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by Google 


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Digitized by VjjOOQIC 


Digitized by VjOOQlC 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 







SUtQrst^ irom tit Sutiox'js l^argtr Woift 



paoFEBftom or the sPAiima laicquaob and utxratdbx in Columbia oollbo» 


iNsnnmi WASuiNcnoN. 



188 3, 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 

!<' O ^ o ^ / c^ 



3&KTXBID, aoeordlng to Act of Congress, in the year 1854| by 
In the Clerk's Offlee of tho District Court of the United States for the Southern 
District of Now York. 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


The very fevorable maimer in which the public has 
been pleased to receive Seoane's Spanish and English 
Dictionary, oosregted, impboved, and enlarged by Ye- 
LAZQUEz, has induced him to undertake this Abridgment, 
in order to render that work more serviceable to younger 
scholars, travellers, and men of business ; taking at the 
eaxae time the utmost care to retain all the most usual 
and necessary words, together with their various and fre- 
quent meanings, so as to make it, though small in size, as 
copious and complete as such a work can be. 

With this object in view, the Editor has again consulted 
not only the works which made the basis of said Dic- 
tionary, but also other lexicographers and authors, partic 
ularly of Travels through the new republics of North and 
South America, from which he has selected a great num- 
ber of words belonging to the articles of commerce and 
the natural productions of those countries, which he has 
inserted in this Abridgment, together with many idioms 
and provincialisms, not to be found in any other work of 
this kind 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


As the Editor's aim has been to make more easy and 
familiar the intercom-se between the two great nations 
speaking the grandiloqnous and energetic languages com- 
piled in this Abridgment, and thereby to strengthen the 
brotherly ties which he wishes may always bind them ; he 
hopes that his humble efforts may not prove altogether 
pix)fitless to both the Americmis and Spaniards ; as his sole 
wish is to be, inasmuch as he can, useful to them. 

Svw ToBK, January, 1861 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


1 —As the modern system of Orthography lately introduced by 
the Spanish Academy has been adopted in this Abridgment, as 
well as in the original Dictionary, the student is requested to 
keep in mind the following directions : 

1st. The words that may not be found in the combinations ja, 
J^iJhJ^yJ'^i 9^i S^i should be looked for in the combinations xa, 
xe, «, a», xu, je, ji, and vice versa : as, mujer, muger ; ex^rciio^ 
ej^rcito ; relox, reloj, etc. 

2d. The words that may not be found in the combinations ce, 
a\ may be looked for in the combinations ze, z/, and vice versa. 

dd. The words that may not be foimd in the combinations cua^ 
cue^ cuij cuoy may be looked for in the combinations qua, que, qtn, 
quo, and vice versa : as, quando, cuando ; question^ cuestion, etc. 
4th. Those that may not be found in ca, que, qui, look for 
them in chA, cki, ckl, and vice versa : as, arclidngel, arcangel ; 
chtruhin, qu6rubin ; chlmica, quimica. 

5th. Words with the syllables os, us, may be found in obs, uhs, 
and vice versa : as, oseuro, obscuro. 

6th. Those that may not be found in the combinations esc, est, 
will be found in the combinations exc, ext, and vice versa : as, 
vdtar, excitar; estender, extender. 

Yth. Those that may not be found in the combination iras, will 
be found in the combination trans, and vice versa : as, traspa- 
rente, transparente. 
8th. Words that may not bo found with Ao, he, in the middle 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



of words, may be looked for without it in the Dictionary, or vice 
versa: as, aaahar^ azar; comprehender, comprender. 

9th. Those that may not be found with the letter t, may be 
looked for with the letter y, or vice versa : as, /et, ley ; reyna^ 

10th. Those that may not be found with the letter b, will ba 
found with the letter v, and vice versa : as, cibil, civil. 

llth. Words with double n are often written with one : as, co- 
naiuralj instead of connatural. 

IL — In familiar letters and manuscripts from the former Span- 
ish provinces there are to be found some faults, and the moat 
frequent are the following : 

B instead of v, as lleho^ in lieu cf llevo^ I carry. 

V " 

6, " voleta, 


bdetOj a ticket 

s « 

c, " seremonioy 


ceremanici, a ceremony. 

C " 

«, " aelebro, 


cdebro^ the brain. 

S " 

Z, " CtMO, 


cazoy hunting. 

R " 

/, ** craro, 


claro, clear. 

Y " 

?/," cabayOj 


caballoy a horse. 

LL ^ 



payOf a bench. 

N " 

m ** cnbre^ 


hombre^ a mmn. 

Digitized by VjjOOQIC 






A. pranoanoed as a In cUarm, 

A\prep. To, in, after, acoordlng to, on, by, 

nn>, ot np; ba. 
ilfiidrU, Or,) To go «o ICadrld. 
4 la Espaftola, /nor o/W the Spanish fluhlon. 
i la pnarta, JJ the door. [Castile, 

i iejr do Gwtiiia» Aeeording to the htw of 
& Did, (Tenir,) To come <m foot 
& tUerro, (iiM«r,) To dio &y the sword. 
4 dos realca, (T«ndeiM,) To be sold for two 

& vino, (oler,) To smell ^z/' wine. 
41a dntnra, (cmzar on rto eon el agua,) To 

cross a riTsr with the water «;> to the waist 
4 pmeba de bombs, Bomb-proot 
Al is now written instead of ^ s^ To tbeu 
A' most bo placed beftura the olject direct 

of an aetlTe verb. If it be a person, prcmer 



Ab8ndon4do, da, a. 1 Abandoned, Jbrlom. % 

ProfligatSL [debaacherv. 8. Forlomneaai 
Abandonami^nto, sm. 1. Abandonment 3 
Abandon4rj«a. To abandon, to forsake; to 
Aband6no, v. AhandonamUfnio. [give op. 
Abanlcdr, do. To flu, winnow. 
Abanic4zo, tm. Blow with a fiuL 
Abonico, sitk 1. A &n. 2. (Nan.) A spritsalL 
Abonlquiro, %m. A Ihn-maker. 
Abaratdr, WL To cheapen, to abater 
Abarbetdr, va. (Nan.) To rack. 
Ab4rca, «/. A sole of coarse leather, [skins. 
Abarcddo, da, a. WiUi the feet wrapped in dry 
Abarcaddr, ra, 1. 1. Embracer. 2. Monopolist 
Abaroadilni, «/ Abaroaadenk)^ em. An eat- 

braoa [monopolize. 

Abarcar, 9a, To dasp, embrace; contain; 
Abaro6n, tm. An iron ring, lK>op. 
Abarlo4r. i«k To bear np, hanl the wind. 
AbarqnilUir, «a. To shape like a boat 
Abarrac4rse, vr. To withdraw into barrackA, 
Abarragandrse, vr. To live in concnbinage. 
Abarranoadero, 9m. A hearv road ; precipice. 
Abarrancamiento, am, Fallmg into pits ; em- 

Abarranc4r, vo. To break np a road; to dig 

holea — rr. To fall into a pit; to become 

Abarrdz, tm. (Bot) Lonse-wort 
Abarrot4r, va. 1. To tie, bbtd. 2. Overstock. 
Abarr6te, am. (Nau.) Small stowage. 
Abastadam^nte, ad. (Obs.) Abnndkntly. 
Abastardirse, «n» To degenerate. 
Abasteced6r, ni, a. A caterer, provider. 
Abastoc^, va. 1. To provide, to cater. S. To 

Abastedml^nto, snu Providing; provisions 
Abastlonur, va. To fortilV with bastions. 
Ab4sto, tni. The supply of a town; em^ 

Abatandr, va. To beat or fall cloth. 
Ab4to, tnm. An abb4. 
A'bate, inter). Take care 1 Away ! 
Abatido, da, a. Dc;Jected, spiritless; al^ect 
Abotlml4nto, «/n. Ul^cnnracwncnt lown«i» 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 

. ABL 

of spirits, IkintnMtb Abaiimimto del 

rumbo^ 0mj Tbe leeway of* ship, 
ibfttir, vOb t. To overthrow, to cut down. 

2. HnmiyA — vn. To deeceoa, to stoop. — vr. 

1. To be disheartened, dismayed.' 2. (Nan.) 

To have leeway. 
Abdlcad^n, sf. Abdication. 
Abdicir. t€k uTo abdicate, resign. 2. Annul. 
Ab<*.6nien. sm. Abdomen, belly. 
Abdominal, a. Abdominal 
Abdtioei6n, ^/ (AnaU Abdaction. 
Abdnot/r, am. (Anat) Abductor. 
Abec6, am. The alphabet, the A B a 
Abeoed&rlot snk Alphabet; spelling-book. 
A bedfil, tm. The blrch-tie& 
Ab^n, ^ A bee. Ab^a mae&ira^ Queen- 

boe. Ah^a maehiega^ Breeding-bee. 
Ab«|l&r, «m. A bee-hive. [are very fbnd. 
Abd&r, a. Uta db^ar^ A grape of which bees 
Ab«arr6n, Ab^drro, ank A oorse-fly. 
AbcaarAco, Abderfioo, am. 1. The bee-eater, 

a bird. 2. (Met) A mean fellow. 
^6rA| 9/ Balm-mint or bee-wort 
uiro, mn.. A keeper of bee-hivesL 
n6n,«m. Humble-bee; a drone; a hornet 
Moiuzo, sm. A laiige wild bee. 
joncillo, sm. dinK A small wild bee, a 

small drooe. 
Abeldrro, am. Hnmble-boe. 
Abeilooddo, da, a, Mean-q>{rlted. 
Abellficdrse. «r. To become mean; to de- 

grsfle one^s self 
Abelhitido, a. Made in the form of aoomSb 
Aberongen^o, da, a. Egg-plant color, lUaoi 
Abert'id6n, af. (Astr.) Aberration. 
Aberrng&do. da, a Full of wart& 
Abertim, af. Aperture; beginning; opening, 

gap ; a loak. ' 
Ab etimo, Opat) From all eternity. [fir. 
Ab^ am. The sUver-tree: tlie vew-leaved 
Abeton&do, da, a. Besembllng Utnmen. 
Abelon/tr, oo. To do ov«r with pitch. 
Abi^rto. te, A 1 Open. 2. Binoere, candid. 

8. Full-blown.— ^p. irr, ofAbrir. 
Abif9UT&do, da, a. variegated, motley. 
Abtesrrar, wu To paint with a dltenity of 

Abige^, sm (Law.) Theft of cattle. 
Abigte. am. (Law.) A cattlo-thiof. 
Abfgotado, da, a. wearing long whiten. 
Abififtres, am. Nsrcissoa, daffodil ; a predons 

btone. [beginning. 

AbinSclo, (or ab initio^ Lat) Txom tho 
Abintestko. a. (Lat) Intestate. 
Abi66a, af. Boa constrictor. 
AbismM, a. Belonging to sa abyss. 
AblsmiU^ a. j^ ()Iasp nails. 
Abismibr, va. To depress, to bumble. 
Abismo, sm. Abyss; gulf; immense depth. 
AMtad6ra, af. A lain of the cable around 

tbe bits. 
AMtAque, sm. A rafter or Joist 
Abitai^ el cable, To bit tlio cable. 
AMtas del moUnote, Carrick-blts. 
Abit^nce, aim. pL Top-sail sheet-bits. 
Ablzcooh&do, da, a. In the form of a biscuit 
' '^nrBci6n, af. Abjuration. 

^ • LToalJ 

r, ro. To amure, to recant upon oath. 
ADiaoaadAr. ra, a. Mollifler, softener. 
AJblandami6nta ^ns. MolUfleation, litigation, 


Ablaud^jr, wt & «. 1. To soften, to mollify 

to relent SL To loosen. 8, To assnaga 
AblandatlvOjVa, et. Bland» mild. 
Abl&no, am. The hasd^tree. [Latin nonnsi 
Ablativo, Ablitive, am. The sixth case o( 
Abluci6n, af. Ablution, deansing, lotion. 
Abnegaci6n, af. Abnegation, selwlenlal. 
Abn^^,«a. To renounce, to deny, abnegate. 
Abobado, da, a. Stupid, simple, silly. 
Abobamidnto, am. 8tupefkoUon,stopidity. 
AboW,«AtTostupe5r2rT.7" ' ' 

vr. To grow stupio. 
Abocddo, a. Mild, agreeable; applied to wicei 
Abocomi^nto, am. Conference, parley. 
Abodo*, Wk To take or catch wilh the mouth. 

Abocar la arUUaria.To point the guns. 

Abocarun eatraoho, To enter the mouth of 

a channel or stndt— «r. To meet, to have 

an interview. 
AbocardMo, da, a. Wide-mouthed. 
Abochomido, da, a. Out of countenance, 

flushed.' [voke. «r. To blush. 

Abocliom4r, «a. 1. To overheat %, Tvpto- 
Abodnddo, a^ Bent 

Abocin&r, tn. (Low.) To ftdl upon the ikoe. 
Abofetead6r, ra. a. Buffeter. [insalt 

Abofeteir, wk 1. To slap one's ikoe. 2. To 
Abogada, af. Profession of a lawyer. 
Abogiida, af, A mediatrix; a counselor's wl Au 
Abogadear, vn. To pbty tbe advocate ; iron. 
Abog&do, am. 1. Advocate, oounsellor. 2. A 

mediator. [cause. 2. To mollify. 

AbMib*, im. 1. To advocate, to plead tbe 
AbonetMo, da, a. Inflated, awollen. 
Aboldngo, am^ "L Ancestry. % lineage, d^ 

soent, Inheritance. 
Aboliddn, «/[ Abolition, extinction. 
Abollr, 9a. To abolish, annul 
Abollido,y. AUdimffodo. 
Abolladora, ^ L Inet^naUty. 2. Bruise. 
AboUir, va. 1. To emboss. 2l To annoy 

with all unpleasant disoounei 8. To stun 

and confound. 4. To bruise. [the vise. 
Aboll^n, am. (Prov.) A bud. In particular of 
AboUoB^r, «a. To emboss. Qrarso. 

AbolsAdo, da, a. Puckered, folded like a 
Abominable, a, Detestable, odious, heinous. 
Abominad^n, «/[ Abomination, detestation. 
AbominAr, va. To detest, to abhor. 
Abon&do, da, t. A subscriber. 
Abon&do, da, Ow 1. Oreditable, rich. 2. Fit Ibr. 
AbonadOT, 6ra, «. A bail or surety. 
Abonauz&r, vn. To clear up. 
Abon^,f>a.l. To ball, to insure. 2 Toinv 

prove. 8. To manure. 4. To give one 

credit— «r. To subscribe; warrant 
Abdno.smi. Warrant, bail; manure; arecelpt 
Abordad6r, am. (Nau.) Boarder; an intruder. 
Abord:'ige, am.'(HaxL) Boardtxig a shin. 
Abordir, wkl.TO board a ship. 2. To run 

Ami of a shin. 
Abordo, am. (Met) Address, Attack, shock, 

A>rce. A bordo. on board, in the ship. 
Aborig6nee. am. pL Aborigines. [flamed. 
Aborrach&do, da, a. 1. High-colored. 2. In- 
Aborraseirse, «r. To be stormy. [hater. 
Aborreood6r, ra, a. Abhofrer, detester, a 
Aborreo6r, va. To abhor, hate, detest, desert 
Aborredble, €k HateftU, detestable, [tlon. 
Aborrodmldnto, am. Abhorrence, decesta 


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lLbortaiiii6nto, «a Abortion. 
Aborts, dO. To misoany. 
AbortiTimtetA, ad. AbortiTelj. 
Aborttro, Ta, a Abortire. 
▲bdrlo» «m. A mlflcairlaffe; a monster. 
Abonvarao, «r. To be mofflod or wrapped op. 
AbotagArae, «r. To be swollen, to be Inflated. 
Abotioido» da, a. Madein tbo form of half- 

Abotoiiad6T, snK buttoning inurnment 
AbotooAr, «a« To button; bud; to form a 

AbovedAdo, da, a. Arcbed, vaulted. 
Aboredir, «& To areh, to Tantt 
AbojAdo, da. A A ftrm rented, wttb oxen 

kl)in,9f.A\my, baven; creek; Tallej; 
Abradjo, am.. (OolL) An embrace. 
AbrabonAr, ffo. To bold one bj tbe gannent 
AbraaadAr. ra, a A bomer. 
AbraaamlmtosOTk Boming; inflammation. 
AbmiAr,«r.Tobom; fire; aqnaader; pro- 
yoke. — «r. To be agitated by any yiolent 

MBBiOll, to glow. 

Abra^lAdo^c' ^ 

^ da, A Brazfl-wood eolor. 

AbiazadAra,^ L A band. 2. A deaL 

Abrazadifrr, ra, «. 1. Embracer. % (Low) 
Thief4aker. a A book. 

Abrazamiteto, 9m. Embracing. 

AbnaAc, «& 1. To embrace, to nng; to clasp. 
& Tosorronnd. 

AbiAza, mn. A bog, an embrace. 

Alvrego, tm. A sontbwest wind. 

Alireniadoi, inL fLat) Far be It flrom me. 

AbreTBd^ro, mn. A watering-place ibr cattle. 

AbrerAdo, A softened in water. [Waterer. 

Abreraddr, «nm. He who waters cattle. %, 

AbreTAr, ra. To water esttl*. 

Abreriaeidn, «/. Abbreviation. 

AbreviadAr, ra, n An afarldger. 

Abi^erlAr, va. To abrldgeu 

AbreriatAra, ^f. Abbreviation. 

Abrevtatnria, tf. Ofilce of a breviator. 

AbribonArse, «r. To act the sconndxtal; stroll 

Abrid6ro, ra, a. Aperitive; easily opened. L Freeatone-peacb. 2. Opener. 
il&riaordeXAmiiMU, An engraver. Abri' 
dor en Aiif«eo, A die or pnnch sinker. 

Abrigad^ro, sm. Bbettered place. 

Abrigifio, sok A shelter for cattle. 

AbrlgAr, wu To shelter, to protect, to pat- 
ronise; to warm. 

Abriso, am. Shelter, protection, aid. 

AbriL am. April 

AbriIIantir,«a. To oat a diamond into beets; 
to make any preeioaa stone sparkle by 
polishing it 
AbrimiAnto, mi. An opening. 
Abzic TO. 1. To open; to mUoek. 2. To re- 
move obstacles. 8. To engrave. Abrlr 
«l<{ia,Todawn. ul&Hre{<^o,Tobealert. 
.^(rir fa mono, To accept oribes; to be 
craerona. Abrir lo» ojo9 d vno. To on- 
deceive, to enlighten. 4. Abrirte con 
(dcrvno. To dteciose one's secrets. Abrir 
regititro (speaking of a veeselX To begin 
to take in carga 
abfochadAr, tm. An Instrument to button 
on clothes 


Abrochadfira, «/ Abrodiamitotc^ un. Biti> 
Abrocbir. To button on. [toning.oa 

Abrogacion, «^ Abrogation, repeal 
Abrog^, va. To abrogate, to annul 
Abrmal, «fK A place covered with thistles. 
Abr6Jo, am. 1. (Bot) Caltrop^ thistle, thoni. 

prickle. 2. A crowfoot & A lash.— ^ 

Hidden rocks in the sea. 
AbromAdo. diL Ow 1. (Nan.) Dark, luuy, 

foggy. 4 worm-eaten. 
Abiomine, «r. (Nau.) To be w^ym-eateib 
AbroqneUne, «r. To cover one's self wttli A 

shield. 2. To defond onel sel£ 
Abr6tano, (Bot) Southernwood. 
Abrotonir, fm. (Nan.) To scud dismasted. 
AbrumAdo, da, cu Weary. 
Abnimad6r, ra, «. A teaser. 
AbrumAr, vo. 1. To crush. 2. To cause great 

pains or trouble. & To overlay 
AbmtAdo, da, a. Brutish, ungovernable. 
Abeo^so, SfiK An abscess. 
Absltin^.Ood forbid I 
AbsoInciAn,^/ Absolution; acquittal. 
AbsoIAta, ^f. I>ogma, universal propodtton. 
Abeolntamtoto, adU Abeolntelv. 
AbsolAto, ta, a. 1. Abeolnte. 2. Imporloua 
AbflohitArio, a. Absolutory. • 
Abeolv6r, WL To absolve; acquit 
Abeorddn, «/ (lied.) Absorptton. 
AbsArtck ta, a. Amazed, absorbed in thought 
Abeorvenda, ^f. Absorbing; 
Absorv^nte, MkApa. (MecL) Absorbent 
Abfl(w^,«abl.ToabsorDw 2.Toharryaloag. 
Absorvido, a. (Med.) Abeorbed. 
Abet^mio, mia, a. AMtemlous. 
Abstendrse, «r. To abstain, forbear. 
Abstergtote, Abeterslvo, va, a. Olaansbi^ 

Absterger, vo. To cleanse. 
Abetersidn, itf. Abstersion. 
Abstintocla, ^f. Forbearance, i^>6tinenoe. 
Abetintete, a. Abstinent [meni 

Ab6tracol6n, sf. 1. Abstraction. 2. Betlre> 
Abstraodvo, va, a. Abstractive. 
AbstrActo, ta, a. Abstract 
Abstradr, «a. 1. To abstract 2. To reAaia 

ikom. 8. To diflTer in opinion. 
Abstraido, da, a. Betlred. 
Abstrfiso, sa, a. Abstruse, difficult 
AbsoAlto, ta, & Free. 
AbsArdo, sm. Absurdity, nonsense. 
AbsArdo, da, a. Nonsensical, absurd. 
AbubUla, 9f. (Om.) the hoopoe, or hoopoo. 
Abulia, {/TGrandmother, ) -„,^t^ 
Abudlol «k Giandflrther; f ancestor. 
AbultAdo, da, (L 1. Increased. 2. Bulky. 
Abultaddr, tm. Stiflbner, 
AbuItAr, Ml. To Increase, to enlarge. ~rm 

To be bulky or lanra. 
AbundamI6nto, am, v. Abundancia. 
AbnndAnda, af. Abundance, opulence. 
AbnndAnte, a. Abundant, plentuy. 
Abundantemtote, ad. Abundantly. 
Abnnd&r. wk To abound, to have plenty. 
Abufiuoliir, wu To make something in tltt 

AburelAdo, da, a. Oraylsh. 
Aburrido, da, a. "VTeary. 
AbnnimiAnto, sm. Texatlon, despondenqf 

tediousnoss; weariness, sorrow. 

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ibwrlr, tKk To y«^ to perplex, to weerj. 

A.ban\}&do, da, <k 1 Preesed together. 2. 

Abnn^^dr, 9<k To press or hesp together. 

AirasAr, va. To Abuse or misapply a thing. 

Abns&vo, YtL a. AbusiTa 

Abfiso, Mil. Mlsosage, abase. 

Abjocoidn, ^f. Abjection, abjeetaess. 

Abvdcto, ta, €k Aqject, dqfeeted. 

Aca, ad. Here, this waj. J)s cuandaaodf 
Binoewhpnf .^odnoasMMto^Tbatlsnot 
tlio custom bera Ven aoA^ Come along: 
AoA y eUld, Here and there. Aod^ Uej, 
used In caUing. 

Acab^le, a. Wnat may be finished. 

AcabMo, da, a. 1. Perfect 2. Old; lU-diessed. 

Acabad6r, ra, «. Finisher, completer. 

Aeabalib', «& To complete, toflnisli. 

Acaballadiro, mn. The time and place when 
hoTBcs oorer mares. [mare. 

AcabalUldo, da, a. 1. Oovered; applied to a 

Acaballiu', «a. To cover a mare. 

AcabaDerado, da, a Oentlemanlike. 

AeaballeHb-, «at L To render genteel 8. To 
make a person behave as a gentleman. 

Acabamitoto, mu. End, completion, death. 

Acabdr,»l.To finish, to condnde; 
toadileva fi. To harass, a To obtain. 4. 
To terminate, to come to an end. 6. To 
die: tooonaame: toextingoish; tofidL — 
«r. To grow feebleu La vda te ettd aea- 
boiMZo, The candle is flickering. Btoo^a 
dsmmeaaMbarMj It is an endless ai&dr. 
Aeaba de llegar, He hagjvtt arrived. 

Acabestrlllir, vn. To go fowling with a 
stalking-horse or ox. 

AoabildAr, «a. To nnito persons by persoa- 
sion to do-something. 

Acaboeito, ad. ThatV enongh. 

AoabronAdo, da^ Bold, nnembarrassed. 

AcaelieteAr, «r. To ti^ to pat, to strike. 

Ac6cia, sf. Acacia. [2. A naked figure. 

Aoaddmfa, ^ 1. Academy; literary society. 

Acad^mipo, am. 1. Academician. 3. a. Ac»> 

Acaecedwo, ra, a. InddentaL 

A.caec6r, vn. def. To happen, to come to pasa 

A.caedmitoto, em. Event, incident 

A.dil. mt. A canoe. [to assoagew 

Acall^, vo. To quiet, to hush ; to mitigate, 

Acalorami^to, wn. Ardor, heat; agiti^on. 

Acalorir,«a.l.Towarm. 2. To inflame. 8. 
Toorgeon. 4 To promote.— -w. To grow 

AcamAdo, da, a. Laid flat 

Acambrayido, da, a. Resembling cambric. 

Acamellftdo, da, a. GamoMiko. 

Acampamdnto, 9m. Encampment, camp. 

Acampir, wu To encamp. 

Ac&mpo, tm. A common pastmv. 

AoamuzadOj da, a. Chamois-colored. 

A'cana, s^ A hard reddish wood of Cuba. 

iLcanal^o, da, a. 1 . Paasins through a chan- 
nel 2. Striated, channelled. 

Acanaladdr, am. Grooving-plane. [back. 

Acanal&dos, rnn. pi. The ridge of a horse's 

AeanaUr,va.l.TomakeacanaL 2. To Ante, 
to groove. 

VfiandllMo, dn, a. Made with sharp polnt& 
ineUdn, da, a. Cinnamon-color. 


Aoangrenirae, «r. To mortiftr; gaogrone. 

Aeanulido, da, a. Fonning inrrows. 

Acantar^, «& To measora by edntara$ oi 
tonr^allon twwoIii 

Acantjlada costa, <k An accessible coast 

Aetoto, 9m. (Bot) Prickly thistle ; acanthoa 

Aoantonamiento, mn„ Cantonment 

Acantonir, WL To canton, [pointed canea 

Acafiaverear, va. To wound with stuup- 

Acailonete, WL To cannonade. [er dook. 

Aoapanirse, «r. To take xeftige pnder aaoth* 

Acapazros4do, da, a. Copperas-ooloK. 

Acaponiulo, da, a. Cqwn-iike. 

AcardenaUr, «a To beat black and blue, to 
pinch.— «r. To be covered with livid spota 

Acareami^to, am. Comparing, oonfrontlag. 

AcaridadiSr, ra, a Fondler. 

AcaridAr, «& To ftmdle, to oaresa 

Aoarrirse, «r. To go under the ahade, (ap- 
plied to sheep.) 

Acaireadizo, za, a. Portabia 

Acarread6r, ra, A carrier; a porter. 

AcarreAr, «& 1. To carry. & (Met) To causa 
& «r. To bring upon one's Bel£ 

Acarr^o, tm. Carriage, conveyanca CbMM 
ds acarreOt Ooooa transported as flreight 

Acarr6to, sna AUodeocorrs^ Pack-thread. 

AcAsov am. Chance^ casualty. 

Acdso, ad. By chance, by acddent 

Acasdllido, da, a. (Oba) CMtollated. 

Acastiliiffe, ana The upper works of a ship. 

AcastorMO, da, a. like the texturo of beaver. 

Acataml6nto, am. Esteem, reapect; acknowl- 
edgment; view. [inmect 

Acatar, 9a. To reapect; acknowleage; 

Acatarnrse, «r. To catch cold. 

AcaadalAdo, da a Bidi, wealthy. 

AcaadalAr,«a.lTohoarduprichea 2. To 
acqniro a reputation. 

Acaadillad6r, am. Commander of troopa 

AcandilUr, va. To command troopa 

Acayolba, am. Mahogany. 

Acoed^nte, pa. Acceding. 

Acceddr, wl To accede; to agrea 

Aooesible, a. 1 Aooesdbla 2. Attainabla 
& Anproachabla 

Accedon, ^f. Aooeeslon ; access, paroxysm. 

Aoo^eo, ana Access; copnhition; accession. 

Accesoriam^te, ad. Accessorlly. 

Acco86rias, ^ pi. 1. Accessories ; ont'build- 
inga 2. «(^. A room with the door opening 
to the street 

AcceB6rlo, ria a. Accessory, additional AC' 
CMoHaa obraa^ The outworks of a fortresa 

AoddentMo, da, a. Aflbcted with fits. 

Acddertil, a. Acddental, casual Ibrtnltoua 

Acddentalm^nte, ad, Aoddcntally, casually. 

Acddent&rse, «r. To bo seized with a fit 

Acddent^o, «fn. av{;m. A severe fltof illnesa 

Acdd^nte, am. Accident, chance, ha] ; a 
sudden fit 

Acddn, ^ Action; deed, lawsuit, stock 
Aooum da gradaa^ Thanksgiving, act o 
thanking; sharo of capital stock. 

Aodonitf>, vfk To geeticulata 

AcdonisU, am. Stockholder, partner, sharei 

AcebadamiAnto, am, Snrftit; disease of an 

Acebddo, am. Plantation of hoUy-treea 
Afi6bo, am. Holly-tree, dwarf-oak. 

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L PlantstlonofwUd o1lT&>treei. 

A.oebQch4], a. Belonging to wild olivea. 

4o6biioi)«, mtK WUd oUve-tree. [oUve. 

Aoaboeb^no, na, a. Belongloir to the wild 

Aoebachin.% sf. Frolt of the wild olive>tree. 

A.oechad6r, ra. a. JAv in amt>usli; intruder. 

Arechikr, «a.. To lie In ambush, to waylay; 
to pry intOL 

Aeeeoo, aot. Waylaying, lying In amboah. 
Al aoecho or m» acechOy ad. In wait, in 

Aoech^ a, a. Waylayer, prier, Haeer la 
oomAomo, To scmtlniie, to pry into. 

Aoednir, vo. To salt and dry meat in the 
air. — pr. To grow old, dnr, and withered. 

Aeedamtote. odL Sourly, bitterly. 

AcedAr, «cl To flour; dJspIease. 

Aeed^ra, ^ (Bot) Sorrel [acrid taste. 

Aeederilia, ^ (Bot) Wood-eorrel; plant of an 

Acedia, «/: Acidity, eonmeea; rooghneae; 
asperity of addreaib 

Ao6ao, a, a. Acid, aoor; harah, unpleasant 

AoMilo, a, a. Without achie^ wanting a head. 

Aceitar, «& To oil, to rub witli oil, to anoint 

Ac^ite. aiRw Oil; any unctuous liquor; iht 
Aceiu tie corner^ Olive, or awoet oil 
Aeeits ds jpeseado^ Train-oiL A ceOe ds 
mer^aiM, dod-olL AcHUdepalo,Baistaa 
copaiba. AeeUe d^ Utuua^ Linaeed-olL 

Aeeit6fa, ^ OO-^ar. oil-cruet 

Aeeiterizo, 9m. A blow given with an oil-Jar. 

Aceiteria, 4^ Shop where oil is sold.- 

Aeeit&o, a, a. Oil-man : vessel Ibr holding oil 

Aoeit6so, ea, a. Oily, fat, ereasy. 

Aeeit6na, «/ Olive. AcmhtnoH capat^ras^ 
Olives a long time In pickle. 

AeeltnnMa, n: Olive-fleaaon. 

AoeitnnAdo, da, a. Olive-green. [olives. 

Aoettan^ro, tnu Gatherer, seller, or carrier of 

Aoeltfino, 0m. OUve-tree. [tion. 

Aeeleraci6n, «r/ Acceleration, increase ohno- 

Aoderir, va. To accelerate, hasten, hurry. 

Ae61ga, «/ Splnage-beet 

Ao6mila, tff. A mule: mule-tax. [teers. 

Acemllir. a, Belonging to mules and mnle- 

Acemilena, ^ Mule-stable. 

Acemil^To, 9m. A muleteer. 

Aoemildro, ra, a. Belonging to mulee, in 
particular to the king's mulesw 

Aeemita, 9f. Bread made of fine bran. 

Acemite, 9m. Pollen, fine bran; grits; pot- 
tage made of parched half-ground wheat 

AcendW^o, da, <z. Purified; refined. 

Acendr4r, to. To purii^jr or refine metals ; to 
fk^ee firtnn stain. 

Acensa&r, va. To lease out for a certain rent 

Ac6nto, «77k Accent 

Acentuad/>n, ^. Accentuation. 




ptar per90iuui 
, Aceptaruna 
To be pleased. 
ted by drains; 
r, canal-maker 
anals or drains, 
naker of canals 



Acerdr, txt. To steel ; impregnate with steet. 

Acerbam^nte, ad. Harshly, rudely. 

Acerbidi^d, ^ Acerbity, asperity ; sharpnessi 

Aodrbo, ba, & Kongh to the taste; severe. 

Acdrca, prop. About, relating to, concerning 

Acercaini6nto,«ink (Obs.) Approach, approx- 
imation, [near to. 

Acerc4r, va. To approach ; to accost, to come 

Acerico, Aoerillo, 9m. Pin-cushion; smaC 

Accrino, na, a. (Poet) Steely, hard, firm. 

Ac6ro, «m. Steel Acero eo*ado^ Cast«tee1. 
Ac^ro ds rotta^ Bose-steel— p2. E9pada 
d6 bneno9 acero9, A sword of well-tem- 
pered steel [leaved hawthorn. 

Acer6la, ^. Azarole, the fruit of the parsley- 

Aoer6Io, 9m. The parsley-leaved hawthorn. 

Acerbrdr, v& (Low) To seize, grasp, gripe. 

Acerrimamtote, ad. Strenuously. 

Ac6rrinio, ma, a. rntp. Very vigorous. 

Acertadam^nte, ad. Opportunely, fitly. 

Accrtado, da, a. Fit, proper, timely. 

Acortad6r, ra, 9. One who hita on the right 
point ^ 

Acertdr, va. To hit the mark; ooi^ecture 
right; happen unexpectedly; take root 

AcertUo, 9m. A riddle, enigma. 

Aceruolo, 9m. A small pack-saddle for riding. 

Ac^'o, 9m. A heap ; the whole ; any thing 

Acetiibulo, 9m. Cruet; a Roman measure. 

Acetosilla, «/ Sorrel 

Acet^eo, sa, a. Acetous; acid. 

Ac6tre, 9m. A small bucket; holv-water-pot 

Achacadizo,za, a. (Ob&) Feigned, fraudulent 

Aehac^, to. To impute ; to fiither ; to fruns 
an excuse. 

AchacosamSnte, ad. Sickly.. 

Achac66o. sa, a. Sickly, unhealthy. 

Achaflanar. va. To lower one end of a board. 

Achaparr&do, da, a. Of the size of a shrub ; 

Achdque, 9m. llabltual Indisposition; monfli- 
ly courses; excuse; a failing; fine, penalty. 

Acnaqu^o, 9m, A magistrate of the boani 
of menta in Spain. 

Acharol&r, ta. To Japan, varnish. 

Achiciulo, da, a. Dimlnlshod, reduced. 

Acliicad6r, ra, «. Diminlsher, reducer 
(Nau.) Bailing-scoop. 

Achlcadura, af. Diminution, reduction. 

Achlc&r, va. To diminish, to lessen ; to bak 
a boat or drain a mine. AcJUcofuncaba. 
To shorten a rope. Acfiicar el agua dA 
navioy To free the ship. 

AchlchnrrAr, va. To fry meat too much ; to 

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iehlflhinqpe, mu. A miner who drains Uie 

mines cir water. 
Aehio6ria, if. Saooory, wild endive, <ibicor7. 
Aiihinir. va. To intimidate, to terrify. 
AcbineUdo, da, a. Made like a slipper. 
Achidte, Ach6te, am. The heart-leaved biza, 

annatto or amotto. 
Achispiase, vr. (CoU.) To get tlpey. 
AchocAr, «& To knook asonder; to board 

Achorizado. da, a. made into sansagesi 
Achach^, Acbnchurriu', v& (ColL) To crush. 
Achal&do, da, a. Waggish, fh>liosomeu 
AdAffo, sa, <k Unfortonate. melancholy, sad. 
AdAl, Aci^, mtk Barnacle pot upon the 

Aci&no, rni. Corn-flower. 
Aoibar, mjk The Jolco ih>m the aloes ; aloes- 

treeu Acibar oabaUuno^ Horse-aloes; 

haitlmees, bitterness. 
Acibar&r, vet. To put the Juice of aloes into 

anjr tiling; to imbitter. 
Adbarrir, va. (Obt.) To dash against 
Acicaladdr, ra, t. A polisher, burnisher. 
Adoaladnra, if. Acicalami6nto, am. Burn- 
ishing, [dress in styla 
Adcalir, vo. To polish, to burnish.— «r. To 
Adc&te, sttK A long-necked Moorish spur. 
Adchfii, am, A two-edged tool used by tilers. 
Add^ «/ Addity. 
Aoidiflcad6n, rf. Acidification. 
A'ddo, sm. Acid. — a. Add, sour, sharp. 
Addul^r, «a. To make sour, piquant 
Addulo, la, a. Addnlotis, tart 
Aci^rto,sm.Agoodhit ConaeUrto^WlVk 

effect; dexterity: chance; casualty. 
Adgnatado, da, a. Jaundiced. 
Adgnat^rse, vr. To be seized with Jaondice. 
Acij&dot da, o. Of the color of ao(^ 
A<HJe,Sfii. Copperas. 

Aci)Mo. sa, a. jBrownish ; of a blackish earth. 
Admboga, ^f. The dtron-tree. [place. 

Admentarse, w. To settle one*s self in a 
Ad6n, tf. Stirrap-lcatber. 
Adon6it>, tm. A maker of stirmp-leathers. 
Adpddo, da, a. Well mlUed; foiled. 
Adr&te, am. A landmark, boundary. 
Adtira, anu Partition wall ; rail of a bridge. 
Acitron, anu A dtron dried : candied lemon. 
Aclamad6n, ^ Acdamation, the act of 

slionting wlthj^y. 
AcUmador, ra. a. Applander, shonter. 
Aclamiir. va. To shoot, to appland, to huzza. 
Adaracion, niostration, explanation. 
Aclarir, «a. To clear from obscurity; make 

bright; illustrate, exphUn; widen; clarify. 

— vfu To dear up. 
AdocMo, da, a. Stretchoil at a fire, table, Ac 
Aclocilrse, «r. To brood ; to stretch one's self 
Acobardar, «a. To daunt, intimidatei 
Aoooead6r, ra, «. A horse that kicks. 
A ooceaml^to. am. Act and effect of kicking. 
Acoceiir, wk To kick, to wince. 
Acochine, «/*. To sqnat to stoop down. 
Aoochin&r, «a. To murder. (Mot) To hush 

up; to humble. [neck. 

Aooootfir, «a. To kill by a blow upon the 
Aoodad&ra, ^. Bending the elbow. 
AcodaUir, va. (Arch.) To pat in tintclfli 
Acodir «a. (Oos.) To lean tlie elbow upon ; 


to1ayentting8ofpIaatainth«|^MUid; to 

square timber. 
Aooderilrse, vr. To put a spring on a cables 
AoodilUkr, «a. To bend any thing to an aagto* 

to sink under a burden. 
Ac6do, am, A shoot of a layer. 
Acogedixo, za, a. Collected pn>miiciioiu4y. 
Aooged6r, ra, a. Harborer. 
Acoc6r. va. To give shelter: to reooiva 

(Met) To protect— «r. To take refhes; to 

make use of a pretext for dissimalatton. 
Aoogida, ^. Beoeption; oonomTsnoai 
Acogido, am. ColisottoB of breeding maMi 

kept at a certain price; temporary ad 

mission of ilocks into pastnre-groond. 
Aoogoll&r, «A To cover plants unth straw. 
Acogollad&ra, ^f. Earthing up of plantsi 
Aoogombradora, ^. Dig^ng ap the eronnd 

about plants. [plantsi 

Aoogomor4r. «a To dig up the ground about 
Acogotiido, da, a. Killed oy a dIow on the 

Aoogotir, «a. To kill by ablow on the neck. 

Aooit4r, va. To be very carefhL 

AcoUUn, am. An insect in Madagascar. 

Aool^, oo. (Blaz.) To arrange two coats ol 
arms under the same crown, Ac 

Aoolchir, «a. To quilt 

Ao6Uta STik Aoolyte; an assistant 

Acollaa6rea, am, pL laniards of a ship, 

Acollarido, da, a. Having a collar ; birds hav- 
ing different plumage round tiM'ir necks. 

AooUardr, va. To yoke or hamoss horses^ 
oxen, Ac ; to couple hounds 

Acomb&r, co. To bend, to crook. 

Acomendaddr, am. Protector, aider. 

Acometed6r, ra, «. An agreesor, assaulter. 

Acomet^r, va. To attack, to assault; to un- 
dertake; to tempt [a fit 

Acometida. ^ Acometimitoto. am. Attack; 

Acomodible, a. Aeoommodable. [iency. 

Acomodad6n, •/ Accommodation, cunven- 

Aoomodido, da, a. Convenient, fit; rich. 

Aoomodad6r. ra, a. Box-keeptr to the theatrei 

AcomodamientOL am. Accommodation. 

Acomodir, fKU To accommodate ; recondle; 
ftimlsh.— t»r. To comply. 

Acomodatido, da, a, figurative. 

AcomMo, am. Accommodation, situation. 

Acompafiido, da, Accompanied ; an assistant 
Judge, surgeon, Sec 

Aoompsfiador. ra,«. Attendant, accompanier. 

Acompafiamionto^ am. Attendance, com- 
pany; retinue^ [in& 

Acompafi.Ante, pa. Accompanying, attend* 

Acompafiir, va. To accompany, to attend. 

AcompasAdo, da, a. Mcasurod by the com- 
pass; in regular time. [constitution. 

Acomplexion&do, da, a. Of a good or bad 

Aconchadillo, am. Kind of ragout or stewed 
meat [(Nau.) To embay. 

Aconch&r, va, (Obs.) To fit out a shipk 

Acondidonido, cUlo. Conditioned. 

Aoondicion^r, va. To dispose, to constitute. 

Acongojar, va^ To vex, to oppress, to afflict 

Aconhortarse, vr. To console one's seU^ ti 
take courage. 

Ac^nito, am. Aconite, wolfVbana 

Aconsetiblo, a. AdviAable. {\Un 

Acons^addr, rn, «. Adviser, lounsellur. nion 

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, ^«(i»ToftdTtfl6;UkeadTioe. [I7. 

ieoAaMianUr, ra^ To use rhjSMS Improper^ 

LsaOLkr, va. To cooot, <»lcalAte; prop. 
(Nan.) To sbor*. Tpon. 

Aoooteceddro^ra, a. That which may Mp- 

Acontaoer, «. To uriTe; to bAppen. [alty. 

Acootedmlento, «»». Event, incident, cum- 

Aoop4do, da, a. CapHabapod, Taalform. 

Aaepir. tnv To abftne like a cnp. 

Aeopetado, da, €&. Tonpee-ebaped. 

Acopiamltoto, «*»» Gathering; picking ap. 

A-copiix, «CL To gather, to store up, to lay ap. 

Ao6pio, sm, Qauierin^ storing, hoarding. 

i^eoplAdo, ^M^ Fitted, a^Jiuned, Joined. 

Acoplir, 90, To aoconple; to frame; to set- 
tle differences: to yoke beasts. 

Aooqoin^, va. To iotimldate, terrlQr. 

Aeorir, vo. (Obs.) To afflict, molest 

Aoanionido, a. Heart-shaped. 

AtoorchiiMi «r. To abriTel; become torpid. 

Aeordaei6n, ^. Bemembrance. [jointly. 

Acordadain6nte, ad. Bv conmion consent, 

AfiocUAdo, da, a. Ajreed; done deliberately. 
Lq acordadOf I>ecree enforcing prior 

AeordAr, vcu To dedde nnanfmonaly ; to con- 
cert; remind; to tone instruments; to 
grom> fignree in a plctore ; to deliberate. — 
vn. To agrees — or. To weigh, consider mar 
torely; threaten; to remember. 

Acdrde, ek Conformable : coinciding In opln- 
lon.-'-«. Consonance; naimony. 

AcerdelAr, va. To measure with a cord. 

Acordemente, ad. Br oonmion consent 

Acordonido, da, a. Surrounded; corded. 

AeordonAr, va. To make In the form of a 
cord; tosurronnd. 

Ac6res, an, (Med.) Achor, a kind ofberpee. 

Acomoad6r, ra, s. A beast fighting >vith its 

AoflrneAr, va. To strike with the horns. 
Ae6ro, sou Bweet-flag, calamus. 
AcorraUr, va. To pen up cattle; Intimidate^ 
AeeiT^r, va. (littliB usl) To help: hasten. 
Aoortamlfaiio, ant. Contraction, ^ridgment 
AeortAr, va. To shorten, to abridge : obstmc t 

Acortar la velOi To shorten sail — vr. To 

shrivel; tobebashfbl 
AcomlUr, va. To bridle or hold up the oais. 
Aoorrir, va. To curve, to bend. 
Acorzdr, va. (Little us.) To drees a child in 

short clothes. 
Aeosad6r. ra, «. A pursuer, persecutor, Te>:er. 
Acoiamlento, am. Persecution, trouble. 
Aeoeir, va. To pursue close; to vex. 
Acestado, da, a. Laid down. [salary. 

Aeobtamlinto, am. Lying down; rest; a To lay down. — vr. To approach. 

(Nan.) To stand in shore, [be accustometU 
Acostumbrdr, va. To accustom, use. — vn. To 
Aootaoi6n, ^ Limit, bound ; quotation, nota 
Aootami^nto, am. Limitation, quotation. 
Aootir, va. To limit; to lop off; to quote; 

to attest; to aocept for a certain price; to 

Aootino, Sfik A large smith Vhammer. 
AooyundAr, va. To yoke oxen to a draught 
A'cra, a. Sour: mordant; rough.— «. Acre. 
Acreblte, a. Sulphur. [crease. 

.leogneia, ^f. Acrooentaml^nto, atm In- 


Acrecentad6r, ra, a. Inoreaser. [nMi.i 

Acrecent&r, Acreo6r, va. To increa8^ to aug* 
Acredltiido, da, a. Aeoredlted, distinguished. 
Acreditdr, va. To assure; credit; prove. 
AGreed6r, am, A creditor; a meritori« a 

Acreer, va. To lend, to aaslBt 
Acrem^nte, ad. Sourly. 
Aerianziulo, da, <t Educated, Instructed. 
AcribadOra, «/: Sif^g. 
Acribdr, va. To sift, to separate ; to examine. 
Acribill^, va. To pierce like a sieve; to 

Acrlminaci6n, qf. Crimination. 
Acriminad6r, nuL Accuser, informer. 
Acriminiir, va. To criminate; accuse, Im- 

peach; aggravate. 
Acrim6nla, tf. Acrimony, sourness ; asperity. 
Acrisol&r, va. To reflneLto purify, to oleanseu 
Acristianiu', va. (ColL) To christen, baptize. 
Acr6bato, am. Bope-dancer. 
AcromAtlco, a. Achromatic 
Acrdmion, a/, (Anat) Acromion. 
Acronicto, ta, a. AcronycaL 
Acr6stioo, ca, a. Acroetia 
Aerot^ra, Acrot^ria, af. A small pedestal, Sacj; 

the highest nui of a column. [pleoei 

Acrot^rio, «m. The superior part of a frontis- 
Acr6y, am. (Oba.) A gentleman of the king*! 

A'cta, sf. Act, record.-— i>t The acts of com- 
munities. Actaa da ion aantoa, The lives 

of the saints. [M44th of an Inch. 

Actimo, am, l-12th of a puiUo^ which is 
ActitAr, va. To sue, to enact 
Actitiid. «/! Attitude, position. 
Activldad, */ Activity, quicknessw 
Active, va, a. Active, diligent Vo» acHva^ 

A'cto, «ffk Act or action; thesis; instance. 
Actdr, am. Actor, player; plaintiff; attorney. 
Act6ra. af. Plalntift 
Actriz, «^ Actress, player. 
Actuadon, af. Actuation, moving, [enced. 
Actuido, da, a. Actuated; skilled, expcri- 
Actuil, a. Actual, present, real, effective. 
Aetualiddd, af. Present state of things. 
Actnalizir, va. (Prov.) To realize. 
AotuAnte, pa. Defender of a thosla^ [thesis. 
Actuir. va. To digest ; consider : to support a 
Actn&rio, am. An actuary, clerk of a court 
ActuAso, a. (Little ui) Active, '*• 
Acuadrill^, va. To collect or t 
Acu&rio. am. Aquarius. 
AcuarteUdo, da, a. Divided into quarters. 
Acuortelami^nto, am. Quarters. 
Acnartelfir, «a. To quarter troops. 
AcnartillAr, vn. To band under a heavy load. 
Acudtil, a. Aquatic. 

Acubido. da, a. Bescmbllnfir a p^l or bucket 
Acucbarado, da, a. Spoonlike. [skilfol 

AcuchllUdo, da, a. Slashed; experienced. . 
Acnchilladdr, ra, a. Bully. 
Acuchlll&r, va. To cut or hack ; to flglit wltk 

knives or swords. 
AcudlmI6nta, 9>nw Aid, assistance. 
Acudir, vn. To assist, to support; to pio 

dnco ; to have recourse ; to run up. 
Acuedficto, am. Aqueduct 
A'cuco, a, (U Wa^orv 

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icuSrdo, «m. Decision of a trlbnnal ; body 
of the members of a tribunal; opinion, 
'advice. 2>s acuerdo^ Unanlmonsly'i to 
come to an understanding. AcuerdoadM 
ftino^ Bemonstranoes of the realm. 

▲cuitir, va. To afflict, to oppress. — vr. To 

Aculddo, da, a. (Low) Betired. [retreat 

Aeal^, to. (Loir) To fbroo Into a comer: to 

AcalebrlnMo, da^ a. Made like a colverln. 

AcuIlA, ad. On the other side, yonder; 

Acumu1aci6n, tf. Accumulation, gathering. 

Acumulad6r, rtL^e. Accumnlator; recorder. 
. w , . .-^ ^, 




Adecuddo, da, a<. Adequate, fit, competent 

Adecudr, va. To fit, to accommodateb 

Adef^io, em. Extravagance, foUy, nonsens* 

AdeAi6ras, e.j>L Out^buildings, suburbsi 

Adehdla, «/. Gratuity. [tura 

vAdehes&do, am. Place converted into pa8< 

Adeheeamidnto. em^ PasturBgei 

Adehesio', va. To convert land Into pastura 

Ad!elantadillo, a. Bed wine pf the first ripe 
grapes. [province^ 

Adelantido, mn. Title of the governor of a 

Adelantiido, da, a. Anticipated, advanced. 

Adelantad6r. ra, «. Forwarder. 

AdeIantami6nto,9m. Progress, advancement 
improvement; fturtherance; anticipation. 

Adelant^, va. To advance, forward; antici- 
pate, pay beforehand; improve.— vr. To 
take the lead: excel 

AdelAnte^cut Farther ofT; higher up; for- 
ward. )!!H£M2«2an^ Henceforth, in futuTb. 

Ad61&, ^ Bose-bay or oleander. 

Adolfdl, tm. Plantation of roso-bay trees. 

Adelgazddo, da, a. Made slender or thin. 

Adelgazad6r, ra, a. One that makes thin or 
slender. [slender. 

Adelgazami^nto, am. Attenuation ; making 

Adelgazdr. va. To make thin ; lessen ; refine. 

Ad6ma, ^/. Addme, am. (Min.) Timber se- 
curing the sides of mines. 

Ademaa6r, am. A mine-carpenter, boarding 
the sides of mineSk 

Ademun, «m. Gesture; look, manner. En 
ademan de^ In the attitude of performing 
something. [of mlneiSL 

Ademdr, va (Bfin.) To board up the sides 

Ademds, ad Moreover; besides. 

Adenogrdfla, at A treatise on the glands. 

AdenologU, rf. Description of the gland& 

Addnos, am, Aleppo cotton. 

AdentelUr, va. To bite, to catch with the 
teeth. AdenUUaruna pared^To \Ti^VDl 
a wall. [A' d« admtro ! Within there ! 

Ad6ntro, <7<f. within, internally, inwardly. 

Aderez4r, va. To dross, to adorn ; to prepare ; 
to clean, to repair. Ad^rmar la corndda^ 
To dress yictuals, to cook. 

Ader6zo, am. Dressing and adorning; gnm, 
starch. Aderezo da m^aa, A service for 
the table. Aderaao da diamantea, A set 
of diamonds. Ad^ezo da oahaUo^ Trap- 
pings of a saddle-horse. Aderasodtacaaa, 

Adferra, af. (Prov.) Grass-rope. [time, 

A'deshora, ad Unseasonably, not in proper 

Adestrddo, da, a. Broke in ; (Bias.) on the 
dexter side. 

Adestraddr, ra, a. Teacher, instructor; critic 

AdestrAr, va. To guide ; to teach ; to train. 

Adeud&do, da, a. Indebted : obllgod. 

Adeuddr, va. To pay duty ; (Obs.) to contract 
debts. — vr. To bo indebted. 

Adher6ncia, af. Adhesion ; alliance. 

Adher6nte, a. Adherent— a Follower. 

Adhcrdntes, am. pi. Ingredients ; tools. 

Adherir, vn. To adhere, to cleave to. — vr. Tc 
hold. [ment 

Adhc$i6n, tf. Adhesion: cohesion, attach* 

Adifido, dBL,a.JSl dia adiadOy The day ap« 
pointed, fixed. [lik* 

Aaifllhiantiido, d.i, a. Adamantlae, dlamoad 

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iOctfii,^ Addition. Adiciondakiherm- 
etfO) Acceptance of an inheritance. 

Adldonad6r, ra, a. Increaser. 

Adicion&r, ^a. To make additions. 

Adkto, ta, a. Addicted, attached. 

Adieetrir, va. Y. AdMtrar, 

Adiatiiv txx. To diet 

Adinaa, «/ pL Y. AdieoM, 

Adiaenulo, da, a. Kleh, wealthy. 

Adintelido, da, a. Falling fhmi an arch grad- 
nallr Into a straight line. 

Adipoeo, sa, a. Fat, fleehy. 

Adir, «(i. To acc^ an inheritan<;9. 

Aditaminto. mn. Addition, iBcrease. 

Adiva,«/^AdiTe,«nk Jackal. .<ld4rcu^ Swell- 
ings under the ears of hoFsea. 

AdivinaeiAn, ^ Divination, prediction. 

Adirinido, da, a. Foretold; coi\}edTired. 

Adirinaddr, ra, t. Diviner, sootliaajer. 

Adrrinami^to, 9m. Y. Aditfinacian. 

AdtvinAnza, «/. Enlgmaj^ riddle, [unriddle. 

Adiyindr, «a. To ibretell; to coiUectnre; to 

AdlTinob na, s. Soothsayer, divlnor; fore- 
boder, fortnne-teller. 
" tiTaoi^B, «^ Ailtjectkni. 
Ut&t, «a. To nnite. to abject 
tiTo, 9m. (Oram.) Adjective. 
HodlcMito, ^ Acyodication. 
nodic^, CO. To a^ndge; to award. 
O^ta, ^ Letter or paper inclosed in 

A^i^to, ta, <L Joined, annexed. 
Adjiinto, mK Y. Ac^^etiw}^ and AdUamento. 
AdUunto^ A bodr of jodges to try a cause. 
AdmmicnUr, tcu To increase the power of 

a thing by collateral aids. 
Adxnin^o, nn. Prop, sapport, aid. 
Administracidn, ^ Admlaisbvtion ; office 
of an administrator. J^adnUnistraoiont 
In tmat 
Admlnistrad^r, ra, 8. Administrator, mana- 
eer: steward, tmstee. Adndndetrador 
as ordsn^ A knlfht substitute. [serve. 
Admlnistrir. va. To administer, govern ; 
Adminiatrativo, va, a. Administrative, prac- 
tical [administration. 
Admini8trat6rio. ria, a. BdonMng to an 
Admir&ble, a. Admhwble, excellent, won- 
dcrfhL [encbarist 
Admirable, sm, A hymn in pndse of the 
Admirahlem^te, ad. Admirably, marvel- 
loosly. [prise. 
AdmiradAn, ^ Admiration, wonder; snr- 
Admiraddr, ra, «. Admirer, wonderor. 
Admlrintei, pa. Admiring. 
Admirir, va. To admire; to marv-el. — vr. 
To be seized tiith admiration ; to wonder. 
Adraisiblei, a. Admissible, fit, proper. 
Admid6n, «/ Admission. 
AdnUtir, va. To admit ; to receive ; to accept 
Admonicl6a, t/ Admonition, warning. 
Admonit^r, sm. Monitor; admonisher. 
Adn&ta, ^ (Anat) Adnata, the external 

white menobrane of the eye. 
Ad6, ad. where, whither. 
Ad(^Mo, da, a. Fickled. 
Adob^^ 9m. I^icklod pork, or any other 

sort of dreased meat 
Adobadfr, ra. a. Dresser, prcpoicr. [hide& 
Adobfo, ta. To picklo moat ; to cook ; to tan 


Ad6bo, 9m. A sun-dried bHok. 

Adoberia, «/. A IMek-yard. 

Ad6bo,<m.SepalrinK; pickle-eauce ; hogn* 
dients for droesingTeather or cloth ; rouge 

Adooen4do, da, a. Common, ordinary, vul- 
gar, rto deepisa 

Adocen&r. xa. To count or sell by dozens; 

Adoctrinar, va. To instruct ; break in horsea 

Adolecer, im. To be ill; to labor under dla- 

Adolesc^da, «/ Adolescence. 

Adoleso6nte, a. Adolescent, young. 

Ad6nde, ad. Whither? to what phM^f 
where. Adcnde guiera^ To whateve* 
place you please. 

Aa6nicot Adonlo, 9m. A Latin verse consist- 
ing of a dactirl and a spondee. 

Adopddn, ^f. Adoption, lathering. 

Adoptad6r, ra, 8. Adopter. 

Adoptinte, pa. Adopting; embracing 

AdoptAr, WL To adopt, to ihUier; embrace; 

Adoptive, ra, a. Adoptive. [please. 

Adoqui^, Adoqni^ra, dd. (Oba.) Where you 

Adoquin, 9m. Blndin^-etone of a pavement 

Ad6r, 9m, The time for watering land. 

Adorable, a. Adorable. 

Adoraci6n, ^ Adoration, worship, [miroi. 

Adoraddr, ra, «. Adorer, worshipper, ad- 

Ador&r, co. To adore, to reverence. 

Adorat6rio, 9m. Temple of idols in America. 

Adormeced6r, ra, a. Soporiferous. 

Adormec6r, vr. To cause sleep; to calm, to 
lull— i?r. To Ikll asleep; to grow De- 

Adormeckio, da, a. Mopish ; sleepy, drowsy. 

Adormeoiml^nto, sm. Drowsiness, sleepi- 
ness, mopishness. 

Adonnld6ra, «/. (Bot) Poppy. 

AdomAdo, da, a. Ornamented, adorned. 

Adornad6r, ra. a. Adorner, embellisher. 

Adomdr, vo. To adorn, to beautiiy; to ftir- 
nish ; to accomplish. 

Adomista, 9m. Painter of omamenta. 

Ad6mo, 9m, Adorning; ornament; garni- 
ture, trimming; fomiture. 

Adquirid6r, ra, «. Acquirer. 

Adquirir, va. To acquire, to obtain, to get 

Adquisiddn, tf. Acquisition. 

A'dra, tif. Turn, time, succeestye order. 

AdragAnte, a. Gnm tragacanth. 

Adr^ «/ A toothing-stone that sticks out oi 
a wall, for a new buildingto be joined to it 

Adriiles, 9m. pL Hurdles, racks of carts. 

AdrMe, Aaredem6nte, ad. Purposely, 
knowingly.. Inav'w. To right a ship. 

Adriz^r, «J. (Nou.) To right Adriear un 

Adrubddo, da, a. Gibbous, convex, [ment 

Adsoribir. «a. To appoint to a place ; em|>Joy 

Adstriccion, «/ Compression. 

Adudna, at A custom-house; tax. Paacrr 
per todaa Ian aduanaa^ To undergo a 
close examination. 

Aduan6ro, 9m. Custom-houso officer. 

Adu&r, am. Horde, a mlgratury crow ; Arab 
or gypsy tent-villaga 

Adudr, wu Y. Qmdudr, liewir^ Tnur. 

Aductor, 9m, (Anat) Adductor muscles. 

AduendAdo, da, a. Ohost-llko. [borlne 

Adnfi^o turn. Blow with a timbre' or tanv 


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4d61^ 9m. Timbrel or t«mborln«. 

Adafl^ ra, i. Timbrel or tamboilneplarer. 

Adi\)Ad«^ AdAK ^' P^ (Nan.) Coll or 
% coiled cable. 

Adid&r, DO. To eoll a cables pnigation. 

AdOla, «/. (Prov.) Oroand wltb no partieiilar 

Adaladon, ^f, Adalation, flattery, coaxing. 

Adntaddr, ra, «. Flatterer, fkwner, coaxer. 

Adal&r, «a. To flatter, to coax, to conrt 

Adolatorio, rla. n. Adulatory; flatterli%. 

Adaleir, vn, Tx> bawl, hoop. 

Adal^ro, tm. Driver of horses or mnlea 

Ad6ltera, «/! Adulteress. 

Adnltoracion. •/. Adulteration. 

Adulterddo, aa, a. Adulterated. 

Adultoraddr, ra, f: Adulterator, [adultery. 

Adnlter&r, «& & a. Tb adulterate; to commit 

Adnlterino^ na, a. Adulterous; adulterated. 

Adult6rio, Sffk Adultery. 

Ad&ltero, ra, «. Adulterer. 

Adfilto, ta, a. Adult [der ductile. 

Adnlz&r, t>a. To sweeten : to soften ; to *'«n- 

Adnmbraci6n, «< Adumbration. 

Adanacl6n, 0/ union. 

Adustl6n, </r (Med.) Burning up. 

Adus^vo, va, & That which has the power 

- of burning up. [bla 

Adteto, ta, a. Burnt up: gloomy, untractai- 

Advenedizo, za, a. Foreign; an upstart 

Adveniml^nto, 9m, Arrival ; advent 

AdventAJa, ^ (Iaw. Prov.) A Jewel. 

Adventicio, oia^ a, Adventltions ; (Law) ac- 
quired by industry. 

AdverblAl, a. Adverbial. 

Adv6rblo, «m. Adverb. 

Advers&rio, sm. Adversary, opponent 

Adversativo, va, <i. (Qraro.) Adversative. 

Adversid&d, «/ Calamity, misfbrtuno. 

Advirso, sa, a, Adver8«, opposite, [advice. 

Advert6noiiL tf. Advertence; attenUon to; 

Advertido, da, a. Noticed, informed ; skilftiL 

Advertimltoto. 9m. V. Adverieneia. 

Advertir, vo^ To observe ; to advise, to give 
noUce; to aoauaint; to mark. 

Advidnto, 9m. Advent 

Advocaci6n, rf. Appellation given to a 
church, chapel, or altar, dedicated to the 
holy virgin or a saint 

Advocat^rlo, rla, a. Carta cidcocatoHa or 
oonvocaioria, A letter of convocation. 

Adyac6nto, a. Adjacent [winnowed. 

Aechad6ro, «m. The place where grain Is 

Aechoddr, ra, «. Winnower. [cbafT, Ac. 

Aechadtou, nf. pL The reftise of grain, 

AechAr, ea. To winnow. 

A6cho, 9m, Winnowing. 

A6reo, rea, a. Aerial ; airy, f&ntastic. 

Aerilttrme, a. (Chem.) Aeriibrm. 


Aerografia, 9f. Aerography. 
Aerologia, «/ Aerology. 


Aeromancia, s/ The art of divining by the 
AeromAntico, 9m. Professor or student of 
aeromancy. [the air. 

ieromotria, ^ Aerometry, art of weighing 
Aer6metro, «»k (Phys.) Aerometer. 
AeronAuta, 9m.. Aeronaut 
Aero9c6piR, «/ The observation of the air. 
Aerostacido, «/ (Phys.) Aerostation. 
Aerosti^oo, ca, a. Aeroetatio. [vility. 

AflibilidAd, 9/. AflHbility, conrteousncss, cl- 

Aftble, d. Aillftble, cmnteona, dvIL 
Afkblemdnte^ a<L Afllibly, fluBillarly: 
Aftca. ^ (Bot) YeUow vetch. 
Aihg^smo^ 9m, A sort of tax. impost, or duty 
Aikmido, da, a. Celebrated, noted. 
Attn, 9m, Anxiety, eageraesi. 
Aflmadamtote, aa. Anxiously, laboriously. 
A&nad6r, ra. «. Eager for riches ; painstaker. 
AAnAr, «n. s r. To toil, to labor, [taking 
Atkn^ sa, €L Solicitous: laborious, pains- 
Afitfcal&r, va. (Prov.) To stack, to build rick& 
Afead^r, ra, 9. One that deforms or makes 

ugly. [calumny. 

Afeamldnto, snu (Oba.) Defkolng; ugtiBess; 
Afeir, va. To delbrm; to dear, to oensorsw 
Afecci6n. «/ Affection, InolinaUon. 
AfectadOn.^ Ailtsetation; dalstinesa. 
Afeetido, OA, a, Aflbcted, formal, conceited 
Afectad6r, ra. 9. Affected person. 
AfoctAr, «a To aflbot, to act upon, to produce 

eflJBot; to unite benefices or Uvin^L 
Afectlllo, 9m, dim. SHsht alTeedon. 
Afoctivo, va, a. Aflbctl ve, proceeding frott 

Afocto, 9m. Affection, love, kindness: pat 

sion. A/eeito9 d99ordtnado9^ Inordinate 

desires. [to 

Aii3cto, ta, a. Affectionate ; reserved ; subjed 
Afectudso, sa, a. Kind, gracious, loving. 
Afoitad6r, ra, «. Barber, hairdresser. 
Afeltiu*, va. To shave ; to trim.— ©r. To use 
Ai&lte, 9m, Paint, rouce. [paints or rougo. 
Af&lio, 9m. (Astr.) Apnellon. 
AfelpidQ. da, Ow Snaggy; phBh-Hke. PaXU- 

tM ofdpado9, (Nan]) Oiised mata. 
Afomlnaci6n. ^ Efl^mlnation. 
AfominMo, oa, a. Effeminate, [enervaitew 
Afhmln^, va. To oflSsminate, to unman ; to 
Aflh^sis, 9f. (Gram.) Aphcresis. 
Aferrido, da, a. Headstrong, stubborn. 
AfiBrrad6r, ra, «. Orappler or grasper. 
Afiarrami6nto, 9m, Gn»ping, grappling ; fhrl- 

Ing, (of sails.) 
Afbrrte, va^ To grapple, to grasp; (Nsn.) to 

ftiri ; to moor.— vr. To grasp one another 

stronrir. [keta. 

Aferravefaa, rf. pL (Nan.) Furiing-llnes, gas- 
Aflanzir, va. To become ball, to guarantee; 

to prop: to make flist 
Aficion, «f. Affection ; liking, taste. 
Aficionado, da, 9. An amateur; lover. 
Aflcionir, va. To affect to cause or inspire 

aifoctlon. Aftcionar99 eon «9oe90 A^ To 

give one's mind to. 
Ancioncilla, a/ dim,. Slight affection; love. 
Af ^0, ia, a. (Oram.) United to the end of a 

Aflladira, 9f. Whetstone, sbarpening'Stone. 
AfiUdo, a. Sharp. 

Aflladfkra, 9f. Sharpening, whetting. 
Afilamldnto, 9m. The slendorness of the fWoe 

or nose. 
Afll^, va. To whet, to grind : to render keeat 

AJUar Uu ufUu^ To make an extraordl- 

nary effort of genius or skUL— or. To grow 

tliln and meagre. 
Afiligranido, da, a. Resembling flllgiee. 
Afllon,«m. Whetstone; steel fbrshaix»oning 
Afilosofido, da, a. Eccentric 
Afin, 9. Belatton by afllnity. 

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i0aMd6n.9/, OompI«tl<m; refining; tonlnf. 
kOnida^ da» ck Well-flniflbed, oomplatOk 
Aflnad^, rm, «. Finisher; toning-key. 

Afixkami6nto. 9m. Beflnement [to tonei 
Aflnir, va. To refine, to complete, to polish ; 
AflneAMe, a. Vehement!/ or eegerlj desired. 
Aftna, a, SimUar between tbemaeiTes. 
AfinidAd, <^ Affinity; (Met)anelog7; rel^ 

A/ir, em. Horse-^nedtdne of janiper-berrle& 
AArmftci6n, ^f. Affirming; assertion. 
Aflnnnddr. ra, i. AS&rmer, asBnrer. 
Afinanmldnto^ mK Aflkniation. 
Afln&Aotei» JNL AlBrmer. 
AflnnAr, v^ To aflirm; to make ftst, to ae- 
cnre; to oontend.— Ofi.. To inhabit— «r. 
To maintain firmly; to stand firm. 
Afirmaliva, «/ Y. A/trmacUm. 
AfimutiTo, Ta, a. AffinnativflL 
AflstolAr, eOw To render flstnlons. 
AflechitM, 9m,pL (Nan.) Batlinea 
Aflleoi6iif 4/: AflUooon. ^ief; angnish. 
Afiietiro, Ta, a. AfiUctlve. Fena t^fiieHoa^ 

Oorporeal ponishment 
Aflktoi, ta, pp. irr. of AJUgir. 
Afllgidam^nte, ad. OrieTOOsly. 
Afliglmiteto. «m. y. 4/Uoc<o«t. 
Atli^, va. To afflict, pain, grieve, torment 
— rr. To lament, repine. 

'iu^^f.y. AMami^nio. 
.liAntow tm. Lazatton; looseneesi 
>, eo. To looaea, to relax, to relent; to 
lltate; to soften; to grow weal^; to 
lose coorage, to languish. 
Aflor&do, a. v. SUir^ado. [flnenoj. 

AiUiAocla, ^f. Afilnenee, plenty, abundance; 
Afin^nte, a. Affluent, abundant; loquadoua. 
AlbllMo, da, a. Wearing large or wide trons- 
AfollAr, tKi. To blow with bellows. [era. 
Albnd Ar, vo. To pat under water ; (Nau.) to 

Btnk. — tn. To Ibander. 
AibIu^ 9f. Aphony, loss of speech. 
Albridoi, a. Pririleged person. 
Afovaddr «fn. Ganger, appraiser. 
AAmuniento, •m. Ganging; tariff; yalnation. 
hMg^va, To gauges io measure; to exam- 
ine; toanprajise. [beasta 
Albrisma, tf. A swelling in the artariea of 
AJbrismo, 9m* Aphorism, maxim. 
Afbristioo, ca, a. AphoristlcaL 
Al&ro, 9m. Ganging; ^^ndsement; tarifll 
Afonraddr, ra, 9. A liner. 
Afiirrir, va. To Hne: flue; seal; shealbe. 

AJbrrar un eo&o, To serve a cable. 
Afttrd^ 9m. Lining; sheathing. 
Afoitnnad4m6nte, ad. Luckily. 
AibrtnnAdo^ ^'»\a. Fortunate, happy, lueky. 
AibrtunAr, va. To make happy. 
Afoe&rse, vr. (Mil) To ditch one^s self in. 
AfraUAr, va. (ProT.)To trim trees. 
Afrancemdo, da, a. Frenchified, Frenchlike. 
AfranoeaAr, va. To FrenehiQr. 
AMcfao, Mk Bran. 

AAwiBAr, vn. To bridle the oars. [fkmy. 
AfMota, f|f Afrh>nt, dishonor; outrage; in- 
Af^tMv va. To aflhmt; to insult— ^r. To 

be aflhmted, to blush. 
Aftvnt^eo), aa, Ow Ignominious; insulting. 
AftetAr, to. To dean tho twttom of a veraol. 


A'flioo. 9m. The southwist wind. 
Afh>ntar, va. To oonflrcnt; to reproach.— 

VM^ To free. 4^erd«, Upon the word oC 
Aih^ra, ad. Abroad; in pnolic; moreovec 

Afuira Afuera I Stand out of tho way. 
Afhdras, 9m. pL Environs of a place. 
AAifiir, AfhfS&se, vik ^ r. (ColL) To run 

away, to escape. 
AfQste, 9m, A gun-earrlage. 
Agabach&do, da, a. Frenchified. 
AgachAda, ^ (GolL) BtrataKom, artificer 
Agaohadiza, ^ A snipe. Hacer la agaohO' 

dUa. To conceal one's self 
Agacharse, vr. To stoop, to eqnat, to crouch. 
AgdlU, «/ Gall-nut Quedane da la a^^tiUa 

or colgado ds la agaUa^ To be deceived. 

—pL Glands in the tlm>at; gills of fishes; 

wind-galls ; beaks of a shuttle. rgallsw 
Agall&do, da, a. Steeped in the infhslon ol 
AgaU6n, 9m. A large gall-nut AgaUonM 

pk Strings (rf large nlver beads. 
Agalludla, ^ dim. A small gall-nut 
AgamitAr, va. To imitate the voice of a Ihwn, 
AgamuzAdo, da, a. Charaois-eolored. 
AgangrenArse, va. To gangrene 
AgApea, rf. pk Agape, love-feast 
Agap^taa, 9f. pL AgapetiB ; virghis living in 

AgarbAdo. da, a. T. Oarbo90. 
Agarbanzar, vn. (Prov.) To bud, to shoot 
AgarbArse, vr. To cower, to squat like a hare. 
AgarbixonArse, vr. To make up into sheavea. 
Agar^no, 9m. A descendant of Agar. 
AgArico, 9m. Agaric; mushroom. [haft 
Agarrad6ro, 9m. Anohoring-gronnd; hold, 
AgarrAdo, da, a. Stln^, closeflsted, in^per. 
Agarrad6r, ra, «. BaUUi: ]>older. 

AgarrafAr, va. To grasp ; to grapple ; grasper; 
AgarrAma, ^ BaUifll 
AgarrAnte, pa. V. Agarrador. 
AgarrAr, va. To grasp, to seize, to catch ; to 

obtain. Agarrar96 d4y To grasp at 
AgArro, 9m. Grasp, catching. 
Agarrochad6r, 9m. Pricker, goader. [goad. 
AgarrochAr, AgnrrochoAr. va. To prick, to 
AgarrotAr, va. To tie, bind, fiiston with cords. 
A^sdad6r, ra, «. Oflldou^ kind, obliging. 
AcasijAr, va. To receive and treat kmdly; 

to regale. 
Agas^ 9m. Aflfectlonate reception ; kind* 

ness; a friendly present; reflreshment 
A'gata, 9f. Ante, a predoua stone. 
A'gatas, On all fbura. 

A^vAnza, 9f. Dog-rose, hlp-troe. 
AgavilUulor, ra, «. Sheaf-biader ; monopolist 
AeftvillAr, va. To bind In sh >aves. — or.(Met) 

To associate with a gang of sharpera. 
AgazapAr, va. (Goll.) To nab a person.— «r. 

To hide one's selC 
A'ge, 9m. Chronic disease; complaint 
AgeAr, «a. To cry like a partridge doeely 

Agi&noia, «/ Agency; diligence, activity. 
AgendAr, va. To solldt, obtain. 
Agend^ sa, a. Diligent active; ofBdoua 
Agengibre, 9m. Y. Omgiore. 
AiAno, na, a. Foreign, strange; remote 

ignorant Agenodeverdad^y old of tmih 
AgSnte, 9m Agent; solldtor, attorney. 
Acon6z, sm. Field-fonnd fiower. 

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Digitized by VjOOQlC 


Ifffptfm^ «/ (Bot) HotlMrwort 

A^iiet^o, da, a. Flowered like ailka. 

AgnMioznia, ^f. (little us.) Agricaltarism. 

A$r6Domo, am. A writer on i^caltare. 

AffropUa, «m«. Qerman bezoor. 

AgminirBe, itt. To dog: ' 

Agmpdr, vo. To groap, to crowd. Tfrait 

Acraim, «! Additr; acerbity; trees ol soar 

A {koa, s/'^Water ; liquor : lostre of diamonds ; 
dilaa.) leak. Agua de aaahar^ Orange- 
TOwer water. Amta dt aior^ Scented 
water. Aip»a Uovediza^ Bain- water. Affua 
fuarte. Aqua fortia Jl0r?<a reffia. Aqua 
Ngia. ^^ttafteiaditofUoIy water. Affw^ 
«a, Look ontfiv water I Affua 9it>a,' 
Bing water ; tide. Agwu muertaSy Keap> 
tidea. .^i^riMM 9»MM, Spring tides. £rUre 
dot OffHoa^ Between wind and water. 
.lirvoa&c^a,a<t. Down the stream. Affita 
arribOt <mL Against the stream. 

Agnacite, or Agualate> sm. (In Pern, PaUa^) 
A tree of this name, and its fruit, called 

Agiiao6ro, mn. Shower. 

Agnaehirle, ajl inferior wine; slipslop. 

AgnadMra, «/ (Pror.) Groond sowed when 
dry, thai Irrigated. 

Agoadl, mtK A constable. Y. Alffuacil. 

Agnida, «/ Water on board a ship. Uaeer 
Offmada^ To water; watering-place; wa- 
ter-oolor sketch. 

Agnadi&raa, tf. p^ Frames for water-Jars. 

Agnadiro, sm. watering-place for cattle and 

Agnad\)a, ^f, Hamor in pimples or soreOi 

Agoido, da, a. Watered; abstemioos. 

Aguador, am. Water-carrier. mi\.)Aguador 
dH real^ Sotler; watcr-whoel backet 

Agoad&cho, »m, Water-coarae ; place to 
drink water. 

Agaad6ra, »/. Water-snr&lt 

Agaige, mn, Bapid corrent of sea- water. 

Agnahif, fta. To disoover by examination. 

Ago^aqoe, snti. A son of gum-ammoniac; 

Ago^asi '/ P^ Ulcers above the hooib. 

AgnamamI, anK Water-Jug, layer; a wash- 
stand, [hands. 

Aguamtoos, mrK Water for washing tlie 

Agnamarina, «/ Aqua marine, beryl 

AgoamelAdo, da, €L Washed over with 
water and honer. [mead. 

Agnami^l, ^ Hydromel, honey and water, 

Aguanidre. s/C A magpiflL 

AgnsDoefdad, ^ Serous humors. 

Agusn^so, sa, a. Aqueous ; extremely moist 

AgnantAr, «a. To bear, to sustain, to suffer; 
to maintain; to carry a stiff sail 

A^nte, sm. Fortitude; vigor; patience. 
jfioMio de OQuaiUe^ A stiff ship, [chines. 

AgoaftAn, sm. Constructor of hydraiulo ma- 

AgoapiA, tm. Small wine. 

AgoAr, VOL To mix with water; to dtoturb 
pleasure, to damp. [time. 

AgoardAr, «a. To expect, to wait; to grant 

Agnardenteria, ^. Liquor^shop. 

AgnardantAro, ra, «. Betailer of liquors. 

AgaanliAnta,«i».6plrlt]ioaa liquor. Aguar- 
dimU de wxii Brandy. Affuurdiente 
de caOOt B«m. A gua^'dtrtU de grano^ 


AguArdo, sm. Lurking for a sportraiaiw 

A^uarrAs, •/ Spirits of turpentine. 

AguArse, «r. To be inunda^; to get stilt 

Agaat6cha, t^. Fire-engiDo. 

Auat^ho, anx. Fire-engine ; small quagmire 

Aguaviento^ em. YoUow sage-tree. 

AguAza, %f. Aqacous humor ; sap from tree& 

AguazAl, sm. V. Pantano. 

AguazArae, vr. To be covered with water. 

AgoAzo, Drawing In gouache or opaqae 

Aguazdso, sa, a. Aqacous. [la-plant 

AguazAr, em. Dark-green largo-leaved oaril- 
Agudamonte, ad. Sharply, keenly; ingen* 









AguuadAr, ra, s. Stirrer, stimulator. 

A^nadAra, «/. Spurring; stirring. 

Agu^Ar, €0. To prick, to spur, to goad ; te 
stimulate. — m. To march fast 

AguUatArio, ria, a, (Law) SUmulaUng. 

Agu^An, em. Sting of a bee; spur, goad. 

Agu^onAzo, »7n. Thrust with a good. 

Aguljoneador, ra, «. Spurrer, inciter. 

A^oneAn va. To thrust Y. Aguijar. 

Aguila, er. Eagle; a gold coin; Bonum 

AguilAndo, sm. Y. Aguinaldo, 

A^lAiio, fiia, a. Aqniline; hawk-nosed. 

AguiliUa, «/ di77u A little eaglo, an eaglet 

Agail ucho, em. A young eaglo ; hobby, [box. 

AguinAldo, em. Kew-vear's g^ Christmas- 

Ag<|ja, {/T Needle, bodkin; steeple; needle- 
fish ; needle-shell ; hand of a watch, or a 
dial Agv^a de mare(w^ A mariner's 
compass. Agt0a de odmara^ A hanging 
compass. Agy^a capotera, Sail-needJe. 
.^^adEere/in^o^ Boltrope-needle. Agti- 
ja de haoer media^ Knitting-needio. Agti- 
Ja de meeltOTt Skewer.— p2w Bibs of an 

Agi\ierAr, to, Y. Agt^erear. 

Agt\)ixo, «m. A prick with a needla 

Agi^erAzo, em, A wide hole. 

Agi^ereAr, «& To pierce, bore, moke holes. 

Agi\)erioo, «ffK dim. A small hole. 

AgiO^ro, em. Hole; needle-maker; pin- 
cushion; needle-case. 

AgnJAta, ^ String or strap of leAlher.—pZ. 
Grog-money given to post-boys ; pains rell 
Jh>m fiuigue. [made or sold. 

Agi^etena, ^ Shop where agu^etue are 

AgtOetAro, ra, em. Maker or seller of agu^t' 
ta4 or laces. 

AguosidAd, tf. Lymph, a transparent liquor 

Aguteo, sa, a. Aqueous, watery. 

Agar, ad, (Coll) Adieu, ISuewell 

AgusanArse, «r. To be wormeatcn. 

AgustiniAno, na, «. Y. Aguetino. Belonging 
to the order of 8t Angustln. 


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AgnttSnOf na, t. AugnsUnUm monk or nim. 
Agoxaddra, «if. Whetstone. 
Agii»d6ro, 9m, Hannt of wild boan. 

the wit Affiuar las or^oA, To cock ap 

the Mrs, to listen. Agmar la vUia, To 

sharpen tlie slffat 
Agnzoni^ «m, Y. Uurgoncuo. 
Ahl int^AhX 

Ahehrftdo, da, a. Thread-like, fibrous. 
Ahelelr, «a To give gall to drink, to make 

bittcr.—en. To tsto yerj bitter. 
AhembrAdo, da, a* EfltaiinateL 
Aberrojamidnto, tm. Potting in Irons. 
AherroJ&r, vo. To chain, to pot in irons. 
Aherrombrdrse, irr. To torn fermffinons; 

tasto and color of iron; to be fUll of scoria. 
Ahervortoe, vr. To be heated: applied to 

Ahi, ad. There, In that place; jonder. 

Ahidalgido, da, a. Gentlemanly. 

Ab^ida, ^f. QodchUd, goddaughter. Y. Ahl- 

4ado.—pp. of AJUjar, 
AbUAdo, BTtK Godchild; dlent [tosnok. 
AhUaddr, tm. One who pats a jronng animal 
AhyAr, co. To adopt; to impate.-'-ofk To 

bring forth young. 
Ahlline, vr. To be Mnt; to grow sour; 

to be weak. AJUlarae el vino^ To turn 

and grow ropy. [food. 

Ahilo, Wk Faintnefls, weakness for want <tf 
Ahinoo, am. Earnestness, eagerness, ardor. 
Ahltir, va. To surlbit ; to satiate^— vr. To be 

Abitdra, sf. Violent or con tinned indigestion. 
Aliito, ta, a. Laboring under an indigestion; 

disgusted: tired. 
Aliito, tm. Indigestion; Burfbit 
Ahobacfaonikdo, da, a. Dull, slorenlj, laxj. 
Ahoclnibse, tfr. To run predpitatoly. 
Ahogaddro, sm. Hangman^ rope : place difll- 

cult to breathe in ; necklace; nalter. 
Ahogadizo, za, a. Harsh, unpalatable; 

drowned; choked. 
AhogAdo, da, a. Suflbcatod. Cart%sro aho- 

ffadOf Stewed mutton; to insist upon. 

JSstar ahoff ado. To be veiy busy. 
Ahogad6r. ra, «. Hangman. 
Ahoiamidnto, sm. Suffocation. T. Ahoffo. 

AAogamdento de la madre^ Hysterics, an 

hysteric fit 
Ahog&r, va. To choke, to smother; to drown ; 

to oppress: to Ibnnder.— <»*. To be soflb- 

cstcid; to drown one's seU^ be drowned. 
Ah6go. tm. Oppression, anguish, pain. 
AlK^do, tm, v. Ahoffuio. [throat 

AhflguUo, tm, (Fan.) A quinsy, a swdled 
A^hogoio, tm. Oppression in the breast 
Ahojib>, vfk (Pro V.) To eat the leaves of trees, 

to browsQ. rwoman. 

A.hombr4do, da, a. Masculine; applied to a 
Ahond&r, «a. To sink.— vfk To penotrato ; to 

hollow out 
Ah6ra, ad. Now, at present J^r aJtora^ 

For the present AAora hitn^ Well, 

granted. Matta oAoro, Hitberta 
ih6ra, oonJ. diA Whether, or. 

AJA ♦ 

Ahorc&do, tm. Hanged man. 

Ahoroad6n, ^. Hanging. 

Ahoroi^&rBe, «r. To sit astride. 

Ahorcto, V€L To bang. 

Ahormir, va. To fit, to ah^te; to bring ooa 

to a sense of bis duty. 
Ahomir, tta. To put in an oven. — vr. To be 

scorched in the oven without being bakedu 
AhorquiUido, da, a. Forked. [forks, 

Ahorquillir. va. To stay, to prop up witii 
Ahorndo, da, a. Unembarrassed; emaoel- 

AhorTad6r. ra, t. Emancipator. 

Aborramieoto, tm. Emancipation, enlhtt* 
chlsement Banco ds ahorrot^ Bavin^H 
banlc. [to eoonomiae, to aave^ 

AborrAr, va. To enfruphlse, to emancipate : 

Ahorrativa. ^. (Coiny Y. Monro. 

Ahoirativo, va/o. Frugal, thrifty, saving. 

Ah6rro, tm» Parsimony, fhagaliQr, hus- 
bandry, [plaat 

Ahoyador, tm. One that oiakes holes to 

Aboyadtn, ^ (Obo.) Midilng holes in the 

AhoyAr, ikt To dij; boles for treea. 

AlmehsdAr, ra, «. UoaMer; a miser. 

Ahuch&r, va. To board up. [low. 

Ahnecami6nto, tm. Excavation, cavity, bol- 

AhuecAr, va. To excavate, to scoop out— 
vr. To grow haughty. 

Abum^da, </ Smokeniignal; a sea^fish. 

Ahum&r, va. To smoke, to cure in smoke.— 

Ah6r, Y. Agur, 

AbusMo, d&^o. Spindle^haped. 

Abns&r, va. To make sIender.-H7r. To taper 

Ahuyentaddr, nL& A scarecrow. 

AhuyentAr, va. To drive away, to pat t(> 
flight; to banish care. 

A\i&da, ^ Goad, Y. Agu^ada. 

Alnas, ad. Well-nigh; almost 

Airadam6nte, ad. ABgrily; hastily. 

AirAise, vr. To grow angry. 

Air^, tm, augm. A violent gust of wind. 

A'ire, tm. Air, wind; briaknees; graoefol« 
ness; aspect, look, gait; musical oompo- 
sition. Airtt natw'oltt^ The native air. 
Babtr lot airtt or lot vierUot. To desire 
anxiously. Ifablar (U aire, To talk idly. 
7bi7>are<a<r«,Totakeawalk. Sna^ 
In a good homor. De buen 6 mal aire. 
In a pleasing or peevish manner. Jn» el 
aire, In a moment > [adt 

Aire&rse, vr. To take the air; to cool one's 

Aireoito^ tm. dim, A gentle breeze. 

Air6a, tm. augm. Yiolent gale; a piume; 
the crested crane. 

Airosunidnte, ad. GraoefhUy. 

AirosidAd, ^ (Obo.) Graoefttl deportment 

AJT6so,sa,€t Airy; graoeftal, genteel; soo- 

AisIMo, da, a. Isolated; embarrassed. 
AisUr, va. To surround with water ; insalat« 
AJAda» s/C Asouoe of bread steeped in water 

garhck, and salt 

jado, da, <t Worn out, spoOod. iU-osed. 
A, amiento, fffk Dlsflgnrataon; deformity 
A ^t '"^ Garlio-fleld. 
A,&r,va. To spoil, tandsh ; abases 
Ajar^ em. Flat roof; platform. 

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41% mn. A ohronlo oompli^at 

htm,9fi BniBh>wood ibr taeL 

A edra, 4/! WintAr savory. 

A, edrfiz, «m. ChesB: netting, grating. 

4 •drexAdo, da, a. Oheok«red, variegatod. . 

A enibe, am. wild moBtaid. 

A, dqJOk am. Wormwood, 

4 aau, am. The fennel-flower. 

4 ^itiv am. Tender of garlia 

A, eenitidouda, & Jeenitica]. 

4 dte, am. Tonng garlic, garlio-aaace. 

A ^ ^m. The red dwarf-pepper. 

A, iao^ite, sm. Miztore of garlic and oil. 

A lo61ik ^ Leather^lne idth garlic. 

Ajatmoge or AJUim^^ am. Sauce of pepper 

and garlic 
AJiAol am>. Tender jonng garlic. 
AJimcz, an. Kind of arcned window. 
A|ipii£ms aivk Leek. nadieai 

A?)oi, 9m, Garlic; garUo-aanoe; paint for 

'ir, «a. To carry back-loads. 

V amk, A heavy back-load. 

na» ^ Basin Ihr water. 
t}6Uo, am. Sance of oil and garlic. 

'«, am. Bird-lime. [thistle 

|6n, OT iJoijJ^ro, ^ The low carltne 
Aljonjoli, 9m, Sesame-eeed, bene- 

9m. Dish of gailio and cheese. 
4^ Bracelets and anklet& 
f. to, (ProvO To bawl, to cry out 
lado^ 0^*0* Ulred by tne day. 
, wk To hire by the day. 
Ajoi^^ Spavin, a disease in horsee. 
AjoanetMO, da, a. Bony lamps on the feet; 

Aioib; 9tn, Apparel, fkunitore. 

AjndlAdo, da, a. Jewish. 

AJnidMo, da, a. Jadioiooa, pradent 

AjoIdiU', «n. To acqoire Jodgment; become 

Aiutadamtote, ad, Joatly, rightly. 

A natido, da, a. Eiact, right, moral; stingy. 

A nstad6n 9m. Close waistcoat, Jacket 

Ajnatamionto, am. Settlement; agreement; 

Ajostir, va. To adlast, conipoee, guide ; oon- 
aert; oppreaa; fit— «r. To settle matters; 
combine; approach; engage. 

AJ^ste, 9m. Proportion; agreement, con- 
tract, oath.— «£ Couplings. 

AJostici^, 9Ck To execute, to put to death. 

Al art (Oontraa of A el) To the. 

lia. </: Wing; aisle; row; flank; brim. 
^toa,^p2L Protection; defence; velocity; 
(Nan.) studdhig-eaiL 

AI.% am. Allah, God. 

AJlLinterJ. IloUa, a word used in calling. 

AlabAdoi am. Uynm in praise of the sacra- 
ment [mender. 

Alabad6r. ra, a. Fraiser, applauder, com- 

AhU>anciMa, aa, o^ Boastftil, ostentatloua. 

Alabandina, 9f. Manganese, a seml-metaL 

Alaban'za, ^Praise, commendation. 

AlabAr, wk To praise, extol, gloriiy. 

Alabirda, </! Halberd; sergeant's place. 

Alabard&zQ, am. Blow with a halberd. 

Alabard^ro, am. Halberdier: khis's guard. 

AlabastrMo, da, a. B^embling alobaater. 

Alabastrina, ^/T Thin sheet of alabaster 

Alabastriao, na, a. (Poet) Made of alabaatai; 

Alab&Btro, 9m. Alabaster. [water^miU 

A'lab^ 9m. Olive-branch; ladle, flier of i( 

Alabearse, vr. To warp, to grow bont 

Alab^ 1^ Sweet basil. 

Alid>^ 9m, Warping, bent, curved. 

AlaMsa, ^. A pike made in Abba. 

AlabiAdo, da, a. lipped, ragged; money. 

Alao^na, 8f. A oopboard, pantry, lockec 


Alaci&r, 9fk y. MMaeiar. 

AlacrAn, am. A scorpion ; ring ; stop or hook* 

AlacranAdo, da, a. Bit by a scoipion ; yidoub 

AlacranSra, ^ Mouse-ear scorpion-grasa. 

A16da, ^, Fhittering of the wings^ [plee. 

Aladiires, 9m. pL Locks of hair over the tem- 

AlAdo. da, a. Winged, feathered. 

AladrAda, ^. A ftirrow. 

Aladrir, w. (Prov.) To plough. 

AUidro, 9m, Plough; ploodlied land. 

Aladr6qne, am. (Prov.) A Imh anehory. 

Aldfla, ^ (ColL) Merer. 

Alaga, af. A species of yellow wheat 

Alflffartado, da, a. Variegated; motley. 

AlAica, a/t Winged ant, or pismire. 

Al^ja, A^jdr, &0., Y. AlAcfJa, AlJu^ar, Am. 

Al^dr, 9m. Qround-rent 

AlfljA, 9m. Paste of honey, almonds, Ac 

Aldma, ^ Gold or silver doth ; lama. 

Alamdr, am. Loop of silken twist or cord. 

AlamblcAdo, da, ct. Distilled; given sput* 

Alambicir, va. To dlstU ; investigate doaely. 
Alamblque, 9m^ Alembic, stOL /\9r akurn^ 

M^utf, Sparhigly. 
AUmbre, 9m, Wire; copper; copper wire. 
Alam6da, ^. Poplar grove; public walk. 
Alamin, 9m. Clerk ofthe market; arehiteet 
Alamina, </! A fine on potters for treepassing 

the law. 
AlaminAzgo, am. Office of a derk. Sec 
Alamir6, 9m, Musical chord (la niire). 
Alamo. 9m, Poplar. 
Alamparae, vr. To long for, to crave. 
Alanceaddr, 9m. Lance-thrower. 
AlanoeAr, «a. To dart, to spear, to lance. 
Alandreine, vr. To become dry. 
Alan^ 9m, A kind of stag in New Mexico. 
AIAno, 9m. Mastifll [Vandals. 

Al&no, na, a. Belonging to the AlanB or 
Alanzida, jyT V. Aramtadcu 
AlansAr, t<l To throw lances. ^one. 

Alaqutea, ^. Alaqudques, am. pL Blood- 
Aldr, am. Pent-roof; snare of hair. 
AlAr. ifo. (Nan.) To hawL 
Alfirbe, 9m. Arabian ; unmannerly person. 
Al&rde, am. Review of soldiers; ostentatimt 

Jlacer aktrde^ To boast or brag. 
Alardefir, mi. To review. 
Alard6eo^ sa, et. Ostentatious, boastAiL 
Alargaddr. ra, a. Delayer, poelponer. 
Alargamlento, 9m. The act of lengthening. 
Alarg^, «a. To lengthen ; protract ; increase : 
Alargu^ am. Dog-rose. [to hand 

Alirla, ^ A potter's flat-iron. 
Alarida, ^. Hue and cry. 
Alarido, 9m, Outcry, about, howL 
Ahurffi^ 9tn. Office of an arohitad. 
Alarifb, am. Architect, builder. 
Akrijes, t^.pLK largo sort of griMi. 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


AMnaa, ^f, Akrm; nottoe of dufw. 
Akrmlr, «& To aUrm, call to arms. 
Alattrir^vo. To throw iMck the mib; ballast 

— «r. To squat olose. 
Alat^nio, wm. Mock-prlvot 
Alat6ii, mn* Latten, brass; loto-tree fruit 
Alaton6ro, am. Nettle or lote-treo. 
Alatrdn, sffK FroUi of saltpetre. 
AlayAnco, sm. Y. Lmocmco, 
Alazun, na, Or, Borrel-color. 
Al&Eo, «fik A stroke with the wings. 
AIax6r, «m. (Bot) Bastard salThm. 
A'lba, ttf. Dawn of di^ ; alb, the white gown 

worn bj priests. 
AlbaoSa, tm, Bxeentor.— ^ Ezecatrix. 
Albaoeugo, sm.. Bxeoatorshlp. 
Albao6ra, tf. A fish like a tunny ; an earlr fig. 
Alb&da, tf, Serenade at daybreak. (Mex.) 

An attaiok at daybreak. 
AlbahiU», ^ (Bot) Sweet basil. [basiL 

Albahaqn^ro, mm* Flower>pot with sweet 
Albahaqnilla, (del rlo.) ^. diUen. 
AlbalA, am. Boyal letters patent ; a qnittanee. 

AU>aiddsffma^ A passport 
Albantea, a^Net for catching partridges, ete. 
Albafiil, AlbafiAr, am. Ck>minon sewer. 
Albafiil, sm. Mason, bricklayer. 
Albafifleria, «C Kasoniy. 
Albaqula, ^. Semnant ; nndlridablo portion 

in ooUecttng tithes. 
Albfr, a. White. 

Albarin. am. Adyertlsoment; note of hand. 
Albarazftda, ^ A marble-colored grape. 
AlbarazAdo, da, a. Pale with the white 

Albarioo, am. White leprosy. 
AlbArea, ^. Y. Aharea, 
Albarcoqn^ wk (Ptot.) Apricot-tree. 
Albirda, ^ Pack-saddle. [the loins. 

Albardddo, da, a« Different colored skin at 
AlbardAr, wk, To put on a pack-saddle; to 

lard fowls. 
Albard61a, tf. Small saddle. 
AJbardoria, ^f. Pack-saddle shop. 
Albarddro, am. Pack-saddle maker. 
Albardilla, ^f. Small paok-eaddlo; border; 

Albardhk, am. Matweed. 
Albardto, «m. A pannoLjpack-saddle. 
Albar^o, Albarlgo, sm. (Prov.) A spedes of 

Alba]1c6qae, am. Apricot [seller. 

Albarlooqa^ am. Apricot-treo ; apricot 
Albarillo, am. A tnne on the guitar; suaydl 

kind of apricots. 
Albarino, am. A white paint fiyr women. 
Albarrida, ^ A dry wall ; ditch for defence^ 
Albarrad6n, am. A monnd to hinder inun- 
Albarrina, ^ (Bot) OabdUa aibarrana^ 

SqnilL Tbrr^oidorrana, A sort of watch- 
Albarr^ am, Loosewort [thra. 

AlbaUira, ^ Carbuncle; pimple in the ure- 
AltMtdaa, ^ A aniall corered boat 
Albayaldado, da,a. Oorered with white-lead. 
Albay&lde. am. White-lead, oemse. 
Albazino, ma, & Of a dark chestunt color. 
Albizo, am. Assault at daybreak. 
ilbe4r, 9a. To whiten. 


Albedrio, am. Free-will 

Albditar^ am, A fiurler; horse-doetor. 

Albeiteria, ^ FArrlory. 

AlboUdn, am. Y. AtbafUO. 

Albdnda, ^ Hangings of white linen. 

Albendo^ ^. Woman who makes haoglngt 

Albengdla, ^ A sort of gauze for turbans. 

Albtotola, ^ A slight net of fine thread. 

Alb6rca, ^ A pond or pool ; sink. 

Alb^rchiga or Albdroblgo, a. Peach. 

Alberodn, am. attffm. A large pool or pond 

Alb««ns6na, ^ Mad-apple, egg-plant 

Albergaddr, rtu «. A hotel-keeper. 

AlbergAr, wk To lodge, harbor.— «r. To taks 
or let lodginss. [shelter. 

Alb^rgne^w/k Lodging-honse; den; hospital; 

Albergneria, ^, Inn ; hospital for poor travel- 

Albergu6ro, am. Innkeeper. 

AIb6ro, am. Whitish earth ; dish-cloth. 

Alberqu^ro, am. Tender of soaking flax. 

Alb^uilla, ^. dim. A little pool 

AlbldTnte, a. Whitening, bleaching. 

Albib&r, am. (Bot) Ox-eye. 

Albllla, ^ Albillo, am. An early white grape 

Albino, a. The wine of a white grope. 

Albin, am. Hamatites or bloodstone. 

Albina, ^ Marahy croundooTored with nitra 

Albino, na, <k Aibma 

Albion, sm. Albion, andentnameofSna^d. 

A'lbis, (Met) Quidarae in AUda, To be 'lis- 

AHbo, ba, a. Ytxj white. 

Albogilla, ^. A kind of sail-nut 

AIb6gne,«m, A pastoral flute; martial music. 

Alb<^6ro, ra, a. One who makes alboffuea 

Albon6I, am. A spedes of bind-weed. 

Albdndiga, «f. A Doll of forced meat 

Albondiguilla, ^. dim. A small ball of foroed 

Alb6r, am. (Poet) Whiteness; dawn, 

Alboriula, f^ Dawn of day ; battle at dawn. 

AlboreAr, wk To dawn. 

Alb6iga, ^ A mat-weed sandaL 

Alboima, ^ A large glazedjug. 

Alb6mo, am. Alburnum. [(^^ak. 

A]bom6iE, am. Coarse woollen stuff; Moorish 

AlbOTonia, ^ A dish of egg-plant, pnmpUns^ 
and pepper. [bugain. 

Alboroqne, am. Treat at the eondusion of a 

Alborotido, da, a. Turbulent restless. . 

Alborotad6r, ra, a. Bloter, rlolator of poaoo. 

Alborotapudblos, a, A mover of sedilion; 
a promoter of feasts. [oror ; fling out 

Alborot^, 90, To disturb. — vr. To come 

Albor6to, am. Tumult riot; outcry, dutci 

A1borozad6r, ra, a. Promoter of nurth. 

AlborozAr, va. To exhilarate. 

Albor6xo, am. Merriment exhilaration. 

Albortdnte, am. A branch for a candle. 

Albridas, 4f-P^ Eeward for good nowa. 

Albud6ca, ^(Bot) A pumpkin. 

Albu^rbola. ^ Exhilaration. 

Albuf&ra, ^ A hu^ lagoon. 

Albugineo, nea, a. (Anat) Albuminom 

Albngin6so, sa, a. Y. AttmifiMO. 

Albfigo, am, A disease in the eye^ 

Albuh^ra, 4< A fresh-water lake^ 

Album, am. Album. 

Albfimeo, am, (Ohom.) Albumea. 

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llbir, MkDaoe^afish; » gam« at cardi. 
AlbAn, ^. Whit«ae8& 
Albnrwo, mi. A pUqrer at albures. 
k1h(a^8m^pL A game at earda. 
Alca, «t BaxorbUU a bird. 
AkabAla, ^ Bxeia«. duty : a net 
AfcabdatArlo, ujk Booko/ alcaJbaia ratea. 
Alcabal^ro, tm. Excise officer. 
Aleabdr, fuk Pipck sliaft of a chinmo}^. 
AIcab6z, mn. Y. AroabuM. 
A.Icac61, Aloao^r. tm. Green com. 
Alcachoft, «^ Artichoke; Instroment to 

stop Mood; Anted malleta. 
Alca^offidoi, da, a. Like an artfcboke. 
Aloachoffido, $m. Dfab of artichokes. 
Alcacbofil, »ni. Artichoke-bed. 
Alcschoftra, ^if. An artichoke. 
Alcab^ 9m. A large bird-cage. 
AlcaharJida, ^. A number of birds in a cage. 
Alcahazir, «& To shut up birds in the 

Alcabn^te, ta, t. Pimp, procurer, bawd. 
Alcahoeteiir, vo. To bawd, pander. 
Alcahoeterb, ^ Bawdry ; hiding persons. 
Aleahoetda, na, Alcabnetixo, za, «. avg. A 

great pander. 
Aleaioena, itf. ICarket-pIaoe for raw tilk. 
Alcilco, a. Alcaic, verses in Latin. 
Alc^de, WL Oovemor; Jailer, warden. 
Alcaiildsa, 9f. Wife of a governor ot Jailer. 
Alcaidia, ^Office of a governor or Jailor. 
Alcald&da, ^f. An inoonsiderate action of an 

Alcalde, an. Judge ; game at card& 
Alcaldear, vn. To plav the alcalde. 
AlcaldAsa, sf. The wil^ of an alcaide, 
Alcaktta, ^. Office of an alcalde 
Alcaleaodncia, ^ V. AleaUmoion, 
Akalescdnte, a. Of alkaline propertiea. 
ATealt, ^mTcOhem.) An alkalL 
Alcalino, na, Alcalmdo, da, a. Alkaline. 
A]eaUzib>, va. To render alkaliiiek 
AkaUzaci6n, ^ AlkalizaUon. 
Ak^xn, sm. Colocynth apple. 
Aleamoniaa, iff. pL Various aromatic seeds. 
AlcAna, lif. Place of abope. 
Aldbice, am. Overtaking, reaclitng; bal- 
ance: arm*B length ; a postscript 
Alcancia, ^f. Monoj-hox; a cavalcade. 
Alcaneiizo, sm. A blow with a m<Mioy-boz. 
Alctodara, af. Perch of a fldcon. 
Alcandia, ^Turkey millet 
Alcandl&l am. Ground sown with millat 
AkutiBi; am, Oamphor. 
AlcanfbrAda, fff. Oamphor-treec 
Aleanfor&do, da, ck Oamphorated. 
Aktotaara, 4/! Cover for velvet in the loom. 
Alcaotarilla, ^f. A small bridge; drain; 


Itor of a 


Alcaparr6n, am. augm. A laigo caper. 

Alcaparr6sa, ^ CopperasL 

Alcarahni6ya, ^f. CarawayHM>od. * 

Alcaravin, am, (Om.) Bittern. [bittern 

Alcaravan^ am„ A hawk to pursue tba 

Alcaravda, ^f. Y. Alearahueua. 

Alcarodfia. ^ Officinal tar^ bitter vetch. 

Alcaroa&al, am. Officinal i&re-field. 

Alcarrao^ro, ra, & A potter; ahelf for earth- 

Alcarr^ tf. Pitcher or jug unglazed. 

Alcartdz, m. Y. Cuourueho. [rooC 

Alcatifk, ^ Sort of carpets; layer of earth; 

Alcatr^ am. Pelican ; a seacfish. 

AlcaucU,«m. Wild artichoke. Y.AlcaeJiqfii, 

Alcaydta, ^ A hook. 

AlcAzar,«m. Castle; fortress; quarter-deck. 

Alcaziix, am. Y. Regaliaa. [shuffied. 

Alca am. Cut of the cards after being 

AlceaAn, am. A klne-flsher. 

Aldno, am. Wild basil 

Alci6n, am. Halcyon. Y. Aloedcn. 

Alc^ba, ^ Alcove; bedroom. 

Alcobilla, Alcobita, tf. dim, A small alcovii 

Alooh61, am, Antimonv; aloohoL 

Alcoholddo, da, a. Dark around the eyes. 

Alcoholad6r, ra, 8. Beotifler of spirits, paintor 
with antimony. [rectify spirita. 

Alcohol&r, va. To paint with antimony; 

Alcohol^ «/! Yessol for antin^ny or alco 
hoL [Mar 

Alcoboliz&r. vo. To alcoholize. Y. Alcth 

AIcoliolizaci6n, nf. Alcoholization. 

Alo6r, am. Y. Cerro. 

Alcoran, am. The Koran. 

AJcoranista, am, A Koran expounder. 

Alcoraoo41, am. Plantation of cork-treeft. 

AIcom6Que, am, Cork-tree ; a blockhead. 

Alcdrza, ^ A sweet paste of clarified sugat 

Alcorzdr, va. To ice with sugar. 

Alcotdn, am. Lanner, a bird otprej. 

AlootAnk ^ Piokaxew 

Alcotancillo, am, dim. A young huiner. 

Alcrebite,*M7». Sulphur. V. Aa^ra, 

Alcribio, sm. Tuyere of a forge. 

Alcr6co, am. (Om.) Y. Azof rati. 

Alcubilla, 4/r Beservoir of an aqueduct 

Alcucilla, ^f. dim. Small oil-bottle. 

Alc6mia, if. Famtiv, lineage, race. 

Alc&za, ^. Oil-bottle or craet 

Alcuzada, f(f. A cruet ftall of oil. 

AlcuzAzo, am. Blow given with an oil-botUe. 

Alcuzc&z, Kooskoos, or Cooscoosoo, am. A 
flour paste made into pellets. 

Alcuz6ro, ra, a. One who makes oil-bottlesL 

Alcuz^ ra, a. Belonging to an oil-bottlo. 

Alcuzdn, am. augm. A lai^e oU-botUe. 

Alddba, tf. Door-knocker. [den fear. 

AldabMa, ^f. Bap with the knocker; sud- 

Aldab&so, Aldaboodzo, am. Knocking at 
the door. 

Aldabe&r, vik To rap or knock at the door. 

AldabiiL Iff. Horizontal beam. 

Aldabilla, iff. dim. A small knocker. 

AIdab6n, am. A large knocker; a trunk 

Aldda, n/. A small village, a hamlet 

Alde&na. iff. YiUago-woman, lasa. 

AIdeani6go, ga, a. Belonging to a hamlei 

Aldcano, am. Villager, countryman, lad. 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


Aldebaiia, «nK Aldebaran, a fixed tUr. 

iUdebn^Ia, AldeiUa, ^.cUm. A littto vlUAge. 

Alde6rrio, mn. A smuL nnpleaaant Tillage. 

Aldiza, ^. A small reod without kiiot& 

AldrAn, Mk One who sells wine to shop- 

Aleaci^n, ^ AlUgatioii, alloyage. 

Alead6r, am. Allojer. 

Ale&r, «fk To flatter ; move the anns quick- 
ly; recorer ftt>m stckiiessw— vo. To alloj. 

AlebHUlo, da, a. Harehearted. 

Alebr&ne, Alebrastrfine, Alebrest&rsei vr. 
To squat; cower. 

Alebroniise, «r. To be dispirited. 

Altee, «nu Bagout of flsh*llver. 

Alechag&do, tbia. Corled. flated. 
Alocbn^, va,To carl; plait. Ante. 


Alectdria, </! Aloctoria, stone in a oock^s 

A16da, ^. Boftue of wax in a bee^ira 

Alediflo, wn, Boondary, border, limit 

Alefluiginas, ^. pL Porgo pills of spices. 

Alefria, 9m. Morase, a hole cot into wood. 

ADegadte, 9f. Allegation; argoment 

Alegar, «a. To allege, affirm, qaote. 

Alegdto, amw Allegation, plea. 

Alegoria, ^ Allegory. 

Alegteicam^te, ad. Allegorically, by figure. 

AlegMoo, oa, a Allegorical 

Alegorista, «m. AUesorist. 

Alcgorix&r, «a. To allegorize. 

Alegr&do, da, a. Delighted, r^oiced. 

Alegraddr, ra, a. Sdoicer; a jester. 

Alemr, va. To gladden, make merry; ex> 
hflarate; enliven. 

Alesrsne, vr. To rejoice, oongratolate, ex- 
ult; grow merry. 

A16gre, & To be slad, merry, JOTfhL content 

Alegrem6nte. ad. Merrily, gladly, joyfhlly. 

Alegria, ^ Mirth, merriment, r^ldng; 
IlgbtBomenees; ecstasy; pleasure: eesa- 
mum seed ; psste of sesamam and honey. 

Al^gro, am. (Mua.) Allegro; quick, gay tune. 

Alegr6n. am. Sudden, unexpected joy. 

Aloamlento, ami. Elongation : strangeness. 

Aloandrino, na, a. Alexandrine fi>ot 

Al^^*, va. To remove to a distance. 

AMUas, ^ Barley-soup. 

Alelarse, «r. To become stupid^ dull 

Aleli, Mu The winter gilllflower; name of 

Aleliiya, a< AlloIi;jah; Joy. 

AI6ma, ^ Water ibr irrijnting. 

Alomnfiin, mit. Qermaa ; (jferman language. 

Alemdna, ^ An ancient Spanish darioe. 

Alemanisoo, oa, a. Germanic; German table- 
cloth, [tare. 

Alonguami6nto, am. An agreement for pas- 

Al^ngu^, «av To agree respecting pasture. 

Alentadamtote, adi Bravely, gallantly. 

AlentMo, da, a. Spirited, courageous; bold. 

Alentaddi; ra, a. Elncourager, cheerer. 

Alentir, «fk To breathe.— «a To encourage. 

4]epin, tm. Bombesin. 

^teoe, am^ Larch-tree. 

kihto, mtK The projecting part of a roof; 
gable end; eaves.— ^ Snares for par- 

^6rta, am. (MIL) Alert, watch-word. 

Alirta, Alertamente, ad. VlgihmUy, care- 
Ailly. JMoraZerfOiToboontbewatcb 


Alertir, to. To render vigilant^ to pit mm 

on his guard, watchftiL 
A16rta ta, a. Vigilant, alert, guarded. 
Alesnado, da, a. Awl-shaped. 
A16ta, tf. A small wing; fin of a fish. 
Aleti^ ^ Flapping of the wings. 
Aletaxgido, da, a. lethargic, morbldlt 

Aletargane, w. To iUl into a lethaiKy. 
AletMo, WK Stroke of the wins. 
AleteAdo, da, a. Finlike. flnnecL 
Aleteir, «fk To flutter, flit 
Alet^o, 9m. Fluttering. 
A16to, utK The Peru^an fkloon. 
AletMi, §m. OfUffm. A laige wing. 
Aletria, em. YermlcellL 
A16ve, a. Treacherous, perfidious. 
AlevMa, ^ Tumor under the tongue. 
Alevoeamtote, ad. Treacherously. 
Alevosia, ^. Perfidy, treachery. 
Alev68o, sa, a Treacherous. [dotal 

AlexiAimaco. ca, Alexitdrlco, ca, a. Anti* 
AlfiLbega, ^. Sweet-basil. 


Alfobdticamtote, ad. Alphabetically 

Alikb^oo, oa, a. Alphabetical 

AUhbetista, $m. One that studies the « 

AllU>6to, 9m. Alphabet 


Alflu;ia, ^ Wood for windows. 

AUhhir. 9m. Pottery. 

Alikharero, 9m. Potter. 

Albhareria, V. A^iir, A{fareria. 

AliM6r, 9m. Paste of almonds, raisins. dM. 

Alfiulk. ^ AU&Uh, 9m. Lucem. 

AllUflU, AUklflir, 9m. Lucem-field. 

AU&na, ^ A atrons and sphlted horse. 

AUhnique, 9m. The white eagle; tent oa 

Alllnge, 9m^ Hanger, cutlass. [booth. 

Alflus6te, 9m. dim. A small cutlass. 

A]flu\ iaoy 9m. A cuthus-wound. [cothMib 

Alih^6n, ami. aagm. A large hanger of 

Alflujonizo, amw A cut with a laige hanger. 

Alflbque, 9m. a shoal or bar. 

AllKiv am. Pottery. 

Alffr, «ik To raise the forehead too much. 

Alforiz, a. Moorish horseman. 

AU&rda, ^ Duty paid Ibr irrigation, [duty. 

AUhrd6ro, 9m. A collector of the inigation 

Al(toxi^lh^ tf. Galloon. panda. 

All!ud6n, 9m. Hoop; duty for watering 

AUkreria, 9f. Pottery; potter's trade. 

A]ftr6ro, 9m. A potter. 

Alftrge,ami. The lower stone <^ an oil -mill; 

carved ceiling. [dowa. 

Althrgia, tf. Apiece of wood to make wia* 
Alftima, V' ^^d rue. [or window. 

Alfolxi^. 9m. The inside aperture of a doof 
AUhfilcar, ^a. To ice with sugar. 
AlfofticArse, «r. To affect peculiar delicacy. 
AllUUque, 9m. Paste made with clarified 

sugar ; a person of a delicate complexion. 
Alfen»cia, 9f- Epilepsy ; an ensign's conunls- 

sion. [ensign of the jto wn. 

Alfirez, am. Ensign. .^f'Sraareo^ The ehial 
Alfio6z, 9m. The serpent cucumber. 
AlfU, 9m. Bishop in the game of chess. 
Alfil6r, 9m. A pin. Ajfisr99 de gamoJi0 6 

<2ap«^ Hairpins. .^{^Um^ Pin-money. 
Alfllerixo, 9m. Prick of a pin ; a large vln. 
AlfiUtc, AiflIet4^to, 9m. Paste of coarse fiow 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


AJfllet^o, fl»7U Pin-case, ipeedle-^^ase. 
AlJbli, othw Gnuiary; magaxino of salt 
AUbliJ^, Alibiing, tm. Keeper of a gran- 
ary or masazine. 
Alfombra, itf. Floor-carpet 
A]fombr^, «a. To carpet 
AUbmbdoa, itf. augm, A largo carpet 
AUbmbrkt), ra, «. Carpet-maker. 
AUbmbrilla, ^f. A small carpet; scarlatina. 
A)fond^ ore. Pistachia [other. 

AUbnsearse, rr. (Low) To Joke with each 
Alfona, em. A maravedi. 
AU&nsJgo, am. Pistachio. nidefonso. 

AUbnain, no, na, a. Belonging to Alphonso or 
A]t»idnsk» tf. DiscQssions in the Alphonsine 

ehajpel in AlcaU. 
iUinja, ^f. Baddlo-bag, portmanteau. 
AUbQ^rx), 9m. Maker or seller of saddle-bags ; 

a laj-brother who begs alms. 
Alittrza, tf. A plait a tack. 
Alfronitro. tm. Bpome of saltpetre. 
A'lgB, ^ Bea-weed. 
41^oiii6n, j^ (Bot) Cadwoed. 
Algtfda, ^/t Bidge of shifting sand. 
A]gAido» da, o. Thatched, covered with straw. 
Algaliba, af. White briony, wild hops. 
AlgiUa, f^Civet, a perfUme; catheter. 
AJgikra,^^ The pellicle of an egg; a foraging 

bia, «< The Arable tongue; gabble, 
(Bot) CenUuTf. 
« ^ A load cry; sadden attack. 
Al^ariro, ra, a. Pratins, talkative. 
Algarhkda, ^. Driving duUs into the pen. 
Algarr&ba, ^ The smooth-podded tare. 
A%arrob&l, «ii». Groand pUoited with carob- 

AIgarrob6ra, Algarr6bo, «. (Bot) Garob-tree. 
Aigazira,^Ha£za; the shout of amultitude. 
Algaz^ am. A plant 
Algeb^na, ^ An earthen Jug. 
A'^ebra, ^ Algebra; Joint-setting. 
Algebriata, mti. Algebraist; » bone-setter. 
Algo,jir9. Somewhat, something, anght 
Algo, ad. Soroe^rtiat; In a manner; prop- 

€«rtr, fiicnlty. 
Algoddn, rnn. Cotton. 
Algodonido, da, a. Filled with cotton. 
AlgodonAl, tm. A cotton-plantation. 
Algodon6n», &m. The cotton-tree; dealer in 

cotton, a cotton broker. 
Algorin, sm. (Prov.) A place in oil-mills for 

receiving the olives. [numbers. 

Algontmo, am. Algorithm, the science of 
AIg68o^ sa, a. Weedy, ftill of sea-weeds. 
Algoaal, «iK ConstAble, a police-officer. 
AlgnacUioffo, em. The place or office of an 

aigvacU. [flour-mill bucket 

Algaarin, am. (Prov.) Store-room, pantry ; 
Algoieo, pro. Somebody, some one. 
AlgUn, pt'o. Algtm Uemrpo^ Sometime. Al- 

tma tanto^ A littlt, somewhat 
Algtoo, na, a. Some person, something, any 

one; sometimes, now and then. 
Alh^bega, ^ Sweet basil, 
ilhadida, ^ Sai&on of burnt copper. 
AlfaiHa,^ Jewel; showy ornament 
AJhijor, va. To adorn; hn-nish. fit np. 
AilMindl, em, A beast of burden; porlfr, 


AlhandAl, em. Coloeynth apple. 

Alliar&ca, a/l Clamor, angry vodfhrathm. 

Alharaqni^to, ta, a. r7oi8y, clamorous, loud 

AlhAigama, Alhirma, ^ Wild rue. 

Alheli, (^. Gilliflower. [ing of conL 

Alhdna, f/. Henna (plant or leaf); the blasl- 

Alhefi^, va. To stain with henna. — ©r. Te 

grow smutty, mildewed. 

Alhdcigo. em. Plstacliio-tree. 

Alh6ja, ^ A small bird resembling a lark 

AlhOiva, 4/: (Bot) Fenugreek- 

Alh6ndiga, «/C A public granary. 

Alhondigu^ro, «m. Granary-keeper. 

Alh6rma, ff. l^>yal Moorish tent 

Alh6rre,«tn. Eruption on the skin of inlknta 

Alhoetigo, em. V. AWneigo. 

Alh6z, em. Limit or lot of land. 

Alhucema, ^. (Bot) Lavender. 
j^y.^.,^. .. _ ^ .__ . 



Al leagued 


Al hrze. 

Al tlon. 



AJ d. 

A' , y anotliot 

Alica, fif. dim. A small wing. 
A'lica, ^ Pottace of wheat and pulse. 
AJicoido, da, a. Drooping; weak; low-Bpir> 

Alicdntara, »/. A small venomous lizard. 
Alicante, em. A poisonous snake. 
AMcantina, ^ Artifice, stratagem, cunning. 
AUcatddo, em. Work inlaid with Dutch tilei. 
Alic&tes, em^ fl. Pincers; nippers. 
Alici^nte, em. Attraction, incitement, in- 
Aliclondr, va. To teach, Instruct 
Alicuanta, a. Parte alicuanta^ Aliquant 

number. [ber. 

Alicu6ta, a. Parte alicuokt^ Aliquot num- 
AlidMa, tf. Quadrant pow. 

Alid6na, ^ Stone in the intestines of a swal* 
Alien&r, «<t To alienate. 
Ali^nto, «m. Breath ; vigor of mind; smelL 
{Yo alierUOy yo alient^ from Alentar.) 
Ali^r, em. A rower; a marine. [plaint 

Alifiro, em. A callous tumor; chronic com- 
AUflir, «& To polish, burnish. 
Aliilsra, ^ Collation, lunclieon. 
Aligaci6n, ef. Alligation. 
Aligaddr, em. Alligator. [gether. 

Aligamiento, em^ Alligation; bindung to- 
AligAr, va. To tie, unite ; oblige. 
Aligerami^to, em. Alleviation ; lightening. 
AHgerdr, CO. To lightcp; alloiate: hasten. 
Alyaddr, em. One who lightens. Lanchon 

alijadar, A lighter ; cotton-picker. 
AlUar, f)a. (Nan.) To lighten ; to pick cotton 

with the hand or with a gin. 
Aiyir, em. Waste, stony ground, [vation. 
AlOarir, va. To divide waste lands for culti' 
AiyarSro, em. Sharer of waste lands to col 

AlUari^, n, a. Relating to waCte lands 
Alijo, em. Lightening of a ship. 


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iJflla, ^f. A small wing^ fln of a fish. 

AHmftfla, tif. ADimal which destrojTB game. 

AJimentaci6n, «/! Act of nourishing. 

Aiiment^r, imz. To feed, nourish, muntain. 

Allmentiirlo, Allmentista, «. One who enjoys 
a maintenance. 

AJlmenticio, cia. a, Natiitions, natrittve. 

A1Im6nto, mx. Nourishment, food ; encour- 
agement— 0. pi. Allowance given to the 
heir of ui enUlled estate; alimony. 

Aliment^so, sa, a. Alimentary, nntrltioQS. 

AlindAdo, da» a. Affectedly nice, or elegant 

Allnd4r, «a. To limit; embellish, adorn. 
Alindar el ganado. To driye catUA to the 

Allneacl6n, urn, Alllgnlng, laying out a line. 

AlineAr, «a. To lay out by line. AUnearae 
Ice aoldiidoSy To ikU In. [ministrator. 

Allfiad6r, nLA Embellisher; executor, ad- 

AM^, wh To embellishf arrange, adorn; 
to cook victualSb 

Alifio, 9m. Dress, ornament; apparatus. 

Aljonin, rnn. The bluo-fcathered duck. 

Aliquebr^o, da, a, Broken-wingcd ; de- 

" iected. [nisher. 

Alisaddr, ra, ». Polisher, smoother, bur- 

Aliaadfira, (i/. Planing, smoothing, polishing. 

AlisadAras, ^. pL Shavings, cuttings. 

Aliadr, «a. To plane, smootli, poUsh, mangle. 

Alis^, wu Alis6da, ^f. Plantation of alder- 

AUama, ^ ^ot) Water-plantain. 

Aliso, «m» (BotVAlder-treo, 

Allstado, da, a. £nllsted ; striped. 

Alistaddr, »n. Accountant; enroller. 

Alistami^nto, »m. Enrolment, conscription. 

AlisUlr, vOk To enlist, enrol, recruit ; moke 

Aliteraci6n, ^ Alliteration. 

AliviadiSr, ra, & A helper, assistant 

Allvi^r, va. To lighten, ease, alleyiate, re- 
lieve; hasten. 

Alivio, an. Alleviation, ease; miUgation. 

AMba, ^ A quiver. [gogne. 

Au^ft* ff' An assembly of Moors; syna- 

Aliamia, ^f. Moorish name of the Spanish 
language; synagc^e, mosque. 

AU&r&, ^ Aljdrfe, ein. A kind of not 

AIjeo6ro, ra, «. Plasterer. 

Aj)6z, wm. Crude gypsum, plaster of Paris. 

Ajjezir, 9m. Qypsum-pit 

Aj]ez6n, 9m. O^psum, plaster of Paris. 

Aljibe, 9m. A cistern. 

Apib^ro, 9m. Cistern-keeper. 

A^imidntdo. a. Shaved, trimmed. 

Aljof&ina, «/t An earthen Jug; a basin. 

Au61kr, sm. A misshapen pearl ; dew-drops. 

AOofUrAdo, da, a. Full of little drops. 

A^ofar&r, va. To adorn with pearls ; imitate 

Auoflfh, 9f. A mop for floorai 

Anofiflb-, va. to rub with a cloth, to mop. 
I|6i0e, 9m. Bird-lime, 
norndra, 9f. Low carline thistle. 
uonJoU, 97rh. Sesame, boneseed. 
U6r, «m. Crude gypsum, 
n&ba, 9f. A Moorish vest 
lu, ad. There; thither; formerly. 

4]]anad6r. am. Leveller; goldbeater^s p^ter. 

^Eiaamiento, 9m. Levelling; albUUty. 


Alhm&r, va. To level, flatten ; remove dill 

Allariz, sm. A sort of linen. 
AUegadlzo, za, ct<, Collected without choice 
Alleg&do, da, a. Near, coi^nqct 
All^ad6r, ra, 9. Gatherer, collector, hoarder 
Allegadoa, 9m. pk Frientu, allies. 
Allegamicnto, 9tn. Collecting, uniting. 
Alleg4r, va. To gather, unite ; draw near. 
Alii, ad. There. De all\ Thenca 
A'llo, 9m. Macaw. 
AI16za, «/ Agreen almond. 
AII6Z0, 9m* The wild almond-tree. 
Allndol, 9m. Earthen water-pipe. 
AJ'ma, «/ Soul; human being; mind; bptrlb 

Hahler ai alma^ To speak plainly. 
Ahnacdn,«m. Storehouse, warehouse; m&c 

azine. Ahnacen <U affttOy A water-caf>l. 
Almacen&ge, 9m. Warehouse rent; storafici 
Almacenfir, vo. To store, lay up, hoard. 
Almacen^ro, am. Warehouse-keeper. 
Almacenista, 9. Seller of goods in a wa7»> 

Almuciga, ^ Mastic; a nursery <^ trees. 
Almadg&r, «a. To perftune with nustio. 
Alm&cigo, 9m. Plants ibr transplanting* 

Almacigudro, ra. a. Belating to maatia 
Alroadana, 6na, ina, sf. A h^ge hammer. 
AlmadSn, 9m. Mine, mineral. 
Almadla, ^ Canoe; raft. 
Almadidro, 9m^ A raft-pilot [brickyard. 
Almadr^ba, 9f. Tunny-flshery; tunny-net; 
Almadrab^ro, 9m. Tuuny-flsher. [^^^a. 
AlmadrAqne, «m. A quilted cushion ; a mat> 
AlmadrSna, 9f. Wooden shoes or sabota. 
Alroagandta, ^ Very large heavy hammer 
Almagdsto, 9m^ The almageet 
Alm^a. 4^ Ked ochre. 
AlmagrAl, 9m. PUce abounding In red ochre 
Almagrdr. va. To color with red ochre; to 

draw blood. 
Alm^lgre, 9m. Bed ochre, red earth, red-lead. 
AlmaizM, AlmaizAr, 9m. A gauze veil; kind 

of shawl worn bv priests. 
Alm^&ra, ^ Mastic; seed-plot; nursery. 
Alm/jo. 9m. A plant (oar. 

Almanac, Alnuui&que, am. Almanac; calen- 
Almana^u6ro, «m. Almanac-maker. 
Almandma, ef. Almandina, inferior ruby. 
AlmanguSna. sf. Bed ochre. 
AlmAnta, ^ Space between rows of ylaea; 

ridge between two ftirrowa. 
Almadlda, ^ A triangular poniard. 
Almirdia, af. A town on marshy groond. 
Alm&rlo. wiu Press, closet 
Almaij&l, 9m. Phmtatlon of xlaas'ircrt; 

marshy ground. 
Alra^o, am. CBot) Glass-wort 
Alradro. 9m. (Bot) Common clary. 
Almarroos, 9m. pi Cotton-gins or pickers. 
Almarr^o, Alman^za, ^ Sprinkling^bottle 
Alm&rtaga, Almdrtega, Almitrtiga, ^ Lith 

arge; halter: massicot 
Almlstlga, «/ MasUc. 
Almastigddo, da, a. Containing mastia 
Almatr^ro, am. One fishing with sbad-neli 
Almatriche, am. A canal for irrigation. 
Almizars, 9f. Oil-mill 
Almazar^ro, am. Oil-miller 

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AlnuEandn, $tn. Bed ochro. 

Ahnaz^ tm. Warehouse. 

Alm^ sjf. The aUr-headed water-plantain; 

Almeiir, am. A stack of hav, corn, or straw. 
AInsedna, ^ Froit of the lote-trce. 
Almeano, cm,. Loto-trea 
Alm^ia, 4^ Muscle (sheU-flsh). 
Alm^ia, f/C An old-fiishioned dreaa. 
Ahniilga, ftf. A gaide*farrow. 
Alm^na, ttf. A turret on a fortress. 
Almenado, sm. FortiAed with turrets. 
Almenado, da, a. Embattled. 
Almendge, am, A series of tnrreta. 
Almenor, va. To cro"WTi with turrets. 
AlmeoAra, «/. A beacon-light; a chanDeL 
AimSndra, ^ Eerael; an almond; aball of 

Ahneodrlda, c/T Ahnond milk. 

Almendrido, da, a. Almond-like. 

Almendrado, t. Macaroon, sweet biscuit 

Almendr^ tm. A plantation of aimcmd-trees. 

AlmendrSra, ^ AJmendr6ro, «m. V. Atmen- 
<bro. [of almonds. 

Almendrdro, ra, a. FtatoahMnarero. A dish 

Ahnendrilla, ^ AlawndHUas^ Almond- 
shaped ear-rings; aknond-shaped file. 

Almindro, »m. Almond-tree. [lUmond. 

AlnModrdn, Aimendriico, an. A green 

AlmenilU, ^ A email tnrret; fringe. 

AJmete, am. A bdmet; helmed soldier. 

Ahn^ Ahn^zo, «m. The lote-tree. 

Almte^ ^f. The frnit of the lote-tree. 

Almiir, am. Hay-stack. [served fruit 

iUmibiar,«f?k Simple strap, ul^nidores, Pre- 

Ahnfbarido, da, a» Soft, endearing; effomi- 

Almibarir, va. To preserve fruit In sirup. 

Abnicant^radaa, Almicantarit, ^ pL Alma- 
eantars; circles parall^ to the horizon. 

Almid^o, am. Starch. 

Almidonido, da, a. Starched, stiff; precise. 

Almidonir, «a. To starch, stiffen. [den. 

Almflarero, am^ Porter In the mines of Aima- 

Almula, ^ An under waistcoat; military 


ntranta, tf. Admiral*8 ship ; admiral's wife. 

Ahnfrantibgo, <m. Board of admiralty; ad- 
miralty-court [£0, Bear-admiraL 

Ahnirinte, am. Admiral ikm^cL-almiran- 

Almirfa. am. A brass mortar. 

Ahnizdftr, va. To perfume with musk. 

Almizde, mk Musk. 

Almlzd^Ia, ^ Musk-hvacinth. 

Almfzcl^o, fla, a. Musky. 

Almtzcl^ra, ^. Musk-rat 

Afanlzd^ro, ra, a. Y. AhnUelMo. 

Almo, ma, a. Support or maintenimoe ; ven* 
erable. holy. [of militia. 

Almocaddn, am. The commander of a troop 

AlmocAfre, am. A gardener's hoe. 

Ahnoc6da, ^. Impost on water for irrigation. 

Almoeriite, am. Sal ammoniac. 

Almodi, am. Measure containing six bushels. 

AhnodriSte, am. Hodge-podge; galUmanfty. 

Almeftr, am, A part of ancient armor on the 

Atmofia, ^f. An Moihen vessel. 

'* "' , am. A woollen bag; a seaman's 


Ahnogima, if. (Nan.) The stem-posl 
Almog^irabe, Almogav^r, am^ An expert f» 

ager. Almoffdixirea^ Llgl»t troops. 
Almohdda, ^ Pillow or boUter, coshion. 
Almobadilla, ^. A small pillow; working 

case; sewing cushion. 
Almobadillado, da, a. Cushion-shape. 
Almohftddn, sm. augm^ A Iari;e eusiiion. 
Almohitre, Almojdtre, am. Su ammouia& 
Aimohaza, «/. Curry-comb. 
Almobazado, da, a. Curried. 
Almohazaddr, am. A groom. 
AJmobaz^, va. To carry with a curry-comb. 
AlmoMbana, sf. Cake of cheese and flour. 
Almojariffidgo, AlmctJarii^Q, «m. Import or 

export duty. [officer. 

Almojarifo, am^ Tax-gatherer; custom-house 
AIm6na, tf. Soap-ikctorv ; shad-flshenr. 
Alm6ndlga, Almondignilla, af. Forced meat 

Almon^da, »f. An auction, public sale. 
Almonedeor, «a^ To sell by auction. 
Almorad6x, am. (Bot) Sweet maijoram. 
Almori, AlmurL am^ A sweetmeat or csJce^ 
Almoronia, ^f. A dish of cucumbers, tom» 

toea, pumpkins, etc 
Ahnorrinas, af. pL Pileat 
Almorr6ik, ^/TA mosaic floor, pavement 
Alm6rta, ^ (Bot) Blue vetch. 
Almorzlda, af. A double-handfhl of grain. 
AlmorzMo, da, a. One who has break&sted. 
Almorzad^r, am. Breakiast-cantine. 
Almorziir, vo. To breakfiist [measures. 
Almotacdn, cm. Inspector of weights and 
Ahnotacendzgo, arti. Inspectorship, elerk* 

ship of the market [Moonk 

Almoz^u>abe, am, A Christian sul^ect to the 
AUuud, am. A dry measure equal to the 

twelfth part of ti/aneffa. 
Almudkia, ^ Ground taking hsltti/imega 

of seed. [bnshelfli 

Almudi, Almudin, Mn. Public granary; sLi 
Almn6rdago, am. Bird-lime. 
Almu^Tza, a/. A double-handful of grain. 
Almu^rao, am. Break&st 
Almutazafe, am. Inspector of welghta 
Alnido, da, a. A step-child. 
Aloiria, af. A sort of vault, cellar. 
AlobadMo, da, a. Bit by a wolf; morbid 

swellings. [a wol£ 

Alobunadillo, Ua, a. Somewhat resembling 
Alobunido, da, a. Resembling a wolf in color. 
Alocadam^nte, ad. Bashly. 
Alodulo, da, a. Foolish, half-witted; wild. 
Aiocncion, «/! Allocution ; address. 
Alodial, a. (Law) Allodial; indM)endent 
A16dio, cm. A possealon not bela by tennra. 
A16e, am. Aloes-tree; aloes. 
A16Ja, ^ Metheglin. 

Alojamidnto, «;». Lodging. (Nau.) Steerage. 
Aloliir, ija. To lodge, let lodgings. 
Alojeria, if. A place where metheglin Is sold. 
Aloj^ro, atn. Seller of metheglin ; a box neat 

the nit 
Alomado, da, a. Having a curved back. 
Alomir, «a. To distribute equally the loa4 

A16n, am. The plucked wing of a fowl 
A16n! ifUeH. (French allons) Let us ga 

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' Uongadteo, a. Dilatory. 
lIongBini^Bta 9m, DeUij. 
AJons^, vOk To enUrge, extend. 
A^lopoeia, ^ Alopeda, nlUng of the hair. 
A.)opl&do, 00} a. Composed of opium. 
AJ6que, a. Clear white wine, or a mlxtore of 

r^ and white. n>leached. 

Aloqoin, «m. A stone wall on which wax is 
Aliitia, ^ Shad. 

Al^na, ^ Wormwood. [anchoraw 

Alot^, va. Alotar laa CMUslas^ To stow the 
Alot6n, «m. Fruit of the lote-treew 
AIn&ca, 9m. Paeo and Llama^ a aheep of 

donth Ameriea. 
Alpafi&ta, ^ A piece of chamoi»-ekin. 
Alpargdta, ^ Alpargdte. 9m, A sort of 

hempen shoes or sandau. CompaAia de 

la alpargaUk, A set of ragamnfflnw. 
Alporgat^do, da, a. Wearing hempen sandaU. 
Alpargatdr, wk To make hempen sandala. 
Alparsateria, ^f. A mannflM^twy of hempen 

sandala or shoes. JsanoalB. 

llpargatiro, am. A mano&ctarer orbempen 
Alpargadlla, ^f, A small hempen sandal; a 


Alpechin, am. Water which oosea fh>m a 

Amkte,«}iK Canary-seed. Ouedar9eatpide^ 
To. be disappointed. [eggB, and honey. 

Alplst^la, Alpistdra, ^ A oake made (^ flour, 

A]phit6ro, 9m, A sieve for canary-seed. 

Alqneria, ^ A grange, fkrra-house. 

AIqu6rmea, 9m^ A sweetmeat; a celebrated 
confection. [ollvesL 

Alqndrqne, 9m. Place for laying the Smised 

Alqn^ Miw A wine moasore eontainlng 12 
edntorcM. [like a cloak. 

Alqnlc61, Alqnic^r, am. A Moorish garment 

A1quif61. 9m, (iiOn.) Alqnifon, or potter*s ore. 

Alquiladizo, za, a. That which may be let 
or hired. 

Alquiladdr, ra, «. Coach-hirer. 

Alqullami^nto, tm. Hiring or letting. 

Alqnil^, f>a. To let, hire, rent [firnita. 

AJqnllite, 9m, Duty on the sale of goods or 

Alquil^r, am. Wages or hire; tho act of 
hiring or letting. AlquiUr d4 una casa^ 
House-rent [hired. 

A]quII6n, na, a. That which can be let or 

Alqoildna, ^, A hired woman for day-work- 

Alquimia, ^. Alchemy. 

Alqnlmtco, ca, a. Relating to alchemy. 

Alquimila, t(f. (Bot) Ladies' mantlei 

Alqnimi&ta, am. Alchemist [women. 

Alqnin&l, am. A veil or head-dress fof 

AlqoitAra, ^ Alembic. 

Alqnitar^, va. To disUL 

Alqulttra, ^ Gnm-tragacanth. 

Alqoitr&n, 9m, Tar. 

Alqaitranido, 9m, Tarpaulin, tarred c'oth. 

Alquitran&r, va. To tar. 

A1roded6r, ad. Around, on every side. 

Abededdres, am^ pk Environs. 

AIr6ta, ^ A very coarse sort of tow. 

A)shie,am Sompion-grass. 

Alta, 9f. A lance; a roll of able soldiers. 

Altabique, 9m. Women's small work-basket 

Altabaqnillo, 9m, Small bindweed. 

Altamdnte, ad. Highly. 

iltamisa, «/. Mng-wort 


Altaneria, ^ Towering flight of birds ; hawk 
ing: haughtinesa. 

Altandro, ra, a. Soaring, towerlnc : hana^i^ 

Alt4r, 9m, Altar; conmiunion tanle. Atta* 
ds (Utima^ A privileged altar. [feasti. 

Altarero, 9m. Adomer of altars for {nrool 

Alt^ 4/f (Bot) Marsh-mallow. 


Alterable, a. Changeable, alterable. 

AIteract6Ti, sf. Alteration ; strong emoUoA 
disturbance, tumult commotion. 

Alter4do, da, a. Alterative, medicated. 

Alterad6r, ra, 9. Alterer. 

Altordnte,pa. (Med.) Alterative. 

Alterer, «a. To alter, change; disturb, sta 
up.— rr. To fling. 

Altorativo, va. a. Alterative. 

Altercacidn, Altorc4do, a. A controversy i 
contest strife. [tender. 

Altercador, ra. «. Quarreler, dispnter, ooa- 

Alterodr, va. To contend, dispute, quairel 

Altemadin, «< Altomation. 

Altem&r. va. To alternate, obangei 

AltematSva, ^ Alternative, option, choice 

Altemativam6nte, ad. Alternatively. 

Altamativo, va, a. Alternate. 

Alt6mo, na, a. Alternate. 

Alterr6ina,j/: Sweet milfoil 

Alt^ ^. Height; bighnesa; elevation. 

Altib^o, 9m. A tlimst in fencing.— p^. Un- 
even ground ; vicissitudes. 

Altillo, Ha, a. dim. Somewhat high. 

Altillo, am. dim, A hillock. 

Altilocu^neia, ^ High-eounding wordi 

Altilocn6nte, a. Pompons language. 

Altimetria, ^. Measuring altitudes or heights 

Altimetro, bt^ a, Belanng to altimetry. 

Altialmo, ma, a. auinn. very lofty. 

Altisimo, 9m. The Most High, €^od. 

Altismetria, 9f. The measure of a height 

AltisonAnte, Altisono, na, a. HIgh-soundins. 

AltitonAnteio. Thundering, fblminant 

Altitad, f(f. Height, summit, altitude. 

Altivam^nte, ad. Highly, lofUly. 

Altiv^a, ^ Hanghtinoss, arromnce, pride. 

Altivo, va, a. Haughty, proud, lofty ; high 

A'lto, ta, a. High, elevated. AUa mar, 
(Nau.) High tide; tall ; arduous; eminent 

Aito, 9m, Height; story; high ground. 

A'lto, int AUo oAi, Stop there. AUo d9 
aquit Move off. 

A'lto, ad. Loud; high. i>a lo aUo, From 
above. Se ms pa9d por aUo^ I forgot 
For aUo, By stealth. 

AltramAz, am. CBot) Lupine. AUramucm, 
Voting bhwklMlto. 

Alt6ra, ^ Height, loftiness; summit; alti- 
tude. (Nau.) The latitude. AUwa9, 
The heavens. [bring under the lee 

AluAr or TomAr por la Ina. vn. (Nau.) To 

A16bia, ^ French bean, kidney bean. 

Alucinaoi6n, ^ Alncinan^6nto, am. Halla- 

AInoiniff, va. To deceive, fksclnate, delude^ 

Alno6n, am. (Oni.) Aluco owl 

Al&da. ^ Winged emmet, kind of ant 

Alud^l am. Subliming pots. 

Aludhr, vn. To allude, refer to. f tanesk 

t AluMr, va. To discover, discern at a dt» 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


ihmbr&do, da, a. Alnminoos; flostend 

AlmnbrMcs wk IlhnnlnsttoiL AhtmbrO" 
tftM, mnminati, a sect 

AJambnul6r. ra, s. Light-man, link-boy. 

Almnbrami^tcsOTi^IuiinUnation; UhcuBion: 

Aiiimbr&r,«a.ToIfglit; enlffffaten, Instniet 

Alfimbre, tm, Ahmu AkunSre catino^ AI- 
kalL Ahanbre de nuurcu^ ^t of tutu. 

Ahmibr6Tm, ^ Ahim-mine. Ahunbrtra 
€trHileiaZ^ Alum-worka. 

AHtmloa, ^ AJomlna or alomine. 

AJomlitMlo, da, ct. Mixed Trith alam. 

Ahxmin680i, ^a^ AJaminoas. 

Alomno, na, & Foater-^dld ; pnpH, alnronna. 

Alnnido, da, a. Lonadc; spasmodle ; tainted. 

AhiBt6n, ^ An allosion, a bint 

AladTo, Ta, a. Allasive. 

AlBstrir, «a. To give Instre. 

AJntacidn, ^ Stratum of gndns of gold. 

AhiTiti, a. AlhrdaL 

AhiTi6n, ^ Alluvion. 

Alveirioi, «m. Tlie inner earltj of the ear. 

Alveo, «fik Bed of a river; sooroe. 

AIve6Ki, €nK AJveolos or socket of the tooth. 

A)v6ija, Alvexj^oia, ^f. Common vetch or 

Alvidriar, «a. To claze earthen-ware, sloss. 

Alvlno, na, cu. Alvuie, relating to the Dow- 
els, griping. 

ATmj wf. Advance In price. Aha y hc0a^ or 
eoida ds iMfondoB pibUoos, The rise 
and &11 of pubHc stocks. [linen. 

Alzaoa^Do, «m, A black collar bonnd with 

Alzida, ^. A town, village, &C., sitnated on 
an eoinence; appeal Jumdsabadaa^ 
A indge of appeals. 

Alzftdo, sm. A plan of a boilding. AUadoty 
Spare stores, — a. Fraadulent 

Alzadiira, tf. Elevation. 

Ahamiento, am. The act of lifting or raising 
ap; outbidding. 

AlxapAfio, 9m, A hook to floten a enrtaln. 

Alxqnima» ^ A lever; fnlormn. Dor al- 
9apHma,To deceive, min by artifice. 

AJzaprimir, «& To raise with a lever. 

Alz^Midrtas, «7n. A player who acts only 
the part of a dmnb servant 

Ah^, CO. To raise, lift np, erect; repeal a 
decree; carry ofT; bide; cnt the cards. 
Abar cabeeOy To recover fk-om a calam- 
ity or disease Alear de dbra^ To wase 
working. AUar ds ^tm. To finish har- 
vesting. AbarJlffurOy To assume an air 
«f importance. Altar la casa^ To qnit a 
boose. Alnr vdas. To set the sails; 
move oft — rr. To rise in rebellion : make 
a (hutdnlent bankruptcy; appeal Al- 
tone eon A dinero^ To run away with 
the money. AViair9e d mayores^ To be 
petulant Alaw^$e'con aigo^ to appro- 
firiato to one^s self 

a ma, ^f. Mlstresa of the lioi»e. Ama ds 
Uaft^ or ds gdbismo^ A housekeeper. 
Ama ds Isehs^ Knnte. 

AmablUdid, ^. Amiability. 

Am&ble, a. AjQiable, pleasing^ 

ijiablemtete, odL Amiably. 

inucdoa. 4^ vtaoBon phuu. 


AmMollirse, «r. To throw out shoota 
Amador, ra, a A lover, a sweetheart 
Amadriada, rf, Hamadiyad, a wood nympb 
Amadrigdrse, «r. To burrow; live retired. 
Amadrinir, fXL To couple, yoke together. 
AmadrofiMo, da, a. Besembling strawber 

AmaestriMo, da, a. Taught, tutored. 
Amaeetradma, sf. Artifice, cunning. 
Amaeetr^, va. To instruct break In. 
Amagur, Da. To threaten ; have some symp- 
toms of a disease; manifest a dosirei— 

«r. (Prov.) To stoop. 
Ami^^, sm. The act of threatening; doing 

or saying something; symptom of disease; 

squeamishness. [damp^ 

Amainir. vo; To lower the sails; relax; 
Amaitinar, va. To observe attentively. 
Ami^od^* v*^ ^o seek shelter in a ifheep- 

fbM; pen np sheep. . 

Amalgima, ^Amalgam. 
Amalgamadon, sA Amalgamation. 
AmalgamAr, vo. To amalgamate^ 
Amamant^, t€t. To nurse, give suck. 
Amambluo^ ttf A sort of ootum stnfl^ 
Amancebido, da, a. Attached, exceasivelj 

Amancebami^nto, «m. Concubinage. 
Amanceb&rse, vr. To live in concnbtn^. 
AmancilUir, «a. To stain, pollute; oflind, 

Amanec^r, vn. To dawn ; arrive at break of 

day. At amanscsr^ At the break of day. 
Amaner&do, da, a. Painted in an unvaried 

AmanoJAr. «a. To gather by handfhla 
Amansador, ra, a Tamer; soother, breaker. 
Anumsamidnto. «m. Tuning. * [pacify 

Amansdr, va. To tame, domesticate; soften 
Amant4r, tMZ. To cover with a garment 
Amdnte,jpa. and a Loving; lover, sweet 

AmantlllAr, «a. Qi^au.) To top the lifts. 
Amantillo, sm. (Nan.) Lift of the yaid. 
Amanu^nse, sm. Amandensls, clerk. 
Amaf&dr, «a. To do a thing deverty.^^t 

To be handy. 
Amdjlo, sm. lifeans of doing a thing.— 0. p>. 

Tools or implements; intrigue. 
Amapdia, «/ Poppy, napaver. 
Amdr, WL To love, like, fkncy. 
Amaradno, a. Ungitsnlto dmaradno, Mai 

joram ointment 
Amar&oo, Sweet maijoram. 
Amarinto, sm. (Bot) Amaranth. 
Amargado, da. a. Embittered. 
Amargal^ia, sf. The bitter or wild plum. 
Amargam6nte. ad. Bitterly. 
Amarg4r, 9a, To make bitter* ofIiBnd.->-««a 

To be bitter or acrid. 
Am^rgo, ga, a. Bitter; painfhl 
Amirgo, wn. Sweetmeat of bitter almonda 

Amarg6n, sm. Dandelion. 
Amaii^r, tm. Bitterness; sorrow, vexation 
AmaigAeo, sa a. Bitter, painfhL 
Amarguillo, 11a, a, dim. Somewhat bitter. 
AmatgAra, «/ Bitterness, acerbity, sorrow 
AmaricAdo, da, a. (Coll.) Effeminate. 
AmarilUoo, za, a. Of a pale yellow color. 

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ImariJleAr, «n. To inoline to yollow. 

^marill^o^ ja, cl dim, T«Uowish. 

Amuill^iito, Ul a. Inclining to jellovr. 

Amariil^E, ^ The y«Uow color of tiie body. 

Amarillo, Ua, €k Yellow. 

Amarillo, 6m. Janndice. 

Ax..ariposado, da, a. Papilionaceous. 

Ajn^ro, 8m.. (JBot) Common Claris. [Belay. 

AmArra, »f. A ciU>le; martingale. — i$Uery. 

Amarraddro, sm, A post to make last to; 

Aroarr4r, va. To tie, fksten, moor. 

Amarraz6nea. «fn. pA (Naa.)Gromid>tackle. 

Amartclir, oo. To court, make love, woo. 

AmartUUur,iKik To hammer, knodcin; cock 

Amasad6ra, // A kneadlng-trongb. 

Amasaddr, ra, «. Kneader. 

Amasodiira, sf. Act of kneading. [Joining. 

Amaaamidnto, am. Tbe act of miiting or 

Amaa4r, «a. To knead; mould; arrange 
matters well [agreement 

AmasUo, em. Dough; a medley; plotting 

Amatista, q^. Amethyst 

Amat6rio, ria, a. Amatory. 

Ama6ris, Sfit A kind of Indian linen. 

Amayorazgido, da, a. Entailed. 

Amaz^na, $/. An amazon; a masculine 
woman, vingo. [different colors. 

Amannvftdo, da, a. Flowers terminating in 

AmbAges, sm. jp2. Circuit; circomlocution. 

AmbagiMo, r^ a. Ambiguous, doubtful 

A'mbar, mtK Amber. A'mbar ffris. Amber- 

A^bara, «m. (lehtb.) Amber-flsh. 

Ambariba, tf. (Bot) Sweet centaury. 

AmbarUla, ^. (Bot) Amber-seed, hibiscus. 

Ambarino, na, a, Belating to amber. 

AmbicI6n,«/ Ambition; covetousness. 

Ambicionir, va. To pursue with anxiety, 

Ambicioeam^nte, ad. Ambitioos;-l)ighIy. 

Ambioi6eo, sa. a. Ambitious; covetous; 
high-minded; greedy. [dealing. 

Ambld^stro, tra, a. Ambidextrous: double- 

AmbigA, mm. Ambtgu, a medley of cold and 
warm dishes served all at once. 

Amblguam^nte, ad. Ambiguonslv. 

Ambigued^ ^ Aroblgui^, doubt 

Amblguo, gua, a. Ambiguous. [PM& 

A'mbito, 9m, Circuit, drcumlbrence, oom- 

Ambl6o. mn, A short, thick wax-candle. 

Ambligonio, sm. A figure with an obtuse 
angle. Y. TW^ftn^^ 

Ambiiopia, »/. A disease of the eyes. 

A'mbo, im. Combination of two numbers. 

A'mbos. baa, pro. Both. A'mbot or A'mbas 
A do9y Both together. 

Ambrac&n, tm. A sea-fish of enormous size. 

Ambrosia, «/ Ambrosia. Ambrona oam- 
^ peatre^ Buckthorn. [ing: 

Ambultote, a. Ambulatory, fickle, waver- 

Aiiibulativo, va, a. Roving, wandering: 

Ameb6o, bSa, a. Amebean, dialogue In verse. 

Amedrentad6r, ra. a. Tlireatener. discoura- 
ger.— a. Terrifying. [discourage. 

AmedrentAr, «a. To frighten; threaten, 

Amilga, ^ A ridge between two ftirrow& 

\melg&do, sm, A little hillock to mark a 
N>undary, I 


Amolgiir, co. To fturow ; mark boondvlM 
Am6Io, sm. (Bot) Golden star-wort 
AmelouAdo, da, a. Shaped like a melon. 
Ami'in, sm. Amen, wbsik Veto ds CK:Kit 

A partial vote. 
Amen^bca, «f. A threat, menaca 
Amenazador, ra, «. Threatener, menacsr. 
Amenazinte, pa. Threatening. 
AmenazAr, oo. To threaten, menace. 
Amenid&d, ^f. Amenity, agreeableness. 
Ameniair, va. To render pleasant or a^crM 

able. [elegaal 

Am^no. na, a. Pleasant delicious; fiorl^ 
Amentaoeo, cea, a. <Bot) Amentaoeouii 
Am6nto, »m, (Bot) Ament amentum. 
Am6os, *m. Boyal cummin, bishop's vreed. 
Amehb*, va. To mix wine with water. 
Amerirse, vr. To soak or enter gradually 

Ametal&do, da, a. Having the color of brass 
Ametista, «! Ametkto, mn. Amethyst 
Ami, mn. fioyal cummin, bishop's weed. 
A'mia, ^ A large searflsh. 
Amiinto, mn, Amiinta, t< AmUnthua. 
Amicisimo, ma, a. mtp. Most friendly. 
Amitoto, mn, A helmet-strap. 
Amiga. ^. A school for giris ; mistress. 
Amigible, a. Friendly; fit, suitable. 
Amigablemente, ad. Amicably. 
Amigo, ga, «. A friend ; comrade; lover. 
Amigo, ga, a. Kindly, friendly, ikvorably. 
Amilanamldnto, sm. Spirltlessness, timidity. 
Amilan4r, va. To frighten, terrify, crush.— 

vr. To flag, grow ddected. 
Amillaramiento. sm. Assessment of a tax. 
Amilhv4r. va. To assess a tax. 
Amillon^o, da, a. Liable to pay a tax. 
Anim^. va% To wheedle, flatter, coax. 
AmistAOfV^ Amity, friendship; gallantry 

civility. [fiivor. 

Amistir, va. and r. To reconcile, restore l§ 
Amlstosamtote, ad. Friendly. 
Amlst6eo, sa. a. Friendly, amicable, cordlaL 
AmitOfSm. Amice. 

Amnistia, f^ An amnesty. [overseer 

A'mo, mn. Master of a house; proprietor 
Amodita, ^ A homed serpent 
Amodorrido, da, a. Heavy with sleep. 
Amodorriirse, vr. To be drowsy. 
Amodorrido, da, a. Y. Amodorrada. 
Amogotiuio, da, a. Steep with a flat crowa 
Amobeo^rse, vr. To grow mouldy or rus^. 
Amobln6r, va. To irritate. 
AmoIamMO, da, a. Dry and clean. 
Amdonad6r. mn, A setter of limits 
Amqjonamiento, sm. Setting land-marks. 
Amcoon4r, va. To set land-marks. 

id^ ^ Whetstone, grindstone. 
Amolad6r, tm. Grinder, whetter. 
AmoladAra, af. Whetting or grinding. 
AmoUr, va. To whet, grind, or sharpen. 
Amoldad6r, mn. A moulder. [just 

AmoldAr. vo. To mould, lashlon, figure : ad- 
Amollador, ra, 9. One who lots an loforiot 

card win. [card. 

Amoll^, va. To ease off; to play an Innrior 
AmolletiUo, da. a. Shaped like a loa£ 
Am^mo, mn. (Bot) Grain of paradise. 
Amondong&do, da, a, (Coll.) dallow, coaraa 
AmonedAr va. To coin. 

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AaMB6iUei6ii, ^f. Advice, admoolUon, wira- 
tiig; marriage ban. Fisher. 

AmoiMstaddr, ra. «. A monitor, an aomon- 

AaoDOfiUr, wu To ad viae, admonish; cor- 

AmooUcQ, ««Nk. Ammoniac; 

Amootirae, vr. To fir to the moontaina. 

Amonton»d6r, ra, %. Heaper, accamolator. 

AmootonamUntcii, «m. Acenmniating, hoard- 
faiS» gathering. 

Araontoodr, «<&. To heap up, accnmolate, 
gather, hoard ; group. — vr. To fly into a 

Aside «m. Love, tendemeaa, afEsetionf 
fkmy. Amor n^ or mit amor^ Bea- 
dalfodiL ^»M>rd^Aor<0<afio,Qooeeigrs8a. 
Al amor <U la iMmbre^ Close to the flreu 
Amorpropio^ Self-lore.— ^9)^ Gallantry; 
wnoors. Vemilamor^ acL with all my 

AmontAdo, da, a. Llrld. [heart 

Amorcillo, 9m^ dim. Slight love, kindness. 

Am6res. or Amores mil, mt Bed valerian. 

Amorloonee» «fiK pL Love-looks. 

AmoriO) «m. Friendship. 

AmortsdUlo, da, a. BesombUng the Moorsi 

Amormido, da, a. Uorses having the gUnd- 

Amorosam^nte, <»d. Lovingly. [pleasing. 
Amor6»o, sa, a. Affectionate, kind, loving, 
AmMrar. vn. To hold down the head. 
Amort^ar, wt. To shroad a corpse. 
ArooTtee6r8(^ vr. To &lnt be in a swoon. 
Amortedmiento, mn. Swoon; fiitntlng. 
AmortignaeiAn, ^ AmortignamitotOi «m. 

Amortigair. va. To mortify. [property. 
Amortizaclon, «< Mortmain; inalienable 
Amoitlzir, «a. To render inalienable ; entail. 
Amoee^, «a. To flap flies.— er. To shake oflT 

the flies; irritate. 
AmoeqniUdo, da, a. Tormented with flies. 
Amostach&do, a. Wearing mustaches. 
Amoetaz&r, va. To exasperate, provoke.— 

er. To fly into a violent passion. 
Amottnftdo, do, a^ Matinoua, rebdlions. — 

pp. of AmoUnar. 
Aniotinad6r. ra, «. Mntineer. 
Amotiaamiento, am. Mutinv. 
AmotinAr, ra. To excite rebellion.— er. To 

rise against anthority, revolt 
.\jB0v6r, ««. To remove. [removed. 

AmoribiUdid, << The possibility of being 
Amovible, a. Bemovabfe. 
Amp4ra, f^ (Law) Distress; seizure. 
Amparaddr, ra, a Protector; shelterer. 
Ampar&r, wl To shelter, protect, support, 

assist (Law) To seize. Amparar en la 

po9t«icn (Law), To maintain tn possession. 

— er. To claim or eiOoy prote<^on. 
Ampiro, am. Favor, aid, protection, 
impelita, ^ Cannel-coaL 
lmpllad6n, ^ EnUrgement 
ArapHaddr, ra, «. Amplifier, enlargor. 
Ampliam^te, ad. Amply, largely. 
Am^iAr. va. To ampUiy, enlarge. 
AmpHativo, va, a. Amplifying. Ttion. 

Ampliflcaeida, ^f. Enlargement; ampAfloa- 
Aiiq>iiflead6r, ra, & Ampllfler, expat£frtor. 
AmpHfloAr, 9a. To amplify, enlarge, extend. 
A'a^iov a. Ample, axtensivo; Uu^e; 

Amplit6d, ^. Extent, greatneea. 
A'mpo. Whiteness. 
Amp6lla, tf. A blister; vial; cruet 
AmpollAr, fo. To blister; hollow. — vr. To 

rise in bubbles. 
Ampollilr, a. Besembling a blister. 
AmpoUota, tif. dim^ A small vial ; bour*|^asc 
Ampriir, ru. To borrow. 
Ampntacidn, «/ Amputation. 
Amput^, on. To amputate. 
Amuchochddo, da, a. Boyish, childish. 
Amuebl&r^ vo. To fhmish. 
Amugnmionto, stn. Setting (^landmarks. 
Amugronador, ra, «. Trainer of vine-ebooCs. 
Amidor&do, da, a. Effeminate. 
Ajnul&rse, vr. To become sterile. 
Amnlatiido, da, a. A mulatto color. 
Amul6to, 9m. An amulet [tlon. 

Amunidon&r. va. To supply with ammoni- 
Am6ra, «/ Tack of a sail Cambiar Im 

omura, To stand on the other tack. 
Amuhidas, «/ pk (Nan.) Planks next the 

Amurir, va. To haul the tack aboard. 
Amurc^, va. To gore with the horns. 
Am&rco, am. Blow or stroke with the hom& 
Amurill4r, iHt (Agr.) To earth up. 
Am6soo, a. Brown. 
Amusg&r. va. To throw back the ears. 
A'na,«/.Anell; anno; a kind of fox; equal 

Anabatista, Anabaptista, *m. AathapUst 
AnacarMo, da, a. Of a pearly whito color. 
Anacardma, ^ Confection made of cashew 

Anacdrdio, mt, (Bot) Cashew-tree. 
Anacatiirtico, ca, a. and s. Emetic. 
Anaoor6ta, am. An anchorite, a hermit 
Anaoordtioo, ca, a. AnchoreticaL 
Anao6sta, «/. A sort of woollen stufll 
Anacredntico, ca, a. Anacreontic. 
Anacronismo, tm. Anachronism. 
A'nade, mt, and/ Duck. 
Anadear, vn. To waddle. 
Anadt^Ja, sf. dim. A duckling: 
Anadino, na, «. A young duck. 
Anad6n, «m. Mallard-duck. 
Anadoncillo, «m. dim. A grown duckling. 
Anaf&ya, if. A kind of thick corded silk. 
An^ sm. A portable furnace or stove. 
AniUbra, 9f. Anaphora, a figure in rhetoric. 
Anagillde, ^f. Pimpernel 
Anagirls, «/ (Bot) Stinking bean-lxefbil. 
Anaglifo, sm. Vase or vessel with hatto ro 

Anag^ nn. Anag6g!a, «f. Anagoglfv. 
Anag6gico, ca, €L Anagogical 
Anagrama, rf. An anagram. 
Anafframatizad6r, 9m. Anagrammatlat 
AnaJdptico, ca, a. (Med.) Analeptio, teaHof 

Anal^paia, ^ Analopsla. 
An^es, 9m. pL Annals. 
AnAU8i% Iff. Analysis. 
Analista, am. Annalist 
Analiticam^te, ad. Analytically. 
Analitico. ca, a. Analytical. 
Analizador, sm.. Analyzer. 
AnalizAr, va. To analyze. 
Anilogaro6nte, ad. Analngoiuly. 

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Aimt,^nift, «. idiatbema, exoommnnlcation. 
Anatematlz^r, vo. To «xooinmaniGate. 
Anatomit, ^. Anatomy; skeleton. 
Anat6micam6nte, ad. Anatomically. 
AnBt6mlco, ca, a. AnatomicaL 
Anatomista, «m. Anatomist 
Anatomiz&r. wu To anatomize, dissect 
A'nca. ^ The cronp of a horse, baonclu 
Anc&ao, %m. Contraction of the mosdea. 
Ancham6nte, ad» Widely, largely. 
Anch&ria, s/T Tlie width of cloth. 
Anch6ta, Bf, Yontnro. 
Anchic6rto^ ta, a. Wider than long. 
A'nolio, cha, a. Broad, large. Poner96 mvy 
onc^. To look big. Fu/a ane/to, A loose 


A'ncho, Anoh6r, 9nu Width. 
Anch6a, Anchdva, nf, Anchoyy. 
AndiQ^Io, b^ a. dim. Somewhat wide. 
Anchtira, tf. Width; latitade; laxity. A' 

mi* anenur€u or d *u» anohuraSt At 

hu^ at fhll Uberty. 
Anchnr^so, sa, a. Large, spacious, broad. 
AnchOsa. sf. (Bot) Alkanet [oldeet 

Anciania, af. The Jurisdiction of the four 
Andanid&d, b/. Old age; antiquity. 
Aniino, na. a. Old. 
A'nda. ^. Anchor. 

Anc1aa6^, tm. Anchorage. [dues. 

Anclige, Bm. Anohoring-ground ; anohorage- 
Ancl&r, wk To anchor. . 
Ancl6te, ank Stream-anchor, kedge. 
Anclotillo, am. Kedge-anchor. 
Ano6n, AnconAda, ank An open road, a bay. 
A'ncora, ^ Anchor. Fchar dneoraa^ To 

cast anchor. Leoar daiccraa^ To weigh 

anchor. Eatar en Ancoraa, To lie at 


nked ghullator. 

baked cake. An- 



Aikdi^o. da, €L Beaten; worse Ibr qm^ 
threadbare; customary. 

Andaddr, ra, a. A good walker; messongei 
of a court (Nau.) A fiist sailer; an in- 
ferior minister of Justice ; loading-string, 
an alley in a garden. 

Andadtiia, f^ Oait; pacing; amble. 

Andiilia, ^ Sandal. [ation. 

Andalnz:^ ^ Bullying, boasting; exagger' 

Andami^a, ^, Scanbldlng. [board 

And^mio, am. Scaffold : ^t (Nau.) Gans- 

Anddnn, ^ Bow, tier, line. [mand. 

Aiidandda, ^ Broadside; reproof^ repri- 

Andanino, «*ik A kind of go-cart 

Andinte, am. (Mns.) AndantCL [errant^ 

Andant^sco. ca, €k Belonging to knight- 

Andiir, vo^ To go^ walk ; act, bdiave ; elapse. 
Andew an euarpo^ To go abroad without 
a cloak or snrtont A ndar par d^dr or 
porhacerunaeoaa^ To be determined to 
say or do a thingi Andar en camea or 
ei» outfroA, To go stark naked. Andar en 
&u«nafWa, To keep the sails fhlL Andar 
toda, To put up the helm. A' mffof 
Ofutor, AtDest,atmo6t A'jpaoramMW^ 
At woTBt I A' maa andar^ in fhll speed. 
Andando el Uernpo^ In the lapse of time. 

Andir, inteti. Wefl, never mind. Anda^ 
Stand out of the war. 

Andarise, am. The wheel of a weU. 

Andari^o, ga, <t Restless, of a roving turn. 

Andarin. am* A last walker. Andarineat 
an Italian paste used for soups. 

Andarlo, am. The white wagtiuL 

AndorivSl. wik (Nau.) A girt-line. 

A'ndas, ^ A bier with or without sliafta 

Anddtia, tf. A sort of china, china stufll 

Andto, am. A shelf; the sidewalk. 

And&ro, am>, A bior-bearor. 

Andilfi, am. Shoemaker's buniishing stick. 

A'ndito, «m. A gallery round, a building. 

And6Ia, ^ An unroeanizif Jocular expl^ve 

Andolina, Andorina, i(f. The swallow. 

And6rga, ^ Lienor la andorga^ To eat 

Andorina, af. (Nau.) A trusa^ 

Andorroar, «a. To gad about 

Andorr6ra, af. Stireet-waiker. 

AndorrSro, am. A rover, rambler. Jewea. 

Anddsco, ca, a. Two years old: appUed to 

Andrdjo, am. Bag of worn dothea. ffaoef 
andrajoBy To tear to rags. 

Andrdosam^nte, ad» Baggedly. 

Andrd^ sa, a. Bagged. [men. 

Andriana, af. A kind of gown worn by wo* 

Andrina, ^A doe. 

Andiino, em. Sloe-tree, black thorn. 

Andr6|^no, em. Hermaphrodite. 

Andr6mina, ^ (Coll.) Trick, firaiid, artifloei 

Andros6mo, am. Park-leavea 

Androtomia, af. Dissection of human bodies 

AndulArloe, f»kjpf. A long wide gown. 

AnduI6nda, ^^ (GolL) Oocurrenoo, event 

Andfillo, «f7k Plug-tobacco. 

Anduiri&Iea, am^pL By-roada, retired phwea 

An«a,^ (Bot) (Jkt's tail 

AneAge, am. Alnage, ell measure, [cradle. 

Ane^, «a. To measoro by ells; rock in t 

Aneblar, wk To dond, darken, obscnra 

An^cdota, tf. AnecdotSb 

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Aiiegaci6B, ^ Orerflowtag immdiitlon. 
Anegadizo, la, a. Liable to be overflowed. 
km^giAOi da, a. Overflowed. JTattno anOf 

gado, A water-logged ship, 
▲negfcr, mx. To Inondate, Bubmeiige.— «r. 

To be Innndated; 
An^o, ja, Ok Annexed, Jblned. 
Am^ «m. An annex, a benefice or church 

depending on another. 
Anemogr&fia, af. Anemography, the deecrip- 

tion w the winds. 
Ajsemometria, ^ Anemometrjr, measuring 

the force of the winds, 
imemometzn, mn. Anemometer, an Inetm- 

a ent to measore the force of the wind. 
Anemone. «/: Anemone or wind-flower. 
Anemoecopio, mn„ Anemoscope, a machine 

t-> show the chanses of the wind. 
AnepkrafoL fli, a. Medal, piece of honor: 
Aneqmn (4\ or de aneqmn, ad. 80 mnch a 

bead (o^^p). 
Anemrtsiiia, </ Aneurism. 
Anexir, ro. To annex, join. 
Anexidides. «! pL Annexes. 
Anexi6n, «/ Annexion, miion. 
kubxos za, a. Annexed, joined, united. 
AnfSbio, biJL a. AmpbiDions. 
Anfiboli^ia, ^ Amphibology, ambiguity. 
Anflbol^gicam^nte, ad, Amphibolo^caliy. 
Anflboldgieo, ca, a. Amphibological. 
Anflbraco, tm. Amphibrach. 
Aaftanacro^ 9m>. Amphimaoer. 
Anfl6n, em. Opium, 
▲nflsbena, Anflsibtoa, af. Amphisbeena, a 

serpent with two heads. 
Anftedoe, wm. pL AmphisciL 
Anfltetoro, am. Amphitheatre. 
Anfkactaesidid, fT- Crookedness.—^ j)l. 

C<mvolntion8 of the brain, [cruet-stands. 
AagariElas, {^ pL lland-barrow; panniers; 
AngvUldn, enu A laige wicker basket; a 

large hand-barrow. 
Angarip6la, ^. Printed calico. Angaripo- 

loM, Qaady omamenta. 
A'ngaro, am. Signal fire, or smoke. 
A,'ngel, am. Angel, spirit; a sort of fish. 

Manga da AngaL, Sleeve of a coat plait- 
ed. A'ngd euatodio or da la guarda^ 

Quardian angel, protector. A'ngalpati*&- 

do. Nickname of a malicious person. 

CabalkM da Angd^ A kind of sweetmeats. 
. ... .^ « _. _ . ' ^suca 

i po- 

of nn 

ch of 

4ngo8tillo« Ila. a: dim, A little narrow 


Ang^sto, ta, a. Narrow, close. 
gosto^ To be disappointed. 


AngnetAra, ^ Narrowness ; a narrow paasu 
A'ngra, ^ A small b»^, a cove. [knee& 
Anguarina, af. A loose coat hanging to tlte 
AngTiila, af. £eL Anguila d^ cabo, A port 

rope to nog the sailors. AngvUaa^ Launch • 

Anguilazo, «m. A stroke with a port-rope. 
Angulldro, ra, «. Basket or pannier for eel& 
Anguina, ^f. The vein of the groins. 
Angnl&do, da, a. Angulated, having anflee. 

Angnldr, a. Angular. 

The comer^rtone. 


Piedra angtuar<, 







Ai int. 

Anffust6ra, «/ Angnstnral>ark. 

Anbeldr, tm. To Dreathe with diflScnlty: 
long, covet 

Anh^To, am. Anxiousneas, eagerness. 

Anheloflo, sa, a. Anxiously desirous. 

Anhemdles, am. pi. Beasts of bnrded. 

Anhina, tff. Darter, bird of prey in Brazil 

Ani^^a, a/. The yearly wag^ of a laborer. 

Anidar. vn. To nestle; dwell; shelter. 

Anieblar, va. To darken, obscure. 

Anilldr, va. To form rings or circles in work. 

Anill^o, AniU«^te, am,, dim, A small ring, 

Anillo, «9m A finger ring; circuit [simseL 

A'nima, af. SouL Animaa^ bell-rh3ging at 

Anim^ble, a. Susceptible of animatioR. 

Animaci6n, {/T Animation. 

Animido, da, a. ManiU. 

Animad6r, ra. a. Animator. 

Animadversion, af. Animadversion, remark. 

Animil, am. Animal; dunce, blockhead. 

Anim&l, a. Animal [mal. 

Animal&zo, am^ augm>. A large or big ani' 

Animal6jo, ico, illo, am. dim. A small ani- 
mal, animalcule. [animal 

Animal6n. Animal6te, am. avgm. A big 

Animal6eno, am. An ugly, hideous animal 

Anim&r, va. To animate, comfort; excite. 

A'nime or g6ma Anime, qf. Qum anime. 

Anlm6ro, am-. One who asks charity for the 
souls in punratory. 

A'nimo, am^ Soul; courage, valor; mind, 
intention. — int Come on. 

Animosam^nte, ad. Courageously. 

Animosidid, af. Animosity, valor, courage 

Aniip6eo, sa, a Brave, couraffeons, gallant 

Anlfiadam6nte, a<2. In a childish manner. 

AniA&rse, w. To grow childish. 

Aniquildble, a. Annlhilable. 

Aniqui]aei6n, ^ Annihilation, extinction. 

Aniquiladdr. ra, 9. A destroyer. 

Aniqui1ami6nta, eTn. Annihilation. 

AniqnilAr, wt. To annihilate, destroy.-^vr 
To decay. 

Anis, am. Anise. Ankaea, Anise-seed^ 

I Anisido, da, a. Aniseed brandy. 


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ir, wt. To flavor irith anise. 
Aol^Io, tnu Small aniae. 
^niTeraario, lia, o^ Annirenaiyi joarlj. 

kiAvvra&rlo. wu Annlvenary; a jcarly 
maaa. lAbro de afUvsrtcuios Ap obit- 

A.'no, mn. The anns. 

An6obe, ad. Last night [c^, At nigtt>fSiUL 

Anocbeo^r, tm. To crow dark. Al aaoch&' 

Acodln^, va. To aaminlster anodTncs. 

Anodino, na, a. (Med.) Anodyne; 

Anomalikf 4^ Anomaly, 

An6malo, la, a. (Oram.) Anomalooa. 

Anomia, a/. Anomy, breach of law. 

An6|i, «m. The coatard apple-tree. 

An6iia, ef. Anona or oostard-imple. 

Anonadacl6n, «f. Anonodamiento, 9m. An- 
nihilation; aelf-oontempt 

Anonaddr, va. To annihilate; diminish. — 
w. To homble one's aelC 

An6nlmam6ntc, ad. Anonymously. 

An6nimo, ma, a. Anonvmooa; nameleaa. 

AnotAoi6n, $f. Annotation^ note. 

Anotad6r, ra, «. Commentator. 

Anotar, va. To comment 

Anqa6ta. Eatar de media anqueta^ To be 
inoontmodiously seated. [an ox. 

Anqolboyuno. na, a. Uarlng a croup like 

Anqulldsla, if. Anchylosia, a stiff Johit 

Anquis^co, ca, a. L^ crouped. [der. 

A'nsar, am. A goose. A'naar madia^ Oan- 

Anaareria, «/ The place where goose are 

Ansar«&ro, «»«. A gooae-berd. 

Ansarino, na, a. Belonging to geese. 

Anaarino, am. A gosling. [fowl 

Anaar6n, am. A goose, a large foolish water- 

AnseAticOj ca, a. uanseatlc 

AbsS, (Vul) Thus, 80. 

A'nsia, af. Anxiety, anguish, eagerness; 
longing, hankerizig. 

AnsladamSnte, ad. Anxiously, earnestly. 

Ansldr, to. To desire anxiously, to long. 

Ansina, (Low) Thns, so. 

Anslosam^te, ad. Anxiously, eam^tly. 

Ansideo, sa, a. Anxious, eager. 

A'nta, af. The Tapir. (Arch.) Antas, pillar 
of a building. 

Antdceo, am. A kind of sturgeon. 

AntagdUas, ^ pi. Sprit-sail reef-bands. 

Antagonista, am. Antagonist, an opponent 

Antwa. Llamarae antana^ To unsay, re- 

AntAfio, ad. Last year. 

Antilrtioo, ca, a. Ajitarctia [the first course. 

A'nte, am. A dressed buck or buflBalo skin; 

A'nt& prep. Before. 

Anteaao, da^ <t. Buff-colored. 

Anteanteanoche, ad. Three nights ago. 

Aoteantoaydr, a<L Three days ago. 

^teaydr, ad. Tlie day before yesterday. 

Antebr&zo, am. The fore-arm. 

Anieo&ma, 4/t A bed-side carpet 

AotecAmara, tf. Ante-chamber ; lobby ; hall ; 
the steerase. [ante-chamber. 

intecamariUa, a/C A room to the king's 

Antecapilla, af. 11)0 porch. 

\nteced6nte, am. Antecedent 

4nteo«dentem^nte, ad. Antecedently. 

Aftteoed^r, va. To precede^ forego. 


Anteoaa^r, ra, a. Predeceasor, 
ArUeesadreaf Ancestors. 

Antechinos, am. pi. Fluted monUlBga 

Ant6co» ca, a. The AntOBcL 

Antecogdr, va. To bring before one; te 
gi^er too soon. 

Antecol&na, af. A colnnm of a p'^rtieo. 

Antec6ro, am. The entrance leading to tiM 

Antecristo, am. Antichrist 

Antedita, af. Antedate. 

Antedatir, to. To antedate. 

Antedicho, cha, a. Foresaid. 

Ante-diem, (Lat) The preceding day. 

AntedlluTimio, na, a. Antediluvian. 

AnteiglMa, af. The porch of a dinrcb ; th« 
padsfa church and district 

Antelaoidn, af. Preference. 

Antemino, ad. Beforehand. 

AntemeridiAno, na, a. In the forenoon. 

AntemurAl, am. A rook or mountain pto> 
tecUng a fortress. Jmuml 

AntemimUla, af. Antemiiro, am. Y. AitU- 

Ant6na, af. A lateen yard ; the horn or an- 
tenna of insects.— e. pA Antennas. 

Anten41las, af.pL Pincera. 

Antendche, aai The night before last 

Anton6mbre, am. A title proflxed to a 
proper name. 

Anteojera, ^. Spectacle-case; eye-flap. 

Anteoldro, atn. Spectacle-maker. 

Ante6jo, an*. A q>y-glaaa; an eye-giaa& 
Ante(^o de larga viata, A teiosoope. 
Ante^o de puKo, or de teatro. Opera* 
glass.— ^. Spectacles. Anteq^oa de ca» 
minOy or de et^rmoa^ Goggles. 

AntenSmnia, Before all things; above all 

Antepagir, va. To miy beforehand. 

Antepaeuido, da, a. Paaaed, elapeed. [sor^ 

Antepas4dos, am, pL Ancestors, predeoea- 

Antepteho, am. Breastwork, parapet; foot- 
step. ^nfep<$cA<M^ (Nan.) The iron hone 
of the head. riasL 

Antepen61tlmo, nut, a. Antepenult; third 

Antepon^r, va. To prefer; place before 

Antepdrtico, am. Yestibule, porch. 

Antepu6rta, ^f. A door-enrtain ; anteport 

Antequino^ an*. Concave moulding. 

Ant6ra, af. (Bot) Anther. 

Ant^icohtardio, Mountain q)iderwort 

Anterf6r, a. Anterior, former. 

Anterioriddd, af. Priority; preference. 

Anteriorm^nte, ad. Previously. 

A'ntcs, prep. Before, beforehand. 

A'ntes, 0(2. Fir^ratner, better; heretoftwei 
A'fiiea bi&n. Rather. A'ntea con dmtea. 
As soon as possible. i>a <inil6«, In ancient 
times. A'wlea gusy Bather than. 

Antesacristia, ^f. An apartment leading to 
the sacristy. 

Antes&la, ^f. Ante-chamber. [ment 

Antestatfin, ^ (Fort) A small intrench* 

Anteteraplo, am^ Portlca 

Antev6r, va. To foresee. 

Anteviapera, af The day before yeatcvdar; 

A'nti, An inaepaiable pr^>osition, aignl/yuf 

A: iia, af aohth.) The mutton flafc. 

Antiapopleotioo. ca, a, Antiapcipleotia 

Antiap6rtol, a, Anti-apnatlo. 

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AaUartriUoo, ca, & (Mod.) Antittthritkv 
Aatiaemitico, ca» a. (Med.) AntiMthmatio. 
Anticsrdaiiil, «*». A Bchlsmatie ctrdinaL 
ABtldpad6D« ^f. Antldpatioii, foretaste; 
AstidDdda, ^f. (Feno.) An unexpected thnut 

or blow. 
AstJdpadamtote, ad. Prematorelj. 
Antkipador, ra, «. Anticipator. 
Aotidpami^nto, mn. Anticipation. 
Astldpinte, pa, Antidpated; a fit of the 

ferer returning before its pcdod. 
Antidpir, ^a. To antidpate; forestall 
Aatidunax, «. (Rhet) Antidimax. 
AKtioosmdtico, ca, a. Anticoonetio. 
AntiorliAiino, na, a. and & Antidiristian. 
Aaticntioo, mn, AnUcritic 
Antknido, da. a. Antiquated. 
Antfeo^, «a. To antiqoate, ontdatei 
AnttcoArio, am.. Antiqoarian. 
AntidorAl, ik SemnneratiTe. 
AntidisentMco, ca, a, Antldysenteria 
Aatidotiirio, am. A pharmaoolog^. 
Antidoto, am. Antidote. 
AntiemMco, ca, a. Antiemetic: 
Aatlentasii^a, a, Antientfanaiastic. 
AntlepU6ctico, ca, a. (Med.) AntiepilectieL 
AntUr, ad. The day before veeterdaj. 
Antieeoorb&tico, ca, a. (Med.) Antiscorbutic. 
AntieqMsmddioo, ca, a. Antispasmodic 
Antiiknitico, ca. a. Antilknatio. 
Antii&z, am. A lace-ToiL 
Aatiibbnl, a. Antifebrile. 
Antifhidi^aco, ca, a. Antlaphrodltia 
Antifiogistico. ca, a (Med.) Antiphlogistic. 
Antifona, ^ Antiphony, an anthem. 
Antifon&l, AntUbndrio, em, Antiphonal 
Antifon^To, ttn. Precentor, leader cf the 

Aatifrasia, ^ Antiphrastn 
Antigwillay ^f. A monoment of antiquity. 
AntigTUun6nto, ^* Andentiy, formerly. 
AntigB^, vn. TO obtain seniority; to make 

AatigBedid, ^ Antiquity; the andents. 
Antigno, gna, a, Antiqne, andent, old. 
Antigno, am. An antique monument; senior 

of a college or community. AntiguoB^ 

The andents; the illustrious men of old. 
Antihelmintico, ca, a, (Med.) Anthelmintic. 
AntlhistMco, ca, a, AntihysAeric. 
Antil^Ha, tf. An apparent contradiction. 
AntiministeriAl, a. AntiministeriaL 
Antimonirquico, ca, a. Antimonardiio. 
AntimooiiU, a, AntimoniaL 
Antim^nto, «m. Antimony. 
Anttnadonfil, a. Antinational. 
AntinelHtico, ca, a, Antinephritie. 
Antinomia, »f. Contivdiction between law& 
Antin^o, rnn, Antinous. 
Antipipa, tm. An antipope. [antipope. 

Antipapido, am^ The nnlawftal illgnity of 
Antii>apAl, a. ActipapaL 
Antipara, </. A screen; a gaiter fbr the front 

of the legs and feet 
Antiparalitico, ca, a. (Med.) Antiparalytio. 
Antipar^tttasia, af. Antiperistasis, a crime 

asserted to bo praiseworthy. 
ABtipArra8,^«/.(0oU.)Spectade8. [stone. 
AntipAtes, rnn, Black coral ; a precious blade 
Aattpatia, |< Antipathy. 


AntipAtico, ca, a. Harlng natural ayersion. 
Ant{pensta8i^ $f. Antiperistasis. [tasia. 
Antiperistitico, ca, a. Belonging to antiperitt 
Antipestil^cial, a. Antipo»tiIcntiaL 
Antip6ca, ^ Obllcatlon to pay a certain rent 
Antipoc^, va, written obligation to pay a 

certain rent [contrary dispositioVi. 

Antipodas, 6m, pi. Antipodes; persons ol 
Antip^dia, af. Antipddlo, «m. An extra dish 

to the usual meal. 
Antip6trldo, da, a. Antiseptic. 
Antiquisimo, ma, a, aup. Very ancient 
Antlrevoludonirio, ria, a. Autireyolutiob 

Antu^o, am. Snap-dragon. 

Antisdoa, am, pL (Astr.) T>?o points equally 

distant from the tropica. 
Antlsdptlco, ca, a. Antiseptic. 
Antispodio, am. (Pharm.) Antispodium. 
Antistrofe, «/! Antistrophe ; an ancient dano«i 
Antitesia,«/(Qram.) Antithesis; a contrast 
Antit6tico, ca, a. Antithetical [bol 

Antitipo, am. Antitype, figure. Image, sym* 
Antitrinitirio, am. AntltrTnltarian. 
Antiven^reo, rea, a. (Med.) Antivenereal. 
Antojadizo, za, a. Longing, capricious. 
AntqjAdo, da, a. Anxious, longing. 
AntoJ^rse, vi\ To long, desire earnestly. 
Antoj^ra, ^ A spectacle-case; eyo-flai». 
Antoj«iro, «m. Spectacles-maker. 
Ant6Jo, am. Whim; a longing, fkncy; speo 

tacles: eye-flap for horses. 
Anto1u61o, am. dim. A slight longing. 
Antoldr, am. Inserting. 
Antologia. ^f. Anthology. 
Antonom.^ia, «/? (Rhet) Antonomasia, 
Antonomd^oo, ca, a, Antonomastic 
Ant6r, am, (Law. Prov.) Vender of stolen 

goods, a &on^^<2« nnrdiaser. 
Ant6rcha, tf. Torch, flambeau. 
A'ntras, am^ Vermilion. 
A'ntro, am, Antre, cavern, den, 
Antrop^fhgo, «m. A cannibal.— 4). pi. An* 

Antropoloda, af. Anthropol<^|^. 
Antroposoila, ^ Anthroposophy 
Antruejo, am. The three oays of the camiral 
AntUTi6n,amk A sudden, unexpected stroke 

or attack. Da antuvion, Unexpectedly. 
Ann4l a. Annual [annuity. 

Anulidiid, af. State of being annual ; pension, 
Anualm^nte, ad. Annually. 
Anubarrido, da, a. Clouded. 
Anubl&do, da, a. Orcrcast clouded, dim. 
Annblir, ito. To cloud, darken; overcast; 

obscure.— f?r. To be blasted; mildewed. 
AnudAr, va. To knot, Join, unite.— rri. To 

wither, pine away. Atmdarae la «», 

Not to be able to speak. 
Anudnda, ^ Compliance, consent 
AnnSnte, a. Condescending. 
Anul4ble, a. That which can be annulled. 
AnulacWn, af. Abrogation ; abscission. 
Annlad6r, ra. «. A repealer. 
Anuliir, to. To annul, make void. 
AnulAr, a. Annular. J)edo aniUat% The rins 

or fourth finger. [making yo}£ 

AnulatSvo, va, a. Having the power of 
Anundad6n, qf. Annundatlon. 
Anundaddr, ra, «. Announcer. 

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iniiBel^, eOk To annoonoe, proclaim ; foro- 

AsAnoio, tm. Omen; adTOitisement, notice. 

A.'naO) na, a. Annual, yearly. 

Anvmo, «m. Obverse. X^baeco-Ieavea. 

A'nvlr. MK {South Amer.) A red liquor from 

Anzolado, da, a. Hooked in. 

Anzol6ro, «m. Fish-book maker or dealer. 

Anza61o, mt. Fish-hook; allurement; frtt^ 
ters. Cost en el antuelo^ To be tricked. 
Jfoer el anMudo^ To escape a danger. 
Tragaren annielo. To swallow the bait. 

A'iia. ^ Btink-fox, skunk. 

AMda, »f. The Kood or bad season in a year; 
moitv of arablo land. [aecesBw 

Afij»did.(ira, «C Afiadiml^nto, em. Addition, 

Afiadir, va. To add; exageerate. 

AfiaKja, ef, Papel ds aHqfea^ Brown paper. 

AflafU, mtK A muslod pipe used by the 

AftafllSro, em. A player on the aflaJU. 

Ai^as^ ef. A call, lore, decoy. [lamb. 

AiUu, Ow Annual CorderoafUilyKjeexMng 

AMI, em. An annual olSaring on the tomb. 

Aftal^o, em. An eodeslasticju almanac. 

Afiasoar, «a. To collect by degrees. 

AficiAr, 9a, To make old.— ur. To grow old. 

A.A^)o, Ja, a. Old, stale, musty. 

AAico^ em. pL Bits or small pieces of any 
thing. /7a<30ra/lio0«, To break into small 
blt& Haeeree aiUooey To overheat one's 

Afiil, em. The indigo plant ; indigo : the beet 
qnali^ is called ahU iter, or tieate; the 
middling sort, eobreeaUetde^ and the com- 
mon kind, corte. 

AiVin6ro, em, A dealer in lamb-skins. 

Aiiinoe, em. pk The fleecy skins of yearling 

Afiirddo, da, a. Dyed blue. 

A'fio, em. A year; a long time. Mai afio. 
Surely, without doubt Mai aflo para A, 
The deuce take him. A'iloe^ The birth- 
day of a person. CeUbrar toe afloe, To 
keep the birth-day. Tetter aiioe^ To be 
old. Aflo bieieeto^ Leap-year. 

AfioJtU, em. Fallow land. 

Afi<Mo,Ja, «. A yearling calC 

Afiubli&o, da, a. Blin^olded. 

Afinbl4r, Alinblfirsc, Y. Anublar. 

Aft&blok em. Mildew. 

Afiudaddr, ra, e. One who knots or ties. 

Afiud^ «& To make fast, unite, tie close. 
AfiMoar loe laMos^ To impose silence. 

AAusffdr, WL To choke; vox, annoy.— im. 
To be displeased. 

AqjAdo, da, a. Bewitolied. 

AcHad6r, ra, «. A coi^urer. [fitacination. 

Aojadfira, if. AoJami6nto, em. Witchcraft, 

AojAr, va. To fliscinato, charm, bewitch. 

Aojo, em. Bewitching, (kscinatlon. 

Aoristo, em, (Gram.) Aorist 

A6rta, t^f. (Anat) Aorta, the great artery. 

a.ovddo, da, 0. Oviform, in the shape of on 

Aovm*, aa. To lay eggs. 
Aovill&rse, «r. To grow like a dew. 
Apabilibr va. To prepare the wick of a 

candle fbr Ugfath^^or. To go out, to es- 



Apacentad^ro, em. Fastore. 
Apaoentad6r. «m. A herdsman. 
Apacentamicnto, «m. Pasturage. 
Apacent^, wt. To tend graang cattle; V 

graze; teach spiritually. 
Apachnmr, «a. To crush, squeetek [neea. 
Apacibilidid, ^ Afiabili^, mildness, meek 
Apadble, a, Aibble, meek, gentle; placid, 

Apadblcmdnte, ad. Mildly, gently. 
Apaciguad6r. ra, e, PeaoemJaker. 
Apaciguamiento, em. Paclflcation. 
Apacigndr, ta. To appease, pacUy, calm.— 

vn. To abate. 
Apadrinad6r, ra, «. Patron, defender. 
Apadrln^, i^a. To support patronize. 
Apag&ble, a. Extinguishablo, qneochable. 
Apag&do, da, a. Uumble-raindod, pusillanl 

Apagaddr, em. Extinguisher. ninaa 

Apagaptooles. em. pi. Leech-ropes, leecb- 
Apag&r, TO. To quench, extinguish ; ettkoe^ 

destroy, ^pcr^or to eoJL To slake lima 

Apaqaree la luntbre, la 2ua, To go out 
ApoineiiUio, da, a. Li imitation of naif aii 

Apalsado, da, a, Besembling a landscape. 
Apalabr&r, va. To appoint a consoltoHon ; 

treat personally ; bespeak. 
Apalanc&r, va. To move with a lever; sup- 
Apale^o, da, a. Cudgelled, caned. 
Apalead<Sr. ra, e. Cudgeller. 
ApaleamientOjjmu Drubbing; beating. 
ApaleAr, va. To cane, drub, cudgel; beat, 

norsewhlp. [grain. 

Apal6o. em. Beating, moving, or shovelling 
Apalmada, a. Palm of the hand stretched oat 
Apanc6ra, ef. The common crab. 
ApandilUu', to. To form a league or a fac- 
tion. — vr. To be united in a Action. 
Apanq}4do, da, a. (Bot) Paniculate. 
Apantanir, 90, To ov^ow ground ; make 

a pool 
Apantnflido, da, a. Wearing slippers. 
Apafi&do, da, a. Besembling woollen cloth 

in body. 
Apafiad6r, ra, e. Catcher, grasper; pilferer. 
ApafiadAra, Apafiami6nto, ^, Selzinf^snatch- 

Inc, grasping. 
Apan&r, va. To grasp^ seize; pilfer; dres^ 

set olT; patch. — vr. To submit to. 
Apdfio, etn. Seizing, grasping; cleverness; 

a patch. [thing. 

Apann8cad6r, rn, e. One who crumples a 
Apaflusci^r, va. (Coll) To rumple, crush. 
ApapagayAdo, da, a. Parrot-like. [shop. 
Aparad6r, em. Sideboard; dresser; work- 
Apar&r, va. To stretch out the hands ftn 

catching; heap the earth round plants; 

close the quarters of a shoe. 
AparasolMo, da, a. (Bot) Umbelliferous. 
Aparat&do, da, a. Prepared, disposed. 
Apar&to, em. Apparatus, preparation ; pompt 

Aparceria, ^ Partnership. 
AparctTO, ent. Partner in a farm ; aaeodata 
Aparei^, vck To match, mate [edl/ 

Aparec^r, vn. and vr. To appoar uiiejper4 
AparailOra, nf (Nau.) Garbe . 

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AparM&do. Mk Oboat [tng. 

A|»i«duU6nt<s 9m>. An uparltioi^ ^»pear* 

Apttrdido, tl«, «k Prepared, fit, ready. 

ipomid^r, ra, «. One who prepoiee or geti 
retdjr; oreraeer; rigger. 

&;«rq)ar, vo. To get ready; saddle or har- 
ness botsea; rig a ebip; to 8ise.--«r. To 
get ready. 

Aper^ em. Preparation, disposition; har- 
BMB, gear; sixlng; tackle and rigging on 
a ship. Apar^ tU amante y sttriUa, 
Banner and tackle. 

Apar^o^ Mk Pack-eaddle. 

Apartjos. pL Tools, instruments. 

Aparentar, «a. To piake a f^lse show, [fit 

Aparente, a. Ai^pareot, not real ; seasonable, 

Aparentemfoto, cuL Api«rently. 

Aparid^n, ^ Apparition. 

Aparitod% ^ Appearance ; fkce, likeness ; 
vMtigB ; pageant; probability, coi\iecture. 

Aparrado, da, a. Crooked like grape-vines. 

ApanoqaiAdo, da, <k Parishioner. 

Apanoqui^, va. To attract customers. 

Apartadero, am. PartinK-plsce, cross-roads. 

Apartadj}o, sm, A small part 

^partadoo, 9m, A small room taken from 
one of which it made apart 

Apattido, da, a. Separated; distant, retired. 

Apartddo, am- A retired room; a smelting- 
boose; a private box in tbe post-office. 

Apartaddr, ra, a. One who divides or sepa- 
rates Apartador (U m^tcUet^ Smelter. 

Apartami^to, *m. Separation ; renimcioUon 

Apartir, vck To separate; dissoade; re- 
move ; to Bort — vr. To withdraw ; to bo 

Apiiorte, «fik Break In a line, paragraph. 

Apiat& ad. Apart separately ; aside. 

Apsirar, va. To arrange the grain for thresh- 
ing; to heapw 

Apasionadaoadota, ad. Pasflonately. [ted. 

Apasion&do, da, a. Passionate, fond; devo- 

Apasion&r, 9€k To inspire a passion. — vr. 
To be taken with a person to excess. 

Apastnr&r, «& To pasture, to forage. 

Apatia, ^ AxMthy. 

Ap^ktieo, ca, a. Apathetic indifferent 

Apat68oo^ mn. Ornament, drees; bungled 

Apaz^ MK QL Bpa9ote\ American basil 

Ap^ $/. A rope on the forefeet of horses. 

Apeaddro, 9nt. A horse-block. 

Apead6r. tm, A land surveyor. 

Apaamiento, «». Survey. 

AmAt, 90. To alight; measure lands; set 
landmarkB ; prop ; pull down ; dissuade ; 

Apediogir, «a. To push with the breast; 
undenake with spirtt 

Apedaz^, fsa. To patch, repair. 

Apcdemalido, da, a. Flinty. 

JLpedrir, va. To stone. Teach other. 

Apedread^rOk wk Place where ooys stone 

Apedre4do, da, a. Stoned, pelted. 

Apedread6r. 9m. Thrower of stones. 

Apedreamiento, 9m. Lapidation. 

4pedrdir, e& To stone.— en. To hail. 

ipedrto, auk A stoning. 

Apegadam^te ad. Studiously. 


Ap^go, cm. AttadiraaBt, fondness. 

Apeldble, a. Appealable. 

Apelacl6n. ^f. AppeaL 

Apelido, oa, a. Of tbe same coat cr coW. 

Apelambhbv vo. To steep hides in lima- 

Apelinte,j9a. AppeUant 
Apel&r, tm. To appeal ; have recourse k ; 

to be of the same color. [lative nouo. 
Apelativo, a. Kambr6 apetaUvo^ An appel- 
Apeld^, vn. To flee, run away. 
Ap61de, 9m. Flight, eecape. 
ApeU^, TO, To dress leather. 
ApellidMoy da, a. Named. [nouM 

Apellldami^nto, «»k The act of giving a 
Apellldiu-, va. To call by name; to pro- 
claim, to raise shouts. 
Apelbdo, «f7K Surname; nickname. 
ApelmazAr, va. To compress. 
Ap^nas, ad. Scarcely, hardly; with trouble. 
Ap^ndice, am. Appendix. 
Apefiuscir, va. To rumple. 
Ap^ 9m. Survey ; props, stays, Ac 
Apeondr, fta. To walk or run swiftly. 
ApdpsiiL ^ Apepey, indigestion. 
Aperador, 9m. A rariner ; a wheelwright 
Aperir, to. To cany on the trade of a 

Apercibido, da, a. Provided ; ready. 
Apercibiml6nto, 9m. Providing; arrange* 

ment^ ®^^^ summons. [summon. 

Apercibir, -ra. To provide, get ready ; warn ; 
Aperci6i^ «/ Opening. [nata 

Apercollar, va. To collar; snatch; assaasN 
Aperdig^o, da, a. Broiled, toasted ; burned 

Dy the Inquisition. 
Aperdig&r, i>a. To broil partridges. 
Aperitivo, va, a. Aperitive. 
Apomad6r, am. A dog which scixos the 

game by the legs. 
Apornar, -pa. To seize by the leg. 
Ap6ro, 9m. Implements of a wnn or of a 

trade: sheepfold. 
Aperreado, da, a. Harassed. 
Aperread6r, ra, a. An intruder. 
Aperrodr, f>a. To throw to the doga^— «iir. 

To toil ; overworlc 
ApersonAdo, da, a. Favored. 
Apersondrs^ vr. To appear In person. 
Apert&ra, y. Opening. 
Apesadumbrddo, dojO. Yexod^ raonmfhi. 
Apesadumbdu-, ra* To vex, afflict — vr, T« 

Apesar&r, va. To afflict 
Apesgdr, «a. To sink under a load. — vr, Tc 

Apestado, dajO. Pestered, annoyed. 
ApesUu-, va. To infect; cause a bad smell 

corrupt; pester. 
Ap^talo, la, a. Apetalous. 
Apeteced6r, ra, a. Deslrer, wisher for. 
Apetec6r. va. To long for, to hanker. 
Apotedble, a. Desiraole. 
ApetSnda, ^f. Appetite, hunger. 
Apetitivo, va, a. Appetitive. 
Apetito, am. AppeUte ; hunger. 
Apetit6so, so, a. Palatable. 
ApezuAfir, vn. To tread firm on the hooC 
Apiadad6r, ra, «. One who pities. 
Apiodiirao, vr. To pity, commiseratah 


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ipiond^ro, tm. A ahephwd's acooant tf 

the sheep. 
ApicarMo, da, a, Bogoiah, knavlah. 
A. ploe, am. Apex, rammitf top. 
A'picea, Anthers of flowers. jSstar en lc8 

apicM^ To know minutely a thing. 
Apiladdr, »m. Filer of thi wool at aheoring- 


% Pressing 
»r. To clog, 
i the tan- 


k Appeas- 


ig ground. 

rrliy.— rr. 


(ith a llat- 


rons linen. 

tones, Ate 

k1; dispir- 


rush; con- 

; concert; 



iomb. — vr. 


Apocad6r, ra, 8. One who lessens. 
Apocalipsi, Apocalipsis, sm. Apocalypse. 
Apocami6nto, «^n> Meanness of mint. 
Apodur, va. To lessen* diminish, contract 

— rr. To huirble one*8 selC [tlon. 

Ap6oema, Ap^clroa, {/! Apozom, a decoc- 
Ap6cimo, 9m. DogVbano. 
Ap6criro, tBL, a. Apocryphal. 
Apodad6r, »m. A wag, a scoffer, [appraise. 
Apod^, va. To scoff, nickname, rlcicale; 
Apodencddo, da, a. Pointer-like. 
Apodehblo, da, a. Empowered, authorized; 



Apederddo, sm. Proxy, attorney, affont 

ApodeW^, «r. To poesoes one's self oTa thinf 

ApodictJoo, ca, a. ApodictlcaL 

ApMo, am. A nickname^ [of some bonea 

Ap6flse, Ap6flsia, ^. (Med.) The prominenop 

Apoflef^atioo, oa, Ck Apophlcgmatic 

Ap6grafo tm. Apograph, transcript 

ApogiSo, am. Apogee. 

Apoliniido, da, a. Motb^«iten, worm-eatra 

Apolillad&ra, if. A hole made by mothSb 

ApolillAr, «0k To gnaw or eat dotheiL 

Apolindr, Apolineo, nea, a. (Poet) Beloa?' 
ing to Apollo. 

Apolinarista, mn, ApolUnarlan. 

Apolog6tioo. ca, a. Apologetic 

Apol<^a, ttf. Apol(^, excuse. 

Apologists, gm. An apologist 

Ap61ogo, «nft. Apologue. 

Apoltron&rse, «r. To grow lazy, loiter. 

Apomaziir, va. To glaze; bumlah with 
pumice. [Tinemr. 

Apom^U, ^ A decoction of boney-oomb U 

Apoplegta, ^. Apoplexy. 

Apopl6tico, ca, a. Apoplectic. 

Aporcadtira, 9f. Raising earth around plants 

Apord^r, «a. To cover plants with earth. 

Aporisma, em. Ecchymosis. 

AporisiAarse, rr. To oecorae an ecchymosia 

AporraoeAr, va, (Prov.) To pommel 

Aporr&r, rn. To stana mute.— or. To be- 
come importunate. 

AporreAdo, da, a. Cudgelled ; dragged along. 

Aporrednte, pa, Ondgeller. 

Aporrcdr, va. To beat or cudgel, knock.— 
vr. To study with intense application. 

Aporr6o, mn. The act of beating. 

AporrillArse, vr. To swell in the Joints. 

AporrUlo, ad. (ColL) Plentlfhlly. [horsa 

Aportad6ra, iff. Chest to carry stores on a 

Aportad^ro, mn. A place where a ahip or 
person may stop. 

Aportdr, vn. To arriTO at a port get shelter. 

A j)ortilldr, va. To breach a rampart 

A^pos, am. Sea swallow, aand martin. 

Aposentad6r, ra, *. One who lets lodgings 

Aposentami6nto, 9m. The affording a tem 
porary habitation. [lodsing, 

Aposent&r, va. To lodge.— cr. To uke a 

Aposentillo, am. dim, A small room, a bed- 
room. [the theatre, 

Apos^nto, sm, A room ; an inn ; a box ia 

Appsesionir, va. To give possession. — w, 
TO take poesesslon. 

Ap06icl6n, ^. (Qram.) Apposition. 

Aposiopteis, ST (Bhet) Aposiopeeis. 

Ap6sito, sm. Any external medicinal appli- 

Aposta, Apostadam^nta, ad. Designedly. 

Apo6tad6ro, sm. Station for soldiers or yea> 
sola. (Nau.) A dock-yard. 

Apostador, sm. A better, one that wagers. 

Apoat&L sm^ (Proy.) A convenient fishing 
place in a river. [inches thi<£. 

Apost41eos, sm, pi. Planks flx>m five to sevea 

Apostdr, «a. To bet ; place relays ; post sol- 
diers. ApostaHas or apoAArsOa^ To 
contend; defy.— or. To emulate^ rival 

Apostasta, iff. Apostasy. 

Ap6stata, 9:n. Apostate; fbrsakor, ftigtUT^ 

Apoatat&r, «n« To apostatize^ 

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ApoitfinB, ^ An «po8teme> absceia, tomor. 

Apostemaclon, ^ Forming an atMceas. 

Apostemitr, txz. To ftirzn an abeoeas. 

ApoetomSro, «fik Biatoiiry. [boil 

ApostemiUa. 4/! ^ttm. A small abscess; gom- 

Apoetilla, ^. A marginal note. 

AportiQir, «r. To break out in pbnplea. 

Ap6stol, am. Apostle, missionary. (Naa) 

ApostoUkdo, A Apostleahip. 

Apost^Ucam^nte, ad, Apostolically. 

Apoet61ioo, ea, a Apostolical; apoetolia 

Apostrafili, TO. To apostrophize. 

Ap6strofe. if. (Bbet) Apostrophe. 

4p6«cro^ Mn. Apostrophe. 

Ap6te, ad, (Coa) Abmidantly, largely. 

Apotenna, mi. Apothegm. 

ApoteOda, ^ Apotheons, deification. 

Apotlduio, am. (Pn>T«) Apothecary. 

Apoyad^o, sm. Prop, support. 

Apoyadura, «! A flow of the milk. 

ApoVir, TO. To fitvor, protect; prop; cor- 
roborate, bold np, sopport, conflrm, sec- 
ond a motion.— «n. To rest on ; lie. — vr. 
To lean upon. 

▲poyatfira, ^. (Mas.) Appo^atnra. 

Ap6yo, mn, Prop» support, fhlcrom; pro- 

Apreddble, a. Yalnable, respectable. 

Apredaddn, ^ Estimation. 

Apredadamtote, ad. In a raloable manner. 

Apredad6r, ra. a. Estimator, i^praisor. 

Apredir. va. To appredate, appraise. 

ApredatiTO, Ta, a. UeUting to the appraised 
Talne. [teem. 

Aprido, am. Appraisement; aceomit; es- 

Aprebend^, ca. To apprehend, seize ; fency. 

Apr^eneidn, ^ Apprehension, acnteness ; 
tear. [fiensitlve. 

AprehtftsSro, va, a. Apprehenslre, fearftil ; 

Aprehens6r, ra, s. One who apprehends 

AprehensMo, ria, €k Apprehending. 

Apremiaddr, xa, a. Gompeller. 

ApremlAr, va. To press ; compel, ol>lige. 

Aprimio. am. Prownre; constrain^ force; 
jndidal comnnlrion. 

Apremir, «a. To wring; lower, abatei 

Aprend^, tfo* To learn. 

Aprendiz, za, «. Apprentice. 

Aprendizdge, mK Apprenticeship. 

Aprenaad6r, sm. A presaer or calendrer. 

Aprens&r, va. To dress, calender; Tex. 
(Nan.) To atow. 

ApresadiSr. ra, a. Privateer, emlser; oaptor. 

Apreeamicnto, am^ Capture; hold. 

Apresir, va. To seize, grasp. (Nan.) To 

Aprestir, 1^ To prepare, make ready. 

&pr^8to, «m. Preparation, accoutrement 

Apresuracidn, {/! Acceleration. 

Apresnradam^nte, ad. Hastily, ibrwardly. 

ApcvsnrMo, da, a. Brief; acting precipi- 
tately, [ness. 

Apresuramidnto, am. Eagomeas, forward- 

Apresur^, va. To accelerate, hasten. 

Aprotadamdnte, ad. Tlghtiy, doeely ; nearly. 

Apretad^ ^/T A strap or rope to tie with. 

Apretadiras, Pressing remonstrances. 

Awetad^ am. Truss or bandage fbr mp- 


Apretadillo, Uil a. dkn. Somewhat eoB 

strained; in danger. [ed; dangerooa 

Apretddo, da, a. Tight, mean, narrow-mind- 

Apretad6r, am. Preaser; under-waistcoai: 

corset: rammer; crusher. 
Apretadtira, f^f. Compression. 
Apretami^nto, am. Crowd; con^ct; avarioa 
Apretitr, trc/. To tighten; press; constrain; 

AproUin, airu Pressure. [place; distreaa. 
AprctAra, af. A squeeze, crowd; confined 
Apri^sa, ad. In haste, in a hurry, [cramp^ 
Apri^to, am. Crowd; conflict; exuency; 
Aprlmir, va^ To compress p^'i'^* 

Aprisa, ad. Swiftly, promptiy; ftst; In a 
Aprisoo, em, Sheepfolo. Mectod. 

Aprision&do, a. Impriaoned, bound, suK- 
Aprlslon&r, vOb To confine, imprison. 
Aprd, am. Froflt, benefit, &vor. 
Aproir, vn. (Nau.) To turn the prow. 
ADrobaci6n, ^f. Approbation; conaoot 

Aprobad6r, ra, a. ApproTer. 
Aprob&nte, pa. Approrer, examiner. 
Aprobdr, va^ To approve; like; find. 
Apr6che8, am.pL Approaches. 
Apron, am. (Ichth.) A small fl-esh-wjttcr fish, 
Apront^, ra. To prepare hastily. 
Apr6nto, am. A speedy preparation. 
Apropiad6n,Jt/! Appropriation, assumption. 
Aproniadam6nte, ad. Conveniently, pro- 
Apropiddo, da, a. Appropriate, fit; ofBciaL 
Apropiad6r, «m. Appropriator. [ply. 

Apropidr, va. To ^propriate, assume; ap- 
^ Apropincuaoi6n, */: Approach, approaching. 
Apropincn&rse, vr. To approach, draw near. 
Aprovec«Sr. vn. (Prov.) To make progress. 
Aprovech&ble, a. Profitable, serviceabia 
Aprovech&do, da, a. Improved; sparing; 

parsimonious. [dty land& 

Aprovechami6nto, am. Profit; progress: 
Aprovech&r, vn. To make prc«re6B. — va. T4 

profit by.— «r. To avail one^i self o£ 
Aproximaddn, ^ Approximation. 
Aproxim^, va^ To approximate, approach. 
Aptamdnte, ad. ConvenienUy, fitly. 
Apt^ro, ra, a. (But) Apterous. 
Aptitiid,^ Aptitude; ability; expediency. 
A pto, ta, a. Apt, fit; competent 
ApuMta, if. A bet a wager. Ir ds apuaata. 

To compete wltn. 
Apulgardr, va. To force with the thumb. 
Apuncbiir, va, To cut out the teeth of a 

comb. TmemoriaL 

Apantad6n, ^. Annotation, noting down : 
Apuntddo, da, a. Pointed, marked. 
Apimtad6r, am^ Observer; a proroptor. 

(Nau.) Gunner. [a vessel 

Apuntal&r, va. To prop. (Nau.) To shore 
Apuntamldnto, am. llomark; abstract; a 

Judicial report 
Apnnt^, vOk To point, aim ; level ; mark 

Apurita el dia^ The day peeps.— w. To 

begin to turn. [atakci 

Ap6nte, em. Annotation ; prompter's words; 
Apufladdr, vet. (Prov.) To strike with the 

ApufieAr, va. (Coll.) To strike with the flat 
Apufiete4r, va. To beat with the fist 

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Ipanud6ii, ^ Trouble, mlsfortone. 

Apondun^nte, ad. At the nick of time; 

Apnr4do, da, a. Poor, destitata, exhsoBted. 

Aparad6r, «m. A refiner, parifler; consu- 
mer; gleaner. [flcatlon. 

Apuraiolento, em..Be8earoh, Inquiry, yeri- 

ApurAr, vo. To purify; investigate; con- 
sume, exhaust; tease.— «r. To grieve, be 

Apumtivo, a. DeterslTe. 

ApAroL 9m. Want; affliction; exigency. 

Apurrir, tMk (Prov>) To hand or deliver to. 

^qoqiir, wi. To complain; afflict 

Aquoi, Ha, Wo^pron, dem. That; that one; 
he. she. AmtOloa, aquMa»^ Those. 

Aqnende, a<f. liltber, here. 

Aquerendirse, «r. To be fbnd of a place. 

Aqu6se, sa, so, pron. dent. That Aquetos, 

A'nibe, Ariblgo, «m. The Arabic langusfce. 

Arabwoo, sm, Arabesque; moresquo-worlc 

Ariibias, ^.pl. Arabias, a kind '-f linen. 

Ar&biga, ^ A stone resembling spotted 

Aradkcha, ff Tluit of New Qranada. 

Arida, nf. Flonghed ground, husbandry. 

Ar4do, 9m. A plough. 

Arad6r, s»a A ploughman : ring-worm. 

Aradorcioo, mn. dith. A small hand-worm, 
ring-worm. [day. 

Aradura^c^ Ploughing; lanA jloughed in a 

Aragn6ides, 4^ A thin membrane of the 

Aragones'a. {roaara^on«Mi,Arragon grape. 

Ar&mia, ^. Ploughed ground fit for sowing. 

Aran&ta, ^ American animal resembling a 

Aranc^l, tm. Fixed rate; tarifH 

Ardndano, 9m. Cranberry. 

Arand^la, 9f. The socket-pan of a candle- 
stick.---^ The ruffles of shirts. 

Arandilloi tm. Pad, hoop used by women. 

Arani^go, a. Taken in a not 

Aranzada, «< A measure of land. 

ArMa, «< Bpide^; chandelier. 

Arafiador. ra, «. Scratcher. 

Araflamionto, 9m. The act of scratching. 

Araiiir, va. To scratch, claw ; scrape, gather. 

Araiiizo, 9m. auQm. A long deep scratch. 

Aralk^ro, ra, a. Wild, intractable; sour. 

Arifics 9m. A scratch ; nipning. 

Arafion, 9m. Sloe, the fruit or the black thorn. 

Anfln61a, ^ dim. A small spider; a pUnt 

irafiu61o, 9m. A small spider; fbld^net 


Araptode, tm. Ancient measar^ o# 19 

square feet 
Axkt.vck, To plough, to labor; drai;. 
ArbeI16n, sm. Gutter to drain road". 
Arbitrable, a. Arbitrable, depeodiug upon 

the will. 
Arbitrad6r, dora, 9. Arbitrator, umpire. 
Arbithige, Arbitram6nto, Arbitrami^nt*. 

sm. Arbitration ; arbitrement 
Arbitrdr. vo. To a^udge; strike out 
Arbitrariam^nte, <uL Arbitrarily. 
Arbitraried&d, «? Arbitrariness. 
Arbitrdrio, ria, Arbitrativo, va, a. Arbitrary. 
Arbitrat^rlo, ria, a. Relating to arbftratoni 
Arbitrlo, 9m. Free will and pleasure ; means ; 

bond; discretionary power.— ^pf. Taxes on 

S'ovisiona, wine, &a 
itrlsta, 9m. Schemer, prqjector. 
A'rbitro, 9m. Arbitrator; one's own master. 
A'rbol. 9m. Tree; mast; post; stem. 
Arbolado, da, a. Planted with trees ; masted. 
Arbolad6ra, f/C (Nan.) Masts and sparSb 
ArboUbr, «a To set up; mast; hoist — er. 

Arhclar99^ To rear on the hind Ibet 
Arboldrio, 9m. Herbalist: mad-cap. 
Arbolecico, Arbolecillo, Arbolioo, Arboiito» 

ArborcUlo, 9m, dim. Arboret 
ArbolMa, ^ Qrove, plantation of trees. 
Arbol^o, 9m, dim. A small tree. 
Arbol^te, 9m^ Branch to flMten bird-lime en 
ArboUsta, 9m. Tree-planter; arlxHist 
ArboI16n, 9m. Flood-gate, sluice, conduit 
Arb6re(k rea, a. Relating to trees. 
Arborixado, da, tk Arborescent 
ArbotAnte, 9m. Flying buttreas. 
Arbiisto, 9. A shrub. 

Arbustillo, 9m. dim. Arbuacle, a small shmK 
A'rca,«/ A chest; coffer; tomb. Ssraroa 

eerrada. To be yet unknown. [bow& 
Arcabncena, 9m, Troop of archers; cros»> 
Arcabucdro, 9m, Archer; gunsmith. 
Arcabliz, 9m. Arquebuse, a fire-arm. 
Arcabuzitzo, 9m, A gun-shot; gun-ehol 

Arcadl, 9m. A species of wild artichoke. 
Arcdda, «/. Vomiting; arcade; piaxea. 
A'rcade, a. Arcadian. 
Arcadfiz, 9m. Conduit or pipe; bucket 
Arcusroo, «m. Archaism. 
ArcAngel, 9m, ArchangeL 
Arcangellcdl, a. ArchangellcaL 
ArcAno, 9m. Arcanum, secret; reserved. 
Arcir, va. To bow wool 
Arodz, 9m. A bier. 
Arcdza, ^ wtQm. A large chest 
Arcazdn, 9m. Arbusde; osier; wlllow-ploW 
A'rce, 9m. (Bot) Maple-tree. 
Arcediandto, 9m, Archdeaoonship. 
Aroedidno, 9m, Archdeacon. 
ArchSra, «if. Arcberess. 
Aroh^ro, «m» Archer. - {..tuchv 

Archiducddo, 9m, Archdukedom, arch* 
Archiducil, a. ArchducaL ^ee^ 

Archid6qne, -duquesa. 9. Archduke, -duob* 
Archildud, sm. Large kind of lute. 
Arohip&mpano, sm. An imsginary dignity. 
Arohipi6l4rOi ^^^^ Arohipelaga 
Arohivir, «a. To file, deposit In an archive 
Archiv^ro, Archlvista, 9m, Keeoer of the 


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AnUro, 9wk Arehlres; a confUUnt 
Areina, 9f. Argil, alumlnm, clay. 
ArdHdao, aa, A Clayey, araillftOeoiiA. 
ArcipreaUdsOk Ardpretttttgo, «nk Arcb- 

Areiprtete, am, ArdipiiMt 
A'reo, «m. Arc; arch; bow; hoop. Jrco 

FrU, del cUUk, Rafobow. 
A'reola, ^ A sort of ooane lliMn. 
Arc6Q, WNu aiugm, Uuffp chest; great arch 

or arc. 
Arcontadoi, am. ArehoDBhlp. 
Arediktei aniw Archon. 
A'retlco, a. Arctic, nortbem. 
A'rda, M SmilrreL 
Ardateado, da, a. Made tiiin or dear. 
Ardate^, to. To make thiD. [silk. 

Aidioa, Ardiaea. ^ pL Coaneet Persian 
▲rdasiiiafl, Ardaxinaa, tf. pk Finest Persian 

Ardte. f< BIttam. 
Ardedto, mm. A spades of serpent 
Ardentia, a/ Phospboresoenoe of the sea. 
Arde61a, 4^ A small kind of heron. 
Ard^, fm. To bnm, blaze, glow; to be agi- 
tated with. 
Ard^ro, ra, Ow Sqairrel-hnnter, dog. 
Ardid, am. Stratagem, artiflee, conning 
ArdMo, da, a. Heated. [fervent, fiery. 

Ardi^tsi, pa. and <k Ardent, bamine; fever; 
Ardientemtotei, ad>. Ardently, fervidly. 
Ardilla, tf. Squirrel 
Aidlmiinto, am. Valor, IntrepIdltT. 
Ardincnlo, em. ^arr.) An inflamed swelling 

on the back. 
Ardite, 8»k An andent coin of little valne. 
Ard^r, am. Ardor; great heat; valor; life. 
Ardorteo, sa, a Fiery, rsstleaa 
Ardnam^te, ad. Ardnooslv, difficultly. 
A'rdao, dna, a. Ardnoiu, dlfflcalt; high. 
A'rea, %f. Area; barn-floor; halo. 
Ardhod6n. 9f. I>ryne8^ extenoation. 
Aril, tm. Larse grain-sieva, 
. Arelir, vow To stft grain with the areL 
Artna,^Sai!id; arena. 
Arenioeo, ea, a. Arsnaeeons, gravelly. 
Aren&l, am. A sand^ groond, a aoadv beach. 
Arenal^ Axenalillo, «m» dim, A small 

sandy place. 
Areair, va. To cover with sand. 
Aren^ em. Dealer in sand. 
Ariaga, »t. Harangue, oration, address. 
ArCTgador, »m. A speech-maker. 
ArenHr, m. To harangae; hold forth. 
Arenulaa, ^f. pL Oraniualed saltpetrei 
ArenSaoo,ea,Aren6so,Ba,a.Bandy; gravelly, 

Ar^qne, mn. Herring. 
Areola, ^ (Anat) Areola. 
Are6inebro, am. Areometer. 
Areopagita, tm. Areopagite. 
Are5n«go, tm. Areopagna 
Areotect6nlca, 4/^ Areoteetonloa. 
Aresthi, tm, g^arr.) The frnsh, a disease in 

Arsstinftdo, da, o. Afflicted with the ftmsh. 
Ar^ am. Drop ear-rings. 

iOftda,^ The pitehJng or phmglng of a shlpu 
Aiftr, ra. (Nan.) To pitch, plonge. 
Arfil, f < Bishop (in the game of dieas). 


Argadyo,ArgadiUe,«m.Beel; notoypffsoB 

large basket 
ArgAdo, ^m. (Prov.) Prank, trick, artlfloa. 
Ai^Ia, «/ Civet (perfhrae). 
Ai^Udra, 9f. A saw for catting groovea. 
Argamandel, am. Ba^, tatter. 
Argamand^o, am. Collection of trifling im* 

Aiigamisa, «/. Mortar, cement for btdlding. 
Argamasdr, fXK To make mortar; cement 
Aigamasdn, am. A hvgo piece of mortar ii 

Argam61a, ^ (Bot) Golden starwort 
A'rgana, ijf. Kind or crane; horse-basket 
Ar^an^l, Wk Bing of an astrolabe. 
Argdneo, am. (Nao.) Anchor-ring. 
A'rgano, mn. An andent warlike maehtne. 
Arg^ a. Uorse whose right hind foot only 

u white. [argemoiw 

Argdma, Arg8m6n, am. (Med.) Aiigema or 
Araimono, mn. Prickly or homed poppy. 
Arg^n, ma. White or silver color, argent 
Argentddo, da, <k ShMhed shoes. 
Argentirio, Argent^ ma. Master of the 

Argenteria, ^ Embroidery In gold or aUrer. 
Argentifodma, 9f. Silver mine. 
Ai^ntina, ^ (Bot) Satin cinqaefolL 
Argento, am. (Poet) Silver. 
Argilla, i(f. Argil, clay. [mlneiw 

Arglritiu, am. pi. Marcasites foond in silver 
AI^lfa^ ^. Large ring ; a stifle ; hook ; pil- 
lory, [rln^ 
ArgolI6ta, lea, fta, ^ dim. A small staple; 
ArgolI6n, mn, auffm, A very large ring; a 

A'rgoma, ^ (Bot) Fnrze, fforse, broom. 
Ai^om^ am. Plantation ofcjrtisoa. 
Argom6n, mn, anigm. Large prickly broom. 
Argondatas, mn.pL Argonauts. 
A'l^ros, am. Argo, the celebrated ship of tha 

Argoaddn, mti. A kind of India cotton. 
Ai^m^dqne, mn. Gam ammoniac, [benelw 
A'rgiie, am. Windlass; wire-plate, wire- 
Argnellarsc, «r. To be emadated; in bad 

Arga61lo, mn. Faintness, want <^ health. 
Ai^dfias, ^ pk Hand-barrow. 
Argulr, fm. To argue, dispute. — va. To give 

signs, moke a snow. 
A'rgoma, ^f. Furze, broom. 
Argumentaddn, 4^ Argumentation 
A]^nmentad6r, ra, «. Arguer. To ai^ne, dispute. 
AxgaroontatSvo, va, a. Argumentative. 
Argumcntillo, mn. dim. Slight argument 
Argnmtoto, am. Aigament, subject, oontn^ 

Arguy^nte, pOw Arguer; opponent 
A'rla. iff. Tune or air; song. 
Aribar, vo. To reel yam into skdns. 
Arlbo, 9771. Beel for making skeins. 
Arldbr, va. To plough across sown grrnuidL 
Arid6z, af. Dronglit 
A'rido, da, a. Arid, dry, barren. 
AriSnzo, mn. A little ram. 
A'riea, mn. Sign of the ram. 
Arista, i\f. dim. Arietta, a short air. 
Ari6ta. mn. Battering-ram. 

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Arietino, na, a. BMembllng a mn't head. 
/Lrjjo, Ja, a. light, easily ttfled. [ring. 

iLxmOj wk dinu A amall hoop; hoop aax^ 
A.rim6z, «/! Part of a building which jnta or 

stands oat 
Arind^o, 9m. (Om.) Jay. 
Arisaro, am. (Bot) Wake-robin. 
Arisco, ca, a. Fierce, stubbora , onpolished. 
Arismdtlca, ^. Arithmetic. 
AriBm6tico, a. ArithmeticaL 
Arisndgro, Arisprldto, a. Species of wheat 
Arista, 9m. Beard of grain ; edge of aroogh 

piece of timber in naval architecture. 
Anstas, Groins which cross each other. 
Arlst&roo, am. A severo oonsorer; epoi of 

the moon. 
Aristino, am. Scab on the heel of horses. 
AristocrAoia, ^. An aristocracy. 
AriBt6crata, am. Aristocrat 
Aristocritioo, ca, a. ArlstooratieaL 
Aristol<S<iaia, ^ (Dot) Birthwort [awns. 
Aristdso. sa, a. Having many beards or 
Aristot^fico, ca, a. Aristotelian. 
Aritmdnda, ^, Arithnuuicy, foretelling by 

Arttm^ca, ^ Arithmetic 
Aritmeticamdnte. ad. Arithmetically. 
Aritm^tico, am. Arithmetician, accountant 
Aritmdtico, ca, ck ArithmeticaL 
Aritoe, Hoop ear-rings. 
Arlequln, am. Harlequin, a buffoon. 
ArlequiniklA, ^. A hariequtn's trick, or Joke. 
Arl6t 9m, A sort of cumuiin. 
Arlien&nse, am. A sort of linen. [bush. 

A'rlo, 9m. (Bot) Barberry, or pii)eridge 
ArI6ts, ^. Tow of flax or hemp. 
A'rma, ^ Weapon, arms; alarm. Arma 

falsa, False alarm. 
Arm&da, ^. The navy; fleet, armada, [ship. 
Ann»(16ra, ^. The principal timbers of a 
Annadia, 9/. Raft [game. 

Armoduo. am. Trap or snare for catching 
Armadillo, «m^ Armadilla 
Arm&do, da, a. Armed, weaponed ; plated 

witli gold or silvor. 
ArmAdo, 9m. A man in armor. 
Armad6r, am. Privateer, cruiser; owner or 

fitter out of a vessel ; jacket 
Armad^ra, ^ Armor; skeleton; (hune. 
Armi^&l, 9m. (Prov.) Fen, moor, bog. 
Armtj&ra, ^ A plot of ground for garden 

plants. [ration. 

Armam6nto, am. Armament, warlike prepa- 
Armiu*, va. To arm; set a snare. 
Arm6rio, 9m» clothes-press; cupboard. 
Armatdstc, 9m. Cumbersome piece of ftir- 

Armaz6n, am. Armor; hulk; fishing-tackle. 
Armelina, tjf. Ermine skin. 
Arm^lla, a/ Staple, ring. 
Armelludla. sf. dim. A small staple, ring. 
ArmeMa, if/. Armory; arsenal; b-^raldry. 
Arm6ro, am. Armorer, gunsmith. 
AmiUrero, ra, a. fPoet) Warlike, [sphere. 
AmillAr, a. K^era armilar^ Armillary 
Armllla, ^ Part of the base of a column. 
Armifio, 9m, Ermine. 
Armipot^nte, a. (Poet) Mighty In war. 
Armlsticio, am. Armistice. [net 

Armoisin, am, A thin silk or tafTety; 


Armenia, ^ Harmony; nnml^r; '^onoord 
Armonl^oo, 9m, Gum-ammonlaa 
Armdnico, ca, a. Harmonical, musical. 
Armonio8am6nte, ad. Harmoniously. 
Armonidso, sa, a. Harmonious, aonorooK 

Armonista, ^. Harmonist 
Armuille, 9in. (Bot) Orach. 
A'ma, ^. (Prov.) Bee-hivo. 
Amdcho, 9m. (Bot) Best-harrow. 
Amte, am. Harness; coat of nudl; armor 

Amue9, Necessary tools, utensUa 
Arnilla, ^ dim. (Prov.> A small bee-hive. 
A'ro, 9m, Hoop of wood or metal [widai 
Ar6ca, {/! Linen more than three quarlen 
Ar6ma, ^ Aromado myrrfa-tree. — am. 

Aroma. [ftima 

Aromatiddid, ^f. Aromatic quality, per 
Aromitioo, ca, a. Aromatic ftvgrant 
Aromatizacl6n, ^f, Aromatization. 
Aromatizad6r, 9m^ Aromatizer. 
Aromatlzikr, va. To aromatize, p«ftme. 
Ar ' - wm. The aromatic myrrh-tree. 
Ai rn. Foreman in iron works. 

A' ' Harp, lyre. 

Ai a. Serrated, toothed. 

Ai a, 4|^ Scratch, nipping. 

Ai ck. To tear to pieces, rend ; claw. 

Ai 9m>. (Mus.) Arpeggla 

A] m. (Nau.) Grappling iron. 

Arpia, ^ Harpy; an ugly, scolding shrew 
Arpill^ra, 9f. Sackclotli, pack-cloth. 
Arpista, 9m. Itarper. 
Arp^n, 9m, Harpoon ; fish-gig; 
Arponddo, da, a, HarpoonckL 
Ari)On6ro, 9m. Harpooner. 
Arque&da, ^ Stroke with the fiddle-bow. 
Arque4do, a. Arched. 
Arqnead6r, 9m. Ship-ganger ; one who forms 

arches; wool-bower. 
Arqneige, 9m. The gauging of a ship. 
Arqueami^nto, 9m. Tonnage, gauging. 
Arqne&r, ra^ To arch ; gauge. — pr. To gron 

Arquto. am, Arcuation. tonnage, gauging. 
Arqnelogia, ^f. Archeology. 
Arqneria, 9m. Scries of arches; aqueduct 
Arqu^ro, 9m. Maker of arches; treasurer. 
Arqudta, tf. dim. A little chest, a smal 

Arqnetipo, 9m. Archetype. 
Arqueton, am. av{tm, A large trunk. 
Arqnetoncillo, 9m. dUn, A trunk of a mid 

dling size. 
Arquifil6sofo, 9m. ArchphUosopher. 
Arquilla, ita, ^ dim. A littie chest 
Arquillo. 9m. dim. A small arch or bow 
Arquimeea, ^f. (Prov.) Serutoire. [gogna 
ArquislnagOgo, 9m, Principal in the syna 
ArquitScto, 9m, An architect 
Arqultect6nlco, ca, a. Architectonic 
Arqultect^ra, ^f. Architecture 
Arqultr&be, 9m, Architrave. 
Arrab&l, 9m. Suburb; the posteriors. 
Arrabal6ro, ra, a. Churlish. 
Arr&blo, 9m, Cast iron. 
ArrAca, ^f. (Nau.) A traveller. 
Arracida, tf. Ear-ring.-^ Young (Oifldiw 

about a widow. 
Arradfk^ nm^ Beof of rocka 


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Aiadm&dA, da» a. dnstend. 

AmdmAne, vr. To cluster. 

Amclan, mn. T. AbeduL 

hxnkL mt, Baifl or maat«r of a Moorish difp. 

ArrtlgAdas, </Cj72. (Nan.) Fnttock-shroada. 

Airalj;^, tm.. To root; pledge Uad. — or. To 
establfsb one's sell 

Arriieo. «m. Landed property. [swIfL 

Am^jaque, «. Fork -with three bent prongs; 

Artalir, vn^ To thin, rareff. [awajr. 

Arraniblar, «a. To cover with sand; sweep 

Arrancadera, $f! Bell worn by animals. 

AirancacLko, mtk, The thickest part of a gan 
barroL [uniform rowing. 

AnaacMa, da, a. Boga arra/neada. Strong 

Anancadw, ra, & An extirpater, destroyer. 

Arranoflir, va. To poll oat; carry off with 
Tiolence; extirpate. [sons. 

Arraoeapinos, mn. Nickname for little pep- 

Arrancaai^ga^ fff. Poor grain, half mowed. 

Arranehirw, «r. To mess tocher. 

Arranci^rse, vr. To grow randd. 

Arrsoqae, an. Extirpation; wrench; fit of 
posefon; has^ temper; sadden event. 

Ampar, to. (Low) To snatch away, carry off. 

Arrapi^za, Arripo, sm. Tatter or rag; des- 
picable person. 

A'rras ^ pL Money which the bridegroom 
pledges at his marriage ; dowix Arras 
de la bodega, (Nan.) Wings of the hold. 

Anraa^o, am. A silk staff, satin. 

Axrasami^to, 9m. Demolition of a fortress. 

Arrasftr, «a. To level; destroy; obliterate. 
— m. To clear up, grow fine. fly. 

Arrastradamtote, ad. Imperfectly; palnral- 

Arrastraderas, ^.pL Lower studding-sails. 

Arrastradgro, mn. A careening place. 

Arraatr&do, da, a. Dragged along; in the 
utmost misery. 

Arrastramitoto, mn. The act of dragging. 

Arraatrinte, mn. Claimant of a degree in 
collegea. [bring over. 

Arras&ir, 9a. and n. To creep; drag along; 

Arristrc, mm. Leading a trump ; ceremoni- 
ous visit. 

Arrat& mn, A pound of sixteen ounces. 

Arrayan, mn. (BoL) Myrtle. 

Arrayan&l, mn. Plantation of myrtles. 

A'rre, Gee, geho. 

Arreaddr, mn. Maleteer. 

Arre^, «& To drive horses. 

ArrebaJBaddr, ra, a. Gleaner, gatherer. 

Arrebafladfira, m^ The gleaniug, picking uf . 

Arrebaft^, va. To glean, gather. [ion^. 

ArrebatadamSnte, ad. Precipitately, bcad- 

Arrebatado, da, ck Bi^id, violent; pieclpi- 

Axr^>atad6r. ra, «. Violent snatcher. 

Arrebatamiento. mn. Carrying away by vio- 
lence; fiuy; fit, 

Arrebatir, ro. To carry off* snatch ; attract 
the Intention. — w. To bo led away bv 
passion. [of a crowd. 

Arrebatifla, tf. Carrying off precipitately out 

Airebito, mn. Surprise; paroxysm, start 

Airab6t, am. Bedness of the sky; rouge. 

Airsbol^r, to. To paint red. — vr. To rouge. 

4rreibo)6ra, ^ Bonge-eeller ; alkanet; rougo- 


ArreboU&rse, «r. To precipitate, &11 haad 

Arreboz&r, va. To overlay meat with jellr.— 

or. To muffle one's self up ; swarm. 
ArreboEo, mn. Muffler. [ordci 

Arrebi^adam^nte, ad, ConAisedly, with <li»> 
Arrebi^^, to. To iomble together, huddle, 

— er. To roll one^s self in the bed-clothe& 
Arrecafe, 9m, Cardoon. ^ntronger. 

Arreciur, va^ To increase. — vr. To grow 
Arrecife, mn. Causeway; reef of rocks. 
Arrecil, mn. A sudden flood. 
Arrecirse, -or. To grow stiff with cold. 
Arredramitoto, mn, Bemoving to a greato? 

Arrodrdr, loa. To remove to a distance* 

terriiy.— i>r. To be terrified. 
Arr6dro, €id, Badcwarda. [up 

Arr^;azddo, da^ Having the point turned 
Arrcgaz&r, va. To tuck up tlie skirts. 
Arregladamdnte, ad. Be^larij. 
ArreglMo, a, B^ulai^ moderate. 
Arreglami^ntOjam^ Beffulotion. 
Arregl&r, oo. To rebate, guide; ft«me, 

a^nst. — vr. To conform to law. 
Arreglo, mn. Bole, order. Cbn arreglo. 

Arregostdrse, or. To relbih or have a taste 
Arrejaca, »f. Three-prong fork. [weetU 
Arrcjadir, va. To plough across for clearing 
Arrd&co, mn. String, band, martin. 
Amy Ada, ^ Paddle of a plough, paddle-staff. 
ArrejAquo, mn. Three-prong fork. (Om.) 

Swift martinet [small bird. 

Arr^l. Arrelde, am. TVeight of four pounds; 
Arrellanilrse, or. To sit at ease; lean back. 
Arremang4do, da, a. Lifted upward. 
Arremangiir, va. To tuck up one's clothes.-' 

or. To be ftilly resolved. 
Arremingo. aTTi.. Tacking up the clothes 
Arremotedor, mn. Assailant, aggressor. 
Arremet^, to. To attack; scijse; shock. 
Arremetida, ^f. Attack, assault; start 
Arremolinudo, da, <z. W hirled, turned round 
Arrempt;)&r, oo. To move; drive away. 
Arrenaablo, a, Bentable; fSarmable, tenan^ 

ablcw [tain rent 

Arrendaci6n, ^f. Benting or taking at a ce^ 
Arreudad6ro, mn. A ring fastened to the 

ArrendAdo, da, a. Obedient to the rein& 
Arrendad6r, am. Landlord; tenant; &rmet 
Arrendadordllo, awK dim, A petty tenant 
Arrenddjo, am. The mockiug-blrd ; mimic, 

buffooi; [leasa 

Arrendaml&ito, mn, Benting to a tenants 
Arrendiinte, pa. A tenant 
Arrenddr, oo* To rent hire ; bridle. 
Arrendatario, ria, a. A lessor ; lessee ; farmer 
Arreo, mn. Dress, ornament, decoration 

Arrio*. Appendages. 
Arr6o, acU Buccessivoly. U&car arrta^ T« 

carry on one's sbouUlenL 
Arrepapalo, mn. A sort of IVItters or bans. 
Arrep^te ac& compddre, A boyish play 
Arrepentido, da, a. Bepentant 
ArrepentSdas. ^, Penitents. 
Arrepentimitoto, mn. Bopentanee, eon 

An^pentirse, or. To repent 


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AmplitAr, va. To grind rags Into pnlp. 
Arrepfsto, #m. Grinding or ponndinff rags. 
Arreptido, dm, a. PossoiBsed hy the devU. 
ArroqiMsoniine, «r. To be carded, or ooa^- 

Arreqn&fe, wn. Blngeins iron. [stancesi 

Arreqoives, 9m. jpL Ornaments; dream' 
Arre6Uulo, da, a. Confined, imprisoned ; in> 

trepld. I!^'^* 

Arreetir, va. To arrest, confine.— «r. To be 
Arr^sto, am. Spirit, boldness; arrest 
Arrotin, «nu Kind of stamped woollen cloth. 
Arrov^iUIo, <k Queer, odd. [brnshiiiood. 
Arrez^o, am, A place fbU of tliistles and 
Arriida, tf. (Prov.) Flood, overfiowing. 
Arrianismo, 9m» Arianism. 
Arridno, na, ck. Arian, of the tenets oi Arias. 
Arrii^, va. (Nao.) To lower, etrikei 
Arriita, 4^ Arrlite, «fik A border in gardens ; 

trellis; canseway. 
Arriba, ad, Aboye, high ; aloft. 
ArribAda,</:(Nan.)The patting in ofaressel 

Arribage, tm. Patting Into port 
Arribir, rtu To pat into a hM'bor in disbess ; 

to bear away ; to aecompUsh one's desira 
Arribo, am. Arrival 
Arrioote, am. Bboal, eand-bonk. 
Arricisoa, am, pL Saddle-straps. 
Arri^nde, am* Ablocation, lease, ftutn. 
Arrieria, ^. Driving of males. 
Arrlerico, illo, ito, am, dim,. Male-driving in 

a petty way. 
Arriero, am. Maleteer. 

Arrieegadamtote, ad, Dangeroosly, hazard- 
Arrieeg4dok da, a. Dangerous, hazardous; 

Arriesg^, to. To risk, hazard. Jump.— 'or. 

To be exposed to danirer; dare. 
Arrimad^em.8caffola,astage; walldng- 

ArrimadiUo, am. Famished room. 
Arrimadlzo, a. and em. Thing to be applied ; 

parasite, sponger. 
Arrimddo, da. Tmer (UTtmado^ To be 

1 by evil spirits. 
Arrimad6r, am. The back-log in a fire-plaoei 
Animadfira, ^ The act i^ approaching. 
Arrim&r, va. To approach, draw near: stow 

cargo; dismiss. [at in bowls. 

Arrime, am. The mark for the balls to arrive 
Arrimo,«m. Joining; staff; protection; help. 
Arrimdn, mn. {flacar aO, To stagger along 

a wall JS€ar<learri«noR) To watch over. 
ArrinoonMo, a. Cornered, oat of favor, re- 

Ured; redaoed in circumetanoeii 
Arrincon^, ea. To comer; lay aside, rc^jeot 

— vr. To retire flx>ro the world. 
ArriscadomSnto, ad. Boldly, audadouslv. 
Arrisc&do, da, a. Forward, bold; brisk; ft-ee; 

4rriicad6r, am. (Prov.^ A gleaner of olives. 
/Irriscirse, «r. To hold op the head: to be 

proud. [house. 

Arriz4r, va, (Nan.) To reef; stow; lash; 
Arroba, «/ Weight of twenty-five pounds; 

liquid measure of thirty-two pints. 
Arrobadizo, la, a. Fdgning ecstasy and rap- 
tore, [ment 
Arrobamlteto, am, Eestatie rapture ; amazo« 


Arrobfirse, «r. To be oat of one** senses. 

Arrob^, ra, a. One who provides bread foi 
a convent [in a small compass. 

Arrobita, f< dim, Tlie weifAit of an arrcha 

Arr6bo, am. Ecfltacy, rapture, amazement 

Arroedro, am, Rloe j)lanter or dealer. 

ArrociniUlo, da, a. Stupid, Illu an ass; ass- 

Arrodnfirae, vr. To become dull and stupid. 

Arrodoludo, da. Bearing a target or shield. 

ArrodelJove, «r. To be armed with a shield. 

Arrod^, sm. Cattle-market; delay. 

Arrodil1ad6ra, ^f, Arrodlllamiteto, am. 
Kneeling. [kneel to tlie groind. 

Arrodtll&r, wi. To bend the knee. — vr. To 

Arrodrigir, ArrodrigonAr, «& To prop vines. 

Arrogaddn, ^f, Arrogation, claiming arro- 

Arrogaddr, am. One who dalms arrogantly, 
Arroginda, ^ Am^ance, heartiness; con- 

fldenoa [tv, proud, 

Arroginte, a. High-minded, spirited ; baugb* 
Arrogantemtoto, ad, Arrogantlv, banghtur. 
Arn^Ar, vo. To arrogate, claim. — er. To 

appn^triate, claim nigustly. 
Arrdadamtete, oA, Aodadously, boldly. 
Anxgadillo, am, lUndkerohief tied aroond 

the head. 
Arrdadiza za, a. Easily darted: missile. 
Arrd&do, da, a. Bash, hasty; bold, intrepid 
Arrolad6r, am, A thrower, a flinger. 
Arrcjji^, vo. To throw, dart, fiing; qirout. 

make red-hot; turn away. [nma 

Arr6io, am. Boldness, intrepidity, fearless- 
Arro11ad6r, am. Roller. 
ArrolUir, %a. To roll up; carry off; defbat 
Arroroadiztoe, tT. To catch cold. 
Arromdr, «a. To blunt to dull 
Arrompido, da, a. Newly broken up ground. 
Arrompido, am. A ground newly broken up^ 
ArroDzi^, «& To haul a haws«>. 
ArropAdo, da, a. Mixed with must 
Arropamii&nto, am. The act of clothing or 

dressing: [wine; cover the rootai 

ArropAr, wi. To drees: mix with boiled 
Arr6pe, am. Juice boiled to a sirup. 
Arrop^a, ^. Irons, fetters. ^imp, dec 

Arrop^ ^. Tessels ibr holding boiled must, 
Arropia, ^f. (Prov.) Cake made of floui; 

honev, and spice. [sweet cakes. 

Arropioro, am. (Prov.) Maker or seller oi 
Arrostrir, «a. To set about in a cheerfbl mau' 

ner; encounter. — vr. To fight fiice to feoei 
ArrovAda, ^f, AnojmA&ro^ am. Valley; chan 

net [«r. To be smutted. 

Arroyfir, «a. To Inundi^ sown sroond.- 
Arroyioo, Arroy uilo, am, dim, IL rill, a wnai& 

Arrdyo, am, Bimlet * small river, euns«t 
Arroyada, af. A pUnt 
Arr6z, am. Bice. 
Arrozil, am. Bioe-fleld. 
ArrozAr, vo. To ice a liquid. 
Arroz^ am. Dealer iu rice. 
Arra/ir, wi. To grant like a wild boar. 
Arrufftdo, da, fp. Sheered, curved. 
ArrafiidAra, af. Sheer of a ship. [sheet: 

Arrul&r, to. ^au.) To incurvate, to <brm tli« 
Arrufianido, da, a. Ruffianly, impodeoi 
Arrfifb, am. Sheer of a shipk 

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iffi^ 9f. Wrinkte, awragatlon ; mmple. 
irrogadMi, tf. Arrugsmltoto, tm. Cornisa- 

tkm. \tr. To die. 

AjTi^pir, «a. To wrinkle ; rample ; niber. — 
AimgDO, «m. DecorsitloD of carvea work, 
▲rroiiuiddr, ra, «. Balner, demolisher, de- 

Anmlnamitoto, am. Bnin, destruction. 
Arrainar, xa. To demolish : ruin; destroy. 
Arrallador, ra, t. Bocker; flatterer, ci^olcr. 
Amllir, «a. To loll babes; oourtt ceo and 

MIL [Inllaby. 

Arrullo. «m. The cooing and billing of doves ; 
AmunMso, am. Garefls; scomAil grin. 
Azmmige, sm. Stowage of a diip^s cargo. 
Arramir, 9a. (Nan.) To stow cargo. 
▲rnunaa6n; mt. Qsvu.) Stowage; horizon 

Armmbidaa, ^ pL Wales of a row-galley. 
Arrambaddr, ra, t. Heaper, piler ; steersman. 
Armmbami^to, am. The direction of a 

thing. [proper conrse. 

ArnnnMb;ci& To stow away.— cr. Steer the 
Anxmflirae, «r. To baye a flush of cardan 
AnafHtga, tjf. A plant 
Anenu, am. Arsenal, dodc-yard. 
Aneniito, «m» (Cbem.) Anenlate. 
Arseoicil, a. (Cnem.) Arsenical. 
Ars^nlco, am^ (Ghem.) Arsenic; ratsbane. 
Arsdlla, if. Green almond with its downy 

A'rta, f< Y. Ptamtaina. Arta da agua. 

Y. Zarai/atona. 
Artal,«m. Akindofple. 
AitaUte, sm. A sort of tart 
Artamlsa, Artamisia, ^ (Bot) Mng^wort. 
Artan^ Artanita, af. (Bot) Sow-bread. 
A'rie, am. and/ An art; skill, craft; man- 
A'rtea, ^. pk Intrigues, improper means; 

logie, phi»slcs and metaphysics. 
Artedllo, lla, a. dim. Petty art or trade. 
Artefieto, am. Mannflictare. 
Art^fo, am. Joint or knuckle of the fingers. 
ArtemSea, Artemisia, ^ (Bot) Mng-wort 
Arttea, ^. Aa aquatic IbwL 
Altera, tf. An iron bread-stamp. 
ArUMa, ^ An artery. A'apera artarict. 

The wind-pipe. 
Arter^ ^ Ajruflce, stratagem, sagacity. 
ArterUl, a. Arterial 
Azt«ri6Ia, 4^ tf^ffiv Small artery. ^ 
Arteri^eo, sa, a. Arterial. 
Arteriotomia, j^ (Anat) Arterlotomv. 
ArtAro^ ra, a. Dexterous, cunning, artful 
Art^aa, 4^ Kneading-trough; canoe: woal- 

eu bom. [chanic. 

ArtesAao, am. Artisan, manufacturer, me- 
Artesllla, f< A small trou^. 
Aites^ am. A round tub for dishes; carved 

celling; ornamented ranlting. 
Artesoi^o, da, €k In the fbrm of a trough. 
ArtesoneUkL am, dim, A small trough. 
Artesutila, tf. dim. A small kneading-trough. 
ArtMioo, ca, a. Afflicted with the arlhrltia. 
A'rticQ, ca, a. (Astr.) Arctic, northern. 
Artlculacidn, 4/! Artioolation; Joint Py. 
ArtlenladamAnte, ad. Distinctly, articulate- 
ArtlculAc va. To artienlate, pronounce 



Articolir, Artienlfirio, rta, a. Artteolar. 

Articulo, am. Article, section; plea; q«e* 

ArtSflce. am. Artificer, artisan; contrlysr. 

ArUficiAl, <z. Artificial. Jfuegoiort^/MaU^ 

Arilficialm^nte, ad. Artificially. 

ArUficIo, am. Workmanship, craft; artifice. 

Artifldosam6nte, ad, Artiflcially; artfyil, 

Artificioso, sa, a. Skilftil, Ingenious; artM 

Artiga, ^. Land newly broken up. 

Artlg^r, VA To break and level land. 

ArtlllAr, va. To mount cannon. 

Artilleria, ^. Artillery; gunnery; cannon. 

Artill^ro, am. Gunner, artillery-man. 

Artimifia, af. Trap, snare ; strataeem. 

Artimdn, am, Mizen-mast; sail or a gafiey. 

Artista, am. Artist; artisan ; siadier of logki 

Art61itos, am, A concave spongy stone. 

Artritico, ca, a. Arthritic arthrltical. 

Artritia, am. (Med.) Arthritis, gout 

Artr6dia, af. (Anat) Artbrodia. 

ArtAfia, 4/f A ewe whose Iamb has perished. 

Artiiro, am. (Astr.) The great bear, a con- 

Arugas, «/! (Bot) Motherwort, feverfsw. 

A'rula, {A dim. A small altar. [reedy. 

Arundiniceo, eea, a. (Bot) Arundinaceoua, 

Aruft&r, va. To scratch, claw, scrape, gather. 

Ar^fio, am. Scratch. 

A] jrer. 




Ai ». 








A] hnsK. 

Ai th iU 

Ak^Auii, mrit, J.-UIU auu uiuu w*t vi b oiiddlSk 

As, am. Ace ; Boman copper coin. 

A'sa, af. Handle, haft; vault like a basket 

handle; pretence. Asa dvlce^ Qxaa ben 

zoin. AactfiUda^ Assafoetida. 
A8aci6n, t^f. Decoction. 
Asad^ro, ra, a. Fit for roasting. 
Asado, da, a. Boasted ; dressed. 
Asad6r, am. A spit; roasting-jack. 
Asadorazo, am^ Blow with a spit 
Asadordllo. am. dim. Small spit 
AsadAra, ^ Entrails, chitterlinss. 
Asod&ra, Asadnria, »/. Toll paid for cattla. 
Asaetead6r, am. Archer, bow-man. 
Asaete&r, va. To attack, or kill with arrowa 
Asaetin&do, da, a. Like satin. 
Asalariir. va. To give a fixed salary or pay. 
Asalmonado, da, Tasting like a salmon. 
AsaltadiSr, am. Assailant, assaulter; high 

wayman. [sail 

Asalt^, va. To form an assault storm ; as 
As41to, am. Assault; sudden gust of passioa 
Asambl^^^ Assembly, meeting; Junta. 
A sir, ra. To roast— -pr. To be excesslvel? 


Digitized by VjOOQlC 


iMrabkara, Asiiriq«,4<(Bot)Wild ginger. 

AMrtro, «f?t. (Bot) Y. JSndrino. 

Asarg&do, da, a. Serge-like; twilled. 

AaannA, iff. (Bot) Bastard asanun. 

A'aarOf tm. Asamm, aaarabaiea Q;>lant). 

Asativo, va, a. (Pharm.) Dressed or boiled 
(nits own Juice. 

Asbestino, na, a. Belonging to &sbeato& 

Aab^sto. am. Asbestos, a fossil, inoombos- 

Ascal6nia, ^ A seed onion. [tlblai 

Asdirides, ^.pL Aacarides, infeimal worms. 

Asoend6ncia, ^ Line of ancestors. 

Aacenddnte, «iik Ascendant; boroeco^ — 
pcL Ascendinjar. Fmoted. 

Aacend6r, vn. To ascend, moont; oepro- 

AaoendlMite, am. and / An ancestor, fore- 
Citlier. [Thnrsdav. 

Aaoensi6n, ^ Ascension; exaltation; holy 

Ascensional, a. (Astr.) Ascensional. 

Ascdnso, 9m. Promotion. 

Asc6ta, «m« Ascetic, hermit 

Asceticismo, «m. Ascetlctom. 

A8c6tico, ca, a. Aacetio. [zone. 

A'solos, «m. pf. Asoil, people of the torrid 

Asdro, 9m. (Bot) St Peter's wort, St An- 
drew^ cross. 

Asdtia, ^. Ascitea 

Ascidoo, ca, a. Belonging to the asdte& 

Asclepidda, ^ (Bot) Swallow-wort 

Asolepiad^, 9m. Latin verse of fbor feet 

A'soo, 9m. Nausea, loathsomenees; despica^ 
ble thing: 

A'scoa, {< Bed-hot coal. 

A'scua^ ^'^'^ (Joe) How It pains ! S9lar 
en cuouaa^ To be very nneasf. 

Aseadam6nte, €ki. Cleani j« elegantly, neatly. 

Aseddo, da, a. Glean, elegant 

Asei^, va. To set ofli; embellish. 

Asechad6r. sm. Insnarer. wayhiyer. 

Aseohamlento, wn.. AsecnAnza, ^. Waylay- 
ing; artifice, trick. 

Aseohdr, vck To waylay, watch insidionsly. 

Aaeonraddn, 9f. Insurance 

AsedAdo, ^^a. Silky. [silk. 

Aaedir, «& To work flax and hemp soft as 

Asadiaddr, ra, «. Besieger. 

Asediir, «a. To beaiege: blockade. 

As^dio, 9m, A sioee, a blockade. 

AseglarArae, cr. To secularize one's self 

Asegund^, 9€L To repeat with little or no 

Aseguracidn, ^. Insurance. 

A8egurad<Sr. 9m. Insurer, underwriter. 

Aseguramiento, 9m. Securing; security; in- 

Asegur^, va. To secure, insure; fksten. 

Asem^4r. va. To assimilate, favor.— vr. To 

Asendere&do, diLO. Beaten, frequented. 

^endereir, va. To persecute, puisne; open 
a path. 

Asengladiira, iff. (Nan.) A day's run. 

As6nso, 9m. Assent consent credence. 

Asentdda, «/! A stone in its pl&oe ; one slt^ 
ting. A*^ a99ntada9, V. A'^ a9mtad4aa9. 

Asentad^ras, af. pL Buttocks, the seat 

Aasntadillas, {A.') ad. Sitting on hotiebaek 
like a woman. 

Aaentido, da, a, Olear, serene. 

4saiitad6r. 9m. Baxor-strop. 


Asentadtai, f^ Asentami^to, am. Estab- 
lishment, residence. . 
Asent4r, va. To seat; stop at; suppose; af 

firm; a^ust; note; assess; establish. 
Asentir, vn. To coincide; acquiesce, yield. 
AsenUsta, 9m. A contractor. 
As6o, 9m. Oleanliness, neatness, curtosltr. 
As^qni, 9m. Duty on every forty head of 

Aaequlble, a. Attainable, obtainable. 
Asorcidn, ^. Assertion, affirmation. 
Aserrad^ro, 9m. A saw-pit; horse or trestle^ 
Aserradizo, za, a. Proper to be sawed. 
Aserr&do, da, a. Serrate, serrated, dented. 
A8errad6r, 9m. Sawyer. 
AserradwB, ^. Sawing. 
Asemd6ras, Saw-dust 
Asorrir, va. To saw. 
Asertivo, va, a. Assertive. 
AsSrtO), 9m. Assertion, affirmation, podtion. 
AsertMo, a. Dedaratocy, afltarmative. 
Asesiir, vn. To become prudent 
Aseeinar, iMtToassasdnate; betray. 
Asesiniito, am. Assassination, murder, 

treachery. [patch. 

Asesino, 9m. Assassin, murderer; cheat; 
Ases^r, ra, t. A counsellor, legal adviser. 
Asesordrse, vr. To take the assistance ol 

Asesoria, ^. The office, pay and fees of an 

assessor; tavern. [ner nap or siesta. 

AsestadSro, 9m. Place to take an after-din- 
Asestad6r, 9m. Onnncr. 
Asestadara, aA Aim, taking aim. 
Asest&r, va. To aim, point [flrmatlnn. 

Asoveraddn, af. Asseveration, solemn af- 
Asever4r, va. To asseverate; affirm. 
AslSiIto, 9m. Asphaltum. 
AsTixla, ^ (Med.) Asphyxia, suflbcatton. - 
Asfoddlo, SDK Asphodel, day-lily. 
Asi. ad. So, thus, in this manner; thorofbra 

alsou Aai bimy As well, as much so. 

Ai^ qu9i So that, therefore. Aai que aai^ 

Anyway. A9i qtte aad or aaadc^ Let it 

be as it will. Cbmo a«i. Just sa 
Asid^ro, 9m. Handle; occasion, pretext— 

pL Tow-ropes. 
Aside, da. Seized, grasped ; (kstened, tied. 
AsiduidiUl, ^f. Assidui^, asslduousneaa. 
Asiduo, dua, a. Assiduous, laborious. 
Asi6nto,«m. Seat chair; stability; bottom; 

sedimant; treaty; contract; entry; Jndg> 

ment; list; prndence.— pt. Bindings. 
Asigndble, a. Assignable. [destination. 

Asignacidn, «/. Assignation; oistrlbution : 
AstgnAdo, 9. Assignat 
Aslgnfir, va. To assign, mark out, ascribe. 
AsignotAra, af. Programme of the leclurea 

in universities. 
Asilla, {/t dim. A small handle; a slight pre^ 

text— :P^ The collar-bones; small keys of 

an organ. Sec 
Asilo, am. Asylum, sanctuary; harborage. 
Asim^smo, ad. Exiactly sa 
Asiraetria, ^ (Little us.) Without symmetry 
Asimi^nto, 9m. Attachment, affection. 
Astmiladdn, af. Assimilation. 
Asimilir vn. To resemble, to be Uke.--M 

To asstrallatSk 
Asimilativo, va, a. AsBlmilaUnf, 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


Ailwlwnrt, ad, EzmU j to, UkewiMi 
Aifanp>fclo, dft, a. Like a simploton. 
Alia. Aaiu, ad. (Low) Y. A91. 
Asinfarla6« ^ 2^ Birds in BrtxiL 
Asi&ino, 11% a. Asinine, asA-like. 
AAir,i)a.andfi..Togra6p; bold: gripe; Uke 
'. To dispate, contend. Mfede^ 

To avail one'a self oC 
Aftudn, am. Bird <^ the (kmfly otfnkncdlinM, 
A ftirt^acia, f^ Actual presence ; reward ; aid, 

help, oomfart AtMUanda^ AUowanoe; 

aiinumy; a ftirni^hed room. 
Asistenta, ^ Handmaid ; servsnt-mald to 

the maida of tionor. forderly. 

Aafat^nto, pa, and tm, Awdrtsnt, beiper; an 
Aslstir, «iw To bo present, aasist; live in a 

boa8e.--vA To ntinister; to server 
A'lma, ^ The asthma* 
Ambltieo, ca, a» Asthmatic 
A'sna, ^f. A sbe-eaa. A'moA, Baftera. 
Asn&ebo, 9m. CBot) Cammock. 
AsaAda, ^ A fooUsh action; petty whin. 
Afi&Ado, am. Side-wall timbws in mines. 
AsD^ a. Asinine; brataL 
Asnallo, sm. Camroock, restharrow. [ass. 
Asnalm^te, ad. Foolishly ; moonted on an 
Asn&ocho, Ml. Sharp pepper of Soath 

Amerlok [tish iellow. 

AsqAzo, am. attgm, A largo Jack-eas; a bra< 
Asnaiia, ^ (ColL) Stod ofaasea. 
Aaoieo, ca, «. Anuiron. 
Asollla, «C ^anoheon or prop. 
Aanillo, Ua, a dim. A little ass. A«nmo, 

Oraashopper. field-cricket 
Aaninov t^ a (GolL) Besembling an aaa. 
A'sno, mtK An ass; a stupid iUlow. 

', ML To lift a weighty thing with 

AsobiaAne, «r. To fUl down with a burden. 
AsocarronidOf da, a. Graft/, cunning, wog- 

gisb. [tlon; Ibllowsiliip. 

Aaodacl6n, ^. Asodamic'nto, m». As6ocia- 
AaodAdo, am. Associate; cumrade. 
AsodAr, 9a. To associate, unite. — or. To ac- 
company, [tation. 
Asdaddn, Asolad&ra, ft Desolation, devaa- 
Aaoladdr. ra, a. A destroyer, desolater. 
Asolamiento, tm. Depopulation, deetmc- 

Asolaair, «a. To parch or dry up. 
AaoIAt, 1NI. To level, destroy, pilIago.-^vr. 

To settle and become clear. 
Asoleir, va. To ann. — or. To be sun-bomt 
Asolvami^iito, am. Stoppage. 
AaolvArse, «r. To be stopped. 
AsomAda, «f Appearance. 
AsomAdo, oa, a. Fuddled. 
AaomAr, vn. " ' 

show.— or. 
Aaombradizo, xar a. Fearfhl, timid. [ens. 
AsombradAr, ra, $. Terrifler, one who fnght- 
AsombramiAnto, mn, Y. Amnnbro. 
AsombrAr, «& To frighten, terrify ; astonlsl ; 

8hadei-£«r. To take iHgbt [ment 

AsAmbro, tm. Drsad, fear, terror; amaze- 
Asombrosamdntei, ad. Amazingly, wonder- 

iUIr. [marvellous. 

Asomtosoi, sa, a. Wonderfti], astonishing, 
AateML tm. Mark, token, sign ; supposition. 
AjonAda^ |^ Tamnltooas crowd or people. 

. To begin to appear. — oo. To 
\ To be mistered with wine. 


AaoD^nda, 9f. Asaooaaoe, oooaonance; har- 
mony, [sonant versea 
Asonantir, «& To mix assonant with con* 
Asoninte, a. Assonant 
AsonAr. on. To accord. 
Asotanar, oo. To vaalt, make vaults. 
A'spa, {< A cross; a reel ; wings of a wind- 

Aspaddr, »m. A reel. 

Aspad6r, ra, a Beeler. 

AspalAto, 9m. (Bot) Kosewood. 

Aspilto, am. Asphaltos. 

Aspami^nto, am. (Prov.) Y. Atpaviento. 

Aspdr, oo. To reel ; crucify; vex. Atparm 

a ffrito$y To hoot, cry out 
Aspavi^to, smw Dread, t^ox^ consternation; 

admiration. A9paviento»^ Boasts, brags, 

bravadoes. Rook; situation. 

Asp^Scto, 9m. A«>ect, sight, appearance; 
A'q)eram6nte, ad. Bndely, grtmuy, obdu- 

tately. [taste. 

AspereAr, vik To be rough and acrid to the 
Aq>er6te, mn. Sour taste of unripe fhiit 
Asperdza, AsperidM, f< Asperity; gall; 

roughness; sourness. 
AspiiKeA, 9m. A9per9ion or sprinkling. 
A8peri<§go, ga, a. Sour apple of the pippin 

Asperilla, ^. (Bot) A plant [fruit 

Aspertllo, M7k The sourish taste of unripe 
A^rillo, Ua, a. dim. Tort, sourish. 
A'spero, 9m. Asper, para (coin). 
A'spero, ra, a, Rougb, knotty ; harsh. 
Asper6n, am. Orinctetone. 
A8pcrsi6n, ^ Aspersion. 
Aq>erB6rio, 9m. Water-sprinkler. 
A'spid, A'spide, 9m, Asp, a small serpent; 

choleric person. [sire. 

AspiraciAn, f^ Aspiration ; inspiration; de- 
Aspiradamdnte, ad. With aspiration. 
Aspirate, pa. Aspirant 
Aspirdr, ock To inspire ; draw breath : asptra 
Asquedr, va. To loathe, consider with disgust 
Asquerosara^nte, ad. Nastily, foully, filthily. 
Asquerosidad, ^ Nastinee^ filthlneea 
Asquer6so. sa, a. Nasty, flltby; loathsome. 
A'squia, 9/. A kind of grayling fkwh-water 

A'sto, «/r Lance, spear, pike; handle; sta£ 
Astas, Horns. 

AstAco, 9m>. Lobster, crayfish, or crawfish. 
AstAdo, Ast^ro, 9m. Pikeman or lancer. 
Ast6nlco, ca, a. (Med.) Asthenic. 
AstAr, 9m. fBot) Starwort 
Asteria, 4/! Star-stone ; cat's eve, fiUse opaL 
Asterisco, am. An asterisk, (^t) Oxeye. 
Astil, am. Axe-handle; shaft of an arrow. 
Astll^os, 9m. pi. Y. A9taUi}09. 
Astilla, ^ Chip of wood, splinter. 
AstiUir, wk To chip. 
Astillizo, am. Crack, Injury, damage. 
Astill^^oe, 9m. pL Castor and Pollux (starsX 
Astill^, am. Drnce ; snoar-stand. A9tiUsr9 

d^ conatruocion^ Ship-yard, dock-yard. 

Poner en aatUUro^ (Met) To place in an 

honorable post rMilk-vetoh. 

Astrigalo, 9m. Astragal (moulding). (B<itJ 
Astr^ a. Astral. 
Astr&nclSj 9f. (Bot) Master-wort. 
Aftr^ «/. Goddess Astreik 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


AsMcddn, ABtringdiicIa, tf, AJtrictfon, oom- 

iitrlotiTO, Tt, ck ABtrictlTO, styptic. 
Astricto, ta, a. Contracted, compressed; 

Astrifero, ra, (Poet) Stany. 
Astringdnte, o^ Astringent 
Astrlngir, a. To astringo, compress. 
A'stro, 9m. Heavenly body, as tbe sun, moon, 

or star; illostrlous person. 
Astrogr^fia, tf, Astrography. 
Astr6ite, Bin, Astroito. 
Astrol&bks 9m, Astrolabe; Jacobs ^taff. 
Afltrologia, «/ Astrology. [cal. 

Astroldgico, ca, Astr6Iogo, ga, a. Astrologi' 
Astr61ogo, sm. Astrologer. 
Ai!trol6gicam6nte, ad. Astrologfcally. 
Astronomia, ^f. Astronomy. 
Astrondmioamdnte, ad. Astronomically. 
Astron6mlco, ca, a. Astronomical 
A8tr6nomo, «m. Astronomer. 
Aatrosamtote, ad. Blovenly, slnttish. 
Astr6eo, sa, a. (CoH) Indecent, sordid. 
AfltAda, tif. Oonning, craft, finesse, slyness. 
Astoridn, «m, A pony, a small horse. 
Astatamdnte, ad. Cunningly, cra/Uly, feign- 

Astotd, ta, a, Astnte, conning, sly. 
Asubiar, «». To goard against tbe rain. 
Asn6to, sm. Holyday Ibr scbool-boya, vaca- 
Asamir. vo. To ascend, assnme any dignity. 
Asunci^ ^f. Assumption; ele^^ation; a 

As(into, snu Subject; aflklr, business. 
Asurami6nto, «m. Burning; being parched. 
Asur^rse, «r. To be burnt in the pot 
Asurcdr, va. To furrow sown land to kill 

the weeds. 
Asustadizo, za, a. Easily fHghtened. 
Asustdr, tHJk To ftigbten, to terrify. — »r. To 

be fHghtened. 
Atab&ca, ^ (Bot) Groundsel. 
Atabacido, da, a. Tobacoo-color. 
Atabil, 9m. Kettle-drum. [drums. 

Atabale6r, «n. To imitate the noise of kettle- 
AtabalAlo, AtabalMe, AtabaliUo, 9m. dim. A 

small kettle-drum. 
Atabal^ 9m. Kettle-drummer. 
AtabanAda da, a. Spotted white, [fbvers. 
AtabardiUado, da, a. Of the nature of spotted 
Atdbe, OTt. A small vent left in water-pipes. 
Atabem4do, da. a. Retailed in taverns. 
AtabU14r, vo. To fold cloth with the sel- 

Atabladira, Bt. Roller to level sown land. 
Atabliir, vo. To level sown land. 
Ataoadera, 9f. Blaster's rammer. 
AtacMo, da, a. Irresolute; close, miserable. 

H&mbre de caUcu atacadaa^ A strict ob- 
server of old customs. 
Ataca46r, 9m. Aggressor; nunrod or rammer. 
AtacAr, ea. To fit tieht; ram; attack. 
Atac61a, tf. A strap for a horse's taU. 
Ataddras, f^ pk Ataddros, 9m. pL (Prov.) 

Garten. [a thing Is tied. 

Ataddro, 9m. Cord or rope ; the plaos where 
AtadUo, fto, am. dim. (ColL) An ill-shaped 

little bundle. 
AtadHo, ta, a. dim. Cramped or contracted. 


Atiulo, 9m. Bundle, parcel pug 

AtiUo, da, a. Pusillanimous, good Pit noth> 

Ataddr, 9m. He who ties; packer; binder. 

Atad&ra, ^ Tying together; union. 

AtaD^^, «& To stupefy, deprive of senses; 
to tease. 

Atafetanido, da, a. Besembltng taflfety. 

Atahdrre, 9m. The crupper of a pack-eaddle 

Atah6rma, ^. (Om.) Cwprey. 

Atair&r, va. To cut mouldings in panels. 

AtAhe, sm. Moulding in panels. 

AtaiadJzo, 9m^ Partinon. 

At^ad6r, 9m. (Mil) Scout 

Atijar, wi. To go the shortest way.— w». To 
overtake; divide; intercept Atajarga- 
nado^ To steal sheep. AtaSar la tisn^ 
To reconnoitre the ground.— vr. To be 
confounded with shame. [re-union. 

Atidasol&oes. sm. A dlstnrber of a pleasant 

Ata)6a, At^jia, 9/. Small sewer, drain. 

At^|o, 9m. Short cut; ward or guard; ob- 
struction. Salir al aiajo^ To interrupt 
another's speech. 

Atalantir, vn. To agree, accord ; be pleased. 

Ataliya, ifi Watch-tower; height; guard. 

AtaUyador, ra, a. Guard, sentry; observet. 

Atalayir, imz. To observe fh>m a watoli 
tower. [seedsL 

Atalvina, tf. Milky substance drawn flrooi 

Atamidnto, 9m. M!eannes8 of spirit 

Atanisia, ^. (Bot) Costmary or alecost, 
type between Pica and English Boman. 

Atandr, 9m. (Vroi.) A siphon or tube. 

Atanquia, «^I)epilatory; reftise of silk. 

AtafiM-, «. imp. To belong, appertain. 

AUUiue, 9m. Attack; trenches; apoplexy. 

Ataqniu, ^f. Laying a branch of a vine la 
the ground. [the ground. 

AtaqnuAr^vo. To lay a branch of a vine in 

At&r, 90. To tie, bhid, knit; lace; depriva 
of motion ; close. — vr. To be embarrassed. 
AtarM A la Utra^ To stick to the lettet 
of the text AtarM lo% mano9. To tie 
one's self bv promise. [laid work. 

Atarac^ tf. Marquetry, checker work; in- 

Ataraoeir, va. To checker, inlay. 

Ataranti^o, da. a. Bit by a tarantula; sui 
prised; harum-scarum. 

Ataraz&na, ^ Atarazan&l, sm. Arsenal ; rope^ 
spinner's shed; wine-cellar. [teeth. 

Ataraz&r, va^ To bite or wound with the 

Atare^o, da, Ow Busied, occupied. 

Atare&r, va. To task, exercise. — vr. To over 
do one's selt 

AtArfe, sm. Tamarisk. 

Atai;)^ «^ A small vault; sewer, drain. 

Atarqninar, va. To bemire. — vr. To be co\ 
ered with mire. 

Atarriga, ^f. (Bot) Clammy Inula, Fleabane. 

Atarradkr, «ck To fit a shoe to a horse's foot 

Atamgar, «& To form the thread of a screw. 

Atarug^o, da, a. Abashed, ashamed. 

Atarugamiteto, em. Act of wedging. 

Atarugir, txk To fbsten; wedge; ^flenoe. 

Atamriado, da, a Stretched across a horse 

Atasijir, «& To out meat into small piece\ 

Atascadeto, Atascamldnto, sm.. A deep miry 
place; obstruction. 

Atasc^, «)a. To stop a leak.— «r. To stiek 
in the mire; stop short 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 

ATE • 

itafid, an. Coffin, heiirse. 

AtudMo, da, a^ Goflln-fttupcd. [al 

Atttojia, fiC Damaskeening, mlsTing on met^ 

Atai^iMo, da, a. Damaskeened. 

A^tavlado, da. Ov Omainentod, adornott 

AuTiir, va. To dress, trim, adorn, embcUIah. 

A.taTio, 9m, Drcaa, finery, gear. 

A.tdxia, jpC (Med.) Ataxia, irregular fever. 

Atediir, va. To disgost or displease. — vr. To 

be vexed, be tired. 
A-toiamo, «m. Atheism. 
AtMsta, enu Atheist; heathen. [ror. 

Ateatorizir. va. To terrify, strike with ter- 
AlempeTaci6n, sf. The act and effect of t«n- 

lUmpersIr, «a. To temper; soften; molli/y. 
AfOTftrtr, Atenaze&r, ta. To tear off with 

ltaDcl6n, 4/! Attention; ctvlUtv, kindness; 

a contract of sale. £n (Uenelon^ Attend- 
ing; in consideration. 
itenddr, vn. To attend; heed; expect, wait 
iten6r, vrt. To guard, obeerra AUnerae &^ 

To abide by, stick to. 
itentad6n, ^ Procedure contrary to law. 
Iteotadamente, ad. Prudently; contrary 

to law. [rate. 

Itentado, da, a. Discreet, prudent, modo- 
Atentido, tm. Illegal proceeding of aiudge ; 

oftoQcei Tlitely. 

Atantamente, ad. Attentively; civilly, po- 
Ateot^, va. To attempt any crime ; to try 

with caution. 
Atentnt^rio, ria, a. Contrary to law. 
Atento, ta, a. Attentive, heedftil; polite, 

dvii; in consideration. 
Atenoacido, «/ Attenoation ; maceration. 
Ateno&r, va. To attenn^e ; diminish, lesson. 
At^ WK Atheist [fever. 

AterdaniUlo, da, a. Afflicted with tertian 
AtardopeUdo, da, a. Velvet-like. 
Aterida, •/. Jaundice. 
AteridixM, To have the Jaundice. 
Aterido, da, a. Stiff with cold, benumbed. 
Aterimitoto, sm. Act of growing stiff witii 

Aieriise. vr. To grow stiff with cold. 
Atemerado, da, a. Calf-like. 
Aterramlteta 9m. Boln, destruction ; terror. 
A tfltrar, va. To destroy, poll down ; terrify. 

— vr. To stand in shore. 
AterronAr. va. To clod, coagulate. 
Aterroriztf, va. To frighten, terrify. 
Atee&r, va. To haul taught 
At«sorad6r, «m. A boarder. 
Ateaorir. va. To treasure or hoard up. 
Atestaelon, ^ Testlmon v, evidence. 
AtestAdo, da, a. Attested, witnessed. 
Atest^MkM, tm. fi. Certlflcates, testimonials. 
AteBtad£ura,4/r Cramming or stuffing; must 

fbr ioakinffwine casks. 
Atastir, «a. To eram, stuff; crowd. 
Atcstiguaddn, i(f. Atestlguamiento, 9m. De- 
position upon oath. 
Ateatignir, Vit. To depose, attest, give evl- 

dencei .^iostf^nor <xm, Tociteas awit- 

Atet4do^ da, a. Mammlllated, mammiform. 
Atatir, va. To sookle. 
UettUiir, va. To treooh round rooti 


Atez^o, da, a. Black. 
Atezamt^nto. rnn. The act of blackening. 
Atez^, tWw To blacken. — vr. To grow black. 
Atiborr4r, va,. ^o stuff with wool, &c. ; cram. 
Aticismo, mn. Atticism; nice, witty joke. 
A'tico, ca. a. Upper story, attic; elegant 

wit Testigo aUco^ An Irreihigablc wit- 
Aticiirga, ^ Base of an attic column. 
Atiesar, va. To make stiff or hard. 
Atifle^ sm. Potter's trevet 
Atlgrado, da, a. Tigor-colorod. 
Atildadura, «< Punctuation. 
Atild^, va. To put a dash or tilde a letter 

censure : deck out [pose. 

Atinadam6nte, ad. Cautiously; to the pur^ 
Atinar, vn. To bit the mark; hit upon, 

Atinair, sm. Tlncal ; borax. 
Atlpldr, va. To raise the pitch of a musical 

lustrnment — vr. To grow very sharps 
AtirantAr, va. To fix collar-bomis in a 

Atirlciirse, vr. To get the jaundlca 
Atisbad^ro, sm. Peep-bolu. [neei^ 

Atisbad6r, ra, «. A prier into others' l>usl • 
Attobad6ra, iff. Prying into others' buslnesa 
Atisbar, va>. To scrutinize, pry into ; waylay. 
Atlsuiido, da, a. Ttesne-like. [cites 

Atizaddro, sm. Exciter, the thing which ex- 
Atlzaddr, ra, ». Inciter; poker; feeder. 
Atizdr, va. To poke the fire; rouse. AU- 

ear la Idmpara^ To raise the lamp-wick. 
Ati2on^, va. To lav up bricks and atones 

in mortar. — vr. To be smutted. 
Atl4nte, am. Ue who bears tlie weight at 

government Atl^ntet, Figures of men 

used instead of columns. 
AtUntico, a. Atlantic [dia satin. 

A'tlas, «/n. Atlas, a collection of maps; la- 
AtI6ta, sm. Athlete, wrestler. 
Atldtico, oa, a. Athletic; robust 
Atmdsfera, ^. Atmosphere, tiie air. 
Atmosfi^rico. ca, a. Atmospherical 
Ato^o, 9m, Towage. 
Ato&r, va. To tow a vessel 
At6cha. 4< Tough feathergrass bass-weed. 
Atooh^l, Atochdr, 9m, Place where bai»> 

weed growa 
Atoohir, va. To fill with bass-weed. 
Atoch6n, 9m. Name of the tender panicia 

of tough foathei^rass. 
Atodn&do, da, Ow Corpulent fat, fleshy. 
Atocin^i^ CO. To cut up a pig; assassinat^i 

— vr. To swell with anger. 
At61e, 9m. (M.) Indian corn gruel 
Atollad^ro, 9m, A deep miry place ; obstacle. 
AtoU&r, vn. To fSall Into the mtra — vr. To 

get Involved in difficulties. rchoughtles& 
Atolondr&do, da, a. Uarebralned, giddy, 
Atolondrami6nto, «m. Btupe&otion, con- 
Atolondnir, va. To stun, stupefy. — vr. To 

get stupefied, dull. 
Atomismo, 9fTK AtomlsuL 
Atomista, 97n. Atomist 
Atombtico, ca. a. Atomical, of atoms. 
A'tomo, 9m. Atom, corpuscle, ace. mute. 

Reparar en im dtomo^ To remark tbt 

minutest actions. 

Digitized by VjjOOQIC 


iltond&r, va. To spar a hoRW^ 

AtonU, f^ (Med.) Atonv, weakoea^ debility. 

Ac6nito, ta, a. Astonishod, amazed. 

AtoataJom^te, ad. Foolishly, stupidly. 

Atonti^do, da, a. Mopisli, foollsli, stopid. 

Atontamlento, mu ObstupefactioD. (stupid. 

Atontdr, vo. To stUD, stupefy. — vr. To bo 

Atorurse, cr. To stick in tbe mire; fit the 

.Itormentadam^te, ad^ Anxiooslv-. 

Atorroentido, da, a. Painful, fUlI of pain, 

Atormentaddr, ra, «. Tormentor. 

Atorment^r, va. To torment; cause afilio- 
tton: rack. 

Atomiilikr, va. To screw. 

Atorozon^jM, vr. To suffer erlnee or colic 

Atortol&r, va. To confound, intimidate. — 
vr. To be frightened. 

Atortor^, va. (Nau.) To Drape a ship. 

Atorti^ir. vo. To squeeze, make flat 

Atosigador, 9m. PolMner. 

Atosigamidntacm^ Tbe act of poisoning. 

Atosigilr, oo. To poison; liarasa. [hurry. 

Atratondu", va. To huddle, perform in a 

Atrab4nco, »m. Tbe act of huodling. 

Atrabil^o, ria, AtnbiU^so, sa, a. Atrabilap 
riona, melancholy. 

Atrabilia, ^ Beinc atrabtlarions ; black bile. 

Atracaddro, tm. (Nao.) LandfldL 

Atrae&r, va. To oyortake; cram. — w. To bo 
stuffed. Atracarte al oostadOy To come 

Atraoci6n, ^ Attraction. 

Atraoon, sm. Over-eating. 

Atractivo, va, a. Attracnve; engaging. 

Atractivo, wk Charm; grace; cooing, [ins. 

Atractiz, a. Applied to the power of attract- 

Atra^r, va. To attract, draw; allure, invite. 

Atrafig&do, da, a. Much occupied; labori- 
ous; fidgety. 

Atra£^p4r, vn. (Low) To toll, bo over- 
wrought— «?r. To fidget 

AtraganUij^ vr. To stick In tbe throat; be 
cut short In conversation. 

Atraidoradamc^nte, ad. Treacherously. 

Atraidorddo, da, a. Treacherous, perfidious. 

Atrailldr, va. To bind with a string; follow 
game. [into dilficulUes. 

Atramp^rse, vr. To be caught in a trap ; get 

Atramuz, am. (Bot) Lupine. 

Atrancor, va. To bar a door; take long 
steps; rood hurriedly. [oelve. 

Atrapir, va. To overtake; li^ hold of; de- 

Atr^ac^ Backwards; past ndcerseatraa^ 
To fallback, (^uedorae a<ra«, To remain 
behind. r<rfr«rM a<ra«, To retract Ild>- 
ota atrat, Far trom that, quite the con- 

Atrasado, da. AtraMdo de mfdiot^ Short 
of means, poor. Atrasado de ncUdas^ 
Ignorant of common things. [unjpaid. 

Atrasidoa, am. pi. Arrears, sums remaining 

Atrasdr, va. To obstruct another's fortune; 

? retract, sot back. — vn. To so slow. — vr. 
'o remain behind ; be in debt 
AtTHM, aifK Backwardness; loss of fortune; 

^traveaido, da, a. Sqiint-eyod; oblique; 

• ATR 

AtravesAfio, am. Crooa-piece, cross-tknbef 
Atraveaafloa da laa lataa^ Garlines. 

Atraves^, va. To lay a beam athwart; run 
through; cross over; bewitch; bet; lay 
a trump. (Nau.) To lie to. Atravesar 
el conuotts To move to compassioa. 
Atraveaar loa ginero% To buy goods to 
sell by retail. Atraveaar toao H paia. 
To overrun the whole country. JVb atra- 
veaar loa umbralea^ Not to darken ono^ 
door. — vr. To be obstructed; interfere; 
dispute; cross the course of another veseeL 

(}"<> atravieao^ yo atravieae, firom Atraw^ 
aar, V. Aoertar.) 

Atrayeute, pa>. Attrahent, attractive. 

Atregnadamcnie, ad^ Madly, rashly. 

Atreguddo, da, a. Bash, foolish, precipitattk 

Atreenaldr, va. To collect sheaves Into heaps. 

Atrevdrse, vr. To be too fom^ard ; to dare, 

Atrevldazn^nte, ad. Audaciously, du-ingly, 
boldly. [dona. 

Atrevidillo, 11a, a. dim. Somewhat auda 

Atrevidiaimo, ma, a. aup. Most audacious. 

Atrevido, da, a. Bold, audacious, daring 
insolent [bhide. 

Atrevido, am. A muscle on the shoulder* 

Atrevimidnto, am. Boldness, hardihood, 

Atribaddn, ^ Attributing; attribute. 

Atiibnir, va. To attribute, ascribe, impute. 
-^r. To assume. [vexe^ 

Atribnl&r, va. To vex, afflict— vr. To be 

Atributivo, va. a. Attributive. 

Atrib6to, Mn. Attribute ; a quality adherent 

AtrtcapUla, ^ (Om.) Tbe Kpicurean war- 
bler, [straps. 

Atrio6sea, am. pk Blngsto hold the stUrup- 

Atrici6n, 4/: Attrition, grief for sin. (Farr.) 

Atril, am. Lectern, a stand for tlie missal or 
service books in ohurehes. [lectern. 

Atril^ f/C An ornamental cover for the 

Atrincherami^nto, am. Intrenchntent, 
mound. Atrinekemmiantoa de abord^ 
age^ (Nan.) Breast^wortca. 

Atrincherdr, va. To intrench, mound.— vr. 
To intrench one's sel£ 

A'trio, am. Poroh ; portlca 

Atrito, ta, a. Gonmte through fear. 

A'tro, ra, a. (Poet) Dark, black, obscure. 

Atrochdr, vn. To go by cross-paths. 

Atrociddd, ^f. Atrocity ; enormous wicked 
noss; exoess. 

Atrofla, ^. Atrophy. 

Atr^flco, ca. a. Alfocted with atrophy. 

Atrompetiao, da, a. Trumpet-like. 

Atronadom^to, ad. Precipitately, wiUiout 
prudence. [itate, imprudent. 

Atron&doi, am. Blunderer, wild.— a. Pr«eip» 

Atronaddr, ra, a. Thunderer: [hoise^ 

Atronad6ra, nf. Tumor in the pastern of a 

Atronami^nto, am. Thundering; stupe(ao> 
tion. [thuaderstrock. 

AfTonar, vo. To thnnder, stun. — vr. To be 

Atronerir, va. To make embrasures. 

AtropAdo, da, a. Grouped, dumped. 

Atropir, va. To assemble in groups without 
order. [Aisedly. 

Atropelladamdnte, a<& Tumultnously, odd* 

AtropeUido, ds, a 9peakio|t«r aetlng oasllly 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 



Atiopellad6r, ra, #. Tnuxipler under ibot 
AtiopdUunl^nto, 9nu TnunpUng under fcot 
Atropellir.vo. To trample under foot; hurry; 
oyerwork, — vr. To iiuny one's self too 

Atroz, a. Atroclou.% enormous; cruel 
iarciz£r. «a. To truss a yard to the mast 
Atroonentc, ad. Atrociously; excessively. 
AtruhanMo, da, o. Bcurrilous; using low 

Atufkdam^nte, (xd. Pcorishly, morosely, 
AtaCar« cOw To vex, plague. — cr. To fret ; he 

angry. ngnonint, stupid fellow. 

Aton, «n. Tunny-flsn. Peduzodeatun^Kn 
Atun^ra, ^. A tunny fish-liook; a tunnv-not. 
AtUBcro, «m. Tunny flsbermau; dealer in 

Atuhir, «aw To stop or shut up closely. 
Atordkkii. da, a. Harebrained, madbrain. 
Atordimi^nto, am. Pertorbatloa; duinees. 
Aturdb*, CO. To perturb : stupefy with won- 

der.— «r. TobeoQtofonevwita. [lence. 
AturroMr, 9a, To confound, reduce to si- 
Atosad^, rnn, Hair-dreflser; one who trims 

AUnir, co. To cut the hair even ; trim. — or. 

To dress one's self with too much care. 
Atntia, ^f. Tutty, a sublimate of calamine. 
Auca, ^ A gooae. Y. Oca, 
AuUeia, ^f. Aadadty, boldness. 
Aodiz. a. jSold, andaoious, fcarloss. 
Audible, a. Audible. 
Andl^nda,!^ Audience; hearing; audIeno&> 

chamber ; court of oyer and terminer; law- 

ofltoeis; the az-Sponish America. 
Auditivo, Ya, a. Auditive; right of giving 

aadienca. [delegate. 

Aiidlt6r, sm. Auditor, a hearer; a Judge; a 
Anditoria, iff. Auditor s office. 
Andit6rio, wu Auditory, audience. 
A'uge, am. Meridian; apogee. 
Aognr, «m. Augur, angurer. 
Angnnid6o, ^. Auguration. 
AuguriU, a. Augonal, belonging to augury. 
Augurir, to. To augur. 
Aogfirio, OTik Augury, omen. 
Auff^sto. ta, a. August, magnillcent 
A'ua, ^ Lecture-room. 
Auliga, ^ Furzo, gorse, goss. 
A'oUco. ea, a. AuUe, belonging to a court 
Anlladoroi, mn. Place where wolves howl at 

AoJOIaddr, ra. t. Howler. 

AuMr, cfk To bowL yell, cry. 

Aulfido, A6II0, am. Howl ; cry of horror. 

Anmentible, a. Angmentable. 

Anmentadon, ^ Augmentation. 

Anment&do, da, a. Increased, augmented. 

Anmcntaddrt ra, $. Eokrger, amplifier. 

Aumentir, «a. and «r. To augment, increase, 

Aumentativo, va, a. Increasing, enlarging. 

Aum6nto, tm. Augmentation, increase; ac- 
cess. Avmimtoe^ Promotion, advance- 
BMOt [stilL 

Aiin, ad. Yet, as yet, nevertheless; even, 

Aanir, to. To unite, assemble.— vr. To be 
united or eonfederated. 

ioaquA ad. Though, notwithstanding. 

AApa. Up, up; get up (to chUdr«n> 

A6ra, ^ A bird of Mexico ; a gentle breeze 
-4t*rapc3>tt/a^*, Popularity. [scruple* 

A'ureo, «m. A gold coin; a weifrht of foui 

A'ureo, rea, a. Golden, gold. A'ureo m«- 
meroy Golden numbei, the lunar cycle. 

Aureola, ^. Auroola. 

Aurlciilco, *m. A mixture of p>M and silver. 

Auricula, */ Auricle. (Bot) The bear's ear. 

Auricular, a. Auricular; auricularis. 

Aurifero, ra, a. Auriferous. [Waponei. 

Auriga, sm. (Poet) A coachmau. (Astr) 

Aurista, *m. Aurist 

Aurora, af. The dawn of day; the morning 
watch-gun. Aurora boreal, Nortlieni 
lights. Color da aurora^ A color of white, 
red, and blue. [vated. 

Aurran^Mo, da, a. Ila<lly tilled and culti- 

Anr^pico, Mk Soothsayer, diviner. 

Auscultacl6n, ^ (Med.) Ausctiltation. 

Aus^ncia, »/. Absence. 

Ausentane, vr. To absent one's seM 

Au96nte, a. Absent distant 

Ausptcio, STTk Auspice, or presage ; predio- 
tion; protection. 

Au8teram6nt^ ad. Austerely, fto^vnlngly. 

Austeridid, ^. Austerity, rigor. 

An8t6ro, ra, a. Austere, severe, harsh. 

Austril, Austrino, no, ck Austral, southern. 

A'ustro, 9m. South wind ; notus. 

Aut^ntica, ^. A certificate; attested copy. 

Autenticaci6n, »f. Authentication. 

Aut^ntlcaminte, ad. Authentically. 

Autentic^, va. To authenticate, attest 

AutenticidH ^ Authenticity. 

Aut^ntico, CO, a. Antbentlc, genuine, [owl. 

AutUIo, mu fDim.) A specUd decree ; kind oi 

A'uto, am. A Judicial decree; writ; edict 
Auto da Fa, Sentence by the Inquisition. 
Auto sacramental. An acting sacred alle- 
gory. Autos, Pleadings and proceedings 
in a law-suit Kstar eti autos. To know 
a thing profoundly. [reignty. 

Autocrida, ^ Autocrasy, absolute sova- 

Autocrdta, am. Autocrat 

Autocrittlco, ca, a. Autocratical, [writlnjt 

AutogrMco, ca, a. Autographical, one's own 

Aut^^grafo, sm. Autograph. 

Autdmata, am. Automaton. 

Automiltico, ca, a. Automatical. 

Aut^mato, sm. Automaton, a self movfnc 
machine. [mina 

Auton^mia, sf, Living according to one's 

Aut6psla, ^ Autopsy, ocular demonstration. 

Aut6r, sm. Author, composer; writer; man- 
ager; plaintiff. 

AutiSra, 4/! Authoress. 

Autorcillo, am. dim. A bad writer. 

Autoria, *^ The employment of a inannger 

Autoridid, s/. Authority; credid; ostenta' 

Antoritattvarainte, ad. Authoritatively. 

Autoritativo, va, a. Arrogant a.*-snmlng. 

Autorizdble, a. What can be authorized. 

Autoriicadon, n/. Authorization. 

Autorizadfc<n6nte, ad. Authoritatively. 

Autorizddo, da, a. Rsspectable, commenda* 

Autorizad6r, sm. He who authorizes. 

Autoriumlcnto, sm. AuthorizatloB. 

AutorizAr, ta. To authoriza; attest ; legnlize. 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


inianiBu], a. (Little ns.) AntumnaL 
Aoxiliad^r, ra, a. Aiixtlluy, assistant 
Aaxili^f V€U To aid, assist; attend to. 
Aaxili&r, a. Auxiliar, airdliaiy, lielplng. 
Auxillat6rio, ria. a. flaw) Auxiliary. 
Auxillo, rnn. Aid, Iiolp, assistance. 
A'va-Ava, «/ An Otaiioite plant. 
AvacMo, da, a, CJow-liko ; big-belliod horse. 
Avadurse, vr. To bocomo fordablc. 
Avah^r, 'oo. (Littlo us.) To warm with tlie 

breath ; wither. [bend forward. 

Avalanzlrao, «r. To throw one^s self forward; 
Aval&r, vn. (Prov.) To shake, tremble. 
Aralent&do, da, Ov Bragging, boasting. 
AvalUr, «a. To inclose with stakes or hedges. 
At&Io, 9m. (Prov.) A slight shock ; an earth* 

Avalorir, fta. To estimate, ralne; animate. 
Aralniu', va. To value, estimate. 
Aval&o, am. Valuation, official appraisement 
Avambr^zo, em. Armor for the fore-arm. 
▲v&nce, rni. Advance, attack; account or 

statement; a balance due. 
Av&nte. ad. (Nan.) Ahead, forward. 
Avantron, 9m. Limber of a gun-carriage. 
AvanzAdo, da, a. Advanced; onward; in 

years. [have a balance in one^s favor. 
Avanz^r, va. and lu To advance, attack; 
Av&nzo, »m^ Account of goods received and 

AvaramSnte, ad. Avariciously, miserably. 
Avaricia, t^f. Avarice, cupidity. 
Avarientamdnte, ad. Greedily, covetooslv. 
Avari6uto, ta, a. Avaricious, covetous, n^ 

gard, miserly. 
Avdro, ra, a. V . AvsrUnto. 
Avasalldr. «a. To subdue, subject, enslave. — 

or. To become subject 
A've, »f. Bird, fowl or large bird. Ave dt 

rapula^ A bird of prey. vIm hrana or 

9ihe9tr«^ Wild bird. Avs fria^ Lapwing. 

S9 un av9, As light as a feather. 
Avech&oho, am. Sparrow-hawk ; ragamuffin. 
Avecica, illzi, ita, «/ diTn. A small bhxl. 
AveclnAr, rr. To come near, approach. 
A vecindaniiento. <m. The rights of a denizen. 
Aveclnd^r, va. To admit to the privileges of 

a denizen, naturalize, admit to citizenship. 

—or. To become naturalized; approach. 
Av^ent^do, da, a. App^ring old without 

being so, oldish. [older. 

AvQ}ent&r, va. and r. To look old, to appear 
Avdig&r, va. To blister, produce pimples. 
Avoltf, vn. (Nan.) To set sail 
AvelUna, a/. Filbert hazel-nut 
Avellanido, da, Ow Nut-browa, hazel. 
Avellaniir, 9m. A plantation of hazels. 
Avellan&i^ ur. To shrivel. 
Avellandro, a/. Hazel-nut tree. [berts. 

Avol]an6ro, ra, «. A dealer in nuts and fll- 
Avellanica, af. dim. A small Albert 
Avell&no, em^ Hazel-nut tree. 
A ve Maria, af. Ave Maria, the angel's salu- 
tation. ^Z a>M JToria, At night-fall. £n 

vn ava Marta^ In an instant 
AT6na, ^ Oats. 

Aven&do, da, a. Lunatic, mad, crazy. 
Aven&l, 9m„ An oat-field. 
AvenamiSniOb 9m. Draining off water. 

reii&r, va. To drain ot dniw off water. 


Aven&te, 9m. Wator-gmel, oatmeal-grueL 

Aven6noia, ^f. Agre^ncnt; confbrmlty, 

Avenicco. oca, a. Oaten, made of oats. 

Avenida, a/. Flood, inundation ; agreement, 
concord; avenue; ft-oshet 

A^onido, da, a. Agreed, reconciled. JHsi^ 
or mal avenidos^ On good or bad terms. 

Avenimldnto, am. Convention. 

Avenlr, va. To reconcile.— <7r. To settle diF> 
ferences; unite. 

A ventaddro, 9m, (Prov.) A winnowing-place. 

Aventddo, do, a, JSaootcu a^ventadats Flow- 
ing sheets. [fannhig-miU. 

Aventad6r, 9m. Fanner; winnower; a fm; 

Aventaddra, af. Wind-gall, a disease is 
horses. AvMtadtwacU99topa,(SaxL)A 
leak. [ceedinglv welL 

Aventi^adamdnte, ad. Advantageously ; ez- 

Avent^iiido, da, a. Advantageous, oonvmii* 
ent; beautifkU. 

Avent^dr, va. To acqufare advantages; mel- 
iorate; surpass. — vr. To exceed, exccd. 

Aventikr, o&To fiin; winnow; expel.— «r. 
To be inflated ; escape. (Prov.) Tainted. 

Aveut6ra, af. Adventure; casualty, chance; 

Aventurido, da, a. Bian avmiturado^ For- 
tunate. Mal aventuradOj Unibrtunotau 

Aventurfir, va. To venture, hazard, endanger. 

Aventureram6nte, ad. By chance. [rant 

Aventur^ro, 9m. Adventurer; a knight-er> 

Aventur^ ra, a. Voluntary; undisciplined. 

Averimia. ^ A kind of duck. 

Avergonzar, AvergofUr, va. To shame, 
abash. — 9r. To shame, or be ashamed. 

Averia,^ Aviary; average; damage. Afi9' 
ria qrue9a^ General average. Averia 
particular^ Particular average. Averia 
ordinaria^ Usual average. 

AveriMo, da, a. Averaged, damaged. 

Averi&rse, vr. To get dimaged. 

Avorigu&ble, a, Investlgable, ascertainable. 

Averiguad6n, tff. Invesugation. 

AveriguadamSnte, ad^ Certainly^ sorely. 

AvorIguad6r, ra, a. A searcher or examiner. 

Averigudr, va. To inquire, investi^te, find 
out Avsriffuaras con, alffw^o^To bring 
one to reason. 

Averio. «nk (Prov.) Beast of burden. 

Av6mo, 9tru (Poet) Hell. • 

Avermiido, da, a. FuU of pimples. 

Aversion, ^ Aversion; abhorrence; fear. 

Avestruz, 9m. Ostrich. [work a mine. 

Aviido, 9m. One supplied with monev to 

Aviad6r, 9m^ One who provides Uiings for a 

Aviar, vck To provide for a journey ; accon • 
tre : hasten. — vr. To get ready. 

AvlcUir, va. To give a bloom to plants. 

Avidoz, af. Covetousnees, avidity. 

A'vido, <b^ a. Greedy, covetous, avid. 

Avit^&rse, vr. To grow old. 

AviMito, am. Winnowing fork. 

Avlesam^ute, ad. Sinistrously, perversely. 

Avidso, sa, <t Fortuitous, irregular; mil 

Aviffordr, va. To invigorate; revive. 

Avilant^i, Avihmt6za, V« Forwardnow; m 

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AviDsitido, dfl) a. Bustlo, dowolsh. mean. 

JLTiDaoir, «>a. To debaac— er. To grow 
mean or abloct, degenerate^ (soar. 

Ariaagrddo, da, a. Harsh-tempcred, peevlab, 

Artoagrdr, ra. To eoar, acidulato. 

Atio, a»k Preparation, provision; monef 
advanced for working mines; taclclo; a.p- 

ATi6n, 9m. (Om.) Martin, martinet, swallow. 

Avisadaraentfi, ad. Pmdently. 

ATisado, da, a. Prodent, CAutioas; skilful, 
clever. Mai atdmdo^ lU-advLsed, ij\ja> 

ATiaad6r, tm, AdvlMr; admonisbor. 

Avisdr, txz. To inform; advise; warn. 

Aviso, «M. Information, advice; pmdenoe, 
eare; coonaeL Estar or andar sobre 
aviMf To be on ono'a guard. 

Avispa, ^ Wasp. 

Avispido, da, <k Llrely, brisk, TigoTon& 

AviBpiur, «a. To spar; investigate. — vr. To 
frflt, be peevish. [wa8p& 

ATiapdro, wk Wasp^t neet, oomb, eell of 

Avispdn, 9m, A large wasp. 

Avistir, ra. To descij at a distance. — 9r. 
To have a boaineaa Interview. 

Avitir, vo. To bit the cable. 

Avit6nea, am. pL (Nan.) Top-sail sheet^ bits. 

Avitoalltf, to. To TictoaJ, supply with pro- 

ATivaiaminte, ad. Lively, briskly. 

Avivador, ra, «. Enlivener; flntin^plane. 

Aviv^ va. To enliven, encourage, hasten. — 
•fi. To revive, cheer up, grow ^y. Aid' 
9ar el <^ To look sbaip. 

Avizordr, va. To watch with attention, spy, 

A'to, «m. Termination denoting a frnction. 

Avoeacidn, i^. Avocami^to, mru Appeal (in 
lawi [Inferior court 

Avocar: eo. To call up a lawsuit from an 

Avogitifa, ^. Gall-nut. 

AvQcAsta, ^ Widgeon, kind of vrild duck. 

AvBgo^rO), m%. A kind of pear-tree. 

Avugn^ am. Bear-berry, strawberry-tree. 

An^irda. ^ Bustard, a wild turkey 

Avntart^do, da, a. Bustard-like. 

AxUa,V:(Bot) Axilla. 

AxIUr, a. Azillar, axillary. 

Axi6ma, am. Axiom, maxim. 

Ay! iiUeiJ. AlasI Ay ds mkl Alas, poor 
me! complaint, moan, groan. 

A'ya, ttf. Oovemeea, Instructresa. 

Ayinqoe* •«». (Nau.) The main halliard. 

Ayite, am. Stuff of agave thread, grass-cloth. 

Ay^, ad. Yesterday ; lately. De oyer acd^ 
fiinoe yesterday. 

A.vm6, intsr:^. (Little n&) Alas, poor me I 

A yo, am. Tutor, governor, teacuer. 

Ay6te, am. A squash. 

Ay Ada, i^^. Help, asalstance, comfort; sup- 
port, friendship; injection; syringe. Atn*- 
da de eo^a, A gratnity.— ^u Assistant 
Aytfda ds edmara^ A volet-de-i^unbre. 
Ayuda ds edmara del rev. Groom of 
the bed-chamber. A vuda de paroquia, 
Clu^)el of ease. Ayuda deormoHo^^x- 
tcn. Ayuda de Hrador^ (Nau.) A fli* 

Aynodad^r, ra, «. Assistant, helper. 


Aynd&nte, sin. A4Jntant; ald-de-camp; ■»» 

Ayuddr, ra. To aid, help, assist — w. To 
adopt mcasarcs to obtain success. 

Aynnaddr, ra, «. Faster, ona who abstains. 

Ayun&r, va. To fast 

Aytinas (EnX ad. Fasting; without knowl- 
edge. Qucifar en ayutias. To be igno- 
rant of an affair. 

Ayiiiio, am. Fast, abstinence. 

Ayiino, na, a. Fasting. £t>ioy ayuno, I hava 
not yet broken mv ftist 

Ayonquo. am. Anvil; constancy. [blefc 

Ayuntador, ra, a. One who unites or asvem- 

Aynntnmiunto, snt. A corporation, body of 
magistrates. Casa de at/V7itamietito^ 
City-hall, town-house, Gnildluill, senate- 

Ayustdr, va. (Nau.) To bend or fcstcn to- 
gether. Ayustar con coMura^ To bend 
with a splice. Aywtar con fforupo, To 
bend with a knot 

Ay6ste, am. (Nan.) Splice. 

AzabachiMlo, da, a. Jetty, black as jet 

Azab^he, am. Jet, a black shining fossIL 
Aadbaekee^ Jet trinkets. 

Azabdra, ^. (Bot) Common aloe. 

Azdbra, iff. A small coasting vessel 

Azacdn, mu Estar or andar Itecho tm aea^ 
cflfi, To be very busy. [tcr-pipe. 

Azacdya, ^ (Pro v.) Conduit of water, a wa- 

AzAclie, a. Silk of an Inferior quality. 

Az.Wa, ^ (Act.) Spade, hoc 

AzadAda, ttf. Blow Mith a spade. 

Azadica, ilia, ita, $f. dim. A small spade. 

Azad6n, am. Pickaxe, mattock, hoe. ^Ua- 
don de peto, Claw-hoo. 

Azadonada, e/. Blow wltli a pickaxe, [axe. 

AzadonAr, va^ To dig with a spade or pick- 

Azadonfizo, am« Stroke with a mattock. 

Azadoncillo, un, dim. A small pickaxe. 

Azadon^ro^ mn. Digger. 

Axafiata, ^Lady of the queen^s wardrobe. 

Azatilte, am. A low, flat-bottomed basket: 
a tray ; oval dish. [Crocns martis. 

Azafr&n, am. Saffron. Atafran de Ft^ua. 

AzafranAdo, do, a. Saffron-uke. 

Azafhm&l, am. A plantation of saflTroi;. 

Azafranir, tw. To tinge or dye with saffron. 

Azafran^ro, am. Dealer in saffK>n. 

Azagad6r, am. Cattle-path. [assapaye. 

Azag&ya, ^ Javelin, a spear or half pike; 

Azagayida, et Cast of a Javelin. 

Azuitf, em. Orange or lemon flower. Agua 
cftfoaoAar, Orange-flower water. Aaahar 
hranoy Narrow-leaved blue lupine. 

Azainadam6nto, ad. Perfidiously, viciously. 

Azaldn, am. A amall bird. 

Azambifta, ef. The fruit of the zamboa-tree. 

Axamb6o, am. The zamboartree. 

Azandria, ^ Carrot [compliments. 

Azanori&te, em. Preserved carrots; ftdsoma 

Az6r, em. tJnforeseen dl!iaster, disappoint- 
ment; tiadlnck: impediment 

Azdrbe, am. Trench or drain for irrigation. 

Azarcdn, ein. Minium, red load ; orange-eoloi 

Azaria, ef. A kJnd of coral rock. 

AzAija. itf, Beel for winding raw sDk. 

Azar6Ha, ef. Fruit of the scrvicc-trea. 

Azar611o, em. Bervlce-trco, 

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Aarouon^nte, ad. Unlbrtanately. [ou& 

Azftr6so, BA. a. Unlncky, unfortimate, omiu- 

Axdyn, »f. Instniment fbr reeling ailk. 

Azcn6ria, trf. (Prov.) Carrot 

A'zimo, ma, a, Azyinoas, nnlcavencd. 

Azim^^ snu Azimnih. 

Azlmntal, a. Belatlng to the aziniath. 

Azndcho, Azuillo, 9m. Scotch fir; rostoar- 

Azdc. em, (Chem.) Azote or nitrogen. 
Azofaifh, *f. J^Jubc. 

Az6!ar. em* Brass, latten. [manner. 

Azogadam6nte, ad. In a qnick and restless 
Azogamldnto, «nu Working or coating with 

qaicksilver; slaking. 
A2ogfir, i?a. To work or coat with otitckslN 

▼er ; amalgamate. Aeogar la cal, To slake 

lime. — w. To undergo a sallTation ; to be 

In a state of agitation. 
Az6gae, mn. Quicksilver. J!Bi tm aeogue^ 

Ho is restless as quicksilver. Aeoffuea^ 

Ships which carry qniclcsilver. 
AzoguerSa, tff. (Amer!) Quicksilver works. 

the place where qolcksilver Is Inoorporatea 

with metals. [silver. 

Azogucro, em. Workman or dealer In quick* 
Azolur, t?a. To dub or cut with an adze. 
Az6r, mn. (Om.) Goshawk. [of trim. 

' Azorido, c (Nau.)8alllng badly, being out 
AzoramiSnto, 9m, Trepidation. 
Azoriir« ««. To terrify ; confound ; Irritate. — 

«r. To be restless. 
Azorr^do, da, a. Drowsy, sleepy. 
Azorramidnto, mi. Heaviness of the heail. 
Azorrarse, w. To be drowsy iVom hcavlneBS* 
Azotac&lles, 9nu Street-lounpr, idler. 
Azot&do, sm. A whipped crmiinaL 
Azotaddr, ra, «. Whipper. 
AzotAina, Azotina, y. A drubbing, flogging: 
Azot«mi6nto, 9m. (Little us.) A whipping. 

Azot&r,«wz. To whip, lash, flagelhite. Awjtcu/' 
la9 calleSj To lounge about .the streets. 
Aectar el aire^ To act to no purpose. 
(Nan.) Atotar la ampoUcta^ To flog the 
glass. [on the breech. 

Azot^^ srm augm. A severe lash or blow 
Az6te, «m. Whip ; lash ; calami^. P«na d« 
WBotGet A public whipping. [form, 

Azot^a, a/TThe flat roof of a house, a plat- 
Az6tico, a. Gas aedUco^ Azotic ga& 
A'zre, 9m. Maple-troe. [com. 

Az6a, sf. Beverage prepared from Indian 
Az^car, £771. Sugar. AvucardepUon^JjOhi' 
sugar. Aeiicar de iMtre^ Fine powdered 
sugar. Atucur wascabado. Muscovado 
sugar. Atiwar gwbrado^ Broken down 
sugar. Aeucar prUtOf Coarse bro-wn su- 
gar. Aeiicar ptedra or cande^ Sugar- 
esndy. Ajmcar Urdado^ Brown sugar. 
.^«V4X7r(f«jE>2omo, Sugar of lead. Aaucar 
y eanda. Sorrel-gray. 
Azncarddo, da, a. sugared; susar-coated; 

ftOTable, pleasing; soothing, armil. 
Azucar&do, 9nu A kind of paint for ladies. 
Azucar&r, va. To sugar; soften; loo with 

Azuctf6ro, tnu Suoar-dlsh ; confectioner. 
AzuQuillc, wu Cake of rose-sugar. 
Azuo^na, 9f. White lily. 
AzAd, tf. A dam with a slulce- 

' BAB 

Az6da, 8f. Persian wheel to ndsc water. 
Azu^la, 9/. Adze. Afew^ de donsfruccio^ 

A carpenter's adze. 
Azuluifb, ^ Jn|ube-p1um. 
Azufiilfo, AcufeUb, «9)k Jnjube-troe. 
AzoMdo, da, a. Whitened with snipbnr. 

greenish yellow. png liner. 

Azufrador, sm. Brimstone fhmie for whiten* 
Azufrfir, tJOw To bleach with sulphur. 
Aziifre, am. Sulphur, brimstone. 
Azuftr6so, sa, a. Sulphureous. 
Az61, a. Blue Atm eelette, ^j Wue, AtnJ 

oscuro^ Dark blue. Aeul de Prwda^ Pms- 

sianblne. Aettl9Ubido,Btighil\xxe. Ami 

turquly Turkish or deep blue. And ver' 

demar^ Sea blue. 
Azfil, 9m. Lnpte lazuli ; a mineral 
Azul^aue, «ni. Bitumen. 
Azul^do, da, Azul€tdo claro^ Azure, azured. 
Azul^, va. To dve or color blue. 
Azulefir, wi. To have a bluish cast 
Azulejildo, da, o. Covered with blue tUea. 
Aznl^o, «m. Dutch or other dazed files for 

incrusting walK (Bot) Blue-bottle. 
Aznlino, na, ci. Of an azure color. 
Azumar, ^a. To dye the hair. 
Azumbriido, da, a. Measured by atnmbrea. 
Aztmbre, */ A measure of liquids, hidf a 

gallon. [tloner. 

Azuqn^ro^wn. (Prov.) Sugar-dish ; confec 
Aztir. a. (Her.) Azure. 
Azutea, ^ (Prov.) Terrace. 
Azut^ra wn, Sluloe-mastcr. 
Azuzador, ra, 9. Instigator. 
Azuz6r, va. To set on dogs; to IrritateL 


B mAl, B flat B cuadradOy B sharp. 
BAba, ^ Drivel, slaver, ppittlc 
Bababui, 9m, The mocfeing-binl. 
BabAda, ^ Thigh-bone. 
Babfld6ro, Babad6r, 9m. Bib, chin-cloth. 
Bibara, ^. A landau, an oblong coach; 

conntry dance. [viscous worm. 

Bab^za, (/. Froth from the mouth; aloe; a 
Babazor'ro, 9m, Clown, an ill-bred man. 
Babe^, OTi, To drivel, slaver. 
Bab6o, 97tK Drivelling or slavering. 
Bab6ra, ^f. Fore part of the helmet; a silly 

Bab4^. «m% Bib. 

Baberdl, 9m, V. £ahera. [;iiinded. 

Bibia, ^ ^slar en labia, To bo absent 
Babicca, 9m. An Ignorant follow. piorse 
Babilla, tf. Thin skin about the flank of t 
Babil6n!a, tf. Uproar and conftisiun. 
Bab6r, «m. (Nau.) Larboard. A' bahor d<i 

tim<mt A-port the helm. A' habor U>da, 

Head a-port J>e bdbor d estHbOf 

Athwart ship. 
Bab6sa,^ Kind of snail; aloe; onion. 
ISaboseAr, to. To drivel, slaver. 
Baboeilla, qf. dim^ Kind of snail. 
BabosUlo, flla ; u61o, u^la, a^ dirF, Somewhtfl 

Bab6so, sa, a. Drivelling, sOIy. 
Bab^cha^ «/. A kind of dipper. 

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9ieB^9£Saead«Umrtl^'BtLy-henj\ bireach 

in * dyke. — «. pL Quick tone on the guitar. 
Bftcaill^o, 9nK Cod-fish^ Hng, poor-jack. 
Bacandlea» «/! j^ Bacchanala. [person. 

Bacdnta, ^ Bacchante: a lewd drinking 
Bicara, Bacoria, ^f. (Bot) Great fleabane. 
Bacari, a. Oval shielda covered with leather. 
Bitc^ra, ftf. (ColL) Obstraction in the milt, a 

Baceta, ^ Four remaining cards at reveaino. 
Bichc, 9m. A deep hole in a road ; iweatiug- 

BacbiI16r, «m. Bachelor of arts: babbler. 
Bacbilk^r, a. Garrulous, loquacious. 
Bachillera, a. Forward, loquacious woman. 
Bachillerito, snu (Little us.) Bachelorship. 
Bacbillercir, en. To babble, prattle, [low. 
BachiUer<yo, »m. dim. A tatlaUve little fel- 
Bachillena, ftf. Babbling prattling, [basin. 
Bacia, 9/. A metal basin; wash-pot; barl}er'a 
BicigS) */ A enme played with three cards. 
Bacin, «»u A urge cloae-stool pan, or basiu. 
Bachifl, {/T Poor-box; a small close-stool 

l»sin. [stool 

Baein^Ia, $f. Filth thrown from a close- 
Badnt^o, 9m. dim. A small close-stool. 
Baclnero, ra, a The person who carries about 

the poor-box in a diurch; aoivenger. 
Bacin^ta, 9/. A small poor-box. Badneta 

de arma dsftiego. The pan of a gun-lock. 
Bacin^te, sm, A heAd-pleoe; cuirassier, a 

horseman. [chamber-pot 

BadnJca, 9/ A small earthen close-stool; 
Baculo, tm. Walking-stick, a stalL Bdculo 

pa^oral. Bishop's crosier. 
Bada, ^ Female rhinoceros. [talk. 

Badaiftda, 9/. A stroke of tlie clapper; idle 
Badido, 9m. Clapper of a bell ; an idle talker. 
Bad^dzQ, 9m. augm. A large clapper. 
Bad»n61o, 93n. dtm, A small dapper. 
Badal, «m. Muzzles JCchar un oadal A la 

boea, To stop one*s month ; shoulder and 

ribs of butcher's meat (Suig.) Instrument 

for openins the month. 
Badina, ^ A dressed sheep-skin. Zurrar 

la badana. To gire one a flogging. 

Badizas, 9/. pL (Nan.) Kers of the bonnets. 
Bad6a, «/ Pumpkin ; a dulL Insipid fellow. 
Baddn, 9m. (^lannel made by a sudden &11 

of water. 
Badiina, ^ Indian aniseed. 
Badil, 9m. Badila, ^ Fire-shovel 
Badilizo, 9m. Blow with a flre-shovvL 
Bad6mla, ^. Nonsense, absurdity. 
BadnUqae, 9m, Bagout of stewed livers; a 

Btupia person. [back of beasts. 

B&ga, ^. (Prov.) Rope to tie Durdens on the 
Bag&ge, 9m. Beast of burden; baggage. 
Bagag6ro, 9m. Driver. 
Bagur, vn. To yield seed (applied to flax). 
B^at^la, •/ Bagatelle, trifle. 
Bi^&zo, 9m. Bagarse, trash ; the remains of 

Esed 8ugar«<ane, grapes, Ac. 
, 9m. (Gm.) Sparrow-hawk. 
Balila, */" Bav, gnu; cove. 
Bahorrma, tj: Filthy things; rabble. 
ftUifino, na, a. Vile, low, (x>ntemptible. 
BAfla, 9/: Sea-tront 
Wladdr, ra. #. Dancer; thief 


Balldr, vn. To dance ; gallop. Bailor m 
affua addatUe. To dance attendascei 
Bailor 9in 9on^ To dance without musia 

Baihinn, na, 9. Dancer, high-mettled horses 

B&ile,«m. Dance; party; ball; bailiff; judga 
Baile de di^race-% Fancy ball. 

Ballla, */ Bailiazgo, 9m. Bailiwick. [Malla. 

Balliigo, «ffi. A comman<lery in the or*l.?r o\ 

Ballio. 9ni. Knight commander of Malta. 

Balv^l, am. A bevel, a square. 

BajA, 9m. Bashaw, pacha, a Turkish title. 

Baja, pji Fall or diminution of price. 

B^ada, ^ Descent; luclioation of an arch. 

Bi\jado. da, a. Descended, fallen down. 

B^OamAr, 4/t Low water. 

Bxyam6nt&jcz<2. Baselv, meanly, lowly. 

Bajjir, vn. To descend, fiUi ; lessen, — ca. To 
lower; abate; narrow; humble. — rr. To 
crouch, grovel Bajar ds punto. To de- 
cay, declme. -Slt^^arto«Aw/*o«, To become 
more humane. Bc^ar lo9 0)09, To be 
ashamed. .BSi^tw to ctrfeasa, To obey with- 
out objection. Bajar la tierra^ (Nau.) 
To lay the land. 

Biydl, «m. Vessel Baid d^apar^ado, A 
ship hdd up. Bajel hoyanU^ A Ikht ship. 
Ba^el de oc0o hordOy A low-built ship. 
BajH marinero^ A good sea-boat BaJel 
velerOy A swift sailer. 

BiU'el^ro, tm. Shlp-owner,^ ship-master. 

B^cro, ra, a. Under, lower. [tenor. 

B<Octe, 9m. dim. One of low stature ; mlddlo- 

Bju^za,J!/:Meanne.'«; lowncss. Bajesa de 
animo, Weakness of mind. 

B^illo, em. (Prov.) Stand cask for wine. 

Bajio, «7n, A shoal, sand-bank; decline of 
fortune. [vulgar. 

Bj'Oo, Ja, a. Low; abject; ordinary; dull; 

B^, ad. Underneath, below; submissive. 
Sqjo mnno^ Underhand ; secretly. 

B^o, 9m. Bass; bass-viol player. Bajore- 
kevey Baas-relleC Cuarto oajo. Ground- 
floor. — «.pt Under petticoats; hoofe. 

Bflj6ca, 9f. (Prov.) Green kidney -beaas; a 
dead silk-worm. 

B^6n, 9)rK Bassoon ; bassoon-player. 

Bi^oncillo, 9m. Goimter-bass. 

B.'ila, 9/. Ball, bullet shot BalM rojae^ Red- 
hot balls. Baia9 enc(tjonada9, Case- 
shot Baku enramadae or encadenadoA, 
Chain-shot Balae de metralla^ Grape- 

BaladL a. Mean, despicable, worthless. 

Balador, ra, 9. Bleating animal 

Bal&dre, 9m. (Bot) Oleander, rose-bay. 

BaUdrdn, 9m. Boaster, bragger, bully. 

Baladronada, ^ Boast, braz, bravado. 

Baladrono&r, vn. To boast brag, hector. 

Balag&r, 9m. (Prov.) Long straw or hay Ibr 
winter fodder. 

Bdlaeo, 9m. Hay-rIck ; thick lather. Sacudir 
elodlagoy To give a sound drubbing. 

Balaguiro, 97n. Kick of straw. 

Balance, 9m. Fluctuation; libration; eqol- 
llbrium; balance of accounts; rolling; 
rocking. [examine; settle accounts 

Balancear, va. and n. To balance ; waver 

Balanc6o, 9m. Oscillation. 

Balano^ro, V. Bal<imario. [gnm«. 

BaUncia, 9/. Water-melon; scale; whw 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


^alandn, bdu BpUnt«r-bar ; pendalam ; roDe- 
dancer's pole. BaiaiusinM^ (Nan.) Lilts, 

BalAndra, ^ (Nnu.) Bilander: sloop. 

Balnndr^, am. A priest's soriont 

BalAnte, pa, (Poet) Bleating. 

Bali^07^{/: Scale; balance: fishiDg-not; es- 
timate, judgnient Andar en balanza^ 
To be in danger of loss. 

Balanziirio, mn. Weigher. [smiths. 

Balanz6n, Bm. Copper nan used by silver- 

Balik)U, sm. (Iclith.) A kind of sprat 

Bal^, wi. To bleat Andar balando por 
dlouna oosa, To bo gaping after some- 

Balasdr, mn. Balassor, a Chinese bark stiiff. 
Bala6sUti, Balaostria, ^ Wild pomegranate 

Balaosthida, Balanstreria, ^. Balustrade. 
Balaustr4do, da, Balaustrdl, a. Balostered. 
Bala^stre, «m. Baluster. 
BaUx, mn. Baloss or spinel mbj. 
BalAxo, mn. A eun-sbot 
Balbuoei^, vn. To speak and pronounce in- 

distinotiv; stutter. 
Balbuc6ncia, V^ Stuttering speech. 
Balbuddnte, a. Stammering, stuttering. 
Balbutir, vn. To lisp. 

Balc5n, mn» Balcony ; rcranda. [conies. 
Balconige, 9m. Balconeria, ^ Range of bal- 
Balcon&zo, mn. augm, A larae balcony. 
Balconcillo, sm. dim. A small balcony. 
Baldaqui, Baldaouino, mn, A canopy. 
Baldir, va. To cripple; break a set; trump. 
B41de, «m. Bucket used on board of ships. 
Bilde (De), ad. Gratis, ft^ of cost En 

bald^ In vain, to no purpose. ^Ip. 

B«Ide4r, vn. To wash down the deck of a 
Bald^ mn. A piece of dressed skin. 
Baldio, dia, a. Untilled, uncultivated. Los 

haldioe^ The lay-land, the commons. 

Bombre haldio^ Yogrant, vagabond. 
Bald6n, mn. Censure, reproacli, insult 
Baldon4r, Baldouedr, va. To insult with 

abusive language. [stone. 

Bald^sa, «/! A fine square tile; flat paving- 
Baleria, ^. A pile of balls. 
Baldro, mn. A bullet-mould. 
Baldta, </! dim, A small bale. 
BftUdo, mn. Bleating, bleat 
BalUa, mn* Portmanteau; post 
BaraSro, mn. Post-boy ; letter-carrier. 
Balnilla, mn, dim. Malet 
Balgdn, mn. auffm, A larce portmanteau. 
Balinos, mn.pL (A.) Mould-shot, buck-shot 
Balisa, «^ (Nan.) Buoy. 
Balltad^ ^ Call for calling fiiwns. 
Ballena, ^ Whale; tratn-oll; whale-bone. 
BallenAto, mn. Cub of a whale. [whale. 
Ballendr, mn. A vessel in the shape of a 
BaUen6ro, ra, mn»/. Whaler, whale-ship. 
Ballieta, «/ Cross-bow. A'iircdehaueata, 

At a great distance. 
Bftlleetiula, ^ Shot firom a cross-bow. 
Ballast^o, »in. Blow fVom a cross-bow. 
Billestead6r, mftu Cross-bowman, arbalister. 
Ballestei&r, «a. To shoot with a cross-bow. 
B«Ueet6ra, ^ Cross-bow loop-holes. 
Bidl«Bteria,{/r Archery; cioss-bows; cross- 

•owmon ; croso-bow armory. 


BallesU'ro, «m. Archer, cross-bownuuL A» 
ll&itaro de maza, Mace-bearer. BaUoats- 
ro8 de cortey The king's porters. 

Ballestilla, fif. Small cro6S-Dow; cross-stolt 
(Nau.) Foro-staft [balet 

BaJlestdn, mn. augm. Large oroes-bowi ar- 

Ballestrinqne, mn, (Nau.) Clove-hitch. 

Ballico, mn. Bod or perennial darnel, rye 

Ballu6ca, ^. Wild oats. [of U reams. 

Bal6n, mn. Large foot-ball ; large bale ; ba]«t 

Bal6ta, tf. Ballot, a little ball uaod in voting. 

Balotdda, {< Balotade, leap of a horse.. 

Balotdr, va. To ballot for, to choose by ballot 

B41sa, ^ Pool, a lake; raft; half a buU ol 
wine. [balsam. 

Balsamerita, tf. A small smelling-bottle t>r 

BalsAmlcu, ca, a. Balsamic, balmy. 

Balsamina, tf. Balsam-apple. 

Balsamita mayor, Marsh-mallow. Balsam- 
iia metior^ Annual costmary, toa^^ 

BAIsamo, mn. Balsam, balm. BaUamo d^ 
Marla^ Balsam of Toln. 

BalsAr, 9m. Marshy ground with brambles 

Bolse&r, f>a. To raft, cross rivers on floats or 

lials^ro, mn. Ferryman. [rafts. 

Balaopoto, mn. A large pouch carriod near 
the breast; bosom. [support 

Baluirte, 9m, Bastion, bulwark; defences 

Balumba, o/T Bulk, things heaped togetlior. 

Bal6robo, Balume, mn. A heap of things. 

Bulzo, am. (Nau.) A bend. 

Bamba1e4r, Uamoanefir, x>n. To reel, stagger. 

Bamballna, ^ Upper part of the scenes in 
theatres. [stroke at billiarda. 

Bamb&rria, am. A fool, an idiot: a lucky 

Baraboch&da, iff. Bamboche, anu A laodscapa 
representing drunken feasts, with gro- 
tesque flguroa. [toUer. 

BamboleAr, Bambone&r, vn. To reel, staggw, 

Bamboldo, Bambonco, mn. Beellng, stagger- 

Barab6na, ^ Ostentation, boast, vain show. ' 

Ban, am. A sort of fine China muslin. 

Banana, ^ Banana fhiit 

BanSno, am. (Bot) Banana plxmt 

Ban^to, 4/r A large basket or crate. Me- 
terae en hanaaUt^ To meddle. 

Banast^ro. mn. Basket-maker or dealer. 
(Low) Jailer. 

Biuiisto^ am, A large round basket 

B&nca, ^ Form, oenoh without a back. 
Banca deptaea. Fruit-stand. 

Banc&l, am. An oblong plot for raising gar- 
den plants; terrace. 

Bancaldro, am. Carpet-manuikctnrer. 

Bancar6ta, af. Bankruptcy, Ikilura 

Bandua, 9/1 Bancdzo; 9m. augm. A larni 

form or bench. 
B^co, am. Form or bench. 

Banco d% 

acepiUar^ A planlns-bench ; a bank. Ban- 
CO de ahorroa^ Savings-bank. Banco de 
arena, A sand-bank. Bunco de hielo^ A 
field of ice. Banco de rio. Sand-bank hi 
a river. Paaar banco. To flog the sailors 
Raaon de pie de banco. An absurd reason. 
B&nda, ^ Si^h, scarf ; ribbon; bond gang; 
crew; covey; bank of a river. A' la ban* 
(f a, (Naa) Heeled or hove d«»wn. A rriar 
en banda>y To let go amati Oaer or esUu 

Digitized by VjjOOQIC 


emtamda,To be amain. BandoMdd to- 
Jamary (Nan.) Th« che^ca of tli« head. 
Atma de la bandar LaTdHder-water. 

Baodida, ^ CoTej: flock of birds. 

Baadinia, ^ (Nau.) An iron maaL 

Rande^, «r. To oondoct with pradenoe. 

Band^la, ^. ▲ metaUle waiter, \ny. 

Bandera, ^ Banner, ataadard ; flag, ensign; 
infutry. JSofMiara htaneOt or de jHUk, 
The fu^ of tniooh, Fiiei0 <20 la handara, 
Tbe flas of the ensign. Arriar la ban- 
<f«ra. To strike the colon. Darlaboii' 
<2tira, To submit to superior talenta. Le- 
9awtar bandsra*, (Met) To head a party. 

Bander6Ca, 1^ tttm^ Banneret, a small flag. 
Boftder^Uu, (MIL) Gaxnp-colora. [flax. 

Banderfea, Ula, iffi dim. Banneret, a small 

BanderUl^ if. A snail dart with a flac. 
Fioner a wu> una banderiUOy (Met) To 
taant, revilew [bulla 

BaDdertUeir, «a. To put bandsriUaa on 

Baoderill£ro,«m^ He who sticks &an<2«ra<a« 
in a boITs neck. 

Baoderizir,«a. To stir up, make disturbance^ 

Bandeiijso, sa, a. f a<^iona, given to party. 

Baader6]aa, ^pi- B«mero», camp-colon. 

Bandido, auk Bandit highwayman ; ftigitlve. 

Bandin, mm, (Nan.) Seat in a row-galicy. 

BanriHii, ^ dim^ A small band. 

Bando, 9m, Proclamation; edict; faction, 
party. Eekat bando. To publish a law. 

Band6Kl<Bandolin,afik Mandoline. (Nan.) 

BandoKn^ €f. Bandoleer. Qmd. 

Bandolero, »m. Highwayman, robber, ioot> 

Baodollo, SMw (Low) Belly. 

Bandarrik a/T Bandore, kind of mandoline. 

BandTa, «/: (Prov.) Bed-quilt, bed-coyer. 

Banqni^ ^ Open bee-hoose or frame tar 

Baaquiiro, am. Banker, exchanger. 

Banqu^ta, ^. Three-legged stool; stage. 
(Fort) Banquette; side- walk. Banqueku 
de euftAa, (Nan.) Gun-carriage beds. 

Banqn^te, «m. Banquet JScmquete casero^ 

Baaqnillo, am. dim. A llUle stool 

B^aao, SOTw Side of an embroidering firame. 

Bifia, «^ Pool, bathing-place. 

Bailad^ ^. (Nao.) E^t, wettins-ladle. 

Bailad^tk, am. Puddle; bathing-place. 

BaAaddr,ra,s: Bather. .BoAaoor, Dipping- 
tab for candles. ToTer; glaze. 

BaJUfir, «a. To bathe; water, Irrioate; candy 

Bafi^To, mn. Bath-owner; bath-keeper. 

BafiU, mn. A pool in which deer bathe. 

Badista, em,. Drinker or bather in mineral 

B&fioi, 6m. Bath; bathing; ramlsh. 

Bio, am. (Nan.) Beam, cross-timber. 

BspUfltMo, am. Bralistery. [trough. 

B4que, am. The blow by a fidl; a water- 

Baqneriza, «f. A cattle-house; a stable. 

BaqnSta, 4< Bamrod ; switch ; upper leather. 
Mamdar d baqwsta. To conmiand impe- 
riously. T^raiar a baqwta, To treat 
hsof^tily.— ^ Dmm-sticEs. [felling. 
Baqoetaza am. Violent &11, fpeat blow when 
Baqneteido, da, a. Inured, oabltttated. 
BtUKteir, <«*. To rex ; beat 


Buquico, ca, a. Bacchanal [bank 

Ba»d6ro, mu (Nan.) Skeed or skid : a mud 
Barad6ra, ^ ^au.) Grounding in tbe mud 
Bunahdnda, tjf. Noise, great bustle. 
Bar^a,^ Pack of cards. Meterte en batrt' 

Joe, To seek a quarrel 
Bar^|ad6ra, a/T Shufiling of cards; dispute. 
Ban^dr,tKi. To shuflle the cards; bu-acast; 

Jumble together; entancie; reject 
Bar^da, f< Bailing. I^cAar de baranda, 

To exaggerate, boast 
Barand^do, am. Balustrade. 
Barand^ am. Balustrade or railing. 
Barandilla, tf. dim. A small balm^ade. 
Barang&y, am. An Indian vessel with oars. 
Barir, vn. (Nan.) To strike aground, to be 

stranded. Bcurar en la coita, (Nau.) To 

run ashore. 
Bardta, ^ Barter, exchange ; low price. A' 

la baraUk, Confusedly, disorderly. 
Baratad6r, em. Barterer. 
Barat^ em. A kind of sea-moose. 
Baratena, ^fi Barratry. 
Barat^ro, em. He who obtains gratuities from 

Ibrtunate gamesters. 
BaratU^ ^pL Trifles, toys. 
Bantill6ro, em. A poddler. 
Baratillo, em. Shop of second-hand fomitoro 

and trifling articles 
Baratlsta, em. Barterer, trafficker. 
Baryta ta, a. Cheap. De baraio, Gratui- 
tously, gratis; eeny. 
Bar^to, em. Cheapness. Eacer bara% To 

sell under value. Dar de ba^atOy To 

grant readily.— arf. Cheaply. 
B^tro, em. (Poet) Hell. 
Baratura, ef. Ciieapness, little value. 
Bara^da, «< Noise, harly-burly, conftislon. 
B^ba, ^ Cbin ; beard ; tlie ili-st 8^vanu of 

bees. Amarrado A barba de gatOy (Nau.) 

Moored by tlie head.— «m. Player who 

acta old men.— pZ. Hawse. (Bot) Slender 

roots. Barbae de baUena, Whalebone. 

Barbae honrada^ A respectable man. 

Ilacer la barba. To shave. Pelaree lae 

barbae. To fly into a violent passion. 

Subtree d lae barbae. To fly In one's face. 

Tener bitenae barbae. To have a graceful 

mien. Tener pocae barbae. To be young 

or inexperiencod. 
Barbacima, ^. Barbacau ; low wall round a 

Barbdda, 4/! iieard of a horse; curb. 
Barbadam^nte, ad, (Little us.) Strongly, 

vigorously. [slender filamentSi 

Barbadillo, ilia, a. dim. Havinff little beard; 
Barb^do, da, a. Bearded ; barbed. 
Barb&do, em. Full-grown man ; tree trans- 
planted; shoots. 
BarbAJa, ^ (Bot) (3ut-leaved viper's grass; 

the flrst roots of tbe plants. [vetch. 

Barbaj6ve (or Barba do JApitcr), ^ Kidney- 
Barbtf, vn. To get a beard ; keep bees. 
B4rbara, ^. Santa b&rbara, Powdcr-maga* 

zine; powder-room. 
BArbaram^nte, ad. Barbarously, savaecly. 
Barbarlddd, ^ Barbarity, cruelty ; rasliness 

temerity; rudeness. 
Bfu-b4rie, ^ Barbarity, cruelty. 
Barbarismo, em. Barbarism ; barbarousneeo 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


Ihirbariz4r, va. To btrbarize, make barbar- 
ooa. [unpolished. 

Bdrbaro, ra, a. Barbarous, fierce, cmel ; rash ; 

Barb&to, ta, a. Bearded : applied to a comet 

Barb&za, #/ an^p*^ A lone beard. 

Barbed, vn. To reach with the beard or ltp& 

BarbechAr, tjo. To prepare ground for sow- 

Barbechax6n, *m. The IWloxrinf^tlme. 

Borbechiro, i\f. Beries of successive plough- 
Ings; fiOlowlDg BcasoD. 

Darb6cho, am. First ploughing; fallOTf. 
Como «n t*» barbeoho or por un barbe- 
cho, With too much oonfldencou 

Barbdra, ^f. A barber's wife. 

Barberia, «/. Barber's trade; barber's shop. 

Barb^ nn. Barber. (Ichth.) Mutton-Ash. 

Barbiita, (i/: (Nan.) Kackline; ringrope. 
JSarbeta, Barbette. 

Borblbl&nco, ca, a. Qray-bearded. 

Bftrbicdcbo, wi. (FroT.) Blbbon tied under 
the chin. 

Barhlcino, na, a. Oraybeard. 

Barblespdto, sa, a. One who has a thick beard. 

Barblh6cho, cha, a. Fresh shared. 

Barbilampino, fla, a. Having a thin beard. 

Barbilindo, da, a. Well-shaved and trimmed. 

Barbilla, v- Point of the chin ; small beard. 

Barbillura, ^. Tuft of tow; bandago under 
the chin. [toeL 

Barbil^do, da, a. Smooth-lkoed. prettj, gen- 

Barbln6gro, gra, a^ BUck-bearded. 

Barbiponi6nte, a. Having the beard growing. 

Barbiqu^io, wn. Handkerchief to muffle the 
chin with • bobstay. 

Barbiqui, or Barbiqn^o, am. A brace and bit. 

Barbirdbio, bla, a. Ked-bearded. [beard. 

Boibir^do, da, a. Having a black and white 

Barbitah^iio, fla, a. Having a rongh beard. 

Barbitefiido, da, a. Having a painted beard. 

Bdrbo, tin. (Ichth.) Barbel, a river fish. 

Barbdn, tmu An old man; Carthusian lay 

Barboqu^n, am. Rope used Instead of a 
bridle; bandago under the chin. 

Barbot&r, V€U To mumble, mutter. 

Barb6te, 9m, Fore part of a helmet 

Barb6do, da, a. Having a long beard. 

Barbddo, am. Vine transpUmtcd with the 

Barbilla, iff. Loud, confhsed noise. 

Barbullar, «a. To talk loud and (hst 

Barbu116n, na, a. Talking loud, ikit, and con- 

B&rca, ^ (NauO Boat, barge: bark (three- 
masted vessel). Ckniduce bisn 9u baroa, 
He steers his course well. 

Barcida, ^ Passage in a ferry-boat Bar- 
cada de lastre^ A boat^load of balUist 

BarcAge, 9m. Ferriage; ferry. 

BarcAzo, «m. augriu A largo barge 

BArceno, na, a. Buddy. [mats, &c. 

Barc^, wn. Dry bass or sedge for making 

Barchilla, ^f. Measure for graiiu [straw. 

Bardna, «/. (Prov.) Grass net; large truss of 

Barcin&r, co. (Prov.) To load a cart with 

Bardno, mLtf. Buddy. [abeaToa. 

BAi.w,«m. Boat, bargo; bark. BarcoagwL- 

dor^ A water-boat Bar<:o d^ Ut t>«, A 




Barcol6ngo, Barcolu6ngo, am. An oblotm 

Barcdn, Barc6te, am. owtm, A large boat 

BArda, tff. Bard, armor of horses; atrmwiald 
for a protection. [arroor. 

BardAdo, da, a. Barbed, caparisoned with 

BardAgo, 9m. fNan.) Loof-hook-rope. 

Bardagu<^ tif. Chaste-tree. 

Bardnl, am. Mud-wall covered with straw. 

BardAna, ^ Common burdock, or dotbor 
Bardana m&nor^ Leseer burdock.* 

BardAnza, 9f. Andar de bardarwa^ To gp 
hero and there. [with staaw. 

BanlAr, va. To protect the tops of wa!l^ Ac. 

Bardilla^ ^ dim. Small brushwood. 

B&rdo, 9m. Bard, poet 

Bard6ma, ^ (Prov.) Filth, mud. 

Bardomdra, ^ (Prov.) Weeds carried off by 
the current 

Barfdl, am. A coarse negro-cloth. 

B&rga, ff. The steepest part of a dedinty. 

Bariga, «/! Silk brought fh>m India. 

Bariilo, tm. An inferior China silk. 

BiMo, am. (Chem.) Barium. [color. 

Baripto, »m. A predoua stone of a blackish 

Barita, tf. (OhomO Banrta, or barytea. 

Baritico, ca, a. (Chem.) Barytic. 

Baritone, 9m. (Mua.) Baritone voice. 

Barjnlota, ff. Knapsack^ travelling-bag, 
purse. (pose of boarding. 

Bariodr, an. (Nan.) To gr^ple for the pur- 

Barl6as, rf. pi. (Nau.) Believing tackles. 

Barloventear, fn^ To ply to windward, beat 

Barlov6nto, am. Weather-gnge. Costa d4 
&ar^tf*ito, The weather-shore. Co9tado 
d^ barlovejUOf The weathcr-rfde. Oanar 
el barlovento. To get to windward. 

Bam&clo, 9m. Barnacle. [Ink. 

Bamiz, am. Varnish ; Japan ; rouge ; printer'a 

Bornlzar, vck To yamish, gloss, laekor. 

BaromStrico, ca, & Barometrical. 

Bar6metro, am. Barometer. 

Bar6n, am. Baron. BaronM dH ffmms 
Budder pendants and chains. 

Barondsa, af. Baroness. 

Baroni^ tf. Barony ; baronase. 

Barquear, vn. To cross in a boat fmaiL 

Barqu6ro, am. Waterman, boatman, ferry- 

Barqu6ta, ^ dim. A small boat 

BarqiUchuoIo, am. cNm. Small bark or boat 

BarquilI^ ^ A little boat [oakee. 

Barqulll^, am. Maker or seller of rolled 

BarquUlo, am. Cock-boat ; a thin pastry cake ; 
a mould. flron-works. 

Barquin, am. Barqulndra, ftf Bellows for 

Barqulnizo, am. The blow a body gives ii| 

Barquinero, am. Bellows-maker, [flilllag 

Barquino, am^ Wine-bag. 

BArra, am. Bar; Iron crow or lever; ingot Aok 
(Her.) The third part of the shield. Ttrar 
jaftarro^o enhance the prioe. Dabarra 
d&arro, From one point to another. Bar^- 
ma, The arched trees of a pack-saddle. 
Barraa ds eacotiOaa^ Bars of the batchea. 
i{iarraa<2aoorfa«,Gtm-portbars. Eatar 
«» dorroa, TO bo on the point of settling 
an affair Sin daflo da barraa^ Without 
injury or danger. A' barraa darachaa, 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


Bfembssida, ^ Flot» tntrirne. 

Barrtoa, %f. Barrack; a esbtn, a hut 

Btrrieo, em. A boor; 6pame; kind of ship 
fun. [barrod. 

BKTido,da, a. Corded or ribbed; striped; 

Barragun, wm. Barracan^ a kind of camlet 

Barragancria, {/T Concubinage 

Barraaan^ mtt. (Nau.) Top-timber. 

Barr&I^ «m. A large bottle containing 25 pints. 

Barvnea, ^ Bajrrancdl, «n. A deep break 
made by iieavy fiUIs of rain ; ravine. 

Barr&nco, mn. GUI, a fissure ; great difficulty. 

Barrasodsoi, sa, a. Broken, uneven, fnU of 

B'^rriqnei, At all timoai 

Barraquear, va. To grunt like a bear. 

BarraqniUa,^ dim. A little but 

BarrAr, eo^ To daub, paint coarsely. 

Barr&te, «m. A little Joist or rafter. 

Barredr, tcl To bar, barricade; cancel ; se- 
cure. — nm. To graze a knighCs armor.— 
w. To bo intrenched. (Prov.) To wallow. 

Barrdda, t^. Clay-pit: barrier; cupboard. 

Barreddnot tf.j^ (Nau.) Studding-sails. 

Barred^ra, «fik Mop. 

Barred^'ro, ra, a. Sweeping, dragging: Red 
JHkrredera^ Drag-net 

Barred&ra, tf. Act of sweeping.— ^pi. Sweep- 
ings; remains, residue. 

Barrina, t^. Barrena grande^ Auger, borer. 
Barretujpequefla, Oimlct Barrena ds 
jr«M«»o. Wimble, blaster's drill Bctrrena 
d^diminucton^ A taper auger. Barrena 
d€ gtdOy A eentro-bit and brace. 

BarrenMo, da, a. Barrenado de caioos. 
Crack-brained, crazy. 

Barrenaddr, rnn. (Nan.) Auger or borer. 

Barr«nir, va. To bore, pierce. Barrenar 
vn 9Uivu>, (Nan.) To scuttle a ship. (Met) 
To defeat one's intentions 

Burend^ro, ra, «. Sweeper, dustman. 

Barren^ro, mrt. The boy that senres the 
miners' drills. 

forr6no, am. A laree borer or auger; bored 
bole; vanity. Dor barreno^ (Nau.) To 

Barr6do, an. Earthen pan ; a tub. [tub. 

Barrefi6n, am. atigm. Largo earthen pan or 

Barrefioncilio, ««n. dim. Small Mrthen pan 
or tub. [(Nau.^ To rake. 

Barr6r, to. To sweep; carry oflf tno wholo. 

Barr6ra,*rr Clay-pit; barrier; mound: cup- 
board; barricade; turnpike. JSalirabar- 
rerOj To expose to public censure, fpit 

Barriro, »m. Potter: height, eminence; cday- 

Barr6ta, »f. (Dim.) Small bar; shoe lining. 

Barrotear, ra. To bar; line a shoe. 

Barret^ro, 9m. In mining, one who works 
with a crow-bar, wedge, or pick. 

Barret6n, 9m. angm. Large bar. 

Barretoncillo, 9tju dian. Small bar. [city. 

BarriAda, ft. Suburb, district, or ward of a 

Barrica, »/ K cask containing sixty gallons. 

BarriciUia, ^ Barricada 

Sarrido, «m. Sweep, the act of sweeping. 

Barriga, tf. Belly, abdomen ; pregnancy. 

BarrigfSn, miK augm. A big belly. 

Barrigddo, da, a. Big-bclHed. 

BarrlOTilla, «/ tf*'^ A lltUo beHy. 

•arri.. *?«. (*«.sk, barrel. 


Barril&me, am. Barrileria, at. A number of 
barrels collected in one place. 

Barrilejo, am. dim^ Rundlet, a flmall barroL 

Barril^ro, am. Barrel-maker. 

Barrildto, am. (Nau.) Mouse. Barrilete di 
banco, Joiner's hold-ftst; keg. [firkin. 

Barrilico, Ulo, ho, «m. dim. Kec, rundlet, 

Barrilla, af. A little bar; a rod ; glass-wort; 
1>arilla; soda. 

BarriUir, am. Barllla-plts ; barilla ashes. 

Bto1o^«m. Ward ; suburb. Andar debar- 
riOy To wear a plain, simple dress. 

Barrita, ^ dim. A small bur; keg: 

Barriz^, am. Clay-pit 

B&rro, am. Clay, mud; earthen- ware; drink- 
ing- vessel ; lock of wooL Dar or tener 
barro d mono. To have money.— />/» 
Plmnles in the lace. [seats. 

Barr6cho, am. High open carriage with two 

Barr6so, sa, a. Muddy ; pimpled. 

Barr6te, am. Iron bar to make tables fiat; 
timbers laid across others. Barrotea^ 
(Nau.) Battens, scantliaes. 

Barrotines, am. pL BarnMnea ds loa haoa^ 
(Nau.^Carline8: BarraiineadelatoldiUa^ 
(Nan.) Beams of the stem. 

Barm6co, am. Peari of irregular form. 

Barrumbida, ^f. Groat and ostentatious ex- 

Barruntaddr, ra, a. CJonJecturer. [tokens. 

Barmntamldnt^, ant. Guessing by signs and 

Barrunt&r, va. To foresee or oot^ecture by 

Barrfinte, anu Notice, information. 

Barrftnto, am. Conjecture. 

B&rtuloa, atn. pi. Ail!airs or bu^Dees. 

Bar6ca, ^. Artifice, deceit 

Barz6n, am. Idle walk ; ox-yoke strap. 

Barzonedr, f n. (Prov.) To loiter about 

BAsa, ^ Base, Ibundation. 

Basdito, 9m. Basalt, basaltes. 

Basami^nto, atjk (Arch.) Basement 

Bns&r, BazAr, am. Bazaar. 

Biisca, qf. Nausea. 

Bascoslddd, at. Uncleanliness, naetiness, Altb. 

Bdscula, ^. Lever, pole, staK [color. 

Bdse, tf. Base, basis ; groundwork ; ground* 

Basilica, tf. Basilica; royal palace; pubHs 

B«silic6n, am. (Med.) BaslUcon. 

BasiUo, lia, a. Basillan. 

Basilisoo, am. Basilisk, cockatrice. 

Bas&nica, <^ Chamber-pot 

Basquedr, vn. To be squeamish. 

BasquUla, f/! Disease in sheep. 

Basqi^a, «? Spantoh upper petticoat 

Bdsta, ad. Enough ; halt, stop, [knottings. 

Bdsta, tf. Basting-stitch. Baaiaa, mattrass 

Baivtdge, am. Porter, carrier. 

Bast&nte, a. Sufficient, enough. 

Bastantem^nte, ad. Sufficiently. [courts. 

Bastant^ro, am. An examiner in Spanish law 

Bastar, vn. To suffice, to be enough. 

Bastdrda, ff. Bastard file; mainsail; Italle 

Bastardedr, vn. To degenerate; bastirdlxa 

Bastard61o, am. Notaiy's book of roug* 

Bastardla, ^ Bastardy; meanness. 

BftstardilU, /jr! (Print) Itelio type. 

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BasUrdo, d«, a. Bftstard, tj orioos; illegiti* 

BasUrdo, 9m, Bastard; a hhort, fiofoonoas 
anake. Bastardo de uh racarMnto^ 
(Nao.) Parrol-rope. 

Baatedr, va. To basto, sew alightly. 

Baatoc^r, Bastaoo^. va. Tr achdme. 

Bast6nia,f< A kind of cart to travel [dies. 

Bast^ro, am. Maker and seller of pack-sad- 

Bast{d6r, am,. Embroidery frame; sash. 
BaMidorety (Nan.) Frames for canvaa 
bulkheads; side staee-eoenea. 

Bastilla, tf. Hem. 

Uastimentir, tw. To supply with provisions. 

Bastim6nto, mvK Supply of provisions. 
(Nan.) Veeeel 

Binti6n, am. Bastion, bulwark. 

Bisto, sm. Pack-saddle; pad; ace of dubs. 
J3aa<(M, daba. [spun. 

BAsto, ta, a. Coarse, rude, clumsy; home- 

Bast^n, rnn. Cane, stick: truncheon; mili- 
tuy command. (Aroh.) Fluted moulding. 
Dar batioru To stir must with a stick. 
Ba9ton99y (Her.) Bars in the shield. 

Baston&da, ^ BastonAzo, 9m. Bastinado. 

BastoncUlo, gm. Small cano; narrow lace. 

Bastoneir, vo. To stir most with a stick. 

Baston6ro. 9m. Marshal or manager; assist- 
ant Jail-koeper. 

Bas(ira,«/: Sweepings ;dunff, manure, [hin. 

Basur6ro, am. Dustman; dust-pan; dung- 

B&ta, ^f. Momlnff or nicht gown; reftise of 
silk: dress wiUi a train. 

Batacazo, am. Violent contusion from a &I1. 

Batah61a, rf. Hurly-burly, olaroor, hubbub. 

BatiUla, «>; Battle, fight, combat; ibncing; 
struggle; Just, tournament Ouerpo as 
hataUa ds wui 990uadr€iy The centre di- 
vision of a fleet Xn hataila^ With an 
extended fh>nt [or. 

Batallad6r,riL«. Combatant; warrior; fbno- 

Batall&r, vn. To battle, fight ; fence ; contend. 

Batall6Ia, $/. Bail on bou-d a ship, [ment 

Batall6n, am. Battalion, portion of a regi- 

BatAn, am. Fulling-mill. 

Batanddo, da, a. Fulled, milled. 

Batan4r, wk To ftill olotli. {\r. 

Batane4r, «a. To bang or beat, handle rougn- 

Batan6ro, am. Fuller, a clothier. 

Bat&ta, 9f. Sweet poUta [potato. 

Batatin, 9m. dim, (Bot) Small-rooted sweet 

Batav6hi,«/ (Nan.) Kail BaUiyola9dela9 
C(2^ Top-rails. BaiayoUi9cMf>a9ama- 
fk>, Gang-way rails. [troueh ; boat 

Bat6a, 9f. Fainted tray; large wooden bowl; 

Batehuela, «^ dim, A small luunper or tray. 

Bat^, 9m. Christening. 

Bateria, am. Battery. BaUr\a d barifeta^ 
A barbet battery. BateAa entsrrada^ 
A sunk battery. BaUria A rt/boU^ A ric- 
ochet battery. Bateria crmoMts^ Cross 
battery. Ausria <Za coolmi, Kitchen ftir^ 
niture; tier of guns on one side of a ship. 
Batear%a entera de vna banda^ A broad- 
side; repeated importunities. 

Bat^ro, ra, a. Mantua-maker, dress-maker. 

BatlboTTillo, y. BaUburrlUo. 

Batio6hi, 9f. Crupper. [huntsmen. 

Batida, rf. A hunting-party; noise made by 

Bat1d6nv«i: Beater; stirrer. 

BatldSro, 9m. Collision; uneven gftmnd 
(Nau.) Wash-board. [roadsi 

Batido, da, a. Changeable sllka; Deataa 

Baddo, 9m. FIour*batter. 

Batid6r, am. Scout; ranger; life-guard. A»- 
^or<facd^m4>, A hemp-dresser. BaU' 
dor de oro dplaia^ A gold or silver beater. 

Batldnte. am. Jamb or post of a door; port- 
oelL BaUeniedeUAOaiuUra^{iitm.)F\j 
of an ensign. BaUenUdeundique^Apion 
of a dock. 

Batiffilla, 9m. (Prov.) Gold-beater; warp. 

Batib^a. 9m. Gold-beater; warp of doth. 

Bationd6o, am. The fluttering or a l>anner. 

Batlporti^, va, (Nau.) To house a gun. 

Batip6rtea, am. pi. Port-cells. 

Batir, imx. To beat, dash; chish: demoltsh: 
JW oieno bate d Madrid, The north wind 
blows on Madrid. Batir banderae. To 
salute with the colors; strike the colors. 
Batir el eampo. To reconnoitre. Batir 
moneda^To coiu money. Batir lae dae^ 
To ply the seas. Batir ku oataratas or 
nitbee de lo9 ctfoe^To eonniti. Batir hcjiKt^ 
To foliate, or to beat metals into leaven.— 
w. To losa comiUEe, dedine In health. 
Batiree el cobre. To toil hard for useful 

Batista, «/ Batiste, the finest cambric 

Batqiir, va. To beat down the fruit of a tree. 

Batol&B^ 9/. Battolofly, needlesa repetition. 

Batucar. imx. To beat Uquora, &c^ mix them. 

Batuquerio, 9m, Agitauon, disturbance. 

Batniirillo, 9m. Hotch-potch, medley; nn- 
conneoted ideas. 

Ba61. 9m. Trunk; belly. 

Bonlito, am. dim. A small trunk. 

BanprM, am. Bow-sprit 

Baus&n,na, a. Effigy; fool; bow-sprit; down. 

Bnutlsm&l, a. Baptismal 

BauUsmo, 9m^ Baptism. (Nau.) Ducking. 

Bantist^rio, 9m, Baptistery. 

Bautiz^nte, pa. BapUzer. 

Bantiz4r, wk To baptize, christen. (Nao.) 
To duck seamen. BauHMor el vino, To 
mix water with wine. 

Bautko, cm. Christening. 

BAya. ^ Berry, any small fhiit (Prov.) 
role to sepanite horses. [flax. 

Bay^l, a. Not steeped or soaked : applied to 

Bay&I, 9m. Lever used in raising miU-stones. 

Bay6ta. ef. Baize, a sort of flannel Bayeta 
de alconcher, Ck>lchester baize. Bayeta 
/fljwtoyTianrashlre baize. Bayeta mini- 
^no, Lonff baize. Bayeta da 9ur or de 
ci<mA{2a«, White list batzo. Bayeta Jtna, 
Swanskin. Arra9trarbayeta9.(}ieL)Tt 
enforce a claim with care.— ^ Pall; in 
paper-miUs, felts. 

Bayet6n, 9m. Coating. Bayeton moteado^ 
Spotted coating. Bayeton de fwibee^ 
Clondeil coating. Bayeton rayado^^\x\p' 
edcoathig. Aryaftm comtm, coarse baize. 

B^o, ya. a. Bay, a oheetnut-color.— « 
Brown butterfly. 

Bay6co, 9m. Copper coin of Italy ; unripe flg. 

Bay6na, (Arda) ad. The little concern tM 
cost of a festival gives to those who pay 
nothing. [Fixed bayonet 

Bayon6ta, ef. Bayonet Bayoneta oa!ad<\ 

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ftiyiiiMtiao, «nK Thiusi with a baronet 

Bay6qiie» aioK Indian coin ofS ftrtbings. 

Bay^ea, «m. TippIinff>hoQBe. 

Baa, ^. Trick at cardSb ]So d^r m€ter 
baeOf Not to let one pat in a word. Tener 
lien Obemiada •« hafk, To have a good 
naxiMb (Nan.) Oozr ground. 

R&KOv mv Bpleen; milt. 

Bizo, za»5k ^rown inclining to yellow. Fom 
6aaovBrown bread. 

Bazofia, «/ OfU; reflose: hogwash. 

Razocir. vck To stir and shake liquids ; dash. 

Bazaqoeo, «m.. Btlrring liquids; Jumble. 

C«» MiK Baa, the err 0? sheep.— V^ The let- 
ter Jl ftr; devotee; bypocrlto. 

R^ta, ^ Woman eng&rod in works of chari- 

Beateria, ^f. (lion.) Affected piety: bigotry. 

Beat6rio, «mw Iloaae inhabited by pious 

Beatico, ea, & <Z<m. Hypocrite. 

Beatificaci6n« tf. BeatUkatlon. 

Beatificam6ntvo<2. BeatiBcally. 

Bi'atiflcir, wjl. To beatify. 

Beatiflcoi, c% a, (Diyin.) Beatific, beatifleaL 

B^tilla, ^f. A 0<»1 of fine linen. 

Beatisimo, ma, a, 9up. BcaUttimo padre^ 
Moat boly fltther. 

BcatiUid, <^ Beatitude; holiness. 

Be^ ta, cu Happy, blessed; wearing a ro- 
Ugions b^it; ae%'OUt. [in retirement 

BcMo, ta, 9. Anions perB<Mi ; one who lives 

Beat6n. na, %. Ilypocrite, bigot 

Bebedoro,«fik Drinking vessel Beb^dero», 
lining strips. [able. 

Bebed^ro, ra, Bebedizo, za, a. Potable, drink- 

Bebedizo, am. Philter or love potion. 

Bebeddr, ra, «. Tippler, toper. 

Beb&r, va. To drink ; pledge, toast Saber 
de ead<M, To drink at leisure. Beber lo9 
rientoa^ To solicit with eagerness. Beiber 
eomo una euba, To drink as a fish. 

iieberrdn, sm, (Little us.) Tippler, low 

BeUda, WT Drink, beverage, potion. 

Bebido, da, a. Intoxicated. Bisn hebida, 
Drunk.— A Drench, potion tor brutes. 

Bcblatr^o, »nu Extravagant mixture of 

Beborrote^, «a. To sip. 

B6ca, ff. Part of a collegian's dress; fellow- 
ship; miow. Beea ae merocd^ Scholar- 
shlpi Becas, Strips of velvet for feclngs. 

B«!ab(inga, nf. (Bot) Brook-limeu 

Becida, ^ (Om.) Woodcock. 

liecafigo, ««. (Orn.) Fig-pecker, epicurean 
warUer. iI^a/2(;ro raro, Bed-hoaded lin- 

B«card6n, 9m. (Prov.) Snipe. [earth. 

Bec^rra, mn. (Bot) Smm-dragon ; nil of 

Becerrillo, ilia, ito, ita, «. dim. C^f ; dressed 

Bec^rro, ra, «: A yearling calf; dressed calf- 
skin. jBtfCtfrrM cAaroMKiM; Patent leath- 
er cal^kina. Bec&rro marino^ A sea- 
cali; the seal 

Beeoooin, tm. ()ap tied under the chin. 

Beeoadroi »m^ (Mua.) A sharp (:%). 

BedR 9m. B^uUe; warden; appiurltor. 

Beddla, ^ Beadleship, wardenanlp. 

B«Mlio, 9nK Bdollinm an aromatic gum. 


Bedija, ^ Flock, lock of wool [dropped 
Bedij6ro, ra, «. Gatherer of the locks of wofl>l 
Bofii. iff. Jeer, scofl; mock ; garland. 
Befuoemi, ffm. A musical sign. [the I!p& 
Befar, va. To mock, scofll laugh at; mov* 
Bt'fo, £a, a. Blubber-lippea. 
B6ro, 9m. Ltp of a horse or other animal 
Begin, am. Peevish, wayward child, 
itogu^r. am. A civil magistrate in Cataloniiw 
" — leno, 9m. District and Jurisdiction of a 

Behctria, ^ Confhsion, disorder. Luffar da 

beheirxa^ A place where perfect eqaolily 

B^in, am. (Bot) Puflf-balL 
Be{in6ro, 9m. (Prov.) One who separates the 

fees from the oil 
Bcducil, am. A place where reeds grow. 
Beluco, am. Thin or pliable reed; vine 
Bcjjuquillo, am. A small gold chain ; ipacac- 

nanha; a ratan ; a small vine. 
B^lcho, am. Horse-tail-tree. 
Beld/td, nf. Beauty. Una bddad^ a beauty 

a fiiir woman. 
Bdedin, */. Sort of cotton stuffi 
Belomnita, ^ Bolcnmites, arrowhead or fin 

ger stone. 
Relefio, am. (Bot) Henbane ; poison. 
Bel^rioo, am. (Bot) Kind of myrabolan. 
B61fo, &, a. Blob-lipped. i>i«n/6 &^(/b, Snag- 
B61fo, swk Thick under lip of a bortje. [jar 
Belhfiz, ^ Belhteo, am. (Prov.) Oil or wine 
B61IC0, ca, a. Warlike, martial, military. 
Belicoso, sa, a. Warlike, martial; quarrel- 
Bellcosidid, a/. Warlike state, 
licligero, ra, a, (Poet) Warlike, belligerent 
Bell^cr^into, a. Belligerent 
Bolitre, a. (ColL) Low, vulgar; roguish. 
Bellacamdnte, ad. Knavishly; roguishly. 
Belldco, ca, a. Mean, artfbl, sly; cunniog. 
Bellaco, am. Eogue, a villain, a knave. 
Bellac«!>u, BellMonazo, am. augtn. Great 

knave, an arrant rogue. [fellow. 

Bellacu61o, am^ dim. Artful, cunning little 
Bellad&ma, Bollad6na, af. Deadly night- 

shadcL belladonna. 
Bellam^nte, ad. Prettily, graceftilly, Ihirly. 
Bellaoue&r, ca. To cheat, swindle, play low 

tricko, [meannen. 

Bellaqueria, af. Knavery, roguery, swindling, 
BeI15zie^ tf. Beauty, handsomeness, flourish ; 

decoration. i>dcir &tf{2eea«, To say prettf 

Bello, lla, a. Beautlftil, handsome, &lr, fine; 

Da au beUa gracia^ Of one's own accord. 
Belidrio, ia, a. Mouse-colored. 
Belloriui, ^ Primrose, cowslip. Bellorita 

prima^waly Common cowslip. 
Belldta, ^ Acorn; acom-shapca box. 
Bell6te, am. liarge round-headed nail. 
Bellote&r, «n. To be fed with acorns. 
Bellot^ra, ^ Season fbr gathering acorns. 
Bellot^ro, ra, a. Acorn gatherer or dealer. 
Bellotica, ilia, ita, ^ dim. Small acorn. 
Bel6rta, af. Screw which fiistens the plough 

beam. , 

Bem61, am. (Mus.) A flat ( D X 
BomolAdo, a. (Mus.) Having the D siftn. 

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Ben, tUb^ tm. Fruit which yioldfl a pre- 

doiu olL 
Benarriza, ^. A bird of the IhxnDy of ortolnna. 
Beodedr, va. To bless, doToto, consecrate. 
Bendlcidn, »f. Benediction. 
Bendito, ta, o^ Salntod, btc^ed; silly. JE7 

bendUOf Frayer which begins with these 

Benediclte, 9m. (Lat) Permission solicited. 
Benedictn, ^. Benedict, an electnary. 
Benefact6r, tm. Benefactor. 
Bonoflc^ncia, ^ Beneficence, kindness. 
Beneflclaci6n, sf. Benefaction. [ticlar;. 

Beueflciido, «m. Incumbent; curate, bene- 
Beneflciad6r, ra, «. Benefactor; improver. 
Beneficl&l, a. Relating to benefices. 
Bencflciar, va. To benefit; cultivate; im- 
prove mines ; confer a benefice ; purcliase 

ft place or employ. 
Beneflciirto, »m. Beneflcianr. 
Bt'oefido, wm. Benefit, Icindness; rirtt; 

profit; boneflcci Bawjido curado^uen' 

efloe with a curacy. 
Beneflci6so, sa, a. lienoflcial, adrantagooua. 
Benefice, ca, a. Beneficent, kind. 
Benem6rito, to, a. Meritorious, deserving, 

worthy. [consent. 

Benepldclto, 9Hk Good-will, approbation, 
Benevol^ncia, sf. Benevolence, good-will, 

Benevolo, la, a. Benevolent, kind, gentle. 
Bongala, «/. Bengal, thin slight stum 
Bcnignamento, ad. Kindly, benevolently, 

clemently. [brity. 

Benlgniddtt, ^ Benignity, kindness; salu- 
Bonigno, ua, a. Benign; humane; kind; 

mild, gentle. 
Benito, ta, t. and a, Benedictine friar or nun. 
Bci\]ui, »m. Benzoin, a gum-rc5in. 
Beod6z, ^f. Drunkenness, intoxication. 
Beddo, da, a^ Drunk, drunken. [ors. 

Bc*qne. em. Head of the ship ; privy for sail- 
Bcqn^Do, «m. Woodpecker. 
Berdm, ijf. Coarse India cotton stuff. 
Berb^na, */ Verbena, vervain, peristerlon. 
Bcrberis, «m. (Bot) Barberry, piperidge- 

Berb6ro, wk A confection made of barberry. 
Berbi, rnn, A sort of woollens. 
Bcrbiqui, 9m. A carpenter's brace and blL 
Bercebfi, 9m^ Devil; perverse temper, ugly 
Berceria, ^ Vegetable-market. [person. 
Berdol^ ^ Purshiin. 
Berengena. 9/. Esqg-pUnt 
Bereneeniil, «iik l!<^-phmt field. Ifeterwen 

un oertngenal/So involve one's self in 

BeigKn6ta, 9f. Bergaroot; bergamot-enufll 
Bergam6te, Bergamdto, 9m. Bcreamot-trce. 
Ben^te, 9m. Brazen-&ced villain, rascal. 
Bergantin, 9m, (Nau.) A brig. 
Bergant^Q, na, 9. aitffm. Brazen-lhced, im- 
pudent person. [ruJIBan. 
Bereantonizo, «m. au^rn^ Most impudent 
Benlo, 9m. Beryl, a precious stone, [riage. 
Berlina, ^. Landau or beriin, an open car- 
Berlinga, ^ A clothos-Iine post ; small round 

timber. [of the rampart 

B6rma, «/! (Fort) Bonn, ground at the foot 
Permejear, Bermcjec^r rn. To he reddish. 


Bermojizo, za, a. Beddish* 

Berm^o, Ja, o^ Of a bright reddish coior 

BermeJ<Sn, na, a. Beddish. 

Bcrmeju6h^ «/t Rochet, a small rlver-flsb. 

Bermeiura, 8f. Beddishnoss, ruddr color. 

Bormell6n, Bermlll6n, 9m. Vcrmfllon. 

Bermudi^na, 9f. Iris-leaved slsyrinchium. 

Bcmandinas, 4/? pi. Fan&ronadee, IUm 

Berncg^l, 9m. BowL 
BcmlH, 9/ Rug; rong^ cloak; a bore. 
Bemlclo, ff/ Barnacle, a bird like a gooee 
Bemiz, 9m. Varnish, paint, rouge; printer^ 

B6rra, ^ (Bot.) Tlie strong waterHsress. 
BerrAza, 9/. Water parsnip. 
BerreAr, vru To cry like a calf, bellow. 
BorrcguetAr, vn. To play slelght-of-hand 

tricks. [children. 

Berronchin, 9m, Grunting; cry of wayward 
BerrendeArse, ur. To grow yellow, as wheat 
Borr^ndo, da, a, Stamed with two colors; 

yellow wheat 
BemJra, tf. V. Berraea comtm, [animal. 
Bcrrido, im. Tlie bellowing of a calf or oih^^ 
Berr'm, 9m, Person in a violent passion. 
Berrinche, 9tn, Anger, passion ; sulkiness. 
Berrinchudo, a. Passionate, sulky. 
BerrizAl, 9m. Place ftill of water-cresses. 
BiSrro, ««!, Water-cress. Andar d la fior 

del 09rro^ To stroll and wander about 
BerrocdL «m. A cra^[y or rocky place. [Ite, 
Berroquofla, q^ Pieara herroquefia^ Gran- 
Berru6co, »m. Pin, a small homy Induratior^ 
Berruga, sf. Wart, corneous oxcroscence. 
Borrugdza, «f. Larjre wart 
Bemigi^, sa. a. Warty. [I^yons. 

BeiYfisa, 9f. Sort of stuff manufactured at 
Bdrza, if. Cabbage. Dena or col comun, 

Bavoy-cabbage. Berza lombarda^ Rotl 

cabbage. JS/ttar en let'sa. To be In the 

bbde: applied to grain. 
Besad6r, ra, «. and a. Kissing; kisser. 
Besam&nos. •»>« Levee or court-day ; a salute 

"With the hand. [plough. 

BesAna, ^ First ftirrow opened with a 
Besitr, ca. To kiss ; touch closely. A' be9ar. 

(Nau.) Home, or block on block. Jlegar 

ybetar^ No sooner said than done. — er. 

To strike heads accidentally. 
Besico, illo, ito, 9m. dim. A little kiss. 
B6so, 9m. Kiss ; violent collision. £990 ds 

fnon jo, Kind of sweet-meat I>arunbe90 

aljarro^ To drink freely. 
BestezuAla,^ dim. A llUle beast 
B&jtta, 9f Beast B69tia d« albarda, A 

beast of burden. BMtia ds 9illa, A aaAdle 

beast Gran be9Ha, An elk, an animal ol 

the stag kind : dunce, idiot 
BestiSge, Bestiftme, 9m, An assembly of 

beasts of burden. 
Besti&l, a. Bestial, bmtal. 
BesUalidAd, 9f Brutish quality. 
BesUalmfinte, ad. Bestially, brutally. 
BMti&za, 9tn, augm. A great beast ; an idiot 
Bestleclca, ilia, lt^ Bestlezu61a, «/ dl/m. k 

little beast; an Ignorant pcrson. 
Bestion, 9m. attam. Large beast 
B^tola. >»/. Paddle for cleaning the conltof 
Bc^sncidor, ra, s. Kisser. 

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Besacftr, vo. Tb glre many kiss^ 

Besoedn, «nu Hearty kiss. [breama. 

BMQg&dk, ^ A lunch or supper of sea* 

fiesugo, «?K (Ichtb.) Sea-bream or red gilt- 
bead. 0)0 d^ bmitgoj Squint-eyed. 

Beeugn^ra, ^ A pan for dressing heaugot; 
a female bream-seller. 

Besogo^ro, em. Fish man or seller of breams ; 
fishing-tackle for breams. 

Besognete, 9m. (Ichth.) Bed Sea-bresro. 

BcGaqa6o, mm. Hearty and repeated kisses. 

B6ta,j^ A bit or line of thread; tte tapeto 
tie on sandals. Beta d^ la madera^ The 
grain of the n^bod. Betas, fNao.) Pieces 
of cordage for all sorts of tackle. 

OetabeU nn, Betarriga, Betarr&ta, ^ (Bot) 

Bet61, 9m, Betel-nnt palm; betel-leaf >ine. 

Betlemita, 9m. pi Bethlemlte, a Mar of a 
reli^ons order. 

Betonica, ^ (Bot) Betony. 

Beti^ 9tn, Bitomen, pitch ; cement Betun 
de eoimena^ Coarse wax. [grapes. 

Beima, ^. A gold-colored wine ofBemia 

Be^t» 8nk A kind of s^^flsh. 

Bey, 9m. Bey, a Turkish Kovemor. 

Beyupftra, 4^ A la:^ kind of fish. 

Bezaar, «/ Bezoa** medicinal stone, antidote. 

B«z4nte, «m. (Her.) Bezant; round spot 

Bezir, tf. Bezoar stone. 

Bdzo, am. Blabber-Up; proud flesh. 

Bezofir, 9m. V. Betar. 

Bczoardico, ca, a. Bezoardic 

Bez6te, «i». A ring worn In the under Up. 

Bezfidoi, da, a. Blubbcr-Uppcd, or blop- 
lipped. [bark. 

Blamb6naa, K stulT made in China of 

BJangnl^r, a> Biangulated, biangulous. 

Bifea, 9f. Goane silk from the Levant 

Btizas, ^. pL Saddlebags. 

BIbdro, 9m. Linen from QaHcia. 

Biblla, 9f. Bible. 

Biblfco, ca, a. Biblical. [worm. 

nblidfllo, en. BibUophile, book-lorcr, book- 

BibUografia, sf. Bibnography. [ograpbic 

Bibli(^r4fico, ca, a. BlbilographlcaJ, bibli- 

Mbli^grafo, «7K Bibliographer. 

Bibliomania, ^f. BibUomania. 

BibU^mano, na^ Bibliomaniac 

Bfbli6taft), 9m. Who neyer lends his books. 

Bfbllot^ca, ^f. Library. 

Bibliotec&rio, 9m^ Librarian. 

Biea, «/r A sea-fish resembUns a bream. 

Bfc^isnl&r, a. (Bot) Bicapsnlar. 

BicMTa, qf. A kind of wild or mountain goat 

Bicb^ 9m. (Nau.) Boat-hook. 

Bieho, 9m. SmaU grub or insect: Tcrmln. 
Ma* Mcho. A mischievous urchin. 

Bie6ca, ^. Sentry-box; a smaU borough; 
a tUng of little yalne. 

Bicoquite, 9m>, A bonnet or head-dress. 

Bicoquin, 9m. Csp tied under the chin. 

BIcdme, a. BIcomuous, bicorn. 

Bioorpdreo, rea, a, Bicorporal 

Bloos, sm, pi. Smtdl gold points or lace. 

Bicuadr&tica, a. Biqnadrale, biauadratic 

Bid^nte, 9m. Two-pronged spade; sheep. 

Bifida, 8f. Pitchfork with slxor seven prongs. 

Keld&r, ««. To winnow by means ol^a fork. 
Bidldo, BI6Igo, 9m. Winnowlng-fork. 


— • t 

Bidn, 9m. Supreme soodnosa; object of «• 
teem; good, utility, benefit; wUkre^ 
.B««»<5», Property, fortune, riches. BUk^ 
raiceSf Real estate. £{^ne9 musbleSf 
Goods. Blenes de fortuna, Worldlv 
treasures. Decir mil bien^a^ To praise 

Bi6n, ad. Well, right; happily; willingly. 
Bien qv4^ Although. Bien *<, But It 
Ahcra bien^ Now, this being so. Mat 
Mtfn, Rather. JTay hien de eso. There ii 
plenty of that Ser hirru, To bo good, use- 
ful, or convenient Dc hien d frw« or po* 
butu, Willingly, amicably. Bstar lUn 
To bo well. 

Biendl, a. Biennial. 

Bienam^do, da, a. Dearly belovctl. [cess 

BienandAnza, tf. FcUcitv, prosperity, sue 

Bicnavcntnrddo, da, a. Blessed, nappy; sue 
cessfhl; simple, silly. 

Bienaventurdnza, «/ Beatitude; human fo 
Uclty. Btmaventuranoaa, The eight lv» 

Bienestikr, 9m, Well-being. 

Bienfortun^o, da, a. Fortunftto, successful 

Biengrandda, if. Curl-leaved gooso-foot 

BienbabWdo, da, a. Well and civilly spoken 

BienhadAdo, da, a. Lucky, fortunate, happv 

Bienh^cho, cha, a. Well-shaped, weU-per 

Bienhechdr, m, «. Benefhctor. 

Biteio, 9m. Term or space of two years. 

Bienquer^, vn. To wish the good of another 

Blenqner^r, 9m. Esteem, attachment 

Bienqnisto, ta, a. Generally esteemed and 

Blenvenida. t^. Welcome, [shell of an ejrjt 

Bi6n2a, </: (Prov.) The film which lines lh« 

Bi^Tzo, 9m, Linen manulacturod at Bierzo. 

Bifdrme, a. (Poet) Biformed, blibrm. 

Bifr6nte, a. Double-fronted or double-fkccd. 

BigAmla, ttf. Bigamy. 

Bigamo, «m. Bbamist 

Bigardedr, w. To live Uccntionsly ; wander. 

Bigardia, 9f. Jest, fiction, dissimulation. 

Bigdrdo, 9ni. Friar of loose morals ; a lubber. 

Bigarrddo, da, a. Variegated, motley, dapple. 

BIgdrro, sm. (Prov.) A large sea-snaU. 

Bign6nia, ^ (Bot) Trumpet-flower. 

Bigomcta, sf. dim, A small anvil 

Big6mia,«/ Anvil 

Big6Ui, 9f. (Nau.) Dead-eye. 

Bigotuzo, sm. augm. I^arge whisker^ 

Big6te, 9m. Whisker, mustache. J/oinbt^ 
de bigotey A man of spirit and \igor. 
Tener bigotes. To be firm and undaunted. 

Bigotdra, ftm. Leather cover for whiskers; 
ribbon ornament; folding seat in front ol 
a chariot Pegar ttna Hgatera, Toplay 
one a trick, itf^^o^^o^. Face, mien. lUier 
buenaa bigoteraa. To have a pleasing faoa 

Bigoteria, */ Bigotry. (Padre Isla.) 

Bifa, sf. Amotta or nnnatto tree. 

Bildnce, am. Balance of an account 

Biland^r, em^ Bilandei', a small morchar 

Bilidrio, ria,j;T. Bilianr. 
raal; < 

Bmngiie, a. Bilingual ; d^oeltfhl 
BiU6so, i>a, a. Bilious. 


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Billar, wk Billlard-table; gameofbllUarda. 
BUldto, «m. Billet, Ublo, ticket BilUis de 
hanco^ A bank-note. [letter. 

Billetico, MK dim, A small billet; a love- 
BlUdn, srtK Billion. 
Bilinad6r, «m. Algebraist 
Bil6rta, am. Bing; tlying report; a kind of 

cricket gaino. 
Bii6rto, «ffk Bat havlnff a crooked bead. 
Biltroto^r, vn. To ramble about the streets. 
Biltrot<ira, tf. A gossip, gossiping woman. 
Bimembre, a. Having two members. 
Bimustro, a. Of twoononths' duration.— «m. 

Tvfo months* leave of absence. 
BinadSra, sf. Weedlng-hook. 
Binad6r, mn. Digger, ne who digs the same 

ground again. [second time. 

BinAr. ta. To dig or ploogh ground the 
Bin4rio, sm. Binary. [wooden brackets. 
Binateras, 4/C pi. (Nan.) Becketa, straps, 
Binaz6n, 9m. Digging or ploughing a second 

Bindcnio, am, Binocle, opera-glass. 
Binocol^, a. Binocular. [Binomial root 
Bindmia. af. Binomial Kai» binomial^ 
Binza, i\f. Pellicle, lining of an egg. 
Biograf la, ^ Biocraphy. 
Blogr&flco, ca, a. Biographical 
Bi^afb, am. Biographer. 
Bi6mbo, wn. Screen. 
Blpartido, da. a. Bipartite. 
Bipedal', a-. Bipedal 
Bipedo, am^ Biped. 
Bipdtalo, la, a, (Bot) Blpetaloua. [knees. 
Biquit<Srtes. a, pi (Nau.) Qnarter-gallenr 
Binida, ^. Tack. Birada de hordo^ (Nan.) 

Tacking, putting the ship about 
Blrad6r, sm, (NauO Top-rope. 
Birdr, i?a. (Nau.) To wind, twist; tack; 

heave. Birar dA hordo^ To tack or go 

about Birar por avant^^ To put the 

ship to windward- Birar de hordo on 

redondOy To put the ship to leeward. 
Biras6nca, aiiupl. Land and sea breezes. 
BirbiquL 9m. Borer, brace and bit 
Biribis, Bisbia, am^ JBlribi, a sort of game. 
Biric6, am. Sword-belt 
Birilla, af. Shoe ornament of gold or silver. 
Birlad6r, am. One who knocks all down at 

a blow. 
Birl&r, i>a. At nine-pins, to throw a bowl a 

blow, kill at one shot; snatch away; dls- 
dinary means. 
que. Doing by 


a at nine-pins. 

ombre. A la 

g; hoop. 



ker*8 polisher. 

9 and hinses. i 


Biaagraa de la porter'ut^ (Nao.) PoH 

Btsilto, em. (Bot Prov.) Pea. 

Bis&nuo, nna, a. (Bot) Bisannual 

Bi80cci6n, a/T Bisection. 

Bis^l, am. Bevel edce of the plate. 

Bisiusto, a. Bissextiio. Muaar de bineata$ 
To alter one's conduct 

BisUabo, ba, a. Gousisting of two syllables. 

Bisl'mgua, 4/! (Bot) Butcher's broom. 

Bi86}o, Ja, a. Squint-eyed. {pdo, 

BIsOnto. am. Bbon, In America called bof^ 

Bisofidda, a/. Bash speech or action. 

Bisofteria, ^ Inconaiderate«peech or action. 

Bis^fio, fia, a. Undisciplined; novice; un- 
broken horse. 

BlBp6n, am. Roll of oil-doth. 

Bistola, ^. (Prov.) Staff. 

Bl8t6rta, af. Great bistort or snako-weod- 

Bistrdta, or Blstr^cha, ^ Payment in ad- 

BIstttri, am. (Surg.) Bistoury. 

Bis&lco, ca, a. Bisulcous, cluven-lboted. 

Bisnrcddo, da, a, Biftircated, forked. 

BItdcora, ^ Binnacle 

BitadOra. qf. Cable-bit, a turn of Uie cable. 

Bitaa, af. pk (Nau.) Bits. CorUrabiiaa, 
Standards of the bits. Bita de moUnOe, 
Knight-head of the windlass. 

Bitchemdre, am. Biche de mer. 

BiUSnes, am, pL (NauJ Pins of the capstan 

Bit6que, am^ Bung. Tener ojoa de bUo^ue 
To squint 

Bltor, em. (Om.) Kail 

Bitumen, am. Bitumen. 

Bituminoso, sa, a. Bituminous. 

Blvdlvo, va, a. (Conch.) Bivalve, bivalvnUur. 

BIv6rio, am. Beaver, castor. 

Biza, af (Ichtii.) Fish similar to a tunny-fish. 

Bizarrain6nte, ad. GallanUy, wiUi spirit 

BIzarredr, tm. To act spiritedly and gallantiy. 

Bizarria, </C Gallantry, valor; liberality. 

Bkdrro, rra, a. Gallant, bravo ; generoui*. 

Bizdzas, ^ hk Saddle-bags. 

Blzcdcha, <^ A Peruvian animal 

Bizcdr, «a. To squint 

Biz'co, cts a. Squint-eyed. 

Bizcochdda, jj/: Biscuit boiled in milk. 

Bizcochdr, tsa. To make or bake biscuit 

Bizcoch^ro, am. Biscuit-cask; biscult-znakM 
or seller. . 

Bizcochito, am. dim, A small biscuit 

second time; to knock all down at onv J)izc6cho,«m. Biscuit; sweet cake; wbitina. 

Bizcot^la. ^ Ll^t biscuit 
Bizma, ^ Cataplasm, poultice. 
Bizmdr, «& To poultice, apply a cataplasm. 
Bizna, af. Membrane dividing a nut-shelL 
Bizndga, ^ (Botl Carrot-like amml 
Biznieta, af. GreA-grand-danghter. 
Bizni6to, am. Great-grandson. 
Blzquedr, «ik To squint 
Bldnca,4/:HalfamaravedL UTo tener blan' 

CO, Not to have a fiirthing; magpie. 
Blanca-espina, «/! Hawthorn, white thorn. 
Bldnco, ca, a. White, hoary; honored, r*- 

spected. Hombre bianco. An houe&t man, 

JB^o de la gaUina bianco, A lucky fel* 

low; untarred 
Bldnco, am. Blank; white spot in horses* 

mark to shoot at Blanco de haUena. 

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Spermaceti; ioterlade; interraL Labor 
Man<»» Plain work. Tt>la or ropa bianco^ 
Linen. Armas blaneas^ Side-arm& De 
pwUa en bianco^ Vointhhuik, M bianco 
dtl ave. The breast of a fbwL Quedarw 
<» blancOy To bo frustrated. [neae. 

B1aDe6r, mn. B\axM(a% ^. Whiteness, boari- 

BbndAIes. «m. pL (NaiL) Back-stays. 

Blandead^r, ra. s. Softener. 

Blandcor. vet. To soften ; brandish, floarisb. 
— en. To yield, be softened ; tread ten- 
der! j. Bumdear con otro^ To coincide 
with another. — tr. To be unsteady. 

Bland^gae, 9m. A soldier armed with s 
laoce. [soil 

Blsod^ am. The good or bad anallty of tlie 

Blandi^te, a. Tremnloos or TlbraUng. 

Blandir, ml To brandish; whirl round.— 
rr. To quiver, move tremulonsly. 

Blindo, da, & Soft, pliant; milky; effaml- 
natCL dehcate; tractable; tender; mild. 

Blandon, anu Wax taper; a large church 

BlaadoncUlo, mt^ dim. A small candlestick. 

Bbnd6cho, cha, BkmdMJo, ja, a. Flabby, 
looea, sofL not Ann. 

Blandira, sf. Softness, delicacy; gentleness; 
niHd temperature; whit© paint. 

Blaodarilla, ^ Fine soft pomatum. 

Blanqoeaddn, af. Blanching, whitening. 

Blanqoeaddr, ra, a. Blancher, whitener, 

Blanqneadfira, «£ Whitening, bleaching. 

BlanqodU', «a. To bleach, whiten, blnnch ; 
whitewash. — tn. To show whiteness. 

BUmqneoed^, mn. Officer to blanch the coin. 

Blcnqoeo6r, vo. To blanch coin. 

Blanqnecino, na, a. Whitish, hoary. 

Blanqv^ am. Whitening; whitewash; 

Blasqueria, *f. Bleachln^place, bleach-field. 

Blanqadro, aim. (Prov.) Tanner, [women. 

Blaoqn^te, am. Wfaite^'ash; paint used by 

Blaoqiulla, ^ A yery small coin; yellow 
pinro: white grape. 

BianqocUlo, ilia, a. dim. Whitish. 

Biaoqoimitoto, am^ Bleaching lioaor. 

Blanqnindeo, so, a. (Prov.) Whitish. 

Blanqni2il, sm. Whitish clay, pipe-clay. 

Dlanqnizm, ea, a. Whitish. 

Biio, a. (Her.) Azure, fklnt blue. 

BhMfemible, a, Blamable, culpable, faulty. 

Blasfemaddr, ra, a. Blasphemer. [onsly. 

Blaafemam^nte, ad. Blasphemously, impi- 

Blad'em&r, vn. To bUspheme ; curse. 

BlasfematdrlOkria, a. Blasphemous. 

Bla^mia, »f. Blasphemy. [pheracr. 

Blasl&mo, ma, a. Bhuphemous.— ^ Bias- 

naa6n, am. JSeraldry, blazonry; honor, 
^ory; ITae^ blaaon^ To blazon, boost 

BIasonad6r, ra, «. Boaster, bragger. 

Blasonante, pa. Vain-glorlousVboaster. 

Blason&r, va. To blazon, boast Blaaonar 
del amea^ To brag of deeds never pcr- 
forroeJ. [wall. 

Ble, am. Plar with a ball thrown against the 

B16do,sn»w Wild amaranth. Nomeimporta 
tm bledo^ I don't care a straw. No vale 
tw hUdo^ It is not worth a rush. 

BKnda, (MIn.) Blende. 


Blono, Blino, am. (Ichth.) Bake, Menoy. 

Blenorrugia, af. (Med.) Blcnnorrhagla. 

B]enorr6a, ^f. (Med.) BlennorrboHi, gleet 

Blinda, af. Blindaa,i)2w Y. BUndaffe. 

Blindage, am. (Mil) Blind, cover. 

B16ndo, ^. Silk lace, blond lace. 

Blondina, »fi Narrow silk lace, narrow blon 

Blondo, da, a. Flaxen, flaxy, light 

Bloqnedr, ra. (Mil.) To blockade. 

BloquSo, sm. Blockade. 

B6a, ^ Boa, a large serpent {cattle. 

BoaWge, swk (Prov.) Pasturage of black 

Boarrote, am, (Little us.) Storm or tempest 
at sea. [clamation. 

Bodto, am. Pompous show ; shout of ao> 

Bobdda, af. Silly speech or action. 

Bobdiias, am. A very stupid follow, a dolt 

Bobalic^Sn, Bob^o, am. Great blockhead; 
stupid. [foolishly, stupidly. 

Bobomente, ad. Without trouble or care; 

Bobarr6n, na, a. Little foolish, little stupid. 

Bobat^l, ayn. Stupid fellow, dolt 

Bobtttico, ca, a. Silly, foolish, stupid. 

Bobi'izo, za, a. augm. Very foolish. 

BobeAr, va. To act or talk iTuoUshly ; dally. 

Bobcria, af. Foolish speech or action.—^. 
Idle conceits. [or merit 

B6bills, ad. D« bmUa bnbUia, Without pain 

Bobillo, ilia, Sto, ito, «. dim. A lilUo dolt or 
fcoL [frill. 

Bobillo, am. Blg-bellled one-handle jug; a 

Bobinas, «/. pL Bobbins, large spools. 

Bobisimamonte, ad. Most foolishly. 

BoIk), ba, «. Dunce, dolt, ft>ol : easily cheated. 
A' bobaa. Foolishly. — a. Ample, large. 

Bob6n, na, a. augm. Big dolt, great IboL 

BoboncUlo, 11a, a. dim. A little dolt 

Bob^te, am^ auffm. Great idiot or simpleton. 

B6ca, 4^ Mootii; entrance, hole; pincers; 
taste; relish. Tnatrumenio deboca^Vf ind- 
instrument Boca de eacorpion. Calum- 
niator. Boca del eatomago. Pit of the 
stomach. Bocade/uegOtTlTe-um. Boca 
de ^o. Dark dungeon. (Nau.) Lubbers* 
hole. Boca de la eacotUla, Hatchway. 
Boca de riaa^ Smiling countenance. An- 
dar de boca en boca^ To be the talk of 
tlio town. Boca de oro^ Honey-tongue. 
Boca de gadtn^ Mumbler. A' boca de 
jarro, A hearty draught Guardar la 
boca, Not to commit any excess in eating 
or drinking. Hdblar por boca de ganao, 
To say what any other person has suggest- 
ed. Jrae de boca^ To speak much with- 
out reflection. No dedr eata boca ea m'la^ 
To keep a profound silence. No Uiier 
boca para negar. Not to dare to say no. 
Punto en boca. Mum, mum, not a word. 
Tener buena o mala boca^ To talk well 
or ill. A' boca de inviemo^ About the 
beginning of winter. A' boca de noclte^ 
At the fkll of night Boca arriba^ Upside 
down. Boca abaja^ Face downwards. 
Boca & boca, ad. By word of month. 
Boca con boca, Face to fece. A' boca da 
co«taZ^ Profusely. A' bocaUena,V'\n\)\0' 
nously, openly. A' pedir de boca. Ae- 
cordingtoonesdesh^ DemaAioa&booa, 
Unexpectedly. De boca^ Verbally; not 
really. (Ichth.) Shrimp. 


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BoQMAUe, ^, Sntiy, ecd or opening of a 

Bocacte, «iii. Oponinffin a dam, dnlce. 

Bocad, Bocacin, «mw Fine glazed bnckram. 

Bocadeir, «r. To divide Into blta or morsels. 

Bocadico, illo, ito, a, dim. Small bit or mor- 
sel ^ribbon or lace; lancheon. 

Bocadillo^ 9m, Thin sort of Unon ; narrow 

BocMo, M*. Moathfhl, morsel; modicnm; 
bite; mouthpiece, bridle-bit Bocadc sin 
hueao, A sinecure. Xo t^ner para ttn 
booadOy To be In extreme distress.-^ 
Slices of quinces, Ac, made up into con- 
serves; wads. [of a harbor. 

RociU, 9m. Pitcher; mouthniece; narrows 

Bocam&nga, ^ Part of a sleere near the 

BocanAda, t\f. A monthfhl of liquor. Bocan- 
ada de g^nte^ Mob. a rout Bocanada 
e?e ri«nft>, A sudden Dlast of wind. Echar 
booanadas^ To boast of one's valor, Ac, 

BocarAn, «n» Fine sort of buckram. 

Bocat^Ja, ^ The last tile of each gutter row. 

Bocdza, 5^ ow^nvXpoll.) Alargc, wide mouth. 

Boce^, va. (Farr) To move the lips A-om 
one side to the other. 

Boc61, 9m. A fluted moulding; (luting plane. 

BooelAr, to. To make fluted mouldtnsa. 

Bocel6te, 9m. dim. Small moulding plane. 

Bocel6n, «nK auffm. Laree moulding plane. 

Boc^ ^. Crumbs sticking to the lip. 

Boo^to, 9m. A sketch, delineation. 

Bocez&r, va. (Farr.) To move the lips from 
one side to anoUier. 

B6cba, ^ Bowl, a wooden ball; fold in 
clothes. JMSffo d4 la9 bochas. Game of 
bowls. Pan d^ booha9^ White bread. 

Bochir, vcu To throw a baU so that it hits 
another. [another. 

Boebi^ 9m. Stroke of one bowl against 

B6che, 9m. Cherry-pit or chuck-bole. 

Bochista, 9m. A good bowler, or niajer at 
bowls. [flushing. 

Booh6mo, 9m. Hot, sultry weather; blush, 

Bochomdso, sa, a. Shameftil, reproachful; 
sult^. [of a wheel 

Bocin, MK Bundle of grass round the nave 

Bocina, 9m. Large tmmpet-hom ; speaking- 
trumpet (Astr.) Leaser bear. 

Bociaida, ^ Empty boast rant 

Bocin^ro, 9m. Trumpeter, bom-blower. 

Boelnilla, ^ dim. Small speaking-trumpet 

Boe6n, 9m. (Augm.) A wide-mouthed per- 
son ; bn^pvart [hogshead shooks. 

Boe6y, 9m. Hogshead. A>cot/e9 abatido9y 

B^da, ^f. Marriage, wedding. Boda de hon- 
ao9^ A beggar^s wedding. 

Bode, 9m. Ahe-goat 

Bod6ga, em. Wine-vault ; abundant vintage ; 
etonvruom, warehouse ; a grooery. J5b- 
d^ga de popa^ After-hold. J>e proa^ 

BodegAge, em. Storage. [Tlppling-house. 

Hodegon, 9m. Chop-house, eating-house; 

BodegoncUlo, 9m. dwu Lew chop-house. 

Bodegone^, va. To frequent mean eattng- 
bouses. [chop-botue. 

Bod^;on6ro, ra, 9. One who keeps a low 

Bodegn6ro, ra, «. Butler. 

Bodeguilla, ^T dim. Small collar or vault 


Bodidn, 9m. Sca-flsh reeembllng a tenca. 

Bodtgo, 9m. A small loaf of the finest flc4ir. 

BodUo, em, (Coll.) Unequal match, marriagr 
with little ceremony. 

BodocAl, a. Applied to a kind of black grape« 

BodocAzo, 9m. A cross-bow shot 

Bod6llo, em. Pruning-knife, prunlng-book. 

Bod6qne, 9m. Pellet; dunce, idiot Ifacer 
hodoque&, (Coll.) To be reduced to dust, t« 
be dead. [cross-bow. 

Bodoqn6ra, ^. Pollot-mould; cradle of a 

Bodoquillo, 9m. dim. Small clay pellet or 
bullet [suitable marriage. 

Bod6n1c, am. (Coll) Unequal match, nn- 

B6drio, 9m. Soup, broken meat ^^^ garden- 
stuff; a bodgo-podge. 

Boezn^lo, «m* Stalking ox. 

Bofi&da, 4/^ Fricassee of livers and lights. 

B6fea. em. pL Lungs, lights. Echar el Iqfe 
or toe hqfee^ To strain one*s lungs. 

Bof&ta, lif. Bofotin, em, A sort of thin, stiff 

Bofet&da, ef. Slap, buffet, box. Dar una 
bqfetada^ To treat with the utmost con- 
tempt [ftce ; stage decorations 

Bofcton, etn. A cuff or violent blow upon tlie 

Bofetoncillo, em, dim, A slight box or ela]* 
on the Ihce. 

B6ga, ^ (Ichth.) Ox-eyed cockerel : rowinic; 
rower; small knife. Dar la boga^ To 
give the stroke. Boga afant^^ Strokee;- 
man. Futar en hoga^ To be fashionable. 

BogAda, ^ Bowing-stroke; bucking witli 

Bogaddr, em. Rower. 

Bogdnte,/?^. (Poet) Rower; rowing. 

Bog&r, m. To tovr. Bogar d cvarteleti^ To 
row by divisions. [piece*. 

BogatAnas, ^f. pi White cotton In 40 yard 

Bogav&nte, em, Strokosman of a row galley ; 

Boff6ta, tf. A kind of herring. 

Bon6mlo, mn. Short cloak. V. Gitano. 

Bobio, Bnhio, em. Indian hut negro hut 

Bohon^ro, 9m. Pedler, huckster. {doe. 

Bohordiir, ca. To throw wands called bokor^ 

Boh6rdo, em^ Blade of flog, a water-plant; 
wand; cabbage-stalk. 

Boil, em. Ox-stall, a stand for oxen. 

Boitiino, em. A kind of fishtng-net 

B6ja, ^f. Southern-wood plant 

Bojdr, va. To sail round.— i^. To measnre 
around, contain. 

Bojcfir, tfo, (Nau.) To sail round, doublei 

BojedAI, em. Plantation of box-trees. 

Bolco. B6J0, enu (Nau.) Sailing round or 

Bol, em. Armenian bole, a red earih. 

B<Sla,4< Ball, globe; bolns; game of bowls, 
lle,hosx,flb. (Nau.) Truck. EHcurrtrfa 
botOt To take French leave. Rv^U la 
loUt, Things are going on well Pic con 
bcla^ Just enough. 

Bolnda, ^ Throw or cast of a ball or bowl 

Bol&do, 9m. Cake of darified sugar. 

Bolfin, V. Bolin. 

Bolantin, am. Fine sort of {wekthroad. 

Bolarm^nico, em. Armenian bole. 

B0I&Z0, 9m^ Violent blow with a ball. 

BolchAca, f>f. Bolcliaco, aw. Purse. pe:kct 

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BoMt« 9? Wblpplotree of a carriogb. 

Bolev, vn. To play billiards* pl^ balls ; lio. 
— «ii To dart, launch. Solear el $wr, 
htyr<K, To fix the hat on the head. 

Boieo, «n. Place whore balls are throwiL 

Bolero, *m. Bolero, bolero dancer.-— a. A 
rttid eloplnp from Its parents or school. 

Boleta. ^f. Ticket of admission; billots; 
smAil paper of tobacco. [small papers. 

B<^tir, TO. (ProT.) To roll up tobacco in 

Boletm,«mwPa7-w8rrant; billet; free ticket; 
bolletin. {una bdichadOy By chance. 

Bolichada, ^ At one throw, at oncei I>e 

Boliche, mn. Jack ; block ; small fish caught 
In a dra^-net Juego de boUch&, Game 
<if pigeon-holes. Boliche9^ Top-gallant 
bowlinesu [hole table. 

Boiicbdro, ra. a. One irho keeps aplgeon- 

Bolilla, ita, «£ dim. A small bird. 

BofiDo, tm. JHffk otBolo. Jack, a ball ; bob- 
bin ; laoe cushion ; starched cnflh. 

Bohn, $xn. Jack, a small ball />« &oMn, de 
Utiani At random, rashlr. 

Birfines, mn. pi. (A.) Mould-shot, buck-shot 

BoUna, »/. Koise of a BcniBe. (Nau^) Bow- 
line. Dar un salto d la boUnOs To ease 
the bowline. Preseniar la bciina. To 
snatch the bowline. Nanegar ds bcUna, 
Tb sail with bowlines hauled. Ir A la 
boUnOj To sail with a side wind. Echar 
d« bouna, To make idle boastn 

BoHneir, wu To haul up the bowline. 

Bolfo^ am. (Nao.) A movable capstan on 

Bdin, ^. (ProfT.) Embers, hot dnders. 

B6II11, 9Jr. Dntr on woollen and silks. 

BoQadora, «^ Embossed work. 

Bonir, va. To lead, seal with lead ; emboes. 

BoUoro, ra, a. Pastry cook, seller of sweet 

BoISco, ito, tm. dim^ Small sweot cake. 

Bollido, da, a. Boiled. 

B6I10, sm. Small leaf or roll ; small sweet 
cake. BoUo mahnon^ Cake flllod with 
sweot-meats; sweltinf. BoUoe^ Aneient 
head-dress ; bara of sIlTer. BoUos de re- 
Ueve, Embossed work. [ring. 

Fol16n, am. Btmss-headed nail; bud; ear- 

Bolkm&do, dm a. Adorned with brass nails. 

B6I0, mn. One of the nlne-ptns; Ince cushion ; 
beam ; stupid IMIow. Bolo9^ Nine-pins. 

Bol^es, mn. pL (Nau.) Mortar-bed pintles. 

BoI6n1o, em. An ignorant, rattle-brained 

B6)8a. ^ Purse; money; exchange; pouch ; 
bag; loot-mnfT; abscess. Bolmdepastor^ 
(Bot.) Shepherd'spurse. BcXw de IHoe, 
Alma, charity. Aha de hierro^ Avarl- 
ek»n& covetom. BoIm rotct. Spendthrift 
Cktmoar en la bolna^ To fine. Dor or 
eehnr oiro wudo A la bolea^ To become 
extremely frugal Poffed^bolea, Amir.- 
tster'spage. Terurlfienfi^rradalahclea^ 
To baTo money. 

Bolseir, wu (Prov.) To pui** np, pucker. 

Buteia, ef. Pune-ikot«ry, pnrso-sbop. 

BoMro, awk Purse-maker; purse-keoper. 

Befcdca, ita. Ula, if. d*m. SroaU pnrtei 

Bellies am P^iefcet; little bag. 

BoMno,«i». Pnf»o; pocket; money. Buen 


hcteiUo^ A large capital. BaiHtto 1 
Private parse. Hncer VolsiUoy To mak« 
or pet nioner. Teixfr vn gi'an boMUo^ 
To i>c very Hch. 

B61»o, sm. Parse of money. [plank. 

Bolson, 9t7u Lar^o purse ; 'bar of Iron ; large 

B6mba, ff. Pninp. Bomba de (ptimbaleie^ 
(Nan.) Common pump. Bomba de roea- 
rioQtdecadma,C\\a.m-Ttnmi^. Somhade 
earena. Bilgo-pump. Cargar la bomba^ 
To fetch the pump. Dar A la bomba^ To 
pump ship. La bomba eMd ataacada^ 
The pump Is foul. Jxt bomba llama, The 
pump sucks. — em. pi. Juegoe de bomba^ 
Pumpgrears. Bomba deiy^go or debaho^ 
Steam-engine; bomb. Bomba or mtmga 
marina, A water-spout 

Bomb&rda, »/. Bombard ; bomb- vessel 

Bombardedr, va. To bombard. 

Bombard6o, em. Bombardment 

Bombard6ro, em. Bombardier. 

BombaSi, t»n Cotton-flannel 

Bombdzo, em. Report of a bursting bomb. 

Bombe^r, ««. V. Bombardear. 

Bombillo, sf, (A) A small perforat'jd tube 
fbr drinking the Mate with. 

B6mbo, em.. Humming of boes ; lar«e dram. 

Bonach^n, na, a. and a. Good-natHrcd, easy 

Bonanciblo. a. Moderate, calm, fidr. 

Bon&nza, ef. Fair weather at sea. Ir en bo- 
nanza, To sail with fair wind ; prosperity. 

Bon&so, em. Bonasus, a kind of baflaio. 

Bon&Eo, za, a. (Coll) Oood-natured, kind. 

Bond&d,^Qoodncm; excellence: kindness 

Bondad6so, sa, a. Kind, bountlAil 

Bond^n, em. Bung of a cask. 

Bon^tas, ef. pL fNau.) Bonnets to sails. 

BonetAda, ef. Salute by taking off the hat 

Bondte, am. Bonnet college cap ; a secular 
clergyman. Tirarse loe bonetee, To pull 
caps. Bravo or gran bonete^ A great 
dunce. [or sold. 

Bonetcria, ef. Shop where bonnets are made 

Bonetoro, ra, 8. Bonnet-maker; spindle-tree; 

Bonetilln, em. Small cap or bonnet 

BoniMo (Bun4aU), or Moniato\ em. Sweef 

Bonlcam^nto, ad. Prettily, neatly, silly. 

Bonico, ca, <r. Pretty good, pflssable. Andar 
A lae bonicae^ To take thln^ easily. 

Bonifiedr.ffa. To credit; meliorate, improve. 

Bonifloativo, va, a. Moliornting. [iar^f^. 

Bonillo, 11a, a. dim. Somewhat liandsome-nr 

Bonina, 9C (Bot) Ox-eye charaomila 

Bonitalo, am. Bonito^ a fish. 

Bonltamente, ad. Prettily. 

BonttUlo, ilia, a. dim. Somewhat hand/ ome. 

Bonito, em. Sea-flsh, resembling a tunny. 

Bonko, ta, a. ZXm. of J9tf«ffl<;. PreUyguou; 
pretty; gracefril 

Bonvardn, em. (Bot) Wild-tansr einquefbil 

B6nzo, mn. Bonze, a China or tJapan prieet 

Bofiiga, ef. Cow-dung. 

Bofiig4r, a, A kind of round white flg. 

Bo6tes, em, Bootes, a norihem constellation. 

Boqueida, f< Act of opening the month, a 
gasp. A' la primera boqiteada^ Imroa- 


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BoqaeAr, vn. To gape, gasp; broathe ont*8 

last; end.— 'CO. To pronoance, otter. 
Boqudra, ^ Irrleadng sluice; openfng; 

eraption of the lips; ulcer in tbo mouth. 
Boquer6n, tn. Wide opening, m largo bole ; 

BoquSto, «7ik Gap, narrow entrance, [ing. 
Boquiabi^rto, ta, a. With open mouth, gap- 
Boqui4ncho, cha, a. AVido-mouthed. 
Boquiangdsto, ta, a. Narrow-mouthed. 
Uoquicon<)i6no, na, a. Babbit-mouthed; 

Boquidfiro, ra, a. Hard-mouthed. 
Boqulf^*£8oo, ca, a. Fresh-mouthed. 
Boquifhmddo, da, a. Puckered mouth. 
Boquihendido, da, a. Large-mouthod. 
Boquibundido, da, a. Sunken mouth. 
Boquilla,^ Little month; irrigating sluice; 

mortise-chisel : moulh-pieco. 
Boquimu61Ie, a. Tender-mouthed ; unwar/; 

imprudent tattler. 
Boquin, wu Coarse sort of baize. 
Boquinatur&l, a. Well-mouthed. 
Boqnin6gro, gra, a. Black-mouthed.— & A 

blacklMi sort of enails. 
BoquirasgMo, da, ck Deep-mouthed. 
Boquir6to, ta, a. I/Kmadoua, garrulous. 
Boquir^bio, bia, a. Simple, easily imposed 
Boquis6co, ca, a. Dry-mouthed. [upon. 
Boquita, ^ dim. Small month, [monthed. 
Boquitorcido, da, Boquitudrto, t^ a. Wry- 
Borate, rni. Borax. (gush out 

Borboll&r, Borbollone&r, tm. To bubble, 
Borboll6n, Borbot6n, «m. Bubbling; flash. A' 

borboUoivst^ ImDetnously. IRrvUndo d 

horboUoneSy Boiling hot 
Borbortomo, *tn. Rumbling in the bowels. 
Borbotv, «n. To gush out with violence. 
Borcegni,«mw Buskin, half boot; laoedsboe^ 
Boro^uineria, »/. Buskin-maker^s shop. 
Borceguiuero, ra, s. Buskin-maker or re- 
BoTcellAr, «m. (Prov.) Brim of a vessel 
B6rda, ^ Hut cottage; gnn-wale; brim, 

edge. {bordadOt To tack. 

Borddda, m/. (Nan.) Board, tack. Dor wut 
Bordadillo, mn» Double flowered taflTety. 
BordMo, »m. Embroidery. Bordaao ds 

panada, Plain embroldMy. 
Bordad6r, ra, a. Embroiderer, [cntcbeon. 
Bordadura,^ Embroidery; border of an ea- 
Bord^ «m. Side planks of a ship. 
Bordar.vct To embroider. Boradr&tam' 

lor. To tambour. 
B6rde, am. Border; margin, edge; IHnge; 

ledge; hem; brim; bastard; the side of a 

ship. ^' 6ord«, On the brink.— a. W^Ud, 

Hordeiu', vn. (Nan.) To plv to windward. 
BiSrdo, am. Border. A tordOi On board. 

Sordo ccn bordo. Side by side. IkJW 

hordoty To Uck. 
Borddn, am. Staff; baaa-etrlng; burden of a 

song. BordonM^ (Nau.) Snores, out-rig- 

Bordone&do, da, a. (Her.) Pommelled. 
Dordone&r, «n. To try the ground with a 

.staff; rovo about; play on the base- viol 
Bordoneria, «< Wanaering idly about, on 

prntence videvotioa 


Bordon6ro, ra. t. Yacrrant, Tagabmd 
Bordtiro, */ V. Boraadura, ^ 

Boreil, a. jBoreal, norttiem. 
B6rea\ sm^ Boreas, the north wind. 
BorgdAa, ^ Burgundv wine. 
Borgondta, f/^ Sort or ancient helmet 
Bdrla, ^ Tassel; tuft; doctor^ bonn«t 

Borlica, ilia, ita, 8f. dim. Small tassel. 
]k>rlon, am. Large tassel; knotted 8tu£ 
Bomeadero, am. (Nau.) Berth of a ship at 

Bomoadizo, za, a Pliant, flexible. 
Bomedr,«a. To bend, turn, twist Bom^ar 

la terdad. To comment, explain. Bor» 

n^ar ku palabfxUy To turn words into 

dlfi'erent sensesi— «m. To edge, sidle ; warp. 

M navic bomea, The ship swings round 

her anchor. 
Bom6o, ant Turning or winding » thing; 

swinging round tlie anchor. 
Bom6ra, a. Blackish mill-stone. 
Bom^ro, ra, a. Ground by a black mill-atone. 
Bomi, am. Lanner, a kind of fUcon. 
Bur6na, qfi Millet rosembling the maize 

plant [green pepper. 

Boronia, ^ Dish of apples, pumpkuia, and 
B6rra, if. Yearling ewe; hair, wool, floes; 

nap; Ieos;reftise; taxonsI)eq>; mildew; 

useless expressions. 
Borricha.V* Leather bag or bottle for «inc. 
Borrachear, im. To be often drunk. 
Borrach6ra, Borraoheria, ^ Drunkenness; 

revelry; an Indian tree; madness. 
BorraoheB, t< Intoxication; loss of reason. 
Borrdcbo, cha, a. Drunk, intoxicated; in- 
flamed by passion. 
Borraehdn, Borrachon&zo, am. ovffnK Great 

drunkard, a tippler. 
Borrachu61a,^Kay-graas. [book. 

Borrad6r,«»iv.Kongn draft; blotter; waste 
Borrage^, «ft To scribble, write careieaaly 
BorriUa, f^ (Bot) Borage^ 
BorWOo, am. Hot dndera. 
Borrir, va. To blot out or eflisoe; cl(md; 

darken; abolish. 
Borhlsca, 9f. Storm, tempest ; hazard, danger. 
Borraso6ao, aa, a. Stormy, boiaterou& 
Bonrasqu^ro^ra, a. and a. Reveller. 
Borrdx, tm. Borax. 

Borregada, 4/C Largo flock of sheep or lamoew 
Borrdgo, ga, a. Lamb not a year old; sim- 
pleton. Ab h<ij/ talea borreffoa. There Sa 

not such a thinic. 
Borregu6ro, tm. Shepherd who tends larobsL 
Borreguito, «. dim. Little lamb. 
Borrdn, mn, Pannel of a saddle. 
Borriba, ^. Enslne Ibr raising water. 
Borrica, ^ K she-ass, ajenny. [aettoo 
Borric&da, ^ Drove of asses; eUly word or 
Borneo, Wk Ass, donkey ; fool. Ptnttto en 

^ borrieo, Determined to do some bud* 

ness or other. 
Borric6n, Borric6te, fm^ Large jadcaaa; 

plodder; aaw-tiorBo. 
Borrilla, f^ Down enveloping fruits; shear 

ings from cloth. 
Borrlqufifto, fia, a. Asinine. 
Borrlqu^ am. Keeper or tender of aasea 
Borriqndte de proa. am. Fore-topmast 

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iton!anUlo,il]A; Ho, Ua, & <f<m. A Uttle tas, 

BorriqnuloSji)'. CrooB-bftis of % tabl«*friun«. 
Bcrro, «m. Wetber not two years old ; dnty 
OA sheep. [sketch ; blemish ; stigma. 

Borrnn, «rr». Blot of ink; ron^ draft; first 
Borroncillo, mn, dim. Small blot or stain. 
BofTone^r, va. To sketch ; waste paper by 

Borroao, sa, a. Full of dregs and lees; bun- 

gltng; badly written ; corrections. 
Borr6«ai, mn. (Prov.) Bungler. 
Borrotoa, V. Tr^oles. 
BorrafiUa, ^ Bombast 
Bor^)^ mn. Knob, protuberance. 
Boraqoiinto, 9nK Koi«r reveller. 
Bortsca, ^ Withered leaf, 
Boair, tJO. To mn OTcr, overflow; vomit 
BoscHf^ 9m. Grove; land8ci^>e. 
Bteft>ro^ mn^ Bo^boma. 
Bteqn«, am. Forest, grove. 
BoeqaeciUlo, am. dim. Small wood, a coppice. 
Boaqnql&r, v€k To sketch ; design or project ; 

a:;d^n obscnrely. 
Boaqn^o, am. Sketch ; unfinished work. 
BoaqnSe. »m. An artificial grove 
BosteziMlor, mn. Oaper, yawner. 
Bostecinte, pck Yawning. 
Bostezir, vn. To yawn, gape. 
Bostiao. am. Yawn, yawning. 
B6ta, ^. Small leather wine-bag; batt or 
cask; boot Soto^Wrte, Jack-boot SiOar 
eon las botat pueHas, Beady for any 
thine. Cortsa <U hotas^ Boot-legs. ' 
BoUb&, ^ A kind of ramrod. 
Botabdra, if. (Nao.) Boom. 
Botad^r, am. Driver; punch; dentists 

crowds bill ; pole. 
Botafti^go, «m. Linstock, match-staft 
^otagn^fta, ^ Sausage of pigs* harslets. 
Botalon, 9m, (Nan.) Boom. Botalon del 
./b<jru«. Jib-boom. Arfo/o;//'*, Fire-booms. 
Botunen, am. All the casks on board a ship. 
Botjoia, ^ Ping or stopple; pUster; scar. 
Botinica, tf. Botany. 
Bot&nico, ca, a. Botanic, botanical 
BotAnioo, Botanista, am. Botanist 
Bottotea, am. pk Shores, out-riggers. 
Botir, 90, To cast throw, throw away, fling, 
hnmch; bound; B<man<Ier. Botarenvela^ 
To fill the sails. ^oUtr aftura lot hota- 
Um^ To bear off the booms. 
Botarite, mn. Madcap, thoagbtiess person. 
Botarel, am. Buttress. 
BoCirga, ^ Oasklns; harlequin dress; har- 
lequin, buffoon ; kind of larro sausage. 
Botas^la, ^f. Trumpet4ignal to saddle the 

Botavinte, mn. 8eaman*s boarding-pike. 
Botavim. f^ Pole of a boat sail ^jiatara 

di utngrtjOy Gaffnull boom. 

Btfta, mn. Thrust with a pike ; rebound of a 

ball; gallipot; toilet-box; tanister; boat- 

llghtor. Bot6 tnpimM ds anncuon, 

Boat In frame. Ekar de hoU mi bate. 

To be fhn of people. IM hoie y wtleo, 

Inataothr. fsi^iA 

BoleeSeo, Ulo, ito, am. dim. Small canister; 

Bot^ if. Bottle ; t'ne liquor contained In a 



BotalluD, mn. A demUohn. 
Bote<^uiii, mn. Small boat 
Botena, tff. Collection of wine<akinsw 
Bot^ot), mn. Wine-akin maker. [eraL 

Botica, 8f. Apothecary's shop; shop in gen* 
Boticige, mil. Shop-rent 
BoticArio. aw. Apothecary. 
Botiga, fl/t (Prov.) Shop. 
Boti^u6ro, mn. Shopkeeper. 
Botija, ttf. Eartlion jug. 
Botljero, am. Jar-maker or seller. 
BotJJUla, u6Ia, ^. dim. A smaU Jar. 
Botyo, am. An earthen Jar. [little child. 
Botn6n, mn. A large earthen jar; a ))lnmp 
Botma, {/! A small wine-skin ; woman's hail 

Botill6r, mn. V. SoHUero. 
BotilleniL 9f. Ice-house; confectionery; 

steward's room. 
Botill^ro, am. Preparer and seller of ices, && 
Botillo, mn. dim. A small wine-skin. 
BotSn, mn. Buskin, half boot ; cpUter ; booty. 

(Nau.) Lashing. 
Botln6ro, mn. A soldier who takee care of 

the booty; boot and giUter maker. 
Botiquin, mn. Medicine-chest 
Botivol6o, sm. Pkiying a ball at the rebound. 
B6to, ta, a. Blunt; dull of understanding. 
B6to, mn. Large gut filled with butter. 
Boton, ajn. Button, bud. Baton da ara, 

(Bot) Creeping spearwort De batonet 

adentra, Internally. 
Botonad(ira, */ Set of buttona. 
Boton^^ am. Hit with the button of a foIU 
Botoncito, mn. dinK A small button or bud. 
Botoneiia, rf. Button-maker's shop. 
Boton6rojra,a. Button-maker; button-eeller. 
Bov&ge, Bovdtico, mn. Duty on homed 

B6voda, tf. Arch or vault ; cave : bower. 
Bovedilla, ^ A small vault Batedilku. 

Arched parts of a ship's poop. Sttbiree a 

las bovedillas., To be in a pa.«>Blon. 
Bovino, na, a. Belonging to cattle. 
Box, mn. Box-tree. 

B^xa, »f. (Bot) Three-toothed globularia. 
B^y^V V- Buoy; butcher; hangman. 
Boydda, iff Drove of oxen. 
Boy&l, a. Fit for cow& [well ; fortunate. 
BoyAnte, pa. Buoyant floating.— a. Sailing 
Boyar, vn. To buoy, to be afloat 
Boydr, mn. Kind of Flemish bilander. 
Boydzo, mn. augm. Large ox. 
Boy^ra, Boyema, tf. Ox-stall, cow-house. 
Boy6ro, mn. Ox-herd, cow-herd. 
Boy&no, na, a. Belonging to cattlei 
B6za, ^ Bope with one end made fast 

iZoaoa, (Nau.) Stoppers. Boeasdelaufia 

dti ancla^ Snank-painter. 
BozdU mn. Muzzle. 
Bozdl. a. A negro or an Indian ignorant of 

the languageof the country ; an unpolished 

person; novice; Inexperienoed ; stupid; 

Bozal^Jo, am. dim^ A small muzzle. 
B6zo, mn. Dovm which precedea the beard; 

Brabfinte, mn. Brabant or Flemish linen. 
Brab^ 1< Air-hole, ventilator. 
BraceMa, «/ Violent extension of the anna 

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_-_jeAgV»»». OoIiMge; beating the motaL 
(Naoi) Tying with braces ; dopfli of water. 
Braoe&r, mt. To swing the arms.— ca. rNaa.) 
Tobracew [with another; dAjr-laborer. 
BtmIto, 9nt. One who walkt arm in arm 
Bnoc'to, ad. IH hraoeU^ Arm in arm. 
Braoillo, im. Branch of a bridle-biL 
Bmom&n, wiv 3rmnlu. [ting dog. 

Briusa, ca, a. Fiat-nosed.— <. Pointer or set- 
Brafon6ra, ^ Armor for the arm; a plaited 

Bn'iga, *f. Child's clout Bragd9, Breeches 

in general OnUarse leu broffo^ To 

wear tlie brcedies. 
Bragdda, f»/ The flat of tho thigh in btfRts. 

Bragaaa de una curva^ (Nau.) The 

throat of a knee. 
BrsgAdOi, da, a. The flanks of a different 

color from the rest of the body; of de- 
praved sentlmentSL 
Bragadiira, ^f. Fork of the human body; 

flat of the thigh. [peeked hasband. 

Bra^izas, »/. pk Wide breeches; a hen- 
Braga6ro,«m.Tms% bandage, bracer. Mra- 

ffusro de cations (Nau.) Breeching of a 

gon. Bragtiero de una vdOf Bunt of a 

BragOffita, ^ The tdi\ of a pair of breeches. 
Braguet^ro, 9nk Loohor. [breeches. 

Bniguet6n, »m. attgm. Large opening of tho 
BragnUlas, nf. pL Idttlo breeohes; ugly 

BnUima, «/! Brama, a deity of the Hindoos. 
Brama, «/: Batting season. 
Bramadera, ^ Battle; shepherd's oaU. 
BramadSro, tm. Batting^plaoo of wild anl- 

'mals. [person. 

Bramad6r, ra, «. Boarer, brawler, a noisy 
Bramdnte, tm. Packthread ; Bramant linen ; 

osnabni^; roaring [fret, cry. 

Bramftr, «n. To roar, groan ; storm, blaster; 
Bramido, tm. Boar bv wild beasts; clamor. 
Bramil, mi. Painted fine nsed by sawyers. 
Bramin, tm. Brahman, Hindoo priest 
Bram6na, «/ SoUar la bramona^ To use 

foul language. [dance. 

Bran de in^aterra, tm. An ancient Spanish 
Brdnca, »/, Point JBraneas, Claws, talons, 

llranoAda, qf. Drag-net or sweep-not 
Brancaursina, «/! (Bot) Bear's breech. 
Brdnchas, ^ pi. Qills of a fish. 
Branddlea, sm. pi. (Nan.) Back-stays. 
Braadis,«m, Great-coot i?raiu:{iiM, ColUrs 

of ladies* night-gowns. 
BrAndo, »m, A dance tune. [ot lift. 

Brdno, sm. Assembly of the Cortes; sphere 
Br&nza, sf. Blog to which the chains of ^• 

ley-slaves are (astened. [leaves. 

Brdqs, 9/. Summer pasture ; dang, withered 
Braqaial, a. Brachial. 

Braqulgrafia, »/. Brachygraphy, short-hand. 
Braqulgra/o, 8m> A short-hand writer. 
BraquiUo, lla, «. dim. Small pointer. 
Draqnll^gia, t/. Brachylogy, laconism. 
Braquipnia, if. Bracbypncoa, shortness of 

BriML i/. Live coal ; burning wood. Estar 
heoho unaa broios^ To be all in a blaze. 
IMar en bratas^ To bo uneasy. 


Braserito, tnk dim. A chaflng-Uish. 
Bras^ro,«77K Brasier; kitchen range; chafing' 

dish ; fire-pan ; pUce to bum criminals. 
Brasil, snk (Bot) Lima-wood; Brazil-wood 

rouge. [color. 

Brasilado, da, a. Of a red or Brazl1-woo(? 
Braail^te, stn, Jamaica-wood, brazlletto. 
Brasmologia, ^ The scicnoe of the tides. 
Brdnlis, ^ Cloth with white and blue stripes. 
BrAva, */. ^Nau.) Heavy swell of the se«. 
Bravdda, ^. Bravado, boast, vain ostcntfction 
Bravam^utc, a<2. Bravely ; plentifuUj*. 
Bravttta, «/. Bravado, boast 
Bravead6r, ra, a. Bully, hoctor. 
Brave&r, wk To bully, hector, monaco. 
Bravura, 4< Vent or chimney of on oven. 
Brav6za, f/. Ferocity : fury of the olcmontii 
Bravillo, ills, a. dim. Bather wil<1, not 

tamed. [coarse, unpolished. 

Bravio, via, a^ Ferocious, savage, wild; 
Bravio, aiiK Fierceness or savageness. 
Brivo, va, a. Brave, valiant; bullying: aav* 

age, wild ; expensive. Brata cow. (Iron.) 

Very fine Indeed I Mar brow. Swollen 

sea. iSrooo/ iittBravoI P>n& 

Brav&ra, «/! Ferocity; courage, manliness, 
Briza, ^ Fathom. (Kau.) Brace. 
Braz&da, af. Stretchins of the arms. 
Braz&do, am. An armiull ; a truss. 
Braziige, am. Number of iktlioms, depth of 

water. [BaU. 

Brazil, snk Bracer: bracelet; ditch. (Kau.) 
Brazalete^sm. Armlet bracelet BraadUt^ 

(Nau.) Brace pendants. 
Braz&zo, «m, augm. Large or long arm. 
Brdzo, am. The arm ; bough, branch; valor, 

strength. A' braao parttda, Without 

weapons. .SmeoA (/«/ rei7u>. States of the 

realm. A'fuermi ds bratoa^ By dint of 

merit and labor. Con lo* braaoa abSertoa^* 

With open arms, cheorfollv. Cruaadot 

loa brasoa. With tlie arms folded. 
Brazohu, ^. pL (Nau.) Coamings of tbe 

hatches. [of a bit 

Braza61o^/n. Small arm ; shoulder: branc^ 
Br6a, nf. Pitch; coarse canvas; sackcloth. 
Bredr, va. Toiiitch; vex; cast a Joke. 
Brobdge, sm. Beverage; medicine. 
Br^ ^. Bleak or blay, a river fish. 
Brt^ia, ^f. Broach; opening; Impresrion 

Batir en brecJui^ To batter a breach ; par* 

Brdcho, am. One who has distorted foet 
Br6do, mn. (Bot) Wild amaranth. 
Br6ga, s/C Strife, contest; pun. Jest, or trlok. 

Dor breffo. To play a trick. 
Bregar, vn. To contend, struggle.— »<». To 

work up with a rolllng-pln. Brega;/ d 

arcOy To bend a bow. 
Bren, sm. Bran. 

Brtinca, «/! Sluice-post; filament 
Brifla. ^ Craggy, broken ground. 
BreiUl, Brefiir, am. Place full of briers and 

Brea6so, sa, a. Craggy and brambled. 
Brogue, sin. Small river fish. Qjoada brequ^^ 

Weak or bloodshot eyes. 
Brusca, af. (Prov.) Honey-comb. 
Bresoadulo, aiJt, Qold or silver oannotillc 

fbr embroidery. 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


Bnscado, «in. Embroideted with brMoa' 

Bretida, »f, nritannlas, a 0ort orflno linen. 
Bwte, gm. FcUen, sliacklcs; iadJg«ttce; 

Breton, »ik (Bot) Borecole 
SwTft, «^ Early fig; large acorn. Mm 
Najido que una brava^ lirought to reason. 
Bteval, sm. (Pror. BoL) Early fix-tree. 
Bn^re, etn. Apostolic bncf; brief; in mnsic 
Brtve, (L Briet conclBO, laconic, compact 

£n brave, Sbortiy, in a little time. 
BreTecico, illo, ito^ a. dim. Somewhat short 
BriveiUu), a^. Brevity, ccndsenees. 
Biereminte, orf. Briefly, concisely. 
Brerdte, «»k Memorandnm. 
Breriirio, am. BroTiary ; breTlcr type. 
BrexAI, am. Heatb, field of heaths. 
Brczo, am^ Heath, ling. 
bUea, af. Shaft-ropo of a wino-pross. 
Brial,0n. Rich silk petticoat, formerly worn. 
Bribe, ^ Troantship. idlene«, nefflect of 

btulnesB. A' la brUxu, Nedlgently. 
Bribta, a^ A begi*ar*s talei Echarlabribia^ 
To go a-bcgging. [knave, a soonndrel. 
Bifl»6n, na, «. and a. Vagrant, impostor; a 
Bribmiida, f/C Knavery, beggar's trick, can- 
ning. Tdent rascal 
Brfborimo, snu tntffm. Great cneat, impn- 
BribonciUo, wn. dim. Little rascal, yonng 
Impostor. [bond Ufa 
Brtboncir, vn. To rove about; lead a vaga- 
Briboneria, ^f. Life of a vagrant, a beggar's 
trade. [rogno. 
BiiboBzu^Io, am. dim. Little vagabond, 
Bileho, am. Spangle, used in embroiderv. 
Brida, ^ Bridle, bridle reins; horsemanship. 
Bridar, ««. To bridle; curb, cheek. 
Brid6n, ftjri. Horseman riding manege style ; 
small bridle- [burden. 
Brigida, ^. Brinde: a train of beasts of 
Brigadier, snu Brigadier or general of brig- 
ade. Brigadier eti la real armada^ 
Brlgola. «/: Battering-mra. 
Brilladdr, ra, a. Brilliant, sparkling, radiant 
Brillante, a. Brilliant, shining, glossy. 
Brillinte, am. Brilliant, a diamond. 
Brillantem6ntc ad. Brilliantly, splendidly. 
BriUant&c, af. Brilliancy, splendor, [shine. 
Br1U^,im.'To shine, sparkle, glitter; ont- 
BiiUo,«in. Brilliancy; splendor. [duck. 
Brin,am. Sail-cloth; Bussla sheeting; raven 
BrlDcaddr, ra, «. Leaper, lumper. 
Brincar, «7k To leap, jamp; skip; step 

over; fly into a passion. 
Brincho, arm. Beveraly at cards. 
Brinela, ^ Onion-peel 
Biineo, ajn. Leap jump, hop ; small jewel 
Brindir, tm. To drink one's health; invite; 

Brlnd&lea de chapinoo, pL Clog-tapes. 
Brindlfl, af. Health, a toast 
BringabAIa, if. Brake or handle of a pamp* 
Brinqaillo, ^nqatfio, am. Gewgaw, a small 

trinket: sweetmeat 
Brinza, tf. Blade, slip; sprig, shoot 
Brio, am. Strength, force, vigor; spirit, 
eonrace. Bajar loa brioa d algunOy To 
hamble one. 


Briol am. pi (Nan.) Bunt-Una 

Briolin, am. ^ao.) Blab-Une. 

Brionia, ^. (Bot) Briony. 

Briosamente, ad. Spiritedly, vigorously. 

BriOso. sa, a. Yigoroafl, spirited, blgfa-mind 

. ed, lively. 

Brisa, ^ BreMce; grape-skin. 

Brisca, 4< A game at cards. 

Briscddo, da, a. Mixed with silk: applied t» 
gold and silver twist [twist 

Briscir, ra. To embroider with gold or sihrfi 

Bris^ra, 4/C A elass candle-shade. 

BritAnica, tf. (Bot) Great water dock. 

Briza, ^ (Nau.) V. Briaa. 

Brhnir, va. To rock the cradle. 

Briz^ra, ^f. Gbus candle-light shade. 

Brizna, ^ Fragment, splinter, chip. 

BriznMo, sa. Ow Full of fi*agmcnt8 or scrapa. 

Brizo, am. Cradle; a spedes of scarurchin. 

Br6ca, af. Beel for twist; drill 

Brocad6l, Brocat^l, am. BrocatoL [flowersi 

Brocadillo, am. Brocade with gold or silver 

Brocddo, am. Gold or silver brocade. 

Broc^o, da, a. Embroidered like brocade. 

BrociU, am. Curb-stone of a well ; metal rim 
of the scabbard. jRroco^ efd &oto. Mouth- 
piece of a leather bottle. 

Brocamant6n, ami. Brooch of diamonda. 

BrocArdico, am. Axiom at law. 

Brocat61, am* Brocatel ; Spanish marble. 

BrocAto, am* (Prov.) Bro<»de. 

Br6eha, f< Painter's brash ; cogged dice. 

Broch&do, da, a. ReUting to brocade, brochd 

Brochad^ra, «C Set of books and eyes. 

Br6cfae, am. Clasps, hooks and eyes; hasp; 

Broch^ta, af. Skewer. [bruslu 

Broch6n, am. Large brush; whitewash- 

Broch6ra, ^f. Putting a book in boardsL 

Br6ca]a, 4/? Drill for piercing metals. 

Br6culi, am. Broccoli, a sort of caulifiowcr. 

Brddio, am. A mixture of things without 
order. [his portion otbodrio. 

Brodista, am* Poor student who comes Ibr 

Br6ma, a/. Rubbish mixed with mortar ; oat- 
meal gruel; clatter; Joke. Darbnmuk, 
To indul^ in Jokes. (Nnu.) Barnadea. 

BromAdo, da, fl. Worm-oaten. 

Bromdr, va. To gnaw, like the ship-worm. 

Bromedr, tm. To droll, jest [low 

Bromista, am. A drolL, comical, merry fel* 

Br6mo. am. (Bot) Brome-grass. 

Broncamente, aa. Peevishly» crustily. 

Br6nce, am. Bronze, brass; trumpet Ser 
nn&ronc«, To be indefatigable. Eaoribir 
en bronce^ To refhember forever. Ser da 
bronce. To have a heart as hard as steal 

BruoceAdo, am, Brasslness; bronzing. 

Bronce&do, da, a. Brass paved, brazen. 

Broncead&ra, ^f. V. Bronceado. 

Bronce.^r, «a. To bronze ; adorn with brasa 

Bronceria, af. Collection of bronzea 

Brdndia, {^ Jewel ; plasterer's brush. 

Brondsta, rnn. A worker In bronze. 

Br6nco, ca, a. Bough, coarse ; morose ; ruda 

Broncotomia, «/: (Surg.) Bronchotomy. 

BronquodAd, ff. Rudeness; unmalleablUty. 

BronqulAl, a. Bronchial, belonging to tht 

Bronqnina, af. Dispute, contention, quarrel 

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Br6DqaIo, sm. Br6nquiA, ^/T Bronchlt. 

BrontoI6gia, ^. Broutology^ a dlsserUtioii 
apon thunder. 

Broqu^I, «m. Shield or bnckler; sapport, 
proteedoD. ^«^^a &royM«fe», Bully, brag- 
gor, boaster. [shiekt 

Broquolazo, sf. Stroke with a shield ; a lai^ 

BroqaeI6ro, «m. Shield-maker: wrangler. 

BroqueI6te, snu dim. A small buckler. 

Broqnolillo, tm. Small shield; Bmall ear- 

Broqutita, ^f. V. Brocheta, [cot 

Brosquil. 9tn. (Prov.) Sheep-ibld or sbeep- 

Brdta, «< Shoot of vuie; bud; fragment 

Brotadura, nf. Budding, shooting forth budsi 

BrOtano, am. (Bot) Southern-wood. 

Brotir/«ft. To bud; gu^; break out 

Brdte, Br6to, tm. Germ of Tines, bud of 
trees; crumb, chip. 

Brot6n, tnu Large clasp. 

Brdza, </. Bemains of leaves; thicket M>rhiit- 
er's brush. OenU de toda hro&Oy F«ople 
without trade. Servir ds toda broe€ty To 
do all sorts of work. [typesL 

Brodir, va. Among printers, to brush the 

Broz6eo, sa, a. Full of rabbit 

Bruc^ro, am. Brushmaker. 

Bruuee, A' bruc^ or ds hruces, With the 
mouth downwards. C(X4r or dar d* brn" 
CM, To IkU headlong. 

Brudta, ^ Wheel-barrow. [gla«& 

Brugtddr, sm. Glaziers' nippers tor paring 

Brugir, txK To pare off the comers of glasa. 

Br6go, sm. (Prov.) A sort of grub. 

Br6)a, ^ Witch, bag. fiUr/. JesunahnnfOj 
She looks like a witch. 

Brqje&r, tm. To practise witchcraft; rove 
about in the nlnitptime. 

Bn^eria, ^ Witchcraft, higsblp. 

Brino, sm^ Sorcerer, conjurer, wizard. 

BrCjula, ^. (Nan.) Sea-compass: small hole 
to point a gun. Ittrar par ori^ula, To 
prjr into others* affiiirs. 

Bri\)ule^, vcL To examine the cards; dis- 
cover by coi^tures. 

Br^jul^, sm. Examining the cards; dose 
examination; ooqJectnre. 

Bruldto, «m. Fire-ship ; incendiary machine. 

Br&ma. ^. Mist; haziness. 

Bmmiu, a. Brumal, belonging to winter. 

Bmmaz6n, sm. Thick fog or mist at sea. 

Briimo, sm. The finest wax to polish tapers 

Bmm68o, sa, a. Foggy. 

Brun^ia, sf. (Bot) Common self-heal 

Brundta, 4/C Unwrought%Uver. 

Br6no, na, a. Of a brown dark color. 

Bruno, sm, A little black plum ; plum-tree. 

BruAido, sm. Polish, bnmisli. 

Bmfiid6r, ra, «. Burnisher, polisher. 

Bmfiiddr. sm. Burnisher. 

Bmfiimiento, sm. Polishing or burnishing. 

Bmfilr, 1NZ. To burnish, polish ; put on rouge. 

Briisca,^(Nau.) Bounding of oiasts; brush- 

Bru8cam6nte, ad. Abruptly. [livers, Ac. 

Bmsdite, sm. llash made of milt, lambs* 

Briisco, sm, (Bot) Kneeholly; trillbig re- 
mains; refuse of wool 

Br(i»M>. G^ a. Bude, forward 


Bnis6Ia,«: (Bot) Lesser periwinkle. Srw 
selas^ Pincers used by silversmlUis. 

Brus^les, sm. pL Pin or slice used by apotb- 

Brutal, a. Brutal, churlish, savage, ferodons. 

Brutalid^, ^ Brutality, savageneas; clown- 
Ishncss^ [Ishly. 

Brutalm^nte, ad. Brutally, churlishly, brui- 

BruU^ ^ Bonghness, want of polish. 

Br6to, sm. Brute; an ignorant, rude person. 

Br6to, ta, a. Coarse, unpolished, rough. £n 
bruio^ In a rough state. 

Br6za, if. Horse-brush. 

Bruzador, sm^ Trough in which types arc 

Bu, sm. Word used to M^ten children. 

B(ia, ^ PuBtole, a pimple. 

Buiro, Buarillo. am. Buzzard, a bird of prey. 

B6ba, sf. Pustule, small tumor; bubo. 

Bnb&tico, ca, Ow Having buboes or ^andular 

Bubilla, ^ dim, Bmall pustule, a pimple. 

Bub6n, sm. Morbid tumor, fhll of matter. 

BubAso, sa, a, Afilicted with pustules or 

BucarAn, sm, (Prov.) Fine glazed bUckran. 

Bucarito, sm. dim. Suiali earthen reaael of 
odoriferous earth. [earth. 

B6caro, stn. Vessel made of an odoriferoiu 

Buce^, vn. To dive, go under water. 

Bucdo, sm. Diving, act of going under water. 

Buo^ro, a. Black-nosed : applied to a hound. 

Bucha, ^ BucKa pesoad«ra^ Buss, a her- 
ring fishing-boat 

B6che, sm. Craw or crop; jruiw; monthfbl 
of fluid: sucking ass; breast; stomach 
Bucks ds almUcle^ Musk-bag. 

Buchdte, sm. Cheek puffed with wind. 

B6cle, sm, A curl, ringlet 

Buco. sm. A he-goat; opening. 

Buc6lica,«/C Bucolic; pastoral poetry; food 

Buo^lioo, ca, a. Bucolia 

Bttcosidad, ^ Tonnage, burden of a ship. 

Budi^l, sm. (Prov.) Marsh, fen, moor. 

Budi6n, am. Peacock-fish. 

Bu6ga, sf. Landmark. 

Bu^n, a. V. Bueno. [ley, 

Buenalx^va, sm, Yolnnte^ seaman in a gal- 

Buenamente, ad. Freely; convenienuy; 
easily. [one. 

Buenand6nza, qf. The good fortune or any 

Buenaventura, ^. Fortune, good luck; pre- 

Bndno, na, a. Good; simple; fit; sociable, 
agreeable. Btisna caientura^ A strong 
fever. (Iron.) Strange, wonderful. Bufnos 
dias, (iood day. Buenos nochM^ Good 
night Buenas tardss^ Good afternoon 
or evening. Adonds bueno t Where are 
you going? De donds bueno t Where dc 
yon come fh>m? Be bueno d bueno. 
Freely, willingly. A' buenas. WiUingly. 

^ndno, ad. Enough, suflSdeotJy. Bt^no 

. estd^ Enouf^, no more. 

Bueniiareo6r, sm. Pleasing aspect [tion. 

Buenpasdr, aim (Prov.) Independent situa- 

Bu6fia, ^, Black pudding. 

Bn^ra, ^ Pustule or pimple near the mouth, 

Ba6y. sm. Ox, buUock. Busy Marino^ Sea* 
calC Buei/ de cato, Stalking ox. Bttei 

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ds affua^ Body of water iasoing team a 
eondait.— p^ Oxen, t 

SoejBzo, 9m. Big ox. 

BMyedilo^ Baejczadlo, tfm. Little ox. 

Boejiino, na, a. Belongiug to cattle. 

Bui; inUii. Poh, poh. [wreatli. 

Bufli» «/. Laughing at, ecofflng; garland, 

Bofikdo, da. ck Bursting with a noLse. 

D^lkla, if/. Cow buffalo. 

Bafiilino, na, a. Belonging to buffaloes. 

Bofiftlo, am. Buffalo. 

BnCtr, «M^ To puff witb anger; snort 

Bafi9t«, anu Deak or writing-table. 

BofetillOy ttn. dim. Small deak or writing- 

Bttfi, «m. (ProT.) Kind of watered camlet 

BuAdo, »fn. Blowing, snorting; huff. 

Bufo, t7fi. Harlequin or buffoon on the stage. 

Bufo, Ca, a. Opera &t(^, Comic opera. 

BofoD, 9m. Buffoon, meny-andrew ; scoffer, 

Bofon, ca, a. Faninr, comical. [antry. 

Bofonada, 9/. Buffoonery; Jesting, pleas- 

BofiMiizo, 9m. auant Great buffoon. 

Bnft>ncillo, 9m^ dim. Little merry-andrew. 

Bofoneirae, «r. To Jest, turn into ridicule. 

Bnfoneria, »/. Buffoonery, mimiciy. 

B&lba, am. ««. Ancient head-dress of women. 

Bogaoeta, Bngal^ta, ^ A small vessel. 

Bngilla, ^. Gall-nut srowing on oak leaves. 

B6ge, am. Box, a hoflow iron in wheels. 

Bogia, f^ Bongie ; wax-candle ; candlestick. 

Bngicr, 9m. GcnUeman usher of the king's 
bonaehold. [dies are kept 

Bagieria, nf. Offico at court where wax-can- 

Bai;I69a, 9/. Alknnet 

Biimila, ^ (Bot) Bugle. [ret 

Baharda,i?/ Garret-window; sky-light; gar- 

Bohardiila, «/ dim. Bmall garret 

Boharro, 9tn. Eagle-owL 

BoftMo, 9m. Mali a kind of ealearcons earth. 

Bah<>ra, ^ Embrasure, loop-hole. 

Bohdro, 9m. Owl-keeper. 

Bulto, am. Owl ; an unsocial man. 

Bolioneria, ^ Peddler's box ; peddlery. 

Bohon^ro, 9m. Peddler, hawker. 

Buitre, am. Vulture. 

Baitr^ra, i/. Place to catch vn!tnre.\ 

Boitr^ro, 9m. Vultnre-catcher. ^vulture 

Baitrero, ra, a. Yultcrlne, belonging to a 

Bultrdn, 9m. Osier basket to catch nsh ; par- 
tridge-net; furnace; snare. 

6i4ara861, am. Tig, rod inside. 

Bi^}arr6n, am. Sodomite. [of box-trees. 

BulMa, 9/ Bi\]ed&l, Bt^do, 9tu. Plantation 

Bucria, #/ Gewgaw, bauble, knick-knack. 

Baj^ta, 9/. Box of box-wood ; perfume-box. 

Bojeto, 9m. Shoemaker's polishing stick. 

Bulo, am. Picture-stretcher. 

Bdla, f< Papal bnlL Eehar la9 btda9 d utw, 
To Uirow the burden on one. 

BalarcAmaa, 9f. pi. (Nau.) Breast-hooks. 

Bolirio, am. Collection of papal bullst 

B&Ibo, am. (Bot) Bulb. Bulbo costailo. 
Great eortb-nnt, pig-nut 

Bclbteo, sa, a. Bulbous. 

BulMi, amw Distributer of bolls. 

Bai6tov **>^ Brief granted by tho popo, or 
bv hia legate). 

Balimia, i;r Bnlfnij, voraciona appetite. 

BUK . 

B&lla, ^f. Noise ; cl&tter, shout ; crowd. Jif& 
terlo d buUa^ To carry it off with a Jokai 

Bnlliige, am. Crowd. 

Bullangucro, ra, a. Klotcr, turbulent persoa 

Bullar, va. (Nau.) V. BoUar. 

Bullebiille, am» Busj-bod/, bustler. 

Bullicio,«m. BustlcL noiso, clamor; tumult 

BuUiciosamdnto, aa. In a noisy, tnmultuoui 
manner. [boisterous. 

BuIIicioso, sa, a. Noisy, li\-o1y, seditious; 

Bullld6r, ra, a. V. BuUicioao. 

Bnllir, tn. To boil; bustle, fluster; be in- 
dustrlouSL BuUlirle d uno alffuna coaa^ 
To be earnestly desirous of a thing. — ra. 
To move about 

Bui Ion, am. Dye bubbling up in a boiler. 

BultAr, rn. To occupy much bulk. 
"altito, am. dim. Lit ' " 
little packa^ 

Bultito, am. dim. Little lump or tumor; 

Bulto, am. DuTk ; tumor; bust; pillow-case: 
a paokn{;e or parct^l. Coffer or peaear el 
buUoy To lay hold of one. jfHgura 6 
imdffen de oiUto, Figure in sculpture. 
Mentar or tocar d otro el buUo, To give 
a drubbing. A' hidtCy Indistinctly, con- 
fhsedly. eer da bulto, To be as clear aa 

Cible. Comprar laa coaaad bxUto, To 
^ by the lump. />« &tiZto, Bulky. 

Buncto, am. Iledge-sparrow. 

Biinio, am. Sort of earth-nut or pig-nut 

Bunoldro, ra^a. Fritter-maker or seller. 

Bun61o, am. Fritter; pan-cake. 

Buprdste, am. Sort of Spanish fly. [seL 

Buque, am. (Nau.) Bulk ; hull of a ship ; ves- 

Burito, am. Canton crape; cypnis; veil cA 
lifht silk. 

B6rDa. ^. AiHcan coin of small value. 

Burbah'ir, am. Wh.ilo of a largo kind. 

Burbi^n, ^. Bubble. 

Burbujeir, en. To bubble. 

Bnrb<\^ita, {/T dim. Small bubble. 

B&rcho, am. Large sloop or barge. 

Burdaa, tf. pL (Nau.) Backstays. 

Burd61, am. BrothcL 

Burdinaltas, ^f. Sprlt-top-sall-stay. 

Bftrdo, da, a. Coarse, common, ordinanr. 

Bur61, am. (Uer.) Bar, the ninth part of the 
shield. [roUem 

Burdles, am. pi-. (Nan.) Pointed wooden 

Burengne, am^ Mulatto-slave. 

Bur^ am. Court of iustice of the king^ 
household; entertainment Entrar an 
bureOy To meet to discuss a subject 

Bureotracia, a/. Bureaucracy. 

Burga, af. Hot spring of mineral waters. 

BuigaK^ am. Ancient coin made at Burgos. 

Burgo, *m. Borough. Burgomaeatra, Bur- 

BurI61, a. Beddisb, dark red. [walk. 

Burial, am. Kcrsoy, a coftrj«e cloth ; rope- 

Buril, am. Graver. Btiril de punta. Sharp- 
pointed graver. Buril chapU redonao. 
Curved graver. 

Bnrllada, i^ Line cut by a graver; sliver 
taken by an assayer. [ver. 

Burlladura, «^ Act of engraving with a gT» 

Buril&r, va. To onp-avo Mith a graver. 

Buijica, af. Beggar's leather has. 

Burla, ^ Kldicule, scoffing, mockery, sneer; 
lest; flirt; hoax Burla paaada, Bltlny 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Jort, bMl trick. Bwioi, JocoIat fSdsitlea. 
^urto«dparto,8ettixur Jokes asiile. ifo- 
liar delwUu^ToBpMixk Seat J/onibre 
d6 burkUf Emptr Jester. 7>e burlas. In 
Jest [Juror's cap of TantelttflL 

Burlad6r, r«. t. Witg, Jester, mocker: oon- 

BorUj:, va. To ridiculo, burlesqae; hoax; 
deceive ; frostrote. — or. To Jest, lau^ at ; 
set at defiance. [derision. 

Burlcria, ^. Fan, artifice; trick; illusion; 

Borlescamdnte, ad. Comicallr, ladicroosl y. 

Baiiusco, ca, <h Burlesque, ludicrous, comia 

DurI6ta, Ula, ita, V^ dim. Little trick, fun or 

Bnrl6n, oa, «. Great wag, Jester, scoffer. 

BQr6, WK Bureau. 

B6rra, (/. A sbe-aas. Caer da m hurra, To 
become sensible of one's errors. 

Borrada. {/C Drove of asses; stupid action. 

Burrog^, va. To scribble, M'rite carelessly. 

BurrAIOi »ff^ Dry stable-dung tot fhel 

Burrazo, za, «. augm. Large or big ass. 

Burr^ am. Ass-keeper, who sells asses* 

Bnrrillo, «m. Eodeaiastical almanac 

Borrito, ttn. dim. A little ass, donkey. 

Burro, sm. Ass, Jack; ignorant being. E* 
un burro caraado da letrat^ Unmannerly 
clown with ul his learning; saw-liorso; 
wheel of a rccL -£58 an burro en fl tra- 
bajo^ lie works as bard as an aas. Burro$ 
de la metanoy Mizen-bowlines. 

Burrucho, «m. Young or little ass, donkey. 

Burrambida,«/r Qreatexpensofor vain show. 

Bur^o, am. ^^^ o' pressed olives or 
grapes; lump of pressed wood or other 

Burujdn, Barall6n. 9m. Large lump. 

B»n\ioncillo, snu aim. Little lump or pro- 
tuberance. • [pass-timbers. 

B^B&rda^ y^ pL (Nan.) Breasi-hooka, com- 

BAsca, ^ bearch ; pursuit; terrier. 

Busdida, «/. Search, research, inquiry. 

Busoad6r, ra, a. Searcher, investigator. 

Buscapt6, 9m* Word dropped to lead to 
something else. [pie's feet 

Ba6capl6s, «in. Squib running between neo- 

Busc4r, va. To seak, search ; look at, atlcr, 
for, oat. Btucar por todo9 lado9^ To 
hunt up and down. — or. To bring upon 
one's self. 

Bnscamidoa, 97n. Quarrelsome Mow. 

Boscavidas, am. A pr>'ing person. 

Bu8c6n, na, «. Searcher; cheat, pilfbrcr. 

Ba8ili% am. (ColL) Point of the difflcnlty; 
riddle. Dar anal buaUi9jToh\t the mark. 

B&sto, 9m. Bust 

Butlfiirra, 4/. Catalonia sausage ; gaskinSL 

Budllo, ilia, a. (Little na.) Of a pale vellow- 

But^rio, 9m. (Om.) Bittern. [ish color. 

Butrino, 9m. Fowiing-net. 

Butr^n, cm. Net for birds. 

B&yo, am. (Pro v.) Hut; boa constrictor. 

Bur. tm.^tt]e us.) Kiss of respect Ifacar 
el &tM, To do homage. 

B&zano, am. Kind of culverin. [books. 

Buzirdas, af. pL (Nau.) Breast-hooks, fore- 

Bfizo, 9m. Diver; an ancient kind of ship. 

Bnz6n, am^ Conduit, ^anal; lid or cover; 



C, Thay, 

Ca. pctrL Bocause. [capacity 

Cab, Cibo, am. Com-meaaure of^difliDreDl 

Cab&oo, 9m. Small piece of wood. (Nau.) 
End of round timW. [clever; share. 

Cab41, a. Exact; perfect, complete, right; 

CAbala, 9f. Cabala; cabal; oonlSsderacy. 

Cabalg^a, ^ Foray; cavalcade; boo^. 

Cabalgad6r, 9m* Eider; horseman. 

Cabalgad&ra, af. Snmpter beast 

GabalgAr,«n. To parade on horseback; rid* 
— va. To cover a mare. 

CabalgiLta, ^ Cavalcade. 

Cabaliata, 9ni, Cabalist 

CabalisUco^ ca, a. Cabalistic. 

CabMla, «/ Horse-mackerel 

Caballida, ^r. Stud of horses. 

Caballdge, 9m. Place where mares and sb*- 
asaea are covered; money paid for that 

Oaballir, am. Siackercl [horses. 

CabalUr, a. Belonging to or resembling 

Caball^o, 9m. Little horse, nag; shoeing 

Caballer&to, am. An ecdesiastlcal benefioo 
ei^oyed by a layman ; privilege of a gen- 
tleman in Catalonia. 

Caballere^, vn. To set up for a gentleman. 

Caballerescamtote, ad. Knlffhtly. cavalierly. 

Caballer^seo, ca, a. Knightly; chivalrous. 

Caballerite, am. dim. Spruce young gentle* 

Caballeria, 9f. A riding beast ; cavalry-horse ; 
art of riding; chivalry; knighthood; 
kniffhfa share of spoils; a measure of 
land; priviloKea of knights. libro9 de 
eabaueria, Books of knight-errantry. 
OabaUaria andanU^ Knieht-orrantry. 
Andaraa en cabalUriaa^ To make fm- 
some compllmentSi CabaUaria mauNr, 

Cabalierll, a. Knigbt-lIkcL [master, lad. 

Caballerito, 9m. dim. Young gentleman, 

Caballeriza, ^ Stable; atud of horses. 

Caballerizo^ am. Head groom ; equerry. 

Caball^ am. Knight; cavalier; nobleman; 
gentleman; horseman. (Orn.) Bed-leggod 
horseman, gambet OabaUero andante^ 
Knight-errant; strolling gentleman. Ar* 
mar d una cdbaUero^ To dub one a 
knight MeUrasdcdbattaro^ To aasamv 
the character of a knight Ir cabattaro. 
To go on horseback. 

Caballero, ra, cr. Horseback. Ir cabaUaro 
en burro^ To ride on an ass. 

Cabalierosaminte, ad. Nobly; knightly. 

Caballer6so, aa, a. Noble, genoroua; gentle- 
manlike, [family. 

Caballer6te, am. A gentleman of an ancient 

CaballiSta, •/. Field-cricket 

Caball6tc, am. Bldge; an instrument ci 
torture; flax-brake; bridge of the noee; 
callows of a press ; trestle or horse ; eaaet 

Caballico, ito^am. Pony ; bobby-horse. 

CabAllo, am. Ilorse. Cabatlo padre^ Stal- 
lion. Cdballo da montar or aii/a. Sad 
dlo-horse. CabaUc de carga^ Pack-Uoisc^ 

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OahaOo ea&trado^ Qelding. CabaUo de 
cocA^ Coach^iorMu Cdbatlo fiHwn^ 
Dno^t-faorae. OabdUo da Querra^ 
Cbarger. CabaUo ds amabtu^ Horse 
that stands fire. CabaUo de eaza^ Hantp 
er. Oab€Mo de carrtra^ Bace-horso. 
CabaUo de vara, Sbaft-homx CabaUo 
OfndUUa, Venr ewift horse. CabaUo de 
aJquOer, Hack-horse. CabaUo de Hro, 
Draogfat-bocse. CabaUo etpatUadUo. 
Bkittiah hoTHJk CabaUo matado, A s&W&a 
hone. CabaUo desbocado, Eanaiifay 
hone. Saoar bien «t» eabaUo, To get 
well out of the difficaltf. CabaUo de 
&u«na &ac<K, (Met) Servile coTDplier. Ca- 
haUo defriiiay GheTaox-de-fr&e, a mili- 
tary iostrnment. CabaUo de palo^ Any 
Teasel fit for sea; rack for crimlnala. 
CabaUo tnarino^ Hippopotamos; knisht 
inebeaa. ./I' eoio^. On horseback. CSo- 
haUoe, Oavalnr; bubo. 
GabaUdn, am, Cbungy horse ; ridge between 


CbbaHona, ef. Queen in the game of chess. 

Gaballa^o, »m. dim, little Borse. 

GabaDfino, na, a. Belonging to a horse. 

Gabalm^nte, ad. Exact]/, completely, per- 

Cabd^ tf. Hnt, cottage, hovel; flock of 
ewea; ^ro of asses; string on a billiard- 
table, [droves pass. 

CabttflAI, a. Belonging to the road wnere 

Oabafl^ro, ra, CabafiU, a Belonging to the 
drove of mnles. [com. 

Oabadil, «». Keeper of mules for cariying 

Cabafindla, «/ dfm. Small hot or cottasa 
CabetiitulaSf Festival of the Jews of To- 

C4b«, 9m. Stroke given by baII^ in the 
game of arffoUa, J>ar un cabe ai bol- 
eiUo^ To hart one's fortune, ico. Cabe de 
pala or paleta, Favorable opportunity. 

Gabeeeir, m. To nod: to incline to one 
side; to pitch.— «a. To give the letters 
the necessary stroke; to cauterize. 

Oabee^ em. Nod of the head. 

Gabec^qula, em, (Prov.) Inspector of sluices. 

Cabec^ «/ Upper end, head; bolster or 
pillow; capital of a province. 

Cueo^ro, em. Lintel ; coomre^. 

Cabedincbo, eha, <& Broad or flat headed. 

Cabedca, Ha, «/ dim. Small head, [leader. 

Cabedlla, em. Wrong-headed person ; ring- 

Gabellizo, em, auffm. Large lAish of hair. 

GabelUiJo, em. dim. Little hair, [a comet 

OabeUera, ^f. Long hair; false hair; tall of 

Gab61Io, em. Hair of the head. lAetar & 
wio de vn cabeUo^ To lead one bv the 
nose. ITo faUar en un eabeUo^ Kot to 
be wanting in the least thing. No monta 
tin eabeUo, It is not worth a rush. Iferi' 
der tm cabeUo en el air^ To split a hair. 
£n cabeUOf In a dishevelled manner. 
Aeiree de un caheUo, To catch at a hair. 
—pL Larae sinews in mutton; fibrea 
CabeUoe ae dnffel, Sweetmeats of ddra- 
e^ote. ArranecweeloecabeUoe, To tear 
one's hair. Arraetrar d uno par loe 
eabfOoe, To drag one by the hair. 
3abcll(ido, da, a, iialry. 


Gabell&do, em. Kind of sea-fish. 

Gab^r, tn. To be able to contain ; fit; have 
room; be entitled to; fall to one's sbarei 
Xo eaber de goaoy To be oveijoyed. Ke 
caber de pUe, To have no room to stand. 
No caber en d mvndo. To he elated with 
pride. No caber en s% To he ftill of one's 
own merits. Todo cabe^ It is all possible. 
No cabe tnas^ Nothing more to be da> 
sired. — ta. To contain, comprise, include. 
go in. [tooX 

CaWro, em. (Prov.) M.ikcr of handles foi 

Cabestrigc, snh Halter; money paid to a 

Gabestrinte, enu Capstan, [a stalking-ox. 

Cabestr&r, va. To halter.— -wk To fowl with 

Gabestreih', vn. To follow one who leads by 
a halter. 

C^U>estrona, ^. Halter-maker's shop. 

Cabestr6ro, em. Halter and collar maker. 

Cab^trillo, em. Sling; gold or silver chain. 
Bttey de oabreetiUo^ Stalking-ox 

Gab^tro, em. Halter ; boll-ox. Traer aU 
ffuno de cabeetro^ To lead one by the 
nose; pimp to his own wife. 

Gab6ca, ^ Head; chie^ leader; Judgment 
talents; beginning of a thing; the top of 
many things; principal town. Caoeea 
mayor^ Head or cattle. Cabeza menor^ 
Head of sheep, goats, &c. Cabeea de un 
mueUe. Pier or mole head. Cabeta de 
<0oe^ Head of garlic. Cabeea de monte 
or sierra^ Top of a mountain. CabeeaSy 
Principal parte of a vessel Cabeza tor' 
cida. Wrong-beaded follow. Cabeea re- 
dondOy Blockhead. Dar de cabeea^ To 
fiiU into misfortunes. JJahlar de cabeza^ 
To speak without foundation. Ifaeer 
cabeza^ To be the leader. Uevar en la 
cabeaOy To bo disappointed. Otorgar de 
cabeea^ To give a no<l of approbation. 
Volviraele la cabeza d algvnOy To lose 
one's senses. De cabeza^ From memory- ; 

Gabezida, f(f. Butt with the bead ; halter; 
headstall; pitching of a ship: instep. 
Dar cabezadae. To nod, (all asleep. 
Darte de cabesadaSy To screw one's wits 
in vain. 

Cabezdge, em. A' cab^^age. Per head. 

Gobezdl, sm. Head-piece; small pillow; 
compress; long round bolster; door-post 

Gabezal<^o, Ico, illo, ito, em. dim^ Little 
pillow ; small compress. 

Gab^zo, em. Summit of a hill; shirt-collar. 

Gabe»Sn, em. Kcglster of taxes ; shirt-collar ; 
cavosson or noseband. [cd head, 

Gabezorro, etn. augtn. Lnr^o dlsprcportion- 

Gabez6ta, em. augm. Big-hoodod; club- 

Gabez6do, em. (Ichth.) Ghub. pioadstrong. 

Gat>ezudo, da, a. Large-headed; chubbed; 

Gabezu^ ?/ Small head ; dolt, simpleton; 
coarse flour; rose-bud. (Bot) Ifryngo; 
ragwort-leaved ccntaurv. 

Gabezu6Io, em^ dim. Uttlo bead or top. 

Gabial, em. Gaviaro sausage. 

Gabida, «f. Gontent, space. Tener caVidi 
con, To bo in high Ikvor with. 
• CO 

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Oibido, 9m. Enlgfat of MAlUt vrho claims » 
oommandery. [tec 

Cablld4cU, ^ ilast/ proceeding of a enap- 

Cabild&nte, atn, lie who baa a vote in a 
chapter. [doaigna. 

Cabilde^, WK To hold a chapter; carry on 

Cabildo, 9m. Chapter of a cathedral; the 
corporation of a town ; towu-hooM. 

OabUla, ^. (Nan.) Treenail [stalk. 

Gablll^o» 9m. dim, (Bot) ParUal flower- 

Cabillo, tm. (Bot) Flower-stalk; small end 
of a rope. (manderf of Malta. 

Oabimi6nt& sm. Bfght of claiming a oom- 

Cabio, 9m. lAntei of a door ; a kind of rafter. 

Gabllo, sm. dim. The small end of a candle. 

GabisbMoJa, a. Crest-fallen: drooping. 

Cabtetaerto,ta,«.Wr7-headod: hTpocriticaL 

Gdble, 9m. Cable. Cabls cU eaperafmcu, 
Sheet-cable. ClaZ>{s <7^ a{^u«f«. Best bow- 
er cable. Cab1s9enoiUoQvdele9a^^tDal\ 
bower cablck 

Cibo, 9m, Extreme, extremity: capo, head- 
land ; handle ; paragrwh, hc«d : chief com- 
mander; a rope; thivadL Caboa9arm9r\<k, 
Original mansion. CabodsafU>^T)ituM- 
cioosanniTersaryofa person^ death. Ox- 
oo de bamu^ Last payment of an account. 
Cdbo ds e9euadra^ CorporaL Oabo d^ 
ronda ds alcabalast Tide-waiter. Dar 
cabo. To give occasion, allow. Oabo9 
n9gro9 9n ku mugerts^ Black hair, eves, 
and eyebrows of a woman. Oabo9 bkui' 
C09, (Nao.) Untarred corda^^ Dar cabo^ 
(Nan.) To threw ont a rope. Al cabo^ 
At hut Dew cabo d, To perfect or com- 
plete. Da eabo d rxibo^ From head to 
tail JSftor al cabo c^ To be thoroughly 
acquainted. I^o tensr cabo ni euenta 
una ooso, To have neither head nor talL 
Por cabo. Lastly. I'or ninffun cabo^ 
By DO means. Vblver & coQsr 9l oabo^ 
To resume the tliread of a discourse. 

Cabotage, sm% (Nau.) Coasting-trade ; pilot- 

CAbra, »/. She-goat : engine to throw stones. 
Cobra moniee. Wild goat— j>A Red marks 
on the legs; small wuito clouds. Echar 
or iugar liu cabras. To play for who 
will pay the reckoning. 

Cabr8hi^d4rH. «/. Caprmcation. [fig-trees. 

Oabrahig^ Caorahigar, 9m. Qrove of wild 

Cabrahigiir, va. To improve a l)g-troe. 

Cabrahigo, 9m. The male wild fig-tree. 

Cabr^o, 9m. (Prov.) Register. [sold. 

Cabrena, ^ The place where goat's milk is 

Cabr^ro. 9m, Goatherd. 

Oabrostante, 9m. (Nau.) Capstan. 

CAbrIa, 4/! Axictree; sheers; crane. 

Oftbrilla, 9/. Little goat; prawn.— j?*. (Astr.) 
Pleiades; marks of fire. [ter. 

Oabriliear, tm. To skim the surface of wa- 

Cabrio, s^u. Rafter, beam ; chevron, in her- 
aldry. [cabrXo. Goats. 

Cabrio. a. Belonging to goats. Oanado 

Cabri6l, 9m. Rafter. 

OabrI61a, ^ Capor; nimble leap, skip. 

Oobriol&r, CabnoI»&r, m. To caper or cut 
capers, J urjp about [coat; cabriolet 

Q[U>noli^ 9m. Ladies' doak ; narrow r!ding- 

Oabrito, 9f. Little she kid. 


(3abrit^ro, sm. Dealer In kids. 
Cabritilla, ^. Kid (leaUier> 
Cabritillo, 9m. dim. Kid, cheverD. 
Cabrito, 9m, Kid, kldling, eheveriL 
Cabr6n, 9m. Buck, he-goat; one who coa 

sents to the adultery of his wlib. 
Cabron&da, ^ (Low) Infiunous actloik 
Cabron&zo, 9m. auffm. One who proetitutet 

his own wil^ [fetid berU 

CabroDcUlo, dto, zu^lo, 9m, Eaqr husband; 
Cabr6iio, na, a. Goatish. 
Cab6. 9m. Barren ground. 
CabHJfo, 9m. Rough, anp<^lshod ruby. 
Cab6ya, ^ (Bot) American agave; cord of 

the agave plant; sisal hemp, 
(^uy^ (A.) 9m. Shipchandler. 
Cabnyeria, (A) qf. Shlpchandlery. 
C4ca,^ Excrements of a child. DMCubrir 

la caea^ To make publio some ftult 
Cacahu&l, (^acaotil, 9m. Cocoa (cacao) phuL« 

tation. [nut, pindar. 

CacahuAte, Gacaho^te, 9m. OrouBd-Dut»pea- 
Cac&o,«»L Cocoa-tree; cocoo-beaa or cboo- 

Cacarifia, ^ Pock-mark. 
C^usarafiAdo, da, a a. Pock-marked, pitted 

by the small-pox. [braggart 

Caearead^r, ra, «. Grower, cackler; boaster, 
CacareAr, vn. To crow, cackle; brag. 
Cacar6o,s»k Crowing, cackling; boi^ brag. 
Cace&r, wt. To toss or shake in a saucepan. 
Oae^ra, ^. Lrrigating water-chann^ ; sort of 

pignut . [sporting sul^ect (picture). 
Cac^^a, ^ Hunting or shooting party; 
Cacerilla, ^f. dim. Small drain or canaL 
Cacerina, ^ Cartridge-box. 
Cacerdla, Y' Stew-pan. saueepan. [carieei 
Cao6ta, 9m, dim. Small pan used by apothe* 
CAcha,j/C Handle of a knife. Cacha blan* 

oa4L White-handled Spanish knives. i7ae- 

ta ia9 oacfuis^ Full to the brim. (Prov.) 

Caoh&da, ^ Stroke of one top against another. 
Cachaldte, 9m. Cachalot sperm-whale. 
Cachar&do, 9m. Kind of linen. 
CachAr, v<K (Prov.) To break in pleceec 
Cachirro, 9m. Coane earthen pot; any ow 

lees thiJDg. 
CachAza, «/ Liactivity ; forbearance. 
Cachdra, if. Coarse shaggy cloth or baize. 
Cachetada, 9f. Slap on the cheek. 
Cach6tas, ^pl. Teeth or wards in a lock. 
Cach6te, 9m. Cheek ; flsi; a box on the ear. 

Ca4ih9U9 de «m navio, (Nau.) Bow of a 

ship. [fighter witii the coohstero, 

Cachet^ro, 9m. Short and broad knife; a 
CaohetCido, da, a. Plump-cheeked, fleshy. 
Cachic&n. 9m. Overseer of a ferm. 
OachidiAblo, 9m. UobgobUn ; having an odd 

appearance. [cheeks. 

CachlfollAr, to. To puff or blow with the 
Cachigord^te, 6ta, ito, ita, a. Squat thick, 

and plump. 
CachlllAda, ^ Litter of young. 

Cachip6Ua, ^ White butter^^. [big knob 
(}achip6rra, nf. Cachipdrro, 9m, Stick with a 
Cachip6rra, int. A vulgar exclamation. 

Cachlp6rro, 9m. (Prov. Joe) C%ub-feoeu 
Cacbiv&che, 9m. Broken crockery, oM 
tmmpory; a worthiest fellow. 

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Gk±Oy mt. Bllce, piece; horn; game at 

cardsw C^chth.) Rod surmoUet. 
C4di<s eha, cu Beat, crooked. 

Cich61aB, tf. pL (Nao.) Cbeeks of the masta 

Cach6oda, cl In heat; ratting. 

Caehondez, «/ Lost. 

CAcbtoes, «m. pL Breakers, wa^ea. 

Oach6p<s sm. (Nan.) Golf; diy tronk, stamp. 

GhchovT^iMta, ^. pC (Prov.) Mixture of oil, 
ovmge, bread, and ealt 

Caehorhllo, ito, «m. dirn. A little cnb; a 
young man; a little pistoL [pistol 

Cach6rro, ra, t. Grown pappj; cub; pocket 

Gachiicha, ^ Cloth or for cap; name of a 
dance and Its tnnei 

Cachocho, mn, Oil-measore (one-dxth of a 
pound); earthen pot . [lights. 

Caeha61a, ^f, VricaaBee of rabbit*s Hrer and 

Cftchndlo, ttn. Small fish resembling an 

Cachnlera, »/. Cavern or other hiding-place. 

Oacb&robo, mK Hard cocoa-nat wood. 

Cach^nde, ^ rasto of mnsk and other aro- 
matitai. [Spanish-Americans. 

Cachnpia, am. A Earopean-Spanlard among 

Cadllo^ ito, mn. dim. Small saucepan. 

Gacuiue, sm. Cacique, an Indian chief; a 
teading person. 

Cade, «m. (Mex.) Friar's sandals. 

Cdco, wu Pickpocket; a coward. 

Gacofonia, ^ Ciicopbonj. 

Caooquimia, ^ Cacochymr. 

Cacoqaimioo, ca, a. Cacochymical. 

Oacoqoimio, 8m. He who suffers melancholj. 

C^a, pran. Every; each. Oada uno or 
coda etuil, Every one, each. Cada iwe, 
Everr tlmeu Cada dia^ Every day. 

CadahUso, un. Projecting wooden shed. 

Cad«I6cho, 8m. Bed made of branches. 

Cadilso, «n. Scaffold. [nnal. 

CMafliI, Cadafi^go, ga, Ca<lafi6ro, ra, a. An- 

Cadirzo, am. Entangled silk, which cannot 
be spun. 

Oadiver, am. Corpsei 

Cadav6rico, ca, a. CadaverouflL 

Ckd^o, am. Enbmgled skein; matted hair. 

(^d&ia, 4^ Chain; mortice; series; link; 
erank-treadlei Oadma da rocas, Rldgo 
of rocks. Cadena dapuerto^ Boom or a 
harbor. EaUir an la cadena, To be in 
prison. Hantmdar la cadana^ To give 
up tSX ono'^ eifects to get out of prison. 

Caddnda, ^. Cadence, &I1 of the voice; 
rhythm or measure. iTablcwancad^ncia^ 
To affect the rhythm of verse, [cadence. 

Cadenci&do, &da, oso, dsa, a. Belonging to a 

Cadendta, <A Lace or needJe-work in form 
of a chain. 

Cadcnilla, itiu {/T dim. Small chain, [tion. 

Oaddnte, a. Decaying; correct in modula- 

Oad^ra, a/. Hlp-Jotnt. 

CaderiUaa, af. pL Hoops worn by ladles. 

Caddie, am^. Cadet, a volunteer in expecta- 
tion of a conunission. [lems. 

Oidj, mn. Cadi, a magistrate among mos- 

GadilU^, am^ Plaee abounding with burdock. 

OadUl^ ra, a. (Bot) Covered with burs. 

OadilUs am. (Bot) Great bur-parsley; bur- 
dock. QuUUoay'niTwn&. 

Oddmlim^ OalAmine. 


Cddo, am. (Prov.) Ferret-hole. 

Cad6ce, am. (Ichth.) Gudgeon. 

Caducam6nte, ad. In a dotine mannen 

Gadudinte, pa. Doting, dotaid. 

Caduc^, vn. To dote ; be worn out by smv 
vice. Caducar al Ugado. To become 
extinct [herald's sta£ 

Caduc6o, «m. Cadnceus, Mercury's wand; 

Caduddild, tf. Caducity, decrepitude. 

Caduco, ca, a. Worn out, decrepit; perish 

able. Mai caduco^ Epilepsy. 
iduquSz, ^ Cadudty, senility. 
Caedizo, za. a. Scady to fall; deciduous. 

Caedura, «^ Loose threads from the loom. 

Cadr, vn. To fall ; listen. Ca^r d jdanus 
To fUl flat; deviate; fall due; dedine: 
die. Caar A eata parte^ To be situated 
on this side. Caar d aotaventCy To drive 
to leeward. Caar al plazo^ To arrive the 
fixed time. Caar en la ouenta^ To be- 
think one^s self No caar an laa coaa-a^ 
Not to comprehend. Caaraa d-a auailo. To 
f^ll asleep. Caer Men^ To At, salL Caar 
da la gracia^ To lose one's fovor. Casr 
en oama^ To become sick. Caar an coaa^ 
To remember or see into, comprdiend. 
Ca^ an gracia or an guato. To please, 
Caar la balarua. To be partial Caaraa 
d padaaoa, To bo very fatigued. Caeraa 
da dnimo. To be d^ccted. Caeraa da 
riaa, To sh^o with laughter. Caeraa an 
fU>r^ To die in the bloom of age. Caer al 
color. To fhde. 

C^ ^f. Cotton stuff of various kinds. 

Cafd, am. Coffee; coffee-house. 

Cafot&l, am. Coffee plantation. [Ing-gown. 

CafetAn, Caftto, am. Caftan, like our morn- 

Cafet^ra, af. Coffee-pot ; coffoe-scrvice. 

Cafet^ro, am. Coffee-maker or seller. (Bot) 

C&fila, am. Caravan ; multitude of people. 

Cdfre, a. Savage, inhuman ; a Kaffir; clown- 
ish, rude. [ments are oily. 

Ciigaaceite, am^ A little bird whose excre- 

Cagachin, am. Kind of gnat or fly, which 

Cagada, af. Excrement; ridiculous acUon. 

Cagadero, am. Place of retirement 

Cag^o, a. (Low) Chicken-hearted fellow. 

C8gafi6rro, am. Scoria, iron-<lro8S. 

Cagi\)6n, am. Dung of mules, asses, and 

Qclng procession. 

soil, stain. 

the olives In tM 


, goats, and mlee^ 

; nickname tot 


arrhcea; coward, 
sloop. [elSk 

oof twelve bush- 
it for one cahia 


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rUda, t\f. Fall; tumble; deoUnaUon; de- 
scent O(ii<2ad0 to proa, (Nao.) Casting 
or falling oft Cbicto <2a «na Mfo^ Depth 
or drop of % sail. Ir or andar de cava 
ca4<tof To decline in fortune. A'laoatda 
(20totor<2^Attheolo6eoftheda}r. CO' 
Ida dM M, Son-aet-^ Lappets of % 
faead-droaa. Qua caidaa Umiel How 

Caldo, da, a. Languid ; downlhllen. 

Caido^ am. pL Arrears of taxes, of rent, &c 

Caim&n, ma. Caiman, alligator; cunning 

Caimitoto,«m.Lowiio6S of spirits; fldl 

Caimito, rnn, Star-apple. 

Cairdl, tm. False hair; Airl>elow, a flounce. 

Calrelido, da, <i. Flounced. 

Calrelir, to. To flounce. 

CAJs, ^f. Square box, case; colRn; chest; a 
shei^; drum; cash. Oaja de poioo^ 
Snufl'-box. Ot)a4 en ternoSj Nest of 
boxes. (^a<2tf««eops^ Stock of a fire- 
lock. Cqja ds cocAa, Body of a ooaoh. 
CV^acZsoiTua, Manger of a snip. Ca^ads 
hcUaSy Shot-lockec CV^a d€ eartucho*^ 
Cartridge-bo& J^ro (2d eo^o. Gash-book. 
£char con oajat dsttemiHoaa^ To turn 
away in a harsh manner. Sttar^n ea^ 
To be in equipoise. 

C:v|<^ras, ^.pl Cavities or holes in blocks. 

<^6ro, im. Cashier; reservoir. 

CiU6ta, ^ Bound box ; snuff-box ; poor4)OX ; 
C<Oetaa, (Nau.) Cabums. (Mex.) Box of 

'^^etiso, am. Blow with a caS^te, [bowl 
y^te, mn. (Mex.) A flat earthen pulque- 
uetln, sm. (Um. Very small box. 
idilla, its, tf. dim. Small box. 
ijista, sm. Compositor (in printing). 
j\)o, »m. Bookbinder's groove. 

CaJ6n, em. Box or chest; drawer; locker; 
epaoe between the shelves of a book-case ; 
dry-goods store. S^ de cajo% To be a 
matter of course. Serttncc^ondestuttrs^ 
To have one's brain fhll of conftised ideas. 

C2\)onoito, 9m. dim, A small box, chest, or 

Calf^Lime. C%(2«ioa, Unslaked lima Cat 
y eanto^ Bough stone laid up in mortar. 
Berde eal y canto, Strong, as if built wlUi 
Kme and stonei 

C^la, ^ (Nan.) Greek, a small bay; hole or 
plug to ascertain quality or thicknessw 
(Med.) Suppository. Hacer cala y cata^ 
To ascertain quantity and quality. 

Calabac^ra, 9f. Fumpkin, gourd, or squash 

Calabao^ro, «m. Pumjpkin-seller. 

Calabaoica, ilia, ita, ^dim. Small pumpkin. 

Calabacilla, ^ Mould for a tassel; gourd- 
shaped ear-ring. [kin. 

Oalabadn, Wi. A small, young, tender pump- 

Oslabadn&te, wu Fried pumpkins. 

O^ftbscino, sm. Oourd or calabash bottle. 

CaJab&za, «/ Pumpklii. sqiiash, gourd. 
(kUabiua an^trah^ada^ Orange-fruited 
gourd. C%z7a&a«a&ott«<0ra, Squash gourd. 
OaldbOMa vinatera^ Bottle gourd or cal- 
abash. [bash-iUl. 

^Uabazidft, ff. Butt with the head; a cala- 


OalabaxAr, mn. Ground planted with i 

Galabazdte, siti. Preserved pumpkin candied 

Calabasdn, rnn. auffm. Large winter pam|^ 

Ga]ab6bo8, tm. Fine rain, drizzle. 

Galabozilge, 4m. Jail-fiMS. 

Calab^xo, mk Dungeon ; prison. 

Galabr6te, mn. Stream-cable. 

Calaointo, sm. (Bot) Flea-bane. [mand 

Caldda,^ Rapid flight; introduction; repri- 

CalAda sm. Open work. (Nan.) Draught, 
the depth of water. OcUadot, Lace. 

GaJaddr, snk Borer; calklng-iron ; probe. 

Gal&dro, ^ A bird of the ikmUy of larks. 

Galaftte, Ca]a£iitead6r, sm. Calkor. 

GalalkteadOra. 9f. Calking. 

Oala&teria, ^ The act of calking. 

Calaikte&r, Calafistedr, «a. (Nau.) To calk. 

Calaf^t^ sm. Calking. 

Galafetin, 9m^ Calker s boy or mate. 

Galafr^ ^f.CBot.) Saxifrage. 

Caldge, mn. (Prov.) Chest, trunk. 

Galag6so, mn. Bill or hedging^hook. 

Calagn&la, &/. (Bot) Calagnala, fern-root 

Cohihdrra, </t (Prov.) A public office whore 
bread is distributed. 

OalaI6x, sm. Kind of East Indian vessel. 

Calamdco, mn. Calamanco, woollen stuH * 

OalaniAr, mv^ Squid, sea-sleeve; septa. 

Galambac, mn. Calamba, or calambac wood. 

Gal&mbre, sm. Spasm, cramp. 

Galambfioo, mn. (Bot) Calaba-fapoe. 

Oalam^nto, Calaminta, $. Mountain-balm or 

(Tahunid^d, fff. Gahmilty, misery. 

Calamina, or Pi^dra Calamine, ^ Calamine, 

Calamis, mn. Calamus. 

Cahunita, ^. Galamite, sm. Small green frog. 

Galamitoeam6nte, ad. Disastrously. 

Galamit6so, sa, a. Calamitous, wretched. 

Cidamo, mn, (Bot) Sweet flag, cahuuus ; sort 
of flute. 

Calamoc^no, a, Sonaewhat fhddled. 

Galam6co, mn, IclclSk [headed nail 

Calam6n, mn. Purple water-hen; round- 

GaUm6rra, ^f, (CoIL) The bead. 

Calamorrdda, ^. Butt of a homed beast 

CaUmdr^o, mn. Bag hanging from a gar- 
ment; ragamuffin. 

Gal&ndria, ^ (Om.) Bunting; laundresa* 
mangle; calender mangle. 

Galanis, mn, (Bot) Calamus. 

Caliifia, tf. Character, quality. 

CalapatiUo, sm. Maggot or worm. 

Gali^ 9a. To penetrate, perfuraie; cut out 
in open-work; discover; put; Imitato; 
fix. CtatorefMmofi^ To hang the rudder. 
Color ^Ipalo^ To step a mast CkUar el 
melon, To cut a water-melon. Calar ei 
fmenie. To let down a draw-bridge. Oalar 
la l>ay<meta. To fix the bayonet Calar 
la cuerdOy To apply the match. Calar 
las oubcM^ To guage a barrel. — rr. To en- 
ter; be wet through; stoop. Calarm 
BobrA, To dart or pounce on. 

Cal^, a. Calcareous. [brained fellow. 

Galav^ ^ Skull; madcap, a wild, ho& 

Calavorida, ^ Foolish, or Ul-judgod ftotloa 

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OiliTsredr, m. To act foolishly. 
CUaverilla. ita, ^. dim, Littlo akuU; litUe 

Kiridy fellow. [nuts. 

Gilbdte, tm. Bread made of acorns or chest- 
GUeanur, sm. Sea-fowl on tho coast of 

BruiL [be stnpld. 

Goleafiil, Calcaftdr, 9m. Heel, heel-bone; to 
Oaleaneo, «m. (Anat) Calcanenm. 
Calcannula Kin, A disease of bees. 
Catcar, ca. To trace on tracing-paper; tram* 

pie on. 
Caicdreo, r»a, a. Calcareous. 
Calce, sm. Tire of a wheel (Nau.) Top. 
OUced6nia, tsf. Calcedony, chalcedony. 
C&lces, »>».jfNau.) Mast-head. 
Calccta,*^ Under-stocking; fetters. Bac^r 

ealceUk, To knit 
Oalceteria, ^f, IIosier*8 shop; hosiery. 
Galeet^ro, ra, «. Stocking-maker, mender, 

seller, or hosier. 
Caloetilla, Calcilla, 9f. dim. Small stocking. 
Oilcetdo, S7IK auffm. Large stocking worn 

under boots. 
CalcId^ C&lc1de^ «m. Kind of pllcliard. 
Galclna, ff. Mortar, cement 
Gaklnacion, nf. (Ghem.) Calcination. 
CalciniLr, ro. and vr. To calcine. [atory. 
. (jplclnat6rio, a. Vaso calcinatoHc^ Calcin- 
Oa\co, tm, A transferred drawing. [Ing. 
Oalcograf ia, if. Chalcography, art of cngrav- 
Caici^rafo, Mt, Engraver. 
Calculable, a. Calculable. 
Calculaci6n, sf. Calculation, (imputation. 
Chlculad6r, «m. Calculator, actouutaut 
Calcular, to. To calculate, reckon. 
Calcnlo, 9m. Calculus, calculation ; estimate. 

Oled.) Calculus, cravcL 
Calculdso, sa, a, C^culose, calculous. 
Oalda, Iff. Warmth, heat; warming. Caldas^ 

Calduria, af. J^y caldaria. Water ordeaL 
Calde4r, va. To raise to wcldlng-hoat,; warm, 

Cblddo, 9m. Chaldaic. 
Crid^ra, ^ Cauldron, boiler. 
Qilder&da, if. A cauldron fUIl, a copper ftill. 
OUdereria, t{f. Brazier's shop or trade. 
OUder^ro, 9m. Brazier, coppersmith ; tinker ; 

•toker or fireman. 
Qsld«r6ta, ^. Small cauldron, a kettle ; ket- 
tle ftalL (Mex.) Cliosolate-pot 
Gdderico, ioa, IHo, Ula, & A small kettle. 
Odderilla, ^f. Holy-water pot; copper coin. 
CUd^ro, 9m, A cauldron or boiler, a copper. 
Galder6n, 9m. Copper, large canldroB ; mark 

of a thousand 9; paragraph % 
Calderuila, if. Small kettle; dark lantern. 
Oaldillo, Caldito, 9m. Gravy of a fricassee; 

light broth. ^ 

G&ldo, 9m. Broth. Caldo9, Wine, oil, and 

an spirituous lloncrs. Caldo^ 9uicido, 

Pressed j ulee of herbs. 
Caldosito, a. Not too thick. 
Gald6eo, sa, a. Having plenty of broth, thin. 
GaId6cho,«m. Ill-seasoned broth ; ho^-wash. 
Oileo6r, va. To heat warm; urge; dispatch. 
Oaleeioo, 9m, dim. Small chalice. 
GUetKsitote, a. (Med.) Heating. 
GU «ocl6n, if. Oale&cUon. heating. 
CWe&ct6ria 9m. Stove or place for warming. 


Calencas, f>f. Kind of East India calloa 

Calenda, iff. Tho calendar martyrology. O* 
lendan^ Calends. 

Calcndurio, 9m. Almnnnc, calendar; datob 
Ilac&r calrndarloH, To muse. 

Calendula, /»/ Marigold. 

Calentad6r, «/<, Warmer; warmln«:-pan. 

Calontamiento, 9nx, Warming; a duicase of 

Calentar, iw. To warm,; urge; dis- 
patch. — vr. To be hot or proud ; grow hot 

Calent6n, «m. Darse un caieiUori, (ColL) 
To take a bit cf a warming, [and fever. 

Calent^ra, if. A fever. Calentitra*^ Chilli 

Calenturicnto, ta, a. Feverish ; fever-sick. 

Calenturilla, ^ dim. Slleht fever. 

Calenturon, 9m. augm. Violent fever. 

Calepluo, 9m. Vocabulary, dictionary. 

Cal^ ijf. Lime-kUn. [sold. 

CalerLi, 9f. Place where lime is burnt jiod 

Calero, ra, a. Calcareous. 

Cal^ro, 9m. Lime-burner, maker, or seller. 

Cal«jsa, 9f. Calash; chaise; gig: 

C*ales6ro, 9m. Driver of a calash or gig. 

Calesln, 9m. Single horse-chaise, a gig. 

Calesin6ro, 9m. Owner or driver of a calesin. 

Calita, ^ (Nau.) Cove, creek, fleet 

Cal^tre, 9m. Unacrstanding, judgment 

CulL 9m. Alkali 

Calibeddo, da, a. Chalybean ; chalybeate. 

Calibrdr, ro. To examine tho caliber. 

Calibre, 9m. Caliber; diameter; sort kind; 
onality. Oomjxui or calibres^ Callipers. 

Calicunto, 9m. Sweet-scented slirub; wall 
of stone laid In mortar. 

Caliche, 9m. Pebble burnt in a brick. 

Calic6, 9m. A9i 96 llama en Ynalaterra 
lo que 99 U^ma en lo9 E. U. bleached 
shirtings, en donde las aaraza te llama 

Calicfid, Oallcfit, «/ Silk stuff from India. 

Caliddd,^^ Quality; condition; kind; fash- 
Ion ; reauisite ; nobility. Calidade9, Con- 
ditions in gaming. 

Calldcz, if. Inflammation; fire; glow. 

C&lido, da, a. Hot, piquant; crafty, artfUL 

Cali6nte, a. Warm, hot; flery, feverish. 
merro caliente^ Rod-hot iron. Tener la 
fiangre caliente, (Met) To fi»ce dangen^ 
£n caUente^ Piping hot, on the spot, at 

Cali^ta, n/. Kind of mushroom. 

Califk, »w*. Caliph. 

Califuto, 9tn. CHliphato, the dignity of caliph. 

Califlcacidn, ^ (j^alifleation ; proof; liabiliN 

Calificddo, da, a. Qnallfled, authorized 

Califlcad6r, am. One who is qualified to say 
and do. CaUficadordelmHtoqflcio^lS.x.' 
aminer of the Inquisition. 

Califlc^r, «!«, To qualify; empower; certify; 
ennoble. — or. To prove one's noble birth, 

Caliga, if. Half-boots wcm by Boman sol* 

CaIigin6so, sa, a. Dark, dim ; obscure. 

Caltgrafia, ^f. Caligrapby, elegant penmttt 

Caligrafb. 9m. Beantiftil writer. 

Calilla, nf. dim. A slight suppository, clystei 

C4limaco, SiTi. (Prov.) Calamanco. 


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Ottttii, tm, A metaUio composition resem- 
bling lead. 

GaUna, ^ Thick rapor mist or fog. 

Calipcdea, 9m, A slow-paced animaL 

Oalia, ^. (Bot) Alkanet or orcbanot 

O&tiz, 9m. Cballce, a commiuifon cup. (Bot.) 

Oalizo, za, a. Calcareous, limy. 

Calla, Call^ndo, ad. PrlTateiy, secretly. 

OallAda, *f. Dish of tripe, [noise, privately. 

De Calldda or A' las Callidas, ad. Without 

Calladani6nte, ad. Silently, secretly. 

CalladMs, «/. A kind of cotton stulT. 

OalttdOf da, a. Silent, reserved; discreet 

Oallandjco, ito, ocf. In a low voice; silently ; 
soltly. [abate. 

Oall^, vfkTo be silent; hush; dissemble; 

0^1& 4< Street ; lane ; gnllet OaU^ do dr- 
boMy Alloy or walk In a garden. Boca 
ds oalU, Entrance of a street OUle 
m4iyor^ Main street CalU travUaa, 
Cross street Ataiarloi caUes^ To walk 
the streets. Hdcer calU, To make way ; 
overcome difficulties.— /nil. Strange! wou- 

. derftdl make way! 

Oalle4r, va. To clear the walks. 

Gallia, 9/. Lane. [streets, gad. 

OalkieAr, «& To walk or loiter about the 

Oallel6ro, ra, a. Applied to a VMHCit, 

Call6]o, Calldyo, wk (Prov.) Pit into whloh 
game fislls when pursued. 

Cauejun, «7>u Long narrow lane: narrow 
pass. CaU^on de oombaU^ Orlop gang- 
wav. [sagei. 

Callcjondllo, sm. dim, A little narrow pas- 

Call^u^ a/ Lane or narrow passage; eva- 

Oallemindra, 9f. Kind of woollen stufC 

OalU41to, ta» a. Having swelliog welts or 

CfilU\ 9m. Cora, oallostty on the feet; wen. 
— 9. pL Tripe, llacer or tei^r caUo9t 
To bo hardened. 

Call6n, «»k Big oora or wen ; shoemakozB^ 
rubber, » whetstone. 

Callosldid, ^ Callosity, callonsness. 

Call68o, sa, a. Callous ; oomy, oomeous. 

Ca]lo6 9m, (Amer.) Wine extracted from 
palms and ooooa-treesi 

Culma, ^ A calm; calmness, tranqnllHty; 
duhiess of business. Tierraa calmas, 
Flat, bleak country. En ealma^ Smootli 
sea. CaUna mutrta or cMoha, Dead 
calm. [anodyne. 

Calm&nte, pa. and «. Mitigating; narootio, 

Calmftr, vo. To calm, compose, naclfy; al- 
leviate, allay.— ^n. To fall oafm, be be- 
<»lmed.— «r. To be pacified. 

Calmta, ^f. Kalmia, a genus of plants. 

Calm^so, sa, a. Calm; tranquil; tardy. 

QfXoivkty 9m, Kind of white earth or clay. 

Oalteha, 9/. Clog; overshoe. [cold. 

IHlofri&do, da. a. Chilly, shivering with 

Calofriirse, Calosfri&rso, «r. To shiver with 
eold. [tended with shivering. 

CUofrio, Calosfrio, em. Indisposition, al- 

Cal6ma, f^ Singing of sailors when they 
haul a rope, 

(kUomeUnoiL 9m. pL Calomel. 

^dfka, ^ Fine for calumniating 


Cal6r, 9m. H^t; glow; wannth, ardor 
encouragement; brunt of an action. 

CaI6rico, 9in, (CheoL) Caloric. 

Calorimetro, 9m, ^Chem.) Calorimeter. 

Ca1orosam6nte, ad. Warmly, ardently, hotly. 

Calor660, sa, a. Warm, hot, heating. 

Caldstro, 9m, Colostrum, ^e first milk. 

Caldto, 9m. Metal from a certain bell ia 

Calpizque, 97n. Rent-sntberer, a steward. 

Calumnls, Calunia, ff. Calumny, slander. 

Calttmniad6r, ra, 9. Calumniator, a slanderer. 

CalumDi^, oo. To calumniate, slander. 

Colnmuioeamdnte, ad, Calumniously, slan- 

Calumnloso, sa, a. Calumnious, sbinderous. 

Calurosam^ntc, er(2. Warmly, ardently, hotly. 

Caluroso. so, a. Warm, hot; beating. 

Cdlva, V. Bald pate; game among country 
people, delta de aimeU^ Crest of a 
helmet [Culpa. 

Oalv^. CO. To hit a stone In the gome ol 

Calvano, 9m. Debts, tally, score: duvary. 

Calvatrueno, 9m, Baldness; a wUd person. 

Calvuza, «/ atigm. Large bald pate. 

Calv6ro, Calvjjar. Calvitdr. 9m. Barrob 
ground among fruitful lands. 

Calv6te, «nk dim. Little bald pate. 

Calvez, Calvicie, 9f. Baldness 

Cnl villa, ^ dim. LitUe baldness. 

Calvinismo, 9m. Calvinism. 

Calvinista, 9m. Calvinist 

Cttlvo, va, a. Bald; barren, uncultivated. 
Tierra ealva^ Barren solL 

C41za, «/C Long loose brooches, trowsers: 
stookinga. Oal»a9 aouchiUadaSy Slashed 
trowsersw En calsae yfubon^ In an odd 
or imperfect state. Maer en una oatea 
To put one on his mottle. 

OakMla. 9/. Causeway ; the high-road ; gray 
el-walk; avenue. 

OihadAra, tf. Hempen eord. 

Qtlzadillo, tto, sm. dim. Small tiioe. 

Calzddo, da, a. Shod, wearing shoea 

CalzAdo, 9m, Covering for the feet; hon» 
with four white feet OaUadoi, Cover- 
ing for the legs and feet Trdeane ii 
cataado^ Bring me my stockings and 

Calzaddr, 9tn, Shoeing-Ieather ; shoeing- 
horn. Entrar con caleador, (Met) To 
enter with much labor. [tire. 

Calxad&ra, a/ Putting on the shoes ; wooden 

Calzdr, wt. To put on shoes; to shoe; put 
on; clothe; strengthen with Iron; carry 
a ball of a detenmned size. OaUar9e a 
alffuno^ To govern or manage a person. 

Oilzo, em. Iron phite of the fblloea; enp 
canal. Calto9t Boateoantlings, akld^ 

Cah(6n, 9m, Ombre, a game at cards ; small 
elothes.-:pX. (Nau.) Qoose-wingsi Cal 
•onee^ Breeches. 

Calxon&Eo, sitk augm^ Big pair of brcediesL 
E9 tm ealeonassoe, lie is a weak, soft 

CUionoilloa, em^j^f. Drawers; ombreu 

06ma, ^f. Bed, couch, layer. Cama con 
rmedoM, A truck-bed; bed-hangings; the 
body of a cart ; the sheath of a pi itigfau 

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Oatma dM meUm, Part of a melon which 
toacbes Um gitrand; Utter; branch of a 
bridle; lajer of doiiK and earth for XBlslng 
plants; dje^box. £tacer cot/t^ To keep 
ooe^ bed. Haoer la cama. To make np 
OMnirte, ^ Brood of young animate, a Utter. 

Oamada <U ladrtm^ J>en of thieves. 
Oamai&o, «nv Cameo. 
Cami], sm^ Hempen halter ; chain for slavee. 
Canmlachir, va. To bartw, give in exdianse. 
Camale^o, em. Chameleon. (BoU Thistle. 

(Mex.) The homed frog of the U. B. 
Camaleop^Moi, 9m. Camelopard, ginSto. 
Canmmifa, ^. Chainomiie. 
Cami^doLt, ^. Chaplet of one or three de- 
cades. TWmt muehas ocanandukUt To 
use numr trickaw [dnhu 

CamandiileBfle» a. Of the order of Cainan- 
CanuuHliiIerii^ ^ Hypocrisy, insinceritj, 
» diaslxnalation. fhypocrlticaL 

Oamandal^ro. ra, a. and t. Fhll of tricks, 
Cimara, ^ Hall; granary: laxity; cabin of 
ftihlpu Cdmara aUa.S.9xaidhonae. CA- 
tnara d^l rey^ The king's state room; 
kinglsooimdl; excbeqner. C&maraal- 
■ ta or de lo9 pare«. The house of lords. 
Camara bq^a or as lot eaimmes. The 
Iionse of commons. CdmaradsCcutUlay 
Sapreme council of Castile. Mota (fe 
cdmara^ Chambermaid. Ot>che de cA- 
fiKzm^ State coach. 
Camarfcla, ^ Comrade, partner ; society or 
company; assembly. Camaradas de 
ran^^ Messmates. Oamarada* de na^ 
viOy Sbipmatee. 
Camtfige. sm^ Oransry, rent for a granary. 
Camacanchdn, am. Qarrot. 
€amar6ra» «f. Head waittng-maid; keeper 

of the queen's wardrobei 
Camareria, ^. Place of a valet de cfaambre. 
Camar^ro, am. Valet de chambre; steward; 

lord chamberlain. 
Oamarl^nto, ta, o. Troubled with a diarrhoea. 
Ctonwritla, ^ Small room ; the room where 

boys are flogged. 
Cunafin, 9m. Closet 
Comariiia, ^ Copse, a low sbmb. 
Camaiista, tm. A member of the supreme 
council of to Cdmara; maid of honor to 
the queen. 
Camanta, ^ dUn. Small chamber or room. 
Camarlengo, 9m^ Lord of the bed-chamber. 
Camardn, <»k (Ichth.) Shrimp. 
Comaron^ro, 9m. 8hrimp<»tcb«'. 
Camardte, em. Koom on board a ship, a 

Camosqninoe, 9m. Nickname of a meddle- 
some person. 
Cama8tr6n, 9m. Sly, artful, cunning fellow. 
Oamastronaio, «m. auffm. Great impostor, 

Gamat6nes. 9m, pL (Nau.) Iron Cistenlngs. 
Cambal^be. ^m. (Coll.} Barter. 
Gambalachear, eo. To barter. 
Cambalach^ro, am. Batterer. 
Oambal^ 9m. Company of six comedians. 
Oimbas, ^ pi. Pieces put to a cloak or 

round garment 
IBnnb^as, ^. pL Kind of cotton stuiC 


Cambi&ble, a. Fit to be bartered or ex- 
changed, [at broker. 

Cambtaddr, snu Barterer; money changes 

Gambiami^to, 9m. CEauge, alteration. 

CambiAnte, a. Bartering, exchangfing. 

Oamblinte, sm. Variety of hues reflected b> 
light CktmbiatUe cfe letra9^ A bankw, 
exchanger. [trans&r. 

Cambiiu, wk. To barter, exchange falter; 

OambUa, tf. Beservolr; interseoing per- 
pendicular line; square. 

Cunbio, 9m, Barter, commutation ; change; 
bank; flux. Cambio99co, Accommodap 
tion bill Dor 6 tomar & cambiOy T» 
lend or borrow on interest Oamhio pot 
Utnu^ Trade in bills of exchange. 

Cambists, sm. Banker, broker; soldsmith. 

Oambitnte, 9m. Changeable silk; kind of 

Oambriy, em. Cambric, fine linen. 

Cambrayido, da, a. Kesembling cambric. 

Cambray6n, mn. Coarse cambric. 

Cunbr6n, 9m. Common buckthorn. 

CambroniU, 9m. Thicket of briers, briuuble& 

Gambronm, «^ (Bot) Box-thorn. 

Camb6r, ^ (S. A) Banana. 

Cambfiy, 9m. ^t) American myrtle-tree. 

Cambux, 9m. Ciiild's cap tied close; mask, 

QuneddAie, ^ Mezereon, BpurgeH>livo. 

Cam^drio, sm. (Bot) Wall germander. 

Camddris, 9m. (Bot) Germander, 6i)eedwelL 

Camel^ tf. (Bot) Widow- wail, a sbrub. 

Camel6uca, sf. (Bot) Colt's-foot 

Comelina, 9f. (Bot) Turging flax. [yoke. 

Camilla. ^/fShe-cainol; ridge; a milk-pail; 

Camell^jo, 9m. dim. Small camel : a piece 
of ordnance. [driving 

CTamellcria, ^ Stable for camels; camel- 

Camell^ro, 9m. Keeper or driver of camels. 

Cam^llo, 9m. Camel; ancient cannon. 

Camell6n, 9m. Bldge turned up by tlte 
plough ; drinking-trough for cattle ; car- 
penter's horse; M of flowers; camlet 

Cunello-pardAL «7». Clamelopard, gfrafiTe. 

Camel6te, 9m. Camlet [thin camlets. 

CamelotUloe, Camelloncillos, 9m, Light or 

Camem6ro, 9m. (Bot) Cloud-berry bramble. 

Camepitioe, 9m. (Bot) Common ground 
pine. [rhoilodendron. 

Cunerhodod6ndros, 9m. (Bot) Eusty-leaved 

Camdro, 9m. Upholsterer. 

Cam^ro, a. Belonging to a bed or mattrec!. 

Camilla, tf. Small bed : clothes-horse ; frame. 

C^aminaddr, 9m, Qooa walker. 

Camin&nte, 9m. Traveller, walker. 

Camin^, en. To travel ; walk, march. Ca 
mUuw eon pU9 de plomo^ To act with 
prudence. Jaunt 

Cunin&ta, ^ Walk for exercise; excursion, 

examine, 9m. Road, way; Journey; profbs- 
sion. Camino de h^adwra. Path, bri- 
dle-road. Camino carretero^ Carriage- 
road. Camino de SanUagOy (Ast) Ga- 
laxy, the milky-way. Irfieni de cami- 
fW), To act contrary to reason. Procurar 
el camino. To clear the way. Salir al 
camino^ To go to meet a person. J>4 
eaminOf In one's way, going along. 

Camisa, ^ Shirt; sliiA, chemise; thin iricit 

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froH; stock of ooantan: roagb plastorinz. 

OanUtatUuna wla. The body of » s«U. 

Sttds en tu oamiaat Are von In joxa 

aensos? Salter de tu c<»mMa, To Jump 

oat of one's skin. [with wide sleevoa 
Oftmls6t^ Iff. Knit shirt; short shirt or shift 
Camisillo, ^/T dim. Small shirt 
Cami861a, ^. Bullied 6hirt; dicky; frook 

worn by rowers. rfrock ; gown. 

Cnmlsdn, «m. Long wide shirt; laborer's 
CamIs<Ste. am. Ancient armor. 
ComitA, *f. dim. Bmall bed« pallet, or cot 
Comomlla, {/! Chamomile, (odoriferous 

Camon, sm. Large bed; fhune of latha. 

Camen de Tidrioa^ Glass partition.—^ 

Wooden tire. [room. 

Caraoncilio, etn. State stool in a drawing* 
Cam6rnv ^ Qnorrel, dispute. 
Camonista, «. Noisy, quarrelsome person. 
Camdte, »nu Sweet potato, Carolina potata 
Camp&I. Batalla campaly Pitched battle. 
(^^mpam6nto, «m. Encampment, camp. 
Carap4na, «< Bell; parish church; bottom 

of a well; iron hoop. Oampana de 

vJiimenea^ The Ainnel of a chimney. 

Oampana de r^hato^ Alarm-bell. 
Campanula, »f. Stroke of the bell Dar 

oampanada^ To canse scandal [looms. 
Componiirio, am. Belfry; noddle; rack in 
Campanedr, wi. To ring the bell freanently ; 

divulge. [dandng. 

Campanula, ^ Sudden motion of the feet in 
Gmnpan^n, em. Boll-ringing, chime. 
Campan6ro, em. Bell-founder: bellman. 
Campan6ta, {< dim. Small bell [shape. 
Campanif^rme, a. (Bot) Corapanifbrm, bell- 
Coropanil, em. Small belfry. — a. MekU cam- 

panil, Bell-metal 
Campanula, «/! Small bell; snuUl bubble: 

epiglottis; littlo tassel; bell-flower. Oxm- 

paniUae de atoflo. Garden daffodil. 
Campanill^o, «m. Violent ringing of a bell 
Campanille&r, «a. To ring asmallbell often. 
Companiildro, «m. Bellman, public crier. 
Campanino, a. Applied to a kind of marble. 

Camp&nte, pa. Ekcellin^surpaeeing. 

Oampanfiao, da, a. wide; bell-shape; 

Cfunpanula, ^. Bell-flower, cunpanula. 

Compifla, ^ Campaign, level country. 
Ckimpafla fMval. Cruise. Vhverea ae 
campafUMy Sea stores. £aUr or eorrer 
la eampctfUiy To reconnoitre the enemy. 
Eetar en campafla, To make a campaign. 

Campdr, fm. To encamp ; excel in abilities. 
Oampar con eu eetnetlOt To be fortunate 
or BuocessAil. 

Campead6r, em. Combatcr, warrior. 

Camped, tm. To be In the field; frisk 
about; be eminent; excel [wood.) 

Oampdche, «m. Log-wood, fCnmpeachy- 

Campedn, em. Champion, coraoatant 

Oamp6ro, ra, a. Bxposod to the weather In 
the open field. 

Camp^ro, em„ Friar who superintends a 
fhiiu ; pig brought up in the fields. 

Campeslno, na, Camp^^tre, a. Rural, cam- 
pestral, rustia— «. A countryman. 

OampSlIo, em. dim. Small field. 

Camplfia, ^ Flat tract of arable land, field 

(^mpo, *m. Country; field, q>ace; crops 
camp. CVxfm>o«^i£o^ Burial-ground, Pot 
ter^ field. J/eeouoriroampo or el eampo 
To reconnoitre, ffaoer oampo. To clear 
the way. Haceree al campo^ To l)e« 
from danger. Jr d campo iratieeo^ To 
make a short cut Queaar en el campo^ 
To be killed. Salir aloampo^ To go out 
to fight a duel Oampo d campo^ (MIL) 
Force to force. 

Camu6fla, ^f. Flppln« an apple. 

Camu6so, em, rippiq-tree; simpleton, fo«l 

CamAflas. {/! pL (Prov.) All seeds, except 
wheat, oarley, and rye. 

Gam6te, em. Sweet potato. 

Gam&za, ^f. Chamois coat 

Camaz6n, em, au^m. Large chamois skin. 

Can, em. Dog; dog^etar; ancient piece ol 
ordnance^ van de levantar^ Dok which 
starts the garock CVzn (^ friMOO) Teirier. , 
Canee^ Brackets, oorbela. 

Cana, ^. Measure, about two ells: gray hair 
iWnor oofUM, To grow old. Nopeinar 
muchae eanae^ To die yonn^ Tener 
canasy To be grayheoded, bo old. 

Canabdila, ^ Fishing-boot 

Can/ll, em. Channel; strait; gutter; canal; 
drlnking-trough; comb of the loom; bar 
of a hot-preeSb Canal de la Ifanoha, 
British channel Canal de toeino^ A hog 
killed and dressed. Canal de ttn bnUote^ 
Train-trough of ailre-ehip. [fluted. 

Canal^o, ds, /x. Passing through a cbaimel, 

Ganal^a, ^ Small drinking-trougfa. 

Canal6ra, ^. Gutter. 

Canaldte, em. Paddle, a small oar. 

Canalita, ^/C dim^ Small channel or canal 

Canalize, em. Narrow channel between two 

CaniUa, i*f. Mob, rabble, populace. 

Oanallfiza, ^ Boguery, vagrancy. 

Canal6n, em. Large gutter or spout 

CanAna,f/: Akindofoartridgo-box; fricaa- 

Canapd, ^ Conch or seat; settee. 

Can&rio. «m. Canary-bird; a dance intm> 
duced Into Spain. (Nau.) Barge. OznO' 
riOy int Zonndsl 

Canasta, << Basket hamper; olive-measure. 

Canast^ro, ra, em. Baskot-maker. [dotb. 

Canastilla, ^jT. Small basket; swaddling- 

CanastUlo, «m. Small tray; small basket 

Can&sto. Canistro, em. Large basket 

Cancabuz, em. Yell for the nee. 

Cikncamoa, em, pL Eye-bolts. Cdncamoi 
de arffolla^ King-bolts. Cdncamoe de 
ffaneho^ IIook-boTta. 

Cancomfirria, ef. Sadness, melancholy. 

CancamAso^ ^/fTrick to deceive. 

Cancana, ef. Flogging-bench. 

Cancanilla, {< Deception, fraud. 

Cincano, etn. (Low) Louse. 

Cancel «n. Screen in churches, Ac 

(>incelaci6n, Cancelad&ra, ef. CanoelUtlon 

Cancel^, va. To cancel annul ; efllMM. 

Cancelariaf^anceleria, ef. Papal chancery. 

Cancoloi'io, em. Chancellor in unlversllMi 

Cancellcria, ^. CImnccrj. 

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CfaMCTt miK Canbcr; a sign of tli« xodbc 

CucenrBB, «r. To eanoerste. 

Cuicer6«o, sa, a, Canoerooa. 

GnchaUsaa, Cancbel^gna, CanchlMgius ^f. 
CaacbaiAfftLa-pIaDt, a kind of gentian; a 
medicinal lierb. 

Ckndlla, »/, "Wickor-door or wicker-gat«. 

OutciUdr, tm. Chancellor. [wrltlnc;; 

Candller^oco, ca, a. Cbanceiy form of hano- 

13u)ci6n, </r Song, Terses set to roofff e ; poem. 
VoliMr A la ndsma candon. To repeat 
the old storr. flittle song. 

CuioioDdca, Ula, ita, ^. dim. Canzonet, a 

Gaocioii^ro, 9m. Song-book. 

Cdncro, am*. V. OcMcer. 

Candadico, iUo, Ito, tm. Small i>adlock. 

CandidOi, «m. Padlock ; pendant, drop ear- 
ring. Candado8^ Caritics of horses' fbot 

CAndamo, tm. Ancient nutic dance. 

Candara, ^ Stere or screen for sifting. 

Cinde, a. duur-candf. 

CandeAI, a. White, applied to wheat 

Oanddda, ^ BUtesom of tho walnut-troe. 

Ouidela, ^ Candle; Ught, Are. Arrimarae 
d la eaoicUla, To draw near the fire. 
Aeabane la candda, To be near one's 
end. Ettar c<m la candda €n la mano^ 
To be dying; chestnnt^bloasoni. 

CandeUibro, «m. Candlestick. 

clandelAda, {/? Sadden blaze from straw. 

Candeliria, t(f. Candlemas; mtillein plant 

C^bndelertkDO, »m. Lai^ candlestick, [shop. 

Candeleria, »f. Tallaw and wax chamllers 

Candeldro.«m. Candlestick: lamp; flshing- 
torch. i!Bitortf»«tca^^f«ro, Tobehlgh 
in office; eve stanchion. Candeleroa^ 
(Nan.) Stanchions or crotches. 

Cbindelet^n, am. Larce stanchion. 

Candelica, nia, ita, »/. Small candle. 

Candelilla, ^ Boogie, catheter; blossom of 
poplars. Hacer la caiuUliUa^ To stand 
on the hands and head. 

Candafizas, ^.pL (Nan.) Brails, braces. 

Candida, ^ Incandescence, white heat 

Candtotei a. Incandescent, red-hot 

Cindl, aa. Atkcar candi, Sugar-candy. 

CandWl, a. White, applied to wheat 

Cdsdidamdnte, a<f. Candidly. 

CandidAto, am. Candidates (ty. 

Candid^ »f. Whiteness; candor; slropllci- 

Ciodido, da, a. White, snowy; candid; 

Candiel, wk Beverage used In Andalnsla. 

Condi^ tm. Lamp, gencrallv the common 
iron one; cock of a hat (Mex) A chan- 
delier; top of a stag's horn. BaiU de 
candUy A ball held by the light of a poor 
lampw [tity spilt 

CaniliUkIa, »/. Spot of lamp-oil, or the qnan- 

Gandildzo, am. Blow given with a lamp. 

Oandn^a, ^fi Inner part of a Uunp. (uot) 

Oandil^i^ra, f/T Spanish btrthwort 

Gandil^o, am. dim. Sm^l kitchen lamp. 

.ykodilera, &m. Larop-wick plant 

Utndnto, am, aunfm. Dirge open lamp. 

Oandi^ta, «^ Barrel or keg for wine; large 
earthen Jar. 

Oi^dlot^ro, am. Maker of candiotas. 

OynddngB, t^. Flirt, doceltftil dvUity ; p!ay- 


Ad trick intended to deceive. Dar cam- 
donga 6 ohaaco^ To play a oamivai 
trick. [soil 

Cland6ngo, ga, a. A cnnnlng, fownlng per 

Candongnear, tw. To Jeer, sneer. 

Candongucro, ra, a. A canning person Indi 
croasly raischicTOoa. [nesy 

Cand6r, am. Candor, purity of mind, Irank 

CanecUlo, sm^ Corbel, bracket modiilon. 

Can^la, ^. True cinnamon ; Ceylon cinm 
mon. [flavoc 

CanclMo, (la, a Of a cinnamon color ot 

Can^lo, am^ Cinnamon-tree or cinnamon 

Cancl6n, am. Gutter; sweetmeat; icicle; 
cassia or Chineee cinnamon. Canelon^ 
End of a cat of nine-tails. 

CAnge, am. Exchange of prisoners, creden- 
tials or treatlesi > 

Cangedr, ra. To exchange prisoners, &c 

Cangll6n, am. Earthen Jar or pitcher; metal 
tankard. [saiL 

Oangr^ja, a. Vela canffr^a, Fore and aft 

Cangr^yo, am^ Crab, craw-flsh, eancer; 

Cangr^ndlo. am. dim. Small craw-fish. 

Cangr^na, ^f. Gangrene, mortification. 

Cangrendrse, vr. To be afflicted with gan* 

Cangren6so. sa. a. Oangrenona, mordfled. 

CAnIa, af. (Bot) Small nettle. 

Canib&l, Cnnibal, atn. Cannibal. 

Canknla,^ Dog-star; dog-days. Canieuia 
marina, Dog-fish. [dog-star. 

Cantcal&r, a. Canicular, belonging to the 

Canlcal4res, «7n. pL pog-daya. [dlea. 

Canido, am^ Parrot found In the West In- 

Oan'Oo, ja, a. and «. Weak, Infirm, sickly. 

Canil, am* Coarse bread, dog's bread 

Canilla, af. OaniUa da la pi^ma, Shin- 
bone. CanUla del brcuo. Arm-bone; 
pipe or tnbe, n>ool. 

Canill&do, da, a. T. Aocmiilado. 

Oanill^ ^ Ancient armor. [maker. 

Omilliro, aTTK Tap-hole In a cask; spool- 

Canina,^ Excrement of dogs. [like a dog. 

Caninamtotei, ad. Passionately, snarling 

Canin^ro, am. A gatherer of dog-dung for 

Canlndz, ^. In<mtlnate appetite, [tanners. 

Caninow na^ a. Canine ; hunger. 

Caniqui, af. India muslin; glass vial. 

C&no, na, eu Frosty, gray-headed; prudent 

Can6a, ^. Canoe. 

Cano6ro, am. Conductor of a canoe. 

Candl, am. Indian fishing-basket 

Canoita, am, dim. Smairconoc. 

Cdnon, am. Canon; catalogue of tho books 
of the Holy Scriptures; fee. (Print) 
Canon, a large sort of type. Canonea^ 
Canons or canonical laws. 

C^non^aa, t(f. Canoness, a woman not bound 
by monastlo rule. 

Canonsia, ^ Canonrr, canonshlp. 

Candnfcamdnte, ad. Canonically. 

(>monicdto, am* Canonry. canonshlp. 

Can6nicoi,ca,<i.Ckuionical. CaaacandmoOt 
Monastery of regular canons. 

Can6nigo, am. Canon or prebendary. 

Canonista, am. Canonist, a professor of Um 
canon law. 


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C)uionlsiblA, a> Worthv of canonlzatton. 

Canonizacidn, ^Canonization, consecration. 

Canonize, va. To canonize, oonsecrate; ap^ 
pland. [load. 

Can6ro, ra, €k Canorons, mnalcal; stuill, 

Candeov aa. a. Uoory, gray>beadcd; old. 

Oanaadamonte, ad, Importunely, trooble- 

Oana^o, da, a. Weary, exhausted, tired; 
tedious, tiresome; spent; impaired; worn 

Onnsido, «nk Boreu 

GansiUicio, »nL Wearinoea, lassitude, fiktlgue, 

(Wis&r, vet. To weary, fiitl^o, overcome; 
harass; exhaust — rr. To tiro one's 8el£ 

OansSra, t^. Fatigue, weariness. 

Cant&ble, a. Tunable, harmonious; pathetic. 

Gantiula, 4^ Cantata, a musical composition. 

Cantal^ta, «< Pun, Jest, Joke. I>ar canto- 
Uta^ To langh at 

CantAr, •m. Bong set to music Cantareay 
Qmticles or Song of Solomon. Cantarea 
d4 puta^ Old metrical romances. 

C^tM^, tN». To sing; divulge; announce. 
Cantar d libra dbisrio. To sing off-hand. 
Cantar d6 plana, To make a pbdn and 
full confession; be fond of one's own 

Cantara, tf. Ijane, narrow-mouthed pitcher; 
measure of i^out tlilrty-two pints. 

Cantarcioo, illo, ito, am. dim. LltUe song. 

Oantar^^^ af. Shelf for Jars, pitchers, &c. 

Cantardro, ra, «. A dealer in earthen Jars, &c 

Cant&rlda, V- Cantharides, Spanish fly; 
blister. [droaace. 

Oautarlllo, «m. Small Jar; oval-leaved an- 

Cantarin, am. An incessant singer, [stage. 

Cantarina, ^. A woman who sings on the 

Cdntaro, am. lATge narrow-mouthed pitch- 
er; wine measure; Teasel into which 
tickets are put to be drawn out bv lot 
E»(tar an cdntaro^ To be proposed for an 
office. Entrar an cdntaro^ To be liable 
to be chosen. Uo'car d cdntaroa^ To 
rain by bucketsfhll, to pour. Mozad^a 
cdntaro^ Water-girl ; flit bulky woman. 

Oantatriz, ^ Stage sincor (woman). 

CantiUo, atn. Wound given by a stone. 

Canities, am. pk (Nau.) Ends of old ropes 
put under casks. 

Cantara, ^. Quarry ; talents or genius. L^ 
vantar una cantara^ To cause disturb- 

Canteredr, vn. To hang up flitches of bacon. 

Canteria, ^. Hewing stone, stone cutting; 
stone building. 

Gant6ro, am. Stone-cutter. OtnUrodapan^ 
Crust of bread. OcMtafo da heradad, 
(Prov.) Piece of ground. 

Oanter^n, am. (Prov.) Lai^ tract of land. 

Oanticio, am. (OolL) Constant Blndng. 

OAntioo, am. Canticle. Odntica da foa cdn- 
tioM. The Song of Solomon. , 

Oantidad, af. Quantity; measure, number. 
OanUdaa diaoreta, Distinct or separate 

, quantity. 

Oantil, am. Steep rock. 

Oantlliigua, ^. (Prov ) Purging flax. [tion. 

Gaiiti16na,V^Ballad,4ittv; tiresomo re!>otl- 

QantQlo, am,, dim. A little stone. 


Cantimar^n, am. C^amafM 

Cantimpl6ra. af. Syphon : liquor-case. 

Cantina,4<CiBllar; sutler ssboi> in ban«cki^ 
Ac ; case used to cool wine on a Journey 
(^nMnoa, Canteens. 

Canting ^ Ballad ; irksome rej[>etition. 

Cantin^ro, am. Butler; sutler. 

CantifUL ^ A song in Oalicia and Asturiaa 

Cantiz&l, am^ Stony ground. 

Ctoto, am. Stone; singing; edge, or bor* 
der. Canto da maaa, Extremity of a 
table. I>a eanto^ On the edge or end: 
art of music; canto; hard crust of a loac 
A' or al canto. Imminent, very near. 
Al canto dal gaUo, At midnight 

Cant6n, am>. Comer ; part of an escutcheon ; 
canton, r^on. 

Canton&da, 4< Comer; limit Dar eon* 
tondda^ To disappoint a person. 

Canton&r, va. To send troops into oantoo- 

Cantone&rse, vr. To walk with an affscted 
air. [V. ConUmeo. 

Canton^ am^ Affected walk, gait, manner. 

Cantondra, ^ Corner-plate ; woman of the 

Cant6r, ra, a. Singer; small singing-bird. 

Cantorcillo, am. dim. Petty, worthless 

CantorrdI, am. Stony ground. 

Cantfrdas, ^f. pL Larse coarse knivea. 

Cantu^ am^ French lavender, eilysus. 

Oantuna, ^ Yocal music; musical compo- 
sition, [coax. 

Cantns^, va. To cheat, trick. Impose upon, 

Canddo, da, a. Hoary, gray. 

Cdfla, ^. CSane. reed; stem, stalk. Ckifia 
da otiantaa, Indian shot Oaila comuti^ 
Cultivated reed. Cafla dulca or da aau- 
car^ Sugar-cane. Caiia brctva^ Kind ol 
bamboo. Cafia Jtshtla^ Cassia fistula; 
shall of a column; marrow; toumttuent 
Cafla dal pultnon^ Windpipe. Caila da 
la media. Leg of a stocking. Cafla del 
timon. Tiller. Carla da vaca^ Shinbone 
of beeH Caflaa da cabadara^ Sprit-sail 

CaAdda, af. Glcn or dale; glade. Caflada 
real. Sheep-walk ; measure of wine. 

Cafiadicas, CSifiaditas, ^ pk (Prov.) Small 
measures for wine. foassia fistula. 

Cafiafistula, ^ The pod or the purging 

Cafiafistulo^ «m.. Cassia fistula-tree, rtnant 

CaAah^a, Cai&ah^rla, ^ Common fennel- 

Cau^ am. Weir for fishing; canebrake; 
small sluice for catching fish. 

Cdfiama, if. Assessment of taxes. Caaa 
odffama^ Ilouse exempt from taxes. Oo- 
gador da edfkuna^ Tax-gatherer. 

Cafiam&r, am. Hemp-field, [painted fltuft 

Cafiam&zo, am. Hemp tow; coarse oanvaa 

Cafian^no, fia, a. Hempen, made of hemp. 

(Tafiamiel, am. Sugar-cane. 

Cafiamiz, am. Kind of Indian vessoL 

Cafiamiza, if Stalk of hemp; bullen, bun. 

C&fiamo, am. Hemp; hemp cloth; hompet 

Cafiam6n, am^ Hemp-seed. 

Ca&hr, am, PUmtation of canes; weir for flab 

C'Suar^^a, ^ Common gigantic fonneU 


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of siwiep which die on the roftd. 

GiflaiT6jai ^ PellltoTy, w»lI-wort. 

CUKsrdnL ^ CommoQ reed-msa. [reeds. 

GififlTeru, «»K Place corered with canes or 

Gafiaysfre^, «a. To prick with pointed canes. 

CaAaTeria, ^ Place wbero reeds are sold. 

CafiaTer^ns ^m. Retailer of canes or leeds. 

CadaT^te, «m. Locust, grasshopper. 

Gadizo,«n..Hoetile blow with a cane. Par 
oc^aga, To confoond onsi 

CaAeria, sf, Aaaedact, a wator-pipa 

OiMroi» 9m^ Water-pipe maker; director of 
water-works; anjuer. [males. 

0aikilay4do, da, Ow Sniall-ltmbed horses and 

GaittUa, ita, «C d^ Small cane or reed. 

CSaiUlltea, 4/: Ancient armor Ibr the shin- 

Gafiiza, ^ Coarse linen. [Ac 

OnlizAl, Oa&izir, am. Place of canes, reeds, 

C^fiizo^ sm. Hordlo, a fhune fbr silk-worms. 
(Nao.) Flake. 

Cifio, cm. Tube, pipe ; sewer, gntter ; spring 
of water; ceUar; rabbit-warren. 

Ca56D, «x7k Qflindrioal tabe or pipe; qidll; 
down; cannon, gnn. Oahon as isJiime- 
iMO^ Floe of a chimney. Oafion de esea- 
ierti^ Well of a staircase. Caflonet^ Bits 
of a horse's bridle. 

Oaaoniso, tm. Ijarge piece of ordnance; 
cannott-<Bhot [small tube. 

QAonoico, Ulo, ito, 9m. Small cannon; 

CaAoneAr, wk To cannonade. — vr. To ex- 
change gojUL 

OafioBeo, $m» Cannonade. [tent 

Cafion^ra, s/ Embrasnre for cannon; large 

I, Bf. The pipes of an organ. 

Oafidta, ^ Panidedsorgbom ; Oainea-eom. 
Caiuaa mtate^ Tellow-seeded soft grass. 

Cafla6Ia, ^ Fescue-grass. [tion. 

Ca&at&so, «m. Information, private accosa- 

Cafiateria, »f. The pipes of an organ. 

OafiutiUo, 9m. Small tabo; glass bogle for 

GaA6to,«in.Partofacane; pipe; pin-case; 
blast: informer, tale-bearqr. CafluUM 
heUutot^ (Mex.) Ico-cream in shape of 

CaOba, Ca6bana, ^f. Maliogany-tree. 

OAoA, 9m, Chaos; confhsion. 

Cao&p, fnt. Gaonp, an American tree. 

C&pa, ^f, Spanish or drcnlar cloak; cope; 
mantle; layer; coat or wrapper; cover; 
pretence, ma^harborer; property. Co- 
pa del ciafo, Canopy of bieaven. Cava 
magna^ Pontifical cope. Cfapa ptuvuUy 
Blabop's eope« (Kao.) Coat oftar or pitch. 
Cdpa y »ombrerOy Hat-money, allowance 
on flight, now called primage. Oapa 
rotOy Smtesry. Xekar la eapa al toro. 
To expose one's self to danger. £Uar 6 
eatarae & la eapa, To keep a good look- 
uot. ^0n<s<2soa^par(fa,Coantrr-peo- 
plei De Im^na oapa, Of genteel address. 
Genu ds capa negra, Townsmen of 
decent rapearance. MUUstro de capa y 
«g9<Uifa,Coansellor by brevet Juffanatta 
ta capa^ To gamble the shirt off one's 
beck, ^ioear &iftfa su copoi. To get out of 
difflcaltioa. Tirar d xmo dt la capa^ To 

warn one of danger. A' la capa^ (Kao. 

Lying-to. Dt eapa y gora^ Plainly. 
Capac^te, sm. Helmet, casque. 
Capkha, tf. Frail, hamper, ba.sket 
Capach6zo, sm. Blow given with a basket 
Capach^ro, am. Basket-porter. 
Capteh, 9m, Frail, hamper, large basket 

Capacho de atbafUl^ Brickla/e^s hod; 

owL ' [ty; talent 

Capacidi^j4/r Capacity; extent; oppwtnni- 
Cap&da, 4^ Any thing carried onder a cloak ; 

Capad6r, «m. Geldor: gelder's whistle. 
Gapad6ra, ^. Castraticn; scar after castra^ 

Capar, imz. To geld, castrate; cnrfeaiL 
Caparaz6n, «7». Carcass of a fowl ; caparison, 

cover to any thing for protection ; fraU or 

hamper t>r feeding horses. 
Capdrra, ^f. Shoep-looso ; earnest money. 
Caparrilla, i(f, dim, A small tick which mo- 
lests bees. 
C^MUT^ sini, Oreea vitriol 
Caparr68a, «. Copperas; snlphate of iron. 
CapatAz, am. Overseer; steward; foreman. 
CapAz, a. Cftpociona, capable ; ample ; wide; 

nt. apt ; learned. 
Capaza, $f. CapAzo, sm. Hamper, fhdl, large 

oasket—^m. Blow with a cloak. 
CapazmSnte, ad. Capaciously, amplv. 
Capaz6n, am, augm, Verr l^fge firaii. 
Capdosamtote, ad. Captiously, insidioosly. 
Capei6eo, sa, a Captions, insidious. 
Capeaddr, am. A bull-flghter; doak-stealar. 
Cape&r. i?A To rob one of a cloak ; challengt 

a bull with one's cloak. (Nan.) To lay to 
Cap6], am. Cocoon of a silk-worm. 
Capcla, af. (Ast) Capella, a star. 
Capelard6nt^^ V. CapUla ardimte 
CapellAda, ^ Toe-piece of a shoe. 
Capellin. am. Chaplain. 
Capellania, ^ Chaplain<7. 
Capell^, am. A kind of Moorish doak. 
Qipellina, ^ Top^piece of a helmet; hood. 
Cap^lo, am. Bishop's does; cardinal's hat 
Capte, am. Challenging a bull with a doak. 
Capedn, «m» Yoong bull challenged with a 

Cap^, am. Priest who carries the cope. 
Caperdles, am, pL (Nao.) Carving of the 

Capernc^ta, ilia, ^. dim. Small hood. 
Caperiiza, «/. Pointed hood. Capanua de 

chimsnea^ Chlamey-top. Dar en cape' 

ruaa^ To firustrate one's views. 
Caperaz6n, am, a^ugm, Larze hood. 
CaplalzAdo, a, (Arai.) Appned to an areo. 
Gapih^ am. A kind of fish. 
Capioh6la, ^ Kind of silk stufi: 
Capid^ngue, am. Small doak worn bv ladio& 
Capi^Ilo, am, (Prov.) Child's cap, cnrlsten- 

Capigorrista, am. (Low) V. Capigorron. 
Capigorrdn, am. Vagabond ; a parasite ; stu- 

OMit who has taken the minor orders. 
Capil, am, (Prov.) Little cap or hood. 
Capilir, o. (^aplUary. 
C^illa, 4/C Hood; cowl; chapol; band of 

mnsidans ; the proof-sheet Capilla ar^ 

cUent^ Boom hung with black and lighted 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


witb eandlea, where thecoipso lies In sUtei 
Etitar «% capiUa^ To prepare for death : 
spoken of cninlnala. 

0i4>UIAda, ^f. A hoodfol of anj thing. 

Cspill^Sf its, ^f. dim. Small chapeL [silk. 

OaplU^o, 9m. Small hood; skein of sewlng- 

G^Uter. Oaplll^ro, mi* Clerk or eoxton of a 
chapel. rCalatrava. 

<^illeta, ^ Hood used by the knights of 

GapUJo, am. Chlld'ft cap, christening flbe; 
hood of a hawk; rose-bad; set; colander. 
OapfUo<UMerro^Ile\moi. Sedadetodo 
cahiliOy Coarse sort of silk. [monk. 

CaplIl6do, da, a. Resembling the hood of a 

Oapingdt, sm. Bidlng-coat withont sleeves. 

Caplrot^a, ^. Sort of American paste made 
of herbSf eggs, dto. ' [finger. 

CapirotAzo, im. A blow on the nose with the 

Capirdte, am. Hood; sort of half-gown; 
sharp-pointed cap. Tonto da capirote, 
Blockhead, Ignorant fooL Capirote de 
colmena^ Cover of a boo-hlvo. 

Capirot(&ro, a. Accostomed to cany a hood. 

Capts^TO, mn. Garment worn as a cloak. 

Gapisool, am. Toledo precentor ; sab^hanter. 

Caplsooha, t(f. Office and dignity of a pre- 

Capitm </! aim. Small cloak. [centor. 

GapitAci6n, 9fi Poll-tax, head-money. 

OapitAIfMni. Capital, money at Interest; for- 
tune of a hnsband at his marriage; capital 
stock.— ^ Metropolis of a country. 

Capital, a. GanitaL B^medio capital, Bern- 
edy for Che nead; principal, leading. JSne- 
miffo capitaly Mortal enemy. Error 
eopjtoi; Capital error. PeoadotcapitaUs. 
Deadly sins. P«na capito^ Capital pun- 

Capitalista, tm. CapltalisU Xlshment 

Capltalm6nte, ad. Capitally, mortally. 

Capita mn. Captain ; rfncloader. Capttan 
a (Tu^rro^ The mayor of a place. OapHan 
</« hand^ra^ Captain of the admiral's ship. 
Capitan da puerto. Post-captain. Copit- 
tan dalpuerto, Harbor-master. 

Capit&na, v^ Admiral*6 ship ; a captain's wife. 

Capitan^, am. Great warrior; an able 
general [chief; to head, lead. 

Capitane&r, wi. To oomnumd an army in 

Capitan&a, iff. Captainship ; company of offl- 
ccr& [capital of a column. 

Capita am. Spire over toe dome of a church ; 

Capitolino, na, a. Belonging to the capitoL 

Caoit^lio, am, Oapltol; a pUbUo building at 

CapltAn, «m. (Ichth.) Pollard, chub. 

Cwitula, ^. Part of the prayers read at 
divine service. 

Capltnlacl6n, ^ Capitulation, sttpnhitlon. 
Oapitutacion de matrimcndo^ Airtldes of 

Capitul&nte, pa. Capitulator. [ter. 

Capitalir, am. Capitular, member of a cbi^ 

CapitulAr, a. Capitulary, belonging to a 

Oapitnl&r, to. To conelade an agreement; 
capitulate ; Impeach.— t>»i. To sing prayers 
at divine service. [SOTvice. 

O^rituUiirloi, Mk Book of prayers for divine 

Capttuiarm6nte, ad. Capitukrly. 

Oapltnlero, am. and a. CapitnUr ; capitulary. 

Oapitivo, am. Chapter of a cathedral Capi- 


Dar vn oapUulo^ To reprimand aeverefy 
Ganar 6 perder eapUulo^ To carry of 
lose one's point [by smokci 

Capnom&nda, ^ Capnomancy, dhinatlos 

Capnominto, am. Fortune-teller by smoke 

CApd, am, V. Cabo. 

Cap6c, am. Bark of tbe eapoc-tree. 

CapolAdo, am. Minced meat; act of cntting 
Into bits. [behead. 

Capoldr, va. To mince or chop meat fine, 

Cap6n, am. Eunuch ; gelding; capon ; fhgot 

Caj>6na, ^. Spanish dance. Llata eapona. 
Key without eye worn by lords of the 
bedchamber. [vinea. 

Caponftdo, a. Tied together as branches of 

Capon&r, vo. To tie up the branches of vines; 

Capondra, ^f. Coop; place where one lives 
at others' expense. Eatar meHdo et^ ea- 
ponsra^ To be locked up In Jail 

Capoqu6ro, am, Capoc-tree. 

Caporil, am. Chlei; ringleader; corporal. 

Cap6ta, ^ llead of the teasel 

Cap6te, am. Sort of cloak; austere, Mgry 
loc^ ; thick cloud over a mountain. J}ar 
capote. To leave a guest without dinner; 
win all the tricks at cards. A' mi capote^ 
In my opinion. 

CapotOTo, am^ Cloak-maker; cloak-seller. 

Capotillo, am. Mantelet, short cloak. Ca» 
potillo da doafaldaa. Short, loose jacket 

Capot^Sn, am. attgm. Largo wide coat 

Capot6do, da, a. Frowning. 

Capricho, am. Caprice, whim; design of a 
painting, ffcmbra ds capricho^ Queer, 
whimsical fellow. Oapricho eatraca^ 
^<7n<«, Acrotchedoroddfancy. BaU^de 
capricho. Fancy-dress ball Ganeroa de 
capricha, Fancy goods. Fcally. 

Caprichosam6nte, ad. Fanelflilly, whimsl- 

C^prlchteo, sa, a. Capricious, whimsical, 
obstinate. rpricion». 

Caprich6do, da, a. Obstinate, stubborn, ca- 

Capric6mio, «m. Capricorn ; cuckold. 

C^>rim61ga, ^ Goat-sucker, owl 

Caprino, na, a. Goatish. [of batliera. 

Capsdrio, 87n, One who guards the clothes 

Cipsula, {< Capsule, a seed-reesel hi plants; 
percussion cap. 

Capsulib:, a. Capsular, capsnlary. [words. 

Captor, va. To captivate, win by endearing 

OaptlvAr, va. V. OanHvar. 

Captlvldfii af. V. Cautiiddad. 

Oapt^ra, ^ Capture, seizure. 

Gaptur&r, va. To apprehend, arrest 

CapAcha, ^ Circumflex (^), an accetit; 
hood: cowl 

Capuchlna, a/. Capuchin nun. (Bot) Great 
Indian cress or garden nasturtlon. Oa 
puchinaa, (Nau.) Crotches and knees. 

Capuchino, am. Capuchin monk. 

Capncblno, na, a. Relating to Capuchle 
friars or nuns. Chupaeapxl4Mn€^yfa!is^. 

Oap6cho, am. Cowl or hood. [a cherry 

Capulin, am. (Bot) An American nidt lik« 

CapuUito, am, dim. Small pod of a silk 

Cap611o, am. Cocuon of asllk-worm ; flower 

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bal: eottM staff of dik. Seda ds ca- 
ftiUo% Ferrot-Allk. grogram yarn; shell 
o#u acorn; bur Wa cbeatant 

Ch|Mimii6t>a, ^. (Bot) A Brazil plant 

Oip^ mn. Long momins-gown ; old-&s}i« 
kuMd do^k. [ship by the head. 

Gapnzif , co. Oaputar tm ba^ To sink a 

0M)ti6tico» ea, a. Cachectic, an ill habit of 

bod/. [stitation. 

Csqaexia, ^ (Me<L) Cachexy, deranged oou- 

Caquimiai, ^ An imperftct metaUlo sab- 

Oar, «^ End of the mizen-yard and mizon. 
Cw, ad. V. J\>rque, 

Cara, ^ Faco, countenance. Bueua eara^ 
Clieexf oi ooon^anance. Jiala carOj Look 
of diapleasore, firown; a kind of sugar; 
sorfiueL Cbradtfoctf^a, Pale, sallow &ce. 
Cora <U pamma, or ds Hma, Bmiling 
coontenance, Cara de pocoa amigoa^ 
Cborlifih look. Cora d« wiqueta or d^ 
bronee. Brazen fbce. Cktra de vUmea 
*»itouLc«n,ineagreikcek Caradscarton. 
Wrinkled Ihce. cVzra«mp^/Yufa. Pitted 
by tlie small-pox. Ccura ds cabo^ Pale 
lace. Andar con la cara d^toubiertay 
To act openly. A' primeracara^At&rst 
righL Jui^ar a cora or ^ To bet on the 
toes of a coin. 2>ar en ooro, To reproach, 
upbraid. />ar ei sof (20 coro, To have the 
■on in one'a lace. Uacsr cava, To fiure 
an enomy. La cara sc lo dice. Ilia flatce 
betraya him. Laear la cara d alQuno^ 
To flatter. Ko taher en dowU te tiene 
la cara, Not to know one's duty or pro- 
ftasion; to be qolte ignorant ITo Uti€r 
cara para hacer^ 6 decir alguna coeck, 
Not to have the fkce or conrage to make 
or say a tiling. No voher la cara airas^ 
To poTsae with spirit J>e cara. Oppo- 
site, over against 

Cariba, ^. Vessel used In the Archipelago. 

CaraLev vn^ Amber. 

Carabela, ^. Carvel, a three-masted vessel; 
huge basket fi>r provisJona. 

Cara£el6n, mn. Brig or brlgantlne. 

CaraUna, ef. Fowling-piece; carbine. Co- 
raldaa rayada, Hine. [»hut 

Carabin&zo, 9m, Beport of a carbine, carbine 
.Qarabtn^ro, mn. Carabineer. 

Carabo^ «m. Sort of a crab; large homed 
owl; kind of setting dog; earth beetle. 

Caraehe, am. Scab inciaent to Peruvian 
sheep. Ipt"^^ 

Osracoa, itf. SmaU row-barge in the Fuilip- 

Oarac6U «n« Twisted shell : snail Caracol 
nuMT^to, Periwinkle; winding staircase; 
fhseo of a watch or clock. Jiacer cara- 
eoUa, To eancole. KoimpwrtauncarO' 
co2, It does not matter. 

Caraodla, ^ A small whitish snail 

Caracoleiir, vn. To caracole. [shell 

Caiaeol^o^ mm. dim, SmaU snail, or snail 

Caracol^ am. The act of caracoling. 

Caraool^ro, ra, a. One who gathers snails. 

Garac6Icfl, inL Y. Caramba. 

Garao611, aifiw Metallic eompoeition resem- 
bling pinchbeck. 

Garaodilla, ^ dim. Small snail-shell 

CvaooUilo^ mn* SmaU suail; snail-floworcd 


kidney bean; purple thread. Caraooli 
lloa. Shell-work trimming. 

Caracolito, em. dim. Small snail, small slieU. 

Caricter, em. Character ; note ; handwriting ; 
personal qualities; humor; temper; fea- 
ture, '^arttcteree de impretita. Printing 

Caracteristico, ca, a. Characteristic 

Caiacteriz^o, da, a. Characterized. 

Caracteriz4r, vo. To characterize ; confer a 
distinguished office ; mark. 

Caradelante, <M?» Forward, onward. 

Carddo, da, a. Bien carado, Pretty-&ced. 
Mai oaradOt lU-ihced. [Mo»i, 

Caramaneh^n, am. Garret Y. Oftmaran- 

Corimba, interj. Hah, strange! 

Car&mbano, mtk Icicle. 

Caramb61a, ^ Canon or carambol at bil- 
liards and revesino; device or trick; 

Carambole&r, vn. To play the earanibola, 

Carambol^ro, mn. Player at carambola, 

Caramb6, em. Willow herb, talljuasiena. 

Caram61, ef. Kind of pilchard. 

Caram^lo, em. Lozenge made of sugar, 4e«u 
sugar candy. 

Caramon te, ad. Dearly ; exceedingly, highly. 

Caramilioras, ^pl. Pot-hooka. 

Caramillo, em. Flageolet; heap of things^ 
deceit; tale*carrying. Armor un cara* 
miUo, To raise disturbances 

Caramuyo, em. Kind of sea-snail 

Caramnzil, em. Transport vessel used bv 
the Moors. [West Indies. 

Cahingue, em. Carinca, ^f. Flat fish in the 

Carantamiula, ef. Uideous mask; ugly per- 

Carantofia, ^ Hideous mask; old wonuui 
who pabts. Carantoilae^ Careesea, car 

Carantou6ra, ^ Coquette. [joler. 

Carantofi6rov em. Flatterer, wheedler, ca- 

Cari^ 4/C Besinous American ffum. 

Caraos, em. Act of drinking a mil bumper 
to one's health. [gout 

Carapa. ef. Oil of an American nut to cure 

Car^tula, qf. Mask of pasteboard; the titl*- 
page; the histrionic art 

Ctf atul^ro, em. Maker or seller of masks. 

Carava, ef. Meeting of country people on 
fostive occasions. 

Caravana, ^. Cruise of the knights of Malta ; 
caravan. Hacm' caratanae^ To take a 
variety of means for obtaining some end. 

Caravandra, 4/! Caravansary. [fellow. 

Caravanero, em. Leader of a caravan ; a wild 

CaravShi, Carav61, ^ A large sloop. 

Cariy, em. Tortoise-shell 

Carioa. ^ attfnfK Broad hirge face. 

CarbAlio, am. jBot) Common British oak. 

Carbaso,<mw Fine flax; sailof asliip; short 

Carbdn, «m. Charcoal ; cinder. Carbon d4 
pieifro, Ilard-coal; black pencil [cake 

Ctfbon4dia, ef. Broiled cliop or steak ; pan 

CarbonadilU, em. dim. Small earbonada, 

Carbonito, em. (Chem) Carbonate. 

Carboncillo, em. Small coal ; black crayon. 

Carbon^ra, «< Phice wbero charcoal if 
; coaf'pit 


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Carboneria, 9f. Coal-y«rd; coal-fbed; coal- 
mine. [coiJnuui. 

C3arboB6ro, •*». Gharcoal-maker; oollior, 

Oarb^nioo, ca, a. (Cbem.) CSarbonic. 

Cvbooizaddn. tf. Carbonization. 

Carbontz^Of dala. Carbonated. 

Carboniz4r, «a% To carbonize. 

Oarb6no. «m. (Cbeni.) Carbon. 

Carb^clo, Carb6noo^ 9m. Carbande. a pre- 
ctoosBtone; pimple. [bnncle. 

Carbanc690, sa, A. Of the nature of a car- 

Garb^ncnlo, mk PreelouA stone of the 
ancientB, sappoeed to be garnet or mbj. 

Carburdto, mn. (Chem.) Carburet 

CarciO^da, 4^ Loud laughtor, horse-langh. 

Carcam41, am. Nickname of old people. 

OarcaJi&I, Carcai&ib-, 9m. Heel-bone^ 

Carc^puU, 9m. Yellow orange of Java and 
Malabar; tiie largo carcqmlla-tree in 

C&rca?a, </! Pit or grave for the dead. 

Carcavdn, »». Lai^ and deep ditch. 

Careix, 9m. Carc4za, 9f. Fire-engine ; ribbon 
with a case at the end; qoiver. 

Cftrcel, «/: Prison, Jail; cheek of a presa. 
CarcdMy Cog-reeds of a loom. 

CarcelAge, Caroer^e, am. Prison or Jail fees. 

Carcelcria, 8/. Imprisonment; bail. 

Caroeloro, «*n. Jail-keeper, Jailer. Fiador 
'oareetaro. Ball or surety for a prisoner. 

Carc^a, ^ Row-barge used in India. 

C&rcola, ^ Treadle of a loom. 

Carc^ma, */CWood-louse; grief; prodigal; 
caries of bone. 

Carcomer, THk To gnaw; consume by de- 
grees. —^r. To decay, decline In health, ^kc. 

Caroomido, do, a. Worm-eaten, consumed. 

Ciirda, ^ Teasel ; hatter's Jack ; severe rep- 
rimand. GenU de la ectrda or loade la 
cardOy Idle street-walkers* 

Cardad6r, am. Carder, comber. 

Cardadfira, ^ Carding, combing wool. 

Cardiimlne prat^nse, am. (Bot) Y. Carda^ 

Card&mino prat^nse or de prA<1o8, am. (Bot) 
Meadow crosses ; cu<*koo flower. 

Cordamdmo, am. (Bot) Cardamomum, a 
medicinal seed. 

Gu'damduri, «/! Drug used in dyeing. 

Gardir, tni. To card wool ; raise Uie nap 
with a tea^L Cardarla d uno la lana. 
To win a large sum at play. Oardarls a 
alounola lana^ To reprimand severely. 

Cardelina, << Goldfinch, thistle finch. 

Cardendl, am. Cardinal; Yirginlan nightin- 
gale; weal or discoloration by a lash; 

Cardenalato, am. Cardinalate, cardtnalship. 

Cardenaliclo, cia, a. Belonging to a cardinal 

Oardtocha. ^. (Bot) Teasel ; comb for wool. 

Gardench&j, am. Place where teasels grow. 

Cardenillo, am. Yerdigrlse ; verditer, a green 

Cardeno, na, ck Livid. 

Card^ro, am. Card-maker. 

CJardlica, ^. Common mother-wort 

Oardi&co, ca, a, (Mod.) Cardiac; cordial, in- 

Cardlalgia, ^ (Med.) CJardialgy, heartburn. 

tkirdidlgioo, ca, a. Belonging to cardialgy. j 


Cardico, illo, ito, am^ dim. Small thistle 

CardiUa am. Golden thistle. 

Cardinal, a. (Cardinal, principal 

(Sardiz&l, am» Land covered with thlstlesL 

Oirdo, am. Thistle(prickly weedX articbok« 
Cardo alcaeJu^iro^ Garden artichoke 
Cardo aawtOy Cardo bendito^ Blessed 
thistle, oentamy, Mexican argemone. 

Card6n. «nk (Bot) Teasel Cw-dcn da 00- 
chiniUay Ck>chineal, cactus. 

CardonciUo^ am. Mountain earthamy. 

Cardiicha, af. Large iron comb for wool 

Cardiime, Cardfimen, am. Shoal of fishes. 

Carduzaddr, am. Carder, wool-oombcr. 

Carduzdl, am. Ground full of thistles. 

Carduzar, vo. To card or 09mb wool 

Career, «A To conih>nt criminals; com- 
pare. — or. To assemble for business. 

Carec^, im. To want, be in need, lack. 

Careci6nte, pa. Wanting. 

Carina, af. Careening of a ship. Carena 
mayoTy Thorough repair. Var carena^ 
To careen. (Met) To blame, reprimand; 

CarenSgo, am. Careening-place, dock-yard. 

Carenur, vo. To careen a ship. Apar^ da 
caranar^ Careening gear. 

Cardnda, ^ Want, need, lack. 

Caren6ro, sm, Careening-place, dock-yard. 

Car6o, «m. Conflrontation ; comparison; 

Car6ro^ ra, a. Selling things dear. [price. 

Carestia, fff. Scarci^, want; &mlne; high 

Cardta, {/T Mask of pasteboard ; wire feoe- 

Car^to, ta, a. Horse marked with a white 
spot in the forehead. 

(3ar6y, am. Tortoise-ebell 

C&rga, ^ Load, burden, freight; cargo; 
chu-ge. (kirga muarta^ Overloading; 
dead load; du^. COrga raoLKia^ 
tax, Und tax. Oarga oerrada^ VoUey, a 
general discharge. Carffa cono^Ht Mu- 
nidraloflico. DorAwMnnaoargacarrO' 
da, To scold severely. Dar con la oarga 
0»»tidiTa, To sink under fttigue. Eoharla 
oarga d otro.To throw the blame upon 
another. Vclter d la oarga aobre el 
anamigOy To return to the charge. 8ar 
algtma coaa da danto en oarga^ To be 
of little value. I^avio do cargOy Ship of 
burden. A' oarga oarrada, Boisterous- 
ly, inconsiderately. A' cargaa^ Abun- 
dimtly, in great plenty. 

Garg&das, ^. pL Game at cards. 

Cai^adSra, ^ Down-hauls, brails. 

Cargad^ro, am. Place where goods aro load* 
ed or unloaded. [traeted. 

CargadiUa, ^. Increase of a debt newlr oon* 

(>argddo, am. A^Spanish step in dancfog. 

Caz^o, da, & Loaded, fhll; fraught Om^ 
gado da eapaldaa. Bound-shouldered. 
£at€w cargado da «iAO, To be top-beavy. 

Cargadoi*, «m. Freighter; loader; rammer; 
tackles. Y. Patofi^uJn««, Pkites in gild* 

Oargam6nto, am. Cargo. 

Cargilr, «a. and n. To load, freight; ship 
ffoods. CVxr^^artf^Mltf, To ship goods Of 
freight; overkad, dog; duu^ book 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


j impato; tako a charge; crowd. 
Cdrgar d^'IanUrOy To be top-heavy, or 
(bddlcd. Cargar arriba una wla. To 
doe np a sail. Cargar la contideracion^ 
To retioct with consideration. Cargar 
la fikzno, To parsne a thin^with eacer- 
aeaa. Cargar lo9 dadci^ To cog dice. 
Cargar «>&r« i«no, To importune, tease. 
— rr. To recline. 

CaxgBz6n, sf. Carso of a ship ; hcavincM. 

Cargo, »m. Burden, cargo; total amount; 
diguity, office, chaise. Cargo cono'jU^ 
A municipal office; command; fitult. 
Cargo d^ conoien4sia, Kemorso. llacer 
cargo a aiguno da una coWy To charge 
one with a fault Hacerw cargo <fc. To 
talse charge o£ Ser en cargo^ To bo 

C^rgne, am. License to load. 

Gargutiro, ra, a. Ue who bears a bnnlcn. 

GBrguico, Ula, ita, ^ dim. Small or light 

Ou^o, 9m. Cargo of merchandise. 

Caria, 9f. Fust, the body of a column ; caries, 
rottenness. [nance. 

Golac^o, da, a. A sour-looking oonnte- 

CariacontecHio, da, a. Sad, moumfhL [cuts. 

CariacncfaiUiido, da, a. Face marked with 

Carl^o, da, a. Carious, rotten. nosed. 

Cariagnilcno, ua, a. Long-visaged, hook- 

Cariampoliudo, dJo, a. Bound-laced, plump- 

Cariancho, clia, a. Broad-faced, chubby. 

Cariarse, vr. (Med.) To grow carious. 

Cariitidc, ^. Caryatides, colamna in the 
figure of women. 

C^be, 9m. A Carib, cannibal, a savage. 

Quibito, 9m. A river fish of tlie bream spe- 

Garib6bo, ba, a. Having a stupid look. 

Carica, »/ Sort of kidney beans. V. Cainia. 

Caricatura, ^ Caricature. 

Carida, 9f. Caress, endearment 

C^iridosam6nte, ad. In a fondling manner. 

Caricioso, sa, a. Fondling, endearing, ca- 
ressing, [posed mien. 

Carieu^rdo, da, a. Having a serene or com- 

Cariddd, «/ Charity, good-will ; almsL 

CarideUnt^ro, ra, a. (Little us.) Brazen- 
faced, impudent Ttenance. 

(^ridoU^nte, a. Having a moumral coun- 

Ciriea, ttf. Caries; pellicle of the bone. 

Ckriescnto, a. Corrugated, shrivelled. 

Caries^ntoi, ta, O. Brazen-fkceii, impudent 

Carifhmcido, da, a. Wrinkle-fincod. 

Gariffordo, da, a. Full-faced. 

Carii&rgo, ga, a. Long-rlsaged. 

(kiilla, 4^ Small face: silver coin. 

Carilltoo, na, a. (Coll.) Plump-faced. 

Caiilio, lla, a. dim. Dear, high-prioed. 

OtfilAdo, da, a. Having a grassy fkce. 

amn&do, da, a. With fuU plump cheeks. 

Ouioa, ^ A poouliar Roman building. 

Otflndgro, gra, a Of a swarthy complexion. 

Carininfb, €L Having a womanish Ikce. 

Oarifto, 9m, Love, fondness, kindness. 

Carifloaaindnte, ad* Fondly; kindly. 

QnHI^BO. sa, a. AiTectionato; benevolent, 
kind: longinc after. 

OtftoOUta, ^ llerb banoet, common avens. 


Cari6ta, ^. WUd carrot 

Caripdndo, da, a. Idiot-liko, 6tnpid-fSMM)d. 

Carii>ar^o, Ja, a. and «. A similar fitoc 

Cariraido, da, a. Brazen-faced, impudent 

Carired6ndo, da, a. Bound-faced. 

Caris, sm. Kind of ragont or AricnaaM. 

Carisma, 9m. Divine gi/t or Davor. 

Caristia, ^ A small bird. 

Oarita, ^f. dim. Little or small foce. Fri 
joU«i de oarita^ block-eyed peas. 

Caritativamente, ad. Charitably. 

Cnritativo, va, a. Charitable, hospitable. 

Cariz, «n. Appearance of the weather at sea. 

Carldn, 9m. Magistrate of a district in Ara> 

Carlanca, ^/. A mfwtlfiTs collar. Tener mu- 
cAa9 carlanc(M^ To be very cunning or 
crafty. [ciafty. 

Carlancon, 9m, Person very snbUe and 

Carlania, «/ Dignity and district of a carlan. 

Ciu-lcur, vn. To pant, palpitate, harass. 

Carlin, 9m. An ancient Kilvercoiu. 

Carlina, (if. Carline thistle. 

Carlinga, ^f. Step of a mast 

Carlon. Vino carton^ Catalonia wine, 
Benlcarlo wine. 

Carmelj tm. Ribwort, plantain, rib-graHk 

Cannelita, «. Carmelite.—^ Flower of the 
great Indian cress. [melite order. 

Ctu-melitdno, na, a. Belonging to the Car- 
Carmen, 9m. Country-house and garden; 
Carmelite order. [on cloth. 

Carmenador, 9m. Teaser, raiser or tho nap 

Carmenaduro, «/ Scratching up of tho nap. 

Carmendr, va. To prick or card wool; to 
scratch up the nap ; pull out hair of the 
head; win at play. 

Cdrmeflj Mn. Kermes, the cochineal insect 

Carmcsi, 9m. and a. Cochineal powder ; crim- 
son, bright red. [rose color. 

Carmm, 9m. Carmine. Carmin ha^o^ Pale 

Carmlnanto, p€k V. CarminaUto, 

Carminative, «»i». Carminative. 

Carndda, ^. Bait 

Camdge, 9m. Salt b«eC 

Camd^ a. Carnal ; sensual ; worldly. 

CamiU, 9m. Flesh -eating time ^for Ci^olics). 

Gamalidid, ^. Carnality, lustnilness. 

Camalmdnte, ad. Carnally, sensually. 

Camaril, 9m. CuiiivaL 

Camdza, ^ Fleshy part of a hide or skin ; 
meal consisting or an abundance of meat 

C&me, «/C Flesh; meat or flesh-meat; pulp 
of fruit; a boylah nlav. Came ds pelo^ 
Flesh of harea, rabbits, Ae. Came dt 
plitma. Flesh of fowls. Corns momia, 
Preserved meat Came 9in hueeOy Muob 
profit and little trouble. Echar carnes. 
To grow fat Poner ioda la came en A 
aeador^ To hazard alL Ser ufla y comet 
To be hand and glove. En camee^ Na- 
ked. Came de grajo. Brown, meagra 
woman. Tener came de perrOy To b< 

Gamecilla, «/ Small excrescence of fleah. 

Camer&da, «f. Flock of sheep. 

Gamerdge, 9m. Tax or duty on sheep^ 

CaraerArio,am. Charnel-house. 

Garnereaml6iito, am. Poundage on SDaep 

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Carnoreilr, ta. To fine for damage bj slieep. 
Carnertro, «m, ShephonK 

Carneril, Btn, Shoep-walk, sbeep-pastnre. 

Carndra, sm. Shoep, mutton; sbeep-skin; 
flimi]^ vmalt; charnel-hoose. (Mm^o 
adaUd mania, Bell-wotker. Camsro 
<f0 «i/ni^n^ Bam for breeding. CarMro 
ciclan, Uidgll or ridgline: Oamero mO' 
rinOy "White aharlc uamero tertU, 
Haslied mutton. iTo hay Uilet cameros^ 
Tliere is oo such tiling. 

Cfjuer&no, na, a>. Resembling sheep. 

Comestoltodaa, ^. pi. Tlie carnivaL 

Camiceria, jt/T Shambles, slaughter-honse; 
havoc uaoer iamieer'ta. To cat away 

Camio^ am. Batcher. 

Camic^ro, ra^-a. Camiyoroas : bloodthlrstf. 
JAbra camicerctf Pound weight for 
batcher's meat 

Camic61f «m. Hoof of cloven-footed animala. 

Camiflcaoidn, 9m. Gamiflcation. 

Camlflc^rse, tr. To camify, to breed flesh, 

Camivoro, ra, a. Camivoroas. [meat 

Camlza, «/: Keftise of meat; cats* or dor * 

Carnosidad, ^ Camosity, proud flcsl 
abundance offish. [palpy.' 

Camdso, sa, a. Fleshy; fkill of marrow; 

Cam6do, da, a. V. Oarnoso. poathing. 

Gamuza, 4/! Abundance of meat, prodacing 

CAro, ra, a. Dear, high-priced; dear, be- 
loved. Oaro booado, A dear morsoL 

Caro. «</, Dearly, at a high price. 

CarAbo, mrk Twenty-fourth part of a grain ; 
Turkish vessel 

Car6ca, am. Caress, ct^oling. 

CanScha, ^ ^gn of the queen bee. 

Carochw, va.To lay and hatch eggs : ap- 
plied to the queen bee. 

Carolns, WK Ancient Flemish coin. 

Garomdmia. ^. The dry flesli of a maminy. 

Carina, ^ Inner part of the saddle. £9- 
quilar la cartma^ To shear the back of a 
mule. Blando ae corona^ very fideble 
or lazv; falling in love easily. 

Caron^da, ^. Caironade. [Joling. 

Garoqu^, ra, «. Wheedler, flatterer ; ca- 

Carosi6ra, ^ Kind of palm-tree, (corapan 
coroac), [fhiita. 

Car6so, am. The stone o^peaches or of other 

Car6taa, ^.f>l. Rolls of tooacca 

Car6tida, «/The carotid artery. [seeds. 

Gar6zo, am. Pellicle containing pomegranate 

C&riM, tf. (Ichtb.) Carp; tom-off bunch of 

Carpan61, am. Bemi-clltptic arch. 

Cnrpe, am^ Common hom-bcam tree. 

Carped&l, am, PUntation of common horn- 
beam trees. [ope, 

Carp6ta, t(f. TaWe-oover; portfolio; envel- 

Corpinte&r, «a. To do carpenter^ work. 

Carpinteria, ^Carpentry; carpenter's shop. 

Carpint^ro, am. Carpenter, Joiner. Car' 
plrUsro da Blanco, Joiner. CarpinUro 
da pri^to^ Cartwrlght Carpintero da 
obraa da ttfuera^ Roo^carpenter. Oar' 
jjirU^ro da Hberaa or da tuwto^ Ship- 
wright Maastro carpintat^ de remoa^ 
Master oar-maker. S^mdo carpintero^ 
Oarfienter's mate. I 



Carpi6n, atn. Large carp. 

Carpir, vtu To tear, scrnie, scratch. 

Garpo, am. Carpus, wrist 

Carnob^samo, avu Carpobalsamum, fruit 
or the balm of Oilead tree. 

Carpufego, «»k One who lives on fruit 

Carqutfja or Carqu^^a, ^ (Bot) V. Oar" 

Carqn6sa, Carqu(!!'sia, ^ A glass-anneollng 
furnace. (Bot) Rest-harrow, grcen-wee£ 

Garraca, ^Carack; rattle; navy-yard. 

Garrac6n, am. Laiige ship; large ratUc; 
worn-out animal 

Garril, am. Barrel, batt, vat [stripea, 

Carraldja, af. Black beetle with yellow 

Carralcro, am. Cooper. 

Carranclim, am. Gingham. 

Carrinclo. am. A blue bird of Estremadura. 

Carranc6do, da, a. Starched, stifl; aflbcted. 

Carrinque, am. A Peruvian bird resembling 
a crane. 

Carr&sca. if. Evergreen oak- 

Carrascdi, am. Plantation of evergreen oaks. 

CarrSsoo, am. Evergreen oak. 

Oarra8c5n, «m. Largo eversreen oak. 

Carraspdda, ^ Negus, a beverage of red 
wine, honey, dec. 

C^rraspinte, a. Harsh, acrid, strong. 

Carrasp^ra, ^ Hoarseness; sore throat 

Carraspique, ^f. (Bot) Candy-tuft, [strong. 

Carrasqn(!fio, fia, a^ Harsh, sharp ; rough ; 

CarrasquiUa, ^ (Bot) A species of Rham- 

Carrara, ^ Ranning ; a career, a race ; race- 
ground; high-road; avenue; walk in a 
sarden; row; girder; broken stitch ; pro- 
fession; course: conduct; street Oarrf 
ra da cordamOy Rope-walk. Oarrerd 
da Jndiaa, Trade from Spain to South 
America. iErtar «i coff^ra. To be In the 
way of earning a livelihood. Ponar A 
una ancarrera^ To provide one with an 
employment A' carrera abiarta, At 
ftall speed. Da carrara^ Inconsiderately, 

Carrerilla, ta, ^. Small race-course; rapid 
motion in a Spanish dance; rise or tail of 
an octave. 

Carr6ta, ^ Long narrow cart Carrata 
cubiarta. Gallery of a si^e. 

C^arretida, af. Cart-load; great quantity. 
A' carretadaa. Copiously, In abundanoe. 

CarretAgo, am. Cartage, trade with cartSw 

Canute, am. Small reed for winding silk, 
Ac ; reel ibr a fishing-rod. 

Carreteftr, va. To cart; drive a cart — w. 
To draw unevenly. 

Carret6I, em. Reel; log-reel; span-yam 
winch; rope-walk reel OarratH da car* 
pifUerOf Cnalk-line reel 

Carret6ra, af. High-road. [vard. 

Carreteria, ^ Number of carts ; cartwrTghtli 

Carret^o, am. Cartwright; carman. Fiw 
da earreteroy Harsh, loud voice. (Astr.) 

Carretilla, ff. Small cart; go-cart; squib; 
small wheel; wheelbarrow. Da earr^ 
HUa, By custom. Saber da carreHOt^ 
To know by heart. 

Carret6n, am. Small cart \ go-cart; ^tag«. 


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CvNtondllo, «m. cUm. Bmall go-eart 

GkrretQo^ro, cm. Drf ver of the carreion, 

G«rrio6che, »m, Old-fltthlooed ooach ; daiig> 

CuTicoU, f^ Cnrrlcle, kind of phaetoiu 

Carricarefia, ^, Carriage of a light flold- 
piece. [basket 

Carriego, 9m. Oslerbasket for fishing; rongh 

Carril, «m. Bat; narrow road; ftirrow. 

CarTfluda, 4^ Wheel-ratB in the road, wbeel- 

Garriilida, ^ Ollj enbstance of a hog^s 
eheek. wrrUiadas ds vaca o carnera, 
(ProT.) Cow or sheep's head. 

CSarrillix; WK To hoist things oat of the hold. 

Ourilks 9m, BmalKcart; cheek; hoisting 
tackle^ CarriUo9defncnjahoba^^\\aj- 
cheeked. (S^rfw* earrtfOos, Horse-racins. 

Garrilludo, da, a. Plonip or roand cheeked. 

Garrt6hi, f< Tmekle-bed; small chariot; 

Gartizil, «m. Land fhll of reed-grass. 

Oarrizo, «m. Common reed-grass. 

Carro, mm. Cart. Varaa dM carro^ Shafts 
of a cart; running port of a coach. (Astr.) 
The greater bear. Carro mmwr^ Th»^ 
lesser bear. CkMrro de EeequUL^ Sort of 
woollen Stan Carro ds oro^ Brussels 
camlet; cable factory, Untar el earro, 
To bribei CogerU d uno el oarro^ To 

Carr6cha, ^, Bemlnal substance in insects. 

Garroohtf, cm. To shed the seminal sob- 

CarrocUla, tff. dim. Small coach. 

Corrocin, em. Chaise, oarricle. [man. 

Carromat^ro, mn. Carter, charioteer, car- 

CarromiktOk em, A cart with two wheels and 

Oarr6fia, ^f. Carrion, putrid flesh. 

Cam^iir, fXk To infect sheep with the scab. 

Oarrdfio, fi«, a. Putrefied, putrid, rotten. 

Carrdza, ^f. Large coach; awning; poop- 

Carmige, «m. AH sorts of rehiclea. 

Carmag^ro, em. Carrier, carter, wagoner. 

Carr6cba, ^f, Pulley, machine to card wool 
V. Garruoha, [talnik 

4>urr6co, «m. Small cart utfed in the moun- 

CarruJ&do, da, a. Conugated, wrinkled. 

OarsAja, 9f. Cres^ em. Kersey, woollen Btu£fl 

Cirta, 4^ Letter; royal ordinance: map; 
chart Carta Uanca^ Carte blanche. 
Carta ouenkty Bill or account of sale. 
Carta de dtke^ Articles of marriage. 
Carta de 0rul<i^ Passport Carta de eao- 
Amim^ License for exercising a trade. 
Carta de horro. Letters of euftunchise- 
ment Carta de Ubre, Onardian's dis- 
charge. Carta de naturaleaa^ Letters of 
naturalization. Carta de eanidad^ Bill 
of health. Carta de venta, BUI of sale. 
Carta plomada, Deed having a seal of 
lead, carta receptoria. Warrant, vouch- 
er. ITo 9er eartOf To nave a bad hand. 
Perder ooti duenae cartas^ To fkil of 
saooess. Venir oon malae cartas^ To 
•ttMDpt to enforce an ill-grounded daira. 

?wtab6n, 9m, Sqoare, rule. £char <l car' 


taboTt^ To adopt measures. CortiAon 
de coUi, Small square piece of glue; gun 
ner's quadrant 

CArtama, ef. Dvcr's safflower, saffron. 

Cdrtamo, em, (Bot) Curthamua. [eL 

Cartap^o, em. Memorandum-book: satch- 

Cartapel, etn. Memorandum filled with use* 
less matter. [reprehension, 

Cartazo, em. Letter containing a severe 

Cartel, vn. To play low cards. — va. To 
steer by the chart — vr. To correspond by 

Cart61, em. Placard, edict; cartel ship, flag 
of truce. [console, bracket 

Cart^la, 4/C Memorandum on a slip of paper ; 

Cartel6n, em. augm. Long edict 

Cartco, em. Frequent intercourse by letters. 

Carters, ef. PorUbliOi pocketrbook; letter- 
ease; pocket-fl^ 

Carteriana, ef. Sort of sOk. 

Cart^ro, em. Letter-carrier, postman. 

Cart^ta, f< A game at card& [of a book. 

Cartibuiaa, ^ pk Paper glued to the leaves 

Cartica, Cartita,4/ttf»Wk Small letter or note. 

Cartilagln6eo, sa, a. Cartilaginous, gristly. 

Qotildgo, em. Cartilage, gristle; parchment 

Oartilla. ^f. Small letter or note; primer; 
certincate. Leerle d uno la cariMa, To 
give one a lecture. Ko eaber la eartiUa, 
To be extremely ignorant [cartoon. 

Cart6n, em. Pasteboard; pasteboard-box; 

CarixNi^ sm. Pasteboard-maker. 

Cartuch6ra, rf. Cartridge-box. [target, 

Carti^icho, em. A cartridge, cartoueh ; small 

CartAja, 4/: Carthusian order. 

(^tmino, na. a. Carthusian. 

Cartwo, em. (^tftbuslan monk ; kind of skiu. 

Cartnl&xio, em. Archives; register; the 
archivist; ooocber. 

Cartulina, ^. Pasteboard pattern. 

Cartocula, ^. Caruncle; crustaceons ex- 

Carv&llo, em. Common British oak. 

Cdrvi, em. Caraway; caraway-seed. 

Cdsa, ^ House: home; lineage; a square 
of a checker-board. Caea de moneday 
Mint Caea de poeada^ Lodging-house. 
Caea de fitted (In the date of letters). At 
home. Cbsa<fepo«fn, Stage-house. Caea 
de«a,JalL <7a«optt*/<<ja. Brothel Caea 
de eanidadj Office of the board of health. 
Crtea eolariega, Ancient mansion-house. 
Franquear la caea. To grant a fbse ac« 
cess to one's bouse. Chuardar la caea^ 
To stay at home, ffaoer eu oaea, To 
raise one's own family; Poner ooso. To 
begin housekeeping. Ponerled uno caea. 
To fdmish a house for another. Ser muif 
de caea. To be very intimate. Caea del 
Selior^ de Dioe or de oradon^ Church or 
temple. Caea eania^ Church of Uie II0I7 

Cashes, ef. Coot, upper garment of a man 
Caeaca de mttfter. A womui's Jacket 
Vokier caeaca^ To become a turn-coat 

Casaci6n, ef. Abrogation, the act of annul* 
ling a law. 

CBsac6n, em. Great-coat [riaga 

Casad6ro, ra, a. Marriageable, fit f>r mar 

Cas&i, em. Country-house. 

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Q maxttkt ^ (Fort) Casemato. [maker. 

OMUDentwov ro, «. Match or marriage 

Oasamidnto, «m. liarriage; matoh; bot; a 
wife's fortona. 

Gaaapa6rta, «/. Porch. 

Casaqnilla, j/f Kind of short and looM facket 

Casir, sm. Hamlet, a small TlUage ; laborer's 

Oasdr, vcu To many; unite; sort things; 
repeal.— vr. To marry, take a wife; inatch 

Casaildoda, «/! Tradesman's shopc 

Casdve, »m. V. Ccuabe. 

Casdzo, 9m. (Colt Augm.) Great event 

Cdsca, {/T Ilnsks of pressed grapee; baJ 
wine; kind of sweet bread. 

Cascab^l, 9m. Hawk's-bell ; morris-bell ; rat- 
tlesnake ; rattlebrained fellow. £char d 
uno el caaeabeL To throw off a burden 
on another. £char el ea4oab€lt To hint 
Tetter oaaoabel, To be aneasy. 

Cascadel&da, 4/r Jingling with small bells; 
inconsiderate speech or act 

CaacabeleAr, tw. To feed with vain hopes.— 
m. To act with levltv. 

OascabeUllo, 9m. dim. Small bUck plum. 

Cascabillo, 9tn. HawkVbell; morris-bcll; 
obaff; acorn bosk. 

Cascacini61as, em. Mean, despicable fellow. 

CascAda, ^ Cascade, water-full. CaaoadaSy 
Uanginff or fold of dranery. 

Cascido, da, a. Broken, decayed, infirm, in 
bad health; crazy. Casoadoe, Broken 

Cascaddra, {/: Bursting or breaking asnndor. 

Cascajdl, Ca9ci\]dr, 9m. Place fUll of gravel 
and pebbles; place to deposit grane-noska. 

C^uBcijo, em. Gravel : shell of nnts, Ao, ; rnb- 
bish; sIHqaoos plants; bridle-bit; very 
old and infirm nerson. 

Casci\}68o, sa, a. Gravelly. [slightly. 

CascamiU^, va. To break, bmise, or pomid 

OMcamI6nto, 9m. Breaking or braising. 

Ca8cana6eeA, em. Nnt-cracker. 

Cascapiftdnea, em. Wbo shells and cleans 
hot plno-nnts. 

Cascir, va. To crack, bnrst; cranncli ; beat; 
shelL Caeear d uno laa Uendree, To 
give one a fine licking.— vr. To be broken 

Cdscara, ^ Bind, peel, hnll, hnsk: bark of 
trees; lansquenet, a game at cards. 

C&scaraa, inL Oh ! an exclamation. 

Cascar61a, ^ Lansqnoneta game at cards. 

(^carina, Cascarita, ^ Thin bark; casca- 

Cascarita, fff. Wood-borer, ship-worm. 

Qiscar6n, em. £{K;«heIl arch : niche ; trick. 

CascarrOn, na, ^T/Bongk, harsn, mde. 

Cascar^do, da, a. Having a thick rind or 
shell [knocked together. 

OpBcaral6ta, «/ Noise made by the teeth 

^00. am. Bknll, crmlom : poltterd; onlon- 
peel{ helmet; crown of a bat; cask, vat 
6^»«co<2«tmn€rvio,HuIlofaship. Caeco 
y quUia^ Bottomry ; hoof Oaeeoe^ Heads 
wftliont the tongncs. Lavar d uno los 
caeooe. To flatter, ei^ole. LfvanOirls d 
uno as eaeooe^ To fill one's head witii 
tanity. Somper loe cuscoe^ To molest 


Tener let easooe d la glneta, To be oa 
the high bone. Tensr maloe eaeeoe^ Tc 
be crazy or hare-brained. 

Caso6to, em. Bnbblsb, rains, flragmcnta. 

Casooteria, 9f. Wall or work made of rub 

Oaacudo, da, a. Large-hoofed. [bisb 

Caseaol6n, e^. Caseation or cording. 

Oseedeo, sa, a. Cseeoua, cheesy. 

Cas^ << Housekeeper. V. Caeero, 

Caseramdnte, ad. Homely, in a phdn manoor 

Caswia, ^. Messuage, fermerV lodge: eoon 
omv. [very small town 

Ouerio, «i7k A series of bouses; village ot 

Casdma, i/. Casern or barracka. 

Ca86ro, rn, «. Landlord ; steward of a bouse, 
—a. Domestic, homely; home-made; 
home-bred. .Saif^ ca««ro, Famtly-danoet. 
Muqer oaaera^ a good housewife. 

Caseron, am. A very great house; great 

Cnseta, ef. dim. Small house, hut, cottage. 

Cosl, adL. Almost nearly. CVi«i gutf or caei 
easif Very nearly. 

Cdsia, ef. Bastard cinnamon or cassia. 

Casica, ilia, iti^ ^ dim. Bmall house, cabin. 

Caslllaa, e/.pL Pigeon-holes; ruled columna; 
points <^ a backgammon table; aonarea 
of a chess-board. SacoHe d uno ae 9U9 
caeiUaa^ To harass onew [stoola. 

Gasilldr, em. Person to empty tbo close- 

Casill6ro^ 9m.pLY. CaeiUaa, [afhdr. 

Casillo, em. Trifling cause; a momentoua 

CasSmbaa, ^.pL Bailing-backets. 

Casimiro, em. Kerseymere. 

Caalna, tff. Cottage; a kind of tea. 

Casino, am. Club-house. 

C&so, am. Event case, occurrence ; casualty; 
opportunihr. En todo caeo^ At all eventiL 
£Mar0n</oa«o, To comprehend. Uaoef 
€090 cfe. To esteem ; take notice of At 
eaeOf To the purpose. Caao qu^ In caac 

Ca86rio, em^ Inconsiderate marriage; wed- 

Cispa, ^ Pandruff, scurf [dine. 

Caspars, ^ Comb for dandruA 

Caspita, ini. Wonderfhl! 

Casp^so. sa, a. Full of dandruff. 

Casquetazo, em. Butt with the head. 

Casqudte, am. Helmet; wig; man's cap, 
cataplasm to take off the scurC 

CasquiblAndo, da, a. Soft-hoofed. 

Casquiderram&do, da, a. Wide-hoofed. 

Casquijo, em. Gravel. 

Casquula, f/T Cell of the queen bee. 

Casquillo, 9m. Small steel helmet; staal 
arrow point 

Casquil&oio, cia, <t Gay, fi-oVcsome. 

Casquimul^fio, fia, a. Karrow-faoofed. 

Casquiv&no, na,a. Impudent ineonsidentek 

Cista, </! Casteu race, cUm; breed; kind. 
HacereoHta^ To get a partictUar breed. 

Castam6nte, ad. Chastely. 

CastAfia, ^f. Chestnut; any seed similar to a 
chestnut ; bottle ; club of hair. Ca^UOa 
pilonffo, or apUada^ Dried chestmit 
Oaetona reffotdana^ orde Yndiae^ Horse- 
chestnut Oaetatla de marafkm or ds 
pajtM or de merey^ Ouhew-nut 

OwtaftAI, OastalUr, em. Qrova or plaotattoi 

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flwtiftJTO, «ni. Blow from a diostnau 
CtttafiMo, 9nu Chettaut-grove or planta- 
tion. [ebestniit-treeA. 
OM Ufier a, ^ Coontrr abounding with 
Castafioro, ra, «. Dealer in cbestnota. 
Castafieta, ^ Snapping of the fingers; cas- 

Gtftafietizo, rnn. Blow with a castanet; 
boring of a diestnat in tlie fire ; cracking 
GHtafieteido, 9m, Sound of castanets. 
OMtafieteir, tm. To rattle the caaUneta; 

cnckle ; cry as partridges. 
OMtiidoi, •m. Chestnut-tree. Castailo de 

Jndia&, Horse-chestnut tree. 
CmUAo^ fiSL, a. Uazel, hazelly. 
Owtafia^la, ^ Castanet liiar eomo una 
cattailuel<k, To be very g»J.—pl. Cleats. 
CMafin^lo, la, a. Of a light chestnut color. 
GasteU&n, 9m^ Castellan, governor of a castle. 
CaBtelknla, 4/! CasteUany, castle district 
GaateUino, sm. Bpanlsh coin; fiftieth part 
ofamarkofgdd; Spanish language; cas- 
tellan, the governor or warden of a castle ; 
1-100 of a Spt lb. = 71 Troy grains. A' la 
eaatdUina, In the Cwdlian &shion.— <i. 
OwtellAr, am. Tutsan, Saint John's wort 
0Mtid4d. 4^ Cfaasti^, continence, honor. . 
Ctetigacidn, ^. Castigation; correction of 
OTorsw [cord. 

Gwtigad^4/!BeII-ropeofaniule; stirrup- 
Owtigaddr, ra. a. Pnnisher, chasUser. 
Oas^gir, «a. To chastise, afflict 
CtetigD, am. Punishment penal^; censure. 
OastiUi^e, am. Castillena, tf. Transit toU 

over casUo property. 
Casting am. A small castle; go-cart 
C«KtUlo, tniK CasUe, fort ComUOo de proa. 

GastiUudlo, am. dim, A.smAlI castle. 
CasUzo, za, a. Of noble descent, of a good 

breed; pure. 
Casto, ta, a. Pure, chaste, modest, clean. 
Cast6r, »m. Castor, a beaver; fine red baii^ 
CastorciUo, am. Kind of rough serge like 

Csst^reo, am. C^toreum. 
Cistra, ^ Pruning of trees or plants. 
Gutrmai6n, ^. Castration, gelding. 
Osstraddra, ^f. Iron instrument to take 

honey from tlie hive. 
Castrad6r, am. Gelder or castrater. 
GKtradura, ^. Castration or its scar. [ing. 
Csstnunetacion,^. Castrametation, encamp- 
GM«trapo6rcaa. am. Sow-gelder's whistle. 
Castrir, iro. To geld, castrate: cut away; 
prune. [hives; gelding season. 

Oastrax^n, tf. Cutting honeycombs out of 
CWstrinso, a. Belonging to the military. 
O&stro, am, Bulns of ancient fortified placae; 

taking honeycombs out of hives. 
Gaatroa. mtt. Castrated goat 
Gasuil, a. Casual, accidental, fortuitous. 
Oasnalidid, ^f. Casualty, hazard, bap, acci- 
dent [contingently. 
Owoalm^nte, ad, Gumally, accidentally, 
0Ba6dia, ^f, Miserable hut, crib. 
Gmidl, mK Cassowary, emeu. 
Obankta. im. Oasnist 


OasuisUeo, ea, a. CasoistlcaL . [pri«M*> 

CasiUlla, ^ Chasuble, vestment worn by 

Casuliero. tm. Maker of church restments. 

Cdta,V^ Tasting, trial by taste. Dardcata^ 
To give upon trial 

CAta, ad, (ColL) Mark, beware. 

Catabre, sm. (Nau.) Sheep -ehank. [&e. 

€latacaldo^ am. Taster of wine, liquors, soup, 

Oitaclismo, am. Cataclysm, deluge, inunda- 

Cntaciimbaa, ^/.pl Cataoombe. 

Ontae^sUca, a/ OatacousUos. 

Oitad6r, mi. Taster. 

Oatadupa, |< Catadupe, water-fkll, cataract 

Catad w^ •/. Tasting ; gesture, fiwe. 

Catafalco, »m, A temporary ceiK>taph. 

Ostal6jo^ am. Telescope. 

CatalecUco, a, (Poet) Catalcctic [cine. 

Cataliodn, am. Catholicon, universal medl- 

Cataloffo, am. Catalogue, role, file, matricula. 

Gatamlto, 9m. Catamite. 

Gat^ 9m. Indian sabre or cutlasSi 

Oatan^ce, CatanAnqne, 4/! (Bot) LionVfoot 

Catapl^sma, ^ Cataphum or poultice. 

Catq><icia mendr, ^ Losaer or caper spurge. 
Catapuoia mayor. Castor-oil plant 

Catap6]ta, ^/T Catapult, a miiltwry engine. 

Catar, wt. To taste; Investigate; judge; 
bear in noind; cut the comto out of li^ 

Catariifia, a/ Sheldrak^ kind of duck. 

Catardta, ^ Cataract of the eye ^ water-fall, 
cascade. Tetisr oatarata9, !Not to un- 
derstand clearly. 

Cataribera, am. Man ta follow the hawk ; 
offlcUd examiner of the decisions of magis- 

Catarrdl, a. Catarrhal [cold. 

Oatarri^to, ta, a, Catarrhous, of or flrbm a 

Catirro, 9m. Catarrh, a cold. Catdrro ept' 
d^mico, Influenzi^ [cold. 

Oatarr^so, sa, a. Catarrhal ; subject to catdi 

Oitibtico, ca, a. Cathartic, purging. 

Catiistro, am. General tax, chi^y on land. 

Catdstrofe, 4/^ Catastrophe; denouement 

Cataviento, sm^ (Nau.) Dog- vane; weather- 

Catavino,«m. Small Jug to taste wine; small 
ti^hole.— ^ Wine-taster; tippler. 

Cat^cismo, am. Catechism. 

Catecumdnico, ca, a. CatechumenicaL 

CSatecfimeno, na, «. Catechumen. 

CJitedra, ^f. Chair of a professor ; professor- 
shio * see. 

(Tatedr^, a. and ^. Cathedral [church. 

OtedralidM, 4/t Dignity of a cathedral 

Catedratioo, am Professor in a college or 
university ; contribution paid by the dor* 
gy to bishops. [fessorehip. 

(}atedrilla, 4/; Poor or less Imporiant pnx 

Git^qria, 4/r Category; class, character, 
qnali^, or rank. 

Categ6ricam6nte, ad. Categorically. 

Categorico, ca, A Catecorical, catcgoria 

Catequismo, am, Catecnism. 

Gatequista, 9m. OUeehist 

Oatequistico, ca, a. Catechetical, catecbetto 

Oatequiz4nte, pa, Catechiscr, cotechist 

Cateqniziir, va. To catechise; persuade 

Oot6rva, V- Multitude, swarm, crowd. 

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CbUfto, ^ (Arcfa.) G«Ui«tas, perpendicular 

Gatld^ C% a. Porbllnd. 

Ontimeron, »m, Cetamaran, In<liaa raft. 

Cadte, «m. Loaf of best refined aagar. 

CatiTaci6n, Oatirami^nto, CaUvac6n, Cap- 
tivity, capttvatioD, slavery. 

Oativo, mn. V. Oautivo, 

O&to. am. Japan earth. 

Catolicam6nte, ad. In a catholic manner. 

Catolicbmo, »m. Catholicism, 

Oatolico, ca, a. Catholic, nnlvorsal; tme, 
inftilllble. ^o estar muy eoMico, Not 
to be very well [chemical ftamaoe. 

Oat6Iico, tn. Cathollo, a Soman Catbolio; 

Cato1ic6n, tm. Catiiolicon. 

Gat6ptrioa, ^. Catoptrloka, reflected rlslon. 

OBt6ptrico, oa, a. CatoptricaL 

Oat6rce, a. Fourteen. [nnitfes. 

Oatorc^na, nf. The ooi^nnctlon c^ fbnrteen 

Catorc6no, na, a. FonrteenUi. V. PaHo, 

G&tre, »m. Small bedstead or cot Oatreds 
mar^ Hammock. Oatrs de M)«ra & la 
itiffMKk, Field-bed, cot 

Catrio6ft'e, «». Press-bed which slrats np. 

Catfiresi tm. Kind of armed vessel of Ban- 
tam, [oomoion bardock. 

Canoilide, tm. (Bot) Great bur parsley; 

O&aee, tm. Drain for conveying water. 

OJincbn, »m. Gum-elastic. 

Qmoi6n,«/Cantionor8ecnribr; gage; ball 

Caocionar, €<k (Law) To ffuard against ; bail 

Caacion^roi sm. Sorety, bail 

O&oda. ^ Train of a bisbop^s robe. 

Caadif, »tn. Property, wealth, Amd; ciu>ital ; 
plenty. Ilao&r cciudal de^ To bold in 
niffh estimation. 

Candal^o, 9m.tdim, Middling fortune. 

Caodaloeo, so, a. Elvers carrying mnch 
water. [train of a bishop. 

Gandat4rio, tm. Clergyman who carrice tlie 

Caud&to, ta, a. Having a tail : boarde<L hairy. 

Candillo. am. Conunander oron armed troop ; 
chief, leader. 

Caad6n, am. V. Alcaudon. 

Gaolioolo, C^olloulo, am. Ornament of the 
capital of colomns. 

C4uro, am. (Little m.) Northwest wind. 

C&nsa, f/I Cause; motive; oansallty; law- 
suit Cau»a pubUocty Public good. A' 
cau»a d^ On account o£ 

Oansiible, a. Causable. 

Cansad6r, ra, a. Oooasioner, causator, causer. 

Oauadl, a. Causal. [oonstitnent 

OansAnte, pa. and tm. Oceasloner. causer; 

Oaus^, va. To cause, produce, make; sue; 

Cansntivo, va, a. Causative. 

Gausidico, aw. Advocate, counsellor. 

Causidico, ca, a. (Law) Causidical, forensic 

Oau6n, wk Bhming fever which lasts sev- 
eral houra 

Caustioo, aTTk (M«d.) Canstia 

Oiustico, ca, a. Caustic, causticaL 

Cautam6nte, ad. Cautiously. [ulng 

Gaut^Ia, a/ Caution, prudence; beed ; cun- 

Chmtel^, va. To proceed with prudenoe. 


Canterlzad6n, a/ Canterintioa, oaofterblnc. 

Oauterizador, 9m. He who cauterfacea. , 

Caaterlzir, va. To cauterize; oorrect with 
severity. [charm. 

Cautivir,i7a. To make prisoners; captivate; 

CautivMo, tn. Cautiyidid, ^. Cwtlvlty; 
conflnoment [beauQr. 

Cantivo, va, a. Captive by enemies or by 

Cduto, ta, a. Cautious, wary. 

Cava, {/C Earthing of vines; wine cellar; 
subterraneous vault 

Cavadiza, a. Dag out of a pit 

Cavador, em. Digger. 

CavadAra, ^ Digging. ' 

CavalUllo, em. Water-ltirrow between ridgea 

CavAr, fMk To dig; excavate ; paw.— en. To 
penetrate far into ; tliink Intensely. 

CHtv^ma, ^f. Cavern; hollow. 

Cavemiila, ^f. dim. Small cavern. 

Cavem68o. sa, a. Cavernous, cavemed. 

Cavi, am. A Pemvlaa root, called oca. 

Cavid&d, a/ Cavity, excavation. 

Cavidoa, wk Portuguese measure of length. 

Cavi1acl6n, a< Cavilling. 

Cavil&r, va. To caviL 

Cav»h^ ^. (Nan.) A trunnel. 

CavUlar, ^ (Bot) Sea-holly ; a trunnel 

CavUUddr, 9m. Tree-nail or trunnel maker. 

Cavlll4r, V€U (Nau.) To use tree-oailfr; to 

Cavilosamdnte, ad. Cavillonsly. 

Caviloaididf^Capttouaness; cavHUngnen. 

Cavil660, sa, a. Captions, cavillona. 

Cdvo, va, A A month having only twentsr- 
nine days. 

CayMa, if. Shepherd's hook, crosier, staff. 

Cayadilla, 9/. dtm. Small shepherd's hook. 

Cay6do, tm. Shepherd's hocSc, crook; cro- 
sier; stafll 

Cayibto, 9m. A kind of stnfll 

Cdyoo. am. A sandak 

Cayelac, 9m. Sweet-scented wood of Biam. 

Cayep6t, 9m. C^jepat oil 

C&yo, 9m. Key, rock, slioal, or islet 

Cay6te, am. (Bot) American gourd. 

Oay6u, tm, Oashew-nut 

Cay uoo, 9m. (Nan.) Small canoe in America. 

Caz, 9m. Canal near rivers, ibr irrigation. 

C^ 9/. Chase, hunting; game. Cbeer 
mo^r, Large game. CToaia «nefk>r, Small 
game. Anaar d coco, To hunt; go in 
pursuit ot Levawkir la caaa, To start 
the game. Dor cata, (Nau.) To give 
chase. Ponens tn oata^ (Nan.) To ma- 
nceuvre in order to e6ci4>e. 

Cazdbe, 9m. Caasada, cassava; flour and 
bread of cassada. [gamsL 

Cazad^ro, 9m^ Chase, place tor pursuing 

Caz8d6r, amw Hunter, huntsman, sports- 
man; chaser. OoMdor dt a{/o/^ On% 
who sports with dogs, &o. 

Cazadora, ^ Huntress. 

Cozara^scas, 9m^ (Cm.) FIy-cat<^er. 

Caz^, va. To ohjuM, hunt; gain by dexter- 
ity, by caresses; give chase ta Oi«ar 
vnavela, (Nau.) To tally a sail Ottar 
mo9oat^ To waste ono'j time. 

Cazoale^, vn. To fidget 

Cazcirria, ^. Splashinss of dirt on dotfaec 

Cazoani^nto, ta, a. Spiasbed, benilrsd. 

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Gtoo, Ml. Ck»pper anooepan ; copper or iron 

OuoIejSf £ta, ^f. Small moccpan; gunlodc 

Cteolero, am. Mean person who does wo- 
men's work. 

Cftzolero, Ta^a.A person too offlcioos. 

Cazoleta, »/. Gunlock pan ; boss of a shield ; 
sliell of a sword; kind of pcrAime. 

Cazf»]UIa, 9/. dini. Small earthen pan. 

Caxolon, «m. augm^ Lai^e earthen pot or 
stewpan. [iium. 

Cazon, «»*, (Ichth.) Topc-fish, sweot-wil- 

Casontti, «;n. (Prov.) Fiablng-tacklo for the 

Caxon^te, mr. ^an.) Toggel, a wooden pin. 

Cazudo, do. a. Having a thick bock (knife). 

Cazaela, ff. An earthen pan ; stewed uieat; 
womens gallery in Spanish theatres. 
CauuHa moj'i or mcf^U^ Tart of cheese, 
bread, apples, and honejr. [cords. 

Cazomlnir, iXL To Join staves with bompcn 

Cazdmbre, $m. Hempen cord to join staves. 

Gttxiunbr6n, 9m. Cooper. 

Oszur, 9m. (Bot) Bryony, white Jalap. 

Cazurro. ra^o. Tacitam, sulky. 

Ce. inierf. Hark, hero, come here. Por ce 
opor bt^ In one way or other. 

Cea, 9f. Thigh-bone, hip-bone. 

C«4tica, ^ (Med.) Sciatica, a disease. 

Ceaticolca, a. (Mod.) Sdatical. 

Ceba ftmninante, tf. Forcossion cap. 

(}eb4da, ^ Barley. 

Gebad^l, 9m. Barley-fleld. 

CeLadfao, za, a. Belonging to barley. 

Cebaddra, ^f. Bag in which feed is given to 
worklnif cattle. (NaiL) Sprit-salL 

Cebaderia, ^. Barley-market. 

Cebaddro, 9m. Place where game or fowls 
are fed; breeder and foeoer of hawks; 
male carrying the Ibed; bell'mole; en- 
trance of a kiln ; dealer in barley. 

GebadUla,«/CIndian caustic barley; sneeze- 
wort; piickly ox-eye; hellebore snuff. 

Cebddo, a. (Her.) A wolf with a lamb or 
kid in its month. [other animals. 

Cebad6r, 9m. One who fattens fowls, or 

Oebad&ra, 9/. Feeding or fattening fowls, «kc. 

Cebix, CO. and n. To feed, cram; &tten 
fowl*, &c; keep up a fire; excite and 
cherish a passion ; prime a gnu ; bait — 
«r. To be nrmly bent upon a thing. 

Cebellina, ^f. Martin; sable; skin of the 

Cebiea, qf. CHont, iron plate to an axletree. 

G6bo, 9m. Food, fodder; fattening of fowls; 
bait for wolves and birds of prey : kind 
of monkey; cart-grease; bait; priming. 
09bo<xt eebafukninmiiei Percussion cap. 

Osbdlia, «/ Onion ; bulb. CeboUa albar- 
ranA, (Bot) Squill. OeboUa a9oalonia^ 
Shallot garlk 

CeboUiUu^ 9f. Three-toothed globniaria. 

Cebolliir, 9m, Plot of ground sown with 

Oebolldro, ra, 9. Dealer in onions. 

Ceboll^tA, ^. dim. A tender onion, [chive. 

Cebollhio, 9m. A yomig onion ; onion seed ; 

OeboU6n, ffiK atiffm. A hurge onlou. 

CeboU6do, ria, a. Plant wtUi a btg bulb; fll- 


Cob^n, 9m. A M bullock or bog. Cchont* 

d6 GaUoia, Stall-fed bullocks. 
CeboncUlo, 9m. dim. Fatling. 
Cebra, «f. Zebra. 
Cebratana, sf. A long wooden tube; piece 

of ordnance. 
Cob^rro, a. Millet, pannie grass. 
Cece^r, aa. To pronounce the Spanish 9 aa 

the Spanish a, or English th; mp. 

ic^o, «w ' ■ ■ 
Oece660, « 

Cec^o, 9m. Lisping, lisp. 
Oece660, sa, *. Lisper. — a. . „ 
Ciicha, ^ Vessel for drinking water. 

w Lisping. 

Ccciil, 9m* Fish cured and dried in the air. 

(Jecias, 9m. Northwest wind. 

Cecina, ^ Hung bee£ Schar en ceeina, 
To salt and dry meat 

C^inir, va. To make hnng beef, [or sold. 

Ccdoceiia, ^. Shop where sieves are made • 

Cedac6ro, 9m. Maker or seller of sieves, 
cribs, «kc 

Cedocillo, Sto, «m. dim* A small sieve. 

Cedibo, 9m* Sieve or strainer. Verpor tela 
cfe cedaeo^ To see other people's faults. 

Cethuuclo, 9m. dim. A small sieve or 

Cedontc, pa. C!eding, granting. 

Ceder, vcu To grant, resign, yield, give np. 
— viu To submit, comply, give up; hap- 
pen, turn out ill or well ; grow less. 

(^diza, a. Tainted : applied to meat. 

Cedo, ad* Immedi^elyf soon. 

Ccdodrla, */ Zedoary. 

Cedria, ef. Cedria, cedar resin. [cedar. 

Cedride, O^drio, 9m* Cedrio, fVuIt of tbA 

Cedrino, na, a^ Cedrine, cednm. 

Cedro, em. Cedar ; Spani^^h juniper. 

Cedron, em. (jedron-nuts, fhiit of IheStma* 

CMula, ^. Slip of parchment or paper; 
order, decree; lot; schedule; warrant 
Oidtua de adtMnOy A permit Cidula 
de abono. Order to remit a tax to a town. 
CSdttla de cambio. Bill of exchange. 
Cedula real, Boyal letters patent Ce- 
dida ante diem. Secretary's simimons of 
meeting. Echar cedtUae, To draw or 
cast lots. [of decrees. 

Ceduldgo, em. Fees paid for the expedition 

CtidulilTa, ita, t(f. dim. A small slip of p<^er. 

Ccdul6n, em. augm, A long edict; a libel- 
lous bllL 

CefahUgUi, »f. Cephalalgy, headache. 

Ofalica, a. Cephalic : applie<l to a vein. 

Cef^co, ca, a. Cephalic, belonging to the 

C^iblo, em. Mullet, a kind of perch. 

Cefiro, em. Zephyr. 

0^0. 9m. A large AiVican monkey. 

Ceg^o, em. A he-goat two years old. 

C^nj68o, sa, a. Blear-eyed. 

Ce«Ar, t?ru To grow bund.— ra. To bllnl; 

darken ; shut ; stop up. 
Ccgarrita, em. Chie who contracts the eye 

to sec afkr. A' cegarrUa9^ With the eyes 

Ceg^to, ta, a. Short-sighted. 
O^toso, sa, a. V. Ceqc^oeo. 
Cegnecillo. Ceguezuelo, em. dim, Llttlo 

blind fellow. 
GegnedM, ^ Blindness; ignorance^ 

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CftCQ^ ^ Disorder in Uie eye; abeolute 

Cegaoricfl. em. Kind of mutin, roartfn skins. 

OegoinndlA, ^ Whip-staff of Uie lielm. 

C6lb«, «/: Bilk-cotton-tree. 

C^<<^£yebrow; edging of clothes; bridce 
of stringed instniments; summit; circle 
of cIonouL Ifcuta las e^at^ Fnll up to 
the eyes. Qu€tna7'»a lot CfjoA, To suidy 

Cctjad^ro, «m. Traces of harness. 

Ccjj&r. rn. To retrosTftdc; slacken, relax. 

CcJUonto, ta, a. Having eyebrows which 

meet [pleasure. 

- C^o, »m. Thick fog; flroTm, a look of dis- 

C<jjn6Ia, ^ difn. A small eyebrow. 

Celida,^ Helmet; ambnsli; artfhl trick; 
horse cross-bowman ; decoy. 

Geladilh^ f/f dim. Small helmet 

CeIad(Sr, ra, «. Curator; monitor; warden. 

Celad^raf 9f. Enamel 

C^l^e, 9m. Color of the clouds; presage; 
skylight CWa^«8, Light swift clouds. 

Cel&r, m, and a. To ftilfll the duties of an 
office with care; watch through fear; 
cover; engrave. 


Celdica, ilia, ita, tf. dim. Cellule. 

CeMm^ ^ Capsular. 

CoVbdrrimo, ma, a. «U7>. Most celebrated. 

CeiebracidUf »f. Celebration; praise, ap- 

Celebrad6r, wn. Applander, praiser. 

Cel>ttbrinte, rnn. Cclobrator, otnclating priest 

Cel^bHir, vcl. To celebrate. Cdebrar misa^ 
To say mass; praise; revere, venerate. — 
«r. To take place. 

Cdlw'bre, a. Celebrated, renowned ; IVicetiouB. 

C61ebrem6nte, ad, Cclebriously ; lacctiously. 

Cek-brldad, jj/T Celebrity ; lame ; pomp. 

Celebrillo, em. dim^ Bmaji brains. 

CeWbro, wt. Skull; brain; fancy. 

Gelemin, em. D17 measure, the twelfth part 
0/ AfansffO, about one-eighth of a busliol ; 
superficial, about ono-olgbth of an acre. 

Celeriddd, 9K Celerity, velocity. 

Celi^tc. a. Celestial ; heavenly : sky-blne. 

CeloAtiuL a. Celestial, heavenly; perfect; 

Celestialm^nte, a<2. Celestially, heavenly. 

Ctilfo, em. Largo monkey. 

Celidca, </! Celiac artenr ; ooDllac passion. 

CcU&co, ca, a. (Mod.) Cooliac 

Oelib&to, em. Oelibacy; bachelor. 

C^libe, em. Baclielor, on unmarried man. 

C61ico. ca, rt. Celestial, heavenly, [heaven. 

Cellcola, em, (Little us.) An Inhabitant of 

Celid6Dta, i(f. Common celandine, swallow- 
wort • Fdcr-seed. 

Celindrdte, 9m. Eagout made with corian- 

CelHa, ^. A QibralUr fish. 

Oell^nco, ciL o. Decrepit 

06no, em, IIoop. 

Oelosia, tf. Blind of a window. 

Cel^so. sa, a. Light and swifl-sailiug; crank. 

Celsltad, ^ C^lsitude, elevation. 

Ooltidsmo, 9m. Celticism. 

G61ul^ tf. Cellule. 

CelnUr, a. CeUular. [ity. 

Velulilla, 4^ dim. A Tory small cell or cat- 


CembelliniL ^ Hartshorn. 

Ckimentacion, «/ Cementation. 

Cement6rio, Cemotiirio^ 9m. Graveyard. 

C^a, 9/. Supper. Jui^ee 9anto or de la 
Cena^ Maundy-Thursday. Cena del rey, 
A tax paid for the king's table. 

Cen^ho, em. Basket fbr fVuit and greens. 

Ceniculo, em. Conaculum, hall of the last 

Cenad^ro, 9m, Garden sammer-bouse. 

(^naddr, em. One fond of suppen ; summer- 
house, bower. 

Cenagil, 9i)K (Quagmire. MeUree en un 
cenagal^ To get in a scrape. SaUr de 
tin c«nagaly To get rid of an unpleasant 

Cenag6so, sa, a. Muddy, miry, marshy. 

Cen&r, tMz. To sup. Cenar d eficunu. To 
be miserly. 

Cenc6fio, da, a. Lean, thin, slender. J\xn 
oeft«e^, Unleavened bread, [of s mill. 

Cenc^rra, 9/. Bell of the leading mule; claek 

Ccncerriula, ef. Charivari, noise made at the 
wedding of an old briaegroom to extort 

(yencerrear,«nw To Jingle continually; clack. 

(^encerr^o, 9m. Jingling of mule or horse 
bells. [horse, or mule belt 

CencerriHa, Ulo, «. dim. A small wether, 

Cenc^rro, 9m. Bell of the leadine mule; 
wood-crow. A' eencerro9 tapaaos^ Pri- 
vately, by stealth. [gathered. 

CencerrAn, 9m, A bunch of grapes left un- 

Cencerr6no, a. Like the noise of a wether> 

Gencido, da, a, Untllled, nnculUrated. 

C^cris, Ccncro, 9m, Kind of serpent with 
white spots. 

Cendul, 9m, Light thin stuff; crape ; flounce; 
garter. Cefidalee, Cotton for an inkstand. 

(^nd^a, 9/. Public meeting of villagers. 

C^ndra, 4/! Paste to clean silver; cupcL 
iSeriifm (vru/ro, To be lively as a cricket 

On^fa, ^ Picture frame; valance; trim- 
ming; bank of a river, Ac. Omt^ d4 
tin toldo^ Centre of an awning. 

Ceniciro, mn. Ash-hole. 

Cenici^nto. ta, a. Asb-colorcd, cinereeuSw — 
9m, Scullion. 

C^nit, SfTk SScnith. 

Ceniza, ^f. Ashes. Onisa* asuleMy Bine 
ashea, a paint Ctnitae d9 eeta^. Pol- 
isher's puttT. JHa de cetiita^ Ash- Wed- 
nesday. Jfacer96 eerviaa^ To come to 
nothing. Poner & who la eenixa tn la 
frente^ (Met) To make one blush. 

Cenizo, em. (Bot) White goose-foot [gray. 

Cenizo, za, a. Ash-colored, of a brown and 

Ceniz68d, sa, a. Covered with ashes. 

Ccnobita, enn Onobito. 

Cenogil, 9m, Garter. 

Cenop^rias, ff. jd. The ftast of tabemaclea. 

Cenotiflo, 9ni, Cenotaph. 

CensAL 9. and a. (Prov.) Klght of anntuU 
pension, poll-tax, feudal. [copy-holder. 

Censalista, em. (Prov.) Annuitant for life; 

Censat^o, Gens^ro, em, Ono who pays aa 

C6nso, 9m. Right to an annual mnston: 
quitrent; census; poll-tax. vei\90 tti 

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fMttor, or fferocMvo, Commntitlon of 
qoitront or nannitj trbich can be paid at 
once by a certain tim«. Cenaodsporvida^ 
Annnity for one or more lives. Censo da 
agu€t^ water-rent. [mocking-bird. 

Cens^ntll, Censdntle, «m. Tiie Mexican 

Ceo96r, «m. Censor; criUc, reriower; ccn- 
aorioos person. 

Censoria, ^f. Censorship. 

Cenaorino, Cens6rio, a. Censorian. 

OensudL, a, Belonging to a qoitrAnt or to an 
aannity. [holder. 

OmsoAhsta, an. Annuitant for Hlb; a copy- 

Geosnaimentef ad. With a right to an an< 
onity. [blame; go^ping; censorship. 

Obna^ra, af. A critical review; censure, 

CensnrdblCf a. Censurable. 

Gensuraddr^ em. Consurer, fhultflnder. 

Censorante, pa. Censnrer, censuring. 

Censnrir, «a. To review, criticise; censure, 
expose; condemn; correct [thistle. 

Centaora, Centanrda, qf. Centanry, or star- 

(^taoKs 9n^ Centaur; archer (constella- 

Cont^Ia, rf. Lightning; flash, spark; flake 
of flro. Ser una cerUeUa^ To be all life 

C«itellad6r, ra, a Brilliant [and spirit 

Oentelltote, pa. Sparkling, flashing. 

GmteUAr, Centelle^, vn. To sparkle, tlirow 

CentetlM, am. Spark, scintillation. 

Oentellka^ Ha, ^f.dim. A small flash or spark. 

Gentelidn, am. auam^ A large spark or flash. 

Oeat6na, a/. Ilnndred; centenaiy. 

Oantenidas. ad. A' centenadaa or d cen- 
tenarea. By hundreds. [field. 

Contend Centendr, tfin. A hundred; a rye- 

Contenirio, ria, a. Centenary.— «m. Centen- 
nial. \centenaea, Rye-straw. 

CentenibEO, xa, a. Belonging to rye. Ih0a 

Centeno, am. Common rye. rhundroth. 

Centtoo, na, Centtelmo, ma, a. Centesimal, 

Centen6eo, m, a Mixed with rye. 

CentidiSnIa, ^ (Bot) Knot-berry bash; 
knot-^rass. [hundred parts. 

Centil6anlo, am. A work dividod into a 

Centimano, na, a. Having a hundred hands. 

CSntSmo, am^ A centime (French coin). 

Centincla, it< Sentry. Cmtinela avamada, 
Advanced jgnard. Centinda d cabaUo, 
Yldette. VanUfula pardida^ Forlorn 
hope. JIaoer eenHneta, To stand sentry. 

Gentlnddla, ^. Knot-grass, persicarla. 

CentlpUcAdo, ad^ Centuple, a hundred fold. 

Gentipllc^r, to. To centuplicate. [turtle. 

CentMa, Cent611a, a/. Centre-fi^h, a kind of 

Gent^n, am. Coarse covering of warlike ma- 
chines; literary scraps; cento. 

Oratrido, da, a. (llcr.) A globe placed in 
the cenlre. 

Osctr&l, CentriciU, a. Central, centric 

Ctatralidid, ^ CentraUty. 

Crntralmdnte, ad. Centrally. 

O6ntrloo, a. FocaL Punto ceiUricOf Object 

OaatriAuo, ga, a. Centrifugal. 

Oontripeto, ta. a. Centripetal 

Centra, am. Centre; the principal object 
£$tar en au ceniro^ To bo satisfied with 
one'B fiita. 

CntupUc^, va. To centopUcate. 


Gentiiplo, pla, €k Centnple. 

Centdrla, ^ Century; one hundred soldlen 

Centuri6n, am. Centorion. ' 

Cenz&lo, am. Gnat, mosquito. 

CeMr, im. (Little u&) To lh>wn, look angry, 

Cefiido, do, a. Moderate ; ringed. 

Ceilld6r, am. Belt, girdle, e&eX. Cefiidor dA 
Vimta^ Cestns. [cypres*. 

Ceftiglo, am. Wliltc goose-foot, summer- 

Cenir, vn. To gird, circle ; environ ; reduce. 
Ceflir sapaaa, To wear a sword. Ceilir 
si fdentOy To haul the wind. — vr. To re- 
duce one's expenses. [round the hoof 

C6flo, am. Frown; ring or ferrule; circle 

Ceft«'»so, sa, a. Hoof surrounded with rings. 

Ceiiudo,d&, a. Frowning, supercilious; grim. 

Ceo, am. (Ichtlu) Doree or dory. 

C6pa, ff. Trunk of a tree ; stalk of a plant; 
stock of a vine; origin; foundation. 

Cepacabdllo, am. (BotO Cardoon. 

CepeJ6n, am. The uighest and largest branch 

Ccpllladuras, «/r pi. Shavings. 

Ceplllir, v<L To plane. 

Cepillo, am. Carpenter's plane ; brush. 

Cepita, ^ dim^ A small vine-stock. 

Q6po, am. Anvil-block; stock; the stocks; 
strengthening-piece; reel; trap; charity- 
, box. Cepoa quedoa^ No more of that 

(^p6n. am. augm^ A large trunk of a tret 
or vine-stock. [root^ 

Cepkirro, am. An old vine pulled up By the 

Cequi, Ceqnin, am^ Sequin, a gold YenetUn 

C6ra, ^ Wax ; wax tapers ; foot-path ; side- 
walk. Cera aleda^ Coarse wax llnius in 
the hive. Cera de Mgos^ A drum of nga. 
Ser una cera, To be as pliable as wax. — 
pL Honey-comb. 

Cerach&tea,^pi Wax-stonea, ayellowagat^ 

Ceraf61io, am^ Common chervil 

Cerap^z, af. A plaster of wax and pitch. 

Cerasina, af. Beverage made of rice. 

Cerista, af. Cer&ste, Cenlstes, am. Cerastes 
or horned snaka [chickweed. 

Ceristio de Gran&da, am* White mouse-ear 

Cerito, am, (Pharm.) Cerate, oerote. 

Cerat6fllo, Cerat6flIon, «77i. Horn-wort, or 

Cerbat&na, af. Blow-tube for shooting pel- 
lets; ear-trumpet; ancient ctilverin. 

Cerca, a/. Inclosure, fence, hedge. 

O^roa, ad. Near, at hand. Cerca de^ Close, 
near. JEhi eerca, Round about Tocar 
de cerea^ To be nearly allied to. 

Cercddo, am. An Inclosu«e ; garden or field 

Ccrcaddr, am^ Fcnce-raakor, hedgcr. 

Cercanamdnte, ad. Nigh, nighly ; nearly. 

Ccrcania, ^ Proximity, neighborhood, yi 

Ccrcdno, na, a. Near, close by, neighboring. 

Cero^, to. To inclose, environ ; ibnce round; 
crowd round. 

Cero6n, ad A' cercen^ At the root Cercen 
d ceroen^ From end to end. 

Cercenadamdnte, a^ In a retrenching way. 

Cercenad6ra, ^ Clipplng-knifo. 

Ceroenad6r, am^ Clipper. [pk Cuttings 

Oaroenadura, a/. Clipping, retrenchment- 

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Oorc6a4r,«a.TopaTe»cllp; lop off; iMsen; 

Cero6ns sf, y<$htllator of a vault 

Corc^ta, if. (Orn.) Widgeon ; an antler. 

Gdrcha, «/ A flexible measure ibr carved 

Oerchir, wi. To sqoare timber; lean anon. 

Cereh6n, 9m, Wooden centre to build an 
arch on. 

Cercillo, 8fn, Tendril of a vine. V. ZarciUo. 

G6rcIo, Cercl6n, anu An Indian mocking- 

Gerciorir. 9a. To verify, ascertain. 

06rco, tfm^ Hoop or ring; blockade; circle; 
frame. En cerco^ Bound about Echar 
cerco^ To surround game with dogs. 

Ccrcoplt^co,«m. Kind of long-tailed monkey. 

G6ida, 9f. Horse-hair; brifi'tles; sheaves of 
grain ; bundle of flax ; sow. Ganado de 
ctrda^ Bwinc. 

Gerd&men, 9m. HandAil of bristles. 

CerdAna, if. Kind of dance In Catalonia. 

Cerddzo, «m. A large hog or pig. 

Cerdeiir, m. To be weak In the fore-quarter ; 
souml harshly; decline a reauest 

Cenlilio, «m. A small hog or pig. 

""' ' " " > df mmrU^ 

Cenlilio, «m. A small hog or pig. 
C^rdo, «m. Hog or pig. Cerdo d€ nvmrU 
A pig fit to be kilk^ Cerdo <U tida^ i 

plz not fit to be killed. 
;?erdViso, sa, Cerdudo, da, < 
Oereb^lo, mn. Cerebellum. 

Cerdi^ sa, Cerdudo, da, a. Bristly. 

Oer6bro, mt. Cerebrum. 
Ceredlla, «/ dim. Small kind of red pepper. 
Cerecita, «/? dim. A small cherrv. 
Oerem6nlA,<!/: Ceremony; Anmallty. Ouar* 

dar Mremonia^ To stick to old customs. 

Depura oeremonia^ por ceremarday Out 

of mere compliment De ceremorUOi 

With all ceremonv.— -pt Words of course. 
CeremonUl, 9in, A book of ceremonies. 
Oeremonl&l, Cer^nonifitlco, ca, a. Ceremo- 

niouai [ad^ Ceremoniously. 

Ceremonidtioam6nte, Ceromonlosam^nte, 
Ceremoni^^, sa, a. Ceremonious, polite, 

C^reo, tm. Cactus, torch-thistle. 
Cereria. *f. Wax-chandler's shop; palace 

chandlery. U^rant 

Cer^ro, 9m. Wax-chandler; Idle person/va- 
Cer^ «/ Cherry. Cereta garrafal^ The 

large heart cherry. 
f>crezAl, 9m. Plantation of eherry-trees. 
'Jer^zo, 9nrK Cherry-tree in the tropics, Mal- 

Cer^o, 9m. Rock rose, ciRtua. 
OerU16r, «»n. Honey-wort, honey-flower. 
Oerilla, »f. Wax taper In rolls; wax tablet; 

ear-wax. [cercrinm. 

C^rio, Cerfirlo, wn. (Chem.> Cerium or 
Oerites. 9m. Wax-stone, a yellow agate. 
€erm6Aa, ^ Muscadine pear. 
Cermdfio, 9m. Muscadine pear-tree. 
Oem&da, «/ Leached ashes ; pUstcr of ashes, 

dec; coat of size priming. 
Oemadiro, 9m, Strainer or coarse linen. 
I3smed6ro, 9m. Sifting apron ; place Ibr sf ft- 
Oemed6r, 9m. Sifter. [ing. 

0«mA)a, ^ Fetlock of a horse. 
Ooneir, wn To sift, bolt— wk To bud and 

UotBom; drizzle.- "Vr. To waddle; soar. 


Oemicalo, 9m, (Orn.) Kestrel, wind-hoT«i 
Ooqtir uft cem\caiot To bo fbddled. 

Cenudillo, 9m, Thick mist or fine rain 
waddling gait 

Cemldo, mn. Sifting; sifted flour. 

CemldAra, 9f. Sifting, boitinz. 

Cemir, «a. To examine, purify. 

C^ro, em. Zero, cipher, figure 0. 

Cerofer^o, «m. Aoolothlst {soft 

Cerdllo, Ihi/o. Grain reaped when greec and 

Cer6n, em. Dregs of pressed wax Ibrmod into 
a cake. [ing; panic, fear; cerate^ 

Cer6te, «m. Shoemaker's wax, shos-blaok* 

Cerot^, 9m. Wax-rag to wax twine witb. 

Cer6to, em. A soft cerate of oil and wax. 

CenSya, 9/. Crops of grain which begin to 
grow yellow. [shoe ; tonsure 

Cerquillo, em. A small circle; seam of ■ 

Cerquita, f/T dim. Small inclosure. 

Cerquita, odL At a small distance, nigh or 
near. Agul cerqttita, Just bv. 

Corrida, e/f The strongest part of a hide. 
ITaoer eerrada, To commit a groes fiiult 

Cerrad^ro, 9m, Nosing, plate or hole to re- 
ceive the bolt of a lock. Echar la cerni' 
dera. To rcfbse. 

Cerradero, ra, 9. and a. The place locked, 
and thing wiUi which it is locked. 

Cerradixo, za, a^ That which may be lookod. 

CerrAdo, 9m. Inclosure, fence. 

CerrAdo, da, a. Shut, locked, dose, reMrvod ; 
secreted; stubborn. A' €(}09 etrradoa^ 
Without exumlnatlon. A' puerta eerra- 
da. Privately, secretly. 

Conrad6i; tm. Shutter; porter; fastening. 

Cerradfiia, 9f. Closure; look. Cerradura 
de ffolpe. Spring-lock. 

Cerradnrilla, Ita, ^ A small lock. 

Cerri^a, ^ Lock of a door; common sow- 
thistle. Thdo 99 agua ds oerrt^as. It la 
all good fbr nothing. [trade. 

CernueAr, «a. To carnr on the locknnlth'a 

Cemueria, «/ Trade or a looksmlth ; i>rge. 

Cem^Sro, 9m, Lodcnnlth. 

Cerramidnto, 9m, Closure; inclosure; fin- 
ishing ofthe roof: partition walla. 

CerrAr, vtt and n. To dose, fbrecloeo; ob- 
struct; lock; include; ffence; terminate; 
prohibit Cerrar la cartas To fbid a loi- 
ter. Cerrar la craenta^ To close an ac- 
count Cerrar la booa, To be Bile&L 
Cerrar la moUsra^ To begin to get senseu 
Cerrar la puerta. To give a flat deniaL 
Cerrar A (Uffttno kipuerta^ To lock ono 
out Cerrar lo9 qfoa. To die; sleep; 
blindly to submit Al cerrtw da dco^ 
At the close of day.— vr. To remain firm 
in one's opinion. Cerrar9e de campifia. 
To adhere to an opinion ; be shut up; be 
cicatrized; grow cloudy. Cerrmreetodas 
Ia9pu9rta9, To be completely destitute. 

Cerraz6n, ^ Dark and cloudy weather pre- 

Cerre)6a, 9m. Hillock. Tcedlng tempesta 

Cerrero, ra, a. Running wild. 

CArril, a. Mountainous, rough; wild. Pu^nU 
cerriL, Narrow cattle-bridge; rude, on- 

CerrillAr, va. To mill the edge of eoln. 

Cerrillo, «m. dim, A little eminence. C9^ 
rili09^ The dies fbr milling coin. 

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€barfi6ii, «m. leMe. 

CenOf mn. HIU; neck of an aoimal; back* 

bone. En cerro^ Nakedly^ barely. 
Cerro^illo, am, (Orn.) Wagtail, warbler; a 

small bolt [all ways and means 

Cerr«^o, am. Bolt Tentar cerro^ To tr^ 
Cerrdn, mtv. Unen in Galicla nuMle of tow. 
Cerr6ma, a< Defective qnarter in borsea. 
Cemunddo, da, a. Weak or delbcUve qnar- 

tex8 of borscs. [tation. 

Certamen, am. Literary oontrorersy, dispn- 
Gertcria, if. Y. Tmo. [sirot 

Cortero, ra. a. Sbarp-shooter.— <Zv Excellent 
Cert^ca, af, Certain^, certitude. 
Certid&mbre, ^. Y. Ceriexa. 
Certlficaci6n, ^. Gertiflcate, certifloation ; 

return of a writ 
C^rtiftdUlo, am, Gertiflcate, certifloation. 
Ortiflcir, ra. To certUV, assure, affirm. 
Gertiflcat6rto, ria, a. Certifying, anthentl- 

Certinidid, Certltfid, af. V. CerUssa. 
Gerdleo, lea, a. Cerulean, aky^blae. 
Ceruma, af. Defectlre quarter in a horsck. 
Cer^aa, rf. Ceruse, white lead. 
Cerral, a. Belonging to a deer. JItMio cer- 

vaL Great timldi^. 
CerrftrlOi, ria, a. Y. CervaL 
Oerr&tica, af. Latest green grasshopper. 
Cerratico, iUo, am. dim, A small deer. 
Oerv^ am, A fkwn. [house. 

Cerraceria, ^ Brewhouse, brewery; ale> 
Cenrecero, am. Brewer; beer-seller. 
Cenr^da, ^ Extremity of the ribs of pork. 
Oerrfa^ am. Beer, malt liquor. 
Ceryie»ra, at. Oazellew 
Cenrieil, a. (Anat) CerrlcaL 
Cerrig^do, da, a. High or thick-necked. 
Cerriguilio, am. Ni^ of the neck. 
Cerrino, na, a. Besembling a deer. 
Gerri61aa. ^ ^au.) Cat-beads. 
CerriL if. Cervix, nape of the nook. iSer 

da aura earvia^ To be incorrigible. J>o- 

hlar or bc^ar la cervia^ To humble one's 

selt L&aarUar la oervie. To be elated, 

grow proud. [color. 

G^rytoo, na, a. Kesembling a deer; fS&wn- 
Cesicfo or Ceeaci6n a Divinis, «. Suspension 

from religious (tanctiona. [pause. 

Ceaaci^n, ^jf. Geeamionto, am. Cessation, 
Cee&nte, an*, A public officer dismissed with 

■alary.-HMZ. Ceasing. 
Cesar, en. To cease, forbear; desist 
C^sar, pn. Name. (/ Cisar 6 nada^ Neck 

or nothing. 
Gesireo, rea, a. Imperial; Cesarlan. 
Ceee, am^ Cease; stop of pension. - 
Gesible, a. That which may be ceded. 
Ceel6n, ^ Ceasion, re^gnation ; concession ; 

Cepton&rio, Ceaonirio, ria, a. Cessionary, 
evened, Cdepede, am. Pruned part of the 

Tine; grass-plot Ceaped /ranees^ seo- 

Cesped^m, af. Field where green sods are cut 
CMo, af. Basket, pannier. 
Cestidfl, ^ A basket-niU. 
Oeetcria, ^ Baaket^bop ; basket-etaid. 
Gett6ro, am. Basket-maker or seller. 
Oeatica, iUa, tta, «i7». A small basket 


Goetieo, illo, ito, «m. A little basket 

Cdstou am. A hand-basket £f(tar Aacho MM 
eaaiot To be overcome by sleep. Ser wi 
caato. To be ignorant and mde. 

Gestdn, am^ A large basket; gabion. 

Ceston^da, »f. Bango of gabions. 

Gestira, ^/T Gesura, pause in poetrr. 

Ceticeo, cea, a. Cetaceous, of the whale ktzkl 

C^tis, am. An old Galician coin. 

C^tra, ^. A leather shield used by Spaniarda 

C6tre, «m. A small brass or copper bucket 

Oetreria, af. Falconry; hawking. 

Cetrdro, ant. Yerger; falconer, sportsman. 

Cetrifbro, am. One who bears a sceptre. 

Cetrino, na, a. Citrine, lemon-colored 

Qhxiy,am. Sceptre; reign; wand; perch. 

Guuma, tif. Zeugma, a flfure in rhetoric 

Geva, «^ Y. Ceoa and Cebo. [stufll 

ChL ^f. In New Spain, Tea; a thin Chineec 

Cliaoacanam^nte, odL In a bungling manner. 

ChabaoAna. ^ An insipid kind of plum. 

Ghabacanida, ^. A very vulgar expression. 

Ghabacaneria, sf. Want of cleanliness. 

Ghabac&no, na, a. Coarse, unpolished. — anu 
(Mex.) A kind of apricot 

Ghab6ta, ^ Key, fastening-piecet Perd^ 
la chabatOj To lose ohe's senses. 

Ghab6rra, «/. (Coll. Prov.) A young lass. 

Ghaborr«a, af. dim. (ColL Prov.) A very 
young lass. 

Ghac^l, am^ Jackal 

Ch^cara, 9/. Y. Chacra. 

Cb^chara, ^ Chit-chat idle talk. 

Cbacbare&r, on. (Coll.) To prate. 

Ghacbanira, tf. Forward* talkative woman. 

Chachareria, tf. (Prov.) Verbosity, verblaga 

Ghftchar^ro, Chachar^n, am. Prater, gabbler. 

Ghdcho, am. Stake at the game otiiombre; 
word of endearment 

Cbacina, af. Pork seasoned with spice. 

Ohacoli, am. A light red Biscay wine. 

GhacoloteAr, vn. To clatter. [horse-shoe. 

Ghacolot6o, «m. The clapping of a loose 

Ghae6na, ^ A Spanish dance, its tune. 

Ghac6ta, ^ Noisy mirth. Echar 6 cJiocota, 
To carry off witli a Joke. Hacar cha^sota 
dgy To make fan ot [scofiH 

Ghacotear, tnk To indnlgo in noisy mirth, 

Chacot6ro, t.% a. Waggish, ludicrona. 

Chicra, Cb&cara, ^ (A.) An Indhia hut 

Ghacuiico, am. Clown. 

Chafald^tes, am^ (Nan.) Clew-lines. 

ChafUonia, «/^. (A) Old plate, or broken ar- 
ticles of silver. 

Chafiilia, 4/! A tattered suit of clothes. 

GhafalUr, va. To botch, to mend in a clum- 
sy manner. [mended. 

GbaflUIo, am. Coarse patch, place coarsely 

ChaAU16n, na, 9. A botcher. 

Gha(£ir, va. To mat down the pile of velvet; 
cut one short in his discourse. [sword. 

Ghaferdte, am. A short broad, Turkish 

Cha&rrinAda, ^ Blot stain ; disgrace. 

Ghafknin^, va. To blot, stain. 

Chaftirrindn, am. Blot, stain. Kchar tft 
chcfbrrinon, To disgrace one^ fiiraily. 

Chafercon6as, k/. pi Kind of printed l!n»n 

Chafl&n, am. Bevel, obtuse angle. 

ChaflanAr, ra. To bevel, slope. 


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OIUU, «n. LonrehswL Chalanaotto.Qenl 
ObaUn, na, «. Hawker, backster; Joekev. 
Ofaalane^r, va. To Jockey ; bay or sell dex- 
Chalanena, ^ Conning In buying or selling. 
Chalcblguite, atiK pL (A.) Stones like em- 
Chaldrdn, «m. Measure for coal& [eralda. 
Cha1<^ irni, A waistcoat vest 
Cbal6n, ChaUtn, «m. Shalloon, woollen stuH 
Chaldto, 9m. Shalote, kind of onion. 
Cbalupa, «/. Sloops a small light vessel 

(Mex.) Canoe. 
Chainale6n, sm. Chameleon. 
Cbamarisca, << A brosb-wood fire. (Bot) 

Annual costmary. 
Chamariz, 9fn. (Bot) Water-germander. 
GLamaril6ro, CnamarilI6ro. an. Dealer In 

old fbrntture, &c. ; gambler. 
Chamarill6n, 9m. A bad pUyer at cards. 
Chamariz, 9m. Blue titmouse. 
Chamardn, 9. Long'tailed titmonsek 
Cbam^rra, f/C Garment of sheep-skins. 
Chamarrdta, ^ A abort loose Jackot with 

Chamb^rga, ^ A long wide cassock; a 

Spanish dance wltb singing: silk girdle. 
Cbamben;^ ga, a. Slouched nat [let 

ChatDel6te, GuneI6te, 9m. Camlet or camb- 
Cbamelotina, ^. Kind of coarse comblet 
Cbamerl6co, 9m. Close jacket wltli a collar. 
Chamlo6ra, ^ Trees, Ac., scorched by Are. 
Cbainic^ro, ra, a. Belonging to scorched 

Cbamlza, ^ Kind of wild cane or reed. 
Chamizo, 9m. A piece of wood half burnt 
Cbam6rra, ^ A shorn head. [head. 

Chamorritda, 9/. Butt given wltli a shorn 
Chamorrdr, «a. To cut the hair with shears. 
Cbam6rrojra, a. Shorn, bald. Triffo cAa- 

morro. W inter or beardless wheat [ga. 
Champ&da, ^f. A large stately tree in Mala- 
Champ&n, ^ Vessel in South America of 

seventy or eighty tons. 
Champurrddo. 9m. Jarvon; mixture of 

liquort)^ (Mex.) Chocolate made in aloU. 
Champnrrdr, vet. To mix liquors; speaks 

gibberish. [vice; contaminated. 

Chamuscddo, da. a. Tipsy; tinged, prone to 
Chamuadir, ro. To singe or scorcb. 
Chamuscdn, 9m. augm. A large singe or 

scorch. [singeing; wrangling. 

Cbamusquina, »f. ChaniAsco, 9m. Soorcalng, 
Chanc&ca, «/! The coarse sugar of western 

Spanish America. [merry. 

ChanceAr, tn. To jest, Joko. — vr. To fool, be 
Chancellor, ro. To cancel, efiisce, annul 
Chancero, ra, a. Jocose, sportftiU merry. 
Chincliarras mdncharroa, fif.jjl. (Low.) Sub- 

Oliancica, ilia, k/. dim. A little ftm or jost 
ObonciUer^soj, ca, a. Of chancery, In chan- 
OhancllloriiL »/? Chancery ; chancery fees. 
Chaocita, ^f. aim^ A little ftin. 
Chancleta, ^l Slipper, Andar en chandeta^ 

To go sHitshod. [shoe. 

tlh&aao, 9m. Patten; dog; galoche, over- 
Chanfaira, «f. llagout of livers and llgUts; 

A trifling thing, 
^hanfldn, na. «. Bungler.— <z. Bungling. 


Cbanfl6n, 9m, Money beaten oat to appeti 

Cniang6to, cm. An oblong bar of Iron. 
Ch&ntre, 9m. Precentor, a dignified canon. 
Chantria, ^f. Precentorship. 
Chilnza, ^ Joke, jest, Ain. Clutma p99adc\ 

A sarcastic taunt Ds cAanso, In Jes^ 
CJhanzon^t^ ^ Joke, jest; a little m«rry 

song. [poet 

Chanzonet^ro, 9m, Writer of baLids, a oetty 
Chiipa, iff. A thin metal plate; ecutcHeon: 

rosy spot; rouge; bo8& De chapa, (M 

juf^ment, valor. 
Chapai^ta, ^ Lower pump-box. 
Chap4r, va. To plate, coat 
Cbapiirra, ^. (A!) Thick bnshesi species of 

oak; a coacn with a low root 
CbapanAda, 4/C Yery heavy shower of rain. 
Chaparril, «nk Plantation of evergreen ooko. 

(A.) Place fhU of thick bushes. 
Chaparro, 9m. Evergreen oak-troe; bush.— 

a. Low in stature. 
Chaporrdn, tm. A violent shower of raJn. 
Chi4)e^r, vo. To adorn with metal plates.— 

m. To clap (as a horseshoe unnailed). 
Chapel^ta de una bomba, ^ The oUpper of 

a pump-box, of a scupper, &c 
Chapel6te, «m. An ancient cover for the head. 
Chapelina, ^. An ancient gold coin. 
Chaperia, ^. Ornament of metal plates. 
Chaper6n, 9m^ Ancient hood or cowl 
Chap^ta, 9f. A small metal plate; led spot 

on the cheek ; a shirt stud. 
Chapet<in, ank (A.) European Spaniard. 
Chapeton&da, ^. Illness incident to stran* 

gers to the climate. 
Cbapln, 9m. dog with a cork sole. Chapin 

de la rtinOy Ts^x. on the occasion of the 

king^s marriage. 
C^apln^zo, am. Blow with a clog or patten. 
Chapineria, ^f. Shop for clogs and pattens. 
Chapln4ro, sm. Clog-makor or seller. 
Clupinlto, 9m, dim. A small clog. 
Chaplt^ 5771, Capital of a column, spire of 

a tower. (graving 

Chippie, «77a^ Graver, the tooT used in en- 
Cbapodiir, 9S(U To lop off the branches <4 

trees. [America. 

Chapote, 9m, Kind of black glue or wax in 
Chapotedr, acu To wet with a sponge. — vn. 

To paddle In the water. 
CThapuce^, tcu To botch, bungle. 
Chapuceramdnte, ad. Fumbllngly, dumsHy. 
Cbapuoeria, ^ A clumsy, bungling work. 
Cbapucero, 9m. Noil-smith, Ac ; bungler. 
Chapuc6ro, ra, a. Rough, unpolished, dumsy . 
Chapurr&do, 9m, Jargon, broken language. 
Chapurrar, loa. To speak gibberish, broken. 
CliapAz, 9m. The act of ducking; dumsy 

performance. — pi. Pieces on the mast to 

increase its bulk. 
Cliapuz^, 170. To duck; paddle with tho 

oars. — CTi. and r. To dive; duck. 
Chaqueta, ^ Jacket [men 

Cl>aqu^*te, 9m, Game resembling backgam 
Chaqnira, ^. Glass seed-beads of nil colura 
Char^rio, 9m. (Om.) (Common roller, 
durtocnao, ^f, pL (ffau.) Battens used at 

(Tharangu^o, ra, a, C!Iumsy : bad workman 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Ohflvngo^roi, m/K P«ddl«r, bawk«r; oout- 

Cbirea, ^, Besorvolr espMlallr to make loe. 
CharcADM, ^. Stuff of nlk and cotton. 
Qiiffoai, «ik Pool of standing water; small 

lake. /\wor«JoA<iree, To cross tbe sees. 
Oiarcdso. sa, a. Fennj, swampy, waterj. 
Ghirla, ^ (Orn.) Bohemian ebatterer, sUk- 

toU ; idle chlt-cbat« gossip. 
Cbar1ad6r, ra, a. Gabbler, prater, chatterer. 
Charladnria, ^ Oarmlity, gossip. 
Cbarlinte, snt, and pa Gabbler, chatterer. 
Charlantin, 9m. A mean prattler or gossip. 
Cbarlir, vn. To prattle, chatter, gossip. 
Ctiarlat^, na, a. Prater, babbler; ch ar ls t a n . 

— a. SmpirioaL 
Charlatanear, vn. Y. Oharlar. [qnaekery. 
Charlataneria, f< Garmtity, verbositx; 
Cbartatanismo, mn. Charlatanry, quaekery. 
Oharmilla, 4^ Hornbeam-tree. 
Cbara^ca. ^ Mastie-tree, pistachio-treei 
Ctuumecu, sm. Plantation of mastic-treea. 
diamdla, ^. Hinge; the chape of a bookie. 
Cbar6l, mn. Black Tarnish ; japan work. 
Cbarolir, va. To ramish ; japan. [ner. 

Charotista. mn. Gilder, yarnlMier, or Japan- 
C%irpa, rf. Bolt for pistols and poniards. 
Obarpdr. «a. To scaiil twist around. 
Cbarqniilo, «iw dim. k small pool or pnddle. 
Cbarnda, ^ Action of a clown; a danee; 

Obarram^te, ad. Clownishly, tastelessly. 
Cbarret^ ^. Knee-strap or knee-bncklo 

to small-clothes; epanlet 
Cb&rro, ra, «. Chnrl, a downteh person; 

Charro, ra, a. Gaudy, Uwdry. [ing: 

Oba% ami. Word denoting cracking or tear- 
diiMo, tn. Fan, Jest, a trick ; disappoint- 
ment; lash. Dor- tM chasoo. To plair a 

merry trick. Z>ar cAoaoo, To disappoint 

Llmxirae cJuuoo, To be disappointed. 
Cbasqn^ar, vo. and ik To crack with a whip 

orlMi; snap; Ibol; disappoint; cheat 
Qmaqoi, amTcPern) Postboy on ftwt 
Ohascraido, ana. Orack, snap. 
€ba8q«isla» ana. A pefson tmd of playing 

trl<^; asyeophant. , , 

C^ita, ^. A flat^bottomed boat; a hnlk; 

Chaia alifadora, XJgfater. [ber. 

Oukle, mn. Bonnd-Ieared Egyptian cncum- 
Chito, ta, a. Flat, flat-nosed. 
Chavari, am. Kind of linen. 
ChayAta. ^ Key or bolt 
ChaTdnifi, ^ A kind of moslin. 
CbAuI, am. A Chinese blue silk stall. 
Qiay^te, am. Mexican ttar-cnonmber. 
Cbaxa, ^ Point where the ball is driven 

back; berth on board a ship. Hacer 

duxaa^ To walk on the hind feet 
Chazad6r, tm. One who stops the ball and 

marks the game. [point 

Chazir, co. To stop the ball ; mark the 
Cbe)^ 9$n. pL A cotton staff of diiEBrent 

Gbelin, am. Shilling, an EngliBh coin. 
Cb6ma, iff. BolBe, a flsh resembling a 

ealmon. [Indies. 

Ckexmem^ 4/C Staff made In the East 
Cb^rra, qf. Great 8pttrc^ Palma Chriati 


Chearr6n, am. Chevron (in henldtyX 
Cbevronulo, da, a. Cbevroned, coat of amu 

with cheTTonsi [leaved sagti 

Ohia, y! A short black mantle; cowl; Ume- 
Chi^, fffk To chirp, aa birds. 
Chiba. if. Kid. 

Chlbal^te, am. Chest of drawers with a desic 
ChibAta, if. (Prov.) Shepherd's clab or staff 
Cfalb4to, am. Kid between six and twelve 

months old. 
Cbibetdro, Chibitiil, am. Fold fbr kids. 
Chlbo, am. Kid, he-goat {gam. 

Chibon, am. A vooog cock-linnet; sort of 
Chib6r, amw A kind ormonkey. 
Chica, ^ A little girU Una buena dd^a^ 

A pretty girt. 
Chicada, ^ Herd of sickly kids. 
Chicaldte, am. Mexican argemone. 
Chlcarr^ro, 9in. Shoemaker of pamps acd 

little shoes. 
Chicha, tf. Children's meat; beverage of 

any sweet Jaiee fermented, or molasses. 

8er eoaa d6 cMchaynabo^ To be of little 

importancei Ten^r pocaa duahaa. To 

be very lean or weak. 
Cbicharo, ^ (Bot) Pea. 
Cbich^rra, ^. Cicada, called locost in the 

U. S. ; a prattler. Cantar la dticJiarra^ 

To be scorching hot 
Chichan^r, 90. To fry meat too mach. 
Chicbarr^ro, am. A hot place or climate. 
Chioh^rro, am. A yonng tonny-fbb ; horse- 
mackerel, [lard Is tried oat 
Chicharrdn, mn. Scrap of pork (ut after the 
Cblcheria, af. Tavern where eMcha is sold. 
Chlohigua, af. (Mex.) Wet nurse. 
Chichisveador, am. Gallant wooer. 
Chichlsvear, oo. To woo, court 
Cliichisvdo, am. Court paid to a lady ; dda- 

beo, a gallant 
Chich6n, am. Lump on the head ; braise. 
Chicbonclllo, ito. am. dim. Small lamp. 
Chichdta, tff. Sin /altar cfUchota, It is all 

Chioo, ca, d. Little, smalL Chioo con 

ffrande. Both great and small [giri 

Chico, ca, am. and af. A little boy or Uttle 
Chicole^, va. To Joke or Jest in gallantry. 
Chicol^o, am. Joke, Jest in gallantry. 
Chic6rla, f(f Saccory, wild-endive. 
Chioorrotico. ica, a, dim. Very little or veiy 

small child. 
Chlcorrotin, a. Very smaU. 
Chic6te, ta, a. A Iht strong boy or girl ; end 

of a rope; end of a cigar partly smoked. 
Chicozapdte, am. A deliciona American 

flruit nmife; hissing. 

Chifla, ^ Whistle; bookbinder's paring* 
ChUlacay6te, am. A large kind of pumpkUL 

In America. 
Chlflad6ra, ^ Whistle. 
Chifladiins «< Whistling. (Mex.} Crazlnesa. 
CbllUb^ «a. To pare the edge or leather.— 

fm. To whistle ; mock ; tipple.— w. rMez.) 

To be erasy. [ment 

ChiflAtai, am. Whistle, small wind instra- 
Ohtfle, am. Whistle; bird-call: priming 

kOTD ; tSde. Affuoa chUUa^ Neap tide. 
Chifl^te, Chiflo, am. Bookbhidor's paring 



Digitized by VjOOQlC 


Ohtflido, «m. WhtstUug. 

Ohten^ «< V. Nigua. 

Obiucayote, 9nu Kind of pnmplcln 

Chile, ^ American red or green pepper. 

ChUe reUenOy (Mex.) Groon pepper stuf 

fed with minced meat, coated with eggs, 

Chilira, tf. (Nan.) Bow-lock hole. 
Chllillo, wn. (A.) A whip. 
Chillndrina, «/ Trifle, a thing of little valno. 
Cbllindrdn, «m. Game at cards; cot In the 

Chilla, ^ Call for foxes, hares, or rabbita. 

Claw> ds ohWa^ Tack, a sort of nail 

fbblM d4 cfiUla, Tliin boards. ChUlas, 

Kind of East Iivlia cotton stuff. 
ChllUdo, rnn, Boof of shingles or thin boards. 
ChilUddr, ra, a. Screamer, shrieker; a thing 

that creaks. 
Chilldnte, a. Gaudy, gay, brilliant 
Cliillir, vfk To scream ; creak ; hiss. 
ChlUdraa, «/ pk (Nan.) Shot-lockera. 
ChilUdo, mu Shnek; bawling of a woman. 

Jkir un cMUido^ To utter a scream. 
Chillo, mu Call 
Chill6n, am. Bawlor; common crier; nail, 

tack. ChiUon real. Spike. Clato chU 

Uon^ Tack or small nail 
Chill6n, na, a. Applied to showy colors. 
Chilt6ma, if. A laree green pepper. 
Chim&te, «m. V. Onancaca. 
Chimen6a, {^ Chimney ; mantlepleoo; head. 
Chlmpipe, *«». (Nicaragua) Turkey. 
China, ff. Pebble ; china-root, sweet orance ; 

porcelain, china; China silk. Mtma 

china^ Cloth coarser than that from 

China; boyish play. 
ChinAinpa, ^ Indian T^^taible garden of 

the Lake of Mexico, formerly floiUlng. 
Chinirro, am. A large pebble. 
ChinateAdo, 9m. Stratum orlayer of pebbles. 
ChlnAzo, 97n. A large pebble; blow with a 

Chincharrfizo, 9m, Thrust or cut with a 

Chlncharr6ro, 9m. Place swarming with 

Ghinohe, ^ Bedbug, bug. Mbrir como 

chinekeM^ To die like rotten sheep. 
Chinchdro, 9m. Bug-trap made of twigs. 
Chloehilla, ^. Chinchilli, aamall quacknped 

in Peru. 
Chinohorr6o, »m. Tiresome importunity. 
Chinchorreria, ^ Misohierons tale. 
Chinchorr^ro, ra,*. Insidious tale-teller. 
Cblnch6rro, «m. Fishing-boat nsed in Air er- 
ica; flshing-net 
Ohinch6ao, sa, a. Peovlab, &8tldlou& 
Cbin^la, 9/: Slipper; kind of patten or clog. 
Ohinilla, ita, »/. A small pebble. 
Cbino, na, a. Chinese; halMireed Indian. 
Chlqn^ro.«m. Hog-sty; hutforgoatsi 
Chiqnlohaqne, 9m. Sawer, sawyer; grating 

Obiquillo, ilia, 9. dim. A small child. 
Cfalquirritico, ica; illo. ilia, ito, ita, a dim. 

Very small, very little. 
Chiquirritin, Chlquitin, am. A small boy. 
Chiqnitico, ca; Chtquitillo, tin, a^ dim. 

Very small, or little. 


Chiquito, ta, a. dim, JAUIb. amalL . 

cJdquttOy To conceal ones knowledge. 
Chhibitil, 9m. Crib ; small room. 
Chirig^ta, ^. Kind of gourd. [pUyer. 

Chirlmia, ^f. Clarionet— «f7U Clarionet' 
Chirimdya, ^ Chirimoya, the best kind of 

Chirin6Ia,«/Game played by boys; trifle. 

Egtar dt chirinola^ To be f n good spirits. 
Chiripa, ^f. Fortunate chance; fnckr hit 
Chirip<Sro, am. A lucky person by chance. 
Chirivia, ^. Parsnip. (Om.) Wag-talL 
Chir'la. ^Muscle, a bivalve shell-fish. 
Chirladdr, ra, «. A damoroos prattler. 
ChiriAr, w. To pratUe. fits scar. 

Chirlo, 9fm. A large wound In the mce, and 
Chirriaddr, ra. a. Hissing like something 

fried; creaking; chirper. [out of tone. 
Chtrridr, «n. To hiss; creaky chirp; sing 
Chirrich6to, 9m. A presumptuous man. 

Chi$TidwU9y A nickname ibr French 

Chirrido, tfm. Chirping; creak; chattering. 
Chirrio, 9nrA. The creiudng noise made by 

carts; crick. 
Chirridn, «m. Tumbrel; one-horse cart 
Chlrrion^ro, «m. Scavenger, dung-cart dri 

ver. [hautboy. 

Chirumb^la, •/ Wind instrument like a 
Chisch&s, am. Clashing of swords, J^ 
Chisffaravis, 9m. A dabbler, an insignificant, 

noisy fellow. 
Chisgu6te, am. A small draught of wine, 

small spout of any liquid. pumber. 

Chisme, 9m. Misreport; traps or uselaaa 
CbismcAr, xa. To tattle, misrepresent, tell 

Chismdeo, sa, a. TattHng. tale-bearinfp 
Chispa, ^. Spark, a fiake of fire; small 

diamond; a short gun; small particle. 

y. MiaiO'y Penetration. Fulano Ume 

ehiapa. Such a one is renr acute. S9r 

una cMspa^ To be all life and spirit. 

JCchar cM9pa9, To be In a violent paaeien. 
Chispas, inUti. Fire and tow. 
Chispazo, 9m. The flying off of a spark, and 

the damage it doee; tale mischlerously 

Chispeir, vn. To emit sparks; rain sently. 
Chisp^ro, am. Smith ; low people of Madrid. 
Chisp^ro, ra, <k Emitting a number of 

Chispo, 9m. Small draught of win& 
ChisporroteAr, vn. To hiss, as burning oil. 
Chisporrot^, am^ Sibilatlon, hi&&ing, crack* 

Chisp<560, sa^ Sparkling, emitting spnrki. 
CbLstAr. DO. To mumble, mutter. AooftisM 

palaoroy He did not open his lips. 
Chlste, 9m. A witty saWng; ftm, Jokiw 

Dar en el chitU^ To hit tho nail on the 

head. Chistepeiado^ Scurvy trick. 
Chist^ra, tf. A narrow basket for fish. 
Cbistosam6nte, ad, Facettously, witUlf* 

Chlstdso, sa, a. Gay, cheerfhl, fi^etioai. 
Cbita, ^ Ankle-bcme ; game with an ankle 

Chite, 9m. Kind of cotton stnff ; chlnta. 
Chiticilla, 9m. One who keepa ailenoe. 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


CMklcalUr, «& To keep sUenoe. ChiHedl' 
la^ndo^ On tip-toes. 

Ghito» vn. Money-block or bone in the 
nme of chito. Ir96 A ehitos, To lead a 
^baached llf^ 

Ghito,Chit6n,in<«r^.HnshI sileneel mom! 

Chiro, va. V. Chibo. fro* [malaw 

Choi inierj. DriverX word to stop bis ani- 

Ch6ca, «/! Part of tbe game given to a bawk ; 
Boap-boiler'a pnddle. 

<^M>ead6r, ra, ». Provoker; assailant 

Chocante,pa. Provoking, irritating; glaring. 

Ghocar, vn. To dash against one; Jostle; 
flgfat— ra^ To provoke, vox, shock. 

Cbocarroir, tn. To Joke» jest [ing. 

Gbocarreria, ff. BofToonery, low Jests ; cheat- 

Obocarr^ «m» Bnffoon, low iestor, mimic 

Clioeam6ro, ra, a. Practising indecent rail- 
lery; •enrrilona. 

Ch6eha, Obocbaperdfz, 4< Woodcock. 

Chocbedr, vn. To dote. 

ChochdnL Chochdr ^. Dotaca 

Qi6ebo, cim, a. Doting.— -em.X.apino ; sngor- 
plom.— /)C 8agar things, daindea. 

Cfaoe&ila, ^ dim. A amalT hut, a low cottage. 

Cbodor, vn. To drive the ball out by the 

GhbcToi, tm. Patten, doe. [rings. 

Ghocl6n, mrk Driving the ball throngh the 

<Ch6ooiu 9m, The smaU cnttle-fish. 

Chooolite, tm. Chocolate. 

Cbocolat^ra, ^f. Chocolate-pot 

Ciiocolateria, ^ Chocolate-shop, [bte-pot 

Cbocolat^ro, «nk Chocolate-maker; choco- 

Ohooolotoar, ifn. Y. OhacoM^ar. [floar. 

OhMe, mn. Paste of milk, eggs, sogar, and 

Ch6&, 4< (Obow) Falsehood, lie/ 

C^fi»^,va.Tontterfikl0ehooda. Y.MenUr. 

Qiofgro, 9m. Y. Ohqfitta. 

Cb6fea, «?n. pj. Lnnga. 

ObofSta, ^f. Cbafing-dbh ; a portable grate. 

Obof ista, 9m. liver on lights and livers ; liar. 

Chol^tas, ^. Brown platlUas. 

Cli611a, if. Skoll; Jadgment 

Cb<>pa, i»f. Kind of sea-bream; poop-cabin. 

Cb6po, 9m^ Black poplar-tree. 

C3i6qae, tm* Shock, clash ; renoonnter ; skir- 
mish ; dilTerenoe. (Nan.) Chocks. 

Choqtuza^ ^ The knee-pan or patella. 

Qi6rca, ^ Pit or hole in the groond. 

Chdrcha, ^ Woodcock. 

Cbord6n, 9m. Baspbenyjam. 

Cborie^ro, 9m. Sausage-maker or seller. 

Chorita, 9m. A palm-tree, the wood of which 
is black. 

Chorixo, a*^ Pork-saosage. [shank. 

Oboriito, 9m. Curlew or gray plover; red- 

Ghorreddo, da. a. Applied to a kind of satin. 

(%orreAr, vn. To -fall from a spont, gosh. 

Oborr6ra, ff. Spoot; mark left by water; 
ornament; frllL [doa, Fast and thick. 

Churrotida, ff. Water spontin^ Ohorreta- 

Cborrillo^ 9m, A small spont of water. /rM 
f>or el choriUo, To conform to custom. 

Cbcnito, am. dim. A small spont of water. 

Ch6rro, am. Water, 4hl, issolng from a spont. 
gosh; a Jet; hole; burst of laughter. A 
ch»rro9, Abundantly, coplonaly. 

OboiT6n, amw llackled or dressed hemp. 

Chotadttvaif ^ Ooat-aookor, chom-owL 


Chot^, wk To suck. Y. McmMr. 

Chdto, 9m. A sucking kid. [goatiah 

Chottino, na, a. and a. Snoking kid or lamb 

Chova, ^ Jay. chough. 

Chdya, ^f. Jack-daw. 

Chdz, am. Sound of a blow. 

Cli6za, ^ Uut, cottage, hovel 

Ch6zna, ^f. Great-grand-daughter. 

Cb6£no. 9m. Qroat-grandson. 

Cbozu6Ia, if. dim. A small hut or cottage. 

Chubarba, •/? (Bot) Stone-crop. 

Chnbiaco, ChuDuzo, »m. Sqnall, gust of wind 

Ch6ca, ^ Hollow side of the game-bone. 

Cbuc6ro, am. Pikeman. 

Ch6clia, «/. American opossum. [per 

Cbuchear, oo. To fowl with caHa, &c.; wnis* 

Chucheria, tf. Gewgaw, bauble; fowUn| 
with calls, &e. 

Chnch6ro, am. Bird-catcher. 

Chiicho, am. Long-earod owL 

Chuchum6co, 9m» A sorry, contemptible 
little fellow. 

Chnohurrur, ra. To squeeze; bruise. 

Chu6ca,^ HoUow of the Joints; cricket-baU. 

Chuecazo, am. Stroke given to a ball 

Chufa, j^ The edible cyperuai Eduw ehw- 
fas. To hector, act the bully. 

Chumr, Cliufear, tn. To bully, hector. 

Chuf&ta, ^ Jest, Joke ; small chaflng-dlsh. . 

Chud^ta, 4/: Taunt, Jeer, gibe, fling. 

Chufletear, vn. To sneer, taunt 

Chudetoro, ra, a. Taunting, sneering. 

Chul^da, if. Droll speech or action; con* 
temptuous word. 

Chuleador, 9m. Punster, Jester. 

Chulear, «a. To Joke; taunt ridicule. 

Cbuleria, ^. A pleasing manner of acting. 

Chuleta, «/; Chop, cutlet t^s& 

Chdlillo, UU, ito, ita, a. dim. A comical llttto 

ChuUa, ^ Slice of bacon. 

Chiilo, la, 9. and a. Punster, Jester; an art- 
fhU sly person : pretty little thing ; butch- 
er's mate; bullnghter's assistant 

Chumaoera, «/ Cloth put on the side of a boat 

Cbumir, va. (Low^ To drink. 

Cbtimbo, or Uigo de Chumbo, 9m. Prickly- 
pear or Indian flg. [Turkey. 

Chumpipe, 9m^ (Costa Bica and Kicaragual 

Chunci^ a/ Coarse undarifled sugar of 
Spanish America. 

Chunsa, ^ Jest Joke. JSOar d9 chMtiga, 
To be merry, or in good humor. 

Chungue^, «fk To be merry. 

Chupa, sf. Waistcoat; Jacket 

Chupadoroj ra, a. Snoking; absorbent 

Chupado, da, a. Lean, emaciated. 

Chupad6r. rtL a. Sucker. OhAvpador d% 
nino9^ A adbking-bottle; a child's coraL 

Chnpadtira, qf. Sucking, exsuction. 

Chupa-fl6rea, Ch6pa-rol61, Chapa-mlrtos, 
Ch6pa-romSroa, a. Humming-bird. 

ChnpaJand^ro, am. Snail that lives on plants. 

Chup^, vo. To suck; imbibe; sponge. 

Chupativo, va. a. Of a sucking nature. 

Chup^ Ula, ita, ^. dim. A short Jacket of 
waistcoat [taste. 

Chup6te, tf. Z>a chupeU, To possess in good 

Chopeteir, tck To suck gently and by starta 

Chupetin, 9m, A man's inner garment ot 


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Cbmpet^n, »m. The act of sacking a great 

quanti^ at once. 
Ohap6n, snk Backer, a joang twig. 
Cbap4)nf na, a. Swindler, conning cheat 
Gbup6na, ^ A mean, blood-sadung etrom- 

Cbard6n, 9m. Raspberrr Jam. 
Gh&rla, ^ Churlo, atn. Bag In which spices 

are brondit 
ChOira, «/! The little pin-tailed groose. 
Ch6rre, snu Thick dirty grease. 
CharretMa, »/. Water rasbing trom a spout 
Chnrr6t6so, sa, a. Gushing, spootinc. 
Chnnib&rri, 9m. A low fellow; rabole. 
Obnrridnto, ta, a. Greasy. 
ChurriU6ro, ra, a. Tattler, prattler, gossip. 
Chiirro, ra, (L Coarse-woofletl. 
Chorrall^io, 9m. Tattler, prattler, eossip. 
Ghorrapei^, vn. To sip, drink by small 

draughts. [silver. 

Ghurrus, am. Silk stuff with a little gold and 
Ghurrosoiirse, vr. To be scorched, as bread, 

Ghorrfisco, 9m. Bread too roach toasted. . 

Ghurumbola, ^ Wind instrument resem- 
bling a haatboy. 

Ghuruiiio, «nk Juice or substance of a tiling. 

Ghus nl raus, J^o deoir c/iu9 ni mu9y Not to 
say a word. 1"^' 

Ghusdlda, t(f. Pleasantry, drollery, buffoon- 

Gb&sco, ca, a. Pleasant, droll, merry. 

Ghusma, »/. The crew and slaves of a row- 
gal ley; mob. [tales. 

Gliutear, va. To whisper, speak low; carry 

Ghuzdzo, 9m, A large pike; blow with it 

GhAzo, 9m, Pike. C/iugo9, Abundance of 
rain, snow, or hail. A' cfiuao9y Abundantly. 
Echar ohusos^ To brag. 

Ghuz6n, na, & A craftv, artful person ; wag ; 
punstcj; a large piko. 

Cia. ^ Hip-bone, huckle-bone. 

Giaboga, tf. The act of putting a row-galley 
about .ffoo^ e/olfo^ra, To turn the back, 
flee. [a row-galley. 

Giaesciirre, 9m. Putting about and backing 

Gi&no, am. (Bot) The blue-bottle. 

Giiir, 1^ To back a row-galley ; slacken In 

GlHtica, 9f. Sciatica, lumbago, or hip-gout 

Giatico, ca, a. ScioticaL 

Glb^o, ria, ct. Gibarioua, relating to food. 

Gib^leo, lea, a. (Poet) BoIoBglng to tlie god- 
dess Gybelo. 

Olbera, *f. Uopperfhl of grain; all seeds or 
grains; coarse remains of crain; action of 
the mind; hopper In a mill 

CiHca rf. Olout, iron plate of an axle-tree. 

Gibic6n, 9m. A large kind of clout-nail. 

GiboI6ro, mm. Bufialo-hunter. 

^bolo, la, a. American bufblo or bison. 

Oici»tear, fm, (GolL) To be sordidly parsi- 

ClcntMia, pf. Niggardliness, parsimony. 

CicatelUIo, Ila, & and a. dim. A sordid little 
person or thing. [nious. 

Cicat&ro, ra, a. Niggardly, sordid, paraimo- 

Cioaterudlot 9m. dim. Niggardly Utuo miser. 

OioArioiUa, ^ dim^ A small cicatrice or 

ClcatrSz, am. GI »trioe, a scar; gash. 


Gicatrbaddn, ^. Gicatrizatioc. 

Gicatrizil, a. Belonging to a dc&trioo. 

Gicatrizami6nto, 9m. V. Ciectrizaoic>i%. 

Gicatrlz^tci,pa. Gicatrisant 

CicatrizAr. va. To cicatrize. 

Gicatrlzaavo, va, a. Gicatrisive. [iux 

Gicedn, am. Mixture of meal, honey, water 

Giceronidno, na, a. Giceronian. 

Gicila^n, 9m. Bitter vetch. 

Gicidn, 9m. An intermittent fever. 

GicUda, 9f. Undress formerly worn by ladieft 

Gidan, «m. Ridgel ; single. 

Ciclir, va. To clean, polish. 

Giclo, 9m. Cycie. a round of time. 

Gid^Ide, ^ Cycloid. 

Giclope, 9m. Gydops. [eoI»t 

Gicuta, 9f. Poison-hemlock; pipe, flute, fla(g« 

Gidra, ^ Citron. [melon. 

Cidracaydtes ^''^ ^^^ of American >rater« 

Gidr&l, 9m. Plantatton of dtron-treea. 

GIdria, ^ Cedar-gum, oedar-rosln. 

Cidro, 9m. Citron-tree. 

Gidron^la, ^. Common balm. 

GiegamSnte, ad. Blindly. 

Ci6go, ga, CL Blind; swayed by passiCD. 
Cisgo da ira, Blind with anger. A cUgas 
Blindly, in the dark: thoughtlessly. 

Gi6go, 9m. Blind-cut; large black-pudding, 

Giegueclco, ica; iUo, ilia; ito, Vta; Giegne- 
zuclo, 6hi, a. and 9. dim. A little blind per- 

GI6I0, am. Hearen; paradise, the sky; ^cli- 
mate. Mudareielo^ or da ci^^Tochaxm 
theahr;rooC celling. E8kwhe<Ju>'unoieu>^ 
To be splendid. Tomar el cMo con las 
mano9. To be transported with Joy or 
^et A' cielo ram. In the open air. 

Glen, a. One hundred. 

Gidnaga, ^ Marsli, moor, swamp. 

Ciencabdzas, «/ Common eryngo. 

Citocia, a^ Science ; knowledge. A' oieneia 
y pa<amoiat By one's knowledge and 

Gieno, 9m. Mud, mire. 

Gientiflcam^nte, ad. Scientifically. 

Gientiflco, ca, a. Bdentiflc. 

Gi6nto, am. and a. A hundred; a hundred- 
weight—^ Percentage (tax); piouet 

Gientopl^a, 9m. Wood-louse, centipede, bog- 

Gidma, iff. Blossom of vines, grain, Ac 

GI6me, £n cisma. In blossom; in its In- 
fancy. GSpaniards. 

Gi^rra Espdfia, The war-cry of the andent 

Gidrro, 9m. Inclosnre. 

Glertam6nte, ad. Oertalnlr, surely. 

Cierto, ta, a. Certain, evident For eiarto, 

Cicrva; i/fwnd, the female stag. 

Gidrvo, 9m. Deer, hart, stag. 

Ci6rvo roldnte, am. Stag-beetle. 

Gierzo, 9m. A cold northerly wind. Tffnm' 
ffeatana al ciarzo. To be haughty, lofty. 

GUVa,-^ Cipher; contraction; arithmeticirf 
mark. En c^frOy Briefly, in short 

(Sf^&r, vm. To write in cipher; abrldga 

agirra, tf. Cicada, called locust in tb<» U. 8 

Cigarril, am. An orchard or fkruitrgarden. 

Clgarrdra, ^ Cigar-case. 

GIgarriro, ra, am. and/ Dlgar-eeVer. 

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Cl3$MTeiiA» ^ Cigar-Bhopw 
GgaRiiU, amw Qreat dgar-emoker. 
Cigirro, mil. Ctear. 

C.garr6iL,«mwAlarge cigar; Ahxmdffdrra. 
Cigatera, sf. ProstUateu [m>m w«Ufl. 

Q^oiUU, wu Sort of erank to dmir water 
GSgDfiiiio, amw (Om.) A jooiig stork. 
Cigoftii^ ^. (Om.) A bird rewombUng a 

dgoat^n, 8f. (Amer.) Kind of Jaiudico. 
G^uAto, ta, a. Jaondioe ; with the taondloe. 
dgtitote, a. AppUod to a kind of white grape. 
Clgu6fia« ^ wliita stork, crane; crank or 

CSgtiefii], am. (Pror.) Y. CHgolUd. 
G^u^fio, am. Amale atork; tidl, slender, silly- 

bMktng person. 
dgSeAaela, ^. dim. Small crank. 
Clgudhi6Io da la Cbfla del Tiinon, Tbe 

gDOse-neck of the nidder. 
diziqae, auk Zigzag. 
C^^ Dungeon. 
Cilintro, am. Coriander. 
Cillir, a. ailarr of tbe eye-Hds. 
GUido, am. Ha^-cloth ; girdle of brisUes or 

netted wfare. 
Otlindrloo, ca, a. CjUndrlc or cylindrical 
OUindro, «m.<7yllnder; a roller. 
GSna, 4^ Granary fi>r tithes and other grain. 
Qll&znH *"*<' Btore-hoQse l^es. [or batter. 
Cillercro, am. In religions booses, cellarist 
dUeriza, f/T A nan who directs the domestic 

Cill^ am. Keeper of a granary ; granary. 
Ozna, ^. Snmmit; top. Bn cima, On top. 

For cima, At the appermost part Dor 

etma, To conchide happily. 
C^mikio^ am, Cymatiam, moulding half con- 

Tex and hali concave ; cornice. 
Chnir, «a. To clip the tops of plants. Sec 
Cimarrdn, na, a. fAmer.) Wild, nnroly, on- 

eoltiyated.— a. A ran-away slave. 
Gfanbal&ria, qf. Ivy-wort 
Ghnbalillo, am. A small bell. 
Chnbalo, am. Cymbal 
Cimbara, 4< Bash-hook. [coy-pigeons, 

(^mb^l, 9m, Decoy-pigeon : rope to tie de- 
QmbMou Ctmbdrrio, am. Copola. 
Cfmboma]e& sm. pi Scapper-holes. 
Chnbra, sf. A wooden ccnnre-carve. 
CSmbri^o, am. Qoick movement In a Span- 
ish dance. 
Ombr&r, Qmbrcdr, va. To brandish a rod; 

give a drnbbin^-— pr. To bend, vibrate. 
Oimbr^o, fia, <i.Tllaat, flexible. 
Clmbr6o, am. Crookedness, bending, fbrl 
CSmbrlco. a. Cimbric, laiigoage of the Oim- 
Ctmbronazo, am. Stroke ^ven with a foil 
OmentMo, mn. Befinement of gold. 
GIment&r, va. To found; establish; refine 

Chnent^rlo, em. Cemetery, chorch-yard. 
Oim^nto, am. Cement. [arms. 

Clm^ra, ^ Crest of a helmet, or of a coat of 
Clm^o, sm. A vorv dark ptacei [height. 
Cfan^o, ra, (u Cimpmg, finishing the top of a 
Cfanl^to, tm» Foandation; basis, origin. 

Oimiento realf An acid composition for 

XuikDo, am. Deooy-^lgeoB. 


Qmit^rra, tf. ameter, fidchion. 
Cim^rra, ^ Qlandera. [can gam 

Cloibrio, mi%. Cinnabar : vermilion ; an Aikt> 
Cinamdmino, mn. Bead-tree ointment 
Cinam6mo, wl The bead-tree, or pride ei 

Cinca. ^ Five points in the game. 
<Xno6l, am. Chisel [stone-cntter. 

Clnceladdr, am. Chaser, engraver, scolptoi: 
Cincelad^ra, {< Chasing, eoibossment relieC 
Cinoelir, «a. To chisel, engrave, emboa% 

Cincelito, am. dim. Small chisel 
Cinch, CInek, am. Zinc, spelter. 
Cincha, ^ Girtli, eingle. Ir rompUnd0 

cinehaa, To drive on fhll speed. 
Clnchad&ra, «^ The act of girting. 
Cinchiir, va. To girt 

Clnchdra, ^ Girth-place; disorder of horsea 
Cincho, am. Belt or girdle; tire of a wheel; 

strip of grass matting; disorder in the 

hooft of noreea. 
Cinch6n, am. augm. A broad girdle, [bon. 
Clnchu61a, ^. A small girth ; a narrow rtb- 
Cinoo, am. and a. Five, [beasts. 

CincoafidI, a. Five yesrs old: applied to 
Cinoo en rftma, ^ Common cinqaefoil 
OInoomeeino, na, a. Five months old. 
Cincu4nta, am Fifty. 
Cincaent6no, na, a. Fiftieth. 
Clner6o, Cinericio, a. Cinereous, ash-oolored. 
Cingaro, ra, a. Gipsy. 
Cingladfira, «/ One day's run or sailing. 
CinglAr, va. To sail with a fiiir wind ; bran- 

Cingulo, am. Girdle or band ; cordon. 

dnlco, ca, tf. Cynic, cynical ; satlrioal. 

Cinico, STTk Cynic; spasm. 

Cinife. am. The long-shanked buzzing gnat 

Cinoceftilo, am. Kind of monkey; a man 
with a dog's head. 

Clnogldsa, 4^ (Bot) Houndstongue. 

Cinosura, af. Cynosure, the polar star, eulde. 

Cinqndfio, Cinquillo, sm. Game at cards be- 
tween five persons. 

Cinta, ^ Ribbon ; tape; girdle: tumiy-net 
(Nan.) Wales ; first course ai floor tilee. 
Andar con laa manoa en la cinta. T^ 
be idle. £n drUa^ Under suljjectlon; 
pregnant [strinft 

Clntaa6ro, am. Part of a cross-bow for tba 

Cintag6rda, ^ Coarse hemp tunny-net 

Cintigos, Cintar^os, am. pL Knot of rib- 
bons; tawdry ornaments. 

Cintiu:, va» To adorn with rlbbona 

Cintarizo, am. Blow with the flat of a sword. 

CinteMo, da, a. Adorned with ribbons. 

Cinteria, ^ lUbbon shop, [truss ; a lasso. 

Cint^ro, am. Weaver or seller of ribbons; 

CintSUa, ^. dim. Narrow ribbon or tape. 

CintiUo, am. Hat-band ; ring set with pro- 
cions stones. 

Cinto, am. Belt girdle, [centre of a dome 

Clntr^l, am. (Arch.) Bule or line in tbe 

Cint6ra, «/C The waist; flue of a chimnev. 
Meter a tmo on ointura, To keep one In 

Cintar6ro, am. Glrdler. [delicate waist 

Cinturica, ilia, itiL ^ dim, A small girdle,* 

Cintar6n, am. A belt, a girdle. 

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Olp^ 9nu (Bot) OTp«nu or fledge. 

Olprte, <m. (Bot) C^pross-tree. £aya <Ul 
oiprMf llie cypren nat or berry. 

Clpres&l, trn. Grove of cy pr o fl s treee. 

ClpreeSno, na, a. Besembliiig cyprets. 

ClquIrlciU, sf. Gareas; flattery. 

Ciro6nse, a; Ciroensial or circenefan. 

Circo, «nk Glrcas, eirqae. (Om.) The moor- 

drooir, «a To scuTOTind, endrde. [pass. 

Oirc6ito, am. Circuit; clrcuiufercnce; com- 

Circiilad6n, qf. Circulation ; currenor. 

Circolinte, pa. and a. Circulatory, oirclinc. 

Circnliir, a. Ciroxilar, circulatory, [round. 

Circolir, tn. To circulate, surround, trarel 

CIronlarm6nte, ad. Circularly. 

Ciroulo,«mi. Circle; orb; oompass; district; 
figure of speech. 

Ciroumdrca, ad. About, thereabout ; almost 

Circumpolir, a. Circnmpolar. 

CtrconddAnte, 9m and pa. Ciraundaer. 

Circunddir, «a. To drcumdse; diminish. 

Circundsl6n, if. Circumcision; religions 

Clrcundso, sa. pp. irroff. Circumcised. 

ClrcundAr, «ck To surround, compass. 

CIrounfertoda. 4^ Circumference. [lar. 

CircuniSBrendal, a. Circumferential, dron- 

Oirounferendalm^nte, a<2. In a circular 
manner. [cumflex ac<*ont ( ^ ). 

Circunfl^o, Ja, a. Acento OircunifU^jo^ Clr- 

X)ircunlocad6n, ff. Circumlocution, peri- 

Circunl6qnio, tnu Circumlocution, cbrcle. 

Circunscribir, «a. To drcumscribe, indose. 

Cirounscripd6n, tf. Circumscription. 

Circonscriptivo, va, 4. Circumscriptive. 

Cirounspecddn, ^f. Circumspection, pru- 

ClrcunspectamSnte, ad. Circumspectly. 

Circun^pdcto, to, a. Circumspect cautious, 
oonsidcrate. [condition. 

ClrcunstAnda, ^ Circumstance; Incident; 

Circunstancladam<^nte, a<2. Circumstantially. 

CircunstanciAdo, da, a. Circumstantial, mi- 

CircunjtandAr, wu To drcumstanOatew 

Circunstdnte, a. Circnmstant, surrounding. 

Qrcunst&ntes, 97JK pL By-standers, persons 

Circunva]ad6n, ^ Circumvallatlon. [late. 

Clronnvaldr, ca. To surround ; circumval- 

Circunvecino. na, a. Neighboring, adjacent 

Circunvolucion, «< Circumvolution. 

Cirldlos, ewK pi. Tall church candlesticksi 

Cirinco, am. Mate, assistant 

Cirio, 9m. A thiclc and tall wax candle. 

Cirro, 9m. Schimis ; forelock. 

Cirr6so, sa. a. Scirrhous ; fibrous. 

Clm61a, 9f. Plum. In tropical Am., spon- 
dias or hog-plum. Cirrt^Uu pa9a9, Dried 
prunes. Ctrruda wrdal Green gaga 
Ciruala de/rail^ Long green plum. 

Oirueldr, «m. Orchard of plum-trees. 

Ciruelica, lila, ita, «m. dim^ Bmall plum. 

CIruelioo, Ulo, ito, A dwarf plum-tree. 

Ciru61o, 9m. Plum-tree. 

Omgia, ^ Surgery. 

Olrqjdno, fnn. Surgeon. 

Csoa, i*f. Reed for roofing huts. 


CisoAr, v& To besmear, dirty.— «r. To oaM 

Cisco, 9m. Coal-dust, broken coaL 

Cl8i6n, ^ Indslon. 

(^sma, «f?k Schbm; separation. 

CismAtlco, oa, a. SehJsmatia [moantainB 

Cismontino, na, a. On this side of tba 

Oi8ne,«nk8waa; agoodpoetormosidaii; 
prostitute. Ted pattemiL 

Clsqa6ro, 9M, Dnstlng-bag used with ptlck- 

CSste, 9tn. (Surg.) Cyst [Bernard. 

Ci8t6i, Cirt6r, 9m. Cistertian order of Bt 

Ci8terd6nse, a. Cistertian. 

Cist^ma, ^f. Cistern; reservoir. 

Cistico, a. (Sure.) Cystia 

Cisto, oik (Bot) CiMna, rock-rose. 

Cistotomia, ^ (Sti^g-) Cystotomy. 

Cis6ra, ^ Indsore, indsion. [tion. 

Cita, ^ Appointment; rendezvous; quotap 

CItadnn, 4/f Citation, quotation; summooA. 

Citad6r, ra, 9. Citer. • 

attoo, 9m. y. ZtOana, 

Cit4r, va. To make an appointment; con- 
voke, dte; quote; give Judicial notice. 

Citara, 9/, Cithern, a kind of mandolin; 
partition wall 

Citarlsta, 9. A dthem pUyer. [dtbera. 

CitarisUco, ca, a. Poetry adapted to the 

Citatorio, ria, a. Citatory: applied to • 

CIterl6r, ad. Nearer, hither. 

Citiso, 9m. Shrub-trefoil, (grtisus. 

Cito, 9m, A word used to call dogs. 

Cilocred^nte, a. Credulous. 

Citola, f/: Mill dapper. 

Clt6te, 9m. Summons, Judicial citation. 

Citramout^o, na, a. On this side the monn- 

Citrdto, «wu (Chem.) Qtrate. 

Ciud&d ^. Cltv ; corporation, dvio body.. 

Ciudadania, ^ Citizenship. 

Ciudad&no, 9m» Citizen; livery-man of m 
city ; freeman ; inhabitant of a dty. 

Cindadino, na, a Belating to a dty; civil ; 

Cindad^la, ^ Citadel, small fortress. 

Civico, ca, a. Civic 

Civil, a. Civil; polite, courteous. [ners^ 

aviliddd, 9/. avillty, politeness, good-man- 

ClvlHzaci6n, ^ ClTllIzation. 

CIvlllzdr, va. To dvllize. [law. 

Civllmdnte, ad. Civilly; according to civil 

Civismo, am. Patriotism. 

Clz&lla, ^ Metal ehippings or filings. 

Olico, 1-8 of a real — 1-64 of a dollar. 

Clae6te, om^ (Mcx.) Pimple, pustule. 

Clamdr, f?cs. To cry out ; to be waotlnc in. 

Clam6r, 0m. Ontciy, scream ; tolling of bells. 

Ciamorear, va. To clamor. Implore assist* 
ance. — vn. To toll the beU. 

ClamorSo, 9m. KndL 

CUunorosamSnte, ad, Clamorouslr. 

Clamor6so, sa. a. Clamorous, loud, noi^. 

Clandestinamente, ad. CUndestinelj, se- 

ClandestlnldAd, «/ Clandestinlty, Privacy. 

Clandestino, na, a. Clandestine, private. 

CUnga, ^. Eagle with black and whit« 

Clira, ifi A short interval of fidt weather 09 

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• nSny day. Olara d* hvevo^ Whito of 

aaegs. Ctoros, Thin si>obJw A' la olara, 

deuTr, evidenUv. 
GUnbdva, 4^ Sky-ilght. 
CUinin6nte, <u2. Glesrly, openlft obvloiulj. 
Clar6a, ^ Rambooxe, a MTeraipo nude of 

wiilte wine. Ac ; molse. 
CUre4r, m. To dawn, grow light— »r. To 

b« transparent; bo cleared np. 
Ctano^f -VM^ To dawn, grow light 
Clar^o. FIno oJoreta. Claret wineu 
Qarldad, 4^ Glearneea; Dtigbtnees; glory; 

Cbriflcadin, «: Qariftcation, refining. 
Clarified, 9a. To clarify; brighten; porify. 
QariflcatiTO, ra, a. PorificatiTe or porifloa- 

OlariUa, ^ Ljb of ashes, Ac 
Clarimentei, wk Ancient cosmetic lotion. 
Oaria, tm. Bogle or tnunpet; trnmpeter. 

Clarin or otofi ctoHik Fine eambiia 
OlarinMo, da, a. (Her.) Wearing bells. 
Glartn^TOv sm. Tnunpeter. 
darinete, sm. Chuinet; cfauinei-phij'er. 
Ctarion, sm. Crajron. [Ularo. 

Clariaa, ^ Clare, a nnn of the order of 8t. 
GUro, ra, a. Clear, bright; fine; obvions, 

apparent: open, frank ; soeaoious. 
Owo, tm, Sky-li^t; break In a discoorse; 

light Oi^ y o%curOy Clare-obecnre ; 

openlns; a dear spot 8acar en claro^ 

To explain. De claro en dara^ Evident* 

I/. Jvr lo claro. Clearly, conspicnoosly. 
Cbro, ad. V. Claramente. [neering. 

Clar61, am. Inlaid work; marquetry, ve- 
Clfae, ^ Clasa, rank, order; kind. CUues 

de nookn, Bates of ships. 
CliBtcamdnte, ad. Chusically. 
OUaleo, ca, a, Cbuslcal, classic; prinolpaL 

£mr dd^ico, A gross error. 
GlaBlflcaeI6n, s/: Chusiflcation. 
GbsiiloAr, vo. To class, arranfce, olaasifV. 
Claadic4Bte, a. and pa. Claudlcant, baitings 

Claadlda-, wu To claadioate, halt, limp. 
Clansd^ a. Chuistral. 
Claqstrico, Ulo, ito, em. Small cloister. 
Qinstro, 9m, Cloister; meeting of the lac- 

nity of a nnhrersity; womb. 
CUosoIa ^ Period, daose; condition. 
ChuisoUr, va. To dose a period. 
CUnisatiUa, »f. A little clause. 
CUus6ra, ^^Clolster ; confinement, retire- 

m«it A^ claumtra, Retired. 
C14Ta,^Clnb. (Nan.) Scupper, [nsiled. 
ClavAdo, da, a. Exact, precue. matched; 
OaTadAra, ef. Nailing; nail-prick. 
CUvir, «aw To nail; fi«ten; stick in, spike, 

prick. Clacar d wi cdbaOa, To prick a 

horse in shoeing. Clavar lot cjo9 or la 

Ma, To stare; cheat Ctavar lot or- 

vMza, To groond the arms. 
Olaraxon, •m. Naltaw 
diva^ ^f. Key-stone ; key to a book of ex- 

erdaea: close. (Mns.) Clef or key; chime. 

—€nu Harpsichord. 
<3llay^ sm. (Bot) Carnation pink. Olavd 

de flMMrlo, Gnmmon marigold. 
CSaretfna, ^ The common pink * mijcno- 



ClavelUna, ^ (Bot) Y. CloveUna, 

Claveldn, mn, (Bot) A large phik. 

Clav^ne, sm. A faoe diamond. 

Clav^a, ^ MoiUd for nail-heads ; nall-hola 
(Prov.) Marked boiindary. [bearer. 

Claveria, |< Office and dignity of the key- 

Clar^ ra, & Keeper of the keys, treasurer, 
cashier; aromauo clore-tree. 

Clay^te, miu Tack, a small naiL 

ClaTetdu*, va. To nail, adorn with nailf 
sheathe; tag; 

Claric6rdio, em. Harpsichord. 

Clavioula, ^. Clavicle, the collar-bone. 

Clavig^ra, ^f. Water-hole in mud wails. 

Clavlgdro, em. Bridge of a harpsichord. 

Clavija, a< Pin, peg, stopple, bolt 

ClavUlo, ito, em. A small nail; clove. 

Clavi6rgano, «m. An organized piano. 

Cl&vo, em. Nail. Okuvo trabaderoy Boll 
with a key on the opposite side; com 
on the Ibet: boil, abscess or tumor; spot 
intheeye;lint Claro dee9peoia,&oye\ 
rudder; headache. Eed^davopaaado. 
He is utterly abandoned. Dor en el 
claeo. To hit the mark. Uacer clavo. 
To set grow hard. 

ClemdUde, «^ (Bot) Ciemati^ traveller's 
joy, Tlrgin's bower. 

Clem6t.cia, ef. Clemency, mercy. 

Clem^te, a. Clement mercifhi 

Clemontemdute, ckt Mercifhlly, clemently. 

Clementina, xf. The canons of Pope Clement 
the Fifth. 

CHomentisimo, ma, a. eup. of Clemenie. 

Clepsidra, ef Clepsydra, water-clock. 

Clerecia, v- Clergy. 

Clerical, a. Clerical 

Clerioalm^nte, ad. In a clerical manner. 

Clerlc&to, «m. State and dignity of a clergy> 

Clericat6ra, {/T State of a clergyoaan. 

Cl^rigo^ «m. A clergyman. 

derignillo, em. A little petty clergyman. 

Cleriz6n, em. Chorister, a choir-boy. 

Cloriz<Snte. em. Layman wearing a clerical 
dress ; ill-dreased or rude clergyman. 

C16ro, em. Clergy. 

Cli6nte, em Client 

Qient^ia, ef. Cllentsbip, condition of a client 

Clitotulo, K «. V. Olienie. 

Clima, em^ Climate; clime. 

CllmiU;^rico, ca, a. Climacteric, cUmacteri* 
cal; ill-humored. 

Climax, em. Climax, rhetorical figure. 

Clim^no de Esp^fio, em. (Bot) Joint-pod- 
ded pea. 

(HiD, ^ Mane of a horse, horse-hair. Te- 
neree d las cUnee^ To stiive not to de- 
cline, [hospitals. 

Clinics, ^ Clinic,, medical instruction in 

Clinico, em. Baptized on bis deathbed ; cli- 
nical student 

CHbiioo, oa, a. Clinic, clinical [basil 

Clinqpodlo, em. Common wild basil, field- 

Clist61, Glister, em. Clyster, ii\}ection. 

CliT6so, sa, a. (Poet) Declivous, gradually 

Clo clo, em. (Joe.) Clucking of a hen. [Sux 

Clo&cA, ^ Sewer, a conduit for dirty watei^ 

CJlocAr fHU To cluck. 


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Cloeh^l, Mik (Ant) 

616qne, am, WApnel, a grappling-iron; hor- 

CloqQeir,«a. To cinck; angla 
Cloqa^o, 9m. Cluck, tbe voice of a ben. 

aoqadra, ^ The state of hatcbiLX in fowls. 

CltAj n^ro, Wi. Ttie liarpoonor in the tonny* 

a6ria, sf. (Orn.) Oreenflncb. 

Clorteia, ^ Cbforosia, green-sicknesa. 

Clob. wu Club, society, association. 

CKioia, Don6sa, ^. Broad-leaved clnytla. 

CluSca, a, Clucking and hatching ben. 

Cln^oo. ca, a. Decrepit, worn out wltb age. 

Coaccion, «/ Coaction, compulsion. 

Coaoervdr, f>a» To coacenrate, heap together. 

Coactivo, va.'O. Coactive, coerdve; com- 

C<M4JQt6r, 9m. Coad{ntor, assistant 

Coadjttt6ra, ^ Coa^futrix. 

Coa^intoria, sf. Coadyavancy, help; right 
of survivorship. 

Goadministrad6r, «nk Administrator or oo- 
acUutor of a diocese by bull 

Goaayuvad<Sr, 9m. Fellow-helper, assistant 

Coadyuv&nte, a, and^xiw Coa^utant, help- 
er, assistant 

Coadyuvir, co. To help, assist 

Coagente. 9m. Coagent, an associate. 

Cosgnl&ble, a. Coagnlable. 

Go»gnlaol6n, qf. Coagulation. 

Ooagulunte, pcu Conoretive. [harden. 

Coagul^r. tKU and «r. To coaguUte, curdle, 

Goagnlativo, va, a. Coagnlative. 

Co^golo. 9m. Coagulated blood; coagula- 
tion; coagulator. 

Coalabir, vo. To oollaud, join in praising. 

CoaliddiL 9f. Coalition, confederacy. 

CoAUa, iff. (Orn.) Woodcock. 

Coap6stol, «nk Co-apostle, a fellow-laborer 
In the gospel [ing. 

Coarrendadon 9m. A joint partner in rent- 

Coartaci6n, ^ (Law) Obligation to ei\)oy a 

Coart*da, ^ (Law) AlibL 

CoartAr, va. To coarct, limit, restrain. 

Cobiilto, 9m. Cobalt, a grayish metal 

Cobanillo, 9m^ A smul basket used by 
Vintners. [hearted. 

Cobiutie, a. Coward, timid, fearfbl, fkint- 

Cobarde&r, ttu To be a coward, be timid. 

CobardemSnte, ad. Cowardly. 

Cobardia, ^ Cowardice, dasUtrdy. 

Cobert^ra, «/. Pot-lid; bawd. 

Cobertizo, 9m. A small shed; hovel 

Oobert6r, 9m. Coverlet, quil^ counterpane. 

Cobortdra, ^ Cover, covering, coverlet 

CobUa, 9f. A gutter-tile. [shelter. 

OobQib, tJO. To cover, overspread, thatch, 

06bra, ^. A number of mar^ for treading 
out grain. 

Oobraddro, ra, a. Becoverable. [looted. 

OobrAdo, Cbl, a. Recovered, received, col- 

Oobrad6r, 9m. Receiver or collector of mo- 
ney. Parro oobrador^ Dog that fetches 
came out of water. [ment 

Cobrami^to, «n. Utility, profit, emolu- 

Cobrinza, 9f. Recovery or collection of 
money; fetching game which is killed. 

Gobr4r va. To recover, collect; fetch; 


gain; gather.— «r. To recover; grife o» 

C6bre, 9m. Copper. Cobra de cedal, A 

pair of dried ood& JBaUr el cobre^ T-i 

pursue with niirit 
Cobrizo, za, a. Coppery, cupreous. 
Cobro, 9m, V. CoOranza, Receptacle, place 

of safety. 
C6ca, 9f. Coca plant (Peru) Coca leaves ; 

sort of small vessel ; twist in a cable : red 


Coc4r, va. To make grimaces; coax. 

Cooar^, va. To gather coca leavoa. 

Cocdneo, nea, a. Of a i>arple color. 

Cocci6n, ^ Coction. 

Cooeaddr, ra, •. Kicker. 

Coceadiira, «C Coceuni6nto, «m.~Eickii^ 

Cocedr, va. To kick, fling out ; tesist 

Cooeddro, ra, a. Easily bcilod. 

Coceddro, Mt, Place where br^d Is knead* 
ed and baked. 

Cocedizo, za, a. Y. Ooeedeto. 

Coced6r, 9m. Boiler of must and new winet 

Cocediin, «C The act of boiling. 

Coo^r, va. To boll ; bum or biuce In a kiln. 
— vn. To boil ; ferment— «r. To suffer 
intensejpain. [water. 

C6cha, Y- ^ mines, a small reservoir ol 

Coch&mbro, 9m. A greasy stinking thing. 

Cocharobreria, ^ Heap of filthy tbing& 

Cochambrdso, aa, a. Nasty, filthy, stinking. 

Cochdrro, «»n. A wooden dish, cup, or platter. 

Coch4stro, «m. A little sucking wild boar. 

C6ohe, 9m. Coach. Sohar eoate^ To setup 
a coach. Maestro de oocA^ A coach- 
maker. Coche de alquUer or coc^ «i- 
fnon. Hackney-coach. Coche de oMera*^ 
Coach drawn by mules. Coche de eetrU 
bo9. Coach with steps to the doors; kind 
of coasting barge. 

Cochedr, vn. To drive a coach. 

Coch^ra, ^ Coach-house; coachman's wiA. 

Cocheril, a. Relating to coachmen. 

Cocherlllo, 9m. A little coachman, pation. 

Coch^, sm. Coachman ; wagoner, a constel* 

Cooh6ro, ra, a. ^rov.) Eaaily boiled. [Ac. 

CochiMto, 9m. Fricassee of lamb, mutton. 

Cochins,^ Bow. ^ 

Cochinida, ^ Herd of swine; dirty action. 

Cochinamente. ad^ Foully, filthily; meanly. 

Coohin&ta, 4< (Nan.) Rider, timber to 
strengthen a vessel 

Cochlnedr, vn. (LiUle us.) To be dirty. 

Cochineria, ^/i Dirtiness, fiithiness; mean- 

Cochinilla, 9f. Wood-louse; cochineal 

Cochlnillo, iUa. a. A litUe pig. CooMnms 
d€ IruUas^ Guinea-pig. 

Cochino, na, a. Dirty, nasty, filthy. 

Cochino, 9m. Pig. 

CochiquSra, «/! MoKsty. 

Cochite Hervite. Helter-skelter. 

CocbAra, tff. Boiling; dough for bread. 

Oocido, da, a, BoUed, bi^ced; skilled, «» 

Cocldo, 9m, V. OUa. 

Codmiento, 9m. Decoction. 

Cocina, ^ Kitchen ; pottage of greens : brott 

Cocin&r. va. To cook or drees victaala 

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Oodntea, ^ Cook-matd, Utdira-mAid. 

CocAaAto^tm. Cook. 

CoeinillA, ita, ^f. A small kitcbeo. 

C^cki, am. Grapnel, a grappling iron. 

06cl«a, ^ An endless screw for raising 
water; the inner carity of the ear. 

CocleAr, vo. To harpoon.— -va. To clack or 

Oodeirla, tf. (Bot) Common scnnry-grtss. 

C6co, ant. Cooba-nnt; cnp or bead of cocoa- 
not shell; worm or grab; cotton-«in ; bug- 
bear ; an ngly-looking person. PcUma as 
eooo, Cocoa-nut tree, ffacer coco8^ To 
flatter, gain one's affecUona 

Ck>col6bo, am. Sexside grape-tree. 

CocodrUo, am, Crocodlla 

CocoKste, am. In Mexico, an epidemic Ibver. 

Goc68o, sa, a. Worm-eaten, gnawed by grabs. 

Coo6t«, am. (Prov.) Occiput. 

Coeot6ro, am. Cocoa-nnt tree. 

Cocfiyo, «m» West India fire-fly. 

C6da, t< Tail ; burden of a song. 

Codadora, •/Vine-layer. 

CodiL, am. Elbow-srmor; short flainbeaa; 
shoot; frame of a saw. OockUea^ Carpen- 
ter's square. 

Codiil, a. Cnbital, the length of a cubit 

Codaste, am. (Nau.) Stern-post 

Codizo,«m, Blow with the elbow; a hunch. 

Code&r, va. To elbow. 

Ood^ra, {< Itch or scabbiness on the elbow. 
Oodsra an un eable^ A spring on a cable. 

Coddso, am. (Bot) Ilairy cytiaus. €k>deao 
da loa A'lpaa^ Labnraum, ebony of the 
A!p«L [antiquity. 

C6dice, am. Old manoscript on points of 

Oodicia, ^ CoTetotxsnen, cupidity ; greedl- 

Codldible, a. Covetable. 

Codiciaddr, am. Coveter. 

Godiciinte, pa. Coreting. 

Codidir, va. To covet 

Codidlir, a. Pertaining to a codidL 

CodleUo, am. Codidl. 

Codldoeam^te, ad. Covetously, greedily. 

Codldosito, ita, a. dim. Somewhat covetous. 

Oodid6flO,sa, a. Greedy, covetous; diligent 

C6dico, am. Code of laws. 

Codiuira, ^ Tumor on the knee of horses. 

Codillo, 9m. Knee of horses; angle; crotch 
of a tree; sttrrap. Jugdrada & una da 
tfodiOo. To trick. OxfiUos, FUe used by 
silversmiths * 

06do,«yn. Elbow; cubit Codo rwl^lELojaA 
cubit three fingers longer. J>ardecoao^ 
To elbow, treat with contempt Ifablar 
por lea et>doa.To chtitter,pnttic. Levan^ 
tar el eadOy Applied to tipplers. 

Cod6n, am. A leather cover of a horse's tail. 

Codoraiz, (Ora.) QnaiL 

CoecuAI, a. Coequal 

Coeflcdda, ^ Cocfficacy. 

Coefiddnte, a. Coeflicient 

Coepisoopo, im. Contemporary bishop. 

Coercion, qf. Coercion, restraint chock. 

Coerdtivo, va, a. Coerdve, restraining. 

Coes^ncia. ^f. Ooessentiality. 

OoewndiU, Ow Coeeeentlal, consubstantial. 

Ooesendalm6nte, ad. Ooessentially. 

GoeavsnddfW), w. To coextend. 


Ooeatensldn, qf. Coextenslon. 

Coestensivoi, va, a. Coextensive. 

Coet^neo, nea, a. Coetaneoua, contcinpcrarj 

Coeternam6nte, ad. Coeternally. 

Coeteraid^ qf. Coeternitv. 

Coet6rao, na, a, CooternaL 

Coovo, vs, Ob CoevaL 

Coexist^ncia, af. Coexistence. 

Coexist4&nte, pa. Coexistent 

Coexistir, vn. To coexist 

CdtiL, ^. (Nau.) Bound-top. 

Cdfia, $f. CoiC head-dress, cowL 

Goflezu^la, ^. dim. A small not; roticule. 

Cofm, am, A small frult>basket [nity 

Cofr^e, da, «. A member of anv confrater* 

Cofradia, f/^ Confraternity, union; assod- 

Cdfre, am. Trunk : a West India fish ; coffer; 
coffin of a priutinff-presa. J*alo de oqfra. 
Carroty liair. 

Cofredco, lllo, ito, tm. A small trunk. 

Cofr^ro, am* Trunkmaker or seller. 

Cofundador, ra, «. Cofounder, a Joint founder. 

Coged^ra, ^ Bee-hive used to gather a 

Cogeddro, ra, a. Collector, gatherer. 

Cogedizo, za, a. Easily collected or Rsthered. 

Coged6r,«m. Collector, gatherer; dust-box. 

C(^ed6n, ^ Act of gathering or collecting. 

Oogbty ffo. To catch, seize, get; imbibe, 
soak; occupy; find. (k>gerlaa calUa, To 
obstruct the streets^ Oogar la calie^ To 
flee. Oogar A deaeo^ To obtain one^s 
wishes. Coffer un camicalo^ Tu be in- 

Coglt4bIe, a. Cogitable. [musing. 

Cogitab6ndo, da, a. Pensive, thonghtfiu, 

Cogit&r. va. To reflect, meditate, muse. 

Cogitativo, va, a. Cogitative. 

Cogite, Tve caught you. 

Cognaci6n, ^ Conation, kindred. 

Cognido, da, a. Cognate. 

Cognomento, am. C(«nomtnatioD,suraame. 

C<^osdtivo, va, a. Cognitive. J[plants. 

Cogollioo, ito, am, A small heart or flower oi 

C<»61Io, am. Heart of succulent plants; 
shoot; top, summit OogaUoa^ Orna* 
ments on mezes. 

Cog6mbro, am. Cucumber; cucumber- vine 

Cog6ta, am. Occiput Tieao de cogotA stiif- 
necked, headstrong; [neck. 

Cogot6ra, af. The hair combed down on the 

Concho, am. The most inferior sort of sugar. 

Coguj^da, ^. (Orn.) Crested lark. 

Ooguj6n, am. Coraer of a mattress or bolster. 

Cogigon6ro, ra, a. Pointed, as the comers of 

CogUla, »/. Cowl, monk^s hood or habit 

C<wullAda, a/. Neck of a hog. pig, Ac 

Cohabitad6n, ^. Cohabitation. 

Cobabitir, wk To cohabit, accustom. 

Cohechad6r, am. Briber, suboraor. 

Cohecb^, v€u To bribe, suborn. (Agria) 

To plough. 
Cohecnazon, ^ (Prov.) Breaking up the 

ffround; the Ust ploughhag. 
Con6cho, am. Bri bery ; season Ibr plougbtn^ 
Cohereddra, qf. Coheiress. TbelK 

Cohered^ am. Coheir, ftUow-heir, Joint 
Coher^nda, af. Coherence. 


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{Mi«r6iita, a. Oobarent, oon^atcnt, ooh«0lTe. 

Ooli6te, $m. Sky-rocket GAetB eorredor, 
Bocket whlcQ mos along a line. Oohetes 
para MfUUM, Signal rockets. 

Goheteria, ^f. Shop wliere flre-wotta are 
made and sold. Trockets. 

Cohet^ro, 9m, Rookot-maker, or aeider in 

Colilblcidn, 9f. Prohibition, restraint 

(lohibir, vo. To cobibit prohibit, restrain. 

CohombrAl, trn^ Cuonmber^bed. 

Oohombrlllo, tn. dtm. Gherkins. [ber. 

Coh6mbns 9m. Oucnrober, or snake cncum- 

Oohoneet&r, ta. To gire an honeet appear- 
anoe. [fantry. 

Cob6rte, 9m. Cohort, a body of Boman in- 

06i, or C6r,pL C6yee, (Nau.) Hammock. 

Coima, ^ Perquisite of a gaming-table 
keeper; a proetltnte. [table; gamester. 

Ooime, Colm^ro, mm. Keeper of a gaming 

Coincid6ncia, ^ Coinddonce ; eoncnrrence. 

Goineiddnto, pa. Coincident concarrent 

Coineidir, vn. To concnr; lIiU upon; coin- 

Coindieaci6n, ^if. (Med.) Coindicatlon. 

Coindiointe. a. and a. (Med.) Colndicant 

C6ito, 9171. Coition. 

C6Ja, ^ A lewd woman. 

Cojeiir, vn. To limp; deviate. CM^arcM 
mi9mo pie. To nave the like defect or 
pasdon. Sab^rdsquepUccj^ea^Tolaioyr 
any one^s weak side. 

Coj^ra, CoJ^z, (^. Lameness, halt, limp. 

O)]^ 0, 9m. Complaint of some slight iiOmy ; 

Cknl]^, sa, a. Peerish, irritable. 

Oolm, 9m. Coshion ; pad. 

CkDin^te, Cojinillo, «m. A small coshion. 
Cqfirmon, pi. (Am.) Saddle-bags. 

Ckjitr^nco, ca, a. Nickname to eTll-disposed 

OMo.Ja, «. and a. Cripple; lame. 

Cq 6n. 9m. (Low) Testicle. 

Cq fido, da, a. Entire, not gelt, or castrated. 

Cq n^Io, 61a. a^ A small cripple. 

Col, tf. Caboage with its leaves loose. 

C61a, ^. Tail, cue; train ; glae: word of re- 
proach. C?M8<f<!/M«caao, Isinglasa. JJa- 
cer baidr la cola^ To hnmhle one's pride. 
Chtbrlr99 eon la eota, To ose ftivolona 
evasions. Oola d6 ffohndtinOt (Fort) 
Homwork. A' la oola^ Backwards, be- 
hind. Cola ds cabaUo, (Bot) Horsetail 

Colaborad6r, «i7k Fellow-laborer. 

Colach6n, 9m, A gnitar with a long neck. 

Colaci6a, if. Ck>llation; conference; pota- 
tion; sweetmeats for Christmas eve; dis- 
trict of a parish. Traer d oolaciony To 
prodaoe prooDk 

Colacion&r, va. To collate; compare ; install. 

Gol4da, Iff. The bucking of clothes or linen; 
common ground; road for cattla ^char 
d uno la colada^ To clean one of his filth. 

Goladto^ ^. Strainer, colander; sieve. 

Coladdro, 9m, CoUnder; a narrow passage. 

Oolador, «m. Colander; collator. 

Co\tAxii%,9f. Straining, filtration.— ^DrogSw 

GolAire, 9m. Place throngh w^ich a current 
of air passes. 

Cblanilla, tff. A small bolt 

Colifia, ^. Joist about six Inches broad. 


. — ■ ■ i — 

Colapis, Cohmtedi, ^ Islnglast. 

Ck>Ur, v& and n. To strain; collate; i _ 
fiUse news as true; pass counterfeit moner 
drink wine.— ©r. To strain or to be ttl 
tered; steal Into by stealth: be displeased 

Colater41, a Ck>UaterBl 

ColateralmSnte, ad. Collaterally. [strain. 

Colativo, va. a, Collative; that which can 

C6lcha, iff. CToverlet, counterpane. 

Colobada^^ ^. Quilting; twisting ropea 

ColchAr, va. To quilt (Nau.) To lav or 
twist Cktrro de cotchar^ Bope-maker> 

Colchero, 9m. Qnili-maker. [saflh»ii. 

Colchico, 9m^ (Bot) Colchicnm, meadow 

Colchdn, am. Mattreos, bed. [treasL 

Ck>lchondco, illo, ito, 9m. dim. A small mat- 

Colchon6ro, ra, a. Mattr e o s m aker, bed- 

Colc^tar, am. (Chem.) Coloothar. 

ColeAda, if, Wtg of the tall 

Co]ead6i«, 9f. Wagging of the tail ; wriggllnc. 

Coleir,im. To wag the tail; wriggle; topuH 
over by the tall 

Colecci6n, ^ Collection, collation, knot 

Col^cta, 9f. Apportionment of a town-tax; 
collect [taxea, Ac 

Coleotaoi6n, 9f Levv or colleoting of rentOi 

Ck>lectAr. va. To collect [troops, 

CoIectSoio, da, <k Collectitious, applied to 

Oolectivam^ote, ad. Collectively. 

Coleotivo, va, a. (Gram.) Collectivo. 

ColectiSr, am. Collector ; tax or rent gatherer. 

Colecturia, ^f. Collectorship. 

Col6ga, 9m. Colleague: compeer. 

Cblegatdrio, ria, 9. CoUegatary. [Ie|e, Ac 

Colegi&do, a. Collegiate, a member of a col- 

Oolegi&l, am. Collegian, collegiate.— a. (3ol- 

Ck)I^&la, 4< A woman member <^ a college. 

Ck>leglalico, illo, ito, am. A little collegian. 

Col^Ata, if. A collegiate church. 

Colegiat&ra, 9f. Fellowship in a college. 

Col^o, am. College; eeminary-eohool 

Colegir, va. To collect deduce, infer, [walk. 

C0I60, am. Wagging of the tail ; wriggllna 

OSlera, ^ Choler; anger. MarUar en 00- 
lera. To l>e in a passion.— am. OM^ra 
morho^ Cholera morbus. 

Col6ricam6nte, ad, Fumingly, passionately. 

Gol6rioo, ca. a. Choleric; passionate, hot? 
headed » 

Coldta, 9f. Oie; a short addition to a dis- 
course; brown linen; nine-leaved ooro- 
nilla. [maker. 

Colet6ro, am. Buff doublet and breeches 

Coletilla, if, dim^ A small cue; narrow 
ooMo. (or other skinsi 

Colotillo, 9m. dim, A small aonblet of buff 

Col^to, am. Buff doublet or Jacket; body o) 
a man. Eohar99 algo <u ooleto. To cat 
or drink something. 

(>)lgad6ro, 9m, Hook to hang things upon. 

ColgadSro, ra, a. Fit to be hung up. 

Colgadizo, am. Shed, a temporary covering 

Oilgadizo, za, a. Pendent, suspended. 

Ck>lgAdo, da. a Suspended. JmardalffmM 
colgado. To frustrate one^ hopei^ 

Colgad^r, 9in. Printer's pod 

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Ool^idtiB, |< Tftpestry, banging, or dxw« 

Como^ **^ Tatter or rag baoginff m>m 
dothM. Cclff<n^(UuwUtBnnchoTgn;peB 
hvog up, [-ringSi tnoketa. 

Colg&nta, pa, Hanging, clinging.— j9^ £ar> 

Colg&r, vOw To hang np; adorn with hang- 
inga. — en. To be suspended. Colgar d 
tmOf To oompUment one on his birth-dar. 

C61la» ^. Cdliaa, «f». Fish like a pilchard. 

Conbre, CoUbn, 9m. Humming-bird. 

C61iea, ^ CoUc. 

Colic4no, na, a. Having gray hair in the tail 

G6Uco» or Dolor Cdlico, sm. Colic, griping. 

GoUcoible, a. CoUiqoable, easily dissolved. 

CaUcaaci6n, ^ Ck>U1quAtion, dissolving. 

CoUcointe, pa. Oolliquant, colliquative. 

Colieuar, va. and «r. To ooUiquatc, dissolve, 

ColicaatiTo, ra, a. Colliquative. 

CoUcaec6r, tfarTo ftise or melt 

Colicncikcci ^ n, 9f. Colliqoe&ction. 

Collfero, ra, a. (Bot) Cauliferous. 

C<^ifl6r, 9m. (Bot.) CoUiflower or cauliflower. 

CoUead6n, «< Colligation, binding together; 
nnbn, allumca 

Colig&do, da, 9. Leagae« covenanter.— <k. 
Agreed and associated. 

Coh^iso, «r. To colligate, colleague. 

Colma, 4^ A small tall; train of a gown. 

CoUna, ^. HDL hillock; cabbage-seed. 

Colinibo, am.' Turnip. 

Oolindir, tm. To be conUguons, be adjacent 

Colindinte, a. Contiguous, ac^aoent 

Cohno, 9m. Small cabbage not transplanted. 

CoHrio, 9m. CollTrinm, a waf h for the eyes. 

CoUs^ ffTk Tbeabre, opera-house. 

Coliai6n, 9f. Collision, crush, clash. 

Cotit^ ^Judas-tree. . [suit 

Colitigante, «m. One who carries on a law- 

OdIUoo, 9ttK HilL fell, a small eminence. 

Collar, 9m. Necklace : collar. 

GoIIarato, 9m. A small necldace. 

CoUarin, 9m. A black collar, edged with 
white; coat-coQar. [of a column. 

CoHarino, «m. Bins at the top and bottom 

Collizo, 9m. Ploughman.— ;2^/w BariUarpoIea. 

Goll^ 9/ Lamb's-lettuca— n/L Little glands. 

CoUora, ^. Collar, breastrbamess; chain- 
gsog; mares treading out grain. 

CoU^ 4^ A smaD kind of cabbage. 

ColUn. am. (Yni) Coward, mean &lIow. 

CollonerSa, ^ Cowardice; nonsense. 

Colmadam^nte, ad. Abnndantlv, plentiitilly. 

ColmMo, da, a. Filled, heaped. 

Colmir, va. To heap up, fill ; make up ; con- 
fer areaJL ikvora. 

Colmena, f^ Bee-hive^ 

Colmenir, 9m, Apiary, set of bee-hives. 

Colmenoro, 9m. Bee-keeper, bee-master. 

OolmenUla, f^ Morel or moril, a kind of 
mu^room. [tooth wound. 

OoImiH^zo, 9m. A large eye-tooth; eye- 

Colmillo, 9m. Eye-tooth, canine-tooth ; fang. 
Mo9trar las colmiUo9^ To show sphit 
and resolution. Tmsr colmUloSy To be 
oidck-aighted. fortunes sagacious. 

Oolmlll&do, da, a. Having eye-teeth, fangs, 

■^Imo, am. Heap ; complement; over-mea- 
sure. A' cotmo^ To perfection; abun- 
dantly, plentifiill/. 


Colo, 9m. (Ichtb.) Chub, pollard. 

Colocacidn, ^ Employment; situatioa; ar* 
raneement; location. 

ColocAr, va. To arrange; pbice ; t^l employ 
mont fbr; locate. [arum. 

Coloc^a, 4^ Colocasia, eatable potato-Ilka 

Colocutdr, 9m. Ho who is talking witii 

Col6dra, ^. Milk-pail; a wine-measur» 
wooden can ; a toper or tippler. 

Colodr&zgo, 9m. Retail wine-tax. 

Colodrillo, 9m. Oodput, bind part of the head. 

Colodro, «n. (Prov.) Wine-measure. 

Colofoni^ inn. Colophony, rosin. 

Colombrofio, 9m. Namesake. 

CoI6n, 9m^ Colon (:X Colon imper/ecto. 
Semicolon ( ; ) ; the largest intestine. 

CoI6nia, ^. Colonv ; a phmtation : silk rib- 
bon one inch wide. Media colorUa^ ^Ik 
ribbon half an inch wid& 

Coloni&I, a. Colonial. [bOTer. 

Col6no^ 9m. Colonist, planter; farmer; 1»- 

Colofio, 9m. Back-load of wood. 

Coloqumtida, «^ Colocynth. 

Col6qulo, 9m. Colloquy, conversation, talk. 

Col6r, 9m. Color, dye; rouge; ^text; tint 
Ueno or cargado^ Deep, ftw. Bright 
^tM&ra<2o,Wanorfkded. i>« air^ Light, 
delicata Mudar de cclore9y To change 
color. SarcarU lo9 color€9 d vno. To 
make one blush. So color or d color^ On 

Coloraci6n, ^ Coloring; blush. 

Colorado, dtL a. Bed; ruddy; Indelicate; 
colored. Poner99 Colorado^ To blush. 

Colorir, va. To dye, color. — en. To blush. 

Coloratlvo, va, a. Colorific [den. 

ColoroAr, va. To color, palliate. — tn. To red- 

Color6tc, 9nu Eonge. [Colorate. 

Colorido, 9m, Colorinp, color; pretext — a, 

Colorin, am. Linnet; bright, vivid color.— 
pi. Guinea-peas. 

Colorir, tro. To color, dye. 

Colorista, 9m^ Colorist 

Colos^, a. Colossal. 

C0I66O, 9m. Colossus, enormous statue. 

C6Ipa, ^f, A whitish sort of copperas. 

Colp^ 9m, Isinglass. 

Coludir, tJO. To collude. 

Cohimbio, 9m. Columbinm, a metal. 

Columbine, na, a. Dove-like, innocent 

Col^imbo. sm. Coltmibo root 

Columbrar, va. To discern, perceive; sot 
afkr off; pursue or trace. 

ColumeUres, 9m. pi. Incisors. 

Coliimna, ^ Column, pillar, supporter. 

Columnmo, ria, a. Columnar, a Spanish 

Columnita, ^f^ Colonnade, piazza. 

Colurapidr, va. and vr. To swing; waddle. 

ColAmpio, 9m. A swing; merltot, a kind ol 

Colfina, ^ Column. Coluna ji>^fdrlea^ 
Light-house. Coluna htteoa. Staircase* 
tower. Coluna miliar or miliar{a,WX^ 

Colunita, ^ dim. A small column. 

Coluridn, «m. Lesser butcher-bird, flnsher. 

Coltiros, 9m, pi (Ast) Colnr^. [shock. 

Colnsi6n, 8f. Collusion, doceitfVit agreement 

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Oolnaoriamtete, ad. OoUoslTttly, fraadn- 

Oolosdrio, lia, a. Oolliuor:^, coUoslve. 

Colz&l, ^f. Colewort-fleed. 

C6mm. ^ Comma, ( , ). [griddle. 

OomAL em. (Mex.) A flat earthen pan or 

CJomddre, «/ Midwife; Kodmother. ./W^OM 
<20 comcuirM, Gossips^ Thorsdaj. 

Gomadr^a, ^ Weasel Cotnadr^ tnarUui, 

Oomadr^ro, ra, a. OoflsSptng abont 

Gomadr6n^ wk Man-midwife, aooouohenr. 

ComandAdo, da, a. (Mil) Officered. 

Ck>mand&ncfa, qf. The office ofa commander; 
the district of a commander. Ooman- 
(Uuusia mUUar^ A military command. 
Oomandaneta general da Marina, The 
High Court of Admiralty. Reader. 

Comand&nte, bttk and pa. Commander; 

Comandir, ffa. To command; govern. 

Com&ndo, tm. Command. [limit 

ComArca, tf. Territory, district; bonndaiy, 

Comare^o, na, a, Netghborlnff, near. 

Comarc4r, to. To plant trees in a atraight 
line. — vn. To border. [comet 

Comito, a. Oonteki comcUo, Hairy or oomate 

Com^ya, f/! A large basket; the white owl 

C6mba, 9j. Curvature; bend; convexity. 
ffacer combaSf To bend and twist the 
body. [ing. 

Combad&ra. ^. Curvature, convexity, warp- 

Comb»i%ch&r8e, Combalucharse, vr. To Join 
for evil purpose; collude [conspiracy. 

Combal4cne, Cambal&che, 9in. Collusion; 

OombAr, va. To bend, curve.— «r. To warp, 
jut out [of mind. 

CombAto. tfm. Combat firay, fight; agitation 

Combatld6r, em. Combatant, champion. 

Combati^nte, 9m. and pa. Combatant 

Combatir, va. and n. To combat, fight; con- 
flict; attack; contradict; agitate the mind. 
CombaUr A la retreta^ To keep up a run- 
ning fight [same church. 

CombenofldAdo, 9m. Prebendary of the 

Combte, 9m. Waist ofa ship. 

CombinAble, a Combinable. 

Corabinacidn, ^f. Combination ; concurrence. 

CombinAdo, da, a. Combined, united.,Joln; compare. 

Comblnatorio, ria, a. Combining, uniting. 

Combl&sa, ^ Mistress ofa married man. 

GomblezAdo^ a. Having a wife living in 
adultery. [wife. 

Combl6zo, 9m. One living with another^ 

C6mbo, ba, a. Bent, crooked, waiped.-n«7ik 
Stand for casks. 

Oombdy, sm. CouToy, escort 

CombnstibiUdAd, «/ Combustibility. 

Gombvstlble, a. Combustible. 

Combustible, 9m. Combustible; fhel 

Combnstl^n, ^. Combustion, bumhag. 

Comed6ro, 9m, Dining-room; ^dlng- 

Comed^ro, ra, a. Eatable. 

ComWia, ^ Comedy. JS9 una ccmedia^ 
It's a complete ftree. 

ComedlAnta, ^ Aotress. 

OomedlAnte,«ik Play-actor, comedian. Cb- 
med%anU ds la Ugua, Strolling player. 


— . . fc 

ComedlAr, «a. To divide into equal Bbann 

ComedidaimAnte, ad. Gently, conrteously. 

Comedido, da, a. Polite; kind, obliging. 

ComedimiAnto, am. Politeness; kindnesa. 

ComAdio, am. Middle; Intermediate tlmei 

Comedir, ckk. To commit intrust — vr. Ta 
govern one's selC be dvil, kind. 

Comeddr, ra, 9. Eater; feeder; dinlnc'-room. 

Com^An. am. Clotbee^noth ; wood4i>asek 

Cpmendable, a. Commendahle. 

ComendadAr, am. Kni^t commander; pre« 
feet of a monastery. 

ComendadAra, ^ The sapertor of a nunnery 
of a military order. XMandofni&nla. 

ComendamiAnto. am. Y. Xnoomieinda and 

ComendAr, va. V. Bsoomendar. 

Comondatarlo, am. Commendator, com- 
mendatary. [comendatory. 

Comendatico, da, ComendatArio. ria, a. Be- 

ComendAro, 9m. A benefldai^ of the crown. 

ComensAl a. Commensal [expoonder. 

ComentadAr, am*. Commentator, annotator, 

ComentAr. ta. To comment explain, ex- 

ComentArio, am. A commentary, [pound. 

ComAnto, 9m. Comment expoeition. 

ComentuAl a. Belating to a comment 

ComenzadAr, tm. Banner. 

ComenzamiAnto, 9m. Beginning. 

ComenxAnte, pa. Beginning; beginner. 

ComenzAr, f>a. To commence, b^;in. 

ComAr,«a.Toeateatup; feed; dine; q>end. 
— «r. To suppress; corrode: to take (In 
chess). Comer & do9 cariao9. To M^oy 
two benefices at the same time; to please 
tMTo persona of opposite prlndplea. Uom^m* 
de mogoUon^ To livo at other people's ex- 
pense. Comer96 ds Hmx, To refrain from 
laughing. Com6r96 uno9 d ctro9^ To be 
coustanuv- at drawn daggera Comer^e <i 
WM con lo9 (^09y To look dasgers at any 
one. Tener qus comer To nave a com* 
petoncy to live upon. Chnar ds corner^ 
To earn a livelihood. Corner pan eon 
eortaa, To be Independent; have a 8a^ 

ComAr, am. Y. Oomida. [sodaUe. 

ComerdAble, a. Merchantable, marketable; 

ComerclAl a. Conunerdal, trading; sodabK 

ComerdalmAnte, ad. (Little na.) Conuner- 
dally. [trafficker. 

ComerdAnto, am. and pa. Trader, n^erehant, 

ComerclAr, va. To trade, traffic; deal 

ComArdo, am. Trade, commerce; commer- 
cial community; communication, inter- 
course ; game at carda. 

Comestible, a. Eatable, comeBtIble.-~A pjL 
Provisions, riotaals [caim 

ComAta, am. Comet; boy^ kite; game at 

CometArlo, 9m. A oometiulnnL 

C!ometedAr, 9m. Offender, a criminal; as* 
saulter. [take, attempt; attaek 

CometAr, va. To commit, intrust; nnd«» 

CometogrAfla, ^ Cometography. n< 

ComezAn, am^ Itching; anxiety or 

(TAmlca, qt. Y. Actria. 

ComlcamAnte, a<f. Ck>m1cal]y. [asMmbliei^ 

Comioios, 9m. jok Roman committeea ei 

OAmico, ca, a. (^mio, comical : fruny. 

CAmioo, am. Play-actor, comedian. 

Comida, ^. Eating, food, flu«: dinner. O^ 

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mida y tO^ifamdmUo or asUtrnda, Board 

and lodgine. fcQliar teste. 

OimidiUa^ V^A slight repast; bobby; -pe- 

Gomido, da, a. Sotfate, full to satiety. 

Gomicnzo, 9m, Origin, beginning: A' or d^ 

conUenao^ From the banning. 
Coinilit6n, am. Parasite, sponger. 
Comllit^na, Comildna, •/. A splendid and 

plentiful repasL 
OkniloD, DA, 4. A treat eater, a glutton. 
Oomio6ro, a. and «. Miserable, niggard, 

Oomino, snx Cumin plant Cominot^ Ca- 
min seed. ParUr el ecmino^ To split a 
hair, be nisnrdly. 
Comiaar, «ck To confiscate. 
Comisaria, 4/! Comisariato, tm. Commis- 

saiysblp, oommiasariat 
Comisdrio, «m. Commissary, delegate, dep> 

aty, manaeer; jostice of tlie peace. 
Comisi6n, ^Trust, commission; mandate, 

charge, precept ; ministry; committee. 
Comisiooado, da, a. and pp. of GomiHonar, 
Cummlasional or commissionary; com- 
missioned, deputed. — a. Commissioner. 
Comisionir, va. To commission, depute, 
empower. [sion morcnant. 

Comisionista, mu Commiasioner ; commis- 
Comiflo, 9m. Confiscation, forfeiture. 
Comisti6n, ^ V. ConmUtion. [eatables. 
ComistWijo, 9m. Hodge-podge, a medley of 
OomisAra, if. (Anat) Commissure, suture. 
Comitdnte, pa. Constituent 
Comitiva, 4/: Suite, retinue. * 
Ofrmibe, 9m. Bootswain on board a galley. 
Comjza, ^f. fichth.) A kind of surmullet 
C6mo, ad. Uow, in what manner; as; why; 
if; like. Dar oomo or dor un como, To 
play a trick; joke. Oomoasimeloquiero^ 
As easy as I could wish. Oomo quUra 
que SMZ, However, at any rate. Oomo 
quiera^ However, notwithstanding, nev- 
ertheless, vet: used with the negative no. 
Como qiUera que, Notwithstanding that, 
althongii. yet [bureaiL 

C6moda, v- Clothes-press ; chest of drawers, 
Comodabfe, a. Wiiat can be lent or borrowed. 
Comodamtote, ad. Conveniently, commo- 
diously, oomfbrtably. [broker. 

Comodaurio, 9m. (Law) Borrower ; pawn- 
Gomodito, 9m. (Law) Loan. 
GomodidiKi, ^ Comfort convenience, ac- 
commodation; ease, flreedom from want; 
leisure; opportunity; profit advantage. 
C6modo, da, a. Convenient, suiteble, com- 
Coroorir, m. To cohabit, live together. 

Gomp6cto, ta, a. Compact dose. 
Compodeo^rse. vr. and va. To pity, 
passlonste; feel for; agree with each other. 

Gomnadryir, vrk To bMcme godliither or 

Oompadrdzgo, sm. Compatemity, relation 
between parents and sponsors. 

Coropidre, 9m. Godfather ; protector, bene- 
flMtor; friend. JiUves ds compadrety 
Thursday before Shrove-Tuesday. 

Compadreria, »f. Friendly Interoonne be- 
tween friends. [tnre. 

Compaginacion, {/? Compaglnation, sbnc- 



Compaginir, va. To join, unite, couple^ 

Compaq STTK Portico of a church door. 

Compdna, ^ Out-house, office ; company d 
soldiers; company. 

Compafieria, $/. V. JUamiebta. 

Compafl6ro, ro, 9. Companion, partner, 
associate, consort an equal, a match, • 
compeer, a mate ; comrade, colleague, fol- 

Compafiia, {< Company or society, assembly, 
meeting, fellowship; partnership. Ctow- 
pa^ia CM la UguOy Company or strolling 

Compdfio, Compafi6n, 9m. Y. CompaSUtro, 

Compafi6n, 9m. Testicle. 

Companu(^la, ftf. dim, (Ob^.) A small family. 

Comparable, a. Com[wrablc. 

Comparaci6n, ^f. Comparison, confbrence: 
collation; conferring. 

ComparAnza, ^ (Coll.) V. Comparacion, 

Compar&r, va. To compare, estimate, con 
front, confer, collate. 

Comparativam6nte, ad. Comparatively. 

(Domparativo, va, a. Comparative. [Judge. 

Comparec^ncla, */. Appearance before a 

Comparcc^r, vn. To onpear before a Judge. 

Compareclente, pa. of Comparecer. 

Compar^ndo, 9m. Summons, citetion to ap- 

Comparici6n, tjf. (Law) Appearance. 

CompArsa, s/. Retinue on tiie stage. 

CompArte, «. Joint party in a cIvU or crim- 
inal cause. 

Compartim6nto, Compartlml^nto, »m. Com- 
partment division ; inclosure. Compar- 
timi^nto interior de un nav\Oy Accom- 
modations on board a ship. 

Compartir, va. To divide into equal parts; 
arrange or dispose. 

CompAs, mn. Pair of compasses. Compaq 
decaUbre^CaW^n. CompaseedeQrufo^ 
Callpersw Compaq de pvoporoion^ Pro- 
portional compasses. V. Pantvmstra. 
rower of the voice; measure, time in 
music Echar el eompoA, To beat time. 
A' compos, In right musical time ; rule 
of life, principle, pattern. Eduir el com- 
pae^ To direct regulate, govern. Salir 
de Compaq, To act without rule or meas- 
ure. Vivir or jtroc^der con compos. To 
live or act within bounds. Compaa de 
mar, Marincr^s compass. V. BriijtUa and 
Bitdcora. A feint 

Compasadam£nt«, ad. By rule and measures 

Compasar, va. To measure with nile and 
compass; regulate; divide a musical 
composition into equal part^ Compaeof 
una carta de marear^ To prick the 
chart [atet 

Compasfble, t. Lamcntoble: compassion- 

Compasillo, «m. Quick musical time. 

GoiApasidn, ^ Compassion, pity, commis 
eration. [fril, human* 

Compasivo, va, a. Com passionate, mtmi 

CompatemldAd, ^ V. Compadratgo. 

Compatia, ef. Sympathy, follow-lbellng. 

CompaUbiUdAd, ^ Oc-mpatlbility, f — 



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OompatLbla, a. OompfttibI^ soluble to, fit ftra*. 

GorapatridU, «. Fellow-coontryiiuai; fel- 
low-fitizen. [ess. 

Compatr6nf na, & Fellow-patron or patron- 

(jompatroiuto, iin. Common right of pa- 

Compatrdno, tin. Fellow-patron. 

Compel6r, Compelir, va. To compel, con- 
strain; extort 

Compendiad6r, «m. Epltomlzer, abridger. 

Compendi^r, va. To epitomize; abridge. 

Compendiariam^nte, ad. Y. Contpmaioto. 

Comp^ndio, sm. Compend, abridgment,, 
snmmar/, abstract poosly. 

Compendiosam^nte, a<Z. Briefly, compend- 

Compendidao, ea, a, Brlei; abridged, com- 
pendiono, compact 

Compen84ble, a. Ck>mpensab]e. pent 

Compensacidn, ^ Compensation, eQuiva- 

Compen8iu>, «a. and n. To compensate, 
counterbalance, coonteryall; to make 

Compet^nda, ^. Competition, rivalry ; com- 
petence, cognizance or competency. A' 
compeUnda^ Contestingly. [sistent 

Compet^nte, a. Competent, sufSolent, con- 

Competentemonte, ad. Competently. 

Compet4r, vik To be one's ane. Y. (7om- 
peMf*. [tenda, 

Competici6n, {/! Conopetition. Y. Compe- 

Competid6r, ra, wm. Competitor, rival, op- 

Competir, vn. To vie, contest, contend, 
stjrlve; compete, rivsl ^ to be on a par. 

CompUacidn, ^. Compilation. 

Compilad6r, ra. «. Compiler, collector. 

Compilir, va. To compile. [crony. 

Compinche, mn. Bosom-friend, confidant, 

Complao6ncia, tf. Pleasure, gratification; 
complacency, compliance. 

Complao^r, «a. To please, content — vr. To 
take delight in. 

Complacitote, pa. Pleasing: 

Comptaiiir, t>n. To weep; be compassionate. 

Complemtoto, am. Complement, comple- 
tion; accomplishment 

Completamtote. ad^ Completely, perfeetl v. 

Completer, va. To complete, po^Mjt, flnisb. 

Completes, ^. Completory, compline. 

Oompletivaminte, ad. Y. ComjdeUto. 

Completive, va, a. (Little us.) Completive, 
absolute. [absolnte. 

Compl^to, ta, a. Complete, perfect finished ; 

Compiezi6n, if. Complexion, habit, nature, 

ComplexionAdo, da, a. Complexioned. 

Complexlonul, a. CompIexionaL 

Oompl6xo, 9m. and a. Complex. 

CompIicaci6n, ^f. Coranlici^on, complex. 

ConipHcadam6nte ad. V. OompUoaao. 

Complioddo, da, a Complicate. [sether. 

Complidbr, «a. To complicate. JumSle to- 

OSmplice, s. Accompliee, associate, abettor, 
accessory. [complice. 

Complioidkl, 9f. AcoessorinesB, being an ac- 

Complir, «a. V. OumpUr. 

Componed6r, ra, «. Composer, author; ar- 
bitrator; oonapoaing<«tick. 

Compon^nda, 41^ Papal chancery ibcs. 

Compontote, fo. Component 


Oompon6r, vo. To compose, oompoand 
constmct; sum up; invent; m«Ad, r^ 
pair, heal, restore; fit up; adjust; ward 
off; quiet Componer H temblanU^ To 
put on a calm appearance. C(mip<mer 
iarUo de renta^ Tx> have so mnch a year. 

Todre^ [dable, mend 

Componible, a. Conipoundable, aceomrac- 
Compdrta, ^. To carry a grape-vinta^ 

Comportible. a Supportable, tolerable 

Comportamicnto, atn. Behavior. 

Comports, va To carry or bring together 
suffer.— cr. To behave. 

Comporte, 9m. Conduct; air. manner. 

Comportilia, ^ dim. A small basket 

Composlddn, f(f. Composition, making up; 
adjustment, agreement; modest appear* 

Composit6r, tm^ Composer; compositor. 

Oompoetdra, f< Compoeition, oompoanre; 
mending; neatness; a4jn8tment, agree 
moit; modesty, circumspection. 

Gomp6ta, ^, Preserves, sweetmeats. 

Compot^ 9f. Sweetmeats-dish. 

C6mpra. ^. Purchase. 

Compiible, a. Purchasable. 

Comprida, 9f. Y. Oampra. 

Compradixo, za, a. Y. CkmpraUs. 

ComprAdo, Compradiilo, 9m. Way of play 
at ombre. 

Comprad6r, ra, «. Buyer, purchaser; caterei 

Comprdnte, pa. Buyer, purchaser. 

Comprdr, <?t£^To buy, purchase. 

Comprendeddr, ra, «. One who understanda 

Comprend^r, va. To comprehend; com- 
prise, Include, contain; understand. 

ComprensibilidAd, ^ Comprehenslblenes^ 

Comprensible, a. Comprehensible, conoeiT- 

Compren6{6n, ^ Comprehension, oonceir- 

ing, conception ; comprehenaiveoees. 
Comprenuvo, va, a Comprehensive, cap*- 

Comprensdr, ra, «. The blessed, one who 

ei^foys the presence of Qod ; one tha^un- 

derstands a thing. 
Compresbitero, 9m. A fellow-presbyter. 
Compreeibilidid, t>/. Compressibility. 
Compresible, a. Compressible. 
Compresidn, ^. Compreeslon, compressuro. 
Compreaivamtote, ad. CompreasiDly, eon- 

tractedly. [inf. 

Compresivo, va, a. Compressive, compress- 
Comprdso, sa, pp. irr. of OompHmir. 
Comprimir, va. To compress; constnin; 

condense ; repress, restrain.— «r. To 8ub» 

due one's passion. 
Comprobadon, ^ Comprobation. 
ComprobAnte, pa. Proving; voucher. 
Comprobir, va. To verify, confinn; oom- 

probate; compare; prove. 
Comprofeedr, 9m. Colleague. [bind. 

Compromet^, va. To compromise ; engage 
Comprometimi^nto, em. Compromise, com* 

pact, adjustment [oompromiaer. 

ComprdmisArio, Mik. Arbitrator, nmptre, 
Compromise, em. Compromise; arbitraUo* 

bond. F0ner en cmnprtnni90^ To oob 


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riB| a, (Litti« na.) Conqnio- 

Gomproteetdr, «in^ A joint protector. 

GomproTinoi41, a. CoxnproTinolal, of the 
craw nMtroDolitan church. 

{To con^prum^ yo eompruebg, from Cknn- 
proixw, V. Aeord<w.} 

CMnpo^rta, ^ HalMoor; flood-gate; piece. 

Gompoeetun^te, ad. Bosrularly, orderly. 

Ctempoeeto, Miik Compound, mutorei com- 

CompaSito, ta, a. and ^. of QfmpoMr^ 
Compoeed, coropoondod, complex, re- 
paired; oomposite. 

Gomp6l8a, ^ A legally attested copy. 

Oompolair, «a. To compel; make an au- 
thentic copy. [straint 

Compolaida, ^ Compulsion, forcing; re- 

CompuMvo, va, a. CompaMve. 

CompAlao, 8A» pp. irr. of Oompeler. 

Gompulsdrio, ria, a Compulsory; ordering 
an anthentic copy; [contrition. 

CompunciiSn, iff. Compunction, repentance, 

Compnngido, aa, €t. (X>mpunctiouA.— j>p. of 
Compunar^. [morse. 

Compungirse, vr. To feel compunction, re- 

Compungivo, va, a. CompunctlTe, prick- 
ing, atfnging. 

Compurgact6a, ^ Contpurgation. 

Compurgad6r, 9m. Compurgator. 

Compnig^, va. To pmre one's veracity by 
another^ oath. 

Computilbia, ek (Little u&) Computable. 

C(«iputaei6n, tn Computation, calculation. 

Computer, va. To compute, estimate. 

Compntiata, »m. Computist, compntar, ac- 
conntanL [account 

C6mpiUo, rnn. Computation, calculation, 

C6mun, «m. pL In Kavarre, the exchequer 

Comn)ael6n, tf. Cumulation. 

Comn^Ar, «a. and n. To administer or re- 
ce&ve the blessed sacrament 

Comulgat6rlo, tm. Communion-altar. 

Oomun, €k Common. Pcukm comuns$y 
Common fields; nsual, general, custom- 
ary, ordinary: much used, frequent, cur- 
rent, habitual; vulgar, low.— •»». Com- 
munity, public; privy. Y.SBerata. En 
eomun^ Conjointly. Pot lo eomim, Com- 
monly, frequently, generally. 

Comuna, ^ (Ptoy.) The principal canal of 
irrigation. [nle.— a. Common. 

ComunAl, «m. Commonalty, common peo- 

Comunaltoi, ^ Mediocrity ; common ; com- 
munication, intercourse. [moner. 

Coamn^ns ra, a. Popular, common; com- 

OomunC'ro, em. A Joint holder of a tenure 
of lands; nartizan for the cotnunidad. 

Jcmnnlcabifidud, ^. Communieabillty. 

Onuunlcibte, A Communicable; sociable. 

Corounicacl6n, ^ Communication; inter- 
eouree ; criminal oonnectlon. 

Oomunidu[ite,.jMi. Communicating; a com- 

Ooonraie^, vs. To communicate, Impart, 
dlaoover or make known; consult—irr. 
To be joined or oontlguona. Odmuni- 
T emirs «i, To interchange eentl- 


Comnnicativo, va, a. Communicative^ nai 

Comunicat6rio, rla, a. Which must be com 

Comunidiid, «/. Commonness; commona! 
ty; communis, corporation, guild, so 
ciety. Ds oomimidad^ Coqjointly.-^ 
The cities of Custile which rose In sup- 
port of the Spanish liberty against the 
government of Charles V. 

Comunidn, ^ Communion, common poe- 
seasion; fiuniliar intercourse; commu- 
nion, the act of receiving the blessed sa- 
crament [qneatly. 

Comunmtote, ad. Commonly, usually; fk^ 

Com4iia, ^ Meslin, mixed grain; kind ol 
contract on shares. c\>mt<>kM, Seeds. 
V. Camttiiaa. 

Con, prsp. With, by, for, against, in, amon^ 
Oon tal qus or con que. So that, pro- 
vided that, on condition that Oon qu4^ 
Then, therefore, well then. Con todo or 
con todo €90^ Nevertheless, notwithstand- 
ing. Con qus A^ con que no^ Shilly- 
shally. Con qu€, 8m. Condition, stipula- 
tion, circumstance^ [tempt 

Condto, «m» Endeavor, effort, exertion, at- 

Co navidro, sm. Copartner in a ship, 

Ccneadon^, va. To concatenate; link to 

Concionbio, 9m. Exchange. V. OamHf>. 

Concan6nigo, 9m. A fellow-canon. 

Concaptiva va, 9. Fellow-captive. 

Concatedralld&d, 9f. Union oftwocathedralai 

Coneatenacl6n, ^Concatenation. 

Concatendr, va. To concatenate. 

Conc4usa, 9f. Joint cause. [lownesR. 

C6ncava, ConcavidSd, 9/. Concavity, hoi- 

C6ncavo, va, a. Concave, hollow. 

C6ncavo, 9m. Concavity. V. Ooneavidad. 

Concebible, a. V. Comprenaible. 

Concebid6r. 9m* (Little us.) Conceptiou& 

Concebimionto, 9m. Conception. 

Concebir, vet. and n. To conceive; express; 
Imagine, havo an idea of; comprehend, 
tmderstand; look •on. [ing. 

Conoeddntc,^ Conceding, yielding, grant- 

Conced6r, «a^ To give, grant; concede, al- 
low, admit 

Concedido, da, a. and 2>p. of Conoedar, 
Conceded, granted, vcmo y no conco' 
dido. Admitted, but not agreed. 

Concejal, 9m. Member of a council or board. 

ConceJ&l. a. Selatlng to public boards or 

Concejil, 9m. An alderman; f(Kmdling. 

Concelil, a. Common, public. 

Cono^Jo, 9m. The civic body of a small 
town; the town-house; jurisdiotion of 
several parishes; foundling. Cone^^ 
abierto^ A public meeting of town officers. 

Concdnto, am. A concert of voices; har- 

Concentracl6n. t(f. Concentration. [ted 

Concentr&do, da, a. Concentred, concentra- 

Concentrdr, <Da. To concentrate, concentrck 

Conc6nU1co, ca. a. Concentric coneentricaL 

Concepci6n, «/ Conception, idea, conoel^ 

ConcepteAr, vn. To give smart reparteoik 


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OoBoeptibUidH 4< (Little ^) OonortTsblo- 

Gono^ytible, a. Gonceivablei 

ConoeptiUo), tn, <Uin. A witty trifl^ an at- 
tempt at wit [hamoriat 

CJonoeptistaf tm.. A wit; nuui of genina; a 

CoDc^pto, am. Conceit, thought, Idea; flaah 
of wit; jadgment, opinion; eatimatiofi; 
crank, croea-porpoao; kdtxa. 

Conceptn&r, eow To conceive, Judge. 

Conceptaosam^nte, ad. Ingeniouaiy. wittily. 

Conceptn680, aa, a. Conceptiooa, witty. 

Concerntocia, ^ Coneernment, relation. 

Oonoernidnte^iMi. Concerning. Por lo oott' 
oemiefUe^ Concerning. 

Conoemir, «. imp. To regard, concern. 

Concertadam6nte, ad, B^alarly ; by agree- 
ment [trtver. 

Concertad6r, «m. Begalator, adjuster, con- 

ConoertAr, va. To concert; resolate, set to 
^igbt^ contrive, liarmonize ; bargain, cov- 
enant; compare.— wk To agree, accord.— 
«r. To design. 

Conoe8i6n, ^f. Concession, lotuit 

Conceaion^o, am, (Law) Grantee. 

C6ncka, ^. Shell; oyster; an ancient cop- 
per coin, (kmcha <U naoary Motber-of- 
pearl shell; rolnte; socket Tm^mw 
ohas conchas^ To be very artftiL 

ConchabAnsa, ^ The manner of making 
one's self easy: plotting, conapimcy. 

Concbabiir, va. To mix wck^ — or. To onite, 
join for evil porpose; plot, conq;»irc. 

Conchddo, da, a. Scaly, sbeliy. 

Concbil, 9m. Rock-sbelL (Morex) Bnrret 

Concbilla, ita, «/ diin. A small sbelU 

Conchite, jj/T Conchite, petrified aheU. 

Concbol6gla, ^ Conchology. 

Conchudo, da, a. Scaly, crastaoeons; con- 
ning, reserved. [tion. 

CoDclDimi<:jnto, sm. Conceit, idea, concep- 

Cond^ncia, a/. Conscience, scrapie, veraci- 
ty. Ancho ds condancia, Not scrupa- 
lotia. Ifac^conotandadaaiffunaeoaOj 
To be scrapulons about a tbing [loua 

Condenzudo, da. a. Conscientioaa, scrupa 

Conci6rto, am. Concert, communication of 
designs; bargain, agreement; concerto. 
Da conciarto^ According to agreement, 
by common consent (assembly. 

Concili&balo, am. Conventide, an unlawful 

Gonoiliad6n, ^. Conciliation ; resemblance, 

Conciliad6r, ra, a. Conciliator, peacemaker. 

Condliiur, va. To oondliate, reconcile; win 
the affection of otbera. OoneiUar eL 
sueflo^ To induce sleep. OmoiUar laa 
amiatadaa^ To make fncnda. 

Condliar, cu Condliar. 

CondliiTj am. Member of a ooondL 

O>n6i1iativo, va, a. Conciliatoiy. 

Concilio, am. Council; decreeaof acoondL 
JTcuier or tetter condUo^ To hold unlaw- 
ful meetings. 

Condnid&d, af. Harmony. Py. 

Gondsam^te, ad, Condse«y, briefly, abori- 

Goncisidn, ^f. OondaenGSs, brevity. 

Oondso, sa, a. Concise, brle^ short 

Oondtad6n, tff. Condtatlon, stirrinx up. 

Qondtaddr, am. Instigator, indter to iU. 


Coodtir, WL To ezdte; atir up nnniMa 

Uona. [commotloBfl 

OmdtatiTo, va, a. Inciting; stiirlng op 
Condadadino, am. FeUow-dtixen, eouotry- 

C6ncbive, am. Condave; assemblage^ 
Condavista, am, Condaviat 
Condnir, Mk To condnde, finish, terminate; 

oonvince with reason ; infer, deduce. 
Condnaidn, ^f. Conduaion; end, date; ecu- 

seauence; tbesla. 
Conclosivo, va, a. Condusiv(\ final, [ted. 
Concl6so, aa, a. Conduded, cl: eed, termin*- 
Conduy6nte, pa. Concluding; oonduaive; 

Ck>ndiiyentem6nte, ad. Condoslvely. 
(^ncoRide, am. One of tlie same brothor- 

(^nc6ide, ^ Conchoid. 
ConcolSga, sffik Fellow-collegian. 
Concomerseu «r. To sbrug toe shooldera. 
Concomimiento, Concdmlo, am. Shrugging 

of the shoulders. 
ConcomlUinda, 4^ Concomitance; drenm- 

stantial evidence. [rent 

ConcomitAnte, pch, Concomitant conoar> 
Conc<Nrd&ble, a. Concordant confiNrmablo, 

consistent with. Ttion. 

Conoordad6n, ^, Co-ordination, combina- 
Ooncordadte, am. Conciliator, peacemaker. 
Concordinda, ^ Concordance, ooucord, 

agreement; harmony. 
Ck>ncorddnte, pa. Concordant, agreeing. 
Concordiu^ va. To accord, regulate, make 

agree; compromise. — en. To accord, to 

Concord^, «*». Concordat, a covenant 

made by a prince with the pope. 
Conc6rde, a. Concordant 
Concordem6nte, ad. With one accord. 
Conc6rdb^ af. Concord, nnion, harmony. 

Da oonaordiOf Jointly, by comnu»n con- 
Concorpdreo, rea, a, ConcorporaL 
Concred6n, ^. Concretion. 
Concresc6nda, ^, Concrescence. 
Concretam^nte, odL (Little us.) Concretdy. 
Concretir, co. To combine, unite, concretdk. 
Concr6to, ta, a. Concrete. 
Concubina, ^ Ckmcubine, mtstroes; a law- 
ful wiib deprived of dvil riffhta. [tresa. 
Concubin4rio, am. One who Keeps a mia- 
Concnbinito, am. Concubinage. 
Conc&bito. am. Coition, [ling with the feet 
Conculcaci^n, {/! (Oba.) Gonculation, tramp- 
Cononlc^, va. To oonculcate. 
Conoufl^do, da, a. Brother or sister In law. 
Concuplsc6nda, ^. Concupiscence, lost 
Concnpisdble, a. Coneuptsdbleu 
Concnrrdnda, ^. Convention ; concurrenee 

Cononmnte, pa. Concurrent, coincident 
Concurrlr, tm,. To concor; contribute, coin- 

dde; be present 
Concurs^, va. To lay an {injunction. 
Conciirso, am. Concourse, conflux, crow^ 

congregation, assembly; aid; contest' 

proceedings agsinst an insolvent debtor. 
Concnsl6n, ^, Concussion, shaking^ agita 


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Ooadidoi, am. Earldom, county ; dignity of 

OofBdil, €U The dignity of an earl or count 

C6iide, am. Karl, count: head or chief of 
tho gypsies. 

Goode^ntA, & 0>nvenient, fit, pre per. 

C(Hideoorfcci6n, ^ Decoration, embellishing. 

Condaeorttr, «a. To ornament, erabeliisb, 
docorato, honor, reward. 

Goadcn*. 9/. The clerk of the court's utteata- 
tion of the sentence of a criminal. 

Oonden&ble, a. Condemnable, blamablcL 

Ooodeaacidn, ^ Condemnation, sentence; 
poniahment; flae. E9Wia eondenacion^ 
It is unbearable, intolerable. 

OondenUo, da, «. One condemned to eter- 
nal punishment — a. Sentenced. Con^ 
denado en eottaa^ Sentenced to pay the 
eofita. JPuerta eondanada^ A door ^hnt 

Coodenad^, ra, 9. Ckrademner, blamer. 

Gondenar, «a. To condemn, sentence; 
damn ; censure, blame ; reftite a doctrine 
or opinicm; atop up or shut up, &c. 

Coodcmatdrio, rla, a. Condemnatory. 

Condensabilidid ' "* 


The quality of being 

Condenaible, a. Condensable. 

Condcnaacidn, ^ Condensation. 

Oondensad^r, 9m. Condenser. 

Gondenainte, pa. Condensing. 

Oondensir, «a. To thicken, condense. — vr. 
To curdle, be condensed, gather. 

CoDdensatiTo, ra, a. Condensatlve. 

CoodenaidM, ^. Condensity. 

Condesa, 9f. Countess; widtinff-maid. 

(^des&do, ami. Earldom, Jurisdiction of a 
count [descenslon. 

Oondeaeend6ncla, ^f. Condescendence, con- 

Condwoender, va. To condescend, submit, 
comply. [compliant 

Coudescendi^nte, a. and pa, C^ompfacent 

Condesoendientem^nte, ad. Condescend- 
inriy. [ess. 

Gondealta, ff. diriK A little or young count- 

Condetito, *m. dim. A little earl or count 

Gondestible, am. Constable, a lord high 
constable. Cond^9tab1« ds ar9enale9^ 
Gunner of a dockyard. Segundo c<m- 
dMtabU, Gunner's mate. 

CondestabKa, ^f. Constableship. 

Condezm^^ am. Part owner of tithes. 

Condlci6n, «/. Condition ; state ; rank ; 
dansec CondicUm torjm, Opposed by 
law. Tener oondioton, To be of a peevish 
Uspoaition. Pon^r en, oondicion^ To 
jaard. expose to danger. />« or con 
eond4c4nn. So as, on condition that 

OondicionAdo, da, a. Conditioned. 

CoadlcionAl, a. Conditional, not absolute. 

Cond1e1onalm6nte. ad. Conditionally. 

Condidon&r, vn. To agree, accord.— i?r. To 
Im of the same nature. 

Oinidlciondza, 9/. A violent disposition. 

Oondicioneilla, ita, ^ A hasty temper; a 
imall dause. [fitly. 

OoBdlgnam6nte, ad. Condignly, deservedly, 

Oond^nld&d, if. Condignity, suitablcneesu 

Ootidvtto, na, & Condlni, suitable, morltod. 

C6iidl^ »m. (A Bat) Condyle. 


Condimentiff, va. To oondlta, season Tle^ 
nala. [sauoe. 

Condim^nto, 9m. Condiment Beaaonine; 

Condlscipulo, am. Condiaciple, school-fel- 

Condistln|^, to. To distinguish. 

Condolecerse, Condolerse, vr. To condole, 
be sorry. [forgiving. 

Condonaci6n, 9f. Condonation, pardoning, 

Condobir, «rt. To pardon, forgive. 

Gond6r, am. (Cm.) <>)ndor. 

Condrlla, ^f. (Bet.) Common gum-euccory. 

Conducci6n,^ Conveyance; carriage; lead* 
inff, guiding. [ment 

Conduc^ncia, ^ Condncing to, condnce* 

Conducdnte, a, and pa. Conducive, condu* 
cible; official. 

Conducid6r, 9m. Conductor, leader. 

Conducir, va. and n. To convey; condact; 
direct — vr. To behave, conduct ono'a 

Conducta,«/ Conduct; behavior; life; di- 
rection; commission for recruiting; r»< 
emits: convoy of money. [conveying. 

Conductive, va, a. Having the power of 

Condiicto, *m. Condnit sower, drain ; chan- 
nel. Salvo conductor A safo-conduct 
passport guide. [conve/er. 

Conductor, 9n\. Conductor, leader, usher, 

Conductora, 9/. Conductress, dircctres& 

Condutil, 9nt. Gutter, water-spout 

Concjal, 9m. liabbit-warren ; suburb inhab> 
Itod by couimnn people. 

Conejilr, am. Uabbit-warren. 

ConeJ^ra, ^ Brooding-warren; brothel* 
den or hovel. 

Conej6ro, gm. Warrcner, warren-keeper. 

ConeJ^o, a. That wiiich hunts rabbitSL 

Conejito, »tn. dim. A little rabbit 

Con6Jo, a. Alambre coiujo^ Rabbit^wire, 
copper-wire. [breeds like a rabbit 

Con^o, ja, 9. Babbit E9 una con^a, She 

Con^uno, ^ Rabbit down or fhr. [kind. 

Con^uno, na, a^ Relating to the rabbit 

Conexidddea, 9/. pi. Rights annexed to the 
principal. [ture. 

Conexion, t{f. Connection, union, conjuno- 

Conexivo, va, a. Connective. 

Con^xo, xa, a. Connected, united. [lusion. 

Conlhbn1aci6n, */ Confabulation, chat ; col- 

Confhbuldr, va. To confabulate, chat; 
league. [sign. 

Confiil6n, am. Gonfiilon, standard; an en* 

Confalonidr, am. Gonfalonier, chief stand- 
ard-bearer, [marriages. 

Conftirrcacl6n, a/. Eating bread together at 

ConlbcciiSn, */ Confection, an electuary, a 

ConfeccionR<16r. sm. Confectioner. 

Confecclon&r, va. To con feet make into 
conserves. [union, coalition. 

Confederaci6n, 9f. Confederacy, league, 

Confederado, da, o, and 9. Confederate, al- 
lied, consociate. Moin in a league. 

Confederir, t>a. and rr. To confederate, 

Confer^ncia, ^f. Conference, meeting, oou- 
yersation ; daily lecture in universities. 

ConferenclAr, va. To conifer; hold a con- 
ference, [munok 

Conf^rir, wt. To confer; deliberate, com^ 

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OMfgrrt, ^. (Bot) Gonl^mc 

Oonfeft&do, da, a. Confessed, acknowlodgod. 
— «. Penitent, repentant 

Confesanto, pa. Deolaratonr, afl&nnatiTeu 

GonfesAr, va. To confess, acknowledge, own. 
Qynf«»ar de piano, To confess plainly or 
openly. Coi\fiesar 8in tormerUo, To con- 
Ibsa a fonlt freely.— or. To oonfei^or 
make confession. 

Oonfesldn, 4/! Confession, acknowledgment 

Oonfesiondrio, 9m. Treatise on oonlesftioo ; 
confiBsaionaL [lay-brother; a nun. 

OonlS^, sa, «, Jewish proselyte. (OU.) A 

Oonl^ sa, a, (Law} Confossed. 

Ooofesion^o, 9m, Confessional 

Confes6r, 9m. Confessor. 

Confl&ble, a. Tmsty, worthy of octildenco. 

Oonfladam6nte, ad. Confidently. 

Confl&do, da, a. Confident; presumptuous, 
arrogant, forward. [fldw . 

Conflfld6r, 9m. A joint surety ; relier, oon- 

Confli^nza, ^f. Confidence, reliance; bold- 
ness; hope. [hope. 

Confl4r, va. and n. To confide, trust in; 

Oonfid^ncia. ^ Confidence. 

Confidencidl, a. Confidential 

Confidencialm^nte, ad. Confidentially. 

Confidante, 9m. Confidant, counsellor. 

Ccmfldtote, a. True, lUthftil, tmsty. [fhllr. 

Confidentem6nto. ad. Confidently; ikith- 

Conflguraci6n, v. Conflfuration. 

ConfignrAdo, da, ct. Configurated. [form. 

Configur&r, va. To configure, dispose into 

Confin, «m. Limit, boundary, border. 

Oonfln, Conflniinte, a. Bordering upon, 
limitaneous. [imprison ; border upon. 

Confln&r, «& and n. To banish; confine, 

Conflngir, «a. To mix ingredients into one 
mass. [tion; evidence. 

Confirmact6n, tf. Confirmation, oorrobora- 

Confirmadam^nte, ad. Firmly, unalterably. 

Conflrmador, 9m. Confirmator, attester, oon- 

Conflrminte, pa. Conflrmer. [strengthen. 

ConfirmAr, «& To confirm, corroborate; 

ConfirmatlvamSnte, ad. Confirmlngly. 

Confirmativo, va, ConfirmatArio, ria, a. 

Confiscable, a. Confiscable; forfeitable. 

Gonflsoaddn. ^f. Confiscation, forfeiture. 

Oonfisd^o, aa, a. Confiscate, confiscated. 

Confiscaddr, tm. (Little us.) Conflsoator. 

Oonflscar, va. To confiscate, seize by for- 

?oufltiur, va. To confoct, candr ; sweeten. 

0>nfite, 9m. Conflt, comfit Jfordsr en un 
oonfitSy To be band and glove. Ci>f{/tt«t, 
Dainties, su^-plums; whipping. 

Oonflt^nte, a. v . Ckmfeao. 

Gonflt^ ^ Vessel for sweetmeats. 

Confiteiia, ^. Confeotlocer^ shop. [tray. 

Conflt^ro, ra, «. Confectioner; sweetmeat- 

Confitillo, 9m, Broidered coverlet; caraway 

Conflt^n, 9m, aiigm, A large conflt 

Oonfit^ra, ^f. Confiture, oonfit, confection. 

Oonfiacidn, ^f. Conflation. 

Conflagraci6n, ^f. Conflagration. [pang. 

Oonflicto, 9m. Conflict, struggle; agony, 

ConflizAncla, << Confluence, oonflnx, flux. 


Conflntote, pa. Oonfloent 

Confluir, vn. To ioin or meet; 1 

Conformaci6n, «r. Conformation. 

Conformir, va. To oonllnm, adjust, fit— nm 
To suit, level; comply with.— ©r. Ti 
jrield, submit [sistent, similar. 

Oonforme, a. Conformable, sottable; con- 

Conforme, ad. In proportion; agr eea b ly, 
according to dreumstanoes. fimously. 

Conformem6nte, ad. Conformably, nnaii- 

Conformidid, </! Similitude, conformity, 
ajneement; union; symmetry; patienoew 
jh oot^rmidad^ By common oonsenL 
En ootubrmidadyAgneMbly^ aoeordtng tOw 

Conformlsta, «m. Conformist 

Confortad^n, ^ Comfort, consolation. 

Confortad6r, ra, 9. Comforter. [sole. 

Confort^. va. To comfort, strengthen ; oon- 

Confortativo, va, a. Comfortable, corrobo- 

Confraoddn, ^ Fraction, breaking. 

Confraguad6n, 4^ Mixing or uniting metab. 

Confratemid^ ^ Confraternity, brother- 

Conflicad6n, 1^. Confrioation, friction. 

Confric^, v€t. To rub, produce friction. 

Confront«d6n, ^ Confrontati<», compari- 

Conftx>ntiinte, p<i. Confronting; comparing; 

Confrontir, va. To confer, confront; cmu- 
pare.— m. To agree in ■entlmenta and 

Confimdir, va. To confound ; confrise ; con- 
ftite.— 9r. To be bewildered; aftbara«d. 

Confusamontc, ad. Confosedly, helter-skel- 
ter, [mlliatlon: shame. 

Conftasidn, ^. Confliaion, perplexity; ba- 

Conltiso, Ba, a. ConfUsed, jumbled together; 
indistinct; fearAil, timorous. iE^ooifAf- 
•o, Confosedly, obscurdy. 

(>>nnitad6n, s/TConftitation, disprooC 

ConfiitAr, va. To oonftite, disprove, convle^ 

CongeUusidn, ^. CongeUmlSnto, 9m, Conge- 
lation, freezing; congealment 

Congdir, va. and vr. To coaffulato, con- 
geal freezeu [oongealins. 

Congelativo, va, a. Uaving the power of 

Congenial, a. Consenial, analogous. 

Gongeniiir, vn. To oe oonsenial, qrmpathlze. 

Cong6nito, ta, a. Congenital, connate. 

Congee. ^. Congeriesu 

Congestion, f^ (M^d.) Congestion. 

Gonglilrlo, 9m, Congiary, a Koman gift. 

C6ngio. 9m. Ancient Boman liquid measoiei 

Con^obadon, << Conglobatlon ; union of im- 
materld things; accumulation o(pn>oi±, 

Conglob&r, va. To oonglobftte. 

Conglomerido, da, a. Conglomerate. 

Conglomerir. va. To con^omerate. [Ins 

Conglntlnad6n. 4^ Conglutination, cement- 

Conglutin&do, oa, a. Conglutinate. 

Conglutinir, va. To conglutinate, r0anlt& 
— vr. To conglutinate. 

Conglutlnativo, va, Conglutlndso, m« a 
Viscous, fflutinons. [ln| 

Cong^a, ^ Anguish, anxle^, heartteeek 

Congolir, va. To oppress, afflict 

Coogcooaamtote, €UL Anxiously, palnftilly. 

Congqi^so, so, a, AflUotive, painfoi, tor 

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CoAgrtd«d6r, sm. Flatterer, eonffritiilator. 
fliiftmliiiilniitn. am^ Flattery, obseqolouft* 

Congradiir, wk To ingratiate, flatter. — or. 
To get into one's mxKl gmoee. [tlon. 

Oongratnlacidn, ^f. Congntolation, felidta- 

Ooogratoldr, va. To congratolate, compli- 

CoogratoIatiSrlo, ria, a. Concratulatorj. 

Cgngregaci6n, ^ Congresation, a meotfnc. 
Congregadon <U lo9jM^ The Catholic 
church. [Uon. 

Coigreg&nte, ta, t. Member of a congrega- 

OoBgregir, va. To aatemblo, meet, congre- 

Congr^fio, «m. Congress; consistory. 

C6ngrio, »m^ Conger-eeL [priest 

Congma, << A competent sostenance to a 

Cdngmamdnte, acU Conveniently, boeom- 
ingly. [gruenoe. 

CoDgxii^nclA, 4/! Convenlenoe, fltnesa, oon- 

Congm^nto, a. Congruent, agreeing, corre- 
s^nding; [onsly. 

Gongntentem6nte, ad. Saitably, congru- 

Cdnsno, oa, A Congmoos, apt, fit, suitable. 

Cdoico, ca, a. Conical or conic. 

Coniftro, ra, a. (Bot) Coniferous, bearing 

Conlza, ^f. (Bot) Great flea-bane. 

" O^tioiv, if. Conjecture, sormise, guess. 
jetarAbte, a. Coniectarable. 
fetniaddr, ra, «. Collector, guosser. 
il, a. CoiOectnraL [inglj. 

ilm^te. tid. Coi^ecturally, gness- 
ijetorur, va. To conjecture, guess. 
i^n&E, mu A co-judge. [nection. 

Mogacion, «/• CoiOQg*tion; union, con- 
yngikdo, da, a. Conjugated, inflected, 
ijug&l, a. (Obs.) Conjugal, connubial, 
matrioKmiaL [rimonially. 

Coniingalm^te, ad. (Obs.) Coqjngally, mat- 

Comng^r, «c(. To conjugate; compare. 

CoiQuncidn, ^ Conjunction, union. 

CoEijuntam^nta, aa. Conjunctly, jointly. 

C<nMnntiTQ, ts, a. Conjunctive, connexire. 

0ooj4nto, U, a. Conjunct, united, connect- 
ed-^ allied. 

Conjunto, em. Conjanctness, heap, mass. 

Coiynntfira, qf. Y. Coj/wiiura and ConMin' 
eu>fk Qiiot 

ConjuracI6n, ^ Conspiracy, con} oration, 

Gonjnrido, da^ A Conspirator; leagner, 
covenanter. [spirator. 

OonJursd^hr, mn-. Coxdnrer, enchanter; con- 

CoDjnrament^, -co. To bind by an oath.— 
f r. To bind one's self by an oath. 

Coojurinte, pa. Coz^nring, oonspiring. 

Ctonjurir, tn. To conspire.— «a. To exoreiae; 
ooi^nre; entreat, implore. 

Cbttjnro, «m. Conjun^on, exorcism; in- 

OraUevad^r, mn. Helper, assistant. 

Conllevir, va. To aid or Msist: boar with. 

ConUor^, vo. To ff^pathlze, lament 

Ommateriil, a. (Little u&) Commaterlal 

Ooomemoraddn, ^f. Commemoration; an- 
niversary, [public actSb 

Oonmemor^, va. To commemorate by 

CSomnemorativo, va, a (Little ua.) Com- 


ConmemontMo, ria, a. (Little us.) Com 

Conmens&L tm. Commensal, measmate. 
Conmensalia. af. Commensality. 
Conmensurabiilddd, 4/r Commensurablllty. 
Conmensurdble, a. (Little us.) Commensa 

ConmensnTacl6n, ^f. Commensnration. 
Conmensurir, ««. To commensurate. 
Conmensurativo, va, a. Commensurable. 
Conmigo,proii.;p0r«. With me, with my- 

Conmilit6n. am. Comrade, a foUow-eoldler. 
Conminacion, ^ Commination, a threat 
Conmln&r, 17a. To threaten; denounce puh« 

ishment [enlng. 

Conminat6rlo, ria, a. Comminatory, threat- 
Conmiseraci6n, ^. Commiseration, pity, 

Conmistl6n, Conmtstiira, ttf, Commlxlon. 
Conmisto, ta, a. Mixed, mingled. 
Conmociun, {/T Commotion; excitement; 

fretting. [an event; memoir. 

Conmonft6rio, 9m. A tvritten narration of 
Conmovedor, am. (Little u&) Disturber, 

Conmov6r, Ta. To commove, disturb, affect 
Conmutabilldad, af. (Little us.) Commuta- 

Conmutible, a. Commutablo. 
Conmutacidn, ^f. Commutation. 
ConmutAr. va. To commute, change, barter. 
Conmutativam6nte, ad. (Little ua.) Com- 

Conmutativo, va, a. Commutative. 
Connatur&l, a. Connatural. Tallens. 

Connataralizaci6n, a/T Naturalization of 
ConnaturalizAr, va. To naturalize. — vr. To 

accustom one's self. 
Connaturalm^nte, ad. Connatnrally. 
Connexidid, ^ V. Coneaeidad. 
Connivtocia, ^f. Connivance. [latlon. 

Connotacl6n, af. Connotation ; a distant re- 
ConnotMo^ am. Relationship, kindred. 
Connote, vo. To connote. Imply. 
ConnotaUvo, va, a. (Oram.) Of the quality 

of its primitive. 
Connovicio, da, a. A fellow-novice. 
Connnbldl, a. Comrabial, matrimonial. 
Conn&bio, am. Matrimony, wedlock. [Uon. 
Connumeraci6n, tf. (Little us.) Connnmera 
Connnmer&r, va. To enumerate, include in 

a number. 
C6no, am. Cone. [critic. 

Conooed6r ra, a. Connoisseur: judge or 
Conocdr, <m». To know, be acquainted witli ; 

perceive; observe; conjecture; confess. 

— vr. To know one another. 
Conocible, a. Cognosdble, knowable. 
Conocldamonte, ad. Knowingly, evidently. 
Conocido, da, a. Acquaintance; person of 

ConoelmlSnto, am. Knowledge, skill ; dev- 

emoss; acquaintance; note of hand; ju* 

dleia] notice; bill of lading.-:pJ. Accom- 
plishments; sdence. Venir en conoci 

mienta, To remember. 
Ck>nold&l, a. Conoidal, conoidlcal. 
Condide, af. Conoid. 
Conqui, am. (Coll) Condition, quality. 

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Oonqiiflio16gla, if, V. CofMHuHbgia, 

O^quistft, ^f. Conquest, Bntdection ; win- 
ning anotber^s affections. 

GonqnlDt^ble, a. (Littio ns.) Cbnqnorable. 

Gonqnistaddr, 6m, Conqueror. [qnire. 

Conqnlstiiri «!. To oonquer, overcome; ao- 

ConreAr, ro. To crease wool. 

Conresn&nte, a, Beijing with another. 

Conreindr, ^on. To reign with another. 

Consabdr, vn, (Little na.) To know jointly. 

Consabldo, da, a. Already known. Totberai 

Consabid6r. ra, «. Who knows jointly with 

Oonsagracton, ^ Consecration. 

Consagrido, da, & Consecrate, consecra- 
ted, devoted. 

Oonsagr&nte, «m. and jOA, Consecrator. 

Consagrar, vOw To consecrate, hallow; ded- 
icate, [nate, kindred. 

Consanguineo. nea, a. ConRangnineou^ cog- 

Gonsangulnidadj «/! Consanguinity. 

Conscripcl6n, f< Conscription, enrolling. 

Conscripto, wk. Conscript 

Consecracidn, «/ V. Corutagracion, 

Consecrar, va. V. Consagrar. 

ConsectArio, sm, Consectary, corollary. 

Consect^o, a. Consectary, consequent 

Consocncion, tif. Attainment of a benefice, 

Consccuuncia, sf. Consequence, importance, 
conclusion, inference; firmness. En or 
por consecuendtLf Consequently, there- 

Consecu6nte, am. Consequent consequence. 

Consecu6nte, a. Consequent; following; 
consistent [cessarily. 

Confiecuentem6nte, ad. Consequently; ne- 

ConsecntiTam6nte, ad. Consecutively. 

Consecntivo, va, a. Consecutive, consequen- 
tfak [ment«. 

Conaeguientem^nte, ad. V. ConviguitiUe' 

Oonseguimi6nto, «m. Attainment, obtain- 

Consegnir, va. To attain, gain, obtain. 

Cons^a, ^ A fable. [riser. 

Cons^6ra, (if. Counsellor's wife ; female ad- 

Conscy^ro, sm. Counsellor; adviser. Cmv- 
s^ero de estadOy A counsellor of state. 
Oms^«ro d^ capa y espada,, A magis- 
trate not bred to the law. [cil-house. 

Cons^o, am. Counsel, advice; court; coun- 

Consenctiote, pa. Consenting, co'nniver. 

Consentido, a. Applied to a spoiled child. 

Consentidor. ra, ». Compiler, conniver. 

Consentiml^nto, am. Consent, connivance, 
acknowledgment [pend. 

Consentir, vd. To consent; comply; de- 

Oons^rge, am. Keeper of a royal palace. 

Oonsei^eria. ^ Wardcnshlp. 

Cons^rva, tf. Consen*e ; vessel under con- 
voy. De conaeroa^ Under convoy. 

Oonservaci6n, af. Conservation, 

Conservad6r, dora, am^ and «/ Conservator, 
preserver. [Malta. 

Conservadnria, ^ Dignity in the Order of 

Conservdnte, /Mt Conserving, oonserver. 

Conserve, va. To conserve, preserve, keep ; 

Conservativo, va, a. Conservative. 

Conservatives, «n. pi. Spectacles with pre- 
servative lenses. 


Conaemtoria, ^, Place and office ot%jMm 
eonaarvador; indult to oommunitica 
Oonaervatoriaa^ Letters patent 

Conservat6rio, am. Conservatory. 

Con8ervat6rio, ria, (t Conservatory. 

Conaider&ble, a. Considerable; great, large. 

Considerablem^nte, ad. Considerably. 

Conslderaci6n, {/T Consideration ; reflection ; 
importance. [eratiou. 

Consideracioncilla, ^ dim, A slight consid- 

Consideradam^te, ad. Considerately, 

Consid^do, a. Prudent considerate. 

Considerador, ra, a. Considerer, a person of 

Considerdnte. pa. Considering. 

Considerdr, va. To consider. 

Consi'^rvo, am, A fellow-slave. 

Consigna, af- (AfiL) Watch-word. [ment 

Confiignaci6n, nf. Consignation; consign- 

Con6ignad6r, tfm. Consignor, one who con- 
signs goods. 

Consignar, va. To consign; intrust; lay 
by; deliver; give a sentinel his orders; 
sign with the mark of a cross. 

Conslgnatdrio, am. Trustee; mortgagee; 

Con^go, pro. para. With one's ee\t with 
himsellT Oonaigo miamo^ conaigo pro- 
pic or conaigo aolo^ Alone, by one's 8el£ 

Consigui^te, anu Consequence, result 

Consigui^nte, a. Consequent consecutivat. 
Da eonaiguienie, Consequently. 

Consiffuienteminto, ad. Consequently. 

Consilldrio, am. Assistant to the heads of 

Conslnti^te, pa. Consenting, agreeing. 

Consist6ncia, «/. Consistence ; stability; sa 

Consi^nte, a. Consistent, firm, solid. 

Consistir, vn. To consist ; be comprised ; b« 

Consistori&l, a. Conslstorial Caaa comaU" 
torialy Senate-house, town-halL 

Consl6t6rio, «m. Consistory; town-house. 
Ckmalatorio divino^ The tribunal of God. 

Cons6clo, am. Partner, companion, fellow 

Consoldble, a. Consolable, comfortable. 

Consolablem6nte, cu/. Consokbly, comfort- 
ably. Fity. 

Consolaci6n, ^ Consolation, comfort; onair* 

Consolddo, da, a. Consoled, comforted. 

Consoladdr, am, Consolator, comforter. 

Consolad6r, ra, a. Consolatory, comfortable. 

Consolad^ra, f/C Conofortress. 

Consolunte, pa. Comforting, consoling. 

Consolir, va. To eonsole, comfort cheer. 

Consolativo, va, Consolat6rio, rIa, a. Con- 

Consdllda, fif. (Bot) V. Oonaualda. 

ConsoIidacl6n, ^, Consolidation. 

Consoliddr, va. To consolidate, harden. — 
vr. To grow firm. (Law) To unite tho 
interest with the principal. [atlve. 

(^nsolidativo, va, a. Consolidant, eonsolid- 

ConsonAncIa, af. Consonance, harmony; 
consent; oonrormity. 

Oonsondnte, am, Bhyme; corresponding 
sound; a consonant 

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OootonAato, a. Oonsoiuuit, agreeabto, con* 

Ibrtnable. [aJbly. 

Consonantomdate, odL Coosonantly, agree- i 
GoBstmir, wi. To make a body aonnd; 

rliTme; resemble. 
06n9oiies» mn, pL (Has.) Concordant soonds. 
Odnsono, na, a. Conaonoas, barmonions, 

consonant [ooartt. 

Oonadrdo, stn. Partnership, Boclety; inter- 
Ooii96rte, s. Consort partner; aocompUce. 
OoD9ptcaani6nte» cut (Little ub.) Consplca- 

onslr. [eminent 

OwiBpicao, coa, a. Consptcnona, obvious; 
OoQapiraei6o, 4< Conspiracy, plot, coi^nra- 

[eomplbtter, traitor, 

Ooniptr&do, Consptrador, snK Conspirator, 
Oonmtrinte, pa. Conspiring. FutnM oon^ 

tpiratUet, Conspiring powers. 
Oonsplrir, vn. To conspire, plot ; cooperate. 
Cooetinda, ^ Constancy, unmntabiuty. 
OoDstinte, «. and a. Constant, firm, immn- 

taUe; loyal ; manifSnt— ^Xk Composed oi; 

con^sting in. [evidently. 

Oonsrsntemtote, ad» Constantly, firmly; 
Coaster, ^ imp. To be clear, evident, oer> 

tain. Cknuta «» auto*. It appears from 

the proceedlngsw [epidemic. 

Conatelacl6n, tffConstellation ; climate ; an 
Conalemad6n, ^ Consternation, amaze- 
ment, wondtf . 
Constem^. to. To terrify, oonfoond. 
Oonstipadon, ^ Cold ; constipation. 
OonatipMo, sm. Cold, a disease. 
ConslipAr, «a. To canse a cold, stop tbo 

porea.— er. To catch cold; be eoetive. 
Constlpativo, va, A. Constrictive. [ute. 

Goitttitad6n, «f. Constitntion ; temper; stat- 
OonstitadonM, mk GonstltationaUst, consti- 

ConstitaeSoni], a, ConstitotlonaL 
GmstltaclMialmtete, ad. Constitnttonally. 
Oonstitai^r, sm. Constituent, oonstitnter. 
OoDStitair, ra. To constitute, produce; 

erect; depute; pay. OotutUuirae «i, 

To bfaid one's self to. 
Constitativo, va, a. Constitntive, essential 

— a. Constituent 
Constituydnte, ttn. Constituent, Ac — ck 

Oonstrefiibla, a. (Little na.) Constrainable. 
ConstreflldamSnte, ad. Compulsively. 
Ooa e tr eftlmiftn to, sm. Constraint or com- 

polsion. [make costive. 

Constrefiir. va. To constrain, compel, force; 
OoBStrlceiOn, ^. Constriction, contraction. 
C onrtr ictivo, va, o^ Binding, astringent, 

Oonstnct6r, sm. Coa^trictor. [stricter. 

Ooastrtng^nte, «. and ixt Constringent ; con- 
Oonatnum^n, qf. (yonstrnction ; syntax; 

trandation; naval architecture. 
Ogustruc t6 r de Navio, sm. Ship*bailder. 
Oonsbnir, va. To form, build; construe; 

OoBStropad^n, ^. Constnpratlon. 
Ooii8tr«pad6r, wm. A debaucher, defller, 

eormpter. [flour. 

OoostnipAr, «& To constoprate, defile, do- 
OoMQ^^ir. 9n. To become Joint fathers or 

mothers in-law. 

Consn^gro, gra, «. The iiiUhers or mothwi 
who marry their children together. 

ConsnSlda, ^ (Bot^ Comfrey. Ckmmelda 
tiMdiOi Common bugle. Coruu^lda real. 

Consuelo, mu Consolation, comfort; Joy, 
(Obe.) Charity. Sin canauelo, Out of rule 
or measure. .Se50r«mc<m«u^, To drink 
to excess. <?<7«tor«i»con«i««/o, To spend 

Consnita, t. Stage nrompter; directory fo» 
divine servioe. voti^itaUUf Short prayen 
on certain daj«. 

Consnetudinirio, rla, a. Customary; in tlie 
habit of sinning. 

Cdnanl, mn. Consul 

Consolido, 8m. Consulate, consulship. 

Gonsnl%3^ am. Fees paid to consuls. 

Consolir, a. Consular. Varon oontultuf, 

Cons^ta, 4/! Consultation, conference; a 
question proposed; advice given to the 
king in coundL [upon. 

Consult^ble, a. Worthy to be deliberated 

Consultad6n, ef. Consultation, conference. 

Consult^te, pa. Consulting, consnlter. 

Consult^r, wk To consult: advise; deliber- 
ate. OcntnUtar con el oolHUOy To con- 
sult one's purse. Consultar con la al» 
mohada^ To take into mature considen^ 

Consultivo, va, a. Consultative, advising. 

Consnlt6r, ra, %. Consulter, adviser, counsel 

Consumad6n, 4^. Consuumiation ; destruc- 
tion, [mately. 

Consnmadam^nte, ad. Perfectly, consnm- 

Consum&do, da, a. Consummate, completa 

Consumido, am. Jclly-brotb, a strong inroth. 

Consumad6r, ra, «. Finisher, pcrfecter. 

Consnmir, «a. To consummate, finish, per- 

Consnmativo, vs. a. Consummate. 

Consumible, a, (Little us.) Consumable, d<^ 

0>nsnmid6n, ^ (Comm.) V. Ga*to. 

Consumido, da, a. Lean, exliansted; easily 
afflicted. [waster. 

Consumid6r, ra, «. Consumer, spendthrift, 

Consumimidnto, nn. Consumption. 

Consnmlr, va. To consume, destroy, waste; 
obliterate. — vr. To be spent; fret; wear 

Consmno. wn. Contomptlon. [rasmua 

Consundon, sf. Consumption, waste; mv 

Consnstandacion, «/^ Consubstantiation. 

Consostanddl, a. Consabstantial 

ConsustandalidM, ^ Consubstantiality. 

Consustandalm^nte, ad. Consubstantially. 

Cont^cto, 9m. Contact, touch, union. 

Contad^ro, ra, a. Countable, numerable. 

Contadoro, am. A narrow passage where 
sheep are counted. Salir or por conta- 
d&rot To go out through a narrow pas- 

Contddo, da, a. Scarce, rare, uncommon. 
2>0 oontado. Instantly, imocediatoly. AJL 
contado. With ready money. 

Contad6r, ra, «. Computer, reckoner; a^ 
conntant: counter; desk; an auditor; 
counting-nouse. Contador ds maHmOt 

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Pimcr ta the nAVT. Omtador d4 nu^ 
1KU, Prattler, an idle talker. [oountaDt. 
Oontadorcito, tm. dim. A petty clerk or eo- 
Contedoria, Contedum, 4/f AecooDtant^s or 
Miditor's office. [morals. 

OoDtaglAr, fxk To infect; corrupt one's 
ContAgio, tm. Contagion; corruption of 
moralflw [vice. 

Contagi6n, ^. Contagion; propagation of 
Contagi6so, sa, a. Contagious, infectious; 
odd. particular. [for oonntlne. 

ContU de Cu6ntas, am. A sMng of beads 
Oontaminaoidn^ ^ Contamination, pollu- 
tion, [ted. 
CoDtamlnido, da, a. Contaminated, pollu- 
Oontamin4r, co. To contaminate, defile; 
Infeot; oormpt [teller. 
Cont&nte, mn. Beady money; narrator, 
Contib", ffo. To count, reckon; calculate, 

class; consider, look upon; depend. 
G<nite9iper4nte,pa. Tempering; moderator. 
Gontemper^, «a. To contemperate, mode- 
rate, [tion; oomplianco. 
Gontemp1aci6n, ^. Contonnplation, medita- 
Oontempladdr, am. Contemplator. 
Contempl&r, to. To contemplate, study; 

Tiew; rouse; assent; condescend. 
ContemplatiTam6nte, ad, Attentlrely, 
thougntnilly. [dioua. 

OontemplatSvo, va, a. ContemplatlTc, stu- 
Contemplatiro, 9m. Contemplator; flat- 
OontemporaneidAd, a/ Contemporarlneas. 
Contempor&neo, nea, <k Contemporary, co- 
eyaL I^Asy temper. 

Oontemporizaddr, am^ Compiler, a man of 
Contemporiz^r, vn. To temjwrize, comply 
with. [tost 

Contenci6n, ^. Contention, emulation; oon- 
Oontenciosam^nto, ad. (Little us.) Conten- 
tiously, contestingly. [some. 

Oontenci^eo, sa, a. Contentious, quarrel- 
Oontended6r, am. Contendent. antagonist, 
opponent [debate; argue. 

Contender, fm. To contend, strive, strode, 
Gontendidnte, pa. Disputant, litigant 
Contend6r, sm. Contender, antagonist op- 
Contened6r, ra, 0. Holder; a tenant 
Contend, va. To contain, comprise; re- 
strain. — vr. To keep one's temper, re* 
frain. [perate. 

Oontonido, da, a. Moderate, prudent, tem- 
Gontenido, amw Tenor, contenta, context 
Conteni6nte, iTO. Containing, comprising. 
Cont6nta, 4/: Endorsement; present; cer- 
Oontentadfaco, aa, a. BUn 6 mal conteniO' 

diao^ "Eaaj or hard to please. 
Contentami6nto, 9m. Contentment Joy, 

Oontent&r, fo. To content rattsfy, please, 
fill.— w. To be contented. Ser as busn 
6 mal coiUmUar^ To be easily pleased, or 
diffleolt to be pleased. 
Oontentible, a. Contemptible. 
OontentSro, ra, a. Containing, comprising. 
Oonttoto, ta, <t Olad, fhll of Joy; content- 
ed : temperate, prudent 
Vontento, mn. Contentment, aatlsfhotion; 



receipt A' eontmto. To ona^ 1 

Centura, ^Ferrule: button; prelude. Pot 
canUra, Ultimately, finally. rnpoa. 

Cont^nnino, na, a. Contiguoaa, boraertng 

Conterrineo, n^ a. Countryman, country 

Conteatible, o^ Contestable, disputablOr 

Conteetaoidn, ^ Beply; contestation; da- 

Contaetir, va. To confirm ; prore, attaat-- 
«n» To agree, accord. 

Cont^ete, a. Confirming, proring, atteatJng. 

Cont6sto, am.. Intertexture; e(mtezt; serlea. 

Contest^*, *f. Contexture; context; hn* 
man frame. 

Contidnio, sm. Dead of the night [fray* 

Conti^nda, 9f. Contest dispute; eoimict; 

Contignaoi6n, a/ (Arch.) Ccmtignation, • 

Contigo, proTK. per*. "With Iheat 

Contiguamdnte, ad. Contigiionsly, eloaelT. 

ContlgQidM, 9/. Contiguity. 

ContSgno^ gua, a. Contiguoaa, close. 

Contindncia, if. Continence; moderalton. 

OontinentAl, a. Continental. [mien. 

Contln6nte, 9m. Continent; countenance, 

Contindnte, a. Continent, chaste, abstinent 

Contineatemdnte, ad. abstemiously, chaste- 

Contlng^ncla, ^f. Contlngence. 

C<mting6nte, a. ConUngent fortuitous. 

Contingente, am. Conongent, share, allot- 
ment [gentily. 

ContingentemSnte, ad. Casnany, contin- 

Contino, am. OflSoo In the royal house of 
CaadleL [stay. 

Contlnuacl6n, ^ Conttaraatioo ; eonneotioQ 

Contihnadamente, ad. Continuallr. 

Continuad6r, 9m* Continuer, eonunnator. 

Continuamdnte, ad. Continually. 

ContinuAr, to. and n. To continue, hold 
endure; protract 

Oontlnuid6d, «/ Continuity, eobaelon. 

Continuo, nua. a. Continuous; UMtlng; aa- 
sldnon& A la conUmuk, Continudlr. 

Continue, 9m. A whole ; one of the hundred 
yeomen. [air. 

Contonedrse, vr. To walk with an affected 

Contondo, am. An affected gait or manner 
of walking. [body. 

Contorc^rse, ur. To distort or twiat onra 

Contorci6n, a/ Contortion, twiat ^v^T mo* 
tion. [aidew 

Contom&do, a. Turned towards the sinister 

Contomiir, Contome^, «A. To trace the 
outline of % figure ; fbrm according to a 

Contom6o, 9m, V. Rodeo. 

Cont6rno, am^ Enyirons or vloinltr; con- 
tour, outline. JSHe<m^oryu}, Bound about 

Contoraldn, ^ Contortion, twist, wry mo» 

Cdntra, prep. Against; by flivor o£ As 
eontrOy Against or in opposition. J^ d 
faucor iU en eonti^ Neither pro nor oob. 
—pk Base organ pipea. 

Contraabert6ra, ^ (Burg.) 0>unteropeiiliig. 

Oontraaldtas, ^.pk (NaoJ Counter4Mfalai& 

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«/ pk (Nml) Prerantar- 

\, %f, (N«l) Prerenter-tock. 
Contraaprocbos, tin. pi. Connter-anproach- 

«& [and white spots. 

Oantnarmifloa, «in^ pL (Uer.) Blaok flakl 
ContraatAqaea, sm. pL Coanter attaeka. 
OootrabAK am, Coanter-baaa ; baaa, or baas- 

riaL ItrttpoticioH. 

Gaotnbal&nza, f< Y. OotUrap^ao and Cori' 
Contrahalanieir, fHL To connterbalaooeL 
Coatrabandiata, am. Smuggler, contraband- 

Cootnbiuido, am. A inwhlblted eommodi- 
t7 ; amnggHng. /r or ^tiUr ds centra' 
bcMdo. To go or oome by atealth. 

Contrabiia% ff, (Arch.) Y. FetUtUU. 

OoDtrabateria, ^ Counter-battery. 

Gootimbatir, «a. To fire upon tbo eaero v*8 
batterieaw [bits. 

Oontrabttaa, ^ pL (Nan.) Standards or tho 

CoDtrabr^qiia, tm. (Nan.) Stemaon. 

CoLtrabrisa. ^ (Nan.) Preventer-brace. 

CoBtradanbfcH am. So-excbange. (Met) Y. 

Oootraoanil, amw Conduit; connter-chanoel. 
Contnocl6B, ^ Contraction ; abbreviation. 
ContraoebMltea, ^ (Nan.) Sprit-top^taiL 
ContnoMola, f^ A eotinter-deeree. 
Oontradflra, fC Coonterdpber. 
Contracodibte Int«ri6r, a»M. (Nan.) The in- 

c«r 8t»m<^>oat. CVmCroctfdaate eaLerior^ 

The baok of the atem-poat. 
Contraodeta, ^f. Coast opposite to another. 
Contractw;i6ii, ^ Y. Omilratotftfoii. 
CootraeUr, €a. Y. C5(m<r*i&»r. 
ContrietU, a. Contraetue: contractible. 
CoatraetUkUd, ^ ContraotUitf, contraoti- 

bOlty. [deek-pkuika. 

OoatmeoirdaA, qf. of (Nan.) The outward 
CoDtraenlto, am. (Littte na.) A pfaUn aad 

natoral atyle of writing. 
Omtradinza ingleea, «^ Country-dance. 

Oontradamn emtlcla^ Spanish danoe. 

CbiUrad<n»ga frcMemOs Qnadrille or 

French cotillion. [ooontry-dances. 

Omtndaozbta, w^ A person very fimd of 
OoDtradedddr, ra, a. Y. ContradicHw^ ra, 
Ooatradeoir, «a To contradict, gainaay. 
Oontndlecion, tf. Contradiction; opposi- 
OoD«radlet6r, ra, t. Contradictor, gainaayer. 
OoBtmdJct^rfa, «/. (Log.) ContradlctOL y. 
OontnMlicCoriam6nt«» ad. Contradictorily, 

OontrMliotMo, ria, a. Contradictory. 
Cobtradiqiie, mn. Counter-dike, a aeoond 

Contradriza, %f. (Nan.) Second halliard. 
Oootradormtote, Contradurmi^ut«, 9m. 

(Nml) Clamp. 
Qpntraemboeeftda, 9f. ConnterHunbusciide. 
Ooptra em e r g to te, a. (Her.) Countersaliant 
Oontraempimad&ra, ^. (Nau.) Preventer 

Oontrair, «& and fi. To contract, unite; 

bring two partlea together. — w. To eoik- 

tuMt or ehrink up. 
Oontraaso^krpa, 'f- (Fort) Ccunterscarp. 
Oo&trMac6t«, f/f (Nan.) Pre vonter-sheet 

CoDtraescotin, cm^ (Nan.) Preventer m» 
aailabeet ^^ 

ContraescritAra,^ Counter-deed. 

Contraeatily del May6r, or del Trinqn^ 
(Nau.) Preventer-stay of the nudn-maat 

Contrae6tamb6r, mK (Nau.) A knee of tba 
stern-post [another. 

ContralUllar, va. At cards, to trump aftae 

ContrafliiiuEaa, ^.pk Indemnity-bona. 

Contraf irma, ^f, (Law Prov.) Inhibiticn of 
an anterior decree. [an ii^imotioa. 

Contraflrminte, pa. The partv wbu obtaioft 

Contriiflnnir, vo. (Law Prov.) To obtain • 
countermanding decree. 

Contrafdqne, am. (Nau.) The fere-top stay- 
sail; flying-jlb. 

ContralS660, amw Avant-fosse or enter ditch 

Contrafa^ro, am, InfHngement of a charter; 

Contra/b^rte, mn. Counter-fort, buttress; 
strap of leather. [rampart 

Contragnirdia, ^f. Counter-^ruard, amall 

Contrahac^r, vo. To counterfeit ; foige; pi- 
rate; mimic [AC 

Contrahiz, am. The wrong side of doth, 

Contrah^cho, dm, a. Humpbacked; coun- 
terfeited. . [another. 

GontrahllSra, »f. A second line to defend 

Contrah6Jas de laa Yent^nas, pL (Nan.) 
Dead-lights. [tion. 

Contralndicad6n, »/. (Med.) Contra-indica- 

Contralndic&nte, am. (Med.) Contra-indi- 
cant [cateu 

Contraindidlr, «a. (Med.) To contra-indl* 

Contraldr, am. Comptroller, inspector. 

Contralore^, €a. (Little na.) To control, 
check, restrain. 

Contraloria, ^. Comptrollershlp. 

Contrdlto, am. Counter-tenor, middle sound. 

Contrail ^f. Counter-light [foreman. 

Contramaestre, am. Boatswain; overseer; 

Contramdlia, Contramallad^re, $f. A double- 
meshed fish-net 

ContramalUr, va. To make neta with 
double messes, 

Contramandir, vo. To countermand. 

Contramandito, (Little us.) Countermand. 

Cootramingas, y-pl* Over-sleeves. 

Contramarca, ^. (joantermark ; a duty en 
goods, OiWoa <fa ccm^a^uirca^ Letters 
of marque, 

Contramarc&r, «a. To countermark. 

C(»tramdrcha, ^ Counter-march, retroeea- 
Bion ; part of a weaver's loom. 

Contnunardiir, co. To counter-march. 

Contram&roo, am. Counter-frame of a glasa 
window. [spring-tide. 

CLntramar^a, ^. (Nau.) Comiter-tide, or 

Contramesina, «/ (Nau«) Mizen-mast 

ContramLna, «/ Conntermine; aaubterra- 
neona communication. [work. 

Contraminir, 'CO. To conntennine ; counter- 

Contramurilk, ^f. (Fort) Faussebraye, a 
low rampart 

ContramCiro, am, Conntenuuro. [raL 

ContranaturAl, a. Counternaturol, unnato* 

ContraZlrden, am. Countermand. 

Contraorden^r, va. Y. Contramandar. 

Contnqpalanquin, 9tn. (Nau.) Prev<»ntei 

Contrapirea, ^f. pL (Arch.) Counter raOcm 

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OoBtnpirta, ^. Counterport: dnpUoirta 
oopj. [podte Adt. 

Oonmpasamlinto. «m. Passing to the op- 

Oontrapasdr, vn. To Join the opposite party. 

Contrapiso, mn. A back step; ooanter^paoo. 
(Mob.) Counter-note. [breast 

Oontrapech4r. «a. To strike breast against 

Oontrap6Io, (A'X ad. Against the grain. 

Contr^)eadr, «7k To counterpoise ; be eqnlr- 
alent to. fwelght 

Oontrapdso, sm. Coantorpoise; Baianoe- 

Oontrap68te, mk Bemedy against pestilenoe. 

CentrapilAstra, ^ (Arch.) Goonter-pilaster; 

Oontraponer, to. To compare, oppose. 

Contrapoaicl6n, ^ Gontra-poeition ; con- 
trast Twhat It is deeignod to proTe. 

Oontraproduecntem, Thing oontrniy to 

Contraprui^ba, ^. Connterproo^ a second 
impression. [house. 

Gontrapudrta, »/. The inner lai^ge door of a 

CSontrapuSsto, ta, <t. Compared, [terpoint 

OontrapuntAnte, 9m. He who sings in coun- 

Contrapnnte&r, wi. (Mns.) To sing in coun- 
terpoint ; revile. — »r. To wrangle, dilute. 

Contraptinto, am. (Mus.) Counterpoint, har- 
mony, [countermark. 

Contrapunz6n, mn. Punch; connterpnnch ; 

Con^quiUa, if. (Nau.) False keeL Y. Za- 
pata de la qtulkk [barrel. 

ContraTaGam6nto, mn, (Nan.) Preventer- 

Contraregistro, «m. Control, a check register. 

Contrareparo. tm. (Fort) Counter-guard, or 

OontrarSplica, nf. Rejobider, reply. 

Contrarest&r, va. To counter-bluff;- resist; 

Gontrar68to. tm. A player who Is to strike 
back the oall ; cliecic, opposition. 

Contrarevoluei^n, «/. Counter-revolution. 

Contrarevolncion&no, ria, «. and ct. Counter- 

ContriWa, sf. (Gba.) V. Opoaicion, Con- 
trturiat^ Contraries, opposite qualities. 

Cfmtrarlamdnte, 0^1. Contrarily. 

Contrariir, «a. To contradict oppose. 

Contrarieddd, iff. Contrariety, opposition, 
contradiction. [fnl 

ContrArlo, 9m. Opponent; competitor; hurt- 

Contnlrio, ria, a, Contraiy, repnniant: ad- 
verse. TUmpo eofUrarto, (^tn.) Foul 
weather. Schar al amirarto^ To cross 
the breed. Al eon^nrio or par el con- 
trario. On the contrary. En oontrariOf 
Against, in opposition to. 

Oontraroa, Contr!tr6da. ^ (Nau.) Stemson. 

Contrnr6nda, ^ (mH.) Counter-round; 
round mode bv officers. 

Oontrarot^ira, •/ (Farr.) Plaster or poultice. 

Odr.tras, ^ pL The bass-pipos of a large or- 

OontrasAIva, qf. (Mil.) Counter-salute. 

OontraseUdr, na. To connterseal, seal with 

Oontras^lia, ^. Countersign; watchword. 

OontrastAr.ixs. To contrast; oppose; resist; 

Onitmte,tmw Assay er; strife; cheek; con- 
trast; sudden change of the wind. 

OoDtrita^^ Contract; territory, district 


CoBtrBtacL6n, ffC Trade; < 

oon^ratocto^t, Commercial house. 
Contrattote, piu Contracting; contnotor, 

a trader. 
Contratdr, «<t To trade ; contract, stipulet* 
Contrat61a, ^ Second inelosnro to shut n^ 

game. [tune, calamity. 

Contratl^mpQ, 9fn. Disappointment, mlsfoi^ 
Contratista, «m. Contractor, lessee, pateotoew 
Contr&to^ 9m. Contract, pact OimtraU 

iwminado^ Definite bargain. 
Contratrancaniles, Mk pi (Nan.) Inner 

Contratr6ta. 9f. Counterplot 
Contratrlnehttra, 9f. (Fort).Countertrench. 
Contravalacl6n, 9/ (Fort) Contravalatlon. 
ContravaUr, va.To form a line of contra- 

valatioDi [ofaUw. 

Coiitravenoi6n, ^. Contravention, vloUitioii 
Contravcndno, tnu Counterpolson ; pieoan- 

tion. [oppose. 

Contravenir, «n. To contravene; violate; 
Contraventuui, ^ Wlndow-abutter, outalde- 

shutter. [oootravener. 

Contravent6r, ra, 9. Transgressor, offeoder; 
Contravidilini, f^ A second glass wiadow. 
ContravoUnas, ^ pL QUaxL) Brails. 
Contr&y, sm. Bmi of floe eloth. 
Contray6nte, pa. Contracting. 
Contrayirba, 9/. (Dot) Contrayerva; pre^ 

cannon to prevent damage. 
Contray^go, etM. (Nau.) Inner transom. 
Contribuci6n,4|(: Contribution; tax. ViUoa 

eonlribueian^ Income-tax. 
Contribnld6r, $m. Contributor. [mota 

Contribuir, txM, To contribute; oononr; pro* 
ContrlbnUdo, do, a. Qrioved, afOloted. 
Contribnt&rlo^ sm. Contributor, tax-payer. 
Contrlbnytote, pa. Contributing; contribn- - 

tor. [pnnction. 

Contrld6n, f< Contrition, penitence, oom- 
Contrlndmte, 9in. Competitor, rival, oppo- 
Centrists, wk To afflict, sodden. [itent 
Contrito, ta. a. Contrite, compunctious, pen- 
Controversia, if. Controversy. [tant. 

Controverslstii, am. Controversialist dbpn* 
Controvertible, a. Controvertible, disputa- 
ble, litigious. [debatew 
ControvertSr, «& To controvert, diaputei, 
Contnb^mio, 9m. Cohabitation; oonenbin- 

age. [(Law) ContiuiUKgr. 

Contum^da, ^ Obstinaoy; porveEseneaa^ 
Contumia, ck Obstinate, perverse; oontn- 

macioua. [stinatelv. 

Contumasmtote, ad. Contumaciously, ob- 
Oontum^lia, ^ Contnmdy, reproecb. abuB*. 
Contumeliosam6nte, ocE. Contuinelionaly, 

Conrameli^ sa, a. Contumelious, sareasti«k 
Contundinte, pa, Producins a oontoaion. 
Contnndir, mu To contuse; bruise. 
Contnrbaci6n, ^. Perturbation, uneasiDaiB 

of mind. 
Conturb&do, da, a. Turbulent, tronbleeoina 
OoDtQrbad6r, 9m. Pertnrber. distnrbsR 
Contttrb6r. va. To perturb, aistorb. 
Contuibativo. va, a. That whloh pertncttt 
Contnsl6n, ^ Contmrion. 
ContAso, sa, a. Braised. 


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OMtitaff, Mk Aflststent tator, fellow^ntor. 
Om6co or Oon^oo, 9m, (Am.) A vory aniftll 

torn or plantation. 
GooTalec^ocia, ^f. Conralesconce, ncovery. 

Oasa da ooitcolMMioto, A bo^UL 
OonTaloo6r. vft. To reeover from sicknoes. 
OtrnnJMdate^ pck Convalescent 
CooralidaoidD, f! Conflrmadon. [ooa. 

GMireeljio, na» a. Neighboring, contennin- 
OooToUrBo, «r. To shrink, be contracted. 
CoDTenc^, «Niw To conrinoe, demonstrate. 
Oonrendble, a. CktnTincible, convictible. 
Conrenddo, da, a. Convict [tlon. 

Conrenclmiento. «m. Conviction, oomhta- 
Coov>eitd6ii, ^ Convention, contract, aneo- 

ment u^* 

Convenclacil, a Conventional, convenUon- 
CooTendonalm^nte, €ut. Conventionally. 
OoBVenible, a Docile; convenient; mod- 

Oon venido, da, a. Settled by oonaont, agreed. 
Cooveoidnda, tf. Utility, i>roflt; conlbrm- 

iHj\ agreement; service. lie haUado 

eo iwen U mcia ^ I have got a place. Bn9oo 

eonvmUemc4a, I am looking ont for a place; 

ooBveniencei Omvenienciaa, ^nola- 

menta, perquialtes : income. 
CoDveni^nte, a. Usefol, pnrfltable ; soitable ; 

convMiient [ably. 

Oonvenlentem^te, ad. Conveniently, soit- 
Conv^nio, em. Convention, agreement, eon- 

Convenir, tiK To agree, coincide; corre- 
spond; aasembie; cohabit; litigate.— «. 

impert. To suit, be proper.— cr. To oom- 

poond, agree, dose. [monastery. 

ConvMitixo, em. tmfftn. A large convent or 
Coavf ntito, mn. dim. A small convent 
Con vuiticala. e/ Con%-enticalo, itn, Conven- 

tide; adnb. 
Conrentillo, 8m. Brothd; a small convent 
Conr^Dto, 9m. Convent^ nunnorj ; con- 

eourso; commonly. 
CcmrenttiAI, a. Conventual, monastic. 
Conventual, *m^ Conventoal; Franciscan 

Mar. [gioQS persona, 

OosveatnalidM, qf. living together as reli- 
O onv e ntn alm^nte, ad. Monastlcally, re- 

Converg^nda, ^. Convergence. 
Conveigdnte, a. Convergest, converging. 
Oonveigfe, vn. To converge. 
Convirsk nf. (Qeom.) Converse. 
Coovers^le, a. Conversable. (Dlv.) Com- 

Conv«rsad6n, ^ Conversatiop, easy talk, 

ehat conference, colloqay; club. Oa^a 

d9 oonoertaciony Assembly-house. 
Convenir, «a. To converse, talk together; 

Conver8i6iL «/! Conversion; apoetropho. 
(MIL) Wheel, wheeling. CHMtrTo de oof^ 
vemM, Qoairter-wbeeling. [verting. 
Oon veraiTO, ra, a. Having the power of oon- 
Coovfaso, am. Convert; lay-brother. 
CoBTertSbIa, a. Convertible; transforablei 
Oonvertklo, da, & Converted, changed, 

Ooovertfr, va. To convert, relbrm, appro- 
priated—or. To convert, undergo a diange. 


ConvexidM, ^. Convexity. 

Conv^xo, xa, a. Convex, convexed. 

Convicd6n, ^ Conviction, convincemeot 

Convicto, ta, pp. Convicted, guilty. 

Convict6r. am. Boarder, college-pensioner. 

Convict6rlo^ am. Boarders' apartments in i 

Convioado, a. Invited.— «. A guest 

Convidad6r, ra, 9. Invlter. 

Convid&r, va. To Invite ; stand treat ; allorei 
— vr. To oflTcr one's services ttee\y. 

Convlnc^nte, a. Convincing, convinclblak 

Convincentem^te, ad. Convincingly, eo^ 

Convite, am. Invitation ; feast 

Convivitote, a. Living together. 

Convocad6n, ^ Convooauon. 

Convocad6r, am. Convener, convoker. 

Convodir, «a. To convene, call together. 

Convocat<Sr{a, ^ Letter of convocation, an 

ConvocaU^rio, ria, a. That which convokes 

Conv61vulo, tin. (Bot) Convolvulus; bind- 

Conv6y,am. Convov, conduct; retinue, sultei 

Convoy^nte, pa. Convoying, escorting. 

Convov6r, va. To convey, escort guaird. 

Convulse, vn. To feel a contraction of the 
nerves.— i;r. To be convulsed. 

Convul8i6n, ^. Convulsion. 

Convulsivam^nte, ad. Convulsively. 

Convulsive, va, a. Convulsive. 

Conviilso, sa, a. Convulsed. 

Conyug&l, a. Conjugal, connubial 

ConyugahuSnte, aa, Coi^Jugally, matrimo- 
nially, [and wifls. 

C6ny ugea, 9m.^ A married couple, husband 

Oooperadon, ^. Co-operation, conspiracr. 

Cooperad6r, ra, a. Co-operator, [coactive. 

Cooper&nte, pa. Co-operating, co-operative, 

Cooper4r, va* To co-operate, labor Jointly, 

Cooperirio, am. Y. Cooperador. 

Cooperativamdnte, ad. CoeOldently. 

Cooperativo, va, a. Co-operative. [rival 

Coopodtdr, am. A candidate; competitor. 

Cooptad6n, ^f. Co-optation, adoption, as- 
sumption. [Uon. 

Coordlnacidn, tf. Co-ordination: dassiflea- 

Coordinadam6nte, ad. Co-ordinately. 

CoordinAdo, da, a. Co-ordlnatd 

Coordindr, va. To arrange, adjust, dass. 

C6pa, ^f. Cup, wineH5las^ goblet; a bower; 
crown of a hat; brazier.— j!>^. Hearts, at 

Cop^ «: y. OitinOada. 

Cop4do, da. a. Tufted, copped. 

CopAiba, 4^ (Bot) The balsam copaibaHrea, 

CopAI. am. Gum-copaL 

CopAUoc61, am. (Bot) Tree in New Spair. 
resembling a cherry-tree. 

Copiba, ^f. intgm. A large goblet 

0>pAzo, am. augm. Laige fleece of wod 
large flake of snow. 

Copula, V! Cupd. 

Copelacion, «^ Cupellation, refining metala 

Copeliir, va. To refine in the cupel 

Cop^ra, ^ Cupboard. [attendant 

Coperillo, am. dijn, A little cup-bearer o* 

Oopemtdino, a. Copernican. 


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Oop^ •m. Cnp-beftrer. [veeseU 

Ck>p6U, if. dim, A unall cup or dnnking- 

Oop^ 9m. Toupee, carl of hftir. top-knot; 
top of a shoe ; top, sommit llombre (U 
copeU^ A man of respeotabUltv. Tener 
copeU^ To aasume an air of aatnorlty. 

Copetiido, da, a. Copped^ rising to a top; 
high. [serve for writii^- 

CopOy, sm. Indian tree, the leaves of which 

Cdpia. ^. Copioosnefls, plenty; copy; rate 

Oop]ad6r, «m. Copyist, copier, transcriber. 
Libra copiador^ Letter-ooolL 

Gopidnte, 9m. Copyist, oopior, imitator. 

Copidr, fXL To copy, transcribe; imitate. 
Copiar del natural^ To copy ft-om lifi». 

Copita, ^. dim* A amall cnp or drinking 

Coplto, 9m, dim. A small floecc or flake. 

CopUad6r, 9m^ Compiler, collector. 

Copil&r, va. To compile; collect 

Gopin, 9m. Spanish measure, the twelfth 
part of a qnintaL [plentlfhlly. 

Ci^iosam^ntc, ad. Copiously, abundantly, 

C^{6so, sa, a. Copious, abnnaant, fluent 

Copista, 9m* Copyut, transcriber ; a copyhig 

C6pla, 8/. A couplet: a sarcastic hint; a 
lampoon ; ballad. Oopla9 ds cieao9y Yul- 
gir ballads. Cbpto^et^repen^ Nonsense. 

Copleib', vn. To versify, make couplets. 

Copl^ 9m. Poetaster, petty poet; ballad- 

Coplica, ilia, ita, 9f. dim. A UtUe couplet 

CopUsta, 9m* Y. Coplero, 

Cc^6n, 9m* augm. Low, vUe poetry. 

Cdpo, 9m* A small bundle or cotton, Ac; 
flake of snow; thick part of a fish-net; 
odor of myrrh. [cablo. 

Cop6n, 9m* A laivs cnp; chalice; a small 

Cop6so, s*. 0. V. UopcMo. 

Copra, ^ The pith of tlio cocoa-nut 

C6pto, 9m* Coptic, the language of the Copt& 

CdpulS} ^ Joining two things; copulation ; 

Copulativam6nte, ad* Jointly. [gether. 

CopuUUivo, va, a. Copulative: uniting to- 

Coquel&che. ^ The croup. [quette, flirt 

Coqu6ta, ^. Feroling; a small loaf; oo- 

Coquoteria, ^f. Coquetry, flirtation. 

Coquillo,«m. A small shell; cocoa-nut; vine- 
flretter. CoqttiUot Uanco9 or Uttado^t 
White or striped Jeans. 

Coquhia, ^ Shell-flsh in general; cocklei 

Coquinero, 9m. Fishmonger, dealer in shell- 

Coquito, 9m* A small cocoa-nut; grimace. 

Corac^ro, 9ni. Cuirassier. [<fec. 

Cor^ba, ^ A leather bag fbr cocoa, tobaccoi, 

Corachin, 9m. dim. A little leather bac. 

Coradlla, ^f. dim, A small coat of mail. 

Coracina, ^ A small breast-pUite, anciently 

Gordda, Curad^b^ </C Entrails, chitterlings. 

Cordgo, 9m. Courage, fortitude; anger, pas- 
sion, (jgeous. 

Ooral&do, da, a. Angry, passionate, coura- 

Coru, a»ik Coral CV^roieA, Strings of coral& 

Oor&l a. Choral, belonging to the chohr. 

Ooralero, «m. A worker or dealer in corals. 

Coralillo, 9m. The cocal-colored snake 

Coralina, «/. Sea-coralUne, vrhite worm-Mad 
a coral fishing-boat 

Coralino, na, a* (little n&) Corallinei 

Corimbre, ^f. All hides and skins of anlmala 

Corambrdro, 9m, Dealer in bidet and skins. 

Coramv6bls, sm. (Coll) A corpulent person. 

Coraso^rsj «< A coasting vessel in India. 

Cor&xa, 9f. Culrssa, kn ancient breastrpUtSL 
CoroBa or ccibaUo ooroKO^ Cuirassier.— 
fl. Saddle skins to cover the horseman^ 
logs. TeiUar d uno Uu oora»a9, To try 
one*s metal 

Corazn&da, ^ Pine-tree pith ; (Vieassee. 

Coraxdn, 9m, Heart, core; benevoleno<s 
sphrit ; will ; pitii. Tener el ooroM^n em 
hu mano9. To bo sincere. De eoroBon, 
ad. Heartily, sincerely; from memory. 

Corazondda,^ Courage; forebodings; liv«n 
and lights. 

Corazonizot 9m. augm. A great heart 

Corazondco, Ulo, ito, 9m, A little heart 

Corazoncillo, 9m* Perforated St John's wort 

Corbachdda, ^. Blow with a oowskin. 

Corb&cho, 9m. BuU*s pixzle, cowskin. 

Corbds, ^, pL The four laiigest foathen ofa 

Corb&ta, 9f. Cravat, a neck-olotb.— «m. Ma- 
gistrate not brought up to the law. 

Corbatin, 9m* Stock, a close neck-doth. 

Corbdto, 9m. Cooler, worm-tub ofa sUll 

Corbatun, «m. A smaU knee used in parts of 
a ship. 

Corb^ta, ^. Corvette, vessel of war. 

Coro61, 9fn. A stead v horse, a charger. 

C^rcba, ^, V. Corcho and Corekerck. 

C6rohe, 9m. A sort of sandal or shoe. 

Coreh^ f< (Mus.) Crotchet, half a minim. 

Corcheir, oo. To grain leather with a cork. 

Corcbdra, ^ Vessel oi pitched cork to oool 

Corchdta, ^ £ye of a hook or clasp. 

Corch^te, em. Clasp. €orohete9y Hooka 
and eves: locket; catchpoll; brace; 

C6rcho, 9m. Cork; ice-venel; bee-hire; 
box made of cork. Nadar 9in ooreh&t 
Not to need loading-stringa. Cora de 
corcho^ Brazen Dace.— ^ Clogs; gnn- 
tomplona. [low. 

Corcboro, 9m* (Bot) Corchoms, Jews mal> 

CorcUlo, Ilia, 9, dim. A small doer or Utt)« 

Coroino, 9m. A small deer. 

Corcdva, ^ Hump, a crooked back; con- 
vexitv, curvature. [crooked 

Coroovado, da, a* Humpbacked, gibboos^ 

Corcovedr, wk To curvet, cut capers. 

Coroov6ta, 9m. A crook-baoked person. 

CorcovilU, itis ^f. dim. littie tump ct 
crooked bade 

Oorodvo, 9m, Spring, or curvet; wrong step. 

C6roulo. sm. Heart-shell an aquatto insect 

Corcusido, da, a. Clumsily mended or tew- 
ed on. 

Corcns&r, CO. To dam holes in doth, patch. 

Cdrda, ^. A' la corda, (Nan.) Close-haul* 
ed, or lying to. 

Cordig^ 9m. Cordage, rope. [ttm 

GordAUMK Double tooth. Orda2M,6fbd- 

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Ooffdito, ta, ck WlM, prudent, discreet 
Oevd^ rnn. Cord; a tnln rope. Cordel ds 

oorredera^ Log-line. Moeo <U cordel^ 

Porter, ens who carries bnrdens fbr hire. 

JSehar el cordtl, To mark with a line or 

cord. A' eordttlik a straight line. 
Oordelido, ds» a. Twisted fbr ribbons or 

Cordel&zo, am. Stroke or lash with a rope. 
Oordel^o, 9m. A small rope ; ftm« Jest, Joke. 
GordelOTia, »/. Cordage ; rope-walk; rigging: 
Cordel^ts am. Bope-nu^er, cord>maker. 
doidelito, am. dim. A small rope, oord. 
CordelMte, am. Qrogram, a sort of stufC 
Oord^ra, 4^ Kwe lamb; meek, gentle, or 

mild woman. [is kept 

CorderSa, ^ Cordage; place where cordage 
Corderica, ilia, its, ^ little ewe lamb. 
Corderico, Ulo, ito, amw A young, or little 

lamb. [fleece. 

Oorderillo, am. Laml>-skin dressed with the 
Oorderfna, f^ Lamb-ekln. 
Corderino, na, a. Of the Iamb kind. 
Oord^ mtt. Lamb; a dressed lamb-skin; 

meek, gentle. Oordero ds soeesto or 

lachal, House-lamb. Oordero miuesa, 

BmaU-eared lamb. Oordero do JSaoiUa, 

(Bot) Polypody. 
CordertniL in Lamb's-skin. 
Gord^ta, a^ A small rope made of baas-weod. 
Cordeziwla, << dim, A small rope. 
Cor^aco, ^ ^ ^- Oard^aeo. 
Oordiil, a. Cordial, sincere; inyigorating. 
Oordill, am. Cordial, a strengthening medi- 

CordiaUdH rf. Ondlallty, Intimacy. 
Cordlalmdnte, ad, CordlaUy, sincerely, 

OordSla, ef. Spawn of a tnnny-fish. 
Cordilla, ^.- Guts of sheep. 
Cordillera, a/. Chain or ridge of mountains; 

eleyated and straigfat tract of land. 
CwdUo, am* An animal like a crocodile. 
Oordoban, em. Cordovan morocco, or Span* 

toh leather. 
Cordobina, ef. Nakedness, nodlty. A' la 

oordo&afUk Stark naked. 
Oordftn, em. Cord or string; roonk^ girdle; 

a miiftary oordon; strand of a rope; 

milled ed^e of coin.— ^ Shoulder knots ; 

cords of a velvet loom. 
Cordonico, em. Stroke with a cord or rope; 

laigeoord. Oordonaeo de Son JFrande- 

CO, Antomnal egninox [line. 

Cordoncico, illo, ito, am. A small cord or 
CordondUo, em, A twisted cord; milled 

edge of coin. 
Oordonezia, f< Laoe-makei^s work; a laoe- 

Ooodoodro, ra, e. Lace-maker ; rope-maker. 
Ondftla, ^ y. CordiUk 
Oord^ra, ef. Prudence, practical wisdom. 
Oor6a, ^ Dance, accompanied with a 

Oofeir, tm. To sing or play in a chorus. 

Miuiea coreada, Chorus muaio. 
Coredeo, em. dim, of Cuero^ Small hide or 

CoredUo, em, A. roasted siiektng-pig. 
Cor6o^ en. Connected harmony of a chorus. 


Corezu^o, er.v. (Prov.) Socking pig; a 
roasted pig. 

C6ri, em. Cowry, a money<€lteII. 

Coridmbioo, ca, a. Latin Torses writtei 
with coriambics. [versa 

Oori&mbot em, Corlambic, the Ibot of a 

CcnUndro, em. Coriander, coriander seed. 

Corib^te, em, Corybantes, priests of Cy- 
bele. [ancient chorua. 

Corif&o, em, Corypheus, tbe leader of the 

Corillo, tTik dim, A small choir. 

Oorimbifero, a. (Bot) Corymbiferoua. 

Corimbo, em. Corymbns. 

Corintico, ca, Corlntlo, ti&, a. Corinthian. 

Cori6n, em. Oborion, a membrane that en* 
velops the (tetus. 

Corista, em, Chorist or chorister. 

Corito, em, A nickname; timid, puaiUanl- 
moos man. 

Coiiza, ^ A kind of shoe ; coryza, a copi 
ons running from the nose. 

Corhidtira, a/TGold-vamish. 

Corl^, Corle&r,€a. To pat on gold-vamish. 

06rma, ^ Fetters, sliacklos; trouble, un- 

Cormtoo, na, e. Cousin-german; uncle. 
0!>rmanotChIldren of a prior marriage. 

Com4da, ^ Thrust with a horn, with a foil 

ComadillOk«m. A coin of little value. £Vn- 
^lear »u comadiUOt To attain one's end 
by low means. fvaluc 

Com&do, em. An old copper coin of small 

ComadAra, ^, Horns. [by the horns. 

Com^ em. A strap to tie oxen to tbo yoko 

Comam^nta, »f. Horns of any animal 

Comam6sa,^Comemuse, bag-pipe. (Nan.) 
A belaylnff cleat [dales. 

C6ma& ^ pL (Nan.) Back-stays. Y. Bran^ 

ComatlUo. em. A kind of olive. feye. 

C<kiiea, ^ Cornea, the second coat of the 

Comeador, ra, s: An animal that fights with 
its horns. 

Corned, vn. To butt or play with the horns. 

Comedoo, iUo, ito, em. Cornicle, a smali 

Com6|a, f^ (Cm.) Crow, fijtlock, dow. 

Comgo, mn. Cornelian cherry-tree, dog- 

C6raea ea, a. Homy, corny, callous, [color. 

Comerlna, ^ Onyx, a oorneUan of a pearl 

Comoro, am^ Hollow of tbe temples. Oor- 
nero aepcm. (Prov.) Crust or bread. 

CV)m6ta, ^ Cwnet; a French or othor 
horn ; troop of horse. (Nau.) BrcAd pen- 
dant; andent instrument of war. 

Comdte, em, dim, A small musical horn. 

Comezu^ am. Bugle-horn ; an InstrumcDt 
for bleeding horses. 

Coml&I. a. In the shape of a horn.' [olive. 

Comicdbra, ^ Turpenthie-tree ; a sort ot 

Oimiculdta, a. Homed, as the new moon. 

Comif6rme, a. In the shape of horns, foua. 

Coroieoro, ra. a. (Poet) Homed, comiger- 

Com^ a, ^ (Arch.) Cornice 

Comi Al, em. Angle or comer of a bulldini^ 

OoraQamdnto, CornUami^nto, Coraydn, am 
(Axx;b.) Architrave, fHeze, and coQiicei 

Oora0u6l«, Comillo, em, (Bot) AIptiM 

CJomil, ^ V. Comat. 


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Opni6U, 4^ Y. OameritM, 

OorniBa, if. (Axoh.) Oornioe, or comlohe. 

Gornlsam6nto, Cornlsami^nto, tm. Y. Cor- 

Corniaioa, ilU, ita, «/? dim, Small oomlce. 

Cdrno, am. Ournallui cheny-tree, or cor- 
net-tree. [s^ffBA. 

Comac^piA, ^. GomaoopU; econoe; a pter- 

ComocUzo, WK augm, A very great caok* 

Comaderia, %f. Street with maxy brothels. 

GomudicO} Ulo, ito, 9m. dim. A little cuck- 

CJomMo, 9m, Oaokold. 

Ooraiido, da, a. Homed. 

06ro, «m.Cboir; choroa; memory. Deeir 
or tomar de corOy To say or get by heart 
(Poet)Simmier solatitial'Vind ; choir of 
angels. A' coroty Alternately. 

Oor6cha, ^f. (Prov.) Yine-fretter, a destmo- 
tive insect 

Corografia, sf. Chorography, the art of de- 
Boribing particular regions. 

CorogWtfloo, ca, a. Chorographtcal. 

Cor6grafo, «in,. Chorographer. [tlon. 

Ooromrio, «m. Corollary, infor^ioe, dednc- 

Cor611a, {/! Small crown. 

Oor6na, {< Grown; ooronet; the top of the 
head; a clerical tonsure; monarchy; ro- 
sary of seven decades ; top of the antlera 
rNan.) Pendant; a rope; crown-wortL 
(Arch.) Oorona; halo, meteor. Corona 
dsfrcMe^ (Bot) Throe-toothed globnlaria. 
Corona ds rey^ (Bot) Common meUlot 
trefoil Corona roal^ (Bot) Annual sun- 
flower, [work. 

Coronaci6n, ^. Coronation; the end of any 

Coronddo, 9m. Clergyman who has reoeiTed 
the tonsurei 

C(xi>nad6r, ra, 9. Crowner; finisher. 

Coron&I, 9. and a. Os frontis or frontal bone. 

Coronamidnto, «m. Ornament on the top of 
a building. (Nan.) TaflhOL 

Coron&r, WL To crown ; oomplete, perfect ; 
fill to the brim; ornament 

Coronirla, a. Coronary; crown-wheel 

Coron^rio, ria, a. Coronary; extremely re- 

CoTond6l, 9m. (Print) B|^ot; water-mark. 

Coronal, 9m. Colonel (Her.) Crown. 

Coron^la, ^f. Colonel's wife. 

Coron61a, a. The company, flag, Ac, sup- 
posed to belong to the colonel 

«loronelia, tf Colonelship. Y. BagimieHto. 

C6roner, jtm. (Little us.) Coroner. 

Coronica, illajta, 4/! dim, A little crown. 

Cor6nica, ^ V. Crdnica. 

Ccronilla, t/C Cro^rn, top of the head, cox- 
comb ; a cenos of plants; coronilla. 
Cor&niUa de fnUUy (Bot) The French 

, 9m. Chronicler. V. OroMtta, 
Cor6za, ^. Coronet of strong paper worn as 

a nuirk of infkmy. [rlca and AmMtca. 
Oor620, 9m. (Bot) The oil-palm tree In Af- 
Oorpanch6n, Corp&zo, 9m. A Texy big body 

or carcase llx><*y- 

Oorpecioo, Ulo^ ito, Corpesn6lo, 9m. A littie 
Corpezu61o,^>7k An under ivaistcoat without 


CorpiAo,«». Waist of a dress. Y.J'MiaU 
Corporaddn, ^. Corporation, guild; oon: 

Corpodu, a^ Corporal, belonging to the body 
Corporal 9m. Corporal, altkr linen. 
Corporalid4d, ^. Gorporalily ; any ooxporea 

CorporeidM, tf. Corporei^, mnterlaUty. 
Corpdreo, rea, a. Corporeal, corporeous. 
Corps, 9m. Corps, a body of soldiers, amiy, 

L69 gxuurdias de corpe. The life-gnanv 

SwmlUr de eorp9^ Ijoxq. Chamberlain. 
Corp6do, da, a. Corpulent, bulky. 
Corpultoeia, ^f. Corpulence, corpuloninr. 
Corpultoto, ta, a. Corpulent, fleshy, fist 
C6ri»ua, 9m. Corpus Christi oay. 
C(»pusculir, a. Corpusculsr.^ 
Corpusoulista, 9m^ Atomist 
CorpAsculo, 9m. Corpuscle, atom, molecule 
Corrag^ro, «m. Hameas-maker. Y. Owir- 

Corral em. Yard, inclosnre; court; fish- 

S)nd; i^y-house. CorrcU de OfXffoe, 
uinSffrannents of walls; square. Corr«u 
de ganaao^ Pound: catUe-pen. Ifaoer 
corralee. To loiter about in school 

Corraldro, 9m. Keeper of a dung-yard. 

Corralillo, itos^m. dim. A small yard. 

Corraliza, ^ Yard, court 

Corral6n, 9m. A Urge yard. 

Corr^ ^ Leather stnm ; leash ; flexibility. 
Se9ar la correa. To be obliged to humble 
one's sel£ Tener oorrea^ To bear wit 
without irritation. [thongs. 

Corredge, em. Heap of leather straps or 

Correal Mk Dressed deer-akin. Co9er€or' 
real, Tb sew with leather thongs, [use. 

Corre^r, «a. To draw out wool and fit it Ibr 

Corre&Eo. 9m. Blow with a leather strap. 

Correcdon, ^, Correction, leprehenaon; 

Correcoionil, a. Correctional, correctiTaL 

Corrootamtote, ad. Corre^y. 

Correctivo, va, a ComctiTe. 

CorrectiTo, »ik Corrective; corrector. 

Corr6cto, ta, a. Exact, correct, conformable. 

Correct6r, 9m. Correct*^; superior; usher. 

Corredent^, ra, s. Joint ransomer, deliverer. 

Corred6ra, ^f. Baoe-ground ; a small wicket ; 
sti«et (Nau.) L(^ or log-line. Echarla 
corredera. To heave the log. Carretal 
de la corredera^ Log-reel; in dass- 
houses, roller; wood-louse. [about 

CorredSro, ra, a. Running much, moving 

Corredilla, 4/! dim. A smul course. 

Oorredizo, za, a. £asy to be untied, runalBg. 

CorredMs ra, 9. Bunner: corridor, a gallery; 
CO vert way; scout; broker. Corredorde 
oomMoA, Exehange-broker. Corredorde 
matrimonioe, Match-maker. Corredor 
de or^o. Exchange-broker; ta]e<4>earer; 
pimpw Oorredor de popa, (Nan.) Btara 
gallery of a ship. 

C<nTedordUo, em. dim^ A small corridor. 

Oorred&ra, 4^ Liquor which flows over the 
measure; incursions into an enemy^ 
country. [penalty. 

Correduna, << Brokerage; incursion; flmy 

Correeria, 4/! Trade of a strap-mokiff. 

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Ootieirf) ttn* Strap-msker. 
Oorres&l, a. Belatliig to Endisb sole-leather. 
ConregtbUidH ^TCOTrigible. 
OorregibK a. Oorrlgible, dodk. 
Correglddr. am. Corzector; corregldor; a 

major cft a town. 
Corregid6ra, qf. Wife of a corr«gidor. 
Gorreglmi^nto, «m. The place, office, and 

district cf a corrtgidor. 
Oorr^^, vo. To correct, amend ; temper. 

(Obfl.) To adorn.— rr. To mend, 
CorrsciiAh^ ^ A small strap; plaj with a 

ttioK and strap ; blnd-Tveed. 
Oorrelad6n, «/C Ooirdatlon, analoKj. 
Gorrelatiyamente, ad. Correlatlveljr. 
Oorrelativo, va, GorreUto, ta, a Correlative. 
CoiT&ida|. f^. (OolL) Looeenesa, diarrhoea. 
Ccnrendilla, ^ (ColL) Incursion. V. Cor- 

reria. [ble-ground- 

CorrentSa, f^ An ntlflelal irrigation of stnb- 
Cnrrentiar, va. (Prov.) To irrigate stubble- 

Cor re n tk), tla, a, Corrent, mnning. 
Corrent^n, na, a. Gar, fond of company, 

pleasant; great sninrer; a cleTer fellow. 
Cmmgo, an. Post, a letter-carrier; post^boj. 

Correo de ffobinete, A king's messenger ; 

post-office; mail or bag of letters. Chrreo 

mariUmOt Packet-boat Correo maj/or^ 

Poet-master. (Law) Acoomplioe. 
Ooneto, em. augm, A large leather strsp. 
Oorredso, sa, o. Dnctile, flexible, easily bent. 
Obrrir, va. and n. To run, eo ; flow; blow; 

Caway; hasten; snatch away. (Coll.) 
persecnte; extend; arrive; receive; 
flourish. Cbrr^i* /o« ntor^, To fbllow the 
eea. Correr la cortina. To draw the cur- 
tain ; discover. Oorre la to*, It Is report- 
ed, it Is said. Oorrer monte^ To hnnt 
Corrtr vaqv€tas^ To run the gauntlet 
A' mas eorrer. d todo ecrrer^ As swiftly 
as possible. CorrtrMy To be ashamed or 
ecmAised, to blush. ^' fo<fo eorrer. Hap- 
pen what may. [strap. 

Correria, «C A hostile Incursion; leather 

OorrsqMmdtocia, «C Correspondence ; Inter- 
course; iHcndahip; pi ^[wrtion, symmetry; 

Correepond^r, va, and n. To correspond, fit, 
rait; agree. — vr. To correspond; respect 
or esteem. [formaolo, agreeable. 

Correspondlinte, «. Correspondent, con- 

Gorrespondidnte, tm. V. OorrespoMol. 

Gorrss|x>ns^ wt. Correspondent, trustee, 
agent [eongmity. 

Correeponsl6n, jf. Conlbrraify, proportion, 

Corretace, 9m, Brokerage; pimp-moner. 

CorrrtMr, vow To walk the streets, rove, flirt 

Corret^ra, |^ A gadding woman, loiterer, 

Gorret^ wk Gadder, [directs the choir. 

Ck»rret6ra, ^ In some con rents, the nun who 

OorrevMIle, tm, (Coll.) Tale-bearer, mis- 

Gonioorridndo, ad. In hajto, at AiU speed. 

Coriida, 4^ Course, race, career. Ckfrrida 
ds toroa. Bun-fight De corrida, At tall 
q;>eed, in haste. 

Gorridam6nte, 0<f. Currently, easily, plainly. 

CorridHa, *f. dim. A small course. 


(}onido, em. Romance, a merry song, wHI 
a guitar. a>rr<(2oa, Arrears of rent T. 
Caidoe. [ed. 

Corrido, da, a. Expert, experienced ; aeham- 

Corri6nte, em. Course of rivers, the stream; 
current Corrimtee^ Currents, seo-cur 

Corri^nte, pa. Bunner, running. 

Corri^nte, a. Current; senerafly reoelTM; 
fluent; running. CorH^mte / vonel Oin^ 
eroe de coneumo corriente^ Staple e<mi- 

Corrientemdnte, ad. Currently. 

Corrill^, em. Braggadoelo, boosting fellow 

Corrillo, em. A circle of persons standing to 
talk. [(Obs.) Concourse. 

Corrimitoto, em. Bhame; an acrid humor. 

C6rro, em. CIrole Ibrmed by people who meet 
to talk. Seoupir en eorro/To drop in 
the course of conrersation. BaeereorrOf 
To clear the way, make room. 

Corroboraci6n. e/. Corroboration. 

Corroborido, da, a. Corroborated, strength- 
ened, confirmed. [roborant 

CorroborAnte, e. and pa. Corroborative, cor- 

Corroborir, va. To corroborate, fortify, con • 

CorroboratiTo, va, «. V. Oorroborante. 

Corro6r, vet. To corrode. 

Corromped6r, em. Corrupter. 

Corromped6ra, ^ Cormptress. 

Corromp^r, va. To corrupt, mar, mortify 
seduce ; bribe.— -en. To stink.— «r. To rot, 
become nutrid. 

Corrompiblo, a. V. Corruptible. 

Corrompidamente, ad-. Corruptly, viciously. 

Corrompldo, da, a. Corrupt spoiled, un- 
sound, [tlon; bribery. 

Corromplmi^nto, em. Corruption, deprava* 

Corrosible, a. Corrosible. 

CorroeWn, jj/T Corrosion, exulceratlon. 

Corrosivamente, cA Corrosively, [nious. 

Corrosivo, va, a. Corrosive, acrid, acrimo- 

Correy^nte, pa. Corroding, corrodent 

Corrugad6n,«/r Corrugation, wrinkling. . 

CormgAr, va. v. Arrugar. [g^ey 

GorrMla, ^. Room under deck in a row- 

CorrupcI6n, ^ Corruption, putreftictlon' 
bribery; pollution; loost^ness; deprava 

Corruptaminte, ad. Cormptiy, viciously. 

Corrupt6hi, 4/r Corruptiou, depravation 

CorruptlWlldAd, ^ Corruntlblllty. 

Corruptible, a. Oormptlble. 

Cormptivo, va, a. Corruptive. [filed 

Corr6pto, ta, pp. Corrupted, corrupt; de 

Corrupt6r, em. Corrupter, misleader, one 
who taints or vitiates. 

Corr&Bco, «m.. (Coll) OflU, broken bread. 

Cors^rio, enu Corsair, privateer, [marquei 

CorsArio, ria, a. Crubing *4lth a letter ol 

Corses «m. Corset, stays; J^mps. 

Corsear, va. To cruise aga^ost the enemy. 

Corsia, ^. Passage betwe 1 the sails In s 

Corso, em. Cmise, private /ring; eareesk 

C<irso, sa, a. V. Cktno. 

C6rta, ef. Felling of wood A' la carta 6 4 
la larga. Sooner or later. 


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Cortab^laas, «0k Plckpoaket. flieber. 

Cortad^rtt, if. GhiBel for outUng hot icon ; 
knifb nsed by bee-keepers. 

CorUdillo, 9m. A Bmall <b1]ikliig-glM8, a 
tumbler. JFcAor oorfeuZ<^to«, To speak in 
an affected manner; drink (ireqaently. 

Gortadillo, a. Applied to a kind of Spanish 
money. Tdancing. 

Oort^o, tftL Gaper; a leap or Jomp in 

Oortido, da, a. Adapted, proportioned, ao- 
commodatedjflt, exact Qtudarfeoortado 
or cortane. To be out o( ooantoaaneei. 

Oortad6r, ra, «. and a. Cotter. 

OortadAr, tm. Butcher. V. Camieero. The 
king's oarrer. Cortadorm^ Cntters, the 
incisor teeth. [loom. 

Cortad6raa, f< ^ Oattinc-boards in a velvet 

CortadAra, f< Cnt; Incision; flasnre; para- 
pet (Fort) Work raised in narrow paflsee. 
—pi. Gotting^ parines. 

Cortaflrio, «m. A cold-chisel. 

Cortafli6go, tm. Coping wall above the roo£ 

Cortam^nte, ad. Sparingly, flrogally, scantil v. 

Cortin, «ot. (Prov.) Measure, about a peck, 
for grain or oil [ting; sharp. 

Cortinte, 9m. and a. Cutter, butcher; cnt- 

CortapicoB y callAres, Hold your prating. 

Cortapi^ 9m. Thrust at the legs in fondng. 

CortpiM, 4/! Ornaments sewed round tne 
borders of cloths; elegance and grace in 
speaking; condition with which a tiling 
is given. 

CortapKunaSj «f7u Pen-knife. 

Cort&r, vcL To cut, cut off, out out, curtail ;, 
separate, hew, chop; interrupt; smother 
beea; suspend; arbitrate or decide. Cortcw 
la Imffw^To speak a language with pro- 
priety and elesance. Cortar las libran- 
eaSj To stop we payment for goods re- 
ceived. Cortar as vssHr^ To cut and 
make clothes; speak evil of any one. 
Cortar wna ptuma^ To make or mend a 
pen. Aire que oorta. A piercing wind. — 
9r. To be daunted, ashamed, or confound- 
ed, stop short Vortarse las wlae con 
alffunOf To pick a quarrel with any one. 

Cdrto, «9tw Cutting-edge. Jnaenio de corte^ 
A cutting engine; exseotion, the act of 
cutting; cut; felling of trees; mediation 
or recondllidlon of persons at varlanoo ; 
steps taken in an affair; acut in anything; 
pattern or quantity necessary for a gar- 
ment, as Un carte de chaleco^ A vest pat- 
tern. Un carte de ve9tida^ Drees pattern. 

C6rte, 4/r The court, royal palace, Madrid ; 
retinue of a monarch; levee; court of 
chancery: retinue, suite; ytrd; oourt^ 
ship, civility. Ifacer la eorte^ To court, 
endeavor to please ; attend the leveesi 

Cortecica, ilia, ita, ^ A small crust, peel, or 
bark. [stupidity; diffidence. 

OortedAd, «? Smallnesa, paudtv; dulnees, 

Cort6ga. ^ Hazel-grouse, hazel-hen. 

Oort^^6r, «7n. Wooer. 

Oort^&nte, pa. Courting; be who makes 
love, gallant 

Oort^ir, fo. To make love; court; accom- 
pany. Cbrt^r una dama^ To pay one's 
addresses to a lady. 

Cort^o, «m. Court, courtship; gift; i;AllAnt, 

bean, lover, sweetheart; lady conrtod to 
love; paramour. 

C6rte^ ef. pL Cortes, the assombly of tlK 
states of the realm in Spain. 

Cortes, a. Courteous, dvil, gradona, poUtei 

Cortesanam6nte, ad. Courteously, politely. 

CorteeanAxo, za, a. auffm. Awkwardly oi 
fhlsomely dvlL [nem 

Cortesania, ^ Courtesy, dviltty, good man- 

Cortes&no, na, a. Courtrlike; courteona; 
courtly.— «m., Courtier. Corteeana or 
dama oorteeana, Conrteeva. 

Cortesia, i/. Courtesy, civilitv; good mau' 
ners; compliment; gift; days of fraoe; 
fkvor. De coHasIa, ay courtesy, right 

Cortesmdnte, odL Courteously, politely. 

Cort^ ^ Bark; peel, skin, rind; crust; 
widgeon. OorteMa depalc aatUo^ Quaia* 
cum bark ; outward appearance ; rostidty. 

Cortez6n, 9m» augm^. Tbkk bark, rind, cru^ 
or peel. [cruBt, or peoL 

Cortezondto, «7it dim^ Thm bark, rind, 

Cortez6do, da, a. Corticose, barky; mstky 

Cortezu^la, «/. dim. Y. Corteaandto. 

CortidU, a. Cortical 

CortUo, «fiK Farm-house, grange, [a w all 

Corona, tf. Curtain; vail, covering itart m 

Cortiniupe, 9m. Set of curtains. 

Cortindl, am. Ground sown every year. 

Gortindn, em. augm. A large curtahi. 

Cdrto. to, a. Short, scanty, narrow; small; 
dull, stupid; timid, diffident; imperfbct 
Corto de vieta, Short-sighted. C»rta de 
oida, Hard of hearing. Corto de manoa. 
Slow at work. Cbr^ da ^anio^ Of a diffi- 
dent character. A'laeartadalalarffO^ 
Sooner or later. Carta eaetre. Ignorant 
of the subject [field-uMusei 

Corton, em. Worm which destroys plants; 

Corolla, ^ PUce for the cable stopperai 

Corusdnte, Cr6soo, ca, a. Coruscant, glitter- 
ing by flashes, brilliant 

C6rva, 4/r Ham ; curb, a disease. 

Corvadnra, ef. Curvature, crookedness ; gib 

CorvAl, a. Oblong. 

CorvAto, em. A voung crow or rook. 

Corviza, ^. Cnxh. a disease in horses* kneesw 

Corvecito, am. dwK A voung little crow oi 
rook. [spur of a code ; cormorant 

Corvd6n, am. Hou^ Joint of the hind leg; 

Corvdta, iff. Curvet^Map or bound ; corvette 
sloop of war. 

Corveteio-, t>fi.. To bound, leap. 

CorvUlo, am. Bill-hook. CortiUadepodon 
Pruning-knlfeL CorviUa de tapatero, A 
ahoemuer'lsparlng knifo. MUrcalescor 
viUc, Ash-Wednesday. 

Corvlna, ^ A kind of conger or sea eel 

Corvino, na, ct. Book-like. [mean 

Odrvo, va, a. Bent, crooked, arched ; stingy. 

C6rvo, am. Craw-fish; pot-book. 

C6rzo, za, a. Koe-deer, rellow-deer. 

Corzuelo, em. Wheat left in the buaki by 
the threshora. 

C6sa,4/r Thing, substance. Cosadeentidad, 
An important thing: Ccfsa de Hea^ 
Laughing-stock. Coea de ver, A tliiiM 
worth seeing. Fuerte caea^ A hard tew 

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ortiiis^ i^MO0ta, It doe* not nutter. 
No kay tal ooea or no es <u^ No such 
thtac. Jfo vdU cotOy It is not worth 
mncE; suit, cease; nMttereflkct 

Odea de,iMlL About, Uttle more or leas. ^tU 
cotat What'B the metter? Qui m co9a 
yootaf Whet meeas ell this? 

Cesirkii, mn. PrlTsteer, oorsati^ ondaer ; cer- 

Ooe^rtov rie, a BeleU n g to prlTsteers or 

eoneks; beeten, freonented. 
CoBesr&ne, ^ (ProT.VCreoknel, e crisp. 
OoeeAise, «r. (OolL) V. Oonioom€M6. 
Ooeo^ ^ Kermes or scerlet-oek. its dry 

leeTes; ring or knob on e bridle-Mt 
Ooeo<M CosooJIr, tm. Plantation of kermes 

oaks. [o<tM.OhainorateidIei 

CoBo^ em. Scarlet or kermes grain. Oo^- 
Ooeocwrds, em. OontiuioD, blow, bruise. 
Ooacontdo, & (Little OS.) Bmtoed, oontssed. 
Coectetsam. Flat loaC 
C6ee, «: Kind of measore. 
Oeae<inte> sn% (Oeom.) Cosecant 
Goe6eha,</!H8rTesterop. Co^echadevino^ 

Yintaga JM «m oosmsAo, Of one's own 

Gosediir, «a. To crop, reap, gather in. 
CoeecliAro, enk Owner of the crop or barrest 
Coeed^roe do los Tabldnes, sn*. pL (Nan.) 

Plank seamsi 
Gosed6r, sm,, (Little us.) Sewer. 
CosedArsi tf. Beamstreaa. [a fi»teBlng-cord. 
Gosediira, f< (Ob&) Seam. rNau.) Seizing, 
OoeeUCa, tm. Oorselet, snoient eoat of annor ; 

pfteman armed with a corselet. 
OiMio, suK (Oeom.) Cosine. 
Ooafe. 90, To sew ; Join and unite. (Nan.) 

To uih or seize. CoMrte com la pared, 

T» stick dose to a wall Ooter & pwia- 

ladas, To stab. [irrigated at once. 

Coeira, ^. (Prov.) Ground which can be 
Ooeetida, ^f Baoe, a violent course. 
Co^&ta, ^ aim, A small thing, a trifle. 
Coelcte, 4^ Y. M«<ooe& 
Coaido, mn. Foul Unen stitched together to 

be wastied; horse grown thin with labor. 

Oo$ido ds coma, Qollt and blankets 

^tebed togetlier. 
Coaidfrraa, ^^pL (Nan.) Lashings, seizings. 
Ooem^tieo, mn, Coametio. [world. 

CosBiogonla, rf. Cosnaogony, origin of the 
Cosmograf ia, ^, (Joamography, oescrlptioB 

of the world. 
<}o6mogr^oo, ca, a. CosmographicaL 
Cosm6grafb, am.. Coamograpner. 
Oosmofogto, ^, Coamology, structm-e of the 

Coemol6gleo, a. (Little us.) CosmoIogicaL 
Coanopotita, sm. Coemopolite. 
C6ets an. Place ibr buu-flgbtB; w<Min in 

OceqniUas, 4^ pL Tickling; tiUlIation; dls- 

001x1, oi^>osition. Haoer eodquiUaa, To 

tickle; exdte desire, curiosity, or suspi- 
cion. Ko conMotir or no n^rir 4309- 

qnUUiMy To be easily oAaided. 
0MqniU6so, sa, a. Ticklish; peevish. 
06^ ^ Coat; charge, expense.--pJL (^osts 

of a law<su!t ; labor. A co€ta dSy At the 

expensoot ^'l(xtoco«^ At all hazards; 


coast; shore: wedge. Dor d la eotta or 
«A to cofta, To get on shore. Arritnado 
d la cotta, Close in shore. Coda do my- 
fa«e»te,Lee^ore. OMtotioosta, Along 
the coast 
(^ost^o, tm. Side. Y. Lado. Flank; broadr 
side. JTorio costado derecho^ A wall 
^ded ship. Nav'io do ooetado falw, A 
lop-sided shipi J)<ur ol co«tado el luzv'te^ 
To heave down a ship. CMadoa, Lin 
esge, succession. A'rbol do oodadoo. 
Genealogical tree^ 
Cost&l, 9m. Sack, large but; rammer. No 
9oy ooiUU or no tongo ooca do eodai, I 
cannot tell all at once. 
Coetal^da, ^ A fkll flat on the ground. 
Costalizo, am. Blow with a sack; a very 
large sack; a /all flat on the ground; 
Coatal^, Ml. Porter. 
Coetalito, om. dim. A small sack. 
Gostan^raa, ^, pL Bafters in building. 
Costan^ro, ra, a. Belonging to a coast; de- 
clivous. Jki^el coilanerOj Coaster. 
Costanilla, ^ dim. Gentle declivity, slope. 
CostAr, t^ To cost; suflfer detriment or 
loss. Cotkt la torta un pan^ The sprat 
cost a herring. 
C6ste,^ 9m, Cost expense, price paid for a 

thing. A' oo9to y ooataty At flrst cost 
Co8tead6r, am. (Naa) OMStor, coasting ves- 
sel [coast 
Costedr, to. To pay the cost boar all charges ; 
CosteladiSn, jj/: V. Oontitelacion, [boat 
Cost6fio, a. Barco costoAOy A small coasting 
(Dost^ra, of. Bide of a bale of goods; a flah- 

erman's basket; outside gmro of paper. 
Cost^ro, 9m, Slab, first cut irom a saw-log. 
Cost^ro, ra, a. Outward; outside. 
Costezudl^ sf. dim. Slight declivity or ooast 
Costilla, 9/. Bib ; stave; furring timber; the 
triangle part of organ-bellows; property, 
wealth. 2racereo«ti2to, To bear the brunt 
—pL Shoulders, back. 
(}ostiUAge, Ck>stUl^, om. The ribs; timbers 

or frame of a ship. 
Costimta, ^. dim. A small rib. [Ish. 

CoatiU6do, da, a. Broad-shouldered : clown- 
Costino, na, a. Belonging to the costus-root 
C^sto, tm. Cost, pr^; charges, expenseu 
(Bot) Costus; oostus-root A' co«to y 
ooeta9j At prime cost [travagantly. 

Costoaam^te, ad. Costly, expensive^ ; ex- 
Cot^Uxeo, sa, a. Owtly, dear; bard to get; 
sad, ^evons. [biscuit 

C6stra, ^ Oust; external coat; broken 
CVMtrdda, rf. Candled seed-cake. [pel 

Coetre&ir, Ooetrifilr, va. To constrain, com- 
Costribacidn, ^. Y. Eetrehimiento. 
Costrilla^ ita, ^f. dim. A little cru&t 
Costrlnffir, «a. To constrain, compel. 
Co6triii6nte,2>& Constringing. [toction. 
Oostiivo, om. Prop, stay, support staiT, pro- 
Costrdso, sa, a. Crusty, covered witli a crust 
(}o6trulr. «a. To construct raise, form. 
Costumado, da, a. Accustomed to aiiv thing 
Costumbrar, f>a. To aooustom, use, inursb 
Coatambre, 9m, Custom, habit; perlodloil 

indispoaition of women. 
Costfime, *f. Y. Coatumhre. 

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Oostiin, ^ Beam; n««dle-work; spUdng. 
Ooatoi^ra, %f, Seamstreaa. 
Oafltortro, mx. Tailor ; a lady's work-boz. 
Oostarto, «>K Seam, a ooaree satare; a large 

06ta, ^. Coat of mail ; coat oi anna ; jacket; 

annotation; quota; nickname for Maiy. 
GoCAna, ^f. Mortise, mortise-hole. 
Ootang6nt& «/! (Oeom.) Cotangent 
Cotdnn, 9f. Sort of linen. [attest 

CV>t^, Mk To limit, set bounds; lop ; quote ; 
Cotorr^ ^f. (Coll.) A gadding woman. 
Ootdrro, «fik Uut for the reception of beg- 

Cotrdi, sm. Sort of linen. 

OotrAl, em^ An old worn-ont ox set to craze. 

Cotiifh, ^ Jerusalem artichoke: tla-bita, 
delicate food. [oate food. 

Cotufl^ ra, a. Producing tid-bits or deli- 

Cotfimo, «m. Buskin, ancient boot OdUar 
ei ootumoy To use pompous language. 

Courdn, «nk Small vossel in the river Ga- 
ronne, [from India. 

CoutoUna, {/T Blue or white cotton ek>th 

Covdcha, ^ A small cave or hollow ; a grot 

CovaehuC'la, ^ A small cave or grot; office 
of secretary of state.— pL Certain toy- 
shops, [vachu^ku. 

Covaohueldro, sm. Shop-keeper in the Oo- 

Covachuelista, mk Clerk in the secretary of 
state's office. 

Covanilla, f/T V. GovanOlo. [wide mouth. 

Coranfllo, Wk dim. Orape-basket with a 

Oovezudbi, 4^ dim, A small cave. 

A' Coz Cox: or A' Cozcqjita, ad. Lamely, 
haltingly, limplzigly. 

C6y, tm. llammock, cot * aallor's bed. 

C6ya. ^ A very small venomous spider. 

Ooy6I, 9m. (Nic.) The American cU-palm; 
its uut 

Ooy6te, a, (Am.) A generic name to the 


prodnctiotts of a eounty.— «n. (Hex.) A 

0>ytoda, |/C Tokemtrap or cord ; dominioi^ 

power; matrimonial union. 
CoyundAdo, da, a. Tied to the yoke. 
Coynndilla, ^ dim» A small strap or cord. 
Coyunt6ra, ^ Joint articulation ; occaaiOA. 
CoE,^Kiok; recoil of a gun ;flowlj|g back. 

Cte<2efnasf02tfra,Heerofamast ^i'oo- 

04S, By dint of kicking. 
Oabron, sm. Hornet 
CrAneo. am. The skull : eraaiom. 
Oaneoldgia, ^ Graniology. 
Cripula. 4< Inebriation, intoxication. 
Crasamente, ad Grossly, rudely. 
Craaciti^, wk To cackle, crow, croak. 
Craalcie, ^. Greaa^ ftt 
Craaitoto, ta, a. Greasy. [ignoranoo. 

CrasitAd, f/T Grease, fotness, corpnlenn- 
Cribo, sa, a. Fat greasy, oily ; grosa; tlilok. 
Oat^r, am, Y. Orat&ra. 
Crat^nL ^ CJrater of a volcano. 
Oaticula, ^ A email wicket in nunnerleab 
Cr6a, 4/: Creaa, kind of linen. Oraaa d la 

Monadoi, Superfine creaa. 
Chvible, a. Creative, creatable. 
Creaddn. ^f. Creation. 
CreMo, da, a. Created, begotten, made. 
Cread6r, am, Y. Oriador. [tsb. 

Oedr, va. To create, make : Institute; nonr- 
Crebdl, am. HoUy-tree. Y. Aotibo. 
Creoed^ ra, a. Able to grow, [augment 
Crec6r, vn, and a. To grow, Increase ; swell: 
C3r6oes, af. pL Augmentation; additional 

Crecida, lif. Swell of rivers, ft-eshet 
Crecidamtote, atf. Plentifully, copiously, 

abundantly. [or grown. 

Crecidito, ta, a. dim. Somewhat increased 
Creddo, da, a. Grown, increased; grave; 


[doe, am, pL Widening stitches in knit- 
Crecitote, JDO* Growing, increasing, crescent 
(}red6nte, a/. Swell, freshet of waters; leaven ; 

crescent/ new moon. CreoiarUa <2e ta 

marea^ Flood>tide. 
(>recimidnto, «m. Increase, growing, growth. 

Craoimiento da la martjadOt Swell of 

the sea. [dence table ; credentialii 

Creddncia. ^ Side-board of an altar, ere* 
Credenciil. af. Credential, accreditation. 
Credibilidad, ^. Credibittty. 
OMito, am. Credit; belief; reputativi; 

trust; note, bill CrMUoaaeUcoa^Aau^ ^ 

CridUoapa*i€oa, Liabilities. 
Chrddo, am. Creed, artides of fiiith. OuKfi 

credo, TSscrj moment En tm-ereda, In 

a trice. 
Credulid&d, ^f. Oodulity. Y. Cramda, 
CrMulo, la, a. Credulous. 
Chreed6ro, ra, a. Credible. Taner buanau 

craaderaa. To be easy of belief. 
Creed6r, ra, a. Credulous. [persnasloiL 
Cretoda, ^ Credence, belief; credit; creed, 
Cre6r, «& To believe, give faith; credit 

Ver y craar. To believe only what we so4 

cgii^ af. Sort of linen, osnaburgn 
.eiblo, a. Credible, likely. 
Creiblem6nte, ad. Credibly. 
Crdma, ^ Oeam of milk * custard * I1«resia 

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J 9m. Oremor, * mUkj fltobstoooe. 
(h4mor tdrtaro^ Cnam of tartar. 

C«6D«lia, ^ TbepartlDg of the bair. 

Otoche, 9f, Y. Orencha, [lar. 

Grapnsoamio, iulo. CrvposcQlona, ere|>aaca« 

CreptMcnk^ rni^ Crepmenle, twilight, dawn. 

Craa,4<Fl7-bIow; mite; maggot: esgsof 
the ^oeen-bee. tnumto. 

Gresoemitotoi, tm, Cresodnda, tf. v. Orsci' 

OeioentAr, va. V. Aerse&ntai'. [tngry. 

Oeepir, «a. To carl the bair.— «r. To grow 

OespUla, 4< An agaric Y. Oagcuria. 

Crespino, «m. Tbe barberry-tree. 

Gx6q>o, pa. a. Cilsp, corled; obscore and 
bombastlo. (Amer.) Acorl; angiy. 

Creepdn, em^ Grape. 

<Msta, ^. Comb. eock*a^x>mb : eroet; cramp- 
troo. ./IJaarMoreiea, To be elated with 

CreetMo^ da, a Crested. 

Crest6n, em. Crest of a helmet 

Crdta, ^. Chalk. 

Cret6aa, if. Sort of linen. 

Cre7foda,f< Y. Oreencia. 

Crejtote, pa, BeHering. 

Creznf ja, if. Streak of blanche base-weed. 

Cm, ^ Brood; saokling; a concise and 
pi^tbetio narratitre. 

Cn&da, ^ Female servant Criada de 
me/nagty Hoose-maid ; clothe8^[>oander. 

Criaddro, em. Norsery of yoong troes ; breed- 
ing place. 

Criadero, ra, a, FmltlUI, prolific. 

Criadilla, ^. Teetlcle; a small loaf; tndBe. 

Griikdo, mn. Servant; client, follower. 

CrUido,da,a. Bdacated, inistmcted, bred. 
Biiblaroi«n criado^ To ppeak as a well- 
bred penon. [trainer of animals. 

Criad6r, mn. The Creator; breeder and 

Criad6n, if. Creatress. — dk Fmltftil, focnnd. 

CriAnza, if. Breeding, manner^ edncation. 
Dar eriama, To breed, bring up. 

Criir, TO, To create; breed; bring up, ed- 
ncato ; rear or fatten fowls, Ac ; estab- 
Ibh; commence and pnrsne any expe- 
dient Criar cam^ To grow flit and 
InstT. Ortar moUifa^ To grow lar j. 

Criatora, if Creatm^; a baby ; a word of 
contempt [little child. 

Crlatnrica, Ula, ita, if dim. A rery ronng 

Oriaz6n, ^ Breed or brood of aniroab. 

Criba, V, Cribble, sieve, crib, riddle. 

CribadOT, ra, «. Sifter. 

Cribad&ra, if Cribration. Jlfting. 

Cribir, t(k To sift with a sieve. 

CribUlo, am. dim^ A small cribble or sieve. 

Cribo, 9m. V. CHba. 

Cridir, WL To cry, shont 

Crimen, 9jn. Crime, offence, guilt Sola 
(M crimen. A criminal tribunal 

OiminiL d. Criminal, guilty; censorious. 

Criminalid^d, if Criminality, guiltiness. 

Crlmlnalista, ami. T^riter on criminal mat- 

Crimlnalm6nte, ad, CrimlnaUy, guiltily. 

Crimia680, sa, «. Delinquent, crlmlnaL 

Criming sa, a. Criminal 

^mno, em. Sort of coarse flour for fritters. 

Orlo, e/! Mane, horsehair. 

Orinafdo, da, Crinlto, ta, a. Crinlte, maned, 


having long hair, tbmeto erlmMo, A 

long-beard^ comet 
Cri61lo, em^ Creole. [cataoombtL 

Cripta, if. Crypt, a subterraneous vault. 
Criptog^mia, if Cryptogamy, a class of 

planta. [cipher. 

CriptogriUla, if Cryptography, writing in 
Criptoldgla, if Cryptology, enigmattcal 

lanffuage. [pillar. 

Crisilida, if (Entom.) Chrysalis of a catev- 
Crisant^mo, 9m. (Bot) Cbrysanthemunt 
Crisis, if. Crisis; head; criterion. 
Crisma, 9m. Chrism, holy oil. 
CrlsmAr, va. To confirm : break one's skull 
Crism6ra, if Silver vial for keeping tbe 

chrism. [stoncL 

Crisoberilo, em. Chrysoberyl, a predoos 
Cris^oola, if ChiTSOcolla, borax. 
Cris6ooma, em. (Bot) Ooldylocka 
Crisdl, 9m. Crucible: melting-pot 
Crisoldda, if Crudble fUU ofmetal 
Cris61ito, 9m. Chrysolite, a predous stone. 
Crisop6va, if Alchemy. [stone. 

Crisoprado, em. Chrysoprase, » predone 
Crispat6ra, if A spasmodic contraction of 

the nerves. 
Cxista. if. Crest, the ornament of a helmet 
Cristil, em. Crystal; glass; looking-fflass; 

water. Criatal tAr&ro, Cream o^ Urtar 

in ciTstals; shining woollen stufll 
Crietanno, na, a. Crystalline, transparent, 

[6n, if Crystallisation. 

Cristalizdr, «a. To crystallize, congeal— 
vr. To crystallize, coasulate. 

Cristalograna, if Crystalloffraphy. 

Cristdl, em. Oyster. V. CfUdtr. 

Cristianamfote. ad. Christlanly. 

CrisUanir, «a. To baptize, christen. 

Cri8tiand4d,e/C Christianity; Christendom. 

Criitianteoo, ca, <k After the Christian man- 

Cristlanillo, Ila, e. dim. A little Christian. 

Cristlanisimo, em. Yery Christian. 

Cristianismo, em.. Christianity; Christeih 
dom; christening. 

Cristianlz&r, 9a, To Christianize. 

Cristi&no, na, a. Christian. 

Cristiino, na, A A Christian; brother, 
friend. A' Uy ds eritUana, Upon the 
word of a Christian. [of Christ 

Cristifero, ra, a> Bearing the law and love 

Cristo, em. Christ, Messloh, our blessed 

Crktns, em. Criss-cross-row, alphabet; 
cross at the beginning of the alphabet 
yb saber d (MMu9, To be very Iniorant 
Eetar en el Ori$$uSy To be In the mdl* 

Crit^o, am. Criterion, a standard. ' 

Critlca, if Criticism ; critique, censure. 

Critlcible, a. (LiUle us.) Y, Oaneurable, 

Criticad6r, am. Critic, censurer. 

Critic^, va. To criticise ; J udge. [critic. 

Critlciistro, am. Anlmadverter, would-bc 

Critico, am. Critic, critielser; a censurer. 

O4tico, ca, a. Critical, dedsive; Judidona. 

Critic6n, em. Y. Critieaairo. 

Critique&r, tm. To criticise, censure. 

CritlqulzAr, va. To critldse, censure. 

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Orlnma, ^ Tnco or rope of twisted twigs. 

Oroohil, tnk Tower ofs building. 

Oroe&Do, tm. Ungnent or oil of saffron. 

Crodt&r, wk Y. CrascUar. 

Orooodilo, 9m, Crocodile. 

Gromitioo. co, cu OlironuUc 

Cr6nioa, f/; Chronicle^ 

Cr6nico, ce, cu Chronio, obronlcaL 

OcHkic6nf sm, Cbronlole, a suodnct socount 

Cronist^ tnu Chronicler. [of time. 

Cronografia, ^ Chronograpby, the science 

Cron6grafo, tm. Annalist. 

Crono^rdma, </! Chronogram. 

Cronologia, f/f Chronology. 

Cronol6gicam6nte, ad. Cbronologicallj. 

Cronol6gico, ca, a. Chronological, chrono- 
logic Tchionologer. 

Cronologista, Cron61ogo, in. Cbronolo^t, 

Crondmetro, am. Chronometer. 

Crotordr. «a. To cry like a crane or stork. 

Cr6za, v- Croder or a blsbop. 

CraoecUla, ita, ^ dim. A little cross. 

Crao6ra,^ Withers of a horse. Cruodrat^ 
Azletr^ bstenings. 

Cmceria, ^. Oothic architecture. 

Crac^, 9m. Transept; cross-bearer; cross- 
timber; crick of a mill; oross-bar; cruis- 
ing station. [top-sails. 

Crooes, ^,pl. Preventer leach-Unes of the 

Cnic^tas, 4A pi Cross-trees of the top-masts. 

Crooiita, v- (Bot) Cross-wort, rallantia. 

Cracilbnirio, 9m, Cross-bearer. 

Cradfero, 9m, Cross-bearer : a flriar of the 
Holy Cross; craciforoas plant. 

Cmoiiero, ra, tk Bearing a cross, 

GruciacMo, da, a. Cnidfled. M Oruoi/I^ 
cado, Jesus Christ 

Craclflcad6r, 9m. (Little as.) Crucifler. 

CrociflcAr, txu To cmciiy ; molest, vex. 

CmoifUidn, ^. Crucifixion. 

Crodflxdr, 9m. Crucifler. 

Craoift)o, am. Cradflx. 

Cmcifimne, a. Cruciform. [cro6& 

Crucigero, n.a. Bearing the sign of the 

CraciUo, 9m. Fush-pin. a play. 

Crudamdnto, ad. Rudely, crudely. 

Cruddxa, ^. Crudity; rudeness; vain boast- 
ins; indigestions. 

Cr6do, am. Packing or wrapping doth. 

Or6do, da, a. Raw; green, nnripe; rude; 
unflnished; hard of digestion. Liatuo 
eriMfo, Unbleached linen. Tiampocntda, 
Bleak, raw weather. Punto orudo, A 
critical moment A' punto entdo^ Un- 
timely, unseasonably. 

Cra61, a. Cruel, hard-hearted; intolerable. 
Uhfrio erue^ An intense cold. Dolorta 
orueleay Severe pains; oppressive; vio- 
lent [sion. 

CmeldAd, ^. Ooelty, inhumanity; oppree- 

Craefantote, ad. Cruelly. 

Cnumtamtote, ad. Bloodily. 

Onitoto, ta, & Bloody, eruel, inhuman. 

Ch^jia, ^ The midship gangwav; a large 
open hall ; passage from the choir to the 
b%h altar. On0ia da pima9. Suite of 
Boooesrive roomSb PoMrcnf^Toron 
the gantlet ; suffer. 

CMido, sm. Crack, creak, clash, srackling. 

CnOir wt. To crackle, rustle. 


CroWU, a. Crural, belonging to the 1«^ 
CrustAceot oea, a. Crustaceous, shelly. 
Cr6stioo, ca, a (Little us.) Beating. V 

Crux, ^. Cross; toil, trouble; wither^ 
Orua tomada con loa oablaa^ ^ cross in 
the hawse. Braoaar a» orua^ To square 
thevards. [sade; indulgences. 

Cmx4da, ^ Crusade ; tribunal of the era- 

Crux4do, am. Cruxado, Spanish and Portu- 
guese coin: crusader; knight of some 
military order. 

CkuzAdo, d% a. Oudal, transverse, twilled. 

Cmzimen de (ina Vela, am. Width of a sail 

CruzAr, €0. To cross; cruise. Oruaar la 
oaradalquno^ To cut and hack one*s 
ikoe.— "Or. To be knighted : cross and trip. 
Cnuaraa loa negooio9. To be overwhelm- 
ed with business. Onucw loa interaaea 
da alffuno. To Jar the Interests of any 

Cu&caro, ra, «. Quaker. 

Cuad^ma, af. The fourth part (Nau.) 
Frame. Cuadama maaatira^ Midship- 
frame. Cuadama dal euarpo popaa^ 
Stem-flranMb Cuadamaa da hancfU- 
mimtOy Filling-timbers. Cuadamaa d 
aaotutdrOf Square-timbers. 

Cuadem4I, sfiK (Nan.) Block, a piece of 
wood on which the running ngglng is 
reeved. OttadamcUaa da earanar. Ca- 
reening gears. [block. 

Cnademalete, am. (Nan.) Short aoublo 

Cuademillo, am. Parcel of five sheets of 
paper; derioal directory for the daily 
service. [paper stitched together. 

Cuademillo, ito, am, dim. Small parcel of 

Cuad6mo, at/K Parcel of paper stitched to- 
gether; a writing or copy book; small 
memorandum book; pack of cards. 

(Tu&dra, ^ Hall, saloon; drawing-room; 
stable; square; quarter of a ship. J^f 
la cuadrOy On the quarter. 

Cuadradam6nte, ad, £xactly, completely. 

Cuadrido, da, a. Sauare, quadrate; perfect 

Cuadrido, da, am. Square, quadrate : clock 
gusset; diflw (Print) Quadrat DacuO' 
dradOf In front, opposite, Ikoe to ikoe. 

Cuadragen&rlo, ria, a. Forty years old. 

Cnadragesimil, ct Quadrag^aunal; lentea 

CuadraMsimo, ma, a. Fortieth. 

Cuadr&^ am. Diagonal cross-timber. 

Cusdranguldr, a. Quadrangular. 

Cnadr&ngulo, snu and a. Quadrangle, with 
four right anglesi 

Cuadrantdl, a, (liCath.) QuadrsntaL 

Caadr&nto, am. Quadrant; sun-dial; the 
fourth part; the smallest coin. JBdata 
«2 1^/Mmo ciuufran^ To the last Ikrthlng. 

Cuadrir, va, and n. To square; quadrate; 
a^iust; accommodate. ( Amer.) To love, 
like, suit [to fill up blanks. 

Cuadratin, am. (Print) Piece of type-metal 

Cnadrat&ra, ttf. Quadrature; flrst and Isst 
quarter of the moon ; pentagraph. 

Ouadr^te, 9m. dim. A small square. 

Gnadricen&l, a. Done every fortv yearai 

Cnadrioula, s/T Pentagraph, and reductl4» 
by the nentagraph. [gntpb. 

CuadricnUu', ro. To o " 

copy with the pent* 

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Oaadrienil, a. Quadrennial, comnrialiig^ 
ftmr vesrs. nrcan. 

Oiuidrt6irio» 9m. Time and space or four 

Caadriforme, a. Foar>fiMed. 

Caadrifa, ^ Carriage drawn by four bocses. 

Cnadril, sm, Hannon-bone in beasts. 

Coadrilat^ro, ra, a. Qoadrilateral 

CnadrUlterAl, a» QoadriHteral, oonsistiiog of 
fbar letterfli 

CoadrlUa, 4^ Meeting of four or more per- 
sons: gang^ crew ; band of armed men. 

OoadriBenK am. Member of the court of La 
Santa H^rtnaaidad; the commander of 
an armed band. 

Onadrillo, am, A small square; a kind of 
Moorish dart 

Goadrildngo, tin. Oblong sgnare, troops so 
ftnmed. [long square. 

OaadriI6ngo^ ga, a. Having the shape of a 

Cnadrimdstre, wk Space of four months. 

Cnadrindmio, «m. (AJgeb.) QnadrlnomlaL 

CnAdriple» a. Quadruple, fourfold, quadri- 

Oiadriplicido. da, Ow Quadrupled. 

CuadriflOabo, ba, a. Quadrisyllable. 

Coadiivio, am. Quadrivinm, place where 
tcfox roads meet; thing foaaible in four 
dllTerent waysL 

CvLn&t\jtfiii^ mn. Cart with four horses. 

Cu&dro, (&a» a. Y. Ouadrado. 

Ou4dro, rnn. Square; picture; plcturo- 
fhnie. (Print/) PlatMi. 

Cnaorupedil, a. Quadrupedal, four-footed. 

Cuadruped^te, a. (Poet) Quadrupedant 

(^udrApede, Cuadrupedo. da, a. Quadruped. 

CuadmpUoad6n, ^ QQaorupIication. 

Cnadmplieir, v& To quadruplicate. 

Cu&drupio, pla» a. Quadruple, fourfold. Al 
euadrupto^ Qnadruplir. 

Cni^ida, «/. Butter, curd, or coagulated fat 

Oujadillo, am. Sort of silk gauze with 

Co^iido, Mk A. dish made of meat herbs, 
or frnitB, with egia and sugar, [runnet 

Cmdaltehe, am. Yellow goose-grass, cheese 

Onalamidflito, sm. Ooagmatlon. 

Chujdr, WK Bnnnet w^ stomach of a oalC 

Cnii}&r, 90^ To coagulate, concrete, card; 
ornament — im. To succeed; please, like, 
choose.— rr. To coagulate, curdle. 

Ouajar6)o, am. Y. Ouc^ar. 

Gnaiarte, sm. Grume, clot, gore. 

Cnqo, am. A lacteal substance; runnet; 
concretion. Tmer bu&n eua^^ To be 
too dull and patient Arrancar de oua- 
jo^ To eradicate. Terba del cua^o^ 
Qieese rennet 

Coil, d. Which; same, like^ such; one, 
psrey.— 4nfeW. How then. 

(ToaUdid, ^ Quality. Y. Oalidad, 

Cuallflc^, va. Y. OaUficar. 

Cnalqui^, a. Any one. [soever. 

Cnalqnim, a. Any one, some one, which- 

(hiAn, ad. How, as : nsed only before nouns. 

Cnindo, odL When ; in case that ; if; though ; 
sometimes. Deeuandoeneuando^From 
time to time. Ouando mas or ouando 
miMiAo, Atmo8t,atbeet Ctumdom^noa^ 
At least Ouakdo mdera^ When yon 
Hdeta cuanao^ Until when. De 


ouando ae&t filuoe when? In whit 

Cuantia, a/ Quantity; rank, distinction. 
ffombr4 de gran cwmtiOt A man of higb 

Cuantiir, va. To estimate or value. 

Cuantidad, «< Quantity. Y. Cantidad. 

Cuantiosamente, ad. Copiously. 

Cuant!6so, sa, a. Numerous, copious, rich. 

Cuantitativo, va, a. Quantitive, estimable^ 

Cu^to, ta, a. How much? Ouantoet 
How many? as many as, the more. 
Cuanto yd, quUra-, As much as yon 
like; excessive, sreat in some way. — ad. 
Bespecting, whilst Ouanto Anie*, As 
soon as possible. Ouamto m<z«, More- 
over, the more as. JEH cuanto d. With 
regard to; in the mean time. J^r cuanUK 
Inasmuch asi 

CnarAngo, «m. Peruvian bark tree. 

Cuarenta, a. Forty. £1 aflo do cuaronta, 
Tlie days of vore. 

Cuarent^na, ^ Space of forty days, months, 
or years; Xont; suspension of assent; 
quarantine. [old. 

Cuarent6n, na, a^ and a. Person forty years 

Cuar^ma, ^ Lent; collection of Lent ser- 

Cuaresm&L a, Y. OuadrageaimaZ. 

GaiiitLt 9/. Fourth, a quarter ; sequence of 
four; quadrant Chlarta, Qlex.) Lash, 
whip. Ouartaa, Body miues or 1 car- 

Cuart^go, 9nK Nag, pony. hack. 

Cuartaguillo, am. dim. Little nag. 

CuartuI, 9m. Kind of loaf quarter size; 
fourth of a ftuiega. [dajrs. 

Cuartina. ^ Quartan, an ague every four 

Cnartan&i, a. Intermittent [tan-ague. 

Cuartanarlo, ria, a. Laboring under a quar- 

Cuartar, to. To plough the ground the 
fourth Ume. 

Cuart^zo, am. augm^ A large room ; a laige 
quarter ; a stroke with a whip. Cuarta- 
909, A coarse, corpulent person. A cuar- 
tf^s. By a severe whipping. 

Cuartear, to. To quarter; Did a fourth 
more ; make a fourth person at a game.— 
tr. To split into pieces. 

Cuaridl, am. Quarter ; ward of a city ; dwell- 
ing, habiti^on ; quarter granted bv hos- 
tile troops; batch, the lid of a hatchway. 
Cfuartel do la 9ciuds A safe place. Chtar- 
td maeatre ganoralf Quartermaster gen- 

Cuarteldr, va. (Her.) To Quarter. [clean. 

Cuartel^ro, am. Soldier who keeps tlio room 

Cnart6ra, ^ A measure in Catalonia of fif- 
teen pecka. [of the crop of grain. 

Ciiart^ro. ra, a. (Prov.) Collecting the fourth 

Cuarterdla, ^ Quarter cask; quarter pipe. 

Cuarterdn, 9m, Quartern; quarter of a 
pound; upper part of windows which 
may be opened and shut Ouarieronea, 
Panels in a door. 

(3narter6n, na, a. (Amer.) Applied to the 
child of a mulatto and a white. [tiob 

Cuart^ta, ^. Quatrain, a metrical compear 

Cuart6te, Caart6to, am. A stanza of foia 
verses; quartetto. 


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dDtrtilla, ^ Fourth of an arroba; pastern 
ofhorsea. (Mex.)Foarthpartofarial — 
three cents. 

Cnartillo, «< Pint ; the fourth part of a peek. 
Qiex.) Fourth part of a rial — three oenta. 
ir de aucwUttOf To share the profits or 
losses. l%unba ou<urUUo9y Tippler. 

Caartill6do, da, a. A hone with long pas- 

Coartito, sm. dim, A small room. 

Co&rto, 9m. Fourth part, quadrant, quarter. 
Ctiaiio bqjOf Boom on the ground floor; 
copper coin worth four marao^dU; lin- 
eage; erack in hor»w* hooCs; quarter of 
anonials or of criminals whose body is 
quartered. Ouario A euarto^ Meamj. 
J>€ tre$ al euartOy Of little moment 
Porter euarto. To fhmlsh apartments. 
Ouarto principal, Principal floor. ITo 
tensr un ouarto^ Not to he worth a flu-- 
thing. Ouarfoa, Oash, money. 

Cu&rto, ta, a. Fourth, the ordinal of four. 

Cuartodedm&no, na, a. and «. Heretics who 
fixed the passoTer on the 14th of March. 

Cuartog6nito, ta, a. The fourth bom ehlld. 

Cuart6n, 9m. Quarter, a Joist or cirder six- 
teen feet long; meannre of lioulda. 

Cuirao, 9m. Quartz. Cuarao oUrinOf Occi- 
dental topaz. 

Cuarz^so, n. & Quartzose. 

OuAsL ad. v. OaH and Oomo. Cwuieon- 
O-mo, Quasi-contract ^^MMicMtto, Quasi- 

Cnasimddo, 9m^ First Sunday after Easter. 

Cu&te, 9m, (Mex.) Y. Gemdo. E9o no time 
ouate^ That has no match. 

Ouatcmirios rla, a. Quaternary. 

Cnateraldid, ^. Qnatemity, quaternary. 

Ouateml6n, 9m, Union of four thiogs, of 
four sheets in printing. 

Onatrilbo, ba, a. Having four white feet 

CuatWUbo, 9m. Commander of four gallmrs. 

Ouatrat^o, 6a, a. V. Ouarteron for a child. 

Cualr^ro, 9m, Thief who steals horses or 
other beasts. [a. Lasting four dnya. 

GuatrldiiU, GuatridlAno, na, Ouatrldnino, na, 

Cuatrl^nio, snk Y. Ouadrlenio. 

Cuatrillo, 9m, Quadrille, a game called oaf- 
camera in Spain. 

Cuatrin, em. A small coin ; cash in general. 

Cuatiinca, «/ Union of four persons or 
things; four cards of the same print 

CnatriJM]ab«k ba, a. Y. Ouadristlabo. 

Ontoo, a. Four, twice two. V. Ouario. 

CvLktxOy 9m. Ghanicter or figure; one who 
votes for four absent persons; qnartettff; 
card with four marks. Md9 as ouatro, A 
great number of persons. Ouctroy A^tew 
of any thing. Oon euatro la grimas. 
With a ftm tears. 

Cuatroefintos, tas, a. Four hundred. 

Cnatrodobliu-, «a. To quadruple. 

Ouatrop^a, ^ Horse-tas. (Oba.) Quadruped. 

OuatropeAdo, 9m. Step in dancing. 

Csatropeir, tnk To run on all fours. 

Onatrotinto, em. Fine of four times tho 
value of tSiefhrad. 

Ofiha, ^ Cask for wine or oil : toper, drunk- 
ard; tub; oowL Y. Oxibda, Coop. 

Cub6za, t^ augm. A large pip^ a hogshead. 


CnbAzo, 9m, Stroke redelTed from % plp» « 

hosahead. [the piper. 

Onbeba, 9f. Onbeb or cubeba, the Mrnaa ot 
Cub^ra em. A cooner. 
Cubertado, da, a. Covered. 
Cubertiira. f/T Cover, covering; 
Cub^ rf. A small barrel or cask; cowl 

bucket; coop. Oubida or Udon dond4 

96 come, Mess-bucket 
CubetUla, ita, qf. dim. A smaU hudut 
Cnb^ em. A small barrel 
C6blcam6nte, ad. Cubically. P)oardab 

Cubich^ 9m. Water-boards or weather- 
C6bico, ca, a. Cubical, cubic; 
Cubicuj&rio. em. Q*x>om of the bed'Chamber, 

Cubi^rta, ^f. Coven oovering; pretext or 

{>retence; dock. Oubi6rtaprinoipal,The 
ower or gun deck. Segunda etddmia^ 
Themlddiededc reroeracwMerto, The 
upper deck. Oubisrta 0fUera^ A fluab 
deck. OtUderia arqtisada, A camber- 
ing deck. Oubieria cortadOy A cut or 
open deck; cover of a letter. 

Cnbiertamtote, ad. Privately, secretly. 

Cubi^rto, em. Cover, a plate, fwk, spoon, and 
knife; roof; covert, coverture: allowance 
of a soldier billeted; course of oisbes; bed- 
cover. A* eubiertOy Under shelter.. 

Cubil, em. Lair or couch of wild beasts. 

Oubll<r,tm. To take shelter. y.Ma^adear. 

Cubllite, em. A copper pastry pan, the pestry 
made on it; tumbler, mug; « drinking- 
cnp; dice-box. 

Cubliet^, 9m. Paste-mould; a large mug. 

Cubilla, 4< Spanish fly. Y. OuJMUo. 

CubUlo, em. A small bucket; Spanish fly, 
blister-beetle ; a small box neor the stage. 
OttbiUoe, Buckets of a mlU-wheeL 

Cnbitil, a. Cubital the length of a cubit 

C6bito, em. A small bucket ; ulna, the largest 
bone of the fore-arm ; cubit 

C&bo, 9m, Cube : a wooden pall ; mill-pond : 
hairel of a watch or dock spring; a small 
tower; nave or hub of a wneeL 

Cubrepin, em. Pastry oook^ flre-ehovel 

Gnbriente, pa. Covering, hidUup. 

Oubrir, «a. To cover, lay, spreaa over; feoe, 
or cover over; screen, palliate; disguise; 
protect; roof; copulate; leapk Oubrir la 
tneMt To lay the table. Oubrir la eueiUa^ 
To balance an account— or. To take nM»> 
snres to insure one^ self against loes; pot 
in a state of defence; be covered, put on 
one*s hat OubriraeU d uno si corammf 
To be very melancholy and eorrowAiL 

Cfica,v:Akindoffhiit Y.Cht{^ A Pe- 
ruvian plant Y. Cboo. SortofcaterolUar. 
y.Ouoo. Oucaymaiacan, Sort of game 
at cards. Mala euoa^ A wicked person. 
Owsa d9 aqxAy Begonel 

Cuc&fia, 9f. Qreased pole to climb for prixee; 
thhiff acquired with little trouble. 

Cucafiero^ em. Para^te, a Jeremy Didiller. 

Cndb*, «a. To mock, ridicule, cajole. 

Cucari^a, ^f. Cockroach; haxel'eolored 
enufll Oucaracha martiny Nickname te 
a brown woman. 

Cucarach^ tf. (Low) Luck, good fortune 

CucArda, f»f. Cockade. 

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Cwcdvro, mtL Nickasme of* boy dressed as 
u frur. Cucarro^ O^aa.) Harpinga. V. 
Ome kof r M, [oorn-measora 

Oftuhir, «9k Tax on nain; spoon; ancient 

C—hink ^ Spoon; ladle; sooop; wheel- 

Oaefaarida, 4^ Spoonfti], ladleAiL Meter mt 
mnekaradOt To have a finger in tho piei 

Oocliari], snk Bag for ^Mona. 

Coefaariao, mn, Btroke or blow with a spoon. 

Jnebariro, mn. Spoon-maker, spoon*seUer. 

Cwfasrtta, ^. dial, A small spoon. 

CaehareUAr, vn. To stir with aspoon ; med- 
dJo with other people*8 aflUra. 

Cnebaret^smkllakerorretaUar of wooden 
q>oona; noon-rack. 

Owhaxtea, illa» Ita, ^f. dim, A. small spoon. 

Onchardn, am. Kitohen-ladle, sonp-Iaale. 

Cochims «m. (Nau.) Harping. TabUmes 
d€ ouoka(rro9^ Serving-planks. [voice. 

Oocheir, vn* To wbinwr, speak in a low 

Gvdiioheir, tm. To whisper. (partridge. 

Goehkb^Of sta. Whiraer; coll of a oock- 

Cnchich^ro, ra, : (GoU.) Whisperer. 

Cnchleblir, «n. To call like a partridge; 

Uoohilla» ^ A large kitcbon-knife; a chop- 
pIng-kBift; andent poniard; sword; 
bookUnder s kniib. ^mUs de oueMUa, 
Nickname of the militarj. 

OncfailUda, itf. Cut with a knilb: gash. Ou- 
ckUlada ds eUn redU*^ A laiiBe out or 
wouiid*--^ Wnm^e% qoarrelsi 

CnchiUir, a. Belonging or relating to a knife. 

GteldUin, mn, augm, A large kniib. 

CiiehilMa» ^ dim, A Uttle knUb. [weed. 

CDehffl^«n.Aamallkniib. (Bot)Cockle- 

Cndifllerta, ^ Cntler's shop ; street of eat- 
)era* sbopSb 

Coohill^ro, mn. Cutler. 

OMfaUlo, mn. Knife; gore; piece of ground 
whidi cannot be tilled. Cuchiiio dements, 
A hunter's cotlasB. PaeardeuoMlU}, To 
pnttothe8w<H<d. Tenm-koreayoucAiUo, 
To be lord of a manor; right of governing. 
Sm* emckUlo de algtmo^To torment any 
one oontiMvaU/.— tp<k The six chief feath- 
ers In a tawk's wing. 

Cuch1116n, mn. cmgm. A large or big knife. 

Oochitril, mn. A narrow hole or comer. 

Gnchoche^, «fk To whisper. (Met) To 

Cucbuflita, ^f. Joke, Jest, fhn. 

GucMeo, sa, a Diligent Y. Solieita, 

GttcMr, TO. To sing as the cuckoo. 

Curias (En), odL In a cowering manner. 
Sentarm m^ oueUUaB^ To squat sit cow- 
«f1nK. [Cuckold. 

Cuclillo, mn, (Gm.) Cuckoo, gawk. (Met) 

G600, auk Sort of caterpillar; swarthy com- 
plexion ; game at cards; sea'Shell ; tippler; 

C600, ca, «\ Small. QuecoMtanoueal 

What a pretty Uttle tbingl 
Cnc^la, if, CowL 

Otaeorblta, f^ Cncvbite, a chemical vessel, 
(^oeurbttieeo, cea, a. (Bot) Ooenrbitaoeouii. 
Oocurilkcho, mn* A paper cone; a rouleau; 



C&dria, ^ A flat woven graas-rope. 

Ca^bano, mn. Grape-basket; pannier. 

Cn^lga, ^ Cluster of firuit hong up for usei 
Guelf/a or ristra de c«&oUaaj3nnoh oi 
onions; a birth-day present [coUam 

CuelUdegolUdo, da, a. One who wears low 

Caellierguido, da, ck Stiif-necked; elated 
with pnldo. 

Ca^llOftm. The neck; collar, collar-band 
small end of a wax-candle; neck-clotl 
Z&oantar el cueUo^ To be pixieperouBb 

Cu^lmo, mn. Candle-wood; a piece of wood 

Cn6mbas, ^. Sort of silk stuff from India. 

Cutoca, if, A wooden bowl; socket of tb* 

Cnenoo, mn. An earthen bowl; hod. 

Cu6nda,^£ndortieofaskein. Madf^ 
ein ou&nda, An entangled afialr, a com- 
plicated buslnessw 

(Tuenquecilla, tf, dim, A small bowL 

Cu^nta, tf. Computation; account, reckon- 
ing : narrative ; bead ; reason, satisflMtlon. 
Cana de owentas, (Bot) Indian shot 
CtierUa eorrienie^ Account current A' 
hue»M euentOy On account, tai part pay- 
ment A' eumtiOt Upon another's wora. 
^' Ma ou«niA, At that rate. ZkwoumUa, 
To answer, give account Darouentade 
algo, (IronO To waste or destroy any 
thing. Haeer cuentae aleff*^ To feed 
one's self with vain hopes. P<i»ar cuen- 
toe. To pray without devotion. TrUm" 
nal de oumUa*^ Exchequer. Tener ccf- 
ento, To take care of any thing; answer, 
turn out profitable. Tomar par mi otp' 
entOy To take upon one's selC Estemoi 
d euentMy Let us attend to this. En r&- 
mtmidat euenUu, In short; at last 

Cuent^ro, ra, «. and a. Tale-bearer, informer, 

Cn^nto, mn. A million. Camdo de euenioe^ 
A million of millions : account difficult to 
explain; butt-end of a spear; variance, 
uliutor «» oMentoa, To &11 to loggerheads ; 
carry tales ; prop, support ; fictitious story. 
Cuento de viffae^ Old women's stories; 
misreport, He, story; aoeount, number. 
A' cuento. To the purpose, seasonably. 
See ee el euento^ That is the difficulty 
J)^€ur»ede cueiUoBy To come to the point 

Cndra, ^. A leather Jacket 

Coords. »f. Cord, halter; cotgut siring; 
matcn ft>r firing a gun ; chain of a watch 
or dock; cord; roeasurei Cuerdae di 
lae embierkUL (Nan.) Deck-streaks or 
strakesL Aflq^r la euerda^ To tempei 
the rigor of the law. Apretarlacuerda, 
To treat with severity. Por debn^o (I« 
euerda. Underhand, privatelv. 

Cuerdamente, ad. Prudently, aaviscdiy. 

Cuerdecica, ilia, ita, Cuerdezuda, ef. d4$n, 
Funlde, a small cord. [or discreet 

Cuerdedto, ita^ dim. Somewhat prudent 

Cn^rdo, da, a. Prudent, discreet Jnuiciona; 
in his senses. [or skin. 

Cueredco, ito, am. <f (m, A small thin bids 

Cuerenido, mn. A small thin skin ; a sack* 
ing pig. [sportsman^ horn. 

(ki6ma, ef, A horn vessel; deer's horn: 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Ooeraecfeo, SLov ito, am. dim, Comlde, * 
snuUlfaorn. [knilo. 

Oaernezailo, 9in, A amall bora; paring^ 

Oo^rno, Ml. Hon; feeler, the antenna of 
inaeota. (Low) An inteijection. Y.Cds- 
fita* 8kk Cuemo ds derta, HartV 
Dorn. Obradou^mc,(V<art)lloTD-yroTk\ 
cornet, a musical Instnimont. L&vamtar 
or mibir d wno sobre los ou^rtiM de la 
luna^ To exalt one to the stars. F«rM 
0» 2m overmw <M foro, To be In the most 
inuninent danger. Pon^ lot owenuM^ 
To cnckold. 

Ca^ 9m. Pelt» the skin of a& animal; 
leather; bide, skin; a leathern bag to 
canywinooroil; toper. Cuerodetwla, 
Sole-leather. (TiMTMa/iM/o.Baw hides, 
undressed bides. XsUrar M cuero^ To 
make the meet of any thing. Bn eueroa^ 
Stark-naked. Enir^ cnero y eam^ Be- 
tween skin and flesh. OcMm^Hangtogs 
of gilded or painted leather. Omro €tt^ 
rior^ Caticle. Cu&ro interior^ Skin. 

Cuerpeoioo, Ulo, ito, Caerpezadlo, 6m, A 
small body or carcass. 

On^rpOiffTKBody; trunk; corpse; matter; 
corporation, gaild; any solid figure; floor 
or story in a ouildlng. Dos mil cu&rpos 
de UbroSy Two thousand volumes; the 
whole ot a book; size; strength; a col- 
lective mass. Cuerpo ds ^fercUo, The 
main body of an army. Cuerpo do ro- 
MTvOw A corps of reserve, uuorpo do 
hataUa ds tma soeuadra, The centre 
division of a fleet Ouorpo dol cabro- 
oUhUo, Barrel of a capstan. Ouorpo d 
ouorpoy Hand to hand. A' ouorpo doo' 
ottbiortOy Without cover or shelter ; man- 
iftetlv. Sn ouorpo do eamioOy Having 
nothing on but the shirt Coh ol rey on 
«/otMrpo,DeBpotica]ly. Ouorpodoguar' 
cfio, A guard-room. Tratiarccmo ouorpo 
do roy^ To feast like a king. Uaoor ad 
ouorpo^ To go to stooL Tomar ouorpo^ 
To inereose, enlaroe. JSn ouorpo y on 
akna, Totally, wholly. Sttar do ouorpo 
prooonto^ To be actually present; also, to 
lie in state after death. Mioa do ouorpo 
proeontOy A mass sold while the corpse of 
the dec<»ued is present in the church. 
when one has a mind to. 

Co^rva, ^. (Orn.) Crow. 

Cnervedoo, illo, ito, sf»k dim, A little rook. 

Cudrvo, am. (OrnO Baven, ^^'^TI} '^^^ ^^ 
oroo marino^ Cormorant Vontr ol eu- 
ercOy To receive repeated reliefer succor. 

Cn6sco, am. Kernel of pulpvlhdt; oil mill- 
t>tone; wind ttom behind. [of flruit 

Cnesqnillo, om. dim, A small kerael or stone 

Cum^ if. Hill; mount: eloping ground; 

Juest, money collected by begging ; coast 
r ouoata aibajo.'to go down hllL Ir 
ouoata anriba. To go up bilL Ouoata 
arribOy Painfhlly; with great difficulty. 
A' ouokaty On one*s shoulders or back; 
to one'to charge or care. AlpHlaouottOy 
At the beginning. 
Cnestecfca, ma, ita, Cueetezu6)a, ^f. dim. A 
*1 hill ; a gradual slope, dcdlvity. 


Guests, am. One who collects doM m 

Cuesti^n, if. Question, inquhry; dis|Nit^ 
quarrel, riot; problem. Oaekiondoior' 
montOy (Law) Torture. [caL 

OuestioniU)le, a. Questionable, probl^uati- 

Ouestioniir, i>a. To question, dispute. 

Ouestionirlo, am. Collection of questions. 

Cuest<ir, am. Queetor; mendioant. 

Onestivio, ria, a, Y. Ouo&tuoao, 

One6tu6so, sa, a. Lucrative, productive. 

Cuest6ra, if Qneatorship, office of a queetoi. 

OnetdUe, am. (Orn.) A large Indian bird. 

Gu6va, a/. Gav^ grot; cellar. 

Cu6vano, am, V. Ouibano. 

Ooev6ro, am. Gave or grotto maker. 

Guteo, Sfiu Hod Ibr mortar. (Little us.) 
Farrago; bodge-podge. [lark. 

rnticU, if (Orn.) Common field-lark, sky- 
aia, ^OowL V. OoffuUa. 
la, ^ A young lady who takes care of a 
younger one. 

Cnidadfco, iUo, Ito, am. dim, A little care, 
tenderness; love allkir. 

Onidido, am. Care, soMcltnde, attention ;- 
caution, fear, apprehension, anxiety; ac- 
curacy; keepti^, <*4Stody, charge; regard, 
concernment, mtidftalness. JMardoou- 
idado. To be very Hl-^niorJ. Ouidado / 
Mind! stopl beware I [person. 

Ouidad^r, am. One too carelhl; thougiitM 

Guiadosamdnte, ad. Careftilly, attentively. 

Guidaddeo, sa, a. Gareftal, solicitous ; vigi- 
lant, mindf\iL rafter. 

Cuiddr, vo. To heed, core ; keep, mlno^ look 

Guita, if Care, griet affliction ; earnest de- 
sire. ConUxr aua ouitaoy To tell one> 

Cuitadamdnte, ad. Slothfhlly, affliotedly. 

Cnttadico, ica, illo, ilia, ito, ita, a. diKK 
Timid; afflicted or troubled, pantmona. 

GuitMo, da, a. Anxion^ wretched ; pusil- 

Onit6so. sa, a. Urgent pressing. 

G6}a, if Bag-cover ; the thigh. 

Cq^irda, ^(Bot) V. CaroniUa do f ratio. 

Owe, sm. Withe. Hoop-poles. 

Oul&da, ^ Stroke with tf^ backside of any 
thing; Ikll on ono^ seat-^ Shocks and 
rollings of a ship. 

CnlantrUlo, or Cnlantrlllo de Poso, am. 
(Bot) Maiden's hair. 

Cul&ntro, am. (Bot) Coriander. V. Oori* 
andro and Oilantro. 

Cul^ta, if. Breech of a gun, butt-end ; breeob- 
pln; the back part 2>ardooulaia,T9 

CulatAxo, am. BecoO of a gun or musket 

Gnl&zo. em. auf^m, A large backside. 

Onleusido, am. Botch-work. 

Gnldbra, «/: Snake; trick, ioke. Y.OuUbra- 
00, StQl-worm: cunning woman. Saba 
maa quo laa eulobraay He is very crafl> 
and cunning. [oners to new-oomers. 

OulebrAzo, am, "Whipping given by Jail prt» , 

Gulebreir, vn. To move like a anake; 

OuIebrUla, af Tetter, ring^worm; rooUiif^ 
stair of a loom ; fissure in a guft-boiraL 

Cnlebrina, if (MIL) Culvorin. 

Cul6bro. am. A male snake. 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 


OriAkr6n, mn. A large spake; a double- 
dealer, [dotbefli 

Oattta, ^ Stain of mine ta the swaddling- 

Onliroi, mn. Gloat; disease In birds. 

OUAro, ra, a. Slothftil, lazy. 

Colito, am. (Urn. A small breech or backside. 

GalniiferQ, ra, a. (Bot) Cnlmiferona. 

Calminaddo, sf. Cnlminatlon. 

ColmlnAr, vn. To culminate. 

O^o, mn. Breech, backside ; bottom, socket 
Oulo de mona^ Yttv luAy and ridiooloos 
thing: (hilo cU pouo^ Sough, ill-mended 
part in clothes^ [invBlid soldier. 

€m6B, sm. A large breech or backside; an 

C&lpa, ^. Fantt, offence, guilt 

COlpiMdid, 4< (Little us.) OulpabiUty. 

CuIpAblo, a. Oilpable; Umty. 

Oalpablemtete, ad. Culpably. 

Galpaci6a, ^, Crimination, reprehension. 

Oulpadam^te, ad. Culpably. 

OolpMo, da, & and a. Qnil^. [prosch. 

Culp^, ffo. To blame, accuse, condemn, ro- 

Oultamtote, ad. Neatly, genteelly; affect- 

CulteranSsmo, em. Sect of purists in the use 
of worda uid phrases. 

OulterAno, na, a. Purist with affectation. 

Onlerino, na, a, Belating to affooted purity 
of style. 

Cult^ro, 9m. Purist with offbotatlon. 

CnitiparUr, ^a. To speak with affected ele- 
gance, [gonco. 

Gultiparnsta, a. Speaking with affected ele- 

GultiTible, a. (Little us.) Cultivable. 

ColtlTad^n, ^ CultiTStion, culture^ 

Cultiraddr, am. Cultivator ; kind of plough. 

Caltirir, va. To cultivate, Ikrm, husband ; 
l»e8erve, keep. [culture of the mind. 

Cutkvo, WK unltlvaaon; Improvement; 

C^ilto, ta, a. Pure, olegsnt; airectedly ele- 
gant; polished, enlightened.— «1Y. Gul- 

Culto, «mv Bespect to a person, as a teetl- 
mony of worth; worship, adoration, re- 
Ikrioas act of reverence. (htUodedulia^ 
Worship to ao«els and saints. Culto de 
hiperdxMa^ worship of the Virgin Mary. 
(^tUo de kOria, Adoration to God alone. 
OuUo dMno^ Public worship. CuUo as- 
Umo^ External demonstrations of wor- 
ship to Ood. &Q. 0uUoind4bido,lXit^ 
worahip. Culto mgrado 6 rdigioso^ 
Worship to God. CuUo mtpar^/hiOy Wor- 
ship by means of vain thinga Culto 9u- 
Mratfoioeo, Improper worship. 

Ooltro, am. (Prov.) Pk>ngh for the first fal- 
low^don^iiag. [ganoe of style. 

Calt6ra, ^ Culture, Improvement^ ele- 

Culture, «aw (Prov.) To cultivate. Y.Cui- 

06mbo, c^ y. Combo,. 

Oorab^ am. Negro dance and tunc 

C6mbre,Cumbrera,4<Top,6uinmK, height 
l/ikvor; apex. 

-j^^de^oflk am Blrtn-day. 

.Wt?<ijun6nte, ad. Completely. 
' jKr'da, », ra, fl. That which must be 

*^2*r, ra. A?uluble. 

i^Tca. To b& a. Large, plentifhl, high. 
kSriLna,AN<»f«np/<(toiAftiIlccat Una 


eomtida cwnplida, A plentifbl dinner 
talented, fliuluess; polished, polite, civil, 

Cumplido, am. Compliment [missloiL 

Cumplid6r, am^ One who executes a oom- 

Cumplhnentdr, va. To compliment, con- 

CumpUment6ro, ra, a. and a. (ColL) Full oi 
compliments; oomplimental, oomplal- 
sant; compltmontary. 

Cumplimi6nto, am. Act of paying a compli- 
ment oompbdsanoe, civility ; compUmeD t 
completion, ftalfllling. Ai eumplimUnta 
del Uempo^ or ddw,aao^ At the expire 
tion of the time, ifo ae anda V. an oum 
pUmientoa, Do not stand upon compU 

Cumplir, va. To execute, discharge, or per 
form one's duty; provide; humor, satis- 
tyi acquit keep one's promise. Cumplir 
anoa or diaa^ To reach one's birth-day. 
CumpUrpor otro.lo do in the name 01 
another.— ^tm., To be fit or convenient; 
Buflice. El pUmo ae ha oumpUdOt The 
time has expired. 

Cumuladdr, am. Y. Aoumulador. [lar. 

Gumuldr, f>a. To accumuUte. Y. Aeumu' 

CumuloUvam^nte, ad. In heaps. 

Cumulative, va, a. (Little us.) Cumulative. 

Cumulo, am. Heap, pile ; throng of busi- 
ness; trouble and difficulties. 

Cuna, if. Cradle. Cuna de f>lentOt Swing- 
ing cradle; foundling-hospital; the na- 
tive oQuntiy: funily, lineage; ori^n. 

Cundido,' am. The provision of oiL vin^ar, 
and salt given to shepherds; honey or 
cheese given to boys with their bread. 

Cundir, fHR. (Oba) To occupy, fiU. — vn. To 
spread; yield abundantly ; grow; propa 

CunetflSrtne. a. Cuneiform, wedge-shape. 

Cun^ 4/t Bocker, a woman appointed to 
rock the Inihntaa. 

Cun^ro, ra. «. (Prov.) A foundling. 

CunSta, af. A small trench to drain the 

C&fta, ^ Wedge. Cuflaa de mango, (Nan.) 
Horainff-irraa. Cufiaa de loa maateleroa^ 
Fids or the top-masta. Cwiaa de laa 
vaaadaa, Blocks of a ship's cradle. (7m- 
iUia depunteria, Gun-quoin& 

Cufiaderia, ^ Compatemitv, relation be- 
tween a parent and god-parent; god- 
fkther to a child. Qty. 

Cufiadia, af. Cufiadio. am. Kindred by aJBn- 

Cufiado, da, a A brother or sister-in-Uw. 

Cufi6te, atn. Keg, firkin. 

Cdfio, am. Die for coining; mark of quality 
P^t on silver or gold. 

Cup6, am. Landau ^carriage) ; coup6 (step;. 

Cupido, am^ Bit of steel taken out of the 
eye of a needla [bow arch-wise. 

Cupit^ Tirar de eupitel. To throw a 

Cupro^no, nS, a. (Poet) Belonging to the 

C6puU, ^ Cupola, dome. [anothet 

Cupulino, am. Xantem, a aniall cupola upoa 

CuqutllSro, am. (Prov^ Baker's boy. 

CuqulUo, am. (Om.) Cuckoo. Y. CuolWa 
Insect which consumes the vineat 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


06ni| wi. Ftfteh prlMt, rector, parson ; any 
dantTman, prtost, or parson.— </ Core, 
hoaUng; parsonage. Lo9 <Ur«cho9 de 
ewrOf The does or fees of a parish priest 

Cnrible, a. Curable, healablA. 

Ovad6ii, 4< Cora, haalinc. 

OnradilkiL «m. (Prov.) Codfish ; ling-flsh. 

CorMo, da, a BectoriaL belonging to the 
rector of a parish. Ben^clo ourado^ 
Core of souls, annexed to a benefice.— Ow 
Cured, strengthened, restored to health. 

Cm«d6r, «. Oreneer, carer. Ourador ds 
Heiaa, Bleacher of linen. Ourador da 
baoaktOf Cod-Mlter; guardian; physi- 
cian; administrator. Oitradoradoima, 
Curator of a minor^B estate. [dian. 

Curaddra, f< Ouardianees, a female gnar- 

Coradoria, iff. (Prov.) V. Owradw'uk 

Cnradnria, ^. Guardianship. 

CoHUle, 9m, Physio administerod to a hawk. 

OurandMo, am. Quack, medicaster. 

Cnhu-, va. and «i^ To cure, heal, restore to 
health; prescribe; salt^ cure, preserve; 
bleach linen, At. ; season timber : reoov 
erlh)m sickness; remodv an evil Ou- 
rar«e en Mktdi To guard against evil 

Coratila, ^ (Iaw) Y. Ouraduria, 

Ourativo, va, ck Curative. 

Cnrito, am. Rectory, parsonage; parish. 
Ottrato antifOt A small parish annexed 
to another. [sloffer. 

Curcuma, «/ Turmeric, a root resembling 

CnrMa, if. Oun-carrlage ; stav of a cross- 
bow. A' tmreHa rata^ Without parapet 
or breast-work; without shelter or do- 
lisnoe. TUxtr d ourafia rata, To fire at 

Curieca, ^ Shear-wool 

C6ria, «< An ecclesiastical court; care and 

CnriAl, a. Beladng to the Boman ottria. 

Cnriil, WK. A member of the Roman ouria ; 
subaltern employee in the tribunals of 
justice; voter in the ancient Spanish 
•ortesy [obipa. 

CuriAna, tf. Kind of black ^j.—fi. wood 

Curiosamente, ad. Curiously: neatly, clean- 
ly, [neatness; rarity. 

Ouriosidid, ^ Curioalty, inquisltiveneaa; 

Curidso, sa, a« Onrlous, inquisitive; neat, 
dean; handsome; careftd; odd; ftmny. 

C6rO| am. A small vessel on the Oaronne. 

Cnrruca, ^, (Cm.) Linnet, babbling war- 
bler, (flutter. 

CurmtAca, i/i A woman fbnd of show and 

Curmtico, am. Bean, ibp^ dandy, coxcomb. 

Ourrutico, ea, a. Affectedly nice in dress. 

Ourrutaqueria, ^f. Dandyism, coxcombry. 

Cnrs&do, da, & Accustomed, habituated, 

Cun^ate, jM. Frequenting; one who hears 
lectures in a university ; student, scholar. 

Cnrsto, va. To frequent a place; follow a 
courae of laotnrea in the aniversitiea. 

Cursillo, am. dim. A short run or walk ; a 
ahort course of leoturea. [In printing: 

Ourilvo, va, a. Belating to aeript characters 

Ourso, am. Course, direction, career; course 
of iectaresL— ^ Loosaccca of the body. 
Our§^ de la corrimU, (Nau.) The cur- 


rent's way. Ourto ds la moriM^ Tte 

tide's way. 
Curadr, am. Messenger of a court <^Jnatifla 
Curtacidn, ^ (Astr.) Cnrtation. 
Curtido, da, a. Accustomed; dexteroaa 

weather-beaten, tanned. 
Curtiddr, 9m, Tanner, currier. 
CnrtidoB, im. pL Tanned leather. 
Curtiduria, ^. Tan-yard. 
CurtimitotfCamk Tanning. 
Curtir, vo. To tan leather.— «r. To brown 

by the sun ; inure to hardships, harden. 
C6rto, ta, & (Prov.) Short OabaJUocurto 

Sbort-tailea horae. 
Cornea, Car^a, tf. (Om.) Eagle-owl 
Cur&l a. Curnle, belongug to a senatonn 

C6rva, 9f. A curve. (Nan.) Knee-timber 
Owrf>a cuadrada^ Square knee. 

Curvat6n, 9m. Small knee-timber. Hon 

Cnrvat6ra, Curvidid, ^f. Curvature, Infiex 

CnrvUineo, nea, a. (QeooL) Curvilinear. 

Ciirvo, va, a. Curved, crooked, bent 

Cnsc6ta or Cnsc(itA europ^ ^ (Bot) Com- 
mon dodder. 

Cusir, va. To sew or sdtoh clumsily. 

C6spide, ^ Cnq>ia, the sharp end of a thing. 

Cust6dia, ^f. Custody, keeping; guard; tab- 
ernacle; reliquary in R. C churches. 

Custodier, va, V. Guardar. 

Cu8t6dlo, am. Guard, keeper, watchman. 
^n^«{ ciwtodio. Guardian angol 

Cut4neo, nea, a. CntaneouSw [a aloop. 

C6ter, 9m. Cutter, « sorull vessel ngged as 

Cuticula, ^ The cuticle. 

Cutionl&r, <m, Outicuiar. V. Cui&tuo. 

Cntir, ML To knock one thing against an- 

C6tia, 9m, and/ Cuticle, the skin. 

Cutd, am. Dirk. 

C&tre, am. A pitiftil, miserable fellow. 

Cuyo, ya, pron.po9. Of which, of whom, 
whoee, wnereoc [heart 

C6yo, 9m. Gallant, lover, wooer, sweet- 

Cnz, Cut, 9m, A term for adling doga. 


D has the same unvaried sound it has in 
English in the words dad^ded4cat9,JUL 
did ; D. contraction for Ikm, i>0Ma, and 
Doctor; DD. doctors. 

Dible, a. Eaay, possible, ftasible. 

Dabdvis, V^ Sort of cotton atnfll 

Dikca, ad. (Obs.) This here, this dde, oti 
this aide nere^ Daoa or <2a acd^ Frooi 

Diica, «. d^. Give here. Daca acA, Ghrt 
hither. Sn daca 9909 pa^a*^ Inatriea 
IkMi^ or da ao&^ or damkd acA^ Give me 
bere^ [Hvery. 

Dad6n, 4/! (Law) Dedltlon, giving up ; ^^ 

Dictllo, 9m, Dac^l, a poetic loot; j^'uiak^* 



Dactijo;6gla,?;!pactylolo«y,c<hn; rookW 
DacUloI6mi% ^. l^^\wtXD^^^J^^^J 

with the fln^^rs. 

WKO ue nngers. An 

Daddro, ra. a. What shonlg 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


fHdlvtt, f< Oift, present, grant, keepsake. 

I)adlT08am6nte, ad. Liberally, boontlfhlly. 

DadlToaldid, 4^ Liberality, magnlflconce, 
nonnty. [libera]. 

Dadlroeo, ao, a. BonntlAiI, roagnlfioent, 

'Jido, am. Die— p^ Dice. A' una vueUa 
tU dado^ At the cast of a die. Dado de 
la roldana^ (Naa) Coak of a abeare. 
Dadoi, GaBe-uiotforgan& Dado^ (Nan.) 
Tablittga [a bill of exchange. 

fladdr, hla God; donor, giver; drawer of 

IMga, c^ Dasger; ftimace of a brick-kiln. 

Dagnllia, tf. Small dagger: stiletto. 

Ouik, ^ Mistress, oonctxblne. 

IMla, %t Pnnip-dale of a ship. 

D&lei, fnterj. Hold 1 a word of disoleasnre. 

Da]lad6r, %m, (Pror.) A mower of grass. 

Dall4r, «i. (Pror.) To mow. 

Dine, mn. Scythe. [in the R. G. chnrcb. 

Dalmitfca. «: Dalmatic, deacon's Testment 

DAma, ff. Lady; damsel; lady conrted by 
a gentleman; a mistress; queen, in 
drangbts. Duma de palacio^ Lady of 
honor. Dama corleecma^ Courtesan. J9f 
smty dama. She is excessively nice; 
American fallow deer ; game of draughtSL 
Soplar la danut. To supplant another 
and marry the lady. Primera dama, 
First actress; Spanish dance. [oeno. 

Damaotoo, na. Damasc^no, na, a. Y. Ama- 

Dami^iiiba, ^ Dem^ohn. 

Damaadnio, am. Y. AlUma. 

Damaso6na, ^ Damson plum ; damascene. 

Damaseido, da, a. Y. Aaamatcado. 

DamAsco, mk Damask Brussels apricot; 

, f^ Snk stntr resembling damask. 
DamaBqu6ta, ^ Sort of chintz with gold 

sprigSL [damask. 

Damasquillo, am. Kind of cloth resembling 
Damaaqnino, na, a. Damaskeened. A' la 

damampiifut, Damascos ftshion. 
Damiba, ^f. ^Low) A fine portly woman. 
Daraeria, ^ Excessive nicety, prudery; 

affected scrupulosity. [of pleasure. 

Damis^la, f^. A young gentlewoman ; lady 
Damnificad6r, ra, & One who damnifies. 
Damnifiedr, «a. To hurt, damage, injure. 
Danchido, da, a. (Her.) Dentate, indented. 

Dinte, jxt. Giving; jftver. 
D&iza, 9f. Dancei Meter en la danea, To 
involve another in some afikir. For 
dvnde «a la da^uaf "Wblcb way does 
the wind blow? 
Danzad6r, ra, «. Dancer. 
Danzdnte, ta, a. Dancer; a knowing person ; 
a fickle, airy person, ffablar danBonte^ 
To stammer. 
1 nd. 




IntML, •/'•• *" — »» • 


Dafiosam^nte, ad, HnrdtaUy miauMtmmt 
ly, barmftdiy. [owl 

Dafidso, sa, a. HnrtftaL ii^urljua, miaohlev 
Dar, va. and n. To give, beetow; sopply; 
deliver, confer; hit, strike, beat, knock , 
impart, extend, communicate; suppoee 
erroneously. Dar ds qfot^ To flUI into 
an error; consider as conolnded; allow, 
grant, coincide in opinion; persist obstJ 
nately in doing a thing; appoint; ucrl 
flee; explain, elnotdate. Dar eotOra^ 
To hit against i>ar orMi^ To accred- 
it, believe; trast Dar omenta def To 
aooonnt J>arde corner^ To feed. Dar 
ti testo^ To give the authori^. Dar 
dado or de halde^ To give for nothing 
Dar en el Manob, dar en el kito. To hi 
the mark. Dar en rottro^ To reproach 
for. Darjlado, To give credit Dar 
g-ue haceTy To give tronble. Dar lieen- 
dOy To give leave. Dar memerias. To 
give one's respects. Dar da €Jo«^ To 
meet with an unforeseen obstacle. Dar 
raton^ To inform, give aa account o£ 
Darprutado, To lend. Dar d trompwi 
or A hulto. To elve in the lump or buUc 
Dar que reir^ To set a laughing. Dew 
que Uorar^ To afford canse for crying. 
Mi ftentana da al eampo, "hij window 
overlooks the fleld. Dar Jxurro d la 
manoy To famish materialsi Dar cvia- 
dae, (Nan.) To strike repeatedly. Dar 
tftf^roaCa, To run aground. Daraltraete^ 
To give up a thing; loses destroy. Dar 
golpe, To strike the mind, astonish. Dar 
ffarrote, To strangle. Dar qrima. To 
aCHke with horror. i>ar toryoa, To pro- 
long an afEair. Dar gana^ To excite a 
des&e, have a mind to. Darpunto, To 
fail, become insolvent Dar que senUr, 
To hurt one's foelingai Dar que dedr. 
To give occasion to cenaore. Dar <f« 
baratOy To allow for peace' sake. Darte 
djugar^ To be addicted to game. Dar 
en oara, To stare in the fhce, reproach. 
DarfuegOy To bream a ship. Dar calda^ 
To heat the iron. Dar ealle, To clear 
the way. Dar con la entretenida. To 
put off with words and excuses. Dar 
cony To meet Dar de eomer al dtablo^ 
To wrangle. Dar de s^ To stretch. 
Dar d nombre or el ionto, (Mil.) To give 
the watch-word. Dar e< si, To consent 
to marry a person. Dar en lae tnatadH' 
rat. To touch one to the quick. Dar en 
monkra. To be foolish. Darenunbc^ia^ 
To strike aground, get on shore. Dar 
Jlador orjlafiea, To find bail, give secu- 
rity. Dar el MjAriit*, To expire. Dar 
gaerra. To wage war; torment Dar 
Af^o, To miss fire. Dartaenhorabuena, 
To congratulate. Dar la pae^ To make 
peace. Dar lot diat. To congratulate 
one on faia birth-day. Dar lot buenet 
dias. To wish good-day. Darmmdrm' 
^of». To get up early. Darmalrato, To 
give uneasiness. Dar parte^ To sfacra 
with; inform. Dar reoadoe. To greet 
absent friends. 2>ar sefkrf, To give earn- 
est money. Dar tras utMf To ncrseeata 


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«M. Jkww^ratpadiUod^tnlxM To 
MTipe the bottom of a ship slightly. 
Dar «ai, To gire one his torn. Dor w- 
CM^ To 07 out or so^un. Darvuelood 
iM oooA«iTo OTerset * oosoh. Dar no- 
patetaa^ To leap with joy. Dar ffoipe 
alguna coaa^ To be surprised or struck 

. with the beauty or rarity of a thing. 
Dar baya^ To tease. Dar dimUs eon 
dimU, To shirer with eold. Di donde 
dUre^ Inconsiderately, without reAeo- 
I'on. Dar ds mono. To depredate or 
dMpise. Dar d kie, To be deliyered of 
a child ; print, publish. Andar ef» dares 
y tomarig. To dispute, contend. 

Dirso, «r. To eonlbrm to the will of an- 
other; jire one's self up to virtue or 
vice. Darte d la vela, To set sail. 
Dar9e d mereed, To surrender at dis- 
cretion : oonoem, interest JfoMmeda 
nada, It gives me no concern. Daree 
4e la$ aetaa. To batter one's brains, screw 
one^swlts; dispute or argue pertinadeus- 
ly. Darte dperros. To become enraged 
or fhrious. Daree al diarUre^iOollyTo 
despair. Daree par v&noido. To surren- 
der. Me doy por veneldo^ I give it up. 
Daree ku marioe, To shake lianas. 
2^(Mis0 ma/la, To contrive. Dareeprieta, 
To make hssto, hasten. Da^ne tuna panr 
uadoy To be (ied to satietv. Dorse imux 
mtelta. To scrutinize one s own conduct 
Dane «m repeloti. To gossip, diat 

DardabasI, em. {On,} Hawk, kite. 

Dardida, ^. Blow with a dart 

IMbrdo, sm. Dart; serpent which darts upon 
its prey ; a kind of harpoon. * 

DargadandSta, f< Ntdcname of any poor, 
impudent, young girl. [ing ships. 

D^rsena, t< Flaoe for laying up and repair- 

Dita, 4/: Date ; item ; oondTUon. De mala 
data. In a bad state. 

Datir, to. and «i. To date; reckon. 

Datsria, $f. Datnry, an oflloe at Rome. 

Datbio, em. The pHndpal ofllcer of the 

D&til, mn. Date, the fk'oit of the date-pslm. 
DaUl de rapota, The fruit of the dwarf 

DattlMo, da, a, Besombling a date. 

DatiliUo, «fik dim. A small date. 

Dativo, enu Dative, the third case of nouns. 

Dito, em. Datum, a truth granted and ad- 
mitted. Datoe^DuXn. 

Diueo, em. (Bot) Osrrot 

Diza, ^ (Hot} IJucem ; panlp-grass. 

De, prep. Ot, m>m, with, by, on, some, for, 
to; it points out the matter of which a 
thing Is made. Vaeo deplata.K silver 
cap. Deiniento, On purpoM. Demiedo, 
From fear. ITora de comer. Dinner- 
time. Z>tf<Ua,Byday. De aqui, Uenw. 
It gives enei^ to an expression. XI 
ladron del mozo. The rogue of a boy. It 
is used to denote wme, dcoi Oomio del 
peeoada, He ate some fish. Buenode 
eemer, Good to eat De Italde^ For 
noCblBg, pati& 

Dein, Ml. Dean. 

DeaaMo, Deaniigc^ em. Deaashlp. 

' DEC 

Deb^, ad. Beneath, below. Debt^ di 
mono. Underhand, privately. — prep. 
Under, below, depend^it 

Deb&te, em. Debate, altercation, dlBcnssioa 

Debatir, WL To debate, arg)ie, discuss, 
combat [war; oonqoest 

Debeladdn, ^/T Debellation, conquering in 

Debelir, to. To debellate, conquer. 

Deb^, sm. Obligstion, duty; debt 

Deb^, wk To owe ; be obliged ta Debs 
de S8tarfi*io, It must be cold. 

Debidam^Bte, ad. Justly; duly, exactly, 

Debi6nte,jKi. Owing; debtor. 

D^biL a. Feeble, w^k, debilitated, infhrm; 
frail; pusillanimous. 

DebUidAd, ^. DebUity, weakness, languor; 
feebleness ; pusiUailimity, fondness ; 

DebUitad6n, ^ Debilitation, extenuation. 

Defoilit&r, «a. To debilitate, weaken, ex- 
tenuate, [lamely. 

D^bihntote, ad. Weakly, foebly, foinUy, 

IMbito, em. Debt, duty, obligation, office, 
task. [skius. 

D^bo, em. Instrument used for scraping 

D^cada, ^ Decade, the number or sum <^ 
ten. [dencia, On the decline. 

Decad^ncia, ^ Decay, dediue. En deoa- 

Deoad6nte, pa. Decaying, declining. 

Decadr, vn. To decay, dedine; taxi to lee- 
ward. [sideSb 

Dec^gono, em. Decagon, a polygon of ten 

Decalmidnto, em. D^y, decline, weakness. 

Dec^ogo, sm. Decalogue, the ten oom- 
roandments. [the camp. 

Deoampam6nto, snk Decampment, shilting 

DecampAr, vn. To decamp. [munity. 

DecaoMo, em. Dignity of senior of any oom- 

Deoano, em. Senior of a community. 

Decaotaddo, f/T Decantation, pouring off. 

DecantAdo, a. Roasted, exalted. [oaot 

Decanter, vo. To cry up, exa^rate; de- 

Dooapltaoidn, «/. Deoapitatioo, beheadilng. 

Decapitiir, va. To decapitate, behead. 

Decasilabo, a. (Poet) llavlng ten syllables. 

DecastUo, em^ (Arch.) Decastyle, an assem- 
blage of tea pillars. 

Deoemvirito, em^ Decemvirate. 

Deoemviro, em. Decemvir. 

Dec6na. ^. Denary, collection often. 

Decenil, a, DeoenniaL 

Decenirio, ria, a. Decennary, ihe tenth 
bead of the rosary. [modesty. 

Deotoda, ^. Decency, propriety ; honesty, 

Deoend^, vn. V. Deeoender. 

Decendimitoto, em^ Y. Deteendimiento. 

Deo6nio, em, Bpaoe of ten yeara 

Deotoo, na, a. Tenth, ordinal of ten. 

Decentar, va. To commence the use of 
things; begin to lose that which had 
been preserved.— 'Vr. To i^juro the skin 
or body; be bed-ridden. .„ 

Deo6nts^ a. Decent lieooming, soltsp'^ ^^Is* 
«"«*"■• reasonable; modest-f »^ -^ 


comely. (Iron.] 
Decepddn, ^f. * ' 
Dooem^r, «<K ' 

. r**roi 

Deoentemtote, ad. l>eojr 


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^■crf^^ 9UK Decease, a nataral death. 

Deefaido, 9m. Sample, pattern, doiign, 
BUndard; example, modeL 

Dedble, a> Expressible. 

Daefd^nu, ^.pL (Coll) Eloquence. 

Decid^ro, ra, & What may be said without 

Beeidido, a. Proftased, devoted. 

Deddir, «a. ud vr. To decide, determine, 
neolTe, conclude. [Versifier. 

Dedddr, ra, t. Fluent speaker; it wit (Ob&) 

Deei&ite, »m. He who falls or deceasea. 

I>6eima, tK Stanza ol ten lines; tenth, 

Deetm^ a. Decimal ; belonging to tlthesi 
JKfnioe deofmalM, Tithe*rents. 

DMmuioTi6nft, ^ One of the registers of 
AQ organ. 

D^dmo, ma, a. Tenth, ordinal often. 

DMmocuirto, ta, cu Fourteenth. 

D6elmon6no, na, a. Nineteenth. 

Dteimotpiinto, tk, a. Fifteenth. 

D6dmo86ptimo, ma, a. Seventeenth. 

DMmoateto, ta, a Sixteenth. 

Dtehnot^rdo, ela, a. Thirteenth. 

Dedoch^no. na, a. Eighteenth; kind of 
doth. Y.JHmiochmo, 

Decir, va. To saj, tell, qyeak ; assure, per- 
suade; name; correqwnd; denote, mark; 
dedare upon oath. Deeir ds repenie, 
To make vefses off hand. Dedr bien^ 
To roeak fluently ; explain a thing well. 
D^atr U^€r€ta$^o pwrslst in an errone- 
cua opinion. iHgot I say; hark. Far 
m^ar deetry Mots proMrly speaking. 
Xi deeir ds Uu aerUe&, The opinion of 
the people. I>Mir de si, To affirm any 
thti^. I>ecir ds no^ To deny. J>ee(r 
por dsdr. To talk Ibr the sake of talking. 
I>04 d nU capote. I said in my sleeve. 
Dietr eu atreviao peruuitnisrUo or 9u 
dotor. To pop ttie quest iun. 

D^dr, 9nK A notable saying. Dsdirsa^ Idle 
talkffidse: -»-' 

Dedsldn, «/! »; 



Dedalvo, va, ». 

Deda6rio, rl i- 

dlng. J. 

Dedamadfa e, 



Dedaracldn, a- 

tion, exp t; 

overture, ] 

Declaradam^ r- 

edly. (piBii^^ mannest 

Deelarido, da, a and pp. Declared, ex- 

Deelaraddr, ra, «. Declarer, expositor, ex- 
plainer, expounder. 

-^lar&nte, 9m, Dechuw; a witness in the 
Q. of being examined. Juandedaranie^ 
-c^Jkativo person. 

/leelarav, vo. To declare, manifest; ex- 
poand, exfilaln. (Law.) To determine 
and decide ; dipoee upon oath.— itt. To 
declare one'ii oplBJon. [tory. 

Dec]arat6rio^ ria, a. Declantory, oxplana- 


— — — » 

Doclinible, a (Oram.) Declinable, variable 

Declinacl6n, ^. DocUnaUon, decay, Ikll, de 
dine; declension of noius. 

DeclinAnte, a. Declining; bending down. 

Dodin&r, vn. To decline, lean downward ; 
sink, decay, degenerate. Va declinando 
el dia, It Is near twilight— w. (Gram.) 
To decline ; challenge a judge, transfer a 
cause to another tribunal. 

Dedinat6ria, ^C Plea against the comp»> 

Declinat6rio, 9tn. Declinator; cUnomelar. 

Dedive, Declivio, 9m. Declivity, incllnatioiL 

DeoUvldid, ^ Declivity. 

Deoocci6n, ^ Decoction. 

D6ooracl6n, 9f. Decoration, ornament 

Decorad6r, 9m. (Little ua.) Decorator. 

Decorir. wt. To decorate; honor; exalt; 
learn by heart 

Dec5ro, 9m. Honor, reepeet; circumspec- 
tion, gravity; purity; deccnum, decency. 

Decorosam^nte, ad. Decently, decorously. 

DeeoT^so, sa, a. Decorous, decent 

Deoorticacidn, ^ Decortication, the act of 
stripping the bark. 

Decreed, vn. (Little us.) To decrease. 

Decrem^nto, 9m, Decrement, decrease, 
diminution. [noise. 

Decrepitaci6n, &/. Decrepitation, a crackling 

DecrepitAnte, pa. (Chem.) Decrepitant 

Decrebit&r, va. and n. To decrepitate; 
crackle when put over the fire. 

Decr^pito, ta, a. Decrepit, worn with age. 

Decrepit6d, «/ Decrepitude; old age. 

Deoretaci6n, sf. (Little us.) Determination, 

Decret&l, f< Decretal, letter or rescript of 
the pope. — a. Decretal. [decrees. 

Decretalista, 9m. Decretlst, expounder of 

Decreti^, va. To decree, determine, resolva 

Decret^, 9m. List of criminals; eollectioL 
of decrees. [the decretala 

Deoretista, em. DecretiBt, one who expounds 

Decr6to, 9m. Decree, decision, resolotlon ; 
ordtf, determination ; ordinance. Deere- 
to9 de cqfofUt Common decrees. fcial. 

Deoret6rio, ria, a. Decretonr, critical; Judi- 

Dec&bito. em. Particular flow of the hu« 
mors; lying down to rest 

Ddcuplo, pla, a. Decuple, tenfbld. 

Deotiria. 9/. Ten Soman soldiers under a 
decnrion; in the schools a class of tcL 
scholars under one monitor. [curia. 

Decuri&to, 9m. Students belonging ioAde- 

Decuri6n, 9m. Decorion, chief of ten ; stu- 
dent who has the xare of ten others. 
Deeurion de deourionUt A chief moni- 

DecArsas, ^ pL (Law) Arrears of rent 

Dec^rso, 9m. Oourse, suooeasion of move 
ment or time. 

Dedida, ^ A pinch of any thins. Dari 
uno vna deaada de miel^ To deceive. 

Ded41, 9m» Thimble; a very small drink* 

Dedalera, ^. (Bot) Fox-glovei 

Dedieadon, ^. Dedication; consecration 

Dedicate, pa. Dedicating, dedicator. 

Dedlvar va. To dedioaie, devote, consecrate 


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Dediait6rl% ^f. Dedioation, inaoriptlon of * 
book. [soonu 

I>cdlgnir, va, To disdain, daepise.— «r. To 
I>odiI «m. Tbomb-Atall of linen or leather. 
L*«dUlo, ito, Mn. dim. A little flngor. 
Z^ddo, 9m. Finger; toe; Anger's breadth, } 
af an inch ; hand of a clock or watch : a 
■mall bit Oanar d d€tlo\ To gain by 
laches. Mfeter lot d^ot^ To pump one. 
SenalatU eon el dedo. To point at an- 
other. I>edopidffar^ Thxanh. J>tdoSn>- 
<tt(}«, The index or fore-fioffer. DododA 
oorcmout Middle finger. Dedo OMular, 
The ring-finger. J^edo tn^Uqus^ The 
little finger. [quence. 

DednoclAn, ^. Deduction, origin, conse- 
Dedackblei a. (Little us.) Dedudble. in- 
ferable, [as a plea: subtract, deduct 
Dedncir, to. To deduce, infer; allege, offer 
DeductiTO, ra, a. (Little us.) Deduclve. 
DeActo, ad. In feet, actually. 
Defeloir, va, Y. D^fidear. 
Defeoc{6n, tf. Defection, apostasy ; revolt 
Defectible, a. Defectible, imperfect, defi- 
DefectiUo, tm. dim. Blight fenltor defect 
DelbotiTO, va, a. Defecuve, imperfect 
Def^to, sm. Defect, feult; natural imper- 


Definit^rio. wl Synod, chapter or aiMBi* 

biy of religfous orders: house or hidL 
Define, S97I. Boceasion of the moon. 
Deformacldn, ^. Deformation ; defedng. 
Deformad6r, mn. One who deforms or dia- 

Deform&r, va. To deform, disfigure, [ring. 
Deformat6rio. ria, a, Deforminie, disflgu- 
Deforme, a. Deformed, disfigureo, ugly. 
Defermem6nte, odL Deformedly. 
DefermidAd, ^ Deformity, hideoosness; 

gross error. [ceit 

Defraudaddn, ^. Defirandation, fraud, de- 
Defhiudad6r, 9m. Defirauder, defeultor. 
Defrand&r, va. To deflraud ; cheat, trick ; 

intercept the light of the sun; spoil tho 


Defensdrio, sifk Defence, an apologetic wri- 
ting; a memoir, a manifesto. 

Defer^nda, t< Deference, eomplaisanee, 
oondesoension. [ent 

Defertote, a. Assenting, deferring; defer- 

Deferir, vn. To defer, yield.— «a. To com- 
municate, share in the power. 

Defici6nda, 9/. Deficiency, Imperfection. 

Defld^nte, a. Defective, feulty, deficient 

Deflnible, a. (LitUe us.) Definable, ascer- 

Doflnld6n, «/ Definition; decision, deter- 
mination.---^ Statutes of military orders. 

Deflnido, da, a. Definite. 

Definiddr, rnn, Definor; a member of the 
government of a religious order. 

Deflnir, va. To define, describe, ezphdn; 
dedde; finish. 

Definitivamtote, ad. Definitively. 

Deflttitivo, va, a. Definitive, determinate. 

Dofii6re, ad. Externally, outwardly. 
Defunddn, «/ (Prov.) Death; ftmeral. 
Def&nto, sm. Y. Df/unio. 
Degeneradon, «/ Degeneration, i ^ 
DegenerMo, da, a. Degenerate, degenerousL, 
DegenerAr, vn. To degenerate, grow wild; 

Deglud6n, ^ Deglutition, swallowing. 

DegoUad6n, ^ DeoolhUion. beheadhig. 

Deeolladdro, «yn. Throttle; slaughter-house* 
the scaffold; a place in tlie pit fertheei 
from the stage, with no seats. DeffoUa- 
dsro do bouaOt Cutpurse; a very dear 
shop or store. Usvar al dtgouadoro^ 
To put one in great danger. 
>egollad6r, 9m. Beadsman, executioner. 
>egolladfin, ^f. CutUng of the throat; in- 
terstice; aslope; slander part of balus* 

>egolli^, va. To behead; destroy, ruin; 
teaseu DogcUar d 9anqrka9y To debili- 
tate by excessive blood-Iettine. 
>egradad6u, f/T Degradation ; fell ; degen- 
eracy : diminution. no^B^* 
>egTadar, va. To degrade, lesson, plac« 
>egU6Uo, 9m, Decollation ; neck, narrow 
part ; destruction, ruin. Tirar d degikO' 
uo. To seek one's ruin. 
>eh68a, ^ Pastur»-ground. Dehooa oon- 
ea)iL (x>mmon, a pasture-ground, [ture. 
)ehesir, va. To turn arable land into pas- 
)ehea6ro, 9m. Keeper of a pasture-ground. 

Jddda, 9m. Deldde, crudflor of Christ 

Ddddlo, 9m, Deldde. murder of Ohrist 

Dddad, ^ Deity, divinity; goddess. 

Deifero, ra, 9. One who carries God in hU» 

Deiflcad6n, «/[ Deification. 

Deified, va. To deify, praise excessively. 

Deifico, a, Deifieal, making divine. 

Deifirme, a. Ddform, of godlike form. 

Delpara, 9f. Ddparoua, that brings forth a 
Ood ; appUed to the blessed Ylrgin. 

Deinno, m*. Deism. 

Deista, sm. Deist 

D^a, 4/! Prominence between two flasum 

D4ad6n. ^f. Aot of leaving, relinouisU^ 
or giving up; abdication, tmgq^k^*'-^ 
D^faeUm do M«i«s, Olviat up omI 
property to creditors. 


Dcjad^ «/ Slovenlinesi^ neglect, 

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MMo, da, cu Slovenly, idle, indolent; 
dqjwrted, low-spirited. 

D^femitoto, «n. Aot of leaving, relinquish- 
ing, or giving up; indolence, eareloes- 
tum\ Ungoor, decay of eplrits; abdica- 
tion, resliniation. 

IHIir, «& To leave, let, relinqalsh, quit; 
omit: permit; forsake; yield; conunit, 
give in cttarae ; nominate, appoint />e- 
Jor <2ioAo, To leave word or orders. De^ 
jar 6tcrUo, To leave in writing. J>^aie 
«M frniffo^ Let Iiim come ; to lay away. 
h^lfar atras. To excel, eorpaas. Dt^ 
«» oiMTot, To strip one of bis prepay. 
I>^arfrtteQ A alffuno. To fhi8&at& baf- 
fle. iMar para maflaiutf To delay, 
procrastuiata— vr. Kot to take care of 
one's self; to allow or soffer one's self 
to; become languid ; abandon one's self 
to. D^ofM Uewr, To soffer one's self 
to be led by another. D^arm caer 
abafo ppr tm Ho, (Nan.) To drop down 
a river. JD^rse caer d la popOt To 
lUl astern. JMcwe alffuna eowk e» tl 
UnUro, To omit something necessary to 
the sul^eet [Ing or drinking. 

IHjillo, 9m. din%. Blight taste loft after eat- 

D^ am. End, termination; negUgenoe, 
lazineas; reUah; resolt [anything. 

Ddo^, va. To extract the sobstsnoe of 

Del, Of the, a contraction of Ja ^ 

Deladdn, ^ Delation, aocnaation, impeach- 
ment: information. 

DrianUl, tm. Apron. 

Deliuite, aeU Forward, in (tont-^rep. 

^ in presence oC 

Delant6ra, ^ Front, fore end, tHe fore part ; 
front seats; fbre skirts; ftontiers; advan- 
tage: the lead. Ooger la delanUrOs To 
set the start of a person. Jr en la d&- 
Zon^M-Ot To bike tne lead. 

Delant^ ra, a. Forenoost, first [tilllon. 

Delant^ wt. The first, chle^ leader; po$- 

Ddatible, a. Accnsable, blamable. 

DelatAnte, pa. Informer, accuser. 

Delatitr, ma. To inform, aoouse, denounce, 

Delat6r, tm. Aeoaser, informer, denouncer. 

D61e, mn. (Print )I>ele, to be erased. 

Delectael6n, qf. Delectation, pleasure, de- 

Deleotir, wk To delight 

Delegad^n, •/. DelefpUton. substitution. 

Delegido, tm. Delegate, deputy, commis- 
sioner. feAtee. 

DeUgAnte, pa. Constituent, one that dele- 

DeleMT, «A To delegate, substitute. 

DddtabiiidAd, «/ Delectableness, dollght- 

DatdtAble, a. Delectable, dellghtAiL 
Deleitia>lemdnte, ad. Delighti^y. 
Deleltac!6n, ^f. Delectation, pleasure. 
Delaitamltoto, am. Delight, pleasure. 
De]«itinta,pa. Delighting. 
DeleitAr. «a. To delight, please.— «r. To 

hare deUght or pleasure in. 
Dsl^itCL am. Pleasure, delight, gratiflcaUon. 

I>MmU 9m$ual, The emotion of any hiw* 
, fclpleaaore; lust 
DeI«l£oMm6nte, ad. Delightftilly, pleasantly. 


Deleit6so, sn, a. Delightftii, agreeable* plea» 
ing. [terr 

Delet^reo, ea, Oi (Mod.) Deleterious, dela> 

Deletread6r, «m. Spoiler. 

Deletredr. t>a. To spell; explain, examine. 

Deleznible, a. Slippery, smooth ; AragUe. 

Deleznaddro, 9nu A slippery place. 

Deleznami^nto, »m. Act of slipping; 

Delezn&r, vtu To sUp, slide; do or spoak 

Dolfin, am. Dolphin; dauphin. 

DeUlna, ^. Dauphiness. 

Delf inio, am. (Bot) Larkspur. Tacntdly. 

Delgadam6nte, ad. Thinly, delieately; 

Delgad6z,4/: Thinness; acuteuess; leanncMS. 

Dolg^o, da, a. Thin, light : slender ; acute : 
short IfaiAo ds inuc/ios ddgadot^ A 
sharp-bottomed ship. 

Delff^o, wn. A strait place. Ddgadoa^ 
Flanks of anlmala. [resolution. 

Dellberaclon, ^. Deliberation, rellection, 

Dellberadam6nte, ad. Deliberately. 

Deliber^, vn. To consider, deliberate ; con- 
sult— -or. To have delight or pleasure in. 
—pa To deliberate. 

Deliberativo, va, a. Deliberativa 

Delibr&r, «a. To liberate. 

Delicadam^to, ad. Delicately. rnessi 

Delicad^^/T Delicacy; gentleness; fidnt* 

Delicad^f/CDelicateness; nicety; daint- 
iness; dexterity; fineness; perspicacity; 
curlodty. [beautind: arduoun 

Delicido, da, a. Delicate ; weak ; liiin ; nice; 

Delida, ^f. Delight comfort, satis&cUon. 

Delidosam^nte, ad. Dellciously, daintily. 

Delicl^ao, sa, a. Delicious, delightful, pleaa> 

Delicuesc^noia, ^ Deliquescence. 

Delicueso^nte, a. Deliquescent 

Delincu^nte, pck. Delinquent, ofTender. 

Delineaoi6n, ^ Delineation, draft, sketch. 

Delineam6nto, Delinoami^nto, rnn. Deline* 

DelineAr, wk To delineate, sketch ; describe. 

Delinquimi^to, am. Delinquency, fault, 

Delinqmr, «n. To transgress the law, olTond. 

Delint^, Delinterur, vo. Y. Ceder and TVoa- 

Deliquio. am. Swoon, a fhlnting-flt, ecstasy. 

Deliramento, am. Delirium. [ving, 

Dclir^te, pa. Delirious, light-headed ; ra- 

Delirdr, vn. To delirate, dote; rant, talk 

Delirio, tn. Delirium, dotage; rant 

Delito, mh. Transgression; ikult, crime, 

Delia, D^lo. Contractions of de eUa,d6 eUo, 
Of her, of it Delia con della, Recipro- 

Delfibro, tm. An Idol or its temple. 

Delusivo, va, a. Delusive, lUlaoious. 

Delua6r. am. Cheat impostor, deluder. 

Delusoriamtote, ad. Delusively deceitfUly 

Delnsdrio, ria, a. Deoeitfhl, &llacious. 

Demag6go, am. Demagogue. 

Dem4nda, 4^ Demand. Salirdlademanda^ 
To appear in one's own defence ; request ; 
charity-box. (Nau.) Look-out; intarvo 


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D«mand«d6ro, n, «. A semnt of* nannerT 
or a JaU. fonsM. 

DtnumdMo, da, «. The defendant, the ao- 

Demaodaddr, •m. One askinff charity to 
ptona uses; claimant, plainuff; one who 
aoliclts in maniwa. 

Demand&nte, pa. Claimant, complainant, 
plaintift [steal 

Demandir, «& To demand ; daim ; covet ; 

Demarcaci6n, ^. Demarcation. 

I>emarcad6r, rnn. Deeignator, sarTejor. 

Ddmarc&r, «a. To mark oat limlta, sorvej. 

Demie, <k Lo^ loa^ or las demoM^ The resL 
the others. JEwir cfMrnu^ To be over and 
abeve; n8elea& Por demote Useleself, 
in vain, to no purpose. [plooaneaa. 

Demuea, am. pL (Pror.) Abnnoanoe, co- 

Demasia, tf. Excees in price; ni\)ast claim ; 
OBelen expense; ardaous enterprise; ir- 
regolarity ; incivility ; abondauce, plenty. 
En denuma, Excessively. 

DemasIadamSnte, ad. Excessively; toa 

Demasi&do, da, a. Exceasivo: bold, daring. 

Demtsiiido, ad, Enongh, snfBdontly, ex- 

DemediAr, to. To snndor ; lose half its value. 

Domdncia, ^. Demency, madness, insanity. 

Dementir, va. To dement, render mad. 

Demdnte, a. Demented, mad, distracted. 
Insane. [tng. 

Dem^rlto. em. Demerit, ill desert; demerit- 

Demerit^rio, ria, a. Withont merit 

Demlis. «/ pi. (Volg.) Stockings: trowser& 

Demlsien, v- Sabmission, humility. 

D^mo, tm. (Prov.) Demon, evil spirit 

Democr&da, iff. Democracy. 

Dem6crata, am. Democrat 

DemocrAticam^nte, ad. Democratioally. 

DemocriUico, ca, a. DemocraticaL 

Demol6r, vo. To demolish; obliterate. 

Demolici6n, tf. Demolition. [demonian. 

Demoni&co, ca, a. Demoniacal, devilish; 

Demonicb6cbo, 9m, (Lomt) An ugly, hide- 
ous little deviL 

Dem6nio, 9m. Demon, lioniliu'. [devil 

Demofiu61o, sm. dim, A little demon or 

Dero6ra, Demorinza, f/C Delay, protraction ; 
demurrage. [To bear. 

DemorAr. vn. To remain, eontlnne. ^au.) 

Demoetrable, a. Demonstrable, manifesta- 
ble, [tensibly. 

DemoetrablemSnte, ad. Demonstrably, os- 

Demoetracidn, ^f. Demonstration* mani- 

Demaetrad6r, ra, «. Demonstrator. 

Demostr^, «& To demonstrate, prove, 

Demostratlvam^nte, ad. Demonstratively. 

Damostrativo, va, a. Demonstrative. 

Demudaci6n, it Change, alteration. 

DemudAr, «a. To alter, change. — or. To be 

Demulctote, a. and 9m. (Med.) Demulcent 

Den4nte, Den&ntes, ad, (Prov.) Y. A'ntst, 

Denirio, tm. A Soman small silver coin ; 
^i>ftimai- [her of ten. 

IHnAriot ria, a. Tenth, eontaining the nnm- 

D6nd«, ad. Hence, fh>m V. Dstde, 

Pendrita, Dendrite, a/ Dendrite. 

Oencgaoi6n, 9f. Denial, reftmaL 


DenegAr, «a. T6 deny, leftiae, denegitak 
Denegreo^r, va To blacken, darken. 
Denegrido, da, a. Blackened, denigrated, 
ea, a. Fastidious, over-nice, acm* 

ie.«ffk Fastidiousness; prudery; short 

Tell; influenza. 
Denguteo, ra, a. Prudish, affected. V. Den- 

go9o, \ss^^ok- 

Dentgraci6n, ^. Denigration, stigma, dia* 
Denigrir, «a. To blacken, calumniate, d*> 

»usiy, in^' 

Denod^o, da, a. Bold, Intrej^ audadoua 
Denominable, a, (Little usw) Denominable. 
Denominaci6n, rf. Denomination, [tively, 
Denominadamdnte, a<L Diatlnetly, defini- 
Denominad^, tm. Denominate, [name. 
Denominir. «& To denominate, give t 
Deoominativoi va, a. (Little usw) Draomi- 

nativcL [snltingly. 

Deno8tadam6nte, odL Ignominiously, in- 
Denoetad&r, 9m. Yilifier, raUler, revller. 
Denoet^, «a. To insult, revile, abuser 
Denotib'. «a. To denote, signifV ; explain. 
Denotativo, ya, a. Donotl^ denotative. 
Densam6nt& ad. Cloeely, densely. 
DensldAd, ^ Denaily, closeneas; obaonri^', 

D^nso, aa, a. Dense, thick ; close, compact 
DentiUio, da, a. Toothed, dentate; indented. 
DentadAra, sf. A set of teeth. 
Dentiil, am. Ploughshare-bed; wooden fork; 

instrument for extracting teeth; tooth- 

ahelL "^ 
Dentil, a. Dental 
Dentiir, va. and n. To tooth, fhmiah with 

teeth, indent; teeth. 
Dentdria, ^ (Bot) Tooth-wort 
Denteabrufio, Denteagr(iao, 9m, Oreat 

DenteciUo, 9m, dim, SnuOl tooth. 
Dentd^n, 9m, Ox-yoke. 
Denteliria, ^f, (Bot) Lead-wort 
DentellAda, «< Qnaabtng; nip; iropreeaion 

by the teeth. A' dmHeUaaas^ Bnam>ish- 

Iv, peevishly. Dor 6 aaeudir d&nieUa- 

009. To speak surlily and uncivilly. 
Dentell&do, da, a. Denticulated, dented ; bit 
Dentelliir, vn. To gnash, grind the teeth. 
DentelleAr, «ck To bite, fix the teeth in any 

thing. [Bnvidia. 

Dent^ «^ Tinging pain in the teeth. V. 
Dentecu^ em. dim. A little tootli. 
Dentiddn, ^f. Dentition, teething. 
DentioulAr, €k Denticulated, toothed. 
DentSrta, 9m, Dentist Iteelb. 

DentivAno, na, a. Having long and large 
Dent6n, na, a. Having huge uneven teeth. 
Dentin, 9m, Dental, a amaU ahell-flah. 
DentrArobos, profit Contraction of 2^ «»• 

Dentrifloo, 9m. and a. DenUfHoe. 
Ddntro, ad. Within. Dmatro <k, In, within. 
Dentfinoi, da, a> Having large uneven teotik 
DenuMo, 9m, Boldness, andtilouaojs^ 

DenutetOb ^"^ Alliront insult 

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DoBfiBoki, ^f, Denunciation; Information 
against anotherperson. [DdaiabU 

Deuattdible, a. Fit to bo denounced. Y. 

Denaociacldn, ^ Denanciation, denounce* 
ment [aoooser. 

Deannciaddr, mn. I>ennnc{ator, informer, 

Dennneiir, co. To adriae: denounce ; fore- 

rkenonclat^rlo, rla, a. Denunciatory. 

DenAncio, em. (Pro v.) V. DenuneuL 

Deogradas, «. A term used In saluting. 

D^iirAr, va. To offer, ftimish, preeent 

Drpi&rtamtoto, em. Department^ provinoe, 

Departtddr, em. Distributor, divider. 

Departimiteto, 9m. DiTision; difference 

Depntir, tw. To apeak, converse; contend. 

— CO. To dirioe; distingniah; ai^e; 

teach; mark out, impede, obstruct 
DepanpeWur, «a. To impoverish ; debilitate. 
Dependtoda, ^ Dependence; subordlna- 

a<m; rriation: bnatnesa. [on. 

Depender, «n. To depend; be dependent 
Dependldnte, p(K and «m<, A clerk, a de- 

mndent, subordinate ; depending ; client, 

Dependientemtote, ad. Dependentlr. 

Deplorible, a, Depl<M«ble^ lameatable, ea- 
lamitoua [ftaUy. 

Depiorablemtote, ad. Deplorably, mourn- 

Deplorir, ixi. To deplore, lament, bewail. 

Dnpon6nte, «. Deponent, a witness. 

Deiwndnte, a. Deponent 

Uepon^, va. To depose: make affidavit, 
eweer, affirm ; lav by; deposit 

Depopolad4ir, em. Depopulator, devastator. 

Deportael6n, tjf Deportation, transportation. 

Deportir, «a. To transport, exile, banish.— 
«r. To rest [time. 

Dep6rte, »m. Diversion, amusement pas- 

Deposiddn, 4^ Bemoving; deposition, as- 
sertion. [In trust 

Depoeitad6r, em. One who leaves anything 

Depoait&nte, pa. Depositor. [inter. 

Deixwitir. va. To deposit; give; indose; 

Depoeftarta, 9/. DeposHorv. [ceiver. 

Deposttibio, ria, «. Depositary; trustee, re- 

Dq>08it4rlo, riaJo. Relating to a depository. 

DepAsitOL em. I)epo8it, trust; depodtory. 
I>epdmto de ammaUn perdidos^ Pound. 

D^iravad^n, ^. Depravation, depravity. 

Depravadam^nte, aa. Depravedly. 

DqiravMo, da, a. Bad, depraved, lewd. 

Depraved^, em. Depraver, corrupter. 

popravi^, vo. To deprave, vitiate, corrupt 

l)eprecad6n, ^ Petition, prayer, depreca- 
tion, [cate. 

Oeprec^, vet To entreat. Implore, depre- 

Deprscativo, va, Deprecat6rlo, ria, a. JDe- 

D^rcddn, e/ Depreedon ; abasement 

Depree6r, em.. Depressor, oppressor. 

Deprtmir. va. To depress, bumble, sink. 

Depuradon, ^. Depuration, puriDcation. 

"" 'do^ da, a. Depurate deansed, purl- 


Dfporir, va. To depurate, deanse, purify. 
Depurat^rio, ria. a. Depuratory, purifying. 
C«piitAr, ra. V. JHpvtar. 


Dereo^ra, if. The straight way or road to • 

Derdcba, «/ Itisht hand, right side ; pack 

of hounds. A' derecheu or a Las d^r^has. 

Bight; well done; honestly. A' titerUiso 

d^rechaiL Right or wrong. No hacer 

cona d derecha*^ Not to do any thing 

right [mally 

Derocham^nte, a<2. Directly; rightly; for* 
Derech^ ^. The direct load. [taxett 

Derechero, em. Clerk appointed to collect 
Derech^xa, ^ RecUtude, integrity. 
Der6cho, cha, a. Right, straight Todo d^ 

recho. Straight-forward ; Just, reasonable. 

Dereoha la eafla, (Nau.) Right the helm. 
Der^cho, em. Right jostice ; a Just cUim ; 

tax, duty, custom ; due, fee. Segv/n de- 

recho^ According to law. 
Der^cho, ad. V. VereehamenU. 
Derechor^roira, a. Just and right, lawfbL 
Dereohu61o, I>erechu61oa, em. First seams 

taught to girls. 
Derecbfira, sf. Rectitude, right way; right 

Snd^rwhura^ By the most direct road. 
Derive. 9f. (Nan.) Ship's course. [clble. 
Derivable, a. (LitUe us.) Derivable, dedn- 
Derivaddn, t< Derivation; descent 
DerivAr, va^ To derive ; deduce,— w. (Nan.) 

To derive or deflect from the course.— 

vr. To derive, come fi-om. 
Derivativo, va, a. Derivative, [diminution. 
Derogad6n. ^f. Derogation; dcteri<iration, 
Derogado, da. a. Derogate, derogated. 
DerogAr, va. To derogate, abolish ; reform. 
Derogatdrio, ria, a. Derogatory, derogatlvet 
Derrabadtira. •/. The woimd made in dock 

ing tlie tail of an animal. 
Derrab&r, va. To dock tlie tall 
Derralgdr, va. V. Dssarraiffar. 
Derr&ma, »/ Assessment of a tax, dutv. 
Derramadam6nte, ad. ProAisely, lavishly ; 

Derramad6r, 9m. Prodigal, waster. 
Derraroamiento, em. l^BTtidon, WB<(te : dis- 
persion. DerramamietUo ae lagrimas^ 

Flood of tears. 
Derram&r, CO. To pour; leak; publish; 

epilL t>erramar doctrina, To diffuse a 

doctrine. — vr. To be scattered or q>read. 
Derrdme, em. Loss in measuring : leakage ; 

bevel of a wdl opening ; dedivity. 
Derrdmo, am. Prof^on ; the sloping of a 

wall opening. 
Derraspado, a. Beardless : applied to wheat 
Derreaor,e7n. Circumference, drcult; ronnd 

about En derredor^ Ronnd abont 
DerrenegAr, vn. To hate, detest, dislike 

DerrengAda, ^. (Prov^ Step In dancing. 
DerrengAdo, da, a. ucurvated, crooked 

DerrengAr, va. To sprain the hip; knook 

off fruit— m. (Low) To detest 
Derr6ngo, em. (Prov.) Stick with which 

fruits are knocked off 
Derrenidgo, irU. and em. (Coll.) V. Rwiega. 
DerretimUnto, em. Thaw, ftision ; violeoC 

Derretir, va. To liaueiV, melt; change 

consume. — vr. To be deeply In love. 


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DcrrlbAda, a. Hones baving the cronp 

rounder and lower than osnaL 
DerribAr, va. To demolish; fell; displace; 

ruin, — vr. To tnmble, throw one's self 

Denibo, 9m. Demolition ; mln& 
Derrocir, va. To precipitate tcom a rock; 

fell; rob one of his iortone or happinesa. 
Derrochad6r, etn. A prodigal, a si>endthrift. 
Derroch^, ixs. To dissipate, make way with. 
Derrdta, ^ Ship's course, the tack on which 

a ship saila. Derrata estitnctda^ Dead 

reckoning. 8«gvir en directa derrotOy 

To steer a straight course; road; defeat 

of an army; opening In hedges. 
DuToUkr, va. (Nan.) To cause to drive or 

lUl off; destroy health or fortune; defeat 

— vfk To arrive In a place in a ruined 

state. [lapidaUon. 

D«T6te, 9m. Defeat, rout, destruction ; di- 
Derrotdro. 9m. Collection of sea-charts; 

coast^piiot; ship's course. 
Derrublar, to. To break the bounds of a 

river: undermine. [water. 

Derr6blo, sm. The insensible overflow of 
Derruedkr, va» To unhorse: applied to a 

Dermir, va. To demolish, destroy, ruin. 
Dermmbadoro, 9m. Precipice; tfduous af- 

Demxmbami6nto, «m. Precipitation. 
Demunb^, va. To precipitate; emit rayb 

of light — vr. To precipitate one's self 
D^rvls, 9m. Denveesh, a muasulraan monk. 
Dw que, ad. Contraction of J)e9d9 91M, 

Since that 
DesabarrancAr, va. To drag, draw out of a 

ditch ; disentangle, extricate from. 
Desabasteo^, va. Not to supply a place with 

._.-__ [hive. 

I ft-om their 

t, illiterate; 


ess; a loose 

mt used by 

^ [JectioD. 
f taste; de- 
ss; dl^ust, 

▼•X. [vessel 

Desabordfirse, vr. To get clear from another 
Desaborido, da, a. Tasteless, Insipid. 
Desaboton&r, va. To unbutton.— im. To 

bloom, blossom. [Iv. 

Deaabridaradnte, ad. Bitterly, rudely, ha»n> 
Desabrido, da, a. Tasteless; sour; hard; 

bleak; disgusted. [shelter. 

Desabrtgadamdnte, ad. Nakedly; without 
Desabrigido, da, a. Uncovered ; shelterless; 

without support [of shelter. 

DesabrigAr, va. To uncover, strip; deprive 
Deeabrigo, mn. Nudity; want of shelter; 

Desabrtmi6nto, sttk Insipidity; sovoribr of 

Desabrir, va. To vex, plague, torment, harass. 


open.— ©r. To unbosom, reveal In coofl- 

Desacabal^r, va. To pilfer. Y. De9edbalat 

Deeacalordrae, vr. To take the fresh air; gt4 

Desacatadam^nte, ad. Dlsrespectfkilly. 

Desacat&do, da, c^ Acting in a dlsreepectfrii 
maimer. [spectful person. 

Deeacatad6r, ra, & An irreverent or disre- 

Desacatamiento, tm. Disrespect [fiuMb 

Desaoat&r, va. To treat dlsrespectftally ; pro- 

Desacito, 9m. Disrespect^ incivility; pro- 

Deaaceit&do, da, a. Destitute of sufficient olL 

Desacerb4r, va. To dulcorate, assuage, iiiitl- 

Desacertadam6nte, ad. Inconsiderately. 

Desacertiido, da!^ a. Inconsiderate, impra- 
dent, without reflection. 

Desacertdr, va. To err, commit a mistake. 

Desact6rto, 9m. Error, mistake, blunder. 

Desacobardir, va. To remove feai; inspire 
courage. [cultivate vines. 

Desacollor, vo. (Pro v.) To olg about vines, 

Desacomodadamtote, ad. Incommodiously. 

Desacomodido, da, a. Destitute; out of em- 
ployment [trouble. 

DeescomodamiSnto, 9m. Inconvenience, 

DesaoomodAr, va. To incommode ; turn out 
of place. — vr. To lose one's place. 

Deeacompafiamidnto, 9m. Want of company 
or society. [retire. 

DesacompaflAr, va. To leave the company, 

DesaconscyAdo, da, a. Inconsiderate, ill-ad- 

Desaoons^Ar, va. To dissuade, dehort 

Desaoordadam^to, ad. Inconsiderately, im- 

DesacordAdo, da, a. (Plot) Discordant 

DesaoordAr, va. To untune. — vr. To be Ibr- 
getftil; be at variance, disagree, [trary. 

Desao^rde, a. Discordant; opposite, con- 

DesaoorralAr, va. To let the flock out; ani- 
mate, encourage. 

DesaoostumbradamSnte, ad. Unusually. 

DesacoetnmbrAdo, da, Ck. Unusual, unacons- 
tomed. [custom. 

DeeacostnmbrAr, va. To disuse, lose the 

DesacotAr, va. To lav open a pasture-ground; 
withdraw a prohibition ; relinquish a con- 

Deaao6to. 9m. Withdrawing the prohibition. 

Desacreditar, va. To discredit; diseemble; 
disprtrA [feculties; disunion, error. 

Desacu^rdo, 9m. Deransementof the mental 

DesaderozAr, va. To undress, divest of orna- 

DesadeudAr, va. To pay one's debts. 

DeeadorAr, va. To cease to worship or lovei 

I>eeadormeo6r, va. To wake, rouse from 

DesadomAr, va. To divest of omamenia. 

De8ad6mo, 9m. Want of embelUshments. 

DessdvertidamAnte, ad. Inadvertently, in- 
considerately, [dent 

DesadvertSdo, da, a. Inconsiderate, impni- 

temper; despondency; the rebound of De6adT<nliml6nto, 9m. Want of prudence 

and reflection. [without Judgroeat 

Desadvertir. «a. To act Inconsiderately 

DesabrochAr, va. To unclasp; vnbntton; Deaafectacion,{^ (Little u&)Unaffoctedvesi 

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DeaalSctb, to, a. DinUfeoted. 

DesafiScto, «m. 131saffection, disaffectediiess. 

pesafeiUr, va. To dirty: make ugly. 

BesAferr&r, va. To nflftui the aaiis; looeon. 

DeMfiad^TO, •m. Daelling-groimd. 

Deeafladdr, «i}k A challenger, daelUst; darer. 

DeaafUr, va. To challenge; rival; deoom- 
pose; discharge. 

Desafid^n, ^ IHsaffeetlon. 

Desafloionilar, vet. To destroj one's deeire. 

Desaflj&r, va. To deny the filiation of a son. 

Deeaflnadamdnte, ad. Diasonantly, discord- 
antly, [nntime. 

Deeaflnir, va and «k To be out of tone; 

Deeafio, 9m. Challonffe, dael; contest 

Deeaforadam^nte, ooL Excessively, impn- 
dently. Tdent; cashiered. 

DesaforAdo, da, a. Hoge; disorderly; impa- 

l>e8afor&r, va. To encroach upon one's rights. 
(MIL) To cashier.— rr. To relinqaish oneTs 
rights; be oatrageons. (To unserve. 

1)e8«forrftr,«a.Totakeoffthe11nlng. (Nan.) 

DeeafortnnMo, da, a. Unlbrtanato, unlucky. 

Desafti^ am. Excess; outrage, open vio- 

Desagarr^,v& (Coll) To release; let loose. 

Deaagotdr. va. Y . Vemguar. 

DesagracUklo, da, a. Ungracofhl, inelegant 

Deaagraciir, «a. To disfigure, make ungraoe- 

Desagradible, a. Diaagroeable, unpleasant 

Desagradablem^nte, ad. Disagreeably. 

Desagradte, «a. To displease, ofliend. 

Desagradecur, va. To be ungrateftiL 

Defagradecidamtote, ad. Ungrateftilly. 

Desagradeddo, da, a. UngrateftiL 

Desagradedoiidnto, wm. Ingratitude. 

DeaagrMo, wn, A^>erity; discontent, dis- 

Dcsagraviamitoto, mn. Y. J>e9affravlo. 

Oesagraviir, va, To give satisfiMStion, relieve. 

Desagr&vlo, f^ B^ satislkctlon. 

Oeeagregir, va. To di^oin, separate. 

Oeeaguad^ro, tm. Channel, dndn; drain of 
money. [duit 

Oeesgnaddr, wk Water-pipe, channel or con- 

Oesaguiur, va. To drain, draw off water. — 
vn. To empty or flow into the sea. 

Dcfl<^ariT, va. To drain off the water. 

Deaigtie, 9m. Channel, drain ; extraordinary 

Desfl^nisido, da, a. Exorbitant; bold. 

Desaguis^o, «m. Offence, injury, wrong. 

DesabH^, va. To wean.— w. To swarm. 

DesahftirBe, vr. To relieve indigestion, un- 
load the stomach. 

Deaahogadam^te, ad. Freely, without em- 
barrassment: Impudentiv. 

Desshogido, da, a. Petulant, Impudent; 
free, unincumbered, ^au.) Haviiig sear 

De8fihogami6nto,«m.V.2>eMA4Mro. [room. 

PeeahogAr, va. To ease pain, allevlau dis- 
tress.— «r. To recover from ftt^;ue or dis- 
ease; disdose one^ grief; expostulate; 
Tent utter; extricate one's self from debt 

Desahdgo, am. Ease, alleviation ; freedom of 
qieecn, vent; laxity. 

DesahueiAdo, da, a. Given over, despaired at. 

Pesabud&r, va. To despair; give over; dls- 
inte; drive away cattle from a pastum. 


De9ah6clo, am. Dispoeeesaing the occnpaw 
and re-entering on the premises. 

DeeahumMo, da, a. Mild, fiided, vapid. 

Desahnm^r, va. To free from smoke. 

I>e8ainad6ra, ^ Disease in horses. 

Desalniir, va. To extenuate the fot of ai 
animaL^^^r. To lose a great quantity a 
blood. [lessly. 

DesairadamSnte, ad. Unhandsomely, grace- 

Desalr^o, da, a, Unliandsome, gracdess; 
slighted. [notiws. 

Desairir, va. To disregard, slight, toko no 

Desilire, smw BebulT; awkwardness; ftt>wo 
of fortune. 

Desaisl^rso, vr. To cease to be Insulated. 

Desi^nst^, va. To mismatch, unfit— rr. To 

Desd uste, sm. Disagreement; disproportion 

Dcsaiabib', va. To dispraise, censure. 

Desalabeir, va. To straighten a warped 

Desaladam^nte, ad. Anxiously, swiftly. 

D<»salir, va. To cut off the wings; freshen 
salt fish. — rr. To run up to one witli open 

Deealentdr, va. To put one out of breath by 
labor; discourage, dismay, damp. — w. To 
Jade. [mcnts. 

Desalfoii^, vr. To take off one's accoutre- 

Desalh^f&r, va. To strip a house of ftimltore, 

Desali^nto, 9m. Dismay, depression of spir- 
its; fidntness. 

Desalifladami^nte, ad. Slovenly, undeanlv. 

Desalifi&r, va. To disarrange, make slovenly 

Deealifia 9m. Slovenliness; cardessneas 
J)eJialwo9^ Diamond ear ornaments. 

DesalivAr, vn. To salivate. [ly. 

Desalmadam6nte, ad. Soullessly, inhuman- 

Desalmido, da, a. BouUess, inhuman ; profli- 
gate; innnimatew [profligacy. 

Desalmamldnto, sm. Inhumanity, impiety, 

Desahnir, v<t. To take away life violently; 
speak with ingenuousness and candor. — 
vr. To desire very anxiously. 

Deealmen&do, da^ a. Stripped of- turrets; 
wanting an ornament [linen. 

Deaalmidon&r, va. To take the starch out of 

Deealdamitoto, 9m. Dislodging. 

Desaloj&r, «a. To dislodge the enemy's 
troops.— ofk To quit onoa house or apart- 

Deaalter&r, vet. To allay, assuage, settle. 

Desalumbradamtote, (uL Blindly, errone- 
ously, [the dark. 

Desalumbrddo, da, a^ Dazzled ; groping in 

Desalumbraml^nto, 9m. Blindness, error. 

Desamible, a, Unamlabto. 

Desamaddr. am. One who does not lore; 
hater, detester. 

Deeamar, va. To love no more: hate, detest 

Desamarr^, va. To untie. (Mao.) To un- 
bend; unmoor. 

Deeamasfido, da, a. Dissolved, disunited. 

Desamisti^Tse, vr. To fidl out qasireL 

Desamodorr&r, va. (Little ua.) To remove 
lethargy. [change the symmetrr. 

Desamouuir, va. To unmould. (Met) T« 

Desam6r, 9m. Disr^^ord, disaflf^on. 

Desamor^o, da, a. Cold-hearted; harat^ 


Digitized by VjOOQlC 


DcMmoT^, «a. To extinguish love, oe«M 
IoTi;;g. [love. 

Deflamor6eo, sa, a. Unloying, doetltate of 

Desamorrir, do. To cheer up; ibake one 
yiekL [tiny. 

Deeamotiniirsef vr. To withdraw from ma> 

Deeauiparaddr, ra, ». Desert^^r, one who for- 

DeMmparfir, va. To forsake, abandon; quit 
J)e§amparar los hienes. To give up one's 
property to creditors. 

I>e8anip^,«m. Abandonment; dereliction. 

0ee«muebl4do, da, a, UnlHunished. 

I>esauiuobl4r, va. To unftirnish, deprive. 

Deeancoriu', «a. (Nao.) To weigh anchor. 

Desandir, va. To retrograde, go back. De- 
bandar lo andadOf To undo what has 
been done. 

DesandnO^o^ ^ <^ Baeged, in tatters. 

Deeangrami^nto, am, (Little ns.) Bleeding 
to excess. [To exhaust one's means. 

Desangr^, wi. To bleed to excess. (Met) 

Desanid^r, vn. To forsake the ncet— o<k To 
dislodge; apprehend fugitives. 

Desanimadamonte, ad. Spiritlessly. 

Desanimir, va. To dishearten, discourage; 
damp.— «r. To be disheartened. 

Deeanud&r, DO, To untie, loosen; extricate. 
Demiwiaar la tot^ To pronounce clearly 
and distinctly. [tanglement. 

DesadudadAra, 6f. Untying a knot; dlaen- 

2)e8afiud&r. va^ V. Detamtdar. 

Desapacibilidid, tf. Rudeness, peevishness. 

Desapacible, <l Sharp, rough, disagreeable. 

Desapadblcm^nte, ad. Sharply, disagreea- 

Desapadrinir, va. To disprove, contradict 

DesaiMwear, vo. To onmatch, di^oin. 

Deeaparec^r, vo. To remove out of siffht, 
hide. — vn. and r. To disappear. [ing. 

Desapareciniiento, rnn. The act of disappear- 

Desapar^ar^ va. To unharness. (Nau.) To 
unrig. [ish ; cease to be a customer. 

Desaparroquitfae, vr. To change one's i>ar- 

Desapartir, «a. (Low) To nart diiyoin. 

Desapasionadamdnte, ad. Impartially. 

Desapasionir, va. To root out a passion. 

Desapeg&r, iki. To diqjoln, separate. — vr. To 

Desap^go, em. Alienation ; Impartiality. 

DesapercibidMU^nte, ad. Inadvertently, 

Deeaperdjndo, da, a. Unguarded, careless. 

Desaperoibimltoto, Desapercibo, »nu Un- 
preparedness, disregard. [plague. 

Deaapest&r, va. To cure pormns of the 

Do8apiadadam6nte, ad. Unmercifully, un- 
relentingly, rienting. 

Desapiadddo, dft, a. Merciless, cruel, unro- 

Desaiiilad^r, sm. One who takes down the 
piles of wool 

DesapiuUr, va. To loose tlie strings with 
which game is tied. 

Desaplicaicion, */ Inapplicatlon, indolence. 

Desaplicadam^nte, ad. Indolently. 

DesapHcido, da, a. Indolent, carelesai neg- 
IccmiL [huge. 

Pesapoder6do, da, a. Furious, impetuous; 

DeeapoderamlSnto, «m. The act of depriving 
or rejecting. 


Desapoderir, «ct To dispoaseM, rob ol pto^ 

erty ; revoke a power of att<»nej. 
DeeapolilUr, va. To free and dear of moth* 

—vr. To take the air when it is oold. 
Desaposent&r, vo. To torn one out of 10% 

ings; expel from one's mind. 
Desaposesion&r, vo. To di^ossees. 
Desapoy&r, va. To remove the foundation 
Desapreci&r, oo. To depredate, undervalna 
DesaprMo, mn. (Prov.) Depredation, un- 
dervaluing, [one has leanie<l 
DesBprend^, va. To unlearn, forget what 
De8iq>rensir, va. To take off the glossw 
Desapretikr, va.To slacken, loosen ; ena^trtt, 
Desaprision^, va. To rdease, set at liberty. 

— vr. To remove an impediment 
Deeaprobad^n, sA Disapprobation, censursk 
Desaprob^, v€k To disapprove, censure, r»* 

prove. {agenamimUK 

Desaprop{ami6nto, mn. Alienation. V. En- 
Desapropiirae, vr. To alienate; expropriate. 
Desapropio, em. Alienation, trviafor ofpn^ 

Desaprovecbadamtote, ad. Unprofltably. 
Desaprovech^do, da, a. Unprofitable; back* 

ward. [wastes 

Desaprovecbami6nto, $m. Backwardness. 
Desaprovech&r, va. To waste, turn to * bad 

use.— on. To be backward, make little 

progress in. [or supports. 

Desapuntalir, va. To take away the props 
DesapunUir, va. To unstitch, rip ; lose one's 

aim ; efllAce the days of abeence from the 

choir. [in ordinarr. 

DesarbolAr, «ct To nnmast; lay up a ship 
De6arb61o, «m. Unmastlng; laying up in 

Deearenir, va. To take away sand. 
Desar^no, em. Clearinsr a place of sand. 
Desarm4do, da, a. Unarmed, detoioeleeb, 

Desarmad6r, stn. Ue who discharges % Run. 
Desarmadura, f< Desarmami^nto, am, i>i> 

Desarmai: va. To disarm ; prohibit the eir- 

ryineof arms; undo; disband; dismount; 

pmdfy, disarm wrath. 
Desiurme, am. Disarming of shipsi 
Desairaigir, va. To eradicate; extirpate; 

banish. [pulsion. 

Desarrdlgo, «m. Eradication. (Iaw) Ex* 
Desarrap&do, da, a. Bagged. (discover. 
Desarreboz^, va. To unmuffle; lay open, 
Desarrebi^ir, va. To nnibld; uncover; ex* 

Desarregladam^nte, ad. Disorderly. 
Desaireffl^do, da, a. Immoderate; oxtravt 

gant; lawless. 
Desarregl&r, va. To disorder, discompose. 
Desarregio, am. Disorder; licentiouaoess; 

Deearrendirse, vr. To shake off tho bridle. 
Desarrevolvir, va. V. Daa&nvolver. 
Desarrimir, V€t. To remove, separate; d» 

Deearrimo, am. Want of props or support 
DesarroUiir, va. To unrol, imfold. [a oold. 
Desanromadlzi^, va. (LltUo us.) To cure ot 
Deearropifar, va. 1*0 uncover, undress. 
Desarrug&r, va. To take out wrinklsft 

Digitized by VjjOOQIC 


DeBimimAr, «a. To unload, discharge the 
oarga [ship. 

DoMTtiiUr, «a. To take the gans oat of a 

DeaaaAdo, da. a. Withoat handles. 

D«eaMadamtote, ad. Uncleanly. 

Deaaae^r, «& To make dlrtj or unclean; 
disordar. [thing. 

DcsangnMr, fo. To lose the secnrlty of any 

Deeasentio', va. To disagree with, not to 
Boit— «r. To stand up. [lesaness. 

Deaaseo, am. Uncleanliness, dirtiness, care- 

Daaasiml^nto, am^ Loosening. (Biet) Alien- 
ation cf affection or love, divegard; dls- 

Paassir, «a» To looeen, disentangle.— «r. To 

disengage one's self; disregard. 
Deaasntf , va. To polish one's man 

manners. — or. 
To grow sharp/hecome nolito. 
Deaaaodible, a. Unsociable. 

tdamtote, ad. Uneasily. 

ir, «a. To disquiet, di^urb. 

o, am. BeaUeesaess, want of tran- 

qnUUty." [trously. 

Deaswliaiinm/inte, ad. Wretchedly, disaa- 

DeaastrMo, da, a. Wretched, miserable; 

I, tm. Disaster, disgrace, misfortune. 

PesatafAr, va. To loosen, untie. 

Peaatadam^ntfi €ui. IxxMoly. 

DeaatAdo, da, a. Loose, unbound, untied. 

Deeatad6r, vn. Ha who unties, abeolver. 

DeaatadArm, ^ Desatamicnto, am. Untying, 

PeeatsnoiT, «& To dear sewers and conduits. 

Peastir, oOw To untie, separate; looeen; 
unriddle; diseolva— «r. To give loose to 
one's tongue. ftricate Arom difficulties. 

Pesstaadir, eo. To draw out of the mire ; ez- 

Pesatavlir, va. To strip off ornaments. 

DesataTio, tm, Undeanlinees, negUgenoe in 
dress. [dvility. 

PeaateocMn, wf. Inattention ; disrespect ; in- 

Peaatend^, va. To disregard: take no 
notice oC f siderately. 

Pesatijntadamfate, ad. Disordeny; incon- 

Peaateutido, da, a. Inoouaiderate ; Impru- 
dent, careless. [dTilly. 

Desatentamtote, a<t Disrespectftilly, 

Peaatentir, «a. To perturb the mind, per- 

PeBatentamtote^a<t Disrespectftilly, 
» perturb the mind, 
plex. [rude, undTiL, impolite. 

Peaatento, ta, a. Inattentive, thoughtless: 

PeaataaMo, da, a. Weak, languishing. Y. 
I7cj<K [treasure. 

Peaateeorfir, €a. To remove or spend the 

Dasati^nto, am. Thoughtleasness, absence of 
mind. [wildly; helter'Skdter. 

Peeatlnadam6nta, ad. Inoonstderatdy ; 

Pesatinido, da, a. Extravagant, crazy, fool- 

Psaatln&do, mn. Idiot, fool, madman. 

Pesatindr, «a. and n. To do foolish things; 
throw into a violent passion ; talk non- 
aeose; atagnr, dote. 

Pe6atino,«mr£xtravagance; reeling; mad- 
ness, [mire. 

PeaatoIMr, f«. To pull out of th« mud or 

PesatdondrMo, da, a. Bccovered from stu- 

Peaatotondrir, «a. To brine one to his 
ae na t s, v r , Tareeovar onea aonsas 


DeaatonUlrse, «r. To recover ihnn Btnpeft0> 
Uon. [away. 

Desatrac&r, «a. (Nau.) To sheer oft, bear 

Desatra^r. to. To disjoin, separate. [tie. 

IVaatrahlllar, «a. To uncouple hounds, un- 

]>«9satramp4r, va. To dear a conduit, sink, 
or sewer. 

Desatrancir, vo. To unbar; clear a well 

Deeatafurse, «r. To grow calui, allay one't 
passion. [stupor. 

Desatunlir, ra. To rouse fW>m a stute ot 

Deeautorid&d, */ Want of aatliority. 

Deeautoriz^, f>a. To disauthorize. 

Desavahddo, da. a. Free from fogs, douds. 

Desavahdr, «a. To expose to the air, evap- 
orate. — vr. To grow lively or sprightl v. 

Deaavecindddo, da, a. Deserted, unpeopled. 

Desavecind4rse, vr. To change one^s domi- 
cile, [standing. 

Dosavendnda, {< Disagreement, *nisunder- 

Desavenido, da, a. Discordant, disagreeing 

Desaveniraidnto, am. Y. J)e9aveneneia. 

Deeavenir, va. To discompose, disconcert 
— vr. To disagree, qnarreL 

Deaaventi^aflamdnte, ad, Disadvantageous- 
ly, unprofltably. 

Desaventi^ddo, da, a. Disadvantageous. 

Desavidr, va. To deviate: — vr. To go astray \^ 
lose the means. [necessary means. 

Desavio. mn. Going astniv; want of the 

Desavisado, da, a. Ill-advised, unadvisod, 

Deeavis^, va. To give a contrary account 

Deeayud&r, va. Not to assist, but oppoee.— 
vr. To be negligent of one's duty. 

Desayundr, va. To give or have the first 
intelligence. — vr. To breakfest 

Desaytino. am. Breakftist [arate. 

Desayuntar, va. To disunite, dissolve, sep- 

Desayusti^, va. To unbend a rope or cabf«b 

Deaazog^, va^ To take off the quicksilver. 

Desazdn, am. Insipidity; disgust; disquiet- 
ness; nnfltneaa of soil [poorly. 

DesazonAdo, da, a. Ill-adapted; peevish; 

Deeazon&r, va. To render tasteless ; disgust, 
vex. — vr. To become indisposed. 

DesbabiU*, vn. To drivel, slaver. — vr. To be 
deeply in love, dote upon, [the dqisule. 

Dosbagar, va. To extract the flax-seed from 

DeebMijami6nto, sm. Plundering a portman- 
teau, [of its contents. 

DesbalU&r, va. To plunder a portmanteau 

Desballest4r, va. To unbend a oroas-bow. 

DesbancAr, va» To clear out the benches, &c ; 
win all the money staked; circumvent, 
supplant [colors. 

Dosband^vse, vr. To disband, desert tbs 

Desbafiido, o. A hawk that has not taken 
water when required. 

Desbaratadam^nte, ad. Dlsord4«rly. 

Deebaratido, da, a. Debauched, corrupted. 

Desbarataddr, ra, a. Destroyer; debaucher. 

DcabaratamiAnto, am. Perturbation, commo- 

Desbarat^, va. To destroy; defeat; waste,* 
croas. Veabaratar la pldH<sa^ To InteT 
rupt the conversation. — m. To speak fool* 
isluy.-^r. To be disordered in mind. 

Peeborite, Deebar&to, am. Defeat; *^[0o 
ranoe, folly. 


Digitized by VjOOQlC 


Desbaranstir, vn. To disoompoAe, derange 

Desbaraiiste, em. Derangement, disorder. 
DesbarbAdo, dajO. Beardless, [filaments. 
Deebarb&r, fXL To shave; tnm, cat off the 
Doebarbill^, fo. To pnmo the roots of 

younfi: vines. 
Deabarddr, f>a, To uncover a wall or fbnce. 
Desbarr^r. fm. To rove, go beyond limits. 

(Mot) To waver. 
Desbarret^r, vOw To unbar, unbolt 
Desbarrig^do, da, a. LitUe-beUied. 
Deslmrrigi^, va. To eventerate, rfn open 

the beujr. [Areuzj. 

Desbibro, sm. Falling into error; nonsense, 
Deebastadfira, ^. Planing, trimming, or pol- 
Desbastdr, va. To plane ; trim, polish : waste. 
DesbAsle, stn. The act of hewing, polishing, 

or trimming. 
Desbasteddo, da, a. Unprovided. 
Desbantlziliae, «r. To be irritated, fly into a 

Desbazad6ro, 9m. Humid, slippery place. 
Deebeb^r, va. To nrine.— w. To desire 

Deebecerr^, ro. To wean yoong animals. 
Desblanquecido, da, Ow Blanched. Y.Blan^ 

qusdno. [emedly. 

I>e9bocadam6nte, ad. Impudently, nngov- 
Desbocido, da, a. Open-monthed ; wild ; in< 

decent [denoe. 

Desbocamidnto. sm. Impertinence, impo- 
Desbodir, va. To break the brim of a mns. 

— vrk To disembogue. — vr. To be hara- 

montbed ; use Inj arions langoaga ; be wild. 
DesbombAr, «a. To pump out water. 
Deebonetiffse, vr. To take off the cap or 

bonnet [vessel 

Desboqullldr, f>a. To break the mouth of a 
Desbord&r, vn. To overflow, inundate, run 

Desboron&r, «a. (Prov.) V. Deamoronar. 
Desborr^, va. To cut off the loose threads ; 

lop off brandies. 
DesDozdr, «& To take off the relievos. 
Desbrag&do, da, €k Unbreechod. 
Desbraguetado, da, a. Having the fore-part 

of the breeches unbuttoned. 
Desbrav^, Desbraveo^, wu To tame, break 

in; diminish the strength; moderate. 
DesbrazArse, vr. To extend one^ anna. 
DesbrevArsc, vr. To ev^^rate: applied to 

wina [cut into snuul parts. 

Desbriin&r, va. To chop or mince meat; 
DesbrozAr, va. To clear away rubbish. 
Desbr6zo, 9m. Clearing awav rubbish. 
Desbruir, vet. To clean doth of grease. 
Desbrqj&r, va. Y. p9«moronar, [cast up. 
DflBbnchu', ivi. To disdose one^s secrets; 
Pesbtilla, ^ The part of an oyster that re- 
mains en the shell. [sbdL 
DsebullAr, va. To extract an oyster fh>m Its 
Dteca, «/: (Nau.) Tar-pot 
DescabA), a. Imperi^ct, incomplete. 
Deseabalar, vcl To make incomplete ; pilfer ; 

impair. Hiotse. 

DwosbalgadCink «/! DismoucUng from a 
Desoaba^Ar, vn. To dlsniount, alight from 

a horse.— -CO. To dismount 


DescabolIAr, va. To take away the leaves 
and superfluous buds. [regularly. 

Deseabelladam^nte, ad. Without order or 

DescabellAdo, da, a. IHsheveUed; disordei^ 
ly; lavish, wild; prepostorooa, absurd. 

Desoabellamidnto. 9m. V. I>09propd9Ua. 

DescabellAr, va. To disorder or uudrofls tht 

DescabefiArse, vr. Y. Deaffrefiarse. 

DescabestrAr, va. To unhalter. [giddy. 

DeecabezAdo, da, a. Beheaded; light-headed, 

Descabezami6nU),«9k Beheading; perplax- 

Descabezlr, va. To behead; terminate; 
overcome; begin, let the beginning pass 
over. De9oabetar el 9U9fiOt To take a 
nap.— ofk To terminate, Join another prop* 
er^.-^cr. To screw one's wits; take the 

gndn from the eara. Deaoabatarae vna 

vena, To burst a blood-vessd. 
Descabrltir, va. To wean goats. [elude. 
Descabnllirse, vr. To sneak ofli; scamper: 
Descadllr, va. (Prov.) To cut the ends oi 

bricks equally. [the hip. 

DescaderAr, va. To hip, sprain or dislocate 
DeeeadlMr, va. To cut olr the fkc-end of tbs 

warp. [edge away. 

DeecaeoAr, vn. To declines droop, decay; 
Descaecido, da, a. Weak, feeble, langnishii^ 
Descaedmidnto, Deseaimidnto, am. Weak- 
ness, decay; despondency, lowness el 

Desca^. vn. Y. Decaer. 
DeecalaoazArse, «r. To puzzle one^s brain& 
DesoalabrAdo, da. a. Iiynred; wounded on 

the head. SaUr de9oaldbrado^ To be a 

loser. [the head; loea, misfortune. 

Deecalabradftra, 9f. Oontusion or wound in 
DescalabrAr, va. To break or wound the 

bead; attack or impeach one's character; 

l^jure^ (Nau.) To disable. [fortun«i 

DesoaUbro, 9m, A considerable loss; mia- 
Descalandn^Ar va. To rend or tear one'b 

dothes. [down at the heel 

Deeealcaftal&r, va. To smooth; run shoet 
DescalcafiAr, va To cut off the talons or 

heels. [ednefls. 

DescaloAz, ^ Nudity of the iiset; barefoot- 
Deecalorirse, vr. (Prov.) T. J>e9aoalorar9e, 
Descaloetiido, da, a. Having passed the flnt 

milk. [plgeon-housek 

Descahcaddro, sm. (Prov.) Little door of a 
DescalzAdo, da, a. Bwefooted. 
DescalzAr, va. To pull off the shoes and 

stockings; remove an impediment Z>a»> 

oalMar9e ae rUa^ To burst out into a fit 

of lauffkter. De9oaiMar9e toe ffuantM, 

To puU off one's gloves. 
Desealzo, za, a. Barefoot, barefooted. 
Descaminadam6nte, ad. Absurdly, unreaa. 

onably, out of order. 
DesoaminAda da, a. Ill-advised ; misguided. 

Jr deecaminaao. To deviate from reotl* 

Desoaminftr, va. To misguide, mislead; §•- 

dnee from dn^; seize.— «r. To go astray. 
Bescamino, em. Seizure of smuggled goods ; 

deviation from the high road; error. 
DescamisAdo, da, a. Shirtless, naked. Ek 

un deetxunteadOf He is a ragamuffin. 

Digitized by VjjOOQIC 


De8Wuii p4do, dA, a, Disengujed, free, open^ 
d«>r. Sn desoampado^ In the opeo air, 
•xjKned to wind and weather. 

Dceoimpir, vru Y. Eacampar. 

Deecanaadam6nte, ad. Easily. (Little as.) 
Undonbtedly, surely. 

Deecanaad^ro, am. Besting-place. [easy. 

I>eacan84do, da, a. Bested, refreshed; qniet, 

BescansAr, vn. To rest, light; pause; lean 
upon; be satisfied: trust; repose, sleep. 
jMaooMor tobre 10$ r^mot, To rest on 
the oars. — va. To aid or alleviate another 
in labor or fktigne. 

Deao&nsa harriero (AO, ad. Conreniently. 
2>ar d <2«8oanaa Aorriero, To give blows 

Beedmso, amu Best, repose ; quiet, stiltness, 
•leep; landing-plaoe of stairs; support; 
daT <^ rest, Kt whidi pay ia received; 
haJtlng-day; elose-stooL 

Descantoir, va. To aroooth onglefl or oomors. 

I>eeca]iter6r, «& To take off the crust of any 

DeeoantOUr, Deecantonar, ta. To pare off, 
break off part; subteact: lessen. 

Deseantilldn, am. A small line marking the 
proper scantling. [of any ihtixg. 

DeecuUr, «a. To break the stem or branch 

Deecafioni^, va. To pluck out the Keathers; 
shave dose ; trick one out of his money. 

DesoapkTy «a. To strip one of his cloak. 

Deecapemz^, «aw To take off the cowl or 
hood. — vr. To uncover one^s head. 

Desc^>er6zo, am. Taking off the cowl, hood, 
or can, in saluting. [Ds9eaperuMar»e, 

Descaplll^, fta. To take off the hood. Y. 

Descapirotar. ta. To take off the oapirote 
or ancient head-cover. 

Descaradamtote, ad^ Impudently, saucily. 

DeecarAdo^ dxi, Ck Impudent, bareihced, 

Descanrse, «r. To behave Impudently. 

Desc4iga, ^ Unburdening, unloading; vol- 
ley. JjMearffa de aauana^ Permit to 
land; exemeradon. 

D^cargad^ro, 9m. Whari^ unloadlng-place. 

Deseargaddr, mn. Discharger. 

Deecargadtoi, «r Takins bones out of meat 

D««caigAr, «a. To unload, discharge, lighten ; 
bone meat: fire, disdiaige fire-arms, un- 
load; acquit — fyn. Ilo duembognc-^r. 
To resign eoe^s place; lose brightness. 

Desdugo, am. Exoneration, acquittal; re- 
ceipt; plea or answer; acquittal from 

Deac^Tgne. tm. Y. De^earga. 

DeeeanfiifBe, «r. To withdraw the love or 

Deecarifio. 9m. Goolnese, indifference. 

I>eseamaa6r, 9m. Scraper, gum-lancet 

DescamadAxa, ^ Bxcamification. 

Deecam^, «a. To excamate; take awi^ 
part; examine into a thing minutely.— 
vr. To run throiuh one's fortune, [ness. 

DeecdrOk am. Impudence, efltonterv ; saud- 

Descarnaraltoto, am. Losing one s way or 
going astray. 

Pescarri^r, fOw To take out of the right 
road, lead astray: misguide; separate cat- 
tle.— vr. To be dl^oined. (Met) To de- 


Tiate fh>m Justice; go astray, lose mmIi 

BescarrilUr, va. To tear the Jaws asunder. 

Deecarrio, 9m^ Losing one's way or going 

Descarti^, va. To discard; dismiss; put 
aside. — vr. To excuse one's self; plead in- 
nocenccw [snbterftiffe; reAise 

Descdrte, sm. The cards discarded; evasion, 

Descasamiento, 9m. Divorce, repudiation. 

Dcscasdr, va. To divorce; disunite, separ- 
ate, [into pieces 

Descasc&r, va. To bark, shell— <vr. To break 

Descascar^, va. To peel, bark, sheU ; boast, 
bluster, buUy.— rr. To lUl or come off 

Descaspdr, va^ To scnme the fleeh from a 
hide; take dandruff irom the head. 

Descisque, «m. Barking of the cork-tree. 

Descastdr, va. To lose caste, deteriorate a 

DescaudalAdo, da, a. Penniless. 

Desoebdr, va. To unprime fire-arms. 

DescendSncia, 9f. Descent, origin, ofl!^ring. 

Descend^nte, pa. Descending. 

Descender, va. and n. To descend, go down ; 
flow; decline in esteem; let down. 

Descendi^te,j9a. and am. Descending; de- 
scendant; lineal descent 

Desoendimiento, «f7t. Descent; descension. 

De8censi6n, ^ Descension, descent 

Desc^nso, am. Deaoent; degradation; de- 
scension. [trance. 

Deso6nta, ^f. Descent, Invasion; horale en« 

Descefiir, va. To ungird, take off the girdle 
or belt 

DescepAr, va. To eradicate; demolish. 

Descehb:, va. To take the empty combe 
firom a bee-hivo. {fended. 

Deeoercddo, da, a. Open, unlbrtifiecL unde- 

Descerob', va. To destroy or pull down a 

DcecemdMo, da, a. Corrupt, vicious, wicked. 

Descemjad6ra, ^f. The act of taking ofl 
looks or boltSL [chaige fire-arm& 

Descern\{dr. va. To take off the lock; dis- 

Descerrumaise, vr. To be wrenched or dis 

Descif^addr, am. Decipherer. 

DeseifrAr, va.Todedpher; unravel, unfold 

Desdment&r, va. To pull to the ground. 

Desdnch&r, va. To ungirt a horse. 

Desdavaddr, am. Claw to draw nails with. 

DescUv&r, va. To draw out nails; unnaiL 

Descoagulir, va. To liquefV, dissolve. 

Descobi^Ar, va. To pull the stem from a 

D&scobU&r, va. To uncover, undress. 

Descocadamente, ad. Impudently, bold^ 

Descodido, da, a. Bold, impudent 

Descocir, va. To dean, cl^ trees frcoi la* 
sects.— 1W. To be sanoy or petulant 

Deseoc^r, va. To digest; rip off. 

Descdco, am. Impudence, boldness, sauot* 

Descodfir, va. (Prov.) To rip, unstitch. 

Desof^r. va. To unfold, spread, expand. 

Deeo(^oll&r, vn. To take out the heart 01 
bud of a plant [and expo9e<l 

Descogotiao, da, a. Having the neck bare 

DeecogotAr, va. To kill by one blow on the 

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nape; knock off the horns of a stag «t one 
Now. [dock. 

Desool&r, «a. To cnt off the tail or fiig-end, 

Deflco1oh4r, va. (Nan.) To antwlat a cable. 

Deecolgar, va. To unhang, take down bane- 
Inga— w. To come down gently; glide 

Descolladamdnto, ad. Loftily, haughtily. 

DeeoollamldntOjjwn. V. DesotuUo. 

Descollitr, w. To excel, surpaasw— <jr. To 
exceed, outdo, be aupcrlor ta 

Dcecolmdr, ro. To strike a measure with a 
strickle; diminish. 

Deecol miliar, va. To pull out the eye-tooth. 

De8coloraml6nto, «m« Paleness, discolora- 

DesoolorAr, va. To discolor, make pale.— 
vr. To become discolored or pale. 

Deseolorido, da, <l Discolored, ];>alo, color- 

Descolorir, ro. To discolor, change the hua 

Deecombrdr, txu To remove obstacles. 

DescomedidamSnte, ad, Budely, immod- 
erately, rinsolent. 

Desoomedido, da, a. Haughty, lofty, rude, 

Descomedimi^nto, tm, (Little us.) Budenoss, 
Incivility. [fhl. 

DescomecQrsc, vr. To he rude or disrespect- 

Deecom6r, vn. To ease nature. 

Descomimi6nto, am. Afltoted disdain. 

Deso6modo, da, a. Inoommodious, incon- 
venient [nience. 

DeecomodidAd, ^. Incommodity, inconve- 

Descoropadrdr, vn. To disagree, &II out 
with one. [mmUe. 

Descompasadam^nte. ad. V. DetrMdida- 

Deacompasido, da, a. Excessive, extrava- 

Doscompas&rse, tr. To exceed all rule and 
measure, transgress all bounds and pro- 
portions ; he out of tune or time ; insult. 

De8compon6r, vo. To discompose; destroy 
harmony, disconcert; decompose.— t^.Tb 
be out of temper; indisposea; change for 
the worse ^weather). 

Descomposici6n, ^. Discomposure; disor- 
der; aecomposition. 

Descompost(in, ^. Disagreement; discom- 
posure, disorder; slovenlineas; forward- 
ness, want of modesty. [pudently. 

Descompuestam6nte, a<£. Andaoioudy, im- 

Descompu^to, ta, a. Impudent; inmiodest; 
out of order; slovenly. 

Descomulgido, da, a. Perverse, nelkrlons, 
wicked; excommunicated. 

DeBcomulgad6r, »m. Excommunicator. Y. 

DesoomulgSr, va. To excommunioatew [aL 

Doscomnn4I, a. Uncommon; nnproportion- 

Pesoomunalm^nte, ad. Uncommomy ; im- 
moderately, unOToporti nately. 

Deeoomunion, ^Excommunication. 

Desconcertadam^nte, ad. Disorderly, con- 

pesconcertido, da, a. Disorderiy, slovenly. 

Desoonc6rtad<Sr, wn. Disturber, disooncerter. 

Deeooncertaduia, ^. Discomposure, dis- 

Deaoonoortir, 9<k To discompose, conftise; 
discard; defeat— vr. To disagree; be out 
148 ^^ 


of Joint; exceed the limits of prudence, 
be indisposed. [scales or sbeUiw 

Deeconchar, wk To scale, shell, take off the 
Desconciurto, Wk Dlscompoeare, disagree* 
mcnt; conftision; want of prudence; in* 
dolence; flux of Uie body. [union. 

DesconcfSrdia, 9K Dlscorcl, varianoe. di» 
Desconej&r, va. To kill a number of tahbitik 
Deeconnadam^nte, ad. Diffidently, mi*> 
tmstXully. [mistrxistftiL 

DesconfiMo, da, m. Diffident, distmstftily 
Deeconfl4nte, pa. Distrusting, suspecting. 
Desconflinza, ^. Diffidence, distrust; jeal* 
ousy. [pect 

DesoonlUr, vn. To distrust; mistrust k» 
Desconlbrm&r, «n. To dissent-^r. To dl» 
cord, disagree. , [likdu 

Desoonftone, a. Disagreeing, contrary ; nn« 
DesoonformidiUl, ^ Disagreement, opposi- 
tion; inequali^. 
Deeoonoo^r, va. To disown, disavow; mis- 

take; be unacquainted with. 
Desconocidamdnte, ad, Ixnorantly; nn^ 
gratefoUy. [unknown, obscnre. 

Desconoado, da, o. Ungrateftil ; aisguiaed; 
Desconocimldnto^smw Ungrateftilneaa. 
Desoonoscir, va. v. Deaconocer, [esce. 
DesconsentSr, va. To dissent, not to acqni- 
Desoonsideradarotete, ad. Inconsiderately, 
rashiy. [prudent, thoughtless, raui. 

Desconsiderido, da, a. InoonMderate, im- 
Desoonsolaci6n, ^. Disconsolatenem. 
Desconsoladamtote, ad. Inconaolably. 
DesoonsolAdo, da, a. Disconsolate, oomfort- 
less; heartsick, sorrowflil; disordered In 
digestion, [vr. To become low-spirited. 
Desconsol4r, va. To afflict, put in pidn.— 
Desconsui^lo, •m. Affliction, trouble; dis- 
order of digestion. 
Desoontagi4r« va. To purify, disinibct 
DesoontAr, va. To discount; abate; dimin- 
Desoontentadizo, ta, a. Fastidious, discon- 
tented, displeased. [displeaaurar 
Descontent«ni6nto. »in. Discontentment, 
Desoontontitf>, va. To discontent, dissadsfy. 
Deeoont^nto, mn. Discontent, nneasineea, 
grumblini^ [fled; unpleasant 
Desoont6nto, ta, a. Discontented, dissatla- 
Descontinuacidn, ff. Discontinuation. 
Deeoontinnir,«<L To discontlnne, give orer., a. Di^oined, discontinued. 
Desoonvenible, a. Discordant, disagreeinit 
Desccmveni^nda, ^f. Inconvenience; dw> 
cord, dissimilitude. [Inc. 
Desconveni^nte, pa. Inconvenient, disoord- 
Deacon venir. vKi. To disagree; bo unlike. 
DesconversAole. a. Unsocial [noL 
Desoonvidir, va To dislnvite; revokci an- 
Desoop^, va. To lop off the branches. 
Descorazonamidnto, am. Lowness of miritB^ 
Descorazon&r, va. To tear out the heart 

dishearten, discourage. 
Desoorchaddr, sm. Uncorker; robber. 
Desooroh^, va. To bark a cork-tree; ii» 

cork ; rob, rifle. 
Descord&r. va. To uncord an Instrument 
Descorderar, eo. To wean Iambs. 
Pe8com4r, va. To dishorn. Dcacfmtw Ik 
flor^ To discover the trick. 

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\vn.To looten the skin of the 

teiHlwIIngt oft deer. 
Deaoomgido, de, a InoorriglbleL [buk. 
D«soorr6r, fo. To flow; retrosnde; draw 
Deaoorrimi^nto, «m. Fluxion, flowiiup. 
Peecortde, ck ImpoUte, onciTil, iU-bred, 

DeicorteeSe, ^ Indvlllty, ImpoliteneeB. 
I>eeeorte8mtot^ ad, UndvlUj, radel/. 
Deeoortezediira, ^ Deeoortezamitoto, <m. 

DecerticatioB, stripping the berk. 
Deaeortesir, va. To alreet of the bark ; flav, 

take off the cruet; break in a horse ; polish. 

— er. To become cItU and polite; do a 

thing with eagemeea. 
E>e6ooeed6ra, a^Ripping, unseaming. 
Desooadr, wk To rip, unseam ; di^oin. ITo 

d^«oo9er lo9 labioa. To keep a profound 

alienee. JDttooter la lengua, To giro 

looee to one's tonsue. [eratelj. 

Deacoddamtote, ad. Excessively, immod- 
Deeeosido, etn.. Babbler, a teller of secrets. 
Descoe&do, da, a. Slipped, unseamed, un- 

Desoostillir, ixk To take out or break the 

ribe. — vr. To n»-aln one's back by a Mi 
Deaooatrir, va. To take off the crust 
Descot^, «& To remore a restriction from 

the use of any road or other property. 
Deeo6te, em. Exposure of the neck and 

Descoynntamidnto, em. Luxation : disloca- 
tion ; a pain tlurough over-exertion. 
Deaooyunti^, va. To dl^oint; vex, molest 

— «r. To experience some violent motion. 
Desnee^da, V^ Decrement, decreasing. 
Deeeree^, to. and n. To grow less; £&11, 

snbdde; crow short 
Deecredmiento, em. Decrease, diminution. 
DeaerMito, em. Discredit [ati)ure. 

Deecre^fVO. Todisbdleve ; deny due credit; 
Descreldo, da« a. Incredulous, miscreant 
Dee cxep iMcalfa', va. To remove the twilight 
Descrestir, va. To take off the creet 
DeecriiixBe, vr. To weaken ; pine with dedre. 
De8oribh>,«& To draw, delineate; describe. 
Deecripd6n, 4^ Delineation; description, 

Deseriptivo, ra, a. Deecrlptive. 
Descripto. to, pp, Deecribed. 
Deecriimir, «a. To give a blow on the head ; 

remove the ohrlBm.~er. To lose patience. 
Descristian^, «a. Y . De^oriunar. 
Deecrito. ta, pp. Described. 
Deecruzar. va. To undo the ibrm of a cross. 
Deeeuademib'.va. To unbind; discompose. 
DeacuadriUiUio, mn, Bprdn in the haunch. 
DescnadriUido, da, a. Separated from the 

rank orlinea. 
DescoadrlUar, va. To hough.— ht. To be 

aprained in the haunches. [frigiiten. 

Deacndiir, va. To diaaolve, liauety; weed; 
Desen«jo, wu Eradication, destroying of 

DeacuafftdMa .^' «nd«w>MarMa<20, (Nau.) 

Abaft the beam. 
DeacnarUzir,iNi. To quarter; carve at table, 
yeacnbldrta, ^ Pie without upper crust; 

mominff Inspection of a dtadeL A' la 

detcubtertOt Openly, dearly. 

Descublertam^te, ad, IfanUbstly, openly. 

Deecubi^rto, sm. The whole of a discovery : 
put without roof; solemn expodtion of 
the sacrament; luUance of accounts; a 
deficit Al deiouHerto, Openly, mani- 
festly. D^ar en desciibierto. To leave 
others to pay a debt Eaiar or quedar en 
d€90ttbi^rto^ To be a defaulter. 

Deecubidrto, to, a. Uncovered, ibrsakeB, 

Descubrid6ro, •m. An overlooking eml- 
nencet [scout, spy. 

Deecabrld6r.ra, «. Discoverer; Investigator; 

Descnbrimlonto, em. Discovery; dlsdosure. 

Descubrir, va. To discover, disclose, show, 
uncover ; make visible ; expose the sacra- 
ment J)€90ubrir el campo. To recon- 
noitre. i>e«cudHreujp0cAo,Tounbos(mi, 
communicate secrets. DewubHrelcuer' 
po^ To expose to danger anv part of the 
Dodv. — vr. To uncover the b€»d, take off 
the hat [nenoe; haugbthiessi 

Descu611o, tm. Excesdve stature; pre-emi- 

Deecu6nto, sm. Discount, deduction, dlow- 
ance; diminution. 

Deecuemacibras, em. Gold north wind. 

Descndmo, tm. V. Deioire. Py. 

Descuidadamdnte, ad. Carelessly, negligent- 

Descuidido, da, a. Cardess, heedless, for- 
get^il; oonnivent, inattentive; idle; dov- 

Descuidiir, va. and n. To neglect, ibrget, 
overiook; make easy; render careless. 
Deaeuide Vd.^ Make yourself easy. 

Descuido, em. Onreleesness, indolence, neg- 
ligence, omission, forgetfulness ; over- 
sight; indvility; impruper action; im- 
prudence, immodeety. Al (UMuido y con, 
cuidado^ With dissembling carelessness. 

Descular, va. To break the bottom or end 
of a thing. [affected elegance. 

Descultizte, va. To f^ a writer's style fh>m 

Descumbr^o, da, a. LeveU plain. 

Descnmplir, va. Not to fhlfll one's duty. 

Desdir, va. To untwist a rope. 

D^ede,i7f«7>. Since, after, ft^m. Peadsaqul 
From this place. DetcU lueffo^ TbereupoL, 
immediately* i>eedeen^(^netfe, Since tnen. 
De$de niflo. From one's childhood. 

Desdedr, va. To charge with &lsebood.— 
vn. To degenerate; differ; fkll to ruin.— 
vr. To gdnsay, retract 

Desd6n, em.. Disdain, contempt Al deaden^ 
Affectedly cardess; Insult De9dene^ di 
lafortwna^ Frowns of fortune. 

Desdent4do, da, a. Toothless. 

DesdentiU', va. To draw teeth. 

Desdefldble, a. Contemptible; despicable. 

Desdedadam^te, ad. Dlsdainftilly, scorn* 

Desdeftiu', va. To disddn, scorn ; exasperate. 
— vr. To be disdainftil ; be reiserved. 

DesdeiiosamSnte, ad. Disdainfully, con- 

De6dak68o, sa, a. Disdalnfiil : fastidious. 

DeedevanAr, va. To unwind or undo a clew 

Desdicha, << Mlsfortnn&cdamity, liMnck. 

Desdlchadam6nte, ad. Unfortanatdy, ni. 

DeadUchido, da, a. Unfortunate, nnlucky. 

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DeedobUr, wu To unibld, spread open; ex* 

Deedonido, dv£k Insipid, Ibollsbf downiab. 

DeedonAr, vck To take b«ck a present 

Desdor^, va. To Uke off the gilding; tar- 

Deeddro, sra. Dishonor, blemish, stigma. 

Deseiblo, a, Desirable. 

Deseablem^nte, ad. Desirously. 

Deseaddr, ra, «. Dcsirer, wisher. 

Dese^, fw* To desire, wish, long for; re- 
qoiro, demand. [tion^rying. 

Deaecaddn, tif, De8ecami6nto, nn. Deaicca- 

Peaocinte, pa, and «. Drjrlng, drier ; deaio- 

Deeeciir. va. To dry, desiccate; detain. 

DesecatlTo, va, a. Desiocativo, drying.— ^sm. 

Desechadam^nte, ad. Vilely, despicably. 

Desecb&do, da, a, axkdpp. Keftisod, exdud- 
od, rdected : outcast 

Deaechor, «a To depredate ; condemn ; re- 
ject; expd; reprooate; fling away. 

D«a6cho, tm. Besidue, remainder: reftise, 
offid; disregard. [seixore. 

Desdeoutir, ra. To raise a se<)Qestration or 

Desdl^r, va. To unseaL 

Deeembal^, «a. To nnpaek. [descent 

Desemballest^r, va. (Falc.) To dispose to a 

Desembanast^, «a To empty a basket; 
talk at random; draw the sword. — or. 
To break loose, escapo. 

DesembarazadamSnto, ad. Freely, withoat 
embarrassment ['^'^7' 

DesembarazMo, da, <k Free, disengaged, 

Desembaraziir, «a. To disembarrass, free, 
disengage, remove an impediment; extri- 
cate ; expedite.— «r. To be extricated torn 

Desembad^, «!». Disembarrassment; dls- 
encombrance, extrication ; freedom to act 

Deeembarcad^ro, 9m. Landing-place; key. 

DesembarcAdo, tm. Discharged sailor. 

Desembaro4r, v<k and n. To mUoad; land; 
alight: terminate in a landlng-nlaco. 

Desembirco, 9m. Landing, disembarkation ; 
extra wages for prematore discharge; 
Landing-place of stain; inTasIon. 

Desemba^^amtote, ad. Freely. 

Desembaigaddr, tm. A chief magistrate in 

Desembargir, va. To ralso an embargo or 
sequestration ; remove Impedimenta. 

Desemb&rgo, m*. Bemoval of an impedi- 
ment; raising an embarea [shore. 

Desembirqne, «m. Landine, coming on 

Desembura', va. To dear a thing from mud 
or clay. 

DesemMoIir, eo. To empty a trunk ; speak 
one's mind nroely ; disclose one's thoughts. 

Desembebec^rse, vr. To recover the use of 
one's senses. [certe. 

Deeembeb^. vrk (Prov.) V. I>e9embeb9' 

Desembelesarse, vr. To recover from amaze- 
ment [canal, &a 

Desimbooaddro, 9m. Month of a river, of a 

DosembocadAra, aC Y. Dt^tmSbocadero. 

D«sembod^, vn. To disembogue; sail out 
of a strait; break oat Into a violent pas- 



Desemboiaddra, tf. (Prov.) Female thirt 
picks the coooona from the leavea. 

Desemboj^, «a. To remove the cocowia 
of silk from the leavetw [burse, expand. 

Desembolsiu*, va. To empty a purse; dia- 

Desemb61so, am. Disbursement, expendi- 
ture. Xt"*''' "^^ ^^ sober. 

Desemborrach4r, va. To sober, make aober. 

DosemboactoM, w. To get out of the woods, 

DesembozAr, va. To unmuffle or unoove* 
the &oe; unravel [dom of apeeda. 

Desemb6zo, ank Uncovering the fkce; free* 

Deeembravec6r, va. To taoM, domesticate. 

Deeembnvedmidnto, sttk Taoiing or re- 
claiming from wildueea. 

Desembraiur, va. To throw weapons; take 
from the arms. [toxioation, sobered. 

Desembriagklo, da, a, Becovered frt>m in* 

Desembriag&r, va. To cure frxMn intoxica- 
tion. — vr. To grow aober. 

Desembridir, va. To unbridle a horsa 

Deeembrolhir, va^ To unravel, disentanglo; 
extricate. [dladose one's secrets. 

DesembuchAr, va. Tu disgorge; unbosom, 

Desembudar, va. To draw out ba I' through 
a ftinnel. 

Desem^ible, a. Dissimilar^ strong, large. 

Dosem^ado, da, a. Different, unlike ; horri- 

Desemdinte, a. Dissimilar, unlike. 

Desemdantemente, ad, Disdmilarly. 

Desemdinzo, ^f. Dlsdmllitude, unllkenesa. 

Deeeme|Mr, <^ To be unlike.— do. To mask, 
disguise. [calm, be appeased. 

Desempadir, va. To unpack. — vr. To grow 

Desempachiir, va. To make the stomadi 
discharge. — or. To grow bold; putinordsL 

De6cmp4cho. tern. Forwardness, assurance. 

Desempalagar, va. To dean one^s palate, re- 
move nausea; dear of stagnant water. 

Deeempafi&r, «a. To take away the donia 
and swaddling-clothea; dean a tarnished 
looldng-glaasL f 

Desempapd&r. va. To unwrap, unfol 

Desempaquetar, va. To unpack. 

DesemM^Ar, va. To unmatch.- 
part,De separated. 

Desemparv&r, va. To heap up thrashed grain. 

Desempat^, va. To make unequal ; expkin, 
dear up. 

Deaempedrad6r, 9m. One who unpavesL 

DesempedHtf, va. To unpave: frequent a 
place. Ir de9empedraavdo la oaU^ To 
walk Teiy rqiidhr. 

Deeempegir. va, 'to unglue. 

DesempeflMo, da, <s. Free or dear of debt 

DesempefiAr, va. To redeem; dear frtm 
debt; perlbrm any duty ; acquit ; rid.— vr* 
To extricate one'a sell /AsssmpeAaraf 
d9 la tUrra, To daw ofi; stand off shore. 

Desemp^o, 9m, Bedeemlng; confirmation; 
performance; discharge; perfection. 

D^mpeorArse, vr. To reoover from std> 


Desemperexir, vn. To reUnqoish habits d 
Desempolvoradfira, «< Dusting. 
Deeempolvorir, va. To dust 
Desemponzofite, va. To oounteract poiaoA; 
cure any disordtnate passion. Ipnipc 
Dosempotrir, va. To remove the sUtb oi 

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PtKmpalgadftra^ ^ Tbo unbending of a 

Dwemmilgfir, vo. To unbend a bow. 

D«BeDalbardir, 9a. To take offa pack-saddle. 

Desenamor^ro. To destroy love or affec- 
tion. — vr. To lose love; yield up one^s 

Deeencabalgdr, va. To dismount cannon. 

Deeencabeetnul6ra. ^ The disentangling of 
a beast from the baiter. [the halter. 

Deeeocabeetr&r, va. To disentangle from 

I>e8eocadenir, vtk To nncbain, break looee ; 
dlaoolve an connection. 

Des«nciO<tini^to« DcsencAjc. mn. Disjoint- 
edoess; laxatioiu [of place; disfigure. 

Desennddr, va. To dl^oint, take or put out 

I>e9tticfljon&r, va. To unpack a box. 

Pesencalabrin&r, va. To remove dixzlness, 
or wrong impressions. 

Desencalcar, va. To loosen what was caked. 

DcsencalUbr, ca To set a ship afloat. 

Desencamittiir, va. To lose one*s way, go 
astray; deviate ttom rectitudeL 

Deeencantamtinto. »m. V. DM^canio. 

Deeeneantir, va. To disenchant 

I>esencaDtaraci6n, ^ Act and effect of 
drawing lota. 

DeMOcantarir, va. To draw lots fbr candi- 
dates: withdraw as incompetent 

Deeencanto, grn. Disenchantment [cloak. 

Dc0cncapotad6ra, »f. Act of stripping off a 

Desencapot&r, «a. To strip one of his cloak 
or great-ooat; nnoorer, make manifest; 
keep up the head of a horse; cook up the 
ears.— «r. To lay tsldo fh)wns. Des^n- 
capotarm el eMo, To elear up. 

Deeencaprichir, va. To dissuade fh>m error 

DesencarcelAr, va. To let out of prison, set 
at liberty: extricate fW)m difficulties. 

Desencarecer, «a. To lower the price. 

Deeencam&r, va. To prevent dogs teom eat- 
ing game; lose an affection fbr any thing. 

DeeencasUb', va. To deteriorate a race ; lose 

Deeeneastmir, va. To drive out of a castle . 

manifiost; exorcise; deprive of power, or 

fbyor. [open; disclose. 

Desenoerr&r, va. To fr^ee ttoin confinement; 
Deeendnt&r, va. To untie, loosen. 
Desendsvir, va. To draw out nails. Y. 

J>e»olavarf To put one violently out of 

his place, 
desenclav^&r. va. To take out pins or pegs, 

as of a musical instrument 
Desenoog^, va. To unlbld.— or. To lay 

aside bashfttlneas. 
Deienoogimitoto, *m. Disembarrassment, 

fkvedom ttom perplexity. 
Deeencolir, va. To unjriue. [peased. 

Deeeneoleriz^b'seMJr. To grow ealm^M ap- 
Deeencon^ va. To remove inflammation ; 

moderate one'A passion. — vr. To become 

appeased, fbi^t irjuriee. 
DeMictoo, «TfK Mltigatinfi: anger or passion. 
l>eseneordAr, va. To unstnng, loosen strings. 
Desenoordeldr, ikx. To loosen, or take away 

DeMnoorv&r, v€K To stralgfaten. 
Peeenorespir, vet. To uncurl, 'mfrizde. 


Desencnademdr, «a To unbind. V. J>6$' 

DesendemonliLr, DesendlablAr, va. To ex* 

ordse, drive out an evil spirit— w. T^ 

moderate one^s fhrr. * 

Desendiosdr, va. To bumble vanity. 
Desenihdad^ras, qf. pi. T«ner dtMnfada^ 

deraa^ Means to get out of difficultieew 
Desenfhdido, da, a. Appeased ; fh>e, uneitt- 

barrassed; wide. [amused. 

DesenfadAr, va. To appease. — vr. To bf 
DesenfUdo. 9m, Freedom, ease; relaxation 
Deseniald4r, va. To let fall the train of • 

DesenfiunAr, va. V. DU/amar. [mud. 
Desenfbng&r, va. To cleanse, dear ISrom 
Desenikrdar, Desen&rdelii r, to. To unpack 

bales; unbale. [error. 

DesenfSttuAr, va. To undeceive, ftee flrom 
DesenfMl^, vn. To leave the monastic 

life; apostatize. [centionslv. 

Desenfyenadamdnte, ad. Ungovernably. U- 
Desenfkvn&do. da, a. Ungovemod, unbri- 
dled, licentious, wanton. 
Desenfrenami6nto, Desenfkvno, »m. Unru- 

liness, wantonness, licenticwsness. D&- 

Benfreno ds vientrSy Sudden and violent 

Desenltenir, ra. To unbridle. — vr. To rive. 

loose to one's passions ; fly into a viMent 

Deeenftmdir, va. To take out of a pillow- 

case or other bag^ unbag. 
Desenftirec^rse, vr. To grow calm or quiet 
Desengtndi&r, va. To nnhook; unhamestL 
Doeengafiadam^nte, ad. Truly, ingenuous* 

ly, clearly; awkwardly, without care^ 

D^engan&do, da, a. Undeceived, disabused. 
Desengafiad6r, am. Undecolvcr. 
DesengaiUr, va. To undeceive, ttet tkom 

error, set right [a person or beast 

Desen^iftr, «a. To tree from the claws of 
DeeeneidBo, em. Detection of error; unde- 
ceiving; the naked truth ; censure; warn- 
Desengarraiftr, va. To disengage ttom clawa. 
DesengarzAr, va. To nnraveU unstring. 
Desengast&r, va. To take a diamond out of 

its settine. 
Desengoznar, va. To unhinge; dl^olnt 
DeeengrasAr, va. To take out the greasei 
Desenerosir, va. To attenuate, make lean, 

debilitate. [cement or pante. 

Desengrudami6nto 87n. The rubbing off of 
Desengruddr, v<k To scrape or mb off paste. 
DesenhadAr, va. To remove disgust— w. 

To be pleased. [unravel 

Desenheorir, «a. To unthread; explain, 
Desenhom&r, va. To take out of the oven. 
Desenjaoz&r, va. To unharness, unsaddle. 
Desenjalmir, va. To unharitees mules or 

Desei^iaulir, «& To uncage. 
Desemecutir, v€k Q-aw) V. Desejeeutar. 
Dosenlabon&r, «a. To unlink. 
Desenl&ce, 9m. Denouement of a play ; o( n 

elusion, unravelling of an aflWr. 
Desenkdrlll&r, va. To take up floor-tiles 01 



Digitized by VjjOOQIC 


DaeenbuB&r, «a. To mxlaoe, untie knots; 
disting^aiah. (parement 

Deaeoloeiir, eOw Tr» take np the flags of a 

Deeeolat&r, do. To leave off mooralng; 
banish sorrow. [cate : explain. 

Desenmarafi^r, «a. To disentangle; eztri* 

Pesenmohec6r, va. To clear from rust; 
make manifest [ment of speedi. 

Deeenmndeo6r, vet. To remove an impedi- 

Deeenoiir, vtk To appease, allay passion.— 
«r. To amnae one s self; make Mends. 

Deeen6Jo, 9m. Reconciliation, appeasable- 

I>e8en<06so, sa, a. Appeasing, leoonclling. 

Deeenredfir, va. To disentangle ; extricate ; 
clear; put in order.— er. To extricate 
one's self [ment 

Desenr6do, sm. Disentanglement; denoae- 

Deeenroll4r, vn. To unrolL V. I>Marrollar. 

Deaenron^rf vo. To remove the mbbisb. 

Desenrodeo^r, va. To remove mst; polish 
the manners. ineaa. 

I>eaenronqnec6rf va. To free from boarse- 

Desenrosdlr. va. To untwist 

Desensabanar, va. To change or take off the 
sheets ; remove Impediment 

Desensan&r, va. To appease, pacify. 

Deeensart&r, va. To anthroao, unstring. 

Desenseb&r, va. To take away fht or its 
taste; leave off work for a short time, to 
draw breath. [or bosom. 

Desensen&r, va. To take out of the breast 

DesenseAiido, da, a. Untan^t 

DesenseA&r, va. OiiitUe us.) To unlearu. 

Deeo.isill&r, va^ To unsaddlSL 

Desensoberbecerse, vr. To become bumble. 

DesensortU&da da, a. Uncurled. 

Desentablar, va. To take off planks; dis- 
turb; embroil, interrupt friendly inter- 
course, [bend a cable. 

Deeentalendb*, DescntallnfrAr, va. To un- 

Desentarquinir, va. To free a ditch from 

Desentenddrse, vr. To feign not to under- 
stand ; not to take notice. 

Desentendido, da, a. Unmindfril, pretend- 
ing ignorance. JTaoerM el (Uteidmdido^ 
To wink at a thing. [digs up. 

I>e6enterrad6r. «m. He who disinters or 

Desenterramiento, em. Disinterment 

DesenterHir, va. To unbnry, disinter ; reoall 
to memory; slander. [dead. 

Desentierramu^rtoa, snk Calumniator of the 

Deeentold&r, va. To take away the awning ; 
strip off ornaments. 

Desentonaddn, tf^. Dissonance. 

Desentonadam^nte, ad. Unharmonlously. 

Desenion&do, da, a. Out of tune, discordant 

Deeentonaml^nto, sm. Dissonance, discord. 

Deeenton&r, va. To bumble, wound the 
pride. — vn. To be out of tune. — vr. To 
speak in a rude or uncouth tone of voice. 

Desenti'ino, $m. Disharmony; a rude tone 
of voice. 

DesentiirntllAr, va. To unscrew. 

\>eBentorpeccr, va. To free from torpor; 
restore motion to torpid limbs. — vr. To 
become lively, smart [cerated. 

DesentraflAdo, da, a. Disemboweued, evis- 

DesentrafiAr, «a. To eviscerate; penetrate 


into the most dUBcult matters.— «}*. T< 
give away all one's fortune out of love. 

Deeentristeo6r, va. To banish sadness. 

Desentroniz^, va. Y. J>utronar. To de 
prive of power. 

Deeentnmeo6r, vr. To ft«e from numbness. 

Desentumir, v(k TV> fr^ee from torpor. 

Desenvain^, va. To nnabeath; expose tr 
view.— im. To strip, undress. [sails. 

Desenvelejir, va. To strip a vessel or hei 

Desenvendiiff, va. To take off fillets or 

DesenvergAr, va. (Nau.) To unbend a sail 

DeeenvoltCira, {^Sprightliness; el&onteiyi 
lewdness ; graoeftil delivery. 

Desenvolvedor, sm. Unfolder, investigator. 

Desonvolvte, va. To unfokl, unroll; up- 
ravel— w. To be forward. 

Desenvn61ta, a. Forward woman. 

Desenvneltamtete, ad. Impudently, licen- 
tiously: expeditiously. [oentiona. 

Desenvuelto, ta, a. Forward, impudent, U- 

Desenzarzir, va. To disentangle frxun bram- 

Dee6o, sm. Desire, wish, mind, liking, lust 
A' medida dd deaeo. According to one's 
wish. [eage£. 

Dese6eci, sa, a. Desirous, longing; greedy, 

Desequido, da, a. Drv. Y. BeaeqMo, 

Deseroi<Sn, ^ DesOTUon. 

Deserr^&r, vn. (Mex.) To break or forc« 
open. Xe d€9errc06 vn pUtoUtOMO^ Hh 
fired at him with apistol 

Deserter, va. To desert ; separate ; abandon 
Deiertarw <i. To &I1 over. 

DeBert6r, sm. Deserter; forsaken, ftigltive. 

Deservicio, 9m. Disservice; fiuilt 

De8ervid6r, sm. Ue who fiiils in serving 
another. [disserve. 

Deservir, va. Not to perform one's duty, to 

DeseeUibonar, va. To cut the links of a 

Desespald&r, va. To wound the shoulder. 

Dese^raci6n, ^f. Despondeney, despair, 
desperation ; displeasure, anger. E9 una 
dsaegperaeiony It is unbearable. 

Desesperadam^nte, ad. Despairingly; des- 
perately, madly. rhopeless. 

Deeesperado, da, A Deq>erBte, aespaired, 

Dbsesperido. 9m. Desperate, despaix«r. 

Desesperanzado, da. a. Hopeless. 

Deseq>eranzir, va. To deprive of hope. 

DesesperAr, vn. To despair.— 'CO. To make 
one de^air, deprive of hope.— vr. To de- 
spond; fret be grievously vexed. 

Desesterir, v€L To take off the mats. 

Deaest^ro, smw The taking off the mats, and 
the time to do it 

Desestima, ^ Y. J)M99tUnaoitm. 

DeeestimaeI6n, ^ DIsesteem, disrespect 

Desestimaddr, n, a. Oontemner, despiaer. 

Desestlm&r, va. To disregard, contemn. 

DeeestlvAr, va, (Nan.) To alter the stowan 

DesfkJ&r, va. To unglrd. \mb, 

DeefaJcAr, va. To deflitlcate, out off; pecn- 

DesftilcazAr, va. To untwist a rope, makt 
oakum. [peculatioiu 

Desi&ico, 9m, Diminution; defiUcatica 

DesfUleoAr, vn. To pine, fkll away ; Ikint— 
va. To weaken, debilitate. 

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DeiAUtocitete, pck Pinlog, luigaisbing. 

iHafhUedmiteto, m%, Langoor; dejection 
c^mind. [er. 

Des&Toreoedir, n, «. DlafcTorar ; oontemn* 

D«sikT<k', mn. Disfavor. [poee. 

Dc«&TOf«e^, va. To dlsfitvor: despise ; op- 

DeeflgnnusidDi << Debflgunmitoto, wk De- 
formatioD, dl^gontioii. 

Desflgnrar, «a. To disfigure, deform, spoil ; 
di^oise; misreprosent; cload.~-«r. To 
be dtsflgnred. 

Des^iir, mk To nnsettle, remoTeL 

DeafiUcUr, va Y. DetMUtchar, 

Desfilad^ro, »m. Defile. 

Desfll^. tm. To defile; march off by files. 

Desfledir, wi. To remove the flakes of wool 

Deeflemaddo, ^. Dephlegmation. 

Desflem&r, «a To dephlogmata-^m. To 

De^odo", va. To ravel out the ends of staff. 

Deaflorad^n, ^f. Defloration. 

Deaflonamitoto. rnn. YioUUon, ravishment 

Deaflorftr, «& To pnU op flowers; deflower, 
violate; tamiah. 

Desflorec^, vn. To lose the flower. 

Desfloredmiinto, am. Falling of flowers. 

Dedbgir.cOk To vent, open a draft; temper 
or moderate passion. — vr. To vent one's 
aoger. [▼^nt o' *> cannon. 

Desfogtm^, va. To widen or burst the 

DeefiWue, mn. The venting out of passion. 

Desfonon&r, va. To strip off useless leaves. 

Desfond&r, v<i. To take ofl; break, or pene- 
trate the bottom of a ship. 

Desfonn^, va. To disfigure, deform. 

DeelbrtaleoSr, %a. To dismantle a fortress. 

Desfk«u4r, va. To unbridle. T. De^enfr^ 

Deefrut&r, vo. To gather all the ftnit: ei^joy 
or to gain advantage; produce fruit; ex- 
haust a soil profit by. 

Deefk^te. am. Use, enjoyment 

Deefandir, va* V. Dt^enfwndar, 

Deegiire, am. A graceless mien; slovenli- 
oees; ecomftil gesture. M deagaire, 
Aflbctedly careless^ 

Deegidadm, ^. Tearing off a branch. 

Deegijir, va. To lop off the branches; 
braak in pieces. — vr. To be separated; 
be torn in piecesi. Dttga^arB* el cUlo^ 
To rain excessively. rplace. 

Desgalgad^ro, am. A rugged decllvons 

Deegalg^o, da,a. Precipitated ; light, thin. 

Desgalffi^, va. To predpitate; throw down 
headlong. , [aversion. 

DeegAna, 4/? Disgust, want of appetite; 

Desgan&r, va. To deprive of the wish of 
doing something. — rr. To do with re- 
luctance ; lose the appetite. 

Desganchir, va. To Inp off the branches. 

Deegaiiif&iae, Desgafllttoe, vr. To shriek, 

Deqpvgamfnido, da, a. (Frov.) T. Detidio- 
to and Mandria. [bawling. 

OaegaifantArae, vr. To become hoarse with 

De^a»ul4r, va. To shed the seed. 

Oeeianur, on. and vr. (Nau.) To lose the 
course; give up a design. 

JMegarradamtote, ad. unpudentlr bare- 


Desgarrido, da, a, Llcontioua, diasolata; 

De8garrad6r, ^^ a. Tearer. 

Desgarradura, iK Bent, laceration, break. 

Desgarr^, va. To rend, tear ; claw. — rr. To 
withdraw fhun one's company; giv% 
loose to one's passions. ' 

Desgurro, wm. Laceration, rent; efiP^ontcry; 
criminal levity ; fimfkronade, boast 

Desgarr6n, am. A large rent or hole ; pleca 
torn oft 

Desgast&r, va. To consume by degrees; 
corrode, gnaw; pervert — vr. To debili- 
tate one's self. [catmint 

Desgatir, va. To destroy cats; root out 

Desgaznatirse, vr. V. DesgahitarBe. 

Desglosir, va. To blot out a note or com- 
ment [comoient 

Desgl^se, 9m. Act of blotting out a note or 

Desgobern4do, da, a. Ill-governed, ungov- 
ernable, [in animala. 

Desgobemadtot, «^ Act of oonmiing a vein 

Desgobem&r, va. To disturb the order of 
government; misgovern; dislocate; bar 
a vein ; not to steer steadily. — vr. To af- 
fect ridiculous motions^ 

Desgobi6mo, am. Mismanagement, misgov- 
ernment; misrule; barring a vein. 

Desgoilet^, va. To break oflrthc neck of a 
bottie, tx, ; out off slopingly the fore part 
of a gown. [disjoint Aa 

Desgonz^, va. V. Desgoznar^^o unblnge, 

Desgorr^rse, vr. To pull off one's bonnet or 
hat [tor. 

Desgotdr, va. To drain off water. V. Ago" 

Desg6te, am. V. DsscoU. 

Desgozndr, va. To unhinge, dli^olnt — rr. 
To be dislocated; be torn in pieces; dis- 
tort the body with violent motions. 

Desgr&da, ^. Misfortune, adversity; en-, 
mlty : unpleasantnesa. Correr con £f«a- 
(rra<;id, To be unfortunate. Casrende<i- 
grada. To be disgraced. Rii^pily. 

Desgradadamdnte, ad. Unfortunatelv, un- 

DesgradAdo, da, a. Unfortunate, unlucky, 
miserable; outoflhvor; ungratefhl. 

DesgradAr, vn. V. Malograr. — vr. To dis- 
nacQ, Ihll out with one ; be out of order ; 
degenerate; be unfortunate. 

Desgr^o, da, a. Degraded. A' d^grado^ 
Grievously, degraalngly. [the root 

Deagram&r, va. To pull up panic-grass by 

Desgran&r, va. To get out tne grain f^om 
the ear; kill ; scatter about — vr. To wear 
away. [the grain. 

Desgranzfir, va. To separate the chaff fh)m 

DeegreflAr, va. To dishevd the hahr; dis- 
compose, disturb. 

Desguamec^, va. To strip off trimmings ; 
deprive of atrength ; unharness ; disarm; 

Deeguamlr, va. (Nau.) To unrig the capstan. 

Desguaziir, va. To cut asunder timber or 

Desguince, am. The knifo which cuts ra^i 
In paper-mills. 

DesguindAr, vet. (Nau.) To take and briag 
down.— «r. To slide down by a n»pe. 

Desguinz^, va. To cut rags In paper-mlDii 

Desbabltddo, da, a. Uninhabited, deserted. 

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OosbabiUur, «a. To qnit one's boose; de- 

DoBhabitiuiddxi, ^ Disuse, dlsosago. 

DeshabitoAr, va. To disaocastom, disuse. 

Desbaceddr, 9m. Undoer. 

Deshaodr, «a. To undo, destroy; consume; 
cancel; eflSace; rout; molt; cut up; lesson; 
discbarse troops. — vr. To grioTe; excuse 
one's self} disappear; mollify; ^ow fee- 
ble. Dewacerae en l&grimaa^ To burst 
Into tearSb Dethacer agratfios^ To re- 
venge or redress ij\|uries. Deehcteensdet 
To ffot rid oC [nitnre. 

Dosbalniar, vo. To unftimisb, deprire of tar- 

D^hdluo, sm. Cutting of diy boney-combs. 

Desbarrap4do, da, a. Shabby, ragged, in tat- 

De9harrapami6nto, em. Misery, meanncssi 

DeshebilUir, va. To unbuckle. 

Deshebr^, va. To unthread ; separate into 
filaments; shed a flood of tears. 

Desh6eha, 4/f Fiction, evasion ; a polite fare- 
well ; burden of a song; step in a dance. 
A* la dsshecha, Diasemblingly ; deceit- 

Deehecbiz&r. to. To disenchant 

Desli6cho. cna, a. Undone, destroved, wast- 
ed; melted, ^rrcwca cfMA^fcAo, A vio- 
lent tempest i^a (£MA«oAa^ A precip- 
itate flight 

Desheldr, tta. To thaw; overcome one's ob- 
stinacy. — cr. To thaw: melt pierbs. 

Desherb&r, im. To pluck up or extirpate 

Desheredaci6n, qf. Disheritance, disinherit- 

DesheredamiSnto, 9m. Disinheriting. 

Deshereddr, 90. To disinherit; deprive of 
influence. — or. To degenerate. 

Desherman&r, va. To unmatcli. — vr. To vio- 
late brotlierly love. 

Desherradiira, »f. (Voter.) Surbating, li\jury 
done by being unfhod. [horse-shoes. 

Deehorru-, vo. To unchain; take off the 

Desherrumbr^ va. To clear a thing of rust 

Deshi^o, am. Thaw. 

Deshilach4r, va. To ravel. Tcoooons. 

Deshiladiz, 8m. (Prov.) Befhso of silk, or 

DeehiliUlo, sm. Open work, embroidery. 

DeshilAdo, da, a. Marching in a file. A' la 
dMkOada, In file, stealthily ; deceitfully. 

Deshiladiira, •/: Bipping, ravelling out 

Dcahll&r, va. To ravel; oonvert into fila- 
ments; distract bees. 

Deshilo, 9m, Forcing bees to another hive. 

Deshincad&ra, ^ Un&steniniE, unnailing. 

Deshindlr, va^ To draw a naU ; unftsten. 

Deshinchaidfira, 6f. Abating a swelling. 

Deahindiir, va. To reduce a swelling; ex- 
plain the cause of one'a displeasure. — or. 
To be removed ; abate. 

Desholaddr, 9m, A stripper of leaves. 

Deshqj4r, vck To strip off the leaves: dis- 
play rhetorical elegance ; deprive of hope. 

Dosholl^dr, va. To peel, pare, strip off the 
busk. [brush; examine carefully. 

DesholUnaddr, «m, Qiixnoev-e weeper; soot- 

Peehollin^, va. To sweep chimneyis ; change 
clothes; examine attentively. 

Peshombrec^rse, or. (I*rov.)To ihrug up the 


[ ' '■ • ■ « ■ ■ ■ ■» 

Deshonestamdnto, ad. Dishonorably; lewd* 
ly. [form. — or. To be Insolent, san<7; 

Deshcnestdr.oa. To dishonor, disgrace; da* 

Deshonestid^l, ^ Immodesty, indeoency; 
lewdness; dishonesty. 

Deshon^sto, ia, a, Inunodeet, unchaste lewd; 
unreasonable; saucy. [insolt 

Deshondr, 9m. Dishonor, disgrace; Iqjufyi 

Desh6nra. 9/. Dishonor, disgrace; seductioii. 

Deshonraou6nos, 9m. Calumniator, libeller; 
degenerate. rsluunefhlly. 

Deshonradamtote, ad. Dishonorably, 

Deahonraddr, 9m. Dishonorer, seducer; dis* 
gracor. [duceb 

Deshonrftr, va. To aflVont; dishonor; se> 

Deshonrdso, sa, a. Dlshonon^le, indecent, 

Deshdra, ^ An unseasonable time. A'd^^* 
hora or & de9hora9^ Unseasonably; ex- 

Deshomir, oo. To take out of the oven. 

Deshospodami^nto, «m. Inhospitall^. 

Dcshucs^, va. To bone; rid of bones. 

DeshumAno, na, a. (Little u&) Inhuman. 

Deshumedec6r, va. and vr. To dry; exaie 

Dosiderdble, a. Desirable^ 

Desidia, ^f. Idleness, laziness, indolence. 

DosldiosamSnte, ad. Indolently, idly. 

Do6ldi6so, sa, a. Lazy, idle, indolent 

Desidrto, ta, a>. Deserted, uidnhabited, wasta 

Desi^rto, 9m. Dee^t wilderness. 

Deslgnacidn, 9j^ Designation. [name. 

Designdr. va. To design, purpose; appoint; 

Designadvo, va, a. (Little us.) Designative. 

Designio, 9m. Design, intention; road. 

DosiguiU, a. Unequid, unlike; uneven, crag- 
gy; arduous; excessive^ 

Designalir, va. To make unequal, mismatch, 
—or. To excel, surpass. 

Desigualddd, DeslgualSza, «/ Inequality; 
inconstancy; wronz; unevennesa. 

Desigualmtote, ad. Unequally, oddly. 

Desima^ndr, va. To blot out from the mind. 
— on. To bo unconcerned. 

Desimprosiondr, va. To imdeceive. 

Deainclinir, oo. To disincline^ 

Dosincorpordrse, vr. To separate one's sell 
fh>m socie^. [efface marks. 

Desindici&r, va. (Little us.) To blot out or 

Desintoda, ^ Termination, end. 

Desinfloiondr, va. To disinfect 

DesInflamAr, va. To remove inflammation. 

Desinsaculaoidn, 9f, Act of drawing lota. 

DestnsacuUr; Desinseciriir, oo. To draw Iota. 

Desinter6^ Desinteresamidnto, 9m, Disin- 

DesinteresadamSnte, ad. Disinterestedly. 

Desintereaddo^ da, a. 'Disinterested, impar- 
tial, fintestince. 

Desintestindr, va. To eviscerate, extract tha 

Desist^Sncia, if. Y. J>99i9timUnto. 

Desistimi^to, 9m, Desistance, cessation. 

Deslstir, vn. To desist; leave off give up. 
ljarretad6ra,«/CHoughing-knlfb. [ea. 
Jarretdr, va. To hough, hamstring; WMk* 
jarrite, 9m. Aot of hooghtng. [thlB^ 
Jng&r, va. To extract the Juice from anj 
Juntami^nto, <m. Separation, di^unn 

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Dedant^, co^ To divide, separate, part 
Z>eflai«r, to, To retract on oath. 
I>e6Uboiiiu>, CO. To unlink, separate; do- 

strcrr. — vr. To withdraw, retire. 
DcsladriUir. to. V. DMefdadriaar. 
Deslaniir, tao. To clear of mud. 
DesIaatHr, va. To nnballast a ship. 
Deslatir, to. To take oat the latlis. 
DeBtsrido, da, a. Impadent, barelkced. 
Destavadi^ ^ Wa«bing. 
DesIaTib-, DeelaTazir, va. To wash; wet; 
loat C^ac2e«?aea<fa,Apale,panj' 

Deelazamidnto, «m. Dli^unctlon, dissolation. 

Dealazir, eo. To unlace, nntie. 

DesleAl, a. Dlslml ; perfldions, fldthlesa. 

I>e6lealm6nte, ad. Disloyally, treacheronslj. 

Deeleait^ ^. Disloyalty, treachery, perfidy. 

Deelechir, wi. To remove the leaves firom 

Desl^cho, wn. Act of cleansing silk-worms. 

Deslediogad^, mt, Yine-dresser, proner. 

Deelechngftr, Deslechuguillar, vo. To prone. 

DesIeidAra, ^ Dilation, making tliln or 
weak. [dissolTO. 

Dee!efr. t7& To dilate, make thin or weak, 

De6lendr&r,-vo. To clear the liair of nltSL 

Deslengnido, ^ a. Loqaacions, impadent, 
Benri11oa& [dence. 

Deslengnami^nto, mu Loonacity, impn- 

Deslenga^, i»z. To cat oat the tongae. — vr. 
To t^ ill of, Blonder. 

Desli&r, «a. To nntle, loose. 

Desligadtira, af, Di^anction, nntring. 

Deslig^, c& To loosen, untie ; disentangle ; 
absolve from eodeslitftical censare. 

Dedlndad^r, am. He who marks boandaries. 

DeeUndnmirato, tm. Demarcation. 

Deslindir, to. To mark limits; clear np. 

Deslinde, tnt. Dernaroation. 

DealiiUr, va. To clean cloth before press- 

j>eBliz, tm. 81ip« slipping; a ftlse step, flialt; 
waste of quicksilver m smelting. 

Deslizible, a. That which can slip or slide. 

Deslizad^To, am. A slippery place. 

Deslizadizo, za, a. Slippery, slippy, lubriooua. 

Deelizami^to, am. Blip, slipping. 

Desliz^, tm. To slip, slide; act carelessly. 

DesIomadAra, af. Act of breaking the back. 

Deslomir, txk To break the back, strain the 
loins. A^M<f«s2&mardi, He will not over- 
work himselt [gantly. 

Deslacidam^nte, ad. Ungracefhlly, inele- 

Deslnddo, da, a. Unadorned, awkward; 
nselesB. [dor. 

Deslacimi^nto. am. Disgrace, want of splen- 

Deslucir, to. To tarnish. (Met) To obscure 
one> merit [(]az^in<r; hallucination. 

Deslumbramicnto, DeslAmbre, am. Glare; 

Dcelnmbi^, «a. To dazrie the sight; pazzle. 

De6lastrad6r, «m. Tftmisher. 

Detlnstr^, to. To tarnish; obscure; blast 
oiie*8 reputation. [cominy. 

Deslfistre, am. Spot or stain; disgrace, ig- 

DeshisMso, sa, a. Unbecoming, ugly. 

Dcamittlejamionto, am, Languishment, Ian- 

DesmadeJ^, «a. To enervate, produce lan- 
guor. — vr. To languish, be enervated. 


Desm^ol^, va. To root up \'lnes; looses 

the shoestrings. [mall. 

Desmalhid^r, am. He who breaks a coat ol 
DeemaUad&ra, ^ Breaking a coat of mail 
DesmalUr, va. To destrov a coat of mail. 
Deemam^, «a. Y. DeaMar. 
Desmamon^r, va. To cut off young shoots. 
DesmAn, am. Mlsfbrtone, disaster; naisbe> 

Desman&rse, tfr. To stray fr(»n a flock or herd. 
Dosmand^a da, a. Y. Deaobedienta. 
Deemandami6nto, am^ Countermanding; 

disorder, irregularity. 
Des m andA r , «a.To countermand ; to revok* 

a l^;a<nr.— or. To transgress the bounds; 

dislMmd; go astray. 
Desmaneib:. «& To unfotter. 
Desmangamli&nto, DesmAnguo, am. Taking 

off the handle. [thing. 

Desmang^, «a. To take off the handle of a . 
Deemanotido, da, a. Unhandy, awkward. 
Desmanteodr, «a. To take off the butter. 
Deemantelido, da, a. Dismantled, ruinous. 
Desmantel^, co. To dismantle; forsake; 

DesnUUia,^ Clumsiness; idleness, lazinean 
DesmaflMo^ da, a. Unhandy, clumsy; lazy, 

idle. \maraflar» 

Desmarafi&r, «aw To disentangle. Y.Deaai^ 
Desmarojad^r, am. He who takes off the 

rind of olives. 
Desmaroi&r, do. To take the rind from olives^ 
Desmarndo, da, a. Sad, d^e<^ted, exhausted. 
Desmatiir, «a. Y. J>aacu<Mar. 
Desmayadam^nte, ad. Weakly, dejectedly. 
Desmayiklo, da, a. Swooned; pale, wan; 

Desmay&r, vn. To be dispirited or feint- 
hearted. — va. To dismay, depresa.--«r. To 

feint, swoon. [dismay. 

Desmdyo, am. Swoon: decay of strength* 
Desmazali^do^ da, a. weak, d^ected, spirit 

Desmedldamtote, ad. Disproportionably. 
Desmedido, da, a. Unpropornonable. 
Desmedirse, vr. Y. Daamandaraa and SX' 

cadaras. [impair, deteriorate. 

Desmedr^, vn. To decrease, decay.— ©a. To 
De8m6dro, am. Diminution, decay, detri* 

mcnt \vr. To decay, decline. 

Deamejorir, ta. To debase, make worse.— 
Dearaelancolizur, va. To cheer, enliven. 
Dosrael^, va. To take the honey ftom a 

Desmelendr, va. To dishevel, diacompoee 

the hair. [memberment, divlHon» 

Desraembraci6n, DesmembradAra, ^. Di»» 
Deemembraddr, ra, a. Divider, one who dJs* 

Desmembramidnto, «nk Dismemberment 
Desmembrdr, va. To dismember; eeparatei 

Deememorldrse, vr. To be (brgetAU, forget 
DesmenguAr, va. To lessen ; defelcatei Y. 

Deementida, af. The act of giving the lie. 
Deementiddr, am. He who ccnvicts of • 

felschood. [mvpMt 

Deementir, va. To gtvo the lie: ooanteiMt 
Dcsmenazible, a. Brittle, easily erambled. 

Digitized by VjjOOQIC 

tnmn«nia$d6Tt r», «. A seratator or inyaiti* 

Dasmenuz&r, ro. To oramble ; examine mi- 
natelj.^-vr. To cramble» fall into mall 

DesineoIlATf t>a. To take oat the marrow. 
Desoiereced6r, $m. An anworthv, unde- 

Bonrfiig petaon. X^^^^y* 

Desmerecer, va. To demerit, become un- 
De&meredmi^nto, am. Demerit, onworthi- 

neae. (lenoe. 

DeameaArBf ^/T Exoees; impudence, inao- 
Desmosumdamdnte, ad. Inuneasorably. 
Desroeenr^o, da, a. Immeasorable ; bnge. 
Deemestth^, va. To disorder, pertnrbate.— 

vr. To be forward, be impadent 
Deemlgi^j^, «a. and vr. To crumble, com- 

DeemlgAr, va. To crumble bread. 
De8mlnuir,oci.Todiroiniah. Y.JHwUnudr. 
Deamirriido, da, Ow Lean, exhausted ; melan- 

DeamiKjha, ^ Lopping or cutting off; dim- 
Desmoch&r, wl To lop off, mutilate ; unborn. 
De8m6cb^ rnn. Truncation, mtftilation. 
Desoidcho, enu Heap of tilings lopped or 

Deamogte, wi. To cast the horns, as deer. 
Desii)6gue, am. Aot< of casting the horns, in 

deer. [grlnden. 

DesmoUdo, da, a. Toothleea, having no 
Deemontiu', va. To dismount; Csll wood; 

uncock fire-arms.— -on. To dismount, 

alight [a wood. 

Desm^nte, am. Felling of timber; clearing 
DesinoftAr, va. To undo or looson the hair. 
DesmorAlizacl6n, ^ Demoralization, cor- 
ruption, [praved. 
Derimoralizido, da, cu Domoralixed, de- 
Desmomliztlr, va. To demoralize, corrupt 
Desnioronadizo, za, a. Easily mouldered. 
Deemoron4r, va. To destroy by little and 

little ; cause to dwindle. — vr. To moulder, 

faU. [the grapes. 

DesmoetAr. «a. To separate the must fh>m 
Deamotadera, »f. Woman employed to take 

off knots and coarse naps from cloth. 
Desmotaddr, ra, «. Person employed in 

taking off knots from cloth. 
Desmour, va. To dear cloth of knotai 
Desmuilo, am. Want or loss of grinders. 
Desmugerir, va. To separate fh>m a wife. 
Desmugraddr, am. Instrument to clean wool 

ofgrease. [grease. 

Desmu^&r, va. To clean wool or cloth o 
Desmnir, va. To pick olWea. 
jesmnlln^ va. To discompose any thing soft 
Oesmuraddr, am. A mouaer, cat [wallsu 
Desmurir, va. To exterminate rats; ruin 
Desnarigido, da, a. Noseless. 
Desnarigar, va. To cut off the nose, 
ttosnatitr, va. To skim milk; take the 

choicest part Dwruitarlahadtiida^To 

live itfion the fkt of the land. 
Desnatorallziir, «a. To disnaturalize, make 

a1ien.-H»». To abandon ona'a country. 
Desnerr&r, va. To enervate. 
DesnevAdo, da-O. Thawed. 
OoaneTir, va. To thaw, dissolve. 


DeenlvA', am. Unevennesa, inequality. 

DesnivcUr, va. To make uneven or an 

Desnovlir, va. To separate a newly married 
couple. [the nape. 

Deanuc4r, eo. To break the neck, di^oial 

Desnudad6r, mn. One that denudes. 

Desnudamtote, aJU Nakedly ; manifestly. 

Desnud4r, va. T<> denude, strip off, fleece; 
discover, reveal: unrig.— cr. To undresa 
deprive one's sJf of a thlog. 

Deanudcz, ^. Nudity, nakedness. 

Desnudo, da, a. Naked, bare; pUiin,evidcsii' 

Desnudo, am. A nude picture or statuo. 

Desobedecur, va. To disobey. 

DeeobedeclmiC'nto, Mt. Disobedience; con- 
tempt of court 

Desobedlencla,q< Disobedience, lawleasneii. 

Desobedl6nte, pa. Disobedient 

Deeobedientemcnte, ad. Disobediently. 

Deeobllg^r, va. To release from an obliga- 
tion ; disoblige, offend, provoke. 

Desobstrudnto, a. and a. (Med.) Deobetment 

Deeobatrulr. va. (Med.) To deobstruct 

DesocupadOn, ^f. Lelsurejvant of bn^essi 

Desocnpadam^nte, ad. Deliberately, lei- 

Desocupfir, va. To evacuate, onlt, empty.— 
vr. To disengage one's self from bnsliiesa, 

Desoir, va. To pretend not to bear. 

DesqjAr, va. To break tlie eye of a needle.— 
vr. To strain the sight; look intently. 

Desolacl6n, ^ Desolation, fkll ; want ox con* 

Desolado, da, a. Desolate, disconsolate. 

DeaolAr, va. To desolate, lav waste ; hbrass. 

Desolladamonte, ad. (ColL) Impudently 
petulantly. [lent 

Desolludo, da, a. Forward, Impudent inso 

Desollador, am. Flayer; slaughter-house 

Desolladura, tjf. Excoriation. 

Deeolliir, va. To llav, skin, excoriate ; extort 

Desollinad6r, am. V. DemolUnador. 

Desollinur, co. Y. DeshoUinar, 

Desoll6n, am. V. De^oUadura. [pound. 

Desonce, am. Discount of an ounce in each 

Desonzar, va. To deduct an ounce In tht 

Desopilur^ va. To clear awar obstmctlonflL 

Desopllativo, va, a. Deoppilative, deobstra* 
ent [dcfiuneL 

DesoplnAr, «a. To Impeach one*a character, 

Desoprimu*, va. To free ttom oppression. 

Dosdrden, mm. Disorder, oonfUslon ; excea^ 
abuse. Iftrdefi, 

De8ordenaci6n, 4^ Dlsordcrodnossw ¥./>«•• 

Desordenadamunte, ad. Dlsordcrlv, Irregu- 
larly, [licentioiu^ 

Desordenfido, da. a. Dlsonlcriv, Irregular; 

Desordendr, va. To dljM»nler, disturb, con- 
found, confriso. — er. To exceed; be Itrog* 

Desorcjad^r. ra, «. EarKTopncr. 

Desorgamiunto, a»t. Cr«)pping the earn 

Desor^tir, va. To crop tlie cam 

Dcsoipmizacl6n, ^f. Disorganizailoik 

Desorganlzador, am. Disorganizor. 

Desorganlzdr, va. To disorganize. 

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DMoricnOdo, da, a, Torned from the right 
dirtotioii. [astray. 

Deaorient^, va. To deprlre of yooth ; tarn 

DeaorliUr, vo. To cat off the selvage. 

DeaortQado, da. a Sprained. 

Desonyar, fta. To hoe plants the first time. 

Heeoaor, imx. To bone« deprive of the bones. 

Desovar, va. To spawn. [Ing. 

Dea6T«L aiNk Bpawniog; the timeof spawn- 

DesovlU4r, to. To unclew; onravel; en- 

I>espAbilad6ra8, ^.jpl. Snofforsw 

Deapabilido, da, a. Snoffod; watchlhl ; smart 

I>e^abllad6r, sm. fkindle^naflSBr. 

DeepoMtedftra, »f. BnoJTof the candle. 

D«ap«bilAr, va. To snoff a candle; cat off; 
dispatch; rouse; kill. Despabiiar lo$ 
c^ok. To Iceep a sharp lookout. Drnpabi- 
lor M ingmiio^ To eharpea the wiL— «r. 
To vake from slomber. 

Despacbadiraa, ^ o^ Sari j words In answer. 

Deapachaddr, am. jBxpediter. 

Deepachir, «& To dispatch, expedite; lav 
br, diqiose oil Dmpaciuwvn, barco. To 
Clear a vessel at the costom-booae.— «r. 
To aeoeleratei make haste. 

Desp4eth», •m>. Expedient; dispatch; eas- 
tern; office, coonting-hoaae. Despaoho 
dscoeke»<i(fic(mUnoit>^p6ti oommUiSlon, 
patent; a snuut answer. Seor^tario del 
dsspacho. Secretary of state. 

Despachanido, da, a. Pressed together. 
Zft;^ d uno demaokurrado^ To leave 
one atapefled. A un detpaohurradOj 
He is a ridicaloaB fellow. 

Dcapachorrir, tio. To press together, crash ; 
olMcare by a bad explanation ; confoand 
by a smart repartee. [oontinaaliy. 

DespMo, <ut Slowly, lelsorelv; Insensibly; 

Despado, interi Softly, gentlv. 

Deapadto, ad. Yerv gently, softly; lelsarely. 

De^acito, iwUrj. Gently I stop a little I 

Desp4ad&ra, «/: Winnowing. 

Oeepafiir, va. To winnow. 

DespAo, mn. Winnowing. 

Despaidib', va. and r. V. DespaldiUar and 

0M]^kl(UlUjr«aTo dislocate.— «r. To dis- 
locate oae*s shoalder-blade. [yard. 

Despalmaddr, am. Careening-plaoe, dock- 

Despahnir, va, (Hao.) To grave ; pare off a 
horse's hoot 

Dcspampanaddr, 9m. Praner of vines. 

Despampanad&ra, «/! Act of pruning vines. 

Despampanir,«a. To prone vines; onbosom, 
give vent to one's feelings. 

DMpan^^ da. a. Breadlee& 

Despan^ va. To remove the reaped grain. 

De8pancQ4r, Deapanzorribr, va. To burst 

I>eepap4r, vn. To carry the head too high. 

Desi«arcir, va^ (Prov.) To scatter, dissemi- 
nate, [anlike or dissimilar. 

despar*-**-, Vfi. To msc^pear. — vr. To be 

DesfNu^ir, va. To make uneqoal or un- 

Desparp^jMo, da, a. Pert, petolant 

I>esparpi\}ib-, «a To ando in a disorderly 
oianner ; rant, prattle at random, tlon. 

Deaparp^ tm, PertKaas of speech or ao- 


Desparrankkio, da, a. Wide, open 
Desparramaddr, ra, a. Dlspersor, prodigal 

Desparramiir, va. To scatter; squander 

lavish. — vr. To be dissipated. 
Despartid6r, sm. Pacificator. 
Deapartir. va. To part, divide; conciliate. 
Desparvir, va. To unstack sheaves to be 

Despasar. to. (Nan.) To unreove; shift 
Despatarrada, ^ Variety in the Spanish 

dance. Uacer la d^»patarradayTo a^ 

feet disease; feign death. 
DespatarrMo, da, a. Quedar despatarrO' 

do, To leave one astonished. 
Despatarrdr, «& To silence, oblige one to 

be silent^— rr. To slip and JhU on tho 

ground ; to be stupefied. 
D^patill^. va, TOjCToove or mortise. 
Despavesaaiira, 9f, The act of snaffing. 
Deepavesar, va. To snaff the candle. 
Despavorklam^nte, ad, Terrifledly, agbaat 
Despavorir, vn. and r. To bo terrified. 
I>espead6ra,^8urbating; foundering. 
Despeaml<^to, mn. Act of surbating. 
Despedr, va. To fbunder. — vr. To surbate. 
Despeohadam^nte, ad. Angrily, spitefully. 
Despt»ciiad6r, am. Extortioner, tormentor, 

oppressor. [overburdening. 

DuipechamlSnto, mn. Act of enraging or 
Despech^, va. To enrage ; overwhelm wltli 

taxes.— «r. To ftet, be peevish ; lose all 

Despecho, am. Indignation ; asperity ; 8pite : 

d^ection, desptJr: disrespect; deceit*, 

derision, scorn. A despaJio^ In spite o£ 
Despechngadura, «< (Jncuvering the breast 
Despecbi^C^. va. To cut off the breast of a 

fowL — vr. To walk with the breast open. 
Deepedazaddr, ra, «. Dissector, laceratw, 

Deepedazad6ra, ^ Y. DetpedatamUnto. 
Deeuedazamlento, Sfik Laceratioa; man- 
Despedazib', va. To cut Into bits, Umb, 

daw; lacerate, mangle. Desptdatar^ 

de riwz, To burst Into a fit of laughter. 
Despedida, ^. Leave-taking, fkreweU ; turn- 
ing a lod^r out ; dismission. 
Despedimionto, am. Y. Pespedida. 
Deepedir, va. To discharge, dart; dismiss; 

deny ; pay off a ship's crew. Despedir 

la vida^ To die.— or. To take leave. 
Despedrir, va. (Prov.) Y. Deapedrtgar. 
Despedreffir, va. To dear a place of stonca 
De4>eg4ble, a Dissoluble, dissolvlble. 
Despegadam^te, od. Boughly, harshly. 
Despegido, da, a. Bough, morose; disgufit- 

Ing; separated. 
Despegadura, nf. Dissolving, separating. 
Despegami6nto, am. Y. Deaapego. 
Desp^r, «a. To unglue, separate, dit^oln. 

DttrjpMar lo$ laMoa, To speak.— 4?r. To 

grow displeased, be sullen. [coldneea 
Desp^^ am. Moroseness; displeasure; 
Despemar, va. To entangle: applied to th« 

hair. [ly, free^. 

Deq>^adam6nte, ad. Expoditloasly, retdl- 
Desp^&dcL da, a. SprLrhtly, dexterous 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


Dmpt^ir, to. To remoye lmp«dlinent& 

lM^0n> la BcUa^ Clear the room.— vr. 

To cbeor ap, amnse one^selC J)«Bp&- 

jar96 el cielo^ To become clear ureatber. 
iMsp^o, tin. BemoTlngob^^es; yiradty, 

grace, caae. 
Deapell^adAra, «(! Seratcbf a altgfat uroond. 
Despellcjir. vcu To skin. Despellejar un 

cort^o^ To uncase a rabbit 
Despelotir, vo. To dishevel the hair. 
Deq>elQzaml6nto, am. Act of making the 

hair stand on end. 
Deepelnz^r, Despelnznir, va. To make the 

hair stand on end. [of death. 

Despenaddra, «/ A woman easInR the pain 
Despen^r, vo. To reUevo from pain. 
Despendeddr, ra, «. SpendthrUl, prodigal, 

]>e8pend6r, txt. To spend, wasto, squander. 
Deep6naB, af. Pantrv, larder; store of pro* 

visions; bntlorshtp: any Inferior drink. 
Despens^ro, ra, «. JiuUer, caterer; steward; 



Despefiadamdnte, ad. Predpltatelr. 

Despefiaddro, «7K Precipice; a bold 
taking. none. 

Deepefiaddro, ra, a. Steep, precipitous, boad- 

Despefiadizo, za, a. Steep, precipitous; slip- 

DespofiAr, 1HL To precipitate.— «r. To throw 
one^ self headlong: 

Desp^fio, Despefiamltoto, sm. A precipitate 
fiul; destruction of character; diarrhoea. 

Despepit^rse. «r. To speak or act rashly; 
wish eagerly. 

Despercudir. va. To clean what Is greasy. 

DesperdldMO, da, a. Wasted, squandered. 

DesperdidadOT, ra, «. Spendthrift squan- 

Desperdidir, wk To scnander, miamend. 

Despordido, am. Prodigality; residuum; 

Desperdl(riir, eo. To separate^ dl^oin, soatter. 

Deepereoorse, «r. To crave, desire eagerly. 
Daapereeerae ds riaOf To laugh heartily. 

DeeperezArse, «r. To stretch one^ limb& 

Desperdzo, am. Y. Eapermo, 

Desporftliir, «A To soften the lines of a 
painting.— vr. To lose the posture of a 

DespemMa, e^ A motion in dandng. 

Despemido, da, a. Weaiy. Iktigued, thvd. 

DespemAr, fo. To cut off or prevent the 
use of the legs. [one stroke. 

Desperpentir, txr. (Prov.) To cut off with 

Despertaddr, ra, a, Awakener; alarm-bell. 

Oespcrtamidnto, snk Awakening; excita- 

Dcsoert^, va. To awake; exdte; enliven; 
call to recollection. — m» To awake; re- 

Despeetafitoo, to. To pluck out the eye- 
lashes. — or. To look stoadfiistly; apply 
one's self attentively. 

Despexib*, wu To dispose stones at a proper 
distance; thin the end. 

Demdzo, am. Diminution cf one end of a 
tube.--^ Joinirg-lkcee. 

DespesonAr, DO. Tc cut off the end, oreak off 
the stalk ; separate.— or. To break ofll 


DespicAr, wk To satisQr, gratify.— or. Tl 

take revenge. 
DespicaraxAr, oo, To begin to pick the flg& 
Deepichir, «a. To pick grapes ; expd iboIs(> 

ure; die. 
Despidida, 4/:jnE*rov.) Outter. 
Despldo, am. DiqMtch ; dtemlssaL 
Despiertamtote, ad. Acutely, liveUly. 
Despidrto, ta, a. Awake; watchftd: strong; 

lively. [another. 

De^i^xo. am. Juncture of one stone oa 
DespiUkntuiamAnte, ad. Wastefhlly; alov- 

enlv. [squandered 

DespilAurrido, da, a. Bagged, In tatters.— « 
Desplllhrrir, oo. To destroy with slovenll- 

nees, squander. 
DespiU&rro, am.. SlovenUnees; waste. 
Despinees, am. ol. Tweezera. Y. Pinaaa. 
Despintir, «mIi.To elhce what is painted; 

mislead. — vn. To degMierate^— «r. To mis- 
take the card. 
Despinzad^ rf. Woman that picks the 

knots off cloth.— iTi. Tweezers. [doth. 
Despinzio', oo. To pick off the knots fh>ni 
Despinzaa, tf.pLY. Pinaa*. 
Despiojdr, va. To deao of lice; trim oi 

drees, relieve. 
De8piqu^ am. Yengeanoe, revenge, spite. 
DespiritiMo, da, a. Lanould, spiritleo. 
Deepizcir, oo. To comminntek— or. To make 

the utmost exertions. [ligation. 

Desplao6r, am. Displeasure, disgust, dlsob* 
Desplac6r, oa. To displease, disgust 
Desplantaddn, tf. Eradioation, displantatlon. 
DespUmt&r, oo. To eradicate.— or. To lose 

one^ erect posture. 
Despltete, am. An oblique posture in fbndn^ 
DesplatAr, oo. To separate silver. 
Desplite^ am. The act of separating silver. 
Desplayar, on. To retire fh>m the ahore. 
Desplegad6ra, s/ Explication, eluddation. 
DespIegAr, oo. To unfold, di^lay, lay out; 

exDlain. (Nan.) To unfkirl. 
DespMgo, am. Open dedaration, explan*> 

Desplegnete&r, to. To remove the folds fh>m 

the tendrils. 
Deeplomir, oa To foroe out of plumb.— or. 

To bulge out: fUl flat 
Deepl6mo, am. The bulging out of a waU. 
Desplumadfira, «^ D^lomation. 
Desplum^, oo. To deplume, strip off ibrth 

ers; despoil of property. 
Deepoblad6n, Deroobl^da, af. Depopnlatlon 
DespobUdo, am. Desert, an uninhabited 

place; deJMpulated. 
Despoblad6r, am. Depopnlator, dispeoples 
DMpobUfffOOwTodepopuhite; doepoiL-.«r 

To become deiorted. 
Despdaddr, nL*. Despofler, spoiler. 
Deeimj^, o& To despoil or strip; fleece 

abridge; dlsmissL— or. To nndrass; r» 

linquish, fbrsakeu 
De6p^o,«nK Despoliation; plunder, spoils 

slouffh, the skin of a serpent; head, pluck, 

and net of animals.—^ Giblets; relies. 
DespolvAr, va. To remove the dust 
Despolvoreir, oa. To dust; separate, dlssl 

pate; sprinkle. 
DAspon^rB^ Tr. To cease laying eggik 

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D— portfllir, «& To break the neck of a 

Vmpoa&iOt d^ia^ Huid-cnffed. 

DmpoB&Ft «& To nurry, betroth, match.— 
«r. To be betrothed or married ; be paired. 

Deqpoee^r, «a. To diapoaeeea, to oust 

DeapoeeimUntQ, mn. DisposMesiozi. 

Deapo06rlo, mn. A matoal promise of mar- 

DiqwCa, sm* A despot 

Dwpdticam^nte, cuL Despotically. 

Deapdtloo, ca» a. Despotic, deepoticaL 

Z>e»^qii6a| ^. Deapotio povirer; pride, 

Daqpotiamo, sm. Deq>otlsm, abaoloteneaa. 

Dfl^trlcir, 9H. To talk inconaiderately. 

Deqyreeiible, a. Gontemptible, despicable, 
lowlj. rsoomer. 

Deq>redad6r, ra, «. Depreeiator, despiser, 

De^redir, «a To depreciate, despise, re- 
ject [dispraiae. 

Deaprido. tnK Disregard, soom, contempt; 

Deqirendar^jtNi. To onfiuten, loose^ separ- 
ata.— irr. To slTe way; extricatu oiie*8 
self; to get rial [est^dness. 

DeBprmdimitoto. tm. Alienation, disinter- 

*" 'lo, da, a. Unpr<yadioed, unpre- 

Deq)reocnpir, «a. To nnpreposseaa. 
Dea p revendAn, 4A Improvidence, impro- 

DeqweTeoldamtote, ad, Improvidently. 

Deq>reYettkU>, da, a. Unprovided ; improvi- 

Deqwopord^ ^ Disproportion ; disparity. 

Desprt^Kyrdooadam^nte, odL Diq>roportion- 
alMj. [nnbeoomtng. 

Despropordonldo, dSjOw Disproportionate, 

DespfTopoMionir, «a. To disprop<»tlon. 

Deq>r(^odt(Ulo, da. a. Absord. 

DespropMto, an. Absordlty, oddity. 

Deqyroveto, vcl To deprive of provisions. 

Desprovddamtote, ad, Improvidently ; un- 
expectedly. [Rfired. 

Desproveido, da, & Unprovided, nnpro- 

De^voveimlteto, mk Penary, poverty. 

Deqnx>vl8to^ ta, a. Y. D^proveido, 

Deqmiblo, am. Depopulation. 

Deqm^nte, am. Y. Maneo, 

Deroute, ad. After; afterwards, next, then. 
jAstpue$ ds Dict^ Under or after God. 
DeipuM oedL Bver since. 

Despuis^, 90, To leave without vigor.— ©r. 
To be awely vexed ; be violently alfected. 

Despamaddn, 4^ Despomatlon, the akim- 
mtng of liquors. 

Daapumir, «a. Y. Etpumar, 

Daapuntadnra, «/! The act of blunting. 

De^untib', Wi. To blunt; double a cape.— 

•Ilk To advance In knowledge; to begin 
to sproot or bod. Al deapwUar dti dSa^ 
At &eak oTday. [Y. D«»d«que, 

Daaqud, ad» (Ynl.) Since, tben, presently. 
Deaqo^ir, vo. To pluck up a ahoot near the 
root [root 

Dasqo^ am. Pulling up a ahoot near the 
Deeqnidar, «<t To unhinge; disoonipose; 


'Deaqu^erir,<xz.Toouttimberonbcth ^ 
Desquilatdr, vet. To diminish the standard 

of gold. 
Desqnit^, va. To reWeve a loss. — vr. To 

win one's money back ; retaliate. 
Desquite, rnn. Compensation; revenge at 

play; retaliation. \Jkc. 

Desrabot^r, «a. To cut off the tails of lamba, 
Dearanchine, vr. To withdraw from the 

meaa. [wheat 

Deeraspido, & Y. Chamorro^ a kind of 
Desniq>4r, vet, Y. Raapar. 
Desrazonible, a. Unreasonable, Idle-beaded. 
Dearegladamente, ad, Y. DisarregladO' 

Desqnljaramiteto^ sm. A et of breaking the 

V rOw To break the jaws. 

Deereglddo, da, a. Disorderly, irregular. 

DesregUrso, vr. To be irregular or unso vern- 
able. [the bolt-rope. 

Desrelingir, vn. rtTau.) To be blown firom 

Deereputad^n, ^ Dishonor, ignominy. 

DeerizAr, va. To uncurL 

Desrofiib', va. To lop off decayed branches. 

Destacam6nto, «in. Detachment; station. 

Destad^, va. To detach a body of troopa 

Destdad6r, sm. A kind of amlth's hammer. 

Destdaml6nto, «m. Diminution; current 
taking a new course. [late. 

Desti^ir, va. To do work by the Job ; sttpn- 

DestsJ6ro, »m. One who undertakea work 
by the job. 

Deeti^o, am. Job of work; partition. A' 
ds^o. By the Job, by the lump ; at ran- 

DestallAr. va, (Prov.) Y. J)4a>crrar. 

Destdonar, va. To deprive of talons; level 
horses* bodk. 

Destapitda, tf. A kind of pie. [covered. 

Deetap&r, va. To uncover. — vr. To be »m- 

DestapiAr, va* To pull down mud walls. 

DestApo, 9m. Act of unoovering or unstop- 

Destadu'. V€L To take off the tare In weli^ln^ 

Destartai&do, da, a. Huddled, incompact 

De8tazad6r, mn. He who cuts up dead things 

Destazikr, «a. To cut a thing in pieceai 

D^ste, ta, to, pron. A contraction for JM 
«ste, ds e9ta^ ds esto. 

Destechib-, vo. To unroofl 

Deetd^, va. To untile; leave defencdesa. 

Destel6r, va. To unweave, ravel 

Destdli^, vr. To forget 

Deet^llo, am. Flowing out drop by drop 
sparkle; scintillation. 

Destempladam^nte, ad. Intemperatdy. 

DeatemplAdo, da, a. (Plct) Inbarmoniooa; 

Dostemplinza,a/!Intemperature; disorder. 

DestemplAr, va. To take out temper, alter: 
dilute ; untniMk— vr. To be rulfled ; bo out 
of order; grow blunt; act improperiy. 

DMtAmple, tm. Discordance; disorder; in- 
temperance; distemper pdnUng. 

Destend^, va. To fold, double. 

Deeteftir. va. To discolor, fltde, wash out 

DestemllUirse, vr. To break one's cartilages 
DMtemiUarse d« rUa^ To laugh violently. 

Desterrad^ro. am. A reUred part of the towi^ 

DesterrMo, da, a. Banished, outcast 

DeeterrAdo, dsLa; Kxilo. outcast 

Desterr^, va. To banish; expel; take onl 

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tiMMrth. i>Meirror €M muiwEo, To be 
the OQtcMt of the world. [harrow. 

Deetarron^, vn. To break dods with a 

Destetaddra, tif. iMtmment to place on the 
teats to i>revent tucking. 

Deetet^, va. To wean.— «r. To wean one's 
self from an evil habit 

DeetMe, mn. Ablactation, the weaning. 

Destdto^ 9m. Number of weanlings; the 
place Ibr newly-weaned moles. 

Destiumpo, Wk An unseasonable time. A* 
detOiempo^ Unseasonably, untimely. 

Destidrro, 9m. Exile, banishment, trao^- 
portadon. [extiUation. 

Deetilacidn, ^. Distillation; flow of humors; 

Destllad^ra, ^ Still, alembic; ingenious 
derice or stratagem. [flltering-stonew 

Bestiladdr, tm. DlstiUer, still; alemblo; 

Destil^, WL To dlotiL— tm. To filter. 

Deatilat^io, 9m. Distillery, sUU; alembic. 

DestiBaddn, ^. Destination; destiny, fkte. 

Destin&r, 9(B. To deetine; design; station 
Bhipa; lose skill [fession; station. 

Deeuno, em. Destiny; (kte, doom; pro- 

DestLAo, 9m. Piece of unfinished dry honey- 

Destitaddn, tf. Destitution, dereliction. 

Destitoido, da, a. Destitute, forsaken, help- 

Destttuir, to. To deprlTe, make deetitatCL 

Destoc4r, wk To unooif ; uncover the head. 

Destorc6r, «a. To untwist; uncurl; rectiiy; 
regulate.-— vr. To deviate from the course. 

Destorgir, to. To break the branches while 
gathering the aoorns. [unscrewer. 

DMtomilladdr, 9m. Bcrewdri ver, tumserew ; 

De^tominido, da, a. Inconsiderate, heedless. 

DestomiUir, «a. To unacrew.~or. To act 

Destoserse, «r..To feign a cough. [rlers. 

Destrab&r, va. To unAtter; break the bar- 

Destridoa, «m. pk A coarse woollen carpet. 

Deetr&l, 9m. A small axe or hatchet 

Destral6Ja, </! A very small hatchet 

Destraldro, tTn. Maker of axes and hatdiets. 

Destramic, tfo. To unweave, unravel ; die- 
solve a conspiracy. 

Destrenzir, va. To nndo a trees of hair. 

Destr^ ^. Dexterity, cunning; skill 

Destripar, va. To unbuwel, gut; examine 
the inside : trample. [er. 

DestripaterroneoLjnn. Harrower, day-labbr- 

Destrlunfdr, va. To extract all the tmmpa. 

Destilzdr. va. To mince, crumble.— -vr. Tc 
break the heart 

DestrocAr, va. To return a thing bartered. 
. DestrAn, 9m. A blind man's guide. 

I>e8tronamldnto, tm. Dethronement 

Dastroniir, va. To dethrone, divest of royalty. 

Oastroncamiento, «m.. Amputation, lopping 
treea. [(Met) Buin. 

Destronoto, va. To d^runcate, lop: maim. 

I>estrozad6r, ra, «. Destroyer, mangier. 

Deetroz4r, wk To destroy; rout; wastes 

pestrdso, 9m. Destruction ; havoc, defeat 

I)eetrucci6n, «/. Destruction, overthrow; 

Destrnctivamtote, ad. Destructively. 

Destmctivo, Ta, a. Destructive, wasteful, 


Deatrnct6r, ta, 9. Destroyer, eonsomer. 

Destruct^rio, ria, a. Destroying 

Desmi6co, Deetru6qne, am. The mntoa. 
restitution of things bartered. 

Deetroibl^ a. Deetructible. 

Destruicldn, 4/! Y. DMtruecion. 

Destruid^, ra, «. Destroyer, devastator. 

Deatmlr, va. To destroy, waste ; extermi- 
nate ; deprive of the means of living. 

Deetruvinte, pa. Destroying. [£char. 

Desturbir, fo. To turn out drive away. V 

Desubstanciiir, va. To ouervate, weaken. 

Desuoaoi6n, 4/C Act of extracting the Juice 

Desud4r, va. To wipe olT the sweat 

Desoelladuras, am^ Impudence; an Impo* 
dent person. [tion. 

Desu611o^ 9m, Skinning; impudence; oxtor* 

Desondr, va. To unyoke, atit)ugate. 

Desunidamtote, iid. Separately, severally. 

Deennt6n, V* Separation, disunion ; discora. 

Desnnir, va. To "separate.— or. To come 
asunder; become separated. 

Deanfiir, ro. To tear off the nails; uproot 
— vr. To plunge into vice and disorder. 

Desnro&r, va. To remove or undo ftirrowa. 

Desordir, va. To unweave; unravel 

Deausadam6nto, ad. Unusually, out of use. 

Desns&do, da, a. Disused, obeolete, unfiisb- 
ionable. [used or obeolete. ' 

DesnsAr, va. To disuse.— rr. To become die 

DesAso, am. Disuse, obsoleteness. 

Desostand&r, va. To enervate, debilitate. 

DesvahAr, va. To trim off the drv part of a 
plant [ vaoiado. 

Desvaldo, da, a. Tall and KTamtlesa. V 

Desvainur, va. To unsheath ; husk, shdl 

Deavalido, da, a. Helpless, destitute; eager* 
out of Ikvor. [ment want of fkvor 

Desvalimiteto, mik DerdUctlon, abandon 

Desvin, 9m. Oarret; \<itL I>e9van gaUro 

Desvanir, va>. To wind to a skein. 

Desvanec^, vn. To divide Into impercepti- 
ble parts; cause to vanish; swoU with 
pride.— 'fr. To become insipid; vanish; 
be affected with giddiness. 

Desvaneddam^nte, ad. Vainly, banghtllT. 

Desvanedmitoto, em. Pride, loftiness; gid- 

Desv&no, am. Qarrot V. Deavan, 

Desvaporizad^ro, am. Place for evaporating 

Desvarir, vn. V. Bstbalar. (Nau.) To g«l 
afloat [mc^ 

Desvari&ble, a. Variable, inconstant, ninta- 

DeevarIadam6nte,a«E. Ravingly ; differentiy 

Desvarliido, da, a. Delirious; disorderly^, 
unlike. ^ [viat«, 

Desvariir, vn, and a. To rave, dote ; d^ 

Deevarlo, em. Delirium; extravagant ac- 
tion ; caprice ; disunion. 

DesvedAdo, daja. Unprohibited, fk«eu 

Deevedir, va. To revoke a prohibition. 

Desveladam6nte, a<f. Watchfully, vtgilantij; 

DesveUdo, da, a. Watchftil, vigilant, car»> 
fill* [oslfl^ 

Desvelaml^nto, am. Watcbfhiness. V. Dm> 

Deevelikr, va. To keep awake.— or. TV> bt 
wakefhl ; set up watching. 

Desv61o, am. watching, want of a>Mp 
watch; TtgHinoe. 

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L«WT«nir, wk To dear tb« veinB of flesh ; 

extract from the veins of mines. 
DaBTcndiJ&r, va. To dlsnnite, weaken, dl- 

Tide. — vr. To be raptured; relaxed; ex- 

DesTondir, vo. To onbandage. [damage. 
PeBTaatMa, ^. Disadvantage, mlflfortODe, 
I>e>Tentiy6eo, sa, a. Disadvantageoos, on- 

Desrenti^osamtote, ad. DIsadvantageonslT. 
I>a8Tentia>, WK To vent, let oat the air, 

Desrentrir, va. To gat, ertscerate. 
DesTontAra, ^ Misfbrtone, mishap ; miaeiy. 
Desventoradamdnte, ad. XJnhappilj, anfor- 

Deeventoridoi, da, <k Unlbrtnnate, wretch- 
ed; chicken-hearted; sordid; accorsed. 
Dabvergonzadam^nto, ad. Impadently, 

shimfiloiily Pcss, immodeet 

Besvergonziklo, da, a. Impudent, shamo- 
Deavergonzirse, vr. To speak or act impa- 

dentlj. [assnranoe. 

DesvergU^nza, «/ Impadenoe, effronterj, 
Deavettff, va» To trim off the yoong shoots 

of vinea. 
Desriftdo, dM^a, Devioas. 
Desrlir, vaPVo divert, lead off, avert; dis- 
^ aoade.— or. To deviate. [nuns. 

I>esvi«j4r, «& To separate the old ewes or 
Desvio, «fn.T>ev1ation; aversion, displeas- 

are; Indlffmnsnce. [sole. 

Deevirir, va. To pare off the fore part of a 
Deaviiigftr^ va. (Low) To deflower a maid. 
D6svirtaib>, va. To pall, make insipid or 

vapid, take the sabstance. [(naerly. 

Desvivine, vr. To love excessively, desire 
Desvolved^r, 9m. Scre^-wrench. [ploash. 
Desvolv^, V€L To nnlbld, disentangle; 
Dfloxoncir, va. To onyoke. 
Deszoc^, va. To wound or hurt the fbot 
Deszomib', va* To extract the J alee or sab- 
stance. [enameratd 
BetalUkr, va. To detail, relate minutely, 
Detillc, sm. Detail, enameratlon. 
Detend^n, «/ Detention, delay ; demorrage. 
Detened6r, ra, «. Detainer. 
Detent, «a. To detain, stop; arrest; keepk 

— vr. To tarry; be detained; consider. 
Detenidam^nte, ad. Dilatorily, attentively. 
Detenido, da, a. Sparing, niggardly ; slow, 

Det^taci6n, ^. Embezzlement, detention. 
Detentad6r, §m. Deforciant, one who de- 
tains onhiwflilly. Hawftiliy. 
Petentir, «<k To detain, retain, Keep an- 
Detergdnte, a. Detergent detersive. 
Deteridr, a. Worse, inferior. 
Deterioraci6n, </! Deteri o r a tion, detriment 
Deterior6r, va. To deteriorate, impair. 
Detert6ro, »m. Detsriorationjimpairmeni 
Determinable, a. (little osi) Determinable ; 

conclnaible. [slon; resolution. 

Dttomlnacidn, f^ Determination ; conolu- 
Datenninadamtote, ad, Determlnately; 

esKpreoshr. [settled. 

HaterminMo, da, a. Determined, resolved ; 
DetermfaiAnte, pa. Determining.— a. De- 

teradiiatew [terminer. 

DeCermittiati, $m>. Determining verb; de- 


Determine, va. To determine ; distingalah ; 

appoint; decide.— or. To determine, rs- 

Dotermlnativo, va, a. Determinativa. 
Detersidn, f^ Detersion; cleansing; ablii< 

Deters6rlo, ria, a. Detersive, cleansing. 
DetMtAble, a. Detestable, hateftil, loath 

Detestablemfote, ad Detestably, bateftiUj 
Detestaci6n, ^, Detestation, hatred, aboo^ 

Detests, va. To detest, abhor, bate. 
Detienebndy, tn. Best-harrow, cammoa 
Detonaddn, ^ Detonation, noise. 
Detonii, va. To flash, detwnate. [*way. 
Detraoei6n, ^. Detraction, alander ; a taking 
Detraotir, va. To detract, defiune, slander. 
Detract6r, t6ra, mm. and / Detractor, slan* 

Detra^, va. To detract, take away ; slander. 
Detr^ ad. Behind; in the abaenoa oil 
Detrimtoto, sm. Detriment, damage, loss. 
D^uda, ^. Debt; CuUt, oflbnoe: affinity. 

J>9uda» activoMy Assets. Deudas poA- 

904, Liabilities. i?m«daoofnun, The last 

debt, death. 
DeudUla, f< dim. Petty debt [debt 

D6ndo, da, «. Parent, relative; kindred; 
Dead6r, ra, 9. Debtor. 
Deateron6mlo, mn. Denteronomy. [coarse. 
DevaUr, vn, (Nau.) To be driven out of the 
Devanad6ra, §(. A reel Dfta^nadera de 

golpSt Clock-reel, snap-reel; a movable 

Devanad6r, ra, «. Winder; quill or qM>oL ' 
Devanir, va. To reel or wind; wrap up. 

J}etfanar96 lot seAos, To screw one's wlta. 
Devane4r,if». To rave, talk nonsense; dote. 
Devan6o, tm. Delirium; mad pursuit dis- 
Devantdl, tm. Apron. [waste. 

Devastaci^n, qf. Devastation, desolation, 
Devastaddr, ra, 9. Desolator, harasser, 

Devast&r, va. To desolate, lay waste, barasn 
Devengir, va. To obtain as the reward of 

Devoddn, ^ Devotion, piety; prayer; ar 

dent loveu Bdar A la dwodon ds, T» 

be at the disposal. 
Dorodon&rlo, 9fn. Prayer-book. 
DevoIuci6n, tif. Devolution, restitution. 
Dovolutivo, a. What may be restored. 
Devolv6r. va. To return; restore^ 
Devorador, ra, s. Devourer. [sumo 

Devor&r, va. To devour, swallow up, con 
Devotam6nte, ad. Devoutly, piously. 
Devdto, ta, a. Devout pious, exciting da* 

votion. J)€VoU> de, Strongly attsobed, 

devoted to. 
Devutitouta, pp. Betnrned, restored. 
Dey, 9m. Dey, Turkish governor of AJglera. 
Dezmar, va. To tithe ; collect Utiles. 
Dezmatdrlo, snu Place where tithes art 

collected; tithing. [tithea 

Dezm^fio, na, DesoiSro, ra, a. Belonging te 
Dezmeria, DesroU, ^. Tithe-land. 
Desm6ro, 9m. Tithe^payer; tithe-gatberer. 
Dia, »a Day. JHat eanicular^tt Dof^ 

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days. IHa d€ afloa, or ctmnplMilaa^ 
Birth-day. Di^t ds apuno^ Fast-day. 
Dia da vUmMt Meager, or fish day. 
JHa de beMmanos, Cktort-day. JHade 
c<im«, Meat-day. DiadAtrabajo^Vfoik.' 
f Off-day. Dia de deaccmta, Day of rest ; 
BabbaUL Dia da juicio^ Doomsday. 
De dia, By day. De dia etn dia, From 
day to day. Un dia 9% y atro na^ Every 
other day. Dia pardOy A clondy day. 
Diajpetado, A dull day. Lub del dia^ 
Dayn«rht Sntre dia^ In the daytime. 
En alas de Dioe^ Never. Udmhre de 
diaiy A man in years. Tmer diae^ To 
be old. De hay en ooho dias^ This day 
week. Diae de graoia^ Dayi of gracei 
Diae A<i^ It is a long time since. Buenoi 
diae, Qood morning: JSH ouatro diae. 
In a short time. Enloediaedelavida, 
DiibU (A' la), ad. Carelessly; radely. 
Diablico, em. augm, A great devil 
DiahliUo, em, A little devil; an acnte man. 
Di&blo, em. Devil, Satan; perverse tem- 
per: an ngly person. Ser la piel del 
(Uahla, Tobe a limb of the devlL Diablo 
cqfuelo, Ariftil, deoeivingdeviL JS$e ee 
un diatlo enoamado. That is a most 
influnons person. Eeo ee el diablo. That 
Is the difficolty. JfovalerundidblatTo 
be good for nothing. [meat 

Diablotin, Diabolin, em, A sort of sweet- 
DUblOra, 4^ A diabolical undertaking; 

-•"j^*^--- -- -3 

DIab61icam6nto, ad. Diabolically, devi 

Mi in 

le of 





Diamantddo^ da, a. Diamonded ; in di» 

Diamantfao, em. av/gm, A larzo diamond. 

Diamante, em. Diamond ; hardness, [ine. 

Diamantino, na, a. Adaraautine, diamante 

Diamantista, em. Y. Lapidario. 

DiametrAl, a. Diametrical. 

Dlametralm^nte, ad. Diametrically. 

DiAmetro, «*fk Diameter. 

Dlamdn, em, A kind of yellow stone. 

Ditoa, iff. Seveille, beat of drum at day- 

Di&nche, Diintre, em^ Deuce t the devil I 

Dlapas6n, em, (Mns.) Diapason, an octave 

Diapr^a, ^ Sort of round plum. 

Diarlamtote, ad. Daily. 

DiMo, em. Journal, diary; a daily ao 
oount; day-book. 

DIArlo, ria, a. Daily. 

Diarista, am. Journalist 

Diarrda, ^ DiarrboDik 

Di^pero, Dii^pro, em. Jasper. [heart 

Dii8tol^ em Diastole, dUaUtion of the 

Diatesar6n, em. Dlatesaation, the interval 
of a fourth; electuary of four ingredients 

Diat^nico, a. (Mas.) Diatonic 

DUtriba, ^f. Diatribe, a dissertation on po- 
lemio matters. teravec 

Dibi\{ad6r, ra, e. Delineator, draftsman/ 

Dibi\ &nte, pa. Designer, sketcher. 

Dlbq 4r, to. To draw, design, iketch. 

Dibi^ o, em. Drawing, design, sketch; de- 
scription. Se vn ailn^o, It is a picinro. 

DiocioJl, ef. Diction, style, language. 

Diodon^o, em. Dictionanr, lezJeon. 

Dicha,«/Hi^>pine88, good fortune. Dichae 
Honors, riches, dignities. Par dleha or 
d dicha, By chance. [pression. 

DiehaHMsho, em. A vulgar, or indecent ez- 

DiohSdo, Diehito, em, A sharp, or pert ex- 

Dlcho, em. Baying; declaration; promise 
of marriage. Dtcho de lae geiuee, <}oe- 
siping. IHcKo y heeho. No sooner said 
than done. 

Dicbosamtote, ad. Hu>pily, fortunately. 

Didi6eo, sa, a. Happy, fortunate, suoccsofti]. 

Dld^mbre, em. December. 

Didplina, ^. Y. DiecivUna. 

Dictado, em. A Utle of dignity or honor. 

Diotaddr, em. Dictator. 

Dlctadiira, ^ Dictatorship, dictatnre. 

Diotimen, mi. Opinion, notion, Judgment; 

Dietamo, em, (Bot) Dittanv. Dictamo 
bianco or reaL White flaxinella. 2>ie- 
tamo oriUco. Marioram. D'lalamo bae* 
tarda, Shrubby-wbite horehonnd. 

Dictiu-. «a. To dictate. 

DicUtArio, ria. a. Dictatorial. 

Diet^rio, em. Sarcasm, taunt ioault 

DidActioo, ca, Didaso^oo, ca, a, DidacUc, 

giving precepts. 
Didnte, em. Tooth; proi . 
DienU molar, Y. Muela, 

»p; boards tnsk. 

ela, Dimtein- 
otaiw>. Incisor, fbre-tooth. Dienie de 
labo. Burnisher. DietUedeperro, Samp- 
ler. iXants c20 2«>n, Dandelion. DienU 
de perro, (Bot) Dog's-tooth violet-^ 
Notched edges; parts of wheels. Dientee 

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<b aiOi Cloves of garlic Cru)ir de 
dUnM, To griiKl the teeth. Aijttaar 
Im dUniMj To wbet the a))potlt<}. Jfa- 
UareiUredie7ite«y To mumble. Ilinoar 
el di^nUt To take advantage of others' 

Dientecico. illo, Uo, #m. dim, Llttlo tooth. 

Dl^resiS) ^ The mark ("); dlaro£ifl| poet- 
ical figure. 

Dlc«l, ^ (Mua) Semitone. [tectlon. 

Di<^6tra, Y' ^^® ^^^^ ^"^^ ^ support, pro- 

Dketramente, ad. Dexterously, cleverly, 

Dies'tro, tra. <k Bight : skUfhl ; tapiclons . 
learned; sly; fiivorable. A' diestro y d 
sinistra. Sight or wrong. De dietitro d 
dU§tro^ DUumond cut diamond. 

Didstro, ani. A skilAil fencer; halter, bridle. 

Di6ta, tf. Diet regimen; daily salary of 
jndgefl.*-^ Live stock. 

DUc^oo, a. DieteUo, dletetfcal. 

Diic, tm. Ten. IHea da bolot, Fin stand- 
ing alone In front of Ihe nine-pins. 

Dlezioch4vO| «m. EigfatooBth ; decinio-oc- 
tavo; ISma [16mo. 

Oieciseizivo, tm. Sixteenth ; decimo-sexto ; 

Dlezioch^no, »m. An ancient silver coin; 
doth having 1800 threads in the warp. 

Di«amad6r, am. (Prov.) Y. Dieziti^ro. 

Diozmil, a. Decimal, tenth. 

Dknemir, no. To decimate ; tltlie. 

Dlesm^ro, am. Tithe-payer; titlier. 

DiAnnesino, na, a That which is of ten 
months. [per cent 

DlteDO, jfNk Tithe, tenth part ; duty of ten 

DllHmaci6n, ^ Deflunation, libelling. 

Diikmaddr, sm. Defamer, libeller. 

Diftmiir, va. To defiime, discredit; libel 

Dif»mat6rio, ria, a. Defiunatory, calumni- 
ona. [a eaka 

Difirread6n, «/! DiffareaUon, the parting of 

Dlfar^ocia, ^, DiflTerence; dissimilitude, 
a' <i((/!)r«nc<a; With the diflforence. IH- 
firenciaa^ Differences, controversies. 

Diferenoiil, a. Differenttal, different 

Dif<irenelir, vo. To change.~r9k To differ, 
djaeent — er. To be distinguished Arom. 

Diferinte, a. Different, di»imilar, unlike. 

Di&rentemfote, ad. Differently, diversely. 

Diferlr, «a. To defer, delay ; differ. 

DlficlU a. Difficnlt arduous, hard. 

Dificilm6nte, ad. Difflcultly, hardly, [tion. 

Dlflcnltid, 8f. DifBculty, hardness; otucc- 

DffloaItad6r, «m. One who starts or raises 
dilfienlties. [difficult 

Diflenltir, va. To raise difficulties; render 

Diflcnitoeamtoto, ad. Difficultly. 

Dlflcult^eo, sa, a. Difficult, laborious ; ugly. 

Dlliddncia, «/ Diffidence, distrust 

DiSd^nte, Ow Diffident, disloyal, distrustful 

Diirige^ tm. Dross of melted copper. 

Dif6glo, 9m. V. MlMio. [ed. 

Dlfhndido, dsL a Diffuse, diffused, scatter- 

DUtandir, ra. To diffuse, outspread ; divulge. 

Dll&nto, ta, €k Dead, deceased; decayed, 
withered. DiflmtodaUsberna^lL^xxiQk' 
en, red-flMed person. 

Difhsamtote, adl Diffusely, diffUsedly. 

Diftasl^n, 4/r Diffusion, disp«rsion. 

DifUsSvo, va, o^ Difrosive. 


Difuso, sa, a. DiffUse, diffusive, ample. 
Dig, Dige, SDK Helic, trinket, toy. oma 

ment [or toy 

Digocillo, Diffocito, sm. dim. Little trlnkit 
Digerible, a. DIccstible. 
Digorir, vo. To digest; bear with patience; 

(Met) examine careAilly; 8<ytu>t. 
Digestible, a. Digestible. 
Dizestidn, ^ Digestion ; akind of IniUsion. 

ilombre ds nuda digejfUon^ A peo\is]a 

man. Ifegocio de mala dige^Uon^ Per- 

£lexed afiOair. 
jeativo, tm^ (Snrg.) A digestive, [tloii. 

Digestive, ts, a. Dlj^'cstivo, assisting dlges- 

Digteto, 9m. Digest, tlie pandect of the civil 

Digito, 9m. Digit l-12th of the diameter. 

Dignaci6n, ^ Oondcscensiun, voluntary 

Dignam^te, ad. "Worthily. [safeu 

Digniirse, «r. To condosoen^l, deign, voucb- 

DignidAd, ^. Diguity, rank; grandeur; ad- 

DlgnlflcAnte, pa, (Div.) Dignifying. 

Digniflcar, to. To dignify. 

Diojo, na, a. Worthy, deserving; suitable. 
£9 dignoy It is worth while. 

Digresi6n, t/! Digression, deviation; de- 
parture or a planet 

Dlgresivo, va, a. Digressive. 

DiJaceracl6n, «^ Dilaceration. 

DiUcerir, va. To dilacerato, tear. 

Dilaci6n, 9f. Delay, dilation, procrastination. 

Dil^idaddn, ^f. Dilapidation. 

Dilapldad6r, 9m. Dilapidator. 

Dilapid^, TO. To dilapidate, waste. 

DilatabilidiMl, ^f. Dilatability. 

Dilatible, a. Dilatable. [n<m, 

Dilataci6n, ^ Dilatation; evenness, calm- 

Dilatadam6ntc, ad. With dilataUon. 

DilatMo, do, a. Large, numerous; prolix, 

Dllatad6r, ra, 9. One who dilates or extendi. 

Dilat&r, va. To dilate, expand; defer, pro- 
tract; cheer up. — vr. To expatiate. 

DilataUvo, va, a. That which dilates. 

Dilat6ria, ^ Y. DiUicion, Andar con di- 
latorias^ To waste time through Iblse 

atdrlo, ria, a. Dllatorv, delaying, long. 
Dileccidn, tif. Dilection, love, affection. 
Dilecto, ta, a. Loved, beloved. 
Dil^ma, 9m. Dilemma. 
Diligd^nda, ^f. Diligence; haste; activity; 

affair, business; steps or means; stage* 

coach; return of a writ; duty; love. 

ITacer diligencia, To try, endeavor. 
DillgenclAr, va. To exert one's selfl 
Diligend^o, 9m, Agent, attorney: sum 

moner. [ready. 

Dilig6nte, a. Dilisrent, assiduous, active 
Diligentem6nte, ad Diligently, ossiduonslj 
Diluddad6n, f/. Eluddation, explanation. 
Dilucidad6r, 9m. Elucidator. 
Dilnciddr, va. To elucidate, explain. 
Diludd4rio,sm. Explanatory writing 
Dilu^nte, p<L Diluent 
Diluci6n, 4/: DiluUon. 
Diluir, va. To dilnte any things ' 
Dilusidn, tsf. V. Ilu9ion, 


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I>iliiiiTO, va, a. Delnfiive. [age. 

DilQTidno, a. Dlluvian, relfttiiig to the del- 

DilovlAr, vn. imperi. To rata liko a delngc. 

DU&Yio, »n^ Dolage, overflofv ; vast abim- 
dsnco. [gin. 

I>imanaci6n, ^ Act of springing tmm^ ori- 

Dlmandate, pa. Springing flroin, originating. 

Diman/lr, m. To spring ; originate [balk. 

Dimenaldn, «/ Dimension, extent, capacity, 

Dimensiondt, a. Belonging to the dlmen- 
sioD. [asc ifa and andn. 

I>imc«. Andar en dimes y direUSy To 

Diuildiur, xa. To dimidlat^ divide into 

Dlminacl6n, ^f. Dlminntlon; c<Hitraction. 
Ir en diminucton^ To grow tapering. 

Dlminuir, ««. To diminish. V. JHaminuir. 

Diminutam6nte, ad. Diminntively ; by re- 
tail, [tivoly. 

Dtmlnutivamdnte, ad. (Oram.) Diminu- 

Dirainntivo, va, a. Diminutive. 

Dimln6to, ta, a. Defective, faulty, diminute. 

Dimisi6n, »f. Resignation, dismission. J/a- 
cer dimtHon ds^ To resl^ 

Disxni86rh)8, sf. pi. Letters diamissory. 

Dimite, wk Dimity. V. Coton'ia. 

Dimitir, va. To give up, relinauish, resign. 

D{m6flo, gm. fJoc.) Demon. V'. Dentonio. 

Dinamica, ^. Dynamics, the science of mo- 

Dlnastia, ^ Dynasty, sovereignty. 

Diner&da, ^ (Coll.) A krgosum of monev. 

DinerdI, »m. A large sum of money ; weight 
used by assayera. [small copper coin. 

DInerillo, sm. A round sum of money ; a 

Dln6ro, «m. Money, coinage; standar<l of 
silver. Dlnero Uatna ainero. Money 
gets money. 

Din6ru61o, sm. dim. Small coin, [women. 

DIngolond4ngos, ittn. Showy ornanients on 

Dint^l, sih. Lintel. 

DlntelAr, va. To make lintels. 

Dint^mo, ttm. The filling up of the ouUino. 

Diobre {Par), (Low) V. Par JHos. 

Dioces&no, n.<i, a. Dioce^son. 

Dloccs&no, 9m. Diocesan. 

Dfdcesi, Didcesis, ^. Diocese. 

Dionisia, ^f. Blood-stone ; hematites. 

Dioptrica, f^f. Dioptrics. 

Dida, wn. God. the Supreme Being; an 
Idol. A' Dlo% or anda con Dioa, Fare- 
well, Adieu. A' Dios y d ventura^ At all 
events, at all risks. Despuea ds Dlos^ 
Under God. Vaya V. con Dioa^ Faro- 
well, Go<l be witli you. Dio9 dard^ God 
will provide. </ sarUo X>iotty Oh, gra- 
cious Qod, Por Dio9y For God's sake, 
//b lo qiUsra Dioa, God forbid. Quiera 
JHo4 or plegu^ d Dio8^ Vleaae God. Sea 
^tomo Dios quisra, Qod's Avill be done. 
Dioa lo quiera^ God grant MediatUe 
/Xm, God wllllntr. VdlgamsIHo8/B]em 
me I VdlgaU J>ioB I God preserve yon. 

Di6sa, 9f. Goddess. [a little divinity. 

Diosecfllo, Dioseclto, 6m. aim. A godling, 

Diosadta, sf. dim. A little goddess. 

D1pl6e, nn. Diploe. 

DlpI6ma, «m. Diploma, patent 

Diplom&cia, ^ V. DipUmdUca. 

Diplomittca, ^ Diplomacy. 


tic; dlpIoBuOl* 

V. Condencha 
« causes thint 
»ter of biabopa 

vowels ; com- 

^te; assignee^ 
onstituie; em- 

Dique, mn. Dike, dam; dock. Dique d* 
coTuttruccionj (Nan.) A dry dock. 

Diquecillo, sm. dim, A small dike. 

DIrcccion, {/! Direction; guidance, admiii 
tstration ; order, prescription. 

Directam6nte, ad^ Directly, rectilinoally. 

Direct! vo, va, a. Directive. 

Dirdcto, ta, a. Direct; clear, open, evident 

Director, 9m, Director; conductor; man* 
ger; overseer. 

Direot6ra, ^ Directress, govemessw 

Diroct6rio, ria, a. Directive, directorial 

Direct^rio, «m. Dhrectory, guide book of 

Dirigir, do. To direct, level ; conduct; dedi- 
cate a work ; regulate. Dirigir el runt 
&o, To steer.— cr. To aildress, apply. 

Dirim6nto, pa. Breaking off, dissulving. 

Dirimir, ma. To dissolve, diiOoin; adjust; 
a(^t differences; annul. 

Diruir, «a. To ruin, destroy. 

Discant^, va. To chant; recite verses; 
descant; quaver upon a note. 

Discinte. «m. Treble. Y, Tiple. Concert ; 
A small enitar. [dispoto. 

Disceptadon, </. Argument, controversy, 

Disoeptir, ta. To dispute, argue. 

Disoemidor. em. Disoemor. [roent 

Disoemimi^nto, «f»k Discernment, Judf- 

Diflcemir, va. To discern, distinguish. Judge, 
know ; appoint s gnardian. 

Disciplina, ^. Discipline, education; cor- 
rection.— p^ Scoui^, a cat-of-nino-tailai 

Disciplinable, a. Disciplinable, capable < f 

Disciplinadamonte, ad. With discipline. 

Disciplin&do, da, a. Marbled, variegated. 

Disciplindnto, pa. Flagellator. 

Diselplin&r, va. To discipline; drill; chas- 
tise. — w. To scoui^ one's selC 

Discipuhido^ em. Number of scholars at the 
same school; education. 

Discipulo, la, «. Disciple, scholar, learner. 

Disco, etn. Disk ; a quoit ; lens of a tclft* 
scope. [peevijh. 

Discolo, la, a. Unsovemablo ; waywaid, 

Disconf&rme, a. V. Deeconforme. 

Discontinuir, a, Y. Deeconiinv4ir. 

Discoutinno, a, a. Discontinued. 

Disoonveni^ncia, ^f. Dineord, disunldo. 

Disoonvenidnte, a, Y. Deeoon/oenienie. 

Disconvenir, vn. Y. Deeconvenir. [amos. 

Di8cord4ncia, ^f. Disagreement; diacMird* 

DIsoord&nto, pa. Dissonant, discordant 

Dtsoord4r, vn. To discord, aisagree. 

DIsc6rde <t Discordant, contrary. (Mia4 

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Dfeo^idJo, Kf. Discord, dlsagrooment; op- 

Diserecidn, ^. Diseretion, prodenco. Ju- 
ffor disctscioneay To play for presents. 

Dlaerep&ncia, ^ Discrepance, difference. 

Discrep&nte, pa. Dlsagrooing, discrepant 

Discrepi^, vn. To differ, disagree. 

DtaerMazutete, nd. Discreetly. 

Discrete^, wii. To be discreet. 

Discr6to, ta, a. Discreet, circnmspect ; 
sharp, witty. [convent 

Dlscr^to, «. Assistant in tlie council of a 

Discrot6rio. 9m. Council of the seniors of 
relieloiis bodies. [cnse; plea. 

Dl8c6Tpa. Diseolpaddn, ^ Apolofirr, ex 

DiacalpAble, a. Uxousable, pardonabfe. 

Diseolpabtom^nte, ad. Pardonably, excn- 

Dlscnfpadam^nte, ad* Excusably. 

Di8cali>Ar, va. To exculpate, excuse. 

Dtoemrir, mu To gad, ramble; disconrso; 
djscnss. Quien tal dUourriera^ Who 
oonld imagine such a thing?— ik». To in- 

rent, plan; infer. 
Dteeonu', < "" " 

', «>k To discourse, conFors& 

Dtocnmbta, «m. Discusser. 

DiaenrsiTO, va, a. Discursive, reflective. 

Dtocdrso, rnn. Discourse; reasoning; con- 
Teraation ; treatise, ramblo. [pute. 

Dtsensldn, •/ Discussion, argument, dis- 

DiMUtir, 9a. To discuss, investigate, ex- 

Disecaci6n, if. Dlsseotlon, anatomy. 

Disecaddr, am. Dissector, anatomist 

DiaecAr, to. To dissect 

Diseocldn, f< Dissection, anatomy. 

Dl8ect6r, sm. Dissector, anatomist 

Disemin6r, wi. To disseminate, propagate. 

Disensidn, ({f. Dissention, conteot, striie. 

Dis^nso, sm. Dissent, disagreement 

Diaenteria, tf. Dysentery, a disease, [tery. 

DIsentMco, ea, a. Belonging to Uie dysen- 

Dlsentlmitota, tim. Dissent, disagreement 

Disentir, vtu To dissent, differ in opinion. 

Diseftndor, rnn. Designer, delineator. 
' DlseJiir, va. To draw, design. 

Dis^fio, wn. Drawing, sketch ; picture. 

Diaertaddn, tf. Dissertation, a discourse. 

DIsertaddr, am. Dissertator. 

Disertir, f)Ck To dispute, debate, argue. 

Dia&mad^n, ^. Defamation, slander; cen- 
sure, [deror. 

Dl6femad6r, mtu Defimier, detractor, slan- 

Dis&mir, va. To deC&mo, slander; dis- 
eredit [oua, libellocu. 

D{sfhmat6rio, ria, a. Defamatory, ealnmnl- 

Dtsfinrdr, rnn. Disregard; discountenance, 
oold treatment 

Dtsform&r, va. V. Dsformar and A^r. 

Disfdrme, a. Deformed, ugly ; hoge. [ness. 

Dislbrmldid, 9f. Deflmnity, excessive blg- 

Dl8fr6z, am. Maslc, disguise; dissimulation. 

Dlifraz^, va. To disguise, mask; cloak, 
dissemble. — vr. To masquerade, go In 

Msgregaci^n, af. Sepwation, disjunction. 

Disgr«gAr, fo. To separate, diijoin; dis- 

niBgrentSvo, ra, a. Dlsjnnctiye. 

iHsgnstadam^nte, ad. Disgustingly. 


Disgustir, v<Jt. To disgust, disrelish ; oflbnd. 

— vr. To be displeased. [disgust 

Disgnstillo, sm. dim. Displeasure, sliglit 
Disgusto, am. Disgust loathing; ill-humor; 

grief^ sorrow. A' disgusto^ In spite ot 
Dbidencia, ^ Dissidence, nonconiormity. 
Disid^nte, a. and a Dissenter, noncon 

Diailabo, am. Dissyllablo. 
Diaimil, a. Dissimiiar. 
Disimlldr. a. Unequal, dissimilar. 
Dlsimilitdd. a/. Dissimilitude. [aerv« 

Disimnlacidn, ^ Dissimulation ; mask ; ro 
Disimuladami^nte, ad. Dissemblingly ; re- 
Dlslmulado, da, a. Dissembling; reserved; 

sly. A' to disimuiado, Dissemblingly, 

Dl8imulad6r, ra. a. Dissembler. 
Disimuldr, va. To dissemble; cloak; hide 

Disim6fo, am. Dissimulation, roservedncss 
DIsipAble, a. Dissipable, easily scattered. 
Disipaci6n, a/. Dissipation, extravagance. 

waste; separation of parts. [conUous 
Disipado, da, a. Dissipated; prodigal: U 
Di6ipad6r, ra, a. Spendthrift, prodigal, lav 

islier. [misspend 

Dlslpar, t?<7. and vr. To disi«lpat(s scatter 
Disipula, «/ Brysipolaa. V. £rislpela. 
Disipuldrso, vr. To be diseased with ery 


Dislite, am. NonsonscL absurdity. 

Dislocaci6n, Dislocadura, ^f. Dislocation. 

Dislocar, wk To dislocate, displace. — vr. To 
be dislocated. 

Dismembracidn, af. V. Deam^nbrttcion. 

Disminuci6n, »/. V. Diminucion. Disease 
in horses' hoofs. 

Dismlnnir, va. To diminish, lessen, abridge. 
— cr. To grow less. 

Disodacion, aK Disjunction, separation 

Disociar, va. To di^oln, separate. 

Disolubiliddd, nf. Dissolubility. 

DIsoldble, a. Dissoluble. 

Disolucidn, ^ Dissolution ; dissipation, lib- 
ertinism, [ly 

Dlsolutamdnto, ad. Dissolutely, licontious- 

Disolutivo, va, a. Dissolvent 

DIsolnto, ta, a. Dissolute, loose, libertine. 

Di8olv6ntc, am. Dissolvent, dissolver. 

Dl8olv6r, va. To loosen; dissolve; melt; 
Interrupt — vr. To dissolve, be molted. 

Disdn, am. Harsh, dissonant tune. 

Disonincia, af. Dissonance ; discord. 

Dison&nte, a. Dissonant, inharmonious; 
discordant [bo contrary. 

Disonir, vit. To disagree in sound ; discord; 

Disono, na, <t Dissonant, inconstant 

Disp^, a. Unlike, unequal [mania. 

Disparadam^nte, ad. V. Diaparatada- 

DisparadOr, am. Bliootor; trigger; ratch. 

Dlq)ar4r, va, and vn. To shoot, discharge; 
fire, let off; talk nonsense. — vr. To run 
headlong; stoop, dart down. [sically. 

DlBparatadam6nte, ad. Absurdly, nonsen- 

Disparatido, da, a. Inoonsistent, absurd, 
extravagant [talk nonsense. 

DisparatAr, va. To act or talk absurdly 

Disparito, am. Nonsense, blunder, ahsa rdity 

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Oliparat«Sn, tm, augm, A groat piece of 

Dispariifc6rio, sm. Speech full of nonsenseu 

Dlsparet, mn. The act of absconding, disap- 

Disparidud, tf. Disparity, inequality. 

Diapuro, tm. Disciiargo, explosion; non- 
fense. [tary Joaa. 

Dlap^ndio, mi. Excessive expense ; volon- 

Di8pendi6ao. sa, a. CkMtly, expensive. 

Disp6nfla. ^f. Dispense, exemption. 

Disponsdble, a. Dispensable. 

Dlspcnsaddn, ^. Dispensation, exemption. 

Disponsaddr, nuA Duponsei distributer. 

Diaiiensdr, vo. To dispense, deal out, ex- 
empt; excuse. 

Disp^dn, ^ Dispersion. 

DIspdrao, sa, a. Dispersed, separated. 

Di8pert«d6r, ra, a. V. Deapertador. 

Dispcrtiir, oo. V. Deapertar. 

Dlsplac^r, trOw V. Deitplacer. [dislilce. 

DlsplIo6ncla, \f. Displeasure, discontent, 

DispUodnte, a. Displeasing, unpleasing; an- 

Dlsponeddr, ra, «. Disposer; distributer. 

Dispondr, va, aird n. To arrange, order; 
dispose; distribute; deliberate; act free- 
ly. JHspon^r stu coaas^ To make a last 
will. — rr. To prepare one*8 selC set ready. 
' Disponiblo, a. Disposable: applied to prop- 

DlsposJcI6n, ^ Disposition, arrangement; 
natuml fitness; tendency; proportion, 
svmmetry; resolution; power: inclina- 
tion. (Mau.) Trim ; elegance or person ; 
dis[fatcn of business. A' la disposicion 
do^ At the disposal of. [tributively. 

Dlspoftltlvamente, ad^ Dispositively, dia- 

Disposltivo, va, a. Dispositive. 

Dispndsto, ta, a« Disposed, fit; genteel, 
graceftiL Bien dUpuesto^ Quito well 
Mol dUpttMto^ Indisposed, iU. [fray. 

Disputa. 4^ Din>uto, argument; contest, 

DbpntiiDle, a. Disputable, oontrovortiblew 

Disputad6r, wk Disputant, disputor. 

Dbputdr, va» and fk To dispute, contro- 
vert; debate, argue; strive; resist 
' Disputativamdnte, ad. Disputingly. 

Dbqui8ici6n, &f. Disqm^tlon. examination. 

Dist&ncia, ^. Distance; remotcnees; differ- 
ence, [ward. 

Dlstdnte, a. Distant, remote. (Kau.) Off- 

Dlstir, vft. To be distant or remote ; vary. 

Distico, 87n. Distich, couplet 

DIstinci6n, af. Distinction; privilege; or- 
der, precision. A' disUnoum<, In contra- 

Dlstinguible, a. Distinguishable. [uoua. 

Dlstlnguido, da, a. Distinguished, conspio- 

Distlnguir, va. To distinguish ; see clearly; 
discern; Judge; cxplam.— «r. To distin- 
guish one^s self: differ. 

DlstlntamSnte, ad. Distinctly, diversely. 

Distintivo, vo, a. Diatlcctlve. 

Distintivo, mn, A distinctivo mark, badge; 
a particular attribute. 

Dlstmto, ta, a. Distinct, different; clear; 

Dlstraccl6n, qf. Distraction : ecstasy ; amuse- 
ment; lioentioosneu, want of constraint 


Dlstra6r, vo. To distract; perplex; seduot 

— or. To muse, be absent of mind. 
Dietraidam6nte, ad. Distractedly, licen 

tiouslv. riute. 

Distraido, da, a. Absent, Inattentive; dissc* 
Distralmlcnto, am. Distraction ; ^ licentloot 

life. I^arrangemont 

Dbtribuci6n, »/. Distribution; division: 
Distribuidor, ani. Distributer, divider. 
Distribuir, va. To distribute; dispose, ar*^ 

range; allot [tributively. 

Distribntivaindnte, ad. (Litilo us.) Dis- 
Distributivo, va, a. Distributive. 
Dlstribuyonto, 6a. Distributer, giver. 
Distrito, am. District, province; territory. 
Disturbor, va. To disturb, interrupt 
Dist{irbiOf am. Disturbance, interruption. 
DIsuadir, va. To dissuade. 
Di8uasi6n, ^ Dissuasion. 
Disuasivo, va, a. Dissuasive. 
Disudlto, ta, & Dissolved, melted, [urine. 
Disi^ria, af. Dvsury, difllculty In voiding 
Disyuncion, ^ DL^unctlou; a di^unctivo 

Dl olce. 

Dl ,8cpar- 

>d, dis- 
mn Iq 












Dl »ng tlM 


Divergoncla, ^ Divergence. 

Divergdnte, a. Divergent 

Dlvergir, vn. (Phy^) To diverge. 

Diversam6nte, ad. Diversely, differently. 

DiversldiUI, 4< Diversity, dissimilitude; va 

Dlverslflc^r, va. To diversify, vary. 

Diver8i6n, af. Diversion; sport 

Diversivo, va, a. Dl vertive, medicines whlcli 
draw off humors. 

Divdrso, sa, a. Diverse, different; varioua. 
—pL Several, sundry. 

Dtvertido, da, a. Amused, merry, diverted, 
festive. Andar dUoertido^ To be en- 
gaged In love affaira. [ment 

Di vertimi6nto, am. Diversion, sport; amuse* 

Divertlr, va. To divert; amusok— rr. To 
sport, frolic, fool. [p*rt 

Dlvlddndo, aan. Dividend : share, allotment 

Divldlddro, ra, a. Divisible. 

Dividir, va. To divide, cut; distribute, 
separate.— or. To divide, iwurt 

Dividio, dfia, a. (Law) Divisible. 

Divldso, am. (Med.) Furuncle, boll 

Divinam6nte, ad. Divinely, heavenly: ad 

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DiTinatArlo, rin, a. Divinatory. 
DlTinldM V- I>i vlnlt/ ; deity ; the Supreme 
Being; Mae god. Daeir dixinicLadeSy 
To sav admirable things. 
Divinizido, da, & Deified. 
Diriniziir, «a. To deify. (Met) To sanctify. 
Diymo, na, a. Divine ; heavenly, godlike ; 
flxoellMit Vn ingetUo divino^ A man of 
nnoommon talents. 
DiTino, na, A V. Adivino. [devioet 

Divisa, ^. Inheritance; motto; ornament; 
D{yls6r, t>a. To discern at a distance ; vary. 
IMvis^^, %m. Heir not of noble extraction. 
DivisibilidM, V^ DlvlsibUlty. 

Divisible, a. Divisible. 

Divisldn, 4/r Division; partition, compart- 
ment; difference; hyphen. 

Division41, cu Divisional 

Divlsivo, va, a. Divisible, divisive. 

Diviso, sa, a. Divided, disunited. 

Divis6r, «m. Divisor. 

Divis^rio, ria, a. Divisive, forming division. 

DHro, va, a. (Poet) Divine, godlike. 

Divorcl^ 9a. To divorce, separate.— «r. To 
be divorced. 

Dlv6rclo, mn. Divorce, separation, disunion. 

DiTa1gtt>lef a. That which may be divulged. 

Diviilgad6n, ^ Divulgation, publication. 

Dlviilgad6r, ra, «^ Dlvulgor. 

Divulm, e& To publish, divulge, give out 
— w. To go abroad. [part 

Do. a<l y. 2>07u2a Z>o^/«ra, In whatever 

D6ola, rf. An ancient 8)>ani8h gold coin. 

Dobladiundnte, ad. Doubly; deceitAilly. 

Dobladilla, ^ A' la dobiadiUa, Doublv, 
repeatedly. [tiiick. 

Dobladillo, 11a, a. B<inat and broad, short and 

Dobladiilo, ttn. Hem, the edge of a garment 

DobliLdo, 6m. Measure of the fold in cloth. 

Doblido^ da, a. Strong, thick -set; deceit- 
ftiL Tierra dohlada^ A broken, moun- 
tainous country. 

Doblad6r, ffvk Folder, paper-folder. 

DobladfijtL {/! Fold; a led horse in battie; 
medley dish of tried meat Ac 

Dobl^, t^ and n. To double; fold; bend; 
toll; deviate from Justice and reason; 
- colL Doblar la roaiUa^ To kneel.— rr. 
To bendfbow; change one's opinion. 

D^ble, a. Double; tiilck ; strong, robust; 
artful, deceitful Aldoble,J>OM\>\j. 

D6b1e, sm. Fold, crease; dissimulation; 
toll of the bell 

Doblegiible, a. Flexible; pliant 

Doblegadizo, za, a. Fit to be doubled. 

Dobleg^ xit. To bend ; gain by persuasion. 
— »r. To bend ; submit [fully. 

Doblem^te, au. Deceitfully, doubly, art- 

Dobl^ro, am. (Prov.) A small loaf of bread. 

Dobl6te, a. Between double and single. — 
•m. Factitious gem. [Ine: 

Dobl^ rnn. Crease ; duplicity, donble-deai- 

D6blo, am. (Law) Double^ 

Oobl6n, am. Donbloon, a Spanish gold coin. 
D&Mon da oro.^\A to\n-=.%% DobUm 
</« ddMfescadoB),Goldooin=|4. Do- 
hUm da a euairo. Gold coin = $3. Do' 
hkm da d ochc^ Qold coin = $16. £>(>•' 
UonaanoWo^ or merely c?o&2<m, Nominal 
money = |% Doblon davaca^ Cow's tripe. 


Doblondda, tf^ Heap of doubloons ur money. 
Ddce, am. Twelve; twelfth. Echarlo 4 

docA, To carry an affair off with a laugh 
Docina, «/ Dozen ; weijcht 12 lbs. in rIa 

varrc. Vooena da fraxle^ Baker's dor^n. 

Metarae en docena^ To racddlo. A' d<h 

cana8y Abundantly. 
Docenul, a. Sold by dozona. 
Doc6no, na, a. Twelfth. 
Doc6no, am. and a. A kind of cloth. 
Doci6ntos, a. V. DoaderUoa. 
DMl a. Docile, gcntie ; obedient, flexible i 

ductile, malleabK 
DociUd&d, 4/r Docility; flcxlbleness, coni' 

pllance; gentleness. 
DOcilmSnte, ad. Tractablv. 
Docim&stica, ^ Assay ; the art of assaying. 
Doctamdnte, ad. Learnedly. 
Ddcto, ta, Ok Learned. 
Doct6r, «m» Doctor of Laws, &c.; any 

learned man. (Coll.) A physician. 
Doct<5ra, af. Doctoress; a vain woman* 

physician's wife. 
Doctor&do, am. Doctorate, doctorsblp. 
Doctordl, a. Doctoral 
Doctoral, af. Canonry called doctoral.— am. 

Canon of the doctoral, 
Doctorami^nto, am. Doctorate, doctorsblp. 
Doctordndo, am. One on the point of get- 
ting his degree as doctor. 
Doctorfir, «a. To doctorate. 
Doctorcillo, am. dim^ A little doctor; qnack. 
Doctorodr, vn. To doctor, play the doctor. 
Doctorismo. am, (Joe.) The body of doctors 
Doctrina, */| Doctrine, the catechism ; sci- 
ence. Niflioa da la doctrina^ Charity 

Doctrinad6r, ra, a. Instructor, teacher. 
Doctrinal, am.. Catechism. — a. Doctrinal, 

relating to doctrine. [horses. 

DoctrinAr, va. To teach, Instmct; break in 
Doctrin6ro, «n» Teacher of Christian doc 

Doctrine, am. V. ITifloa da la docMna, 
Docum6nto, am. Insbruction; document; 

voucher, exhibit 
Dodr&nte, rnn. Drink of nine Ingredients ; 

weight of 9-12ths of a Boman lb. ; 12 

Dog&l, am. Bope round the neck ; halter. 
D6gma, am. Dogma. 

D<^m&tico, ca, a. Dogmatical or dogmatic 
Dogm4tlco, «m. Dogmatic 
Dogmatista. am. Dogmatist [tizer. 

Dogmatizaadr, Dogmatlzdnte, am. Dogma* 
I><^matiz&r, va. To dogmatize, teach IklfA 

D^, am. Terrier. 

Dolad^ra, ck Applied to a cooper's adze. 
Dolad6r, am. Smoother, polisher, [staves. 
Dol^e, am. The wine imbibed by pipe* 
Dolamaa, qf. j)l, DoUmes, am. pi Hidden 

defects in horses. [stone. 

DoUr, va. To plane or smooth wood oi 
Doldncia, qf. Disease, affliction ; danger. 
Dol6r, vn. To feel pain, ache or be in pain* 

be unwilling to act— «r. To be sorry 

repent; feel for; lament 
Doliente, a. Suffering; sorrowful— «m. PaD 

bearer; mourner. 


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DoUmin, tm. Long robe xron. in tho Le- 

D6k>, 9m. Fraud, deceit, iropoeltlon. i^ 
H^r dolo^ To jadge ill ot 

Doldr, «Tn. Pain, ache. Dolor de cabeea^ 
Headache. Z^r <2tf fnu«<a«, Toothache. 
Dolor d^ tripa9y Griping; affliction, 
crief ; repentance ; rage, iktar con do- 
lore*. To bo in labor. 

DolordHo, ito, »m. dim, A sliglit pain. 

Dolorido, da, a. DolcAil, affllcte<L 

Dolorido, 9m. The chief monmor. 

Dolorifiso, ca, a. Cansing pain or grieC 

Doloroeamdnte, ad. Painfully, sorrowftiny. 

DolonSso, sa, a. 8orrowfal, dismal ; painftiL 

Dolosamente, ad. Deceitfhlly. 

Doldeo, sa, a. Dcceltftil, knavish. 

Domi&ble, a. Tamable, conquerable. 

Doniad<3r, ra, 9. Tamer, Bubdncr; horao- 

Domad6ra, 9^ Act of taming oraabdufng. 

DomAr, va. To tame; break in; eubdne. 

D6mbo, ffm. Dome, cupola. [snbdne. 

Domefiib', TO, To reclaim, tame, master, 

Domesticable, a. Tamable. 

Domestieamdnte, ad. Domestically. 

Dome6tidu:, va. To render gentle, domes- 
ticate. — rr. To grow tame. 

Domesticidid, «/ Domesticity, affability. 

Domtetico, ca, a. Domestic 

Dom6stico, 9fn. Domestic, menial 

DomlciliAdo, da, a, Beceired as a denizen 
or citizen. 

Domldllftrlo, 9m. Inhabitant, citizen. 

Domicili^o, ria, a. Df miciliary. 

Domicilldrse, vr. To establish one's self in 
a residence. 

Domicilio, #m. Habitation, abode, domidl 

Dominad6n, </! Dominion, power; com- 
manding ground.—^ Dominations, an 
gelio beings. 

Dominaddr, 9m. Dominator. 

Domin&nte, a. Dominant, dictatory; pre- 
vailing; domlnative, imperious. 

Dominar, t«k To domineer, rule, oversiray ; 
master, command; moderate one*8 pas- 
sions, eorrect one's e\'il habita— ^r. To 
rise above others. 

Dominativo, va, a. Dominative. [towns. 

D6mine, 9m. Teacher of Latin in small 

Domfnco, 9m^ Sunday. Domingo d9 ra* 
moa, Palm Snnday. Dominao ds re9ur- 
reocton^ Easter Bnndav. Domingo de 
cwuimoda, Low Sunday. JIaeer do- 
minffOy To pass a working day idly. 

Doroingn^ro, ra, a. Done or worn on Son 
day. Sayo domingu9ro, 8und^^y-clothea. 

Doroingnillo, 9m^ Figure of a boy at bnll- 
fbasta. Jlae^ d una 9u dominffuiUo, 
To make one a laughing-stock. 

Dominica, 9f. (Dlv.) Sunday. DomhUca 
in alhik^ Low Sunday. 

DeminloU, a. Manorial; dominical, be- 
longing to the Lord's day. Oradon do- 
tninicaly Lord's prayer. [can. 

DomlnicAno, na, Dominico, ca, a. Domini- 

Dominfco, rnn. Jacobin, a (Har of Saint 

I>omin1eat(tni, ^f. Vassalage i>ald to the 
lor ] of the manor. 


Dominio, 9m. Dominion, power, right ct 
use; authority; region; domain, esUte. 

Domind, mk Domino^ a masquerade gar^ 

Don, 9m. Don. the Spanish title for a gen> 
tleman, used only before Chrlstiaa names; 
gilt, present; fcculty, knack. Don <f« 
gmt99. Winning manners. Don ds ad' 
erto. Skill. 

Donaci6n, ^. Donation ; gill, grant 

Donadio, 9m. Property derived flrum royal 

Don&do, da, «. Lay-brother or lay-filster. 

Donaddr, ra, «. Donor, beetower, giver. 

Dondire, 9m. Grace, eleirance, gentUltr; 
witty saying. Ilacar donaire ds^ Ta 
make little oC 

Donairosam^nte, ad. Facetiously, wittily. 

Donair6eo, sa, a. Pleasant; gracoml ; wit^ 

Dondnte,pa. Donor; giver. 

Don&r, vo. To make free gifts, bestow. 

Donatdrio, 9m. Donee, mntee. 

Donatista, a. Donatitt, follower of Donctii;^ 

Donative, 9m. Donative. 

Donc61, 9m. A king's page ; a man who has 
not known woman ; wormwood. Pin6 
doncel^ Pine stuff without knots. Vino 
doncel^ Wine of a mild flavor. 

DoncuUa, ^f. Maid, virgin, lass; lady'to-maid. 
Doncella ds Itumidia. The Nnmldian 
heron; snake-fish; sensitive plant Don* 
coUaktmona. An old maid. 

Doncelh^a, ^r. dim. Little maid. 

Doncelleiia, ^ Virginity, maidenhead. 

Donoelldz, ^. Virginity, maidenhood. 

Doncellica, ita, ^ diTn. A young maid, a 

Doncel16na, «/ angm. coU. Old maid. 

DonoeI1u6ca, ^ (C^ll) An old maid. 

Doncelln6la/«/C aim. A young maid. 

D6nde. ad. Y. Adonde. Where? whither? 
D9 aonds f From what place f Donda 
qui^ros Anywhere. Donds no. On the 
contraiy. U&da donde t Towards what 
place ? For donde f By what way, what 
reason? [marvel of Pern. 

Don Di6go de K6che, 9m. (Bet) Jalap, 

Donecillo, sm. dim. A small present 

Donill(ro<«}7K Swindler, sharper; tricking 

Donosamente, ad. Oraccftilly, pleasingly. 

Dnnosiddd, 9f. Qraoeftilnosa, wittlness. 

Donosilla, ^Plaited muslin worn around 
the neck. 

Dondso, sa, a. Gay, witty, pleasant [tUity. 

Donosikra, ^ Graceftilness, elegance, gen> 

D6Aa, jt/C Lady, mistress: only used beforr. 
the Christian name. [women 

DofleAr, vn To pass the time much with 

DofiegJU, L jfilgal, a. Applied to a kind of 

Doqnlcr, Doqnifra, ad. V. Donde auiera. 

Dordda, DonuUlla, 9. (Iclith.) Gilt-he&d, 

Doradilla, 9f (Bot) Common cotcraeh. 

Doradlllo, 9m. Fine brass wire. (Om.) Wag- 
tail, [colored sonn 

Dorddo, da, a. Gilt Sopa d4>radajL high 

Dorddo, 9m. Gilding. (Iclith.) V. Dornda 

Dorad6r, 9nu Gilder, 

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Dondiira, «/! GUdin^ 

Dor^ ^f. (Orn.) Fly-catcher. Musclcapa, L, 

Dor&r, vo. To gild; palli&te, excuse. 

Dore&s, ^f. A sort of muslin. 

DoronUkL «*rK A sort of flowered musHn. 

D6ria, ^. Broad-leaved groondscL 

06rico, ca, a. Dorici 

^rmida,4^ChrTsali9; resting-place. 

Dormiddra, */! Garden-poppy.—/)^ Sleepi- 
ness^ drowsiness. 

Dormkidro, ra, a. Sloepv, soporifcroa% nar- 
cotic— *»u E««ting-place. 

l)ormid6r, «m. A great sleeper. 

Uormidos, «nk pi, (Nao.) V. JhtrmeniM, 

Darmi^nte, pa, V. Durmi&nU, 

Donnildn, na, 4^ A doll person, sleepy-heacL 

Dormfa', vn. To sleep; be inattentive; 
clamp a Teasel; be calm. Dormir la 
»U9ta^ To toke a nap after dinner. Dor^ 
mir al tereno. To sleep in the open field. 
IktmUr d ptema mteUa or A nteflo 
tuMto^ To sleep carolessIy.-^-^r. To £ill 

Donnirlas, ^«2. Flay, like hide and seek. 

Donnitir, vikTo doze, nap, mope. [tion. 

DormitiTO, 9m. Dormitivc, soporiferoos po- 

DoniiH6rio, «m. Bormltoiy, bedroom. 

DomAJo, sm. A trough. [da. 

IMmas, 9f.pL Small fishing-boats In Gali- 

Domillo, sw. V. Doma^o and IToHera. 

Oor6nioo ofidnal, «ffk (Bot) Great leop- 

Dorsdl, a. Dorsal, belonging to the back. 

Dorsifero, ra, a. (Bot) DorsTfbrooa, dorsipa- 

D6rso, sm. The back part of any thing. 

Dos, am. Two; second; deaoe. A' do* ma- 
nos. With both hands. J}04 A do9, Two 
by twoi A' doipor tr^*^ Inconsiderately, 
raahlr. D9 dot en doA, Two by twa 
J>o» ninto. Twice, doable. 

DosaiUd, a. Biennial, of two years. 

Dosci^toa, tas, a. JM. Two hondred. 

Dos^l, 9m. A canopy. 

Dosel^ ^ Valance of a canopy. 

Doselico. sm. dim>, A small canopy. 

D68ia, 9f. Dose of medicine. 

Dotaeion, ^. Dotation, endowment, founda- 
tion ; the act of giving a dowry. JDoUi' 
don d6 nafAo9y Funds for the repairing 
of ships. J)otaoion de un httqw. The 
compfementof a crew; stock; personnel 
and materiel of a fortress. 

Dotildo, da, a. Dowered, portioned. Dota- 
do d^ Endowed with. 

Dotaddr, ra, s. One who portions or endowa. 

Dot^ a. Dotal, relating to a dowry. 

Dotir, DO. To portion, endow. 

D6te, sf. Dower dowry : stock of counters 
tto pUy with.— sm. pL Talents ; endow- 

Dot6r, sm. Doctor, physician. 

Dotrina, ^ V. Doctrimu [stone. 

Dov^la, ^. Cur>e of the kcy-stone ; key- 

DoTol^ge, «m. Curved stones for an arch. 

Doval&r, vo. To how a stone in cun-es for 

Dozab&do, da, a. Twelve-sided. 

DozAvo, va, 9. The twelfth part 

Driba, «f. (Bot) Whitlow. 


Drdcnia, 9f. Drachm, tlie eighth of m 

ounce ; Greek silver coin. 
Dractinoalo, 9m^ (Ento.) Guinea- worm. 
DragAnte, sm. (Bot) GoatVthorn; gun 

tragacauth ; pillow of the bowsprit 
Drigo, 9m, Dragon-tree. 
Dragomiin, s»k Dragoman, interpreter of 

the Arabic or Turkish. 
Drag6n, sm.. Dragon. Dragon marino 

(let) Sea-dragon, weatbor-fish ; dragoon 

spot in the eyes. 
Drag6na, «/ Shoulder-knot ; iSBmale dragon. 
Dragoniizo, 9tn. augm. A largo dragon. 
Dragoncillo, em. Ancient gun; a littlo 

dragon or dragoon. [dragon. 

Dragont6a, Dragontia, ttf. (Bot) Common 
Dragontlno, na, a. Dragonish. 
Drama, 9m. Drama. 
Dramdticam^nte, ad. Dramatically. 
Dramdtica, ^ The dramatic art 
Dramitico, ca, a. Dramatical, dramatic 
Dri&da, Dz14de, »f. l)ryad, wood-nymph. 
Drino, 9m. Kind of venomous serpent 
Drizir, va. (Nan.) To hoist up the vard& 
Driza^4/:jn2.IlaUiarda. DnaatcMJbque 

mayor. Throat-halliards. 
Dr6ga, »/. Drug ; stratagem, deceit 
Drogueria, ^. A druggist's shop. 
DrogmSro, 9m, Druggist; cheat [stufll 

Droguote, 9m, Drugget, kind of woollen 
Drogulsta, 9m. Drusreist; cheat impostor. 
Dromedill, Dromedario, 9m. Dromedary; 

an unwieldy horse or mule. 
Dropacismo, sm^ Ointment for taking off 

hairs; depilatory. 
Drdpe, 9m. (ColL) Vile, despicable man. 
Druida, 9m. Druid. [Incisor& 

Duil, a. Dual, bolonfflng to two. DttaJes^ 
D&ba, iff. Wall or Indosure of earth, [thing. 
Dubiedad, ^ DAbio, 9m. Doubt, doubtful 
DubitAble, a. DoobtfkiU dubious. 
Dubltacidn, f^ DubitaUon. 
Dubitativo, va, a. Doubtful, dubious. 
Due, smw ob9. V. Ihiqtis. 
Duoado, 9m. Duchy, dukedom; ducat 
Duc^ a. Ducal. [ed. 

Dficha, ^f. List ; straight piece of land reap- 
D6cho, cha, a. Dexterous, accustomcNd, 

skilful. \oi9nto9. 

Duci6ntos, tas, a. Two hundred, v. I>09- 
Ducil, smw (Prov.) V. EspUa. 
Ductil a. Ductile. 
DuctilldAd, «/: DucUlIty. 
Duct6r, 9m, Guide, conductor; probe. 
Ductriz, ^ Conductress. 
D6da, 9f, Doubt, suspense, hesitation ; qnea* 

tlon. Sin duda, Certainly. 
Dudible, a. Dubltable, dubious, donbtftiL 
Dudiu-, vOw To doubt, hesitate; fluctuate 

Dudills, 9f. dim. A slight doubt 
Dudosamdnte, ad^ Doubtfiilly, dubiously. 
Dudoso, sa, a. Doubtful, uncertain; hazard 

Du61a. ^ Stave; kind of coin. 
Duel^je, sm. V. IMaje. 
Duelists, 9m. Duellist; fighter. 
Du61o, sm. Duel, challenge ; sorrow ; mourn* 

Ing, taaenX.--pl. Troubles, vexations, af 

flictlons. Sin duelo. Abundantly. 

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Ou6nde, am. Eli; fldry, goblin, ghost TeMr 
du^nde^ To bo hvpoobondiiac, restlcsa. 
Moneda de dttenaes^ Bmall copper coin. 

DnendecUlo, 9m. dim, A little fliiry. 

Do/^ndo, dd, a. Domestic, tamo. 

Du^fiA. ^ Duenna, an old woman ; a mar^ 
rled lidy. I>uen<u^ AVidows vrlio attend 
on the maids of honor. [strict duenna. 

DaefiihEa, «/. augm. A very old or a very 

Dudl68oo; a. (Coll.) Belonging to a duenna. 

Dnofiiaima, *f. A haughty old duenna. 

Dn6fio, a, »m. and / Owner, proprietor, 
master or mistreas. 

Du6mo, «m. Double sheet, two sheets of 

Srinted paper, one witliin another. 
la, ^f. Hera o^ animals on the same pas- 
ture. VeU d la d/ula. Got out of my 


Daloam&ra, ^ (Bot) Bitter-sweet 

D6Ice, a. Sweet; fresh; mild, soft— Mn,. 
Sweetmeats, prescrve^ sngar-ploms, can- 
dies, or any other sweet things. V. Did- 

Daloecillo, ilia, ito, ila, a. Sweetish. 

Duloed^imbre, ^ Sweetness* V. Dubntra, 

Dolo^mele, tm. Dnlclmer, musical instru- 
ment [tly. 

Duloemtete, ad. Sweetly, deligbtftUly, gen- 

DulclAcaddn, ^. Daldflcation. 

Dnldfldbte, pa. DulciCying ; sweetener. 

Dnioificir, «a. To sweeten, dulcify. 

Duldr, «a. To grind flat, polish. 

Dnldsono, na, a. Sweet-toned. 

Dttl6ro, •m, (Prov.) Herdsman. 

Dulia, af. DuJia, worship of the saints. 

Dulim&n, »m. Long robe worn by the Turks. 

Dnlzaina, t/ A musical wind instrument 
(Mez.) A lute; quantity of sweetmeats. 

Dulzamira, t. (Bot) V. Dulcamara, 

Dnlziizo, sa, Ow Nauseously sweet, luscious. 

Dnlz6r, wk V. DtUaura, 

Dnlzor4r, va. (Prov.) To sweeten, dulcify. 

Dnlzfira, «/r Sweetness; meekness; pleas- 
ure; fbrWrance; pleasing manners. 

Dubnuir, twi. To dulciiy; soften. 

Dfinaa, tf. pL Down^ banks of sand. 

Dun6ta, 9/. (Nau.) The highest part of the 

Dnngarros, «/ A sort of white cotton staff. 

D60, mn, (Mas.) Duo, duet 

Duod^mo, ma, a. Twelfth : 12mo. 

Dnodteuplo, pla, a. Duodecuple. 

Dnod^no, na, a. Twelfth. 

Duodteo, sttk and a. (Anat) Duodenum. 

Daomesino, na, a. Of two montlis. 

DApta, f/t Doublo allowance of provision In 
oollegea. [tion. 

IfUplicaci^n, «/r Dnplication; oondnpUca- 

Dap1icadam6nte, «k2. Doubly. 

DnplicAdo, 9m. Duplicate. 

Dupllciido, da, a Duplicate, doubled. 

Dopllcir, Da, To double, duplicate; repeat 

Dupllcat6ra, */ V. Dobladura, 

D6pllce. a. Double; with separate cells. 

Duplieid&d, tf. Dnplicity, deceit 

D6plo, 9m. Double, twice as much. 

D6qn^ 9m. Duke; fbld in veils. [duke. 

Dnqnecito, 9m. dim. A petty duke ; a young 

l>nqntea,j»C Duchess; species of couch. 

Dwk, »/. Duration, continuanoe. 


Duriiblo, a. Durable, lasting. 

Dnracidn, DurAda, 9f. Duration, ooutina 

ance, durability. 
Duradorarai^nte, ad. Durably. 
Durad^ras, ^. jh. Lasting ; prunella. 
Duraddro, ra, a. Lasting durable. 
Durad6r, ra, a. Durable, lasting. 
Duramiter, ^ (Anat) Dura matrr. 
Duramdnte, ad. Hardly, rieorously. 
Dur&ndo, 9m. Glotb formerly used in Spain 
Dur^te, pa. During; in the mcen time. 
Dur4r, vn. To last continue. 
Dnrazn^ro, 9m Peach-tree^ 
DurAzno, 9m. (Bot) Peach-tree; peach. 
Dur^za, qf. Hardness, harshness, firmness; 

obetlnacy; callosity. Jhtragad^vientre^ 

Costivenesa. Dwtaa ds aido^ DulnoM 

of hearing. 
Durl^gra, V- Cotton stripe, white and blue. 
Dorillo, lli, a. <fim. Bather hard. DuriUo 

r^l&oanti^ Bombast, fhstian.— «m. (Bot) 

Duriudina, DurindaSnn, ^ (Joe.) A sword. 
Durm6ntea, Durml^ntes. 9m, jd. (Nau.) 

Clampa, sleepers. Sota-^turmi^nUs, 

Thick stnlt 
Durmi^nte, pa. Sleeping, sleeper, dormant 

— wi. Sleeper. 
D6ro, ra, a. Hard, solid; vexatious; op- 

pr^ve; stubborn; rude, rough. (Nau.) 

Stiff. A' dura9 petuu, With difficulty 

and labor. 
D6ro, or Peso duro, 9m. Silver dollar. 
Dunnvir, «>n. Duumvir, one of the duum- 
DQnn\irAto, am. Duumvirate. 
Dux, 9m, Dogo of Venice and Genoa. 


E (A or ay) is pronounced In Spanish ai 
in the English words bed^ met, pen^ Jbo. 
£ (and) is used instead of y (and) when 
the following word begins by t or hi; as, 
Sabioa 4 ignorant^, Wise and ignorant 
men : Paare 4 A<^Father and Bon. 

E'tLinUii. and ad^. To awaken attention. 
Eajnte9, Well then 1 Let us see. 

Ebanuta, am. Oablnet-maker. 

Eoanisteria, ^ Cabinet-work, cabinet-ma- 
ker's shop. 

Blnmo, 9m, Ebony. 

EbriedH 4/^ Ebrioty. 

E'brio, ria, a. Inebriated, intoxicated, (Ipsy. 

Ebri6»o, sa. a. Intoxicated, drunken. 

EbulidOn, £bulllci6n, ^. EbuHiUon. 

Ebiimeo. nea, a. (Poet) Made of Ivory, 

Ecoehomo, 9m. Ecce Homo. 

Echao4ntoe, 9m, A rattle-brained lUlow. 

Echaoorvear, vn, (Ooll) To pimp, proeorei 

Echacorveria, 9f. (ColL) Prolbeeion of a 
limp or procurer. [impostor. 

tiaeu6rvoa, 9m. Pimp, procurer; cheat, 

EchAda, ^f, Cast, throw; throwing ore"! 
self down. 

EcbadSro, 9m. Place of rest or repf4«w 

EchadiUo, am. A foundling. 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


fcbadko« n, & A sp7; cautious divulger; 
foundling. [titious. 

EdiadJzo, za. a. Suborned to pry into; fic- 

Bchad6r, n, a Tiirower. 

EcbadAra, «/C Lading ono> self down 
Inrooding, hatching. 

Echamionto, mn. Cast, throw; projection; 
ejection; ezpoelng. 

Kch^, vcL and i77». To cast, throw, heave; 
torn or drive awajr, c^lcct «^ect, cast away, 
throw oat or expel; shoot, bud, issue; 
put, apply; ioino&e as a tax; ^Ik, bab- 
ole; impute: Incline, recline; perform 
fbrawager; aealout; publish; propo 
take; sentence. (Nan.) To sink. Ecltar 
aifqfOj To pull down. Echar el agua d 
im n^/So, To baptize. Ec/utrVrntxUas or 
bcUadronadaay or plantwSy To boast, 
brag ot Echarla oe bravo, da majOy 
or as grand^ To swagger. Echar can- 
tos, rajfo^ eentdUUy oTfufgo^ To be very 
angry. .ficAar carri^tos, To grow plump 
In the cheeks. Echar cocks. To set up 
a coach. Echar ds manga. To make a 
cat's paw of one. .ffcAar e^ «0^, To give 
ttie finishing stroke. Echar en meoroto, 
Po labor to no purpose. Echar el bq^ 
or los bofe», To labor excessively. Echar 
la pldtiea & otrapart^ To cut short 
the conversation. i£vAar97i^no8,Tomi6S. 
.£hAarf>Mrm3«, To strut about Echar 
tfdrra a, To bury in oblivion. Echar al 
mxtndo. To bring forth. Echar tnano. 
To give asbistanoe. Echar un remiendo 

' d la vida, To take some little rcftesh- 
ment Eohar d wno dpa«ear, To send 
one ^bont his business. Echar con cajas 
dsatempladae, or en hora mala. To dis- 
mtes roughly. Echar titerUs, To draw 
lots. Echar d correr. To run away. 
Echar d reir. To fhU to laughing; Eohar 
^nearOydla cara, orenla cara, To re- 
proach to one's face. Echar btten or 
mal lance, To have good or bad luck. 
Echar do ter. To observe, perceive. 
Eohar el ouerpo fuera^ To withdraw. 
Echarla lejf d uno, To condemn to the 
utmost rigor of the law. Eohar d per- 
der. To spoil Echarlo todo d rwiar. 
To spoil utterly. Echar mono. To lay 
;kold, seize, catch. Echar peiiUoa d la 
mar. To be reconciled. Eefuirpor en 

' medio. To cut short any dtnerenee. 
Echar el pU adelarUe, To progress, be 
foremost Echar el pU atrtu. To retro- 
grade, be last 2fb hay que echar pU 
airas. You must not flinch. El tfisnto 
w echa. The wind taWa, Echiir todo el 
trapo or dcUl To crowd all sail Echar 
una monOyTo help. Echar un jarro 
do agua, Throw a damper upon dis- 
oonne by an unexpected remark. Echar 
or eoharoe un borron. To disgrace one's 
mI£ Echar un guante. To take up a 
collection. Echar el guante. To arrest 
Bchar el eocandaUo, To take soundings 
A]/Mxr en Merro, To land. Echarraioeti, 
To take root; beconce established: eon- 
firmed.— ©r. To throw one's self down ; 
ipf>ly one's self to ; yield, desist Erharte 


eobre dncora. To drag the anchor 
Echaree d pecJios. To drink immoder 
ately. Echarse al ooUto, To eat, awal 

Echazon, f/T (Law.) Jetson. [philosophers 

£cI6ctico, em. Eclectic, a class of ancienl 

Eclesiibtlco, snu Clergyman, ecdesisAtio; 
Ecclesiasticus. flic. 

Eclosidstico, ca, a. Ecclesiastical, acdesUa- 

EcleslastizAr, tJO. V. EepiritualUar. 

Eclips&ble, a. That may be eclipsed. 

Eclips&r, va. To eclipse, outshine. 

Eclipse, em^ Eclipse. 

Eclipsis, ^ Elllrisis. 

Ecliptica, ef. Ecliptic. {Egloga 

Ecloga, ((f. Eclogue, a pastoral poem. V 

E'co, em. Echo ; repetition. Uacer eco. It 
accord, agree, surprise. 

EciSico, ca, a. (Poet) BeUting to echoes. 

Ecoyictria, ^ (Arch.) Echometry. 

Ec6metro, «m. Echometer. (tributlon 

Economia, ^. Eoonomv; scantiness; dis 

Econ^mica, ^ Economica, household man 

Econ6micam6nte, ad. Economically. 

Econ6mico, ca, a. EconomlCttl, economic 
fhigal: avaricious. [ag«r. 

Economlsta, om. Economist; a good man 

Economizer, va. To economize. 

Ec6nomo, em. Curator or guardian, trustee 

Ectipo, em. Ectype, copy from an original. 

Eeuable, a. Equable, equal to itself; Just, 

Ecnaci6n, sf. Eouation. [noctial line. 

Ecuador, Equator, etn. Equator ; the eqni* 

Ecuanimid&d, ^. Equanimity. 

EeuAnte, a. Equal V. Igual. 

Ecu^stre, a. Equestrian. 

Ecum^nico, ca, a. (Ecumenical, universal 

E'cuo, a. Bight, Just [aea. 

Ecu6reo, rea, a. (Poet) Belonging to the 

Eddd, ^ Age, ages ; any period of time. 
Estar en edad, (Prov.) Under the sev- 
enth year. Uenor edad. Minority. 

Edeca}), em. (Mil) Aide-de-camp. Tmor. 

Ed^ma, ef. A white, soft, and Insensible tu< 

Edemat6eo, sa, a. (Edematous, edematose. 

Edto, em. Eden, paradise. 

Bdiddn, %f. Edition. 

Edieto, tm. Edict proclamatiofn. 

Edlflcaddn, ^. Construction, art of build 
Ing; edification, edifVtng. [builder 

Edineaddr, ra, 9. Edlfler; constructer 

EdiflcAnte, a. EdlMng; erecting. 

Ediflo4r. «a. To ediiy, build ; instruct 

Ediflcativo, ya, a. Exemplary, instructive. 

Edlflcat6rio, ria, a. Edlficatory. 

Edif&eio, mn. £diflo^ stmctore. 

Edil, em. Edile, a Roman magistrate. 

EdilldAd, ^. Edileship. 

Edit6r. 9m. Editor. 

Bdredon. em. Eider-down. [tur# 

Educacion, tf. Education, instruction, nur 

Eduoad6r, ra, e. Instructor, educator. 

Educiindo, da, «. Student in a school or 

£<lucar. va. To educate, instruct 

Educcion, ^. Eduction. 

Educir. va. To educe, extract, bring oc» 

E'fo, «/ Spanish name of the letter i! 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 



Cfeot!ram6nte, ad. ElfoctoEllf, powerftOlv; 

certfiinlj. [monoy, speeie. 

Efectiro, v», a. Effecf.vo, true,— «m. Hard 
Ef6cto, «m. EfTect; operation; porposa. — 

pL Assets; effects. En ^ecto. In tket, 

in truth. 
Eft)ctnAI, a. (Obs.) Effectual, real, effectiTei 
Efeotualmunto, ad. Effectively. [feet 

Efbctu/ir. va. To effectuate, accomplish, ef- 
Efein^rldes, ^. pL Ephemeris, almanac, 

ioumal ; an account of daily transactionSb 
iifcmera, ^. V. Efimera. 
EfiSracro, 9m. (BoL) IrU, wild flag; [vor. 
EftTvesccmcia, ^ Effervoscence ; ardor, fer- 
B'fcta, ad. Pertinacity. 
EflcAcla, ^ Efficacy, actiylty. 
EficAz, a. Efficacious, active, effective. 
EAcazm^nte, ad. Efficaciously, actively. 
Eflcioncia, ^ Efficiency, effectiveness. 
Eflci6nte, a. Efficient, effisctlv& 
Eficlentemdnte, ad. Efficiently, effectively. 
Efigie, »f. Effiey, image. [ephemeron. 

Efimera, ^ Ephemera, a one-day fever; 
Efimerdl, a. (Little us.) V. Efifnero. 
Efimoro, ra, a Ephemeral, living one day. 
Eflorec6ncla, af. Efflorescence. 
Eflorecdr, wi. (Chem.) To effloresce. 
Efloroci6nte, a. (Chem.) Efflorescent 
Efloresc^ncia, 4/: (Bot) EfflorescenUa. 
Eflu6ncia, «/! Effluence, emanation. 
Eflu^nto, 9f. Effluent emanant [tion. 






Ejecutivamento, ad. Executively, prompt- 

t^erutivo, va, o. Executive ; executory. 

Eyocit6r, ra, & Executor; officer of Justice. 
E^^entor ds la^iutUdOy Executioner. 

fijjeoatdria. f/! Writ of execution; letters 
patent of nobility ; executorship. 

Qecntori&l, a. Applied to tho execution of 
a decree, 

^eciitoriar, v€k To obtain a verdict in one's 
favor ; establish tho truth. 

^ecutArio, ria, a. (Law) Executory. 

^jemplur, tm. Exemplar, pattern prece- 
dent; cony of a printed work. 

^emplir, a. Exemplary. Sin ^ampla^ 
Not to be a precedent; without prcc«> 
dent D°£»^* 

Ejemplarm^nte, ad. Exemplarily; •dliiy- 

^emplificaci6n, «C Exemplificatioxi. 

Kjempliflc^, va. To exempUfjr. 

i9«^mplo,Mns Example, precedent; pattsiiv 
cop V. For ^mnplo^ For instance. 

^eroer, vow To exercise, practise. 

Igercicio, mn. Exercise; employment, of- 
floe ; ministry. JIacer ^erhielo^ To drill 
troops, train; use exerelMb Sdarmtfx 
tomar ^ercioioa^ To be in a spiritual re* 

Ejercitaci6n, ^. Exorcltatlon, practice. 

fOercltaddr, ra, & Exerciser, practiser. 

Is^eroitibte, «m. The person who is in a 
spiritual retrcat-^po. Exerciser, oxerd- 

£;)eTdtir, ta. To exercise; learn by prac 
tioo. I^cUar la pitcienciOf To try th* 
patience.— t?r. To apply one's selt 

iliercitativo, Ta, a. That which may be ex 

i;|6rdto, mt. An army. 

^ido, tm. Ck>mmon, a public space of laa^ 

iU6te8, 9m. pi, (Mex.) String beans. 

£1, artids maaouUn*, The. 

EI, E'Ua, FAlo, pron. He, she, it 

E'la, ad. There she is, behold her there. 

Elaboracidn. ^. Elaboration. 

Elabor^o, da. a. Elaborate. 

Elaboriir, ra. To elaborate, finisli with care. 

Elacl6n, ^. Elation, pride; magnanimity; 
affected sublimihr of style. 

Elaml, ^f. (Mus.) Sixth ascending; not« EL 

Elasticid&d, ^. ElasUdty. 

EUu'tico, ca, a. Elastic, elasticaL [cumber. 

Eiat^rio, «m. Elaterlnm or sqnirUng cu- 

Elatinc, ^ (Bot) Smooth speedwell. 

E'lche, 9m. Apostate, renegade, Turkish 
name for ambassador. 

E'le, ad. There he is, or there it is. 

£"10, 9f. Spanish name of the letter A 

Eleborina, ^ (Bot) Helleborine. 

EI6boro, Eleb6r, 9m. (Bot) Hellebore. 

Elecci6n, 4^ Election ; choice. 

Elective, va, a. Elective 

Eldcto, ta, a. Elect, chosen. 

El6cto, 9m. Elect; nominee. 

Elector, 9m, Elector. [an elector. 

Elcctorikdo, •!». Electorate, the territory ol 

Electoral, a. Electoral 

Electridd&d, ^. ElectHcity. 

Eldctrico, ca, a. Electric or electrical. 

Electriz, </! £lectros^ the wife of an eiecto*. 

Electrizad6n, ef. Electrification, electrixa 

Electriz&r, tw. To electrify; fill with m- 
tlnulasm. — vr. To electrize. 

Electro, «fn. Eicctre or amber; eloctrum. 

Klcctr^metro, sm. Electrometer. [servoi 

Electu&rio, 9m. Electuary, medicinal con* 

£lei!uida, ^. Elephantiasis, species of lep- 

Elefuntc, ta, & Elephant 

Elo&ntino, na, a. Elephantine. [nesi 

Elegtoda, qf. Ele^wice; sraceAilneeB; neat 

Elog&nte, as Elegant pdlant fine, nice. 

Elogantemuntc, ad. Elognntly. 

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ei^% ^. Elegy. [All. 

Kli^&cov ca» Ow Elegiac or olegiacal. mourn- 

ElflgibilidiULj/: (Little ns.) EHglblflty. 

Eleg^bki, a, Ellzible, preferable. 

Klegido, da, a. Elect, choeen. 

Elegidos, 9ni. pL The elect, the bleaned. 

Eleilr, WL To choose, elect, nominate. 

B'lego, ga, a. Moomftd, plaintive. 

ElementAL Elementir, a. Elemental; es- 
sential, fundamental. [mdtment 

Elem^to, mn. Element; t)ie first principle; 

EI6noo, «m. Table, index ; sort of pearl ear- 

EIe78ci6n, ^ Elevation; loftiness; digni- 
ty; raptare; pride: height, altitude. 

Eleradam^Dto, <uL With eloration. 

Elerddo, da, a. Elevated, exalted; sublime, 
high, lofty. 

Elevaddr. 9m. (Little ns.) Elevator, [tare. 

Elevamiento, mn. Elevation, ecstasy, ran- 

Elev^r, v<k To raise, elevato, lift up; exalt 
— w. To be enraptured ; elated. 

Elidir, «a; To weaken, debilitate ; elide. 

Eiy&ble, Ob Otpable of being elixated. 

ElOacidn, ^. (Pharm.) Ellxation. 

EUjir, tKk (Phann.) To clixate, boil vege- 
table suMtances. 

Elipse, ^ (Oeom.) Ellipsis. 

EUpais, 4/r (Gram.) Ellipsis. 

Eliptico, ca, a. Elliptic or elliptical. 

EUseoB cimpoe, sm. pL Elysian fields. 

Sisidn, f^ O^ram.) Elision. 

Elixir, 9m. Elixir, a medicine. 

Elle, ^ Spanish name of the U or donblo I. 

riOfCKf. Behold it 

Elocud6n, ^. Elocution. 

Eloco6ncia, ^ Eloquence. 

ElocuSnte, a. Eloquent 

£locuentem6nte. ad. Eloquently. 

Elogiad6r, «m. Eulogist, cncominst 

Elogiir, va. To praise, extol, eulogize. 

E16iio, tm. Eulogy, panegyric 

EIncidaci6n, Jtf. Elucidation, explanation. 

Eludir, va. To elude. 

Emacladdn, ^ Emaciation, cmaceration. 

EmanAci6n, ^. Emanation ; effluvium. 

Eman&nte, J9<z. Emanating, emanant 

Emanir, vtl To emanate. 

£manclpaci6n, Mf, Emancipation. 

Emanclp^, va. To emancipate. [mind. 

BmbablamUnto, am. Stupidity ; absence of 

Embaebitr, va. Topen sheep to bo shorn. 

Embadnm&r, va. To besmear, bedaub. 

Brobaiddr, ra, «. Sharper, impostor, swind- 
ler, [sition. 

Embalmitoto. «m. Delusion; deceit, impo- 

Embair, wk To impose upon, deceive. 

Embtq&da, fff. Embassy, a legation ; an or- 

KmbagadOT, 9m. Ambassador. [rand. 

Emb<\Jaddra, Emb^atriz, ^ (Poet little 
u^) Ambassadress. [baasador. 

Embadat6rio, ria. a. Belonging to an am- 

Embaladdr, »m. Packer. 

EmbalAr, va. To embale, paclc 

Erabal^ige, «m. Packing, package, baling. 

Embaldosado, 9m. Tile-floor. 

Bmbaldosir, veu To floor with tiles or flags. 

fimbalU&r, va. To pack up into a port- 

Vmballenaildr, 9tn, Stay-maker. 


Emball*nAr, va. To stiffen with whalebone 

Emballestddo, 9m. Contraction of the 
nerves. [cross-bow. 

Emballostarsc, vr. To be about shooUnff a 

Embalaad^ro, sm. Pool of stagnant rm* 
water. [balmer. 

£mbal8amad6r, Embalsamcro, 9tn. Em- 

Embalsamdr, ta. To embalm. 

Embals^, t?a. To put or drive into a pool. 

Emb&lse, 9tn, Act of putting or driving into 
a pool. 

EmbalumAr, va. To load a horse unequally. 
— vr. To embarrass one's self with busi- 

Embanasti5r, va. To put into a basket 

Embaracillo, am. dim. A slight embarrass- 
ment [wardlv. 

Embarazadam^nte, ad. Perplexedly, awk- 

Embaraz^do, da, a. Embarrassed, perplex- 
edly. Embaraaada^ Pregnant 

£mbarazad6r, ra. «. Embarrasser. [struct 

Embarazir, va. To embarrass, perplex, ob- 

Embarazo, am. Impediment, embarrass- 
ment vexation ; confusion ; pregnancy. 

Embarazo8am6nte, ad, Diflioultly, cumber^ 

Embaraz6so, sa, EmbarbascMo, da, a. Di^ 
ficult intricate, troublesome. 

Embarbascdr, va. To stupeiV fish with hel- 
lebore; perplex, confound, embarrass. — 
vr. To lie entangled among the roots. 

Embarbecor, vn. To have a beard appear- 
ing, [together. 

EmbarbU16r, va. To Join planks or oeamt 

£mbaroaci6n, tif. Ye&*ol; embarkation; 
navigation. [bor, loading-place. 

Embarcadero, am, "Wliarf, quay ; port, har- 

Embarcad6r, «m. Shipper. 

Embarciir, va. To enibark, ship ; engage. — 
vr. To embark. Embaroarae un golpa 
d4 mur^ To ship a heavy sea. 

Embdrco, am^ Embarkation, shippin;?. 

Embai'gad6r, «m. One who lays on an em- 
baigo : sequestrator, attacher. 

Embwg^te, pa. Arresting, impeding, re- 
straining. Xo embarganta^ Notwith- 

Embarg&r, va. To arrest lay on an embar- 
go ; distrain, seize, attach ; impede. 

Emb&rgo, am. Embargo; execution, dis- 
train^ seizure, attachment; indigestion. 
Sin embargo, Notwitlistanding. 

Embamecer, vn. To pow plump or fiit 

Embamlzad6r, am, Vamisher. 

Emhamfzadtira, af. Varnishing. 

Embamiz&r, va. To varnish; embellish. 

Embdrque, am. Embarkation. 

Embarrad'ir, am. Plasterer, dauber. 

Embarradura, ^ Overlaying with plaster 
or mortar. 

Embarrdr, va. To plaster; confbund.— fjr. 
To collect or mount upon trees. 

ErabarrilAr, va. To barrel, put in a barrel. 

Embarrotdr, vtk V. Abarrotar. 

EmbasamSnto, anu (Arch.) Foundation 'H 
a building. 

EmbastAr, va. To baste ; stitch. 

Embasteodr, vn. To become corpulent oi 
fat— TT. To become gross;. 

EmbfitQ. am. llio dashing of the sen; mt] 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


4bXi attack; gentie breeze.-^ Sadden 
reToraes. [oeiver. 

fcmbaacad6r. sm. Starper, Impostor, de- 

Cmbaacamlonto, «»K Deception, lllnsion. 

Kmbaao4r, «a. To deceive, delude, impose 

EmbauUr, Wk To pack ap In a trunk. 
(Met. Coll.) To cram. 

Embanaami^nto, 9m. Amazement, astontab- 
mont [wonder. 

Embauson&r, «a. To make one stare with 

Kmbazad6r, sm. One who shades colors. 

£mbazad&ia, ^f. Shading colors; amaze- 

Emba>ir,«ab To shade; astonish; impede. 
— vn. To bo astonished, remain without 
action. — vr. To become tired or disgust- 
ed; blush. 

£mbebeo6r, «a. To astonish, stupefy ; amuse. 
— vr. To be struck with amazement 

Embebedmi^nto, sm. Amazement, aston- 

Embebeddr, ra, a Imbiber. 

Embeb^r, va. To imbibe ; saturate ; Incor- 
porate; shrink, press. — wk To shrink, 
contract Itself; grow thick. — vr. To be 
enraptured ; retain firmly in tlie mind. 

Embelecadur, ra, 8. Impostor, sharper, de- 

Embeledir, f>a. To impose upon, deceive. 

Kmbel6co. sm. Fraud, delusion, imposition. 

CmbelcnMo, da, a. Enrantured ; stupefied. 

EmbeleMr, va. To stupefy, besot 

Embelosfti|)Idnto, tm. Amazement, aston- 
ishment, rapture. 

EmbelesAr, tm. To amaze, astonish ; charm. 
— vr. To be charmed or ravished. 

Embeleso, 87n. Amazement, ravishment; 
charm. fed. 

Embcllaqneccrsft, vr. To become low-mfnd- 

Embellectr, va. To embellish, adorn, deco- 

Kmbeml&r, «w». To intoxicate. 

EmberAr, vn. To begin to have a ripe color. 

Embermci)^, va. To redden. [blu^h. 

Emberm^ec^ va. To dye red.— <?n. To 

Kmb^ro, 9m. Color of crapes ripening. 

EmberrinchArse, w. To fly into a violent 
passion. [demand. 

Embestida, ^f. Assault, onset ; importunate 

Embestid<^r, «m. Importunate solicitor. 

Kmbestidura, ((f. Attack, assault, onset 

ilmbestir, 9a. To assail, attack; solicit im- 

EmbotnnAr, va. To ooverr with pitch, 

Embicad6r, 9m. (Am.) Cup and balL 

EmbicAr, ra. Embicar la8 vergas^ (Nan.) 
To top tlie vsrds. 

BmbiJAr, ro. To paint with red lead. 

Emblon, 9m. A shove. 

Embioncillo, «m. dim^ A slight shova 

BmblzarrArse, «r. To brag, boast of courage. 

Embkndoc^r, fxu To moisten, soften.— im,. 
Tf move to pity. 

Emb.a.nqnee6r, wk To bleach or whiten. — 
vr. To grow white, be bleaching, [turc. 

Emb'.^ma, 9m, Emblem; an allusive ptc- 

Emblemitlcam^nte, ad. (Little us.) Em- 

Kmhlem&tlAo, ca, a. EmMemntic 


Embobamiento, 9m, Admtratloo, encha&¥> 
ment: stupefying, 

Embobtf, fTOw To amuse, entertain the 
mind, distract, humbug. — vr. To be in 
suspense, stand gaping. 

Embobec^. vo. To stupefy, make foolish. 
— cr. To Mcome stupefied. 

Embobecimidnto, 9m. Btupefketioo. 

Embocad^TO, Embocaddr, 9m, Mouth of • 
channel. Edar al 9mbooad9t0t To be 
at the point of success. 

Emboduio, da, a. Pleasant to tlie tasta— 
pp. of Eimbopctr. 

EmbocadAra, ^. The mouth or narrow en- 
trance; mouth-piec& 

Embocikr, «a. To enter by the mouth; 
swallow in baste; enter bv a luiss; seize 
upon; deceive; relate tedious stories. 

£rabocin4do, da, <t V. Abooinado. 

ErobodArse, vr. To be married. [worms. 

EmbolAr, f>a. To arrange branches Tor silk> 

£robq)o, 9m, The slied erected for ailk- 
worros. [bnlls^ horns. 

EmboUr, to. To put balls on ilie tips of 

Embollsmador, ra, «. and a. Detractor, re- 
viler, [natioiis. 

EmbolismAl, <t. Intercalary of thirteen lu- 

Embolismdr, va. To propagate malicious 

Embolismo, «m. Embolism, intercalation ; 
intercaUry time ; oonfhsion ; maze ; false 

E'mbolo, 9m. Piston of a pump. 

EmbolsAr, va. To put money into a purse: 
reimburse. [into a purao. 

Embdlso, 9nu Tlie act of putting money 

EmbonAr, ro. To make good or firm. 
(Nan.) To plank. [lining; stiillBnIng. 

Embdno, 9m. (Nau.) The act of planking; 

Embof\igdr, wt To plaster with cow-dung. 

£mb6que, 9m. Passaffs of a ball through ; 
deception, firaud. S90 no Hens emboqus^ 
(Amer.) That has not the least appear- 
ance of truth. 

EmbomAl, sm. (Nao.) Bcupper-hole. 

Emborraohad6r, ra, a. Intoucating;— «. One 
who makes drunk. 

Emborrach&r, ro. To intoxicate, Inebriate. 
— rr. To be intoxicated. 

EmborrAr, «a. To stuff with goat's hair; 
card the wool a second time. [rage. 

EmborrascAr, va. and r. To provoke, en- 

£mborrazami6nto, 9m, Act of basting a 
fowl [PP'^^ ^° ^ ^'^^^ i roasting 

EmborrazAr, va. To tie basting pieces o 

EmborridirBe, vr. (Coll.) To grow stupid. 

EmborrizAr, va^ To give tlie first combing 
to wooL 

Eroborrnll&rse, vr. To be at variance. 

KmboscAda, ^. Ambuscade ; ambush. 

EmboeoadAra, f/. Ambusli, ambushmeni 

Embosdu*, va. To place in ambush; em- 
boss; conceal. — vr. To retire into the 
ihickeet of a forest; lie in ambush. 

Kmbosqneo^, vn. To become woody. 

Enibotadn, da, a. Blunt, dull 

Embotad6r, 9m, He who bluntik 

Embotadnra, 1/. Bluntneos or dulneas. 

Embotamlento, 9m. Blunting; blnntnM^ 
dulness; stupefaction. 

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Cnbotir, 9a. To blimt^ 4nU, foil ; ODenrstd ; 

■tapdy.— vr. To bocomo daB; pat on 

SmbotollAr, fxk To bottle. 
Embotyur, vo. To lay a fltrntnm of Jnra, 

daj, or mortar.— w. To Bwell; b© in a 

pattloD, bo inflated \rith arrogance ; put 

Embovedido, da, a. Arched, Tanlted. 
Emb^za, «/ Inoqaalitieei in tlie bottom of 

EmbozAdo^ da, a. Corered, mniSed. Vh 

emb09aao, A person with bis fiice corer- 

«d by bis cloak. [the face ; dissemble. 
Emboz^, vo. To mnflle the greater part of 
Bknb6co, mtK The part of a cloak or rell 

ooTorlng the flwe; muffling; an artfUl 

war of expressing one's thooghts. 
Embozo (De), ad. Incognito, unknown. 
Embrscilddo, da, a. (CoU.) Carried about in 

the arms. 
Embragir, «a. (Wan.) To sling; 
Bmbrsveoftr, «a. To enrage, irritate. — pn. 

To become strong. — cr. To become en- 
raged; be extremely boisterous (the sea). 
Embrayedmidnto, am. Fury, n^ passion. 
Embrazad^ra, ^f. Clasping of a shiefd ; em- 
Embrazar. va. To clasp a shield. 
Embroadora, ^f. Paying a ship with pitch. 
Embreir, «a. To iMy with pitch. [pute. 
Embr^irse, «r. To qnarrel, wrangle, dis- 
EmbrdUrse, vr. To hide one's self in 

EmbriagMo, da, a. Intoxicated, drunk. 
Embriam', va. To intoxicate; enrapture. 

— cr. To inebriate. 
Embrtagu^ f^ Intoxication, drunkenness ; 

rapture, transport 
Embrtir, «a. To toss in the air. 
Erabriddr, «a. To bridle ; govern, restrain. 
Brabri6n, «m. Embryo; assemblsge of oon- 

ftised ideas. 
RmbnSca, Bmbrocacl^n, t^f. Embrocation. 
EmbrocAr, do. To pour out of one yeesol 

into another; wind thread upon quills; 

tack to the last 
Embrooh4do, da, n. Embroidered. 
Embr611a, 9f. V. EmhroUo. 
Embrollador, ra, t. Entangler, confonnder. 
Embrolli^, vo; To entangle, twist: insnare. 

JSmbroUar la bandera^ (Nau.) To waft 

the ensign. [insr. 

Embr6Ilo, am. Fraud, deception ; embrou- 
EmbroU6n, na, a. Liar; impostor; entan- 

«ler. [foggy. 

Emoromildo, da, a. (Nnn.) Misty, hazy, 
Embromad6r, ra, a. and a. One who is tu- 

multaously merry; whee<ller. 
Embromib>, to. Toexchs tumultuons mirth; 

ea}ole; Jest Joke. 
Embroquel&fM, «r. V. Abroquelarae. 
Rmbrosquiliia', «a. To nut cattle into a pen. 
Bmbmjir, va. To bewitch. V. Jlsohiaar. 
Bmbrutecor, va. To stupefy. — »/*. To grow 

stupid. [nork. 

EmbucbMo, am. Lstro .sausage made of 
Cmbuebib', va. To stuff with minced meat; 

make pork sausages ; cram ; swallow with- 

oit chewing. 


Embad«d<3r, am. Filler. 

Embuddr, vo. To pour through a fhoiiel; 

scheme, insnare. 
Embndito, sm. dim. A little fhnneL 
Embttdista, atn. Funnel-maker; intriguer. 
Embddo, «m. Funnel ; tall of a candle-mould 

basin of a water-closet; firaud, deceit artf 

Emburriir, wt. (Prov.) V. JPmpt^ar. 
Emburrlon, am. (Prov.) V. Jffmpi^on. 
Emb&ste, am. An artfUl tale : a lie : fhuid, 

imposition ; pleasing quibble of cbOdren. 

Embuatae, Gew-gaw^ baublesi 
Embnstedr, «fk To lie, impose upon. 
Embaster4zo, am. augm. A very great liar. 
Embust^ro, rs, a. Liar; Impostor, cheat; 

hypocrite ; cooler, coaxer. 
£mbuster6n. na, a. augm. V. Embwi^ro. 
Embnsteru^Io, la, a. dun. Little impostor. 
Embntid^ra, ^ Instrument for riveting tin- 
work. 1 
Embutido, am. Inlaid work. 
Embutir, no. To inlay; Jumble: insert; 

cram. Embutir un eatay^ (Nau.) To 

worm a stay. 
E'me, 4< Spanish name of the letter M. 
Emdiga, «/ A large ftirrow, land-mark. 
Eraelg&r, va. To make laige ftirrows, as 

EmendAble, a. Amendable, corrigible. 
£mendacl6n, a/. Emendation, correctioo; 

Emendadam6nte^<{. Correctly. 
£mendad6r, am. Emendator. 
EmendAr, «a. To amend, correct Eman- 

dar un apar^o^ To oyerbanl a tackle. 
Emerg^ncia, ^ Emergency. 
Emerg6nte, a. Emergent resulting. 
Em^rito, a. Emeritus. 
Emersidn, 4^ (Astr.) Emersion. 
£ra6tico, ca. am* and a. Kinetic. 
Emienda, t/. Amendment correction ; com- 
pensation ; change for tiio better. 
Emigraci6n, af. Emigration, immigration. 
EmigrAdo, am. Emigrant immigrant 
EmlgrMo, da, a, and a. Emigrated, Inuni- 

Emigrdr, m. To emigrate, IramlCTate. 
Emlno, if. Fourth part of a Spanish bushel 

ancient tax. 
Emin6ncia, i/. Eminence, height a hill 

excellence, conspicuousness ; greatness, 

Eminenddl, a. Emtnentlal. [uous 

EminOnte, a. Eminent high, lofty ; consnic- 
Emlnentemdnte, ad. Eminently, conspico* 

onsly. [dinalc 

Emtnentisimo, a. Title of the Romish car* 
Emir, am. Emir, or emeer, oriental nnme fbf 

prince, lord. 
EmIsMo, am. Emissary. 
Emisidn, a/. Emission, rent 
Emltir. va. To emit send forth. 
Emoliente, am. and a. Emollient so/tentnA 
Emolum^nto, am. Emolument fee, profit. 

Empac&r, va. To pack up; wrap up.— ri* 

To be sullen, di^leasod. 
Empachadamuntts, ad. (Prov.) Camber 



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Empach Ado, dA) a. Timid, basbAil ; snrfeitod ; 

EmpAcbiur, wl To impede, embarrass, dis- 
turb; perplox; oTerload, cram ; disguise. 
— vr. To be ashamed, confounded ; surfeit 

Bmpiiebo, «m. BashAilnees, timidity; em- 
barrassment, obstacle ; surfeit 

Empacb6so, sa, a. V. Vergonao$o. 

Empadronad6r. snu Enroller, census-taker. 

Empadronamiento, «m. Census; list of tax- 
able persona. 

Empadronir, rck To take the census; regl»- 
ter the names of Ux-payers. [cloying. 

EmpaIagami6nto, »m. Loathing, surfbit 

Empalagiir, «a. To loathe, cloy; disgust in 
a nigh degree, offend, trouble.— rr. To 
loathe, feel disc;nst 

Empaligo, »m. Y. £mpdlagamUnto. 

Empalag^so, sa, a. Cloying, loatliBomo, &s- 

Empalami6nto, *m« Eropalemont, empaling. 

Empaldr, «a. To empale. 

Empali^da, tf. Hangings in cloisters, through 
which a procession passes. 

Empali^, vo. To bang with tapestry where 
a procession passes. 

Empalisida, ^. Palisade or palisado. 

Empaliz^, va. To palisade; pale. 

EmpaUot&do, 9m. (Nan.) Netting. 

Empalmad&ra, ^ Dovetailing. [splice. 

Empalm6r, «a. To scad; nsb, dovetail; 

Empalom^, va. To sew on the bolt-rope ; 

EmpanAda, tf. Meat-pie. Bacer xina em- 
panada^ To conceal part of an afiair. 
Aguampanada^Tmado; mnddv water. 

Empanadilia, ^ A small pie; footstep in 
coaches. [(Nau.) liimber boards. 

Empan&do, a^ Centre-room. &rypanadoB^ 

EmpanAr, f>a. To cover with paste, bake in 
paste : sow grain. 

EmpandAr, va. To bend into an arch. 

Empandlli&r, ro. To remove by stealth, hide. 

Empanio6r. ca. (Nan.) To band or ftirL 

Empantanar, «a. To submerge; bemire; 

Empaiiadtira, 9f. Swaddling of children. 

EmpaAfir, to. To swaddle; soil uith one^s 
breath ; darken ; impeach one's character; 
cover with clouds or fog. 

Empapa^ydrse, vr. To be bent like the 
beak (^ a parrot 

Empanir, va. To imbibe, soak, drench. — vr. 
To be soaked; be surfeited; Imbibe the 
principles o£ [paper. 

Empapelad6r, am. He who wraps up in 

Empapei^, va. To wrap in paper; waste 

EmpapirolAdo, da, a. (GoIL) Full, satisfied. 

Empapir^tido, da, a. (Coll.) Loftv, haughty, 
puffed up. [deck n^ly. 

Empapirotar, va. (Coll.) To adorn carefliily, 

Bmpique, am. Packing. 

Bmpaquctad6r, am. Packer. 

BmpaqnetAr, va. To pack, make into bales. 

Empm, tf. (Law, Prov.) Sequestration. 

Emparament&r, va. To adorn, set off 

Emp«ram6nto, Kmparami6uto, tm. (Prov.) 
Beqoeetratlon. [hibit 

tmparur, va, (Prov.) To scquestr^ite, pro- 


Emparchfir, va, Co cover with a plaster. 
Emparedami^nto, an. Confinement, shu^ 

ting up between walls; cloister. 
Emparedir, v%» To confine, shut up b» 

tween walls. 
£mparejad6r, am. Matcher, fitter. 

ladtira, qf. Equalization. Qzlns. 
iami6nto, mk Matching or cqiuil- 
"', CO. and fi. To level; match, 

EmparentAr, tm. To be related by marriage 
Emparentddo, da, a. Belated by marriagei 

JSstar bien or nwff empareatadOy To 

have respectable relatives. 
EmparrAdo, am. Arbor or bower. 
EmparrAr, va. To embower, form bowers. 
EmparvAr, va. To put grain in order to be 

thrashed. [bind books in leather 

EmpastAr, va. To paste; cover with colors 
Empatadera, ^. {CoH) Checking, impeding 

suspension. Tshort 

EmpatAr, va. To equalize; suspend; cut 
EmpAte, am. Equality, tie or equal number 

of votes. 
Empavesida, a/, (Nan.) Waist cloths. 
Empavesar, v€k (Nan.) To spread waist 

cloths; dress ships. 
Empecible. a, Hurtfiil. 
Empedemir, va. To indurate, harden.— «]r 

To bo petrified; inflexible. 
Empedrado, am. Pavement 
Empedraddr, mru Paver or pavier. 
Empedrir, va. To pave. 
Empdga, «< Yamisli of pitch : mark of pitch. 
Emp^adnra, ^ The vomi^ of pitch put 

on vesselsL [pitch. 

Empegar, t?a. To pitch ; mark sheep with 
EmpecmntAr, va. To mark sheep with pitch. 
Empeine, am. The groin; instep; hoof; 

ringworm; flower of the cotton plant; 

lichen. [worms. 

Empein6so, ra. a. Full of tetters or ring- 
EmpelAr, vn. To get hair, begin to be liairy. 
Emp^Ila, ^. Fat of fowls or swine ; upper 

leather of a shoe. 
EmpellAr, Empell^r, va. To push, impel. 
Empellejar, va. To cover with skins. 
Empelldn, am. Push, heavy blow. A' em^ 

peUonea^ Rudely, with pusheSb 
Empelot&ne, vr. To quarrel ; be vexed. 
Emp^ltre, vm. Small olive-tree or sapling 
Empenaenfir, va. To adorn with plumes. 
EmpenAr, va. To feather an arrow. 
EmpcntAr,«a. To push, impel Y.Smpt^ar, 
Empefiadam^nte, ad. Strenuously, spirit- 

Empefiilr, va. To pawn, pledge; oblige.— 
vr. To bind one's self; piersist-, encountei 
dangers with conraso! intercede, oxerl 
or interest one's self; be embayed on a 

EmpAilio, am. Obligation, pledging; engage- 
ment; earnest desire; courage and perse- 
vcranoe; protection, recommendatl'in: 
reconunender. Con tmptlio^ AVilh groat 

Kmpeorami6nto, «m. Deterioration. 

Empeor^, va. To impair, doterlorata-HM 
To grow worse. 

Eraperad6r am. Emperor. 

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. BMP 

Kirpcratiiz, «/. EmprMS. 

EmpercMr, ra. To suspend on a perch. 

EmperUiKir, ra. V. Perdigar. 

Emperegili&j', V€^ To drcce with a proftision 
of ornaments. 

Empereziirf vn. and r. To be lazy ; dilatory. 

Emperidklo, da, o^ To bo dressed in style; 
wear &lse hair. 

?Cinperlfbll4r, «a. To decorate, cover with 
ribbons; deck with flowers. 

Eoipemido, da, a. Nailed ; bolted. 

Enpemir, t^€b. To nail, bolt ; foot stockings. 

E^jp^ro. conj. Yet, howeTer. V. Pero, 

Kmperrada, »/. A sort of game at cards. 

Eniperr^irse, «r. To grow mad, furious, ob- 

£mpe8ad6r, tm, EnshesTor trimming yarn. 

Empestib-, ra. V. Apestar. 

£mp6tn>, «jn. Crow-berry. 

Empe:^, to. To begin, commence. 

Empicar, va. To hang. — rr. To be too much 

Empicotadfira, »f. Act of pillorying. 

Smpicotir, TO. To pillory ; piclcet. 

£mpi6dro, em. Paving. 

Empin&do, da, a. Elevated, exalted. [Ing. 

Empinadfira, «/ Exaltation, elevation, rais- 

Empinami6nto, em. Erection, elevation. 

Empin^ €€1. To raise, exalt; drink much. 
— cr. To stand on tiptoe ; rise high. JSnv- 
Dinar el pttchsrOf To live well without 
luxury. [upon another. 

Einpingorot&r. va. (Low) To raise any thing 

Empino, sm. Elevation, height {prison. 

Empiolar, va. To tie the legs of hawks ; im- 

Empireo, «m. Emnvreao, the highest heaven. 

Emphroo, rea, a. l^mpyreal, celestial. 

Empireiima, «/ Empyrenm, empvreuma. 

Emjpireumdtico, ca, a. (Chenu) Empyrcn- 

Emph-ico, srrK Quack, empiric. 

Empirico, ea, a. Empiric, empirical. 

Empirismo, sm. Empiricism, quacker}'. 

Empizarr&do, 9tn. Slato roof; slating. 

Empizarr^r, va. To slate, roof with slates. 

Emplastadora, t/. Emplastami^nto, «n. 

Emplaatar, fO. To plaster; rouge; obstruct 
— rr. V. Embaaumarde. 

Emplastec^, ea. To level the snrfiice to 
paint on. 

Empltoto, sm. Plaster. [plaster. 

Emplastrlco, ca, a. Olutlnona, resembling a 

EmpUizad6r, sm. (Law) Summoner; mes- 
senger of a court [mens, citation. 

Emplazami^nto, £mp1&zo, sm, (Law) Snm- 

Emplaz^, va. To summon ; arrange ; cite to 
appear before the Judgment-seat of God. 

Emplc&do, sm. Office-holder, employee. 

Empleir, ro. To employ, occupy; give a 
place or employment commission; in- 
To be employed ; follow busi- 


Empleita, sf. V. Pleita. [bsas-weed. 

Empleitero, ra, s. One who plaits and sells 

Empl6nta, t^f. Piece of mua-wall made at 

Empl6o, sm. Employ, employment, busi- 
ness, occupation, situatioo ; public place 
•r station, office ; calling, vocation, pro- 

fesslon; aim of our desires; sweeUaMVt' 

Emplomido, sm. Boof covered with lead. 
Emplomaddr, sm. Plumber. 
EmpIomAr, ra. To lead, fit with lead. 
Emplumdr, va. To feather. — rr. To shed tb« 

feathers, moult [fledga. 

Emplumec^r, m. To begin to get featherSi 
Empobreo^r, ra. To impoverisli. — Cf*. To 

become poor. 
Empobrecimidnto, ^rfi. Impoverishment 
Empodrec^r, vn. To corrupt, reduce to 

putridity. — vr. To corrupt become pu- 
trid, [bouse. 
Empoll^do, da, a. Hatched ; pent up in tba 
EmpoUadura, if. Brood of bees. fpoUar, 
Empoll6r, ca. To brood, hatch. V. Am- 
Empoltronecerse, vr. V. ApoUronarse, 
Empolviir, ca. To powder. 
Emnolvordr, Empolvorizir, va. To covai 

with dust powder, dust 
Emponzofiador, ra, s. Poisoner. 
Emponzofiaml<^nto, sm. Poisoning. 
Emponzofiir, va. To poison ; corrupt 
EraporcAr, va. To soil, dirty, fouL 
Emp6rio, *m. Emporium, mart 
Empotramiinto, stn. The act of scarfing. 
EmpotrAr, va. To mortise; scari; splice. 
EmpozAr, va. To throw Into a well 
EmpradizArsc, vr. To become meadow. 
Emprendeddr, sm. Man of enterprise or ol 

Emprend^, va. To undertake; attempt, 

embark in. Emprender a or con alguno 

To address or accost one. 
EmprefiAr, ra. To impregnate ; beget 
Emprdsa, ^ Symbol, motto; enterprise, 

Empresdrio, sm. Manager of important 

business; manager of a theatre. 
Emprest&do, sm. V. EmprittUo. 
EmprestAr, va. V. Prestar. 
EmprcstillAr, co. To borrow frequently. 
Empr^stito, 6m. Lending money ; loan ; tax. 

Emprima, i\f, V, Primioia. 
EraprimAdo, sm^ Last combing to wool. 
EmprimAr, ca. To print linen or cotton; 

card. [orable seat, 

Emprimerdc, va. To place in the most hon- 
Er -'^ ' a. V. iVinfirar. 
£i r. To put into lye, buck. 

El e), ad. V. Par Vetras. 

£i o, 8m. The pushing, a push. 

Ei lo push, press forward ; sliovo 


Ei >{ijo, sm. Impulsion, Impulse. 

EL-r-v - T - ' rush, a violent shova A' 

empi0ones, liudely. [a cross-bow. 

Empulgad^ra, «/? The stretching the cord of 
Empulgar, to. To stretch the cord of a cross- 
bow, [thumb-tied. 
Empulgu^Tas, sf. pi. Wings of a cross-bow ; 
Empuiiad6r, ra, s. Grasper. [ring. 
EmpufiadAra, sf. Sword-hilt (Nan.) Ear 
Empufl/ir, ca. To grasp, clutch; seize 

(Nau.) To bend, fasten. 
Emulacion, tf. Emulation, envy, Jenloosy 
Emulad/r, ra, s. Emulator. 
Eranlfir, va. To emulate, rival, con .est 

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RroalKSnto, cu Emnlgent 

E'ciulo. $m, Gompedftor, rival 

Emnlslon, ^ EmaUion. 

Emnnct^rio, wiu Emonotory. 

Emundaddn, ^ Cleansing. 

En» pr^. In. Sn un ano^ In a year: for. 
\ta acMonUj Tor the future ; on. Knel 
otro ladOt On the other aide. Sn do- 
mingo^ On Sondar. 

EnaotitArae, «r. To become 0U7 or rancid. 

EnacerAr, «a. To steel. 

Enagenible. a. Alienable 

Enacenad^n, ^. Enagenami^nto, mn. Alien- 
ation; change of affection; absence of 
mind; raptore, astonishment ; disorder of 
the mental (kcolties. 

EnagenAr, «a. To alienate, transfer; trans- 
port, enraptore. — cr. To withdraw one's 
affecU<m; be deprived of roason ; bo un- 
easy, [water. 

Enaguarch&r, vo. To load the stomach with 

Eniigoaa, mC pL Skirt or upper skirt ^n- 
amuM blanoa^t The inner skirt; the gown 
offriara. [water. 

Rnagnaz4r, «a. To irrigate; cover with 

EnagUel&r, Cft. (Low) To have grandchil- 
dren, [coats. V. ISnaffuas. 

Enagtiillas, taa, 4/! jm. Short nnder-petti- 

Enalb^r, va. To heat iron to a white' hoot 

EnalbardiLr, wk To put on the packsaddle. 

EnalforJ^, ro. To put into a saddle-bag. 

EnalgnacilMo, da, a. (Coll.) Dressed as an 
alaaadL [vllo, despicable. 

Enafmagr4do, da, a. Colored with oclire; 

Enalmagr&r, va. To cover with ochre. 

Enahnendr, V€U To crown a wall with bat- 

Enamoradam^te, ad. Lovindy. [dUo. 

EnamoradiUo, ilia, a. dim, v. Enamora- 

Enamoradizo, za, a. Of an amorous dbpo- 
sitlon; susceptible. [cepUblo. 

Enamorido, da, a. In love, enamored; sos- 

Enamoraddr, «m. Lover, wooer. 

Enamoramidnto, »m. Love-suit 

Snamordr, «a. To Inspire, love ; make love, 
court — vr. To ikll in love. 

Snamorlc&rse, or. To be slightly in love. 

Enanohir. va. (Coll.) To widen, enlarge. 

Enangostar, va. V. Angostar. 

Enanito, ita, a. dim. Little, minute. 

En&no, na, a. Dwarfish, low. 

En&no, «m. Dwar£ 

Eniknte. «m. (Bot) "Water-dropwort 

Enarbomr, va. To lioist raise high ; hang 
out JSnarboUir la ftonATo, To hol^ 
the colors. — vr. V. Ertoahritarae. 

Gnarodr, va. To iioop barrela. Y. Arquear. 

Enardec^, va. To Are with passion, in- 
flame.— ur. To be inflamed, animated. 

Enarenacl6n, ^f. Lime and sand wash. 

Enarenir, va. To All with aand. — vr. (Nan.) 
To ran ashoru. [on the hind feet 

Enarmon&r, va. To raise, rear. — vr. To rise 

Enarrad^n, ttf. Narration, relation. 

Enarr&r, va. To narrate. 

Bnart&r, va. To narrow, constringe ; deceive. 

Enastilr, va. To put a handle to an instru- 

Bncaba]gam16nto, «;n. Onn-carrlage. 

Encabalgir, «n, Tc parade on horseback*. 


have one thing above another.— va. T* 
provide horses. 

Encabellir, vn. To begin to wear a wis. 

Encabellec^r, vn. and r. To begin to nave 
hair where there was none beibre. 

Encabestrir, va. To halter; force to obedl 
enoe.— vr. To be entangled in the halter. 

Encabezami^nto, Encabozonamitoto, sm. 
Tax-Ust ; census ; the tax enrolment ; tax, 
tribute, or impost 

EncabezAr, Encabczon^, va. To make np 
the tax-roll ; take the census; register in 
a tax-list — vr. To compound ftxr taxoa 
compound, compromise, settle. 

Encabrahigir, va.Y. Cabrahigar. 

Encabri4r, va. To preserve and IHsblon 
roof-timber. [rear. 

Encabrit^rse, vr. To rise on the hind foet, 

Encabron^, va. To cuckold. 

Encachdr, va. To thrust any thing in a 
wall or box. 

Encadenadtira, ^ Encadenaml6nto, tm. 
Connection; concatenation; chaining. 

Encadendr, va. To chain, link, fetter, 
shackle ; connect 

EndUa, cm. Shake hands. [tool 

Encuad6r, 9m. Chaser, inlayer; chasing- 

Enogadura, ^ Enchasing, inserting, or in* 

Ena^ir, «yi. To enchase, drive in, ineloea. 
insert; tlimst into with violence; intro- 
duce with cunning; impose npon, de- 
ceive. Enoajar la ntya^ To avail one's 
self of an opportunity. Eneajar bietif 
To be to the purpose. Eneq^ar la$ ma- 
noBy (Low.) To Join or shake bands. — vr. 
To intrude. 

EncAJe, am. The adjusting or fitting; cavi- 
ty, groove ; enchasing; inlaid work ; lace. 
Leu del encaje^ An arbitrary law. 

EncaJ6ra, ^f. Female lacemaker. 

Encsjerido, da, a. (Nan.) Foaled in the 
block or pulley. 

Encaionido, #/«. Mnd-wall supported by 
pillars of bricks and stones. 

Enci^onami6nto, mn. Boxing, packing. 

Eneidondr, va. Tfi'box, pack up. 

Encalaboz&r, vcu To put one into a dungeon. 

EnciUabrinido, da, a^ Headstrong, stubborn. 

Encalabrinir, va. To To affect the head 
witli a bad smell. — vr. To become' head- 
strong; be oonAised. [saddlo. 

Encal&da, ^. Piece of the trimmings of a 

Encalad^r, am. Lime pit or vat for hides. 

Encaladura, 4/f Whitewashing. 

EncalAr, va. To whitewash, lime; plaster; 
thrust into a pipe or tnbe. 

EncalUd^ro, tmu (Nan.) Shoal, sand-bank. 

Encalladfira, ^ (Nan.) Striking on a sand- 
bank, [suflbr ft chock. 

Encallir, vn. To run aground, hit agaliiet; 

Encalleccr, vn. To got corns on the feet— 
vr. To harden in wiokedncML 

Encallocido, d^ a. and pp. cf EneaUeeer. 
Troubled with corns ; hardened in wick- 

Encall^onir, va. To enter or put any tblnf 
into a narrow ntreet ornaaaage. 

Encalletriir, va. (Prov.) To imprcfrs dcepl| 
an opinion, Jcc 

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^(m, ^f. Soflboation of a horse. 

Encalm^ne, «r. To t>« worn oat with &- 
lifnMu pfaa.) To be becalmed. 

BnoUoetruve, «r. To make the young sick 
by the first milk. 

Eocal vec^, irn. To fijovr bald, [find mortars. 

EneamarMos, 9m. pi. Chambers in cannon 

Encamarir, va. To i«tore up, garner. 

CncamArse, vr. To keep ab«>d: konrel, lie; 
concbf come to the form ; bo lodged by 
rain, wind, Ac : applied to com. 

Encambijir, co. To conduct water by arch* 
ed reservoirs. 

Encambri*. «a. To put in a store. 

Encambron&r, vo. To hedge with brambles ; 
strengthen with iron. — tr. To walk state- 
ly with formality. 

Encaminad&ra, tf. Eneaminami^nto, mn» 
The act of putting in the right rood ; for- 

Encamin&, «a. To guide, pot In the right 
road, show the way, forward ; manage an 
affair. — ©r. To take a road, go to. 

Kncamla&da, sf. (Ma) An attack made In 
the dark. [clotliea. 

Encamisiirse, «r. To pnt a eblrt over one's 

Kncamorrdrse, vr. To embroil one's self in 

Encampanddo, da, a. Bell-shaped. 

£ncanal^, Encanalizar, «><i. To conrey 
through pipes. [or crying. 

Encanine, vr. To grow senseless with fear 

Encanast^, xcu To pack up in canisters or 

Encancerihrse, fr. V. Caneerara^. 

Bncandec6r, va. To bring to a white heat 

EncandeUr, tm. To bud, as tr«es. 

Encandilad^ra, Encandihid6ra, qf. Procu- 
ress, iHiwd. [hata. 

Encandilado, da, a. Sharp or high cocked 

Encandil^, to. To dazzle wltli the light of 
a candle : deceive with false appearances; 
stir the flro. Enoandilar un nombrero. 
To cock a hat — vr. To inflame one's 
eyes, be dazzled. 

Encaneeir, vn. To grow gray ; mould ; pos- 
sess much experience. [tton. 

Encant)ami£nto, am. Weakness; extenna- 

EncanQdr, va. To weaken a baby by giving 
it bad milk.— pr. To nine, bo emaciated. 

Encanillir, vOw To wind on a spooL 

Encantacion, sf. Enchantment, charm, spelL 

Encantad6ra, n/. Sorceress, enchantress. 

EncantAdo, da, a. llaunted, enchanted, 

Encantad6r, 9m. Enchanter, sorcerer. 

Encantaddra, i/. Sorceress, enchantress; 
bewitching. -[ehantment, incantation. 

Eocantam6nto. Encantami6nto, 9m. En- 

Encantiu-, ca» To enchant, charm, bewitch : 
fiMdnate. [Jar ; draw total 

Encantarar, va. To put any thing into a 

Enc^to, 9m, Enchantment charm, spell; 
ftsdnatlon. JS9 un encanto^ It is be- 

lDcant6rio, 9m. (Joe.) Enchantment 

Bncantnsdr, va. To coax, wheedle, [hedge. 

BncafiAdo, 9m. Conduit of water; cane- 

Rocafiador ra, 9. One who wln4ls on cane- 


Encofiad&ra, ^ Cane-hedge; straw not 

EncaA^, va. To hedge with cane ; convey 

water through pipes; wind on cane 

spools. — tm. To form or grow into stalks. 
Encafilzdda, sf. Incloeore made of cane tot 

catching mullets. 
Encaiionado, a. Applied to the wind biow* 

ing tlirongb a narrow passage. 
Encadon^, va. and n. To get feathers; pitt 

into tubes ; plait fold ; spool. 
Encafintdr, ra. To flute, mould Into Um 

form of tubes. — vn. To form straw. 
Encapacctado, da, a. Covered with a hel 

met [tering oil 

EncapacIiadAra, ^f. Number of frails for fiK 
Encapachar, va. To put into a tnil or bas- 
EncapMo, da, a. Cloaked. [ket 

Encapazar, va. To collect or put into a Das- ' 
Encaperuziflrse, vr. To cover one's head 

witn a hood. [stay. 

£ncapillad6ra, ^ (Nau.) Tie of a shroud or 
Encapillar, va. To fix the standing rigging 

to the mast-head. EncapiUar9f el agua^ 

To ship a head-sea ; pat on clothes over 

the head. [hood. 

Encapirotildo, da, a. Wearing a cloak or 
EncaplroUbr, va. To hood a hawk, [frown. 
Encapotad&ra, 9f. Encapotami6nto, 9m, 
EncapotAr, va. To cloak ; veil, muffle. — vr. 

To lower, gloom, be clouded ; look sallen. 
Encaprichami6nto, *m.- Stubbornness. 
Encapricbdrse, vr. To Indulge In whims, 

become obstinate. 
Encapuch&r, va. To cover with a liood. 
Encapnzddo, da, a. Covered with a hood or 

Encapnzdr, va. To cover with a long gown. 
Encanido, da, a. Faced. Bien or mcA en- 

oarado. Well or ill faced. 
Encaramadfira, ^f. ITeieht: climbing op. 
Encaramiir, EncaramillotAr, va^ To raias; 

extol; climb. 
Encarami^nto, 9m^ Facing or aiming. 
Encardr, vn. To fitce ; address.— ro. To aim 

a gun. 
EncaratnlMo, da. a. Masked, disguised. 
Encaratal&rse, vr. To mask or diagalse 

one's sel£ 
Enciirbo, 9m^ Pointer, a pointer dog. 
Encarcavin&r, twi. To infect witli a pestilen- 
tial smell: put one into a ditch. 
Encarcclaclon. ^. Incarceration. 
EncarcelAdo, aa, a. Imprisoned. 
Encarceldr. va. To imprison ; compress 
Encarecedor, sm. Pndser, extoller ; amptt* 

Enearcc^r, va. To raise the price; grow 

dear; overvalue; exaggerate. 
Encarecidam6nte, ad. l^xceedingly, highly. 
Encaiecimi6nto,S7n. Enhancomentof value ' 

exa^eratlon. Oon encarecimUntOy Ar- 

dently, earnestly. 
Eneargaao de Neg6cios, «m. Charg6 d'a^ 

falrosL (Mex.) Agent attorney. 
Encargdr, va. To recommend, charge, com- 

mission. — vr. To take charge ot 
lE>nckTgo, 9m. Charge, commission, rcinrst; 

office, place, employ. 


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GDcarliUtr. Wk To insplro affection, fimd- 
n6M,or I0T6.— «r. To become pauBsiODate- 
\y food o£ [the dogs. 

Enc^ma, ^ Giiing the entrails of ganoe to 

Enearnacion, f/T Incarnation; carnation, 
fresh colon 

Encamadino, na, a. Incarnadine, reddish. 

fincamiUlo, da, a. Incarnate; dyed flesh 
color : oorered with flesh. 

Bacamado, •!». Flesh color. 

EncamaduriL 4^ The natural stata of flesh 
in a woond. [flesh. 

Encamami6nto, tm. Incarnation, breeding 

fiucarnilr, en. To incarnate, breed flesh. — 
eo. To fflve a flesh color ; make a strong 
Imnrossion upon the mind; wonnd; em- 
body; entice dogs ; feed s[M)rUng dogs.— 
rr. To unite. 

Bncamativo, tn. and a. Incamatlve. 

Enoirne, mn. First feed given to dogs of 
the entrails of jnune. 

Encamec^r, vti. To grow fleshy. 

EnoambUMlo, da, a. Blood-shot, inflamed. 

Encamhuuni^nto, am. Fleshing or satiating 
with flesh ; cmel^, rage. 

Encarniz4r, txt. To flesh, satiate with flesh ; 
provoke.— «r. To be glutted with flesh; 
be cruelly bent against one. 

Endkro, tm» Viewing steadfMtly; blunder- 
buss; aiming (of a gun). 

EncarriU4r, wu To direct, guide, put in the 
right road; arrange again. — vr. To be 
fouled in tlie slieave of a block. 

Encarrofl^, «a. To infect, corrupt— vr. To 
be Infected or corrupted. 

Encam^ddo, m». Anment kind of sUk stuff. 

EiicarriJ^, «a. To plait, flute, mangle.— 
vr. To be corrugated or wrinkled. 

3nc4tftadi)n, if. Enrolment; vassalage; ten- 
ure at wlU ; the people or places under a 

Encartami^nto, 9m. Outlawry, proscrip- 
tion ; vassalage. V. Encarktaion. 

Encartir, tjo. To outlaw, proscribe: in- 
volve in an unpleasant aiffair; ioelude, 
enrol ; enter in the register of taxe& — or. 
To receive a card which spoUs a game ; 
spoil one another's hand. [powder. 

Encartuchir, co^ To fill cartridges with 

Encasao^to, am. Niche, recess for a statue. 

Enca8ami6Dto, «m. Beparation of ruinous 
houses; niche. 

Encasih'. vo. To sot a dislocated bone. 

EncascabelAdo, da, a. Filled or adorned 
with bells. [rubbish. 

Enoasootir. va. To cover with a Uiyer of 

Enoasqnetar, va. To clap on one's hat; in- 
duce one to adopt an opinion. — or. To 

Bnoastiu', va. To improve a race, [persist 

EncastilUdo, da, €U Fortified with castles ; 
lofty, hauffhty. 

Enoofttilladtn'. ra, & Beclnse In a castle. 

EncastUamlento, am. Shutting up in a 

GncasUU&r, va. To fortify with castlesw— 
«f». To make the cell of the queen-be& — 
w*. To shut one'a self up In a castle; per- 
severe obstinately in one's opinion. 

Bacastrir, ra T<» mortise or scarf pieces 
ef timber 

' ENO 

Encatua^, va, Y. Bni^atMOr, 

Endraatico, ca, Ow Encaustic ; enamel 

EncAusto, am. £namclling; encaustic paint* 

Encav&rse, vr. To incave one's self 

Encebadami^nto, am. Surfeit of horses. 

Encebadir, va. To surfeit with barley and 
water. [onloni 

Encebollado, mt. Fricassee of beef an4 

EnoelAr, vet. To excite Joolou^. — vr. To be- 
come Jealous, [wattle^ 

Enc6ila,^. Basket cheese-mould ; a cheese- 

Encellir, va. To press or mould cheese. 

Encenagddo, da, a. Mixed or filled with 
mud. [tumbling in tho dirt 

Encenagamitoto, «m^ wallowing in mire 

Enconagir, va. To mud. — vr. To wallow la" 
mire, oemire one's self; wallow in vice. 

Encenoorr4do, da, a. Carrying a wether- 

Encend^, va. To kindle, light; set flro to{ 
heat, glow; inflame: foment a party, aow 
discord.— or. To take fire, be kindled. 
Eneendert^ en ira or e» coUrOt To fly 
into a passion. 

Encendidamtote, ad. Ylvidlv, ardently. 

Encendido, da, a. Inflamed. Encandido 
de color. High colored. 

Encendimi6nto, am. Kindling; excandes- 
cenoo, glow ; inflammation ; ardor of hu- 
man passions. 

Enoenizir. va. To fill or cover with ashes. 

Enoentador, Mm. Ue who begins to use 
things not befbrc used. 

Encentad(u^ 4< Enoentaml^to, am. The 
first use of a thing not before used, such 
as meat and liquors. [not before used. 

EncentAr. va. To begin the use of a thing 

Encepador, am. Stocker, gun-stocker. 

Enccpdr, va. To put in the stocks; stock a 
gun or anchor.— on. To take root 

Encerido, am. Oil-cloth, oil-skin; window- 
blind. (Nan.>Tarpaiuing; stic kins-plas- 
ter; bUck-board. [thickened. 

Encen&do, da, a. Wax-colored; thick, 

Enceramitoto, am^ Act of waxing pap<-r 
cloth, &c 

Encerir, va. To wax; fill with wax. 

Encemadir, va. V. Aoemadar, 

Enoerotir, va. To wax thread. 

Encerrad^^ am^ Indoeureat sheep-sheai 
ing. V. Encierro, [up ; cattle-driTot. 

Enoerrad6r, am. One who shuts or locks 

£ncerrad6iii, qf. Cloiater. inclosurei 

Encerramitoto, am. Cloister, retreat; Jail, 
dungeon ; the locking up of a thing. 

Enoeirar, va. To lock or shut up, confine; 
emboss; contain, comprehend.-^«r. To 
retire; be locked or shut up, be closeted. 

Encerr6na, ^ A voluntary retreat 

Encespedir, va. (MIL) To tur£ 

Enoestir, va. To put in a basket; hamper. 

Enchandet&r, «a. To be allpshod. 

Enchap^, on. To veneer, [upon an arch. 

Enchapinado, da, a. Like pattena: raised 

Enchardirse, or. To be covered with water 

Enchavet^, va» Enchavetar «m pemt 
(Nau.) To forelock % bolt 

Enohicir, va, Y. AcMear, 

Encia, ^. The gum. 

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BncMicow ca, a. Encyolic, circular. 

Enciolopddlo, ^. Encyclopcditi. 

Esdelopedioo, co, a, £ncvcloi>£d!an. 

Enddopedlsta, ^ £DC}rclopedb« 

Enci^rro, 9m. Conflnoinent; inclosuro; 
ololster; prison ; the penning op of the 
bvlla for tho bull-feiista. 

ExstoM, ad. Above, orer ; at the top ; bo- 
BldM. SnUma de. On, npon, on top of. 

Eoolniiu', 9€u To place at tlie top. — rr. To 
raise one's self npon. 

Endmdro, ra. a. Upper. 

Encina, ^. (Bot) Ever-green oak; oak 
with eatable acorns. V. Rohl^ [oak. 

BodnAI, Encin&r, 9m. Wood of ever-green 

fincfnUla, ^f. dim, A small ever-green oak. 

EadntAr, wk To ribbon. 

Endanstndo, da, a Bhat np in cloisters. 

Endaradfira, ^ Fart where two pieces are 
Joined. [ing; spike. 

EndavAr. va. To nail ; prick horses in sboe- 

Enelav^, «a. To onite or Join closely ; 
peie. [feeble constitation. 

Endenqne, am. and a. One of a weak or 

Endodar, Endoqneo^r, tm. and r. To duck. 

Eneobfir. im. To cover or hatch eggs. 

Enooby4r, ra. V. Cot>ifar. 

EncobWido, da. a. Coppery ; oopper-colored. 

EnoocUr, m. To be disposed to clnck. 

Encogi&r,<Miw To contract; shrink; discoor- 
ago. — vr. To be low-^lrited, disraaved ; 
bnmble one'a self Sncogerts de horr^ 
bros^ To shrink the shonlders witli fear. 

EncogidAni6nte, ad. Meanly, abjectly. 

Encogido, da, a. ruslUanimoas, timid. 

Encogimitoto, tfrn. Contraction, drawing in, 
shortening; nosUlanimity ; lownoss of 
spirits: bomllity. [with 8qnlb^ 

Encohetado, da, <k Covered or overlaid 

Encobetir, vo. To cover with squibs. 

£ncqjib>, Wk To cripple, lame. — vr. To grow 
lame : feign sickness. 

Eneolad6ra, *K £ncolami6nto, am. Olaing. 

Enod^. va. To glno, cement 

EncdcnzAr, wu To provoke, anger. — vr. 
To be in a passion, vexed. 

Encomendible, a. Commendable, [chiet 

Cncomendido, am. Vassal of a military 

Bnoomendami^nto, ank Y. Encomienda. 

Eocomend^, do. To recommend, charge ; 
ffraise.— mw To hold a commandery. — 
«!■. To commit one's self to another's pro- 
tection ; sand eomplimcnta. [mander. 

Encom«nd6ro,amk Agent: pensioner; com- 

Eneomilsta, ^ (Little ns.) Encomiast 

KncomiistloOi a. Enoomlaatlo, landatory. 

KncomlAndai $m^ Commission, charge; mes- 
sage; commandery, its land")r rent; pen- 
iioB; patronage Bopport SnoomieiuUUt 
Compliments. J^neonUendads »anUau(^ 
(Bot) Daffodil. [tioc 

Ciie^mio^ 9m, Praise, eulogy, commenda> 

Encompadrar, ««. To contract the afllnity 
between god&tber and natural fiither. 

ItneompasAr, «a. To encompass. [ed. 

BncooAdo, da, a. Inflamed, swollen ; talnt- 

Ibeonaml^nto, am. Inflammation; provo- 
cation. I"~^' To rankle, fester. 

tneoqir, va. To Inflame, irritate* provoke. 

Ai..*<SnQ, 9m. Malevolence, tanocr *U-will. 


Encon6flo, sa, a. Apt to cause an iuflamra* 

tiou ; hnrtfid, malevolent fcarded 

KnconreAr, va. To oil wool that U) t(} b« 
Encontr^le, a. Which may bo encoun* 

£ncontradam6nte, a<7. Contrarily. 
Encontradizo, za, a. Which may be mot on 

the way. 
Encontrado, da, a. Opposite, In fW)nt 
Encontr^, va. and n. To meet encounter; 

hit upon. — vr. To meet, encoimter in a 

hostile manner, dash; be of opposite 

Encontron, 9m. Collision, clash, push, shock. 
Enoopotddo, da, a, Preeumptnoua, boastful 
Encorachar, va. To put in a leather bag. 
Encodtdo, da, a. Wrapped up In leather. 
£noon\j&do, da, a. Bold; u^ry, fUrious, in 

a rage. [inflame^ — vr. To be in a rage 
Encori^^t ^<t To animate, give courage, 
Encorar, va. and n. To cover witli leather; 

get new skin; heal the skin. 
Encorazido, da, a. Covered with a cuirass 
Encorch^r, V€U To hive bees, put into cork 

hives. [clasps. 

Encorcbet4r, va. To hook, put on books or 
Encordar, va. To string or chord ; halter, 

lash with cords or ropce. 
Encordelar, va. To bind with cords. 
Encordouudo, da, a. Adorned with cords. 
Encordonar, va. To cord, put running 

stringy tie with strings. [new skin. 

Encorecor^ va. and n. To heal the skin ; get 
Encoriadon. f^f. Skinning, healing. 
EncomUaraonto, 9m. V. Comijam^nto. 
Encomudar, vtk To begin to get bonis.— 

va. To cuckolcL [ciiminal's cap. 

Encorozilr, ca To cover with a coroza, or 
EncorraULr, va. To inclose and keep in a 

Encortin&r, va. To provide with curtains. 
Enoorv&da, ^ Stooping; a graceless man* 

nerofdandng. (Bot) Coronilla. Ifaoer 

la encorvada^ To feign disease. 
Enoorvadiira, ^. Eneorvami^nto, «nt Bend* 

ing, crookedness, couching. 
Encorvi^, va. To Incurvate, bend, curve. — 

vr. To bend. [coast 

Encostirse, vr. To stand in shore, near th« 
Encoetradfira, </[ Incrustation, crust 
Encostr^, va. To crust ; rough-east 
EnoovadAra, ^ Depositing in a cellar. 
Encov&r, va. To put in a cellar; guard 

oottoeal ; lock or shut up. 
Encrasiir, va. To fiUten, grease. [Iron. 

Encrespad6r, am. Crisping-lron, onrllng- 
Encrospad^ra, ef. Oispation. 
Encrespamidnto, 9m, Crispatlon, cuTllneea. 
Encresp6r, va. To curl, mzzle. crimp. — vr. 

rSan.) To become rough and boisterous; 

be rude ; be involved in quarrels. 
EncresUlido, do, a. Adorned with a erest, 

haughty. [bo proud, haughtv. 

Encrestdrse, vr. To get the crest or comS; 
EncruciJ&da, f/t Crossway, cross-road. 
Encrudecdr, va. To make a wound worsa,- 

Irritate.— w. To be enraged. [oer. 

Encruddecdr, va. (Little us.) V. Kncruete- 
EncrueleoSr, ra. To excite to crueltiea. 
Encuademad6n, ^/. Binding. 


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B&eiuideni*d6r, »m. Binder, book-bfnder. 

Bncnadorn&r, uk To bivd books, Sec ; Join 
again; reconcile. 

£ooub&r, va. To pat liquids into caska, Sco. ; 
put a criminal into a cask. 

Encubertir, ffo. To overspread with a cor- 
ering.--w. To dress and arm one's self 
for defence of the body. 

Encnbi^rta, it/. Frand, deceit^ im'nosltinn. 

Encabiortam6nte, ad. Secretly ; deceitAillj. 

£ncabi6rto, ta, a. Hidden, concealed. 

Bncubridnr, ra, 9. Concealer, harborer. Ef^ 
oubridor de hurto9, Eeoeiver of stoleii 

Encnbrlml^nto. »ni. Ck>neealmont, hiding. 

Encubrir, to. To hide, cloak, cover up. 

Kncucir, va. To catber nnts and Alberts. 

Encu6ntro, «m. Knock, clash; encounter; 
sudden moetlng; fight; oppoeition, dif> 
Acuity ; Joint of the wings next to the 
breast SaHr at encuentro^ To go out to 
meet; prevent a person In what lie is to 
say. Enouentros^ Temples of a Icoul 

iSnculat&r, va. To place In a hive, honey- 

Gncumbrido, da, a. Hfdi, elevated, loAy. 

Encumbramidnto, wn. Uatsing or elevating; 
height, eminence. 

Encumbrar, va. To raise, elevate; ascend a 
height; elevate to honors.— rr. To be 
elevated ; be proud. 

Encunfir, ©a. To put a child in the cradle. 

Kncufi&r, t>a. To coin. V. Aeufiar. 

EncnieAMo, da, a. Put into the carriage or 

Encurtir, ta. To souse in pickle or vinegar. 

End6ble, a. Feeble, weak, forceless. 

Endecdgono, 6m. Hendecagon. [lables. 

Endeoasilabo, ba, ck. A verso of eleven syl- 

End6cha, «/ Dirge, a doleftxl ditty. 

Endeohadto^ ^ Y. PlafUd«ra. 

EndechAr, «a. To sing ftaneral songs in 
honor of the dead. — ©r. To grieve, mourn. 

Endem^ ad. Particularly, especially. 

£nd6mlco^ ca, a. Endemic, peculiar to a 
climate. [devil; devilish, perverse. 

Endemoni&do, da, a. Possessed with the 

Endemonl^, va. To possess with a devil ; 
irritate, provoke. 

EndentAr, va, Tojoln with a mortise. 

Endentecer, tm. To out teeth, teeth. 

Endefiiido, da, m Damaged, hurt, inflamed, 

Enderec^ra, tf. Direct way to. 

EnderezadAmdnte, ad. Elghtly ; directly. 

Enderezador, am. Guide, director. Endere- 
MOdor ds tiaartM or agravioa^ A ro- 
dreaser. [road. 

KnderezadAra, «/ Tlie straight and right 

Enderezaml6nto, «nk Guidance, direction. 

EnderezAr, to. To erect, pUce j>erpendicu 
larly, make straight, rectify; address, 
dedicate; go and meet a person. — vn. To 
take tl>e direct road.— «r. To rise up- 
right; establish ote*s selt Endereear 
el ffeniOy To break a bad temper. 

Enderteo, wn. The act of directing a letter. 

Endirgne, »m. (Joe) Gulden governor. 

Endoudirse, co. To get In aei>t 

Endlabl&da, ^f. Masqrcrade. 

Bndlabladam'^oto, ad. Uglily, devilishly. 


EndiabUdo, da, a. Devilish ; ugly, perveiB*^ 

'Endiablftr tJrt. To possess with the dcvli 
• pervert, corrupt.— ur. To bo furious. 
J Endibla, if. (Bot) Endive, succory. 
j Endilgador, ra, a. Pander ; inducer. 
Endllgdr, va. To pander; procure; sliui^ 

the way. [ecstasy 

Endlosamidnto. em. Haughtiness, pridv 
EndlosAr, to. to deify, adore as a god. — vr. 

To be elated with pride ; be In a state of 

rellffions abstraction. 
EndoDl&do, da, a. A lamb that sucks ttl 

own mother and another ewe. 
Endorser, Endos4r, to. To endorsr>, 
End6rso, £nd6so, sm. Endorsement 
Endosad6r, Endos&nto, «m. Endorser. 
Endoseldr, vo. To hang curtains, make 

hangings. [gon. 

Endragonirse, «r. To grow ftiriousasalLra^ 
Endriago, em. A Ikbulous monster. 
Endrina, ^ Sloe, fhilt of the black-Uiorn. 
Endrino, am. Black-thorn, sloe-tree. 
Endrino, no, a. Of a sloe-color. 
£nduIzaml6nto, am. Endulsad6ra, q/T Dul* 

cificatlon, sweetening. [soften. 

EnduIzAr. Endulzor&r, vcl To sweeten; 
Endurador, am. Miser, a mean person. 
Endnr^, va. To harden ; suffer ; delay. 
Endurecer, va. To harden; Inure; exas- 
perate, [inured. 
Endurecido, da, a. Hard, hardy; obdurate; 
Endnreciml6nto, am. Hardness ; obstinacy, 

tenacity. [Etia de pcuo^ Gallows. 

E'ne, «/. Spanish name of the letter JVl 
En6a, ^ (Bot) Cat-tail, reed-mace, rush. 
Enedtlco, ca, a. Belonging to the number 

Enebrdl, sm. Place with Junlper-treea. 
Enebrina, ^ Fruit of the Juniper-tree. 
Endbro,«*n% (Bot) Common juniper. 
Enechido, da, a. Exposed ; a foundling. 
EneJ^, va. To put on an axle-tree. 
Endldo, am, (Bot) DIU ; difficult respiration 
Enemiga, ^ Enmity, lll-wlll : wickedness 
Enemlgun6nte, ad. Inimlcally. 
Enemigo, ga, a. Inimicid, hostile, adverse. 
Enemiga sst «. Enemy, foe; the devU. 
Enemistad, ^. Enmity, hatred. 
EnemtotAr, va. To make an enemy.— w. To 

become an enemv. 
E'neo, ea, a.JPoet) Brazen. 
Energia, ^/T £nergy« power, vigor ; force. 
En^rglcaminte, aid. Energotlci^y, expres- 
sively, [lively, 
Endi^co, ca, a. Energetic, forcible, active^ 
Enei^iimeno, na, a. One possebsed witii a 

Encrizib*, va. V. Erizar. 
En^jro, am. January. 
Enervacl6n, ^ (Little us.) Enerv&.tlon. 
Enervddo, da, a. Enervate, enervated, weak' 

EnervSr. va. To enervate, deprive offeree. 
Enlkdadizo, za, a. Irritable, irascible, peov^ 

ish. [To flret, become angry. 

Enliidir, va. To vex, ft-et, make angry.— cr 

Enfi&do, am. TroublcLv«xatlon. 
" * " \ Vexatlously. Theav: 

a. Vexatious, troublesomti^ 

EnlGiulosam^nte, ad. 
EnlWaao, " 


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Snfiddir, ««. To lop off th« lower branch- 
w.— «r. To tuck op the skirts. 

BniSlldo, «n. Tacking op one's clothes. 

Knflug&reek vf*. (Kan.) To groand in the 
mud. (Ck)lL) To get into (rifflcalUe& 

KnliBnlador, •m. Packer. 

Knikrd&r, to. To pack, bal& 

£nfardelad6r, $m. Packer. 

KnfkrdebuUira, ^. Packing, act of packing. 

Kalkrdel&r, va. To bale, pack. [wurtL 

E'nftsta, mn. Emphasis, stress i.iid on a 

Bnnkticara6nte, ad. Emphatically. 

Knl&tioo. ca, a. Eiupbauoal, impressive. 

KnfennAr, vn. To (kll ilL— do. To caose 
•teknesa, weakness, damage, or loss. 

Bnformedad, ^ lllnees, complaint, mabdjr ; 
disorder. mtUadOy (Nan.) Cock-pit 

Bnfermeria, ^. Infirmary. Sn/ertMria del 

Enlbrm^ ra, «. Overseer or nurse of tho 

Enfermizc^ za, a. Infirm, sickly, delicate. 

Entkmo, ma, a. Ill, sick, diseased, inflrmi 
unhealtlir; weak; oorrapted. 

Enfervorizar, to. To heat, inflame.— ©r. To 
overheat one"* seIC 

Eofeodacion, 0f. Infeadation, enfeolftnent 

Enfendar, to. To enfeofl; invest with a right 

Eoflir. vcE. To tmst in another. 

Eoflelar, va. To pot in a balance. 

Enflereeldo, da, a. Foriooa, fierce. 

EnfiUr, va. To contlnoe in » file ; enfilade ; 
keep straight forward. Ef\filar el eureo^ 
(Nao.) To direct the coorse. 

£nfllaei6n, ^ (Nao.) Bearing. 

£Dfint6ao, so, a. Fraodalent, deceitAil. 

Enfita, •/. Fraod, deceit 

Bnflteftsls, EnflteiMs, & Emphyteosis, alien- 
ation of the osofroct 

Enflteftta, sm. Emphyteota, copyholder. 

Enflteotic^io, ria, EnfiU^otico, ca, a. Em- 

Rnflaqoec6r, fo. To weaken, extenuate, 
jjuieu — vr. To become thin aod lean. 

Bnfla(iaQpimi6nto, 9m. Extenuation ; atten- 

EnflautMo, da, a. Tnrgid, inflated. 

Enflaotaddr, ra, 9. Inciter, pander, [corow 

Bnflantir, to. To inflate, stimulate: pro- 

Enfleehido, da, a. Arrow ready to discharge. 

Bafleebistea, •»!. pL (Nao.) KatUnea. 

Enfons&do, da, a. Exempt flrom charges 
and taxes. 

Bnftrefa, </C Violence done to any person. 

Enfbmir, wk V. Snhomar. [entangled. 

GnfoedLdo, da, a. Brow-beaten; oonftased, 

Cnlbec&rse, vr. To be oneasv, troobled; 
immersed in bosinees; doody. [friar. 

EnftalUr, xa. To make one » monk or a 

Gnfranquco6r, va. To ftwk, make free. 

ftnflvscamidnto, sm. Being entangled be- 
tween brambles. 

Enftwtc&r, va. To bottle.— t>r. To be entan- 
gled in brambles; involved in diflicoltiea, 
engaged deeply. 

f nfjrenad6r, 9m. Bridler. 

Enfrenamitoto. 9m. The act of bridling. 

Enfirendr, «<i» To bridle ; curb, restrain. 

EnfWnte, ad. Over against, opposite, in 

Enfriad&pa, ^. Cooler, refrigerator. 


Enfiiad^ EnlHaddr, 9trK Cocllng-plaoe; 

Enfriami6nto. «m. Refrigeration, cooling. 
Enfriar, WK To cool, refrigerate; calm the 

mind. — rr. To cool down. 
Enfhwcirse, vr. V. Er\fra9carse. 
Enfrmdad&ra, nf. Encasing. 
Enfkmdir, va. To case; cram, stuff; includa 
EuflircioD, nf. V. Infurcion. 
Enftirecur, ihz« To irritate, enrage, raalce 

furious. V. Ensoherbecer. — vr. To grow 

fbrioos. Tpet 

Eofbrrufiarse, «r. To grow angry, be in a 
Eofhrtir, vo. To frill or mill cloth ; felt 
Engabanddo, da. «m. Covered with a gaban^ 
Engdce, sm. Catenation, connection. V. 

Engafdr, va. To hook ; carry in a hook. 
Engaitador, ra, 9. Deceiver, seducer, swind 

ler. [whoedlo 

Engaltir. va. To cheat, swindle; coax, 
Engalanor, va. To adorn, dock. fanchor. 
Engalgir, va. To pursue closely ; oack an 
Engaludo, da, a. Erect, upright; haughty, 

Engalladfira, ^ V. GaUadura. [vicei 

Knganohad^r, 9m. Dectnr for military sor- 
Enganchamiunto, 9nv. Uooking; alluring, 

4>r decoying. 
Enganchir, va. To hook; entrap; decoy 

into the military service; harness.— ©r. 

To engage ; enlist [bounty money. 

En^che, am. Enlistment, enrolment; 
Engand^o, «ok Twisted thread hanging 

fh>m fringe. 
Engafrab^bos, sm. Impostor; fool-trap. 
Engafiadbro. za, a. Easily deceived. 
EngafiiUlo, da, a. Mistaken, deceived. 
Engafiaddr, 9m. Cheat, impostor, deceiver 
Engafiadiiraa, tff. pL (Nau-VSeizing trucka. 
EngaflapastAr, »m. (Om.) Wac-tail, a bird. 
Engafi^, va. To deceive, cheat; delude, 

trick; hoax.— «r. To be deceived, mis* 

Engaiitfh, tf. Deceit, trick, fraod. ' 

£ng4fio, «m. Mistake ; fr«ud ; hoax. 
Engaitoeam6nte, Oid. Deceitfully. 
Engafi^eo, sa, a. Deceitful, artful, fklso. 
Engarabatiir, va. To hook, seize with vio- 
lence.— «r. To grow crooked. 
EngarabitArse, vr. To dimb, monnt, ascend. 
Engarb^rse, vr. To perch on the highest 

Engarbullir, va. To entangle, involve. 
Engilrce, 9m. Catenation, link ; close union. 
Eniargant&r, va. To put into the throat; 

thrust the foot into tlie stirrop. 
EogaicoUr, «ac To fit one water-pipe into 

another. [witli sent^^-boxes. 

Engaritido, da, & Cheated; sorrounded 
KngaritAr, va. To fortify with sentry-box- 
es; deceive artftilly. 
BngaTTa&d6r, 9m. Orapplor. [hookiu 

Engarra£&r, va. To claw: grapple with 
Engarrotir,«a. To squeeze bard. y.Agar» 

rotor. [of bead* 

Engarzad6r, 9m. One who links; stringei 
Engarzir, va. To enchain, link; curL 
Engastad^r, 9m. Enehaser, incloser. 
Engastilr, va. To enchase; set, inlay. 


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ftnf&ftto, 9m. Betting of ttODOB, enduslDg; 
•nvolopo; ft half pearl [swindler. 

Eogatiuloi, 9m. A petty robber, sharper, 

Bngatir, «& To cheat dexterooslj. 

BDgaUII4do, da, a. Hlirh-necked. [iron. 

EngatilUr, va. (Arch.) To bind With acramp- 

finffatoaamidnto, am. (OolL) Deception, 
cheat, «»azlnft [rob, coax. 

Rngatns&r, va. To trick witbont intention ; 

EngavlHir, wk V. AffctviUar, 

Rngizad6r. ra, t. V. Bnganador. 

Kngazamionto, am. Y. Engarce. 

Kngazikr, tKX. To enehAin, link. (Nax) To 
strap a block ; d ve in the cloth. 

Bngendr&ble, a. That maj be engendered. 

Bngondradd , ra, «. Engendercr, begetter. 

Engendr^, va. To beget, engender; pro- 

Bng6ndro, 9m. Fcotns; abortive. Mai en^ 
Cendro^ A low breed; a perverse yooth. 

Engest&do, a. (Amer.) JSien or mai 9nQe9' 
tada, Well or groff looking. [ly. 

Engn'fltArse, vr. (Amer.) To address nncivil- 

Engibir, v(K To crook, make gibbous. 

Engilmdr, va. (Nao.) To pick np a floating 

Engimelg&r, ta. (Nan.) To fish a spar. 

Edgina, */. Quinsy. V. Angina. 

J£nfflandddo, da; Englantado, da, a. (Her.) 
^Tored with acorns. 

EngolMo, da, a. Collared. 

Engolfar, an. (Nao.) To enter a gulf or deep 
bay .--or. To bo engaged in dllfioult af- 
fairs: be absorbed in meditation. 

EngoIillMo, da, a. Wearing the raff or col- 
lar bv lawyers. [head high. 

EngollAr, CO. To make a horse carry his 

Engollctiido, da, a EUted, pnffed up, 

Eagolletarse, w. To elate, become haughty. 

Engolondriniirse, vr. To be pnffed up with 
pride; fkli in love. 

BogolotlnAr, «a. To inspire a longing for, 
use dainties.— pr. To delight, or to have 
delight in, [with gnm- 

Engomad^ ra. a. That may be stiffened 

Engomad&ra, «^ Gnnmiing; dressing. 

Engomfir, va. To gum. 

Engorir, do. To addle. 

Engordad^ro, 9m. Stall or sty to fatten hogs. 

Engordaddr, 9m. Self-devoted Inxurist 

Engord&r, «a. To pamper, Ikttea. — vr. To 
grow fat or rich. 

Engorget4do, da, a. Tallsaded breast-high. 

Kngorrar, wh To obstruct 

Engorro, 9m. Impediment, embarraasment, 
tronble, vexation. 

Kngorruso, sn, a. Troublesome, vexatiooa. 

Engoznir, aa. To hinge. 

Eogrand^, ro. V. Agrandar. 

Engrandocihr, «a. To aogmeut, aggranULce 
promote, exalt ; magnify. 

Bngrandoclmi^nto, am. Increase, aggrand- 
izement; exoneration. 

Engraner^, txk To store in a granary. 

Engrani^Jarse, x>r. To bo ouvorud with pim- 

Engrapir, wk To secure with cramp-irons. 

Gngraair, va. To grease, oil; dreas cloth; 
pickle, inccnre. 


Engraved^, vo. To assume an air of dlmftr 

Engredur, aa. To 1>edaub with clay or ohalL 

Engrcklo, da, a. Elate, haughty ; petoUnt. 

Engreimitoto, am. Presumpnon, vanity 

Engroir, «a. To encourage one's pride, eUte. 
— rr. y. En9ob9rb9eer9e^ To deck onel 
self in style. 

Engrifiurse, vr. To be in a pet, be displeased. 

£ngroe4r, va. To make &t, corpulent, an^ 
strong.— tm. To inoroaae in vigor and 
bulk.—iff'. To grow fiiL 

Engrudad6r, tm. Paster ; gluer. 

Engradami^to, am. Pasting; gluing. 

Engrudir, va. To paste. 

EngrAdo, 9m. Paste; cement 

Engrnmec^rse, vr. To dot 

Engualdrapi^, vOw To caparison riclily. 

EnguantMo, da, a. Wearing gloves: 

Euffuant&rse, vr. To make too much use of 
gloves. [crisped. 

Engued<^&do, da, a. Curly-beaded ; curled, 

EnguHarrdr, va. To pave with pebblea. 

£ngniuib>. va. (Nau.) To serve a rope. 

Enguimaldiido, da, a. Adorned with gar- 

Enguimaldir, va. To adorn with garlands. 

Enguizgar, va. To excite, incite, set on. 

Engullid6r, ra, 9. Devourer; gobbler. 

Engullir, va. To devour, bolt, gebble, gorgew 

Engunriftirse, vr. To be raeUmeholy. 

Eobaolnir, va, Y. ITacinar. 

Enhadir, va. Y. En^adar, 

Enhambrec^r, vn. To bo hungry. [flour. 

Enharin&r, va. To cover or besprinkle with 

EnhastlAr. va. To disgust, cloy, loatlie. 

Enhaatillar, va. To put arrows in a quiver. 

Enhat^Ar, «a. To cover the mouths of hives 
with baas-weod. [unite. 

Enhebr&r, va. To thread a needle; link, 

Enhen&r. va. To cover with hay. [herbs. 

Enherbolar, va. To poison with Tonomour 

Enhestad6r, 9m. Ho who erects. rUon. 

Eoheetad(in, 9f. Enbestami^nto, am. £reo- 

EnhestAr, twi. To erect; raise troops. — vr. 
To rise upright [tangling. 

Enhetradm, \f. Enliotraml^nto, ark £n* 

Enhlelir, va. To mix with ffall or bile. 

Enhidato, ta, a. Erect, upright, erected. 

EohiUdo, da, a. WoU-orrangod, in good or- 

Enhlldr, va. To thread ; direct ; arrange. 

Enhorabn^na, »f. Congratulation, follcita* 
tlon.— od. Well and good. 

Enhoram^U, od. In an evil hour. VeUen^ 
horamakt^ Go to the devil [baked 

EnhornAr, va. To put into an oven to b4 

Enhnec;lb-, ta. Y. Ahuacar, 

Enhuer^, va. To lay addle eggs. 

Enigma, 9m. Enigma, riddle. 

£nigm.4tico, ca, a. Enigmatical, dark, ob- 

Enigmatieta, am. Enigroatist 

EqiabonadAra, «/. Y. Jabonadtuxk 

Erjabonar, t^ To soap, wash: insult 

Enjaesir, va^ To ciH»arison a horse riclily 

Ei\)i^, am, A^judloatloD. [oi 

Eman>egad6r, ra, «. Whtte-washer, plof tar 

Rnlalltegad&ra. if. Whtto-waahln^ 

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MtUh^&T^ va, To whitewtsh; paint the 

Bco white. 
Bid&lnus ^. Pftcksaddle. 
Eojilmoft, am. Crooked-meadow saxifrago. 
Kualmdro, 9nk Packsaddle-maker. 
EiQambraddra, «/. King-bee of a hire. 
EuJambraddrO) sm. Place where bees col- 
lect to form Ihoir hires. 
Ei^ambr^, va. To gather a scattered swarm 

'if bees; form a now hive of boos. — on. 

To breM a Dew hive of beca. [of bees. 
Enjambrazdn, «/! Oeneratioo or swarming 
EqJ&mbro, mn. Swarm of beee ; crowd, mnl- 

titode. [bees. 

Ei^ambrUlo, tm. dim. A small swarm of 
EiuamAr. vo. To rig a ship. [meadow. 
Emardinar, co. To pnt a bird oC prey in a 
l^Jaretido, tm. (Nao.) Gratings, nettings. 
EniaolAr, «a. To cage ; imprison, confine. 
Eiuebir, va. To steep in lye, buck. 
Kfj^be, MK Lye-8teeping; backing. 
£nJ6no. 9m. Koastlng-iock. 
£iQerffar, «a. To set about a business. 
EiUemo, da, a. Bennmbed with cold ; bud- 
ded; ffrafted. [knife. 
Ki^oridor, sni. Grafter, badder; abndding- 
Ei^eridura, £i\jerimi6nto, & Grafting or 

Eideiir, ro. To graft, bud, insert; inelude. 
Bnikro, «m. (Prov.) Beam of a plough. 
Enlertadi^ ^ Insertion, inoculation. 
EijertjU, M*. Nursery of budded fhiit^trees. 
EiyertAr, wt, V. Jnjertar. [thtags. 

Emdrto, «i»k Y. Injsrto. Mixture of divers 
Enjo^gnln^, «& To smear or cover with 

soot — rr. To be blackened with soot 
Enjoy dr, «a. To adorn with Jewels; set 

with precious stones : heighten the lustre. 
Ei^oyelAdo, da, a. Gold or silver used in 

Emoyebdor, mk Enchasrr. 
Enjuagadl6ntes, sm. Mouilirol of liquid for 

rinsing the montli. 
£l^uagad6^^ ^ Rinsing the month. 
Ki^inagAr, to. To rinse. 
Knju&gue, tm. Liquid to rinse the month ; 

plot oonspiracy; self-complacency, al- 

EqiuanetAdo, da, a. Y. Junnstudo. [linen. 
Enjagaddr, ra, a Drier; house for airing 
Eiuni&r, ©a. To dry ; wipe.— ©r. To dry up. 
Efljnfoiih', oo. To prepare a law-suit for 

E^jdno, 9m. The doth-beani of a loom. 
SqJQoedr, «a» To tie with rash ropes; hal- 

tost with stonefl. [caress. 

E^f{indh^ «/ Fat in the Inside of fowhi; a 
En, undi6so, sa, a. Fat f^tty. 
Kn Anque. «m. The heaviest part of a carga 
En' &t«, ^ (Areh.) SpandriL 
Kq otAr, to. To dry. 
Ei\ nt&E, ^f. Dryness, aridity. 
BiJ6to, ta, A Dried ; sparing, parsimonious. 

A' pis enjuto. Withont trouble. 
Bqi6toe,«m.^ Dry brushwood; dryemst 
Kui^iaddr, ra, «. wbcedler, dOoler, sedu- 

BnhibiAr, va. To wheedle, oi^ole, flatter. 
Bblibto, 9m. Pertuasion, enchantment by 



EnUce, tm. Connection; link; afllnltj; 
flourish. [decay. 

Enlaci&r, «*». To be languid. — rr. To wither, 

EnladrilUdo, 9m. Pavement noade of bricka; 

Enladri11ad6r, 9m. Bricklayer. 

EnUdrillir, vo. To pave with bricks. 

Enlaro^, va. To cover land with slime. 

Enlan&do, da, a. Covered with wool 

EnUu-d^r, t>a. To rub with crease, baste. 

Knlirgues, 9m. pL (Nao.) Hopo-enda to th« 

Enlazublc, a. Which can be bonnd together. 

Enlazador, ra, & Binder, uniter. 

Enkizadiira, </t Enlazami6nto, 9m. Connec- 
tion, binding, nniting. [Uun. 

EnhuEftr, to. To bind, unite : connect; Knit 

EnlocbuguilUdo, da, a. Wearing a run 
round the neck. 

EnlejiAr, va. To make into lye. 

Enliffirse, vr. To be Johied; stick, adhere. 

Enlyar, va. To vitiate, corrupt; soil. 

Enlizir, va. To provide a loom with leashes. 

En]|entec6r, vn. To soften, blandish. 

Enlodadura, %/. Daubing and fillii^ up with 

Enlod^r, v€L To bemire, bedaub with mud ; 
stop up with loam ; tarnish one*s reputa- 
tion, [become enraged ; grow barren. 

Enloquec6r, ra. To enrage. — vn, or r. To 

Bnloquecimi6nU>, 9m, Enraging, madden- 

Enlos&do, 9nK Pavement of flag-stones. 

EnloeAr, va. To pave with flag-stonea. 

Enlosanibse, vr. To boast of one's dexterity. 

Enluoiddr, «m. Whitoner. 

Snludmidnto, 9m. The whitewashing; the 
Bconring ofplate. 

Enlucir, va. To wliitewash ; scour plate. 

finlustroc6r, va. To briehten. [darken. 

Enlut^, va. To put in monming; veil; 

Enmaoliambrdr, va. To scarf pieces of tim- 
ber. [Work or cover of wood. 

Enma4lerami6nto, 9m, Enmaderaci6n, ^f. 

Enmader^, va. To roof a house with tim- 

Enroagrecdr, vn. To grew lean ; lose &t 

Enmalec^r. vn. To ML sick. [ropes. 

Enmalletiiuo, da, a. Fonlcd: anplied to 

Enmantdr, va. To cover with a blanket— 
vr. To be melancholy. 

Enm&r, va. To wet the sails. [zle. 

Enmarafiiir, va. To entangle, perplex ; puz- 

Enmarirse, vr. (Nan.) To get or tako sea- 

Ennuu4dAr, vn. To marry. [low. 

£nraarillec6rBe, vr. To wscome r»alo or ye*- 

Enmarom&r, va. To tie with a rope. 

EnmascarAr, va. To mask ; cloak. — vr. To 
go in disguise. 

Enmeoh&r, va. (Nan.) To rabbet timber. 

EnmeUr, va. To bedaub with honey; 

Enmendacl6n, ^. Emendation. 

Enmendadam6nt6, (uL Accurately, exactly 

Enmendaddr, 9m. Corrector, emendater. 

Enmend&r, va. To correct; repair; revoke . 
excel : alter, change.— «r. To grow bettei 

Enmerdftr, va. To dirty. 

Enmi6nda, tf. Emendation, oorroctio:i, 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


imeDdment; reward. (Law) Satisfkotlon, 

compensation. (yoath. 

Bnmocecer, Tit. To recover the yif^r of 
Enmohoc6r, va To moald, mildew. — or 

To grow moaldy ; rust 
Enmohecido, da, a. Mostj, moaldr. 
Bnmobecimidnto, «m. (Littio us.) Most} 

neea, mould. 
Eumollec^r, va. To soften, make tender. 
I&nmond^. va. To clear cloth firom kuots. 
Enmordazar, va. To gig. 
Enmudecer, vn. To grow dumb ; be silent, 

stiU.— w. To hush. 
Enneerec6r, va. To blacken; darken. 
Knnonlec^r, va. To ennoble; embolllsb. 
Ennobleclmi6nto, Bm, Ennoblement 
Snnoyi&r. vn. (Joe) To contract marriage. 
Ennndecer, vn. Y. Anudarse, 
Enodaci6n, ^. Illustration, explanation. 
£n6dlo, 9m. Fawn, a young deer. [egisca. 
Enodrida, a^ Barren; a hen past laying 
EnoJadamSiite, ad. Fretfully, crossly. 
Enojadizo, za, a. FrotAiL peevish, fhictivas. 
£nc(|Mo, da, a. Angry, fretful, poevlslu 
EnoJ&nte, pa. lie who vexes. 
EnojAr, va. To vex, Irritat^ make angry, 

offisnd; tease.— «r. To be Artful or bois- 

tcrous; offended. 
Eu<Uo, im. FretfUlness ; anger, passion. 
Enq osam^te, ad. Ves:atiously, crossly. 
Enq 6so, sa, a. Offensive, vexations. 
£noju61u, 9m. dim. Slight peevishness. 
Enorgullecido, da, a. Uaughty, arrogant 
Endrme, a. Enormous, exorbitant; horrible. 
' EaormemSnte, ad. Immoderately, enor- 

Kaousl V. rcioos crime. 

EnormidAd, 9^ Enormity ; horndnees ; atro- 
Etotera, a/. Q^t) CEnotbera. 
EnoyAr, va. V. JSw^ar. 
EnqniciAdo, da, a. Unng upon binges ; built 

un a solid fbundation. 
Enquicl&r, va. To hi nee, nut on hinges. 
Enouillotr&rse, vr. To De jumbled together ; 

Enqnlridldn, «f7i% Compendlnm^brldgmen t 

EnquistAdo, da, a. (Surg.) Cisted, encisted. 

Enraigonir, va. To fix bushes for the silk- 
worms to spin on. rpent-houso. 

Enram&da, «/ Hut covered with branches; 

EnramAr, va. To cover with branches. 

Enranclarse, vr. To grow rancid ; be stale ; 
preserve fh>m corruption. 

Enrarec6r, va. To thin, rarefy. 

EnrasMo, da, a. Smooth ; plain. D>^<1- 

EnrasAr. vou To smooth, plane. — m. To be 

Enrastrftr, t?a. To string cocoons for seed. 

Enray&r, va. To flx spokes in a wheel 

Enredaddra, </: (Bot) Twining plant; bind- 

Enred4do, da, a. Entangled, matted ; foul. 

Enredaddr, ra, 9. I^tangler; tattler; busy- 

Enredamionto, «nK Turning Into a circle; 

Enrod4r, va. To entangle, Insnare; con- 
found, involve ki difficulties ; catch in the 
net; lav anaree; aow discord; fUmblo, 
play childishly ; coiL-~9r. To bo entan- 
gled; fiallinlove. 

Enrido, 9m. Entanglement; perplexity, 


scrape; fkIsehood,misdtiovous lie; plot 
of a play. [ties. 

Enredoso, sa, a. Full of snares and dimcul- 

EnrehqJAr, va. To remove the bleached 
cakes of wax. [embroidery or lace. 

EnrdAdo, 9m. Trellis, lattice; ffrato ; opan 

EnrejAr, «a. To fix up a graung; fix Uie 
ploughshare to the plough ; make a trel- 
lis; wound with a ploughshare. 

Enrevesddo^ da, a. V. Hevesado, 

Enriaddr, 9m. One who steeps or submerges. 

Enriir. va. To steep hemp and flax In water. 

Enrlolar, va. To make Ingots of gold or si!' 
ver. [stones and mortar. 

Enripiiir, va. To fin up clilnks with small 

Enriqueceddr, ra, & One who enriches. 

£nrlqueo6r, va^ To enrich, aggrandize.— cik 
To grow rich. 

Enriqu^fio, fia, a. Belonging to Henry. 

Enriscddo, da, a. Mountainous, craggy. 

Enriscami^nto, 9m, Taldng refuge among 

Enrisdkr, va. To place on the top of moun- 
tains. — vr. To take refkige among rocks. 

Enrlstr&r, va. To couch the lanoe; range; 
meet a difficulty. 

Enristre, 9m, Couching a lanoe. 

Enrizamitoto.«m. Curling; irriUtlng. 

EnrizAr, va. To curl ; Irritate. [an oak. 

Enrobrescklo, da, a. Hard and strong, like 

Enrobnstec^, va. To make robust 

EnrocAr, va. At chess to castlo. 

EnrodAr. va. To break on the wheel. 

EnrodeUulo, da, a. Armed with a shieM. 

Enrodrigonar, vo. To prop vines witli 
stakes. [redden : put to the blusli. 

Enrq)Ar, EnroJec6r, «ck To make red-hot; 

Enromdr, va. (Little ua.) To blunt, dull. 

Enr6na, if. (Pro v.) Bubolsh or refose. 

EnronAr, va. To throw rubbish In a place. 

Enronqnec6r, va. To mako hoarse. — en. Tc 
grow hoarse. 

Enronqueclmiento, 9m, V. Ronquera. 

Enrofiar, tKi^ To fill with scabs or scurf. 

EnrosAr, va^ To dye, or give a rose-color. 

EnroscadamSnte, ad. Intricately. 

Enroscadura, ^f. Tnistlng; entortllatlon, 
sinuosity. [or twist itself! 

Enroscar, va. To twine, twist— *r. To curl 

£nrubiad6r, rn, 9. That which has the pow- 
er of maklng^rcd. 

EnrublAr, va. To dye, or give a bright red. 

Enr&blo, 9m. Rubofiftctlon. [make dull 

Enrude66r, va. To weaken the intellect, 

Enrulnec^r, Enruineso^, vn. To becom« 
, vile. [ruptod. 

Enrutnecido, da. a. Bnined, reduced, cor- 

Enmn&r, va. (Prov.) V. JSnronar, 

Ensabandr, va. To wrq> up in sheets^ 

EnsacAr, fO. To sack up, put in a sack. 

EnsalAda, {/C Salad ; hodge-podge, medley. 

Ensalad^ra, 9f. Salad-dish or bowl 

Ensaladilla, ^. Dry sweetmeats ; Jewel com- 
bined of differont stones 

Ensaladista, 9m. Green-grocer, [man. 

Ensalmaddra, 9f. Sorceress; a beautiful wo- 

Ensalmad6r, ra, 9. Bone-setter; quack who 
pretends to cure by cbarma. 

Ensalm&r, va. To set di^ocatcd bones ; en* 
chant; cure by spells; mako packsaddloa 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Kosdlmo, em. Enchantmeiit, spell, charm. 

jBosalobniLTSo, v a To becomo putrid and 

Ensalva\|j'ir, va. To brutalize, brutifjr. 

Enaalzailor, 9m. Kjcattor, praiscr, extoUer. 

KnsalMmitsnto, sni. Exalutkin. 

EiLSAlziir, va. To extol, exalt; magnify.— 
vr. To boast. 

Susambenitur. ra. To put on the iambenito. 

Bniuunblad^r, «m. Joiner. 

Ensambladura, af. Joinery. 

Enaambl&ge, snu V. Ensambladura. 

Ensamblar, va. To Join or unite pieces of 

EnR^Diblo, tm. Y. Knaambladura. 

EnsAncha, itf. Extension, enlargement Dar 
ensanchcM, To give too much license. 

Ensanchador, ra, & One who enlarges. 

Ensanchamiento, t*n. Widening, enlarging; 

Ensanehar. va. To widen, extend, enlarge. 
En^anckar el cova€07i^ To cheer up, 
ralae one^s spirits — vr. To assume an air 
of importance. [widening; gore. 

Ensdncbe, sm. Dilatation, augmentation; 

Ensandec^r, vn. To grow crazy, turn mad. 

Ensangostiu', va. To narrow, contract 

Enaangrentami^nto, »m. Bloo<liness. 

EnsanjrrentAr, va. To imbrue, stain with 
blood ; aggravate a criminal action. — vf. 
To be over-zealous, be ob&tlnaie; pro- 
ceed in a cruel manner. 

Enaadar, va. To irritate, enrage. [yam. 

Ensar«yAr, En^arlllar, va. (Prov.) To reel 

En^arn'eccr, vn. To get the Itch. [story. 

EnsnrtAr, va. To string; link; tell a long 

Ensiy, am. A^av, trial, prooC [er. 

Enaaya(16r,»OT. Assay or; rehearser, prompt- 

Ensay&r, va. To assay ; instruct, teach ; re- 
hearse, nraotlse; exazuine. — vr. To train 
one's seiC 

Kns4ye, «m. Assay, trial, proof! 

Ensayo, 9m. Assay, trial, proof; rehearsal ; 

Enseb&r, va. To grease. 

Enseiv^o, da, a. Full of trees. 

Cnselvdr, va. V. Emboacar. 

Ensen^a, ^f. Creek, a small bay ; cove. 

EnseniVIo, da, a. Formed like a bay, crock, 
or gult jfthe bay. 

Ensendr, va. To Imbosom.— t?r. To enter 

Ens^fta, 9f. (Prov.) Standard, colors, sisn. 

Eosefiable, a. Teachable. [tlon. 

Ensefiaddro, ra, a. Susceptible of instrnc- 

Eoseft6do, da, a. Taught, le.irned; accus- 
tomed: inured. 

EnseAador. ra, «. Teacher, instructor. 

Ensofiami^to, »m^ Y. Entefiarua. [trine. 

Eosefldnza, sf. Te«cliing, instruction, doc- 

Ensen&r, vo. To teach, instruct; show the 
way. — vr. To accustom one's selC 

Kns^no, mn. (Coll.) V. Ensefl^ma. 

8nseiloTead6r, 9m. He who dcmlneers. 

EnsefioreSr, «a. To lord, domineer.— rr. To 
possess one's self of a thing. 

Enser^r, va. To cover round with straw. 

Eoadres, »m. pL Chattels, fixtures, furniture. 

EnserpentMo, da. a. Enraged, furious. 

Enacrrin^r, va. To Tarnish. 

Kiitif6rme, a. Eoslfonn, sword-shapod 


EnsiUr, va^ To prwor vo grain under ground 

eat nmclu [to horses. 

Ensill&do, da, a. Ilollow-backcu : applied 
Ensitloduru, ^ The part on which a saddle 

is i>laco<L 
Ensilliir, ra. To saddle ; raise, exalt 
Enslmlsinudo, a. Selfish. 
EnsoberbecJr, va. To make proud, pull 

up. — vr. To become proud, l>e arrogant 

(Nan.) To become bol>tcrou8. 
Enso'TAr, va. To fasten with a rope. 
Ensolerar, ro. To fix stools to bee-hives. 
, Ensolv^r, va. To jumble ; resolve, dlwipateu 

— vr. To be Included, be reduced. 
Ensopnr, va. To make sop by steeping 

broad in wine. 
Ensordadera, jj/! V. Knea. 
Ensordamiunto, 9m. Deaftacss. 
Ensordec^r, va. To deafen. — vn. To grow 

deaf; become silent [oninir. 

En8ordeolral6nto, s/tk Deafhcss, act of dea^ 
EnsortUami6nto, am. Curling the hair, ring- 
ing animals. 
Ensortijar, va. To ring, encircle ; curl. 
EnsotArae, vr. To conceal one's self in a 

Ensuciad6r. ra, «. Stain cr, defller. 
Ensueiamienlo, sot. Dirtying, staining, or 

Enauclnr, ra. To stain, dirty, soil ; defile, 

iwilute.— «r. To dirty one's clothes, &c. ; 

be brlt>ed. {Si^fio 

Ensuyfio, urn. Sleep, act of sleeping. V. 
Entahlacl6n, 9f. A register in churches. 
EntablAdo, 9m. FUwr of boards; fltwrlngor 

platform. EiUablado^ dUi^ pp. of Enta- 

EntabladAra, jj/t Fl«K>ring with boords. 
£ntabIam6nto, am. (Arch.) Entablature, rool 

of boards; shed, pent-house. 
Entabldr, va. To cover with boards ; phink ; 

bring an affair on the tapis ; write a me- 
morial on tablets in churches. 
Entablilldr, va. To secure with small boards ; 

bind up with spllnterai 
Entalamado, da, a. Hung with tapestry. 
Entalamadura, 9/. Awning. [estry. 

Entalamdr, t^ To cover with cloth or lap- 
Entalog^, va. To pnt in a bag or sack. 
Entallngadura, ^f. Fastening the cable to 

the anchor. 
Entalingir, va. To clinch the cable. 
Entailable, a. Capable of being sculptured 
Entallad6r, 9m. Sculptor, a cutter in wood 

or stone ; engraver ; carver. 
Entalladura, ^. Entallami6nto, am. Sculp- 
ture, carving. 
Entailer, va. To sculpture, carve ; engravsi. 

— m. To cut a thing so as to fit it to the 

Entalfecfir, vn. To shoot, spront [estry. 
Entaplzdr, va. To bang or adorn with tap- 
Entorascdr, va. To cover with too many 

Entarlmado, 9m. Boarded floor. Entar^ 

mado, da^pp. ot EnUirimar, 
Entarimdr, va. To board a floor. 
Entarqulndr, va. To bemlro, oovor wtt* 

E'nte, 9m. Entity, belnf ; ridlcalons man 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


EntecMOf da, a. Stiff, oDable to move; 

Bntcco, ca, a. Inflrm, weak, langnid. 

Ent(>}&do, da, (h Tile-shaped. foveroast 

Bntelarafidrao, vr. (Prov.) To be cuoaded or 

Gntelcrido, da, a. Fearftil, timid. 

Entena, *f. (Nan.) Laieen yard. 

Enten^la, ^ A daugliter-in-law, a dangbter 
of a former marriage. 

Entcn&do, mn. A son-in-law, a sol of a for- 
mer marriage. 

Enten&Ilaa, t/^pk A small hand-rice. 

Entonded^raa, f/! pL (ColL) Understanding, 

£ntended6r, ra, a. Understander. 

Kctend^r, txk and n. To nnderstand, hear; 
•euiark; reason, Judge; bo employed 
aboct any thing: Jktr en que entenaor. 
To dlstnrb; make understand. A' mt 
mUend€r. In my opinion. ITo lo eiiten^ 
dwd Galvatiy It is an intricate, difficult 
thing. La tnismo m dsbs entmder ette 
artitMlo^ The same construction is to be 
given to this arUcle. Entendsr96 eon 
€Uguno^ To have an understanding^ deal 
with one. Tenffa V. erUendido, You 
roust be aware. M *6 enUende^ He 
knows what he Is about; to agree with 
or nnderstand each otiier. py. 

Entendidamente, ad. Knowingly, pmdent- 

Kntendido, da, a. Learned, prudent, know- 
ing. Dfirae jwr entendido^ To be mani- 
fest ; return any attention. 

£ntendiml6nto, mtt. Understanding, Judg- 
ment, mind ; explanation. 

Entenebrec^r, x<i. To darken. 

Enteram6nte, tut Entirely, ftilly; quite. 

Enters, 90. To inform, acquaint 

£nter6za,«/ Integrity; uprightness; firm- 
ness; haughtiness; presence of miud. 

Enterizo, za, a. Entire, complete. 

Entemec^r, fXk To soften, molt, affect— ^r. 
To be moved to piU". 

Entemecidam^nte, ad. Compassionately. 

EntemocimiSnto, tm. Compassion, pity. 

Ent6ro, ra, a. Entire; perfect, complete; 
sound; Just; strong; informed. CabdUo 
enttro^ Btud-boise. Por entero. Entire- 
ly, ftilly. 

Enterrad6r. am, Qrave-dlgger. [Ing-place. 

Enterramiento. am. Buriu, ftmeral ; bury- 

EntoreAr, va. To inter, buij. 

Kntesoml^nto. am. Stretohmg, ftilnesa. 

Entes^, va. To extend, stretch out 

Entlbad6r, am. One who shores up mines. 

EntibAr, iwt. To rest, lean upon.— «a. To 
prop, sliore up mines. 

Entlbiad6ro, am. Cooler. [slacken. 

EntibiAr, ra. To cool — vr. To become cool, 

Entibo, am. Stay, prop, shore. [matter. 

£&ti<l&d, ^ Entity ; consideration, import, 

Entl6n3, am. Burial, ftineral; tomb, grave. 

EntIgreo6r8e, vr. To be fiuioas as a tiger. 

Entim6ma, »f. Enthymem. 

EntlnAr, to. To tinge, color. 

K*?.-ntAr, «a. To ii k; tinge. 

lUitizndr.tNX. To revile, deihme^ Y,Tbmar, 

Entold&do, am. An awning. [Ing. 

EntoIdamidntOu«7nw Coveringwith anawn- 

Kotoldir, wk To cover Tdtb an ivning 

hutg walla. — rr. To dreso pompously 

grow overcast 
Entomp«6r, m. To swell V. Enium^cer, 
Entomizar, «a. To fksten grass cords (to 

ceilings, Jcc, in place of laths, to plastei 

Entomnl<^a, ajt Entomology. 
Entonacion, tf. Modulation; intonation 

blowing the orean ; prido. 
EntonAdo, da, a. llanghty. [sets the tnoe 
Entonad6r. am. Oipm-blower; one tbti 
EntonamliSnto, «7ik Y. Tono. Intoning, lu 

tonatlon ; arrogance, haughtiness 
EntonAr, vcr. To tune, intonate ; set a tan«' 

harmonize colors; blow an oi^gan. (Med.*. 

To strengtlien by moans of a tonic. — pr 

To be puffed up with pride*. look big: 
Entonatbrio, «m. Church ranslc-book. 
Ent^ncc, ad. (Little us.) V. E-nioncea, 
Ent^nces, ad. Then, at that time. 
EntonolAr, «a. To barrel [Arroganoa 

Ent6no, «m. Intoning. Y. Entonacton 
Entontecdr, v€k To mope, fool — tm. tofi r 

To grow foolish, stupi<l [Ish or stupid 
Entonteeimidnto, am. Act of growing fool 
Entorchudo, am. A twisted cord for em* 

broideries, ErUorehadcay Dass-etrlngs. 
EntorchAr, va. To twist a cord ; cover cordfc 

with wire. 
EntornAr, ro. To turn, set a door i^ar. 
EntomiUAr, «a To shape like a screw or 

ring. [stupefy. 

Entorpeo6r, «* To benumb, render torpid ; 
Entorpecimi^nto. am. Torpor, numbneas» 

dulness; stnplai^. 
Entortadm«, 4/ Crookedness, cnrvity. 
EntortAr, va. To bend, crook; pull out sn 

EntortUAr, wk Y. Ensort^ar. 
EntosigAr, «a. Y. Atoaigar. 
EntrAda, ^f. Entrance ; avenue ; beginning; 

concourse of people; intimacy. (Nau.) 

Leak ; a good band at cards ; sid^lsh ; 

receipts, property vested in any concern. 

Z>dreoAo9 ctd en^rac/o. Import duty. En» 

tradok Temples, the sides of the head. 

Entrada farHvc^ Burglary. 
Entrad^ro, wt. (Pror.) A narrow entrance. 
EntrAmbos,bas,pron.. pU Both. Y. A'mhoa. 
EntrampAr, va. To entrap, insnare; nor> 

plex; deceive; encumber. — vr. To Dor- 

row money, be Indebted. 
EntrAnte. pa. Entering; one who enters. 

A'ngvlo antrantk retintering angle. 
EntrAfia, ^ An entrail— p^ EntrailiL boww 

els; Internal parts; centre; mind; dis 

position. Dor laa etUra/laa, To give 

oue^ very heart-blood away. 
EntraflAble, a. Intimate, affectionate. 
Entrafiablemdnte, ad. Affectionately. 
Entraf&Ar, va. To receive in a ftiondiy man- 

ner.— w. To penetrate to the core. — w*. 

To contract intimacy. 
EntrapAda, ^f. A coarse scarlet doth. 
EntrapajAr, va. To tio with rags. 
Entrapur, wk To powder the hair to clean 

it; manure with woollen rags.— «r. To 

be covered with dnst 
EntrAr, to. and n. To «nter; begin; win a 

trick at eards ; be etasaod pot on s Ihfnt 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


upon another; place to accoant; invade 
an enemy's ooantry; take possosaion of 
a place bv force of orms; gain upon a 
vo«sel; followed by d or en, it signifies 
to licgln. Entrar d cantor^ To begin to 
sing. Entrar en retelOy To begin to sus- 
pocK Ahora entro yo, Now I begin. 
Entrar d uno. To prevail upon one. 
Entrar de por midio^ To settle a scuffle, 

EntrAUco, Mu (Prov.) Entrance of a friar 
or nun. 

EYitro, prep. Between, amongst Entre 
otSo, 4c, In the course of the year, Ac. 
Entr^ do8 offuaa. Wavering, irresolute. 
Traer d uno entre dient^ To take a 
dislike to somebody. Entre tantOy In the 
interim. Entre mano«^ In hand. Tomar 
entre manoe^ To take in hand, [it ^ar. 

Kutreabrir, vo. To half open a door, leave 

Entreincho, cha, a. Middling wide. 

Entrei^andl, sf. (Arch.) Space between the 
flntings of a column. 

Entrec&no, na, a. Grayish. 

Entrecava, ^f. A very shallow digging. 

Entrecav&r, ua. To dig shallow. 

Entrec^jo, swu The space between the eye- 
brim's; a fh>wn. [surea, 

Entreo^rca, ^. Space between two indo- 

Entreclc-lo, mn. Awning; V. Toldo. 

EntreclAro, ra, a. Slightly cl<'ar. 

Entrec«>ger, wu To catch, intercept 

EntrectSro, am. Space between the choir 
and the altar. {vidinA 

EntrocortadAra, ^ Middle cut without dl- 

Kntrecortio', va. To cut in the middle with- 
out dividing. 

Entrecri&r. va. To rear plants among others. 

Entrecobiertaa, Entrepu^ntes, a. p£ (Nau.) 
Between deck& 

Entrecn^ato, am. Backbone. 

Entredecfr, va. To interdict, prohibit 

Entredicho, am. Interdiction, prohibition; 
eoclealastical censure. 

Entred6ble, a. Middllnfl; thickness. 

Entr^ino, na, a. Middling fine. [ance. 

Kntr^ca, ^. Delivei^, delivering; couvey- 

Entregador, am. Deliverer ; executor. 

£ntr«gami«^nto, am. Delivery. 

Entregir, va. To deliver, give up; restore. 
— vr. To deliver one's self up. Entre- 
gone d^ To give one's self up ; take pos- 

Entr^got. «m. Delivery. 

Eatroerir, va. To insert, Intermix. 

EQtr^nntar,«a.ToJoiii the panels to the 

EntrelazAr, va. To interlace, Intermix. 

Kntreliflo, tm. Space between the rows of 

Bntrolist&do, da. a. Striped or yariegatocL 

Entreliidr, vn. To glimmer. 

EntmnMlaa, a<l In the mean time. 

Bntnunto, am. An interlude, tuoe ; Interval 

Bntremeae4r, va. To act u part in a farce. 

Entzomeaista. em. Player of flirces. 

Bntrematdr, tNi. To pot l>etw«en. — or. To 
thmst one^ self unasked into a place; 
take charge of; meddle. 

EntMnretido, am. Meddler, oMroder: busy* 
body . . jr 


Entreroetido, da, a. Meddling, offictona 

meddlesome. [meddling, obtrusion 

EntremetimiSnto, am. Interposition ; int«T» 
EntremczcladAra, jf Intermixture. 
Entremczcldr, va. To interweave, intermix. 
Entreniiche sobre el baupri«, em, Tha 

chock of tlje bowsprit 
Entrem^Jo, Entremiso, am. A cheese-ben«b. 
Entremorir, vn. To die away by degrees. 
Entreniostrdr, va. To show imperfectly. 
Entrench, va. To pat rods in a bee-hive. 
EntrenzAr, va. To plait, braid. 
Entreoir, va. To hear iraperfectlv. 
Entreordln&rio, ria, ck Middling hna 
£ntrcpalmad6ra, ^ Disease in horses' hoofii 
Entaap&nea, em, pL Piecea of unsown 

ground between others that are sown. 
Entrepafi&do, da, a Panelled 
Entrepiifio, em. Panel; spaco between pi- 

lasters; pier. 
Entreparecdrse, vr. To be transparent 
Entrepechfiga, ^ Tlie inntr piece of tha 

breast of birds. [mains in the comb. 

Entrepelnea, em. pi. The wool which re- 
Kntrepel^, va. To variegate hair. 
Entreperndr, vn. To put the legs between 

those of others. 
Entrepidrnaa, f/T pi. Opening between the 

legs; piecea in the fork of pantaloons. 
Entrepon^r. va. To Interpose. 
EntrepretiUio, da, a. A horse with a weak 

breast or shoulder. 
Entrepndn tes. am^p^. (Nan.) Between decks. 
Entrepunzaddra, ^. Pricking pain of an un 

ripe tnmor. 
Entrepnnz&r, «a. To prick slightly. 
EntrerengI6n, em. Interline. 
Entrerenglonad6ra, ef Interlineation. 
EntrerenglonAr, va. To interline. 
EntresAca, EntreeacadAra, ef. Thinning ont 

of woods. [separata 

EntreaacAr, va. To pick or choose; sift, 
Entresc^ro, ra, a. Somewhat obscure. 
Entres\jo, em. Mesentery ; any tiling oocnlt, 

hidden. ftwo princiiial ones. 

Entreandlo, em. Entresol, low story between 
Entres6rco^«m. Space between furrows. 
Entretilla. EntreUUadCira, ^ Sculpture In 

Entretall&r, va. To sculpture In basso-re 

lievo; slash; Intercept the pasaage. [Ing 
Entretejeddra, ef. Intertextnre, Interweav- 
Eutretcij^r, va. To interweave; insert 
Entretfljido, em. (Prov.) Contexture. 
EntreteilmiSnto, em. tntertoxture, intor-> 

weaving; variesratlon. 
Entret^la, i^f. Buckram, stlflTening. 
EntreteUr, va. To put stiffening betweei 

the lining. 
Entretenet&r, amw Entertainer. 
Entreten6r, va. To put oft trifle with ; en- 
tertain; make lesa troublesome; keep in 

hope. — vr. To amuse one's self 
Entretenido, da, a. Entertaining, amnslng; 
Entretenimidnto, em. Amusement, tun 

maintenanoe, allowance. 
Entreti^mpo, em. The middle season. 
Entrennt4r, va. To anoint slightiv. 
Entroveuilrso, vr. To hp dlirtisea tlirotigk 

tha veins. 

180 . 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


EntraTentiliia,j/: Space between wlmiows. 

Entrev6n vo. To have a fflimpse ot [leac. 

Entrevei^o, da, a. Intenfned witb tA and 
xEntrever&r, va. To intermix, insert 

Kntreviau. f/C Interview, conforonce. 

Entrlnc4do, da, a. Intricate. 

Entrip&do, da, a. Contalne<i In the cntraila. 

Entripado, mn. DI»embled anger. 

Entridtecdr, va. To sodden, grieve.— «r. To 
grieve, grow sad. [dejection. 

Entristedmi^nto, mi. Oloomtnesa, sadneea, 

EntroJ&r, va. To g><^tber into barns ; mow. 

Entrotneter, va. To insert, pat between ; 
nnewaibe and dress up.--t>r. To inter- 
meddle, interpose; tbrust one's self in 
unasked. ^ 

EntronAr, va. To enthrone. V. Stdronhar. 

EntroncAr, vn. To descend ttom the same 
stock, belong to tl>e same faoilly. 

Entronorur, va. To pocket the ball (at bil- 

Entronlzaci6n, *f. Elevation to a throne. 

Entronlz&r, va. To entlirone ; exalt, raise. — 
vr. To be puflTod up with pride. 

Entrdnqne, em. Cognation, relationship. 

Entrochida, «/ An underhand business; 

Entruch&r, va^ To decoj, lure. 

Entruchoa, «m Decoyer, schemer, allorer. 

SntnK^jo, em. V. ^mru^o. 

Enta^rto, em. V. Agraiyio and Tusrio. — 
pL Aiter-pains. 

Kntullec6r, tJa To stop, check, obstruct 

EntumeocV, va. To benamb.--t?r. To swell. 

Eotumeclmi^Dto, »m, Bwelling; torpor, 

Eotumirse, vr. To become torpid. 

Entupir. va. To obstmct; compresa. 

Enturbi&r, va. To make muddy or turbid. 

Entusiasmiido, da. a. Enthusiastla 

Entusiasmar, va. To enrapture. — tr. To be 

Entnsifboio, em. Enthusiasm. 

Entnsi^sta, em. Enthusiast 

Entusi&stico, ca, a. (Little us.) Enthusiastic. 

£nnmeraci6n, •/. Enumeration. 

Ennmer&r. «a. To enumerate. 

EnunoiaclOn, ^f. Enunciation. 

Enunci&r, va. To enunciate. 

Enanclativo, Ta. a. Enunciative. 

Envain&r. va. To sheathe. 

Knvalenton&r, va. To inspirit, embolden. 

Envaneo^r, va. To make vain, —vr. To be- 
come proud. 

Envan\dn, da, a. Deadoned, benumbed 

Envamniiento. nm. Stifftaess, numbness; a 
number of petty officers of Justice. 

Cnvas4r, va. To barrel, bottle. Bnvaaar 
d uno^ To run one through the body. 

Rnvdse, am. Cask or other package. 

En veiiQ&rse, vr. To get entangled ; wrangle. 

Eav^eour, va. To make old. — tn. To grow 

Env^eddo, da, a. Grown old, made old. 

£nvenenad6r, ra. & A poisoner. 

Envenenir, va. To envenom, poison. 

Enrenentunitoto. em.. Poisoning. 

Enverdee6r, vn. To grow green. 

Enyerg&r, va. (Nsn.) To bend the sailk 

Cnv^rguM. «m. pk (Nan.) Bope-bands. 


EnvucL em. The wrong side. V. Ewet. 

Back, shoulders. 
Enve8tid6ra, a< Inveetituro. 
Eovestir, va. To Invest; cover.--«r. To got 

into any thing. 
EnvIAdoL tm. Eovov; messenger. 
Envi^^o, da. a. (Arch.) Oblique, sloped. 
Eaviar, va. To send, convoy. Envtar A 

pa»Hir^ To dismiss contemptuously. Sn» 

viar en hora mala. To send one to tb» 

devil [nuMlerately addicted to. 

Enviciir, va. To vitiate.— «r. To be im> 
Envidaddr, tm. Challenger at cards by 

Btaktog a sum. [ft sum. 

EnvidAr, va. To open the gamo by staking 
Envidia, «/ Envy. 
Envidiiible, a. Enviable. 
Envidladdr, ra. «. Snvler, envious person. 
Envidi4r, Vn. To envy, grudge. 
Envidiosam6Dte, ad. Enviously. 
£nvidi6so, sa, a. Envious; invidious. 
Envileccr, va. To viUiy, debase.— 'or. To 

degrade one*B eelC 
Envinido^ da, a. Vinous, winy. [gar. 

Envini^^rar, va. To sour or flavor with vine* 
Envinar, va. To mix wine with water. 
Envio, em. Bemittance, shipuMUt consign- 
ment [spiteAil. 
Enviperido, da, a. Ylper-like, enraged, 
Envirar, va. To peg or pin together. 
Enviacamidnto, em. Act ofglning. 
Eoviscdr, va. To glue; irritate.— «r. To 

smear or catch with bird-lime. 
Envite, em. Inviting at cards by staking a 

sum: invitation; polite offer, [widow. 
Enviuddr, vn. To become a widower or 
Envolt6rio, tm. Bundle of clothes. [perSk 
Envolturas, ^.pL Swaddling-clothes, dia- 
Envolveddro, Envolved6r, mn. Wrapper, 

Envolv^, va. To wrap un, wrap round ; in- 
volve. — vr. To be implicated or Involved. 
£nvolvimi6nto, em, Envelopment Y. Be- 

volead^ra. [matted. 

Envn^lto, ta, Wrapped. JBiftvuelia, a cord 
Enyesadttra, af. Plastering with gypsum. 
£nyee4r, va. To phMter; whitewash 
Enyngir, ra. To yoke cattle. 
Enzain&rse, vr. To look sideways; be 

Enzamarrddo, da, a. Dressed in a zamomt. 
Enzarzddo. da, a. Curled, matted. 
Enrju^Ar, va. To throw among briers; sow 

discord; put up hardies for silk-worraa. 

— vr. To be entangled among brambles ; 

be involved in difllculties; squabble. 
£nzarronib>, va. To put in a ceroon ; inclose. 
E'fie, ^ Spaniah name of the letter fL 
E^llco, a. Eohan, eolio. 
Epiota, {^ Epaot Y. AfUtl^o. [servioe. 
Epactilla, {/T A tmall calendar for divine 
Ep6ntesi8, ^f. (Oram.)'£penthoeis. 
Eperlino, mn. Smelt a email aeo-flth. 
E'pic«m6nte, adL In an epic or heroic 


Epio6no, na, a, Epleene, of both eeiceiL 
£pio6yo« mn. Epioedium, elegy, eukfjr vt 

the dead. 
EpieSclo, 9m. Epleyde. 
EpioIcl6ide, ^, (Goom.) £piejelo4d. 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


Epko, oa, a. Epic, nftirative. 

Epicveo, rea, a. Epicurean. 

Epicnrisino, 0m, Epicuristo. 

Epiddmia. ^ An epidemic disease. 

Epidemi^, a. Y. Epidimico. 

Epld^roioo, ca, a. Epidemical, epidemic 

Epidermis, ^ Epidermia, the acarf-skin. 

Epifknia, ^f. Epiptianj. 

Epiflioq>6rmo, ma, a. Epipb7sio8pennoa& 

Epiflaia, ^f. (Anat) Epipliysis. 

Epig^Btrioo, ca, a. Epigaatric. 

£pigi6U8, </: Epiglottia. 

Epigrafe, ^/i Episrapti, Inscription ; motto. 

Epigrdma, t. Epigram. 

EpigrauaUbio, ria, or EplgramiticOf ca, a, 

Epigrainitico, Eplgramatlata, Epigramista, 
mn. Epigrammatist. 

Epilectico, ca, a. V. EpiUptico. 

Epil^peia, ^, Epilepsy. 

Epildptioo, ca. a. Epileptic, epilectloaL 

£piluipid6o, ^' ^* Ep'Uoijo. 

Epilog, a. Epilogiatic, oompondiooa. 

Epilogi'ir, va. To recapitulate, sum up. 

Epllogismo, am. Epilogism, comontatlon. 

Epilosro, mn. A cooclusioD; epilogue; re- 

EpipActide, if, Epinactia, a genua of plants. 

Epi^n^ya, V*^ A mud interpreUtlon of the 

EpiscopAdo, ttn, Epiacopacj; biabopric 

Episcopal, a. Episcopal [bishops. 

EpiaoopiiI6gico, am. A ehronological list of 

Epis^dlco, ca, a. Episodic, e^iisodical. 

EplatSdlo, am. Episode, an incidenul narra- 

Epistilo, tm. (ArcL.) Epistyle. 

Epistola. •f. Epistle, letter, (/rden de 
epUMa, Subdeaconsbip. 

Epistolar, a, Epiatolary. [ume of letters. 

EpiatoUrio, mn. Collection of epistles; to1> 

Epistol^ro, nn. Tbo aubdeaeon wbo sings 
tba epistleu 

EpttAiloi, 9m. Epitaph. [song. 

Epital^mlo. am. Epithalamiom, a nuptial 

EpItasl^ rf. Epitasis. 

Epiteto, am. Epithet 

Epitlma, V^ Enithem, a lotion. 

Epitim^, WL To apply an epithem. 

Epltimo^ am. (Bot) Lesser dodder. 

^tom^, va. To epitomize, make an ab- 
stract oC [pcnd. 

Epttoine, tn. Epitome, abddgnient, com- 

Eplz^tla, af. (Voter.) Epicooty. 

E poca, ^ Epoch or epocba. 

E'podo^ 4tm. Enode. 

" i^ya, Iff. Epopeou 


Equi&ncain, la. a. (Geom ) Equiangular. 
EqnidM, ^ Eonity, right; impartiality, 

jiwtiee: conscicntiouancss; moderation. 
GqnIdlstAncIa, f/T Equidistance. 
Eqnidistinte. pa. EquidisUnt. 
Equidiatir, «a. To be equidistant 
BqidUlter, a. V. EquiUUero. 
EqniUtero, ra, a. Equilateral 
EqullibrAr, va. To balance; counterpoise. 
EquSlibre, a. Baianeed. equilibrioua. 
EqniHbrio, mn. Equilibrium, equality of 

Wright, count<»rpoIse. 
Equina, na, a. (Poet) Belonging to a horse. 


Equlno, mn. Echinus, sea-egg, a prickly 

Equinocci^l, a. ^ulnoctial 

£quin6ccio, am. The equinox. 

Eonip^, am. Provision, baggage, or thingi 
fur a Journey ; equipage or equipment 

Equip^, va. To fit out; equip, furnish. 

£quiparaci6n, «^ Comparison. 

Equipar^r, €a. To company match. 

Eqnipoluncia, ^ Equipollence, equality oC 

Eqnlpol^nte. a. Equivalent eauipoUcnt 

Equiponderinte, pa. and a. Equipoudem 

Equlponder&r, tm. To equiponderate. 

Equis, «/ Spanish name of the letter X. 
Ettar hecho una iqui9^ To be intoxic** 
ted and staggering. 

Equitacidn, m. Horsemanship; equitatloo. 

Equitativamdnte, ad. Equitably. [blei 

Equltativo, va, a. Equitable ; just, honora- > 

Bauival^nda, 4A Compensation; equivar 

Equivaldnie, a. Equivalent; compensatory. 

Equivaldr, vn. To be of equal value; m 
eq|nal ta [blunder. 

£quIvocad6n. ^f. Mistake, error, oversight; 

Eqoivocadam^nte, ad. Mistakenly, by mis- 

EquivocAdo, da, a. MlaUken. [cally. 

Eqnlvocam^nte, ad. Ambiguously, equlvo- 

Eqaivoc^, co. To mistake,— or. To bo mis- 

Equivoco, ca, a. Eouivocal, ambiguous. 

Equivooo, mn. Equivocation, quibble; mis- 
take, [cavil ; a pun. 

EqulvoquSllo, mn. dim. A quibble, a slight 

Era, ^. Era; age; tbreshing-tloor ; plot in 

Erige, mn. (Prov.) Virgin honey. 

ErAl, am. A two-year old ox. 

Erir, va. To lay out ground for garden-stulf 

Er&rio, am. Exchequcr^ublic treasury. 

ErbAta mn. (Bot) V. Ervato. 

Ero6r, va. (Prov.) V. Levantar. [tion. 

Ereeci6o, ^. Foundation, erection ; eleva- 

Erect6r, am. Erccter, founder. 

Eremita, mn. Y. ErmUaflo. 

Ereraitioo, ea, a HermiUcaU solitary. 

Eremitdrio, mn. A phice with hermitages. 

ErgoteAr, vn. To argue, debate without 

ErgotAo, am. Sophistry, debate on triflea. 

Ergotista, Ergotizdnte, mn. Arguer about 
trifl««, a sophist 

ErgatlzAr, vn. (Col) V. ErffoUar. 

Erguir, va. To erect raise up atralght —cr. 
To be nuffed up with pride. 

Eri 'il, EriibEo, za, a. and a. Unplonghed, KS* 
tilled, uncultivated; a piece of uncultl 
rated ground. 

Eric^ra, §/. Hut without a root 

Erig6ron, mn. (Bot) Erigeron. 

Erigir, va. To erect raise, build ; establld^ 

Erioge, tf (Bot) V. Eringlo. 

Eringio, am. (Bot) Field erinpo. 

Erie, ria, o, unploughed, nntilled. 

Erisimo, mn. (B«)t) llodgo-mustard. 

Erlsip^la, Erisipula, «/ Ery8Ipola^ a d 

ErlsipclAr, va. To cause erysipelas. 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


Eii»ipelat6«o, m. o. (Med.) EiTtipelatonSb 
Eriireo, tna, a. Erytlmean, belooging to the 

Ued Sea. 
Eriza«lo, da, a. Covered with bristlea. 
Erizaniiunto, am. Setting un end ; bristling. 
. Eriziir, va. To set on end ; bristle. 
Erizo. «rm. Hedgoh(^; sea-archin; bnrr of 

a chestnnt. <S^ ; rough water-thistle. 
Ertnita. «/C Hermitage; retail wlno tavern. 
EnnitAfia, ^. llermitefis. 
EmiituAo, Mm. IlerraiL 

Ermitorio, «m. V. EremUorto. 

Ermunio, «m. Person exempted from taxes. 

Erogaci6n, tif. Erogntion, dutribution, fees. 

Erog&r, xa. To distribute, erogate, si>cnd in 

Erogat^Srio. «m. Pipe for drawing liquor. 

Eroei6n, nf. En>!«ion, corrosion. 

Er6tlco, ca. o. Erotical, erotic. 

Erdtima, ^ (RhcU) Interrogation. 

Erotomania, ^ Erotomania, iovo-madnoea. 

Errab6ndo, da, a. Wanderings strolling 

Brradam6nte, nd. Erroneously, falsely. 

Erradicacidn, ^f. Eradication, extirpation. 

Erradicir, va. To eradicate, root oat. 

Erradizo, za, a. Wandering. 

ErrMo, da, a. Mistaicen, erring, erroneousL 

Errinte, pa. and a. Errant, erring, wan- 

Err^, CO. To err; misjudge, mistake; of- 
fend. — tm. To wander about ; miss. 

ErrAta, i^. Error in writing, or printing; 
erratum. £rratas. Errata. [raticL 

Errittco, ca, a. Wandering, yagaboud, or- 

Err^tll, a. Wavering. 

Errdx, «m. C<»a1 made of the stones of olives. 

B'rre, mu The Spanish name of the letter R. 
Err€ que errot Pertinacionaiy, obsti- 

Err6neamdnte, ad. Erroneously, mistak- 
enly, [able to truth or doctrines 

Err6neo, nea, a. Erroneous, not coolbrm- 

Erronia, ^f. Opposition, hatred. 

ErrtVr, srtk Error, mistake. 

Embescdncia, Y- Erubescencsw 

Ernctaci6n, af. Eructation, belching. 

Emctir, tm. To belch, eructate. 

£r6cto, mn. V. Fruto, 

£rudici6n, n/. Erudition, learning. 

Emditamdnte, ad. Learnedlj^r ■ "• 

.Eradito, ta, a. Erudite, learned. 

£ragln6so, sa, a. Tiiiok, coarse, and knotty. 

£mpoi6n, */. Eniption, outbreak. 

Erapt5vo, va, a. Eruptive. 

Erataoi6n, t/T Eructation, belching. 

Erut^, vn. To eruct, belch. 

Erfito, m%. Belch, eructation. [fennel 

ErvAto. tm. <Bot) Sea sulphur- wort, h'^g's- 

Ervellida, i*/. (Rol) Bean-trcfoiL 

Krvtila, 4^ Seed of the bitter vetofa. 

B'ja, demon4*'raHv4 pronoun. That 

Sabatlnient&r, va. and n. (Pict) To delin- 
eate a shadow. 

Xsbatim^nt<x am. Shade In a picture. 

Esbelt6sa, 4/: A tall and elegant stature. 

E6l>6ito, ta, a. TalU genteel, well-shaped. 

Eebirm, 9m, Bailiff; a petty officer, a myr- 
midon, [draoc^t 

Gsl>dzo, mn. Sketch, outline; a rough 


Escabechir, «a. To souse, pickle. 
Escab^che. sm. Souse, pickle; pickled fisX 
Escabol, rnn. Foot-stooL 
Escabelilio, «m. dim. A small f x>t-«tooI. 
KscabliSstt, ^ (Bot) Field-scabious. jTcrabi. 
Rsc4bro, sm. Scab or manee; amphn^iooa 
Escahrneamente, ad. Kousrhly, ruggedly. 
Escabrosid.^d, ^ Inequality, roughness; 

^ crag^rodnesa. 


Escabruso, sa, a. Bough ; cragged, luggcd ; 
EscabulUmi^to, «m. Evasion, clipping 
away. [awan 

EscabulHrse, vr. To escape, evade; slip 
Escacado, da, a. (Uer.) Checkered, varie* 

Esc&cho, mu (Ichth.) Thornback. 
Esciila, ^. Ladder, scale, staircase; an} 

port, bay, or roadstead. EHcalafranca^ 

Free port A' eacala f>i«to, Openly. V. 

EscaUda, ^f. Escalade, storming a place 

Ewalada d eacala viata^ A daylight 

Escalado, da, a. Fish cut open to be salted. 
Escalad6r, am. Climber, bo who scales walls. 
Escalamidnto, am. Act of scallns walls. 
Esoalimo, anh (Nan.) Thole or thole-pin. 
Escalamdtes. anupL (Nau.) Tlmber-lieada» 

EscalAnte, pa. Scaling, climbing. 
Escalilr, va. To scale, climb. 
Escalddda, f/- (Lo^) Proetitnte. 
Escaldudo, da, a. Cautious, suspicious, wary. 
Escaid&r, va. To bum. scald : make red-hot 
Escaldrantes, am,pl. (Nau.)Kevels, wooden 

pins. [of a pot too fUll, 

Escaldufir, va. (Prov.) To take broth oat 
E8cal6no, a. (Oeom.) Scalene. 
Escalentamiunto, am. Inflammation in th« 

feet of animalsL 
Escalera, ^ Suircase. Enealera de cara • 

col^ Winding suirs; ladder. 
Escalerilla, Ita, af. A small ladder ; drench- 
ing instrument En aacaUriUa^ In de- 
Escaloron, am. augn\. A large staircase. 
Escak'ta, fjf. Engine for mounting cannona 
Escalfado, da, a. White-washed walls lUl 

of blisters. 
Escalfaddr, am. Barber*s pan ; chafing-dish. 
Escaifur. va. To boil eggs. Eacal/ar d 

pan. To put bread into too hot an oVen. 
EscallknSte, am. Wide boot lined with hay. 
Esoafota, j|/! Brasior ; chafing-dish ; waters 

dish for heating. [of the scamA. 

EscallmArse, vr. (Nan.) To be worked out 
Esc^llo, am. Land abandoned for tillage. 
Esddmo, am, V. Eacdlamo. 
EacaloftiAdo, da, a. Shivering: 
EscaloA-io, am. Cold chill; cold stage of a 

fever; fever and ague. [ofdigni^. 

EscaI6n. am. Stop: scale. (Met) Degre* 
Escalp^Io, am^ Scalpel. 
EsdUnIo, am. Currier's knlfei [lion. 

Escalufla, ^f. (Bot) Eschalot sbalot seal- 
Escima, ^ Fish-scale ; resentment grodgft 
Escam&da, ^. Embroidery In figure d 

Escamido, am. Worked In figure of scales 
EscomAdo^ da, a. Warned by experience. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Kiorn>d6ra, ^ Scale pattern embroider* 

GecainAr, va. To scale fish; olTend, mo- 
lest — en. To embroider Id scale fashion. 
— vr. To be warned by experience; 
resent [tliorns. 

Escauibrondl, *7n. Plantation of bucic- 

Edcain^U «m. Instroment osed by sword- 

Escamilla, ita, «/ dim. A little scale. 

Escaniocbeir, vti. (Pro v.) V. Pa^cordear. 

Kscamocho, sm. Broken victoals, leavings. 

£ecaui6udaf ^ Tlie act of pruning trees. 

fiscamondadura, */. Useless branches. 

Escamonddr, «a. To prune; cleanse. 

Escam<^nd:j, 9nu Clearing trsK^ of useless 

Escainou^a, ^ (Bot) Scammony. 

VacamoneMo, dk, a. Kelating to scammony. 

fijcamonearse, vr. To resent be offended. 

Escamdso, sa, a. Scaly, ostracooua 

Escamot^, va. To make disappear, Jug- 
gle away. 

Escampdda, «/! Stampede. 

Escampado, da, a. V. iMscampado. 

Eacampar, vn. To cease raining ; leave 
off working.— «a. To clean out a place. 

Esoimpo, am. Cessation.* V. Btcape. 

Escarou^iir, «a. To prune olive-trees. 

Escami\Jo, am. A lopped-off olive-branch. 

Edcanciador, ra, Escanci&no, a. Cupbearer. 

Escanciar, va. To pour wine into another 
vessel. — w*. To drink wine. 

Escdnda, a/. (Bot) Spelt-wheat 

Sacandaliir, am. Y. Ettcandalar, 

Eseandalizaddr, am, Soandalizer. 

Escandalijir.tTO. To scandalize.— «r. To be 
scanthtlized, be irritated. 

Esoandalizativo, va, a. Scandalous. 

Escandalldr, vo. (Nau.) To sound. 

Eseand&ilo, am. Deep sea-lead ; prooC trial. 

Eseindalo, am. Scandal, offence ; admira- 
tion: commotion. 

fiscandal^ af. (Nan.) Gaff-sail. 

Escandalosamente, ad. Scandalously, 
sbamefall/. [tnrbulent 

Escandalteo, sa, a. Scandalous ; shamefhl ; 

Escandootocia, af. Excandescence; anger, 
passion. [To be in a passion.. 

Bscandeeir, va. To Irritate, provoke.— »r, 

Escandel&r, am, (Nan.) The second cabin 
In a row-galley, [a row-galley. 

Eseaodelarete, am. (Nan.) A small cabin in 

Escdndia, af. (Bot) aenfuegos wheat 

Bscandlr, va. To scan verses. 

Escanilla, ^ (Prov.) V. Ouna, 

Escantili&r, va. To trace lines on walls. 

Escifia, af. (Bot) Saint Peter's com, or one- 
grained wheat [chambers). 

^cafl^ro, am. Seat-keeper (in council- 

Eacaftillo, am, dim. A small bench with a 
bMsk. [Sheer-rail 

Em^o. am. Bench with a back. (Naa.) 

Eacafluolo, am. Small (bot-bench. ffli^t 

UeeapAda, ^f, Ifocapamidnto, am. Escape, 

Eneapi^, va. To liberate: forget— «n. 
Mid r. To escape, fly, avoid punishment, 
make oS; make one's escape. Kaeapar 
en wia tabla^ To have a happy escape. 

Cecaparite, am. Press, case, cupboard. 


Escaparatico, am. dim. A little cupboard. 

£.-)capat6ria, ^. Escape, flight; evasion. 

Escape, am. Escape, fliglit; subterAiee, 
escapement A' todo eacap^^ As swi^ly 
as possible. [Scape, stem. 

Esclpo, am^ Shaft of a column. (Bot) 

Rscapular, va. (Nan.) To double a cape. 

Escapulurlo, am. Scapulary. 

Escaque, am, A square of checker-work. 

Escaquc^do, da, a. Ctieckei eil, variegated 

Escaquedr. va. To play at cl ess or chockeru 

Escdra, af. The scurf or s^ar of a sore; 
an eschar. [bio; sting. 

Escarab^ear, vn. To crawl ; scrawl, scrlb* 

Escarab^o, am. (Ent) Beetle; twisted 
threads in the wiurp ; hone f comb (of ott- 
nons). Eacarabajoa^ Scrawled writiii^ 

Escarafulldr, vn. To deceive, gloss over. 

Escaramucear, vn. To skirmish. 

Escararonjo, sm. Dog-rose, hep-tree. 

Escaramuza, «/! Skirmish; contest, dlspota 

Escararauzador, am. Skirmisher; disputes. 

Escaramuzdr, va. To skirmish, to flghl 
looseljr. [cockades 

Escarapiilft, af. Dispute ending in blows; 

Escarapeldr, vn. and r. To dispute, >vrangle, 

Escdrba, af. (Nau.)8carf-JoInt 

EscarbadtTro, «m. Place where boars, &c, 
scratcli tlie ground. 

Escarbadi6nte^ am. V. Mondadiantaa. 

£scarbad6r, am. Scratcher, scraper. 

Escarbaddra,^ Actand efl^t of scratching. 

Escarbf^u^lo, am, (Ent) Vine-frotter. 

Escarbaorejas. am. Ear-pick. [vestlgate. 

Escarbdr, va. To scrai»e or scratch; In- 

Escdrbo, am. Act and effect of scraping. 

Escarcela, ^. Pouch, game-bag ; cush ; 

Escarodo, am. Small broken waves, cur- 
rents.—^/. Bounds of spirited horses. 

Escdrcha, aA White fh>st; fl-osted bullion 
for embrolderv. 

Escarchdda, ^ Ice-plant, flg-marlgold. 

Escarehado, aTn. V. Eacarcha.-^pl, Ice- 
creams, [with fh»t 

Escarchddo, da, a. Hoary, JVosted r-liite 

Escarohdr, vn. To be flroeted.— «>a. To ft-oi^ 

Escdrcbe, am, V. Eacarcha, 

Escdrcho, am. (Icbth.) Bed surmullet 

Escarchdsa, af. Ice-plant, flg-marigold. 

Escarcina, ^. A kind of cutlass^ 

Escarclndzo, sm, Blow with a cntlasa. 

Escaroufidr, va. (Prov.) V. EacudriHar. 

Escdrda, ^f. Weed-book, hoe ; weeding. 

Escardad^ra, ^ Woman weeder; a gar* 
doner's hoe. 

Escardaddr, am. Weeder. 

Escardaddra, ^ A woman weeder. 

£Bcardad6ra, «/! Weeding. V. Eacardn, 

Escarddr, «a. To weed ; part good from 
bad; root out Enviar A eaoardar^ 
To refuse harshly. [dowa 

Escardillo, Ila, a. Small weed-hook; thistIo< 

Escariaddr, am. Coppersmith's punch. 

Escariflcacidn, af. (8ur/rO ScariocaUon. 

Escarifleaddr, am. Scarifier; oupping-fflasa 

Eecariflcdr, va. (Surg.) To scarify. [soreu 

Escarizdr, V€t, To clean away the scab of a 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



E!icarlad6r, int. Instrumeat for ecntplng or 

Gflicarlita, f/. Scarlot colcr : kermos. 

Escarlatin, 9m. A coarse kind of scar.ot. 

EscarlRtina, s/. 8carlet-fevor. 

E»c»rinenador, sm. V. Escarpidor. 

fiscanuouur, va. To corab wool, &o.; to 

Eccannentir, vn. To bo wamod by sad 
experience. — va. To correct sevorely; 
warn. [chastisement. 

sEsoarmidnto, «m. Warning, caution; fine, 

Eactimecudor, ra, «. Scoffer, scorner, Jeerer. 

Escariieccr, va. To scoff, ridicule, laugh at. 

Escarnecidamonte, ad. Scornfully. 

Escaniecimiento, «m. Scofilng ; derision. 

Gscarnido, da, a. V. De^camado. 

Esd^nio, «m. Scoff, contemptuous ridicule; 
gibe, Jeer. En escam io^ ScoMngly. 

E^dro, 9m. Kind of fish ; one who tuus 
crooked feet 

Eacar<\la. n/. Kmllve, garden-succory ; ruffle. 

Escarolado, da, a. Kndive color; curled. 

Escaroldr, va. V. Aleckugar. 

Escarolita, ^f. dim. Small endive. 

Escanitico. ca, a. Escharotlc, caustlo. 

Bscurpa, 4^ Declivity ; scaqt or slope. 

EacarpAdo, da, a. Sloped, craggy, ru^cged. 

Escarpdr, va. (Nau.) To scaif; cleanse 
sculpture ; scarp, slope down. 

Escdrpe, 9. (Nau.) Scarf^ioint 

Escarpelar, va. ( Aiiat) To scalp. 

EscarpC-lo, am. Uasp, coarse file ; scalpel 

Esc&rpia, ^ Tenter-book. 

Escarplnr, va. To fasten with tenter-books. 

Escarpidor, «m. Comb with large wide 
teeth. > XP>*oM»«* 

E.«cari)in, 9m. Sock; tliin shoe, dancing 

KscarnltSn (EnX ad. In the form of a ten- 
tor-lnK)k. \Jada9. 

Escarratnanchdnes (A 'I ad. V. A' horca- 

EscarM, f/C A sore in the hoofe of horsea. 

Escaneano, na, a. (Arch.) Arch le^s than a 
seniicirdo. [hives in February. 

Bscarzar, va. To take Uie honey ftom Uie 

Escarzo, 9tn. An empty blackish green 
honey-comb; takins honey fi:om tlto 
hive; tree-Aingus; floss silk. 

Escirzo, za, a. Lame ttom sore hoof. 

Escasamunte, ad, Scantily; hardly; nar- 
rowly, [gaily. — r». To decreaso. 

Rscasear, V€L To givo sparingly; live fru- 

Escasez, Escas^za, </. Scantiness, nlggardli- 
noas. [churlish. 

Esc^iso, sa, a, SmalU short; scanty, scarce; 

Escatiui&do, da. a. Little, scanty. 

Bscatimar, va. To curtail, clip; to baggie. 


Kscatinioeo, sa, a. Cunning, oialicious. 

EscAupil, 9m. Armor of the ancient Mexi- 
Escava, 9f. A pit round the root of a plant 
Bacava. Es(*jivaci6n, and for the remaining 

words beginning with Kne^ V. Exc.,, 
Escayola, ^ Paste reeemblinz marble. 

Esce«lente. Escetler, Escel6ncTa V. Buc . . 

Xsc^ua, ((/•The btage ; scene, theatre ; rev- 
olution, vicissitude; bed and aheiihcrd'a 
Cac^nico. ca, a. Scenic, tbeatrlcal 

Escenita, 9f. dim. A abort scene. 
Escenograna, «/ Scenography. perspective 
Escendgrafo, em. Perspective instrument 
Eacepticbmo, 9m. Skepticism. 
Escdptioo, ca, a. Skeptic, skeptical 
Esciat^o, «/». Instrument for making son 

Esci6na, f/T A species of craw-fish. 

Escila Maritima, if. (Uot) Y. CeboUa al 

E6CI6I0, «rm. Sciolist Unit, V. Ksnc. . . 

Escisa, EsciUbilidad, Esciamacidn, Esda* 

Esclarea, ^ (Bot) Y. Amaro. 

Esclaroc^r, va. To lighten: Illuminate; 
make illustrious. — vn. To dawn. 

Esciarecidam^nte, ad. Illustriously. 

Esclarecido, da, a. Illustrious, noble, oon* 

Esclarecimi6nto, 9m. Dawn ; ennoblement 

Esclavillo, ilia: ito, ita, 9. dim. A little alava. 

Esclavina, ^/. Pilinim's robe ; prieafls col- 
lar; cape; tinnet; abort circular cloak. 

E9clav1t6d, 9f. Slavery, bondage ; brother- 
hood, religions congregation ; servile sab* 
Jection of paasions; breast Jewels. 

EsclavizAr, va. To enslave; overwork. 

Esclivo, va, «. Slave; member of a broth- 
erhood; fag. [dam. 

Esclusa, »f, Lock, slnico, flood-gate, mill- 

Esc^aa, ^, pL (Nan.) Bong-heads, floor- 

£sc6ba, ^f. Broom. Eteoha ds cctbexuela^ 
Ragwort-leaved centaury ; N. & N. W. 

RncobAda, ^ The act of sweeping slightly. 

E9oob4io, em. KemaUis of an old bntora; 
the stalk of grapes. 

Escobir, «m<. A place where broom grows 

Rscob^, va. To sweep with a broom. 

Escobazi^, va. To sprinkle with a broom. 

EscobAzo, em« Blow with a broom. 

Escob^ra, ^f. Y. Retama, 

Ksoobdnes, 9m. pi. IIiiw8e-hole& 

Escobeta, ^ A small brush. (Bot) 8w«el 
sultan centaury. 

Escobilla, 9/. Brush ; small broom : tama- 
ric-leaved saltwort; gold or silver sweep- 
ings. EienbMa or t9CobiUa de dmbar. 

Escobill6n, em. Sponge of a cannon. 

Escobina, «/ Chip^ cnippiog^ borinips. 

Esc6bo, 9tn. Brash-wood, briers, brarobleit 

Esoob^n, em. A large broom ; brush.— j9/ 
(Nau.) Hawses. [tate.— er. To smart 

Escoc^r, va. To cause sharp pain: Inl 

Escocia, «/. (Arch.) Seotia, a moulding. 

Escocimiento, em. Y. E9coaor. 

Esc6dM, 9f. Stonecutter's edged hammer. 

Escodadero, em. Place where cattle ru) 
their boms. 

Escodilr, va. To hew atonea with a hammer. 

EsrAfla, </: Y. Cojtn. 

E8<«uflAr, va. To'ilrosa the head with a nek 

Escoricta, ftf. CuiC heail-dressw 

Escofletero. ra, «. Maker ^ head-dreeaesi 

EscitAna, ^f. Reap. c*>arse file; wire-bmsK 

Escoflniir, va. To rasp, file. 

Esci>fiiSn, em. Y. Garbin, 

Escogeddr, ra,*. Selcoter, chooeer. 

Eacogi^r, va. To choose, select, eleet 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


fiBeugkUmcnte, ad, Choloelj, seLectly; 

Escogfmldnto, «m. Choice selection. 

EscogiUble, a, Y. ExcogitahU. 

EscogiUr, va. V. Baocogitar. " [tic. 

EBOoIiir, «m. Scholar, scadent— Ow SchoW 

Escolfir, tm. V. Colar. 

Kscol&8Ucam6ntCi, ad. Scholastfoally. 

£sool4sticQ, ca, a. Schnlaatfc, BcbolastlciiL 

Bsooliistioo, 9m. A professor of tiieology. 

£8colUd6r, tm, BehoUast, commentator. 

Esooliitr, vou To glofs, e^Iain, comment. 

EscoUarn^eo, aa, ck Harab, antractable. 

Bacolim&do, da, a. Weak, delicate. 

Escollm68o, aa, a. Difficult, aevere, bard to 

Bsc6l(o, «m. Sdiolinra; gloss, oommentarr. 

Escoll&r, va, (Nan.) To strike upon a rocL 

Esooll^ 4/: (Naa.) Rockj place or cli£ 

Eac6llo, *m. Bock nnder anallow water; 
embarrasaroeat, danger. 

Bsoolop^ndra, ^ 8ook>pendra, centipede; 
a flab ; mleenwort 

Bsc^lta, f/T Escort, conyoy, gaard. 

Escoltikr, fa. To escort, oonvoy, guard. 

Escdmbra, t^. Purgation, removal of ob- 
stacles [purify. 

Eaoombdb*, xa. To remove obstacles; 

Esoombro, am. Itubbisb, fragments. (Ichtb.) 

Escomenz&r, Wk (Low) V. Oomenear. 

Escomerse, ta. To bo worn