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A Unique Book On 



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Edition 2 
JANUARY, 1995. 

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A IJniq[tte book on 3 





SET : 


... eedy 





.. table , Jf " 
...rablej-^/7 " 
M..sib / / 


... like 





... ssibW r 

40 " 






,,,, sable \ W' 







.... Icable; ,/ 

%z ft <3 





...*tlble /T 

13- 7 






./^ <^i 

-S A' 







15 f " 






... ible 

16 " 






17 " 







19 " 







20 " 







20 " 







22 H 







22 " 




tt ' 



23 " 







24 " 





25 " 


... less 





26 " 







27 " 







28 " 







29 " 







31 " 






31' " 







32 " 







34 " 





... gic 

34 " 




A Unique book on 


SET : 58 

.. dal 


SET : 77 

... nous 


" 59 

... ficiai 



.. mous 


* 60 

... tial 



.. lows 



... etyaf 


* 80 



" 62 

... tual 



....oua . 


M 68 



- 82 



" 64 
" 65 
* 66 

... ual 



" 83 
" . 84 

... sing 


- 67 



" 85 



" 68 



- 86 

... king 


" 69 


" 87 



" 70 






" 71 
" " 72 
" 73 

" 74 

. . . clous 
' tious 


" 89 

... ming 



. " 75 





" 76 










&p Word world series tf*a.. 1) w Usage of ADVERBS, 
2) Usage of ADJECTIVES, 3) Usage of VERBS, 4) Usage of 

PREPOSITIONS" <>&> SPG'ta 3) c3r<s<5*.... aB 


A tinique book oft 5 tlsage of ADJECTIVES 



SET-1. ...... . ...... table 

Stable : aog^;|S3;>o$; firm and steady; firmly established 
Ex 1) India has a stable government(3O&cia atfSsjS i 
Indira needs a stable job (szoStf 

notable : iS&gSjbS; ^&tfg^;-te^o^tfAJ$; deserving to 
be noticed; remarkable. 

Ex. 1) Mother Therissa is a very notable woman (oSoafS" 
^55r> ts*p Lo3&5 So<2>cS oSbSptf 1 ), 2) Sinhagave a notable 
reason for what he did (>SP SP& 3a2S SS ^8 o^AcS 
s#83b 3"S)^&). 3) There were several notable guests on 
the dias (oSag^J ^^^ LS&tf&S.84&ec3:i8b). 

portable : $&$; ^o^^orp. ^^g^a^^ft^; Sci^SS; able 
to be carried; not fixed. ~ 

Ex. : Seshu always keeps a portable transister radio with 

reputable: l38bS3A^^^D^^A^;respectable; well thought of. 
Ex. : Tatas and Biilas are reputable businessmen 

respectable : ^{ja&J8&aa!$;5gpajSicS&3 - !S; deserving respect; 
of good character and fair social position. 
Ex.: 1) Abhilash earned crores by respectable means^Oe^S 
fltfS$>dfcgb!$ Sg&e6*S*to tf<So3&). 2) Vavilala is a 
respectable leader (oTfiero rr'ti) S^a^gS JS oPdtScsSboD). 

acceptable: SJ^^SD S^^gpo^;worth accepting; welcome. 
'Ex. : This rain is ve :y acceptable to the crops 

A tjntque book on (J Usage of ADlECf !Vfe 

adaptaple : &&$ 53&&>3o $$&S3E>oorr &r<s33*tfe; willing 
or able to change to fit in with different circumstances- 
Ex. : The children are usually very adaptable 

adjustable: s 

able to be adjusted. 

Ex. : This car has adjustable seats 

creditable : &S$a$; rtraaatf; /F,5S|Stfa>$; bringing honour 

Q_ <y c v_ a_ ** *^ 

or respect. 

Ex. : Jurassic Park is a creditable film ( f 33u*fe!" 

marketable: p&^ft{S;&^; fit to be sold; that can bo sold. 

Ex. : These goods are marketable (^s SS&^so 
excitable : a<S^S* sS^oflofia; (titfe 

easily becoming excited or upset 

Ex. : Baby Shamili is easily excitable 

equitable : spgcSfiajS; tftf^ogaS; fair k and just. 
Ex. : Justice Reddy gives eqvitable judgements 

indisputable : ^asSp*asS; a!S^oSa*aS; not able to be 
denied; that cannot be disputed. 
Ex. : Ahalya has indisputable character 

profitable : e^tfz^cSfiga^; sSge-aS; giving profit, 
Ex. : Now a days scares busim ss is quite profitable 

inevitable : ^aspS^S; &3^5o3:>; quite necessary. 
Ex. : 1) Oneday the death is inevitable to anybody (^SSS^ 
S& &,$ 5^33- SSD^sa^o ^S^a^O), 2) Failure is inevitable to 
&zy people 

A Unique book on 7 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

predictable : ao&rr3 33^ftc$; able to be foretell 
Ex. : His anger can be predictable (>) *3oSS 

SET-2 ............ rable , 

durable : &Shgtfe; tf^SiS; able to last; lasting. 

ec is) a "^ 

Ex- : This cloth is not durable (s a& tf^tfS3c$asd&) 
Curable : J$cfc&> 5"rto; ptfa; able^to becured. 
Ex. : Leprosy is a curable disease now a days (&& 

bearable : tfSo^&fttf ; Ltf^tffttf; able to be endured. 

Ex.ils your head ache bearable?(o^> ^oS 13 ^ ^5o^^f\^' 
admirable : LSjyo^u)cS)SDj$; -^^0^3^^; extremely good; 

causing admiration. 

Ex. : Suman's behaviour is admirable towards ladies 

deplorable : <S)g^gS3SS; f^gSsrS^SD^; that is deplored; 
very bad. 
Ex. : Slums in twin cities are in a diplorable state 

repairable : Fft3c&&fttf; g^to^ftg; able to be put right. 

Ex.:That TV can be repairable(3 <.& ET^Sda^ftcSarp&^a). 
comparable : gl 6 *^^^^; S$S$j>33c$; that can be compared. 

Ex. : Kamalhasan and Rajanikanth are not comparable. Their 

actions are quite different ($&&*& &eSc$&> 


endurable : ^oPO^^o; sftfo; able to be borne or tolerated. 
Ex- : The pain due to heart attack is not endurable 

incurable : ^g^sS; SSrc^a; SbStfS; not curable. 

Ex. : Aids disease Is incurable 
sufferable ; ^Spo^<Sft^; ptfftpAtf; bearable. 

Bft, ; I 

A Unique book on 8 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

separable : &<&6c35&A&; SsoiScifidJAc^; that can be separable. 
Ex. : Water is not separable from the milk (&& 

preferable : AjtebSkS; <aotfA; &3; more desirable 

Ex. : 1) Gold is preferable for making ornaments 
oSxio eo&& aorptfcfo oo3e$<3\ 2) Telugu is preferable 
among languages (sr&esS* Beote oi&yfiA&a). 
memorable : epSiSjSxiJSDSS; oS^scoSo^S; te&oxSoS^dJAJS; worthy 
of being remembered. 

Ex. : Dr. Rajasekhar's marriage with Jeevitha is one of the 
memorable events in his life (csiia i 23"isp5b 

w ^_ S; that can be tolered; fairlygood. 
Ex. : 1) Sita is tolerable for any provocation (^ atfcforr* 
*SoSDD S)<3og)J$c& & cSSpotfMo<Sa). 2) Ongole is a tolerable 

considerable: SSSSotSSAc^jSS^^^Ac^'.aoP^Soe^igreatjmuch. 
Ex- : 1) Maharastia suffered considerable loss due to earth- 

2)Manohar celebrated his daughter's marriage at a considera- 
ble expense (&S*S*5 &$ Sop_3 "i^j 

can be discovered. 


Ex.: There is no discoverable differences of openion between 
P.M.&C.M. (\ 

irreparable : ^S^totfa; &dftf; that cannot to be put 
right or restored. 
Ex. :The motor cycle that met with an accident is irreparable. 

cannot bemeasured 

Ex. : Sonia*s love towards Rajiv is immeasurable 

A Unique book on 9 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

incomparable : 03p3;>; & J&3Dtf; not to be compared; 
without equal. 
Ex. : Susmita's beauty is mcomparable(&S^< 

'unbearable : tfao53*>; 23<SrtFS; ^Spo^SS; that cannot 
be borne or tolerated. 
Ex. : Pakeeja is unbearable with Brahman indam's comedy 

perdurable : ^V^SaX; atfo&tfSbS; permanent lasting. 
Ex- : In 'Prathighatana* Vijayashamhi has given perdurable 
performance '| 

miserable : 
very unhappy; very poor in quantity or quatily, 
Ex. : Some of the Indians are leading miserable lives in 
Gulf Countries 

favourable : ^)^&^SD^; showing approval; helpfull 
Ex. : This climate is not favourable to my health. (#6 
StfesSix) SP 635*^g5oSJ& &$rvxr?>&&).2) Gangadhar has 
favourable persons in the secretariat ( 

SET-3 " " ......... sible 

sensible : Ffti3z; SS^to; that can be perceived by the 
senses; having or showing good judgement; wise; aware of. 

Ex. : Soundarya sensible of selecting her roles (& SP^O& 
i&^&fce* fjo$l BSae)Aa). 2) The difference 
between T. V, and Radio is sensible to anybody (<3.S>. 

insensible : &ft*t5'j*$i ^>^^: unconscious as the 
result of Injury, illness; unaware of; without feelings. 
Ex. : 1) Raghu is insensible after taking liquor 

A Unique book on 10 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

S&o ^SS*&^to&&). 2) He seemed to be 
insensible of his danger (^&3 [S 

invisible : SSfco^S; wtf^gSiS; that cannot be seen. 
Ex. : Rekha is facing invisible difficulties 

can be done;managed,believad. 

Ex. : I don't think ths is feasible(a<3S*#&a 3&*o&S' 6 &). 
responsible : sr#&rte; &*>Spo&; legally or morally 
liable for carrying out a duty; being cause of something; 
able to be trusted. 

Ex. : 1) The people of Singapore are responsible citizens 
(&oX&5 L S230D Ptf j#rt aP&eo). 2) We need a responsible 
person for this job (-&S 3) 

Ex. Sridhar's ostensible aim was to help those under him 

Q SPSS JS^dSSSDD Sc^SSS S^fia vS/^5 LS5^,lS3ci 
, 2) There is no ostensible reason for dismissing 


defensible : SoX^: ?S&^sS&Di2?; able to be defended. 
Ex. : India is defensible from any aggression (oi Z3& 

comprehensible : BS 

Ex- : 1) Computer technology is not comprehensible to 

everybody (go^r 

2) Oxford English is comprehensible to anybody 

SET : 4 ............ ssible 

possible : SptfgSptf; tfgSD$;Jb3_o&; that can be done; that 

can be reasonable 
fx. : 1) SumalatUa always Attempts possible dQda 

A Unique Book oii 11 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

Sr#g3ocS S&o^ 3c&3&). 2) Lend me money as 
much as possible(t)3_o ^Sb^oS ^^-SSoo^b oP&siSSx^). 3) He 
is the only possible person for the position, ( 

impossible : &>#gS3&; >rggb; cSosa; not possible; that 
can't be endured. 

Ex. : 1) It is impossible to sing and drink at the same time. 
(a,"l tf&c&o&SS &&&> &>e3d&> \&>fo& es>ptfg&a). 2) Don't 
asfc me to do the impossible.(SSo^as3^a 3cxfc& &^ ^dabK 
cSb). 3) Kamalhasan has acted some roles which are impos- 
sible for 

admissible : ^oAs"^ oSptf g3o; that can be allowed or con- 
Ex. : This is an admissible evidence, ga & e$>oA5tf 

accessible : &&tfx>r?> 3^; ^^^^^^SD^; cSbo^SoJS; eas 
to reach; open to the influence of. 

Ex. : 1) Sakunthala's brain is more accessible to mathe* 
matics. (3fSboo 3ti& ^sS^^SSSb p$S j 
2) Rahim's house is not accessible by car. 
ao<3S so^Sn atf^oSw). 

SET-5 ............ sable 

advisable : c&^ ^3^S; ^S 4 ^ ":5dK)d5flc5; to be advised; wise. 


Ex. : 1) It is advisable to send the progress reports of the 
students to their parents (&ntbo e^SS^a S^<SoJ&) srQ ^S 

* It is an advisable matter 

excusable : aSja^otfcSea^^StootftfflcS; that n?ay bo excused 
Ex. : Kalpaaa used to c'o excusable mistakes (Sev^JS 

disposable : *Ja&, 

may be disposed of afier use; avilable 

A tTnipue Book oa l Usage of ADJECTIVES 

Ex. : 1) Dr. Prathima always uses disposable needles 

&>oa). " 2) I. M. F. has lot of disposable funds under its 
control (so. c&o. i>. $ 

supposable : tfcSpo^&ft ? <io^&a; that can be supposed. 
Ex. : There is no supposable difference between Latha and 
Lalitha (o&, eD<go & <ao^*flS ^5^)^&). 

indispensable s w^^SS; w^gaS; necessary; that cannot 
be done without. 

Ex. : 1) This payment towards salaries was indispensable 
(tfSSae& os>Q$oS ^s tfa^ Sgo^) vSj.SSa). 2) The 
computers are indispensable all over the world today. (-653 fib 

SET-6 ............ icable 

applicable : SS_6oS; S_5o^^ft^; that can be applied; that 
ii suitable and proper. 
Ex. : This rule is applicable to handicaped persons 

in-applicable : S_8o^a; ^S; ^OSSa; not applicable. 
Ex. : This method is in-applicable to acids (-& StfS 

practicable : gptf^SDtf; yg^SD^: that can be done or used 
or put into practice. 
Ex> : Subhadra gives practicable methods to her students 

communicable : SD^Sc^eJA^; gjSgdSftjSuhat can be comm- 
unicated or imparted. 

Ex. : 1) We may send any news which are to News-agencies 
communicable tothe Public (|J523Ci& B>c& 3cS5<5fte$ S3jgo& 
& ). 2) There are special 

&] A Unique book on IS Usage of ADJECTIVES 

hospitals in the cities for communicable diseases 

SET-7 ............ tible 

compatible : 0&3->ea>; &fl; jSotfSSiS; suited to able to 

* o 

exist together with. 

Ex. : 1) Computers are compatible with accuracy and speed 
(SoSgp'g&S^ 3cfo)Sb, S6&& <^&&po3oa). 2) Roja 
drives her car at a speed compatible with safety (5*22 

incompatible : o>&cr>oS5<sa; &tfS; wsSo*asS; unable to 
exist in harmony; opposed in character. 
Ex. : Excessive drinking is incompatible with good health 

percepible : ^^3^; SSlj; ^tStfSj^; that can be perceived. 
Ex. : Bhanu never do perceptible mistakes $?& 3S"& 

imperceptible : <a>^S^S; ^fl^^tf S:5J; S^^S; that can not b< 
perceived; very slight. 
Ex. : The stars in the sky have aa imperceptible movement 

susceptible : 
impressionable; easily influenced by feelings* 
Ex* : Generally teenaged girls are susceptible of teenaged 

incorruptible ; eo-tfScpcSfia; ootf^&&^Sa; that cannot be 
corrupted; that cannol be destroyed. 
Ex. : The police should be Incorruptible 

SET : 8 ............ nable 

definable : SSBotf^A^; BSd&^S; atfox>o&A; that can 


be defined. 

A Unique book on 14 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

Ex. : 1) This tree has difinable shape (s 3 go 

. 2) This disease is not definable 

seasonable : s^&ftraSoS; sS&apS^aS; coming at the 
right time. 
Ex. : Elections are seasonable affairs 

reasonable : cBa jjSktf; Sfltf; *&otfo; having common- 
sense; able to make reason. 

Ex. : 1) Meena purchased a car at a reasonable price 
c&o JSoS 3o& a,g sCb ^SJii). 2) Dr. Komala takes resona- 
ble fees (^|& ^&^ ^niS fcf ^&^^&). 
pardonable: ^S^o^flS; ^5X)OxS^Ag; that can be pardoned. 
Ex. : Murder is not a pardonable crime (*< 

inclinable : a-atyto; &&Ko; that inclines. f 
Ex. : Smitha is inclinable to do some particular dances (8 

imaginable : ^coa^A;>J; SP^otS^a^; S*^SSb ^AcSS; can 
be imagined. 
Ex. : Madhuri has imaginable brain 

obtainable : &o<5SAoS; SMgtfo; ^o^ao^&pS^; that can 
be obtained. 
Ex. : Silk sarries are obtainable m Venkatagiri (Sdw 

fashionable : &Xte3&; gr^ ; following the fashion; In 
keeping with way of living. 

Ex. : 1) Rajesh is a fashionable person (u*^5 TtfljSs*<). 
2) Nagma dresses in a fashionable manner (&rs ft "gPrtT& c$ 


A Unique book on 15 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

unfashionable: sptf&S&D ^S; a3"tfo; &u*g# 3S>; not 

Ex.: 1) Bhanupriya rejects unfashionable costumes^ &|&cCS 
>or>gtf sa &&o& Stftf^ 80 ^^)- 2) Madan always keeps 
unfashionable company 

can be maintained 
Ex.: 1) Mohanlal keeps with him maintainable vehicles only 

proportionable : fl; ^6gi!S; proportional. 
Ex. : Srikanth received proportional share from his father's 

exceptionable : ^^asScaacS; s^; &p<SS; objectionable. 
Ex. : Chanchala's character Is very exceptionable 

can be defined 
Ex. : The shape of"cloud is indefinable. (&c 

SET-9 ............ iable 

pliable : 33^S; oxft& easily bent; easily shaped. 

Ex. : 1) Rubber is pliable (tfs^S SSotfefnSSS cBto^a). 2) 

The minds of children are pliable (*>&& & 
pitiable : g&3ot$&fl; aJcSfi^dSSoJS; exciting pity. 

Ex. : Raju is in pitiable circumstances^u*^ 

leviable : SS^co Sdfi^ftoJ; 3<5o^ &ft; that can be levied. 
Ex. : Indian government should reduce the leviable taxes to 
the minimum 

sociable : sSSSts^S'cap^g&S; goD^f^eorr 3 &o"S; fond of the 
company^of others* 

A Unique Book on 16 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

Ex. : 1) The parrot is a sociable creature 

E<D) 2) Geetha is very sociable to her neighbours 

deniable: B-CJSfiftSS^tfSfiftJS-.SiptfdJgdJftjSuhat can be denied, 
Ex : It is not deniable that he is her father (pcl 

variable : <^S3o; P^; that may be varied; 

Q Q_ " 

Ex. : The shapes of the clouds are variable. 

invariable, unvariable : oSpeeK); fc6a>^; S&^SS; never 


changing; constant. 

Ex. : 1) Swetha has an invariable mind ("I o Sbtf > 

/ V. OJ o 

). 2) Newton's Law is an unvariable 

SET : 10 ........... ible 

legible : ^&S rgg3jS$; SS^|,a>S; that can be read easily. 
Ex.: Sirisha's writing is not legible(6si<S^e^iiSSyg5O^ ) <!i)), 

tangible : ss-JSaS; S^gaiS; ^^cpfljS;"that can be percei- 
ved by touch; clear and definite. 

Ex. : 1) Salim got a tangible proposal from Dubai (c$!)> 
&yc5 &o5 a, c5^Sp^ LSSSp(Sf!S& a90(&*3&). 2) I see 
no tangible benefit in this business (& 5Pggptfo$x>< 


forcible : aoSog; dJ^asS; powerful or strong. 

Ex. : Lawyer Parvathi convinced the Judge with her forcible 
t, arguments 

f flexible : SSoS; SSaj^S^S; easily bent without breaking. 
Ex. : Gayathri has a flexible mind(n D c^|8 

credible : Sss> A *ftsJ; that can be believed. 

- Ex, : SaT]kar's back ground is a credible one(yog5 

A Unique book on 17 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

story he told was not credible. 

indelible : <a>asFtfgo; SssS^ptfS: Spc&a; that cannot be 

Ex.: Rajiv Gandhi's murder have left an indelible Impression 
on Congress leaders ' 

horrible : "3xpS2bS f causing horror; dreadful. 
Ex. : 1) Some Indians got horrible experiences in Gulf Co- 
untries *otf& 5?tfScKoeD rfc^c^ee* IxpSgD^ >&#SSa 
). 2) Summer days are horrible in Ramagundam 

* " 

SET: 11 . 

able : ft*&tfg<Sfi; y_JKo; having enough strength. 
Ex. : 1) Chiranjeevi is able to do any type of dance (5>tfo 
S tfgSo^ 8^$ga>8&& ScJfi^o g^JSatfjjSSa XofibV 2) Lfl- 
vanya is not able to cook non- 

equable : M&S; SS&S^SSioKo; steady; regular, not chang- 
ing much, 
Ex. : We can see an equable climate in Bangalore 

capable : gpsSbgoS X; ^S^^goioiSo; clever enough to; 
Ex. : 1) Patel is capable of committing any crime (SSSeS" } 
5jaS& 3d&> SP^^&O Mos^Sb). 2) Kiran Bedi is quite 
capable of reforming prisoners 

incapable : apSSatfg5SSa; 3^sa; not capable. 
Ex. : Seema is incapable of cooking (>& 

probable : {SoSPcSgSbtf; S^^; ^^^^; likely to happen. 

A Unique boob on 18 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

Ex. : Rain is possible but not probable before evening(SSo 

improbable : wSJospSSgSjS; S<$rt;not likely to be happen. 
Ex. : Ramesh will not interfere in improbable matters 

payable : aSjSSe&eS; 3>OtcSeS) which may be paid. 
Ex. : Rupees one Lakh is payable to Krishna by Madhava. 

noticeable: S^&cSrr i Sa^o3;^aa^tf B aS; easily noticed, seen. 
Ex- : There are noticeable blood stains on Kumar's shirt 

revocable : *<3Sd&#A; that can be revoked 
Ex. : This is not a revocable order 

breakable : S^o Ko; SftS; easily broken; likely to break 
Ex. : Manorama won*t buy breakable toys for her children 

remarkable : <aj(2Sb\^SDcS; ataSa^; worth mentioning; extra- 

y Q_=, O , ^ 


Ex. : 1) Nehru family did remarkable service to the nation 

(3[Sv &&ooaS5co Sa a"! &as "SiSS o<3o3&). 2) Nelson 
Mandela has done remarkable sacrifice for the Independence 
of South Africa (JL 

observable : tiptf ftJ; &^>S^; that can be seen or noticed. 
Ex. : The stars are not observable in day time (cSj^otooo 

srta S* ^^a^s) B-JJ). 

improvable : 5S^a ^Mo; sr^S^; that can be improved.- 
Ex. : Knowledge of English is improvable by doing exercises 

soluble : S67^&; that can be dissolved; that can be solved. 
Ex, : Salt is easily soluble in water 

A tfnique book ofl if) tlsage of ADJECTIVE^ 

. 2) Sugar is soluble in milk or water 

agreeable: &&^;^^#63j<tfg3D;pleasant;ready to agree 
Ex. : Amitab Bachan is most agreeable hero for all 

indescribable : as 
Ex. : Salman Rusbdie has suffered indescribable agony by 
writing 'Satanic Verses' ('grjcOi" 

SET : 12 ........... gant ( 

elegant : Sro^JS; Sr^^c5; having or showing stylishness. 
Ex- : Mohini looks elegant today 

; extremely proud; showing too 
much pride in oneself and too little consideration for others. 
Ex. : Gowthaml is a clever girl but an arrogant 

deli gent : (JT^^o; ^5; showing care and effort; hard 


Ex. : 1) Kaveri is a deligent student (sS6 \&fo 

2) Ranganna is a deligent farmer (tfotfcS^ g&aS 
negligent : ^23 e ^^^?^ : \yg&&l taking too little care;guilty 

of neglect 

Ex. : Raju is negligent of his duties (u*35- 

intelligent : SS)S)^e; &jtfrp p^Sx> "S^^^; clever and quick 

at under standing 

Ex. : Padmaja is so intelligent (oStf^a 3er ^<D5J ^oa) 8 
exigent : ^S^Q^cS, <a?^g3Dci; urgent; pressing; 

Ex. : In exigent circumstances, he always plays his part well. 

A Unique Book on 20 Usage of ADJtiCTiVbti 

emergent : wSjpjSjS; 9<&o$;oS33&; being in the process of 
emerging or developing. 

Ex. : The emergent requirements for the flood victims are 
airdropped by the Government (o$tf# %*$&& 

SPSS |Sa^aspab ~zr>&-z>z6<5* &o& L oa>& 
SET : 13 : ............ stant 

constant : E>tfo&tf3D5>; |tfgkc$; StfgojbcS; never stopping; un- 

Ex. : 1) Mechines should be on constant use (dfio^oSDaca 
Stf o&SSbS 5S*<&g<5* 3)0&cS3&).2) It must be kept at a con- 
stant temperature. (a,g &5S *|?irt s ^^ &t$S53&). 

instant : &&e9Sfc; SP &os>gS^; immediate. 
Ex. : 1) Any one disobeying these rules will be on instant 
dismissal . & Sao#cSe>& ^-oo|x>o)J$ srCb "3 &> ^^e93DcS 

C*) " r ^^ P^ 

^cScS SpofxiS)8b),2) He must make instant payment(*&<& 

distant : (SptfcS^; far away; not close. 
Ex. : 1) Swapna is always at a distant place to her parents 

2) Padmini is a distant relation to parvathi (Sfl^Sl 

inconstant : aoSS^S: ^SoSo^; changeable in feelings, 
purpose, intentions, not steady, 
Ex. ; Haritha has inconstant behaviour 

SET: 14 ............ tent 

potent : y_|rte; ^2^0^; powerfil; strong; 
Ex. : 1) Dr. Babu prescribed some potent medicines (sn 
r>8Xrp& *&^ y Jo Sao<S)e3& i^'&ocoa^d) 2) Sadhana has 
sliovn potent reasons for her fallcro (Sp^ $ 

4] A Unique t>3ok on 21 Usage of ADJECTIVE^ 

impotent: $ j2be$;3rtSoS$5s; lacking sufficient strength; 

unable to act. 

Ex. : He is an impotent man (&\ 
omnipotent : c$S<^f_Srte>; having infinite power. 

Ex. : God alone is omnipotent 

competent : &> tfSp;<A;having ability, power, authority etc; 
Ex. : 1) Sheeba is not competent to participate in running 

race (S&to SSo^SaS* r=6'*&k& fixST e^ 
2) Sairam has competent knowledge in French 

incompetent : (a>c$^S3^; <^MS; not qualified; not able; 
Ex. : 1) Sudhakar is incompetant to do timber business 
(geS5 SPggptfaio 3cfo<b&&3g5 ^^s^&S ^). 2) Mamatha 
is incompetent for mother role (&<D 5>(jSb&>b&0JS i5^J^(3). 

consistent : ^SSSr^ &o3: Sroa^rv ^o^; conforming to a 
regular pattern or style; regular. 

Ex- : 1) The bank balance is not consistent with the account 
(E^of Se> SS^S* gToagrr ^o^S(iSb). 2) The minister's 
speeches are consistent at any meeting (Si #5* c3^c 

existent : 2go^; a__gSSpSJ; in the existing. 
Ex. : Mahesh followed the existent rules (o&"lro!x 

pre-existent : o&>o<2b,T > 3 d&ioac5; cgpS^sSMoflcS; existing in 
a former life or previously. 
Ex. : This rule is pre -existent but not new.(-&6 Ssaotftf 

inadvertent : ws^i^ c^SiJ$; ^&<sSr>S $; S3CP1 J$; not paying 

v. " .._,.-.- Q Q 

or showing proper attoution; done thoughtlessly or not on 

A Unique book on 22 Usage of ADJECTIVE^ 

Ex. : Pankajam has done an inadvertent mistake 

15 ............ quent 

frequent : 5c Sc5; &&L$D?T> o#o3&; often happening; 

Ex. : 1) Madhavi makes frequent trips to Singapore (&F#O> 
&& &~& &ort^r5 jScSfrE^so 3&o<3). 2) Santhosb is one of 
the frequent visitors of central jail ("&o L doe5" 

eloquent : ^Jocbtf; sFS^&SgaSs to; having or showing elo- 
Ex. : Mr. Sohanlal is an eloquent person $s&5 ^^^e^eJ 

oFS^&tfgoSa Mo ^_) 

consequent: So^^o3;S35e9^)o3; following as a consequence; 
Ex : 1) Love marriages are good, but consequent problems 
should be solved cleverly (Lo3oSoSe3SS*eo &O&3 5"> ^o^5)o3 
?3^a^e& 'S&Srr S55Si^5ot5D*2S^& ^ofi^ofi). 2) There is 
the me in prises consequent upon the failure of crops 

subsequent : fio3&a^a; ^65^ep; next, later; following, 
Ex. : 1) Narendra's misbehaviour towards Neeraja and his 
subsequent dismissal are most unfortunate 

2) Sudheer married Sneha againt his parents will but he did 
not care about subsequent problems 

SET 16 ........... nent 

contnent : sioiftcSfi S^S^^ rto; self-controlled; having 
control of one's feelings and desires. 
Ex. : Radha talks too much with men but she is continent 

A Unique book on 23 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

incontinent : S'&r'&tfois tfo; wanting in self-control or 

self restraint. 

Ex. : Rakesh is an in-continent person ( 

to $ J) 
eminent : ^r^&3_c^; &)&3o&; distinguished; famous; 

Ex. : Ram Jethmalani is an eminent lawyer 

component : 49oS^Sa^; spKfkcS: helping to forte. 
Ex. : Coal is a component part in gun powder 

prominent : AcS^tfSbcS; <d<_; standing out; easily seen; dist- 
inguished; important; 
Ex. : India occupies a . prominent place in world politics 

predominent ; iSooSD^; j5^^?^' having more power 
or influence than others; conspicuous; superior as in strenth- 

Ex. : 1) The predominant colour was blue in this sarry (& 
tfott> feooS^)) 2)It Is a predominent demand 

SET:17 ......... lent 

benevolent : tftJ^ea&a^c; -A-S^O^S; having a disposition 
to do good. 
Ex. : Rekha has a benevolent mind (jft 

epuivalent : s5sirj6Si^; &oSo^; epual in valne, amount, 
Ex- : Matriculation is equivalent to S.S C. 

s.s.c. af 

A Unique Book on 24 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

Ex. : He did this with fraudulent intention 

prevalent : |Sae?abc$; S3o& common; wide spread. 
Ex. : Aids is prevalent in African countries ( > 

somnolent : &\t$ &>!; sleepy; drowsy; inclined to sleep. 
Ex. : Sudha always seems to have a somnolent expression 

on her face(&#o$x>sp3$3D^ <5ejXry<p S|j5& 
insolent : ^S^o^tf $75<ob; in suiting or offensive 
Ex. : G.utham hurt his wife with insolent remarks 

SET-18 ............ dent 

prudent : &*&> SjpK^gasJ; aSoSx> e>; careful: acting 

only after careful thought or planning. 

Ex : It is not prudent to do so (^w 3dfc)&> 
provident : Siooab S L ^J fo: aoo"(5*J!S o 

rfcre>& ^ftcSkDrT 9 ; prudent; careful in providing for future 

needs or events. 

Ex. : 1) The money deposited for future needs is called 
provident fund (#ag!T *pS$u*o *&> CT&)*^ $$$& 
^0)30^ S ^o&p&).2)who is called the provident fellow? 

sswo^gs ^^ rte Sg j ^a coses ^o&p^? 

confident : SoSb^SS Tie; af^cXfi^o ^o; feeling or showing 
confidence; certain. 
Ex, : Archana is confident of getting an award 

precedent : oSx)ofib s8A^; past action; earlier happening; 
decision etc. 
Ex. : Is there any precedent for what you want me to do? 

$; not dependent on; not relying on 
otters. . 

A Unique book on 25 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

Ex : Radhika is independent 
antecedent : &rob<3^; &xo&> s5A; going before; prior; 

Ex. : 1) It was an event antecedent t) his election. (es&S 
cda^&> xod sefllSa & o$o&c6) 2) what was the ante- 
cedent cause of hid down fall? 

SET-19 ............ rent 

apparent : a3; SS^oSSaS; easy to see; evident 
Ex. : It is quite apparent to all of us that you have not done 
your work properly (>c$ & S&S sSLoSo3$n 

c F^ 

Unapparent : g^ao^S; ^g.SSx>^S; not easy t^sVe 

Ex. : There is an unapparent difference between Mamatha 
and Kavitha (&&*, &a*o SSDiJ gc&33 ^dSStoStoS^a). 
deterrent : S)6^<^^; aab8^S S&oS; SsrJJgSDS; some thing 
that deters. ^ ^T ^-^^ 

Ex. : lack of funds was the deterrent for the slow progress 
of this project (& S5#o&> 

inherent : >Soryg3DSJ, SSSS-^S^; existing as a natural and 
permanent part or quality of. 

Ex. : 1) Inspite of reverses Charlie Chaplin retained his inhe- 
rant sense of humor (S56&<beo e5fibSS^3 c^&> 36tyob^ jSSps 
JSS^ ttK>o$sj& ^SaD"^|)^^). 2) Lot of inherent and attribu- 
tive properties are with him (^3& ^^23 fbe3&o<2x> 

current : S^; Se^^d S5^>; in common or general use; 
generally accepted; of the current time. 
Ex. : This is the true meaning of the word but the current 
meaning is different 

A Unique book on 26 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

conurrent : 
3o3; concurrening; co-operating; existing together 
Ex : The D I.G and Commissioner of police have given Con- 
current testimonies in this case -gs "I5* &. 3. &>Qo&) 

different: SsB^saS; ^#a>; SS#; aStfatf; not the same; 

2) * Q_ &M> Q 

separate; distinct 

Ex, : 1) Zeenath has visited different countries in Asia(e&d" 
*S &3 5#&:e>& E<!" tfBjoedfr33&) 2) Indraja is 
different in behaviour With her sister Sindhuja (go(dJs (j3S 


indifferent : sSD^g^Sp^; SSD^oSoS^rr &ocl; having no inte- 
rest in; neither for nor against. 
Ex- : Manorama is indifferent in failures and successes 

SET-20 ............ cent 

recent : L*3J$; S&^SDc$ sj<*55SS;jnot long before; happening 
not long ago. 

Ex. : 1) Ours Is a recent acquaintence(&a j* j S 
2) Things have changed in recent weeks. (si<$5o$<) 

decent : dSo g3:; SP^ "; S&SSasS; right; sultable;modest; 

^1^ o - ^ 

Ex. : 1) Renuka is a decent girl (ora: d&J=S:>S s^^g). 2) 
Chandrika is famous with her decent looks % 

indecent : &^2rS;S; ^&SS^^; &&? gtf3D^; obscene; 

A a * Q 


Ex. : Kowshik is an indecent fellow (5fci" a^Sp^^o^dsb). 
innocent : Sg^Sxg)^; SSy^S; epSpjarSgoS; SP<^S^^; not 
guilty; harmless; 
Ex. : 1) Meena is aa innocent girl 

A Unique book on 27 Usage of ADJECTIVE^ 

2) They accused him, but he is innocent (SP& 

obsolescent : tfao&^oxtf; sr&^cSa; going out of use; 
becoming out of date. 
Ex : Gangabai used to wear obsolescent dresses 

SET : 21 ............ lent 

ancient : ^o^S2o^; ijJp&^SoS; relating to times; long ago; 
very old. 
Ex- : Amaravathi is famous for accient sculpture 

deficient : ^Sb^^r^^joS; ^SgDjS; not having enough of; 
Ex. : Ravi is a mentally deficient person. 

salient : SSxi^g^^; (jSaeg^; outstanding; prominent; easily 
Ex. : There is salient beauty in Jayaprada's eyes ( 

patient : k&yto; 25^^&Do: SPiT^a; ?Spo3; having or 

showing patience. 

Ex. : Subhadra is a patient house wife (&#(jbjLfib^tfe tf^SpeS) 
impatient : <33SbtfS^; s^^SS; jSS^^^Sa; not patient 

Ex. : 1) Due to impatient behaviour Suresh lost his job 

2) After waiting so many hours for her lover Indira became 
impatient (tfo&o 

convenient : ^&3 ^; 0&&p^3^; oSsSSrr^o^z suitable; 

" n . 

handy; easy to get to or at. 

Ex.: To goto Delhi, the train is more convenient than the bus 

A Unique Book on 28 Usage of ADJECTIVE^ 

inconvenient : 

J3^; causing discomfort or annoyance. 
Ex. : 1) Nagu has come at an inconvenient time 
S5> S&C&&D& 3SS^$&). 2) Nagma stunned Nagarjun with 
her inconvinent looks 

expedient : syggSfcS; d&JgpS; likely to helpful for a 
purpose; Advisable;advantageous though contrary to principle 
Ex. : 1) The Indian Government is searching for an expedient 
solution to the Kashmir problem s 

. 2) Do what you think expedient 

inexpedient : 5d&)_SSD^; #tfS; not suitable; not expedient; 
Ex. : I thought this is inexpedient (afi 

magnificent : a5Sa^; $^S3o^; great; splendid 
Ex. : Sobhana gave a magnificent dance performance 

proficient : ^oa^gSS^^e; LSStf&atfe; skilled; expert. 
Ex. : Manjula is proficient in Tamil (00^0 

omniscient : SStf^3_cS; 8)^3fi8iS; having infinite know- 
ledge; knowing sll things. 

Ex. : Some students respect their teachers as omniscient be- 
ings (i^otfeb zy>ebeo <&> rti&S2:& gS^eon rre^oSb&). 

SET-22 ........... tty 

Witty^o&s^tf^^^&tfgS^full ^fhumor;clever and amuring 
Ex. : Brahmanandam is so popular with his witty dailouges 

petty : -)^; >&&>&', S^c^ajJjJ; staaU; unimporant: 

A Unique book on 29 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

Ex. : 1) Petty thefts are so common in buses (aS 

[>J <sr>ort<S&D03 tftfjgptFtfes&a) 2) Sagar looks afer 

petty cash register in this office (rtf5 -Ss 

pretty : Sro^S; ^S^S; pleasing and attractive; fine or good; 
considerable in amount. 

Ex. : 1) Roja is so pretty in this hair-style(-g6 "f^oogtfegS* 
6*c2* io^ 6 tSSj.saT cfctf^a). 2) Ramyakrishna wears pretty 
costumes in song and dance sequences 

chatty : oSwt$^ttj*3&; ^tf^Sorr 3 (&p6j^; fond of chatting; 
having a friendly style. 
Ex. : Vani Is chatty enough to make her friends happy 

SET-23 ............ tory 

mandatory : s^yg3D^; joSoSjggSbjS; pertaining to an order 
or command. 

Ex. : It was mandatory that schools be closed during the 
epidemic (SPO&O o 

obligatory : 5)$rj^o3; SjSSgSD^; that is required by law, 
rule or custom. 

Ex. : It is obligatory on theatre owners to provide exhaust 
fans in the theatre sn> atffi&Sb S5D"i> 

indicatory : aSd^Sta; &rS)oSj3tD; tipto; stating a fact or 
asking of facts. 
Ex. : Is a broad forehead indicatory of great mental power? 

preparatory : atfcSeoS; ^cKpdbSta; introductory; needed 
for preparing. 

A Unique book on 30 Usage of ADJECTIVE^ 

Ex, : These are preparatory measures to save money of Govt. 

satisfactory : tfjjjSjgtfSfcSJS; &ft; a,a^aS; proper; suffici- 
ent; good enough for a purpose; giving satisfaction. 
Ex. : 1) Amanfs character and conduct are satisfactory 

(o&a s J*ss &>ocfo> ^j&gtfasan &s^a). 2) 

Anand made satisfactory progress in reading (tftf S$<>D* 

$o5 <fl >o^ a Sp$oS^&). 

transitory : w&a S; w^S^^aSsaoga^aispeedily vanishing; 
only for a short t me; not enduring. 

Ex. : 1) Man's stay on earth is transitory (<$<> > &&&ab32r 
T&^ C9S)C5&G$Q). 2) Every thing on earth is transitory and 
imperfect (a^&otfb ^28 6 ^^a5Sw SSseScfSo ^)^oS5r^5S). 

explanatory : S$3&D ^&"l3; pgoS^ci) BDcSfiSt^; intended to 

Ex- : 1) These are explanatory notes in this book (& QjS 
g^oS^ a> S)^tf^ ^Sts ^tpgoy^oo). 2) The Chief Minl^ 
ster has received an explantory letter from the Home Minister 

compulsatory : ^asp^gS^^: a^o<sajj$; that must be done; 

Ex : 1) This order is compulsatory(s?3 >as*tf goktf - 
2) Is military service compulsatory in your country ? 

contradictory : &&>&]&$: ^.^o^^asJ; contradicting, 
Ex. : The finance Minister and the opposition leader made 
contradictory statements regarding rising prices 

c onsolatory : Lo; ^^SoS; Comforting; intended to 

A Unique book on 31 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

Ex. : Sonia Gandhi received so many consolatory letters on 
the occasion of her husband's sudden demise 

SET : 24 ............ tary 

solitary : so&a>; 2uO&5o3^; alone; without companions. 

** CUs, C__ 

Ex : 1) Top criminals will be put in solitary confinement 

(Is^tf&so &0&8 S^otfSSaaS* ^orfo&Sb&V 2) Dr. Taslima 
lived in a solitary place for sometime in Bangladesh due to 
murder threat S^e5* 3tf8o& Sxr^cforT 5 cru 

salutary : ep&gp^a^; SP^SD^; having a good effect. 
Ex. : 1) Dr. Kiran Bedi's reforms brought salutary effect in 
prisoners (aii SKe^Sa ^o^o^Seseo g_o<5* <si)&Sae> \o*>$* 
5S^& 33^^ ). 2) The salutary instruction I got from my 
friend,... (a* "fcjSr&& &o<5 t& &Q&$ ST^SSG^SX)....) 

Complimentary : *Siyl5ajS;AS*aS; flattering or praising; 
given free. 

Ex. :-l) He made complimentary enquiries [$>< &>ok 
(Sbtfe) ^y^o^ 5)t3y9 3"8>&]. 2]These are complimentary 
tickets for the show. 

supplementary : 
additional; extra. 

Ex. : 1) Supplementary budget was prepared for additional 
expenditure (p<5^ oScBoo$s> g^soSb -^-^5?^ >*<" ^d^p& 
SdQbsDAcSa). xi) Ten supplementary bills were passed by the 
assembly members unanimously. (~&o!) ^j>got3 SS 

SET-25 .... ...... nary 

Ordinary ; S^SSi-ci'gSaS; normal; usual; average. 

A Unique book on 32 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

Ex. : Malathi is an ordinary house-wife (SroS a, 1 


imaginary : *3sS&3D:$; existing only in the mind; unreal. 
Ex. : 1) Mallika is suffering from imaginary difficulties. 
(& dsssgsa&as ^oSk^og* SoSo&AeS^S). 2) Sek- 
bar's illnesses are usually imaginary. [t$5 aso^eo 

visionary : &$^$; SaJFS; ijFofcSgfcS; existing only in 
vision or the imagination; imaginative; not practical. 
Ex. : Visionary thoughts are always not fruitful 

preliminary : S^5(S; &aotf<s3; ^2r>(^a^)g; coming first and 

preparing for what follows. 

Ex. : Prelimicary investigation has been completed in this 

murder case (& 
discretionary : "S 

having discretion; 

Ex. : He used his discretionary power to decide this. 

extra-ordinary : 

beyond what is usual or ordinary; remarkable. 

Ex, : Tagore was an extra- ordinary poe^&pfi" 6 ^ 

as ga). 
mercenary : i^s^g^S fe^^tfg^eoSdao sJ&^SoSdfc; working 

only for money or other reward. 

Ex. : Niranjan sent a mercenary to kill his divorced wife 

SET : 26 ............ some 

cumber-some:5T^3:5S;SpcfioSS;heavy and awkward to carry 
Ex. : A soldier to day would find old-fashioned armour very 

A Unique book on 33 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

cumber-some t& 

tire-some : &&fo S2)<3o3; &>o;o&> $ao3' tedious; annoying; 
trouble- some. 

Ex. : Proof reading is a tire-some job 

a&fc s^goS sss). 
burden-some : ectfpsSgea>!$; srtfSDS; hard to bear; making 

o_ a w 

some body tired. 

Ex, : Sarma vexed with his burden-some responsibilities (%&& 
srtfg&o Sr'S^S* atf J 3oS^). 
trouble-some : saSoS; ^^IbSD^; causing trouble; causing 

S3 1 <* 

worry or difficulty. 

Ex. : Kumar is always doing trouble-some tasks 

hand-Some ; QPO^SD^; t5g7 r 5>; "SDdJ'S^; e?^^^; of fine 

appearance; good-looking. 

Ex. : 1) Vasantha is very hand-some with glittering eyes 

(SStfc #tWe^3 g&ea o S ^S^S ^t). 2) Seth 

Chamanlal has given hand-some donation to earth quake 


Whole-some : ^ff^^g^tfSD^; ^|gtfasf; healthy;causing good 
health; suggesting good health. 
Ex. : 1) Rice is a whole-some food for South Indians (tf JLea 

S*tfc&DOb SSQ WcS^SSa ^ S S*^gScasS ^3^55S). 2) He 
gave a whole-some advice [&& 35*^ggtfS3^ (SboSS cS) 

win-some; ^ejo^g6SD^;^<^rr ) ^o^;attractive; pleasing;bright. 

(*> Q O 

Ex, : 1) Baby Asha welcomes her father with a win-some 
smile (go $3&> ^^rv^oS -aewSJj^S* #S *0(4 

. 2) Ramya cooks in a win-some manner 

A Unique book on 34 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

SET.: 27 ghty 

Highly : y^Stfe; aafcart;&c$a; powerful; great; massive. 
Ex. : 1) Tarzan had a mighty body f&PO^cS" ?f SMo "Ss^oSxiSSi 
SOftcS&oScfc). 2) So many mighty films are produced by Sri 

Weighty : &3;>; $&&$; influential; important. 
Ex. : Fathima showed weighty reasons for her failure in 

naughty: S^S;<3b&atf; causing trouble; wicked; disobedient. 
Ex. : 1) Renuka is a naughty girl (cSesog &S S'o EP 
2) Ganesh spoiled his life with naughty deeds (tf^F 

SET 28 ............ gic 

magic : ao^s^o aoeDOSg^; produced by art of magic; 

Ex. : Now a days money has a magic power to do impossible 
things (3 SVg* *gptfg 5"crgo& 2>S 3d6 ^ ao^so 
iTJ tfoa^S Bbi^a). "~ 

tragic : ifig)SeaS; l^sa^; L p3 ^yg^; of tragedy; tin 
fortunate. *" - 

Ex. : 1) Every body wept for the tragic death of Raji\ 

Mohan's life came to a tragic end 

lethargic : &&$? sgo^; &o^^n ^o^; morbidly drowsy 
dull; heavy. 

Ex. : Speed and haste were unknown to his lethargic tempe 

A Unique book on 35 Usage of ADJECTIVE^ 

SET : 29 ........... eedy 

needy : &~!>^; very poor; lacking the necessities of life. 
Ex. : You must always help needy people (^o 

greedy: ^&>tf.&to; SoS^cp>^; filled with greed; intensely 
Ex. : Chaya is always greedy (?d& ^Sjjy&p 


speedy : tfto; Sri&o to; & to; quick, 
Ex. : 1) Bhama is leading a speedy life ($*&> && to 

). 2) I wish you a speedy recovery from 

SET-30 ............ like 

like : So<3; S&^S; ^SS^Sx)?? 5 ; Similar; having the same qua- 

Ex : 1) Get me a pen like this! (gtoSSoa 1 
A man like you ought not to say so(<&r>oSo<355& 

alike : z*~i ^Sirr; ^SSpjS^^; stoo$o<S3;similar;like one another. 
Ex : i) Twins are often very alike. (SoSoe 

. 2) All are alike in front of law 

unlike : 357T 3 ^-D^S; S^SgQS; diaimillar; having no resemb- 
lance; different form. 
Ex- : I never saw twins who were so unlike (S5*>S5a 

God-like : 8$)S^; SS^ScabS; like God or a God In 

some quality; like or suitable for a God. 

Ex. : It is God-like to forgive. (&>ok<b S$6* 
Child-like : sfoofoS; SP#3 S; simple; innocent. 

A Ucique book on 6 Usage of ADJECTIVE 

Ex. : Sridevi acts child-like roles so well v&cSoS ^> S 

woman-like : <aaft ^53; like a woman; suitable for a 
Ex. : Pooja is only 10 years old but very woman-like. 

(3rs& 3^&> &(& 5S <iafl & 

SET: 31 .... ....... ly 

lovely : 3j*&>&D& $3o3; SSSSaS; 

* a a <i__ (A Q 

beautiful; attractive; pleasant; amusing. 
Ex. ' 1) Nethra has lovely eyes (^^ Sr i ^Six) 
. 2) Vandana is a lovely girl 

lively : &)SD* J5; -S-e^gtf SD^; full of life and spirit; cheerful. 

* o__ fo o, 

Ex : 1) Rajanikanth is famous for lively styles (tix&wJjS 

. 2) Kalpana lives in lively imag- 

inations o^ 

likely : ^er^cS; a&o^s; ^S^OD; probable; that seems right 
for a purpose. 

Ex. : 1) Hari is likely to die with cancer (S*Q 
c&oS&), 2) It is likely to happen 

timely : SoSi^pfi^SD^; occuring just at the right time 
Ex, : 1) Urmila has taken timely action (*8^<f 

. 2) Tinely assistance saved her life 

onely : !i5 o<afc; ^obQ^^; without companions; sad. 
Ex. : 1) Sri Lanka is a lonel) island (vjQo a,o&>5 &^SJ 
2) Subhashinl travelled lonely from Madras to Delhi 

jolly : -&vfi SBSatf; Joyful; Merry. 

] A Unique book on 37 Usage of 

Ex. : Mohini is in a jolly mood to-day as it is her wedding 

silly : *ptfS:>; S^oSc&tf; $)3g;>; foolish; weak-minded; 
Ex. : Some people do not like silly behaviour (^otfsso 

SET-32 ............ sy 

busy : &5 go& 3SS* &JS^; gr>& or?>; working; having 
a lot to do. 

Ex. : 1) Savithri is always busy with domestic works (piS 
cicjSrep K^Sp g^g^o^ 6 ^5^ Sgbo^^>). 2) Hari is busy 
at his work (*3 &$ fi^S* ^1 ^c^o^rr 3 (oSaaSA)cS3^aa], 

easy : ?3^^SD^; &23^gg; not difficult; free from pain or 

Ex. : 1) Devika had an easy delivery (cSfig &o#aj$ ^ s?3ss 
^& oS*o3c&). 2) KarunaSri used easy language in all his 

fussy : eoS 6 ^ So2; as&S5d6; ^S3^a&;showing exitement; 
very particular; difficult to satisfy. 

Ex.: 1) Ranjith is always fussy about his food^tfosSlf ^SS-ytgyo 
tf SCPa^ ^beSoS ^O(S*^^ Sod5bi)o&&). 2) Sheeba is 
very fussy about her beauty (Sxs <^ 

dressy : sooo^ ^ |J!)difiaacS; fond of fine clothes; mad of sty- 

lish clothes, 

Ex. : Smitha is a drtssy woman (&<& ^>ostf [^dSSo^a). 
glassy : rvas'^oia; SxvDib; not showing any expression; like 

glass in appearance; smooth and shiny. 

Ex. : 1) Samantha has glassy eyes (p&oe5 
2) Msena has glassy body 

A Unique Book on 38 Usage of ADJECTIVE^ 

clumsy ; 3p&D<T>&o>; a^S^tf; t&^&; not well designed 
for its purpose; unskilful, 

Ex. : 1) Mangamma wears clumsy dresses (Sfcort& as'BSDcS 
e>o&&). 2) David dislikes his wife as she is clumsy 

SET: 33 ......... bby 

scabby : K&&$; SSb^gg^; covered with scabs. 
Ex. : Murali has a scabby skin all over his body(s&>tf? 

shabby : fo^^S, astfob$; in bad condition; poorly dressed; 
Ex.: 1) Seema wears shabby dresses()&> ^^CSSD^^& 
). 2) Raghu is famous for shabby deeds (tf&o fe 

flabby : cSD^e&S^eS, 3aJS; not firm; soft; 
Ex. : 1) Roja has flabby cheeks (5V vyS>3_ e^^ 

2) Radha is flabby towards children (S^oo 23^ 

SET : 34 ............ rate 

separate : ^S^gSSD^; S^cS; different, not joined. 
Ex. : 1) The guest house is separate from the main house 

2) They met on two separate occasions. (3*& 

moderate : Sfcae$;ffc&PLoS; limited; not extremejhaving 
reasonable limits. 
Ex. : 1) Mary has a moderate appetite (&& 

. 2) Ravi took a moderate dinner (625 
3) Be moderate while talking to ladies 

immoderate : >ak&a; wspgd^SbcS; ^65^^^S)s excessive; 
extreme; too much; unreasonable; 
Ex. : Bheemu is immoderate in food habits(<9Stf3) 

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accurate : &oS<3o;8c3:); exactly right;making no mistake. 
Ex. : 1) Rekha has accurate memory (j5 SoQobjS 2 T> S3g' > 
.) 2) This is an accurate translation. (sjS 

deliberate : oS*^ sp5ga>S; s*c$3a 3!bc$; done on 
purpose; intentional; 

Ex. : 1) Mandakini faced a deliberate insult. (&osrSS <S* 
^K? Sjp^S&S 3o*#'S&& &tf<S>&). 2) Lakshmi luckily 
escaped from a deliberate attempt on her life (ejL< &&2i 

desperate : ^JT^S; tP^^asS: filled with despair and ready 
to do anything; extremely serious; giving little hope of success. 
Ex. : 1) The people of Kashmir are in a desperate situation. 
(sJ^5 (jSaoj *^$ &36* &c3^&). 2) gunitha's health Is in 
a desperate condition (&M ^tfs&D ^y^S |S* &cS^S). 

elaborate : PS ^^^rr*; worked out with much care; care- 
fully planned and finished; 

Ex. : The state Police made elaborate arrangements for the 
P.M.'s- visit ((oStFS SStfg&tf *#& crS^ 2f*l)Sex> 6PS s-^ 
^rs So^to 3&Q). 

commensurate: )jSb^bE33Dci; c5SSpSS3?^;in"the right proportion 
Ex : 1) The pay he received is not commensurate with the 
work he did (v&& 3&3 S3SS g& fe&ST^ && 3d S5sSj 
c$x ^<Sb). 2) Rajani's duties are not commensurate to her 
job (tfasS E*<5<g&eo SD t^fi^grtSio^Sc) e0&fc3c3o3n D Sc). 

SET : 35 ............ nate 

incarnate : ^SS^OoS^; SSptfSS y6tf'a_^; personified; im- 

Ex. : 1) Many people feel Mother Therisa is Goddess incar- 
nate (-ere&oa &tf5 ^Qgp^) &SSS y&tfa>J^ ^S^n 5rS)o 
), 2) Americans think Saddam Hussain ia a demon iu- 

A Unique Book on 40 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

carnate ( 

passionate : se#5Ss>rr> *5&o 33^&; ^|tf3*o ^ easil y 
moved by passion; filled with; showing passion. 
Ex. : 1) Durga is a passionate woman (&tf 
* |j,). 2) David has passionate manners 

compassionate : s^SSS; a^sSsSa Mo; showing or feeling 
Ex. : The soldier was granted compassionate leave ( 

dispassionate : ^o^iio ^o; sSS)a ^o; free from passion; 
not showing favour. 
Ex. : On a dispassionate consideration of his letter-. 

inordinate : LSoSbS&a^B^LSoSbasJ; unregulated; lacking order. 
Ex. : Ramlal's heavy weight is the result of his inordinate 
eating habits (Lg5SboSSs ^S &o& 

subordinate : 38|Soa; SP&D SS&; %&&i junior in rank 
or position; less important. 
Ex. : Swathi is not willing to work as a subordinate 

insubordinate : s>ratf>; S5p<b a^a; ^2S>; disobedient: 
Ex. : The officer dislikes an insubordinate employee 

fortunate : 9fi^aoS ^o; having good fortune; lucky. 
Ex. : 1) Roja is so fortunate 
2) It was fortunate that no one was killed in the accident 

pj -^fi [SS 

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unfortunate : &tf<^&gtf^; unlucky. 
Ex. : Vinay was unfortunate, he got fever on his examina- 
tion day(aSd5(Sb(S s aLao&ab,a6S, S 29-Sw*OSas^o*ft3&). 

alternate : a,ga a^a g^ga; coming or happening in turns. 
Ex. : 1) Shakeela and Komala have alternate duties in the 
hospital (&eja &$3d&> *<&> a,g& 3 && *&&> "5* 
<&*5 3d>&&). 2) My sister and I prepare the dishes on 
alternate days (3 SSso, S& 5*2s && 6*2^ 

affectionate : L fcs rto; && tfo; sr^og&o iSo; having or 

showing affection. 

Ex. : Geetha is so affectionate towards her sisters (A $ 

^(SS&e^o 5363 o)o<* o^^og&o ^oar? 5 s&^s). 
proportionate : ^A^; ^Qg>^; proportional; being in correct 


Ex. : Nagma has proportionate body 

Obstinate : &j*Sc^;3ao<&ca>; refusing to yield or obey etc, 
Ex. : 1) As Jaya is very obstinate, she won't change her 
mind (adft &PX>O*OO g&g $$ &S&& SSpdbnj^Sfi). 
2) Some diseases are obstinate, they won't be cured, 

SET-36 ............ mate 

intimate : (ap^g^gSD^; sSS^Sp^SaSS; close and familiar. 
Ex. : Kumar and Kesav are intimate friends (&&r>5 o$D<s3c>&> 
. 2) Amala is so intimate to Nagarjun 

legitimate : L S&asS: c^oaba^; ^^SD^S;)^; lawful; regular. 
Ex. : 1) His place, at the top, was won by legitimate means 

ii) The money was put to it's legitimate purpose 

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proximate : aj*S53>; tfKeS: sSSj^Satf; nearest (before 
or after). ~ 

Ex. : 1) Sobhana is a proximate relation to Padmini (f 6 ^ 
). 2) The proximate cause of fever is ... 

approximate : tfptfo sfog&SS; &&pfib?7; tfQs^rr 5 ; very 
nearly correct. 

Ex. : Seth Tara Cband is ablfl to tell the approximate value 
of any daimond (ts 

SET-37 . ........... tic 

erotic : ^or7K3bS; ^SDasio^S'SDSS; lustful; amorous. 
Ex. : Raghav told Ramya an erotic story (o$oS &&%&> 

politic : o^S5oSiD tfe; dSo_ Mo; prudent; cunningful. 

Ex. 1) This is not politic (gfi. aSo5<'<Sb). 2) Padma has 

a politic brain (S^ cto Jo SD<^<&^ gCAdSag^a). 
emphatic : Sn^CSSD^; df^SoS; having or showing or using 


Ex. : 1) Srikanth has emphatic thoughts regarding divorce 

2) Sasi was most emphatic about the importance of punctu- 

apologetic : &p#ggg3:>S; making an apology; expressing 

Ex. : Sagarika gave an apologetic letter to their college 

romantic : 

having ideas, feelings remote from experience ,and real life 
given to romance;suggesting romanceicausing or feeling love, 

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Ex- : SriLakshml is enjoying romantic dreams every night 

authentic: (Jo^e3&#a3;c&^tfc&;knowntobe true;genuine. 
Ex. : 1) We must believe authentic news only (&$& c&^tf 
SfocS opj5oc& oSr^ol) cS&p^S)). 2} His signature is authentic 
to pass the bill (<& )"& r>5 

SET-38 ............ pathetic 

pathetic : ^S^& ^eaftoS; pitiful; of the emotions. 
Ex. : Sita has a pathetic 

apathetic : a^o ^^S^D o; *a*S>S5* o; showing or 
having apathy. 
Ex,:His apathetic attitude towards his duties is not excusable 

or feeling sympathy. 
Ex. : Mohan is very sympathetic towards Mohini as she is a 

SET-39 .... ...... matic 

pragmatic : 63xSi5d^iSD^; <&$ jJjJooA^^; concerned with 
practical results and values. 

Ex. : 1) Parljatham is pragmatic (p6s#o P$S |J3S)OA). 2) 
Anything must be in pragmatic way () 

dogmatic : Sb&sPdSgocS; tending to force one's own opinions 
on other people. 
Ex. : Damayanthi is dogmatic in any matter () 

automatic : ^e6oS<So p& 336??; S*cJcS SSbo^ asO^; working 
by itself; done without thinking. 

A Unique book oa 44 Usage of ADJECTIVE^ 

Ex. : 1) This vehicle has an automatic gear system (s 55 3" 
o 3o&& ^ ^ 7^5" ag> geftd&aSS^a). 2) Breathing 
is automatic (*&6 &ec^S B &&) &*x5c$ ^&os as&ft&cxS). 
systematic : ^SS:So^;S5<^ag)^; methodical; based on system. 
Ex. : Rajiv Gandhi has been killed in a systematic way 

SET : 40 ............ stic 

rustic : ^oijasJ; S^S ; of the country side;roughly made; 


Ex. : Kali talks rustic language (s? 3rQ_ 5 si &&*&!&) 
drastic : SrtSo^; (jj^^SocS; fejcS^cS; having a strong or viol- 

ent effect; extreme; radical in effect. 

Ex. : Drastic measures were adopted to collect taxes. 

plastic : ^^ b*o5c&x>e}c& Sootf3 co; c6^s3o3; oSo^dSoS !; easily 
made into different shapes; soft. 
Ex. : 1) The plastic hand of God formed these creatures- 

\ cJ / J * 

plastic substance f joogoSbcSb^ &> oSo'xdSbS c5 o3nCSoS3D'). 
fantastic : &oB_c$; cS^^S; e$b;\<S;)&; wild and strange; 
marvellous; unbelievable and like a fantasy. 
Ex. : Bhavani used to tell fantastic lies (#"SPc5 SJoS^SSs P&ZS< 
oj&> SsooSip ^o&Doa, 2) Bhanu :s fantastic in her fancifu^ 

sarcastic : dSpSxo3; containing or using sarcasm. 

Ex. : He is a sarcastic person (^&<Sb cipSxoS SSg ), 
majestic : aSg3Dc$; 5foe$3oJ$; ^oOSSojS; having great dignity* 

Ex. : Sarada has naagestic looks^tftf rto|)tf3Dj$ tSj^o^eo^fDS") 
enthusiastic : saS g253ocS; d5b^ CioS^^SoJ^; Sjcp^yoS^^fo; full 

of enthusiasm. 

Ex. : 1) Chiranjeevi fans are enthusiastic to see his new film 

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,on the releasing day 

). 2) Rekha is enthusiastic 
, in learning Hindi^oS 5&^&&& 3 $ JStf ^rp&c$^a). 

SET-41 ............ ic 

panic : ^gS^g&an <s>S #d$ SB; quickly spreading fear. 
Ex. : The villagers run away from their houses due to earth 

public : (Joaso cSo>o#3b; soSptfo^SD^; for or concerning 

Ex. : 1) The Prime Minister addressed a public meeting(|j5iZ5*c$ 
&o^3 z> 2ptfo^s54fS* L s ^ft^ s ^)- 2) The tournament has 
been conducted at a Public place out side the town 

heroic : So^^&Sw^o, SP^^ iSo^a^; "very bravo; of 
Ex.: Chiranjeevi thrilled his fans with his heroic deeds ( 

hectic : atfo^eSDSS; 5)&5a; SS a, SS^ aoajS"; yery bus ; 

o o ^ (* r t 

rushed. * _ 

Ex- : Vljaya Santhi returned back after completi g. he Jxectic 
out door shooting shedule 

electric : e*^Sgg&!S; *s^!frScsasS; full pf_ excitement. 
Bx. : The atmosphere in the theatre was so electric (<S3 $o& 


Specific : s>'1&3o; ^6^3*^; detailed and precise;nbt general. 
Ex. : 1) Prabhu Deva signed the agreeme&t with a specific 
condition (|5b SSP kg o[j a&S^ ^^ 0< ^" e * cSo^SSD 
3^c^). 2) Bharani borrowed one lakh rupees for a specfflc 

A ijnique book eb 4t> Usage of ADJECTIVES 

atanic : SpiSxofotf; iSj*tf33c$; of satan; wicked. 

630 ^ 

Ex, : 1) Nalini vexed with her husband's satanic behaviour. 
(S*a &$ $J$ pfc|x L S3SjgS* au J 3o3&). 2) Suresh 
made so many satanic attemps to kill her wife (&c5S. 

harmonic : ^SSjSJcS; &$b3ob; containing harmony. 
Ex : Chitra's harmonic voice enchanted 

super sonic : ^g ^^^c& ^oS^ faster than the speed of 
Ex. : There are super sonic planes in Great Britain 

monosyllabic : s D ,tfarr' ^-oS; having only one syllable; 
made up of words of one syllable. 

Ex. : Malathi used to give monosyllabic answers to her hus- 

SET: 42 ........ ssive 

massive: e^sp<3;a*ej "itf; p$g LSofresS&^S; hu S e r heavy; 

heavy looking. 

Ex : 1) General Joshi expired due to massive heart attack 


2) Turn Turn has a massive body (toD&&) epss*(3 

passive : &&i ^o3; a1^|i&2_^; showing no interest, 
emotion; not offering active resistance. 
Ex. : They did as they pleased and I remained passive 

excessive : w^g&sS; Socr; beyond what is proper and right. 
Ex- : Jayaprabha is suffering from excessive heat 

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impressive : &SS&& 5*&&l t a^asS^S; making a de^p 
impression on itie mind and feelings. 
Ext : Roja has impressive looks (5*83* 

successive : Sfib^^ o3, 3tfo3tf<T &o3, following one 
affer the other, 

Ex : 1) Azhar won three successive oneday matches (WB? 
&&$rp &&& a,4 3| &*j5o& ft>3&). 2) Ghiranjeevi 
got film fare awards for three successive years 

submissive : &i& ^o; Vca&aS^o; humble and obedient, 
Ex. : 1) As Shakila is submissive her husband is happy 

2) Ramani always talks with a submissive tone (&&3 <^e> 

SET : 43 .......sive 

pensive : ^S^^cSS 4 ^od^; Oo^^ &oc; deep in thought, 
seriously thoughtful. 
Ex. : Mangala always looks pensive (&otfif 

expensive : ^5^_^; high priced; costing a great deal. 
Ex. : Sowdamini brought very expensive clothes to het daug- 
hter. (^n^S &&*&6 *rf&a t^e^ ^63_S dSb&Oi *S^a), 

expansive : 5i_^OoS5 5"&; s^gSioS; able to expand. 
Ex.' Appolo Hospital authority has taken up many expansive 
programmes (o5** *&^&e5" o&*a5p'c5gS$M oSJoOoS ^t3 S"tf 

LS&sswo sa^oas* 3ss&). "^ 

extensive : SJ^^SD^; oD^ptf^-S; large in area or amount. 
Ex. : The fire accident caused extensive damage to the L.T.C. 
building In Madras (s wf\^ (J5$&rtf &o eft^Sfl* S L.I C. 

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intensive : S^SSatf; &*$& $r#a3&; very great; showing 
great care* 
Ex. : The police began an intensive search for the murderer 

offensive : isSS-g $; 3<a3!3&; *3&o ^3o3& f causing 
offense to the m'^ JOT senses; disagreeable; disgusting, 
Ex. : 1) The fish with offensive smell might have already 
spoiled. (a>33rj3D, ifcp^sSJSS 1 *J^ 3 Sea g tfelsa^os) 
pjo&&}. 2) Some leaders will be unpopular with their offe- 
, nsive language 

d fensive : ^o^^gS^^; protective or resisting attack, 
. : Guards must have defensive attitude 

respons ve : \&$jSiSSbib$&; (SS^oao^^S; ready or 

incline to respond. 

Ex. : The fans are very responsive to Chiranjeevi's steps in a 

song (&g &>&>* Q8o& J)S^& wOSr&oD STTS ^oaoQQj. 
evasive": #S>^o&*&; tcndfag or trying to evade. 

Ex. : Rajesh gave evasive explanation for his late coming to 

elusive : 

baffling; escaping or vanishiog, 

fex- ': 1) Manisha is in an elusive situation 

. 2) Veerappan is an elusive criminal 

; sarcastic. 

Ex. : Manjula's question evoked an incisive answer from her 

decisive : sV^daaS; 6B^S; 'SSOfip^gaJS; having a decided 
or definite out come or result. 

A Unique - book on 49 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

Ex, : 1) The case in the sub-court has come to a decisive- 
stage (sssg^S^a ^5 aesp^s tf^sb oS^dfiasS^a). 2) 
kumari gave decisive answers in her interview 

conclusive: as\osj*3^; StfSfi, &or^aa^; ending no doubt; 

A -<0 - <&, Q 


Ex. : Nirosha proved her innocense with conclusive proofs 

inconclusive : "tpa^cfl&ajJS; f^S^^cO; not decisive; not 
bringing a definite result. 

Ex. : 1) Chandrika has given an inconclusive evidence(to^aS 
5r<t>3-eS p&a a3^&). 2) Sridevi stopped her dance 
training at an inconclusive stage (^cSa $$ cS&> 

exclusive : 

to exclude; not willing or tending to mix with others. 

Ex. : 1) Parvathl has exclusive right on that 

* ^JjS L S ^8 S S^Soi-^ SeAd&S^S). 2) Exclusive of rico 
tey eat nothing ("ioSoSSw )dfigSSaD ^5^ 5T& Si<S^ S5S&). 
compulsive : afi^otfaS; oeSo^aS; having a tendency to 

compel; compulsory. 
*Iix,: Pramila used compulsive methods in feeding her children 

COmprehensiYe : agptfSaS; &33; including many things. 

, _ * o a <x_ 

* Ex. : Parijatham is proud of her husband for his comprehen- 
" sive thoughts (>5^^o $ ^^ $>JS3aS ^^^SSoSi J^S* 

&oSbS)). 2) Rambhas's looks are comprehensive with so 

many emotions(tfo# 

SET: 44 ...... -ctive 

Active : tSDSOD"? J5; tSoiSoio to; energetic; able to work. 
Ex.: 1) Though Sophia Laren is above 60, she is still active 

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2) Sujatba is so active in social service 

inactive : aseS cKoo^; not active; 
Ex. : Sankar is inactive in studies but active in sports (To 6" 

attractive - SS^eSbS; ^QoS; &gtfs$j&&; pleasant and 

0^ B^ & 4 

good looking- 

Ex. : I) Bhanupriya has attractive eyes ($*&|o>dfc ^SSeSdfi 

. 2) Suman has an attractive body 

Defective : *&2rcS; 5*2 s^aag^SAavlng a defect; Imper- 

Ex. : Srilekha bought a defective iron-box 


hoped for; looked forward to. 

Ex. : 1) Padma has a prospective brain 

&)<$&& ^OAco^&). 2) Prospective thinking is not so easy 


respective : 5P5 srO; Q&O&; for, belonging to each of those 
in question. 

Ex. : 1) Ramu and Gopi went to their respective class roams 
(CP&D, fi*S> 5T55P6 i5a ^<&oSb 35jc3&). 2)The employees 
in the factory were given work according to their respective 
abilities (rr>6 

retrospective : 3&S& tSp^&iKtfa^ CTSS ^eSoSlS; looking 
back on past events; applying to the past. 
Ex. : Venkatesh used to think any thing with retrospective 
effect (3o5S 

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distinctive: 3tfSSx& 30cOba"&;a^e5S3 : 5;(05ggaeS; serving 
to make distinct; peculiar. 

snc; pecuar. 

Ex. : 1) Amala has a distinctive face (>& k S)o^3&c5 
o$tfc$o&> Soft). 2} Sathrughnu Sinha has a distinctive mark on 
his face rSa* #$ &D*SSx> ^5 >1&5S ;>&& S>rt 


seductive : 
tempting; captivating. 
Ex. : Silk Smitha has a seductive beauty 

productive : gcort31i; ^0*^dJgSDc6; cr^SS3Dc$;able to prod- 
uce; fertile. 

Ex. : This land is very productive (s && <^o<* &&>^&gt$ 
SbSJfl). 2) Raviraja sees everything with a productive view 

SET: 45 ......rative 

Operative : srg&oS; as3t); tf tfes^SSjcS; in action; hav- 
ing effect. 

Ex. : 1) Many old laws are still operative in India (aoA 
cjS* ^S 1 ^ frg ^&>SSMe siog^Sp e^^eaS* i&iS^a). 2) The 
G.O. is big but the operative part in it ia so small (.*. 
SagcS SS.... tPOd&S* S3S 

imperative : SS^g 

^ss ^^^^; essential; needing immediate attention. 
Ex.*: 1) This law is Imperative. (^ 3cSc$S 
rjg^Sja). 2) Aid is imperative to the flood victims 

comparative : 
BS"^^; judged by comparing with something else. 
Ex. : Comparative study of Dravidian languages is must for 
any south Indian language pandit ( d JLesa 

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preparative: s$c3^SS*S3; SbtfSeaS; &cp&3tD; preparatory- 
Ex- : Preparative talks are important for any crucial meeting 

figurative : ifc3p&D rto; of or using figures of speech. 
Ex. : They call him a fox, this is a figurative expression. 

remunerative : <&A L. SS S^&a rio; ft<&>sr&a rte; bringing a 
good profit. 

Ex. : The farmers are not getting remunerative price for 
their cotton bales 3&eo & ]&& &0*&>e& ft&os*&o 

administrative : SO^PCSP ^OEDO^SD^; of the management 
of affairs. 
Ex. : Our Prime Minister has good administrative ability 

SET : 46 ...... .Jative 

relative : ^oo<^oio /io; compared with something else. 
Ex. : Sastri is a scholor in Astrology and its relative subjects 

cumulative : 2J*B.^; ^$SS^g 3o3fl; increasing in amount 
by one addition after another; becoming greater by stages. 
Ex.: Post Off ice Cumulative Time Depo,it Scheme is so popu- 
lar among villagers (cFS e&So^S w>cS\fl 

correlative : 5StfS^SSooo4J5S ^o; ha\ ing a mutual relation^ 
Ex. : Dance and Music are correlative fine arts- (c^&g, 

SJOAS&DOD Stfg^tf tfOSDOtf&Dtf S^ ^^OD). 

SET : 47 ...... ...... tive 

alternative : ^apjSa^cttajS; offering a cholca of a second 

6] A Unique book on 53 Usage of AJDJECTIVfiS 

Ex. : Matriculation is an alternative to S.S.C, 

S.S.C. 6 ^^S^t^S^)' " " ',"'$ 

imaginative: jjtf&rp&ocl; v^s y_J/te; having imagination; 
using imagination. * - - - 

Ex. : This essay is interesting and imaginative 

_ _ 

imitative : $>&0o3; following. the model or example of. 
Ex. : Kids are always in imitative curiosity ( 

tentative : ss.fig; |j3c&S^o3&; LSoSjrv^S; experimental; 
made or done as a trial. 

Ex. : The Officials submitted a tentative plan to the Minister 
to control wasteful expenditure 

attentive : ^ L (S^^o; (jftf$jc&); giving attention. . ,- 

Ex. : The children were very attentive when teachers were 

inattentive : |/ LS^SgS 6 ^; e'^^asgj*^; not paying att- 

* Ex. : This pupil is inattentive in class. 

inventive : (j'jf ^oic^S^ SS^^te; able to invent^ P - 
Ex. : Government must show inventive feciljties to the scien- 

lucrative : w^gtf^^; ^cpcassoa^o; ^profitable. 
Ex. : Film production is % lucrative business for wise people 

perceptive : (jT'S^saS; 35>8>*3; able to perceive; having 
connected with perception 
Ex. : 1) Teja is popular with his perceptive nature 

A Unique book on S4 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

2) Sobhana 

has so much perceptive power 

repetitive: ^eatkn a,S25 33^tfo 5 Sc&te; doing or saying 

the same thing too often. 
Ex : 1) Family welfare Minister's speeches are used to be 

repetitive (Sb&ooa ;So^L& ^^p oSDO^irO d-Sc3^5Seo &sa 

tSorv* 38ry$<5 aefl 3"f^ars cg)oto ogo^ca>. ^ Vimala's 

job is a bit lepetitive 

SO^ ^Oft ScfloSSio 

Sensitive: ^S^a^iS^jrSpaS; quickly or easily receiving 
impressions; easily hurt in the spirit; easily offended. 
Ex. : 1) Nandini is very sensitive (cSofla -s^er* SkS^ SS^<S 
oo^a). 2) As Satish is sensitive,he could not tolerate criticism 

positive : a*^dfcSM$; Ba$^JS; S5_SSaS; definite; leaving 
no room for doubt; quite certain. 

Ex. : 1) Positive thinking gives better iejults(at^cffib &&* 
tScS S)OD $<D^oio S&^^i). 2) They tested the water for the 
bacteria and the result was positive (r|8ci&> 

festive : *a^aasJ; So*&SaS; Sab^sS; of a feast or festi- 
val; Joyness. 

Ex. : Yijaya Santhi celebrated her birth day function in a 
festive atmosphere 

sportive : wfeepa^; -Aer.ooS^^e); playful; merry. 
Ex- : 1) Sri Lakshmi is so sportive at shooting shedules 

2) Ta^y Shamili has sportive natureD s*Sb& 

A Unique book on 55 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

Consecutive : a,3 3osD(3 a,gSrp oS3^&; coming one after the 
other in regular order. 

Ex. : The C.M. paid three visits to Delhi on three consecu- 
tive days (&o33g&0|j5 SS&SSn* &TBab5*2S i ao 

provocative : apSSJ&S; *3&D &ao3; Btf^fi*|5; causing 
anger, interest, argument etc. 

Ex : 1) Pooja Bedi has provocative looks($ps*S4 cStfyPfS 
tSp^j^c^ SAc&o^a). 2) Mrs. Bhutto made provocative 
remarks on Kashmir problem (<$,&8 #>g* S"l^5 J$&cSg2j 
*3oio &ao3 53*^ge5e4) S^cfc). 3) Alfs facial expressions 
were provocative of laughter 

communicative ; 


not reserved; open; talkative; sociable. 
Ex. : 1) Haripriya is very communicative (S5r*0[S)d& t3-er> 
tfe&aS)fi 4 O9 &&&). 2) Meena is very communicative with her 
fans (Src3 *{$ wOSSp&^ Seo^R*ex>n &o<&&). 

SET : 48 ........ less 

ageless : So&^ &D^^&; $ctt& ^Sd&; never growing old 
or never looking older. 
Ex.: Sarada has an 

aimless : e>jgo$x> Ss>; 4r"SygoSx> ^a; without purpose. 
Ex. : Dwarakanath is leading an aimless life ( 

restless : ^D'^SDD^S; 3&^a ^0; always moving; showing 
signs of worry. 

Ex.: 1) Rajani passed a rest-less night (tfasS " 
tfA^Sb). 2) Sanjeevi is^doing a restless 

A Unique book on 56 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

help-less : tfs5a;*9o<*Sa; ao-^S&an &o<&; needing the 
help of others; unable to do anything for oneself. 
Ex,: 1) In the slums some people are helpless 
*o#& rta3s>3F&). 2) There are nearly one hundred help- 

_ less children in that town <s 2)5>$>D<5* &&*& &*& 

share-less i 5^5), e>o&D 6$, &>S^S; end-less. 
Ex..: There is shore-less to the sufferings of Kashmiri 
people (s*^& [Sao 3*tfo& 6 ei&oS&>). 
fruit-less : aa^o&S; without fruit or results; profitless 
. Ex. : 1) Pakistan made fruit-less efforts to make Kashmir 
problem an international one (s^5 &g& ^>o^o*cJfioS3) 
v ^d&6& a-SftjS 1 asi^e iSdtfi^SS 4l!)c&). 2) Madhavi 
- , made fruit- less efforts to become an LA S. officer 

LA.B. ^5>S35 S-5S(SJS sa^o (Sd&^SSMeo 3^3&). 
number- less : Sg^S^S^, pSSO&^33cS; numerous. 
( Ex, : Manorama acted in number-less films (&*#& 

.SET - 49 ........ light 

light s AegS ?S; e^&SSSiSS; ^"S S; *epSS^tfa5$; not heavy; 

ft. " Q^ f*> CL 

delicate; not very strong. 

* ;Ex. : X) Rajeswari is a light hearted woman (cplSJfjB ^g'S 
SS*^ficC&cSo 4)- 2) Raju is a light fingered man 

D; burning; very bright. 
Ex. : 1) The burning corpse is still alight (5eo&cS^ ^oSoio 
aoS& &o<&& S$^<3). 2) Roja's eyes were alight with joy 

twilight : sSo'S Sgarp ^o3; SgaT >ocl; light that existl 
before sunrise and after sunset. 
Ex. ; In the twilight time the climate is clean and delightful 

A Unique book on 57 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

SET :'50 ....... right 

ri ht : a*l^c$, JoQo&tf; c&> J=3:>: correct; most suitable. 
x. ' 1) Sudhakar earned crores of rupees in right 
5 SfoofcS &*tfS$x>6* *&ra &">cS:>e?& 3orao3&). 2) 

a A PTi 

Soundarya did not know whether it is right or wrong to parti- 
cipate in beauty contests 

upright : ^oD^rr' O^D^; perpendicular. 
Ex. : 1) Alexander hold the sword upright 
&*& Sexj^rr S^D^Sc^). 2) The librarian placed the books 
upright in the book shelf 3 

bright : jS^?T^; ae5t; SS^SbSS: *|JQ^^; g ivJn g out 
light; cheerful; quick-witted. 

Ex. : 1) Tendulker has a bright future (3o<262ty.5 ^|S 

2) That is a bright idea (a a*S 

SET : 5 " ....... lar 

ocular : Sro* e$r*a; |S3*g&a^; of or for the eyes; seeing. 
Ex. : This is an ocular proof (aS &g |^5g&3o fib^). 

particular : al^Sa^; oSa)$>g^; L 5 ^S^?^ ; s P ecia1 ' relating 
to one as distinct from others. 

Ex.: 1) Sri K. Vis wanath is very particular in directing classi- 
cal films (& ". &y%&5 ]3^e!r &5"^ S_"3| 3dSo^5* spd 
2Sx)^g<^>). 2) Pallavi has particular taste towirds Kuchipudi 
dance (SejS Sp3^& Sj*g5ScoSfo 5)1 SSL $&0a SSftcBco^a). 

regular: LSSSbasS; SSKbJorr&j^; evenly arranged; usual; syste- 
matic; frequent. 

Ex. : 1) Geetha Is a regular student of oar school (f\ &* 

. 2) Kaveri i& receiving regular 

A Unique book on 58 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

training in Karate (5*58 

singular : wajftcS&ajaS; }5o>g& ISaDS&tfa; remarkable. 
Ex, : With her singular beauty Iswarya Roy is selected as Miss 

sex angular. ao>&3e>eo tfo; ass^ea&atfo; having six angles 
Ex* : Subhashini has seen a sexangular star (&5P&S9 

similar : oSodS; &1 2>^2o^; like; of the same sort; 

Q "" 

Ex. : 1) Rekha and Rani have similar jobs (o$ 

a.1 atfdbS ^S*g5^oJ&> gSAcZfiaofiS). 2) The faces of Sri 

devi and Divyabharathi are similar 

popular : Sp^Sea^ci; g^ascS c$SSa^*^S; of or for people, 
Ex. : 1) Smt. Indira Gandhi was a popular leader (i^&d 
aoau*n*o$ StJ^aS cSSS^SSbcS 5PoSStfa*e). 2) Chiranjeevi 
is so popular among children(&eoS 4 )tfoS& c#8&c$&&&). 
issimilar : s^^&Dn 4otf&; c5&*&&>3&; not th same; 
not similar. 
Ex : These two flowers are quite dissimilar- (^6 "3o<& 

SET : 52 ........ ternal 

eternal : S^SD^; ^Jf^^Sp^; lasting forever; too frequent, 
Ex.: 1) The Chief Minister is vexed with the eternal compla- 
ints of his cabinet members (3 &>o t S 5 c5>gg> &g 
3>o*&e><* ctoqpn&oiS 3^7^^ S*a&). 2) Usha Rani Is 
leading her life with eternal happiness 

external : odSfl; oSgaci; situated on the outside, 
Ex. : This medicine is for external use only (& SSaoSfc 

A Unique book on 59 tlsage of 

internal *>; *3$; of the inside; in the inside. 
Ex : Priya suffered internal injuries in an accident 

maternal : SSrtfj o$03DO$3;>S; relating to mother or like a 

Ex.: 1) The Maternal love is great in the world. (s [3>S>o$ 
SxxS* SP*J L&& fi^a). 2) Mary's maternal grand- father 
has died. (&6 SaS^ ^^ tfoaotfgDS s* ^aS*c&*&). 

SET : 53 ....... tional 

notional : wsrjssa^; ^aS*S; var^dBaS; not based on 
experiment; speculative. *" 

Ex. : One notional increment was granted to Krishnakanth 
on account of higher qualifications (SP <a> 

rational : ^SS^Sx) o; able to think; sensible; reasonable. 
Ex. : Rational thinking is better for any body 

optional : agiLa^tfa^; oS^SSDSS; not compulsory; matter of 
Ex. : Suv&rna has takerik Sanskrit as on optional subject 

additional : oegSDS; ^Sb^S; PcS^^); extra; added. 
Ex. : Anasuya is doing additional duty every day 

exceptional : S^rtfeaa!S; ^SsrS^So^; uausual; remarkable. 
Ex. : 1) Kapildev has exceptional ability (SSieJSS ss^TTFtfea 
d'oSD^g&o& flc&>o3&). 2) Suman is a person of excep- 
tional talents (&&^ ^22* ^(bsreo rto ;^tf^ *>__!) 

intentional : ^S3J$a 3S)SJ; &<$s Jgp^gSjg; intended; done 
on purpose. 
Ex. : Fathima killed her husband but it is not intentional 

A Unique took on #0 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

proportional fl; Sft aa^JS* &^i ; in proper proportion. 
Ex : Nagma's body is proportional 

SET : 54 ....... ormal 

formal : Spo L So B cSfisaS; &paa;erotf:$L^cXfiSbS;in acc- 
ordance with rules, customs and conventions. 
Ex. : 1) The formal talks are over regarding Leela's marriage 
(l)o Ttfji Sooofto-atf SPOS> &p<beo 4rJBaos5a) 2) 
This bond is not executed in a formal manner (3s 

informal : 
not formal; irregular. 

Ex. : The Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan will meet 
for informal discussions to day 

normal : SSpSDTao; gp^tfeaSD^; c^tp^^Ss'tfgDS; usual; without 
any special characteristics or circumstances. 
Ex. : Yamuna's behaviour is normal to-day 

abnormal : wSP^agasS; ^p&jesS; different from what 
is normal; not normal. 
Ex. : Padma's behaviour is abnormal for a child of her age. 

SET : 55 ........ nal 

penal : eJo^^C 3?^; connected with punishment 
Ex. ". Veerappan made many penal offi 

original: 3&&i Q>&; SS*<SS; Swo4SifSjS; first and earliest; 

fresh or not thought of before. 
i Ex. : 1) Renu returned to her original shape after sickness 

" Sanskrit is an original language (8$o5fy.jtf &a &*& 5 Si) 

9] A Unique took on 61 ttsage of ADJECTIVES 

nominal ; sp&Sp^gbtf; in name only; not in reality; very 

Ex. : 1) while he was Chief Minister N.T.R. has taken only 
nominal pay (N.T.R. &DSp3&o L e?7 3)^)<& ZP&&P[$3) 
&&&x& O*L&^> &S>*3&). 2) The difference between matri- 
culation and S.S.C, is nominal Sai", S.S.C. 

signal : rt>fiooxfc*ft; (SSxSSbS;$;noticeable;striking. 
Ex. : Sridhar used to tell signal events (^tf 


personal : d&3D3; S$gJri#3D$; individual; private; of a 
particular person. 

Ex.: 1) Pavani has gone to Paris with some personal problems 
(SPSS *^ S5g Jrt ?S^^go^ gpdS 3?jd&^a). 2) Jaya- 
lalitha used to keep personal guards with her 

SET : 56 ............ ral 

3ral ; 5*<fiD S&^; ^<S5; \&& ;Swe>o&> ^3; of the mouth; 
spoken; not written. 
Ex. : Radha and Raman 1 made an oral agreement between them 

' * 


noral : &ato; &S 5)51 dSi 3^^; oiioS); ethical; concerning prin- 
ciples of right or wrong; good and virtuous. 
Ex : Lai Bahadur Sastri resigned as Railway Minister by taki- 
ng moral responsibility to an accident " 


immoral: fib6^8?1o; o5*50c"3:)S; tftf^&a&S)^; vicious; contrary 
to morality; wicked; sinful; depraved. 
Ex. : Giri Is dismissed from his job for immoral conduct. (A6 

several: ^S; *&& S*Q &&1 3^ew; So: various; different; 
some but not many. 

A Unique book on 62 Usage of ADJBCTIVBi 

Ex.: 1) Suphala attended several interviews but could not get 
a job (&$e> t% 30&>&* S o& SSac3j$a 3a *<5*g 
. 2) Madan tried several ways to marry 

liberal ; ZTo-tfjfiSa e>; tFo*r2M$; a-*j*^5S to; generous; 
giving freely; bountiful; noble. 
Ex : Ramakanth is liberal in giving donations 

literal : 55j6ob &P& SSB^&S^; following the letter or exact 
Ex- : Ramoji Rao always talks with lateral sense 

natural : 

o*S^; jjSSjaaS; ^f2?^ ; accor<Jin g to 

natal; normal; characteristic. 

Ex. : 1) Dr. Bharathi used natural methods in a delivery 

. 2) Those who got natural death are so fortunate 

integral : S5rC5^^; wftS^asS; whole; entire; necessary for 
Ex. : Kashmir is an integral part of India 

general : ^SSp^gSo^; Sp^^eaS^^; common; covering a large 
number of cases. 

Ex. : In India general elections will be held for every five 

SET : 57 ........ tal 

fatal ; iSpE5o^S3Dc^; SspyStfao^; deadly; destructive; mortal. 

tL ~ a * 

Ex. : Malasree met a fatal car accident (r>eP L 

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brutal : L Scp5^lS; SOSaoS; &^ L pd&^S; savage, cruel, 

Ex. : Generally lock-up deaths will occur due to brutal beating 
by policemen (r^tfe3&o7T - 

marital : "&o<S tfoaotfSDtf; # tf cSoaoaoScS; matrimonial; 

ffy CU .wdf 

pertaining to husband. 

Ex. : Prince Charles and Princess Diana have marital differ- 

ences " 

accidental : ogfygS^; tpS^&rr esOftiS; a1& 

<S- -^r- (;>. wo^i. 

happening by chance or accident; unexpected. 

Ex. : Radhika has an accidental meeting with her divorced 


incidental : 


Ex. : If we travel with children, there will be more incidental 


ornamental : 
2oS^<^>: decorative; beautifying; adorning. 
Ex. : Sudhakar likes ornamental articles 

SET : 58 
social : 

c&; companionable; friendly; sociable. 

Ex. : 1) Gayatri is social with her guests (rsc&|jS 

. 2) Man is a social animal 

Special : 
ilar; extraordinary; not general; n<H 

A Unique book on 64 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

Ex. : 1) Meenakshi has special taste In music (aj*c3JL ^ft 
&&&'& lS3gS >&>& <DAc&>o3&), 2) Madhuri is taking 
special care regarding her children's education 

especial : SD&; &D3><3o; iSzySSSriS; exceptional; promi- 

O C Cl QM. L. n ._ * * 

nent, particular. 

Ex. : Prabhakar gives especial importance to single number 

lottery tickets (LS$pg5 SofteS" $oz>5 

judicial : ^goS5 SoaotfaS; sa^a**a; impartial; dis^. 


Ex. : Justice Shaw used to see every thing through judicial 

out look(s|5 p \&8& SFgcB&Soootf dfySxS* tS^tSotSDO^^). 
prejudicial : S^Sg^ag; aab^S)^; jSeSo-oaS; hurtful; 

causing prejudice; injurious. 

Ex. : Smoking is prejudicial for health 

SET : 59 ........ ficial 

Official : 

i; done or confirmed by people 
in authority; pertaining to an office; proceeding* from the 
proper authority. 

Ex. : 1) Jayalalitha has gone to Delhi on official work (ascflo 
o& oSs-tf Soaotf 3a S^J $& 3fycSwoa&). 2) Anand is 
waiting for an official order regarding his transfer 


artificial : g^ L S^S>; Sfi^aS; a&Sig^*aS; made by 
man; not natural. "" 

Ex. : Anuradha's hospitality is artificial 

beneficial : 

; having good effects; profitabe; advantageous; doing 
or producing good. 

A Unique book on 65 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

Ex. : Bathing twice a day is beneficial to health. 

superficial : 

Ss-S; ^^ZT <5*d); shallow; not deep or profound; on the 

surface only. 

Ex. i Kumar has superficial knowledge (SbSj5lb1b 

SET : 60 ........ tial 

initial : ^; Sa#<3; (sb5otf $: ^S^^Sj^; commencing; at 

the begining. 

Ex. : Hemamalini suffered a lot to get chances at the initial 

stage of her acting (1r&&*> Sks? &&%> S'StifS* 

wS^^sioo Tes^ P^^ Q^O^OD S&SJS). 
partial : SoS5ra^; S^^^^^; ?o $$ XSrf; incomplete; 

imperfect; forming only a part; showing too much favour to 

one person or side. 

Ex. : 1) Tiger Balm gives only partial relief to head-acho 

2) The examiner is partial towards pretty girl students. 

impartial : aa^apSSaS; or>daS35S: S^sSsaacS; equitable; 
fair; not favouring one more than another. 
Ex. : The teachers should be impartial towards their students 

essential : ^^yg^^; &B3> !5; ^^gSa^; indispensable; 
substantial; fundamental; card nal, 

Ex : I) Governor's report is essential to declare President's 
rule in a state (a, O^SB* ^^^.Sro^ S3oS3&)o Stfj5 
85*5 ^S^ggSD^a). 2) Many people think that wealth is 
essential for happiness (Sooa3 

A Unique book on 66 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

potential : ^otfaoSSftS; ^JrtetfgggbS; possible; powerful; 
not in actuality; latent. 
Ex* : Felling trees is a potential danger to environment (3 

2) Kambli is a potential cricket playar (5oD ^_f 

Substantial : SasSD^; se>33$$; tf; wSfovSaS; S*tfS 3; real? 

t G O OJft C 

actually existing; large; solid and strong; true; veritable. 
Ex. : 1) Congress condidates had substantial reasons for their 
defeat (s"0|JlS 9$fgfcex> & k&DDS SDOSD^ 5tfe35Se?c^ SA 
ci&nS5). 2) Rajiv Gandhi Foundation has substantial funds 
for their social welfare activities [u ts ^no<& 

SET : 61 .... ...... ctual 

actual : aaSj-S; sr> ^SSDS; oQa^^ao^; ^5fs3oSJ; real;existing; 

i__ o i_ <a* y o__ v 

not imaginary; true. 

Ex. : Jayaram is the actual owner of this car (asofccrD ^6 

[actual : SP ^aSSo^; s^S^SSD^; containing facts. 
Ex. : Venkatesh maintains factual accounts of his Income 

punctual : ^er?; ^S^^o^oS SS; 

3 Q 

So$oto< SSiidSfiSSxi ^o3^^; done exactly at the appointed time 
neither early nor late; at the time fixed. 
Ex. : 1) State transport buses are punctual in Tamilnadu 

2] Subha is very punctual in attending office 

intellectual : ^a Sooo^a^; ^asSo^SS; ea S5S 
SD5io; ewa&yeD^te; L?POX&) tfjrfc^of the 
or showing good tsasoiung 

A Unique Isook oft $7 Usage of ADJECTIVE 

Ex. : 1) Aravinda is an intellectual student (9tfS>o soS 

aa). 2 JGenerally parents like intellectual children 

SET -. 62 ..... tual 

mutual : v5*393)3; StfsSyjaS; a*^*tf3>S; s.So"S8b 

9 tJo oJ o__ a . 

S^deb; a.gBcB6oS*s6S to; reciprocal; interchanged; shared; 
exchanged equally. 

Ex* : 1) There is mutual co-operation between Manjula and 
Rajini (&o2s-e, tfsSo &tf StfcS^tf ^S'^tf ^a aa^a)o 2)Ravi 
and Raghava are mutual friends 
eventual : SbtfSb sSotfaoS^sSg 
S&; ^c^SioASSa^; happening as a final result or consequence; 
happening in the end; ultimate; final; consequential; resulting. 
Ex.: The Government paid the eventual loss to the flood 
affected people (3*$&S_3 |j5s&5'S iZ&gj&x SStftfo 

habitual : ss'iSbS^cSj^eoS 10 J$;&SDJ 3cS;customary;common; 
accustomed; usual; acting y habit- 

Ex. : 1) Gangaram is a habitual thief (tforpo^o wosrS 
S*ori). 2) Kesav took his habitual walk before bed. (ih a 

Spiritual : 

^^; SCPS^^SO; of one's spirit or soul; incorporeal; immate 
rial; pertaining to the soul; not worldly or temporal; 
Ex.: 1) Swetha used to do spiritual oxercrses("l^^cSosK>oCJ 
SbSS 5*gS&>o SC&D^)O(&&). 2) Saibaba is a spiritual 
teacher (gpoco^ST* WFgS^S ^Sb^i). 3) Vivefcananda under- 
stood the spiritual form of God 

SET : 63 ..... ....... sual 

Usual : Sp^^eaSi^; 5S*^)"S c$; 33*32333; r>&tf3 Si; customary; 


habitual; ordinary; 

A Unique book on 68 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

Ex. : 1) As usual Pavani visited Mahalakshmi temple [>* 
>&. S300&&B& pSS3 g$ &F&XPZQ \&&8&> dJOjo3&], 2] 
Abhinay came to his office one hour latter than his usual 

casual : 3 5r&3D; 9fio8aS; 

&S^gob5S; accidental; unforeseen; fortuitous; contingent. 
Ex. : 1) Devika took casual leave for 3 days 
6*23*er>&3 cSfrtiyQ^S lto$& 6& D S&). 2) Rajesh had a 
casual glance at the book and found it superb [cr^S. &j 

Sensual : go^cja SoooCSaS; 30^000 ^^S^SLODD^^^; 
?S&^ cS; pertaining to the senses; carnal; fleshly; libidinous; 
Ex. : 1} Champaka is not so interested in sensual pleasures 


2) As Raj kumar is sensual, he spent his entire property for 
the purpose (CP &^p" 

SET: 64 ............ ual 

squal : SSpSSaS; &g3Dc$; ^3 sJ 

__, Cl rt ., " - 

^o; c3go&as$; rfOgy^; SSSSD^S: same in magnitude; adequate; 
the same in size, amount, number etc.; suitable; competent; 
impartial, just; uniform. 

Ex. : 1) Bindu and Anusha got equal marks in English (&Q fib, 
spSia> eog&^S* r> ^p&^o^ ^ToftO). 2) Rajendra 
and Raghuram are equal partners in the business 

annual : ^2 

yearly; coming or happening every yenr. 
Ex. : 1) Annual examinations will be held yearly once 
<i^eS 8S&&W ^oa 8-SgpQ 35fibas:&^). 2) My father's 
annual income is Rs. 36,000/- 

10] A Unique book on 69 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

3S5"tffc&D &-II 36,000/-). 

residual : &>flc$; <B>oS?&3p; remaining after a part is taken; 

remaining of a residue. 

Ex. : Prasad paid the residual balance and got his account 

settled Si 

individual : 

cS^So&SbS; pert, to one only; single; one; distinctive; chara- 
cteristic of a single person; specially for one person or thing. 
Ex. : 1) N.T.R.'s style of administration is very individual 
(N.T.R. 0&*oc3> asFSSoia -&& S^IcSfiaSS), 2) Nagaraju's 
individual expenditure ia more than his family's expenditure 

SET: 65 ........ icit 

illicit : 9 L SSS)aS; c 

; prohibited; unlawful; forbidden, 

Ex* : 1) Sekhar has an illicit connection with p their servant 
maid (1$>5 & 3S SbSSiS* W L SS) ^s>otf&o ftdSo^&). 
2) An illicit marriage cannot stand before the court of law 

explicit: sS^SiajS; SSgja^; *ba^: ^Sorr^^fljS; not 
merely implied; plain; open; stated fully and clearly; definite. 
Ex. : 1) Sailaja gave exploit answers in her interview (2_<aa3 
8$ goto^gfl* cS^aaS 23*^> aB^&). 2) Satya Salbaba's 
discourses are mingled witi explicit examples (5 

implicit : &peo$3og>; SB^pgasS; aab^Sa; C^aS; unque- 
stioning; implied though cot plainly expressed; complete; 
Ex. : 1) Anjana follows ler husband with Implicit belief 

A Unique feoofc on 70 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

krishna ta-kes the suggetions of the director with implicit 
dedication (3 3|5 

SET: 66 ..... tical 

optical: dJ^fx aadSajS; d^fx S>5& tfoaoOoStf; pertaining 
to sight or vision; visual; of the sense of sight; for looking 


Ex. : A mirage is an optical illusion 

critical : tf>3<S*& a3tfga>?J; sSp A 
gtf&&o& <o$S>; SooSkSotf; ^0(So&^<S; e^&oSA; exact: 

a 3 

captious; censorious; fastidious; dangerous; judging and ana- 
lysing; fault-finding; very serious. 

Ex. : L) Our grand- father's health condition is critical. 
(&>&> n*e 6*rt$ S35|a SoSk&orr' ^S^a). 2) Nethra 
looks on every thing with a critical eye. ( 

identical : w'S; wSsSjSag; wCSS^JS; a,"! 6an&e$^; exactly 
alike; the same in every detail; very same; 
These two are very identical, 

Ex. : 1) (& Bo& wa^ofc s.gan* -A^). 2) The finger 
prints of no two persons are identical ((o5e> oS|dJo^S oi 

practical : 

jJi^jSSaS; p^)^oSoSwMo; es^Sesp^gSa^; concerned with pra- 
ctice; derived from practice; experienced. 
Ex. : 1) Janakiram is a practical man (s*cr>I;i> <a>&#oSS$ 
tfo2P<&). 2) Karunya faced so many practical difficulties 
in bringing up her children (^Cbesg <&& 

hypocritical : ^aaSi^; Sefi'fi, SStoSfctf; SSpc&S:)^; of 
hypocrisy; insincere; false, 

A Unique book on 71 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

Ex. : Kalyani exibited hypocritical grief towards her hus- 
band's death ({$ $ tf 

\ -P 

S T:67 ........ dical 

ra ical : **^ as tfoaoaoa&^e33 

o5ea3a S^oSbd^; cS^STSJoSooS* 35S>; of or from the root or base; 
thorough; complete; reaching to the foundation; the source of 
the principles; fundamental; thorough going. 
Ex. : Seshaa made radical changes in the election process 

medical : S^tfg Soao#SD; 2?&# sSoaotfSbcS; pertaining 
to the science of medicine; the art of medicine; medicinal. 
Ex. : Medical Test confirmed Nalini as a patient of cancer. 

methodical : ^^a^S; a.g S a $$&5o3<; systematic; 
regular; carried out with order; cting in an orderly way. 
Ex : The police began the methodical search for the thief 


happening or returning regularly at certain periods; done at 
regular intervals; periodic. 

Ex. : 1) All the nationalised banks will send periodical reports 
to. the Reserve Bank regarding foreign exchange transactions 


Some schools give much prominence in conducting periodical 
tests to their students &> S)i7&o& ad&^S 5e> 

SET: 68 ........ sical 

classical : gpo^rydtfiga^; &Sa;S; ^& 
jjvcfig^cS; esa^TSloSo c3o^c$o); having the traditional; 
established from; considered to bfc of the highest class; pure; 
refined; of the first class or rank; chaste; 

A Unique book on 72 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

Ex.: Ramu prefers classical music to popular music (^3 ofi 

physical : 

perceived by the senses; bodily; of the body; of things that 
can be seen or felt; of the laws of nature. 
Ex. : 1) Physical strength is necessary for wrestlers(&ec&>& 
&8boSb 3*&tf ^&&D ptfS&>). 2) Playing foot ball is 
one form of physical exercise. (^5"T5" $*&& &S 


Po^ * a 

#&S S; ^c$^too& ^^L&dfioio oSpJSb^i'S; breakish; capri- 

cious; odd; fantastic; quaint; full of whims; fancy notions; 


Ex. : 1) Brahmanandam likes whimsical characters (-ipS^ 

Sodfo'^So &jf &*L*e?& Q&Sabc6). 2) Suiekha is suffering 

with her whimsical husband (cSx5$p 

non-sensical : wg^3^; P^O<^^^; ^)^^S; unmeaning; 
absurd; foolish; senseless; irrational; not making sense. 
Ex. : 1) Non-sensical songs will be taught to children in 
nursery schools (^^& S^^ee^a o^& pg&oe5cD p<bs 
3tf^g>ab&). 2) Nandagopal is vexed with his wife's non- 
sensical behaviour (&o#fi*<xpe5" Sc 
^^ J 3o3&). 

SET : 69 ........ cal 

typical : &pj5& &e3d& Sn>35S) 
o&<sSd& zs^Sa 3Sl)ieb; representative; emblematic; having or 
showing the usual characteristics. 
Ex : Swapna wears typical dresses(^S^ [pS*] 

A Unique book on 73 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

logical : ^S^ r^ tfoaotfab^;^gcto&>tfefc^;hi accordance 
with the rules of logic; reasonable. 

Ex. : By logical thinking Sudhakar succeeded in all fields 

magical : 

g>; p r o<Juced by th art of magic; fascinating; worked by 

Ex. : P.C. Sircar is famous in magical art (SJD^S^O Siftf* 
P,C. SJCP&.S & L SS>&<3b). 

chronical : &e$S>; 6 sapS; lasting a long time; chronic. 
Ex. : Veena committed suicide by thinking that her chronical 
illness will not be cured $ & #5*0 

numerical : cSo^pg t3oDO#Qk; belonging to or denoting 

number; using or consisting of numbers* 

Ex. : T.D.P.has numerical strength in the 

T.D.P. Sosp 
reciprocal : w 

3a; given and received In return; mutual; done by each to 

the other. 

Ex- : There is reciprocal understanding between India and 

Russia (gp4 jfr-tfapjo 3btf$ S^ wSjrJS^jS >). 

SET : 70 ...... -.fid 

awful : 335^333; #dSogtf SD^; l^pSSo^; fe 33^; terrible; 

Q^ Q_ 0-. <- Q 

fearful, frightful; dreadful; horrible. 

Ex. : 1) Haripriya is suffering from an awful head-ache^O 
IJb^j &^a^6 ^o sS*^ 6 SPtfoSSatfacS^a). 2) There will be 
awful rush in the market in the mornings 

woeful [woful] : < 

oS& BSliiSb; sorrowful; afflicted; miserable; unhappy;doleful; 

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Ex : Woeful looks are seen on the faces of fire victi 

manful : 1J Sgarte; 6&S &: brave; determined. 

Ex- : The soldiers mast be manful (l&S&eo |3 tfg&atfe? 


joyful : $QS*xX&; ttSSotftfO&a^; glad; exulting; happy; 
gleeful; joyous; delighted; 
Ex, : As she got 'Best Actress Award*, Archana is joyful 

('as <sfrj95 *sp5' Sroflo&s* tpj^ss sJotf#aib cpjssa). 

Wilful : J5ajtf$ Skstfo; *tf&otf<s>; S^o&^SJ; ^o 0&Tbfc 
obstinate; stubborn; inflexible;self willed;hcadstrong;perverse. 
Ex. : 1) Ranganayaki Is a wilful woman (tfotes 8 c&S tfo OBb 
v^V 2) Saddam Hussaln damaged his country with his 

heed-ful : g-^^^o; e^glaSA; w^^so ^^<&; attentive; 
vigilant; cautious. 
Ex : Jyothi is heedful that is why she earned a lot 

leedful : vftg^Stfi ^SS^ggasJ; HoSo&^; necessary;requisite; 


Ex. : 1) Komala eats as much as needful(*oi>(2> UcSrftfobSoef 

&fii eftofi>&). 2) Chakradhar does the needful for his 

friends (^#5 ^ ^ L &o ^eo^b *>&g3DS t3ffla 3d&)&). 
cheerful : &g*3orr' ^S^; ^o^^oSaDrT' *S^; gay; joyful; 

jolly; lively; vivacious. 

Ex. : Manoj and Neeraja are very cheerful on their wedding 
. day fS&S*!", fctf^eo 5J8 "Stfj 5*33*^ t3^ ^^cSoS^n 9 &>oaQ.) 
Careful : s^&g^ ^o; ^X^r^&S^; >5S^5SDS; cautious; 

beeful; watchful; circumspect; vigilant; attentive; solicitous. 

Ex. : 1) Be careful while bringing eggs or glass materials 


A Unique book on 75 Usage of ADJECTIVE^ 

2) Ladies must be careful while traveling alone 


graceful : 

S: beautiful; elegant; marked by propriety and 
fitness; becoming; elegant and easy; gracious. 
Ex. : Kumari Yaminl is a graceful dancer (boSj6 


grateful : 

S<&, o<*&a&tfo;go2itf; pleasing; being thankful; agreeable; 


Ex. : 1) Indians are grateful to Bapujl (gJ"^pJ 5P5d&s 

S^Peopp &55^&). 2) Nelson Mandela is grateful to all 

who have helped him in getting independence (SP^^f 

hopeful : & 

S"to; 0*te53&;oS> ) acp#A; full of hope; expectant; promis- 
ing; giving a reason for hope; likely to be successful. 
Ex. : 1) Shabnam is hopeful of getting a job (e^S> -&<5*g 
&o U'tfetfc^ &V& SCftcBto^S). 2) Indians future looks 
quite hopeful (go<SdS 

painful : 

^Tafib; causing pain; full of or attended with pain; afflictive; 


Ex. : 1) Nirmala spent so many painful nights with hej 

playful : 


sportive; fralicsome; gambling; merry; humorous; jocose; full 

of desire to play; not serious; full of fun. 

Ex. : Sandeep is very happy with his playful wife 

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shameful : >3 6 StfSaS; eoft5* &te eotf t5"?3<>; 

D c _ n 

3oS; /^S S:^; scandalovs; bringing shame or disgrace. 
Ex. : 1) Mohini is leading a shameful life (SpSpc 
Eao&>& rtdaS)fo&y3). 2) Maheswar vexed wilh his wife's 
shameful behaviour (o&"!r>3\S 17*^^ ^^ [3oS 6ci^ 5)0 5 

truthful : Xg^ScfoXi Sas^ ^S^a; tf$tfo<&3 &varacious; 

in the habit of telling truth, 

Ex. : Madhavi's husband is truthful(Srtfa 4 
wakeful : a^&sSn^&cS^; a L dJ^3|)^; &> { &v*S>; 

remaining awake; watchful; vigilant; alert; not sleeping; not 

able to sleep. 

Ex. : 1) Usha Rani spent wakeful nights with her drunkard 

husband ($ \<s*foS B & $* T^U^ SjdJS&a CTL&O& 

a"&&). 2) Vasantha is wakeful through out the night 

watchful : 

Saiogd&S^; careful; vigilent; alert and cautious; attentive. 
Ex. : 1) Detective Chanakya has watchful eyes (<S| srea 
gg& ^Sl^g g&e SJJ). 2) If you are watchful,Syour be- 
longings will not be robbed, 

wishful : 

desirous; longing; yearning; wishful; stowing desire; 
Ex. ; Viswanath's wishful thoughts arc materialised 

fruitful : 

&)^aa 3<; producing fruit; productiv ?; fertile; prolific; not 
barren; successful; producing good results. 
Ex. : Jubeda's love affair was fruitful 

llj A Unique book on 77 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

pitiful : SaStf5Srfo; tfdfctfe; "e>fte; SaSOoJ35ft5S; <&|&<5* 

efeSS^; o$g&a ^)goS&; full of pity; compassionate; kind; 


Ex, : Somalian people are leading pitiful lives 

^Sseo tfdS&dfi &&&&& rt&S&^fcsy^Bb), 
merciful : tfcfttfe; tf dSN&S^; S&estfe; S^Srto; 

kind; humane; gracious; benignant; clement; tender; having 


Ex. : Kiran Bedi is merciful towards prisoners (|_<&s Sk 


plentiful : 5)^5SD^; sJsSbjgaS; 
copious; ample; full; abundant; existing in large amounts 
Ex : There are plentiful natural resources in 

rightful : c^^dffiSajS; |g&asS; gp^&giSDa ^^ SS*&2rto; just; 
lawful; proper; equitable; fair, 
Ex. : Harish is the rightful owner of this garden 

beautiful : wodJSaS; ?o^?S3oS; 3$^; &$Q&&tS3zl$i hand- 

a o_ w Q 

some; elegant; fair; graceful; good-looking; pretty; charming; 
lovely; attractive; delightful. 
Ex.: 1) Sridevi is a beautiful actress(t|;<5a& 
2) Those roses are beautiful (sa S*g ^S 
eventful : vt ^tfg^x^ 8 ao5^g; ^ 
full of or rich in events or occurrances. 
Ex. : 1994 was an eventful year (1991 

healthful : 5*rfggtfS3SS; ^5*rtgo^; well; sound; healthy; 
wholesome; salubrious; sauitive; good for health; health- 
Ex. : Vegetables and fruits are necessary for healthful meal 

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thoughtful : <9 

_ ; s Jfjjffte; contemplative; meditative; refle- 

ctive; attentive; discreet. 

Ex, : 1) Ravindra is always a thoughtful person (fifeo^ o^g 
2f 27* ssfi^-sSs 9 &&). 2) Acabica shares her tastes with her 
thoughtful husband 

wonderful : *ese^aa>5$: ^y^SjS^sa^; surprising; amazing; 
marvellous; strange; wonderous. 

Ex : 1) Gayathri secured wonderful books for her library 
(& S_(5& reoSb rvcSS^a efib^ L o^^^^ t>gQ;>3&). 2) 
Gokul visited wonderful places with his wife 
5Ttfg^ wd&%^ 

disgraceful : 


shameful; dishonorable; bringing or causing disgrace. 

Ex. : Some disgraceful events occured in that guest house 

farciful : o55 S^a^So^; ^ ^|o3(&; playful. 
Ex, : Pakeeja impressed all with her farciful acting(p 

mindful: &Ktip$$fo; s^^^ SeftcSoa^; o^gSS^to; bearing 
in miad; heedful; regardful; observant;attentive; giving thou- 
ght and attention to. 

Ex. : i) Hiniaja is mindful in every thing (oP&s ^253 aiSi 
c^saio^^ *&*# f\o&). 2) Hemanth is not mindful of 
his marriage (1jo&Q<i" SoPS* ^|oS ^So^^). 

SET : 71 ........ cious 

auspicious : 55^^; ^^>^s?33^; propitious; favourablej 
Ex. : Several ladies think as frlday is an auspicious day 

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inauspicious ; <50&#|b; Sa^&SSbS; &?%]&$; unlucky; 
unfortunate; iil-omened; not auspicious; unfavourable. 
Ex. : Some people think friday credits are Inauspicious. 

capacious : 

S^rv |rt&*o&($|5 [ax>a]; capable; containing much; J&rge; 
roomy; spacious; comprehensive; able to hold much. 
Ex. : Valluvarkottam in Madras' Is very capacious 


; exquisitely pleasing; delightful; tasteful; dainty; charming; 
highly pleasing to the taste. 
Ex. : 1) Padmlni used to serve delicious meal to her guests 

2) Pure ghee gives a delicious smell (sJ^^SjSS Soag 

ferocious : ^tfSjg; 4-^^; ^oQSogeJS:)^; 1)^6^^; fierce; 
grim; cruel; savage. 
Ex.: Lion is one of the ferocious animals (&oS*&D 

gracous : 

SD^; merciful; benigo; kind; beautiful; kind or polite. 

Ex. : Kanchana has gracious looks (^OxS^^Sp^&^eo 
suspicious : j)S6^pSo 

cSo'3ss5^fiaboJ; c$^^S>; doubtful; questionable; suspectable; 

having or showing suspicion. 

Ex. : 1) Gowri is a very suspicious woman (fl6 &> {So'SS 6 

SS^a^ SaSpf ). 2) Raj is suspicious about his wife*a 
character (0*1" 

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Officious : & ofcoOoxa Sc&oS 18 |jS^?oS&; $ (jSSoft 
DS; meddlesome; meddling; impertinent; minding other peo- 
ples business; volunteering one's services where they are 
neither asked nor needed. 
Ex, : Hemanth disliked the officious manner of his assistant. 

judicious : 3>a?fo; a^g&orte; prudent; sagacious; discreet; 

discerning; well-advised; wise; sensible; showing good sense. 

Ex.: Justice Varma's remarks were judicious and right to the 

olot. (83&Stf^SF^geQ&o!g&&tf<> 

nT : 72 ........ rious 

urious : ao^obtf; P&&*S5aS; a1&SjS 
g^SD^: BScb*!Sa^^o; 2g|&3^; singular; strange; rare; 
unusual; desirous to learn; eager to know; inquisitive. 
Ex. : Rekha was curious to know cooking ("6$) 

serous : 

S*c3g&3 5S; ws^dSg^^r? 5 *^; grave; solemn; sober; de- 
mure; not light; gay or volatile thoughtful; earnest; real; not 
Jesting or trifling; important; weighty; dangerous. 
Ex. : Bharani is in serious condition 

2) Ranga is serious in contesting elections 

furious : *&> Sfi^SJ; ^ L ^X) tfe; 
ScSo&cS^; angry; raging; violent; impetuous; vehement; fierce. 
Ex. : 1) On seeing her husband, Sowdamini is very furious 
(S $j>&&*tSrp1& tP^^S^-^^SoSx) CTfih>Sa\ 2) Usha 
is furious at her sister's love affair (& 

glorious: aS3o?$; ^a^rgao; $D^SD^; &5p^ ^o; illustrious; 
noble; excellent; praise- worthy; splendid; rekn-wned; deserving 
great praise. 

A Unique book on 81 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

Ex. : 1) Isn't the sunshine glorious? 

K.R Vijaya has a glorious face (K.R.SsoS 



!&>; unfavorably known to the public; widely known. 
Ex. : Veerappan is a notorious criminal 
laborious : fi& gtfSbS; go$,S3&; <p* 
g&o getf^!b&; industrious; diligent; assiduous; toilsome; 
requiring great effort; 
Ex. : Shifting the residence is a laborious process 

injurious : SSgaoS: 3sg)f "B&; S& SDfto3&; harmful; 
hurtful; damaging; pernicious; detrimental; baneful; delerious; 
causing injury. 
Ex. : Smoking is injurious to health 

luxurious : 

Si^; ci>&SSpB33cS; db>^^; *^52b; given to or indulging 

u, a w c 

in luxury; supplied with luxuries; ministering to luxury; dainty; 
delicate; very comfortable. 

Ex. : 1) Radha is leading a luxurious life (o*# ^e^w^SS^S 
^o)^5S^^ rttfiSsaS^a). 2) Ranjith is luxurious toward 
ladies (^o^^" ^,0 S36j ^ftrr 5 &o^S>). 

mysterious : p$3a^; w^dba^'.aS-cSgaSsSs^a^; secret; 
occult; dark; incomprehensible; unintelligible; full of mystery; 
difficult to understand. 
Ex, : Mandakini's conduct is very mysterious. (&oo5a 

deleterious : SSaStfa^; ^so^j 3lb&; hurtful; noxious; 
Ex : That seams to be deleterious food ( 

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meritorious : am^fo; j&^fccsfiaS; L sr^aS; $eaj&> 
tfo; possessing inerit;deservlng reward or praisejpraiseworthy; 
having spiritual merit; 

Ex. : N.T.R. got a meritorious success (N.T.R. 3 

multifarious :aa#a>S; a&o-s2bS; 53*3* 

Sx>3>Sb; many and various; having great variety; manifold; 

Ex- : There are multifarious dresses in that showroom ( 

SET : 73 ........... tious 

cautious : 2&&3 JS; ^o<Sb as 1 "^^^; wary; prudent; 
having or showing camion; careful. 
Ex. : Seema is more cautious when driving a car (s& cS&^fa 

incautious : fib-Sif8a; o^ L ^ai^; uawary; imprudent; 
acting or done without thinking; not cautious. 
Ex. : Suresh was dismissed from service for his incautious 

imbitious : ^y^o; *^* dS *3&: vs-jlT^; excessi- 
vely or greatly desirous of power, honour etc.; 
Ex. : Fathima is very ambitious that she win In the contest 

(e fr^S* S00&fi$a ^PS^CP ^05* ^^iT *tfja). 

nutritious : ysigaS; ^jSx^SSD^; &iS(Sa^; eD<s3ga>^; 

^ . 20 " i , V- a " -Mr 

nutrlmental; nourishing; having high value as food. 

Ex, : Manjula is feeding nutritious food to her children. 

propitious : iSS^SaSS: tP&Spo&JS; p^ L S'^ e>; g^Ste; 
kind; gracious; merciful; auspicious; convenient: favourable; 
well- disposed* 

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Ex. : The weather is propitious for the journey 

SOlicitious : wS^eotfo; 

SO^L^ O& ?L^ wta&^o: *drt>;anxious;concerned; uneasy; 

full of anxiety or concern; eager; desirous. 

Ex. : 1) -Why should you be solicltious about her?(e*3*rf&a 

fci$ o&& <S3^ SadHJ?). 2) They are not solicitious to 

please him (a>&SS S5o^& ^&S$3S3 fi)o& sr>Q Sfib). 
superstitious^ ^#tf_S/te>; ^<a^Stf<2r,blindly; credulous; 

showing or resulting from superstition. 

Ex. : Chandrika has always been very superstitious towards 

her husband ( 

contentious : 

quarrelsome; disputatious; pugnatlous; litigious; quarrel- 
some; characterised by heated argument or statement. 
Ex. : 1) This will be contentious issue if brought before the 
people (LSase &ao&&> s ^&ciS)^ ^^&S*^ a5PCT!S^SSa 
S'tfoSb). 2) Raju's contentious spirit made him an unwelcome 
guest whenever he appeared (CPSS* 

Circuitous : ri>S; eJ&Dr^S; ScSS^a; round about; not 

direct; Indirect. 

Ex. : Jayadev took a circuitous route to New Delhi 

expeditious : &g$K', &&K&; 3&)rp S*S&; speedy; quick; 
acting quickly; prompt and efficient. 
Ex. : That work was done in an expeditious manner ( SS 

disputatious : 

3<3b; 3*# JJooofiaS; inclined tc dispute; controversial; 


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Ex, : Sathish is so disputatious that even his brothers are 
disinclined to converse with him . 

fictitious : gfih^Sbtf; &>#|o3^; ^ S&ofcS; fabulous; false; 
not real; imaginary; pretended; not based on fact. 
Ex. : 1) All the characters in this book are fictitious (& 
S^jSg^xiff 8 ?) 0S^ gp L sQ g)^$&). 2) It turned out to be 
a fictitious story (*p<3 &, g^"" 

SET : 74 ......... -rous 

decorous : s&cpgtftfe; agJdficS ^ 

3:SS; becoming proper; befitting; seemly; acceptable. 
Ex. : 1) Bhaau is behaving in a decorous manner with her 
mother-in-law ($& & ^ ^?v5 

\ D 

fiSa^a). 2) Hari is not decorous 
desirous : *6&o; ^taS.Xo; 

&^; wishing; selicitous; feeling disire. 
'Ex. : They were desirous to see an uncensored film 

geuerous ; ^65) o 

noble-minded; magnanimous; ^munificent; bountiful; open- 

handed; free to give. 

Ex. : 1) Try to be generous and forgive him (S^tfg&o tfo 

3*c5_ 0&g)S aa^o^^So LSd^a^otSD^b). 2) N.T.R. is gene- 

rous in giving rice at Rs.2/-per K.G. J^S^ S&PIIO& &)oe:3goS 

a&^&)C* N.T.R. -^ea tfSA d&)0^&). 
humorous : S^& $<So3<; ^?3S3; S^^SD^; witty; 

facetious; pleasant; jocose; 

Ex. : 1) There are somaay humorous scenes In thefilm'Yama 

Lee' i <s t 6 * 

Leela' (' 

2)Mullapudi is a humorous 

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numerous : eplSgSfcS; S^^^S; s>Sro; of great number; many 
Ex. : Menaka made numerous mistakes(>c$Sf 

slanderous : _ 

columnious; defomatory; uttering slander. 
Ex.: Sridhar has slanderous past ($5 waij 

dexterous : 3*jS ep&S&otfo; tf&s^tfSba tfo; 
ea&tfo; Skilful in using the hands; adroit;expert; cleverjready. 
Ex. : Bhasker is a dexterous pick-pocketer ( 

cumbrous : 


clogging; Impeding; burden-some. 

Ex. : Prabhu has taken up cumbrous projects 

prosperous : 

S^^; ascOSSD^; SS$2?3i5; thriving; flourishing; fortunatc;auspi- 

a a . a - 

clous; successful. 

Ex. : Ambani is a very prosperous business-man(sposp!b 

rigorous : SS^SD^; g<tfSk; ^^^5 SD^ajS; severe; 
stern; harsh; stiff; strict; inflexible: unyielding;rigid;accurate; 
exact; strong: energetic. 
Ex : Mekhala made rigorous efforts to become a film actress 

SET : 75 ...... nious (neous) 

harmonious : 

; concordant; symphonious; pleasing 
agreeable to the ear; sweut; agreeing; peaceful; unanimous; 
sweet-sounding; tuneful. 

A IJaltfW fed&i oa 88 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

Ex. : 1) There is a harmonious melody in Chitra's voice 
(3 L c%5&3<5* i**3$ 5Srfibtfj5ScS^S). 2) Jayalalitha deli- 
Vored a harmonious speech 

extraneous : ao&3; $3;>c$; OS^SjS; &ospgS$s>nS; foreign; 
not essential or intrinsic; not related; coming | [from outside. 
Ex. : There was no extraneous matter in this lctter(-fi 

ingenious : ^S&s ^^^; cSp^eaaKo; possessed of genius; 
adroit; shrewd; keen; witty; clever and skillful. 
Ex. : Rajendra was ingenious at making up new games for 
the children (D*^OL& 8>ge> ^esSb \S*jS 

erroneous : S'tfar'^jS; ^^SS; L^SrSSS^jS; incorrect; mist- 

aken; false; untrue; wrong; faulty. 

Ex. : There is an erroneous statement in that report. (& SSa 

SS 4 a,S grtfSTS S iSStocS 6^5). 
simultaneous : cS&TS'DSBjcS^Ss'esao^cS; occurring or exis- 

ting at the same time; coincident in time. 

Ex* : Ramadevi and Sridevi got simultaneous appointment 


instantaneous : ^^"^.esSD^; 3od3"^238^&; immediate; hap- 
pening, done in an instant. 

Ex. : 1) The effect of poison is instantaneous (&& jjSsr 
&o ^ff^Sa gaS)Ot&i&). 2) This medicine gave him 
instantaneous relief (-&B 

miscellaneous : c^^^^S^^; a<a#3D& QoJj; mixed; mingled; 

o_ a CO ^ 

promiscuous; heterogeneous; composed of several kinds, 
Ex. : Basha made a miscellaneous collection of pictures. 

A Unique book on 87 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

SET : 76 ........ dious 

Odious : ^Sga; SoS^C 3ok: aotf3;>tf; vfic&StiS; 

cSjoi&a<&flQ3#;>; hateful; detestable; abominable; unpopular; 

offensive; disagreeable. 

Ex. : 1) Ambica has some odious habits (SPO) *a^ w3 

gtfokcS *>osr>&& S>flcS:D:>3&). 2) Mohan's situation is 

becoming odius 
tedious : a&/fc 

causing tedium; wearisome; fatiguing; monotonous; irksome. 

Ex.: Madhuri vexed with her tedious domestic works (p#bG 

*$eS&> SSAoa KISS'S}* jSbaeS* atf J 3oZ&&). 
melodious : ^r5Sa^; L^s^^odJ^tfSaoS; 3So^; musical; 

sweet; tuneful; pleasing to the ear. 

Ex. ; S P. Balasubrahmanyam thrilled Indian people with his 

melodious voice (S.P. Be> 

compendious : sSo L oSa ; $Q&.&&$I gpS&*^aS; brief; 
abridged; concise; condensed; summarised; giving much in- 
formation briefly. 
Ex. : Rajaji wrote a compendious Ramayanam 

SET : 77 ............ nous 

luminous : LSSs9o3<&; ^^^cQbSD^; -5oao;shlnlng;emmiting 
light; brilliant; giving out light; bright; easily understood. 
Ex. : 1) A tube light is more luminous than a bulb (&&>i% 
<^<" o^SoS ^Sb^oS &Q& S&v^&i). 2) The hands in that 
clock are luminous because they are coated with radium paint 

monotonous : 

Cw V_ Q__ 

unvarying; unvarled;of dull uniformity;wearisome;unchanging; 
lacking in variety; dulL 

A Unique book on 88 Usage of ADJECTIVES 

Ex. : 1) Surabhi is leading a monotonous life 

^jSoS &&*&> rfabSfctfatfja). 2) Malgudi Sabha has a 

monotonous voice 

indigenous : "StdteobcS; sSjcS*'^; native; not foreign. 
Ex. : 1) Kangaroos are indigenous to Australia 
250&2&OD "|3 fidSp 3tc&a>&3). 2) The rose plant is not 
indigenous (6** S^g^r ^dfrgkSa 5>&)- 3) Fighter planes 
are manufactured by India with indigenous technology (e$<St 

SET : 78 ............ mous 

famous : 

tsfibrroSS; celebrated; renowned; noted; well-known; having 


Ex. s 1) Kamal Hasan Is famous for his acting (& cSdoSS^ 

S&eJ^^^ &|j3&&&). 2) Salarjung Musium is so famous In 


enormous : ^SQ^^ajS; LoS^oaaaS; ipS^SiaS; huge; vast; 
immense; prodigious; wicked; outrageous; monstrous; atro- 
cious; great; very large. 

Ex. : 1) The Nawab of Nizam gave enormous wealth to his 
heirs (aso SSapoo^S srtf&o&wSBofcSSbS tfo5#& 
2) Rastrapathi Bhavan in Delhi has enormous gardens 

unanmous : SD 

wft^SpcttoSa ^e; being of one mind; agreeing in opinion; 
consentient; harmonious; having or showing complete agree- 

Ex. : 1) Gopi^waa elected by a unanimous vote. (Si[Ao$3:>c$ 

3;>). 2) Indians are unanimous 

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with the Government's Kashmir policy (\ 

SET : 79 ........ lous 

fabulous : gjijBJSaaS; gfi^faS: g#e><5 
S&^SrttfoSdfcwaoSsaS: ^S^a; tfotfawStf^cr'a; fictitious; 
feigned; related in fable; exceedingly; greatjnot real invented; 
passing belief; Incredible; marvellous. 
Ex : anchathanthra stories are fabulous (S5o^&0| 
cS5)) 6 2) We must admire any fabulous idea (> 

jealous : 

distrustful; suspicious; apprehensive of rivalry; feeling or 
showing envy;having feelings of dislike for any possible rivals. 
Ex. : 1) Sowmya is jealous of her sister (^F&g & &*# 6S 
&p& PSS3cB5Sd6&o&). 2) Raghav always keeps his jealous 
eye on his colleague. 

populous : scSsSxS* aoadSoSJ^; as^igSDcS; o&0|Sa?<eD; full 
of Inhabitants; thickly populated. 
Ex. : China is the most populous country in the world ( v 

3 s 

sedulous : 1^^^ r^33eSb; 5>&5g S&S^ft'.dlligent; assl- 

L. Q 

duous; persevering; done with perseverance. 
Ex. : Anand is very sedulous to please his wife 

miraculous : ^^^asS; WoSp&aSa^; *^8gSSa!S; super- 
natural; wonderful; like a miracle; surprising. 
Ex. : Mohini wants to do miraculous things 

meticulous : v&&fijfrp Qi'&i cSp^siorr o35So3; almost 
too careful- 

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Ex, : Mohanlal Is a meticulous person 
j$w S$o3 aSg J). 
ridiculous : sos^sr^atf; SS^tfftS; TtoSdfitfAS; fitted to 
excite redicule; absurd & laughable; preposterous; very silly; 
deserving to be laughed at. 
Ex. : 1) Naveen had a ridiculous experience last Sunday(tf& 

^asptfo " a,g ssos^^tfSMS &tfss&D& S*o3&). 2) 

Manorama used to give ridiculous suggestions to her husband 

Scrupulous : 

tfo; ?S3^^oSx)oJSi ?^."SiS&;conscientIous; nlce;exact; paying 
great attention to small points. 

Ex. : 1) Kamala is very scrupulous in cleanliness (S8S5(j4f 
&<S* g&o cioS* o^gSSgrr* &o&&). 2) In maintaining 
accounts Haribabu is' so scrupulous 

SET : 80 ........ vious 

envious : itf s 6s; PSxpdaa3 

fc &OD^> Srtf 3S;wSSjcSfiS*j8; maliciously grudging; full of envy; 

feeling envy. 

Ex. : Ma.dhavl Is envious of her sister's husband 

obvious : cS^a.a>S; iS*gS.ajS; sr^aiS; plain; manifest; 
evident; apparent; clear; easily aeon or understood, 
Ex.: 1) Divya Bharthi committed suicide with obvious reasons. 

(^aaa tpgassoff* aa x cB8 * A ss**g& a-c^asa). 2) 

Nathuram Godse killed Mahatma Gandhi with obvious motive 

prevous ^oifeS; S^4;^ptfj^); preceding; antecedent; prior; 

Ex, : 1) Previous experience is necessary to get a good job 
(Saog) *S 8 jrfS& a-odStoSbJ&oa-^tfiS&j pSS^S^i). 2) Rita 

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met her previous husband in the market (&&* 

oblivious: &e0S; &e>3)tfe; &e>&&!5S>f\Q3; causing forget- 
fulness; not paying attention to. 

Ex. : 1) Slndhurl is always oblivious of what is happening 
around her, (& -ekto es6S s^iSS fcOofi) Siotf^d cdry<& 
). 2)Sagar was oblivious to our warnings 

SET : 81 ....... ous 

anxious : fioftotfa&SS^; srg&e?oS 

&5oSn &S^; 3o^^*cS>cS^; sollcitious; restless; uneasy; 
concerned; worried about what may happen or have happened, 
Ex. : 1) The rat was anxious to escape from the cat (> 
&OS S^oxi>*3 5*<33S o^ojg ^SbSS3&Sa). 2) Mallika 
is anxious about her father's health 

overanxious : s&SoS^^o; ^Sto^^rr 1 >oS&c6^; anxious 
to a needless degree. 

Ex. : Swathi is over-anxious about catching the train which 
is ready to departure (ao&oo *&&>& fe#o$s>r> 


ambiguous : 
Me>; uncertain meaning; of doubtful. 
Ex. : Jacob died in an ambiguous manner 

litigious: SP# |fccX&3_^; SM^ Sc^eSaS; fond of litigation 

contentious; quarrelsome. 

Ex. : Jambu is a litigious fellow (aooaaiiFdSi&di&a $ ^S ^J) 
Contiguous : SSdSb^; ^S^Sr^^; s^ScBaS^; <Se>n saS^: 

SSoipaa_G<acS; in contact; adjacent; adjoining; near; touching; 


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Ex. : The two cities Hyderabad and Secuderabsd are conti- 

advantageous : 

gpejobS; &2o3_; forming an advantage; favourable; con- 

venient; beneficial. 

Ex. : Sripathl is in an advantageous position for promotion. 

righteous : 

pS62p&)S S;55o&^ SS; virtuous; godly; holy; just; upright; 
incorrupt; guiltless; lameless; justfiable; morally right. 
Ex. : Prasad is a righteous owner of this house 

Virtuous : c ^_ 

moral; pure; chaste: having or showing virtue. 

Ex. : Aamani is a virtuous young woman (<sd& 
momentous: pQ oSx^gSoSJ; jSSooSoS; SiTjSSa^; very impor* 

ant; weighty; of consequence. 

Ex.: August 15 is momentous for any Indian 

continuous : 

s'e)f\d&o^; unbroken continual; unceasing; constant; connec- 
ted; prolonged; joined together; without interruption. 
Ex. : The citizens of Madras suffered from the continuous 
rain of ten days (S& SVoSr&o <3tf 3ft$ 

infectious : 

oSoS gSS&; communicable; caused fr infection; pestilential; 
epidemic; likely to spread to others. 
Ex. : Small-pox is an infectious dist-ase 

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nervous : ooSS?ie f tf^asJ; c3*&&c&&a?T> &S 

aelpSaS;^ tfstpJSSDtf: SoSS f oo3 S; 

Q CL Z) a _ Q 

; strong; vigorous; containing to nerves; excitable; 

sensitive; timid; of the nerves; rather afraid; 

Ex. : 1) Gulnar is nervous to travel by plane(ft>e^5 SSSpJS 

lSdtfpes&ac$& g_ tfga^><3). 2) Kadambari is nervous than 

her husband, 
mischievous : 

Lid^a^cS; 3&D052) ^Tbefc; ^o>oSiD go3&; hurtful; injurious; 

exciting quarrels; harmful; causing mischief* 

Ex. : Usha is a mischievous girl (^-oi &o&Q SPSS). 
rebellious : a^D^&; ^os; pc^rtpS; o*^ SflOo3&; 

resisting lawful authority; mutinous; insurgent; disobedient; 

Insubordinate; contumacious; refractory; Intractable. 

Ex. : Rambha is rebellious to her husband in the nights(u*(& 

unconscious : SK>K&I BDd&S); S^^S *S3^S; SDSaeaS)^; not 
knowing; Ignorant; unaware; senseless; insensible. 
Ex. : While Devi was unconscious some one stole her bag 

circuitous : iS^; JS^S^S; tfea5a;round about; indirect. 

Bx : 1) Mukherjee has taken a circuitous route to go to 
New York S&$& &Pd^5 8*46380 

.) 2) Kumar's explanation was so circuitous 

marvellous : w^^a-S^ f^ggtfabS; astonishing;wonderfuL 
Ex. : Manjubhargavi tolc me so many marvellous stories 

Superfluous : 
iSbc$; excessive; redundant; needless; unnecessary. 
Bx. : 1) Hussain has glvei, & superfluous explanation for his 

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2) A three room flat is superfluous to Samalatha 

SET : 2 ........... ring 

daring Sp^oooSxtfe; <fttfe; bold; fearless; adventurous. 
Ex. : 1) K. Raghavendra Rao is a daring director (K. cr> 
5o|tfa*i$ z*S P" dJKj&dfc). 2) D. Rama Naiduis a daring 
producer (D. O^&PSF d&><& ^tfgcforto Scr^S). 

glaring : cSSSgcbtf; &c5^aa>c$; |j5&sgk; dazzling; clear; 
open; barefaced; too bright. 

Ex. : Bhanupriya has glaring eyes (sr&Jioab <565SgS!b$ 


staring : 
too bright or conspicious. 
Ex. : Taj Mahal has staring beauty 

cheering : sSoS^aseasJ; A^StfaS; pleasant. 
Ex. : The post-man brought cheering news to Jalaja 

admiring: a^*3; ^5oS; showing or feeling admiration. 
Bx, : Jeevitha received Rajasekhar with admiring looks 

wavering : 

moving uncertainly; swing; reel; totter. 
Ex. : Bharathi had wavering thoughts about her marriage 

withering : _ __ 

becoming dry; faded; shrivel; decay; waste. 
Ex. : Pushpa is unable to sell the wittering flowers in her 
basket fc^wzx&^'^cO 5Jw^j OODW c^jcj)cob ^j)oyL"\ 3Po$Dj3S!xr c$bw\ ^5) 

forturinS * *)< ^oJ^Ocooj "^oS<Sb; P3 T *t3 1 2B5o3Dc^* 0ioSS<i^c^ ^i) 

" L, S3 o L 

o; causing severe suffering to; torment; agony. 

Some police officers used torturing methods to extract 

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facts from the criminals ^tf&o&ofi as*^u*a4&>& *otf SOD 

glittering : 3iWep3&>; aea>&; glisten; shine; brilliant. 
Ex. : Disco Santhi has a glittering body 

neighbouring : 3&rS s&o&SJ^: e3; Sr&teS *S^; *adja- 
cent; adjoining; near; next in place. 

Ex. : 1) Sarma went to a neighbouring village (Jftf^ SP&te 
&S^ &S * 3 |,^)- 2 ) Cflina and India are neighbouring 
countries ^3 FT S<sSci&) ^KS^f &o tf KeB SrsSxew). 

stirring : g^SoS^; ^Bg)c$; $68*3^ S^fTS&; incite; 
move; noise; agitate; moving; exciting. 
Ex. : Smhha has much stirring capacity 

SET : 83 

missing : ^KSSaiS; gS^oxS&odSS*o3D&); tfa^aafc; not to 
be found; not in the place where It ought to be. 
Ex. : L) Subhadra is searching for her missing daughter(&#|ff 
tfa^owS *S &p J^D 3S&SD!S^a). 2) Rs. 100/- are 
missing from Padma^ purse (Stf A SS^tf* ^o4 !frn lOO/- 

pressing : pasSeaa!$; w*gasS;ooSSo3p!S; exacting; impor- 
tunate; requiring immediate attention. 
Ex. : Aravind borrowed to solve a pnssin:', problem (<& 

harassing : 

S5)Ao3&; troubling; teasing. 
Ex. : Sucharitha repoited to the police about her mother-in 
law's harassing mentality 

opposing : iaeo3<; aS fto3d&; 9.SftoBifi>; 
$; hostile; adverse; being against. 

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Ex. : Nath disgusted with his wife's opposing attitude on the 

bed (StfSl) SPSg^SSSp <S*tfS 3f SPgOtfc*3&). 
pleasing : 3o*&gc>a>;5; tfo$3oS; &5*fr>sa>; agreeable; 

* G <L O^ mf 

grateful to the mind; giving pleasure; attractive. 
Ex : Priya has pleasing looks (^dto Stf^SbcS tiroes e><3). 
amusing : 5*tfgtfbS; J$3j^^ao3<56; pleasing; causing lau- 
ghter or smiles. 
Ex/ Jokers in circus wear amusing dresses (sStf^S 

comprising : ^DAo&)^; c; containing; include; embrace* 
Ex. : Rani has a jewel box comprising of dalmond necklaces. 

SET: 84 ............ ting 

wanting : SScfoS^ ^S; -eSbS^; ^Sb^rvJ^^; absent; 
lacking; missing; deficient; that is wanted. 
Ex. : One helper is wanting in the office (o&SdS* z* 

lasting -. 

2o5; enduring; durable; permanent; perpetual; unending. 
Ex. : 1) India is searching for a lasting solution to the 
unemployment problem (stoAd-a&S*2K Stfr S& T*^tf 
SSO&?^^S^5^ci) 9^8xo&S)JS^a). 2) Good ed cation gives 
lasting benefits (oSooS 5>dJg fcSS^S ej#oSne S "" &). 

exciting : &(&$ S^a^a^; "S^&jrous ing; that can be excited. 
Ex. : Star T.V. is telecasting exiting programmes 

relating : ^o^oftoiDS; 36S; concernirg. 
Ex. : Sobhana gave important clues to her sister relating to 
family planning (&&ooa c&0(jra& & Dg>o$o)c 

existing : *JS^; S^abpSsj); L a ^*i;|*gS; present; current; 
actual; that is existed. 

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Ex. : Existing rules are enough to eliminate malpractices in 
the administration 

tempting : 

attractive; alluring; seductive. 
Ex. : 1) Roja has tempting beauty(5 6 s D 

. 2) Kavhha got tempting gifts from Kalyan 

enchanting : v& ^^S^SSbtf; charmiog; fascinating. 
Ex. : Indraja is coming with her enchanting smile. 

fascinating : 
strong charm or attraction. 
Ex. : Mohini has fascinating looks 

fluctuating : 
wavering; rise&fall; that can be fluctuated. 
Ex. : Ravi*s health is in a fluctuating state. (tf 

exhilarating : 
cheering; gladdening that can be exhilarated. 
Ex- : Jamuna spent exhilarating nights in Ooty 

SET : 85 ........ ding 

leading : Sn$>gaS; lat^.JaaS: aSooo^rr 5 gJ^^cSg; principal; 
foremost; guiding; chief. 

Ex. : 1) Eenaadu is the leading news paper in Telugu (Sen 
fa&* ^6^& |j3t7jS s^u^ 2(88). 2) Rahim is leading by 
10,000 votes against Jbus rival Rasool 

e&o?S" lag 10,000 

Standing : aaQ^^n 

a; listing; not flowing; stagnant. 

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Ex. ; 1) There ate standing orders regarding V.I.P.'s security 
(V.I.P. o 3oc>3 fte3o> |Sg:>S ^j&3)x> ^S^a). 2) 
Chicken fry is a standing dish in Deepa's preparations (&3 

out-standing : S&o^aSo&cS; 25cS3*eo5S; 3g.3:>; remaining; 
uncollected; overdue; still to be attended to; excellent. 

Ex. : 1) There is still an outstanding balance in Karim's 
payment (g&&3eo$t?S*aog&3otf3o&SS 
2) Deepikais an out-standing student(<>& 
preceding : &oo#e3; so& sQA^; cSaaofib 
foregoing; antecedent; existing or coming before. 
Ex.: This was discussed in the preceding chapter 

succeeding : 3&S; &&&>&; &Sa^; following; coming next 
in order. 
Ex. : Telugu Ganga Project will be completed in succeeding 

years (Seofb tfotf |pl| 

impending : sSS^SpSjktf 
SjoScScoSS^; ^^c3^cJ5;o6^; imminent; over hanging; about to 
fall or happen. 

Ex. : These dark clouds are suggesting that a storm is impe- 
nding (&P^ SSoSfao-tS 

corresponding : ^6^p$; ^aS; 
answering; agreeing; suiting; that correspond. 
Ex. : Suman got the manager postwi.h corresponding salarj 

surrounding : 

?553SD3<s:6* c6oo3Sb; encircling; lying cr being alround. 

Ex. : Bangalore with its^surroundink areas looks jfo beautifd 

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SET: 86 ,..., ....... king" 

sucking : gpoD &43<; &5^fc; that sucks. 
Ex.: Mothers must be more affectionate towards their sucking 
children (ex>eo dpca^ & ^ a l^"" & 0&& )' 

racking : aTg^S SP4 grto3&; S L Spo$ 3lb; torturing: 
Ex- : Harlsh suffered with a racking head- ache last night 

soaking : c3*c$5lb&; ar/fcrp &&$; that soaks. 
Ex. : Kerala Is famous for soaking rains 


l*S3:>c$; a'ig L aaS;Jdl8gustlng; -extremely offensive. 
Ex. Shocking news*should be told s 

lurking : SS^SJ; crASrS<&; Foac&To3&; lying in hidden- 
place to attack. 
Ex. : Sudhakar and Sudheer caught a lurking thief 

striking : 

s?(&; Impressive; ^ery noticeable; forcible; remarkable. 
Ex. : 1) There is a striking difference between Jayaprada and 

Jayasudha (xc&[3>X, asc^&^e&^g ^ 
2) Nagma wears striking dresses (c5rp 


Ex. : Rambha is good-looking 
down-looking : SoSSo-eSD^S t&r"3&;j5oa 6r*^)'roK^; looking 
Ex. : Pavani is pretty but a down-looking girl with shyness 

SET : 87 ........ ling 

Willing : siaL&aKo^&^abaKo; SSSajSo 
disposed; inclined; desiIo^s; ready to do what Is needed. 

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Ex : 1) Are you willing to go to 

&& p&> ga&B rtezs )? 2)Vandana is willing to act in sexy 

-scenes (Sotfk S^orrtf tf^lfg&aeS* <*3o&)dDb sSsS^*oS tfefl). 
trifling : cSje^gbcS; e^3a; *o3g>; &^fb 
|bs$; trivial; paltry; unimportant. 
Ex. : Vasanth wasted Ms life for trifling things 
a&cfr>ol^ SJ5 >&2>& sSgtfSa 3&*SSi)- 2) Vasantha 
has trifling joy (So& ^ ^So^Si&o a). 

Sterling : ^1S3^; w^g^; s^^^^^S: ^Ji)Ke); genuine; 
valuable; excellent; of a certain standard of purity. 
Ex. : 1) Priyaraman has a sterling body ((jbd^CPiSbS' ^$- 
<& S&*o&& gSAcifoc^a). 2) Vijayasanthi gave a sterling 
performance In the film Prathlghatana (^38$>&cS S^otf* 

aascte^os a* jfcs sJ^& iStfe^osa). 

resembling j & grr j &o3&; ^So&cS^; similarity; likeness. 
Ex. : Twinkle is resembling to her mother Dimple 

prevailing : 
33<2fc; prevalent; most general; predominant ;powetful. 


Ex. : Cholora is a prevailing desease ('eo f ^SacSDc6 

SET: 88 ...... ning 

stunning : &X$& ^eo ^"5D&; \r$^>$tx3>"Z>&i sJ^s 
c^to 3"&<&; fioS*^ ^eo^^dSo; splendid; deafen. 
Ex. : 1) S.V. Krishna Reddy introduced a stunning beauty 
in his latest film ( eP<s >|#3$S* S V. S^SpBA S^SS) 
SSfloS 9ocpo u^^S o36t5oS)oSx> no)o3Si)). 2) Cleopatra 
conquered Ceaser with her stunning body (^ob? o&*ie5 

shining : ^SSs'^oSdab; tfg&*h&)~?it&si bright; lustrous; radiant; 
very bright and clear; polished. 
Ex : Tbese clothes are de$n and shining (s <3bc&a> 35^ 

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^ 8 )- 2) Soundarya has shining cheekg 

leaning : |5rScS; SSoAcS; jaoflcS; Inclined; slanting. 
Ex. : Lavanya put the leaning branches of a tree at a steady 
position (F>3esg \3P&sS Sto *oSD^Oo& ^2.^ 8>&6* &Q3&). 

damning : StfSsSa gert'&ab; grSiSxcfo'S; tfotfspSSaJS; (ab- 

^ 9 o o^i-. \ 

horrible; abominable; showing faults; sin. 

Ex. : Thieves and jcrimiaals are damning people (5*o#eo, $tf 

threatening : 
utter or use threats against; indicating a menace. 
Ex. : Feroz shot threatening glances at Kasim (5>5*l* 

entertaining : ^ 

7 ^ ^^ 

SaJS; S&S ^eo^d&i; pleasing; diverting; amusing. 

Ex. : Entertaining fecilities are must for five star hotels ( 

SET : 89 ........ min s 

seeming : odffias Msaab 3g s*3& 
SaoS^S; STgsSD^; SS&&; appearing; false; unreal, 
Ex. : Mahesh is a seeming saint (SSatpS 
charming : po*&5*a*eai!S; Bssalcsfias 

fascinating; captivating; beautiful; lovely; very active. 

Ex. : 1) Shilpa has a charming body(?e^SSS:fiid33& 

gfiftcfio^a). 2) Shamili is a charming cMld(ap3a S^^S)|). 
incoming : cp^4 3g; o&cS^; Joo^aotSS^<^; the next; 

ensuing; future; advancing; approaching. 

Ex. : There is no A.C. sleeper coatch in the in coming Circar 

Express (o&S> a o- t 5 ig^L&SC* A.C. 
forth-coming : cr^^&; u&JS^: happening soon. 

Ex. : 1) Forth-coming days are may not be good 

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&o*S8X SSv i &). 2) Raju will not contest 
the forth- coming elections (o**<& ^S^oS* uwSl'dSfScB&ab) 

SET : 90 ......... ...shing 

flourishing : *$S s |gtf3aS$; J5g&S i ;sS&jan i &S i ; prospe- 
rous; thriving; growing well; successful. 
Ex. : Hakim is in a flourishing stage at present (( 

languishing : ooo3&, !e9o3ab; 

pine; droop; fade; loosing health or strength. 

Ex, : Leela is In a languishing state (&e> JLea 5>SS* 
nourishing : lioSSb, a*2xQ"3Sb; gptfS 

moting growth; giving the body what is necessary for~health. 

Ex. : Bindu is always taking nourishing food (&o#i <dSr 

astonishing : a^cttSffgaS; wonderful; very surprising, 
Ex,: 1) It is astonishing that Amala got First Rank'in EMCBT 

Ramachandra received astonishing profits in his business 

SET : 91 ........ ish 

lavish : s>a>s$gc8b&D S^3&; prodigal; extravagent; excessive, 
Ex. : The habit of lavish spending is not good. 

rakish : aa^BSi; ^8>^; dissolute; lewd; debauched. 
Ex. : Rakesh behaves in a rakish manner o*iS fr^SQ 3 

modish : grJi^; speS*e3; fashionable and smart. 

Ex. : Srlpriya is modish (^dS Sr^a) 
Slavish : nasS*s KoQo; fe^aS; mean; fit for a slave. 

Ex. : Still there are some people who have slavish mentality 


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ticklish : rfS^D ftoo>o; gea 3c3<; sba^fbSS; easily 
tickled or affected; easily made to laugh when tickled. 
Ex. : 1) Tanuja's words are ticklish(&&ps c&&a 
cgo<3b&). 2) Anupama has ticklish nature 

foolish: .." Q ... u . ^ 

ci_c$; unwise; silly; thoughtless; stupid; having no sense, 

Ex. : Lavaagi lost her job with foolish behaviour (c 


Churlish : Sp^si; p^u^eS^o^^; w5tfg&sS; exgo3cS; rude; 
niggardly; bad tempered; ill-bred. 
Ex. : Saritha has churlish behaviour with her husband 

\YOmanish : 

feminine; effeminate; like a woman. 
Ex. : 1) Rajesh has a womanish voice^o^S. etfoft 
S)Ad^o3c&). <J) Uma disgusted with her husband's woma- 
nish mentality (*& c$#jJ tf oft SaSJ^aS Ot5 J 3o3&). 

SET : 92 ** ............ most 

most : p$Sc(oSD^c$; 20^; P^; greatest number or quantity. 

Ex. : Latha is most beautiful (v &$ &Gtftf o). 
out-most/otiter-most : ^^*3; 3ea3>; farthest from the 

Inside or centre 

Ex. : The outer -most appearance is not a fact 

in-most/ inner-most oXiS^D 6* <>; ^o^c^S;deepest within; 

most-inward; farthest from the surface. 

Ex. : It is too difficult to understand the inner-most feelings 

of i woman (\Sj; oooC^ofts ^s^oS^Oc^b ^oST*^*^ 3cb^ojSoo) 
mid*most/middle-niost ; &&&&&; in the very middle. 

Ex. : The hands of a watch are fixed in tho middle-most part 

of the dial. 

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end-most : &>$&&&; in the very end. 
Ex. : Death is the end-most item for every borned person. 

SET : 93 ..... ast 

last : 5S33; &2; dSS&S^; *s>o&:>tfa; tffib^jS; final; 

- hindmost; closing; lowest; utmost; coming at the end. 
Ex. : 1) The last three persons in the queue did not get the 
tickets (&$* <*3<3 *>$>& ffl?<fiV>& fr*otfS&). 2) For 
the last three years the school has been getting 100% rusults 
In X class 

past : oa^; ^(S2)S; ^S5o^; gone by;previous to the present; 
existing no more; just finished; indicating action in the past* 
Ex. : Now the time is half past to 10 a<& &o&&o 10 

fast : 

S>r^^5a?!o; quick; rapid; swift; firm; strong; lasting; durable. 
Ex. : 1) It Is a very fast horse 
2) This is a fast colour (aS 3SS)S*a 
vast : a&jtfaS; /T 5 ^; Se3^ o; "a); ^O^SD^; immense; t 
enormous; huge; large; of a very great size or amount. 
Ex. : 1) Sakunthala Devi has vast knowledge in mathematics 
(*&oe*> 5a ^eS^c^S* $g &Q&&&X& SCnctfiaS^a). 2) 
Tatas and Birlas have vast properties 

Upcast ; "^)^_^ soA^; cast up; thrown upward; that is lifted. 

Ex. : We can see char-min r with onlj up cast head (o&e$o&> 

GPajc^ScSb ^e? "il^S 55ji 3s tfcptfrto 5x>). 
over-cast : Ssasa^&; so^eo Sfl ; darkend by clouds. 

Ex. : As the sky was over-cast; po le stayed in their homes 

DHMS.MHS (London) r?0 

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