive. 
oFlv-ness'y n. Oliveness. 
om^ber'y n. Ombre. 
om'e-let", n. " Omelette. 
o'mend", a. Omened. 
o-iiil8^8i-bp9 a. Omissible. 
o-mls'slv", a. Omissive. 
om^iil-rep'i're-seii'ta-tlT*, a. Omni- 

oin^iiI-rep'>^re-8eii'ta-tlT-ne8s*9 n. 



om^nl-spec'tlv", a. Omnispective. 
om'plui-ciii't a. Omphacine. 
oii8e"» a., n. & adv. Once. 
001% V. & n. Ooze. 
ooid»", pp. Oozed. 
o'pal-ln'y a. & n. Opaline. 
o'pen-ft-bl'y a. Openable. 
o'pend'", pp. Opened. 
op'er-at^a-bl'y a. Operatable. 
op'er-a''tl?*, a. & n. Operative. 
op'er-a^tlv-ly", adv, Operatively. 
op'er-a^tlv-ness'y n. Operativeness. 
o-piii'i-a^tlv*» a. Opiniative. 
o-pln'ion-a-bPy a. Opinionable. 
o«piii'ioii-a^tlv*9 a. Opinionative. 
o-pin'ion^a^tlv-ly", adv. Opiniona- 

o-pin^on-a^tlv-ness'y n. Opiniona- 

op'i^ls-thoe'^HiiiliiS n. Opisthoco- 

op«pos'a«bl'» a. Opposable. 
op'piH8lt'**9 a. & n. Opposite. 
op«pos'l-tly"» a. Oppositive. 
op«pos'i*tlv-l7"» adv. Oppositively. 
op«pos^l«tlT*ne88'*9 n. Oppositiveness. 
op'po-sit-ly*» adv. Oppositely. 
op'po-sit-ness", n. Oppositeness. 
op-prc8'glv'*», a. Oppressive. 
op-pre8'slv-ly*9 ado. Oppressively. 
op-pres'slv-nessS n. Oppressiveness. 
op-prest"**, a. Oppressed. 
op't»-tlv'*», a. & n. Optative. 
op'ta-tlv-ly*9 ado. Optatively. 
or'a-d', n. Oracle. 
orbd'*», pa. Orbed. 
or-dalii'a-bl% a. Ordainable. 
or-daind^9 pp. Ordained. 
or'der-a-bl% a. Ord^rable. 
or'derd'*", pp. Ordered. 
or'dl-na^tlv*9 n. Ordinative. 
o-iec'tlv», a. Orective. 
o^re-o-plui^sln*9 a. & n. Oreophasine. 
o^re-ot'ra-Klii% a. Oreotragine. I 


or'fan'**, v., a. & n. Orphan. 
or'gaii-la''[or -l8'']a-bl', o. Organiz- 

able, organisable. 
or'gaii-iie'9 vL & vi. Organise. 
or^gan-slnS v. & n. Organzine. 
or'l-fl8"» n. Orifice. 
o-rlg'l-na-bl'y a, Originable. 
o-rlg'l-iui-tl¥", a. Originative. 
o-rlg'i«iia-tlT-ly"» adv. Originatively. 
or^na-men'ta-tiy", a. Omamenta- 

or'phand", pp. Orphaned. 
or'tho-grafy n. Chrthograph. 
or-thog^ra-fer'» n. Orthographer. 
or^tho-graf 'ie'9 a. Orthographic. 
or-thog^ra-f)r'» n. Orthography. 
or^tho-pe'dlc*, a. Orthopsedic. 
or'tlv", a. Ortive. 
os'cll-la''tlv", a. Oscillative. 
os'ell-la^tlT-ly", ado. Oscillatively. 
os'clns a. & n. Oscine. 
os-ten'sl-bP, a. Ostensible. 
os-ten'sl-bl-ness'y n. Ostensibleness. 
os-teii^8iy"» o. Ostensive. 
os-ten'slv-ly", adv. Ostensively. 
08^tra-clii"» a. & n. Ostracine. 
os^tra-ctz^a-bP, a. Ostracizable. 
os'tra-cize'*", vt. Ostracise. 
o-tar^l-in", o'ta-rln", a. Otariine, 

our-selTs^, pron. pi. Ourselves. 
oat-U¥^', vt. & vi. Outlive. 
out-8pred"*», vt. & vi. Outspread. 
out-streeh", vt. Outstretch. 
ont-stfecht"*», pp. Outstretched. 
oat-stript"» pp. Outstripped.' 
ont-walkt"*", pp. Outwdked. 
OT'end", o.^ Ovened. 
o'^ver-aw", vt. Overawe. 
o'^Ter-awd"", pp. Overawed. 
o^ver-com'a-bP, a. Overcomable. 
o'ver-hed''", a. & adv. Overhead. 
o'^Ter-Iapt'", pp. Overlapped. 
o'ver-leapt^*, pp. Overleaped. 


o^ver-lookt^*, pp. Overlooked. 
a''Ter-p»8t"", pp. Overpassed. 
o^'ver-spred"*", vt. Overspread. 
o^Ter-stralnd'"» pp. Overstrained. 
a''Ter-turii'a-bI', a. Overtumable. 
a^'ver-whelmd'", pp. Overwhelmed. 
o'^Tl-bo'vlii", a. & n. Ovibovine. 
o'vlls a. Ovile. 
o'vln", a. Ovine. 
o^TU-llii<*9 a. Ovuline. 
oW, vL & vi. Owe. 


owd'", pp. Owed. 
ownd'", pp. Owned. 
ox'ld', n. Oxide. 
ox'l-da-bl'» a. Oxidable. 
ox'l-da^tlT", a. Oxidative. 
ox'l-dla^[or -dls'>^]a-bi'', a. Oxidiz- 

able, oxidisable. 
ox'jr-gen-la''[or-l8'']a-bi',o. Oxygen- 

izable, oxygenisable. 
ox^jr-sui^fid*, n. Oxysulfide. 

I»a'ca-bl', a. Pacable. 
paeh', V. & n. Patch. 
pach'a-bl'y a. Patchable. 
Iiacht'» pp. Patched. 
paeh^y-ceph^a-llii*» a. & n. Pachy- 

pac'i^l-fl'a-bP, a. Pacifiable. 
paek'a-bP» a. Packable. 
packt'**, pp. Packed. 
pack'thred^'**, n. Packthread. 
pad'doCy V. & n. Paddock. 
pad^*, V. & n. Paddle. 
pad^d'» pp. Paddled. 
pad'lockt'**, pp. Padlocked. 
paind'*", pa. Pained. 
paird'**, pa. Paired. 
pal'at-a-bP, a. Palatable. 
pal^at-a-bl-ness', n. Palatableness. 
pal'a-tln'*% -iiie'» a. & n. Palatine. 
paid", pp. Palled. 
pa^lerog'ra-fir', n. Paleography. 
pa'ile-o-llth^le** a. & n. Pakeolithic. 
pa'^e-on-tol'o-gy^yn. Palaeontology. 
Pa^le-o-io'lc", a. & n. Palaeozoic. 
palld'y pp. Palled. 
palll-a-ttv'*", o. & n. Palliative. 
palll-a-tlv-ly*, adv. Palliatively. 
palmd'**, a. Palmed. 
pal'pa-bP» a. Palpable. . 
pal'pa-bl-nes8'» n. Palpableness. 

pal'pa-cl', n. Palpacle. 
pal'terd'*", pp. Paltered. 
pal'u-din", a. Paludine. 
pa-lu8^trln'» a. Palustrine. 
pam^flet'**, n. Pamphlet. 
pam'perd'*", pp. Pampered. 
pand'» pp. Panned. 
pan^eo-iin*, n. Pancoline. 
pan'derd'", pp. Pandered. 
pan 'eld'*", pp. Paneled, panelled. 
pan'l-cP, 71. Panicle. 
pan'i-eid**, a. Panicled. 
pan'ther-in", a. Pantherine. 
pan^to-graP, n. Pantograph. 
pa'pa-bP, a. Papable. 
pa'perd'f % pp. Papered. 
papt", pp. Papped. 
par'a-bl', v. & n. Parable. 
par'i^a-eal'ca-rln", a. Paracalcarine. 
par^a-fer-na1I-a', n. pi. Parapher- 
par'af-fln", v. & n. Paraffine. 
par'a-f^as^a-bP, a. Paraphrasable. 
par'a-ftase'*", v. & n. Paraphrase. 
par'a-frasf, n. Paraphrast. 
par'a-gond", pp. Paragoned. 
par'a-graf*", t;. & n. Paragraph. 
par'a-graf-er*, n. Paragrapher. 
par'a-graft'**, pp. Paragraphed. 
par'al-lel'^a-bP, a. Parallelable. 


par'a-Ield'*", pp. Paralleled, paral- 

par'a-lyie"» vL Paralyse. 
pau^a-naph'tha-llii*, n. Paranaph- 

par'a-nymf 9 n. Paran3anph. 
pa-rag'tl-clii*» a. & n. Parasticine. 
par'bolld'^9 pp. Parboiled. 
par'celd'*", pp. Parceled, parcelled. 
parcht'**, pp. Parched. 
pard^ln", a. Pardine. 
par'doii-a-bP» a. Pardonable. 
parMon-a-bl-ness't n. Pardonable- 

parMond'**, pp. Pardoned. 
parkes'ln"* n. Parkesine. 
parkt", pp. Parked. 
parla-nieiit'9 n. Parliament. 
par'Ieyd'", pp. Parleyed. 
parlor*, n. Parlor, parlour. 
par'Iy", v. & n. Parley. 
par^o-dl-a-bl'9 a. Parodiable. 
pars^a-bl'» a. Parsable. 
par'>^8l-ino'iil-us'*» a. Parsimonious. 
pars'ly*, n. Parsley. 
par'sond^, a. Parsoned. 
pargf", pp. Parsed. 
part'i-[or a-]bl', a. Partible, partable. 
par-tak^a-bP, a. Partakable.^ 
par^the-no-geii'l-tlv"» a. Partheno- 

par-tie ^l-pa-bPy a. Participable. 
par-tlc'l«pa''tlv"» a. Participative. 
par-tlc^i-pa'^tlv-ly*, adv. Participa- 

par'tl-ci-pl', n. Participle. 
par'tl-cP, n. Particle. 
par-tl'tlond', pp. Partitioned. 
par'tl-tlv»*», a. & n. Partitive. 
par'tl-tlv-ly, ado. Partitively. 
par'tl-ian*, a. & n. Partisan. 
part^nerdS pp. Partnered. 
par-tu'rl-tlv*» a. Parturitive. 
pas'y V. & n. Pass. 


pas'el-bF, a. Pascible. 
pass'a*bl'» a. Passable. 
pass'a-bl-ness'y n. Passableness. 
pas'ser-ln", a. & n. Passerine. 
pas'sl-bl*', a. Passible. 
pas'si-bl-ness'y n. Passibleness. 
pas'sly'**, a. & n. Passive. 
pa8'8i¥-ly*» adv. Passively. 
pas'slv-ness^y n. Passiveness. 
past'**, pp. Passed. 
pas'tur-a-bP» a. Pasturable. 
patcht", pp. Patched. 
pat'ent-a-bl'y a. Patentable. 
pa-troId''*S pp. Patrolled. 
pat'ro-iilz'>^[or -nls^Ja-W, a. Patro- 

pat'ron-lze", vi. Patronise. 
pat'ta-bl'» a. Pattable. 
pat'terd"» pp. Pattered. 
pat^tern-a-bl'y a. Pattemable. 
pat'ternd'**, pp. Patterned. 
Paul^ln", a. Pauline. 
pa-vU'lond'*", pp. Pavilioned. 
pawd'*», a. Pawed. 
pawn'a-bl'» a. Pawnable. 
pawnd'*", pp. Pawned. 
pay'a-bl', a. Payable. 
peace'a-bl'» a. Peaceable. ' 
peace'a-bl-ne8s'» n. Peaceableness. 
peacht'*", pp. Peached. 
peakt", a. Peaked. 
peaid'", pp. Pealed. 
peas'» n. sing. & pi. Pease. 
peb'l', V. & n. Pebble. 
peb'rln", n. Pebrine. 
pec^ca-br» a. Peccable. 
peckt'*«, pp. Pecked. 
ped1», vt. & vi. Peddle. 
pedad% pp. Peddled. 
ped^ler% n. Peddler. 
ped'a-gog'*«, V. & n. Pedagogue. 
pe-dle^u-lln*, a. Pediculine. 
ped'o-mo^tiv", n. Pedomotive. 
pe^do-bap'tlst", n. Paedobaptist. 


pe-dun'd'y n. Peduncle. 
peeld'*«, a. Peeled. 
peept'**, pp. Peeped. 
peerd'*«, pp. Peered. 
pegd'", a. Pegged. 
pe'Jo-ra^tlv*, a. Pejorative. 
pe'Jo-ra''tlT-Iy*, adv. Pejoratively. 
pel', n. Pell. 
pei'U-cP, n. Pellicle. 
pel'i'^inel'', adv. Pell-mell. 
pei-tlg'er-ln^, a. Peltigerine. 
pen'cild'**, a. PenciQed, penciled. 
peiid'*S pp. Penned. 
pen-den^tlv", n. Pendentive. 
penMI-cl'» n. Pendicle. 
penMu-lIn*, a. & n. Penduline. 
pe-ner'o-plln*9 a. Peneropline. 
peii'e-tra-bl'» a. Penetrable. 
pen'e-tra-bl-ness', n. Penetrable- 

peii'e-tra^tlv'*'» a. Penetrative. 
peu'e-tra^tlv-Iy*, adv. Penetratively. 
pen'e-tra''tlT«nes8"» n. Penetrative- 

pense'» n. pi. Pence. 
pen-sic 'u-la«tlT"» a. Pensiculative. 
pen'sil'*", -lie'*", a. Pensile. 
peii'sloii-a-bL'» a. Pensionable. 
peii'slond'**» pp. Pensioned. 
pen'slv'*", a. Pensive. 
peii-tac'tlii*» n. Pentactine. 
people', V. & n. People. 
pep'perd'**, pp. Peppered. 
per-ceW, vt. Perceive. 
per-ceiv'a-bP, a. Perceivable. 
per-celvd"**, pp. Perceived. 
per-cen'tll*, a. Percentile. 
per-eep^tl-bl', a. Perceptible. 
per-eep'tl-bl«ne88'» n. Perceptible- 

per-cep'tlT'*», a. Perceptive. 
per-cep'tlv-ly*, adv. Perceptively. 
per-eep'ti¥-ne8s*» n. Perceptiveness. 
perehf**, a. Perched. 


per'co-Ia'^tlT*, a. Percolative. 
per-eu8'8lv*9 a. & n. Percussive. 
per-eus'slv-ly", adv. Percussively. 
per-cu8'8lv-iie8s*9 n. Percussiveness. 
per-cust'", pp. Percussed. 
per'du-ra-bi'» a. Perdurable. 
per'du-ra-bl-ness', n. Perdurable- 

per'e-griii*, a. Peregrine. 
per-fect'l-bl'» a. Perfectible. 
per-fec'tiv'*", a. Perfective. 
per-fec'tlv-ly", adv. Perfectively. 
per-fee^tiv-ness", n. Perfectiveness. 
per'fo-ra-bi'» a. Perforable. 
per'fo-ra'^tlT'**, a. Perforative. 
per-forin'a-bPy a. Perfonnable. 
per-formd''", pp. Performed. 
per-fu'slv", a. Perfusive. 
pe-rif' er-y'*«, n. Periphery. 
per'l-ftase', vt. & vi. Periphirase. 
per'^I-ftas'tic', a. Periphrastic. 
per^i-gour'din", n. Perigourdine. 
per^l-Jour^dln*» n. Perijourdine. 
per'lld'", pp. Perilled, periled. 
per'l-og'", n. Periogue. 
per'ish-a-bl', a. Perishable. 
per'ish-a-bl-ness'y n. Perishableness. 
per'isht'*", pa. Perished. 
per^l-u'ter-ln", a. Periuterine. 
per'l-wlgd'*", pp. Periwigged. 
per'l-win^kl', n. Periwinkle. 
perkt'**, pp. Perked. 
perl'» v., a. & n. PearL 
per^lin"» a. Perline. 
per'nie«a-bl'» a. Permeable. 
per^nie-a-bl-ne88'» n. Permeable- 

per'nie-a-tlv"» a. Permeative. 
per-mls'cl-bl', a. Permiscible. 
per-mls'sl-bP, a. Permissible. 
per-mls'sl-bl-ness', n. Permissible- 

per- mis 'si V'**, a. Permissive. 
per-mls'slv-ly*, adv. Permissively. 



per-iiil8'sl¥-ne8S"» n. PermissiveneBS. 
per-mut'a-bP, a. Permutable. 
per-mnt'a-bl-neM', n. Pennutable- 

per'iilii"^ a. Pemine. 
per-ox'i-dls^a-bl', a. Peroxidizable. 
per'pe-tra-bl', a. Perpetrable. 
per-pet'u-a-bl', a. Perpetuable. 
per-plex^a-bl'» a. Perplexable. 
per-plext"*», pa. Perplexed. 
per'qul-slt'**, n. Perquisite. 
per'ro-tln", n. Perrotine. 
per'se-cu'^tiv^, o. Persecutive. 
per'se-cu^ttv-ncss*, n. Persecutive- 

per-sls'tl?*, a. Pereistive. 
per-8l8'tlT-l7*, adv. Persistively. 
per-8is'tlT-ne88*9 n. Persistiveness. 
per^son-a-bl'y a. Personable. 
per^son-a-bl-ness'y n. Personable- 

peT'80ii-a-tiv"» o. Personative. 
per-son'i-fl^a-bl'y a, Personifiable. 
per-son^l-fi-ea^'^tly", a. Personifica- 

per-spec'tlT'*^, a. & n. Perspective. 
per-spec'tlv-Iy», adv, Perspectively. 
per-8plr^a-bl'» a. Perspirable. 
per«8aad'a-bl'» a. Persuadable. 
per-suad'a«bl-ne88'9 n. Persuadable- 

per-8ua'8i-bl', a. Persuasible. 
per-8ua^8l-bl-ne88'» n. Persuasible- 

per-8ua'slT'*», o. & n. Persuasive. 
per-sua'8lv-ly*9 adv. Persuasively. 
per-sua^slv-ne88*9 n. Persuasiveness. 
per-taind"**, pp. Pertained. 
per-turb'a-bl', a. Perturbable. 
per-turbd"**, pp. Perturbed. 
per-va'sl?'**, a. Pervasive. 
per-va'slv-ly*, adv. Pervasively. 
per-ver'slv'*", a. Perversive. 
per-yert'i-bP, a. Pervertible. 

per-ver'tlv", a. Pervertive. 
pes'ant*, a. & n. Peasant. 
pes'terd'*", pp. Pestered. 
pe8'tt% t;. & n. Pestle. 
pet'ald", pp. Petaled. 
pe-tl'tlond'**, pp. Petitioned. 
pet^rl-fac'tlv'*", a. Petrifactive. 
pet'rl-fl^a-bl% a. Petrifiable. 
Pe'trin*, a. Petrine. 
pet'ty, a. Petit. 
pei^aiit'9 a. & n. Peasant. 
pei'ant-ry'y n. Peasantry. 
phai^o-ehe'[or chce']rlii', a. Pbaco- 

oherin, phaoochoerin. 
phse'i^o-cys'tliiBy a. Ph»oc)r8tine. 
phas-eog^a-lln', a. & n. Phascogaline. 
phas^co-larc'tlii"» a. & n. Phascolarc- 

pha'sl-a-iilii"» a. & n. Phasianinie. 
phe'iilx*» n. Phcenix. 
phe'^no-crys'tal-lln"* a. Phenocrys- 

phe-nom'e-non", n. Phenomenon. 
phe^no-safrl-nln'^y n. Phenosafri- 

Plil-li8^tiii*» a. & n. Philistine. 
phtl^'^o-geii^l-tlv*, a, Philogenitive. 
phtl^o-pro-gen^l-tWya. Philoprogen- 
plitl^o-pro-geii'l-tlT«ne88"» n. Philo- 

phce^nl-coph'a-lln^y a. & n. Phoeni- 

phce^iiI-eoph'l-lin*» a. & n, Phoeni- 

phyl^o-rhln", phjrl'^o-rhrnlii", a. 

& n. Phyllorhine, phyllorhinine. 
phyl-los^eo-pln", a. Phylloscopine. 
phyl'^o-stom'a-tln", a. & n. Phyllo- 

phyi-los'to-mln", a, & n. Phyllosto- 

pich', V. & n. Pitch. 
pich'er', n. Pitcher. 


piclit'**, pa. Pitched. 
picli'y', a. Pitchy. 
pick'a-bl% a. Pickable. 
plck^'» V, & n. Pickle. 
plck1d% pp. Pickled. 
plckt'*», pa. Picked. 
plc'nlct'*", pp. Picnicked. 
plc^ro-ear'iiilii"» n. Picrocarmine. 
pic'tur-a-bl', a. Picturable. 
pic^tur-a-bl-ne8s'» n. Picturableness. 
pi-er'i-dlii"» a. Pieridine. 
plerst* 9 pp. Pierced. 
pisd', pp. Pigged. 
pis'my, a. & n. Pygmy. 
pls'iio-ra^tlv*» a. Pignorative. 
pfl'*«, v. & n. Pill. 
pfld», pp. Pilled. 
pU'ferd'**, pp. Pilfered. 
pll'grimd", pp. Pilgrimed. 
pllin'y a. Piline. 
ptllage-a-bF, a. Pillageable: 
pllOard*, a. Pillared. 
pll'lo'» V. & n. Pillow. 
plllowd'**, pp. Pillowed. 
pi«inel^o-dln*9 a. & n. Pimelodine. 
piiii'pl% n. Pimple. 
plm'pld'y a. Pimpled. 
plmpt'**, pp. Pimped. 
pliieht'*"» pa. Pinched. 
plnd'*", pp: Pinned. 
pi-nle'o-Un*, a. Pinicoline. 
pin'iond'**, a. Pinioned. 
pinkt'^, pa. Pinked. 
pln'na-d'y v. & n. Pinnacle. 
pin'na-cid', pp. Pinnacled. 
plii'tl'9 n. Pintle. 
pF'o-neerd"**, pp. Pioneered. 
pipt", a. Pipped. 
pisht'*", pp. Pished. 
pls'told*» pp. Pistoled, pistolled. 
plt€bt*» pa. Pitched. 


pitbf 9 pp. Pithed. < 

plt^-a-bl', a. Pitiable. 
plt^-a-bl-ne88'» n. Pitiableness. 


pla'ca-bP, a. Placable. 
pla'ca-bl-ne8s'» n. Placableness. 
plalnd'*", pp. Plained. 
plaln'tlf**, n. Plaintiff. 
plain 'tlv'*», a. Plaintive. 
pland'*", pp. Planned. 
plan'lsht"^ PP' Planished. 
plankt'**, pp. Planked. 
plasbt'*"» pp. Plashed. 
plas'terd''**, pp. Plastered. 
plat^y-pbyFlin", a. Platyphylline. 
plat'y-rblii"» a. Platyrhine. 
plau'sl-bl'y a. Plausible. 
plau'sf-bl-ness'y n. Plausibleness. 
plau'slv'*", a. Plausive. 
play'a-bl'» a. Playable. 
playd""*", pp. Played. 
pleacht'» pp. Pleached. 
plead ^a-bl', a. Pleadable. 
plea^siir-a-bP» a. Pleasurable. 
plea^sur-a-bl-nes8'» n. Pleasurable- 

plee'o-tlii"» a. & n. Plecotine. 
pledge'a-bl', a. Pledgeable. 
pledgd'*^, pp. Pledged. 
plen^Isht'y pp. Plenished. 
pleii'te-us'» a. Plenteous. 
plea'ant**, a. Pleasant. 
pleasure", v. & n. Pleasure. 
plei'ant', a. Pleasant. 
ple'iur-a-bP» a. Pleasurable. 
ple'iure'9 V. & n. Pleasure. 
pll'a-bl'» a. PUable. 
pll'a-bl-ness'y n. Phableness. 
plle'a-tly", a. Plicative. 
plo'sly", n. Plosive. 
plow'", V. & n. Plough. 
plow'a-bP, a. Plowable. 
plowd'**, pp. Plowed. 
pluckt'**» pa. Plucked. 
plugd»*», pp. Plugged. 
plum', V,, a.f n. & adv. Plumb. 
plumd'**, pp. Plumbed. 
plum'mer', n. Plumber. 


pium^mlng', n. Plumbing. 
plum'^llne^'t v, & n. Plumb-line. 
piuinpt'**» pp. Plumped. 
plun'der-a-bP, a. Plunderable. 
plun'derd'*", pp. Plundered. 
plu'ra-tlv*, a. Plurative. 
pIuT'er', n. Plover. 
piu^fi-a-lln", a. Pluvialine. 
poaeht'**9 pp. Poached. 
po-da'ger-lnS a. Podagerine. 
poFsond'**9 pa. Poisoned. 
pold*, pa. Polled. 

poi^l«op'to-Uii*9 a, & n. Polioptoline. 
poFlsh-a-bP, a, Polishable. 
pol'isht'**, pa. Polished. 
poU^a-bl', a, PoUable. 
ponoe*9 n. Pollock. 
po-iyb^o-rln^y a. & n. Polyborine. 
pol'7-graf » n. Polygraph. 
po-lyg^ra-fy^, n. Polygraphy. 
pol'yp", n. Polype. 
por)r-pld*» n. Polypide. 
pol'y-syFla-bP, n. Polysyllable. 
pom'a-rlnS a. Pomarine. 
po-mat^o-rhln*, a, Pomatorhine. 
Pomp^tln'*, a, Pomptine. 
poii^der-a«bl% a, & n. Ponderable. 
pon'der-a-bl-ness'y n. Ponderable- 

pon'derd'", pp. Pondered. 
poii^der-o-iiio'tlv*» a. Ponderomo- 

pon^tif *% n. Pontiff. 
Pon'tln** a. Pontine. 
pon-toond'*, pp. Pontooned. 
poo'dl'» n. Poodle. 
poold", pp. Pooled. 
pop1ard*» a. Poplared. 
popt'**, pp. Popped. , 
por^cin", a. Porcine. 
por^fy-rlt'lc', a. Porphyritic. 
por'fy-ry»*", n. Porphyry. 
port'a-bl'9 a. Portable. 
port'a-bl-neM'y n. Portableness. 


por'tald*» a. Portaled. 
por'ta-tll", a. Portatile. 
por'ta-tiv", a. Portative. 
por'tlon-a-bl', a. Portionable. 
por'tiond'*") pp. Portioned. 
por-trayd''", pp. Portrayed. 
po^rus'y a. Porous. 
pos'l-tlv'*", a. & n. Positive. 
pos^I-tlT-ly*9 adv. Positively. 
po8'i-tlT-ness"» n. Positivenees. 
pos-ses'sflv'", a. & n. Possessive. 
po8-8es'8lT-ly"» adv. Possessively. 
pos-ses'slve-ness', n. Possessiveness. 
po8-8e8t"*», pa. Possessed. 
pos'8l-bl'» a. & n. Possible. 
po8'8l-bl-ness'9 n. Possibleness. 
po8t'a-bp9 a, Postable. 
post-geii^er-a-tlv"» a. Postgenera- 

po8t-iiiu'ta-tlT'9 a. Postmutative. 
po8t-op^er-a-tlT", o. Postoperative. 
po8t-pal^a-tiii", a. & n. Postpalatine. 
po8t-poii'a-bl', a. Postponable. 
po8t-pon'til", a. Postpontile. 
po8t-po8'l-tiT"» o. & n. Postpositive. 
po^ta-bP» a. & n. Potable. 
po'ta-bl-ne88'» n. Potableness. 
pota', n. Pottle. 
pot'terd', pp. Pottered. 
poueht'*', a. Pouched. 
poul'tls", V. & n. Poultice. 
pourtlst*, pp. Poulticed. 
pounst"» pp. Pounced. 
pourd'", pp. Poured. 
pow^der-a-bF, o. Powderable. 
pow'derd'*", pa. Powdered. 
pow'erd"» pp. Powered. 
prae'tl-ca-bl'» o. Practicable. 
prac'ti-ea-bl-iie88>'9 n, Practicable- 

ptac'tls'", V. & n. Practise, practice. 
prac'tlst'*", pa. Practised, practiced. 
prac'tiv", a. Practive. 
prankt'''", a. Pranked. 


pranst*9 pp. Pranced. 
prat^'» V. & n. Prattle. 
prated', pp. Prattled. 
prat^er'y n. Prattler. 
prayd'**, pp. Prayed. 
preach 'a-bl', a. Preachable. 
preacht'^» pp. Preached. 
pre-al^a-bP» a. PreaUable. 
pre'am-bl'y v. & n. Preamble. 
prec'a-tlv'*», a. Precative. 
pre-cep'tlv'**, a. Preceptive. 
pre-cep'tlv-Iy", adv. Preceptively. 
pre-clnc'tly", a. Precinctive. 
prec'i-pls"» n. Precipice. 
pre-clp'l-ta-bPf a. Precipitable. 
pre-clp'l-ta^tlv», a. Precipitative. 
pre-cl'slv*», a. Precisive. 
pre-du'slv'", a. Preclusive. 
pre-clu'slv-ly", adv. Preclusively. 
pre-cog'iiI-tiy"» o. Precognitive. 
pre'^con-celv", vt. Preconceive. 
pre-cur'slV", a. Precursive. 
pre-des'tln'", vt. Predestine. 
pre-des'tlnd'*", pp. Predestined. 
pre^de-ter'mlii'**, vt. & vi. Pi^eter- 

pre^de-ter'ml-na-bP, a. Pi^eter- 

pre^de-ter^ml-na'^tlv*, a. Pi^eter- 

pre^de-ter'mlnd'*", pp. Pi^eter- 

pred'l-ea-bl'*, a. & n. Predicable. 
pred'l-ca^tlv", a. Predicative. 
pred'l-ea^tlv-ljr", adv. Predicatively. 
pre-dlet^a-bl', a. Predictable. 
pre-die^tiv"» a. Predictive. 
pre-dlc^tiv-ly"» adv. Predictively. 
pre-dlc^tlv-ness", n. Predictiveness. 
pre-empt^l-bl'» a. Preemptible. 
pre-emp'tiv", a. Preemptive. 
preend'**, pp. Preened. 
pre'i'es-tabaisht'**, pp. Preestab- 



preFer-a-bl', a. & n. Preferable. 

pref 'er-a-bl-ness'y n. Preferablenees. 

pre-ferd"*», pa. Preferred. 

pre-flg'ur-a-tlv'*", a. Prefigurative. 

pre-flxt"*", pp. Prefixed. 

pre-foTin'a-tlv"* n. & n. Preforma- 

preg'na-bl'» a. Pregnable. 

pre-heii'8l-bl'» a. Prehensible. 

pre-hen'sll'*", -lie", a. Prehensile. 

pre-hen^slv", a. Prehensive. 

pre-hen'slv-ness", n. Prehensiveness. 

prej'u-dl8*» v. & n. Prejudice. 

prej^u-dlst"» pa. Prejudiced. 

pre-lu'8lT'*», a. Prelusive. 

pre-lu'slv-ly", adv. Prelusively. 

pre-med^-ta^tlv", a. Premeditative. 

prem'lg'*", n. Premise, premiss. 

pre-mlze", vt. & vi. Premise. 

pre-mlid", pp. Premised. 

pre-ina'ta-tlv'» a. Premutative. 

pre-no'men*, n. Prsenomen. 

pren^tl8*» n. Prentice. 

pren^tlst", pp. Prenticed. 

pre'^or-dalnd"*", pp. Pl'eordained. 

prep'a-ra-bPy a. Preparable. 

pre-par'»-tlv'*", a. & n. Preparative. 

pre-par'a-tlv-ly», adv. Preparatively. 

pre'^per-cep'tlv", a. Preperceptive. 

pre-pon'tll", a. Prepontile. 

pre-pos'l-tiv'*", a. & n. Prepositive. 

pre-pos'l-tlv-ly", adv. Prepositively. 

pre'^pos-sesf *", pp. Prepossessed. 

pre-req'ul-8lt'*% a. & n. Prerequi- 

pre-rog'a-tlv'*", a. & n. Prerogative. 

pre8"» V. & n. Press. 

pre-8erlp^tl-bl'» a. Prescriptible. 

pre-8crlp'tlT'**, a. Prescriptive. 

pre-8crlp'tlv-l7"9 adv. Prescriptively. 

pre-scrlp^tly-ne8s"» n. Prescriptive- 

pre-seiit'a-bl'» a. Presentable. 

pre-8eii'ta-tlv"» a. Presentative. 



pre-8eii'ta-tlv-ne88"9 n, Presenta- 

pre-8eii'tlv*9 cu&n, Presentive. 

pre-8eii'tlv-ly*» adv. Presentively. 

pre-8en'tlv-ness*9 n. P)*esentiyeiie6s. 

pre-senr'^**, vt. & vi. Preserve. 

pre-serT^a-bl'y a. Preservable. 

pre-ser'va-tl?'*", a, & n. Preservative. 

prc-servd"*", pp. Preserved. 

press'a-bP, a. Pressable. 

prest'*", pp. Pressed. 

pre-sum^a-bF, a. Presumable. 

pre-sump'tlv'*", a. Presumptive. 

pre-sump'tiv-ly", adv. Presump- 

pre-tense''", n. Pl'etence. 

pre*ten8t'*9 pp. Pretensed. 

pre-ten'slv", a. Pretensive. 

pre-ten'ta-tiv", a. Pl'etentative. 

pret'er-lt'*", a. & n. Pl'eterite. 

pre-ter'l-tlv", a. Preteritive. 

pre'^ter-mlt'*, vt. Prsetermit. 

pre'^ter-sea'son-a-br, a. Pretersea- 

pre-valld''*", pp. Prevailed. 

pre-vent'a-bl'y a. Preventable. 

pre-vent'a-tlv", a. & n. Preventative. 

pre-ven'tiv'*", a.&n. Preventive. 

pre-ven'tlv-Iy", adv. Preventively. 

pre-Ten'tlT-ness"» n. Preventiveness. 

pre-fis'lv", a. Previsive. 

preyd''*^, pp. Preyed. 

prlck'P» V. & n. Prickle. 

prlckt'*'*, pa. Pricked. 

prigd'» pp. Prigged. 

prlmd", pp. Prinmied. 

pri-me'val", a. Primaeval. 

prl'mln", n. Primine. 

prlm'l-tlv'**, a. & n. Primitive. 

prim'i-tlT-ly", ad/o. Primitively. 

priin'i-tiv-ness"» n. Primitiveness. 

prl^mo-geii'l-tlv", a. Primogenitive. 

priii-cip'l-a-tlv"» a. Principiative. 

prln'el-pl'y v. & n. Principle. 

prln'cl-pld^ pp. Principled. 

prlnkt'", pp. Prinked. 

prliit'a-bF» a. Printable. 

prl^o-no-don'tln", a. Prionodontine. 

prl-oii'o-plii"» a. & n. Prionopine. 

pris'ma-tlii", a. Prismatine. 

prls'ond'", pp. Prisoned. 

pHs'ttn'**, -liie'*», a. Pristine. 

prlT'a-tlv'**», o. & n. Pl'ivative. 

pHv'a-tlv-ljr", adv. Pl'ivatively. 

prlT'a-tlv-nes8"» n. Privativeness. 

prli^a-bP, prlze'a-bl'» a. Prizable, 

prob'a-bl', a. Probable. 

pro'ba-tlv'*", a. Probative. 

pro'ba-tlv-ly*, adv. Probatively. 

0ro-cede"», vi. Proceed. 

pro-ces'slv^y a. Processive. 

pro'cre-a'^'tlv*'**, a. Procreative. 

pro'cre-a^tlv^ness*^* n. Pl'olcreative- 

pro-cur'a-bl'9 a. PKKJurable. 

pro-cur'8l¥"9 a. Procursive. 

pro-duc'l-bP, a. Producible. 

pro-duct^l-bl'» a. Productible. 

pro-due 'til", a. Productile. 

pro-dnc'tlv''*', a. Productive. 

pro-due 'tlv-ly*, orfy. Pl'oductively. 

pro-duc'tlT-nes8'*"9 n. Productive- 

prof 'a-na-bPy a. Profanable. ' 

prof'e-cy', n. Pl'ophecy. 

pro-fesf ", pa. Professed. 

prof'e-sy, vt. & vi. Prophesy. 

prof'et'*", n. Prophet. 

prof 'et-ess'» n. Prophetess. 

pro-fet'lc*'*'*, a. Prophetic. 

prof 'ferd*"*", pp. Proffered. 

pron-ta-bP, a. Profitable. 

prof '1-ta-bl-ness', n. Profitableness. 

pro^fy-lac'tic, o. & n. Prophylactic. 

progd", pp. Progged. 

pro-gen'i-tlv-ness", n. Progenitive- 



prog-no8'tl-ca-bl'» a. Prognosti- 

prog-nos'tl-ca^tiv"» a. Prognostica- 

pro'graiii"» n. Programme. 

pro-gres'slv'**, a. Progressive. 

pro-gres'slv-l7"9 adv. Progressively. 

pro-gres'slv-ness'yn. Progressiveness. 

pro-grest"*», pp. Progressed. 

pro-hlb'l-tlv'*", a. Prohibitive. 

pro-hlb^l-tlT-l7', adv. Prohibitively. 

pro-Ject'a-W, a. Pl'ojectable. 

pro-Jec'tll'*", -lie", a. & n. Projectile. 

pro-Jec'tlv", a. Projective. 

prolog'*", V. & n. Prologue. 

pro-long^a-bl', a. Prolongable. 

pro-longd '''*■, pp. Prolonged. 

prom'ls'*", V. & n. Promise. 

prom'lst'*", pp. Promised. 

pro-mis 'slv", a. Promissive. 

pro-mo'tl?'*", a. Promotive. 

promp'tlv", a. Promptive. 

prongd", pp. Pronged. 

pro-nounee'a-bF, a. Pronounceable. 

pro-nounst'", pp. Pronounced. 

pro-nun'el-a-bl', a. Pronunciable. 

pro-nun^d-a-tlv", a. Pronunciative. 

prop'a-ga-bP, a. Propagable. 

prop'a-ga-bl-ness', n. P)*opagable- 

pro-paFa-nln", n. Propalanine. 

pro-peld"**, pp. Propelled. 

pro-peFla-bl', a. Propellable. 

pro-pFtl-a-bl', a. Propitiable. 

pro-por'tlon-a-bl', a. Proportion- 

pro-por'tloii-a-bl-nes8% n. Propor- 

pro-por'tlond'*" pp. Proportioned. 

pro-pos'a-bl', a. Proposable. 

propt'*", pp. Propped. 

pro-pul'slv'*", a. Propulsive. 

pro-rat 'a-bl', a. Proratable. 

pro-scol'e-cin", a. Proscolecine. 

pro-scrlb'a-bl', a. Proscribable. 
pro-8crlp'tlv'*", a. Proscriptive. 
pro-scHp'tlv-ly", adv. Proscriptively. 
pro-scrlp^tlv-ness", n. Proscriptive- 

pros^e-cuf'^a-bP, a. Prosecutable. 
Pros'er-pln", n. Pl'oserpine. 
pro-spec 'tlv*"*", a. & n. Prospective. 
pro-spec 'tl¥-l7", adv. Prospectively. 
pro-spec ^tlv-ness", n. Prospective- 

pros'perd'*", pp. Pl'ospered. 
prot-am'plil-rlii", n. Protamphirine. 
pro-tec'tl?'*", a. & n. Protective. 
pro-tec'tlv-ly", adv. Protectively. 
pro-tec 'tlv-ness", n. Protectiveness. 
pro-ten 'sIt", a. Protensive. 
pro-test'a-bP, a. Protestable. 
pro-trac'tU", a. Protractile. 
pro-trac'tlv'*", a. Protractive. 
pro-trud'a-bl', o. Protrudable. 
pro-tru'sl-bl', a. Pl'otrusible. 
pro-tru'sll", a. Protrusile. 
pro-tru'slv'*", a. Protrusive. 
pro-tru'slv-l7", adv. Protrusively. 
pro-tru'slv-ness", n. Protrusiveness. 
prov^a-bl', a. Provable. 
prov'a-bl-ness', n. Provableness. 
pro-fid 'a-bP, a. Providable. 
pro-¥l'slond", pp. Provisioned. 
pro-voc'a-tlv'*", a. & n. Provocative. 
pro-Toc'a-tlv-ly", adv. Pl'ovocatively. 
pro-voc^a-tlv-ness", n. Provocative- 

pro-¥ok'a-bP, a. Provokable. 
prowW*", pp. Prowled. 
prun'a-bl', a. Prunable. 
psam^mo-plilii", a. & n. Psammo- 

pseu-dos^d-nln", a. Pseudoscinine. 
pseu^do-sto^inln", a. Pseudostomine. 
pslt^ta-cln", a. & n. Psittacine. 
pslt^ta-co-fuPTln", n. Psittacoful- 



psIt-tac'u-Un*, a. & n. Psittaculine. 

pter^y-go-pal'a-tln*, a. Pterygopal- 

ptll^o-no-ryn'chln", a. & n. Ptilo- 

publlsh-a-bi', a. Publishable. 

pubaishf**", pp. Published. 

puck'erd*"*", pp. Puckered. 

pud^', V. & n. Puddle. 

pud'ld', jyp. Puddled. 

puddling'', n. Puddling. 

pu'er-il'*«», -He'**, a. Puerile. 

pu'er-tl-ness**, n. Puerileness. 

puf, V. & n. Puff. 

puff's pa. Puffed. 

pugdi^, vt. Pugged. 

pul'^S V. & n. Pull. 

puld'*", pp. Pulled. 

pu'li-cln^, a. Pulicine. 

pul-las'trin", a. Pullastrine. 

puFlu-la^tiv'^, a. PuUulative. 

pul'lu-la'^tlv-ly", adv. Pullulatively. 

pul'ly", n. Pulley. 

pul'sa-tll*"*", o. Pulsatile. 

pul'sa-tiv*"*", a. Pulsative. 

puFsa-tiT-ly"^ ado. Pulsatively. 

pulst'**, pp. Pulsed. 

pul'ver-a-bP, a. Pulverable. 

puI'ver-lz''[or -l8'']a-bl', a. Pulver- 
izable, pulverisable. 

pum'is^, V. & n. Pumice. 

pum'mel', v. & n. PommeL 

pum'meld', pp. Pommeled. 

pumpt*"", pp. Pumped. 

puncht*'*'', pp. Punched. 

punc'tu-a-tiv^, a. Punctuative. 

pund'", pp. Punned. 

pun'ish-a-bl*', a. Punishable. 

puii'ish-a-bl-ness'» n. Punishable- 

pun'lsht'**, pp. Punished. 

pu'nl-tl?'*", a. Punitive. 


pu'nl-tlv-ly^, adv, Punitively. 
pu'ni-tiv-ness", n. Punitiveness. 
pun'na-bl'» a. Punnable. 
pupt*» pp. Pupped. 
pur'*", V. & n. Purr. 
pur'chas-a-br, a. Purchasable. 
pur'chast* , pp. Purchased. 
purd'*", pp. Purred. 
pur'ga-tl?'", a. & n. Purgative. 
pur'ga-tl¥-ly"» adv. Purgatively. 
purge'a-bP» a, Purgeable. 
pu'rl-fi-ca^tlv», a. Purificative. 
purld'*", pp. Purled. 
purlins n. Purline. 
pur-lolnd'***, pp. Purloined. 
pur^plS t;., a. & n. Purple. 
pur'pld', pp. Purpled. 
pur^po-sIy"9 a. Purposive. 
pur'po-slv-ly*, adv. Purposively. 
pur'po-slT-ness*, n. Purposiveness. 
pur'po8t*» pp. Purposed. 
purst'*», pp. Pursed. 
pur-8u'a«bl', a. Pursuable. 
pur-veyd"**, pp. Purveyed. 
pus", n. Puss. 
pusht'*«, pp. Pushed. 
pu'ta-tlT'*», a. Putative. 
pu'^'tre-fac'tlv**, a. Putrefactive. 
pu^tre-fac^tlT-ness% n, Putrefao- 

pu'tre-ll^a-bl', a, Putrefiable. 
pu-tres^cl-bl''» a, Putrescible. 
put'terd'*", pp. Puttered. 
put'toc", n. Puttock. 
pui^S V. & n. Puzzle. 
puz'ld', pp. Puzzled. 
pyc^no-no^tln^» o. & n. Pycnonotine. 
py-ral^l-dln", a. & n. Pyrallidine. 
pyr'^rho-cor'a-cln', a. & n. Pyrrho- 

pyr'rhu-lln*9 a, & n. Pyrrhuline. 
pyr'u-lin", a. Pyruline. 



quackt'*", pp. Quacked. 

quad'ra-bP, a. Quadrable. 

Quad''rl-de-rlv'a-tlv", n. Quadride- 

quad'rl-syl'^a-bP, n. Quadrisyl- 

Quad'^rl-vol'tln", o. & n. Quadrivol- 

quad'ru-pP, v., a. & n. Quadruple. 

quaf, v. & n. Quaff. 

quafft'**, pp. Quaffed. 

qualld'*", pp. Quailed. 

quaFl-fl^a-bP, a. Qualifiable. 

qual '1-fl-ca^tlT", a.&n. Qualificative. 

qual'l-ta''tlv'**, a. Qualitative. 

qual'l-ta''tlv-ly», adv. Qualitatively. 

quaii'tl-fl^a-bl% a. Quantifiable. 

quaii'tl-ta''tlv'*», a. & n. Quantita- 

quan'tl-ta^tly-ly", adv. Quantita- 

quan'tl-ta^tlv-ness", n. Quantita- 

quar'an-tln^a-bl'y a. Quarantinable. 

quar'reld'", pp. Quarreled, quar- 

quar'rel-sum'**, a. Quarrelsome. 

quar'rl-a-bF, a. Quarriable. 

quar'terd", a. Quartered. 

quar-tet'"9 n. Quartette. 

qua'verd", pp. Quavered. 

queend", pp. Queened. 

queerd'y pp. Queered. 

quel', vt. Quell. 

queld»*», pp. Quelled. 
quench'a-bP, a. Quenchable. 
quencht'*", pp. Quenched. 
quer'cln'y a. Quercine. 
ques'1-tlT", a. Quesitive. 
ques'tlon-a-bP, a. Questionable. 
ques'tlon-a-bl-ness'y n. Question- 

ques'tlond", pp. Questioned. 
ques'tor", n. Quaestor. 
queue. See cue. 
qulb'l'y v. & n. Quibble. 
qulb'ld' pp. Quibbled. 
qulck'end'*", pp. Quickened. 
quiekt'y pp. Quicked. 
quld'da-tlv", a. Quiddative. 
quld'dl-ta^tlv", a. Quidditative. 
quld^', v. & n. Quiddle. 
qul'e-tlv^y o. & n. Quietive. 
quU'*% v. & n. Quill. 
qulld", a. Quilled. 
quln'l-bl'y vi. <& n. Quinible. 
quln^que-loc'u-lln", a. Quinqueloc- 

quln-tet'*, n. Quintette. 
quln'tln", n. Quintine. 
qulpt", pp. Quipped. 
quire*, v. & n. Choir. 
quIs'ca-Un", a. & n. Quiscaline. 
qulv'erd'**, a. Quivered. 
quIi'ia-bP, a. Quizzablc, quizzible. 
quot'a-bl', a. Quotable. 
quot^a-bl-ness', n. Quotableness. 
quo'ta-tiv", a. Quotative. 

rack", n. Wrack. 
rackt'*", pp. Racked. 
ra'dl-a-bP, a. Radiable. 
ra'dl-a^tlv", a. Radiative. 


ra^dl-o-ac'tlv*, a. Radioactive. 
raf 1', v. & n. Raffle. 
raf ad', pp. Raffled. 
ragd", pp. Ragged. 



TAVhl', vL & vi, Raible.^ 

rav'end'**, pp. Ravened. 

raUd'*", pp. Railed. 

rav'e-nus*, a. Ravenous. 

mln'bowd^", a. BAinbowed. 

ravlght'*", pp. Ravished. 

raind'**, pp. Rained. 

rayd% pp. Rayed. 

rals'a-bl'y a. Raisable. 

raze*, vt. & vi. Rase. 

ralthS n. Wraith. 

ra'zor-a-bl', a. Razorable. 

rail', V. & n. RAise. 

reacht*, pp. Reached. 

ralid'y a. & pp. Raised. 

re-ac'tiv*, a. & n. Reactive. 

ral'lln", a. RAlline. 

re-ac'tlv-ly*, ado. Reactively. 

ram'bl% v. & n. Ramble. 

re-ac'tlv-ness*, n. Reactiveness. 

ram'bld% pp. Rambled. 

read'a-bl', a. Readable. 

ramd'*S pp. Rammed. 

read'a-bl-ness', n. Readableness. 

rampt'*% pp. Ramped. 

reak*, vt. Wreak. 

ran'eor'*", n. Rancour. 

re'al-lz^a-bl', a. Realizable. 

ran'ger-ln*, a. Rangerine. 

reamd*, pp. Reamed. 

ran-glf' er-ln*, a. Rangiferine. 

reap'a-bl', a. Reapable. 

raii'gle"» v. & n. Wrangle. 

reapt'**, pp. Reaped. 

ra'nln*, a. Ranine. 

reard'**, pp. Reared. 

ran'ld'y vi. Rankle. 

rea'8on-a-bl', a. Reasonable. 

ran'kld'y pp. Rankled. 

rea'son-a-bl-ness', n. Reasonable- 

rankt'", pp. Ranked. 


ran'sackt'*** ttp. Ransacked. 

rea'sond'**, pa. Reasoned. 
reath*, n. Wreath. 

ran'som-a-bl', a. Ransomable. 

raii'8omd'*S pp. Ransomed. 

reathe*, vt. & vi. Wreathe. 

rap", V. & n. Wrap. 

re-beld"**, pp. Rebelled. 

rap'ln'**, -Ine", n. Rapine. 

re-bel11u8*, a. RebeUious. 

rap'so-dy", n. Rhapsody. 

re-bound 'a-bl', a. Reboundable. 

rapt'**, pp. Rapped. 

re-bufft'*, pp. Rebuffed. 

rar^e-ffac'tlv", a. RAref active. 

re-buk'a-bl', a. Rebukable. 

rar'e-fl^a-bl', a. Rarefiable. 

re-but'ta-bl', a. Rebuttable. 

rasht*, pp. Rashed. 

re-cUd'*, pp. Recalled. 

raspt'**, pa. Rasped. 

re-eall'a-bl', a. Recallable. 

rat'a-bl', rate'a-bl', a. Ratable, 

re^ea-plt'u-la^tlv*, a. Recapitula- 



rath*, n. Wrath. 

re-eelpt'a-bl', a. Receiptable. 

ra'^tl-oc'l-na^tlv*, a. Ratiocinative. 

re-celt", v. & n. Receipt. 

ra'tlon-a-bl', a. Rationable. 

re-eelv", vt. & vi. Receive. 

ramoii-al-lz'[or -ls^]a-bl% a. Ra- 

re-eelv'a-bl', a. Receivable. 

tionalizable, rationaUsable. 

re-celvd"**, pp. Received. 

ra'tlond*, pp. Rationed. 

re-eep'tl-bl', a. Receptible. 

rati', V. & n. Rattle. 

re-cep'tlv'**, a. Receptive. 

ratad', pp. Rattled. 

re-eep'tlv-ly*, ado. Receptively. 

rav'eld'**, pp. Raveled, ravelled. 

re-eep^tlv-ness*, n. Receptiveness. 

rav'el-lng', n. Ravelling. 

re-ees'sl?*, a. & n. Recessive. 


re-ces'slv-lyS adv, Recessively. 
re-cest'S a. Recessed. 
re-elp'ro-ca-bl', a. ReciprcNsable. 
re-clp'ro-can-tlv", a. RecipYt)cantiye. 
re-clp'ro-ca''tlv", a. Reciprocative. 
rec'^l-ta-tlv'^, n. Recitative. 
ree'^l-ta-tlv'ly*, adv, Recitatively. 
reck", V. & n. Wreck. 
reck'on-a-bl'y a. Reckonable. 
reck'ond*, pp. Reckoned. 
reckt", pp. Recked. 
re-elalm'a-bl'y a. Reclaimable. 
re-clalm'a-bl-ness'y n. Reclaimable- 

re-clalmd'", pp. Reclaimed. 
re-elln'a-bl'y a. Reclinable. 
re-clu'slv", a. Reclusive. 
re-elu'slv-ne8s*9 n. Redusiveness. 
re-cog'nl-tlT", a. Reoognitive. 
re€'os-nIs''^[or -nls'^la-bl', a. Recog- 
nizable, recognisable. 
rec'og-nlse", vt. & vi. Recognise. 
re-coild"*", pp. Recoiled. 
rec'^ol-lec'tlv", a. RecoUective. 
rec^ol-lcc'tlv-ly*, adv. Recollectively. 
rec'^ol-lec'tlv-ncss", n. Recollective- 

ree^om-mend'a-bl', a. Recommend- 

ree^om-mend'a-bl-ness', n. Recom- 

rec'om-penst", pp. Recompensed. 
ree^om-pen'sa-bl', a. Recompen- 

ree'oin-peii^slv", a. Recompensive. 
rec'oii-eil^a-bl% ree'oii-cile''a-bl', 

a. Reconcilable, reconcileable. 
ree'on-ell^a-bl-ness', n. Reconcile 

rec^on-nol'ter", v. & n. Reconnoitre. 
rec'^on-nol'terd", pp. Reconnoitered. 
re^eon-strue'tlv", a. Reconstructive. 
re^con-struc'tlv-ness", n. Recon- 


re^con-vert'l-bl', a. Reconvertible. 
re-cord'a-bl'y a. Recordable. 
re-eor'da-tiT", a. Reoordative. 
re-eov'erd", pp. Recovered. 
rec're-a'^tlv", o. Recreative* 
re-erliii'l-na''^tlv"9 a. Recriminative. 
ree'tan-gl', n. Rectangle. 
ree'tl-fl^a-bl% a. Rectifiable. 
rec'tl-fl-ea''tlv", a. Rectificative. 
re-eu'per-a''tlv", a. Recuperative. 
re-cu'per-a^tlv-ness", n. Recupera- 

re-curd'", pp. Recurred. 
re-curv'", vt. & vi. Recurve. 
re-curvd'", pp. Recurved. 
re-cu'sa-tiT", a. Recusative. 
re-cuv'er', v. & n. Recover. 
re-cuv'er-a-bP, a. Recoverable. 
re-cuv'er-a-bl-nc8S», n. Recover- 

re-cuv'erd', pp. Recovered. 
red'**, pa. Read. 
red'dend'**, pp. Reddened. 
re-deem'a-bF, a. Redeemable. 
re-deem'a-bl-ness', n. Redeemable- 

re-deemd'", pp. Redeemed. 
re-demp'tl-bP, a. Redemptible. 
re-demp'tlv", a. Redemptive. 
re-demp'tlv-ly", adv. Redemptively. 
re-demp^tor-ls'tln", n. Redemptor- 

re-dln'te-gra'^tlv", a. Redintegrative. 
re-doubt'a-bl-ness% n. Redoubt- 

re-dout"*", n. Redoubt. 
re-dout'a-bl", a. Redoubtable. 
re-dout'ed", pa. Redoubted. 
re-dress'l-bl', re-dress'a-bl', a. Re- 

dressible, redressable. 
re-dres'slv'*", a. Redressive. 
re-dresf", pp. Redressed. 
re-duc'l-bP, a. Reducible. 
re-ducl-M-ness', n. Reducibleness. 


re-duc'tlv'*S a. Reductive. 
re-du'pll-ca^tl¥"9 a. Reduplicative. 
re-du'pll-ca^tlv-ly'y a. Reduplica- 

red'y'*", v,, a. & n. Ready. 
reefft'*", pp. Reefed. 
reekt'*», pp. Reeked. 
reel'a-bl'y a. Reelable. 
reeld'", pp. Reeled. 
re^en-force'a-bP, a. Reenforceable. 
re^en^loT -In-lforc'l-bP, a, Reen- 

forcible, reinforcible. 
reevd", pp. Reeved. 
re-ffec'tlv", a. & n. Refective. 
ref 'er-a-bl'y a. Referable. 
re-ffer'ri-bl', a. Referrible. 
re-fferd"**, pp. Referred. 
re-fleet'l-bl'» a. Reflectible. 
re-flec'tlv'*', a. Reflective. 
re-flec'tlv-ly", adv. Reflectively. 
re-flec'tlv-ness", n. Reflectiveness. 
re-flex'l-bPy a. Reflexible. 
re-flex '!▼'*•, a. & n. Reflexive. 
re-flex'lv-ly», adv. Reflexively. 
re-flex'lv-ness'y n. Reflexiveness. 
re-forin'a-bPy a. Reformable. 
re-fform'a-tlv'*", a. Reformative. 
re-fformd"*», pa. Reformed. 
re-fract'a-bPy a. Refractable. 
re-ffrac'tlv", a. Refractive. 
re-f^ac'tlv-ness", n. Refractiveness. 
re-fralnd'", pp. Refrained. 
re-f^an'gl-bl'y a. Refrangible. 
re-fran'gl-bl-ness', n. Refrangible- 

ness. » 

re-fresht'**", pp. Refreshed. 
re-ffrlg'er-a''tlv*, a. & n. Refrij?era- 

re-fut'a-bl'y a. Refutable. 
re-ffut'a-tiv', a. Refutative. 
re-fui'a-bl'» a. Refusable. 
re-fuz'al'y n. Refusal. 
re-ftaie", vt. & vi. Refuse. 
re-galn'a-bl'y a. Regainable. 

re-S»tnd^9 pp. Regained. 
re-gard'a-bl'y a. Regardable. 
re-gen'er-a-bl'y a. Regenerable. 
re-gett'er-m'^tlv", a. Regenerative. 
re-gen'er-a^tlv-ly», adv. Regener- 

reg'Is-ter-a-W, a. Registerable. 
reg'ls-terd", pp. Registered. 
reg'ls-tra-bl'y a. Registrable. 
reg'na-tlv", a. Regnative. 
re-gres'slv'*", a. Regressive. 
re-gres'slv-ly", adv. Regressively. 
re-gres'slv-ness", n. Regressiveness. 
re-gret'ta-bFy a. Regrettable. 
reg'u-la-bl% a. Regulable. 
reg'u-lal/'^a-bl'y a. Regulatable. 
reg'u-la^tlv", a. Regulative. 
reg'u-la''tlv-ly", adv. Regulatively. 
reg'u-lln", a. & n. Reguline. 
re-herse", vt. & vi. Rehearse. 
re-herst", pp. Rehearsed. 
relgnd", pp. Reigned. 
i^lm-burs'a-bl'y a. Reimbursable. 
re'^lm-burst'", pp. Reimbursed. 
rein", v. & n. Reign. 
relnd'*", pp. Reined. 
re-lt'er-a^tlv», a, & n. Reiterative. 
re-lt'er-a''tlv-ly, adv. Reiteratively. 
re-Ject'a-bP, a. Rejectable. 
re-Ject^a-bl-ness% n. Rejectable- 

re-Ject'lv", a. Rejective. 
re-Jolnd"*S pp. Rejoined. 
re-laps", v. & n. Relapse. 
re-laps'a-bl', a. Relapsable. 
re-lapst"", pp. Relapsed. 
re-lat'a-bl'y a. Relatable. 
rel'a-tiv'*", a. & n. Relative. 
rel'a-tlv-ness", n. Relativeness. 
re-lax'a-bP, a. Relaxable. 
re-lax'a-tiv", a. & n. Relaxative. 
re-laxt"**, pp. Relaxed. 
re-layd'>9 pp. Relayed. 
re-leas^a-bP, o, Releasabk, 


re-leasf *"» pp. Released. 
reFe-ga-bFy a, Relegable. 
re-ll'a-bP, a. Reliable. 
re-ll'a-bl-ne8S% n. Reliableness. 
re-llev", vt. Relieve. 
re-llev'a-bP, a. Relievable. 
re-llevd"*», pp. Relieved. 
re-llii'qulsbt'**9 pp. Relinquished. 
rel'lsb-a-bPy a. Relishable. 
rel'l8ht'*% pp. Relished. 
relm'**, n. Realm. 
re-inalnd"*S pp. Remained. 
re-inark'a-bl% a. Remarkable. 
re-mark'a-bl-ness'y n. Remarkable- 

re-markt''*"* pa. Remarked. 
re-mem 'ber-a-bl', a. Remember- 

re-mem'berd'**, pp. Remembered. 
re*mls'sl-b|'9 a. Remissible. 
re*mls'slv"9 a. Remissive. 
re-mlt'ta-bl'y a. Remittable. 
re-mon'stra-tlv-ly^y adv. Remon- 

re-mov'a-bl'y a. & n. Removable. 
re-mov'a-bl-ness'y n. Removable- 

re-mu'ner-a^tlv'*», a. Remmiera- 

reii*9 n. Wren. 
ren'ard-ln", a. Renardine. 
re-nas'el-bl', a, Renascible. 
reneb^y v. & n. Wrench. 
ren'der-a-bP, a. Renderable. 
ren'derd'**, pp. Rendered. 
rend'l-bl'y a. Rendible. 
re-new'a-bl'» a. Renewable. 
re-newd'», pp. Renewed. 
re-noanee'a-bl'y a. R^iounceable. 
re-iiouiist'^9 pp. Renomiced. 
ren'o-va^tlVy a. Renovative. 
re-nowed'***, a. Renowned. 
rent^»-bl'» a. Rentable. 
re-nun'ci-ft^tlf*9 a. Renmiciative. 

re*palr'a-bl'» a. Repairable. 

re»palrd"*", pp. Repaired. 

rep'a-ra-bl', a. Reparable. 

re-par'a-tlv'*", a. Reparative. 

re-pass'a-bl'y a. Repassable. 

re-pay'a-bPy a. Repayable. 

re-peal 'a-bl% a. Repealable. 

re-peal'a-bl-ness'y n. Repealable- 

re-peald^9 pp. Repealed. 

re-peat'a-bl'y a. Repeatable. 

re-peld"*", pp. Repelled. 

re^per-eus'slv", a. & n. Repercussive. 

re^per-cus'slv-ly', a. Repercussively. 

re^per-eus'slv-ness", n. Repercus- 

re-pet'l-tlv», a. Repetitive. 

re-pet 'I- tlv-ness'y n. Repetitiveness. 

re-plaee'a-bl'y a. Replaceable. 

re-plant'a-bl'y a. Replantable. 

re-plen'lsbt'*", pp. Replenished. 

re-ple'tiv', a. Repletive. 

re-ple'tlv-ly", adv. Repletively. 

re-plev'lnd», pp. Replevined. 

re-plev'1-a-bl', a. Repleviable. 

re-plev'Is-a-bPy a. Replevisable. 

rep'll-ca^tll", a. Replicatile. 

repll-ca'^tlv", a. Replicative. 

rep11-ea''tlv-ly*, adv. RepUcatively. 

re-port 'a-bl', o. Reportable. . 

rep^re-ben'sl-bl', a. Reprehensible. 

rep^re-ben'sl-bl-ness', n. Repre- 

rep'^re-ben'slv", a. Reprehensive. 

rep'^re-ben'slv-ly", adv. Reprehen- 

rep'i^re-seiit'a-bP, a. Representable. 

rep'^re-sen'ta-tl?'*", o. & n. Repre- 

rep'^re-sen'ta-tlv-ly', adv. Represen- 

rep'i^re-seii'ta-tlv-ness*, n. Repre- 

re-pres'slv*, a. Repressive. 


re-pres'slv-ness", n. Repressiveness. 
re-prest"*", pp. Repressed. 
rc-priev'', v, & n. Reprieve. 
re-prievd"*", pp. Reprieved. 
re«proacli'a-bP» a. Reproachable. 
re-proach'a-bl-ness'y n. Reproach- 

rc-proacht"*', pp. Reproached. 
rep'ro-ba^tlv", a. Reprobative. 
rep'ro-ba'^tlv-ly', adv. Reproba- 

re^'^pro-duc'l-bl'y re^'^pro-duce'a-bl'y 

a. Reproducible, reproduceable. 
re'''pro-duc'tlv'*», a. Reproductive. 
re'^pro-duc'tlv-ly^, adv. Reproduc- 

re'i'pro-duc'tlv-ness'y n. Reproduc- 

re-prov'a-bl'y a. Reprovable. 
rep'tll'", -tile*, n. Reptile. 
re-pub lisht'*", pp. Republished. 
re-pu'dl-a-bl'y a. Repudiable. 
re-pu'dl-a'^tlv", a. Repudiative. 
re-pul1u-la''tlv", a. RepuUulative. 
fe-pul'slv'*», a. Repulsive. 
re-pulst'", pp. Repulsed. 
rep'u-ta-bPy a. Reputable. 
rep'u-ta-bl-nefts'y n. Reputableness. 
rc-pu'ta-tiv", a. Reputative. 
re-pu'ta-tlv-ly*, adv. Reputatively. 
re-qulr'a-bl% a, Requirable. 
req'ul-sit'*", a. & n. Requisite. 
req'ul-slt-ness*9 n. Requisiteness. 
req^ul-sl'tlond", pp. Requisitioned. 
re-4ult'a-bl% a. Requitable. 
re-scind '^-bl', a. Rescindable. 
re-scls'sl-bl% a. Rescissible. 
re-scrlp'tiv", a. Rescriptive. 
re-scrip'tlv-ly», adv. Rescriptively. 
re8'cu-a-bl'» a. Rescuable. 
re-sem'bl', vt. & vi. Resemble. 
re-sem'bld'y pp. Resembled. 
le-serv"*", v. & n. Reserve. 
re-serv'a-bP, a. Reservable. 

re-ger'va-tlv", a. Reservative. 
re-servd"**, pp. & pa. Reserved. 
re-8et'ta-bl>'» a. Resettable. 
re-slgnd'", pa. Resigned. 
res'i-nus", a. Resinous. 
re-8l8t'l-bl% a. Resistible. 
?e-sl8t^-bl-nes8'9 n. Resistibleness. 
re-sls'tiv", a. Resistive. 
re-sls'tlv-ness"* n. Resistiveness. 
res'o-lu-bPy a. Resoluble. 
res'o-lu-bl-ness'y n. Resolubleness. 
res'o-lu^tlv^, a. & n. Resolutive. 
re-solv"**, v. & n. Resolve. 
re-solv'a-bl', a. Resolvable. 
re-isolv'a-bl-ness'y n. Resolvableness. 
re-solvd"", pp. & pa. Resolved. 
re-8orp'tlv", a. Resorptive. 
re-8peet'a-bl% a. & n. Respectable. 
re-speet'a-bl-ness'y n. Respectable- 

re-spec'tiv'**, a. Respective. 
re-spec'tlv-ly*» adv. Respectively. 
re-sper'slv", a. • Respersive. 
re-splr'a-bl'y a. Respirable. 
re-splr'a-bl-ness'y n. Respirableness. 
re-splr'a-tlv", a. Respirative. 
rcs'pit'*", -Ite", V. & n. Respite. 
re-spon'sl-bl'y a, & n. Responsible. 
re-spon'sl-bl-ness'y n. Responsible- 

re-spon'slv'", a. Responsive. 
re-spon'slv-ly", adv. Responsively. 
re-flpon'slv-ness", n. Responsiveness. 
rest", v. & n. Wrest. 
res'tl-tu'^tlv", a. Restitutive. 
res'tiv'*", a. Restive. 
res'tlv-ly", adv. Restively. 
res'tlv-ness*, n. Restiveness. 
res'tle", v. & n. Wrestle. 
re-stor'a-bP, a. Restorable. 
re-stor'a-tlv, a. & n. Restorative. 
re-stor'a-tlv-ly", adv. Restoiatiyffy. 
re-strain 'a-bl'y a. Restramable. 
re-straind"*", pp. Restrained. 



rc-strlc'tlv'*", a. Restrictive. 

rc-8trlc'tlv-ljr», adv. Restrictively. 

re-strlc'tlv-ness", n. Restrictiveness. 

re-sum 'a-bl'y a. Resumable. 

re-suinp'tly*9 a. Resumptive. 

re-suinp'tlv-ly*9 adv. Resumptively. 

res'^ur-rec'tlv^, a. Ilesurrective. 

re-sus'cl-ta^tlv», a. Resuscitative. 

re-ta'W, n. Retable. 

re-talld"", pp. Retailed. 

re-taln'a-bl% a. Retainable. 

re-taln'a-bl-ne8S%n. Retainableness. 

re-taind"**, pp. Retained. 

re-tal'l-a''tlv'*», a. Retaliative. 

re-tard'a-tlv"9 a. Retardative. 

reteh"^ n. Wretch. 

retch 'ed", (i. Wretched. 

Tetcht", pp. Retched. 

re-ten'tlv'*», a. Retentive. 

re-ten 'tlv-ly*, adv. Retentively. 

re-ten'tlv-ness", n. Retentiveness. 

ret'o-rlc», n. Rhetoric. 

re-tor'tlv", a. Retortive. 

re-toueht'^9 pp. Retouched. 

re-traee'a-bPy a. Retraceable. 

re-tract'a-bPy re-tract'l-bl', a. Re- 
tractable, retractible. 

re-trac'tU'*", -lie", a. Retractile. 

re-trac'tlv», a. Retractive. 

re-tr»c'tlv-ly», adv. Retractively. 

re-trac'tlv-ness"9 n. Retractiveness. 

re-treiicht"*», pp. Retrenched. 

re-trib'u-tlV*", a. Retributive. 

re-trib'u-tlv-ly*, adv. Retributively. 

re-trlev", vt. & vi. Retrieve. 

re-trlev'a-bl'y a. Retrievable. 

re-triev'a-bl-ness'y n. Retrievable- 

re-trlevd"**, pp. Retrieved. 

re'^tro-ac'tlv', a. Retroactive. 

re'^tro-ac'tlv-ly", adv. Retroactively. 

re'^tro-ces'slv", a. Retrocessive. 

Fe'i'tro-gen'er-a-tlv*, a. Retrogener- 

re'^tro-gres'slv", a. Retrogressive. 

re'^tro-gres'slv-ly", adv. Retrogres- 

re'^tro-pul'slv', a. Retropulsive. 

ret^ro-spec'tlv'*', a. Retrospective. 

re'^tro-teii'slv", a. Retrotensive. 

re'^tro-ten'slv-ly", adv* Retroten- 

re^'tro-vae'eln^, n. Retrovaccine. 

re-tuch", vt. Retouch. 

re-tucht", pp. Retouched. 

re-turn'a-bl', a. Returnable. 

re-turnd"**, pp. Returned. 

reum", n. Rheum. 

reu'ma-tlsm", n. Rheumatism. 

re^u-nlt'a-bl', a. Reimitable. 

re-vampt'", pp. Revamped. 

re-veal'a-br, a. Revealable. 

re-veal 'a-bl-ness', n. Revealableness. 

re-veald'», pa. Revealed. 

rev'eld'**, pp. Reveled, revelled. 

rev'e-la^tlT", a. Revelative. 

rev'el-lng', n. Revelling. 

re-venge'a-bl', a. Revengeable. 

re-ver'a-bl', a. Reverable. 

re-vcr'ber-a-tlv*, a. Reverberative. 

re-vcr'sa-til", a. Reversatile. 

rc-vers'l-bl', re-vcrs'a-bl', a. & n. 
Reversible, reversable. 

re-vers'l-bl-ness', n. Reversibleness. 

re-Ter'slon-a-bl', d. Reversionable. 

re-ver'slv*, a. Reversive. 

re-verst"**, pa. Reversed. 

rc-vert'1-bl', o. Revertible. 

re-ver'tlv-ly", adv. Revertively. 

re-vlew'a-bl', a. Reviewable. 

re-vlewd"**, pp. Reviewed. 

re-vls'a-bl', re-vls'1-bl', a. Revis- 
able, revisible. 

re-vlv'a-bl*', a. Revivable. 

re'^vl-vls'cl-bl', a. Reviviscible. 

re-vIie", v. & n. Revise. 

rev'o-ea-bP, reT'o-ka-bl', a. Revo- 
cable, revokable. 


rev'o-ca^tlv", a. '^Revocative. 

rcv'o-lu-bl', a. Revoluble. 

rev'^o-lu'tlv", a. Revolutive. 

rc-volv"**, vL & vi. Revolve. 

rc-volv'a-bl% a. Revolvable. 

re-volvd"*', pp. Revolved. 

re-vul'slv'**, a. & n. Revulsive. 

re-vul'slF-ly", adv. Revulsively. 

re-ward'a-bl'» a. Rewardable. 

re-ward'a-bl-ness'y n. Rewardable- 

Rhad^a-man'tbln", -tin", a. Rhad- 
amanthine, Rhadamantin. 

rhl-noc'e-rin'y a. Rhinocerine. 

rhl-noe^e-ron'tln'^, a. Rhinoceron- 

rhl-nol'o-phln", a. & n. Rhinolophine. 

rhl'>^no-po'ina-tlii", a. Rhinopoma- 

rhyii'cbO"plii*» a. & n. Rhynchopine. 

rbytb-mlz'a-bl'', a. Rhythmizable. 

rib'bond", pp. Ribboned. 

rlbd", pp, & pa. Ribbed. 

rld'a-bl% ride'a-bl', a. Ridable, ride- 

rl-dlc'u-lus", a. Ridiculous. 

rida% V, & n. Riddle. 

rldad% pp. Riddled. 

rld'n', pp. Ridden. 

rif 'ral^', n. Riffra£f . 

rigd'**, pp. & pa. Rigged. 

rig'gle^y V. & n. Wriggle. 

rights n. Wright. 

rlght'a-bl% a. Rightable. 

rlg'or'**, n. Rigor, rigour. 

rlg'or-us^y a. Rigorous. 

rll'*% V. & n. Rill. 

rild", pp. Rilled. 

rime'**, v. & n. Rhjrme. 

riin'er'**, n. Rhjrmer. 

rlm'pl'y V. & n. Rimple. 

ring", vt. & vi. Wring. 

rlng'a-bl', a. Ringable. 
f rlngd", pa. Ringed. 

rtn'lde", v. & n. Wrinkle. 
rl-noc'e-ros", n. Rhinoceros. 
rlnst'*", pp. Rinsed. 
rip'end'*", pp. Ripened. 
rip'!*", V. & n. Ripple. 
rlp'ld', pp. Rippled. 
rlpts pp. Ripped. 
rls'l-bl% a. Risible. 
ris'l-bl-ness', n. Risibleness. 
rlgkt'", pp. Risked. 
rlst", n. Wrist. 
rite", V. & n. Write. 
rlt'cr", n. Writer. 
rlthe", vt. & vi. Writhe. 
rit'lng", n. Writing. 
rlt'tcn", pp. Written. 
rl'vald'**, pp. Rivaled, rivalled. 
rlv'er-ln", a. Riverine. 
rlv'et-ed', pp. Rivetted. 
rlv'n% pa. Riven. 
rize', vt. & vi. Rise. 
rlz'n', pp. Risen. 
rFzome", n. Rhizome. 
ro", n. Roe. 
ro», v. & n. Row. 
roamd", pp. Roamed. 
roard'*", pp. Roared. 
robd'*", pp. Robbed. 
rockt'*", pp. Rocked. 
ro^do-den'dron", n. Rhododendron. 
roed", a. Rowed. 

roes", 3rd per. sing. pres. ind. Rows. 
rolld'*", pp. Roiled. 
rolst'erd", pp. Roistered. 
rold'*", pp. Rolled. 
rol'lu-lln", a. & n. Rolluline. 
rom'bold", a. & n. Rhomboid. 
rom'bus", n. Rhombus. 
rompt'*", pp. Romped. 
rong", v., a., n. & adv. Wrong. 
rooft'*", pp. Roofed. 
roomd'*", a. Roomed. 
rop'a-bF, rope'a-bP, a. Ropable, 


rog^nd*» pa. Rosined. 
ro'tat-a-bl'y a. Rotatable 
ro'ta-tlT^y a. Rotative. 
Fo'ta-tlv-ly', adv, Rotatively. 
roth", o. Wroth. 
rot'n', a. Rotten. 
rought", imp. & pp. Wrought. 
rout'a-bPy a. Routable. 
rowd'**, pp. & a. Rowed. 
roze'y imp. Rose. 
ro", v. & n. Rue. 
ru'barb", n. Rnubarb. 
rub'berd", pp. Rubbered. 
rubd", pp. Rubbed. 
rud'doc", n. Ruddock. 
Ru-dolph'ln'y a. Rudolphine. 
ruf *■, v.f a. & n. Rough. 
ruf*", v. & n. Ruff. 
ruf 'en'y t;^. & vi. Roughen. 
ruf'end', pp. Roughened. 
ruf 'en-lng'y prea. p. Roughening. 
ruff'en", vt. & vi. Roughen. 
ruff' ffer", a. & n. Rougher. 
roffi', V. & n. Ruffle. 
mtld'f a. Ruffled. 

ruffil;'*", a. Ruflfed. 
ra'ln-a-bl% a. Ruinable. 
ru'lnd", pp. Ruined. 
rul'a-bPy a. Rulable. 
rul'loc", n. Rullock. 
ruiii'bl% V. & n. Rmnble. 
ruiii'bld% pp; Rmnbled. 
ru'ml-na^tly", a. Ruminative. 
ru'ml-iia''tiv-ly", adv. Ruminatively. 
ru'mor", v. & n. Rmnor, rumour. 
ru'mord", pp. Rumored. 
ruii'dl% n. Rundle. 
rung", imp. & pp. Wrung. 
run'na-bl% a. Runnable. 
ru-pes'trin", a. Rupestrine. 
ru^'pl-cap'rin", a. Rupicaprine. 
ru-pic'o-Un", a. Rupicoline. 
rup'tll'y a. Ruptile. 
rup'tlv", a. Ruptive. 
rup'tur-a-bP, a. Rupturable. 
rusht'*", pp. Rushed. 
ru'sin", a. Rusine. 
rus'tl'y V. & n. Rustle. 
rus'tld% pp. Rustled. 
rythmS n. Rhythm. 

ga'ber'**, v. & n. Sabre. 
sa'berd'**, pp. Sabered. 
sab'u-lln", a. Sabuline. 
sac'ca-rln", a. & n. Saccharin, sac- 
8ackt'*S pp. Sacked. 
sad'dend'*", pp. Saddened. 
8ad1% V. & n. Saddle. 
sad1d% pp. & a. Saddled. 
saffe'gard''", v. & n. Safeguard. 
saff'flre', n. Sapphire. 
sagd'*", pp. Sagged. 
sag-mat'o-rhln", a. Sagmatorhine. 
sag^van-dlt", n. Sagvandite. 
sal'gln*, a. & n. Saigine. 
8aU'a-bl%a. Sailable. 

saUd'*S a. Sailed. 

sal'a-bl'y sale'a-b!'', a. Salable, sale- 

sal'a-bl-ness', n. Salableness. 

sal^'a-man'drln*, a. & n. Salaman- 

sal'an-gln", n. Salangine. 

8al'l-fl''a-bl^ a. Salifiable. 

sallo", a. & n. Sallow. 

sallowd", pp. Sallowed. 

sal-pln^'go-staph'y-lln", a. Sal- 

salfpe'ter'**, n. Saltpetre. 

salv'*", V. & n. Salve. 

sal'va-bPy a. Salvable. 

sal'va-bl-ness'y n. Salvableness. 


salvd'**, pp. Salved. 
sal've-lln", a. Salveline. 
sam'flre'y n. Samphire. 
san'a-bPy a. Sanable. 
san'a-bl-ness', n. Sanableness. 
san'a-tlv'*", a. Sanative. 
8aiic'ti-fl''a-bF, a. Sanctifiable. 
sanc'tl-fl^a-bl-ness'y n. Sanctifi- 

sanc'tlon-a-bl'y a. Sanctionable. 
sanc'tlon-a-tlv", a. Sanctionative. 
sanc'tlond", pp. Sanctioned. 
san'dald'*'', a. Sandaled. 
san'guln'*", a. & n. Sanguine. 
san'Kuln-less'*'*, a. Sanguineless. 
san'guln-ly'*", adv. Sanguinely. 
san'l-dln", n. Sanidine. 
sans^cu-lot'tld", n. Sansculottide. 
san'ta-lln", a. Santaline. 
sa-pon'l-fl^a-bl'y a. Saponifiable. 
sap'phlr-ln", a. & n. Sapphirine. 
sapt", pp. Sapped. 
sar-cof 'a-Kus'*9 n. Sarcophagus. 
sar'co-Un", a. Sarcoline. 
sar-din'^y -Ine"** n. Sardine. 
sasht'*", pp. Sashed. 
sa'tl-a-bP, a. Satiable. 
sa'tl-a-bl-ness'y n. Satiableness 
sat'ls-fl^a-bP, a. Satisfiable. 
sat'u-m-bl'y a. Saturable. 
sat'u-ra-tlv^, a. Saturative. 
sat'ur-nln", a. Saturnine. 
sat'ur-nln-ly'y adv. Saturninely. 
saun'terd'", pp. Sauntered. 
sau^ro-the'rin", a. Saurotherine. 
sav'a-bPy save'a-bF» a. Savable, 

sav'a-bl-ness', n. Savableness. 
sav'l-or**", n. Saviour. 
sa'vor'**, V. & n. Savour. 
sa'vord'*^, pp. Savored, savoured. 
sawd", pp. Sawed. 
sax'a-tU", -lie'', a. Saxatile. 
sax-lc'o-lln", a. Saxicoline. 

say'a-bl', a. Sayable. 

scabd", a. Scabbed. 

8cal'a-bl% scale'a-bl', a. Scalable, 

gcald*, a. Scalled. 
seal^opt'^, pa. Scalloped. 
scalpt'*", pp. Scalped. 
scamp'erd", pp. Scampered. 
scampt", pp. Scamped. 
scand'*', pp. Scanned. 
scard'**, pp. Scarred. 
scarft'*", pp. Scarfed. 
scarpt", pa. Scarped. 
scarse', a. & adv. Scarce. 
scar'sl-ty', n. Scarcity. 
scat'terd'*", pa. Scattered. 
scep'ter'*", v. & n. Sceptre. 
scep'terd'**, pp. Sceptered. 
schlz^o-ne-mer'tln", a. & n. Schizo- 

school 'a-bl', a. Schoolable. 
schoold", pp. Schooled. 
scls'sU'", -Ue«, a. Scissile. 
scls^sors. See cissoRS. 
scl'u-rtn", a. & n. Sciurine. 
scle-ru'rln", a. & n. Sclerurine. 
scof , V. & n. Scoff. 
scoff*", pp. Scoffed. 
scol'ar'*", n. Scholar. 
sco-l»8'tlc'*", a. & n. Scholastic. 
sco^l-um", n. Scholium. 
scom^ber^s'o-cln", a. & n. Scom- 

sconse', v. & n. Sconce. 
scool'*", V. & n. School 
scoon'er', n. Schooner ^ 
scoopt'*", pp. Scooped. 
scorcht", pa. Scorched. 
scornd'**, pp. Scorned. 
scotcht", pp. Scotched. 
scourd'", pp. Scoured. 
scowld", pp. Scowled. 
scrab'l', v. & n. Scrabble. 
scrach'y t?., a. & n. Scratch. 

- • •• : 

* • 'v 

.• '. !. 


scmclit'* pp. Scratched, 
scmm^l'y V, & n. Scramble. 
scram'bld'y pp. Scrambled. 
scrapt'y pp. Scrapped. 
scmtcht", pp. Scratched. 
scrawld'*", pp. Scrawled. 
screakt", pp. Screaked. 
screamd'*", pp. Screamed. 
screecht'*", pp. Screeched. 
screend'*", pp. Screened. 
screwd'**, pa. Screwed. 
scrlb'bla-tiT", a. Scribblative. 
scrib^'y V. & n. Scribble. 
serib^d% pp. Scribbled. 
serimpt", pp. Scrimped. 
scrold*9 a. Scrolled. 
scm^y V. & n. Screw. 
scmbd'", pp. Scrubbed. 
scru'ta-bl'y a, Scrutable. 
scuf ^'9 V. & n. Scuffle. 
scuf^d'y pp. Scuffled. 
scuft'y pp. Scuffed. 
8cul% V. & n. Scull. 
sculd'*S pp. Sculled. 
sculpt, pp. Sculped. 
sculp'tUy -lie", a. Sculptile. 
seum'bl'y V. & n. Scumble. 
seum^ld'y pp. Scumbled. 
8cuiiid'*S pp. Scummed. 
scund", pp. Scumied. 
seurge'y v. & n. Scourge. 
scurged'y pp. Scourged. 
scur'Hl'**, a. Scurrile. 
scuteht", pp. Scutched. 
scu'tel-lln", a. Scutelline. 
scut^'» V. & n. Scuttle. 
8cut^d% pp. Scuttled. 
seyt'a-lln'y a. Scytaline. 
seald'**, pp. Sealed. 
sesmd'**, pp. Seamed. 
seard'^, pp. Seared. 
ses'son-a-bl', a. Seasonable. 
sea'sond'y pp. Seasoned. 
se-elu'8lY'^9 a. Seclusive. 

se-cre'tlv'*», a. Siecretive. 
se-"cre'tlv-ly», adv. Secretively. 
se-cre'tlT-ne8S*9 n. Secretiveness. 
sec'tU, -lie", a. Sectile. 
sec'tlv", a. Sective. 
sec'un-dln", sec'on-dln", n. Secun- 

dine, seoondine. 
se-cur'a-bP, a. Seourable. 
sed'a-tiv'*", a. & n. Sedative. 
se-duc'l-bF, se-duee'a-bl', a. Se- 

ducible, seduceable. 
se-du'elv», a. Seducive. 
S€-duc'tlv'*», a. Seductive. 
se-due'tlv-ly", adv. Seductively. 
se-duc'tlv-ness", n. Seductiveness. 
see'a-bP, a. &n. Seeable. 
seek'a-bl', a. Seekable. 
seemd'*", pp. Seemed. 
seept", pp. Seeped. 
see'sawd"'**, pp. Seesawed. 
seethd", pp. Seethed. 
seg're-ga-bP, a. Segregable. 
8eg're-ga''tlv*, o. Segregative. 
seind", pp. Seined. 
sel-u'rin", a. Seiurine. 
selz', vt. & vi. Seize. 
seli'a-bP, a. Seizable. 
selad'*", pp. Seized. 
8eP*», vt. & w. Sell. 
se-leefa-bF, a. Selectable. 
se-lcc'tif*, a. Selective. 
se-lcc'tlv-ly», adv. Selectively. 
self^ac'tlv", a. Self^active. 
self^«ad-Just'a-bP,a. Self^adjustable. 
self *»8-8er'tlv», a. Self*assertive. 
self^^as-ser'tlv-ness", n. Self^^asser- 

self^^de-fen'slv, a. Self«defensive. 
self^«ef-fa'clv", a. Self^effacive. 
self *e-lec'tlv", a. Self*elective. 
self^tfln-duc'tlT", a. Self«=induotive. 
self^#lu'ml-nus", a. Self-luminous. 
self^«pre-ser'va-tlv", a. Self-preser- 


. • • 

* « 

self«repi]fel7: ' •-- .-«:: - /. ' 


siderosratir! ;• ! /\ •.• ': : .,: ;• ; •. 


8elf^«re-piil'sl¥"9 a. Self»repulsive. 

seM-us% a. Serious. 

8eU'a-bl% a. Sellable. 

ser'o-tln'y n. Serotine. 

8elv8'*», n. pZ. Selves. 

ser'pen-tlv'*", a. Serpentive. 

sem^la-bl'y a. Semblable. 

ser'pu-llns a. Serpuline. 

se'men-cln'y n. Semencine. 

ser^ra-sal'mo-iilii'^, a. & n. Serrasal- 

sem^ln-va'rl-an-tlv", a. Seminvari- 



serv'*", t;^. & w. Serve. 

sem^l-per'me-a-bPy a. Semiperme- 

serv'a-bl% a. Servable. 


ser'val-ln", a. Servaline. 

sem^l-pls'cln", a. Semipiscine. 

servd'*", pp. Served. 

sem^l-port'a-bl', a. Semiportable. 

ser'vtce-a-bl', a. Serviceable. 

gem^no-plth'e-dnS a. & n. Semno- 

ser'Ttce-a-bl-ness'y n. Serviceable- 



se'nU'**, -Ue'**, a. Senile. 

ser'vU'**, -Ue***, a. & n. Servile. 

sen'sl-bPy a. & n. Sensible. 

ser'vU-ly", adv. Servilely. 

sen'sll'*", -lie'*", a. Sensile. 

ser'vU-ness", n. Servileness. 

sen'sl-tlv'**, a. & n. Sensitive. 

ser'vls", n. Service. 

sen'sl-tlv-ly", adv. Sensitively. 

ses'a-mlnS a. Sesamine. 

sen'sl-tlv-nesB*, n. Sensitiveness. 

ses'l-ln", a. & n. Sesiine. 

sen^so-rl-dl-ges'tlvS a. Sensoridi- 

ses'sll'**, -lie**", a. Sessile. 


set", n. Sett. 

senst'", pp. Sensed. 

se-ta'ceus", a. Setaceous. 

sent'*", v. & n. Scent. 

se-ta'ceus-ly", adv. Setaceously. 

sent'ed", pp. Scented. 

se-tif 'er-us", a. Setiferous. 

sen'tl-neld", pp. Sentineled, senti- 

se-tlg'er-us", a. Setigerous. 


8et1% V. & n. Settle. 

sep'a-UnS a. Sepaline. 

setad"", pa. Settled. 

sep'a-ra-bl% a. Separable. 

set^-ment', n. Settlement. 

sep'a-ra-bl-ness', n. Separableness. 

8e-toph'a-glii*9 a. Setophagine. 

sep'a-ra^tlv'*", o. Separative. 

set'ta-bl', a. Settable. 

sep-tet'", n. Septette. 

sev'er-a-bP, a. Severable. 

sep'ul-cher'*", v. & n. Sepulchre. 

sev'erd", pp. Severed. 

scp'ul-eherd*'*", pp. Sepulchered, 

scwd^**, pp. Sewed. 


sew'erd*, pp. Sewered. 

se-ques'terd'**, pa. Sequestered. 

sex'i-syl^la-bl', n. Sexisy liable. 

se-ques'tra-bl% a. Sequestrable. 

sex-tet'*, n. Sextette. 

scr'af, n. Seraph. 

sex'tll', a. & n. Sextile. 

sc-raf le', a. Seraphic. 

sfe'nold^*", a. & n. Sphenoid. 

ser'a-flm% n. Seraphim. 

sfere'", v. & n. 'Sphere. 

serch'y v, & n. Search. 

sfcr'lc'*", a. Spheric. 

serch'a-bl', a. Searchable. 

sfer'l-cal'*", a. Spherical. 

serch'a-bl-ness'y n. Searchableness. 

sfer'ics'*", n. Spherics. 

sercht', a. Searched. 

sfe'rold'*", n. Spheroid. 

se'rin", n. Serine. 

sfcr'ule'**, n. Spherule. 



shlpt*"*", jyp, & pa. Shipped. 
shlrd", pa. Shirred. 
shlrkt'**, pp. Shirked. 
shlv'erd'*", pa. Shivered. 
sho", V, & n. Show. 
shoald", pp. Shoaled. 
shockt'**, pp. Shocked. 
shoot'a-bl'y a. Shootable. 
shopt'*", pp. Shopped. 
short'end*'*", pp. Shortened. 
shourderd'y a. Shouldered. 
shoT'eld", pp. Shoveled, shovelled. 
8howd'*», pp. Showed. 
show'erd", pp. Showered. 
shHekt'*", pp. Shrieked. 
8hrU'*S V, & a. Shrill. 
shrildS pp, ShriUed. 
shrink'a-bl'y a, Shrinkable. 
shrugd'**, pp. Shrugged. 
Bhuckt", pp. Shucked. 
shud'derd", pp. Shuddered. 
shuf I'y V, & n. Shuffle. 
shuf Idi*, pp. Shuffled. 
shund", pp. Shunned. 
shut'l'y V. & n. Shuttle. 
shut'terd", pp. Shuttered. 
shuv'y V, & n. Shove. 
shuvd', pp. Shoved. 
shuv'el'y V. & n. Shovel. 
shuT'eld', pp. Shoveled, shovelled. 
shuT'el-er^, n. Shoveler, shoveller. 
shuT'el-ful', n. Shovelful. 
shuv'el-lng^y n. Shoveling. 
shuT'er', n. Shover. 
shuT^ing'', pres. p. Shoving. 
sl-al'a-gog"'**, n. Sialagogue. 
slc'ca-tlv'**, a. & n. Siccative. 
slck'end'**, pp. Sickened. 
si-cu'lo-dln", a. Siculodine. 
sld'er-o-graf *", n. Siderograph. 
sWer-o-graf ie'*», a, Siderographic. 
sWer-og'ra-flst'*", n, Siderogra- 

■, n. Siderography. 

sflnx'", n. Sphinx. 
shack"!', v. & n. Shackle. 
8liack^d% pp. Shackled. 
shad^owd'*", pp. Shadowed. 
8had"ow-graf*", n. Shadowgraph. 
8had"ow-graf 'lc'*"9 a, Shadowgraph- 

shagds a, &,pp. Shagged. 
8hake'a-bF» a. Shakeable. 
shaP**, V. Shall. 
shal^o"» v., a. & n. Shallow. 
shallowd", pp. Shallowed. 
sham'bP, v, & n. Shamble. 
sham 'bid', pp. Shambled. 
sham 'bis', n. pi. Shambles. 
shamdSpp. Shammed. 
sham-pood'", pp. Shampooed. 
sham 'roc", n. Shamrock. 
shankt", a. Shanked. 
shap'a-bl', shape'a-bF, a. Shapable, 

sharkt", pp. Sharked. 
sharp'end'*", pp. Sharpened. 
sharpt", pp. Sharped. 
shat'terd", pp. Shattered. 
shawld", pp. Shawled. 
sheard'*", pp. Sheared. 
sheathd", pa. Sheathed. 
sheavs', n, pi, Sheaves.- 
sheerd", pp. Sheered. 
shel'*", V.J a. & n. Shell. 
sheld'*S a. Shelled. 
shel-lact'", pp. Shellacked. 
shel'terd'*", pp. Sheltered. 
shelv'*", vt. Shelve. 
shelvd'*", pp. Shelved. 
shelvs', n. pi. Shelves. 
sher'ir**, n. Sheriff. 
sh!ft'a-bl', a, Shiftable. 
shlm'merd", pp. Shimmered. 
shlnd", vt. & vi. Shinned. 
shln'gl', V. & n. Shingle. 
shln'gld', pp. & a. Shingled. 
shln'gls', n. Shingles. 




slnd"» pp. Sinned. 
sln'der'y n. Cinder. 
sln'ew-us", a. Sinewous. 
slng'a-bPy a. Singable. 
slns'a-bl-ness'y n. Singablenees. 
slii'sl% v., a. & n. Single. 
slii'gld% pp. Singled. 
sln'ls-tms'y a. Sinistrous. 
sln'ls-tru8-ly*9 adv. Sinistrously. 
slnk'a-bPy a. Sinkable. 
sinse% adv.f prep.j & conj. Sinoe. 
sin'u-us", a. Sinuous. 
sln'u-us-ly", adv. Sinuously. 
sln'u-us-ness^y n. Sinuousness. 
sl'oii*9 n. Scion, cion. 
sipt'**, pp. Sipped, 
sis'*", V. & n. Siss. 
sls'sors", n. pi. Scissors. 
Sis'tlns Slx'tlnS a. Sistine, Sixtine. 
slthe'**, V. & n. Scythe. 
slt'ta-cln", n. Sittacine. 
slt'tln", a. & n. Sittine. 
siv'*', V. & n. Sieve. 
slyd", pp. Sieved. 
sla'*", VI. Sizz. 

siz'a-bl'y slze'a-bl% a. Sizable, size- 
sizd", pp. Sizzed. 
slal'**, V. & n. Sizzle. 
slzld'*", pp. Sizzled. 
skech', V. & n. Sketch. 
skech^a-bll'l-ty'y n. Sketchability. 
skech'a-bP, a. Sketchable. 
skech'er', n. Sketcher. 
skech'l-ly', ado. Sketchily. 
skech'l-ness', n. Sketchiness. 
skeeht', pp. Sketched. 
skech'y', a. Sketchy. 
skep'tlc^ n. Sceptic. 
sketcht", pp. Sketched. 
skewd", pp. Skewed. 
skew'erd", pp. Skewered. 
skl'a-graP*'*, v. k n. Skiagraph. 
skl-ag'ra-fer'*"; n. Skiagrapher. 

si 'fen'*", V. & n. Siphon. 

sl'ffond'*", pp. Siphoned. 

sFfo-na 'ecus'*, a. Siphonaceous. 

si 'f on-less'*", a. Siphonless. 

slghd'**, pp. Sighed. 

slght'a-bF, a. Sightable. 

slg'^ll-log'ra-fer'*", n. Sigillographer. 

slg'^ll-log'ra-fy**', n. SigiUography. 

slgn'a-bl', a. Signable. 

slg'na-graf*% n. Signagraph. 

sig'nald", pp. Signaled, signalled. 

sig'nal-ize'**, vt k vi. Signalise. 

slgnd'*», pp. Signed. 

slg'nl-fl^a-bF, a. Signifiable. 

slg-nlf 'l-ca^tlv'*", a. & n. Significa- 

slg-nlf'l-ca^tlv-ly*, adv. Significa- 
tively. [tiveness. 

slg-nlf'l-ca^tlv-nesis", n. Significa- 

sll'*% n. Sill. 

sUdS pp. Silled. 

sl-ll'ceus", sl-ll'clus", a. Siliceous, 

sll^l-qua'ceus", a. Siliquaceous. 

8ll1o-graf*», n. Sillograph. 

sll-log'ra-fer'*", n. Sillographer. 

sU'van", a. & n. Sylvan. 

sll'verd'*", pp. Silvered. 

slm'l-la-tlv'**, a. Similative. 

slm'l-tar", n. Scimitar. 

slm'l-tard", a. Simitared. 

slm'l-us", a. Simious. 

slm'l-us-ness", n. Simiousness. 

sim'merds pp. Simmered. 

slm'perd", pp. Simpered. 

slm'pl', a. & n. Simple. 

sim'pl-ness', n. Simpleness. 

slm'pll-fl-ca'^tlv", a. Simplificative. 

slm'pl-ton', n. Simpleton. 

slin'u-la''tlv'**, a. Simulative. 

slm'u-la'^tlv-ly'**, adv. Simulatively. 

sPmul-ta'ne-us", a. Simultaneous. 

sl'^^mul-ta'ne-us-ly", adv. Simultane- 


skFa-graf Ic'*", a. Skiagraphic. 
sld-ag'ra-fy'*", skl-og'ra-fy'**, n. 

Skiagraphy, skiography. 
skip", n. Skiff. 
8kU'*% V. & n. Skill. 
8kUd>'*% a. Skilled. 
skU'ful'", a. Skillful. 
sldmd'*", pp. Skimmed. 
sldmpt", pp. Skimped. 
sldnd'*", a. & pp. Skimied. 
sklp'pa-bl', a. Skippable. 
sldpt'*", pp. Skipped. 
sktr'mlsht", pp. Skirmished. 
8lniF*», n. SkulL 
skuld''*", pp. Skulled. 
skulkt^y pp. Skulked. 
slab'berd", pp. Slabbered. 
slabd", pp. Slabbed. 
slack'end'*", pp. Slackened. 
8lackt'*«, pp. Slacked. 
slag'sTA-bPy a. Slaggable. 
slagd", pp. Slagged. 
slaind'*"» pp. Slammed. 
slan'derd'y pp. Slandered. 
slan'der-us", a. Slanderous. 
slan'der-us-ly", adv. Slanderously. 
slan'der-us-ness", n. Slanderousness. 
slapt'*», pp. Slapped. 
8la8ht«9 a. Slashed. 
slau'ter'**, v. & n. Slaughter. 
slau'terd'**, pp. Slaughtered. 
8lau'ter-er'**, n. Slaughterer. 
slav'erd'^, pp. Slavered. 
sleekt", pp. Sleeked. 
sleev', V. & n. Sleeve. 
sleevd'*", pp. Sleeved. 
sllckt", pp. Slicked. 
sUd'a-bP, a. Shdable. 
slld'a-bl-ness', n. SUdableness. 
slld'n'y pp. Slidden. 
slight", n. Sleight. 
sllp'perd", pp. Slippered. 
8llpt'*», pp. Slipped. 
sllv'erd''**, pp. Shvered. 


slo", n. Sloe. 

slo", V. & a. Slow. 

slob'berd", pp. Slobbered. 

slopt", pp. Slopped. 

sloucht'*", pp. Slouched. 

slowd'', pp. Slowed. 

slu", imp. Slew. 

sluf *■, V. & n. Slough.^ 

sluff^lngB, pres. p. Sloughing. 

sluft', pp. Sloughed. 

slugd**, pp. Slugged. 

slum'berd'*", pp. Slumbered. 

slum'ber-us'^y a. Sliunberous. 

slum'ber-us-ly", adv. Slumberously. 

slum'ber-us-ness% n. Slumberous- 

slumpt", pp. Slumped. 
slurd'*", pp. Slurred. 
8mackt'*», a. Smacked. 
smalt'ln", n. Smaltine. 
sma-rag'dln", a. Smaragdine. 
smart 'end", pp. Smartened. 
smaslit'*'^, pp. Smashed. 
smat'terd'^, pp. Smattered. 
smeard^*", a. Smeared. 
smeP*", V. & n. Smell. 
smeld''*", smelt^*", pp. Smelled, 

smell'a-bl', a. Smellable. 
smlrcht", pp. Smirched. 
smlrkt'*", pp. Smirked. 
smok'a-bl', a. Smokable. 
smol'der", vt. & vi. Smoulder. 
smol'derd<', pp. Smoldered. 
smoothd'*", pp. Smoothed. 
smoth'erd", pp. Smothered. 
smug^^ vt. & vi. Smuggle. 
smug'ld', pp. Smuggled. 
snach', v. & n. Snatch. 
snach'lng^, ppr. & n. Snatching. 
snach'lng-ly% adv. Snatchingly. 
snacht', pp. Snatched. 
snach'y, a. Snatchy. 
I snarp, V. & n. Snaffle. 



snaf1d'» pp. Snaffled. 
snagds pp. Snagged. 
snapt'*", pp. Snapped. 
snarld'*", pp. Snarled. 
snatcht^, pp. Snatched. 
snath'*", n. Snathe. 
sneakf*", pp. Sneaked. 
sneerd'*", pp. Sneered. 
sneez', v. & n. Sneeze. 
sneezd'*", pp. Sneezed. 
siilck'erd"» pp. Snickered. 
snip*", V. & n. Sniff. 
sniff", pp. Sniffed. 
snlptspp. Snipped. 
sntv'eP, V. & n. Snivel. 
snlv'eld'", pp. Sniveled, snivelled. 
snlv'el-er', n. Sniveller. 
snlv'el-y, a. Snivelly. 
sno", V. & n. Snow. 
snooz', V. & n. Snooze. 
snoozd'*", pp. Snoozed. 
snowd'**, pp. Snowed. 
snubd'*", pp. Snubbed. 
snuf*", V. & n. Snuff. 
snufT, V. & n. Snuffle. 
snuf 'Id', pp. Snuffled. 
snuft'*", pp. Snuffed. 
snug'l', vt. & vi. Snuggle. 
snugid', pp. Snuggled. 
so", vt. & vi. Sow. 
soard'**, pp. Soared. 
sobd'*", pp. Sobbed. 
so'berd'*", pp. Sobered, 
so'cta-bl', a. & n. Sociable. 
so'cta-bl-ness', n. Sociableness. 
so'ct-a-ttv", a. Sociative. 
sod'n', V. & pa. Sodden. 
soed", pp. Sowed. 
soes", 3rd per. sing. pres. ind. Sows. 
sof Ish'*", a. Sophish. 
sof 'Ism', n. Sophism. 
sof 1st'*", n. Sophist. 
sof Ist-er'*", n. Sophister. 
so-fls'tic'*", a. & n. Sophistic. 

so-fls'tl-cal'*", a. Sophistical. 

so-fis'tt-cal-ly'*", adv. Sophistically. 

8o-fis'tt-cal-ness'**, n. Sophistical- 

so-fls'tl-cate'*", vt. & vi. Sophisti- 

so-fls'tl-caf'ed'*", a. Sophisticated. 

so-fis^tt-ea'tton'*", n. Sophistica- 

so-fls'tl-ca'^tor'*", n. Sophisticator. 

so-flg'tt-ctsm'*", n. Sophisticism. 

gof Is-tres8'*", n. Sophistress. 

sof Is-try', n. Sophistry. 

sof 'o-more', n. Sophomore. 

sof'o-mor'lc', a. Sophomoric. 

gof tend'*", pp. Softened. 

solid'*", pp. & a. Soiled. 

so'Jurn'*", V. & n. Sojourn. 

so'Jurnd'*", pp. Sojourned. 

so'Jur-ner', n. Sojourner. 

sol'derd'*", pp. Soldered. 

soFdIerd", pp. Soldiered. 

soFem", a. Solemn. 

so-llc'l-tus", a. Solicitous. 

so-Ilda-fl^a-bl', a. Solidifiable. 

go-IId^-fl^a-bl-ness', n. Solidifi- 

goFstIs", n. Solstice. 

soFu-bl', a. Soluble. 

soFu-bl-ness', n. Solubleness. 

sol'u-tiv'*", a. Solutive. 

solv'*", vt. Solve. 

solv'a-bl', solv'l-bl', a. Solvable, 

solv'a-bl-ness', n. Solvableness. 

solvd'*", pp. Solved. 

som'ber'*', v. & a. Sombre. 

soakt'*", pp. Soaked. 

soapt'*", pp. Soaped. 

som'ber-ly'*", ado. Sombrely. 

som'ber-ness'*", n. Sombreness. 

som'brus", a. Sombrous. 

som'brus-Iy", adv. Sombrously. 

som'brus-ness", n. Soinbrousness. 

8oin'iil-a-ti¥"9 a. Somniative. 
som-nlf 'er«u8"» a. Somniferous. 
8o'na-bP, a. Sonable. 
so-nlf 'er-us', a. Soniferous. 
so-no'rus", a. Sonorous. 
so-no^rus-ly", adv. Sonorously. 
so-no'rus-nesB", n. Sonorousness. 
sopt*, pp. Sopped. 
sorOiU'*", -lie'*", a. Sorbile. 
sor'cer-us-Iy", adv. Sorcerously. 
so-rlf 'er-us*» a. Sonferous. 
sor'rowd", pp. Sorrowed. 
sort'a-bl'9 a. Sortable. 
sould'y a. Souled. 
sound'a-bP, a. Soundable. 
sourd'*", pp, Soiu^. 
Bourse'y n. Source. 
soust'y pp. Soused. 
sov'er-en'*", a. & n. Sovereign. 
80v'er-en-ly'**, adv. Sovereignly. 
sov'er-en-ty'*", n. Sovereignty. 
sowd'*», pp. Sowed. 
spa'ctus'y a. Spacious. 
spa'ctus-ly^y adv. Spaciously. 
spa'ctus-ness", n. Spaciousness. 
gpa-di'ceus*, spa«dFcius'» a. Spadi- 

ceous, spadicious. 
spal'a-ctn', a. & n, Spalacine. 
spal^a-cop'o-dtii", a. & n. Spalacop- 

spand'*"» pp. Spanned. 
span'grt'y V. & n. Spangle. 
spaii'gld% pp. Spangled. 
spankt'**, pp. Spanked. 
spar^a-bl*', n. Sparable. 
spard'**, pp. Sparred. 
spar^kl', V. & n. Sparkle. 
spar'kld', pp. Sparkled. 
sparkf, a. Sparked. 
spat'terd'**, pp. Spattered. 
spav'lnd'y a. Spavined. 
spawnd'y a. Spawned. 
speak'a-bP, a. Speakable. 
speard'", pp. Speared. 


spe'cial-iie", vt. &, vi. Specialise. 
spec'i-fl^a-bl% a. Specifiable. 
spe-clf l-ca'^tlv", a. Specificative. 
spe-clf l-ca'^tlv-ly, adv. Specifica- 

spe'cius", a. Specious. 
spe^cius-ly", adv. Speciously. 
spe'ctus-ness", n. Speciousness. 
speek^P, V. & n. Speckle. 
speek'ld', pa. Speckled. 
speckt'*", pp. Specked. 
spec'ta-cP, n. Spectacle. 
spec'ta-cld'y a. Spectacled. 
spee^ta-cls', n. pi. Spectacles. 
spec'ter', n. Spectre. 
spec^tro-bolo-grar"**, n. Spectrobo- 

spec'''tro-bo''lo-graf' lc'*«, a. Speo- 

spec'tro-grar"**, n. Spectrograph. 
spec^tro-graf Ic'**, a. Spectrograph- 

spec^'^tro-he'll-o-grar'*", n. Spectro- 

8pec'''tro-he'^l-o-graf' Ic'", a. Speo- 

spec'u-la-br, a. Speculable. 
spec'u-la'^tlv", a. Speculative. 
8pec'u-la^tlv-ly", adv. Speculatively. 
8pec^u-la'>^ttv-ne88*, n. Speculative- 

«peF*", V. & n. Spell. 
speld'**, spelt'y pp. Spelled, spelt. 
spelPa-br, a. Spellable. 
spend 'a-bP, a. Spendable. 
spewd'*», pp. Spewed. 
spt-cif 'er-us"» a. Spiciferous. 
spFcus", a. Spicous. 
8plc'''u-llf'er-us», a. Spiculiferous. 
8ptc^u-lo-fl^bru8'>, a. Spiculofibrous. 
spU'*", V. & n. Spill. 
spUd*"*", split'*', pp. Spilled, spilt. 
8pt-pa'ceus*» a. Spinaceous. 
sptn^Py V. & n. Spindle. 


spln^dld*', pp. Spindled. 

spl-nlf ^er-us", a. Spiniferous. 

spFnus", a. Spinous. 

spln'^u-Uf^er-us", a. Spinuliferous. 

8pl-rac'''u-llf' er-us", a. Spiraculif- 

spt-rif ^er-us'>, a, Spiriferous. 

splr^il-la'ceus"^ a. SpirUlaceous. 

spttl^, n. Spittle. 

splasht'*", pp. Splashed. 

splayd", pa. Splayed. 

splen^dor^, n. Splendour. 

8plen'l-tlv'*% splen'a-tiv'*', a. & n. 
Splenitive, splenative. 

splin^terd", a. Splintered. 

splotcht<>, pp. Splotched. 

splut^terd'y pp. Spluttered. 

spoil^a-bl*', a. Spoilable. 

spoUd'**, spoilt'*", pp. Spoiled, 

spo'U-a'^tlv'*", a. Spoliative. 

spon-ta'ne-us", a. Spontaneous. 

spon-ta'ne-us-ly", ado. Spontane- 

spon-ta'ne-us-ness", n. Spontane- 

spoold", pp. Spooled. 

spoond", pp. Spooned, 

spo-ra^ceu8*» a. Sporaceous. 

spo-rlf 'er-u8«, a. Sporiferous. 

spo-rlp^a-rus", a. Sporiparous. 

spor'tlv^**, a. Sportive. 

spor'tlv-ly**", adv. Sportively. 

spor'tlv-ness'*", n. Sportiveness. 

spor'^u-llf' er-us", a. Sporuliferous. 

spo'rus", a. Sporous. 

spot'ta-bl', a. Spottable. 

spralnd'*", pp. Sprained. 

sprawld'**, pp. Sprawled. 

sprayd", a. Sprayed. 

spred'*", v., a. & n. Spread. 

spred'er'*", n. Spreader. 

spred'lng'*", ppr. & n. Spreading. 

gpred'lng-ly'**, adv. Spreadingly. 


'^^— — >— — ^— ■^■^^— ■^."^^^.— ■ — -^ 

sprlgd"» pp. Sprigged. 
sprln'ld', V. <& n. Sprinkle. 
sprln^ldd*', pp. Sprinkled. 
sprite'', n. Spright. 
sprlte'ly', a. Sprightly. 
sprltell-ness**, n. Sprightliness. 
spu-mlf'er-us", a. Spumiferous. 
spunge', V. <& n. Sponge. 
spung^er**, n. Sponger. 
spung^y, a. Spongy. 
spurd'*", a. Spurred. 
spu^rl-us", a. Spurious. 
spu'rl-us-ly", adv. Spuriously. 
spu^rl-us-ness", n. Spuriousness. 
spurnd'*", pp. Spumed. 
sput'terd'*", pp. Sputtered. 
SQual'**, v. & n. Squall. 
squald", pp. Squalled. 
squa'mus", a. Squamous. 
squa'mus-ness", n. Squamousness. 
SQuan'derd'", pp. Squandered. 
squar'a-bl', a. Squarable. 
squasht", pp. Squashed. 
squawkt", pp. Squawked. 
squawld'*", pp. Squawled. 
squeakt'*", pp. Squeaked. 
squeald'*", pp. Squealed. 
squeez', v. & n. Squeeze. 
squeez'a-bP, a. Squeezable. 
squeezd'*", pp. Squeezed. 
squelcht", pp. Squelched. 
squlbd*, pp. Squibbed. 
squll'*", n. Squill. 
squlrmd'*", pp. Squirmed. 
stabd", pp. Stabbed. 
sta^bP, v., a. & n. Stable. 
stabaisht"; pp. Stablished. 
stackf*", pp. Stacked. 
star*", n. Staff. 
staft", a. Staffed. 
stag^gerd", pa. Staggered. 
stag-nlc^o-lus", a. Stagnicolous. 
staid", pp. Stayed. 
stain ^a-bP, a. Stainable. 



staind'*"» pp. Stained. 

stal'*", V. & n. Stall. 

8tald% pp. Stalled. 

8talkt<>» pp. Stalked. 

stalld', pp. Stalled. 

sta'mend", a. Stamened. . 

stam^t-nlf'er-us'y a. Staminiferous. 

stam'merd'*", pp. Stammered. 

stamp'a-bl'y a. Stampable. 

stam-ped'a-bl'y a. Stampedable. 

8tainpt'**» pp. Stamped. 

stancht'*", pp. Stanched. 

stand 'ard-ti^[or •Is^la-bP, a. Stand- 

ardizable, standardisable. 
stan-nlf 'er-us'*, a. Stanniferous. 
stan'nln'y n. Stannine. 
stap^i^e-dlf 'er-us*9 a. Stapediferous. 
sta'pl'» v., a. & n. Staple. 
8tarchf» a. Starched. 
gtard'*", pp. & pa. Starred. 
8tar'tP» vt. Startle. 
star'tld', pp. Startled. 
8tanr'*«, vt. & vi. Starve. 
stanrd'*", pp. & pa. Starved. 
stat'a-bl'y a. Statable. 
8ta'tlond"» pp. Stationed. 
sta^tlv^y a. Stative. 
8tat'ut-a-bl', a. Statutable. 
stayd'*", pp. Stayed. 
steamd'*", pp. Steamed. 
ste^a-tog'e-iius'>9 a. Steatogenous. 
ste^a-top'y-gus", a. Steatopygous. 
ste^a-tor'nl-thtn", a. Steatomithine. 
sted'*", V. & n. Stead. 
sted^fast'^, a. Steadfast. 
sted'fast-ly'*"» adv. Steadfastly. 
sted'fast-ness'^y n. Steadfastness. 
8ted'l-er'*», n. Steadier. 
sted'l-ly'*", adv. SteadUy. 
sted'i-ness'*'*, n. Steadiness. 
sted'y'", v., a. & n. Steady. 
steeld"» pp. Steeled. 
8tee'pP» V. & n. Steeple. 
8tee'pld% a. & pp. Steepled. 

steept'*", pp. Steeped. 
8teer^a-bP, a. Steerable. 
steerd'*", pp. Steered. 
steg'a-nus*, a. Steganous. 
steg-og'na-thus'*, a. Stegognathous. 
ste-gu'rus", a. Stegurous. 
gtelth'*", n. Stealth. 
stelth'I-Iy»*S adv. Stealthily. 
stelth^i-ness'*", n. Stealthiness. 
stelth'y*", a. Stealth. 
stemd'*", pp. & a. Stemmed. 
stem'ma-tus'*, a. Stenmiatous. 
sten'clld", pp. Stenciled, stencilled. 
sten'^^o-co-ro^ntn", a. Stenocoronine. 
sten'o-crome", n. Stenochrome. 
sten'^^o-der'ina-tlii^y a. Stenoderma- 

sten'^^o-der'ina-tus*, a. Stenoderma- 

8ten'>^o-der'intn«9 a. & n. Stenoder- 

sten'o-grar**", n. Stenograph. 
8te-nog'ra-fer'*", n. Stenographer. 
gten'^o-graf Ic'*", a. Stenographic. 
ste-nog'ra-flst'**, n. Stenographist. 
sten'^o-graf l-cal-ly'*", adv. Steno- 

gte-nog'ra-fy^*", n. Stenography. 
sten'>^o-pet^a-lus*9 a. Stenopetalous. 
sten^o-sep^a-lus*9 a. Stenosepalous. 
sten'to-rin", a. Stentorine. 
sten-to'rt-us'*, a. Stentorious. 
sten-to'ri-us-ly*9 adv. Stentoriously. 
step'dau'^tei^, n. Stepdaughter. 
stept'*", pp. Stepped. 
ster^co-ra'ceus"^ «• Stercoraceous. 
ster'e-o-croine"9 n. Stereochrome. 
ster^'e-o-cro'inlc", a. Stereochromic. 
ster^'e-o-cro'inl-cal-Iy*, adv. Stereo- 

ster^e-o-cro^mo-seope", n. Stereo- 

ster''e-o-for'o-scope'*«, n. Stereo- 




8ter''e-o-fo-tog'ra-fy'**, n. Stereo- 

ster'^e-o-graf' Ic'**, o. Stereographic. 

ster'^e-o-graf' l-cal-ly", adv, Stereo- 

ster''e-og'ra-fy'*», n. Stereography. 

ster''e-o-pIan'I-grar'*", n. Stereo- 

ster''e-o-tjr-pog'ra-fer'*", n. Stereo- 

ster''e-o-ty-pog'ra-fy'*", n. Stereo- 

ster'U*"**, -lie", .a. Sterile. 

ster'll-Iz''a-bP, a. SteriUzable. 

stcr'll-ness'*^, a. Sterileness. 

ster-nu'ta-ttv", a, & n. Sternutative. 

ster-nu'ta-tlv-ness", n. Stemuta- 

ster^tor-us*, ster-to'rl-us", a. Ster- 
torous, stertorious. 

ster'tor-us-ly*, adv, Stertorously. 

ster^tor-us-ness", n. Stertorousness. 

steth'o-grar"**, n. Stethograph. 

steth'^o-graf Ic'*", a. Stethographic. 

stewd^**, pp. Stewed. 

stich^, V. & n. Stitch. 

stlcher', n. Stitcher. 

stich'tng', n. Stitching. 

sttcht', pp. Stitched. 

sttch'work', n. Stitchwork. 

sttck^l'y V, & n. Stickle. 

sttck'M', pp. Stickled. 

stlP", a., n. & adv. Stiff. 

stiff'cnd'**, pp. Stiffened. 

stlg^ma- Wer-usS a. Stigmatiferous. 

stlP*», v., a.f n. & ado. StiU. 

8tUd'«, pp. Stilled. 

stlin'u-la'^tlv'**, a. & n. Stimulative. 

stlp''u-lif'er-u8", a. Stipuliferous. 

stlrd'*», pp. Stirred. 

stitcht'y pp. Stitched. 

sto", vt. & vi. Stow. 

storage", n. Stowage. 

sto'a-way'^", n. Stowaway. 

stockt'**, pp. Stocked. 
stoMown"» n. Stowdown. 
stoed'>» pp. Stowed. 
sto'ep", n. Stower. 
8t</lo-iiif ^er-us"9 a. Stoloniferous. 
stom^ac", V. & n. Stomach. 
stoiii'ac-al"» a. & n. Stomachal. 
stom^ac-less", a. Stomachless. 
stoopt'**, pp. Stooped. 
stop'F, V. & n. Stopple. 
stop'ld'9 pp. Stoppled. 
stop'perd", pp. Stoppered. 
stopf", pa. Stopped. 
stor^a-bP, a. Storable. 
storm'a-bP, a. Stormable. 
stormd'**, pp. Stormed. 
stowd', pp. Stowed. 
stradi', V, & n. Straddle. 
strad-ld', pp. Straddled. 
stragT, V. & n. Straggle. 
strag'ld', pp. Straggled. 
straight ^eiid<>, pp. Straightened. 
stfatn'a-bP, a. Strainable. 
stralnd'*", pa. Strained. 
stralt'end'*, pp. Straitened. 
stran^gP, v. &,n. Strangle. 
stran'gl-a-bP, a. Strangleable. 
stran'gld', pp. Strangled. 
stran-gu'ri-us'^y a. Strangurious. 
strapt'*", pp. Strapped. 
stra-tlg'ra-fer'*", n. Stratigrapher. 
straf^l-graf !€'*•, a. Stratigraphic. 
stra-tlg'rarty»*«, n. Stratigraphy. 
straf^l-graf l-cal'**, a. Stratigraph- 

straf'l-graf' l-cal-ly**, adv. Strati- 

strafo-graf Ic'*", a. Stratographie. 
stra-tog'ra-fy'**, n. Stratography. 
strawd'*, pp. Strawed. 
strayd^, pp. Strayed. 
streakt^^B, streaked^, pa. Streaked. 
streamd^, pp. Streamed. 
strech^, v. & n. Stretch. 



strech'er'y n. Stretcher. 
strech'lng^» ppr. & n. Stretching. 
strecht'» pp. Stretched. 
strength'end'*<>9 yy. Strengthened. 
streii'u-us"» a. Strenuous. 
stren'u-us-ly", odA). Strenuously. 
stren'u-us-ness'>9 n. Strenuousness. 
gtrep'er-ln'**, a. Streperine. 
stres", v. & n. Stress. 
stres'ful"» a. Stressful. 
strest'» Tpp, Stressed. 
stretcht'y jyp. Stretched. 
strewd«9 'p^. Strewed. 
strlck'n'y jyp, & pa. Stricken. 
stric'nlc", a. Strychnic. 
stric'nln't strlcnlne", n. Strychnin, 

strle'ntn-Isiii", n. Strychninism. 
stric'nlsm'y n. Strychnism. 
strld'u-lus", a. Stridulous. 
strld'u-lus-ly", adv, Stridulously. 
strld'u-lus-ness'>, n. Stridulousness. 
strig'ln'**, a, Strigine. 
strlngd", a. Stringed. 
stript'*", pp. Stripped. 
striv'n'y pp. Striven. 
stro*, vt. Strow. 
gtrob'o-grar"**, n. Strobograph. 
8trob''o-graf' Ic'*", a. Strobographic. 
stro'fe'**, n. Strophe. 
gtrof 'Ic'", a. Strophic. 
strof l-cal'*«, a. Strophical. 
strof'old'*", n. Strophoid. 
gtrol', V, & n. Stroll. 
stroUd>', gtroId'*S pp. Strolled. 
strom^u-ltrer-us'*, a. Strombulif- 

stropt", pp. Stropped. 
strug'gP, V. & n. Struggle. 
strumd^y pp. Strummed. 
8tubd«» pp. Stubbed. 
gtubl', n. Stubble. 
gtubad**, a. Stubbled. 
stud'l-a-bP» a. Studiable. 

gtu'dl^us", a. Studious. 
stu'di-us-ly, ado. Studiously. 
stuf*", v., a.y n. & irUerj. Stuff. 
8tuft'*% pa. Stuffed. 
stum^ac', V. &, n. Stomach. 
stum'ac-a-bP, a. Stomachable. 
stum'ac-aF, a. & n. Stomachal. 
stum^ach-er>', n. Stomacher. 
stu-mach^ic', a. & n. Stomachic. 
stum'acht', pp. Stomached. 
stum'ac-less', a. Stomachless. 
stum'bPy V. & n. Stumble. 
stum'bld'y pp. Stumbled. 
stumd'', prp. Stummed. 
stumpt'**, pp. Stumped. 
stund'>» pp. Stunned. [tive. 

stu'^pe-fac'tlv''*", a. & n. Stupefac- 
stu"pe-fac'tlv-iiC88'*'*, n. Stupefac- 

stu-pen^dus'>, a. Stupendous. 
stu-pen^dus-ly", adv. Stupendously. 
stu'por-us'*, a. Stuporous. 
stu'rl-o-nln''*", a. Sturionine. 
stut'terd'*", pp. Stuttered. 
stylo-grar"*", n. Stylograph. 
sty'^lo-graf Ic'*", a. Stylographic. 
sty-Iog'ra-fy'*», n. Stylography. 
su'a-bP, a. Suable. 
sua'slv'*", a. Suasive. 
sua'8lv-ly'*», adv. Suasively. 
sub-a'que-us", a. Subaqueous. 
sub-caPca-rin'>, a. Subcalcarine- 
sub^cu-ta'ne-us'>» a. Subcutaneous. 
8ub''de-riv'a-tlv^*", n. Subderivative. 
sub''dl-vls'l-bP, a. Subdivisible. 
sub''dl-vl'8lv'*», a. Subdivisive. 
sub-du'a-bP, a. Subduable. 
gub''ln-dlc'a-tlv'*», a. Subindicative. 
sub-Ject^a-bl% 8ub-Ject^i-bl% a. 

Subjectable, subjectible. 
sub-Jec'tlv'*», a. Subjective. 
8ub-Jec'tlv-ly'*», ado. Subjectively. 
sub-Jec'tlv-nes8'", n. Subjective- 



sub-Joind'^y pp. Subjoined. 

sub'Ju-ga-bl', a. Subjugable. 

8Ub-Junc'tlv'*", a. & n. Subjunctive. 

sub'la-tlv'*", a. Sublative. 

sub-merg'l-bPy a. & n. Submergible. 

sub-mers^t-bl'y a. & n. Submersible. 

sub-mts'stv'^'y a. Submissive. 

gub-mls'slv-Iy*'**, adv. Submissively. 

8ub-or'dl-iia''tlv'*", a. Subordina- 

sub-ornd''>9 pp. Suborned. 

sub-pe'na", v, & n. Subpoena. 

sub-rep 'tlv'*", a. Subreptive. 

sub-scrib'a-bP» a. Subscribable. 

sub-sec 'u-tlv'*", a. Subsecutive. 

sub-sen 'st-bp9 a. Subsensible. 

sub-serv'*, vt. & vi. Subserve. 

8ub-senrd''>9 pp. Subserved. 

sub'stan-tlv'**, a. & n. Substantive. 

8ub^stan-ttv-ly'*"9 adv. Substan- 

sub^stan-ttv-ness'^", n. Substantive- 

sub'stl-tu'^tlv'*", a. Substitutive. 

sub-sum 'a-bl*', a. Subsumable. 

sub-sump 'ttv'^^9 a. Subsumptive. 

sub'tU'*", -He", a. Subtile. 

sub'tU-ly'*", ado, Subtilely. 

sub'til-ness'*", n. Subtleness. 

sub-trac'tiv'**, a. Subtractive. 

gub-ven'tlv'**, a. Subventive. 

sub-ver'slv'*", a. Subversive. 

8ub-vert'I-bl', a. Subvertible. 

8uc-cede'", vt. & vi. Succeed. 

8uc-ceed'a-bl'» a. Succeedable. 

suc-ces'slv'*", a. Successive. 

suc-ces'siv-ly'*", adv. Successively. 

suc-ces'siv-ness'*", n. Successive- 

suc'cor^*", V. & n. Succour. 

suc'cor-a-bl*', a. Succourable. 

sue 'cord'*", pp. Succored. 

suc-cum'', vi. Succumb. 

sue-cumbd'", pp. Succumbed. 


suc-eumd", pp. Succumbed. 
suc-cus'slv'*", a, Suocussive. 
suck^l*", vt. & vi. Suckle. 
sucked*', pp. Supkled. 
suckt'**, pp. Sucked. 
suf ^fer-a-bF, a. Sufferable. 
suf fer-a-bl-ness', n. Sufferableness. 
suf ferd'*», pp. Suffered. 
suf-flee'a-bPy a. Sufficeable. 
suf-flxt"", pp. Suffixed. 
suf fo-ca'^tlvS a. Suffocative. 
suf^fra-gef", n. Suffragette. 
suf-fu'slv'", a. Suffusive. 
suf-fuze''» vt. Suffuse. 
sug'ard'y pa. Sugared. 
8ug-gest't-bP» 8ug-gest'a-bl'» a. 

Suggestible, suggestable. 
sug-ges'tlv'*", a. Suggestive. 
sug-ges'tlv-ljr'", adv. Suggestively. 
sug-ges'tlv-ness'**, n. Suggestive- 

su^il-lln'*", a. & n. Suilline. 
su'ln'", n. Suine. 
suit^a-bF, a. Suitable. 
sutt^a-bl-ness% n. Suitableness. 
sul'fate'*", n. Sulphate. 
sul'fa-tlie'*», vt. Sulphatize. 
sul'fld'", V. & n. Sulphid. • 
sul'fln''**, n. Sulphin. 
suI'fl-on'*», n. Sulphion. 
sul'fo-naP", n. SulphonaL 
sul-fon'lc'*", a. Sulphonic. 
sul'fur'**, V. & n. Sulphur. 
sul'fu-rate'*", a. & n. Sulphurate. 
sul'fu-ra'^tor'**", n. Sulphurator. 
suFfurd", pp. Sulphured. 
sul'fu-ref*", V. & n. Sulphuret. 
sul-fu'ric'*", a. Sulphuric. 
surfur-ous', a. Sulphurous. 
sul'fur-us", a. Sulphiirous. 
surfur-y'*", a. Sulphury. 
sulkt", pp. Sulked. 
sum', a.y pron. & adv. Some. 
-sum'**, suffix, -some. 


su'inac"» n. Sumach. 
sum'bod^y'y n. Somebody. 
suind'^9 pp. Summed. 
8uin'er-8ault% v. & n. Somersault. 
sum'er-set', n. Somerset. 
sum'how*^', adv. Somehow. 
suin'ina-tlv'*"» a. Summative. 
sum'merd", pp. Summered. 
sum'mond*, pp. Suimnoned. 
sump'tu-us'y a. Sumptuous. 
sump'tu-us-ly"9 ado. Sumptuously. 
sump^tu-u8-nes8"9 n. Sumptuous- 

sum'thlng'y n. & CK^t;. Something. 
sum'tlme^% a. & adv. Sometime. 
sum'tlmes^', ado. Sometimes. 
sum'wajr'^', adv. Someway. 
sum'whaf^'y n. k ado. Somewhat. 
sum'whei^'y ado. Somewhere. 
sun'y n. Son. 
sund*, jyp. Sunned. 
sun'derd'*", pp. Sundered. 
su'per-a-bl', a. Superable. 
8u'per-a-bl-ne8S'» n. Superableness. 
8u^per-cal'en-derd*, a. Supercalen- 

8U^per-cil'l-us*» a. Supercilious. 
8U^per-coii-form'a-bl>'» a. Supercon- 

8u''per-e-rog'a-tlv'*«, a. Supererog- 

8u-per'flu-u8*9 a. Superfluous. 
8u-per'flu-u8-ly', ado. Superfluously. 
8U-per1a-tlv'*», a, & n. Superlative. 
8U-per1a-tIv-ly''*", ado. Superla- 
8u-per1a-tlv-ne8s'*", n. Superlative- 

8u''per-neg'a-tlv»*«, a. Supemega- 

su^per-pos^a-bP, a. Superposable. 
8U^per-seii'st-bP, a. Supersensible. 
su^per-8er'Tlce-a-bl', a. Superser- 



su'^per-vo-lu'tlv'*", a. Supervolutive. 
sup^P, V. & a. Supple. 
8up1d'', pp. Suppled. 
8up'pa-bl'» a. Suppable. 
8up-por'tlv'*«, a. Supportive. 
sup-pos'a-bPy a. Supposable. 
sup-pos'a-bl-ness'y n. Supposable- 

8up-pos'l-ta''tlv'*«, a. Suppositative. 
8up-pos'i-tlv'", a. & n. Suppositive. 
8up-po8'I-tlv-ly'*», ado. Supposi- 

sup-press'l-bl''» a. Suppressive. 
sup-pres'8lv'*«, a. Suppressive. 
8up-pre8t"*«, pp. Suppressed. 
8up'pu-ra''tlv''*«, a. & n. Suppura- 
su^pra-sen'sl-bPy a. Suprasensible. 
8upt*, pp. Supped. 
sur'cin-gpy v. & n. Surcingle. 
sur'ctn-gld', pp. Surcingled. 
surMe-lin'y n. Surdeline. 
sur'flt", V. & n. Surfeit. 
sur^flt-er<*» n. Surfeiter. 
8ur^flt-ing", n. Surfeiting. 
8ur-mt8'a-bP, a. Surmisable. 
sur-mount'a-bl'y a. Surmountable. 
sur-mount'a-bl-ness'yTi. Surmoimt- 

sur-pa8t''"*s pp. Surpassed. 
sur'pUs'*, n. Surplice. 
sur^plisf'y pp. Surpliced. 
8ur-prlae''*», v. & n. Surprise. 
sur-prl2'tng", pa. Surprising. 
sur-ren'derd", pp. Surrendered. 
8ur-veyd"*«, pp. Surveyed. 
8U8-cep'tl-bP, a. Susceptible. 
su8-cep'tt-bl-ne88'» n. Susceptible- 

8U8-cep'tiv'", a. Susceptive. 
su8-cep'tlv-iie88'**, n. Susceptive- 

8U8-peet'a-bl'» 8U8-pect'l-bl'» a. 

Suspectable, suspectible. 



sus-pen^si-bP, a. Suspensible. 
sus-pen'slv'*", a. Suspensive. 
sus-pen'slv-ly'**, adv, Suspensively. 
sus-taind^'*, pa. Sustained. 
sus'ten-ta'^tlv*'**, a. Sustentative. 
suth'er-li-nc^'y n, Southerliness. 
suth'er-ly'y a. & adv. Southerly. 
suth'ern', a. Southern. 
suth'ern-er', n. Southerner. 
suth'ern-Ism'y n. Southemism. 
suth'ern-lie', vL & vi. Southemize. 
suth'ron'9 a. & n. Southron. 
suti', a. Subtle. 
sutiy, adv. Subtly. 
swabd"» pp. Swabbed. 
swadl**, vt. Swaddle. 
swagd'*", pp. Swagged. 
swag'gerd", pp. Swaggeced. 
swaFlow-a-bP, a. SwaUowable. 
swallowd'**, pp. Swallowed. 
swampt'*", pp. Swamped. 
swapt*, pp. Swapped. 
swarmd'^y pp. Swarmed. 
swasht"» pp. Swashed. 
8wayd»*», pp. Swayed. 
sweet'end'*", pp. Sweetened. 
sweP**, v., a. & n. Swell. 
sweld'", pp. Swelled. 
swel'terd'**, pp. Sweltered. 
gwerv'**, vt. & vi. Swerve. 

swenrd'", pp. Swerved. 
8wet'*», V. & n. Sweat. 
swlch', V. & n. Switch. 
swlgd", pp. Swigged. 
swil", V. & n. Swill. 
swlld'*, pp. Swilled. 
swim'ma-bP, a. Swinunable. 
swin'dP, V. &, n. Swindle. 
swin'dld*', pp. Swindled. 
swln^gp» V. & n. Swingle. 
swln^gld', pp. Swingled. 
swlrld", pp. Swirled. 
swlshf*, pp. Swished. 
switcht", pp. Switched. 
swiv'eld*, pp. Swiveled, swivelled. 
swoFn', a. Swollen. 
swoond'*", pp. Swooned. 
swoopt^, pp. Swooped. 
syir*», n. Sylph. 
8yria-bl% n. Syllable. 
syl-vtc^o-lln", a. & n. Sylvicoline. 
syl'vl-ln", a. & n. Sylviine. 
syl'vln", n. Sylvine. 
syn'a-gog'*", n. Synagogue. 
syn^al-lax'in", a. & n. Synallaxine. 
syn'cro-nlsms n. Synchronism. 
syn^ero-nus", a. Synchronous. 
syn-eth^e-rtn'>, a. & n. Synetherine. 
syn^o-nym", n. Synon3rme. 
sy-npn^y-mus*, a. Synon3rmous. 

-t'*". -ed. 
tabd"» a. Tabbed. 
tab'er-na«cl% v. & n. Tabernacle. 
ta'bor", v. & n. Taber, tabour. 
ta'bord*, pp. Tabored. 
tach'i-ntn", a. Tachinine. 
tach^i-su'rin", a. & n. Tachisurine. 
tach'y-grar"**, n. Tachygraph. 
ta-chyg'ra-fer'*», n. Tachygra- 

tach^y-graf lc'*"» a. Tachygraphic. 

tach'^y-graf l-cal'*», a. Tachygraph- 

ta-chyg^ra-fist'*", n. Tachygraphist. 
tach'^y-graf-oin'e-try**, n. Tachy- 

ta-chyg'ra-fy'*", n. Tachygraphy. 
tackT, v. & n. Tackle. 
tack'ld', pp. Tackled. 
tack'l-man*', n. Tackleman. 
tackt****, pp. Tacked. 
tac^o-dom'e-ter<*9 n. Tachodometer. 



t»c'o-graf *■, n. Tachograph. 

ta-peF'no-cef' a-ly'*», n. Tapeino- 

tac^o-gram", n. Tachogram. 


ta-coin'e-ter<*, n. Tachometer. 

ta'perd'*", pp. Tapered. 

tac'o-scope", n. Tachoscope. 

ta-pFno-ce-fal'ic'*", a. ' Tapinoce- 

tact^a-bP, a. Tactable. 


tac'tU'*", -ile", a. Tactile. 

tap'^l-no-cefa-lld'*", n. Tapino- 

ta'cu-a-cin", n. Tacuacine. 


taf'e-fo'bl-a'*", n. Taphephobia. 

tap'^l-no-cef 'a-lold'**, a. & n. Tapi- 

taff^o-fo'bl-a'*», n. Taphophobia. 


ta'fl-an'*S n. Taphian. 

tap'^l-no-cefa-ly'*", n. Tapinoceph- 

taf-ren'chy-ma*'*", n. Taphrenchy-. 



tap"l-no-fo'bi-a'**, n. Tapinopho- 

taf rl-nose'*", n. Taphrinose, 


tagd'**, pp. Tagged. 

tap'l-no-fo"by'*», n. Tapinophoby. 

taUdS a. Tailed. 

tapt'**, pp. Tapped. 

tailord*, pp. Tailored. 

tard*"", pp. Tarred. 

tatnt'a-bP, a. Taintable. 

tar'IP*% V. & n. Tariff. 
taraff-a-bl% a. Ta.riffable. 

tal'^^e-galltn", a. & n. Talegalline. 

talk^a-bl'» a. Talkable. 

tar^ntsh-a-bF, a. Tamishable. 

talk'a-tlv''*', a. Talkative. 

tar^nisht'', pp. Tarnished. 

talk'a-tiv-ly^*S adv. Talkatively. 

tar'roc*, n. Tarrock. 

talk'a-tiv-ness'*', n. Talkativeness. 

tar'tand'^, pp. Tartaned. 

taUrt'*», pp. Talked. 

taskf'^, pp. Tasked. 

taFond'", a. Taloned. 

tas'seld'**, a. & pp. Tasseled, tas- 

taFptii*9 a. Talpine. 


tam'a-bt', tame^a-bP, a. Tamable, 

tast'a-bP, a. Tastable. 


tat'F, V. & n. Tattle. 

tam'a-bl-ness', n. Tamableness. 

tat'ld', pp. Tattled. 

tam'i-din'y n. Tamidine. 

tat'terd'*% pa. Tattered. 

tam'perd", pp. Tampered. 

tau'rin^, a. Taurine. 

tampt", pp. Tamped. 

taut», imp. & pp. Taught. 

tan^a-grln", a. & n. Tanagrine. 

taut'end^, pp. Tautened. 

tand'**, pp. Tanned. 

tau'^to-fott'lc'*", a. Tautophonic. 

tan'gl-bP, a. Tangible. 

tau'^to-fon'l-caP*", a. Tautophoni- 

tan'gl-bl-ness', n. Tangibleness. 


tan'gl', V. & n. Tangle. 

tau-tof o-ny'*», n. Tautophony. 

tan'gld', pp. Tangled. 

tawd", pp. Tawed. 

tankt"» pp. Tanked. 

tax'a-bl', a. & n. Taxable. 

tan'na-bl'y a. Tannable. 

tax^a-bl-ness', n. Taxableness. 

tan'ta-ltn*, a. & n. Tantah'ne. 

tax'a-tlv, a. Taxative. 

ta-pePno-ce-fal'lC", a. Tapeinoce- 

tax'a-tlv-ly«, adv. Taxatively. 


taxt*"**, pp. Taxed. 

ta-pei^no-cePa-lism'*'>, n. Tapeino- 

teach 'a-bl*", a. Teachable. 


teach ^a-bl-ness'» n. Teachableness. 


teamd", pp. Teamed. 
teas'a-bl'y a. Teasable. 
tea'iePy v. & n. Teazle. 
tea^ield'y pp, Teazeled, teazelled. 
tec'iilc"» a. & n. Technic. 
tec'nl-cal'y a. Technical. 
tec'^nl-cal'l-ty", n. Technicality. 
tec'nl-cal-ness", n. Technicalness. 
tec-nl'dan*, n. Technician. 
tec^nl-ctsf, n. Technicist. 
tec^iil-co-log't-cal"» a. Technioolcg- 

tec^'^nl-cd'o-gy*, n. Technicology. 
tec'nl-con^y n. Technicon. 
tee'nics'y n. Technics. 
tec'iil-4>ne", n. Techniphone. 
tec^ntsm'*, n. Technism. 
tec^nlsf, n. Technist. ' 
tee^^no-cau'sls'^ ^> Technocausis. 
tec^no-chem'i-caP, a. Technochem- 

tcc'''iio-ge-og'ra-fer'*«, n. Techno- 

tec^no-ge-og'ra-fy'*", n. Techno- 

tcc^'^no-graf lc'*«, a. Technographic. 
tec-nog'ra-fy'**, n. Technography. 
tec'''iio-lIth'lc», a. Technolithic. 
tec^no-log'lc", a. Technologic. 
tee^^no-log't-cal*, a. Technological. 
tee-noFo-gist'*, n. Technologist. 
tec-noFo-gy", n. Technology. 
tec-non'o-my", n. Technonomy. 
tec^tt-bran'chi-af*, a. & n. Tecti- 

tec^'^to-ce-fal'lc'", a. Tectocephalic. 
tec^'^to-cef 'a-ly'*", n. Tectocephaly. 
te'di-U8*, a. Tedious. 
te^dt-us-ly", adv. Tediously. 
te'dt-us-ness", n. Tediousness. 
teemd'*", pp. Teemed. 
tee'terd^, pp. Teetered. 
teF*% vt. & vi. Tell. 
tel-au'to-graP*", n. Telautograph. 

tel-au''to-graf'lc'*», a. Telauto- 

teFau-tog'ra-flst'", n. Telautog- 

teFau-tog'ra-ftr'**, n. Telautog- 

tel^e-a-nem'o-graf **» n. Teleanem- 

tcl''e-bar'o-graf *•, n. Telebaro- 

tel'^e-cWro-graf *•, n. Telechiro- 

tel''e-cryp'to-graf *•, n. Telecrypto- 

te-lec'to-graf *•, n. Telectograph. 
tePe-feme", n. Telepheme. 
teFe-fer-age", n. Telepherage. 
tel'e-fone'*", v. & n. Telephone. 
tel'e-foii''ep", n. Telephoner. 
teI''e-fon'ic'**, a. Telephonic. 
teFe-fon'l-cal», a. Telephonical. 
tePe-fon'l-cal-ly", adv, Telephoni- 

tel'e-fon-Ist", n. Telephonist. 
tel'^e-fo'iio-graf", n. Telephono- 

tel'^e-fo'^no-graf' Ic", a. Telephono- 

te-Ief o-ny'*", n. Telephony. 
tel'e-fote", ». Telephote. • 
tePe-fo'to», a. T^photo. 
tel''e-fo'to-graf'*», n. Telephoto- 

teFe-fo'^to-graf'lc", a. Telephoto- 

tePe-fo-tog'ra-fy«, n. Telephotog- 
teFe-fo'tos", n. Telephotoe. 
tet'e-grar**", v. & n. Telegraph. 
te-Ieg'ra-fer*"*", n. Telegrapher. 
teFe-graf lc'*», a. Telegraphic. 
teFe-graf1-caI'*», a. Telegraphical. 
tel''e-graf'l-cal-ly'«, ado. Tele- 


te-leg'ra-fone'*", n. Telegraphone. 
tePe-graf o-fone'**, n. Telegrapho- 

tePe-graf o-scope'*", n. Telegrapho- 

tel'e-graft'*", pp. Telegraphed. 
te-leg'ra-iy'*", n. Telegraphy. 
teI''e-l-con'o-graP*", n. Teleicono- 

te-leFo-graf, w. Telelograph. 
tePe-ine-ean'ic"» a. Telemechanic. 
tePe-mec'a-nlsm'y n. Telemecha- 

tel''e-ine''te-or'o-graf", n. Teleme- 

tePe-ine''te-or''o-graf' lc», a. Tele- 

tel^e-inet'ro-graf"» w. Telemetro- 

graph. [graphic. 

tel'^e-mef^ro-graf lc», a. Telemetro- 
tel^e-me-trog'ra-f y", n. Telemetrog' 

tel-en'ce-fal", n. Telencephal. 
tel^en-cef a-lonS n. Telencephalon. 
tel''e-neg'a-tlv'*", a. Telenegative. 
teFe-ob-Jec'tiV", a. & n. Teleob- 

teFe-o-cef al**, n. Teleocephal. 
tel^e-o-cePa-lus",a. Teleocephalous. 
tePe-o-fo'bl-a", n. Teleophobia 
tel'e-o-fore», n, Teleophore. 
tel'e-o-fyte*, n. Teleophyte. 
tel'^e-op'tll'**, -He', n. TeleoptUe. 
teF^e-o8'te-u8», a. Teleosteous. 
tel''e-ra'dl-o-fone", n. Teleradio- 

tel''e-8ter'e-o-grar'*», n. Teleoster- 

tel^e-stei^e-og'ra-f jr'*», n. Telester- 

teF^e-ther'mo-graf *•, n. Telether- 

W^^e-thei^mo-graf lc'*», a. Tele- 



teFI-con'o-grar**", n. TeUconograph. 
telPa-bl% o. Tellable. 
telll-grar"**, n. Telligraph. 
tello-grar**", n. Tellograph. 
tel'^o-graf 'IC*", a. TeUographic. 
tel'o-fase'**, n. Telophase. 
tel^o-trem'a-tus'*, o. Telotrematous. 
tem^e-raM-us", a. Temerarious. 
tein'>^e-ra'rl-us-ly"» adv, Temerari- 

tem'^^e-ra'rt-us-iiess', n. Temerari- 

te-mer'i-tus'y a. Temeritous. 
tem'^^no-pleu'rin*, a. & n. Temno- 

tem^no-spon'dy-lu8", a, Temno- 

tem'per-a-bP, a. Temperable. 
tem'per-a'>^tiY", a. Temperative. 
tem'perd'**, pa. Tempered. 
tem'perd-ly", adv. Temperedly. 
tem-pes'tu-us^y a. Tempestuous. 
tem-pes^tu-us-lyS adv. Tempestu- 
tem-pes^tu-us-ness", n. Tempestu- 

tem'pp, V. & n. Temple. 
tem'pl-less', a. Templeless. 
tempt'a-bP, a. Temptable. 
tempt^a-bl-ness', n. Temptable- 

tem'u-leii-tlT", a. Temulentive. 
ten'a-bP, a. Tenable. 
ten'a-bl-tiess', n. Tenableness. 
te-na'ctus", a. Tenacious. 
te-na'ctus-ly", adv. Tenaciously. 
te-na'ctus-ness*9 n. Tenaciousness. 
ten'ant-a-bl', a. Tenantable. 
ten'ant-a-bl-ness'y n. Tenantable- 

ten'derd'**, pp. Tendered. 
ten^dt-nus'y a. Tendinous. 
ten'dt-nu8-nes8", n. Tendinousness. 
tenMo-nus*, a. Tendonous. 



ten^e-brus", a. Tenebrous. 
ten^or^, a. & n. Tenor. 
te-nor'ra-py*, n, Tenorrhapy. 
ten'sl-bF, a. Tensible. 
ten'st-bl-ness*', n. Tensibleness. 
ten'sll", -lie", a. Tensile. 
ten'8ll-ly*9 -ile-ly", adv, Tensilely. 
ten'slv", a. Tensive. 
ten'ta-eP, n. Tentacle. 
ten^ta-cld', a. Tentacled. 
ten'ta-tlv», a. & n. Tentative. 
ten'ta-tlv-ly", adv. Tentatively. 
ten^u-us^, a. Tenuous. 
ten'u-us-ly*, adv. Tenuously. 
ten'u-us-ness", n. Tenuousnesd. 
ter'^a-to-fo'bl-a*'*", n. Teratopho- 

ter^a-tom'a-tus", a. Teratomatous. 
ter-clo'rid«, n. Terchlorid. 
ter'cin*, n. Tercine. 
tcr'^e-bln'thlii*, a. Terebinthine. 
ter^e-bin^thl-nus'y a, Terebinthi- 

ter'^e-brafu-Un*, a. Terebratuline. 
ter'e-dln*, n. Teredine. 
ter^ef-thal'lC"*', a. Terephthalic. 
ter-gem^i-nus^y a. Tergeminous. 
ter-glf'er-U8*, a. Tergiferous. 
termd****, pp. Termed. 
ter^mt-na-bl', a. Terminable. 
ter'ml-na-bl-ness'y n. Terminable- 

ter'ml-na'^tlv''**, a. Terminative. 
ter^ml-na^'ttv-iyy adv. Termina- 

ter'nil-to-fll*"*", n. Termitophile. 
ter^mi-tof'i-lus'>, a. Termitophi- 

tern-stre^ml-a'ceus'*, a. Temstroe- 

ter-ra'ceus", a. Terraceous. 
ter-ra^ne-us", a. Terraneous. 
ter-ra^que-us", a. Terraqueous. 
ter'ra-sfere'*", n. Terrasphere. 

ter'^re-mo'tlv'*", a. Terreihotive. 
tcr'rI-bF, a. Terrible. 
ter^rt-bl-iiess>'9 n. Tembleness. 
ter-ric'o-lin", a. Terricoline. 
ter-rlc'o-lu8", a. Terricolous. 
ter-rig^e-nus", a. Terrigenous. 
tes'^sa-raf thong*"**, n. Tessaraph- 

test^a-bp9 a. Testable. 
tes-ta'^ce-og'ra-fy'*", n. Testaceog- 

tes-ta^ce-us", a. Testaceous. 
tes'^^ti-car'dlii", a. Testicardine. 
tes'tl-cP, n. Testicle. 
tes-tu^di-na'ri-us", a. Testudinari- 

tes^tu-dtn^e-us'*, a. Testudineous. 
tet/'a-nlg'e-nus", a. Tetanigenous. 
te-tar'^to-fy'l-a'**, n. Tetartophyia. 
teth'erd*, yy. Tethered. 
tet^ra-cam^a-rus", a. Tetracama- 

tef'^ra-can^thus*, a. Tetracanthous. 
te-trac'er-us", a. Tetracerous. 
tef^ra-che'nl-uin'", n. Tetrachae- 

tet')^ra-che^tus<>, a. Tetrachaetous. 
tet^ra-clad^tn", a. Tetracladine. 
tef'ra-clo'rid", n. Tetrachlorid. 
tet^ra-clor^meth'ane'', n. Tetra- 

tet')^ra-cor'al-ltn'*, a. Tetracoralline. 
tet^ra-cord", n. Tetrachord. 
tef'^ra-cor^dal", a. Tetrachordal. 
tef^ra-cor'don", n. Tetrachordon. 
tef^^ra-cot'o-mus^t a. Tetrachoto- 

tef^ra-cot'o-my*, n. Tetrachotomy. 
tef^ra-cro'inlc*, a. Tetrachromic. 
te-trac^ro-nus", a. Tetrachronous. 
tef'^ra-dac^ty-lus", a. Tetradacty- 

tet^ra-de-cap^o-dus"»a. Tetradecap- 




tef^ra-fal'^an-gar'chl-a'**, n. Tet- 

tef^ra-far'ina-cal'**, a. Tetraphar- 

tet^ra-far'ma-con'*** n. Tetraphar- 

tef^ra-far'nia-cum'**, n, Tetraphar- 

tef^-iyilous'*", a. Tetraphyllous. 
te-trag'e-nus", a. Tetragenous. 
te-trag'o-nus*, a. Tetragonous. 
te-trag'y-nus", a. Tetragynous. 
tef^ra-lof'o-dont'*", a. Tetralopho- 

tet^ra-mas'thus", a. Tetramasthous. 
te-tram'er-us", a. Tetramerous. 
tet'ra-morf *■, n. Tetramorph. 
tcf'ra-inor'flc'**, a. Tetramorphic. 
tef^ra-mor'flsin'*", n. Tetramor- 

tet^ra-mor'fuB", a. Tetramorphons. 
te-tran'drus", a. Tetrandroiis. 
tef^ra-nef'HC*", a. Tetranephric. 
te-tran'y-chln'", a. & n. Tetrany- 

tet^ra-o-iitii"» a. & n, Tetraonine. 
tef^ra-pet'a-tus*, a. Tetrapetalous. 
tet'ra-plus'y a. Tetraplous. 
te-trap'o-dus"» a. Tetrapodous. 
tet'ra-pus'9 a. Tetrapous. 
te-trap'ter-u8", a. Tetrapterous. 
tef'ra-py-re'nus^, a. Tetrap3a*e- 

te-traq'ue«trus", a. Tetraquetrous. 
tet'rarc*, n. Tetrarch. 
tef^ra-sep'a-lus", a. Tetrasepalous. 
tef'ra-sfer'lc'*", a. Tetraspheric. 
tef'ra-sfer'l-cal'**, a. Tetraspher- 

tet^ra-sper^ma-tus", a. Tetrasper- 

tet^ra-sper'mus", a. Tetraspermons. 
tet^ra-spo^ruB", a. Tetrasporous. 
tefra-stlc"* n. Tetrastich. 

te-tras'ti-cus", a, Tetrastichous. 

tef^ra-sylla-bP, n. Tetrasyllable. 

tex'tU", -lie", a. & n. Textile. 

tlial^a-inen'ce-faP*"»n. Thalamence- 

thaPa-men-ce-faFlC*", a. Thala- 

thaFa-men-cef'a-lon'^", n. Thala- 

thal'^a-mef o-ros'*", n. Thalameph- 

thal'^a-mefo-rus*'*", n. Thalameph- 

thaFa-mo^cele*'*", n. Thalamocoele. 

thal^as-of'l-lus", a. Thalassophi- 

tha-las'^so-fo^bl-a^*", n. Thalasso- 

tha-las'sl-o-fyte'**, n. Thalassio- 

thaFas-sog'ra-fer'**, n. Thalassog- 

tha-las'^so-graf'lc'**", a. Thalasso- 

tha-las'^so-graf 1-caP*", a, Thalasso- 

thai''as-sog'ra-fy'*", n, Thalassog- 

thal-lif'er-us", a. ThaUiferous. 

thaFUnS a. Thalline. 

thaFlo-dore", n. Thallochlore. 

thal-lof o-H***", n. fl. Thallophori. 

thallo-fyte'", n. Thallophyte. 

thamo-fyt'lC'S a. Thallophytic. 

thaFlus", a. Thallous. 

tham^no-fll", n. Thamnophile. 

than''a-to-fld'l-an'*S a. Thanato- 

than'^a-to-fo'bl-a'*", n. Thanato- 

than'^a-tog'ra-fer*'*", n. Thanatog- 

than''a-tog'ra-fy'*«, n. Thanatog- 



tluiii^a-to-ty'fu8'**9 a. Thanatoty- 

thankt'^, pp. Thanked. 
tluitchfy pa. Thatched. 
thau^ma-tog^m-fy'*", n. Thauma- 

thawd'*", pp. Thawed. 
the'a-ter'*", n. Theatre. 
the'a-tln'y a. & n. Theatine. 
the^a-tro-fo'bl-a'*», n. Theatropho- 

the-at'ro-fone'*"9 n. Theatrpphone. 
the'ca-fofe***, n. Thecaphore. 
tt»^€a-»po'rii8*9 a. Hioeaflpoious. 
the-dfer-HS", a. T^Moiferous. 
the-clg'er-us'y a. Thedgerous. 
the^eo-dac'ty-lus"» a. Theoodacty- 

lous. . 
the^co-soiii'a-tus«» a. Theoosoma- 

the-cos'to-mus*, a, Thecostomous. 
thel^e-fe-ra'ceus"» a. Thelephora- 

thel-fu'8l-an'**, a, & n. Thelphusian. 
thel-fu'8ld''*'» n. Thelphusid. 
thel-fu'soid'*>, a. Thelphusoid. 
the-lyf 'o-nld'**, a. & n. Thelyphordd. 
the-Iyf 'o-nold'**, a. Thelyphonoid. 
the-lyg'e-nusS a. Thelygenoiis. 
the-lyg^o«na'ceus*» a. Thelygona- 

the^y«ot'o«lnis«9 a. Thelyotokous. 
the-lyt'o-kus, the-lyt'o«cus'>» a. 

Thelytokous, thelytocons. 
them-selvg"*", pron. pi. Themselves. 
thense'y adv. Thence. 
the^o-fan'lc'**, a. Theophanic. 
the-of 'a-ny**, n. Theophany. 
the^o-fll'^an-thropac>'*% a. Theo- 

the'>^o-fl-lan'thro-pl8m'*'>, n. Theo- 

the^^o-Wo-soflc'**, o. Theophilo- 


the''o-fo'bl-a'*», n. Theophobia. 
the-of o-blst'*", n. Theophobist. 
the-of o«nis«9 a. Theophorons. 
the'^^o-ftras-ta'ce-us", a. Theophras- 

the^o-fylOln'", -InC", n. Theo- 
phylline theophylline. 
the''o-inor'flc'*», a. Theomorphic. 
the^o-mor'fl8iii'**9 n. Theonaor- 

the^o-8of' lc'*», a. Theosophio. 
the''o-80f'l-cal'*", a. Theosophical. 
the^o-80f' l-cal-ly»*», adv. Theosoph- 

the-os'o-fer'**» n. Theosopher. 
the-os'e-flsm'^y n. Theosophism. 
the-08'o-flst'**» n. Theosophist. 
the^o-80-fl8'tl-eal'**, a. Theosophis- 

the-os'e-flse'**» t;^ & n. Theosophize. 
the-os'o-iy'*", n. Theosophy. 
the''o-tec'iiIc», a. Theotechnic. 
the^e-tec'nlst'y n. Theotechnist. 
the^^^e-tec^ny*, n. Theotechny. 
thcr'a-fose'**, n. Theraphose. 
thei^a-fo'sid'*", a. & n. Theraphosid. 
ther^a-fo'soid'*", a. Theraphoeoid. 
thet^l-o-mor'flc'*», a. Theriomor- 

the^i^ii-e-mor'fo-sto'**, n. Therio- 

the'i^ii-o-inor'fusS o. Theriomor- 

the^ri-o-trof^i-cal'*«, a. T^erio- 

ther-met'o-graP", n. Thermeto- 

ther-met^re-graf *"» n. Thermetro- 

ther^mo-a'que-us'y a. Thermoaque- 

ther^mo-bar'o-graf **» n. Thermo- 

ther^ino-ca-ot'lc*9a. Thermochaotic. 


thei'^mo-cro'lc", o. Thermochroic. 

ther'mo-erose*, n. Thermochrose. 

ther'^ino-cro'sy"* n. Thennochrosy. 

ther'mo-eup^l'y n. Thermocouple. 

ther-mof »-gjr'*", n. Thermophagy. 

ther'mo-fll'*", a. Thermophile. 

ther^mo-fll'lc'**, a. Thermofilic. 

ther-mon-lus'y a. Thermophilous. 

theF''iiio-fo'bl-»'*", n. Thermopho- 

ther'mo-fone'*", n. Thermophone. 

ther'mo-fore'*", n. Thermophore. 

thcF'^iiio-fyllc'**, a. Thermophylic. 

thci^ino-fyl'llte'*", n. Thermophyl- 

ther'ino-gnif *", n. Thermograph. 

thei'^ino-graf' Ic'*", a. Thermograph- 

ther*iiiog'ra-fy'*",n. Thermography. 

thcr^^mo-hy'gro-graf *", n. Thermo- 

theF''iiio-iiiet''»-iiior'flc'*", a. Ther- 

thei^mo-met^a-inor'flsiii'*", n. 

ther^mo-met'ro-graf *", n. Ther- 

ther^ino-ino'tlv«9 a. Thermomotive. 

ther'^ino-psy-crof' o-rus', n. Ther- 

ther'mo-sFfon'*", n. Thermosiphon. 

thcr'iiio*teFe-foiie'*", n. Thermo* 

thd^mo-ten'sll'**, a. Thermotensile. 

the'^ro-ce-fall-an'", a. & n. Thero- 

the-rom'o-rus", o. Theromorous. 

thc'ro-morf *■, n. Theromorph. 

the'^ro-mor'fl-a'*", n. Theromorphia. 

the'^ro-inor'flc'*", a. Theromorphic. 

the'^ro-mor'Asm'*", n. Theromor- 

the'^ro-moF^fo-log'l-cal'*", a. Ther- 


the'i^ro-inor'fus", a. Theromorphous. 
the-rop'o-dus", a. Theropodous. 
thFa-sarc*9 n. Thiasarch. 
thlck'end'*", pp. Thickened. 
thlev'y v^. & vi. Thieve. 
thievd'*", pp. Thieved. 
thU-, n. ThiU. 
thlm'bl', n. Thimble. 
thlnd'", pp. Thinned. 
tlilnk'a-bl% a. Thinkable. 
thl-noc'o-rin'y a. Thinocorine. 
thFo-an^tt-mo'iil-us", a, Thioanti- 

thPo-ar-se^nt-us", a. Thioarsenious. 
thFo-cro'inus'y a. Thiochromous. 
thl'o-fene'*", n. Thiophene. 
tWo-fe'nlc'*", a, Thiophenic. 
tWo-fe'iiol'*", n. Thiophenol. 
thPo-ffl'lC", a. Thiophilic. 
thPo-fos^fate'*', n. Thiophosphate. 
thl-of thcnc'*", n. Thiophthene. 
thl^o-naf^thene'*", n. Thionaph- 

thlrFa-bl% a. Thirlable. 
this^tl', n. Thistle. 
thilps^en-cef a-lus'*", n. Thlipsen- 

tho', conj. Though, tho'. 
tho^ra-co8'tra-eus", a. Thoracos- 

thornd'y a. Thomed. 
thor'o", a.f n. & adv. Thorough. 
thor'o-fare", n. Thoroughfare. 
thor'o-ly", adv. Thoroughly. 
thor^o-ness", n. Thoroughness. 
thrald", pp. Thralled. 
thrasht'^, pp. Thrashed. 
thred'", v. & n. Thread. 
thresht", pp. Threshed. 
thret'", n. Threat. 
thret'en'**, vt. & vi. Threaten. 
thret^en-a-bl', a. Threatenable. 
thret'end*"*", pp. Threatened. 
thril'", V. & n. Thrill. 



thrfld'*-, pp. Thrilled. 

thro", V. & n. Throw. 

throbd'*", pp. Throbbed. 

throngd'*", pp. Thronged. 

throta', V. & n. Throttle. 

throtad', pp. Throttled. 

thru", imp. Threw. 

thru'*", a., n., adv. & prep. Through, 

thrumd'*", pp. Thrummed. 

thru-out"*", adv. & prep. Through- 

thum'*", V. & n. Thumb. 

thumd'*", pp. Thumbed. 

thumpt'*", pp. Thimiped. 

thun'derd'*", pp. Thundered. 

thu^ri-bl% n. Thurible. 

thu-rirer-us", a. Thuriferous. 

thur^o', a.f ri. & adv. Thorough. 

thur'o-iy, adv. Thoroughly. 

thur^o-ness', n. Thoroughness. 

thwackt'*", pp. Thwacked. 

thy^a-dn", n. Thylacine. 

thy-lac'l-nln", a. & n. Thylacinine. 

thy^'la-cole-o-nln", a. & n. Thyla- 

thyin'l-a-tei^ny", n. Thjrmiatechny. 

thym^us", a. Thymous. 

thy^'re-o-fy'ina'*", n. Thyreophyma. 

thy-rog'e-nus", a. Thyrogenous; 

thyr-sif 'er-us", a. Thyrsiferous. 

thy^sa-nop'o-dus", a. Thysanopo- 

thy'^sa-nop'ter-us", a. Thysanop-. 

Tl'ber-ln", a. Tiberine. 

tl^cho-dro'mln", a. & n. Tichodro- 

tl'cho-rln", a. &n. Tichorine. 

tlcka% V. & n. Tickle. 

tlckad"-, pp. Tickled. 

tickt'*", pa. Ticked. 

tierse', n. Tierce. 

tlf", V. & n. Tiff. 

tift", pp. Tiffed. 
tight'end", pp. Tightened. 
tl'grln", tl'ger-ln", a. Tigrine, tiger- 

tU'*", »., n., prep. & conj. TilL 
tUd'*", pp. Tilled. 
til^l-a'ceus", a. Tiliaceous. 
tUPa-bF, a. Tillable. 
tll-le^tt-a^eeu8", a. Tilletiaceous. 
tlm^a-lln', a. Timaline. 
tlm^berd", pa. Timbered. 
tl-mel'l-in", a. & n. Timeliine. 
tim^or-us", a. Timorous. 
tim'or-us-ly", adv. Timorously. 
tlm'or-us-ness", n. Timorousnees. 
tln'a-mln", a. & n. Tinamine. 
tln^a-mo-mor'fle'*", o. Tinamomor- 

tln^a-mo'tln", a. & n. Tinamotine. 
tind'*", pp. & a. Tinned. 
tin'e-ln", a. & n. Tineine. 
tln^gl-bl% a. Tingible. 
tln^gl', V. & n. Tingle. 
tin^gld% pp. Tingled. 
tink'erd'*", pp. Tinkered. 
tln'U', V. & n. Tinkle. 
tln^kld% pp. Tinkled. 
tln^seld", pp. Tinseled, tinselled. 
tln^ttn-nab'u-lus", a. Tintinnabu- 

tipl', V. & n. Tipple. 
tipad', pp. Tippled. 
tlp'staff^', n. Tipstaff. 
tipt'*", pp. Tipped. 
tire'graf'*", n. Tiregraph. 
tire 'sum'*", a. Tiresome. 
tis'le", o. Phthisic. 
tFsls", n. Phthisis. 
tl'^tan-lf 'er-us", a. Titaniferous. 
tl^ta-no-the^rl-ln", a. & n. Titano- 

tFtan-us", a. Titanous. 
tlth'a-bP, tlthe'a-bl', a. & n. Tith- 

able, titheable. 



tlth^o-no-cnine'*", a. Tithono- 

tlt'U-U^tlT>, a. Titillative. 
titl', n. Title. 
tit'terd'**, pp. Tittered. 
tit'y-rin», a. & n. Tityrine. 
to", V, & n. Toe. 
to", V, & n. Tow. 
to'dlnS a. Todine. 
toda% V. & n. Toddle. 
toes"* 3rd per. sing, prea, ind. Tows. 
to-fa'eeus", a. Tophaceous. 
togd% pp. Togged. 
. tot-cog'ra-fy*9 n. Toichography. 
toUd™, pp. Toiled. 
toU'8uiii'*S a. Toilsome. 
toU'sum-ly'y ado, ToDsomely. 
toU'sum-ness', n. Toilsomeness. 
to'kend", pp. Tokened. 
tol'er-a-bP, a. Tolerable. 
toPer-a-bl-ness'y n. Tolerableness. 
toU'a-bl% a. Tollable. 
toUd% told'", pp. Tolled. 
tol^y-pen'tln", a, & n. Tol3rpen- 

to-mal'lln", n. TomaUine. 
to-men'tus", a. Tomentous. 
to-mlp'a-rus", a. Tomiparous. 
tongd", pp, Tonged. 
ton'o-fant'*", n, Tonophant. 
ton'o-graf *•, n. Tonograph. 
ton^o-tec'nlc", n, Tonotechnic. 
toold'y pp. Tooled. 
tooth 'ake'^'*", a. Toothache. 
tooth'sum'*", a. Toothsome. 
tootht'**, a. Toothed. 
to'parC, n. Toparch. 
top ^'9 vt. & vi. Topple. 
top^ld', pp. Toppled. 
top^o-fo'bl-a'", n. Topophobia. 
top'o-fone'*", n. Topophone. 
to-pog'ra-fcr'*», n. Topographer. 
top^o-graf lc'» a. Topographic. 
top^o-graf ^1-caP, a. Topographical. 

top^o-gran-cal-ly', adv. Topograph- 

to-pog^ra-flst'y n. Topographist. 

top'^o-graf'o-met'rlc'**, a. Topo- 

to-pog'ra-fy'*", n. Topography. 

top'o-morf' *■, n. Topomoiph. 

topt", pp. Topped. 

to-reu^ma-tog^ra-fy^^yfi. Toreuma- 

tor-fa ^ceus", a. Torfaceous. 

tor^ml-nus", a. Torminous. 

tor'slv«, a. Torsive. 

tor'tiv*, a. Tortive. 

tor'tur-a-bF» a. Torturable. 

tor'tur-a-bl-ness'y n. Torturable- 

to'rus", a. Torous. i 

tor'ren-tln", a. Torrentine. 

tor'tU'", a. Tortile. 

tor'trl-cln'*", a. & n. Tortricine. 

tor'tu-us"» a. Tortuous. 

tor'tu-us-ly", adv. Tortuously. 

tor'tu-us-ness', n. Tortuousnees. 

tor'u-lus'y a. Torulous. 

tos'**, V. & n. Toss. 

tost'*", pp. Tossed. 

tot'l-tlv% a, Totitive. 

tot'terd'**, pp. Tottered. 

toucht'*", pp. Touched. 

tourd", pp. Toured. 

to-va'^rl-a'ceus", a. Tovariaceous. 

towd'**, pp. Towed. 

tow 'eld", pp. Toweled, towelled. 

tow'erd", pp. Towered. 

tox'^t-cof 'a-gus", a. Toxicophagous. 

tox'^l-cof a-gy'**, n. Toxicophagy. 

tox'^l-co-fo'bl-a'*", n. Toxicophobia. 

tox'^l-co-fy-lax'lii'*", n. Toxicophy- 

tox-lf 'er-u8", a. Toxiferous. 

tox'^l-fo'bl-a'*", n. Toxiphobia. 

tox'^l-for'ic'*", a. Toxiphoric. 

tox'^ln-fec'tlus", a. Toxinfectious. 



tox'o-fll'", a. Toxophil. 
tox-of l-llte'*", a, & n, Toxophilite. 
tox-ofa-llt'lC", a. Toxofilitic. 
tox-of l-lus*, o. Toxophilous. 
tox'o-fore'*", n. Toxophore. 
tox'^o-for'lc^**, a. Toxophoric. 
tox-of o-ru8», a, Toxophorous. 
tox'^o-fy-lax'ln'*", n. Toxophylaxin. 
toyd'*", pp. Toyed. 
trace ^a-bl', o. Traceable. 
trace'a-bl-ness'y n. Traceableness. 
tra'chc-o-fone'**, a. & n. Tracheo- 

tra^che-of o-nus", a, Tracheopho- 

tra^che-of'o-iiy'*», n. Tracheoph- 

tra'^che-of y-ma'*", n. Tracheoph- 

tra^che-o-pho'nlii", n. Tracheopho 

tra^chy-car'pus", a. Trachycarpous. 
tra'^chy-fo'iil-a'*", n. Trachyphonia. 
tra-chyf'o-nus", a. Trachyphonous. 
tra^chy-Un'*, a. Trachyline. 
track'a-bl', o. Trackable. 
trackt'*", pp. Tracked. 
tract'a-bl', a. Tractable. 
tract 'a-bl-ness'y n. Tractableness. 
trac'tU'", -UeS a. Tractile. 
trac'tlV", a. Tractive. 
trad'l-tlv*9 a. Traditive. 
tra-duc'1-bl', a. Traducible. 
trarflckt', pp. Trafficked. 
trarflctS pp. Trafficked. 
tra-geFa-phln", a, Tragelaphine. 
trag'u-lln', a. & n. Traguline. 
tralld'", pp. Trailed. 
traln'a-bl'y a. Trainable. 
tralnd'", pp. Trained. 
tramd", pp. Trammed. 
trammeld", pa. Tranmieled. 
tram'pl', vt. & vi. Trample. 
tram'pld', pp. Trampled. 

trampt'*', pp. Tramped. 
tran'qull-lze% vt. k vi. Tranqnilise, 

tran-scend'1-bP, a. Transcendible. 
trannscrlp'tlT", a. Transcriptive. 
tran-scrlp'tl¥-ly<>» ado. Transcrip- 

transe', n. Trance. 
trans-fer^a-bl'y a. Transferable. 
trans-ferd""*", pp. Transferred. 
trans-flxt^'*, pp. Transfixed. 
trans-form'a-bPy a. Transformable. 
traii8-foriii'a-tlv*» a. Transforma- 
trans-formd''*", pp. Transformed. 
trans-fu'stv*, a. Transfusive. 
traiis-fuze'% vt. Transfuse. 
trans-fuz'1-bl', a. Transfuzible. 
trans-gress'l-bl'y a. Transgressible. 
trans-gres'slT", a. Transgressive. 
trans-gres'slT-ly", adv. Transgres- 

trans-grest'", pp. Transgressed. 
tran'sl-tlv*"*", a. Transitive. 
tran'sl-tlT-ly<>9 ado. Transitively. 
tran^sl-tlT-ness", n. Transitiveness. 
trans-lat^a-bl', a. Translatable. 
trans-lat'a-bl-ness'y n, Translat- 

trans-la'tlv«, a. Translative. 
trans-mis ^st-bP, a. Transmissible. 
trans-mls'slT'*", a. Transmissive. 
trans-mis 'slv-ness'*', n. Transmis- 

trans-mlt-ta-[or 1-] bP, a. Trans- 

mittable, transmittible. 
trans-mut^a-bl', a. Transmutable. 
trans-mut'a-bl-ness'y n. Transmut- 

trans-mut'a-tlT", a. Transmutative. 
tran-splr'a-bPy a. Transpirable. 
trans-plant'a-bl'y a. Transplantable. 
trans-pon'l-bP» a. Transponible. 
trans-pon'tln", a. Transpontine. 


trans-porfa-bPy a. Transportable. 
traiis-pos'a-bl% a. Transposable. 
trans-pos't-tlT", a. Transpositive. 
trans-pos^i-tlT-ly"* adu, Transposi- 

transt", pp. Tranced. 
tran-sump'tlT", a. Transumptive. 
Trap^pls-tln', a. Trappistine. 
tr»pt'*», pp. Trapped. 
trav'cld^", pa. Traveled, travelled. 
trav'el-er', n. Traveller. 
tra¥'ers-a-bl'» a. Traversable. 
trav^erst", pp. Traversed. 
trea'cP, n. Treacle. 
trea'son-a-bl', a. Treasonable. 
trea^son-a-bl-ness'y n. Treasonable- 

trea'tls'*^, n. Treatise. 
treb1% v.f a. & n. Treble. 
treb^-ness', n. Trebleness. 
trech'er-ous'**, a. Treacherous. 
trech'er-ous-ly, adv. Treacherously. 
trech'er-ous-ness', n. Treacherous- 

trech'er*y'", n. Treachery. 
tred'*", V. & n. Tread. 
tredl', V. & n. Treadle. 
tred^e*9 v. & n. Treadle. 
treiatst", pp. TreUised. 
trem^bl', v. & n. Tremble. 
trem'bld', pp. Trembled. 
treiii'el-ltn'*9 a. TremeUine. 
trcncht'*", pp. Trenched. 
trc-pand"*", pp. Trepanned. 
tres'", V. & n. Tress. 
tres'past'**, pp. Trespassed. 
trest"* a. Tressed. 
tres'tly tres'sel'y n. Trestle. 
treasure*, v. & n. Treasure. 
tre'sur-er*, n. Treasurer. 
tre'sur-y", n. Treasury. 
treasure', v. & n. Treasure. 
tre'«ur*er', n. Treasurer. 
tre'«ur-y% n. Treasury. 


tri^a-bl% a. Triable. 
trl'a-bl-ness% n. Tnableness. 
trlch'e-chln", a. & n. Trichechine. 
trich^o-pho'cln", a. Trichophocine. 
trick'l', V. & n. Trickle. 
tricked', pp. Trickled. 
trlckt'*", pp. Tricked. 
trl'^de-rlv'a-tlv'*'*, n. Triderivative. 
tri'glyf , n. Triglyph. 
trl-glyf' IC, a. Triglyphic. 
tri-glyf 'l-cal', a. TriglyphicaL 
tril', v. An. TrilL 
trUd'", pp. Trilled. 
trimd'"*", pp. Trimmed. 
trin'gln", a. & n. Tringine. 
trl-part'1-bl', a. Tripartible. 
trlph'yl-lln", n. Triphylline. 
tripl', V.J a. & n. Triple. 
trlpad', pp. Tripled. 
trip'o-lln'^y a. T^pohne. 
trlpf**, pp. Tripped. 
trl-syiaa-bl>', n. Trisyllable. 
trit'u-ra-bl', a. Triturable. 
trl'umf", V. & n. Trimnph. 
trI-um'faPy a. TriimiphaL 
trl-um'fant', a. Triiunphant. 
trt-um^fant-ly, adv. Triumphantly. 
trl^um-fer'y n. Trimnpher. 
trl^umf-lng-ly, adv. Triumphingly. 
tri'umft', pp. Triumphed. 
trlv'l-ln", a. & n. Triviine. 
tro-ca'lc*, a. & n. Trochaic. 
tro-chll^l-dtn", a. Trochilidine. 
troch'l-lln", a. Trochiline. 
trod'n', pp. Trodden. 
fcrof *■, n. Trough. 
tro'fy'**, v. & n. Trophy. 
troglo-dy'^tln", a. & n. Troglodytine. 
trold", pp. Trolled. 
trol'ly", V. & n. Trolley. 
troopt'", pp. Trooped. 
trounst", pp. Trounced. 
trow'eld% pp. Troweled, trowelled. 
tru*, v.y a. & adv. True. 



trub'F, V, & n. Trouble. 
trub'ld', pp. Troubled. 
trub^ous'y a. Troublous. 
trub'l-sum'y a. Troublesome. 
trub^-sum-iy, ado, Troublesomely. 
trub^-sum-ness', n. Troublesome- 

truck^'y vi. Truckle. 
truck^ld'y pp. Truckled. 
truckt'*", jyp. Trucked. 
trumpt''*", pp. Trumped. 
trunkt", a. Trunked. 
trus'*", V. & n. Truss. 
trust", a. Trussed. 
trust'a-bl'y a. Trustable. 
try'a-bP, a. Tryable. 
tryp'e-tin", a. Trypetine. 
tubd**, pp. Tubbed. 
tu^bl-naMn", a. Tubinarine. 
tu'bu-la-rin^y a. Tubulaiine. 
tuch*'*'*, V. & n. Touch. 
tuch'a-bl% a. Touchable. 
tuch^a-bl-ness', n. Touchableness. 
tuch'er*, n. Toucher. 
tuch'l-ly, adv. Touchily. 
tuch^l-ness', n. Touchiness. 
tuch'Ing'y pa.j n. & prep. Touchmg. 
tuch^less', a. Touchless. 
tuch'plece''^, n. Touchpiece. 
tuch'stone'''', n. Touchstone. 
tucht', pp. Touched. 
tuch'wood'^', n. Touchwood. 
tuch'y, a. Touchy. 
tuckt'**, pp. Tucked. 
tuf '*% a. & n. Tough. 
tuf 'en*", vt. & iri. Toughen. 
tuf'end', pp. Toughened. 
tuf 'fen», vt. & vi. Toughen. 
tuf 'fer», a. Tougher. 
tuf'Ish', a. Toughish. 
tuf'ly', adv. Toughly. 
tuPness'', n. Totighness. 
tugd'*», pp. Tugged. 
tum'bl'y V. & n. Tumble. 

tum'bld'y pp. Tumbled. 

tu'mor*9 n. Tumour. 

trfn', n. Tob. 

tun'a-bP, tttiie^a-bl% a. Tunable, 

tun'a-bl-ness^ tune'a-bl-ness', n. 
Tunableness, tuneableness. 

tund", pp. Tiumed. 

tung***", V. & n. Tongue. 

tungd'", pp. Tongued. 

tun'neld'*, pp. & a. Tiumeled, tun- 

tur'bin", -Ine*, n. Turbine. 

tur^dln'*, a. & n. Turdine. 

turft", pp. Turfed. 

tur'ky", n. Turkey. 

tur^molld'*, pp. Turmoiled. 

tur^na-ment", n. Tournament. 

turnd'*", pp. Turned. 

tur^nl-dn", a. Tumicine. 

tur'ny", v. & n. Tourney. 

tur'tl', V. & n. Turtle. 

tur'tld', pp. Turtled. 

tusht", a. Tushed. 

tuskt", a. Tusked. 

tus'soc", n. Tussock. 

tu'tord", pp. Tutored. 

twad'!**, V. & n. Twaddle. 

twad^d', pp. Twaddled. 

twangd*"*", pp. Twanged. 

tweakt'*", pp. Tweaked. 

twelv'*", a. & n. Twelve. 

twlch', V. & n. Twitch. 

twlcht**, pp. Twitched. 

twlgd", pp. Twigged. 

twU', V. & n. Twill. 

twlld'*% pp. Twilled. 

twlnd'*, pa. Twinned. 

twln^kl**, V. &' n. Twinkle. 

twln'kld% pp. Twinkled. 

twirld'", pp. Twirled. 

twist'a-bl', a. Twistable. 

twltcht**, pp. Twitched " 

twlt'terd*"*", pp. Twittered. 


ty'fold'", a. & n. Typhoid. 
ty'fus^*", n. Typhus. 
ty'po-gr»f***"> n. Typograph. 
ty-pog'r»-fer'**, n. Typographer. 
ty'i'po-graf 'ic'*", a. Typographic. 
ty'^po-graf'l-cal'**, a. Typograph- 


ty'^po-graf'l-cal-ly'*", adv. Typo- 
ty-pog'ra-llst*'*'', n. Typographist. 
ty-pog'ra-fy*'*", n. Typography. 
tyr^an-nin", a. & n. Tyrannine. 
ty-rog'ly-fln", a, & n. Tyroglyphine. 


u-blq'ul-tus", o. Ubiquitous. 

u-4om'o-gr»^*"> w. Udomograph. 

ul'cer-a-bl', a. Ulcerable. 

ul'cer-a'^tlv'**, a. Ulcerative. 

iil^cer-us'*9 o. Ulcerous. 

ul'ccr-us-ly", adv. Ulcerously. 

um'berd'*, pp. Umbered. 

un'^a-ban'doiid'**, a. Unabandoned. 

un'^a-basht"", a. Unabashed. 

un-a^bl'', a. Unable. 

un-a-boPlsh-a-bP, a. Unabolishable. 

un'^a-bol'isht'*", a. Unabolished. 

un-ab-soWa-bl', a. Unabsolvable. 

un'^ab-solvd"'**, a. Unabsolved. 

un-ab-sorb'a-bl'', a. Unabsorbable. 

un'^ab-sorbd"'**, a. Unabsorbed. 

un-ac-cep'ta-bl', a. Uncicceptable. 

un-ac-cep'ta-bl-ness'', n. Unaccep- 

un-ac-ces'sl-bl', a. Unaccessible. 

un-ac-ces'si-bl-ness% n. Unaccessi- 

un'^ac-coiii'pllsht''*", a. Unaccom- 

uii^ac-couiit^a-bl% a. Unaccount- 

un^ac-count^a-bl-ness', n. Unac- 

un-ac-cu^iiiu-la-bl% a. Unaccimiu- 

un'^ac-curst"**, a. Unaccursed. 

un'^ac-cus'tomd'**, a. Unaccus- 

un^a-chlev'a-bl', a. Unachievable. 

un'^a-chlevd'^", a. Unachieved. 
un"ac-qulr^a-bl', a. Unacquirable. 
un^ac-qulr^a-bl-ness', n. Unacquir- 

un"a-dapt'a-bl', a. Unadaptable. 
un''a-dapt^a-bl-ness% n. Unadapt- 

un'^ad-dresf *■, a. Unaddressed. 
un'^ad-he'slv'**, a. Unadhesive. 
un-ad-just'a-bl% a. Unadjustable. 
un^ad-mln^ls-terd'^'*, a. Unadmin- 

un-ad^mi-ra-bP, a. Unadmirable. 
un-ad-mls'sl-bl'', a. Unadmissible. 
un-ad-niit'ta-[or Hbl% a. Unadmit- 

table, imadmittible. 
un^ad-mon'lsht'^", a. Unadmon- 

un-a-dopt'a-bl', a. Unadoptable. 
un"a-dornd '*•*", a. Unadorned. 
un'^ad-vlz'a-bl**, a. Unadvisable. 
un^^ad-¥lz^a-bl-ness% n. Unadvis- 

un-af'fa-bl', n. Unaffable. 
un-af ^fa-bl-ness', n. Unaffableness. 
un'^af-flrmd '*"*«, a. Unaffirmed. 
un'^ag-gres'slv*'*", a. Unaggressive. 
un'^a-gree'a-bl', a. Unagreeable. 
un'^a-gree'a-bl-ness', n. Unagree- 

un-ald'a-bPy a. Unaidable. 
un-aimd^'*", a. Unaimed. 
un-alrd'^*", a. Unaired. 
un'^a-larmd"*", a. Unalarmed. 


un-a^llen-a-bP, a. Unalienable. 
un-al-ll^a-bl', a. Unalliable. 
un^al-low^a-bl'y a. Unallowable. 
un^al-low'a-bl-ness', n. Unallow- 

un-aPter-a-bl'y a. Unalterable. 
un-aFter-a-bl-ness'y n. Unalterable- 

un-al'terd'*", a. Unaltered. 
un-a-men'a-bPy a. Unamenable. 
un-a-men^a-bl-ness'y n. Unamen- 

un-a-mend'a-bP, a. Unamendable. 
un-a-mend'a-bl-ness', n. Una- 

un-a'ml-a-bl'y a. Unamiable. 
un-a'ml-a-bt-ness'y n. Unamiable- 

un-a-mus'a-bl'y a. Unamusable. 
un^a-mu'slT'**, a. Unamusive. 
uii-aii^a-lyz^[or -lys'^la-bl', a, Un- 

analyzable, unanalysable. 
uii-aii^a-lyz^[or -lys^Ja-bl-ness', n. 

Unanalyzablenees, unanalysableness. 
un-an'chord", a. Unanchored. 
un^an-neald''*", a, Unannealed. 
un'^an-next"*", a, Unannexed. 
uii-aii-iil'lil-la-bl% a. Unannihila- 

un'^an-noyd"*", a. Unannoyed. 
un'^an-nuld"", a. Unannulled. 
un-an'swer-a-bl', a. Unanswerable. 
uii-an^swer-a-bl-ne8s% n. Unan- 

un-an'swerd'*", a. Unanswered. 
un^ap-par'eld'**9 a. Unappareled, 

un^ap-peaFa-bl'y a. Unappealable. 
un-ap-peas'a-bl'y a. Unappeasable. 
un-ap-peas'a-bt-ness'y n. Unap- 


un^ap-por'tloiid'*S o. Unappor- 

uii-ap'po-slt*» a. Unapposite. 


un-ap-pre'd-a-bl'y a. Unappreci- 

un'^ap-pre'cl-a-tlv'", a. Unappre- 

un'^ap-pre-hen'sl-bP, a. Unappre- 

un'^ap-pre-hen'slv'*", a. Unappre- 

un'^ap-pre-hen'slv-ly'", adv. Unap- 

un'^ap-proach/a-bl', a. Unapproach- 

uii^ap-proacht"**9 a. Unapproached. 

un'^ap-pro^prl-a^bl', a. Unappropri- 

un-a'prond", a, Unaproned. 

un-ar'^gu-ineii'ta-tlT'*'* a. Unargu- 

un-arnid'*, a. Unarmed. 

un-ar'mord'*", a. Unarmored, un« 

un'^ar-raignd"*", o. Unarraigned. 

un'^ar-rayd"*", a. Unarrt^yed. 

uii-ar-rest'a-bl% a. Unarrestable. 

un-as-cend'a-lor i-Jbl', a. Unas- 
cendable, unascendible. 

un'^as-cer-taln^a-bl', a, Unascer- 

un'^as-cer-taln^a-bl-iiess', n. Un* 

un'^as-cer-talnd"**, a. Unascer- 

un-askt'", a. Unasked. 

uii''as-sall'a-bP, a. Unassailable. 

uii''as-8all'a-bl-nes8% n, Unassail- 

un^as-salld^", a. Unassailed. 

un'^as-sault^a-bl', a. Unassaultable. 

un'^as-sayd"*", a. Unassayed. 

un^as-ser'tWy a. Unassertive. 

un'^as-sess'a-bl'y a. Unassessable. 

un'^as-sest"*", a. Unassessed. * 

un'^as-stgn^a-bPy a. Unassignable. 

un^as-stgnd^'^", a. Unassigned. 



un'^as-sliii'l-la-bl'y a. Unassimilable. 
un^as-ton^isht'*", a. Unastonished. 
un^a-ton'a-bl', un^a-tone'a-bl', a. 

Unatonable, unatoneable. 
un'^at-tacht"'**, o. Unattached. 
un''at-tack^a-bl'» a. Unattackable. 
un'^at-tackt"**, a. Unattacked. 
un''at-talii'a-bl', a. Unattainable. 
un'^at-talii'a-bl-ness'y n. Unattain- 

un^at-tatnd''*", a. Unattained. 
uii''at-teiii'perd'*S a. Unattem- 

un'^at-teinpt'a-bl'y a. Unattempt- 

un'^at-ten'tlv'*", a. Unattentive. 
iin'^at-trac'tlv'**, a. Unattractive. 
un'^a-Tail'a-bl'y a. Unavailable. 
un'^a-vall'a-bl-iiess'y n. Unavail- 

iin'^a-vaUd"*", a, Unavailed. 
un^a-vold'a-bl'y a. Unavoidable. 
un^a-vold'a-bl-ness', n. Unavoid- 

un'^a-voucht"**, a. Unavouched. 
un'^a-vowd"**, a. Unavowed. 
un^a-wak'end'*", a. Unawakened. 
un-awd"**, a. Unawed. 
un-awnd'", a. Unawned. 
un-backt"", a. Unbacked. 
un-bail^a-bl'y a. Unbailable. 
un-balld"*", a. Unbailed. 
un-balkt^'*", a. Unbalked. 
un-ban^lsht'^", a, Unbanished. 
un-bank'a-bl'y a. Unbankable. 
un-bankf^S a, Unbanked. 
un-ban'nerd", a. Unbannered. 
un-bard'S a. Unbarred. 
un-bat'terd'**, a, Unbattered. 
un-bear'a-bl'y a. Unbearable. 
un-bear'a-bl-ness'y n. Unbearable- 

un-beat'a-bl', a. Unbeatable. 
UD'nbe-cam'ing^ a. Unbecoming. 

un'^be-dewd''**, a. Unbedewed. 
un'^be-gofn', a. Unbegotten. 
un'^be-llev^a-bl', a. Unbelievable. 
un'^be-llev'a-bl-ness'y n. Unbeliev- 

un'^be-llcvd"*", a. Unbelieved. 
un^be-moand''^", a. Unbemoaned. 
uii-bend^a-bl% a. Unbendable. 
un'^be-num"", vt, Unbenumb. 
un'Hbe-queathed"**, o. Unbe- 

un'^be-stowd"", o. Unbestowed. 
un'^be-trayd"*", a, Unbetrayed. 
un-bet'terd'*", a. Unbettered. 
un-beu'te-ous'y a. Unbeauteous. 
un-beu'tl-fled'y a. Unbeautified. 
un-beu'tl-fful'y a, Unbeautiful. 
un-beu^tl-ful-lF't adv, Unbeauti- 

un'^be-walld"*", a. Unbewailed. 
un^be-wll'derd", a. Unbewildered. 
un-bFast'*", a. Unbiased, unbiassed. 
un-btd^da-bl', a. Unbiddable. 
un-bld'da-bl-ness'y n, Unbiddable- 

un-bPo-graf'l-cal'**, o. Unbio- 

uii-blam'a-bl% a. Unblamable. 
un-blam'a-bl-ness'y n. Unblamable- 

uii-blaiieht''*S a. Unblanched. 
un-bla'zond", a. Unblazoned. 
un-bleachf *"» a. Unbleached. 
un-blem'lsht'*", a. Unblemi^ed. 
un-blesf *"» a. Unblessed. 
un-bolld''*", a. Unboiled. 
un-bookt"*», a. Unbooked. 
un-bor'derd'*", a. Unbordered. 
un-bor'rowd'*", a. Unborrowed. 
un-bot^tomd", a, Unbottomed. 
un-bowd"**, a. Unbowed. 
un-bow'eld", a. Unboweled, unbow- 

uii-braneht''*S a. Unbranched. 



un-break'a-bl', a. Unbreakable. 

un-breath^a-bl'9 O" Unbreathable. 

un-brewd"'*'*, a. Unbrewed. 

un-broacht"*", a. Unbroached. 

un-brusht"*", a. Unbmshed. 

un-bun^dl', vt. & vi. Unbundle. 

un-bur'dend'", a. Unburdened. 

un-bur 'den-sum'*", a. Unburden- 

un-bur'i-a-bl'y a. Unburiable. 

un-bur'nisht'*", a. Unbumished. 

un-bus'klnd'", a. Unbuskined. 

un-but'terd'*", a. Unbuttered. 

un-but'tond'*", a. Unbuttoned. 

un-but'trest'^y a. Unbuttressed. 

un-ea'bld'y a. Uncabled. 

un-cald'"9 a. Uncalled. 

un-calkt"", a. Uncalked. 

un-can'cet-a-bl', un-can'cel-la- 
bl'y a. Uncancelable, uncancellable. 

un-can'oeld'*", a. Uncanceled, un- 

un-capf 9 a. Uncapped. 

un'^ca-rest"*", a. Uncaressed. 

un-carvd"**, a. Uncarved. 

un-cat'a-logd'*'*, a. Uncatalogued. 

un-cen'sur-a-bl'y a. Uncensurable. 

un-chalnd^'^'y a. Unchained. 

un-chalkf , a. Unchalked. 

un-change^a-bl**, a. Unchangeable. 

un-chan'neld'*'*, a. Unchanneled, 

un-chard"**, a. Uncharred. 

un-char'l-ta-bl'9 a. Uncharitable. 

un-char'I-ta-bl-ness', n. Uncharita- 

un-char'terd", a. Unchartered. 

un-chast'end''*", a. Unchastened. 

un-check'erd'*, a, Uncheckered. 

un-cheekt"**, a. Unchecked. 

un-cheerd"*», o. Uncheered. 

un-cher'lsht"» a. Uncherished. 

un-chewd"*», a. Unchewed. 

un-chlpt''", a, Unchipped. 

un-chls'eld", a. Uncbiseled, unchis- 

un-chopt"", a. Unohopped. 

un-chris'tend", a. Unchristened. 

un'cP, n. Uncle. 

un-clalmd''*", a. Unclaimed. 

un-cla8s'a-[or t-Jbl', a. Unclassable, 

un-class'l-fl^a-bl'y a, Unclassifiable. 

un-cleand''*", a. Uncleaned. 

un-deard"**, a. Uncleared. 

un-cteaT'a-bl'y a. Uncleavable. 

un-clcn'ly'", a. Uncleanly. 

un-der'gl-a-bl', un-cler'gy-a-bl'y 
a. Unclergiable,. unclergyajble. 

un-cllpt"*", a. UncUpped. 

un-cloakt"**, a. Uncloaked. 

un-clos'a-bl'9 a. Unclosable. 

un-doyd"*", a, Uncloyed. 

un-coacht"*", a. Uncoached. 

un-cof 'find', a. Uncoffined. 

un'^co-he'slv'*", a. Unoohesive. 

un-colff , a. Unooifed. 

un-colnd"**, a. Uncoined. 

un'^col-lapst"**, a. Uncollapsed. 

un-col'lard'*», a, UncoUared. 

un-col'ord", a. Uncolored. 

un'^com-btn^a-bl', a. Uncombinable. 

un-com'fort-a-bl'y a. Uncomfort- 

un-com'fort-a-bl-ness'y n, Uncom- 

un'^com-mend'a-bl', a. Uncom- 

un'^com-men'su-ra-bl', a, Uncom- 

un^'com-mer^cl-a-bl', a. Uncom- 

un^com-mls'slondS a. Uncommis- 

un-com'mon-a-bl'y a. Uncommon- 

un''com-mu'iil-ca-bl', a, Unoom- 



un'^com-mu'nl-ca-tlv'", a. Uncom- 

un^com-pan'lond'y a. Uncompan- 

un^com-pas'slond", a. Uncompas- 

un'^com-peld"*", a. Uncompelled. 

un^com-pel'la-bP, a. Uncompel- 

un''com-pet'l-tlv'*», a. Uncompeti- 

un'^com-pll^a-bl*', a. UncompUable. 

un^com-pre-hen^sl-bl', a. Uncom- 

un-com'^pre-heii'slv'", a. Uncom- 

un'^com-prest"*", a. Uncompressed. 

un'^con-ceald"*", a. Unconcealed. 

un^con-celv'a-bl', a. Unconceivable. 

un''con-cei?'a-bl-ness', n. Uncon- 

un'^con-celvd"*", a. Unoonceived. 

un^con-dem'na-bl', o. Uncondem- 

uii''con-dens'a-[or l-]bl', a. Uncon- 
densable, uncondensible. 

un'^con-denst"'*", a. Uncondensed. 

un'^con-du'clv'*", a. Unconducive. 

un'^con-ferd"", a. Unconferted. 

un'^con-fest"*", a. Unconfessed. 

un^con-fin'a-bP, o. Unconfinable. 

un'^con-flrmd"*", a. Unconfirmed. 

un^con-fls'ca-bl'y a. Unconfiscable. 

un^con-form^a-bl', a. Unconform- 

un^con-form'a-bl-ness', n. Uncon- 

un'^con-formd"*", a. Unconformed. 

un'^con-fut^a-bl', a. Unconfutable. 

un^con-geaFa-bP, a. Uncongealable. 

un'^con-gcald"", a. Uncongealed. 

un'^con-jolnd"*", a. Unconjoined. 

un'^con-Junc'tlv'", a. Unconjunc- 

un-con^querd'y a. Unconquered. 

un-con^sclon-a-bl'9 a. Unconscion- 

un-con^sclon-a-bl-ness'y n. Uncon- 

un"con-8er'va-tl¥'*", a. Unconserva- 

un'^con-sld'erd'**, a. Unconsidered. 

un'^con-slgnd '*•*■, a. Unconsigned. 

un^con-straln^a-bl', a. Unconstrain- 

un'^con-straind"", a. Uncon- 

un^con-tatn'a-bl'y a. Uncontainable. 

un^con-test'a-bl'9 a. Uncontestable. 

un^con-tra-dlct'a^bl', a. Uncontra- 

un'^con-trold '*•*■, a. Uncontrolled. 

un^con-troFla-bl'9 a. Uncontrol- 

un^con-troFla-bl-ness', n. Uncon- 

un'^con-tro-vert'l-bl', a. Uncontro- 

un'^con-vers'a-bl', a. Unconversable. 

un'^con-vert'l-bl', a. Unconvertible. 

un'^con-veyd"", a. Unconveyed. 

un'^con-vulst"'**, a. Unconvulsed. 

un-cook^a-bl'» a. Uncookable. 

un-cookt"**, a. Uncooked. 

un-corkt"**, a. Uncorked. 

un'^cor-rup'tiv*, a. Uncorruptive. 

un-cov'erd*, a. Uncovered. 

un-cowld"", a. Uncowled. 

un-craekt ""*•*, a, Uncracked. 

un-crampt"**, a. Uncramped. 

un-erlt'l-cl8'^[or -iz'^Ja-br, a. Un- 
criticisable, uncriticizable. 

un-cropt^S a. Uncropped. 

un-crost '*"*•, a. Uncrossed. 

un-crownd^', a. Uncrowned. 

un-cru8ht"*», a. Uncrushed. 

un-crys'tal-ltn", -Ine*, a, Uncrystal- 



un-crys^tal-lts^[or -l«*^]a-bl', a. Un- 

crystallisable, unciystallizable. 

un-culd"", a. Uncalled. 

un-cuFtl-Ta-bl'y a. Uncultivable. 

un-cum'berd'*", a. Uncumbered. 

un'i^cuiii-paii'toii-a-bl'y a. Uncom- 

uii-cup'1% vt. & vi. Uncouple. 

un-cup^d', a. Uncoupled. 

un-cur'a-bl'y a. Uncurable. 

un-curb'a-bl'y a. Uncuibable. 

un-curbd"*", a. Uncurbed. 

un-curst"*", a. Uncureed. 

un'^cur-taild"*", a. Uncurtailed. 

un-cur'talnd", a. Uncurtained. 

un-eush'lond^y a. Uncushioned. 

un-eus'tom-a-bl', a, Uncustomable. 

un-cuv'er', vt. & vi. Uncover. 

un-cuT'erd", a. Uncovered. 

un-dampt"*", a. Undamped. 

un-dark'end'*", a. Undarkened. 

un-dashf *"» a. Undashed. 

un-daz1d', a. Undazzled. 

un'^de-bard"*", a. Undebarred. 

un'^de-bat'a-bl*', un'^de-bate'a-bl', 
a. Undebatable, undebateable. 

un'^de-cayd"*", a. Undecayed. 

un^de-celT^a-bl'y a. Undeoeivable. 

un'^de-celvd"*", a. Undeceived. 

un'^de-cep'tlv", a. Undeceptive. 

un'^de-cld'a-bl', o. Undecidable. 

un'^de-cl'fcr-a-bl', a. Undecipher- 

un'^de-clTerd'*", a. Undecipbered. 

un'^de-d'slv'**, a. Undecisive. 

un-deckt'** a. Undecked. 

un^de-clar'a-bl'9 a. Undeclarable. 

un^de-clln'a-bl'9 a. Undeclinable. 

un'i^de-coni-pos'a-bl'y a. Undecom- 

un-ded"", a. Undead. 

un'^de-duc'l-bl', a. Undeducible. 

un^de-fea'sl-bl^'y a. Undefeasible. 

un'^de-fec'tl?'*", a. Undefective. I 

un^de-ferd'*» a. Undeferred. 
un'i^de-flii'a-bl'y a. Undefinable. 
un'^de-formd"*", a. Undeformed. 
un'^de-frayd"*", a. Undefrayed. 
un'i^de-lay'a-bl't a. Undelayable. 
un'^de-layd", a, Undelayed. 
un'i^de-lec'ta-bPy a. Undelectable. 
un^de-llb'er-a-tlv'*", a, Undeliber- 

un'^de-llv'erd'*", a. Undelivered. 
un-delt"", a. Undealt. 
uni^dc-lu'slv'**, a. Undelusive. 
un-delvd'", a. Undelved. 
un^de-moFlsht'*** a. Undemolished. 
un^de-mon'stra-bt'y a. Undemon- 

uii^de-iiioii'stra-tiv'**» a. Undemon- 
un'i^de-iiioii'stra-tlv-ly'*"* adv. Un- 

un'i^de-inoii'stra-tlv-iiess'^", n. Un- 

un'i^de-iil'a-bl'y a. Undeniable. 
un'i^de-peiid'a-bl'y a. Undependable. 
uii'i^de-po8'a-bl''9 a. Undeposable. 
un'^de-prcst"*", a. Undepressed. 
un'i^der-tak'a-bl'y a. Undertakable. 
uii^de«seend'a-[or i-Jbl'* a. Unde- 

scendable, undescendible. 
un^de-scrib'a-bl'9 a. Undescribable. 
un'^de-serv"*', vt. & vi. Undeserve. 
un'^de-servd'", pa. Undeserved. 
un'^de-slgnd"**, a. Undesigned. 
un^de-slr'a-bPy a. Undesirable. 
un'i^de-slr'a-bl-iiess'y n. Undesir- 

un'^de-gpolld"**, a. Undespoiled. 
un-des'tlnd", a. Undestined. 
un'^de-stroyd"*", a. Undestroyed. 
un'i^de-taeh'a-bP, a. Undetachable. 
un'^de-tacht"**, a. Undetached. 
un'^de-talld"*", a. Undetailed. 
un'^de-vel'opt'**, a. Undeveloped. 
un^^de-vourd'^s a, Undevoured. 



un^di-af'a-nous'y a* Undiaphonous. 
un^dl-gest'i-bPy a. Undigestible. 
un-dlmd"*", a. Undimmed. 
un^dl-mln'lsli-a-bl't a. Undimin- 

un^dl-mln'lsht'^S a. Undiminished. 
un-dlpt"*", a. Undipped. 
un'^dls-ccrnd"*", a. Undiscemed. 
un^dl8-cerii'l-bl''9 a. Undiscemible. 
un^dls-cern'l-bl-ness's n. Undis- 

un-dl8^cl-plind*9 a. Undisciplined. 
un^dts-coPord*9 a. Undiscolored. 
un^dls-coursf", a. Undiscoursed. 
un^dls-criin'l-iia-tlT'*", a. Undis- 

un''dl8-cust"*S a. Undiscussed. 
un^dls-cuT'er-a-bl'» o. Undisoover- 

un^dls-hart'end'*", a. Undisheart- 

un^dls-Jotiid^*» a. Undisjoined. 
un^dls-man'tld'y a. Undismantled. 
un^dls-mayd'", a. Undismayed. 
un^dls-mem'berd'*", a. Undismem- 

un^dls-mlsf*", a. Undismissed. 
un^dls-or'derd", a. Undisordered. 
un'^dls-peld"*", a. Undispelled. 
un'^dls-penst"**, a. Undispensed. 
un^dls-persf 9 a. Undispersed. 
un'^dis-playd"*", a. Undisplayed. 
un-dls'pu-ta-bl's a. Undisputable. 
un-dls^pu-ta-bl-ness's n. Undispu- 

un^'^dls-sem^bld't a. Undissembled. 
un^dls-soWa-bl'y a. Undissolvable. 
un'^dls-solvd"", a. Undissolved. 
un^dl8-tem'perd'*S a. Undistem- 

un^dls-tUd''», a. Undistilled. 
un'^dls-tlnc'tlv'*", a. Undistinctive. 
un^dts-tln'inilsli-a-bl'y a, Undis- 


un^dls-tln'gutsht'*', a. Undistin- 

un'^dls-trest"", a. Undistressed. 

un'^dls-turbd"*", a. Undisturbed. 

un-dltcht^", a. Unditched. 

un^dl-Tert'1-bl', a. Undivertible. 

un'i^dt-Yiii'a-bPy o. Undivinable. 

un^dt-Yis'l-bl'9 a. Undivisible. 

un-doomd''*', a. Undoomed. 

un-dout^ed**, a. Undoubted. 

un-dout^ful'^% o. Undoubtful. 

un-dow'erd'", o. Undowered. 

un-dralnd'S a. Undrained. 

un-drenchf *", a. Undrenched. 

un-drild"*«, a. Undrilled. 

un-drink'a-bl'y a. Undrinkable. 

un-drownd"", a. Undrowned. 

un-dubd'"9 a. Undubbed. 

un-du'bt-ta-bl', a. Undubitable. 

un-dub'l', vt. & vi, Undouble. 

un'du-la'^tlv'**, a. Undulative. 

un-dumpt'", a. Undumped. 

un-dur'a-bl'» a. Undurable. 

un-du'tt-a-bFy a. Undutiable. 

uti-dwln^dld'y a. Undwindled. 

un-eat'a-bl', a. Uneatable. 

un-eat'a-bl-ness'y n. Uneatableness. 

un'^e-cllpst"*", a. Uneclipsed. 

un-ed^i-bl'» a. Unedible. 

un'^e-duc'l-bP, a. Uneducible. 

un'^e-lapst"'**, a. Undapsed. 

un'^e-lec'tlv'**, a. Unelective. 

un-eFI-gl-bP, a. Uneligible. 

un'^e-lu'sl?'**, a. Unelusive. 

un'^eiii-bar'rast'**, a. Unembar- 

un^em-belllsht'*", a. Unembel- 

un^em-blt'terd", a, Unembittered. 

uii'i^e-ineiid'a-bl', a. Unemendable. 

un'^em-fat'lc'*", a, Unemphatic. 

un^em-ploy'a-bl', a. Unemployable. 

un'^em-ployd"*", o. Unemployed. 

un^em-pow'erd", a. Unempowered. 



un^en-am'ord", a. Unenamored. ' 
un'^eii-com'past''**, a. Unencom- 

un'^en-coun'terd'**, a, Unencoim- 

un'^en-cum'berd''*", a. Unencum- 

un^en-dan'gerd', a. Unendangered. 

un'^en-deard"*", a. Unendeared. 

un^en-dorsf , a. Unendorsed. 

un'^en-dowd"**, a. Unendowed. 

un^en-dur'a-bP, a. Unendurable. 

un^en-fee^bld*', a, Unenfeebled. 

un^en-force'a-bl'y a. Unenforceable. 

un'^en-grost'", a. Unengrossed. 

un'^en-Joy'a-bl'', a, Unenjoyable. 

un'^en-joyd"", a. Unenjoyed. 

un^en-light^end", a. Unenlightened. 

un'^en-liv'end^, a. Unenlivened. 

un'^en-rlcht'*'**, a. Unenriched. 

un'^en-rold'^**, a. Unenrolled. 

un^en-tan^gld', a. Unentangled. 

un-en'terd*"**, a. Unentered. 

un^en-thrald'", a. Unenthralled. 

un'^e-nu'mer-a-bl', a. Unenumer- 

un-enM-a-bP, a. Unenviable. 

un-e'qua-bl% a. Unequable. 

un-e'Quald*"*", a. Unequaled, une- 

un'^e-Qulpt"**, a. Unequipped. 

un-eq^ul-ta-bl', a. Unequitable. 

un'^e-rad'l-ca-bl*', a. Uneradicable. 

un-ernd^*', a. Unearned. 

un-erth", vL Unearth. 

un'^es-cap'a-bl', a. Unescapable. 

un'^es-chew'a-bl^, a. Uneschewable. 

un'^es-tab'llshf**, a. Unestablished. 

un'^es-thet'lc, a. Unaesthetic. 

un-etcht"», a. Unetched. 

un'^e-vad'a-bl', a. Unevadable. 

un'^e-volvd"*", a. Unevolved. 

un^ex-am'l-iia-bl% a. Unexami- 

un"ex-ain'lnd'*», a. Unexamined. 

un'^ex-celd'^, a. Unexcelled. 

un^ex-eep^tion-a-bl% a. Unexcep- 

un^ex-cep^tlon-a-bl-iie8S% n. Un- 

un'^ex-cep'tlv", a. Unexceptive. 

un^'ex-change^a-bPy a. Unexchange- 

un'^ex-clt'a-bl', a. Unexcitable. 

un'^ex-clu'slv'*", a. Unexclusive. 

un^ex-cog't-ta-bl', a. Unexcogitable. 

un^ex-cuz'a-bl', a. Unexcusable. 

un^ex-cuz^a-bl-ness'y n, Unexcus- 

un^ex-haust't-bl', a. Unexhaustible. 

un-ex^pt-a-bl', a. Unexpiable. 

un'^ex-pan'siv'*", a. Unexpansive. 

un'^ex-peld"", o. Unexpelled. 

un'^ex-pen'slv'*", a. Unexpensive. 

un^ex-plain'a-bl', a. Unexplainable. 

un'^ex-plaind"'*", a. Unexplained. 

un'^ex-plor'a-tlv*, a, Unexplorative. 

un'^ex-plo'slv'*", a. Unexplosive. 

un^ex-press't-bP, a. Unexpressible. 

un'^ex-pres'slv'**, o. Unexpressive. 

un"ex-prest"*», a. Unexpressed. 

un^ex-pug'na-bl'', a. Unexpugnable. 

un^ex-tln'guish-a-bP, a. Unextin- 

un^'ex-tln^gulsht", a. Unextin- 

un-ex'trl-ea-bl', a. Unextricable. 

un-faee^a-bF, a. Unfaceable. 

un-fad'a-bP, a. Unfadable. 

un-faPlowd", a. Unfallowed. 

un-fand'*9 a. Unfanned. 

un-fash^ton-a-bl', a. Unfashionable. 

un-fash^lon-a-bl-ness'', n. Unfash- 

un-fash^lond", a. Unfashioned. 

un-fa'therd'**, a. Unfathered. 

un-fath^om-a-bl'y a. Unfathomable. 

un-fath'oind'*S a. Unfathomed. 



an-fat^t-ga-bP, a, Unfatigable. 
un-fa^¥or-a-bP, a. Unfavorable. 
un-fa'¥or-a-bl-ness', n. Unfavor- 

un-fa'Tord****, a. Unfavored. 
un-feard"*", a. Unf eared. 
un-fea^sl-bl'y a. Unfeasible. 
un-felgnd''. Unfeigned. 
un-feld^", a. Unfelled. [able. 

un^fer-ment'a-bl'y a. Unferment- 
un-fer'tll'*», -lie'**, o. Unfertile. 
un-fes'tlv'*", a. Unfestive. 
un-fetcht'"9 a. Unfetched. 
un-feth'er'*", vt. Unfeather. 
un-feth'erd'*», a. Unfeathered. 
un-fet^terd", a. Unfettered. 
un-fe'verd'*", a. Unfevered. 
un^fll-an-tiirop'lc'*', o. Unphilan- 

un-ffld''", a. Unfilled. 
un-flll'a-bl% a. UnfiUable. 
uii-fllnid'*9 a. Unfilmed. 
un^fll-o-log'l-cal'*", n. Unphilolog- 

un-fll'terd'*", a. Unfiltered. 
un-fln'gerd'*", a. Unfingered. 
un-fln^lsht'*", a. Unfinished. 
un-flxt"*% a. Unfixed. 
un-flankf 9 a. Unflanked. 
un-flat'terd'*", a. Unflattered. 
un-pa'vord'**, a. Unflavored. 
un-llawd '*•*■, a. Unflawed. 
un-fleckt^'*, a. Unflecked. 
un-flex^l-bl', a. Unflexible. 
un-fo'cust'*", a. Unfocused. 
un-folld"*% a. Unfoiled. 
un-fol'lowd'*», a. Unfollowed. 
un'^fo-net'lc*", a. Unphonetic. 
un-forc'l-bl'y a. Unforcible. 
un-ford'a-bl'y a. Unfordable. 
un^f ore-see 'a^bl', a. Unforeseeable. 
un-forge^a-bl', a. Unforgeable. 
un^for-get'a-bl's a, Unforgetable. 
un^for-glT^a-bl', a. Unforgivable. 

un-forkt'", a. Unforked. 
un-formd"*», a. Unformed. 
un-for'mu-la-bP, a. Unformulable. 
un-fos'terd'*", a. Unfostered. 
un-fould"*% a. Unfouled. 
un-frank'a-bl% a. Unfrankable. 
un-frankt^", a. Unfranked. 
un-freiid^l)r', a. Unfriendly. 
un-frl'a-bl', a. Unfriable. 
un-frild"", a. Unfrilled. 
un-frus'tra-bl', a. Unfrustrable. 
un-fu'eld", a. Unfueled. 
un'^ful-flld"", a. Unfulfilled. 
un-fur'nlsht'", o. Unfumished. 
un-fur^rowd**, a. Unfurrowed. 
un-fu^zl-bP, a, Unfusible. 
un-fys'l-cal'*", a. Unphysical. 
un-fys'lckt', a. Unphysicked. 
un-galn'a-bP, a. Ungainable. - 
un-galiid''*% a. Ungained. 
un-gald^", a, Ungalled. 
un-gar'bld', a. Ungarbled. 
un-gard'ed", a. Unguarded. 
un-gar'nerd'", a. Ungamered. 
un-gar'nlsht", a. Ungamished. 
un-gar^rl-sond", a. Ungarrisoned. 
un-gar^terd*, a. Ungartered. 
un-gath'erd", a. Ungathered. 
un-gen'u-ln'*», -Ine**, a. Ungenuine. 
un'^ge-o-graf'lc'*", a. Ungeographic. 
un-glr'dl', vt. Ungirdle. 
un-glad^dend", a. Ungladdened. 
un-gleand^'*", a. Ungleaned. 
un-g^oomd^'*', a. Ungloomed. 
un-gost'ly'*", a. Unghostly. 
un-gownd"*», a. Ungowned. 
un-grant'a-bl', a, Ungrantable. 
un-gra8p'a-bl% a. Ungraspable. 
un-graspt"", a. Ungrasped. 
un-green^a-bl% a. Ungreenable. 
utt-groovd"*'*, a. Ungrobved. 
un-gu¥^ern-a-bl', a. Ungovernable. 
un-guT^ern-a-bl-ness'y n. Ungov- 



un-haekt''*', a. Unbacked. 

un-haUd"'^, a. Unbailed. 

uii-lial^owd'**9 a. Unballowed. 

un-halvd"", a. Unbalved. 

un-ham'perd'**, a. Unbampered. 

un-hand'sum^ a. Unbandsome. 

un-hansd''**, a. Unbanged. 

un-har'ast'*", a. Unbarassed. 

aii-liar'bord'**9 a. Unbarbored. 

an-har'dend*, a. Unbardened. 

uii-liarind''**» a. Unbanned. 

un-har'rowd'**, a. Unbarrowed. 

uii-liatcht"*"» a. Unbatcbed. 

un-heald"**, a. Unbealed. 

un-hed"**, vt. Unbead. 

uii-lielind'*» a. Unbekned. 

un-helpt"", a. Unbelped. 

uii-helth"*S n. Unbealtb. 

un-helth'fuF^S a. Unbealtbful. 

uii-helth'y'*S a. Unbealtby. 

un-hemd", a. Unbemmed. 

uii-lierd'>*» a. Unbeard. 

un-hln'derd'**, a. Unbindered. 

«ii-hoii'ord'*», a. Unbonored, unbon- 

uii-lioriid"» a. Unbomed. 

uii-lio8'pi-ta-bl'» a. Unboepitable. 

un-hos'tll*, -Ue"» a. Unbostile. 

un-huld", a. UnbuUed. 

un-hum'bld^ a. Unbumbled. 

uii-ba'inord>***» a. Unbumored. 

un-buskt", a. Unbusked. 

un^i-den'ti-fl^a-bP, a. Unidentifi- 

u'ni-fl^a-bl'', a. Unifiable. 

aii^ig-iilt'i-bl'» a. Unignitible. 

un^im-ag^i-na-bl'* a. Unimaginable. 

un^im-ag^i-na-bl-ness', n. Unimag- 

un'^lm-ag'I-na-tlv'**, a. Unimagina- 

un^im-ag'ind'**, a. Unimagmed. 

un^im-patr'a-bl'y a. Unimpairable. 

un'^lm-palrd"'**, a. Unimpaired. | 

an^iliii-pas'slond'y a. Unimpas- 

un^im-peacb'a-bl'y a. Unimpeacb- 

un'^im-peacb'a-bl-ness'y n. Unim- 

un^im-peacbt", a. Unimpeacbed. 

un^lm-preg'na-bl'y a. Unimpregna- 

un'^lm-pressl-bl', a. Unimpressible. 

un'^lm-pressl-bl-ness'y n. Unim- 

uii*liii-pre«'ilv'**, a. Unimpressive. 

un^iin-pres'sioii-a-bPy a. Unim- 

un'^lm-prest"", o. Unimpressed. 

aii^iii-pro¥'a«bl'» a. Unimprovable. 

aii^lm-pro¥'a-bl-ness'» n. Unim- 

un^lm-pug'na-bl'y a. Unimpug- 

un^ln-creas'a-bl'y a. Unincreasable. 

nn'^ln-cfeait"", a. Unincreased. 

un^iii-det'ted*, a. Unindebted. 

un-ln'dext'**, a. Unindexed. 

un'^ln-dorit"", a. Unindorsed. 

un^'^iii-flain'ina-bl'y a. Uninflam- 

un^in-bab'l-ta-bPy a. Uninbabi- 

un^in-ber'l-ta-bl'y a. Uninberitable. 

aii^iii-qui8'i-ti¥*9 a. Uninquisilive. 

un^ln-stald", an^ln-stalld'', a, 

nn^ln-stnic'tlv'", a. Uninstructive. 

un^iii-sur'a-bl'y a. Uninsm*able. 

un^in-tel^i-gl-bl', a. Unintelligible. 

un^in-tel^i-gl-bl-iiess'y n. Unintel- 

un^in-ter-cbange'a-bl'y a. Uninter- 

un^in-ter-mlxfy a. Unintermixed. 

un^in-ter'pret-a-bl', a. Uninter- 



un^in-trencht^", a. Unintrenched. 
un-in^tro-spec^tivS a. Unintrospec- 

uii^iii-¥eiit'l-bl-ne88% n. Uninvent- 

*uii''lii-veii'tlv'", a, Uninventive. 
an^in-Tes'ti-ga-bl'y o. Uninvesti- 

gable. [gative. 

un'^In-ves'tl-fa'^tlv*, a. Uninvesti- 
un^In-volvd"", a. Uninvolved. 
un-tr'ri-ta-bl', a. Unirritable. 
u-nit'ft-bl% u-nlte'a-bl^ a. Unit- 
able, uniteable. 
u'nl-tlv'**, a. Unitive. 
u^nl-tiv-ly'**, adv, Unitively. 
u^iii-¥al¥*9 o. & n. Univalve. 
un-jagd'S a. Unjagged. 
nn-Jard"", a. Unjarred. 
un-jaun'dist*, a. Unjaundiced. 
un-Jel'ous'*", a. Unjealous. 
nn-jolnd"", a. Unjoined. 
aii-jU8^ti-fl^a-bl'» a. Unjustifiable. 
aii-ju8^ti-fl^a-bl-ne88% n. Unjusti- 

un-keeld'*, a. Unkeeled. 
iiii-kUd"", a. Unkilled. 
un-ldn'dld', a. Unkindled. 
nn-ldst"", a. Unkissed. 
uii-kneld'*» a. Unknelled. 
un-know'a-bF, a. & n. Unknowable. 
aii-know'a-bl-ne88'» n. Unknow- 

uii-la^beld*» a. Unlabeled, unlabelled. 
un^am-poond'", a. Unlampooned. 
aii-la8ht^''**, a. Unlashed. 
un-launchf *■» a. Unlaunched. 
un-laun'derd^y a. Unlaundered. 
un-lau'reld^y a. Unlaureled, unlau- 

un-laY'lsht*^, a. Unlavished. 
un-leacht^*, a. Unleached. 
un-least^'y a. Unleased. 
un-lern^', vt. & vi. Unlearn. 
uii-le88'end'*"» a. Unlessened. 

u 11-168 'sond*, a. Unleosoned. 

un-let'terd'y a. Unlettered. 

un-ira-bF, a. Unliable. 

uii-U^cen8t'*"» a. Unlicensed. 

uii-Uckt''*% a. Unlicked. 

aii-llk^a-bl% a. Unlikable. 

un-lik'en-a-bl'y a. Unlikenable. 

un-llm'berd*, a. Unlimbered. 

aii-Uq'ae-fl^a-bl>'» a. Unliquefiable. 

uii-lit^terd*» a. Unlittered. 

uii-li¥'a-bl>*» a. Unlivable. 

un-lockt'*, a. Unlocked. 

uii-loct'% a. Unlocked. 

uii-logd"» a. Unlogged. 

un-lookt"", a. Unlooked. 

un-loopt"", a. Unlooped. 

un-lopt"", a. Unlopped. 

aii-los'a-bl% a. Unlosable. 

un-low'erd'y a. Unlowered. 

un-luld"", a. Unlulled. 

uii-la'ml-nu8*» a. Unlnminous. 

un-luY^a-bl', a. Unlovable. 

uii-lu¥^a-bl-nes8'9n. Unlovableness. 

un-luvd^'y a. Unloved. 

un-mad^dend'y a. Unmaddened. 

aii-maUd^'**» a, Unmailed. 

uii-nialmd"**9 a. Unmaimed. 

an^maln-talii'a-bl'y a. Unmaintain- 

un-mak'a-bl'y a. Unmakable. 

aii-mal^e-a-bl% a. Unmalleable. 

uii-maii^a-cl% vL Unmanacle. 

uii-maii^age-a-bl% a. Unmanage- 

un-man'age-a-bl-ness^ n. Unman- 

un-man'gld', a. Unmangled. 

uii-maii^iierd'^9 a. Unmannered. 

uii-mapt^*» a. Unmapped. 

uii-mard"» a. Unmarred. 

un-mar'ket-a-bi', a. Unmarketable. 

uii-markt^'**9 a. Unmarked. 

un-mar^riage-a-bl'y a. Unmarriage- 



un-mar^riage-a-bl-ness', n. Un- 

un-mar^shald*', a. Uninarshaled. 
uii-inar^¥el-ous'» a. Unmarvellous. 
un-mas^cu^lin''*", -ine", a. & n. Un- 

un-mas^terd'^S a. Unmastered. 
un-mas^ti-ca-bl^y a. Unmasticable. 
un-match'a-bF* a. Unmatchable. 
un- match ^a-bl-ness'y n. Unmatch- 

un-matcht^*, a. Unmatched. 
un-med^Py vi. Unmeddle. 
un-mel'an-col-y", a. Unmelan- 

an-mel'lowd", o. Umnellowed. 
uii-inelt'a-bl''» a. TJnmeltable. 
un-mem'o-ra-bl'y a. Unmemorable. 
un-mend'a-bP, a. Umnendable. 
un-men'sur-a-bFy a. Unmensurable. 
nn-meiit"'*', a. Unmeant. 
un-meii^tioii-a-bl'y a. Unmention- 
able, [chantable. 
un-mer'chaiit-a-bFy a. Unmer- 
un-inet'ald"» a. Unmetaled. 
un'^met-a-inor'foscd'*", a. Unmeta- 

uii-ine'terd"» a. Unmetered. 
un-me'zur-a-bl'y a. Unmeasurable. 
un-me^zured**, a. Unmeasured. 
un-mlld"*", un-mllld^', a. Un- 

uii-inllkt'"» a. Unmilked. 
un-min^gF* vt. & vi. Unmingle. 
un-min^glera-bl'y a. Unmingleable. 
uii-inist'*» a. Unmissed. 
un^'mis-tak'a-bl', a. Unmistakable. 
un-mit^i-ga-bl'y a. Unmitigable. 
un-mixt'", a. Unmixed. 
un-moand^'*, a. Unmoaned. 
un-mockt'*"*", a. Unmocked. 
un-mod^l-fl^a-bF, a. Unmodifiable. 
un-mod^i-fl^a-bl-ness^, n. Unmodi- 


un-mois^tend", a. Unmoistened. 

un-moFli-fl^a-bl', a. UnmoUifiable. 

un-mon^eyd", a. Unmoneyed. 

uii-inor^tard"» a. Unmortared. 

un-moth^erd*^, a. Unmothered. 

un-mournd^*, a. Unmoumed. 

un-moY'a-bl', a. Unmovable. 

uii-mo¥^a-bl-ness% n. Unmovable- 

un-mud^', vL & vi, Unmuddle. 

un-murpy vL Unmuflle. 

uii-inuld'"» a. Unmulled. 

un-mus^terd", a. Unmustered. 

un-muz'P, vt. Unmuzzle. 

un-muz'ld'y pa. Unmuzzled. 

un-iiain^a-bl>'» a. Unnamable. 

un-napt'", a. Unnapped. 

un-nar'rowd'", a. Unnarrowed. 

un-na'tlV*", a. Unnative. 

un-naY^i-ga-bP, a. Unnavigable. 

un^ne-go'ti-a-bP, a. Unnegotiable. 

un-nickt"*", a. Unnicked. 

un-not^a-bPy a, Unnotable. 

un-notcht^", a. Unnotched. 

un-no'tice-a-bPy a. Unnoticeable. 

un-no^tist", a. Unnoticed. 

un-nur^isht', a. Unnourished. 

un'^o-beyd'*, a. Unobeyed. 

un^ob-jec^tion-a-bl', a. Unobjec- 

un'^ob-serv'a-bF, a. Unobservable. 

un'^ob-servd"**, a. Unobserved. 

un'^ob-struc'tlv", a. Unobstructive. 

un^ob-tain'a-bFy a. Unobtainable. 

un''ob-taind"'*«, a, Unobtained. 

un'^ob-tru'slv*", a. Unobtrusive. 

un'^ob-tru'slv-ly", adv. Unobtru- 

un^ob-tru^siv-ness", n. Unobtru- 

un^'oc-ca'siond^, a. Unoccasioned. 

uii"of-feii'8lv'*', a. Unofifensive. 

un-of ferd'***, a. Unoffered. 

un-oild'"» a. Unoiled. 



un-o'pen-a-bl'y a. Unopenable. 
un-o^pend*"**, a. Unopened. 
un-op'er-a'^tlv*', a. Unoperative. 
un'^op-pres'slv'*', a. Unoppressive. 
un'^op-prest"*", a. Unoppressed. 
uii-or'derd'*», a. Unordered. 
uii-or^gaii-iz^[or -l8'']a-bl', a. Un- 

organizable, unorganisable. 
un-ownd"*", a. Unowned. 
un-ox'i-da-bl'', a. Unoxidable. 
uii"ox'I-dIz"[or -ls"]a-bP, a. Unoxi- 

dizable, unoxidisable. 
un'^pac-l-fl'a-bP, a. Unpacifiable. 
un-palnd"*", a. Unpained. 
un-paPa-ta-bP, a. Unpalatable 
un-palld^', a. Unpalled. 
uii-pain'perd'*"» a. Unpampered. 
un-par^al-lel^a-bP, a. Unparallel- 

un-par'don-a-bFy a. Unpardonable. 
un-par'doii-a-bi-ness''» n. Unpar- 

un-par'dond'*", a. Unpardoned. 
un-part'a-bi', a. Unpartable. 
uii-part^nerd"» a. Unpartnered. 
un-pass'a-bl'y a. Unpassable. 
un-pass'a-bl-ness'', n. Unpassable- 

un-patcht'", a. Unpatched. 
uii-pat^ro-iiiz^[or -nls'^Ja-bP, a. Un- 

patronizable, unpatronisable. 
un-pat'ternd'*", a. Unpattemed. 
un'^pa-vH'Iond'*'*, a. Unpavilioned. 
un-pawnd"*", a. Unpawned. 
un-pay'a-bP, a. Unpayable. 
un-peace'a^bP, a. Unpeaceable. 
un-peace'a-bl-ness'y n. Unpeace- 

un-peckt"**, a. Unpecked. 
un-peeld"**, a. Unpeeled. 
un-peer^a-bi', a. Unpeerable. 
un-pen'clld'^*", a. Unpenciled. 
un-pend"*", a. Unpenned. 
un-peii^8iond>'*'>, ^, Unpensioned. 

un-pe^ple', vt. Unpeople. 

uii-pep'perd'*«, a. Unpeppered. 

un''per-celv'a-bl', a. Unperceivable. 

un'^per-celvd"*", a. Unperceived. 

un'^per-cust'", a. Unpercussed. 

un'^per-formd"", a. Unperformed. 

un-per'Isht'*', a. Unperished. 

uii^per-mi8^si-bP» a. Unpennissible. 

un'^per-mis'slv*", a. Unpermissive. 

un'^per-plext"*", a. Unperplexed. 

un-per'son-a-bP* a. Unpersonable. 

un-per^son-a-bl-ness'y n. Unper- 

un'^per-spir^a-bl'y a. Unperspirable. 

un^per-suad'a-bF, a. Unpersuad- 

UIl^per-8uad'a-*bl-Iless^ n. Unper- 

un^per-sua^si-bP» a. Unpersuasible. 

un^per-sua'si-bl-ness^ n. Unper- 

un'^per-sua'slV", a. Unpersuasive. 

uii"per-8ua'slv-iie88'*», n. Unper- 

un'^^per-turbd'^", a. Unperturbed. 

un-pick'a-bl'» a. Unpickable. 

un-plckt"*", a. Unpicked. 

un-pic'tur-a-bP, a. Unpicturable. 

un-pierst^'', a. Unpierced. 

un-piFlard"» a. Unpillared. 

un-pll'lowd*"**, a. Unpillowed. 

un-pind"**, a. Unpinned. 

un-pin'iond'*", a. Unpinioned. 

un-pit^i-a-bl', a. Unpitiable. 

un-pla^ca-bP, a. Unplacable. 

un-plankf**^, a. Unplanked. 

un-plas'terd*"", a. Unplastered. 

ua-plau^8i-bl>*, a. Unplausible. 

un-plaF^a-bF» a. Unplayable. 

uii-playd"*«, a. Unplayed. 

an-plead^a-bl**, a. Unpleadable. 

uii-pledgd"*«, a. Unpledged. 

uii-pleii^isht'*» a. Unplenished. 

uii-ple8'aiit'^9 a. Unpleasant. 



un-piei'ant'y a. Unpleasant. 
un-pie^iur-ft-bl'y a. Unpleasurable. 
un-pll'a-bPy a. Unpliable. 
un-pll'a-bl-nefls'y n. Unpliableness. 
nn-plowd"**, a. Unplowed. 
aii-plackt''*«9 a. Unplucked. 
un-plugcf *"9 a. Unplugged. 
aii'-plamd"**9 a. Umplumbed. 
aii-plaii'derd'**» a. Unplundered. 
un-pol'toh-ft-br, a. Unpolishable. 
un-poFtoht'*", a. Unpolished. 
un-pold^'y a. Unpolled. 
un-pon'derd'**, a. Unpondered. 
uii-poold'"» a. Unpooled. 
uii-por'tiond>***» a, Unportioned. 
un-poi'l-tlv'**, a. Unpositive. 
un^pos-sest^'*", a. Unpossessed. 
aii-pot'si-bl% a. Unpossible. 
un-po'ta-bl'y a. Unpotable. 
on-pow'derd'**, a. Unpowdered. 
un-prac'ti-ca-bl'y a. Unpracticable. 
un-prato^a-bl'y a. Unpraisable. 
un^pre-dict'a-bl', a. Unpredictable. 
nn'^pte-ferd"", a. Unpref erred. 
aii-prej'a-dl8t*9 a. Unprejudiced. 
on'^pre-poi-sest"**, a. Unprepos- 

un^pre-sent'a-bl'y a. Unpresentable. 

un^pre-senr'a-bl'y a. Unpreservable. 

un^pre-servd'***, a. Unpreserved. 

un-prest"", a. Unpressed. 

an^pre-Tent'ft-bl', a. Unprevent- 

uii-prim'l-tlT'**9 a. Unprimitive. 

un-prln'cl-pl'y vt. Unprinciple. 

un-prlnt'ft-bl'y a. Unprintable. 

un^pro-cur'a-bl'y a. Unprocurable. 

un^pro-duc'l-bl'y a. Unproducible. 

un^pro-duc'tlv'**, a. Unproductive. 

on^pro-fest"**, a. Unprofessed. 

nn^pro-fet'lC", a. Unprophetic. 

un-prof 'it-a-bl'» a. Unprofitable. 

uii-prof'lt-a-bl-nes8% n. Unprofit- 

nn^pro-gres'slv'*", a. Unprogressive. 

un^pro-gres^slY-ness", n. Unprogres- 

un-prom'ls''*", vt, & vi. Unpromise. 

un-proiii'lst'**» a. Unpromised. 

un^pro-nounce'a-bl'y a. Unpro- 

un^pro-nounst'", a. Unpronounced. 

un^pro-pFti-a-bPy a. Unpropitiable. 

un^pro-por'tion-a-bl'y a. Unpropor- 

un^pro-por'tion-a-bl-ness'y n. Un- 

uii^pro-por'tiond'**» a. Unpropor- 

un-propt"", a. Unpropped. 

un-proY'a-bP, a. Unprovable. 

un-publish-a-bl'y a. Unpublishable. 

un-pub'll8ht'*», a. Unpublished. 

un-puld"*», a, Unpulled. 

un-pum^meld'y a. Unpummeled. 

un-pun^ish-a-bl>*, a. Unpunishable. 

un-pun^isbt'**, a. Unpunished. 

un-pur'cbas-a-bl', a. Unpurchas- 

un-purst"", a. Unpursed. 

uii-pu'tre-fl^a-bl'» a. Unputrefiable. 

an-pai1''9 vt. Unpuzzle. 

un-quaft"", a. Unquaffed. 

aii-quaUd^'**» a. Unquailed. 

un-quaFi-fl^a-bl'» a. Unqualifiable. 

un-quar^terd*» a. Unquartered. 

un-queld''*», a. Unquelled. 

un-quench'a-bl', a. Unquenchable. 

un-quencht"**, a. Unquenched. 

un-ques'tioii-a-bl'y a. Unquestion- 

un-ques'tion-a-bl-ness', n. Unques- 

aii-quick'end'**» a. Unquickened. 

un-quiz'ia-bl', a. Unquizzable. 

un-quot^a-bl'9 a. Unquotable. 

un-rackt"*», a. Unracked. 

un-raizd'% a. Unraised. 



un-ramd^'**, a. Unrammed. 

un-ran^sackt'*", a. Unransacked. 

un-ran'somd*'*", a. Unransomed. 

un-rat^a-bl'y a. Unratable. 

un-rav^el-a-bl', a. Unravelable 

un-raT'eld*"**, a. Unraveled. 

un-rav'Isht'**, a. Unravished. 

un-reacht^*^, a. Unreached. 

un-read'a-bl', a. Unreadable. 

ua-read'a-bl-ness'y n. Unreadable- 

uii-re^al-tz^a-bl% a. Unrealizable. 

iiii-reapt"*S a. Unreaped. 

un-reard""*", a. Unreared. 

un-rea^son-a-bFy a. Unreasonable. 

un-rea^son-a-bl-ness^ n. Unreason- 

un-rea'sond'", a. Unreasoned. 

un^re-buk'a-bl', a. Unrebukable. 

un^re-calFa-bl', a. Unrecallable. 

un'^re-celv'a-bl', a. Unreceivable. 

un'^re-celvd"*", a, Unreceived. 

un'^re-cep'tlv'**, a, Unreceptive. 

un-reek^on-a-bPy a. Unreckonable. 

un-reek'ond'y a. Unreckoned. 

uii-reekt"» a. Unrecked. 

un^re-claim^a-bl', a. Unreclaimable. 

aii^re-claiind^"» a. Unreclaimed. 

ini-rec'og-iil«''[or -nls^la-bP* a. Un- 
recognizable, imrecognisable. 

un-ree'om-penst", a. Unrecom- 
. pensed. 

un'^^re-cov'erd*, a. Unrecovered. 

un'^re-cuv'er-a-bl', a. Unrecover- 

un'^re-cuv'erd', a. Unrecovered. 

un-red"**, a. Unread. 

un^re-deem^a-bl'y a. Unredeemable. 

uii^re-deeind'*9 a. Unredeemed. 

un^'re-drest'", a. Unredressed. 

un^'^re-duc'l-bF, a. Unreducible. 

nn^re-duc'l-bl-ness', n. Unreduci- 

on-red 'y'", a. Unready. 

aii-reeFft-bl% a, Unreelable. 

un-reeld "*•, a. Unreeled. 

un'^re-flec-tlv'**, a. Unreflective.* 

un^re-form'a-bl'y a. Unreformable. 

nn^re-forind"", a. Unreformed. 

nn'^re-fresht"*", a, Unrefreshed. 

un^re-fuz'a-bl'y a. Unrefusable. 

un^re-gain^a-bPy a, Unregainable. 

un^re-gard'a-bl'y a, Unregardable. 

un^reg^ls-terd", a. Unregistered. 

un'^re-berst", a. Unrehearsed. 

nii-rel'a-tlv'*', a. Unrelative. 

un'^re-laxt"", a. Unrelaxed. 

un'^re-least"", a. Unreleased. 

un^re-li'a-W, a. Unreliable. 

un^re-ll^a-bl-ness', n. Unreliable- 

un^re-lleY'a-bl'y a. Unrelievable. 

un'^re-llevd"**, a. Unrelieved. 

un-reFisb-a-bl', a. Unrehshable. 

un-rel'Isbt'**, a. Unrelished. 

un^re-mark'a-bF, a. Unremarkable. 

un'^re-markt"", a. Unremarked. 

un^re-mem'ber-a-bl', a. Unremem- 
berable. [bered. 

un^re-mem'berd'*', a. Unremem- 

un^re-mit'ta-bl'y a. Unremittable. . 

nn^re-imi'iier-a^tlT'", a. Unremu- 

ini-reii'derd'*% a. Unrendered. 

un^re-newd'*, a. Unrenewed. 

un^re-nounce'a-bl', a. Unrenounce- 

uii^Fe-nounst'% a. Unrenounced. 

un'^re-nownd"**, a. Unrenowned. 

un^re-pair'a-bl'y a. Unrepairable. 

un'^re-palrd"**, a. Unrepaired. 

un^re-peal'a-bl', a. Unrepealable. 

un'^re-peald'*, a. Unrepealed. 

un'^re-peld"**, a. Unrepelled. 

un'^re-plen'lsbt'**, a. Unreplenished. 

un'^re-port'a-bl', a. Unreportable. 

un-rep^re-sent'a-bl', a. Unrepre- 



lin-rep^'^re-seii'ta-tlv*, a. Unrepre- 

un'^re-prest"**, a, Unrepressed. 

un'^re-prievd"**, a. Unreprieved. 

un^re-proach'a-bl', a. Unreproach- 

un^re-proach^a-bl-ness'y n. Unre- 

un'^re-proacht"**, a. Unreproached. 

uii^re-pro-duc^i-bl% a. Unreproduc- 

un'^re-prov'a-bl', a. Unreprovable. 

uii-rep^u-ta-bP» a. Unreputable. 

un-req'ul-slt'**, a. Unrequisite. 

un^re-quit'a-bPy a. Unrequitable. 

un''re-8erv"*», n. Unreserve. 

un'^re-servd"**, a. Unreserved. 

uii^re-signd^"» a. Unresigned. 

un^re-sist'i-bl', a. Unresistible. 

nn'^^re-solv'a-bl'', a. Unresolvable. 

un'^re-solvd"*", a. Unresolved. 

un''re-spect'a-bF, a. Unrespectable. 

un'^re-spir'a-W, a. Unrespirable. 

un^re-spon'si-bl'y a. Unresponsible. 

un'^re-spon'sl-bl-ness*', n. Unre- 

un'^re-spon'slv'**, a. Unresponsive. 

un'^re-spon'slv-ly", adv. Unrespon- 

un'^re-spon'siv-ness^y n. Unrespon- 

un^re-strain^a-bPy a. Unrestrain- 

un'^^re-stralnd"*", a. Unrestrained. 

un'^re-sul'tlv'*", a. 'Unresultive. 

un'^re-ten'tlv*'*", a. Unretentive. 

un'^re- tract 'a-W, a. Unretractable. 

un'^re-trlevd '*•*■, a. Unretrieved. 

un^re-turn'a-bl', a. Unretumable. 

un'^re-turnd"*", a. Unretumed. 

un'^re-veald'", a. Unrevealed. 

un'^re-ver'sl-bP, a. Unreversible. 

un'^re-verst"*", a. Unreversed. 

on^re-viewd"*", a. Unreviewed. 

uii-rid'a-bl'» a. Unridable. 

uii-rida% vt. Unriddle. 

un-rifd"*", a. Unrigged. 

un-ringd'*, a. Unringed. 

un-rinst"*", a. Unrinsed. 

un-rip'end'**, a. Unripened. 

uii-rip^d% a. Unrippled. 

un-riv'ii'y a. Unriven. 

un-robd"*", a. Unrobbed. 

un-rolld"*", a. Unrolled. 

un-rooft''*", a. Unroofed. 

un-rot'n', a. Unrotten. 

un-rout'a-bFy a. Unroutable. 

uii-rubd'% a. Unrubbed. 

nii-ruf"", a. Unrough. 

un-ruf^d^ a. Unruffled. 

un-ru^in-a-bP, a. Unruinable. 

uii-ru^ind"» a. Unniined. 

uii-8ackt"*S a. Unsacked. 

uii-sad^ld% a. Unsaddled. 

un-sall'a-bl'» a. Unsailable. 

un-saFa-bl', un-sale^a-bl', a. Un- 
salable, unsaleable. 

un-salv'a-bPy a. Unsalvable. 

un-8alvd"*S a. Unsalved. 

un-sanc^tiond", a. Unsanctioned. 

un-san'dald'**, a. Unsandaled. 

uii''8a-poii'l-fl''^a-bP, a. Unsaponi- 

un-sapt^", a. Unsapped. 

uii-sa^ti-a-bl% a. Unsatiable. 

un-sa^ti-a-bl-ness'* n. Unsatiable- 

un-sat'ls-fl^a-bl', a. Unsatisfiable. 

uli-8awd"^» a. Unsawed. 

un-say^a-bl'y a. Unsayable. 

un-scalpt"*", a. Unscalped. 

un-scand""**, a. Unscanned. 

un-scard"*", a. Unscarred. 

un-scat'terd^*", a. Unscattered. 

un-scep'terd'*", a. Unsceptered. 

un-scoold^", a. Unschooled. 

un-scorcht'^, a. Unscorched. 

uii-8cornd"*% a. Unscomed. 



un-8CO«rd '"•*•», a. Unscoured. 
un-scracht^', a. Unscratched. 
un-screend"*', a. Unscreened. 
un-scrib^ld', a. Unscribbled. 
un-scru^ta-bl'y a. Unscrutable. 
un-seald''*", o. Unsealed. 
un-seard"**, a. Unseared. 
un-sea'son-a-bl^y a. Unseasonable. 
un-sea'son-a-bl-ness', n. Unseason- 

uii-sea^8ond"» a. Unseasoned. 
uii''^se-duc'tlv'*», a. Unseductive. 
un-see'a-bP, a. Unseeable. 
uii-selz'a-bl% a. Unseizable. 
uii-selzd"*«, a. Unseized. 
un-senst""**, a. Unsensed. 
un-sen'ti-neld", a. Unsentineled. 
un-sep'ul-cherd*"*", a. Unsepulchered. 
un'^^se-ques'terd'", a. Unseques- 

un-serch'a-bl'y a. & n. Unsearchable. 
un-serch^a-bl-ness'y n. Unsearch- 

aii-sercht^'» a. Unsearched. 
un-servd"", a. Unserved. 
uii-serMce-a-bF» a. Unserviceable. 
un-serMce-a-bl-ness'y n. Service- 

un-set^d', a. Unsettled. 
un-sev^erd", a. Unsevered. 
uii-sew'erd"» a. Unsewered. 
un-shack^d', a. Unshackled. 
un-shad'owd*, a. Unshadowed. 
uii-8liake'a-bP» a. Unshakeable. 
un-shap^a-bl'y a. Unshapable. 
un-sharp'end", a. Unsharpened. 
un-shat^terd", a. Unshattered. 
un-shePterd", a. Unsheltered. 
un-sheWy vt. Unshelve. 
un-shift^a-bl'y a. Unshif table. 
un-shipt'", a. Unshipped. 
un-shlv^erd", a. Unshivered. 
un-shockt^", a. Unshocked. 
un-short'end", a. Unshortened. 

un-show'erd", a. Unshowered. 
uii-8hrink^a-bl% a. Unshrinkable. 
un-shuiid^S a. Unshunned. 
un-shut'terd", a. Unshuttered. 
un-sll'verd", a. Unsilvered. 
un-sim'pP, a. Unsimple. 
un-sin^gld'y a. Unsingled. 
un-sink'a-bl'y a. Unsinkable, 
uii-8klnd'"» a. Unskinned. 
un-slack'end'^y a. Unslackened. 
un-slackt^^y a. Unslacked. 
un-slan'derd^y a. Unslandered. 
un-slau^terd'*", a. Unslaughtered. 
un-slurd^", a. Unslurred. 
un-siiitrcht'"» a. Unsmirched. 
un-smoothd"', a. Unsmoothed. 
un-smug^ld', a. Unsmuggled. 
uii-siiubd^"» a. Unsnubbed. 
un-soakt^*, a. Unsoaked. 
uii-soapt^"» a. Unsoaped. 
un-so'berd", a. Unsobered. 
uii-so^ci-a-bF» a. Unsociable. 
un-so'ci-a-bl-ness'y ^' Unsociable- 

un-sof 'tend*, a. Unsoftened. 
un-soild^By a. Unsoiled. 
un-soFu-bl^ a. Unsoluble. 
uii-sol¥^a-bl% a. Unsolvable. 
un-solvd'*, a. Unsolvjed. 
un-sor'rowd», a. Unsorrowed. 
un-sound'a-bPy a. Unsoundable. 
un-sourd'By a. Unsonred. 
un-span'gld'y a. Unspangled. 
un-spard'"» a. Unsparred. 
un-speak^a-bP, a. Unspeakable. 
un-speak^a-bl-ness'y n. Unspeak- 

uii-8peck^ld% a. Unspeckled. 
un-speckt^, a. Unspecked. 
un-spec^ta-cld', a. Unspectacled. 
un-spec'u-la'^tlv", a. Unspeculative. 
un-spell^a-bF, a. Unspellable. 
un-speld^'', a. Unspelled. 
un-spUd^S a. Unspilled. 



un-splftsht'", a. Unsplashed. 
un-sptoyd", a. Unsplayed. 
uii-8poil'ft-M% a. Unspoilable. 
uii-spolld'*9 a. Unspoiled. 
un-spred'^*", a. Unspread. 
uii-sprlii'kld% a. Unsprinkled. 
un-SQuan'derd'y a, Unsquandered. 
un-SQueeid'*, a. Unsqueezed. 
uii-8tftekt'*9 a. Unstacked. 
un-sta'bl'y a. Unstable. 
un-sta'bl-ness'y n. Unstableness. 
un-staln'a-bl'y a. Unstainable. 
uii-stalnd'^9 a. Unstained. 
un-stampt", a. Unstamped. 
uii-staiicb'ft-bl% a. Unstanchable. 
un-starcbt'", a. Unstarched. 
uii-stard'*9 a. Unstarred. 
un-star'tid'y a. Unstartled. 
un-sta'tiond*, a. Unstationed. 
un-stat'ut-a-bl'y a. Unstatutable. 
un-ited'y'*", a. Unsteady. 
un-steept'", a. Unsteeped. 
un-steerd'*, a. Unsteered. 
un-stemd'*, a. Unstemmed. 
un-stllf' end", a. Unstiffened. 
un-stitcbt", a. Unstitched. 
un-stockt'*, a. Unstocked. 
un-stop^'y vL Unstopple. 
un-stopf'y a. Unstopped. 
aii-stormd'*9 a. Unstonned. 
un-stowd", a. Unstowed. 
un-stmind'*, a. Unstrained. 
un-strmit^end*, a. Unstraitened. 
uii-strapt'"» a. Unstrapped. 
un-strengtb'end", a. Unstrength- 

uii-strest'"» a. Unstressed. 
un-strewd'S a. Unstrewed. 
un-stuffy a. Unstuffed. 
uii-stand'*9 a. Unstunned. 
uii^sab-da'ft-bl% a. Unsubduable. 
un'^sub-mers'l-bl', a. Unsubmerg- 

uii^sub-iiiii'fl¥*9 a. Unsubmissive. 

un'^sub-vert'l-bl', a. Unsubvertible. 
uii^suc-ces^si¥*» a. Unsuccessive. 
un-sue^cor-a-bl', a. Unsuccorable. 
un-suc'cord", a. Unsuccored. 
un-suck^ld', a. Unsuckled. 
aii-8uckt^"» a. Unsucked. 
un-sug'ard*, a. Unsugared. 
un^sug-ges'tlv'**, a. Unsuggestiye. 
un-sult^a-bi', a. Unsuitable. 
uii-sait'a-bl-nes8% n. Unsuitable- 

aii-sumd'*9 a. Unsummed. 
un-sund'", a. Unsunned. 
aii-sup^% a. Unsupple. 
un^sup-port'a-bPya. Unsupportable. 
uii^sup-port'a-bl-ne8S% n. Unsup- 

un'^sup-prest'", a. Unsuppressed. 
un-sup'pu-ra^tiT^y a. Unsuppura- 

un-supt'S a. Unsupped. 
un^sur-mount'a-bl'y a. Unsur- 

un^sur-pass'a-bl', a. Unsurpassable. 
un^sur-past'", a. Unsurpassed. 
un^sur-ren'derd'y a. Unsurrendered. 
un^inr-veyd'*, a. Unsurveyed. 
un^sus-cep^tl-bl'y a. Unsusceptible. 
un^sus-pect'a-bl'y a. Unsuspectable. 
un^sus-tain'a-bl'y a. Unsustainable. 
aii^8us-taind'% a. Unsustained. 
un-swad^', vt, Unswaddle. 
un-swaFlowd*, a. Unswallowed. 
uii-8wayd'% a. Unswayed. 
un-swervd'*, a. Unswerved. 
uii-swltcht'*» a. Unswitched. 
uii-8yFla-bld>*» a. Unsyllabled. 
un-tagd^"» a. Untagged. 
uii-taiiit'a-bl% a. Untaintable. 
uii-talk'a-ti¥*» a. Untalkative. 
un-talkt^'y a. Untalked. 
un-tam'a-bi'y a. Untamable. 
an-tam'a-bl-ness^ a. Untamable- 




un-tand'*, a. Untanned. 
un-tan'gl-bl', a. Untangible. 
aii-taii'gl-bl-ne8s% n. Untangi- 

un-tan'gld', a. Untangled. 
aii-tapt'"» a. Untapped. 
un-tard'", a. Untarred. 
uii-tar^iilsli-a-bl% a. Untamishable. 
un-tar'nlsht'y a. Untarnished. 
un-taskt", a. Untasked. 
un-taxt"» a. Untaxed. 
un-teach^a-bl', a. Unteachable. 
un-tear'a-bPy a. Untearable. 
un-tec'nl-cal'y a. Untechnical. 
un-tem^perd", a. Untempered. 
uii-tempt^a-bl% a. Untemptable. 
uii-teii'a-bl% a. Untenable. 
aii-teii'aiit-*a-bl% a. Untenantable. 
un-ten'derd'y a. Untendered. 
un-test'a-bPy a. Untestable. 
un-teth'erd", a. Untethered. 
un-thawd^'y a. Unthawed. 
un-thick'ends a. Unthickened. 
un-thind^S a, Unthinned. 
un-thlnk'a-bl^ a. Unthinkable. 
un-thrasht", a. Unthiashed. 
aii-thret'end% a. Unthreatened. 
un-tliresht'*9 a. Unthreshed. 
un-thrUd'S a. Unthrilled. 
un-thumd", a. Unthumbed. 
un-tiek'ld', a. Untickled. 
an- tight 'end*9 a. Untightened. 
an-tlU'a-bl% a. Untillable. 
un-tim'berds a. Untimbered. 
un-tith^a-bl', a. Untithable. 
un-toUd^By a. Untoiled. 
un-toFer-a-bl'y a. Untolerable. 
un-tow'erd", a, Untowered. 
un-traee'a-bl'y a. Untraceable. 
un-trackf » a. Untracked. 
un-traet^a-bF, a. Untractable. 
un- tract ^a-bl-ness'y n. Untractable- 

un-traind'", a. Untrained. 

un-tram 'melds a. Untranuneled. 

un-tram'pld', a. Untrampled. 

un^trans-fer'a-bF, a. Untransfer- 

an^trans-ferd'** a. Untransferred. 

an^trans-formd'S a. Untrans- 

un^trans-gresf*, a. Untransgressed. 

uii^trans-lat'a-bl% a. Untranslat- 

un^trans-lat^a-bl-ness', n. Untrans- 

an^trans-mls'sl-bl', a. Untransmis- 

un^trans-mut'a-bl', a. Untransmut- 
able. [able. 

un^trans-port'a-bl', a. Untransport- 

un-trapt'", a. Untrapped. 

un-trav'eld", a. Untraveled, untray- 

un-traT'era-a-bl', a. Untraversable. 

un-traT'erat^y a. Untraversed, 

un-treat'a-bl'y a. Untreatable. 

un-trencht'S a. Untrenched. 

un-tresf*, a. Untressed. 

un-tril'% t;<. & vi. UntrilL 

un-trlld'S a. Untnlled. 

un-trimd'*, a. Untrimmed. 

aii^tri-um'faiit'**» a. Untrium* 

un-trod'n', a. Untrodden. 

un-truVld'y a. Untroubled. 

an-trub'l-sams a. Untroublesome. 

un-trust'", a. Untrussed. 

un-tum'bldS a. Untumbled. 

un-tun'a-blS a. Untimable. 

uii-turnd'"» a. Unturned. 

an^uii-der-stand'a-bl'y a. Unun- 

un-us'a-bls a. Unusable. 

un-u'tU-ii^a-bl', a. Unutilixable. 

un-ut'ter-a-bl', a. Unutterable. 

un-ut'ter-a-bl-ness'y n. Unutter- 



un-ut^terd", a. Unuttered. 
uii-u^a-al% a. Unusual. 
un-Yampt'", a. Unvamped. 
un-Tan'qutoh-a-bi', a. Unvanquiah- 

aii-Taii'Qulslit*, a. Unvanquished. 
aii-Ya'ri-a-bl'» a, Unvariable. 
un-Tar'ntoht*, a. Unvarnished. 
aii«Yeerd'*» a, Unveered. 
un-veUd'", a. Unveiled. 
un-vend't-bl'', i. Unvendible. 
un-veii^er-a-bl'', a. Unvenerable. 
un-ven'omd", a. Unvenomed. 
«ii-ver'l-fl''a-bl', a. Unverifiable. 
un-Yerl-ta-bl', a. Unveritable. 
UD-verst'', a. Unversed. 
un-vlewd'", a. Unviewed. 
un'^vln-dle'tlV", a. Unvindictive. 
un-vl^o-la-bl', a. Unviolable. 
uii-vlt'rl-fl''a-bl', a. Unvitrifiable. 
un-viz^ord", a. Unvizored. 
un-¥oid'a-bl>', a. Unvoidable. 
un-¥Oucht'", a, Unvouched. 
un-vowd'*, a. Unvowed. 
un-vow'eid", a. Unvoweled. 
un-Yoy^age-a-bl'y a. Unvoyageable. 
un-YuFner-a-bl', a. Unvulnerable. 
un-wald'", a. UnwaUed. 
un-warmd^", a. Unwarmed. 
un-warnd^", a. Unwarned. 
un-warpt'", a. Unwarped. able. 
un-war'nint-a-bPy a. Unwarrant- 
un-war'rant-a-bl-ness'y n. Unwar- 

un-wasbt", a. Unwashed. 
un-watcbfy a. Unwatched. 
un-wa'terd", a. Unwatered. 
an-wa'verd", a. Unwavered. 
un-waxt'^y a. Unwaxed. 
un-weak'end*, a. Unweakened. 
un-weand^'y a. TJnweaned. 
un-wear'a-bl'y a. Unwearable. 
an-weav^'y vt. & vi. Unweave. 
an-webd'*, a. Unwebbed. 

un-wedge'a-bl^ a. Unwedgeable. 
uii-weend'*9 a. Unweoied. 
uii-welsb'a-bl% a. Unweighable. 
uii-welghd^*9 a. Unweighed. 
un-wei'comdS a. Unwelcomed. 
un-weltb'y'*", a. Unwealthy. 
an-whlrld'*, a, Unwhirled. 
un-whlt'end", a. Unwhitened. 
un-wln'dowd*, a, Unwindowed. 
uii-wlngd'"» a, Unwinged. 
uii-wlii'nowd"» a. Unwinnowed. 
un-wln'sum't a. Unwinsome. 
un-wlsbt'", a. Unwished. 
un-wltb'erd'y a. Unwithered. 
un-wlt'nest'y a. Unwitnessed. 
uii-work'a-bF» a. Unworkable. 
un-workfy a. Unworked. 
un-wor'shlpt*9 a. Unworshiped. 
un- wound 'a-bl'y a. Unwoundable. 
uii-wreakt'*» a. Unwreaked. 
uii-wreckt'"» a. Unwrecked. 
un-wreiicbt^"» a. Unwrenched. 
un-wrin'kld'y a. Unwrinkled. 
un-wrlt'a-bl'y a. Unwritable. 
un-wrongd'S a, Unwronged. 
un-wun"", a. Unwon. 
un-wunt'ed', a. Unwonted. 
un-wurnid"» a. Unwormed. 
un-wur'tby, a. Unworthy. 
uii-yeand'"» a. Unyeaned. 
uii-iel'oa8'**» a. Unzealous. 
up-bol'8terd"» pp. Upholstered. 
«r''ce-o-la'fl-lii», a. Urceolariine. 
u'rl-na^tlV", a. Urinative. 
urnd*, pp, Umed. 
usb'erd", pp. Ushered. 
u^su-cap^ti-bl', a. Usucaptible. 
u-8urpt'», pp. Usurped. 
«-iurp'a-tlv'", o. Usurpative. 
u'ter-ln'", -Ine', a. Uterine. 
utU, -ile>» a. Utile. 
a'tU-lie>, vt. Utilise. 
u'tU-tz'i^Ior -ifl^la-bl', a. Utilizable, 



ut^ter-a-bl% a. Utterable. 
at'ter-ft-bl-nefls% n. Utterableness. 
ut'terd*, pp. Uttered. 
ui'ft-bl', iue'm-M% a. Uaabley use- 

iu^ft-bl-ne88% aie'ft-bl-nes8'» n. Us- 

ableness, useableness. 
uie', vL Ai vi. Use. 
u'lu-alf, a. UsuaL 

vac'clii'**, -Ine'", a. & n. Vaccine. 

▼ae'cl-iift-bl% a. Vaccinable. 

▼ag^-nlc'o-Un'y a. Vaginiooline. 

val1y«, n. Valley. 

val'of*, n. Valour. 

▼al'u-ft-bl% a. & n. Valuable. 

▼al'a-ft-bl-ne88% n. Valuableness. 

▼•!▼'*•, n. Valve. 

▼alTdS pp. Valved. 

Tam'ptr-ln*, a. Vampirine. 

▼Jimpt'**, pp. Vamped. 

▼ain'pjr-riift*y a. & n. Vampyrine. 

▼and*» pp. Vanned. 

▼an'sard"^, n. Vanguard. 

▼an'toht'**, pp. Vanished. 

▼an^Qultli-a-bl', a. Vanquishable. 

▼ftii'qatoht'**» pp. Vanquished. 

▼a'por'*", V, & n. Vapour. 

▼a'pord'", pp. Vapored, vapoured. 

▼»'por-li^[or -l8^]a-bl', a, Vaporiz- 
able, vaporisable. 

▼a^por-us", a. Vaporous. 

▼ft'ri-ft-bl>'» a, & n. Variable. 

▼ft'rl-ft-bl-ness'y n. Variableness. 

▼a'rl-a^tlv», a. Variative. 

▼»'fl-a^tl¥-ly», ado, Variatively. 

▼ft-rl'o-llns n. Varidine. 

Vft'ri.assa. Various. 

Tjur^nlsht*, pp. Varnished. 

TM^e-llnS n. Vaseline. 

▼ft^fo-eon-strlc'tt?*, a. Vasocon- 

▼ft^80*for^iiui*tlv*9 a. Vasoformative. 

feefdS pp. Veered. 

▼eg'e-to-bl'» a, & n. Vegetable. 

fttg^tal-liiS n. Vegetaline. 

veg'e-ta^tlv'**, a. Vegetative. 

veg'e-ta^thr-Iy*, ado, Vegetatively. 

veg'e-ta^tiY-ness*, n. Vegetativeness. 

veg'e-tlv», a. Vegetive. 

ve'hl-d', n. Vehicle. 

veU', V, & n. Vail. 

veUd'*», pp. Veiled. 

velnd'*", a. Veined. 

vend'a-bFy a, Vendable. 

vend'l-bl'', a. Vendible. 

vend't-bl-ness**, n, Vendibleness. 

ve-neerd"**, pp. Veneered. 

ven'er-a-bl'y a. Venerable. 

ven'er-ft-bl-nefls'y n. Venerableness. 

ven'er-a'^tlv*, a, Venerative. 

ven'omd'y pp, Venomed. 

ven'om-us', a. Venomous. 

¥eii'om-us-ly"» adv, VenomouMy. 

ven'om-us-ness^y n. Venomousness. 

ven'ti-la-bl', a, Ventilable. 

ven'tl-la^'tlv, a, Ventilative. 

ven'tri-d', n. Ventricle. 

ven'ture-sum'", a. Ventiu<e6ome. 

ven^ture-sum-ly'**, adv. Venture- 

¥en'ture-8um-ne8s'*«9 n, Venture- 

▼eii'tur-as*» a. Venturous. 

▼en'tiur-us-ly*, adv. Venturously. 

ven'tur-us-ness** n. Ventiux>usness. 

▼e-ni'clas*» a. Veracious. 

▼e«ni'cias-ly*» adv, Veraciously. 

▼er1-fl^a-bl', a. Verifiable. 

▼eri-ta-bl'y a. Veritable. 

▼er'i-ta-bl-ness', n. Veritableness. 

▼er^M-tO*, -Ue», a. Versatile. 


¥er'sa-tU-ly", adv. Versatilely. 

ver'sl-cl', n. Versicle. 

verot'*', a. Versed. 

ver-tlf 1-nus'*», a. Vertiginous. 

ver-tif 'l-mis-ly'", ach. Vertigi- 

¥er-tig'l-nas-ne88'**» n. Vertiginous- 

ves'l-cl', n. Vesicle. 

ves^l-co-u'ter-ln^, a. Vesicouterine. 

Yes^per-tU'i-o-nlii", a. ' Vespertilio- 

ves'per-ttn*, a. Vespertine. 

Yes'pin*, a. Vespine. 

vet'I-tlve*, a. Vetitive. 

vextS pp. Vexed. 

vl'»-bl% a. Viable. 

¥Pbra-tUS -Ue*, a. Vibratile. 

vl'bra^tlv*, a. Vibrative. 

vlb'rl-o-nln*, a. Vibrionine. 

¥l-ca'ri-a8*9 a. Vicarious. 

vl-ca'ri-us-lF", adv. Vicariously. 

yl-ca'ri-us-ness", n. Vicariousness. 

vice^«con'8ta-bi'» n. Vice^constable. 

vlce^sher'If , n. Vice^sherifif. 

vIc'tIm-lz''[or -l8'']a-bl', a. Victim- 

vlc-to'rl-u8», a. . Victorious. 

vIc-to'rl-U8-ly", adv. Victoriously. 

¥lc-to'rl-us-ness'>, n. Victoriousness. 

yld'u-in% a. & n. Viduine. 

view'a-bl', a. Viewable. 

vlewd'**, pp. Viewed. 

vlg'or'**, n. Vigour. 

vlg'o-ru8», a. Vigorous. 

vlg'o-rus-ly', adv. Vigorously. 

ylFlaln-us", a. Villainous. 

vil^ain-us-ly", adv. Villainously. 

¥lFlaiil-us-ness'>, n. ViUainousness. 

vtl^an-us", a. Villainous. 

vi-min^e-us", a. Vimineous. 

vi-na'ce-us", a. Vinaceous. 

vln'cl-bl', a. Vincible. 

yln'ci-bl-ness'^y n. Vincibleness. 


yln'dl-ca-bry a. Vindicable. 
vlii'dl-c»''tlv», a. Vindicative. 
vln'dl-ca^'tlv-ljr", adv. Vindicatively. 
ylii'dl-ca'^tlT-ness*, n. Vindicajbive- 

vln-dlc'tlV", a. Vindictive. 
vln-dic'tlv-ly", adv. Vindictively. 
vln-dic'tiT-ness** n. Vindictiveness. 
¥lii^yjurd% n. Vineyard. 
vl'o-l»-bl', a. Violable. 
yl'o-la-bi-ness>'» n. Violableness. 
yl^o-la^ti¥*» a. Violative. 
vl-pa'ri-us'^, a, Viparious. 
vl'per-ln", -Ine", a. & n. Viperine. 
vIr'US -Ue», a. Virile. 
vlr'U-ness*» n. Virileness. 
¥ls'i-bl%a. Visible. 
yls'i-bl-ne88'» n. Visibleness. 
yl'sionds a. Visioned. 
vls'lt-a-bl', a. Visitable. 
vls'l-ta'^tlv*, a. Visitative. 
vl'ta-tlv», a. Vitative. 
¥l'ta-ti¥-ne88"» n. Vitativenees. 
vl-tres'cl-bl', a. Vitrescible. 
vlt'ri.fl^a-bl% a. Vitrifiable. 
vlt'rln*, n. Vitrine. 
vit'u-Un*, a. Vituline. 
vl-tu'per-a-bl', a. Vituperable. 
vl-tu'per-a''tlv», a. Vituperative. 
vl-tu'per-a''tiv-Iy», adv. Vitupera- 

vi-va'cius^, a. Vivacious. 
vl-va'dus-ly", adv. Vivaciously. 
yl-¥a'cius-ness"» n. Vivaciousness. 
vl-ver'rln», a. & n. Viverrine. 
vl-ylp'a-rus", a. Viviparous. 
vi-vip'a-rus-ly", adv. Viviparously. 
¥l-ylp^a-rus-ness*9 n. Viviparousness. 
viz'or", V. & n. Visor. 
vla'ord", pp. Vizored. 
vo'ca-W, n. Vocable. 
voc'a-tiv'**, a. & n. Vocative. 
vo-df 'er-U8», a. Vociferous. 
vo-clf 'er-u8-ly", adv. Vociferously. 


¥0*cif 'er-as-ne8S*» n. Vociferousness. 
?alcd*9 a. Voiced. 
¥oid'a«bl'» a. Voidable. 
Told^a-bl-ness'^ n. VoidablenesB. 
vol'a-tU'*», -lie'**, a. & n. Volatile. 
vol'a-tU-Ii''[or -Is'^Ja-bP, a. Volatil- 

izable, volatilisable. 
¥Oi'a-tll-ne8s'*'» n. Volatileness. 
vol'i-tIv», a. Volitive. 
volleyd*, pp. Volleyed. 
volly", v. & n. Volley. 
voF'ta-e-lec'''tro-ino'tiv», a. Volta- 

vol'n-bP, a. Voluble. 
vol'u-cHn*, a. Volucrine. 
YO-ln'ml-nus", a. Voluminous. 
YO-lu'ml-nus-lF", (u2t;. Voluminously. 
TO-lu'ml-nus-ness', n. Voluminous- 

ness. • / 

vol'un-ta^tlT", a. Voluntative. 
voFun-teerd'*, pp. Volunteered. 
TO*lup'tu«as*, a. Voluptuous. 


To-lup^tu-us-ly*, adv, Voluptuoiisly. 

▼o*iup'tu-u8-nets", n. Voluptuous- 

?om'I-tlv», a. & n. Vomitive. 

Yom'i-tiY-ness*, n. Vomitiyeness. 

¥o-ra'cius*, a. Voracious. 

¥0-ra'cius-*ly"» adv. Voraciously. 

Yo-ra'cius-ness", n. Voraciousness. 

Yor-tig'i-nus'» a. Vortiginous. 

YOt'»-bl', a. Votable. 

Yo'tlY", a. Votive. 

Yo'tlY-ly», ado, Votively. 

Yo'tiY-ness'^9 n. Votiveness. 

Youcbt'", pp. Vouched. 

vowd», pp. Vowed. 

vow'eld*, pp. Voweled, yowelled. 

Yoy'age-a-bi', a, Voyageable. 

Yul'ner-a-bl'y a. Vulnerable. 

Yul'ner-a-bl-ness'y n. Vulnerabk- 

Yul'pin*, -lne», a. Vulpine. 


wacb', V. & n. Watch. 
wfteht'y pp. Watched. 
wad'ft-bl'y wade^a-bl', a, 

w»'ferd'*», pp, Wafered. 
w»gd'*», pp. Wagged. 
wa'gerd'**, pp. Wagered. 
wag^% f^. & n. Waggle. 
wag^d', pp. Waggled. 
wag'on*, n. Waggon. 
wag'ond", pp. Waggoned. 
w»Ud'*», pp. WaUed. 
walv% vt. Waive. 
walYd'*», pp. Waived. 
wald% pa. Walled. 
WftUc'a-bl% a, Walkable. 
w»lkt'*% pp. Walked. 
wallopt*, pp. Walloped. 
wal^owdS pp. Wallowed. 


wan'derds pp. Wandered. 
wan'tond'y pp. Wantoned. 
war'bl', V. & n. Warble. 
war'bid'» pp. Warbled. 
ward'", pp. Warred. 
wjurmd'**, pp. Warmed. 
warnd"» pp. Warned. 
wjurpt'y pp. Warped. 
war^rant-a-bl', a. Warrantable. 
war'raiit-a-bl-nes8% n. Warrant- 

washt'", pa. Washed. 
wast'a-bl'y a, Wastable. 
watebt", pp. Watched. 
wa'terd'**, a. Watered. 
wa'verd", pp. Wavered. 
waxt'", pp. Waxed. 
weak'end'", pp. Weakened. 
weand'", pp. Weaned. 



wear'a-bl'» a. Wearable. 
wea/rl-sum*, a. Wearisome. 
we»¥'*», V. & n. Weave. 
weaY'ft-bi'» a. Weavable. 
wem'iends a. Weazened. 
webd'", a. Webbed. 
wed1oe*9 n. Wedlock. 
weend'**, pp. Weaied. 
weishd", pp. Weighed. 
wel'*», v., a., n. & ody. Well. 
wel'comd'y pp. Welcomed. 
wel'cuin'y v.f a. & n. Welcome. 
wel'cumd% pp. Welcomed. 
weld*9 pp. Welled. 
weld'ft-bl>', a, Weldable. 
weUd', pp. Welled. 
wel'terd", pp. Weltered. 
welth'*% n. Wealth. 
welth'y'", a. Wealthy. 
wep'on'**, n. Weapon. 
wer'*», V, Were. 
weth'er'**, v., a, & n. Weather. 
weth'erd'**, pa. Weathered. 
wliackt*» pp. Whacked. ^ 

wheeld'**, a. Wheeled. 
wheei'y V, & n. Wheeze. 
wheeid'", pp. Wheezed. 
whelkt>» a, Whelked. 
whelmd"» pp. Whelmed. 
whelpt'y pp. Whelped. 
whense', adv. Whence. 
whif*, V. & n. Whiff. 
whlftS PP' Whiffed. 
wlilind*9 pp, Wlmnmed. 
whlm'perd'*", pp. Whimpered. 
whlpt'*", pp. Whipped. 
whir'**, V, & n. Whirr. 
whlrd'**, pp. Whirred. 
whlrld'*', pp. Whirled. 
wlitok'erd*9 a. Whiskered. 
whlskt'**, pp. Whisked. 
wliU'ky"» n. Whiskey. 
whls'perd'**, pp. Whispered. 
whto'tl'y V, & n. Whistle. 

whU^tld', pp. Whistled. 
whit'end*, pp. Whitened. 
whlid'**, pp. Whizzed. 
whoopt'**, pp. Whooped. 
wlch', V, & n. Witch. 
wlcht', pp. Witched. 
wlek'«d*9 a. Wickered. 
wid'ends pp. Widened. 
wld'owd", pp. Widowed. 
wleld^ft-bl% a. Wieklable. 
wler», n. Weir. 
winds v,f a, & n. Weird. 
wlgd", a, Wigged. 
wtt'*», V, & n, WilL 
wli'derd'y pp, Wildered. 
wU'ful'**, a. WilfulL 
wllld% wUd'", a. Willed. 
wttlo", V, & n. Willow. 
wlm'bl'y n. Winible. « 
wlm'en'y n. pi. Women. 
wln'dowdS pp. Windowed. 
wlngd'**, a. Winged. 
wlnkt'", pp. Winked. 
wln'nowd'**, pp. Winnowed. 
wlnst'y pp. Winced. 
wln'sum'**, a. Winsome. 
wln'inm-ly'", ado, Winsomefy. 
wln'sum-ness'**, n. Winsomeness. 
wln'terd'**, a. Wintered. 
wlsht'**, pp. Wished. 
wltcht'y pp. Witched. 
wlth'erd'**, pa. Withered. 
wlth-hold'n', pp, Withholden. 
wlt'nests pp. Witnessed. 
wls'end'y pp, Wizefied. 
wo", n. Woe. 

wo'ful", a, WoefuL 

wc^iui", a, woeiuL 
won'derd", pa. Wondered. 
wool'en", a, A n. WooUra. 
work'a-bl'» a. Workable. 
work'a-bl-ness', n. Workableness. 
workt'**, pp. & a. Worked. 
wormd", a. Wormed. [shipped. 

wor'shlpt*, pp. Wordiiped, w(n> 




woand'a-bl'» a. Woundable. 

wun'der', v. & n. Wonder. 

wnMkt*» jyp. Wraoked. 

wun'der-ful'y a. Wonderful. 

wniii'fl'» V, & n. Wrangle. 

wun'der-ful-ness't n. Wonderful- 

wran'gld', pp. Wrangled. 


wrapt'**, pp. Wrapped. 

wun'drous', a. Wondrous. 

wieakt'**, pp. Wreaked. 

wun'drous-ljr'y adv. Wondrously. 

wreathd*, pp. & a. Wreathed. 

wun'drous-ness'y n. Wondrousness. 

wreeh'y n. Wretch. 

wuiit% v., a. & n. Wont. 

wreeh'ed', a. Wretched. 

wunt'ed', pa. Wonted. 

wreckt'**, pp. Wrecked. 

wurin'y V. &n. Worm. 

wrenclit'**, pp. Wrenched. 

wurmd^ a. Wormed. 

wres'tl'9 V. & n. WreRtle. 

wur'ry', v. & n. Worry. 

wres'tld'» pp. Wrestled. 

wurse', a., n. & adv. Worse. 

wrigl', V. & n. Wriggle. 

wur'shlp'y V. & n. Worship. 

wrlg1d'» pp. Wriggled. 

wur'shlpt', pp. Worshiped, wor- 

wrin'ld'y V. & n. Wrinkle. 


wrin'ldd', pp. Wrinkled. 

wurst'y v.f a., n. & adv. Worst. 

writ'n', pp. Written. 

wurth'y a. & n. Worth. 

wrongd*, pp. Wronged. 

wurthless', a. Worthless. 

wun'**, pp. Won. 

wur'thy, a. & n. Worthy. 

iftn'tlilii'y n. Xanthine. 
xen^o-pel'tin'**, a. & n. Xenopeltine. 
xylo-gmf**, n. Xylograph. 

xy-log'ra-fer'**, n. Xylographer. 
xy^nio-graflc'**, a. Xylographic. 
xy-log'ra-fy', n. Xylography. 

yawnd'**, pp. Yawned. 
yeand'**, pp. Yeaned. 
yel', V. & n. Yell. 
yeld'**, pp. Yelled. 
yel1owd*» pp. Yellowed. 
yelpt*, pp. Ye^)ed. 
yerkt'**, pp. Yerked. 

yern', vi. Yeam. 
yernd', pp. Yearned. 
yleld'a-bl% a. Yieldable. 
yo'man'*", n. Yeoman. 
your-selvs'*, pron. pi. Yourselves. 
yung'**, a. & n. Young. 
yun'ker", n. Younker. 

lap'o-dlns a. Zapodine. 
aef 'yr», n. Zephyr. 
leFot'**, n. Zealot. 
leFous'y iel'as*9 a. Zealous. 
Be'brin*, a. SSebrine. 
se-nal'dln*, a. & n. Zenaidine. 
ilfl-ln'**, a. & n. Ziphiine. 

iiii'eo«graf**, n. Zinoograph. 
alii-cog'ra-fy»**, n. Zincography. 
iinet*9 pp. Zinced. 
ao'ld*, a. Zoide. 
ao-og'ra-fy, n. Zoography. 
ay-ge'nln'**, a. & n. Zygsenine. 




Standard Dictionary 

Completed alter nearly four yean of time and almost 
a million and a half of dollars had been ipent in itf 
production. The work of over 380 Editors and Spe- 
cialiitf. Hai about 3,000 pages; more than 7,000 
illuitrationi; contains over 450,000 living vocabulary 
terms—more than 125,000 of these being new; has 
dozens of important features not found in any other 
work; and is as fsr ahead of the old Standard as that 
was ahead of every other dictionary twenty years ago. 

The Superlative Achievement in 


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Standard Dictionary 

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A Few of Its Many Points of 
Surpassing Superiority: 

ONE ALPHABETICAL ORDER throutfhoot ite entire 
vocabulary, an immense time-Baving feature, — no divided 
paies, supplemental vocabularies, etp. 

in its first definition and the obsolete meaning last as it 
should be. 

KEY -WORDS TO THE CONTENTS of every two fadni 
paies tfreatly aid consultation. 

TWO KEYS TO PRONUNCIATION are pbced at the top 
of every paie. 

COMMON ERRORS OF SPEECH are systematicaUy cor> 

reduces compounding to a science. 

formation are a tfreat help. 

are aided by the special rules which the New Standard 

simplest posdble ssrstem. 

SYNONYMS AND ANTONYMS are given in such numbers 
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The Funk & Wa^nalU 

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It it a special handy-sized dictionary designed 
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study, and for handy reference on the library table. 

Its vocabulary is sufficiently inclusive to cover 
all words that may be met with in study or in reading. 

Every term has its own alphabetical place in the 
main vocabulary — no confusing appendix. 

It contains more than 6,000 discriminating articles 
and groups of Synonyms, occupying 11,700 lines — 
2,000 more than any other dictionary of the same 
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An Entirely New Work from Cover to Cover 


Otandard Dictionary 


Abridged frwm ike Funk 9 Wagnalls 
NEW Standard Dictionary 

Defines and Explains 48,000 Words and Phrases 
Contains 1000 Pictorial Illustrations 




Special Features: 

COMPREHEIfSlTI VOCABULART.-Iadudini many important 
. words foand in no aihar dictionary daaignrnd for similar 

EXACT, mCLUSIVI DEFIlim01IS.->-The most common meaning 
it always placed first and the obsolete last. 

DEFimnONS BT DEFnnnVE statement.— Not by lon< and 
abstruse synonyms that most in turn be looked up. 

THE SPELLINGS conform to the standard osatfe of the world's 
foremost philologists. 

EXCLUSIVB COMPOUNDING STS1EM.>-It contains aj systematic 
method for compounding words and indicates how and 
when the hypen should be used. 

PRECISE ETTMOLOGIES are tfiren in clear and simple form. 
A wholly new feature in a dictionary of this nse. 

EXCLUSIVE CAPITALIZATION.— It is a relUble tfidde in the matter 
of capitalization because it capitalises only such words as 
should be written or printed in capitals. 

Price, Cloth, tl.OO; Indexed, $1.25 

Funk & Wagnalls Company. Pubs. 



Standard Dictionary 


Ahriifi fr9m ik« Funk .9 Wagnalls 
NEW Standmrd DictiMary 

The ideal small dictionary for all handy 
uses — widely adopted for use in schools. 
Defines and explains about 35,000 words 
and phrases, and contains 780 pictorial 


PIONiniCIATIOII.— ProDoncUition it indicated bv the Revised 
Scientific Alphabet; and by the Tezt-boolc Key, or iamiliar 
•yitem of notation. 

DsrimtlONS.— The definitions are clear and explicit— simple 
and easy to understand — written in definitive statement, 
not expressed by many-syllabled synonyms beyond the 
student's comprehension. 

CAFITALIZATiOlf.— The book is a sore guide in the matter of 
capitalixadon, only such 'words as should be written or 
printed with initial cairftnl letters are cairftalised in the 

FREFOSITIOIfS.— It indicates the correct prepositions to use. 

ILLUSTIATIOIIS.— There are 780 pictorial iUustrations through- 
out the book. 

APPENDIX.— The Appendix embraces several novel features*. 
Faulty Diction: Rules for Spelling: Proper Names of 
All Kinds: Foreign Words and Phrases: Symbolic Flow- 
ers and Gems: AkPrevimtious and Contractions, Etc. 

12mo, Cloth, S83 pp. Price, 60 cents. 
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Funk & Wagnalls Company. Pubs. 



■ rt I I I I ■ I I I , I .^^^m IM ■ IJ— mJB-M_^ U— ^— 

The Vest-Pocket 
Standard Dictionary 


Ahrldgtd frmn th§ Funk & WagnalU Standard Dicttonaty^ 

CoMtmns tht correct spelling, pronunciation, syllabication^ 

and definition of about JO^OOO vocabulary tenms, 


This 18 the latest pablication of the Standard Die- 
tioiuuy series. The vocabulary includes all words 
of disputed spellings and such words as have irreg- 
ular plural formation. In addition to the vocabulary 
are given : Key to Scientific Alphabet ; Parliamen- 
tary Law at Sight ; Legal Holidays in all the States 
of the American Union ; Interest Tables ; Rates of 
Interest in all States of the American Union ; Chart 
of (tf) States of the Union, (i) Population, (r) 
Capitals, (^ Dates of Admission, {e) Total Popu- 
lation of the United States ; Presidents of the United 
States ; Postal Information ; Telegraph and Cable 
Rates ; Domestic and Foreign ; Weights and Meas- 
ures ; The Metric System ; Rules for Pronunciation; 
Rules for SpeUmg; Rules for Punctuation; Abbrevi- 
ations, Foreign Words and Phrases ; Rulers of the 
World; Foreign Possessions of the United States; The 
Largest Cities of the World; Countries of the Postal 

Cloth, 2^ cents ; by mail, 2*1 cents. Flexible Leather, 
JO cents f ly mail, J2 cents. Indexed, J cents additional, 


YB 01679