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Digitized by VjOOQIC 

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Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 






Eiri)rjtt]» from tit flutios'jer Slatjsir Worlu 









840 A 848 BSOADWAT. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

7 -2-2-6. IS^ 

"(. 14 iJO U tr / 1 U V rt^ » • </W tcv^ 

Entered aooordlng to Act of Ck>ngreBS, in the jear 1854, 


In tho Clerk*8 Office of the Dlstriot Court of the United Btotet ibi the Bonthera 
Pistrlct of New York. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


The very fevorable manner in which the public has 
been pleased to receive Seoane's Spanish and English 


LAZQUEz, has induced him to undertake this Abridgment, 
in order to render that work more serviceable to younger 
scholars, travellers, and men of business ; taking at the 
same time the utmost cai*e to retain all the most usual 
and necessary words, together with their various and fre- 
quent meanings, so as to make it, though small in size, as 
copious and complete as such a work can be. 

With this object in view, the Editor has again consulted 
not only the works which made the basis of said Dic- 
tionary, but also other lexicographers and authors, partic- 
ularly of Travels through the new republics of North and 
South America, from which he has selected a great num- 
ber of words belonging to the articles of commerce and 
the natural productions of those coimtries, which he has 
inserted in this Abridgment, together with many idioms 
and provincialisms, not to be found in any other work of 
this kind. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


As the Editor's aim has been to make moi^ easy and 
familiar the intercourse between the two great nations 
speaking the grandiloquons and energetic languages com- 
piled in this Abridgment, and thereby to strengthen the 
brotherly ties which he wishes may always bind them ; he 
hopes that his humble efforts may not prove altogether 
profitless to both the Americans and Spaniards ; as his sole 
wish is to be, inasmuch as he can, useful to them. 

New Tobk, January^ 1861 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


L — As the modem system of Orthography lately introduced by 
the Spanish Academy has been adopted in this Abridgment, as 
well as in the original Dictionary, the student is requested to 
keep in mind the following directions : 

1st. The words that may not be found in the combinations ^a, 
j^fJhJOjjUj ffe, gij should be looked for in the combinations xa, 
», i», xoy am, je, ji, and vice versa : as, mujer, muger ; ex^rdtOy 
ej6rcito ; relox, leloj, etc 

2d. The words that may not be found in the combinations ce, 
ci, may be looked for in the combinations ze, zi, and vice versa. 

3d. The words that may not be found in the combinations cua^ 
cuey cut, cuo, may be looked for in the combinations qua, qUe, qui, 
qfiOy and vice versa : as, quando, cuando ; question, cuestion, etc. 
. 4th. Those that may not be found in ca, que, qui, look for 
them in chd, chi, chi, and vice versa : as, arcMngel, arcangd ; 
ch^rubin, qu6rubin; cMmicaj quimica. 

5th. Words with the syllables os, us, may be found in obs, ubs, 
and vice versa : as, oscuro, obscuro. 

6th. Those that may not be found in the combinations esc, est, 
will be found in the combinations exc, ext, and vice versa : as, 
esciiar, ezdtar ; estender, extender. 

Yth. Those that may not be found in the combination tras, will 
be found in the combination trans, and vice versa : as, traspa- 
rente, transparente. 

8th. "Words that may not be found with ha, he, in the middle 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



of words, may be looked for without it in the Dictionary, or vice 
versa: as, azaliar, azar; comprehender, comprender. 

9th. Those that may not be found with the letter t, may be 
looked for with the letter y, or vice versa : as, /«, ley ; reyna, 

10th. Those that may not bo found with the letter b, will be 
found with the letter v, and vice versa : as, cibil, civil. 

11th. Words with double n are often written with one : as, co- 
naturalj instead of connatural. 

n. — ^In familiar letters and manuscripts from the former Span- 
ish provinces there are to be found some faults, and the most 
frequent are the following : 

B instead of v, as llebo, in lieu of llevo, I carry. 



6, « votetOy 


boleta, a ticket. 



c, " seremonioj 


ceremonia, a ceremony. 



«, " selebro, 


celebroy the brain. 



z, " cawE, 


caza, hunting. 



Z, " craro, 


claro, clear. 



W," cabayoj 


caballOf a horse. 



y, « polio, 


poyo, a bench. 



m " onbre^ 


kombre, a man. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 







A, pr^noaneed as a In alarnk. 

A\ prtp. To, in,* after, according to, on, by, 

for, ot np ; an. 
4 Madrid, (lt\) To go to Madrid. 
4 ]a £spaflola, /nor afUr\bA Spanish ftshion. 
a la puerta, At Mxe door. [Castile, 

a ley do Caadlla, According to the law of 
4 pi^ (Tenir,) To come on foot 
tt hierro, (morir,) To dio by the sword. 
4 dot reales, (vendene,) To b« Bold for two 

4 vino^ (oler,) To smell q^wine. 
4 la cinain, (cnizar on rio con el agna,) To 

croea a river with the water up to the waist 
4 pmeba de bomba, Bomb-proo£ 
Al is now written instead ofd e^ To the. 
A' most be placed before the object direct 

of an active Terb, if it be a person, proper 

noun, or thing personified; as, Ama a tn 

prdjlmo, Love tby neighbor. 
A A, Contraction Ibr Authora; and A,, fat 

AUeacL, Hlghneas, or for approval 
Ab4ba, »/. Bed poppy. 
Abaceria, nf. A grocery. 
Abaoero, ra, jl A grocer. 
Abacial, a. Belonging to an abbot 
Aliaco, »m. (Arcbu) Abacna. 
Ab4d, mn. An abbot 
Ab4diL »/. The female rhinoceros. 
Abad^o, wi. Codfish ; yellow wren. 
Abad^ngo, ga, a. AbbaUaL 
Abad^aa, «/: An abbess. 
Abadia,«/f An abbey. [abater. 

Abtyador, sm. 1. Stable-boy in mines. 2. An 
Abiu^^ne, vr. To abase one's selC 
Ab^o, a. Under, nnderneath, below. 
Abalaaz4r, to. To bahmce; weigh; dart 
AbaIdon4r, vet. To debase, revile, reproach. 
AbA]e4r, «a. To winnow, sift, separate. 
Abaliz4r. cOw (Nau.) To lay down baoys. 
Aballcstar, va. (Nan.) To haul a cable. 
AbaI6rio8, «m. pL Glass beads. 
AbaaderAdo, »m. A standard-bearer. 
Abanderlzad6r, ra, a A ringleader. 
Abaaderiz4r, va. To cabal; foment riots. 

Abandon4do, da, a. 1. Abandoned, forlorn. SL 
Profligate, [debauchery. 8. Forlornnesa. 

Abandonami6nto, trni. 1. Abandonment i. 

AbandonurM^o, To abandon, to forsake; to 

Aband6no, v. Abandonamimto. [give npi 

Abanic4r, va. To fon, winnow. ^ 

Abanicazo, am. Blow with a Ian. 

Abanico, am. 1. A fan. 2. (Nan.) A spritsaiL 

Abaniqn^ro, 9m. A fitn-maker. 

AbaraUir, ta. To cheapen, to abate. 

Abarbetar, ta. (Nau.) To rack. 

Abarca, a/. A sole of coarse leather, [skins. 

Abarc4do, da, a. With the feet wrapped in dry 

Abarcad6r, ra, a. 1. Embracer. 2. Monopolist 

Abarcad^tra, af. AbarccmUeatOy am. An em- 
brace, [monopolize. 

Abarc4r, «a. To clasp, embrace; contain; 

Abaro6n, am. An iron ring, hoop. 

Abario4r, vn. To bear np, hanl the wind. 

AbarqaiI14r, vet. To shape like a boat 

Abarrac4rse, vr. To withdraw into barrack/^ 

Abarragan/irse, vr. To live in concubinage. 

Abarrancad6ro, sm. A beavv road ; precipice. 

Abarrancami6nto, am, Fallmg into pits ; em* 

Abarranc4r, tct. To break np a road: to dig 
holes. — vr. To fidl into a pit; to oecome 

Abarrdz, am. (Bot) Lonse-wort 

Abarrotdr, txi, 1. To tie, bind. 2. Overstock. 

Abarrdte, am. (Nan.) Small stowage. 

Abastadamdnto, ad. (Obs.) Abundantly. 

Aba3tard4r8e, im. To degenerate. 

Abasteced6r, ra, «. A caterer, provider. 

Abastec^r, wk 1. To provide, to cater. 2. To 

AbastecimlSnto, am. Providing; provisions. 

Abastion4r, «a. To fortify with bastions. 

Abasto, sm. The supply of a town; em- 

Abatan4r, va. To beat or fiill doth. 

Ab4te, am. An abbd. 

A'bate, inUrJ. Take care I Away I 

Abatidn, da, a. Df^ected, spiritless; abject 

Abatlmidnto, am, Discoun^ment lownesa 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


of spiritfi, falntneM AhaHmi^to del 

rumhc, (NanO The leeway of a flhJp. 
Abater, va. 1. To overthrow, to cut down. 

2. Humbla.— ^?n. To deaceno, to stoop. — er. 

1. To bo disheartened, dlsuaayed. 2. (Nau.) 

To have leeway. 
Abdicaci6n, sf. Abdication. 
Abdlcdr, «a. 1. To abdicate, resign. 2. Annul. 
Abdomen, sm. Abdomen, belly. 
Abdominal, a. AbdomlnaL 
Abdiiccl6n, «/ (Anal) Abdnetion. 
Abductor, 8m. (Anat) Abductor. 
Abec6, am. The alphabet, the A B C. 
Aboced^o, wn. Alphabet; spelUng-book. 
AbedH mu The birch-tree. 
Ab6jA, ^f. A bee. Abt^a maestro, Qneen- 

bois. Ab^a mtusMega^ Breeding-bee. 
Ab^&r, tm. A bec-hlve. [are very fond. 
Abd&r, cu. Uioa aJbfiar^ A grape of which bees 
Abctjarron, Ab^iirro, tm. A norse-fly. 
Abcaardoo, Ab^er6co, tm. 1. The bee-eater, 

a bird. 2. (Mot) A mean follow. 
Abd6ra, af. Balm-mint or beo-wort 
Aba6ro, Mil. A keeper of bee^hivea, 
Abd6n, am. Humble-bee ; a drone ; a hornet 
Ab^onizo, anh. A large wild bee. 
Ab^oncillo, am. dim, A amail wild bee, a 

small drone. 
Ab€si6rro, am. Humble-bee. 
Abellacddo, da, a. Mean-spirited. 
Abellacdrse, vr. To become mean; to de- 
grade one's self 
Abellot&do, <t Made in the form of acorns. 
Aberengenado, da, a, Eogr-plant color, lila& 
Aborracl6n, af. (Astr.) Aberration. 
Aberrugido, da, a. Full of warta. 
Abert&n, ^. Aperture; beginning; openings 

gap; aleak. 
Ab et^rno, (Lat) From all eternity. [fir. 
Ab^to, am. The silver-tree; the yew-leaved 
Abetun&do, di, a. Resembling bitumen. 
Abetnn&r, vo. To do over with pitch. 
Abi^rto. ta, a. 1. Open. 2. Sincere, 

& Full-blown.— m). irr. of Ahrir. 
Ablgarrddo, da, a. Variegated, motley. 
AblgarrAr, «a To paint with a diversity of 

Abigeito, WL (Law.) Theft of cattle. 
Abig6o. am. (Law.) A catUe-thieC 
Abigotado, da, a Wearing long whiskers 
AbibArea, am. Nardasna, daffodil ; a precious 

stone. [b^iinning. 

Abinido, (or db iniHo, Lat) Trom the 
Abinteatito, a. (Lat) IntcstatA. 
Abl^aa, af. Boa constrictor. 
AbismiU, a. Beloniring to an abyss. 
Abism&les, a. of Clasp naila. 
AbismAr, va. To depress, to humbla 
Abismo, am. Abyss; gulf; Immense depth. 
Abitad6ra, «/! A turn of tho cable around 

the bits. 
Abltdque, am. A rafter or Joist 
Abitar el cable. To bit the cablei 
Abltas del molinote, Garrick-bits. 
Abitdnea, atn. pi. Top-sail sheet-bits. 
Ablzoooh&do, da, a. In the form of a biscuit 
Ab1uTaoi6n, s^ Abjuration. 
Aunr4r, va. To aUnre. to recant upon oatb. 
ADlandad6r. ra, a. Molllfler, softener. 
AMandamltoto^ am. MoUillcatioB, Utlgatlon. 


Ablanddr, va. & n. 1. To soften, to mollify, 
to relent % To loosen. 8. To assuageu 

AblandativOjVa, a. Bland, mild. 

Ahluno, am. Tlie hazel-tree. [Latin nouns. 

Ablativo, Abldtive, am. The sixth case of 

Ablneidn, af. Ablution, cleansing, lotion. 

Abncgaci<)n, a/? Abnegation, eelf-denial. 

Abnesdr, v«i«To renounce, to deny, abnegate. 

Abobado, da, a. Btupid, simple, silly. 

Abobami6nto, am. Stnpefbcuon, stupidity. 

Abobir, vo. 1. To stnpeiy. 2l V. Xmbdbar.-^ 
vr. To grow stupid. 

Abocddo, a. Mild, agreeable; applied to wine. 

Abocamicnto, am. Conferonc^ parley. 

AbooAr, «a. To take or catch witn the mouth. 
Abocar la arUUsria,To point tho guns. 
Abocartm eatracho^ To enter the moutli of 
a channel or strait— vr. To meet, to have 
an interview. 

Abocardido, da, a. Wide-mouthed. 

Abochom4do, da, a. Out of countenance, 
flushed. [voke. w. To blush. 

AbochomAr, 9a. 1. To overheat 2. To pro- 

Abocin4do, a. Bent 

Abocin4r, «n. (Low.) To fldl upon tho ftco. 

Abofetead6r, ra. a. Buffeter. [insult 

Abofete&r, wk 1. To slap one*s Ikcei 2. To 

Abogacia, af. Profession of a lawyer. 

AbogAda, rf. A mediatrix; a counsellor's wlfb. 

Abogade&r, vn. To pbiy the advocate; iron. 

Abogndo, «f?k 1. Advocate, oonnsellor. 2. A 
mediator. [cause. 2. To mollify. 

Abogir, vn. 1. To advocate, to plead the 

AbobetAdo, da, a. Inflated, swollen. 

Abol^ngo, am. L Ancestry. 2. Lineage, do- 
scent inheritance. 

Abolici6n, af Abolition, extinction. 

AboUr, WK To abolish, annul 

Abo11Ado,V. Alechugado. 

Abolladiira, af 1. Inequality. 2. Bruise. 

Abolidr, «ck 1. To emboss. 2. To annoy 
with an unpleasant diaooursoi 8. To stun 
and confound. 4 To bruise. [the vine. 

Abolldn, am. (Prov.) A bud, in particular of 

Abollonir, «a. To emboss. [purBQ. 

AbolsMo. da, OL Puckered, folded like a 

Abomln&Dle, a. Detestable, odious, heinoua. 

Abom{nad6n, af Abomination, detestation. 

Abomin&r, va. To detest to abhor. 

AbonMo, da, SL A subscriber. 

Abonddo, da, a. 1. Creditable, rich. 2. Fit for. 

Abonador, 6ra, a. A ball or surety. 

Abonanzir, vn. To dear up. 

Abon&r, «a. 1. To bail, to insure. 2. To Im- 
prove, a To manure. 4. To glvo one 
credit— rr. TV) subscribe; warrant 

Ab6tto,«m. Warrant bail; manure; areoelpt 

Abordiid6r, am. (Nau.) Boarder; an intruder. 

Abord&ge, am. (Nan.) Boarding a shin. 

AbordAr, foa. 1. To board a ship. 2. To run 
foul of a ship. 

Ab6rdo, am. (Met) Address, attack, shock, 
force. A hofdo. on board. In the ship. 

Aborigines, am. pL Aboriginea^ [flamed. 

Abomch&do, da, a. 1. High-€olor«d. 2. In- 

Aborrasciirso, or. To be stormy. [hator. 

Aborreeeddr, ra, a. Abhorrer. detostor, a 

Aborroo6r, «a. To abhor, hate, detest, desert 

Aborredble, a. HatofUl, detestable, [tlon. 

lAborroclmidnto, am. Abhorrence, deteet*- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


AbortiunlSnto. «m, Abortion. 

Aborts, va. To miscarrv. 

Abortivam^nte, ad. Abortivdf. 

A])OTtivo, va, a. Abortive. 

Ab6rto, 4mi. A iniscarriafi;e; a monster. 

Abon^jarve, rr. To be moffled or wrapped np. 

Abotag^&rae, vr. To be swollen, to be inflated. 

Abotin&dojvda, cl Made in the form of half- 

A1)otonad6r, sm. buttoning instnunont 

AbotMi^, va. To batton; bud; to furm a 

Aboredldo, da, a. Arched, vanlted. 

Aboved^, va. To arch, to vaatt. 

Aboj&do, da, a. A &rm rented, with oxen 

tar p1oaghiD£, 
Aboyar, va. (S&vl) 

To lay down bnoysL 

AlihtS/.Abay^ haven; creek; Talley;fis8are. 

Abradfo, «nk (CoIL) An embrace. 

Abmboz^, va. To hold one by the garment 

Abraaaddr, ra, & A bamcr. 

Abraumidoto, mk Burning; inflammation. 

Abrae^, vr. To bum ; Are ; squander ; pro- 
Toke. — vr. To be agitated by any Yiolent 
passion, to glow. 

AbrasUado, diL a. Brazil-wood color. 

Abrazad6ra, «/ 1. A band. 2. A deat 

Abrazad6r, ra. «. 1. Embracer. 2l (Low) 
Thief-taker, a A hook. 

Abrazamiento, »m. Embracing. 

Abrazir, va. 1. To embrace, to biig; to clasp. 
2. To surround. 

Abrfiza, am. A hug, an embrace. 

A'brego, am. A southwest wind. 

Abrenundo, int. (Lat) Far be it from ma 

Abreradero, mn. A watering-place for catUe. 

AbrerMo, o. softened in water. [Waterer. 

AbFeTad6r, 9m. 1. He who waters cattle. 2. 

Abrevir, va. To water cattle. 

AbreTiaci6n, »f. Abbreviation. 

Abreviaddr, ra, «. An abridger. 

Abreviir, «& To abridge. 

AbreTiatura, */. Abbreviation. 

Abreviatuiia, a/. Office of a breviator. 

Abrfbondrse, vr. To act the scoundrel ; stroll. 

Abrid^ro^ ra, a. Aperitive ; easily opened. 

Abriddr. am. 1. Freestone-peach. 2. Opener. 
^&r»d!or(2«{(ifn»»aa, An engraver. Abri- 
dor en huecOy A die or punch sinker. 

Abrlgaddro, am. Sheltered place. 

Abrig&fio, am. A shelter for cattie. 

Abrlg&r, va. To shelter, to protect, to pat- 
ronize; to warm. 

AbriKo, am. Shelter, protection, aid. 

Abril, am. April 

Abrillantar, va. To cut a diamond into ihcets , 
to make any precious stone sparkle by 
polishing it 

Aorlmiento, am. An opening. 

Abrir, va. 1. To open ; to unlock. 2. To re- 
moTe obstacles. & To engrave. Abrir 
U dia. To dawn. Abrir el ojo. To be alert 
Abrir la mano. To accept bribes: to be 
generous. Abrir loa cjoB d uno^ To un- 
deceive, to enlighten. 4 Abnrae con 
olfftMOy To disclose one's secreta Abrir 
reffiairo (speaking of a vessel^ To begin 
to take in cargo. 

Abrochad6r, am. An instrument to button 


Abrochadura, af. AbrochamiSnto, am^ But* 
Abrochar^ To button on. [toning on. 

Abrogacion, «^ Abrogation, repeal. 
Abroeir, va. To abrogate, to annul 
Abrojdl, am, A place covered with thistlea. 
Abrujo, am. 1. (Bot) Caltrops, thistle, thorn, 

prickle. 2. A crowfoot 8. A lash.— />& 

Midden rocks in the sea. 
Abromiulo, d«L a. 1. (Nan.) Dark, hazy, 

foggy. 2b Worm-eaten. 
Abromirse, vr. (Nau.) To be worm-eaten. 
Abroquelirsej^r. To cover one's self with a 

shield. 2. To defend one's selC 
Abr6tano, (Bot) Southernwood. 
Abroton6r, vn, (Nan.) To scud dismasted. 
Abrumido, da, & Weary. 
Abrumaddr, ra, «. A teaser. 
Abrum^, va. 1. To crush. 2. To cause great 

pains or trouble. 8. To overlay. 
Abrutudo, da, a. Brutish, ungovernable. 
Absc^eo, am. An abscess. 
Ab6it,<n/. God forbid 1 
Absoluci6n,#/ Absolution; acquittal. 
Absol&ta, af. Dogmas universal proposition. 
Absolutamdnte, ad. Absolutely. 
AbsolAto, ta, A, 1. Absolute. 2. Imperlou& 
Absolutdrio, a Absolutory. 
Absolvdr, «a. To absolve ; acquit 
Absorci^n, af. (Med.) AbsorptiDn. 
Abs6rta ta. a. Amazed, absorbed in thought 
Abaorvencia, af. Absorbing. 
Absorvinte, am, &pa. (MedO Absorbent 
Absorver, va, "L To absorb. 2. To hurry alon& 
Absorvido, a. (Med.) Absorbed. 
Abst6mio, mla, a. Abstemious. 
Abstondrse, vr. To abstain, forbear. 
Absteigente, Abster^vo, va, a. Cleansing^ 

Absterger, va. To cleanse. 
Abstersi6n, ^ Abstersion. 
Abstlndncia, tf. Forbearance, abstbieneei 
Abetin6nte, a. Abstinent [ment 

Abstracddn, af. 1. Abstraction. 2. Betir»> 
Abstractivo, va, a. Abstractive. 
Abstr&cto, ta, a. Abetract 
Abstraer^o. 1. To abstract 2. To reftain 

from. ^ To differ in opinion. 
Abetraldo, da, a. Retired. 
Abstrtiso, sa, a. Abstruse, difficult 
Absu61to, ta, a-. Free. 
Absiirdo, «m. Absurdity, nonsense. 
Absiirdo, da, a. Nonsensical, absurd. 
Abubilla, af. (Om.) the hoopoe, or hoopoa 
Abu61a, af. Grandmother, { -_„,*„ 
Abudl?, am, Grandfother, f ancestor. 
AbultAdo, da, a. 1. Increased. 2. Bulky. 
Abultad6r, am. Stiffener. 
AbulUkr, va>. To increase, to enlarge.-^vnb 

To be bulky or large. 
Abundami6nto, am. V. Abundanda, 
AbundAncia, «f. Abundance, opulence. 
Abund&nte, a. Abundant, pientifhl. 
Abundantem6nte, ad. Abundantly. 
AbundAr, vru To abound, to have plenty. 
Abufiuelar, va. To make something in the 

shape of a fritter. 
Aburelido, da, a. Grayish. 
Aburrido, da, ct. Weary. 
Abnrrimi^nto, am. Vexation, despondeney* 
tediousness; weariness, sorrow. 

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Abnrrfr. «a. To vex, to perplex, to weary. 

Aburi^udo, da, a. 1. Trosijod together. 2. 

Abunijdr, ffa. To press or heap together. 

Abosdr, Vii. To abuse or misapply a thing. 

Abusivo, va, a. Abusive. 

Abtiso, sm. Mlsusngc, abase. 

Abyocdon, sf. Abjection, abjcctness. 

Abyecto, ta, a. Abject, dejected. 

AcA, ad. Here, this way. De cuanda acd T 
Since w hen ? AcA no se estila^ That's not 
tiio custom here. Vtn acd^ Come along. 
Add y aUd, llere and there. AcAf lley, 
nsod in calling. 

Acab&ble, a. What may be finished. 

Acabado, da, ck 1. Perfect 2. Old ; ill-dressed. 

Acabad6r, ra, a Finisher, completer. 

Acaba]:ir. «ak To complete, to finish. 

Acaballaduro, wn. The time and place when 
horses cover mares. [mare. 

AcabalL^do, da, a. 1. Covered; applied to a 

Acaball&r, va. To cover a mare. 

AcaballerMo, da, a. Gentlemanlike. 

Acaballer6r, «a. 1. To render genteel. 2. To 
make a person behave as a gentleman. 

AcabamI6nto, gm. End, completion, death. 

Acabnr, i?a. & «k 1. To finish, to conclude; 
to achieve. 2. To harass. & To obtain. 4. 
To terminate, to come to an end. 6. To 
die: to consume; to extinguish ; to fall — 
«r. To grow feeble. La vela m etid, oca- 
hando^ The candle is flickering. J^ co$a 
de nunca acdbarne^ It is an endless affair. 
Acaba ds llegar, He hasjuii arrivofl. 

Acabcstrillar, vn. To go fowling with a 
stalking-honse or ox. 

Acabildar, va. To unite persons by penoa- 
sion to do something. 

Acalx>Bito, ad. Tbafs enough. 

Acabronddo, da, a. Bold, unembarrassed. 

AcacheteAr, vr. To tap, to pat, to strike. 

Acdcia, «^. Acacia. [2. A naked figure. 

Acadomia, #/ 1. Academy ; literary society. 

Acad6mico, rnn. 1. Academician. 2. a. Aca- 
demical, he 

Acflocedero, ra, a. Tnddontal. 

Acaec^r, vn. def. To hap])en, to come to pass. 

Acaecimi^nto, «m. Event, incident 

AcAL rnn. A canoe. [to assuage. 

Acallar, va. To quiet, to hush ; to mitigate, 

Acaloramidnto, mn. Ardor, heat; agitation. 

Acalor^, va. 1. To warm. 2. To inname. 8. 
To urge on. 4. To promote. — tr. To grow 

Acamiido, da, a. Laid flat 
Acambrayiido, da, a. Bcsembling cambric 
Acamellado. da, a. Camel-like. 
Acampamento, sm. Encampment, camp. 
Acamp^, va. To encamp. 
Acampo, sm. A common pasture. 
Acamuzado, da, a. Chamois-colored. 
A'cana, sf. A hard re4ldish wood of Cuba. 
AcanaUdo, da. a. 1. Passing through a chan- 
nel 2. Striated, channelled. 
AcanalAd6r, sttk Groovlng-plane. [back. 
Acanald^los, am. pi. The ridge of a horse^s 
Acanal&r, vu. 1. To make a canal 2. To flute, 

to groove. 
AcandilMo, da, a. Made with sharp points. 
' nnoIAdo, da, a. Ciunamon-eolor. 


Acangrenfirse, vr. To mortUV; gangrene. 

Acanfllado, da, a. Forming furrows. 

Acantarar, va. To measure by cdntaras at 
four-gallon vessels. 

Acantilada costa, a. An accessible coast 

Ac^nto, sm. (Bot) Prickly tliistle ; acanthus. 

Acantonamiento, sm. Cantonment 

Acantonar, va. To canton, [pointed canesL 

Acanaverolir, va. To wound with sharp- 

Acafionedr, <va. To cannonade. [er cloak. 

Acaparrarse, vr. To take refuge under anoth- 

Acaparrosddo, da, Ow Copperas-color. 

Acapon&do, da, a. Capon-like. 

Acardenal&r, va. To boat black and blue, to 
pinch. — vr. To be covered with livid spots. 

Acareamic^nto, sm. Comparing, confronting. 

Acariciador, ra, «. Fondfcr. 

Acarici^r, va. To fondle, to caress. 

Acarr&rse. vr. To go under the shade, (iq>- 
plied to sheep.) 

Acarreadizo, za, a. Portable. 

Acarreador, ra, A carrier; a norter. 

AcarreAr, vo. 1. To carry. 2. (Met) To canseu 
8. vr. To bring upon one's 8el£ 

Acarreo, sm. Carriage, conveyance. Cosaa 
de acarreo, G^oods transported as fireight 

Acarreto, stTU IlUode acarreto^ Pack-thread. 

Ac^, sm. Chance, casualty. 

Aci^, ad. By chance, by accident 

Acastill&do, da, a. (Obs.) Castellated. 

Acastillttge, sm. The upper works of a shipu 

Acastor&do,da, a. Like the texture of l)eavcr. 

Acatamiento, sm. Esteem, respect; acknowl- 
edgment; view. [inspect. 

Acatar, va. To respect; acknowledge; 

Acatarrdrse, vr. To catch cold- 

Acaudal&do, da, a. Eich, wealthy. 

Acaudal&r, va. 1. To hoard up riches. S. To 
acquire a reputation. 

Acantlillad6r, sm. Commander of troops. 

Acaudillir, va. To command troops. 

Acayoiba, sm. Mahogany. 

Acced^nte, pa. AcoMlng. 

Acoedor, vn. To accede ; to agree. 

Accesible, a. 1. Accessible. & Attainable. 
8. Approachable. 

Aocesion, sf. Accession ; access, paroxysm. 

Acceso, sm. Access: copulation; aoceasion. 

Accesoriam6nte, ad. Accessorily. 

Accesorias, 4/! pL 1. Accessories ; out-build- 
Ings. 2. sg. A room with the door opening 
to the street 

Acces^rio, ria, Ow Accessory, additional Ac- 
cssorias obras^ The outworks of a fortress. 

AccidentAdo, da, a. Affected with fita. 

Accidental, a. Accidental, casual, fortuitona. 

Accidentalmdnte, ad. Accidcntall v, casually. 

Accidentarse, vr. To be seized with a fit 

Accidentazo, sm. augm. A severe fit of illness. 

Accid6nte, sm. Accident, chance, hap; a 
sudden fit 

Acci6n, sf. Action; deed, lawsuit, stock. 
Aocion, ds gracias. Thanksgiving, act of 
thanking; share of capital stock. 

Accionar, vn. To gesticulate. 

Acclonista, sm. Stockholder, partner, sharer. 

AoebadamI6nto, «m. Surfeit; disease of ani- 

Accbodo, «mv Plantation of holly-trtMSi, 

Ac6bo,'si}i« Holly-tree, dwarf-oak. 

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Aoeirach&I, mtk Plantation of wild ollTe-tre«& 

Acebuchal, a. Belonging to wild olives. 

Acebuche, sm. Wild olive-tree. [olive. 

Acebncbeno, na, a. Belonging to the wild 

Acebachina, »/. Fruit of the wild olive-tree; 

Aceehador, ra, 8. Lier in ambnsh ; intruder. 

AcecMr, tfo. To lie in ambush, to waylay ; 
to pry into. 

Acecho, an. Waylaying, lying in ambush. 
Al acecho or en acecho, ad. In wait, in 

Acecb6n, a, & Waylayer, prier, JFac^r la 
aeechdha^ To scrutinize, to pry into. 

Acechiar, wt. To salt and dry meat in the 
air.— rr. To grow old, dry, and withered. 

Accdam^nte, ad. Sourly, bitterly. 

Acedar, to. To sour; displease. 

Acedera, a/ (Bot) Sorre). [acrid taste. 

AcedcnIJa, »/. (Bot.) Wood-sorrel; plant of an 

Ace<lia, »f. Acidity, sourness; roughness; 
asperity of addresflw 

ArMo, a, a. Acid, sour; harsh, unpleasant 

Acefalo, a, a. Without achie^ wanting a head. 

Aoeitir, fo. To oil, to rub with oil, to anoint 

Aceite. 9m. Oil; any unctuous liquor; fat 
Ac«U« ds corner^ Olive, or SM-eet oil. 
Aeeits d^peaeadOy Train-oiL Ac^s de 
meriuza^ Cod-oiL Aceite depalo, Balsam 
copaiba. AcHte de Hnaza, Linseed-oil. 

Aeeit^ra, •/ Oil-jar, oil-cruet 

Acciterazo, 9m. A blow ^ ven with an oil-Jar. 

Aceiteria, ff. Shop where oil is sold. 

Aceitcro, a, «. Oil-man ; vessel for holding oil 

Aceito^ sa, a. Oily, fat greasy. 

Aceil&na, af. Olive. Aceituniu tapaieraSy 
Olives a long time in pickle. 

Aceitun^Ula, iff. Olive-season. 

Aecitunido, da, a. Olive-green. [olives, 

Aceitnn^ro, sm. Gatherer, seller, or carrier of 

Aceituno, 9m. Olive-tree. [tion. 

Aceleraci6n, «/ Acceleration, increase ofmo- 

Acelerar, va. To accelerate, hasten, hurry. 

Acelga, sf. Spinage-bcet 

Ac^miia, «/. A mule; mule-tax. [tcers. 

Acemilar, a. Belonging to moles and mule- 

Accmileria, «/ Mule-stable. 

Acemilero, 9m^ A muleteer. 

Acamil^To, ra, a. Belonging to mules, in 
particular to the kind's mules. 

Acemita, «/ Bread mane of tine bran. 

Acemite, am. Pollen, fine bran; grits; pot- 
tage made of parched half-ground wheat 

Acendrido, da, a. Purified; refined 

Aeendrir, to. To purify or refine metals; to 
free from stain. 

Acensnir, vo. To lease out for a certain rent 

Acento, 9m. Accent 

Acentaad/in, «/ Accentuation. 

Acentuir. co. To accentuate. 

Ac£-iia, */ A water-mill. [water-milL 

Acefltro, 9m. The tenant or keeper of a 

Accpar. tn» To take root 

Acepdon, 9f. Acceptation. Acrpdon de 
peraonas, A partiality shown to any per- 
son without regard to merit 

Acepilladiira, a/ Planing; shavings. 

AcepUIiir. r<i. To plane ; to brush ; to polish. 

AceptabilidiML*^ Acceptability. 

Aceptible, a, worthy of acceptance. 

Ajoeptaddn, af. Acceptation ; approbation. 


Aceptad6r, ra, Aceptinte, a. Acceptor. 

Acept^, va. To accept Ac^tar peraonas^ 
To fiivor particular persons. A ceptar una 
letra, To accept a bilL— rr. To be pleased. 

Ac^pto, ta, a. Acceptable, agreeable, pleasing: 

Accqoia, af. A canal, drain. [chauneT. 

Acequii^do, da, a. Intersected by drains; 

Acequiador, am. Drain-maker, canal-maker. 

Acequiiir, va^ To construct canals or drains. 

Ac©qni6ro, 9m. Surveyor or maker of canals 
or drains. 

A'cer, am. Maple-tree. 

Ac6ra, af. Sidewalk. 

Aceriido, da, a. Steeled ; strong. 

Acerar, ro. To steel ; impregnate with stecL 

Acerbamente, ad, Uarsbly, rudely. 

AcerbidM, af. Acerbity, asperity ; sharpn^a^ 

Acerbo, ba, a. Rongh to the taste ; severe. 

Ac^rca, prep. About, relating to, concerning. 

Acercaniic'nto,«nk (Obs.) Approach, approx- 
imation, [near to. 

Acercdr, va. To approach ; to accost to come 

Acerico, Acerillo, am. Pin-cushion; small 

Acerino, na, «. ^Poet) Steely, hard, firm. 

AcoTo, am. Steel Acero couido, Cast-stocL 
Acero de roaa^ Rose-steel.— />/. Etjixida 
de buenoa aceroA, A sword of well-tem- 
pered steel. [leaved hawthorn. 

Acer61a, ^ Azarole, the fruit of the parsley- 

Acer6lo, «n. The parsley-leaved hawthorn. 

Acerbrar, to. (Low^ To seize, grasp, gripe. 

Acerrimam^nte, aa. Strenuously. 

Acorrimo, ma, a. aup. Very vigorous. 

Acerta<lam6ntc, ad. Opportunely, fitly. 

Accrtado, da, a. Fit proper, timely. 

Acertad6r, ra, a. One who hits on the right 

Acertdr, ta. To hit the mark; conjecture 
right; happen unexpectedly; take root 

Accrtijo, am. A riddle, enigma. 

Aceruelo, «m. A small pock-saddle for riding. 

Accrvo, am. A heap ; the whole ; any thing. 

Acetdbulo, am. Cruet; a Roman measure. 

Acetosilla, af. Sorrel. 

Acet6so, sa, a. Acetous ; acid. 

Aoetre, am. A small bucket ; holy-water-pot 

Achacadizo, za, a. (ObSw) Feigne<i, fraudulent 

Achac&r, va. To impute ; to father ; to frame 
an excuse. 

Achacosam<^nte, ad. Sickly. 

Achac6so, sa, a. Sickly, unhealthy. 

Achaflan^r, va. To lower one end of a board. 

Achaparr4do, da, a. Of the size of a shrub; 

Achique, am. Habitual indisposition; month- 
ly courses; excuse; a failing; fine, penalty. 

Achaqudro, am. A magistrate of the board 
of m£ata> in Spain. 

Acharoldr, va. To Japan, varnish. 

Achicado, da, a. Diminished, re<luced. 

AchicadiSr, ra, 9. Diminisher, reducer. 
(Nau.) Bailing-scoop. 

Acbicadura, af. Diminution, reduction. 

Achicar, to. To diminish, to lessen ; to bale 
a boat or drain a mine. A eh icar un cabo. 
To shorten a rope. Achicar el agua dM 
nav'io^ To free the ship. 

Achichorr&r, va. To fry meat too much; t« 


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Achichmqao, im. A miner who draiiu the 

mines of water. 
Achtc<Srla, ^. Succory, wild endive, chicory. 
Achinir, rcu To intimidate, to terrifjr. 
Achineludo, da, a. Made like a slipper. 
Achiote, Ach6te, am. The heart-leaved blxa, 

annatto or arnotto. 
Achisparse, vr. (Coll.) To get tipey. 
Achoc&r, «a. To knock asunder; to hoard 

AchorizAdo, da, a. made Into satuaffeB. 
Achuch4r, AchuchnrrAr, va. (ColL)To crash. 
Achul&do, da, a. Wagf^sh, frolicsome. 
AciAgo, ga, a. Unfortunate, melancholy, sad. 
Aciii, Aeiar, am. Barnacle pat npon the 

Aciono, am. Corn-flower. 
Acibar, am^ The juice from the aloes; aloes- 
tree. Acibar oalcUluno, liorse-aloes ; 

harahness, bittemeaa. 
AdbarAr, aa. To put the Juice of aloes into 

any thing; to imbitter. 
Aclbarr&r, «a. (Obs.) To dash against 
Acicalad6r, ra, al A polisher, burnisher. 
Acicalad(ira, a/. Acicalaml6nto, am^ Bom- 

Ishing. [dress In styla 

Acical^, INI. To polish, to bami8b.^rr. To 
Acicate, am,. A long-necked Moorish spur. 
Aciche, am. A two-odged tool used by tilers. 
Acidte, a/. Acidity. 
Acidiflcaci6n, af. Acldificatioa 
A'ddo, am. Acid. — a. Add, soar, sharp. 
Addalir, «& To make sour, piquant 
Acidulo, la, a. Acidoloua, tart 
Aci^rto, am. A good hit Con aeUrto^ With 

effect; dexterity; chance; casualty. 
Aeiguatfido, da, a. Jaundiced. 
Adguatikrse, vr. To be seized with Janndice. 
AcyAdo, da, a. Of the color of oc^a 
Ac^e, am. Copperas. 

AcydsoL sa, a. Brownish ; of a blackish earth. 
Acimb6ga, af. The dtron-tree. [place. 

AdmentArae, vr. To settle one's selr in » 
Ad6n, Iff. Btirmp-leather. 
Adon^ro, am. A maker of stiimp-lefttbeia 
AdpAdo, da, a. Well mUIed ; Allied. 
AcirAte, am. A landmark, boandary. 
AdtAra, am. Partition wall ; rail ofa bridge. 
Adtrun, am. A citron dried ; candied lemon. 
Aclamad6n, t{f. Acclamation, the act of 

shouting wiUi jov. 
Aclamador, ra. «. Applander, shouter. 
AclamAr, va. To shout, to appland, to bozza. 
Adarad6n, Illustration, explanation. 
AcIarAr, «a. To clear from obscurity; make 

bright; illustrate, explain; widen; clariiy. 

— vn. To clear xi\\ 
AciocAdo, da, a. Stretched at a fire, table, A«. 
AclocArse, «r. To brood ; to stretch one's sell^ 
AcobardAr, ra. To daunt. Intimidate. 
Acocead^r, ra, 8. A horve that kicks. 
Acoceamidnto. am. Act and effect of kicking. 
AcooeAr, va. To kick, to wince. 
AcochAne, «r. To squat to stoop down. 
AcochinAr, «o. To murder. (Met) To hash 

np;tohamble. [neck. 

AcocotAr, «a. To kill by a blow upon the 
Acodadfira, f\f. Bendins the elbow. 
AcodalAr, «a. (Arch.) To pnt in lintels. 
AcodAr, 90, (Obfl.) To lean the elbow upon ; 

to lay cuttings of plants in the ground ; to 
sqn.iro timber. 

AcodcrArso, vr. To put a spring on a cable. 

Acodllhir, ta. To bend any thing to an angle ; 
to sink under a burden. 

Acodo, «m, A shoot of a layer. 

Acogedizo, zo, a. Collected promlscaoasly. 

Acog«16r, ra, a. Ilarboror. 

Acojrcr. va. To give shelter; to receive. 
(Met) To protect— -rr. To take reAige ; to 
make use of a pretext for dissimulation. 

Acogida, af. Beception ; concurrence. 

Acogido, am. Collection of breeding mares 
kept at a certain price; temporary ad- 
mission of flocks into pasture-ground. 

AcogoIiAr, va. To cover plants with straw. 

AcogoIlftd6ra. ^. Earthing up of plantSb 

Acogombradoni, ^ Digging up the ground 
about plants. rp]ant& 

Acogombrar. va. To dig up the ground about 

AcogotAdo, da, a. Killed by a blow on tb« 

AcogotAr, va. To kill by a blow on the neck. 

Acoltdr, va. To be very carefliL 

AcolalAn, am>. An insect in Madagascar. 

AcolAr, va. (Blaz.) To arrange two coaia of 
arms under the same crown, Sati. 

AcolchAr, va. To quilt 

Ao6Iito, am. Acolj^e ; an assistant 

Acollad6rcs, am. pi. Laniards ofa ship. 

AcollarAdo, da, a. Having a collar; birds hav- 
iuff diflTerent plumage round tlieir necka. 

AcoUarar, va. To yoke or harness horses, 
oxen, dec ; to couple hounds 

AcombAr, cct To bend, to crook. 

Aoomendador, am. Protector, aider. 

Acometedor, ra, «. An agressor, assaulter. 

Acomet^r, va. To attack, to aasaalt; to un- 
dertake; to tempt [a fit 

Acometida, ^ Acometlmi6nto, am. Attack ; 

Acomoduble, a. Accommodable. . [iency. 

Acomodaci6n, af. Accommodation, conven- 

AoomodAdo, da, a. Convenient, fit; rich. 

Aoomodad6r. ra, a. Box-keeper in the Uieatre. 

Aoomodamiento, am. Accommodation. 

AcomodAr, va. To accommodate ; recondle ; 
ftimish.— *r. To comply. 

Acomodatido, da, a. Figurative. 

Acom6do, am. Accommodation, situation. 

AcompafiAdo, da, Accompanied; an asdstant 
Judge, surgeon, &c. 

Acompafiador, ra, a. Attendant, acoompanler. 

Acompafiamiento, am. Attendance, com- 
pany; retinue. [ing. 

AeompaflAnte, pa. Aocompanylng, attcnd- 

AcompaflAr, va. To accompany, to attend. 

AcompasAdo, da, a. Measured by the com« 
pass; in regular time. [constitution. 

AoomplexionAdo, da, a. Of a good or bad 

Aconcnadillo, am. Kind of ragout or stewed 
meat [(Nau.) To embay. 

Aconch&r, va. (Ob&) To At out a shipu 

AcondidonAdo, aa, o. Conditioned. 

Acondicionur, va. To dispose, to oonstitnte. 

Aconeojar, va. To vex, to oppress, to afflict 

AconfiortArse, vr. To console one's sel^ to 
take courage. 

Ac6nito, *m. Aconite, wolf Vbane. 

Acons^Able, a. Advisable. [itnr. 

Aoons^addr, ra, a. Advisor, oonnsellor, mon« 

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AoonMJer, ra. To adrise ; take advice. {\j. 

Aoonsonantdr, ra. To nso rhymes improper- 

Acontiir, to. To count, calculate; prop. 
(Nan.) To shore. [pen, 

Acontccedero, ra, (L That which may hap- 

Aoontec^, r. To arrive; to happen, [alty. 

Acontecimi6nto, am. Event, incident, casu- 

Acopddo, da, a. Cnp-»haped, vaaiform. 

Acopdr, rfk To Bhfu>e like a cnp. 

Acopetado, da, a, Toapee-shaped. 

Acopiamitoto, am. Gathering, picking up. 

Aeopiar, tJO. To gather, to Btore up, to lay up. 

Ae^pio, 9m. Qathering. storing, noardlng. 

Acoplado, da, a. FitUxL adjusted. Joined. 

Acopl&r, 9a. To acconple; to frame; to set- 
tle differences: to yoke beasts. 

Aeoqnin&r, v€l To intimidate, terrify. 

Acorar, va. (Obe.) To afflict, molest 

Acorazonido, a Heart-shaped. 

AcorchirM, vr. To shrivel ; become torpid. 

Acordari6n, */ Bemembrance. [jointly. 

Acordadam<^nte, ckI. Br common consent, 

Acordido, da, a. Agreoa; done deliberately. 
Lo acordadOf Decree enforcing prior 

Acorddr, «a. To decide unanimously ; to con- 
cert; remind; to tune instruments; to 
grom> figures in a picture ; to deliberate.— 
vn. To agree. — vr. To weigh, con^der ma- 
turely ; threaten ; to remember. 

Ac6rde, a. Conformable ; coinciding in opin- 
ion. — «. Consonance; harmony. 

Acordelir, v€L To measure with a cord. 

Acordem^nte, ad. By common consent 

AeordonMo, da, a. Surrounded ; corded. 

Acordon&r, «a. To make in the form of a 
cord ; to surronnd. 

AoArea, mn. (Med.) Achor, a kind of herpes^ 

Acomeaddr, ra, «. A beast fighting with its 

Acomeir, to. To strike with tlie hom& 

Ac6ro, mn. Sweet-flag, calamus^ 

AoorraUr, «a To pen up cattle ; intimidate^ 

AooTr6r, to. (Little us.) To help; hasten. 

Aeortami^nto, am. Contraction, abridgment 

AcortAr, to. To shorten, to abridge ; obstruct 
Acortar la vela^ To shorten sail— cr. To 
shrivel ; to be bashftiL 

Acomllir, vo. To bridle or hold up the oars. 

AconrAr, va. To curve, to bend. 

Aconir, «a. (Little us.) To dross a child in 
short clothesw 

Acosad^r. ra, «. A pursuer, persecutor, vexer. 

Aeoaamiento, «m. Persecution, trouble. 

Acosilr, TO. To pursue close ; to vex. 

Aeoetido, da, a. Laid down. [salary. 

Aoostamiento, »m^ Lying down; rest; a 

Acostar. m. To lay down. — vr. To approach. 
(Nan.) To stand in shore, [be accustomed. 

Acoetumbdur, fa. To accnstora, use. — wt. To 

Acotadon, «/ Limit, bound ; quotation, note. 

Aootami^nto, mt. Limitation, quotation. 

Aeotikr, ra. To limit ; to lop off; to quote ; 
to attest ; to accept for a certain price ; to 

AcotUIo, 9m. A large smithVhammer. 

Aooyundir, va. To yoke oxen to a draught 

A'cre, a. Sour: mordant; rough.— •. Acre. 

Aerebite, 8, Sulphur. [crease. 

Acreo6ncia, </! Acreoontami6nto, tm. In- 


Acrecentad6r, ra, «. Increaser. [ment 

AcrecentAr, Acrec6r, va. To increase, to aug- 
Acreditado, da, a. Accredited, distinguished. 
Acreditar, ra. To assure ; credit ; prove. 
Aereod6r, 9m. A creditor; a meritorious 

Acreer, va. To lend, to assist 
Acrcm^nte, ad. Sourly. 
Acrianzddo, da, a. Educated, Instructed. 
Acribadura, af. Sifting. 
Acrib&r, va. To sift, to separate ; to examine. 
Acribilldr, va. To pierce Uke a sieve; tc 

Acriminaci6n, 9/. Otmination. 
Acriminad6r, ra, 9. Accn.<>er, informer. 
Acrimin&r, va^ To criminate; accuse, im- 
peach: aggravate. 
Acrim6nta, ^ Acrimony, sourness ; asperity. 
Acrisol4r, va. To refine, to purify, to cleanse. 
Acristianar, va. (Coll.) To christen, baptize. 
Acr6bato, 9m. Rope-dancer. 
Acromatlco, a. Achromatic. 
Acrdmion, «/ (Anat) Acromion. 
Acronicto, ta, a. AcronycaL 
Acrdstico, ca, a. Acrostic 
Acrot<^ra, Acrot6ria, f/. A small pedestal, &c; 

the highest part of a column. [pieces 

Acrot^rio, am. The superior part of a frontis- 
Acr^y, am. (Ob&) A gentleman of the king*a 

A'cta, 9/. Act record-— 4)t The acts of com- 

munmes. Acta9 de lo9 aantoa, The Uvea 

of the saints. [l-144th of an inch. 

Actimo, 9m, l-12th of a purUo^ which is 
ActltAr, va. To sue, to enact 
AcUtud, 9f. Attitude, position. 
ActividM */ Activity, quickness. 
Active, va, a. Active, diligent To* acHva, 

A'cto, 9m. Act or action; thesis; instance. 
Act6r, am. Actor, player; plaintiff; attorney. 
ActAra, af Plaintifl: 
Actriz, af. Actress, player. 
Actnacion, a/. Actuation, moving, [enced. 
ActuMo, da, a. Actuated; skilled, experi- 
Actu&L a. Actual, present real, effective. 
Actualiddd, af. Present state of things. 
Actualizir, va. (Prov.) To realizci 
ActuAnte, pa. Defender of a thesis, [thesia 
Actu^, va. To digest ; consider ; to support a 
Actu^rio, am. An actuary, clerk of a court 
ActU(^ a. (Little u&) Active, diligent 
Acuadrilldr, va. To collect or head a troop. 
Acnirio. am. Aquarius. 
Acuartel^do, da, a. Divided Into quartera. 
Acuartelami^nto, am. Quarters. 
AcuartelAr, va. To quarter troops. 
AcuartillAr, vn. To bend under a heavy load. 
Acuatil, a. Aquatic 

Acubiklo, da, a. Resembling a pail or bucket 
Acuchariido, da, a. Spoonlika [!*kiIAiL 

Acuchilliulo, da, a. slashetl; experienced, 
Acucbilladdr, ra, a. Bully. 
AcucliillAr, va. To cut or hack ; to fight with 

knives or swonls. 
Acudimi6nto, ant. Aid, assistance 
Acudir, vn. To assist to support; to pro 

duce ; to have recourse ; to run up. 
Acued6cto, am^ Aqueduct 
A'cueo, a, a. Watery. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Acu^rdo, 9m. Decision of a tribunal ; body 
of tlie ineniben of a tribunal; opinion, 
advice. Zf^^ acit^rdo^ Unanimously; to 
come to an understandincr. Acu4>rdoa </«/ 
reinc^ liemoustrances of the rouliD. 

Acuiu'u-, va. To afliict, to oppress. — vr. To 

Aenlddo, da, a^ (Low) Retired. [retreat 

Acu1t\r, va. (Low) To force into a corner; to 

Aculobrinido, do, a. Made like a culvcrin. 

AcullA, ad. On the other Bide, yonder; 

Acnmula(*i<Sn, rf. Accumulation, gathering 

Acumnlador, m, «. Accumulator; recorder. 

Acumuiar, to. To accumulate, to licap up ; 
to impute; to file records, [prevention. 

Acnmulativam^nte, ad, (Law) By way of 

AcuAarion, a/ Coining, coinage. 

AcuAador, ra. s. Coiner, minter. 

AcuAdr, vti. To coin ; to wedge. AcufUir 
ditiero^ (Met.) To hoard up inouey. 

Acu66o, aa, a. Watery. 

AcurruoArse, vr. To inuifle one's self up. 

Acurrullar, ta. To take down the sails. 

Acusable, d. Accusable^ indictable. 

Acuaaci6n, sf. Accusation, impeachment 

Acu8ad6r, ra, «. Accuser, informer. 

Acus&r, to. To accuse, to criminate; to in- 
dict; to acknowle<Ige the receipt of a letter. 

Acu.4draa, va. To confess one's sins to a priest 

Acusativo, mn. Accusative; fourth case of a 
Latin noun. 

Acusatorio, rla, a. Accusatory. 

Actiso, 9m. At cards, a certain number esti- 
mated to win GO much. 

Acfistlca, «/ AcoustlrSw 

AcCistico, ca, a. Aoonstic. [angle. 

Acutungulo, a. Oxypon, acute-angled trl- 

A'da, 9j. A small apple of the pippin kind. 

Adafma, Adef ina, nf. Sort of stewed meat 

AdAgio, *m. Proverb. Adagio^ a slow time, 

Addla, */ (Naa) Pump-deal. [(in music. ) 

Adalid, 9in. A chie^ a commander, [neat 

Adamadillo. lla, a. Nice, delicate, pretty, 

Adam&do, da, a. Damscl-llko. 

Adamantino, na, a. Adamantine, [damask. 

Adamascd<io, da, a. Damask-like; ootton- 

Adamascdr, «n. To damask, variegate. 

Adam^ta, cm. Adamite. 

Adaptable, a. Capable of being adapted. 

Adaptacion, */ Accommodation. 

Adaptadam^nte, ad. Fitly, Justly adapted. 

Adaptddo, da. a. Adequate, suitable, At 

Adapter, «a. To adapt, to fit, to apnly ; to 
proportion. [a wall 

Adart'ya, »/. Projecting stones left to continue 

AdArce, 9nK Froth of the sea dried on cani». 

Addrga, 9f. An oval leather shield. 

Adargur, tw. To shield. 

AdargAzo, 9m. A blow given with a shield. 

Adurme, 9m. The sixteenth part of an ounce. 
Por adarm^9^ Very sparingly. 

Adar%'o, 9m. The flat top of a wall. 

Adatiir, «a. To open an account [tree. 

Adatoda, */ The willow-leaved Malabar nut- 

Adaza, nf. (Bot.) Common panic-gn«*. 

Adecenamii^nto, <wi. The forming by tens. 

Adecondr, ta. To form people by tcna. 

Adecnaci6n, 9f. Fitness. 

Adocnadamonte, ad. FlUy, properly. 


AdecuMo, da, a-. Adequate, fit compotenL 

A»lecu:'ir, ra. To fit to uceommodate. 

Adi'fc'sio, 9m. Extravagance, folly, nonsense. 

Adefiu-rasfk «. pi. Out-buildings, suLurlia. 

Adehi'da, «/ Gratuity. [tnre. 

Adehesjido, mu Place converted into pas- 

Adehosamiento, «m. Pasturage. 

Adeheanr, ta. To convert land into pastura 

Adolantadillo, a. lied wine of the first rlpo 
grapes. [province. 

AdelantJido, 9m. Title of the eovernor of a 

Adelantitdo, da, a. Anticipated, advanced. 

Adelantad6r. ra, 9. Forwarder. 

Adelantamlcnto,#m. Progress, advancement, 
improvement; ftirtherance ; anticipation. 

AdolanUir, ta. To advance, forward ; antici- 
pate, pay beforehand ; improve. — vr. To 
take the lead; excel. 

Adel.nnte, ad. Farther off; higher up; for- 
ward. Kn adriant^^ Henccfortli, in future. 

Adclfa, »/ Kose-bay or oleander. 

Adclfiil, WW, Plantation of rose-bay trees. 

Adclgaz/ido, da, a. Made slender or thin. 

Adclgazador, ra, «. One that makes thin or 
slender. [slender. 

Adelgazami^nto, 9m. Attenuation ; making 

Adelgazdr, ra. To make thin ; lessen ; refine. 

Ad6ma, «/ Ademe, 9m. (Mln.) Timber se- 
curing the sides of mines. 

Ademail6r, 9m. A mine-carpenter, boarding 
the sides of mines. 

Ademun, «m. Gesture ; look, manner. Ka 
ademan d^ In tlie attitude of performing 
something. [of mines. 

Ademdr, va (Mln.) To board up the aides 

AdomAs, ad. Moreover; beside!}. 

AdenosTHfia, »f. A treatise on the glands. 

Adenologia, f^f. Description of the gluid& 

Adcnos. 9m. Aleppo cotton. 

Adentellar, ra. To bite, to catch with the 
teeth. Ad/>nt^Uar una par^f^ To indent 
a wall [A' </<• adentro ! Within there ! 

Ad6ntro, <i<f. Within, internally, inwardly. 

Aderezdr, ea. To dress, to adorn ; to prepare ; 
to clean, to repair. Adsrezar la comtda, 
To dress victuals to cook. 

Aden^zo, 9m. Dressing and adorning; gum, 
starch. Adereso ds mf9a^ A service for 
tlic table. Aderfto d^ diamanUa^ A set 
of diamonds. Aderezo ds cabatto^ Trap- 
pings of a saddle-horse. Aderezodecasa^ 

Adcrra, */ (Prov.) Grass-rope. [time. 

A'dcshora, ad. Unseasonably, not in proper 

Adcstrddo, da, a. Broke in ; (Blaz.) on the 
dexter side. 

Adestrad6r, ra, «. Teacher, instructor ; critic 

Ade^trar, «a. To guide; to teach ; to train. 

AdeudMo, da, a. Indebted; obliged. 

Adeuddr, va. To pay duty ; (Oba.) to contract 
debts. — vr. To be indebted. 

Adher^nclA, «/ Adhesion ; alliance. 

Adheronte, o. Adherent-^. Follower. 

Adhen'mtcs, 9it^. pi. Ingredients; tools. 

Adhcrir, i^k To adhere, to cleave to.— rr. To 
hold- [ment 

AdhesiiSn, 9/. Adhesion: cohesion, attach- 

Adindo. da, a. El dia adiado. The day ap- 
pointed, fixed. [likei. 

Aoiamant&do, da, a. AdamMtine^ diamond- 

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Adfd6n,^. Addition. Adiekmd^lahermir 
eitt, Acceptaneo of an inheritance. 

Adicionador, ra, 9. Increaser. 

Adidon&r, ru. To make additional 

Adieto, ta, a. Addicted, attached. 

Adiestrar, ra. V. Adetirar. 

Adietar, va. To diet 

Adinas, *f. pk Y. Adirtu. 

Adinerado, da, a. Rich, wealthj. 

Adinteiado, da, a. Falling from an arch grad- 
aally into a straight line. 

Adip&o, sa, a. Fat, fleshy. 

Adir, va. To accept an inheritance. 

Adltamentov am. Addition, increase. 

Adiva, «f. Adive, am. Jackal. Adivaa^ Swell- 
ings under the ears of horses. 

Adfvinacion, »/ Dirination, prediction. 

AdivinMo, da, a. Foretold; conjectured. 

Adivinad6r, ra, «. Diviner, soothsayer. 

Adirlnami^to, am, V. AdMnacion. 

Adivlninza, a/. Enigma, riddle. [anridd1& 

Adivindr, ra To foretell ; to coT^iectnre ; to 

AdlTlno, na. «. Soothsayer, diTiner; fore- 
boder, Ibrtone-teller. 

Adjetf vaci<Sn, »/. Abjection. 

Adjetivfir, to. To unite, to adject 

A<getivo, an. (Gram.) A^lective. 

Adjadtcaddn, «|C AcHudication. 

Af^odlcar, «a. To aqjudge ; to award. 

Ai^ftnta, »f. Letter or paper inclosed In 

A^jAnto, ta, a. Joined, annexed. 

A^jtoto, 9m. y. Adjetito, and AdUametUo. 
Adiuntoti^ A body of Judges to try a cause. 

Adminicolftr, va. To increase the power of 
a thing by eoUateral aids. 

Adminicolo, am. Pron, support, aid. 

Ajdmiofstraddn, ^f. Administration; office 
of an administrator. EnadminUtracUm, 
In trust 

Administrad6r, ra, «. Administrator, mana- 
ger: steward, trustee. Adminiatrador 
a« orden^ A knli^t substitute. [Mrve. 

Administr^^ rcu To administer, govern ; 

AdQiinistrabvo, Ta, a. Administrative, prac- 
tical [administration. 

Admini0trat6rio, ria, a. Belonging to an 

AdmfrAble, a. Admirable, excellent, won- 
derful, [eucharist 

Admirable, «n. A hymn In praise of the 

Admirablem6nte, ad. Admirably, marvel- 
loudy. [prise. 

AdmiraeI6n, «/. Admiration, wonder; sur* 

Admirad6r, ra, a. Admirer, wonderer. 

Admf rinte, pa. Admiring. 

Admirer, «a. To admire; to marreL— vr. 
To be seized with admiration ; to wonder. 

Admiirible, a. Admissible, fit, proper. 

Admisi^n, af. Admiuion. 

Admitir, «<x. To admit ; to receive ; to accept 

Admonici6n, af. Admonition, warning. 

Admonit6r, am. Monitor; admonishcr. 

Adnita, ^ (Anat) Adnata, the externa! 
white membrane of the eye. 

Ad6, ad. where, whitlier. 

Adobido, da, a. Pickled. 

Adobado, am. Pickled pork, or any other 
sort of dresMd meat 

Adobad6T, ra. a. Dresser, preparer, [hides. 

Adobiir, wt. To pickle moat; to cook ; to tan 


Ad6bo, am. A sun-dried brick. 

Adoberia, af. A brick-yard. 

Ad6bo,«m. Repairing; pickle-sauce; ingre- 
dients for dreasingTeather or cloth ; rouge. 

Adocenido^ da, cu tkonmon, ordinaiy, vul- 
gar, [to despise. 

Adocen&r. itOw To count or sell by dozens ; 

Adoctrlnar, va. To instruct ; break in horses. 

Adolecer, f^n. To be ill; to labor under dis- 

Adolesc6ncia, af. Adolescence. 

AdoIesc6nte, a. Adolescent, young. 

Adonde, ad. Whither? to what place? 
whore. Adonda guiarc^ To whatever 
place you please. 

Aa6nico, Adonio, am. A Latin Terse consist- 
ing of a dactvl and a spondee. 

Adopcl6n, ^ Adoption, fathering. 

Adoptad6r, ra, a. Adopter. 

AdoptAnte, pa. Adopting; embracing. 

Adoptar, va. To adopt, to &ther; enibraoe; 

Adoptivo, Ta, a. Adoptive. „ 

Adoquicr, Adoqnlt'ra, ad. (Oba.) Where you 


Adoquin, am. Binding-stone of a pavement 

Addr, am. The time for watering land. 

Adordble, a. Adorable. 

Adoraci6n, ^ Adoration, worship, [mirer. 

Adorad6r, ra, a. Adorer, worshipper, ad- 

Adordr, ra. To adore, to reverence. 

Adorat6i1o, am. Temple of idols In America. 

Adormeced6r, ra, a. Soporiferous. 

Adormec^r, "vr. To cause sleep; to calm, to 
lull. — rr. To ftll asleep; to grow be- 

- numbed. 

Adormecldo, da, a. Mopish ; sleepy, drowsy. 

AdormecimiSnto, am. Drowsiness, sleepi- 
ness, moplshness. 

Adormidcra, af (Bot) Poppy. 

AdomAdo, da, a. Ornamented, adorned. 

Adomad6r, ro. a. Adomer, embellisher. 

Adomir, ro. To adorn, to beautify ; to ftir- 
nish ; to accomplish. 

Adornista, am. Painter of ornaments. 

Ad6rno, am. Adorning; ornament; garni- 
ture, trimming; furniture. 

Adquirid6r, ra. a. Acquirer. 

Adqnirir, va. To acquire, to obtain, to get 

Adqui8ici6n, ^ Acquisition. 

A'dra, af Turn, time, successive order. 

Adnv?unto, a. Gum tragacanth. 

Adr^a. af A toothing-stone that sticks out of 
a wall, for a new building to be Joined to it 

Adrales, •m. pi. Hurdles, racks of carts. 

Adr^de, Adredemdnte, ad. Purposely, 
knowingly. Dl"'*'^: To right a ship. 

Adrlz6r, ra. (Nau.) To right AdrUar un 

Adrubddo, da, a. Gibbons, convex, [ment 

Adscrlbir. ro. To appoint to a place ; employ 

Adstricclon, af. Compression. 

Adu&na, af. A custom-house; tax. PaMtr 
por todaa laa aduanaa. To undergo a 
close examination. 

Aduan^ro, am. Custom-house officer. 

Adu4r, am. Horde, a migratory crew; Arab 
or gypsy tent-villago 

AducSr. ro. V. Ccmductr, LUvar, Traer, 

Aductor. am. (Anat) Adductor muscles. 

Adnendftdo, da, a. Ghost-like. [borino. 

Aduli&7X>, am. Blow with a timbre! or tam- 

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Ad&f^ tm. Timbrel or tamborine. 
Adafero, ra, «. Timbrel or taraborine player. 
AdH^adas, Adidas, qf. pi. (Nau.) Coil or 

a coiled cable. 
Adiu4r, va. To coti a cable. [irrigation. 
Adala, */. (Prov.) Ground with no particular 
Adulacion, sf. Adulation, flattery, coasdng. 
Adalador, ra, «. Flatterer, fkwner, ooaxer. 
Adulur, va. To flatter, to coax, to court 
Adu1at^>rIo, ria, a. Adulatory; flattering. 
Adnleir, m. To bawl, hoop. 
Adulero, am. Driver of horaes or mnleo. 
Adultera, »/. Adulteress. 
Adulteracion. »/. Adulteration. 
Adnlterildo, aa, a. Adulterated. 
Adalterad6r, ra, «. Adulterator, [adultery. 
Adulterar, ta.&n.To adulterate; to commit 
Adulterino, na, a. Adulterous; adulterated. 
Adnlt^rio, mK Adultery. 
Ad61tero, ra, «. Adulterer. 
Ad&lto, ta, a. Adult [der ductile. 

Adulzdr, tHZw To sweeten ; to soften; to ren- 
Adumbracidn. »f. Adumbration. 
Adnnaci6n, sj. Union. 
Adu9ti6n, ^ (Med.) Burning up. 
Adustivo, va, a. That which ha» the power 

of burning up. [bio. 

Ad(Bto, ta, a. Burnt up; gloomy, untracta- 
Advcnedizo, za, a. Foreign ; an upstart 
Advenimi^nto, 6m. Arrival ; advent 
Advent^ja, «/ (Law. Prov.) A jewel 
Advonticio, cla, et. AdTentitlons ; (Law) ac- 
quired by industry. 
Adverbial, a. Adverbial. 
Advorbio, sm. Adverb. 
Advcrs&rio, 9m. Adversary, opponent 
Adversativo, va, a. (Gram.) Adversative. 
Adversldad, «/ Calamity, misfortune. 
Adv6rso, sa, a. Adver.<«, opposite, [advice. 
Advert6ncia, 4/! Advertence; attention to; 
Advortido, da, a. Noticed, informed ; skilAil. 
Advertimicnto, sm. Y. Adosrifinoi^i. 
Advcrtir, va. To observe ; to advise, to give 

notice; to acquaint; tomarlc 
Advi^nto, mrh Advent 
Advocacion, ^ Appellation given to a 

church, chapel, or altar, dedicated to the 

holy virsin or a saint 
Advocat6rTo, ria, a Carta adoocatoria or 

eonwMotoria^ A letter of convocation. 
Adyac6nte, a. Adjacent [winnowed. 

Aechaddro, mt. The place where grain is 
Aechad6r, ra, & Winnower. [chafi; &c. 

Aechad&ras, »f. pL The reAuo of grain, 
Aech4r, laa. To winnow. 
AScho, mn^ Winnowing: 
A6reo, rea, a. Aerial ; airy, liuitastia 
Aerlforme, a. (Chem.) Aeriform. 
AerograjTia, sf. Aerography. 
Aerolozia, »f. Aerology. [air. 

Aeromancia, «/ The art of divining by the 
Aeromiintioo, 9m. Professor or student of 

aeromancy. [the air. 

Aerometria, ^ Aerometry, art of weighing 
Aerdmetro, «m. (Phys.) Aerometer. 
Aeroniuta, am. Aeronaut 
Aero9c6pla, </. The observation of the air. 
Aerostad^n, «/. (PhySw) Aerostation. 
Aorostitico, ca, a. Aerostatic [vility. 

Aflibilidad, «/. Affability, courtoonsnoss, ci- 


Afable^ a. Aflbble, courteous, civUL 

Afablem^nte, ad. Aflkbly, familiarly. 

Aflica. «/ (Bot) YeUow vetch. 

AlUg^smo, 9m. A sort of tax, impost, or duty. 

Afam^o, da, a. Golobratod, noted. 

Afun, 9m. Anxiety, eagernofo. 

Aianadam^nte, ad. Anxiously, laboriously. 

Afknaddr, ra, 9. Eager for riches; painstaker. 

Afknar, vfL & r. To toil, to labor, [taking. 

Afkndso, sa, a. Solicitous; laborious, paLus- 

Afdscalir, va. (Prov.) To stack, to build ricks. 

Afead6r, ra, 9, One that deforms or makes 
ugly. [calumny. 

Afeaml^nto, sm^ (Obs.) Defhdng; ugliness; 

Afeilr, va. To delbrm ; to decry, to censure. 

Afocci6n. 9f. AfToction, inclination. 

Afectacion, 4/ Affectation; daintiness^ 

Afectddo, da, a. Aflbcted, formal, oouoclted. 

Afectad6r, ra, 9. Affected person. 

Afectdr, va. To affect, to act upon, to produce 
effect; to unite benefices or livings. 

Afectillo, 9m. dim. Blieht affection. 

Afectivo, va, a. AffecUve, proceeding fh>m 

Afocto, 9m. Affection, love, kindness; pas- 
sion. Af9cio9 de»ordenado9^ Inordinate 
desires. [to. 

Af&eto, ta. Ok Affectionate; reserved; sul^ect 

Afectuoso, sa, a. Kind, gracious, lovijig. 

Afbitad6r, ra, «. Barber, halrtlresser. 

Afeitdr, va. To shave ; to trim. — vr. To use 

Afoite, «i7k Paint, rouge, [paints or rougo. 

Aftjlio. 9m, (Astr.) Apnelion. 

Afelp&do. da, a. Shaggy ; plush-like. PoOf- 
U9 afdpado9. Qfau.) Cased matai 

Afominaci6n, hj. Effemination. 

Afcminado, da, a. Effeminate. [enervate. 

Afemin&r, va. To offeminate, to unman; to 

Aforesia, «/. (Gram.) Aphcresls. 

Aferrado, da, a. Headstrong, stubborn. 

Aferrad6r, ra, 9. Grappler or grasper. 

Aferrami6nto, 9nu. Grasping, grappling ; fbrl- 
ing, (of sails.) 

Aferrar, va. To grapple, to grasp ; (Nan.) to 
ftirl ; to moor. — vr. To grasp one another 
stronglv. [kota, 

Aferravelaa, 9/. pL (Nan.) Furling-Unea, gas- 

Afianzdr, va. To become bail, to guaraa&o; 
to prop ; to make ta»t 

AflciOn, sf. Affection; liking, taste. 

Aflcionddo^ ^^L.** -^° amateur; lover. 

Aficiondr, va. To affect to cause or inspire 
affection. AjM<mar96 eon esoeso &t To 
give one^B mind to. 

Aflcion cilia, »/. dim. Slight affection; love. 

Af^o, ia, a. (Gram.) United to the end of a 
word, aflBx. 

Afllad^ra, sf. Whetstone, sharpening-etonew 

Afll4do, a. Sharp. 

Aflladfira, sf. Shtureoning, whetting. 

Afllami^to, 9m^ The slenderneas of the laoe 
or nose. 

Afll&r. va. To whet, to grind ; to render keen. 
AjUar las uflas, To make an extraordi- 
nary effort of genius or skilL — vr. To grow 
thin and meagre. 

Aflligran&do, da, a. Resembling filigree. 

Afilon, sm. Whetstone ; steel for sharpening. 

Afllosofiido^ da, a. Eccentria 

Afin, 9. Relation by affinity. 

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Aflnaci^n, 9f. Completion; refining; toning. 

Aflnndo, da, a, Well-flnisbed, complete. 

Afinad^, n, «. Finisher^ tunlng^kej. 

Aftnadftrm, 9m. Y. AJina4sioit. 

Aflnami6nto, mm. Beflnement [to tone. 

Afinar. vo. To refine, to complete, to polish ; 

Afinoible, a. Vehemently or eager! v desired. 

AAne. a. Similar between themseWefl. 

Afinidid, ^ Affinity; (Met) analogy; rala- 
tkm to. 

ATir, «m. Horae-medicine of Joniper-beniesw 

Aflrmaci6n, «/ Affirming; assertion. 

Aflmud<3r, ra, «. Affirmer, aasnrer. 

Afinnamiento, mm. Affirmation. 

Afirminte, pa. Afllrmer. 

Afirmar, vo. To affirm ; to maJco flnt, to se- 
cure; to contend. — tm. To inhabit — cr. 
To maintain firmly ; to stand firm. 

AflrmatSva, ^. Y. Anrmacion^ 

AfirnutiTO, ra. a. AfllrmatiTe. 

Aflstolir, TO. To render fistolooa. 

Afiechatea, 9m. pL (Nan.) Ratlines. 

Afiioci6n, 9f. Affliction, griei^ angnbh. 

Afiicth-o, Ta, a. Afllictive. Pma c^/UctUoa^ 
Corporeal punishment 

Aflkto, ta, pp. irr. ot AJligir. 

Afligidam^titei, a<f. Qrievously. 

Afligimi^nto, «m. Y. AJHccion. 

Afligir, ro. To afflict pain, grieye, torment 
— rr. To lament repine. 

Aflojadara, t^. Y. Afio)amieinio. 

Aflojamiento, 9m. Laxation ; looeenesA. 

Aflojar, TO. To loosen, to relax, to relent; to 
debilitate ; to soften : to grow weak ; to 
lose couracp, to languish. 

Aflorado, a. V. FlorMdo. [fluency. 

AAu6neia, •/ Affluence, plenty, abundance ; 

Afln<^ntc, «k Affluent abundant; loquacious. 

Afollado, da, a. Wearing large or wide trous- 

KMMa, ra. To blow with bellows. [era. 

A/ond&r, ra. To pnt under water; (Nau.) to 
sink. — m. To founder. 

Afonta, 9f. Aphony, loss of speech. 

Aforado, a. Privileged person. 

AforadiSr, 9m. Oauger, appraiser. 

Afontmi6nto, 9m. Qauging; tariff; yalnatlon. 

Aforfir, ra. To gauge, to measure ; to exam- 
ine ; to appraise. foists. 

Aft}nsma, ^ A swelling in the arteries of 

Afommo, 9m. Aphorism, maxim. 

Aforisdco, ca, a. Aphoristical. 

Aforo, 9m, Ganging; appraisement; tarilC 

Aforrador, ra, «. A liner. 

Aforrar, va. To line; Ikce; seal; sheathe. 
AJbrrar un eabo^ To serve a cable. 

AfTirro, «7ik Lining; sheathing. 

Afortunadam^nte, ad. Luckily. 

Afortnnido, da, a. Fortunate, happy, lucky. 

Afortnn^, va. To make happy. 

Afos&rse, rr. (Mil) To ditch one's self in. 

AfrailAr, ra. (Prov.)To trim trees. 

AfrancesMo, da. a. Frenchified, Frenchlike. 

Afrances4r, ro. To Frenchify. 

AfrMio, 9m. Bran. 

Afyenill&r, m^ To bridle the oars. [Ikmy. 

Aft^nta, i^ AiTiront dishonor; outrage; in- 

AfVeDt^r, va. To aflVont; to insult — rr. To 
be affronted, to blush. 

AJh)nt6so, sa. a. Ignominious; Insulting. 

Afh$t&r, CO. To clean the bottom of a vcssoL 


A'fHco, «fiK. The southwest wind. 
AfrontAr, va. To oonfh>nt; to reproach.— 

riK To ikce. 4/Wr <U, Upon the word oC 
Afh^ra, ad. Abroad ; in puolic ; moreover. 

Afusra Afuera ! Stand out of the way. 
Afueraa, 9m. pi. Environs of a place. 
Afhf&r, Afiiffrse, (CoU.) To run 

away, to escape. 
Af&ste, 9tn. A gun-carriage. 
Agabachiuio, da, a. Frenchified. 
Agachida, 9f. (Coll.) Stratacem, artifice. 
Agachadiza, 9f. A snipe. Hae^r la agacha- 

diza. To conceal one's self 
Agacharse, vr. To stoop, to squat, to crouch. 
Agilla, «/ Gall-nut Quedarae d9 la agtUia 

or colgado ds la alalia, To be deceived. 

—0/. GUnds in the throat; ffills of fishes; 

wind-galls; beaks of a shuttle. [galls. 
Agallido, da, a. Steeped in the infiisfon of 
Agall6n, 9m. A large gall-nut AgaUone9^ 

pi. Strings of large nlver beads. 
Agallu^la, tf. dim. A small gall-nut 
Agamitiir, va. To imitate the voice of afliwn. 
' X Chamois-colored. 
k To gangrene, 
pipa), love-feast 
igapetss; virgins living in 

Y. Oarbo90. 

;Prov.) To bud, to shoot 

cower, to squat like a hare. 

■. To make up into sheaves. 

tescendant of Agar. 

ric; mushroom. [haft. 

Anchoring-ground ; hold, 

Stingy, cloecfisted, grasper. 

Batliff. [holder. 

erasp ; to grapple ; grasper; 

^>ii^a. • <»• »v, t^.^ , . AQCtrrador. 
Agarrdr, va. To grasp, to seize, to catch ; to 

obtain. Agarrarse </«, To grasp at 
Agdrro, am. Grasp, catching. 
Agarrochad6r, 9m. Pricker, goader. [goad. 
Agarrochiir, A|nuTocho4r, va. To prick, to 
Agarrotkr, ra. To tie, bind, fasten with cords. 
Agastriador, ra, «. Officious, kind, obliging. 
AgaMJnr, ro. To receive and treat kiudily ; 

to regale. 
Agas4)o, 9m. Affectionate reception ; kind- 
ness; a fHendly present; reflreshment 
A'gata, 9f. Agate, a precious stone. 
A'gatas, On all fburs. 
Agav4nza, «/. Dog-rose, hip-troe. 
Agayillad6r, ra, a. Sheaf-binder; monopolist 
A^villdr, va. To bind in sheaves.— rr.(&Iet) 

To associate with a gang of sharpers. 
A^zapdr, va. (Coll.) To nab a person. — on 

To hide one's self 
A'ge. 9m. Chronic disease; complaint 
A^s&r, ro. To cry like a partridge closely 

Agoncia, 9f. Agency; diligence, activity. 
Agenci&r, ro. To solicit obtain. 
Agenci6so, sa, a. Diligent active ; offldoua. 
Agengtbre, 9m. Y. Oengihre. 
Ag6no, na, a. Foreign, strange; remote; 
ignorant ^(7«iod«r«rda<i, Void of truth. 
Agunto, 9m. Agent; solicitor, attorney. 
Agenda, 9m. Field-fbnnel flower. 

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Agto, tm* Perro de aff«o. Setter-dog. 
Ageriito, <m. Sweet milfoil or maadlliL 
Agest&do, da, {£ien 6 mal) a. Well or ill 

Afi^te, mn. (Obs.) Northwest wind. 
Agi, sm. Ked peppers; pepper-sauce. 
AgtAco. «m. A Sttuce made with tlie aji. 
AgibiliDua, »m. (Ck>IL) Application and in- 
dustry to obt&in the conveniences of life. 
Agible, ou Feasible, practicable. 
Agigantiido, da, a. Olgantio ; extraordlnarr. 
A'gil, a. Nimble, ready, light 
AgilidAd, i^. Agility, nimbleness, activity. 
Agilitilr, va. To render nimble, active. 
Acilmi^nte, ad. Nimbly, actively, quickly. 
A^io, am. Discount or premium ou uncur- 

rcnt mone^. [bing. 

A'glo, Agiotage, 9m. Exchange ; stock -Job- 
A^6gralo, a. UiiKiographer, a'holy writer. 
Agi6grafoa, 8,pL Hagiographa. holy ^Tilings. 
Agiotad6r, Aglotksta, m/u Stock-broker ; bUl- 

Agiron4r, va. To put colored pieces in clothft. 
Agitable, a. Agitable, capable of agitation. 
Agitacidn, »/. AdtAtion, flutter; fidget 
Agitaddr, ra, 8, Fretter, agitator, instigntor. 
Agitanado, da, a Oypsy-like ; bewitching. 
Agitar, to. To agitate, lo flret, to irritate ; to 

stir.— rr. To flutter. 
Aglomerar, vo. To agglomerate. 
Aglutin&nte, pa. Glued togetlier. 
Asiutinacion, «/ Agglutination. 
Aglutinativo, va, a. Agglutinative. 
Agnaci6n, ^. (Law) Kelatlon by blood. 
Agn4do. da, a. (Law) Near of kin. 
AgnatScio, cla, a. Consanguineous, [stage. 
Agn1cl6n, s/. £ecognltion of a person on the 
Agnocaslo, mti. Agnus c&stus or chaste-tree. 
Affnom6nto, 9m,y. Cognomento and So- 

Agnominaci6n, nf. Paronomasia. 
Agn US-Dei, sm. Agnus, an emblematic flgnro 

Agobiar, vo. To bond the body; to oppress. 
Agolar, ta. (Nau.) To hand the sails. 
AgoliWuM. «r. To crowd, to rush. 
Aeonla, nf. Agony, the pangs of death; tIo- 

Icnt imln. [M>n. 

Agonizante, pa. One that assists a dying per- 
AgonizAr, f>a. To assist dying persons; to 

desire anxiously. [augnr. 

Agor&r, eo. To diiine, to prognosticate, 
Agorena, *f. Divination. 
Agorero, ra, «. Diviner, augnr. 
Agorgoj&rse, rr. To be destroyed by grubs. 
Agostad^ro, wm. Summer pasture. 
AgoMtar, ta. To be parched. — r». To pasture 

cattle on stubble in summer. 
Agoetero, am. Harvester. [that month. 

Agostizo, za, a. Bom in August; foaled in 
Agosto, 8m. August; harvest-time ; harvest 
Agotar, va. To drain off; to miespend; to 

exhan.«>t Agotar la paciencia^ To tire 

one*8 patience. fvarre. 

Ag6te, sm. Name of a race of people in Na- 
Agracojo, 9m. An unripe olive which Iklls. 
Agrac6Ao, fia, a. Eesembling veijuice. 
Agrac6ra, «/! Veijuice-cruet; unfhiitfUl vine^ 
Agraciido, da, a. GraceAil, genteel— «mk A 



Agraciar, rer. To adorn; to &vor; to glT« 

employment [gratsAiI. 

Agradable, a. Agreeable, pleasing; merry; 
Agradar, va. To please, to gratify, to like. — 

vr. To be plca^ed, gratified. 
Agradeci-r, va. To acknowledge a fkvor; to 

reward, to thank. [thankAil. 

Agradecido, da, a. Acknowledged ; gratelbl, 
Agradecimicnto, 9m. Gratefulneea, thanking. 
Agrudo, 9m. Affability, liking; pleasure. 

JS«to no ea d^ mi agrado^ That does not 

please mo. 
Agrammlera, ttf. Flax-brake. 
Agramad6r. ra, 9. Flax -breaker. [brake. 
Agramar, va. To dress flax or hemp with a 
Agramilar, va. To point and color a brick 

Agramiza, 9f. The stalk of hemp ; hemp-tow. 
Agrandar, va. To aggrandize ; to increase. 
Agrani^4do, da, a. Filled or covered with 

Agrario, ria, a. Agrarian, rustic. 
Agravaciim, »f. Aggravation. 
Agravador, ra, «. Oppressor. [tion. 

Agravamicnto, atn. Aggravation, provoca- 
Agravantc, pa. Aggravating, making worsa. 
AgravAr, va. To oppress; to aggrieve. 
Agravatorio, ria, a. (Law) Compulsory, tg- 

Agravifld6r,ra, 9. I^jurer, wronger, offender. 
Agraviar. va. To wrong, to offend, to harm. 

— vr. To bo aggrieved. 
Agrdvio, 9m. Offence, harm, ii^nry ; insult 
Agn'iz, 9m. Verjuice ; unripe grape ; (Bot) 

AgrazAda, nf. Veijnicc-water. 
Agraziir, vn. To have a sour taste. — ra. To 

disgust, to vex. 
Agrazun, am. Wild grape ; gooscbcrry-bush. 
Agrcgacl6n, if. Aggrc^itlon. collection, 
^gregado, da, a. ApprcgaU'd. 
Agregiido, am. Aggregate; congregation, 

assembly ; an assistant [a*«imilate. 

Agregnr, va. To aggn^te, to collect; to 
Agresi6n, «/ AsgrcsKion. attack, assault 
Agresor, ra, a. Aggressor, assaulter, [wild. 
Agri'ste, a. Kustic, clownibh, rude, i>lain; 
Agr^te, 9m. Sweet acid taste. 
Agr^te, a. Sourish, tart 
AgrIam£nt4Vf/</. Tartly, with asperity. 
Agriar, va. To make sour or tart; to make 

peevish, to irritate. 
Agricultor, am. Farmer, husbandman. 
AgrIcult4Sra, t{f. The woman who tills the 

Agricnltimi, «/ Agriculture, husbandry. 
Agrid^lce, a. Tart between sweet and sour. 
Agrietado, da, a. Flawy, defective. 
Agrif61io, am. (Bot) llolly-tree. 
AgrllUido, da, a. Chained ; put in irons. 
Agrillarse, vr. V. Grillarae. 
Agrillo, Ha, a. dim. Sourish, tartish. 
Agr!mens<)r, 9m. T^nd surveyor. 
Agrimens6ra, ff. Land-surveying. 
Agrim6nia, */ (Bot) Agrimony, liverwort 
Agrio, ria, a. Sour, a(*rid; rough: sharps 

una refrpw'Kta agria, A tart reply. 
A'grio, 9tn. Acidity. Agrioa, Orchard of 

sour ftxiit-troos. [horse's knee. 

Agri^n, am. (Farr.) Tumor in the Joint of a 

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Ai^pdlma, •/ (Bot) Motherwort 

Agrieetddo, d«, o. Flowered like silkfl. 

A^ronomia, f/. (Little as.) Agricalturism. 

Agrononioi, miu A writer on agricultore. 

Agropila, sm. German bezoor. 

Agramurse, tr. To clog. 

Agrapar, ra. To group, to crowd. Ffruit 

A^ura, «/ Acldltv ; acerbity ; trees ot sour 

A cnoa, «/ Water ; liqnor- lustre of diamonds; i Agnazitr^, rr. To be covered with water. 

^aa.) teak. Affua as azahar^ Orange- ' Agoiizo, Drawing in gouache or opaque 

flower water. Agita ds olor^ 8cente<l| water-colors. 


Agn&rdo, tm. Lurking for a sportsman. 
Aguarraa, »/. Spirits of turpentine. 
AguAr»e, vr. To be inundated; to get stiff 
Aguatocha, <j/f Fire-engin& 
Auatocho, «m. Fire-engine ; small quagmires 
Agnavientos, 9m. Yellow sage-tree. 
Agrudza, */ Aancons humor ; sap from trees. 
Aguftzal, 9m. V. Pantano. 

water. AffuallocHiUa^ Rain-water. Ac 
ftisrte^ Aqua fortia. Ag^ta regia^ A 
regia. ilt/u^x&^/u/ltoflloly water. Ai 
ra. Look oui f*>r water ! Affua riva, R 
niag water ; tide Agua* muerta«^ Nc 
tides. Agua* rira*. Spring tidcai £t: 
do9 agua^ Between wind and wa 
Agwi (Mbaja, ad. Down the stream. Af, 
arrib€L, ad. Against the stream. 

Agoaciitei, or Agu'aliile, 9m. (In Peru, Pa/i 
A tree of this name, and its firuit, cal 

A^uaccroi, 9in. Shower. 

Agoachirle, */ Inferior wine; slipslon. 

Agoacibora, nf. (Prov.) Ground sowed when 
dry, then Irrigated. 

Agnactl, 9m, A constable. V. AlguacU. 

Agauda, «/ Water on board a ship, llacer 
agttada. To water ; watering-place ; wa- 
ter-color sketch. 

Aguafleras, «/ id. Frames for water-Jars. 

Vqnoous. [la-plant 

k-green large-leaved baril- 
, Sharply, keenly; ingen- 

[iness; acuteness, snbtilty ; 

ty of fraits ; smartness. 

rp-polnte<l; smart; acut^s, 

as ; brisk, active. [cr. 

^ GrandCitlier. grandmoth- 

) Trench fbr irrigation. 

iry, prediction, omen. 

Inured to war; fighting. 
Agucrrir, va. (Little us.) To accustom to war. 
Aguyada, «/ Spur, goad; stimulant, pun- 
Agu^odor, ra, 9. Stirrer, stimnlator. 
Agiiijadfira, sf. Spurring; stirring. 
AguUur, ra. To prick, to f*pur, to goad ; to 

stimulate. — rn. To march fast 
AguUat6rio, ria, a. (Law) Stimulating. 
Agiiij6n, 9m. Stinc uf a bee; spur, goad. 

Aguad^ro, trn. Watering-pUK» for cattle and i Agupunazo,^//}^ Thrust with a goad 

Aguuoneador, ra, ». Spurrer, inciter. 

Agugonear f>a. To thrust V. Aguijar. 

Aguila, 9/. Eagle; a gold coin; Roman 

Aguil&ndo, 9m. V. AgulnaMc. 

AguiluAo, fia, a. Aquiline; hawk-nosed. 

Aguililla, «/ dim. A little e:igle, an eaglet 

AguilQcho, 9m. A vounge.igic; hobby, [box. 

Agnlnaldo. 9m. Kew-ye;»r'8 gift, Christmas- 

Agijja, *^ Needle, bodkin; steeple; needle- 
ttsh ; needle-shell ; hand of a watch, or a 
dial. Agnja de marear, A mariner's 
compass. Agnja de cAmara, \ bunging 
comi>ass. Arju/a ca/wtera^ Sail-needlo. 
Agujad€ reliufja, B«)ltroi>e-needle. Agt^ 
ja de fuieer mrdia^ Knitting-needle. Agu- 
^a de liiec/iar. Skewer.— />/. Ribs of an 


Aguailya, «/ Ilnmor in pimples or sores. 
Agu^lo, da, a. Watered ; abstemious. 
A^uad6r,«7ii. Water-carrier. {}ili\.) Aguador 

del r^iL, Sutler ; water-wheel bucket 
Aguaducfao, 9T/K Water-course; place to 

drink water. 
Agoadtira, 9/. Water-snrfcit 
Agnage, 9m. Rapid current of sea- water. 
AgnaitAr, ra. To discover by examination. 
Aguajaque. 9m. A son of gum-ammoniac 
AgutiDas. i*f. pi. Ulrcr* above Uie hoofk 
A^anuuul, 9m. Water-jug, laver; a wash- 

6tand. [handa 

Aguaminos, 9m. Water for washing the 
Ainiamarina, */ Aqua marine, beryl 
Aguimelado, da, a. Washed over with 

water and honey. [mead. | 

Aguaraicl, */ Hydromel, honey and water, Agnjorur, ra. V. Agvjer/>ar. 
Aguanieve. */ A magpie. I Agujazo, 97tK A prick with a needle. 

Aguano^id^ */ Serous humors. j Ajjujorazo, sm. A wide hole. 

Agnano!«o, sa, a. Aqueous; extremely moist , .Xgiijerciir, fia. To pierce, bore, make holes. 
Aguantir, ra. To bear, to sustain, to suffer; Agujcrico, sin. dim. A small hole. 

to maintain ; to carry a stiff sail. j Agujero, *m. Hole; needle-maker; pln- 

Aguante, •»*. Fortitude; vigor; patienco. cu'shion: needle-case. 

Xae'todsaguante, A stiff ship, [chines. I Agnjota, sf. String or strap of leather.—^ 
AgiiaAon, 9m. Constructor of hydraulic ma- 1 Grog-money given to post-boys ; pains felt 
Aguapid, 9m. Small wine. flrom fetigue. [made or sold. 

Aguar, ro^ To mix with water; to disturb ' A gt^jeteria, «/! Shop where agt0rt^9 are 

pleasure, to damp. [time. Agigetcro, ra, 9m, Maker or seller of agt^e- 

A^ardar, va. To expect to wait; to grant j tas or laces. 

Affuardcnteria, */ Liquor-shop. Aguosidad, sf. Lymph, a transparent liquor. 

AgUArdentvro, ra, 9. Retailer of liquors. | Agm'wo, sn, (i. Aqnoons, watery. 
Aguardiente, 9jn. Spirituous liquor. Agitar- Agur, ad. (Coll.) Adieu, farewell. 

dienie ds t*i?a, Brandy. Aguardiente -\gu!>an6rse, vr. To bo wormeaten. 

<f0 caflOy Bam. AguardienU de grano^ Agustlni&no, na, s. V. Agustino. Belonging 

Whiskey. I to the order of St AugusUn. 

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Agnstino, na, a AagoBtiDlaa monk or nan. 
Aguzad^ra, ^ Whetstono. 
Aguzaduro, am. Uannt of wild boars. 
AffizaAiaUt iff. Whetting or sharpening: 
Agusaniove, »/. Wagtail, a small DinL 
Agtizur, va. To whot or sharpen ; to stimnlato, 

to excite. Aguzar el ingenio^ To sharpen 

the wit Affutar Uu or^iis^ To cock up 

the ears, to listen. Affu»(tr la vista^ To 

sharpen tlio sight 
Aguzon^ «m. v. JTurgonaao, 
Ahl inUrj.Ahl 

Abebrddo, da, a. Thread-like, fibrous. 
Ahelear, va. To give gall to drink, to make 

bitter.— ^ft. To tasto very bitter. 
Ahembr&do, da, a. Efibminate. 
Ahcrrojamiunto, rni. Putting in Irons. 
Aherrojib-, ra. To chain, to put in irons. 
Aherrumbr&rse, vr. To tarn ferruginoxxs; 

taste and color of iron ; to be ftUl of scoria. 
Abcrvor&rse, vr. To be heated: applied to 

Ahi, <id. There, in that place; yonder. 
AhidalgMo, da. a. OentJemanly. 
AhUiWia, «/ Godchild, goddaughter. Y. AM- 

jado.—pp. otAhi^ar. 
Anljado, 9m. C 

AhUado, 9m. Oodctiild; client [to suck. 
AhUaddr, 9m. One who puts a you&g animal 
Ah\jAr, €0,. To adopt; to impat& — m» To 

bring forth young. 
Ahllixvo, «r.'To bo faint; to grow soar; 

to be M'eak. AAUarae tl vino^ To turn 

and grow ropy. [food. 

Ahilo, 9m. FalntJioss, weakness for want of 
Ahinoo, 9m. Eamostnesa, eageniess, ardor. 
AbitAr, va. To surfeit ; to satiate.— vr. To be 

Ahit6ra, •/ Violent or continued indigestion. 
Aliito, ta, a. Laboring under an indigestion ; 

disgusted; tired. 
Aliito, 9m. Indigestion: suifelt 
AhobachonAdo, da, a. Unll, slovenly, lazy. 
Ahocin&rso, vr. To run precipitately. 
Ahogad^nxK sm. llangman*s rope ; place diffi- 
cult to breathe in; necklace; halter. 
Ahogadizo, za, a. Haish, unpalatable; 

drowned; choked. 
Ahogado, da, a. Buffocated. Carnfro aho- 

gadoj Stewed mutton; to insist upon. 

Edar ahogado^ To be very busy. 
Ahogador. ra, 9. Hangman. 
Ab(wami6nto, 9m. Sufibcatlon. Y. Ahogo. 

AhogamieiUo de la madre^ Hysterica, an 

hysteric fit 
Ahog&r, «a. To choke, to smother; to drown ; 

to oppress; to founder. — er. To be suflfo- 

cated; to drown one's self, bo drowned. 
Ah6go. 9m, Oppression, anguish, pain. 
Ahognido, 9ffu Y. Ahoguio. [throat 

Ahogu^o, 9m. (Farr.) A quinsy, a swelled 
Ah(^aio, 9m. Opprosaion in the breast 
Ahojar, vn. (Prov.) To eat the leaves of trees, 

to browse. Fwoman. 

Ahombr&do, da, a. Masculine ; applied to a 
Ahimdftr, va. To aink. — xm. To pcnotrato ; to 

hollow out 
Ah6ra, <id. Now, at present Por ahora^ 

For the present Ahora Hen, Well, 

granted. Hasta ahora, Hitherto. 
Ahdra, eon^. di9. Whether, or. 


AhorcAdo, •m. Hanged man. 

Ahorcadura, «/ Hanging. 

AhorciO^'B^S V- 'I'o (^It, astride. 

Ahorciir, ido. To hang. 

AhormAr, tyz. To fit to Bhiq>e; to bring one 
to a sense of his duty. 

Ahom4r, va. To put in an oven.-~or. To be 
scorched in the oven without being bakod. 

Ahorquillido, da, a. Forked. [forks^ 

AhorquUl&r, va. To stay, to prop up with 

Abornfido, da, a. Vnembarrauea; emanci- 

Aborrad6r. ra, «. Emancipator. 

Ahorramiento, 9m. Emancipation, enfkvn- 
chisement Banco d^ ahorro9, Savings- 
bank, [to economize, to savOL 

Ahorr^, vck To enfranchise, to emancipate : 

Ahorrativa, •/ (Coll.) V. AKorro. 

Ahorrativo, va, a. Frugal, tbrlfly, saving. 

Ab6rro, 9m. Parsimony, frugality, hoft- 
bandrv-. [plant 

Ahoyador, 9m^ One that makes holes to 

Ahoyad6ra, ^ (Ob&) Biakiug holes in tho 

Ahoy&r, €& To dig boles fbr treeSb 

Ahachad6r, ra, «. Hoarder; a miser. 

Ahuchiir, «a. To hoard up. [low. 

Ahuocami6nto, «m. Excavation, cavity, hoi- 

Ahaedkr, «a. To excavate, to scoop oat — 
f>r. To grow haughty. 

AhumMa, s/ Smoke-signal; a sea-fish. 

Almmi^, va. To smoke, to cure in smoke. — 
vn. To fiime. 

Ah£ir, V. Agur. 

Ahosado, da, a Spindle-shaped. 

Ahust^, va. To make slender. — or. To taper. 

Ahuyentador, ra^ A scarecrow. 

Ahuyontir, va. To drive away, to pat to 
fitght; to banish care. 

AUdda, i[f. Goad, Y. Aguiiada. 

Aina.«s ad. WuU-nigh ; almost 

Airadamdnte, ad. Angrily; hastily. 

Airdrse, vr. To grow angry. 

Airdzo, 9m. augm. A vlolont gust of wind. 

A'ire, 9m. Air, wind; briskness; grsc«fiil- 
ness; aspect look, gait; musical compo- 
sition. Aires natural^ The native air. 
B«ber lo9 aires or lo9 \^9rUotL To desire 
anxiously, llahlar al aire. To talk idly. 
7bmar6<a<r«,Totakeawalk. IPnair^ 
In a good humor. De huen 6 mat airt^ 
In a pleasing or peevish manner. En <A 
aire. In a moment [self 

Airearse, vr. To take the air; to oool one's 

Airecito, 9m. dim. A gentle breeze. 

Alr6n, 9m. augm. Yiolent gale; a plome; 
the crested crane. 

Alrosamidnte, ad. Graceftilly. 

Airosiddd, ^f. (Obs.) Gra<$eful deportment 

Airdso, sa, a. Airy; graoefbl, genteel; sac- 

Aislddo, da, flv Isolated; embarrassed. 

Aisldr, «a. To surround with water; insalato. 

AJdda, «/! A sauce of bread steeped in water, 
garlick, and salt 

Ajado, da, a. Worn out, spoiled, ill-osed. 

Ajamldnto, «m. Disfiguration ; deformity. 

Ajdr, 9nv. Garlic-flelo. 

Aldr, va. To spoil* tamlsb ; abuse. 

Ajardfe, 9m. Flat roof; platibrm. 

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A'Jfl^ Mm. A chronic complaint. 

Aiea, «^ Brash-wood for ftieL 

Ajednt^ ^. Winter savorr. 

AJe^irC'Z, »»k Cheas : netting, grating. 

Ajedrez^o, da. a. Checkered, variegated. 

Ajcnabe, «n. Wild mnstard. 

AJ^o, «7n. Wormwood. 

Ajenoz, am. The fennel-flower. 

Ajero, 9m. Vender of garlic. 

Ajesuitado, da, a. JefinidcaL 

Ajote, «m. Young garlic, garlie-sance. 

Aji, anK The red dwarf-pepper. 

Ajlaceite, am. Mixture of garlic and oil 

AJic61a. f^ Leatber-glae \«ith garlic. 

igiliraoge or i^ilim6giU, am. Sauce of pepper 
and garlic. 

AjiDo^ mn. Tender young garlic: 

Ajimcz, sm. Kind of arcn^ window. 

Ajipnerro, am. Leek. padlea. 

A jo, 9m. Oarlic; garllc-sanee ; paint for 

AJob4r, wi. To carry back-loads. 

Aj(>bo, 9m. A heavy back-load. 

Ajofaina, fff. Basin for water. 

Ajollo, am. 8auoc of oil and garlia 

AjoiUe, «m. Bird-lime. [thistle. 

AJom^ra, or Ajoqj^ro, ^f. The low carllne 

ikjonjoli, A^oiyoli, am. Sesame-eeed, beno- 

Ajoqu^so, am. Dish of garlic and cheese. 

Ajorca, ^f. Bracelets and anklets. 

Ajord^. ra. (Prov^ To bawl, to cry out 

AjomalAdo, da. a. Hired by the day. 

Ajornalar, va. To hire by the day. 

^Viuagaa. •f. pL Spavin, a disease in horses. 

Ajuanotado, da, a. Bony lumps on the feet; 

AJuar, am. Apparel, ftarniture. 

Ajudi^do, da, a. Jewiah. 

A^uiciado, da, a. Judicious, prudent 

Ajuicidr, vh. To acquire judgment; become 

i^nstadam^nte, ad. Justly, rightly. 

A^nstido, da, a. Exact, right, moral ; stingy. 

AjQstaddr, 9m. Close waistcoat, Jacket 

i^ustamicnto, am. Settlement; agreement; 

AJu&t&r, va. To adjust, coznpose, guide ; con- 
cert; oppress; fit — pr. To setUe matters; 
combine; anproach; engage. 

Ajuste, am. Proportion; agreement, con- 
tract, oaXh.—pl. Couplings. 

Ajusticiikr, vo. To execute, to put to death. 

Al, art (Contrac. of k el) To the. 

A'la, ^ ^^i^Si <dsle; row; flank; brim. 
Alas, »/. pi. Protection ; defence ; velocity ; 
(Nau.) studdlng-salL 

AI4, am. Allah, God. 

Ala. interj. Holla, a word used in calling. 

Alabddo, am. Hymn in praise of the sacra- 
ment [mender. 

Alabador, ra, 9, Praiser, applauder, com- 

Alabanci6so, sa, a. Boastful, ostentations. 

Alabandina, ff. Manganese, a semi-metaL 

Alaban'za, {/: Praise, commendation. 

Alabir, va. To praise, extol, glorify. 

AIab4rda, nf. Halberd ; sergeant's i>1ace. 

Alabarduzo, am. Blow with a halbenl. 

Alabardero, am^ Halberdier : king's guard. 

Alabastrado, da, a. Resembling alabaster. 

Alabaslrina, i\f. Thin sheet of alabaster 


Alabastrine, na, a. ^Poet) Made of alabaster. 

Alab&stro, am. Alabaster. [water-mill 

A'labe^^ am. Olive-branch; ladle, flier of a 

Alabearse, mr. To warn, to grow bent 

Alabi^a, ^f. Sweet basil 

Alab^ am. Warping, bent curved. 

Alabeaa, {/C A pike made in Alaba. 

Alabiiido, da, a. Lipped, ragged ; money. 

Alacena, tff. A cupboard, pantry, locker. 

Aiicha, ^ Shad. 

Alaci.^, rn. V. Enlaciar. 

Alacran. am. A scorpion ; ring ; stop or hook. 

Alacranado, da, a. Bit by a scorpion ; vicious. 

Alacranera, tif. Mouse-ear scorpion-grase. 

Aliida, ^ Fluttering of the wings. [plea. 

Aladiires, am. pi. Locks of hair over the tern- 

Alado. da, a. Winged, feathered. 

Aladrada, ft/. A farrow. 

Aladrnr, va. (Prov.) To plough. 

Aliidro, sm. Plough ; ploughed land. 

Aiadr6que, am. (Pro v.) A fresh anchovy. 

Alafla, Iff. (Coll.) Mercv. 

A'laga, 9f. A species of yellow wheat 

Alncartado. da, a. Variegated ; motley. 

AiAica, a/T Winged ant, or pismire. 

AlAja, Ali\iar, Ac, V. Alhaja^ Alhajar, Ao. 

Ala^or, am. Ground-rent 

Alfl^ju, 9m. Paste of honey, almonds, Ac 

Aluma, ^ Gold or silver cloth ; lama. 

Alamilr, am^ Loop of sillcen twist or cord. 

Alambicido, da, a. Distilled; given spar- 

Alambicilr, eo. To distil ; investigate closely. 
Alambiqno, am. Alembic, still For alam- 

bique, Sparingly. 
Alambrc, 9m. Wire; copper; copper wire. 
Alameda, itf. Poplar grove ; public walk. 
Aiamin, am. Clerk of the market; architect 
Alamina, ^ A fine on potters for trespassing 

the law. 
AlaminAzgo, am. Ofllce of a clerk, Ac 
Alamir6, am. Musical chord (la mire). 
A'lamo, tm. Poplar. 
Alamparse, vr. To long for, to crave. 
Alanccador, »m. Lance-thrower. 
Alancedr, fa. To dart to spear, to lance. 
AlandreArse, vr. To become dry. 
Alan6s, 9m. A kind of stag in New Mexico. 
Al&no, mn. Mastiff. [Vandals. 

Aldno, na, a. Belonging to the Alans or 
AlanzMa, 1/. V. Aranzada^ 
Alanz^, va. To throw lances. [stone. 

A1aqu6ca, ^ Alaqu^*quea, am, pL Blood- 
Aldr, am. Pent-roof; snare of hair. 
AIAr„t?a. (Nau.) To hawl 
Al/irbe, 9tn. Arabian ; unmannerly person. 
Aldrde, sm. Review of soldiers; ostentation. 

Hacer alarde, To boast or brag. 
Alanlear, vn. To review. 
Alard6so, sa, a. Ostentatious, boastAil 
Alargador, ra, a. Delayer, postnoner. 
AlargamI6nto, am. Tlio act of Icngtliening. 
Alargiir, va. To lengthen ; protract ; incre4ise ; 
Alnrgu^z, 9m. Dog-rose. [to han(L 

Aliirfa, ff. A potter's flat-iron. 
Alarida, a/! llue and cry. 
Alarido, «m^ Outcry, shout, howl 
Alarifazgo, 9m. Office of an architect 
Alarife, aw. Architect builder. 
Alaryos, ^.pL A large sort of grapefli 

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Alarmo, »f. Alarm ; notice of danger. 
AlArmiir, va. To alarm, call to arms. 
AlastrAr, va. To throw back the ean»; ballast 

— vr. To squat close, 
Alaterno, am. Mock-prlvct 
Alaton, 8m. Lattcn, brass ; lotc-tree fruit 
Alatoncro, »»t. Nettle or lote-trco. 
AlatnSn, im. Froth of saltpetre. 
Alaviinco, w». V. Ltivanco. 
Alaziin, na, a. Sorrol-color. 
Alazo, Bin. A stroke with the wings. 
Alazor, ftm. (Bot.) liastard salTron. 
A'Iba, ft/. Dawn of day ; alb, the white gown 

worn by priests. 
Albacca, */». Executor. — ff. Executrix. 
AIbace:^o, »m. Executorship. 
Albacora, i&. A (Lsh like a tunny ; an early ftg. 
Albdda, ^ Screna<ie at daybreak. (Atex.) 

An attack at daybreak. 
AlbfthAca, *>/. (Bot.) Sweet basil. [basil. 

Albahaqu'-ro, ftm. Flower-pot with sweet 
Albahuquilla, (del rio,) «/ Cullcn. 
Albala,«m. Royal letters patent; a quittance. 

Alhald de gum, A pas*>port 
Albanega, ^^Netfor catching partridges, etc 
Albafiul, Albafiur, «/;t. Common sewer. 
Albauil, 8m. Mason, bricklayer. 
Albafilleria, </! Masonry. 
Albaquia, 8f. Kcmnant ; undl vldable portion 

In collecting tithes. 
Albar, a. White. 

Albaran, am. Advertisement; note of hand. 
Albarazada, a/. A marble-colored grape. 
Albarazado, da, a. Pale with Uio white 

Albnri^o. am. White leprosy. 
Albiirca, ?/ V. Aharca. 
Albarcoquera, am. (Prov.) Aprlcot-trce. 
Albarda. «/ Pack-saddle. ' [the loins. 

Albardado, da, n. Diflercnt colored skin at 
Albard.^r, va. To put on a pack-saddle ; to 

lard fowls. 
Albanleltv. nf. gmall saddle. 
All>arderia, >^. Pack-saddle shop. 
Albardoro, am. P.-ick-saddle maker. 
Albardilla, tif. Small pack-saddle; border; 

Albardin, am. Matweod. 
Albardon, »m, A pannol, pack-saddle. 
Albanyo, Albarigo, am. (Prov.) A species of 

Albaricoquo, »m. Apricot [seller. 

Albaricoqu^'ro, <»i» Aprlcot-tree ; apricot 
Albarillo, am. A tune on the guitar ; small 

kind of apricots. 
Albarino. am. A white paint for women. 
Albarrada, ^. A dry wall ; ditch for defence. 
Albarrad6n, atiu A mound to hinder inun- 
Albarrana. af. (Bot) C*'hofJa albar rana^ 

gquilL 7(W/*«a/^arra»t»,Asortofwateh- 

Albarraz, am. Lousewort [thra. 

Albati'ira, a/. Carbnnclc; pimple in the ure- 
Albat6za, /*/. A small covered boat 
Albayaldado, da, a. Covered with white-lead. 
Albayiilde am. White-load, ceruse. 
Albazuno, na, a. Of a dark chestnut color. 
Alb&zo, 9m. Assault at duybrcok. 
Albeir, va. To whiten. 


Albodrio, am. Freo-wUl 

Albidtar, am. A farrier; horse-doctor. 

Albeitcria, ^. Farriery. 

Albellon, am. V. Albailal. 

Albendn, af. Hangings of white linen. 

Albendera, ftf. Woman w^ho makes hangings. 

Albengala, a/. A sort of gauze for turbans. 

Albontola, af. A slight net of fine thread. 

Albi'rca, ^. A pond or pool; sink. 

Alb^rchiga or Albcrchigo, a. Peach. 

Albcrc6n, »m. auffm. A large pool or pond. 

Albereng6na, af. Mad-apple, egg-plant 

Albcrgaaor, ra, «. A hotel-keei>er. 

Albergiir, va. To lodge, harbor. — vr. To take 
or let lodgings. [shelter. 

Albt'rgue,»/n^ Lodging-house; den; hospital; 

All>ei^ueria, af. Inn ; hospital for poor travel- 

Albergu6ro, am. Innkeeper. 

Alb6ro, *WK Whitish earth ; dish-cloth. 

Alberquoro, mn. Tender of soaking flax. 

Alberquilla, ^f. dim^ A little pool. 

Alblciinte, a. Whitening, bleaching. 

AlblhAr, am. (Bot) Ox-eye. 

Albilla, af. Albillo, ttm. An early white grape. 

Albillo, a. The wine of a white grajK). 

Albin, 9m. Iltematltes or bloodstone. 

Albina, f\f. Marsh v ground covered with nitre. 

Albino, na, a. Albino. 

Albi6n,.<^n. Albion, ancientname of England. 

A'lbLs (Met) Quedarae in albia. To bo dis- 

A'lbo, ba, a. Very white. 

Alboguiia, itf. A kind of gall-nut 

Aib6gue,*w. A pastoral nute; martial mnsie: 

Alboguero, ra, a. One who makes albogue*. 

Alboh61, am. A snocies of bind-weed. 

Albdndiga, af. A ball of forced meat 

Albondlgmlla, ^ dim, A small ball of Ibrced 

Albor, am. (Poet) Whiteness; dawn. 

Alborada, af. Dawn of day ; battle at dawn. 

Alborear, tiu To dawn. 

Alborga, af. A mat- weed sandal. 

Albornia, »f. A large glazed jug. 

Alborno, am^ Alburnum. [cloak. 

Alborn6z, am. Coarse woollen stuff; Moorish 

Alboronia, af. A dish of egg-pUmt pumpkins, 
and pepper. [bargain. 

Alboroque, am. at the conclusion of a 

Alboroti'ido, da, a. Turbulent restless. 

Alborotad<^r. ra, a. Kiotcr, violator of peace. 

Alborotaput•blo^ a, A mover of sedition; 
a promotor offcasts. [over; tling out 

AlborotAr, f>a. To disturb. — rr. To come 

Albor6to, «n. Tumult riot; ontcrv, clatter. 

Alborozad6r, ra. a. Promoter of mirth. 

Alborozar, ra. To exhilarate. 

AlbonSzo, 9m. Merriment exhilaration. 

Albortautc, am. A branch for a candle. 

Albricias, ^.jpl. Keward for good news. 

Albnduca, ^(Bot) A pumpkin. 

A1bu6rbola. {/; Exhilaration. 

Albufora, ff. A large lagoon. 

Albugineo, nea, a. (Anat) Albuminous. 

Albuglnoso, sa, «. V. AUtuo'in^o. 

Albugo, am. A disease in the eye. 

Albuhera, 4/! A fresh- water lake. 

Album, 9m, Album. 

Albtimen, 9m. (Chom.) Albumen. 

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AIb6r, sm. Dace, a fl&b ; a game at cards. 
Albura, ^ Whitenea& 
Albarcro, 9m, A player at alburea. 
Albures, 9ifu pk A gurae at carda. 
A1ca, ^ Razorbill, a bird. 
Alcabala, «/C Excise, duty : a net 
Alcabalat6ri<\ tm. Book of aleabala rates. 
Alcabalero, tm. ExciM ofiicer. 
Alcab<'>r, am. Pipe, shaft of a chimnej. 
AlcaMu, 9m. V. Arcttinu. 
Alcacel. Alcac^r, »m. Green com. 
Alcachi^ sf. Artictioke; instrument to 

stop blood ; flated mallets. 
AkachoCodo, da, a. Like an artichoke. 
Akachofido, »m. Dish of artichokes. 
Alcacho&l, 9m, Artichoke-bed. 
Alcachof^ ^. An artichoke. 
Aleah^ 9m. A large binl-ca^. 
Alcahazdda, {/! A number of birds in a cage. 
AJcahaz^, «a. To shut up birds In the 

Alcahn^te, ta, «. Pimp, procurer, bawd. 
Alcahnctear, ra. To bawd, pander. 
Alcahueteria, ^ Bawdry ; hiding persons. 
Akabneton, na, Alcahuetazo, za, & attff. A 

great pander. 
Alcaicena, 9/. Market-place for raw silk. 
Aldtico, a. Alcaic, verses in Latin. 
Alc^de, 9m^ Governor; Jailer, warden. 
Alcaid^ i*/. Wile of a governor or iailer. 
Alcaidia, gf. Office of a governor or jailer. 
AlcaJdada, «/ An Inconsiderate acUou of an 

Alcaldes trm. Judge : game at cards. 

Alcaldear, fm. To plav the alcalde. 

Alcaldesa, 9f. The wife of an alcalde 

Alcaidia, 9/ Office of an aU'aUJf^ 

Alcalescencia, tf. V. Alcalisacton. 

AJcaiesoiSnte. a. Of alkaline properties 

AJ'calJ, 9m. (ChenL) An alkaU. 

AJcalino, na, Alcalizudo, da, a. Alkaline. 

Alcalizar, va. To render alkaline. 

AJcalizacion, 9/. Alkalizatlon. 

Alcana, 9m. Colocvnth apple. 

Alcamonias, ^ pC Various aromatic seeds. 

AJcana, 9/. Place of shops. 

AJc^ce, 9m. Overt^ing, reaching; bal- 
ance^ arm's length ; a postscript 

Alcancta, f/. Money-box ; a cavalcade. 

Alcanciazo, 9m. A 'blow with a money-box. 

A]can<lara, ^ Perch of a falcon. 

AJcandia, ^Turkey millet 

Alcandial omv Ground sown with millet 

AIcanf5r, mn* Camphor. 

Alcanforada, 9/. Gainphor-trce. 

Alcanforado, da, a. Camphorated. 

Alcintara, 9/^. Cover for velvet In the loom. 

Aicantarilla, ^. A small bridge; drain; 

Alcantarillido, sm, A tunnel under ground. 

Alcanzadizo, za, a. Easily reached. 

AIcanz:kio, da, a. Necessitous. 

Alcanza<lura, ^ A tumor In the pastern. 

Alcanzar, ra. To follow, pursue ; overtake, 
come up, reach ; obtain ; bo creditor of a 
bal&nce. — vfi. To share ; suffice. Alcan- 
Bfir en dian^ To survive. [bud. 

Alcaparra, Alcaporro, 9. Caper-bush ; caper- 

Alcaparr^o, da, a. Dreased with capers. 

Alc^Mrrnl, sm. Caper-ftold. 


Alcaparr6n, 9m. augm. A l^ige caper. 

Alcaparr«)6a, nf. Copperas. 

Alcarahut^ya, fif. Caraway -seed. 

Alcaravun^ 9m, (Orn.) Bittern. [bittern. 

Alcaravauuro, sm. A hawk to pursue the 

Alcaravi^a, 9/. V. Alcarahueya. 

Alcarcena, »/. Officinal tare, bitter vetch. 

Alcarcenal, tm. Officinal tare-fleld. 

Alcarracero, ra, «. A potter; shelf for earth- 

Alcarr^ tff. Pitcher or Jug nnglazed. 

Alcartiz, m. V. CiicumcAo. [root 

Alcatifii, 9/. Sort of carpet<); layer of earth; 

Alcatraz, sm. Pelican ; a sea-fish. 

Alcaucil, 9m. Wild artichoke. V. AUMchofa, 

Alcayata, sf. A hook. 

Alcazar, ^TTTk Castle ; fortress; quarter-deck. 

AlcazQz, 9m. V. Regalha. [shuffled. 

A'lce, sm. Cut of the cards after being 

Alcedon, 9m. A klng-flaher. 

Alcino, sm. Wild basil. 

Alci6n, 9m. Halcyon. V. Alcedon. 

Alcoba, sf. Alcove; bedroom. 

Alcobilla, Alcobita, ^f. dim. A small alcove. 

Alcohol, sm. Antimony; alcohol. 

Alcoholado, da, a. Dark around the eyes. 

Alcoholad6r, ra, «. Boctifler of spirits, painter 
with antimony. [rectify spirits. 

Alcoholar, va. To paint with antimony; 

Alcoliolera, tf. Vessel for antimony or alco- 
hol, [hdar, 

Alcoholizfir, va. To alcoholize. V. Alco- 

Alcoliollzacion, /f. Alcoholization. 

Alc6r, sm. V. Cerro. 

AlcoraHj sm,. The Koran. 

.\lcoranistn, sm. A Koran expounder. 

Alcomocil, 8tn. Plantation or cork-trees. 

Alcom6que, sm. Cork-tree; a blockhead. 

AIc6rza, sf. A sweet paste of clarified sugar., va. To Ice with sugar. 

Alcot^n, sm. Lanncr, a bird of prey. 

Alcotana, fff. Pickaxe. 

Alcotancillo, »m. dim. A young lanner. 

.\lcrebite, sm. Sulphur. V. Azufre. 

Alcribls, sm. Tuyere of a forge. 

Alcroco, sm. (Obs.) V. Azafran. 

Alcubilla, ^. Reservoir of an aqueduct 

Alcucilla, ff. dim. Small oil-boitle. 

Alc6rnia, sf. Familv, lineage, race. 

AlcAza, ^. Oil-bottle or cruet 

Alcuzada, ff. A cruet full of oil. 

Alcuziizo, sm. Blow given with an oil-bottle. 

Alcnzcdz, Kooskoos, or Cooscoosoo, sm. A 
flour paste made into pellets. 

Alcuzoro, ra, s. One who makc^ oll-bottles. 

Alcuzcro, ra, a. Belonging to an oil-bottle. 

Alcuzon, sm. augm. A large oil-bottle. 

Ald/iba, sf. Door-knocker. [den fear. 

Aldab&da, ^ Rap with the knocker; sud- 

Aldabdzo, Aldabon^zo, am. Knocking at 
the door. 

Aldabedr, vn. To rap or knock at the door. 

Aldabia, sf Horizontal beam. 

Aldabilla, sf. dim. A small knocker. 

Aldabou, stn. A krge knocker; a trimk 

Aldoa, >[f. A small village, a hamlet 

Aldeana, sf. Villatre- woman, lass. 

AldeanlCgo, ga, a. Belonging to a hamlet 

Aldeano, am. Villager, countryman, lad. 

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Aldebarftn, an. AldelMnn, a fixed star. 

Aldeha61a, AldeUla, ^ dim. A little villago. 

AIde6rria 9m. A small, unpleasant village. 

Aldiza, nf. A small reed without knots. 

Aldriin, dm. One who sells wlno to Bhei>- 

Aleaci6n, ^ Alligation, allojago. 

Aleador, am. Alloyer. 

Ale4r, vn. To flatter ; move the arms qnick- 
ly; recover from sickness.— va. To alloy. 

Alobrido, da, a. Harehearted. 

AlebrArae, Alobrastr^rse, AlebrestiLrse, «r. 
To squat; cower. 

Alebron^Tse, «r. To be dispirited. 

Al^ce, «fn. Baffout offish-liver. 

Alechug&do, da, a. Curled, fluted. 

Alechugor, «a. To curl; plait, flute, [lirer. 

Alectdria, ftf. Alectoria, stone in a cock*s 

Aldda, ^f. BeAise of wax in a bee-hive. 

Aledaflo, %m. Boundary, border, limit 

Alefanginas, ^ pi. Purge pills of spices. 

Aleftis, mn. Mortise, a hole cut into wood. 

A11cgad6n, «f. Allegation; argument 

Alegar, «a. To allege, aflirm, quote. 

Alog&to, rniin Allegation, plea. 

Alegoria, tff. Allegory. 

Aleg6ricam6nte, ad. Allegorically, by figure. 

Alegorioo, ca, a. Allegorical 

Alegorfsta, am. All^rist 

AlegorizAr, va. To allegortze. 

▲legrido, da, a. Delighted, r<>}olced. 

▲Iegrad6r, ra, «. B^olcer; alester. 

Alegrfir, fxi. To gladden, make merry; ex- 
hUuttte; enliven. 

Alograrse, vr. To rejoice, congratulate, ex- 
ult; grow merry. 

Al^^ro, a. To be elad, merry, ioyftil, content 

Alegrom6nte, ad. Merrily, gladly, JojrfUlly. 

Al^ria, sf. Mirth, merriment, rc;]oicing; 
lightsomeness; ecstasy; pleasure: sesa- 
mum seed; paste of sesamum and honey. 

Aldgro, 9m. (Mus.) Allegro ; quick, gay tune. 

▲I^r6n, 9m. Sudden, unexpected Joy. 

AlMaml6nto,«fn. Elongation; strangeness. 

Al^andrino, na, a. Alexandrine foot 

Alcy&r, f>a. To remove to a distance. 

Aldilas, if. pL Barley-soup. 

Alelarse, f>r. To become stupid, dull. 

Aleli, 9tn. The winter giUiflower; name of 

Alel^ya, nf. Allelnjah ; joy. 

Aloma, tf. Water for irriwitlng. 

AlemAn, 9m. German ; German language. 

Alem&iu, fif. An ancient Spanish dance. 

Alcraanlsco, ca, a.. Germanic; Gorman table- 
cloth, [tare. 

Alenguaml^nto, mk An agreement for pas- 

AlenguAr, fo. To acroe respecting pasture. 

Alentadamento, ad. Bravely, gallantly. 

Aientado, da, a. Spirited, courageous; bold. 

Alentad6r, ra, & Enoourager, cheerer. 

AlentAr, tn. To breathc-^o. To encourage. 

Alepin, tm. Bombasin. 

Aldrce, tm. Larcb-treei 

Aldro. 9m. The projecting part of a roof; 
gable end; caves.— ^ Snares for par> 

Aldrta, 9m^ (MIL) Alert, watch-word. 
Aldrta, Alertamente, ad. Vigilantly, care- 
ftilly. EtUar al&ria. To bo on the watch. 


AlertAr, «a. To render vigilant^ to pat on* 
on bis guard, watchAiL 

A16rta ta, a. Vigilant, alert, guarded. 

Alefluado, da, a. Awl-shaped. 

Alota, ^ A small wing; nu of a fish. 

Alet^da, ^. Flapping of the wings. 

Aletargddo, da, a. Lethargic, morbidlj 

Aletaigarae, vr. To fkll into a lethargy. 

Alet^o, «m. Stroke of the wing. 

Aleteddo, da, a. Finlike, finned. 

Aletear, m« To fiutter, flit 

Alet^, wn. Fluttering. 

A16to, 9m. The Peruvian Moon. 

Alot6n, 9m. angm. A largo wln& 

Aletria, mt,. VcrmicellL 

AI6ve, a. Trcwcherons, perfidloos. 

Alev^sa, tf. Tumor under the tongue. 

Alevosamdnte, ad. Treacherously. 

Alevosia, ^ Perfidy, treachery. 

Alevoeo, sa, a. IVeacherona. [dotal. 

Alexifmnaco, ca, AIexit6rico, ca, a. Ajitl- 

Alftbega, (f. Bweet-basil. 

AUhbdUcamdnte, ad. Alphabetically. 

AUkbdtico, ca, a. Alphabetical. [bet 

Allkbetista, «m. One that studies the alpha- 

Alfitb^to, 9m. Alphabet 

Alikdia, ^ Bribe. 

Alfbgia, ^. Wood for windows. 

AUkhdr, 9m. Pottery. 

AUkbar^ro, vm. Potter. 

Alflthareria, V. A^fiir^ Alfarerka. 

Alfid6r, 9m. Paste of almonds, raisins, ^bc 

AUalfifc. if. Alfalfe, 9m. Lu(»m. 

Alfklfiil, AUklfiir, 9m, Lucem-field. 

AlfAna, fif. A strong and spirited horse. 

Alikn^qne, mk The white eagle; tent or 

Alfinge, 9m. Hanger, cutlass. [booth. 

Alftmg^te, 9m. dim. A small cutlass. 

Alfamazo, 9m. A cutlass-wound. [cntlasSb 

AliSu^6n, 9m>. aumn. A largo hanger or 

AKksJonAzo, 0m. A cut with a large hanger. 

Alffique, 9m. a shoal or bar. 

Alfib-, 9m. Pottery. 

Alttr, vn. To raise the forehead too much. 

Alfliraz, 9. Moorish horseman. 

Alfarda, ^. Duty paid for irrigation, [duty. 

AUkrddro, »». A collector of the irrlgatton 

AlfardilUs ^ Galloon. [landB. 

AI&rd6n, 9m. Hoop; duty for watering 

Allhreria, tf. Pottery; potter's trade. 

Alfarcro, 9m. A potter. 

Alfiirge, 9m. The lower stone of an oll-mlll; 
carved celling. [dows. 

Allkrgia, tf. A piece of wood to make win- 

Alf&rma, }{f. Wild rue. [or window. 

Alfeiz/ir. 9m. The inside aperture of a door 

Alfefiidur, txt To ice with sugar. 

Alfofiicirse, w. To afl'ect peculiar delicacy. 

Alfenlque, «mw Paste made with claxIflM 
sugar; a person of a delicate complexion. 

Alferecus^ Epilepsy; an ensign's commis- 
sion, [ensign of the town. 

Alfljrez,«mv Ensign. .^^igraB rea^. The chief 

Alficdz, 9m. The serpent cucumber. 

Alfil. 9m. Bishop in the game of cheas. 

Alfiler, «m. A pm. Ayttere9 d^ ga/ncko 6 
dapelCf Hair-pins. Al/U9r€9y Pin-money. 

Alfiler&EO, 9m. Prick of a pin ; a large pin. 

Alfll^te, Alfllet6to, mi. Paste of coarse floor. 

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Alfilet^ro, ant. Pin-case^ nee(lIe-<»so. 
AUbli, 9m. Oranaiy; magazine of salt 
Alfolicro, AIfoHn<}ro, an. Keeper of a gnm- 

ary or masazine. 
Atf5mbra, nf. Floor-carpet 
Alfoinbrar, va. To carpet 
Alfombraza, »/. mtgrn. A lar^ carpet 
Allbmbrero, ra, 9, Carnci-makcr. 
AUbmbrilla, tf. A small carpet; scarlatina. 
Alf6nci|^, rnn, Pistachia [other. 

AUbnaearse, rr. (Low) To Joke with each 
Alfonsi, «m. A maravedL 
Alfonaigo, 9m. Pistachio. rDdefonso. 

Alfonsm, no, na, a. Belonging to AJphonso or 
AKbnana, ^f. DLscoaaionA in the Alphonaine 

chapel in Alcaic. 
A1l6ija, Iff. 8add1c-bag, portmanteau. 
Alfoij^ro, «m. Maker or seller of saddlo-bags ; 

a lay-brother who begs alma. 
Alf&rza, tf. A plait a tuck. 
Alftonitro. «m. Bpume of saltpetrei 

Alga, 9f. 8ea-wec(L 
Al^o: ' " 

^, donera, «;! (Bot) Cudweed. 
Algdida, «/f Sidge of shifting sand. 
Algaido, da, a. Thatched, covered with straw. 
Algal^ba, nf. White briony, wild hops. 
Algdlia, 9f. CiTet a perfbme; catheter. 
Algira, tf. The pellicle of an egg ; a foraging 

narty of cavalry. 
AJgarabSa, */. The Arabic tongue; gabble, 

fargon. (Bot) Centaury. 
Algardda, >f. A load cry; sudden attack. 
Algar^ro, ra, a. Pradns:; talkative. 
AlgarrAda, t(f. Driving Dulls into the pen. 
Algsrroba, if. The smooth-podded tare. 
A]garrob41, 9m. Ground planted with carob- 

Algarrob^ra« AIgarr6bo, s. (Bot) Carob-treo. 
Algazira,^ Huzza; the shout of a multitude. 
Algazul, 9m, A plant 
Al^b^na, «r An earthen Jug. 
A'l^ebra, tf. Algebra; Joint-setting. 
Alffcbruia, 9m. Algebraist; a bone-setter. 
Algo, pro. Somewhat, something, aught 
A1go, ad. Somewhat; in a manner; prop- 

orty, Ikculty. 
Algodon, 9m. Cotton. 
AlgodonMo, da, a. Filled with cotton. 
Algodon&l, »wk A cotton-plantation. 
Algodon^ro, 9m. The cotton-tr«e ; dealer in 

cotton, a cotton broker. 
Aigorin, 9m^ (Prov.) A place in oH-mills for 

receiving the olives. [numbers. 

Algoritmo, «m. Algorithm, the science of 
Alg6io^sa, a. Weedy, fWl of sea-weeds. 
Aljfuaal, 9m. Constable, a police-officer. 
Algnacilazgo, 9m. The place or office of an 

alffuadL [flour-miU bucket 

Alguarin, 9m. (Prov.) Store-room, pantry; 
A'lguien, pro. Somebody, some one. 
Algun, pro. Alffun tiempo. Sometime. At- 

ffun, tanto, A little, somewhat 
Alguno, na, a. Some person, something, any 

one; sometimes, now and then. 
Alhdbega, ^ Sweet basil. 
Alhadida, fff. Saffron of burnt copper. 
Alh^jft, »f. Jewel ; showy ornament 
Alhijiir, va. To adorn; fbmlsh. ilt up. 
Albam61, mk A beast of buroen ; porter, 



Alhandal, 9m. Colocynth apple. 
Alharica, 9f. Clamor, angry vociferation. 
A1haraqui6nto, ta, a. Noisy, clamorous, load. 
Alb^rgama, Alhdrma, {/CWiid rue. 
Alheii, ^. (iilliflower. [ing of com. 

Alh^na, af. Henna (plant or leaf); the blast- 
Alhcudr, co. To stain with henna.— rr. To 

grow smutty, mildewed. 
Aln6cigo, 9m. Pistachlo-troe. 
Alhoja, 9f. A small bird resembling a lark. 
Alh61va, ^ (Bot) Fenugreek. 
AIh6ndiga, ^ A public granary. 
Alhondigu^ro, «m. Qranary-keeper. 
Alh6rma, nf. Royal Moorisu tent 
Alh6rre, 9m. Eruption on the skin of infimtsi 
AIh66tigo, 9m. V. A^fmMgo. 
Alhoz, sm. Limit or lot of land. 
A]huc6ma, if. (Bot) Lavender. 
Aliabi6rto, ta, a. Ot)cn-wingcd. 
Aliaciin, «n. jaundice. 
AliacanMo, da, a. Jaundiced. 
Aliado, da, a. and 9. Ally; allied; leagued. 
Aliaga, ff. Furze ; heath, fern. 
Aliagiir, 9m. Place covered with ftarzo. 
Ali&nza, */! Alliance, league, coalition. 
Ali&ra, {/T A horn goblet 
Ali&rla, 9f. Oarlic hedge-mustard. 
Aliiirse, vr. To bo allied or leagued. 
A'liaa, ad. Alias; otherwise; by another 

Alica, if. dim, A small wing. 
A'lica, */. Pottage of wheat and pulse. 
Alicaido, da, a. Drooping; weak; low-eplr- 

Alicantara, if. A small venomous lizard. 
Aliciinte, 9m. A poisonous snake. 
Alicantina, if. Artifice, stratagem, cunning. 
Alicatiido, 9m, Work inlaid with Dutch tileai 
Alicites, Pincers; nlppersw 
Aliciente, 9m. Attraction, incitement, in- 
Alicionir, va. To teach, instruct 
Alicu4nta, a. Parte alicuaiUay Aliquant 
number. [ber. 

Alicu6ta, a. Parte alicuota. Aliquot num- 
Alld&da, Jf Quadrant [low. 

Alid6na, ^ Stone in the intestines of a swal- 
Alienar, va. To alienate. 
Alicnto, 9m. Breath; vigor of mind; smelL 
/ vr. ^,j^*^ y^ alUnU, from AUmtar.) 

rower ; a marine. [plaint 

L callous tumor ; chronic com- 

D polish, burnish. 

Dilation, luncheon. 

. Alligator. ([gcther. 

9m. Alligation; binding to- 

'o tie, unite ; oblige. 

:o, 9m. Alleviation ; lightening. 

To lighten ; alleviate ; hasten. 

One who lightens. Lanchon 

i lighter ; cotton-picker. 

an.) To l^hten ; to pick cotton 
^ .ku ...» ..and or with a gin. 
Al'O&r, 9m. Waste, stony ground, [vatlon. 
AlUarir, va. To divide waste lands for culti- 
AlUardro, 9m. Sharer of waste lands to cul- 
AlUari6go, ga, a. Bclating to waste lands. 
AIIjo, 9m. Lightening of a ship. 


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Alilln. ^f. A small wing: fin of a fish. 

Alimaua, ^ Animal which d&«troyB game. 

Alimentacidn, «/! Act of nourishing. 

AlimonUir, va. To feed, nourish, maintain. 

Aliment^io, Alimentista, a. One who eiyoys 
a maintenance. 

Allmenticio,' cia, a. Nutritious, nutritive. 

Alim<^«nto, «m. Nourishment, food; encour- 
agement — «. pU Allowance given to the 
heur of an entailed estate; alimony. 

Aliment6so, sa, a. Alimentary, nutritious. 

AlindiVdo, da, a. Affectedly nice, or elegant 

Alinddr, «<». To limit; embellish, adorn. 
AUnaarelganadc^ To drive cattle to the 

Allneaci6n, «m. Alllgning, laying out a line. 

Alinedr, aa. To lay out by line. Alinearse 
lo» 9oldado9^ To fall in. [ministrator. 

Alifiad6r, ra. «. Embellisher; executor, ad- 

Alindr, va. To embellish, arrange, adorn; 
to cook victuals. 

Alifio. «rt. Dress, ornament; apparatus. 

Alionm, »m. The blue-foatlicrcd duck. 

Aliquobrodo, da, a. Broken-winged; de- 
lected, [nisher. 

Altsador, tsl ». Polisher, smoother, bur- 

Ali8ad6ra, f[/. Planing, smootliing, polishing. 

Alisaduras, sf. pi. Shavings, cuttings. 

AlisAr, va. To plane, smooth, polish, mangle. 

Alis^, sm. Aliscda, sf. Phintation of alder^ 

Alisma, ^ (Bot) Watci^plantaln. 

Aliso, «m. (BotV Aider-tree, 

Alistildo, da, a. Enlisted; striped. 

Alistad6r. mu Accountant; cnroller. 

Alistamii'Uto, am. Enrolment, conscription. 

Alistar, wt. To enlist, enrol, recruit ; make 

Aliteraclon, fif. Alliteration. 

Aliviad6r, ra, «. A helper, assistant 

Alividr, f>a. To lighten, ease, alleviate, re- 
lieve; hasten. 

Alivio, am. Alleviation, ease; mitigation. 

AlJ&ba, ^. A quiver. [gogue. 

'q&ma, «/. An assembly of Moors; syna- 
hamia, i{f. Moorish name of the Spanish 
language ; synagogue, mosque. 

Ay arm, a/. A^^rfe^ am. A kind of net 

Allec6ro, m, a. Plasterer. 

Aljci, am. Crude gypsum, plaster of Paris. 

ApczAr, am. Gypsum-pit 

Ayezon, wu Gypsum, plaster of Paris. 

Aqibe, sm. A cistern. 

Aijib6ro, «». Cistern-keeper. 

AlJiml6rado, a. Shaved, trimmed. 

Auofaina, a/. An earthen Jng; a basin. 

Au6far, am. A misshapen pearl ; dew-drop& 

AQofarAdo, da, a. Full oriitUe drops. 

Aljofardr, va. To adorn with pearls ; imitate 

Atjofifa, a/. A mop for floorai 

AHofifur, va. to rub with a cloth, to mop. 

AQoi^e, am. Bird-lime. 

AUonjera, af. Low corline thistle. 

Atjot\joli, am. Sesame, bcneseed. 

Aljor, am. Crude gyp-um. 

Amtba, */ A MooriKh vest 

An^, ad. There; thither; formerly. 

AUanad6r, am. Leveller; goldbeater's paper. 

• " ii6nto, am. Levelling; afljabUlty. 


Allan&r, va. To level, flatten ; remove diffi- 

Allariz, am. A sort of linen. 

Allegadizo, za, a. Collected without cbofMu 

Ailogado, da, a. Near, coi\}nnct 

Allcgador, ra, a. Gatherer, collector, hoftriler. 

Allegados, atn. pi. Friends, allies. 

Allogamicnto, am. Collecting, uniting. 

Allegdr. va. To gather, unite ; draw near. 

Alii, ad. There. De alll, Thence. 

A'llo, am^ Macaw. 

Alloza, af. Agreen almond. 

A116zo, am. The wild almond-tree^ 

Alludol, am. Earthen water-pipe. 

Al'ma, af. Soul; human being; mind; spirit 
JIabUr al alma^ To speak plainly. 

Almac^-n, am^ Storehouse, warehouse; 
azine. Almac&n da agua^ A water-* 

Almacenige, am. Warehouse rent; storage^ 

Almacen/ir, v<i. To store, lay up, hoard. 

A]macen6ro, sm. Warehouse-keeper. 

Almacenista, 9. Seller of goods in a ^ 

Almdciga, trf. Mastic; a nursery of trees. 

Almaclgdr, va. To perfume with mastic 

Alm&cigo, am^ Plants for transphmting; 

Almacign6ro, ra. a. Relating to mastic. 

Alraad.ana, 6na. ina, af. A large hammer. 

AImad6n, am. Mine, mineral 

Almadia, iff. Canoe ; raft. 

Almadi^ro, am. A raft-pilot [brlckyarcL 

Almadraba, af. Tunny-flshery; tunny-net; 

Almadrabdro, «n. Tunny-flslier. [trww. 

Almadrdque, anu A auilted cushion ; a mat- 

Almadr^na, af. Wooden shoes or sabots. 

Almagan6ta, af. Very loj^ heavy hammer. 

Almagdsto, mn. The almagest 

AlmAgra. af. Red ochre. 

AlmagrAi, am. Place abounding In red ochre. 

Alniagr.dr. va. To color with red ochre; to 
draw blood. 

Alm^gre, am. Red ochre, red earth, red-lead, 

Alraaizdl, Almaiziir, am. A gauze veil; kind 
of shawl worn bv priests. 

Almi^idra, af. Mastic; seed-plot; nursery. 

Alm/ijo. am^ A plant |dar. 

Almanac, Alman&que, anK Almanac; oalen- 

Almanaqu6ro, am. Almanac-maker. 

Almandlna, ^f. Almandlna, inferior ruby. 

Almanguona. if. Red ochre. 

Almdnta, af. Space between rows of vines; 
ridge between two ftirrows. 

AlmarAda, ^ A triangular poniard. 

AlmArchBi af. A town on marshy ground. 

Almilrio, am. Press, closet 

Almaij&I, aTn. Plantation of glaaa-wott; 
marshy ground. 

Almdjjo, am. (Bot) Glass-wort 

Almiiro, am. (Bot) Common clary. 

Almarr^ee, am. pL Cotton-gins or pickers. 

Almarruja, Almarr&za, af. Sprinkling-bottle. 

AlmArta^a, AlmArtega, Alm&rUga, ^ Lith- 
arge; halter; massicot 

Alm^tiga, af. Mastic 

Almast1g4do, da, a. Contidning mastic 

Alraatr^'ro, am. One fishing with shad-netB. 

Almatriche, am^ A canal for irrigation. 

Alm&zara, af. Oil-mill. 

Alraazar6ro, arn. Oil-mlUer. 

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Alauzarrdn, sm. B«d ochre. 

Almaien, tm. Warehouse. 

Alinea, «/! The stor-hewied wnter-plantain ; 

AJmear, «nk A stack of hay, com, or straw. 

Almecina, ^ Fmit of the lote-tree. 

Almecino, am. Lote-tree. 

Almeja, ^. Muscle (shell-flsh). 

Almejia, ^. An old-feshioned dreaa 

Alm^lga^ ^f. A goide-fturow. 

AlmSna, ^ A turret on a fortress. 

Almen^o, am. Fortified with turrets. 

AimenMo, da« a. Embattled. 

Almenige, miw A series of turretai 

Almenir, va. To crown with turrets. 

Almenira, »/ A beacon-light; a channel 

Almtodra, Sf, Kernel ; an ahnond ; a ball of 

AfanendrAdaf rf. Almond mUk. 

Almcndrado, da, a. Almond-Iikeu 

Almendr&do, «. Macaroon, sweet biscuit 

AlmendrilfSiN.. A plantation of almond-trees. 

Almendrera, tf. AJmendrero, »m. \. Almerv- 
dro. [of almonds. 

Almendr^ro, ra, a. Plato almendrero^ A dish 

AJmendrilla, tf. AlmendriUas^ Almond- 
shaped ear-rings; almond-shaped fila 

Alm^ndns sm. Almond-tree. [almond. 

Almendrdn, Almendr6cOf am. A green 

AlmenSIIa, tf. A small turret; fringe. 

Ahnete, tnK A helmet; helmed soldier. 

Ahni6z, Alm^co, mn. The lote-tree. 

Alm^ tf. The fruit of the lote-tree. 

Almiar, wn. Hay-stack. [served fruit 

Afanibor, vm. Simple sirup. A Imihare*^ Pre- 

Almibartdo, da, a. Bolt, endearing; effcmi- 

Almibarir, ««. To preserve fruit In sirup. 

Almieantaradas, Almicantarit, tf. pL Alma- 
cantan; drclee parallel to the horizon. 

Almiddn, sm. Starch. 

AlmldonMo, da, a. Starched, stiff; precise. 

Almidonir, va. To starch, stUTen. [den. 

Alm||ar67o, <m. Porter in the mines of Alma- 

Almiiia, b/. An under waistcoat; military 

Anniranta, tf. Admiral's ship ; admiraPs wilb. 

Almirantttzgo, am. Board of admiralty; ad- 
miralty-court \te^ Kear-admiraL 

A1miTinte,M». Admiral. Uontra-almiran^ 

Almlrdz, «m. A brass mortar. 

Almizclir, «a« To perftime with musk. 

Almizcle, sm. Musk. 

Almlzclcfta, tf. Mufk-hTScinth. 

AlmizeteAo, na, a. Musky. 

Ahnlzcl^ra, tf. Ma»k-rat 

Afanizel^ro, ra, a. V. Alntiacleflo, 

Almo, ma, a. Support or maintenance ; ven- 
erable, holy, [of militia. 

Ahnocaden, em. The commander of a troop 

Almodkfre, am. A gardener's hoe. 

Almoc^da, tf. Impost on water for irrigation. 

Almocrite, am. Sal ammoniac 

.AImo<li, fm. Measure contiUning six bushels. 

Almodrdte, am. Hodge-podge; gallimanfry. 

Almofir, am. A part of ancient armor on the 

Almofia, af. An earthen vessel 

Almofr6x. am. A woollen bag; a seaman^ 
canvas bag. 


Almogiima, af. (Nau.) The stern-post 

Almogarabe^ Almogavar, am. An expert for* 
ager. AUnoffdwtrea, Light troops^ 

Almohdda, «/ Pillow or bolster, cushion. 

Almohadilla, »/. A small pillow; working- 
case ; sewing cushion. 

Almobadillido, da, a. Cushion-shape. 

AlmohadtiUf rniK avffm. A large cushion. 

Almob^tre, AlmoJAtre, «m. SiU ammoniac. 

Almoh^iza, af. Curry-comb. 

Almobazado, da, a. Carried. 

Almohazaddr, am. A groom. 

Almohazir, va. To curry with a curry-comb. 

Almqiiibana, af. Cake of cheese and flour. 

AlmojarifBdgo, Almojarifiizgo,«*n. Import or 
export duty. [officer. 

Almojarife, am. Tax-gatherer ; custom-house 

Alm6na, af. Soap-factory ; shad-fishery. 

Alm6ndiga, Almondiguilui, af. Forced meat 
with esga. 

Almon^do, af. An auction, public sale. 

Almonedear, «a. To sell by auction. 

Alroorndfix, am. (Bot) Sweet maijoram, 

Almori, Almuri, am^ A sweetmeat or cake. 

Almoronia, af. A dish of cucumbers, toma- 
toea, pumpkins, etc 

Almorrunas, af. pi. Piles. 

Almorr^fa, a^A mosaic fioor, pavement 

Alm6rta, af. (Bot) Blue vetch. 

AlmorzAfcIo, »f. A double-handftil of grain. 

Almorzido, da, a. One who has breakfasted. 

Alraorzad6r, am. Brcakfast-cantine. 

Almorz£r, ra. To breakfiist [inessureSb 

Almotacon, am^ Inspector of weights and 

Almotacen&zgo, am. Inspectorship, clerk- 
ship of the market [Moors. 

Almoscdrabe, am. A Christian subject to tho 

Alm6d, ant. A dry measure equal to the 
twelfth part of ufanegfu 

Almnd.Ma, af. Ground taking half a /bfi^^a 
of seed. [bushels. 

Almudi, Almudin. am. Public granary; six 

Almui^rdago, am. bird-lime. 

Almu6rza, af. A double-handfhl of grain. 

Almu^rzo, am. Breakfast 

Almutaziife, am. Inspector of weights. 

AlnAdo^ da, a. A step-child. 

Aloaria, af. A sort or vault, cellar. 

Alobadddo, da, a. Bit by a wolf; morbid 
swellings. [a wolil 

Alobunadillo, Ila, a. Somewhat resembling 

AlobunMo, da, a. Bosemblinga wolf in color. 

Alocadam6nte, ad. K&shly. 

Alocddo. da, a. Foolish, half-witted ; wild. 

Alocncion, tf. Allocution ; address. 

Alodi&l, a. (Law) Allodial ; independent 

A1V>dio, am. A possession not held by tenura 

AMe, am. Aloes-tree ; aloes. 

A16Ja, tf. Mctheglin. 

Alojami^nto, rnn. Lodging. (Nan.) Steorago. 

AloWr, <ca. To lodge, let lodgings. 

Alojeria, af. A place where methegUn is sold. 

Aloj6ro, am. Seller of methegUn ; a box near 
the pit 

Alomfido, da, a. Having a curved back. 

Alom&r, va. To distribute equally the load 
on a horse. 

Alon, am. Tho plucked wing of a fowl 

AMn I interj. (French aliona) Let us gru. 

Alohdra, 4^ A lark. 


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AlongEd^ro, a. Dilatoir. 
AloDgamlento, 9m. Delay. 
Aloiie4r, va. To onlargc, extend. 
Alopecia, sf. Alopecia, falling of the batr. 
Alopi&do, da. Ow Ck>Qipo8ed of opium. 
A16qae, a. Clear wliito wine, or a mixture of 

rM and white. [bleached. 

Aloquin, am. A stone wall on which wax 1b 
AUiaa, 4/: Shad. 

A168na, f< Wormwood. [anchora 

AlotAr, «a. Alotar lot ancUUy To stow the 
Alot6n, am, Froit of the lote-tree. 
Alp&ca, mn, Faoo and liama^ a sheep of 

donth America. 
Alpad^ta, </! A piece of ohamoift-eUn. 
Alparg&ta, tf. Alpargate, wk A sort of 

hempen shoes or sandals. CompaKiA de 

la alparffota^ A set of ragamamnsL 
Alpargatddo, da, a. Wearing hempen sandals. 
Alpargate. «a. To make hempen sandals. 
Alparsateria, »/. A mannfactory of hempen 

sandals or shoes. Jsandals. 

AlpargoU^ro, 9n\A mannflictarer ofnempen 
Alpargatilla, ^f, A small hempen sandal ; a 

cheat [heap of olives. 

Alpechin, sm. Water which oozes fh)m a 
AJpiste,«iiK Canary-seed. Ouedurtealpiate^ 

To bo disappointed. [eggs, and honey. 
Alpist6U, Alpist^ra, ^. A cake made of flour, 
Alpistero, sm. A sieve for canary-seed. 
Alqueria, «/! A grange, farm-house. 
Alqu^rmea, mi. A sweetmeat; a celebrated 

confection. [olives. 

AIqa6rqae, »m. Place fbr laying the .bruised 
Alqu^z, 9m, A wine measure containing 12 

o&ntarat, [like a doak. 

Alqnlc^l, Alqnle^r. 9m. A Moorish garment 
Aiqniftil, 9m, (Min.) Alqulfou, or potter's ore. 
Alqniladizo, za, a. That which may be let 

or hired. 
Alqnilad6r, ra, 9. Coach-hiMT. 
Alquilamiento, 9m. Hiring or letting. 
Alqnili^, «a. To let, hire, rent [fhilts. 

Alquil&te, 9m. Duty on the sale of goods or 
Alqnil^r, 9m, Wages or hire; the act of 

hiring or letting. AlquUer ae una oobo^ 

House-rent [hired. 

AlqulMn, na, a. That which can be let or 
Alqnil6na, f^ A hired woman for day-work- 
Alqnimla, ^. Alchemy. 
Alqnimioo, ca, a, Belating to alchemy. 
Alquimlla, ^ (Bot) Ladies* mantle. 
Alqnimiata, 9m. Alchemist [women. 

Alquin&l, »m. A veil or head-dress for 
Alquit^ra, ^f. Alembic. 
Alqultarir, ta^ To distil. 
Alquitira, ^f. Gnm-tragacanth. 
Alqaitr^ 9m. Tar. 

Alqnitran^o, 9nK Tarpaulin, tarred doth. 
Alqnitran^, fNi« To tar. 
Alroded6r, ad. Around, on eyery side. 
Alrededdres, 9m. pL Environa 
Alr6ta, ^/T A very eoarae sort of tow. 
Alsine, 9m, ScoTpIon-grasa 
Alta, 9f. A lance: a roll of able soldiers. 
AltaoAque, 9m. Women*8 small work-basket 
Altabaquillo, 9m, Small bindweed. 
AItam6nte, ad. Highly. 
Altamis%«/. Mug-wort 


Altaneria, 9/. Towering flight of birds ; hawk- 
ing; haughtiness. 

AItan6ro, ra, a. Soaring, towering; baiubty. 

Altiir, sm. AJtar; communion table. AUar 
de dnima^ A privileged altar. [fbasts^ 

Altarero, 9m. Adorner of altars for great 

Alt«^a, fff. (Bot) Miirsh-mallow. 

Alterabilidi&d, »/. Mutability, changeable 

Alterable, a. Changeable, alterable. 

Alteraci6n, «/ Alteration; strong emotion; 
disturbance, tumult commotion. 

AlterAdo, da, a. Alterative, medioated. 

Alterad6r, ra, 9, Alterer. 

Alterdnte, pa, (Med.) AlteraUve. 

AlterAr, va. To alter, change; distnrbi stir 
up.— rr. To fling. 

Alterativo, Ta. a. Alterative. 

Altercacidn, Alterc4do^ 9, A controreny; 
contest, strife. [tender. 

Altercad6r, ra, 9, Quarreler, disputer, oon- 

Alterc&r, va. To contend, dispute, quarrel 

Alternacidn, 9f, Alternation. 

Alternir. va. To alternate, changa 

Altemativa, ^, Alternative, option, ehoioeu 

Altemativam^nte, ad. AlternatlTely. 

Altemativo, va, a. Alternate^ 

Alt^ruo, na, a. Alternate. 

Altcrr^lna, 9f. Sweet milfoil. 

Alt^ V^ Height; highness; elevation. 

Altib^o, 9m, A tlirust in fencing.—^ Un- 
even ground; vicissitudes. 

Alt&Uo, Ua, a. dim. Somewhat high. 

Altillo, 9m. dim. A hiUock. 

Altilocu6ncia, ^ High-sounding words. 

Alttlocu6nte, a. Pompous language. 

Altimetria, t*/ Measuring altitudes or hoighta. 

Altimetro, ti«, a. Belating to altimetzy. 

AltL<!imo, ma, a. avgm, Verr lofty. 

Altisimo, 9m, The Most High, God. 

Altlsmotria, «/! The measure of a height 

AltisonAnte, Altisono, na, a. High-eoundlng. 

Altiton4nte!a. Thundering, fulminant 

Altit^d, 9f. Height summit, altitude 

Altivamdnte, aO, Highly, loftily. 

Altiv^z, ^ Haughtiness, arrogance, urido. 

Altivo, va, a. Haughty, prouo, lofty; high- 

A'lto, ta, a. High, elevated. Alia mar, 
CSm.) High tide; tall ; arduous; eminent 

A'lto, am. Height; story; high ground. 

A'lto, inl Alio ahi, Stop there. Alto <fe 
aqui. Move ofll 

A'lto, ad. Loud; high. J>9 lo alto^ From 
above. Se ma paad por aUo, I forgot 
Por alto, By stealth. 

Altram6z, mi. (Bot) Lupine. AUramucea, 
Voting black halls. 

Altera, ^. Height, loftiness; summit; alti- 
tude. (Kau.) The latitude. AUuraa, 
The heavens. [bring under the lee. 

Alu^ or Tomdr por la lua, «». (Nau.) To 

Aliibia, Iff. French bean, kidney bean. 

AJucinaci6n, ^ AlucinamiSnto, am, Halla- 

Alucinir, va. To deceive, fascinate, delude. 

Alnc6n, am. (Ora.) Aluco owL 

A16da. ^f. Winged emmet kind of aat 

Alud6i, am. Subliming pots. 

Aludir, vn. To allude, refer to. [tanoti 

Alufr^, va. To discover, disoem at a dji^ 

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AlnmbridOk da, a. Alnminoos; fiiutered 
with wine. 

Alnmbrido, mK Illiimiiiatioii. Alumbra^ 
doc, lUnxninatl, a soot 

Almnonddr, rm, a Light-miui, link-bo^. 

Alambnmtento, «n. Illamiiuttion ; Illusion ; 

Almnbrir, to. To Ught; enliffhten, instraci 

Aliimbre, «»k Alum. Aluiwrs eatitto^ Al- 
kali ^^Min^rtf <{0 roMwiM, Salt of tartar. 

Alnmbr^nL «^ Almn-miike. Alumbrera 
artUtciai, AIiim-work& 

Alftmina, 4^ Alamina or alnmine. 

Alfimlnido, da, a. Mixed with alum. 

AinminAui, sa, o. Aliiminoiu. 

Alamno, na, «l Foster-child ; papil, alomniUL 

Alnnido, da, a. Lanatic ; spasmodic ; tainted. 

Alnai^ 4/r An allusion, a hint. 

AlnsiTo, va, a. AllnsiTeu 

AloctrAr, wk To give lustre. 

Alatacidn, ^ Btratom ofgrahis of gold. 

AluTiil, a. Allavtal. 

AhiTioo, 4< Allavloii. 

AlTe4rlo, am^ The inner c«v\ty of the ear. 

ATreoi, am. Bed of a ri^er; source. 

AWeoIo, am. Alveoles or socket of the tooth. 

AW6ija, Alveijina, ^ Common vetch or 

Alvidrlir, «a. To claze earthen-ware, eloss. 

Alvino, iia» cl Alvme, relating to the Dow- 
ela, griping. 

Alaa^ 9f. Adyanee in price. Alaa y h<nf€k, or 
eaida ds lot ffmaoa publieoa. The rise 
and &n of public stocks Hinen. 

Alxacn^llQ, 9m. A black collar bound with 

AhEida, ^ A town, Tillage, Ac, situated on 
an eminence; l^>peal. Jum de alaadas^ 
A Judge of appealsL 

AJzado, am. A plan of a building. AUadot^ 
Spare stores. — a. Fraudulent 

AlzadAra, f^ ElevaUon. 

Alzamidnto, wm. The aet of IlAing or raising 
up; outbidding. 

AliafMflo, mn. A book to &sten a curtain. 

Alaqjiima, «C A lerer; fulcrum. Dar al' 
•oprim^ To deceive, ruin by artifice. 

Alniprimir, «a. To raise with a lever. 

Akapu^rtaa, am. A player who acts only 
the part of a dumb servant 

Akir, «a» To raise, lift up, erect; repeal a 
deove; carry off; hide; cut the cardsi 
AUmr edb^MOy To recover flrom a calam- 
ity or diseascL Alaar d^ obra. To cease 
working. AUar ds eras. To finish bar- 
Testing. AharJtgurck.*To assume an air 
of importance. Alaar la ca^a. To quit a 
house. Altar veku^ To set the sails; 
move oflL — w. To rise In rebellion : make 
a f^ndulent bankruptcy; appeal Al- 
warae eon H dinero^ To run away with 
the money. AUarae d tnayorea^ To be 
petulant Alaaraa eon alffo^ to appro- 
priate to ono*s Belt 

A ma, ^f. Mistress of the house. Ama dt 
Uavta ot ds ffohiemo, A housekeeper. 
Anui d* ledie^ Nurse. 

AmabiUdAd, «/. Amiability. 

Amible, a. Amiable, pleasing. 

Amablem^nte, ad. Amiably. 

Amaoftna, ^, Damson plum. 

Amacollirse, vr. To throw out shoots 

Amador, ra, a. A lover, a sweetheart 

Amadriada, sf. Ilamadryad, a wood nymph. 

Amadrigarse, rr. To burrow ; live retired. 

Amadrinar, va. To couple, yoke together. 

Amadronado, da, a. Kesembling strawber- 

Amaestr&do, da, a. Taught, tutored. 

Amaestrad&ra, sf. Artifice, cunning. 

Amaestrfir, ta. To Instruct, break in. 

Amag&rtVO. To threaten; have some symp- 
toms of a disease; manifost a de^e. — 
vr. (Prov.) To stoop. 

Am&go, ami. The act of threatening; doing 
or saying something ; symptom of disease ; 
squeamishnesa. [damp. 

Amain^. vo. To lower the sails; relax; 

Amaltlnar, i>a. To observe attentively. 

AmaiaAir, vn. To seek shelter in a sheep- 
fold ; pen up sheep. 

Amalg&ma, ii/f Amalgam. 

Amalgamaclon, a^ Amalgamation. 

Amalgamdr, imx. To amalgamate. 

Amamantdr, wk To nurse, give suck. 

Amamblnoda, af A sort of cotton stuff. 

AmancebMo, oa, a. Attached, excessively 

Amancebamltoto, am. Concubinage. 

Amancebdrse, vr. To live in concubinage. 

Amancillir, ixt To stain, pollute ; offend, 

Amaneoto, vn. To dawn; arrive at break of 
day. Al amanecer^ At the break of day. 

AmanerMo, da, a. Painted in an unvaried 

Amanojdr. «a. To gather by handftal& 

Amansaddr, ra, a. Tamer; soother, breaker. 

Amansamlento, am. Taming. [pacify. 

Amans&r, to. To tame, domesticate; soften, 

Amantir, wu To cover with a garment 

Amdnte,jpa. and a. Loving; lover, sweet- 

Amantilldr, wi. (Nau.) To top the lifts. 

AmantUlo, am. (Nan.) lift of the yard. 

Amanudnse, am. Amanuensis, clerk. 

Amafi&r, imi. To do a thing cleverly.— «r. 
To be handy. 

Amdfio, am. Means of doing a thing.— «. pk 
Tools or Iniplements; intrigoe. 

Amap61a, «/ Poppy, papaver. 

Am&r, tw^To love, like, ihncy. 

Amaradno, a. Ungikento amaraeinOy Mar- 
joram ointment 

Amardoo, Sweet maijorauL 

Amardnto, am. (Bot) Amaranth. 

Amai^ado, da, a. Embittered. 

Amarga]q)a, af. The bitter or wild plum. 

Amargam6nte, ad. Bitterly. 

Amargdr, vo. To make bitter; offend.^«fi. 
To be bitter or acrid. 

Am&rgo, ga, a. Bitter; painfhl. 

Amdrgo, am. Sweetmeat of bitter almondfli 
—pi Bitters. 

AmargAn, am. Dandelion. 

Amarg6r, am. Bitterness; sorrow, vexation. 

Amarg6so, sa. a. Bitter, palnftil. 

Amargulllo, ita, a. dim^ Somewhat bitter. 

Amarg^ra, af. Bitterness, acerbity, sorrow. 

Amarfcddo, da, a, (Coll.) Effeminate. 

Amarilldzo, za, o. Of a pale yellow color. 

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Amarllle^, vn. To Incline to yellow. 
Amarillojojii, a. dim. Yellowish. 
AmarlUcnto, ta, a. Inclining: to yellow. 
Amarill^z, «/ The yellow color of the body. 
Amarillo, 11a, a. Yellow. 
Amarillo, am. Jaandico. 
Amariposado, da. a, Papillonaceons. 
AmiPro, wik (Bot.) Cooamon Claris. [Belay. 
Amibra, »f. A cable; martingaie^—inter^. 
Amarradero, 9)n. A post to make fkstto; 

Amarriir, va. To tie, fiistcn, moor. 
Amarraz4^nes, 8m, pL (San.) Ground-tackle. 
AmartcUr, va. To court, make love, woo. 
Amartilliir, ta. To hammer, knock In; cock 

a gun. 
Amasadera, «/ A kneading-trough. 
Amaaad6r, ra, s. Kneader. 
Amasadura, »/. Act of kneading. [Joining. 
Amasami^nto, «m. The act of tiniting or 
Amas4r, ca. To knead; mould; arrange 

matters well. [agreement 

Amas^o, 9m. Dongh; a medley; plotting 
Amatista, ^ Amctliyst 
Amat^rio, ria, a. Amatory. 
Amatiria, mi. A kind of Indian linen. 
Amayorazgado, da, a. Entailed. 

Amaz6na, sf. An amazon; a masculine 

woman, virago. [different colors. 

Amazorcado, da, a. Flowers terminating in 

Amb&ge^ «fn. pi. Circuit; circumlocution. 

Ambagioso, sa, a. Ambiguous, doubtfuL 

A'mbar, sm. Amber. A'tnbar grU, Amber- 

A'mbara, 9m. fichth.) Ambor-flsh. 

Ambariba, «/ (Bot) Bweet centaury. 

Ambarilla, ^ (Bot) Amber-seod, liiblflcoB. 

Ambarino, na, a. Itelatlng to amber. 

Ambici6n, «/ Ambition ; covetousness. 

Ambicionur, «<z. To pursue with anxiety, 

Ambicio8am6nte, ad. Amoltloua ; highly. 

Ambici6so, sa, a. Ambitious; covetous; 
high-minded; greedy. [dealing. 

Ambldtotro, tra, a. Ambidextrous; donble- 

AmblgO, 9m. Ambigu, a medley of cold and 
warm dishes sensed all at once. 

Amblguamonte, ad. Ambiguously. 

Ambigued&d, 9f. Ambiguity, doubt 

Ambiguo, gna, a. Ambiguous. [pass. 

A'mbito, 9m. Circuit, clrcumfrrencc, com- 

Amblra. «iu A short, thick wax-candle. 

Ambllgduio, 9m. A fl^o with an obtuse 
angle. V. TriAnipuo. 

Arobliopia, »f. A disease of the eyes. 

A'mbo, «m. Combination of two numbers. 

A'mbos, baa, pro. Both. A'mbos or A'mha9 
A do9y Both together. 

Ambracin, 9m^ A sea-fish of enormous size. 

Ambrosia, 9f. Ambrosia. An^nnma cam- 
p99tiy\ Buckthorn. png. 

Ambul&nte, a. Ambulatory, fickle, waver- 

Ambnlativo, va, a. Roving, wandering. 

Ameb^ bea, a. Amebean, dialogue in verse. 

Amedrontador, ra, 9. Ttireatener, discoura- 
ger. — a. Terrifying. [discourage. 

Amedrentir, i^i. To fHghten; threaten, 

Am6lga, ^f. A ridge betwoien two ftirrows. 

Amelg&do, 9m. A little hillock to mark a 


Amclg^, va. To fbrrow ; mark boandaiieiL 

Amulo, 9m. (Bot) Golden star- wort 

Amelonado, da, a. Shaped like a melon. 

Amen, «m« Amen, 9o be it Voto de amen^ 
A partial vote. 

Amendza, ^ A threat, menaca 

Amenazador, ra, «. Threatener, menacer. 

Amenaziinte, pa. Threatening. 

Amenaz&r, va. To threaten, menace 

Amenidad, ^ Amenitv, agreeablenoss. 

Amcniz^, to. To render pleasant or agree- 
able, [elegant 

Am6no. na, a. Pleasant, delicious; florid, 

Amentftceo, cea, a. (Bot) Amentaceoa& 

Am^nto, 9m>. (Bot) Ament, amentum. 

Amtos, 9m. Boyal cummin, bishop's weed. 

AmerAr, ta. To mix wine with water. 

Amerdrse, vr. To soak or enter gTaduaUy 

Ametal&do, da, a^ Having the color of brass. 

Ametista, «/^ Ametlsto, sm. Amethyst 

Ami, 9m. Boval cummin, bishop^ weed. 

A'mla, ^ A large sea-fish. 

Amiunto, am, Amidnta, «/? Amianthus. 

Amiclsimo, ma, a. 9up. Most friendly. 

Amiunto, 9m. A helmet-strap. 

Amiga, iif. A school for girls; mistress. 

Amignble, a. Friendly ; fit, suitable. 

Amigablemente, ad. Amicably. 

Amigo, ga, «. A fVlend ; comrade ; lover. 

Amigo, ga, a. Kindly, friendly, flivorablv. 

Amilanamionto, 9m. Snlrltlessnesa, timidity. 

Amilandr, tMZ. To frighten, terrify, crush. — 
vr. To flag, grow delected. 

Amillaramiento, «m. AsscsMnent of a tax. 

Amillar^r, va. To asiiess a tax. 

Amillon&do, da, a. Liable to pay a tax: 

Animdr, ta. To wheedle, flatter, coax. 

Amistiid, (\f. Amity, fHendship ; gallantry; 
civility. [flivor. 

Amistar, ta. and r. To reconcile, restore to 

Amistosam^nte, ad. Friendly. 

Amisti)eo, sa. a. Friendly, amicable, cordiaL 

Amito, «7i» Amice. 

Amnlstia, ^ An amnesty. [overseer. 

A'mo, sm. Master of a house; proprietor; 

Amotiita, t^. A homed serpent 

AmodorrAdo, da, a. Heavy with sleep. 

Amo<lorr/ir6e, tr. To be drowsy. 

Amodorrido, da, a. V. Amodorrado. 

Amogot&do, da, a. Steep with a flat crown. 

Amonec^-rse, tr. To grow mouldy or rusty. 

Amohln^r, ta. To irritate. 

Amqjam&do, da, <t Dry and clean. 

Amdonador. 9m. A setter of limita 

Amqionamidnto. «m. Setting land-mark&. 

Amcjlondr, ta. To set land-marks. 

Amolad^ra, nf. Whetstone, grindstone. 

Amo1ad6r, «m. Grinder, whctter. 

Amolad^ra, 9f. Whetting or grinding. 

Amolar, va. To whet, grind, or sharpen. 

Amoldad6r, 9m. A moulder. [Jnst 

Amoldar. ta. To mould, fiishion, figure : ad- 

Amollador, ra, t. One who lots an Inferior 
card win. [card. 

AmollAr. ta. To ease off; to play an inferior 

AmolIetAdo, da, a. Shaped like a loaf. 

Am6mo, 9m. (Bot) Grain of paradise. 

Amondongftdo, da, a. (ColL) Sallow, ooarsd. 

Amoned&r, ta. To coin. 

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AmoiMstaddii, vf, Adrioe, admonitioii, warn- 
ii^; marriage ban. [i^her. 

Amonestador, ra, a. A monitor, an admon- 

Amonestir, «a. To adviae, admoniah; cor- 

Amoniacoi, avTL. Ammoniac 

Amoatane, er. To flv to the monntalna. 

Amontonad6r. ra, a. Heaper, accamulator. 

Amontonamicnto, am. Acoumnlating, hoard* 
ing. gathering: 

Amontonir, v& To heap up, aocnmnlate, 
gather, hoard ; gioapb--«r. To fly into a 

Am6r, on* Lore, tenderness, aflbctton, 
&n<7. Amor nno or mU amores. Sea- 
daffodil AmordsAortelanOiQoose-gnen, 
Al amor ds la lumbt^ Close to the fire. 
Amorprooio^ Self-love.— ^2)2. Gallantry ; 
amoanw ^ ynil Ofnortfa, a& with all my 

Amoratado, da, Ck Livid. [heart 

Amorcillo, nn. dim. Sli^t love, Undneas. 

Amores, or Amores mil, am. Red valeriaa 

Amoric6nea» »m. pL Love-looksL 

Amorio, am. Friendship. 

Amoriac&do, da, a. Besembllng the Moors. 

Amormidov da, a. Hones having the gland- 

AmoroBamSnte, ad. Lovingly. fplMsing. 

Amoroeo, ea, a. Affectionate, kind, loving, 

Amorrdr. vn. To bold down the head. 

Amort^ar, va. To ahroud a corpse. 

AmortM^Tscw vr. To Ikint, be in a swoon. 

Amortecimiento, am. Swoon ; Minting. 

Amortlgiucion, ^ AmortlgaamiSnto, am. 

Amortlgoitr, va. To mortify. [property. 

Amortlzaelon, «^ Mortmain; inalienable 

Amortiziir,«a. To render inalienable; entail 

AjQOscttT, eo. To flap flies. — or. To shake off 
the flies : irritate. 

Amoaqnilado, da, a. Tormented with fllea. 

Amoacachado, a. Wearing miutachea. 

AmostasEar, «a. To exasperate, provoke. — 
vr. To fly into a violent paasion. 

Amotlnddo, da, a. Mutinous, rebeUlona. — 
pp. otAtnotinar. 

Amotinad^r. ra, a. Mutineer. 

Amotinamiento, mn. Mutinv. 

Amotinibr, ro. To excite rebellion. — or. To 
riae i^lnat authority, revolt 

AmoT6r, co. To remove. [removed. 

A novibilldad, V^ The possibility of being 

Am >vible, a. Bemovableu 

Aiupara, a/T (Law) Distress; seizure. 

AmparadOT, ra, a. Protector; shelterer. 

Amporar, OA To shelter, protect, support, 
aasiet (Law)To5etza Amparar en la 
potetion (Law), To maintain in possession. 
— er. To claim or ei\joy protection. 
Ampiro, arow Favor, aid, protectioa 

Ampenta, ^f. Cannel-ooal 
AmpllaeI6n, ^ Enlargement. 
Ampliador, ra, & Amplifler, enlarger. 
AmpUam^te, ad. Amply, largely. 

Ampllir. va. To amplify, enlarge, 

Ampliativo, va, a. Amplifying. [tion. 

Aipptiftcaci6n, «/! Enlargement; ampnflca« 
Ampliflcaddr, ra, a. Amplifier, expatiator. 
Amplified, oo. To amplify, enlarge, extend. 
A'mpU<^ a. Ample, extensive; large. 


AmpHt6d, a/ Extent, { 

A'mpo. Whiteness. 

Ampulla, «/ A blister; vial; cruet 

Ampollar, oo. To blister; hollow.— or. To 

rise in bubbles. 
Ampollar, a. Besembllng a blister. 
AmpoUeta,«/.</imk A small vial; honr'glafl& 
Ampr^, on. To borrow. 
Amputaci6n, «/ Amputation. 
Amputir, on. To amputate^ 
Amuehachido, da, a. Boyish, chlldlsli. 
Amneblir, o& To Ihrnish. 
Amngamiento, mn. Setting of landmarkai 
Amugronaddr, ra, a. Trainer of vine-ahoota. 
AmmerAdo, da, a. Effeminate. 
Amuurse, or. To become sterile. 
AmnlatMo, da. <k A mulatto color. 
Amuleto, am.. An amulet [tlon. 

Amunidonir, oo. To supplv with ammnni- 
Amura, «/ Tack of a sail Cambiar la 

amura^ To stand on the other tack. 
Amur4das, »/. pL (Nan.) Pianka next tho 

Amurar, oo. To haul the tack aboard. 
Amurcar, oo. To gore with the horns. 
Am^roo, am. Blow or stroke with the honui 
Amnrill4r, ea. (Agr.) To earth up. 
AmAsco, a. Brown. 
Amnsg&r, oo. To throw back the ears. 
A'na, «/ An ell ; atmo ; a kind of fox ; equal 

Anabatista, Anabaptista, wk Anabaptist 
Anacarodo, da. a. Of a pearly white color. 
Anacardina, ^ Confection made of caabev- 

Anac&rdio, am. (Bbt) Caabew-trea 
Anacatiirtieo, ca, a. and a. Emetic 
Anaoor6ta, sm. An anchorite, a hermit 
Anacoretico. ca, a. Anchoretical 
Anac68ta, »f. A sort of woollen stnft 
Anacredntico, ca, & Anacreontic 
Anacroninno, am. Anachronism. 
A'nadc am. and/ Duck. 
Anadear, on. To waddle 
Anad(ja, af. dim. A ducklings 
Anadino, na, a. A young duck. 
Anad6n, am. Mallard-duck. 
AnadonciUo, am. dim. A grown duckling. 
Anal&ya, af. A kind of thick corded silk. 
AniUk, am. A portable fUmace or atove. 
An4fbra, »f. Anaphora, a figure in rhetoric 
Anag&lide, a/T Pimpernel 
Anagiris, «/ (Bot) Stinking bean-trelbU. 
Anaglifo, am. Vase or vessel with baaao re- 

Anag6ge, am. Anag6gia, af. Anagogica, 
Anag^Wioo, ca, (k AnagoglcaL 
Anagrama, af. An anagram. 
Anagramatizad6r, am. AnagFammatist 
Analdptlco, ca, a. (Med.) Analeptic, restora- 
Anal6psla, ^ Analepslsi 
An&les, am, pk Annals. 
An&lisiB, af. Analysis. 
Analista, am. Annalist 
Analiticam6nto, ad. Analytically. 
Analitico. ca, a. Analytical 
Analixador, am. Analyzer. 
Analiz&r, va. To analyze. 
An41ogam6nte, ocL Analogously. 

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Analogia, ^ Analt 

▲nal^glcamonte, c 

Analogloo, ca, An&logo, ga, a. AnalogoiUi 

Analogismo, tm. AntUofdtna 

An&na or Ananas, rnn. Plne-appIe. 

Anapolo, 9m, (Bot) WolfVbane. 

Anai>6sto, mm, Auapa>flt, a verM. 

Aiiapler6tico, ca, a, (Med.) Anaplerotia 

Anaqu^l, «m^ Shelf or board to put things on. 

Anarai^Ado, da, a. Orange-oolored. 

Anarqoia, iff. Anarchy. 

An&rquloo, ca, a. Anarchial, oonfUeed. 

AnaB&rca, sf. (Med.) Anasarca, a dropsy. 

Anascoto, 9m. A kind of sei^ 

Anastisia, »f, Mac-wort 

Ana8t6mosu, ^. Anastomosis. [words. 

Anastrofti, «m. Anastrophe, an InTorsion of 

An^«/Annata. jr«dla <iiui<a^ The half 

of the first yearns income. 
AnaUSma, t. Anathema, exeommmilcation. 
AnatomatizAr, va. To excommanlcata. 
Anatomia, ^f. Anatomy; skeleton. 
Anat<^m{oam6nte, ad. Anatomically. 
Anat^mioo, ca, a. Anatomical 
Anatomista, am. Anatomist 
AnatomizAr, «a. To anatomize, dissect 
A'nca, f^. The croup of a horse, hanncb. 
Ancikdo, 9m. (Contraction of the mosdea. 
Ancham6nto, ad. Widely, largely. 
Anch4rla, «/ The width of doth. 
AncbAta, tf. Venture. 
Anchic6rto, ta, a. Wider than long. 
A'Dcho, cha, a. Broad, lar^e. Poneraemtty 

oncAo, To look big. K/c/a ofioAa. A loose 

A'ncho, Ancbdr, am. Width. 
Anch6ii. Anchdva, «f. Anchovy. 
Anchndlo, la, a, dim. Bomewiiat wide. 
Anchfim, af. Width; latitude; laxity. A' 

mia anchwaa or d aua anehwaat At 

large, at AiU liberty. 
Anchur^eo, sa, a. Lwrge, spadooa, broad. 
AnchAsa, «/ (Bot) Alkanct [oldest 

Anclania, af. The Jurisdiction of the (bur 
Anclanidid, af. Old age; antiquity. 
Anitoo, na, a. Old. 
A'nda, i^. Anchor. 

Anclad6ro, am. Anchorage. [dues. 

Andiige, am. Anchoring-ground; ancborage- 
AncUr, -on. To anchor. 
Ancl6te, am. Stream-anchor, kodge. 
Andotillo, am. Kedge-anchor. 
Ano6n, Ancon4da, am. An open road, a bay. 
A'ncora, <^ Anchor. Echar dneoraa^ To 

east anchor. Lavar Ancoraa, To weigh 

anchor. Eatar an Ancoraa, To lie at 

Ancorige, am. Anchorage. 
Aiioordr, «a. To anchor. 
Ana6rca. f^ Yellow ochre. 
Ancorena, i(f. Anchor-ibrge. 
Ancor6ro, am. Ancbor-smitlL 
Ancftsa, ^ Common alkanet 
And&bata, a»tK A hood-winked gladiator. 
Andab6ba« «/! V. Parar. 
And&da, s^A tliin, hard-baked eakoi At^ 

<2d<iMi, Traces of game. 
Andaddraa, << pL Oo-carts. 
Andaddro^ n^ a. Of easy aooeiB. 
Andido, am. Step-eon. 


Andiklo, da, a. Beaten; worse fi>r qm^ 
threadbare; onstomary. 

Andad6r, ra, «. A good walker; messenger 
of a court (Nau.) A Ihst sailor; an in- 
ferior minister of Justice ; leading^etring; 
an alley in a garden. 

AndadAra, ^. Gait; pacing; ambla 

Anddlla, 4/! Sandal. [atlon. 

Andaluz.^da, 4^ Bullying, boasting; exagger- 

Andami/Ua, 4^ Scaffolding. [board. 

And&mio, am. ScaflTold : gait (Nau.) Oang- 

AndAna, ^ Row, tier, line. [mand. 

Andandda, ^. Broadside; reproof rcpri- 

Andanlfio, am. A kind of go-cart 

AndAnte, mi. (Mus.) Andante. [errantSk 

AndantMoo. ca, a. Belonging to knight- 

And&r, 1^a. To go, walk ; act, bonare ; elapse. 
Afuiar an cuarpo. To go abroad without 
a cloak or snrtout Andar por d4>cir or 
por haear una tfoaa^ To be determined to 
say or do a thing: Andar an earn^ or 
an ouaroa, To go stark naked. Andar an 
&iMfia«)«Mz, To keep the sails fiill. Andar 
todo^ To put up the helm. A* nu4or 
an<far, At best, at most A'paorandar, 
At worst A' maa andar^ In ftill speed. 
Andando al tiampo. In the lapse of tima. 

Andir, intai:). Well, never mind. Anda, 
Stand out of the wav. 

Andaruse, am. The wheel of a well. 

Andarlego, ga, a. Restless, of a roving turn. 

Andarin. am. A fast walker. Andar^nea, 
an Italian paste used for soups. 

Andario, am. The white wagtjul. 

AudorivAl, am. (Nau.) A girt-llne. 

A'ndas, ^ itA A bier wltli or without shafts. 

Andutis, af. A sort of china, china stoiC 

And6n, am, A shelf; the sidewalk. 

Anddro, am. A bicr-bearer. 

AndilA, am. Shoemaker's bnmishlnf stick. 

A'ndito, am. A gallery round a building. 

Anddla, af. An unmeanixig Jocular expletiveL 

Andolina, Andorina, af. The swallow. 

AndtSrga, ^f. IJLenar la andorga, To oat 

Andorina, if. (Nau.) A tmas. 

AndorreAr, va. To gad about 

Andorr6ra, af. Street-walker. 

Andorr6ro, am. A rover, rambler. [eweB. 

And6sco, ca, a. Two years old: applied to 

AndrAjo, am. Rag of worn clothes. JIacar 
andrajoa^ To tear to rags. 

Andn^osam6nte, ad. Raggedly. 

Andnddso, sa, a. Rasged. [men. 

Andriana, af. A kind of gown worn by wo- 


Andrlno, am. Sloe-tree, black thorn. 

Andr6glno, am. Hermaphrodite. 

AndnJmlna, if. (Oill.) Trick, fraud, arttflce. 

Androe^mo, am. Park-leaves. 

Androtomia, af. Dissection of hnman bodies 

Anduldriofl, am. pL A long wide gown. 

Andnldincia, ^f (0)11.) Occurrence, event 

And Alio. «m. Plug-toWco. 

Andnrrldlcs, am. pi. By-roads, retired pUcea. 

An^«/: (Bot) Cat's tail 

Aneage, am. Alnage, ell measnrei (cradla. 

AneAr, va. To measure by ells; rock In » 

Aneblir, to. To cloud, darken, obscurtc 

An6odoU, af. Anecdote. 

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AnegmciAn, »f. OTorflowlng inondatioiL 
Anegadizo, za, a. Liable to be overflowed. 
Aneg^o, da, ck Overflowed. JVoviO OfM- 

gc^ty, A water-logged ship. 
Aaegir, eo. To inundate, sabmeige. — vr. 

To be inundated. 
Anqjo, Ja, a. Annexed, Joined. 
An^o, mn. An annex, a benefice or church 

depending on another. 
Anemogrifia, %/. Anemography, the deflcrip- 

tion of the winds. 
Anemometiia, 8f, Anemometry, meaBuring 

the ftnroe of the winds. 
Anem^metro, mn. Anemometer, an instra- 

ment to measure the force of the wind. 
Am^mone. sf. Anemone or wind-flower. 
Anemoecopio, tan* Anemoscope, a machine 

to show the changes of the wind. 
Anepi^rafo, Ik, cu Medal, piece of honor. 
Anequin {k\ or de anequm, ad. Bo much a 

head (of sheep). 
Aneurisma, «/ Aneurism. 
Anex&r, co. To annex. Join. 
Anexidiidea. »f, pL Annexes. 
Anexi6n, »/. Annexion, union. 
Anexo, za, a. Annexed, Joined, united. 
Anribio, bia. a. Amphibious. 
Anfibologia, qf. Amphibology, ambiguity. 
AnflboKigicam6nte, ad. Amphibologically. 
Anflbol6gioo, ca, a. AmphibologicaC 
Anfibraco, tm. Amphibrach. 
Anrimacrov mn. Amphimaoer. 
Anfl6n. sm. Opium. 
Anfisbena, Anflsib6na, ef. Ampblsbena, a 

serpent with two heads. 
AnTiscioa, sm. pi. AmphisclL 
Anflte&tro, nfK Ampbltbeatre. 
AnAvctaoddid, if. Crookedness.—^ pi. 

Convolutions of the brain, [cruet-stands. 
Angarillaa, {/T pL Hand-barrow ; panniers ; 
Angarilldn, 9m. A large wicker basket; a 

large hand-barrow. 
Angwip^la, «/. Printed calico. Anffaripo- 

loM^ Gaudy ornaments. 
A'ngaro, sm. Signal fire, or smok& 
A'ncel, »nK Angel, spirit; a sort of fish. 

Manga <U dnget^ Sleeve of a coat plait- 
ed. A'ngti cu4todio or ds la guardcu, 

Guardian angel, protector. A'ngelpatu- 

dOy Nickname of a mnlicious person. 

0ab«Uo9 d^ Angel, A kind of sweetmeats. 
Angelica, ^. Garden Angelica. Angelica 

earlina, Carline tlilstlea. Angilica pa- 

lustre. Wild an^Uca. 
AngelicAl, Angc>Iic«, ca. a. Angelical 
AngeI6to, «m. av{jtm. A large figure of an 

angel ; a fat child. 
Angto;, tm. A coarse sort of linen. 
Angina, f< Quinsy sore throat 
Angiografia, */! Angiography. 
Angiol6gia, 4A An^iology. 
Ansiosp^rma, a. (Bot) Angiospermia. 
An^da, »/. A capo. 
An^icAno, na, a. Anglican. La iglesia 

anglioanOf The established church of 

Anglicismo, 9m. Anglicism. 
Angoetam6nt<s d^. Narrowly. 
Angoetir, Wk To narrow, contract 
AngoetiUo, Ua, a. dim. A little narrow 


Ang^sto, ta, a. Narrow, close. V<enir at^ 

gotto. To be disappointed. 
Angostura, ^ Narrowness ; a narrow pass. 
A'ngra, 4/! A small bay, a cove. [kneesw 
Angnarina, af. A loose coat hanging to tlie 
Anguila, «/! £el AnguUa d^ calo^ A port 

rope to flog the sailors. AnguUas^ Launch^ 

Ai m. A stroke with a port-rope. 

Ai B, «L Basket or pannier for eelf. 

Ai The vein of the groins. 

Ai a, o. Angulated, Tiaving angleSL 

Ai Angular. JHedra angular^ 

' r-stone. 

ALo te, €uL Angularly. 

Angul^ma, »/. A sort of coarse linen. An- 

gulemas. Fulsome flatteriesL 
A'ngulo, «m. Angle, comer; nook. A'ngulo 

dptico^ The visual angle. 
Angul660, sa, a. Angular, cornered. 
Ang6stia, ^f. Anguish, affliction, pang. 
Angustiadamente, ad. Painfully. 
Angustii^o, da, a. Painftil ; miserable. 
Angustiir, va. To afflict, grieve, torment, 
Angust&ra, ^f. Angustura bark. 
AnheUu:, on. -To breathe with difficulty; 

long; covet 
Anh^To, 9m. Anxiousness, eagerness, 
Anhel6eo, sa, a. Anxiously desirous. 
Anhem^les, sm. pk Beasts of burden. 
Anbina, ^ Darter, bird of prey in Brazil. 
Ani&ga, if. The yearly wages of a laborer. 
Anidar. vn. To nestle ; dwell ; shelter. 
Anieblar, «a. To darken, obscure. 
Anilldr, «a. To form rings or circles in work. 
Anilli^Jo, Anill^te, 9m. dim, A small ring^ 

Anillo, 9m. A finger ring; circuit [sunset 
A'nima, af. Soul Animas, bell-ringing at 
Animable, a. Susceptible of animation. 
Aniinaci6n, »/. Animation. 
Animido, da, ck ManAiL 
Animador, tL a. Aniroater. 
Animadversion, af. Animadversion, remark. 
Anlmiil, 9m, Animal ; dunce, blockhead. 
Anim&l, a, AnimaL [maL 

AnimaliuEO, «m. augm. A large or ble ani- 
Animal^o, ico, illo, 9m. dim. A amall ani- 
mal, animalcule. [oniniaL 
Animalon, Animal6te, «m. avgm, A big 
Animalucho, am^ An ugly, hideous anlniaL 
Anlm^, va. To animate, comfort; excite. 
A'nime or goma &nime, it/. Gum auhne. 
Animero, «m. One who asks charity for Uie 

souls in purgatory. 
A'nimo, «/k Soul: courage, valor; mind, 

intention. — inL Come on. 
Animosam^^nte, ad. Courageously. 
Animosid^d, af. Animosity, valor, courage. 
Anim66o, sa, a. Brave, courageous, gnllaut 
Aniftadam^>ntc, ad In acIilMish manner. 
Aniiiarse, «r. To grow childish. 
Aniquildblo, a. Annih liable. 
Aniquilacl6n, ^ Annihilation, extinction. 
Anlquilad6r, ra, «. A dostrover. 
Anlquilamlonto, am. Annihilation. 
Aniquil&r, va. To annihilate, destroy.— «r. 

To decay. 
Anis, am. Anise. Aniaaa, Anlsc-seeda. 
Anisiido, da, a. Aniseed brandy. 


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Antoir, va. To flavor wtth anise. 
Anisillo, am. Small anise. 
Anlveredrio, rla, a. AnniTcrsary, yearly. 
Anlvers4rio, »m. Anniversary; a yearly 
JUbro de aniter9aric% An obit- 

A'no, am. The anna. 

AnAche, ad. Last night {cer. At nlght-ftill. 
Anochec^r, ure. To grow dark. Al anocAe- 
Anodtnar, vo. To administer anodynes. 
Anodino, na, a. (Med.) Anodyne. 
Anomalia, »/. Anomaly. 
An6malo, la, a. (Gram.) Anomaloua. 
Anomia, sf. Anomy, breach of law. 
An6n, am. The costard apple-tree. 
Andna, af. Anona or oostard-apple. 
AnonadiKidn, af. Anonadamiento, am. An- 
nihilation; Beif-contempt 
Anonaddr, va. To annihilate; diminish. — 

vr. To hnmble one's self 
An6nlmam6nte, nd. Anonymonsly. 
An6nimo, ma, a. Anonymous; nameless. 
Anotacion, af. Annotation, note. 
Anotad6r, ra, a. Commentator. 
Anot^, va. To comment 
Anqaeta. Batar d« media anqtteta. To be 
incommodiously seated. [an ox. 

Anqaiboy6no, na, a. Having a croup like 
Anquilosls, af. Anchylosis, a stiff Joint 
Anqulsdco, ca, a. Lean cronped. [der. 

A'nsar, am. A goose. A'naar maclu>^ Gan- 
Ansareria, af The place where geese are 

Ansar6ro, am. Agoose-herd. 
Ansarino, na, a. Belonging to geese. 
Ansarino, am, A gosling. [fowl. 

Ansardn, anu A snose, a large foolish wator- 
Anse&tlco, ca, a. Hanseatia 

Ansi. (Vol.) Thus, so. 

A'nsuL, af. Anxiety, anguish, 
longing, hankering. 

Ansiadamdute, ad. Anxiously, earnestly. 

Ansi&r, va. To desire anxiously, to long. 

Anslna, (Low) Thus, so. 

Ansiosamtote, ad. Anxlonsly, earnestly. 

Ansldao, sa, a. Anxious, eaeer. 

A'nta, af The Tapir. (Arch.) Antaa, pillar 
of a building. 

Antaceo, am. A kind of sturgeon. 

Antagallas, ^f. pk Bprit-sail reef-bands. 

Antagonista, am. Antagonist an opponent 

Ant4na. Llamarae atUana^ To unsay, re- 

Ant&fio, ad. Last year. 

Antikrtloo, ca, a. AnUrctio. [the first conrse. 

A'nte, am. A dressed buck or bufliUo skin; 

A'nte. prep. Before. 

Anteftao, aa, a. Buff-colored. 

Anteanteandche, ad. Three nights ago. 

Anteanteay6r, ad. Three days ago. 

Anteay6r, ad. The day before yesterday. 

AntebriuM, am. The fore-arm. 

Antecima, af. A bed-side carpet 

Antecdroara, af. Ante-chamber; lobby; hall; 
the steerage. [ante-chamber. 

Antecamarifia, af. A room to the king's 

Antecapilla, af The porch. 

Anteeeddnte, am. Antecedent 

Anteoedentemdnte, ad. Antecedently. 

Aataoed^r, va. To praoede, forego. 


Antec€a6r, ra, a. Predecessor, fbreflbtlicc 
Anteceadraa, Ancestors^ 

Antechlnos, «m. pi. Fluted mouldings. 

Antoco, ca, a. The AntcecL 

Antecogdr, va. To bring before one; to 
gather too soon. 

Antecol6na, af A column of a portico. 

Autecoro, am. The entrance leading to tbe 

Antecristo, am. Antichrist 

Anted^ta, af Antedate. 

AntedatAr, va. To antedate. 

Antedicho, cha, a. Foresaid. 

Ante-diem, (Lat) The preceding day. 

Antedllnvldno, na, a. Antediluvian. 

Antelgl<^la, af Tbe porch of a church; tba 
parish church and district 

Autelaci6n, ^ Preference. 

Antem&no, ad. Beforehand. 

Antemeridl&no, na, a. In the forenoon. 

Antemnril, am. A rock or mountain pro- 
tecting a fortress. [muraL 

Antemur^lla, af Antemfiro, am. V. Ants' 

Antona, af A lateen yard; the horn or an- 
tenna of insects. ^8. pL Antennie. 

Anteu&llas, Pincers. 

AntenAche, ad. The night before last 

Anten6mbre, am. A title prefixed to » 
proper name. 

Antebiera, ^f. Spectacle-case; eye-flap. 

Anteojoro, am. Spectacle-maker. 

AnteAjo, am^ A spy-glass; an eyo-glan, 
AfUecjo da larga vista, A telescope. 
Ant&3Jo de puflo, or ds teatro^ Opera- 
glass.--;^. Spectacles; Awtac^ ds ca^ 
mino, or de enfermoa^ Goggles 

Ante-6mnia, Before all things; above all. 

Antcpagfir, va. To pay beforehand. 

AntepasJ&do, da, a. Passed, elapeed. I^ora. 

AntepasiUlo^ am. pU Ancestors, predeoea- 

Antep6cho, am. Breastwork, parapet; foot- 
step. AfUepichoa^ (Nan.) The Iron horse 
of the head. Hast 

Antepen6Itlmo, ma, a. Antepenult; third- 

Antcpon^r, va. To preibr; place before. 

Antep6rtlco, «m* Vestibule, porch. 

Antepu6rta, «/! A door-curtain ; antepori. 

Anteqnino, «nk Concave moulding. 

Ant^ra, af (Bot) Anther. 

Ant«Vric(i-tardio, Mountain epldorwort 

Anterior, a. Anterior, former. 

Anterioriddd, af Priority; preference. 

Anterlormdnte, ad. Previously. 

A'ntes, prep. Before, beforehand. 

A'ntes, ad. I^Mrst rather, better; heretofore. 
Awtea bien^ Rather. A'ntea con. ArUea^ 
As soon as possible. De diUm, In ancient 
times. A'tdea qtte^ Ratlier than. 

Antesacristia, af. An apartment leading to 
the sacristy. 

AntesAla, af. Ante-ohambor. [ment 

Antestat&ra, af (Fort) A small Intrench- 

Antet^mplo, «m. Portico. 

Antev6r, va. To foresee. 

Antevi*»pera, af The day before yesterday. 

A'nti, An inseparable preposition, signifying 

Antia, af Tlchth.) The mutton fish. 

Antiapoplectico, ca, a. AntlapopleotieL 

Antiap6stol, a. Anti-apostle. 

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Antiartrftioo, ca» a. (Med.) Antiarthrttie. 

ADtiasmitico, ca, a. (Med.) AntiMthmatlc. 

Anticflitlandl, «m. A schismatic cardinal 

Aiiticipaci6n, ff. Aotici|>atioii, foretaste. 

Anticipada, ^. (.Fenc) An unexpected tlirost 
or blow. 

Anticipadamdnte, ad, Prexnatorelj. 

AjDticipador. ra, e. Anticipator. 

Anticipamiento, am. Anticipation. 

Anticipate, pa. Anticipated; a fit of the 
feyer returning before its period. 

Antidp^, TO. To anticipate : forestall. 

Anticlimax, «. (Bhet) Anticlimax. 

Anticosmotico, ca, a. Antioosmetia 

Anticristiano, na, a. and a. Antichrlstian. 

AntieritieOf mJK Antlcritic 

Antlcnado, da, a. Antiquated. 

Anticoar, va. To antiquate, oatdata 

Anticoirio, «m. Antiquarian. 

AntldoraL a. Bemnnerative^ 

Antidiaenierico, ca, a. AntidyaenteriCi 

Aotldotario, am. A phannaoology. 

Antidoto, «m. Anti<u»te. 

Antiem6Uco, ca, a. Antiemetta 

Antientofiiaata, a. Antienthnslastic. 

Antiepil^ctica, ca, ck (Med.) Antiepilectie. 

Antler, ad. The day before resterday. 

Antieacorbutico, ca, a. (Med.) Antiscorbutic. 

Antiespasmodico, ca, a. AntispasmodiCi 

Antifiui&tlco, ca, a. Antifiuiatla 

Antifiz, «m. A &ce-TeiL 

AntifebriU a. Antifebrile. 

Antifrodidlaco, ca, a. Antiaphroditle. 

Antiflogutico, ca, a (Med.) AnUphlogistic. 

Antxftyna. 0/. Antiphony, an anthem. 

Antilbniu, Antifon&rio, am. Antlpbonal. 

Antiibnjiro^ m*. Precentor, leader of the 

Antiflvsia, 9/. Antiphrasfa. 
Antignilla. ^ A monument of antiquity. 
Antiguamente, ad. Anciently, formerly. 
Antign^, va. To obtain seniority; to make 

AntlguedAd, «/ Antlonlty; the ancients. 
Antigao^ goa, a. Antique, ancient, old. 
AntSgno^ am. An antique monument; senior 
of a college or community. Antifftto9y 
The ancients; the illnstrious men of old. 
Antihelmintico, ca, a. (Med.) Anthelmintic 
Antihisttfrico, ca, a. Antihysteric. 
Antil6g1a, ^ An apparent contradiction. 
Antlminiateriil, a. Antiministerial. 
AnUmonirqnico, ca, a. Antimonarchlc 
Antimoniil, a. AntimonlaL 
AnttmAnio, mn. Antimony. 
Aotinacloni&l, a Antlnational. 
AntlnefHticoy ca, a. Antinephritic: 
Antinomia, sf. Contradiction between laws. 
Antin6oi, am. Antinoos. 
Antipapa, 9m. An antipope. [antipope. 

Antipapado, mn. The onlawM dignity of 
Antipap&l, a. Antipapal. 
Antip^ra. «/. A screen ; a gaiter for the front 

of the legs and feet 
Antiparalitloo, ca, a. (Med.) Antiparalytic. 
Antlparaatasia, «/. Antiperistaaia, a crime 

asserted to be praiseworthy. 
AntipArraa, ^ pi. (Ck>ll.) Spectacles, [stone. 
Antipitea, am. Black coral ; a precious black 
Antlpatia» ^ AnUpathy. 


Antipitico, ca, a. Having natural ayersioB. 
Antiperistasis, sf. Antipcristasis. [tasta. 

Antlperistatico, ca, a. Belonging to antiperit- 
Antipe8til6nc{a], a. Antlpe^tilontial. 
Ant!p6ca, sf. Oblisratlon to pay a certain rent 
Antipocar, ecu Written obligation to pay a 

certain rent [contrary dispositions. 

Antipodaa, am. pL Antipodes; persons of 
Antipodia, «f. Antipodlo, sm. An extra dish 

to the usual meaJ. 
Antlp6trido^ da, a. Antiseptic 
Antlquiaimo, ma, a. tup. very ancient 
Antirevolucionirio, ria, a. AntireTolutlon- 

Anturino, sm. Snap-dragon. 

Antisciob, «m. pL (Astr.) Two points equally 

distant from the tropics. 
Antia^ptioo, ca, a. Antiseptic 
AntiBp6dio, am. (Pbarm.) Antispodlum. 
Antistro&, ttf. Antistrophe ; an ancient dance. 
Antitesis, rf. (Gram.) Antitbesis ; a contrast 
Antit^tico, ca, a. Antithetical [bol 

Antitipo, am. Antitype, figure, image, sym- 
Antitrinttdrio, am. Antitrinitarian. 
Antirenureo, rea, a. (Med.) Antivenereal. 
Antqjadizo, u, a. Longing, capricious. 
Antd&do, da, a. Anxious, longing. 
Antoldrso, vr. To long, desire earnestly. 
AntojOra, ^ A spectacle-case ; eye-flap. 
Antojcro, 9m. Spectacles-maker. 
Antojo, ami. Whim; a longing, fimcy ; speo- 

tacles* eye-flap for horse^ 
Antomelo, am. airtK A slight longing. 
Antolur, am. Inserting. 
Antologia, if. Anthology. 
Antono'mosia, sf. (Bhet) Antonoroasia, 
Antonomastico, ca, a. Antonomastic 
Ant6r, sm. (Law. ProT.) Vender of stolen 

goodfl, a bond Jld9 nnrchaaer. 
Antorcha, t/. Torch, flambeau. 
A'ntras, am, Vermilion. 
A'ntro, am. Autre, cavern, den. 
Antrop^ihffo, 9m. A cannibal. — a. pk An- 
Antropologia, ef. Anthropology. 
Antroposofia, ^f. Anthroposophy. 
Antmt^o, am. The three days of the carnival 
Antuvi6n, am, A sudden, unexpected stroke 

or attack. I>e aniwoUm^ Unexpectedly. 
Anual a. Annual. [annuity. 

AnulicUd, a/ State of being annual ; pension, 
Anualm^nte, ad. Annually. 
Annbarrddo, da, a. Clouded. 
Anubl&do, da, a. Overcast, clouded, dim. 
Annbldr, «a. To cloud, darken; overcast; 

obscure. — vr. To be blasted; mildewed. 
Annddr, va. To knot, join, unite. — vn. To 

wither, pine away. Anudaree la vat, 

Not to be able to speak. 
Anudnda, ^f. Compliance, consent 
Anndntc, a. Condescending. 
AnulAble, a. That which can be annulled. 
Anulaci6n, ^ Abrogation ; abscission. 
Anulad6r, ra, a. A repealer. 
Annldr, vo. To annul, make void. 
Anuldr, a. Annular. J>edo antUar, The ring 

or fourth finger. •[making void. 

Annlatlvo, va, a. Having the power of 
Annnciaci6n, «/ Annunciation. 
Annnciaddr, ra, a. Announcer. 

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Anunciitr, WL To announce, proclaim ; fore- 

An&ncio, sm. Omen ; adyertlsement, notice. 

Anno, oa, a. Annual, yearly. 

Anv6rao, 9m. Obycrse. [tobaceo-leaToa. 

A'nvir. ttm, (Sontb Amer.) A red liquor from 

Ansolado, da, a. Hooked in. 

Anzol6ro, mn, Fisb-hoolc maker or dealer. 

Anzu61o, sm. JElsh-book; allurement; fHt- 
ters. Cost en el anxuelo^ To be tricked. 
Hoer el anaudo^ To escape a danger. 
Traifar en cmtuelo. To swallow tbe bait 

A'fia, ^. Btink-fox, skunk. 

Afiada, 8f. The eood or bad season in a year; 
molty of arable land. [accefls. 

Afiadld6ra, sf. AfiadimiSnto, em. Addition, 

Afiadir, va. To add; exa^erate. 

AfiafiSa, «/ Papel de aflc(feay Brown paper. 

Aiiafll, «7n.. A musical pipe used by the 

Aniflldro, an. A player on the aflajtt. 

AilagAza, 8f. A call, lure, decoy. [Iamb. 

Afl&l, ck Annual Cofdero aflal^ A yearling 

AfidI, em. An annual offering on the tomb. 

Afial^Jo, em. An eccleslastlcu almanac 

Anasc&r, t?a. To collect by degrees. 

A&ejdr, ra. To make old. — vr. To grow old. 

Afi()jo, Ja, ck Old, stale, musty. 

Afiicos, em. pL Bits or small pieces of any 
thing. JTacer afiicos. To break into small 
bits. ITctcene aiUcoe. To overheat one's 

Aiiil, em. The indigo plant ; indigo : the best 
quality is called amil for, or tieate; the 
middling sort, sobreealiente, and the com- 
mon kind, corte. 

Ai^incro, em. A dealer in lamb-skins. 

Afiinos, em. jA. The fleecy skins of yearling 

Afiir&do, da, a. Dyed blue. 

A'fio, em, A year; a long time. Mdl afU>, 
Bnrely, without doubt Mai afU> para ^ 
The aeuce take him. A'ilo$^ The birth- 
day of a person. Cd^rar toe aflos. To 
keep the birth-day. Tensr a^toa^ To be 
old. Aflo bieieeto. Leap-year. 

Afiqi&l, em. Fallow land. 

Ail<3o, Ja, 9. A yeiirling calC 

Afiublildo, da, a. Blindfblded. 

Afiubl&r, AflublArse, Y. Anublar, 

Afifiblo, em. Mildew. 

Aiiudad6r, ra, e. One who knots or ties. 

Afiud&r, va. To make last, unite, tie close. 
Afiudar lo9 labioa. To impose silence. 

Afiu^dr, va. To choke: vex, annoy. — vn. 
To be displeased. ^ 

Aqj&do, da. a. Bewitched. 

Aojador, ra, «. A conjurer. [fiiscination. 

Aojaddra, jf. AoJamiSnto, em. witchcraft, 

AoJ&r, va. To ftsclnate, charm, bewitch. 

A6J0, 9m^ Bewitching, fhsclnation. 

Aorifito, em. (Gram.) Aorist 

Aorta, «/ (Anat) Aorta, the great artery. 

Aov4do, da, a. Oviform, in the shape of an 

AovSr, vet. T<^lay eggs. 

Aovtll4rse, vr. To grow like a clew. 

Apabil&r va. To prepare the wick of a 
candle for lighting.— «r. To go out, to ex- 


Apacentad6ro, em. Pasture. 
Apacentad6r, em. A herdsman. 
Apacentamicnto, em. Pasturage. 
Apocent^, t^. To tend grazmg cattle; to 

graze ; teach spiritually. 
Apachurrdr, va. To crush, squeeza [nesik 
Apacibilidid, ^ AffablU^, mildnesa, meek- 
Apadble, a. AHable, meek, gentle; placid; 
. pleasant 

Apaciblemdnte, cuL Mildly, eenfly. 
Apaciguad6r. ra, a. Peacemaxer. 
Apaciguamiento, «97k Pacification. 
Apaciguar, «a. To appease, pacil^, calm. — 

vn. To abate. 
Apadrlnaddr, ra, «. Patron, defender. 
Apadrinir, va. To support, patronize. 
Apagdble, a. Extinguishablc, quonchable. 
ApagiUo, da, a. Humble-minded, pusUIaat- 

Apagad<5r, ank Extinguisher. nines. 

Apagap^noloa, em. pL Leech-ropes, leech- 
Apagdr, va. To quench, extinguish ; eflboe, 

destroy. Apagar la eai^ To slake lim& 

Apaaarae la hvnihre. la lue^ To go out 
ApsJneUdo, da, a. In imitation of lialf an 

ApaisAdo, da, a. Besembllng a landscape. 
Apalabr4r, va. To appoint a consultation ; 

treat personallv ; bespeak. 
Apalanc&r, va. To move with a lever; sup- 

ApaleiLdo, da, a. Cudgelled, caned. 
Apaleador, ra, a. Cudgeller. 
Apaleami6nto, em. Drubbing; beating. 
Apale^r, va^ To cane, drub^ cudgel ; boat, 

norsewhip. [^rain. 

Apaico, am. Beating, moving, or shovelling 
Apalm&da, a. Palm of the hand stretched out 
Apanc6ra, sf. Tlio common crab. 
Apaiidill4r, ra. To form a league or a Iho- 

tion. — vr. To be nnited in a faction. 
Apanoj4do, da, a. (Bot) Paniculate. 
ApAntan4r, va. To overflow ground ; make 

a pool 
Apantuflido, da, a. Wearing slippers. 
ApaAAdo, da, a, Besembllng woollen doth 

in body. 
Apaflad6r, ra, e. Catcher, grasper; pilferer. 
Apofiad^ra, ApafiamI6nto, ^. Sehdng^snatcb* 

ing, grasping. 
Apafiar, va. To grasp, seize; pilfer; dress, 

set off; pat«h.— -»r. To submit to. 
Ap&fio, em. Seizing, grasping; dovemoas; 

a patch. [tiling. 

Apanuscad6r, ra, e. One who crumples a 
Apafiuscir, va. (ColL) To rumple, crush. 
Apapagay^o, da, a. Parrot-like. [8h<HW 
Aparaa6r, em. Sideboard; dresser; work- 
Aparar, va. To stretch out the hands tor 

catching; heap the earUi round plants; 

dose the quaixers of a shoe. 
Aparasol&do, da, a, (Bot) Umbelliferotts. 
Aparat&do, da, cl Prepared, disposed. 
Apar&to, em^ Apparatus, preparation ; pomp, 

Aparceria, 4/C Partnersliip. 
Aparc^ro, 9m. Partner in a tum\ aasoefate. 
Apare&r, va. To match, mate. Cedly. 

Apareo6r, vn. and vr. To appear miezi>ecU 
Aparaddra, a/. (Nan.) GarbeL 

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Aparecklo, snu Ghost [ing. 

Aparecimicnto, sm. An AppAritioo, appear- 

Aparejado, da, a. Prepare<C fit, ready. 

Apureiador, ra, s. Odo who prepares or gets 
ready; overseer; rigger. 

Aparefar, va. To get ready; saddle or har- 
ness horses; rig a ship; to size. — or. To 
get ready. 

Apar^o, 9tn. Preparation, disposition ; har^ 
ness, gear; sizing; tackle and rigging on 
a ship. Aoartfo de amants y MtreUa^ 
Banner and tacRle. 

Apar^ sm. Pack-saddle. 

Aparujos, pL Tools, instraxnenta. 

Apareni4r, «a, To make a fiUae show, [fit 

Apar^nte, a. Apparent, not real ; seasonable, 

Aparentem^te, ad. Apparently. 

Aparlci6n, ^ Apparition. 

Apari^ncia, ^ Appearance ; Ikoe, likeness ; 
vestige ; oageant; probability, cotOecture. 

Aparrado, oa, a. Crooked like grape-Tine& 

Aparroqai&do, da, a. Parishioner. 

Aparroqoi^, inx. To attract costomeniL 

Apartatftiro, wk Parting-place, cross-roads. 

Apartadijo, «/n. A small part 

Apartadizo, 9m. A small room taken fh>m 
one of which it made a part 

Apartido, da, a. Separated ; distant, retired. 

Apartado, trn. A retired room ; a smelting- 
nouse ; a private box in the post-office. 

Apartad6r, ra, c One who divides or sepa- 
ratesw Apariador de metalea^ Smelter. 

Apartami6nto,«m. Separation; renonciation 
of adaLm. 

Apart&r, tKi. To separate; dissuade; re- 
move ; to sort— ^r. To withdraw ; to be 

Apnrte, mu Break in a line, paragraph. 

Apart& ad. Apart, separately; aside. 

Aparvar, 9a. To arrange the grain for thresh- 
ing; to heap. 
• Apasionadamcnte, ad. Passionately, [tod. 

Apasionido, da, a. Passionate, fond ; devo- 

Apasioair, ^a. To inspire a passion. — or. 
To be taken with a person to excess. 

Apastnrir, eo. To pasture, to forage. 

Apatia, ^. Apathy. 

Ap&tico, ea, a. Apathetic, IndiflTerent 

ApatAsoo, wm. Ornament, dress; bungled 

Apas6t& mn. (M. Epa9cie\ American basil. 

Ap£a, »f. A rope on the forefeet of horses. 

Apeadero, »m. A horse-block. 

Apead6r. 9m. A land surveyor. 

Apeamidnto, «rf». Survey. 

Ape&r, wx. To alight; measure lands; set 
landmarks ; prop ; pull down ; dissuade ; 

Apecbugir, vdw To push with the breast; 
undertake with spirit 

Apedaz4r, va. To patch, repair. 

Apedemalikdo, da, a. Flinty. 

Apedrar, va. To stone. (each other. 

Apedread^ro. tm. Place where Doys stone 

Apedre&do, oa, a. Stoned, pelted. 

ApedreadiSr, 9m. Thrower of stones. 

Apedreami6nto, 9m. Lapidation. 

Apadreir, wi. To stone. — vn. To haH 

Apedr^, 9m. A stoning. 

Apegadam^ata odL Studiously. 


. sm. Attachment, fondnessw 
Apefable, a. Appealable. 
Apolsci6n, t^. AppeaL 
Apclddo, da, a. Of the same coat or color. 
Apelambr&r, «a. To steep hides In lim»> 

Apel&nte, pa^ Appellant 
Apeldr, tn. To appeal ; have reeourse to ; 

**" *'* "* *' mo color. [lative noun. 

ymJbre apekrUvOf An appel- 
flee, run away. 
i:ht escape, 
dr^ leather. 

1. Named. [name. 

9m. The act of giving a 
To call by name; to pro- 

, shouts. 

Apellido, 9m, Surname; nickname. 

Apelmaz4r. wk To compress. 

Apdnas, ad. Scarcely, hardly; with trouble. 

Ap^ndice, 9m. Appendix. 

Apefiusd^, va. To rumple. 

Apeo, 9m. Survey ; props, stays, Ac 

Apeonar, va. To walk or run swiftly. 

Apepsia, 9/. Apepsv, Indigostton. 

Aperad6r, 9m. A l^rmer; a wheelwright 

Aperdr, va^ To carry on the trade of a 

Aporcibido, da, a. Provided ; ready. 
Apcrciblmi^nto, 9tn. Providing; arrange- 
ment^ order; summons. Fsummon. 
Aperdbir, va. To provide, get reaay ; warn ; 
Aperci6nu sf. Opening. [nato. 
Apercollar, va. To collar; snatch; assassi- 
Apcrdigado, da, a. Broiled, toasted; burned 

by tlie Inquisition. 
Aperdigdr, va. To broil partridgea. 
Aperitivo, va, a. Aperitive. 
Apemad6r, 9m, A dog which seizes the 

game by the legs. 
ApornAr, va. To seize by the leg. 
Apcro, 9m. Implements of a Ikrm or of a 

trade; sheepiold. 
Aperreido, da, a. Harassed. 
Aperread6r, ra, «. An intruder. 
Aperrenr, va. To throw to the dogs. — or. 

To toil ; overwork. 
Apersonddo, da, a. Favored. 
Apersondrse, vr. To appear in person. 
Apertura, sf. Opening. 
ApesadumbrAdo, da, a. Vexed, moumfhi. 
Apesadumbr^, vck To vex, afflict— «r. To 

Apesar&r, va. To afflict 
Apesgdr, va. To sink under a load.— or. To 

be araieved. 
Apeetudo, da-Ow Pestered, annoyed. 
Apestiir, va. To infect; cause a bad smell ; 

corrupt; pester. 
Apdtalo, la, a. Apetalous. 
Apetecod6r, ra, a Deslrer, wisher for. 
Apetec^r, va. To long fur, to hanker. 
Apetecible, a. Desirable. 
Apet6ncia, ^. Appetite, hunger. 
Apetitivo, va, a. Appetitive. 
Apotito, 9m. Appetite ; hunger. 
Apetit^so, sa, a. Palatable. 
ApezuAto, vn. To tread firm on thehoo£ 
Apiadad6r, ra, 9. One who pities. 
Apiadirse, or. To pity, oommiserate. 

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Apianul<Jro, 9m. A shepherd^s account of 

the slieep. 
AnlcariidOf da, a. Roguish, knavish. 
A pice, »m. Apex, summit, top. 
A'pices, Anthers of liowera. JSstar en los 

apicsti^ To know minutely a tiling. 
Apiia(i6r, 9m. Filer of the wool at sheailng- 

Aplltir, wk To pile, heap up. 
Ai)irapolIarBe, vr. To germinate. 
Apiiiado, da, a. Pyramidal, pine-shaped. 
Apiilad^ira, ^ Aplflami6nto, 9m, Pressing 

togetlier. [crowd. 

Apindr, va. To press together.— cr. To dog, 
A pin, 9171. Celery. [murder. 

Apioldr. va. To gyve a hawk; apprehend; 
Aplsonur, va. To ram with a rammer. 
Apitonmniento, «n. Putting forth the ten- 
Apitonar, f>n. To put forth the tenderlings; 

Dud. — vr. To abuse. 
Apladible, a. Placable. [ableness. 

Aplacactdn, ^ Aplacamidnto, «m. Appeas-* 
Aplacad6r, ra, 9. Appeaser. 
Apladkr, va. To appease, mitigate. 
Aplac^r, wi. To please. 
Aplanaa6m, 9f. A roller for levelling ground. 
Apianad6r, sm. A leveller. 
Aplanaml6nto, 9m. Levelling. 
Anlan^r, f>a. To level, flatten; terriiy. — vr. 

To tumble dowi. [iron. 

Aplanchddo, da, a. Smoothed with a flat- 
Aplanchddo, «mv Ironed linen; smoothing 

or ironine linen. 
Aplanchadora, «/| A woman who irons linen. 
Aplanchdr, va. To iron linen. 
AplantilI4r, wi. To adjust or fit stones, &c 
Aplastudo, da, a. Caked; flattened; dispir- 
ited, [found. 
AplastAr, va. To cake, flatten, crush ; oon- 
Aplaudir, va. To applaud. 
Aplduso, 9m. Applauao, praise. 
Aplazamionto, 9m. Convocation, citation. 
Aplazur, va. To convene; Invest; concert; 

Aplegiir, va. (Prov.) To Join, unlta. 
Aplicable, a. Applicable. 
Aplicaci6n, ^. Application ; assiduity. 
ApIicAdo, da, a. Studious, diligent 
Aplicdr. va. To apply, adapt; ac\)udge. 
Aplomado, da, a. Of lead-color ; leaden ; dulL 
Aplomdr, va>. To overload; to plumb. — vr. 

To tumble, fail to tlie ground. 
ApI6mo, 9m, Tact, prudence. 
A poca, ^ Receipt, acquittance, discharge. 
Apoc&do, da, €k Pusiflanimous, cdwardly ; 

Apocad6r, ra, «. One who lessens. 
Apocallpsi, Apocalipsis, 9m. Apocalypse. 
Apocami6nto, 9m. Meanness of spirit. 
Apocdr, va. To lessen; diminish, contract 

—vr. To humble one's selC [tlon. 

Ap6ccma, Ap<!>cima, ^ Apozom, a decoc- 
Ap6cImo, 9m. DogVbane. 
Ap6crifo, la, a. Apocr>'ph«^' 
Apodad6r, 9/n.. A wtu:, a scoffer, [appraise. 
Apod&r, va. To scoff, nickname, ridicule; 
Apodencado, da, a. Pointer-like. 
Apoderado, da, <u Empowered, authorized ; 



Apoder&do, «m. Proxy, attorney; aeent 

Apoderar, vr. To possess one's self of a tiling, 

Apodictico, ca, a. Apodictical. 

Apudo, «m. A nicknama [of some bonoa. 

Ap6fl!«e, Apoflsis, tif. (Med.) The proroinenos 

Apoflegmatico, co, a. ApophlegmaUc 

Ap<')grafo 9m. Apop-apii, transcript 

ApoK*'*©, 9m. Apogee. 

Apoltlludo, da, a. Moth-eaten, worm-eatm. 

Apolillodura, if. A hole made by moths. 

ApoliUur, va. To gnaw or cat clothes. 

Apolindr, Apolineo, nea, a. (Poet) Belongs 
ing to Apollo. 

Apolinarista, 9m,. Apolllnarian. 

Apologetlco, ca, a. Apologetic 

Apologia, «/ Apology, excuse. 

Apologista, 9m, An apologist 

Ap61ogo, 9m. Apologue. 

Apoltrondrse, vr. To grow la^, loiter. 

Apomazar, va. To glaze; burnish wiOi 
pumice^ [vinegar. 

Apomeli, ^ A decoction of honey-comb in 

Apoplegla, 9f. Apoplexy. 

Apopldtico, ca, a. Apoplectic. 

Aporcad&ra, «< Raising earth around planta. 

Aporcdr, «a. To cover plants with earth. 

Aperisma, 9m^ Ecchvmosis. 

Aporism&rse, vr. To'become an ecchymosia. 

Aporraceur, va. (Prov.) To pommeL 

Aporrdr, vn. To stand mute.— vr. To be- 
come importunate. 

Aporreddo, da, a. Cudgelled ; dragged along. 

Aporrednto, pa. Cudgdicr. 

Ai>orrodr, va. To beat or cudgel, knock. — 
vr. To study with intcn.«e application. 

Aporr^. «7i»wThe act of beating. 

Ai>orrillAr8e, vr. To swell in the Joints. 

Aporrillo, ad^ (CoIL) Plontiflilly. [hone. 

Aportad6ra, jj/I Cliest to carry stores on a 

Aportadc^ro, 9m. A place where a ship or 
person may stop. 

Aportdr, vn. To arrive at a port get shelter. 

Aportilldr, va. To breach a nimpart 

A pos, 9m. Sea swallow, sand martin. 

Aposentaddr, ra, 9. One who lets lodgings 

Aposentamicnto, 9m. The affording a tem- 
porary habitation. [lodging. 

Aposentdr, va. To lodge. — vr. To take a 

AposentiUo, 9m. dim.. A small room, a bed- 
room, [the Uieatre. 

Apos^nto, 9m. A room; an Inn; a box In 

Aposeslondr, va. To give possession.— «rr. 
To take possession. 

Aposicidn, ^ (Gram.) Apposition. 

Aposiopdsis, qf. (Rhet) Aposiopesls. 

. , .. aoolclnal appli- 

Ap6«ito, 9m. Any ext< 

Aposta, Apoetadam^nte, ad. Designedly. 

Apostaddro, sm. Station for soldiers or ves- 
sels. (Nau.) A dock-yard. 

ApostadtSr, «m. A better, one that wagers. 

Apoetdl, 9m. (Prov.) A convenient flslilng- 
plaoe in a river. [inches thick. 

Apostdleos, 9nupl. Planks fVom Ave to seven 

Apostdr, va. To bet ; place relays ; post sol- 
diers. ApoKtarlojf or apoHAr8e.la9^ To 
contend; defy. — vr. To emulate, riviU. 

Apostasia, 9f. Apostasy. 

Apdfttata, 9m. Apostate; fbrsakor, fligittve. 

Apostatdr, in. To Bpo6tattz& 

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Apoctima, ^ An spoateme, abscess, tnmor. 
Apoatamacion, «|! FonniDg an abscees. 
Apofitem^, ea-To fbnzi an abaceaa. 
Apostcmero, snK Bistouiy. [boIL 

ApostemiUa, gf. dim, A small absoees ; gom- 
Apoetilla, ^. A marginal note. 
Apostilliir, vr. To break oat in pimples. 
Apostol, mn. Apoatle, misaionary. (Nan.) 

Apoatolado, a. Apostlesbip. 
Apostolicam^te, ad. Apostolicallj. 
Apostolioo, ea, a Apostolical ; apo6toll& 
Apo6troClr, «a. To apostrophiza, ^ 

Api^trofe, ^ (Bbet) Apostropbe. 
Apustrolia. am. Apostrophe. 
Apotc, ad. (CoIL) Abnndantlj, largeljr. 
ApoU^pnm, am. Apothegm. 
ApoteosiSk ^ Apotheoed& deification. 
Apotic^Ok stfK (Proy.) Apothecaiy. 
Apojad^o^ ms. rrop, support. 
Apoyad^ra, «< A flow of the milli:. 
Aporir, co. To favor, protect; prop; cor> 

roborate, hold np, support, confirm, seo- 

ond a motion. — vfk To rest on; lie. — vr. 

To lean upon. 
Apoyatura, ^ (Mas.) Appoggfatora. 
Apdyo, BOK Propk support, Ailcrum; pro- 
Aprociible, a. Valaable, respectable. 
Apreciacion, f^ Estimation. 
Apreciadam^ta, ad. In a valaable manner. 
Apredad6r, ra, «. Estimator, appraiser. 
Apredar, «a. To appreciate, appraise. 
ApreciatiTo^ ya, a. Kelating to the appraised 

valae. [teem. 

Apr6cio, sm, Apnrakement; account; es- 
Aprefaend6r, va. To apprehend, seize ; buaey. 
AprebenaJdn, ^ Apprehension, acnteness; 

fear. [sensitive. 

AprehensSvo, ra, a. ApprehenslTe, fearftil ; 
Aprebenadr, ra, a. One who apprehondSk 
Aprebens6rio, ria, a. Apprehending. 
Apremiaddr, nLA Compeller. 
Apromiir, «a. To press ; compel, obUs^e. 
Apr^mio. am. Proasore; constraint, force; 

jadiclal compulsion. 
Apremlr, ra. To wring; lower, abate. 
Aprend^r, wl To learn. 
Aprendiz, za, a. Apprentice. 
Aprendizage, am. Apprenticeship. 
Apren8ad6r, am^ A presser or eaiendrer. 
Aprens&r, co. To dresa, calender; rex. 

(Nao.) To stow. 
Apresad^r, ra, a. Privateer, cruiser; captor. 
Apreaamiento, am. Capture; hold. 
Apresar, va. To seize, grasp. (Nau.) To 

Aprcst^, v& To prepare, make ready. 
Apr^to, am. Preparation, accoutrement 
Apresnracidn, nf. Acceleration. 
Apresuradam^nto, ad. Hastily, ibrwardlr. 
Apresurddoi da, a. Brief; acting precipio 

lately. [ness. 

Apresuraml^nto, am. Eagerness, forward- 
Aprcsur&r, ca» To acccilcrate, hasten. 
Apretadamcnte, ad. Tightiy, closely ; nearly. 
Apretadcra, ^ A strap or rope to tie with. 
Apretad^ras, Pressing remonstrancea. 
Apretadcro, jm. Truss or bandage for rnp- 



Apretadillo, Ua, a. dim. Somewhat con- 
strained; in danger. [ed; dangerous. 

Apretado, da, Ck Tight, mean, narrow-mind- 

Apretad6r, am. Presser: nnder-walstcoat; 
corset: rammer; crusher. 

Apretadura, */. Compression. 

Apretamiento, am. Crowd; conflict; avarice. 

Apretar, vOw To tighten; press; constrain; 

Apretdn, am. Pressure. [place; distress. 

ApretAra, af. A squeeze, crowd ; confined 

Apridsa, ad. In haste, in a hurry, [cramp. 

Apridto, am. Crowd; conflict; ezigenoy; 

Aprlmlr, va. To compress. [harry. 

Apnaa, ad. Swiftly, promptly; ftst; in a 

Aprisoo, am. Sheepfold. [lected. 

AprisionMo, a. Imprisoned, bouno^ sub- 

Aprision^, «o. To confine, imprison. 

Aprd, am. Profit, benefit, fovor. 

Aprodr, m. (Nau.) To turn the prow. 

Aprobaddn, tf. Approbation; consent, 

Aprobad6r, ra, a. Approver. 

Aprobdnte, jxt. Approver, examiner. 

Aprobdr, to. To approve; like; find. 

Apniches, am. pL Approaches. 

Apr6n, am. (Ichth.) A small fi-esb-water fish. 

Aprontir, va. To prepare hastily. 

Apr6nto, am. A speedy preparation. 

Apropiaci6n, tff. Appropriation, assumption. 

Apropiadam6nte, ad. Conveniently, pro- 

Apropl&do, da, a. Appropriate, fit; officiai 

Apropiad6r, am. Appropriator. [ply. 

Apropiar, va. To appropriate, assume ; ap- 

Aproplncuacidn, ^Approach, approaching. 

Aproptncuirse, «r. To approach, draw near. 

Aprovec6r, m. (Prov.) To make progress* 

Aprovechible, a. Profitable, serviceable. 

Aprovechado, da, a. Improved; sparing, 
parslmonioua. [city hmds. 

Aprovechami^nto, am. Profit; progress; 

Aprovechiir, vn. To make progress. — va. To 
profit by. — w. To avail one s self oC 

Aproximacidn, ^ Approximation. 

Aproximiir, va. To approximate, approach. 

Aptam6nte, ad. Conveniently, fitiy. 

Apt^ro, ra, a. (Ent) Apterous. 

Aptit6d,4^ Aptitude; ability; expediency. 

A pto, ta, a. Apt, fit; competent. 

Apudsta, 4^ A bet, a wager. Jr da apueata,. 
To compete with. 

Apulgardr, va. To force with the thumb. 

Apunchdr, va. To cut out the teeth of a 
comb. [memorial. 

Apuntacl6n, ^ Annotation, noting down ; 

Apuntddo, da, a. Pointed, marked. 

Apuntaddr, am. Observer; a prompter. 
(Nau.) Gunner. ^ [a vessel. 

Apuntamr, va. To prop. (Nau.) To shore 

Apuntaroiento, am, iComark; abstract; a 
judicial report 

Apuntar, va. To point, aim; level; mark. 
ApufUa a dicu, The day peeps.--w. To 
begin to turn. [stake. 

Apunte, am. Annotation ; prompter's words; 

Apufladiir, va. (Prov.) To strike with the 

Apafle4r, va. (Coll.) To strike with the fist 

Apufiotcdr, va. To beat with the fist. 

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Apamci6D, ^. Trouble, mlsfortone. 

Apuradamdnte, ad. At the nick of time; 

Apor&do, da, a. Poor, dostltnte, exbaosted. 

Aporador, urn, A refiner, purifier ; consu- 
mer; gleaner. [fication. 

ApuramT6nto, «m. Research, inquuy, veri- 

Apudur, va. To purity; inrestigate; con* 
sume, exhaust; tease.— vr. To grieve, be 

Apuratlvo, (i, Botenlre. 

Ap6ro. 9m. Want; affliction; ezifencf. 

Apumr, ta. (Prov.) To hand or doUver to. 

AqneJ&r. va. To complain ; aflllct 

Aauil, lla, Uo, prw*. dem. That; that one; 
ho. she. AqwMo%^ aqwUaa, Those. 

Aqucnde, a<f.llltber, here. 

AquerenclArse, vr. To be fond of a place. 

Aqu6se, sa, so, pron, dem. That Aqu«m>%^ 
aqtteku^ Thoao. 

Aqudste, ta, to, pron. dem. This, that 

AquJi, ad. Here; now; then. 

AqulesG^ncia, if. (Law) Acqulesoenceu 

Aqnietir. «a% To quiet— «r. To grow quiet 

A'quila-aiba, af. Corrosive sublimate. 

Aqullatilr, «a. To assay; examine closely. 

Aquil6a, if. (Bot) Milfoil, yarrow. 

Aqail^fia, tf. (Bot) Columbine. [mansw 

Aqullifero, am. Eagle-bearer among the Bo- 

Aquilino, na, a. Aquiline, hooked. 

Aqull6n, am. North wind; the north point 

Aqullon&l, Aquilon&r, a. Xorthon, northerly. 

Aqultibi, am. Nickname of hired priests. 

A'ra, ^ An altar; oommunlon-table; a cis- 
tern head. 

A'rabe, Arublgo, am. The Arabic language. 

Aral)Meo, am. Arabesque; moroflauc-woik. 

Ar.4bias, Arablas, a kind of linen. 

Ar&blga, a/ A stone resembling spotted 

Arac&cha, af. Plant of New Granada. 

ArAda, ^. Floushed ground, husbandry. 

Ar&do, am. A plough. 

Araddr, am. A ploughman ; ring-worm. 

Aradorcico, am, dim. A small hand-worm, 
ring-worm. UlAy. 

Aradnra,^^ Ploughing; land nlougbea in a 

Aragn6iaee, ^ A thm memDrane of the 

Aragones'a. rvaara^<m^MX,Arragon grape. 

Ardmia, ^. Ploughed ground fit for sowing. 

Aranita, tf. American animal resembling a 

Aranc61, am. Fixed rate; tarlfll 

Ardndano, am. Cranberry. 

Arand6Ia, if. The socket-pan of a candle- 
stick.— pi. The ruffles of shirts. 

Arandillo, am. Pad, hoop used by women. 

Arani^o, a. Taken lb a net 

Aranz&aa, af. A measure of land. 

Ar&fia, af. Spider; chandelier. 

Arafiador. ra, f. Bcratcher. 

Aranamionto, mn. The act of scratching. 

Anndr, va. To scratch, claw; scrape, gather. 

Arafi&zo, am. auffm, A long deep scratch. 

Arafiero, ra, a. Wild, intractable; sour. 

Ardilo, am. A scratch ; nipping. 

Arafi6n. am. Sloe, the fruit of the blacK Uiom. 

Arafiudla, {/T dim, A small spider; a plant 

Arafiu61o, atn. A small spider; fold -not 


Anp^nde. mk Ancient measure of tW 

square feet 
Arar, v& To plough, to labor; drag. 
Arbell6n, am. Gutter to drain roada 
Arbitrable, a. Arbitrable, depending upon 

the will. 
Arbitrad6r, dora, a. Arbitrator, umpire. 
Arbltrdge, Arbttramdnto, Arbitramiinto, 

atn. Arbitration ; arbitrement 
ArbiCrdr, ra. To adjudge; strike out 
Arbitrarlamdnte, ad. Arbitrarily. 
Arbitrarieddd, ^ Arbitrariness. 
Arbitrdrio, rla, Arbitratlvo, va, a. Arbitrary. 
Arbitratdrio, ria, a, Bolatiuff to arbitrators. 
Arbitrio, am. Free will and pleaanre; means ; 

bond ; discretionary power.— ^ Taxes on 

provisions, wine, Ac 
Arbltrista, am. Schemer, projector. 
A'rbitro, am. Arbitrator ; one*s own master. 
A'rboL «nk Tree; mast; post; stem. 
Arbol&do, da, a. Planted with trees ; masted. 
Arboladwa, ^. (Nan.) Masts and spars. 
Arbol&r, va. To set up; mast; hoist— «r. 

Arbdarae^ To rear on the bind itot 
ArboUrio, am. Herbalist : mad-cap. 
Arbolecico, Arbolecillo, Arbolico, ArboUto, 

ArborcUlo, am. dim. Arboret. 
Arbol^da, a/. Grove, plantation of trees. 
Arbol^o, am. dim. A small tree. 
Arbol^te, am. Branch to fiuten bird-lime on. 
Arbollsta, am. Tree-planter; arborlst 
Arboll6n, am. Flood-gate, sluice, conduit 
Arborco. rea, a. Relating to trees. 
Arborlzado, da, a. Arborescent 
Arbotdnte, am. Flying buttress. 
Arb&sto, a. A shrub. 

Arbustlllo. am, dim. Arbuscle, a small shmb. 
A'rca,^ A chest; coffer; tomb. Seraroa 

cerrada. To be yet unknown. [bows. 
Arcabucerla, am. Troop of archers; croes- 
Arcabuc^ro, am. Archer; gunsmith. 
Arcab6z, am. Arqucbuse, a fire-arm. 
Arcabuzdzo, am. A gun-shot; gun-shot 

Arcacil, am, A species of wild arttchoksk 
Arcdda, af. Vomiting; arcade; piazza. 
A'rcade, a. Arcadian. 
Arcad6z, am. Conduit or pipe; backet 
Arcaismo, am. Archaism. 
ArcAngel, am. Archangel 
Arcangellc&I, a. ArchangeUcaL 
ArcAno, am. Arcanum, secret; reserved. 
Arcdr, vn. To bow wool 
ArcAz, am. A bier. 
Arciiza, qf. augm^ A large chest 
Arcaz6n, «m. Arbnsde; osier; wOlow-pIot 
A'roe, am. (Bot) Maple-tree. 
AroedianAto, am. Arcbdeaconship. 
Arcedidno, am. Archdeacon. 
Archdra, ijf. Archoress. 
Archdro, am^ Archer. [duchy. 

ArchtducAdo, am^ Archdukedom, arch- 
ArchidudU, a% Arehducal [ee& 

Archid6que, -dnqnesa, c Archduke, -daoh- 
Archildud, am. Large kind of lute. 
ArehipAmpano, am. An imaginary dignity. 
Archipi^lago, am. ArchipelagOL 
ArchivAr, va. To file, deposit in an archive. 
Archiv6ro, Archlvbta, am. Keeper of th« 


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Ar^TO, rnn, ArcblTos; a conMut 
Arcilla, ^ Argil, alumina, day. 
Ardlloao, aa, a. Clayey, atvUlaoeooa 
ArciprestUgO) ArciprestaJEgo^ •m. Arch- 

Andpraate, «n. Archprieat 

A'rco, mn. Are; arch; bow; hoopi Areo 

Fru, dA eMo, Kainbow. 
A'roola» ^^. A aort of ooorae linen. 
Aredn, aoK auffm. Large cheat; great aroh 

or arc 
ArcoDtAdo, am. Arehonahlpb 
Arednte, am. Archon. 
A'rctioo, a. ArcUc* northern. 
A'rda, «^ BquirraL 
Ardak&do, da, & Made tbfai or dear. 
Ardaleir, vo. To make thin. [silk. 

Ardiau, Ardisea, ^ pL Coarsest Persian 
Aniaaiaafl» Arduiiiaa^ ^. jpl FiiMst Persian 

Afd^^ Bittern. 
Ardedik, an^ A species of serpent 
Axdentia, «/, Phosphorescence of the sec 
Arde61a, iff A small kind of heron. 
Arder, vn. To bom, Uaze, glow; to be agi- 
tated with. 
Ardero, ra, a» Sqairrel-hnnter, dog. 
Ardid, am. Stratagem, artiilce, canning. 
Ardido, da, a. Heated. [fervent, fiery. 

Anii^Dte«/MZ,aBda. Ardent, burning; fever; 
Ardientem^nie, acL Ardently, fervidly. 
AidiUa. ^ SqnirreL 
Ardimiunto, amw Valor, intrepiditr. 
Arfineolo, mu (Farr.) An inflameu swelling 

on the back. 
Ardite, am. An sadent coin of little valnew 
Ardor, mtK, Ardor; great heat; valor; lilb. 
Aidoroaov m, a. Fiery, restleaa. 
Ardnamente, ad, Araaoosly, di£9calt]y. 
A'rdno^ diia, a, Arduooa, dlfficolt; high. 
A'rea, 9/. Area; bam-floor; halo. 
Areftfcidn, «/. Dryness, eztenoation. 
Arol, mt, Lwge (nain-sievei 
Arelar, ca. To sirt grain with the oreL 
Ai^na, tf. Sand ; arena. 
Arenaeeo, ea, a. Arenaceous, gravelly. 
Arenil. sm. A sandv ground, a sandv beach. 
Arenal^jo, ArenauJlo, tm, dim, A snuOl 

sandy place. 
Arraar, 9€U To cover with sand. 
Arenero, am. Dealer in sand. 
Areoga, a/T Harangue, oration, address. 
Arengador, am, A speech-maker. 
Areng&r, m. To harangue; hold forth. 
ArenQIaa, ef. pi. Oraonlated saltpetre. 
Areoisco, ca, Aren^ao^ sa* a. Bandy ; gravelly, 

ArJ^nques, am» Herring. 
Areola, «/ (Anat) Areola 
AreAmetro, am. Areometer. 
Areopagita, am, Areopaglte. 
Areopago, am, Areopagus. 
Areotectdnica, 4/^ AreotectonioH. 
Arestin, am, (Fair.) The frush, a disease in 

ArestinMo, da, a. Afflicted with the frosh. 
Ar^te, am. Drop ear-rlnga. 


Argad\]o, Argadillo, am, Beel; noisy person; 
large basket 

Arg^o, am. (Prov.) Prank, trick, artifice. 

Arg411a, a/. Civet (perfhmeX 

Argall^a, af. A saw for cutting groovesi 

Argamandol, am. Bag, tatter. 

Argamand^o, am. Collection of tilfiing Im- 

Aigamisa, «/. Mortar, cement for building. 

ATgamas4r, va. To make mortar; cement 

Argamas^n, am, A laige piece of mortar in 

Argam61a, «! (Bot) Golden starwort 

A'rgana,«)C Kind of crane; horse-basket 

Argan^l, am, Bing of an astrolabe. 

Argdneo, am, (Nau.) Anchor-ring. 

A'rgano, am. An ancient warlike machine. 

Arg61, €k Horse whose right hind Ibot only 
is white. [argemon. 

Arg6ma, Argem6n, am. (Med.) Argema or 

Arg6mone, am. Prickly or horned poppy. 

Arg6n, am. White or silver color, argent 

ArgentMo, da, a. Slashed shoes. 

Aigentario, Argent^ro, am. Master of the 

ArgcnteHa, ^ Embroidery in gold or silver. 

Argendfodina, af. Sliver mine. 

Argentina, 4/! ^ot) Satin oinquefoil. 

Argt'nto, am. (Poet) Silver. 

Arfzilla, ^f. Argil, clay. [mlneSL 

Argiritas, am. pi. Marcasites found in silver 

Argolla, ^ Large ring ; a staple ; hook ; pil- 
lory, [ring. 

Argoll^ta, ica, ita, nf. dim. A small staple; 

Argoll6n, am. auffm. A very large ring; a 

A'rgoma, 4/! (Bot) Furze, gorse, broom. 

Argomill, am. Plantation or cytlsus. 

Argom6n, am. augm. Large prickly broom. 

AigondutM, Argonauts. 

A'rgos, am, Argo, the celebrated ship of the 

Argouddn, am^ A kind of India cotton. 

Ai^ajdque, am. Gum ammoniac, [bench. 

A'rgije, am. Windlass; wire-plate, wire- 

Arguelhirse, tr. To be emaciated; in bad 

Argu6Uo, am. Falntness, want of health. 

Argu6Qas, (/! pi. Hand-barrow. 

Aiiruir, i>n. To anrne, dispute. — va. To give 
signs, make a show. 

A'rguma, »f. Furz^ broom. 

Argumcntaci6n, ^. Argumentation. 

Argnmentaddr, ra, «. Arguer. 

Argnmentar, vn. To aigue, dispute. 

Arguroentativo, va, a. Argiimentative. 

Argumentillo, am. dim. Slight argument 

Arguznento, am„ Argument subject contro- 

Arguy^nte,|xiw Arguer; opponent 

A'rla. Iff. Tune or air; song. 

Aribftr, «& To reel yam into skeins. 

Aribo, am. Beel for making skeins. 

Arldu*, vo. To plough across sown ground. 

Aridez, af. Drought 

A'rido, da, a. Arid, dry, barren. 

Ari^nzo, am. A little ram. 

A'riea, am. Sign of the ram. 

Arista, af. dim. Arietta, a short air. 

Aridte, am. Battering-ram. 


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Aiietino, na, a. BeeembHnK a ram^ head. 
Arijo, Ja, a. Light easily tilled. [ring. 

Anllo. 9m. cUm. A small hoop; hoop ear- 
Arimez, ^; Part of a building which juts or 

Atonda oat. 
ArtndAJo, •m.JOm.yJay. 
Ariaaro, 9m. (BoL) Wake-robin. 
Arisco, ca, a. Fierce, stabbom^ anpoliahod. 
Ari8m6tica, 4^ Arithmetia 
Arism^tloo, a. ArithmeticaL 
Arian^gro^ Ariapri^to, a. Bpeclea of wheat 
Ariata, 9m. Beard of grain ; edge of a rough 

^iece of timber in naval architecture. 
Anstaa, Groins which cross each other. 
AristiroOf 9m. A seyero censurer; spot of 

the moon. 
Aristino, 9m^ Scab on the heel of horses. 
Arlstocr&cia, ^. An aristocrae/. 
Aristdcrata, 9m. Aristocrat 
Aristocr&tioo, ca, a. Aristocratlcal. 
ArlstoliSqula, ^ (Bot) Birthwort [awns. 
Arist^so. sa, a. Having many- beards or 
Arlstotilico, ca. a. Aristotelian. 
AritmAnda, ^, Arithmancy, foretelling by 

Aritmdtica, f^ Arithmetic. 
Aritmeticamdnte. ad. Arithmetically. 
Arltm6tico, 9m. Arithmetician, accountant 
Arltm^tico, ca, a. Arithmetical. 
Aritoa, Hoop ear-rings. 
Arleqnin, «m. Harlequin, a buffoon. 
Arlequinkia, ^f. A harlequin's trick, or Joke. 
Arldt, 9m. A sort of cummii). 
Arllonibuse, 9m. A sort of linen. [bush. 

A'rlo, 9m. (Bot) Barberry, or plporidge 
Arldta, ^ Tow of flax or hemp^ 
A'rma, «C Weapon, arms; aUrm. Arma 

/al9C^ False alarm. 
Armida, ^ The navy; fleet, armada, [ship. 
Armadma, f^ The principal timbers of a 
Armadia, ^ Bait [game. 

ArmadHo, 9m. Trap or snare for catching 
Armadillo, 9m. Armadillo. 
AxmAdo, da, a. Armed, weaponod ; plated 

with gold or silver. 
Armido, 9m. A man in armor. 
ArmadAr, am. Privateer, cruiser; owner or 

fitter out of a vessel ; Jacket 
Armadfira, ^ Armor ; skeleton : frame. 
ArmiO^i '"'^ (Prov.) Fen, moor, bog. 
Anni(j4ra, f< A plot of ground for garden 

plants. .[ration. 

Armam^nto, am. Armament, warlike prepa- 
ArmAr, va. To arm ; set a snare. 
Arm&rlo, am. clothes-press ; cupboard. 
ArmatAste, am. Cumbersome piece of fur- 
Armaz6n, «m. Armor; hulk ; fishing-tackle. 
Armelhia, 9f. Ermine skin. 
Annilla, 4/: Staple, ring. 
Armollui6ia, a^ dim^ A small staple, ring. 
Armeiia,<i^ Armory; arsenal; heraldry. 
Armiro, 9m. Armorer, gunsmith. 
Armigero, ra, a. fPoet) Warlike, [sphere. 
ArmiuLr, a. Kiffitra armUar, Armlllary 
Armilla, «/. Part of the base of a column. 
Armifio, 9m, Ermine. 
Armlpottote, a. (Poet) Mighty in war. 
Armistkio, 9m. Armistice. [net 

Aimolflin, am. A thin silk or taffety ; 



Armonia, 9/ Harmony; number; concord. 
Armoniiico, am. Gum-ammoniac 
Arm6nico, ca, a. Harmonical, musicaL 
Armoniosamonte, ad. Harmoniously. 
Armonioso, sa, a-. Harmonious, sonorous; 

Armonista, iff. Harmonist 
Armui611e, am. (Bot) Orach. 
A'ma, ^f. (Prov.) Bee-hive. 
Amdcho, am. (Bot) Sest-harrow. 
Amdo, 9m. Harness; coat of mail; armor. 

Ame9e9, Necessary toola, utensils. 
Amilla, 9/. dim. (Prov.) A small bee-hive. 
A'ro, am. Hoop of wood or metal. [wide. 
Ar6ca, ^ Linen more than tliree quarters 
Ar6ma, ^ Aromatic myrrh-tree.— am. 

Aroma. [ftime. 

Aromaticid&d, ^ Aromatic quality, per- 
Aromittico, ca, a. Aromatic ik-^^rant 
Aromatizac{6n, ^ Aromatization. 
Aromatizaddr, am. Aromatiror. 
Aromatizilr, «a. To aromatize, perftimc 
Ar6mo, am. The aromatic mjTTh-tree. 
Ar6za, am. Foreman in iron works. 
A'rpa, a/I Harp, lyre. 
Arp&<Io, a. Serrated, toothed. 
Arpad&ra, «/! Scratch, nipping. 
Arp^, va. To tear to pieces, rend ; claw. 
Arp^gio, 9tn. (Mus.) Arpeggio. 
Arpdo, am. (Nau.) urappllng iron. 
Aipia, ^ Harpy ; an ugly, scolding shrew. 
Arpillcra, f(f. Sackcloth, pack-cloth. 
Arplsta, 9m. Hiupcr. 
Arp6n, mn. Harpoon ; fish-gig. 
ArponMo, da, a. Harpooned. 
Arpon^ro, am. Harpooner. 
ArqueAda, ^ Stroke with the fiddle-bow. 
Arquo^do, a. Arched. 
Arqaoad6r, am. Ship-gauger ; one who forms 

arches; wool-bower. 
Arquefige, 9m>. The gauging of a ship. 
Arqneami^nto, 9m. Tonnnge, gauging. 
ArqueAr, na. To arch ; gai^ge.— rr. To grow 

Arquco, am. Arcuation, tonnage, gauging. 
ArqneI6gia, 9/. Archaeology. ' 
Arqueria, 9m. Scries of arches; aqueduct 
Arquero, am. Maker of arches; treasurer. 
Arqudta, 4/? dim. A little chest, a small 

Arquetipo, 9m. Archctjrpe. 
Arquoton, am. attffm. A large trunk. 
Arauetoncillo, 9m. dim. A trunk of a mid- 
dling size. 
Arquifil6sofo, wn. Arx^hphilosopber. 
Arquilla, ita, ^. dim. A little chest 
Arquillo. 9m. €lim. A small arch or bow. 
Arquimcsa, f^f. (Prov.) Scnitoire. [gogua 
Arquisinagogo, 9m. Principal in the syn»> 
Arquit^cto, 9m. An architect 
Arqu{tect6nico, ca, a. Architectonic 
ArquitectOra, f/C Architecture 
Arquitrdbe, 9m^ Architrave 
Arrabil, am^. Suburb ; the posteriors. 
Arrabal^ro, ra, a. Churlish. 
Arrabio, am. Cast iron. 
Arrnca, (tf. (Nan.) A traveller. 
Arracdda, ^ Ear-ring.—^. Young children 

about a widow. 
Arradfe, 9m. Beef of rooka. 

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Amdmido, da, a. Clnstered. 

Arracimiirse, vr. To clnster. 

Arraclan, mn. V. Abeduk 

Arrm«% mn. R^s or master of a Moorish sh li>. 

AmigiilM, f^.TPl. (Nao.) Futtock-ahroadik 

Arnu?ar, vn. To root; pledge land. — vr. To 
establish one's selt 

Arraieo, 9m. Landed propertj. [swift 

Amdaque, & Fork with three bent prongs; 

Arraiir, m. To thin, rarefV. [away. 

ATraml>liir, «a. To corer with sand ; sweep 

Arrancadera, itf. Bell worn by animals. 

Arrancad^ro, «ik The thickest Dart of a gnn 
barrcL [uniform rovrfng. 

Arrancido, da, a. Boga arrancada. Strong 

Arraocador, ra, & An extirpator, destroyer. 

Arranear, va. To poll oat; cany off with 
Tiolenre; extirpate. [sons. 

Arrancapinoai «m. Nickname for little per- 

Arrancasiega, tf. Poor grain, half mowed. 

Arrancharse, «r. To mess together. 

Arranciarse, vr. To grow rancid. 

Arrinqae, «m^ Extirpation ; wrench ; fit of 
passion; hasty temper; sadden erent 

AjTapar, va. (Low) To snatch away, carry off. 

Arrapiezo, Arrapo^ mn. Tatter or rag; dea- 
pieable person. 

A rra^ tff. pi. Money which the bridegroom 
pMgos at his marriage; dowry. Arraa 
df la hodeQO^ (Nan.) Wings of the hold. 
(Ora.) Macaco. 

Amaado, 9m. A silk stafl^ satin. 

Arrasamicnto, «m. Demolition of a fortress. 

Amsar, co. To level; destroy; obliterate. 
— m. To clear np, grow fine. Ry. 

Arrastradamente, ad. Imperfectly ; painnil- 

Arrastraderaa, >^. pL Lower staddlng-sail& 

Arrastradero, am. A careening place. 

Arrastnido^ da, a. Dragged along; in the 
utmost misery. 

Arrastrami^nto, mn. The act of dragging. 

Arrastrante, 9m. Claimant of a de^ee in 
colleges. [bring over. 

Arrastrar, tw. and n. To creep; drag along; 

ArHotre, 9m, Leading a trump ; ceremoni- 
oas visit. 

ArraftL 9m. A ponnd of sixteen ooncea. 

Array an, anK (Bot) Myrtle. 

Arrayan&l, stn^ Plantation of myrtles. 

A'rrc, Gee, geho. 

Arreaddr, 9m.. Muleteer. 

Arreir, va. To drive horses. 

An«baJfiad6r, ra, «. Gleaner, gatherer. 

ArrebaAaddra, «/ The gleaning, picking np. 

Arrebafiar, va. To glean, gather. rfons. 

Arrebatadam^nte, ad. Precipitately, neaiT- 

Arrebatado, da, a. Rapid, violent; precipi- 

Arrebatad6r, ra, 9. Violent snatehcr. 

Arrehatami^to. 9m, Carrying away by vio- 
lence; fury; fit 

Arrebatar, va. To carry off; snatch ; attract 
the attention. — rr. To be led away by 
pawion. [of a crowd. 

ArrebadAa. tff. Carrying off precipitately out 

Arrebito, 9m, Surprise; paroxysm, start. 

Arrebol, 9m, Redness of the sky; rouge. 

Amebolir, va. To paint red. — vr. To rouge. 

AneboI^rV) 4^ Rouge-seller; alkanet; rouge- 


ArreboIIirse, vr. To precipitate, fiUl h sad- 

Arreboc^, va. To overlay meat with jelly.— 
vr. To muffle one's self up ; swarm. 

Arrebozo, »m. Muffler. [order. 

Arrebcdadam^nte, ad. Conftisedly, with <Hs- 

Arrebi^4r, va. To inrablo together, haddle. 
— vr. To roll one'^s self in the bed-clothes. 

Arrecdfe, 9m, Cardoon. ^trongor. 

Arreciar, va. To increase.— vr. To grow 

Arrecife, 9m, Causeway; reef of rocks. 

Arrecil, «m. A sudden flood. 

Arrecirse, vr. To grow stiff with cold. 

Arredramiento, 9m, Removing to a greater 

Arredrdr, va. To remove to a distance* 
terrify. — vr. To be terrified. 

Arr6dro, ad. Backwards. [up 

Arregazado, da, a. Having the point torned 

Arregazir, va. To tuck np the skirt& 

Arregladam^nte, ad. Rcgnlarlj. 

Arreglado, a. Regular, moderate. 

Arreglamiento, mn. Regulation. 

Arrc^lAr, va. To regulate, guide; firamo; 
a<y ust — vr. To conform to law. 

Arregio, 9m. Rule, order. Con arreglo. 

Arregostirse, vr. To relish or have a taste. 

Arrejiica, «/. Three-prong fork. [woods. 

Arrejacar, va. To plough across for clearing 

Arrejjico, 9m. String, band, martin. 

Arrelaila, »/. Paddle of a plough, paddle-staft 

Arrcjjdqne, 9m. Three-prong fork. (Om.) 
Swift martinet [small bird. 

Arr^l. Arrclde, *m. Weight of four pounds; 

Arrellan&rse, vr. To sit at case; lean back. 

Arremang^do, da. a. Lifted upward. 

Arremanff&r, va. To tuck up one's clothes. — 
vr. To De ftilly resolved. 

Arrem&ngo. 9m. Tucking np the clothes. 

Arremetedor, 9m. Assailant, aggressor. 

Arremctcr, va. To attack ; seize ; shock. 

Arremetida, «/ Attack, assault; start 

Arremollnudo, da, a. Whirled, turned round. 

Arremni\)ar, va. To move; drive away. 

Arrenaible, a. Rentable; larmable, tenant- 
able, [uin rent 

ArrendacI6n, »f. Renting or taking at a cer- 

Arrendad^ro, 9m. A ring fastened to the 

Arrendado, da, a. Obedient to the relnai 

Anrendad6r,«mv Landlord; tenant; farmer. 

^ftreudadorcillo, «r/k dim. A petty tenant 

Arrend^o, 9m. The mocking-bird ; mimic, 
buffoon. [lease. 

Arrendami6nto, 9m. Renting to a tenant; 

Arrendnnte, pa. A tenant 

Arrendir, va. To rent hire; bridle. 

ArrendatArioMia, «. A lessor ; lessee ; fiuiner. 

Arreo, 9m, Dress, ornament, decoration. 
Arriw. Appendages. 

Arr6o, aff. 8 ucce-ssi vely. LUvar arrvo, To 
carry on one's shoulders. 

Arrepapalo, sm. A sort of frttters or bona. 

Arrepnsate acA comnddre, A boyish play. 

Arrepentido, da. a. Kei)entant 

Arrepontidaf*. t^ Penitents. 

Arrepentimicnto, 9m, Repentance, com- 

Arrepentirso, vr. To repent 


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AirepisUlr, wk To grind ngs into pulp^ 

Arrepisto, am. Grinding or poondins no. 

Arrepticlo, da, a. PoseesBed by the deviL 

Arreqaewn&rae, «r. To be curded, or coag- 

Arreqaii^ nn. Singeing iron. [stances. 

Arrequives, 9m. pL Ornaments ; circam- 

Arrestido, da, a. Confined, imprisoned ; in- 
trepid. HP^^^ 

ArresUr, wk To arrest, conflne.-'vr. To be 

Arrdsto, wu Spirit, boldness; arrest. 

Arrotin, snK Kind of stomped woollen cloth. 

Arrevesido, a. Queer, odo. [brushwood. 

Arr8z.4fe, sm. A place ftill of tlilsUes and 

AiTi&da, ^ (Proy.) Flood, overflowing. 

Arrlanismo, mn. Arianism. 

Arrinno, na, a. Arian, of the tenets of Arius. 

Arriiir, ca (Kau.) To lower, strike. 

Arriikta, ^. Arrl&te, mk A border in gardens ; 
trellis; caoaeway. 

Arriba, ad. Above, high ; aloft. 

Arrlb&da, «/ (Nau.) The putting in of a yessel 
at a port 

Arribage, sm. Putting into port 

Arribiur, wi. To put into a harbor in distress ; 
to bear away ; to accomplish one^s desire. 

Arribo, tm. Arrival 

Arricete, «m. Bboal, sand-bank. 

Arrieiaea, am. pi. Saddle-strapSb 

Arriendo, am. Ablocation, lease, ikrm. 

Arrieria, ^ Driving of mules. 

Arrierico, illo, ito, em. dink Mule-driving in 
a petty way. 

Arricro, am. Muleteer. [ously. 

Arriesgadam^nte, ad. Dangerously, hazard- 

Arriesg&do, da, a. Dangerous, hazardous; 

Arries^, «a. To risk, hazard, Jump.— or. 
To bo exposed to danger; dare. 

Arrimad6ro, «7k Scaffold, a stage ; walking- 

Arrimadillo, am. Furnished room. 

Arrimadizo, ck and am» Thing to be applied ; 
parasite, sponger. 

Arrlm&do, da. Tener arrinuxdo^ To be 
possessed by evil spirits. 

Arrimad6r, am. The back-log In a flre-plao& 

Arrlmad6ra, tff. The act of approaching. 

Arrim&r, «a. To approach, draw near: stow 
cargo; dismiss. [at In bowls. 

Arrimo, am. The mark for the balls to arrive 

Aninio,«m. Joining; staff; protection; hel|^ 

Arrimdn, sm. {ffacer el). To stagger along 
awalL iSHtar(i?«arr<«n<m, To watch over. 

Arrincon&do, a. Cornered, out of &vor, re- 
tired ; reduced in circumstances. 

Arrinoon^, «a. To comer; lay aside, r^ect 
— vr. To retire fhom the world. 

ArriscadamSnto, ad. Boldly, audaciouslv. 

Arriscido, da, ck Forward, bold ; brisk ; tree ; 

Arriscaddr, am. (Prov.) A gleaner of olives. 

Arriscirse, «r. To hold up the head; to be 
proud. [house. 

Arriziu', ta. (Nau.) To reef; stow; lash; 

Arr6ba, «/ Weight of twenty-five pounds; 
liquid measure of thirty-two pints. 

Arrobadizo, za, a. Feigning ecstasy and rap- 
tura. [ment 

Arrobamitoto, am. Ecstatic rapture ; amazo- 


Arrobfirse, «r. To be out of one'd senses. 
AiTob^ro, ra, a. One who provides broad fat 

a convent [in a small compass. 

Arrobita, ^. dim. The weight of an arroba 
Arrdbo, am. Ecstacy, rapture, amazement 
Arroc6ro, am. Rice planter or dealer. 
ArrocinAdo, da, <t Stupid, like an ass; ssa- 

Arrodn&rse, «r. To become dull and stupid. 
ArrodelAdo, da, Bearing a target or shield. 
Arrodel&rse, w. To be armed with a ahield. 
Arrod^o, am,. Cattle-market; delay. 
Arrodilladura, ^f. Arrodillamldnto, am. 

Kneeling. [kneel to the grounU. 

AiTodilldr, «k To bend the knee.— ^r. To 
Arrodrigir, ArrodrigonAr, va. To prop vine^ 
Arrogad6n, ^ Arrbgation, claiming anx>- 

Arrogad6r, am. One who claims arrogantly. 
Anx^ncia, ^ Arrogance, haughtiness ; con- 
fidence, [tv, proud. 
Arroganto, a. High-minded, spiritecl ; liansh- 
Arrogantem6nte, ad. Arrogantly, haughtily. 
Am^dr, va. To arrogate, claim. — or. To 

appropriate, claim unjustly. 
Arrqjadam^nte, ad. Audaciously, boldly. 
Arrojadillo, a/in. Handkerchief tied around 

the head. 
Arrojadizo. za, «r. Easily darted: missile. 
Arroiddo, da, a. Bash, hasty; bold, intrepid. 
Arrojad6r, am. A thrower, a flingor. 
ArroJ.4r, vo. To throw, dart, fling; sprout; 

make red-hot; turn away. [ne8& 

Arr6Jo, am^ Boldness, intsnspidity, fearlesa- 
Arrollad6r, ank Roller. 
ArroUur, «a. To roll up; carry off; defeat 
Arromadiziirsc, er. To catch cold. 
Arromdr, va. To blunt to dull 
Arronipido, da, a. Newly broken up ground. 
Arrom])ldo, am. A ground newly broken upb 
Arronzar, va. To haul a hawser. 
ArropAdo, da, a. Mixed with must 
Arropamiento, Wk The act of clothing or 

dressing. [wine ; cover the roots. 

Arropdr, eo. To dress; mix with boiled 
Arr6pe, am. Juice boiled to a rirnp. • 
Arropda, ^ Irons, fetters. [Blrup, && 

Arropdra, 4^ Vessels for holding boiled must, 
Arropia, iff, (Prov.) Cake made of flour, 

honey, and spice. [sweet cakeSb 

Arropioro, am. (Prov.) Maker or seller of 
Arrostr&r, va. To set about in a cheorfUl man- 
ner ; encounter. — or. To fight Ihce to fiioe. 
ArrovMa, (if. Arroyad^ro, am. Valley; phan- 

neL \vr. To be smutted. 

ArroyAr, va. To Inundate sown ground. — 
Arroyico, Arroyuelo, am. dim^ A nil, a small 

Arr6yo, am. Rivulet, a small river, current 
Arroyu61a, af. A plant 
Arr6z,«m<. Bice. 
Arrozal, am. Rice-field. 
Arroziu*, va. To ice a liquid. 
Arroz^ro, am. Dealer In rice. 
Arru&r, vtk To grunt like a wild boar. 
Armfado, da, pp. Sheered, curved. 
Arrufhd6ra,M? Shcerofaship. [sheer. 

Arrui^r, va. (Nau.) To incnrvate, to form the 
Arrufianado, da, a. Ruffianly, impudent 
Arr6fo, am. Sheer of a ship. 

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AxrtifS'^ sf, WrlnUe, eorragatlon ; ramplei 
Aimgaeion, ^. AmigBmldnto, mk Coimgar 

tion. [w. To (Oe, 

ArragiTfVek To wrinkle; rnmple; gather.— 
A3Tiig6o, rnn. DecoTHtion of carrea woiiL 
AiTniiuid6r, ra, «. Bniner, demoUaher, de- 

AiraliuBni'dnto, m>K Ruin, destruction. 
Armlnir. 9€k. To demolish: rain; destroy. 
Arralladdr, ra, «. Rocker; flatterer^ ei^joler. 
ArmlUIr, «CL To Inll babes; conxt, ooo and 

bill. Qnllabj. 

AirdUo, sm. The cooing and billing of doves ; 
AmimAoo, am. Oaress; scomAil grin. 
Amzmage, sin. Btowsge of a ship^s carga 
Amuttir, Mk (Nan.) To stow cargo. 
ATnimaz6n, mn. (Nan.) Stowage; horizon 

ArrnmbMfls, ^,pl. Wales of a row-galley. 
Azrambad^ ra, «. Heaper, piler ; steersnum. 
Arnimbamiento, am. The direction of a 

thing. (proper course. 

AimmbAr,«a. To slow away. — er. Steer the 
Armnflme, vr. To haye a nnsh of card& 
Arsafriga, a/. A plant 
Ansn&l, an. Aiseoal, dock^yard. 
Aneniato, am. (Cbem.) Arseniate; 
Anenic&l, a. (Chem.) Arsenical. 
An^nioo, am. (Cbem.) Arsenic; ratsbane. 
ATa6l]a, 4^ Green aknond with its downy 

A'rta, ^ Y. Flantaina, Aria de agua. 

Art^ wm, A kind of plok 
ArtaUta, am. A sort of tart 
Artamiaa, Artamisia, »f. (Bot) Mag-wort. 
Artanka, Artanita, a/. (Bot) Sow-bread. 
A'rta» 9m. and/ An art; skill, craft; man- 

A'rtos, 9? pi. Ibtrignes, improper means ; 
logic, physios and metaphysics. 

Aitecillo, Ila, a dim. Petty art or trade. 

ArteGcto, am. Mannfactnre. 

Art^o. 9m. Joint or knncklo of the fingers. 

Artemna, Aitomisia, ^. (Bot) Mng-wort 

Art^na, ^ An aqnatie fowl. 

Altera, ^ An iron bread-stampi 

ArtMa, af. An artery. A'apera arterla, 
The wind-pipe. 

Arter^ ^ Artifloe, stratagem, sagacity. 

Aiteriid, a. Arterial. 

Axteri6bs ^ dim. Small artery. 

Arteridso, sa, €k Arterial. 

ArteriotomSa, j^ (Anat) Arteriotomy. 

Artiro, ra, a. Dexterous, cunning, artfhl. 

Aitisa, 4/r Kneading-trongh ; canoe : wood- 
en bowL . [chanic 

Artesfaio, am. Artisan, manufbcturer, me- 

ArtesiUa, ^ A small trough. 

Artes6n, am*. A round tub for dishes; carved 
eelling; ornamented yaulttng. 

Artesonado, da, a. In the form of a trongh. 

ArtesondUa am^ dim. A small trough. 

Artesnola, ^. dim. A small kneading-trough. 

Artaico, ca, & Afflicted with the arthritis. 

A'rtlco, ca, a. (Astr.) Arctic, northern. 

Articnlacion, a/. Articulation; Joint [ly. 

Articuladam^nte, ad. Distinctly, articulato- 

Artlculir, «a. To articulate, pronounce 


Articulir, ArtlcolMo, rla, a. Artfeolar. 

Artlenlo, am. Article, section; plea; quea- 

Artifice, am. Artificer, artisan; contriver. 

Artificial, a. Artificial. Fuegoa cuf^ficialM^ 

Artlfldalmtote. ad. Artificially. 

ArtiTido, amw Workmanship, craft; ardflce. 

Artiflciosam6nte, ad. Artiflciany; artfhl, 

Artifidmo, sa, a. SkiHU, ingenious; artftxL 

Artiga, ^. Land newly broken up. 

Artirar, va. To break and level land. 

Artill^r. fta. To mount cannon. 

Artilleria, tf. Artillery ; gunnery ; cannon. 

Artillcro. am. Gunner, artillery-man. 

ArtimAfia, af. Trap, snare ; stratagem. 

Artimon, am. Mlzen-mast; sail of a galley. 

Artista, am. Artist; artisan ; studier of logia 

Art61it08, am. A concave spongy stone. 

Artritlco, ca, a. Arthritic, artbriticaL 

Artritis, am. (Med.) Arthritis, gout 

Artr6dia, af. (Anat) Arthrodia. 

Artt^fia, ^f.K ewe whose lamb has perished. 

Artiira, am. (Astr.) The groat bear, a con- 

Ar^cas, ^ (Bot) Motherwort, feverfew. 

A'ruia, af. dim. A small altar. [reedy. 

ArandinAceo, cea, a. (Bot) Amndinaceoua, 

Arufidr, «a. To scratch, daw, scrape, gather. 

Artifio, am. Scratch. 

Ar{»epes, am. Augur, diviner, soothsayer. 

Ar65pioe, am. Augurer, soothsayer. 

Arn»T>idna, af. Aruspicy. 

An-^ja. af. (Bot) Vetch, tare. 

ArvejAl, Ar>'ejar, am. Field of vetches. 

Arv^Jo, am. (Bot) Bastard chick-pea. 

ArveJ6n, am (Bot) Chickline-vctch. 

Arvdona, af (Prov.) Vetch, fitch. 

Arvda, «r The kingfisher. 

A'rza, j|<(Nau.) Fall of a tackle. 

Artobisp/ido, «m. Archbishopric. 

Arzobisp41, a. Archiepiscopiu. 

Arzobisix). am. Archbishop, [downy husk. 

Arzolla, ^ (Prov.) Green almond with its 

Arz6n, am. Fore and hind bow of a saddle. 

As, am. Ace; Roman copper coin. 

A'sa, af. Handle, baft; vault like a basket- 
handle ; pretence. Aaa dule^ Gum Den- 
zoin. Aaa/etidOy Assafoetida. 

Asaci6n, ^. Decoction. 

Asad6ro, ra, a. Fit for roasting. 

AsAdo, da, a. Roasted ; dressed. 

A8ad6r, am.. A spit; roasting-jack. 

Asadorizo, am. Blow with a spit 

Asadorcillo. am. dim. Small spit 

Asaddra, </: Entrails, chitterlings. 

Asaddra, Asaduria, af. Toll paid for cattle. 

Asaeteaddr, am-. Arcner, bow-man. 

Asaetedr, va. To attack, or kill with arrows. 

Asaetin&do, da, a. Like satin. 

Asalarldr. va. To give a fixed salary or pay. 

Asalmonftdo, da, Tasting (ike a salmon. 

Asaltador, am. Assailant assaulter; high- 
wayman, [sail. 

AsaltAr, fo. To form an assault, storm ; as- 

As&lto, am. Assault; sudden gust of passion. 

Asambl6ajt/C Assembly, meeting, Junta. 

Asir, t>a. To roast— or. To be excessively 

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Asarab^cara, AsAr&c^4^(Bot.) Wild ginger. 

ABarero, em. (BoL) V. Endrino. 

A6arziuIo, da, a. 8crge-Itke; twilled. 

Asaniia, «/! (Bot) Baatard aaanim. 

A'aaro, am. Asarum, asarabaica rplant). 

Aaativo, va, a. (Pliarm.) Droased or boiled 
in its own Juice. 

Asbeatino, na, a. Belonging to asbestos 

Aab^sto, am. Asbestos, a fossil, inoombua- 

Ascalonia, ^ A seed onion. [tible. 

Ascarldea, a/.pf^ Ascaridea, Internal worm£ 

Asconddnda, ^ Lino of ancestors. 

Ascend^nto, am. Ascendant; horoscope. — 
pa. Ascending. [moted. 

Ascondi^r, im. To ascend, monnt; oe pro- 

Ascendionte, am. and / An ancestor, fore- 
fjtlicr. (Thursday. 

Ascension, nf. Ascension; exaltation; hoTj 

Ascenston&l, a. (Astr.) Ascensional. 

Asci^nso, am. Promotion. 

Ascoto, «m. Ascetic, hermit 

Asoetlcismo, am. Asceticism. 

Ascutlco, ca, a. Ascetia [zone. 

A'sclos, am. pL Ascii, people of the torrid 

Asciro, am. (Bot) St Fetor's wort, St An- 
drew's croas. 

Ascitis, ^f. Ascites. 

Asdtioo, CO, a. Belonging to the asclteai 

Aaclepi^da, af. (Bot) Swallow-wort 

Awlepiadco, am. Latin verse of four feet 

A'sco, am. Nausea, loathsomeness; despica- 
ble thing; 

A'soua, ^ Ked-hot coal. 

A'seuas, iTUet± ('Toe) How it pains 1 Eatar 
en aaeuaa. To bo vorr nneasy. 

Aseadam^nte, ad. Cleanly, elegantlj, neatly. 

Aseado, dx a. Clean, elecant 

Ascar, va. To set oO; ombellish. 

A6cchad6r, am. Insnaror. waylayer. 

Asechamionto, am. Aaechdnza, if. Waylay- 
ing ; artifice, trick. 

Asech&r, va. To waylay, watch insidionaly. 

Asecuraci^n, a/. Insurance. 

Asod^o, da. a. Silky. [silk. 

Asediir, va. To work flax and hemp soft as 

A8ediad6r, ra, a. Besieger. 

Asedi&r, va. To besiege ; blockadei 

AsSdio, am. A siege, a blockade. 

AseglarArse, vr. To secularize one's sel£ 

As^ndir, «a. To repeat with little or no 

Asegnracidn, ^f. Insurance. 

Asegurador. am^ Insurer, underwriter. 

As^ramiento, am. Securing; security; in- 

Asegnrir, va To socnre. Insure; ftsten. 

Asem(^dr, va. To assimilate, favor.— or. To 

Asendereddo, da, a-. Beaten, flreqnented. 

Asendcreir, va. To persecute, pursue; open 
a path. 

Asengladfira, if. (Nao.) A day's run. 

Asdnso, am. Assent consent credence. 

Aaentoda, a/. A stAne in its place ; one sit- 
ting. A'^aatmladaa^Y.A^aaentadiUaa. 

Asentadi^raa, a/.pl. Buttocks, the seat 

Asentadillaa, (A ) ad. Sitting on horseback 
like a woman. 

Asent^o, da, a. Clear, serene. 

Asentad6r, am. Bazor-strop. 


Asentad&ra, if. Asentami^nto, am. Eatab- 
lishment residence. 

Asent^, va. To seat; stop at; suppose; af- 
firm; ac\just; note; assess; establish. 

Asentir, vn. To coincide ; acquiesce, yield. 

Asentista, am. A contractor. 

Asoo, «fik Cleanlineas, neatness, curiosltr. 

As6qui, am^ Duty on every forty head of 

Asequible, a. Attainable, obtainable. 

A6en:i6n, if. Assertion, afilrmation. 

AserradL^ro, am. A saw-pit; hone or tresUe. 

Aserradizo, za, a Proper to be sawed. 

Aserr/ido, da, a. Serrate, serrated, dented. 

A^errador, am. Sawyer. 

Aserradura, f/C Sawing. 

Aserr-tduras, Saw-dust 

Asorr^, va. To saw. 

Asertivo, va, a>. Assertive. 

As6rto, am^ Assertion, affirmation, position. 

Asertorio, a. Declaratory, afiirmatlve. 

Asesio', vn. To Iwcome prudent 

Asesinar, va. To assassinate ; betray. 

Asesinuto, am. Aaaassination, murder; 
treachery. [patch. 

Asesino, am* Assassin, murderer; cheat; 

Asesor, ra, & A counsellor, legal adviser. 

Asesorirae, vr. To take the assistance of 

Asesoria, ^. The ofiice, pay and fees' of an 
assessor; ta%-em. [ncr nap or siesta. 

Asestadero, am. Place to take an after-din- 

Asestad6r, am. Gunner. 

Asostadura, af Aim, taking aim. 

AsestAr, va. To aim, point [firmation. 

Aseveraci6n, ttf. Asseveration, solemn af- 

Asever4r, va. To asseverate; affirm. 

Asfalto, atn. Asphaltum. 

Asfixia, ^ (Med.) Asphyxia, suffocation. 

Asfodelo, am^ Asphodel, day-lily. 

Asi, ad. So, thus, In tills manner; therefore, 
also. Aa% bien^ As well, as much so. 
Aa^ qu^ So that, therefore. Aai que aa'i. 
Any way. Aa'i que aad or aaado^ Let it 
be as it will Oamo a«i. Just sa 

Aslduro, am. Handle; occasion, pretext— 
pi. Tow-ropes. 

Asido, da. Seized, grasped ; fSMtened, tied. 

AsiduidiMl, if Assiduity, aasiduousnesa. 

Asidno, dua, a. Assiduous, laborious. 

Asi6nto,«mL Seat chair; sUbility; bottom; 
sediment; treaty; contract; ontrv; Judg- 
ment; list; prudence.— /)JL Bindings. 

Asigndble, a^ Assignable. [destination. 

Asignaci6n, af. Assignation; distribation ; 

Asign&do, a. Assignat 

Asign^r. va. Tg assign, mark out ascribe. 

Asignatura, af. Programme of the lectures 
in universities. 

Asilla, if dUn. A small handle ; a slight pre« 
iext.—pL The collar-bones ; small keys of 
an organ, Ac 

Asiio, am. Asylum, sanctuary; harborage. 

Asimfamo, ad. Exactly na 

Asimetria, if (Little ns.) Without symmetrj. 

Asimiento, am^ Attachment affection. 

Asimilaci6n, af. Asaimilation. 

Asimilir vn. To resemble, to be like.— Ml 
To assimilate. 

Asimilatlvo, ya, €k Asdmilatlng. 

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itimfemo, ad. EzuUj bo, lilcewise. 
Asimplido, da, a. Like a simpleton. 
Aain. Aana, ad. (Low) V. A»%. 
Asininaa, ^. pL Birds in Brazil 
Aftinino, na, a. Asinine, ass-like. 
Asir, va. and n. To grasp ; bold : gripe; take 
root — vr. To dispute, oontena. Aftrsede^ 
To avail one's self o£ 
Asis6n, mn. Bird of the ihniily ofji-ancolina. 
Asistencia, 4^ Actual proeence ; reward ; aid, 
help, con^fort Anstencitu^ Allowance; 
alimony; a ftimished room. 
Asist^ta, ^. Handmaid; serrant-nidd to 
the maids of honor. [orderly. 

Asistcnte, pa. and mt. Assistant, helper: an 
Asistir, tm. To be present, assist; live in a 

boose.— po. To minister; to serve. 
A'sma, ^. The asthma. 
Asmatico, ca, a. Asthmatic 
A'sna, »/. A i^e-asa A'snaa^ Baflen. 
Asn^bo, suk (BoL) Cammock. 
AsnAda, 4^. A foolish action ; petty whin. 
Asnado, snv Side-wall timbers in mines. 
Asnal, a. Asinine ; brataL 
AsoillQ, «?». Cammock, restharrow. [aa& 
Asnalm^nte, ad. Foolishly ; mounted on an 
Asniacbo, mn. Sharp pepper of Sooth 
America. [tish fellow. 

Asnazo, sm. augnk. A large Jack-ass ; a bra- 
Asneria, ^f. (ColL) Stod of asses. 
Asnico, ca, «. Andiron. 
Asnilla, »f. Stancheon or prop. 
AsnUlo, ila, %. dim. A little ass. AmUlo^ 

Grasshopper, fleld-cricket 
Aamno, na, a. (CoIL) Besembllng an aaa. 
A'sno. am. An ass; a stupid fellow. 
Asobarcar, «a. To lift a weighty thing with 

one band. 
Asoblnirse. «r. To ikil down with a burden. 
Asoearronido, da, a. CrafW, canning, wag- 
gish, [tion; fellowship. 
A8ociaci6n, ^ Asociami«ito, 9m. Associa- 
Asociido, am. Associate; comrade. 
Aaociar, va. To associate, unite. — vr. To ac- 
CMnpany. [tation. 
Asolaaon, Asoladiira, ^ Deeolation, devas- 
Asoladdr. ra, «. A destroyer, desolator. 
Asolamiento, mn. Depopulaiioiif destruc- 
Asolanir, «a. To parch or dry up. 
Asolir, va. To level, destroy, pillage. — w. 

To settle and become clear. 
Asok^dr, v€L To sun. — vr. To be sun-burnt 
Aaolvami^nto, «m. Stoppage. 
Asolvirse, vr. To be stopped. 
Aitomida, «r Appearance. 
Asom&do, da, a. Fuddled. 
Aaom^, vn. To begin to appear.— "VO. To 

abow. — vr. To be fliisterea with wine. 
Asombradizo, za, a. Fcarfhl, timid. [ens. 
Asombrad6r. ra, «. Tenifier, one who iHght- 
Aaombramiento, »m. V. Awmhro. 
Asombrar, va. To frighten, terrify ; astonish ; 
fihade. — vr. To take flight [ment 

Anombro, mti. Dread, fear, terror; amaze- 
Asombrosamdnta, ad. Amazingly, wonder- 
ftilly. [marvellous. 

Asombrteo, sa, a. Wonderfiil, astonishing, 
Asdmo, sm. Mark, token, sign ; supposition. 
AjBoniida, tf, Tumnltuons crowd of people. 


Ason&ncia, «/ Assonance, consonance; har- 
mony, [sonant verses 
Asonant^, va. To mix assonant with con- 
Asoniinte, a. Assonant 
Asonor, vn. To accord. 
At ' pa. To vault make vaults. 
A L cross; a reel; wings of a wind- 

Ai nK A reel. 

Aj I, «. Reeler. 

Ai TO. (Bot) Rosewood. 

Ai «. Asphaltos. 

A( o, sm. (Prov.) V. Aspaviento. 

A To reel; crucify; vex. Atpart^ 

a gruo9^ To hoot cry out 

Aspavi^nto, mn. Dread^ fear, consternation ; 
admiration. A9pattento»^ Boasts, brags, 
bravadoes. Rook; situation. 

Asp6cto, rnn. Aspect sight appearance; 

A'speram^nte, ad. Budely, grumly, obdu- 
rately, [taste. 

Asperear, vn. To be rough and acrid to the 

Asperate, sm. Sour taste of unripe flruit 

Aspereza, Asperidad, ^f. Asperity; gall; 
ronghncn; soumesa 

Asperges, mn. AiperHon or sprinkling. 

Asperid'go, ga, a. Sour apple of the pippin 

A5pcriIlo, Iff, (Bot) A plant [fruit 

Asperillo, mn. The sourish taste of unrifM 

Asperillo, Ila, a. dim. Tart sourish. 

A'spero, mn. Asper, para (coinX 

A'spero, ra, a. Rongh, knotty ; harsh. 

AspenSn, sm. Grindstone. 

A8pcr8i6n, ^. Aspersion. 

Aspers6rio, an. Water-sprinkler. 

A'spid, A'spide, mn. Asp, a small serpent; 
cnoleric person. [sirci 

Aspiraclon, ^ Aspiration ; Inspiration ; de- 

A8piradam6nte, ad. With aspiration. 

Aspirate, pa. Aspirant 

Aspiriir,«;a. To inspire; draw breath; aspirou 

AsqueAr, va>. To loathe, consider with disgust 

Asquerosam^nte, ad. Nastily, Ibnily, ftltniiy. 

AsquerosidM, sf Nastiness, filthiness. 

Asqnordso. sa, a. Nasty, filthy ; loathsome. 

A'squia, ^ A kind of grayling fresh-water 

A'sta, ^ Lance, spear, pike ; handle ; stafEl 

Astas, Uorns. 

Astdco, mn. Lobster, crayfish, or crawfish. 

Astddo, Ast^'ro, 9m. Pikeman or lancer. 

Ast^nlco, ca. a. (Mod.) Asthenic. 

Ast^r. mn. (Bot) Starwort 

Astena, ^ Star-stone ; cat's eye, false opal 

Asterisco, mn. An asterisk. (Bot) Oxoye. 

Astil, mn. Axe-handle; shaft of an arrow. 

Astllejos, mn. pi. V. AHUl^os. 

Astilla, 4/! Chip of wood, splinter. 

Astill&r, va. To chip. 

Astillazo, mn. Crack, iijury, damage. 

A8tlll«yo8, mn. pi. Castor and Pollux (ptars). 

Astill^ro, »m. Lance ; spear-stand. AiiUUro 
ds corutniccion. Ship-yard, dock-yard. 
J^oner en a^Ulero^ (Met) To place in an 
honorable post [Milk-vetch. 

Astr^alo, »m. Astragal (mouldmgX (Bot) 

AstrAl, a. Astral. 

Astrincia, ^. (Bot) Master-wort 

Afttrda, «/. Goddess Aatroa. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


ABtrlcd6n, Astring6ncla, ^f. Astrictlon, oom- 

AfltrictiTO, ya, (L Astrlctiye. Btyptla 
Astricto, ta, a. Gontractea, compreased; 

Afltrifero, ra, (Poet) Starry. 
A«tring6nta, ck Astringent 
Astrlngirf a. To astringe, compress. 
A'stro, 9m. Heavenly body, aa tne son, moon, 

or star: iUostrioos person. 
Astrogrfifla, ^ Astrography. 
Aatr^Ite, vn. Astrolte. 
ABtrol&bio, wu Astrolabe; Jacobus stafll 
Aatrolo^a, «/. Astroloffy. [cal. 

Aatroldgico, ca, A8tr61ogo, ga, a. Aatrologl- 
Astr6iogOt 9m. Astrologer. 
Astrol6glcam6nte, ad. Astrologlcally. 
Astronomia, ^ Astronomy. 
Astron^mleam^nte, aA. Astvonomically. 
Astron6nilco, ca, a. Astronomical 
Astr6uomo, 9m. Astronomer. 
Astro8am6nto, oA, Slovenly, sinttish. 
Astr6so, sa, a^ (Coll) Indecent, sordid. , 
Ast6cla, ^ Canning, craft, flnesse, slynesB. 
AstoritSn, 9m. A pony, a small horse. 
Astatam6nte, ad. Cunningly, craftily, feign- 

AstQto, ta, a. Astate, canning, sly. 
Asubi&r, vn. To gnard against the rain. 
AsuAto, 9m, Holyday Ibr school-boys, yactr 

Asumir. «a. To ascend, assame any dignity. 
Asuncion, ^. Assumption; elevation; a 

As&nto, «m. Subject; affair, business. 
Asuramidnto, 9m. Burning; being parched. 
Asur&rse, «r. To be burnt in the pot 
Asurc4r, vo. To ftirrow sown land to kill 

the weeds. 
Asustadlzot sa, a. Easily frightened. 
Asustiir, vo. To frighten, to terrify.— «r. To 

be frightened. 
AUbAca, ^f. (Bot) Groandsel. 
Atabacddo, da, a. Tobacco-color. 
Atab&l, 9m. Kettle-druuL [drums. 

Atabaledr, m. To imitate the noise ofkettle- 
AUbd^io, AUbalete, AUbaliUo, 9m. dim. A 

small kettle-drum. 
Atabal6ro, 9m. Kettle-drummer. 
AtabaniidoL da, a. Spotted white, [feyers. 
AtabardiUMo, da, & Of the nature of spotted 
At&be, 9in. A small vent left in water-pipes. 
Atabemido, da, a. Betailed in taverns. 
Atabill4r, va. To fold cloth with the sel- 

vases out 
Atablad^ra, 9f. Boiler to level sown land. 
AteblAr, va. To level sown land. 
Atacad^rsj «/. Bhister's rammer. 
Atac&do, da, Ov Irresolute; close, miserable. 

Jlombre d« calaas ataaadoM^ A strict ob- 
server of old customs. 
Atacad6r,«mi Amressor; ramrod ornunmer. 
Atac6r, «<z. To fit tight; ram ; attack. 
Atac6]a, ^ A strap for a horse^s tail 
Atad6raa, tf. pL Atad^roe, 9m. pL (Prov.) 

Garters. Ta thing is tied. 

Atad6ro, am. Cord or rope ; the phuM where 
AtadUo, ito, 9m. dim. (ColL) An lll-«haped 

litUe bnndleu 
Atadito^ ta, a, dim. Cramped oroontraeted. 


AtMo, 9m. Bundle, parcel [tng. 

Atado, da, a. PnsUianimona, good for noth* 

Atad6r, 9m. He who ties ; packer ; binder. 

Atadura, ^. Tying together ; union. 

Atafagdr, vo. To stupofy, deprive of senses; 
to tease. 

Atafetanddo, da, a. Beserobling talFety. 

Atahtoe, am. The crupper of a pack-eaddle. 

Atahdrma, tf. (Om.) Osprey. 

AtaiWor, CO. To cut mouldings in panels. 

Atilre, 9m, Moulding In panels. 

Atidadizo, 9m. Partition. 

Atidad6r, 9m. (Mil) Scout 

Atsj}£r, vn. To go tno shortest war. — to. To 
overtake; divide; Intercept AtajargO' 
nadOf To steal sheep. Ataiar la tierra^ 
To reconnoitre the ground. — vr. To bo 
confounded with shame. [rc-nnion. 

Ati^asolAoesL am. A disturber of a pleasant 

Ata)^ Atl4u^ 9f. Small sewer, drain. 

AtiQo, 9m. Shortcut; ward or guiu^; ob- 
struction. SaUr al cOaJOt To interrupt 
another*s speech. 

Atalantiir, vn. To agree, accord ; be pleased. 

Ataldya, af. Watch-tower; height; guard. 

Atalayador, ra, 9. Guard, senuy; observer. 

Atalayir, to. To observe from a watch- 
lower, [sccdsw 

Atalvina, a/ Milky substance drawn from 

Atamldnto, mti. M!eanne6s of spirit 

Atanisia, ^. (Bot) Co^tmary or alccost; 
type between Pica and English Roman. 

Atandr, 9m. (Prov.) A siphon or tube. 

Atanama, fff. Depilatory ; refhse of siUc 

Atafler, «. Imp. To belong, appertain. 

AtAque, 9m, Attack; trenches; apoplexy. 

Ataquiza, ^f. Laying a branch of a vine in 
the sround. [the ground. 

AtaquTzAr, va. To lay a branch of a vine in 

Atar, va. To ticKbind, knit; lace; deprive 
of motion : close.— «r. To be embamused. 
Atar9e A la letra^ To stick to the letter 
of the text Atar9e lo9 mano9. To tie 
one's self by promise. [laid work. 

Ataracda, ^f. Marquetry, checker work ; In- 

Ataraoeilr, co. To checker, inlay. 

Atarantiido, da, a. Bit by a tarantula; sur- 
prised; harum-scamm. 

AtarazAna, ^ Atarazan Al, 9m. Axaenal ; rope- 
spinner's shed ; wine-cellar. [teeth. 

Atarazir, va. To bite or wound with the 

Ataroikdo, da, a. Busied, occupied. 

AtareAr, va. To task, exerdaei— er. To over- 
do one's sell 

AtArfe, 9m. Tamarisk. 

AtaijAa, «/! A small vault; sewer, drain. 

AtarqulnSr, vo. To bemtre.— vr. To be cov- 
ered with mire. 

Atarrdga, ^f. (Bot) Clammy Inula, Fleabane. 

AtarragAr, ro. To fit a shoe to a horse's foot 

Atarnijar, va. To form the thread of a screw. 

Atamg&do, da, a. Abashed, ashamed. 

Atarugami4nto, 9m. Act of wedging. 

Atarug&r, va. To fasten; wedge; silence. 

Ataa^ado, da, a. Stretched across a horse. 

AtasiJAr, va. To cut meat into small pieces. 

Atascadero, AtascamiAnto, 9m. A deep miry 
place; obstruction. 

AtascAr, va. To stop a leak.— vr. To stick 
in the mire; stop short 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Atafid, Aim Coflin, hearse. 

AUndido, da, a. Cof&n-shaped. [aL 

Ataajia, »f. Daautskeening, inlavlng on met- 

Atamlado, da, a. Damaskeened. 

AtaviMo, da. a. Ornamented, adorned. 

AtavUr, «*. To dress, trim, adorn, embellish. 

AtaTiQ, */». Dress, finery, gear. 

Ataxia, «/! (Med.) Ata.xia, irregular forcr. 

Atediiur, «a. To disgust or displease. — rr. To 

be Texed, be tired. 
Ateisrao, «fik Atheism. 
Ate'eta, am. Atheist; heathen. [ror. 

Atemorizjkr, va. To terrify, strike with ter- 
Atemperaddn, «/ The act and effect of tem- 

Aterapedir, «». To temper; soften; mollify. 
Atenazir, Atenazeir, xa. To tear off with 

Atendon, ^f. Attention; civility, kindness; 

a contract of Mle. En aiencion^ Attend- 
ing; in cons'deration. 
Atend^, en. To attend ; heed; eicpect, wait 
Aten^, fjk To guard, observe. Atener^e d. 

To abide by, stick to. 
Atentacion, itf. Procedure contrary to law. 
Atentadamente, Cbd. Prudently; contrary 

to law. [rate. 

Atent^do, da, a. Discreet, prudent, mode- 
Atentado, «n. Illegal proceeding of a J udge ; 

oflenoe. TUtely. 

Ateotamente, ad. Attentively; civilly, po- 
Atent&r, no. To attempt any crime ; to Uy 

with caution. 
Atentat6rio, ria, a. Contrary to law. 
Atfento, ta, a. Attentive, heedAil; polite, 

eivil ; in consideration. 
Atenuacidn, »t Attenuation ; maceration. 
Atennar, va. To attenuate ; diminish, lessen. 
At^ 9m. Atheist [fover. 

Aterdanido, da, a. Afflicted with tertian 
Aterdopelado, da, a. Yeivet-llke. 
Aterida, «/ Jaundice. 
Ateridirse, To have the jaundice. 
Ateiido, da, a. Stiff with cold, benumbed. 
Aterimiento, An. Act of growing stiff with 

Aterirse, «r. To grow stiff with cold. 
AtemerAdo, da, a. Calf-like. 
Atemmidnto, «m. Ruin, destruction ; terror. 
Aterrur, eo. To destroy, pull down ; terrify. 

— pr. To stand in shore. 
Aterron&r, xa. To clod, coaguUite^ 
Aterrorlziir, ca. To IHghten, terrify. 
Atesar, «a. To haul taught 
Atesorad6r, wm. A hoarder. 
Atesornr, wu To treasure or hoard up. 
Atestadon, 9f. Testimonv, evidence 
Atest^o, da, a. Attested, witnessed. 
Atestidos, WRv pL Certificates, testimonials. 
At«0tadura, 9f. Cramming or stuffing; must 

fiyrsoakingwine casks. 
Atestir, ra. To cram, stuff; crowd. 
Atestignad6n, ^f. Atestiguaml^nto, 9m. De- 

pontion upon oath. 
Atestigu^, va. To depose, attest, give evi- 
dence. AtesHffuar eon, To dte ta^ a wit- 

Atetido, dsL a. Mammillated, mammiform. 
Atetir, va. To suckle. 
Atotill4r, va. To trench ronnd root& 


Atezido, da, a. Black. 
Atezamiento, «nu The act of blackening. 
Atezar, va. To blacken. — vr. To grow black. 
Atiborrir, va. To stuff with wool, Ac ; cram. 
Aticismo, 9m. Atticism ; nice, witty jolse. 
A'tico, CM. a. Upper story, atflc; elegant 

wit TesUgo aUco^ An irrefragable wit- 
Aticdrga, ^ Base of an attic column. 
Atiesar, va. To make stiff or hard. 
Atifle, 9m^ Potter's trevet 
Atigrado, da, a. Tiger-colored. 
AtiUladfira, if. Punctuation. 
Atilddr, va. To put a dash or tilde a letter; 

censure : deck out * [pose. 

AtlnadamOnte, ad. Cautiously; to the pur- 
Atindr, vn. To hit the mark; hit upon, 

Atinc4r, 9m. Tincal ; borax. 
Atipl^r, va. To raise the pitch of a musical 

instrument — vr. To grow very sharp. 
Atirant^r, ro. To fix collar-beams in a 

Atiriciarse, vr. To get the jaundice. 
Atisbadoro, em. Poep-holo. [noM. 

Atisbad6r, ra, «. A prior into others' oaai- 
Atisbafiura, t^. Prying into otliers' business. 
Atisbar, va. To scrutinize, pry Into; waylay. 
AtisuAdo, da, a. Tissuc^like. [cites, 

Atizad6ro, 9m. Exciter, tlie thing which ex- 
Atizati6r, ra, «. Inciter; poker; feeder. 
Atizir, va. To poke the fire; ronse. AH- 

ear la Idmpara, To raise the larap-wlck. 
Atlzondr, va. To lav up bricks and stones 

In mortar. — vr. To be smutted. 
Atiante, 9m. He who bears the weight of 

government Ati<inte9y Figures or men 

used instead of columns. 
Atlantico, a. Atlantic [dia satin. 

A' tins, 9m. Atlas, a collection of maps; In- 
Atlota, 9tn. Athlete, wrestler. 
Atietico, ca, a. Athletic ; robn?t 
Atmosfera, ^. Atmosphere, tiie air. 
Atmosferico, ca, a. Atmospherical 
Atoujo, 9m. Towage. 
AtoAr, va. To tow a vessel 
At<Scha. ^ Tough fbathen?rass bass-weed. 
Atochal, Atociidr, 9m. Place where baaa* 

weed groMTS. 
Atochfir, va. To fill with bass-weed. 
Atochun, 9m. Name of the tender panlde 

of tough feathergrass. 
Atocin&do, da, a. Corpulent, fat, fleshy. 
Atodn^r, ro. To cut up a pig; assassinatau 

— vr. To swell with anger. 
Atole, 9m. (M.) Indian com gruel. 
Atolladoro, 9m. A deep mlrv place ; obstacle. 
Atolldr, vn. To teHl into the mire. — rr. To 

got involved In dlfllculUea. [thonghtiess. 
Atolondrado, da, a. Harebrained, giddy, 
Atolondrami6nto, stn. BtupelUction, con- 
Atoiondrir, va. To stun, stupefy.— rr. To 

get stupefied, dull. 
Atomlsroo, sm. At^misno. 
Atomista, 9m. Atomlst 
Atomistico, ca. a. Atomical, of atoms. 
A'tomo, 9m. Atom, corpuscle, ace, mote. 

Reparar en un dtomOf To remark tho 

minutest actions. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


AtondAr, «a. To spar a hone. 

AtoniA, ^. (Mod.) Atonv, wcakneafli debility. 

At6ntto, ta, a. Astonisued, amazed. 

Atoutaaamunte, adL Foolishly, stupidly. 

AtOQtado, da, a. Mopish, foolish, stupid. 

Atontamiento, mn. ObstupefUctlon. [stupid. 

Atontiur, va. To stun, stupefy.— er. To bo 

AtoiitM, vr. To stick in th« mlro; fit the 

AtomiontKdani6nte, ad. Anxiously. 

Atonneut^o, da, a. Painftil, Ml of pain, 

Atonnentad6r, nLf Tormentor. 

AtormentAr, «a. To torment ; cause afflic- 
tion; rack. 

AtomlUikr, ua. To screw. 

Atorozonarse, vr. To suffer gripes or colic. 

AtortolAr, ca. To confound, intimidate.— 
er. To be IHghtenod. 

Atortordr, tra. (Nau.) To frape a ship. 

Atorti^ar. cOw To squeeze, make flat. 

Atosigador, tm. Poisoner. 

Atoaiffamiento, «m. The act of poisoning. 

Atoftigar, v& To poison ; harass. [hurry. 

Atrabancar, vo. To huddle, perform in a 

Atrabdnco, »!». Tlie art of huddling. 

Atrabilorio, ria, Atnibili6flo, sa, a, Atrabihi- 
rious, melancholy. 

Atrabilis, ttf. Boins atrabllarions : black bile. 

Atracadero, wn. (Nau.) Landfall. 

Atracar, to. To overtake; cram.— rr. To be 
stuffed. Atraearw al cottado. To come 

Atraccldn, «/ Attraction. 

Atrac6n, «m. Over-eating. 

Atractivo, va, a. Attractive; engaging. 

Atractivo, am. Charm; gnice; cooing. [Ing. 

Atraetiz, a. Applied to tno power of aUxact- 

Atraer, ecu To attract, draw; allure, Invite. 

Atra&gido, da, a. Much occupied; labori- 
ous; fidgety. 

Atralaig&r, m. (Low) To toil, bo over- 
wrought— rr. To fidget 

Atragantarse, vr. To suck in the throat; be 
cut short in conversation. 

Atraidoradamdnte, o<f. Treacherously. 

AtraidorMo, da, <h Treacherous, porfldioos. 

AtraUlar, «a. To bind with a string; follow 
game. [into difficulties. 

Atrampirso, «r. To be caught in a trap ; get 

Atramuz, sm. (Rot) Lupine. 

Atrancir, vet. To bar a door; take long 
steps; read hurriedly. [ecive. 

Atrap^, «a. To overtake; lav hold of; de- 

AtrAa,a<t Backwards; past JlacerwatroA, 
Tofidlback. (^tM>efarM o^rcM, To remain 
behind. Fole«r«0 o^roa, To retract /Td- 
€ia atnu. Far from that, quite tho con- 

Atrasado, da. Airasado ds medio»y Short 
of means, poor. Atra«ado de ncHcia^ 
Ignorant or common things. [unpaid. 

AtrasAdos, sm. pL Arrears, sums remaining 

Alrasdr, no. To obstruct another*s fortune ; 
protract, set back.— pn. To go slow.— ©r. 
To T«main behind ; be in debt 

Atr^ «r/K Backwardness; loss of fortune; 

Atravesudo, da, ct» Bqoint-eyod; oblique; 


AtravesAfio, «nu Cross-piece, cross-timber. 

- Atra€«9afU>9 de las kUas, Carlinea. 

Atraveair, va. To lay a beam athwart; ran 
through; cross over; bewitch: bet; lay 
a trump. (Nau.) To lie to. Atraveaar 
si corazor^ To move to colnpaasion. 
Atrawisar los g6neros. To buy goods to 
sell by retail Atrav^aar todo el pais. 
To overrun the whole country. Xo atra- 
xesar loa umbralea^ Not to darken one's 
door.— «r. To be obstructed; interfere; 
dispute; cross tho course of another vesseL 

( Yo atmvieao^ yo atravieaey from Atraet' 
aar^ V. Aoertar.) 

Atrayente, pa. Attrahcnt, attractive. 

Atroguadamunte, ad. Madly, rashly. 

Atrcgutido, da, a. Basil, foolish, precipitate. 

Atresnaldr, «a. To collect sheaves into neaps. 

Atrevdrse, vr. To be too forward ; to dam 

Atrevidamente, ad. Audaciously, daringly, 
boldly. [ciouSL 

Atrevidillo, ila, a. dim. Somewhat anda 

Atrovidislmo, ma, a. aup. Moat audacious. 

Atrevido, da, a. Bold, audacious, daring: 
insolent [blade. 

Atrevido, am. A mnsole on the shoulder- 

Atrevimiunto, am. Boldness, hardihood; 

Atribuci6n, ^f. Attributing; attribute. 

Atribuir, va. To attribute, ascribe, impnte. 
— vr. To assume. [vexed. 

AtribuUr, vet. To vex, afflict— rr. To be 

Atributivo, va, a. Attributive. 

AtribCito, am. Attribute ; a quality adherent 

Atricapilla, ^f. (Om.) The Epicurean war- 
bler, [straps. 

Atric^see, am. pL Rings to hold the stirmp- 

Atriciun,^ Attrition, grief for sin. (Farr.) 

Atril, am. Lectern, a stand Ibr the miasal or 
service l)ooks in churchea. pectem. 

Atril^rn, 4^ An ornamental cover for the 

Atrincheramic'nto, ami. Intrencfament, 
mound. Atrincheramientoa da aboni^ 
aga^ (Nau.) Breast-work& 

Atrincherdr, va. To intrench, moond.— or. 
To intrench one's selC 

A'trio, am. Porch ; portica 

Atrito, ta, a. Contrite through ttax. 

A'tro, ra, a. (Poet) Dark, black, obacarei 

Atrochdr, vn. To go by cross-paths. 

Atrocidi^, ^ Atrocity ; enormous wicked- 
nera; excess. 

Atr6fia, 4^ Atrophy. 

Atr6fico, ca. a. Aflected with atrophy. 

AtrompetAdo, da, a. Trumpet-like. 

Atronadam6nte, ad. Precipitately, without 
prudence. « [Itate, imprudent. 

Atron^o, am. Blunderer, wild.— a. Precip- 

Atronad6r, ra, «. Thunderer. [horse. 

Atronodwk, ^ Tumor in the pastern of a 

Atronamiunto, am. Thundering; stupefac- 
tion, [thunderstruck. 

Atromir, va. To thunder, Btun.-~vr. To be 

Atronerdr, va. To make embrasures. 

Atrop6do, da. a. Grouped, dumped. 

Atrop&r, va. To assemble in groups without 

AtropelIadam6nte, ad^ Tumultaously, con- 
AtropellAdo^ da, a. Speaking or actJ ng n aetily. 

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AtropeIIad6r. ra, «. Tnunpler under foot 

Atropellamiento, 9m. Trampling nnder foot 

Atropdlttr, va. To trample mider foot; hurry; 
overwork, — vr. To hurry one's self too 

AtrdoE, a. Atrocious, enonnons; cmeL 

Atnndv, ea. To tnus a yard to the roast 

Atrozmente, ad. Atrociously ; excessively. 

Atmbanido, da, a. Scurrilous; using low 

Atulkdamdnte, odL Peevishly, morosely. 

Atafikr, va. To vex, plague. — vr. To f^t; be 
aogry. Tignorant, stupid fellow. 

At6n,«m. Tunny-fish. Pedtttodeatun^An 

Atnnara, ^f. A tunny fish-hook; a tunny-net 

Aton^ro, ant. Tonny fiahennan; dealer in 

Ator&r, «& To 8t<n> or shut up closely. 

AtwdidQ. da, a. Harebrained, madbrain. 

Atnrdimiento, mn. Perturbation ; dulnesa. 

AxnrdJr, vo. To perturb : stupefy with won- 
der.— w. To be out of oneB wits, [lence. 

Aturmilir, «a. To confound, reduce to si- 

Atnsaddr, am. Hair-drcssor; one who trims 

Atosir, TO. To cut the hair even ; trim. — vr. 
To dress one's self with too much care. 

Atntia, «/ Tutty, a sublimate of calamine. 

A nca, f/ A goose. V. Oca^ 

Andicia, •/ Audacity, boldness. 

Audax, a. Bold, audacious, fearless. 

Andible, a. Audible. 

Aadidnda,^ Audience; hearing; audience- 
chamber; court of oyer and terminer ; law- 
officers; the ex-Spanish America. 

AudltWo, va, a. Auditive ; right of giving 
andiencei [delegate. 

Auditor, am. Auditor, a heare^ a Judge; a 

Anditona, m/. Auditor's office. 

AudikMo, am. Auditory, audience. 

A'nge, am. Meridian ; apogee. 

Angtr, am. Augur, augurer. 

Angoradiin, ^. Auguration. 

Augural, a. Augurial, belonging to augury. 

Augurar, va. To augur. 

Aoforio, am. Augory, omen. 

AQ<nisto. ta, a. August, magnificent 

Aula, ^. Lecture-room. 

AoUga, ^. Furze, gorse, goes. 

A'olico, ca, a, Aulic, belonging to a court 

Aallidcro, am. Place where wolves howl at 

Aallkd6r, ra. a. Howler. 

Anilar, vn. To howl, yell, cry. 

Aullido, A&llo, am. Howl; cry of horror. 

Aoment&ble, a. Angmentable. 

Aiuneataci6n, i^. Augmentation. 

Anmcntido, da, a. Increased, augmented. 

Aomentador, ra, a. Enlarger. amplifier. 

Amnentir, va. and vr. To augment, increase, 

Aomentativo, ra, a. Increasing, enlarging. 

Aam^nto, am. Augmentation, increase ; ac- 
cess. Aumentoa, Promotion, advance- 
ment [stUl. 
A6n, ad. Yet ■« 7^^ nevertheless ; even, 
Aonar, to. To unite, assemble. — vr. To be 

onited or confederated. 
Aunqo^ ad. Ttiough, notwithstanding. 
Aiipa. Up, up ; get up (to ehildren> 

Atira, tf. A bird of Mexico ; a gentle breexa. 
Aura popiU<tr^ Popularity. [scruples. 

A'ureo, am. A gold coin ; a weight of four 

A'ureo, rea, a. Golden, gold. A'urto nit>- 
mero^ Golden number, the lunar cycle. 

Auie^SIa, ^ Aureola. 

Auricalco, am. A mixture of gold and silver. 

Auricula, a/. Auricle. (Bot) The bear's ear. 

Auricular, a. Auricular ; aiuicularis. 

Aurifero, ra, a. Auriferous. [Wagoner. 

Auriga, am. (Poet) A coachman. (Astr.) 

Aurista, am. Aurist 

Aur6ra, af. The dawn of day; the morning 
watch-gun. Aurora boraal, Northern 
lights. CWorefd aurora, A color of white, 
red, and blue. [vatod. 

Aurreuffado, da. a. Badly tilled and culti- 

Aurtispice, am. Soothsayer, diviner. 

Auscultaci6n, a/. (Med.) Auscultation. 

Auscncia, xf. Absence. 

Ausentarse, vr. To absent one's sel£ 

Aus^nte, a. Absent distant 

Auspicio, ant. Auspice, or presage; predlo- 
tion; protection. 

Austeram^nte. ad Austerely, fi-ownlngly. 

Austeridid, itft Austerity, rigor. 

Aust^ro, ra, a. Austere, severe, harsh. 

Austral, Austrino, na, a. Austral, southern. 

A'ustro, am. South wind ; notns. 

Antentica, {/C A certificate ; attested copy. 

Autenticaci6n, a/. Authentication. 

Aut^ntlcam^nte, ad. Authentically. 

Autentic&r. va. To autlienticate, attest 

Autenticidiid, a/. Authenticity. 

Aut^ntico, ca, a. Anthentic genuine, [owl. 

Autillo, am. (Dim.) A special decree ; kind of 

A'uto, am. A Judicial decree; writ; edict 
Auto da i'V, Sentence by the Inquisition. 
Auto aacramental^ An acting sacred alle- 
gory. Autoa^ Pleadings and proceedings 
in a law-suit Eatar en autoa^ To know 
a thing profoundly. [reignty. 

Autocrncia, ^ Autocrasy, absolute sove- 

Autocrita, am. Autocrat 

Autocr&tico, ca, a. Autocratical, [writing. 

AutogrAfico, ca, a. Autographical, one's own 

Aut<Sgrafo, am. Autogrraph. 

Automata, am. Automaton. 

Automitico, ca, a. Automatical. 

Aut6mato, am. Automaton, a self-movlnff 
machine. [mind. 

Auton<Smia, af. Living according to one'b 

Aut^Spsia, af. Autopsy, ocular demonstration. 

Aut6r, am. Author, composer; writer; maa- 
ager; plaintlfl'. 

Aut6ra. a/. Authoress. 

Autorcillo, am. dim. A bad writer. 

Autoria, a/. The emplovment of a manager. 

Autorld4a, a/. Authorfty; credid; ostenta- 

Autoritat1vam6nte, ad. Authoritatively. 

Autoritativo, va, a. Arrogant, assuming. 

AutorlzAble, a. What can be authorized. 

Autorizaoi^n. a/. Anthorization. 

AutorlzAdam6nte, nd. AuthorlUitively. 

Antorizado, da, a. Kespeclabic, commenda* 

Autorizad6r, am. He who authorizes. 

Autorizami^nto, am. Authorization. 

Autoriz4r, va. To authorize ; attest ; legallsA 

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Antamnul, a. (Little d&) AntomnaL 

AaxlIIad6r, ra, & Aaxiliary, Assistunt 

AazlUir, «a. To aid, aasiBt: attend to. 

Aaxili^, ck Auxlliar, anxiliarj, holping. 

Anxll{at6rlo, ria, a. (Law) Anxiliary. 

Anxilio, wi. Al(i help, assistance. 

A'va-dva, »/. An Otaheite plant 

Avadido, da, o. Cow-like ; bi^-bellied hone. 

Avadane, «r. To become fordable. 

Avahdr, «a. (Little lu.) To warm with the 
breath ; wither. [bend forwanl. 

AvalansArBo, vr. To throw one^s self forward; 

Aval&r, rfk (Prov.) To shake, tremble. 

Avalentiwlo, da, a. Bragcing, boasting. 

Avalliir, va. To inclose with stakes or hedges. 

At&Io, §m. (ProT.) A slight shock ; an earth- 

Avalorir, va. To estimate, ralne; anlnuite. 

Avalui^, va. To value, estimate. 

ATal6o, «m. Valuation, official appraisement 

ATambrfizo, tm. Armor for the fore-arm. 

Ay&nce, wn. Advance, attack; aooonnt or 
statement; a balance dae. 

Av&nte. ad. (Nan.) Ahead, forward. 

Avantron, 9m. Limber of a gan-carriaee. 

Avanzddo, da, a» Advanced; onward; in 
jears. [have a balance In one's favor. 

Avanzir, va. and n. To advance, attack; 

Av&nzo, 9m. Aoooont of goods received and 

Avaramdnte, ctd. Avarlclonsly, miserably. 

Avaiicia, </! Avarice, cupidity. 

AvarientamSnte, €id. Greedily, covetonslv. 

Avari6nto, ta, a. Avaricloos^ covetous, nig- 
gard, misecly. 

Avdra ra, o, V. Averiento. 

Ayasalliir. vo. To subdue, subject, enslave.— 
vr. To Decome subject 

A've, *f. Bird, fowl or large bird. Ave de 
rapma^ A bird of prey. Ave 'brava or 
Hloettre^ Wild bird. Av« /ria. Lapwing. 
E9 un aiM, As light as a feather. 

Avochficho, «m. Sparrow-hawk; ragamuffin. 

Avedca, Ilia, ita, »/. dim. A smallbird. 

Avecin&r, vr. To come near, approach. 

AyedndamiSnto, 9m. The rights of a denizen. 

Aveclndar, va. To admit to the privileges of 
a denizen, naturalize, admit to citizenship. 
— vr. To become naturalized ; approach. 

Ay^entMo, da, a. Appearing old without 
being so, oldish. [older. 

Av^ent4r, va and r. To look old, to appear 

Avcjtgir, va. To blister, produce pimples. 

Avelar, vn. (Nau.) To set sail 

AvelUna, »f. Filbert hazel-nut 

AvellanAdo, da, a. Nut-brown, hazel. 

Avellan&r, 9m. A plantation of hazels. 

AvellanArse, vr. To shrivel. 

Ayellandra, ^. Hazel-nut tree. [berta. 

Avellandro, ra, a A dealer in nuts and fll- 

Avellanica, «/. dim.. A small filbert 

AvellAno, «m. Hazel-nut tree. 

A've Mana, 9f. Ave Maria, the angeVs salu- 
tation. Al ave Jfar'ia, At nlghirtaU. En 
un av€ Maria^ In an instant 

Avdna, ^. OatA. 

Avenido, da, a. Lunatic, mad, crazy. 

Aven&l, fnk An oat-fleld. 

Avenami6nto, 9m. Draining off water. 

ATMiar, va. To drain or draw off water. 


Aven&te, sm. Watcr-gruel, oatmeol-^meL 

Aven^ncia, ^. Agreement; coniuniiity, 

Aveniceo, cea, a. Oaten, made of oata. 

Avenida,A/ Flood, inundation; agreement, 
concord; avenue; freshet 

Avenido, da, a^ Agreed, reconciled. J3£«» 
or mal avenido9^ On good or bad temuu 

Avenimi6nto, mn. Convention. 

Aventr, va. To Teooncile.--«r. To settle dif- 
ferences; unite. 

Aventad6ro, «m. (Pror.) A winnowing-plaoe. 

Avent&do, da, a. S9coku avmiadae. Flow- 
ing sheets. [lanning-milL 

Aventad6r, 9m. Fanner; winnower; a fan; 

Aventad6ra, ^f. Wind-gall, a disease in 
horsesL AventadwxtcU99lopasCSwa.)X 
leak. [ceedinglv welL 

Aventi|}adam6nte, ad. Advantageously; ex* 

Aventidido, da, a. Advantageous, conyenl- 
ent; DeauttfuL 

Aventi(Jdr, va. To acquire advantages ; mel- 
iorate; surpa8e.-^pr. To exceed, ezo^ 

Avont&r, va.To fim; winnow; expel — vr. 
To bo inflated ; escape. (Prov.) Tainted. 

AventAra, 4/! Adventure; casualty, chance; 

Avontur4do. da, a. Bl^n avewhirado^ For- 
tunate. Ifal aventurado. Unfortunate. 

Aventur^r, va. To venture, hazard, endanger. 

Aventureraminte, ad. By chaneei [rant 

Aventurero, 9m. Adventurer; a kn!gbt-er- 

Aventurcro, ra, a. Yolnntar}' ; ondisdlpllned. 

Aver4mla. f^ A kind of duck. 

Avergonzar, Avergofiir, va. To shame, 
abash. — vr. To shame, or be ashamed. 

Avcria, ff. Aviary ; average ; damage. Av€- 
r'la (jrriMMk General average. Av€r\a 
particulatf'ParticJilai average. AveHa 
ordinaria^ Usual average. 

Averiddo, da, a. Averaged, damaged. 

Avcri&rse, vr. To get damaged. 

Averlgu&ble, & Investlgable, ascertainable. 

Averignacion, 9/. Investigation. 

Averiguadam^nte, ad. Certainly, surely. 

Averiguad6r, ra, «. A searcher or examiner. 

Averigu&r, va. To Inquire, Investigate, find 
out Av9ri{fuar99 oon alffuno/Co bring 
one to reason. 

Avorio, 9m. (Prov.) Beast of burden. 

Av6rQo, 9m. (Poet) HelL 

Averrng&do, da, a. Full of pimplea. 

Aversion, ^. Aversion ; abhorrence ; fear. 

AvestHiz, 9m. Ostrich. [work a mine. 

AviMo, 9m. One supplied with money to 

Aviad6r, 9m^ One who provides things for n 

Aviar, va. To provide for a Journey; aoooa- 
tre; hasten.— «r. To get ready. 

Aviciir, va. To give a bloom to plants. 

Avidcz, «/! Covetousness, avidity. 

A'vido, da, a. Greedy, covetous, avid. 

Avi^irse, vr. To grow old. 

Avi^nto, 9m. Winnowing fork. 

Aviesam6nto, ad. SInistronsly, perversely. 

Avi6so, sa, a. Fortuitous, irregular; mis 

AvigorAr, va. To invigorate; Tevive. 

Avilant^z, Avilant6za, «/. Forwardness; an- 

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ArfBanido, da» a. Bnatic, clowntob, mean. 

ATifianir, va. To debate.— or. To grow 
mean or abject, degenerate. [soar. 

ATioagrido, da, a. Hush-tempered, peeviab, 

ATfnagr&r, «a. To soar, acidulate. 

Afio, «m. PreparatloD, provlsioD; money 
advanced for working mines; tackle; ap- 

Aridn, cmk (Om.) Martin, martinet, swallow. 

Aviaadam^te, ad. Prudently. 

AvlaMo, da, a. Prodent, eaations; ekUfol, 
doTer. Mai cuiwdOy Ill-adTised, ii^n- 

ATlsad6r, mn. Adviser; admonlaher. 

Arbor, «a. To inform; adrlse; warn. 

Ariao, am* Information, advice; pmdence, 
care; oonnseL JE$tar or anaar tobre 
aH«a, To be on one''8 gnard. 

Avi^Hk^ Wasp. 

AvIepMo, da, a. Uvely, brisL vigoronSb 

Avisp^i vo- To spar ; inve6tlgate.~vr. To 
fteit, be peeyish. [waspSL 

ATiBp6rOi am. Wasp^s nest, oomb, cell of 

AYisp6n, MK. A large wasp. 

ATlHi4r, cow To desoy at a di8tance.-H9r. 
To have a business interriew. 

Aritar, fio. To bit the cable. 

ATitdnes, tm. pk (Nan.) Top-sail sheets, bits. 

ATitoaUar, ea. To rlctnal, supply with pro- 

Artvadam^nte, ad. Lively, briskly. 

Avivador, ra, a Enlivener; fluting-plane. 

Avivair. vOw To enUven, enoonrage, hasten. — 
«». To revive, fheer up, grow gay. Avi- 
wir el €t^ To look sharp. 

AvizoWkr, c& To watch with attention, spy, 

A'vo, sm. Tenninatlon denoting a fraction. 

Avocad^n, ^ Avocami^nto, am. Appeal (in 
ianrX, [inferior court 

Avocar, ini. To call np a lawsuit from an 

Avog^ 4^ Oall-nnt 

Avncista, ^ Wldeeon, kind of wild duck. 

Avngii^ro, 9in. A kind of pear-tree. 

Avnga^ am. Bear>berry, strawberry-tree. 

Avvtlrda, iff. Buataxd, a wild turkey. 

Avntartido, da, <k Bustard-like. 

AzSIa, ^f. (Bot) Aidlla. 

AxiUr, a. AxilUr. axillaty. 

AxUmtkt am. Axiom, maxim. 

Ay! 4nier^. Alas! Ay d4 ml! Alas, poor 
me! complaint, moan, groan. 

A'ya, tf. Oovemesa, Instruetren. 

Ay^qne, am. (Nan.) The main halliard. 

Ayate, tm. Btulf of agave thread, graae-cloth. 

Ayfr, ad^ Yesterday ; lately. Ds oyer acd^ 
Since yesterday. 

Avm^ int^rf. (Little nSw) Alas, poor met 

A yo, am^ Tutor, governor, teacner. 

Ay6tG, 9m. A sqxush. 

Ayuda, 4/r Help, assistance, comfort; sup- 
port, friendship; ii\)eotion; syringe. Ayii^ 
da de eofita^ A gratuity.— «»„ Assistant 
Ayuda ds c&martt, A valet-de-cliambre. 
Aynda ds c&mara dd rey^ Oroom of 
the bed-chamber. Ayuda ds paroquia, 
Chapel of ease. Ayuda ds oratorio. Sex- 
ton. Ayuda de riradar^ (Nan.) A flUse 

Aynodad6r, ra, a. Aasiatant, helper. 


Ayndiinte, am. Adjutant; aid-de-camp; ■>• 

Ayndir, va. To aid, help, assist— or. To 
adopt measures to obtain success 

Ayunnd6r, ra, a. Faster, one who abstains. 

Ayimar, ro. To fiist 

Ay6nas (En\ ad. Fasting; without knowl- 
edge. Quedar en ayunaa^ To be igno- 
rant of an affair. 

Ay6no, am. Fast, abetlnenoe. 

AyAno, na, a. Fasting £Jsfoy oywM, I have 
not yet broken mv Ihst 

AyiinqucL am. Anvil; constancy. [blesi 

Ayuntador, ra, «. One who unites or assem- 

Aynntami^nto, am. A corporation, body of 
magistrates Caaa da ayvntamimUo, 
City-hall, town-house, Quildhall, eenate- 

Ayustdr, to. (Nan.) To bend or ftsten to- 
gether. Ayuatar con eoatunt, To bond 
with a splice. Ayuatar con fforupoy To 
bend with a knot 

Aytiate. am. ^Nan.) Splice. 

Azabacbido, da, a. Jetty, black as Jet 

Azabiche, am. Jet, a bUck shining fossiL 
AaabacAaa, Jet trinkets. 

Azabdra, af. (Bot) Common aloe. 

Az4bra, a/. A small coasting vessel 

Azac&UjMn. JSatar or aaidar hecho vn (ma- 
can. To be very busy. [ter-plpe. 

Azacdya, tf. (Prov.) Conduit of water, a w»- 

AzAche, a. Silk of an inferior quality. 

Azdda, tf. (Asr.) Spade, hoe. 

Azaddda, if. Blow with a spade. 

Azadica, ilia, ita, tf. dim. A snail spade. 

XzaA6TL,am. Pickaxe, mattock, hoe. j4ca- 
don ae peto. Claw-hoe. 

Azadonikla, af Blow with a pickaxe, [axe. 

Azadondr, to. To die with a spade or pick- 

Azadondzo, am. Stroke with a mattock. 

Azadoncillo, am* dim. A small plckaza 

Azadondro, am. Digger. 

Azaf&ta, a/ Lady of the queen^s wardrobe. 

Azafilte, am. A low, flat-bottomed basket; 
a tray; oval dish. [Crocus martts. 

Azafrdn, am. Saffron. Aaafran do V^ua, 

AzafranAdo, da, a. Saifron-uke. 

AzafraniU, am. A plantation of saffron. 

Azafrandr, va. To tinge or dye Trith saffron. 

Azafran6ro, am. Dealer in saffron. 

Azagad6r, am. Cattle-path. [a8S.ngaye. 

Azagaya, tf. Javelin, a spear or half pike; 

Azaiay&da, af. Cast of a Javelin. 

Azaiiar, am. Orange or lemon flower. Agua 
<fe oeo^kor, Orange-flower water. Aeahar 
hravo. Narrow-leaved blue lupine. 

Azainadam^nto, ad. Perfidiously, viciously. 

Azaldn, am* A small bird. 

Azaml^ af. The fruit of the zamboa-treew 

Azamb^o, am. The zamboa-tree. 

Azan6ria, tf. Carrot [compliments. 

Azanoriite, am. Preserved carrots; flilsome 

AzAr, am* Unforeseen disaster, disappoint- 
ment; bad luck; impediment 

Azarbe, am. Trench or drain for irrigation. 

Azaro6n, am. Minium, red lead ; orange-color. 

Azaria, af. A kind of coral rock. 

Az4ija. tf. Reel for winding raw silk. 

Azar6Ila, af. Fruit of the serviee-treew 

Azar6Uo, am, Servio(r-troeb 

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Aiaroeamtote, ad, Unibrtanately. [011& 

Azardso, Ga. a. Unlucky, unfortanatc, omin- 

Az&ya, iff. Instrument for reeling ailk. 

Azen6ria, «/ (Prov.) Carrot 

A'zimo, ma, a. Azymous, unleavened. 

Azim6t, «m. Azimuth. 

Azimotikl, a. Belating to tbe azimuth. 

Azniicho, Aznillo, am. Scotch fir; reat-har- 

Az6e. am. fChem.) Azote or nitrogen. 

Azonllh, a/. Jiynbe. 

Az6flir, am. Brass, latten. [manner. 

Azogadam^ate, aid. In a quick and restlcea 

Azogomidnto, am. Working or coating with 
quicksilver; slaking. 

AzogAr, va. To work or coat widi onlckiHI- 
ver; amalgamate. AMogar la calyTo Blake 
lime. — rr. To undergo a salivation ; to be 
in a state of agitation. 

Azdgue, am^ Quicksilver. Ea un aaoffu^^ 
He is reatleea as quicksilver. Agoguea^ 
ShlpB which carry quicksilver. 

Azogueria, a/. (Amer.) Quicksilver works, 
theplaoo where quicksilver is incorporated 
with metals. [silver. 

Azogn^ro, am. Workman or dealer In quick- 

AzoIAr, ta. To dub or cut with an adze. 

Azdr, am. (Orn.) Goshawk. [of trim. 

Azorido, a. (Nau.)Sailing badly, being out 

Azoramidnto. arn. Trepidation. 

Azon&r, wu To terrify ; confound ; Irritate.— 
vr. To be restless^ 

AzorrAdo, da, a. Drowsy, sleepy. 

Azorrami^nto, am. Heaviness of the head. 

AzottAtm, «rrTo be drowsy itom heaviness. 

Azotadillea, am. Street-lounger, idler. 

AzoUUlo, <*». A whipped criminaL 

Azotaddr, ra, «. Wlilpper. 

AzotiUna, Azotina, ^. A drubbing, flogging. 

Azotami^nto, am. (Little usl) A whipping. 

Azotir, wu To whip, lash, flagellate. Azowr 
laa caUea^ To lounge about the streets. 
Aaotar el aire^ To act to no pnrpoee. 
(Nau.) AMotar la ampolUta^ To flog the 
glassw [on the breech. 

Azotikzo, «fik attffm^ A severe lash or blow 

Az6te, am. Whip ; lash ; calamity. Perut d^ 
OMOtea^ A public whipping. [fonn. 

Azot^ af. The flat roof of a house, a plat- 

Az6tlco, a. Gaa aaoticOj Azotic gaa. 

A'zre, am, Maple-troc. [com. 

Az&a, af. Beverage prepared fh>m Indian 

Azficar, am. Sugar. Aaucar ds pUorty, Loaf- 
sugar. Atucar de luatre^ Fine powdered 
sugar. Aaitcar maacabado. Muscovado 
sugar. Aaiicar quebrado^ Broken down 
sugar. Aaiicarpri^ Coarse brown su- 
gar. Anuxtr piedra or candt^ Sugar- 
candy. AwUear terciado^ Brown sugar. 
>lW«car<ftf|>{omo, Sugar of lead. Aducot 
y eanda^ Sorrel-^y. 

Azucar&do, da, a. Sugared; sngar-coated ; 
aflkble, pleasing; soothing, artThl. 

Azncar&do, am. A kind of paint for ladiesL 

Azucarilr, va. To sugar; soften; ice with 

Azucar^ro, am. Sngar-dish ; confectioner. 
Azucarillo, am. Cake of rose-sugar. 
Aznc^na, af. White lily. 
Az6d, af. A dam with a sluice. 


Aztida, af. Persian wheel to raise water. 
Azu61a, af. Adze. A euela de conetrttcototl, 

A carpenter's adze. 
Aznfilifi^ ^ Ji^ube-plum. 
Azufiuifo, Azufeifo, am. Ji^ube-tree. 
Azufrado, da, a. Whitened with sulphur; 

greenish yellow. [Ing linen. 

AzuiVador, am. Brimstone fVame for whiten- 
AzuMr, ca. To bleach with sulphur. 
Azfift-e, am. Sulphur, brimstone. 
AznfrMo, sa, a. Sulphureous. 
Azfil,a.Blue. Aemcel^ats^tkylHae. And 

oscuro. Dark bine. AatUdaPrMia,¥TiiB' 

sianblue. ^m2n«&«'<fo, Bright blue. Ami 

turqui, Turkish or deep blue. Azul «ar- 

demar^ Sea blue. 
Az61, sfitv Lapis lazuli; a mineral 
AznlAaue, am. Bitumen. 
AznIAdo, da, Antlado claro. Azure, aznred. 
AzulAr, TO. To dye or color blue. 
Azule&r, m. To have a bluish cast 
Azulcjido, da, a. Covered with blue tiles. 
Azul^o, am. Dutch or other glazed tiles Ibr 

incrusting wallsi (Bot) Bine-bottle. 
Azulino, na, a. Of an azure color. 
Azum&r, ra. To dye the hair. 
Azumbrftdo, da, a. Measured by axumibr^^ 
Az6mbre, af. A measure of liquids, half a 

gallon. [tioncr. 

Azuqu6ro^«m. (Prov.) Sugar-dish ; confeo- 
Aziir, a. (Her.) Azure. 
Azut<^ af. (Prov.) Terrace. 
Azutdro. am. Sluice-master 
Aznzador, ra, «. Instigator. 
Azuzdr, va. To set on dogs; to irritate. 


B m61, B flat B euadrado. B sharpi 
BAba. tf. Drivel, slaver, spittlfc 
Bababui, am. The mocking-bird. 
BabUa, af Thigh-bone. 
Babad6ro, Babador, am. Bib, chin-clotb. 
Bdbara, tf. A landau, an oblong coach; 

country dance. [viscous worm. 

Bab&za, ^ Froth flrom the month ; aloe ; a 
Babazor'ro, am. Clown, an Ill-bred man. 
Babe&r, wk To drivel, slaver. 
Babto, am. Drivelling or slavering. 
Bab^ra, ^f. Fore part of the helmet; a silly 

Babero, am. Bib. 

Babcr6i, am. Y. Sabera. [minded. 

BAbia, ^f. Estar en babia. To be ab^nt 
Babi^'ca, am. An ignorant feUow. [hone. 
Babilla, ^ Thin SRin about the flank of a 
Babil6nia, rf. Uproar and conftision. 
Bab6r, am. (Nau.) Larboard. A' bdbor del 

Hmon^ A-port the helm. A' babor todo. 

Head a-p!ort J>e babor A ettHbor^ 

Athwart ship. 
Bab^sa, af. Kind of snail; aloe; onion. 
Babose&r, va. To drivel, slaver. 
Babofiilla, af. dim. Kind of snail 
Babosillo, ilia ; u61o, u61a, a, dim. Somewhat 

Babdeo, sa, a. Drivclllnff, silly. 
Babticha, af. A kind of dipper. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Bke^stBaead4laurtl^'BMy'hvrrj; breach 
in a d jke.— «. pL Quick time on the guitar. 
Bacaliao, mn, Cod-fisli, ling, poor-jack. 
Bacanalea, ^f. pi. Baochaniua. [person. 

Bocante, */. Bacchante; a lewd drinking 
B«cara, Bacaris, sf. (Bot.) Great fleabane. 
Bacuri, a. Oval shields covered with leather. 
Bacira. i/. (CoU.) Obstruction in the milt, a 

Baceta, iffTcfot remaining cards at rewHno. 
Bache, am. A deep hole in a road ; sweating- 

Bachilier, am. Bachelor of arts; babbler. 
BachiUor, a. Oarmloua, loquacious. 
Bachillera, a. Forward, loquacious woman. 
Bachillerito, 9m, (Little u&) Bachelorship. 
Bachiilerear, ««. To babble, prattle. [low. 
Bachiller^o. am. din^ A talkatire litUe fel- 
Bachilleria, */ BabbUng, prattUng. [basin. 
Bacia, «/ A metal basin ; wash-pot ; barber's 
Bcirt^a, »/. A game played with three cards. 
Barin, am^ A large cloae-stool pan, or basin. 
Bacina, ^. Poor-box; a amaJl dose-stool 
basin. [stool. 

Bacinida, «/. Filth thrown from a cloee- 
Bacincjo, rnn. dim. A small close-stooL 
Barincro, ra, a. The person who carries about 

the poor-box in a church : scavenger. 
Bacineta, f/C A small poor-box. BaeUieta 
de arma defuego. The pan of a gun-lock. 
Bvinete, mn. A head-piece; cuirassier, a 
horseman. [chamber-pot 

Bacinka, «/ A small earthen close-stool; 
B^nlo, 9m. Walking-stick, a sta£ Baculo 

pastorals Bishop's crosier. 
Buda, a/ Female rhinoceros. [talk. 

Ho^iajada. */. A stroke of the clapper; idle 
Bsklajo. 9m. Clapper of a bell; an idle talker. 
Badiyizo, 9m, augm. A larse clapper. 
Bsflajnelo, am. dim. A small chipper. 
Bad.ii, 9m. MnzsleL Xchar un badal d la 
boea. To stop one's mouth ; shoulder and 
ribs ofbutcher^s meat (Surg.) Instrument 
for opening the mouth. 
Ba/lana, Jf^ A dressed sheepskin. Zurrar 

la badana^ To give one a flogging. 
TUAh-,^^ ^f, pi, (l^u.) Kevs of the bonnete^ 
Badea. ^. Pumpkin; a dulL insipid fellow. 
Bad^ «f». Ctuuinel made by a sudden fidl 

of water. 
Badiiina, ^ Indian aniseed. 
BadiU am. Badila, «/ Fire-shoveL 
BailiUbo, am. Blow with a flre-shoveL 
Baddmb^ ^f. Nonsense, absurdity. 
Badnlaqne, 9m^ Ragout of stewed livers; a 
stupid person. [back of beasts. 

Boga, f^ (Pror.) Bope to tie Durdena on the 
Bagage, am. Beast of burden; baggage. 
Boeagero, 9m. Driver. 
Bagtr, vn. To yield seed (applied to flax> 
Bxzat^ 9f. Bagatelle, trifle. 
Bagazo, 9m. Ba^uve, trash ; the remaina of 

pressed sugar-cane, grapes, dbc. 
Bagre. A kind of catfish. 
Bshui '^ (Om.) Sparrow-hawk. 
Bahia, •/. Bay, gulC cove. 
Bahorrma, ^f. Filthy things; rabble. 
Bah&no, na, a. Vile, low, contemptible. 
Baila, «< Sea-trout 
Bailad6r, r% «. Dancer; thie£ 

Bailor, tn. To dance ; gallop. BaHar el 
okgiM ad^lante^ To dance attendance. 
Jiail<»r 9in son^ To dance without music. 

Bailahn, na, «. Dancer, high-mettled horse. 

Baile,«in. Dance: party; ball; bailiff; Judge. 
Baile d« dVtfiHicM^ Fancy ball. 

F" --••■' m. Bailiwick. [Malta. 

I landery in the order of 

I mmander of Malta. 

I a square. 

£ cha, a Turkish title. 

£ Dudon of price. 

£ inclination of an arch. 

£ ided, Ikllen down. 

£ ter. 

£ y, meanly, lowly. 

£ L, ikll ; lessen.— oa. To 

ow; bumble. — vr. To 
iktr ds punfo. To de- 
io9 AumoA, To become 
(0ar lo9 ojoa. To be 
cabeatL, To obey with- 
j€W la Uerra^ (Nan.) 

Bij^l, 9m. Vessel. BaM dMmpar(^€ido, A 
ship laid up. Bajel boyanie^ A light ship. 
Bajel ds oajo hordo^ A low-built 8liin. 
Baj^ marinero^ A good sea-boat Bafel 
veiero^ A swift sailer. 

B^elero, 9m. Ship-owner, ship-master. 

Bi\)«ro, ra, a. Under, lower. [tenor. 

Bi^i'te, 9m. dim. One of low stature ; middle- 

B^idza, if. Meanness ; lownesa. Bajeta de 
arUmOy Weakness of mind. 

Bidillo, 9m. (Prov.) Stand cask <br wine. 

Bajio, am. A shoal, sand-bank; decline of 
fortune. [vulgar. 

B^, Ja, a. Low; abject; ordhury; dull; 

Bdjo, ad. Underneath, below; submissive. 
Bd^omano^ Underhand; secretly. 

B^o, am. Bass; bass- viol player. Bqjore- 
/i^ Bass-relief Ouartobc^o^ Grorxnd' 
Aoor.— 4. pL Under petticoats; hoofk. 

BiO<^ *f' (Prov.) Qreen kidney-beans; a 
dead silk-worm. 

Bi^6n, 9m. Bassoon ; bassoon-player. 

Biyoncillo, 9m. Counter-ban. 

Bala, s/. Ball, bullet shot Baku rofa9^'Red- 
hot balls. Baku fncajonadaSy Cai!ie- 
shot BctUu enramada9 or encadsnada^, 
Chain-shot Bala9 ds mstraUa^ Grape- 

BaladU a. Mean, despicable, wortblesSb 

BaUd6r, ra, a. Bloating animal 

Baladre, 9m. (Bot) Oleander, rose-bay. 

Baladr6n, 9m. Boaster, bragger, bully. 

Baladronicia, f^ Boast, brag, bravado. 

BaIadrone4r, trn. To boast, brag; hector. 

Balag^r, am. (Prov.) Long straw or bay for 
winter fodder. 

Biilago, am. Hay-riek ; thick lather. Saewdir 
H bAUigo^ To give a sound drubbing. 

Balagu6ro, 9m. Kick of straw. 

Balance, am. Fluctuation; libratlon; equi- 
librium; balance of accounts; rolling; 
rocking. [examine; settle accounts. 

Balanceiir, va. and n. To balance; waver; 

Balanc-.'o, am. Oscillation. 

Balanc^ro, V. Balantario. [grape. 

^^ancia, ^. Water-melon; scale; white 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Balandn. «m, Bplintor-btr ; pendulum ; rope- 
danoert pole. BalandnM^ (Nan.) LUl8» 

Balimdni, tf. (Nan.) Bllander; sloop. 

Balandrdn, sm. A priest's suriont. 

Bal&nUs pa. (Poet) Bleating. 

BalHnza,^^ Scale; balance: nshing-net; es- 
timate, Judgment Anaar en haianta^ 
To be In danger of loss. 

Balanzario, mn. Weigher. [smiths. 

Balanz6n, €m. Copper pan used by silyer- 

Bal^on, Ml, (Ichtb.) A kind of sprat 

Baliff, vn. To bleat Andor hatando por 
alffuna cota, To be gq>lng after some- 

Balas6r, «n». Balaasor, a Chinese birk stufll 
Balafistra, Balanstria, iff. Wild pomegranate 

Balanstria, Balaustreria, 4^ Balustrade. 
BalaostrAdo, da, BaUustr^ a. Balustered. 
BalaAstre, «m. Baluster. 
BaUbc, sfTk Balaas or spinel ruby. 
Balizo, am, A gun-shot 
Balbuoeiur, «i&. To speak and pronounce in- 

dlstincUv; stutter. 
Balbno^ncla, tf. Btatterlng speech. 
Balbuct<&ntef a. Stammering, stuttering. 
Balbutir, «n. To lisp. 

Baleen, am. Balcony ; veranda. [conies. 
Balconiige, am, Balconeria, ^ Range of bal- 
Baloon&zo, am. auam. A laiize balcony. 
Balooncillo. am. dim^ A snoall balcony. 
Baldaqni, Baldaquino, am. A canopy. 
Bald&r, va. To cripple ; break a set; trump. 
B&lde, am. Bucket, used on board of ships. 
BAlde (DeX ad. Qratia, ttee of cost En 

balds^ In vain, to no purpose. [ship. 

Balde&r, wk To wash down the dock of a 
Bald^ am. A piece of dressed skin. 
Baldio, dio, a. Untilled, uncultivated. Loa 

IxMldl&a^ The lay-Uuid, the commons. 

Bombra bald'to^ Vagrant vagabond. 
Balden, am. Censnro, reproach, insult 
Baldon4r, BaldoneAr, va. To insult with 

abusive kmgusgo. [stone. 

Bald^ea, ^. A fine souare tile; flat paving- 
Baleria, 4^ A pile ofhalls. 
Bal^ am. A bullet-mould. 
Bal6ta, ^ dim. A small bale. 
Balido, am. Bleating, bleat 
Bal^a, am. Portmanteau; post 
BalQ^ro, am. Post-boy ; letter-carrier. 
Balmlb^ am. dim. lialet 
Balgon, am. av^gm. A larse portmanteau. 
Balme^ «m.jpA (A.) Mould-shot, buck-shot 
Balisa, 9f. (Nau.) Buoy. 
Balitadlra. «< Call for calling fiiwns. 
BaUdna, af. Whale; train-oil; whale-bone. 
BallenAto, em. Cub of a whale. [whale. 
Ballen^, suk A vessel in the shape of a 
Ballendro, ra, am.f. Whaler, whale-.ship. 
Ballteta, f^ Cross-bow. A! Uro de baiMta, 

At a great distance. 
Ballest£la, ^. Shot from a cross-bow. 
Ballestazo, mi^. Blow from a croa^uow. 
Ballesteaddr, mn. Cross-bowman, arbalister. 
Balleste^, xa. To shoot with a cross-bow. 
Ballest^ra, %f. Cross-bow loop-holes. 
Ballesteria, ^. Archery; cross-bo wa; crois- 

bowmen; cross-bow armoiy. 


Ballest^ro, sm, Archer, oroB»>bowmfliL Ba^ 
Uaaiarodsmaaa,yLace'bwnir. BaUaat e ' 
roa <fe coWe, The king's poitora. 

BallestilU. ^. Small crofis-bow; cross-staff 
(Nau.) Foro-stalL [bolet 

Ballest6n, am. auffm. Large cross-bow, ar- 

Ballestrinque, •»!« (Nan.) Clove-hitch. 

Ballioo, SIN.. Bed or perennial darnel, ry«> 

^Wildcats. [ofWi 

Bal6n, am. I^uge foot-ball ; large bale ; bale 

Bal6ta, ^ Ballot, a little ball used in TOtlng. 

BaIot4da, ff. Balotade, leap of a horMi 

Balot^, va. To ballot Ibr, to choose bv ballot 

BAlsa, ^. Pool, a lake; raft; half a'batt of 
wine. [balsam. 

Balsamezita, ^. A small Bmelllng*botl]e tat 

Balsikmloo, ca, a. Balsamic, balmy. 

Balsamina, ^. Balsam-apple. 

Balsamita mayor, Marsh-mallow. Baiaam- 
kta menor^ Annual costmary, tansy. 

BAlsamo, am. Balsain, bakn. BAlaamo da 
Marta^ Balsam of Tolu. 

Balsir, am. Marshy ground with bramUet. 

Balsear, va. To raft, cross riven on floats br 

Balsero, am. Ferryioan. [rsftsi 

BalSop6to, am. A large poach carried near 
the breast; bosom. [support 

Baln^rte, am. Bastion, bulwark; delbaoe, 

BalAmba, af. Bulk, things heaped tooether. 

BalAmbo, Bal&me, am. A heap of thTna. 

B41ao, am. (Nau.) A bend. 

Bambaleir, Bamnanear, vn. To reel, stagser. 

Bambalina, ^. Upper part of the scence la 
theatres. [stroke at bilUarda. 

Bambirria, am. A fool, an idiot: a lucky 

BambochUa, ^ Bamboche, afn. A landscape 
representing drunken foastS) with gro- 
tesque flgureSb [totter. 

BamboleAr, Bambone£r, vn. To reel, stagger, 

Bambol6o, Bambon6o, •!». Beeling, atagget^ 

Baaib6Da, ^ Ostentation, boast, vain ahow. 

Ban, am. A sort of fine China muslin. 

BanAna, ^ Banana fruit 

Ban4no, am. (Bot) Banana plant 

Banista, if. A large basket or crate. Me- 
Urae en banaata. To meddle. 

Banast^ro, am. Basket-niaker or dealer. 
(Low) Jailer. 

Bui&sto, am. A large round basket 

BiLnca, ^. Form, Donch without a 
Banea daplaaa^ Fruit-stand. 

Bancil, am. An oblong plot for raising gar- 
den pUmts; terrace. 

Bancaf^ am. Carpet-manufltoturer. 

Battcar6ta, af. Bankruptcy, iUlnra. 

Bandbza, if Bandixo, am. avgm. A large 
form or bench. 

Binco, am. Form or bendi. Banco da 
aoepUlar^ A planlng-bench ; a bank. Bat^ 
CO ae ahorroa^ Savings-bank. Banco dc 
arena, A sand-bank. Banco de Meio, A 
field of ice. Banco de Ha, Sand-bank in 
a river. Paaar baneo^ To flog the sailors. 
Basondspiede banco^ An absurd reason. 

Btoda, {^ Sash, scarf ; ribbon; band; gan|^;. 
crew; covey; bank of a river. A'taban^ 
do, (Naa) Heeled or hove down. Arriar 
en banda^To hit fouaaLa, Oaerataatar 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


«»dand!dsTobe«nudzu BandasdHteh 
jamar, (Nao.) The cheelu of the head. 
Afpta de la bandu, LeTendci^vater. 

Bandiida, ^. Corey; flock ofbirdfl. 

BaidirrU, ^ (Nau.) An iron manL 

Baadeir, «r. To conduct with pradenoe^ 

Band^ ^ A metaUic waiter, tray. 

Bandera* 4^ Banner, standard; flag, ensign; 
in&ntry. Bandera blanea, or ds paa, 
Tbeflagoftraosu Vuelo ds la banaera. 
The flaff of the ensign. Arriar la ban- 
dera^ To strilte the colors. Dar la ban- 
deroy To sabmit to saperlor talenta. Z«> 
€antar bandsras^ (Met) To head a party. 

Bandereta, tf. dim. Banneret, a Bmall flag: 
Battderetaa, (Mil) Osmp-oolonL [flae. 

Banderica, UJa, ^ ainK Banneret, a soutil 

BanderiU^ f^ A small dart with a flw. 
/Wmt d uno mta bandeHlia^ (Hot) To 
taunt, rerlleb [bal]& 

Randerilleir, ««k To pot banderOla* on 

BanderllMra, «»k He who sticks ftondariOas 
In a bnlllB neck. 

Baiidaiizir,«ATb stir np, make distarbancei 

Banderbo, sa, a, FsetioDa, giren to party. 

Banderdlae, t^pl. Baanerob, camp-coloi& 

Baodido, OTk Bandit, highwayman ; fkigitira 

Bandin, antw (Nan.) Seat in a row-galley. 

Bandha, ^ dim, A soiaU band. 

BiDdo, «fl«. Proclamation; edict; fkctlon, 
party. J!ekar bamdo^ To publish a law. 

BanddVl^ Bandolin, mn. Mandolina (Nan.) 

Bandol^fa, ^. Bandoleer. [pad. 

Bandolero, am. Highwayman, robber, wot' 

BttDdtilo, sm. Oiow) Belly. 

BaniUnia, af. Bandore, kind of mandoline. 

Ban^ra, 4^ (Pror.) Bed-qnilt, bed-eoTer. 

Banqo^ f< Open bee-honse or frame for 

Baniiii^ra, am. Banker, exchanger. 

Banqo^ta, qf. Three-legged stool; staga 
(Fort.)Baai|neCte; aide- walk. jBun^iMftM 
de eunHa, (Nan.) Gnn-cairiaga beda. 

Banqndte, «m. Banqaet Manquete eaterOy 
Aftmily feast 

BanqniUo, am. dim, A little stooL 

Bimoi, am. Side of an embroidering frame. 

lUiu^ af, PooL bathing-phMse. 

Baftadira, ^ (Kan.) Skeet, wetting-lad 

BaAad^ro, am. Puddle; batbing-phKM. 

Bafiaddr, ra, «L Bather, ^oiladltfr, Dipphig- 
tub for eandWWb lover; glaze. 

Balkar, «& To bathe; water, imgate; candy 

BaiU^ro, am, Bath-owner; bath-^beeper. 

BafiU, am, A pool in which deer bathe. 

BaAlata. am. Drlnkw or bather in mineral 

B^no, am, Bath; bathing; Tamiflh. 

Bao« am^ (Nan.) Beam, crofls-timber. 

BaptlstMo, am. Baptistery. [trough. 

B^ue, am. The blow by a fUl; a water- 

Baquenza, «C A cattle-house; a stable. 

BaquAta,^ Ramrod; switch; upper leather. 
Jtandar d baqueta. To command impo- 
rioualy. Tratar a baqmta, To treat 
haoghtUy.-^ Drum-sticks. [fiiUing. 

Baqo^Aio, am, Violent IkU, neat blow when 

BaqueteAdo, da, a. Inured, habituated. 

Baqoetair, va. To vex ; beat 


B^ieo, oa, a, BaochanaL [bank. 

Barad^ro, am, (Nau.) Skeed or skid; a mud- 
Barad4ra, f< CNao.) Grounding in the mud. 
Barah&nda, ^ Noise, great bustla 
Bar^a,4^Packofcardk Materae an biura- 

Jaa^ To seek a quarrel 
BanyjadfiraytfTShufflinff of cards; dispute. 
Bani)^.«a To shuiBetne cards; bar a cast; 

Jumble together; entangle; reject 
Batinda, ^. Balling. JScAar da baranda, 

To exaggerate, boast 
BarandMo^ am. Balustradei 
Banadil, am. Balustrade or railing. 
BarandSlla, ^ dim, A small balustrsdei 
BarangAy, am. An Indian vessel with oarsi 
Barir, jm. (Nau.) To atrike aground, to be 

stranded. Barar an la eoda^ (Nan.) To 

Baryta, f< Barter, exchange ; low price. A' 

la barata, ConAisedly, disorderly. 
Baxatad6r, am. Barterer. 
Barati^ am, A kind of searmouaa 
Baratena, 4< Barratry. 
Barat^ am. He who obtains gratuities from 

fortunate gamesters. 
BaratU^ ^pL Trifles, toysi 
BaratUIdro, am. A peddler. 
Baratillo, am. Shop of second-hand flmiture 

and trifling articles. 
BaraUsta, am. Barterer, tnfflcker. 
BaWttoi, ta, a. Cheap. I>a barato, Gratui- 
tously, gratis; eaay. 
Barito, am. CheapnesSk ffaeer barato. To 

sell under value. Dar da baratOf To 

grant readily.— od. Cheaply. 
B&atro, am, (Poet) HolL 
Barat6ra, ^. Cheapness, little vsluei 
Baraunda, a/T Noise, hurly-burly, conftuicD. 
B4rba, 4^ Chin; beard; the first swarm of 

bees. Amarradodbarbadea<Uo,{}!i».TL) 

Moored by the head.— am. Player wiio 

acta eld men.— J72. Hawse. (BoL) Slender 

roots. Barbaa da baUena^ Whalebone. 

Barbaa honradaa. A respectable man. 

Bdear la barbct, To shave. Felarae laa 

barbaa^ To flv into a violent passion. 

Subirae d laa oarbaa, To fly in one's face. 

Tenar buenaa Ixtrbaa^ To have a graceftii 

mien. Tenar pocaa barbae. To be young 

or inexperienced. 
Barbac&na, ^. Barbacan; low wall round a 

Barbae, kf. Beard of a horse; curb. 
Barbadam^nte, ad, (Dttle us.) Strongly, 

vigorously. [slender filameht& 

Barbadillo, Ula, a. dim. Having little beard; 
BarbAdo, da, a. Boarded ; barbed. 
Barbido, am Full-grown man ; tree trans- 
planted; shoots. 
Bwb^a, is^. (Bot) Cut-leaved viper*a grass; 

the first roots of the planta. [vetch. 

Barbq|6ve (or Barba de Jupiter^ ^. Kidncy- 
Barbir, «». To get a bcani; keep bees. 
Barbara, ^ BarUa bdrbara^ Powder-maga^ 

zlne; powder-room. 
BArbanun^nte, ad. Barbarously, savofrely. 
Barbaridad,4< Barbarity, cruelty; rashness; 

temerity; rudeness. 
Barbarie, << Barbarity, cruelty. 
Barbariamo, am. Barbarism ; barbarouanesa. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Btfbariz6r, va. To barbnrizo, make barbai^ 
oua. [anpoHshed. 

B^rbnro, ra, a. Barbarous, fierce, cruel ; rasb ; 

Barbato, ta, a. Bearded : applied to a comet. 

Barb^za, «/. avffm. A long beard. 

Barbear, «». To reach with the beard or lips. 

Barbecfair, va. To prepare ground for sow- 

Barbechazdn, 9m. The fkllowing-time. 

Barbech^ra, ^ Series of sucoessive plongh- 
ings; fidlowing season. 

Barb6cbo, «nk First ploughing; lUlow. 
Omno en un bcwbecho or pof un barb&- 
oho. With too much confidence. 

Barbera, ^ A barber*8 wife. 

Barberia, a/ Barber's trade; barber^ shop. 

Barbdro, wn. Barber. (Icbth.) Mutton-flah. 

Barbota, ^. (Nau.) Backline; ringrope. 
£arbata. Barbette. 

Barbibl&nco, ca, a. Qrar-bearded. 

Barbicacho, am. (Pror.) Ribbon tied under 
the chin. 

Barbidlno, na, a. Orajbeard. 

Barbleep^ sa, a. One who has a thick beard. 

Barbihecho, cha, A Fresh shaved. 

Barbilampino, fia, a. Having a thin beard. 

Barbtlindo, da, a. Well-shaved and trimmed. 

Barbllla, ^. Point of the chin ; small beard. 

Barbill^ra, ^f. Tuft of tow; bandage under 
the chin. [teeL 

Barbllfido, da, a. Smooth-lkced, pretty, geo- 

Barbln6gro, gra, a. Black-bearded. 

Barblponiunte, a. Having the beard growing. 

Barblquejo, «m. Handkerchief to muffle the 
diin with ; bobetay. 

Barblqni, or Barbiqut^jo, am. A brace and bit 

Barblrubio, bia, a. Ked-bearded. [beard. 

Barbirficio, da, a. Having a black and white 

Barbltah6no, fla, a. Having a rough beard. 

Barblteflido, da, a. Having a painted beard. 

B&rbo, am. (Ichth.) Barbel, a river flab. 

Barbdn, am. An old man; Garthoshm lay 

Barboqnqjo, am. Bope used Instead of a 
bridle; bandage under tlie chin. 

Barbotdr, va. To mumble, mutter. 

Barb<Vte, am^ Fore part of a helmet 

Barb6do, da, a. Having a long beard. 

Barb6do, am. Vine transplanted with the 

Barbllla, a^ Loud, oonftased noise. 

BarbulUur, «a. To talk loud and &8t 

Barball^n, na, a. Talking loud, fkst, and con- 
fusedly, - 

B&rca, ff. (Nan.) Boat, barge; bark (three- 
masted vessel). Cvndue^ hian au oarea, 
He steers his course well. 

Barcilda, a/. Passage tn a ferrv-boat Bar- 
coda de laairey A boat-load of ballast 

Bardige, am. Ferriage; ferry. 

BarcAzo, am. augm. A large barge. 

Barceno, na, a. Buddy. [mats, A^ 

Barc^o, am. Dry bass or sedge for making 

BarchUla, nf. Measure for grain. [strew. 

Barcina, «/ (Pro v.) Ora<$s net; large truss of 

Bardn&r, va. (Prov.) To load a cart with 

Bardno, n% a. Ruddy. [sheaveSb 

B&roo, 4771, Boat barge ; bark. Baroo agna- 
dor^ A water-boat Ban'co da la imi, A 


Barooldngo, Barcolu6ngo, am* An oUong 

Barcdn, Barc^te, am. augm* A large boat 

Birda, a/. Bard, armor of horses; straw laid 
for a protection. [armor. 

Bu-dMo, da, a. Barbed, caparisoned with 

Bard^, am. fNau.) Loof-hook-rope. 

Bardaguora, ^f. Chaste-tree. 

Bard6I, «m. Mud-wall covered with straw. 

Bardina, tf. Common burdock, or clotbnr. 
Bardana menor, JjeMer bunlock. 

BardAnza, ^ Andar da hardanaa^ To go 
here and there. [with atraw. 

Bardar, vo. To protect the tope of walla, &G; 

Bardilla, t/. dim. Small brushwood. 

B4rdo, am. Bard, poet 

Barddma, ^. TProv.) Filth, mud. 

Bardom^ra, iff. (Prov.) Weeds carried off by 
the current 

Bari&l, 9m. A coarse negro-doth. 

B4rp, f^ The steepest part of a dedivity. 

Banga, ^. Silk brought Arom India. 

Barillo, am* An inferior China silk. 

Birio, am. (Gbem.) Barium. [color. 

Baripto, am. A predous stone of a blackish 

Barita, ^ (Chem.) Baryta, or barytoa. 

Baritico, ca, a. (Chem.) Buytic. 

Baritone, am. (Mus.) Baritone voice. 

Baijul^ta, ^ Knapsack, travelling-bag; 
purse. [poee of boarding. 

Barlo^, «n. (Nau.) To grapple for Uie pur- 

Barl6as, (Nan.) Relieving tadclea 

Barloventear, m^ To ply to windward, beat 

Barlov^nto, am. Weather-gage. Coata de 
barlovento^ The weather-shore. Coaiado 
de barlotantOf The weather-side. Ganar 
el harlovento. To get to windward. 

Bam&do, am. Baroacle. [Ink. 

Barniz, aiti. Varnish ; japan ; rouge ; printer'a 

Barnizir, va. To varnish, gloss, lacker. 

Baromdtrico, ca, a* Barometrical 

Barometro, am. Barometer. 

Bar(!>n, am. Baron. Baronea del Umom, 
Rudder pendants and chains* 

Baron&sa, «/! Baronera. 

BaroniiL f/T Barony; baronage. 

Barquear, m. To cross in a boat [man. 

Barqudro, am. Waterman, boatman, fiary- 

Barqudta, af. dim, A small boat. 

Barqnichnelo, am. dim* Small bark or boat 

Barquilla, »/. A little boat [cakoa. 

Barqulll<^ro, am. Maker or seller of rolled 

Barquillo,«m. Cock-boat; athln iMUtrycake; 
a mould. liron-workB. 

Barquin, am. Barquin^ra, i^. Bellows for 

Borquiniizo, am* The blow a body gives in 

Barqnincro, am. Bellows-maker. [ftUing. 

Barqulno, am. Wine-bag. 

BArra, am. Bar; iron crow or lever; ingot 4bc. 
(UcT.) The third part of the shield. THrar 
la barra^ To enhance the prioe. De barra 
<i&arra, From one point to another. Bar- 
raa. The arched trees of a ftack-saddie. 
Barraa de eacatiUa-^ Bars of the hatches. 
Barmadeportaa^Qan-itoTthaTs. JSmlar 
em barraa, To be on the point of settling 
an afhir. JSin da/lo de barraa^ Withotu 
injury or danger. A' barraa der&oJkaSt 

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Bunlws^da, t^. Plot, intrifnie. 
Barraca, f< Barrack ; a cabin, a hut 
Barr^co, <m. A boar; spame; kind of ship 
fan. [barred. 

Barrado, da, a. Corded or ribbed; striped; 
Barragin, Mk Barracan, a kind of camlet. 
Barraj^aneria, f^ Concubinage. 
Barraganete, ma. (Nao.) Top-timber. 
Barr&L, «n». A \Mr^ bottle containing 29 pints. 
Barranca, i\f. BanandU, «m. A deep break 

made bj heavy ISlls of rain ; ravine. 
Barrincoi, mn, OUl, a fissore ; great diiBcol^. 
Barrancoao, sa, ck Broken, uneven, full of 

Borraqae, At all timofli 
Barraqaeor, ro. To grunt like a bear. 
Barraqiiilla,«< d/m. A little but 
Barrar, eo. To danl>, paint coarsely. 
Barr^te, am, A little joist, or rafter. 
Barreor, va. To bar, barricade; cancel; se- 
core. — ra. To graxe a knight*s armor. — 
cr. To be intrenched. (Prov.) To wallow. 
Barrvda, ^ Clav-pit: barrier; cupboard. 
Barroderas, */ yL (Nau.) Studding-sails. 
Barred^ro, am. Mop. 
Barred^ro, ra, a. Sweeping, dragging. Red 

harred^ra. Drag-net. 
Barred&ra, ^ Act of sweeping^— ^ Sweep- 

inip; remains, residue. 
Banvna, »/. Barrena grnnde^ Anger, borer. 
Barrenawqu^la, Gimlet Barrena de 
iraaano. Wimble, blaster's drilL Barrena 
dediminMcion^ A tMpcrKager. Barrena 
cf« fptia^ A centre-bit and brace. 
Barrenado, da, a. Barrenado de eascoi^ 

Crack-brained, crazy. 
Barrenad^r, in. (Nau.) Anger or borer. 
Barren^, vo. To boro, pierce. Barrenar 
«nfU747M),(\'an.) To scuttle a ship. (Met) 
To defeat one's intentions. 
Barrend^ro, ra, t. Sweeper, dustman. 
Barrencro, «ifk The boy that serves the 

miners' drills. 
Barrino, sm. A huge borer or anger; bored 
hole; vanity. Ikir harrtno^ (Nau.) To 
BarrSfio, mn. Earthen pan ; a tub. [tub. 
Barren6n, wtk augnt. Large earthen pan or 
BarrcooncUIo, sm. dim. Small earthen pan 
or tubw [(Nau.) To rake. 

Barr&r, cvi. To sweep ; carry off the whole. 
Barrih«,'>/r Clay-pit; barrier; mound: cup- 
board : barricade ; turnpike. Salira har- 
rera^ To expose to pnblic censure, [pit 
Barrtro, «m. Potter ; heielit eminence ; clay- 
Barr^ta, fcf. (Dim.) Small bar; shoe lining. 
Barreteir. xa. To bar ; line a shoe. 
Barret44t>, %m. In mining, one who works 

with a crow-bar, wedge, or pick. 
BarreUin, sm. augm^ Large bar. 
Barretoncillo, mn. dim. Small bar. [city. 
Barriida, »/. Suburb, district, or ward of 'a 
Banica. */. A. cask containing sixty gallons. 
Barricida, »f. Barricado. 
Barrido, wn. Sweep, the act of sweepixg. 
Barriga, tf. Belly, abdomen ; pregnancy. 
Barrigun, am. augm. A big belly. 
Barrig6do, da, a. Big-bellied. 
Barrigailh^ ^. dim. A liUlo beUy. 
Baiii^ tm,, Ouk, barrel 


Barril&me, «m. Barrileria, »f. A number of 
barrels collected in one pUce. 

Barrilojo, »m^ dim. Bundlet, a small barrd. 

Barril^To, 9m. Barrel-maker. 

Barrilete, «m. (Nau.) Mouse. Barrilete de 
&an0o, Joiner's hold-Cu»t; keg. [firkin. 

Barrilico, illo, ito, 9m. dim. Keg, ruudlet, 

Barrilla, 9f. A Utile bar; a rod; glass-wort; 
barilla; soda. 

Barring, em. BarilUirpits ; barilU ashes. 

Barrio^<»»v. Ward ; suburb. Andar debar' 
ria^ To wear a plain, simple dress. 

Barrita, ^f. dim. A small bu-; keg. 

Barrizal, 9m. CUy-pit 

Bikrro, trn. Clay, mud: earthen-ware; drink- 
ing- vessel ; lock of wool Dar or ten^r 
barro d mano. To have money.— i>iL 
Pimples in the face. Tseats. 

Barrdcho, 9m. High open carriage with two 

Barroso, sa, a. Muddy ; pimpled 

Barr6te, 9m. Iron bar to make tables fi&st; 
timbers laid across others. Barrote^, 
(Nau.) Battens, scantlings. 

BiuTotines, 9m. pi. Barrotine9 de loe bao»^ 
(Nau.) Carlines. Barrotinee de la toldiUa, 
(Nau.) B^ams of the stem. 

Barruoco, am. Pearl of irregular form. 

Barrumbida, ^ Great and ostentatious ex- 

Barruntaddr, ra, «. Conjccturer. [tokens. 

Barruntamidnto, em^ Guessing by signs and 

Bammtar, «a. To foresee or coigecture by 

Barrunte, 9m. Notice, information. 

Harrunto, em. Conjecture. 

Bartulos, 9m. pi. Affairs or business. 

Baruca, {/! Artifice, deceit 

BarziSn, »m. Idle walk ; ox-yoke strap. 

Barzonedr, vn. (Prov.) To loiter about 

Basa, 4^ Base, foundation. 

Basdlto, 9m. Basalt, basaltes. 

Basam^nto, 9m. (Arch.) Basement 

Basdr, Bazar, 9m. Bazaar. 

BAsca, ^. Nausea. 

Basoosid&d, ^ Uncleanliness, nastiness, filth. 

B^ula, ^. Lever, pole, stafll [color. 

B&se,^ Base, basis; groundwork; ground- 
Basilica, ^. Basilica; royal palace; public 

Basilic6n, em. (^fod.) Basilicon. 

Basilio, lia, a. Bastlian. 

Basilisco, 9m. Basilisk, cockatrice. 

Ba^nica, ^. Chamber-pot 

Basqucur, vn. To be squeamish. 

Basquilla, ttf. Disease in sheep. 

Basquifia, ^ Spanish upper petticoat 

Bdsta, ad. Enough ; halt, stop, [knottings. 

Bista, 4^ Basting-stitch. Baiiae, mattrass 

Bost^ge, em. Porter, carrier. 

Bastante, a. Sufiicicnt, enough. 

Bastantom^nte, ad. Sufficiently. [courts. 

Bastant^'ro, «m. An examiner in Spanish Uw 

Bastir, fsn. To suffice, to be enough. 

Bastdrda, ^ Bastard file; mainsail; Italic 

Bastardeilr, vn. To degenerate; bastardize. 

Bastordelo, em. NoUury's book of roogb 

BasUrdia, ^f. Bastardy; meonnesSb 

BastardUla, ^. (Print) Italic type. 

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Bast&rdo, d% a. Bastard, Bparloiu; illegiti- 

Bastdrdo, »m. Baaturd ; a short, poisonona 
snake. Bastardo de vn raeameniOt 
(Nan,) Parrel-rope. 

Basteikr, WL To baste, sew slightty. 

Bastec^r, Baste8o6r, «a. To seneme. 

Bast^raa, ^. A kind of cart to travel [dies. 

Bast^ro, mi. Maker and seller of pack-sad* 

Bastid6r, mn. Embroidery firame; sash. 
Bcutidorea^ (Nan.) Frames for canvas 
balkbeads; side stage-scenes. 

Bastilla, 4< Hem. 

Basttmontilr, va. To snpply with provisions. 

Bastlmdnto, miu Supply of provisions. 
(Nan.) Vessel. 

Bastion, 8M, Bastion, bolwark. 

BAsto, «m. Pack-saddle; pad; ace of clnbs. 
Bailos, Clubs. [span. 

B^to, ta, a. Coarse, mde, clumsy; nome- 

Ba8t6n, am. Cane, stick; truncheon; mili- 
tary command. (Arch.) Fluted moulding. 
Dar baatofK To stir must with a stick. 
Bcutott^Bj (Her.) Bars in the shield. 

Baston^a, tf. Baston^, am. Bastinada 

Baatoncillo, em. Small cane; nacrow lace. 

Bastoneir, fxk To stir must with a stick. 

Baston^ro, am. Marshal or manager; assist- 
ant jail-keeper. 

Basfira, 9/. Sweepings ; dune, manure, [hill. 

Basnr6ro, mil Dustman; dust-pan; dung- 

Bdta, ^ Morning or night gown; roftiso of 
silk : drees with a train. 

Batacazo, am. Violent contusion flrom a lUil 

Batah61a, af. Hurly-burly, clamor, hubbub. 

Batillla, «/ Battle, fight, combat; fencing; 
Btrugsle; Just, tournament Ouerpo da 
hatMa de una eacuadrct^ The centre di- 
vision of a fleet En batalla, With an 
extended front [er. 

Batal1ad6r, ra, a. Combatant; warrior; fenc- 

Batalldr, tn. To battle, fight; fence ; contend. 

Batall^Ia, af. Ball on board a ship, [mont 

Batalldn, am. Battalion, portion of a rcgi- 

Bat4n, am. Falling-mill. 

Batan4do, da, a. Fulled, milled. 

Batanir, va. To ftitl cloth. [Iv. 

Batane^, «& To bang or beat, handle rough- 

Batan^, am. Fuller, a clothier. 

Batiita, af. Sweet potato. [potato. 

BatatSn, am. dim. (Bot) Smalt-rooted sweet 

Batay6h^ «^ (Nau.) Rail. StUayolaa de Uta 
cq/ba, Top-rails. Batayolaa del paaamO' 
noy Oang-way rails. [trough ; boat 

Bat6a, af. Painted tray ; laifre wooden bowl ; 

BatehndUs r^. dim. A small hamper or tray. 

Bat^, am. Christening. 

Bateria, am. Battery. Bateria d harbeta, 
A barbet battery. Bateria ^rUerrada, 
A sunk battery. .Bo^Ha d r^&a^ A ric- 
ochet battery. Bateria eruaante, Croes 
battery. iZdferto^laooc^iui, Kitchen fiir- 
niture; tier of guns on one side of a shin. 
Bateria entera de una banda, A broaa- 
side; repeated importunities. 

Bat^ro, ra, a. Mantua-maker, dresa-maker. 

Battbonillo, V. BaUburriUo. 

Batio61a, *f. Crupper. [huntsmen. 

BatSda, af. A hunting-party; noise made by 

Batld6nL«: Beater; stirrer. 

Batlddro, am. Collision; uneven gromi& 
(Nan.) Wash-board. [road^ 

Batido, da, a. Changeable Bilks; bcatan 

Batido, am. Flour-batter. 

Batld6r, am. Scout; ranger; llib-guard. Ba- 
HdordecdAamo^Ahemn-dreaBeT. BaU^ 
dor de oro bpUiia^ A gold or silver beater. 

Batidnte, am^ Jamb or post of a door; port- 
celL BaHenUdelabanjdera^{^wx!)¥\j 
of an ensign. BaMemi/adeundique^K'^Toa. 
of a dock. 

BatifiiUa, am. (Prov.) Oold-beater; warp. 

Batihi^a. am. uold-beatcr; warp of cloth. 

Bationddo, am. The fluttering of a banner. 

BatlportAr, wi. (Nau.) To house a gun. 

Batlp6rteSjamw fl. Port-cellsw 

Batir,>a. To beat, dash; clash: demolish; 
El cierw bate & Madrid^ The north wind 
blows on Madrid. BaUr banderaa. To 
salute with the colors; strike the colors. 
BaHr el cam^po^ To reconnoitre. BaHr 
moneda^. To coin money. BaHr laa otaa. 
To ply the seas. BaHr ku calarataa or 
nubeadeloao^Tocoxich, BaHrhoja, 
To foliAte, or to beat metals into learea. — 
«r. To lose courage, decline in health. 
BaHrae el eobre^ To toil hard for nsefnl 

Batista, af. Batiste, the finest cambric. 

Batoi Ar, -oa. To beat down the fruit of a tree. 

Batoldgia, af. Battology, needless repetltioo. 

BatucAr, «a. To beat liquors, Ac., mix them. 

Batnquorio, am. Agitation, disturbance. 

Baturrillo, am. Hotch-potch, medley; un- 
connected ideas. 

Bafilj am. Trunk; belly. 

Banlito, am. dim. A small trunk. 

BauprM, am. Bow-sprit 

Banmn, na, a. Effigy ; fool ; bow-aprlt ; down. 

Bautismil, a. Baptismal 

Bantiamo, am. Baptism. (Nan.) Duckin^^ 

Bautist6rio, am. Baptistery. 

Bantiz4nte, pa. Baptizer. 

Bantiz&r, «a. To baptize, christen. (Nan.) 
To duck seunen. Bautimw el ffina, To 
mix water with wine. 

Bantizo, am^ Christening. 

BAva, af Berry, any small fhiit (Prov.) 
Pole to separate horsea. [flax. 

BayAI, a. Not steeped or soaked : applied to 

Bay&l, am- Lever used in raising mill-stonea. 

Bay^ta, af. Baize, a sort of flannel JSIoryefti 
de alccnchery Colchester baize. Baff^ta 
/<i.^u«{a, Lancashire baize. Bavetamini* 
<^«<na, Long baize. Bayeta dH aur or ds 
c»«nM^, White list baize. Bayetaftna^ 
Swanskin. Arraa*rarbayeUia.QA.eL)To 
enfbrce a claim with cax^—pt Pall; in 
piq>er-mitls, felts. 

Bayet6n, am. Coating. Bayetcn mcteado. 
Spotted coating. BayOon de nubm. 
Clouded coating. JSnyt'ftmraya^fo, Strip- 
ed coating. Bayetoncomun,coa.n«baht&. 

B&yo, ya, a. Bay, a chestnut-color. — a. 
Brown butterfly. 

Bay6co, am. Copper coin of Italy ; unripe fig. 

Bay6na, (Arda) ad. The little concern the 
cost of a festival givea to those who pay 
nothing. [Fixed bayonet 

Bayon^ta, rf. Bayonet Bayon^a oaiada^ 

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Bajooetizo, «ntw Throat with a bftronet 

Ba/6qae, am. Indian coin of 8 Duthicgs. 

Bajoca, am. Tipplini^-hoafle. 

Btem, 4^ Trick at cards. Ifo d^ar meter 
from. Not to let one pat In a word. Tewr 
hien aaentada tu biua^ To hare a good 
name. (Nan.) Oact gnrand. 

Bazo, em^ Spleen; milt 

Baxo, za, €L Brown inciinlng to yellow. Pan 
5aao, Brown bread. 

B«B6aa, af, Ofhl; reftue; hogwaah. 

Baxndir, vo. To atir and shake liquids ; dash. 

Baznqaco^ am. Stirring liqntds; Jnmble,^ 

Be, am. Baa» the cry of sheep.— ^ The let- 
ter JL [ty; devotee; hypocrite. 

Beits, t^. Woman engaged in works of chari- 

Beateria, ^. (Iron.) Affected piety: bigotry. 

Beaterio, «ii^ Honse inhabited by pitas 

Beotiooi, ca, a, dim. Hypocrite. 

Beadllcad6n, ff? Beatlflcatlon. 

Beatiflcamente, ad. BeatUically. 

Beatidc4r, va. To beatify. 

Beatidcoi, ca, & (DIvin.) Beatific, beatifleaL 

Bestilla, iff. A sort of fine linen. 

Beatislmo, ma, & aup. BeaUlaimo padre. 
Moot holy fkther. 

Bcatit6d, «^ Beatltnde; holiness. 

Beato, ta, a. Happy, blessed; wearing a re- 
ligions habit; devout [in retirement 

Beato, ta, a. Anions person ; one who lives 

Beatdn, na, a. Hypocrite, bigot 

Bcbedero, vm. Drinking vesaeL BtbederoK, 
lining strips. [able. 

Bebed6ro,ra, Bebedizo, za, a. Potable, drlnk- 

Bebedizoi am. Philter or love potloh. 

Bebedor, ra, a. Tippler, toper. 

Beb^r, wu To drink ; pledge, toast Beber 
de oodM/To drink at leisnre. B^t^r loa 
rietUoai, To solldt with eagerness. Beber 
eomo mna euba. To drink as a flah. 

BeberT6(n, am, (little vaL) Tippler, low 

Bebida, ^ I>riak, beverage, potion. 

Bebido, da, a. Intoxicated. Bten bebido. 
Drank.— « Drench, potion ft>r brntes^ 

Bebiatriijo^ «fk Extravagant mlxtnre of 

BeboiTotsir, «a To sip. 

Beca, ff. Part of a coIlegian*8 dress; ibllow- 
sbtp; fellow. Beea de meroed^ Scholar- 
shiok Beeaa^ Strips of velvet ibr ihdngs. 

ga, af. (B<^ Brook-lime. 

Bocida, itf. (Om.) Woodoock. 

Beeafiso, am. (Orn.) Fig-pecker, epicurean 
warlM^. iX0oq;C^raro, Bed-headed lin- 

Becardte, am. (Prov.) Snipe. [earth. 

Beo^rra, am. (Bot) 8ntt>-dragon; &11 of 

BecerriUo, iUa, ito, ita, sTdim. Calf ; dressed 

Becerro, ra, «. A yearling calf; dressed calf- 
skin. .&*c0r#tM cAaroMKfos; Patent leath- 
er calf-skina. Beeerro marina, A sea- 
calf, the seal 

Baooqoin, em. Cap tied under the chin. 

BeeoUro, am. rMiu.) A sharp (^). 

Bed^ am. Beadle; warden ; apparitor. 

Bedeua, f^ Beadlmhlp, wardenshlp. 

Bedalio^ am. Bdellium, an aromatlG gum. 


Bed^a, f^ Flock, lock of wooL [di 
BedOcro, ra, «. Gatherer of the locks o 
B<^fiL »/. Jeer, scofl^ mock ; garkmd. 
Befabemi, am. A musical sisn. [the llp& 
Bef&r, ra. To mock, scoff, lattgh at; move 
Bclb, fa, a. Blubber-lipped. 
B^fo, am. Lip of a hone or other animal 
Begin, am. Peevish, wa>'ward child. 
Begu^r. am. A civil magistrate In Catalonia. 
" . District and Jurisdiction of a 

Behetria,^ConfhBlon, disorder. Luffarde 

bekeina, A place where perfect eqnaUty 

Bejin, am. (Bot) Puff-balL 
Bejin^ro, am. (Prov.) One who separates the 

lees from the olL 
Bcsjnc&l, am. A place where roeds grow. 
B^uco, smi. Thin or pliable reed; vine. 
B^uqtullo, am. A small gold chain ; Ipecao- 

uanba; a ratan; a small vlneu 
B61cho, am. Horse-tail-tree. 
BeldH J*/ Beauty. {Tiui Mtf a<2, a beanty, 

a flUr woman. 
Beledin, ^ Sort of cotton stuff. 
Belemnita, i(f. Belemnites, arrowhead or fin- 
ger stone. 
Belt^fto, am. (Bot) Henbane ; poison. 
Bol^rioo, am. (Bot) Kind of myrabolan. 
BeUb,fti, a. Blob-lipped. IHentebe^^Snag- 

B^lfo, am. Thick under lip of a horse, [jar. 
Belh6z, af. Belb^o, am. (Prov.) Oil or wine 
B6Uco, ca, a. Warlike, martial, military. 
Belic6so, sa, a. Warlike, martial; quarrel- 
Belicoaidi^d, «/ Warilke sUte. 
Bcliffcro, ra, a. (Poet) Warlike, belligerent 
Bella:cr&nte, a. Belllgorent 
Belitre, a (Coll.) Low, vulgar; roguish. 
Bellacam6nte, ad. Knarishly, roguishly. 
Bellaoo, ca, a Mean, srtAil, sly ; cunning. 
BelUloo, am. Rogue, a villain, a knava 
Bellacdn, BelbuK>n^zo, am. au^m. Great 

knave, an arrant rogue. [fellow. 

Bellacn61o, am. dim. Artfhl, cunning little 
Belladima, BolbMl6na, ^. Deadly nights 

shadflL belladonna. 
Bellam6nte, ad. Prettily, gracefhlly, fetrly. 
Bellaqneir, oo. To chei^ swindle, play low 

tricka. [meanness. 

Bellaqueria, af. Knavery, roguery, swindling, 
Bell^za, ^ Beauty, handAomenesa, flourish ; 

decoration. Decir beUeaaa^To say ^retXy 

B6II0, lla, a. Beauttfhl, handsome, felr, fine. 

J>e au hella gracia^ Of one's own accord. 
Bell<Srio, la, a. Mouse-colored. 
Bellorita, ^. Primrose, cowslip. Bdlorita 

primateraly Common cowslip. 
BelI6ta, sf. Acorn ; acorn-shaped box. 
Belldte, am. Large round-headed noil. 
Bellote&r, va. To be fed with acorns. 
Bellot^ra, ^. Season fer gathering acorns. 
Bellot^ro, ra, «. Acorn gatherer or dealer. 
Bellotica, Ilia, ita, nf. dim. Small acorn. 
Bel^rta, ^ Screw which ftstens the plough* 

beam. , 

Bem61, am. (Mus.) A flat ( D ). 
BemoUdo, a. (Mas.) Having the D sign. 

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Bon, Bohdn, «m. Fralt which yldds a pre- 

dOQB oil 

Benarrizii, ^ A bird of the ftmny of ortolaiu. 

BeDdecir, vo^ To ble.'is, dovoto, consocrato. 

Bondici^Q, »f. I3cnedlction. 

Bendito, ta. a. Sainted, blossod ; stlly. El 
bmuiUo^ Prayer which begias with those 

Benedicite, am. (Lat) Permission solicited. 

Benodicta, ^ Benedict, an electoary. 

Benefact6r, am. Benefactor. 

Beneflc6ncia, ^. Beneficence, Iclndness. 

Beneflciaddn, if. Benefaction. [ficiary. 

Beneflci&do, am. Incumbent; curate, l>ene- 

BeQeflciad6r, ra, «. Benefactor; improver. 

Beneflcial, a. Relating to benefices. 

Beneflcitii', to. To benefit; cultivate; im- 
prove mines; confer a benefice; purchase 
a place or employ. 

BenetlciMo, am. BeneAciarv. 

Beneficio. am. Benefit, Icindneas; rl^ht; 
profit; benefice. Bene/Mo curadoy Ben- 
efice with a curacy. 

Beneficidso, sa, a. Beneficial, advantageous. 

Benefico, ca, a. Beneficent, kind. 

Benemerito, ta, a. Meritorious, deserving, 
worthy. [consent. 

Benepliicito, sm, Oood-will, approbation, 

Benevolcncia, sf. Benevolence, good-will, 

Bendvolo, la, a. Benevolent, kind, gentle. 

Bengila, «/. Bengal, thin slight stuff. 

Benignamente, ad. Kindly, benevolently, 
elementlv. [brlty. 

Benignidad, ^. Benignity, kindness; sala- 

Benigno, na, a. Benign; humane; kind; 
mild, gentle. 

Benito, U, «. and a. Benedictine Mar or nun. 

Beqjui, am. Benzoin, a gum-resin. 

Beodda, ^ Drunkenness, intoxication. 

Be6do, da, cu Drunk, drunken, [ors. 

B6que. am. Head of the ship ; privy for sail- 

Bequdbo, am. Woodpecker. 

Berdm, af. Coarse India cotton stufC 

Berbdna, af. Verbena, vervain, poristerion. 

Berberis, am, (BoL) Barberry, plperidge- 

Berb^ro, am. A confection made of barberry. 

Berbi, am» A sort of woolleniib 

Berbiqui, am, A carpenters brace utd bit 

BercebA, am. Devil ; perverse temiier, ugly 

Berceria, iff. Yegotable-markot [person. 

Berdoliiiffa, tf. Purslain. 

Bereng&a, af. %g-plant 

Bereneenil, am. EgK-pIant field. Meierm en 
un herfnganal^ To involve one's self in 

BeTgam6ta, af. Bergamot; bergamot^nnfll 

Beigamdte, BergamAto, am. Bergamot-troe. 

Berg&nte, am. Brazon-fiiced villiun, rascaL 

Borgantin, am. (Nan.) A brig. 

Bergant6n, na, a. auffm, Brazen-lkced, im- 
pudent person. [ruflBan. 

Bergantonizo, am. aufpn. Most impudent 

Bexilo, am. Beryl, a precious stone, [riage. 

Berlins, ^ Landau or berlin, an open car- 

Bariinga, ^f A clothes-line post ; small round 
timber. [of the rampart 

B^rma, a/! (Fort) Berm, ground at the Ibot 

Berm^ear, Berm^eodr, «». To be reddish. 


Bermcjizo, za, a. Beddlsh. 

Berm^o, Ja, a. Of a bright reddish odor. 

Berrooion, na, a. Beddlsh. 

Bermejn6h^ af. Rochet, a smsll river-fish. 

BermeJ6ra, «/; Redd ishness, ruddy color. 

Bcrmell6n, Bennlll^n, arn. Vermilion. 

Bermudiana, «/ Iris-Ieavod stsyrinchinm. 

Bornandinaa, ^ pL Faofhronades, fiUae 

Bernegal, am. Bowl. 
Bcrnl:^ ff. Rug; rough cloak; a bore. 
Bernicla, af. Barnacle, a bird like a goose. 
Berniz, am. Varnish, paint, rouge; prinler'iB 

B^rra, af. (Bot> The strong water-cress. 
Berraza, af. Water parsnip. 
BerreAr, vn. To cry^ like a caH bellow. 
Berreguetar, wl To play sleight-of-hand 

tricks. [childpen. 

Berrenchin, am. Granting; crv of wayward 
Berronde&rse, «r. To grow yellow, as wheat 
Berr^ndo, da, a. Stained with two colon; 

yellow wheat 
Berrdra, */• V. Berraaa comien. [animal. 
Borrido, am. The bellowing of a calf or otiier 
Benin, am. Person in a violent passion. 
Berrincho, am. Anger, passion : sulkinesB. 
BcTrinch6do, a. Passionate, sulky. 
Berrizal, am. Place fiill of water-creescs. 
B6rT0, am. Water-cress. Andar & lajlor 

del harra, To stroll and wander about 
Berroc&l. am. A craggy or rocky place, [ite. 
Berroqnefia, <(/! Pieara herroquefia^ Gran- 
Bemioco, am. Pin, a small homy induration. 
Berr6ga, af Wart, corneous excrescenoa 
Berrug^iza, af Large wart 
Borrugoso, sa. <k Warty. [LyooA, 

Berrusa, af. Sort of stuff manufactured at 
B^rza, af. Cabbage. Ana or col comun^ 

Savoy-cabbage. Sena lombarda^ Bed 

cabbage. Etdar en hsna^ To be In tho 

blade: applied to grain. 
Besad6r, ra, a. and a. Kissing; kisser. 
Besamdnoa, am. Levee or court-day ; asalate 

with the hand. [plough. 

BesAna, ^. First fhrrow opened with a 
BesAr, ea. To kiss ; touch closely. A' heaar, 

(Nau.) Homo, or block on block. Uegar 

y beaar^ No sooner said than donew — or. 

To strike heads accidentallv. 
Besico, illo, ito, am. dim. A little kiss. 
B6so, am. Kiss ; violent collision. JBeao d^ 

monjay Kind of sweet-meat Darun beao 

aljarroy To drink IVeely. 
Bestezudla, «/: dim. A little beast 
B^tia, af Beast Beatia de atbarda. A 

beast of burden. BeaHa de ailkk, A eaadJe 

beast Oran JteaUa^ An elk, an animal of 

the stag kind ; dunce, idiot 
Bestiage, BestiAme, am. An assembly of 

beasts of burden. 
Bestidl, a. Bestial, brutal 
Besttalid&d, %f Brutbh quality. 
Bostlalmdnte, ad. Bestially, brutally. 
Bestltlza, am. a^uom. A great beaat ; an idiot 
Bestiedca, ilia, Ita, Bestiezu^la, af. dim, A 

little beast; an ignorant person. 
Bestl/>n, am. av^n. Largo beast 
Btetola, af. Paddle fat cleaning the eonltor. 
Besacador, ra, a. Kisser. 

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B«0ocir, va. To glre manj kteeflw 
BasDcdn. sm. Beariy kiss. [bi 

B«»agida, «/: A lunch or snpper of 8e»- 
Beeu^o, wn. (Ichtb.) Sea-bream or red gilt- 
bead. 0^ ds beiugo^ Squint-eyed. 
B^oj^^ra, it/l A pan for dressing bentffot; 

a finoale bream-celler. 
Beeoga^ro, am. Fbhman or seller of breams ; 

tisbins-tackle for breams. 
B<«nieaete, wk (Ichtb.) Red sea-bream. 
Besoqn^ rniK Hearty and repeated kisses 
Beta, «^ A bit or line of thread ; the tape to 
tie on sandalsL Beta ds la madera, The 
grain of the wood. BHat^ (Nan.) Pieces 
of cordage for ail sorts of tackle. 
BeUbei, #m. Betarriga, Betarrita, ^. (Bot) 

Betel, am. Betel-nnt palm; betel-leaf Tine. 
Betiemita, tm. pL Bethlemite, a fHar of a 

reUgioos order. 
Betoniea, •/. (Bot) Betonj. 
Betnn, am. Bitumen, pitch ; eement Bfhin 
de oUmena, Coarse wax. . [grapes. 

Beona, qf. A gold-colored wine orBeana 
Be6t, am. A kind of 9ca-fish. 
B«7, am. Bey, a Turkish goTcmor. 
Be7m>6ra, tf. A large kind of fish. 
B<3aar, tf. Beioar, medicinal stone, antidote. 
Bezante, am. (Her.) Bezant; round spot 
Bezar. f^ Bezoar stone. 
B<hEo, am. Blubber-Iip; pnmd flesh. 
Bezoar, am. V. Beoar. 
Bezoirdico, ca, a. Bczoardic. 
Bezfote, am. A rii« worn in the under lip. 
Bez6do, da, a. Blubber-lipped, or bfop- 
lipped. [bark. 

Biamb^naa, af.pLk stuff made in Clhina of 

Blangnlar, a. Biansulated, bianguloua. 

Blaaa, a/. (Toarse silk fh>m the Levant 

Biizai^ ^f.pL Saddlebags^ 

Bib^roi, am. Linen fh>m Oallcia, 

Biblta, af. Bible. 

Biblico, ca, a. Biblical. [worm. 

BibH6fik». «vt. Bibliophile, book-lover, book- 

BibHograTia, »f. Bibliography. [ographic. 

BibUogriflco, ca, a. BibUograpbical, bibU- 

Bibif^graJb, am. Bibliographer. 

BibUomaoia, af. BibHomania. 

Bibfiomaoo, na, a. Bibliomaniac. 

Bibli6taib, am. Who never lends his books. 

Bibliat^«a, af. Library. 

Bibliotecirio, am. Librarian. 

Bica, «< A sea-fish resembling a bream. 

BicapmiUr, a. (Bot) Bicapsular. 

Bicerrm, af. A kind of wild or motutain goat 

Bicb^ro, am. (Nau.) Boat-hook. 

Bicbo. am,. Small grub or insect; vermin. 

Mai bieika, A mischievous urchin. 
Bicoca, f/C Sentry-box; a small borough; 

a thing of little Talne. 
Bkoqu^te, am. A bonnet or head-dress. 

Bicnqnin, am. Op tied under the chin. 

Bic6me, a. Bicomuona, bicom. 

Bicorp<!.reo, rca, a. BicorporaL 

Bico^ «m. pi. Small gold points or lace. 

Bimadritica, n. Biqnadrate, bianadmtic. 

Bidentc, am. Two-pronged spaae; sheep. 

Bielda, a/. Pitchfork with six or seven nrongs. 

Bieldi^, «a. To winnow by means of a fork. 

Bi^o, Bi^lgo, 9m. Winnowing-furk. 


Bi^n, am. Supreme soodness; ol^facfof ••• 
teem; good, utility, benefit; weiikrcL 
Biffua^ Property, fortune, richeai BUnea 
raicea^ Seal estate. Bien^ muaUea^ 
Ooodsw BUnea d* fortuna^ Worldly 
treasures. Decir mil bienea^ To prdse, 

Bi^n, ad. Well, right; happily; willingly. 
Bi^n quf^ Although. BUn ai^ But ft 
Ahora biffK, Now, this being sa Maa 
bien^ Bather. i7oy bun de eao. There is 
plenty of that iSfr &«>n, To be |rood, nse- 
fuL. or convenient De bi^n d bt^n or par 
bi^TK, Willingly, amicably. BaUxr bttn^ 
To be welL 

BIen4l, a. Biennial 

Bienam^do, da. a. Dearly beloved. [cessi 

Bienandanza, ^ Felidtv, prosperity, snc- 

Bienaventudido, da, a. Blessed, nappy ; suo 
cessful ; simple, silly. 

Bienaventurinza, sf. Beatitude ; human fe- 
licity, ^senareyi/uranaoa, The eight be- 

Blencstir, am. Well-being. 

BlenfortnnMo, da, a. Fortunate, snccessftaL 

Biengranada, */. Curl-leaved go<j«e-foot 

Bieiihablailo, fia, a. Well and civilly spoken. 

Bieoba'lado, da, a. Luck v, fortunate, nappy. 

Bienhecbo, cha, a. Well-shaped, well-per- 

BicDliech6r, ra, a. BenefiKtor. 

Bienlo, am. Term or f pace of two years. 

Bienqner«^r, vn. To wLiU the good of another, 

Bienqncrdr, am. Esteem, attachment 

Bicnquisto, ta, o. Generally esteemed and 

Bienvcnida, {/! Welcome, [shell of ao egg: 

Bienza, tff. (Prov.) The film which lines the 

Bierzo, am. Linen manuikctured at Bierza 

Biforroe, a. (Poet) Biformed, biform. 

Bifr<5nte, a. Double-fhtnted or double-fkced. 

Bi^umia, ^. Bigamy. 

Bigamo, am. Bigamist 

Bi^;arde4r,m. To live licentiously; wandar. 

Bignrdia, af. Jest, fiction, dissimulation. 

Bigardo, am. Friar of loose morals ; a lubber. 

Bigarrddo, da, a. Variegated, motley, dapple. 

Bigarro, am. (Prov.) A large sea-snalL 

Bignonia, ^ (Bot) Trumpet-flower. 

Bigorn^ta, »f. dim. A small anvil. 

Bigi'kmia, »/. Anvil. 

Bigota, «/. (Nau.) Dead-eye. 

Bigotazo, am. auffm. Large whiskers. 

Bie^te, am. Whisker, mustache. Uomhra 
de biffotA, A man of spirit and vigor. 
Ten^r bigote*. To be firm and undaunted. 

Bigot^ra, am. Leather cover for whiskers; 
ribbon ornament; folding seat in front of 
a chariot Ptgar una bigotera, Toplay 
one a trick. .B^otero*, Face, mien. Tenar 
hu^na* bigoteraa. To have a pleasing fibc«L 

BlgoU-ria, «f. Bigotiy. (Padre lala.) 

Bija, «/ Amotta or annatto tree. 

Bi lance, am. Balance of an account 

Bilander, am. Bilander, a small merchant- 

Biliario, rla, a. BUIair. 

Bilingue, a. Bilingual; deodtfti]. 

Bilioso, sa, a, Billona. 


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Bi1ta» ^. Bile. 

BUlar. mA, Billlard-table; guneof b1Iliaid& 

Biilete, «m. Billet, kble, ticket BUltsU ds 
hanco^ A buik-noie. [letter. 

Billetfeo, tm. dim. A smaU bUlet; a love- 

Bill6n, rnn. Billion. 

Bilmad6r, wt. Algebraist 

BilArta, am. Blng; Hjring report; a Und of 
cricket game. 

Bil6rto, 9m. Bat havinff a crooked head. 

Biltzx>toir, m. To ramoie aboat the streets. 

Biltrot6ra, ^ A gossip, gossiping woo 

Btm6mbre, a. Having two memDen. 

BimMtre, d. Of two months* duration.— ^nib 
Two months* leave of absence. 

Binadira, rf. Weeding-hook. 

Blnaddr, sm. Digger, he who digs the same 
gronnd aesln. [second time. 

Bin^. WkTo dig or plough groond the 

Bin^rio, am. Binary. [wooden bracketa, 

Binatdraa, ^. pk (Kan.) Beeket^ straps, 

Blnaz6n, am. Digging or plooghing a second 

Bln6ealo, sm. Binoele, operanrlass. 

Binoculiir, a. Binocular. [Binomial root 

Btn6mia. <nf. Binomial Bairn binomialf 

Binza, ^ Pellicle, lining of an egg. 

Blograf la, ^ Biography. 

Biogr4floo, ca, a. BiographieaL 

Bidgrafo, am. Biographer. 

B16mbo, am. Screen. 

Blpartido, da. a. Bipartite. 

Bipedal', a. Bipedal. 

Bipedo, Mi» BiiMd. 

Bipetalo, la, & (Bot) Bipetalooa [kneea 

Biqnlt^rtes, «. pk (Nan.) Qnarter-gallery 

Bihida, V^ Tack. Birada de bordo^ (JUan,) 
Tacking, putting the ship about 

Birad6r, am. (Nau.) Top-rope. 

BirAr, eo. (Nau.) To wlndT twist; tack, 
heave. Binzr da bordo^ To tack or go 
about Birar por ararUa, To put the 
ship to windward. Birar da bordo en 
radondOt To put the ship to leeward. 

BlraziuM, am.iL Land and sea breozeSb 

Blrbtqm, am. Borer, brace and bit 

Blribia, Bisbls, sm. Blribi, a sort of gamei 

Blric6, am. Sword-belt 

Blrilla, ^ Shoe ornament of gold or silver. 

Blrlad6r, am. One who knocks all down at 
a blow. 

Blrlar, «a. At nlne-pin^ to throw a bowl a 
second time; to Knock all down at one 
blow, kill at one shot; snatch away; dis- 
possess^ [extraordinary means. 

BirlL Fin* aria da birli Mriomu. Doing by 

BirlAcha, */ Paper-kite. 

Birl6cho, am. High open carrlagei 

Birl6n, am. (Prov.) Middle pin at nlne-pIns. 

Blrl^nga, ^. Mode of playing ombre. A la 
birlonqtL Kegligontly. 

Bir61a, ^ Ferrule; goad; ring; hoop. 

Blrr6me, a. Two-oared. 

Birr6ta, 4/! Cardinal's red capb 

BirT6te, am^ Linen oap. 

Blrretina, ^. Grenadier*8 cap. 

Btsabn^la, ^. Oreat-grandmother. 

Blsabu61o, sov Great-srand&ther. 

Bisittra, af. Hinge; shoe-maker's polisher. 
Biaaffraa y pamoa. Hooks and hingesi 


Biaagraa ds la porteriOf (Nan.) Poit 

BlsAlto, am. (Bot Prov.} Pea. 

Bisinuo, nua, a. (Bot) BlsannuaL 

Biseccl6n, af. Bisection. 

Bls^l, am. Bevel edge of the plate. 

Blsideto, a. Bissextile. Mudar da Uaieato, 
To alter one's conduct 

BisUabo, ha, a. Ck)nsistlnff of two syllableL 

Blsllngua, 4< (Bot) Butcnor^s broom. 

Bls6Jo, Ja, a. Squint-eyed. [Mo. 

Blsdnte. am. B&on, in America called bof- 

Bisoflaoa, ^f. Rash speech or action. 

Bisofieria, ^ Inconsiderate speech or action. 

Bis^o, fia, a. Undisciplined; novice; un- 
broken horse. 

Blsp6n, am. Roll of oll-doth. 

Bistola, ^. (Prov.) Staff 

Bistorts, af. Qreat bistort or snake-weed. 

Bifltr6ta, or Bistr6cha, ^. Payment in ad- 

Btetnri, am. (Surg.) Bistoury. 

BisAlco, oa, a. Bisnloou^ cloven-lboted. 

Bisurciido, da. a. Bifurcated, forked. 

BitAcora, i(f. Binnacle. 

Bltad^ ^. Cable-bit, a turn of the cable. 

Bitas, af. jplL. (Nan.) Bitv. OndncOAtM^ 
Standards of the bita. BUa da m^Mn^ 
Knight-head of the windlass. 

Bitchemiire, am. Blche de mer. 

Bit6nos, sm. pL (NauJ) Pins of the eanetaiL 

Bit^ue, am. Bung. Tanerojoa da Mrt^m^ 
To squint 

Bit6r, anv. (Om.) Rail 

Bittoien, am. Bitumen. 

Bitumindso, sa, a. Bituminous. 

BivAlvo, va, a. (Conch.) Bivalve, blvalvitiar. 

Biverio, am. Beaver, castor. 

Biza, af. (Ichth.) Fish similar to a tunay-flah. 

Bizarram6nte^<f. Gallantl v, with spuit 

BizarreAr, V7k To act spiritedly and gallantly. 

Bizarria, ^. Gallantry, valor; liberality. 

Blz4rro, rra, a. Gallant, brave; generous. 

Biziucas, tf.pL Saddle-bags. 

Blzdu:ha, aj. A Peruvian animal 

Bizc^, iHt To squint 

Btz'co, ca. a^ Squint-eyed. 

Bizooch&da, ^Biscuit boiled in milk. 

Bizcoch&r, CO. To make or bake biscuit 

Bizcocb6ro, aan. Biscuit-cask ; biscuit-maker 
or seller. 

Bizcochito, wi. dim. A small biscuit 

Blzc6cho, am. Biscuit; sweet cake; whittne, 

Bizcotela. s/T Light biscuit 

Bizma, ^ Cataplasm, poultice. 

Bizm&r, iKt To poultice, wply a cataplasm. 

Bizna, af. Membrane dividing a nut-sbelL 

Bizniiga, ^f. (Bot) Carrot-like ammL 

Biznicta, af. Great-grand-danghter. 

Bizni6to, wn. Groat-grandson. 

Bizque4r, tn. To squint 

Blinca^f/THalfamaravedL IfoUnarHam^ 
oo, Not to have a fhrthlng; magpie. 

Blanea-espina, «/C Hawthorn, white thorn. 

Bl&nco, ca, a. white, hoary; honored, re- 
spected. .£fbfn&r0&2an4y>. An honest man. 
ni)o da la ffolUna Uanca^ A lucky fel- 
low; nntarred. 

Blilnco, am. Blank; white spot in bones; 
mark to shoot at Bianco da InMena^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Spermaeetl; iaterlade; IntorraL Lahor 
MoncOy Plain work. Tda or ropahianca^ 
YJoMCL Armat blanea*^ Slde-arma. Da 
pwUa em bianco^ FoiDthluik. XI bianco 
tf0< a««. The breast of alb wL Quedar99 
0» bianco^ To be fhutrated. [neaa. 

Bfauie6r, rnn. Blane6^^ »f. Whitenees, boari- 

Blandilea, am. pL (Nao.) Back-eUTS. 

Bbmdeafd^r, ra. «. Softeaer. 

Blande^vck To soften ; brandldi, flotuish. 
— Tit To vield, be softened -.tread ten- 
derly. Bicmdear con oiro^ To coincide 
-with anotber.— 'vr. To be unsteady. 

Blaodengae, am. A soldier armed with a 
lancet [soil 

Blandco, am. The good or bad quality or the 

BUndlente, a. Tremalooa or vibrating. 

Bbadir, to. To brsndlsh; whirl round.— 
«r. To quiver, more tremulously. 

Blando, da, A Soft, pliant; milky ; effemi- 
nate, delicate: tractable; tender; mild. 

BIand6n, mtk Wax taper; a large church 

Blandoncillo, mt. dim. A small candlestick. 

Blaad6cho, eba, BlandtUo* Ja, A Flabby, 
loose, soft, not firm. 

Bknd&ra, «/ Softness, delicaey ; gentleness; 
mild temperature ; white paint 

Blandurilla, t/. Fine soft pomatum. 

Blanqneaci6n, ^ Blanching, whitening. 

Blanqneador, ra, «l Blancber, whitener, 

Blanqneaddra, tf Whitening, bleaching. 

Blanaueir, va.To bleach, whiten, blanch; 
whuewa»h. — vn. To show whiteness. 

Blanqneoeddr, tm. Officer to blanch the coin. 

BIanqneo6r, to. To blanch coin. 

Blanquecin<\ na, a. Whitish, hoary. 

Bianqn^ sm. Whitening; whitewash; 

Blanqueria, af. Bleacbing-place, bleach-field. 

Blanquero, mn. (Pro v.) Tanner, [women. 

Blaoqnete, am. Whitewash ; paint used by 

Blanqiulla, a/. A very small coin; yellow 
plum ; white grape. 

Blanqnillo, ilia, a. dim. Whitish. 

Blanqnimi^to, am. Bleaching liquor. 

Blanqain^^ sa, a. (Prov.) Whitish. 

BUnquizil, am. Whitish clay, pipe-clay. 

Blanqnizco, ca, a. Whitish. 

Blao. a. (Her.) Azure, Ikint bine. 

Blasfemable, a. Blaroable, culpable, fhnl^r- 

Blafifemad6r, ra, «. Blasphemer. [ously. 

Blasfemam^nte, ad. BUsphemously, impi- 

Blarfem^, vn. To blaspheme; curse. 

Blaslbmatdrio, ria, a. BIssphemous. 

Blft^emia, a/. Bla^hemy. [phemer. 

Blas£;mo, ma, a. Blasphemous.— «. Blas- 

Blas^n, am. Heraldry, blazonry; honor, 
glory. Jfacer blaaon. To blazon, boast 

Blasonad6r, ra, a. Boaster, bragger. 

Blaaoninte, pa. Vain-glorious; boaster. 

Blason&r, ta. To blazon, boast BUuonar 
dH €wnea^ To brag of deeds never pei^ 
formed. [wall 

Ble, am. Play with a ball thrown against the 

Bl^do. am. Wild amarantli. Komeimporta 
«» tAedo^ I don't care a straw. No vale 
WA Uedo^ It is not worth a rush. 

BUada, Oiin.) Blonde. 


Bl^o, Blino, am. (Ichth.) Hake, bleiioy. 
Blenorhigia, af. (Mied.) Blennorrbagla. 
B1enorr6a, ^. (Med.) Blennorrhcea, gleet 

Bl*--*- -^ ma6»ii,ipl.N. BUndage: 

Bl am. (Mil.) Blind, cover. 

Bl : Silk lace, blond lace. 

Bl rf. Narrow silk lace, narrow blond. 

Bl I, a. Flaxen, flaxy, light 

Bl f>a.(Mil.) To blockade. 

Bl rm. Blockade. 

B^ >a, a large serpent [cattle. 

Be 9m. (Prov.) Pasturage of^ black 

Be ^WK (Little UB.) Storm or tempest 

• at sea. [clamation. 

Bodto, am. Pompous show; shout of at> 
BobMa, af. Silly speech or action. 
Bobilias, am. A very stupid fellow, a dolt 
Boballcon, BoMizo, am. Great blockhead; 
stupid. [fioolishly, stupidly. 

Bobam6nte, ad. Without trouble or care ; 
Bobarr6n, na, a. Little foolish, little stupid. 
Bobat^l, am. Stupid fellow, dolt 
Bobitico, ca, a. Silly, foolish, stupid. 
Bobikzo, za, a. auffm. Very foolish. 
Bobe4r, ro. To act or talk fbolishly; dally. 
Boberia, s/. Foolish speech or action.—^ 
Idle conceits. [or merit 

B6bili^ ad. Da bdMlia bobUia, Without pain 
Bobillo, ilia, ito, ita, a. dim. A little dolt or 
fool [frilL 

Bobillo, am. Big^bellied one-handle Jug; a 
Bobinas, iff. pL Bobbins, large spools. 
Bobiftiinamcnte, ad. Most foolishly. 
Bobo, ba, B. Dance, dolt, fool ; e^isily cheated. 

A' bobaa^ Foolishly.— a. Ample, large. 
Bob6n, na, «. augm. Big dolt great fooL 
BoboncUlo, 11a, a. dim, A little dolt 
Bobote, am. auffm. Great idiot or simpleton. 
B6ca, 4^ Month; entrance, hole; pincers; 
taste; relish, /n^rum^nftxf^&ooa, Wind- 
instrument Boca de eacorpicfk, Calum- 
niator. Boca del eatomagOy Pit of the 
stomach. Boca defiwgo^Y\re-ann. Boca 
de 2aE)o Dark dungeon. (Nan.) Lubbers* 
hole. Boca de la eaooMkL, Hatchway. 
Boca de riaa^ Smiling countenance. An- 
dar de boca en boca^ To be the talk of 
the town. Boca de oro. Honey-tongue. 
Boca de ga>cha^ Mumbler. A boca de 
Jarro^ A hearty draught Chtardar la 
boca^ Not to commit any excess in eating 
or drinking. Bdblar por boca de ganao, 
To say what any other person has suggest- 
ed. Jrae de boca^ To speak much with- 
out reflection. Nodeeireatabocaeamta^ 
To keep a profound silence. No tener 
boca para negar^ Not to dare to say no. 
Punio en boca. Mum, mum, not a word. 
Tener buena o mala boca, To talk well 
or ill A' boca de inviemOy About the 
bcjsrinning of winter. A' boca de tiocAe^ 
At the flUl of night Boca arriba^ Upside 
down. Boca abaja. Face downwards. 
Boca d bocOy ad. Bv word of mouth. 
Boca con boca. Face to flwe. A' boca de 
oo«toX, Profbscly. ^' frora itena, Perspic- 
uously, openly. A' pedir de boca, Ac- 
cording to one^s desire. Damanoadbooa^ 
UnexTOctedly. Da boca, Yorbally; not 
really. (Ichth.) Shrimp. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Boeacilltt, f^ Entiy, end or opening of a 

Bocadbs, «iiK Openinein a dam, slnice. 

Bocaci, Bocacin, «iik Pine glased buckram. 

Boeadeiir, va. To divide into bits or morsels. 

Bocadico, Ulo, ito, a. dim. Bmall bit or mor- 
seL [ribbon or lace; luncheon. 

Bocadillo, em. Thin sort of linen; narrow 

Bodido, 8m. Monthlhl, morsel; modicum; 
bite; mouthpiece, bridle-bit BocadoHn 
hv^w, A sinecure. I^o tener para un 
hooadCt To be in extreme distress.— J9^ 
Slices of quinces, Ac, made up into con- 
servos; wads, [of a harbor. 

Bocal, Milk Pitcher; mouthpiece; narrows 

Bocam^mga, qf. Part of a sleeve near the 

Bocan Ada, $/. A monthftil of liquor. Socan^ 
ada de gente^ Mob, a rout Bocanada 
<20 vienlio, A sudden blast of wind. Ecfuw 
booanadas^ To boast of one's valor, dc& 

Bocarin, Wk Fine sort of buckram. 

Bocat^a, ^f. The last tile of each gutter row. 

BoeixBfi^.augm. (Coll.) A large, wide mouth. 

Booe&r, va. (Farr.) To move the lips from 
one side to the other. 

Booel, «m. A fluted moulding; fluting plane. 

Bocel&r, va» To make flutea mouldings. 

Booet^te, Wk dim. Small moulding plane. 

Booel6n, «m, augm. Large moulding plane. 

Boo^ra, ^. Crumbs sticking to the lip. 

Boc^to, 9m. A sketch, delineation. 

BocezAr, va. (Farr.) To move the lips from 
one side to another. 

B^cha, ^f. Bowl, a wooden ball; fold in 
dothes. Juego ds lot boehaa^ Qame of 
bowls. Pan d^ bochat^ White bread. 

BochAr, va. To throw a ball so that it hits 
another. [another. 

BochAzo, Mk Stroke of one bowl against 

B6che, am. Cherry-pit or chuck-hole. 

Bochista, Mi. A good bowler, or player at 
bowls. [flushing. 

Bocbomo, Mk Hot, sultry weather; blush, 

Bochom6so, sa, a. Shameftil, reproachAil; 
sultry. [of a wheel. 

Bodn, 9m. Bundle of grass round the nave 

Bodna, snk lATge tmmpet-hom ; speaking- 
trumpet (Astr.) Lesser bear. 

BodnAaa, f/C £mpty boast nint 

Bocln^ro, 9m. Trumpeter, horn-blower. 

Bocinilh^ ^ dim. Small si>eaking-trnmpet 

Boc6n, 9m. (Augm.) A wide-mouthed per- 
son ; bramnrt Riogshead sbo<ik8. 

Boc6y, «m. Hogshead. JBocot/et abatidos^ 

BMa, <{/! Marriage, wedding. Bodadehon- 
709^ A beggar s wedding, 
de, «m» A he-goat 

Bodega, 9m. Wine-vault ; abundant vintage ; 
store-room, warehonse ; a grocery. JBo- 
dega ds popa^ After-hold. J)e proa^ 

BodegAge, 9m. Storage. [Tippling-houae. 

IkKlogdn, 9m. Chop-house, eating-house; 

Bodegoncillo, 9m. aim. Low chop-house. 

BodegoneAr, vo. To fluent mean eating- 
houses, [chop-houso. 

Bodegon6ro, ra, «. One who keeps a low 

BodeguAro, r^ «. Butler. 

Bod^nUla, ^. dUn, Small oollar or vault 


BodiAn, sm. Soa^fish resembling a tench. 

Bodigo, 9m. A small loaf of the finest flour. 

Bo<I\Jo, 9m. (Coll.) Unequal match, marriagie 
with little ceremony. 

BodocAl, a. Applied to a kind of black grapes. 

BodocAzQ, 9m. A cross-bow shot 

Bodiillo, «m. Prunlng-knife, pmning-hook. 

Bod6qne, 9m. Pellet; dunce, idiot Ilacer 
boaoqu«9^ (Coll.) To be reduced to dust to 
be dead. [cross-bow. 

Bodoqu^>ra, ^ Pcllet-monid ; cradle of a 

Bodoquillo, 9m. dim. Small clay pellet or 
bnllet [suitable marriage. 

>Bod6rrio, 9m. (Coll.) Unequal match, un- 

B6drlo, sm. Soup, broken meat and garden- 
stuff; a hodge-podge. 

Boezuolo, am. Stalking ox. 

Bofada, (^. Fricassee of livers and lights. 

Bofcs, 9f»t. j)l. Lungs, lights. Kckar el bii/b 
or lo9 b<ife9, To strain one's lungs. 

Bofeta, ^. BofotAn, Mk A sort of thin, stiff 

BofetAda, ^. Slap, buffet, box. J>ar wta 
bqfetada, To treat with the utmost con- 
tempt [flice ; stage decorations 

Bofeton, 9m. A cuff or violent dIow upon the 

Bofctoncillo, mu dim. A slight box or slap 
on the face. 

B6ga, ^ (Ichth.) Ox-eyed cackerel; rowing; 
rower; small knife. Dar la boga^ To 
give the stroke. ^>ga avante^ Strokes- 
man. JSiiUir en hoga^ To be ftishlonable. 

BogAda, 4< Rowing-stroke; bucking with 

BogadAr, sm. Rower. 

Bogunte,p<i. (Poet) Rower; rowing. 

BoKur, Tn. To row. Bogar d cuar^U^, To 
row by divisions. [pieces. 

BogatAnas, 4/C pi. White cotton in 40 vard 

Bogav Ante, am. Strokcsman of a row galley ; 

Boo6ta« «/. A kind of herring: 

BobAmio. mik Short cloak. Y. Gitano. 

Bohio, Bnhio, 9m. Indian liut negro hut 

Bohon^ro, 9m, Pe<ller, huckster. [do9. 

BohordAr, ra. To throw wands called bofun^ 

Bohurdo, «m. Blade of flag, a water-plant; 
wand; cabbage-stalk. 

Boil, 9m. Ox-stall, a stand for oxen. 

Boitrino, am. A kind of flsbing-not 

B^ja, Iff. Southern-wood plant 

BcjAr, va. To sail round.— ok To meaaara 
around, contain. 

Bqienr, ro. (Xau.) To sail round, double. 

BojedAl, am. Plaiitation of box-tree& 

BoIlk), B6J0, 9m^ (Nan.) Sailing round or 

Bol, 9m^ Armenian bole, a red earth. 

B6la, {/T Ball, globe ; bolus; game of bowls; 
llelboax,flb. (Nau.)Tnick. Sscurrirla 
bcM., To take French leave. Bw>d9 la 
hcla^ Things are going on well JFVe con 
bola. Just enough. 

BolAda, 9f. Throw or cast of a ball or bowL 

Bohido, »tn. Cake of clarifled sugar. 

BolAn, V. Bolin. 

Bolaniin, 9m. Fine sort of packthread. 

Bolarmcnico, 9m. Armenian Itole. 

Boli\zo, 9m. Violent blow with a ball. 

BolchAca, ^. BolchAco, am. Purse, pockoL 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


B6i6M^ ^. Whippletree of a carriage. 

Bolear, m. To plar billiards; play ImUIs; lie. 
— to. To dart, launch. BoImw el totr^ 
brero. To fix the hat on the bead. 

Bolco, inn. Place where balls are thrown. 

Bolero, tm. Bolero, bolero dancer. — a. A 
child eloping from its parents or school 

Boleta. */. Ticket of admission; billets; 
small paper of tobacco. [small papers. 

Boletir, ra. (Prov.) To roll np tobacco in 

Bo!etin,«n«»I^aj- warrant; billet; free ticket; 
bolletin. [ujia bolichtida^ Bj chance. 

Bolichada. ^ At one throw, at once. De 

Bdiche, sm. Jack; block ; small fish caught 
in a drag-net Juego ds bolich^^ Game 
of pigeon-holesL BoUchei^ Top-gallant 
bowlines. [hole table. 

Bolicbero, ra, «. Ono who keeps apigeon> 

Bofilla, ha, »f. dim. A small bird. 

Bolillo, 9fn. Dim, of Bolo. Jack, a ball ; bob- 
bin ; lace cnahion ; starched cafiBk 

Bolin, mk Jack, a small ball De boUn^ ds 
bnlan^ At random, rashlv. 

Bol'mea, 9m. pL (A.) Monld-shot, bnck-shot 

Bolina, irf. Noise of a scuffle. (Nau^ Bow- 
line. Dor un mUo d la hciina^ To ease 
the bowline. PrMentar la boUna, To 
snatch the bowlineu KawQor de boUnck, 
To sail with bowlines hauled. Jr d la 
bolituu To sail with a side wind. Eckar 
de boUna, To make idle boasts. 

Bolinear, ixi. To haul up the bowline. 

BoUnete, am. (Nan.) A morable c^istan on 

Boltaa, f^ (ProT.) Embers, hot cinders. 

B61Ui, «/. Duty on woollen and silks. 

Bolladnra, if. Embossed work. 

Bollar, va. To lead, seal with lead ; emboss. 

Boll«^ro, ra, s. PasUy cook, seller of sweet 

Bollico, Sto, «m. dim. SnuH sweot cake. 

Bollido, da, a. Boiled. 

Bollo, sffk Small leaf or roll ; small sweet 
cake. BoUo maimon. Cake filled with 
sweet-meats; swelUng. BoHot, Ancient 
head-dresA ; bars of silver. JBoUos de re- 
Here, Embossed work. [ring. 

Boll6n, 9m. Brass-headed nnll; bud; ear- 

BolloniKlo. da, a. Adorned with brass nails. 

B6I0, 9m. One of the nine-pins; lace cushion ; 
beam; stupid fellow. JBSd^ Nine-pins. 

Boltoea, 9m. pi. (Nau.) Mortar-bed pintles. 

Boi^nto, sm. An ignorant, rattle-brained 

Botsa. ^f. Purse ; money ; exchange ; pouch ; 
bag; foot-muff: abscess. BohadehaJitory 
(Bot.) Shepherd's pur»e. Bolsa de Dlo9, 
Alms, charity. JBoUa de kierro, Avari- 
ciouik covetous. Bol^a rota. Spendthrift 
Ca9Uffar en la lolsa^ To fine. Dar or 
eekar otro nudo d la buiUa^ To become 
extremely ArngaL Page de boLta. A min- 
ister'spage. Tenerbienherradalabolea, 
To have money. 

Bolsear, tn. (Prov.) To purse up, pucker. 

Bolseria, */. PuT»e-»ctofy, puree-snop. 

Bols^ra am. Purse-maker; purse-keeper. 

Bolsica, tea, tlla, «/ dim. Small purse. 

Bobico, 9m. Pocket; little bag. 

BokillovMK Parse; pockot; money. JSUeit 


&o29{ao, A large capital Bol9iUo tecreia, 
Private purse. JTacer boMUo^ To mako 
or get monev. Tener un gran boleiUo, 
To he very rich. 

B6I60, 9m. Purse of money. [plank. 

Bol86n,«7ik Large purse: bar of iron; Isrga 

B6mba, »/. Pump. BonUni de guintbaUte^ 
(Nau.) Common pump. Boniba de rosa- 
Ho or (2«cn</<iux, Chain-pump. Bombads 
carena. Bilge-pump, ditrpar la homba^ 
To fetch the pump. Dar a la bomba^ To 
pump ship. La boniba e*td atascada. 
The pump is foul Za bomba llama^ The 
pump sucks. — »m. pi. Juegoa de bomba, 
Pump gcara Bomba defueffo or de baho^ 
Steam-engine; bomb. Bomba or manga 
marina^ A water-spout 

Bomb^rda, »/. Bombard ; bomb-vessel 

Bombarded, ra. To bombard. 

Bombardco, em. Bombardment 

Bombard6ro, sm. Bombardier. 

Bombasi, 9m. Cotton-flannel 

Bombdzo, 9m. Report of a bursting bomb. 

Bombo&r, va. V. Bombardear. 

Bombilla, «/ (A.) A small perforated tube 
for drinking the 3f<Ue with. 

BiSmbo, 9m. Humming of bees ; large drum. 

Bonachon, na, «. and a. Crood-natured, easy 

Bunancible, a. Moderate, calm, fltir. 

Bonanza, 9f. Fair weather at eca. Ir en bo- 
natua, To sail with fair wind : prosperity. 

Bonaso, 9m. Bonnsus, a kind of buffalo. 

Bonazo, za, a. (Coll) Good-natured, kind. 

Bond&d,«/? Goodness; excellence; kindness 

Bondadoso, sa, a. Kind, bountifril 

Bondon, 9m. Bung of a cask. 

Bon^taa, «/ pi. f Nau.) Bonnets to sails. 

Bonetada, />/. Salute by taking ofl* the hat 

Bon6te, 9m. Bonnet, college cap; a secular 
clergyman. Tiraree I09 boneU-e^ To puU 
caps. Bravo or gran bonete, A great 
dunce. [(»r sold. 

Bonet4;ria, iff. Shop where bonnets are made 

Bonctero. ra, «. Bonnet-maker; spindle-trce; 

Bonetillo, 9m. Small cap or bonnet 

Boni&to {BuniatOy or Moniato\ em, Sweot 

Bonicam^nte, ad. Prettily, neatly, silly. 

Bonico, ca, a. Pretty good, passable. A ndar 
d lae bonicoMy To take things easily. 

Bonlflcdr^ va. To credit; meliorate, improve. 

Boniflcativo, va, a. Meliorating. [largo, 

Bonillo, Ha, a. dim. Somewhat handsome or 

Bonina, ^. (Bot) Ox-eye chamomile. 

Ik>nitalo, 9m. Bonito, a fish. 

Bonitam^nte, ad. Prettily. 

Bonitillo, ilia, a. dim. Somewhat handsomei. 

Bonito, WW* Sea-fish, resembling a tunny. 

Bonito, ta, a. Dim. of Bueno. Pretty good ; 
pretty; graceftil 

BonvanSn, 9m. (Bot) Wild-tansy cinqnefoil 

B6nzo, mn. Bonze, a China or Japan priest 

Bofiiga, ef. Cow-dung. 

Bofllffar. a. A kind of round white fig. 

Bo6tcs, iirm. Bootes, a northern consteUation. 

BoqneMs, */. Act of opening the mouth, a 
gasp. A' la primera boqueada, Imrae- 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Boqaoir, «fk To np«, gasp; breathe one^ 

last; end.— Mk To prononoee, otter. 
BoqadrSf ^. Irrinnng sluice : opening; 

emptioii of the Ilpe; uloer in the month. 
Buqaer6n, tm. Wide opening, a largo bole ; 

Boqn^te, •Ilk Gap, narrow entrance. [Ing. 
Boqaiabi^rto, ta, a. With open month, gap- 
Boquiincho, cha, a. Wtde-montbed. 
Boqniangdeto, ta, a. Narrow-mouthed. 
Boqnlcon<4uno, na, a> Babbit-moathed ; 

Boquid6ro, ra, a. ITard-monthed. 
Boqalft^soo, ca, a. Freah-monthed. 
Boqulfrunddo, da, a. Puckered month. 
Boqnihendldo, da, a. Laree-mouthod. 
Boqnlhundido, da, a. Sunken mouth. 
Boqnilla, ^. Little mouth ; irrigating slnloo ; 

mortiae-chisol ; mouth-piece. 
Boquimu611e, a. Tender-mouthed; unwary; 

imi)mdent tattler. 
Boqum, aiik Goane sort of halze. 
Boquinatnral, a. Well-mouthed. 
Boquin^fTo, gra, a. Black-mouthed.— & A 

blackish sort of snails. 
Boqnlraag&do, da, a. Deep-mouthed. 
Boquir6t«, ta, a. Loqnadons, garrulous. 
BoquirAbio, bia, a. Simple, easily imposed 
Boquisdco, ca, a. Dry-mouthed. [upon. 
Boqnita, tf, dim. Small mouth. « [mouthed. 
Boqultorddo, da, Boquitu6rto, to, a, Wry- 
Borate, am. Borax. [gush out 

Borbolmr, BorboUonciir, m. To bubble. 
BoTboll6n, Borbot^n, am. Bubbling; flash. A^ 

horboUonM^ Impetuously. Uvrviendo d 

borboUoMa, BoQlng hot 
Borborigmo, an*. Rumbling in the bowels. 
Borbot£>, vn. To gush out with violence. 
Borcegui. am. Buskin, half boot; laced shoca. 
Boro^nineria, »/. Buskln-maker^s shop. 
Borcegutn^ro, ra, a. Bnakln-maker or re- 
Borcell^ am. (Prov.) Brim of a veascL 
B6Tda, f^ Hut, cottage; gun-wale: brim, 

edge. [bcMTdada^ To tack. 

Bord^la, a/ (Nan.) Board, tack. Bar una 
Bordadillo, am. Double flowered tafTctr. 
Bordiido, am. Embroidery. Bordado da 

paaadoy Plain embroidery. 
Bordad6r, ra, a. Embroiderer, [cntcheon. 
Bordadiira, af. Embroidery ; border of an es- 
Bordi^ am. Side planks of a ship. 
Bord&r, «Ow To embroider. Bcfrdwdtam- 

bor. To tambour. 
Borde, am. Border; margin, edge; fringe; 

ledge; hem; brim; bastard; the aide of a 

ship. .4' ftorda, On the brink.— a. WUd, 

BordeAr, r». (Nan.) To ply to windward. 
Bdrdo, «»k Border. ^' bordOy On board. 

Bordo eon hordOy Bide by side. Dwr 

hordoa. To tack. 
Bord6n, am. Staff; bass-etring; burden of a 

song. BordonMy (Nau.) Shores, ont-rig- 

Bordone4do, da, a. (Her.) Pommelled. 
Bordoneir, wk To try the ground with a 

staff; rove about; play on the bass-viol. 
Bordoneria, ^. Wandering idly about, on 

pretence of devotion. 


Bordon^ro, ra, a. Yaffrant, vagabond 
Bordiira, at, V. Boraadura. 
Boreil, a. Boreal, northern. 
B6reas, am. Boreas, the north wind. 
Borg6Aa, ^. Burgundy wine. 
Borgofi6ta, «< Sort of ancient hehnet 
B6rla, ^. Tassel; tuft; doctor^ bonnot; 

Borlica, ilia, ita, af. dim. Small taasaL 
Borlon, am. Large tassel; knotted wicatt. 
Bomeadcro, am. (Nan.) Berth of a ship at 

Bomeadizo, za, a. Pliant, flexible. 
BorneAr, rov To bend, turn, twist Bomaar 

la verdady To comment explain. B4>r- 

fiMT laa palabraa. To turn words into 

different senses.— Vfk To edge, sidle ; warp. 

Bl nav'w bomaOy The ship swings round 

her anchor. 
Bom6o, am. Turning or winding a thing; 

swinging round the anchor. 
Bom^ra, a. Blackish taiill-stone. 
Bom6ro, ra, a Qround by a black miU-stone. 
Bomi, am. Lanner, a kind of fUoon. 
BonSna, ^ Millet resembling the xnalao 

plunt [green pepper. 

Boronia, ^f Dish of apples, pumpklna, and 
Bdrra, af- Yearling ewe; hair, wool, llofls; 

nap ; lees ; reftise ; tax on sheep ; mildew ; 

useless expressions. 
Borricha, 4;: Leather bag or bottle for wine. 
Borrache&r, tm. To be often dmnk. 
Borrach^ra, Borracheria, 4/C Drunkenness; 

revelry; an Indian tree; madnosa. 
Borrach6z, ^ Intoxication; loss of reason. 
Borr&cbo, cha, a. Drunk, intoxicated; In- 

flamed by passion. 
Borrach6n, Borrachonizo, am. auffm^. Great 

drunkard, a tippler. 
Borrachu6Ia, ^ Kay-grass. [book. 

Borraddr, am.'Sough draft; blotter; waste- 
Borrage^r, vn. To scribble, write carelessly. 
Borr^a, ^. (Bot) Borage. 
Borriijo, am. Hot cinders. 
Borr&r, co. To blot out or eflkoe; cload; 

darken; abolish. 
Borr£sca,i^ Storm, tempest; hazard, danger. 
Borrasc6so, sa, a. Stormy, botsterona 
Borrasqu6roM«, a, and a. BevoUor. 
Borr&x, am. Borax. 

Borregilda, ^. Large flock of sheep or Iambi. 
Borr6gn, ga. «. Lamb not a year old; sim- 
pleton, yd hay talaa horregoa. There is 

not such a thing. 
Borregudro, am. Shepherd who tends lamb& 
Borregnito, a. dUn^ Little lamb. 
Borr6n, am. Pannel of a saddle. 
Borriba, >^. Ensine Ibr raising water. 
Bonica, ^ A she-asa, a Jenny. [action. 

Borricida, ^. Drove of asses; silly word or 
Borrico, am. Abb, donkey ; fooL JSuato en 

el borrico. Determined to do some busi- 
ness or other. 
Borric6n, Borrio6te, am. Large Jackass; 

plodder; saw-horse. 
Borrilla, f^ Down enveloping ftnlts; ahear- 

inss from cloth. 
Borriqn^fio, fia, a. Asinine. 
Borrlqu6ro, am. Keeper or tender of asses. 
Borriqu6te de proa, am. Fore-topsaaat. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


BonididlkHUU; Uo, ita, «. dim. A Uttto asa, 

Borriqimloe^jA CroflB-ban of a table-frame. 
Bono, auk Wether not two ream old ; duty 

onaheepu [sketch; blemish; stigma. 

Borrdo, «». Blot of bik; roach draft; flrat 
Bononcillo, am. dim. Bmall blot or stain. 
Borrone&r, va. To sketch ; waste paper by 

Borrdeo, aa, €l Fall of dregs and lees; bim- 

gliiig; badly written ; corrections. 
Borrdeoi, am. fProv.) Bnngler. 
BoRotoA, T. Fri^clM. 
BormftUa, ^ Bombast 
Bon\}6n, am. Knob, protaberanoe. 
Bomqai^to, mn, NoIot- rereUer. 
Boriisca, ^ Withered lea£ 
Bos4r, «a. To mn OTcr, orerflow; Toroit 
Bosc^e, mt. Grove; landscape. 
B6aferO| am. Bosphoras. 
Bdeqne, am. Forest, grore. 
Bosqnecillok, am, dim^ Small wood, a coppice. 
Baai|iM;Jir,«<i. To sketch; design or pitgeet; 

explain obecnrely. 
Boaqn^o, am. Sketch; unfinished woric 
Bosqndte, wm. An artificial grove. 
BoBtezad6r, mn» Oaper, yawner. 
Bosteztote, pa. Yawning. 
Boetez^, ^i^^o yawn, gme. 

. Yawn, yawning: 

Bdta, ^ Small leather wine-bag; bntt or 
cask; boot Sote>W«H:^, Jack-booL Estar 
ctm. lam betas pueatas^ Ready far any 
thins. Cmrte$ de botas. Boot-legs. 

BoUbfia, 9: A kind of ramrod. 

Botab&ra, tf. (Nan.) Boom. 

Botador, am. Driver; punch; dentist's 
CTDw^sbfll; pole. 

Bota/b^^ mu Linstock, match-staff 

BotMra^a, ^ Baoeage of pigs' harslets. 

Botalon, am. (Nan.) Boom. Bcftalon dd 
ySwaia, Jib-boom. JMa^km<>«, Fire-booms. 

Botaimen, am. All the casks on board a ship. 

BotAna, ^ Flog or stopple; plaster; scar. 

Botinica, ^. Botany. 

Botinico, ea, a, Botante, botanical. 

Botinloo, Botanista, mn. Botanist 

Botantea, 9m^ pi. Shores, oat-riggers. 

Bot^, 90. To cast, throw, throw away, fling, 
lannch ; bound ; sqnander. Botar en vela^ 
To fill the sails. Botar afuera loa beta- 
iofiM, To bear off the booma 

Botarate, mn. Madcap, thoughtless person. 

Botar^l, am. Buttress. 

Botasga, ^ Oaaklns; harlequin dress; har- 
lequin, Dttffoon; kind of farge sausage. 

Botas^la, ^ Trumpet-signal to saddle the 

BotarAnte, am. Seaman's boardinff-pfkeu 

BotaT4ra,^FoleofaboatsaiL Botavara 
ds eangir^Oy Gaff-sail boom. 

B6te. am. Thrust with a pike ; rebound of a 
ball; gallipot; toilet-box; canister; boat- 
lighter. ROe anpieaaa d^ armaaon, 
Boat in frame. Rtar da bote an bote. 
To be frill of people. Da bota y rolfo, 
InstantlT. [skiff. 

Botectoo, flio, fto, am. dim. Small canister; 

BotMla, ^ Botae ; the liquor contained in a 


Botelldn, am^ A demllofan. 

BotequSn, am. Small boat 

Botena, ^ Collection of wlne-akins. 

Bot6ro, am. Wine-skin maker. [eraL 

Botica, ^ Apothecary's shop; shop in gen- 

BoUcdge, am. Shop-rent 

Boticarlo, am^ Apothecaiy; 

Botiga, ^ (Prov.) Shop. 

Botigu^ro, am. Shopkeeper. 
Bo^ja, ^ Barthen jug. 
Botijcro, am. Jar-maker or seller. 

Botijilla, u6Ia, ^. dim. A small Jar. 
Botyo, am. An earthen Jar. [little child. 
Bot^on, am. A large earthen Jar ; a plump 
Botilla, 4< A small wine-akin ; woman's ha& 

Botilldr. am. Y. BoHOaro. 
BotilleruL t(f. Ice-house; confectionCTy; 

steward's room. 
Botill^ro, am^ Preparer and seller of ices, Ae» 
Botillo, am. dim. A small wine-skin. 
Botin,«m. Buskin, half boot; gaiter; booty. 

(Nan.) Lashing: 
Botln^ro, am. A soldier who takes care of 

the booty ; boot and gaiter maker. 
Botiqnin, am. Medicine-chest 
BotiToIeo, am^ Playing a ball at the rebound. 
B6tcs ta, a. Blunt; dull of understanding. 
B6to, am. Large gut filled with butter. 
Bot6n, am. Button, bud. Boton da oro^ 

(Bot) Creeping spearwort Da botonaa 

adentro. Internally. 
Botonadiira, «/ Set of buttons. 
Boton&zo, am^ Hit with the button of a foil. 
Botoncito, am. dim. A small button or bnd. 
Botoneria, tff. Button-maker's shop. 
Botou6ro, ra, a. Button-maker; button-seller. 
Bovilge, Bov&tioo, am. Daty on homed 

Boveda, ^ Arch or rault; cave ; bower. 
BovediUa, ^. A small vault Bovedillaa. 

Arched parts of a ship's poop. Sttbiraa a 

las bovediUaa^ To be in a pawlon. 
Bovino, na, a. Belonging to cattle. 
Box, am. Box-tree. 

B6xa, «/. (Bot) Three-toothed globularia, 
B6ya, ^. Buoy; butcher; hangman. 
BoyAda, {/T Drove of oxen. 
Boy&l, a. Fit for cows. [well ; fortnnate. 
Boy&nte, pa. Buoyant floating.— a. Sailing 
BoyAr, 9n. To buoy^ to be afloat 
Bov4r, am. Kind of Flemish bilander. 
Boy^ am. augm. Large ox. 
Boy^ra, Boyeriza, ^ Ox-stall, cow-house. 
Boy^ro, am. Ox-herd, cow-berd. 
Boy6no, na, a. Belonging to cattlei 
B^za, af. Rope with one end made fl»t 
. i207(M, (Nau.) Stoppers. BauudalauHa 

dk ancla. Shank-painter. 
BokAI, am. Muzzle. 
BoziU, a. A negro or an Indian Ignorant of 

the language of the ooontrv ; an unpolished 

person; novice; Inexpenenoed ; stupid; 

Boza16Jo, am. dim. A small munie. 
Rizo, am. Down which precedes the beard; 

Brabinte, am. Brabant or Flemish Ibien. 
Brab6ra, (if. Air-hole, ventilator. 
Brace&da, if. Yiolent extension of the t 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Braoeiige, «m. Coinage; beating the metal. 

(Nan.) Tylns? with braces; depth of water. 
Bracear, vn To awing the arms — ra. (Nao.) 

To brace. [with aootUer; diiy-laborer. 
Brao^o, $fn. One who walk-i arm In arm 
Bmcute, ad. Da brawte^ Arm in arm. 
Bracillo, «/». Branch of a bridle-bit 
Bmemtin, »m. Bramin. [ting dog. 

BrAco, ca. a. Flat-nosed.— «. Pointer or eet- 
Brafondro, */. Armor for the arm; a plaited 

Bn'iga, Hf. Child's clout Broffae, Breeches 
In general C^tUarw las bragaa. To 
wear the broechea. 

BmsArla, «/! The flat of the thigh in beasta. 
Bragaaa <U una curvOf (Nau.) The 

Bragido, da, a. The flanks of & different 
color from the rest of the body ; of de- 
praved sentiments. 

Brasadiira, »/. Fork of the hnraan body; 
flat of tlio thigh. [peolced hnsband. 

Bn^azaa, ^. fi. Wide brooches; a hen- 

Bri^ero, sm. Trosn, bandage, bracer. Bra- 
guero d^ eailon, (Nao.) Breecliing of a 
gan. Braguero de una vda^ Bunt of a 

Bragu6ta, ^. The fall of a pair of breedios. 

Brasruet^ro, sm. Lecher. [breeches. 

Bragneton, am. augm. Large opening of the 

Brogaillaa, »/. pL Little breeches; ngly 

Brahma, »f. Brama, a deitj of the Hindooib 

Brama, */. Batting season. 

Bramadera, ^ Rattle; shepherd's call. 

Braraadcro, rnn. Butting-place of wild ani- 
mals, [porson. 

Bramad(Sr, ra, «. Boarer, brawler, a noisy 

Bramdnte, •m. Packthread ; Bramant linen ; 
osnaburgs; roaring. [fnU cry. 

Bramar, vn. To roar, groan ; storm, bluster ; 

Bramido, am. Boar bv wild boasts; clamor. 

Bramil, am. Painted line used by sawyers. 

Bramin, am. Brahman, Hindoo prie»t 

BramAna, af. SoUar la. bramona^ To use 
foul language. [dance. 

Bran de Inglaterra, am. An ancient Spanish 

Bn&nca, a/. Point Brancaa^ Claws, talons, 

Branciida, ^f. Drag-net or sweep-net 

Brancaursina, af. (Bot) Bear's breech. 

Brinchas, */ pi. Ollls of a fish. 

Branddles, am. pi. (Nau.) Back-staysw 

Brandis, am. Great-coat Brandiaea^ Collars 
of ladies* night-gowns. 

Br&ndo, am. A dance tune. [ot life. 

Brdno, am. Assembly of the Cortes; sphere 

BrAnza, af. Ring to which the chains of gal- 
lev-slaves are fiistened. [leaves. 

Brdha, af. Summer pasture ; dang, withered 

Braqaidi, a. Brachial. 

Braquigrafiaf a/. Brachygraphy, short-band. 

Braqnixrafo, am. A short-hand writer. 

Braqiullo, 11a, a. dim. Small pointer. 

Braqnil6gia, a/. Brachylogy, laconism. 

Braquipnda, ^ Bracbypna», shortness of 

Brdsa, ^ Live coal ; barning wood Entar 
hecha unaa braaaa. To be all in a blaze. 
~" ^en, braatMf To bo oneas v. 


Braserito, am. dim. A ebaflng-dtah. 

Brastiro,«m. Brasler; kitchen range; chafing- 
dish; fire-pan; place to burn erlminala. 

Brasil, am. (Bot) Lima- wood ; Brazil-wood ; 
ronge. [color. 

Brasilado, da, a. Of a red or Brazil-wood 

Brasilcto. «m. Jamaica-wood, braziletto. 

Brasmologia. ^ The science of the tides. 

Brdulla, af. Cloth with white and blue stripes. 

BrAva. af. (Nau.) Heavy swell of the eoa. 

Bravdda. af. Bravado, boast, vain ostentation. 

Bravamente, mf. Bravely ; plentifully. 

Bravata, ^f Bravado, boast 

Braveador, ra, «. Bully, hector. 

Bravear, vn. To bully, hector, menace. 

Bravi^ra, jj'I Vent or chimney of an ovon. 

Braveza, af. Ferocity; fhry of the elemental 

Bravillo, ilia, a. aim. Bather wild, not 
tamed. [coarse, nnpolished. 

Bravio, via, a. Ferocious, savage, wild; 

Bravio, am. Fierceness or savageness. 

Brivo,va, a. Brave, valiant; bullying; sav- 
age, wild; expensive. Bravacoaa.(lxoa.) 
Very fine indeed ! Afar bravOy Swollen 
sea. J9/*aiM/ tTi^. Bravo i \\>t^ 

Bravura, aK Ferocity; courage, manliness; 

Brdza, af. Fathom. (Nau.) Brace. 

Brazdda, af. Stretching of the arms. 

Brazddo, am. An armfiill ; a truss. 

Brazage, am. Number of iktiioms, depth of 
water. [RaU. 

Braz&l, sfik Bracer; bracelet; ditch. (Nan.) 

Brazalete, /nik Armlet, bracelet BramtUtM, 
(Nau.) Brace pendants. 

Brazdzo, am, augm. Large or long arm. 

Brdzo, am. The arm ; boiigh, branch ; valor, 
strength. A' braao parHdo^ Withoat 
weapons. J7ra«(M (fW rmiio, States of the 
realm. A'faena ds braaoa. By dint of 
merit and labor. ConloahroMoaahiertoa^ 
With open arms, choerflillv. Oruaadoa 
loa broMMy With the arms folded. 

Braz61aa, ^f. pL (Nau.) CJoaminga of the 
hatches. [of a bit 

Brazaelo, «m. Small arm ; shoulder : branch 

Brea, ^f Pitch; coarse canvas; sackcloth. 

Brear, va, Tojoitch ; vex; cast a joka 

Brcbige, »m. Beverage ; medicine. 

Brt'ca, af. Bleak or blay, a river fish. 

Brocha, af. Broach: opening; impression. 
BaUr en braeha^ To batter a breach ; por* 

Br^ho, am. One who has distorted fbet. 

Brodo, am. (Bot) Wild amaranth. 

Br6ga, «< Strife, contest; pun. Jest, or triok. 
Dor brega^ To play a trick. 

Bregur, fm. To contend, stru^le.— oo. To 
work up with a rolling-pin. Bregar «i 
aroOy To bend a bow. 

Bren, am. Bran. 

Branca, iff. Sluice-poet; filament 

Bn^fia. ^ Craggy, broken ground. 

Brefldl, Brefii^, am. Place full of briers and 

Brefi6so, sa, a. Crasgy and brambled. 

Br^'oue, am. Small river fish. Qjoa ds breque. 
Weak or bloodshot eyes. 

Br6sca, af. (Prov.) Honey-comb. 

Brescadilio, atn» Qold or silver cannetiUo 
for embroidery. 

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Brmeidc^ «m. Embroidered with bretea- 

Bretooa. 4^ BriUnnUs, s sort of fine lineiL 
Bivte, sm^ Fetten, shackles; indigence; 

Breton, mn. (Bot) Borecole. 
Brey%, tf. Eorlj fig; Inr^e acorn. Mcu 

blando que una brera^ Brooght to reason. 
Breval, «m^ (Ptot. Bot) Early fig-treeL 
BrtoTo, San. Apostolic brief; brie^in mosic 
Breve, a. BrieC concise, laconic, eompact 

En breve. Shortly, in a little time. 
Brerecioo, illo, ito, a. dirn. Somewhat short 
BreTcdad, 4^ Brerity, conciseness. 
Brevem^te, ad. Briefly, oondsely. 
Brercte, mn^ llemorandam. 
BreYiariok, tnK Breviary ; brevier type. 
Br«z^ SIM. Heath, field of heaths. 
Brezo, em. Heath, ling. 
Briiga. m/. Shaft-rope of a wine-pressw 
Biia^ «fik Rich silk petticoat, formerly worn. 
Bribe, f< Tniantship, idleness, neslect of 

bosineso. A' la briba, Neeiigentlr. 
Bribia,!/ A beggar's tale. Echar la bribia, 

To go a-b^gging. [knaTe, a scoandral. 
Brib6n, na, a. and a. Vagrant impostor; a 
Bribonida, f< Knavery, beggar's trick, cnn< 

ning. [dent rascal. 

Bribondixo, SfiU auiym. Great cheat, impo' 
BribonciUo, em. dim. Little rascal, young 

impostor. [bond liJe. 

Bribonear, pm. To rore aboot; lead a vaga- 
Briboneria, qf. Life of a vagrant, a beggu-*s 

trade. [njgne. 

Bribonza^Q, mn. dim. Little va^bond, 
Bricbo, frn. Snangte, nsed in embroidenr. 
Brida, ifl Bridle, bridle reins; horsemanship. 
Bridar, co. To bridle: curb, check. 
Bridon, em. Uoneman riding manege style ; 

small bridle. [bnv^. 

Brigida, ^ Brigade; a train of beasts of 
Brigadi^. em. Brigadier or general of brig- 
ade. Brigadier en la real armada^ 

Brisola. ^ Battering-ram. 
Brillad^r, ra. a. Brilliant sparkling, radiant 
Brillante, a. Brilliant shining, glossy. 
Briilante, mn. Brilliant a diamond. 
Brillantemdntc. ad. Brilliantly, splendidly. 
Brillantez, «/ Brilliancy, splendor, [shine. 
Briil4r, em. To shine, sparkle, glitter: oat^ 
Brillo, Ml. Brilliancy; splendor. [duck. 
Brin, em. Sail-cloth: Russia sheeting; raven 
Brincador, ra, a. Leaper, jumper. 
Brincir, vn. To leap. Jump; skip; step 

over; fly into a paaision. 
Brhi^io,«m. Reverei^ at cards. 
Brinda, ^f. Onion-peeL 
Brinco. em. Leap, jump, bop; small iowel. 
Brindir, m. To drink oqe's health ; inrite ; 

Brindi'les de chapSnea, pi, Clf^-tapea. 
BrindiN ff. Health, a toast 
Bnogabala, »f. Brake or handle of a pnrop. 
BriDqnillo, BrinquiAo, em. Gewgaw, a small 

trinket: sweetmeat 
Brinza, ^. Blade, slip; sprig, shoot 
Brio, em. Strength, force, vigor; spirit, 
Bc^ar loe brioe d algunc. To 


BrioL em. pL (Nan.) Bunt-line. 

Briolm, em. (Nan.) Slab-line. 

Brionia, ^. (Bot) IJriony. 

Briosamcnte, ad Spiritedly, vigorously. 

Bri«J6o. sa. a. Vigorous, spirited, high-mind ■ 
ed, Uvelv. 

Brisa, 4^ Breeze; grape-skin. 

Brisca, ^ A game at cards. 

Briscado, da, a. Mixed with silk: applied ta 
gold and silver twist [twist 

Briscar, ra. To embroider with gold or silver 

Briscra, ^f. A glass candle-shade. 

Britanlca, »f. (tiot) Great water dock. 

Briza, tif. (X.vl) V. BrUa. 

Briziir, ea. To rock the cradle. 

Brizera, */. Glass candle-light shade. 

Brizna, 9/. Fragment splinter, chip. 

Briznoso, sa. oT Full of fragments or scrapa. 

Brizo, em. Cradle ; a species of sea-urchin. 

Broca, ef. Reel for twist; drilL 

BrocadeU Brocatcl, em. Brocatct [flowerai 

Brocadillo, em. Brocade with gold or silver 

Brocado, em. Gold or silver broca<le. 

Brodido, da, a. Embroidered like brocade. 

BrocilU em. Curb-stone of a well ; metal rim 
of the scabbard. Brocal de bcta^ Mouth- 
piece of a leather bottle. 

Brucamanton, em. Brooch of dlannonda. 

Brocardico, em. Axiom at law. 

BrocateL, em. Brocatel ; Spanish marble. 

Brocato, em. (I*rov.) Brocade. 

Br6cha ^ Painter's brush ; cog{^ dice. 

Brochado, da, a. Kelating to brocade, brochi, 

Brochadiira, fff. Set of hooks and eyes. 

Broche, em. Clasps, hooks and eyes; hesp] 

Brochcta, »f. Skewer. [brush. 

Broch6n, em. Large bnwh; whitcwash- 

Brocbura. 9/. Putting a book in boards. 

Br6cnla, ^ Drill for piercing metals. 

Br6cnli, em. Broccoli, a sort of cauliflower. 

Br6dio, em. A mixture of things without 
order. [his portion of 2>o<irio. 

Brodista, em. Poor student who comes for 

Br6ma, «/ RnbbiAli mixed with mortar; oat- 
meal cruel : cKittcr ; Joke. J)ar broma^ 
To indulge in jokes. (Nau.) Barnacles. 

Bromado, da. a. Worm-eaten. 

Bromar, va. To gnaw, like the ship- worm. 

Bromeur, vn. To dn>ll, jest [low. 

Bromista, em. A droll, comical, merry fel- 

Bromo, em. (liot) Brome-',rras». 

Broncamente. ad. Peevi.*hly, crustily. 

Br6nce, em. Bronze, bram; trumpet Ser 
1M» frronc^. To bo indelatigable. JSgeribir 
en bronco. To remember forever. Ser de 
brancA, To have a heart as hard as steeL 

Bronceado, em, Braasiness; bronzing. 

Bronce^lo, da, a. Brass paved, brazen. 

Broncead^ra, 9f. V. Bronceado. 

Bronce^r, va. To bronze ; adorn with braHb 

Bronceria, 9f. Collection of bronzes. 

Br6ncha, ef. Jewel ; plasterer's brush. 

Broncista, em. A worker in bronze. 

Bronco, ca, a. Rontrh, coarse; morose; rude. 

Broncotomia, 9f. (Surg.) Bronchotomv. 

Bronquedad, 4^ Rudeness; unmalleabilitr. 

Bronquial, a. Bronchial, belonging to the 

Bronqnina, ^. Diqrale^ ooDtmtion. qaafvaL 

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Br6nqalo, mk Br6nqaia, ^. Bronchia. 

Brontol6gia, f< Brontology, a dlaaertatlon 
upon tCander. 

Broqa^l, «m. Shield or buckler; sapport, 
protecdoD. J^^^ broi^iM^M, Bully, brag- 
ger, boaster. [B^lela. 

Broqaol^zo, 9f, Stroke with a shield ; a large 

Broquel^ro, «m. Shield-maker: wrangler. 

Broquel^te, «m. dim. A small buckler. 

BroqneliUo, wn. Small shield; small ear- 

Broqudta, ^f, Y. BrocMta, [cot 

Brosquil. tfrn. (Prov.) Bbeep-ibld or sheep- 

Br6ta, «^ Shoot of vine; bud; fragment 

Brotadara, ^ Budding, shooting forth bad& 

Br^tano, 9m. (Bot) Sonthem-wood. 

Brotiu-, «n. To bud; gush ; break out 

Br6to, Br6to, tm. Germ of Ylne^ bud o£ 
trees; emmb, chip. 

Broton, tnu Large claap. 

Br6za, ^ Bemains of leaves; thicket: print- 
er's brush. QenU de toda broaa, reople 
without trade. Servir da toda broaa^ To 
do all sorts of work. [types. 

Broz^, va. Among printers, to brush the 

BroKOflo, sa, a. FuU of rubbish. 

Brucdro, 9m. Brushmaker. 

Braces, A' bruceB or ds drtMMC, With the 
mouth downwards. Oaer or dor de bru- 
OM, To Ml headlong. 

Brudta, ^ Wbeei-bairow. telan^ 

Brugid6r,lwii^ Glaziers* nlppen for oaring 

Brugir, va. To pare off the' comers of glasa. 

Br6go, «m. (Prov.) A sort of grub. 

Briifa, tf. Witch, hag, ftlry. 
She looks like a witch. 

Bn\)e&r, wi. To practise witchcraft; rove; 
about in the nisht-timo. 

Bn\)eria, ^. Wltcbcrait, hagshlp. 

Brmo. wn. Sorcerer, conjurer, wizard. 

BrnOnla, {^ (Nao.) Seapoompass: small hole 
to point a gun. Mirar par bH^^fdOt To 
pry into others* affistrs. 

BniOttleir, «a. To examine the cards; dis- 
cover by coi^turea. 

Bn^vl^ *"*> ISzamining the cards; dose 
examination; ooniectnre. 

Brul6te, 9m. Fire-ship; incendiary machine. 

Br6ma. ^. Mist; haziness. 

Brum&l, a. Brumal, belonging to winter. 

Bnimaz6n, am. Thick ft^ or mist at sea. 

Br6mo, am. The finest wax to polish tapers 

Brum6so, sa. a. Foggy. 

Bmn61a, ^ (Bot) Common solf-hoaL 

Brundta, ^. Unwmnght silver. 

Br6no, na, a. Of a brown dark color. 

Brftno, am. A little black plum; plum-tree. 

Brufiido, am. Poliah, burnish. 

Bruftid6r, ra, f. Bomlaher, polisher. 

Bniflid6r. 9m, Burnisher. 

Braftlmionto, am^ Polishing or burnishing: 

Brufiir, V€L To burnish, nolish ; put on rougei 

Br6so^ ^ (Nau.) Bounding of masts; bnwi- 

Brusoamdnte, ad. Abruptly. (livers, Ac 

Bmacite, 9m. Hash made of milt, hmaba* 

Br/isoo, am. (Bot) Kneebolly; trifling re- 
mains; reftise of wool 

Br6aoOk ca, a, Bodei forward. 


BrD8«la,«r (Bot) Leaver periwinkle. Bnt- 
ttftoa, Pincers used by silveramitba. 

Brusdles, 9m, pk Pin or slice used by qM>£b- 

Bnitill, a. Brutal, churlish, savage, ferodona. 

Brutalid&d,a/^ Brutality, savageness; down- 
ishnesa. [lably. 

Brutalmdnte, ad. Brutally, churlishly, brut- 

Brutdza, f< Bonghneee, want of polish. 

Br6to, am. Brute; an ignorant rude peivon. 

Brtto, ta, a. Coarse, nnpoUahed, roo^ JEk 
hruto^ In a rough ataie. 

Br6za, if. Horse-brush. 

Bruzador, 9m. Trough in which types are 

Bn, 9m. Word used to frighten chUdren. 

B6a, 9f. Pustule, a pimple. 

Butfo, Bnarillo, 9m. Buzzard, a bird of prey. 

B6ba, t{f. PuBtttlo, small tumor; buba 

Bubatico, ca, a. Having buboea or giaadnlar 

Bubiila, f< dim. Small pustule, a pimple. 

Bub6n, am. Morbid tumor, full of matter. 

Bub^Sso, sa, a. Afflicted wiUi pustnlea or 

Bueahbi, am«. (Prov.) Fine glazed buckram. 

Bucarito, am. dim^ BnoAll earthen veaael of 
odoriferous earth. [earth. 

Bdcaro, 9m. Vessel made of an odorUterons 

Buee^, «n. To dive, go under water. 

Bno6o, 9m^ Diving, act of going under water. 

Buc^ro, a. Black-nosed : applied to • bomnd. 

Bdcha, 9f, Buicka p«9caaera^ Boas, • her* 
ring flshlns^boat 

B6cbe, am. C^w or crop ; maw; moBthftd 
of fluid: sucking asa; breast; stomech 
Buche as ahniacie^ Musk-bag. 

Buch^ 9m. Cheek puffed with wind. 

BAole, 9m. A curl, ringlet 

Bteo. 9m, A he-goat; opening. 

Buc6lica,^ Bucolic; paatonUpoetr^ food. 

Buc61ico, ca, a, Bocolia 

Bnooaidiid, </! Tonnage, burden of a ablpb 

BudliU, 9m, (Prov.) Marsh, fen, moor. 

Budi6n, am. Peacock-flah. 

Bndga, •/ Landmark. 

Bu6n, a. Y. Bueno. per. 

Buenabdva, 9m. Volunteer aeauMn In a ^^ 

Boenamente, ad. Freely; conveniently; 
easily. ronei 

Bnenandfoza, ^. The good fortone of any 

Bnonavcntfira, ^ Fortune, good In^; pre- 

Bn6no, na, <l Good; afanple; fit; aodable. 
agreeable. Buena caientura, A strong 
fever. (Iron.) Strange, wondertUL Amiuw 
diaa^ Good day. JSteenoa moehe9t Good 
night Buenos tardss. Good aftenoon 
or evening. Adonde bueno t Wliere are 
yon going? DedondebuetuffWhvn^ 
you come from? De bueno d bueno, 
Freely, wUIingly. A' buenae. WUUngly. 

Bu6no, ad. Enough, aaffldently. Biumo 
eaid, Enon^ no more. 

Buenpareo6r, em. Pleasing aspect [tion. 

BuenpasAr, am. (Prov.) Independent utna- 

Budfta, f/: Black pudding. 

Bu^ ^ Pustule or pimple near the mouth. 

Bn6v. am. Ox, bullock, iluay «iMirlfML8ea- 
oal£ Bueifde eaeo^&taSkiagvM, Mue^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Os Offu^ Body of water lasoing fh>m a 

caaAvdL—pk oxen. 
BnejkuK am. Big ox. 
Bnejecillo, Bueyczu^^Io, mn, Lfttle ex. 
Bnerfino, na* a. Beloii(^g to cattle. 
BaC'<»<<v:^- Polvpob. [wreath. 

BidK «/ Landing at, sooiBng; garland, 
BofiMo, da. €& Bursting with a noise. 
B&fUa, if. Cow boiUo. 
BnlUuio, aa, a. Belonging to boflUoeSL 
Bu&Iov em.. BnflUo. 
Bniar, «». To paffwlth anger; snort 
Baf^te, em. Desk or writine-table. 
BofetiUo^ Mk dim. Small desk or wiiting- 

Baft, 9UU (ProT.) Kind of watered camlet 
Bundo, 9m. Blowing, snorting; hnft 
Bufo, sm. HarleiiTiin or bolfoon on the stage. 
Biifo, ft, a. Opera fri{^ Comie opera. 
Balbn, tfm. Baffiion, merry-andrew ; scoflRar, 

Bui5n, na, & Fuodt, comleaL [antry. 

Bofonada, «/ Bnlfoonerj; Jesting, pleas- 
BnJbnazo, em. anurm. Great Doffoon. 
Bnlbndllo, em. dim,. Little merrjr-andrew. 
Bnftmeine, «r. To jest, torn into ridicule. 
Bafoneria, •f. Buflbonerj, mimicry. 
BMoe, em.. c2. Ancient head-dress of women. 
Bojsaedta, Bngal^ta, 9f. A small resseL 
Bu^la, t^. Gall-nut crowing on oak leaves. 
Bnge, sm. Box, a boflow iron in wheels. 
Bngia, ^. Boogie ; wax<andle ; candlestick. 
Bogier, «m. GcBtleman usher of the king's 
boosehold. [dies are kept 

Bngieria, ^ Offiee at eonrt where wax-can- 
Bogloaa, it Alkaaet 

Bugala, 9f. (Bot) Bogle. [ret 

Bnhirda^^Oarret-wlndow; sky-light; gar- 
Bahardiib, «/ dim. Small garret 
Bahirroi, ein. £agle-owL 
Bnh6dev 9m^ Mart a kind of calcareous earth. 
Bnhera, ^f. Erabrasura, loop-hole. 
Babero, em. Owl-keeper. 
BAho. «m^ Owl ; an unsocial man. 
Babonerfa, << Peddler's box: peddlery. 
Buhon^ro, «m. Peddler, hawker. 
Buitre, em. Ynlture. 
Baitr6ra, ^. Place to catch TUltores. 
Boitrfao, emw Vulture-catcher. [Taltmre. 
Boitrero, ra, a. Vulturine, belonging to a 
Buitr6n, em. Osier basket to catch llsh ; par- 

tridge>net; ftamace; snareu 
Bajaru61, am. Fi2, red inside. 
Bq)arr6n, em. Sodomite. [of box-trees. 

Bi^eda, •/ Bqjedil, BiUMo, «m. Phmtation 
Bqlcfte, 9f. Gewgaw, bauble, knick-knack. 
Bqjeta, ^, Box of box-wood ; perfhrne-box. 
Biyeto, am. Shoemaker's polishing stick. 
Buio, 9m. Picture-etretcher. 
Bdla, 4/: Papal bull. JEekarUu'bviaM&wM^ 

To throw the burden on one. 
Bulardkmas, ^. pk (Nau.) Breast-hooks. 
Balario, mn. Collection of papal bnllsi 
Bolbo, mn, (Bot) Bulb. Stdbo caOafto^ 

Great earth-nut pig-nnt 
BnJb^so, aa, a. Bnlbona. 
Bulero, §m. Distributer of bulla. 
Bnl^ em.. Brief granted by the pope, or 

by hia legate. I 

BuUmia, ^TBulimy, Toraeloiia appetite^ { 


B6Ibi, 9/ Noise ; clatter, sbout ; crowd. Jf^ 
terio d bvlUi, To carry it off with a Joke. 

Bull&ge, 9m. Crowd. 

Ballangnero, ra, t. Rioter, turbulent person. 

BuIUr, oa. (Nau.) T. BoUar. 

BuUebulle, «m. Busy-body, bustler. 

Bulliolo, 9m. Bustla noise, clamor; tumult 

Bniliciooamdnte, ocl In a noisy, tumultuous 
manner. [boisterous. 

Bullicloeo, sa, <k Noisy, llTely, seditious; 

BnlMd^r, ra, a. Y. BuUici090. 

Bullir, TtL To boil; bustle, fluster; be tn- 
dustrlona BuUiHe A wu> alguna eoM, 
To be earnestly desirous of a thing. — vtu 
To move about 

BulI6n, em. Dye bubbling up In a boiler. 

Bult&r, viK To occupy much bulk. 

Baltito, em. dim. Little lump or tumor; 
Httle packure. 

B61to, am. Bulk; tumor; bust; pillow-case: 
a packege or parcel. Ooger or pe^car el 
btUto, To lay hold of one. Fiffura 6 
imdffen ds ovUo^ Figure in sculptore. 
Mtnear or tocar A otro el buUa, To give 
a drubbing. , A bulto^ Indistinctly, con- 
ftisedJy. jSer de buUo, To bo as clear as 

CI ble. Comprar /oe coeoe A bxdto^ To 
by the lump. i>e fr«/to. Bulky. 

Buneto, 9m. IIedge-»parrow. 

B6nio, em. Sort of earth-nut or pig-nut 

Bnikol6ro, nua Fritter-makor or seller. 

Bufidlo, em. Fritter; pan-cake. 

Bupreste, 9m. Sort of Spanish fly. [seL 

B6quo, sm. (Nao.) Bulk; hull of a ship; ves- 

Bnr&to, em. Canton crape; cypms; veil of 
llKht silk. 

B6rba. »/. AiHcan coin of small value. 

Bnrbalur, 9m. Whale of a laiige kind. 

Bnrbi^ja, ^ Bubble. 

Burbijeiir, vn. To bubble^ 

Burbqjits, ^f. dim. Small bubble. 

BArcho, 9nk. Large sloop or baige. 

Bdrdaa, lif. pi. (Nau.) BacksUysw 

Bnrdol, sm. Brothel 

Burdin41Ias, ^. Spritrtop-eail-stay. 

B&rdo, da, a. Coarse, common, ordlnair. 

Bnrol, em. (Her.) Bar, the ninth part or the 
shield. [rollers. 

Bur6lea, 9m. pi. (Nau.) Pointed wooden 

BurC'ngue, em.. Mulatto-slave. 

Burto, «m. Court of instice of the king's 
household; entertainment JSntrar en 
bweo. To meet to discuss a subject 

Bureocracia, ^. Bureaucracy. 

Biirga, f/T Hot spring of mineral waters. 

Bni^les, 9m. Ancient coin made at Burgos. 

B6rgo, emw Borough. Bwrgamoket^e^ Bur- 

Burl61, a. Reddish, dark red. [walk. 

Bnrldl, «m. Kersey, a coarse cloth ; rope- 

Bnril, sm^ Graver. BurU de puiUa^^YMrp- 
polnted graver. Buril chaple redonao, 
Curi'ed graver. 

Buril&da, i^ Line cut by a graver; silver 
taken by an assayer. [ver. 

BurlladOra, «f Act of engraving with a gwr 

BnrilAr, eo. To engrave with a graver. 

Bunica, 9f. Begsnr's leather bag. 

Bfirla, ^. Ridicule, soofflnft mockery, sneer; 
lost; flirt; hoax. Buiiapeioda, Biting 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Jest, bad trick. Burku^ Jocolar fUsitiea. 
2furto«dpar^8ottlng Jokes aaide. Bd' 
hlard^burUu^ToapM in Seat Hombre 
ds InurlM^ Empty Jester. Ds burlas^ In 
jeet u^u^r^BcapofTontAlus. 

Barlad6r, ra. s. Wag, (eater, mocker: ood- 
Barlar, vo. To ridicule, burloeqae; hoax; 
deceiTe ; Aruatrate. — or. To Jest, lan^ at ; 
set at defiance. [derision. 

Burleria, 4/? Fnn, artifloo; trick; illusion; 

Burlescamcnto, ad. Comicallr, ludlcroaaly. 
Bm'lcfloo, ca, a. Burlesque, ludicrous, comla 
Burl^ta, ilia, ita» V^ ditn. LitUe trick, fun or 


Burton, na. «. Great wag, Jeeter, scolfor. 

Burd, sm. Bureau. 

Burra, ^. A she-asi. Ca^r ds tu burrOf To 
become sensible of one's errors. 

Burrdda, ^ Drove of asses; stupid action. 

liurrsffoar, «a. To scribble, write carelessly. 

Burritfo, am. Dry stable-dung for fUeL 

Burrazo, za, «. augm. Large or big ass. 

Burroro, wh. Aas-keeper, who sells asaes* 

Burn Ho, 9m, Eocleslastical almanaa 

Burrito, am, dim, A. little ass, donkey. 

Burro, «m. Ass, Jack; ignorant being. Ea 
un burro carffodo da Mraa^ Unmannerly 
clown with idl his learning; saw-horse; 
wheel of a reel £a %m burro an «l tra- 
bajo^ He works as bard as an asa. Burroa 
de la tnaaana, Mizen-bowlines. 

Burr6cho, am. Young or little asa, donkey. 

BurrumbMa,*/! Greatexpensefor vain show. 

Burt^jo, »n. Dress of pressed olives or 
grapes; lump of pressed wood or other 

Bun^6n, Baruli6n, am. Large lump. 

BunOoncillo, am, dun. Little lump or pro- 
tuberance, [pass-timbers. 

Busarda^ «f? pL (Nau.) Breast-hooka, com- 

Busca, 4^ eesirch ; pursuit ; terrier. 

Buscada, »f. Search, research, inquiry. 

Busca4l6r, ra, a. Searcher, inyeatigator. 

Buscapl^ am. Word dropped to lead to 
something else. [pie's feet 

Buscapi^ am. Squib running between poo- 

Buscar, ra. To seak, search; look at, after, 
fur, out Buaoar por todoa ladoa, To 
hunt up and down.— trr. To bring upon 
one's self. 

BuacaruidoB, am. Quarrelsome fellow. 

Bnscavidaa, am. A prying person. 

Buscon, na, a. Searcher; cheat, pilferer. 

Buailis, am, (ColL) Point of the difficulty; 
riddle. />arme<&u«Uii^Tohitthemark. 

B&sto, am. Bust 

Butifarra, ^. Catalonia sausage ; gaakina. 

Bntillo, Ula, a, (LitUe us.) Of a pale vellow- 

But6rio, am. (Om.) Bittern. [lab color. 

Butrino, am. Fowling-net 

Bntr6n, am. Net Ibr birda. 

B&yo, am. (ProY.) Hut; boa constrictor. 

Buz, am. ^Little us.) Kiss of respect Hacer 
el bu»^ To do homage. 

B6zano, am. Kind of cnlverin. [hooks. 

Bnz&rdaa. af. pi. (Nau.) Breast-hooks, fore- 

B6zo, am. Diver; an ancient kind of ship. 

BQz6n, am. Gonduiti canal; lid or cover; 

I of dilTereDt 



C, Thay. 

Ca, part Because. 

Cab, Cttbe, am. Corn-measure < 

Cab&co, am. Small piece of wood. (N«a.) 
End of round timber. [clever ; abarei 

Cabal, a. Exact; perfect, complete, right; 

Ci&bala, af. Cabala; cabal; conlfederacy. 

Cabalgida, t(f. Foray; cavalcade; booty. 

Cabalgaddr, am, Bider; horseman. 

CabalgadAra, af. Sumpter beast 

Gabalg4r;«f». To parade on horseback; rfde^ 
— va. To cover a mare. 

Cabalgdta, ijr. CaTalcadei 

Cahalista, am, Cabalist 

Caholistloo, ca, a, Caballatio. 

Caballa, af. Horse-maekereL 

CabalUda, «C Stud of horses. 

CabalUge, am. PUce where mares and she- 
asses are covered; money paid Jbr that 

Caballar, am. Mackerel [ho 

Jeria, •/ A riding beast ; cayalry-borse ; 
of riding; chivalry; knighthood; 

Caballar, a. Belonging to or resembling 

Caball^ov tm. Little horse, nag; shoeing- 

CaballerAto, am. An ecclesiastical benefice 
enjoyed by a Uyman; privilege of a gen- 
tleman in Catalonia. 

Gaballereiir, im. To set up for a gentleman. 

Caballerescam^nte, ad. Knightly, cavalleriy. 

Caballer^eco, ca, a. Knightly; chivalroas. 

Oaballer^te, am. dim. Spruce young gentle- 


art „, . . 

kniffht's share of spoils; a measure of 
land; privil^es of knights. Ltbroa da 
eabcMfiria, Books of knight-errantry. 
CabaiUrta andawta, Knight-errantry. 
Andaraa an eaballariaa, To make fm- 
some compUmontiu OabaUoria manor, 

Caballeril, a. Knlght-Uke. [master, lad. 

Caballerito, am. dim. Young gentlenoan, 

Caballeriza, ^ Stable; stud of horses 

Caballerizo, am. Head groom ; equerry. 

Caballdro, am. Knight; cavalier; nobleman ; 
gentleman ; horseman. (Cm.) Bed-leg^ 
horseman, gambet OabaUaro andanU, 
Knight-errant; strolling gentleman. Ar- 
mar & una cabaliaro^ To dub one a 
knight Meterae d caballaro^ To aaanra^ 
the character of a knight Jr oatHUiara^ 
To go on h<M«ebaok. 

Caballdro, ra, a. Horseback. Ir eabaUaro 
an burro^ To ride on an asa. 

Caballerosam6nto, a<2. Nobly: knightly. 

Caballerdso, sa, a. Noble, generous; gcntle- 
manlikei [nunily. 

Caballer6te, am, A gentleman of an ancient 

Caball^ta, af. Field-cricket 

Caballdte, am. Ridge; an instrument of 
torture; flax-brake; bridge of the nose; 
gallows of a press ; trestle or horse ; eaaeL 

CaboIUco, ito, am. Pony ; hobby-horse. 

Cab&llo, am. Horse. Cabatlo padre. Stal- 
lion. Caballo da montar or ailla. Sad- 
dle-horse. Ca&cUZo (2a eofyo, Pack-honoL 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


QOxxUc cattrado. Gelding. CabaUo ds 
oocA«, Coach-borm. CabaUo friton^ 
Braught-borse. CabaUo de gv^rra^ 
Cbari^. CabaUo ds arcabtu^ Horse 
thai stands fire. CabaUo d^ caaa, Hnnt- 
er. CabaUo d« carr^ra, Race-horse. 
CabaUo ds «ara, Shaft-horse. CabaUo 
OffmUaiOn Yerr swift horse. CabaUo dc 
alquiler^ Ilack-borsei CabaUo de tiro, 
Drausfat-hone. CabaUo e^pantadiao^ 
Bkitt^ horse. CabaUo matada, A. giXi^ 
hoT«e. CcUxiOo deaboeado, Bnnaway 
boiee. Sacar bien 9u cdbaUa, To get 
well oat of the difficulty. CabaUo d« 
buena boea, (Met.) Servile coinplier. Ca- 
baUo do fritia^ Chevanx-de-fniM, a mili- 
tary instnunent CabaUo ds pcUo, Any 
Tessel fit ibr sea; rack for criminals. 
CabaUo marina, Uippopotamos ; knight 
in Chen. A' eabaUo^ On horseback. ^- 
baUo% Cavalry; buba 

Cabalion, am. Clmnsy horse ; ridge between 
the ftuTOwa. 

CabaDona, «/ Qneen In the game (^chesa 

Caballoelo^ «m. dim. Little horse. 

Caballono, oa, a. Belonging to a horse. 

Cabalmente, ad. Exactly, completely, per- 

Gsbifia, Iff. Hat, cottage, hovel; flock of 
ewes; drove of atees; string on a billiard- 
table, [droves pas& 

Cabanil, a. Belonging to the road where 

CabaA^ ra, Cabsnil, a. Belonging to the 
drove of malesw [com. 

Cabafiil, MK Keeper of males fat carrying 

Cabafioela, </ dim. Small hat or cottage. 
Cabaiiuelas, Festival of the Jews of To- 

Cabe, tm. Stroke given by balls, in the 
game of argoUa, Dor un cabe al bol- 
siUo, To hart one's fortune, dec Cab« ds 
pala orpaUta^ Favorable opportnnity. 

Cabece^, m^ To nod: to incUne to one 
side; to pitch.— ra. To give the letters 
the necenory stroke ; to caaterize. 

Cabee^ srn,, Nod of the head. 

Cabeeeqaia, tm. (Prov.) Inspector of sinicos. 

Cabeo^ra, ^f. Upper end, head ; bolster or 
pillow ; capital of a province. 

Cabeo^ mn. Lintel ; compress. 

Cabedancho, cha, a. Broad or flat beaded. 

Cabeciea, ita, afdim. Small head, [leader. 

Cabecilla, «m. w rong-beaded person ; ring- 

Cabellazo, am. attffm, Larse bash of hair. 

Cabellcjo, 9fn. dim. Little hair, [a comet 

Cabelldra, «/ Long hair; false hair; taU of 

Cab^lo, am. Hair of the head. Uovar d 
uno de un edbeUo^ To lead one bv the 
nooe. Ko /aUar en un eabeUo^ Not to 
be wanting in the least thing. A^o motUa 
tm eabeUo, It is not worth a rash. Ben- 
dor un cabeUo en el aire, To split a hair. 
JSf» cabeUo, In a dishevelled manner. 
Aeir$e de un cabeUo, To catch at a hair. 
-—pk Large sinews in mutton; fibres. 
CabfUoe de dngoL, Sweetmeats of cidra- 
cayote. Arrancaree lot eabeUot, To tear 
one's hair. Arraetrar d uno par lae 
cabtUo%, To drag one by the hair. 

Cabelludo» da, <k Hairy. 


Cabelifido, 9m. Kind of sea-flsh. 

Caber, m. To be able to contain ; fit ; have 
room; be entitled to; fall to one's share. 
No caber de goto. To be oveijoyed. No 
caber de pies. To hme no room to stand. 
No caber en el mwndo. To be elated with 
pride. No caber «n m. To be fkili of one^ 
own merits. Todo cabe. It is all poesible. 
No cabe mae. Nothing more to be de- 
sired. — vo. To contain, comprise, include, 
go in. [tools. 

Cab^ am. (Prov.) Maker of bandies for 

Cabestr^ge, am. Halter; money paid to a 

Cabestr4nto, tm. Capstan, [a stalklng-oz. 

Cabestrir, va. To halter.— -on. To fowl with 

Cabestreir, vn. To follow one who leads by 
a halter. 

Cabestreria, 4^ HiUter-maker's shop. 

Cabestrero, am. Halter and collar maker. 

Cabestrillo, am. Sling; gold or silver chain. 
Bue^ de cabreatiUo, Stalking-oz. 

Cabt^tro, am. Halter; bell-ox. TraaraU 
ffuno de caheatro. To lead one by the 
nose ; pimp to his own wife. 

Cabeza, t/. Head; chief; leader; Judgment, 
talents; beginnins of a thing; the top of 
many things; principal town. Cabeaa 
mayor. Head of cattle. Cabeaa menor. 
Head of sheep, goats, dec Cabeta de vn 
muelle. Pier or mole head. Cabeaa de 
<0oa. Head of garlic. Cabeaa de monte 
or sierra. Top of a mountain. Cabetaa, 
Principal parts of a vessel. Cabeza tor- 
cida. Wrong-headed fellow. Cabeaa re- 
donda. Blockhead. Bar de cabeza. To 
&11 into misfortunes. Bailor de cabeta, 
To speak without foundation. Bacer 
cabeta. To be the lemler. Llevar en la 
eo^^eca. To be disappointed. Otorgarde 
cabeaa. To give a nod of approbation. 
Volperaele la cabeaa d alguno. To lose 
one's senses. Be cabeaa, From memory ; 

Cabezada, ^ Butt with the head ; baiter; 
headstall; pitching of a ship: instep. 
Bar cabetadaa. To nod, fall asleep. 
Barae de eabeaadaa. To screw one's wits 
in vain. 

Cabezage, am. A' cabetage. Per head. 

C^bczil, «m. Head-piece; small pillow; 
compress; long round bolster; door-post; 

Cabezalijo, ico. illo, ito, am, dim. Little 
pillow ; small compress. 

Cab6zo, am. Summit of a hill; shirt-collar. 

Cabezon,am. Kegistcr of taxes; shirt-collar; 
cavesson or noseband. [ed head. 

Cabezorro, «m. augm, Loi^ dispruportion- 

Cabez6ta, am. attgm. Big-beaded; dub- 

Cabezudo, am, (Ichth.) Chub, [heaflstrong. 

Cabcz6do,da, or. Large-headed; ehubbed; 

Cabezud-la. a/. Small bead; dolt, simpleton; 
coarse fioiir; rose-bud. (Bot) £r>'ngo; 
ragwort-leaved centaurv. 

Cabezuulo, am. dim. Little bead or top. 

Cabial, am. Caviare sausage. 

i Cabida, sf. Content, space. Tener cabida 

I can. To be in high nivor with. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Gabido, WK Knight of lialta, who dainui a 
oommaiidery. [cer. 

Oabildida, ^ Hasty procooding of a chap- 
CSabUdAnte, mk He who lias a voto in a 
chapur. . [deeigna 

Cabilaeur, wv. To bold a chapter ; carry on 
Gabildo, rnn. Chapter of a cathedral; the 

corporation of a town ; town-booMi 
CabUIa, ^ (Nan.) Treenail. [stalk. 

GabUl^o, WK dim. (Bot) Partial flower- 
Oabillo, «riu (Bot) Flower^talk; small end 
of a rope. [mandenr of Malta. 

Cabimltoto, Mk Bight of daiming a oom- 
Cabio, mn, Llntol of a door ; a kind of rafter. 
Cabito, crn^ dim. The small endof aeandleb 
GabiibiUoJa, & Grest-lhllen : drooplnt^ 
Oablxtnerio, ta, t. Wry-headed : hyp^critieaL 
C4ble, «m. Gable. OahU dU eapmwua^ 
Sheet-cable. ai^<f«laytu<a. Best bow- 
er cable. OabU m n oiU o or de uea, Small 
bower eable. 
C4bo, am. Extreme, extremity : capo, head- 
land ; handle ; paragraph, head ; ehief com- 
mander ;arope; thread. CkMbod^armer'tck, 
Original mansion. CahQ deaflo. The nU- 
KtoosanniTersaryofa person's death. Oa- 
oo de barriUf Laist payment of an acooont 
Cdbo ds Meuadra^ Corporal Oabo ds 
randa d4 aleabalaa^ Tide-waiter. Dor 
oaha^ To give occasion, allow. Oabo9 
nagroB en liu mugere$y Black hair, ey^ 
and evebrows of a woman. Cabot blan- 
ooc, (Nan.) Untarred cordage. Ikw eabo^ 
(Nan.) To threw ont a rope. Al odbo^ 
At last. i>ar cofro d^ To perfect or com- 
plete. De edbo d rabo. From head to 
tail JCBtora^ca&o<fe, To be thoroogbly 
acquainted. No tensr cdbo ni ouenta 
una, oo^ To hare neither head nor talL 
Por oabo^ Lastly. For ningun cabo^ 
By no means. Voiver A coffer cl cabo. 
To resume the thread of a disooorae. 
Cabotige,«m.(Nau.)Co8Sting^trade; pilot- 

04bra, •/ She-goat : engine to throw stoneSb 
Cobra montM^ Wild koaL-^ Bed marks 
on the legs; small white clondsi Echar 
m juffor lot eabrasy To play for who 
will pay the reckoning. 

Gabrahigad6ra. 4/C Caprfilcation. [flg-trees. 

Oabrahig^ Cabrahigir, mk Qrove of wUd 

Cabrahig^r, «& To improve a iig-tree. 

Gabrahigo, 9m. The male wild fig-tree. 

Gabrto, tm. (Prov.) Begister. [sold. 

Gabrena, ^ The place where goat's milk is 

GabrSro, sm. Goatherd. 

GabrestAttto, wn. (Nan.) Capstan. 

G4bria, ^f. Axletree; sheers; crane. 

Gabrilla. ^f. litUe goat; prawn.-^. (Astr.) 
Pleiaaes; marks of fire. [ter. 

Gabrllleir, vn. To skim the snr&oe of wa- 

Gabrfo, 9m. Bafter, beam ; chevron, in her- 
aldry. \cabru>. Goata. 

Gabrio. a. Belonging to goats. OoModo 

GabH6l, 9m. Bafter. 

Gabridla, ^. Gapor; nimble leap, skip. 

Gabriolir, Cabriolet, vn. To caper or cat 
capers, Jump about [coat ; cabriolet 

Oabrio14, 9m. ladies' cloak : narrow riding- 

Gabrita, ^ little she-kid. 


Cabrltdro, 9m, Dealer in kidSb 

Cabridlla, ^. Kid (leather). 

Cabritillo, 9m. diuK Kid, cheveriL 

Cabiito, 9m. Kid, kidllng, cheveriL 

Gabr6n,«^mw Buck, he-goat; one who con- 
sents to the adultery of his wile. 

CabronAda, ^f. (Low) infamous action. 

Gabroni»H am. aiugm. One who proatitatea 
hia own wife. |Tetld herb. 

Gabroncillo, dto, m&lo, am. £a^ husband; 

Cabrikno, na, a. Goatish. 

Gab6. am. Barron croond. 

Gabigdn, am. Bough, nnpoliabed ruby. 

Gab6ya, f< (Bot) American agave; cord of 
the agave plant; sisal hemp. 

Gabuyora, (A.) am. Bhipchandler. 

Gabuyeria, (A.) ^ Shipchandlery. 

G4ca,f< Excrements of a child. 2>sao«5r<r 
la coca. To make public some fluilt 

GarahnAl, Gacaotil, 9m. Cocoa (cacao) plan- 
tation, [nut pindar. 

Cacahoite, Gacaha6te, 9m, Oit>iuid-nat,peap 

Oao4o, 9m. Cocoaptree; ooooa-bean or obo&> 

CacarAfia, ^. Pock-mark. 

CacanuUdo, da, a. a. Pock-marked, pitted 
by the soaall-poz. [braggart 

Canread6r, ra, «. Grower, cackler; boaster, 

Gacareir, tn. To crow, cackle; brag. 

Caearto, ami. Growing, cackling ; boaat, brag. 

Caoe4r, va. To toes or sliake in a sanoepan. 

Gao^ 4< Irrigating water-channel ; sort of 
pig-nut [sporting suttjeet (picture^ 

Caceria, ^. Hunting or shooting party; 

Cacerilla, «/, dim. Small drain or canal 

Caoerina, ^. Cartridge-box. 

Cacer61a, ^ Stew-pan. saucepan, [eariee. 

Cac6ta, 9m. dim. Small pan used by apothe- 

G4cha, 9f. Handle of a knife. Caeha blan^ 
ooa, White-handled Spanish knivea. Miuh 
ta lot oaeka9t Full to the brioL (Prov.) 

Cach Ada, ^f. Stroke of one top againstaaotheB. 

Caelial6to, am, Cachalot sperm-whalci 

CacharAdo, 9m. Kind of linen. 

CachAr, mk (Prov.) To break in pieces 

CaohArro, 9m. Goane earthen pot; any uaa 

GachAxa, «/ Laactivity; fbrbearancei 

CaohAra, v* Coarse shaggy doth or balxai 

CachetAda, 9f. Slap on the cheek. 

CachAtas, ^pl Teeth or wards in a lock. 

CachAte, 9m, Cheek ; fist; a box on the eac 
OaehetcB de uf» navia, (Nau.) Bow of m 
ship. [fighter with the ca e kctera. 

CachetAro, 9m, Short and broad knife; a 

Cachet6do, da, a. Plump-cheeked, fleehy. 

CachicAn, 9m, Overseer of a flirm. 

CachidiAblo,MVk Hobgoblin; having an odd 
appearancei [cheeka. 

GachifoIlAr. va. To puff or blow with the 

GachtgordAte, Ata, Lto, ita, a. Squat, thick, 
and plump. 

GachlllAda, ^ Litter of young. 

CachlpAlU, if. White butterfly, [big knob. 

CachipArra, »/. CachipArro, 9m. Stick with a 

CachipArra, uU, A vulgar exclamation. 

GachipArro, 9m. (Prov. Joci) Chnb-feoa. 

CachivAche, amw Broken crock«y, old 
tmropory ; a worthleis feUow. 

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Ofafao^ mm. Sllcei, pfeeft; horn; gamo at 

cards. (Ichth.) £ed mnnullet. 
CieboL cte, a. B«ot, crooked. 
Cacfaoiao, ^. pi. (Nan.) CbeekB of the nutta. 
CMbdndis a. In heat; ruttiiig. 
CacboDdez, ^ LnsL 
Cacb6nea, 9m. pi. Breakera, wavea 
Caefa^po, amu (Mao.) Golf; dir trunk, stomp. 
Gachorr6naa, ^. pL (Prov.) Mixtore of oil, 

ofanget bread, and salt 
GwhornUo^ itQ, am. dim, A Uttle cob; 

jom^ man; a little platoL [platoL 

CacbArro, ra, a. Grown pappj; eab ; pocket 
Gaefa6eha, «( Cloth or tax cap; same of a 

danoo uid ito tone. 
Caeb6eho, am. Oil-meaaure (on»4lzth of a 

poond); earthen pot pigfats. 

OMfaa>61a, ^. Firtcanee of rabbits Urer and 
Cacfanilo, MK Small flab reaembling an 

OKbol^ 9f. Cavern or other bidlng-plaoei 
Oushfimbo, «mw Hard eocoa-nnt wood. 
Cbefa6ndc^ t/. Paste of moak and other aro- 

matJoBb [8panJah->Amerleana. 

Gacbopin, mn, A European-Spaniard auMmg 
CadDo, tto, »m. dim. Small aaacepan. 
" qne, am. Cacique, an Indian chief; a 

Gsde, am. (Mex.) Frlai'a scndala. 

Gmo, 9m. Piekpo^et; a coward. 

CacofoaSa, f^ Cacophoaj. 

Cacoqoimia^ ^ Caeocbjmr. 

Caooquhttieo, ca, a. GacoehTmIca]. 

Caeoqaimlo, am. He who Buffers melancholy. 

Cada, pron. Every; each. Ckida uno or 
eada ctuU^ Bveiy one, each. Coda vm^ 
"Rrtirj time. Oada dia^ Every day. 

GadafaiJao, 9m. Proleettng wooden abed. 

CadaMebo^ amw Bed made of brancheiL 

Oadibov am. Scaffold. [nuaL 

CWiafial, CadaA^go, ga, OMlafidro, ra, a. An- 

Cadino^ 9m, Entangled allk, which cannot 
be spun. 

Cadivcr, 9m. Corpae. 

GadavMoo, ca, a. Cadarenma. 

Cad^ 9m. EntBOgled akeln; matted hair. 

Cbd^ q^. Chain; mortloe; aerlea; link; 
crank-treadle. Oadena ds fxxxM, Bidge 
of rocka. Oadena depuerto^ Boom of a 
harbor. JEMor ai» la eadena^ To be in 
prison. RemMneiar la eadena, To give 
up an one*a eHiscts to get out of prison. 

Ga&ncia, ^. Cadence, iUl of the voice; 
rhythm or meaanra. ±f(cMar0nead^nci<i^ 
To affect the rhythm of verae. [cadence. 

Cadendido, Ma, oeo, 68a, a. Belonging to a 

Oaden^ ^. Lace or needle-work in ibrm 

(^lenilla, tta, ^ dim. Small ehaia [tlon. 

Cad^nte, a. Decaying; correct in modnla- 

Cad^ra, 4/. BIp-foint 

CaderiUaa, a/ pL Hoopa worn by ladies. 

Oaddte, am. Cadet a volontaer in expecta- 
tion of a eommiasion. [leros. 

Cadi, 9m. CaiiL, a magiatrate among moa- 

Cadillir, 9m. Place abounding wltii burdock. 

Cadin^To, ra, a. (Bot) Covered with bam 

CadSno, 9m. (Bot) Great bor-pandey; bur- 
dock. Cadillo9, Tbmma. 

Ofcdmla, f< Olaminft 


Cido, 9m. (Prov.) Ferrat^ole. 

Gad6oe, 9m. (Ichth.) Gudgeon. 

Cadocamtote, o<l. In a dodag mannei; 

Cadudmte, pa. Dodng, dotara. 

Caducar, vn. To dote ; be worn out by ser- 
vice. Oadmear tl legado. To become 
extinct [herald's atafll 

Gadnc^ amw Cadaceua, Mercury'a wand; 

Oaduddad, iff. Caducity, decrepitudes 

Caduco, ca, a. Worn out, decrepit; pariBh« 
able. Mai eadttco^ EpUepay. 

Cadoqn^ f< Caducity, senlli^. 

GaecUzo, xa. a. Beady to flUl; deddnoasL 

Oaedtira, 9K Loose threads from the loom. 

Gate, «fK To ikll; lighten. Oaerdplcmoi, 
To fldl flat; deviate; faU due; decline: 
diCL Oasr d asto parte, To be situatea 
ontbiaaide. Ooar d aotoaan^o, To drive 
to leeward. daertlpkuOf To arrive the 
flxed timcL Cam' en la ouanta, To be- 
think one*8 self Ifb oaer en lae eoeae^ 
Nottocomiffehend. <7aaraa<laayartcsTo 
flOIaaleep. Omt Mais To fit suit Oaer 
de la grada. To loae one*8 fkvor. Caer 
an oomo, To become alck. Cam-encoea^ 
To remember or see into, comprehend. 
Cam^ en ffraeia or en ffuato. To please. 
Oaer la balanaa, To be partial uaeree 
& pedaeoe. To be very fbtlaued. C^iaraa 
de dnima. To be d^ected. Oaeree de 
riea^ To shake with laughter. Caeree en 
)(or. To die in the bloom of age. Caer el 
color. To Jhde. 

Cfiik, ^f. Cotton stuff of variooa kinds. 

CaSk, 9m. Coffee; coffee-house. 

CafetAl, 9m. Coffee plantation, [ing-gown. 

Cafetin, Caftin, em. Caftan, like our mom- 

Cafet^ra, ef. Coffee-pot; coffee-service. 

Cafet^ro, am. (^ffee-maker or seller. (Bot) 

CAflla, em. Caravan; multitude of people. 

(}ifre, a Savage, inhuman ; a Kaflir ; clown- 
ish, rude. Tmenta are oily. 

Ciigaaceite, 9m^ A little bird whoee excro- 

Cagachin, 9m, Kind of gnat or fly, which 

Cag&da, ^ Excrement; ridiculous action. 

Cagad6rQ, 9m. Place of retirement 

Cag^o, a. (Low) Chicken-hearted fisUow. 

Gagafldrro, 9m. Scoria, iron-droaSk 

Ci^6n, 9m. Dung of molea, aases, and 

CagAbwSUa, ^f. A masked dancing procession. 

GagalAr, am. Tripe, intestine. 

Cagaldra, ^. Diarrhcea. 

Cagam^los, em. Kind of mushroom. 

Cag&r, «& To go to stool ; soil, stain. 

Cagar^pa, 9m. v . Cagaehin. 

Cagarriche, 9m. Washer of the olives in the 
mill; starling. 

CagArrIa, ^f. St GeorgeV agaric. 

Cagarriitia, ^f. Dung of sheep, goats, and mica. 

Cagatinta, 9m. Pettifogger; nickname for 
ittomeya* clerks. 

(3agat6rio, am. Place of retirement 

Cag6n, na, e. Person with dlarrhoaa; coward. 

CAgae, em. Kaag, a Dutch sloop. [els. 

Cabiz, em. Nominal measure of twelve bnsh- 

GahizAda, 4^ Land sufficient for one coAia 
of seed. 


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Odda, ^f. Fall; tnmblo; decHiMtlon ; de- 
scent Caida d^ Ui proa, (Naii.) Casting 
or falling off. Caida ds wia t-ela. Depth 
or drop of a sail. //* or andar de capa 
cai^fOf To decline lu fortune. A' la caida 
de la tarde. At the close of the daj. Ca- 
ida <M Ml, Ban-eet-^ Lappets of a 
bead-dress. Que caicuu Henel Hov 
droll he is ! 

Caido, da, a. Languid ; do^miklleii. 

Caidos, in. pL Arrears of taxes, of rent, A«. 

Galmto, «m. Cainum, alligator; cunning 

CatmI6nto, mtu Lowness of spirits; ML 

Caiuiito, mtu Star-apple. 

Cair61, mn. False hair; Airbelow, a floimce. 

Cairel&do, da, a. Flounced. 

Cairelor, «a. To flounce. 

G^a, t/. Square box, case; coffln; chest; a 
sheath; drum; cash. Chija de poho. 
Snuff-box. Gajat en temoa^ Nest of 
boxea ^a de Moopeta, Stock of a flre- 
loclc. Caja ds cochs, Bodv of a coach. 
C>;^a(f«a£n<a, Manger of a ship. Gonads 
baUut^ Shot-lockee Caja ds eartuchoa^ 
Cartridge-box. Libro de eaia. Cash-book. 
JSkAar eon eajae destemptaaaa^ To turn 
away In a harsh manner. JBvtar en ec^a^ 
To be in equipoise. 

CiO^ras, ^ JH. Cavities or holes In blocks. 

Ctuero, em. Cashier; reservoir. 

Ciydta, */. Round box ; snuff-box ; poor-box ; 
Caietae, (Nau.) Cabums. (Mex.) Box of 

CiUetazo, am. Blow with a eajeU. [bowl. 

C«g6te, am. (Mex.) A flat earthen pulqne- 

Cfdetin, avn. dim. Venr small box. 

C^illa, ita, ^. dim. Small box. 

CfOista, am. Compositor (in printing). 

Ctljo, am. Bookblnder*8 groovei 

C^|6n, am. Box or chest; drawer; locker; 
siMice between the shelves of a book-case ; 
dty-'ftoods store. JSer de eoAan, To be a 
matter of course. Serunca^hdeaaatre, 
To have one's brain ftiH of conftased ideas. 

C^oncito, am dim, A small box, chest, or 

Cal,4/:Ltme. Oi^ vivo, Unslaked limo. Oal 
y eanto^ Rougli stone laid up in mortar. 
Ser decaly canto. Strong, as if built with 
lime and stone. 

CAIa, af. (Nau.) Creek, a small bay; hole or 
plug to ascertain quality or thickness. 
(Med.) Suppository. Hacer cola y eata. 
To ascertain quantity and quality. 

Cklabao^ra, af. Pumpkin, gourd, or squash 

(^labao^ro, am. Pumpkin-seller. 

Calabaciea, ilia, ita, iff dim. Small pumpkin. 

Calabacilla, ^f. Mould for a tassel; gourd- 
shaped ear-ring. [kin. 

Calabacin, am. A small, vonng, tender pump- 

Calabacin^te, am. Fried pumpkina 

Calabadno, am, Oonrd or calabash bottle. 

Galab&za, af. Pumpkin, squash, gourd. 
Oalabaaa anarahjada, Orange-fruited 
gourd. Caio^osabon^fdra, Squash gourd. 
CaUU>aea vinatera, Bottle gourd or cal- 
abash. [basb-l^lL 

Galabaaada, tf. Butt with tho head; a cala- 

Calabaz&r, am. Ground planted wltb pump- 

Calabaz^te,«m. Preserved pumpkin candied. 

Calabazdn, am. augm. Large winter pump- 

CaIab6bo9, am. Fine rain, drizzlo. 

Calabozuge, am. Jail-fees. 

CaIab6zo, am. Dungeon ; prison. 

Calabr6te, am. Stream-cable. 

Calactoto, am. (Bot) Flea-bane. [maad. 

CaUda, ^. Sapid flight ; Intnxiuctlon ; repri- 

OalMo, am. Open work. (Nau.) Draught, 
the depth ofwater. Oaladoa, Lace. 

Calad6r, am. Borer; calking-lron ; probe. 

CalAdre, ^. A bird of the fiunily of Wka. 

Calamte, Calaihtead6r, am Calker. 

Calalkteadura, k Calkins. 

Cala&teria, af. The act of calkins. 

Calaikte&r, C&lafeteiir, «& (Nau.) To calk. 

Calafeteo, am. Calking. 

Calafedn, am. Calker's boy or mate. 

CalafrAga, ^ (Bot) Saxifrage. 

Caldge, am. (Prov.) Chest, trunk. 

Ca1ag6zo, am. Bill or hedglng-hook. 

Calaguila, af. (Bot) Calaguala, fern-root 

Calah6rra, af. (Prov.) A public oflloe where 
bread is distributed. 

Calal6z, am. Kind of East Indian vessel. 

CalamAco, am. Calamanco, woollen fttuflU 

CftlamAr, am. Squid, sea-sleeve; sepia. 

Calamb&e, am. Calamba, or calambac wood. 

Cal&mbre, am. Spasm, cramp. 

CalambAco, mn. (Bot) Calaba-tree. 

Cahtm^nto, Calaminta, f. Mountain-balm or 

Calamidad, ^. Calamity, misery. 

Calamina, or Pi^dra Calaminar, f< Calamine, 
zinc ore. 

Calamis, am. Calamus. 

Calamita, af, (^lamite, am. Small green frog. 

OUamitosam^nte, ad. Disastrously. 

Calamit68o, sa, a. Calamitous, wretched. 

CAlamo, am, (Bot) Sweet flag, calamus ; sort 
of flute. 

Calamocdno, a. Somewhat Aiddled. 

Calam6co, am. Icicle. Hieaded nalL 

Calam6n, am. Purple water-hen; round- 

Calam/irra, ^. (ColL) The head. 

Calamorrida, ^ Butt of a homed beast 

CalandH\io, am. Rag hanging from a gar- 
ment; ragamuffin. 

(^I&ndrla, ^/T (Om.) Bunting; hkundress* 
mangle; calender mangle. 

Calanis, am. (Bot) Calamus. 

Califia, af. Character, quality. 

Galapatillo, am. Maggot or worm. 

Calar, to. To penetrate, perforate; cut oat 
in open-work; discover; put; imitate; 
fix. Cotorettimon, To hang the rudder. 
Oalar d polo. To step a mast Color el 
meUm, To cut a water-melon. Caiar el 
fnMnt^Toletdownadraw-bridga Calar 
la bayaneta, To fix the bayonet Oalar 
la ouerda. To apply the match. Calar 
laa cubaa^ To guage a barrel.— or. To en- 
ter; be wet Uirough; stoop. Calarae 
aobre, To dart or pounce on. 

CaUr, a. Calcareous. [brained ibllow. 

Calav^ra, ^ Skull; madcap, a wild, hot- 

Calaverida, ^. Foolish, or ill-judged action. 

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Calanvear, «iii. To act foolishly. 
Calaverillft, iu, ^. dim, LitUo skoll; little 
ci«Id7 fellow. [nata. 

Cuboie. «ok. Bread made of acorna or cbest- 
Cakaunar, axa. Sea-fowl on tbo coast of 
BroziL fbe stupid. 

Cslcaual, CaloaSir, am. Heel, heel-booe; to 
Calcaneo. am. (Anal) Calcanemn. 
CftlcaAacIo. am,. A diaeaae of beea. 
Colcar.oa. To tnoe on tracing-paper; tram- 
ple onl 
Caleireoi, lea, a. CUcareooa. 
Calee. am. Tire of a wheel. (Nan.) Top. 
Calooddnia, *f. Calcedonj, chalcedony. 
CzUeea, am. (Nan.) Siaat-head. 
Calo^ta, ^ Under-atockin^; fettaia Uaeer 

cale^ta^ To knit 
C:klceteria, ^ Healer's shop; boalezy. 
Caloetero, m, a. Stocking-maker, mender, 

seller, or holler. 
Calcetilla, Calcilla, iff. dim. Small stocking. 
Caloetdn. srtK auffn, Lai^ stocking worn 

under boot& 
Calcide, Caiddes, nil. Kind of pQchard. 
Calcina, */. 3iortar, cement 
CalcinacIoD, f^ (Chem.) Oalcinatton. 
Calelnar, va, and «r. To calcine. [atory. 
<Ulcittat6ria. a. Va90 oaleinatorta, Galcin- 
Cdlco, 9m, A transferred drawinj^ [Ing. 

Calco^raf b, f^ Chalcography, art of engrar- 

Calcoeralb, •m. Engraver. 

ColcuTible, a. Calcolablei 

Calcoladon, %f. Calculation, computation. 

Ca:cnlad6r, mti. Calculator, accountant 

Calcular, «a. To calculate, reckon. 

Culcnlo, 9m, Calculus, calculation ; estimate. 
lMc«L) Oalcoloa. paveL 

Calrul6«QL8a, a, Calculose, calculous. 

aiIda,f<Warmtii, beat; warming. CaldoA, 

Caldnrla, t^. Ley ealdarSa, Water ordeaL 
Oaldedur, «a. To raise to wdding-heat ; warm, 

Galddo, am. Chaldala 
Caiden, ^. Oanldion, boiler. 
Oalderida, ^ A enuldron flill, a copper ftalL 
Galdereria, •/ Bnuder'a shop or trade. 
Gbldertro, 9m. Brazier, coppersmith ; tinker ; 

stoker or fireman. 
CUdercta, f< Small cauldron, a kettle; ket- 
tle ftalL (Mex.) Chocolate-pot 
OaiderioN iea. illo, Ula, a: A small kettle. 
Oalderilla, ^f. Holy-water pot; copper coin. 
OaldSroL 9m, A cauldron or boiler, a copper. 
CB]der6n, 9m, Copper, large cauldron ; mark 

of a thousand ^; paragraph % 
Caldem^Ia, f^ Small kettle; dark lantern. 
CaldSUo, Galdito, am^ Orayy of a iHcassee; 

light broth. 
Caldo, 9m. Broth. Oaldo9, Wine, oil, and 

all splritnoos liquors. Oaldo, 9(Ueido, 

Pressed Jidce of herbs. 
Caldoaito, a. Not too thick. 
Caldoao, an, a. Having plenty of broth, fhln. 
Caldficho, am* Ill-seasoned broth; hog-wash. 
Caleo6r, vo. To heat, warm ; urge; dupatoh. 
Catocioo, 9m. dim. Small chalice. 
GaleaMd6nte, a. ntfed) Heating. 
Calcftoddn, if. Calofkctlon, heating. 
€Ue£Ktdrlo, 9m, Stove or place for >y^annii)|p. 


OU^caa, 9f. Kind of £Mt India caUoa 

(^cnda, /|^ The calendar martyrology. Ooh 
lendoA^ Calendar 

Galendario, em. Almanac, calendar; datat 
Hacer ccd&ndarioB^ To muse. 

Calendula, ^. Marigold. 

Calentador, mn. Warmer; warming-pan. 

Calentaml6nto, 9m. Warming; a disease of 

Calentikr, «a. To warm, heat; urge; dis- 
patch.— or. To be hot or proud ; grow hot 

Caient^n, 9m. Daree «m eaUnUm, (ColL) 
To take a bit of a warming, [and fever. 

Caleotiira, ^. A fever. Calmiwas, Chills 

Calenturlento, ta, a. Feverish ; fever-sick. 

Calenturilla, ^. dim. Slieht fever. 

Calentnrto, 9m, avam. Yioletit fever. 

Caicpino, am. Vocabulary, dictionaiy. 

Calera, ^. Lime-kiln. [sold. 

Caleria, «/ Place where lime la burnt and 

Calero^ ra, a. Calcarooua. 

Calero, am. Lime-burner, maker, or seller. 

Calcsa, 9C Calash; chaise; gig. 

CaIes6ro, am. Driver of a oaJiuh or gig. 

Calesin, 9m, Single horse-chaise, a gig. 

Calesin^ro^ am. Owner or driver of a calesin. 

Calota, ^. (Nau.) Cove, creek, fleet 

CaI6trs, 9m, Understanding, Judgment 

Call. 9m. AlkalL 

Calibe&do, da. a. Chalybean; chalybeate. 

Ca11br4r, vck To examine the caliber. 

Calibre, 9m. Caliber; diameter; sort, kind; 
Quality. C&mjHU or ealibree, Calllpersi 

Callc^nto, 9m, Sweet-scented shrub; wall 
of stone hdd in mortsr. 

Caliche, 9m, Pebble burnt in a brick. 

(^io6, 9m. Aei as llama an Ynalaterra 
lo que 99 Uama en lo9 JS. U, bleached 
shirtings, ais donde lae eanua as Uama 

CallcH GalleAt, a/ Silk atnfffrom India. 

CalidiUI,^QuaUty; condition; kind;&sh- 
ion;reoulsite; nobility. OaUdadee^Oaa' 
diUons in gaming 

Calid6z, tff. Inflammation; fire; glow. 

CAlido, da, a. Hot, piqoant; crafty, artftiL 

Caliente, a. Warm, hot; fiery, feverish. 
Hierro calientA, Bed-hot iron. Tener la 
eatiffre calienU, (Met) To Ikoe dangers. 
S» caUenUf Piping hot, on the spot, at 

GallSta, ^ Kind of mushroom. 

Calife, 9m. Caliph. 

CallAto, em. Caliphate, tlie dignity of caliph. 

Califlcacidn, ^ Qualification; proof; liablU- 

(3allflc4do, da, a. (Qualified, authorized. 

Callflcad6r, 9m. One who is qualified to say 
and do. CaliJlcadordeleatUot^Mot^ii' 
amhier of the Inquisition. 

CalificAr. 90. To onalliy ; empower ; certify ; 
ennoble. — or. To prove one's noble birth. 

Caliga, ^. Half-boots worn by Boman sol- 

Callgln6eo, sa, a. Dark, dim; obscnrei 

CallcraTia, f/! Caligraphy, elegant penman- 

Galigrafe, em. Beantlfhl writer. 

Calilla, ^. dim, A slight suppository, clyster. 

C^limAoo, eni, (Prqv.) Calaipanoo. 

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Gft]{n, «m. A meUllio composition resem- 
bling lead. 

Calina, «f. Thick vapor, mist or fog. 

Galipedos, mn. A slow-paced animal. 

Caliis t^'. (Bot) Alkanot or orchanet 

Ciiliz, •»». Chalice, a communion cup. (BoL) 

Galizo, za, a. Calcareoiu, limy. 

Calla, CaJlando, ad. Privately, secroOy. 

Callada, «^ Dish of trliM. [noise, privately. 

Be Call&da or A' las Cailddas, nd. Without 

CalIadam6nto, ad. Bilently, secretly. 

Calladtirla, 4/: A kind of cotton stufll 

Callddo^ da, a. Bilcnt, reserved; discreet 

Callandico, ito, ckL In a low voice ; silently ; 
softly. [abate. 

Callar, tm. To be silent; bush; dissemble; 

Call& tif. Street : bme ; gullet CaiU ds dr- 
boUt, Alley or walk in a garden. Boca 
de caU^ Entrance of a street QiUs 
mayor^ Main street CcUU traHetOs 
Cross street Atotar las coUm, To walk 
the streets. Hdesr calle^ To make way ; 
overcome difBcuUies. — Int. Strange t won- 
deifhl I make way I 

OalleAr, «a To clear the walks. 

Call^a, §f. Lsne. [streets, gad. 

OsUdetf, va. To walk or loiter about the 

Callejdro, ra, a. Applied to a loltenr. 

Calk^Jo, Call6yo, 9m, (Prov.) Pit into which 
game falls when pursued. 

CalleJ6n, 9m, Long narrow lane: narrow 
pass. Coition de eombate, Orlop gai 
wav. [8a„ 

Gall^ondllo, am. dim. A little narrow paa- 

Calleju61a, »/. Laoe or narrow passage; ey^ 

CallemAndra, »f. Kind of woollen stuff 

Calli&lto, ta, <i. Having aweUlog weltB or 

C4I10, am. Com, calloeity on the feet; wen. 
—a. pL Tripe. JIaoer or tener caUo9, 
To be hardened. 

Call6n, 9m. Big com or wen ; shoemakera* 
rubber, a whetstone. 

Calloslddd, ^, Callosity, callousnessi 

CaI16ao, aa, ck. Callooa ; corny, ooraeous, 

Callod 9m, (Amer.) Wine extracted from 
palms and oocoa-treea 

Caima, ^ A calm; calmneaa, tranqulllitj; 
dulnoes of boaineaa. TUrra* caUnas, 
Flat, bleak country. Sn ealma, Smooth 
aea. CaUna muerta or dUoAo, Dead 
calm. [anodynei 

Ga]m4nte, pa. and a. Mitigating; nareotlo, 

Calm4r, f>a. To calm, compose, padty; al- 
leviate allay.— p»k To &I1 calm, be be- 
calmed.— «r. To be pacified. 

OAlmia, 4< Kalmia, a genus of plants. 

Calmdso, aa, a. Calm; tranquil; tardy. 

Caloc&r, 9m. Kind of white earth or ciMj. 

CaI6chA, ^ Clog; overshoe. [oold. 

CalofHAdo, da. a. CbtUy, shivering with 

Calofriiraa, Caloafri^rse, vr. To shiver with 
cold. [tended with shivering. 

Calofrio, CalosMo, 9m. Indisposition, at- 

Cal6ma, if. Singing of sailors when they 
haul a ropa. 

Calomel&nos, am. pi Calomel. 

Gftldfiai */. Fine for calnmniallng. 


Cal6r, 9m. Heat; glow; warmth, ardor; 
encouragement; brunt of an action. 

Cal6rico, 9m. (Chcm.) Caloric. 

Calorimetro, tnK (Chem.) Calorlmetor. 

Calorosamdnte, ad. Warmly, ardently, hotly. 

Caloroso, sa, a. Warm, hot, healing. 

Caiostro, «m. Colostmm, the iirst milk. 

CaI6to, 9m, Metal from a certain bell in 

Calpizqne, am. Kent-gatherer, a steward. 

Calumnia, Caltinia, ^ Calnmny, slander. 

Calumnlad6r, ra, & Calumniator, aaUnderer, 

CttlnmniAr, eo. To calumniate, slander. 

Calunmioeam^nte, ad, Calnnoniooaly, alaa^ 

QdunmiMO, aa, a, Oalumnlons. alanderoos. 

Calurosamtoto, ad. Warmly, ardently, hotly. 

Calurdeo, so, a. Warm, hot; beating. 

C4lva, if. Bald pate ; game among oonntrT- 
people. Calca de almete^ Cnai of e 
helmet [Ostei. 

CalvAr, eo. To hit a atone in the game of 

Calv^o^ em. Debts, tally, acoie; Calrary. 

Calvatratoo, 9m. Baldncas; a wild person. 

Calviza, ef. augm. Largo bald pate. 

Galv^ro, Calv^ir. Calvltih-, em. Barren 
ground among fruitful lands. 

Calvete, 9m. dim. Little bald pate. 

Calvt^z, Galvide, ef. Baldness. 

Calvilla, if. dim, LltUe baldneaa. 

Calvinkmo, 9m, (Uvlnism. 

Calvinista, am. Calviniat 

CAlvo, va, a. Bald; barren, uncoltlTBted. 
l^^y^ ealv€t^ Barren soil 

C&lza, 9f. Long loose broocheiL trowaers: 
BtockingB. vaUae acuohiUaaae^ Slaahed 
trowsera. En ealeae yjubon^ In an odd 
or imperfdct state. Meter en vna ealaa^ 
To put one on his mottle. 

Calziaa, «/ Causeway; the high-road; grav- 
el-walk; avenno. 

OdadAra, 9f. Hempen eord. 

Oalxadillo, ito, am dim. Small rhoe. 

Calxido, da, a. Shod, wearing ahoea. 

CalziUio, am Covering for Uie feet; hotse 
with four white feet Oaleadoe, Cover- 
ing for the legs and feet TVdame el 
ealeado. Bring me my atoeklnga and 

Galzaddr, em. Shoeing^leather ; shoeing- 
horn. Enirar con ealmador^ (Met) "fo 
enter with much labor. [t4re. 

OalsadAra, el Putting on the shoea; wooden 

Calz4r, «a. To put on shoea; to shoe; put 
on; clothe; strengthen with iron; carry 
a ball of a determined size. Caiearee d 
alffuno^ To govern or manage a peraon. 

CiOzo, am Iron plate of the felloes; cup; 
canaL Caieoe, Boat^caatttng^ akida, 

Oali6n, am Ombre, agame at carda; amall- 
olothea.— pA (Nan.) Gooae-wlnga Oa^ 
•Ofiea, Breechca. 

CtAtoniiOf em, augm, Blc pair of breeches. 
Ee «M ealeonaeoe, lie is a weak, aofr 

OalzoneUloB, em.pL Drawers; omhrsi 

GAma, if. Bed, conch, liyrer. Oama con 
rtudae^ A track-bed; bed-hanglnn; the 
body of a cart; the aheath of a ^ogh. 

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Cbwki d€l mdony Part of a melon which 
toaciMB the groand; Utter; branch of a 
bridle ; layer of duoff and earth for ralalng 
plants; dye-tM>z. ^acer cama. To keep 
one's bed. Ilacer la eama, To make up 
the bed. 

Camida, «? Brood of yoong animals, a Utter. 
Camaaa de ladronea. Den of thieves. 

Camafeo, em. Oameo. 

Hempen halter ; chain for slaves 
\ va. To barter, giye in exchange, 
on, em. Chameleon. (Bot) ThisUei 
(Mez.) The homed flrog of the U. 8. 

CaauleopArdoi, em. Gamelopard, giraffe, 

Camamiia, ^ Ctuunomile. 

r^imindnhi. ^ Chaplet of one or three de- 
cades. Tmer mudUf eamandvlas^ To 
use manr trick& [dnU. 

Camandol^nse, a. Of the order of Cunan- 

Ckmandulerin, ^. Uypoerisy, insincerity, 
dialmulation. hivpocritlcaL 

Camandul^m, ra, a. and e. FnU of trlck^ 

Guiiara,^^ Hall; granary; laidty; cabin of 
a afatpi C&mara aiUk, Beondhoose. Oi- 
mara dtl rty^ The king's state room; 
king's eonncil; exchegper, C&maraair 
ta or ds lot parM^ The house of lords. 
CAiuara b<^ m de let comunM, The 
boose of commons. CAmaradeCaitUla^ 
Supreme council of Castile. Moea ds 
eamara. Chambermaid. OoeAe de od- 
moro. State coach. 

Oamarada, ^ Comrade, partner ; society or 
company; assembly. Camaradaa de 
rancho, Mesimstcs. Cktmaradatdsna- 
«M», SblpmafccSL 

Osouix^. 9m, Granary, rent for a granary. 

CamnrancMn, sm. Garret. 

GanMrera. 9? Head waiting-maid; keeper 
of the (joeenlB wardrobe. 

Camareria, f< Place of a yalet de chambre. 

Cbmarcro, em,. Yalet de chambre ; steward ; 
lord chamberlain. 

Camari^nto, ta, a. Troubled with a diarrhoBa. 

Camarilla, ^K Small room ; the room where 
boys are floflsed. 

Oamarin, MM. Closet 

Oamarifia, f^ Copse, a low shrub. 

Camarista, enK A member of the ^rapreme 
council of la O&mara ; maid of honor to 

Camanta, »/. dim. Small chamber or room. 

Camarlengo, em. Lord of the bed-chamber. 

Camardn, em. (Iehth.> Bhrlmp, 

Camaron^ro, «m. Shrimp-catcher. 

Camar6te, mn. Boom on board a ship, a 

Camsaqidnoe, em. Nickname of a meddle- 
some person. 

CaxDastr6n, sm. Sly, artftil, cunning fellow. 

CamastronibK)^ em. augm. Great impostor, 

Camat6ne9, em. pL (Nau^ Iron fhsteningSw 

Cambaiiche. im. (Coll.) Barter. 

Cambaiacheir, wt. To bsrtcr. 

Cambalacb^ro, em. Barterer. 

GuQbales, tm. Company of six comedians. 

Gambas, ^. pL Pieces put to a cloak or 
round garment 

CnyabiyM, f< i)l Kind of cotton stuff 


Osmblible, a. Fit to be bartered or ax- 
changed, [or broker. 

Cambiad6r, am, Barterer; monoy changer 

Cambiamidnto, mn. Change, alteration. 

Cambiinte, a. Bartering, exchanging. 

Cambiante. mn. Tariety of huee reflected b> 
light vambiatUe de letras^ A banker, 
exchanger. [transfer. 

Cambi4r, va. To barter, exchange; alter; 

CambUa, ^. Keservotr; intersecting per- 
pendicular line; square. 

Cunbio, sm. Barter, commutation; change; 
bank ; flux. Canibto eeoo. Accommoda- 
tion bilL Dar 6 tomar d cantbio. To 
lend or borrow on interest Cambio por 
letr<u^ Trade in bills of exchange. 

Cambista, sm. Banker, broker; goldsmith. 

Cambifinte, am. Changeable silk; kind of 

Csmbr4y, tm. Cambric, fine linen. 

Cambrayido, da, a, Besembling cambric. 

Cambray6n, em. Coarse cambric. 

Cambr6n, em-. Common buckthorn. 

Oambronil, em. Thicket of briers, brambles. 

Cambrondra, ^ (Bot) Box-thorn. 

Camb6r, ^/T (8. A.) Banana. 

Camb6y, sm. ^O American myrtle-troe. 

Camb6x, tm. ChUd's cap tied close; mask, 

CamedAihe, f/C Mezereon, spurge-ollTei 

Camddrio, em. (Bot) Wall germander. 

CamMris, em. (BotYGermandcr, speedwell. 

Camel^ ^. (Bot) Widow-wall, a shrub. 

Camelduca, «/. (Bot) ColtVfoot 

CameUna, ef. (Bot) Purging flax. [yoke. 

CUndlla, j|/: She-camel ; ridge ; a milk-pail ; 

Ounelli^Jo, em, dim. BmalTcamel; apiece 
of ordnance. [drivine. 

Camelleria, ^. Stable Ibr camels; camel- 

Camellcro, em. Keeper or driver of camels. 

Camello, em. Cenei; ancient cannon. 

Camelldn, em. BIdge turned up by the 
plough ; drinklng-trouffh for cattle ; car- 
penter's horse ; bed of flowers; camlet 

Camello-pard4I, em. Camelopard, giraffe. 

CameI6te, em. Camlet [thin camletib 

CamelotiUoe, CamellonclUos, em. Light or 

Csmemdro, em. (Bot) Cloud-berry bramble. 

Csmepitios, em. (Bot) Common ground 
pine. [rhododendron. 

Camerhodod6ndToe, em (Bot) Busty-leaved 

CamAro, em. Upholsterer. 

Camdro, a. Belonging to a bed or mattrecs. 

Camilla, ^. Small befl : clothes-horse; fhune. 

Caminad6r, em Good walker. 

GaminAnte, em^ Traveller, walker. 

Camin^r, vn. To travel ; walk, march. Co- 
minnr con pise de pUmo^ To act with 
prudence. Jaunt 

Camhi&ta, ^ Walk Ibr exercise; excursion, 

Camino, em. Boad, way ; Journey; profes- 
sion. Camino de herradura^Fath, brl- 
dle-rosd. Camino carretero^ Carrlane- 
road. Camino de SanHaffO, (Ast) Ga- 
laxy, the milky-way. Ir/uera de camU 
«o, To act contrary to reason. Procurar 
el camino. To clear the way. SaUr al 
camino^ To go to meet a person. De 
camino^ In one's way, going along. 

Cunisa, ^ Shirt; shift, chomlso; thin skJii 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


fruit; stock of ooanton ; rough plwtoring. 

OanUaa de una vela^ The body of a fisll. 

JSatda en tu camisa t Are yoa la your 

sonsos? Saltar ds su camtsa, To jump 

out of one's skin. [with wide sleevcai 
Camls^tA, «< Knit shirt; sliort shirt or shift 
Camlsilla, if. dim. Small shirt 
CamLuila, tif. Ruffled shirt; dickr; fW)ck 

worn by rowers. rfrock ; gown. 

Gninis6n, «)». Long wide shirt; laborer's 
Gazni86te, m*. Ancient armor. 
Cnmita, a/T dim. Small bed. pallet^ or ooL 
Oamomila, ^ Chamomile, (odorlferoos 

Gani6n, mn. Largo bed; frame of laths. 

Camon d« vidrio9f Glass partition.— jtA 

Wooden tire. [room. 

Camoncillo, fm. State stool in a drawing- 
Gam6rra, »/. Quarrolf dispute. 
Camorrista, $. Noisy, quarrelsome person. 
Cam6te, eitK Sweet potato, Carolina potato. 
Camp&L BataUa campal^ Pitched battle. 
Campam6nto, ttn. Encampment, campc 
Oampdna, «< Bell; parish church; bottom 

of a well; iron hoop. Oampana ds 

chimetiea^ The ftinnel of a ohinoney. 

Catnpana d€ rebate^ Alarm-bell. 
Campanida, if. Stroke of the belL Dor 

campanada^ To cause scandal pooma. 
Compandrio, »m, Belfty; noddle; rack In 
Ckmpaneir, «a. To ring the bell freanently ; 

divulge. rdancing. 

Campanula, if Sudden motion of the feet In 
Oampando, m. Bell-ringing, chime. 
Campan^ro, «»k Bell-fuunder: beUman. 
Campan6ta, if dim. Small belL [shape. 
Campaniforme, a. (Bot.) Carapaniform, bell- 
CampanlL«m. Small heitry.—cLJMcU oam- 

panil, Bell-metaL 
Campanula, if Small bell; small bubble; 

epiglottis; littlotassol; bell-flower. Cam' 

paniUaa de otoflo. Garden daffodil 
Campanillibco, nn. violent ringing of a bell 
Campanllleir, ixu To ring a small hell often. 
CampaniUero, wk Bellman, public crier. 
Campantno, a. Applied to a kind of marble. 
Campinte. pa. Excelling, sarpassine. 
Campanfido, da, Ow wide; bell-shape; 

Campanula, »f Bell-flower, campanula. 
Campafia, tji Campaign, lOTel country. 

Campafla navoL Cruise. V\ver€% de 

campafia^ Sea stores. Satir or correr 

la eampaikL, To reconnoitre the enemy. 

f «tor en eampafla^ To make a campaign. 
Camp&r, vn. To encamp* excel in abilities. 

Campar eon tu eetreUot To be fortunate 

or successful 
Campeaddr, tm. Combater, warrior. 
Campeib>, «». To be in the field; frisk 

about: be eminent; excel [wood.) 

Camp^he, sm. Log-wood, (Campeachy- 
Campe6n, «n. Champion, combatant 
Campdro, ra, a. Exposed to the weather in 

the open field. 
Campero, mn. Friar who superintends a 

Cum; pig brought up in the fields, 
Gamperino, na, Campestre, a. Sural, cam- 
pestral, rustia — «. A countryman. 
OuDpUl<K Am. dink Small flold. 


Campifia, if Flat tract of arablo land, flel4L 

Compo, em. Country; field, space; crops; 
camp. Ceunposanto^ Burial-ground. Pot- 
tor's field. If^scubrircampo or el raxnpo. 
To reconnoitre. Hacer eampo^ To dear 
tlie way. Uaceree al campo^ To lieo 
from danger. Jr d oampo Uxttieeo, To 
make a short cut Quedar en el oampo^ 
To be killed. Salir al eampo^ To go oat 
to fight a duel Oampo d eampo, ijSiliy 
Force to force. 

Camn^ if Pippin, an apple. 

Camudeo, sm. Pippin-tree; simpleton, fool 

CamAflas. if pk (ProT.) All seeds, except 
wheat, barley, and rye. 

Cam6te, mk Sweet potatow 

Oamtiza, if Chamois goat 

Camuz^n, em. ati^m. Large chamois skin. 

Can, em. Dog: dog-star; ancient piece ol 
ordnance. Can de levantar. Doer which 
starts the game. Can de bueoa^ Tenler. 
Cane9^ Brackets, corbels. 

Cdna, if Measure, about two ells: gray hatr. 
Peinar eanae^ To grow old. No peinar 
muchae cana»y To die young. Teeier 
eanae^ To be grayheadod, be old. 

Canab^la, if Fishing-boat 

Candl, em. Channel; strait; gutter; canal; 
drinking-trough ; comb of the loom; bar 
of a hot-press. Canal de la JfcmcAo, 
British channel Camtl de tocina, A bog 
killed and dreswd. Canal deuitbrulcti\ 
TralnHrough of a fire-stiip. [fluted. 

Canaliido, da, a. Passing through a ehaonei, 

Canalt^a, if Small drinking-trough. 

Canal^ra, if Gutter. 

Canalote, em. Paddle, a small oar. 

Canalita, if dim. Souill channel or canal 

Canalizo, em. Narrow channel between two 

Canilla, if Mob, rabble, populace. 

Canalluza, if Roguery, vagrancy. 

Canaldn, em. Large gutter or spout 

Canana, ^ A kind of cartridge-box; fricas- 
see or chickens. 

Canap^ if Couch or seat; aotteeu 

Canario. em. C^ary-bird; a danee Intro- 
duced into Spain. (Nan.) Barge. Oana- 
rio, int. 2Sonnd8l 

Can&sta, if Basket, hamper ; olive-measure. 

Canast^ro, ra, em. Basket-maker. [cloth. 

Canastilla, ^. Small basket; swaddling- 

Canastillo, SfTk Small tray; small basket 

Can&sto. Canistro, em. Large basket 

Cancabuz, em. Yell for the fiu:e. 

Cancamoa., em. pi. Eye-bolts. CAncamet 
de arffoUa, Ring-boltSw 0&neamo4 de 
gancho. Hook-holts. 

Cancamdrria, «/r Sadness, melancholy. 

Cancam6sa. «/: Trick to aecelvo. 

C&ncana, ef. Flo^ng-bcnch. 

Cancanilla, if. Deception, flraud. 

Cincano, em. (Low) Loose. 

Cancel em. Screen in chnrcbca, ^^^ 

Ganoelaci6n, Canceladura, »f. Qmcellation. 

Cancel4r, 9a. To cancel, annul ; efl'aoe. 

Cancelana, Canceleria, «< Papal chancery. 

Cancel&rlo, sm. Chancellor in univenitm 

Cancellcria, f/! Chancery. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Cioccr. Mm Cancer; a sign oftha zodiac 

CaDeerane, xr. To eanc«rato. 

Cancen'wo, sa, a. Canceroas. 

Canchalaeoa, Canchelagna, CancbllAgna. t(f. 
CaDcfaaWaa-pIaot, a kind of gentian ; a 
medicinal tiero. 

Candlla, *f. Wlcker-door or wicker-gi^e. 

(.Andlkh*, ana. Chancellor. [wrltlns'. 

C.aDcillen!eco. ca, CL Ctiancery form of liand- 

Candon, i\f. Song. verMS set to roosic; {loem. 
YcHt^r d la nUtma eanciofk, To repeat 
the old story; JTlittle song. 

CancJoncica, ilia, tta, t(f. dim. Canzonet, a 

Cancion^ro, 9m. Bong-book. 

CancTO, mn. V. Cdncfr. 

Candadico, UIo, itn, am. Small padlock. 

Caxtdado, mn. Padlock ; pendant, drop ear- 
ring Cand€ido«, Carities of horses' feoL 

^iindaroo, mn. Ancient mstio dance. 

C-<in<1ara, lif. Sieve or screen for sifting 

CuiKle. a. Sugar-candj. 

Caodeil, a. White, applied to wheat 

C-aodMa, «/ Blossom of the walnnt-treei 

Condcla, 4/: Candle: Ught, flre. ArrimarM 
d la candtia^ To draw near the fire. 
Acabarae la cOfuUla, To be near one's 
end. JBrtar con la earuMa en la mano^ 
To be dying; cheetnat-bloasom. 

Candelabro, 9m. Candlestick. 

Candelida, 9f. Sadden blaze from straw. 

Caodelaria, ^f. Oandlemas; mnllein plant 

Candelerazo, «m^ Large candlestick, [shop. 

Candel^ria, »/. Tallaw and wax chandlers 

Candelero, «m. Candlestick ; lamp; flshin^;- 
torch. Edaren H eandeUro^ To be high 
in ofBce; ^e stanchion. CandtUro9, 
(Nan.) Stancbioiia or crotches. 

Candeleton, am. Lmt^ stanchion. 

Csndelica, iila, iCa, ff. Small candle. 

Candelilla, #/ Boogie, catheter; blossom of 
popiara. ffao«rla eandeUUa, To stand 
on the hands and head. 

Ouidelizas, (Nan.) Brails, braces. 

Caodt&nda. ^ tnoandeecence, white heat 

Candenta. a, Incandeecent red-hot 

Candi <wt Aritcar candid Sugar-c 

Candid o. White, applied to wheat 

Caadirfamente, ad. Candidly. 

Caodidito, tm. Candidate. [ty. 

Cuidldez, 9f. Whiteness; candor; simplicl- 

Candido, da, a. White, snowy; candid; 

Candiel, «mw Bererage osed in Andalusia. 

Candil, am. Lamp, generally the common 
iron one; cock of a hat (Mcx.) A chan- 
delier; top of a stag's horn. Baile de 
candil^ A ball held by the light of a poor 
lamn. [tlty spilt 

(^diUda, ^. Spot of lamp-oil, or the qoan- 

Cuidilizo, am. Blow given with a Uunp. 

Candil^a, ^f. Inner pvt of a lamp. (Bot) 

CandileJ^ra, f^ Spanish birthwort 

Candil4o, 9m. dim. Small kitchen lamp. 

CandUera, am. Lamp-wick plant 

Caodlldn, 9m, auffm. Large open lamp. 

GudJdta, nf. Barrel or Jceg for wine; largo 
earthen Jar. 

Oandioifiro, 9m^ Maker of candlotas. 

" * ' , •/: Flirt, deoettftil dviUty ; play- 


All trick intended to tiecelve. Dor can* 
donga 6 cAoaco, To play a carnival 
trick. [son. 

C^dongo. ca, a. A conning, fkwning per- 

CandongTicar, va. To jeer, sneer. 

Candonguero, ra, a. A canning person Indl- 
croosly mischicvons. [neest 

Candor, 9m. Candor, parity of mind, frank- 

CanecUlo, 9m. Corbel, bracket modillon. 

Can^Ia, 9/. Trne dnnimon; Ceylon dnna- 
mon. [flavor. 

Canclado, da, a. Of a cinnamon color or 

Con^lo, am. Cinnamon-tree or dnnamon 

Cancl6n, amw Gutter; sweetmeat; Icicle; 
cassia or Chinese dnnamon. Canelone*, 
End of a cat of nine-tails. 

Cinge, am. Exchange of prisoners, creden- 
tials or treaties. 

Cangeiir, ra. To exchange prisoners, Jkc 

Cangil6n, am. Earthen Jar or pitcher; metal 
tankard. [sail. 

Cangn^ja, a. Vela eanffrfja, Fore and aft 

CangnSJo, am. Crab, craw-fish, cancer; 

CangreJu^lo. am, dim. Small crnw-fish. 

Cangrena, tif. Gangrene, mortification. 

Cangrenirse, vr. To be aflBicted with gan- 

Cangren6flo, sa, a. Gangrenons, mortified. 

C4nia, 9/. (Bot) Small nettle. 

Canibal, Canibal, am. Cannibal. 

Canicula, */ Dog-star ; dog-days. Canieida 
marina^ Dog-fish. [dog-star. 

Canicaldr, a. Canicular, belonging to the 

CanicaI4rea, am. pi. Dog-daj-s. [diet. 

Canido, am. Parrot found in the West In- 

Canijo, ja, a. and a. Weak, infirm, sickly. 

Canil, am. Coarse bread, dog's bread. 

Caiiilla, «/ CaniUa de la piema, Shin- 
bone. CanUla del broMO^ Arm-bono; 

pipe or tnbe, spool 
:ani^lA<r * ' 

CanillAdo, da, a. Y. AcanUlado, 
Canill^ra, ^ Andent armor. [maker. 

Canill6ro, em. Tap-hole in a cask; spool- 
C^anf na, »/. Excrement of dogs, [like a dog. 
Caninam6nte, ad. Passionately, snarling 
Canindro, am, A gatherer of dog-dang for 
Canin6z, »/. Inordinate appetite, [tannerib 
Conino. na. a. Canine : hnneer. 
Canlqui, »/ India muslin; glaae vlaL 
Cino, na, a. Frosty, gray-headed; prudent 
Canoa, ^f. Canoe. 

Canoero, 9m, Conductor of a canoeu 
Canui, am, Indian fishing-basket 
Canoita, 9m, dim. Smallcanoe. 
Cdnon, am. Canon; catalogue of the booka 

of the Holy Scriptures; fee. (Print) 

Canon, a la^e sort of type. CVzfKmaa, 

Canons or canonical laws. 
Canon^sa, f^. Canonesa, a woman not bound 

by monastic rul& 
Canongia, ef. Canonrr, canonship. 
Can6nicam6nte, ad. Canonically. 
Canonicato, 9m. Canonry, canonship. 
Can6nico, ca, a. Canonical Ca9a oanonicOf 

Monastery of regular canons. 
Can6nigo, 9m, Canon or prebendary. 
Canonista, 9m, Canonist » professor of th« 

canon law. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Cw)on{zAb1(«, a. Worthy of canonlzatlOD. 

Cuionlzaci6n, tff. Canonization, oonBecraUon. 

Canonizdr, ro. To canonize, consecrate; ap- 
plaud, [loud. 

Giui6ro, ra, a. Canorous, mnsical; stirill, 

Can6fio, sa, a. Uoary, gray-headed; old. 

Cansadam^nte, ad, Imiiortanely, troable- 

GansAdo, da, a. Weary, exhausted, tired; 
tedious, tiresome ; Spent; Impaired ; worn 

Cansado, am. Bore. 

CansAncio, 9m. Weariness, lassitude, Iktlgne, 

Consar, eo. To weary, fiitlgue, overcome; 
harass ; exbanst— or. To tiro one's sell 

Cans^ra, ^. Fatiinio, weariness. 

Cant&blcs a. Tunable, harmonious; patbetlcL 

Gant&da, ^ Cantata, a musical composition. 

Gantal^ta, «f. Pun, Jest, Joke. J>ar oanta- 
Uta, To lau^b at 

Cantor, mn. Song set to music. Cantarea^ 
Canticles or Song of Solomon. OaiUarea 
de aetta^ Old metrical romanoea. 

Cantdr, to. To sing; divulge; announce. 
Cantar d libra aMerio^ To sing off-haniL 
Cantor de piano. To make a plain and 
fhll confession; be fond of one's own 

Cantara, << Large, narrow-mouthed pitcher ; 
measure of about thirty-two pIntSb 

Cantarcioo, illo, ito, wn. aim. Little song. 

Cantar^ro, sf. Sbolf Ibr Jars, pitchers, &c 

Cantar^ro, ra. «. A dealer in enrtlien iars, Ao. 

Cant^rida, ^ Cantharldes, Spanish fly; 
blister. [drosace. 

Cantarillo, am. Small Jar; oval-leaved an- 

Cantarin, 9m, An incessant singer, [stage. 

Cantarlna, f< A woman who sings on the 

Cdntaro, 9m. Large narrow-mouthed pitch- 
er: wine measure; vessel Into which 
tickets are put to he drawn out bv lot 
£ittar en odntaro, To be proposed for an 
office. Knirar en cdntaroy To be liable 
to be chosen. IJover A cdntarM, To 
rain by bucketsftiH, to pour. Mcna de 
cdntaro. Water-girl ; Ikt, bulky woman. 

Cantatriz, ^ Stage singer (woman). 

Cantizo, etn. Wound given by a stone. 

Cant^les, 9m. pL (Nau.) Ends of old ropes 
put under casks. 

Cantara, 9/. Quarry ; talents or geninsi Ze- 
cantar una eaniera^ To cause disturb- 

Cantero&r, Wk To hang up flitches of bacon. 

Canteria, «< Hewing stone, stone cutting; 
stone building. 

Cant6ns sm. Stone-cutter. Oanterodepan, 
Crust of bread. Cantero de heredad^ 
(Prov.) Piece of ground. 

Ganter6n, 9m. (Prov.) Large tract of knd. 

Ganticio, em. (Coll.) Constant singing. 

Cantioo, 9m. Canticle. Cdntico ae lo9 edn- 
Heo9, Tlie Bong of Solomon. 

Cantldad, 9f. Quantity; measure, number. 
CanUdad dieoreki^ Distinct or separate 

Cant&U em. Steep rock. 

CanUligiia, 9f. (rrov.) Purging flax. [tlon. 

OantileDa,*/ Ballad, ditty; tiresome repeti- 

OantUlo, em. dim, A little stones 


Cantimardn, sm. Catamaran. 

Cantimplora, ^. Syphon : liqoor-case. 

Cantina, ^ Collar ; sutler s shop In barrack^ 
Ac ; case used to cool wine on a Jouniejr. 
CanHnae^ Canteens. 

Cantin61a, ^. Ballad ; irksome repetition. 

Cantindro, em. Butler; sntler. 

CantiAsj ^ A song In Oaltda and AsturiaSb 

CantizU, em. Stony ground. 

Ginto, em. Stone; singing; edge, or bor* 
der. Canto de fiMso, Extremi^ of a 
table. De eantOy On the edge or end; 
art of music ; canto; hard crust of • lo8£ 
A' or al eanto^ Imminent ▼«'7 near. 
Al eanto d&l gaUOy At midnight 

Caut6n, am. Comer ; part of an escuteheoii ; 
canton, region. 

Cantonida. ^ Comer; limit Dor <w»- 
tondda^ To disappoint a person. 

Canton4r, wk To send troops Into canton- 

Cantondkrse, vr. To walk with an affected 
air. [V. ConUmea, 

Canton6o, em. Afliscted walk, gait, manner. 

(^tondra, iff. Comer-plate; woman of th« 

Cant6r, ra, a. Singer; small singing-bird. 

Cantorcillo, em. dim. Petty, worthless 

Cantorr&l, em. Stony ground. 

Cant&das, f/! pi. Large coarse knives. 

Cantu^ sm. French lavender, eilysoSb 

Canturia, ^ Yocal mosio; mnsical compo* 
sltion. [coax. 

Cantus&r, «a. To cheat, trick, Impose upon, 

Cantdo, da, a, Uoary, gray. 

CdAa, tf. Cane, reed; stem, stalk. Caaa 
ds euentaa, Indian shot Caila oomios 
Cultivated reed. Cctfla dvlee or de tmi^ 
car^ Sugar-cane. CaHa brava^ Kind of 
bamboo. CafUi JlehUa, Cassia flataU; 
shaft of a column ; marrow; toamamcat 
Caila del mUmon^ Wtndnipeu OaOa de 
la media/heg of a stocking. OaHa del 
Umon^ Tiller. Oatia de taea, Bhinbona 
of beeH Caflae de eebadera, Bpritaail 

Caft&da, 9/. Olon or dale ; glade^ CqjKada 
real, Sbeep-walk ; measure of wine. 

Cafiadkcas, Cafiaditas, ^. pk (Prov.) Small 
measures for wine. feassia flstala. 

OUiftfiAtnla, ^f. The pod of the pur|;lng 

Cafiafistnlo, em. Cassia flstula-treo. jKiaat 

Caftah^ja, Cafiahi^rla, f/! Common itonel- 

Cafi&l, 9m. Weir Ibr fishing; canebrake; 
small sluice for catching fish. 

Cafiama, tif. Assessment of taxes. OoMa 
odflamOy House exempt fW>m taxes. Co- 
gedor de cdfUuna, Tax-gatherer. 

CafiamAr, 9m. Uemp-flold. [painted Raff. 

CaflamAzo, 9m. Hemp tow; coarse canvas, 

Cafiam^no, fia, a^ Hempen, made of bemp. 

Caflamlel, 9m. Sugar-cane. 

Cafiamiz, am. Kind of Indian vessel. 

Cafiamlza, if. Stalk of bemp; buUen, ban. 

Ciuiiamo, 9m, Hemp; hemp doth; hompen 

Cafiam6n, mi. IIcmp-Med. 

Caftikr, 9m. Plantation of canes; weir Ibr fah. 

Oafiar^a, qf. Common gigaatio tasuuL 

Digitized by Vj-OOQlC 



Ga&ui^go, ga, a. PeO^fos eailarUgot, Skins 

of sfa«ep which die on the roed. 
Canarrofa, »f. Pellitoiyf wall-wort 
Csaarera. f^ Common reed-graaab [reed& 
CansTeral 9m. Place covered with canes or 
C4mar«'eir, ra. To prick with pointed caneSb 
Canareria, »/. Place whoro reeds are sold. 
C^naver^ro, tm, Botaiier of canes or reeds. 
Caoav^A, am. Locust, grasshopper. 
GaAazo, 4inw Hostile hlow with a cane. Dar 

eantuOi To confound one. 
Caneria, ^ Aqaednct, a water-plpa 
Canero, sm. Water-pipe maker; director of 
water-works; angler. [mules. 

CaAilavado, da, a. Small-limbed hones and 
Camlla, ita, itf. dim. Small cane or reed. 
CaAlllera, ^ Ancient armor for the shin- 
Cauiza, ^ Coarse linen. [kc 

CaAizal, Cafiizar, svm. Place of canes, reeds, 
Cantzo, «m. Hurdle, a frame for silk-worms. 

(Nan.) Flake. 
Cm&o, em. Tube, pipe ; 6e«rer, gutter ; spring 

o^ water; cellar; rabbit-warren. 
Cafidn, miK CjUndrical tube or pipe ; quIII ; 
down: cannon, gun. Caiicn as cMme- 
fMO, Flue of a ehimnej. Oaiion ds ^soa- 
lero, Well of a staircasei OaiUmea, Bits 
of a horse's bridle. 
Cafionizo, «9k Large piece of ordnance; 
caanoo-sbot, [small tube. 

Cafiooe&eo, Ulo, ito, mn. Small cannon; 
Cafioneir, «a. To cannonade. — vr. To ex- 
change gnna. 
CaAoneo, tm. Oaanonadei [tent 

CaAon^ra, •/. Embrasure for cannon ; largo 
Cafioncria, s/T The pipes of an organ. 
Gaiidta, if. Panided sorghum ; Ouinca-corn. 
Ckukfia svoM, Yellow-seeded soft grass. 
Canu^ 4^ Fescne-grass. [tion. 

CadoCixo, tm. Inibrmation, private accusa- 
GaAateria, sf. The pipes of an organ. 
Ga&utillo, mn. Snoail tube ; glass bugle ibr 

GaAAto, SfMw Part of a cane ; pipe; pin-case; 
blast : infonner, tale-bearer. Cafluto* 
JkekutiM, (Mex.) loo-cream in shape of 

Caoba, Ga6bana, if. Mahogany-tree. 

Cioa, siNt Chaos; confUsidn. 

Caoopi, 9m. Caoup, an American tree. 

Capa, 9f. Spanish or circular cloak; cope; 
mantle; layer; coat or wrapper; cover; 
pretence, mask ; harborer; property. Ca- 
pa del eielo^ Canopy of heaven. Capa 
moifna^ Pontifical cone. Capa plumal^ 
Bbbop^a cope. (Nau.)Coatortarorpitcli. 
Capa y aotnbrero. Hat-money, allowance 
oo freight, now callod primage. Capa 
rata^ Smtsaary. Schar la capa al toro. 
To expose one's self to danger. Satar o 
mlar9e d la capa, To keep a good look- 
out, ^^nts <2« ca/K> parcf a, Countrv-peo- 
ple. J>s buHia capa^ Of genteel address. 
Oente ds capa neffra^ Townsmen of 

t appearance. MUtUtro ds capa y 
eapada^ Counsellor by brevet Juganaata 
la capa. To gamble the shirt off one's i 
back. iSocarM^nstfoapa^ To get out of I 
<HIBffnltioa, Tirar dumode la eapa^ To \ 

warn one of danger. A' la capa^ (Nau.) 

Lying-to. De capa y gora^ Plainly. 
Capaccte, am. Helmet, casque. 
Cap^cho, f/. Frail, hamper, basket 
Capacbazo, sm. Blow given with a basket 
Capacb^ro, 9m. Basket-porter. 
Cap4oli, 9m. Frail, liamper, large basket 

CaDOcho ds albafUl, Bricklayer's hod ; 

owl. [ty; talent 

Capacid&d^ 4/r Capacity ; extent; opportunl- 
Capada, f< Any tiling carried under a cloak ; 

Capad6r, 9m, Oelder; gelder's whistle. 
Capadura, if. Castration ; scar after castra- 
Csp4r, va. To geld, castrate; curtail 
Capariu6n, 9m. Carcass of a fowl ; caparison, 

cover to any thing for protection ; flrail or 

hamper for feeding horses. 
Caparra, if. Sheep-louse; earnest money. 
Caparrilla, «/. dim, A small tick which mo- 
lests bees. 
Caparros, sm. Green vitriol. 
Caparr6sa, «. Copperas; sulphate of iron. 
Capatdz, am. Overseer; steward; foreman. 
Capaz, a. Capacious, capable ; ample ; wide ; 

fit. apt ; learned. 
Capaza, af. Cap4zo, am. Hamper, flrail, large 

basket — am. Blow with a cloak. 
Capazmente, ad. Capaciously, amplv. 
Capaz6n, am„ augm. Vcrv \irgfi fhiil. 
Capdosamdnto, ad. Captiously, insidiously. 
CapcitSso, sa, a. Captious, insidious. 
Capead6r, am. A buil-flghter ; cloak-stealer. 
CapeAr, to. To rob one of a cloak ; challenge 

a bull with one's cloak. (Nau.) To lay to. 
Cap61, am. Cocoon of a silk-worm. 
Capela, «f. (Ast) Capella, a star. 
Capelardente, J/: V. CapUla ardients. 
Capeil4da, if Toe-piece of a shoe. 
Cape! Ian. 9m, Chaplain. 
Capellania, ^. Cbaplaincr. 
Capellar, 9m, A kind of Moorish cloak. 
Capell'ma, if Top-piece of a helmet; hood. 
Capelo, 9tn. Bishop s dues; cardinal's hat 
C9^^y WK Challenging a bull with a cloak. 
Cape6n, sm. Young bull challenged with a 

Cap^ro, aTn. Priest who carries the cope. 
Caperoles, am. pL (Nau.) Carving of the 

Caperuc^ta, ilia, if dim. Small hood. 
Caperuza, */. Pointed hood. Capenua de 

chimenea Chimney-top. Dar en cap&- 

rmOy To frustrate one's views. 

CaperuztSn, am. augm. Large hood. 
^ r. ,_.^^ flk (Arch.) Applied to 
am. A kind of fish. 


(Taplalzi^o, & (Arcb.) App 

Ci •"'•!». A kind of ffsl 

Ci s«C Kind of silk stuflr. 

Ci lie, 9m. Small cloak worn by ladl ee. 

Ci sot. (Ppov.) Child's cap, chrlstcn- 

Ci ;ta, am* (Low) V. Capigorrotu 

C^i n, 9m. Vagabond ; a parasite ; stu- 

.w... ..JO has taken the minor orders. 
Capil, 9m. (Prov.) Little cap or hood. 
CapiI4r, a. Capillary. 

Capilla, if Hood ; cowl ; chapel ; band of 
musicians ; the proof-sheet CapiUu ar^ 
dienU, Soom bung with black and lighted 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


with candles, whore the ooTpso Hes In Btate. 
Sntar en capiUa^ To prejMu-e for death : 
spoken of criminals 

Caiiilldda, »/. A hoodftil of any thing. 

CapilK^jo, itA, nf. dim. Small chapel, [silk. 

Capilhjo, ftrtk Small hood: skein of sewing- 

Capiilor, GaplUero, tfik Clerk or sexton of a 
chapeL [Calatrava. 

Capllleta, «/ ITood nsed bj the knights of 

Gapillo, 9m. Child^s cap, christening fee; 
hood of a hawk ; rose-bud; net; colander. 
CapUlo da hierro. Helmet Jikda ds iodo 
eaoUlo^ Coarse sort of silk. [monk. 

CapiiI6do, da, a. Kesembling the hood of a 

CHping6t, 9m, Biding-coat without sleevesb 

Caplrotada, {< Sort of American paste made 
of herba, eggs, Ac [flnger. 

CaplrotibEo, «iA. A blow on the nose with the 

CaplnSte, 9m. llood; sort of half-gown; 
sharp-pointed cap. TorUo de capirote. 
Blockhead, ignorant fooL CapiroU de 
eolmsn<kt Cover of a bee-hive. 

Capirotoro, a. Accustomed to cany a bood. 

Gaplsdyo, 9m. Qamient worn as a cloak. 

Oapiacol. 97n. Toledo precentor ; sub-chanter. 

Cspisoolia, 9f. Otlice and dignity of a pre- 

Capita, itf. dim. Small cloak. [centor. 

Capitacl6n, 9f. Poll-tax, head-money. 

GapitAI, 9tn. Capital, money at Interest; for- 
tune of a husband at his marriage ; capital 
stock. — 9/. Metropolis of a country. 

Capital, a. CanitaL Rem^iio capUal, Rem- 
edy for the nead ; principal, leading. Sne- 
migo capital^ Mortal enemy. Error 
eajAtal, Capitol error. P^emfo* capitals. 
Deadly sins. Pena capital, Capital pun- 

CapttolisU, 9m. CapltallsL [ishment 

Capltolmente, ad^ Capitally, mortolly. 

Capitan, 9m. Captain ; ringleader. Capitan 
a ffuerra^ The mayor of a place. Oapitan 
cf« band^rOi Captain of the admlrars ship. 
Capitan d^pti«rto^Po6trCkptaln, Capt- 
ion del puerto^ Uarbor-master. 

Caplt&na, i/l Admiral's ship ; a captain^ wife. 

Capltanixo, sm. Great warrior; an able 
general. [chief; to head, lead. 

Gapitaneikr, «a. To command an army In 

Capltania, ^. Captoinship ; company of offl- 
cers^ [capital of a column. 

Capit61. tm^ Spire over the dome of a church ; 

d^iltolino, na, a. Belonging to the capitol 

Canltollo, 9m. Oapltol; a public building at 

Capitan, 9m. (Ichth.) Pollard, chub. 

Canitula, nf. Part of the prayers read at 
dWIne service. 

Car>itulaci6n, 9f. Capitulation, stipulation. 
Oapituicieion (fs mairimanio^ Articles of 

CapitulAnte, pa. Capitulator. fter. 

CapltnlAr, sim Capitular, member of a chap- 

Capitnl4r, ck Ci^itulary, belonging to a 

Capitular, to. To conclude an agreement; 
capitulate; impeach. — vfk To sing prayors 
at divine service. [service. 

Capttuliu'io, 9m. Book of prayers for divine 

Oapltularm6nte, ad. Capicularly. 

Oapitul6ro, 9m. and a. Capitular; capitulary. 

Gapifcnld^Miw Chapter of a cathedraL Oap^ 


tulo9matrim4miaU9, Articles of maniacal 
JMir «n capitulo^ To reprimand sevendy. 
Ganar 6 perder eapitulo^ To canr or 
lose one's point [by amoke. 

Capnomdncia, ^. Capnomancy, divination 

Capnomdnte, 9m. Fortune-teller by smoke. 

CApo, 9m. V. Cabo. 

Cap6c, 9m, Bark of the eapoc-tre«. 

Capolddo, 9m. Minced meat; act of eottiiw 
into bits. [bebead. 

Capol&r, ea. To minoe or chop meat fine; 

Capon, 9m. Eunuch ; gelding; capon ; fegoL 

Cflp6na, ^ Spanish danc«. JJaw eapoma^ 
Key without eye worn by lords of tb« 
bedchamber. ("vliiea. 

CaponAdo, a. Tied together as brancfaea of 

Capondr, va. To tie up the branches of vines ; 

Capondra, tff. Coop; place where one lives 
at othere' expense. K9tar metido en ea- 
ponera^ To t>o locked up in JalL 

Capoqueru, sm. Capoc-tree. 

Caporil, 9m. Chief; ringleader; corporal 

Capita, ^ Head of the teasel 

Capote, sm. Sort of cloak; austere, angry 
look ; thick cloud over a mountain. Dor 
capoU, To leave a guest without dinner; 
win all the tricks at cards. A'mieapole, 
In my opinion. 

Capot6ro, «r7K Cloak-maker; cloak^aeller. 

Capotillo, 9m. Mantelet, short doak. Oa- 
patUlo ds do9falda9t Short, loose JackeL 

Capoten, «ffk auffm* Large wide cost 

Capot6do, da, a. Frowning. 

Capricho, 9m. Caprice, whim ; design of ft 
painting, ffombrt ds eapHeha, Queo*, 
whimsical fellow. Capricho Mtrava- 
QOMte^ A crotched or odd fkncy. BaUe ds 
eaprieho^ Fancy-dress ball GenertM ds 
eapricho. Fancy good& [cslly* 

Caprlchosamente, oo. FancifWy, wblDid- 

Caprichdso, sa, a. Cqyriciona, whimsical, 
obstinate. [liricioua. 

CaprichAdo, da, a. Obstinate, staboom, ca- 

Caprio6mio, «m. Capricorn ; cuckold. 

Caprimulga, ^ Ooat-eucker, owl 

Caprino, na, a. Ooatish. [of bathenL 

Capsario, 9m. One who guards the dotfaes 

CaiMula, ^. Capsule, a seed- vessel In x»lsnts; 
percussion capi 

Capsular, a. Capsular, eapsulary. Twords. 

Capt4r, va. To captivate, win by enaearing 

CaptivAr, ro. V. OaitU^ar. 

Captlvid^ ^f. y. OwiMdad. 

Captura, f^ Capture, eelmre. 

Capturnr, va. To apprehend, arrest 

Cap6cha, 9/. drcumflox C^X an accent; 
hood; cowl 

Capuchina, 9/. Capuchin nun. (Bot) Great 
Indian cresft or garden nastartlon. CC" 
pwMfuu, (Nan.) Crotchea and kneea. 

Capuchino, 9m. Capuchin monk. 

Capucbino, na, a. Relating to Oapuchin 
Mars or nuns. C7t«jMi oevpiMiMMa, Waist- 

C<ap6cho, 9m. Cowl or hood. [a cherry. 

Capulin, 9m. (Bot) An American fruit like 

Capullito, am. dim. Small pod of • silk- 

I CapAllo, am. Cocoon of niOk-woim; flsm- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


IvBd: ooBTBo otaff of silk. Seda d€ ea- 
ptdloa, Ferret-silk, grogrun yam; shell 
of an acorn; bur of a cbeatnnt 
Ch^Nunpcba, 4f- (Bot) A Brazil plant 
<^paz, am. Long moming-gown ; old-bah 
ioned cloak. [ship by the bead. 

Capnz&r, to, Oaptuar tm bajei^ To sink a 
Caqoetieo, ca, A Cachectic, an ill habit of 
body. [stitation. 

CaqoEucia, ^ fMed.) Cachexy, deranged con- 
Caqoimia, ^ An imperfect metalUe sab- 

Car, ^ End of the mizen-yard and mlzen. 

C^ar, ad, V. PorqvA. 

Cara, iff. Face, countenano& Baena carets 
Cheerful coantenanceu Mala caret. Look 
of displeasme, frown ; a kind of sue 
SDiikee. Ci»\x<f«ace^a, Pale, sallow £ 
Oara ds patcua^ or de risa^ Smiting 
countenance, Oara de pocoa amigoft, 
Chorliah look. Cara de vaqveta or de 
hronee. Brazen ikce. Oara de viimee 
Mote, Lean, meagre ihoe. OaradecarUm^ 
Wrinkled Ihce. Oaraem]>edrada.PitXed 
by tlie amall-pox. Cara de cebo. Pale 
uoe. Afidcw con la cara deeoubierta. 
To aot openly. A' primeracarOj At first 
sight Jugar d eara or M«, To bet on the 
tosBofacoin. />ar«n cara, To reproach, 
upbraid. i>ar e< soJ d^ cara. To have the 
sun in one's ihce. JIacer oara^ To ihce 
an enemy. La eara ee lo dice, Ilia Ikce 
betrays blm. Lavar la eara a alguno. 
To flatter. No aaber en dcnde se tiejie 
la cara, Kot to know one's duty or pro- 
fesBlon; to be qnits ignorant JTo tener 
eara para haeer^ daedr algttna coea^ 
Kot to have the fiM» or oonrage to make 
or aay a thine. Ifo vUver la cara atrae. 
To pOTBoe inth spirit J}e cara. Oppo- 
site orer against 

Car&ba, 4< Vessel used in the Archipelago. 

Carabe, srv Amber. 

GarabiiUi, ^ Carrel, a three-masted ressel ; 
large haeket for provislona. 

CarabeUn, em. Bng or brigantine. 

Carabina, ef. Fowling-niece; carbine. Ca- 
rabina rayada^ Kide. [shot 

Carabinizo, etn. Report of a carbine, carbine 

Carabinero, em. Carabineer. 

Garabo, auK Sort of a crab; large homed 
owl; kind of setting d<%; earth beetle. 

Caracb«» en^. Scab incident to Pernvian 
sheep. [pines. 

GanuxM, ^ Small row-barge in the Philip- 

Garac6U m. Twisted shell ; snail. Caraccl 
marinoy Periwinkle; winding staircase; 
ftisee of a watch or clock. Uacer cara- 
co^ To canM»le. NoimportatMcaror 
ealy It does not matter. 

Caracola, qfi A small whitish snalL 

Caracoledr, «n. To caracole. [shell 

Caracol^o, em, dim. Small snail, or snail 

Caraoolco, wk Ttie act of caracoling. 

Caracoioro, ra, si One who gathers snails. 

Carac6Iea, int. V. CarafnJbo. 

CanM361t«m. Metallic oomposition resem- 
bling pinchbeck. 

Cararotilla, ^. dim. Small snail-shell. 

€teacolUlo, mK Small snail; snail-flowered 


kidney bean; pnrple thread. OxrocoU* 

//os. Shell-work trimming. 
Osracolito, am. dim. Small snail, amall shell 
Caracter, em. Character ; note ; handwriting ; 

personal qnallties; humor; temper; Iba* 

tore. Oaraderea de imprenta^PrlnXiag 

Caractenstico, ca, a. Characteristic. 
Caracterizido, da, a. Characterized. 
Caracterizar, ro. To characterize; confer a 

distin^ished office; mark. 
Qsradelante, ad. Forward, onward. 
Carado, da, a. Bien earado, Pretty-fiued. 

Mai carado, Ill-ilMwd. [ehon» 

Caramanch6n, em. Oarret Y. Oamaran" 
Caramba, interi. Hah, strange 1 
Cartimbano, am. Icicle. 
Caramb61a, tf. Canon or carambol at bfl* 

liards and reyeaino; device or trick; 

Carambolei^r, vn. To play the ecurambcia, 
CaramboI^To, am. Player at carambola. 
Gpnmht, am. Willow herb, tall JnasieniL 
Caramel, af. Kind of pilchard. 
Caramelo, am. Lozenge made of sugar, &&; 

sugar candy. 
Caram^nte, ad. Dearly; exceedingly, highly. 
Caramilli^raa, ^.pL Pot-hooks. 
Caramillo, ari^ Flageolet; heap of things; 

deceit; tale-carrying. Armor uncara- 

miUOy To raise dIsturbanceSb 
Caram6yo, am. Kind of sea-snail. 
Caramuzal, em. Transport vessel used by 

the Moors. [West Indies. 

Caringue, am. CarAnca, ^. Flat fish in the 
Carantamaula, af. Uldeous mask; ugly per- 
Carantoiia, 4/C Hideous mask; old womaa 

who paints. Oaraniorlaa, Caresses, ca- 
CarantoilSra, ^ Coquette. [jolet 

Caranton^ro, am. Flatterer, wheedler, ca- 
CariOa, ^. Besinous American gum. 
Caraos, am. Act of drinking a full bumper 

to one's health. [gout 

Carapa, a/. Oil of an American nut, to cure 
Caratula, ^. Mask of pasteboard; the titl^ 

page ; the histrionic art 
Caratttlcro, am. Maker or seller of masksi 
Carava, ^/f Meeting of country people on 

festive occasions. 
Carav&na, ^. Cruise of the knights of Malta; 

caravan. Jfacer caravanaa. To take a 

variety of means for obtaining some end. 
Caravanera, fjfC Caravansary. [fellow. 

Caravanero, em. Leader of a caravan ; a wild 
Carav^la, Caravel, af. A large sloop. 
Caray, em. Tortoise-shell. 
Cur^ a/, augm. Broad large flu». 
Carbdilo, em. (Bot) Coomion British oak. 
Cirbaso, am. Fineliax; sail of a ship; short 

Carbdn, am. Charcoal; cinder. Carbon de 

piedra. Hard-coal; black pencil [cake^ 
Carbondda, tf. Broiled chop or steak; pan- 
CarbonadiUa, em. dim Small carbonado, 
Carbon4to, em, (Cbem.) Carbonate. 
Carboncillo, am. Small coal ; bhick crayon. 
Carbon6ra, af. Place where charcoal li 

made; ooal-pit 

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Oarbonem, ^ Ck>al-yard; ooAl-«b«d; oosl- 
miiie. [ooalmiuu 

Garbon6ro, »tn. Charcoal-maker; coUier, 

GMrb6nico, oa, a. (Chem.) Carbonic 

Carbonlzacion, ^ Carbonization. 

Carbon iz&do, da, a. Carbonated. 

CarbonisAr, va. To carbonize. 

Carb6no, »n. (Chem.) Carbon. 

Carbimcio, Carbunco^ 9in. Carbuncle, a pre- 
doos atone; pimple. n>unclo. 

Carbnnc6so, sa, a. Of the nature or a car- 

Carb6ncalo, «m. PredouB stone of the 
ancienta, sappoaed to be eamct or rubj. 

Carbureto, 9ni, (Chem.) Carburet 

Oarci^Ada, 4^ Loud laughter, horse-laugh. 

Carcamal, «m. Nicliname of old people. 

Oarcafid], CarcaflAr. mi. Hoel-bone. 

Carci^puli, am. Yellow orange of Java and 
Malabar; the large carcapnila-tree in 

Circava, ^ Pit or grave ftn- the dead. 

Carcavdn, mn. Largo and deep ditch. 

Carc4x, un. CarcAza, «/ Fire-engine; ribb9n 
with a case at the end ; quiver. 

C&roel, af. Prison, Jail; cheek of a press. 
Cdrcelsay Cog-reeds of a loom. 

Caroelfige, Carcerage, am. Prison or Jail ftes. 

Carceleria, ^ Imprisonment; bail 

CarcelOro, am. Jail-keeper, Jailer. Fiador 
carcderOy Ball or surety for a prisoner. 

Carcda, af. Bow-barge used in India. 

Cdrcola, ^. Treadle of a loom. 

Carc6ma, iff. Wood-louse; grief; prodigal; 
caries of bone. 

Caroomer, «a. To gnaw ; oonsume by de- 
greos.-^r. To decay, decline in health, &c 

Carcomido, da, a. Worm-eaten, consumed. 

Carda, fff. Teasel ; hatter's Jack ; severe rep- 
rimand. Gents ds la carda ot loads la 
oarda^ Idle street-walkerSb 

Gardaddr, am. Carder, comber. 

Oardad&ra, a/. Carding, combing wool. 

Cardamino prat^nse, am, (Bot) Y. Card&- 

Carddmlno pn^nse or de prAdoo, am. (Bot) 
Meadow cresses; cuckoo flower. 

Gordamdmo, am. (Bot) Cardamomum, a 
medicinal seed. 

Cardam6uri, «< Drug used in dyeing. 

Carddr, «ak To card wool ; raise the nap 
with a teasel CardarU d uno la laiuL 
To win a large sum at play. Cardarla a 
aUfimola lana, To reprimand severely. 

Cardellna, ^. Goldfinch, thistle finch. 

CardenAl, am. Cardinal; Virginian nightin- 
gale; weal or discoloration by a lash; 

Cardenaldto, am, Cardlnalate, eardinalBhip. 

Cardenalicio, cia, a. Belonging to a cardinal 

Card6ncha. af. (Bot) Teasel ; comb for wool 

Oardench&l, am. Plaoo where teasels grow. 

Cardenillo, am, Yerdlgrise; verditer, a green 

Cwdeno, no, a. Livid. 

Card^ro, am. Card-maker. 

Cardiica, tf. Common mother-wort 

Cardiaco, ca, a. (Med.) Cardiac; oordial, In- 

Gardlalgia, ^f. (Med.) Oardialgy, heartburn. 

Canliilgico, ca, a. Belonging to cardialgy. 


Cardico, iUo^ Ho, am, dim. Small thJatla 

CardilloL am. Golden thistle. 

Cardin&l, a. Cardinal, principal 

C<ardizdl, am. Land covered with thistles, 

Cdrdo, am. Thistle (prickly weedX artichoke. 
Cardo alcaekqfera, Garden artichoke. 
Cardo aanto^ Cardo handUo, Blessed 
tliistle, centaiury, Mexican argetnone. 

Cordon, am. (Bot) Teasel Cordon da co- 
chinilla^ Cochineal, caetnSb 

CardoncUlo, am. Mountain carthamy. 

Card6cha, «! Large iron comb for wooL 

Carddme, Card6men. am. Shoal of flsbeSk 

Carduzad6r, am. -Carder, wool-comber. 

Carduzdl, am. Ground fUli of thistles. 

Carduz4r, «A To card or oomb wool 

Carear, va. To oonfh>nt criminals; com- 
pare. — vr. To assemble for business. 

Careodr, vn. To want, be in need, laek. 

Carecidntc. pa. Wanting. 

Car^a, af. Careening of a ship. Oewma 
mayor^ Thorough repair. Jhxr oarma^ 
To careen. (Met) To blame, reprimnnd; 

Carendge, sm. (}areening-p1ace, doek-yvd. 

CJarenur, 90. To careen a ship. Apann^d* 
carenar. Careening gear. 

Car6ncia, af. Want, need, lack. 

CarenSro, «m, Carcening-plaoe, dock^yard. 

Cort&o, am. Confrontation; comparison; 

Car6ra ra, a. Selling things dear. [price. 

Carestia, ^ Scarcity, want; Ihmlne; fatgli 

Car^ta, if. Mask of pasteboard; wire Ikce- 

Car6to, ta, a. Horse marked with a whito 
8i>ot in the forehead. 

Carey, am. Tortoise-shell. 

CdrgH, ^f. Load, burden, freight; cargo; 
chaise. Oarga muerta^ Overioading, 
dead load; duty. Carga raal, Kingv 
tax, land tax. uarga cemtda, YoUey, a 
general discharge. Carfia oonot^ Mo- 
nicipal office. Dar&unotmaoargaiserra' 
da. To scold severely. Dar con la carQa 
«n^rra, To sink under fiUigue. Echarla 
earga d otro^ To throw the blame upon 
another. Fo^r«r A la carga aobre A 
enamigo^ To return to the charge. 8er 
algwfut coaa de ciento en carga^ To be 
of little value. Xtpcio de earga^ Ship of 
burden. A' carga eerradcs Boisteroos- 
Iv, inconsiderately. A' cargaa^ Abnn* 
dantly, in great plenty. 

C^rg&das, ^,fk Game at cards. 

Cargad^ra, af. Down-liaals, brails. 

Cargoddro, am. Place where goods are load- 
ed or unloaded. [tractod. 

Cargadilia, 4^ Increase of a debt newly con- 

Cargddo, sm. A Spanish step in danciiig. 

Cargido, da, a. Loaded, ftill; fraught Oir- 
gado de eapaldaa^ Bound-shouldered. 
Eatar oargado de Wno, To be toi>-faeavy. 

CSargaddr, am. Freighter; loader; rammer; 
tackles. Y. PatoA^uines, Plates la glid- 

Cargam6nto, am. Cargo. 

Cargar, «a. and n. To load, flrelgbt; ship 
goods. Cargar dJMe, To ship goods on 
freight; overload, dog; oba^ book; 

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liDpo0e; impute; take a ebarge; crowd. 
Ccurgar dauuUero^ To be top-heavy, or 
ftaddled. Var^ar arrtba una veUi^ To 
dneopaanL Cargarlaeonsideraoion, 
To T^ect with cODAlderaiion. Cargar 
la mono. To parsue a thine with easer- 
aeSB. Oaraar lo» dados. To cog dice. 
Carffor sabre uao^ To importunej teaee. 
— w. To rocline. 

Cargudn^ •/. Garao of a ahtp; heavineaa. 

Cai^ am. Borden, caiigo; t4>tal amoant; 
d^ty, office, cbarige. Cargo eonc^il^ 
A manicipal office; ooounaQd; fault 
Coirgo de eondenda, KeouMve. Jlacer 
cargo d aiguno de una eoaa, To chane 
one with a fault Ifacerte eargo de^ To 
take chai|^ ut Ser on, cargo^ To be 

Cargne, tm. License to load. 

Cugnero, ra, a He who bean a burden. 

Cai^ca, iUa, ita, ^f. dim. Small or Ught 

Cargiuo, aiik Cargo of merchandise. 

Carta, ^ Fust, the body of a column ; carlea, 
rotteaoeaak [nonce. 

Cariateedo, da, a. A sour-looking connte* 

Cariacontecido, da, a. Sad, mournfhl. [cuts. 

CariacnchilUido. da, a. Face marked with 

Cferiado, da, a. Carioua, rotten. noeed. 

Oariagnilcno, na, A Long-visaged, hook- 

Garlimponido, da, a. Kound-faced, plump- 

Cariancho, cha, a. Broad-faced, chubby. 

Cari4ne, w. (Mod.) To grow carious. 

Cariitide, f/: Caryatldea, columns In the 
flfure 61 women. 

Canbe, am. A Carib, cannibal, a savage. 

Caribito, «m. A river fish of the bream spa- 

Caribdbo, ba, a. Having a stupid look. 

Garica, */. Sort of kidney beans. Y. Carita. 

Carieatara, ^ Caricature. 

Carida, {< Careesi, endearment 

Caricioaun^nte, a^d. In a fondling manner. 

Carid«eo, sa, a. Fondling, endearing, ca- 
resBing. [posed mien. 

Caricn^do, da, a. Having a serene or com- 

Otfidid, »f. Charity, good-will; a)m& 

(Widdant^ro, ra, a^ (Little us.) Brazen- 
bced, impudent. [tenance. 

Ouidollente, a. Having a mournful coun- 

Cariea, «^ Caries ; pellide of the bone. 

CMescnto, a. Corrugated, shrivelled. 

Cariexcnto, ta, a. Brazen-&oed, impudent 

Carifrunddo, da, a. Wrinkle-fluMd. 

Cuigdrdo, da, a. Full-laced. 

^^M^Ro. g*» «• Long-visaged. 

CaiiUa, ^ Small fiftce; silver coin. 

CariU^no, na, a. (Coll.) Plump-faced. 

CarUlo, Ila, a. dim. Dear, hiffh-prioed. 

Caril6do, cla, a. Having a glossy face. 

Cari116do, da, a. With full plump cheeks. 

Gsrina, ^ A peculiar Soman building. 

Ouin^gro, gra. a. Of a swarthy complexion. 

Ouininfo, ct Having a womanish noe. 

CsriAo, am. I^ove, Ibndness, kindness. 

CariAosamSnte, ad. Fondly; kindly. 

Osrlft^ sa, a. Affectionate; benevolent, 
kind; longing after. 

Giil«flI4ta, Yt Herb bannet, eommon avena. 


Cari6ta, ^ Wild carrot 

Caripando, da, a. Idiot-like, stnpid-fhoed. 

Garipar^o, Ja, a. and si A similar Iho* 

Cariraido, da, a. Brazen-faced, impudent 

Carired6ndo^ da, a. Bound-lhced. 

Caris, 9m. Kind of ragout or fricassee. 

Carisma, sm. Divine gilt or fhvor. 

Garistia, s/ A small bird. 

Carita, iff. dim. Little or small ftce. JWt 
Joles do eariia, bUdc-eyed peas. 

Garitativam^te, ad. Charitably. 

CaritaUvo, va, a. Charitable, hoapitable. 

Cariz, sm^ Appearance of the weather at sea. 

Carlim, mk AUgistrate of a district in Ara- 

Carlanca, ^. A ma.5tifrs collar. Tefier mo- 
chas earlancaSf To be very cunning or 
crafty. [crafty. 

Garlanc6n, ntu Person very subtle and 

Carlania, iff. Dignity and district of a carlan* 

CorleAr, im. To pant, palpitate, harass. 

Carlin, am. An ancient silver coin. 

Cariina, ^/l Garline thistle. 

Garlinga, 4/! Step of a maat 

Carl6n. Vitio carton^ Catalonia wine^ 
Benlcarlo wine. 

Carm61, am. Ribwort, plantain, rib-grasiL 

Carmelita, a. Carmelite.— 4/! Flower of tha 
gr«at Indian cress. [melite order. 

Carraelitano, na, <t Belonging to the Car- 

Ciinnen, 9m. Country-house and garden; 
Carmelite order. [on clotli. 

Garmenarlor, 9m. Teaser, raiser m the ni^ 

Carmenadiira, *(/. Scratching up of the napi 

Carmenir, ro. To prick or card wool; to 
scratch up the nap; pull out hair of tha 
head; win at play. 

GdrmeSj «m. Kermes, the cochineal Insect 

Carmesi, 9m, and a. Cochineal powder; crim- 
son, bright red. [roee color. 

Carmm, 9m. Carmine. Carmin bmfo. Pale 

Carminibte, pa. V. CarminaUvo. 

C4irminativo, 9tn. Carminative. 

Camada, if. Bait 

Carnage, «m. Salt beef 

Carnii, a. Carnal; sensual; worldly. 

Carnal, 9m. Flesh-eating time (for CatholicsX 

Camaliddd, ^. Carnality, lustflilness. 

Camalmente, ad. Carnally, sensually. 

Camavil, am. Carnival. 

Ounica, 1^. Fleshy part of a hide or skin; 
meal consisting of an abundance of meat 

Came, ^ Flesh; meat or flesh-meat; pulp 
of fruit; a boyish plav. Came de pdo. 
Flesh of hares, raobits, Ac Cams do 
p^uma, Flesh of fowls. Cartio momia, 
Preserved meat Camo 9in ktteao. Much 
profit and litUe trouble. Schar came9. 
To grow fat Ftinor toda ta cams en H 
OMd^r, To hazard all. Ser uflay camo, 
To be hand and glove. £n cornea. Na- 
ked. Came de grc^y Brown, meagre 
woman. Toner eamo do perro. To be 
strong. . 

Gamedlla, ef. Small excrescence of flesh. 

Caraer^ua, »/. Flock of sheep. 

Garner^ «*». Tax or duty on sheepb 

Carnerdrio, 9m. Charnel-house. 

Carnereamitoto, am. Poundage on sbMpw 

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CbviMreAr, wk To fine for damage by sheep. 

Ouiier6ro, »m. Shepherd. 

Qimeril, mn. Sheep-walk, shoep-pastnre. 

Carn^o, am. Sheep, znatton; sbeop-skhi; 
flunilir vanlt; charnel-house. Cantero 
adcUid matuio^ Bell-wether. Camera 
de«imienU,1Um tor hneding. Oamero 
eiolan, Bidgil or ridgliDg. (Mrnero ma- 
Wno, White shark. Oamero tierde^ 
Hashed mutton. Jfb hay UtUi carfterot^ 
There Is no sach thing. 

Camer&no, na, a Resembling sheep. 

Camestolendaa, af. pi. The camiraL 

Camicoria, 9f. Shambles, slaughter-house, 
havoc. Maeer oamicenOf To cut away 

Carnio^ro, am. Butcher. 

Gamio^ro, ra, a. CamiTorons : bloodthinty. 
Zibra eamicerOit Pound weight for 
bntcher*8 meat 

Osmicol, am. Hoof of cloven-footed animate. 

Camificacl^n, am, Gamiflcation. 

Camiflc&ne, vr. To camify, to breed flesh. 

Camivoro, ra, a. Gamlvorons. [meat 

Carnixa, af. Befhse of meat; cats* or dogs* 

Camosldad, ^. Oamosity, proud flesh; 
abundance of flesh. [pulpy. 

Cam6so, sa, €k Fleshy; flill of marrow; 

CamAdo, da, a. Y. Oamoao. [loathing. 

CamCoa, ^ Abundance of meat, producing 

Ciro, ra, a. Dear, high-priced; dear, be- 
loved. Oaro booadOy A dear morsel 

Giro. a<L Dearly, at a high price. 

Car6bo, am. Twenty-fourth part of a grain ; 
Turkish vessel. 

Gar<^ am. Caress, cf^ollng. 

Car5oha, ^. £99 of the queen bee. 

CarochAr, «& To lay and hatch eggs : ap- 
plied to tlie queen bee. 

Cairolus, am. Ancient Flemish coin. 

Garom6mia. nf. The dry flesh of a mummy. 

Car6na, ^ Inner part of the saddle. A- 
quUar la earowju To shear the back of a 
mule. Blando de earona, very foeble 
or lazy; falling in love easily. 

Garon&da, ^ Carronade. [Joling. 

Caroqudro, ra, t. Wheedler, flatterer; ca- 

Oarosl^ra, 4^ Kind of palm-tree, (compan 
coroao). [fruita 

Gar6eo, 9m. The stone of*peaches or orother 

Car6ta8, ^.pL Bolls of tobaoca 

Car6tida, A/The carotid artery. [tieeda 

Car6zo, am. Polliclo containing pomegranate 

G&rpa, ^ (lehth.) Carp; torn'-oif bunch of 

Carpan61, am. Semi-elliptic arch. 

Cdrpe, am. Common horn-beam tree. 

Carped&l, am. Plantation of common horn- 
beam trees. [ope. 

Carpfita, ^ Table-cover; portfolio; envel- 

Garpintedr, wu To do carpenter's work. 

Carpinteria, rf. Carpentry; carpenter's shop. 

Carpint^o, am. Carpenter, joiner. Oou^ 
jnntero as blaruso^ Joiner. CarpifUero 
ds prieto, Cartwrlght CarpinUro ds 
obr€U ds afusra, Soof-carpenter. Chr- 
pirUero da riheraa or de navio^ Ship- 
wright Masatro ds rsmoa^ 
Master oar-maker. Sejfundo earpitU^v, 
Gaipenter*8 matn. 


Carpt6n, am. Laige carp. 

Carptr, vn. To tear, scrape, scratch. 

Carpo. am. Carpus, wTist 

Carimbalsamo, am. Carpobalsamum, ftuil 

or the balm of Gilead tree. 
Carp6fiigo, am. One who lives on fruit 
Carquoja or CarqueUa, ^. (Bot) V. Oar- 

Carqucsa, Carqndsia, ^f. A glass-annealing 

fhmacoL (Bot) Kest-harrow, green-weed. 
Carrkta,^Carack; rattle; navy-yard. 
Carrac6n, am. Laiige ship; large rattle; 

worn-out animal. 
CHrrAl, am. Barrel, butt, vat [stripesi 

Carrel^Ja, ^ Black beeUe with yellow 
Carralcro, atn. Cooper. 
Carrand&n, am. Gingham. 
Canindo, am, A blue bird of Estremadnra. 

Carrancudo, da, a. Starched, stiff, 1 
CarrAnque, atn. A Peruvian bird resembling 

a crane. 
Carrisca. 4^ Evergreen oak. 
CarrasdU, am. Plantation of evergreen oaka. 
Carribco, am. Evergreen oak. 
Carrascon. sm. Largo evergreen oak. 
Carraspada, ^. Kegua, a beveniga of red 

wine, honey, &c 
CarraspAnte, a. Harsh, acrid, strong. 
Carraspera, 4^ Hoarsenem; sore throat 
Carraepique, a/. (Bot) Candy-toft [strong. 
Carrasqueflo, fla, a. llarsh, sharp; rough; 
CarrasquiUa, ^. (Bot) A species of Bham- 

Carr6ra, tf. Bunning : a career, a race ; nee- 
ground; high-road; avenue; walk In a 
garden; row; girder; broken stitch ; pro- 
fession; course; conduct; street Oatme^ 
ra ds eordslfiria, Bopo-walk. Carrsra 
de Indiaa, Trade from Spain to South 
America. JBatar en carrsra.Tohe In tbB 
way of earning a livelihood, /'oimt d 
itno en oarrera, To provide one with an 
employment A' oarrsra abierta^ At 
ftall speed. J>e earrera^ Inconsiderately, 

Carrerilla, ta, f/ Small race-course; rapid 
motion in a Spanish dance; rise or &u oi 
an octave. 

Carreta, q/T Long narrow cart Cameta 
eubierta, Gallery of a siege. 

Carretiula, af. Cart-load; great quantity. 
A' earretadaa. Copiously, in abundanosi 

CarretAgo, am. Cartage, trade with carts. 

Carrete, am. Small reed for winding rilk, 
Ac ; reel for a flshing-rod. 

Carreteir, «a. To cart; drive a cart-— 91*. 
To draw nneveni v. 

Carret6I, am. Beel; log-reel; 8pnn>yani 
iHinch ; mpe-walk reel. Carretel ds car* 
pintsroi Cnalk-line reel 

Garret^ «/ High-road. (yard. 

Carreteria, af. Number of earts ; cartwngfat^ 

Carret^ro, am, Cartwright; camum. Vaa 
de oarreterOi Harsh, loud voice. (Astr.) 

Garretilla, af. Small cart; go-cart; squib; 
small wheel ; wheelbarrow. J>s carrs- 
HUa, By custom. Saber ds carrsUUa^ 
To know by heart 

Garret6n,Mi. Small cait; go-eart; atagak 

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Cbrretondllo, am. dim. Small go-cart 

Carrvton^ro, am. Driver of the earreton, 

CarrJooche, am. Old-lkshioned coach ; dang- 

Carricola, tf. Curricle, kind of phaeton. 

CarricuTvi^ f< Carriage of a light field- 
piec». [basket 

Carrirgo, mn. Oaier haidcet for fishing ; rough 

Carril, tnt. Rat; narrow road; farrow. 
Oerro oarril^ Railroad. 

OuTilvda, 9f. Wheel-rots in the road, wheel- 

Carrilliuia, nf. Ofly anhatance of a hog*8 
eh€«k. Carrilladas <U vaea 6 eamero^ 
(Prov.) Cow or sheep's bead. 

Cairflliir, eo^ To hoist things out of the hold. 

CarriHo, am. Small cart; cheek; hoisting 
tackle CarrUUMdsmo^^abolKi^BlxilIy- 
ebe«ked. 0>rrM* eorri/Zoa, Uorse-raclnK. 

Carrill6do, da, a. Plump or roond cheeked. 

Carri6la« ^, Traekie-bed; smaU chariot; 

Oairizal, mn. Land ftall of recd-jn«s& 

Carriao, mn. Common reed-graas. 

Cdrro, am. Cart Varan <M carro^ Shafts 
of a can; rnnningpartof acoach. (Astr.) 
The greater bear. Cktrro menor^ The 
leser bear. Oarro d4 Mbequiei, Sort of 
woollen stnft Oarro d4> oro^ Brnsseb 
camlet: cable faetorj. Untar el carrOy 
To bribe. Coff^rU A uno el carrOt To 
be nnlQdc7. 

Carrocha, /ff. Seminal sabatanoo in Inaeetiw 
Carroch&r, vn. To riied the seminal sab- 

Carrocilla, tf. dim. Small coach. 
Carrocin, mn. Chaise, corricle. [man. 

Garromat^ra, am Garter, charioteer, ear- 

Ganomito^ am A eart with two wheels and 

GarrAOa, e/. Oarrlon, pntrid flesh. 

Carrooir, WL To infect sheep with the scab. 

Ckrr6flo, fla, a. Putrefied, putrid, rotten. 

Garrtea, </! Large eoaeb; awning; poop- 

Gkrmagci, tm. All sorts of Tehlcles. 

Carmazdro, am. Carrier, carter, wsgoner. 

CarrAcha, tif. Pulley, machine to card wool, 
y. Oarrucha. [talna 

Garruco, ata. Small eart used in the moun- 

CnmO^a da, a. Corrnsated, wrinkled. 

CknAya, a^ Crea6, ami. Kerscr, woollen stuff. 

Carta, f/T Letter; royal orainance; map; 
cluut. Cdrta bUmea, Carte blanche. 
CkMrta eueniay Bill or account of sale. 
Carta ds dde^ Articles of marriage. 
Carta ds irula^ Passport Carta deea;- 
dm«ia, License for exercising a trade. 
Carta de horro^ Letten of enfranchise- 
ment Carta de W>re^ Guardian's dis- 
riiarge. Carta d^ naturalexa, Letters of 
naturalization. Carta ds aanidad^ Bill 
of health. Carta ds venta, BUI of sale. 
Carta ptomcutos Deed having a seal of 
lead, (hrta receptorUk, Warrant Touch- 
er. Ifo ew carta^ To hare a bad hand. 
Psrder oon dusnas earia*^ To fcil of 
BQceeas. Vsnir eon mains earlaSy To 
attempt to enfbroe an Ill-grounded claim. 

Gartabdn, tmw Sqoara, ratei Seharelear- 


UOxm^ To adopt measurea. Cartabfrn 
ds colOy Small square piece of glue; gun- 
ner^ quadrant 

C^irtama, tf. Dyer's safllower, saAion. 

Gartamo, sm. (Bot) Corthamos. [eL 

Cartap4do, am. Memorandum-book ; satch- 

Gartap^l, sm. Memorandum filled with ara- 
less matter. [reprehension. 

Cartazo, sm. Letter containing a severe 

CarteAr, vn. To play low cards.— ro. To 
steer by the chart — vr. To correspond by 

Cartel, sm. Placard, edict; cartel ship, flag 
of truce. [console, bracket 

Catt^la, »f. Memorandum on a slip of paper; 

Cartelon, sm. attgm. Long edict 

Cartco, sm. Frequent intercourse by letters. 

Carters, ^. Portfolio, pocket-book; letter^ 
case; pocket-flap. 

Carteri&na, af. Sort of silk. 

Cart^ro, am. Letter-carrier, postman. 

Carteta, ^ A game at cards. [of a book. 

Cartib&nas, af. pk Paper glued to the leaves 

Cartica, Cartita, 4^<ffm. Small letter or nota 

Cartilaginoeo, ra, a. Cartllag1nou^ gristly. 

CartilAgo, am^ Cartila^^e. gristle : parchment 

Cartklla, t(f. Small letter or note; primer; 
certificate. Ijierie d uno la carttUa, To 
give one a lecture. Jfo aaber la cartUUi^ 
To be extremely Ignorant [cartoon. 

Cart6n, am. Pasteboard; pasteboard-box; 

Cartoncro, am. Pasteboard-maker. 

Cartnchcra, a/. Cartridge-box. [target 

Carti'tcho, am. A cartridge, cartouch ; small 

Cnrtf\la, if. Carthusian order. 

Cartm&no, na, a. Carthusian. 

Cartdjjo. am. Carthusian monk ; kind of skin. 

GartuMrio, sm. Archives; register; the 
archivist; concher. 

Cartiilina, ^. Pasteboard pattern. 

Cardncula, ^ Caruncle; crustaceoua ax- 

Carv41lo, am. Common British oak. 

CArvi, am. Caraway; caraway-seed. 

C^ {^ House; home; lineage; a square 
of a checker-board. Ortsa ds monsda^ 
Mint Casa de poaa^Oy Lodging-house. 
Casa de usted- (in the date of letters). At 
home. Ctaaa<f«/>oafa, Stage-house. Caaa 
detiOy.ltAl Caaa piUflica^ Brothel Caaa 
d^ aanidad, Oflico of the board of health. 
C(taa aolarlfffo^ Ancient mansion-house. 
Franquear la caaa^ To grant a fkee ac- 
cess to one's house. Guardar la easa^ 
To stay at home. ITacer au eaaa^ To 
raise one's own family. Ponsr casa. To 
begin housekeeping. PoneHs A uno oasa^ 
To fVimish a house for another. S^ mup 
de casOy To be very intimate. Casa del 
SeffOTy ds Dios or as oracion, Church or 
temple. Casa santa^ Church of the Iloly 

Ca-saca. af. Coat upper garment of a man. 
Casaea de muffer, A woman's Jacket 
Volvsr caaaca. To become a turn-coat 

Ca9ad6n, af. Abrogation, the act of annul- 
ling a law. 

Casac^n, am. Oreat-coat [riagew 

Casad6ro, ra, a. Marriageable, fit fbr mar* 

Gaa^l, sm. Countiy-boaae. 

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Guam&ta, tf. (Fort) Ouemate. [maker. 

GtaamentttrOf ns «. Hatch or marriage 

Casamiento, am. Marriage; match; bot; a 
wife's ibrtone. 

Caaapncrta, »f. Porch. 

Casaqailla,^/: Kind of short and looee foclcet 

Gas&r, vn. Hamlet, a small villaise ; laborer's 

Cas^r, CO. To many; unite; sort thinip; 
repeal.— «r. To marry, take a wife; match 

Gasatienda, a/T Tradesman'fe shop^ 

Caa4ve, «i/k V. Catah^ 

Gaa^o, mn. (Coll. Angm.) Great event 

CAsca, ^. Husks of pressed grapes; tad 
wine; kind of sweet bread. 

Oascabel, am. IlawkVbell; morrls-bell ; rat^ 
tiesuako; rattlebrained fellow. Echar & 
uno el cawahH. To throw off a harden 
on another. Echar d CMcabelt To bint 
Tener ccuoabfl, To bo uneasy. 

Gascadcluda, ^. Jingling with small bells; 
Inconsiderate npecch or act 

CaAcabeIe4r, va. To feed with rain hopes. — 
wh. To act with levity. 

Oaacabelillo, am. dim. Small black plum. 

Cascabillo, am. Hawk's- bell; morris-bell; 
chaff; acorn bosk. • 

Cascaciru^las, tn. Mean, despicable follow. 

Ca<<cdda, */. Ca«K»de, water-fall. Caseadas^ 
Hangins or fold of drapery. 

Casc4do, da, a. Broken, decayed, infirm. In 
bad health; crazy. Ca«eado9^ Broken 

Oaaca(16ra,f< Bursting or breaking asunder. 

Ca8Cfl)&I, (^'icid&r, 9m, Place fkill of gravel 
and pebbles; place to deposit grape-hoska. 

Casc^o, mn. Oravcl : shell of nuts ^ ; rub- 
bish; sillquous plants; bridle-bit; very 
old and infirm Dcrson. 

CasciO^ Ut a. Oravelly. [slightly. 

Caacami^ilr, xm. To break, bmlm, or pound 

Cascamionto, am. Breaking or bruising. 

Cascanu6ces mi. Nut-cracker. 

Cascapifi6nes, mn. Who shells and cleans 
hot pine-nuts. 

GascAr, fo. To crack, burst; crannch ; boat . 
shell. Camsar A uno ku liemdrta^ To 
give one a fine licking.— or. To be broken 

Cucara, ^f. Rind, peel, hull, husk: bark of 
trees; lansquenet, a game at cara& 

Gascaraa, int Ob 1 an exclamation. 

Gascar^la, ^f. Lansquenet a game at jcarda 

Gascarilia, Cascarita, a< Thin bark; casca- 

Oascar^ja, ^. Wood-bbrer, ship-worm. 

Caacaron, am. Egg-shell ; arch : niche ; trick. 

Cascarr6n, na, a« Rough, harsh, rude. 

Caacar&do, da, Ck Having a thick rind or 
shell. [knocked together. 

OascaruR'ta, «/ Noise made by the teeth 

Casco, tm. 8kall, cranium: potaberd; onion- 
peel; helmet; crown of a hat; cask, vat 
CVmoo de un na€U>^ Hull of a ship. Oa»co 
y quiUa, Bottomry ; hoot Oancoa^ Heads 
without the tongues. Lavar d uno loi 
(-a«c<ML To flatter, ci^ole. LevanUirle A 
uno de cojuxm^ To fill one's head with 
vanity. Rvmper loe caecoe. To molest 


Tenet loe eaeooe A la ffineta^ To l>e «m 

the high horse. Ten^ maloe eaeeo^ To 

be crazy or hare-brained. 
Casc6te, em. Rubbish, ruins IWigmenta. 
Cascoteria. e/. Wall or work made of rub- 
Cascudo, da, a. Large-hoofed. [blah. 

Caseaci6n, e/. Caseation or curding. 
Caoeoeo, aa. a. Caseous, chee^. 
Caa&n, ^. Housekeeper. Y. Caeero, 
Caseramdnte, ad. Homely, in a plain manner. 
Caseria, ^. Messuage, fiumer's lodge ; ecoo- 

omv. \y^^ small town. 

GascriOt em. A series of houses; village or 
Oasorna, ^. Casern or barracka. 
Casero, ra, e. Landlord ; steward of a hooM. 

— a. Domestic, homely; home-made; 

home-bred. Saile cueerOy Famlly-danoaw 

Muaer easera^ a good housewife. 
Caseron, am. A very great houae; great 

Cascta, ef. dim. Small house, hut, cottage. 
Ctoi, ad. Almost, nearly. Caei que or caU 

caei^ Very nearly. 
Cosla, ef. Bastard cinnamon or cassia. 
Casica, ilia, ita, f/C dim. Small hooae. cabin. 

caeUlae, To harass one. [stools. 

Casillor, am. Person to empty the cloee- 

CasillinM, em. pL V. CaeUiae. [aflUr. 

Casillo, em. Trifling cause; a momentoua 

Casimbas 4< pL Bailing-buckets. 

Casimiro, em. Kerseymere. 

Casina, if/. Cottage ; a kind of tea. 

Casino, am. Club-house. 

C^ em. Bvent case, occurrence ; eaaoalty; 
opportunitv. En todo caeo^ At all evoota. 
JEMtfr0n<^O£Uw, To comprehend. Ifacer 
eaeo de^ To esteem ; take notice oC At 
eaeo^ To the puriMisew Caso qu^ In case 

Ca86rio, em. Inconsiderate marriage; wed- 

CAspa, 4^ Dandruff. Bcnr£ [ding. 

Casp6ra, ef. Comb for dandruff. 

Caspita, int Wonderfhl I 

Casp6so. sa, a. Full of dandmfll 

Casquet^o, etn. Butt with the head. 

Casquete, am. Helmet; wig; man'k cap; 
cataplasm to take off the Bcur£ 

OasquIblAndo, da, a. Soft-hoofed. 

CasquiderrainMo, da, a. Wide-hoofed. 

Casquilot em. Gravel 

Casqnilla, 4^ (Jell of the queen bee. 

CasqnUlo, em. Small steel helmet; steel 
arrow point 

C}asqui16cio. cia, a. Gay, frolicsome. 

Casqnimul^o, fia, a. Narrow-hoofed. 

CasquivAno, na, a. Impudent, inoonatdenite. 

GAsta, (if. ()aste, race, clan; breed; kind. 
Haeereoiich, To get a particular breed. 

Ca8tam6nte, ad. Chastely. 

CastAfia, ^. Chestnut; any seed similar to a 
chestnut; bottle; club of hair. CadUOa 
ptionga^ or apilada. Dried chestnut 
Oaeto/ia reffolaana, or de Tndiae^ Uone- 
chostnut Oaetafia de maraOom or d4 
pqjuil or de merey, Caahew-nnt 

(^tafiil, Castallir, em. Grove or plantation 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


GastafittEO, mi. Blow fh>ni a chestnuL 
Cksufiedov am. Ch«stnat-groTe or planta- 

tk>B. J[obe6tnat-treea. 

Cntancra, ^ Coontrr aboandlng with 
CastaDero, ra, «. Dealer in cbtistnats. 
GasUDOta, tf. Snapping of th« flngen; caa- 

GastaActazo, wm. Blow with a caatanet; 

bnratiiig of a ebeetnat in the fire ; cracking 

GaataAeteado, tm. Sound of castaneta. 
Qotafletear, tm. To rattle tbe caatanets; 

cncUe; eiy as partridges. 
Gastiflo, mn. Cbestnat-tree. Castaflo ds 

ImditU, Horse-cbestnut tree. 
CaatifiOt fta, a. Hazel, hazellj. 
GastaAn^Ut «/ Ca&tanet. KUar como una 

eeuUtfiuela, To be very m.—pL Cleats. 
Caota&a^lo, la, a. Of a li^t cnestnnt color. 
Castellin, am. Castellan, governor of a castle. 
CwteUanta, ^. Castellanjr, castle district 
CaateOino. 9m. Spanish coin; fiftieth part 

ofa mark of gold; Spanish language; cas- 
tellan, the governor or warden of a castle ; 

1-100 ofa 8p.Ib. = 71Tn)7 grains. A' la 

eaaUitanOt In the Caatlllaa ikahlon.— ii. 

Oastellar, am. Tntsan, Saint John^a wort 
CaatidAd, ^ Chastity, continence, honor. 
Ctatigacidn, tf. Castigation; correction of 

eiiuta [cord. 

Cbsllgad^JS/! Bell-rope of a mule; sturrnp- 
Castigador, ra. A Pnnisber, cfaastiser. 
Casti«ar, «<i. To chastise, afiSict 
OBstiTO, am. Ponishment, penalty ; eensnre. 
Caatiniige, am. C«tiUeria» ^. Tnnsit toll 

over castle propeitv. 
Caatilldjo, am. A small castle ; go-cart 
Otstillo, am. Outlet fort CoaMOo da proa^ 

Outilloeio, 901. dim. A small 'castle^ 
Castizo, xa, a. Of noble descent, of a good 

breed; pare. 
Gfotoi, ta» a. Pare, chaste, modest, dean. 
Castor, am.. Castor, a beaver; fine red baize. 
Castordllo, am. Kind of rough serge like 

Cast^reoy am. Gastorenm. 
C^rtra, f< Pmning of trees or plants. 
Caatracion, ^. Castration, gelding. 
Caatrad^ra, 4^ Iron inatrament to 

boner from the hivei 
Ca£trad6r, am. Oelder or eastrater. 
CastradJira, a(. Castration or its sea ^_ ^ 
Caatrametatclon, ^. Castrametation, encamp- 
Castrapa^rcaa, am. Sow-gelder's whistle. 
Gastr4r, «a. To geld, castrate; eat away; 

prone [hives; gelding season. 

Gastrax6n, if. Catting honeycombs oat of 
Castrinse, a. Belonging to the militarr. 
Castro, am. Raina of ancient fortified plaoat; 

taking honeycombs out of bivea. 
GSMtron. am. Oastrated goat 
Caaa&l, a. Oasoal, accidental, fortnitona. 
Gbsaalidid, ^. Gaaoalty, hazard, hap, acci- 
dent [contingently. 
Oaaiialmfota, ad. Casually, accidentally, 
GM6eha, ^^Miaerable hat, crib. 
Gaso^U am. Gaaaowary, emeu. 
Oasufeti^ «m^ Caaoist 




OMuistieo, ca, d. CaaaiatleaL [priestft* 

Gaaulla, ^. Chasuble, vestment worn by 

Oasaliera am. Maker of chorch vestments. 

Cuts, «/ Tasting, trial by taste. Ikw d cata, 
To give npon triaL 

CAla, ad. (CoIL) Mark, beware^ 

Oatabre, am (Nan.) Sheep-shank. [Ae. 

Oatacdldos, am. Taster of wine, liqaon, soup, 

Oatarlwmo, am.. Cataclysm, deloge, lnanda> 

Catacumbas, "f-pl. Cataoombab 

Catacostica, «/ Catacoustlos. 

Catad6r, am. Taster. 

Catadapa, {/? Catadope, water-fidl, cataract 

Catad^ra, ^. Tasting; gesture, face. 

Catafulco, am. A temporary cenotaph. 

Gatal^Jo, am. Telescope. 

Cataleciico, a. (Poet) Catalectio. [dne. 

Catalic6n, am, Catholicon, nniversal medi- 

Catilo^, am. Caulogne, role, file, matricula. 

Catamito, am. Catamite. 

Gat4n, am. Indian sabre or cutlass. 

Gatan&nce, Catan&nqne, ^ (Bot) Lion's-ibot 

Catapldsma, a/. Cataplasm or poultlcei 

Catap6cia mendr, ^ Letoier or caper sparge. 
Catapucia mayor^ Castor-oil plant 

CaUpiilta, ^ Catapult, a military engine. 

Catdr, vow To taste; investigate; Judge; 
bear in mind; cut the oomba out of bee- 

Catar&fia, a/. Sheldrake, kind of duck. 

Gatardta, ^. Cataract of the eye ; water-fall, 
caaoade. Tenar cataraiaa, Aot to un- 
derstand clearly. 

Cataribera, am. Man to follow the hawk; 
official examiner of the decisions of magis- 

Oatarr41, a. Catarrhal [cold. 

Catarri^nto, ta, a. Catarrhons, of or from a 

Catikrro, am. Catarrh, a cold. Catdrro epU 
dimica, Influenza. [cold. 

Oatarr6eo, aa, a. Catarrhal ; subject to catch 

Gat&rtico, ca, a Cathartic, purging. 

Catistro, am. Oeneral tax, chiefly on land. 

Catdstrofe, 9f. Cataatrophe; denouement 

Gataviento^ ank (Nan.) Dog-vane; weather- 

Gatavino, am. Small Jug to taste wine ; small 
tap-hole.— />^ Wine-taster; tippler. 

Gatacismo, am. Catechism. 

Gateeumdnloo, ca, a. CatecbumenlcaL 

Gatecumeno, na, a. Catechnmen. 

Oi^tedra, ^ Chair of a profeeaor ; profeesor- 
ship: see. 

GatedrAl, a. and ^ Cathedral. [charch. 

Catedralid&d, «/! Dignity of a cathedral 

Catedr&tloo, am Professor in a college or 
university ; contribution paid bv the cler- 
gy to bianopSk [fessorsbip. 

Gatedrilla, ^f. Poor or leas Important pro- 

Categoria, tf. Category; class, character, 
quality, or rank. 

Gateg6rlcam6nte, ad. Categorically. 

Categ6rioo, ca, a. Categorical, catcgoria 

Cateqniamo, am. Catechism. 

Catequista, am, Catechist 

Gatequistico, ca, a. Catechetical, catechetla 

Catequlzante, pa. Catechisor, catechbt 

CatequizAr, vo. To catechise; persuade. 

Gat^rva, tf. Multitude, swarm, crowd. 

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Oitito, ^ (Arch.) Catbetns, perpendicular 

Oaticidgo, ga, a. Purblind. 

Catimaron, nm. Catamaran, Indian raft. 

Catito, am. Loaf of best refined sugar. 

Cativacion, Cativamli^nto, Cativaz6n, Cap- 
tivity, captivation, slavery. 

Cativo, «?*. V. Cautivo. 

Cato, tnn. Japan earth. 

CatoHcamente, ad. In a catholic manner. 

Catolicismo, 9m. Catholicism. 

Cat«Jiico, ca, a. Catholic, universal; tme. 
Infallible. 2^o eidar muy catollco. Not 
to be very well [chemical furnace. 

Cat4'}lico, am* Catholic, a Roman Catholic; 

Cato1ie6n, am. Catholicon. 

Catdptrica, 4^ .Catoptriclc^ reflected vision. 

Catoptrico, ca. a. CatoptrlcaL 

Cat6rce, a. Fourteen. [nnitiea. 

Catorcona, a/. The coi\)unctlon of fourteen 

Catorcono, na, a. Fourteenth. V. rafUt. 

Ciltre, atn. Small bcdstend or cot Catra de 
mar^ Ilainmoctc. Cutre da tijara d la 
ingl^aa^ Field-bed, cot 

Catricofre, am. Prc^s-bc(i which shats up. 

Cat^ires, attK Kind of armed vessel of Ban- 
tam, [common burdock. 

Caucillde, am. (Bot) Great bur parsley; 

Odttoe, am. Drain for conveying water. 

Cuncliu, atn. Gum-elastic. 

Caucion, af. Caution or oecoritv ; gage ; bail 

Caucion^, «a. ( J^w) To guard against ; ball 

Cauctonero, am. Surety, oail. 

Cauda, af. Train of a bishop's robe. 

Caudal, am. Property, wealth, ftind; capital ; 
plenty. Ifac^r caudal d^ To hold in 
Liffh estimation. 

Caudalojo, am. dim. Middling fortune. 

CaudalMo, sa, a. Rivers carrying much 
water. [train of a bishop. 

Caudatario, am. Clergyman who carries the 

Cauddto, ta, a. Having a tall ; bearded, hair>-. 

Caudillo. am. Commander of an armed troop ; 
chief, leader. 

Cand6n. am. V. Alcaudofk 

Oanlicolo, Canliculo, am. Ornament of the 
capital of columns. 

C&uru, Mnw (Little ns.) Northwest wind. 

Cuusa, q/i Cause; motive; causality; law- 
suit Cauaa piWica^ Public good. A' 
cauaa df^ On account oC 

Causdble, a. Causable. 

Caudador, ra, a. Occssioner, eausator, causer. 

Causal, a. Causal. [constituent 

Causante, p<i. and am. Occasioner, causer; 

Causar, va. To cause, produce, make; sue; 

Causativo, va, a. Causative. 

Causidico, am. Advocate, counsellor. 

Causidico, ca. a. (Law) Causidical, forensic. 

Causon, wii. Btiraing fever which lasts sev- 
eral hourSb 

O&ustico, am. (Med.) Caustic. 

Canstico, ca, a. Caustic, caustlcaL 

Cautamente, ad. Cautiously. [ning. 

Cautuia, af. Caution, prudence; heed; cun- 

Cautelar, tw. To proceed with prudence. 

Oautelo8am6nte, ad. Cautiously, guardedly. 

CauteliSeo, sa, a. Cautions heedful 

Cant^Io, an\. (Surg.) Cautery; burning. 


Cauterlzaddn, af. Cauterization, cauterizing 

Cantorizador, «m. He who cauterizes. 

Cauterizar, fo. To cauterize; correct with 
severity. [charm. 

Cauti vdr, «a. To make prisoners ; captivate ; 

Cantivi-rio, arm. Cautividad, ^ CwDtivity; 
confinement (heaury. 

Cautivo, va, a. Captive by enemies or by 

CAuto, ta, a. Caniions. wary. 

Cilva, ^. Eartliing of vines; wine cellar; 
subterraneous vault 

Cavadiza, a. Dug out of a pit 

Cavador, mn. Digger. 

Cavadura, af. Difsging. 

Cavallillo, atn. Water-ftirrow between ridso. 

Cav^, vo. Todlg; excavate; paw.— cwTTo 
penetrate far into ; think intensely. 

Cavcrna, ^f. Cavern ; hollow. 

Cavcrnilla, af. dim. Small cavern. 

Cavcrnoso, sa, a. Cavernous, cavemed. 

Cavi, am. A Peruvian root, called oca, 

Cavtdud, af. Cavity, excavation. 

Cavidos, am. Portuguese measure of leDgth. 

Cavliacion, af. Cavilling. 

CavllAr, va. To cavil, 

Cavilla, ^f. (Nan.) A tninncL 

Cavillar, ^/(Bot) Sea-holly; atmnneL 

C4ivillad6r, am. Tree-nail or trnnnel maker. 

CaviUikr, va. (Nau.) To use tree-nails; to 

Cavilosam^nte, ad. Cavillously. 

Cavllosidad, af. Captiousness ; cavlllingDeaiL 

Cavil68o, sa, a. Captious, cavillous. 

Civo, va, ck A month having only twenfy- 
nine days. 

CayMa, {A ShepherrVs hook, crosier, staft 

Cayadilla, ^. dun. Small shenhcrd^s hook. 

Cayado, am. Shepherd's hooic, crook; cro- 
sier; staft 

Cayanto, am. Jl kind of stufC 

Cayoo, am. A sandaL 

Cayelac, am. Sweet-scented wood of Slam. 

Cayeput, am^ Ogeput oil. 

Cayo, am. Kev, rock, shoal, or islet. 

Cay6to, «in. (lk>t) American gourd. 

Cayou, «OT. Cashew-nut 

Cayuo), am. (Nau.) Small canoe in America. 

Caz, am. Canal near rivers, for irri^tion. 

Caza, af. Chase, hunting; gam& <\ivf 
mat/or^ Large game. C<ua w^nor^ Small 
game. Anaar d casa^ To hunt; go in 
pursuit oC Ltvantar la caza, To start 
the game. Dar caea, (Nau.) To 0ve 
chase. Ponerae en caza^ (Nau.) To ma- 
nceuvre In order to escape. 

Cazabe, am. Canada, cassave; flour and 
bread of cassada. [gamei 

Cazad£ro, »m. Chase, place for pursuing 

Cazador, am. Hunter, huntsman, sports- 
man ; chaser. Cazador dt alforja^ One 
who sports with dogs, Jte. 

Cazad6ra, ^f. Huntress. 

Cazaro6ecaa, am. (Om.) Fly-catcber. 

Caz^, to. To chase, hunt; gain by dexter- 
ity, by caresses; give chase ta Oasat 
una vela, (Nau.) To tally a saiL Caaar 
moaeaa. To waste one'i time. 

Cazcalear, tn. To fldget 

Cazc&rria, ^. Splashlngs of dirt on clothes 

Cazcarri^nto, ta, a. SpiBBhed, bemlred. 

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dao, «n. Copper sancepan ; copper or iron 
l«dl«L [nan. 

Ckzoleja, HtL, 9f. Snudl sancepan; gnnlock 

Oazol^t), «m. Mean person who does wo- 
xaen's work. 

Cazold'ro, ra, a. A person too officiona. 

CasDoletak »/. Gnnlock pan ; boss of a shield ; 
shell of a sword; kind of (lerftime. 

CasDliila, »/. dim. Small earthen pan. 

Cazo16n, 9m. avgm. Large earthen pot or 
stewpan. [lianu 

Caz6n, mn. (Icbth.) Tone-flsh, sweot-wil- 

Cazondl, 9rm, (Prov.) Fishing-tackle for the 

Cazon<^te, tan. (Nan.) Toggel, a wooden pin. 

Gazado, da, a. Ilaving a thick back (knife). 

Cazaela. if. An earthen pan ; stewed meat; 
wornens gallery in 8p.inlsh theatres. 
CoMuHa m<i/l or f»u>^ Tart of cheese, 
bread, apples, and honey. [cords. 

Cazambrar, ra. To Join staves with hempen 

Cazomtire, 9m. Hemiien cord to join staves. 

Cazambr^n, 9m. Cooper. 

Caz6r, am. (Bot) Bryony, white Jalap. 

Cazurro, nijff. Taciturn, snlky. 

Ce, inUrj. Ilark, hero, come here. For ce 
6 por &#, In one way or other. 

Cea, ttf. Thigh-bone, hip-bone. 

O^ca, 9f. (^Med.) Sciatica, a disease. 

C-eaUco, ca, a. (Med.) SciaticaL 

Ceba folminante, »f. Percossion cap. 

Cebida, «/ Barier. 

Oebafial, «m. Barley-fleld. 
Cebadixo, za, a. Belon^ring to barley. 
Cebadera, ^f. Bag in which ibed Is given to 

working cattle. (Nan.) Sprit-sail 
Ceboderia, ^. Barley-market 
Cebadero, 9m. Place where game or fowls 
are fed; breeder and feeder of hawks; 
male carrying the feed; bcll-mnle; en- 
trance of a kiln ; dealer in barley. 

Cebadllla, 9f. Indian caustic barley; sneeze- 
wort; prickly ox-eye ; hellebore snuff. 

Ceb&io, a. (Her.) A wolf with a lamb or 
kid In its mouth. [other animals. 

Cebad6r, am. One who Ikttens fowls, or 

Cebadura, ^. Feeding or fiUtening fowls, &c 

Cebir, fVK. and n. To feed, cram; ihtten 
fowls, Jbc; keep np a fire; excite and 
cherish a passion; prime a gnn; bait— 
rr. To be nrmly bent upon a thing. 

Celjellina, tf. Martin; sable; skin of the 

Cebica, f/T Clout, Iron plate to an axletroe. 

Cebo, 9m. Food, fodder; fiittening of fowls; 
b«it for wolves and birds of prey ; kind 
of monkey; cart-grease; bait; priming. 
C^jo or c^HifulminatUe^ Percussion cap. 

Ceb61Ia, «/ Onion ; bulb. C^boUa albar- 
rana, (Bot) SquiU. CeboUa atoaUmia, 
Shallot garlic. 

C«>hollina, ff. Three-toothed globnlaria. 

C«bollar, «m. Plot of ground sown with 

Obollero, ra, «. Dealer in onions. 

Ceboll6ta, ^ dim, A tender onion, [chive. 

Cebolfino, 9m. A young onion; onion seed; 

CeboUon, 9m. auffm. A large onion. 

Cebollfido, da» & Plant wiUi a big bulb ; ffl- 

Ceb6n, 9m. A fct bullock or hog. Cebonm 
de Galicia, Stall-fe<l bullocks. 

Ccboncillo, 9m. dim. Falling. 

Ccbra, tff. Zebra. 

Cebratana, 4/ A long wooden tube ; pleot 
of ordnance. 

Ceburro, a. Millet, pannle grass. 

Cecenr, ea. To pronounce the Spanish • m 
the Spanish a, or English th; lispw 

CJecco, «m. Lisping, lisp. 

Ceceoso, sa, «. Llsner.— a. Lisping. 

; (X'cbn, ^f. Vessel for drinking water. 

Cecial, 9m, Fish cured and dried in the afar. 

Cecias, *m. Northwest wind. 

Cecina, 9/. Hung beef £char en ceeina, 
To salt and dry meat 

Ctecinar, va. To make hung beef, [or sold. 

Ce<laceria, ^fl Shop where sieves are made 

Cedoccro, 9ni, Maker or seller of sieves, 
cribs, «tc 

Cedacillo, ito. 9m. dim, A small sieve. 

Cedizo, 9m. Sieve or strainer. Verpor tela 
de cedaxo, To sec other people's faults, 

Ce<lazuL*lo, 9m, dim. A small sieve or 

Cedontc, pa. Oding, granting. 

(^t-r, va. To grant, resign, yield, give np. 
— vn. To submit, coninly, give up; hap- 
pen, turn out ill or well ; grow leas. 

CJediza, a. Tainted : applied to meat 

Cddo, ad. Immediately, soon. 

Cedoilria, */ Zedoary. 

Cedria, «/. Cedria, cedar resin. [cedar. 

Cedride, Ccdrio, 9m. Cedrio, fruit of the 

Cedrino, na, a. (jedrine, cedarn. 

Ccdro, 9m. Cedar; Spanish Juniper. 

Cedron, 9m. Ce<iron-nuts, fruit of theSima- 
ba cedron. 

C!e<lula, 9/. Slip of parchment or paper; 
order, decree; lot; schedule; warrant 
CedtUa de aduana^ A permit Cedula 
de abono. Order to remit a tax to a town. 
CedtUa de cambio, Bill of exchange. 
Cedula real, Royal letters patent cV- 
dida ante diem, 'Secretary's summons of 
meeting. Echar cedtUa9y To draw or 
cast lots. [of decrees. 

Cedul^ge, 9m, Fees paid for the expedition 

CednlilTa, ita, it/, dim. A small slip or paper. 

(^duKSn, 9m, augm. A long edict; a libel- 
lous bill 

Cefnialgia, ef. Ccphalalgy, headache. 

Cefiillca, a. Cephalic: applied to a vein. 

CefjAlico, ca, a. Cephalic, belonging to the 

Ccfklo, 9m. Mullet, a kind of perch. 

Ceflro, 9m. Zephyr. 

C^fo. 9m, A large African monkey. 

C^gi^o, 9m. A he-goat, two years old. 
^ joeo, sa. a, Blear-eved. 

Cegar, t?n. To grow blind.— twi. To blind; 
darken; shut; stop up. 

Cegarrita, 9m, One who contracts the eye 
to see a&r. A' cegarriUUy With the eyes 

CegAto, ta, a. Short-sighted. 

Cegatoso, sa, a, V. Cef/ajoeo. 

Ceguecillo, Ceguezu^lo, em, dim» Uttle 
blind fellow. 

Ceguedid, ^f. BUndnesB; IgnorancA. 

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Cegatos tif. Disorder In the eje; abwlate 

Cegaeries, w^ Kind of martin, martin skinSb 

Ce^ainucla, ^f, Whip-staff of Uie helm. 

Colba, A^ Silk-cottoD-lroe. 

C^a, i(/r Eyebrow ; edging of clothes; bridge 
of stringed instruments; summit; circle 
of clouds. Jlavta la* wjait^ Full up to 
the eyea. Quemarae Uu c*^af$. To study 

CeJad<^ro, am. Traces of harness. 

Colar. aft. To retroerado; slacken, relax. 

Ccjlyanto, ta, a. Having eyebrows which 
meet [pleasure. 

C^o, am. Thick fog; frown, a look of dis- 

C^uela, ^. dim, A small eyebrow. 

Celttda, ^ Helmet; ambush; artiUl trick; 
horse cross-bowman ; decoy. 

Celadilla, ^ dim. Small helmet 

Ce]ad6r, ra, «. Curator; monitor; warden. 

Celadfim, «/ EnameL 

Celige, sm. Color of the clouds; presage 
skylight Oelagea, Light swift clouds. 

Celib-, vn. and a. To Ailfll the duties of an 
office with care; watch through fear; 
cover; engraye. 

Oilda, 8f. CdL 

Celdica, Ula, ita, ^ dim. Cellule. 

CeldUla, ^. Capsular. 

Celebdrrimo, ma, a. aup. Most celebrated. 

Celebraci6n, «/ Celebration; praise, ap- 

Celebrad^r, am, Applauder, pralaer. 

Celebr&nte,«m. CoIebrator,omciatlngprlest 

Celebrdr, va. To celebrate. Ceiebrarmiaa, 
To say mass: praise; revere, venerate. — 
«r. To take place. 

C6lebre, a. Celebrated, renowned ; Ihcetious. 

C^lebrem6nte. ad. C^elebriously ; facetiously. 

CelebrldAd, 4< Celebrity; flune; pomp. 

Celebrillo, am. dim. Small brains. 

Celdbro, am. Skull; brain; fi&ncy. 

Celemin, am. Dry measure, the twelfth part 
of akfanega^ about one-eighth of a busiiel ; 
Riperflciai, about one-eighth of an acre. 

CeleridAd, ^ Celerity, velocity. 

Celeste, a. Celestial; heavenly; sky-blue. 

Celestial, a. Celestial, heavenly; perfect; 

Celestialmdnte, ad. Celestially, heavenly. 

C^lfo, am. Large monkey. 

CcUMca, ^ Cellao artery; cceliac passion. 

Cellico, ca, a. (Med.) Cceliac. 

CeIlb4to, am. Celibacy; bachelor. 

Collbe, «m. Bachelor, an unmarried man. 

CoHco, ca, a. Celestial, heavenly, [heaven. 

Celicola, 9tn. (Little us.) An inhabitant of 

Celid6nla, af. Common celandine, swallow- 
wort [der-seed. 

Cellndrite, am. Bagout made with corian- 

Cellta, ^f. A Gibraltar fish. 

Cellcnco, ca. a. Decrepit 

C6II0, aim. Hoop. 

Celosla, ef. Blind of a window. 

Cel66o, sa, a. Light and swift-sailhig; crank. 

Celsit6d, af. Celsltude, elevation. 

Ccltidsmo, am. Celtidsm. 

C61ula, af. Cellule. 

CeluWr, a. Cellular. [Ity. 

Oela]iIla,j^ d/tm, A Tery small eeli or cav- 


Cembellina, af. Hartsbom. 

Ccmentacion, aj. Cementation. 

Ccment^rio, Cemet^rio, am. Qraveyitfd. 

Cena, af. Supper. JWre« m^o or da la 
Ctna, Maundy-Thursday. Ceaia del rey, 
A tax paid for the king's table. 

Cen&cho, am. Basket for fruit and greensL 

Ccn^ulo, am. Cenaculum, hall or the last 

Cenaderot am. Garden summer-bonse. 

Cenaddr, am. One fond of suppers ; aanunezw 
house, bower. 

Cenagil, am. Quagmhie. JTetorte en, tm 
c^iutgal^ To get in a scrape. Saiir da 
un eetujgal, To get rid of an unpleasant 

Cenagdeo, s^ cu Muddy, miry, niarshy. 

Ceudr, va. To supu Cenar d aficuras. To 
be miserly. 

Cenodfio, fia. a. Lean, thin, slender. I\g% 
canceHo, Unleavened bread. [ofm milL 

Cencdrra, itf. Bell of the leading mule ; clack 

Cencerrida, af. Charivari, noise made at the 
wedding or an old bridegroom to extort 

Gencerreir, vn. To Jingle continually ; clack. 

Cencerr6o, am. Jingling of mule or horse 
bells. [horse, or mule bell. 

Cenoerrilla, Ulo, a. ditn. A small wether, 

Ceno^rro, am. Bell of the leading mule; 
wood-crow. A' cancarroa tapaaoa^ Pri- 
vately, by stealth. [gathered. 

Cenoerron, am. A bunch of grapes 1^1 on- 

Cenccrr6no, a^ Like the noise of a wether- 

Cencido, da, a. Untilled, uncultlTated. 

Generis, C^ncro, am. Kind of serpent with 
white spotBb 

Gendikl, am. Light thin stuff; crape ; floonee; 
garter. Cenaalea, Cotton Ibr an Inkstand 

Cend^ ^ Public meeting of vlllagera. 

G6ndra, ^. Paste to clean silver; cnpeL 
JSar una oendra. To be lively as a cricket 

Gen^ih, ^. Picture frame; valance; trim- 
ming; bank of a river, &c Cbi^ da 
un toldo, Centre of an awning. 

Cenlo^ro, am. Ash-hole. 

Cenld^nto. ta, a. Ash-colored, cinereous.^ 
am. Scullion. 

C^nlt sm. Zenith. 

Cen\za, ^. Ashes. Genizaa amOft, Blue 
ashes, a paint Caniaaa de aatafl&. Pol- 
isher's pnttv. JHa da eandaa^ Ash-Wed- 
nesday. Jiaceraa cenia€k, To come to 
nothing. Poner & uno la eenita am la 
frtnie^ (Met) To make one blush. 

CeniEo, am. (Bot) White goose-ibot [gray. 

Cenizo, za, a. Ash-colored, of a brown and 

CenlzMO, sa, a. Covered with ashea. 

Cenobita, am. Cenobite. 

Cenogil, am. Garter. 

Cenop&ziaa, ^f. ^ The Ibast of tabemades. 

Cenotiiflo, am. Cenotaph. 

Ccnsdl, a. and a, (Prov.) Bight of annual 
pension, poll-tax, Ifeodal. [copy-hold«r. 

CensalistB, am. (Prov.) Annuitant Ibr lift; 

Censatirlo, CenMro, am. One who pays an 

C^nao, am. Bight to an annual pension ; 
quitrent; oenMu; poU-taz. unmo oI 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


fuiia r, or r et ervathoo^ CommaUtloo of 
qoitnent or annuity which can be paid at 
onee by a certain time. Cento dsporvida^ 
Annaitv jbr one or more lives. Cen»o de 
<HPM^ Water-rent [mocl^ing-bird. 

Onaontli, Cons6ntle, on. The Mexican 

Censor, tm. Censor; critic, reviewer; cen- 
sofiooa person. 

Cenaorja, ^. Censorship. 

Cenaorino, Censorlo, a. Censorian. 

Ceneaal, a. Belonging to a qoitrent or to an 
annuity. [holder. 

Gensnalista, tni. Annaitant for life; a copy- 

Cenmalm^te, adL With a right to an an- 
nuity, [blame; gossiping; oenisorship. 

Ceosura* ff. A critical review; censure, 

Censnr&ble, a. Censurable. 

Ceosuradi^r, %m. Censurer, fiuiltfinder. 

Cenaor^te, pa. Censurer, censoring. 

Gensarir, va. To review, criticise; censnre, 
ex^oee; condemn; correct [thistle. 

Ceotaura, Centaor^ ^f. Centaury, or star- 

Centanro, 9m. Centanr; archer (constella- 
tion >. 

Contt'lla, ^. Lightning; flash, spark; flake 
of fire. Bar una cenMUu, To be all life 

CeDtellad6r, ra, a. Brilliant [and spirit 

Centellante, pa. Sparkline, flashing. 

CenleUir, Centelleiir, vn. To sparkle, throw 
out sparks. 

Cent»U«o, am. Spark, scintillation. 

Centellica, ita, v. dim. A small flash or snark. 

CentelUn, am. auqm. A large spark or flash. 

Cent^na, «/• Hundred; centenary. 

Centenaidas, oA. A' cerUenadas or d cen- 
tenary By hundreds. [field. 

Centenil, Centenir, am. A hundred ; a rye- 

Centenirio, ria, a. Centenary. — m. Centen- 
DfaL {cerUenaMO, Kyo-straw. 

Centeniizo. za, a. Belonging to rre. Ft0a 

Centeno, tn^ Common rye. fhundreth. 

Cent^no, na, Centcximo, ma, a. Centesimal, 

Centenoeo, sa, a. Mixed with rye. 

Centadonia, ^ (Bot) Knot-berry bush; 
knot-graaa. [hundred parts. 

Centiloquio, mtiK A work diTided into a 

Centimano, na, a. Having a hundred hands. 

Centiioo, am. A centime (French coin). 

Centincia, 4< Sentry. Ceniinela avamada, 
AdvtMced guara. CenUnela d euballo, 
Yidettew CetUinela perdida. Forlorn 
hope. Jfacer cenHnela, To stand sentry. 

Centln^dia, f/C Knot-graaa, persicaria. 

Centiplicido, ad. Centuple, a hundred fold. 

Centiplicir, tHi. To centuplicate. [turtle. 

Centola, CenU&lla, a/. Centre-flish, a kind of 

Cent6n, am. Coarse covering of warlike ma- 
chines; literary scraps; cento. 

Ontrado, da, a. (Her.) A globe placed in 
the centre. 

C^ntril, CentridU, a. Central, centric 

(Teotralidid, 4< C^trality. 

Centralm6ntc, ad. Centrally. 

Cf^ntrtco, a. Focal TVn to o^n^rico, Object 

CentrifUgo, ga, a. Centrifugal 

Ccnthpeto, ta. a. Centripetal 

Ccntro, am. Centre; the principal object 
£$tar en 9u eentro^ To be satisfied with 
one's &teu 

Ceataplicar, «a. To oentapUcato. 


Cent6p1a, pla, & Centuple. 

Cent&ria, «/ (jentur? ; one hundred soldlenL 

Centuri6n, am. Centvion. 

Cenziilo, am. Onat, mosquito. 

Cenar, vn. (Little u&) To frown, look angry. 

Ceiiido, da, a. Moderate ; ringed. 

Cefiidor, am. Belt, girdle, ceat Ceilidor de 
VenuJty Ceatua. [cypres. 

Ceniglo, tm. White goose-fbot, sununer- 

Ccftir, t»k To girdjClrcTe ; environ; reduce. 
Ce/lir etpada, To wear a sword. Ceilir 
el viento. To haul the wind. — vr. To re- 
duce one's expenses. [round the hooC 

C^no, 9m. Frown; ring or ferrule; circle 

CeJ)«)flo, sa, a. Hoof surroumled with ring**. 

Cefludo, da, a. Frowning, supercilious; grim. 

Cc*o, 9m, (IchtlL) Doree or donr. 

C<^pa, ft/. Trunk of a tree; stalk of a plant; 
stock of a vine; origin; Ibundation. 

Cepacabailo, am. ^Bot) Cardoon. 

Cepcjon, «m. The highest and largest branch 
torn ofll 

Copilladuras, i\f. pi. ShavingflL 

Cepillar, va. To plane. 

Cepillo, 9m. Carpenter's plane ; brush. 

Cepita, 4/! dim. A small vine-stock. 

Cdpo, am. Anvil-block; stock; the stoclcs; 
Btrengthening-piece ; reel; trap; charity- 
box. Cepo9 quedoi^ No more of that 

Cepon, 9m. augm. A largo trunk of a tre« < 
or vine-stock. Froota. 

CJep6rro, 9m. An old vine pulled up by the 

Cequi, Cequin, am. Sequin, a gold Venetian 

Cera, ^ Wax ; wax tapers ; foot-path ; side- 
walk. Cera aleda^ Coarse wax lining in 
the hive. Cera d« higo9^ A drum of Hga. 
Ser una eera^ To be as pliable as wax.— 
pi. Honey-comb. 

C^rach^tea, t\f. pL Wax-stones, a yellow agat«^ 

Cerafollo, am. Common chervil 

Cerap^ «/ A pUster of wax and pitch. 

Cera^na, •/. Beverage made of rice. 

C^rasta, «/ Cerate, Cerates, am. Cerastes 
or homed snake. [chickweed. 

Cerastio de Orandda, am^ White mouae-ear 

Cer&to, 9m, (Pharm.) Cerate, oerote. 

Cerat6filo, Ceratofilon, am. Horn-wort, or 

(^rbatana, iff. Blow-tube fbr shooting pel- 
lets; ear-trumpet; ancient culverin. 

Ct-rca, *f. Inclosurc, fence, hedge. 

Ccrca, ad. Near, at hand. Cerca de. Close, 
near. En cerca. Round about Tocar 
de cerca. To be nearly allied to. 

Orcddo, em. An incloeure; garden or field 

Cercador, em. Fence-maker, hedger. 

Cercanamdnte, ad. Nigh, nighl v ; nearly. 

Corcania, 4/! Proximity, ne^hborhood, vi- 

Ccrcdno, na, a. Near, close by, neighboring. 

Cercdr, va. To inclose, environ ; fence round; 
crowd round. 

Cerccn, ad A' cercen. At the root Ceroen 
d cercen. From end to end. 

Cercenadam6nte, ad. In % retrenching way. 

Cercenadera, ^f. Clipping-knife. 

Ceroenador, em. aipper. [pi* Cuttlngii 

C«roenad6ra, 4^ Clipping, retrenchment-^ 

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Gercen&r,va. To pare, clip; lop off; lossen; 

Gercora, ^ Ventilator of a vanlL 
Ccrceta, ttf. (Orn.) Widgeon ; an antler. 
Gdrctia, «/ A flexible measnre for curved 

Cerchar, «a. To square Umber ; lean upon. 
Cerch6n, «n. Wooden centre to build an 

arcli on. 
Cercillo, vin. Tendril of a vine. V. ZareiOo. 
Ordo, Cerci6n, »m. An Indian mocking- 
Cerciorir. ea. To verify, ascertain. 
C^rco, wn. Hoop or ring; blockade; circle; ! 

firame. £n cerco, Bound about Echar 

cerco^ To surround game with dogs. 
Cercopit^co, am. Kind of long-tailed monkey. 
Cdrda, «/ Ilorse-hair; bristles; sheaves of 

grain; bundle of flax; sow. Ganadode 

cerdu^ Swine. 
Cerddmen, am^ Ilandftil of bristles. 
Cerddna, •/. Kind of dance in Catalonia. 
Cerdazo, tn. A large hog or pig. 
CenleAr, vn. To be Vveak in the lore-qnarter ; 

sound harshly; decline a request 
Cerdillo, am, A small bog or pig. 
0>rdo, ain. Hog or pig. Cerao d-6 tniutrU^ 

A pig fit to be killed. Cerdo de vtda, A 

pig not fit to be killed. 
Cerd<^, sa, Ccrdiido, da, a. Bristly. 
Cerebelo, am. Cerebellum. 
Gerobro, am. Cerebrum. 
Cerecilla, af. dim. Small kind of red pepper. 
Cerecita, af. dim-. A small cherry. 
Ceremonia, a/. Ceremony ; formality. Chiar- 

dar ceremonia^ To stick to old customs. 

Depura ceremonia^ por c&rtmonia^ Out 

of mere compliment De eeremonia^ 

With all ceremony,--pi. Words of course. 
C4!remonIi\l, atn. A book of ceremonies. 
Ceremonial, Ceremonl&tico, c&, a. Ceremo- 
nious, [ad. Ceremoniously. 
Ceremonidticamdnte, Ceremoniosam^nte, 
Ceremonioeo, sa, (h Ceremonious, polite, 

Cdreo, am. Cactus, torch-thistle. 
Cereria, a/. Wax-chandler's shop; palace 

chandlery. [grant 

Ccr6ro, am. Wax-chandler ; idle persoivf a- 
Cer^ af. Cherry. Cereaa garrqfal^ The 

lai7?e heart cherry. 
^Jerezdl, am. Plantation of cherry-trees. 
Cerc'zo, am. Cherry-tree in the tropics, Mal- 

Cersrdzo, am. Bock rose, rlstus. 
Oeriflbr, am. Honey-wort, honey-flower. 
Cerilla, ^ Wax taper in rolls; wax tablet; 

ear-wax. [cererium. 

C^rio, Cerdrio, am. (Chem.) Cerium or 
Cerites, tm. Wax-stone, a yellow agate. 
CermeQa, af. Muscadine pear. 
CermcJlo, am. Muscadine pear-tree. 
Cemdda, af. Leached ashes ; plaster of ashes, 

&c; coat of size primine. 
Cernaddro, am. Strainer of conrse linen. 
Cemeddro, «m. Sifting apron ; place for sUt- 
Cemcddr, am^ Sifter. [ing. 

Cern^ja, ^f. Fetlock of a horse. 
Cemdr, «o. To sift, bolt— -m. To bud and 

blossom; drlzzle.>-«r. To waddle; soar. 


Cemlcalo, am, (Orn.) Kestrel, wind-horeb 
O^er un eemScalo^ To be (hddled. 

Cernldillo, am. Thick mist or fine rain; 
waddling gait 

Cernido, aftth Sifting; sifted floor. 

Cernidnra, af. Sifting, bolting. 

Cernir, to. To examine, punfy. 

Cero, 9m. Zero, cipher, figure Q. 

Ceroferario, am. Acolothlst [soft. 

CeroUo, Ha/a. Grain reaped when green and 

Gerdn, am. Dregs of pressed wax formed into 
a cake. [Ing; panic, &ar; ceratai 

Gerote, am. Shoemaker's wax, sboe-blaek- 

Cerotdro, am. Wax-rag to wax twine with. 

CenUo, am. A soft cerate of oil and wax. 

Cerdya,'*^ Crops of grain which begin to 
grow yellow. [shoe; tonsure. 

Cerquillo, mK A small circle; seam of a 

C/crquita, (f. dim. Small incloaure. 

Gerquita, ad. At a small distance, nigh or 
near. AqiA eerquUcu, Just by. 

Cerrdda, af The strongest part of a htdei 
Ifaeer eerrad<k, To commit a gross Ikalt 

Corraddro, am. Nosing, plate or bole to re* 
celve the bolt of a lock. EdUar la c&rra- 
dara. To reltase. 

Cerraddro, ra, a. and a. The place locked, 
and thing with which it is locked. 

Cerradixo, za, a. That which may be locked. 

Ccrrado, am. Indosuro, fence. 

Cerrddo, da, a. Shut locked, close, r fa cr ved; 
secreted; stubborn. A' q^ eerradca. 
Without exuraination. A' pusHa carra- 
rfa, Privately, secretly. 

Gerraddr, am. Shutter; porter; fbatenlng. 

Cerradiira, ^ Closure; lock. Cerradura 
da golp«. Spring-lock. 

Cerradnrilla, Ita, a/T A snuUl lock. 

Ccrri\Ja, sf. Lock of a door; common aow- 
thistlo. Todo ea offua de cerrc^^a*, It is 
all good for notliing. [trade. 

Gemgedr, vn. To carry on the locksmith'a 

Cernyeria, af. Trade of a locksmith; fi>iige. 

Cemydro, am. Locksmith. 

Gerramldnto, am. Closure; inckmire; fin- 
ishing of the roof; partition wallsi 

Gerrdr, ea. and n. To close, forecloee; ob- 
stnict; lock; include; ffenoe; terminate; 
prohibit Cerrar la earta^ To told a let- 
ter. Cerrar la euerUa, To close an ac- 
count Cerrar la boca^ To be silent 
Cerrar la moUera^ To begin to get sense. 
Cerrar la mterta, To give a flat deniaL 
Cerrar d m-ffuno la pueHOy To lock one 
out Cerrar loa q^oa. To die; sleep; 
blindly to submit At eerrar del dta^ 
At the close of day. — vr. To remain firm 
in one's opinion. Cerrarae de eampiUa^ 
To adhere to an opinion ; be shut up; be 
cicatrized; grow cloudy. Cernvseiodas 
laa pttertaa^ To be completely destitute. 

Cerrazdn, ^. Dark and cloudy weather pre- 

Gerrejdn, am. Hillock. feeding tempests. 

Cerrdro, ra, a. Bnnning wild, 

GArril a. Mountalnons, rough ; wild. Puenis 
cerriL, Narrow cattJe-brldge; rude, un- 

Gerrilldr, va. To mill the edge of coin. 

Gerrillo, am. dim. A little eminence^ Oer* 
riUoa, The diet tor milling coin. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


GBRtfn, tm. ItAfHe. 

CeiTO, 9m. Iim ; neck of an animal ; back- 
bone. £n ctrrOy Nakedly, barely. 

Cerrojillo, am. (Orn.) Wagtail, warbler; a 
amali bolt [alt ways and means. 

Oemjjo, «m. Bolt Tentar cernifa»y To try 

Cerrdn, mn. Linen in Galicia made of tow. 

Cerruma, ^ DelectiTe quarter In horses. 

Cermmido, da, a. Weak or defective quar- 
ters of hones. [tation. 

Gertbnen, am. Litenny oontroTersy, dispu- 

Certeria, ^ V. Tina. [shot 

Certdra, ra, a. Sharp-shooter. — a. Excellent 

Cert^n, «: Oertaittty. certitude. 

Certid&mbre, ^. V. Gerten, 

Certillcacidn, ^, Certiflcate, certification; 
return of a writ 

CertifldMo, am. Certiilcate, certification. 

Certificir, WK To oertliV, assure, affirm. 

Cert2flcatdrio» lia, a. Certifying, authenti- 

CcrtJn^id, Ccrtit6d, a/ Y. GertMCU 

Cer^Ieos lea, a. Camlean, sky-blue. 

Cerama, n? Defcwdre quarter in a hone^ 

Cernaa, ^ Ceruse, white lead. 

Cerral, a^ Belonslng to a deer. MMUfoer- 
•mil. Great timidity. 

Cerrarloi, rfa, a, Y. Vrntal, 

Cerriltica, »/. Largest green grasshopper. 

Cervatieo, illo, am. dinK A. small deer. 

Cerr jktoi, am, A fiiwn. [bouse. 

Cerreeeria, ^f, Brewfaoose, brewery; ale- 

CerreeSro, mn. Brewer; beer-seller. 

CenrMa, ^f. Extremity of the ribs of pork. 
C'Crreza, tm. Beer, malt liquor. 
Cemc«>ra, «/ Gazelle. 
CervldU, a. (Anat) CenricaL 

Cerrig6do, da, a. High or thick-necked. 

CervigoiUo^ am. Nape of the neck. 

Cerriooi, na, a. Besembling a deer. 

C«rvMbk ^f. (Nan.) Catpbeads. 

Cerriz, qf. Cervix, nape of the neok. Ser 
ds dura eervU, To be incorrigible. Do- 
Uar or bajar la eervU, To humble one*s 
aelC L&vantar la oervU^ To be elated, 
grow proud. [color. 

Cervfino, na, a, Besembling a deer; fkwn- 

Geaikcio or Cesacion a Divinis, a Suspenrion 
fh>m religious ftinction^ [pause. 

Ceaacidn, ^f. Ceasmitoto, am. Cesatlon, 

Ccaante, sm. A public officer dismissed with 
aalary.— jMZ. Ceasing. 

Cesar, m. To cease, forbear; desist 

Cesar, pn. Name. (/ Oi«ar cfnada^ Neck 
or nothing. 

Cesaroo, rea, a. Imperial; Cesarisn. 

C«ae. mn. Cease; stop of penaion. 

Cesible, a. That which may be ceded. 

Ce8l6n, tf. Cession, reaignation ; ooneoasion ; 

Cealoo&rio, CesonArio, ria, a. Ceasionanr. 

C^n>ed, Cispede, am. Pruned part of the 
vine; grass-plot Ce$ped francea^ sea- 

Onpedera, ^. Field where green sods are cut 

Cista, Mf, Basket, pannier. 

C«atada, tf. A basket-fhll. 

CestetU, af. Baaket^hop; basket-stead. 

Cestero^ am, Basket>maker or seller. 

Cesliea, UU, tta, am. A small basket 


Cesticov illo, Ito, am. A litUe basket 

C^to, am. A band-basket Entar hscho IM 
0€«tOy To be overcome bv sleep. Ser un 
ceatOj To be ignorant anu rude. 

Ce6t6n, sm. A large basket; gabion. 

Gestoniida, «^ Bange of gabions. 

Cesura, ^. Ctesura, pause in poetry. 

Cetiicco, oea, a. Cetaceous, of the whale kind. 

Cetis, am. An old Galician coin. 

C^trs, ^. A leather shield used by Spaniards 

C6tre, am. A small brass or copper bucket 

Cetreria, ft/. Falconry; hawking. 

Cetr6ro, am. Yerger; blconcr, sportsman. 

Cetrifero, am. One who bears a sceptre. 

Cetrino, na, a. Citrine, lemon-cok>red; 

Cotro,«m. Sceptre; reign; wand; perch. 

C^nma, a/. Zeugma, a figure in rhetoric. 

Ceva, «: V. C!06a and Cebo. [atutt. 

ChA, if. In New Spain, Tea; a thin Chincso 

Chabacanamente, ad. In a bungling manner. 

Cbabadbia. ^. An insipid kind of plum. 

Chabacanada, ^. A very vulgar expression. 

Chabacaneria, af. Want of cleanliness. 

ChabacAno, na, a. Coarse, unpolished.— am. 
(Mex.) A kind of apricot 

Chabota, ^ Key, fastening-piece. Parder 
la ehabatOf To lose one's senses. 

Chab6rra, a/. (Coll. Prov.) A young lass. 

Chaborreta, af. dim. (Coll. Prov.) A very 
young lass. 

Chac&l, am. Jackal 

Chitcara, af. Y. Chaera. 

Ch&chara. ^ Chit-chat idle talk. 

Chacharedr, «n, (Coll.) To prate. 

Chacharura, ^. Fonvard, talkative woman. 

Cbachareria, a/. (Prov.) Verbosity, verbb^rei 

Chacharero, Chacharon, «m. Prater, gabbler. 

Chacho, am. Stake at the game othombre; 
word of endearment 

(Thadna, ^f. Pork seasoned with spice. 

GhacoU, am. A liglit red Biscay wine. 

Chaoolote&r, vn. To clatter. [horse-shoe. 

Chaoolot^ am. The clq>ping of a looae 

Chac6na, tf. A Spanish dance. Its tune. 

Chac^ta, 4^ Noisy mirUi. Echar&chacc^ 
To carry off with a Joke. Macer chacota 
de. To make fun oC [scofC 

Chacote&r, vn. To indulge in noisy mirth, 

Chacotcro, ra, a. Waggish, ludicrous. 

Chi&cra, Ch&cara, tf. (A.) An lAdian hut 

Cbacu^co, am. Clown. 

Cbafkld^tes, am. (Nan.) Clew-lines. 

ChafiUonio, nf. (.\.) Old plate, or broken ar- 
ticles of silver. 

CbafAIia, ^. A tattererl suit of clothes. 

Chafall^, ro. To botch, to mend in a clum- 
sy manner. [mended. 

Chafallo, am. Coarse patch, place coarsely 

Chafidl6n, na, «: A botcher. 

Chafar, 'oa. To mat down the pile of velvet; 
cut one short in his discourse. [sword. 

Chafiir6to, am. A short broad, Turkish 

Chafarrinada, ^f. Blot stain; disgrace. 

Chafim-inAr, va. To blot stain. 

Chaihrrinon, am. Blot stain. JEchar un 
chqfiirrinon, To disgrace one's fkmlly. 

CbaferoonAas. if. pk Kind of printed Uneo. 

OhaflAn, am. Bevel, obtuse angle. 

CbaflanAr, «& To bevel, dope. 

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Ch 41, «ffk Lonff-Bhawl (^al angonto. SoarC 
Chalin, nJ^ «. Hawker, huckster; jocker. 
Chalaneiir, va. To jockey ; buy or sell dex- 
Chalanena, nf. Canning In baying or selling. 
Ghalchlgiiite, 9m. pi. (A.) Stonea Itko em- 
Chaldron, 9m. Measure for ooaiai [eralda. 
ChaK>co, «m. A waistcoat yeat 
Chalon, Clialiin, 9m. Shalloon, woollen stufll 
ChahVto, am. Shalote, kind of onion. 
Chai&pa, a/ Sloop, a small light ToeaeL 

(Mox.) C&noe. 
Charoale6n, am. Chameleon. 
Chamar&Aca, ^ A brush-wood fire. (Bot) 

Annual coetmary. 
Chainardz, 9m. (Bot) Water-germander. 
Cfaamarllero, Cnamarill^ro, am. Dealer in 

old fhrnltore, Ac ; gambler. 
Cl)nnarill6n, am. A bad player at oarda. 
Chamariz, 9m. Blue titmouse. 
Chamar6n, «l Long-taIle<1 titmoase. 
ChamArra, 4/C Garment of sheep-skins. 
Cbamarruta, ^ A short loose Jacket with 

Chamb^rga, ^f. A long wide oassook; a 

Spanish dance with singlnff; silk girdle. 
Ohambergo, ga, a. Slouched hat [let 

Chamel6te, Camel6te, 9m, Camlet or camb- 
ChameloUna, ^f. Kind of coarse eamblet 
CbamerlAco, 9m. Close jacket with a collar. 
Chamic^ra, ^f. Trees, ifcc., scorched by Are. 
Chmmtc^To, ra, a. Belonging to scorched 

Chamlza, ^ Kind of wild cane or reed. 
Ghamixo, 9m. A piece of wood half bamt 
Cham6rra, ^ A shorn head. [head. 

Chamorrida, tf, Butt given with a shorn 
Chamorr&r, «a. To cut the hair with shears. 
Cham6rro, ra, a. Shorn, bald. Trigo eha- 

morro. Winter or beardless wheat [ea. 
Champ&da, qf. A burse stately tree in Mala- 
Champ&n, ^. YesseT in South America of 

seventy or eighty tona. 
Champnrr&da 9m. Jargon; miztare of 

liquom. (Mex) Chocolate made in aiole, 
ChampurrAr, «a. To mix liquors; speak 

gibberish. [vice; ooutamlnated. 

Chamusc&do, da. et. Tipcqr; tingeti, prone to 
Chamuse&r, 90. To singe or scorch. 
Chamusc6n, am,, auffm. A large singe or 

scorch. [singeing; wrangling. 

Chamosquina, «/t ChamOaoo, am.. Scorching, 
ChancAca, ^ "f ho coarse sugar of western 

Spanish America. [merry. 

Chancedr, mt. To jest, joke. — vr. To fool, be 
Chancellar, ra. To cancel, eflkce, annul. 
Chano6ro, ra, a. Jocose, sportftil. merry. 
Chdncbarras mdncharraa, ^.pl. (Low.) Sub- 

Chancica, Ilia, ^. dim. A little tan or jest 
ChanciUerdsco, ca, a. Of chancery, in chan- 
Chancilleria, «/! Chancery; chancery feea. 
Chancita, ^ dim, A little fhn. 
Chanel^ta, tf. Slipper. Andar9neh4»nel9ea, 

To go alipahod. [shoe. 

Ch&nelo, mn. Patten; doc; galoche, over- 
Cbanfaina, »/. Ragout of 11 vers and lights; 

a trifling thine. 
Chanfl6n, na. «. nosgler.— a. Banj^lng. 



Chanfl6n, 9m. Money beaten ont to appMt 

Chang6te, 9m^ An oblong bar of iron. 
ChAntre, «m« Precentor, a dignified canon. 
Chantria, ^f. Precentorshlp. 
Ch&nca,it^ Joke, jest, fhn. Chanaa pe9adat 

A sarcastic Unnt IM cAanco, In Jest 
Chanzon^ta, ^ Joke, Jest; a little merrj 

song. [poet 

Chanzonet^ro, am. Writer of ballads, a petty 
Chipa, f^ A thin metal plate; sontcfieon; 

rosy spot; roage; boea I>e ehapa^ Of 

Indgment, valor. 

iapal6ta, 9/. Lower pomp-box. 
Ghap4r, wh To plate, coat 
Chapirra, ^ (A.) Thick boshea, epodea of 

oak; a coacn with a low rooC 
Chaparrida, ^ Very heavy shower of rain. 
CbaparrAL am. Plantation wev e r gr e e n oaka. 

(A.) Place ftill of thick basheiu 
Cbiaparro, am. Evergreen oak-tree; bnah.— 

a. Low in stature. 
Chaparr6n, 9m. A violent shower of ralit 
Chapeir, «& To adorn with metal plates* — 

«n. To clap (as a horseshoe unnalledX 
Chapeldta de una bomba, 4^ The dapiwr of 

a pump-box, of a scapper, Aa 
Chapelote, 9m. An andentcover ftir the bead. 
Chapellna, 9A ^^ ancient gold eoln. 
Chaperia, ffC Ornament of metal plates. 
ChapenSn, 9m, Andent hood or oowL 
Chapdta, «/. A small metal plate; red spot 

on the cheek ; a shirt stacL 
Chapetdn, amw (A.) European Spaniard. 
CbapetonAda, ^f. Illneas Inddent to 1 

gers to the climate. 
Chapin, 9m. Clog with a oork sole. ChapSm 

de la reina^ Tax on the oooaaion <tf the 

king's marriage. 
Chapinazo, am* Blow with a dog or patten. 
Chapinoria, ^ Shop Ibr dogs and patteoa. 
Chapin^ro, 9m. Clog-maker or aeller. 
Clupinito, 9m, dim. A email dog, 
Chapit^l, am. Capital of a oolomn, spire of 

a tower. [gnvini^ 

Ch&ple, 9m. Graver, the tool osea in en- 
Chapodiir, wk To lop off the branehea of 

trees. [Amerksau 

Cli^;>6te, 99n, Kind of black gioe or wax in 
CbapoteAr, ro. To wet with a sponge.-— oik 

To paddle In the water. 
ChapuceAr, «a. To botch, bungle. 
Chapnceram^nte, ad, FnmbUnglr, dnmslly. 
Chapuceria, ^f. A dnmay, bangling woit. 
Chapucero, am. Nail-smith, Ac. ; bungler. 
ChapnoAro, ra, a. Kougli.anpoliahed, domay. 
ChapnrHuio, 9m. Jargon, broken language. 
ChapnrrAr, ea To speak gibberisli, brdien. 
Chi4>6a, 9m. The act of daeking; dumsy 

performance.— dI. Pieces on the mast to 

Increase its bulk. 
Chapozir, va. To duck; paddle with the 

oars.— vn. and r. To dive; daclt 
Chaqndta, ^. Jacket [mon. 

Chaqa^te, 9m. Game resembling baekgam- 
Chaqnira, ^ Glass seed-beada of all coloca. 
CharAdrio. 9m. (Om.) Gonunon roller. 
CharAnenaa, tf, pk (Man.) Battens aaed as 

Charanso^roi ra, a. Glamay ; bttdworkmait 

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CbanngniTts snK Peddler, hawker; cout- 

Cliarca, ^ Reeerrotr especUlhr to make ice. 
(liarciiiaa, f^ Stuff of ulk and cotton. 
CbarcQ, mn. Pool of Btanding water; small 

fak«. i^or^fcAoreo, To crooB the seas. 
Charcdio, ta, a. Fenny, swampy, watery. 
Chirta, ^ (Om.) Bohemian chatterer, sllk- 

taO; Idle chitrcbat, KOflsIp. 
Charlad6r, ra, «. Qabbter, prater, chatterer. 
Chariadnna, f< Oarmlity, goeslp. 
CharUntCi, mn. and pa. Gabbler, chatterer. 
Charlantin, tm. A mean prattler or gossip. 
Cbar1£r, vn. To prattle, chatter, gossip. 
CharUtan, na, a Prater, babbler; diariatan. 

—a. BmpIrlcaL 
Charlatanear, «iiw T. Oharlar. [qaaekery. 
Charhtfineria, ffC Oarmlity, Terboalty; 
Charlatanismo, '**"^ Charlatanry, quackery. 
CharmSUa, f^ Hombeam-troe. 
Chanifoi, f^ MastSo-tree, piataefafo-tree^ 
Chamec^ mn. Plantation of mastlo-treea. 
Chani^la, ^ Hinge; the chape of a boeUe. 
Char6i, mn. Black TaniMi ; )apan work. 
Charolar, «ck To yamlab ; japan. [ner. 

Charolista. am. Glider, yaniuher, or Ji^an- 
Charpa, fr B«}t fbr ptetola and poniards. 
Charpir, «ck To scan twist aroond. 
Charqnillo, mn. dim. A small pool or paddle. ' 
Chairida, tjf. Action ef a clown ; a dance; 

Charram^nta, ad. Clownlshly, tastelessly. 
Charret^ra, 9/. Knee-etrap or knee-buckle 

to smaU<cloth«s; epaulet 
Chlrro, ra, «l Choxl, a clownish person; 

Charro, ta^a. Oandy, tawdry. [Ing. 

Cbas, mn. word denoting cracking or tear- 

Qiasco, Bm. Fan, jest, a trick ; diaappoint- 

ZDcot; lash. Ikw un efuueo^ To play a 

menj trick. i>ar cAoaoo, To disappoint 

LUvarm eka»eo. To be disappointed. 

oa6ar, «& som n. To crack with a whip 

orush; mip; ft}ol; disappoint; cheat 
Chnequi, mn. (Peru) Postboy on ftxyt 
Chaaqoido, mn. Omck, smq^. 
Chaaqoirta, mn» A peraon And of playing 

trjcka; a sycophant 
CUkta, tf. A llaft>bottomed boat; a bnik; 

Chata alHadora, Lighter. [her. 

Chate, mn. Bound-leaTed Egyptian euoum- 
Child, ta, a Flat, flat-nosedT 
Chatrari, am. Kind of linen. 
ChaTcta, f^ Key or bolt 
CbaT^nts, ^. A kind of mnalln. 
ChanL mn. A Chinese blue silk stniT. 
ClmyiMe, mn. Mexican star-cucumber. 
Chaca, «/! Point where the ball Is driven 

back; berth on board a ship. Haoer 

ckaaa^ To walk on the hind feet 
Cha2ad6r, mn. One who stope the ball and 

owrki the gamei [point 

ChazAr, ea. To stop the ball; mark tbe 
Chel^ mn. pL A eotton staff of different 

Chelin, mn. Shilling, an English coin. 
Ch^ma, »/. Boffla, a ilsh resembling a 

safanon. [Indies. 

Cherquem6Ia, 4^ Staff made in the JSast 
Cbma, ^ Gnat spaip, Palma ChrlstL 

Chearr6n, mn. ChcTron (in heraldry). 
Chevron&do, da, a. Chevroned, coat of anna 

with efaevronSb [leaved sage. 

Cilia, »^. A short black mantle; cowl; Uma- 
Chiar, 1^ To chirp, as birds. 
Cbiba, ^ Kid. 

Chlbaiete, an. Chest of drawers with a desk. 
Chibdta, iff. (Proy.)Shepherrr8 dub or staff 
Chlbdto, mn. Kid between six and twelve 

months oid. 
Chlbetero, Chibitil, mi. Fold for kidfc 
ChSbo, mn. Kid, he-goat [gaxn. 

Cbibon, mn. A young cock-Iinoet; sort of 
Chibdr, mn. A kind of monkey. 
Chica, V! A little gbL Una huma cMea, 

A pretty girl. 
Chicida, ^. Herd of sickly kids. 
ChicaI6te, mn. Mexican argemone. 
Chicarr6roL sm. Shoemaker of pamps and 

Chicha, a/. Childrenis meat; beverage of 

any sweet Juice fiumented, or molasses. 

Set eoaa decMchaynabOy To be of little 

importance. Tenm- poeaa chieKa^, To 

be very lean or weak. 
Chicharo^ ^ (Sot) Pea. 
Chichinv, 4/. Cicada, called locust In the 

U. S. ; a prattler. Cantar ia eMcharra^ 

To be scorching hot 
Chicharriir, «a. To fry meat too much. 
Chicharr6ro, am. A hot place or climate. 
Chichibro, mn. A young tunny-flsh ; horse* 

mackerel. [lard is tried out 

Chlcharr6n, mn. Scrap of pork Iht after the 
Chicheria, »f. Tavern where ekicha Is sold. 
Chlchigua, «/ (Mex.) Wet nnrsa 
Chichisvead6r, mn. Gallant, wooer. 
Chlchlsveiu', «a. To woo, court 
Cbichi8v6o, mn. Court paid to a Bdy ; dda- 

beo, a gallant 
Chicbon, mn. Lump on the head ; bruise. 
Chicboncilio, ito, mn. dim. Small lump. 
Chich6ta,<< Sin /attar ehioKata, ItiB ^ 

Chico, ca, L Llttl^ small CMcc eon 

ffrande^ Both great and small. [glrL 

Chico, ca, am. and «/ A little boy or little 
Chiooleir, va. To Joke or Jest in galhmtry. 
Chiool^ mn. Joke, Jest in gallantry. 
Chic6i1a, 9/. Succory, wlld-endlve. 
Chicorrotico, ica, a. dhn. Very Uttle or very 

small child. 
Chioorrotin, a. Very small. 
Chlc6te, ta, a. A fitt strong boy or girl ; end 

of a rope; end of a cigar partly smoked. 
Chlooiapote, am. A delicious American 

fruit [knife; hissing. 

Chifla, ^ Whistle; bookbinder's paring- 
Chiflacay6te, mn. A large kind of pumpkin 

in America. 
Chiflad^ ^ Whistle. 
Chlflad6ra, a/: Whistling: (Mex.) Craziness. 
Chiflir, va. To para the edge of leather.— 

vn. To whistle ; mock ; tipple.— 'vr. (Mex.) 

To be craay. (mcnt 

Chlflit(H 9m. Whistle, small whid instm- 
Chlfle, 9m. Whistle; bird-call: primings 

bom ; tide. Affvaa cAi/faa, Neap tide. 
Chlfldte, Chiflo, mn. Bookbinder's parlag- 



Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Chlflido, Ml. WhlsUIng. 

ChlsuA, ^f. y. NiatM. 

Glillflcayotef 9»u Kind of pumpkin 

Cliilo, itf. American red or green pepper. 

ChUe reUeno, (Mcx.) Green nepner stuf 

fed with minced meat, coated witli egff^ 

and fHed. 
Childra, 9f. (Nao.) Sow-lock bole. 
Chimio, 9m, (A.) A wbipw 
Chilindrina, «/ Trifle, a thing of little value. 
Cliilindrdn, ttn, Game at canU; cat in the 

Cbilla, ^ Gall for foxee, bares, or rabbits. 

CUj€o ds cMUOy Tack, a sort of nalL 

f^ftZM <f« g4<^ TlUn boards. CkSLUu, 

Rind of East IivHa cotton staflU 
ChilliMo, 9m. Roof of shingiee or thin boards. 
Ghlllad6r, ra, a. Screamer, ahrleker; a thing 

Uiat creaks. 
Chillante, a. Gaudy, gay, brilliant 
Chilldr, m. To scream; creak; blsSi 
Chllldras, «/ pk (Nau.) Sliot-lockera. 
Chlllido, 9m, Shriek: bawling of a woman. 

Dar im chiUidOf To utter a scream. 
Cliillo, 9m, CalL 
Chlll6n, 9m. Bawlor; common crier; nail, 

tack. CMUan, reiU, Spike. Clawf ohi- 

Uon^ Tack or small nail. 
Cbin6n, na, a. Applied to showy colon. 
Gbilt6ma, ^ A lanM green pepper. 
Chimikte, 9m. Y. Chanca«K 
Chlmen^jg^ Chimney ; mantlepieoe; bead. 
Cbimpipe, 9m. (Nicaragua) Turkey. 
China, 9f. Pebble; china>root, sweet orange; 

porcelain, china; China silk. Media 

china^ Cloth coarser than that from 

China; boyish play. 
Ghin&mpa, if. Indian vegetM)le garden of 

the Lake of Mexico, formerly floating. 
Chin&rro, 9m. A large pebble. 
Chinateddo, 9m. Stratum orlayer of pebbles. 
Chin&zn, «in. A large pebblo; blow with a 

Ghincharri&zo, mi. Thrust or cat with a 

Chincharr^ro, «m, FUce swarming with 

Chinciie, ^. Bedbug, bug: Morir eomo 

elUncheSy To die like rotten sheep. 
Ghlnch^ro, 9m. Bug-trap made of twigs. 
Chinchilla,^ Chinchilli, a small quadruped 

in Peru. 
Chinchorr^Mn. Tiresome importunity. 
Chinchorrerta, ^f. Mischievous tale. 
Chinchorr6ro, ra, «. Insidious tale-teller. 
Chincb6rro, 9m. Fishing-boat used in Ao'-er- 

ioa; flshlng-net 
Chincbdao. sa, a. PecTish, fistldlous. 
Ghin^la, 9f. Slipper; kind of patten or dog. 
Ghinilla, ita, ^ A small pebble. 
Chino, na, a. Chinese; half-breed Indian. 
Chlqu^ro. ma. Hog-sty ; but for goats. 
Chiqulchaque, 9m, Sawer, sawyer; grating 

Chiquillo, ilia, 9. dim. A small child. 
CbiquirritiGo, ica; lllo. Ula; ito, ita, a. dim. 

Verr small, very little, 
^ilquirritin, Cbiqnitin, mk A small boi 
OhiquiUoo, ea; Chlquitillo, 11a, Ow 

Very small, or little. 





Cbiquito, ta, a. dUtK Uttto, smalL Baceru 
chiqttUo^ To conceal one*8 knowledge. 

Chlribltil, 9m. Crib ; amaU room. 

Chirigaita, qf. Kind of gourd. [pkver. 

Chirimia, ^f. Clarionet.— «m. Clarionet- 

ChirimtSya, ^. Chirimoya, the beat kind of 

Chirin6la, «/Game played by boys; trifle. 
E9tar de ehiriHola, To be in good eplrita. 

Chiripa, i^ Fortunate chance ; lackv hlL 

Chiripi^ro, am. A lacky person by ehaneeL 

Chlrivia, «< Parsnip. (Oni.) Wag-taiL 

Chir'la, << MuBcle, a bivalve shell-fiah. 

Ohirlador, ra, «. A clamorous prattler. 

Chirlar, vn. To prattle. RU scar. 

Cliirlo, 9m. A large wound In the ace, and 

ChliTiador, ra, a. Hissing like something 
fried; creaking; chirper. [ontoftan^ 

Chirriur, «m. To hiss; creak; chirp; eing 

Chirrlch6te, 9m, A presomptuous man. 
CMrriehate9^ A nickname for French 

Chirrido,«ik Chirping; creak; chattering^ 

Chirrio, 9m, The creaking noise made by 
carts; crick. 

Chirri6n, 9m. Tambrel ; one-borse cart, 

Chirrloniro, tm. Scavenger, dung-cart dri- 
ver, [haatboy. 

Chirumb^la, «/ Wind instroment like a 

Chischis, 9m, Clashing of sworda, &ol 

Cblssaravis, 9m. A dabbler, an insignificant, 
noisy fellow. 

Chifigu6te, 9m. A small drangfat of wine, 
small spout of any liquid. [lamber. 

Chisme, «f7k MIsreport; traps or useless 

Chisme^, va. To tattle, misrepreaentt tell 

Chism^, sa, a. Tattling, tale-bearing. 

Chispa, ^. Spark, a flake of fire; small 
diamond; a short gnn; small paitide. 
Y. JOii^a, Penetration. Fulano Uau 
ch49pa, Such a one is very acote. Sar 
una ehi9pa^ To be all life and spirit 
J^bAot oMi)|MM, To be in a violent pasaton. 

Chispae, interj. Fire and tow. 

Chispizo, am. The flying off of a spa^l^ and 
the damage it does; tale miacblovouaiy 

Chispe4r, vn. To emit sparks; ndn irently. 

Chisp^ro, «»k Smith ; low people of Madrid. 

Cbispero, ra, a. Emitting a number of 

Chtapo, 9m. Small draught of wine. 

ChLsporrotedr, vn. To hiss, as burning oiL 

Chisporrot^ auk Slbilation, hissing, crack- 

Chispttoo, sa^ Sparkling, emitting sparlra. 

ChlstAr, wk To mumble, matter. Ko ekUto 
palabra^ He did not open bia llpa. 

Chiste, 9m. A witty saving; fUn, Joke. 
Dar m «< chUie^ To bit the nail on the 
head. Chi^ peiado^ Scurvy triek. 

Oiist^a, ^ A narrow basket for flsli. 

Ghlstosamtote, ad, Faoetioosly, wittily, 

Chistdflo. sa, a. Gay, eheerftil, hoMom, 

Chita, 9f. Ankle-bone; game with an ankl*- 

Chite, 9m^ Kind of cotton stuff; cbints. 

ChiUdUla, anK One who koopt silenceu 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



A-Toi^. On tp^-toea. 
Ca" », «wk. M-aey-^-Iorfc or b<>fi« ta tb« 
cuxM \if o.'^TL ~ I/TM *» c44£tM» To lead a 

0.-ta.Cbiv>B.t*i<*y7.HBsht siXenee! moml 

Cro'. i^erf. DriTer's word to stof^ bb aai- 
C h* lea. j^ Psrt of the ssbm given to a lunrk ; 

»i«f»-boUer*ft padilie. 
CHoeador, n« «. Proroker; aemilanl 
C ' '^jcaote. po^ Prowkins. irritatin;^ ; flaring. 
C£*'>c»r, ««. To dnh agaiiuit ott«: Jostle; 

fl^t. — CO. To pnrroke, rex, shock. 
ClMicarTear, na^ To joke. JeeL [Ib^ 

Cbocarrena,4r^ Baffooaeiy, low jests; cheat- 
CtkoeaireTO, «m^ Buffoon, low ioMer, mimic. 
CAKwarrera, ra, a, Practisiiis mdeeent rail- 


, ChocbapenUi, f< Woodcoek. 
CboebeAT, e«. To dotfli 
Choeb^ra, Chochez» ^ Dotage. 
Cboebok, efaa. a. Doting — «Nh Ijapine; ai^ar- 

itlom. — pi. Sugar tbinss, dainties. 
CT&ocilla, 4r. tUm^ A small hot, a low oottam. 
ChorUu:. vm. To drive the ball out bj the 

ChAc^K an. Patten, doc. [rf nn. 

Cbocion, am. Drivlnff the ball through the 
ClK6eo, mm. The amafl cattle-fish. 
CbooolAta, am. Chocolate. 
CbocoUttTa, ^. Chocolate-pot. 
Cboeolateria, 4^ Chocolate-shop. [late-pot 
Chooobttifero, cia^ Chocolate-maker; choco- 
Ctkocolocear. en,. Y. CkaooUdsar. [Hoax. 
Ch<ide, mml Paste of milk, cfrga, ra«>r, and 
Ch6fi^«(r(ObsL) Falsehood, 111 
Cbafear,t«iL To otter Alwbooda. T.lf^mlfr, 

CkMtbtm, s^, Cbaflag^^Usb; a portabte innate. 
Choflita, tm. Urtr m llfffata and Uirera ; liar. 
C'holdtas, if. Brown pIstillM. 
C'hoUa, 4< Skoll ; JmignienL 
Chops, »/ Kind (^sea-bream; poof»-«>»l><n. 
Chopo, mm. Black poplar-tree. 
Chboue, siNL Shock, da,<ih ; nnnvautf^ ; «!«'- 
m&h; djl&renee, (Xau.) Ciu>rkA. 

CboqoenicJa, ^. The koee-pan or p«U»iIa. 

Hwrea, f< Pit or hole la the gr*>aii'l- 


Cbordoo, tm. Baifpberry Jam, 

Chorioero^ «m. SauMure-znaker nr ^^^^ . 

Cfaorita,<iM.Apaim-cree, the w*>otl oT vl»»-* 

^ ^^ r^hnnlr. 

Cartew or iray P^^TVy^Tu 
i:mnUo,da, a. Applied to • •*»«'* !!« !r 
' ^.mir, m. To ftii from » :f^''J^i^ 
^"Iwrrtn, ^ 8poot; mark V<^ ^?,t ^' 

tV.ny,aaWiter.Ju-^i-^'^^7-;2l'-f«»-*- ^' 

JJbomo, Mn Port-4 
[;i)9riio^ JR. Curie 


Chotir, Ml To sack. Y. ifomor* 

Ch^to, sm^ A sacking kid. [/r^^^A. 

Chotuno, nn, a. and d. Hucklng kUl or Jw/i/.v; 

i'hova, ^ Jay. choogU. 

Ohoya, ^ Jnck-dsw. 

Chox, am. Sound of a blow, 

OluVsa, ^ Hut, cottotfA, Ij//>'^I. 

Ch<Sana, <|/! OTcat-<c^»n«M»'.;r».*>T. 

Chocno. sm. GrcatKrarf!*/*'. 

Cbozo^lA, n< </<wi. A •««* . ; -,♦ '/r ^A^^mt^ 

OhubArbfl, af (!W/t) t*fy*f *^-'-" ;, 

Chub6sco,(ri»uhAr#», ♦/!».*•'. .^ /-..^ -^ • ■■-* 

Chficn, «/ Hollow i«M#5 'rf u.* /^mw^^-^xi.*' 

Choc^ro, #m. Pik^rri^n. 

Ch6cha, */. Atntrr\fAt, '»;/^**.— ',,* * 

Chachour, ra. To P,w: ■•.*-»• ♦u* • - 

Chuoherift, VT ^>«wip»ir, v«. .>- i-- -if 

with cal^ au;. 
Choch^ru, mn. VArA-^^^"^^ 
Ch^icho, am. \jf*.-/ -*--.*'''. -.' 
Chacham/*''o, w». A wwr*/ ^i^^.t^Fm^/u.m' 

little f«;llr/W. 
Chochnrrar, r/x. T^v v. .^^'/^ .^ .' *^ 
Chowan i?^M'.. >.»'/' '.' - ^ -'^-M. 
Chnee^zo. *»» **''*/' - #» - 
Ch6fa, -^ T:.* * .. - ^ - - -«'-^*-' -^-^ 

Am, To r.*-/-^/^ »*^ 
flmfar. <.\.r-'.*' "^ 7 - ^ -» 

Chufc-fa. »^ ^ • -• /.■" ^ ' '■-* 

ChtiJl*^*. */ 7* , "^ ^ '' ^ 

<'htjl'« t^^r ^-s y . - ■ -^ 

f>ho.*r.«r «--/ ? ' *'- 
r K.. 'A -/ ' > 

r>. .. 4. -/ ' - ' 

•#^<^ -•'•««# 

rS . 

♦ ,i» .r «'. ^ 

,^ , ,- X^ ' 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Ch&I, 9HK Lonff-fthawl. Choi anff09tc, 8caxt 
Ghal4n, na, «. Hawker, bnckater; Jocker. 
Cbalane&r, va. To Jockey ; bay or sell dox- 

Ghalanena, Hf. Oannlne In baylnf? or BelHnfr. 
Chalchlguite, »»». pi. (A.) Stonee like em- 
Chaldroh, »n. Measnre for ooala. [eralda. 
Chal6oo, sm. A waistcoat yeet 
ChaI6n, Chalfin, am. Shalloon, woollen stnfll 
Ghalote, «m. Shalote, kind of onion. 
Chal&pa, «/ Sl«op^ a small light vessel 

(Mex.) Canoe. 
Chamale6n, am. Chameleon. 
Chamarisca, if. A brush-wood flrei (Bot) 

Annual costmary. 
Chainar&z, 9m. (Bot) Water-gennander. 
Cbamarllero, Chamarlll^ro, sm. Dealer in 

old ftarnltare, Ac ; gambler. 
Cliamarlll6n, nn. A bad player at cards. 
Chamariz, mn. Blue titmouse. 
Chamar6n, a. Long-tallod titmouse^ 
Cbam&rra, if. Oarmont of sheep-skins. 
Chamarreta, if. A short loose Jaokot with 

Chamb6rga, if A long wide cassock; a 

Spanish dance with singing; silk girdle. 
Cliamborgo, ga, a. Slouched hat [let 

Chamel6te, C^el6tc, am. Camlet or eamb- 
Chamelotina, if Kind of coarse camblet 
CfaamorlAco, am. Close Jacket with a collar. 
Ghamic^ra, if TrM^ &c^ scorched by fire. 
Cbamlc^ro, ra, a. Belonging to scorched 

Chamba, ^. Kind of wild cane or reed. 
Chamizo, am. A piece of wood half burnt 
Chamdrra, if A shorn head. [head. 

ChamordUla, if Butt given with a shorn 
Chamorrir, «a. To cut the hair with shears. 
Chamdrro, ra, a. Shom^ bald. THffo cha- 

morro. Winter or beardless wheat [ga. 
OluunpAda, if. A larse stately tree In Maaa- 
Champ&n, if. Vessel In South America of 

seventy w eighty tons. 
Champurrado. am. Jargon; mixture of 

liquors. (M«x.) Chocolate made in aiale. 
ChampnrrAr, vo. To mix liquors; speak 

gibberish. [vice; contaminated. 

ChamusdUlo, da. a. Tipsy; tinged, prone to 
Chamuse^, 9a. To singe or scorch. 
Chamu8o6n, am^ auffm. A large singe or 

scorch. [singeing; wrangling. 

Chamnsquina, af ChamdMo, am. Scorching, 
ChancAca, if. The coarse sugar of western 

Spanish America. [merry. 

ChanceAr. mi. To Jest, Joke.— vr. To fool, be 
Chancellar, t^ To cancel, eflhce, annul 
Chanc^ro, ra, a. Jocose, sportftil merry. 
Chi^charras m^cbarras, if pL (Low.) Sub- 

Chanclca, ilia, if dim. A little fhn or Jest 
ChanclUordsco, ca, a. Of chancery, In chan- 
Chancilleria, if Chancery; chancery fees. 
Chancita, if aim, A little ftin. 
Chanol^ta, if Slipper. Andartnchancltia^ 

To go sliiishod. [shoe. 

ChAncIo, am. Patten; clog; galoehe, ovct- 
ChanCstna, if Kagont of livers and lights; 

a trifling thing. 
Chanfl6n, na. «. Riugler.— it BongUnfr 


Chanfl6n, «ik Money beaten out to i 


Chang6te, am. An oblong bar of iron. 
Ch&ntre, am. Precentor, a dignified canon. 
Chantria, if, Precentorship. 
Ch&nza,^ Joke, Jest, ftan. ChiMma peaada, 

A sarcastic taunt l>a eAaiMa, In Jest 
Chanzonita, if. Joke, Jest; a little merry 

song. [poet 

Chanzonet^ro, am. Writer of ballada, a Mtty 
Chipa, ^. A thin metal plate; aoutobeon; 

rosy spot; rouge; boss. Da chapa^ Of 

Judgment, valor. 
Cnapal^ta, if. Lower pump-box. 
Chap^, CO. To plate, coot 
Chap&rra, ^. (Ao Thick bushes, spodes of 

oak ; a coacn with a low roo£ 
Chapairfida, if. Yery heavy shower of rain. 
Chaparral am. Plantation of evergreen oaka. 

(A.) Place niU of thick bnsbea. 
Chaparro, sm. Evergreen oak-tree; bosh.— 

a. Low In stature, 
Chaparrdn, sm, A violent shower of rain. 
Chape&r, va. To adorn with metal platea. — 

91%. To clap (as a horseshoe unnailod). 
Ghap6l6ta de ana bomba, ^, The clapper of 

a pump-box, of a scupper, Ac 
Chapel6te,«m. An ancient cover ibr the beaid. 
Chapelina, ^ An ancient gold coin. 
ChiqMria, if. Ornament of metal plateai 
Chaperdn, am. Ancient hood or oowl 
Chapdta, af. A small metal plate; red spot 

on the cheek ; a shirt stuo. 
Chapet6n, am, (A.) European Spaniard. 
Chapeton&da, if Ilhioss inddent to atran^ 

gers to the climate. 
Chapin, am. Clog with a cork sole Chapin 

de la raina, Tax on the oooaaion of tb« 

king's marriage. 
Chapinibo, am. Blow with a dog or patten. 
ChaplnerSa, ^. Shop for dogs and pattena. 
Chapin6ro, am. Clog-maker or seller. 
Chitpinito, am, dim, A small dog. 
Chapit^l, am. Capltd of a coiumn. spire of 

a tower. rgraving, 

ChAple. am. Graver, the tool used in eo- 
Chapod^, 90. To lop off the branches of 

treesL [Ameriea. 

Cliapdto, am. Kind of black glue or wax in 
Chapotekr, 9a. To wet with a qtongB.— «fk 

To paddle In the water. 
Chapuce^, vo. To botch, bungle 
Chapuceram^nte, €ui, Fnmblingl v, dnmsHy. 
Chapnceria, if A clumsy, bungling work. 
Ghnpuoero, am. Nail-smith, Ac ; bungler. 
Chapuc^ro, ra, a. Rough, unpolished, domay. 
ChapurrMo, am. Jaigon, broken language. 
Chapurrir, 9a. To siieak gibberish, broken. 
ChapAz, sm. The act of ducking; dnnuy 

performance.—^ Piecea on the mast to 

increase its bulk. 
Chapuzi^, vo. To duck ; paddle with the 

oars.— vn. and r. To dive; duok. 
Chaqu^ta, if Jacket [men. 

Chaqu6te, am. Game reeembltng backgam- 
Chaqnira, if Glass seed-beads ot all couin. 
Chandrio, am, (Om.) Common roller. 
CharAndiaa, •/ pL (San.) Battens nsed as 

ChanuuRitoOk ra, a. doinqr: bad workmao. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Cbanngn^TO, rnn. Peddler, hawker; ooest* 

CbircSf <^ BeserYoir especUDr to make Ice. 
Cfaarciiias, f^ Stuff of nik and cottoo. 
Ghirco, 9m. Pool of standing water; Braall 

lake. IiM0ar si cAareo^ To cron the seas. 
Cbaro&so, ea, a. Fenny, swampy, watery. 
Cbirk, if. (Ora.) Bohemian cliatterer, silk- 
tail; Idle chit-chat, gossip. 
Charlador, ra, «. Gabbler, prater, chatterer. 
Chcriadnria, ^. OarmUty, goeslp. 
Charlante, auk and ptk Gabbler, chatterer. 
Charlantin, am. A mean prattler or goeslp. 
Chari^, vn. To prattle, chatter, gossip. 
Cbariatan, na, &Trater, babbler; charlatan. 

—a. Empirical 
Charlatanear, vn. Y. Okarlar. [qoackery. 
Charktaneria, ff! GaTrallty, verbosity; 
Chariataniamo. «ik Charlataniy, qoackery. 
CbarmUla, f^ Hornbeam-tree. 
Cbanitok ^ Mastie^ree, plstachio-tTeei 
ChanMc4], «m. Plantation of mastio-treea. 
Cham^la, ^ Hinge; the chape of a bnekle^ 
Obar6l, am. Black yamish ; japan work. 
Cbarolir, «a. To Tarnish ; japsn. [ner. 

CharolistaL ens. Gilder, vamlsber, or japan- 
Chirpa, ^if. Belt tar pistols and poniards. 
Charpdr, to. To scaH twist aroond. 
Charqnillo, am. dim. A small pool or paddle. 
CharrUa, 9f. Action of a clown ; a dance; 

Chanamitete, ad. Clownishly, tastelessly. 
Charretera, ^ Knee-fitrap or knee-bnckle 

toamaU-cMthes; epaolet. 
Chirro, ra, a, Churl, a clownish person ; 

Chirro, ra, a. Gaudy, tawdry. [ing. 

Chas^ ask Word denoting cracking or tear- 
Cbaseo, 9m. Fan. Jest, a trick; duappolnt- 

meot; lash. I)ar vn oAoaeo, To plaT a 

meny trick. Zior cAoaoo, To disappoint 

Lleearte ehoico^ To be disappointed. 
Chaaqa^, ««. and n. To crack with a whip 

orbMh; soap; fool; disappoint; cheat 
Cboaqiil, ant. (Pera) Postboy on fi>ot 
iSnsiliikioi, Mk Orack, snap. 
Chaaqotata, Mk A person Ibod of playing 

trldcs; a sycophant 
Chata, if. A flat-bottomed boat; a hnlk; 

Ckaia aliiadora^ Lighter. [her. 

Chke, ank Boond-leaved Egyptian cncam- 
Cfaito, ta, a. Flat, flat-nosed. 
Chavan, am. Rind of linen. 
ChaT^a, f^ Key or bolt 
ChaT6ata, ^f. A kind of mnslin. 
ChkxiL ank A Chinese bine silk stnlL 
CTbaydtei 9m. Mexican star-encnmber. 
Chaza, »/. Point where the ball is driven 

back; berth on board a ship. Haeer 

tAaaa, To walk on the hind fbet 
Chaza(16r, am. One who stops the ball and 

marks the game. [point 

Chazir, to. To stop the ball; mark the 
CheMa, am. pL A ootton stnff of difl^rent 

CfaeKB. «m. Shining, an English coin. 
CbinoL 9/. Bnflla, a fish resembling a 

aahnoD. [Indies. 

Cherqnem61a, ^ Staff made in the East 
Gb^rva, << Gwat spnip, Palma Ghiiati. 


Cheurrdn, 9m. Chevron (In heraldry). 

Chevronado, da, a. Chevroned, coat of arma 
wIUj chevrons. [leaved sage. 

Chia, if. A short black mantle; cowl; lime- 

Chlar, vn. To chirp, as birds. 

Chiba, ^. Kid. 

Chibal^te, mt. Chest of drawers with a desk. 

Cbibdta, ^. (Prov.) Shepherd's clnb or stafll 

Chibito, am. Kid between six and twelve 
months old. 

Cbibet^ro, Chibltid, am. Fold ibr kids. 

Cbibo, am. Kid, he-goat {gam, 

Chibon, smw A vonng cock-linnet; sort of 

Cbib6r, 9m. A kind of monkey. 

Chica, if. A little girl Una buena ch4ea, 
A pretfy girl. 

Chldida, itf. Herd of sickly Mda. 

ChicaI6te, 9m. Mexican argemone^ 

ChicarrSro, 9m. Shoemaker of pamps and 
little shoes. 

Chicba, ^ Childrenls meat; beverage of 
any sweet Jaice fermented, or molasses. 
8er co9a de cMchayndbo, To be of little 
importance. Tmsr poecu cMcha9, To 
be very lean or weak. 

Chlchaio, ^ (Bot) Pea. 

Cblch&rra, ^. Cicada, called locast in the 
U. 8. ; a prattler. CarUar la ddoharra, 
To be scorching hot 

Chtcharrdr, «a. To (Vy meat too much. 

Chicharr^ro, am. A hot pUce or climate. 

CbichiirTo, 9m. A young tunny-flsh ; horse- 
mackerel, [lard is tried out 

Chicharr6n, 9m. Scrap of pork Ikt after the 

Chicheria, 9f. Tavern where ehicha is sokL 

Chichigna, ^f. (Mex.) Wet narseu 

Chicbisvead6r, am. Gallant wooer. 

ChichisveAr, «a. To woo, court 

Chichisv^ 9m. Court paid to a Hdy ; dci»- 
beo, a gallant 

Chich6n, 9m. Lamp on the bead ; broiae. 

Cblcboncillo, ito, 9m. dim. Small lamp. 

Chich6ta, ^. Sin/altar oMchota^ It ia all 

Chico, ca, L Little, small Chico eon 
ffraruUt Both great and small. rgIrL 

Chioo. ca, 9m. and »f. A little boy or TTttle 

Qiieole^, «a. To Joke or Jest In galUmtry. 

Chicolto, 9m. Joke. Jest In gallantry. 

Chio6ria, «/ Snooory, wild-endiveu 

Chicorrotico, lea, a. dim. Very little or very 
small child. 

Chioorrotln, a. Very small. 

Chio6te, ta, «L A flit strong boy or girl; end 
(rfa rope; end of a cigar partly smoked. 

Chieozap6te, 9m. A delleloua American 
ftnit [knife; hissing. 

Chlfla, f< Whistle; bookbinder's paring- 

Chlflacay6te, 9m. A large kind of pumpkin 
in America. 

Cblflad^ ^. Whistle. 

Chifladfira, ^ Whistling. (Hex.) Crazlnesa. 

Chlflir, va. To psre the edge of leather.^ 
wk To whistle ; mock ; tipple.— w. (Mex.) 
To be craay. f ment 

Chlfl&to, 9m. Whistle, small wind instm- 

Chlflfi, 9m, Whistle; bird-call: priming- 
horn ; tide. Afftta9 cAMm, Keap tide. 

Chlfldte, Chiflo, ffn. Bookbhider's paring- 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Chlflido, M!t. Whistling. 

Chlsrua, ^ V. Nimta. 

Cliilacayote, ant. Kind of pumpkin 

Chile, ^. American rod or green pepper. 

Chil^ rellenOj (Mex.) Green nepncr stuf 

fetl with minced meat, coated with egga, 

and fried. 
Cbil^^ra, 4/^ (Nao.) Bow-lock hole. 
Cbillllo, m. (A.) A whip. 
Ghillndrina, «/. Trifle, a thing of little ralne. 
Chilindr6n, 9tn, Game at cards; cat In the 

Chilla, ^, Call for foxes, harea, or rabbits. 

Clavo cU chiUcL Tack, a sort of nalL 

TabUu dscMUa,Th\n \>09X^ C/Ulku, 

Rind of East IMta cotton stuff. 
Chimdo, am. Boof of shingles or thin boards. 
Chillad6r, ra, «l Screamer, shrieker; a thing 

that creak& 
Chillante, a. Gaudy, gay, brilliant 
ChiUikr, vn. To scream ; creak ; hiss, 
Chllldnw, «/ pk (Nan.) Bhot-Iockera. 
Chillido, «m. Bhriek; twwling of a woman. 

Jkir un chiUido^ To utter a scream. 
Cliitlo, 9m. Call. 
Chl]16n, sm. Bawler: common crier; nail, 

tack. ChiUon reiU^ Spike. Olavo ohi- 

Uon^ Tack or small nail. 
Chilian, na, a. Applied to showy colon. 
Chllt6ma, f(f. A large green pepper. 
Chimdte, tm. Y. Chancaccu 
Chimen6a,4< Chimney ; mantlepleoe; head. 
Chimpipe, sm. (Nicaragua) Turkey. 
China, «/ Pebble; china-root, sweet orange; 

porcelain, china; China silk. Media 

china^ Cloth coarser than that teom 

China; boyish play. 
Chtn&mpa, ^- Indian vegotM)1e garden of 

the Lake of Mexico, formerly floating. 
Chin&rro, un, A large pebble. 
Chinate&do, am. Stratum or layer of pebblea. 
Chinizo, am. A largo pebblo; blow with a 

Chlnchardbu>t am. Thrust or eat with a 

Chincharriro, am. Place swarming with 

Chincho, 4^ Bedbug, bug. Jforir como 

chinchea^ To die liRC rotten sheep. 
Chinchdro, am. Bug-trap made of twigs. 
Chinchilla, ^. Chinchilll, a small quadruped 

in Peru. 
Chlnchorrdo, am^ Tiresome importunity. 
Chinchorreria, ^f. Mischievous tale. 
Chinchorr^ro, ra, a. Insidious tale-teller. 
Chinch6rro, am. Fishing-boat used in An~er- 

ica; fishing-net 
Chlnch6so, sa, a. Peevish, flutidloua. 
Cliln^la, a/. Slipper; kind of patten or clog. 
Chinilla, ita, af. A small pebbU 
Chino, na, a. Chinese; half-breed Indian. 
Chiqn^ro, am. Hog-sty ; hut for goats. 
Chiquichaque, am. Sawer, sawyer; grating 

Chiquillo, ilia, a. dim. A small child. 
Chiqnirritico, ica; illo. ilia; ito, ita, a. dUn. 

Very small, very little. 
Chiqnirritin, Chiquitin, am, A small boy. 
Ohiqnitico, ea; Chiquitillo, lla» a. dim. 

Very small, or little. 


CbiquSto, ta, a. dim, little, small Bacarm 
chiqttUo^ To conceal one s knowledge. 

Chlribitil, am. Crib; small room. 

ChirigtiiU, 4/: K ind of gourd. [player. 

Chirimia, V- ClarioneL-^WR. CUrionet- 

ChirimiSya, ^. Chirimoya, the beet kind of 

Chirin61a^«/ Game placed by boys; trifle 


Eatar de ehirinoUi^ To be in good spirits. 
Chiripa, i^ Fortunate chance ; laekv hit 
Chiript^ro, am, A lucky person by ehanesL 
Chirivia, af. Parsnip. (Orn.) Wag-talL 
Chir'ia, << Muscle, a bivalve sheU-fiah. 
Chirlador, ra, «. A clamorous prattler. 
Chtrlur, vn. To prattle. HU scar. 

Chirlo, am, A large wound In the moe, and 
Chirriador, ra, a. Hissing like something 

fried; creaking; <^rper. [outoftniMk 
Qdrridr, <>». To hiss; creak; chirp; sing 
Cfalrrichote, am, A presiunptuons man. 

ChirricMtea, A nickname for French 

Cliirrido, eiik Chirping; creak; chattering. 
Chirrio, sm. The creaking noise made hj 

carts; orick. 
Chirri6n, sm. Tumbrel ; one-horse cart 
Chirrion6ro, am. Scavenger, dung-cart dit- 

ver. [haotboy. 

Chirumb6Ia, af, Wind initmment like a 
Chischis, am. Clashing of sworda, Ac 
Chisgaravia, am. A dabbler, an insignificant, 

nouy fellow. 
ChisguMe, am, A small draught of wine, 

small spout of any liquid. [lumber. 

Chiame, am. Misreport; traps or useless 
Chlsmeiur, 90. To Uttle, mlsreiirosent, tell 

Chism^eo, sa, a. TattUng, tale-bearing. 
Chispa, t^. Spark, a flake of fire; small 

diamond; a short gun; small pertlde. 

Y. JfifltfOv PenetratloD. Fulano Uena 

chiapa^ Such a one is verv aeate. Ser 

una chiapa, To be all life and spirit 

JSchar ohiapaa^ To be in a violent paasfon. 
Chispas, inieri. Fire and tow. 
Cliispdzo. am. The flying off of a spark, and 

the damage it doea; tale miacbievoualy 

Ghlspear, vn. To emit sparks; rain gently. 
Chisp6ro, am. Smith ; low people of Madrid. 
Chispdro, ra, a. Emitting a number of 

Cluapo, mu Small draught of wine. 
Chisporrotedr, wt. To mbo^ as burning oil. 
Chisporrot^ am. Sibilation, hissing, crack- 
Chispoeo, sa, a. Sparkling, emitting sparks. 
ChlstAr. «a. To mumble, mutter. Itoohittd 

palabra^ He did not open hia llps^ 
Chiste, am, A wlt^ saying; frin, Joke. 

Var an el cMata, To hit the nail on the 

bead. Chiate peaad^t^ Scurvy trick. 
Chist^ra, 4/! A narrow basket for flah. 
ChtBtoeamtote, ad. Facetiously, wittily, 

Chist^so, sa, a. Gay, cheorftil, froetioiia. 
Chita, ^ Ankle-bone ; game with an ankl»> 

Chite, am. Kind of cotton stuff; chintz. 
ChitidUIa, am. One who keepa aUenceu 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


ChlticaSar, «& To keep Bflence^ OMilcal- 

kmeU^, On tip-toes. 
Ghito, 9m. Money-block or bone in the 

Qune of chilo. Irsa d chitot. To lead a 

debaoched life. 
Qiitov Chiton, imUrj. Hush I silenoe ! mom I 
Chiro, ra. Y. Ch\bo, bet. [maU 

Q>o! HateH. DriTer'B word to stop bia ani- 
Chi^ «< Part of the game given to a hawk ; 

Map-ooiler*s paddle. 
CboeaddTf ra, a. ProToker; assailant 
(^ocante,pa. Proroking; irritating; glaring. 
Qiodir, «n^ To dash against one; Jostle; 

flght. — va. To proToke, vex, shock. 
QHMarreir, vfk To Joke, jest [ing. 

CtKKarreria, 9f. Baffoonery, low Jests ; eheac- 
CbocarrSro, am. Baffoon^'low iester, mimic. 
Cboean-dro, ra, a. Practising mdeoent rail- 

lerr; scnrriionsw 
Cbocha, Choebaperdia, rf. Woodcock. 
Cbocbear, 91^ To dota 
Cbocb^ra, Choch^z, ^ Dotase. 
Chocfao, dsa. a. Doting. — MN^Tjoplne; sngar- 

plom.— />k Sognr tfainss, dainties. 
CboeUla, ^ dim, A small hut a low cottage. 
CboeUu; «■. To dHve the baU out by ttie 


Patten, clog. 

ChoeUci, am. DriTing the baU through £ 

Ch6oQ, am. The small catUe-fiah. 

Cbooottte, am. ChocoUite. 

Chooolat^ ^f. Chooohrte-pot 

Cbooolatena, ^. Chooolate-shop. pate-pot 

Cboeolaiifero, am. Cbooolate-maker; choco- 

Chooolotear, 9%, T. OhaeoMsar. [floor. 

Ch6de, am. Paste of milk, eggs, sugar, and 

Ch6fim< (Oba.) Falsehood, UeT 

Chofau;«a.ToatterlUaehooda. Y^MenHr. 

Cbofero, am. V. Okq^tkL 

Cb<^ha, amifi|LLang& 

Cbofita, 4/: ChafingHllah ; a portable grata 

Cbefiata, am. Urer on lights and Urors ; liar. 

ChoKCaa, f/T Brown platfllaa 

CboUa, f< SknU; Judgment 

Chopa, 9/. Kind of aea-bream ; poop-cabin. 

rhdpo, amw Black poplar-tree. 

Cboqoe, am. Shock, clash ; rencounter; skir- 

mbh ; dlfferenoe. (Nau.) Chocks. 
Cboqlleanf6h^ iff. The knee-pan or patella. 
Ch6rca, ^ Pit or hole in the ground. 
Chdrcha, ^f. Woodcock. 
Ctiord6n, 9m. Raspberry Jam. 
Cborioero, mtK Bausage-maker or seller. 
Chorita, 9ti^ A palm-tree, the wood of which 

is black. 
Choruo, 9m. Pork-saosaga [shank. 

CbovlICo, 9m. Corlew or gray plorer; red- 
ChorreMo, da, a. Applied to a kind of satin. 
Cborre4r, vm. To fiul from a spout gush. 
CharT6ra, fl! Bpont; mark left by water; 

ornament ; fiilL [doa, Fast and thick. 
ChorreC^da, ^ Water spouting; Oharreta- 
ChoniI]ei,aOTw A small spout of water, /ras 

por ei ehoHtta^ To conform to custom. 
rhorrHo, 9m. dim. A small spout ot water, 
(^idrro, amt. Water, fta, iasuing from a spout 

gudi; a jet; hole; burst slaughter. A 

cAorrot, Abundantly, ooploualy. . 
Chorr6n, 9m, Hackled or dreasea hemp. 
Chotacibfaa, ^ Q«atrffafikor, chum-owL 


Chotir, «& To suck. Y. Mamar. 

Ch6to, 9m. A sucking kid. [goaUah. 

Chotuno, ns, 9. and a. Sucking kid or lamb; 

Ch6va, ff. Jay. chough. 

Ch<Sya, ^ Jock-daw. 

Ch6z, am. Sound of a blow. 

Ch6za, {/! Hut cottage, hovel 

Gb^zna, iff. Oreat-grand-danghter. 

Ch6xno. 9m. Great-grandson. 

Ghozndla, ^ dim. A small hut or cottaga 

ChnbArba, «^ (Dot) Stone-crop. 

Ghubisoa Clmbiizo, am. Squall, gust of wind. 

Ch^ca, 9/ Hollow side of the game-bona 

Cbncdro, 9m. Pikeman. 

Chddia, •/. American opossum. [nor. 

Chncheiir, va. To fowl with calla, Aa ; whia- 

Chucherla, ^. Gewgaw, bauble; fowling 
with calls, Aa 

Chneh^ro, mn. Bird-catcher. 

Cb6cho, 9m. Long-eared owl. 

Chnchum^ am. A sorry, contemptible 
little fellow. 

CI squeeze; bruisa 

CI rthe Joints; cricket-ball. 

CI ce given to a ball 

Ci » cypemsw Echar cAu- 

j t the bully. 

CI . To bully, hector. 

Cb :e; small chafing-dish. 

Ct Jeer, gibe, fling. 

Ct neer, taunt 

Ch....»w.v, .^ ». ^iiuntlng, sneering. 

Chulida, ^ Droll speech or action; con- 
temptuous word. 

Chulead6r, am. Punster, jester. 

Chule4r, wt. To ioke; taunt ridicula 

Chuleria, tf. A pleasing manner <^ acting. 

Chnl^ta, If. Chop, cutlet [wag. 

CholiUo, flh^ ito, ita, «. dim. A comical littto 

Chiilla, ^ Slice of bacon. 

Ch^lo, la, «. and ct. Punster, jester; an art- 
Ihl, sly person: pretty little thing; batch- 
er's mate; bullflghter's assistant 

Chnmac6ra, «/ CloUi put on the side of a boat 

Chum^, va.(Jjow) To drink. 

Ch&mbo, or Higo ae Chumbo, 9m. Prickly- 
pear or Indian flg. [Turkey. 

Chumpipe, 9m. (Costa Rica and Nicanigua) 

Chuneioa, «/ Coarse unclarifled sugar of 
Spanish America. 

Chonsa, f^ Jest, joka 3ttar ds ehunffo^ 
To be merry, or in good humor. 

Chungue^, m. To be merry. 

Chtipa, «< Waistcoat; jacket 

Chupadera ra, a. Sacking; absorbent 

Cbup4do, da, a. Lean, emaciated. 

Chap«d6r. ra, 9, Sucker. Chnpadcr da 
ntiSoa, A sucking-bottle; a child's coral 

Chupadfira, ^f Sucking, exsuction. 

Ch6parfldrea, Ch6pa-mi61, ChApa-mirioa, 
Ch6pa-rom£roa, «. Humming-bird. 

ChupaJand6ro, 9m. Snail that lives on plants. 

Chup^. «a. To suck; imbibe; sponge. 

Chupativo, va, a. Of a sucking natura 

Chnp6ta, ilia, ita, ^f dim. A short jacket or 

Cbup^te, »f. De ohupete. To poaseas in good 
Chupete4r, va. To suok gently and by starta. 
Chupetin, 9m^ A man*s inner garment or 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Chnpet^Q, rniK The met of snoUog a great 
quantity at once. 

Ohap6n, ttfk Sucker, a young twig. 

ChapiSu, na, a. Swindler, cunning cheat 

Chupona, ^f. A mean, blood-aocking strum- 

Chorddn, «m. Raspberry Jam. 

Churla, ^ Ch6rlo, 9m. Bag in which spices 
are broncht 

Cb6rra, f/: The little pln-taiied gronsa 

Ch6rre, «m. Thick dirty orease. 

Churretada, ^ Water rosblng firom a spoot 

Churrot6so, sa, a^ Gushing, spoattoK. 

Churribtini, Wk A low follow; raoble. 

Chorrlonto, ta, a. Oreasy. 

Churrill^ro, ra, a Tattler, prattler, gossip. 

Ch&rro. ra, dk Coane-woolietL 

Ghurrnllero, «m. Tattler, prattler, foasip. 

GhnrmpeAr, wk To sip, drink Dy small 
draughts. [silver. 

Churr&, mn. Silk staff with a little gold and 

Chnrmsc^rse, w. To be scorched, aiB bread, 

Churrfisoo, mn. Bread too much toasted. 

Ghurumb^la, ^f. Wind instrument resem- 
bling a hautboy. 

Chnrumo, 9m. Juice or substance of a thing. 

Ghus ni mus, Jfo dseir ehu9 fU mu9^ Not to 
say a word. J«»7« 

ChuadUla, «/ Pleasantry, drollery, boflbon- 

Ch6sco, ca, a. Pleasant droll, merry. 

Gh^snoa, ^ The crew and slaves of a row- 
galley; mob. [tales. 

Chutear, vdk To whisper, speak low; carry 

Ghuzazo, «m. A large pike; blow with it 

Chtizo, 9m. Pike. C%imo*, Abundance of 
rain, snow, or hail A' ehmo*, Abundantly. 
JCehar ohiuo9. To brag. 

Chnz6n, na, a. A craftv, artftil person ; wag ; 
punster; a large plke^ 

Gia. ^ Hip-bone, huckle-bone. 

Claboga, ^. The act of patting a row-calley 
about iTooer eicUKva, To tarn the back, 
flee. [a row-galley. 

Gtaesc(irre, 9m. Patting about and backing 

Gitoo, am. (Bot) The bluo-botUe. 

Gi4r, wh To back a row-galley; slacken in 

Glatica, 9/. Sciatica, lambago, or hip-goat 

Ciatico, ca, a. SclatlcaL 

GlbArlo, ria, a, Glbarious, relating to ibod. 

Gibeleo. lea, a. (Poot) Belonging to the god- 
dess Cybelo. 

Gib^ra, if. Uopperftil of grain; all seeds or 
grains; coarse remains of grain; action of 
the mind ; hopper in a mill 

GIbica 9/i Clout iron plate of an axle-tre& 

Ciblc6n, mk A largo Kind of doutrnalL 

Glbol6ro, syiK BuJBUo-hunter. 

Gibolo. la, 9. American buibdo or bison. 

Cicate&r, «n. (Coll) To be sordidly parsi- 

Cicateria, ^, Niggardllnesa, parsimony. 

Cicaterillo, Ua, 9. and a. dim, A sordid little 
person or thing. [nious. 

Gicat^ro, ra, a. Niggardly, sordid, parelmo- 

Gicatero61o, 9m. dim. Niggardly little miser. 

acatridlla, 4< dim, A smaU eicatrioe or 

Cieatris, 9m, Cicatrice, a soar; gash. 



Cicatriiactdn, ^ Gicatisatioc. 
Cicatriz4l, a, Bivionging to a cicatrice. 
Clcatrlzami6nto, am. V. OicatrUaeicfiu 
Cicatriztote, pa. Cicatrisant 
Cicatrize, «a. To cicatrize. 
CicatrizaUvo, va, a. Cicatriaiva [ke. 

CIceon, 9m. Mixture of meal, honey, water, 
Ciceronitoo, na, a. Oloeronian. 
Cic{la6n, 9m. Bitter vetch. 
Cici6n, am. An intermittent fever. 
Cicluda,«/ Undreesibrmerly wom by ladks. 
CicUn, 9m, Ridgel; sinsleL 
CidAr, «& To dean, polish. 
Ciclo, 9m. Cycle, a round of timeu 
Ciddida, ^, Gydold. 

Giclope, am, Cjelopt, [eolet 

Gicuta, 9f. Poison-hemlodc; pipe, flute, flag- 
Cidra, ^ Citron. ' ^^ 

Cidracaydte, «m. Kind of American" water- 

Cidral, 9m, Plantation of dtron-troesL 

CIdria, f^ Cedar-gum, oedar^naln. 

Cidro, 9m, Citron-tree. 

Cldron^la, ^f. Common balm. 

Cjegam^te, ad. Blindly. 

CioKo, ga, a. Blind; swayed by passlen. 
Cie^o^leiro, Blind with anger. A'cieffM, 
Blindly, In the dark: thoughtktslj. 

Cl^go, am. Blind-gut; laige black-podding. 

aeguedeo, ka; Ulo, »la; ito, ita; aegne- 
zudo, 61a, <k and a. dim. A Uttte bUnd per* 

Ci61o, 9m. Heayen; paradise, the akj; di- 
mate. JftMlorcMo, or <fe<:ie(o, To change 
theair; root odlina: E9iarh&okotmeido, 
To be splendid. Ttnnar H eitio etm bu 
mano9. To be tnuuported with Joy or 
ffrlefl A' ei9lo ra^o, In the open air. 

Cien, a. One hundred. 

Cidnaga, f< Manh, moor, swamp. 

Ciencabdcas, «/ Common eryngo. 

Cl^da, «/: Science; knowledgeu A' cimtata 
y patimoia^ By one's knowledge and 

Clcno, 9m. Mud, mire. 

Clentifloam^nte, ad. Sdentifloally. 

Cientifloo, ca, a. Sdentifle. 

Ciento, 9m. and a. A hundred ; a himdred- 
weight— j9<. Percentage (tax); pionet 

Cleniopi^amw Wood-louse, centipede, hog- 

C16ma, iff. Blossom of vines, grain, Ac. 

Cl^rne, En dems^ In blossom; in its in- 
fiincy. [SpanlanK 

CI6m Esp&fta, The war-erj of the ancient 

Ci£*rFo, 9m. Indo6ar& 

Clertamtote, ad^ Certainly, surdy. 

Gi6rto,ta.4iw Certain, evident Pardarto, 

Cierva, 9/. Hind, the female sta|p. 

Ci6rvo, am. Deer, hart >tsg. 

Ci^rvo volinte, mn, Stag-beetlei 

Ci^rzo, 9m. A cold northerly wind. Tentr 
wrUana al deno. To be haagh^, lofty. 

dfra, f< Cipher; contraction; arithmeticil 
mark. Jtn dfra^ Briefly, in abort. 

ClfMr, «a. To write in dpber; abridge. 

Cig&nra, ^f. Cicada, oalled loeost in tte U. & 

CigarrikI, wm. An orchard or frult-gaiden. 

Cigarrdn, tf. Cigar-case. 

CigaiT^ n, 9m. and/ Cigar«alkr. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


dgwrari^ f< dgBr-flhopw 
ClgiTTOta, am. Great clgar-«moker. 
CiiciiTO, Mm Cigar. 

CIsarron, am. A large cigar; Alu^eiffdrra. 
Ci^tera, ^ Prcstltate. [from wells. 

Clgoftal, «m. Sort of crank to draw water 
Cigomno* am. (Om.) A yoaog stork. 
Cigoi&ii6la» f^ (Qm.) A bird resembliDg a 

Ciguatera, •f. (Amer.) Kind of Janndlea 
ClgnitQ, ta, a. Jaundice ; with the laandice. 
asu^te, a. Applied to a kind of white grape. 
Ci^efia, f^. White atoik, crane; crank or 

Clj^iefliil, sm. (Ptot.) V. Ci{foflal 
Cigoefio, MM. Amale stork; tall, slender, sQly- 

lookinc pttWMk 
dgSeflotfla, «: dim. Bmall crank. 
CigaetoMo de la Galla del Timon, Hie 

gooa»-aedt of the rudder. 

CT^Ia. vT^ogeoo. 

Cilintro, ant. Coriander. 

CUiar, a. Ciliary of the eye-lidt. 

Clfiefcs mn. Hair-doth; girdle of brisUes or 

netted wirsu 
Cilindrioo, ea, a. Cyllndric or cylindrical. 
Cilindro, mt. Cylinder; a roller. 
Cilia, ^ Granary Ibr tithes and other grain. 
CtlliMO, anw Store-hoose fee& [or butler. 
Clllerwro, am. In religions hou8e^ eellarist 
Cilleriza, f^ A nun who directs the domestic 

Cttl^vo, sm. Keeper of a granary ; granary. 
dma, 4^ Summit; top. Sn ctma^ On top. 

J\fr etmOf At the uppermost part Dor 

flimo, To eondode happily. 
Omido, sm. CrmstJnm, moulding half con- 
vex and balfeoncaTe; comfee. 
Omir, CA To dip the tops of plants. Ac 
Cimarron, na, a. f Amer.) Wild, unmly, un- 

cciltivated.--«. A ran-away slave. 
CimbaUria, Jff. Ivy-wort 
CimbalUio, am. A small beH 
Cimbalo, sm. Cymbal. 
Gmbara, f< Bush-hook. [ooy-plgeon& 

Cimb^ 9m. Decoy-pigeon; rope to tie de- 
CimbMo, Cimbdrrio, am. Cupola. 
CImbomilee. tm. pL Scupper-boles. 
Cmibra. a/. A wooden centre-curve. 
Clmbr&do, miK Quick movement in a Span- 

iah dance. 
Cimbrar, Cimbreia>, to. To brandish a rod ; 

give a drubbing;-—rr. To bend, vibnte. 
Cimbrefio, i&a, a. Pliant flexible. 
Cimbrto, sm. Crookedness, bending: FbrL 
CknbriooL a. Cimiiric, language of the Cim- 
Cimbronftzo, mik Stroke given with a foil. 
CimentAdo, am. Beflnemcnt of gold. 
Omenta, ra. To found; establish; refine 

Ciroent^rio, sm. Cemetery, church-yard. 
Qmeoto, »m. Cement [ari 

CImera, ^. Crest of a helmet or of a coat of 
Cimerio, mn, A %-erv dark plaoei [height 
Cim^ro, ra, a. Cappmg, finishing the top of a 
CtaniinUs sm. Foundation; bsais, origin. 

OimisrUo rsai^ An acid composition for 

porifying gold. 
dmUlo, sm, DMoy-plgeon. 


aroittora, «? Cimeter, ftloblon. 
Clmdrra, 4/: Glanders. [can gum. 

Cinibrio, am. Cinnabar; vermilion; an A1H- 
Cinam6mino^ sm. Bead-tree ointment 
Cinamdmo^ sm. The bead-tree, or pride of 

China. ^ y 

Clnca, ^. Five points in the game. 
Cinc^l, sm. Chisel [stone-cutter. 

Cincelad6r, am. Chaser, ennavor, sculptor, 
Cinceladfira, f^ Chasing. eniDossment relied 
Clncelir, «& To chisel, engrave, emboBS» 

CinceUto, sm. dim. Small chisel 

Cinch, Cinck, am. Zhno, q>olter. 

Cincha. if. Girth, dngle. Ir rompisndo 

einekas. To drive on taW speed. 
Cinchad6ra, «< The act of girting. 
Cinchir, va. To oirt 

Cinch^rs, if. Girth-place ; disorder of horsea. 
Cincho, am. Belt or girdle ; tire of a wheel ; 

strip of grass msitttng; disorder in the 

hoolk of horsea. 
Cinchdn, am, augm. A broad girdle, [bon. 
Clnchn^la, if. A small girth ; a narrow rlb- 
Cinoo, sm. and o. Five. [beasta. 

ClncoafiAI, a. Five yean old: applied to 
CInoo en rima, if. Common dnquefolL 
Clnoomesino, na, a. Five months old. 
Cincu^nta, sm. Fifty. 
Cincuent6no, na, a. Fiftieth. 
Cinerto, Ctnericio, a. Cinereous, ash-colored. 
Chigaro, ra, a. Gipsy. 
Cinglad&ra, af One da/s run or sailing. 
Cingl&r, va. To sail with a Iklr wind ; brsn- 

Cingulo, am. Girdle or band; cordon. 

Cinico, ca, a. Cynic, cynical; satirical 

Cinico, sm. Cynic; spasm. 

Cinife. am. The long-«hanked buzzing gnat 

Cinoo^iUo, sm. Kind of monkey; a man 
with a dog*s head. 

Clnogl6sa, 4^ (Bot) Houndstongue. 

Cinosura, ^ Cynosure, the polar star, guide. 

Cinqu^fitk Cinquillo, sm. Game at caras be- 
tween five personSb 

Cinta, 4^Bibbon; Upe; girdle; tunny-net 
(Nan.) Wales; first course of floor tilea. 
Andar eon las manoa en la einta^ To 
be idle. Sn ekUa^ Under sul^ection; 
pregnant r&tring. 

Cintadero, sm. Part of a cro»-bow for the 

Olntag6rda, af. Coarse hemp tanny-net 

Cint^os, Clntardjos, sm. jd. Knot of rib- 
bons ; tawdry omaknents. 

Clnt^r, «a. To adorn with ribbons. 

Cintarizo, sm. Blow with the fist of a sword. 

Ointe^o, da, cb. Adorned with ribbons. 

Cinteria, f< Bibbon shop, [truss; a laasa 

Cint^ro, sm. Weaver or seller of ribbons; 

Cintilla, if. dim. Narrow ribbon or Upe. 

Cintillo, sm. Hat-band ; ring set with pre- 
cious stones. 

Onto, sm. Belt girdle, [centre of a dome. 

ClntrAl, sm. (Arch.) Eulo or line in the 

Clntfira, if. The waist; flue of a chimnev. 
Meter A uno sn dntura^ To keep one in 

Cintnr^ro, sm, GIrdler. [delicate waist 

Clntnrica, ilia, ita, if dim, A smaU girdle; 

Cintar6n, sm, A belt, a girdle. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Cipdro, am, (Bot) Cvpenw or sedge. 

GIprtB, rnn. (Bot) Cypress-tree. Baya dd 
dprsa, The cypress nut or berry. 

Cipresil, mi. Grove of cyprefls-trees. 

Cipresino, na, a. Beeembllng cypress. 

CiquiriciU, ef. Caress; flattery. 

Circdose, a. Clrcensiiil or ciroensUiL 

Girco, am. Circus, cirque. (Om.) The moor- 

Qrcuir, «& To surround, encirdeb [paas. 

Clreftito, am. Circuit; drcumference; oom- 

Circulaci^n, f< Circulation ; curren<^. 

Circulinte, pa. and a. Circulatory, clrcllne. 

Circaliir, a. Circular, circolatory. [round. 

CircnlAr, «n« To circulate, surround, travel 

Circnlarm^nte, <ui. Circularly. 

Circulo,«m. Circle; orb; compass; district; 
figure of speech. 

Circnmeirea, ad. About, thereabout ; almost 

CircumpolAr, a. Clrcumpolar. 

ClrcuneidtotiB, am and pa. Cireamdser. 

Circuncid&r, va. To circumcise ; diminish. 

Circnncisidn, nf, Clrcumolaion ; religious 

Clrcunclso, sa. pp- ^rrag. Circumcised. 

Circund4r, «a. To surround, compass. 

Circunfur6ncia, ^f. Circumference. [Tar. 

ClrcunforonciAl, a. Circumferential, ciron- 

Circnnferendalm^nte, ad. In a circular 
manner. [cumflex accent ( ^ ). 

Clrcunfl^jo, la, & Aeento Circunfi^o^ Cir- 

Clrcun1ocua6n, af. Circumlocution, peri- 

Circuul6qulo, am. Circumlocution, cirdo. 

Circunscribtr, va. To circumscribe, indoee. 

Clrcnnscripd6n, {/T Circumscription. 

Circunscriptivo, va, a. Circumscriptive. 

Cirounspocd6n, ^ Circumspection, pru- 

CircnnspectamSnte, ad. Circumspectly. 

Circunsp^cto, ta, a. Circumspect cautious, 
considerate. [condition. 

Circunstinda, tf. Circumstance; Incident; 

Circunstanciadam/'nto, a<2. Circumstantially. 

Cireunstanci&do, da, a. Circumstantial, mi- 

' nute. 

Circunstand^, va. To drcumstantlate. 

CIrcunstAnte, a. Circnrostant, surroundlnic 

Circunst^tes, am, pL By-standers, persons 

Circunva)ad6n, ^ CIrcmnvallatlon. [late. 

ClrcunvalAr, ea. To surround ; drcnmval- 

Circunvecino. na, a. Neighboring, adjacent 

Clrcunvolucion, if. Circumvolution. 

Ciri&Ies, am. pL Tall church candlesticks. 

Cirin6o, am. Mate, assistant 

Cirio, am. A thick and tall wax candle. 

Cirro, am. Scliirrus: fbrelock. 

CirrAso, sa. a. Scirrhous; fibrous. 

Cirnela, an Plum. In tropical Am., spon- 
dios or hog-plum. Clrtwtaa paaaa^ Dried 
prunes. CtruHa rardal Green gage. 
Cirufla defraile^ Long green plum. 

Otmeldr, am. Orchard of plum-trees. 

CirueHca, illo, ita, am. dim^ Small plum. 

Ciruelico, Ulo, Ito, A dwarf plum-tree. 

Clrnclo, atn. Plum-tree. 

Ciruria, i/T Surgery. 

Cing&no, am. Sui^oon. 

CSsoa, af. Reed for roofing huts. 


CiscAr, va. To besmear, dirty.-^'vr. To taut 

Cisco, am. Coal-dnat, broken ooaL 

Cisi6n, ^f. Incision. 

Cisma, am. Schism; separation. 

Cism&tico, ca, a, Schismattei [mountains. 

CismontAno, na, a; On this side of the 

Cisne, am. Swan; a good poet or mn^cian ; 
prostitute. [ed patterns. 

Cisqu6ro, sm. Dnstlng-bag used with prick- 

Ciste, am. (Sura.) Cyst [Bernard. 

ast61, Clst^r, am, Oistertlan order of Bt 

Cistercldnse, a, Cistertlan. 

Cist6ma, «^ Cistern ; reservoir. 

Cistico, 6k (Sunf.) Cystia 

Cisto, am. (Bot) Cistu& roek-roeei 

Cistotomisj^f/! (Stu^-) Oyt^oUxmy. 

C^6ra, 4^ Incisure, incision. [tl<nL 

Cita, 4/! Appointment; rendeivoQs; qnota- 

Citad6n, ^f. Citation, quotation; woramonsL 

Cttad6r, ra, a. Citer. 

CltAno, am. V. ZutaauK 

CitAr, va. To make an appointment; con- 
voke, cite; quote; give judldal notice. 

GUara, af. Citheni, a kind of mandolin; 
partition walL 

Citarista, «. A dthem player. [dthera. 

Citaristico, ea, a. Foetry adapted to the 

Citat6rio, rla, a, Cltatory: applied to m 

Citeridr, ad. Nearer, hither. 

C^tlso, am. Shrub-trefoil, pytlsus. 

CMto, am. A. word used to call dogs* 

Cilocred6nte, a. Credulous. 

Citola, ^. MUl dapper. 

Cit6te, am. Summons, Judicial dtation. 

Citramontdno, na, a. On this side the moon- 

CHtrAto, am, (Ghem.) Citrate. 

Ciudid {/: City ; corporation, dvio body. 

Ciudadania, ^, Citiaenshlp. 

Giudadino, am. Citizen; Uvory-man of a 
city: freeman; inhabitant of a dty. 

Gindadiino, na, a, SeUtlng to a dty ; dvil : 

(Ttudad^a, {/T Citadel, small fbrtress. 

Civico, ca, a. Ovlc 

Civil, a. Civil; T>ollte, courteous. [ners^ 

Civiliddd. af. Ci>ility, politeness, good-man- 

Civilizad6n, «/: C^viUzaUon. 

CivillzAr, va. To dvilize. [law. 

Civilmdnte, ad Civilly ; according to dvil 

Civismo, am. Patriotism. 

Giz&Ua, 4/! Metal chippings or filings. 

C16oo, 1-8 of a real— 1-64 of a dollar. 

Clao6to, sm. (Mox.) Pimple, pustule. 

ClamAr, va. To cry out ; to be wanting f o. 

Clam6r,«m. Outcry, scream ; tollingof beHs. 

Clunoreor, v<k To clamor, implore oslst- 
ance.— wi» To toll the beiL 

Cbmior6o, am. KnelL 

Clamoro9am6nte, ad, C^moronslv. 

Clamor6so, sa. a. Clamorous, louo, noisy. 

Clandestinamcnte, ad. Clandestindy, se- 

Glandcstlnid&d, af. Cilandestinlty, privacy. 

Clandestino, no, a. Clandestine, private. 

Cl&nga, if. Ea^le with black and white 

Clira, </: A short interval of Wi weather on 

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a rainy day. Clara de Aimvo, White of 
anegK. (7to«ia«, Thin spota A'ladara, 
Clenriy, evidently. 

Clanb6va, f^ Bky-Iight 

Claramente, ad. Clearly, openly, obvlonsly. 

Clarea, ^ Bambooze, a beyerage made of 
white wine, 4ec ; molae. 

Careir, cw. To dawn, grow light— w. To 
be transparent; be deared np. 

Clarecer, vn. To dawn, grow light 

CLart'te, a. Vino darete. Claret wine. 

Cbridttd, ^ Cleameas; brlghtneaa; ^ory; 

Clariflcacl6n, ^ Clarifloatlon, refining. 

Clariflcur. ra. To dariiy ; brighten; purify. 

Clariflcativo, va, a. Poriflcative or porifica- 

Ciarilla^ f^. Lye of ashes, Ac 

(Uiriincnte, trm. Ancient cosmetic lotion. 

Clarin, tm. Bngle or trnmpet; trumpeter. 
C'/arin or olan cJarifiy Fine cambric. 

CUrin^do, da, a. (Her.) Wearing bells. 

Clarin^o, am. Trumpeter. 

Clarin^ie, mn. Clarinet; darlnotrplayer. 

Ciarion, am. Crayon. [Clare. 

Ciariaa, ^. Clare, a nun of the order of St 

Cliro, ni, a. Clear, bright; fine; obTloos, 
apparent; open, frank ; sacaclons. 

Claro, am. Sky-ii^t ; break in a discourse ; 
lif:ht CZoro. y oacuro, Clare-obscure; 
opcninir; a clear spot 8aear en claro. 
To explain. De claro en claro. Evident- 
ly. Por to elara, Clearly, conspicuously. 

Claro, ad. V. Claramente. [ncering. 

Clar61, «m. Inlaid work; marquetry, vu- 

Ciase, ^ Class, rank, order ; kind. (Jlaaea 
de nav'to. Bates of ships. 

Clasicam^te, ad. Classically. 

Qasicov ca, a. Classical, classic; principal 
Error cideioo, A gross error. 

Clasiflcacidn, ^ Classification. 

Ciasifle^, va. To cUss, arranso, classifV. 

ClaadlcAnte, a, and pa, Claudicant, halting; 

Clanciicir, vn. To claudicate, halt, limp. 

Clanstr&l, a. ClanstraL 

Claostrico. illo, ito, am. Small cloister. 

Clinstro, sm. Cloister; meeting of the fac- 
ulty of a university; womb. 

CUosnla af. Period, clause ; condition. 

Clansnlir, «a. To close a perioil. 

Claosnlilla, af. A little clause. 

Claus&ra, «/: Cloister ; confinement, retire- 
ment Jtn clauaura^ Retired. 

CTUva, ^. Club. (Nan.) Scupper, [nailed. 

Clavidoi, da, a. £xact prccue, matched; 

ClaTadAra, < Nailing; nail-prick. 

Garkr, va. To nail; Ihsten ; stick in, spike, 
prick. Gavar & un eaballo^ To prick a 
hone in shoeing. Clavar loa cjoa or la 
Hata, To stare; cheat Clavar laa or- 
maa. To ground the arm& 

CiaTax6o, am. Nails. 

CUkva, ^ Key-stone ; key to a book of ex- 
erdaea; dose. (Mna.) Clef or key; chime. 
—am. Harpsichord. 

Clav^ am, (Bot) CamaUon pink. Claval 
ds imtefio. Common marigold. 

Clavefina, ^. The common pink; mlgno- 


Clavcllina, ^. (Bot) V. ClaveUna. 

Claveldn, am. (Bot) A large pink, 

Clavdque, am. A false diamond. 

Clavera, fif. Mould for nail-heads ; nail-hole. 
(Prov.) Marked boundary. [bearer. 

Claveria, ^. Oflice and dignity of the key- 

ClarSro, ra, a. Keeper of the keys, treasurer, 
cashier; aromanc clove-tree. 

Clavao, am. Tack, a small naiL 

Claveteir, va. To nail, adorn with nails; 
sheathe; tag. 

CIavic6rdio, am. Harpsichord. 

Clavicula, ^. Clavicle, the collar-bone. 

Clavig^ra, ^ Water-hole in mud walls. 

Clavi^ro, am. Bridge of a harpsichord. 

Clavifa, af. Pin, peg, stopple, bolt 

Clavillo, ito, am. A small nail; clove. 

Cla>i6rgano, »m. An organized piano. 

Clavo, artK Nail. Claro trabadero. Bolt 
with a key on the opposite side; corn 
on the feet ; boil, abscess or tumor ; sinit 
in the eye ; lint Clavo de eapecia, Clove ; 
rudder ; headadie. Ea de clavo paaado. 
Ho is utterly abandoned. J>ar en el 
clavo^ To hit the mark. JIacer clavo, 
To set grow hard. 

Clem&tide, «: (Bot) Clematis, traveller's 
Joy, vir^*s bower. 
rem6ncia, a/. Clemency, merer. 

Clem^nte, a. Clement mercifiil 

Clementera^ntc, a«{. MercifuIIv, clemently. 

Clementina, af. The canons of Pope Clement 
the Fifth. 

C^omentisimo, ma, a. aup. of C^emente. 

CIcpsidra, af Clepsydra, water-clock. 

Clerecia, ^ Clergy. 

Cleriodl, a. Clerical. 

Cloricalm^nte, ad. In a clerical manner. 

Clericdto, am. State and dignity of a clergy- 

Clericatfira, ^ State of a clergyman. 

Clerigo, am. A dcrsyman. 

Clerigmllo, am. A little pet^ clergyman. 

C1criz6n, am. Chorister, a choir-boy. 

Cleriz4^nte. am. Layman wearing a clerical 
dress ; ill-dressed or rude dei^man. 

C16ro, am. Clergy. 

Clionte, am. Client 

Clicnt^ia, af. Clientsbip, condition of a client 

Cll6ntulo, la, a. V. Clienie. 

Clima, am. ()llmate ; clime. 

CllmatC'rico, ca, a. Climacteric, dimacterl- 
cal; ill-humored. 

Cnimaz, am. Climax, rhetorical figure. 

CJim^no de Espdfla, am. (Bot) Joint-pod- 
ded pea. 

din, V' Mane of a horse, horse-hair. Te- 
narae d laa cHnea^ To strive not to de- 
cline, [hospitals. 

Clinics, af. Clinic, medical Instruction in 

Cninico, am. Baptized on his deathbed ; dl- 
nlcal student 

CUnica oa, a. Clinic, clinical. [basil. 

CllnopMlo, am. Common wild basil, fleld- 

CUstSl, Cliflt6r, am. Clyster, li^sction. 

01iv68O, sa, a. (Poet) Declivous, gradually 

Clo do, am. (Joe) Clucking of a hen. [Ac. 

Clo&ca, 4/C Sewer, a conduit for dirty water, 

Clocar, ta. To cluck. 


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ClocMI, «m. (Ant) 

Cloqoe, «ik Grapnel, a grappling-iron ; har> 

Cloqae&r, «a. To clack ; ang^o. 

Cloqui'o, 9tn. Clack, the voice of a hen. 

Cloqoera, f< The state of liatchlng in fowl& 

Cloq a6ro, «m. Tlie harpoonor in the tonny- 

Cldrifl, tf. (Orn.) Qreenflnch. 

Ciortelfl, 4^ Chlorosi^ green-slckneaa^ 

Clubu fn. Clab, society, association. 

C16cia, Don^ea, ^. Broad-leaved daytla. 

CluiVca, a. Clocking and hatching hen. 

Cludco. ca, a. Decrepit, worn out with age. 

Coaccion, «/ Goactlon, compulsion. 

Ckmcerv^, va. To coacervate, heap together. 

Coactivo, va, a. Coactive, coeroiTo; com- 

CtMu^ntor, 9m. Coadlutor, assistant 

Coac(jut6ra, ^ Coac\fatrlx. 

Coa^jutoria, 9f. CoacUuvancy, help; ri^t 
of survivorship. 

GoadininiBtrad6r, wk Administrator or co- 
adjutor of a diocese by bull. 

Ooadyuvaddr, ftm. Fellow-helper, assistant 

Coadyuv&nte, a. and pa. Coa^jutant, help- 
er, assistant 

Cood^uvir, «a. To help, assist 

Coagunte. tm. Coagent an associate, 

GoagnlAbie, a. Coogulable. 

CoagaIaci6n, ^ Coagulation. 

Coaguldnte, pa. Concretive. [harden. 

Coagulir. va. and vr. To ooa^late, curdle, 

Coagulanvo, va, a. Coagulativei 

Co^lo, am. Coagulated blood; coagula- 
tion; coagulator. 

Coal&b&r, vo. To collaud. Join in praising. 

Coalici6n. f/T Coalition, confederacy. 

Co&lla, ^. (Om.) Woodcock. 

Ooap6etol, inn. Co-apostle, a fellow-laborer 
in the go»peL [ing. 

Coarrondador, tm. A Joint partner in rent- 

Coartacl6n, tf. (Law) Obligation to ei\)oy a 

Coart4da, ^ (Law) AllbL 

Coartir, «mz. To ooarct Hmlt restrain. 

Cobdlto, am. Cobalt a graybh metal. 

Cobanillo, 9m. A small basket used by 
vintners. [hearted. 

Gob4rde, & Coward, timid, fearflil, ikint- 

Cobardeor. vn. To be a coward, be timid. 

Cobardemdnte, ad. Cowardly. 

Cobardia, iif. Cowardice, dastardy. 

Cobertvra, */ Pot-lid: bawd. 

CoberUio, «i». A small shed ; hovel 

CobertAr, »»t. Coverlet, quilt counterpane. 

Cobert6ra, f^ Cover, covering, coverlet 

CobUa, tf A guUer-tilo. [shelter. 

CobU4r, ta. To cover, overspread, tliatch, 

C^bra, tf. A number of mares for treading 

Cobradoro, ra, a. Becoverable. [lectcd. 

Cobrido, da, a. Recovered, received, col- 

Oobrad6r, 9m. Receiver or collector of mo- 
ney. Parro cdbrador^ Dog that fetches 
noM out of water. [ment 

Cobramiinto, «m. Utility, profit emolu- 

Cobrinza, «? Recovery or collection of 
money; fetching game which Is killed. 

Cobrdr va. To recover, ooUeet; ftteh; 


Eiln; gather.>-«r. To reoorer; gala «•- 

Cdbro, am. Copper. CcHnr^ da eteial^ ▲ 
pair of dried coda. Batie el eoi>r^ To 
pursue with spirit 

Cobrlxo, xa, a. Coppery, onpreona. 

Cobro, 9m. V. OobranMO. Beoeptade, 
of safety. 

G6ca, 9f. Coca plant (Pern) Coca leaves; 
sort of snudl vessel; twlstlnacaUe; red 

Cocir, va. To make grimaoes; ooaz. 

Cocarir, va. To gather coca leaves. 

Cocdneo, nea, a. Of a purple oolor. 

Coocidn, tf. Coctlon. 

Cocead6r, ra, «: Kicker. 

CoceadAra, tf. Cooeaml^nto, 9m. KicUogi 

Cocedr, va. To kick, fling out; resist 

Coceddro, ra, a. Easily boiled. 

Coced6ro, 9m. Plaoe where bread is knead- 
ed and baked. 

Oocedizo, ca, ol Y. Ooeed^ro. 

Cocedor, 9m. Boiler of most and new wIim. 

Cocedfin, tf The act of boillnc. 

Coo6r, CXI. To boil ; bum or b«Die in a kiln. 
—■vn. To boil; ferment — vr. To saflbr 
intense paia [water. 

C^cha, s/f In mines, a small reeervotr xA 

Oochimbre, sm. A greasy stinking tiling: 

Cochambreria, tf. Ueap of filthy things. 

Cochambr6so, sa, a. Nssty, filthy, sttnklDg. 

Cochilrro, 9m. A wooden dish, cnp, wplatter. 

Cochistro, 9m. A little suckinff wild boar. 

Odche, tfm. Coach. .SScAarooeA^ Toaetap 
a coach. Maettro ds oochM, A coadi- 
makcr. Cochs de alqwiUr or oochs <i- 
fTion, Ilackney-ooach. Ooehs de eoUaroM, 
Coach drawn by males. Coeke de tatri" 
&<M, Coach with steps to the doors; kind 
of coasting barcei 

Cochedr, vn. To drive a coach. 

Coch6ra, tf. Coach-house; coachman^a wlft^ 

Cocheril, a. BeUtlng to coachmen. 

Cocherillo, 9m. A little coachman, [latlon. 

Cochdro, 9m. Coachman : wagoner, aeonatei- 

Coch^ro, IB, a. (Prov.) Ead^r boiled. [Am 

CochiMto, 9m. Fricassee of lamb, motton, 

Cochlna, tf Sow. 

Cochlnada. tf. Herd of swine; dirty actlcm. 

Cochinamente, ad. Foully, filthily ; meanly. 

CochinAta, tfi (Nan.) Rider, timber to 
strengthen a vesseL 

Cochineir, vn. (Little us.) To be dirty. 

Cochineria, tf. Dirtiness, filthineas; mean- 

Cochinilh^ tf. Wood-loose; cochineaL 

CochinUlo, flla, a. A lltUe pig. OoehbOUo 
ds Indias, Guinea-pig. 

Cochino, na, a. Dirty, nasty, filthy. 

Cochino, sm. Pig. 

Cochiqu^ra, tf. Iiogsty. 

Cochite Uervite, llelter-skelter. 

Cochiira, tf. Boiling; dough for bread. 

Coddo, da, a. BoUed, bi£ed; skiUed, ex- 

Cocido, 9m^ Y. OUa, 

Cociml^nto. am. DecooCion. 

Codna, tf. Kitchen ; pottage of green 

Oodnir. va. To eook or drees 'victoais; 

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Oociii£n» ^f. Cook-nudd, fciteben-maid. 

Cbetaero, «m. Cook. 

Cocbiiik, it% «i: A BmaXk kitchen. 

C4>d«i, «m.. Grspnel, a grmppUng Iron. 

Coclea, 4^ An endless screw for ndsing 
water; the inner cavity of the ear. 

Cockor, 9& To haipoon.>-«n. To dock or 

Coclearia, «/ (Bot) Common sonrry-grass. 

Coco, «fiv CoeiMrnot; cap or bead of ooooa* 
nnt shell; wormorsrab; cotton-ein ; biis- 
bMr; an ngly-Iooklng person. FalmacU 
coto, Gocoa-nnt tree. Baeer eoeot^ To 
flatter, gain one*B affectiona. 

Cocol6bo, »m^ Bexside grape*treei 

Cocodiilo, mti. Crocodila 

(^ocoBste, Mk In Mexico, an epidemic fbver. 

Coc^so, SB, a. Worm-eaten, gnawed by grubai 

C<ic6te, am. (Prov.) Occipac 

C^jcotero, «nk Cocoa-nnt tree. 

Cocayo, 9m. West India flre-fly. 

<!6(la« 4/. Tail; borden of a song. 

Codadara, <»^lne-layer. 

Codal, am. £lbow-armor; short flambeau: 
eboot; frame of a saw. CodctUa^ Carpen- 
ter^ sqnare. 

Cndal. a. Cabftal, the length of a cnbit 

Codaste, am. (Nan.) Stem-poet 

Codazo, am. Blow. wHb the elbow ; a hnnch. 

Co<ledr, «a. To elbow. 

Codera, ^f. Itch orscabblnees on the elbow. 
Codera en w» calble^ A spring on a cable. 

Codeco, ank (Bot) Hjdry cytisos. Codeao 
ds lo» A'lpmy labomam, ebony of the 
A1p«i [antiquity. 

Codioe, mtK Old nuuraacrfpt on points of 

Godida, ^. GoyetonsDcaa, cupidity ; greedi- 

CodfciAble^ a. Covetable^ 

Co<]iciad6r, tm. Coveter. 

Codidinte, pa. CoTetlng. 

CodicUr, «A To covet 

Codidlir, a. Pertaining to a oodldL 

CodicUo, am. Codicil '^ 

Codidoeao»«nle, ad. Covetously, greedily. 

Codidosito, ita, a. dim. Somewhat oovetoaa 

Codid^ao, sa, a. Greedy, covetons; diligent 

Ci'Kilsoi, am. Code of lawa 

Codin^tt. ^. Tamor on the knee of horses. 

Codillo, am. Knee of horses; angle; crotch 
of a tree: stirmp. Jag&rada A uno da 
eodiUo. To trick. ai<«<2o«, File naed by 

C6do^ am. Elbow ; cnblt Oodo real, Boyal 
eablt, three fingers longer. Dar d^ codo^ 
To elbow, treat with contempt JTablar 
jMrfoeooofML To chatter, prattle. Lovan^ 
tar ai coda, Applied to tipplers. 

Coddn, am. A leather cover of a hor8c*8 tall. 

Cddomiz, (Cm.) QnalL 

CoecoiLo. CoeqoaL 

Coefleada, ^ CoeOlcaey. 

Coefld^te, a. Coefllcient 

Coepiseopo. am. Contemporaxy bishop. 

Coercion, rf. Coerdon, restraint, chock. 

Coerrltivo, ra, a. Coercive, restraining: 

Coes^nda, qf. Coeasentlality. 

CoeaafDdil, a. Coesaentla], consabetantiaL 

Coessndalmtote, ad. Coeisentfaaiy. 

Coeataad6iBe, «r. To oooztend. 


Ooestensi^n, f/! Coextenslon. 
Coeaten^vo, va, a. Coextensive. 
Coeti^neo, nea, d. Coetaneoos, oontemporarj. 
Coetemamente. ad. Coeternally. 
Coetemidid, ^f. Coetemitv. 
Coet^mo, na, a. CoetemaL 
Coovo, va, a. Coeval. 
Coexist^nda, tf. Coexistence. 
Coexist^nte, pa. Coexistent 
Coexistir, vn. To coexist 
CAt^ ^ (Nan.) Bound-top. 
C6fla, iff. Coi^ head-dreea, cowL 
Cofieza61a, «< dim. A small net; retlenle. 
CoTm, am. A small frnit-bssket [nity. 

ColMde, da, «. A member of an v confhitor- 
CoA-adia, ^ Confraternity, onion; sasocl- 

Gdfre. am. Trunk ; a West India fish ; coflfrr ; 

cofl^n of a printtng-pressi l*aU> de eofrty 

Carroty hair. 
Cofredco, Ula ito, am. A small tronk. 
OifV^ro, am. Tmnkmaker or seUer. 
Cofondador, ra, a, Cofomider, a Joint fonndcr. 
Coged^ra, kf. Bee-hive used to gather a 

Coged6ro, ra, «. Collector, gatherer. 

Cogedizo, za, a. Easily collected or eatheretL 

Coged6r, am. Collector, ntherer ; dnst-box. 

Cogeddia, ^ Act of satberlng or collecting. 

C<^r, va. To eaten, seize, set; imbibe, 
soak ; occupy ; find. Cn^ar torn cailaa. To 
obstruct the streets Ooger la caUe^ To 
flee. CoQ«r A daaaa, To obtain ono*s 
wtshoa. Cogar un, cemicalOt To be in- 

Cogitable, (U (Cogitable. [maslne. 

Cogiubdnda da, a. Pensive, thonghtfhl, 

Cogiti^r. va. To reflect, meditate, muse. 

CogiUtivo, va, a. Cogitativa 

Cogite, Tve cansht yoo. 

Cognaci6n, qf. (cognation, kindred. 

CognAdo. da, a. Cognate. 

O^omento, am. Cocnomlnatlon, sumame. 

Cognoecitivo, va, a. Cognitive. [plants. 

Cogullico, ito, am-. A small heart or flower of 

Coe6Uo, am. Heart of snoculent plants; 
shoot; top, summit OogoUaa^ Orna- 
ments on ftiezes. 

Cog6mbrot em. Cucumber; cucumber-vine. 

Cog6te, am. Ocdput Tiaao da oogote^ stlfl'- 
neclcod, headstrong. [neck. 

Cogotura, af. The hair combed down on the 

Cogucho, am. The most inferior sort of sugar. 

Cc^Ada, ^. (Cm.) Crested lark. 

Cogqj6n, am. Comer of a mattress or bolster. 

Cogiyon^ro, ra, a. Pointed, as the comers of 

Cogulla, itf. Cowl, monk's hood or habit 

CognllAda. af. Neck of a hog, pig, dco. 

(}ohabitad4n, ^. CohabitaUon. 

CobabltAr, tm. To cohabit, aocnstom. 

Cohechador, am. Briber, suborner. 

Cohech&r, va. To bribe, suborn. (Agric) 
To plough. 

Cohecbaz6ii, fl/T (Prov.) Breaking up the 
ground ; the last ploughing. 

Cobdcho, am. Bribery; season Ibrplouffhlng. 

Coberedera, ^. Coheiress. Their. 

CoheredSro, am. Coheir, fellow-heir, Joint- 

Cohertoda, ^ Coherence. 


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Coherdntof a. Coherent, consistent, cohMlve. 

Goheto, em, Sky-rocket Cohete corredor, 
Kockct wliich rnus along a Hne. Cohtiea 
para «eflaleit^ tiiguol rockets. 

Goheteru, ^. Shop whore flre-works ore 
made and sold. [rockets. 

Cohet^ro. wk Kocket-maker, or dealer in 

CohtbiciOn, «/; Prohibition, restraint 

Ck>hibir, va. To cohibit, prohibit, restrain. 

Cohorabril, 8m. Cucmnber-bcd. 

Cohombrillo, 9m. dim. Oherkins. [ber. 

Gohombro, am. Cncamber, or snake cuoom- 

Cohonest4r, t»& To gl?o an honest appear- 
ance, [fantry. 

Coh6rte, »m. Cohort, a body of Roman in- 

Coi, or CdVjpL Cdyes, (Nau.) Hammock. 

Coima, ^ Perquisite of a gaming-table 
keeper; a proetitnte. [table; gamester. 

Coimo, Coimvro, «m. Keeper of a gaming 

Coincid^'ncia, ^ Coincidence ; ooneorrence. 

Coincld6nte, pa^ Coincident concurrent 

Coinddir, vn. To concur; lUl upon; coin- 

CoindicacI6n, if. (Mod.) Colndfcation. 

Coindicdnte, & and a. (Med.) Colndicant 

C6ito, 9m. Coition. 

C<!'>Ja, {/; A lewd woman. 

Cojear, vn. To limp; deviate. CMeardel 
mUmo pie. To have the like defect or 
passion. Saber deque pie ecj9Ck^To\aioyr 
any one^ weak side. 

Cqidra, CoJ^ tf. Lameness, Iialt, limp. 

Cojyo. 9m. Complaint of some slight iiOnxy ; 

CoJ^6bo, ba, a. Peevish, irritable. 

Colin, 9m. Cushion ; pad. 

CminSte, Cojinillo, em. A small cushion. 
OoiiniUof^ pi. (Am.) Saddle-bags. 

Cojitranco, ca, a. i^icknamo to evU-disposed 

C6Jo, ja, & and a. Cripple; lame. 

CoJ6n. 9m, (Low) Testicle. 

Ccqtido, da, a. Entire, not gelt, or oaatrated. 

Cqfn^lo, 61a, a. A small cripple. 

Col, ^. Cabbage with Its leaves loose. 

C61a, t(f. Tail, cue; train; glue: word of re- 
proach. CWa (M pMe<Kk>, Isinglasa. Ba- 
cer batdr la coUiy To humble one's pride. 
Cubrlr9e con la eokk, To use flrivoloua 
evasions. Cola de golondrina, (Fort) 
Homwork. A' la oola^ Backwards, be- 
hind. Cola de cabaUo, (Bot) Uorsetaa 

CoIaborad6r, 9m, Fellow-laborer. 

Colach6n, 9m. A guitar with a long nock. 

Cohici6n, f^ Collation ; conference ; pota- 
tion ; sweetmeats for Christmas eve; dis- 
trict of a parish. Traer A oolaolon^ To 
S reduce proofa. 
sciondr^jpo. To collate: compare; install 

Coldda, 9f. The bucking of clothes or linen; 
common ground; road for catUo. JSchar 
& wio la oolada^ To clean one of his filth. 

0>]addra, ^. Strainer, colander ; sieve. 

Coladoro, 9m. Colander; a narrow passaga 

Co]ad6r, 9m. Colander; collator. 

ColadAn,'!^ Straining, filtration.-^. Dregs. 

Coldire, 9m. Place through which a current 
of air passes. 

Colanilla. ^f. A small bolt 

Coldfia, «/ Joist about six inches broad. 


CoIap6z, Colu^sds, ^ Isinglass. 

Colur, ca. and n. To strain ; collate ;, spread 
&Isc news as true; pass counterfeit monev; 
drink wine. — vr. To strain or to be fil- 
tered ; steal into by stealth ; be displeased 
with a Jest 

Colatcrdl, a. Collateral. 

Colateralmcnte, ad, ColkUerally. [strain. 

(/olativo, va, Ow Collativo'; that which caa 

Colcha, «< (Coverlet, counterpane. 

Colchadura, ^. Quilting; twisting ropes. 

Colchdr, CO. To quilt (NaiL) To lar m 
tvrieL Carro de odchar^ uope-maker^ 

Colch^ro, «m« Quilt-maker. [asfflrm. 

Colchico, 9m. (Bot) Colchicum, meadow 

Colch^Vn, 9m. Mattress, bed. 

Colchoncico, illo, ito, 9m. dim. A s 

Colchonero, ra, «. Mattress-maker, bed- 

CoIc6tar, sm^Chem.) Colootbar. 

Coledda, ^f. Wag of the UiL 

CoIcadAra, «< Waj^ng of the tail ; wriggUnfc 

Coledr, €n. To wag the tail ; wriggle ; to puU 
over by the tail 

(k>lcoci6n, t^. Collection, collation, knot 

Col6cta, sf. Apportionment of a town-tax; 
collect [taxes, Ac. 

Colectacldn, 9f Levr or collecting of rents, 

Colectdr, «a. To collect [troopSL 

Colecticio, cia, a. Collectltioos, applied to 

Colectlvamdnto, od Collectively. 

Colectlvo, va, a. (Gram.) Collective. 

Colect6r, 9m. Colloctor ; tax or rent gatherer. 

Colecturia, \f. CoUectorship. 

Coldga, 9m. Colleague: compeer. 

Colegatdrio, ria, 9. Collegatary. pege, Ac 

Colcgiddo, a. Collegiate, a member of a ool- 

Colegldl, 9m, Collegian, collegiate.— & 0)1- 

Colegidla, {/! A woman member of a college. 

Coleglallco, illo, ito, sm. A little collegian. 

Col^dta, if. A collegiate church. 

Colegiattira, 9f. Fellowship in a ooH^e. 

Col6glo, 9m. College; seminary-schooL 

Colegir, va. To coUeet, deduce, infer, [walk. 

C0I60, 9m. Wasging (rf the tail ; wriggling 

C61era, 9f Choler; anger. Montar en oo- 
l&ra. To be in a passion.— «7t. Oolera 
morho^ Cholera morbus. 

ColMcamdnte, ad. Fumingly, passionately. 

CoI6rlco. ca, a. Choleric; pasaionato, hot- 

Col^ta, 9/. Cue; a short addition to a dis- 
course; brown linen; nine-leaved eoro- 
nUla. [maker. 

Ck)let£ro, 9m. Buff doublet and breeches 

Coletilla, if. dim, A small eoe; narrow 
ooM^ [or other skins. 

Coletillo, 9m. dim, A small doublet ot buif 

Col6to, 9m. Buff doublet or Jacket ; body <ii 
a man. JScharee algo a* ooMOf To eat 
or drink soraetliing. 

Colgaddro, 9m, Hook to hang thin^ upon. 

Colcaddro, ra, a Fit to be hung up. 

Colgadizo, 9m. Shed, a temporary oovering. 

Colgadizo, za, a. Pendent, suspended. 

Colgddo, da. a. Suspended. jMardalffmu> 
colffndo^ To fhistrate one's hope& 

CoIgad6r, em. Printer's peel. 

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Colg»d6n» f< Tapestry, banging^ or dnpery. 

Ooigtio, mn. Tatter or rag hiogiiw from 
dothea. Coilif€^jodsti€<u^iaxtikofgnipeB 
hoDg ofK [ringSi trinkets. 

Colgj&nte, pa. Hanging dinging.— i)A £ar- 

Colgir, «a. To bang ap ; adorn with hang- 
ings^ — cm. To be snapended. Oolgcur & 
umo. To eompllment one on bis birth-day. 

Colla, ^. C6Uaa, «m. Fiah like a pilchard. 

Colibre, ColibrL am. Uamming-bird. « 

CoIIca, <^ GoU& 

ColidkiM), na, a. Having gray hair in the tail. 

Cdlioo, or Dolor Coiico, am. Colic, griping. 

Colictiable, a. CoUiqoable, easily dlsaolved. 

CoHcuad^n, ^ CoUiqoation, diasolving. 

Colicuinte, jkl ColUquant, colliquative. 

Colicoar, ra. and «r. To cdliqaate, diaaolve, 

Collcnativo, va, a, Colliqaatlve. 

Collcoecdr, v<i. To fose or melt 

Colicoeftodon, af. CoUiqaefiiction. 

Colifero, ra, a. (Bot) Ganliferoaa. 

Colifl^r, «m. (Bot) CoIIiflower or caaliflower. 

CoUgaci^n, uC CoUigation, binding together; 
onion, allianca 

Collgido, da, a. Leagaer, oovenanter.— a. 
Agreed and aasodated. 

GoUnrscL «r. To colligate, colleague. 

Coiilla, f^ A small tail ; train of a gown. 

Golina, ^. HilL hillock; cabbage-seed. 

CoUnibo, «mw Tomip. 

Collodir, «fk To be oontigaooa, be a4)acent 

Ck>Unduite, a. Contleoooa, adjacent 

CoUno, am. Small cabbage not transplanted. 

Cotirio, am. CoUyrinm, a wash for the eyeai 

Colls^ am. Theatre, opera-house. 

Colisi6n, af. CoUision, crash, dash. 

Oolite 4< Judas-tree. Tsuit 

Colitfednte, am. One who carries on a law- 

CoIIido, am.BilL Mi, a small eminence. 

Con^, am, Necklaee; collar. 

Collarato, am. A small necklace. 

CoUaiin, am. A black collar, edged with 
white; ooat-collar. [of a column. 

Gollarino, am. Ring at the top and bottom 

ConizOt am. Plougbmaii.— ^ Barilla-polosw 

Coll^ ^ Lamb Vlcttuce.— /4L Little glands. 

CoU^ra, 4< i>>llar, brcast-bamess; chain- 
sang; mares treading out graia 

CoUeta, f< A small kind of cabbaga 

ColI6n« am. (VuL) Coward, mean fellow. 

CoDoneria, ^ Cowardice; nonsense. 

Colmadam^nte, ad. Abundantlv, plentifhlly. 

Colmido, da, a. Filled, heaped. 

Colmir, va. To heap up, fUl ; make up ; con- 
fer great Ikvora. 

Colm&a, f^ Bee-hiyei 

Colmenir, am. Apiarv, set of bee-hive& 

Colmen^ro^ am. Bee-keeper, bee-master. 

ColmeniUa, fl! Morel or moril, a kind of 
mushroom. [tooth wound. 

ColmilUoEo, am^ A large eye-tooth; eye- 

Colmillo, am. Eye-tooth, canine-tooth ; Ikng. 
Moatrar loa cokniUoa^ To show spirit 
and resolution. Tenar colmiUoa, To be 
aniek-sigfated. [or tusks; sagacious. 

Ci>lmni&do, da, a. Having eye-teeth, fkngs, 

C6l0M)^aiikHein>; complement; ovor-mea- 
nire. A' eoim<t, To perfection; abun- 


C6I0, am. (Ichth.) Chub, pollard. 

Colocaddn, ^. Employment; situation; ar- 
rangement; location. 

Colocar, va. To arrange ; place ; get employ- 
ment for; locate. [arum. 

CoIocMa, ^ Colocasia, eatable potato-like 

Colocut6r, am. He who is taUJng with 

Col6dra, ^. Milk-pail; a wine-measnre; 
wooden can ; a toper or tippler. 

Colodriizgo, am. RetaU wine-tax. 

Colodrillo, am. Ocdput, hind part ofthe head. 

Col6dro^ am. (Prov.) Wine-measure. 

ColofoniiL am. Colophony, rosin. 

ColombrOfio, am. Kamesakeu 

Col6n, am. Colon (:). Q^on imparfi^a. 
Semicolon (;); the largest intestine. 

Coldnla, ^ Colony ; a plantation ; silk rib- 
bon one inch wide. Media cMoniOj Bilk 
ribbon half an Inch wide. 

Colonial, a. Colonial [borer. 

Col6no, am. Colonist, planter: Ihrmer; la* 

Col6fio. am. Back-load of wooo. 

Coloquintida, «^ Colocynth. 

Col6quio, am. Colloquy, conversation, talk. 

Col<Sr, am. Color, dye'^uge; pretext; tint 
U&no or eargado^ Deep. Vivo^ Bright 
^iM&reufOjWauorlMed. />s aire, Light, 
delicata Mudar da cdorea. To change 
color. Saroarla loa cciorea A uno. To 
make one blush. So color or d color. On 

Ooloraci6n, ^f. Coloring; blush. 

ColorMo, da, a. Bed; ruddy; Indelicate; 
colored. Ponarae Colorado, To blush. 

Color^; Wk To dye, color.— m» To blush. 

ColoraUvo, va, a. Colorific. [den. 

Coloreiir, va. To color, palliate.— vn. To rod- 

CoIor6te, am. Bouge. [Colorate. 

Colorido, am. Coloring, color; pretext— a. 

Colorin, am. Linnet; bright, vivid color.— 
p2. Guinea-peas. 

Colorir, va. To color, dye. 

Colorista, am. Colorist 

Colosal, a. ColossaL 

Col6so, sin. Colossus, enormous statue. 

C^lpa, af. A whitish sort of coppcrss. 

Colper, am. Isinglass. 

Coludir, va. To collude. 

Columbio, am. Columbium, a metal. 

Columbino, na, a. Dove-like, innocent 

Coliimbo, am. Columbo root 

Columbrar, va. To discern, perodve; see 
aftu- off; pursue or trace. 

Columelires, am. pi. lucisorsw 

Col6mna, ^. Column, pillar, supporter. 

Columndrio^ ria, a. Columnar, a Spanish 

Column^ta, ^ Colonnade, piazza. 

C/olumpi&r, va. and vr. To swing; waddle. 

Colimipio, am» A swing; meritot, a kind of 



Coiana, </: Column. (kXv/na fo^fdriea. 
Light-house. Colwia huaea. Staircase- 
tower, (^unamt^^or or miMorto, Mile- 
stone. , , , 

Colunita, ^. dim. A small column. 

Coluridn, am. Lesser butcher-bird, flusher. 

Coldros, am. pL (Ast) Colures. [shook. 

CoIusi6n, ^. Collusion, deceitftil agreement; 


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Colusoriam^nto, odL GoUiiBlTel/, frandu- 

Colas6rio, ria, a. OollnsoiT, collasiye. 

ColaU, </: Golewoit-fleed. 

CVSma, ^ Comma, ( , >. [griddle. 

ComAl, mn. (Mez.) A flat Mrthen pan or 

Gomadre,«/ Midwife; ffodmother. Jv^iVM 
de e<madre»J3toK\^ Tiiursday. 

Comadr^a,^WeaaeL Oomadr^nuurina^ 

Comadr6ro, ra, a. OossIplDff about 

Gomadr<Sn, »/»« Man-midwife, aooonebenr. 

Comandmlo, da, a, (Mil.) Officered. 

Gomanddncia, «/ The office of a commander; 
the district of a commander. Comafir 
daneia military A military command. 
Camandancia general de Marina, The 
High Court of Admiralty. [leader. 

Comand&nte, tm. and pa. Commander; 

Comandar, tni. To command; govern. 

Com&ndo, em. Command. [limit 

Comdrca, tf. Territory, district; boundaiy, 

Comarc&no, na, a. Nelghborlne, near. 

Comardif, va. To plant trees in a straight 
lino. — tw. To border. [comet 

Com&to, a. Oometa comato, Hairy or comate 

Com&ya, ^. A large basket; the white owL 

Comba, «/ Curvature; bend; convexity. 
Jlticer comJbaSy To bend and twist the 
body. [ing. 

Combadfira, if. Curvature, convexity, warp- 

Combalach&rse, Combaluchirscu vr. To Join 
for evil purpose; collude. [conspiracy. 

Combal&che, Cambaldcbo, 9m. Collusion; 

CombAr, va. To bend, curve.— w. To warp. 
Jut out [of mind. 

Combdte. em. Combat fray, flght; agitation 

Conibatid6r, em. Combatant champion. 

Corobatiente, em. and pa. Combatant, 

Combatir, to. and n. To combat, flgbt; oon- 
fllct; attack; contradict: agitate the mind. 
Combatir d la retreUit To keep up a run- 
ning flght [same churcti. 

Coml^ncflciido, em. Prebendary of the 

Comb6s, em. Waist of a ship. 

Comt>in&blo, a. Combinable. 

Combi naci6n, ^f. Combination ; concurrence. 

Comblnddo, dtia. Combined, united. 

Combindr, vn. To combine, Join ; compare. 

Combinat6rio, rla, a. Combining, uniting. 

Combldza, ^. Mistress of a married man. 

Comblez&do, o^ Ua\ing a wife living in 
adultery. [wifo. 

Combl6zo, em. One living with another^ 

C^mbo, ba, a. Bent, crooked, warped.— «n» 
Stind for casks. 

Comb6y, em. Convoy, escort 

CombnsUbiliddd, ef. Combustibility. 

Combustible, a. Combustible. 

Combustible, em. Combustible; ftael. 

Combustion, ^f. Combustion, burning. 

Comed6ro, em. Dining-room; feeding- 

Comed6ro, ra, a. Eatable. 

ComMia, nf. Comedy. £e una comedia, 
It's a complete Ihrce. 

Comcdi&nta, {/! Actress. 

Comedi&nte, em>. Play-actor, comedian. Oo- 
msdiante de la lefftta^ Strolling player. 


Gomedlir, fXk To divide Into equal fl 

Comedidam^nte, ad. Oentlv, courteonaly. 

Comedido, da, a. Polite; kind, obliging. 

Comedimidnto, «m. Politeness; kindneea. 

ComMlo, em. Middle; intermMllate time. 

Comedir, va. To commit intrust— -vr. To 
govern oneV sel^ be civil, kind. 

Comeddr, ra, e. Eater ; feeder ; dlnb 

Comcjen. sf?i,. Clothes-moth ; wood-u 

Cpnendable, a. Commendable. 

Comendaddr, em. Knight commander; pre- 
fect of a monastery. 

Comendad6ra, ^. The superior of a nnsnery 
of a military order. [Mandamienio. 

Comendami^nto. em. Y. EncomUmda and 

Comend&r, <?«. V. Recomendar. 

ComendatArio, tm. Commendator, oom- 
mendatary. [comendatxiry. 

Comendatico, da, Comendat6ria ria, a. Be* 

Comend6ro, em. A beneficiary of the crown. 

Comens&L a Commensal [expounder. 

Comentad6r, em. Commentator, annotalor, 

Comentib', ra. To comment explain, ex- 

Comentdrio, em^ A commentary, [poimd. 

C<>m6nto, em. Comment exposition. 

Comontn&l. a. Relating to a comment 

Comenzaddr, em>. Beginner. 

Comenzami6nto, em^ Besinning. 

Comenzante, ^. Beginning; beginner. 

Comenzir, va. To commence, b%ln. 

Com^r, ra. To eat eat up ; feed ; dine ; spend. 
— vr. To suppress; corrode: to take (la 
chess). Comer d doe carilUHt, To ex^y 
two benefices at the same time ; to please 
two persons of opposite prindplea. Comer 
de mogoUon, To live at other people's ex- 
pense. Oomeree de riea^ To refrain from 
langhtng. Cameree unoe d o^hm, To ba 
coustantly at drawn daggers. Com^'^ d 
tino con toe ajoe^ To look daggers at any 
one. Tener que corner^ To have a com- 
petency to live upon. Ganar de corner^ 
To enrn a livelihood. Ocmto' pan con 
cortesa, To be independent; have a aof- 

ComcT, em^ V. Comida, [sodabte: 

ComerclAble, a. Merchantable, marketable; 

Comerci&l, a. Commercial, tradtiig; sociable. 

Comercialmeute, ad. (Little us.) Commer- 
cially, [trafficker. 

Comercidnte, em. and pa. Trader, merchant 

Comercidr, va. To trade, traffic; deal 

Comcrcio, em. Trade, commerce; commea^ 
clal community; communication, inter* 
course ; game at cards. 

Comestible, a. Eatable, comestible.— c pL 
Provisions, victuals. [caim. 

Com6ta, em. Comet; boy^ kite; game at 

Cometdrio, em^ A cometarium. 

Cometcdor, em. Ofllender, a criminal; as- 
saulter, [take, attempt; attack. 

Comet6r, to. To commit, intrust: under- 

Comctogrifla, ^f. Cometography. Honffing. 

Comez6n, em. Itching; anxiety of nilnd; 

Cdmlca, \f. V. ActrU, 

Comlcam^nte, ad. Comically, [assembttea. 

Comicios, em. pL Boman committees «■ 

Cdmico, ca, a. Comic, comical: ftmny. 

C'6mico, em^ Play-actor, comeaian. 

Comida, ^f. Eating, food, fkre; dinner. 0(h 

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mida y aii ^a m i m ta or (uistencia, Board 
and lodgine. [cnlUr uste. 

OomidilU, 4^ A slight repast; bobbf ; pe- 

Comido, da, & Satiate, full to satiety. 

Comieiixo, «m. Origin, beginning. A'otde 
comienao^ From the beginning. 

Comilit^n, am. Parasite, sponger. 

CcmilitoDa, Comlldna, «/; A splendid and 
plentiful repast. 

Comilon, na, a. A great eater, a glutton. 

Comin^ro, a. and «. Miserable, niggard, 

Comino, 9m. Camin plant Ck>mino%, Cn- 
min seed. ParUr el eominoy To split a 
hair, be nleEardly. 

Tomisar, coTTo conflMate. 

Comisana, ^ Comisariito, wu Commls- 
aarysbip, eonunlsaariat. 

Comisttrio, «in. Commissary, delegate, dep- 
uty, maiuMer ; Juatioe of the peace. 

Comisi6n, fr^Triist, commission ; mandate, 
charge, precept; ministry; committee. 

Comisionado, da, a. and pp. of Comitionar. 
Cummisaional or oommissionary ; com- 
missioned, deputed. — a. Commissioner. 

Comisionar, eo. To commission, depute, 
empower. [sion merchant 

Comisionista, am. CommissioDer ; commis- 

Comiso, am. Confiscation, fbrfelture. 

Comlatlon, f< V. ConmigHan. [eatables. 

Comistrijo, 9n%, Hodge-podge, a medley of 

ComlsAra, ^ (Anat) Commissure, suture. 

Comiteota, pa. Constituent 

ComlUva, 1^. Suite, retinue. 

Comitre, sm. Boatswain on board a galley. 

Com'oa, «< (Ichth.) A kind of surmullet 

Como. ad. How, in what manner ; as ; why ; 
if; lilce. Dor eomo or dar un como^ To 
play a trick Hoke. CamoanmBloquitro^ 
As easy as I could wish. Como quUra 
que sea. However, at any rate. Como 
gidera^ Howerer, notwithstanding, nev- 
ertheleaa, vet: used with the negative no. 
Como quura que^ Notwithstanding that 
although, yet rbnrean. 

Comoda, «< Clothes-press ; chest of drawen, 

Comodable, a. What can be lent or borrowed. 

Comodam^nte, ad. Conveniently, commo- 
dionsly, oonailbrtably. [broker. 

Comodaiurio, am. (Law) Borrower; pawn- 

Comod4to, nn, (Law) Loan. 

Comodidid, if. Comfort convenience, ac- 
commodation; ease, freedom fh)m want; 
leisure; opportunity; profit advantage. 

Comodov da, a. Convenient, suitable, com- 

Coroorir, vn. To cohabit lire together. 

G<jmpactoy ta, a. Comoact, doae. 

Compadeo^rse. trr. ana va. To pity, be com- 
passionate ; feel for ; agree with each other. 

0>mpadHia', m^ To become godfather or 

Compadrizgo, mn. Omipatemlty, relation 
between parents and sponsors. 

Comp4dre,am^Godflaher; protector, bene- 
ftdof'; friend. Juif>e» de compadreSy 
Thursday before Shrove-Tuesday. 
Compadreria, »f. Friendly InteroouTse be- 
tween ftieodsL [tnre. 
(^ompi^iiuicidn, f< Compagination, stmo* 


Compaginad^r, am. One who Joins or oonplesi 

Compaglnir, va. To Join, unite, oouploi 

Compago, »m. Portico of a church door. 

CompAna,^ Out-house, oflSce; company of 
soldiers; company. 

Compafier^ «/ V. Manoetfia. 

Compafiero, ra, «. (Companion, partner, 
associate, consort an equal, a match, a 
compeer, a mate; comrade, colleague, fel- 

CompaAia, ^. Company or society, assembly, 
meeting, foUowahip ; partnership. Coriu 
pafiia de la legtLO^ (Company of strolling 

Compino, Compafi6n, tm. V. Compafiero. 

Compafidn, mn. Testicle. 

Compafiuela, 9f. dim. (ObO A small Ikmily. 

Comparable, a. 0>mparable. 

Comparacion, ^ Comparison, conference; 
conation; conferring. 

Comparanza, ^ (Coll.) Y. Comparaeion. 

Comparar, va. To compare, estimate, con- 
front confer, collate. 

Comparativam6nte, ad. €k)mparatlTely. 

Comparativo, va, a. Comparative. [Jndgew 

Comparecd*ncIa, «^ Appearance before a 

Comparec^T, vn^ To appear before a Judge. 

Compareciente, pa. or Camparecer. 

Comporundo, am. Summons, citation to ap- 

Comparici6n, ff. (Law) Appearance. 

0>mp&rsa, ^ Ketinue on the stage. 

0>mpdrte, «. Joint party in a civil or crim- 
inal cause. 

Compartim^nto, Compartimi^nto, am. Com- 
partment division; indosure. Compar- 
timi^nto interior de un natHo^ Accom- 
modations on board a ship. 

Compartlr, va. To divide into equal parts; 
arrange or dispose. 

Compiut, em. Pair of compasses. Compat 
<2«ca/i&re, Calipers. CompaeetdegrueeOf 
Calipers. Oompae de proporeiwk, Pro- 
portional compasses, v. Pantomt^a^ 
Power of the voice; measure, time in 
music Sohar el compae^ To beat time. 
A' compat^ In right musical time; rule 
of life, principle, pattern. Echar el eom- 
poA, To direct regulate, govern. Saiir 
de cornpas^ To act without rule or meas- 
ure. VMr or proceder con compae^ To 
live or act within bounds. Compae de 
mar, Mariner's compass. Y. S^tit/n/a and 
BiiAcora. A feint 

(Tompasadam^nte, ad. By rule and measure. 

0)mpasar, va. To measure with rule and 
compass ; regulate ; divide a musical 
composition into equal parts. Compaaar 
una carta de marear. To prick the 
chart [ste, 

Compaslble, 1. Lamentable; compasalon- 

Compasilio, 9m. Quick musical time. 

(>>mpasi6n, tf. Compassion, pity, commis- 
eration. [<H humane. 

Compasivo, va, a. Compassionate, merei- 

CompatemidAd, •/ Y. CompadroMgo. 

Compatia, ef. Svmpathy, fellow-feeling. 

CompatlbUidH V- CompaUbility, conalfU 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Compttdble, a. Oompttible, snitable to, fit for. 
ComtMitridta, <. Follow-coantryman ; fel- 

low-dtizen. [esA. 

Compatrtn, na, «. Fe11ow-p«tron or patron- 
Compatroiuito^ mn. Common right of pa^ 

Compatrdno, «m. Fellow-patron. 
Coni[iel6r, CompeUr, «ck To compol, oon- 

fitrain; extort 
Coropendiad6rf tm, Epltomlzer, abrldgor. 
Compondiar, vo. To epitomize; abridoe. 
Compendiariam6nte, ad. Y. Owipendioso. 
Coinpendio, »m. Compend, abridsmentf 

Huiomary, abetract [lonalr. 

Coinpendioaam6nte, ad^ Brieflf , compend- 
Compendl6flo, aa, a Biiei; abridged, oom- 

peodiouB, compact 
Compenfi&blo, a. CompenBable. Pont 

Oompensaddn, f< Compenaatlon, oqulva- 
Compona^, va, and fk To compensate, 

counterbalance, coonterrail; to make 

Compottocia, 4/! Competition, rlralry; com- 

petence, cognizance or competency. A' 

compeienoia, Contestingly . [sistent 

Compet6nte, a. Competent, snf&dent, oon- 
Competontemtote, ad. Competently. 
Compot6r, vfib To be one's due. Y. Com^ 

petir. [tmeia, 

Compotlci6n, 4< Competition. V. CVwTipa- 
Competld6r, m, 9m, Competitor, rival, op- 
Competir, vtk To rto, contest, contend, 

stnye; compete, rival; to be on a par. 
Compilacidn, j^ Compilation. 
Compilad6r, n, a. Compiler, collector. 
CompUir, va. To complla [crony. 

Comp&ncbe, tm. Bosom-Mend, confidant, 
Complac6ncia, f< Pleasure, gratiflcation ; 

complacency, oompUanco. 
Complaodr, ea. To please, content— i»*. To 

take delight in. 
Complaci6nte, pa. Pleasing. 
CompUfiir, vn. To weep ; be compassionate. 
Complemento, tm. Complement, comple- 
tion; accomplishment 
Completam6nte, ad. Completely, perfectly. 
Complot&r, va, To complete, perfect finish. 
Compl^taa, qf. Completory, compline. 
Completivamdnte, ad. V. CompMivo. 
Completivo, va, a. (Little n&) Completive, 

absolute. [absolute. 

Compl^to, ta, a. Complete, perfect, finished ; 
Complezi6n, ^ Complexion, habitj nature, 

ComplexloniUlo, da, a. Complexioned. 
Complexionul, a. ComplexionaL 
Complteo, am. and a. Complex. 
Complicacl6n, »f. Complication, complex. 
Complicadam^nte ad. y. OompUoado. 
Complicido, da, a. Complicate. [getber. 
ComplicAr, va. To complicate, Jnmble to- 
Cdmplice, t. Accomplice, associate, abettor, 

accessory. [complice. 

CompliddH 4^ Acceseorineaa, being an ac- 
Oomplir, va. Y. OumpUr. 
Oomponed6r, ra, «. Composer, author; ar- 

bitxatoi^; composing-stick. 
Compondnda, V^ Papal chancery foes. 
Compon6nta,pa. Component 


Oompon^r, Wk To . 
construct; sum np; invent; mend, re- 
pair, heal, restore; fltnp; adjust; waxd 
off; quiet Oompon&r el trnfMa^le^ To 
put on a calm appearance. Componer 
lanto <2e renUk, To have so much a year. 
—-vr. To dress. [dable, mendabic 

Componible, a. Coropoundab]e,.acoommo- 

Comp6rta, ^f. To carry a grape-vintage 

ComporUble. a. Bnpportable, tolexableu 

Comportamlento, am. Behavior. 

ComportAr, va. To carry or bring together ; 
suffer. — vr. To behave. 

Comp6rte, «m. Conduct; air, manner. 

Comportilla, ^. dim. A small basket 

Composicion, ^ Compodtlon, making np; 
adyaatment, agreement; mode^ appear- 

Composit6r, rnn. Composer; compositor. 

Compost&ra, ^ Composition, composure; 
mending; neatness; adjustment, agroe- 
ment; modesty, circumspection. 

Comp6ta, ^f. Preserves, sweetmeats^ 

CompotWL 9f. Hwoetmeats-diah. 

C6mpra, tff. Purchase. 

Compr&ble, a. Purchasable. 

Comprida, a/. Y. C&mpra. 

Compradixo, za, a. Y. CkmiprahU, 

Compr&do, Compradillo, 9m. Way of play 
at ombre. 

Comprad6r, ra, «. Buyer, purchaser; cateior. 

Comphknte, pa. Buyer, purchaser. 

Compr&r, va. To buy, purchase. 

Comprended6r, ra, «. One who ondeirtanda. 

Comprenddr, va. To comprehend; com- 
prise, include, contain ; understand. 

ComprensibllidAd, ^f. Comprehenslblcn^a. 

Comprensible, a. ComprebenaiUe, oonoeiv- 

Comprettsi6n, 4/! Comprehension, oonoeiv- 
ing, conception ; comprehcnsivoneBS. 

Compreninvo, va, <k Comprehendve, c^ia- 

Comprensdr, ra, «. The blessed, one who 
ei^oys the presence of God; one that un- 
derstands a thing. 

Corapresbitero. sm. A fellow-presbyter. 

Compreslbilldad, a/. Compreesibility. 

Comprecdble, a Compressible. 

Comprcsi6n, ^. Compression, ooropraesure. 

Compresivamdnte, aa. CompresaiDly, eon- 
tractedly. [ing. 

Compresivo, va, a. Compressive, compr«a»- 

Compr6so, sa, pp. irr. of Comprimir. 

Comprimir, va. To compress; conetrdn; 
condense; repress, restrain. — or. To sub- 
due one's passion. 

Comprobadon, •/. Comprobation. 

Comprobinte, /Kiw Proving; vonchcr. 

Comprob&r, va. To verify, confirm ; eom- 
probate; compare; prove. 

Comprofesdr, sm. Colleague. [bind. 

Compromet^r, va. To compromise ; engage, 

Cotnprometimldnto, 9m. Compromise, com- 
pact adjustment (compromtaer. 

CompromisArio, wm. Arbitrator, umpire, 

Compromise, sm. Compromise ; arbitration 
bond. PoMT en eampromMa, To com- 

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Omi«qinia6fio» ria, a, (Littlo im) Compco- 

Comproteet^r, wt, A Joint protector. 

ComivoTincial, a. Comprovincial, ot the 
Mme metropolitan chorcb. 

( Yo eoimprntbo^ yo compruebe, from (Mm^ 
probar. V. Acordar^ 

Cooipa^rta, 9C Ualf-door; flood-gate; piece. 

Compaeetamente, (uL Segnlarly, orderly. 

Compacsto, tm. Compoond, mixtore, com- 

Compacsto, ta, a, and pp, of Componer^ 
Composed, oompoondod, oompleXf re- 
pairwl; composite. 

CompolML, ffC A legally attested copy. 

Compaber, «a. To compel; make an au- 
thentic copy. [straint. 

C43mpalri6n, 4^ Compabion, forcing; re- 

CompalsiTO, va, a. Compulsive. 

CVHnp^ilso, sa, pp irr. or CompeUr. 

Compolsorio, ria, a. Compulsory ; ordering 
an antbentie copy. [contrition. 

C4)mpanci6n, «^ Compunction, repentance, 

Compongido, da, a. Compunctiooa.— ^jo. of 
Campungir. [morse. 

CompimiEirse, vr. To Ifeel compunction, re- 

Compnngiro, va, a. Compuncttve, pricl:- 
ing, stinging. 

Compnrgacion, f< Comporgation. 

Compargad6r, tm. Gompnigator. 

Compnrgar, m. To prove one*s rotKity by 
another's oatlL 

Compatible, a. rUttle as.) Computablei 

Compotacibn, «r Computation, calculation. 

Compatir, wi. To compute, estimate. 

Computista, tm. Computist, computer, ao- 
eountaat. Taccount 

Computo, jm. Gomputation, calculation, 

Cdmtoa, mm. pL In Nararre, the exchequer 

ComoJaeida, rf. Comahition. 

Comnlgar, ra, and n. To administer or re- 
ceive the blessed sacrament 

Comulgat6rio, mn. CommunionHdtar. 

Coraikn, a. Common. PagtM eomwM^ 
Common fields; usual, gencnd, custom- 
ary, ordinary ; much usmI, frequent, cur- 
rent, habitual; Tulgar, low.— «m. Com- 
munity, public ; privy. V. Secreta. En 
eamutL, CoiOotntly. Por lo eomun, Com- 
monly, frequently, generally. 

Com&na, ^. (Prov.) The prindpal canal of 
irrigation. [pie. — a. Common. 

Comunil, am. Commonalty, common peo- 

Comnaal^xa, f^ Mediocrity ; common ; com- 
monicsAion, intercourse. [moner. 

Comnn^ro, ra, A Popular, common; com- 

Comnnero, mn. A Joint bolder of a tenure 
of lands ; partizan for the eamunidad. 

CommricabiUdid, 1^. Communicabiiitr. 

Cotnunlcible, A Communicable; sodable. 

C<>municaci<Sn, f^ Communication; inter- 
coarse ; criminal connection. 

Comunic^te, pa. Commanieating ; a eom- 

Comanicar, «a. To oomnranieate, impart, 
discover or make known; consult — vr. 
To be Joined or contiguous. ComutU- 
cang enire s«« To intereliange senti- 


Comnnicativo, va, & Commonicative, not 

Comunicatdrio, ria, a. Which must be com- 

Comunidid, •/. Commonness; commonal- 
ty; community, corporation, guild, so- 
ciety. JM commnidad^ Conjointly.— p£. 
The cities of Castile which rose in sop- 
port of the Spanish liberty against the 
government of Charles V. 

Comuni6n, ^. Conununlon, common pos- 
session; Amiliar intercourse; commu- 
nion, the act of roceiving the blessed sa- 
crament [qaently. 

Comunmente, ad. Commonly, usually ; fre- 

Comuna, ^ Meslin, mixed grain ; kind of 
contract on stiares. OcmtM/UM, Seeds. 
V. Camu^a*. 

Con, prep. With, by, for, against, in, among. 
Con tal que or can que^ Bo Uiat, pro- 
Yidod that, on condition that Con que^ 
Then, therefore, well then. Con todo or 
con todo «ao, Nevertheless, notwitli5tand- 
ing. Con que it'u, eon que. no, Shilly- 
shally. Con que, mn. Condition, stipula- 
tion, circumstance. [tempt 

Con&to, 9m. Endeavor, effort, exertion, at- 

Co naviero, »m. Copartner in a ship. 

Concadenar, va. To concatenate; link to- 

Concamblo, tm. Exchanare. V. CamMo. 

Concanonigo, tm. A fellow-canon. 

Concaptivo, va, «. Fellow-captive. 

Concatedralidad, «/! Union of two cathedrals 

Concatenacidn, «^ Concatenation. 

Concatenir, «a. To concatenate. 

Conciusa, tf. Joint cause. [lowneaa. 

Concava, Concavidad, •/. Concavity, 1k>1- 

C<3ncavo, va, a. Concave, holluw. 

Concavo, tm. Concavity. V. Conearidad, 

Concebible, a. V. Comprennhle. 

Concebidor, tm, (Little us.) C/onception& 

Concebimiento, tm. Conception. 

Conceb'ur, va. and n. To con^x-lvc ; express ; 
inuigtne, have an idea of; comprcbcod, 
understand ; look on. [ins. 

Conce<l("nte,/>a. Conceding, yieldlnir. prant- 

Conced6r. va. To give, grant; concede, al- 
low, admit 

Concedido, da, a. and pp. of Cone^l^. 
Conceded, pranted. Jjudo y no conce- 
dido. Admitted, but not asToed. 

Concejal, tm. Member of a council or board. 

Concejal, a, Belating to public boards or 

Concejil, tm. An alderman; foiudllng. 

Concejil, a. Common, public 

Conc«!jo, tm. The civic body of a small 
town; the town-hoi«e: jurisdiction of 
several parishes; foandlin^?. C*tnce}o 
abierto, A public meeting of town offirerSb 

Conc^nto, am. A concert of voices; har- 

ConcentraciAn, tf. Concentration. [ted. 

Concentra<lo, <la. a. Concentred, ooncentra- 

Concentrar, to. To concentrate, concentre. 

Conc^ntrico, ca, a. Concentric, concentrical. 

Concei>ci6n, t/. Conception, idea, conceit, 

Conccpteiir, m. To gi\o smart reparteefl^ 

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OonoepttbiUdH f< (Little uk) CoaotitBbto- 

Conoeptible, a. Ooneelvable. 

ConooptiUo, Mi. dim. A witty triflo» n at- 
tempt at wit. [humorist 

Conceptista, anu A wit; man of ceaiaa; a 

Oonc^ptOf am. Conceit, thought, idea; flash 
of wit; jadgmentf opinion; estimation; 
crank, cro8s>pnrpo6e; fotna. 

Conceptu^, va. To oonoeive, Jn^Um. 

Conceptaoeam^nte, ad. Ingentooaly, wittily. 

Conceptaoeo, aa, a. Conceptions, witty. 

Concern6ncia, qf. Concernment, relation. 

Coucernl6nte, pa. Concerning. Fii>r lo eon- 
cemierUe^ Concerning. 

Conoemir, «. imp. To regard, concern. 

Concertadam6nte, ad. Regularly ; by agree- 
ment, [trlver. 

Concertad6r, am. Regulator, aAJnster, oon- 

Concertar, tMi^ To concert; reguUte, set to 
rights, contrive, barmonhEe ; bargain, cov- 
enant; compare.-— Ofik To agree, accord. — 
vr. To design. 

Conoesi6n, 4/t Concession, grant 

Concesionirlo, tm. (Law) Qrantee. 

Concha, »f. Shell; oyster; an ancient cop- 
per coin. Concha ds naear^ Motber-of- 
I^earl shell; volute; socket Tenertnu- 
ehOB concha*, To bo very artftiL 

Conchabanza, ^. The manner of making 
one's self easy; plotting, consplmcy. 

ConchabAr, eo. To mix wool — er. To unite. 
Join for evil purpose ; plot, oonsphx. 

ConchAdo, da, a. Scaly, shelly. 

Conchil, sm. Rock-ehelL (Murex) Buiret 

ConchillSf ita, «/. dim. A small shell. 

Conchite, a/T Conchite, petrified shell 

Conchol^gta, ^ Conchology. 

Conch udo, da, a. Scaly, crustaoeooa; cun- 
ning; reserved. [tion. 

ConclDimi^nto, 9m. Conceit, idea, ooncep- 

Concl6ncla, ^ Conscience, scruple, veraci' 
ty. Ancho de coneiencia. Not scrupu- 
lous. Ifaeer condeneia de alguna oota^ 
To bo scmpulons about a thing. Qous 

Concienz6do, da. a. Consdentioua, sorupu- 

Concicrto, am. Concert, communication of 
designs; bargain, agreement; concerto. 
De concicrto, According to agreement, 
by common consent (aaeembly. 

Conctlidbnlo, »m. Conventicle, an unlawful 

Conciliacidn, a/ CondliAtion : reaemblanoe, 

Conclliador, ra. a. Conciliator, peacemaker. 

Concili&r, va. To conciliate, reconcile; win 
tlie affection of others. ConciUar d 
swflo. To Induce sleep. OcmcUiar ku 
amidadsA, To make frienda. 

Conciliir, a. Oonciliar. 

Conciliiu', tm. Member of a coundL 

Coneiliativo, va, a. Conciliattny. 

Concilio, am. Conndl ; decrees of a councU. 
Jfttcer or Untr cancUio^ To hold unlaw- 
ful meetingaL 

Condnldad, •/ Harmony. [ly. 

Condsam6nte, ad. Concisely, briefly, ahort- 

Concisi6n, ^ C/ondacness, brevity. 

Condso, sa, a. Concise, brief; short 

CondtacI6n, v: Concltation, stirring up. 

Condtador, em. LasUgator, inciter to ill 


Oondtiff, 90. To ezdte; atir up \ 
tiona. [com] 

Condutivo, va, a. Inddng: stfrring 
CondndadMK), am. Fellow-dtizen, oountry- 

C6ncleve, am, Oondave; asaemblage. 

Conclavista, am. Condavtot 

Conduir, «ck To conclude, flniab, terminate; 

convince with reaaon ; Infsr, dodooe. 
Conduatdn, 4<Condaaioii; end, date; oon- 

seqnence; thesis. 
Conclualvo, va, a. Conclusive, final [ted. 
Cond6ao, as, a. Condndcd, cloeed, termiiub- 
Concluv6nte, pa. Concluding; oondoaive; 

Conduyentem6nte, ad. Conduslvely. 
ConcomKie, am^ One of the aame Iwottier- 

Conc61de, af. Conchoid. 
Concoldga, am. Felk>w-oollegian. 
Concomerseu «r. To ahrug the ahooldem 
Concomimiento, Cono6inioi, am, Shmggliig 

Concomit&ncia, f^ Concomitance; dream- 

staatial evidence. [rent 

Conoomitiknto, pa. Concomitant, oodcdi^ 
ConcordAble, a. Goneordaat, ooniEonnable, 

consistent with. Ttloii. 

Concordad6n, ^. Co-ordination, ounmoa- 
Concordad6r, am. Conciliator, peacemaker. 
Conoordtoda, tf. Concordance, conoord, 

agreement; harmony. 
Concord&nte, pa. Concordant, agreeing. 
Concordir, «a. To accord, r^oUte, make 

agree; compromise.— t?!^ To aooord, to 

Conoordiito, am. Concordat, e ooTenant 

made by a prince with the pope. 
Concdrde, a. Concordant 
Concordem^nte, ad. With one accord. 
Conc6rdia, af. Concord, union, harmony. 

Da conoordiOf Jointly, by common ooa- 

Concorpdreo, rea, a. Concorporal 
Concreddn, ^ Concretion. 
Concrescdncia, 4^ Concrescenoei 
Concretamdnte, ad. (Little us.) Concretely. 
Concrete, «& To combine, unite, concrete. 
Concrdto, ta, a. Concrete. 
Concubine, tf. Concubine, mistress; slew- 

ftil wife deprived of dvil righta [trees. 
Concnbinirio, am. One who keeps s mis- 
Concubinito, am. Concubinage. 
Conciibito, am. Coition, [ling with the fset 
Concnlcaddn, ^. (Obe.) Conculation, tramp- 
Concnlc&r, va. To oonculcate. 
ConcniiAdo, da, a. Brother or sister in Uw. 
Concupisodnda, 4/! Conoupisoenoe, lust 
Coneopisdble, a. Concnpisdble. 
Concurrdnds, ^ Convention; ooncnrrenee; 

Concurrdnte, pa. Concurrent, coinddent 
Concurrlr, vn. To eoneur; contribute, cdn- 

cide; be present 
Concursir, va. To lay sn ii^unctlon. 
Concdrso, am» Conoourae, conflux, crowd, 

eongresatlon, assembly; aid; contest; 

prooeeoings against an insolveot debtor. 
Concusi6n, f^ Concussion, shaking, a^^- 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Ooodido, 9m. Earidom, eotmtj ; dignity of 

Omd^ a. The dignity of an earl or eoimt. 

Obn^ ant. Earl, count; head or diief of 

Condeeente, a. Conrenlent, fit, proper. 

Coodeconfecidn, ^. Decoration, embellishing: 

Condeeorar. «a. To ornament, embelliah, 
decorate, honor, reward. 

CoDdena, af. The clerk of the ooort'satteatap 
tion of the sentence of a criminaL 

Coodenible, cu Gondemnable, Mamable. 

Coodenaclon, ^ Condemnation, sentence; 
pnnlshnaent; fine. Et una condenaeioTL, 
It is nnbearable, intolerable. 

CondenMa <!•• <- One condemned to eter- 
nal poniahmenL — a. Sentenced. Ocm- 
denado en eo^Uu^ Sentenced to pay the 
co6t& Puerta oondenada^ A door shut 

Condenaddr, ra, «. Condemner, blamer. 

Condenar, va. To condemn, sentence; 
damn ; cenaare, blame ; reftite a doctrine 
or opinion ; stop up or shut up, &c. 

Condeaatorio, ria, a. Condemnatory. 

CoodenMbilidad, •/ The qnaUty of being 

Coodenadbic, a. Condensable. 

Condensaci^ itf. Condensation. 

Condensad6r, tm. Condenser. 

Condensinte, pa. Condensing. 

Condensar, to. To thicken, condense. — rr. 
To curdle, be condensed, gather. 

CondensatiTQ, ra, a. Condcnsatlve. 
CoQdenaldM, t^. Gondensity. 
Condeaa, f>f. Countess; waiting-maid. 
CondesAdo, ainl Earldom, jnrudiction of a 
ooont. [descension. 

Condesoead^oda, ^f. Condescendence, con- 

Condescendcr, va. To condescend, submit, 
comply. [compliant 

Coadescendltete, a. and pa. Complacent, 

Condesoendientemente, ad. Condescend- 
ingly, [ess. 

Condesita, 4^ dim. A little or young count- 

Condeeito, am. dim^ A little earl or count 

Oondestible, «m. <k>nstable, a lord high 
constable. Condestabte de ar9enaU«, 
Gunner of a dockyard. Segtmdo eon- 
destoMe, Gunner's mate. 

Condestablia, ^ Constableship. 

C-ondezm^ro, am. Part owner of tithes. 

Coodicioo, ^f. Condition ; state ; rank ; 
ctanse. Condidon torpe^ Opposed by 
law. Tener eondieion^ To be of a peevish 
disposition. Poner en condidon^ To 
hazani. expose to danger. Ds or eon 
eondicinn, 80 as, on condition that 

Condicioniido, da, a. Conditioned. 

Coodicion&L, a. Conditional, not absolute. 

Condictonalm^nte. ad. Conditionally. 

Coodicion&r, vn. To agree, accord.— er. To 
be of the same nature. 

Condicioniza, tf. A violent disposition. 

Coodicioncilla, ita, ^ A hasty temper; a 
small daiise. [fitly. 

Condignamtete. oA Condignly, deservedly, 

CondfgnidiUl, ^. Condignity, suiUbleness. 

Gofidi^no, na, a. Condign, suitable, merited. 

Coodiio, mn. (Anat) Condyle. 


Condimentir, «a. To oondite, season viet> 
ual& [sauce. 

Condim^nto, em. Condiment, seasoning, 

Condisdpnlo, wk Condisdple, scbool-lbT- 

Condistin^^, ro. To distinguish. 

C<HidoIecerse, Condol^rae, vr. To condole, 
be Sony. [forgiving. 

Condonaci6n, ^. Condonation, pardoning, 

Condon^, «a. To pardon, forgive. 

Condor, sniw (Om.) CondcM*. 

Condrila, ^ (Bot) Common gum-succory. 

Conducci6n, m/. Conveyance ; carriage ; lead- 
ing, guiding. [ment 

Conaaceneia, ^. Conducing to, oonduce- 

Conduc6nte, a. and pck Conducive, condu- 
cible; official. 

Condacidor, em. Conductor, leader. 

Conducir, va. and n. To convey ; conduct; 
direct — vr. To behave, conduct one's 

Conducts, «^ Conduct; behavior; life; di- 
rection; commission for recruiting; re- 
cruits: convoy of money, [conveying. 

Conductivo, va, a. Having the power of 

Conducto, trni. Conduit sewer, drain ; chan- 
nel. Saleo conducto, A saft^-conduct, 
passport, guide. [convever. 

Conductor, sm. Conductor, leader, usher, 

Condnctora, tif. Conductress, directresa 

CondutAL, m)i. Gutter, water-spout 

Conejal,»i7». Rabbit-warren; suburb inhab- 
ited by common people. 

Conejur, mn. Uabbit-warren. 

ConejOra, f(f. Breeding-warren; brothel; 
den or hovel. 

Gonej^ro, tm. Warrener, warren-keeper. 

Contyero, a. That which hunts rabbits. 

Conejito, am. dim, A little rabbit 

Con^jo, a. Alambre confjo^ Rabbit- wire, 
copper-wire. [breeds like a rabbit 

Coniyo, ja, ». Rabbit £% una con^a. She 

Conejfina, ttf. Rabbit down or fur. [kind. 

Conejuno, na, a. Relating to the rabbit 

Conexidnde^ «/ pL Rights annexed to tho 
prindpal. Tture. 

Conexion, ^ Connection, union, conjunc- 

Conexivo, va, a. Connective. 

Con6xo, xa. a. Connected, united. [lusion. 

ConfUbulscion, «/ Confitbulatlon, chat; col- 

ConfabuUr, va. To confiibulate, chat; 
league. [sign. 

Confalon, am. Gonfclon, standard; an en- 

Confalonivr, am. GonfiUonier, chief stand- 
ard-bearer, [marriages. 

Conftirreaci6a, 9f. Eating bread together at 

Confec<;{6n, ^ Confection, an electuary, a 

Confeccionador, sm. Confectioner. 

Confecclonir, to. To confect, make into 
conserves. [anion, coalition. 

ConffedeTaci6n, if. Confcilerary, league, 

Confeder^do, da, a. and «. Con federate, al- 
lied, consociate. Dpln in a league. 

ConlbderAr, va. and vr. To confederate, 

Gonfbrdncia, tf. Conference, meeting, con- 
versation; daily lecture in universities. 

Conferencidr, va. To confer; hold a con- 
ference. , ... [mune. 

Conferfr, va. To confer; deliberate, corn- 

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Conferva, nf. ^Bot) Conferva. 

ConfesAdo, da, a. Confessed, acknowledged. 
— : Penitent, repentant. 

Confeadnte, pa. Declaratory, afflrmatire. 

Confewtr, -ra. To confoa**, acknowledge, own. 
Confetiar d« piano, To confess plainly or 
openly. Cot^fesar Hn tormento^ To con- 
fi»s a foult freely. — vr. To confess, or 
make confession. 

Confeslon, t^. Confession, acknowledgment 

Confe.siondrlo, sni. Treatise on confession ; 
confessional. [lay-brother ; a nun. 

Couleso, sa, «. Jewish proselyte. (Oba.) A 

Confoso, sa, <». (Law) ConfossetL 

CK>nfeslonArio, «m. Confessional. 

Confcs6r, «/». C-onfeswor. 

Con A&ble, a. Trusty, %vortliy of confidence. 

Confla<lani6nte, ad. Conttdcntly. 

Conflado, da, n. Confident; presumptuous, 
arrogant, forward. [flder. 

Confliulur, Htn. A joint surety; relier, con- 

Coufl:'uiza, */ Confidence, reliance; bold- 
ness; hope. piopc. 

Conflur, ra. and n. To confide, trust In: 

Confldoncia, ij/C Confidence. 

Confidcncial, a. Confidential. 

Confidencialmcnte, mL Confidentially. 

Confiduute, mn. C-onfidant, counsellor. 

Confldento^ a. True, fiiithflil, trusty, [ftillv. 

Confldentein<^nte, ad. Confidently; fkith- 

ConflguracitSn, i^f. Configuration. 

Conflgurado, da, a. Configurated [form. 

Conflgurir, ra. To configure, dispose into 

Confm, sm. Limit, boundary, border. 

Confin, Confin&nte, a. Bordering upon, 
limitaneous. [Imprison ; border upon. 

Confin&r, va, and n^ To banish; coufine, 

Confingir, va. To mix ingredients into one 
mass, [tion; evidence. 

Confirmacion, t\f. Confirmation, corrobora- 

Coufinnadam6nto, ad. Firmly, unalterably. 

Confirmador, em. Confirmator, attester, con- 

Confirmantc, pa. Confirmer, [strengthen. 

ConfirmAr, to. To confirm, corroborate; 

Confirmativaraente, ad. Conflrmingly. 

Confirmative, va, Conflrmat6rio, ria, a. 

C-onflscahle, a. Confiscable ; forfeitable 

Confi8caci6n, ^f. Confiscation, forfeiture. 

ConfiscMo, da, a. Confiscate, confiscated. 

Conflscador, »m. (Little us.) Confiscator. 

Conflscdr, vo. To confiscate, seize by for- 

Coufltar, fia. To confect, candy ; sweeten. 

Confite, sm. Conflt, comfit Morder en un 
coti/Ue, To be hand and glove. Coi\fite9, 
Dainties, surar-plums ; whipping. 

Confitente, a. v. uonf«9o. 

Confitera, ^. Vessel lor swoctmoata. 

Confiteria, ^ Confectioner's shop. [tray. 

Confiti^ro, ra, s. Confectioner: swectmeat- 

Confitillo, 9m. Broidered coverlet; caraway 

Conflt6n, am. auffm. A large confit 

Cbnfltura, ^ Confiture, confit, confection, 

Conflaclon, ^. Conflation. 

Conttagracl6n, ^. Conflagration. [pang. 

Conflicto, 9m. Conflict struggle; agony, 

Conflu6ncia, ^. Confluence, conflux, flux. 


Confln6nte, pa. Confluent 

Confluir, m. To loin or meet; i 

Conformaci6n, «/ Conformation. 

Conformdr, va^. To conform, a^Jost, fit — na. 
To suit level; comply with. — vr. To 
yield, submit [aistent aimiUr. 

Conforme, a. Conformable, suitable; oon- 

Confonne, ad. In proportion; asreeably, 
according to circumstances. [imoualy. 

Conformcmcnto, ad. Conformably, unan- 

Conformidad, ^ Bimllitude, conformity; 
agreement; union; symmetry ; patience. 
IM cot^rmidadf By common consent 
£n co;)/trmu/<u2. Agreeably, according to. 

Conforniista, «». Conibrmist 

Confortaci6n, it/. Comfort consolation. 

(Onfortador, ra, «. Comforter. [soIa. 

Confortar, va. To comfort strengthen ; con- 

Confortativo, va, a. Comfortable, corrobo- 

Confraccion, */. Fraction, breaking. 

Confhiguacion, ^ Mixing or unltinff metals. 

Confratemidiul, f^ Confraternity, brother- 

ConfrlcaciAn, «^ Confrication, friction. 

ConfricAr, ra. To rub, pnxiuce friction. 

Confrontaci6n, ^ Confh>utatlon, compari- 

Confront&nte, pa^ Confronting, comparing 

Confh>nt4ir, va. To confer, confh>nt; com- 
pare. — m. To agree in sentiments and 

Confimdir, va. To confound; confbse; oon- 
fbte. — vr. To be bewildered ; ashamed. 

ConfUsamcnte, ad. Confusedly, helter-skel- 
ter, [miliation; shame. 

Conf^i6n, «/ Confusion, peqilexity; hu- 

Confuso, sa, a. Confused, Jumbled together; 
indistinct: fearfiil, timoronSb J£noot^^ 
9o. Confusedly, obscurely. 

Ck)ufutaci6n, «/! ConAitation, disproof 

ConAitdr, va. To conftite, disprove, convict 

CongeIacl6n, ^. Ck>ngclami6nto, «m. Conge- 
lation, fh^ezing; congcalmcnt 

Congeldr, va. and vr. To coesulatc, con- 
geal, freeze. [congealing. 

Congolatlvo, va, a. Ilaving the power uf 

Congeni&l, a. Congenial, analogous. 

Congenlur, m. To oe oonecnial, s>inpathizc. 

Congonito, ta, a. Congenital, connate. 

Congerie, ^ Congeries. 

C^ongestion, fl/! (Med.^ Congestion. 

Conglurio, 9in. Conglary, a Roman gift 

Congio. 9m. Ancient Roman llqnid measunsi 

Conglobaci6n, ^ Conglobation ; union <rf im- 
material things; accumuUtion of proo& 

Conglobir, va. To conglobate. 

ConglomerWo, da, a. Conglomerate. 

Conglomerdr. va. To conglomerate. [Ing. 

0>nglutinaci6n, 9f. Conglutination, cemenir 

Conglutin&do, da, a. Conglutinate. 

Congiutin^, va. To conglutinate, reunite 
— vr. To conglutinate. 

Conglutinativo, va, Conglatin66o, sa, a. 
Viicous, glutinous. [jDg 

Cong6Ja, ^/T Anguish, anxiety, hearthnsak- 

CongojAr, va. To oppreea, aSnc^ 

Congojo8am6nte, cut. Anxloosly, painfollv. 

CongoJ68o, sa, a. Afflictive, painftU, tor- 

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Goograciaddr, mn. Flatterer, concratalator. 

Goi^rmciamiento, »m. FJattery, obseqaious- 

Con^TBciar, va. To ingratiate, flatter. — rr. 
To get into one's good graceft. [tion. 

Congratulacl^n, ^ Congratulation, felicita- 

Congratalar, co. To congratulate, compli- 

Corgrata]at6rio, ria, a. Congratulatorf . 

Congre^Bci6n, ^ Congrc«ation, a meeting. 
Congrtgackm de lo9fi«U»^ The Catholic 
church. [tion. 

Congre^ante, ta, «. Member of a eongrega- 

Congregar, ta. To anemble, meet, congre- 

C^ngrcso, mn. Congress ; consistory. 

CVmgrio, mn. Conger-eeL [priest 

Congrua, t^. A competent sustenance to a 

Congruaui^nte, ad. Conveniently, becom- 
ingij. [gruence. 

Congra^ncia, ^f. Convenience, fitness, con- 

Congruente, a. Congruent, agreeing, oorre- 
spoDding. [onsly. 

Congroentemcnte, ad. Snitablj, congru- 

('ongmo, ua, a. Congruous, apt, nt, suitable. 

IVJnico, ca, a. Coninl or conic. 

Conifero, ra, a. (Bot) Coniferous, bearing 

Conbca, ^f. (Bot) Great flea-bane. 

Coi^etura, ff. Coniccture, surmise, guesa. 

Conjeturible, a, Coniecturable. 

Conjeturador, ra, «. Collector, gucaeer. 

Cometural, a. CoigecturaL [ing^ly- 

Conjeturalm^nte, ad, Conjecturally, guess- 
Coi\|eturar, xa. To coqjecture, guess. 
CV>nJa6z, 9m. A oo-Jodge. [nection. 

C^vT^ngacion, »f. Coiyogation; union, con- 
Coojogado, da, a. Conjugated, inflected. 
Conjngiil, a. (Obsi) Conjugal, connubial, 
matrimoniaL [rimonially. 

Coningalmente, ad. (Obe.) CoiOugally, mat- 

Conjugar, ta. To conjugate ; compare 

Cocjnndon. f^ Conjunction, union. 

Con]|untam6nte, ad. Coqjunctly, Jointly. 

ComnntiTO, ra, a. Conjunctive, connexive. 

Conjiuito, ta, a. Conjunct, united, connect* 
ed; allied. 

Coniunto. mt. Conjunctnesa, heap, mass. 

Comnntdra, ^f. V. CoyujUura and Coniun- 
ewn. [plot 

Conjoracion, ^. Conspiracy, conjuration, 

Conjur^lo, da, $. Conspirator; leaguer, 
coTenaDter. [spirator. 

CoDJurad6r, mn. Conjurer, enchanter; oon- 

Conjnramentir, ra. To bind by an oath. — 
rr. To bind one^i self by an oath. 

Conjorinte, pa. Conjuring, conspiring. 

Conjurar, m. To conspire. — cnz. to exorcise; 
eoniure; entreat, implore. 

Coz^aro, tm. Conjuration, exorcism; in- 

CcfilleTador, am. Helper, assistant 

Conllevir, va. To aid or assist; bear with. 

Conllor^r, «a. To svmpathize, lament 

Conmateri^I, a. (Little ua.) CommateriaL 

Conmemoracidn, »/. Commemoration; an- 
niversary. - [public act& 

Conmexnorir, «a. To commemorate by 

(}onroomocatiTo, Ta, a. (Little na.) Com- 


(>>nmemorat6rIo, ria, a. (Little u&) <3om- 

Conmensiil, »m. Commensal, messmate. 

Conmcosalia, »/. Commensality. 

Conmcnsurabiiidad, ^ Commensurability. 

Ck>nmensuhibl6, a. (Little ua.) Commensu- 

C^nmcnsumci6n, {/! Commensuration. 

Conmensnr&r, va. To commensurate. 

Conmonsurativo, va, a. Commensurable. 

Conmigo, pron. per%. With me, with my- 

Ck)nmilit6n. «m. Comrade, a fellow-soldier. 

Conminacion, tif. Commination, a threat 

Conmin&r, va. To threaten ; denounce pun- 
ishment [ening. 

CV>nininat6rio, ria, a. O>mminatory, thrcat- 

Conmiseracion, ^f. (Commiseration, pity, 

Ck>nmisti6n, Conmist6ra, «/ Commlxion. 

Conmisto, ta, a. Mixed, mingled. 

Conmoci6u, ^ Ck>mmotion; excitement; 
fretting. ' [an event; memoir. 

ConmonittSrio, «n. A written narration of 

(}onmovcd6r, sm. (Little us.) Disturber, 

Conmov^'r, ra. To commove, disturb, afi'ect 

Conmutabilidid, «/. (Little us.) Ck>mmuta- 
biUty. ^•^ -^ ^ 

(yonmut^ble, a. C^mmutable. 

Conmutaci6n, «/| Commutation. 

Conmut&r, ra. To commute, change, barter. 

Conmutativam6nte, ad. (Little u&) Com- 

Conmutativo, va, a. Commutative. 

ConnaturiU, a. Connatural. [aliens. 

Connaturalizacion, ff. Naturalization of 

Ck)nnaturalii6dr, va. To naturalize— rr. To 
accustom one's self 

C^onnaturalmdnte. ad. Connaturally. 

Connexidid, ^ V. Coneaeidad. 

Connivdncia, qf. Connivance. [lation. 

Connotaci6n, ^. Connotation; a distant re- 

Connot&do, 9m. Eelationship, kindred. 

Connote. f>a. To connote, imply. 

O>nnotativo, va, a. (Gram.) Of the quality 
of itsprimitiva 

Connovicio, cia, a. A fellow-novice. 

Connubi&I, a. Connubial, matrimoniaL 

ConnObio, 9m. Matrimony, wedlock, [tion. 

0>nnumeraci6n, ^ (Little us.) Ck)nnamora- 

0>nnumer^r, va. To enumerate, include in 
a number. 

Cono, 9m. Cone. [critic. 

Conoceddr, ra, «. Connoisseur; Juago or 

Ck>noc^r, va To know, be acquainted with ; 
perceive; observe; conjecture; confeauk 
— vr. To know one another. 

Conocible, a. Cognoscible, knowable. 

(>>nocidam6nte, ad. Knowingly, evidently. 

(Conocido, da, a. Acquaintance; person of 

Conoclmi^nto, 9m. Knowledge, skill ; clev- 
erness; acquaintance; note of hand; ju- 
dicial notice; bill of lading.— p*. Accom- 
plishments; science. Venlr en conoci- 
mi^frUOy To remember. 

Ck>noid&l, a. Conoidal, conoidieaL 

Con61de, •/ Conoid. 

Conqu6, 9m. (C-oU.) (condition, quality. 

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GonqnilioI^A, vf. Y. Oo/MikoLbQia. 

Conqoista, ^. Conquest, subjection; vln- 
niog snotber^s siTecUoDS. 

Conqulst4ble, a. (Llttlo as.) Conqaerable. 

GonqaistJul6r, »m. Conqueror. [qnire. 

ConqulstMT, ihi. To conquer, overcome; ao- 

Conrear, va. To sreaae wool. 

ConregnAnte, a. Keignlng with another. 

ConreiQi^, vn» To reign with another. 

Consabiv, «n. (Little us.) To know Jointly. 

Conaabiflo, da, a. Already known. Tothere. 

Gonsabiddr. ra, ». Who knows Jointly with 

GonMigracion, ^ Consecration. 

Gonsagrido, da, a Consocratei oonsecn^ 
ted, devoted. 

Consagrdnte, 9m. andjxi. Consocrator. 

Consagrar, xa. To consecrate, hallow ; ded- 
icate, [nate, kindred. 

Consangnineo^ nea, a. Consanguineous, cog- 

Consangulnidad, %f. Consanguinity. 

Conscripcion, i^f. Conscription, enrolling. 

Conscrijtta, «7iu Conscript 

Consecra<'i6n, nt V. CoMogracian. 

ConsecrAr, ffo. V. ConM{fr€W. 

Consectario, am. Consectary, corollary. 

Consect&rio, a. Consectary, consequent 

Consecaci6n, a/. Attainment of a Doneiloe, 

ConsecudncU, «f. Consequence, importance, 
conclusion, inference; firmness. JSS!p» or 
par cwtaeeuanoiOy Gonseqnently, thero- 
Ibre. • 

Consocndnte, am. Consequent, consequence. 

Consecudnte, a. Consequent; following; 
consistent [oesearily. 

Oonsecnentomdnte, ad. Consequently; ne- 

ConsecutlvamAnte, acL Consecutively. 

GonsecutLvo, va, a. Consecutive, consequen- 
tial, [menu. 

Gonsegulentem^nte, ad. Y. Oonatffuiante- 

Consegulmldnto, am. Attainment, obtain- 

Gonseguir, va. To attain, gain, obtain. 

Gons^a, ^. A fable. [viser. 

Gonsdera, ^ Counsellor's wlib ; female ad- 

Gons<(|6rQ, am, Coonsellor; adviser. Om- 
aeiaro da eatado^ A counsellor of state. 
(hna^aro da capa y aapada^ A magis- 
trate not bred to the law. [dl-bonae. 

Cons^o, am. Counsel, advice; court; ooon- 

Consencltote, pa. Consenting, conniver. 

Consentido, a. Applied to a spoiled child. 

Gonsentld6r. ra, «. Compiler, conniver. 

Consentimidnto, am. Consent, connivanoe, 
acknowledgment [pend. 

Consentir, «a. To consent; comply; de- 

Cons^rge, am. Keeper of a royal paUne. 

Consergorla. ^f. Wardenahlp. 

Gons^rva. f/! Conserve; vessel under con- 
voy. Da oonaerea^ Under convoy. 

Gonservacl^n, af. Conservation. 

Conservador, dora, am, and ^ Conservator, 
preserver. [MiUta. 

Conservaduria, tf. Dignity in the Order of 

Gonserv&nte, pck. Conserving, oonserver. 

Conservir, «a. To conserve, preserve, keep ; 

Conservativo, va, a. Conservative. 

Gonservativoa, am, pk Speetades with pre- 
servative lenaec " "^ 


Gonservatoria, af. Place and offloe oi^jMm 
eonaarvador; indult to commuaitiflaL 
Conaervatoriaa^ Letters patent 

Conservat6rio, am. Conservatory. 

Conscrvat6rio, rla, a. Conservatory. 

Considerable, a. Considerable; great, Itfge. 

Considerablem6nte, ad. Considerably. 

ConsideracI6n,^ Consideration; reflocttoo; 
importance, [eratioa. 

Considerarioncilla, ^ dim, A slight consld- 

ConslderadBm6nte, ad. Gonaidorately, 

ConstdeHido, a. Prudent oonBfderat& 

Consideradi&r, ra, a. Considerer, a peiaon of 

Gonsider&nte, pa. Considering; 

Considcr&r, va. To consider. 

Consl^rvo, am. A fellow-slave. 

Consigna, ^f. (Mil.) Watch-word. [ntent 

Conslgnacion, st/. Consignation; conaign- 

Conaignador, atn. Consignor, one who con- 
signs goods. 

Consignar, ra. To consign; introst; lay 
by; deliver; give a sentinel bia orders; 
sign with the mark of a croea. 

Condgnat^io, am. Trustee; miMiga^ec; 

Consigo, pro. part. With one's Belt with 
himseUT Oonai{fo miamoy conatgo pro- 
pio or eonaigo aolo^ Alone, by one*8 sell 

Conslguiente, am. Consequence, reealt 

Consiguidnto, Ow Consequent, eoBtecatlre. 
Da conaiguienU^ Consequently. 

Consiguientemi&nte, ad. Conaeqaently. 

Consiliario^ am. Assistant to tne beada of 

Consintl6nte, pa. Consenting, agreeing. 

Consl8t6ncU, ^ Consistence; atability: so- 

Consist^nte, a. Consistent, firm, solid. 

Consistir, cn« To consist ; be comprised ; bo 

Consistoriil, a, Gonststorial. Caaa eomaia' 
torial, Senate-house, town-halL 

Gonaist^rlo, am. Consistory; town-boose. 
GonaiatoHo divina, The trlbanal of God. 

ConB6clo, am. Partner, companion, leUow- 

ConsoUble, a. Gonsolable, comAntable. 

Consolablem^nte, ad, Consolably, ooDaftni- 
sbly. nty. 

Consolaci6n, ^f. Consolation, comftiK; char- 

Gonsol&do, da, a. Consoled, comforted. 

Consolad^r, am, Consolator, comiSorter. 

Consolad6r, ra, a. Consolatory, oomlbrtableL 

Consolad6ra, ^f. Comfortreaa. 

Consoltote, pa. Gomlbrting, consoling: 

ConaolAr, tKi. To console, comfort, cheer. 

Consolatlvo, va, Gonsolat^rlo, ria, & Ooa- 

Cons61ida, iff. (Bot) Y. OonawUda, 

Consolidacito, ^, Consolidation. 

ConsoHdAr, va. To consolidate, harden. — 
vr. To grow firm. (Law) To unite the 
interest with the prIncipaJ. [atlv«. 

Gonsolidativo, va, a, Gonsolldant, eonaoUd- 

ConsonAncia, ^. Consonance, hannony; 
consent; oonA>rmlty. 

Cottsontote, am. Rhyras; oorreepondlng 
sound ; a consonant 

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OoQfloainte, a. Gonsonsnt, agreeable, con- 

Ibrmable. [ably. 

Consoiuaiteinihit«« ad, Conaonantlj, agree- 
Conaonir, vn. To make a body sound; 

rhyme; resemble. 
OVnaoiMA, toK pL(Mva.) Concordant eonnds. 
Cooiwoo, na, a. Consonous, barmonioa^ 

eonsonaaL [coarse. 

CofM6reio, «m. Partnership, society; Inter- 
Cotis^te, «. Consortj partner ; accomplice. 
Cofliapieaamtote, €uL (Little oa.) ConRpien- 

oosly. [eminent 

Coospiciio, cna, a. Consplcnoos, obvious; 
Conspindto, 4^ Conspiracy, plot, conjora- 

tion. [compfotter, traitor. 

Consptrido, ConroiradOr, €m. Conspirator, 
CoBspirante, pa. Conspiring. IHienas am- 

•ptrantet. Conspiring powers^ 
Consptar^, vm. To conspire, plot ; co-operate. 
Constinda, 4/! Constancy, immatabifity. 
ConAante, a. and a. Constant, Arm, immu- 
table; loyal: manifest.— ^Kk Composed of; 

ronsisting in. [evidently. 

Constantemcnte, ad. Constantly, firmly; 
Constir, t. imp. To be clear, erident, cer- 
tain. ConfUa en OMtoty It appears from 

the (MToceedinga. [epidemic. 

CoMtelacion, V^ Constellation ; climate; an 
Consternadoa, ^. Conatemation, amaxe- 

ment, wonder. 
Ormstemir. va. To terriiy, confound. 
• CofBatl|mcl6n, •/ Cold ; constipation. 
CoQstipadQ, «m. Cold, a disease. 
CoQstipar, ta. To cause a cold, stop the 

porea. — er. To eatch cold ; be costive. 
ConatipatJvo, ra, a. Constrictive. [ate. 

Coostltucj^n. «< Constitution ; temper; stat- 
Conctitiidonii, Mk Coosdtationalist, consti- 

Constitneionil. a. Conatitntional. 
Consdtadonalm^nte, ad. Constitatlonally. 
C^nstituid^, 9m. Constituent, oonsdtuter. 
Constltoir, ea. To oonstitute, produce ; 

erect; depute; pay. ConatUuine en^ 

To Mnd one's self to. 
Cousdtativo. ra, a. ConaUtutive, esaentiaL 

—^. Constituent 
Constitnyente, sm. Constituent, kc — a, 

Crmstredkble, a. (Little ns.) Constrainable. 
Coostreilidam^nte, ad. Compulsively. 
Coostrenimiteto, am. Constraint or com> 

pulsion. [make costive. 

ConstreAir, ro. To eonstrain, compel, force; 
(>iastriccl6n, 4^ Constriction, conttuction. 
CunstrictWo, va, a. Binding, astringent, 

r4>nstrk:tiVr, «m. CV>nstrictor. [strietor. 

Constring6nte,«. andjMS. Constringent; con- 
ConstmecI6n, •/. Construction; syntax; 

translation : naval architecture. 
ConKtruetor de Navio, am. Ship-builder. 
CoQstmir, va. To form, build; construe; 

Con«trapaci6n, ^f. Constupration. 
Constnipad4Sr, 9m. A debaucher, defller, 

corrupter. [flour. 

Constnipir, va. To oonstnprate, defile, de- 
Coosoei^. vn. To become Joint fiUhen or 

mothers in-law. 


Consn^gro, gra, 9. The flithers or motben 
who marry their children together. 

Consudlda, if. (Bot) Comfrey. Con9U€lda 
media^ Common bugle. Con9u^da rtal, 

Consnelo, «m. Consolation, comfort; Joy, 
(Obs.) Charity. Sin cansu^lo. Out of rule 
or measure. JSeb^r sin consuelo^ To drink 
to excess. GofAar 9in consnelo^ To spend 

Consueta, a. Stage prompter; directory for 
divine service. UonsuetaSy Short prayers 
on certain days, 

Consuctudin&rio, ria, a. Customary; in ttio 
habit of sinning. 

C6n8ul, sm. Consul 

Consulndo, 9m. Consulate, consulship. 

Consuli^e, wiu Fees paid to consuls^ 

Consular, a. Consular. Varon oon^utor, 

ConsAlta, 9/. Consultation, conference; a 
question proposed; advice given to the 
king in council. [upon. 

Con.Haltable, a, Worthr to be deliberated 

Consultacion, */. Consultation, conference. 

Consultnnte, pa. Consulting, consulter. 

Consult^r, va. To consult; advise; deliber- 
ate. Conaultar con H boUiUo^ To con- 
sult one's pur^e. Consultar eon la al- 
moAadOy To take into mature considera- 

Consnitivo, va, a. Consultative, advising. 

C-onsuIt^r, ra, «. Consulter, adviser, counsel. 

Consumnci6n, 9f. Consummation ; destruc- 
tion. % [mately. 

ConsumadamSnte, ad. Perfectly, oonsum- 

Consum^do, da, a. Consummate, completBi 

ConsnmAdo, 9m. Jcllv-broth, a strong broth. 

Consumaddr, ra. «. Finisher, perfecter. 

ConsumAr, va. To consummate, finish, per- 

Consumativo, va, a. Consummate. 

Consumible, & (Little ua.) Consumable, de- 

Consumicii^n, 9/. (Comm.) Y. Gatto. 

Consumido, da, a. Lean, exhausted ; easily 
afflicted. [waster. 

Consnmi<l<^r. ra, •. Consumer, spendthrift, 

Consumimiento. 9m. Consumption. 

Consumir, va. To consume^ destroy, waste; 
obliterate.— rr. To be spent; tret; wear 

Consdmo, 9m. Consumption. [ra8mo& 

Consnnoidn, 9f. Consumption, waste; ma- 

Consnstancincion, «^ Consubstantiation. 

Consnstancidl, a. Consnbetantial. 

Consustancialidi^, tf/l Consubstantiallty. 

ConsastancUUm6nte, ad. Consubetantially. 

Contdcto, 9m. Contact, touch, union. 

Contad^ro, ra, a> Countable, numerable. 

Contaddro, 9m. A narrow passage where 
sheep are counted. Salir or por eotUa- 
dero. To go out through a narrow pas- 

Contado, da, a. Scarce, rare, uncommon. 
De contado, Insuntly, immediately. Al 
etmtado. With ready money. 

Contad6r, ra, a. Computer, reckoner; aiv 
oounUnt; counter; desk; an auditor; 
ooonting-hoafle. Omiador de manima^ 

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Pursor in the navv. Oontador de nu^ 

treur, Prattler, an idle talker, fcountant 

Contadorcito, »rn. dim. A petty clerk or ac- 

Contadoria, Contaduria, ^Accountant's or 

au<litor*s oOice. [morals. 

Contagidr, €a. To Infect; comijjt one's 

Conti^^o, sin. Contagion; corruption of 

morals. [vice. 

Gonta^un, iff. Contagion: propafnition of 

Contagi6so, sa, a. Conta^iotus infectious; 

odd, particular. [for coontinff. 

Contiil do Cuentaa. 9tn. A string of beails 

Contaminaci6n, ^ Contamination, pollu- 

Uon. [ted. 

ContaminAdo, da, a. Contaminated, nollu- 

ContaininAr, i>a. To contaminate, acflle; 

infect; corrupt [teller. 

Contiinte, «/». Beady money; narrator, 

Contur, va. To count, reckon; calculate; 

cliuw; consider, look upon; depend. 
Contemperante,y>a. Tempering; moderator. 
Contemi>erur, va. To con temperate, mode- 
rate, [tion; compliance. 
Contemplaci6n, ^ Contemplation, luedita- 
ContvmpIad6r, 9m. Coutemplator. 
Contemplar, va. To contemplate, study; 

view; muse; assent; condcseentL 
Contemplativam^nte, ad. Attentively, 
tlioughtfuliy. [dious. 

Contempintivo, va, o^ Contemplative, stu- 
Contemplativo, «/n. Coutemplator; flat- 
Contemporanciddd, »/ Oontcraporariness. 
Contemporaneo, noa, a, Contem|>orary, co- 
evaL , [easy temper. 

Gontemporizad6r, 8m. Compiler, a man of 
Contemporizur, vn. To temporize, comply 
with. [test 

Contenci(Sn, ^. Contention, emulation ; oon- 
Contenciosamd'nte, ad. (Little ua.) Conten- 
tiously, contestingly. [some. 

Contencioso, sa, a. Contentions, quarrel- 
Contended6r, mu Contendent, antagonist, 
opponent [debate; argue. 

Contend6r, vn. To contend, strive, struggle, 
Contendi^nte, pa. Disputant, litigant 
Contend6r, tnn. Contender, antagonist, op- 

Contened6r, ra, «. Holder ; a tenant 
Contener, ra. To contain, comprise; re- 
Btraln. — vr. To keep one's temper, re- 
frain, [perate, 
Contenido, da, a. Moderate, prudent, tem- 
Gontenido, sm. Tenor, contents, context 
Contonidnte, pa. Containing, comprising. 
Gont^nta, »f. Endorsement; present; cer- 

Gontentadizo, za, a. BIhi 6 mat oonterUO' 

dito^ Easy or hard to please. 
Contentami^nto, 9m. Contentment, Joy, 

Content^r, ra. To content, satisfy, please, 
fill. — vr. To be contented. S^r d« huen 
6 mcU corUentar^ To be easily pleased, or 
difficult to be pleased. 
Contentible, a. Contemptible. 
Gonteutivo, va, a. Containing, comprising. 
Gont^nto, ta, a. Olad, fhll of Joy; content- 
ed ; temperate, prudent 
Contento, «m. Contentment, satialkcUou; 

receipt A' contetUo^ To one^s aalis&c- 

Contera, ^f. Ferrule ; button ; prolade. I*or 
oontera^ Ultimately, finally. ^ [opon. 

Contcrmino, ua, a. Contiguooa, bordering 

Conterraneo, nea, «. Countryman, ooontry- 

Contestable, a. Contestable, disputable. 

Contostaci6n, ^. Beply; contestation; de- 

Contestar, co. To confirm ; prove, attest. — 
vtu To agree, accord. 

Contdste, a. Conilrming, proving, atteatinic. 

Contesto, rnn. Intertexturo; context; series. 

Contest 6ns */• Contexture; context; hu- 
man firame. 

Conticinio, »tn. Dead of the ni^ht [fray- 

ContiOnda, 9f. Contest dispute; conflict; 

Contignaci6n, tf. (Arch.) (^>ntignation, a 
frame of beams. 

Contigo, profi. pert. WitJi thee, 

Contiguamdute, ad. Contiguously, cloaelv. 

Ontiguidid, «/ C^ontiguity. 

Contiguo, gua, a. ConUguoua, close. 

Continencia, ^ Continence ; moderatioD. 

Continental, a. Continental [mien. 

C'Ontin6nte, am. Ck>ntinent; countenanco, 

Contin^nte, a. Continent, chaste, abetin^uit 

Ck>ntinentem6nto, ad. abstemiously, diaate- 

Ck>ntingcncia, nf. Contingence. 

Couting^^nte, a. Contingent, fortaitoii& 

Contingonte, nn. Contingent, sharfi, allot- 
ment [gendr. 

Contingentem^nte, ad. Casuallv, oontin- 

Contino, 9m. Office in the royal bonse of 
Castile. [stay. 

Ck>ntinuacl6n, nf. Continuation ; oonnoetlon ; 

Continuadainunte, {id. Continually. 

Continuad6r, am. Continner, continaator. 

Continuam^nte, ad. Continoally. 

Continndr, va. and n. To continue, hold; 
endure; protract 

ContinuidM, «/ Continuity, cohesion. 

Continuo, nua. a. Continuous; Usting; as- 
siduous. A la conUnua, Continn^y. 

Continuo, 9ttK A whole ; one of the hondred 
yeomen. [air. 

Contone&rse, vr. To walk with an affected 

Conton6o, «m. An affected gait or manner 
of walking. [body. 

Contorc^rse, vr. To distort or twist one"* 

Contorci6n, «/ Contortion, twist, wry mo- 
tion, [side. 

COntornAdo, a. Turned towards the sinlst^ 

Contorn^, Contorne4r, V€k To trace the 
outline of a figure ; form according to a 

Contom^o, 9m. V. Bodfo. 

O>nt6rno, «m. Environs or vicinity; con- 
tour, outline. JEncorUomo, Bound aboat 

Contorsi6n, ^. Contortion, twist, wry mo- 

Contra, pr^p. Against; by Ikvor o£ JEW 
contra^ Against or in opposition. Ifi a 
favor ni mi contra^ Neither pro nor con. 
—pk Bass organ pipes. 

Contraabert6nL ^. (Surg.) ComiterK>pen!n^ 

Contraal6taa, V'P^ (K>a*) Counter-ftshion 

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Coiitnsmanti]Ia&, »/ pi (Nao.) ProTenter- 

Gi»itnuun6T«, «/. (Naa.) Proventer-tack. 

Contraaprocbes, 9m. pi. Counter-approach- 
esw [and white spota. 

CootraarmHIoa, am. pi. (Her.) Black field 

Contrftatiqaea, «m. jU. Counter attacks. 

ContrabiiJo, am. Counter-bass ; bass, or bass- 
tIoL [trapoficUm. 

Contrabaldnza, iff. Y. (hrUrapMo and Con- 

CoDtrabalanxear, va. To counterbalance: 

Contralwiidiata, mn. Smuggler, contraband- 

Contrabindo. 9m. A prohibited commodi- 
ty ; amnicgiing. Ir or venir de contra- 
^cindo. To go or com© by stealth. 

Contnbwa, qf. (Arch.) V. Pedestal 

ContralMtena, if. Counter-battery. 

Contrabatir, va. To fire upon the enemy's 
batteries. Tbits. 

Contrabttas, ^ pi (Nan.) Standards of the 

Contrabrinqne. gm. (Nan.) Steroson. 

Coitrabraza, ^ (Nan.) Preventer-bracei 

Contraeambio, am. Ke^cbange. (Met) V. 

C<witrBcan&l, am^ Conduit; counter-channel. 

Contraoci6n, f/^ Contraction ; abbreriation. 

Contraccbad^ra, ^. (Nau.) Sprit-top-sall. 

Contrae^ula, 9Jt A counter-decree. 

Contradfta, i^. Countercipher. 

Contraeodi^ste Interior, 9in. (Nau.) The in- 
ner stern-post ContracodavU esterior^ 
The bark of the stem-post 

Contrae6eta. fff Coast opposite to another. 

Contractacion, «/. V. Oontratacion. 
C^ontract^, ca. V. Omtraiar. 
C«>otr&etil, a. Contrsctile; contractible. 

Contractilidid, ^ Contractility, contract!- 
billtr. [deck-planks. 

Oontraica^rdas, %fpl (Nau.) The outward 

ContTBcAlto, 9m. (Little us.) A plain and 
natural style of writing. 

Omtradinza tngleaa, 9f. Conntrynlance 
Ckmtradanaa e9paiUila^ Spanish dance. 
ContradanMa /ranc69ii^ Qnadrillo or 
French cotillion. [country-dances. 

Contradanzista, 9m. A person very fond of 

Contradecid6r, ra, a. V. CarUradiotor, ra. 

Contradecir, ra. To contratllct gainsay. 

Contrmdioci^n, ^f Contradiction; opposi- 

CantTadict6r, ra^^. Contradictor, ealnsayer. 

rv>ntndlet6ria, a/ (Log.) Contradictory. 

Contradictoriam^nte, ixd. Contradictorily, 

Cantradictorio, ria, a. Contradictory. 

On.tradique, 9m^ Counter-dike, a aeoond 

Contradriza, 9/ (Nau.) Second halliard. 

C4.intradurmcnto, Contradurmi^nte, 9m. 
(Naa.) Clamp. 

rontracmboscada, 9/. Connter-ambu84:<)de. 

Contraemenrente, a. (Iler.) Countersallant 

ContraempuAaddra, ^. (Nau.) l^eventer 

Contra^r, ra. and fi» To contract, unite; 
bring two parties t<^ther. — tr. To con- 
tract or shrink up. 

Omtraescirpa, t/. (Fort) Counterscarp, 

Cuntraesc6ta, j|^(Nau.) ProTenter-sheot 

Contraescotin, 9m. (Nau.) Prerenter top- 
sail sheet 

Contraescritnra, 9f. Counter-deed. 

Contraestay del M aydr, or del Trinqn6te, 
(Nau.) Preventer-stay of the main-mast 

Contraestamb6r, 9in. (Nau.) A knee of the 
stem-post [another. 

ContrafUllur, vcl At cards, to trumn after 

Contraflanzas, i^ pi. I ndcmnity-bond. 

Controfirmo, iff. (Law Prov.) Inhibition of 
an anterior decree. [an ii^Junction. 

Contraflrm&nte, jki. The party who obtains 

Contraflrmnr, ra. (Law Prov.) To obtain a 
countermanding decree. 

Contraf6que^ am. r Nau.) The fore-top stay- 
sail; flying-Jib. 

Contraf6so, 9m. Avant-foMe or outer ditch. 

ContrafutW^B, 9m. Infringement of a charter. 

Contrafd^rte, 9m. Counter-fort, buttress; 
strap of leather. [rampart 

Contragu&rdia, 9f, Counter-guard, small 

Contrahaccr, va. To counterfeit ; forgo ; pi- 
rate; mhilic [Ac. 

Contrahaz, 9m. The wrong side of cloth, 

Contrahdcho, cha, a. Humpbacked; coun- 
terfeited, [another. 

Contrahil^ra, a/ A second line to defend 

ContrahAJas de las Ventdnas, pi (Nau.) 
Dead-lfchts. [tlon. 

Contraindicacion, a/ (Med.) Contra-indica- 

ContraindicAnte, 9m. (Med.) Contra-indi- 
cant [cate. 

Contraindlcir, ra. (Med.) To contra-indi- 

ContraI6r, aw». Comptroller, inspector. 

Contraloredr, ra. (Little us.) To control, 
check, restrain. 

Contraloria, tff Comptrollershlp. 

Contralto, 9m. Counter-tenor, middle sound. 

Contraltiz, 9/. Counter-light [foreman. 

Contrama^stre, 9m. Boatswain; overseer; 

Contramdlta, Contramallad(ira,«/! A double- 
meshed fish-net 

Contramallar, ra. To make nets with 
double me*hes. 

Contramand^r, ra. To countermand. 

Contramanddto, (Little us.) Countermand. 

Contram&ngns, 9jf. pi. Over-sleeves. 

Contram&rca, 4/f Countermark ; a duty on 
goo4ls. Cartas de contramarcOy Letters 
of marque. 

ContramarcAr, ra. To countermark. 

Contram&rcha, ^f Counter-march, retroces- 
sion ; part of a weaver's loom. 

ContramarchAr, ra. To counter-march. 

Contraradrco, 9m, Counter-fhune of a glass 
window. [spring-tide. 

Contramar6a, ^f. (Nau.) Counter-tide, or 

Contramesiina, a/ (Nau.) Mizcn-mast 

Contrainina, a/ Countermine; a subterra- 
neous communication. [work. 

Contramlndr, va. To countermine ; counter- 

Contramuralla, nf (Fort) Fausjwbraye, a 
low rampart 

OntramAro, 9m. Conntermnro. [raU 

C^ntranaturdl, a. Counternatural, unnatu- 

Contra^rden, 9m^ Countermand. 

Contraordendr. ra. V. Contramandar. 

Contrapalanqnln, 9m. (Nau.) Preventer 

Contrapdres, a/ fl (Arch.) Counter-rafters. 

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Oontmp^ule, ^f, Connterpazt; duplicate 
copy. [poslto Bld& 

OontmpasnnlintQ, wn^ Paasing to the op- 

Contrapas&r, «n. To Join the opposite party. 

Contnpflso, <»n. A back step; coanter-paee. 
(Mas.) Counter-note. [breast 

Gontrai^echar, ra. To strike breast against 

Gontrapolo, (A'), ad. Against Uie Krain. 

ContrapesAr, wv. To counterpoise ; be equiv- 
alent to. [weigbt 

Contrap^so, am, Ck>untorpolse; balanoe- 

Contrap^ste, sm. Remedy against pestilence. 

ContrapiUstia, f< (Arch.) Counter-pibnter; 

Contraponur, «& To compare, oppose. 

Contraposici6n, ^f, Contra-posltion ; con- 
trast Twhat it is designed to prove. 

Gontraprodncentein. Thing contniy to 

Gontrapruuba, ^f. Coonterprooi; a second 
Impression. [house. 

Gontrapucrta, 0/ The inner large door of a 

Contrapnesto, ta, a. Compared, [tarpoint 

Contrapuntante, am. Ho who sings in conn- 

Contrapnnteikr, «a. (Mua.) To sing in coun- 
terpoint ; revile. — rr. To wrangle, dispute. 

Contrap&nto, wik (Mus.) Counterpoint, har- 
mony, [countermark. 

Contrapnnzdn, s*ik Punch ; counterponch ; 

Contraquilla, «/ (Nau.) False keel. V. "Za- 
ptUa de la quilUk. [barrel 

Contraracam^nto, am, (Nan.) Preventer- 

ContraregUtro, rni. Control, a check register. 

Contrarepiiro, wk (Fort) Connter*gnanl, or 

Contnreplica, ^f, Bejoinder, reply. 

Contrarestar, va. To counter-bluff; resist; 

Gontraiusto, am. A player who is to strike 
back the ball ; check, oppoeition. 

Gontrarevolucion, «/. Counter-revolution. 

Contrsrevolucionmo, ria, A and a. Counter- 

Contrdrla, «/! (Obe.) Y. OpoticUm, Om- 
trarias, Contraries, opposite qnaUtiea. 

Contrariamdnte, ad. Contrarily. 

Contrariir, 9a. To contradict, oppose. 

ContrariedM, ^. Contrariety, opposition, 
contradiction. [fuL 

ContrHrio,«m.. Opponent; competitor; burt- 

Contr&rio, ria, a. Contrary, repngnant ; ad- 
verse. jTUimpo eontrario^ (Kan.) Foul 
weather. Eehar al contrarHo^ To croas 
the breed. Al contrario or par ej c<m- 
trario^ On the contrary. JSn oonU'orio^ 
Against, in opposition to. 

Contrar6a, Contrar6da, »/. (Nau.) Stemson. 

Contrar^nda, f< (MIL) Counter-round; 
round made by ofllcers. 

Contrarotfira, ^(Farr.) Plaster or poultice. 

C6ntraa, ^f. pi. The baas-pipes of a large or- 

Contrastiva, ^. (Mil.) Counter-salute. 

Contrasellar, to. To counteneal, seal with 

Contraseiia, ^ Countersign ; watchworcL 

Contrastir,«a. To contrast; oppose; resist; 

OontrMe, am. Assay er; strilb; check; con- 
trast; sudden change of the wind. 

Contxita, ^f. Contiaet; teixitory, distriot 
118 • 


Oootntacl^n, ^. Trade; oontraot Oata ds 
eorUratacion, Commercial bouse. 

Contratante, pa. Contracting; ooodractor; 
a trader. 

Contratiir,va. To trade; contract, stipulate. 

Contratela, ^f. Second inclosnre to slint up 
game. [tune, calamity. 

Contraticmpo, sm. Disappointment, mialbr- 

Contrattsta, mn. Contractor, lessee, patenie«k 

Gontr&to, mt. Contract, pact. Oomirato 
noaUnado^ Definite bargain. 

Contratrancaniles, tm. pL (Nao.) Inner 

Contratrdta, af. Connterplot 

Oontratrincb^ ^f. (Fort) Ooontertrench. 

ContravaIaci6n, a£(Fort) Contraralation. 

ContravaUir, «a. To form a Una of eootra- 
vidation. [of a law. 

Contravencl6n, f< Contraventton, violation 

Cotttravcneno, am. Counterpoison ; pncan^ 
tion. [oppoML 

Contravenir, vn. To contravene; TMate; 

Contraventona, ^. Window-ahuttar, ootaM*- 
shutter. [oontrawner. 

Contravent^r, ra, a. Transgressor, oAender; 

Contravidri^ 4/! A second glaaa window. 

Contravolinas, ^. pL (Nao.) Brailsi 

ContrAy, am. Sort otnne cloth. 

Contrnyunte, iMt Contracting. 

Contray^ba. t^. (Dot) Contrayervn; pt^ 
caution to prevent damage. 

ContrayAgo, tm. (Nan.) Inner tranaom. 

Contribuci6n,^ Contribution; tax. Vmioa 
eotUrilfUciotiy Income-tax. 

Contrfbuid6r, 9m. Contributor. [mote. 

Contribttir, to. To contribute; eoneur ; pro- 

ContribulMo, da, a. Grieved, afOioted. 

ContributArioi, am. Contributor, tax-payer. 

Contribnydnte, pa. ContzlbntiJiyg; conbibu* 
tor. [ponction. 

Contricf6n, ^ Contrition, penitence, cmh- 

ContrincAnte, am. Competitor, rival, oppo- 

Contristin-, wk To aiBict. sadden. [Itent 

Contrito, ta, a. Contrite, compnnctlona, pea- 

Controv^rsia, 4/C Controversy. I'''"** 

Controvarslsta, rnn^ Controvaralallat dlspa- 

Controvertible, a. Controvertible, disputa- 
ble, litigious. [debate 

Controvertir, 90. To controvert, dispate, 

Contub^mio, ml Cohabitation; concubin- 
age. [(Law) Cotttnmacy. 

ContumAcU^ ^. Obstinacy; perveraencea. 

Contum&s, a. Obstinate, perverse; oontn- 
maciou& [stinatelv. 

Contumazmtote, ad. Contnmaeioi^y, ob- 

Contnm61ia, tf. Contumely, reproach, abuse. 

Contumeliosam^nte, ad. Gontnmellously, 

Contumelideo, sa, a. Contumeliooa, 6areasti& 

Contund^nte, pa. Producing a contusion. 

Contundh', «ki. To contuse; bruise. 

Conturbacion, ^ Perturbation, nnwalnnf 
of mind. 

ContnrbAdo, d^ a Turbulent, troubleaoma. 

Conturbador, wn. Perturber, disturber. 

Contarb4r, 90. To perturb, disturb. 

Conturbativo, va, a. That whidi | 

Contast6n, f^ Conttision. 

Cont^oo, ta, a. Bmiiad. 

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OMtaldr, Mft. AMMant tator, fbUow-tator. 
Coniieo or Ciinueo, s$n>. (Am.) A very small 

texn or plantation. 
CooTatocenda, «/. Conraleacenoa, recovery. 

Oasa d€ cotitaleemicia^ A hospital 
Convaleeer. vn. To recover from akakneaa. 
CoBvaleciente, pa. Convalescent 
Convalidadon, f< Conflrmation. [oa& 

CoBvedno, na, a. NeighlxMingp, contennin- 
Coaveltfrse, cr. To abrink, be contracted. 
Convene^r. va. To convince, demonstrate. 
Conveacible, a. Convinclble, eonvictlble. 
Convencido, da, a, ConvicL [tlon. 

C<mveDcimi6nto. 9nK Conviction, conAita- 
Convend^D, •/. Convention, contriict, asree- 

Oonvendofiii], a. Conventional, oonvenUon- 
Coavencionalm^nte, ad. Conventionally. 
Coavenible, a. Docile; convenient; mod- 

Convenido. da, a. Bettled by consent, agreed. 

Cooveni^nefa, •/. Utility, profit; conform- 
ity; agreement; service. He kailado 
compeniencia, I have sot a place. Bu$co 
comvemiencia, I am looking out foraplsce; 
eooveolence. ConeeniendcUj Emoln- 
ments, perquisites : income. 

CoBveniente, a. UseAil, profitable ; suitable; 
convenient [ably. 

Convenientemi'nte, ad. Conveniently, suit- 

Convenio, nn. Convention, agreement, con- 

Cooven'tr, vn. To agree, coindde; corre- 
spond; Msemble ; cohabit; litinite. — v. 
impart. To soit be proper. — vr. To oom- 
poond, agree, ckMe. [monastery. 

Conventioo, mm. atigm, A laivo convent or 

CoDventito, am. ditn. A small convent 

Con ventidiia, «/. ConvenUcolo, tm. Conven- 
ticle; adnb. 

ConventiUo, tm. Brothel ; a small convent 

Convtelo, ana. Convent nnnnery; con- 
coarse; commonity. 

Gcmventnil, a. Conventual, monastic. 

Conveot^ial, Sfik Conventual; Franciscan 
friar. [gions persona 

CoBveotnalidiid, f^ Living together as reli- 

C<Miventaalmtote, ad. Monastically, re- 

Gooverg^nda, ^. Convergence. 

Convergi6nte, a. Conveigent converging: 

Converger, vn. To converge. 

Conv^fsa, »/. (Geom.) Converse. 

ConveraAble, a. Conversable. (Div.) Com- 

Cooveraaddn, ^ Conversation, easy talk, 
chat conference, colloquy; club. Caaa 
d4 eomvertadon. Assembly-house. 

Convers^r, vn. To converse, talk together; 

Gonversion, qf. Conversion; apostrophe. 
(MiL) Wheel, wheeling. Ouarto de coi»- 
96r9io»^ Quarter-wheeling: [verting. 

Con versi vo, va, a. Uavins the power of con- 

Conv^rso, mn. Convert; lay-brother. 

CoBvertil>le, a^ Convertible; trans&rabla 

Convertido, da, a. Converted, changed, 

Convertir, vet To convert, reform, appro- 
priate. — or. To convert, undargo a duuige^ 


Gonvexidiid, ^f. Convexity. 

Convtoo, xa, <t Convex, convexed. 

Conviod6n, ^. Conviction, convinoement. 

Convicto, ta, pp. Convicte<l, guilty. 

Convictor, am. Boarder, college-pensioner. 

Convictorio, «m. Boarders* apartments in a 

Convid&do, a. Invited.— a. A guest 

Convidaddr, ra, * Inviter. 

CoBvidir, «o. To invite; stand treat; allure. 
— vr. To offer one's services freely. 

Convineente. a. Qonvindng^ eonvlndble. 

Convincentemtote, ad, Convindiurly, con- 

Convite, mn. Invitation; feast 

Convivionte, a. Living together. 

Convocaddn, ^. Convocauon. 

Convocad6r, am. Convener, convoker. 

Convocar, fta. To convene, call together. 

Convocat6rIa, •/: Letter of convocation, aa 

Convocat6rio, ria, a. That which oonvokeiL 

Convdlvulo, am. (Bot) Convolvulus; bind- 

Conv6y, am. Gonvov, conduct; retinue, suitSL 

Convoy tote, pa. Convoying, escorting. 

Convovir, ea. To convey, escort guard. 

Convulair, vn. To feel a oonferaction of Um 
nervosw — vr. To be convulsed. 

Convul8l6n, ^. Convulsion. 

Convulslvam^nte, ad. Convulslvdy. 

Convulsivo, va, a. Convulsive. 

Conv(ilso, sa, a. Convulsed. 

Conyugal, a. Coi\)ugal, connublsL 

Conyugalm^nte, act Coniugally, matrimo- 
nially, [and wilb. 

C6nyugea, mn. pi. A married couple, husband 

Cooperaddn, 4^ Co-operation, conspiracy. 

Coopersd6r, ra, «. Co-operator, [ooactlve. 

Cooperate, pa. Co-operatiDg; co-operative, 

Cooperdr, va. To co-operate, labor Jointly, 

CooperArio» mn. Y. Oooperador. 

Cooperativam6nte, ad. Coefficiently. 

Cooperativo; va, a. Co-operative. [rival. 

Coopoalt6r, mn, A canoldate; competitor, 

Cooptaddn, f^ Co-optation, adoption, as- 
sumption, [tion. 

Coordinacion, tf. Co-ordination: dassiflca- 

Coordlnadamcnte, ad. Co-ordinately. 

Coordinido, da, a. Co-ordinate. 

CoordinAr, va. To arrange, accost, class. 

C6pa, ^. Cup, wine-glass, goblet; a bower; 
crown of a hat; brarier.— />^. Hearts, at 

Cop6da, ^f. V. Cti(p0ada. 

CopAdo, da, a. Tufted, oopped. 

Cop4iba, ^ (Bot) The balsam copaiba-tree^ 

Cop41, mn. Gum-copal. 

Cop41joo61, mn. (Bot) Tree in New Spain 
resembling a cherry-tree. 

Copiza, ^. aufftn. A large goblet 

CopAzo, mn. augm. Lai^e fleece of wool; 

large flake of snow. 
Dp^Ta, f< CupeL 

Cop^U ^. ^____ 

Copelacion, a^ CupelUttion, refining metals 
Copelir, va. To refine in the cupeL 
Cop6ra, tf. Cupboard. [attendant 

Coperillo, mn. dim. A little eup-bearer or 
GopMnidino, a. Copemioan. 

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Cop^roi «f»K Cnp-bearer. [\ 

Gop^ta, «/ dim. A small cap or drfnking- 
Copoto, 9m* Toape«, onrl of hair, top-knot; 

top of a ehoo ; top, sammit j/ombre de 

copete, A man of respectability. Tmer 

copete. To aaanme ah air of authority. 
Gopetado, da, a. Copped, rising to a top; 

hiffh. [serve for wrltlncc. 

Copoy, 9m. Indian tree, the leaves of which 
C6pia, i/. CopioosnesB, plenty; copy; rate 

Copiad6r, 9m. Copyist, conler, transcriber. 

lAbro copiador^ Letter-book. 
Copi&nte, »/n. C-opylst, copier, imitator. 
Copiar, va. To copy, transcribe; imitate. 

Copiar del natural^ To copy ttom lite. 
Copita, ^. dim. A small cap or drinking 

CopSto, 9m. dim. A small fleece or iiake. 
CopiUiddr, MK Compiler, collector. 
Copilir, va. To compile ; collect 
Copin, 9m. Spanish measure, the twelfth 

part of a qnintaL [plentiAiUy. 

Copiosamonte, ad. Coptoasly, abandantly, 
Copi^so, sa, a. Copions, abundant, flnent 
Copista, 9m. Copyist, transcriber ; a copying 

C6pla, ^ A eonplet; a sareastio hint; a 

lampoon; ballad, thplas ds ciM09,yn\- 

garoallwls. (\)pla9d9repetU9yNoiMenae. 
Copleir, im. To versify, make couplets. 
Copl^ro, 9m. Poetaster, petty poet; ballad- 

CopUcai ilia, ita, 9f. dim. A little couplet 

Coplista, 9m. V. Copltro. 

Copl6n, «fik avipn. Low, vile poetry. 

Oopo, 9m, A small bundle of^ cotton, Ae.; 
dake of anow; thick part of a flsh-net; 
odor of myrrh. [cable. 

Cop6n, 9m, A laroe cup; chalice; a small 

Cop<Seo, sa, a. V. Oapado, 

C6pra, ^. The pith of the cocoa-nut 

C6pto, 9m. Coptic, the languai^ of the Oopts^ 

Cdpula. f/T Joining two things; copulation; 

Copalativam6nte, ad. Jointly. [gether. 

Copuiativo, va, a. Copulative: uniting to- 

Coquel&che, ^ The croup. [fluette, flirt. 

Coqu^ta, ^ Femliug; a nnall loaf; 00- 

Coqucteria, ^T Coqoctiy, flirtation. 

Coqnillo,«m. A small shell; cocoa-nut; vlne- 
fretter. CoquiUo9 blaneo9 or li9kuio9^ 
White or striped Jeans. 

Coquina, «/ Shell-flsh in general; cockle. 

Coqnin^ro, «m. Fishmonger, dealer in shell- 

Ooqulto, 9m. A small coooa-nut; grimace. 

Coraodro, sm. Cuirassier. [Ac 

Cordcha, ^. A leather bag for cocoa, tobacco, 

Coraehin, 9m. dim. A little leather bae. 

Coracilla, »/ dim, A small coat of maU. 

Coracina, ^ A small breast-plate, anciently 

CorAda, Corad61a, ^. Entrail^ chitterlings. 

Codige, 9m. Courage, fortitude; anger, pas- 
sion, [geous. 

Coral 6do, da, a. Angry, passionate, conra- 

CorAl, «?». Coral. CbroMS, Strings of corals. 

Cor&I, a. Choral, belonging to the choir. 

Coralero, 9m. A worker or dealer in oorala. 


Coralillo, 9m. Tlie corol-oolored make^ 

Coralina. 9f. Sea-coralltne, white worm-saed; 
a ooral Ashing-boat 

Coralino, na, o/fLittle us.) OorsHinei 

Corambre, tjf. All hides and skins of animalib 

Corambr6ro, sm. Dealer in hides and skioa. 

Coramv6bis, 9m. (ColL) A corpulent person. 

Corasc6nL if. A coasting vessel in India. 

CorJuEo, 9f. Cuirass, an ancient breast-phite. 
CoroMa or <*abaUo eoratOy Culracder. — 
pL Saddle skins to cover the horsema]i''s 
legs. Tmttir A uno las coraaas, To try 
one's metal. 

CoraxnAda, ({/T Pine-tree pith ; fricassee. 

Coraz6n, 9m. Heart, core; benevoleuoe, 
spirit; will^Itli. Tenor «l eoramm «» 
las manos. n[V> be sincere. De corami^ 
ad. Heartily, sincerely; ttom memory. 

Cor8»>nida,4< Courage; forebodings; liven 
and lights. 

Corazonnzo, 9m. augm. A great heart 

Corazoncico, illo, Ito, sm. A little heart 

ConuEoncHlo, 9m. Perforated St John's wort^ 

CorbaehAda, ^ Blow with a eowskin. 

Corb&cho, 9m, Bull's pizzle, eowskin. 

Corbta, ^ pi. The four largest feathers of a 

Corbita, sf. Cravat, a neck-cloth.— «ii« lEo- 
gistrate not brought up to the law. 

Corbatin, 9m. Stock, a cfose neck-doth. 

Corbito, 9m. Cooler, worm-tub of a stllL 

Corbat6n, mk A small knee used in parts ot 
a ship. 

Corbdta, ^. Corvette, vessel of war. 

Corc61, sm, A steady horse, a charger. 

C^rcha, ^. Y. OorcM and Oorohera. 

C6rche, 9m. A sort of sandal or shoe. 

Corohda, ^ (Mus.) Crotchet, half a minim. 

Corcheir, wh To grain leather with a cork. 

Corch6ra, ^. Yeeeel of pitched cork to cool 

Corch6ta, t(f. Eye of a hook or dasp. 

Corch^te, 9m. Clasp. OoreMsies, Hooka 
and eyw: locket; catchpoll; brace; 

C6rcho, 9m, Cork; loe-vessel; bee-hire; 
box made of cork. Kadar 9in eorcko^ 
Not to need leading^etrings. Cara da 
corcho^ Brazen fsce.— ^ Clogs; gun- 
tomplons. [low. 

Corchoro, 9m. (Bot) Coreborua, Jews mal- 

Cordllo, ilia, «. dim, A smaU deer or Uttle 

Cordno, sm. A small deer. 

Corc6va, 4/! Hump, a crooked bock ; eon- 
Texitv, curvature. [crooked. 

Coreovodo, do, a. Humpbacked, gibbons, 

Corooveir, vn. To curvet oat eapiers. 

Coroov^to, 9m. A crook-backed penon. 

CoroovUla, ita, ^ dim. Little bump or 
crooked back. 

Core6vo, sm. Sprlne, or curvet; wrong rtep. 

C6reulo, 9m. HeartHshell, an aquatic insect. 

Corcusido, da, a* Clumsily mended or sew- 
ed on. 

Corcusir, va. To dam holes in doth, patch. 

C6rda, ^. A' la earda^ (Nau.) Cloee-baul- 
ed, or lying to. 

Cordige, 9m. Cordage, rope. Ten. 

Cordil, am. 1>ouble tooth. Cbrdai49,Of\nd- 

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Gndito, ta, a. Wise, pmdent, discreet 
COTd61,«m. Cord; A thin rope. Cordelds 
eorriedera, Lop-line. Moeo <U cordel. 
Porter, one who carries burdens for tiire. 
JSehar tl conUl^ To mark with a line or 
cord. A' cordei^ In a straight line. 
Cordelido, da, a. Twisted for ribbons or 

Cordelaso, mn. Stroke or lash with a rope. 
Conkk^o, mm. A small rope ; ftin. Jest, Joke. 
Conieleria, Bf. Cordage ; rope-walk ; rifg^ng. 
Cordelero, tm. Bope-maker. cord-maker. 
C4>nleKto, mn. dim. A small rope, cord. 
Cordellate, am. Grogram, a sort of stufll 
Corden, f^ Ewe lamb; meek, gentle, or 
mild woman. [is kept 

Cordena, qfl Cordage ; place where cordage 
Corderica, ilia, ita, tff. lattle ewe lamb. 
Corderioo, illo, ito, »n. A yoang, or little 
lamb. [fleece. 

Corderillo, am. Lamb-skin dressed with the 
Corderina, 9/. lAmb-ekin. 
Cordenno, na, a. Of the hunb kind. 
Cordero, tm. Lamb ; a dressed lamb-skin ; 
meek, gentle. Cordero d^ woetto or 
U*Jial^ Hoose-bunb. Cordero mue$Oy 
Small-eared Umb. Oordero d6 StciUa^ 
(BoL) Polypodj. 
Corderuna, y. Lamb*»-8kin. 
Cordeta, ^. A small rope made of bass-weod. 
C^ordexn^ia, ^. dim. A small rope. 
Cordiaco, ca. ck V. Card'uico. 
Cordial, a. Cordial, sincere ; invigorating. 
CoTdi^l, am. Cordial, a strengthening medi- 
Cordialidid, tf. Cotdiallty, Intima«?r. 
Cordial meote, ad. Cordially, sincerely, 

Cordila, ^ Spawn of a tnnny-fish. 
Cord UJa, ^ GDts of sheep. 
Cordillera, 9f. Chain or ridge of monntains; 

elcTited and straight tract of Und. 
Cordiio, 9m. An animal like a crocodile. 
C-ordobin, tm. Cordoran morocco, or Span* 

Isb leather. 
CordobAna, tf. Nakedness, nndity. A' la 

cordobana. Stark naked. 

Corddn, tm. Cord or string: monk's girdle; 

a military cordon; strand of a rope; 

milled edge of coin.— 7>^. Shoalder knots ; 

cords of a veivet loom. 

Cordonizo, am. Stroke with a cord or rope; 

large cord. Cknrdanato dt San Francit- 

CO, Antnxnnal equinox. [Una 

Cordonekso, Ulo, ito, sm. A small cord or 

Cordondllo, tm. A twisted cord; milled 

edge of coin. 
Cordoneria, ^ Laoo-maker'B work; a laoe- 

maker'a shop. 
Condo»6ro, ra, a Lace-maker; rope-maker. 
Corddla, f< V. Oordilo. 
Cord6ra, tf. Pmdenoe, practical wisdom. 
Cor^ ^ Dance, accompanied with a 

Coreir, fm. To sing or play In a chorus. 

Mutiea coreada, Chorus music. 
Coreeioo, tm, dim, of Cutrot Small hldo or 

Corecillo, tm. A roasted sucking-pig. 
Cor6o, sm, Oonnected harmony of a chonu. 


Corezu^lo, tm. (Pror.) Sucking pig; a a 
roasted pig. 

CiSri, tm. Cowry, a money-shelL 

CoriAmbico, ca, a. Latin verses written 
with coriambioB. {vene. 

Corii^bo, tm. Coriambic, the foot of a 

Coriimdro, tm. Coriander, coriander seed. 

Coribinte, tm^ Corybantes, priests of C^- 
bele. [ancient chomiL 

Corifoo, tm. Corypheus. the leader of the 

Corillo, tm. dim, A small choir. 

Corimbiforo, a. (Bot) Corymbilbrous. 

Corimbo, tm. Corymous. 

Corintico, ca, Conntio, ti&, a. Corinthian. 

Cori6n, am. Chorion, a membrane that en- 
velope the foetus. 

Corista, tm. Chorist or chorister. 

Corito, «m. A nickname ; timid, pusillanl- 

Coriza, ^. A kind of shoe ; coryza, a copi- 
ous running fh)m the nose. 

Corladdra, «/rOold-vamish. 

CorliLr, CorleAr, ca To put on gold-varnish. 

C6rma, f< Fetters, shackles; trouble, un- 

Corm4no, na, t. Consin-german ; uncle. 
Cormanot^ Children of a prior marriage. 

Comida, iff. Thrust with a horn, with a foil. 

ComadiiIo,«m. A coin of little valua Em- 
vUcw tu comadiUOy To attain one's end 
by low means. [value. 

Comado, tm. An old copper coin of small 

Cornad6ra, ^ Uoms. [by the horns. 

Com41, tm. A strM> to tie oxen to the yoke 

Comam6nta, t/. Horns of any animal. 

Cornam^f^.Cornemuse, bag-pipe. (Nau.) 
A beUjring cleat {dalet. 

CdrnasL lif. pL (Nau.) Back-stayai V. Bran- 

Comatillo. tm. A kind of olive. [eye. 

Cornea, tf. Cornea, the second coat of the 

Comeador, ra, «: An animal that fl^ts with 

Comeir, vn. To butt or play with the horns. 

Comecioof illo, ito, tm. Cornicle, a small 

Cornea, ^f (Om.) Crow, fotlock, dow. 

Comgo, tm. Cornelian cherry-tree, dog- 

C6rneo^ ea, a. Homy, corny, calloua. [color. 

Comenna, tf. Onyx, a cornelian of a pearl 

Comoro, «m. Hollow of the tomplea. Cor- 
ntro depart (Pro v.) Crust of broad. 

Com^to, tf. Comet; a French or other 
horn; troop of horse. (Nau.) Broad pen- 
dant; ancient instrument of war. 

Com6te, tm. dim. A small musical bora. 

Comezu6lo. «?!. Bugle-hora ; an instrument 
for bleeding horses. * 

Comi4L,a. Inthesh^Mofahora.' [olive. 

Cornidibra, tf. Turpentine-tree; a sort of 

Comicnlita, a Homed, as the now moon. 

Coraiforme, a. In the ^lape of boms. [ous. 

Coraigero, ra, a. (Poet) Horned, comiger- 

Comna. tf. (Arch.) Comlco. 

Coram tm. Angle or comer of a building. 

OoraOam^nto, CornUamidnto, Comy6n, tm^ 
(Arch.) Architrave, flrieze, and cornice. 

Comlju^lo, Comillo, tm. (Bot) Alpine 

Comil, tf. V. Comal. 


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Goral61a, ^ V. OomeHna, 

Corntoft, ^. (Arch.) Cornice, or comiche. 

Comiaam6nto, Cornisamlonto, tm. V. Oor- 

Comiaica, ilia, ita, ^. dim. Small cornice. 

OSmo, «m. Comelian cherry-tree, or cor- 
net-tree. te^wB" 

Comac^pia, f/T Comncopla; eeonce; a pier- 

Comadiizo, «n« auffm. A veiy great cack< 

Gomaderia, 9f. Street with many brothelfli 

Comudico, illo, ito, «m. dim. A little cnck- 

Corn6do, sm, Cnckold. 

CornAdo, da, a. Homed. 

C6ro, Ml. Choir; choma; memory. I>ecir 
or tomar ds oorOy To say or get by heart 
(Poet) Summer aolstitlal wind; choir of 
angola. A' ooroe^ Alternately. 

Oorocba, «/ (Prov.) Vine-ftetter, a deatrao- 

Corograf ia, nf. Chorography, the art of de- 
Bonbing partlcalar regional 

Gorogriflco, ca, a. OhorographicaL 

Oor6ffrafo, am, Cborograpbor. [tion. 

CoroMrio, am. Corollary, infbrenoe, dedao- 

Cordlla, 4^ Small crown. 

Cor6na, if. Crown; coronet; the top of the 
head ; a derical tonaore ; monarcny : ro- 
aary of aeven deeadea ; t<^ of the antlers 
(Nao.) Pendant; a rope; crown-work. 
(Arch.) Corona: halo, meteor. Oonma 
dsfraiU, (Bot) Three-toothed globalaria. 
Oorona da rey^ (Bot) O>mmon melilot 
trdblL OorcfUk tmI^ (Bot) Annual ann- 
flower. [work. 

Coronael6n, ^ Coronation; the end of any 

CoronAdo, am. Clergyman who haa reoeiTed 
the tonaore. 

Coronad6r, ra, a. (>owner; ilnlaher. 

CoroniU, a. and <k Oa frontta or frontal bone. 
' Coronamitoto, am. Ornament on the top of 
abailding. (Naa.)Tam«lL 

Coroner, va. To crown ; joompleta, perftet; 
fill to the brim ; ornament 

Ooroniria, a. Coronary; crown-wheel. 

CoronArio, ria, a. Coronary; oztremely re- 

Oorond61, am. (Print) Beglet; water-mark. 

Coronal, am. Ck>lonel. (Her.) Crown. 

Goron61a, ^ Colonel^ wilbi 

Coronila, & The company. Hag, io^ aop- 
poaed to belong to the colonel 

CoroneUa, a/ Colonelahip. Y. BaffknUtUo. 

Cdroner, am. (Little na.) Coroner. 

Ooronica, illajta, 4/: dim^ A little crown. 

Cor6nica, ^ V. Ordniock 

CoTonilla, ^. Crown, top of the head, cox- 
comb ; a senna of planta ; coronilUk 
(JoroniUa da fr<Ma^ (Bot) The French 

Ooroniata, am. Chronicler. T. Or<mMU:k 

Cor6za, af. Coronet of atrong paper worn aa 
a mark of influny. [rica and America. 

Cor6zo, am. (Bot) The oil-palm tree in Af- 

Oorpanchdn, Corp&zo, am. A yery big body 
or carcaaa. [body. 

Oorpedoo, fllo, ito, Corpezn^Io, am. A little 

Ck>rpezQ61o, am. An nnder waiatcoat without 

Corpifio, am. Walat of a dreaa. Y. JimMBa 

Corporad6n, ^ Corporation, gnlld; com* 

Corporia, a. CV>rpoiaI, belonging to the body. 

Corporil, am. Corpor^ altar linen. 

Corporalidid, tf. Corporality ; any coiporttl 

Corporeid&d, f/T (>>rporeity, materiality. 

Coxp6reo, rea, a. Corporeal, oorporeoiu. 

Corpa, am. Corpa, a body of aoldlen, aimj. 
Jjoa Quardiaa de corpa. The Ufe-gurdv 
8wMUar da eorpa^ I«ord CfaamberialiL 

Corp6do, da, a. Corpulent, bulky. 

Corpnltoda, af. Corpulence, corpulency. 

Corpuldnto, ta, & Corpulent fleshy, faL 

C6rpua, am. Corpua Chriati di^. 

Corpuacnlir, a. Corpuscular. 

Corpuaeuliata, am. Atomiat 

Corp6acnlo, am. Corpnade, atom, moleealc. 

(}orraff6ro, am, Hameaa-maker. Y. QvfOr- 

QoTtiX^ am. Yard, incloaore; oooxt; ibh* 
pond; play-houaeu Corral da oa<fai 
Kuin8,fra£menta of walla ;8qnaraL Oorm 
da ganado^ Pound: cattle-pen. UoMr 
corraiaa^ To loiter about in aefaooL 

Ck>iTa]£ro, am. Keeper of a dung-yard. 

CorralUlo, it0ka*ik dim. A amau yard. 

Corraliza, tf. Yard, court 

Cornd6n, am. A luge yard. 

Coirte, tff. Leather strap ; leaah ; flezlbfli^. 
Baaar la eorrea^ To oe obliged to homNe 
one*a aeU Tenar corraa. To bear wit 
without initation. [thongi 

Correige, am. Heap of leaUier afraps or 

(3orre4I, aia ] 

1 deer-akin. Coaerwr- 

raal, To aew with leather thoon. [oml 
Oorre^, vo. To draw out wool and fit ftfcr 
Corre^ am. Blow with a leather atnm. 
Correocion, 4^ Correction, raprahanaoo; 

0)rreooioniU, a. Correctional, conedlTei 
Correctamtote, ad. OometJty, 
Correcdvo, Ta, a. CorreetiTe. 
Correctivo, am, Correctire; ooireetor. 
0>rr6Gto, ta, a. Exact, correct, conltmniblflk 
Correetdr, am^ Corrector; aupolor; uBher. 
Corredent6r, ra, a. Joint ranaomer, dellTerer. 
Corred6ra, ^ Race-ground ; a amall wlek«( ; 

Btreet (^au.) Log or log-line. Sckarla 

corradera, To heave the lo^ Carrdal 

da la oorradara^ Log-rec 

hooaea, roller; wood-lonae. 
Corred6ro, ra, a. Bunninx mudi, moriag 
Corredllla, ^ dinu A amifi ooune. 
Corredizo, za, a. Eaay to be untied, nnBloft 

le log. Carratal 
f-reel; hi aJasB- 
lae. [aboat 



oomMOfExchange-hroker. vorraaorae 
matrimon4oa. Match-maker. Oorrador 

CorredOT,ra,&Bnnner: corridor, a giUffT; 
eovertwaV; aoout; broker. Oorradoraa 
eamI>ioa,Exi' ' ' "" 

»-broker. Cbrradorda 

da or^ta. Exchange-broker; tale-bearer; 

pimp, vorrador da popa, (Nan.) Stan 

gallery of a ahip. 
CorredordUIOL am. dim. A amall corridor. 
Gorreddra, ^ Liquor which flowa orer the 

meaanre; incuraiona into an epetnys 

country. [penalty. 

(^orrodnna, 4^ Brokerage; Ineuraion; Doe, 
Correeria, ^f. Trade of a atrap-makar. 

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ComAra, mm, Btrsp-maker. 

Correef 1, a. Belatiog to EogUflh sole-leather. 

CorregibUdiid, a/. Corrigible. 

Cdrregible, a. Corrigible, docile. 

Corregld^ tnu Corrector; corregldor; a 
mayor of a town. 

Corregiddra, 4/r Wiib of a eorrtgidor. 

Corrvglinl^to, Mk The place, office, and 
distrlet of a eorr^gidcr, 

Corregir, eck To oorxect amend; temper. 
(Obflw) To adorn.— w. To mend. 

Oorregii^U, ^f. A small strap; play with a 
iftick and atnm ; bind-weeo. 

GoTTelacl^n, «! CorTelation, analogy. 

CorrdbitlTamente, ad. CorrelatiTely. 

CurrelatiTo, Ta, Correl4tu, ta, a. Correlatlye. 

Oorrgneia, if. (ColL) Looeeneaa, diarrhoea. 

CorrendUla, ^ (CoU.) Incaralon. Y. Cor- 
rer^tL [ble-groond. 

Correntia, |< An artlflcfal irrigation of Btnb- 

Correntiar, «& (Frov.) To irrigate atabble- 

CoireotSo, tia, a. Current, nmnlng: 

Corrent6n, na, a, Oay, fond of company, 
pleasant; great snaner; a eloyer fellow. 

C«>rrto, tm. Poet, a letter-carrier; poet-boy. 
Correo ds ffobinetA A king's messenger; 
po8trafllee;mafl or Dag of letters. Correo 
maritimo, Packet-boat Correo mayw^ 
Post^naater. (Law) Accomplice. 

Conedn, aim. aufftn. A large leather strap. 

Otftredao, sa» a. Ductile, flexible, easily bent 

Corrftr, «<k and %. To ran, go ; flow; blow ; 
pesBawaty; hasten; snatch away. (Coll.) 
To peneeate; extend; arrive; receive; 
floimah. 07rr«r2^nuxriM,TofoIlowthe 
aea. Cbfrvrfoeortffiui, To draw the cur- 
tain ;di8C0Ter. Oirre to voa, It is report- 
ed, It is said. Oorrw numt^ To hunt 
Oarrer taqiuUUj To run the gauntlet 
A' moM eomr. d iodo eorrer^ As swiftly 
as possible. Cbrrerse, To be ashamed or 
eonltaaed, to blush. JL' <m2o corrsr. Hap- 
pen what may. [straps 

Correrb, ^ A hoetlle inconlon; leather 

Coneepond^nda, ^. Correspondence ; inter- 
ooorse ; iHendshIp ; proportion, symmetry; 

Goneepond^r, va. and n. To correspond, fit, 
suit; agree. — vr. To correspond; respect 
or esteem. rformable, agreeable. 

Gorrespondi^nte, a. Correspondent, con- 

Gorreepondiente, am. V. CorreaponwL 

Correeponsil, sm. Correspondent, trustee, 
agent [oongmity. 

Gorreaponsl6n, jf. Conformilr, proportion, 

Corretaffe, am. Brokerage; pimp-money. 

Corret^r, r<k To walk the streets, rove, flirt 

Corret^ra, ^. A gadding woman, loiterer, 

Corret^ro, tm. Gadder, [directs the choir. 

CorreU^ra, »/. In some convents, the nun who 

Correrv^dile, tm. (ColL) Tale-bearer, mis- 

Corricorri^ndo, ad. In hasto, at fhll speed. 

Corrida, ^ Course, race, career. Corrida 
^ ftnnM, Bun-fight i>0 oorWdo, At fhll 
speed, in baste. 

Corrtdamtote, ad. Currently, easily, plainly. 

Cenridita, »f. dim. A email course. 


Corrfdo, am. Romance, a merry song, with 
a guitar. CbrHcfos: Arrears of rent T. 
Caidot. [ed. 

Corrido, da, a. Expert, experienced ; asbam- 

Corri^nte, am. Course of rivers, the stream ; 
current Onrimteay CurrentSi sea-cur- 

Corri6nte, pa. Bnnoer, running. 

Corri6nte, a. Current; generally received; 
fluent : running. OorHerUe / Vonel Gen* 
eroa de eonaumo eorrienU^ Staple com* 

Corriontem^nte, ad. Currently. 

Corrill^ro, am. Bnogadocio, boasting fallow. 

Corrillo, ami. A circle of persons standing to 
talk. [(Obs.) Concomse. 

Corrimi^nto, am. Shame; an acrid humor. 

C6rro, am. Circle formed by people who meet 
to talk. Eacupir en corro^o drop in 
the course of conversation. iTacereorro^ 
To clear the way, make room. 

Corroboraci6n, af. Corroboration. 

Corroborido, da, a. Corroborated, strength- 
ened, confirmed. [roborant 

CorroboHinte, a. and pa. Corroborative, cor- 

Corroborikr, mt To corroborate, fortify, con- 

Corxoborativo. va, & Y. CorrdborafUa. 

Corro^, 90. To corrode. 

Corromped6r, am. Corrupter. 

Corxomped^ra, ^ Corruptress. 

Corromp6r, iMkTo corrupt mar, mortiiy; 
seduce ; bribe.— wi» To stink.— cr. To rot, 
become putrid. 

Corrompible, a. Y. CaMmptOiiU. 

Corrompidam^nte, ad., Corruptly, viciously. 

Corrompido, da, a. Corrupt, spoiled, xm- 
Bound. [don; bribery. 

Corrompimi^nto, am. Corruption, deprava- 

Corrosible, a. Corrosible. 

Corrosi6n, tf. Corrosion, exulceratlon. 

Corrosivamente, ad. Corrosively, [nioua. 

Corrosive, va, a. Corrosive, acrid, acrlmo- 

Corroy^nte, pa. Corroding, corrodent 

Cormgaddn, ^Corrugation, wrinkling. 

Corrugdr, wk v. Arrugar. [galley. 

Corr6lla, ^ Boom under deck in a row- 

Cornipcl6n, ^f. Corruption, pntreihction ; 
bribery; pollution; loosmess; deprava- 

Corruptam6nte, ad. Corruptly, viclousl v. 

Corrupt61a, tf. Corruption, depravation; 

CorruptibiUdM, af. Corruptibility. 

Corruptible, a. Cormptible. 

Corruptivo, va, a. Corruptive. [filed. 

CorrApto, ta, pp. Corrupted, corrupt; do- 

Corrupter, am. Corrupter, misleader, one 
who taints or vitiates. 

Corr6sco, am. (ColL) Offal, broken bread. 

CorsArio, am. Corsair, privateer. [niBrqueL 

Cors^rio, ria, a. Cruising with a letter of 

Cors6, am. Corset, stays ; Jr mps. 

CorseAr, eo. To cruise against the enemy. 

Cdrsia, ^. Passage betwe.,.1 the sails in a 

C^rso, am. Cruise, privatowing; career. 

C^rso, sa, a. Y. Cono. 

C6rta, af. Felling of wood A' la eor*a 6 4 
la larga^ Sooner or laWf . 


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Ck>rUb61sas, wu Pickpocket, flicbcr. 

CortadL'n, iff. Chisel for cutting hot iron; 
knife nae^ by bee-keener*. 

Cortadillo, wn. A small drinking-glaaa. a 
tumbler. Echar cortadiUos^ To speak in 
an affected manner ; drink flreqaently. 

Cortadillo, a. Applied to a kind of Spanish 
money. [dancing. 

Cortido, am. Caper;' a leap or Jump in 

Cort4do, da, a. Adapted, proportioned, ac- 
commodated, fit, exact QuedarBecartado 
or cortarae^ To be ont of countenance. 

Cortad6r, ra, «. and a. Cutter. 

Cortad6r, 9m. Butcher. V. Camiosro. The 
king's carver. Cortadoretj Cutteni, the 
Incisor teeth. [loom. 

Cortad6ras, «/! p2. Cutting-boards In a velvet 

Cortadura, jj/T Cut; Incision; Assure; para- 
pet (Fort) Work raised in narrow paasee. 
—pL Cuttings, parings. 

Cortaflrio, nn. A cold-chisel. 

Cortafti6go, em. Coping wall above the rooC 

Cortam^nte, ad. Sparingly, frugally, scan til v. 

Cortan, sm. (Pro v.) Measure, about a peck, 
for grain or oil. [ting; sharp. 

Cort&uto, 9m. and a. Cutter, butcher; cut- 

Cortapicos y calibres. Hold your nroting. 

Cortapi^s, 9in. Thrust at the legs in fencing. 

Cortpisa, a/. Ornaments sewed round the 
borders of cloths; elegance and grace in 
speaking; condition with which a thing 
is given. 

CortapI6mas, 9m. Pen-knife. 

Cort4r, txjk To cut cut off, cut out, curtail ;, 
separate, hew, chop; interrupt; smother 
bees ; suspend ; arbitrate or decide. Cortar 
la lengua^ To speak a language with pro- 
priety and eleeance. Cortar la9 libran- 
tas^ To stop the payment for goods re- 
ceived. Cortar as restir^ To cut and 
make clothes; speak evil of any one. 
Cortar una jduma. To make or mend a 
pen. Aire qiis corta^ A piercing wind. — 
f>r. To be daunted, ashamed, or confound- 
ed, stop short Cortaraa las ufias con 
alifuiiOy To pick a quarrel with any one. 

C6rtc, 9m. Cutting-edge. Ingenio de coHe, 
A cutting engine; exsection, the act of 
cutting; cut; felling of trees; mediation 
or reconciliation of persons at variance ; 
steps taken in an affair; a cut In any thing; 
pattern or quantity necessary for a gar- 
ment, as Un corts (U chaUco, A vest pat- 
tern. Un carte de rMtido, Dress pattern. 

Corte, 4/r The court royal palace, Madrid ; 
retinue of a monarch; levee; court of 
chancery; retinue, suite; yard; oonrtr 
ship, civility. Ifacer la corte. To court, 
endeavor to please ; attend the loveca. 

CJorteclca, Ula, ita, ^ A small crust peel, or 
bark. [stupidity; dlmdencei 

Cortedad, 9f. Smallness, paucitv; dulness, 

Cortcga, ^f. Uazel-grouse, hazel-hen. 

Cortejad6r, sm. Wooer. 

Cortejuiite, pa. (Courting; he who makes 
love, gallant 

Cortejur, ta. To make love; court; accom- 
pany. Oorte^a runadatna-y To pay one's 
addresses to a lady. 

Cort^'jo, sm. Court courtship: gift; gallant. 


beau, lover, sweetheart; lady courted for 
love; paramour. 

Cortes */ pL Cortes, the assembly of the 
slates of the realm in Spain. 

Ck>rt6s, a. Courteous, civil, gracious, polite. 

Cortesanam6nte, ad. Courteously, politely. 

Cortesanazo, za, a. augmi. Awkwardly or 
fulsomelyjoivIU [nem 

Cortesania,*^ CJourtesy, civility, good roan- 

Cortes^no, na, a. Court-like; courteous; 
courtly.— «»K Courtier. Coriesoina or 
danta cortesana, Courtesan. 

Cortesia, */ Courtesy, civility; good man- 
ners; compliment; gift; oays of fnce; 
favor. De cortena, By courtesv, nght 

Cortcsm6nte, ad. Courteously, politely. 

Corteza, ^. Bark; peel, skin, rind; cmst; 
widgeon. Oortesa depalo sanio, OuiOa- 
cum bark; outward appearance; rusticity. 

Cortez6n, 9ttK avgm. Thick bark, rind, cnut, 
or poeL [crust or peel. 

Cortozoncito, «m. dim. Thin bark, rind, 

CortezOdo, da, a. Corticose, barky ; rostk, 

Cortezu^la, «/. dim. Y. CortetonHto, 

Cortical, a. Cortical 

C^rt'^o, 9n^ Farm-house, grange, [a waH 

Cortma, sf. Curtain ; vail, covering, part of 

Cortlnt^e, sm. Set of curtains. 

Cortlmil, sm. Ground sown every year. 

Cortin6n, sm. auffm. A large curtain. 

Corto, ta, a. Short scanty, narrow ; small ; 
dull, stupid; timid, dimdent; imperfect 
Corto de rista. Short-sighted. Cbrto de 
oido. Hard of hearing. Corta de manos. 
Slow at work. Corto de genio. Of a diffi- 
dent character. A' la coria d&la larga^ 
Sooner or later. Corto eastre^ Ignorant 
of the subject [field-mouse. 

CortAiL, 9m. Worm which destroys plants; 

Corolla, tf. Place for the cable stoppers. 

Corus4nto, Crnsco, ca, a. Coruscant, glitter- 
ing by flashes, brilliant 

C6rva. sf. Ham ; curb, a disease. 

Corvadura, «/ Curvature, crookedness; gib- 

Corvil, a. Oblong. 

Corvato, 9tn. A young crow or rook. 

Corvuza, tif. Curb, a disease in horses' kneea. 

Corvccito, 9nu dim. A voung little crow or 
rook. [spur or a cock ; oonnorant 

Corvejon, 9m. Ilough, joint of Uio hind leg; 

CorvC'ta, ^f. Curvet, leap or bound ; corvette, 
sloop of war. 

Corvetear, tm. To bound, leap. 

Corvillo, 9m. BUl-hook. Corrillo de podon^ 
Prunlng-knlfe. Corvillo de sapalero, A 
shoemaker's parlng-knlfe. Miircolea cor- 
viUo, Ash-Wetlnestlay. 

Corvlno, ^ A kind of conger or sea ed. 

Conrino, na, a, Kook-llke. [mean. 

Corvo, va, a. Bent crooked, arched ; stingy, 

Corvo, 9m. Craw-flsh ; pot-hook. 

Corzo, za, «. Koe-<lccr, rallow-deer. 

Ck)rzue1o, «m« Wheat left in the husks by 
the Uiroshers. 

C6«a, /I/: Thing, substance. CosadeenUdad, 
An Important thing. Cosa de risa^ 
Laughing-stock. Co*>a de fvr, A thing 
worth seeing. Fuerte cosa. A bard task 

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or thing. So « cosa. It does not matter. 
Ao July ted (TMia or no e9 cui'iy No such 
Ihinff. Xo raU casa, It is not worth 
much ; suit, cause ; matter of foct. 

Cbaa de, ad. Aboat, little more or Icaa. Que 
COM t What's the matter? Qui es cota 
y eo%a t What means all this? 

Goaurio, am. Privateer, corsair, cruiser; car- 
rier; huntsman. 

Cosario, ria, a. Belating to privateen or 
corsairs; beaten, frequented. 

Coocarina, tf. fProv.) (Jracknel, a crisp. 

Ccararse, rr.^CoIL) V. Concomerae. 

Coocoja, n/. Kerm« or scarlet-oak. its dry 
leaves ; ring or knob on a bridle-bit 

Coecojal, Coeoojar, 9m, Plantation of kermes 
<mksw \co^o^ Chain of a bridle. 

Coscujo, tm. Scarlet or kermes grain. Co9- 

Cuscorron. »m. Contusion, blow, bmlse. 

Coi4x>mido, a. (Little us.) Braised, contused. 

Coscurro, *»/», Flat loaf 

CuAe, tf. Kliid of measure. 

Coi)eeante, «m. (Geom.) Cosecant 

Cueocha, V^ llaneet crop. Cottecha de vino^ 
Vinta;^ De 8u coucluit Of one's own 

Cosechar, va. To crop, reap, gather in. 

Cosecb^To, 9m. Owner of the crop or harvest 

Cosederos de los Tablones, 9m, pi. (Nau.) 
Plank seams. 

Cosedor, 9m. (Little us.) Sewer. 

Co&ed^ra, tf. seamstroes. [a fastening-cord. 

Co»ed£ffa, ^. (Oba.) Seam. (Nau.) incizing, 

Coscl^te, arA. Corselet ancient coat of armor ; 
pikeman armed with a corselet 

C-ooeDO, 9m. ((reom.) Cosine. 

Cos^r- ra. To sew; Join and unite. (Nau.) 
To iasb or seize. Co9er9e con la parett, 
To stick clow to a wall Cwter A puna- 
lada*^ To stab. [Irrigated at once. 

Co0^ra, ^f. ^Prov.) Ground which can be 

Cos^'tAda, «/ Bace, a violent course. 

Cuffita, 4/: aim. A small thing, a trifle. 

Coeicdsa, tf. V. Qui9ieo9a, 

Coftido, «m. Foul linen stitched together to 
be washed ; horse grown thin with labor. 
Co9ido de eama, Quilt and bkinkets 
stitched together. 

Co«id6raa, ^pl. (Naa) Lashings, seizings. 

Cosmetico. 9m. Cosmetic. [world. 

Cosmogonia. ff. Cosmogony, origin of the 

Coemograf la, ^ Cosmography, description 
of the world. 

Cosmogr&flco, ca, a. CosmographicaL 

Co6m6grafo, 9m. Cosmogrnpher. 

Coemofogfa, ^. Coemology^ structure of the 
onl verse. 

Co«Dol6gioo, a. (Little us.) CoonologicaL 

C«6mopolita, 9m. Cosmopolite. 

Coao, 9m, Place for bull-flghts; worm In 

CosqnUIas, v:;?2. Tickling; titlHaUon; dis- 
cord, opposition. Ilacer coequilku. To 
tickle ; excite desire, curiosity, or suspi- 
cion, yd eonsenUr or no 9ufrir co9- 
quHUiM^ To be easily olTended. 

Coeqaill^so, sa, a. Ticklish; peevish. 

Costai, ^ Owt; charge, expense.— pL Costs 
of a law-suit; labor. A co9ta ok, At the 
expense oC ^'to<faeo«to, At all hazards; 


coast ; shore ; wedge. Z>ar d la eoeta or 
en la coi^a^ To get on shore. Arrimado 
d la coHta^ Close in shore. CkMia de 90- 
tavento, Leo-shore. Co9ta d co9ta. Along 
the cosist 

Costddo, »m. Side. V. Lado. Flank; broad- 
side. XO'Vio coetado derecho^ A wall- 
sided ship. Xav'io de coMado faleo^ A 
lop-sided ship. Dar el costado el naviOf 
To heave down a ship. Costadoe^ Lin 
cage, succcflsion. A'rbol de co9iado9^ 
Genealogical tree. 

Costal, 9m. Sack, large bag; rammer. Ko 
9oy coetal or no tengo hoca de co9UUy 1 
cannot tell all at once. 

Costahida, ^ A fall flat on the ground. 

Ck>stalazo, fmu Blow with a sack; a very 
large sock; a fall flat on the ground; 

Owtalcro, «m. Porter. 

Costalito, 9m. dim. A small sack. 

(k>stan6ras, ^ pi. Rafters in building. 

Costan^ro, ra, a. Belonging to a const ; de- 
clivous. BaM cofitanero^ Coaster. 

Costanilla, ^ ditn. Gentle declivity, slope. 

CJo?tAr, tn. To cost; suffer detriment or 
loss. Co9ta la torta un pan^ The sprat 
cost a herring. 

G6sto, 9m. (k»t expense, prico paid for a 
thing. A' cmte y coMas^ At first cost 

Costeaddr, 9m. (Nau.) Coaster, coasting ves- 
sel, [coast 

Costeilr, TO, To pay the cost, bear all charges ; 

CostcIacI6n,jj/r V. Confielacion. [boat 

Cost^Ao, a. Barco costefio, A small coasting 

"Costd'ra, i\f. Side of a bale of ^oods ; a flsh- 
erman''s basket; outside quire of paper. 

Costcro, 9m. Slab, first cut from a saw-log. 

Cost^ro, ra, a. Outwanl ; outside. 

Costczuela, ef dim. Slight declivity or coast 

Costilla, «/. Bib; stave; furring timber; the 
triangle part of organ-bellows; property, 
wealth. i?ao«rco«ifi^ To bear the brunt 
—pi. Shoulders, back. 

OMtillAge, Costilliir, 9m. The rlbe; timbers 
or fhime of a ship. 

Costillita, ^ dim. A small rib. [ish. 

CostiII6do, da, a. Broad-shouldered; clown- 

Costino, na, a. Belonging to the coetus-root 

C<i6to, 9m. Cost, price; charges, expense. 
(Bot.) Costus; oostus-root A' costo y 
costoM^ At prime cost [travagantly. 

Costosam6nte, ad. Costly, expensively ; ex- 

(;ost69o, sa, a. Ck>stly, dear; hard to get; 
sad, grievous. [biscuit 

Cx^tra, ^f. Oust; external coat; broken 

Costr^da, ^/T Candied seed-cake. [pel 

Costrefiir, CJostriftir, va. To constrain, com- 

Costribacidn, ^ V. EetreHimiento. 

Costrilla, ita, i/. dim. A little crust 

Costrlnglr, ta. To constrain, compel. 

Gostrifidnte, pa. Constrlnglng. [tection. 

Costrivo, 9m. Prop, stay, support, staff, pro- 

Costrdso. sa, a. Crusty, covered with a crust 

CJostruir, eo. To construct raise, form. 

CkMtum/ido, da, a. Accustomed to any thing: 

Costumbrdr, va^ To accustom, use, inure. 

Costiimbre, 9m. Custom, habit; periodicsl 
indisposition of women. 

Costame, 9f. V. Co9tumbre. 


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GoAtnn, ^, Smxd; needle-work; spUdng. 

Gosturdra, nf. &eainstrea& 

Cofitorcro, mn. Tailor ; a lady's work-box. 

GoBtar6n, «mk Seam, a coarse satnre ; a laige 

C6ta,4< Goat of mall; ooatof arms; Jacket; 
annotation; quota; nickname for Mary. 

Ck>t&na, ^f. Mortise, mortlse-holo. 

Cotangdnte, ^. (Gcom.) Cotangent 

Got&nxa, ^. Sort of linen. [attest 

Cotiv, «a. To limit, set bounds; lop ; qaote; 

Gotarr^ra, nf. (Coll.) A gadding woman. 

Cotirro, MM. Uut for the reception of beg- 

Got<»)aml6nto, sm. Y. Ccieio, 

Cotqj^, va. To compare, examine together. 

Cot^o, »/ra. Comparison, collation, parallel. 

Got6nse, «n. (Mex.) Coarse brown linen 
wrapper. [tresses. 

Coti, wn. Sort of linen; ticking for mat- 

Cotldlanam^ute, ad. Daily. 

GotidiAno, na, a. Daily, each day. 

Cotila, «: (Anat.) Cotyla or cotyle. 

GotiIed6n. sm. (Bot) Cotyledon. 

Gotilla, 4/: Stays, corsets 

Gotill^ro, «m. Stay-maker. 

Gotin, OTk A back-stroke; bed-ticking. 

Gotiza, ^ (Her.)Band of a shield. 

Gotizido, da, a. (Her.) Banded, having bands. 

G6to, %m. Pasture, incloeure; land-mark; 
territory; combination; a hand-breadth; 
fine; chub; price; swelling in the throat 

Cot<)fi«, «m. Drlnking-glaas. 

Got^n, 9m, Printed cotton. [ered. 

Goton^a, %f. Cotton cloth, striped and flow- 

Gotoncillo, wi. Button of a maulstick. 

Gotonia, ^f. Dimity, fine ftistian. 

Gotonina, «/C Sort of precious stone. 

Got6rra, tf.k. parrot of the smallest kind; 
magpie. [man. 

Cotorrdra, ^f. A hen parrot ; a prattling wo- 

Gotorreria, <t< Loquacity: speaking of wo- 

Gotr6i, sm. Sort of linen. 

GotrAl, arnv An old worn-out ox set to sraze. 

Cot61h, ^f. Jerusalem artichoke; tid-bits, 
delicate food. [cato food. 

Cotufl^ro, ra, a. Producing tid-bits or deli- 

Got6mo, «»». Buskin, ancient boot Caivw 
el coiumOf To U9e pompons language. 

Gonriu, w/k Small vefiseT in the ri?er Ga- 
ronne. [fh>m India. 

Goutelina, ^ Blue or white cotton cloth 

Goy6cha, ef. A small cave or hollow ; a grot 

Govachttcla, ^ A small cave or grot; office 
of secretary of state.— pIL Certain toy- 
shops, [wiohuelaf. 

Covachueldro, sm. Shop-keeper in the do- 

Covachuelista, am. Clerk in tne secretary of 
state's ofQoe. 

Covanilla, if. V. CdeaniUo. [wide mouth. 

GovaniUo, tm. dim. Grape-basket with a 

Govezn61a, ^ dim. A small cave. 

A' Cox Cox, or A' Coxcqiita, ad. Lamely, 
haltingly^ Umpingly. 

G6y, am. Hammock, cot & Bailor's bed. 

G6ya. ^ A very small venomous spider. 

Goy61, am. (Nic.) The Amerioan oil-palm ; 
its uut 

Coyote, a. (Am.) A generic name to the 


productions of a ooiuity.— 4in» (Miax.) A 

kind of wolf 
(]oy 6nda, ^. Yoke-strap or cord ; dominkm, 

power; matrimonial union. 
GoyundAdo, da, a. Tied to the jokSL 
Coynndilla, af. dim. A small strap or oordL 
Coyunt^ra, f< Joint articalation ; occulon. 
Coz,f<Kick; recoil of a CTn; flowing back. 

Oa0(20masfefero,Heerofamast A*ea- 

C4t, By dint of kicking. 
Grabron, am. Hornet 
Cribeo. am. The skull : cranium. 
Graneoldgia, ^. Cranioi(»y. 
Criipula. ^ Inebriation, intoxication. 
Grasamdnte, ad. Grossly, rudely. 
Crasclt^, m. To cackle, crow, croak. 
Oasicio, ^ Grease, fiit 
Crasiento, ta, a. Greasy. [ignoranoeL 

CrasitAd, {/! Grease, fiitness, corpulenor; 
O^ sa, a. Fat greasy, oily ; gross; thiBC. 
Crater, am, Y. Cratera. 
Crat^ tf. Crater of a volcano. 
Cratieula, tf. A small wicket in nunnoiea. 
Cr6a, ^ Creas, kind of linen. Craa* d la 

JUbnaioB^ Superfine creas. 
Oe&ble, a. Oeative, ereatable. 
Croaci6n. •/. Creation. 
Creiido, oa, a. Created, b^otten, made. 
Creaddr, am. Y. Oriaaor, [ish. 

Cre4r, wt. To create, make: institute; nonr- 
Creb61, «». Holly-troeu Y.Acebo, 
Creced^ro, ra, a. Able to grow, [augment 
Crec^r, tm, and a. To grow, increase ; swell ; 
Cr^ea, af. pk Augmentation; additi<Hial 

Crecida, ^. Swell of rivers, ft-esbet 
Crecidamdnto, ad^ PlentiAilly, copioosly, 

abundantly. [or grown. 

Crecidito, ta^ a. dim. Somewhat increaaad 
Creddo, da, a. Grown, Increased; grave; 

lar^ rting. 

Grecidoa, am. pk Widening stitchea in knit- 
Creciente, JTO. Growing, increasing, crescmt 
Creci^nte, af. Swell, freshet of waters; leaven; 

crescent new moon. CradenU da la 

ftuiraa, Flood-tide. 
Crec1mi6nto, wn. Increase, growing, growth. 

Credmimto de la mar^ada^ Swell of 

the sea. [dence table; credentiala. 

Crodencia, if. Side-board of an altar, cra- 
Oedenci41, af. Credential, accreditation. 
Credlbilidad, </! Credibility. 
CrMito, am. Credit; belief; reputaiioii; 

trust; note, bill CrMi/oaactJVM^Asseta. 

Oriditoa paaieoa^ Liabilities. 
Cr6do, am. Creed, articles of &ith. Coda 

eredo^ Every moment Sit tin credo, In 

a trice. 
Oedulid&d, ^ Oedullty. Y. Creancia. 
O6dulo, la, a. Credulous. 
Oeeddro, ra, a. Credible. Tetur huenat 

creederaaj To be easy of belled 
Creeddr, ra, a. Credulous. [persuasion. 
Cre^ncia, af. Credence, belief, credit; creed, 
(^er, wk To believe, give &ith; credit 

Var y oreer^ To believe only what we see. 

Cffudla, ^. Sort of linen, osnaburga 
Cretblo, a. Credible, likely. 
C>elblem6nt«, ad. Credibly. 
Cr6ma, ^, Cream of milk* costard ; dJiereaifl. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


CMaor, 9m. Gramor, % mllkj aabstaace. 

Oriimor tdrtaro^ Cream of tartar. 
GMdcIui, 4^ The parting of the hair. 
Gr&ncbo, i/: V. Orencka. Par. 

Creposealinos na, a. Grepnscnloufl, orepiiBGa- 
Crep6Bciil<i, mfK Crepoacnle, twilight, dawn. 
Cnaa, ^ Fly-blow ; mite ; maggot : eggs of 

the qoe«D-bee. [nUmto. 

Creaeemi6nto» mn. CreBoteda, «/ Y. Greet- 
Creiccatir, co. Y. Acree&ntar. [angiy. 
Creap&r, «a. To cm*! the hair.— «r. To grow 
CreapUla, << An agaric Y. Cagarria, 
Cresptaio, »m^ The barbeny-tree. 
OtefMw pa, a. Criapt eorled: obaeore and 

bombastic. ( Amer.) A curl ; angiy. 
Creep6ii, ««N^ Cr^ML 
Crista, 4^ ComKoockVcomb: creet; eramp- 

tatMi. Abariae rtt kttTo be elated with 

CreetidOk da, A Created. 
Creetdn, an*. Crest of a helmet 
(Mta,^ Chalk. 
CretAoo, f^ Sort of linen. 
Crejteeia, f< Y. Oremeia. 
Crejntote, pa. BeHering. 
Cresn^ V- Streak of blanche baas-weed. 
Ciia, ^ Brood; soeUlng; a concise and 

pi^helle narrstire. 
CrtUa, ^. Female aerYant Oriada de 

«Mn«i0i^H«iae-maid; eiothes-ponnder. 
Crladi6ro, «m Nnnarjr of yonng trees; breed- 

Crtel£<s ra, a Fmltfli], prollflo. 
OrtadUla, ^. Testkle; a small loaf^ tmffle. 
Criido, mn. Bcnrant; client, follower. 
CriidOk da, a. Bdoeated, inatracted, bred. 
Mabior Hm criado, Tospeak as a well- 
bred penoo. [trainer of animala 
Criad^r, mn, The Creator; breeder and 

Crfaddra, ^. Okvatreaa.— a. Fmitftil, fecond. 

Gri inxa, ^ Breeding, manners, edaeation. 
Jktr ori am a^ To breed, brinir up. 

Crfir, WL To create; breed; bring ap, ed- 
oeate; rear or fktten fowla, Ac; estab- 
hsfa; commence and piusae any expe- 
dient. Crtar camM, To grow &t and 
Instf . OHar moiU^ To grow lazy. 

Criatwa, ^. Crsatnre; a baby; a word of 
eoDtempt [litUe cbUd. 

Crtetoriea, ilia, ita, f< dim. A yeiy Toong 

Griaa6ii, ^ Breed or brood of anlmah. 

Criba, 9/. Cribble, siOTe, crib, riddle 

Cribttddr, ra, «. Sifter. 

Crfbad6ia, df. Cribratlon, sifting. 

Cribir, «& To sift with a sieve 

CribUlo, mn. dim. A small cribble or sieTC 

Cribo, mn. Y. OHba. 

Cridir, wt. To cry, shoat 

Crbnen, sm. Crime, oflTence, guilt Sola 
del erimeik A criminal tribnnaL 

Crlmlndl, a. Criminal, gnilty; censorious. 

Criminalidid, ^f. Criminality, gniltfness. 

Crimloalista, ami. Writer on criminal mat- 

Crfmtnalm^nie, ad. Criminally, guiltily. 

CrimiB6eo, aa, «. Delinquent, orlminaL 

Criming sa, a. Criminal 

Crimno. am. Sort of coarse flour fbr fritters. 

Crtn, Y' ^xie, horsehair. 

GHnldo^ da, Crtnito, ta, a. Crinite, maned. 


having long hair. Oometa erinito, A 

lonff-beardod comet 
Cri6Uo, mn. Creole [catacombs. 

Cripta, ^ Crypt, a subterraneous vault; 
Criptogtoiia, ^. Cryptogamy, a class of 

plants. [dpher. 

Cnptogrifla, ^ Cryptography, writing in 
Criptol^gla, ^. Cryptology, enigmatical 

language. , [pillar. 

Crisilida, 4< (Entom.) Chrysalis of a eater- 
Crisant^mo, mn. (Bot) Chrysanthemum. 
Crisis, qf. Crisis; head; criterion. 
Crisma, sm. Chrism, holy oil 
Crismibr, 9a. To confirm : break one^ skuU. 
Crism6ra, ^. Silver vial for keeping the 

chrism. [stone 

Crisoberilo, mn. Chrysobeiyl, a predona 
Cris6oob^ ^. ChiysocoUa, borax. 
Cri86ooma, mn. (Bot) Ooldylocka. 
Cris6l, mn. Crucible; melting-pot 
Crisolida, ^. Crudblo fUI of metal 
Crlsdlito, mn. Cbijsolite, a predons stone 
Crisopdya, ^. Alchemy. [stone 

Crisoprisio, mn. Chrysoprase, a predons 
Crispatikra, qf. A spsamooic contraction of 

Citeta, qf. Crest, the ornament of a helmet 
Cristiil, sm. Crystal; glass; looking-glass; 

water. OrU&d tdrtaro^ Cream or tartar 

in crystals; shining woollen stnfll 
Cristalmo, na, & Crystalline, transpsrent, 

CriBt^Mi6n, ^. Crystallixation. 

Cri8taliz4r, wk To crystallise, ooogeaL— 
w. To crystallize, o<MuniIate 

Cristalograna, if. CrystaUography. 

Crlst^l, WTK Clyster. Y. (mB&r. 

Gristlanam^nte, ad. Chri^tianlr. 

Cristian^, va. To baptize, christen. 

Crlstiand^ ^ Christianity; Christendom. 

Cristian^sco, ca, Ok After the Christian man- 

Cristianillo, Ha, a. dim. A litUe Christian. 

Cristlanisimo, mn. Yery Christian. 

Cristlanismo, mn. Christianity; Christen- 
dom; christening. 

Cristianii^, va. To Christlanice 

Cristiano, na, a. Christian. 

Cristl4no, na, e A Christian; brother, 
friend. A' leu de orfsMofM, Upon the 
word of a Christian. [of Christ 

Cristifltto, ra, a. Bearing the law and love 

Cristo, mm. Christ, Messiah, our blessed 

Cristns, mn. Criss-cross-row, alphabet; 
eroes at the beginning of the alphabet 
No eaberelOruhtat To be very ignorant 
Eatarenel Cr\ehiMy To be in the mdi- 

Critdrio^ mn. Criterion, a standard. 

Critica, tf. Critidsm; critique censure. 

Critic4ble, a. (Little us.) Y. Ceneurable. 

Criticad6r, mn. Critic censurer. 

Critic&r, «& To criticise ; Judge [critic 

Crltictetro, sm. Anlmadvorter, wonid-be 

Critlco, mn. Critic, critidser; a censurer. 

Critico, ca, a. Critical dedsive; Judldona. 

Critio6n, mn. Y. OriHcaetro. 

CritiqneAr, wi. To criticise, censure 

Critiqnizir, wi. To eritidse, censure 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Crizn^a, ^f, Traco or rope of twisted twigs. 

Crochel, am. Tower of a bailding. 

Crocino, «m. Unguent or oil of safflron. 

Crocit^r, rn. V. CratcUar. 

Crocodilo, 9m. Crocodile. 

Grom&tico, en, a. Chromatic 

Cr6nica, iff. Chronicle. 

Cr6nicOf ca, a. Chronic, chronical. 

Cronicon, «m. Chronicle, a succinct account 

Cronista, ma. Chronicler. [of time. 

Cronograf ia, ^ Chronography, the science 

Cron6grafo, am. Annalist. 

Cronofr^a, «/! Chronogram. 

Cronologia, 4/f Chronology. 

Cronol6gicam^nte, ad. Chronologically. 

Cronol6glco, ca, a. ChroAological, chrono- 
logic, [rhronologcr. 

Cronologista, Cron61ogo, «m. Chronologlst, 

Cronometro, am. Chronometer. 

Crotorar^ ta. To cry lilce a crane or stork. 

Cr6za, ta. Crozior of a bishop. 

CmcecUla, ita, «/ dim. A little cross. 

Cracera, ^ Withers of a horse. Cruc^raa^ 
Axletrce festouings. 

Cruceria, f(f. Gothic architecture. 

Crucero, «m. Transept; cross-bearer; cross- 
timber ; crick of a mill ; cross-bar; cruis- 
ing station. [top-sails. 

Graces, ^ pi. Preventer leach-lines of the 

Cruc^tas, ^.pl. Cross-trees of the top-masts. 

Cruci&ta. itf. (Bot) Cross-wort, Tallantia. 

Gmclferado, avru Cross-bearer. 

Crucifero, am. Cross-bearer; a firlar of the 
Holy Cross; cruciferous plant 

Crucifero, ra. a. Bearing a cross. 

Cruclfic4do, da, a. Crucified. SI Cnteijt^ 
oado^ Jesus Christ 

Cruciflcad6r, atn. (Little us.) Cruolfler. 

CruciflcAr, «a. To crucify; molest, vex. 

Cruciflxi6n, *^. Crucifbcion. 

Cmoiflxor, am. Crudfler. 

Crucif^o, am. Crucifix. 

Grueiforme, a, Crucllbrm. [cross. 

Grucigero, hl a. Bearing the sign of the 

Grucillo, «m. Push-pin, a play. 

Grudamente, ad. Rudely, crudely. 

Grudeza, «/r Crudity; rudeness; vain boast- 

ing; indigestions. 

Cr6do, am^ Packing or wrapping cloth. 

Crtido, da, a. Haw; green, unripe; rude; 
unfinished; hai'd of digestion. Lianto 
erudOy Urbleached linen. Tiampo crudo^ 
Bleak, raw weather. PurUo cnido^ A 
critical moment A' punto emdo^ ITn- 
timely, unseasonably. 

Om6I, a. Cruel, hard-hearted; intolerable. 
Uhjrio eruely An intense cold. Doloraa 
crwdeay Severe pains; oppressive; vio- 
lent [sion. 

Cruoldid, tf. Cruelty, Inhumanity; opprea- 

Gruelmente, ad. Cruelly. 

Gruentam^ntc, ad. Bloodily. 

Cru6nto, ta, a. Bloodv, cruel, inhuman. 

Gri\)ia, kf- The midship gangway; a large 
open hall ; paraage from the choir to the 
high altar. Crv^ de pieaaa. Suite of 
fiuocessivc rooms. Paaar crv^iO^HoTVOi 
the gantiet ; suffer. 

Ort^ido, am. Crack, creak, clash, crackling. 

CT\^\r 9n. To crackle, rustle. 


Grur41, a. Crural, belonging to the leg. 

Crust^ceo, cea, a. Crnstaceous. shelly. 

Cr6stico, ca, a. (Little us.) Beating. Y. 

Cruz, ^ Cross; toil, trouble; withers. 
Crita tomada con loa cablea, A cross fn 
the hawse. Bracear en erua^ To sqnaro 
the yards. [sade; Indulgenoea. 

Cruznda, ^f. Crusade ; tribunal of the cm- 

GruzAdo, wn. Cruzado, Spanish and Portu- 
guese coin; crusader; knight of some 
military order. 

CruK^lo, da, a. Crucial, transverse, twilled. 

Cruzt\men de 6na V61a, am. Width of a aaU. 

Cruzar, to. To cross; cruise. Cruaar la 
cara d alguno^ To cut and hack one's 
&ce. — vr. To be knighted ; cross and trip. 
Oniaarae loa negooUts, To be overwhelm- 
ed with business. Cruzar loa iiUeraaea 
da alguno^ To jar the Interests of any 

Cuacaro, ra, a, Quaker. 

Cuadcrna, af. The fourth part (Nao.) 
Frame. C^tadama maeatra^ Midship- 
frame. Cuadama dal euarpo popea^ 
Btern-fhime. Cuadamaa da AencM- 
miafUo„ Filllng-timbera. OHod^maa a 
eacuadra^ Square-timbers. 

Cuadern&l, am. (Nan.) Block, a piece of 
wood on which the running rigging is 
reeved. CuademaZaa de carenar. Ca- 
reening gears. [bloek. 

Cuadernalcte, am. (Xau.) Short double 

Cuademillo, am. Parcel of five sheets of 
paper; clerical directory ft>r the dafly 
service. [paper stitched together. 

Cuademillo, ito, am^ dim. Small parcel of 

Guad6mo, am. Parcel of paper stitched to- 
gether; a vrriting or copy book; small 
memorandum book; pack of car^ 

GuMra, ^ Hall, saloon; drawing-room; 
stable; square; quarter of a ship. I\Mr 
la owidra. On the quarter. 

Cnadradam^nto, ad. Exactly, completely. 

CuadrAdo, da, a. Square, quadrate; perftct 

Gnadrido, da, am. Square, quadrate; dock; 
gusset; die. (Print) Quadrat Daeua- 
drtidoy In front opposite, fiM» to fteeu 

Guadragen&rio, ria, a. Forty vears old. 

Cuadrogesim&I, a. Quadragesimal; lenteo. 

Cuadrngcsimo, ma, a. Fortieth. 

Cnadrdl, am. Diagonal cross-timber. 

Cuadrangnhir, a. Quadrangular. 

Cuadr&ngulo, am. and a. Quadrangle, with 
four right angles. 

Guadrant&l, a, (Math.) Quadrantal. 

Cuadr&nte, am. Quadrant; sun-dial; the 
fourth part; the smallest coin. Ifaeta 
al vlHmo cuadrante. To the last fhrthing. 

Guadr^r, va. and n. To square ; qnadnte ; 
at^ust; accommodate. (Amer.) To love, 
like, suit [to nil up bUmks. 

Guadratin, atn. (Print) Piece of typo-mctal 

Cua^IratCura, (if. Quadrature; first and last 
quarter of the moon ; pentagrapb. 

Guadr^te, «m. dim. A small square. 

Cnadricen41, a. Done eveiy fortv years. 

Guadricula, qf. Pentagrapb, and redocttoa 
by the pentagraph. [graph. 

Gaadricuuir, t<L To copy with the pent*' 

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Coadrien^ a. Qaadrennlal, comprising 
four rearSb [/ears. 

Ouadrienlo, gm, Timo and space of four 

CiuKlrlforme, a« Foor-fkced. 

Citadhsa, */. Carriage drawn by four horses. 

CoMlriU am. Haunch-bone in beasts. 

Coadrilat^ro, ra, a. QnadrllateraL 

CuadriUteril, cl Qoadrlliteral, consisting of 
fixir lettersi 

Coadrilla, ^ Meeting of four or more per- 
sons ; gang, crew ; band of armed men. 

Caadrihera, tm. Member of the court of La 
Santa Itermandad ; Uie commander of 
an armed band. 

Cnadrillo, 9m. A small square; a kind of 
Moorish dart 

Coadrildogo, mn. Oblong square, troops so 
formed. Pong square. 

Cnadril6ngo, ga, a. Haring the shape of a 

Coadrim^etre, wit. Space of four months. 

Cuadrinomio, Wfit. (Algeb.) Quadrlnomial. 

Coidriple, a. Quadruple, fourfold, quadri- 

CoadripHdulo. da, a. Quadrupled. 

Coadrfeilabo, i>a, a. Quadrisyllable. 

CoadriTio, 9m. Qnadrivium, place where 
four roads meet; thing feasible in four 
diflferent ways^ 

Cuadriy^go, sm. Cart with four hofBes. 

Coidro, <&a, a. V. Cuadrado. 

Cu4dro, em. Square; picture; picture- 
frame. (Print) Platen. 

Coadrupedal, a. Quadrupedal, four-footed. 

Cuadmpedante, a. (Poet) Quadrupedant 

Caadrnpede,Cuadrnpedo, da, a. Quadruped. 
Cnadmplicaci6n, $f. (juadmplication. 
Cuadruplicir, «a. To quadruplicate. 
Cmklniplo, pla. a. Quadruple, fourfold. Al 
cuadruplo, (^nadmplv. 

Cu^ida, if. Butter, curd, or coagulated fat 

Cuajadil/o, 9m. Sort of siUc gauze with 

Cm^Mo, 9m. A dish made of meat herbs, 
or froita, with egzs and sugar, [mnnet 

CniUaJdche, 9m. Yellow goose-grass, cheese 

Cuv*™}^^ ^'^ C/oaguIation. 

C^uiy^, 9m. Bunnet bag, stomach of a call^ 

Cnajir, va. To coagulate, concrete, curd; 
ornament — m. To succeed ; please, like, 
choose. — rr. To coagulate, curdle. 

Cn^aWJo, 9m. V. Cuajar. 

Cai^ar6n, 9m. Qrumo, clot gore. 

Coajo, am. A lacteal substance; runnct; 
concretion. Tener buen cuajo^ To be 
too dull and patient Arrancar d^ cua- 
jo^ To eradicate. Yerba del cuaJOf 
Cheese rennet 

Coil, a. Which; same, like, such; one, 
partly. — inUri. How then. 

Cualidad, «/! Quality. Y. Calidad. 

Cualiflc&r, fjo. V. OaUJlcar. 

CualqnicT, a. Any one. [soever. 

Cualqni^ra, a. Any one, some one, which- 

Cuin, €uL How, as : used only before nouns. 

Caando, ad.When ; in case that; if; though ; 
sometimes. DeeuandoencucMdo^Yrom 
time to time. Cuando mas or ouando 
mueho^ At moat, at beet Cuando m^no9y 
At least Ouando quiera. When you 
nlcMMin HiJUta cuando. Until when. J>6 


onando ao&t Since whenf in what 

Cnantia, «/ Quantity; rank, distinction. 
Hombre d^ gran cuantiO, A man of high 

Cuanti^, va. To estimate or valne. 

Cnantidad, t(f. <^ntit^. V. Cantidad. 

Cuantioeamente, ad. Copiously. 

Cuantioso, sa, a. Numerous, copious, rich. 

Cuantitativo, va, a. Quantitiye, estimable. 

Cu^nto, ta, a. How much? Ouantosf 
How many? as many as, the more. 
Cuanto Yd. quiercL, As much as you 
like ; excessive, great in some way. — ad. 
Bespecting, whilst Cuanto dnies^ As 
soon as possible. Cuanto ma9, More- 
over, the more as. En cuanto d, With 
regaid to ; in the mean time. For cuanto^ 
Inasmuch as. 

Chiar&ngo, 9m. Peruvian bark tree. 

Chiar6nta, a. Forty. £1 afio rfe cuarenta, 
The days of yore. 

Cuarentena, ^ Space of forty days, months, 
or years; Lent; suspension of assent; 
quarantine. [old. 

Cuarent6n, na, a. and 9. Person forty years 

Cuar^sma, {/C Lent; collection of Lent ser- 

Cluaresmal, a. Y. Cuadrage9imaL 

Cuarta, «/ Fourth, a quarter ; sequence of 
four; quadrant Ouarta^ (Mex.) Lash, 
whip. Cuartas, Body mules of a car- 

C^artHgOj 9m. Nag, pony, hack. 

Cuartaguillo, 9m. dun. Little nag. 

Cuart:il, sm. Kind of loaf quarter size; 
fourth of a fimega. [days. 

Cuartiina, «/ Quartan, an ague every four 

C^artan&I, a. Intermittent [tan-ague. 

Cuartan^o, ria, a. Laboring under a quar- 

Coart^r, txi. To plough the ground the 
fourth time. 

(Mart^o, 9tn. augm. A large room ; a large 
quarter; a stroke with a whip. Cuarta- 
tos, A coarse, corpulent person, A cuar- 
to«o«, By a severe whipping. 

Cuartedr, ra. To quarter; Did a fourth 
more ; make a fourth iierson at a game. — 
rr. To split into pieces. 

Cuart^l, 9tn. (^larter ; ward of a city ; dwell- 
ing, habitation ; quarter granted by hos- 
tile troops; hatch, the lid of a hatchway. 
Ctiartel ds la »olud., A safe place. Cuar- 
ta mae9tre general, Quartennaster gen- 

ChiartcWr, ta. (Her.) To auarter. [clean. 

(>iartel«ro, 9m. Soldier who keeps the room 

Cuartcra, ^ A measure in CJatafonia of fif- 
teen pecks. [of the crop of grain. 

Cuartoro, ra, a. (Prov.) Collecting the fourth 

Cnarter61a, ^ Quarter cask; quarter pipe. 

Cuarter6n, 9m. Quartern; quarter of a 
pound; upper part of windows which 
may bo opened and shut Cuarterones, 
Panels in a door. 

Chiarter6n, na, a. (Amer.) Applied to the 
child of a mulatto and a white. [tion. 

Cuart6ta, ^/T Quatrain, a metrical composi- 

Cuart^te, Cuarteto, 9m. A stanza of four 
verses; quartette. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


ODBrtilla, tf. Fourth of w arrcha; pastarn 
of hones. (Mez.) Fourth part of a rial » 
three conta. 

Guartillo, »f. Pint ; the fourth part of a peck. 
Oiex.) Fourth part of a rial ^ three centai 
Ir ds ouartiUOy To share the profits or 
losses. Tumba ouartiUo^y Tippler. 

Cuartill6do, da, a. A hozse with long pas- 

Coartito, tm. dim. A small room. 

Cn&rto, «m. Fourth part, quadrant, quarter. 
Ouarto b€^y Boom on the ground floor; 
copper coin worth four maravedU ; lln- 
eaflie; crack in horses* hoofs; quarter of 
aninials or of criminals whose hodf Is 
quartered. Cuarto A euarto^ Meanly. 
Z>s tfM al ouartOy Of little moment 
Poner cuarto^ To ftimish apartmenta 
Cuarto principal. Principal floor. Jfo 
toner un ouarto. Not to be worth a tu- 
thing. Cuarto^ Cash, money. 

Cn&rto, ta, a. Fourth, the ordinal of four. 

Cnartodeoim&no, na, a. and «. Heretics who 
fixed the passover on the 14th of Marcli. 

Cnartogtolto, ta, a. The Iburth bom chikL 

Cuart6n, un. Quarter, a Joist or sirder six- 
teen feet long; mossuro of liquids. 

Cu&nco, am. Quartz. Cuarao oUrino^ Occi- 
dental topax. 

Cuan^sa sa, a. Quartzose. 

Cuibi, ad. y. Cati and Como. Cuasieon' 
<pa^ Quasi-contract CHMMi(2eZito,QuaBl- 

Cuaslm6do, tm. First Sunday after Easter. 

Cu&te, Sffk (Mex.) V. (?0f?M^ JSwnotUne 
euait^ That has no match. 

Ouatom&rlo, ria, a. Quatomary. 

Cuatemld4d, ^ Qnatemity, quaternary. 

CuatemltSn, 9m. union of four things, of 
four sheets in printing. 

Guatrilbo, ba, a. Having ibnr white feet 

Cuatr&lbo, am. Commander of four galleys. 

CuatratAo^ ua, <k V. Cuarter&n for a child. 

Cuatr^ro, 9m. Thief who steals horses or 
other boasts. [a. Dutiog four daysi 

CuatridlAl, Cuatridiino, na,Ouatrldu&no, na, 

Cuatri^nio, tm. V. OuadrierUo. 

Cnatrillo, 9m. Quadrille, a game called eat- 
ealora in Spain. 

Ouatrin, tm, A small cofn ; cash In general. 

Ouatrinca, «/ Union of four persons or 
things; four cards of the same print 

CuatrisUabo, ba, a. V. Cuadrit'Oabo. 

CuAtro, a. Four, twice two. Y. Cuarto. 

Ouittro, 9m. Character or figure; one who 
votes for four absent persons; quartetto; 
card with four marks. Mat do cttairo, A 
great number of persons. Ouatroy A few 
of any thing, von euatro la grimaa^ 
With a few tearB. 

CuatrocitotoB, tas, a. Four hundred. 

CuatrodobUr, va. To quadruple. 

Ouatrop^ V^ Horse-tax. (Obs.) Quadruped. 

Ouatrope^o, am. Step in dancing. 

Ouatropo&r, «n. To run on all fours. 

Cuatrotinto, anu Fine of four times the 

C6ba, tf' Cask for wine ur oil ; toper, drunk- 
ard; tub; cowL V. Cubeta. Coop. , ^. ^ 

Cubiza, «^ oMgm. A largo pipe, a hogshead. Cuc4rda, ^f. Cockade. 


Cubizo, 9m. Stroke reodTed from a pipe or 
hogshead. [the piper. 

Cnbdba, tf. Cnbeb or eubeba, the beniea or 

Cub^roj tm. A cooper. 

Cubertado, da, a. Ooyered. 

CubertdnL ^ Cover, covering. 

Cub^ 9f. A small barral or eaak; oowl; 
bucket; eoop^ CtAota or hUUm dondo 
99 come. Moss-bucket 

CubetUIa, ita, ^ dim. A small bucket 

Cubeto, 9m. A small barrel 

C6bicam6nte, ad. CubicaUy. [boards. 

Cublch6te, am. Water-boards or weathw- 

C6blco, ca, a. Cubical, cubic 

Cublenlirla 9m. Groom of the bed-chamber, 

Cubl6rta, ^ Cover, ooverlng; pretext or 
pretence; deck. CuMertaprincipai^ThB 
lower or gun deck. Soffunda euMsrta, 
The midd^ deck. TerooraeubUrta^ThB 
upper deck. CuMerta eniera^ A flnah 
deck. Cubierta arqueada, A eamJ>er- 
Ing deck. CubUrta coriada^ A oat or 
open dock; oover of a letter. 

Cubiertamdnte, ad. Privatelv, secretly. 

Cubidrto, 9m. Cover, a phite, fork, spoon, and 
knife ; roof; covert, coverture ; allowanea 
of asoldier billeted ; couive of dishes; bed- 
cover. A' cubierto. Under shelter. 

Cubil, 9m, Loir or conch of wild beasts. 

Cubil^, Ok To take shelter. Y.Majadear, 

Cubil6te, sin* A copper pasbry pan, the pastry 
made on it; tumbler, mu^ a drl&king- 
cup; dice-box. 

Cnbiletdro, sm. Paste-mould; a large mug. 

Oubilla, ^ Spanish fly. Y. CubOlo. 

Cnbillo, 9m, A small bucket; Spanish fly, 
blist^r-beotle : a small box near the stages 
OiibiUoa, Backets of a mlU-wheeL 

Cubit&I, a. Cubital the length of a cubit 

C&blto, sm. A small bucket ; ulna, the laigeat 
bone of the fore-arm ; cubit 

C6bo, 9m, Cube; a wooden pail; mill-poBd: 
barrel of a watch or clock spring ; a small 
tower; nave or hub of a wneel 

Cubrep&o, 9m. Pastry cook's flre-shov«L 

Cubrfente, pa. Covering, hidinsE. 

Cubrir, CO. To cover, lay, spreaa over; feoe, 
or cover over; screen, palliate; disguise; 
protect; roof; copulate; leap. Oubrirla 
fn^wo. To lay the table. Cubrir kt cuenta^ 
To balance an account--or. To tako mea- 
sures to Injure one's self against los ; put 
in a state of defence; be covered, put on 
one's hat Cubrir9de & ttno el ooroaon, 
To be very mehmcholy and sorrowfhl 

C6ca,4/rAkindoffhiit V. CAi^ A Pe- 
ruvian plant Y.Ooea. SortofcaterpiUar. 
Y.Cuco. CMcaymatocofft, Sort of game 
at cards. Mala cuoo, A wicked person. 
Cuea de aqu%^ Begonel 

Cucidlia, 9/. Greased pole to climb for prizes; 
thln^ acquired with little trouble. 

Cucafiero, 9m. Parasite, a Jeremy Dlddler. 

Cudlr, CO. To mock, ridicule, c^oleu 

CucarAchs, ^ Cockroach; hazel'Oolored 
snuiC Cuoar(»cAamarUt^NidaiJUXk9io 
a brown woman. 

Ciicarach^ra, ^. (Low) Lock, good foituae. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


CoeiRo, MM. NlckBama of & boy dreased u 
• Mar. OuearroSy (Nso.) Harping8u Y. 

Cachar, mm. Tax on gnln; ^KX>n; uieieiit 

Oocbira, qf. Spoon; Isdio; Booop; wheol- 

GiicliaiM«» 4< SpoonAiU UidleAil. Met«r§u 
tmekarada. To bare a finger in the pie. 

OiehahU, mik Beg for qvoonSb 

Cncheriaoi, enk Stroke or blow with a spoon. 

Cndiaiiiroi, am. Spoon-maker, apoon-fleller. 

Cndiartta, f< ifim. A small q>oon. 

Cneiiaivteir, tww To stir with a spoon ; med- 
dle with othw people*s affidra. 

Gtaebaret£ro,«m. Maker or retailer of wooden 
opoona; apocm-nck. 

Coeharlea, ilia, ita, ^f, dim, A small spoon. 

CoefaarAn, auk Kiteben-Iadle, soop-Iadle. 

Cuehims «m. (Nao.) Harping. TabUmM 
d€ ettekamM, Senring-planka. [voice. 

Cncheir, cfk To whiaper, speak in a low 

CoehieheAr, m. To whiaper. [partridge 

Cochiehfo, am. Whisper; eall or a cock- 

Cochiehiro, n, A (CoU.) Whisperer. 

Cachlchiir, Cfk To call like a partridge; 

Goictiilla, «^ A largo kitchen-knilb; a chop- 
ptng-fejttfe; aneient poniard; sword; 
bookbinder's kniib. OmUe de euekiUa, 
Nickname of the military. 

CodiilUda, «/. Cat with a knllb : gash. Ou- 
chUiada dB eUm reaietj A laige cat or 
wQond.— p£. Wnn^eSi qoarrels. 

CachUlir, a. Belonging or relating to a knife. 

Cadiflliso, auk auffm, A large knife. 

Cachilleia, ^. dim. A little knife. Yweed. 

CnchUi^o, am. A small knife. (Bot) Cockle- 

Cnebmeria, »f. Ckitler*B shop ; street of cat- 

Cnchlll^ro, am. Cutler. 

Caehiiki, am. Knife: gore; piece of ground 
whieh cannot be tilled. OuehiUodemontA, 
A hanter'a catlaflk Paaar d euohiUo^ To 
pot to the sword. Tenor horcaycuchiao^ 
To be lord of a manor; risht of governing. 
Ser cuektOo da o/^wno. To torment any 
one oontinoally.— ^ The six chief feath- 
ers in a hawk'ti wing: 

CuchiUdn, »m^ cngm. A large or big knife. 

Cachltril, am. A narrow hole or comer. 

CuchncfaeAr, vn. To whisper. (Met) To 
carry talea. 

CoehnflMa, ^f. Joke, Jest, tan. 

Caci6ao, aa, A DUigent W.StA'teUo. 

Caclear, va. To aing aa the cuckoo. 

CnclillaB (EnX od. In a cowering manner. 
iS^ftiraa «» eueliUaa, To squat, sit cow- 
ering. [Cuckoid. 

CoelUlo, am, (Ora.) Cuckoo, gawk. (Met) 

C600, auk Sort of caterpillar ; swarthy com- 
plexion ; game at cards ; sea-ahel 1 ; tippler ; 
coekoo.-^ NiduMonefeT Astozian stone- 

C6eo, ca, a. Small. Qua eoaa tan euea / 

What a pretty UtUe thing I 
Cae6]]% a/. CowL 

Ooenrbita, tff. CoeortHte, a chemical TesseL 
Cucarbiticeo, cea, a. (Bot) Cacarbitaoeous^ 
Ca0or6oho, snk A paper eone; a rouleau; 



C6dria, 4< A flat woven graaa-ropa. 

Ca^bano, am. Grape-basket; pannier. 

Cn^lga, ^ Cluster of fruit hung up for ns& 
OvMffa or Hatra da eabottaa. Bunch <d 
onions; a birtb-day present [coUara. 

CueliidegDlI4do, da, a. One who wears low 

CaeUieignido, da, a. StilT-necked; eUted 
with prida 

CuelIo,ai7k The neck; collar, collar-band; 
amall end of a wax-candle; neck-doth. 
ZawM9Uar A ouaUo^ To be prosperoua. 

Cni6bno,«nk Candle-wood; a piece of wood; 

Co^baa, ^. Sort of sUk stolT ih>m India. 

Cu^ca^ ^. A wooden bowl; socket of the 

Coenco, am. An earthen bowl ; hod. 

Cu^nda, ^ End or tie of a skein. Mdd^ 
aim euenda^ An entan^ed aflUr, a com- 
plicated bnsinese. 

Cuenquedlla, ^. dim, A small bowL 

Cn^nta, af. Compatation ; account, reckon- 
ing; narrative; bead; reason, satiaihction. 
Cana da ewniaa, (Bot) Indian shot 
CfuarUa corrienta^ Account cnrrent A* 
buena euanta^ On account, in part pay- 
ment A' eumta^ Upon another's wonL 
.<l'eaaott«n/a, At that rate. DarcuMUjt^ 
To answer, give account DareitmUad^ 
cUffOy (IronO To waste or destroy any 
thing. JTacar citantaa alegrea^ To feed 
one*B aelf vrith vain hopes. Paaar auenr- 
toa. To pray without devotion. Tribu- 
nai da cueniaa^ Exchequer. Tanar ou- 
enta^ To take care of any thing; answer, 
turn out profitable. Twnar por au ou- 
arUtiy To take upon one's self JCatamoa 
d cu&rUaa, Let us attend to this. J^ ra- 
aumidaa ouantaa^ In short; at last 

Cuent^ro, ra, «. and Ow Tale-bearer, infermer, 

Cudnto, a»k A million. Cuanto da ouantoa, 
A million of millions: account difficult to 
explain; butt-end of a spear; variance. 
Andar en ouantoa. To fiill to loggerbeada ; 
carry tales; prop, support; flctitionsstoiy. 
Cuenio da viffaa. Old women's stories; 
misreport, lie, story; account, number. 
A' ctunto^ To the purpose, seasonably. 
Baa aa at cuento. That is the difficulty. 
Ik^raa da cuentoa. To come to the point 

Cudra, ^ A leather Jacket 

Cudrda, «/! Cord, halter; catgut 
match for firing a gun ; chain of 
or clock; coni; measure. Ouardaa da 

laa evMertaa. (Nan.) Deck-streaka or 
BtrakesL AiUyar la cuarda. To temper 
the rigor of the Uw. Apratarlacuarda, 
To treat with severity. Por dabc^ da 
ouarda. Underhand, privately. 

Cnerdamtete, €uL. Prudently, advisedly. 

Cuerdeeica, ula, ita, Cuerdezu^la, af. d4m. 
Funicle, a small cord. [or discreet 

Cuerdedto, Ita, a. dim. Somewhat prudent 

Cu^rdo, da, APrudent, diacreet, Judldous; 
in hl» senses. £or skin. 

Cueredco, ito, am. dim. A small thin bide 

Cuerezn^o, sm. A small thin skin; a suck- 
ing pig. [sportsman's horn. 

Catena, ^. A horn vesael; deer's horn; 

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Ciioraedeo, iUo, ito, am. dim. CornieK a 
Binall horn. [knUe. 

Caernexadlo, »m. A small horn; paring- 

Cndmo, 9m. Horn; feeler, the antenna of 
insecta. (Low) An inteijectlon. Y. Oia- 
pUa. Side. Outmo d€ eUrvo^ UartV 
nom. Obra d cuemo^ (Fort) Horn-work ; 
comet, a mnsical instmmenL LevanUir 
or mtHr d uno Bobr^ lot cuemoi de la 
IwM^ To exalt one to the stars. Vene 
en lot eu&mM d^ toro^ To be in the most 
Imminent dangor. Poner to* euemoSj 
To cuckold. 

Cn^To, 9m, Pelt, the skin of an animal; 
leather; hide, skin; a leathern bag to 
cany wine or oil; toper. Cuero ds 9u«la, 
Bole-Ieathor. Cuero9 al pelo. Baw hides, 
nndressed hldea EaUrar 4 cuero, To 
make the most of any thing. JS?n euisroB^ 
Btark-naked. I^ntr9 cuero y eams^ Be- 
tween skin and flesh. Cueraaj Hangings 
of gilded or painted leather. Omko tate- 
ricfy Cuticle. CWro iftterior, Skin. 

Caerpedco, illo, ito, Cnerpezu6k>, 9m. A 
small body or carcass. 

Cn^o, «m. Body ; tmnk; corpse; matter; 
con>oration, guild ; any solid figure ; floor 
or story in a building. D09 mil euerpoa 
ds libro9^ Two thousand volumes; the 
whole ot a book ; size ; strength ; a col- 
lectiTO mass. Cwrpo da ^fereito. The 
main body of an army. Cuertxhos re- 
9erva. A corps of reserve. Guerpo d€ 
hatdUa da una eteuadra^ The centre 
division of a fleet Cuarpo dM cabre- 
9tanUf Barrel of a capstan. Ouarpo d 
cuerjHK Hand to hand. A' cuerpo <Zm- 
cubiertOy Without cover or shelter ; man- 
ifcetlv. Xn cuerpo ds eamiaa^ Having 
nothug on but the shirt Obn el rey en 
«{cu«r2X>, Despotically. Ouerpodeffuar- 
(fio, A guard-room. Tratarofmo cuerpo 
de rey^ To lioast like a king. Haeer del 
ouerpo^ To go to stool. Jxnnar cuerpo^ 
To Increase, onlaigo. En euerpo y en 
almOy Totally, wholly. JSttar de euerpo 
preaentey To bo actually present; also, to 
lie in state after death. MUa de cuerpo 
preeentA, A mass said while the corpse of 
the deceased Is present in the church. 
Cantor cuando lo pide d cuerpo^ To sing 
when one has a mind to. 

Cu6rva, ^. (Om.) Crow. 

Cnervedco, illo, ito, sfTK dim. A little rook. 

Cuervo, «mv (Onu) Kavcn, crow, rook. Cu- 
ervo marinOy Cormorant Venir el Cu- 
ervo, To receive repeated relief or succor. 

Cn^sco, 9m. Kernel of pulpy flruit; oil mill- 
stone; wind from behind. [of fruit 

Cnesquillo, sm. dim. A small kernel or stone 

Cndsta, ^ Hill; mount; sloping ground; 
quest, money collected by begglns ; coast 
Ir cuesta abajo. To go down hilL Ir 
cueeta arribcL To go up hllL Cuestu 
arriba, PainAilly; with great difliculty. 
A* cuekaey On one's shoulders or back; 
to one*s charge or care. Al pU la cueeta, 
At the beginning. 

Cttostecica. Ula, ita, CuesteznSla, 4< dim, A 
small hill; a gradual slope, declivity. 

CUL . 

Cnost6ro, am. One who eollocts ; 

Cuesti6n. ^ Question, Inquiry; 
quarrel, riot ; problem. Ouekitm de i 
mento, (Law) Torturei [caL 

Cnestion^ble, a, QnesUonable, problemati- 

Cuestion&r, va. To question, die^ata 

CueetioniMo, em. Collection of questiona. 

Cuest6r, 9m. Qnestor : mendicant 

Cuestiulo, ria, a. Y. Cueetuoeo. 

Cucstu<Seo, sa. a. Lnerative, prodnetivcL 

Cuest^ra, tf. Questorshin, office of a onestor. 

CuetzAlo, em, (Om.) A laige Indian bird. 

Cu6va, if. Cave, grot; cellar. 

(vu6vano, 9m. Y. Cuibano. 

Cnovvro, am. Cave or grotto maker. 

Cu^ em. Hod for mortar. (Little na) 
Farrago; bodgv-podge. [lark. 

Cngul&da, 9f. ( Om.) Common fleld-lark, aky- 

Cujffilla, ^CowL Y. CoffuUa^ 

Cuida, if. A young lady who takes care of a 
younger one. 

Cnidadico, illo. ito, am. dint. A little cere^ 
tenderness; love affkir. 

CnidAdo, am. Care, selicitnde, attentkm; 
caution, fear, apprehension, anxiety; ac- 
curacy ; keeping, custody, charge; regard, 
concernment, mindftilnoss. Eetardeeu^ 
idado. To bo very l\l-4nt€>i' Cuidadc I 
Mind I stop! l>ewarel [person. 

Cnldad6r, am. One too carefti) ; thongbtftd 

Cuiadosamdnto, ad. CarefUIy, attentively. 

Cuidaddso, sa, a. CarefUl, solidtons; vigi- 
lant, mindfbl rafter. 

Culddr, ea. To heed, care ; keep, mtniC look 

Cuita, ^ Care, grief, affliction ; earnest de- 
sire. Contar 9U9 cuiteu^ To tell one's 

Cuitadam6nte, ad, Slotlifhlly, afflictedlr. 

Cultadico, ica, illo, ilia, ito. ita, o. dim. 
Timid ; afllicted or troubled. [iaoimoa& 

Cuiti^do, da, a. Anxiou^ wretched ; pnsil- 

Cnit^so, sa, a. Urgent, pressing. 

C{\|n, 9f Bag-oovor; the thigh. 

C^iJArda, ef. (Bot) Y. Conmilia de fraih. 

Ciue, em. Withe. CSne9, pL Hoop-polea. 

CnlAda, ^. Stroke with the backside of any 
thing; flill on one's seat— ^. Shocks and 
rollings of a ship. 

Culantnllo, or Cnlantrillo do Pozo^ am, 
(Bot) Maiden's hair. 

Cnlantro, am. (Bot) Coriander. Y. Cori- 
andro and Cilantro. 

Cnlata, ^. Breech of a gun, bntt-end ; bieech- 
pin ; the back part iktr de eulata^ To 

CulatibEo, am. Recoil of a gnn or musket 

Culdzo. 9m. augm, A large backside. 

CuIcuAdo, em. Botch-work. 

Culebra, a/ Snake ; trick, joke. Y. Oulebra- 
to. Still-worm; cnnnlns woman. Sahe 
ma9 que lae culebra9y lie is very crafty 
and cnnning. [oners to now-oomera. 

CuIebWizo, am. Whipping given by Jail prla- 

CulebreAr, e/t. To move like a snake; 

CuIebriUa, wT Tetter, ring- worm ; rocking- 
staff of a loom ; fissure in a gnn-borreL 

Culcbrina, «/ (Mll.> C^lvcriq. 

Colcbro, etn, A mole snake. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Onlefardn, ta^ A large enake; a double- 
dealer, [clothes. 
Gnlera, ^ Btain of mine in the swaddling- 
Calera, cm. Gloat; disease In birds. 
Cal^TQ, ra, a. Slothful, lazy. 
Colito, em. dim. A small breech or backside. 
CalxnbBBTO, ra, a. (BoL) Cnlmiferoas. 
Cahninacion, «/ Calmination. 
CoLmin&r, vn. To calminate. 
Colo, mn. Breech, backside ; bottom, socket 
Culo de mona^ Yerv u^Iy and rldioaloos 
ttdn^ Oulo de pottOy Bongh, ill-mended 
part in dothes. [invalid soldier. 
Cnlon, mn, A large breech or backside; an 
Colpa, 9f. Fault, offence, guilt 
CalpablUd^ ^t (LitUe us.) CalpabOity. 
Calpable, a. Culpable; fiuilty. 
Galpablem^nte, ad. Culpably. 
Culpaeion, tf. Crimination, reprehension. 
Colpadamdnte, ad. Culpably. 
Colpido, da. «. and a. (iuilty. [proach. 
Calpar, to. To blame, accuse, condemn, re- 
Cultam6nte, ad. Neatly, genteelly ; aifoct- 

Cnlteranismo, sm. Sect of purists in the use 

of words and phrases. 
OaUerino, na, «. Pnrist with affectation. 
Colerino, na, a. Relating to alfected parity 

of style. 
Cult^To, «i?k Purist with affectation. 
Gohipazlir, eo. To speak with affected ele- 
nnce. [gance. 

Coltipariiata, a. Speaking with affected ele- 
ColtiTible, a. rUtUe na.) Cultivable. 
ColtiTMidn, ^ ColtiTation, culture. 
Cultirad^r, cm. Cultivator ; kind of plough. 
CX&itivAr, eo. To ooltivate, Ikrm, husband ; 
preserve, keep. [culture of the miod. 
Cnltiro, mn, Coltivation; improvement; 
Cultov ta, a. Pare, elegant; affectedly elo- 

Snt; polished, enlightened.— <u£. 7. Cul- 

Culto, mn. Beepect to a person, as a testi- 
mony of worth ; worship, adoration, re- 
ligious act of reverence. OuUo de dulUiy 
Worship to WDcels and saints. Quito de 
kiperdulia, Worship of the Virgin Mary. 
Ctdto de kUria, Adoration to Qod alone. 
OuUo divino. Public worship. Chdlo ee- 
temo. External demonstrations of wor- 
^IptoOodjAc. OuUo indebido, IWe^ 
worship. CuUo eagrado 6 rdiffiMo^ 
Worship to God. CuUo super^uo. Wor- 
ship by means of vain thinea. Cidto eu- 
oersMotfoto, Improper worship. 

Caltro, mn. (Prov!) Plongh for the first fiil- 
low-ploashlng. [gance of style. 

Coltdra, if, Culture, improvement: ele- 

Cultordr, t?a. (Prov.) To cultivate. V. Cutr 

C&mbo, f^ V. Combo. 

Curabd, mn. Negro dance and tune. 

C6mbre,Cambn:'ra,^ Top, summit; height 
of (kvor; apex. 

Cample4ilo& etn. Birth-day. 

Complidam^nte, ad. Completely. 

Complid^ro, ra, a. That which mast be 
done; fit, suitable. 

CampUdo, da, a. Large, plcntifiil, high. 
UtMeasacacumjMda,AtuXicoiX. Una 


oomlda ettrnpUda, A plentifnl dinner; 
talented, IkalUess; polished, polite, dvil, 

Cumplido, sm. Compliment [mission. 

Cumplid6r, mn. One who executes a oom- 

Cumplimentdr, «o. To compliment, con- 

Cumpliment^ro, ra, a. and «. (Coll.) Full of 
compliments; compllmental, complai- 
sant; complimentary. 

Cumplimi^nto, mn. Act of paying a compli- 
ment complaisance, civility ; compliment 
completion, falfilling. At cumpUmi^nto 
dH tiempo, or delpUuo^ At the expira- 
tion of the time. Xo se ande V. en cum- 
plimienta9f Do not stand upon compli- 

Cumplir, va. To execute, discharge, or per- 
form one's duty ; provide ; humor, satis- 
fy; acquit keep one's promise. OumMr 
afloe or diae^ To reach one's birth-day. 
Cumplir por otro. To do in the name of 
another. — vn. To be fit or convenient; 
suffice. El pkuo ee ha oumpUdo, The 
time has expired. 

Camnlad6r, em. V. Actunultidor. [tor. 

CumulAr, ea. To accumulate. Y. AoumU' 

Cumulativam^nto, ad. In heaps. 

Cnmnlativo, va, a. (Li«tle us.) Cumulative. 

C6mulo, mn. Heap, pile ; throng of boai- 
ness ; trouble and difficulties. 

C&na, if. Cradle. Ouna de vienta^ Swing- 
ing cradle; Ibundllng-hoepital ; the na- 
tive country ; fhmily, lineage ; origin. 

Cundido, mn. The provision of oil, vinegar, 
and salt given to shepherds; honey or 
cheese given to boys with their bread. 

Cundir, va. (Obs.) To occnpy, fill.— wk To 
spread; yield abundantly ; grow; propa- 

Cnneif5rme. a. Cuneiform, wedge-shape. 

Cundra, ^ Bocker, a woman appointed to 
rock the infiintas. 

Cun6ro, ra. «. (Prov.) A foundling. 

Cun^ta, ef. A small trench to drain the 

C&fia, 9f. Wedge. Chiflae de mango^ (Nan.) 
Ilorslng-irons. Ouflae de Ion tnoHeleros^ 
Fids of the top-maats. CuiUze de las 
iD<uada9^ Blocks of a ship's cradle. Cu- 
flae de punter'ta, Qun-qnoins. 

Cufiaderia, ^f. Compatemity, relation be- 
tween a parent and god-parent; god- 
fktber to a child. [ity. 

Cuftadla, «^ Cufiadio. mn. Kindred by affln- 

Cufiido, da, a. A brdther or sister-in-law. 

Cufl^to, mn. Keg, firkin. 

C^fio, 9m. Die for coining; mark of quality 
put on silver or gold. 

Cap6, mn. Landau Tcarriage); coup6(9tep). 

Cupido, mn. Bit of steel taken out of tne 
eye of a needle. [bow arch-wise. 

Cnpit^'l. Tirar de eupitel^ To throw a 

Cupresino, na, a. (Poet) Belonging to the 

Cupula, ^ Cupola, dome. [another 

Cupulino, mn. Lantern, a small cupoU upon 

Cuquilliro, mn. (Prov^ Baker's boy. 

Cuquillo, mn. (Om.) Cuckoo. V. CwHiUo. 
Insect which cunsamos the vines. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Gia%, •m. Pariah prlaat, rector, panon ; any 
clereynuui, priest, or Mnon.— «/ Cure, 
heanaflr; parsonage. Xoa derecAot de 
enrck, The dues or fees of a pariah priest 

Cur&ble, a. Curable, healablei 

Curaoi6n, ^. Cure, healing. 

Curadillo, «m. (Prov.) Codfish; ling-fish. 

CurAdo, da, a. BeetorUl, belonging to the 
rector of a parish. SensJMo cwado^ 
Cure of sonb, annexed to a benefloe.— ^ 
Cared, strengthened, restored to health. 

Curaddr, ». Overseer, cnrer. Curador ds 
UenMO, Bleacher of linen. Curador de 
bacalaoy Cod-saltor; guardian; physi- 
cian; administrator. Curador ad bona^ 
Curator of a minor's estate. [dlan. 

Curad6ra, ^. Quardianess, a female guar- 

Curadoria, ij/: (Prov.) V. Curaduria, 

Cnradnria, {< Ouardianshlp. 

Curille, 9m, Physic adminfsterod to a hawk. 

Curand6ro, sm. Quack, medicastor. 

Curar. «a. and n. To cure, heal, restore to 
health; prescribe; salt, cure, preserve; 
bleach linen, &&; season timber; recov- 
er from sickness ; remedy an evil. <7tf- 
rarse en 9alud, To gnard against evlL 

CuratAla, ^. (Law) V. Curaduria, 

Curativo, va, a. Curative. 

CurAto, 9m. Rectory, parsonage; parish. 
Curato an^ A small parish annexed 
to another. [ginger. 

Curc&ma, sf. Turmeric, a root resembling 

Cur^fla, af. Gun-carriage; stay of a cross- 
bow. A' ourefla ratia^ Without parapet 
or breast-work; without shelter or de- 
fence. Tirar a eurefia raea,, To fire at 

Curdsca, 4< Bhear-wool 

C&ria, 9f. An ooolesiaBtlcal court; care and 

CnrlAl, a. Relating to the Roman eurla. 

Curi&l, am. A member of the Roman cttria ; 
subaltern employee in the tribunals of 
Justice; voter in the ancient Spanish 
oortes. L^'hips. 

Cnriana, af. Kind of black fly.— 1)2. wood 

Curiosamente, ad. Curiously; neatly, clean- 
ly, [neatness; rarity. 

Curioslddd, ^. Curiosity, inquisltiveness; 

Curi6so, sa, a. Curious, inquisitive; neat, 
clean; handsome; careftil; odd; fanny. 

C6ro. am, A small vessel on the Garonne. 

Ourruca, af. (Om.) Linnet, babbling war- 
bler, [flutter. 

Curmtica, ^ A woman fond of show and 

CurrutAco, mi. Beau, top. dandy, coxcomb. 

Curmt4co, ca, a, Aflfectedly nice in dress. 

Currutaqueria, ^ Dandyism, coxcombry. 

CnrsAdo, da, a. Accustomed, habituated, 

CursAnte, pa. Frequenting; one who hears 
lectures in a university ; student, scholar. 

Cursir, va. To frequent a place; follow a 
course of lectures in the universities. 

Cursillo, am. dim. A short run or walk; a 
short course of lectures. [in printing: 

Cunkvo, va. Ok Relating to script characters 

C6rso, am. Course, direction, cveer; coarse 
of lectarea.— p^ Looseness of the body. 
Ourao ds la oorrimU^ (Nau.) The cur- 


rent's way. Owao d€ la wtarM, ^b* 

tlde^ way. 
Cursor, mn. Messenser of a oonrt of Jnsttoau 
Curtacidn, f/T (Astr.) Cnrtatlon. 
Curtido, da, a. Accostomed; dextarooa; 

weather-beaten, tanned. 
Curtid6r, am. Tanner, carrier. 
Curtidos, mi. pL Tanned leather. 
Curtldnria, ff. Tan-yard. 
Curtimi^nto. am. Tanning. 
Curtir, «a. To tan leather.—er. To bfcowa 

by the sun; Inure to hardshina, hardea. 
CArto, ta, a. (Prov.) Bhort OabaUo curia, 

Bhorl-tailed horse. 
Cur6ca, Cur^a, ^fi (Om.) Eagle^wL 
Cur6I, a. Curule, belonging to a r 

C(tr\-a, ^. A curve. (Kan.) Kneo-tlinb«r. 
Curva ouadradOf Square knee. 

Curvat6n, am. Small knee-timber. Tioik 

Curvat&ra, CurvidAd, ^f. Curvature, InBex- 

CurviUneo, nea« a. (Geom.) CurvUineu. 

Curve, va, a. Curved, crooked, bent 

Cusc6ta or Cusc6ta europAa, f< (BolJ Com- 
mon dodder. 

Cnsir, va. To sew or stitch dumsUr. 

Cuspids, ^ CasplB, the sharp end of a tblv^. 

Cust^dia, ^ Custody, keeping; goard; tab- 
ernacle; reliquary in R. C. churcheiL 

CuatodiAr, va. V. Gvardar. 

CustMlo, am. Guard, keeper, watehmaa. 
Angel oustodio. Guardian angeL 

CutAneo, nea, a. Cutaneous. [a sloopi. 

C6ter, am. Cutter, a small vessel nggod as 

Cuticula, ^. The cuticle. 

CuticulAr, a, Cutlcular. Y. CutAnao. 

Cutir, va. To knock ono thing against an- 

C6tis, am. and/ Cuticle, the skin. 

Cut6, am. Dirk. 

Cdtre, am. A pltlfnl, miserable Mlow. 

C&yo, ya, pron.poa. Of which, of whom, 
whose, whereoc [heai^ 

C6yo, am. Gallant, lover, wooer, swaai- 

Cnz, CaS| am. A term for calling dogiL 


D has the same unvaried aoand It has la 
English in the words dad. dedAoaU,fBA, 
did; D. contraction for Ihn, I>oA0,aB4 
Doctor; DD. doctors. 

DAble, a. Easy, possible, feasible. 

Dab^via, ^. Sort of cotton stult 

DAca, ad. (Obs.) This here, this side, oa 
this side nere. J)aca or de aoA, Froaa 

DAca, V. d^. Give herei Daca oed, Giva 
hither. En daea eaaa pqifaSt la a trices 
Dooa, or da acA^ or dame acA, Give ma 
here. pivery. 

Dacl6n, ^ (Law) Deditlon, giving ap; de- 

DActilo, am. Dactyl, a poetic foot; kind ct 



Dactilol6gia, ^. Dactylology, conversing by 

Dactiloldmla, ^ Daotylolomy, namberlng 

with Uie flngen. [to be given. 

Dad6ro, ra, a. what should be given or ia 

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DaillTa, 4^ Gift, present, gruit, keepeakei 

Dadivoumento, ad, Libermlly, boimtlftilly. 

I>adiT<»idiU, ^ LiberaUty, magnifloonoe, 
bounty. [liberaL 

I>MliTdBo, aa, & Bonnttfkil, magnificent, 

Dado, 0m. Die.-^ Dice. A'unaviuUa 
<U dado^ At the cast of a did Dado da 
la roldana, (Nan.) Ck>ak of a abeare. 
J>ado»^ Case-shot for gmia. J>ado»t (Nan.) 
TabUngs. [a bill of exchange. 

Dwibv; xa, A Ood; donor, giver; drawer of 

JMsB. «! Daner; ftamaoe of a brick-kiln. 

DainulM. sf. Bmall dagger : stiletta 

Daifeiv ^ MlatTeaa, eoncabbe. 

Oala, n, Pomp-dale of a ahlpw 

Dale, UU0r:f. HoMI a word of dfopleanuu 

DaILul6r, atik (Prov^ A mower of gnua. 

I>aU^, «a. (my.) TV) mow. 

Dalle, am. Scvthe. [in the B. C ehorefa. 

Dalmirtra.a^ Dalmatic, deaeon's Testment 

Dama, ^ Lady; damsel; lady courted by 
a gentleman; a miatjesa; queen, in 
draaghtaL Jkuna de pakueia. Lady of 
honor. Detma oortetana, Oourtesan. St 
mny damoj She is exceaaiTely nice; 
American fhUow deer; game of draughts 
Soplar la dama, To sapplant another 
and many the lady. Pnmera dama, 
Firat actzesa: Spanish dancer [caw. 

DamaodsMS na, Damaaetoo, na, & Y. Asna- 

Dam^lafaia, ^. DemHoha. 

DamMinio, tm. V. AUsma. 

Damaafeina, yi Damson plum ; damascenei 
Damaarirto, da, a. Y. Adamascado. 
Daokiaeo, an.. Damaak; Brasaels aprleot; 


4< Silk atnffnsembUng damask. 
4< Sort (^ chintz with gold 
. „ [damaak. 

Damasqnillo^ san Kind of doth resembling 
DamaaqniDo, na, & Damaskeened. A' la 

doOToaTifMa, Damaacna Ihahion. 
Damica, ^ (Low) A fine portly woman. 
Dameria, f^ EzceaaiTe nicety, pnidery; 
affected acmpnloaity. [ofpleaaare. 

Damis^Ia, ^f. A yoong gentlewoman ; lady 
DanmiAcad6r, ra, «. One who damnifiea. 
Damnificir, fM. To hurt, damage, iniura 

Danchidoi, da, a. (Her.) Dentate, indented. 
Dango, ^ (Om.) V. PUinga. 
Danta, ^ Tapir. 

Dante, iNiw GiTing; giver. 

Danza, tf. Dance. Mtier «n la dama. To 

involve another in some aflUr. JPor 

domds ra la damaf Which way does 

the wind blow? 
Daazadte, ra, 9. Dancer. 
Daazante, ta, a. Dancer ; a knowing person ; 

a fickle» airy person. Hablar aaruanie^ 

To stammer. 
Daazir, ««. To dance; whirl a thing round. 

Saear d dammar^ To engue a lady to 

daiiee; nsake public [dHnc person. 

Daariarin, mn. A line dancer; giddy, med- 
Dnfiible, a. Prehidtdal, oondemnabie. 
DafiAdo, da, a. Eternally damned. 
^ ~ id6r, ra, A Offender. 

or, va. T4 

Dafite, va. To hurt, hann ; danoage, ii^ure. 
Dafiinoi, na, a, Koxlona, hurtftal, lidmioiiB. 
Daao^ Mk Dunage, itOnry, prc;|adlc6, los^ 


Dafiosamtete, ad. HurtiUly, mlachlevoos* 
_ ly, harmltally. 



Dafioso, sa, a. HnrtAiL ii^nrioua, 

Dar, oo. and n. To give, bestow; supplv; 
deliver, confer: hit, strike, beat, knock; 
impart, extend, communicate; suppoae 
erroneously. I>ar de c^oa, To ihll into 
an error; consider as concluded; allow, 
grant, coincide in opinion; persist obsti- 
nately in doing a thing; appoint ; saerl- 
floe; expUin, elucidate. Dar contra. 
To hit against. Dar cridUo, To accred- 
it, believe: trust Dar ouenta de, To 
account Dar do comer. To feed. Dar 
ei tctto. To give the authority. Dar 
dado or de balds. To give for nothing. 
Dar en el bianco, dar en el hUo, To hit 
the mark. Dar en roetro. To reproach 
for. Dar Jlado, To give credit Dar 
que haeer. To give trouble. Dar licen" 
ei€i, To give leava Dar memoriae. To 
give one's respects. Dar de qfos. To 
meet with an unforeseen obstacle. Dar 
raeon. To inform, give an account oC 
Darvrettado, To lend. Dar d trompon 
or A tnUto, To give in the lump or bulk. 
Dar one reir. To set a laughing: Dar 
que uorar, To afford cause for crying. 
Mi ventana da al campo. My window 
overlooks the field. Dar barro & la 
mano. To f^imisb materials Dar oula- 
doe, (Nau.) To strike repeatedly. Dar 
de traete. To run aground. Dar ai traete. 
To give up a thing; lose, destroy. Dar 
ffdpe. To strike the mind, aatonlsh. Dar 
garrote, To strangle. Dar grima. To 
strike with horror. Dar largae. To pro- 
long an affair. Dar gana. To excite a 
dea&e, have a mind to. Darpunto, To 
fliil, become insolvent Dar que eentir. 
To hurt one's feelings. Dar que decir. 
To give oocaalon to censure. Dar de 
barato. To allow for peace' sake. Daree 
djugar. To be addicted to game. Dar 
en eara. To stare in the fiice, reproach. 
Dar/uego, To bream a ship. I>ar calda. 
To beat the iron. Dar caUe, To clear 
the w^. Dar eon la erUretenida, To 
put off with words and excuses. Dar 
con. To meet Dar de comer al diablo. 
To wrangle. Dar de fi, To stretch. 
Dar el nombre or el aanto, (MIL) To give 
tho watch-word. Dar el el. To consent 
to marry a person. Dar en lae matadu- 
ras. To touch one to the quick. Dar en 
monioa, To be foolish. Darenunb<^, 
To strike aground, get on shore. Dar 
Jlador or Jlanea, To find bail, give secu- 
rity. Dar el eepiriiu, To expire. Dar 
gaerra. To wage war; torment Dar 
higa. To miss fire. Dar la enhortUniena, 
To oongratnhite. Dar la pas. To make 
peaoei Dar loe diae. To congratulate 
one on his birth-day. Dar loe buenoe 
diae. To wish good-day. Dar madru- 
^o», To get up early, fkirmalrato. To 
give uneasiness. Dar parte, To share 
with; inform. Dar recadoe. To greet 
abeent Mends. 2?or »««aA To give eam- 
eat money. Dartraeuno^To'gaweeoiM 

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one. Dar un ratpadiUo d vn baiel. To 
Borape tbo bottom of a ship ftngbtly. 
Dar ««, To give one his turn. I>ar to- 
«•«, To cry out or scream. Dar^u^lco d 
vn coche^ To overset a coach. Dar ua- 
paietas. To leap with Joy. Dar ffolpe 
alguna coaa. To be Burpriaed or struck 
with the beauty or rarity of a thing. 
Dar haya^ To teaae. Dar dierUe con 
dUnU^ To shiver with cold. D6 dond-e 
dUre^ Inconsiderately, without reflec- 
tion. Dar dtf mano. To depreciate or 
despise. Dar & Ium, To be delivered of 
a child ; print, publish. Andar en dare« 
V tomares^ To dispute, contend. 

D&rse, vr. To conform to the will of an- 
other; ffive one's self up to virtue or 
vice. Darw a la ««/a, To set sail. 
Darse d meroed,, To surrender at dis- 
cretion ; concern, interest. Note me da 
nadOy It|?ivos mo no concern. Do^se 
de ln« cuias. To batter one's brains, screw 
one's wits ; aispute or argue pertinacious- 
ly. Dar»6 dperroi^ To become enraged 
or ftirious. Dar»« al diawtre,(Co\l.yTo 
despair. Darss por vetuyido^ To surren- 
der. Me doy por tencido^ I give It up. 
Darse Uu mano»^ To shake hands. 
Dareemaflo^ To contrive. Dartepriesa, 
To make haste, hasten. Daree una pan- 
tada^ To be fed to satiety. Darae una 
ruelta^ To scrutinize one s own conduct 
Daree un repelcuy To gossip, chat 

Dardabasi, rni. (Om.) Hawk, kite. 

Dardado, ^ Blow with a dart 

Ddrdo, 9m, Dart; serpent which darts upon 
its prey; a kind of harpoon. 

Dargadandcta, ^ Nickname of any poor, 
impudent voung girl. [ing ships. 

Dursena, ttf. Place for laying up and repaii> 

D&ta, ^ Date ; item ; oonmUon. De maJa 
datay In a bad state. 

DatAr, va. and n. To ilate ; reckon. 

Dataria, «/. Datary, an office at Roma 

Datirio, wm. The principal oflloer of the 

Oiitil, 9m, Date, the fruit of the date-palm. 
DuiU de rapoea^ The fruit of the dwarf 

DatiUdo, da, a. Besembling a date. 

Datilillo, em. dim. A small date. 

Datlvo, em. Dative, the third case of nouns. 

D&to, em. Datum, a truth granted and ad- 
mitted. ' Daioe, Data. 

D&uoo, em. (Bot) Carrot 

Diza, ef. (Bot) Lucern ; panic-grass. 

Do, pr&p. Of, from, with, by, on, some, for, 
to ; it points out the matter of which a 
thing is made. Vaeo de plata, A silver 
cup. De intento. On purpose. De miedo^ 
From fear. ITora de corner^ Dinner- 
time. De dia^ By day. De aqui, Henoe. 
It gives energy to on expression. El 
ladron del mozo^ The rogue of a boy. It 
is used to denote eoms^ Ac. Oomio del 
peeeado^ He ate some AsIl Biteno de 
corner^ Good to eat De lalde^ For 
nothing, gratia 

De4n, em. Dean. 

Deoniito, Deanizgo, em. Deanskip. 


Deb^o, ad. Beneath, below. Deb<0o <te 
mano^ Underhand, prlvatdj. — prtpL 
Under, below, dependent 

Deb&te, em. Debate, altercation, discmwion. 

Debatir, wu To debate, argue, diacnsa; 
combat [war; conquest. 

Dobolaci6n, af Debellation, conquering in 

Debel&r, «a. To debellate, oonauer. 

Deb^r, em. Obligation, duty; debt 

Deb^r, «a. To owe ; be obliged ta DelfS 
de e«tar/Ho^ It must be cold. 

Debidam^nte, ad. Justly; duly, exactly-, 

Debl^nte, /Ml. Owing; debtor. 

Dubil, Ow Feeble, weak, debilitated, inflrra; 
fhiil; pusilianimouB. 

Dcbilidad, iif. Debility, weakness, languor; 
fotcbleneas : pusiUanlmity, fondneoa ; 

DebilltacI6n, ^ Debilitation, extenuation. 

Dcbilitikr, vo. To debilitate, weaken, ex- 
tenuate, [loniely-. 

D^bllmente, ad. Weakly, feebly, faiotiy; 

D6bito, em. Debt dnty, obligation, offloe» 
task. [iskinsL 

T>6bo, em. Instmraent used for aerapinfr 

Decada, e/. Decode, tlie number or sam of 
ten. [denciOt On the decUne. 

Decad^ncia, f< Decay, decline. JSn deeof 

Docad<^nte, pa. Decaylngt declining. 

Decaur, vn.To decay, decline; &U to lee- 
ward, [sides. 

Dec&ffono, em. Decagon, a polygon of tot 

Dccaimiento, em. Decay, decline, weakncas. 

Dcc4Ioffo, eim. Decalogue, the t«i oom- 
mandments. [the campL 

Decampam^nto, rnn. Decampment shifting 

DccampAr, tn. To decamp. [miuity. 

Docanato, «m. Dignity of senior of any tasor 

Decano, em. Senior of a community. 

DecantacI6n, ^f, Decautation, pouring oC 

DecantAdo, a. Boasted, exalted. [cant 

DecantAr, wi. To cry up, exaggerate; de- 

Docapltaci6n, «/. Decapitation, beheading. 

Decapitor, va. To decwitate, behead. 

Decasilabo, a. (Poet) Having ten syllables. 

Decastilo, em. (Arch.) Docostyle, on aasem- 
blage often pillars. 

Deoemvir&to, em. Decerovirate. 

Decemviro, em. Decemvir. 

Dec^no, ^f. Denary, collection of ten. 

Decen&l, a. Decennial. 

DccenAiio, ria, a. Decennary, the tenth 
bead of the rosary. [modesty. 

Dec^ncU, ^ Decency, propriety ; honesty, 

Deconddr, ^n. V. Deecender. 

Docendimi6nto, em. V. DeeeendimSento. 

Dec6nio, em. Bpoce often yeorsL 

Deo^no. na, Ow Tenth, ordinal often. 

DecentAr, ffa. To commence the nse of 
things; begin to lose that which had 
been preserved. — or. To ii^ure the skin 
or body; be bed-ridden. 

Dec^nte, a. Decent becoming, suitable, de- 
corous; reasonable; modest; of honest 

Deoentemente, ad. Decently, honorably; 
comely. (Iron.) Abundantly. [sion. 

Decepcion, ^ (Little ua.) Deception, iUo- 

Docem6r, «& v . Dieoemir. 

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Dec^ta, 9fn, Decease, a nataral death. I 

Decfaido, 9m. Sample, patteni, design, 
^Aadard; example, model 

Decible, a. Exjiressible. 

Decid^raa, ^. pLCC'OM) Eloqaence. 

Deddenx, ra, a. What may be said ^thoat 

Becidido, a. Professed, devoted. 

Deddir, e€i. and vr. To decide, determine, 
resolre, eonclade. [Versifier. 

Deeidor, ra, ». Fluent speaker; a wit, (Obs.) 

Deeiente, tm. He who &lls or deceases. 

Decima, «^ Stanza of ten lines; tenth, 

I>eciixiil, a. Decimal ; belonging to tithes. 
R^ntas d^cimal^s^ Tithe-rcnta. 

D^cimanoT^na, »f. One of the registers of 
an or^WL 

D^imo, ma, a. Tenth, ordinal often. 

Decimocaarto, ta, a. Fourteenth. 

D^^moa6no, na, a. Nineteenth. 

D^Lmoquinto, ta, a. Fifteenth. 

D^cimoet^ptimo, ma, a, Seyenteenth. 

D«rimo06£to, ta, a. Sixteenth. 

Decimotcrcio, da, a. Thirteenth. 

Derioeh^o, na, a. Eighteenth; kind of 
cloth. V. Dieeioeheno. 

Dectr, ra. To say, tell, speak : assure, per- 
suade ; name; correspond : denote, mark ; 
declare upon oath. J^ecir ds r^p&nte,, 
To make verses off hand. Decir hteriy 
To speak flnently ; explain a thing well. 
Deeir Mj«r«t(MLTo persist in on errone- 
ous opinion. Digo ! I say ; hark. For 
m^^r dedr^ More properly speaking. 
JSi dgdr d^ las gente^ The opinion of 
the people. Decir de 9%, To affirm an v 
tiling. /W«> d4> no^ To deny. Dfcir 
per dscitj To talk for the sake of talking. 
JHJs d m* capote^ I said In my sleeve. 
Decir iu otreHdo pen9amierUo or 9U 
dolor^ To pop the question. 

Dectr, 9m. A notable saying. DeoirM, Idle 
talk, &lse rumors, scandal 

Decision, «/. Decision, resolution, iBsne; 
Indgment; verdict; disposition. 

DMisTvam6nte, ad. Decisively. 

Decisive, va, a. Decisive, final, conclusive. 

Decisorio^ ria. o. (Law) Decisive, conclu- 
ding, [oration, discourse; delivery. 

DeclAoiad/in, »f. Declamation, harangue, 

D«clamad6r, ra, «. Declalmer, exclaimer. 

Declamir, vn. To declaim, Iiarangue. 

Declamat6rio, ria, a. Declamatory. 

Declaraci6n, ^f. Declaration; interpretap 
tion, exposition; manifest; account; 
overture, proposal, (^w) Deposition. 

Declaradamente, ad. JDeclaredly, avow- 
edly, [plained, manifest 

Dedtfido, da, a. and pp. Declared, ex- 

Declarad6r, ra, «. Declarer, expositor, ex- 
plainer, expounder. 

Declarilnte, mn. Declarer; a witness in the 
act Q^ being examined. Juan declarante^ 
A talkativo person. 
Dcdflor^., va. To declare, manifest; ex- 
pound, explain. (Law.) To determine 
and decide ; depoee upon oath.— Dr. To 
declare one's opinion. V^ory. 

Declaratorio^ ria, a. Declaratory, oxpUma- 

Dcclindble, a. (Gram.) Declinable, variable. 

Dcclinacion, «/ Declination, decay, Ikll, de- 
cline ; declension of nouns. 

Declin&ntc, a. Declining, bending down. 

DeclinAr, <cn. To dedine, lean downward ; 
sink, decay, degenerate. Va d^inaitdo 
el dia. It is near twilight — va. (Gram.) 
To decline ; challenge a Judge, tiansfer a 
cause to another tribunal 

Doclinatoria, ^/T Plea against the compe- 
tency of a Judge. 

DecIinat6rio, 9nu Declinator; clinometer. 

Declivo, Dedivio, 9m. Dedivity, inclination. 

Declividdd, «/ Declivity. 

Decocdon, ^ Decoction. 

Decorad6n, ff. Decoration, ornament 

Decorador, 9m. (Little us.) Decorator. 

Decoriir, ca. To decorate; honor; exalt; 
learn by heart 

Dec6ro, 9m. Honor, respect; circumspec- 
tion, gravity ; purity ; decorum, decency. 

Decorosam6nte, ad. Decently, decorously. 

Docoroso, so, a. Decorous, decent 

Decorticacidn, ^. Decortication, the act of 
stripping the bark. 

Decreciir, vn. (Little us.) To decrease. 

Decremento, «»». Decrement, decrea^, 
diminution. [noise. 

Decrepltacion, ^f. Decrepitation, a crackling 

DecrepitAnto, pa. (ChcuL) Decrepitant 

Decrepitar, va>. and n. To decrepitate; 
crackle when put over the fire. 

Decrcpito, ta, a. Decrepit worn with age. 

Decrepitiid, «/ Decrepitude ; old age. 

Decrctaciou, «f. (Little us.) Determination, 

Decretal, ^ Decretal, letter or rescript of 
the pope. — a. Decretal [decrees. 

Decretalista, »m. Decretist, expounder of 

Decret^, va. To decree, determine, resolve. 

Decret^ro, «m. List of criminals; collection 
of decrees. [the decretals. 

Decretista, «m. Decretist one who expounds 

Decr^to, sm. Decree, dedsion, resolution ; 
order, determination ; ordinance. JDecre- 
to8 de cajoriy ConMnon decrees. [cial. 

Dccretorio, ria, a. Decretoiy, critical ; Judl- 

Decubito. 9m. Particular flow of the hu- 
mors ; \y\i\g down to rest 

Ddcuplo, pla, a. Decuple, tenfold. 

Decdria, «/ Ten Boman soldiers under a 
decurion; in the schools a class of ten 
scholars under one monitor. \puria. 

Decuridto, «7». Students belonging toade- 

Decuri6n, «m. Decurion, chief of ten ; stu- 
dent who has the care of ten others. 
Decurion de decuri<me9j A chief moni- 

Decdrsas, ^. pL (Law) Arrears of rent 

Decdrso, 9m. Course, succession of move- 
ment or time. 

Ded&da, ef. A pinch of any thing. Dor & 
uno una deaada de miel, To deceive. 

DeAkU ttm. Thimble ; a very smaU drink- 

Dedallra, ^. (Bot) Fox-elove. 

Dedicad6n, ^. Dedication; consecration; 

DedlcAnte, pa. Dedicating, dedicator. 

Dodivar va. To dedicate, devote, consecratsi 

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DedloatdrUs ^f. Dedloatton, InscrfpUon of a 
book. [scorn. 

Dedign&r, va. To disdain, despise.— vr. To 

DediJ, WK Thaml>«tall of linen or leather. 

Dedilloi \tJX9m, dim, A little finger. 

DMo, am. Finger; toe; finger's oreadtb, } 
of an inch ; band of a clock or watoh : a 
small bit Oanar A doio9^ To gain by 
inches. Meter la dedos^o pamp one. 
SefUUarle con el dedOyj£o point at an- 
otlier. Dedo pulgar,ThxaDLX>. Dedoknr 
<2«c6, The index or fore-finger. I>edodel 
corcuon^ Middle finger. J>edo awular^ 
The ring-finger. J>edo mefliquet The 
little finger. [quenoe. 

Dedaccion, ^ Deduction, oriffin, conse- 

Dodaeiblo, a, (Little n&) Dedacible, in- 
ferable, [as a plea: sabtract, deduct 

Dodacir, tct. To deduce, infer; aUego^ offer 

Deductivo, va, a. (Little as.) Dedodveb 

Defacto, ad. In Act, actoally. 

Dcfhlcdr, v€h V. Deiffaloar. 

Defecci6n, ^ Defection, apostasy : revolt 

Defectible, a. Defi»ctible, imperlbct, defi- 

Defoctillo, em. dim. BUfht ftnlt or defect 

Defbctiyo, va, a. Defecuve, impeifect 

Def6cto, em. Defbct, fiiolt; natand imper- 
fection, [deficiently. 

Defectnosamdnto, ad. Defectiyely, IkaltUy, 

Defectu^so^ sa, a» Defective, imperfect 
fanltv. [er. 

Defendeddr, em^ Defender, protector, keep- 

Defender, va. To defend, protect; assert; 
prohibit; oppose. 

Defenec^r, oa. (ProT.) To close an account 

Defcnsa, ^ Defence ; yindicatlon, apology; 
guard, shelter; fender. 

Defens&Dle, a. Defensible, maintainable. 

Defensible, a. Y. Defeneable, 

Defensidn, ^ Prohibition, obstacle. 

Defensive, if. Defensive. Xetar d la de- 
feneiea^ To be upon the defensive. 

Defensive, em. Defence, safeguard ; strength- 
ening bandage. [defensory. 

Defensive, va, o. Defensive; justificatory, 

Denfena^r, ra, e. Defender, protector, sup- 
porter; attorney appointed for tlie de- 
ibnce. [fending attorney. 

Defenaoria, ^f. The duty and office of de- 

Defons6rlo, stn. Defence, an apologetic wri- 
ting; a memoir, a manifesto. 

Defehsncla, ^. Deference, complaisance, 
condescension. [ent 

DeferSnte, & Assenting, defening; defer- 

Deforir, ion. To defer, yield.— «a. To com- 
municate, share in the power. 

Deflci^nda, ^ Deficiency, imperfection. 

DeficiSnte, a. Defective, flinlty, deficient 

Definible, a. (Little us.) Definable, ascer- 

Deflnici6n, t/ Definition; decision, deter- 
mination.— j92L Statutes of military orders 

Definldo, da, a. Definite. 

Definid^r, em. Definer: a member of the 
government of a religious order. 

Definlr, va. To define, describe, explain; 
decide; finish. 

Deflnitlvam6nte, ad. Definitively. 

Definitivo, va, a. Definitive, determinate. 


Deflnitdrio. sm. Synod, chapter or nsiwn-' 
biy of reii^ous orders : house or haiL 
ei^jo, «ffk Beceiaion of the moon. 
Deformacidn, ^. Deformation ; defedn^ 
Dorormad6r, em. One who def<»ms or dis- 
Deformir, va. To deform, disflnir& [rh^ 
Deformat6rio, ria, a. Deforming, disfl^> 
Def6nne, a. Deformed, dlaflgored, ugly. 
Deformemdnte, ad. Deformedly. 
Defermidid, t/. Deformity, hideoiUB^a; 
gross error. [eeit 

Defraudadon, ^f. Defraudation, ftaad, de- 
Defraudad6r, em. Delhtnder, defaulter. 
Deihuidir, va. To defraud; cheat, trick: 
intercept the light of the son ; spoU the 
DefU^ ad. Externally, outwardly. 
Deftmddn, «/(Prov.) Death ; fruenL 
Def&nto, em. Y. ViAmto. £ey. 

Degeneracidn. ef. Degeneration, degcnera- 
Degenerido, oa, a. Degenerate, degeneroua. 
^ gonehb-, vn. To degenerate, grow wild ; 

Dogluci^n, f/T Deglutition, BwaUowins. 
DegolIad6n, ^f. Decollation, beheading 
Degollad^ em. Throttle; aiaaghter-boiae ; 

the scaffold; a phMso in the pit ferthest 

from the stage, with no seats. DeffoUa- 

dero de &omcm^ Cu^uzse; a venr d«ar 

shop or store. Uevar al deffoUad^ro, 

To put one in neat danger. 
DegoUaddr, em. Headsman, executioner. 
Degollad6n, ^f. Cutting of the throat; in- 

terstioe; aslope; slender part of bains- 
Degollir, va. To behead; destroy, min; 

tease. DegoUar A eanat^ae^ To debUi- 

tato by exoesaive blood-lettln«. 
Degradacidn, ^ Degradation ; nil ; dcgen- 

eracv; diminution. [lowor. 

Degraoikr, va. To degrade, lessen, plaee 
Degu^lo, «7K Decollation; neck, narrow 

part ; destruction, ruin. TirarddeffuS' 

(lo. To seek one*s ruin. 
Dehesa, ^ Pasture-ground. Ikiheaa eon- 

ctjiL Conmion, a pastnrc'ground. [torst. 
Dehesar, va. To turn arable land into paa- 
DehesSro, em. Keeper of a pasture-groond. 
Deidda, em. Deldae, cmcifler of CfarioL 
Deiddio, em. Delcide, murder of Christ 
Deid4d, ^f. Deity, dlvhiity; goddeaa. 
Delforo, la, e. One who oarrles God in hb 

Deiflcaddn, ^ Deification. 
DeiflcAr, va. To deity, praise exoeeaivelj. 
Deiflco, a. Deifical, making divine. 
Deilbrme, a. Deilbrm, of godlike form. 
Deipsra, f/T Deiparous, that brings forth a 

God ; applied to the blesaed Yixgln. 
Deismo, ma. Deism. 
Deista, em. Deist 

D^a, ^ Prominence between two flasuns. 
Djaddn, ef. Act of leaving, reUnanisbing, 

or giving up; abdication, reafgnation. 

D^acion de hienee. Giving up onela 

property to creditors. 
Dd4^ ef. Y. D^faoion. 
D^adte, ef. Slovenliness, neglect, InTlnw^ 


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DatttkK da, a, Slovenlj, idla^ indolent; 
d^ected, low-spirited. 

D^amitoto, «m. Act of leaving; relinqnish- 
isg; or ^ving np; indolence, carelras- 
neoa; langnor, decay of splritB; abdica- 
tion, resi^iation. 

D<^, «a. To leave, let, rellnanish, qnlt; 
omit: pennit; forsake; yield; commit, 
civa tn eharse ; nominate, appoint De- 
jar dieko. To leave word or orders. De- 
jar eterita, To leave in writing. DijaU 
au^ Ttnga^ Let him come ; to lay away. 
i)ffaratnu. To excel, snrpaas. Df^ar 
en cuero*^ To strip one of his property. 
D^f<Mr fresco d alffuna^ To frostratCL baf- 
fle. iMar para mailana, To aelay, 
procrastinate. — rr. Not to talce care of 
one*s self; to allow or siiircr one's self 
to ; become languid ; abandon one's self 
toi D^rt Uvcary To soflbr one's self 
to bo led by another. D^arse ea^ 
abt^ por «f» rio^ (Nao.) To drop down 
a river. D^arm eaer a la popa. To 
£01 astern. JMar$6 alguna com en el 
HnieriK To omit 8(»netbing necessary to 
the sol^ect. [ing or drinking. 

Di^ilki, 9m, dim, SHght taste loft after eat- 

D^o, ana. End, termination; negligence, 
Isffnfiw ; reUah ; resalL [any thing. 

I>^iidb', 90. To extract the substance of 

Del, Of the, a contraction otd^el. 

I>elaci6n, ftf. Delation, aooosation, impeach- 
ment; information. 

DelantAl, cm. Apron. 

DeUnte, aA. forward, in ttontr-pr^. 

Before, in presence oC 
Delant^ fC Front, fore end, the fore part ; 
ftoat seats; fore sktals: frontiers; advan- 
tage; the lead. Coger la delarUera^ To 
vet the start of a person. Ir en la de- 
lamtera, To take the lead. 

DdantSro, ra, a. Foremost, first [tUllon. 

Deiant^ro, sm. The first, chief; leader; pos- 

Delatiible, a. Accnsable, blamable. 

Delatinte, pa. Informer, accueer. 

Delator, va. To inform, aoonse, denounce, 

Dela£6r, am. Aocoser, informer, denouncer. 

Dele, em. ( Print )Dele, to be erased. 

Delectaci^n, qf. Delectation, pleasure, de- 

Delectir, to. To delight 

Detegaddn, •/. Dele^on. substitution. 

Delegido, am. Delegate, deputy, commis- 
sioner, [gates. 

Deleginte, pa. Constituent, one that delo- 

Delejrtr, ra. To delegate, substitute. 

DeleTtabilidiU], »f. Delectablenees, dellght- 

Deleitible, a. Delectable. deUghtAiL 
Deleitablem^nte, ad, Delight&lly. 
Deleitaci6n, tf, Delectation, pleasure. 
DeleKamitoto, tm. Delight, pleasure. 
Deleitinte, pa. Delighting. 
DeleltAr. «<r. To delight, please.— -vr. To 

have delight or pleasure in. 
DeI6ite, rnn. Pleasure, delight, gratification. 

DeleiU •enmutlt The emotion of any law- 

fU pleasure; lost 
Dfleitoaam^nte, ad. DelightAiDy, pleasantly. 


Deleitdso, sa, a, DellghtAii, agreeable, pleas- 
ing, [tery. 

Deletcreo, ea, a. (Mod.) Deleterious, dele- 

Deletread^r, em. Speller. 

Deletreiir. va. To spell ; explain, examine. 

Delezn&ble, a. Slippery, smooth ; fhigile. 

Deleznad^ro, em, A slippery place. 

Deleznami^nto, sm. Act of slipping. 

Deleznir, «». To slip, slide; do or speak 

DelTm, am. Dolphin ; dauphin. 

DelTina, ^ Dauphiness. 

Delf inio, em. (Bot) Larkspur. [acutely. 

Delgadam^nte, ad. Thinly, delicately; 

Delgadcz,^ Thinness; acuteness; leanness. 

Delg&do, da, a. Thin, ligtit ; slender ; acute ; 
short JSav'io de muohoe delgadoe^ A 
sharp-bottomed shipi 

Delfrmio, em. A strait place. Jkiaadoe, 
Flanks of animala [resolution. 

DeUberacl6n, {/T Deliberation, reflection, 

Deliberadam^nte, ad. Deliberately. 

Deliberar, m. To consider, deliberate ; con- 
sult — rr. To have delight or pleasure in. 
— ea. To deliberate. 

Deliberativo, va, a. Deliberative. 

Delibrir, ra. To liberate. 

Delieadam^ntc, ad. Delicately. [nessi 

DelicadSz, 4^ Delicacy ; gentleness ; fhint- 

Delicad^^ Delicateneas ; nicety: daint- 
iness; dexterity; fineness; perspicacity; 
curiosity. [beantlhil; arduous. 

Delicto, da, a. Delicate; weak; thin; nice; 

Delicia, tif. Delight, comfort, satisfaction. 

Deliciosam6nte, ad. Dellclously, daintily. 

Delici6so, sa, a, Delicious, delightAil, pleas- 

Dellcuesc^nda, ^f. Deliquescence. 

Dellcuesc^nte, a. Deliquescent 

Delincuonte, pa. Delinquent, offender. 

Delineaci6n, ^f. Delineation, draft, sketch. 

Delineam^nto, Delineamidnto, am. Deline- 

Delineib-, va. To delineate, sketch ; describe. 

Delinquimi^nto, em. Delinquency, fkult, 

Delinquir, vn. To transgress the law, ofTend. 

Delintar, Dellnter&r, fxi. Y. Cedor and Trae- 

Deliquio. em. Swoon, a fkinting-fit, ecstasy. 

Deliramento, em. Delirium. [vi<>9> 

Delirdnte, pa. Delirious, light-headed ; ra- 

Delir&r, fm. To deUrate, dote; rant, talk 

Delirio, em. Delirium, dotage; rant 

Delito, em. Transgression; flialt, crime, 

DelUK D6II0, Contractions of de eUo^ 
Of her, of it DeUa eon dellOj Becipro- 

Del6bro, em. An Idol or Its temple. 

Deluslvo, va, a. Delusive, lUlacious. 

Delus6r, em. Cheat, impostor, deluder. 

Delusoriam^nte, ad. Delusively, deoeitfUIy. 

Delusorio, ria, a. DeceitAil, flJlacious. 

Demag6go, em. Demagogue. 

Dem&nda,^ Demand. Sdlir&lademanda, 
To appear in one's own defence ; request ; 
charity-box. (Nan.) Look-out; interro- 


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I>eixund8d6ro, ra, «. A serrant of a nonncry 
orajaiL [cased. 

Demandddo, da, «. The defendant, Ibo ac- 

Demandador, trn. Ono aftking charity for 
pious uMs; claimant, plaintiff; one who 
solicits in marriage. 

Demand&ntef pa. Claimant, complainant^ 
plaintiff. [steal 

Demand&r, va. To demand; claim; covet; 

Demarcacion, qf. Demarcation. 

Domarcad6r, 9m. Doslenator, surveyor. 

Demarciir, f>a. To mark out limits, survey. 

Demiis, a, Lo^ loft^ or /<i* d^ma». The rest, 
the others. IJtitar demafL, To be over and 
above; useless. Por dem4iSy Uselessly, 
in vain, to no purno!«e. [iiiousne&s. 

DemAscs, am. 'pl. (Prov.) Abunioance, co- 

Dcmosia, ^ Excess in price; unjust claim; 
useless expense; arduous enterprise; Ir- 
repilarity; incivility; abundance, plenty. 
En drniuit'ia^ Excessively. 

Demasiodamoute, ml. Excc-^sivelv; too. 

Demosiado, da, a. Excessive; bold, daring. 

DemoslAdo, ad. Enough, sulliclently, ex- 

Demedidr, ta. To sunder ; lose half its value. 

Demi^ncla, ^ Deuiency, madnc.-*s, insanity. 

DementAr, ra. To dement, render mad. 

Dem6nte, a. Demented, mad, distracted, 
insane. [Ing. 

Dem6rito, ttm. Demerit, ill desert ; demerit- 

Demerit6rio, ria, a. Without merit 

Demi^ «/ pl. (Vulg.) StocJcinps ; trowsers. 

Demision, ^ Bubmlssion, humility. 

D^rao, 9m. (Prov.) Demon, evil spirit 

DemocHU;ia, t[f. Democracy. 

Dem6crata, 9m. Democrat 

Democr^ticamdnte, ad. Democratically. 

DemocrAtico, ca, a. Democratical. 

Demoler, tJti. To demolish ; obliterate. 

Demolici6n, {/C Demolition. Jdemonlan. 

Demonidco, ca, a. Demoniacal devilish; 

Demonich6cho, 9m. (Low) An ngly, hide- 
ous little devil. 

Dem6nio, 9m. Demon, fkmiliar. [devil. 

DemofiuLMo, 9m. dim. A little demon or 

Dem6ra, Demor^nza, ^ Dehiy, protraction ; 
demurrage. [To bear. 

Demor4r. vti. To remain, continae. (Nau.) 

Demostrable, a. Demonstrable, manifesta- 
ble, [tenslbly. 

Demostrablem6nte, ad. Demonstrably, os- 

Demostraci6n, ^. Demonstration; mani- 

Demostrad6r, ra, 9. Demonstrator. 

Demostrdr, vo. To demonstrate, prove, 

Demostrativam6nte, ad. Demonstratively. 

Demostrativo, va, a. Demonstrative. 

Demndacidn, «/ Change, alteration. 

DemudAr, va. To alter, change. — vr. To b)9 

Demulcdnte, a. and 9m. (Med.) Demulcent 

Den&nte, Deniutea, ad. (Prov.) V. A'nts9. 

DenArio, 9m. A Boman small silver coin ; 
decimal. [ber often. 

Den&rlo, rla, a. Tenth, containing the nnm- 

D^ndo. ad. Hence, ft-om V. D€9ae. 

Dendrita, Dendrite, «/ Dendrite. 

Denogacidn, «/ Denial, rcftiaal 


Dencgdr, tfo. To deny, refhse, denegite. 
Denogrec^r, fa. To blacken, darken. 
Dencgrido, da, a. Blackened, denifrrated. 
Dengoso, sa, a. Fastidiooa, over-nloe, scni- 

Dengue, 9m. Fastidioosnoss; prudery; ehort 

veil; influenza. 
Dengucro, ra, o. Prudish, affected. V. Dt*- 

go«o. [gix- 

Denjgraci6n, t(f. Denigration, stigma, di*- 
Dcnigrar, va. To blacken, calumnuitc, tit*- 

fanie. fmouslj. 

Denigratlvam6ntc, ad. IiOurionsIy, infi- 
Denlgrativo, va, a. Bla<;kening, sU^matMog. 
Denodadaracnte, atf. Boldly, resolutely. 
Donodado, da, a. Bold, intrepid, audac ions. 
Denomin^ble, a, (Little us.) DenominaMc 
Denominacion, ^Denomination. [ti\el>-. 
Denominadom^nte, (/(/. Distinctly, <lr£ij:- 
Denomlnador, 9m. Denominator. [niin>ci. 
Denomlnair, r-o. To denominate, phe a 
Denominativo, va, a. (Little us.) Denomi- 
native, [sultin^j- 
Denostadam^nto, ad. Ignominiouslr, iu- 
Denostidor, 9m. Viliflcr, railler, reviler. 
Denostdr, va. To insult, revile, abuse. 
Denotar^ ra. To denote, slgnifr; expUln. 
Denotativo, va, a. Denoting, denotative. 
Densaincnte, ad. Closolv, densely. 
Densidud, 9f. Density, closeness; obscurity, 

Ddniso, sa, a. Dense, thick ; close, compact. 
DenU'ulo, da, a. Toothed, denUte; iii<lc'in«l 
Dontodura, 5/J A sot of tcctii. 
Den till, 9m. Ploughsharo-bed; wooden fi)rk; 

Instrument Ibr extracting teeth; tooti)- 

Dental, a. Dental. 
Dcntiir, va. and n. To tooth, ftimlsh with 

teeth, indent ; teeth. 
Dentarla, i^f. (Dot) Tooth-wort 
Denteabr6fio, D^enteagrdno, wi. Great 

Dentecillo, 9m. dim. Small tooth. 
Dentejon, tf/TU Ox-vokc. 
DentelAria, ^f. (BoL) Lead-wort 
Dentelluda, »f. Gnashing; nip; impression 

by the teeth. A' dmU^Uada*, Snappisii- 

Iv, peevishly. Jkir 6 9acudir denUUa- 

da9, To speak surlily and uncivilly. 
DcntelliWo, da, a. Donticulate<l, dented: biu 
DentellAr, vn. To gnash, grind the teeth. 
DcntelleAr, va. To bite, &x Uie teeth in any 

thing. [Knttdid. 

Dentora, 9f. Tingling pain in the teeth. >• 
Dentezuelo, 9m. dim. A little tooth. 
Dentici6n, 9/. Dentition, teething. 
Denticular, a. DenUcohited, toothed. 
Dentlsta, «m. Dentist [^ 

Dentivano, na, a. Having long and W 
Dont6n, na, o. Having large uneven toea 
Dent<in, 9m. Dental, a small shell-flsn^ 
DentrAmboa, pron. Contraction ot Jktnr 

Dentriflco, 9m. and a. Dentifrice. 
Ddntro, ad. Within. Dentro ds, In, ^«iin. 
Dent6do, da, a. Having large uneven t«ett. 
Dcnuddo, 9m. Boldness, audacIooM^^ 

Dennestn, tm. AlDront, insult 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


D«q6]icU, ^f. Dennncijition ; information 
•against another person. [DelatabU 

D«maneiib1e, a. Fit to be denoanced. Y. 

Dentrndacion, 9f. DenouciaUon, denoonce- 
meot. [accuser. 

Denimciaddr, un. Denanciator, informer, 

Benanciir, va. To advise ; denounce ; fore- 

I>eDixDei8t6rio, lia, a. Denunciatory. 

I>en&Dcio» »m. (Prov.) V. I/entmaa. 

DeogrAdaOj «. A term used in saluting. 

IVparar, «a. To offer, Aimish, present. 

I>en*nankcnto, 9m, Department ; province, 

Dep«rtid6r, sm. Distributor, divider. 

Depacrtlini^Dto, 9m. Division; difference; 

I>ep«rtxr, nk To speak, converse; contend. 
— CO. To divide; distinguisb; argue; 
teacii ; mark out, impede, obstruct 

DepAnperar, «ck To impoverish ; debilitate. 

Depcodtocia, t/. Dependence; subordina- 
don: relation; basinesA. [on. 

D^wzider, vfk To depend; be depenaent 

Dependl^te, pa. and 9m. A clerk, a de- 
pendent, subordinate ; depending; client, 

Bependientem^te, ad. Dependentlv. 

Depknr&ble, a. Deplorable, lamentable, ca- 
lamitooa. [tally. 

DeploTsblem^te, ad. Deplorably, mourn- 

Depk>Tir, va. To deplore, lament, bewail 

Deponfteie, a. Deponent, a witness. 

Depon^nte, a. Deponent 

DepoQ^, €0. To depose; make affidavit, 
swear, affirm ; 1^ by; deposit 

I>epopfiJad<k', 9aK Depopulator, devastator. 

Deportad^ ^ Deportation, transportation. 

Deportir, ra^ To tranqtort, exile, banish. — 
rr. To rest [time. 

Deporte, sm. Diversion, amusement, pas- 

Depoeicidn, ^ Bemovlng; deposition, as- 
sertion, [in trust 

DepoBitad6r, 9m. One who leaves any thing 

Depoelttote, pa. Depositor. [Inter. 

DepoeStikr, eo. To deposit; give; inclose; 

Depositaria, »/. Depository. [ceiver. 

Depoeitirio, ria, «. Depoeitary ; trustee, rc- 

Dcpositirio, ria, a. Kelating to a depository. 

DepdsSto, «m. Deposit, trust; dcpositoiy. 
J>epd9Uo (U antmaUs perdido9j Pound. 

Depravacion, ^ Depravation, depravity. 

Deprmvadamdnte, €uL Depravedly. 

DepravMov da, a. Bad, depraved, lewd. 

Depravador, «m. Depraver, corrupter. 

IVprav&r, va. To deprave, vitiate, corrupt 

Deprecaci6n, rf. PetlUon, prayer, depreca- 
tion, [cate. 

Deprecdr, to. To entreat, implore, depre- 

Depreeativo, va, Deprecat6rio, ria, a. De- 

Depre8i6n, »/. Depression ; abasement 

Deprea6r, 9m. Depressor, oppressor. 

Deprlmir, va. To depress, humble, sink. 

Depanici6n, ^ Depuration, purification. 

D«>nrAdo, da, a. Depurate, cleansed, puri- 

Depurir, va. To depurate, cleanse, purity. 
Depuratdrio, ria. a. Depuratory, purifying. 
Dcpntar, va. V. I/lpntar. 


Derec^ 4^ The straight way or road to a 

Dereoba, »/. Right hand, right side ; pack 

of hounds. A' d^recJias or a ku d^rechaty 

Bight; well done; honestly. A' tuerta* o 

derecha^ Bigbt or wrong. Jfo haoer 

co9a d dereciuUj Not to do any thing 

right [mally. 

Derecbam^nte, ad. Directly; rightly; for- 
Derech^ra, ^. The direct road. [taxes. 

Derech^ro, 9m. Clerk appointed to collect 
Derechdza. fff. Sectitude, integrity. 
Dcr6cbo, cha, a. Eight straight Todo de- 

recAo^ Straight-forward ; just reasonable. 

DerecAa la caila^ TNau.) Kight the helm. 
Der^ho, 9m. Bight justice ; a Just claim ; 

tax, duty, custom ; due, fee. SeQun de- 

recho^ According to law. 
Derdcho, nd. V. JJerechamenU. 
Derechpnl'ro, ra, a. Just and ri^t lawftiL 
Derechuclo, Derechudlos, im. first seams 

taught to girls. 
Derecfa6ra, *>/. Bectitude, right way; right 

En d^rechura, By the most dliect r^d. 
Deriva, 9f. (Nan.) Ship's course. [cible. 
Derivable, a. (Uttle us.) Derivable, dedn- 
Derivaci6n, tff. Derivation ; descent 
Dcriv Ar, va. To derive ; deduce.— m. (Nao.) 

To derive or deflect fh>m the course. — 

vr. To derive, come from. 
Derivativo, va, a. Derivative, [diminution. 
Derogaci6n, t(f. Derogation; deterioration, 
DerogMo, da. a. Derogate, derogated. 
Derogar, vo. To derogate, abolish ; refbrro. 
Derogatorio, ria, a. Derogatory, derogative. 
Derrabadura, «/. The wound made in dock- 
ing the tail of an animal. 
Derrabiir, va. To dock the tail 
Derraigar, va. V. De9arraigar. 
Derrikmo, «/ Assessment of a tax, duty. 
Derramadamonto, ad. Proftasoly, lavishly ; 

Derramad6r^ 9m. Prodigal, waster. 
Derramamicnto, 9m. Efftaiion, waste ; dis- 
persion. Derramamiento <m lagrima9^ 

Flood of tears. 
Derram&r, va. To pour; leak; publish; 

spill. Derramar doctrina. To diflTuse a 

doctrine. — vr. To be scattered or spread. 
Dcrrdme, «m. Loss In measuring ; leakage ; 

bevel of a wall opening ; declivity. 
DcrrAmo, 9m. Proftision; the sloping of a 

wall opening. 
Derraspado, a. Beardless : applied to wheat 
Derred6r,«m. Circumference, circuit; round 

about En derredor^ Bound about 
Derreneg&r, vn. To bate, detest, dislike, 

Derrengada, tf. (Prov^ Step In dancing. 
Derrengddo, da, a. Ijicurvatcd, crooked, 

DerrcngAr, va. To sprain the hip; knock 

off fruit— m. (Low) To detest 
Derr6ngo, 9m, (Prov.) Stick with which 

fruits are knocked off. ^ ^ , 

Derronidgo, int. and 9m. (Coll.) V. RmUgo. 
DerreUmi6nto, 9m. Thaw, ftision ; violent 

Derretir, vet. To Uoueftr, melt; change; 

consume.--t>r. To be deeply in love. 

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Dmrib&do, a. Hones havtng the eronp 

Tonnder and lower than nsnal. 
Dorribir, vo. To demolish; fell; di«pIaoe; 

rain.'Vr. To tumble, throw ones self 

Derribo, 9m. Demolition ; nilna 
Berrocir, co. To precipitate from a rock; 

fell ; rob one of nis lortone or happiness. 
I>errochad6r, 9m. A prodigal, a spendthrift. 
Derroch^r, va. To diBsipatei make waf with. 


open.— «r. To imbosom, r«Teal In < 

Deeacabal&r, «a. To pitf^. Y.. 
Ilesacalorarse.^/*. To take the fresh air; get 

Desacatadam6nte, €UL Disre^MethUy. 
Desaeatikdo, da| a. Aetlng In a disreBpsetftd 

manner. [spectftU p« 

Desacatad6r, ra, «. An irreTerent or i 
Desacatami^to, 9m„ Disrespect. [A 

Derr^ ^ Ship's course, the tack on which ' Deeacatir, wk To treat dlsrespectfti]]j; p!n>- 

a ship 'sails.' Derrota €9Umad€^ Dead 
reckoning. S^fftUr en dirscta derr<4a^ 
To steer a straight course: road; defeat 
of an army; opening in hedges. 

Derrot^r, fo. (Nan.) To cause to drivie or 
iUl off; destroy health or fortune ; defeat 
— ^vn. To arrlye in a place In a mined 
state. Papldation. 

Denote, sm. Defeat, rout, destruction ; di- 

DeiTot6ro. 9m. Collection ' . ^-- 

coast-pllot; ship's course. 

Derrubiar, vo. To break the 
river: undermine. [water. 

DerrAbio, 9m, The insensible overflow of 

DermecAr, «a To unhone: applied to a 

Demdr, «a. To demolish, destroy, ruin. 

Derrumbad^ro, Sfn. Precipice; arduous af- 

Derrumbamltoto, sm. ProdpltaUon. 
DermmbAr, va. To precipitate; emit rays 

of light — vr. To precipitate one's self 
D^rvls, 9m. Derweesh, a mussnlman monk. 
Des que, ad, Ck>ntractlon of D99d9 ^tie, 

Since that 
Desabarranciir, «a. To drag, draw out of a 

ditch ; disentangle, extricate fW>nL 
DesabasteoAr, va. Not to supply a place with 

provisions. [hiv& 

Desab^ir, vo. To remove bees from their 
Deeabldo, da, a. (Obs.) I^orant, tlUterate; 

excessive. [dress. 

Desabill^ 9m, Dishabille, undress; a loose 
Desabitir, «a (Nau.) To unblt 
Desabollad6r, 9m. An instrument oaed by 

tin-workers; tinker. 
DesaboUdr, «a. To tinker. 
Desab^no, 9m. Prejudice, ii^ury. fjeetlon. 
Desab6r, sm. Insipidity, want of taste; de- 
Desabor^, «a. To render tasteless; disgust, 

▼ex. [vessel 

Desabordirse, «r. To get clear from another 
Desaborido, da, a. Tasteless, insipid. 
DesabotonAr, ma. To unbutton.-H»k To 

bloom, blossom. [ly. 

Desabridsm^nte, ad. Bitterly, rudely, harsh- 
Desabrldo. da, a. Tasteless; sour; hard; 

bleak; disgusted. [shelter. 

Desabrigadamente, ad. Nakedly; without 
Desabrigido, da, a. Uncovered; shelterless; 

without support [of shelter. 

Desabrlg6r, «a. To uncover, strip; deprive 
Deeabrigo, 9m. Nudity; want of shelter; 

Dosabrimiento, 9m, Insipidity; severity of 

temper; despondency; the rebound, of 

Desabrir, «a. To vex, plague, torment, harass. 
Deflabroch&r, va. To nnolasp; unbutton; 

Desacito, 9m. Disrespect, indvilitj; pn>- 

Desaceitido, da, a. Destitute of snfficiaiit ofl. 

Dosaoerb^, ro. To duloorate,a 

Desacertadam^nte, ad, Inconsidenaiely. 

DesacertMo, da, a. Inoonsiderata, ^ 
dent, without reflection. 

Desacert&r, «a. To err, commit a mistake^ 
of sea-oharts ;iDeeaci6rto,sm. Error, mistake, bloBder. 

Desacobard^, oo. To remove fear, iBspira 
t bounds of a courage. reoltivatia Tinaa. 

DesaoolUr, to. (Prov.) To dig about ▼!»•■» 

Desaoomodadamtote, ad IneommodioBs] j. 

DesacomodAdo, da, a. Destitute ; ooi of em- 
ployment [iMNiblek. 

DesacomodamiAnto, am. InconwniMseOk 

DesacomodAr, IMF. To incommode; tim«at 
of place.— «r. To lose one's plaea. 

DesaoompafiamiAnto, am. Waat oCconqMmy 
or society. (ratlraL 

DesacompafiAr, «a. To leave the eonmuiT, 

I>e8aoons<^Ado, da, a. Inoooaldersta, Ul-«d- 

DesaoonseJ4r, «a. To dissuade, dehost. 

Desaoordadamtote, ad. Inoonflldefato^, vbp 

DesacoidAdo, da, a, (Pict) DSscordaBt 

DesaoordAr, va. To untune^— or. To be ifar- 
getflil: be at vartanoe, disagree, [tnory. 

Desao6rde, a. Discordant; opposite!, eon- 

DesaoorralAr, «ck To let the floek oat; Mil- 
mate, encourage. 

Desacostnmbradamtote, odL Unusoally. 

Desacostnmbrido, da, a. Unusual, unaeeoa- 
tomed. Lcoslam. 

DesacostnmbrAr, ect To disuse, (ose the 

Desacotir,«a. Tolavopen apsstnn 
withdraw a prohibition ; relinqu 

Desac6to, sm. Withdrawing the prohlUtiosi. 

Desacreditar, «A To discredit; diaaeanMe; 
disprlze. [feoultles; disunion, error. 

DesacuArdo, 9m, Derangement of tlie meatd 

DesaderezAr, vo. To undress, divest of orna- 

DesadeudAr, «a To pay one's debts. 

DesadoHu*, ecc To cease to wonhip or Xov^l. 

DeeadormecAr, «a. To wake, rouae ttam 

DesadomAr, 9a. To divest <tf ornaments. 

Desaddmo, sm. Want of embellishments. 

DesadvertidamAnte, ad. Inadvertentlv, in- 
considerately, [dent 

Desadvertido, da, a, Inoonslderata, ira|»Q- 

DesadvertimiAnto, am. Want of prudence 
and reflection. [without Judgment 

Desadvertir, «a. To act inconaiderately, 

Desafeetaci6n,f/:<UtUea8.) Unalfectedncea. 

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Dtadfebs te, & DiMffeetad. 

Desafieto^ Mk Disaffection, disaffectediMSS. 
DaaafiriUr, «a. To dirty; make ugly. 
Diiminrir, cow To unftari the aaib; looeen. 
DeMiflad^To, am. DaelUng-groniid. 
DceafiMldr,emw ▲ challcDger, dnelliat; direr. 
TViflfcr, «a. To ehalleoge; xiral; deoom- 

6m ^ Dinflbetion. 
takr, CO. To deatzor 
^eOb To deny the l1 

Dtmaaookr, co. To deatzoT 0De*8 deslm 
BmdIjkL eo. To dmj the flllatlon of a son. 
DaaalbMdam^nte, ad, Diaaonantlj, dlseord- 

antlf. [nntnne. 

Demflnir, «a. and n.. To be oat of tone; 
DeMfMs MM. CSudlense, doel; contest 
Denfondamteta, ad. ElzceoBiveij, Impa- 

daatlj. [dent; cashiered. 

I>a«dbndo» da, a. Huge ; dlisorderly ; Impn- 
Desaforir, «a. Toencroaeh upon one'ftilg&tB. 

(IfiL) To cashier.— ^r. To relinquish one^ 

zigfats; be oatrageoosw [To nnserrei 

DewiinAg,ca^ To take off thelinlng. (NaiL) 
DassMlimiilii. da, A Unfinrtnnate, nnlncky. 
Deatefoo^ an, Exoeas; oatnge, open Tio- 

DeMpnir, c& (ColL) To release ; let loosa 
I>«ai«Dt4r. va. Y. D^BOQuar. 
DeaagnelMo, da, a. UngcaeeAil, inelegant 
T> <s a g t «dig,«kTo diafigiire, make imgraoe- 

Deasgradible, a. IMsi^^reeable, nnpleasant 

Desagradahlemtote, ad. Disagreeably. 

B«ngnd4r, ea. To djsplaaeo, offend. 

I >w i g i dtnjui, CO. To be ongnteAiL 
Desagradeddamtote, ad. TJngrateftilly. 
I>eaagiadecldOk da, a. UngrstoftiL 
Deaigiadedmi^t4i, am. Ingrstitodeu 
Desagrido, tmi .Aipertty; discontent, dla- 

Dna^nratraiiilfiuto, mm. Y. Dmagra^riiO. 
DsaagnTiirf m. To give taHrthrtion, relieve. 
I>«agiivks ^ Settk satiaflietlon. 
Ikm^t^ 9a. To dkffoin, separaftei 
Dfaaggsd^ro^ tm, Ctuuuie], drain; drain of 

moosj. [doit 

I>Maeaad6r,4iik Water-pipe, channel or oon- 
Bnaigiiir, 90. To drain, draw off water. — 

tm To empty or jlow into the se& 
Dwa^iiaiii, en. To drain off the water. 
Baaigile, aaiw Channel, drain ; extiaordlnaiy 

I>8a^;Diaido, da, a. Exorbitant; bold. 
DoMidsAdo, Sffiw Offence, li^iny* wrong. 
I^anhQir, va. To wean.--«r. To swarm. 
I>eaahitme, «r. To relicre indigestion, on- 

I>«iaho|adamteta, ad. Freely, without em- 

bartassmeat; impudently. 
]>«abogido, diL a. Petolant, impudent; 

ftee, anineiimbered. Qf an.^ HaTing sea- 
l>caahogamlinto,«m.Y.i>MaM<Mro. [room. 
I^Mhngii, ««iw To ease pain, alleTiate dls- 

tnsiL— vp. To reooyer from Ihtigne or dls- 

cm; disclose 0De> grief; expostulate; 

y«nt otter; extricate one*8 self from debt 
*~ 0, em. Eaae, aUeviation ; freedom of 
i, Tent; laxitr. 
'— >«»l4do, da, a, Olren orer, deqMired ot 
Ofat^nOkt, va. To despair: giTC orer; dis- 

Biifli; driTe away cattle from a pasture. 


Desah6cio, tm. Dispossessing the ooenpant 

and re-entering on the premiaeSb 
DesahomMo, da« a. Mild, fhded, vapid. 
Desahumdr, va. To free from smoka 
Desainad&ra, s/. Disease in horses. 
Desainir, «a. To extenuate the fU of an 

animal— «r. To loae a great quantity of 

blood. Peasly. 

Desairadamdnte, ad. Unhandsomely, graoe- 
Desairido, da, a. Unhandsome, graoeleas; 

sUgbted. [noUce. 

DesairAr, va. To disregard, aUffht, take no 
Deeddre, am, Bebiiff; awkwanmess; frown 

of fortune. 
Deaalslirse, vr. To cease to be Insulated. 
DesiOas^t ^^^ To mismatch, unfit— vr. To 

De«d&te,ffii. Disagreement; disproportion. 
Desaiab4r, va. To dispraise, censure 
Desalabeir, va. To straighten a warped 

Deaaladam&ite, ad. Anxiously, swiftly. 
DeaaUr, va. To cut off the wings; IVeshen 

•alt flsh.-~fr. To run up to one with open 

Deealent^, va. To put one out of breath by 
labor; discourage, dismay, damp.— er. To 
Jadeu [meats. 

Desallbriir, vr. To take off one*s accoutze- 

Desalh^Jir. va. To strip a bouse of ftimiture. 

Desalitoto, tm. Dismay, depreadon of spir- 
its; ikintneaa 

DeaaliJIadamtote, ad. Bloyenly, undeanlr. 

Dceallft^, va. To diaariange, make sloyenly. 

Deealifio, am. Sloyenliness; carelessness. 
DeaaUfUMf Diamond ear ornaments^ 

Desally^, vn. To saUvate. Wf. 

Desafanadam^nte, ad. BouDeady, Inhuman- 

DesalmMo, da, a. SouUeas, Inh n m a n ; profli- 
gate; inanimate. [prolBgacy. 

Deealmamitoto, rnn. Inhumanity, impie^, 

Desalm^, va. To take away lilb violently; 
speak with ingenuousness and candor.— 
vr. To desire very anxiously. 

Desalmenido, da, a, Btrippeid of turrets; 
wanting an ornament [linen. 

Desalmidonir, va. To take the starch out of 

Deaalojami^nto, un. Dislodging. 

DeealoJ^, va^ To dislodge the enemyv 
troops.— en. To quit one^ house or apaH- 

Deaalter^, va. To allay, assuage, settle. 

DeealumbradamSnte, ad. Blindly, errone- 
ously, [tbe dark. 

DeaalumbrMo, da, a. Dazzled; groping in 

Desalumbramitoto, wk Blindness, error. 

Desamible, a. Unamiable. 

Desamaddr, tm. One who does not love; 
hater, detester. 

Desamar, va To love no more ; hate, detest 

DeeamarrAr, va. To untie. (Nan.) To un- 
bend; unmoor. 

Desamas&do, da, a. Dissolved, disunited. 

Desamist&ise, vr. To taJi out, quarrel 

Desamodorrir, va. (LitUe us.) To remove 
lethargy. [change the symmetrr. 

DesamoIdAr, va. To unmould. (Met) To 

Deeamdr, am. Disregard, disaffection. 

Desamorftdo, da, a. Cold-hearted; harsh, 


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DeBunor^, to. To extlngaiah love, 

ioTing. [love. 

DesaiDoroflo, sa, a. UnlovlDg, destitute of 
DesamorraTf va. To cheer up; make one 

yield. [tiny. 

Deaamotindne, «r. To withdraw Arom mw 
Deaamparaddr, ra, «. Deserter, one who for- 
Desainparir, «a. To forsake, abandon; quit 

Deaamparar Ion Metiea^ To give up one's 

property to credltorsw 
Desatnpiro, mn. Atwndonment ; dereliction. 
Desamuebludo, da, a. Unftimlshed. 
Deaainuebli^r, va. To unfiirni5h, deprlvo. 
Desancorar, va. (Nan.) To weigh andior. 
Desandur, ni. To retrograde, go back. De- 

tandar lo andado^ To undo what has 

been done. 
BesandnOikdo, da, a. Banod, in tatters. 
Deeangrainiunto, #m. ^Little us.) Bleeding 

to excess. [To exhaust one's means. 

Desaosrar, ins. To bleed to excess (Mot) 
DesanfdAr, nti. To forsake the nest — oa. To 

dislodge; apprehend ftigltives. 
Desanimadainente, ad. Bpirltlessly. 
Desanlmir, wt. To dishearten, dlsooamge; 

damp. — vr. To be disheartened. 
Desannddr^ «a. To untie, loosen ; extricate. 

J)«tanudur la «os, To pronounce clearly 

and distinctly. [tanglement 

Desafludadiira, «/! Untying a knot; disen- 
Desai&nd&r, va. v. Deeanudar. 
Desapacibllid&d, »f. Budencaa, peevishness. 
Deaapacible, a. Sharp, rongh, disagreeable. 
Deaapociblomente, ad. Sharply, disagreea^ 

Deeapadrlnir, va. To disprove, contradict 
Deeapareiir, «a. To unmatch, disjoin. 
Desaparecvr, va. To remove out of sight, 

bide.— vn. and r. To disappear. [ing. 

Desapareciml6nto, «m. The act of disappear^ 
Desapar^dr, va. To unhamcw. (Kan.) To 

unrig. [ish ; cease to be a customer. 

Desaparroquidrse, vr. To change one's por- 
Deeapartiir, «a (Low) To part, disjoia 
Desapasionadamdnte, ad, impartially. 
Desapaslonar, ea. To root out a passion. 
Desapeg&r, va. To d^join, separate.— ^vr. To 

be impartial. 
Desapi^. am. Alienation ; impartiality. 
Desapercibidarodnte, ad^ Inadvertently, 

Deeaperclbido, da, a. Unguarded, careless. 
Dcsaperclbimi6nto, Do«apercibo, atn. Un- 

preparedness, disregard. [plague. 

Desapestib*, va. To cure persons of the 
Desaphidadam^nte, ad. Unmerciftilly, un- 
relentingly, rienting. 
Pesapiadudo, da, a. Mcrcile8% cruel, unre- 
Deaapilad6r, am. One who takes down the 

piles of wool. 
Desapiol&r, va. To loose the strings with 

which game is tied. 
Desapllcaci6n, af. Inapplicatlon, indolence. 
Desapiicadam^nte, ad. Indolently. 
Desaplic^o, da, a. Indolent, careless, neg- 

loctftd. [huge. 

Desapoderddo, da, a. Furious, impetuous; 
Desapodemml^nto, am. The act of depriving 

or n^eoUng. 


DesapoderAr, «& To dispofisefla, rob of prop- 
erty ; revoke a power of attorney. 

Desapollllar, va. To free and ci«arof mottHi 
-— rr. To take the air w^hen it is cokL 

Desaposentiu', wj. To torn one oat of lodg 
Ings; expel from one's mind. 

DesapoReslonar, va. To difposeesa. 

Desapoyar, va. To remove the foandatiop 

Desapreciir, va. To depredate, andervalM. 

Desaprdclo, am. (Prov.) Depredation, un- 
dervaluing, [one has learned. 

Desaprender, va. To unlearn, foisct what 

Desaprensir, va. To take off the gloea. 

Desapretiir, va. To slacken, loosen ; 6aMi,ft«e. 

Dcsttprislonir, va. To release, aet at Ubcfty. 
— rr. To remove an impediment. 

Desaprobacion, «< Disapprobation, oensore. 

Desaprobar, «a. To disapprove), censore, re- 
prove. lageHandetUei 

Dosapropiamlcnto, am. Alienation. V. &t- 

Desapropiorse, vr. To alienate; expropriate. 

Desapr6pio, am. Alienation, trana&r ctprcp' 

Desaprovecbadamdnte, ad.. Unprofitable. 

Desaprovechiulo, da, a. Unproiftablo; badk- 
ward. [waetflk 

Dceaprovechami6nto, am. BackwardiieaB, 

Deaaprovech&r, v€t. To waste, turn to a haA 
use.— on. To be backward, make little 
progress In. [or snppMta^ 

Deeapuntal^, vok To take away the propa 

Dosapnntar, va. To unstiteh, rip ; loee one"^ 
aim ; eflSsoe the days of absence ftom tibe 
choir. [in ordinarr. 

Desarbolir, va. To nnmast; lay up a ship 

Desarb61o, am, Unmaating; laying up ia 

Desarenar, va. To take away Band. 

Desareuo, am. Clearing a place of aand. 

Desarmado, doi a. Lnaimed, dcfenwlew^ 

I>eflarmad6r, am. He who dischai^gee a ran. 

Desarmadura, ^ Desarmamitoto, am. l>i> 

Dcsarmar: va. To disarm ; prohibit tbe car- 
rying of arms; undo; disband; dismooiit; 
pacify, disarm wrath. 

Desikrmo, am. Disarming of shipSL 

DesarraigAr, va. To eradicate; extirpate; 

Desarrulgo, am. Eradication. (Law) Kx- 

DesarrapAdo, da, a. Bagged. [dlacovcr. 

DesarreboxMT, va. To unmuflBe; lay open, 

DosarrebiO^, ea. To unfiold; uncover; ex- 

Desarregladam6nte, ad. Disorderly. 

Desarroglado, da, a. Immoderate; extrara- 
gant; lawless. 

Desarreglir, va. To disorder, discompose. 

Desarr^Io, am. Disorder; lloentiousDess; 

Desarrendirse, vr. To shake off the bridle. 

Desarrovolv^-, va. V. D^aeryoohw. 

DeBarrimiu>, oo. To remove, separate; die- 

Desarrimo, am. Want of props or wafpart. 
Desarrollir, va. To nnrol, unfold, (a ooM. 
Deaarromadiz&TLfMiw (Little us.) To cure of 
Dcsarrop^, va. To uncover, undreoa. 
Desarrug&r, va. To take out wrinklea. 

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DesKmnnir, wk To unload, disduffge the 
cargo. [ship. 

IXeaartlDar, va. To tako the gans out of a 

Deaaaido, da, a. Without handles. 

Deaaeeadam^nto, ad. Uncleanly. 

I>e«aMar, c& To make dizty or andean ; 
dteofder. [thing. 

Deaaecgarar, rOw To lose the seenrity of any 

Desaaeatar, va. To disagree with, not to 
ealt—er. To stand np. [leaaneas. 

Deaas^o, am. UncleonUneaai, dirtineas, care- 

IleBasini^to, am. lioaaening. (Met) Alien- 
ation of affBCtion or love, disregard ; dis- 

Desa«r, to. To loosen, di8entanffle.-^r. To 
diaeneage one's self : disregard. 

Besaanflr, to. To polish one's mannerB.<--«r. 
To grow aharp, become polite. 

DeaasodAble, a. Unsociable. 

Deaasoscgadaoiente, ad. Uneasily. 

Deaasoaee^, co. To disquiet, dlstarh. 

Desasosi^o, am. BesUeaaness, want of tran- 
qoUlity. [tromly. 

Baaastxadam^nte, aO. Wretchedly, disas- 

I>eaaEtrido, da, a. Wretched, miaexable; 


^ rnn. IHaaster, disgrace, misfortune. 

Desataciv, to. To loosen, untie. 

De^otadamcnte, ad. Loosely. 

Deaatido, da, a. Lo<»e, unbound, untied. 

Deaaiad6r, am. He who unties, absolver. 

Desatadi^ a/ Deaatami^nto, am. Untying, 


Desatancir, vo^Todear aeweis and conduits. 

Desalt, CO. To untie, separate; loosen; 

unrMdle; diaBolreL--rr. To giro loose to 

one's toogoe. rtrioate from difflcnlttes. 

Beaataadbv va. To (umw out of the mire ; ez- 

Deaataviir, «& To atrip off ornaments. 

Desatav-io, am. Undeanliness, negligence in 
dresiL [dviUty. 

Desatend^n, ^ Inattention ; disrespect; in- 

Deaatender, ca. To dlsr^ard: take no 
notice oC f siderately. 

Deaatentadam^nte, ad. Disorderly; incon- 

DeaatenUUlo, da, a. Inconsiderate; impru- 
dent, careleas. rdvilly. 

DanatentamdntCL ocK. IMsrespectftiuy, un- 

Deaatantir, va. To perturb the mind, per- 
plex, [rude, unciTil, impolite. 

Deaatento, ta, & Inattentive, thoughtlesB; 

DeaatesAdo, da, a. Weak, langoishtng. Y. 
ftqfo. [treasure. 

DttattoaorAr, va. To remove or spend the 

Dcaatiento, «m. ThongbtlcsBnesB. absence of 
mind. [wildly; helter-skelter. 

Deaattnadam6nte, ad. Inconsiderately ; 

DeaatinMo, da. a. Eztnmigant, crazy, fool- 

Deaatinido, 0m. Idiot, Ibol, madman. 

Dautin&r, «a. and n. To do Iboliah things; 
throw into a Tiolent passion; talk non- 
sense; stagger, dote. 

Deastxao,tmr£ztrayagano6; reeling; mad- 
neaa, [mire. 

DeeatolUr, va. To pull out of the mud or 

I^eaatofendrfrdo, da, a. Recovered flrom stu- 

I>eaatolondr&r, va. To bring one to his 
senses, vr. To recorcr ones 


Desatontirso, vr. To recover from stupeiho- 
tion. [away. 

Deaatradir, va. (Nau.) To sheer oil; bear 

Desatraer, va. To dl^oln, separate. [tiei 

Deeatrahillar, va. To uncouple hounds, un- 

Dosatrampir, va. To clear a conduit, sink, 
or sewer. 

Desatrancdr, «a To unbar; dear a wdL 

Desatnfirse, vr. To grow calm, allay one's 
passion. [stupor. 

I>eeaturdir, v<». To rouse from a state of 

Desautoriddd, «/ Want of authority. 

Desautoriz^, va. To diaanthorize. 

DesavahAdo, da, Ow Free ttom foga, donda 

Deeavahar, va. To expose to the air, evvp- 
orate.— rr. To grow lively or sprightl v. 

Desavecind^o, da, a. Deserted, unpeopled. 

Desavednd^rse, or. To change one^s domi- 
dle. [standing: 

Desaven^nda. ^ Disagreement, misunder- 

Desavenido, aa, a. Discordant, disagreeing. 

Desavenimi^nto, am. V. Jfeeavmenela. 

Desavenir, va. To discompose, disconcert 
—vr. To disagree, quarrel 

Desavent^ladamdnte, <td. Disadvantageoos- 
ly, unprofltably. 

Desaventiy^o. da, a. Disadvantageous. 

Desavi^, va To deviate.— or. To go astray ; 
lose the means. [necessary meana 

Desavio, m*. Going astrav; want of the 

DesavlsMo, da, a. lU-advlsed, unadviaod, 

DesavisAr, va. To give a contrary account 

Desayud^, va. Not to assist, but oppose.— 
vr. To he negligent of one's duty. 

Desayunir, va. To give or have the first 
intelligence.— or. To break&st 

Desay^no, am, Breakfhst [arate. 

Desayuntar, vck To disunite, dissolve, sep- 

Desayustdr, va. To unbend a rope or cable. 

Desazog^r, va. To take off the quicksilver. 

Desazon, sm. Insipidly; disgust; disquiet- 
ness; unfitness of soil. [poorly. 

DesazonMo, da. a. Ill-adapted; peevish; 

DesazonAr, va. To render tasteless ; disgust, 
vex.— «r. To become indisposed. 

DesbaMir, vn. To drivel, slaver.— w. To be 
deeply in love, dote upon, [the crasnle. 

Desbagar, va. To extract the flax-seed from 

Desba^Jami6nto, 9m. Plundering a portman- 
teau. [of its contents. 

Desbaiyfir, vet. To plunder a portmanteau 

Desballestir, va. To unbend a croas-bow. 

Desbanc&r, va. To dear out the benches. See. ; 
win all the money staked; drenmvent, 
supphint [colors. 

Desband&rse, vr. To disband, desert the 

Desbsfi&do, a, A hawk that has not taken 
water when required. 

Desbaratadam^nte, ad. Disorderly. 

Desbaratido, da, a. Debauched, corrupted. 

Desbaratad6r, ra, «. Destroyer; debaucher. 

Desbaratami^nto^ am. Perturbation, commo- 
Won. , , ^ 

Desbaratfaj va. To destroy : defeat; waste; 
cross. i)«6arator to pftWica, To inter- 
rupt the con versatlon.— ©n. To speak fool- 
ishly.— vr. To be disordered Jn mind 

Desbarite, Desbar&to, am. Defeat; igno- 
rance, folly. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


DeebftraosUr, «fi. To dlfloompoee, denuige 

DeBbaniiste, «m. Derangement, disorder. 

Deebarbado, da, a, Beardloae. [filaments. 

DesbarbAr, va. To shave ; trim, cat off the 

BesbarbiUi^t ca. To prune tne roots of 
yoanff vines. 

]>e8bara^, va. To uncover a wall or fence. 

I>e6barr&r. «». To rove, go beyond limits. 
(Met) To waver. 

Besbarret^, va. To unbar, unbolt 

DesbarrlgMo, da, a. LitUe-beUled. 

Desbarrlgar, «a. To evcnterate, rip open 
the belly. [frenzy. 

Desb&rro, am. Falling Into error; nonsense, 

Deabastaddra, ^. Planing, trimming, or pol* 

DesbasUkr, tKi. To plane ; trim, polish ; waste. 

Deabtote, am. The act of hewing, polishing, 
or trimming. 

Desbastecido, da, a. Unprovided. 

DeabautiaAise, vr. To be irritated, fly into a 

Desbazad^ro, 9m, Humid, slippery places 

Deabeb^r, «a. To urine.— cr. To desire 

Desbecerrir, ra.. To wean young animals^ 

Desblanquecido, da, €k Blanched. Y.JUan- 
queoino. [emediy. 

Desbocadamtote, ad. Impudently, ungov- 

DesbocAdo, da, a. Open-mouthed ; wild ; in- 
decent [denca 

Desbocami^nto. tin. Impertinence, inipu- 

Desbocib; vow To break the brim of a mug. 
— iwi» To disembogue.— or. To be hard- 
mouthed ; use inittrioos language ; be wild. 

DesbombAr, «& To pump out water. 

DesbonetiffBe, «r. To take off the cap or 
bonnet [veaseL 

Deeboqulll&r, €a. To break the mouth of a 

Desbora4r, wu To overflow, Intmdato, run 

Desboron^, to. (Prov.) V. Detmoronar. 

I>6sborrir, va. To cut off the loose threads; 
lop off branches. 

DesDoz^, iMk To take off the relievoSb 

Deebragida da, a. Unbreechod. 

Desbraguetado, da, a. Having the fore-part 
of the breeches unbuttoned. 

Dosbrav^. Desbraveo^r, m. To tamo, break 
In; diminish tlie strength; moderate. 

DesbrszArse, cr. To extend one's srms. 

DesbrevArse, «r. To evaporate: applied to 
wine. [cut Into small parts. 

DesbrlznAr, co. To chop or mince meat; 

Desbrozar, ea. To clear away rubbish. 

Desbr^zo, mn. Clearing awav rubbish. 

Desbruir, va. To clean doth of grease. 

DesbrqiAr, aa. Y. Demnoronar. [csst up. 

Deebuchtf, tsa. To disclose one's seorets; 

Desbiilla, if. The part of an oyster that re- 
mains on the shell [shell 

DeabulUr, va. To extract an oyster from its 

D^eca, 9f. (Kau.) Tar-pot 

DescM>fU, a. Imjperfect, Incomplete. 

DescabidAr, to. To make incomplete ; pilfer ; 
Impair. niorsc. 

Descabalgadfira, 9f. Dismounting from a 

Dascabalg&r, vn. To dismount, alight ftt>m 
a horsei — vcL To dismount I 



DeecaballAr, va. To take away Uie laavai 
and snpezflaous buds. [regularity. 

Descabefladamente, ad. Without order or 

DeacabcUAdo, da, a^ Dishevelled ; disorder* 
ly; lavish, wild; preposterous., absurd. 

Deacabellamiento. mu V. DMpropoaiio. 

Descabell&r, vo. To disorder or undress the 

Descabei&iirse, «r. Y. Detffr^ilartB. 

Descabestrdr, eo. To unhalter. (jglddj. 

DescabezAdo, da, a. Beheaded : light-headed, 

Descabezaml£nto,«»K Beheading: porpkx- 

DescabezAr, eo. To behead; terminste; 
overcome; begin, let the beginning pass 
over. Dencabmar el 9ueHo^ To take a 
nap.— vn. To terminate, join another prop* 
erty.— cr. To screw one's wits; take the 
grain from the ears. Deacah^aara^ vma 
«Muz, To burst a blood-vesseL 

DeecabrltAr, «a To wean goata. [elude. 

Desoabulline, cr. To sneak ofl^ scamper: 

DescacUir, «a. (Prov.) To cut the ends of 
bricks equally. [the hlfk 

DescaderAr, «a. To hip, mraln or dislocate 

DescadiUAr, «a. To cut oflT the &ff-end of the 
wsrp. r^ge «way. 

Descaec^r, vn. To decline, droop, decay; 

Deecaeddo, da, a. Weak, feeble, langnfahlng. 

Desd^Kimi^nto, Descaimitoto, tm. Weak- 
nosa, decay; desponden^^, lowneas of 

Descadr. wt V. Decaer. 

Descalal>azAr8e, «r. To puzzle one^ braioa. 

DescalabrAdo, da, a^ Iignred; wounded on 
the head. SaJir deacalabrado^ To be a 
loser. [the head ; loea, mlafortnn& 

Deecalabradfira, «/ Ointusion or wound in 

DescalabrAr, vo^'To break or wound the 
head ; attack or impeach one*B character; 
injure. (Nan.) To disable. [forfaotne. 

Descalibro, tn, A considerable loos; mis- 

Descalandn^ar va. To rend or tear one's 
clothes. [down at the heel 

DescalcaitaUr, «a. To smooth ; run shoes 

DescalcafiAr, vo. To cut off the talons or 
heels. [ednesi^ 

Deecalc^z, ^. Nudity of the feet; barefoot- 

DescalorArse, vr. (Prov.) V. De^a&Uorarte, 

DescalostrAdo, da, a. Having passed the first 
milk. [pigeon-house. 

Descalzaddro, tm, (Prov.) Little door oT a 

Descslziido, da, a^ Barefooted. 

Descalzdr, 9a. To pull off the shoes and 
stockings; remove an impediment iVe- 
caUoTM ds riact^ To burst out into a fit 
of laufffater. J>eacalsarM lot ffuantit. 
To puU off one's gloves. 

Descaizo, za, a. Barofoot, barefooted. 

Descaminadamunte, ad. Absurdly, nni«a»* 
onably, out of order. 

DescaminAdo, da, a. Ill-advised ; misguided. 
Jr daacaminadOf To deviate from recti- 

Descamlnar, ea. To misguide, mislead; ad- 
duce ftx>m duty; seize. — er. To go astray. 

Descamino, am. Seizure of amuggled goods; 
deviation ftx>ni Uie high road; error. 

Deecamlsado, da, a. Shirtleaa, naked. £s 
un descamitadOf H« is a ragamuffin. 

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DeBeuapida, da, a. Disengaged, free, open, 

clear. En dehcampado^ In the open air, 

exposed to wind and weather. 
Descampir, c«k V. Eaeampar. 
Descanaadam^te, ad. Easily. (Little us.) 

TJndoabtedlj, enrelj. 
l>eBGaaaad^ 9m. Beetlng^plaoe. [easy. 
DeecansAdo^di, a. Rested, refteshed; qniet, 
Deseaas^, tw. To rest, light; panse; lean 

npoo; be satisfied; trost; repose, sleep. 

JMtoanMor tobrt lot r«mo«. To rest on 

the <mn.—^va. To aid or alleviate another 

in labor or Cstigae, 
Deectosa harriero {AT), ad. Conyenlently. 

Dor d dMeanta harriero^ To giro blows 

DeadinMLffn^ Best, repose; qnlet, stillness, 

sleep; iandiiiff*p]ace of stairs; support; 

day ct rest, for which pay is reoeiTed; 

lialting-day; eloee-etooL 
Descanted, «a. To smooth angles or oomers. 
D«acanterir, to. To take off the cmst of any 

Dcacantillir, Descantonir, «a. To pare ol^ 

break off part; snbtraet: lessen. 
DeseantiUdn, am. A soiall lino marklns the 

ivroper scantlins. [of any thins. 

DeseuUa*, ra. To break the stem or bran<ui 
De9caflonir,«Ni. To plnck out the feathers; 

share dose ; trick one oat of his money. 
Deaeapir, «a. To strip one of his doak. 
DescapenuftrjCa. To take off the cowl or 

hood. — vr. To nncorer one> head. 

Deacaper^zo, mm. Taking off the cowl, hood, 

or cap, in salnttng, [l>e9eaperuMars«. 

DtacapUiitj to. To take off the hood. Y. 

Descapiiotar, net. To take off the capinfte 

or ancient head-coTer. 
]>escandam£nte^ ad. Impudently, sancfly. 
Deaccrido^ da» a. Impudent, bareftoed, 

Bescarftrae, tt. To behave Impadently. 
I>escArga, 4^ Unburdening, unloading ; toI- 

ley. J}escarffa de aduana^ Permit to 

land; exoneration. 
Deecaigad^ra, sm. Whar^ unloadlng-place. 
DescaxigadtSr, wm. Discharger. 
Dcacargad^rn, ^ Taking bones out of meat 
Descargir, ra. Tounloaa, discharge, lighten ; 

bone meat; fire, discbarge fire-arms, un- 
load; acquit — etk To disembogue. — vr. 

To resign one's place; lose brightness. 
'Dtac&rgp, sm. Exoneration, acquittal; re- 
ceipt; plea or answer; acquittal from 

Deac^rgne, am. Y. Ds»earff<i, 
IHwarifiifse, vr. To withdraw the love or 

Descarific^ am. Coolness, indiffercnca 
DesoDnaaor, an. Scraper, gnm-lancct 
Uescamad^ra, 4^ Excamiflration. 
]>escar)i4r, ra. To excamate; take away< 

part; examine into a thing minutely. — 

vr. To mn through one's fortune, [ness. 
Di^cdrow 9m. Impudence, efltonterv ; sand- 
Bescarriamiento, am. Losing one s way or 

going astray. 
Descarridr, cA To take out of the right 

road, lead astray ; misgnido ; separate cat- 

Ue.-^r. To ba dii^oined. (Met) To de- 


viate finom justica; go astray, lose ona^ 

Descarrfll&r, ra To tear the Jaws asunder. 

Deecarrio, am. Losing one's way or going 

Descartir, va. To discard; dismiss; put 
sside. — vr. To excuse one's self; plead in- 
nocence, [subterflue; refiise. 

Deedirte, mn. The csrds discarded ; eyasion, 

Descasaml^nto, mn. Dirorce, repudiation. 

Descasir, to. To divorce; disunite, separ- 
ate, [into pieoeSb 

Descasdv, va. To bark, shelL-^r. To break 

Deecascaribr, vo. To peel, bark, shell ; boast, 
bluster, bully. — or. To ihll or come oft 

Descasp^, eo. To scrape the flesh ftom a 
hide; take dandruff irom the head. 

Dese^ne, mn. Barking of the cork-tree. 

Deacastar, va* To lose caste, deteriorate a 

Deecaudalido, da, a. Penniless. 

Desoebir, «a. To nnprime flre-armsi 

Desoenddncia, 9/. Descent, origin, offspring; 

Deecend6nte, pa. Descending. 

Deecendte, va. and n. To descend, go down ; 
flow; dedine in esteem; let down. 

Descendi^nte, pa. and mn. Descending; de- 
scendant; lineal descent 

Descendimitoto, tfik Descent; deseenslon. 

Deecensi6n, f^ Deseenslon. descent 

Deec^nso, mn» Descent; aegradation; de- 
seenslon. [trance. 

Desc^nta, 4/! Descent invasion; hostile en- 

Descenir, va. To ungird, take off the girdle 
or belt 

Descep^, va. To eradicate; demolish. 

Descer^, va. To take the empty combs 
flrom a bee-hive. {fended. 

DeecercAdo, da, a. Open, unfortified^ undo- 

Descerd^, va. To destroy or pull down a 

DescemdAdo, da, a. Corrupt, vidous, wicked. 

Descemgadiira, ^ The act of taking off 
locks or boltSL [charge fire-arms. 

Deecem^&r. va. To take off the lock ; dis- 

Deecernmuffse, vr. To be wrenched or dis 

Desdfhid^r, mn. Decipherer. 

Deedfr&r,v&Todedpber; unravel, unfold 

Desdmentir, va. To pull to the ground. 

Descinch&r, va. To ungirt a horse. 

Desdavaddr, mn. Claw to draw nails with. 

Desclav&r, va^ To draw out nails; xmnail. 

Descoagnlar, va. To liqnefV, dissolve. 

Descobi^ar, va. To pull the stem firom a 

Descob^dr, va. To uncover, undress. 

Descocadamente, ad. Impudently, boldly. 

Descocddo, da, a^ Bold, impudent 

Descocur, va. To clean, clear trees ft-om In- 
sects.— «r. To be saucy or petulant 

Descoc^, va. To digest; rip off. 

De9c6co, mn. Impudence, boldness, sand* 

DesoodAr, va. fProv.) To rip, unstitch. 

Descog^r, «a. To unfold, spread, expand. 

DeecogolUr, vn. To take out the heart or 
bud of a plant [and exposed. 

Descogot4do, dSjO. Having the neck bare 

Deacogotitr, ro. To kill by one blow on the 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


nape; knock off the bonis of astag at one 

blow. [dock, 

DmooI^t, «a. To cut off the tail or fiig-end, 
Deaoolch^f aa. (Nan.) To antwist a cable. 
Descolgar, co. To unhang, take down hanir- 

Inga.— »r. To come down gently; glide 

DescoUadam6nte, ad. LofUly, haughtily. 
Descollaml^nto. «mw V. DeseueUo. 
Descollir, vn. To excel, Burpaaa.— »r. To 

exceed, ontdo, be superior to. 
DesoolmAr, ra. To strike a moasnro with a 

strickle: diminish. 
I>«scolmillar. wi. To pull oat the eye-teeth. 
Bescoloramittnto, snk Paleness, mscoloro- 

Desoolor^r, va. To discolor, make pale.— 

«r. To become discolored or pale. 
Desoolorido, da, a. Discolored, pale, color- 

Bescoloiir, vo. To discolor, change the hue. 

Deeoombrur, va. To remove obstacles. 

Descomedidamtote, ad, Badely, immod- 
erately. [Inaolent 

Bescomedido, <la, a. naughty, lofty, mde, 

Descomedimionto, am. (Little us.) Rudeness, 
Incivllit/. [ftil. 

Descomecurse, «r. To be rude or disreepeot- 

Desoom6r, vn. To ease nature. 

De8Comimi6nto, tm. Affected disdain. 

Deso6modo, da, €k Incommodious, incon- 
Tenient [nlence. 

Bescomodldfid, itf. Incommodlty, inconye- 

Beacompadrur, en. To disagree, Ikll out 
with one. [tMtUe. 

Desoompasadam^nte, ad. Y. Dtamedidct- 

Descompas^o, da, a. Excessive, extrava- 

DeecompasArse, vr. To exceed all mle and 
measure, transgress all bounds and pro- 
portions ; be out of tune or time ; insult 

Descompon^r, va* To discompose; destroy 
harmony, disconcert; decompose. — vr. To 
be out of temper ; indlsposea ; change fbr 
the worse fweather). 

Deacomposici6n, ^ Discomposure; disor- 
der; aecomposition. 

Descompost&ra, ^f. Disagreement; discom- 
posure, disorder; slovenliness; forward- 
ness, want of modesty. [pudently. 

Descompnestam6nte, ad. Audaciously, Ini- 

Descompuesto, ta, a. Impudent; immodest; 
out of order; slovenly. 

Descomnlgado, da, a. Perverse, nefiirioaa, 
wicked; excommunicated. 

Descomulgador, rnn. Exoommunicator. Y. 

Descomulg/ir, to. To excommunicato. [aL 

Descomundl, a. Unoommnn ; unproportion- 

Descomunalmente, ad. Uncommonly ; Im- 
moderately, un proportionately. 

De9eomuni4&n, ^/T Exoommmiication. 

De8concertadam6nte, ad. Disorderly, con- 

Deeconcertiido, da, a. Disorderly, slovenly. 

De9conoortad6r. sm. Disturber, dlsooncerter. 

Desconccrtadura, ^ Discomposure, dis- 

DesconcerUir, iw. To discompose, conftise; 
discard; defeat--rr. To dtsaarree: be out 


of Joint; exceed the limHs of prudence; 
be indisposed. [eeales or shells. 

Desconchar, ea. To scale, shell, take off the 

Dcaooncicrto, »m. Discomposure, disagree- 
ment; conAision; want of prudence; in- 
dolence ; flux of the body. [unioiL 

Desconc6rdia, «< Disooro, variaoee, dl»- 

I>escone)&r, foa. To kill a number of rabbits. 

De8confladam6ntes ad. Diffidently, mis- 
trustfully. [mlstrnstftiL 

DesconflAdo, da, a. Diflldent, distnistftil, 

Desconfitote, pa. Distrusting, aospecting. 

Desconflanza, ^f. Diffidence, distrust; jeal- 
ousy. ipecL 

Desconflir, vn. To distrust; mistrnst, sos- 

Dcsconformdr, Tn. To dissent— rr. To dis- 
cord, disagree, pike. 

Desoonfurme, a. Disagreeing, contrary ; nn- 

Desconformidid, ^ Disagreement, opposi- 
tion; inequality. 

Desoonoc^r, ca. To disown, disavow; mis- 
take; be unacqu^ted with. 

Desoonocidam6nte, ad. Ignorantly; nn- 
gratefhliy. [onknown, obaconL 

Desconociao, da, a. UngrateftU; diagolasd; 

Desoonocimiinto, am. Ungratefhincea. 

Desconoeo6r, «a. V. DtMonooer. [nes. 

Desconsentir, no. To dissent, not to aoqni- 

Desconsideradamdnte, ad. Inconsiderately, 
rashly. [prudent thooehtleas, rash. 

Desconsiderido, da, a. Inoonsidemte, Im- 

DesconsoIaci6n, ^ Disconsolateneaa. 

DesoonsoUidam6nte, ad^ Inconsolably. 

DesoonsolMo, da, a. Disconsolate, ooiQjbrt- 
less; heartsick, sorrowAil; disordered in 
digestion. [«r. To become low-spirited. 

DesconsolAr, ta<. To afflict, pat in p^— 

Desoonsu^lo, am. Affliction, trouble; dis- 
order of digestion. 

Desoontagi&r, to. To parifV, disinfect 

DesconUr, va. To discount; abate; dimhi' 

Descontentadizo, za, a. Fastidioqu, dlseoD- 
tented, displeased. [displeasure. 

Descontentamiento, sm» Discontentment 

DescontontAr, va. To discontent, dissatisfy. 

Doseonti^nto, snt Discontent, uneasiness^ 
grumbling, [fled; unpleasant 

Descont6nto, ta, a. Discontented, disBatia- 

Dosoontinnaci6n, s/T Discontinuation. 

Descontinnir, «t To discontinue, give over. 

Desoontinuo, ua, a. Di^oined, discontinued. 

Desconveniblc, a. Discordant, disagreeing. 

Desoonveni6ncia, s/ Inconvenience; dis- 
conl, dissimilitude. [ios: 

Desconvenl6nto, pa. Inconvenient, disrord* 

Desconvenir, vtt To disagree; be unlike. 

Dcsconversable, a. UnsociaL [nuL 

Desconvidir, «hi^ To disinvite; revoke, an- 

Descopilr, to. To lop off the branches. 

Descorazonamicnto, «m. Lowness of spirits. 

Desoorazonar, wu To tear out the heart; 
dishearten, discourage. 

De8Corchad6r, 9m. Uncorker; robber. ■ 

Desoorchir, va. To bark a cork-tree; un- 
cork ; rob, rifle. 

Descord&r, to. To uncord an instrument 

De?oorderdr, va. To wean Iambs. 

Descom&r, ra. To diMiom. J>Moomar ta 
Jior^ To discover the trick. 

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Dascorrdkr, m. To loosen the skin of the 

tendcrlinss of a deer. 
I>eeccNrTegiuOf da, a. Incorrigible. [back. 
Desconvr, «a. To flow; retrc«rade; draw 
Descorrimicrnto. MTf. Fluxion, flowinflr. 
De8cort60, cu Impolite, nnci^-il, iU-bred, 

DeMOTtesB, f/T InciTlllty, ImpoliteneflB. 
DescorteemiSnte, €td. UnciTilly, rudely. 
Destortezad^ra, ^ I>eecortezami6nto, 9m. 

Decortication, stripping the bark. 
Descortex^, ra. To airest of the bark ; flay, 

take off the cmst ; break in a hone ; polish. 

— pr. To become civil and polite; do a 

thing with eagemees. 
De!«co6edfira, iyTBipping, unseaming. 
I>escoe6r, co. To rin, unseam ; di^oin. 2^0 

denetmr lo9 labtos. To keep a profound 

silence. Df^eo^er la lenfpta^ To give 

loose to one's tonsne. [eratelv. 

Descosidam^nte, aa. Excessively, immod- 
Deacoeido, mn. Babbler, a teller of secretSb 
Dcscosklo, da, a. Blpped, unseamed, un- 
Descostlll&r, to. To take out or break the 

ribs.— rr. To sprain one's back by a fltlL 
Descostrikr, ra. To take off the cmst 
Deecotar, va. To remove a restriction fl-om 

the use of anv road or other property. 
Deso6te, am. ^poeure of the neck and 

Desooyuntamlento, 9m, Luxation ; disloca- 
tion ; a pain through over-exertion. 
Deecoyuntar, «o. To disjoint; vex, molest 
— ^r. To experience some violent motion. 
I>e6CTecenda, ^ Decrement, decreasing. 
Deicrec^, to. and n. To grow I^s; (all, 

subside; grow short 
Descreoimien to, »m. Decrease, diminution. 
DescrMito, 9m, Discredit [abjure. 

Deecre^r.rtf. To disbelieve; deny due credit; 
Descreido, da, a. Incredulous, miscreant 
DescrepusieuJir^a To remove the twilight 
Descrestir, vo. To take off the crest 
DescriArM, cr. To weaken ; pine with desire. 
Describlr, va. To draw, delineate; describe. 
Descripcidn, {^ Delineation; description, 

Descriptlvo, va, a. Descriptive. 
Dcscripto. ta, piK Described. 
Deacrlsmir, «a. To give a blow on the head ; 

remove tlie chrism.— rr. To lose patience. 
Deecristianar. vet. V. D€9cri9mar. 
Descrito. ta, pp. Described. 
Descruzar. va. To undo the form of a cross. 
Deecuademar, ta. To unbind ; discompose. 
Descuadrillado, tm. Sprain in the haunch. 
Descuadrillido, da, a. Separated from the 

rank or lines. 
DescnadriUar, va. To hough,— rr. To be 

sprained in the haunches. [frighten. 

Descuajar, va. To dissolve, Uauefy; weed; 
Dei-tcu^o, 9m. Eradication, destroying of 

Descuartel&do. A' wn (Usouartelado^ (Nan.) 

Abaft the beam. 
De8cuartizir,txiw To quarter; carve at table. 
Dcacnbi^rta, 9f. Pie without upper crust; 
morning inspection of a citadel A' la 
de9oM9ria^ Openly, clearly. 

Descubiertaminte. ad. Manifestly, openly. 

Descublerto, *m. The whole of a discovery ; 
part without roof; solemn exposition of 
the sacrament; balance of accounts; a 
deficit Al deneubierto^ Openly, mani- 
festly. D^ar en descubiertOj To leave 
others to pay a debt Eatar or quedar en 
de^cubierto^ To be a defaulter. 

Descnbidrto, ta, a. Uncovered, forsaken, 

DescubridSro, 9m, An overlooking eml- 
nencet [scout, spy. 

Descubrlddr. ra, «. Discoverer; investigator; 

Descubrlmiento, 9m. Discove^; disclosure. 

Descubrir, va. To discover, duclose, show, 
uncover : make visible ; expose the sacra- 
ment J>e90ubrir el campOy To recon- 
noitre. i>Mcu*rir*w/>^cAo, To unbosom, 
communicate secrets. De9cubrir el ouer- 
po. To expose to danger anv part of the 
body. — vr. To uncover the head, take off 
the hat [nence; haughtiness, 

Descu6llo, 9m. Excessive stature ; prc-emi- 

Dcscu^nto, 9m, Discount, deduction, allow- 
ance; diminution. 

Descucmacibras, «m. Cold north wind. 

De8cu6mo, 9m. V. Deeaire. [ly. 

Descnidadam^nte, ad. Carelessly, negllgent- 

Dcscuid&do, da, a. Careless, heedless, for- 
getful; oonnivent, inattentive; idle; slov- 

Dcsculd6r, va. and n. To neglect, forget, 
overlook; make easy; render careless. 
Descuide Frf., Make yourself easy. 

Descuido, 9m. Carelessness, indolence, neg- 
ligence, omission, forgetftilness ; over- 
sight; incivility; improper action; im- 
prudence, immodesty. Alde90uidoyeon 
cuidadOy With dissembling carelessness. 

Descul&r, va. To break the bottom or end 
of a thing. [affected elegance. 

Descultiz^, va. To free a writer's style from 

Descumbrido, da, a. Level, plain. 

Descumplir, va. Not to fUlfll one's duty. 

Desd&r, va. To untwist a rope. 

Ddsdc, prep. Since, after, from. I>e9de aqu\^ 
From thw place. Deede luego^ Thereupon, 
immediately* i>M<20 Mtt^ncM, Since then. 
D€9de niiiOy From one's childhood. 

Desdecir, va. To charge with fUsehood. — 
vn. To degenerate; differ; fidl to ruin. — 
vr. To gainsay, retract 

Desdcn, 9m. Disdain, contempt Al de9den^ 
Affectedly careless; Insult l>e9deM9 de 
la/brtuna^ Frowns of fortune. 

Deaden tAdo, da, a. Toothless. 

Desdcntir, vet. To draw teeth. 

Desdcftrible, a. Contemptible; despicable. 

Desdefladaminte, ad. Disdainftilly, scom- 

Desdefiir, va. To disdain, scorn ; exasperate. 
— vr. To be disdalnftxl; be reserved. 

Desdefiosam^nte, ad. Disdainftilly, con- 

Desden6so, sa, a. DIsdainflil; fiistldious. 

Desdevanir. ro. To unwind or undo a clew. 

Desdicha, if- Misfortune, calamity, ill-luck. 

Desdichadam6nte, <td. Unfortunately, un- 

Desdlchttdo, da, a. Unfortunate, unlucky. 

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Dwdobl&r, «a. To nnibld, spread open ; ez- 

Deadonido, da, <l Insipid, ibolish, downiah. 

Doadon&r, Tct. To take back a presonU 

Desdor^, va. To take off the gilding; tar- 

Deed^o, «nu Dishonor, blemish, stigma. 

Dese&blo, a. Desirable. 

Deseablem^nte, ad. Deeironsly. 

Deeeaddr, ra, «. Desirer, wisher. 

DeseAr, co. To desire, wish, long for; re- 
quire, demand. [lion, drying. 

Dciaecaci6n, ^. Desecaml^nto, mt. Desicca- 

Desecinte, pa» and «. Drying, drier; desic- 

DesecAr. to. To dry, desiccate; detain. 

Desecativo, va, a. Desiccative, drying. — sn*. 

Desochadamdnte, acL Vilely, despicably. 

Deseoh^do, da, a. and pp. Beftiaed, exdad- 
ed, rejected : outcast 

Desechar, va. To depredate ; condemn; re- 
Ject: expd; reprobate; fling away. 

Des6cno, mt. Beeidue, remainder; reftise, 
offal; disregard, [seizure. 

Deedecutir, va. To raise a sequestration or 

Deselldr, ra. To unseal 

Desembal^, va. To unpack. [descent 

DesemballestiU-, va. (Falc) To dispose to a 

Desombanastir, va. To empty a basket; 
talk at random; draw the sword. — vr. 
To break loose, escape. 

Desembarazadani^te, ad. Freely, without 
embarrassment [easy. 

Desembarazado, da, Ow Free, diflengaee<l, 

Desembanusiu', vo. To disembarrass, free, 
disengage, remore an impediment; extri- 
cate ; expedite. — vr. To be extricated from 

Desembar&Ko, sm. Disembarrassment; dis- 
encumbranee, extrication ; freedom to act 

Deeembarcad^ro, 9m. Landing-place ; key. 

Desembardtdo, 8m. Disohargea sailor. 

Deaombarcir, va. and n. To unload; land; 
alight; termhiate in a Unding-place. 

Desembirco, am. Landing, disembarkation ; 
extra wages for premature discharge; 
Landing-phice of stairs; invasion. 

Desembargadam^nte, ad. Freely. 

Desembaiiad6r, sm. A chief magistrate in 

DesembargAr, va. To ndse an embargo or 
sequestration ; remove impediments. 

Desemb^rgo, »m. Kcmoval of an impedi- 
ment; raising an embai^i^ [snore. 

DesembArque, «m. Landing, coming on 

Desembarrdr, va. To clear a &ing from mud 
or day. 

Desemlmnlte, vo. To empty a trunk ; speak 
one's mind freeiy\ disclose one's thoughts. 

Desembebeo^rse, vr. To recover the use of 
one^s senses. [cerw. 

Deeembebdr, vn, (Prov.) V. De^embebe- 

Desembdes&rse, vr. To recover from amaze- 
ment [canal, &a 

Deeombocad6ro, tm. Mouth of a river, of a 

Desembocad&ra, A^ V. De$em!boeadtaro. 

DesembocAr, vn. To disembogue; sail out 
of a strait; break out into a violent pas- 



Desembolad^ra, ^ (Prov.) Female ttuit 
picks the cocoons fh>m the leaves. 

Dosembojir, va. To remove the ooeooni 
of silk fkt)m the leaves, [borse, expend. 

Desembolsdr, va. To empty a pune; dli- 

Desemb^lso, sm. Disbursement, expendi- 
ture. It"^"'' "^^ ^^ ^^'' 

Desemborrach^, va. To sober, make sober. 

Desemboeci&rse, vr. To get out of the woodL 

Deeemboz^, va. To nnmnffle or uncorer 
the fiu>e; unravel [dom of qMdL 

Desembdzo, am. Uncovering the ttat\ ftee* 

Desembravoo^, va. To tame, domeaticateL 

Desembravedmltoto, am. Taming or re- 
claiming from wildnesa. 

DeaombrazAr, va. To throw weapons; take 
ft^om the arms. [toxication, sobered. 

Desembriagado, da, a. Becovered tma. in- 

Desembriagib-, va. To cure from intoziea- 
tion.— «r. To grow sober. 

DesembridAr, va. To unbridle a horse. 

DesembroUio', va. To unravel, diseDtaogle; 
extricate. [disdoee one's aecrctL 

Desembnch^, va. To disgorge; nnboaom, 

Desembudir, va. To draw out» as if throggii 
a ftmnel 

Desem^ible, a. Dissimilar; sbong,larse. 

Desem^Ado, da, a. Differenti unlike; boni* 

DesemeiAnte, a. Diaafmilar, nnlikei 

Desemojantem^mte, ad. Diastmilarlv. 

Desem^&nza, ^f. DisaimUitnde, unlikeseii. 

Dosemcijir, vn. To be unlike.--ea. To naslt, 
disguiso. [calm, be m^t^ 

Desempacir, vcu To unpack.— «r. To grow 

Dosempach^, va. To make the stomacn 
discharge.— or. To grow bold ; potin oraen 

DescmpAcha sm. Forwardness, asiaraiK 
Desempalagar, va. To clean one s palaie. n- 

move nausea; clear of stagnant water: 
DeeempaiUr, va. To take away the eloatt 

and Bwaddling-dothes; dean a tr-'-*^ 

Deflempapel4r. va. To unwrap, t. 
Desempaquetar, va. To unpack. 
Desemparq)^, va. To unmatch.— «». *• 

part, DO separated. 
Desemparv^, va. To heap up thrashed gnio. 
Desempatir, va. To make unequal ; expum. 

clear up. 
Desempedrador, am. One who nnparea. 
Desempedrir, va. To unpave; fr«lH*°L* 

place. Jr deaempedrando la caik^Tn 

walk very rapidlv. 

Desompegir, va. To unglua. , . , . 

DesempeSWo, da, a. Free or desr of delt 

DesempeflAr, va. To redeem; dear ft«n 
debt ; perform any duty ; acquit; nO-^ 
To extricate one's Bel£ ^ampenane 
d« la tUrra, To daw ofl; stand off aWJ 

Desempdfio, am, Bedeeming; conflnnaaon, 
performance; discharge; perfedion- 

Desempeohirse, vr. To recover n'J^jJ[JJ[ 

DMOTiperezAr, vn. To relinquish ksbto ^ 
Desempolvorad6ra, a< Dusting 
Desempolvorir, va. To dust ,^. 

Desemponzofiar, va. To counteract pww« 
cure any disordlnate passion. , JP^ 
DeeempofrAr, va. To remove the rtay» «f 

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I>«erapalgad6n, ^ The onbendiDg of « 

DeMmpiUgir, «& To anl)end a bow. 
DcMoalbardir, va. To t*ke off a pack-saddle. 
Dcaexumor&r, 9£k To destroy love or affec- 

tiooL— «r. To lose Ioto; yield np one's 

DewCTcabalgar, «a. To dinnount cannon. 
DMencabe3trad6ns ^ The disentangling of 

a besit from the halter. [the halter. 

Deseaeabestrttr, va. To disentangle from 
DewfncadenAr, ra. To unchain, break loose ; 

diaMlve ail connection. 
Dcse&c^|ami6nto, Deaenc^e, »m. Di^oint- 

ednestt; ioxation. [of place; disfigure. 
I>eiatei^ar, vo. To disjoint, take or pat oat 
DesenoDoi^, «a. To uni>ack a box. 
BefiencalabTinir, «a. To remoye dizzinees, 

or wrong Lmpressionfl. 
Deeencalc^*, va. To looeen what was caked. 
I>o6encallar, «a. To set a ship afloat 
Deiencamlnar, 9a. To lose one's way, go 

astrqr; deyiate Itom rectitude. 
Deaeneantamiento, 9m. V. J>eaeeanto. 
DeseBcantir, «a. To disenchant 
Deaeneaniaracldn, ^. Act and eflbct of 

drawing lota. 
Deieneantarir, va. To draw lots for candi- 

dates: withdraw as incompetent 
BesencSnto, sm. Disenchantment [cloak. 
Deoencapotad&ra, 0f. Act of stripping off a 
DeMDcapodtr, «a To strip one of his cloak 

or great-coat; nnooTer, make manifest; 

keep vptt« head of a horse; cock up the 
ears.— vr. To lay aside frowns. X/eaen- 
eap<iitttm el cMc, To clear up. 
DeseneapridiAr, wk To dissuade from error 

Desenoaiceiar, «rs. To let oat of prison, set 

St liberty: extricate from difficulties. 
Desencarscer, va. To lower the price. 
Besencarair, ro. To prevent dogs from eat- 
ing game; lose an affection for any thing. 
I>s8eiicast^, vck. To deteriorate a race ; lose 

DeseneastiUir, va. To drive out of a castle ; 

manUest; exorcise; deprive of power, or 

Ikvor. [open; disclose. 

Dcseneerr^, «& To ft«e fh>m oonflnement; 
I>e9encint4r, va. To untie, loosen. 
Desendavir, Ta>. To draw out nails. V. 

Dtteiawtr^ To put one violently oat of 

his place. 
Desenclav^ir, «a. To take out pins or pegs, 

as of a musical instrument 
B«seneogi6r, va. To unfold.— rr. To lay 

sBlds bashfolnessw 
Deseneogimidnto, sm. IXiserabarraasment, 

'freedom from perplexity. 
Daseneolir, va. To unglue. [peased. 

Bssenooleriz&rse, vr. To grow cslm, be ap- 
Desenoonir, va. To remove inflammation ; 

modnate one's passion. — vr. To become 

appeased, forget li^uriesw 
BesMMono, mn. Mitigating anger or passion. 
I>eaenoordar, va. To unstnng, loosen strings. 
Besencordelir, va. To loosen, or take away 

Besenoorv&r, va. To straighten. 
I>iseQcresp^, va. To uncurl, unfrizzle. 


Deeencusdemir, va. To unbind. Y. Dst- 

Desendemoniir, DesendiablAr, va. To ex- 
orcise, drive out an evil spirit — vr. To 
moderate one's ftiry. 

Desendios^r, va. To humble vanity. 

Desenfiulad6ras, ^f. pi. Tener d^&i^acU^ 
dera9y Means to get out of difficulties. 

Desenfiulido, da, a. Appeased ; free, unem- 
barrassed; wide. [amused. 

Desenfad^, va. To appeasc^HW. To be 

Deoeni&do, mn. Freedom, ease; relaxation. 

Desenfaldir, va. To let iUl the train of a 

DesenfiunAr, va. V. DUfdtnar. [mud. 

Desenlknff&r, va. To cleanse, dear from 

Desenfiirdar. DesenlkrdeUr, va. To unpack 
bales; nnbale. [error. 

Desenflitn^, va. To undeceive, free from 

DesenfiraUir, vn. To leave the monastic 
lilb; ^xwtatize. [centiously. 

Desenfyenadam^nte, ad. Ungovernably, fi- 

DesenfrenMo, da, a. Ungovemed, unbri- 
dled, licentious, wanton. 

Desenfirenamlento, Desenfreno, am. Unru- 
liness, wantonness, licentiousness. De- 
ae^freno da xUnXra^ Sudden and violent 

DesenfrenAr, va To unbridle.— w. To give 
loose to one's passions ; fly into a violent 

Desenfhnd^, va. To take out of a pillow- 
case or other bag, imbag. 

Desenftirecorse, vr. To grow cslm or quiet 

Desenginch&r, va. To nnbook ; unharness. 

Deeengafiadam6nto, adL Truly, ingenuous- 
ly, clearly; awkwardly, without care, 

Desenganido, da, a. Undeceived, disabused. 

Desengafiaddr, sm. Undeceiver. 

Desengaiiir, va. To undeceive, free fit>m 
error, set right [a person or beast 

Desengafliffir, va. To free from the claws of 

Desengttflo, sm. Detection of error; unde- 
cei vmg ; the naked truth ; censure ; warn- 

Desengarraf&r, va. To disengage from clawsi 

Desengarz4r, va. To unraveU unstring. 

Desengastir, va. To take a diamond out of 
its settine. 

Desengoznar, va To unhinge; dii^oint 

Desengrssur, va. To take out the grease. 

Desengrosir, va. To attenuate, make lean, 
debilitate. [cement or paste. 

Desengrndamidnto am. The rubbimr off of 

Desengrudir, va. To scrape or rub off paste. 

Desenbad4r, va. To remove disgust — vr. 
To be pleased. [unravel 

DesenheDhb*, va. To unthread; explain, 

Desenhomir, va. To take out of the oven. 

Desenjaedir, va. To unharness, unsaddle. 

Dese^jalmib', va. To unharness mules or 

Desei^aul&r, va. To uncaee. 

DeseidecutAr, va. (Law) V. Daaejecuiar. 

Desenlabon&r, va. To unlink. 

Desenlice, am. Denouement of a play ; con- 
clusion, unravelling of an affair. 

DesenladrillAr, va. To take up floor-tiles or 


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Desenlazar, «& To iinlaoe» notia knots; 
distinguish. [pavement 

De8«nlo6ur, ta. To Uke up the Hags of a 

Desenlutar, «». To leave off mourning; 
banish sorrow. [catc : explain. 

Deaenmaradir, to. To dlseutanpe ; oictri- 

Desenmohecor, t€k To clear from rust; 
make manifest [raent of speech. 

Desenmadec6r, va To remove an ioipedi- 

Besenqi&r, va. To appease, allay passion.— 
vr. To amuse one s self; make ftienda. 

De8en6Jo, «m. Beconciliatton, appeaaable- 

DeeenoJ^Bo, sa, a. Appeasing, reconciling. 

Desenrediir, «ci. To disentenglc ; extricate; 
dear; nut in order.— »r. To extricate 
one's sell [ment 

I>e8enr6do, 9m. Disentanglement; denone- 

DesenroUiir, t?o. To unroIL V. DeMrroUar. 

l>e8enron&r, va. To remove the rubbish. 

Beeenrofleccr, va. To remove rust; polish 
the manners. * \nwB. 

Desenronquec^r, to. To free from hoarse- 

Besenroscar, t»a. To untwist 

Desensabandr, vo. To change or take off the 
sheets ; remove impediment 

DesensaA&r, «a. To appease, paciiy. 

Desensartar, vo. To untbrcao, unstring. 

DesensebAr, va. To take away fitt or its 
taste; leave off work for a short time, to 
draw breatli. [or bosom. 

Desensen&r, va. To take out of the breast 

Besensefiado, da, a. Untaught 

Desenseiiir, fMZ. (Little us.) To unlearn. 

Desenslll&r, to. To unsadale. 

Deaensoberbecerso, «r. To become bumble. 

DesensortU^o, da, a. Uncurled. 

BesentablAr, wl To takeoff planks; dis- 
turb; embroil, interrupt friendly inter- 
oounso. [bend a cables 

Deeentalengdr, Desontallng&r, vOw To nn- 

Desentarquinar, eo. To free a ditch from 

Desentend^Tse, «r. To feign not to under- 
stand ; not to take notice. 

Desentendido, da, a. UnmindAil, pretend- 
ing ignorance. ifaoer$6 el detenUndidOt 
To wink at a thing. [digs up. 

Desenterraddr. sm. He who disinters or 

l>eBenterniraiento, «ik Disinterment 

De8enteiT&r,«Ki. To unbury, disinter; recall 
to memoiy; slander. [dead. 

De8onUerramu6rtos, »m. Calumniator of tlie 

Desentolddr, «a. To take away the awning ; 
strip off ornaments. 

Desentonacibn, ^ Dissonance. 

Desentonadam6nto, ad. Unharmonlously. 

Desonton&do, da, a. Out of tune, discordant 

Desentonamiinto, Mk Dissonance, discord. 

Desenton&r, wt. To humble, wound the 
pride. — tnu To be out of tune^ — w. To 
speak in a rude or uncouth tone of voice. 

Desentuno, sm. Disharmony ; a rude tone 
of Yoico. 

Desentomillib', va. To unscrew. 

Desentorpec6r, ifo. To free from torpor; 
restore motion to torpid limbsi — vr. To 
become lively, smart [oorated. 

Desentraflido, da, a. Disembowelled, evis- 

Dcaentra&Ar, to. To eviscerate; penetrate 


into the moat dlfBcult mattara.— or. To 
give away all one's fortune out of Iovcl 

Desentristecer, ra. To banish sadness. 

Des«'.ntronlziir, va. Y. J}e«tronar. To de- 
prive of power. 

DcAcntumeoiSr, vr. To fr«e from numbnaM. 

Dejcntuniir, ro. To free from torpor. 

Dosenvainar, va. To nnsheath ; expose to 
view.— «». To strip, undroaa. [sails. 

Descnvelejar, va. To strip a Teaael of ber 

Dcsenvendar, «a. To take off fllleta or 

Descnverg^, va. (Nan.) To unbend a sail 

Desonyoltura,^Sprlghtllneas; eflhMiteiy; 
lewdness; gracohil delivery. 

Deeenvolvedor, tm. Unfolder, investigator. 

Descnvolvdr, va. To unfold, onroU; un- 
raveL — vr. To be forward. 

Desenvuclta, a. Forward woman. 

Desenvneltamdnte, ad. Impudently, Ucen- 
tlously; expeditiously. [centioiUL 

Desenvuelto, ta, o. Forward, impudent U- 

Desenzarzor, va. To disentangle from bram- 

Des6o, sm. Deefra, wish, mind, liking, lust 
A' medida del dueo^ According to oneli 
wish. [«af(er< 

Dese6eo, sa, a. DeslrouA, longing; ] 

Desequido, da, a. Dry. Y. "" 

Deserci^u, ^. Deserdon. 

Deeem^ar, vti. (Mex.) To break or ferns 
open. Le dMerrajo un. plsUMaao, He 
fired at him with a pistol 

Deserter, «a. To desert ; separate; abaoden. 
J>eaertarm d. To fiUl over. 

Desertdr, sm. Deserter; Ibraaker, fbgltire. 

Deservicio, em. Disservice; fiiult 

Descryld6r, am. He who JUla in aervlag 
another. [diaaenrei 

Deservir, va. Not to peifoim one^s duty, to 

DesesUbonir, va. To cut the Unks of a 

Dosespaldilr, va. To wound the abonlder. 

Deses«peracidn, ^f. Deqx>nden^, despair, 
desperation: displeasure, anver. Aima 
d€9(i9p^€KU>n^ It is unbeanblck 

Deseeperadamdnte, ad. Despairingly; des- 
perately, madly. rhc^es^ 

Desesperado, da, a. Desperate^ despaired, 

Desesperddo. «m. Desperate, deapairer. 

Dcsesperanziulo, da, a. Hopeless. 

Desc^peranzfir, va. To dopHve of hopCb 

Dosefiperar, f?», To despair.— ro. To mi 
one desimtr, deprive of hopa— ©r. To de- 
spond; fret be grievously vexed. 

Desesterar, va. To take off the mats. 

Desesti^ro, rnn. The taking off the mats, and 
the time to do it 

Desestima, ^ Y. Z^ssesMmocion. 

Desestimacion, ^ Disesteem, disrespect 

DosostImad6r, ra, s. Contemner, dospiaer. 

Desestlm&r, va. To disregard, contemn. 

Desestiv&r, va. (Nan.) To alter the stowi^Ee. 

DosMir, va. To unsird. [iSut. 

Deslalcur, va. To defidcat^ cut off; peca- 

DeslUcaz&r, va. To untwist a rope, make 
oakum. rpecalatlon. 

Desf&lco, 9m. Diminution; aeMeati<m; 

Desfiillco6r, vn^. To pine, M away ; ftiDt-- 
va. To weaken, debilitate. 

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I>0KWIecitote, pa. Pining; langniflbing. 
DealUlecimi^nto, «n. Lugaor; dejection 

of mind. [er. 

D«BfcToreeed6r, r% t. DtoftTorer ; oontenin- 
DeeCiTdr, ttn. Di»&vor. [poec. 

DeaikToree^, ca. To dislkvor; deepiae; op- 
Deaflgnracion, f< Desflgnrami^to, «fyk De- 

fonn^tion, dMBgontlon. 
Dceflgiirir, iml To diaflgura, deform, spoil ; 

dfaniae; mtarepreeent ; eload.— «r. To 

b« dbllgiired. 
DesfUar, ra. To unaettie, remove. 
D^fllaehd^, tta. Y. DeOMachar. 
DcaOladero, tru Defile. 
Dcsfiiir. vift. To defile ; mardi off by fliee. 
Dealledhr, «& To remove the flakes of wool 
I>eafieinaei6n, ^. Dephlegmation. 
DMfleoiir, va. To dephlegmata— «n. To 

brag; boast 
Desfloe^, «a. To ravel out the ends of stuff. 
I>eafloraci6n, •/, Defloration. 
Desflonmitoto, am. Violation, ravishment 
Deaflerir, vo. Tb poll np flowers; deflower, 

violate; tarnish. 
Deaflorec^, vn. To lose the flower. 
Deoflorecimi^nto, am. Falling of flowersc 
De aiufti r, va. To vent, open a draft ; temper 

or moderate paaaion. — vr. To vent one^ 

sntser. [vent of a cannon. 

Deafogonir, va. To widen or burst the 
DeirfScae, am. The venting oat of passion. 
DeafoQon^, vo. To strip off useless leaves. 
Desfondar, «a. To take ofl^ break, or pene- 
trate the bottom of a ship. 
Desformir, ra. To disflgnre, deform. 
DeeJbrtaleoer, to. To dismantle a fortress. 
DeafrenAr, «& To nnbridle. V. Deten/re- 

I>eafiiitir, «& To gather all tlie fralt ; ei\)oy 
or to gain advantage; produce fruit ; ex- 

haost a soil profit by. 
. DeslWite, am. Use, eiv)oymcnt 
Dealtindir, to. V. DetenfuHdar. 
Desgilre, am. A graceless mien; slovenli- 

oees; soomftil gesture. Ai deagaire, 

Affectedly carelem. 
D«(ig:%|adwk, ^f. Tearing off a branch. 
Deng^ir, to. To lop off the branches; 

break in pieces. — rr. To be separated; 

be torn In pieces. Deagajarm «l cMOy 

To rain excessively. [place. 

Desgalgad^ro, am. A ragged declivous 
Deegalg&do, da, a. l^recipttatod ; light, thin. 
Desgalff^, CO. To precipitate; throw down 

headlong: [aversion. 

Deasina, if. Diagnst, want of appetito; 
Df«c;an4r, «a. To deprive of the wish of 

doing something. — vr. To do with re- 
luctance ; lose tlie appetite. 
Deagancbir, va. To lop off the branchea. 
Deacaftifirse, DeagaAitArse, vr. To shriek, 

DcM^sargaDtlllMo, da, a. (Prov.) Y. Deridto- 

•o and Mandria. [bawling. 

D>aaii;Brgant£rB6, vr. To become hoarse witn 
Deagargolar, «a. To shed the seed. 
Desgarftar, vn. and «r. (Nan.) To lose the 

coarse; give up a design. 
Desgarradamteto, ad. Impudently bare- 



Desgarrido, da, Ow Lloontioas, diasolate; 

Desgarnid6r, rs, «. Tearer. 

Deegarrad&n, 9f. Rent, huseration, break. 

De«garrdr, to. To rend, tear ; daw.— rr. To 
withdraw fix>m one's company; give 
loose to one's passiona 

Dese&rro, am. Laceration, rent ; eflk-ontery ; 
criminal levi^ ; flmlaronade, boast 

Desgarr6n, am^ A huge rent or hole ; piece 
torn oC 

Desgast&r, va. To consume by degrees; 
corrodo, gnaw; parvort — rr. To debili- 
tate one'b self. [catmint 

DeagatAr, va. To destroy eats; root out 

Desgaznat^rse, vr. Y. DeggaflUarBe. 

Desglos^, va. To blot out a note or com- 
ment [comment 

Desgldse, tm. Act of blotting out a note or 

Desgobemido, da, a, 111-govemed, ungov- 
emablSL [in animal^ 

Desgobemad6ra, «? Act of confining a vein 

Desgobem4r, va. To disturb the order of 
government ; misgovern ; dislocate ; bar 
a vein ; not to steer steadily. — vr. To af- 
fect ridiculous motiona. 

Deegobidmo, am. Mismanagement, misgov- 
emment ; misrule ; barring a vein. 

Desgollet^, va. To break off the neck of a 
bottle, Jbc ; cut off slopingly the fore part 
of a gown. [dijjoint, Ac. 

Deagoiiz&r, va. Y. Desffotnar^ To unhinge, 

DesgorHkrae, vr. To pull off one's bonnet or 
hat [tar. 

Dcsgotiir, va. To drain off water. Y. AffO' 

Desgote, am. Y. De9cote. 

Desgozn&r, va. To unhinge, disjoint — vr. 
To be dislocated; be torn in pieces; dis- 
tort the body with violent motions. 

Deegraoia, ^f. Misfortune, adversity; en- 
mity ; unpleasantness. Correr con det- 
ffraciOy To be unfortunate. Oa4r en d^ 
gracia^ To bo disgraced. [happily. 

Desgraciadam^nte, ad. Unibrtunatelv, un- 

DesgraciAdo, da, a. Unfortunate, unlucky, 
miserable; outofikvor; nngratefhl. 

Desgraclir, vn. Y. Malograr. — vr. To dis- 
grace, foil out with one; bo out of order; 
degenerate; be unfortunate. 

Desgrudo, da, a. Degraded. A' d^grado^ 
Grievously, degraulngly. [the root 

Desgrainur, va. To pull up panic-grass by 

Dei<gran&r, ro. To get out the grain from 
the ear; kill ; scatter about— rr. To wear 
away. [the grain. 

Dosgranziir, va. To separate the chaff firom 

DesgrefiAr, fo. To dishevel the hair; dis- 
comi)08e, disturb. 

Desguameo6r, va. To strip off trimmings ; 
deprive of strength ; unnameas; disarm; 

Desguamir, va. (Nau.) To unrig the capstan. 

Deflguazdr, va. To cut asunder timber or 

D^guinoe, am. The knifo which cuts rags 

In paper-milla. 
Desguindar, va. (Nau.) To take and bring 

down.— vr. To slide down by a rope. 
Deeguinziu', va. To cut rags in paper-milla. 
Deshabit4do, da, a. Uninhabited, deserted. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


]>Mhabit&r, «a. To quit one*! honae; de- 

Deehabitaaoi6n, tfi Dlsiue, dlsoaage. 

Deehabltniir, to. To dlsaccastom, diaoM. 

Deshaced6r, am. Undoer. 

0eBhao6r, va. To luido, destroy; consame; 
cancel; elAice; root; melt; catup; lenen; 
dlaobareo troops. — w. To srleve; ezcuae 
one^s self; disappear; mollify; stow fee- 
ble. DtthacerM en lAgrinuu^ To burst 
Into tears. D^hcuier affraviott To re- 
venge or redress Injuries. DMtooerMcZe, 
To Rct rid oC [niture. 

Dosha!a)Ar, va. To unAimlab, deprive of ftir- 

Deabildo, 9fn. Gutting of dry boney-oombSw 

Desharrap&do, da, <k Shabby, ragged, In tat- 

Deeharrapami6nto, ant. Misery, meannesa 

Deshebilli&r, va. To nnbnckle. 

Dcehobr4r, «a. To unthread ; separate Into 
filaments; shed a flood of tears. 

Desh^oha, ^/T Fi<ftion, evasion; a polite fkre- 
woll; burden of a song; step In a dance. 
A' la ds^UehOf Dissemblingly ; deceit- 

Desbechizir, va. To disenchant 

Deshdcho, cha, a^ Undone, deatzoved, wast- 
ed; melted. A>rra«ea deaA^oAo, A vio- 
lent tempest Fuffa dsthcchOf A preeip' 
itate flight 

Desheldr, va. To thaw; overcome one's ob- 
stinacy.— or. To thaw: melt [herbs. 

Desherbar, va. To pluck up or extirpate 

Dosheredaci6n, ^ Disheritance, disinherit- 

Desheredaml^nto, am. Disinheriting. 

Dcshere<14r, va. To disinherit; deprive of 
influonce.-^r. To degenerate. 

Desherman^, va. To unmatch.— «r. To vio- 
late brotherly love. 

Desherradura, «/ (Veter.) Surbating, ii^nry 
^one by being unsliod. [horse-ehoes. 

Deshorrir, to. To unchain; take off the 

Desberrumbrdr, va. To clear a thing of rust 

Deshielo, am. Thaw. 

Deeliilach^r, tKk To ravel Tcoooona 

Deshiladiz, »m. (Prov.) Befhse of silk, or 

DoshilAdo, 9tn. Open work, embroidery. 

Deshllddo, da, Ow Marching In a file. A' la 
desfUlada, In file, stealthily ; deceitfully. 

Dcshiladura, «^ Bipping, ravelling out 

Deshil&r, va. To ravel ; convert into fila- 
ments; distract beea. 

DeshUo, am. Forcing bees to another hive. 

Deshlneadfira, «^ UnJhstentng, unnaillng. 

Deshinc&r, oo. To draw a nail ; unfhsten. 

Deshinchadiira, a/! Abating a swelling. 

Deshlnchdr, va. To reduce a swelling; ez- 

?laln tlie eaose of one's displeasure.— «r. 
'o be removed; abate. 
Desh(i|)ad6r, am. A stripper of leaves. 
Deshojar, va. To strip off the leaves: dis- 
play rhetorical elegance ; deprive of hope. 
DeshoU^ar, va. To peel, pare, strip off the 
husk. [brush ; examine carefully. 

Deshollinador, mi. Chimney-sweeper; K>ot- 
Deshollin^, va. To sweep chimneys ; cliange 

clothes; examine attentively. 
Deshombreoorse, vr. (Prov.)To shrug up the 


Deshonestamtete, ad. DIahonorably ; lewd- 
ly, [form. — vr. To be insolent, saocy. 

Deshonestor, va. To dishonor, disgrace; de- 

Deshonestidid, ^. Immodesty, IndeoMi^; 
lewdness; dishonesty. 

Deshondsto, ta, a, Inunodeat, unchaate,lewd; 
unreasonable: saucy. [insolt 

Deshon6r, 9m. Dishonor, disgrace; lAJniy, 

Deahdnra, 4/; Dishonor, disgrace; aeducilon. 

Deshonrabu6noe, tm. Calumniator, libeller; 
degenerate. rshameftally. 

Desbonradamente, ad. Disbonorably, 

Deshonraddr, nn. Dishonorer, seducer; dia- 
gracer. [duoeL 

Deshonrir, va. To aflh»nt; dishonor; se- 

Deahonrdso, sa, a. Dishonorable, indecent 

Desb6ra, ^ An unseasonable time. A' da»- 
hora or d dethoraa. Unseasonably ; ex- 

Deshom^, va. To take out of the oven. 

Deshoepedami^nto, tm. Inhoqiitality. 

Doshnes^, va. To bone ; rid of bonoa. 

Deshum4no, na, a. (Little uO Inhuman. 

Deshumedec6r, va^ and vr. To dry; exsic- 

Desiderdble, a. Desirable 

Desidia, f^ Idleness, lazinees, IndolenoCL 

Desldiosamtote, ad. Indolently, idly. 

Deaidi^ao, sa, a. Lazy, idle. Indolent 

Deaidrto, ta, a. Deaerted, uninhabited, waste. 

Desi^rto, am. Desert wildemeaa^ 

Designaci^n, s/ Designation. [name. 

Desi^&r, «&To design, pnrpoea; appoint; 

Designativo, va, a. (Little us.) Designattve. 

Designio, am. Design, intention ; roiid. 

DcsiguAl, a. Unequal, unlike; uneven, cn^ 
gy; arduous; excessive. 

Dosigual^, va. To make unequal, mismatch. 
— »r. To excel, surpasa. 

Desigualdod, Desigualeza, a/ Inequality; 
Inconstancy; wrone; unevennees. 

Desigualmdote, ad. Unequally, oddly. 

Desimagin&r, va. To blot out from the mind. 
— vn.To be unconcerned. 

Desimprcsionar, va. To undeceive. 

Desinclinur, va. To disinclineL 

Desincorpor&rse, vr. To separate one*B self 
firom society. [efikce mait& 

Desindici&r, va. (Little us.) To blot out or 

Desin^ncia, {/! Termination, end. 

Desinfidon&r, va. To disinfect 

DesinflamAr, va. To remove inflammation. 

Deeinsaculaci6n, a/ Act of drawins lota. 

DesinsacuUr, Desinsecnliir, ra.To draw lots. 

Deatntcroa, Desinteresamiinto, am, Disin- 

Desinteresadaminte, ad. Disinterestedly. 

Desinteresado, da, a. Disinterested, Impar- 
tial, [intestioea. 

Desintestin^, va. To eviscerate, extract the 

Desistuncia, ^ Y. DeaiaUmiento. 

De$istimi6nto, am, Desistance, cessation. 

Desistir, vn. To desist; leave ofl^ give up. 

I>e^arretad6ra, aK Hoiighing-knil^ [en. 

Dc-^arrotar, va. to hougn, hamstring; weak- 

Dcsjarr6te, atn. Act of hougbinK. [thing. 

De.<ijagar, va. To extract the Juice fh>m any 

De^uutamiento, am, Sepanation, di^uno- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Hii^ntir, «a. To dlylde, aepante, part 
iMarir, va, To retract on oAth. 
DesUbon^, «a. To onliolc, separate; de- 

stroT. — vr. To withdraw, retire. 
Dcsladrillar. va. V. DeteniadrOlar, 
DesUzn^, «a. To dear of mad. 
Dealastrir, «a. To imballast a ship. 
Denlatir, va. To take oat the latlia. 
DeftlATftdo, da, a. Impadent, bareflwed. 
BeslaTadiira, ^. Washing. 
Deftlarir, De^vaziur, va. To wash; wet; 

washout Cara<Ma{;a<fa> A pale, pony 

Deslazaxniento, 9m, Di^unction, disBolntion. 
Deslarir, co. To aniace, nntie. 
Desleil, a. Disloral • perfldions, lUthlea& 
Deslealmtete, ad. Disfoyallj, treacherooslf . 
I>e9lealtid, if. Disloyalty, treachery, perfidy. 
I>eslecfair, ra. To remoTO the leayes from 

Desl^cbo, 9m. Act of cleansing sUk-worma. 
I>ealediagad6r, 9m. Yine-dreseer, proner. 
Deelechagir, I>06lechagalIUr, va. To prone. 
Desleidara, «/. Dilation, making thin or 

weak. [dissolve. 

Desleir, to. To dilate, make thin or weak, 
De^Iendrar. va. To clear the hair of nits. 
DeelenguMO, da, a, Loqaadoas, impudent, 

acarnloa^ [dcnoe. 

Deslengnami^tOL 9m, Loonadty, impa- 
Deslengair. va. To cot oat tne tongue. — vr. 

To talk ill of; slander. 
Desli^, va. To untie, loose. 
DeslAgiddra, Mf. Di^unction, untying. 
Deslig&r, ra. To 1oo»en, untie ; disentangle ; 

absolve from ecclesiastical censure. 
Desllndaddr, 9m, He who marks boundaries. 
D«olindamfento, 9m. Demarcation. 
Deslfndir, ra. To mark limits ; clear up. 
Deslindc, «m. Demarcation. 
DesUfiir, to. To clean cloth before prese- 

Deshz, 9m. Slip, slipping; a (kise step, foult; 
waste of quicksilver in smelting. 

De5lizable, a. That which can slip or slldo. 

Dcsllxadi^m, 9m. A slippery place. 

I>csIlradizo, za, a. Slippery, slippy, lubricona 

T>es1tzamiAnto. am. Slip, slipping 

Deslizir, vn. To slip, slide ; act carelessly. 

Dt^lomad^ra, 9f. Act of breaking the back. 

Deslomir, ra. To break the back, strain the 
loins. Xo 9t dedcmard^ He will not over- 
work hlmselC [gantly. 

DetUucidam^nte, ad. Ungracefhlly, Inele- 

Desluddo, da, a. Unadorned, awkward; 
useless^ [dor. 

De»ladmi6ntn. «m. Disgrace, want of splen- 

Desludr, va. To tarnish. (Met) To obscure 
one's merit [dazzling; hallucination. 

Deslumbramicnto, Deslumbre, 9m. Olare; 

Dcsltmibrnr, va. To dazzle the sight; puzzle. 

Deshiatrad6r, 9m. Tambher. 

Deslnstriir, va. To tarnish; obscure; blast 
one's reputation. [nominy. 

Dedl6stre, «m. Spot or stain; disgrace, Ig- 

De^Ioatn^, sa, a. Unbecoming, ugly. 

Desmadejami^nto, 9n^ Languishment, Ian- 

DesmadeJ&r, va. To enervate, produce lan- 
goor.-— «r. To langaiab, be enervated. 


Deamidolir, va. To root ap vinee; looaen 
the Bhoe-fltrings. [maif. 

Deamalladdr, 9m. Ho who breaks a coat of 

DeamalladAra, «^ Breaking a coat of maiL 

Desmallir, va. To deetroy a coat of malL 

Deamam^, va. Y. D€9Mar. 

Deemamon&r, va. To cut off young shoots. 

Desm4n, 9m. Misfortune, disaster; misbo- 

Desman^rse, vr. To stray from a flock or herd. 

DesmandAdo, da, a. Y. I>e9obediente. 

Desmandamidnto, am. Countermanding ; 
disorder, irregularity. 

DesmandAr, raTo countermand ; to revoke 
a legacy.— vr. To transgress the bounds; 
disband ; go astray. 

Desmane&r. va. To unlbtter. 

Desmangaml^nto, Deemingue, am. Taking 
off the handle. Fthing. 

DesmangAr, va. To take off the handle of a 

Desmanotido, da, a. Unhandy, awkward. 

Desmantecdr, va. To take off the batter. 

Desmantelado, da, a. Dismantled, ruinonSb 

Desman telAr, va. To disniantle; forsake; 

Desmiifia,^ Clumsiness; idleness, laziness. 

Desmaflido, da, a. Unhandy, dumsy; lazy, 
idle. [maraflar. 

Desmarafi&r, vo. To disentanglei Y.Z^eaen- 

De8mar(^{ul6r, am. He who takes off the 
rind of olivea. 

Deemaro^ar, va. To take the rind from olives. 

Desmamdo, da, a. Sad, dejected, exbaosted. 

Desmat4r, va. Y. De9cua)ar. 

Desmayadamento, ad. Weakly, dejectedly. 

Desmsyodo, da, a. Swooned; pale, wan; 

Desmay^, vn. To be dispirited or iUnt- 
hearted.— ra. To dismay, depress.— vr. To 
ihint swoon. [dismay. 

Desm&yo, 9m. Swoon ; decay of strength ; 

DesmazalMo, da, a. Weak, directed, spirit- 

Desmedidam^nte, ad. Disproportionably. 

Dcsmedido, da, a. Unproportlonable. 

Desmedirse, vr. Y. De9mandar9e and Eao^ 
ced^rse, [impair, deteriorate. 

Desmedrar, vn. To decrease, decay. — vo. To 

Desmcdro, am. Diminution, decay, detri- 
ment [vr. To decay, decUne. 

Desm^oriu', va. To debase, make worse. — 

Desinelancoliz^r, va. To cheer, enliven. 

DesmeliU*, va. To take the honey from a 

Desmelen&r, va. To dishevel, discompose 
the hair. [memberment, division. 

Desmembraci6n, Desmembrad&ra, ^ Dis- 

Desmembrador, ra, 9. Divider, one who dis- 

Desmembrami^nto, 9m, Dismemberment 

DesmembHu-, va. To dismember; separate^ 

Desmemorl^rse, vr. To be foreetftil, forget 

Desmengu^r, va. To lessen; delklcate. Y. 

Desmentid^ »/ The act of giving the lie. 

Desmentiddr, am. He Who convicts of a 
fiUsehood. [surpass. 

Desment&r. vo. To fflve the lie : counterfeit ; 

Desmenuzible, a. Brittle, easily crombled. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


D«0meDazcd6r, n, t. A Bcratator or inyetti- 

DcsmennzAr, va. To crnmble; examine mi- 

nntely.^^^r. To cramble, lill into small 

DeemeoIUlr, va. To take oat the marrow. 
Desmereceddrt «ik An unworthy, onde- 

Mrring person. X^ortliy. 

Detmerooir, va. To demerit, become nn- 
Desmeredmldnto, 9m. Demerit, nnwortbi- 

ne«a. [lenoe. 

Deemesfira, ^f. Exoees; imimdence, inao- 
Desmesaradam^nte, ad. Immeaanrably. 
Deamesnr&do, da, a. Immeaaorable; bnge. 
Desmesnr&r, «a. To disorder, pertorbate. — 

w. To be forward, be impnaont 
BeamigiO^i ^><^ <u^d «r. To cmmble, oom- 

Deamig^, «a. To cmmble bread. 
l>esminalr.9a. To diminish. Y.Disminuir. 
DeamirrlMo^ da, a. Lean, exhaoated ; melan- 

Besmocha, ^. Lopping or cutting off; dim- 

Desmoch&r, ra. To lop off, mutilate ; unhom. 
Deem6che, am. Truncation. mutlUtion. 
Desm^cho, am. Ileap of tninga lopped or 

cat off. 
Beamog^, vn. To east the horns, aa deer. 
Deamdgue, am. Act of easting the homa, in 

deer. [grindera. 

Deamolido, da, a. Toothleaa, having no 
Deamontir, wt. To dismount; fbll wood; 

uncock ilre^arma.—m. To dismount, 

alight [a wood. 

Deamdnte, sm. Felling of timber; clearing 
Deemoii4r, wh To undo or loosen the hair. 
Desmoralizacldn, tf. Demoralization, cor- 

raptlon. [prayed. 

Deamoralizddo, da, a. Demoralized, de- 
Deamoraliz^, oo. To demoralize, oorrant 
Desmoronadlzo, xa, <>• Easily mouldoroo. 
Deamoron&r, wl To destroy by little and 

little ; cause to dwindia— or. To moulder, 

fall [tlio grapes. 

DeamosUb'. to. To separate the must from 
Deamotadera, 9f. Woman employed to take 

off knots and coarse nape from cloth. 
Desmotad6r, ra, a. Person employed In 

taking off knota from cloth. 
DeamoUr, wt» To dear cloth of knota 
Deemu^Io, tm. Want or loea of grinders. 
Deamngenir, va. To separate from a wife. 
Deamagradi6r, am. Instrament to dean wool 

ofgrease. [grease. 

Desmogd^, txk To clean wool or cloth o 
Deemuir. va. To pick olives. 
Desmullir, wk To diacompoeo any thing soft. 
Desmarad6r, sm^ A mooser, cat [walls. 
Deamnr&r, ro, To exterminate rats; ruin 
Desnarig&do, da, a Noseless. 
Desnarig&r, va. To cat off the nose. 
Dosnat^, vo. To skim milk; take the 

choicest part I>6snatar la hacienda^ To 

live upon the fat of the land. 
Desnaturalizir, va.To disnataralize, make 

alien.— vr. To abandon one'a country. 
Desnorv&r, vck To enervate. 
Desnev&do, diLO. Thawed. 
Deeoeyir, vo. To thaw, diaaolve. 


Desniy^l, am Unevennen, Inequality. 

Desnivolar, «& To make uneven or un- 

Deanovidr, wk To separate a newly married 
couple. [the mom. 

Desnud^, v€L To break the nedc, disjoint 

Deanndaddr, am. One tiiat denudes. 

Deanndamtote, <'<'. Nakedly; inanifimtly. 

Deanndar, «a. To denude, atrip ofl^ fleece; 
discover, reveal; unrig. — or. To ODdreas; 
deprive one's self of a thing. 

Deanud6z, ^. Nudity, nakedneea. 

Dean&do, da, a. Naked, bare; plain, evident; 

Desnudo, sm. A nude picture or atatoe. 

Deeobedec6r, ra. To disobey. 

Desobededmidnto, 9m. Dlaobedienoe; eon- 
tempt of court 

Desobedi^nda, ^ Disobedience, lawlcaiweas 

De8obedi6nte,j!>aw Diaobedlent 

Deaobedientemdnte, ad. Diaobediently. 

DosobligAr, wk To release from an coUg^ 
tion; disoblige, offend, provoke. 

Doeobstni6nte, a. and a. (Mod.) Deobetruent 

Deaobetmir. «a. (Mod.) To deobatmct 

Desocupadon, ^ Leisure, want of buainesa. 

Deaocnpadamdnte, ad. Deliberately, lei- 

Deeocnp&r, va. To evacuate, auit, empty.— 
tr. To disengage ono*a self nom bualiwss. 

Desoir, wk To pretend not to hear. 

Desqjir, va. To break the eye of a needle.-^ 
w. To strain the sight; look intently. 

DeeoIad6n, ^. Desolation, &11 ; want of eon- 

Desolido, da, a. Desolate, diaeonaolafce. 

Deeolir, «a. To desolate, lav waste; haraaai 

DesoUadamdnte, ad, (Coll.) Impudently, 
petulantly. pent 

DesoUado, da, a. Forwanl, impudent, Inao- 

Desollad<Sr, am Flayer; alaughter-lioaae; 

Desollad6ra,jj/ Excoriation. 

Desolli&r, va. To Hay, skin, excoriate ; extort 

Dosollinador, am. Y. Ikithollinador. 

DesollinAr, co. V. DeskoUinar. 

Deeoll6n, atn. V. DeaoUadura. [ponnd. 

Dos6ncc, am. Discount of an ounce Tn each 

Desonz^, va. To deduct an ounce In tiie 

Desopildr, va. To clear away obatnirtions. 

Desopilativo, va, tu Deoppilative, deobetru- 
ent Tdefiune. 

DesoplnAr, ca. To impeach one*a diaracter, 

Desoprimlr, ta. To free from oppression. 

Dcs6rden, am. Disorder, confusion ; excfaa, 
abuse; \6rdetk 

Desordonaci6n, t(f. Dlsonlcredneas. V. Ika- 

Desordenadamvnte, ad. Disorderly, Irr^a- 
larly. [licentiuuiL 

Desonlen&do, da, a. Dlsordcriv, irregular; 

DosordcnAr, tvi. To di-'onlor, disturb, con- 
found, conlUse.-^r. To exceed ; bo irrcg- 

Desorda<lt>r, ra, a. Ear-eropner. 

Dcsorcjainiunto. aifu Cropping the oaia. 

Desorejur, va. To crop the can. 

Dcsor^nlzacion, tff. Disorganization. 

Desorgnnirjulur, atn, Disorpuiizcr. 

Dcsorgaiilzar, ta. To dlaorganiza 

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J>B9oirJentAdo, d^ a ToriMd from the right 
dirMtSon. [*>tny. 

Desorfentir, va. To depvire of jonth ; tarn 

Deaorfll^, «a. To cat off the eelrage. 

DeaoTt^ado, 6m, o. Sprained. 

DiiwiiUjar, CO. To hoe plants the first time. 

Desosar, ea» To bono, deprive of the bones. 

Deeorio; «<k To spawn. [in^ 

Deedre. smw Spawning; the timeof mawn- 

Desorillar, va. To andew; unravel; en- 

Despabilad^ras, ^f.jpl. Snalfera. 

De^abU&do, da, a. Snaffed ; watchAil ; 

I>espabilad6r, mn, C^dle-snalTer. 

DenpabUadfira, «/ Banff of the candle. 

D«spabUir, ra. To snaff a candle; cat off; 
dispatch; roose; klU. J)e9pabil<ir lo9 
^o% To keep a sharp lookoaL Deapdbi- 
tar €i inffeniOy To sharpen the wit— «r. 
To wake from slomber. 

I>espachsdi'rai% ^pf. Sarly words in answer. 

Despachad^, mK Sxpediter. 


D cs p aifam ido, da, a Wide, open. 
Despamunador, ra, s. Disperser, prodigal. 

Deepaehir, ra. To dispatch, expedite; lay 
br, dispose oC I>e»p€tokarui^ barco^ To 
dear a vessel at the costom-hoose. — vr. 

To seeelerate, make haste. 

Desp^kho, tm. Expedient; diqwteh; 
torn; office, coanting>hoase. De$paeAo 
dseocsAesdeocnR^AO^D^pOt; commission, 
patent; a smart answer. Secretario dal 
de^tacho, Secretary of state. 

DespachuiT&do, da, a. Pressed together. 
Dtjar d imo dsmaehurrado^ To leave 
<me stnpefled. A un detpadvurrodo. 
He to a TkUcakras fellow. 
Despachorrar, va. To press together, crash , 
obseare by a bad explanation ; oonlband 
by a smart repartee. [continaally. 

DeqiMo, ad. Slowly, lelsorely ; insensibly; 

IXespdSefo, imteH Softly, gently. 

De^acito^ ad, \erf gently, softly; leisnrely. 

Def^Mcito, inUr). OenUy I stop a litUel 

*" dadiira, sj^ Winnowing. 
jAr, 90. To winnow. 
^ 9m. Winnowing. 

^^^^^dir.towandr. y.DetpakUaarand 

De^Mklillir. va. To di8locate.--9r. To dis- 
locate one^s sboalder-blsfle. [yard. 

I>eep«lmad6r, sm. Carpenlng-place, dock- 

I>eepalmikr, wi. (Nao.) To grave ; pare off a 
horsed boot 

DeqMmpanad6r, mn. Proner of vines. 

peepampanadAim, s^ Act ot prnning vines. 

Deapampanir, fMX. To Drone vines; onbosom, 
give vent to one's reeliogs^ 

Deapanido, da, A Breadloss. 

DespanAr, «a. To remove the reiq)ed erain. 

DemncU^, Despanzarrir, fXk To Durst 

Despapir, vtk. To carry the bead too high. 

I>esparcir, «& (Prov.) To scatter, dissemi- 
nate, [nnllko or dissimilar. 

Besparee^, vfk To disappear. — vr. To be 

Deepanjar, vo. To make onequxd or on- 

I>eq>arp^{&do, da, a. Pert, petulant 

De^Mvp^Ar, va. To undo in a disorderly 
manner ; rant, prattle at random, [tion. 

Dcaparp^ sm. Pertaeis of speech or ac- 

Desparrsmiv, co. To scatter; squander, 
lavish.--ri'. To be dissipated. 

Despartid6r, sm. Pacificator. 

Des|Mrtir, va. To part, divide; eoncUiate. 

DesparvAr, wk. To unstack sheaves to be 

Deepest, «i. (Nan.) To unreeve ; shift 

DesiMtarrida, ^ Variety in the Spanish 
dance. JIacer la de»patarrada^To af- 
fect disease ; feign death. 

Despatarrudo, da, a. Qutdar d^gpatarra- 
dOf To leave one astonished. 

Despatarrar, va. To silence, oblige one to 
be silent— -rr. To slip and fell on the 
ground ; to be stupefied. 

Despatillir, va. To jCToove or mortise: 

I>e6pave8ad&ra, ^ The act of snuffing, 

DeqMves^r, «o. To snuff the candle. 

Despavoridam^te, ad. Terrifiedly, sghast 

Des|Mvorir, m. and r. To be terrified. 

Despead&ra, ^. Surbatlng; foundering. 

Despeami^ntn, sm. Act of surbating. 

Despear, eo. To founder.— rr. To sarbata 

Despechadam^nte, ad. Angrily, spitefully. 

I>e8pechad6r, tm. Extortioner, tormentor, 
oppressor. [overburdening. 

Despechami^ntoL am. Act of enraging or 

Despechar, eo. To enrage ; overwhelm with 
taxesL— «r. To fret, be peevish ; lose all 

I>e^p6cho, am. Indignation ; asperity; spite; 
dejection, despair: dbrespect; deceit: 
derision, scorn. A de^p^cko^ In spite oil 

Despechugad&ra, af. Uncovering the breast 

Despechug^, eci. To cut off the bresst of a 
fowl. — vr. To walk with the breast open. 

Despedazad^r, ra, & Dissector, laoeraior, 

Despedszsdfira, i^. Y. Dt9p«daaamim»o. 

Despedazamiento, am. laceration; man* 

Dospedaziu*, ra. To cut into bits, limb, 
claw; lacerate, mangle. Dem&aamaraa 
de rina. To burst into a fit of laa«bter. 

Despedida, ^ Leave-taking, IkreweU ; turn- 
ing a lodser out ; disniiseion. 

Despedimiento, am. V. De»pedida. 

Despedir, va. To discharge, dart; dismiss; 
deny ; pay off a ship's crew. De»pedir 
la vid<k, To die.-'pr. To take leave. 

Dcspodr4r, to. (Prov.) V. Dt»p«dr€gar. 

Despedrcgir, f>a. To dear a place of stonesi 

Despegiblo, a. Dissoluble, dlasolvlble. 

Despegadamtote, ad. Bougbly, harshly. 

Despeg4do, da, a. Bough, morose; disgust- 
ing; separated. 

Desp^adura, f< Dissolving, separating 

Despegami6nto. am. V. Deaaptgo. 

Despeg&r, va. To ungiue, separate, di^in. 
jueapegar lea labtoa, To speak. — vr. To 
grow displcaae<l, be sullen. [ooldnessw 

Bespigo, am. Moroscness; displeasure; 

Desiwm&r, va. To entangle: applied to the 
hair. [ly, freely. 

Despejadam^nte, ad. Expeditioasly, ream- 

Desp«j4do, da, a. Sprightly, dexterous, 
clean; clear, disengaged. 


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D«8pq)iir, 9a. To r«moTO impedlmeots. 

J>(B^t^jfen la sala^ Clear the room.— ht. 

To cheer up, amiue one^s seUl Z>e»pe- 

Jar^e eL cMo, To become deer weather. 
Desp^o, em. BemoTingobetaclee; vivacity^ 

grace, ease. 
Deepellejad&ra, ^ Scratch, a slight woand. 
Ileepellejiir, to. To skin. DeepdUjar ten 

coMiOy To nncase a rabbit 
Deepelotar, «a. To dlahevel the hair. 
DoBpelnzaml^nto, mn. Act of making the 

hair stand on end. 
Despeluz&r. DespeloxnAr, vck To make the 

hair atana on end. [of death. 

I>espenad6ra, ^ A woman «Mlng the pain 
Despenir, va. To relieve fh>m pain. 
Dcapendeddr, ra, a. Bpondthrm, prodigal, 

Despend^r, va. To spend, waste, squander. 
Desp^nsa, af. Pantry, larder; store of pro- 
visions; Dutlership: any inferior drink. 
Despensdro, ra, a. Butler, caterer; steward; 

Deepe&adam^nto, ad. Precipitately. 
Despefiad^ro, em. Precipice; a bold nnder^ 

taking. Dong. 

DespeAad^ro, ra, a. Steep, precipitous, ncad- 
Despeiiadizo, sa, tt. Steep, precipitous ; alip- 

Despcfiir, ra. To precipitate.~-or. To throw 

one's self headlong. 
Desp4fio, Despeflaml6nto, 9m. A precipitate 

iUl; destruction of character; dlarrltcML 
DespepitArse, w. To speak or act rashly ; 

wish eagerly. 
Despercudir, va. To clean what is greasy. 
Deeperdlcl&do, da, a. Wasted, squandered. 
I>esperdiciad6r, ra, & Spendthrift, squan- 
Desperdlelar, wk To sauander, mlsniend. 
Despcrdicio, «m. Prodigality; residuum; 

Desperdi^ar, cOw To separate, dlqjoin, scstter. 
Dcspcrocerse, w. To crave, desire eagerly. 

Despereoerte de rUa^ To laugh heartily. 
Desperczarso, vr. To stretch one*s limbs. 
De6per6zo, rnn. Y. JStipermo. 
Desiwrfll&r, va. To soften the lines of a 

painting. — vr. To lose the posture of a 

Despernida, ^ A motion in dancing. 
DespemAdo, da, a. Weary, Iktlgued, tired. 
DespemAr, va. To cot off or prevent the 

use of the legs. [one stroke. 

Desperpentir, fa. (Prov.) To cut off with 
De6pertad6r, ra, 8. Awakener; alarm-bell 
BespertamlAnto, 9m. Awakening; excita- 
Despertib', «a. To awake; excite; enliven; 

call to recollection.— vn,. To awake; ze- 

Despestnfi&TSo, va. To pluck out the eye- 
lashes. — vr. To look steodibstly; apply 

one*s self attentively. 
Despoz&r, «a. To dispose stones at a proper 

distance; thin the end. 
Desn^zo, 9m. Diminution of one end of a 

tube.--^ Joining-lSMes. 
Despezon&r, va. To cut off the end, break off 

the stalk; separate.— «r. To break off. 


Deepioir, va. To aatiflQr, grattiy.— «r. To 

take revenge. 
Despicaraz^, va^ To begin to pick the ilgik 
Deapichir, WL To pick gnpea; «zpel moistr 

ure; die. 
Despidida, 4/: (Prov.) Gutter. 

Despldo, cm. Dispatch ; 

De8plertam6nte, ad. Acutely, livelily. 

Despi6rto, ta, a. Awake; watchfol: strong; 
lively. t*'><><''^* 

Despi^^ Ml. Juncture of one stone on 

Dcspilftrradamtota, ad, WasteftUly; slov- 
enly, [squanderer. 

Despilflirr&do, dajO. Bagged, in tattersi— c 

Despillkrrir, t€u To deatroy with alovenli- 
neas, squander. 

Deapilfirro, am. Slovenlineaa; waatew 

Dospinces, «m. c2. TweezenL Y. Ptmat. 

DespintAr, «a.To eflkoe what la painted; 
mislead.— vn. To degenerate.— «r. To mis- 
take the card. 

Deepinzad^ra, ^f. Woman that pl^i the 
knots off cioth.—pL Tweezers. [dotb. 

Despinziu-, va. To pick off the knots from 

Desplnzaa, qf.pLY. PinMa9. 

DcapioJ4r, va. To dean of lice; trim or 
drraa, relieve. 

Desplque, 9tn. Yengeanoe, revenge, apUe. 

Despiritido, da. a. Languid, spirTtleaB. 

Deepizc4r, va. To oomnilnute.— «r. To make 
the utmost exertions. [ligation. 

Desplao6r, am. Displeasure, diaguat, diaob- 

Desplac^r, va. To displease, disgust 

DespUmtaddn, 4^ Eradication, d^^tatkm. 

DesplantAr, va. To eradicate.— vr. To lose 
one's erect posture. 

Desplanto, am. An oblique posture in ftndng. 

Desplatir, va. To separate sllTer. 

Despl4te, am. The act of separating silver. 

Desplay^, vn. To rotiro from the ahoi^ 

Desplegad^ra, 8f. Explication, daddadoo. 

Dcaplcgir, va. To unfold, display, lay out; 
explain. (Nan.) To unAirL 

Despl^go, am. Open dedsTatton, explana- 

De»pl^i;netear, va. To remove the folds from 
the tendrils. 

Dc5plomir, va. To force out of plumb.— er. 
To bulge out; lUI flat 

DespI6mo, am. The bulging out of a walL 

DesplumadAra, 4f. Deplumation. 

Dcsplum&r, va. To deplume, strip off feath- 
ers; despoil of property. 

Despoblacion, Despoblada, ^ Depopulation. 

DeepobUUlo, am. Desert, an niitnh»^j »^ 
place; depopulated. 

Despoblad^r, am. Depopnlator, diapeopler. 

Despobl4r, va. To depopulate ; despoil.— «r. 
To become deaerted. 

Despoiad6r, ala Despoller, spoiler. 

DeBpoj4r, va. To despoil or strip; fleece; 
abridge; dismlaa. — or. To nnoreas; re- 
linaulsh, forsake. 

Despojo, vn. DosiK>liatlon ; plunder, spoils; 
slough, the skin of a serpent; head, pludc, 
and feet of animals.— ^ Qibleta; relics. 

Despolv4r, ins. To remove the dost 

DespolvoreAr. va. To dust; separate, disai- 
pato; sprinkle. 

Despon^rae, vr. To cease laying eggiL 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

IltfpoitiJlar, WL To break tbe neck of a 

bottle, Jkc 
DeapoeMot da, a. Hand-eaffed. 
De^oa^, ra. To marry, betrotb, znateb. — 

cr. To be betrothed or married ; be paired. 
Despoae^, «& To dirooeecflft, to oust. 
De^oaetml^Dto, auk l>ispoa8iaBBloii. 
DeapoaMo^ am. A mataal promise of mar^ 

Diiqsiota, «in. A despot 

Be^tdtleamdnte, ad. DespotlcaUy. 

Deepottoo, ca, a. Despotic, despoticaL 

Itaspodqnes, ^/: I>espotic power; pride, 

Deapotismo^ am. Despotism, absoloteness. 

Deapotrie&r, vn. To talk inconsiderately. 

Depreciable, a. Contemptible, despicable, 
lowly. [seomer. 

De epa ec la ddr, la, & Depredator, despiser, 

DeqffMUr, «a. To depreelate, despise, re- 
ject [aispraiae. 

Despr^eio, mm. Disregard, acorn, contempt; 

DespTCod^, «aL To unftsten, loose, separ- 
ate. — vr. To eiye way; extricate one^s 
■elf; to get rid. [estedness. 

Despiendimltoto, mn. Alienation, disinter- 

DespteocopAdo, da, o. Unprqladioed, onpre- 

Deapceocnpir, «a. To nnprepoesesa. 

D«apreTencl6n, ^. Improvidence, impro- 

D es|n« I eni da m Ante, ad. Improridently. 

Despfeveoido, da, a. Unprovided; improvl- 

Despropordtef^DlspropoTtion; disparity. 

Despropordooaaaminte, cui. Disproportion- 
ateiy. [onbecoming; 

Deapropordonido^ da, a. Disproportionate, 

Deqnopordonir, to. To disproportion. 

Despropoaitiido^ da. a. Abanrd. 

De^rt^Mlov «m. Abaurdlty, oddity. 

De:^fore^r, co. To deprive of provisioDB. 

Desproreldamtate, acC ImproVldently ; nn- 
ezpeetedly. [pared. 

De^roveido, da, a. Unprovided, unpre- 

DesproTeimidnto, em. Penary, poverty. 

Despfovisto, ta, Ow V. Dewproveido. 

DeqMi^blo, am. Depopa!atlon. 

Dccfm^nto, am. Y. Marzeo. 

Demote, ad. After; afterwards, next, then. 
DetpuM ds IHoHy Under or after God. 
Z>«i^uea ood. Ever since. 

Despala^, va. To leave withoat vigor.— «r. 
To be eorely Texed ; be -violently affected. 

Deapnmad^n, ^ Despumation, the skim- 
ming of liqaorei 

Deapamir, xa. V. Sipwnar. 

neapontadfira, if. The act of blnnting. 

Dtfpuntir, xa. To blnnt; doable a cape.— 
en. To advance in knowledge; to b^n 
to eproot or bod. Al davpuntxir del dick^ 
At break of day. [V. Deadequ^ 

T)e9qa6, atL (Vol.) Since, then, presently. 

Desqa^ar, «& To pluck up a ahoot near the 
root [root 

Dcaqo^e. am. Falling np a shoot near the 

DcMinidir, co. To nnhlnge; diaoom^oae; 
deprives [jaws. 

Desqoiiaramitoto, am. Act of breaking the 

DeaqnQahlr, vck To break tbejawa. 


Desqnijerir, «a. To cat timber on both ddea. 
Desqaflatir, ca To diminlab the standard 

of gold. 
Desqnitar, to. To retrieve a loea.— «r. To 

win one*B money back; retaliate. 
DesquHe, am. Compensation; revenge at 

play; retaliation. [Ac. 

Desrabot^, «a. To cat off the tails of lamba, 
Dearanchine, w. To withdraw ih>m the 

mess. [wheat 

DesraspAdo, a. Y. Chamorro^ a kind oi 
Desrsspir, ta. Y. Batpar. 
DesrazonAble, a. Unreasonable, idle-headed. 
Dearegladamento, ad, Y. ZhBarregiadO' 

DesreglAdo, da, a. Disorderly, irregnlar. 
Desreglarse, «r. To be irregolar or onffo vem- 

able. [the bolt-rope. 

Deerelingir, vn. (Nan.) To be blown from 
Desrepatacidn. ^ Dishonor, ignominy. 
DesrizAr, va. To nncorL 
DeeroAar, vck To lop off decayed branchea. 
Destaeamtoto, am. Detachment; station. 
Destae^, eo. To detach a body of troopc 
Destdad6r. 9m, A kind of smith's hammer. 
De8tuami6nto, am. Diminution; oarrent 

taking a new coarse. [late. 

Dest^jar, vo. To do work by the Job ; stipu- 
Destjj^ro, am. One who ondertakea work 

by the Job. 
Deati\)o, am. Job of work; partition. A' 

detiajo^ By the Job, by the lamp ; at ran* 

DesulUr, CO. (Prov.) Y. I>aaborrar. 
Destelonir, ra. To deprive of talons; level 

horses' hoofe. 
DeetapiMa, ^. A kind of pie. [covered. 
Deetapir, ro. To uncover.— w. To be un- 
Destapiur, va. To pull down mud walla. 
Destipo, am. Act of uncovering or anatop- 

Deetahir, ta. To take off the tare in weighing. 
Destartalddo, da. a. Huddled, incompact 
Destazad^r, am. He who cuts up dead things. 
Destax^, to. To cut a thing in pieces. 
Deste, ta, to, pnm. A contraction for 2>e 

eata, ds eata, <fe eato. 
DestecbAr, «a. To unroot 
Deat^&r, «a. To untile; leave defoncele^si 
Destej^r, va. To unweave, raveL 
Destolldr, or. To forget 
Dest^llo, am. Flowing out drop by drop; 

sparkle; scintillation. 
Destempladam^nte, ad. Intemperately. 
DestemplMo, da, a. (Pict) Inharmonioaa; 

Deetemp1toza,«/IntempeTatare; disorder. 
Dost8mpI4r, ea. To take out temper, alter; 

dilute ; untune.— vr. To be raffled ; be oal 

of order; grow blunt; act improperly. 
Dest^mple, am^ DiscordJince ; disoraer; in- 
temperance; distemper painting. 
Dostenddr, «a. To fold, double. 
Destefiir, va. To discolor, fade, wash out 
Destemillilrse, w. To break one's cartilagesi 

DeatamiUarae da riaa. To laugh violently. 
Dosterraduro, am. A retired part of the towiv 
Desterrido, da, a. Bonlshcd, outcast 
DesterrAdo, da, a. Exile, outcast 
Doeterr&r, va. To banish; expel; take out 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


the earth. J>«tterrar <M mundc. To be 
the outcast of the world. [harrow. 

Desterron&r, vn. To break clods with a 

I>estetaddr% ^ Instrument to place on the 
teats to prevent sucking. 

Destetiir, wi. To wean.--vr. To wean one's 
self ttom an evil habit 

Destdto, 9m. Ablactation^ the weaning. 

Desteto, 9nu Number of woanliogs; the 
place for newly-weaned mules. 

Destl6mpo, sm. An unseasonable time. A' 
dentUmpo^ Unseasonably, untimely. 

Desti^rro, am. KxUe, banishment, trans- 
portation, [extillatlon. 

Destllacion, ^. Distillation; flow of humors; 

Dostllad^ra, iif. Still, alembic; ingenious 
device or stratagem. [flitcrlng-stone. 

Dostilador, miK Distiller, still; alembic; 

Deetildr, wl To distlL-^m. To lUter. 

Deatitat6rlo, «n^ Distillery, still; alembic. 

Destinaclon, ft/. Destination; destiny, Ikte. 

Destin&r, iHi. To deathie; design; station 
ships; lose skill [fossion; atation. 

Destine, «m. Destiny; ikte, doom; pro- 

Destifio, am. Piece of unfinished dry honey- 

DeBtituci6n, af. Destitution, dereliction. 

Destituido, da, A Destitute, forsaken, help- 

Destitnir, va. To deprive, make desUtntei 

Deetod^, ca To unooif; uncover the h«»d. 

Destoro6r, va. To untwist; uncurl; rectify; 
regnlate.-^r. To devUte ttom the course. 

Dcstorgar, va. To break the branches while 
gathering the acoma, [nnscrewer. 

Destornillatl6r, nn. Screwdriver, turascrew ; 

Destomilluclo, da, a. Inconsiderate, heedless. 

Destomill&r, Wk To unscrew.— er. To act 

Destosene, w. To feisn a oough. [riers. 

Destrab^, «a. To unfetter; break the bar- 

Destradoe, am. pL A coarse woollen carpet 

DestruU am. A small axe or hatchet 

Destral^a, nf. A very small hatchet 

Destralero, am> Maker of axes and hatoheta, 

DestramAr, co. To unweave, unravel; dis- 
solve a conspiracy. 

Destrenzdr, va. To undo a tress of hair. 

Destr^za, ^ Dexterity, cunning; skill. 

Destrip&r, va. To unbowel, gut; examine 
the mside : trample. [er. 

Destripaterrones, am. Harrower, day-labor- 

Deetriunfur, va. To extract all the trumps. 

Destriz&r, va. To mlnoe, crumble.-^r. To 
break the heart 

Destrocar, va. To return a tiling bartered. 

Destrdn, atn. A blind man's guide. 

Destronami^nto, am. Dethronement 

Destron&r, va. To dethrone, divest of royalty. 

De«troncainl6ntO| am. Amputation, lopping 
trees. [(Met) Buln. 

Destroncir, va. To detruncate, lop; malm. 

Destrozad6r, ra, a. Destroyer, mangier. 

DestrozAr, va. To destroy; rout; waste. 

Destr6xo, am. Destruction ; havoc, defeat 

Destrucci6n, af. Destruction, overthrow; 

Destructivam^nte, ad. Destructively. 

Destructivo, va, a. Destructive, wasteful, 


Destraet^, ra, a. Destroyer, eonanmitr. 
Destructdrio, ria, a, Dostroyinf^ 
Destru6co, Deatrudqne, am. The 

restitution of things bartered. 
Destruible, a. Destructible. 
Destruicl6n, ^ V. Destruedon, 
l>estruid6r, ra, «l Destroyer, devastator. 
Destrnir, va. To destroy, waate ; extermi- 

nato ; deprive of the means of living. 
Destruydnte, pa. Deetroying. IJEchar. 

DastnrbAr, co. To turn out, drive away. V 
Desnbstanciar, v& To enervate, weaken. 
Desuoaddn, ^f. Act of extracting the Jnioe. 
Dcsudor, ra. To wipe off the sweat 
DosuelUe&ras, am. Impndenoe; an impu- 
dent i>erBon. [tkoi. 
I>esu61lo, atn. Skinning; Impudence; axtor- 
Desuncir, va. To unyoke, aojugate. 
Dosunidam^nte, ad. Separately, severany. 
Do8uni6n, ^. SHBparation, disunion ; diaoord. 
Desunir, va. To separate. — vr. To come 

asunder; become separated. 
DesuftAr, va. To tear ofl^ the nails; uproot 

— vr. To plunge into vloe and disorder. 
DesurcAr, va. To remove or undo fbzrom^ 
Desurdir, va. To unweave; nnravei 
Desusadam^ntei ad. Unusually, oat of ose. 
DesusAdo, da, a. Disused, obsolete, unfiuh- 

ionable. [used or obsolete. 

DesnsAr, va. To disuse. — vr. To beoome dia- 
Desdso, am. Disuse, obooletenesa. 
DesnstanciAr, ra. To enervate, debilitate. 
Desvahir, va. To trim off the dnr part of a 

plant [ Vaciado. 

Desvaido, da, a. Tall and naoelesk Y. 
DesvainAr, va. To unsheath ; hnak, sheU. 
Desvalido, da, a. Helpless, destitute ; eager; 

out oi Ikvor. [mont, want of fkvor. 

Desvalimi6nto, am. Dereliction, abandoo- 
DesvAn, am. Garret; loft J>aaoan gaUro^ 

DesvanAr, va. To wind to a akeln. 
Dcsvaneci^, vn^ To divide into impercepti- 
ble parts ; cause to vanlsb ; swell with 

pride. — vr. To become insipid; vanish; 

be affected with giddiness. 
Desvanecldam^ute, ad. Vainly, haughtily. 
Desvanecimi6nto, em. Pride, loftiness; gid^ 

DesvAno, am. Garret Y. DeatxMw 
Desvaporiaad^ro, ant. Place for e>-aporating. 
DesvarAr, vn, Y. BeaOalar. (Nao.) To get 

afloat [ble. 

DesvariAble, a. Variable, inconstant, mata- 
De8variadamente,a<2. Bavingly ; differently. 
Desvariodo, da, a. Delirious; disorderly; 

unlike. [viate. 

DesvariAr, vn. and a. To rave, dote; de- 
Desvario, am. Delirium; extravagant ae* 

tion : caprice ; disunion. 
DesveaAdo, da, a. Unprohibited, ftee. 
DeavedAr, va. To revoke a prohibtcion. 
Deaveladam6nte, a<2. Watchftilly, vigiUndy. 
DesvelAdo, da, & Watchfbl, vigilant, cars- 

fhl. [veki 

DesvelamiAnto, s»k WatchAilneaa. V. Ik^ 
DesvelAr, 90. To keep awake.~«r. To be 

wakefUl ; set up watching. 
DcsvC'lo, am. Watching, want of il4Mf»; 

watch; vigihucei 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


DMrenir, ra. To clear tho veins of flesh ; 
extract from the veins of ininea. 

I>esvrocyar, ra. To dL^nnite, weaken, di- 
vide — rr. To be ruptorod ; relaxed ; ox- 

Desvendir, va. To nnbandage. [damage. 

DesventiUa, ff. Disadvantage, mlsfortone, 

Desventjj^eo, sa, a. Disadvantageona, on- 

I>esventJ|{osam6nte, ad, Disadvantageoiuly. 

I>esvenur, «a. To vent, let out the air, 

Desventrir, f«. To gat, evlacerate. 

I>esrentara, 9f. MIsfurtnne, mishap ; misery. 

Desventnradaminte, ad. Unhappily, nnlbr- 

Deevcntiuido, da, a. ITnforhinato, wretch- 
ed; chicken-hearted; sordid; accnrsed. 

Deevergonxadamdnte, ad. Impndently, 
shameleaslj. [less^ immodest 

Desvergonzido, da, a. Impadent, shame- 

DesvergT>nzirse, vr. To speak or act Impu- 
dently, [assurance. 

Desvcnro^nza, tf. Impudence, elTh>ntery, 

Dearezlr, wt. To trim off the youig shoots 
of vines. 

Desviido, da, a Devlonfli 

Desvtir, va. To divert, lead off, avert ; dls- 
saade. — vr. To deviate. [rams. 

Deaviejir, co. To separate the old ewes or 

Desvio, am. Deviation ; aversion, displeas- 
ure; tndifferenoe. [sole. 

Deavtr&r, va. To pare off the fore part of a 
I>esvlrg&r, eo. (Low) To deflower a maid. 
Desvirtnir, va. To pall, make insipid or 
vapid, take the sabstance. [eagerly. 

Desvivirse, rr. To love excessively, desire 
Desvolvedir, 9m. Screw-wrench, [plough. 

I>eBvolv^, CO. To onibld, disentangle; 

I>esyaBeir, ra. To unyoke. 

Desoocar, ra. To wonnd or hurt the foot 

Deazomir, ra. To extract the Juice or sub- 
stancei [enumerate. 

Detallir, ra. To detail, relate minutely, 

Detilie. 9m. Detail, enumeration. 

Detencl6n, 9/. Detention, delay ; demtftnge. 

Deteiied6r, ra. «. Detainer. 

DeCen^r, «a. To detain, stop; arrest; keepi 
— rr. To tarry; be detained; consider. 

Detraidaxntote, ad. Dilatorily, attentively. 

Deienklo, da, a. Sparing, niggardly ; slow, 

Decentaci6n, 9/. Embezzlement, detention. 

Detentaddr, 9nK Deforciant, one who de* 
tains unlawfhlly. Rawflilly. 

Detentir, ra. To detain, retain, Veep un- 

Detenr6nte, a. Detergent detersive. 

Deterldr, a. Worse, inferior. 

Deteriorad^n, ^ Deterioration, detriment 

Deteriorftr, ra. To deteriorate, impair. 

l>eteri6ro, 9m. Deterioration, impairment 

Determinable, a. (Little us.) Determinable; 
conclnsible. [sion; resolution. 

I>eterminaci6n, 4^ Determination ; conclu- 

DetermlnadamAnte, ad. Dotermlnately; 
expressly. [settled. 

Determlnado, da, a. Determined, resolved ; 

Determininte, pa. Determining. — a. De- 
terminate, [terminer. 

Determininte, rnn. Determining verb; de- 


Determiner, ra.. To determine ; distinguish ; 
apiMint; decida — vr. To determine, re- 

Determlnativo, va, a. Determinative. 
Detcrsl«: -^ ■ 



I, ^. D( 

'etersion; cleansing; ablu- 

Deters^rio, ria, a. Detersive, cleansing. 

Detestable, a. Detestable, hateftil, loath- 

Detestablem6nte, ad. Detestably, hatefully. 

Detestaci6n, ^. Detestation, hatred, abom- 

Detestdr, ra. To detest, abhor, hate. 

Detienebu6y, 9m. Best-harrow, cammoc 

Detonaci6n, ^ Detonation, noise. 

Detondr, ra. To flash, detonate. [away. 

Detracci6n, 4/? Detraction, slander ; auking 

Detractor, ra. To detract deftmo, slander. 

Dotractdr, t5ra, 9m. and / Detractor, slan- 

Detra6r, ra. To detract, take away ; slander. 

Detr^, ad. Behind ; in the absence of. 

Detrim6nto, 9m. Detriment damage, loss. 

D^uda, 9/: Debt; feult offence; affinity. 
Dmtdas acHvas^ Assets. Deudas paai- 
tMM, Liabilities. Z>tfiMtocomu;t, The last 
debt death. 

Deodilla, ^. dim. Petty debt [debt 

D6udo, da, 9. Parent, relative; kindred; 

Dead6r, ra, «. Debtor. 

Deateron6mio, 9m. Deuteronomy, [course. 

Deval&r, m. (Nau.) To be driven out of the 

Devanad6ra, 9f. A reel Dewmadera ds 
golpe^ Clock-reel, snap-reel; a movable 

Devanad6r, ra, *. Winder; quill or spool 

Dovanib*, ra. To reel or wind; wrap up. 
DeranarM lo9 9e«o9, To screw one's wits. 

Devane4r, m. To rave, talk nonsense ; dote. 

Devan6o, 9m. Delirium ; mad pursuit, dlA- 

Devant^l, 9m. Apron. [waste. 

Devastaci6n, {/f Devastation, desolation, 

Deva8tad6r, ra, 9. Desolator, baraaser, 

DevastiLr, ra. To desolate, lay waste, harass. 

Deveng^, ra. To obtain as the reward of 

Devoci6n, «/ Devotion, piety; prayer; ar- 
dent love. B9tar & la deooolon de, To 
be at the disposal. 

D«Tocionirio, sm. Prayer-book. 

Devoluci6n, «/ Devolution, restitution. 

Devolutive, a. What may be restored. 

Devolv6r. rck To return; restore. 

Devorador, ra, «. Devourer. [sumo. 

Devordr, ra. To devour, swallow up, con- 

Devotam^nte, ad. Devoutly, piously. 

Dev6to, ta, a. Devout, ploua, exciting de- 
votion. Derato de. Strongly attached, 
devoted to. 

Devuilto^ pp. Betumed, restored. 

Dey, 9m. Dey, Turkish governor of Algiers. 

Dezmar, ra. To tithe ; collect tithes. 

Dezmat^rio, am. Place where tithes are 
collected; tithing. [tithea. 

Dezm6fio, fia, Dezmdro, ra, a. Belonging to 

Dezmeria, Dozmia, 4/r Tithe-land. 

Dezmdro, #m.Tithe-peyer; tithe-gatherer. 

Dia, 9m. Day. DUu eanieulariu, Dog- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


dayBL Dia ds anot^ or ettrnpteaHoe^ 
Blrtb-day. JHa de ajfuno^ Fast-ilay. 
Dia dtf vUme»^ Meager, or fish dav. 
DiadshsMmanoiy Court-day. JHaw 
came, Meat-day. IHa de trabqjo^ Work- 
InffHlay. JHa de deaeaneo^ Day of rest ; 
Sabbath. Dia del juido, Doomsday. 

J>e diOy By day. 

day to day. Un ^ , , 

other day. I>ia pardo^ A dondjr day. 

De dia en dia. From 
W dia »i y otro no^ Kvery 

Diapeeado, A dull day. Lu» del <tta, 
Dayllffht. Sntre dia, In the daytime 
En Mae de Dice, Never. Bomore de 
diae, A man in years. Tour diae, To 
be old. De hoy en ocho diae. This day 
week. Diae de grada^ Days of grace 
DUu Ao, It is a long time since. Buenoe 
diae^ Good morning. En cuairo diae^ 
In a short time. En loe diae de la vida^ 

Didbla (A' la), ad. Oareleasly; radely. 

DiablAzo, enk auffm. A great devil 

DiabliUo, em. A little devil; an acate man. 

Didblo, em. Devil, Satan; perverse tem- 
per: an ngly person. Ser la piel del 
diahlo, To be a limb of the devil. Diablo 
cci^uelo, Artflil, deceiving devil. See ee 
1MI diablo enoamada, That is a most 
infhmonsperson. Beo ee el diablo^ That 
is the difficulty. JTo «a^ un dia&2o, To 
be good for nothing. [meat 

Diablotin, Diaboiin, em. A tort of svreet- 

DiablOra, ^ A dlaboUcal undertaking; 
deviltry. [ly. 

Diab^llcam6nte, ad. Diabolically, devllUh- 

Diab^Uco, ca, a. Diab«liea]. devUiah. 

Dlacatalic<Sn, em. DiacathoUcon, a unlver^ 
bal medicine. [sQgsr. 

Diacitrdn, em. Lemon-peel preserved in 

I>iacon4do, em. Y. Dictoonato. 

Diaoon&l, a. Diaoonal. 

Dlacon&to, em, Doaconship. 

Dlaoonia, ef. Deaoonry. 

Diaconisa, ^f. Deaconess. 

Dliujono, em. Deacon. [sounds. 

Diao6stiea, «f[ Diaooostics, doctrine of 

Diadima, ^ Diadem, crown, [a diadom. 

Dladem4do, da^. Crowned, adorned with 

Diafanldid, ^ Diaphaneity, transparency. 

Didihno, na, a. Transparent, pollaeld, dear. 

Diafor6tlco, ca, a. (Med.) Diaphoretic 

DlafrAgma, em. Diaphragm, the midriff; 
partition of the nostrils. 

Diagn6stioo, em, and a. Diagnostic, distin- 
guishing symptom. 

Diagon&l, a. Diagonal. 

Diagonalm^nte, ocC Diagonally. 

Diagr&fiea, ef. Sketch, design. 

Diafdctica, ^ Logic, dialectic 

DlalSctloo, em. Dialectician, logician. 

Dial6cUco, ca, a. Dialectical, logical 

Dlal6cto, em. Dialect, phraseology, style 

Dialog&l, a. Colloquial 

Dialogismo, em. Dlalogism. 

Dialogistioo, ca, a. Colloquial. 

Dialoglzfir, wk To dialoglze, dlsoourse In 

Di&logo. sin. Dialogue. 

Dialognista. sm. Dialogist 

Dialtoa, ef. liaxsh-mallow ointment 


Diamanti^o, da, a. Diamonded; In dia- 

Diamantiao, em, augm. A lam diamond. 

DiamAnto, em. Diamond ; haranesa. [ine 

Diamandno, na, a. Adamantine^ dlamantr 

Dlamantista, em. Y. Lapidaria, 

Diametral, a. Diametrical 

Diametralmtote, ad. DiamotricaUy. 

DiAmctro, em. Diameter. 

Diamdn, em. A kind of yeHow stone. 

Diina, ^f. BeveiUe, beat of drum at day- 

Didnche, Di&ntre. em. Deuce ! the devil! 

Diapason, em. (Mns.) Diapason, an ooiave 

Dlapr6a, ^. Sort of round plum. 

Dlariamtote, ad. Daily. 

Didrio, em. JounuJ, diary; a daily ac- 
count; day-book. 

Didrio, ria, a. Daily. 

Dlaiista, tm. Journalist 

Diarrte, ^. DiairhcQa. 

Diisperc Diispro, em. Jasper. [heait. 

Didstole, em. Diastole, dfiatatlon of tiio 

Diatesardn, em. Diatessatton, the interval 
of a fourth; electuary of ibnrlngrediaMa 

Diat6nico, a. (Mus.) Diatonic 

Diatriba, ^ Diatribe, a dissertation on po- 
lemic matters. [graver. 

DibH)ad6r, ra, «. Delineator, diaftman, 

DibuDinte, pa. Designer, skateber. 

Dibi\}dr, wk To draw, design, aketch. 

Dibmo, em. Drawing, design, sketch; de- 
scription. Ee un a4bM^ It is a piotare 

Dlocion, ef. Diction, style language 

Dlcdondno, em. DictlonaifT, lexjoon. 

Dicha,«/ Happiness, good fortune Didhae. 
Honors, riche^ dlgnitiea, P^ dteka or 
A dicha^ By chanoe [prsaeloB. 

DloharAoho, em. A vulgar, or tndeoeot ex- 

Dlchido, Dichito, am. A sharp^ or pert ex> 

em. Baying; dedantlon ; iiromiss 

of maxTiage Diwo de lae gemiee^ Gos- 
siping; iHoko y hechot No aoonar said 
than done 

Dlcbosam6nte, ad. Happily, fortunately. 

Dichdao, sa, a. Happy, fortunate, anrnwanfal 

DiciAmbra, em. December. 

Diciplina, ^. Y. DiedpUna. 

Dictado, em. A title of dignity or honor. 

Dlctad6r, em. Dictator. 

DlctadAra, ^ DicUtorship, dietatnre 

DictAmen, em. C^inion, notion. Judgment; 

Dictamo, am. (Bot) Dittanr. Dkiamo 
bianco or r««L white flaxlnelle 2K<v 
tamo oriHoa, Marioram. D'telamo bae- 
tardo, Shmbby-whlte hoceboand. 

Dictdr, foa. To dictate 

DictatArio, ria, a. DictaftoriaL 

Dictdrio, am. Sarcasm, taunt inanlt 

DiddcUoo, ca, Dldascdlioo, ca, a. Didactic^ 

giving precepts. 
Diente, em. Tooth; prop; 
DienU moloTy Y. Muela. 

boar^ task. 
deivo, Indsor, fore-tooth. Diemte de 
lobo. Burnisher. Diente deperro, Samp- 
ler. Diente de lean, DaniOioa. Diente 
deperro, (Bot) Dog's-tooth Tlolet-^ 
NotchededJBes; parts of wheds. DieiUet 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


d0 a^ Clores of garlic On^^r de 
dieni^ To wind Uie teeth. Affutar 
km dUntes, To whet tbe appetite. Ha- 
hiar enir€ dUnUt^ To mninble. ffinoar 
€l ddent^ To take advantage of others* 

Dientocioo, Silo, ito, 9m. dim. Little tooth. 

IHeresla, f< Th« mark ( ~ ); diafreaia, poet- 
ical flgnre. 

Ditisi, ^ (Mofl.) Semitone. [tection. 

Dkatim, Y- "^^ '^^ b'"<l y support, pro- 

DieetnuBintet ad, Dextcrocaly, clorerlyf 

Dies' tro, tra, a. Bight; skilftil; sagacioos: 
learned ; riy ; IkTorable. A' diestro y a 
ttinistro^ Bight or wrong. J)e dU^iro d 
cUtfsiro, Diraiond cnt diamond. 

Diestro, «»i^ AakilfUl fencer; halter, bridle. 

Di6ta, f^ Diet, r^men; daily salary of 
jodgecL— ^ Live stock. 

Diet^cob o- Dietetic, dietetical 

Di«, sm. Ten. IMes de boloa^ Tin stand- 
ing alone in trout of the nine-pins. 

Diezlodiivo, mn. £Igfateenth ; decimo-oc- 
tsTo; Iteia [16mo. 

Diexiseizivo, mn. Sixteenth ; decimo-sexto ; 

Die^och^oi, Mik An ancient silver coin; 
doth haying 1900 threads in the warp. 

Diannad^, am, (Prov.) Y. JHemnero. 

Diezmil, a. Decimal, tenth. 

Diezmir, va. To decimate ; tithe. 

Diesm^ro, rnn. Tithe-payer; tither. 
Dlezmenno, na, a. That which is of ten 
months. [per cent 

Di^zmo, mn. Tithe, tenth part ; duty of ten 
Dlfiunaddn, if. Deflunation, libelling. 
Difamaddr, am. Defkmer, libeller. 
Difiunir, ro. To defame, discredit; libel 
Di&matorio, ria, a. De£imatory, calumni- 
ous, [a eakck 

DiiIuTeaci<5n, f/T Diffareation, the parting of 

Difcrteda, fC DiiTerenoe; dlasimUitude. 
A' d^^rmcia^ With the dlfforenoe. IH- 
feraneiaM, DiiTerencea, controversiea. 

Diferenciil, a. Differential, different 

Difereneiir, ra. To change. — vn. To differ, 
dlaseot— rr. To be distinguished from. 

Difcr^nte, a. Different dissimilar, unlike. 

Dlferentemdnte, ad. Differentlv, diversely. 

Difezir, va. To defer, delay ; differ. 

Diflcil, a. Difficult, arduous, hard. 

DiriciJin6nte, ad. Difficultly, hardly, [tion. 

Diflealtid, «/ Difficulty, hardness; objec- 

Diflcaltad6r, am. One who starts or raises 
diffiealtiea. [difficult 

Diflcaltir, 9a. To raise difficulties ; render 

Diflcnltosam^nte, ad. Difficultly. 

Dificult6«o, sa, a. Difficult, laborious ; ugly. 

DiOddncia, 0f. Diffidence, distrust 

Dlfld^nte, a. Diffident disloyal, dlstrustfttL 

DIfhge, am. Dross of melted copper. 

Ditdgio, ami Y. ^^{;io. [ed. 

Difundido, da, a. Diffuse, dUTtised, scatter- 

Difandk, «& To diffuse, outspread ; divulge. 

Diffiinto, ta, a. Dead, deceased; decayed, 
witbered. I>i^*iUodetab€rruk, A. dnxnk- 
en, red-lkeed person. 

I>i/haam^nte, oa. DilAiaely, diffusedly. 

DiAi8l6n, if. Diflkiston, dispersion. 

Difliihro, TA, OL Difftisive. 


Dif6so. sa, a. Diffuse, diifusive, ample. 

Dig, Dige, am. Belie, trinket, toy, orna- 
ment [or toy. 

Digecillo, Digecito, wn. dim. Little trinket 

Digerible, a. DigesUble. 

Diserir, wu To digest; bear with patience; 
(Met) examine carefully; adjust 

Digestible, a. Digestible. 

Diffestidn, ^ Digestion : a kind of InAision. 
llombre ds mala digestUm^ A peevish 
man. If egocio d^ mala digestion^ Por- 
ploxed affair. 

Digestive, am, (Sdrg.) A digestive, [tion. 

Digostivo, va, a. Digestive, assisting diges- 

DigSsto, »m. Digest, the pandect of the civil 

Dlgito, am. Digit, l-12th of the diameter. 

Dignaci6n, nf. Oondescension, voluntary 

Dignam^nte, ad. Worthily. [safe. 

Dign^rse, vr. To condescend, deign, vouch- 

Dignidad, tf. Dignity, rank ; grandeur ; ad- 

Dignlflcinte, pa. (Dlv.) Dignifying. 

Dignilldir, to. To dignify. 

Digno, na, a. Worthy, deserving; suitable. 
£s dianoy It is worth while. 

Dlgresion, gf. Digression, deviation; de- 
parture of a planet 

Digresivo, va, a. Digressive. 

Dllaceraci^n, ^ Dllaceration. 

Dilacerar, va. To dilaoerate, tear. 

Dilaci6n, ^ Delay, dilation, procrastination. 

Dilapidaci6n, ^f. Dilapidfttion. 

Dllapidad6r, am. Dilapidator. 

Dilapiddr, fia. To dilapidate, waste. 

Diiatabilidid, t(f. DilaUbiUty. 

Dilatable, a. Dilatable. [neas. 

Dilatacidn, »/. Dilatation; evenness, calm- 

Dilatadamcnte, <Kf. With dilataUon. 

Dilatado, da, a. Large, numerous; prolix; 

Dilatador, ra, A One who dilates or extendsi 

DiUtar, va. To dilate, expand ; defer, pro- 
tract; cheer up. — rr. To expatiate. 

Dilatativo, va, a. That which dilates. 

Dilat6ria, ^ Y. -Dtfacion. Andarcondl- 
kUoriaSy To waste time through fUse 

Dilatdrlo, ria, a. Dilatory, delaying, long. 

DIlecci6n, ^ Dilcctlon, love, affection. 

Dilecto, to, a. Loved, beloved. 

DilC'ma, «m. Dilemma. 

Dilig^ncia, ^. Diligence; haste; activity; 
affair, business ; steps or means ; stage- 
coach; return of a writ; duty; love. 
Jlaoer dAUgmtdOy To try, endeavor. 

Diligenci&r, va. To exert one's selfl 

Diligenci^, mn. Agent, attorney; sum- 
moner. [ready. 

Dilig^nte, a. Diligent, a8slduon^ active; 

Diligentemdnte, ad. Diligently, assiduously. 

Dilncidaci6n, ^f. Elucidation, exphmation. 

Dilncidador, 9m. Elucldator. 

Diluciddr, va. To elucidate, explain. 

Dilucidirio, 9m, Explanatory writingi 

Dilu^nte, pa. Diluent 

Diluci6n, \f. Dilution. 

Diluir, va. To dilute any thing. 

Dilusidn, «^ Y. Iluaian. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Diliuivo, ra, a. Dolnfllve. [age. 

Diluvi^o, a. Diluvian, relating; to the dol- 

Diloviar, m, impers. To rain like a deluge. 

Dil6vio, »m. Deluge, overflow ; vast abun- 
dance. [g}n. 

IMmanocion, ^ Act of springing from, ori- 

Diman6nte, pa. Springing from, originating. 

Dimandr. vtu To spring ; originate, [bull;. 

Dimension, «/ Dimension, extent, capacity, 

Dlmonsionalf a. Belonging to the dimen- 
sion, [uao ifs and atUU. 

Dimes. Andar en dini^s y diretes. To 

Dlmldiar, va. To dimidiate, divide Into 

DiminuciAn, tif. Diminution; contraction. 
Ir &n diminucion^ To grow tai>cring. 

Dimlnuir, to. To diminisk V. Ihsminuir. 

Diminutamente, a<{. Diminutively; by re- 
tail, [tively. 

Diminutivamdnte, ad. (Gram.) Dimina- 

Diminulivo, va, a. Diminutive. 

Dimindto, ta, a. Defective, faulty, diminnto. 

Dimisl6n, nf. Kcsignation, dismission, lla- 
cer dlmCttcn <fe, To resign. 

DismiS4Srias, sf. pi. Letters dismissory. 

Dimlte, sm. Dimity. V. Cotoma, 

DimiUr, f>a. To give up, relinouish, resign. 

Dimono, am. fJoc) Demon. V. Demonio. 

Dindmica, ^ Dynamics, the science of mo- 

Dinastia, »f. Dynasty, sovereignty. 

Dlnerdda, i(f. (Coll.) A large sum of money. 

DinerAl, am. A largo sum of money ; weiglit 
used by assayers. [small copper coin. 

Dinorillo, am. A round sum of money ; a 

Dinero, am. Money, coinage; stimdard of 
silver. Dinero llama dinero^ Money 
gets money. 

Dinerudio, am. efim." Small coin, [women. 

Dingolondungoa, am. Showy ornaments on 

Dint^l, am. Lintel 

Dintelar, WL To make lintels. 

Dint6rno, am. The filling up of the onUino. 

Diobre {Par\ (Low) V. Par JHoa. 

Diocesdno, na, a. Diocesan. 

DioccsAno, *m. Diocesan. 

Di6cesl, Di(>cesls, lit. Diocese. 

Dionisia, t/. Blood-stone ; hematites. 

Dl6ptrica, ^f. Dioptrics. 

DiM, am. God. the Supreme Being: on 
idol. A' Dioa or anaa con Dioa^ Fare- 
well, adieu. A' Dioa y A rentnra^ At oil 
events, at all risks. Deapw« de Dioa^ 
Under God. Vaya V. con Dioa, Fare- 
well, God be with you. Dioa dard, God 
will provide. (/ aanto DioHy Oh, gra- 
cious God, Por Dio9, For God*s sake. 
JVb lo qui^ra Dioa. God forbid. Ouiera 
Dioa or pUgua d Dios, Please God. Sea 
como Dioa ouiera. God's will bo done. 
Dioa lo guiera^ Clod grant Jfedinnte 
2Ho9, God willing. Vdlffame Dioa I B\eas 
me ! Vdlgate Dioa 1 God preserve you. 

D166a, i\f. Goddess. [a little divinity. 

Diosecillo, Dlosccito, am, aim. A godling, 

Dlosecfta, af. dim. A little goddess. 

Dlpl6e, am. Dliiloo. 

Dipl6ma, am. Diploma, patent 

Diplora&cia, ^. V. Dlplomdtica. 

Diplomitica, ^/T Diplomacy. 

DIS ^^ 

Dlplomitioo, ca. a. Diplomatic; diplomati- 
cal. — am. Diplomatist 

Dipsdca, »m. (hot) Teasel. V. Ckmdeneka. 

Dip^as, ^ Serpent whose bito causes thin! 

Diptica, ^ Diptych, a register of bishops 
and martyrs^ 

Dlptlco, am. V. Diptica. [bine. 

Diptongur, va. To miito two vowels ; com- 

Dipt^Sngo, am. Diphthong. 

Dlpntacldn, ^. DepuUtion ; oommittea 

Diputddo, am. Deputy, delegate; aasigneeL 

Diputdr, va. To depute; oonstitate; on- 

Dique, am. Dike, dam; dock. Di^ne de 
oonatruceicn, (Nau.) A dry dock. 

Dlquocillo, am. dim. A small dfkei 

Dlreccl6n, rf. Direction ; guidance, admin- 
istration ; order, prescription. 

Directamcnte, ad. Directly, rectUineally. 

Dlrectlvo, va, a. Directive. 

Dir6cto, ta, a. Direct ; clear, open, evident 

Director, am. Director; conductor; mana- 
ger; overseer. 

DlrectAra, ^f. Directress, govemea. 

Dlrectorio, ria, a. Directive, directorial. 

Dlrect6rio, am. Directory, guide book of 

Dlrlgir, to. To direct level ; conduct * dedi- 
cate a work ; regulate. Dirigir el ruu^ 
hOy To steer. — rr. To address, applv. 

Dirimdnte, pa. Breaking off, dissolving 

Dlrimir, va. To dissolve, dl^in; adijnst; 
at^nst differences; annuL 

Dlrulr, va. To ruin, destroy. 

Dlscant&r, va. To chant; recite vened; 
descant; quaver upon a note. 

Dlscilnte, atn. Treble. V. TipU. Goncert; 
A small guitar. [dilute. 

Dlsceptaclon, af. Argument, controvosy, 

DlsctptAr, va. To dispute, argue. 

DiscernldiSr. am, Dlscerner. ' [ment 

Dlscernlmldnto, am. Discernment, jud^ 

Dlscemir, v& To discern, distinguish, Jud^ 
know ; appoint a guardian. 

Dlsciplina, ef. Discipline, education; cot* 
Taction.— pL Scourge, a cat-of-nlne-tallA. 

Disciplinable, a. Disciplinable, capable of 

Disciplinadam6nto, ad. With discipline. 

Dlsciplinado, da, a. Marbled, variegated. 

DlsclpllnAnte, pa^ Flagellator. 

Dlsclpllnar, va. To discipline; drUl; chas- 
tise. — vr. To scourge one's self 

Dlsdpulddo, am. Number of scholaxs at tfae 
same school ; education. 

Dlscipulo, la, a. Disciple, scholar, learner. 

Disco, am. Disk; a quoit; lens of a tele- 
scope, [peevish. 

Discolo, la, a. Unffovemable; wayward, 

Di8conf6rme, a. V. Deaconforme. 

DiscontinuAr, ck Y. Deaoontinww, 

Discontinue, a, a. Discontinued. 

DlsconveniSncIa, a/. Discord, disunion. 

DIsconvenldnte, a. V. Deaconveniente, 

Dlsconrenir, vn. V. DeaconverUr. [aneei 

DlscordAnola, ^ Disagreement; dtoeord- 

Dlscorddnto, pa. Dissonant, discordant 

DlscordAr, vn. To discord, disagree. 

Dlso6rde, a. Discordant, contrwy. (Mm,) 

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DbednUa, ^ Diacord, disagreement; op- 

IHscrecidii, 9f, Discretioii, pnidence. c/u- 
Qar dUcrecione^ To play for presents. 

Diserepi&ociA, tf. Discrepance, difference. 

IMaorep^nte, pa. Disagreeing, discrepant. 

Biflcrep4r, vn. To dilTer, disagree. 

Dlscretam^te, ad. Discreetly. 

DL«crete^, cm. To be dIacreeL 

Discr6ta, ta, a. Discreet, drcamspect; 
sfaarp, witty. [convent 

Dfwr6to. a. Atelstant in the council of a 

DtscreCiSrio, am. Council of tlie seniors of 
T«lisioos bodies. [cose ; plea. 

Dl9c6Ip«, Disealpac{6n, ^f, Apology, ex- 

I>lscalp4ble, a. Excusable, pardonable. 

Diacolpablem^nte, ad. Pardonably, excu- 

Dlarafpadamtote, ad. Excusably. 

Diaeulpor, eo. To exculpate, excnsei 

IHseorrir, vn. To gad, ramble; discourse; 
dtecnsflw Qvitn tal dUeurriera, Who 
coald imagine such a thing ? — va. To in< 

Tent, plan; infer. 
Diacuiaar, ^ — - 

; len. To discourse, oonTerse. 
Diaciuristm, am. Discusser. 
DiacorsiTo, ts, a. DiscursiTe, reflective. 
Discnrso, sm. Discourse; reasoning; con- 
Tcrsation ; treatise, ramble. [pute. 

I>lseii8i6Q, •/ Discussion, argument, dis- 
Dieeutnr, vo. To discuss, investigate, ex- 

TMseeaeUin, if. Dissection, anatomy. 
Disecad^r, mn. Dissector, anatomist 
Disecir, to. To dissect 
Diseccidn, f< Dissection, anatomy. 
Disecti^, am. Dissector, anatomist 

Diseminir, ca To disseminate, propagate. 

T>isensi<Sn, 4^ Diasensioa, contest striib. 

Disonsov am. Dissent, disagreement 

Disenteria, ^. Dysentery, a disease, [tery. 

Dlsent^co, ca, a. Belonging to the dysen- 

Disentimidnto, tm. Dissent, disagreement 

Disentir, vn. To dissent differ In opinion. 

Disefiaddr, am. Dedgner, delineator. 

DiaeJkir, «a. To draw, design. 

DiseAo, am. Drawing, sketch ; picture. 

Diserfcacidn, ^. DlasertatJon, a oiscourse^ 

Diaertad6r, tm. Diasertator. 

Disertir, ro. To dispute, debate, argue. 

Diafiunacidn, tf. Deamation, slander; cen- 
sure, [derer. 

Dis&mad^, am. Defiimer, detractor, slan- 

DisHuniur, «a. To delkma, slander; dis- 
credit [ous, libellous^ 

Disftniat6rio, ria, a. Defkmatory, columni- 

Dis&v6r, am. Disregard; disoountenance, 
cold treatment 

Disformir, ta. Y. Defonnar and Afear. 

DisfSorroe, a. Defbrroed, ugly ; hage. [ness. 

Dislbrmidad, «< Deformity, excessive blg- 

Dfefriz, tm. liask, disguise; dissimulation. 

Dliifrazir, «a. To disguise, mask; cloak, 
dissemble. — «r. To masquerade, go in 

DL<igregaci6n, ^f. Separation, disjunction. 

Disgregir, vc^ To separate, disjoin; dis- 

DfegregatSvo, ra, a. Diriunctive. 

Diagufliidam^nte, ad. Disgustingly. 

Disgustir, «& To disgust, diarelJsb ; offend. 
— vr. To be displeased. [disgust 

Disgnstilio, am. dim, DIspleasureL slight 

Disgusto, 9m. Disgust loathing; ill-humor; 
grief, sorrow. A disgueto. In spite o£ 

Disidenda, ^ Disaidence, nonconiormity. 

Disiddnte, a. and a. Diasentor, noncon- 

Dlsilabo, WK DIssyUable. 

Disimil, a. Dissimilar. 

DIsimll&r. a. Unequal, dissimilar. 

Disimilitad. 9f. Dissimilitude. [serve. 

Disimulacion, ^. Dissimulation ; mask ; re- 

Dislmuladamente, ad. Dissembllngly ; re- 

Disimulado, da, a. Dissembling; reserved; 
sly. A' to diHmulado^ Dlasembllngly ; 

Disimulad6r, ra, a. Dissembler. 

Disimul&r, fHU To dissemble; doak; hide; 

Disimtilo, wk Dissimnlation. reservedneas. 

Dislp^ble, a. Dissipable, easily scattered. 

Disipacion, ^. Dissipation, extravagance, 
waste; separation of parts. [oentiousi 

Dislpddo, da, a. Dissipated; prodigal: 11- 

Disipad6r, ra, $. Spendthrift, prodigal, lav- 
Lsher. [misspend. 

Disip&r, vo. and vr. To dissipate, scatter; 

Disipula, «/ Erysipelas. Y. ErMpeU. 

Disipularso, vr. To be diseased with ery- 

DlsJ^te, 9m. Nonsense, absurdity. 

DiBlocacl6n, Dislocadura, ^. Dislocation. 

Dislocar, va. To dislocate, dispUce.— i?r. To 
be dislocate<L 

DIsmembracIdn, af. V. DMtMthbracion. 

Disminuddn, a/. V. ZHminudon, Disease 
in horses' hon& 

Dlsminuir, f>a. To diminish, lessen, abridge. 
— vr. To grow less. 

DIsodacI6n, «^ Dl^ unction, separation. 

DIsociur, ra. To disjoin, separate. 

DlBolubilidt'uL t/T DissolubUity. 

DIsol6ble, a. Dissoluble. 

Disoludon, ^. Dissolution; dissipation, lib- 
ertinism, py. 

Disolutam^nte, ad. Dissolutely, llcentloua- 

Disolutivo, va, a. Dissolvent 

DLsoluto, ta, a. Dissolute, loose, libertinsL 

Disolv6nte, am. Dissolvent dissolver. 

Dlsolv6r, va. To loosen; dissolve; melt; 
interrupt — vr. To dissolve, be melted. 

DIson, am. Harsh, dissonant tune. 

Disondncia, a/ Dissonance ; discord. 

Disondnte, a. Dissonant, inharmonious; 
disoordaint [be contrary. 

Disondr, vn. To disagree in sound ; discord ; 

Disono, na^ Dissonant inconstant 

Dlspar, a. Unlike, unequal. [m^nte, 

Dlsparadamente, ad, V. DitparatadO' 

Disparaddr, am. Shooter ; trigger ; ratch. 

Dlspardr, co. and vn. To shoot discharge; 
Are, lot off; talk nonsense. — vr. To run 
headlong ; stoop, dart down. [slcally. 

Disparatadam6ntc, ad. Absurdly, nonsen* 

Dlsparatado, da, a. Inconsistent absurd, 
extravagant [talk nonsense. 

DIsparatiir, t«i. To act or Ulk absnnlly; 

Dispardto, mn. Nonsense, blunder, absurdity. 

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I>Isptnt6n, am, aufftn, A groat pieee of 

I)tsiMirat6rio, mn. Speech fkill of nonMnso. 

D'uparot, «m. The act of abaoon^Ung, dtaap* 

Dlsparidad, ^ Dlaparlty, Ineqoality. 

Dispfiro, mn. Dlachargo, exploeion; non- 
teDse. [tarf leas. 

Di8p6ndio, sm. Exoeaalyo ezpenae ; volon- 

DispendlMa m, a. Costly, ezpenslvei 

Dlspdnsa. ^. Disnenao, exemption. 

Dlspensiible, a. Dispenaable. 

IMspensaci6n, ^ Dispensation, exemption. 

I)l8ponflad6r, ra^ Dispenser^ dlstribnter. 

DIsponsdr, to. To dispense, deal oot, ex- 
empt; excnse. 

Dlspereidnf ^ DispeiBlon. 

Disperse, sa, a. Dimenod, separated. 

Dlsportad6r, ra, * V . Deapwiador. 

Dispertiir, «a V. Deaperiar. 

DLBplac6r, «a Y. Deaplaoar. [dislike. 

Displicdncia, ^/T Displeasaro, discontent, 

DlspUo6nte, a. Displeasing, onploasing; an- 

Dlsponeddr, ra, a. Disposer; distrlbater. 

DiKpon6r, «a. and n. To arrange, order; 
dispose; distribnte; deliberate; act free- 
ly. IHaponer stM co&as^ To make a last 
vrlU. — vr. To prepare one's self, get ready. 

Disponible, a. Disposable: applied to prop- 

Disposiei6n. ^. Disposition, arrangement; 
natural fitness; tendency; proportion, 
srmmetTy; reeolntion; power: inclina- 
tion. rNao.) Trim; elegance or person; 
dispatch of business. A' la diapoHekm 
de. At the disposal ofl rtribntlTely. 

Disfiositivamdnto, ad. Disposftlvely, dls- 

Dispositivo, va, a. Dispositive; 

Dlspnteto, ta, a. Disposed, fit; genteel, 
gracefhl JSim^ dUpueato^ Quite well 
mal dispuatto. Indisposed, UL [fray. 

Dispftta, 4< Dispute, argument; contest, 

Disputable, a. Disputable, controvertible. 

Disputad6r, am. Disputant, disputer. 

Disput&r, va. and fk To dispute, oontro- 
Tcrt; debate, argue; strive; resist 

DisputaHvam/^ntc, ad. Disputingly. 

Diaqulsici6n. at Disquisition, examination. 

Distanda, 4/: Distance; remoteness; differ- 
ence, [ward. 

DistAnte, (k Distant, remote. (Nan.) Off- 

Dlat^, vfi. To be distant or remote ; vary. 

Distioo, «m. Distich, couplet 

Distinci6n, af. Distinction ; privilege ; or- 
der, precision. A' diaUnctan^ In contra* 

Distinguiblo, a. Distingnlshab1& [uons. 

Distinguido, da, a. Distinguished, conspic- 

DLstingnir, «a. To distlncuish ; see clearly ; 
disceiTi; Judge; oxplam. — tr. To distin- 
guish one s self; differ. 

Distlntamcnte, ad. Distinctly, diversely. 

Distintivo, va, a. Distinctive. 

Distintivo, am. A distinctive mark, badge; 
a particular attribute. 

Di<itmto, ta, a. Distinct, different; clear; 

Distraecion, ^ Distraction ; ecstasy ; amuse- 
ment; lioentionsnoss, want of constndnt 


Distra6r, «aw To distract; perplez; aadaea 
— vr. To muse, bo absent of mind. 

Distraidamdnte, ad. Distraetedly, lioan- 
tiously. [lute. 

Distnudo, da, a. Absent, inattentive; di90> 

Distraimiento, am» Distraction ; a UeenCioBS 
lltb. [arrangemeat 

D{stribncl6n, af. Distribution; dlvWon; 

Distribnid6r, am. Distributer, divider. 

Distribnir, va. To distribute; dlspoae, ar- 
range; allot [tribatively. 

Distribntivam^ntet ad. (Little xm.) Dto- 

Distribntlvo, va, a. Distributive^ 

Distribuy^ntA, p& Distributer, giver. 

Distrito, am. District provlnoe; territory. 

Distuii>i^, va. To disturb, interrupt 

Distfirblo, am, DIstnrtMnes^ intarniptlai. 

Disuadir, va. To dissuade. 

DLsuasi6n, ^ Dissuasion. 

Disuaslvo, va, a. Dissuasive. 

Disn6lto, ta, a. Dissolved, melted, [urine 

Db&ria, «< Dysury, difllcaltj In Tending 

Disyundon, ^ Diiqnnetlon; • dl^qnetive 

Dfsytinta, ^ (Musw) Change of the voioei 

Dlsyuntivamonte, ad, Di^unotlvely, 


Disynntivo, va, a. Disjsnotive, [tant 

Disyiinto, ta, a. Separated, d^Joioed, dis- 

Dita, am. Securer, bondsman.—^ Security, 
bond. [honor of Beeekna. 

Ditirdmbica, af. Dithyrambie, a hymn ta 

Ditir&mbioo, ca, a, DithyrambieaL 

DItirArabo, am. (Foet) Dithynunbk. 

Dito, am, and pp. oba. Y. DUko. 

DinrcHico, ca, a. (Med.) Dloretie. 

Di6mo, na, a. DInmaL 

DlAmo, am. Diurnal, a prayer-book. 

DiutumidM, ^ Diutnmity. 

Dint6mo, na, a Diutumaf, lasting. 

Dlvag&nte, pa, Bambltng. 

Divag^, vn. To ramble. Y. Vagar. 

Div^, am. Divan, the oonncU among ths 

Divorg6ncia, ^ Divergenoa 

Diverg6nte, a. Divergent 

Divergir, vn, (PhyM To divexKSi 

Divorsam^nte, ad. Diversely, differently. 

Diversld&d, ^ Diversity, dissimlUtade; va- 

Diversiflc&r, va. To diversify, -rary. 

Diversi6n, af. Diversion; sport. 

Diversivo, va, a. DiverUve, medieinea vhicfa 
draw off humorsi 

Diverse, sa, a. Diverse, different; vnrkNia. 
—pL Several, sundry. 

Diveriido, da, a. Amused, merrT, diverted, 
festive. Andar diverttda^ To be eu- 
gagod in love aflSsirs. [meot 

Di veriimidnto, am. Diversicn, sport ; amwe- 

Divertir, «A To divert; amose.— er. To 
sport fh)lio, fooL Ijpan. 

Dlvld6ndo,«mw Dividend; share, allotinent 

Dividld^ro, ra, a. DivisiblsL 

Di^idir, va. To divide, cat; distribute, 
separate.>-<>r. To divide, part 

Divid&o, diia, a, (Law) Divi^lei 

Dividso, am. (Med.) Furunde, boa 

Divinam6nte, ad. Divinely, bee' 

ivenly; ad- 

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PiriBatdrkk, rU, a. Dirlnatoiy. 
Dirinid^d, «/ Divinity ; deity ; the Supreme 
Being; fldse eod. I>ecir diviniaatlea. 
To aay admirable things. 
Dirinizadis da, a. £>eilled. 
DiviaizlLr, oaTTo deil^-. (Mot) To sanctify. 
DiTUM\ na, <l Divine ; heavenly, godlike ; 
cxwUcnt Un ingmdo dUvino^ A man of 
nneommon talents. 
DiriBo, aa, «. y. AdMno, [devieo. 

Divlaa, 4^ Inheritance; motto; ornament; 
Dfvisar, va. To discern at a distance ; vary. 
Diria^ro, ana. Heir not of noble extraction. 
IMvialbilidM, a^ Divisibility. 
IMTlattile, oDivisible. 
l>iTiai6ii, << Division; partition, compart- 
ment; dilterence; hyphen. 
DIvisionil, a. DivislonaL 
DlTiahro, va, a. Divisible, divisive. 
Diviso, sa, a. Divided, dlsonited. 
IMrMr, am. Divisor. 

IMviaorio, ria, a. Divisive, ferminc division. 
DivQ, va, a, (Poet) Divine, godlike. 
Divordir, va. To divorce, separate^— rr. To 

be divorced. 
DiT^frdo, am. Divorce, separation, dlsonion. 
Divnlgible, a. That which may be divulged. 
DivulgBcl6ii, qf. Divulgation, publication. 
Divulg»d6r, ra, $. Divulger. 
IMvul^^ «a. To publish, divulge, give out 
— rr. To CO abrowL [part 

I>o,cui.y.l>ofMl«L X^9«i«ra, In whatever 
D^bla, f^ An ancient Spanish gold coin. 
Dobladaminta, ad. Doubly; deceititally. 
DobladUla. ^ A' la doUadiUa, Doubly, 
repeatedly. [thick. 

Dobladillo, ua, a Sqnst and broad, short and 
DoblaittUo. mm^ Hem, the edge of a garment 
Doblido, «M. Measure of the fold in cloth. 
Dohlida, da, a. Strong, thick-set; deceit- 
ftiL TUrra doMada^ A broken, moun- 
tai nans country. 
Doblad^, tm. Folder, paper-folder. 
DobladAra, f< Fold ; a led horse in batUe; 

medley dish of fried meat Ac. 
DobUr, CO. and n. To double; fold; bend; 
toll; deviate from Justice and reason; 
coll. JkMar la roaOUi^ To kneeL-^Tr. 
To bend, bow ; change one's opinion. 
Doble, a. Double; thick ; strong, robust; 

artfal, deceitlU. .i; <2a&^ Doublv. 
Doble, 9nK Fold, crease; dissimulation; 

ton of the belL 

Doblegible, a. Flexible; pliant 

Dobkgadiio, za, a Fit to be doubled. 

Dobleg&r. to. To bend ; gain by persuaslou. 

— rr. To bend ; submit [fWly. 

Doblem^nte, ad. Deceitftdly, doub1v,«rt- 

Dobl^ro, tn. (Prov.) A small loaf of bread. 

Doblite, a. Between double and single. — 

sm. FactiUons gem. [iug. 

Dobl^ «m. Crease ; duplicity, double-deal- 

D^blo, am. (Law) Double. 

I>obl6n, sm. Doubloon, a Spanish gold coin. 

IhUon de oro^ Gold coin = $2. Doblan 

d4 A doa (esoodoeX Gold coin = $4 Do- 

Hon ds d euaU-o.Qold coin = $8. J)o- 

Ifon ds d ooha, Gold coin = $16. Do- 

blonaenotUo^ or merelv <2oMoii, Nominal 

money = $3. Doblon as wica. Cow's tripe. 


Doblon Ada, 9f. Heap of doubloons or money. 

Doce, am. Twelve; twelfth. Echario A 
doce^ To carry an aflSslr off with a laugh. 

Doo6na, 9/. Dozen ; weight 12 lbs. in Na- 
varre. Doofna ds frcUls^ Baker's dozen. 
Met^$e en doeena^ To meddle. A' do- 
cenas. Abundantly. 

Dooenal, a. Sold by dozens. 

Docono, na, a. Twelfth. 

Doc^no, am. and a. A kind of doth. 

Dod^ntos, a. V. Doacienioa. 

D6dl, a. Dodle, gentle; obedient flexible; 
ductile» malleable. 

Dodlidiul, 4< Dodlity; flexibleness, com- 
pliance; gentleness, 
cilmdnte, ad. Tractablv. 

Dodm&stica, af. Assay ; the art of assaytng. 

Doctamdnte, ad. Learnedly. 

D6cto, ta, a. Learned. 

Doctor, am. Doctor of Laws, hc.\ mj 
learned man. (ColL) A physldan. 

I>oct6ra, «/ Doctoress; a vain woman; 
physician's wife. 

Doctohido, am. Doctorate, doctorship. 

DoctoWU, a. Doctoral 

Doctordl, 9/. Canonry called doctoral— am. 
Canon of the doctoral. 

Doctoraml^nto, am. Doctorate, doctorship. 

Doctor&ndo, am. Gne on the point of get- 
ting his degree as doctor. 

DoctoHu-, «d. To doctorate. 

DoctordllOfSm. dim. A little doctor; quack. 

Doctoreir, vn. To doctor, play the doctor. 

Doctoiismo. am, (Joe.) The body of doctors. 

Doctrina, af. Doctrine, the catechism; sd- 
ence. Niiioa da la doctrina, Chaxitj 

Doctrlnaddr, ra, a. Instructor, teacher. 

Doctrinal, am. Catechism.— a. Doctrinal, 
relating to doctrine. [horses. 

DoctrlD^r, «a. To teach, iDstmct; break in 

Doctrin^o, am. Teacher of Ciirlstian doc- 

Doctrine, am. V. 2nnoa da la doctrina. 

Docum^nto, am. Instruction; document; 
voucher, exhibit 

Dodrinte, am. Drink of nine ingredients ; 
weight of 9-12ths of a Boman lb. ; 12 

Dog&l, am. Bope round the neck ; halter. 

D6gma, am. Dogma. 

Dogm&tico, ca, a. Dogmatical or dogmatic. 

DogmAtico, am. Dogmatic. 

Dogmatists, am. Dogmatist [tizer. 

Dogmatizaddr, DogmatizAnte, am. Dogma- 

Dogmatiz£r, va. To dogmatize, teach Iklse 

D6go, am. Terrier. 

Doiad6ra, a. Applied to a cooper's adze. 

Dolad6r, am. Smoother, polisher. [sUves. 

DoliUe, am. The wine Imbibed by pipe- 

Dolsmas, af. pi. DoUmes, am. pk Hidden 
defects in horses. [stone. 

Doliu*, va. To plane or smooth wood or 

Doltoda, «/: Disease, affliction; danger. 

DoI6r, wi. To feel pain, ache or be in pain ; 
be unwilling to act— w. To be sorry; 
repent; feel fbr; lament 

Doli6nte, a. Suffering ; 8orrowftL--»m. Pall- 
bearer; mourner. 


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Dolimin, mk Loog robe worn In tho Lo> 

D6I0, am. Fraud, deceit, Imposition. Po- 

ner dolo^ To Judge ill ot 
Dol6r, 9m. Pain, ncbe. Ddor de cabeMy 

Headache. 2>otor (ftf mu^kui, Toothache. 

Dolor ds tripaSj Griping; affliction, 

gief ; repentanco ; rage. JSatar eon do- 
res. To be in labor. 

Dolordllo, Sto, «m. dim. A alight pain. 

Dolorido, da, a. Doloftil, afflicted. 

Dolorido, «m^ The chief moamer. 

Doloriflco, ca, a. Causing pain or grlet 

Doloroaamdnte, ad. Palnftilly, sorrowftiUy. 

Doloroso, sa, a. Sorrowful, dlamal ; palnftd. 

Dolosamdnte, oA DeceitftiUy. 

Dol6eo, aa, a. Deceitftil, knaviah. 

Pom&ble, a. Tamable, conquerable. 

Domaddr, ra, «. Tamer, anbduer; boiae* 

DomadAnt, </ Act of taming or sabdning. 

Dom&r, oo. To tame; break in; subdue. 

D6mbo, 9m. Dome, cupola. [aubdne. 

Domefi&r, va. To reclaim, tamo, master, 

Domesticable, a. Tamable. 

Dome8ticam6nte, ad. Domestically. 

Domestic&r, va. To render gentle, domes- 
ticate.— t?r. To grow tame. 

Domostlcidiid, ^Domesticity, affability. 

Domdstico, ca, a^ Domestic. 

Domefftico, 9m, Domestic, lAeniaL 

Domiciliido, da, a. Beooirod as a denizen 
or citizen. 

Domictli&rio, «m. Inhabitant, citizen. 

DomicillMo, ria, a. Domiciliary. 

DomiciUArse, «r. To establish one^ self in 
a residence, 
z^'— V,^Domlcilio, 9m. Habitation, abode, domiclL 

]70miftaci6n, ^f. Dominion, power; com- 
manding ground.— j>2. Dominations, an- 
golio beings. 

Domlnador, «m^ Dominator. 

Dominante, a. Dominant, dictatory; pre- 
vailing; dominative, imperious. 

Dominar, «a. To domineer, rule, overeway ; 
master, command ; moderate one's pas- 
sions, correct one's evil habits.— «r. To 
rise above others. 

Dominativo, va, a. Dominative. [towns. 

Ddmine, 9m. Teacher of Latin in small 

Domingo, 9m. Sunday. Domingo de ra- 
moA, Palm Sondav. Domingo de rMur- 
reccion^ Easter Bnndav. Domingo de 
cuaMmodOy Low Sunday. JIaaer do- 
mingoy To pass a working day idly. 

Domingu^ro, ra, a. Done or worn on Sun- 
day. Sayo dominguerOy Sunday-clothes. 

Domlnguiflo, sm. Figure of a boy at bnll- 
feasts, ifaeer d uno 9u dominguillo^ 
To make one a laughing-stock. 

Dominica, 9f. (Div.) Sunday. Dofn\nica 
in albiiy Low Sunday. 

Dominlcdl, a. Manorial; dominical, be- 
longing to the Lord's day. OraeUm do- 
rninieal. Lord's prayer. [can. 

Dominicano, na, Dominlco, ca, a, Domlni- 

Dominico, snr. Jacobin, a ftiar of Saint 

Dominlcat&ra, fl/T Vassalage paid to tho 
lord of the manor. 


Dominlo, 9nK Dominion, power, rifbt of 
use; authority; region; aomain. estate. 

DominA, 9m. Domino, a masqaerade gar- 

Don, 9m. Don. the Spanish title for a gen- 
tleman, used only before Christian names; 
gift, present; &culty, knack. Don de 
genteA, Winning manners. Don de ad- 
erto. Skill. 

Donaci6n, f/T Donation; gift, grant 

Donadio, 9m, Property derived ttom royal 

DonAdo^ da, 9. Lay-brother or lay-sister. 

Donad6r, ra, «. Donor, bestower, giver. 

Don&iro, 9m, Grace, eleeanoe, gentilltv; 
witty saying. MtMer aanaire de,, To 
make little oC 

Donalroflam^nte, ad. Faoettonaly. wittfly. 

Donair6so,'sa, a. Pleasant; graoeml; witiy 

Don&nte,pa. Donor; giva. 

DonAr, vos To make flnee gifts, bestow. 

Donatario, 9m, Donee, grantee. 

Donatista, & Donatist, Mower of Donatoi 

Donativo, 9m. Donative. 

Dono61, 9m. A king*B page ; a man wbo has 
not known woman ; wormwood. JHno 
doneel^ Pine stuff without knots. Vino 
donoelf Wine of a mild flavor. 

DonoLnia, ^ Maid, virgin, lass; ladyls-maid. 
Doncella de Jfumulia, The Nnmldlan 
heron; snake-fish; sensitive plant. Don* 
cellajamona. An old maid. 

Doncelfqja, ^. dim. Little maid. 

Donoelleria, ^ Yirginity, maidenhead. 

Doncelldz, ^. Vitginity, maidenhood. 

Doncellica, ita, 4^ dim. A young maid, a 

Doncoll6na. 9f. augm. eoU. Old maid. 

Donce11u6ca, ^ fOoll.) An old maid. 

Doncellu^la, ^ aim, A young maid. 

D^nde. ad. V. Adonde, Where f whitber? 
/>«aofuf«f From what pUM»r Donde 
quier<i, Anywhere. Donde no. On tin 
contnuy. udda donde t Towards what 
place r Par donde f By what way. what 
reason? [marvel of Peru. 

Don D16go de N6ehe, 9m. (Bot) Jalap, 

Donecillo, 9m. dim. A small present 

DoqilI6ro, 9m. Swindler, sharper; tricking 

Donosamcnte, ad, Graceftdly, pleasingly. 

Donosid&d, 9f. Graeefhlnosa, wlttineea, 

Donoeilla, ^Plaited muslin worn around 
the nock. 

Don6so, sa, a. Gay, witty, pleasant [tflity. 

Donosftra, ^ GraccAilnesa, cl^nnoc, gco- 

D6fia, «/ Lady, mistress: only used bcforo 
tiie Christian name. [women. 

Dofie&r, vn. To pass the time mudi vitli 

Dofleg&l, Dofiigol, a. Applied to a kind of 

Doqui6r, Doqul^ ad, Y. Donde qtU^ra. 

Dorad]^ DoradiUa, 9. (Ichtii.) GUt-hesd, 

Doradilla, tf. (Bot) Common oeiaracli. 

Doradlllo, sm. Fine brass wire. (Om.) Wag- 
tail, [coloreo souii. 

DorAdo, da, a. Gilt Sopa doradaJji. hign- 

Dorwlo, 9m. Gilding. (Icbth.) V. Dorado, 

Dorad6r, »«». Gilder. 

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I>ond6n, 9f. Gflding. 

Doril, 4^ (Oni.) Fly-catcher. Moaeleapa, L, 

Doiir, va. To gild; palliate, excue. 

DweiA, ^f. A sort of masIIiL 

Dotem&L «m. A sort of flowered muslin. 

Duria, tf. Broad-leaved gnmndseL 

DArioo, ca, a. Doric. 

T>onnida,|<ChrT8a]is; resting-plaoeL 

Dormid^ tf. Gaidea-poppy.--^ Sleep!- 

nen. drowsineaiw 
lkxwiidia% ra, a. Sleepy, soporiferona, nar^ 

ootie.~9nk Beating-place. 
Donnid^, am^ A grMt sleeper. 
Dormidoa, Mk pU (Nail) Y. ZHiniMiiiML 
DormUnte, jm. T. JHtmdenU. 
T)onnli6n, na, A A dall person, sleepy-head. 
Dormir, en. To aleep; be Inattentire; 

dtmp a TSSBel; b« calm. DomUr la 

$ie$ta, To take a nm after dinner. Dor- 

ndr <a 9ereno. To sleep In the open field. 

iJormir d pUma sueUa or d mefU> 

mmKo, To Bleep careleMlj.— «r. To ftU 

IVjrmirlaa. ^.^ Flay, like hide and seek. 
Donnltir, vnrTo doxfe, nap, mope. [tlon. 
BormitiTo, nn. Donnltlve, soponferoos po- 
DonnltMo, mn, Donniiory, bedroonu 
I>oni%, an. A trough. [da. 

Donua, «/ pL BmalT fishing-boats in Gall- 
DcmillQ, tat. Y. Dorfu^o and B&rterek 
I>or6nloo o&dnal, wmw (Bot) Qreat leop- 

l>oTsil, a. DofisL belonging to the back. 
I>QnUero, ts, o. (Bot.) JXxa&rooa, dorslpft- 

^fmo, $n. The back part of any thing. 

Doa, tm. Two; aeeond; deaoei A' do9 ma- 
no*, With both bands. J>09 d dot. Two 
by twa A' do8por tret. Inconsiderately, 

nefalr. Dt dct €i^ dot. Two by two. 

Dot tania. Twice, donble. 
ikmtm, a Blemdal of two years. 
Dosddnloa, tas, &pZ. Two hundred. 
Dowl, tm. A canopy. 
I Vxelera, ^. Yalanee of a canopy. 
I>«eBoo, tm. dim. Jl small canopy. 
^ia, tf. Doee of medicine, 
i^ftseion, tf- Dotation, endowment, ibnnda- 

tlon ; the act of Kiving a dowry. DUa- 

chn dt futfAot, Funds for the repairing 

offihiML J)otaeion de fin Intqut, The 

complemontofa crew; stock; personnel 

and materiel of a fortress. 
I>otidQ, da, a. Dowered, portioned. Dciit'' 

do dt, Endowed with. 
J>otid6r, ra, t. One who portions or endows, 
^otfl, a. Dotal, relating to a dowry. 
Jojir, to. To portion, endow. 
Wta, tf. Dowor, dowry : stock of counters 

to ptty with.--«iik pL Talents; endow- 

Jot^, tm. Doctor, physician. 
JwWns, f^ V. DoctHna. [stone, 

^^la, 4< Curre of the key-atone; key- 
l>OTelAge, tm. Curved stones for an arch. 
I>or«llr, «& To hew a stone in carves for 

5p»b6do, da, ck Twelve-sided. 
{{oriiTO, va, t. The twelfth part 


Dricma, «! Draobm, the eighth of as 

ounce ; Greek silver coin. 
Drsc6nculo, tm. CEjaio,) Guinea-worm. 
Dn^Ante, tm. ^Bot) GoatVthom; gum 

tragacanth ; pillow of the bowsprit. 
Drigo, am. Dragon-tree. 
Dnigomin, tm. Dragoman, interpreter of 

the Arabic or Turkish. 
Dragdn, tm. Dragon. Dragon moHno, 

(let) Sea-drsgon, weather-fish ; dragoon ; 

spot in the eyea. 
DrsgAna, tf. Bhoulder-knot ; Ibmale dragon. 
Dragon^, tm^ augm. A large dragon. 
Dragoncillo, Mk Ancient gun; a little 

dragon or dragoon. [dragon. 

Dragontda, Dragontia, f^ (Bot) (Common 
Dragontino, na, & Drsgonish. 
Dhima, tm. Drama. 
Dramdtlcamtote, ad. Dramatically. 
Dramitlca, tf. The dramatic art 
Dramitioo, ca, a. Drsmatlcal, dramatic. 
DrUda, DriMe» ^ Dryad, wood-nymph. 
Drino, tm. Kind of venomous serpent 
Drlziir, va, {StxLS To hoist up the yardfli 
Drixa8,4<j^HalIiardflL DriMatddJbqut 

nuiyor. Throat-halliards. 
Dr^ga, tf. Drug ; stratagem, deceit 
Drogueiia, tf. A druggist's shop^ 
Droguero, sm. Droggut; cheat [stufll 

Drogn6te, tm. Drugget, kind of woollen 
Drognista, am. Druefpat; dieat, impostor. 
DromediU, Dromedario, am. Dromedaiy; 

an unwieldy horse or mule. 
Dropadsmo, tm. Ointment for taking off 

hairs; depilatory. 
Dr6pe, tm. (GolL) YUe, despicable man. 
Druida, tm, Dmid. [Incisors. 

Du41, a. DuaL beloncing to twa Ihtdtet^ 
D6ba, tf. Wall or indosore of earth, [thinx 
Dublec&d, tf. Dtibio, tm. Doubt, donbtfSl 
Dublt^ble, a. Doubtftil, dubious. 
DubiCMstdn, tf. Dubitation. 
Dubitativo, va, a. DoubtftU, dnblous. 
Dqo, ami. OM. v. Duqat. 
Ducado, Ml. Duchy, dukedom ; ducat 
DacAl, a. Ducal. [ed. 

Dficha, tf. List; straight piece of land reap- 
Diicho, cha, a. Dozteroos, accustomed. 


Dnci6nto8, tas, a. Two hundred, v. Dot- 

DudL am. (Prov.) Y. EtpUa. 

Ouctil, a. Ductile. 

Ductilldid, 4/^ Ductility. 

Duct6r, am. Guide, conductor; probe. 

Dnctriz, tf Oonductress. 

D6da, tf. Doubt, suspense, hesitation ; ques- 
tion. /Sin (ftMZo, Certainly. 

Dudible, a. Dubltable, dubious, doubt/hl. 

Dud&r, TO. To doubt, hesitate; fluctuate; 

Dudllla, tf. dim. A slight doubt 

Dudosamente, ad. Doubtftilly, dubiously. 

Dud^eo, sa, a. Doubtftil, uncertain ; hazard- 

Du61a, tf. Stave; kind of coin. 

Duel^e, am. Y. DoUiAt. 

Duellsta, sm. DueUist ; fighter. 

Du6Io, am. Duel, challenge : sorrow ; mourn- 
ing, ltaneraL--j!)2. Troubles, vexations, af- 
flictions. Sin dtttio. Abundantly. 

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I}ii6nd«, ffn. EU; Mry^ gobUn, ghost Tener 
du-eniU^ To be hypochondrbc, rostlean. 
Moneda d^ du&nde$j Small copper coin. 

Daendecillo, mn. dim. A little fidry. 

Dudndo, da, a. Domeatlo, tame. 

Du6fla, 4/C Duenna, an old woman; a mar- 
ried lady. DueOas, Widows who attend 
on the maids of honor. [strict daenna. 

Dneft&za, ff^ aufftn. A rerjr old or a very 

Dnefi^soo, a. (CoIL) Belonging to a duenna. 

Dnofiisima, ^ A haughty old daenna. 

Dn^fio, a, 9m. and / Owner, proprietor, 
master or mistress. 

Da6mo, «m. Double sheet, two sheets of 
printed paper, one within another. 

Dola, ^, Ilord of animals on the same pos- 
ture. Vete d la dula, Got out of my 

Dulcamftra, ^f. (Bot) Bitter-sweet 

D61ce, a. Sweet; fresh; mild, soft.— «nk 
Sweetmeat^ preeenres, sugar^ploms, can- 
dies, or any other sweet things. V.lHi^ 


Duloecillo, Ula, ito, ita, a. Sweetish. 

Duloedfimbre, ^f. Sweetness. Y. DuXmara. 

Dulc6melo, sm. Dulcimer, musical instru- 
ment [tly. 

Dulcem6nte, ad. Sweetly, delightfldly, geu- 

Dulciflcaci6n, ^. Dnldflcation. 

Dulciflcinte, pa. Dnleiiying; sweetener. 

Dnlclfld^, va. To sweeten, dulcUy. 

DnleSr, «a. To grind flat, polish. 

Dulcisono, na, a. Sweet-toned. 

Dnl6ro, sm. (Pror.) Henlsmaa. 

Dolia, 9f. Dulia, worship of the saints. 

Dulimfo, sm. Iiong robe worn by the Turks. 

Duladna, «/ A musical wind instrument 
(Mez.) A lute: quantity of sweetmeatu 
"THtaamira, sl (Bot)f V. Dulcamara, 

DnlzAzo, sa, a. museously sweet, luscious. 

Dub6r, «m. Y. JhUmtra. 

Dulzorir, vA (Prov.) To sweeten, dnlctiy. 

DnlzAra, «/! Sweetness; meekness; pleas- 
ure; fbrbearance; pleasing manners. 

DnlzurAr, va. To dulcUy ; soften. 

Diknas, ^f. pL Downs, banks of sand. 

Dnn^ta, tf, (Nan.) The highest part of the 

Dunguras, «/! A sort of white cotton stulC 
D6o, «f7k (Mna.) Duo, duet 
Duodecimo, ma, a. Twelfth; 12mo. 
Daod6eupIo, phi, a. Duodecuple. 
Duodtoo, na, a. Twelfth. 
Dnod6no, «m. and a. (Anat) Duodenum. 
Duomeeino, na, a. Of two months. 
D6pla, ^f. Double allowance of provision in 
colleges. [tion. 

DnpUeaei6n, ^. Duplication; oondnpllca- 
Dnplicadam^nte, ad. Doubly. 
DupllciUlo, «m. Duplicate. 
DuplicAdo, da, a. Duplicate, doubled. 
DnplicAr, «a. To double, duplicate; repeat 
Duplicatfiro, ttf. V. DoMadura, 
D6plice, a. Double: with separate cells. 
Duplicidid, tf. Duplicity, deceit 
Dfiplo, am. Double, twice as'much. 
D6qae, 9m. Duke; fold in veils. [duke. 
Dnqnedto, «m. dim. A pet^ duke ; a young 
Dnqatea,j»: Duchess; species of couch, 
pin, ^f. Duration, continuance. 


Dur&ble, a. Durable, lasting. 

Duraci6n, Durada, af. Duration, oontSnii- 

ance, durability. 
Duraderamt^nto, ad. Durably. 
Dnraderas, ^f. pL Lasting ; prunella. 
Duradero, ra, a. Lasting, durable. 
Duraddr, ra, a. Durable, lasting. 
Duramiter, if. (Anat) Dura mater. 
Duram^nte, ad. IlarcUy, risoronaly. 
Duribdo, «m. Cloth formerly used In Spain. 
Durante, pa. During; In the moan time. 
Dur4r, vn. To last continue. 
Durazndro, am. Peach-trea 
DurAzno, 9m. (Bot) Peach-tree; PMkch. 
Dur^za, ^f. Hardness^ harshness, nnrnMSs; 

obstinacy; callosity. JhureaadeHemtre, 

Costiveneas. Vureta de oido, Dnlness 

of hearing. 
Duriigra, v. Cotton stripe, white and bUiei 
Durllk),U4, a. dim. Bather hard. J>uHao 

rOavanU, Bombast, ftiatian.— ink (Bot) 

DurlndAna, Durindalna, 9f. (Joe) A sword. 
Durmtotea, Dnrmlontes, am. pL (Nau.) 

Clampa, sleepers. Sota^durmlmtat, 

Thick stnlL 
Durml&ite, p& Sleeping, sleeper, dormant 

—^am. Sleeper. 
D6ro, ra, a. Hard, solid; Tezatlons; op- 
pressive; stubborn; radcLjroagb. Q<an.) 

Stiff. A' duraa penaa. With dlffloolty 

and labor. 
D6ro, or Peso duro, am. Silver dolkr. 
Dnunvir, am. Duumvir, one of the T 

Duunvir&to, sm. Duumvirate. 
Dux, am. Doge of Venice and Oenoik 


E (^ or ay) Is pronounced In Spanish as 
In the English words bed, met, pen^ kc 
E (and) ia used instead of y (and) when 
the following word beffina by < or M ; a^ 
Sabioa i ignoranUa/yf]B^ and ignmaat 
men : Padra i MJo/Faiher and Son. 

E'a, irU«i. and ado. To awaken attentto. 
Eapueay Well then I Let us see^ 

Ebanuta, am. Cabinet-maker. 

Enanistena, ^. Cabinet-work, cablnet-ma> 
ker's shop. 

Eltano, am. Ebony. 

Ebried&d, ^. Ebrloty. 

E'brio, ria, a. Inebriated, Intoxicated, tipsy. 

Ebrl6so, sa. a. Intoxicated, drunken. 

EbuUcidn, Ebnlllcl6n, ^. Ebullition. 

Ebfimeo. nea, a. (Poet) Made of Ivofj, 

Eooehomo, am. Ecee Homo. 

Echaciuitos, am. A rattle-brained fellow. 

Echacorve4r, tm. (ColL) To pimp, procar& 

Echacorveria, ^f. (Coll.) Profession of a 
pimp or procurer. [Impostor. 

Echaeu^rvos, am. Pimp, procurer; cheat, 

£ch4da, af. Cast, throw; throwing one's 
self down. 

Echad^ro, am. Place of rest or repoaiw 

Echadillo, am^ A foundling. 

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SeludittK SB, t. A spy; cantloas dlTnlger; 
fonndtin^ [tltioaa. 

TWiad'ntow za. €k Suborned to pry into; fic^ 

£ctaador, Ta» «. Thrower. 

Ecfaadfini, ^. liaying one's self down; 
brooding, batcbing; 

Echflmignto, «m. Cost, throw ; prq}ectlon ; 
Section; exposing 

Eehor, va. and vn. To cast, throw, heare; 
tarn or drive away, <|ect. it^ect, cast away, 
tiirow oat or expel; snoot, bad, iasue; 
put, aoply ; impose as a tax ; talk, bab- 
Dle; impate: incline, recline; perform 
for & wager; dcalont; pnblish; propo 
Uke ; sentenoo. (Nao.) To sink. JFcZ 
aiK^o, Topnll down. JSchar el affua d 
«» A ftnio^ 1% boptizei Echarbratatasat 
IfoladronodaSy or plantas. To boast, 
braf o£ Seharla as brawkde fiu^o, 
or as ffrande, To swagger. £char can- 
Um, roffoa^ eentdiku, or fuego. To be rery 
angry. jSbAor carrtf2/<M, To grow plomp 
in the cheeks. Sehar coche^ To set up 
aeottch. Echar de manga^ To make a 
eat*Bpawofon& .fiicAar «; m2^, To give 
the flnishtng stroliLe. Schareniocorciio^ 
To labor to no parpose. Echar el hqfe 
or foe fx^My To labor excessively. Ech/or 
la pldtuM d oirapari^ To cat short 
the oonreraatlon. Echar f n4naa^ To m\m. 
Eehar piemat^ To stmt about. Echar 
lierra a, To bury in oblivion. Echar cU 
fnvnda^ To brlnis forth. Eehar mano, 
To give iftsistaaee. Eehar un rmnUndo 
d la ffida, To take some little refiiesh- 
ment Eokar d vmo d paaear. To send 
one aboat his boainesa. Eehar con oqjaa 
dss tmtp ladoit or en. ?u>ra malay To dis- 
mte roogliiy. Eehar auerteSy To draw 
Jots. ESkar d eorrer^ To ran away. 
Eohar d reir^ To Ikll to laughing. Eehar 
en carOf d la eara^ otenla oarcu, To re- 
proach to one's Cftce. Eehar huen or 
nuU lance, To have good or bad luck. 
Echar de ver. To observe, perceive. 
Eehar el ouerpo fuera. To withdraw. 
Echar la ley d una. To condemn to the 
atnaost rigor of tlio law. Echar d per- 
der^ To spoil Eeharlo todo d rodar. 
To spoil utterly. Eehar mono. To lay 
hold, seize, catch. Echar peliUoa d la 
mar^ To be reconciled. Echar vor en 
medio. To cut short any difference. 
Echar el pU adeUtiUe, To prosress be 
foremost Echar el pU atrat^ To retro- 
grade, be last Xo Jmv que echar pU 
atras. Ton must not flinch. El viento 
aa eeha^ The wind fall& Eehar todo el 
trapo or ««/a. To crowd all sail Echar 
una manOtTo help. Echar un jarro 
de agua. Throw a damper upon dis- 
eourse by an anexpected remark. Echar 
or echaree un borron. To disgrace one's 
s<^l£ Eehar un ffuante, To take up a 
collection. Ee^r el guante. To arrest 
Eehar el eecandaUo. To take soundings. 
Eehar enUerra^ To land. Eehar aaiees. 
To take root; become established; con- 
firmed. — vr. To thDw one's self down ; 
apply one'sself to ; yield, desist Echaree 


edbre dneora, To drag the anchor. 
Echaree d pechoe. To drink immoder- 
ately. Eeharee at ooleta, To eat, swal- 

Ecbazon, tf. (Law.) Jetson. [philosophers. 

£cl6ctico, sm. Eclectic, a class of ancient 

EclesiAstico, em. Gleigyman, ecclesiastic; 
Eecleslasticus. [lie 

EclcsiAstico, ca, a. Ecclesiastical, eccleslas- 

Eclesiastizir, va. Y. EyHritualiear. 

Edipsablc, a. That may be eclipsed. 

Eclipsdr, co. To eclipse, outshine. 

Eclipse, Sfn. Eclipse. 

Eclipeis, 4/: Ellipsis. 

EcUptica, ef. Ecliptia [Effloga. 

Ecl(%a, t/f. Eclogue, a pastoral poem. V. 

E'co, sm. Echo ; repetiuon. iTocereoo, To 
accord, agree, surprise. 

Ecoico, ca, a. (Poet) BeUting to echoes 

Ecometria, ^ (Arch.) Echometry. 

Ec6metro,S}n.Echometer. [tributlon. 

Economia, ^. Economy; scantmess; dis- 

Eeondmica, ^f. Economics, household man- 

Econ6micam6nte, ad. Economically. 

£con6mico, ca, a. Economical, economic; 
frugal: avaricious. [ager. 

j:<conomma, am. Economist: a good mac- 

EoonomizAr, vck To economize. 

Ec6nomo, am. Corator or suardian, trustee. 

£<^po, am, Ectype. copy from an original. 

Ecuable, a. Equable, equal to itself; Just, 

Ecuad6n, af. Eonatlon. [noctlal line. 

Ecuador, Ecuator, sm. Equator ; the equi- 

Ecuanimiditd. ^ Equanimity. 

Ecointe, a. Equal V. Igual. 

Ecn^stre, a. Eqaestrlan. 

Ecum^co, ca, a. (Ecumenical, universal. 

E'cuo, a. Bight, Just [sea. 

Eca6reo, res, a. (Poet) Belonging to the 

EdAd, 4^- Age. as^es ; any period of time. 
Eatar en eaaoL, (Prov!) Under tlie sev- 
enth year. Menor edad^ Minority. 

EdeciSn, am. (Mil) Aide-do-camp. Tmor. 

Ed^a, ^ A white, soft, and InsensibTe tu- 

EdematMO, sa, a. (Edematous, edematose. 

Ed^n, am. Eden, paradise. 

Edicidn, af. Edition. 

Edicto, am. Edict, proclamation. 

£dlAcaci6n, ^. (instruction, art of build- 
infn edification, edifVlng. [builder. 

Ediflcad6r, ra, a. Edifier; constmcter; 

Edlflcdnte, a. EdUVlng; erecting. 

Ediflc&r, t?a. To eai/y, build ; instruct 

Ediflcativo, va, a. Exemplary, instructive. 

Ediftcat6rio, ria, a. Edificatory. 

Edlficio, am. Edifice, structure. 

EdU, am. Edile, a Boman magistrate, 

Edilidid, ^. Eilileship. 

Editor, am. Editor. 

Edredon. am. Eider-down. [ture 

Educacion, ^. Education, instruction, nur- 

Educad6r, ra, a. Instructor, educator. 

Educ&ndo, da, a. Student in a school or 

Edndir, fo. To educate, instruct 

Educcion, ^. Eduction. 

Educir, f>a. To educe, extract, bring out. 

E'fo, af. Spanish name of the letter F. 

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£fectivam6ntc, ad. Effectually, poveiftillv; 

certainly. [money, enecio. 

Efectivo, va, a. Effective, tTue.— «m. llard 
Ef^o. tm. Effect; operation; purpose.— 

in. A»ots; effects. En ^^ado. In fact, 

In troth. 
Efectu&l, a. (Obs.) EfllBctaal, real, effective. 
£fectaalmunte,a«r. Effectively. [feet 

Efectndr, tfo. To effectuate, accompllsfi, ef- 
Efem^ldes, ^. pi. Ephcmeria, almanac, 

journal ; an account of daily transactions. 
Efcmera, ^. V. Efimsra. 
Efomero, mn. (Bot) 1^I^ wild flag. [vor. 
Eferveec^ncla, a/! Efforvoeconce ; ardor, for- 
E'feta, ad. Pertinacity. 
Eflc&cia, 4< Efficacy, activity. 
Eflciz, 0. Efficacious, active, effective. 
Eflcazm6nte, ad^ Efficaciously, actively. 
Eflcioncia, ^ Efficiency, effectiveness. 
Eflddnte, a. Efficient, effective. 
Eftclentem6nte, ad. Efficiently, eflRsctively. 
Efigie, */ Efl)^. image. [ephcmeron. 

Efimera, f/t £phomenL a one-day fever; 
EfimerAl, a, (little us.) V. Efimero. 
Eftmero, ra, a. Ephemeral, living one day. 
£florec6ncia, »f. Efflorescence. 
Efloroo^r, m. (Chem.) To effloresce. 
Eflorecidnto, a. (Chem.) Efflorescent 
Eflorosc6ncia,j/r (Bot) Efflorescentia. 
Eflu6ncia, sf. Effluence, emanation. 
£fln6nte, «/ Effluent, emanant Ttlon. 

Efl&vio, 9m. Effluvium or effluvia; exhala- 
Efugio, 9m. Snbterftige, evasion, sliift. 
Eftilguncia, ^ (Obs.) Effulgence, brlghtncis. 
Efundir, co. To effkse, pour out, spUL 
£ft»16n, f^ Effusion; confidential dlsclo- 
Efftso, sa, a. Effused. [sure. 

Egestion, s/T (Little us.) Egostion. 
Egilope, If. (Bot) Wild bastard oat 
Eglpciaco, Egipcidno, Egipclo. a. Egyptian. 
Eglra, 4^ Hogira, flight of Mohammed. 
£gl6g^ ^f. Ecloeue, a pastoral poem. 
Ego&no,*i».8elfishncss, self-love; egotism. 
Egoists, sfiK Belflfih ; egotist, one of a class 

of philosophers. py. 

Egregiam6nto, ad. Illnstrionsly, egregious- 
Egr^gio, gia. a. Egregious, eminent 
Egresl^n, ^. Egression. [dust 

Egrisad6r, am. Lapidary-box for diamond- 
Egrisar, wl To grind and polish diamonds. 
E'jtt, am. Axis; axle-tree, axle; centre. 
£Decnci6n, ^f. Execution, performance. 

(Law.) Seizure of goods, putting to death. 
Ejecutilble, a. Executable, performable. 
E|jecnt4r, «a. To execute, perfiirm, do; 

urge; oblige to pay. (Law.) To put to 

death ; distrain, seize. \\y. 

EJecutivam6nte, ad. Executively, prompt- 
I^joeutivo, va, a. Executive ; executory. 
£^ecnt<Sr, ra, «. Executor ; officer of Justloe. 

JB^eetU&r ds lajusticia. Executioner, 
^ecut^ria, ^. Writ of execution; letters 

patent of nobility; executorship. 
IDacntori&I, a. Applied to the execution of 

a decree. 
I^ocutori6r, va. To obtain a verdict in one*s 

flivor ; establish the troth. 
£;)acut6Tio, rla, a. (Law) Executory. 
f^empUr. 0m. Exemplar, pattern; proce- 

dent; copy of a printed work. 


Sgomplir, a. Exemplary. Sin ^empiar. 
Not to be a precedent; without jmee- 
dent {i^y- 

Ejomplarmdnte, ad, Exemplarily; edify- 

^empliflcacidn, «[ Exempliflcatioo. 

Ejemplificdr, «a. To exempllQr. 

ly^mplo, 9m. Example, precedent; patten, 
copy. Por ^fmnpla, For instaneeL 

Ejeroer, va. To exercise, pnottsa 

£{|erdclo, 9m, Exercise; employineiit, of- 
floe; ministry, .fiiicsr ^^erc<oio, To drill 
troops, train ; use exercise. JBrtor «■» or 
tomar ^ercMoa^ To be in a ^kiritaal re- 

g|ercitacl6n, qf. Exeroitation, praettee. 

^ercitad^r, ra, a. Exerciser, practiser. 

Ejjerdtiate, sm. The person who ts in a 
spiritual retreat— ^Mk Exerdaer, eaerd- 

EJercttiu-, va. To exerdae; learn by prac- 
tice. ^9remrlapaeimcta,Toirytim 
patience. — vr. To apply one's oeUl 

^ereitativo, va, a That which may be ex- 

EJ6rcito, am. An army. 

0ido, fn. Common, a public spoM of land. 

^dtea, 9m. pL (Mex.) String beana. 

El, article maeeuUnkTbe. 

El. E'lla, E'llo, pr&ik He, she, it 

Ela, ad. There she is, behold her tbora. 

ElaboracI6n, 9/. Elaboration. 

Elabor^o, da, a. EUborate. 

EUboHu-, va. To elaborate, finish with ears: 

Elaci6n, ^. Elation, pride; magnanimity; 
affected sublimity of stylei 

Elami, 9f. (Mus.) Sixth ascending; nota & 

ElasticidM, ^. Elssticity. 

EUu'ticOp ca, a. Elastic, elasUcaL [cnmba*. 

Elat^rio, 9m, Elaterium or eonirting ca- 

Elatlne, ^. (Bot) Smooth speedwelL 

E'lche, am. Apostate, renegado, IVirlcisb 
name for ambassador. 

E'le, ad. There he is, or there it la. 

E'le, 4< Spanish name of the letter L. 

Eleborina, ^ (Bot) HelleborinSk 

Eleboro, Eleb6r, «»k (Bot) Holtobora. 

Elecd6n, 4^ Election ; ehotoe. 

Eloctivo, va, a. Elective. 

EI6cto, ta, a. Elect, choeen. 

Elccto, 9m. Elect; nominee. 

Elect6r, sm. Elector. [an elector. 

ElcctorAdo, 9m. Electorate, the tarritory ol 

ElectorAl. a. Electoral. 

Eloctricidid, if. Electricity. 

E16ctr{co, ca, a. Electric or electricaL 

Electriz, ^. Electresa, the wife of an eledor. 

Eleotrizacidn, «/ ElectrifloaUon, electria- 

EicctrizAr, va. To electrify-; fill with en- 
thusiasm. — vr. To electrize. 

Electro, am. Electre or amber; dectnnn. 

Electr6mctro, 9m. Electrometer. [serve, 

Electuikrio, 9m. Electuary, medieinal oon- 

Elefltncia, f^ Elephantiasla, i^teclos of lep- 

Elef&nte, ta, a. Elephant 

Elofflfitino, na, a. Klephantlne. [nes^ 

Elegtincla, f/T Elegance; graoeftilnesi; n««t- 

Elcg&nte. rt. Elegant gallant fio«. nica 

Elegantomunte, ad-. BJegantly. 

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ficiriino, ca, a. Elegiac or clegiacal, mourn- 

Elcgibttidid, «: (Little iia.) EUgibUity. 

Klegibia, oT^iable. preferable. 

UegidOk da, a. Elect, ebosen. 

ElegidoB, tna. pi, Tbe elect, tbe blessed. 

Kleebr, ca. To ohooee^ elect, nominate. 

^'1%°^ 8** o* Monmfti], plAinttre. 

Element&I, Elementir, ck Elemental; es- 
setatU, ftmdamental. [rudiment 

£ieni&to,awi.£lemait; tbe first principle; 

Eiine% sn^ Table^ index ; sort of pearl ear- 

Eieraddn, tf. Elevation; loftiness; digni- 
ty; Tsplore; pride: height, altitude. 

Eloradaminte, ad. With elevation. 

Eler&do, da, a Elevated, exalted ; sublime, 
high, lofty. 

£Ierad6r, tm. (Little ub.) Elevator, [tore. 

Klevamiunto, 9m. Elevation, ecstasy, rap- 

Slevar, va. To ralae, elevate, lift up ; exalt. 
— rr. To be enraptured ; elated. 

EHdlr, va. To weaken, debilitate ; elide. 

EliJ&ble, a. Cajp«ble of being eUxated. 

£!)jad6o, ^. (PhanQ.i£lixatton. 

£l$ar, to. (Pharm.) To elixate, boQ vege- 
toble~" ' 

ElttMe, ^. (Geom.) EUipela. 
Elipste, ^ (Gram.) EUipeia. 
Eliptioo, ea, a. Elliptic or elliptical. 
Eliseos G&mpoe, am. pL Elysian iielda. 
EM6n, ^. (Gcsm.) Elision. 
Ettnr, am. Elixir, a medicine. 

Elle, »f. Bpantoh name of tbe U or doable L 

£no,Ai. Behold it 

Elocnd^ ^ Eloeotlon. 

Eiocoteda, ^ Eloquence. 
Eloentete, a. Eloquent 
Elocuentemtete, ad. Eloquently. 
Elo^addr, «m. Eulbgiat, encomiast 
Elogiar, to. To praise, extol, eulogize. 
Elogio, am. Euloey, panegyric 
Elucidaeito. iff. Elucidatioo, explanation. 
Eludir, 9a. To elude. 

EmaciJMd^n, ^ Emaciation, emaceration. 
Emanaei6n, fj^ Emanation; efBuvium. 
Emanate, pa. Emanating, emanant 
EnianAr, vn. To emanate. 
£niancipaci6n, qf. Emancipation. 
Emaneipir, va. To emancipate. [mind. 
Embabiami^nto, «m. Stupidity ; absence of 
Embachir, vck. Tonen sheep to be shorn. 
Embadnmar, va. To besmear, bedaub. 
£mbaid6r, ra, «. Sharper, impostor, swind- 
ler. [siUon. 
Erabalmiinto, am. Delusion; deceit, impo- 
£mbair« va. To impose upon, deceive. 
Emb^jMa, ^. Embassy, a legation ; an ei^ 
Embi^dr, am. Ambawador. [rand. 
Embs^adora, £mb^{atrix, ^. (Poet little 

^ m.) Ambaasadress. [bassador. 

£nilMjat6iio, ria, a. Belonging to an am- 
Embaladi6r, 9m. Packer. 
EmboUr, va^ To embale, pack. 
Embalige, 9m. Packing, package, baling. 
£mbaIdo64do, 9m. Tile-floor. 
Embaldos^, va. To floor with tiles or flags. 
Embal^ir, va. To pack up into a port- 

Emballenador, ain. Stay-maker. 


Emballenir, «a. To stiflTen with whalebone. 

Emballeetado, am. Contraction of the 
nerveSb [cross-bow. 

Emballest^uve, vr. To be about shooting a 

Embalsad^o, 9m. Pool of stagnant nun- 
water, [balmer. 

Embalaamad6r, Embalsamdro, 9m. £m- 

Embalaamir, va. To embalm. 

Embals^, va. To put or drive into a pool 

EmbAIse, «?K Act of putting or driving into 
a pool 

EmSalum^, va. To load a horse unequally. 
— er. To emboiraas one*a self with busl- 

Embanastiff, va. To put into a basket 

Embaradllo, 9m. dim^ A slight embarrass* 
ment [wardly. 

EmbarazadamSnte, ad. Perplexedly, awk- 

Embaraz&do, da, a. Embarrassed, perplex- 
edly. SrAbaroModa, Pregnant 

Embarazad6r, ra, «. Embarraaser. [struct 

Embarazir, va. To embarrass, perplex, ob- 

Embarizo, 9m. Impediment embarrass- 
ment, vexation ; confkision; pregnancy. 

Embarazosamdnte, ad. Difficultly, cnmber- 

Embaraz68o, sa, Embarbascido, da, & Dif- 
ficult intricate, troublesome. 

Embarbasc&r, va. To stnpefV fish with hel- 
lebore; perplex, confound, embarrass. — 
vr. To be entangled among the roots. 

Embarbecdr, vn. To have a beard appear- 
ing, [together. 

Emborblll^r, vo. To Join planks or Deems 

Embarcacldo, 9f. Yessef; embarkation; 
navigation. [bor, loading-place. 

Embarcaddro, 9m. Whan; quay ; port, har- 

Embarcad6r, 9m. Shipper. 

Embarcur, va. To embark, ship ; engage. — 
vr. To embark. JSmbaroar96 un golp6 
de mar^ To ship a heavy sea. 

Embdroo, 9m. Embarkation, shipping. 

Embargaddr, 9m. One who lays on an em- 
bargo ; sequestrator, attacher. 

EmbwgAnto, pa. Arresting, impeding, re- 
straining. jVo embarganU^ Notwith- 

EmbargAr, va. To arrest, lay on an embar- 
go ; alstrain, seize, attach ; impede. 

Emb&rgo, 9m. Embargo; execution, dis- 
traint, seizure, attachment; indigestion. 
Bin embcwgo^ Notwithstanding: 

Embarnec6r, vn. To grow plump or flit 

Einbarnlzad6r, am. Vamisher. 

Embamizad(ira, a/ Varnishing. 

Embarniz^, va. To varnish; embellish. 

Erab&rque, am. Embarkation. 

Embarraddr, 9m. Phisterer, dauber. 

Embarrad6ra, ^. Overlaying with plaster 
or mortar. 

Embarr&r, va. To plaster; confound.— i»*. 
To collect or mount upon trees. 

Emborril&r, va. To barrel, put in a barrel. 

Embarrotar, va. V. Abarrotar. 

EmbasamSnto, am. (Arch.) Foundation of 
a building. 

Embastdr, va. To baste ; stitch. 

Embasteodr. vn. To become corpulent or 
fat — vr. To become gross. 

£bib4te, 9m. The dashing of the sea; sud* 

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den attack; gentle breeze.— ^IL 8adden 
reveraes. [celver. 

Embaucad6r, em. Sharper, Impostor, de- 

Embaacaml^nto, »n^ Deception, illusion. 

£mbauc4r, va. To deceive, delude, Impoee 

Embaol&r, vet. To pack up in a tronk. 
(Met Coll.) To cram. 

Embansamicnto, mn. Amazement, astonish- 
ment [wonder. 

EmbausonAr, ro. To make one stare with 

Embazad6r, em. One who shades colors. 

Embazadiira, if. Shading colors; amaze- 

£mbazar,«a. To shade; astonish; impedei 
— tTi. To be astonished, remain withoat 
action. — vr. To become tired or disgust- 
ed; blush. 

Embebcc6r, vcu To astonish, stupefy ; amuse. 
— vr. To be struck with amazement 

Embebecimidnto, em. Amazement, aston- 

£mbebed6r, ra, a. Imbiber. 

Embcb^r, to. To imbibe ; saturate ; incor- 
porate; shrink, press. — m. To shrink, 
contract itself; grow thick. — vr. To be 
enraptured ; retain firmly In the mind. 

Embelecador, ra, a. Impostor, sharper, de- 

Embeledlr, va. To Impose upon, decelre. 

Emboltico. 9m. Fraud, delusion. Imposition. 

Embelofiiido, da, a. Enraptured ; stupefied. 

Embelefl&r, fa. To stupefy, besot 

Embelesaml^nto, »m» Atbazement, aston- 
ishment, rapture. 

EmbelesAr, «a. To amaze, astonish ; charm. 
— vr. To be charmed or ravished. 

Embcldso, 9m^ Amazement, ravishment; 
ohamL [ed. 

Embcllaquecdrse, ftr. To become low-mind- 

Embellecer, va. To embellish, adorn, deco- 

EmbeodAr, va. To intoxicate. 

Emberir, vn. To begin to have a ripe color. 

EmbermeJAr, va. To redden. [blush. 

Embermejec6r, va. To dye red. — vtK To 

Emb^ro, etn. Color of grapes ripening. 

Emberrinch&rse, vr. To fly into a violent 
passion. [demand. 

Embestida, e/. Assanlt, onset ; importunate 

EmbcstldtSr, em. Importunate solicitor. 

Embestid&ra, if. Attack, assault, onset 

Embestir, va. To assail, attack ; solicit Im- 

Embctundr, va. To cover with pitch. 

£mbicad6r, »m. (Am.) Cup and balL 

Embicttr, va. Emhiear las vergae, (Kan.) 
To top the vanls. 

EmbiJ&r, va. To paint with red lead. 

Embl6n, em. A shove. 

Embtoncillo, tm. dim^ A slight shove. 

Embizarrdrso, vr. To brag, boast of courage. 

Embhmdec^r, va. To moisten, soften.— ^en^ 
To move to pity. 

Emblanquec^r, va. To bleach or whiten. — 
vr. To grow white, be bleaching, [tnrc. 

Emblemo, em. Emblem; an allusive pic- 

Bmblemitlcam^nte, ad. (Little us.) Em- 

Emblem&tioo, ca, a. Emblematic. * 


EmbobamiSnto, em, Admiratioii, < 

ment; stupefy ing. 
Embob^, va. To amuse, entotain the 

mind, distract humbug. — vr. To be In 

suspense, stand gaping. 
Embobec^r. va. To stupefy, make fooUah. 

— vr. To become stupefled. 
Embobecimidnto, em, StnpefiMstloii. 
Embocad6ro, £mbocad6r, em. Uoath <tf a 

channel Estar at embo oa derot To be 

at the point <tf success. 
£mboc4do, da, a. Pleasant to the taste— 

pp. of Embocar. 
EmDocad6ra, ^. The mouth or nazroiw ca- 

tranco; mouth-ptece. 
Embocir, va. To enter by the mouth; 

swallow In haste; enter bv a pasa; aeiia 

upon; deceive; relate tecbous stories 
EmbocinAdo, da, a. Y. Abodnada. 
Embodiffse, vr. To be married. [woma. 
Embojir, va. To arrange brsnches for ai&- 
Emb«fOo, em. The shed erected for oUk- 

worma. [bnUa^ boma. 

Embolir, «a. To put balla on the tipa of 
£mbollsmad6r, ra, a. and a. Detractor, re- 
viler. [nattMks. 
Embolism&l, a. Intercalary of thirteen In- 
Embolism&r, va. To propagate inaliekxia 

Embolismo, em, Embotlsm, interealatioD; 

Intercalary time ; conlbaion ; maxe ; lUae- 

E'mbolo^ em. Piston of a pump. 
Embolsir, va. To put money Intoapuxse; 

reimburse. [into a ponsk 

Emb61so, em. The act of putting money 
£mbon&r, va. To make good or ftim. 

(Nau.) To plank. [lining; stiffsning. 
Emb6no, em, (Nau.) The act of plankiBg; 
Embonlg&r, va. To plaster with cow-dong; 
£mb6que, em. Paasaee of a ball througfa ; 

deception, fhiud. £eo no Uene e m ftegiK , 

(Amer.) That has not the least appesr- 

ance of truth. 
Embomti, em, (Nau.) ScuppeivholeL 
£mborrachad6r, ra, a. Intoscatin^— « One 

who makes drunk. 
EmborrachAr, vet. To intoxicate, inebriate 

— rr. To bo intoxicated. 
Emborrtir, va. To slufT with goat^ hair; 

card the wool a second timA. [nge. 

Emborrasc^, va, and r. To provoke, en- 
£mborrazami6nto« em^ Act of baating a 

fowl [pork on a fowl ; vmna^ 

EmborrazAr, ro. to tie basting pieces of 
EmborricAne, vr. (Coll.) To grow etnpid. 
EmborrizAr, va. To give the flnt combing 

to wool. 
EmborruU&rse, vr. To be at varlanoe. 
Emboscida, ^ Ambuscade ; ambuali. 

Emboecadura, ^ Ambush, ao 

Emboscar, va. To place in ambnah; em- 
boss; conceal — rr. To retire into the 
thickest of a forest; lie in ambush. 

Emboeqnec^'r, vn. To become woody. 

Embotodo, da, a. Blunt, dull 

Embotad6r, em. He who blontBi 

Embotad6ra, tjf. Bluntneas or dnlneas. 

Embotami6nto, em. Blunting; blaotneas, 
dulness; stupofbcUon. 

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Sahatir, va. To bhint, dnllf foil ; enervate ; 

etupeiy.— «r. To become doll; put on 

tbe boots. 
EmbotolUr, co. To bottle. 
Embocvtft «*ak To lay a Btratam of Jan, 

day; or mortar.-^er. To swell; be in a 

passion, be inflated with arrogance ; pat 

limboTedado, dn, a Arched, yanlted. 
Embdat, •/ Inequalities in the bottom of 

dn, a. Covered, mn£Bed. Uh 

lo, A person with his fsce cover 

«d by hia clodc. [the face ; dissemble. 

Embozir, «& To mollie the greater part of 

Bmbteo. mm. The part of a cloak or veil 

oovaring the fMse; moiBlng; an artfttl 

way of expNMiiuc one*s thougbt& 

Umbooo (DeX O''* Incognito, nnknown. 
JEkobTBdUdo^ da, a CGoIL) Carried about in 

Embngir, «a (Wan.) To sling. 

Embrmvee^r, va. To eanm^ irritate.— en. 
To become BtroDg.-^r. To become en- 
raged ; be extremely boisterous (the sea). 

Emficaveelmtteto, sm. Fury, rase, passion. 
\, t(f. Clasping of a shield; em- 



^u.».««i, ma. To dasp a shield. 
Eoabteadura, ^ Paying » ship with pitch. 
Kmbreir, «a. To pay with pitch. [pute. 
Embcegtae, «r. To qosrvel, wrangle, dis- 
«r. To hide one's self in 

BmbriagidOi, da, a. Intoxicated, drank. 
Smbrla^, ma. To intoxicate; enraptore. 

— vr. To tnebriateu 
Emb ri^gi ife, ^ Intoxjeation, dronkeoneas ; 

rapdirev tna^Kvl 
Embriilr, WK To toss in the air. 
Embridir, ma. To bridle ; govern, restrain. 
Bmbridm mm. Embryo; aaBomblageof con- 

£mbr6ca» Embrocaddn, ^f. Emlwocatlon. 
Embroeir, ma. To pour out of one vessel 

into another; wind thread upon quills; 

taek to the last 
EmbracfaAdoi, da, a. Embroidered. 
£mbr611a, ^f. Y. XmhrMo. 
EnibroUador, m. «. Entangler, oonfounder. 
EmbcolUr, ma. To entangle, twiiit: insnarou 

EmbrcUar la batukira^ (Nan.) To waft 

tbe ensign. [Ing. 

Smbr6Uo, am.. Fraud, deception ; embroU- 
EmbioIlMi, na, a. Liar; impostor; entan- 

gl«r. [foggy. 

Embromido, da, a, (Nbil) Misty, hazy, 
Embrooiador, rs, t. and & One wlio is tu- 

multnoasly merry ; wbeedler. 
Embrom^, ma. To excite tumultuous mirth ; 

caiole; Jest, Joke. 
EmbioqaeUne, mr. Y. Abroqutlarae, 
Embrosqulli^, ma. To put caUle into a pen. 
Embn^ Mb To bewitch. Y. BMkiMr. 
£mbratoe6r, ma. To stupefy.— er. To grow 

stupid. [pork. 

Embodiido, mn. Large sausage made of 
Embnchir, ma. To stnir with minced meat; 

make pork sausages ; cram ; swallow with' 

out chewLog. 


Embndad6r, mn. Filler. 

Embudir, ma. To poor through a ftmnel; 

scheme, insnare. 
Embadito, mn. dim. A little fanneL 
Embudista, mn. Fonnel-maker; intriguer. 
£mb6do, mn. Fannel ; tidl of a candle-moold ; 

basin of a water-closet; Ihtud, deceit, srti- 

Emburriir, «a. (Prov.) Y. Jffmpt0ar, 
Emburrion, snk (Prov.) Y. Empuion, 
Embiiste, mn. An artful talc: a lie; fhnid, 

imposition; pleasing quibble of children. 

Embutt€tt Gew-gaws, banblea 
Embusteir, mn. To lie, impose upon. 
Embosterdrx), mn. aufftn. A very great liar. 
Embostero, ra, s. Liar; impostor, cheat; 

hvpocrite ; cf^oler, coaxer. 
Embusteronl na, a. auffm. Y. Emhuslero. 
Embusteruelo, la, «. dim. Little impostor. 
Embutidi^a, {< Instrument for riveting tin- 

Embntido, mn. Inlaid work. 
Embutir, ma. To inlay; Jamble; insert; 

cram. EmbuHr un eatay, (Nau.) To 

worm a stay. 
E'me, f< Spanish name of the letter It, 
Em6]ga, «/ A large fturow, land-mark. 
Eroelff&r, ma. To make large fhrrows, as 

Emendible, a. Amendable, corrigible. 
Emendaci6n, ^ Emendation, correction; 

EmendadamSnte^od^ Correctly. 

Emendad6r, mn, Emendator. 

Emendir, va. To amend, correct Emrnn- 
dar un apar^^ To ovorhaol a tacklCb 

Emerg6ncia, ^. Emergency. 

Emern^nte, a. Emergent, resolting. 

Emerito, a. Emeritus. 

EmerBi6n, ^f. (Astr.) Emersion. 

Em6tico, ca. mn. and a. Emetla 

Emiunda, {^Amendment, correction; com- 
pensation ; change for the better. 

Emlgrad^n, %f. Emigration, immigration. 

Emtgrado, mn. Emigrant immigrant 

Emigr^o, da, a. and «. Emigrated, immi- 

Emigrir, mn. To emigrate, immigrate. 

Emina, ^ Fourth piurt of a Spanish bushel ; 
ancient tax. 

Emin^ncla, |< Eminence, heif^t a hill; 
excellence, conspicuoosness ; greatness, 

Emlnenciil, <*. EminentiaL [nons. 

Eminente, a. Eminent high, lofty; conn>ic- 

Eminentem^nte, ad. Eminently, conspfcu- 
oosly. [dlnals. 

Eminentisimo, a Title of tbe Romish car- 
Emir, mn. Emir, or emeer, oriental name for 
prince, lord. * 

EmisAriOt am. Emissary. 

Emisl6n, ^f. Emission, vent 

Emitir. ma. To emit aeod fbrth. 

Emolionte, mn. and a. Emollient softening. 

Emolumento, 4at. Emolument, liee, profit; 

Empadur, va. To pack up; wrap op,— vr. 
To be sullen, dl^leasodl 

Empachadamonttf, ad. (Prov.) Cumber- 


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Smpoeh^o, d«, ct. Timid, basfafhl ; sorfeited ; 

Empach&r, TCk To impede, embamse, die- 
tarb; perplex; overload, cram ; diagnlse. 
— or. To be ashamed, confounded ; aarfoit 

Emp4cho, «m. Bashfalneaa, timidity; em- 
barraaament, obatacle; aorfoit 

Empach6ao, aa, a. V. Vergoruoso, 

Empadronaddr, am. Enroller, cenaaa-takor. 

Empadronamidnto, am. Cenana; list of tax- 
able peraonai 

Empadron&r, va. To take the censoa ; 

terthenameaoftax-payer& [cloying. 
Empalagami6nto. anu Loathing, aurfeit, 
Empalagir, «a. To loathe, cloy; diagoat in 

a high degree, offend, troable. — vr. To 

loathe, feel disvnvt 
EmjMldgo, am. V . Empalagamienio. 
Empalagoao, aa, a. Cloying, loatbaome, fUr 

£mpalami6nto, am. Empalement, empaling. 
EmpaMr, vo. To empale. 
Empali&aa, ^f. Hangings in cloisters, through 

which a procession poasoa. 
EmpaliAr, vet. To hang with tapeetry where 

a procession posses. 
EmpalizAda, ^f. Palisade or pallsado. 
Eropalizar, «a. To palfaade ; pale. 
Empalletildo, am. (Nan.) Netting. 
Empalmad6ra, tf. Doyetallhig. [sptfoe. 

Empalmiir, «a. To acari; fish, dovetail; 
Empalomir, ixi. To sew on the bolt-rope; 

EmpanMa, »f. Meat-pie. Haoer vna tfm- 

pivnadQ^ To conceal part of an aflUr. 

Agwiempanadak^TmtAo; muddy water. 
Empanadilia, ^f. A amall pie; footstep in 

coacliea. [(Nan.) Ximber boarda. 

EmpanAdo, a. Centre-room. Empanados^ 
Empan4r, wk To cover with paste, bake in 

paste : sow grain. 
EmpandAr, wi. To bend into an arch. 
Empandilliir, va. To remove by stealth, hide. 
Empanidb-, «a. (Kau.) To hand or ftarl. 
Empantan&r, va. To aabmerge; bemire; 

Empafiad6ra, 9f, Swaddling of children. 
EmpafiAr, «a. To swaddle; soil with one*s 

breath; darken; impeach one's character; 

cover with clouds or fog: 
EmpapagayArse, vr. To oe bent like the 

beak of a parrot 
Empapfir, «a. To imbibe, soak, drench. — or. 

TO be soaked; be surfeited; imbibe the 

prindnlee ot [paper. 

Empapelador, am. He who wraps up in, 
EmpapeUr, «a. To wrap in paper; waste 

Empapirol&doy da, a. (Coll.) Full, aatiafled. 
EmpapirotAdo, da, a. (ColL) Lofty, haughty, 

pulled up. [deck nioely. 

Empiq)lrotar, va. (CoIL) To adorn careftilly, 
EmpAqno, am. Packing. 
Empaqnetaddr, tm. Packer. 
SmpaqoetAr. vo. To pack, make Into bales. 
Empira, ^f. (Law, Prov.) Sequeetration. 
Emparamentir, iMk To adorn, aet ofll 
Emparamtoto, £mparami6uto, am. (Prov.) 

Sequestration. [hibit 

EmparAr, wk. (Prov.) To scquestratfO, pro- 


EmparchAr, 9a. To cover with a plastsr. 
Eroparedamltoto, am. Confinement, ihiit- 

tlng up between walls; cloister. 
EmparedAr, vn. To conflae, shot up be- 
tween wallSb 
Empare{ad6r, mn. Matcher, fitter. 
£mpardad6ra, »/. Equalization. [WbK- 
Empardamiento, mn. Matching m eqnal- 
Empar^Ar, «a. and «. To level; miteh, 

Emparentar, vn. To be related by marrtegft. 
EmnarentAdo, da, a Belated by marrtMe. 

Efftar tfien or muy empari nt a d ai. To 

have respectable rolatlvea. 
Empazrado, rnn. Arbor or bower. 
EmparrAr, to. To embower, form bowem 
EmparvAr, ro. To put grain in order to be 

thraahed. [bind "books In leather. 

EmpastAr, va. To paate; cover with colon; 
Empatad^ra, ^. (CoR) Cbooking, impeding; 

aosponslon. fsb 

EmpatAr, va. To equalize; snapcaMi; 
EmpAte, am. Equality, tie or equal i 

of votes. 
EmpavesAda, ^ (Nao.) Waist cIotli& 
EmpavesAr, va. (Nau.) To spread 

cloths; dress sliips. 
Empecible, a. HurtiUL 
Empedemlr, ra. To indurate, harden.— «p. 

To be petrified: inflexible. 
Empedrodo, am. Pavement 
Empedraddr, mn. Paver or parler. 
SmpedrAr, Wk To pave. 
Empega, ^ Yamiah of pitch ; mark of ptteh. 
Emp^adora, ef. The varniab of pitch pot 

on vessels. [pitirit 

EmpegAr, ro. To pitch ; mark sheep with 
EmpegnntAr, «a. To mark sheep with pftdk 
Empeine, am. The groin; instep; hoof; 

ringworm: flower of the cotton plant; 

Uchen. ^^woroa. 

Empeinteo, sa. a Full of tetteis or ling- 
EmpelAr, vn. To get hair, begin to be haiiy. 
£mp^lh^ ^ Fat of fowla or awlne; upper 

leather of a shoe. 
EmpellAr. Empell^r, ro. To pvah, ImptL 
Empellejur, tq. To cover with akina 
Empell^n, am. Push, heavy blow. A* am- 

pklonea, Kndoly, with pushee. 
EmpelotArse, «r. To quarrel; be Teoced. 
Empdltre, »m. Bmall olive-tree or aiqillng. 
EmpenachAr, va. To adorn with phiniea. 
EmpcnAr, txk To feather an arrow. 
EmpcntAr, IMS. To push, impel Y.M Fkmp t ^ ar. 
Empcfiadam^nte^ ad. Strenaoiial^, qurit- 

EmpeflAr, «a. To pawn, pledge; oblige.— 
vr. To bind one's self; peralat; enooiuiter 
dangers with courage; Interoedei, exert 
or interest one's self; be embayed on a 

Emp^So, am. Obligation, pledging; engage- 
ment; earnest desire; coorage and perse- 
verance ; protection, reoommendatloR ; 
reoommender. Oon emp^fla. With great 

EmpeoramiAnto. am. Deterioration. 

EmpeorAr, va. To Impair, deterlorata,-^iik 
To grow worse. 

Emperador, am. Emperor. 

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Smpercbir, co. To suspend on ft perch. 
Emperdisir, to. V. Perdiffcw, 
£npen|pUr, «a. To drees with a proftiiion 

£mperez4r, vn. and r. To be lazy ; dilatory. 
£mpericMo» da, a. To be drened in style; 

wear fthe hair. 
EcBpcnfoDar, e& To decorate, corer with 

riMMma; deck with flowerSi 
JEmpemado, dajO. Nailed; bolted, 
ibttperaar, to. To nail, bolt ; foot stockings. 
Empdro, ctn^. Yet, however. Y. Pero. 
Kmperrada, ^ A sort of game at card& 
EmpeirfciMk <"*• T^o grow mad, fbrioos, ob- 

£mpeaad6r, am. Boshes for trimming yam. 
Kmpeetar, ca. Y. Apeaktr. 
£mp6cns am. Crow-berry. 
£mpesir, «u. To begin, commence. 
Kmpirir, to. To bang. — vr. To lie too mach 

£npteotadura, «^ Act of pOlorring. 

£mpiootar, eo. To pillory; picket 

Empi^dro, sm. Paying. 

Kmpin^rtft, da, a. Elevated, exalted. [Ing. 

Emj^nadiira, s/l Exaltation, elevation, rais- 

Empinamh^ntoi, 9m. Erection, elevation. 

Emptnir, «o. To raise, exalt; drink mach. 
—or. To stand on tiptoe : rise bish. £m- 
finar ai jnwAero, To live well without 
nucmry. [upon another. 

EmfAngorot&r, vo. (Low) To raise any thing 

Kn^ftBOw mn. Elevation, height mrison. 

£mplolar,«a. To tie the legs of hawks; im- 

Kinphti<\ tm. Empvreao, the higbeat heaven. 

Empnreoi, rea, a. Junpyreal, celestial. 

SmplrB^ina, t/. Empyreum, empvreoma. 

Emplrenmitloo, ca, a. (Chem.) £mpyreii- 

EmpMco, am. Quack, empiric. 
Empiiloo, ca, a. Empiric, empirical 
Emplriamo, am. Emplridam, quackery. 
KmpiiaiTAdov «m. 81ate roof; slating. 
Empizarr^ va. To slate, roof with slates. 
Emplsetadnia, qf. Emplaatamitoto, $m. 

Emptastar, 9€k To plaster ; rouge ; obstruct 

— cr. V. £mbaaum€W9e, 
Emi^a8tao6r, va. To level the sur&ce to 

paint on. 
Empliato, wk Plaster. [plaster. 

EmpMatrieo^ ca, ck Glutinous, resembling a 
Emplaxaddr, «m. (Law) 8nmmoner; mes- 

aeiiger of a court [mens, citation. 

Emplazamiento, Emplizo, «m, (Law) Sum- 
Emplaa^, va. To summon ; arrange ; cite to 

appear before the Jndgmont^eat of God. 
EmpleAdo, tm. Office-holder, employee. 
Emple^, va. To employ, occupy; give a 

puce or employment commission; in- 
\ To be employed; follow busi- 

Enpleita, $f. Y. Pieita. [bass-weed. 

Erapleit^ro, ra, $. One who plaits and sells 
Empl^ta, 4^ Piece of mud-wall made at 

Emplioi, tm. Employ, employment, buai- 
seaa, occupation, sttuatioo ; public place 
«r atation, office; calling, vocation, pro- 


feasion ; aim of our desires; sweetheart; 

Emplomddo, am. Boof covered with lead. 
Emplomad6r, am. Plumber. 
£mx>lomdr, va. To lead, fit with lead. 
Emplum^, ccr. To foatbcr.— ^rr. To shed the 

feathers, moult [fledge. 

Emplumecer, vn. To begin to get feathexa, 
Empobrcc^r, to. To impoverish.— vn» To 

become poor. 
£mpobrocimi6nto, 4m. Impoverishment 
Empodrec^r, vn. To corrupt, reduce to 

putridity.— «r. To corrupt, become pu- 
trid. [houscL 
EmpoIIiklo, da, a, Hatched ; pent up in the 
EmpoUadura, ^ Brood of boea. vpoUar, 
EmpoUar, va. To brood, hatch. Y. Am- 
Empoltronec^rse, vr, Y. ApoUronarie, 
Empolvir, «a. To powder. 
Emnolvoi^, Empolvoriz^r, «ct To cover 

with dust, powder, dust 
Emponzofiador, ra, «. Poisoner. 
Emponzofiamidnto. •»», Poisoning. 
Emponzofiiir, va. To poison; corrupt 
£mporc4r, vck To soil, dirty, foul. 
£mp6rio, Mfu Emporium, mart 
Empotramiinto. am. The act of scarfing. 
Empotr^, 1MX. To mortise; scarf; splice. 
Empoz^, va. To throw into a well. 
EmpradizArsc, or. To become meadow. 
Empronded6r, am. Man of enterprise or of 

Emprendcr, va. To undertake; attempt, 

embark in. Emprender d or con aiguno^ 

To address or accost one. 
Empreiiir, fXL. To Impregnate ; beget 
Emprdsa, ^. Symbol, motto; enterprise, 

Empres&rto, 9m. Manager of important 

business; manager of a theatre. 
EmprestMo, mn. V. Empridito, 
Emprestir, oo. Y. Prettar. 
EmpreetiU&r, co. To borrow frequently. 
Emprustito, tm. Lending money ; loan ; tax, 

Emprima, ^ Y. JPrimicicL. 
Kmprim^o, 9m. Last combing to wool. 
Emprim&r, vo. To print linen or cotton; 

card. [orable seat 

Emprimer&r, vo. To place In the most hon- 
Emprin;;ar, ra. Y. Pringar. 
Empuchar, ta^ To put into lye, buck. 
Empudsta (De), ad. Y. Por J)etra9. 
Empqi&inidnto, 9m. The pushing, a push. 
Empijar, co. To push, press forward ; shove 

off. [pushingi . 

EmpAle, EmpCJo, 9m. Impulsion, impulse. 
Empijun, am^ Push, a violent shove. A* 

empu^on99^ Bndely. [a cross-bow. 

Empnigad&ra, af. The stretching the cord of 
Empulgar, vo. To stretch the cord of a cross- 
bow, [thumb-tied. 
Empulgnfiras, »f. pi. Wings of a cross-bow; 
Empufiaddr, ra, a. Grasper. [ring. 
Empufiad&ra, a/ Sword-hilt (Nau.) Ear 
Empuflfir, CO. To grasp, clutch; seize. 

(Nau.) To bond, ftsten. 
£mu1aci6n, icf. Emulation, envy, jealousy. 
£mulad6r, ra, a. Emulator. 
Emu]ir,«a« To emulate, rival, contest 

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Emols^nte, a. Emnlffent 

E'muu). 9in. Competitor, rival. 

Emnlsidn, af. Emulsion. 

Emunct6rio, wk Emonctoiy. 

Emandaclun, ^. Cieanslng. 

En, pr«y. In. JKn un aho^ In % year: tor. 
En adelawtt^ For tb© ftiture ; on. En el 
Qtro lado. On the other aide. En do- 
mingo. On Snndav. 

Enaoeitdrse, vr. To become oily or rancid. 

£nacen\r, va. To steel. 

Enogen4ble, a. Alienable. 

£na£enaci6n, ^f. Enagenami6nto, am. Alien- 
ation; change of affection; absence of , , . , ^ _ - .. 

mind ; rapture, astonishment ; disorder of EncabrahlgAr, wTV. GabroMffor. 

the mental fiiculties. 
Enagen&r, to. To alienate, transfer; trans- 
port, enrapture.— rr. To withdraw one's — , 
affection; be deprived of reason; be an- 1 EncabronAr, va.To cnckold. 


have one thing above another.—co;. T« 

provide horses. 
Encabelldr, tm. To begin to wear a wte. 
£ncabeUec6r, «fk and r. To begin to haw 

hair where there was none belbre. 
Encabestrfir, «a. To halter; force to obedi- 

eno^-^r. To be entangled In the halter. 
£ncabezami6nto, Encabo«>namlteto» «>. 

Tax-list ; censna ; the tax enrolment ; tax, 

tribute, or Impost 
Encabez^, Encabexon&r, va. To make np 

the tax-roll; take the oensos; regtafter in 

a tax-list— ^pr. To compound Jbr taxes; 

compound, compromise, settle. 

and Ihahfon 

Encabri^, txt To preserve 

roof-timber. ii«r. 

EncabritArse, vr. To rise on the hind ftet, 


««T. [water. 

EnaguarchAr, vo. To load the stomach with 

Eniguas, «^ pi. Bicirt or upper skirt En- 
aguaa olancas^ The Inner skirt ; the gown 
offriara. [water. 

EnaguazAr, va. To Irrigate; cover with 

EnagUelir, vn. (Low) To have grandchil- 
dren, [coats. y.Enaguaa. 

Enagiiillas, Xm, ^f. pi Short under-petti- 

Enalbdr, vo. To heat iron to a white heat 

Enalbard&r, va. To put on the packsaddle. 

Enalfoij&r, tcl. To put into a saddle-bag. 

Enalguacil&do, da, a. (Ooll.) Dressed as an 
alffuacU. [vile, despicable. 

Enalmagri'ulo, da, o. Colored witli ochre; 

Enalmagrdr, va. To cover with ochre. 

Enalmenir, mu To crown a wall with bat- 

Enaraoradamdnte, ad. Lovlnriy. [alMO. 

Enamoradillo, ilia, a. dim. V. Ewimora- 

Enaraoradizo, ta, a. Of an amorous dispo- 
sition; susceptible. [ceptible. 

Enamorddo, da, a. In love, enamored; ans- 

£namorad6r, am. Lover, wooer. 

Enamorami^nto, mn. Love-suit 

Enamor&r, va. To inspire love ; make love, 
court — vr. To fall in love. 

Enamorlcirse, vr. To bo sliehtly In love. 

Enanchar. va. (ColL) To widen, enlarge. 

Knangostar, va. Y. Angovtar. 

Enanito, ita, a. dim. Little, minute. 

Endno, na, a. Dwarfish, low. 

Knano, sm. Dwarf. 

Endnte, 9m. (Bot) Water-dropwort 

Enarbol&r, va. To hoist, raise high ; hang 
out Enarholar la handera^ To hoist 
the colors. — vr. V. Encabritarae. 

Enarodr, va. To hoop barrels. V. Arqusar. 

Enardoc^r, va. To Are with passion. In- 
flame. — vr. To bo Inflamed, animated. 

Enarenacidn, ^f. Lime and sand wash. 

Enarenar, va. To fill with sand. — vr. (Nan.) 
To run ashore. [on the hind feet 

Enarmondr, va. To raise, rear. — vr. To rise 

£narraci6n, ^ Narration, relation. 

Enarrar, «a. To narrate. 

Enartdr, va. To narrow, oonstringe ; deceive. 

Enastdr, vo. To put a handle to an instru- 

Encabalgamidnto, 9m. Gun-carriage. 

Encabalgdr, vn,. To parade on horseback ; 

Encachir, va. To thrust any thiag to a 
wall or box. 

£ncadenad6ra, ^ Encadenamitoto, an. 
Connection; concatenation; ohalnii ifr 

EncadenAr, va. To chain, link, feoer, 
shackle ; connect 

End^ia, ad. Shake handa [tool 

Encuad6r, «»k Chaser, Inlayer; efaaslBg- 

Enc^jadOni, tf. Enchasing, inaertlBg, or la- 

EnoO^i w* To enchase, drivo in, indoee, 
insert; thrust into with violence; totro- 
dnce with cunning; impose upon, de- 
ceive. Encajar la 9uya, To avaU ooe^ 
self of an opportnnity. Enca^ Wen, 
To bo to thejpnrpose. EnccifarUuma^ 
not, (Low.) To join or shake hands. — vr. 
To intrudo. 

Enciddni, ^ Female hicemaker. 

Enct^erAdo, da, a. (Nau.) Fooled ia the 
block or pulley. 

EnciuonAdo, 9m. Mud-wall supported by 
pillars of briclcs and stones. 

Enc^onamidnto, 9m. Boxing, packing. 

EnodonAr, va. To box, pack up. 

Encalabozar, va. To put one into a duneeoB. 

EncalabrinAdo, da, a. Ueadstrong, stabDom. 

EncalabrinAr. va. To To aflBot the head 
with a bad smell. — vr. To become bead- 
strong; be oonftued. [saddle. 

EncalAda, tf. Piece of the trimmings of a 

Encalad^r, 9m. Lime pit or vat Ibr hides. 

Encalad6ra, ^f. Whitewashing. 

EncalAr, va. To whitewash, Umo; plaster; 
thrust into a pipe or tube. 

Encaliad^ro, «m. (Nan.) Bboal, eand-bank. 

Encalhiddra, ^f. (Nan.) Striking on a sand- 
bank, [suflferacbeek. 

EncallAr, vn. To run aground, hit against; 

Encallec6r, vn. To got corns on the fcot— 
vr. To harden in wickedness. 

Encallecido, dA, a. and jm. of BncaU^oer. 
Troubled with corns ; hardened in wiek- 

Encall^onAr, va. To enter or pat any thing 
into a narrow street orpasaaga. 

Kncalletrar, v(U (Prov.) lo impress deeply 
an opinion, &c 

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BDcalaudAn, ^ Bnflbeatioii of ft hone. 

yn^wiAwMi, «r. To be worn out with iii- 
tfgiML (Nao.) To be becalmed. 

BocaloatrteBo, cr. To nuke the joong ilok 
hj tho first milk. 

Enekhree^r, rm^ To grow bald, [and mortars. 

Bneamaridoa, •m. pL Chambers in oannon 

Kneamirir, na. To store ap, gamer. 

Kneamatse» «r. To keep abed : kennel. He ; 
oooch, come to the form; be lodged by 
nin, wfaid, Jbc : ^iplied to oom. 

EDcambOir, ca. To condact water by arch- 

Encambrtx-, f/a, Topat tn a store. 
£ncambron^, ra. To hedge with brambles ; 

strengthen with iron.— «r. To walk state- 

W with formality. 
Enenminadtea, ^ Rncaminamitoto, am. 

The aet of putting in the right road ; for- 

Encaminior, va. To gnlde, pat in the right 
nnd,abow the way, forward; manage an 
aftir. — vr. To take a road, go ta ^ 

EDcamiaida, •/ (MIL) An attack made in 
the dark. [clothes. 

fiaeamhiirBe, «r. To pat a shirt over one's 

Enca i Do r r Ai ee , «r. To embroil one's self in 

Eneampanido, da» a. Bell-shaped. 

BneaDalir, Eneanalizir, «a. To oonrey 
through pipes. [or crying. 

Kacanaxee,«r. To grow senselosB with fear 
" "it, CO. To pack np in canisters or 

Encanoerarse, rr. V. Cancerarse. 
Kneandee^f co. To bring to a white beat 
Encandelir. vn. To bud, ss trees. 
Encandilad^ £acandilad6ra, ^ Procn- 
reas, bawd. [hats. 

EneandflMo, da, a. Sharp or high oocked 
Encandilir, «a To dazzle with ue light of 
a candle; deceive with lUse appearances; 
stir the fire. Sneandilar un wmJbrero^ 
To cock a haL--t^r. To inflame one's 
eyes, bedazzled. 
Eocancete, «m. To grow gray ; mould : pos- 
sess mach ezpertonocL [tton. 
EncaniJamitoto, 9m. Weakness; extenna- 
Encanfiir, wt. To weaken a baby by ^ving 
it bad milk. — vr. To pine, be emaciated. 
EncanilUr. «a. To wind on a spool 
Encantacidn, 9f. Enchantment, charm, spelL 
Kneantad^ra, iif. Soreeiesa, enchantresa. 
Eneantido, da, a. Haonted, enchanted, 

Eneantad6r, sm. Enchanter, sorcerer. 
£ncantad6ra, ^. Soreereas, enchantress; 
bewitching. [chantment, incantation. 
Bnesntamtotoi, Encantamitoto, am. £n- 
Encantar, «a. To encliant, charm, bewitch : 
ftseinate. Par ; draw lota 

Encantardr, wu To pat any thing into a 
Encinto, mn. Eneliantment, charm, qwll; 
ftselnatlon. X9 un aneantOf It Is be- 
Eneant6rio, sm. (Joe) Enchantment 
BncantnsAr, «a. To coax, wheedle, [hedge. 
EncsflMo, sm. Condalt of water; cane- 
Eocafiador, rs, «. One who winds on cane- 


Encafiad6ra, ^ Oane-hedge; straw not 

Encafiir, eo. To hedce with cane; eonyey 
water thro^sh pQms; wind on cane 
spools.— «tk To form or grow into stalks. 

; Knciai^lTiWia, «/ Indoeare made of cane for 
catching malleta. 

Eneafionado, a. Applied to the wind blow- 
ing through a narrow pasaasa 

Encaftonir, va. and n. To getleathors; pat 
into tabes; plait, fold; spool. 

Ettcafiatir, va. To flute, moald Into the 
form of tubes. — mu To form straw. 

Eneapacetido, da, a. Covered with a hel- 
met [tering oil 

Encapaehad6ra, ^. Number of fttdls for fll- 

EncaiMGhar, va. To pat into a frail or bas- 

EneapAdo, da, a. Cloaked. (ket 

EncaiMC^, wt. To collect or put into a bas- 

Encaperaziftrse, vr. To cover one's head 
witii a hood. [stay. 

Bncapillad^ «? (Nan.) Tie of a shroud or 

Eneapiliir, t?ck To fix the standing rigging 
to the mast-head. EneapiUarae el Offva, 
To ship a head<«ea; put on clothes over 
the head. [hood. 

Encapirotido, da« a. Wearing a doak or 

Encapirotiir, va. To hood a hawk, [frown. 

Encapotad6ra, »f. Encapoti^nitoto, sm. 

KncapotAr, wju To cloak ; veil, mufile.-^rr. 
To lower, gloom, be clouded; look sullen. 

Encaprichami6nto, Mn.-8tubbomneaB. 

EncaprlchiirBe, vr. To indulge In whims, 
become obstinate. 

Encapnch^, va. To cover with a hood. 

EncapuzMo, da, €U Covered with a hood or 

Encapuzdr, va. To cover with a long gown. 

Encarado, da, Ow Faced. Bi«* or tmU m^ 
carado. Well or ill faced. 

EncaramadAra, ^f. Heieht: climbing up. 

Encaramar, Encaramillotar, wl To nise; 
extol; climb. 

Encaramlento, sm. Facing or aiming. 

EnoarAr, wk To Itaoo; address. — vo. To aim 
a gun. 

Encaratul&do, da, a. Masked, disguised. 

Encaratnl&rso, vr. To mask or disguise 
one's sel£ 

EncArbo, mi. Pointer, a pointer dog. 

Enearcavinar, wu To Infect with a pestilen- 
tial smell ; put one into a ditch. 

EncareeUu!l6n. ^. Incarceration. 

Encaroelddo, da, a Imprisoned. 

EncaroeUr^ to. To imprison ; compressi 

Encarecedor, sm. PrsiBer, extoller; ampli* 

Encaroc6r, «a. To nise the price; grow 
•dear; overvalue; exaggerate. 

Encarecidamtote, ad. £xceedingly, lilghly. 

Encaiecimitoto, 9m. Enhanoementof ^ne ; 
exaneration. Om mtccwaeUiU&nto, Ar^ 
dent) V, earnestly. 

Encargido de NegMoa, 9m, Chaig6 d'af- 
fah«B. (Hex.) Agent, sttomey. 

EneargAr, va. To reoonunend, charge^ oom- 
m{8sion.-^r. To take charge oC 

Enoirgo, 9m. Charge, commisiion, nqosst ; 
ofllce, place, employ. 


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EnoMillir, vcl To Inspire affection, Ibnd- 
neaa, or \ore.—vr. To become paasioDate- 
\y fond ot [the doga^ 

Knq>rp«, nf. QlTing the entnlls or game to 

Enesrnacion, ^. lucematlon; carnation, 
ft-eab color. 

Encamadino, na, a. Incarnadine, reddish. 

Encam&do, da, a. Incarnate; dyed flesh 
color: covered with fleah. 

Baoaniado, 9m, Flesh oolor. 

Encamadfira, ^. The natoral state of flesh 
in a woTud. [flesh. 

Encamami^nto, mn. Incarnation, breeding 

Encam&r, «n. To inoamate, breed fleah.— 
eA To glre a fleah oolor ; make a strong 
impresnon upon the mind ; wonnd; em- 
boar; entice dogs; feed sporting dogSb— 
vr. To nnita 

Encamatiyo, «m. and a. Incamativei 

EncAme, tm. First feed given to doga of 
the entrails of jnune. 

Encamecdr, tm. To pow fleshy. 

EncamlzAdo, da, a. Blood-shot, inflamed. 

Encanilzamitoto, am. Fleshing or satiating 
with flesh ; croelty, rage. 

EncamizAr, va. To flesh, satiate with fleah ; 
provoke.— «r. To be glutted with fleah; 
De craelly bent against one. 

EncAro, mk Viewing steadftotly; blonder- 
boss ; aiming (of a gun). 

EncarrllUr, «a To direct, goide, pot in the 
right road; arrange s^^n. — or. To be 
fouled in the sheave of a block. 

Encanroflir, va. To infect, corropt— vr. To 
be inibcted or corrupted. 

EncarrqJ4do, «m. Andent kind of silk staff. 

EncarrtjAr, «a. To plait, flnte, mangle. — 
w. To be corrugated or wrinkled. 

Encartael6n. ^ Enrolment ; vassalage; ten- 
ore at will; the people or placea onder a 

Encartami^nto, tm. Outlawry, proscrip- 
tion; vaaaahtto. V. Enoariacion. 

EncartAr, vo. To outlaw, proscribe: in- 

' volve in an unpleasant ailkir ; include, 

enrol ; enter in the register of taxes.— rr. 

To receive a card which spoils a game; 

BpoU one another's hand. [powder. 

Encartuch&r, «& To fill eartrldgea with 

Encasam^nto, am. Niche, recess Ibr a statue. 

Encasamitoto, am. Beparation of ruinous 
houses; niche. 

SncasAr. «a. To sot a dislocated bono. 

EncascabelAdo, da, a. Filled or adorned 
with belK [rubbish. 

EncasootAr, «a To cover with a layer of 

Encasquetir, va. To dap on one's hat; in- 
duce one to adopt an opinion.— «r. To 

EncastAr, «a. To improve a race, [persist 

EncaatlUAdo, da, a. Fortified with casUee; 
lofly, haoghty. 

Enca8tilUul6r. ra, a. Beclnse in a casUe. 

EncastiUamiento. am. Shutting op in a 

EncastillAr, wu To fortify with castlea.- 
vn. To make the cell of the queen-bee.— 
«r. To shut one's self up in a castle; per- 
aevero obetinately in one's opinion. 

EncastrAr, va» To mortise or scarf pieces 
of timber. 

EncatuaAr, «a Y. Engatttaar, 
, EncAustloo, ea, a. i^eaoatlc ; enameL 
' EncAusto, am. Enamelling; eneaosticpalBt' 

I EocavArse, vr. To incave one'a aeU 

Encebadamidnto, am. Bnifoit of honeBb 

EncebadAr, wk To soxfeit with bariej and 
water. [odIoo^ 

EnoebollAdo, «»k Frlcaaeee of beef and 

EnoelAr, va. To ezdte jealousy.— or. To be- 
come Jealous, [wattle. 

EnoAlIa, rf. Basket cheese-moold ; a cheese 

EnoellAr, «a To press or mould cheese. 

Encenagddo, da, a. Mixed or filled with 
mud. [tumbling in the diil 

Enoenagami6nto. sm. wallowing in miie; 

EncensfAr, va. To mud.— «r. To wallow In 
mire, bemire one's self; wallow in vlee. 

EncencorrAdo, da, a. Osrryisg a wetber- 

EnoendAr, 9a. To kindle, light; sot fli« to; 
heat, glow; inflame: foment a party, aow 
discord.— rr. To take fire, bo kindled. 
EMandaraa «» ira or en obUra, To fly 
into a passion. 

Encendldamtote, ad, Yividlr, ardeatl j. 

" Inflamed. 

Enoendido, da, a. 
da coUfT^ High colored. 

EncendimiAnto, am. Kindling; 
cence, glow; inflammatioD; ardor off ho- 
num passions. 

EnoenixAr. wt. To flU or cover with aabea. 

E&centadOr, am. He who bogina to «ae 
tilings not before, used. 

EncentadAra, {< EncentamlAnto, am, Hw 
flnt use of a thing not before oaed, aoch 
as meat and llqnork [not before oaed. 

EncentAr. tcl To becin the use of a thing 

Eneepador, am. Btocker, gun-stoeker. 

EncepAr, ea To put in the stocks; stock a 
gun or anchor. — vn. To take root 

EncerAdo, am. Oil-cloth, oil-akin ; window- 
blind. (Nan.) Tarpaoling; stiekiiMMilaa- 
tor; bbck-board. [thiSeoed. 

EncerAdo, da, a Wax-colored; tblek, 

EnceramtAnto, am. Act of waxing paper, 
cloth, Ac 

EncerAr, «>a To wax: fill with wax. 

EncemadAr, va. V. Aeamadar, 

EncerotAr, oa. To wax thread. 

Enoerrad^ am. Inelosuro at aheep-sbear- 
ing. V. Eficierro. [up ; cattle-driver. 

EncerradAr, am. One who shuts or locks 

Encerrad&n, f< Cloister, indoaure. 

EnccrramiAnto, am. Cloister, retreat; jail, 
dungeon ; the looking up c^a tiling. 

EncerrAr, oo, To lock or shut up, oonflae ; 
emboss; contain, comprehend.--'Or. To 
retire ; be locked or shut up, be doseled. 

Enctfv&na, tf. A voluntary reti«at 

EnoeSpedAr, va. (MIL) To tuil 

EncestAr, 9a, To put in a basket; hamper. 

EncbaneletAr, vck To be slipshod. 

EnchapAr, on. To veneer, [upota an ar^ 

EnchapinAdo, da, a. Like pattens; raised 

EncharcArso, or. To be covered with watec 

EnchavetAr, wu JPnehoMtar wm pamcit 
(Nau.) To forelock a bolt 

Enchicar, wt. Y. Achiear. 

]£ncia, ^. The gum. 

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XncfcHcoL c«, ek EnoycUe, dreiilar. 

EndcIopMU, ^. EncrclopodUk 

SMidopMfoo, ea, a. EnevclonedbUL 

EncidopediBte, «/ Eocycfopedtot 

"EntAbrrOi, •m. OiHiflnenMnt; incloBore; 
doMer; prison ; the penning np of the 
iMdli for the bnll-feaota 

, ad. Abov^ oTor ; ftt the top ; be- 
J£k£tfm<r oa On, npon, on top ot 

Encfmte, va. TO place at the top.-^er. To 
ralM ane^ self npon. 

EiMlm6ro, ra. a. Upper. 

Enefaia, f^. CBot) £Ter<«reen oak; oak 
with eatable aooniB. y.BobU, [oak. 

EneiBil, Eneinir, kn. Wood of eTOi^green 

RndnUla, f< <2<m. A amall erer-greea oak. 

EoeintAr, «& To ribbon. 

Slnelanitvido, da, a. Bhnt np in doistera. 

EtoeiKradAxa, 4^ Part when two pleoes are 
joined. png; spikei 

EadaWb)«aTonan; prick bonee in shoe- 

Badar^tf, «a To nnite or Join dosely; 
pes. [feeble oonstltation. 

Endcome, anik and a. One of a weak or 

Endodar, Eneloqneo6r, vn, and r. To dndE. 

Eneobir, vn^ To cover or hatdi eggs. 

SneobQir, ra. T. OM^ar, 

EnoobrAdo, da, a. Coppery ; copper-colored. 

EnoodAr, «fk To be diBposed to dndc 

Eiieog6r,«a..ToooDtraet; shrink; disoonr- 
ace.— -vr. To be low^irited, dlsroaved; 
bunble ene^ sdl Eineogert^ ds horn- 
5ro«, To shrink the shoulders with Ibar. 

Eneogldam^ate, ad. Meanly, atjeotly. 

Encogldo, da, a, PssUlanlmoas, timid. 

Eneogimifoto, am^ Contraction, drawing in, 
■borteoing; posiUanimity ; lowneas of 
spirits: faamlHfy. [with Bquibs. 

Enoobetadov dbi, a. Covered or oyerlald 

EneobeCir, «& To corer with sqnlbs. 

Enoqiir, CO. To cripple, lameb— tr. To grow 
lame: fdgn sickness. 

Encolad6ra, «C Encolsmitotoi, tnk Oloing. 

EneoUr, 9a. To glne, cement 

Eneoierisir, «a. To provoke, snger.^vr. 
To be In a paidiMi, vexed. 

Eneomenddble, a. Commendable, (chidl 

Kaoomendido, em. Ysaed of a military 

Eneomendamltoto, em. Y. EncomUnda, 

Kocomendir, so. To recommend, chaige ; 
prai s e . 9n. To hold a oommandery.— 
vr. To commit one's self to another's pro- 
tection; send compliments, [mander. 

Enoomenddro, mn. Agent : pensioner ; oom- 

Eneomiista, ^. (Little ns.) Encomiast 

EDOonii4Btico, a, Encomtastie, Umdatoiy. 

Kncomiteda, tm. Commission, charge; mes- 
sage; omnmandery, its land or rent; pen- 
atronage, support XnconUendaa, 
ImeotflL SnctmUendade don^ago, 
(Bot) Daflbdil. [tion. 

neimjoi, tm, Prslse, enlogy, commenda- 

Encompadrar, vn. To contract the affinity 
between godlkther and natural Ikther. 

Enoompasir, ea. To encompass. Ted. 

Eooonado, da, a. Inflamed, swollen ; talnt- 

Epfonamlfato, ttn. Inflammation; provo- 
estlon. I~^''* '^^ rankle, fester. 

finoonir, ra. To inflame, irritate, provoke. 

Eao6iK\ ans. lialovolonee, rancor, lU-wlll. 


Enoon^ sa, A Apt to c 

tion ; hurtnil, malevolent Tcarded. 

Enoonre&r, xck. To oil wool that Is to be 
Encontrible, a. Which may be encoun' 

Encontiadamdnte, ad. Contrarily. 
Sncontradins ^ »• Which may bo met on 

the way. 
EncontWido, da, a. Opposite, in ih>nt 
EnoontrAr, va. and n. To meet, encounter; 

hit upon.— fw. To meet, encounter in a 

hostile msnncr, clash; be of opposite 

Enoontr6n, tm. Collision, clash, pusli, shock. 
EnoopetAdo, da, a. Presumptuous, boastftil. 
Enoorach&r, «a. To put in a leather bag. 
Encorido, da. a. Wrapped up in leather. 
EnconyiUlo, da, a. Bold; angry, ftirious, in 

a rsge. [inflame.— ^er. To be in a rage. 
Encorddr, «a. To animate, give counge, 
Enoorar, «a. and n. To cover with leather; 

get new skin; heal the skin. 
Encoraduio, da, a. Covered with a cuinas. 
Enoorohiv, va. To hive bees, put into oortc 

hives. [clasps. 

Encorchetir, va. To hook, put on hooks or 
Encord^, «a. To string or chord ; halter, 

lash with cords or ropes. 
Encordelir, va. To Una with cord& 
EncordonAdo, da, a. Adorned with cordsi 
Enoordon&r, «a. To cord, put running 

stringL tie with strinjOi [new skin. 

Encorooer. va. and «. To heal the skin ; get 
Enooriadon. ^. Skinning, healing. 
Encom^amdnto, sm. Y. Comi^am&nto. 
EncomudAr, vn. To begin to set horns.— 

va. To cuckold. [cnminal's cap. 

EnooroiAr, va. To cover with a eorcaOy or 
EnconaUr, va. To indose and keep in a 

Encortin&r, va To provide with curtains. 
EnoorvAda, ^f. Btoopinf; a graceless man- 
ner of dancing. (Bot) Ooronilla. Ilaeer 

la encorvada, To fetgn disease. 
Encorvadftra, ^. Encorvami6nto, 9m. Bend- 
ing, crookednefl^ couching. 
Encorvir. va. To incurvate, bend, curve. — 

vr. To Dend. [coast 

Encostiirse, vr. To stand in shore, near the 
Enco6trad6ra, tf. Incrustation, crust 
EnoostrAr, va. To crust; rough-cast 
Enoovad&ra, ^. Depositing in a cellar. 
EncovAr, va. To put in a cellar; guard, 

conceal; lock or shut up. 
EncrasAr, va. To Ihtten, grease. [Iron. 

Encrespaddr, mn. Crisping-iron, curling- 
Encrespadfira, %f. Crispation. 
Encrequunldnto, tm. Crispation, curlinesfl^ 
EncrespAr. va. To curl, Imxle. crimp. — vr, 

(Nan.) To become rough and boisterous; 

be rudo; be involved in (marrela 
EncrestAdo, da, a. Adorned with a crost; 

haughty. [be proud, haughty. 

EncrestArse, vr. To get the crest or comb; 
EncrucU&da, ^. Crossway, cross-road. 
Encrudec^r, va. To make a wound worse; 

irritate.— t>r. To be enraged. [car. 

£ncmdeloc6r, va. (Littio us.) Y. SnerueU- 
Encmeleoer, va. To excite to cmeltieSb 
Encnademacl6n, nf. Binding. 


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Biioiuiden»d6r, Mk Btndor, book-bfaMtor. 

Eocoftdeniir, «a. To bind books, Ac ; Join 
•C^n; Teoondle. 

£noub4r, fM. To pnt liquids into casks, iec ; 
pot a criminal into a cask. 

EncuberUr, tMX. To overspread with a cot- 
erioff.—vr. To dress and arm one's self 
for defence of the body. 

Encubi^rta, ^. Frand, deceit. Imposition. 

Kncoblertain^nte, ad. Secretly; aeoeitAilly. 

Encnbi^rto, ta, a. Hidden, concealed. 

Enenbriddr, ra, t. Oonooalcr, harborer. JSH- 
cubridor de hurtot^ EeoeiTer of stolen 

Encnbrimi^nto. sm. Concealment, hiding. 

Encnbrir, wi. To hide, cloak, cover np. 

Encnc^, va. To acather nnts and Alberts. 

Encu^ntro, sm. Kjiock, clash; enoountor; 
sadden meeting; flght; opposition, dif- 
ficulty ; Joint of the wings next to the 
breast Salir al enoutntro^ To go oat to 
meet; prevent a person in what no Is to 
say. JS'Tumon^reM, Temples of a loom. 

EnculatAr, «a. To place in a hive, honey- 

Encorobrido, da, a. High, elevated, lofty. 

Encumbrami^nto, «m. UaiHing or elevating; 
height, eminence 

Encumbriu*, oa To raise, elevate; ascend a 
height; elevate to honors.— or. To be 
elevated ; be proud. 

Encun&r, «a. To put a child In the cndlew 

EnouftAr, f>a. To coin. V. Acuhar. 

Encurefi&do, da, a. Put into the carriage or 

Encnrtir, «a. To souse In pickle or vinegar. 

Endtble, a. Feeble, weak, forceless. 

Endecagono, sm. Ilondecagon. [lables. 

Endeessilaho, ba, <k A venso of eleven syl- 

End6cha, «/ Dirge, a doleAil ditty. 

Endeehad^ra, ^. V. PlafUdera. 

Endechto, vcu To sing funeral songs in 
honor of the dead. — vr. To grieve, raourn. 

Endem&s, ctd. Particularly, especially. 

End^mico, ca, a. Endemic, peculiar to a 
climate. [devil; devilish, perverse. 

Endemoni&do, da. a. Possessed with tlie 

Endemoni&r, va. To possess with a devil ; 
irritate, provoke. 

Endenti^r, «a. Tojoin with a mortise. 

Endenteoer, vn. To cut teeth, teeth. 

Endefiiklo, da, a. Damaged, hurt, inflamed. 

Endoroc^ra, f/T Direct way to. 

Enderezadam6nte, ad. Rightly ; directly. 

Enderesad6r, an. Guide, director. Knder&' 
Modor de tuertot or agrcbviot, A re- 
dresser, [road. 

EnderezadAra, ttf. The straight and right 

Enderesaml^nto, sm. Guidance, direction. 

Enderezar, «a» To erect, phioe iMrpendicu- 
larly, make straight; rectify; address, 
dedicate; go and meet a person. — ofv To 
take the direct road. — vr. To rise up- 
right; establish one's scl£ Endermcur 
el genio^ To break a bad temper. 

Enderdzo, am. The act of directing a letter. 

End^rgiie, mn. (Joe.) Guide, governor. 

Endeud&rse, ra. To get in debt 

EndiablMa, tf. Masquerade. 

£ndUbUdam6nta, ad. Uglily, devilishly. 


EndiabUdo, da, a. D«vUish ; ugly, p 

EndiablAr, WK To possess with the dsvil; 
pervert, corrupt— cr. To be furious. 

EndibljL, ^f. (fiot) Endive, succory. 

Sndilgad6r, ra, «. Pander ; indaoer. 

Endilgar, va. To pander; ^oeure; show 
the way. [eestMy. 

EndiosamKnto, tm, Hftughtinoaa, pride; 

Endiosir, «a. To deifV. adore as a god.— vr. 
To bo elated with pride ; bo in a state <rf 
religious abstraction. 

Endobl4do, da, a. A lamb that sacks its 
own mother and another ewe. 

Endorser, Endosir, co. To endorse. 

Endorso, End<ieo, tm. Endorsement 

Endasad6r, Endoeinte, sm. Endorser. 

Endosel^, «a. To bang curtains, make 
hangingSL {jpan. 

Endragou&rse, cr. To grow fhrionsaSAdn- 

Endriago, buk A. Ikbnlons monster. 

Endrina, ^. Sloe, fhiit of the black-tfaont 

Enditno, am. Black-thorn, sloe-tree. 

Endrlno, na, a Of a sloe-color. 

Endulzainiento, am. EndoludArs, ^ Dnl- 
cification, sweetening. [softea. 

Endulz^, Endulzorir, «a. To sweetaa; 

Endursdor, am. Miser, a mean pcrsoii. 

Enduriu*, ini. To harden; sollbr; delay. 

Endnreo^r, «& To harden; tnure; exaa- 
perate. [Inured. 

Endureoldo, da, a. Hard, hardy; oMuiate; 

Endureclmi^nto, am. Hardness; obstinacy, 
tenacity. [Em de palo^ QaShwK 

E'ne, af. Spanish- name of the letter If. 

En6a, if/: (Bot) Cat-tall, reed-maoe, rush. 

Eneitioo, ca, a. Belonging to the nnmJbcr 

EnebriU, am. Place with Juniper-tree^ 

Enebrina, ^. Fruit of the Juniper-tree. 

En^bro, am, (Bot) Common Juniper. 

Enochido, da, a. Exposed ; a foundling 

End^, «<k To pnt on an axle-treeu 

Endldo, am (Ik>t) Dill ; difficult respiratioB. 

Enemiga, ^. Enmity, ill-will ; wickednea, 

£nemigam6nte, ad. Inimically. 

Enemigo, ga, a. Inimical hostile, advene. 

Enemigo, ga, a. Enemy, foe; the devil 

Enemist^d, ^. Enmity, hatred. 

Enemist&r, vo. To nuke an enemy. — vr. To 
become an enomv. 

E'neo, ea, a. (Poet ) Bnucen. 

Energia, ^f. Energy, power, rigor; force. 

En6rgicamdnte, ad. Energetically, expres- 
sively, pivdy. 

En6rgloo, ca, a. Enersstlc, forcible. a^v% 

Enezgumeno, ns, a. one possessed with a 

Enerixir, va Y. Sriaar. 

En^ro, am, Januanr. 

Enervaci6n, ^ (Little us.) EnervatioB. 

EnervAdo, da, (k Eoerrste, oncrvatod, weak- 

Enerv&r, vo. To enervate, deprive cifbna. 

Enfadadizo, za, €L Irritable, irascible, peev- 
ish. [To fret, become angry. 

Enfiidar, e& To Tex, tteL make aagry.~#r. 

Enftdo, am. Trouble, vexation. 

EnflMlasam6nte, ad. Yexatloosly. [heavy. 

Knihd<Sso, sa, a. Texatioos, troobfoiome. 

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SoiycUr, «& To lop off the low«r branch- 
es. — rr. To tock up the Bkirta. 

EoCUdo, #JM^ Tacking up one's clothes 

fioikoc&rM. «r. (Nan.) To ground in the 
mud. rOolL) To get into dlfflcalties. 

Enfltfdador, mn. Packer. 

EnfhnUr, «a. To pack, hale. 

£ntedelad6r, em. Packer. 

Eafardeladteft, 4^ Packing, act of packing. 

Enftrdelar, 90. To bale, pack. [word. 

E'oteifl, «m. Emphasis, stress laid on a 

KnfaticaiD^nte, ad. Erophatlcallf . 

Enfttico. ca, a, EiupbaticaL, impree8iT& 

Enlirrmir, ra. To flJl IIL — va. To canse 
siekneass weakness, damage, or loss. 

Enfermeilid, f< Illness, complaint, malady ; 
disorder. toUado, (Nan.) Cock-pit 

Enfermeria, ^. Inflrroary. £nfenneria del 

Eoferm^ro, ra, 9. Orenoer or nurse of the 

Enftrmizo, za, a. Infirm, sickly, delicate. 

Enl&rmo, ma, a. 111, sick, diseased, infirm, 
onhealtfav ; weak ; cormpted. 

Enfenrorizar, ra To heat, inflame. — vr.To 
orerheat one^ mI£ 

£nfeodacl6n, ^ Infeadation, enfeolftnent 

E&fcodir, TO-. To enftofl; Invest with a right 

Enfiir. va. To trost in another. 

Enflelar. «cs. To pot in a balance. 

Enflerecido, da, a. Farioos, fierce. 

Eofilar, eo. To continue in a file ; enfilade ; 
keep straight fbcward. Ef^fUar el curto, 
(Nao.) To direct the conrse. 
Enfllaclon, ^f. (Nao.) Bearing. 
Eoflnt^Bo, aa, a. Frandolent, deceitAiL 
Enfita, §/. Fraud, deceit 

£Dflte69l8, Enfltedtis, «. Emphyteusis, alien- 
ation of the Dsulhict 

Enfitedts, tm, Em^ytonta, copyholder. 

EnflteotidMo, ria, Enfltcutico, ca, a. Em- 

Enflaqaee6r, to. To weaken, extenuate, 
ftde — vr. To become thin and lean. 

Enflaquecimidnto, am. Extenuation ; atten- 

EnflaatMn, da, a. Turgid, infiated. 

£nflaiitad6r, ra, «. Inciter, pander, [cure. 

Endantir. va. To inflate, stimulate: pro- 

Enflechido, da, a. Arrow ready to discharge. 

Enflech^biteiH, tm. pL (Nau.) RatUnea. 

Enibnsido, da, a. Exempt fiom charges 
and taxeflw 

Eni5r6la, ^f. Violence done to any person. 

Enfbmir, «a Y. Snhomar. [entangled. 

Enfoocido, da, €L Brow-beaten; oonAised, 

Enfbacirse, rr. To be uneasy, troubled; 
Immersed In business; cloudy. [Mar. 

Enfr^lir, to. To make one a monk or a 

Enfranqueo^, ro. To fhtnk, nuke Ikee. 

Enfraacami^nto, tm. Being entangled be- 
tween bmnblea. 

Enfraadkr, ra. To bottle. — vr. To be entan- 
gled In brambles; inrolved in difficulties, 
engaged deeply. 

Enfrenad6r, am, Bridler. 

Fjtfrenamltoto, 9m. ThA act of bridling. 

Enftendr, ra. To bridle ; curb, restrain. 

Enft^nta, ad, Oror a^^st, opposite, in 

Enfrtad^ra, i[f. Cooler, refrigerator. 


Enflriaddro, Enfriad6r, «m, Cooling-plaoa ; 

Enfriamiento, 8m. Refrigeration, cooling. 

Enfriir, wt. To cool, refrigerate; calm the 
mind. — vr. To cool down. 

Enfrosdbrse, rr. V. Em^cuearM. 

Enftindaflfira, 9f. Encasing. 

Enftmd^, va. To case ; cram, stuff; include. 

£nftirci6n, ^. V. InfurcUm, 

Enflirec^, ra. To irritate, enrage, make 
fiirlous. V. Eneoberbecer. — vr. To grow 
ftiriouBL Tpet 

Enfhrrufiirse, rr. To grow angry, be In a 

Eoftirtir. ro. To ftiU or mill doth ; felt 

Engabanddo, da. mx. Covered with tLgabaiK 

EngAce, em. Catenation, connection. Y. 

Enga&r, ra. To hook ; carry la a hook. 

Engaitador, ra, 9. Deceiver, seducer, swind- 
ler, [wheedle. 

Engaltiir, ro. To cheat, swindle; coax, 

Engalanir, ro. To adorn, deck. [anchor. 

Engalffilr, ra. To pursue closely; back an 

EngalUdo, da, a. Erect, upright; haughty, 

Engallad&ra, ^ Y. GaUadura. [vice. 

Enganchaddr, am. Decoy for military ser- 

Enganchamidnto, em. Hooking; alluring, 
or decoying. 

Engancbtf, ro. To hook; entrap; decoy 
into the military service; harness. — rr. 
To engage ; enlist [bounty money. 

Eng^che, am. Enlistment, enrolment; 

Engandi^o, am^ Twisted thread hanging 
from fringe. 

Engauab^bo^ am. Impostor; fool-trap. 

Engafladizo. za, a. Easily deceived. 

EngafiMo, da, a. Mistaken, deceived. 

Enganadur, am. Cheat, imnostor, deceiver. 

Engafladuras, ^. pi. (Nau.) Seizing tmcks. 

EngaAapast6r, am. rOm.) Wsg-tail, a bird. 

Engafiar, ro. To deceive, cheat; delude, 
trick; hoax. — rr. To be deceived, mis- 

£ngaIiifi^ af. Deceit, trick, fraud. 

Engafio, am. Mistake ; fraud ; lioax. 

Engafioeamdnte, ad. Deceitfully. 

Engandeo, sa, a. Dcceitfhl, artfhl, fklse. 

Engarabatikr, ra. To hook, seize with vio- 
lence. — rr. To grow crooked. 

Engarabitirse, vr. To climb, mount, ascend. 

Engarbtote, vr. To porch on the highest 

Engarbullir, ro. To entangle, involve. 

Engirce, am. Catenation, link ; close union. 

Ensargantfir, ro. To put into the throat; 
thrust the foot into the stirrup. 

EngarsoUr, ro. To fit one water-pipe into 
anotner. [with sent^^-boxes. 

Engaritido, da. a. Cheated; surrounded 

Engarit^, va. To fortify with sentry-box- 
es ; deceive artfhily. 

Engarratu16r, •m. Grapplor. [hooka. 

EngarraC&r, ra. To claw; grapple with 

Engarrotur, ra. To squeeze hard. V. Agar- 
rotar. [of bead* 

Engarzad6r, am. One who links; stringer 

Enganir, ra. To enchain, link; curl. * 

£ngastad6r, am. Enchaser, in closer. 

EngasUu*, ra. To enchase; set, Inlay. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

ENG ^ 

EnfciBta, «m. Sotting of stones, enolissing; 
envelope; a half p«*rL [swindler. 

EngatAdo, «m. A petty robber, sharper, 

Engat^r, va. To eboat doxteroosly. 

Bngatlllido, da, a. High-necked [Iron. 

EngaUlIAr, ea. (Arch.) To bind with acramp- 

Engatosami^nto, sm. (ColL) Deception, 
cheat, ooaxin^ [rob, coax. 

Engatoa&r, ea. To trick without Intention ; 

EDgavillto, «& V. AgatfiUar. 

Engazaddr. ra, «. V. Knganador, 

Kngazamidnto, 9m. Y. Sngarce, 

Engazir, tia. To enchain, link. (Nan.) To 
strap a block ; dve In the cloth. 

Engendr&ble, a. That may be engendered. 

Eiigendrad6r, ra, «. Engenderer, begetter. 

Engendr^r, va. To beget, engender; pro- 
dnoa • 

£ng6ndro, «nu Foitns; abortive. Mai en- 
g'endro^ A low breed ; a perverse youtlL 

Engestido, a. (Amer.^ Bien or mal tngeit- 
tddot Well or gruff looking. [1 v. 

Engi^sUlrse, «r. (Amer.) To address unclvu- 

Engib&r, va. To crook, make gibbous. 

Engllmir, va. (Naa) To pick up a floating 

Engimelgar, «a. (Nan.) To fish a spar. 

Englna, «/. Quinsy. V. Angina, 

Englandido, da; Englantido, da, a. (Her.) 
Covered with acorns. 

Engolido, da, a. Collared. 

Engolftr, vn. (Nau.) To enter a gulf or deep 
bay. — vr. To bo engaged in dit&cult ai- 
fliirs; be absorbed in meditation. 

Engolilliwlo, da, a. Wearing the ruff or col- 
lar bv lawyers. [head high. 

Engollar, va. To make a horse carry bis 

EngolletMo, da, a. Elated, puffed up, 

Engoliotarso, «r. To elatei become haughty. 

EngolondrinArse, «r. To be puffed up with 
pride; &11 in lovoi 

Engoloslnir, va. To inspire a longing for, 
use dainties.— «r. To uolight, or to have 
delight in. [with gum. 

Engomad^ro, ra, a. That may be stiffened 

Engomadura, «/ Qummlng, dressing. 

Engom&r, va. To gum. 

Engor&r, va. To addle. 

Engordadoro, mn. Stall or sty to fatten hogs. 

Engordad6r, am. Self-devoted luxurist 

Engord4r, va» To pamper, fiitten. — vr. To 
grow fat or rich. 

EngorgetAdo, da, a. Palisaded breast-high. 

Engorrar, va. To obstruct. 

Eng6rro, sm. Impediment, embarrassment, 
trouble, vexation. 

£ngorr6so, sa, a. Troublesome, vexatloua 

Engozn^, va. To hinge. 

Engrandiu', v<k V. Agrandar. 

£ngrandeo6r, va. To augment, aggrandize ; 
promote, exalt; magnify. 

Engrandociml6nto, 8m, Increase, aggrand- 
izement; exaggeration. 

Engranoriir, va. To store In a granarr. 

Engrani^kse, vr. To bo covered with pim- 

Engmp&r, va. To secure with cramp-Irons. 

Engnis4r, va. To grease, oil; dress cloth; 
pickle; manure. 


Engravedar, va. To aflsome an air of diniitr. 

Engredir, va. To bedaub with day or chalk. 

Engreido, da, a. Elate, haughty; petulant. 

Engreimiento, am. Presumption, vanity; 
vain pomp. 

Engroir, v<k To encourage one's pride, elate. 
-^r. y. JSnaob^rb^eene, To deck ooe*a 
self in styles 

Engrifiirse, vr. To be In a pet, be displeased. 

Engrosar, wk To make fu, corpulent, and 
strong. — Ofi. To increase in vigor and 
bulk.— pr. To grow Ikt. 

Engrudaddr, am. Paster ; gluer. 

£ngrudami6nto, am. Pasting; gluing, 

Engrudir, va. To paste. 

EngrAdo, am. Paste ; cement. 

Engrumec^orse, vr. To clot 

Engnaldrapor, va. To caparison richly. 

Engaantauo, da, a. Wearing gloves^ 

Enguant&rse, vr. To make too much use ol 
gloves. [crisMd. 

EngnodcJMo, da, a. Curly-headed: ciin«^ 

EnguUarr^, va. To pave with pebblea. 

Enguiilar, va, (Nan.) To servo a ropei 

EnguirnaldiUlo, da, a. Adorned with gar- 

Enguimaldiir, va. To adorn with garlandjk 

Enguizgar, vet. To excite, incite, set on. 

Engnliidor, ra, c Devourer; gobbler. 

EnguUir, 1M1. To devour, bolt, gobble, gorga. 

Enffurrin&rse, vr. To be melancholy. 

Enhacin&r, va. V. Iladnar. 

EnhadAr, va. Y. Snfiidar. 

Enhambrec6r, en.. To bo hungry. [flo«ir. 

Enharin&r, va. To cover or b^prinklo with 

Enhasti&r, va. To disgust, cloy, loathe^ 

EnhastiUAr, vd. To put arrows in a ouiTor. 

Enhat^nr, va. To cover the mouths or hiraa 
with bass-weed. [unit& 

Enhebr&r,. eck To thread a needle; link, 

Enhen4r. va. To cover with hay. [heiiia. 

Enherbour, va. To poison with Tenoinoiia 

Enhe5tad6r, am. He who erects. C^^*^ 

Enhostadiua, ^ Enhestamldnto, am. Ereo> 

Enhestir, va. To erect; ralso troops— «;r. 
To rise upright [tangling. 

Enhetradura, jf. Enhotraral&nto, am. £n- 

Enhiel&r, v€L To mix with gall or bile. 

Enhiesto, ta, a, Eroct, upright, erecte«L 

EnhllAdo, da, a. Woll-arnu^;od, in good or- 

Enhilar, va. To thread; direct; ananee. 

£nhorabn6na, ^fi Congratulation, felicita- 
tion. — ad. Well and good. 

Enhoramila, ad. In an evil hour. THeen^ 
horamala^ Qo to the devil. [baked. 

EnhomAr, «a. To put into an oven to' be 

EnhnecAr, v€L Y. Ahtieear. 

Enhuerar, va. To lay addlo eggs. 

Enigma, am. Enigma, riddle. 

Enigm&Uco, ca, a. Enigmatical, dtilE, ob- 

Enigmatista, am Enigmatist 

Emabonaduti, «^ V. Jab<^nadiwa, 

Enjabonftr, va. To soap, wash ; insult 

Ei^acz&r, «a. To caparison a horso ridUy 

Ei\jAgiie, am. Abjudication. [er 

EiOalbegaddr, ra, a. White-washer, plasur 

£j\)albegadfira. iT- White-waahlng. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


va. To whitewash; paint the 
i white. 
SE^aJma, ^. Packsaddle. 
Knjifanos, nn^ Crooked-meadow nxifirage. 
Eqtaloiero, «m. Packasddle-maker. 
£n>xnbnd6ra» »/. King-beo of a hive. ' 
EiQsinbrad^ro, «m. Place where bees col- 
lect to forxn their hives. 
EzOambr&Tf «a. To gather a scattered awarm 
of bees; Ibrm a new hiv*^f bees.— r». 
To breed a new hive of bees. [of bees. 
En>unbrax6n, «f. Generation or swarming 
£n}ainbre, «n« Swarm of bees ; crowd, mnl- 
titnde. [bees. 

Enjambrillo, »n. dbn, A small swarm of 
EnJarcMr, «ia. To rig a ship. [meadow. 
Enjardlniar, to. To pnt a bird of prey in a 
Enjaretido, am. (Nan.) Gratings, nottJogs. 
Enjaalir, vtu To cage ; imprison, confine. 
Enfebir, to. To steep in Ije, buck. 
£njcbe, «fiv Lye-steeping; bncklng. 
Enj^no, 9m. Boasting-iack. 
£n}ereor, «a. To set aooat a bosinesa. 
Eniendo, da, a. Benumbed with cold : bud- 
ded; grafted. [knife. 
Enferidor, wk Grafter, bndder; abnikilng- 
Enjeridiba, Ei^Jerlmlfinto, «. Gxafthig or 

Eqjcrir, x€L To graft, bnd. Insert; inclade. 
1tm6ffo, mn. (Pror.) Beam of a plongh. 
EntertaddQ, ^Insertion, Inocnlation. 
EiqertU, 9m. Norserj of budded Ihiit-trees. 
Binertar, ca. Y. InSertar. [things. 

SiA&rto, am. Y. Tn^rto. Miztnro of divers 
Enjorgolnir, «a To smear or cover with 

soot— w. To be blackened with soot 
£z^T^, va. To adorn with Jewels; set 
with nrecions rtones ; heighten the lostre. 
Enjojnelado, da, a. Gold or silver used in 

JBuojelad^r, «m. Enehaaer. 
EijoaipMllintes, am. Monthftil of liqoid for 

ifo^g the month. 
EDjnagadAia, f^ Btnsing the month. 
Ecdoagir, eo. To rbise. 
EnjoAgtae, am. Liquid to rinse the month ; 
plot, conspiracy; self-complacency, al- 
Enjnanetido, da, a. Y. Jwmdudo. [linen. 
Ilaijiigadi6r, n. a. Drier; honse for airing 
Ki^osAr, r€k To dry ; wipe— rr. To dry np. 
£:j4aiclar, «a. To prepare a law-suit for 

Snjiillo, MA. The cloth-beam of a loom. 
Snjundir, va. To tie with msh ropes ; bal- 
last with stone& [caress. 
Kq}6ndta, •/ Fat in the toislde of fowls; a 
Knjundi680^ sa, a. Fat, jhtty. 
£nJ6nque, am. The heaviest part of a caiga 
Enjiita, ^ (Arch.) BpandriL 
Enjut&r, 1MI. To dry. 
Enjut^z, ^ prrness, aridity. 
Eijttto, tl^ Ob Dried ; sparing, parsimonious. 

A' pia enjuto. WiUiont trouble. 
Ei^fttos,sm./)2.Di7bnis}iwood: dry crust 
EnJabiad6r, ra, sl Wheedler, civoler, sedu- 
Eolabiir, twn To wheodlo, ci^le, flatter. 
Enliblo, «iR. Porsuasion, enchantment by 

Enlice, am. Connection; link; affinity; 
flourish. [decay. 

Enlaciiir, «n. To be languid.— «r. To wither, 

Euladrill&do, am. Pavement made of bricks; 

Enladrilladdr, am. Bricklayer. 

Enladrillar, «a. To pave with bricks. 

Enlamilr, tro. To cover land with slime. 

Enlani^o, da, a Covered with wool. 

Enlard^, tJOw To rub witb grease, baste. 

£nl4rKues, am. pL (Nau.) Bope-ends to the 
head of a salli' 

Enlaaible, a. Which can be bound together. 

£n]azad6r, ra, a. Binder, uniter. 

Enlazadfira, ^f. Enlazamldnto, am. Connec- 
tion, binding, uniting. Raoeu 

Enlaziu-, ra. To bind, unite; connect; Knit 

Enlechugnill^do, da^ a. Wearing a ruff 
round the neck. 

Enlejiiir, va. To make into lye. 

Enlie&rse, w. To be Joined; stick, adhere. 

Enl^dr, ra. To vitiate, corrupt; soU. 

Enliziir, ra. To provide a loom with leashoa. 

Enllentec^r, m. To soften, blandish. 

£nlodad6ra, ^ Daubing and filling up with 

Enlodibr, ra. To bemh«, bedaub with mud; 
stop op with loam; tarnish one*s reputa- 
tion, [become enraged ; grow barren. 

Enloquee^r, wk To enrage.— 4m. or r. To 

Enloquodmitoto, am. Enraging, madden- 

EnlosAdo, am. Pavement of flag-stoneSb 

Enlosdr, ra. To pave with flag-stones. 

Enlocanirse, rr. To boast of one*s dexterity. 

£nlucid6r, am. Whitener. 

Enlncimldnto, am. The whitewashing; the 
scouring ofnlata 

Enlucir, ra. To whitewash ; scour plate. 

Enlu8treo6r, ra. To brighten. [darken. 

Enlutikr, ra. To put in mourning; yell; 

Enmacliambribr, ra. To scarf {xieces of tim- 
ber. [Work or cover of wood. 

Enmaderaml^nto, am. Enmaderaci6n, ^/T 

Enmaderiir, ra^ To roof a house with tim- 

Enmaffrsc6r, m. To stow lean ; lose fltt 

Bnmaiecdr. m. To fidl sick. [ropes* 

Enmalletikdo, do, a Foulod: appued to 

Enmantir, ra. To cover with a blanket— 
rr. To be melancholy. 

Enm&r, ra. To wet the sails. [zla 

Enmarafi&r, ra. To entanglo, perplex ; puz- 

Enmar^rse, rr. (Nan.) To got or take sea- 

Enmarid^, vn. To marry. [low. 

Enmarillec^rse, rr. To become pale or yel- 

Enmarom^, ra. To tlo with a rope. 

EnmascarAr, ra. To mask; cloak.— vr. To 
go in disgoisa 

Enmechir, ra. (Nan.) To rabbet timber. 

Enmel4r, ra. To bodaub with honey; 

Enmendaci6n, a/. Emendation. 

Enmendadam6nte, ad. Accurately, exactiy 

Enmendad6r, am. Corrector, emendator. 

Enmend&r, ra. To correct; repair; revoke, 
excel : alter, chonga— «r. To grow bettor. 

EnmerdAr, ra^ To dirty. 

£nmi6nda» a/. Emendation, correction, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


ameDdment; reward. (Law) SadsfiMsUon, 
compensation. ryoath. 

Bnmoceo6r, vn. To recover tbo vigor of 

Enmoheodr, va. To mould, mildew. — vr. 
To grow mouldy ; rust 

Enraobecido, da, a. Mustv, monldv. 

EnmohecimidnUs *f»» (Little us.) Masti* 
ne8& mould. 

Enmollec^rt Wk To BoAeUt make tender. 

EnmondAr, vo. To dear doth from knots. 

EnmordazAr, tck To gag. 

Enmudeo^T, vn. To grow dumb ; be dlent, 
still.— ea. To husik 

Knneereo6r, vcA. To blacken; darken. 

Ennohleo6r, va. To ennoble ; embcllLsh. 

Ennoblecimiento, wk Ennoblement 

Eunoviir. vn, (Joe) To contract marriage. 

Ennudeoer, vn. Y. AnttdarM, 

Enodaci6n, 4/^ Illustration, explanation. 

En(>dio, 9tn. Fawn, a young deer. [eggs. 

Enodrida, a. Barren; a hen past laylDg 

Enq)adam6nto, €uL FretAilly, crossly. 

Encjjadizo, za, a. FretAil, peevish, fractious. 

Enolodo, da, a. Angry, ftvtAil, peevish. 

Enoj^te, pa. He who vexes. 

End^, va. To vex, irritate, make angry, 
offend; tease.— or. To be fretAil or bois- 
terous; offended. 

En6io, am. Fretfhlnoas; soger, passion. 

Enojosamdnte, ad^ Yexatlously, crossly. 

Enol<^, sa, a. Offensive, vexations. 

EnctJu61o, 9m. dim. Slkht peovi8hnee& 

Enorgnllecido, da, a. Haughty, arrogant 

Endrme, a. Enormous, exorbitant; horrible. 

Enormemente, ad. Immoderately, enor- 
mously, rdous crime. 

Enormiddd, «! Enormity; horndness; atro- 

£n6tera, f^ (Bot) (Enothera. 

Knoydr, v(t. V. EtuAar. 

Enqttioi.4do, da, a. Ilung upon hinges; built 
on a solid foundation. 

Enquioi&r, va. To hlnoe, put on hingeii 

EnauiUotrirse, vr. To do jumbled tc^thor; 
flul in lovei 

Enqulridi6n, sm. Compendium, abridgment 

Enquistado, da, a. (Surg.) Cisted, encisted. 

Enrsigon^r, vo. To fix bushes for the silk- 
worms to sj)in on. rpent-houaa 

Enram4da, «/ Hut covered with branches; 

EnramiU', va. To cover with branches. 

Enranciarse, vr. To grow rancid; be stale; 
preserve ftx^m corruption. 

Enraroc^r, va. To thin, rarefy. 

EnrasAdo, da, a. Smooth ; plain. D^<^ 

Enras^r. va. To smooth, plane. — vn. To be 

EnrastrSr, va. To string cocoons for seed. 

EnrayAr, va. To fix spokes in a wheel 

Enrodad^ ^f. (Bot) Twining plant; bind- 

Enredado, da, a. Entangled, matted; fouL 

Enredad6r, ra, «. Eutangler; tattler; busy- 

Enredarol6nU>, wn. Turning into a drde; 

Enredar, va. To entangle, insnare; con- 
found, involve in difficulties ; catch in the 
net; lav snares; sow discord; Aimble, 
play ebildishly ; coiL — or. To bo ontsn- 
gled; fkllinlovo. 

Enk^6do, mn. Entanglement; perplexity, 


. flUsehood, mischievous lis; plot 
of a play. I^^*" 

Enredoeo, ss, a. Full of snares and dimcal- 

EnrehoJAr, va. To remove tiie bleaelMd 
cakes of wax. [embroldecy or laee. 

Enrejudo, sm. Trellis, lattioe; gra^; open 

Enrqj^r, ijo. To fix up a | ' ' '' 
plonghsharo to the plou 
lis; wound with a ploug 

EnreveaAdo, da, a V. Beveaado. 

Enriad6r, am. One who steoiw or submsivea. 

Knri4r, va To steep hemp and flax In crater. 

Enriolar, va. To make Ingots of gold or sil- 
ver, [stones and mt^ 

Enripiir, va. To fill up chinks with t 

Enrlquecdd6r, ra, A One who enriches. 

Enrlquoc^r, va. To enrich, aggrsndise.— «iic 
To grnw rich. 

Enriquefio, fla, a. Belonging to Henry. 

Enrifldido, da, a Mountainous, craggy. 

Enriscamitoto, am. Taking reftige aoMC^ 

Enriscir, va. To place on the top of moon- 
tains.— or. To take reAigo among rocks. 

Enristr&r, va. To couch the lance; range; 
meet a diffioolty. 

Enristre, am. Oouching a laneo. 

Enrizamitoto. sm. Curling; irritating. 

Enrlz&r, va. To curl ; Irritate. [sn oak. 

Enrobresddo, da, a. Hard and strong, like 

Enrobustecir, va. To make robust 

£nroo4r, va. At chess to castle. 

Enrod&r. va. To break on the wheel 

Enrodelado, da, a. Armed with a shield. 

Enrodrigonitr, va. To prop vines with 
stakes. [redden ; put to the blush. 

Enrqjitr, £nroJec6r, va. To make red-bot; 

Enromir, va. (little us.) To blunt, duU 

Enr6na, tf. (Prov.) Ruboish or refloseL 

Enron^, va. To tnrow rubbish In a plsee. 

£nronquec6r, va. To make hoarse.— on. To 
grow hoarse. 

Enronqnedmi6nto, am, Y. Ronguera. 

Enroniu', va. To fill with sesbs or seail 

EnrosAr, va To dye, or give a roecHookir. 

Enroec8dam6nt^ ad. Intricately. 

Enroscadiira, ^f. Twisting; entortUatioQ, 
sinuosity. [or twist itsdC 

Enroscar, va. To twine, twist— «r. To eori 

Enrublad6r, ra, a. That which has the poii^ 
er of maklng^red. 

Enrubi4r, va. To dye, or glv« a bri^t red. 

EnrAblo, am. Rubcfkctlon. [make dull 

Enrudec6r, va To weaken the intellect, 

Enruinec6r, Enrulneao^, vn. To become 
vile. [nipted. 

Enruinecido, da, a. Rulnod, reduced, oor- 

Enrun4r, va. (Prov.) Y. Enronar. 

Enssbonir, va. To wrap up in sheets. 

EnsscAr, va To sack up, put in a ssck. 

Ensalida, if. Salad; hodge-podge, mediej. 

Ensalad^ra, af. Salad-dish or bowl 

Enssladilla, if. Dry sweetmeats ; Jewd com- 
bined of different stones. 

Ensdadista, am^ Oreen-grocer. [msn. 

£nsdmad6ra, af. Sorceress; abeantiftuwo- 

£nsdmad6r, ra, «. Bone-setter; quack who 
pretends to cure by charms. 

Ensalm&r, va To set dislocated bones ; «s« 
chsnt ; ours by spdls ; make pnrkasddlfs 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Kfwtfnw^ mn. EoduaAmvaU spell. ch«rm. 
Eaatkhrixao, «r. To become putrid and 


EssalTiVRr* to. To bratallze, brutify. 

Eaaalndor, nt. Exalter, pniser, extoUor. 

Enatbuiltota, gm. fixaltatlon. 

EaSAlxir, to. To extol, exalt; magnify.— 
«r. To boast 

EoaambeDit^, va. To pat on the mimbenUo. 

£ii9uiblad6r, mK Joiner. 

Eattinbladnra, a/. Joinery. 

JEoeambkige, «in. Y. £naambladura, 

EiuambUr, «a. Ta Join or unite pieces of 

Eniamble, 9m. Y. JRuambladura. 

Eos&Bdia,^ Extension, enlargement Dar 
maandkUf To give too much Ucensou 

Ensanchadfo, la, «. One who enlarges. 

Enauwfaamiento, am. Widening^ enlarging ; 

Kn^anchir, va. To widen, extend, enlarge. 
£nmMekar «I coramofK, To cheer up, 
niao one'iB spirlta. — vr. To assoroe an air 
of Importance^ [widening; gore. 

Euanciie, am. Dilatation, aogmentation ; 

Eonndecer, «n. To grow erazj, turn mad. 

Eiuangostar, «a. To narrow, contract 

Eoflangreotaaiitoto, am. Bloodiness. 

Enaaagrentir, mx. To imbrue, stain with 
blood; ag(craTate a criminal action. — vr. 
To be ovei^vealous, be obstinate; pro- 
ceed in a cruel manner. 
EnaaJUr, «<k To irritate, enrage. [yam. 
Enuvej&r, Enaarillir, va. (Proy.) To reel 
Ensamecer, rn. To get tlie itch. [story. 
Enauiar, va, To string; link; tcU a long 
Ettsiy, mm. Aanr, trial, proot [er. 

Eosayador, aai. iknay er ; rehearser, prompt- 
Enaayir, va. To anay ; {nstruct, teach ; re- 
hearse, pnetise; examine.— vr. To train 
one's se<£ 
EnsAje, im. Assay, trial, prooC 

Eosayo^ 9m. Anay, trial, proof; rehearsal ; 

EDsebAr, cti. To ^ 

i grease. 

Enselvado, da, a. Full of trees. 
Eoselrir, va. Y. Embo9car. 
Eosenada, ^ Creek, a small bay ; cove. 
£iisea&do, da, a. Formed like a bay, creek, 

orgnUl fthebay. 

Ensenar, va. To imbosom. — vr. To enter 
Ens^Aa. «/. (Prov.) Standard, colors, sign. 
EnaeAibte, a. Teachableu [tlon. 

Easefisdero, ra, a. Susceptible of instmc- 
EBse&ido, da, a. Tangb^ learned; aocus- 

tomed: inured. 
EoieSador. ra, a. Teacher, instructor. 
Ensei&amlentaL am. Y. EnMnarua. [trine. 
EnseAanxa, 9/. Teadiing, instruction, doc-, To teach, instruct; show the 

way.— rr. To aoonstom one's self. 
Ensefio, am. (ColL) Y. EnMliuma. 
Enaefioread6r, 9m. He who domineers. 
EnseAorear, r-o. To lord, domineer.— «r. To 

poaseis one's self of a thing. 
finaerar, va. To cover round with straw. 
|DB6res, 9m. pL Chattels, fixtures, ftimltnrc. 
Enserpentido, da. a. Enraged, ftirions. 
Kmerrtelr, va. To varnish. 

EoiffitaM, Ow Ettslform, sword-shaped. 


Ensilar, va. To preserve grain under ground ; 

eat much. [to horses. 

Ensill&do, da, a. Hollow-backed: applied 
Ensilladura, ^f. The part on which a saddle 

is placed. 
Ensiilar, va. To saddle ; raise, exalt 
Ensimtsraido, a. Selfish. 
Ensoberbec^r, va. To make proud, puff 

up.— cr. To become proud, be arrogant 

(Nan.) To become boisterous. 
Ensog^r^ va. To fSuten with a rope. 
Ensoreriir, va. To fix stools to beie-hives. 
£nsolv6r, va. To Jumble : resolve, dlsdpote. 

— vr. To be included, oe reduced. 
Ensop^, va. To make sop by steeping 

bread in wine. 
Ensordad^ra, ^. Y. EiiM. 
Ensordamionto, sm. Deafoess. 
Ensordec^r, va. To dealbn. — vn. To grow 

deaf; become silent [ening. 

Ensordecimi^^nto, am. Deafti